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BS 1965 1894 
Bible. ^ .^ _ 

The interlinear literal 
translation of the Greek 




Greek New Testament 








J • J >•' 




.c c ece e 

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There are many ways scarcely needing mention in which the Interlinear 
New Testament may prove its value, not the least of which is the facility with 
which it enables one, even if rusty in his Greek, to put his finger on the orig- 
inal Greek word or phrase, and at the same instant upon a literal rendering. 
To many it will repay its cost in the time saved from turning to a Greek diction- 
ary. Of course it becomes a necessary adjunct to every complete working 

The ever-growing interest in New Testament study makes it desirable that the 
general reader, who would be well informed on current topics, should have some 
acquaintance with the relation of the standard English version to the original 
text, while a still more intimate knowledge on the part of the clergyman and 
the Bible Class teacher would seem almost i.niperative. Toward this end no aid 
is likely to be more helpful than the InterlineiJr New Testament. 

This work is intended therefore to help the English reader of the New 
Testament, who may desire to refer to the actual words used in the Greek text. 
It has not been framed to teach people Greek, though it may be used to good 
advantage for that purpose. 

The intev linear Translation brings to view certain points of interest that no 
other translation has ever pretended to give. Take for instance the word 
' master.' This word 'master ' is used in the Authorized Version to translate 
six difi"erent Greek words, all bearing different shades of meaning. The word 
'judgment' in the Authorized Version stands for eight different Greek 
words in the original ; and so of many others. Of particles, ' but ' represents 
twelve different words; 'by,' eleven; 'for,' eighteen; 'in,' fifteen; 'of,' 
thirteen; and 'on,' nine. 

- We do not intend to imply that a given Greek word can be, or that it is 
desirable that it should be, translated in all places by the same English word. 
On the other hand, one should be able to ascertain, on occasion, just what the 
facts are ; and it is an interesting feature of the Interhnear New Testament that 
in the margin appears the English word of the Authorized Version ; in the text 
appears the Greek original of that particular word ; and immediately under it, 
the English word that is its nearest literal equivalent. 

We give the Greek Text, with an interlinear translation as literal as may be to 
be useful ; and in the margin the Authorized Version, divided into paragraphs 
to correspond to the Greek text. 

This work also gives in its notes not only the various readings of six different 



editors of the Greek Testaiueiit, but also tliese variations in English whenever 
the sense is aflfected thereby, but without attemptnig to present in every case all 
the minute shades of meaning which a Greek scholar will attach to them. 
Many of these variations may be thought to be of no great importance, descend- 
ing even to the different spelling of the same word ; but from this they rise to 
variations of the greatest importance. All are of interest, because they concern 
the word of God, and are here made available to the English reader, to whom 
we furnish in this volume all he may require both as to the text of the New 
Testament, and for its word-for-word tra)isl<ftion. 

The Greek Text. 

The Greek Text is that of Stephens, 1550, which has long been in common 
use ; but as the edition of Elzevir, 1 624, is the one often called the Received Text, 
or Textus Receptus, because of the words, ''Textuni. . . . ab omnibus recep- 
tum," occurring in the preface, we give the readings of this Elzevir edition in 
the notes, and mark them E. It is the text commonly reprinted on the Con- 
tinent. In the main they are one and the same ; and either of them may be 
referred to as the Textus Receptus. 

There are a number of minute variations between the editors wliich we do not 
attempt to present. In all these cases we have followed the majority of modern 
editors. With them we have also added the final ν to the third person singular 
and plural in ac ; third singular in ε ; in datives plural in σί, &c. For υυτω we 
have given οΰτως, and αΰτον where some have αντον. 

As to the /orm of the Greek text a few words are needed. 

1. Paragraphs. — We were disappointed in finding nothing like authority 
for where a paragraph ought to be. Ancient manuscripts were no help : they 
have few or no paragraphs. The editors all differed, each making paragraphs 
according to his own judgment. We were therefore obliged, after referring to 
the best examples, to form paragraphs for ourselves. We are anxious that our 
readers should remember that the paragraphs have no authority, which they 
might have had if the ancient manuscripts had agreed in the placing of them. 

2. Parentheses. — Most of the editors have placed here and there pa- 
rentheses in their Greek texts. These we have disregarded, seeing that there 
are no such things in the early Greek copies. AVe have placed them in the 
English where we deemed them necessary to preserve the sense, but not being 
in the Greek they also have no authority. 

3. Inverted Commas. — Some editors mark with inverted commas the words 
that are spoken, and others in a similar way mark the quotations from the Old 
Testament. But in some places it is doubtful where these quotations close, and 
it was thought best to omit them. These also, being absent from the ancient 
Greek copies, have no authority. 

4. Points. — There is no authority anywhere for the punctuation. There are 
few or no points in the ancient copies, and editors naturally differ in their system 
of pointing. We have been obliged to punctuate for ourselves as we judged 



best. We have not attempted to note the diiFerence in the punctuation of the 
various editors, except in places where it materially alters the sense, 

5. Capitals. — The only remark needed here is in reference to the names of God, 
of Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. The greatest diflSculty is touching the word 
'Spirit.' In some places it is very difficult to say whether the Holy Spirit 
as a person or the spirit of the Christian is referred to (see Rom. viii. 9 ) ; and if 
sometimes a small letter and sometimes a capital had been placed to the word 
πνεύμα, in the Greek, persons would naturally have concluded that the question 
was thus indisputably settled. It was therefore judged best to put a small π- 
everywhere. In the English we have been obliged to put a capital S when the 
Holy Spirit was referred to and so have retained it wherever we thought this 
was the case ; but in some places it is really doubtful, and becomes a question for 
the spiritual judgment of the reader. The Greek will not help in the difficulty, 
because in the earliest copies every letter was a capital. In the other names we 
have followed the usage of modern editors ; putting in the Greek a capital to 
Jesus but a small letter for Christ, and a small letter for Lord and for God. 

6. Verses. — In a few places it is doubtful where the verses should com- 
mence. In these cases we have followed Bruder's "Greek Concordance," 
though that work does not in all cases agree with itself 

The Interlinear Translation. 

1. The plan. The Greek words have alwaj^s been kept in their right order, 
jind where the interlinear English would not make sense in the same order, the 
words have been numbered to show how they must be read. Thus, "And 
■^related ^to ^them ^also ^those Vho *had ^seen ["^it]" (Luke viii. 36) are numbered 
so as to read "And those also who had seen [it] related to them." 

To prevent this numbering, and transposition in reading, being increased 
unnecessaril}'•, a few words are often made into a phrase. This has been done at 
the commencement of each sentence, where needed, two or more words being 
joined with a low hyphen. Thus, instead of 

Έγένετο δε τττ L ' f /I Έγένετο-όε. 

21t 3came ^to Spass land '^^ "^^^ prmtea ^^^^ jj ^,^πιθ to pass. 

The words in brackets [ ] are what have been added in the English to com- 
plete the sense where there is no word in the Greek to correspond to the words 

Where a Greek word occurs which the English idiom requires should not be 
translated, the word stands alone with no English word under it : as b-i, ' that,' 
in Mark xii. 7 ; and oh in verse 14, where there are iiw negatives, which, if both 
were translated, would in English destroy one another ; and so of μή, where it 
simply marks the sentence as a question. 

In a few places we have been obliged to put a double translation, mostly be- 
cause of the double negatives used in the Greek, where they do not immediately 
follow one another, and so could not be translated by such strengthened expres- 



sions as ' not at all,' ' in no wise,' &c. In such cases we have placed a literal 
translation below the one required in English. Thus — 



{lit. nothing.) 

2. Points of grammar. The Aorist. This tense of the Grreek verb has been 
at all times the most difl&cult to deal with, being translated, in the Authorized 
version (and by others), sometimes by the present, sometimes by the past, some- 
times by the future, and sometimes by the perfect. Grammarians say that, in 
the main, it is the indefinite past, and we have endeavored, as far as may be, 
to keep it to this, avoiding, except in a few places, the translation of it as a per- 
fect. We all know what stress is often laid — and rightly so — upon the word 
'have.' If I say, 'he has cleansed me,' it is more than saying 'he cleansed 
me.' The former expression indicates the perfect, and implies a continuance of 
the act, or its effects, to the present time ; whereas the latter speaks of an act 
at some time in the past, without anything being implied as to its continuance. 

For this reason it appeared unadvisable to translate the aorist as the perfect, 
except in a few places where the true sense would otherwise have been de- 
stroyed. It is true that the English idiom requires it elsewhere, but it was 
thought best to preserve the above distinction. An extreme case will illustrate 
this point. In 1 Corinthians v. 9 occurs the word έγραψα, ' I wrote ; ' and in 
verse 11 the same word precisely — ' I wrote ; ' but the Authorized Version (and 
others) put for the latter ' I have written. ' It is there accompanied with the 
word 'now' — 'now I have written.' This is needed for good English; we 
have put ' I wrote ' in both places, but have placed a comma after the word 
*now' to make it read more smoothly. We preserve this uniformity for the 
sake of literalness, always remembering the fact of the Authorized Version 
being in proximity, which will make all plain in such instances. 

In a few places we have translated the aorist as a present where the sense 
demanded it. As, for instance, έγνω, in 2 Timothy ii. 19 : "The Lord knows 
those that are his," instead of " the Lord knew," &c. 

The Imperfect This is mostly translated as Ί was writing,' or Ί wrote.' 
But there are a few places where this tense is said to have a different meaning. 
This will be best illustrated by the much-disputed passage in Romans ix. 3 : 
"For / could loish that mj^self were accursed from Christ for my brethren." 
Here the word for ' I could wish ' is in the imperfect. If the learned were 
agreed as to a translation we should have kept to the same, but while some 
translate Ί could wish,' as a conditional present, others give Ί could have 
wished' as a conditional past. We have thought it best to keep the sense of 
the simple imperfect as referred by Winer to this passage. ""Ifelt a wish, and 
should do so still, could it be gratified .... (a conditional clause being under- 
stood)." We have put " I was wishing." 

The Perfect. This we have kept as uniform as we could, implying an act 
perfected, but continuing to the present in itself or its consequences. In a few 



places we have translated it as ά present: as in Matthew xii, 47, in the sense of 
' they have stood and still are standing. ' 

The Subjunctive. In this mood perhaps we have deviated further from 
ordinary practice than in any other, but we have endeavored, as far as 
practicable, to keep it distinct from both the English imperative and the Greek 
future. Thus in Romans xiii. 9 for ob φονεύσεις (future indicative) we have, 
'thou shalt not commit murder;' but in James ii. 11, for μν φόνευσες {sionfit 
subjunctive) ' thou mayest not commit murder.' 

The Pronouns. At times it is important to know whether the pronouns 
are emphatic or not. εγω γράόω and γράφω are both ' I write ; ' but where the 
εγώ is put in the Greek, it makes the pronoun emphatic. This however is 
somewhat due to the writer's style, and in John's Gospel and Epistles, it has 
been judged that, from his pecuhar style of composition, he puts in the pro- 
nouns where emphasis is not always intended. John ix. 27 gives a good ex- 
ample of the same verb with and without the pronoun in the Greek : " Why 
again do ye wish to hear ? do ye also wish to become his disciples? " 

Compound Words. It was found impracticable to translate these uniformly 
throughout. For instance, if γνώσις be translated ' knowledge, ' it might be 
thought that επίγνωσις should be 'full knowledge,' &c. : but on referring to a 
Concordance it will be seen that the latter word cannot be intensified in all 
places, and then to translate it by ' knowledge ' in some places, and ' full 
knowledge ' in others looks too much like interpretation. We have therefore 
translated both words by ' knowledge. ' In the few places however where one 
of each of such words occurs in the same sentence, some distinction was impera- 

The Notes. 

The references to the notes are marked thus in the text 'αυτοϋ" : the mark" 
showing how far the variation extends. In a few places a note occurs loithm a 
note. If words are to be omitted or transposed by some editors but not by 
others, these latter may want to alter a word in the sentence. In such cases one 
tick shows the termination of the ijuier note. Thus '...."...',..." 
See notes ' and ' Matthew v. 44. 

This mark — stands for omit ; and + for add ; but in some places all the 
editors do not actually omit, some putting the word in brackets as doubtful. 
In that case it is put thus, " — αντοϋ [L] TTr " ; which means that Lachmann 
marks the word as doubtful, and Tischendorf and Tregelles ούϊιιΙ it. In some 
cases, all mark a word as doubtful, and then it could be put either thus, δε 
[LTTr], or [βί] LTTr ; we have adopted the latter plan. In some places the 
editors mark part of a word as doubtful, mostly in compound words. See for 
instance [εκ\διύξονσίν read by TrA in Luke xi. 49. 

It will be seen by this that the marks [ ] applied to the Greek or the editors 
in the notes always refer to readings which the editors point out as doubtful. 
They must not be confounded with the same marks in the English text and 
notes, which always point out that there is no corresponding word in the Greek. 



In some places where a word is added bj^ the editors, another English word is 
added in the note to show the connection of the new word. Thus in Lukexv. 2, 
the word ' both ' is added ; but it falls between the words ' the ' and 

* Pharisees,' therefore it is put thus in the note "+ re both (the) LTTrA" to 
show that it must be read ' both the Pharisees. ' Slight variations in the use of 
the parenthesis occur in the course of the work, but we trust the meaning 
intended will in all cases be plain to the student. 

Where long pieces are to be omitted they are marked in the text where they 
commence and where they end, but in the notes the first word or two only and 
the last are named with . . . between. Thus in Luke ix. 55, note 'stands, ' — 
Koi είττεν {verse 55) . ... σώσαί (verse 56) LTTrA ; — b γαρ .... σώσαι G. 
The four editors omit the whole twenty words ; but G omits only the last 
twelve. In Luke xxiv. 10, note 'is thus, ' + 7 the [ . . .], implying that some 
word must be added. 

We have endeavored to make the notes as plain as possible for the English 
reader. One point still needs to be explained. For instance, in Luke vii. 22 
occur the words " and ^answering ^ Jesus said;" but a note omits the word 

* Jesus,' and then it must be read (as stated in the note) "and answering he 
said." This is because the word είπεν (as already explained) stands for both 'he 
said,' and 'said.' Also in verse 27 occur the words έ>ώ άττοσΓέλλω, Ί send,' 
but a note omits the word εγω, ' I,' and then άττοστέλλω is to be read ' I send,' 
but without emphasis on the ' I. ' 

The Money and Measures of the New Testament. 

1. Money. It was deemed better not to attempt to translate the sums of 
money named in the New Testament, as we have no corresponding pieces to those 
then in use. We have therefore used the Greek words untranslated, and give a 
list of them here. It is not without interest and instruction to know the ap- 
proximate value of money and the extent of the measures used. For instance, 
in Revelation vi. 6 we read of " a measure of wheat for a penny" in the 
Authorized Version ; but this leaves the reader in doubt as to how far it speaks 
of scarcity and dearness. We want at least to know the value of the ' penny,' 
and the capacity of the 'measure.' 

The following lists, it is hoped, will be useful ; but approximate values only 
can now be arrived at. 























piece of silver 




tribute money 










money, as Targent in Frencli. 
different coins. 

2. Measures of Capacity. 

piece of money stater 

pound mina 

talent talent 

piece of silver. This is tlie common word for silver and 
In different places it would represent wholly 












pot (liquid measure) 




measure (dry ' ' ) 




bushel (dry " ) 

corn measure* 


σάτον . 

measure (dry ' ' ) 





measure (liquid " ) 





firkin (liquid " ) 





measure (dry ' ' ) 




It is judged that those marked * are referred to as measures independent of 
their capacity : .such as "washing of vessels," &c. 

3. Long Measure. Here the names already in use were near enough to be 







6 to 9 














όδος σαββάτον 

sabbath day 

s journey 

6 furlongs 


Ε Elzevir, 1624. 
G Griesbach, 1805. 
L Lachmann, 1842-1850. 
Τ Tischendorf, Eighth Edition, 1865-1872. 
Tr Tregelles, 1857-1872. 

A Alford, vol. i. 1868 ; vol. ii. 1871 ; vol. iii. 1865 ; vol. iv. 1862, 187a 
W Wordsworth, 1870. 
+ signifies an addition. 
— ,, an omission. 

[ ] ,, in the interlinear translation, that there is no Greek word corre- 
sponding to the English. 

[ ] signifies in the notes that an editor marks the reading as doubtful. 
" ,, how far the variation in the Greek text extends. 

Text. Rec. refers to hoth Stephens 1550 and E. 







ΒΙΒΛΟΣ γζ^εσεως '1?}σοϋ χριστού, χηοΰ ^Δα/3ί^," νιοι) 
BOOK of [the] generation of Jesus Christi son of Dayid, eon 

of Abraham. 

2 'Αβραάμ εγεννησεν τον Ισαάκ' Ίσαάκ.ύε εγεννησεν τον 

Abraham begat Isaac ; and Isaac begat 

Ιακώβ' Ίακώβ.δέ εγεννησεν τον Ίονδαν και τους άδεΧφονς 

Jacob ; and Jacob begat Judas and =^brethren 

S Ίονδας.δε εγεννησεν τον Φάρες και τονΖαρά εκ 

and Judas begat Pharos and Zara of 

της θαμάρ' Φαρες.δε εγεννησεν τυν Έσρώμ' '^σρώμ.δβ 

Thamar ; and Phaies begat Esrom ; and Esrom 

εγεννησεν τυν'Αράμ': 4Άράμ.δε εγεννησεν τύν^Άμιναδάβ'^^ 

begat Aj-am; and Aram begat Aminadab ; 

^'Αμιναδάβ^^.δε εγεννησεν τυν 1>(αασσών' Νοτασσώι/.^έ ίγ'εννη- 

and Aminadab begat Naasson ; and Naasson be- 

σεν τον ΣαΧμών 5 ΣαΧμών.δε εγεννησεν τον ^Βουζ^^ εκ της 

gr.t Salmon ; and Salmon begat Booz of 

•Ραχά,β- ^Βο.'ζΚδε εγεννησεν τον ^Ώβήδ^^ εκτής "Ρουθ- «'Ω/Β?)^" 


'his ; 

Rachab ; and Booz begat 

δε εγεν%η)σεν τυν'Ιεσσα'ι' 

Jesse ; 


'and begat 

τον βασιλέα 

tiie king. 



εκ της 

Obed of Ruth; ^'Obed 

6 Ίεσσαι.δε εγεννησεν τον ^ΑαβΙδ^^ 

an-d Jesse begat David 

^0 βασιΧενς^^ εγεννησεν τον ^ΣοΧο- 

the king begat Solo- 

τοΰ Ovp'iov 7 ΣοΧομών.δε Ιγεν- 

of the [one who had been wife] ofUrias; and Solomon be- 

νησεν τόν'Ροβοάμ' 'Ροβοάμ.δε εγεννησεν τον Άβια' Άβια 

gat Roboam ; and Roboam begat Abia ; =^Abia 

δε εγεννησεν τύν^Άσά " 8 ^'Ασά^^.δε εγεννησεν τον'ίωσαψάτ' 

'and begat Asa ; and Asa begat Josaphat ; 

'\ωσαφάτ.δε εγεννησεν τον Ίωράμ' Ίωράμ δε εγεννησεν τον 

and Josaphat begat Joram ; and Joram begat 

^Όζίαν 9 ^Όζ'ιας^^.δε εγεννησεν τον Ίωάθαμ' Ίωάθαμ.δε 

and Ozias begat Joatham ; and Joatham 

τον "Αχαζ' "Αχαζ.δε εγεννησεν τον ^Έζεκίαν^^ 

Achaz; and Achaz begat Ezokias ; 

10 'Έςεκίας".^6 εγεννησεν τον Μανασσή' Μανασσής.δε εγεν- 

and Ezekias begat Manasses ; and Manasses be- 

νησεν τον "^Άμών"' ^'Αμων^^.δε εγεννησεν τον "Ίωσίαν" 

gat Amon ; and Amon begat Josias ; 

11 °Ίωσίας".δε εγεννησεν τον Ίεχονίαν και τους άδεΧφονς 

and Josias begat Jechonias and ^brethren 

avTOV, ετΓΐ της μετοικεσίας ΒαβνΧώνος. 12 Μετά.δε 

'his, at [the time] of the carrying away of Babylon. And after 

* Εύαγγελιοι/ κατά ΜαθΘαϊον (Ματθ. Gw) GLTrW ; [Εύαγ.] κατά Μαθθ 
''Δαυίδ GW ; Δαυειδ LTXrA. c Ά/χ€ΐναδάβ Α. dBo6?Lfr; Boe? ΤΑ. 
' — ό βασιλεύς LTTrA. S 2ολομώί/α GTTrAW. ^ Άσάφ LTTrA. 

J Όζζίαζ LTTrA. k ΎζζΚίίαν h. I'E^e/cet'ai L. ^Άμώς LTTrA. 

•Ίωσίίας LTTrA. 

Ozias ; 



THE book of the gen- 
eration of Jesus Chi-ist, 
the son of David, the 
son of Abraham. 

2 Abraham begat 
Isaac ; and Isaac be- 
gat Jacob ;and Jacob 
begat Judas land his 
brethren ; 3 and Judas 
begat Phares and Zara 
of Thamar : and Pha- 
res begat Esrom ; and 
Esrom begat Ai-am ; 
4 and Ai-am begat A- 
minadab ; and Ami- 
nadab begat Xaasson ; 
and Naasson begat 
Salmon ; 5 and Salmon 
begat Booz of Pi,achab; 
and Booz bes-at Obed 
of Ruth; and Obed 
begat Jesse ; 6 and 
Jesse begat David the 
king ; and David the 
king bec^at Solomon 
of her that had been 
the wife of Urias; 
/ and Solomon begat 
Roboam ; and Roboam 
begat Abia; and Abia 
begat Asa; 8 and Asa 
begat Josaphat ; and 
Josaphat begat Jo- 
ram ; and Joram botrat 
Ozias ; 9 and Oziaa 
begat Joatham ; anu 
Joatham begat A- 
chaz ; and Achaz be- 
gat Ezekias ; 10 and 
Ezekias begat Manas- 
ses ; and Manasses be- 
gat Amon; and Amon 
begat Josias ; Π and 
Josias begat Jechonias 
and his brethren, about 
the time they worp, 
carried away to B«- 
bylon : 12 and after 

V ; κατά Τ^Ιαββ. Τ. 

e Ίω/3ηδ LTI:A. 

i 'O^eiai' LTTrA, 

D Ίωσείαν LTTrA- 



they were brousrht to 
Biibrlon, Jcchoaias 
bepat Sal.athiel ; and 
Salathiel begat Zoro- 
babel ; 13 aud Zoroba- 
bel beg-at Abiud ; and 
Abind begat Eliakim ; 
and Eliakim begat A- 
zor ; 14 and Azor begat 
Sa'loc; and Sadoe begat 
Acliini; and Achira be- 
pat Eliud ; 15 and Eliud 
begat Elcazar ; and 
Eleazar begat Mat- 
than ; and Matthan 
begat Jacob; 16 and 
J:, cob begat Joseph 
the husband of Mary, 
of whom was born 
Jesiis, who is called 

17 So all the gene- 
rations from Abraham 
to David are fourteen 
generations ; and from 
David until the cari-y- 
ing away into Babylon 
are fo.urteen genera- 
tions ; and from the 
carrying away -into 
Babylon unto Christ 
are fourteen genera- 

18 Now the birth of 
Jesus Christ was on 
this wise: AVhen as his 
mother Mary was es- 
poused to Josep^i, be- 
fore they came to- 
gether, she was found 
with child of the Holy 
Ghost. 19 Then Joseph 
her husband, being a 
iust man, and not wil- 
ling to make her a 
public example, was 
minded to put her 
away privily. 20 But 
while he thought on 
these things, behold, 
the angel of the Lord 
appeared unto him in 
a dream, saying, Jo- 
seph, thou son of 
David, fear not to 
take unto thee Jlary 
thy wife : for that 
which is conceived in 
her is of the Holy 
Ghost. 21 And she 
shall bring ff)rth a 
son, and thou shalt 
call his name JESUS : 
for he shall save his 
people from their sins. 

22 Now all this was 
done, that it might be 
fulfilled which was 
Bpoken of the Lord by 
the prophet, saying, 

23 Behold, a virgin 
shall be with child, 
■nd shall bring forth 
a son, and they shall 

την μίτοικΕσ'ιαν "ΒαβνΧώνος, ΊεχονΙας '^Ιγεννησεν^^ τον Σ(ΐ\ά' 

the carrying away of Babylon, Jechonias begat Sala- 

θιηΧ' ΣάΚαθιήλ.δβ Ηγεννησεν^^ τονΖοροβάβΕλ' 13Χοροβή•' 

thiel ; and Salathiel begat Zorobabel ; -Zorob.a- 

βζλ δε "^Ιγεννησεν^^ τον Άβιονΰ' Άβωνδ.δε Ι^'εννησεν τον 

bel 'and begat Abiud ; and Abiud begat 

'Έλιακείμ' Έλιακειμ.δε εγεννησεν τον Άζώρ' 14 Άζώρ.οε 

Eliakim ; and Eliakim begat Azor ; and Azor 

εγεννησεν τον Σαδώκ' Σαδωκ.δε εγεννησεν τον *Αχείμ' ΆχεΙμ. 

begat Sadoc ; and Sadoc begat Acliiin ; '■'AchirD 

δε εγεννησεν τόν'ΕΧιονδ' Ιδ'Ελιονδ.δε εγεννησεν τίνΈλεά- 

'and begat Eliud; and Eliud begat Elca• 

ζαρ' Έλεάζαρ.δε εγεννησεν rov "'ΜαΓθάν•" ^Ματθάν^^.δε ίγεν- 

zar; and Eleazar begat Matthan; and Matthan be- 

νησεν τον'Ιακώβ' 16 Ίακωβ.δε εγεννησεν τον 'ΐωσ})φ τον 

gat Jacob ; and Jacob begat Joseph the 

άνδρα Μαρίας, εξ ης εγεννηθη Ίησονς ο λεγόμενος χριστός. 

husband of ^lary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Clirist. 

17 ΙΊάσαι.οϋν ai γενεαΐ άττο 'Αβραάμ εως *Δα/3ίί" 

So all the generations from Abraham to David [were] 

γενεαΐ δεκατεσσαρες' και από ^Ααβιδ^} ^ως της μετοικεσίας 

■■'generations 'fourteen; anil from David until the carrying away 

Βαβυλώνας, γενεαΐ δεκατ'εσσαρες' και άττο της μετοικεσίας 

of Babylon, ^generations 'fourteen ; and fi-om the carrying away 

Βαβνλώνος εως τον χριστού, γενεαΐ δξκατεσσαρες. 

of Babylon to the Christ, ■•'generations 'fourteen, 

18 Τον.δε.^'ίησοΰ^ χριστού r) "γ'εννησις^^ όντως ην, Μντ;- 

Now of Jesus Christ the birth thus was. 'ilaving 

στενθε'ισης ^γαρ" της.μητρος.αντον ΙΛαρίας τψ Ίωσηφ, πριν.η 

^been ■'betrothed for -'his "'mother '''Mary to Joseph^ before 

σννελθεΊν αντονς ευρέθη εν.γαστρί.εχονσα εκ πνεύματος 

^came ^together 'they she was found to be with child of [the] '•'Spirit 

άγιου. 19 'ϊωσ))φ.δε ο.άνήρ.αντης, δίκαιος ων, και μη θελων 

'Holy. But Joseph her husband, ^righteous 'being, and not willing 

αυτήν ^παραδειγματίσαι,^^ εβονλήθη >'λα'θρα" άπολνσαι αντήν. 

her to expose publicly, purposed secretly to put 'away 'her. 

20 ταντα.δε αύτον.ενθνμηθ εντός, ιδού, άγγελος κνρίου 

And ^these ^things 'when'''he''had*pondered, behold, au angel of [the] Lord 

κατ ovap εφάνη αυτφ, λέγων, 'Ιωσήφ, ν'ιος ^Δα/3/^," μή 

in a dream appeared to him, saying, Joseph, son of David, '■'uoc 

φοβηθτρς παραλαβείν Μαριάμ τήν.γνναΊκά.σον' το.γάρ ' εν 

'fear to take to [thee] Mary- thy wife, for tliat which in 

avTy γεννηθεν Ik πνεύματος εστίν αγίου. 21 τεζεται.δε νίόν^ 

her is begotten -of [-'the] ''Spirit 'is *Holy. And she shall bring forth a son, 

και καλέσεις τυ.ονομα.αντον Ίησονν' αύτος.γάρ σώσει τον 

an<i thou shalt call his name Jesus; for he shall save 

λαον αντοΰ άπο των. αμαρτιών. αντών. 22 Ύοντο.δε όλον 

^people 'his from their sins. Now, this all 

γεγονεν, Ίνα πληρωθώ) το ρηθέν νπο 'τοΰ^^ κνρίου 

came to pass, that might be fxilfiUed that which was spoken by the Lord 

^ιά τοΐ) προφήτον, λέγοντος, 23 Ιδού r) παρθένος tv 

through the proplwt, saying. Behold, the viigin -'with 

γαστρι.εζει και τεζεται ν'ιόν, και καλεσονσιν το όνομα 

"•child 'sh.all ■■'be, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call '•'name 

q γείΊ/α begets A. 
RLTTrAW. w — γ^ρ 

Γ 'Μαθθάν LTTiA. = Δαυϊδ G\V ; Δανε'ιδ LTlYA. ^ — Ίησου Tr. " yiveai.^ 
for LTTr[A]. » δειγ/χατι'σαι L'f TiA. ί λάθρα L. » — τοΰ (rauZ | the ]) 

r, π. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. S 

αντον 'νψμανηνη\,. ο Ιστιν μεθερμηνενύμενον,' Μεθ* τ^)μ<^ν l^^l^^^^^f^^^^f^l'^^l^-^ 

'his Emmanuel, which is, being interpreted, ^VVith -"us tcrproted is God with 

■ό"θεός. 24 ^Άιεγερθεις^^.δε ^^ύ" Ιωσήφ α'ττό του ϋττί/ον, έττοί- Ρ-•^• 24 Thcn'josepii be- 

•God. And -^liuving 'been *aroused 'Joseph from the sleep, did d°L4The anieA «f the 

ησεν ώα προσεταζεν αντφ ο άyyε\oς κυρίου' και παρελαβεν Lord had bidden him, 

as had ordered him the angel of [the] Lord, and took to [him] ^^iJe'rio^and knllw 

τήν.γυνάίκα.αυτυϋ. 25 icai ονκΛγίνωσκεν αυτήν εως ού her rot till she had 

his wife, and knew not her until ^'-oiigl't forth hor 

J < Μ «« > ~ < ' II ' ' '\ firstborn son: and lie 

ετεκεν τον^ υιον ^αυτής τον ττριυτοτοκον' και εκαλεσεν called his name JE- 

ehe brout ht forth "sou 'her the firstborn ; and he calUd SUS. 

τυ.'όνομα.αϋτου Ίησουν. 

his name Jesus. 

2 Ίοΰ.ξί.'Ιησον -γεννηθέντος Iv Βηθλεέμ της 'Ιουδαίας, 

Now Jesus haTJnsr been born in Bethlehem of Jud^a, --, ,, , » 

It, ,^^ \ ^ - ο Λ / '^ ' ' > > > Λ ~ 1^• Now when Jcsns 

iV ημεραις ηρωόου του ρασιλεως^ιοον, μάγοι αττο ανατολών ΛvasborninBetlllehonι 

in[the]days of Herod the king, behold, magi fi-om [the] east of Judicaiu thedaysof 

, ><T f\ c\ \ ' ■i-r~' ' ircrod the king, be- 

παρεγενυντο εις ΙεροσοΚυμα, )i Κεγοντες, ϋου εστίν ο τεχ' hold, there came wise 

arrived at Jeriisalem, saying, Where is he who has nien from the cast to 

η \ ,-) \< ~»wrv/ ,iv~ ^ >~v>/ Jerusalem, 2 saving, 

νεις ρασιλενς των Ιουδαίων; ειόομεν γαρ αυτού τον αστέρα Where is he that is born 

been born King of the Jews? for we saw his star King of the Jews ? for 

» ~ > Λ ~ ^ "\ η ~ ' ~ ο ' A ' we have seen his star 

εν Ty ανατολ^^ και ήλΰομεν ττροσκυνησαι αυτψ. ο Ακουσας jq the east, and are 

in the cast, and are come to do homage to him. ^Having ^heard come to Avorship him. 

δε ^'Ηρώδης 6 /Βασιλεύς" εταράχθη, και ττάσα Ιεροσόλυμα SrATaiS/?eiSii 

•hut ■■'Herod ■''the ■'king he was troubled, and all Jerusalem he was troubled, and 

μετ αυτού' 4 και συναγαγών ττάντας τους αρχιερείς και him/TAniwhen he 

with" him. And having gathered together all the chief priests and had gathered all the 

γραμματείς του λαοΰ, εηυνθάνετο παρ αυτών, που 6 χριστός ^J^fhes o^f"th? people 

scribes of the people, he inqaiired of them where the Christ together, he demanded 

γεννάται. 5 OL^e ^είττον" αύτφ, Έν Βηθλεέμ της Ιουδαίας. °ioSdbl'born. 5 And 

should be born. And they said to him, In Bethlehem of Judaea : they said unto him In 

οϋτως.γάρ γεγραπται δια του προφήτου, 6 Και συ ΒΐΊθλεεμ, Bethlehem of Jud.-ea : 

, ■ f, ' ■., , • ί "^ •.,. ,. J.-. ' ' ί_ χ « J J.•. τ. i.t.1 1- ' foi* thus it 18 ■written 

for thus it has been -written by the prophet, And thou, Bethlehem, w |.j^g prophet 6 And 

γη Ιούδα, ουδαμώς ελαχίστη εΐ εν τόΐς ηγεμόσιν 'Ιούδα' εκ thou Bethlehem, ι« the 

land of Juda, in no wise least avt among the governors of Juda, ^out ^^g least amon? the 

οοϋ γάρ ίζελεύσεταΐ7!Ύονμενος, 'όστις ποιμηνεΊ τόν.λαόν.μου princes of Juda: for 

Of 'thee 'for shall go forth ' a leader, who shall shepherd my people a^Governor that shTll 

τον Ισραήλ. 7 Tors Ηρώδης ^λάθρα^^ καλεσας τους μάγους, rule my people Israel. 

Israel. Then Herod, •■'secretly 'having called the magi, h.^d """^ivU "cklleTthe 

ήκρίβωσεν παρ' αυτών τον χρόνον τυϋ φαινομένου αστέρος' wise men, inquired of 

inquired accurately of them the time of the -appearing 'star. them diligently what 

, , , , , n\ 1 - r,' • > time the star appeared. 

8 /cat πεμψας αυτούς εις Βηθλεέμ είπεν, Ήορευθεντες ^ακρι- 8 And he sent them to 

And havinii sent them to Bethlehem, he said, Having gone, accu- Bethlehem, and said, 

, / ^ -,,,,., „ Go and search dili- 

βώς εξετασαΓε" περί του παιδιού' επαν.οε ευρητε, gently for the young 

ratcly inquire for the little child ; and when ye shall have found [him] child; and when ye 

, >\ ' " > ί )Λ /I ' ' » ~ have found /i<m, bring• 

απαγγείλατε μοι, όπως κaγoJ ελυων προσκυί'ησω αυτψ. me word again, that Ι 

bring word back tome, that I also having come may do homage to him. may come and worsliip 

f, „e rv, , , " a \ ' ' 'n < Jr. , . him also. 9 When they 

9 Οι.οε ακουσαντες του βασιλέως επορευθησαν και ιόου, ο had heard the king. 

And they having hoard the king, went away ; and behold, the they departed; and, 

, / ,x -^ , . , ^ .., , , f» >\ Λ « lo, the star, which they 

αστήρ, ov ειύον εν Ty avaToKy, προηγεν αντους εως ε\ϋων saw in the east, went 

star, which they saw i η the east, went before them, until ha-ving come before them, till it 

ι,ν 11»/ r-r ' ?' Trv"^'S" ' '' came and stood over 

'^ίστη^^ επάνω ου ην το παιδιον. ΙΌ ιοοντες.οε τον αστέρα, where the young child 

it stood over where was the littlechild. And haΛ•ing seen the star, was. 10 When they saw 

) / \ >\ . ' ^ . 1 1 ^ '\ η ' ' the star, they rejoiced 

εχαρησαν χ<^ραν μεγαλην σφυορα ii και ίΚυο7'τες εις ^jth exceeding ' prcat 

thoy rejoiced [Avith] joy -great 'exceedingly. And having come into joy. 11 And whtMUhey 

a — ό L. ^ eyep^el? having risen lttfa. = — ό τ. ί — τοι/ {read a smi) ι.πυλ. 

* — αντί)9 τον πρωτότοκον l.TTrA. ^ ό βασιλεύς Ηρώδης LTTrA. S einav Τ. *> λαθύο. Χμ 

' (ξίτασατί ακριβώς Ι.Τΐ• Α. "^ ΐστάθη Ι,ΓΓγα. 

4 αΜ A τ θ A I Ο 2. η. 

houso ^'^th'ey ίί^ the "^^^ oLiav, ^ίδρον" TO τταώίον μετά Μαρίας τής.μητρος.αντοΰ, 

young child with Mary *^^ house, they founcl the little child with :Mary his mother, 

his mother, aud fell ^^^i πεσόντες τνροσεκννιισαν αυτφ και άνοίζαντες rove 

dowu, and worshipped ,,• χ τι j - ^ττχ, 4.v•' iv- ^ 

him • and when they ^°'^ havmg fallen down did homage to him: and haying opened 

had opened their trea- θησαυρούς αύτώι* ΤΓοοσηνεΎκαν αντφ δώρα, γρνσον ' κα} 

aro'hlm^if^t^Tg'olci ^^^=^^^^^^ 'ί^^^\ *^^^ °^'-^ to hiiA giks ;' "^^d and 

and fi-ankincensc, and ΧΊβανον καΙ σμιφναν. 12 καΙ χοηματισθέντες κατ 

^■IruedofGoa^i^i^^^^^^^'^-^^^"•^^ mji-rh. And havin-' been divinely instructed in 

dream that they ovap μή άνακάμφαι ττρυς Ήρώδην, δι άλλης οδον 

H^?od.reytepan:d -^,^-- -^ ^ to return ^ to^^ Herod, hy another way 

into their own coun- ανεχώρησαν εις τη v. χώ ρ αν. αν τ ων. 

try another way. they withdrew into their own country. 

13 ' Αναχωρησάντων.δε αυτών, ιδού, άγγελος κυρίου 

13 And when thev Now -having ''withdrawn Hhey, behold, an angel of [the] Lord 

were departed, behold, ^"^φαίνεται κατ ovap^^ τψ Ίωση fj λέγων. Εγερθείς παράλαβε 
the an-el of the Lord appears in a dream to Joseph, saying. Having risen take with [thee] 

ftppeiirc'L/i to J os6pii in , 

a dream, saying. Arise, τ6 τταιδίον και τήν-μητερ'α.αυτοϋ, και φεύγε εις Α'ίγυπτον, 
and take the young the little child and Ms mother, and flee into Egypt, 

child and his mother, , „ λ » ~ f η >' ' 'λ \ \ t ' s ν > 

and flee into Egypt, και ισθι sKsT εως av ειττω σοι' μέλλει γαρ Ή,ρωόης ζητείν γο 

and be thou there until and be there until I shall tell thee; ^is^about ^for =Herod to seek the 
I brmg thee word: for ., ^ , ^ , ,, -, j t^ r^\ ■> η ^ /\o 

Herod will seek the TTaioiov, του ατΓολεσαι αυτο. 14 Ο.όε εγερθείς παρελαβεν 

young child to destroy little child, to destroy him. > And he having risen took with [him] 

him. 14 When he arose, , ^, , , , > ~ / , > , , 

he took the young TO TTaioiov και την.μητψα.αυτου νυκτός, και ανεχωρησεν εις 
child and his mother the little child and his mother by night, and withdrew into 

by night, and departed .„ -_ ,r>~f' " \ ~«ττ'ϊ> " 

into Egypt: 15 and was Αιγυπτον, lo Ktti ην ίκει εως της τελεντης Ηριοόου' ινα 

there until the death Egypt, and was there until the death of Herod : that 

of Herod: that it might λ η- » ' n^ «^τl~ιι ' ?>< 

be fulfilled which was ττληρωθ^ TO ρηθέν υτΓΟ ^του^κυριΟΌ ΰΐα του 

spoken of the Lord by might be fulfilled tLat which was spoken by the Lord through the 

Out of °Egypt have^f ττροφητου, λεγοντος, Έ'ζ ΑίγντΓτου εκάλεσα τον.νιόν.μου. 

called my son. 16 Then prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I called my son. 

t^ha?hewaYmoikerol 16 Tor£ Ηρώδης, Ιδών ΟΤΙ Ινετταίχθη υπό των μάγων, 

the wise men, was ex- Then Herod, having seen that he was mocked by the magi, 

seS'°f!rth'^ai!d sie°w '^θυμώθη λίαν, καΐ άτΓοστείλας άνείλεν ττάντας τους 

all the children that was enraged greatly, and having sent he put to death all the 

rndVaii^twiS 'T"'^"? τονς εν Βηθλεέμ και εν ττάσιν τοΊς.όρίοις.αϋτης, άττό 

thereof, from two ^°^^ *^^* [were] in Bethlehem and in aU its borders, from 

years old and under, διετονς και κατωτερω, κατά τον χρόνον ον Ύίκρ'ιβω' 

according to the time . τ, ^, j " -.• . α.•. '^"^,. ,••.•.■. ^ " ' ^ , 

which he had dilif^ent- two years old and under, according to the time which he had accurately 

me?*^n^Thenwa^fii! ^^^ '^<^ρά τών μάγων. 11 Τότε επληρώθη το ρηθέν 

filled that wlXlf was i^^^i^ed from the magi. Then was fulfilled that which was spoken 

spoken by Jeremy the o^^^ii Ίζρεμίου τοΰ Ίτροφητον, λεγοντος, 18 Φωνή εν 'Ραμά 

Ea^atasTerfk voice , ^^, =^'^'^'^' *^« ,Ρ^°Ρ^«*' \ «^"^'^ ^ Α voice^ in R.o^a 

heard, lamentation, ήκούσθη, ^θρήνος καί" κλαυθμ,ος και έδνρμος πολύς, 'Ραχήλ 

™7ηίη'"^'^°κΚβί ^^^^^*^**' ■^'^™®°^^^°^ ^^*^ weeping and ^mourning ^great, Rachel 
weeping /or her chil- κλαίουσα γ•ά.τέκνα.αύτής, και ουκ '^ήθελεν^^ τταρακληθήναι^ 
dren, and would not weeping [for] her children. and ^not ^would be comforted, . 

be comforted, because „ , 

they are not. OTl ΟύΚΛίσίν. 

■because they are not. 

19 But when Herod 19 Ύελεντήσαντος.δε τον Ήρώδον^ ιδού, άγγελος κυρίου 

was dead, behold, an But having ^died ^erod, behold, an angel of [the] Lord 

angel of the Lord ap- _ >« ,/ η ->τ <j'4'' cin. \ ' >n "• 

peareth in a dream κατ ovap φαινεταΟ^ τψ Ιωσήφ iv ΑιγυτΓτφ, 20 λέγων, Εγερ- 

to Joseph in Egj-pt, in a dream appears to Joseph in Egypt, saying, Having 

takT^iTe^i^ng 'child ^^'C τταράλαβε TO τταιδίον και τήν.μητερα.αύτοΰ, και πορεύον 

andhismother, and go risen take mth [thee] the little child and his mother, and go 

• εΤδον they saw GLTXrAW. ™ κατ' ovap άφαντη in a dream appeared l; κατ όναμ 

φαίνεται Tr. » — τοΰ (read [the]) LITrAW. ο δια through LTTrAW. j^ ρ — βρήΐ /OS και LTTrA. 
Ϊ ήβελησεν L. I φαίνεται κατ ovap LTTrA, 


εις γην ΊσραηΚ' τεθνηκασιν.γάρ οι ζητονντες την φνχϊ)ν ί°*ο the land of Israel: 

into [the] land oflscael: for they have died who were seeking the life sCughT "the y oimg 

TGV τταιδίον. 21 Ό.^έ εγερθείς τταρεΧαβεν το τταιδίον και child's life 21 And he 

of the little child. And he having risen took with [him] the little child and young child *an^ hi! 

τήν.μητ'ίρα.αντον , καΐ ^ήλθεν^^ εΙς γήν ΊσραηΧ. 22 άκουσας mother, and came in- 

his mother, and came into [the] land of Israel, '''Having^heard *° *^® ^"•°'^ °ί ^f '^^l: 

„ , ' , , ,., ^ , ^ , , y t , ^ 22 But when he heard 

δε on Αρχέλαος βασιλεύει 'εττι της Ιονόαιας αντί ^ ϊίρωοου that Archeians did 

'but that Archelaus reigns over Judaea instead of Herod reign in 'Judrea in the 

, , ~ η y η ' η 5~> \n- room of his father lle- 

Γον.πατρος.αντον , εφοβηθη εκεί αττελθειν' χρηματισ- rod, he was afraid to 

his father, he was afraid there to go: =^aving'been-*divinely SO thither: notwith- 

, ^, ,„ , , .»/ ~T-i\\' standing, being Λ\\αΓη- 

θεις ύε κατ οναρ, ανεχωρησεν εις τα μέρη της Γαλιλαιας^ ed of God in a dream, 

^instructed 'and in a dream, he withdrew into the parts of Galilee : he turned aside into 

23 και ίλθών κατφκησεν εις ττόλιν λεγομ^νην '^'Ναζαρ&τ'^^ 23 and he came ami 

and having come he dwelt in a city called Nazareth ; dwelt in a city called 

,t Λ ri~ ' y 'ri'f'^ j-" Nazareth : that it 

οττως ττΚηρωυ^ το ρηυεν cia των ττροφητωι/, οτι might be fulfilled 

so that should be fulhlled that which was spoken by the propiiets, that which was spoken by 

VT y ~ \ n' the prophets, He shall 

ΐίαζωραιος κληθησεταΐ. be called a Nazarcn«. 

a Nazarasan shall he be called. -' 

3 "Εν.δε ταΐς.ημεραιςίκείναις τταραγίνεται Ίωάιη'ης 6 

Now in those days comes John the 

βαπτιστής, κηρύσσων εν Ty ερημψ τήςΊονοαίας,2^καν^λεγων, ΙΠ. Τη those days 

Baptist, proclaiming in the wilderness ; of Judsa, and saying, ρ^^^βίιΐ" ίίΓί&'!νΠ- 

ΜετανοεΙτε' η-γγικεν.γάρ η βασιλείατών ουρανών. 3 0ιτος.γάρ dernessof Jud!y.i,2aiid 

Kepent, forhasdrawnuear the kingdom of the heavens. For this saying. Repent ye : for 

> , , , <vi«j ~ ' \' the kingdom of lieaveu 

iOTiv Ο ρηθεις ^νπό Ησαιον του προφήτου, λέγοντος, is at hand. 3 For this 

is he who was spoken of by Esaias the prophet, saying, is he that was spoken 

, , ο ~ ' ~ 1 / fT-, ' > < ΛΧ of by the prophet L•- 

Φωνη βοώντος εν Ty ερημψ, Ετοιμάσατε την οοον κυ- saias, saying, The voice 

;'The] voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare the way of [the] of one crying in tlie 

, ri ' ~ » ',-, '~^*»'5>'<'r' wilderness. Prepare 

ριου' ευϋειας ποιείτε τας.τριβους.αυτου. 4 Αυτος.οε ο Ιωαι^νης ye the way of the 

Lord, straight make his paths. And -himself 'John Lord, make his paths 

τ y „ r. ,~>Λ ~ /N vy' T» straight. 4 And the 

είχεν το.ενδυμα.αυτου απο τριχών καμήλου, και ζωνην έερ- same John had his rai- 

had his raiment of hair of a camel, and a girdle of ment of camel's hair, 

/ r«i,» .~f5>» .'T»~Tii>'^ and a leathern girdle 

ματινην περί την.οσφνν.αυτου' η.οε τροφή ^αι<του ijv" ακριόες about his loins; and 

leather about his loins, and the food of him was locusts his meat was locusts 

/Λ >' and wild honey. 

και μέλι αγριον. "' 

and "honey 'wild. 

5 Ύότε εζεπορεύετο προς αντον Ιεροσόλυμα και πάσα ή 

Then wentout^ to him ^ ^ Jerusalem, and ^all ^ 5 Then went out to 

Ιουδαία και πάσα ή περίχωρος του Ιορδανού' 6 και εβαπτί- him Jerusalem, and 

1 Judc-ea, and all the country around the Jordan, and were bap- "'^^ Ji^laja, and all tlie 

, ~, Λ, K«»>~'S' \ ' >' rcgum round about 

ζοντο^ εν τ*ω Ιορδανυ" υπ αυτού, εξομολογονμενοι τας αμαρ- Jordan, 6 and wore 

tizod in the Jordan by him, confessing -sins haptized of himin Jor- 

, ,^^^^^^, ~jl - «-n'-^ ^'^^' confessing tlicir 

Γΐας αυτών. 7 looj^'.oe πολλούς των Φαρισαιων και Σαοδου- sins. 7 But wbon lie 

'their Buthavingseen many of the Pharisees and Saddu- saw many of the I'li.a- 

, , , , , ^ , , ^ 11 - , -, nsees and Saddiu-ccs 

καιων ερχόμενους επι το.βαπτισμα.αυτου,'^ είπεν αυτοις, come to his bnitism, 

cecs coming to his baptism, he said to'them, he said unto them, Ο 

r, r ,5>^ ' ' '^ y .-. ~,,~ . generation of, 

Γεννηματά εχιδνων, τις υπεδειξεν υμιν φυγείν απο της μελ- who hath warned yon 

Offspring of vipers, who forewarned you to flee from the com- to flee from the wrath 

X / , ~ ο ' r Λ ^ > f" II ~ to come? «Bring forth 

λούσης οργής; S ποιήσατε ουν "καρπούς άξιους'^ της μετά- therefore fruits meet 

lug •wTath ? Produce therefore fruits worthy of repent- for repentance : !» and 

^ , , iv/., V » ) » ~ TT ' " thinknottosay within 

νυιας' 9 και μη.οοί,ητε. λέγειν εν εαυτοις, ΐιατερα ίχομεν yourselves, We have 

ance : and think not to say within yourselves ["For] ^father 'we ''have Abraham to owr fa- 

s €ΐ<τή\θ€ν entered LXTrA. * — errl (vead της Ίου. over Jiidiea) lt[T: a]. " τον πατρός 

αντοΰ Ίΐρώδου LTTi Α. " ^αζαρ^θ LTT w. * — καΐ ι/γ[τ Ja, > δια through fcxx aw. 

» ϊ^ αντοΰ J.TTiA. a + \πάντ€ς\ Mil L. '^ 4- ποταμώ river LXTrA. c — αντού {read th# 
ba^jti6Ui) LT[XiAJ. ^ καρπον άξωι^ trait worthy 

6 Μ A Τ θ A I Ο Σ. .111, IV. 

tlmr: for Τ say unto ycv' Χβοαήμ' \:yo).yap νμίν, on cvvnrai 6 9f6c Ik των λίθων 
Kui?stf?D^ to raise •Abruh.uu : f or 1 say to you, that able is Goifft-om ^stones 

HpciiiUiienuntoAbra- τούτων tjslpai TEKva τψ' Αβραάμ. 10 ^KuV^ r) άζίνη 

liam. lOAnd now also , j^ to rai-c np chilib-eu to Abraham. But already also the axe 

the axe is laid unto ^ , , » ^ ■^, r. ^ ~ _.,^ , 

tiio root of the trees : ττρυς T^v piuav τών ζίνύρων κΕίται' τταν ovv οενυρον μη 
therefore ercry tree ^^ ^j^g root of the trees is applied : ^'every Hhcrefore tree not 
•wliich briugcth not ^ , ^ ^ •, , <. ~ο'\λ 

forth Rood fruit is TTOIOVV KClpTTUV KUKOV ίΚΚΟΙΓΤΕΤαΐ KUL EIQ TTVp βοΧλΕΤαΐ. 

hewn down, and cast producing -truit 'good is cut down and into'[the] fire is cast, 

into the fire. 11 Τ in- , , . r^ -v < -- ii ' "t^ » / t ~, 

deed baptize you with 11 Εγω μ(.ν ^ρατττιζω νμας" iv νόαη etg μετανοιαν' ο.δε 

water unto repent- ι indeed baptize you with water to repentance ; but he who 

atice : hut he that , , , r / / , , _ , , . 

Cometh after me is οττισω μον ίρχομενος ισχνροτερος μου tariVj ον ονκ.ειμί 

mightiertlianI,whose after inc [i»] toiiiiug mightier thani is, of whom I am not' 

shoes I am not worthy t » < < -^ ' ο ' . > ^ < ~ /d - » 

to bear: he shall bap- iKavoQ TU ντΓοοηματα βαστασαι αυτυς νμας ρατττισει εν 

tizc you with the Holy fit the sandals to bear: he ■''you 'will ^baptize with [the] 

r2'whUe'\an''is^Tn '''i^^'V"^^ "7'V '^"^ TTUpi. 12 οδ TO TTTVOV tV Ty χεψΐ 

hl-< hand, and lie will ^Spirit 'Holy and with fire. Of whom tlie winnowing fan [is] in ^haud 

£"ίΐκΙ gaE his ciVTOV, και όιακαθαριεϊ τήν.αΧωνα.αυτον, και συνάζει 

wheatinto the garner; 'his, and he will thoroughly pui'ge his floor, and will gather 

the ^haff'^^wS^nS Tov.aiTOV.avTOV eIq την άτΓοθήκην,^ το.δε άχυρον κατακαύσει 
queuchable fire. his wheat into the granary, but the chaff he will burn up 

ττυρι άσβίστφ. 

with fire unquenchable. 

13 Τότε τταραγίνεται υ Ίησους άττο της Γαλιλαιας Ιττι τον 

Then comes Jesus from Galilee to the 

13 Then cohieth Je- 'lopSavnv TTpoc Tov Ίωάννηρ. τον βατΓτισθηναι νττ αυτού, 
ji^ 'ora.u ^ ίο Joh;., ^ ^ to be baptized ^by him. 

be baptized of him. 14 ό.οε.^Ίωάννης^^ διεκώΧυεν αυτόν, λέγων, Έγώ χρείαν εχω 
14 But John forbad -^^^ JqJ,^ ^.j^g himiering him, saying, I ^need 'have 

hmi, saying, I have , ^ ^ , , „ , ,-'* λ ' 

need to be baptized of νττυ σου βατΓΤίσθηναι, και συ ερχ-η ττρος με; 15 Αποκριθείς 

thee, and comestfhou , ^γ^ to be baptized, and Hhou 'oomest to me? ^Answerirx 

to me? 15 And Jesus . , , ..,,•, ,,,,»' « „ 

answering said unto ck Ο Ιησους ειπεν ^ττρυς αυτόν, Αφες άρτι' οντως.γύ^ 
him. Suffer Λ <ο δβ so i^ut ^j^sus said to him. Suffer [it] now; for thus 

now : for thus it be- , ,,«^-y.w ~ ». / ,„ r 

Cometh us to fulfil all TTpiTTOv iOTiv 7)μιν ττληρωσαι ττασαν όικαιοσυνην. Fort 

righteousness. Then becoming it is to us to fulfil all righteousness. Then 

he suffered him. 16 And , , , , τΓ»ίτ' " ο η « ii < >i - k ' • , -:> 

Jesus, when he was αψιησιν αυτον. lb JKai βαπτισθείς" ο Ιησους '^ανεβη 

baptized, went up hesuffers him. And having been baptized Jesus went up 

straightway out of the ' /τ ii ' ' ~ "i ' 'J ' 1 ' ' Ω II m ' -ii ' 

water: and, lo, the ενθνς^^ απο του νοατος, και ιύου, ^ανεφχθησαν" '^^αντψ^^ οι 

heavens were opened immediately from the water: and behold, were opened tohiui the 

unto him, and he saw , / ,,« η»ιι ~ o~iin~ /3~ '' 

the Spirit of God de- ουρανοι, και εί(εν "το^^ πνεύμα °τον^^ θεού καταβαινον ωσει 

scf-nding like a dove, heavens, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as 

i?!mdio\fvX%^rom ττεριστεράν, i^at" ερχόμενον ίπ αυτόν. 17 και Ιδού, φωνή 

heaven, 'saying, This a dove, and coming upon him : and lo, a voice 

Shorn ^l^'^lm^^weU ^'^ '^^'^ ουρανών, λέγουσα, ΟΙτός εστίν ο.ν'ιός.μου ύ άγα- 
pleased. out of the heavens, saying. This is my Sou the be- 

πητός, εν ψ '^εύδάκησα^Κ 

loved, in whom I have found delight. 

IV. Then was Jesus 4 Τότε 'o" Ίησονς άνηχθη εΙς την ερημον υπό του πνεύ^ 
led up of the Spirit in- Then Jesus was led up into the wilderness by the Spi- 

to the wilderness to be n~ < ^ ~ ? /d '\ ο ^ _ ^'_— - 

tempted of the devil, ματος, πεψασθηναι νπο τον διάβολου. "Ζ και νηστενσας 

2 And "when he had rit to be tempted by the devil. And having fasted 

fSyni^htJ.hewasTf- ήμψας ^τεσσαράκοντα^^ και ^νύκτας τέσσαρα κοντά, ^^ 'ύστερον 

terward an' hungred. ''days 'forty and "nights 'forty, afterwards 

e — και LTTrAW. ^νμας βαπτίζω LTTiW. s + αυτού (read his granary) LT.w. h — Ίωάιηο]? 
fi'cacZ he was hindering) i,T[TrA]\v. » αύτω L. i βαπτισθείς hk ιλ'Ύ•. aw. i' ev^u? ave'^T) lttpW. 
« ήΐ'€ωχθτ)σαι/ L, °> — αύτω | l]t. ° — to {read [the]) t[a]. « — τού t[aJ. ρ — καΐ LT [τγα]. 
9 ηύδόκτ^σα Τ, ' — ό Α. « τ^σσΐράκοντο. ΤΤ< Α, ^ τ^σσεράϋο^το. νύκτας Τ ; νύκτα? τ^σσβρ. Τγα.» 


Ιττείναση'. 3 και ττροσεΧθών "αντφ'^ 6 ττεφόζων ξ.Ινεν'^^ Ει 

lie huugeicd. And having come to him the tempter said, If 

νιος d τον θεον, είττε 'ίνα οΊ.Χίθοι.ούτοι άρτοι -γενωνται. 

•SonHhou^art of God, speak that these stones ^loaves *may ^become. 

4 Ό δε αποκριθείς είττεν, Τέγραττται, Ονκ εττ άρτφ μόνφ 

But he answering• said, It has been written, Not by bread alone 

ζησεται '^άνθρωττος, άλΧ ^kwV^ τταντι ρηματι Ικττορενομενφ dia 

shall "live 'man, but by every word going out through 

στόματος θεον. 5 Τότε τταραλαμβάνει αντον 6 διάβολος εις 

[the] mouth of God. Then Hakes "him Hhe =devil to 

την άγίαν ττόλιν, και ^'ίστησιν^^ αντον εττι το τττερνγιον τον 
the holy city, and sets him upon the edge of the 

Ίερον, 6 και "^λίγει" αντψ, Έί ν'ιυς ε1 τον θεον, βάλε σεαν^ 

temple, and says to him, If ^Son ' thou '-^art of God, cast thy-" 

τον κάτω' γ'εγραπται.γάρ, "Ort τοίς.άγγελοις.αντον tv- 
self down: for it has been written. To hja angels he 

τελείται ττερι σον, και Ιπι χειρών άρονσίν σε, 

will give charge concerning thee, and in [their] hands shall they bear thee, 
μίίΤΓ οτε TT ρ οσκό^-η ς ττρος λ'ιθον τον.ττόδα.σον. 1 "Εφη αντφ 

lest thou strike against a stone thy foot. *Said Ho*him 

ό^Ιησονς, Πάλιν γεγραττται, ΟνκΛκττειράσεις κνριον τον 

'Jesus, Again it has been written, Thou shalt not tempt [the] Lord 

βεόν σον. 8 Πάλιν τταρα,λαμβάνει άυτον 6 διάβολος εις 

"Ged 'thy. Again Hakes him 'the "devil to 

υρος ν-^ηλον λίαν, και δε'ικννσιν αντψ πάσας τάς βασι- 
β mountain ''high 'exceedingly, and shews to him all the king- 

λε'ιας τον κόσμον και τήν.δόζαν.αντών, 9 και ^λέγε»" αντψ, 

doms of the world and their glory, and says to him, 

^Ύαντα ττάντα σοι" δώσω, εάν ττεσών προσκύνησες 

'These -^things 'all to thee will I give if falUupdown thou wilt worship 

μοι. 10 Τότε λέγει αντψ ό'Ιησονς, "Υπαγε"^, σατανά' 

me. Then ^says ^to*him 'Jesus, Get thee away, Satan; 

γεγραπται.γάρ, Κνριον τον.θεόν.σον προσκυνήσεις, και 

for it has been written, [The]- Lord thy God shalt thou worship, and 

αντψ μόνψ λατρεύσεις. 11 Τότε άφίησιν αντον 6 διάβολος' 

him alone shalt thou serve. Then ^leaves "him 'the Mevil, 

jcai ιδού, άγγελοι προσηλθον και διηκόνονν αντψ. 

and behold, angels came and ministered to him. 

12 Άκούσας.δε ^o Ίί^σοΰς" 'ότι Ίωάννιις παρεδόθη, άν- 

But -having ''heard 'Jesus that John was delivered up, he 

ζχώρησεν είς^ήν Γαλιλαίαν. 13 και καταλιπών η/ν^Ναξαρέτ," 

withdrew into* Galilee : and having left Nazareth, 

ελθών κατψκησεν εις ^Καπερναονμ^^ την παραθαλασσίαν, 

having come he dwelt at Capernaum, which [is] on the sea-side, 

tv ορίοις Ζαβονλών και Νε^θαλε/^ΐί, 14 'ίνα πληρωθε 

in [the] borders of Zabulon and Nephthalim, that might be fulfilled 

το ρηθέν δια Ήσαιον τον προφήτον, λέγοντος, 15 Γη 

that which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Land 

Υ.αβυνλών και γη Ι^Ιεφθαλείμ, οδον θαλάσσης πέραν τον 
of Ziibulon, and land of Nephthalim, way of [the] sea, beyond the 
'lopcavov, Ταλιλαία τών ίθνών„ 16 ύ-• λ«ος ο καθήμενος 


Galilee of the nations. 

the people which- was sitting 

3 And when the tempt- 
er came to Jiim. he 
saia, If thou be the 
Son of God, command 
that these stones be 
made bread. 4 But he 
answered and said, It 
is TVTitten, Man shall 
not live by bread alone, 
but by every word that 
proccedeth out of the 
mouth of God. 5 Then 
the devil taketh him 
up into the holy city, 
and setteth him on a 
pinnacle of the temple, 
6 and saith unto him, 

• If thou be the Son 
of God, cast thyself 

. down: for it is written, 
He shall give hid 
angels charge con- 
cerning thee: and in 
their hands they shall 
bear thee up, lest at 
any time thou dash 
thy foot against a 
stone. 7 Jesus said 
unto him. It is written 
again. Thou shalt not 
tempt the Lord thy 
God. 8 Again, the devil 
taketh him up into an 
exceeding high moun- 
tain, and sheweth him 
all the kingdoms of 
the world, and the 
glory of them;. 9 and 
saith unto him. All 
these things -jvill I give 
thee, if thou wilt fall 
down and worship me. 

10 Then saith Jesus 
unto him, Get thee 
hence, Satan : for it is 
written. Thou shalt 
worship the Lord thy 
God, and him only 
shalt thou serve. 

11 Then the devil 
leaveth him, an'd, be- 
hold, angels came and 
ministered unto him, 

12 Now when Jesus 
had heard that John 
was cast into prison, 
he departed into Gali- 
lee ; 13 and leaving 
Nazareth, he came and 
dwelt in Capernaum, 
which is upon the sea 
coast, in the borders 
of Zabulon and Neph- 
thalim : 14 that it 
might be fulfilled 
which was spoken by 
Esaias the prophet, 
saying, 15 The land of 
Zabulon, and the land 
of Nephtbalim. 6;/ tho 
way of the sea, beyond 
Jordan, Galilee of the 
Gentiles ; 16 the peo- 
ple which sat in dark- 

V — αύτώ TTrA. '^ + αντώ Ό bim LTTrAW. '^ + ό LTTrAW. y ej/ LTrA. « Ιστησβι/ set LTTrA. 
* eiTrey said L. ^ ei-nev said LTTi A. = ταντά σοι πάντα TTrA. ^ + οπίσω μου behind 

me g[l]w. e _- ό 'Ιησούς TT.AW f Ιϋαζαράθ Nazarath l ; ^αζαρ^θ ν/ ; Να^αρά Nazara ττγα, 
9 Καφαρναονμ LTTrAW, 


nesa eaw irreat light ; ^^ "^^^κότει sUs ώώς" ΐίέγα, και το7ς καθημεν.οις εν 

and to them which sat . , , , 't.,• t , C ' ^ j x ^^i i.• u '-j.^.• • rxi. i 

in the re<Tion and ^° darkness has seen a "light 'great, and to those whLch were sitting m [the] 

shadow of death light χώρα KOI σκιφ θανάτου, φως άνετείΧεν αντοϊς. 17 Άττό 

that^tin^ Jesus' be^°an country and shadow of death, light has sprung up to them. From 

to preach, and to say, γότΕ ήρζατο 6 Ίησόϋζ κηρύσσειν καΙ λέγειν. Μετανοείτε' 

?οΛ' £τΪΓ S'^ft that time began ^ Jesu*' to proclaim^ and to say^ Repent; 

hand. ηγγικεν-γάρ η βασιλεία των ουρανών. 

for has drawn near the kingdom of the heavens. 

18 ΤΙεριτΓατών.δε ^υ Ίησοϋς^^ τταρά την θάλασσαν της Γαλί" 

, , ^ „ And ^walking 'Jesus by the sea of Gall- 

18 And Jesus, walk- , ^^ ^, ,.. /^' ^ \ > -rn-' ^ . 

iug by the sea of Gaii- λαιας Βίύεν ovo αδελφούς, Έιμωνα τον λεγομενον Τίετρον, και 

lee, saw two bretliren, ige he saw two brothers, Simon who is called 'Peter, and 

Simon called Peter, ,. ^ , , >?Λ .r . - ο "\\ ' ^ ' o\ 

and Andrew his bro- Ανορεαν τον.αδελφον.αυτου, βάλλοντας αμφψληστρον εις 

ther, casting a net Andrew his brother, casting a large net into 

into the sea : for they \ η 'λ. τ i«\~i/-» \\' »~l•Λ~ 

were fishers. 19 And την θάλασσαν' ήσαν. yap αλιείς. ΙΌ και λέγει αντοις,^ Αεντξ 

he saith unto them, the sea, for they were fishers: and he says to them. Come 

Follow me, and I will >/ » r γ~»\~)λ/ λλ /-v« ^^λ 

make you fishers of οτΓίσω μου, και ΤΓοιησω υμάς αλιείς ανθρώπων. 20 Οι.ύε 
men. 20 And they after me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they 

n?t^^ and^ followed εϋθίως αφέντες τα οΊκτυα ηκολοϋθησαν αυτψ. 21 Και 

him. 21 And going on immediately having left the nets, followed him. And 

other *two°^'brethren^ ττροβάς εκέίθεν, εΐόεν άλλους δύο αδελφούς, Ίάκωβον τον 

James ίΛβ sou of Zebe- having gone on thence, he saw other two brothers, James the [son] 

brothe^r^uia^Mpwilh Tov Ζεβεδαίόν καΐ Ίωάννην τον.άδελφον.αύτοϋ, εν τψ ττλοιψ 

Zebedee their father, of Zebedee, and John his brother, in the ship 

^T*^h?caUed tSm' M^'"^ '^Φ^δα'ιου τοΰ.ττατρος.αύτών, καταρτίζοντας τα δίκτυα 

22 And they immedi- "^^^ Zebedee their father, mending "nets 

ateiy left the ship and αύτών' καΐ εκάλεσεν αυτούς. 22 οι.δε ευθέως αφέντες το 
their father, ana loi- ,,, . ■■ ^ η j xi ^ ^, . ,. , , , '' . , ΐ, , 

lowed him. their, and he called them ; and they immediately having left the 

ττλοΐον και τον.ττατερα.αυτών ηκολούθησαν αυτψ. 

ship and their father followed him. 

ab?ut'*^ili'''Gam?e! 23 Kai ττεριηγεν ^ολην την Ταλιλαίαν 6 Ιησούς,^ διδάσκων 

teaching in their syn- -^«i *went ^about *all ^Galilee 'Jesus, teaching 

f^gThe^'gospei^ofihe '^^ ταΐς.συναγωγαΊς.αύτών, και κηρύσσων το εύαγγελιον της 

kingdom, and healing ^^ their synagogues, and proclaiming the glad tidings of the 

all mannei-of sickness βασιλείας, και θεοαπεύων ττάσαν νόσον και ττάσαν μαλακίαν 

and all manner of ' . , *' , .•, ,. '. ^ , C., 

disease among the peo- kingdom, and healing every disease and every bodily weakness 

Sont^^^ou hout^Til '^^ "^^ λαψ. 24 και άττήλθεν r) ακοή αυτού εις ολην την Συ- 

Syria • &ηά thev '^^ong the people. And went out the fame of him into all Sy• 

brought unto him all piav' και ιτροσήνεγκαν αύτφ ττάντας τονς.κακώς.εχοντας. 

taken'''°^fth di'vers ''^• , ^^ ^ they brought to him all ^ who were ill, 

diseases and torments, τΓοικίλαις νόσοις και βασάνοις συνεχόμενους, "^KaV^ δαιμόνιζα^ 

posselsed^^th deTus! ^f "^'^rious diseases and torments oppressed, and • possessed by 

and those v.'hich were μενους, και σεληνιαζομενους, και τταοαλυτικούς' και ίθερά- 

th'i't *had The Ss°''^ demons, and lunatics, and paralytics ; and he 

and he healed them.' ττευσεν αύτούς. 25 και ηκολούθησαν αύτφ όχλοι ττολλοί άττό 

25 .Ind there followed healed them. And ^followed *him -crowds 'great from 

him great multitudes ,,.., , , ,, , ,, ., 

of people from Galilee, της Ταλιλαιας και Αεκαττηλεως και Ιεροσολύμων και Ιουδαίας 

and from Decapolis, Galilee and Decapolic and Jerusalem and Judea 

and from Jerusalem, , , ~ >τ t- ' 

aud/?-o?7i Jndisa, and και ττεραν του Ιορδανου. 

from beyond Jordan. and beyond the Jordan. 

V. And seeing the e 'rJ-' S•' » " \ ' 'o . •. « . , «> 

multitudes, he went Ιοων.οε τονς οχλους, ανεβη εις το ορός και κάθισαν- 

up into a mountain : But seeing the crowds, he went up into the mountain; and "having ^sai 

and when he was set, , ~ ~\ λ i <% » ~ ι • η « » ~ t-» ^ » / 

his disciples came un- τος αυτου, ^προσηλθον'^ *^αντψ^ οι.μαθηται.αυτου. 2 και ανοί' 

to him: 2 and he *down 'he, came to him his disciples. And having 

'' σκοτία, φως elSev I.TiA ; σκότει φως elSey TW. ■ — ό Ίησοϋς GLTTi AW. '' + [ό Ί-ησονς] 
Jesus L. ^ '0 ΊησοΟ? ολτ] rfj Γαλιλαίο L ; [ό Ιησούς] Tr ( — ό Ίησοϋ? Τα) h oAr; rfj Γαλιλαί^ 
TTrA ; ο'ίησονζ ολην την Ταλιλαίαν νί, » — κα\ tTi Λ, " ττροσήλβα^ TTr, ο _ ^yju L», 

V. Matthew; 9 

ζας τυ.στόμα.αύτον Ιδί^ασκεν αντονς, λέγων, 3 '^ίακάριοι οι tau"ht 'them°"sa ' hf* 

opened his mouth he taught them, saying, Blessed [are] the 3' Blessed o?-e 'the poor 

πτωχοί τφτΓνενμαη' on αυτών εστίν η βασίλεια των ουρανών. |.^g^P^-^ '^^^ ο^^ hea- 

poor inspirit; for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens.' ^^^ ^^4^ Blessed are 

4 ^μακάριοι oi ττενθονντες' otl αυτοί τταρακληθησονται. they that mourn : for 

Blessed they who mourn; for they shall be comforted, ed 5 BlesseYa^e the 

b. μακάριοι o'l πραεΐς' οτι αύτοΙ κΧηρονομησουσιν την γην.^^ meek: for they shall 

Blessed the meek ; f oSr they shall inherit the earth, i^'if ' , ^'^^ ^ «^'Y^'-h• 

'^ "^ ^ . ^^ 6 Blessed α?•β they 

6 μακάριοι o'l ττεινώντες και διφώντες την ^ικαιοσννην' Ότι which do hunger and 

^ Blessed tteywho hunger and thirst after righteousness; for thirst after righteous- 

, , ' Λ/ / « »N / tt 1 \ ness : for they shall 

αυτοί χορτασθησονται. 7 μακάριοι οι ελεήμονες' οτι αυτοί he fiUea. 7 Blessed tire 

they shall be filled. Blessed the merciful ; for they the merciful : for they 

, , I Λ % ~ r.> ti , . » shall obtam mercy. 

ελεηυησονται. 8 μακάριοι οι καβαροι Ty κάρδια,' οτι αυτοί τον 8 Blessed «j-e the pure 

shall find mercy. Blessed the ' pure in heart ; for they in heart : for they 

Λ , „, (Λ ' ' ' ' " « ' ύ - shall see God. 9 Bless- 

Uaov υψονται. ν μακάριοι οι ειρηνοποιοί οτι-^αυτοι" υιοί υεου ed ατβ the pc.ace- 

■^God 'shall ^see. Blessed the peacemakers; for they som;ofGod makers : for they sha^ 

■\ rt' -1Λ' ^^^ ' " ^ tie called the children 

κληυησονται.ΙΌ μακάριοι οι όεοιωγμενοι ένεκεν οικαιο~ of God. ίο Blessed are 

shall be called. Blessed they who have been persecuted on account of right- they which are per- 

/ , <i > .V ) ' ,:> \ ' ~ • ~ 1 1 ' ' secuted for righteous- 

συνης οτι αυτών εστίν ?/ ρασιλεια των ουρανών. 11 μακάριοι ness' sake: for theirs 

eousncss; for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens. Blessed is the kingdom of 

Ιστε, Όταν όνει^ίσωσιν υμάς και ζιώξωσιν, καΙ εΐττωσιν πάν yef^^^'en^ rncn^th&ii 

are ye when they shall reproach you, and shall persecute, and shall say every revile you, and perse- 

^Γονηρον'^ρήμα^^ καθ' υμών 'ψευδόμενοι,^' ένεκεν εμού. 12χαί- au" manner^ ΐ^^'νΠ 
wicked word against you, lyiug, on account of me. Be- against you falsely 

ρετε και άγαλλιάσθε, Ότι υ.μισθός.υμών πολύς εν τοΊς ουρανοΐς' ^oL•%άhcL•leing 

joice and exult, for your reward [is] great in the heavens; glad ': for great is your 

ούτως γάρ έδιωξαν τους προώητας τους προ υμώ^. ^rSicut'^eTIhey t'he 

for thus ttey persecuted the prophets who [were] before you. prophets which Were 

13 Ύμείς εστε το άλας της γης' εάν.δε το ΐίλας μωρανθη, before you. 

C, ^. τχ ί /Λ 'Γι ν, i. ■£ 1.1 IX Τ. " "^χ 1 \ 13 Ye are the salt of 

Ye are the salt of th6 earth : but if the salt become tasteless, ^j^^ earth • but if the 

εν Tivi αΚισθησεται; εις ούδεν ισχύει Ιτι^ εΐ.μή^βλη- salt have lost his sa- 

with what sliall'it be salted ? for nothing has it strength any longer, but to be it"^be s^Ued ? it is 

θηναι^^ ί'ξω, ''Kal•^ καταπατεΐσθαι υπό τών ανθρώπων. 14'Υ«εΤς thenceforth good for 

cast oiit, and to be trampled upon by men. Ye nothmg.but to becast 

, \ ~ ~ , , 5> / /N ο ~ ' ' ° ' ^ trodden 

tffTE TO ώώς τον κόσμου' ου.δυναται πολιό κρυβηι>αι επάνω under foot of men, 

are the light of the world, ^cannot 'a'^^city be hid on }? ^'° ''^^^ ^^λ® ^^°^*ι,°ί 

, y l^ , \ t < Λ' > ^ the World. A city that 

'όρους κείμενη' 15 ούοε καιονσιν λυχνον και τιθεασιν αυτόν is set on an hill cannot 

a mountain situated. Nor do they light a lamp and put it be hid 15 Neither do 

.,, /rs >^^»^^^^ ' >>' ~ ~ ^'^^ light a candle, 

νπο Tcv μοοιον, αλλ επι την λυχνιαν^ και λάμπει πασιν τοις and put it under a 

under the corn measure, but upon the lampstand ; and it shines for all who ^^^^^9'^; ^^* °n * '^^^' 
, , , „ \ I ' X ^ < ~ « f^ dlestick; and it giveth 

εν Ty oiKiq,. 16 όντως λα.μψατω το.φως.υμων έμπροσθεν light unto all that are 

[are] in the house. Thus let shine your light before ^^ the house. 16 Let 

.. , ^ , „ „^ < ~ » \ ^ " < ? J' ' yo^^^ light so shine be- 

των ανθρώπων, όπως ιόωσιν υμών τα καΚα έργα, και οοξα- fore men, that they 

men, so that they may see your good works, and may may see your good 

» / , ^ , , ^ ~ J ~ works, and glorify 

σωσιν τον.πατερα.υμων τον εν τοις ονρανοις. your Father which is 

glorify your Father who [is] in the heavens. in heaven. 

, _ ,, , , </ T\ A Λ - » ' * > 17 Think not that I 

,17 Μη.νομισητε οτι ηλθον καταλνσαι τον νομον η τους προ- am come to destroy 

Think not that I came to abolish the law or the pro- the law, or the pro- 

φητας' ούκ.ηλθον καταλϋσαι, άλλα πληρώσαι. 18 άμήν.γάρ to de^stroy,°but°\o*^fui! 

phets : I came not to abolish, but to fulfil. For verily fil. 18 For verily I say 

λέγω ΰμΊν, εως.άν παρελθγ 6 ουρανός και η γη, ιώτα εν ή "nd^eS ^ΐ, oneTo^ 
Isiiy to you. Until shall pass away the heaven andthe earth, ''iota 'one or or one tittle shall in 

μία κεραία ού.μή παρελθγ άπό τοΰ νόμου, εως.άν πάντα ι°^:'ί!ηξηξβϊύήΆ 

ΟΠΟ tittle in no wise sh.all p.ass away from the law until all 19 AVhosoever there- 

p Verses 4. 5, transposed LTTr. 1 — αύτοΙ (read κΚηθη. they shall be culled) [ιΦ'Γ'ιία]. 

' — ρήμα (vtud [thing]) LTTrA. • — ψζυδόμενοι L. ^βληθεν having been cast lttia, 

• — και LTTrA. 


fore shall break one -γ'^νηται. \2oQ.lav ovv Xvcy μίαν τώνΛντοΧών.τούτων τών 

nia"dmeiits^*and shall come to pass. Whoever then shall break oue of these commandments the 

teach mun so, he shall ΙΧαγίστων, καΐ διδάζτ} οντωο τους ανθρώπους, ίΧάγιστος κΧη- 

fL'S^dom oTiea". /east, ^ and shall tea^h ^so^ ^ ^raJn, ^ ^^ Ast^ shall 

veu : but whosoever θητεταί kv zy βασίΧε'ί^ τών ουρανών dg.d\av ττυιησ^ και 

^Ji^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^'^}\ be called in the kingdom of the heavens; but whoever shall practise and 

thejn, the same shall ^ ^ , _ , λ /-> / » r, - 

be called great in the diCa'^y, ούτος μέγας κΧηθησεται εν ry βασιΧεκ^ τών 

kingdom of heaven. ^]^^ii ^^^^^^ [them], this [one] grfeat shall be called in the kingdom of ihe 

20 For I say unto you, , « \ ' , < ~ ,. , , , / «τ. 

That except your ουρανών. 20 Χεγω.γαρ νμιν, OTL buv. μη 7ΓεpLσσευσy "^ή CiKaio- 

righteousness shall heavens. For I say to you. That unless shall abound ^'right- 

exeeed the righteous- , , ^ ,, ^ ^ ^ , ,, , ,» 

ntis of the scribea and συνη V/Uwv" ττΧειον των γραμματέων και Φαρίσαιων, ov. μη 

Pharisees, ye shall in eousuess ^νου,τ above [that] of the scribes aad Pharisees, in no wise 

no case enter into the , ,^ ri ' ^ η \ ' - ' 

kingdom of heaven. ΕίσεΧθητΕ Είς την ρασιΧειαν των ουρανών. 

21 Ye have heard shall ye enter into the kingdom of the heavens, 

that it was said by «τ 'ττ ' f , » > < 'λι π ~ . / r\y . ' 

them of old time, 21 ΚκουσατΕ οτι^ίρρευη^^οις αρχαιοις, Ου.φονευσεις 

Thou shalt not kill; Ye have heard that it was said to the ancients, Thou shalt not commit murder; 

and whosoever shall ,x ^> η ^ / » >, ~ , ^^ , ,5,, 

kiu shall be in dan- ος.δ .av ψονευσγ, ένοχος εσται Ty κρισει. 22 εγω.όί 

per of the judgment: but whoever shall commit murder, liable shall be to the judgment. But I 

22 but I say unto you, %/ <~ f - t» y/ ~'?\.~'~v'--ii 

That whosoever is λέγω υμιν, OTL ττας ο οργιζομενοςτψ.αόεΧφφ.αυτου^εικη^* 

angry with his brother say to you, That every one who is angry with his brother lightly, 

without a cause shall » » ~ ' . « ji» η w -• > r. -v , ~ » - 

be in danger of the ^νοχος tovai Ty κρισει' ος.δ.αν ειπγ τψ.αδεΧφψ.αυτου^ 

judgment: and who- liable shall be to the judgment: but whoever shall say to his brother, 

soever shall say to his -,^η ' η " » ~ '> ' . ο. r\> η >' n/r ' 

hvofaer, Rac!i,lhMhB "" Ρακα,^^ ένοχος εσται τφ σννεΰριψ' ο ς. δ .αν ειττ^, Μωρέ, 

in danger of the coun- Raca, liable shall be to the Sanhedrim: but whoever shall say, Fool, 

Bhaii say, Thou "foO^ ενοχος εσται εις την γ'εενναν τον ττνρός. 23 'Εάν ούν τροσ- 

shall be m danger of liable .shall be to the Gehenna of fire. If therefore thoa 

If' afou'brfniihySlft Φψν^ το.δώρόν.σον ίπι TO θυσιαστηριον, κάκεΧ μvησθyς 

to the altar, and there shalt offer thy gift at the altar, and there shalt remember 

rrothTr^Sh^tugh^ ^^' 0-άδεΧφός.σον έχει τΐ κατά σον, 24 άφες εκεϊ το δώρόν 

against thee • 24 leave ^^^^ thy brother has something against thee, leave there ""gift 

thriitar' fndf ioYhy ^^^ εμττροσθεν Tov θνσιαστηρΊον, και ντταγε, ττρώτον διαΚ- 

way; firlt be recon- '^^y before the altar, and go away, first be 

ciied to thy brother \άγηθι τφ.άοεΧφφ.σου, καί TOTS ΙΧΘών τΓοόσώερε TO δώρόν 

and then come and ' •. j * ^ ^x. i.' \i j xu u ^• ' ^' ' ά -i^^ 

offer thy gift. 25 Agree reconciled to thy brother, and then having come offer ^gift 

with thine adversary σου. 25 "ΐσθι Βυνοών τψ.άντιδίκψ.σου ταχύ, εως.οτον εΐ 

25 in th^ way with '^^^' ^ agreeing with thine party quickly, whilst thou art 

bim ; lest at any time Hv Ty οδφ μετ avTOvJ^ μητΓοτΒ σε παραδφ 6 αντίδικος τφ 

thee^olhrjudgl, ami ii^ the way with him, '^lest ^thee Meliver^Hhe ••'ad verse -party to Ihe 

the judge deliver 'thee κριτΏ, καί 6 κριτης ^σε τταραδφ^^ τφ VTTJWBTy, και Είς φυΧακήν 

to the officer, and thou -j^dge, and the judge thee deliver to tne officer, and into prison 

be cast into prison. 1.^ „ , A y \ >. > \ > • λ » 

26 Verily I say unto βΧηθηση. 26 αμήν λέγω σοι, ον.μη εζέXθyς εκείθεν, 
thee. Thou shalt by thou be cast. Verily I say to thee, In no wise shalt thou come out thence, 
no means come out „ „ , ^ ... , „ ' , 

thence, till thou hast εως.αν ατΓοδψς τον εσχατον κοδραντην. 

paid _ the until thou pay the last kodi-antes. 

farthing, , , ι ^ > r 

27 Ye have heard 27 ϊΐκονσατε ΟΤΙ ^ίρρεθη^^ '^τοΧς άρχαίόις,^^ Ον.μοιχεν' 

that it was said by Ye have heard that it was said to the ancients, Thou shalt not commit 

them of old time, Thou ^^ ? \ -s, -. » < ^ ,f ~. t n\ ' ~ r 

Shalt not commit adui- σεις Jio εγω.Οβ. Χεγω νμιν, OTL ττας ο ρλεττων γυναίκα ττρος 

tery: 28 but 1 say adultery: but I say to you, that every one that looks upon a woman to 

unto you, That whoso- ^ , ri ~ H>~ii*^ >/ >^^- 

ever looketh on a TO ετΓΐθνμησαι °αντης,^ ηΰη εμοιχενσεν αντην εν Ty 

woman to lust after lust after her, alreadyhas'eommitted adultery with her in 

adultery with her ai- καρδ'κ}. ^avTov.^^ '29 εΐ.δε ο.οφθαΧμός.σου υ δεζώς σκανδαΧίζει 

ready in his heart, ^heart ^his. But if thine eye, the right, cause ^to -^offend 

?9 And if thy right eye «v \ » ^ ^ /d '\ » • ~. .' ' " 

^tfend thee, pluck it ^^) εξεΧε ουτον και βαΧε ατΓο σου' σνμφερει.γαρ σοι ινα 

>ut, and cast ti from 'thee, pluck out it and cast [it] from thee : for it is profitable for thee that 

'^ νμων η δικαιοσύνη ΤΑ. « ^ρρηθη LT-AW. y — €ΐκη LTfTrA]. ' « ραχά Τ. a μρ,.» 

ν,ντου ev η? όδώ LTTrAW. b — σε παραδω LT[Tr]. β — γοίς αρχαίοι? GLTTrAW. «* αύτήί/ 
LlrAW ; ,— αντης Τ, * «αυτόν L. 

V. Μ A τ τ Η Κ W. Π 

άττόΧηται h' των.μζΚων.σον, και μή οΧον τό.σώμά.σον β\ηθy ^^^ξ \or\hle^thfiroul 

bL J uUl perish one of thy members, and not -whole 'thy 'body be cast of thy members should 

fIc yhvvav. 30 και ει η.δεζιά.σον χεΙρ σκανοαλίζει σε, εκκο^^ον ϊ^'^^ί^οΐ^^ο^ν shS 

into Geliouna. And if thy right hand caitse^to'offcud 'thee, cut oS ■^^•' ^^^^ ^^^^ holL 

αντήν και βάλε άττό σου' σνμφερει.γάρ σοι 'ίνα άπόΧηται ψ ^^^J^ }\Τ ^'^!?J 
it and c;ut[it]from thee: for it is profitable for thee that should perish ft'^off aSd cast t^from 
iv των. μελών. σου, και μή όλον τυ.σώμά,σου ψληθ^J εις γέενναν." thee : for it is profit- 
one of tiiy members, and not -whole 'thy ^body be cast into Gehenna. of thy memlfei?shou?d 

31 s'EjojofQ//" δε. Κ)τι'^ ος.άν άττολύσ?; τήν.γυναΐκα.αϋτοϋ, perish, and not ίΛίίί thy 

It was said also that whoever shall put away his wife, 

whole body should 

^/ . •- , / > 1 r.» ί « ~ Γ' -r Λ cast into hell. 

€οτω avry άττοστασιον. 32 εγω.οέ λέγω υμϊν, υτι ^ος.αν 3ΐ it hath been said, 

ilet him give to her a letter of divorce : but I say to you. that whoever "VMiosoever shall put 

,•.,,. ^ .. , ^ ^ \ ' ' ~ «■'Wiiy his wife, let him 

αττολυστ)" την.γυναικα.αντου, τταρεκτος λογού πορνείας, ττοιει give her a writing of 

Bhali put a-Way his wife, except on account of fornication, causes divorcement : 32 but I 

) 1 1, ~ /^ 11 ^ !■> > < II ' Λ \ ' M, ' 11 say unto you, That 

αυτήν ^μοιχασθαι " και Ός.εαι^" απολελυμενην '"γα^ατ^σ^," whosoever shall put 
her to commit adultery; and whoever her who has been put away shallmarry, away his wife, saving 

for the cause of forni- 

μοίχαταΐ. cation, causeth her to 

Coinrait.s adultery, commit adultery : and 

33 Πάλιν ήκούσατε, 'an ^^ρρεθη^^ τοις αρχαίας, Ονκ.Ιτηορ- ^e'^haTiliv^.S 

Again, ye have heard that it was said to the ancients. Thou shalt not committeth adultery. 

κησεις, άττοδώσεις.δε τφ κυρίφ τονς.ορκους.σου' 34:1γώ jjcard^^that 'it hath 

forswear thy.^elf, but thou shalt render to the Lord thine oaths. ^I ^^^^^ ^^^^ . them' of 

dk λίγω ΰμίν μή ομόσαιολως, μητε tvTiiJ ούρανψ, on θρόνος old time. Thou shalt 
'btit say to you not to swear at all, neither by the heaven, because [the] throne °^^* shaU^rform unto 

ΙστΙν του θεού' 35 μήτε iv τη γ», 'ότι υττοττόδιόν εστίν των the Lord thine oaths: 

iti.s of God; nor by the earth, because [the] footstool it is 34 but I say unto you, 

^ , , , ,t , ■, \ - Swear not at all ; uei- 

ΤΓΟύών.αύτου' μήτε εις Ιεροσόλυμα, Ότι πολις εστίν του ther by heaven ; for it 

of his feet: nor by Jerusalem, because [the] city it is of the is God's thr-one: 3:) nor 

, , , ^ .. ^ , / ,/ by the earth; for ifc is 

μεγάλου βασιλέως' ^Q μήτε tv ττ^.κεφαλτ^. σου ομοσ7^ς, οτι liis footstool: neither 

great King. Neither by thy head shalt thou swear, because 1>J Jerusalem ; for it is 

,\, , > ^ . r,'» 'Λ ~ II or. o" II ΐ^° city of the great 

ου.ΰυνασαι μιαν τρίχα λευκην^τ] μέλαιναν ττοιησαι.^• at "έστω' King. 36 Neither «halt 

thou art not able one 'hair white or black to make. ''Let *be thou swear by thy 

^,, , _ , /Λ« xr>» V ' » head, beciinsc thou 

C£ ο.λογος.υμων, ναι ναι, οϋ ου' 'το.όε ττερισσον τούτων εκ canst not make one 

*but 3your*word, Yea, yea ; Naj, nay : but what [is] more than these from hair white or black. 

„ , 37Butlctyourcouunu- 

ΤΟυ ΤΓΟνηρου εσΤΙΙ^. nicatiou be. Yea, yea; 

evil is. Nay, nay : for what- 

38 Έκοΰσατε 'ότι ^ί^ρ',θη,^'Οφθαλμον άντι οφθαλμού, και Ε'οοηαβίΓο'ί%νΐΓ 

Ye have heard that it was said, Eye for eye, and 33 γ^ jj^^^ heard 

hlovTa άντι οδόντος' 39 εγωΜ λέγω υμϊν μή άντιστήναι τψ ^Ifeyeioi^ai'eyVand 

tooth for tooth ; but I say to you not to resist ^ ^ ^^^^j^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^^ . 

ΤΓονηρω' άλΧ 'όστις σε Κρατήσει εττΐ" τήν.δε^ιάν.'^σον σιαγόνα,^^ ao^but ΐ jay uf « yo". 

^il; but whosoever thee shall strike on " thy right cheek, evU: bxit whosJver 

στρ'εύ^ον αϋτώ και την άλλην' ^0 και τψ θελοντί σοι Kpt- shall sinite thee ou 

turn to him also the other; and to him who would with thee &o JJ^inft>jVotS aW 

θήναι και τυν.γιτώνά.σου λαβείν, άώες αύτφ και το Ιμάτιον' 40Audif aivymanwiii 

to law -and thy tunic take, yield to him also [thy]^ cloak; '^I'^^'^'Jl; ^l^^. 

41 Kui 'όστις σε άγγαρενσει μιλιον 'έν,'ντταγε μετ αΰτοϋ δύο. coat, let Mm have ίΛ^ 

and whosoever thee will compel to go -^mile 'one, go with him two. ^^^^^^^^^^,^^^^^Υ ^.o,u. 

42 -ω αΐτοϋντί σε ^δίδου'^^ και τόν.θελοντα άπυ σου ^δανε'ι- pel thee to go a mile, 

TohinTwho asks of thee give; and him that wishes from thee to bor- go with him twain 

^ 42 Give to nim that 

σασθαΐ" μή.άττοστραφ'^ς. asketh thee, and from 

row tliou shalt not turn away from, tiim that would bor- 

f eU yeevvav άπελθτ? into Gehenna go aw.iy LTTrA. « ^ρρηθη LTrAW. ^ ,"75^* LTTrA. 

» πίζ 6 απολΰωι/ every one that puts away LTTrA. ^ μοιχίνθήναι lttpa. » ο he \vho l. 
«"γάμησα? has married l. ^ ττοιησαι η μέλαιναν LTTrA. " εσται shall be LA. Ρ ραπιζ^ί ec? 
Strikes upon lttcA. 1 σιαγόνα σον LTrA ; — σον (read the right cheek) τ. ' 6os LTTrA. 
• δανίσασθοι τ. 

12. ΜΑΤΘΑΙΟΥ. V, vi: 

thou awii^^ *^° "°' ^^ 'H/coiVare on Ηρρεθη,^^ Άγαττήσεις τον.πΧησίον.σον καΐ 

43 Ye ' have heard ^° ^"■"''" heard that it was said, Thou shalt love thy ueiglibour aud 

that it hath been said, μισησειο τον.Ιγθοόν.σον' 44 tvw.^t λέγω νμίν, 'Αγαπάτε rove 

SShfu^!\nThit^^^te^\ thiieeW ^ Wl sa^ to^you, ^uve 

thine enemy. 44 But Ιγθοονς υμών. ^εύΧογεΊτε Tovc καταοωμενους υμάς, καλώς 

Ι say unto you, Love =g^g^igg x^ ' ^1^ those who curse you, 'nvell 

your enemies, bless , ~ ' t ~ » , , , 

them that curse you, ττοιείτε "^τονς μισονντας νμάς,^ " καΐ ττροσενχεσθε νττίο των 

do good to .them that i^^ to those who hate you, and pray frr' those who 

hate you, and pray for , , ^ mi ^ c -Γ ^ „ , ^ 

them which despite- ^Εττηρεαζοντων νμας και οιωκόντων νμας' 45 οττων γενησθε 
fully use you, and per- despitefuUy use you and persecute you : bo that ye may bo 

secute you ; 45 that ye , , ^ ^ « ^ ~ , , \. .r ^ „■<, , ■. 

may be the children of VIOL ΤΟν.πατρος.υμων TOV bV OVpaVOlQ' OTl TOV.tJALOV.aVTOV 
your Father which is sons of your Father who lis] in [the] heavens : for his sun 

in heaven : for he niak- , /.. .. , , , χ > λ • \ η ' > \ τ> < 

eth his sun to rise on ανατέλλει ετΓΐ τΓονηρονς και αγαθούς, και ρρεχει εττι δίκαιους 

the evil and on the he causes to rise on evil and good, and sends rain on just 

good, and sendeth rain ^)^/ λι^ > ^ «' ' »» -^ t~ 

on the just and on the και αοικονς. 4:Ό sttv.yap αγαττησητε τους αγαπώντας vμaςy 

unjust. 46 For if ye and unjust. For 'if ye love those who love you, 

love them which love ■ > r\\ » > . » < \ ~ ,τ * > \ π 

you, what reward have Tiva μισθον εχετε; ονχι Ktti 01 τελωναι ^το αντο^^ τΓοιουσιν 'y 

ye? do not even the what reward haveye? ^not ^also*the "^tax-gatherers 'the "same 'do? 

publicans the same ? An >><> / /λ <'?λ.<<~ ' ' 

47 And if ye salute ^« ^'^^ ^^'^ αστΓοσησνε τονς.αόελφονς.νμων μόνον, τι ττερισ- 

your brethren only, and if ye salute your brethren only, what extraordi- 

otllrsfior^T'IrentTe σόν ΤΓοιεΙτε; ουχΙ και οι ^τελωναι'' ''ο'ύτως^' ττοωνσιν ι 4S ϊσεσθε 

publicansso? 48Beye nary do ye? "iiot -'also *the =tax "^gatherers 'so 'do? -^shaU ""be 

ΪΤο^ι^^'γΧΪγ which 0^^ V^''^ τέλειοι, ^ωσττερ' 6. πατήρ. ν μ ων 'ο εν τοις ονρανοίς" 
is in heaven is perfect, "therefore ^ye perfect, even as your Father who [is] in the heavens 

τέλειος εστίν. 

perfect is. 

e'do'not^^^ ^^lti*b** 6 Π|θοσέχεΓε'^ την. ^ ελέη μοσννην^^. υμών μη ποιεΊν έμπροσθεν 

fore^'menftobeseenof _^ ^ Bew^-e ^ ^ your alms ^ not to do^ before^ 

them: otherwise ye τών ανθρώπων, προς.το.θεαθήναι αντοΊς' εϊ.δε.μήγε, ' μισθόν 

FalLTwMchVinhS- , ^ °'^"• , Jn erder to be seen^ by them : otherwise reward 

Ten. 2 Therefore when ονκ.εγετε παρά τψ.πατρί.νμών τφ εν VoTc" οί'ρανοΤς. 2 'όταν 

thou doest Miwe alms, ye have not with your Father who [is] in the heavens. When 

do not sound a trum- *^ ^ , / , , » r 

pet before• thee, as the οϋν ποι^ς ίλεημοσύνην, μή.σάλπ'ισΊ^Ίς έμπροσθεν σου, 

hypocrites do in the therefore thou doest alms. do not sound a trai'upet before thee, 

synagogues and m the „ , , , „ , ^ „ , , ^ 

streets, that they may ωσπερ 01 νποκριται ποιονσιν εν ταις σνναγωγΐίις και εν ταις 

ϊί"•"^?, glory of men. as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the 

Verily I say unto you, ,, „ j-v-n- ..^,n' . ' ^ \' 

They have their re- ρυμαις, οπως οοξασθωσιν νπο των ανθρώπων αμήν λέγω 

Avard. 3 But when streets, that they may have glory from men. Verily 1 say 

thou doest alms, let,^,/- » r^^ , ^ -. ^ ,,^ ~ ,.. 

not thy left hand know νμιν, απεχουσιν τον.μισθον.αυτων. Ο σον.οε ποιονντος ελεη^ 

■what thy right hand to you, they have their reward. But thou doing 

doeth : 4 that thine / < / « > / - ^ , ^ y ,ί 

alms may be in secret : μοσυνην, μή.γνωτω η.αριστερα.σοΌ τι ποιεί τ/.οεξια.σου, 

and thy Father which alms, let not ''know Hhy -^left 'hand what does thy right hanil, 

seeth in secret him- λ " ο• τ < 'λ ' η ' ~ ~. ' < ' 

self shall reward thee 4 οττως Sy σον η.ελε7]μοσννη" εντφ κρυ7Γτφ καιο.πατηρ.σου 
openly. so that ^may*be 'thine ^alms in secret: and thy F;aher 

6 βλέπων εν τψ κρνπτφ^^αϋτος^^ αποδώσει σοι ^εν.τψ.φανερψ.^^ 

5 And when thou who sees in secret himself shall render to tlice openly, 

prayest, thou shalt not _ .,^ , „ i, , , ,, ,, i • • 

be as the hypocrites •5 Kat OTav ^προ<τενχτ^, ουκ.εσ^ ωσπερ οι νποκριται, 

are: for they love to And when thou, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites, 

pray standing in the ,>-.~.»~ .^,, ~ 

synagogues and in the oTi φιλονσιν εν ταις συναγωγαις και εν ταις γωνιαις των 

corners of the streetfi, for they love in the synagogues and in the corners of the 

* epp -ηθη LT AW. ^ — eiiAoyetre . . . μισοί ι^τα? υμάς LTTiA. ^' τοΓ? μισονσιν ν-χάς ';w. 
* — ΐπηρΐαζυντων νμας καΐ LTTi Α. ? οντω? SO LTrA. ^ εθνικοί heathen GLTTiaW » το αύτο, 
the same lttpaw, ^ ώς as ι.ύύά. ^ ο ονράνίος the heavenly lttfa. ^ -h δέ but τΓ J. 
e δικαιοση;η7ΐ' righteousness GLTT. AW, ^ — τοΐ? T. S η σοϋ ελεημοσύνη -^ τ. ^ αυτός 
LTTrA. » — ev τω φανίρω ΓΓΤΓΑΛν. ^ ττροσ^νχησθζ, ονκ eaea^e ώς ye pray, ye shall uot 

be as LTTrA. 

VI. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 13 

ΤΓλατΒίων εστωτες ττροσενχεσθαι, οττως ^όν'^.ψανώσιν τοΊς of me?.^^i^rUT Vsa? 

streets standing to pray, so that they may appear ^j^j.^ y'^^^ They have 

άνθρώτΓΟίς' άμην λέγω νμϊν, ^''οτι^^ άτν'ΐχονσιν ^ον /ίΐσθύν JJjeir ^-eward.^^e But 

to men. Yorily I say to you, that they have ^reward est^^'entpr^ into^Thy 

αυτών. 6av.ds,'orav ττοοσεύχ^, εϊσελθε εΙς τό^^ταμιεΧύν'.σον, closet, and when thou 

'their. But thou, when thou prayest, . enter into thy chamber, ^^^ζ^ to thy F Slier 

καϊ κΧείσας την.θόοαν.σον, πρόσενζαι τφ.πατρΊ.σον τψ Ιν which is ΐη secret ; and 

and having shut ^ ^ thy door, "^pray ^ to thy Father who [is] in K^^^t^^^if^^ew^ 

τω κρντζτψ' και υ.ττατήρ.σον υ βλέπων ιν τψ κρντττψ άπο- thee openly. 7 But 

secret : and tliv Father who sees in secret will ^'hen ye pray, use 

., ,^'^11 , ?^>nίO Λ ^ vain repetitions, 

νωσει σοι '^ίν.τψ.φανερφ, 7 ΤΙροσενχομενοι.δε μη.^ραττολο- as the heathen iL•: 

render to thee openly. But when ye pray do not use vain for they think that 

, , _ , ^ „ , t' » ~ Λ > ' they shall be heard for 

γησητε, ωσττερ οι εθνικοί' οοκονσιν.γαρ on εν ry 7roKv\oyia their much speaking. 

repetitions, iis . the heathens : for they think that in• -much ^speaking 8 Be not ye therefore 
, ^ , r,, r^^ τ < Λ~ >~ like unto them : for 

αυτών εισακονσυησονται. 8 μη ουν ομοιωνητε αντοις your Father knoweth 

'theii• they shall be heard. ^Not Hhercfore 'be Tike to them : what things ye have 
*^ , < , < ■>, r , >r \ ~ « ,~^ need of , before ye ask 

οι.ϋεν.'/αρ ο.ττατηρ.υμων ων χρειαν έχετε ττρο τουυμας him. 9 After this mau- 

for -'knows 'your '^Father of what things ^necd 'ye "have before ye ner therefore pray ye: 

αΐτησαι αυτόν. 9 όντως ούν πρυσενχεσθε νμείς' ΪΙάτερ.ημών iJ^heaien^ HaUowcd 

ask him. Thus the'-efore pray ye : Our Father be thy name. 10 Thy 

ό Iv τοΊς οίφανοΊς, άγιασθήτω τό.ονομά.σου' 10 «ι^λθέτω" ί,^^ίΓ^^^,^ΓΓη e^^iK 

who [art] in the heavens, sanctified be thy name ; let come „<; i[ {^ j^ heaven. 

η.βασιλεία.σον' γενηθητω τόΜλημά.σον, ώς εν ουρανφ, και ϋ,ΐ?^' brTa?'' ?2 ^And 

thy kingdom ; let be done thy will as in heaven, [so] also forgive us our debts, 

ίττΊ ^ης^' γης' 11 τό-ν.άρτον.ημών τον εττιονσιον δος ημίν ση- ors!"^ g"" And° lead is 
upon the earth; our bread the. needed give us to- ^^^ ^^^^ -temptation, 

μερον' 12 και άφες ημΐν τά.οφειληματα.ημών, ώς και ημείς g^* . ^JJ'thin'^^ithS 

day; and forgive us our debts, ^ ^ as also we^ kingdom, and the pow- 

'αφίεμεν^^ τοίς.οφειλεταις.ήμών' 13 και μή.εΙσενεΎΚΎΐς ημάς εις er, and the glory, for 

frrgfie 'oLdebtorsI ^ ^ ^ And ^ lead noi; -s Jnto -- ^ Amen^^ Η ^^^^^ 

πειρασμόν, άλλα ΰνσαι νμάς άττο τον ττονηρον. ^οτισοϋ Ιστιν trespasses, your hea- 

rem^p,atron, but [leliver ^is from ^ evil. ^ ^ For thine ^is J^^fJ^^^ : Ts buti? 

»/ βασιλεία και y) ζνναμις και η ίυξα εις τονς αιώνας, άμην.^ ye forgive not men 

the kingdom and the power and the glory to the ages. Amen. J[|^;^ Jj^f P^f^'/'^^^^^jfe^ 

14 Έάι/.γάρ άφητε τοΊς άνθρώττοις τά.τταρατττώματα.αντών^ forgive your tres- 

For if ye forgive men their oltcnces, passes. 

άφησει και νμ'ϊν ο.ττατήρ.νμών 6 ουράνιος' 15 kav.Sh μη 

•wilPforgive^also Vo^ 'your "Father Hhe ^heavenly. but if =not 

«ώΓ/7-έ το~ις άνθρώποις "^τά.τταρατττώματα.αντών,^^ ovdk 6 
lye =forgive men their offences, neither 

ττατήρ νμών άφησει τά.παρατττώματα.νμών. 

^Father -your 'will forgive your offences. 

16"0ταν.δε νηστενητε, μτι.γίνεσθε ^ώσττερ" οι ΰττοκριταί 

And when ye fast, be not as , the hypocrites, 16 Moreover when ye 

σκυθρωττοί- άφαν'ιζονσιν.γάρ τά.ττρόσωττα:^ αυτών," ^o^Jj:iJ'g°,^of'aSioimI 

downcast in countenance; for they disfigure their faces, ^ temVnce':°forThey°di^- 

'άπωο φανώσιν τοΊς άνθρώποις νηστενοντες' αμήν λέγω figure theh• faces, that 

BO tha'tthep may appear. to m^en ^ ^ ^fasting. ^^Yerily I^say '^ZlTl^'^YerTjl 

vulv, ^υη" άττεγουσιν τον.μισΰον. αυτών. 17 σν2ε νηστευων say unto you, Tiiey 

to^yon', that the^have ^ their reward. ^ But thou. fasting, f -^„, ,^^^^^,-χ^ 

άλευφα'ι σον Την κεφαλήν, και το.ττροσωττον.σον νιψαι' 18 όπως fastest, anoint thine 

ahorat thy bead, and^ .^thy 3face ^ 'wn.h. ^ - that head, ^and^wash^ 

μη φανης ^τοίς ανθρωποις νηστενων," άλλα τψ πατρι pear not unto men to 

thou mayest not appear to men fasting, but to 'Father fast, but unto thy Fa- 

1— ttJ/LTlVAW. « — OT'.LTTrA. »» ταμεΓρ^ΤΑ.• ο _ ^^ τφ φανερω LTTrA. Ρ βατταλογ^σητε ΤΑ. 
.1 ελθάτω τ:. ' — τη? LTrrAW. . « άφι^ί^αμει• have for^iveu LTT.yv.. ί — ΟΤΙ σου to end of verse 
CMXrAW, u ί- τά τταοατΓ. αυτών Τ, "wyWXrA» ^gavTiVFL. « — OTCMXrA, y |/rja. τοις αι/0ρω. L, 


fnTtii'Fachlr.wS f?^ ^Ψ . '^v τψ ^κρντττφ'^^ Kul ο.ιτατηρ.σον 6 βλέπων iv τψ 

seeth in secrer. shall ^"^ who [is] in secret; aud thy FaLhor who sucs in 

ΓβΛΥΗΓα thoe openij-. ^κρνητψ' άτΓοδώσΕί , COL Ην.τφ.φανερψ:^ 

,„ τ ^ , secret will render to thee openly. 

19 Lay not up for in ht ' η -ν « η ^ ; ^ 

yourselves treasures W Μη.ΰΐ]σανριζξτΒ νμιν θησανροχ'ς ίΤΓΐ της γης, οΊτην 

upon e:irth, where Treasure not up for yourselves treasures upon iho c;irth, wliura 

moth and rust doth , » ο ~ > ύ , „ ^ » % , 

corrupt, and where O'^C ί^α' ροωσις αφανίζει, και οτΓον κΑετΓται όίορησσουσιν και 

thieves break through moth and rust spoil, and where thieves dig iluough and 

and steal: 20 but lar \ ' c\n. η ,^ ^\ '^ - η >., 

up for yourselves trea- κλετΓτονσιν ■ zO ϋησανριζετζ.ΟΕ νμιν- υησανρονς cv ovpav(f}^ 

surcs in heaven, where steal: but treasure up for yourselves treasures in heaven, 

neither moth nor rust " " \ „ r» ^ ,,-v >" ^' i^ 

doth corrupt, and OTTov ovTE σης ovTE ρριοσις αφανίζει, και οττον κλίττται oi>.ct' 

where thieves do not w-here neither moth nor rust spoils and where thieves do not 

st?aU 2i^for^^whire ορυσσονσιν οιιοε κΧ'ίπτονσιν. 21 oirov.yap Ιστιν ύ θησανρυς 

your treasm-e is, there <ii& through nor steal: for where •''is -treasure 

β'^'^τ^ΊϊΜοηΐ; ''^A^'^^^" ^"^'^ "'^^^^ ^'^«i" νκαροία Κμών.^^ 22 Ό λύχνος του 

body is the eye: if 'your, there will be also "-=heart ^your. The liiv:p of ihe 

sinlL^ViioieToiy <^^μ^τ6ς Ιστιν ύ οφθαλμός^' εάν «οίν" 'ΰ.οφθαλμός.σου 

shall be full of light. ^°''^ ^^ ^^e eye; if therefore thiue f ye 

evif'^thy whoie^^od^ άττλονς y," υλον το.σώμά.σον φωτεινον 'ίσται' 23 6 

shall be full of dark- '" 

single be, "whole ' Hhy body light will be. But if 

?^l^ Λ* ί^^'' -'''^^l'^ ^^® ^φθαλμός.σον ττονηρυς y, oXov το.σώμά.σον σκοτεινον εσται. 

that darkness ! El ovv το φώς TO Iv σοι σκότος εστίν, το σκότος 7Γ''σον; 

If therefore the light that [is] in thee darkness is, the darkness how great 

24 No man can serve 24: OvcEir δύναται δυσΐ κνρίοις δονΧενειν' η.γάρ τον η•α 

two masters : for ei- ^,^ο one is able two lords to serve ; for either the one 

ther he will hate the , , . „ , , η , \ , , - 

cue, andiove the other; μισήσει^ και Tov ETEpov αγαττησΕί' 7] ενός ανθίζβται, και 

or else he wijl hold to he will hate, and the other he will love; or [thej one he will hoid to, and 

the one, and despiso ~,, , >τ>' η η - ^ \ ' 

the other. Ye cannot TOV ετ ξ ρ ov καταφρονήσει, ον.οννασυε θεψ δονλενειν και ^μαμ- 

serve God and mam- the other he will despise. Ye are not able ^God Ho ^serve and mam- 
mon. 25 Therefore I -ϋο-?' ~λ/«-, χ ~ ^, ^.^ 
say unto you, Take no /ίω^α.' zo ciu TOVTO Λέγω νμιν, μΊ].μΕριμνατΕ ΤΊ^.ψνχΐι.νμων^ 
thought for youi• life, mon. Because of this Isay to you, be not careful as to vour life, 
what ye shall eat, or ' . ' h • »ii ? ' ' ii -χ ~ r " . ^ 

what ye shaU drink ; ^Ί φαγητΕ "και" Vi ΤΓίητΕ'^^ μηόΕ τψ.σωματι.νμων, 

nor yet for your body, what ye should eat and what ye should drink ; nor as to your body 

what ye shall put on. /ϊ-.^ λ >^^;.^^~/l ~ ,~ > 

Is not the life more ^"^ ενόνσησθΕ. ονχι η ψυχή ττλειον εστίν της τροφής και 

than meat, and the w-hat ye should put on. °Not "the *life ^more 'is than the food and 

26BehoW?he'^fowi?of ^^ ^^l•^^ ^^v ενδύματος', 26 εμβλέ\ΡατΕ εις τα ττετεινά του 

the air : for they sow *^β body than the raiment ? Look at the birds of tha 

?e°ap, ϊοί^ Jather into ovpavov, oTi ον.σττείρονσιν, ούδε θερίζονσιν, οΰδε σννάγονσιν 

barns; yet your hea- beaven, that they sow not, nor do they reap, nor do they gather 

them. lieyenotm^ih ^''^ άτΓοθηκας, και ο.πατηρ.νμών 6 ουράνιος τρέφει οντά' ονχ 

better than they? ^^^° granaries, and your Father the heavenly feeds them: =not 

in^^thou°ht°can*add '^A*^^^ μάλλον ΟιαφερετΕ αντών ', 27 τίς.δε εζ νμών μερί- 

one cubit unto his ^ta- ^® ''much 'are better than they ? But which out of you by being 

ture ? 28 And vrhy take μνών δύναται ττροσθεϊναί £7Γΐ τήν.ήλικ'ιαν.αντον ττηχνν ενα; 

ment?°"consirSr «ie '^'^^^^^^ ^ ^^^® *° ^^"^ *° his stature "cubit 'one? 

lilies of the field, how 28 και περί ενδύματος τΊ μεριμνάτε; καταμάθετε τά κρίνα 

not"'^ i^ithir do'^th? and about raiment why arc ye careful? ob.-ierve the lilies 

spin : 29 and yet I say TOV aypov, ττώς ^αυ^άνει'^^ ού.^κοτΓία" οϋδϊ ^^νηθει" 20 λέ- 

unto you. That even of the field, how they grow: they labom• not nor cothey.-^^pin: -'I 

Solomon m all his ^< . L „ , <>< λ » > / ~ η , ^^ , ~ 

glory was not arrayed γω οενμιν,οτι ονδε Σολομων εν ττασ-^ Τ7^.δοξΐ].αντον ττΕρίε- 

Έ^^,.°'^% of these, ^say 'but to you that not even Solomon in all his glory w;.s 

30 AVhercfore, if God ^ /. . ,^ , nn > ^^ ^ ' ~ , ~ , • 

so clothe the grass of [jaAETO ως Ev τοντων. oU ει.ΰε TOV χορτον τον aypov, σήμερον 

the field, which to day clothed as one of these. But if the ^rass of the field, to May 

^ κρυφαιω LTTrA. a — ei/ τω φανβρω Gr.TTrAW. ^ σον thy LTTrA. <= — καΐ L. "^ -|- σου tliy L. 
* — OVVT. ^ 11 ό οφθαλμός σου άπΚοΰς LTA. S μαμωνά GLTTrAW. ^ η OV LTr ; — καΐ Τ. 
— Tt ΐΓΜ|τε Τ. ^ αύξάνουσιν ι,τττχ. ' κοττιώσιι/ lt ; κοπιοΰσιν Τγα, "-' ΐ'ηθουσιν ι,τΤιΑ, 


οντά, καΐ ανριον ε/ς κΧίβανον βαλΧόμενον, υ Θεός όντως Jfa'sAuiothcil?u°Xj' 

Vhich is and to-morrow into an oven is cast, God thus ^g ^^j. ^n^^.^^ 'iuore 

άμφίενννσιν, ου πολλω μάλλον νμας, ολίγόττισΓΟί; 31 ρ) c/o/^'e you ο ye of lit- 

arrayn, [wiUhe]not much nether you, O[ye]of Uttlefaitji? "^not J^^J^^J ?^ 3^^!^^^^^^^ 

ovv μεριμνησητε, λέγοντες, Ύί ώάγωμεν. η τι ττίωμεν, ^°?', ^^ί,\. !**Ϊ^\Λ® 
«therefore^ "^be careful, saying, What shall weeac? or what shall we drink? ^f^T'oi^V/heiewltr 

η τι ττφιβαλώμεθα', 32 7ravTa.yap ταντα ra έθνί^ "fc7rt-ai shall we be clothed? 
or with what shall we be clothed? For all these things the nations seek J2_(^or^aft«-^-^l^^these 

ζητεί'^^ ο'ί^εν.γάρ υ.ττατήρ.νμών 6 ουράνιος οτί χρήζετε seekl) for your bea- 

after. For knows your Father the heavenly that ye have need yenly Father knoweth 

,, ^,•^^ ~ \ rt \ ' - ''"^* ye have need 

τούτων απάντων* 33 ζητε'ίτε.όε ττρωτον °την βασιλειαν τον of all these things. 

^fHhese-'thhigs 'all. But seek -ye ' first the kingdom 33 But seek ye first the 

-, - , , ^ / „ , .. , ~ , kingdom of God, and 

θεον και την.δικαιοσννην'.αντον, και ταύτα τταντα ττροσ- his righteousnes» ; and 

of God and his righteousness, and Hhese ^things *all shall all these things shall 

„, . , ^ „. , τ _ , „ , , κ be added unto you. 

τεθησεται υμιν. 34 μη ovv Ρμεριμνησητε^^ εις την ανριον' μ Take therefore no 

be added to you. ''iiot ^therefore *be careful for the morrow : thought for the mor- 

, , „• / η » β r < - -11 » ν ~ row : for the morrow 

η.γαρ avpiov μεριμνήσει 'ίτα^ ^εαυτής, αρκετον τ -g shall take thought for 

for the morrow shall be careful about the [things] of itself. Sufficient to the the things of itself, 

t / « / J ~ Sufliicient unto the day 

ημερφ η κακία αυτής, ts the evU thereof, 
day [is] the evil of it. 

7 Μή.κρίνετε, 'ίνα μή.κριθητε' 2 εν φ γαρ κρι μάτι κρίνετε, νΐι. Judge not, that 

Judge not, that ye be not judged: "•'with ^'what 'for juilgment ye judge, ye be not judged. 
n> r, <,r. ~s' a' II 2Forwithwnat]udg- 

κριθησεσθε' και εν ψ μετρψ μετρειτε, ^αντιμετρηυησεται" ment ye judge, ye shall 
ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured again be judged: and with 
* - r» m' i> /D\ ' » ' J ' ' ~ ' j.n \ ~ " what measure ye mete, 

υμιν. 3 Ύι.δε βλεττεις το καρφος το εν τφ οφυαλμψ του it shall be measured to 

to you. But why lookest thou on the mote that [isj in the eye you again. 3 And why 

,»Γ^,~ ίίν,ί ~~ ί.ΛΝ-ν^» > ^ " beholdest thou the 

αδελφον.σον, την.δε εν τψ.σφ οφυαλμφ όοκον ου.κατ(Χνοεις ; mote that is in thy 

of thy brother, but the ^in ^thine [*own] ^eye 'beam perceivest not ? brother's eye, but con- 

Λ ^ ~. >~ ~>!>\.~ «aj- '^'\ ^ siderest not the beam 

4 η -πως ερεις τψ.αόελφψ.σον, Αφες εκραλω το that is in thine own 

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Suffer [that] I may cast out the eve ? 4 Or how wilt 

κάρφος ^άτΓο" τ ου. οφθαλμού .σον' και ιδού, η δοκός εν τψ Jhe^ Let me Si^^rt 

mote from thine eye : and behold, the beam [is] in the mote out of thinu 

όφθαλμφ.σον- 5 νττοκριτά, εκβαλε πρώτον "την δοκον Ικ ^^^ ^f^ ?hS^own 

thine [own] eye ! hypocrite, cast out fijst the beam out of eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, 

τον.όφθαλμοΰ.σου,'- και τότε διαβλεφεις εκβαλεΤν το κάρφος ^?ο?1ίιώίοΪ4\'νβ' 

thine [own] eye, and then thou wilt see clearly to cast out the mote j^jj^j then shalt thou 

Ik του οφθαλμού του. αδελφού. σον. tTe moI?out"o? Ζ 

out of the eye of thy brother. brother's eye. 

βΜη.δώτε το αγιον τοΊς κνσίν μηδΐ βάλητε τους . ■ f^u- ι. 

Give not that which [is] holy to the dogs." nor^ cast is hol^i^to the dogs. 

μαργαρίτας υμών έμπροσθεν των νοίρων, μηποτε "^κάτα- neither cast ye your 
'^ ^4eails Vour ^ beW ^ the ^wTne. '^ lest they should I^-J^^^^g---^^^^^ 

πατησωσιν^^ αντονς εν τοΊς.ποσΙν.αύτών, και στραφεντες tender their feet, aud 

'trample upon them with their feet, aud. having turned turn again and rend 

. , ^ . ~ yon. 
ρ7]ξωσιν νμας. 

they rend you. 7 Ask, and it shall be 

, ^^Λ/ « v- Λ«/ given vou ; seek, and 

7 Αιτείτε, και δοθησεται νμιν* ζητείτε, και ενρησετε' ye shall find; knock, 

Ask, and it shall be given to you : seek, and ye shall find : and it shall be opened 

/ ,, / ^ ~ η ~ \ * ' ~ \ η ' unto you : 8 for every 

χρονετε,και ανοιγησεται νμιν. S πας.γαρ ο αιτών λαμβάνει, one that askethieceiv- 

knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone that asks receives, eth ; and he that seek- 

, , V ~ ' ' \ ~ ' τ > ' 11 eth findeth ; and to 

και Ο ζητών ευρίσκει, και τφ κρουοντι ^ανοιγησεται. him that knocketh it 
and he that seeks finds, and to him that knocks it shall be opened, shall be opened, 9 Or 

" επιζητονσιν LTTrA. *> την Βικαιοσρνην καΧ την βασιλειαι/ L ; — του 9eov {read its rig'ilt- 
eousiiess)LT[A] ρ μβριμιοίσετε e. α — τα (omii the [things] of) lttiAW. "-αύτί/ςΑ. ^ μ^τρηθή- 
σ^ται it shall be measm-ed gltti aW. * ex out of ltt •. '^ e/c τοΰ οφθαλμού σον την δοκόν 
LlT.A. " καταπατησουσιν they shall trample upou ltiiA. » avoiyeiaijt i» opeucd LTr, 


what man is there of g Λ ^[g Χέσπν" ίξ vuwv άνθρωπος, ov ^tav" ^αΐτήση^'^ υ vice 

&"earwmheiv" Or what -^isHhere -of ^ ^Vou ^ Cu^'who if 'shoJa*L• '■'son 
him a stone? 10 Or if avTOV doTOV, μήΧίθον Ιπι8ώσξΐ αντφ I 10 ^και εάν ίγθυν 
Sve"himi''se^inU *^f , ^-ad, ^'^ a stone willhegive^ himf' and if ί fish 

11 If ye then, being αίτ7/σ»," u?) ooLV ίττίδώσει αύτψ; 11 EL οϋν vueignovjjOGi 

evil, know how to give heshouldask, a serpent will he give hi»? If therefore y«, ••^evil 

good guts unto your ^ ^ ' , > λ < 5> ^ ' - / « / 

children, how much ovTSQ οιοατΕ οοματα αγαθά δ ιό υν at τοις. τέκνοις. υμών, ττοσφ 

more shall your Father ifoeing, know [how] -gifts 'good to give to your children, how much 
•which IS in heaven give ^ °' , , , ^ . , ^ , -, , > ny 

good things to them μαλλον υ.ττατηρ.υμων ο tv τοις ονρανσΐς δώσει αγαθά 
that ask him ? more your Father who [is] in the heavens will givo good things 

ΓοΤς αίτονσιν avrovj 

to them that ask him ? 

12 Therefore all 12 Ιΐάντα uvv οσα.^άν^'' θελητΡ. Ίνα ΤΓΟιώσιν νμΧν οι 

things whatsoever ye All things therefore -whatever ye desire that '"'shouldMo *to^you 

would that men should » η tr •\ « ~ ^ , ^ ~ , , , 

do to you, do ye even ανθρωτΓΟί, οντως και νμεις ποιείτε αντοις' οντος.γαρ ιστιν υ 

6θ to them : for this 'men, . so also *ye ^do to them : for this is the 

is the law and the pro- / ' » « , ~ 

phets. νομός και οι προφηται. 

law and the prophets. 

13 '^Εισέλθετε" ΰιά της στενής ττνΧης' οτι ηΧατεΊα ^t) ττι'λί;" 

Enter in through the narrow gate : for "wide the g ite 

13 Enter ye in at ^ , , , , r^, , , , , . , ,^ , 
the strait gate: for και Ευρύχωρος η υοος η ατναγουσα εις την αττοΑειαν, και 

wide is the gate, and and broad the way that leads to destruction, and 

broad is the way, that λ \ / > • ' ' t> > ' ~ . τ ^ f" ii ' «• ' 

leadeth to destruction, ΤΓολλοι είσΐ3^ Οι Είσερχομενοι Ci αυτής' Ι'ί^οτΓ στενή ^η 

and many there be many are they who" enter through it: for narrow the 

which go in thereat: '\ ii -^ n\ ' » < ^.v » > / > ^ y r . 

14 because strait is the TTvAjf και τίθλιμμενη ?/ οόος η ατΓ άγουσα εις τηνζωην, και 

gate, and narrow is the gate and straitened the -n-ay that leads to life, and 

wav, which leadeth un- >% / t \ » ^ ' > / 

to life, and few there ολιγοι Είσιν 01 ευρισκοντες αυτήν, 

be that find it. few are they who find it. 

prlph^ts which ciiue 15 ϋροσίχετε.Ηϊ'' άτΓο των φευδοπροφητών, οΊτινες έρχονται 

to ν ou in sheep's cloth- But beware of the false prophets, who come 

ϊίΙ'ΐϊίοηΐ'^-'^ woiS ^P^i V^i ^^^ ενδνμασιν προβάτων, εσωθεν.δε ε'ισιν λύκοι up- 

16 Ye shall knbw them to you iu raiment of sheep, but within are "wolves 'ra- 

men^eathei drapes ^f ^«T^C- 16 άπο τών.καρπων.αυτών επιγνώσεσθε αυτούς' μητι 

thorns, or figs of pacious. By their fruits ye shall know them. 

thistles? 17 Even so αυΧΚίγονσιν άπο άκανθών ^σταφνΧήν " η άπο τριβόΧοίν σνκα'^ 

eth^fo^th good fruit • J-^o they gather from thorns abunchcf grapes, or from thistles figs? 

but a corrupt tree \η ουπϋς πάν δενδρον αγαθόν καρπούς καΧονς ποιεί' τυ.δε 

^StlslToo^t^l So. every ^'tree ^'good ^fruits 'good produces, but the 

cannot bring forth evil σαπρον δ'ενδρον καρπονς πονηρούς ποιεί. 18 ου.ονναται 

fruit, neither can a cor- ζ^ ζ .^Γ , ^ produces. ^Cannot 

rupt tree bring torth ^ '^ ^ ^ ^ ,•^ ,rv,r»iT> 

good fruit. 19 Every δΈνδοον αγαθόν καοπονς πονηρονν ^ποιεΐν," οϋδε δ(-νδρον σα• 

tree that bringeth not la, atj-gg -^ ^^^ '"fruits =evil ' produce, nor a "tree 'cor- 

f orth good fruit la , ^ λ ^ • ~ π » u ^ • <- ' 

^ewn down, and cast προν καρπονς καΧονς •'ττοίεΤν." 19 παν^ G^vcpov μη ποιούν 

into the fire. 20 Where- ^.^pt -fruits "good -'produce. Every tree not producing 

fore by their fruits ye , ^ s ■, , , , ~ r, '\\ n/i 1 " ii 

shall know them. καρπον καΚον εκκοτΓτεται και εις πυρ ραΚΚεται. ^0 άραγε" 

^fruit 'good is cut down and into fire is cast. Then surelj 

'"άττό" τών.καρπων.αυτών επιγνώσεσθε αυτούς. 

by their fi-uits ye shall know them. 

21 Not every one. .-»„ ^ , ~ « λ » τ- ' > \ ' 

that saith unto me, 21 Ou πας Ο λέγων μοι, Κύριε, κύριε, εισεΚενσεται εις 

Lord, Lord, shall enter Kot everyone who say.s tome. Lord, Lord, shall omer into 

into the kiugilom of λ ο \ ' ~ > ~.'λ\'' - ^ αι'\ 

heaven; 'but he that την βασιλειαν των ονρανων' αλλ ο ποιων το υεΚημα του 
doeth the vri.ll of my the kingdom of the heavens, but he who does the will 

y — Ιστίν liTr [a]. = — CC.V LTTrA. * αΙτησ^ι shall ask LTTrA. •> η και Ιχθυν αιτήσει or 
•also a fish shall ask ltTja, <= ^av τ. ^ είσέλθατξ. LTTrA. ^ — ή ττυ'λη l[tJ. ^ τι how GLTr. 
e [ή ττνλΎ]] LT. ^ — oe but LT (]τγα]. ^ σταφυλάς grapes LTTrA. J kv^yKslv bear τ, 

^ -H Covvj now L. ^ apa yG ^TrA. ™ 6Κ Ii. 


ττατρυς.μον rov εν " όίφανοΊς. 22 ττολλοι Ιρονσίν μοι εν ^^^ther ^hich^^Ls^in 

ofniyFatlier who [is] iu [the] Leavens. Many will say tome in say to ine in that day, 

εκείντι T7J j'm^pa, Κνριε, κύριε, ov τω.σω ονόματι ^ττροεώη- Lord, ^ Lord, have we 

that*^ '^ ; VV Lok/LoU'w.Hhro?ghW;naW^ 4dVe^ namlTind in"" ίΐΐ^ 

τεόσαμεν,^^ και τώ.σψ ονόματι δαιμόνια ίξεβάΧομεν, και ^•*^™ο have cast out 

^prophesy, and through thy ^ name demons ^ cast out, and name done many woX 

τώ σώ ονόματι δυνάμεις ττολλάς εττοιησαμεν j 23 και derfui works ? 23 And 

throizghthy name =^works ^of ^power 'many perfojm?^ And J^^J^^^^^ever Ι'τΐ^ί; 

τότε ομολογήσω αντοϊς, οτι ονδεττοτε εγνων νμάς' αποχωρείτε you : depart from me, 

then will I confess to them, Never knew I you : depart ye Je that work iniquity. 

όττ' εμον, οι εργαζόμενοι την άνομίαν. 

from me, who work lawlessness. 

24 ΐΐάς οϋν όστις άκοι'εί /ζο?^ Γούς λόγους ProiVo^c/' eyetSS?hcTe's°a?I 

Every one therefore whosoever hears '■'niy ^words ^these, . ings of mine, and 

και ΤΓΟίεΙ αυτούς^ "^ομοιώσο^ αντον^^ m^Spl φρονίμψ, όστις φκοοό- f.^^^ him unto^a wile 

and does them, I will liken him to a -'man 'prudent, who built man, Vi^hich built his 

μησεν '^τήν.οΐκ'ιαν.αντοΰ^^ εττι την ττετραν 25 και κατεβη ή ^bTnd tKiin dtf-*^^u- 
his house upon the rock: and came down the (j^^" ^^^ ^>jq floods 

βροχή και ^ήλθον^^ οι ποταμοί και επνεϋσαν οι άνεμοι, και ^^' "nd bc^^^'"^^ 

rain, and - came the streams, and blew the winds, ' and thaTho^ise• and it^fcU 

^προσ'επεσον^'^ τυ.οΐκ'ια.εκείνν, και ονκ.επεσεν' τεθεμελίωτο.γάρ not: for it was founded 

fell upon that'house, and itfeUnot; forit had been founded "le 7 onl that h'earcth 

επι την πετραν. 26 και πας 6 άκουων μου τους λόγους these sayings of mine, 

upon the roek.^ and ^ everyone who hears W^ ^ ^'words^ shpU bf Hkened u"nto 

τούτους και μή.ποιων αυτούς, ομοιωθησεται άνδρι μωριΐί, a foolish man, wiiich 

Hhese and does not do them, he shall be likened to a -man ^foolish, ^,^'^^1* ^^f h-O'^i^s "P?° 

t> > r> / \ > r J -4 ι 1 X \ η c\ V t"6 saud: 27 and the 

όστις ψκοδυμησεν ^την.οικιαν.αυτου'^ εττι την ^μμον' 27 και rain descended, and 

who built his house upon the sand: and the ^90^3 came, and 

' η f η \ > ΤΛ Λ « X s » « the winds olew, and 

κατερη•η βροχή και 7)λθον οι ποταμοί και επνευσαν οι beat upon that hou-^e; 

came down the rain, and came the streams, and ' blew the and it fell : and great 
, , ^ , , , , , „ , , was the fall of it. 

Λνεμοι^ και προσεκοψαν τ-^-οικκ^Λκεινι^^ και επεσεν, και ήν 

"winds, and beat upon that house, and it fell, and ^was 

7) πτώσις αυτής μεγάλη. 

•the ^'fail ' ^of -^it great. 

28 Kat Ιγενετο οτε "^συνετελεσεν^^ δ 'ίησοϋς τους λόγους pass, when Jesus^ad 

And it came to pass when ^had ^finished * Jesus ^words ended these sayings, 

/ >t*-v/ t >i \ ?\~y^ ~>« gyf^ 1 the neoDle were astou- 

τούτους εξεπλησσοντο οι υχλοι επι Ty. διδαχή. αυτού- 29 jjv ishcd at his doctrine : 

^these astonished were the crowds at his teaching: ''he ^was 29 for he tauglit thcta 

yap διδάσκων αυτούς ως εζουσίαν έχων, και ονχ ώς ο\ thor^ty.aSnSfasthe 
'for teaching them as -authority *havuig, and not as the scribes. 


scribes. ^ ^ ^ , , .^ „ , , , ^ YTLI. When he was 

8 ^Καταβάντι.δε αύτφ^^ από του ορούς, ήκολουθησαν αυτψ come dotvu from the 

And when -"had =come "down 'he from thii mountain, followed *him mountain great mnl- 
, , , ,^ /• V , j\ η ' I r > ~ titudes followed him. 

όχλοι πολλοί' 2 και ιδον, λεπρός ^ελθων^^ προσεκννει αυτψ, 2 And, behold, there 

'^crowds 'great. And behold, a lepsr having come did homage to him, canae a leper and v/or- 

V , ,, / , , /,,ν ^/ / r, ' Λ ■ T^ ^ shmped him, saying, 

λέγων, Ά.υριε, εαΐ' σελ^ς, έννασαι με καυαρισαι. ό Και Lord, ifthouwiit, thou 

saying. Lord, if thou wilt thou art able me to cleanse. And canst m:ike me clean. 

, , • , .- r, , > •- „« »^ ~ 11 \ '■ 3 And Je^us put f orth 

εκτεινας την.χειρα η-ψατο αντου ^ο Ι?.?σοΐ'ς," λέγων, his hand, and touched 

having Ktretched out [his] hand touched ^him 'Jesus. saying, him, saying, I will; be 

_,^ Λ //^ -,Γ \ 7 r\' \^-> η ' η w ' ~ t \i thou clean. And im- 

Οελω, καΘαρισυητι. Ά^αι ευθέως °ίκαβαρισθη" αντουη Αεπρα. mediately his leprosy 

I will, be thou cleansed. And immediately .vv^as cleansed his lopro y. v»-as clomped. 4>.nd 

°- + τοϊς the LTXrA. ο έτ7ροφητ(ίύσαμ.£ν LTXrA.' Ρ [τούτους] L-i". ^ ομοιωβήσ^ταί lie sh'iiiJ Lie 
likened LTTr. ' αύτοΰτη^' οΐκίαν γττγα. ^ τιλθαν τγ. * τΐ-μοσέτταισαν struck against l; ττροσ- 
έπεσαν ττγα. ^ αντοΰ ττ,ν οΐκίαν LTTrA. ^ Ιτάλζσεν LTTrA. * -τ αυτών (read theiv sci'ibcs) 
LTTrA ; + καΧ οί ΦαρισαΓοί, and the Pharisees l. y καΙ κ.αταβάντο'; αί•τον L ; καταβάντοζ Ce 
αντον Tr. * ττροσελθων having couie to Thim] LXir^V'. '• — Ιησούς (read he touched; 
ΙΤΪΓΔ. ^€ΚαΘερίσθη I. 


18 ΜΑΤΘΑΙΟΣ. Vin. 

Jesiis saith unto him, 4 χ^,; χ^γζ^ αυτφ οΊησοΰς/Όοα μη8ενΙ eWtic' *=a\V" ϋπαγε, 

irt^rtVywn;,S And^-W's ^'to^hiia ^ 'Jesus, ' ^ See Λο one thou^ell; but go ^ '' 

thj-Kcif to the priest, cmvTuv δεΊξον τφ ΙφεΤ, Krtt ^ττοοσέί^εγκε" ro ^ώρον δ ττροσ-τ 

Mosefo'omma^^^^^^^ /Myself shew to the priest, and goffer' the giit which "^, -or- 

atostimonyuutoth'em. sra'^sv ^Μω(?/}ς," είς μαρτύρων άϋτοΊς. 

dcred '^[oscs for a testimony to them. 

δ^Εισελθύι^τι^^.δε ^τψίησοϋ^^ ε/ς ^Καττερναονμ,^^ ττροσηΧθεν 

Γ) And when Jesus And "haviiiK ''entered 'Jesus into Capernaum, ^camc 

was entered into La- , . , , , ) < λ » > f / 

ptrnaum, tiiere came αντφ ^κατονταρχος" παρακαΧ'Ιν αυτόν 6 και \εyωv^ Κνριε^ 

unto him a centurion, Ho^him »a "•'centurion, beseeching him and saying, Lord, 

bc.-^c( lung hira, 6 and ,• n' a\ j^>/ ^ '?> /> 

saying, Lord, my ser- ο.τταΊς.μον ρερΧηται εν ry oiKioL τταραΧνηκυς, δεινώς βασα- 

vnnt hethathomcsick my servant is laid in the house paralytic, . grievously tor- 

ofthcpalsy,gricvously rr kr/- Ί1 Λ ' ' ~ 1 « 'τ ~ ii 'τπ « 'λ /ί ' η 

tormented. 7Αηα Jesus νιζομενος. 7 '*Kar λεγει αντφ ^ο Ιησοϋς," Εγω εΧυων υερ'α- 

Raith unto him, I will tnented. And '•'savs •''to^him 'Jesus, I having come will 

come and heal him. , , , ο ιητ/- ■> ' η ' ii ' ί < ' ii «^ τ^ ' 

8 The centurion an- ττευ σω oi/Tov. 8 '"Kat ατο/φί^είς" Ο ^εκατοΐ'ταρχος^^ εφη,Κνριε^ 

swcred and said, Lord, heal him. And ^answering 'the ^centurion said. Lord, 

I am not worthy that , » ,, ^ n .« r , / > 'λ λ '\λ ^ ' 

thoii shouidcst come ονκ.ειμι iKavoQ Lva μον ^TTO Ttjv στεγην nasXyyg' άλλα μόνον 

nnler my roof: hut I am not worthy that '■'ray 'un del? roof thou shoulde-stoome, but ouly 

speak the word only, y \ ,,\ > 11 ^ ' n' « ~ η ^ ' ' • " 

.nn.i my servnnt shall ειττΕ "Aoyov," KttL ιαυησζται ο.τταις.μον. υ και.γαρ εγω αν- 

bo he.aled. 9 For I am speak a word, and shR,ll be healed my servant. For also I a 

having °oidiers^undJr θρο)7ΓΟς ειμι VTvo εξονσίαν°,, 'ίχων υπ ψαυτόν στρατιώτας' 

mc: and Ι say to this man am uudcr authority, having under myself soldiers; 

RiTtJano'iLicomi; καιλέγω τούτψ. Πορενθητι, ical πορεύεται' και άΧλφ, "Εργον, 

and he cometh ; and and I say to this [otic], G-o, and he goes ; and to another. Come, 

thisTnd'hrdoeth?ii '^^^ tpyj-rat' και το^.όούλφ.μον, Ποίησαν τοντο, και ποιεΊ. 

10 Vvhen Jesus heard and becomes; and to my bondmp„n. Do this, and he does [it]. 

s-.'id^ to'^henfthat foi- "^0 Άκούσας.δε 6'ΐησοΰς ίθαύμασεν, και είπεν τοΙς άκοΧου- 

lowed Verily I say -^^^ '"'having ^heard ' Je^us wondered, and said tQ those foUow- 

f "*^°/«"' ^ ^T^- ^th* ^owatvP, 'Αμήν λέγω I'/ztv, ^ονδε εν τψ 'Ισρα7)\ τοσαύττγν 

ηο^^ not* ^η*^ Israel,' ^^S", Verily I say to you. Not even in Israel so great 

II And I say unto you, -yriffrtr" εΰοον. 11 Χεγω.δε ύμίν, ΟΤΙ πολλοί από ανατολών 

iromt'e'eLtan'dweTt! f aith ' .have Ι found. But I^say to you.^that many from east 

.and shall sit dovm with καιδυσμών ηζουσιν, και άνακλιθήσονται μετά Αβραάμ και 

Abrahani, and Isaac, ^ ^ shall come, and shall recline [at table] with Abraham and 

and J .acob, m the kmg- ^ ^, ,^,^^ ,, \, , ^ ,rv,,, 

dom of heaven. 12 But Ισαάκ και Ίακωβ εν Ty βασίλεια των ουρανών' 12 οι.δε νιοι 

the children of the jgaac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens ; but the sons 

kingdom thall be cast ^ ^ ., , , , •o^ n' 11 » ν ' \ ly > , ~ 

out into outer dark- της βασιλείας ^εκβληθησονται" εις το σκότος το εξώτερον εκεί 

ness: there shall be of the kingdom shall be cast out into the darkness the outer: there 

weeping and gnashing „ * \ η ^ ^ < ο ' ->?>. ,, 

of teeth. 13 And Jesus εσται Ο κΧανβμος και ο βρυγμος των οόοντων. 13 Και ειττει^ 

said unto the centu- shall be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. And "said 

rion, Go thy way; and , , . ^ "• <,' ' 11 "-v t mi ' ' ' 

as thou hast believed, Ο Ιησους τφ ^εκατονταρχψ,^^ ' Ύπαγε^^και" ως επιστενσας 

so be it done unto thee. 'Jesus to the • centuinon, , Go, and as thou hast believed 

And his servant was ^, -rr ^ » 'λ « ~ tr » -ii τ»' ~ " 

healed in the selfsame. γε2^ϊ]^ϊ?τω. σοι. Και ιαθη ο.παις^αυτου" ^εv•τyωpq. 
hour. be it to thee. Ajid was healed his servant in "hour 



14 And when Jeaus 14 K«i ελθών 6 Ίησονς εΙς την οΙκίαν Ήετρον, εϊδεν 

Was come into Peter's And '"having ^come 'Jesus to the house of Peter, isaw 

house, he saw his wife's < r> y > -^ η n\ ' ^ ,' τ r \ 

motiuv laid, and sick την.πενθεραν.αντου βεβλημενην και πυρεσσουσαν, 1δ και 

of a fever. , 15 And he his wife's mother laid and in a fever; and 

«: άλλα n:GtTTiA. d TrpoaeVey/cov ΜΤΓΛ"νν, « Μωϋση? LTTi-aW. f είσελθόι/το? LTTrA. κ αυτω 
he GW; αύτοΰ he LTXrA. ^ Καφαρναονμ LTTrAW. » ^κατοντάρχης Τ. ^ — καΐ LTJ^Tr |A. 
i — 6 Ίησονς (read he says) ιτ[τι•]α. *" αποκριθεί? δ% LTTr. η λόγω by a word glttiaw. 
β -\- τασσόμενος placed i,. ρ -h αντω him L ^ Trap' ovBevl τοσαύτην ττισηι/ ev τω 'Ισραήλ 
With no one so great faith in Israel lt-.a. ■" ε^^ελευσοι^ται .shall go forth τ. « έκατοντάρχη 
CI.TTrAW. ^• — και L•T[TrjAί " ^- αΰτοΰ {ji'ecid the servant) LTT.[aJ. " άττο r^k ώρα? exeuo;? 
from that ho;ir l. 


ί)ψαΓ0 της χΗΟος.αντης, και άφηκεν αυτήν υ πυρετός' και touched her hand, and 

he touched ^ '^herhand, ^ and ^kft -her Hhe 4ever; aud 'lie frosef 'ίνίΓ mTu- 

ήγερθη και διηκόνει *αύτοΤς." istered uuto them, 

she arose and ministered to them. 
Ιβ'Οφίας.δε γείΌμενης προσ7)νεγκαν αντφ δαιμόνιζα μένους 1 6 when the even waa 

Aud evening• being- oome, they brought to him -iiossesseil^wiih"' demons come, the j- brought uu- 
-., <>v'->N , / N/ ,/ , tohimniaiiy ϋΙϋΐίΛνοΓΟ 

ΐΓολλους' και εξεραλεν τα πνεύματα Ι-ονψ και παντας τους po->e>scd with devils: 

'miinj, and he ca>t out the spirits by a word, and all who ^^'^'^ ^° '^''^^^ ^^^ t'"* 

^ „ ,ri' T-r/ Λ r, - <,. i^pirits with his Λνοηΐ, 

κακώς έχοντας εθεραπευσεν' 17 όπως πληρωθ^ τυ and healed all that 

"ill 'were he healed:. So that might be fulfilled that which "«vere sick: 17 that it 

♦ Λ, j> , t,T Λ ~ ^ ' \ ' Λ ' •> > might be fullillcd 

ρηΰεν Cia Ησαιου τον προφήτου^ λέγοντος, Αντος τας which was -pokcn by 

was .spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself the Esaias the prophet, 

, 1 /J ' ' ' ~ "\ /3 ' ' ' »,D ' Siiyiug, Himself took 

ασθενείας ημών ελαρεν, και τας νόσους εβίΐστασεν. our infirmities, uud 

lufirmitios of us took, and the diseases bora. bare our sicknessed. 

18 Ίδών.δε ό Ίησονς ^ποΧΧονς υχΧονς^^ περί αυτόν, εκε- 

And ^seeing 'Jesus great crov/ds around hiiu, ' he com- 

\€νσεν άπελθεΧν εις το πέραν. 19 και προσελθών εΙς ' isNow when Jcsus 

niauded to depa'rt to the other side. And haviugcome to[him] one saw great multitudes 

γραμματενςφίπεν αύτψ, Αιδάσκαλε, ακολουθήσω σοι οπονΑάν commamiment'^o^'de- 

a scribe said to him, Teacher, I will folio v/ thee Λvhitllersoever part unto the other 

άπερχ^. 20 Και λέγεί αϋτφ b Ίησους, Αϊ αλωπεκές φωλεούς t^tiJl^me, anTsald 

thou nlayeΛt go. And -'says -to ''him 'Jesus, The foxes -holes unto him. Master, I 

εχουσιν και τα πετεινά του ουρανού κατασκηνώσεις, ό.δε ν'ιυς fheLoever^thirgSt' 

'have, and the birds of the heaven nests, but the Son 20 And Jesus saith un- 

Tov άνθρωπου ούκ.ίγει που την κεώαλήν κλίνη. '21" Ετερος to him, The foxes have 

^ " , '^ ixu iTju Y ^^l>, holcs, and the birds of 

of man has not where the head he m.iy lay. -'Another the air Λα).•6 nests• but 

δϊ τών.ηαθητών.^αυτου^^ είπεν αυτφ, Κυηιε, Ιπίτρεφόν μοι *^^ ^°Ρ- °^ ^^^ "'^'^^ 

-and ^fhis-disciples ^ said to hiiA, Lord, ^ alfow^ ^,e L°ad."2f In^d^ an^th'c" 

πρώτον άπελθέϊν και θάφαι τον.πατερα.μον. 22 Ό.^έ.^Ίησους" °^ ^1,^. disciples said 

^first ^togo^.and ^b,;iy myfatLr.'^ ^ But Jesus r fi^r^^^o go a^'d W 

"εΖττεν" αυτφ, Ακολουθεί μοι, και άψες τους νεκρούς θάφαι my father. 22 But Je- 

said to him, Follo\7 me, aud leave the dead to bury 

sus said unto him, 
Follow me; aud let tha 

ΤΟνς.έαυτών νεκρούς. dead bury their dead, 

their own dead. 

23 Και εμβάντι αυτφ εΙς '^το'^ πλοΐον, ήκολούθησαν αυτφ 

And -having ''entered 'he into the hhip, ^followed ''him 

οΙμαΟηται αύτοϋ. 24 και ιδού, σεισμός μέγας εγενετο εν Ty 23 And when he was 

'his -disciples. ^ And lo, a=^tempe,st 'groat arose .in the eniere.l into a ship.his 

θαλασσή, ώστε τυ πλοΊον καΧύπτεσθαι υπό των κυμάτων' dj-sripics followed him. 

sea, ''^ so that the ship was covered by the _ waves; _^ frotl^'l• grtV tem^ 

αύτύς.δε εκάθευδεν. 25 καΐ ποοσελθόντες ^οΊ μαθητα^^^αύτοΰ^^ in the sea, insomuch 

but lie was sleeping. And having come to [him] the disciples of him ^"^^a wkh the w'lj^vesl 

ήγειοαν αυτόν, λέγοντες, "Κύριε, σώσον ^ryuat,•," άπολλύμεθα. but he was asleep. 

awoke him, saying. Lord, save us; we perish. 25 And his disciples 

, ' , , . , , .Λ / r ' came to /a?rt, aud 

2G Και λέγει αυτοΊς,Ύι δειλοί εστε, ολιγοπιστοι; Ύοτε av.-oke him, saying, 

And he says to them, "Why fearful are ye, [ye] of little faith ? Then, i'ord save us: we per- 
, Λ• . „ / ) / « ~ η Λ ' , > / i^i'• 26 And he saith 

εγερθείς επετιμησεν τοις ανεμοις και ttj Οαλασστ], και ίγενετο- unto them, Avhy are 

haviiig arL-^en he rebuked the ΛvLuds and the sea, aud there v/as ^^ ,^<^^^ί^1' ^ ye of 

Λ / ,. Λ,^ Γ TV. « /Λ >Λ ' ^ ' little faith? Then he 

γαλήνη μεγάλη. 27 οι.δε άνθρωποι εθαυμασαν, λέγοντες, aro e, and rebuked the 

a -calm 'gi-eat. And the men wondered, saying, winds and the sea; and 

ΓΧ , , τ „ „ ,11 f ./ » « Λ '\ there was a great calm. 

ΙΙοταπος . εστίν ούτος, οτι S/cai" οι άνεμοι και η υαλασσα 27 Bnt the men 

What*kind[ofman] is this, that even; the winds and the sea veiled, saying, What 

L , , . ~ π manner of man is this, 

^νπακουουσίν αυτφ;^^ that even the winds 

obey him ? and the sea obey him I 

» αυτω to him LTTrAW. y δχλοί' a crowd i,. * — αύτοΟ (read the disciples) LTTr. » _ Ιησούς 
(read ho said) τ. ^ Aeyei says lttiaav. c — ^5 (read a ship) ltfa.^ <^ — ot μαθγιταΐ [l ϊττγ. 
* — αυτού GLXIrAW, ^ — ϊΐμ.α.ς LIIrAW. g "- Kcu L, ^ αύτ^ ύπακονουσίν ι-Σϊγα, 


28 Andwheuhewas 28 Και '^ελθόντί αντφ^^ εις 7*6 ττεραν εις την χώραν των 

iiZ°thociuntiof'thl And when =had -come 'he ,to the other side to the country of the 

Gerffesencs, there met ^Γ£ργεσηνών^^ v7ri)VTr\caVLavTip δυο δαιμόνιζα uevoL tic των 

hini two po.^sessed with Q^rgesenes, =met «him Hwo ^possessed^byMemons outof the 

devils, coming out or ο » . \ / r• » > / 

the tombs, exceeding μνημείων ίζεοχόμενοι, χαΧετΓοΙ X'laV) ώστε μη ισχνειν τινά 

fierce, so that no man tombs coming, -violent Hery, so that not 'washable 'any ^Λιβ 

might pass ^y that ^^^^, ~,^-, , r»r>^'^' « ν λ/ 

way. 29 And, behold, τταρελθειν διατης.υόον.ίκείνης 2\) και icov, έκραξαν λέγοντες, 

they cried out„saying, ^.^ -j^gg ' ^„ that way. And lo, they cried out, saying, 

TVhat have we to do , ^ / , ,, ~ μ t , ~ λ - τλ η -r ^ . 

with thee, Jesus, thou Tt ημιν και σοι, ' Ιί/σου," νιε του υεου ; ήλθες ωόε ττρυ 

Son of God ? art thou What to us and to thee, Jesus, Son of God? art thou come here before [tlie] 

come hither to torment • ■ ~ η > ' - ο/λ τττ s>' » > » > ~ > /λ 

us before the time? icaipov [όασανισαι ημάς; όΟ ΙΙν.όε μακράν αττ αυτών αγέλη 

30 And there was a time to torment us? Now there was far off from them a herd 

them an wd of many χοίρων ττολλών ' βοσκομΈνη. 31 οι.δε δαίμονες τταρεκαλουν 

swine feeding. 31 So of ^swine 'many feeding ; And the demons besought 

the devils 'besought ,/ %/ τ\* ■> ο 'w *. ~ m'' f •" ' λλ~η 

him, saying, If thou αντον,λεγοντες^Έι εκραλΑειςημας,''^ετητρεψον ημιν αττελυειν^ 

cast us out, suffer us him, saying,' If thou cast out us, allow us to go away 

herfVsriJe.'^°w «C την άγ'ελην των χοίρων. 32 Και είττεν αύτοΊς% Υπάγετε. 

he said unto them. Go. into the herd of the swine. And he said to them, Go. 

^ome'ou? ttT S 0L^£ ΙΚελθόντες «άττΓ/λθον» εις ^τήν άγελην των χοίρων'^ 

into the herd of swine: And they having gone out wetit away into the herd of the swina: 

herd ^ of°^^8w?ne^^ran '^^^ ίδού^ ώρμησεν ττάσα r) άγελη νώί/ χοίρων" κατά τον 

violently down a steep »ιιΊ behold, 'rushed 'all 'the ^hcrd *of "the "swine down .the 

place into the sea, and ^cpr/juvoi) είς τι)ν Θάλασσαν, κάί άττεθανον εν το'ις νδασιν, 

^TndtheythltVept. steep into the sea, and- ^ died ^ in the ^ waters. 

them fled, and went 33 qI^'^ βοσκοντες ίφνγον, και άττελθόντ^ς εις την ττόλιν 

city!* a^d^ told every But those who fed [them} fled, and having, gone away into the city 

^ng, and whrtt was άττηγγειλαν ττάντα, καΐ τα τών.δαιμονίζομενων. 

befulleu to the pos- related evervthing, and the [events] concerning those possessed by demons. 

sessed of the devils. ^ Ζ °' >v~\n > / μ ~n> 

34 And, behold, the 34 και ιδου, ττάσα η τΓολις ε^ηλθεν εις ^συναντησιν ^τψ^ ίησου' 

vhole city came out And behold, all the city went out to meet Jesus; 

to meet Jesus: and , ,«, , / /\ *t/ n η -^ • » 

when they saw him, κται ιδοντες avTov, τταρεκαλεσαν ^υττως" μεταβ^ αττο 

they besought /iiTJt that ^^^ seeing him, they besought [him] that he would depart from 

he would depart out of ^ , , , ^ 

their coasts. των.ορίων.αυτων . . 
their borders. 

ΛΎ k i\y, f Λ 9 ^"^ εμβάς εις ''το^^ ττλοΊον διεττ'ερασεν και ήλθεν εις 

Λ t ν d^^ ^^d And having entered into the ship he passed over and came to 

over, arud came into his την.ίδίαν TToXiv. 2 καΐ Ιδού, ^ττροσέ^ερον" αύτφ τταραλυτικόν 

Ζ^Ι iu^• ν ^^iv^' his own city. And behold, they brought to him a paralytic 

hold, they brought to ^ r,\ > ,>?<».> ~ » / , .^ 

him a mah sick of the ετΓΐ κλινης βεβλημενον' και ιδων υ Ιησούς την.ττιστιν.αυτων 

palsy, lying on a bed: ^^ ^ u^^ lying;' and ^seeing 'Je^us their faith 

and Jesus seeing their \ ~ λ ' ' t• » ' ίι 

faith said unto the είττεν τψ τταραλντίκφ, θαρσει, τεκνον, ^αφεωνται" 

eick of the palsy. Son, g^i^ to the paralytic, Be of good courage, child; ^have *been ^forgiven 

be of good cheer; thy , , , 11 ο τ- > '? ' » -ν r ^ ■, „ 

Bins be forgiven thee. ^ σοιαι.αμαρτιαι iT.ou-" 3 Και ihov^ τίνες των γραμματέων ^ειττον^^ 

3 And, behold, certain ej-heQ Hhy*^sins. And lo, some of the scribes said 

of the scribes said , , ^ _, τ r>\ j ~ ^ rr » n»? » 11 « >τ ~ ' 

within themselves, εν εαντοις, Οντος βλασφημεί. 4 Και "Ίόων" ο Ιησούς τας 

This man blasphem- in themselves,- This [man] blasphemes. And ^perceiving 'Jesus 

eth. 4 And Jesus know- , η > » ~ -r U"t ίι c « - 11 ' λ ~ a « 

ing their thoughts ενθνμησεις.αντων, ειττεν, ^ Iva.ri" "-υ/Λεις" ενθνμεισϋε πονηρά 

said, Wherefore think their thoughts, said, TNTiy '■'ye 'think evil 

SFoVwii^t^he^^islai^^ εν τοις.καρδίαις.νμών \ 5 τί.γάρ εστίν εΰκοπώτερον, ειπείν, 

to say, Thy sins be for- in your hearts ? For which is easier, to say, 

» ελθόί'ΤΟ? αντον LTTr. ^ Τερασ~ηνων L ; Va.Sapi]viuV Gadarenes TTrA. ^ — Ίησοΰ GLTTrA. 
m άπόστειλοι/ ημάς send US GLTTrA. ' " + [o Ίησονς} JesUS L. ^ ° αττηλθαν LTr. Ρ του? 

χοίρου? the swine Οτ,ττγ. ι — των χοίρων GLTT:[a]. •■ νπάντησιν LTTr. * του Τ. 

* ϊι/α L. ^ — το {read Ά uh'i-p) ι.ττι[\]. ^'• προσφ^ρουσιν they bring ζ. '^ αφίενταί λτθ 
forgiven LTTr. y σου αί ίμαρτίαι LTTiA. ' (Ιτταν IT- * εφως knowing LTr. ^ Ίνατί G<EW, 

♦ — • Ultels LTXrA. 

IX. Μ A τ τ ίϊ Ε W. 21 

•^Ά^έωνταί" Vot" αϊ άμαρτίαι' η ειπεΤν, '"Εγεφαι" και |^^ ^Jee^o^J» ^J^ 

«Hare *been ^for^ven «thee [Hhy] ^g^^g^ qj. to say, Arise and that ye may know that 

ττεοίττάτΗ ; 6 iVa.if ει^ήτε on εξονσίαρ έχει 6 νως τον αν- *^e Son of man imth 

walk? But that ye may know that authority has the Son ' «* |i^^sS^f (then sS 

θοώτΓου iiTi της γης άφάναι αμαρτίας' τότε λέγει τφ τταρα- he to the sick <rf the 

man on the earth to forgire sins: then he says to the ^ P^^*" thy bed, and go untS 

Χντικφ, ^'Εγερθείς" άρον σον την κλίνην^ και ϋτταγε -εις τον thine house. 7 And he 

lytic' HavU arisen. taL up thy ^ bed, and go .to ^ ^ aros^^and dep.^^ted^^^^ 

οΊκόν σον 7 Και εγερθείς άττήλθεν εις τον. οίκον. αντοϊ). the multitudes saw ίί, 

''house Hhy. And having arisen he went away to his house. ^ψ^•^'\^1^1^^ ^^1 

Λ, «»\H> ' II ^'^'v ' 1' glorified God, whi* 

8 ίοοντες.οε οι οχΧοι ^εθαυμασαν," και εδοζασαν τον νέον, had given such power 

And ^having *seen Hhe '-Orowds wondered, and glorified God, unto men. 

rov δόντα εξονσίαν τοιαντην τοΙς άνθρώττοις. 

v-Uo gave ^authority 'such to men. 

9 Και τταράγων 6 Ίησονς εκείθεν είδεν άνθρωττον καβημενον ' 9 And as Jesus passed 

And ^passing 'Jesus thence saw a man sitting forth from thence, he 

,,, x/ \iiir η ~ w \ ' «Λ' >~'* saw a man, named 

ε»7Γί το τελωνών, ^Ματΰαιον" λεγομενον, και λέγει αντψ, Ακο- Matthew, sitting at 
at the tax-oiRce, ^Matthew 'called, and says to him, Fol- the receipt of custom : 

λ/Λ ^r ^ , \ \i > \ ' η II ' ~ τ Λ τ/- » ' * and he saith untohira, 

ονθει μοι.Και αναστας^ηκολοΐ'θησεν^^αντφ,ΙΟΚαι εγενετο Follow me. And he, 
low me. And having arisen he followed him. And it came to pas» arose, and followed 

^avTOV άνακειμενον^^ εν Ty οικία, "^KaV^ iSov, πολλοί τελώναι to'pass, as Jesus sat'at 
at his reclining [at table] in the house, that behold. many tax-gatherers meat iii the house, be- 
.cat αμαρτωλοί ελθόντες σνναν'εκειντο τψ Ίησον και S'sinne"^ ?aSS 

and sinners having come Avere reclining [at table] with Jesus and sat down with him and 

τοΐς.μαθηταΧς.αντον. 11 και Ιδόντες οί ΦαρισαΤοι "εΖτΓον** ^^g^^^°^iP^^Spj{^>^^ 

his disciples. And having seen [it] the Phari-ees said saw ιϊ, they said \mto 

τοϊς.μαθηταΊς.αντον, °Αιατί'' μετά των , τελωνών καί άμαρ- e^h^^^our MkJ?r^with 

to his disciples, ΛVhy with the and sm- publicans and sinners? 

τωλών εσθίει ο.διδάσκαλος.νμώνινΖΌΜ.^'Ίησονς^^ άκονσας 12 But when Jesus 

ncrs eats your teacher ? '^ ^ But jisus having heard ?S^t?em,"ihiy"tiS; 

εΊττεν '^αντοίς,^^ Oh χρείαν εχονσιν οι ισχύοντες ίατρον, w-hoie need not a phy- 

heaaid to them, «Not 'need ^have 'they '•'who ^are^.^trdng of a physician, areSk ISButgoye 

•"άλλ'" 01 κακώς έχοντες. 13 ττορευθεντες δε μάθετε τί εστίν ^ and leam what that 

but they who . ill are. ^ But having gone learn what ^ is, Seroy'fand S'sicr?- 

^Έλεον" θέλω, καί ov θνσίαν' ov γαρ ηλθον καλεσαι δικαίους, fice : f or ι am hot come 

Mercy I desire, and not sacrifice : "'not 'for '^I ^came to call righteous ^o J^^}^ ^^^ righteous, 

^•' , , , but sinners to repeut- 

■ ^άλλ " αμαρτωλούς ^ε/ς μετανοιαν. ance. 

[ones], but sinners to repcntante. 

14 Τότε προσέρχονται αντψ ol μαθηταί Ιωάννου, λέγοντες, ^^^^ ^^ ^.^ 

Then come near to him the disciples of John, saying, ^^^ disciples of John, 

^Αιατί^^ ημείς καί οι Φαρισαΐοι νηστενομεν ^ττολλά," οί.δε.μαθη- !'^ 'i^f > "^Υ^^ do we and 

Why 'CeWHhe Xrisees ''do fast^ ^ much,_ ^ ^-I'^-^^t^X'^Xilii 

ταί.σου ον.νηστενονσιν: 15 Καί είπεν αυτοΧς 6 Ίησονς, Μη not? 15 And Jesus said 
, pies 'thy fast not? And ^said 3to^^them 'Jesus, ^ ^ ^^eT^f' iSc'lrit 

δύνανται οι υιοί τον ννμφώνος πενθεΐν εώ .'όσον μετ αυτών chamber mourn, as 

Can the sons of the bridcchamber mourn while with them ί°^^^^ thim ?'^butX 

εστίν 6 νυμώίος ; ελεΰσονται δε ημεραι 'όταν άπαηθ^ days will come, when 

is the bridegroom? ^will *come 'but Mays when will have been taken away the bridegroom shall 
, , ,, •, ir»'?'?*^^ taken from tneiu, 

άπ αυτών ο νυμφιος, και τότε νηστευσουση'. 10 ονόεις.όε and then shall they 

from them the bridegroom, and then they will fast. But no one• fast. 16 No man put- 

, , , , , , . / \ ~ tc^h a P-'^ce of new 

επιβάλλει επφλημα ράκους αγναφου επι ιματιψ.παΑαιφ' cloth unto an old gar- 
puts a piece of -cloth 'unfulled on an old garment: ment, for that which 

d άφύι/ταί are forgiven LTTr. e σου (read thy sins) otXTrAW. f eyetpe lttiaw. κ eyetpe 
arise LTr. - h εφοβηθησαι/ were afraid LTTiA. » Μαθθαΐοι/ LTTiA. ^ ηκολούθει T. ^' avaKei- 
μένου αυτοί L. >" — καΐ Τ. " e\eyou LTT; . ° διά τί LTrA. Ρ — Ίησοΰς LT[rrjA. 1-— au^^fl 
LTT.A. "■ άλλα LTi•. ' ^"Ελεος LTTrA. * άλλα ITrAW. " — €tS μίτάνοιαν GLTT.AW. "* Δι* 
Τ* LXrA. * — πολλά LT, 

*22 Μ A Τ θ A r Ο Σ. ΪΧ 

iH purin to fill it up aipH yup τυ.πληυωμα.αύτυυ άττυ τον ιματίου, και χεωυν 

ιυίτκ ujul'die i-euTis 't^vko.-'^away 'for •■=its ^filling "'up from the garment, ami u ^-orse 

lu.iae worse. i72ieiLher (jviaua yiveraL. 17 ονδί βάΧλουσιν olvov νέον εις άσκυνς 

do ineo put iJ^w vvme ^ f takes place. Nor put they ^wine 'new into -'.kin.s 

into old bottles : el>e , , / t , , , , , , _ 

i)io bottles break, and τταΧπιούς' εί.δί.μηγε ρηγνυνται o't ασκοί, καΐ ο οΊνος εΚχεΙται, 

tlie wine runneth out, i^^j otherwise ^are^burst 'the -skin.s, and the wine is po^i•eα out, 

and the botties perish: ,,, , , ,.^ ii>>\< d'w τ ' » 

but they put new wine και 01 uGKoi ^ αττοΑοννται'^^ oAAa ^ραλλονσιν OLVOV vf.ov εις 

into new bottles and and the skins wiU be destroyed ; but they put '•'wine »new into 

both are preser7ed. , ' , „ / χ , / η 

ασκονς^^ καινούς, και ^αμφότερα" συντηρούνται. 
-skins 'new, and both are preserved together. 

18 ^Vhile he spake ,,.,„» > ~ \ \ ~ • ~ >r> / » κ «.'λλ» η 

these ihinps unto Ιο" Tttura αυτον.ΑαΑουντος αυτοις^ ιόον, αρχων^ ^ίΚυων 

them, behold, there * These '^things 'as-he-'ic;"'ipeaking to them, behold, a ruler haviugcome 

came a certain ruler, , , ~ ^ / ,i»/^ \\ ' η ' - » \ ' 

and wor>hipped him, τΐροσεκυνει αυτψ, λέγων, "^ On" ιι.θυγατηρ.μου άρτι ετελευ- 

snying, Jly daughter , did homage to hhu, saying, My daughter just now has 

is even now dead : but 'λλ ' 'λλ< » 'Λ « - ' ' » » ' < 

come and lay thy hand τησεν' άλλα ελβων ετΓίθες ττιν.χειρα.σου εττ avnjv, και 

η Ι)οη her, and she shall died; but haviugcome lay thy hand upon her, and 

ro^e, ,^and° fol^owSi ζησεται. 19 και εγερθείς 6 Ίησοϋς ^7)κολούθησεν^^ αυτφ 

him| and so did his she shall live. And having arisen Jesus followed him, 

disciples. ^^v οΊ.μαθηταΙαυτοΰ. 

20. And, tel;^old a ^^^^ his disciples, 

woman, which was ,,; , »,»- «,^ » 

di eased with an issue 20 Kai ίδου, γυνή' αιμορροονσα ύωόεκα ετη, ΤΓ,ροσέλ" 

of blood twelve years And behold, a woman having had a flux of blood twelve years, having 

came behind mm, and ^ « a " f - ' '^ ~ , , , ^ 

touched the hem of his θοΐισα ΌτΓίσθεν if^jaTO Tov κρασπεΟοΌ του. I ματιού. αυτό υ. 

garment: 21 for she pome behind touched the border of his garment.' 

paid within herself, if _,, „» χ » » ~ >τ, » / ,t ι - ~ » / 

I may but touch his 21 ελεγεν.γαρ εν εαυτγ, Eav μόνον αψωμαι τον ιματίου 

garment, Ι shall be For >he said within herself, If only I shall touch ^'garment 

whole. 22 But Jesus , „ ^, nn'n. 5" fi /- ii ir• . < n « 's 

tnrued him about, and αυτου σωθησομαι. 22 Ο.δε.^ Ιησονς^^ετΓίστραφεις^^ και ιόων 

W hen he saw her, he ^his I shall be cured. But Jesus having turned and having seen 

said. Daughter, be of , , - ^ / r, , t , 'it 

rood tomtort; thy αυτήν ειττεν, θαρσει, υυγατερ' η.ττιστις.σον σεσωκεν σε. 

fiiith hath made thee her he said, Be of good coui-agc, daughter; thy faith hath cured thee, 

vhole. And the wo- ^ ■> ' η J. < . , ~ </ » ' 

man was made whole ^ «I εσωθη »/ γυνή απο της.ωρας.εκεινης, 

from that hour. And ^was "'cured 'the "woman from that hour. 

23 And when Jesus 23 Krtt ελθών 6 Ίησοϋς Είς τήν οΐκίαν του άρχοντος^ 

oanic into the ruler's And "•'having ^come 'Jesus into the house of the ruler, 

liduse, and saw the , ,^ , , >> , χ » « > a a > 

minstrels and the peo- Kui ιδων τονς αυλητας και τον υχλον ϋορνρονμενον, 

pie making a noise, and having seen the flute-players and the crowd making a tumult, 

'2i he said unto them, ^^ < h> ' > ~ n ' a - » » » ά v ' 

Give place: for the 24 "λίγει rturotc," Αναχωρείτε ov γαρ αττευανεν το κορασιον^ 

maid is not dead, but says to them, AVitlulraw, ^not 'for ""is ''dead "the -'damsel, 

laughed' him to scorn^ ολΧά καθευδει. και κατεγεΚων αΐ'τοΰ. 25οτε.δε εζεβλήθη 

2.") But when tlie people but sleeps. And they laughed at hijii. But when ^had"" been -'put ^out 

were put forth, he « « > ' > Λ ' ' ' ~ ' ' ~ » ' ' η 

went in. and took her οοχλος, εισελϋων εκρατησεν της.χειρος.αυτης,καιηγερθη 

by the hand, and the 'the ''crowd, having entered he took hold of her hand, and -'arose 

the' famrhoreof weSt ^^ κοράσιον. 26 καΐ εζήλθεν ή.φημη.ηύτη εις υλην τήν 

abroad into all that 'the -damsel. And ^wcnt *out 'this '^report into all 

' γήν εκείνην. 

27 And when Jesus ^iiand 'that, 

flcpart^d thence, two ^- ^. , / » ~λ - >t - > > /λ ; > «.„ 

b'ind men followed 27 Kat τταραγοντι εκείθεν τφ Ιησου, ηκολονθησαν ^αυτψ'^ 

him, crying, and say- And -passing ^on *thcnce 'Jesus, ^followed '•'him 

iug, Ι/ιυΐί son uf Da- •. , ^-v / ' y « λ / >τ^λ • « ~ u- • « 

Tid, have mercy on u.. cvo τυφΚοι, κραζοντες και λεγοντες, liiAfi/aov 7)μας, *^υιε 

28 And when he was *tvvo ^blind ['men], crying and saying, Have pity on us. Son 

come into the, . r>'^ η cxa >> η ' ?> ' ' > > l ~> a ii » ~ « 

the blind men came to ΔαρίΟ." 28 ελυοντι.δε εις T7]V oiKiav, ^ττροσηλβον" αυτφ οι 

him: and Jesus saith of David. And having come iiico the house, came to him the 

y άπόλλυνται are destroyed ltth. * olyov viov eU ασκούς βάΧΚουσιν L. * αμφότεροι 
GLTTrAW. b -\- el? (read a certain ruler) glti. ^ προσελθών having come to [him] l ; €ΐσελΟων 
having entered TAW. ^ — on τ. ^ ηκολονθζίΐ,ττΓχ. f — Ίησοΰςτ. g στραφείς ltt• a. 

i» eAeyi^said LTTrA. i — αντω L[Tr]. J' ν'ώς Δαυριδ ι<ΤΤγα; υιέ Λανι'δ GW, _ Ι προ^τηλθαν LTr. 

IX, χ. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 23 

τυφλοί, και λέγει αντοίς ο'Ιησονς,11ιστζνίτξ.οτιΙ)νναμαι'^^^°^^^^^''^^^^^^2γ 
bliud [men], !iud -suys •''toHhom * Jesus, Believe ye thart I am able tiijgp They said un- 

^^τοϋτο ΤΓΟιησαι^ Αεγονσιν αύτψ, Ναί, κνριε. 29 Τότε i'jxparo *° ^^°^> J^\ ^°^,^• 

this to do? They say to him, Yea, ^ Lord. Theu he touched ξ^/^^^η^^_\°^^^^^^ 

των. οφθαΧαών. αυτών s λέγων. Κατά τΎΐν.ττίστιν.νμών -γένη- cording- to your faith 
Vir^yes. ^ sayW, According to your f aitC ' be ^-^-Jo you. ^3^^^^^^^ 

θητω vaiv. 30 Και "άνεΐ/ίχθί^σαν" αυτών οι οφθαλμοί' και and Jesus straitiy 

it to you. And were opened their eyes; and ^harRed them, saying, 

, r> / ,. > I » - Λ ' « ~ rs V ^^® ^^^^^ °o ™''^" know 

^ενεβριμησατο^^ αυτοις υ lησoυςy λέγων, Οράτε μηοεις γίνω- it. 3ΐ But they, when 

"strictly ^charged *them 'Jesus, saying. See =no ^one 'let *hey were departed, 

oi /^' 5>\ '^ Λ n' ^ .' , , , ,-Λ ~ spread abroad his 

σκετω. 31 Οι.όέ εξελθόντες οιεφημισαν αντον εν ολ^ Ty fame in all that couu- 
know [it]. But they having gone out made "kjiowu 'him in all try. 

yy εκείνη. 
"land 'that. 

S2 Αύτών.δε εξερχόμενων, ι^ού,. τνροσηνεγκαν αύτφ ^άν- 32 As they went out, 

And as they were going out, behold, they brought to him a behold, they brought 

Λ π , " ν• ν ' f»r» ^ 1 η>•\ f\< to him a dumb man 

θρωτΐον'' κωφον όαιμονιζομενον. 33 και εφληθεντος possessed with a devil. 

man dumb, possessed by a demon. And ^having *bcen ^cast ^out 33 And when the devil 

του δαιμονίου, ελάλησεν 6 κωφός' και εθανμασαν οι ί}χλοι, TpakeTlnd* the mult i^- 
'the ^deraon, "spake ''the ^dumb. And ^wondered 'the ^crowds, tudes marvelled, say- 

λέγοντες, ι'Όη" ουδέποτε εφάνη ο'ύτως Ιν τψ Ισραήλ, 34 Οΐ.δε J^f^ ?* ίΙηαδΓ^" But 

saying. Never was it seen thus in Israel. But the the Pharisees said, He 

Φαρισαωι ελεγον, Έν τψ άρχοντι τών δαιμονίων εκβάλλει ^^Γοϊίτι the princTof 

Pharisees said, By the prince of the demons he casts out ^^^q devils. 
τά δαιμόνια, 

the demons. 

35 Και ττεριήγεν ό'ϊησοϋς τάς πόλεις πάσας και τάς κώμας, ,^^ Α^? ,^*^®"^. "^^°ί 

^And^e^t^out 'Jesu.s Hhe^e.ities ^ ^all' %nd the ^ vilWeV. ^1<ί^^^^^^^^^ 
διδάσκων εν ταϊς-συναγωγαΐς-αυτών, και κηρύσσων το εϋαγ- their synagogues, and 

teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the glad ξ'^β mI dom^^^ind 

γελιον της βασιλείας, και θεραπεύων πασαν νόσον και πάσαν healing every sickne.-s 

tidings of the king.lom, and healing every disease and every '^■^^ every disease 

■Γ ' » ~ -v ~ ri r. 'Γ> » ^^ y » » among the people. 

μαλακιαν 'εν τφ λαφ, 36 ιδων.δε τους όχλους, ε- 36 But when he saw 

bodily weakness among the people. And having seen the crowds he was the multitudes, he was 

,„ ,,~ ,/ τ c>N-v'iiv moved with oompas- 

σπλαγχνισθη περί αυτών, οτι ήσαν ^εκλελυμενοΓ και sion on them, because 

moved with compassion for them, because they wejre wearied and they fainted, and were 

♦ ,,. ' II V ' Ml Ό ' -•' ' o-r ' > ' scattered abroad, as 

^ερριμμενον^ ^ωσει" πρόβατα μη έχοντα ποιμένα. 37 τότε λέγει sheep having no shep- 

cast away as sheep not having a shepherd. Then he says herd. 37 Then saith he 

η ~ »~«/-\ ' η ^ >/•'•«?>(» / unto his disL-iplcs, The 

τοις.μαθηταις.αντου, Ο μεν θερισμος πολύς, οι.δε εργαται harvest truly is pien- 

to his disciples, The '^indeed 'harvest [is] great, but the workmen teous, but the labour- 

'Λ ' . oo ^'Λ f ~ ' ~/i ~ t' ers are few: 38 pray 

ολίγοι' 38 όεηθητε ουν του κυρίου του θερισμου, όπως ye therefore the Lord 
[are] few; supplicate therefore the Lord of the harvest, that of the harvest, that he 

εκβάλ^ ίργάτας εΙς τόν.θερισμδν.αύτοϋ. ^^^^oVA'^e^' 

he may send out workmen into his harvest. 

^ 10 ^^^ προσκαλεσάμενος τους δώδεκα μαθητάς αϋτοΰ^ 

And having called to [him] ' ^twelve Pdisciples 'his 

ίδωκεν αύτοΧς εξουσίαν πνευμάτων ακαθάρτων) ώστε χ. And when he had 

he gave to them authurity over ^spirits 'unclean, so as called untp him his 

»yO'^^ '' ^ η ' ~ '' x~ twelve disciples, he 

εκραΚλειν αυτά, και υεραπευειν πασαν νοσον και πασαν gave them power α- 

to cast out them, and to heal every disease and every gainst unclean .-pirits, 

J ' \ ' ' to cast them out, and 

μαΑαΚίαν. to li^al all manner of 

bodily weakness. sickness and all man- 

2 Ύών.δε δώδεκα αποστόλων τά ονόματα εστίν ταύτα' thJiJmes oTthe tw^f^ 

Now of the twelve apostles the names are these: apostles are those; The 

™ ποί-ήσαι τοΰτο L. » την^ι^χθ-ησα.ν LTrA^ ° €νεβριμήθη LTTrA- Ρ — άρθρωττον {read fone]) 
L^Tfa]. ^ «1 — OTi GLTTrAW. ' — e:/ TtG λαω GLTI. AW. « ea/cvA/xeVot harassed GLXTi AWt 

* ρεριμμείΌΐ L; ept.,u/i.eVot ΤΤγΔ. » ώς Χγ, 

24 Μ A Τ θ A ί Ο 2. Χ. 

first, Siraon, tvho is ττρώτος Σίμων 6 λεγόμενος Ήετροςι και * Ανδρέας 6 άSε\<p^ς 

called Peter and r ^.^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^^^ Andrew ^brother 

Andrew his brother; , , ^ , ~ ^ ^ , « >-r ' » . .s > » 

James ihe soji of Zeb• avTov "" Ιακωβος Ο τουΖεμεύαιον, και Ιωαννή,ς ο αοελφος 

edee, and John his ij^j James the [son] of Zebedee, and John ^brother 

brother ; 3 Phihp, and '^ » -A η > ~ ^ ~ ^ -n.»- λ ~ ii 

Baitifoiomcw; Tho- avTOV 3 ΦιΛίτΓΤΓος, Kizt Βαρθολομαιος' Θωμάς, και ^ΜαΓϋαιος" 

mas, and l^Iatthew the ij^^g Philip, and Bai'tholomew; Thomas, and Matthew 

publican;• James ihe ^ ' , ~ ' a ^ j. ' ' va O/O ~ « 

SOJI of Aiphceus, and ο τελώνης' Ιακωρος ο τον Αλφαιον, και ^Αερραιος ο 

Lebbasus; \vhose snr- d^q tax-g-athcrcr; James the [son] of Alphajus, and Lebbieus who 

name was Thaddieus; , ^^v y-wτ>'^•v ii^c^' < 7Τ/- ' π ^ 'τ ' 5> 

4SimontheCanaanite, ετΓίκληθεις θαδοαιος'" 4 Σιμων ο ^Και^ανιτης,^^ και Ιονόας 

and Judas Iscariot, wassurnamed Thaddieus; Simon the Cananite, and Judas 

who also betrayed . >^>_ / ii « » ?■ ^ ' ' 

him. ^ Ισκαριώτης, ο και παραόονς αυτόν. 

Iscariote, who also delivered up him. 

5 Τούτους τους δώδεκα άττεστειλεν υ Ίησοϋς, τταραγγείΧας 

These twelve ^sent ^forth * Jesus, having charged 

αύτοΤς, λέγων, Έις οδον εθνών μή.άττελθητε, και εις 

them, saying, Into [the] way of the Gentiles go not off, and into 

5 These twelve Jesus ,ττόλιν ^Σαμαρειτών^^ μή.εΐσελθητε' 6 πορεύεσθε.δε μάλλον 

sent forth, and com- < a city of [the] Samaritans enter not; but go rather 

manded them, saying, , , ,^ »>-νΛ' " »τ 'λγτ 

Go not into the way of ττρος τα 7Γρο(5ατα τα ατΓολωλοτα οίκον Ισραήλ. 7 ττο- 

the Gentiles, and into to the sheep the lost of [the] house of Israel. ^Go- 

rSans^enter ye notl ρενόμενοι δε κηρύσσετε, λέγοντες, "Οτι ήγγικεν η βασιλεία 

6 but go rather to the ing 'and proclaim, saying, Has drawn near the kingdom 

oTisrae'i!^ 'r And aTye τών Ουρανών. 8 άσθενούντας θεραπεύετε, '^λεπρούς καθαρί- 

go, preach, saying. The of the heavens. Sick heal, lepers 'cleanse, 

a^fin^^Heirthl ζετε,νεκρονς ΙγεΊρετε^^ δαιμόνια ίκβάλλετε. δωρεάν ελάβετε, 

sick cleanse the lepers, dead raise, demons cast out: gratuitously ye received, 

SvUs^iefy yetave ^^ρεάι^ δότε. 9 Μή-κτησησθε χρυσόν, μηδέ άργυρον, μηδk 
received, freely give, gratuitously impart. Provide not gold, nor eilver, nor 

L^r'sTvlrn1?bL?s?n Χ«λ/ίόι^ «'C Γας.ζώι/ας.νώ^^ Trrypav εις δδόν,μηδί 

your purses 10 nor money in your belts, nor provision-bag for [the] way, nor 

ney^eUheί'S;S: ^vo χιτώνας, μηδέ ύ^οδηματα, μηδέ ^ράβδον'^^ ψ^^'Χ^Ρ ,^ 
neither shoes, nor yet two tunics, nor sandals, nor a staff: for worthy the 

staves : for the work- ^ργ^,της τής.τροφης.αντοΰ 'εσην." 11 Είς.ην.δ'.άι πόλιν η 
me?t. Tl^'^Sd^ into workman of his food is. And into whatever city or 

whatsoever city or KwjLti^v είσελθητε, εζετάσατε τις εν αύτ-^ άξιος εστίν' κάκεΐ 

inqulre^who in7t is ^^^^-^Se ye enter, inquire who in ^ it worthy^ is,^ and there 

worthy; and there a- μείνατε, εως.άν Ιξελθητε. 12 είσερχόμενοι.δε εις την οικ'ιαν, 

ίο*^» ^ψ- ^u ^° *^^°°^• remain until ye go forth. But entering into the house, 

12 And when ye come , , y . τ « > / > v' «λ λ' ii 

into an house, salute άσττάσασθε αύτην. 13 και εαν μεν y η οικία άξια, ^ελθετω" 

it. 13 And if the house ^^^^^^.^ -^j.. j^^^ if indeed ^be Hhe ••'house worthy, let come 

be worthy, let your ,,, , ,, ,, »,''rvv <τ , y, .>/ «~ 

peace come upon it: ^^.ειρηνη.υμών €7Γ αυτήν' εαν.οε μη -y άξια, ij. ειρήνη. ν μων 

but if it be not worthy, your peace upon it; but if it be not worthy, ••■your -^peace 

let your peace return ,,^, , _. ><^>,'^ιι 'τ>'ν «~ 

toyou. 14 And whoso- ττρος υμάς επιστραφητω. 14 και ος.'^εαν'^ μη.όεξηται υμάς, 

ever shall not receive sjio ^you 4et ''return. And whoever will not receive you, 

you, nor hear your >,,, »>/ < ^ ly > \ ~ >/ n~. 

words, when ye depart μηόε aκoυσy τους.λογους.νμων, εξερχόμενοι Ύης οικίας η της 

out of that house or nor will hear your words, going forth of [that] house or 

city, shake off the dust ,^ , , , /J , , i^ ^ j, ^ « ^ 

ofyourfeot. i5\"eriiy τΓολεως εκεινης, εκτινάξατε τον κονιορτρν '^των.ττοοων.υμων, 

Ι say unto you, It '■'city Hhat, shake off the dust of your feet, 

.shall be more tolerable -, r > \ •\ ' t ^ , / «_ ~ v^ ?• ' 

for the land of Sodom 15 αρ;ν λέγω vjuiv, ανεκΓΟΓερον εσται γy 2.οόομων 

and Gomorrha in the Verily I say to you. More tolerable it shall be for [the] land of Sodom 

ίοΙιΙΐ^'^οί^γ^Ιύ^Β^.καΙ^Τομόρρω κρίσεως, ή τy.7Γόλει.ίκείvy.l6Ίδoύ, 

hold, I send you forth and of Gomorrha in day of judgment, than for that city. Lo, 

^ + και and LT. " Μαθθαίος LTTrA. y — ΛεββάΓος ό ΐττικληθείς LTr; — ό €τηκ\ηθ€ΐς Θαδ- 
δαΐοζ ΤΑ. ^ Κσ,ι/αναΓθ5 Canansean LTTiA. a + ό the EGLTA-W. ^ Ίσκαριωθ L. ^ " Ίαμαριτων Τ. 
d ι/εκρου? eyeipere, λεπρού? καθαρίζατε GLTTrA^W. e ράβδους staves "VV. ^ — εστιι/ {read [is]J 
LTT A. g ελθάτω TTr. - ^ av LTTiA. » + ε^ω oiat LTT.A. _ ^^ + e/c (read from your feetj i.i, 
} Τομόρρας TiA. 

χ. MATTHEW. 25 

=γώ αποστέλλω υμάς ως ττοόβατα εν μέσω λιγκών γίνεσθε ^^ ^^^^τ^ ^^ *^° '"i'^st 

Ι^ scndfo^ah you- as ^ "βΐ^οορ -^ in [the] mids. of v-olves: So yo^ ilZ'lJ^'^I^^ 

ovv φροΐ'εμοί ώς OL υψεις, και ακέραιοι ώς αϊ ττεριστεραί. and harmless as doves, 

ihcrcfore pnulent as the serpents, and harmless as the doves. F "^^ί t)eware of men: 

τη ' r^^ > ^ ~ 7 η ' ^ r , , ^^'^ ^^^y '^^^^ deliver 

17 ττροσεχετε.όε airo των ανυρωπο^ν τταραοωσονσιν.γαρ νμας you up to the covjiciis, 

Butbcu-.irc of men; for they will deliver you and they will scourge 

, ,^ ^ , ^ ^ , ^ ,- Joii in their syna- 

εις σννεορια, και εν ταις.συναγωγαις.αντων μαστιγωσονσιν s-ogues; ΐ8 and ye shall 

to sanhedrims, and in their sjTiagogiies they will scourg-e l^e brought before go- 

• -.1^ ,.>. , s,, , r, Λ~ ./Λ' η "«Pernors and kings for 

νμας lo και επι ηγεμόνας ο ε και βασιλείς αχθησεσθε my >ake, for a testi- 

you: and before governors also and kings yeshallbebrou{iht mouj against them 

f , ^ , / , ^ , ^ „r, and tho Gentiles, 

ένεκεν εμού, εις μαρτύρων αυτοις και τοις εθί'εσιν. 19 But when they de- 

on account of me, for a testimony to them and to the nations. Hver yon up, take no 
ic\ '' ^'1 f^~ii<~ ' ' ~n, thought how or what 

W οταν.οε 'τναραόιόωσιν^^ νμας, μη.μεριμνησητε πως η τι yc shall speak : for it 

But when they deliver up you, be not careful how or what shall be given you in 

\>' τη^Λ' » <~»>. ~.r/ 'ηΛ -k' that same hour what 

λαλησητε- "^οοθησεται.γαρ νμιν εν εκείνη t7J ωρφ τι ""λαλη- ye shall speak. 20 For' 
yc should spe.ik: for it shall be given you in that hour what yesliaU it is not yc that speak, 

σε-ε•' " 20 ον.γάρ νμεΊς εστε οι Χαλοϋντες, αλλά το πνεύμα Khc?wMch''spLkcth 

speak: for "not 'ye '•'arc they who speak, but tho Spirit in you. 21 And the 

τοΰ.πατρυς.ί'μών το λαλούν εν νμΧν. 21 ΤΙαρα^ώσειΜ ^'^^^o^tl^odSi 

of your Father which speaks in you. But -will 'deliver -"up and the father the 

αύελφος άόείφ'υν βίς θάνατον^ κΐ^ί πατήρ τ'εκνον και επανα- dm? shau Vse^u?^ 

'brother broilier to death; and father child: and -will gainst their ' parents 

στήσονται ■ τίκνα επί γονεΧς^ και θανατώσονσιν αυτούς. ^^^ t^o'd-ath°^2*Aid 

^rise^up 'children against parents, and will put to death them. ye shall be'hated of all 

22 και εσεσθε μισονμενοι υπό πάντων δια το.ονοαά.αου' "'f^ for my name's 

, 1 .,,,', J ^ , ,, , „ Γ Γ sake: but he that eu- 

^ And ye will be ^ hated by aU on account of my name; dureth to the end shall 

ο2ε νπομείνας εις τέλος, ούτος σωθησεται. 23 οταν.δε i>c saved. 23 But when 

but he that endures to [the] end, he shall be saved. But when JhiJ c^ity ""fleo^ye^hito 

διώκωσιν νμας εν ΤΏ.πόλει.ταύτυ, φεύγετε εις °Γ/)ν.αλλην•" ρ auothcr: for verily ι 

they persecute you in this city, flee to another: say unto you, Ye shall 

•' ^^ , / t ^ , , / , not have gone over the 

άμήν.γάρ λέγω υμΧν, ου. μη τελεσητε τάς πόλεις cities of Israel, till tha 

for verily I say to you. In no wise will ye have completed the cities 

Son of man be come. 

- τ J \ II - .[ i' Λ « ( V ~ I , J 24 The disciple is nob 

'^του^^ Ισραήλ εως.^αν ελΘy ο νιος τού ανθρωπον. 24 Ουκ above his master, nor 

of Israel until he come the Son of man. "^iot the servant above his 

w ,,, ,,^,^, ,^,^^^ ,, lord. 25 It is enough 

εστίν μαυητης νπερ τον όιοασκαλον, ουδέ δούλος νπερ for the disciple that he 

=*is ^a ^disciple above the teacher, nor a bondman above ^e as his master, and 

, ,.s.„_, Λ ~ η ~ " ' ' the servant as his lord. 

τυν.κυριον.άυτου. 2ϋ αρκετον τφ μαθηττ^ ινα γενηται ως if they have called the 

his lord. Sufficient for the disciple that he become as master of the house 

«r>^/ .. J- ,,r>~.^ f,/ >~ »a> Beelzebub, how much 

ο.οιοασκαλος.αυτου, και ο δούλος ως ο.κυριος.αυτου. ει "^τον more shall they call 

his teacher, and the bondman as his lord. If ''the them of lii» household? 

» Λ / II τ, \ V ο I'k t ' 'Λ II ' ~Λ Λ 26 Fear them not thcre- 

οικοδεσποτην" Βεελζερονλ ^ε/οαλεσαν," ποσφ /μάλλον fore : for there is ηο- 

•master ^of ^the '^houso "Beel^ebul ' they '-called, how much more thing covered, that 

„ ^ > , ,, , ~ „„ , ~ ^ a n~ • ' ' sh.iU not be revealed; 

^τονς οικιακούς''. avTov, 2b Μη ουν φοβφητε αυτούς and hid, that shall not 

those of his household? ^ ^Isot ^therefore 'ye -shoul L fear them; be known.' 27 'What I 

ij>< ' ■> ^ I η . ■> , Λ^/3',. tell you in darkness, 

ουόεν.γαρ εστίν κεκαλνμμενον ο ουκ.αποκαλυφυησεται ^Λαί speak ye in light • 

for nothing is covered which shall not be uncovered, and what ye hear in 

και κρνπτον ο ον.γνωσθήσεΫαι. 27 ^ δ λέγω ύ/ίΐϊ^ tv ry ^cVonthi'houSS 

and hidden which shall not be known. 'WTaat I tell you in the 23 And fear not them 

σκοτκ^, είπατε εν τφ φωτί' και ο εις το ούς άκούετε κη- 

darkness speak in the light ; and what in the ear ye hear pro- 
ρύ'ζατε επι των ονομάτων. 28 και "^μή.φοβηθήτε^^ άπο 

claim upon the hoaseto))s. And ye should not fear because of 

' τταραδωσιν they shall have delivei'ed LTTi•. "" [δοθι;. γαρ νμΐν ev eKetvr] τή ωρα τι λαλι?.] Γ'. 
° λαλ77σητε ye should speak ττ,α. ° ti]u erepav the next oi.TTr. ° + καν ef T77 erzpa {καν 
€K ταντηζ G) δίώκωσιν υμάς, φζΰγΐτε εΙς την άλλην aud if m the next (and if from this) Liiey 
persociite you. vtleo to another g[l]. q — TouLTrA. •"— ά^^τΑ. ^τ(3 οίκοδ^αττό-τη i^. ^ ίττεκά• 
λ^ςταν the^ have suriiamed gltti aw. v rot? oUiaKols L• " μη φοβ^ΐσθε fear ^^e not CLTTrWi 


which kill the ^Otiy ^ ~jj, ^ά7Γ0|CΓF.Lvόvτωv^^ TO σώμα, τήν.δί 'φνχήν μη.^ναμϊνων 

thcTou?? but rather those who kill the body, but the soul are not able 

fear him wliich is able cLTTOKTUvaC ^φοβηθηΤΕ-^^δί μολλον TOV δννάμενον Vat" 

an/^body in hcul to kill; but ye should fear rather liim who is able both 

29 Are not two spar- ώνχήν καΐ σώμα άτΓοΧεσαι Ιν yuvvy. 29- ουχί δυο στρονθία 

rows sold for a farth- ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ destroy in Gehenna. "j^ot Hwo ' «sparrows 

lUg? and one ot them -^ >'~ χ -v ? ν > ~ > » 

shall not fall on the" ασσαρίον ττωλεΤται J και iv .εξ αυτών ου.ττεσέιται επί την 

ground withoiit your e^gj. τ,^^ Sj^gg^^j.^Q^ 'are^sold? and one of them shall not fall to tho 

i\ather. 30 But the ^ „ ^ λ . ~ ολ « ~ τ>' ^ » ' 

•very hairs of your γ ην aj^sv τον.ττατρος.νμο^ν' όΌ νμων.οε και αι τρίχες της 

bead are all numbered, ground without your Father. But of you even the hairs of the 

31 Fear ye not there- , >. ~ ~ ν η ' > ' οι ' τ «^ ο •λ~ ,ι 

fore, ye are of more κεφαλής ττασαι ηριθμημεναι εισιν. 31 μη ουν ^φοβηθητε'^^ '■ 

value than many spar- head all numbered are. ^Not ^therefore 'ye "should *f ear; 

rows. 32 Whosoever λλ- /t s».' '~ οηττ-τ r> 

therefore shall con- - τΓολλων στρονβιων οιαφερετε υμεις. 32 ΎΙας ουν οσ- 

fpss me before men, than many sparrows better are ye. Every one therefore whoso- 

him will I confess also « λ ' •, ■> \ » η ~ »'' ή ' < \ ' 

before my Father τις υμοΚογήσει 8V ίμοι εμττροσΰεν των ανυρωττων, υμοΑογΐ]σω 

which is in heaven, ever shall confess me before men, -'will *conf ess 

33 But whosoever shall ,\,>~« η ~ / -»h' 

deny me before men, καγω iv αντψ εμττροσυεν του.ττατρυς.μον TOV εν " ουρανοις 

him will I also deny ^also Ί him before my Father who [is] in [tho] heavens. 

wMch is'^m heaii^y 33 οστις.^δ' av" άρνησηταί με έμπροσθεν τών ανθρώπων^ 

34 Think not that I am But whosoever shall deny me before ' men, 
ShiV^camrnot to άρνησομαι ^αυτον κταγώ" έμπροσθεν του. πατρός. μου τον εν 

Bend peace but a ^will *deny ^him -also ^I before my Father who [is] in 

crmito¥et a mane's ^ ουρανοϊς. 34: Μή.νομίσητε oTi 'ϊ]λθον βαλείν είρηνην επι 

variance against his [the] heavens. Think not that I came to place peace on 

£iSSt^il¥mot\fr' ^^^ r'>' ονκ.^Χθον βαλεΊν είρηνην, αλλά μάχαιραν. 35 ^λθον 

and the daughter in *^^ earth : I came not to place peace, but a sword. '^I ^came 

law against her mother y^p διχάσαι άνθρωπον κατάτον.πατρος.αντον,καΐ θυγα- 

Se^Xafz fce thTy'^of 'fo'^to's^*^*^^^^^^^^ ^ ^''^ against his father, and a daugh- 

his own household, τψα κατά της.μητρος.αύτηζ, ' και ννμφην κατά της πεν- 

the^^or^mother more *®'" against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against -mother- 

than me is not worthy θεράς αντηζ" 36 και ΊχθροΙ τον.άνθρώπον οι οικιακοί 

of me: and he that ^^,i^^ ij^er. And pnemies of the man [shaU be] =^househo]d 

loveth son or daughter , . , ^ , « , , , , ^ 

more than me is not avTov. 37 Ο ψιλών πατερα Tf μητερα νπερ εμε ονκ.εστιν 

worthy of me. 38 And ij^jg^ He that loves father or mother above me is not 

he that taketh not his ^ , « \ « λ / « • > \ > 

cross, and foiioweth μου αΈ,ιος' και ο φίλων νιον η θυγατέρα νπέρ εμε ονκ 

after me, is not worthy of jr-e worthy; and he that loves son or daughter above mfl *not 

of me. 39 He that find- „ . „„ «r^ > « » \ /5 ' » * χ . ~ 

eth his life shall lose it: εστίν μον αξίΟς' 38 fCttl ος Ον.λαμβανεΐ TOVMTaVpOV.aVTOV 

and he that loseth his 43 of me worthy. And he that takes not his cross 

life for my sake shall ν , ν . ^ ~ , . , » «y on < « » 

find it. 40 He that re- και ακολονθει οπισω μου ουκ εστίν μου άξιος. ό\) ο εύρων, 

eeiveth you receiveth and follows after me "not 'is of me worthy. He that has found 

me, and he that re- ^i» >~>\' >/ \« 'λ' ^ 

eeiveth me receiveth την.ψυχην.αυτου απολεσει αυτήν' και ο απολεσας την 

him that sent me. his life shall lose it ; and he that has lost 

41 He that receiveth ai i ,»,,r ,~«/ , r /irv «/-»?' 

prophet in the name ψ^χην uvTOv ενεκεν εμον ενρησΒΐ αυτήν. 40 Ο δεχόμενος 

of a prophet shall re- "life 'his on account of me shall find it. He that receives 

ceive a nronhet's re- «'~>>t>/ . \ «ι\λ/ »>» ■ > > 

ward ; and he that ^^/^«^ ψ^ δεχεται' και Ο εμε οεχομενος δέχεται τον απο- 

receiveth a righteous you me receives ; and he that m^ receives receives him who sent 

T\ ighteous ""mTn στείλαντά με. 41 6 δεχόμενος προφήτην εις όνομα προ- 

shall receive a iight- ™e. " H« that receives a prophet in [the] name of a 

ir^^d"''' whosoever Φ^'^^υ μισθον προφήτον ^λη-φεται'^^ και 6 δεχόμενος 

shall give to drink ηη- prophet [the] reward of ^prophet shall receive ; and he that i^2ceives 

to one of^these utUo ζΊ^αιον Είς όνομα δίκαιον μισθον δίκαιον 

ones a cup ο co a righteous [man] in [the} name of a righteous [man] the reward of a righteous 
CV77^€rai." 42 και ος.δδάν" ποτιστή ενα τών μικρών 

[man] shall receive. And whoever shall give to drink to one ^littlf "Ones 

^ a.TTOK.TevovTfiiV G'y αττοκτ^ννόντων ΙΛΎτΑ.. y φοβύσθε ieox \e Ύ\. ^ [και] L. ^ φοβεΊσθί 
fear ye LTTja/ b -i- rot^the LJ_TfjA. ^δέ LTrA. «* κά-γω αντο»' LTTrA, e ή. jqI^ \,]xq ].[TiJA• 

f \Tqjj.\f/eTai LfTiJi. 6 αϊ/ LT?r, 

χ ΧΙ. Μ Α τ τ Η Ε W. 27 

Γοντων ττονηριον φνχρον μόνον εις όνομα μαθητού, ^i^^ter only in Uie name 

•of-'aicae, a cup of coid [water] ouly iu [the] name of a disciple, ga/untoTou, hl^sliiU 

άμ7)ν Χεγω νμΧν, 61).μή ctKoXkay τον.μισβυν .αυτόν. in no -wise lose his γθ- 

Turily I s<iy to you, in nowise shall he lose his reward. waro. 

11 Και ^/ξ,νετο οτε ετεΧεσεν 6 Ίήσονς διατάσσων τοΧς " ^ΐ. And it came to 

And it came to pass when ''had ^finished 'Jesus• commanaing• pass, when Jesus' had 

y/r. η ~,~ -'/D'-n -??' ' ^^*^® ^^ ^^^ °^ '-'°"^" 

όωόεκα μαϋηταις αυτόν, μετερη εκειΌεν τον έωασκειν και mand-ing his twelve 

"twelve '^disciples 'his, he departed thence to teach and disciples, he departed 

, , ^ ,x , ~ thence to teach and to 

κηρνσσειν εν ταις.ττοΧεσίν.αυτων. preach in their cities. 

to preacli in their cities. 

<:-k «/-v ^« •τ ' ' '' » -^ ^ / , « ~ 2 i^ow when John had 

2 Ο.δε.ΐωαννης άκουσας εν τφ δεσμωτηριφ τα έργα τον heard in the prison the 

Now John having heivrd in the prison the works of the works of Christ, he 

/.; v,'^'ii~ η ~ '~oT >~ sent two of his dieci- 

χριστον, ττεμψας '^ϋνο^ των.μαβητων.αντον , 3 ειττεν αντφ, pies, 3 and said unto 

Christ, having sent two of his disciples, said to him, him, Art thou he that 

v^ 1 τ « ' ' " " V ~ ί T^ > ' should come, or do we 

Σν.εί ερχόμενος, η έτερον προσύοκωμεν; 4 Και αποκρι- look for another? 4 Je- 

A.rt thou the coming [one], or another are we to look for ? And ^answer- sus answered and said 

θε}ς υ ' Ιησούς είττεν αΰτοίς, Πορενθίντες άπαγγειΧατε Ιωάννη ^w JohTaga^ntho^e 

ing 'Jesus said to them, Having gone relate to John things which ye do 

α άκονετε και βΧέπετε' 5 τνψΧοι άναβΧεττονσιν, ^και" brfnd''''?eclfvJ ^thclr 

what ye hear and see : biind receive sight, and sight, and the lame 

χωΧοι περιττατονσιν Χεττροι καθαρίζονται, ^koV^ κωφοί Sinsed^lnd Ae' deaf 

lame walk ; lepers are cleansed, and deaf hear th« dead are 

άκυνονσιν' ^νεκροί εγείρονται, ^KaV' πτωχοί ενα-γγεΧίζονται' pised up, and the poor 

, J J ''j 1 '*Tj have the gospel preach- 

hcar ; dead are raised, and poor are evangelized. ^^ ^^ thcni. 6 And 

6 και μακάριος εστίν, ος.'^εαν" μή.σκανδαΧισθ-η εν εμοΊ. blessed is λβ, whosoever 

And blessed is, whoever shall not be offended in me. fii"" offended 

7 ΎοΰτωνΜ ΤΓορενομενων ΊΊρξ,ατο ό Ίησονς λέγειν τοΊς 
But as these Λvere• going '^began ^ Jesus to say to the 

υχΧοις -κερί Ίωάννον, Ύί "εξέλθετε" εις την ερημον 7 And• as they de- 
crowds concerning John, What went ye out into the wilderness parted, Jesus began to 
θεάσασθαι ; κάΧαμον νττο άνεμου σαΧενόμενον ; 8 άλλα tudes^onceinin^ohu, 

to look at ? a reed by [the] wind shaken ? But What went ye out into' 

ri "εξ/7λθε-ε" ϊδεΊν; άνθρωπον εν μαΧακοΧς^Ίματίοις' ήμφιεσ- i',ril^Xk'en''with 

what went ye out to see ? a man -'/ in soft . garments ar- ^^e wind ? 8 But what 

μενον; ιδον, οι τά μαΧακά φοροϋντες εν το7ς οίκοις ^^ΙΙ^^^Ιξ^ΐγ^'^^^^Ι 

rayed? Behold, those who the soft [garments] wear in tlie houses raiment? behold, tiiey 

τώνβασιΧεων ^'είσίν'' 9 αλλά τί ΗξήΧθετε!'^ "^Ιδεϊν;. ττρο- ^ΓιΓ^ηί' hoS 

of kings are. But what went ye out to see? a pro- 9 jj^^ what went ye 

φητην^ ναι, λέγω νμΤν, καί ττερισσότερον ττροφητον' XJ^ll'^T^^^ZtO 

phct ? Yea, I say to you, and [one] more excellent than a prophet. ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^ 

10 οί'Γος/γάρ" tffrtv ττερί oh -γεγρατΓται, 'ICo/', "^εγώ" prophet lo For this is 

For this is [he] concerning whom it has been written,-'Behold, I teA,°Bdboldil* eud my 

άττοστέλλω τδν.άγγεΧόν.μον ττρό ττροσώττον.σον, 'δς" κατα- messenger before thy 

send ^ ^myWssengeV betW thy face, ^ who, ^ ^^all f^^^. -^^^shaU jre- 

σκενάσει τήν.ΰύόν,σον έμπροσθεν σου' 11 Άμην λέγω υμίν, thee. 11 Veriiy ι say 

prepare thy way before thee. Eerily I say to you, unto you, Among them 

^ , , , ~ ~ ,y J ' that are born of wo- 

οί'κΛγηγΕρται εν γεννητοΧς γυναικών μείζων Ιωάννου men there hath not 

there has uoL risen among [those] born of women a greater than John risen a greater than 

, ~ , -r., , ' - ο \ ' - John the Baptist: not• 

rov ραπτιστου' ο.οε μικρότερος εν Ty ρασιλεκ} των withstanding he that 

the Baptist. But he that [is] less ' in the kingdom of the is least in the kingdom 

,v •„-> ~' ιι•lΓ>»^'^>~ < ^ >r ' of heaven is greater 

ουρανών μείζων ^αντου εστίν J^ 12 απο.οε των 7ΐμερων Ιωάννου than he. 12 And from 

heavens greater than he is. But from the days of John the days of John, the 

m me. 

^ δια by (his disciples) ^γχιΑΛΥ. ' [καΐ] LXr. ^ [καΐ] L. ' + και and [LJXTrA.^ «" av 
LTr. η ε^τίλθατε LTT. Α. ° — ίματιοΐ9 {read [garments] ) [lJtiiA. ρ — elaiv (read 

[arej) t[aJ. q προφήτην ISelv ; (read But why went ye out ? to see a prophet ?^ ta. 

' — yap for t[lt.a]. » [eycjj l. » «at {read and he sliall prepare) u " i<rTly αντοΰ a, 


Baptist until now the γοΐ) βαπτκττοϊ) 'έως άρτι, η βασιΚύα των ουρανών βιά' 

fufflrethviolencirind ^^^ Baptist until now, the kingdom of the heavens is taken by 

the violent take it by ζξ,γαι, Koi βίασται άρπάζονσιν αύτην. IS ττάντ^ς.Ύάρ oi 

force 13 For all the ^^^^^^^^^^;{^g-j ^iole^t g^^^e it. For all the 

prophets .and the law , , / ». > / / 

prophesied untiiJohn. ττροώήται KUi Ο νομο'ς εως Ιωάννου 77Γροεφητενσαν'^\14: καί 

14 And if ye will re- prophets and the law ^'until ^John 'prophesied. And 

ceive li, this IS Ehas, , ',.• ^'y η . ^ » χ'ττλ ' ί< 'λ λ " η 

which was for to come. £i, t/tAers οεξασυαι, αυτυς εστιν^ tlAiag^ υ μελ\ων ερχΒσυαι,^ 

1Γ> He that hath ears to if ye are willing to receive [it], he is Elias who is about to come, 

hear, let him hear. , _ , „ ^ „ , , ,, , ι t r> rn> -s > « /• 

1(5 But whereunto shall 15 Ο (χων ωτα^ακουζιν, ακουετω. ΐΌ.ίΐνι.όε ομοιώσω 

Ι liken this generation? He that has ears to hear, let him hear. But to what shall I liken 

It is like unto children , , , t / , < , r» / π „, , 

sitting in the markets, τήν.γενεαν.ταυτην '^ όμοια εστίν ^τταιόαρωις" ^εν αγοραις 

and calling unto their this generation ? ^ike Mt ^is to little children in [the] markets 

fellows, 17 and saying, n'lih* ^ ~ ~». ,^.τ- 

We have piped unto καθημενοις, °και ττροσφωνονσιντοις.εταιροις.αντων, 17 και 

you, and ye have not sitting, and calling to their comxjanions, and 

danced; we have > ; ii ττ >n ' « ~ \ » » / π ά ' 

mourned unto you, \ε•γουσιν, ϊίυλησαμΐν νμιν, και ουκ.ωρχησασυί' ευρηνήσαμεν 

and ye have not la- saying. We piped to you, and ye did not dance ; we mourned 

mented. 18 For John /,f~ii ^>^/I η -lo τχτλ λ > 'τ ' ' ' Λ' 

came neither eating ^υμιν, και ουκΛΚοψασβε. 18 ϊίλβεν.γαρ Ιωάννης μήτε εσυιων 

nor di-inking, and they to you, and ye did not wail. For ^came 'Jdlm neither eating 

i9^Ti?e^ So? of "^Sii- M^^ ττίνων, Kui Χεγουσιν, Ααιμόνιον εχει. 19 ηλθεν 6 χάος 

came eating and drink- nor drinking, and they say, A demon he lias. ^Came 'the ^Son 

ho!d*a'\ia7ghTtt?nI TO^ άνθρώτΓου εσθίων και τήνων, καΐ λεγουσιν, Ί^ού, 

OUS, and a wincbibber ^οΐ *man eating and drinking, and they say. Behold, 

andTinners ^But^w^- ^'^θοωτΓος φάγος και οίνοττότης^ τελωνών φίλος καί 

dom is justified of her "■ ^"^^^ ^ glutton and a wine bibber, of tax-gatherers a friend aud 

children. , αμαρτωλών, και εδικαιώθη ι) σοφία άττο τών-'^τεκνων""^ αυτής,' 

20 Then began he to of sinners. And ^was ^justified ^wisdom by ^childi-en 'her.' 

"Si mo^t of"S 20 Tore ί'ίρίατο όνειδίζειν τάς πόλεις εν αίς εγενοντο 

mighty works were Then he began to reproach the cities in \vhich had taken place 

^^ηΐέί^ηοΓ•*^ ^η\γοβ ^'^ τ^'λ^ισται δυνάμεις.αϋτοϋ, οτι ού.μξτενόησαν. 21 Ούαί 

unto'^ thee Chorazinl *^® most of his works of power, because they repented not. Woe 

woe unto 'tiicG, Beth- q-q, ^Χοοαζίν'^^ ούαί σοι, ^Βηθσβ'ϊδάν'^^ οτι ει. εν Ύύρω καί 

wor^,'''''wh\ch'^were *ο*^^«' Chorazin ! woe to thee, Bethsaida I for if in. Tyre^ and 

done in you, had been Σίδώνι iykvovTO ai δυνάμεις ai -γενόμέναι εν υμΊν, 

don^they^woulThav^e ^^^^^ had taken place the works of power which have taken place in you, 

repented long ago in ττάλαι av iv σάκκφ KOI σποδφ μετενόησαν. 22 ττλήν λέγω' 

Baokcloth and ashes, long ago in sackcloth and ashes they had repented. But 1 say 

22 But I say unto you, , , v-^^ , / „,«/ 

It shall be more toier- υμΐν, Ti'ooj και Σιοωνι ανεκτοτερον εσται ενήμερα κρίσεως 

able for Tyre and Sidon to you, For- Tyre and Sidon • more tolerable shaU it be in day of judgment 
at the day of judg- ^ , , / ^ / η v, < n " i ~h ' 

ment, than for you. η νμΊν. 23 Kcti συ, ^Καπερναούμ," nr εως Vov" ουρανού 

23 And thou. Caper- than for you. And thou, Capernaum, who to the heaven 
naum, which art ex- i » ι /-> ^ π ti t» ^ i rt η r\' ii »' ' ' n-» ■ ? ' 

aited unto heaven, ''υψωθέίσα," δως ^cou ^καταβιβασθησ^'^ ΟΤΙ ει εν 2.000' 

Shalt be brought down hast been lifted up, to hades shalt be brought down : for if in Sod- 
to hell : for if the „. > ' n t ^ ' « « ' ' _ ' II 

mighty works, which μοις ^'εγενοντο^^ ai δυνάμεις αι^γενομεναι εν σοι,» 
have been done in om had taken place the works of pow^r which have taken place in thee, 
theei had been done in _„ ,, « > ~ / ^λλ λ < >' .' . ~-. V. 

Sodom, it would have °εμ£ΐναν^^.αν μέχρι της.σημερον. 21 πλην λέγω υμιν, on 
remained until this it had remained until to-day. But I say to you, that 
day. 24 But I say unto ~ •»-, V / > ' « » < ' _ ' „ 

you. That it shall be jy Σοόομων ανεκτοτερον εσται εν ήμερα κρίσεως 

more tolerable for the lor [the] land of Sodom more tolerable be in day of judgment 

land of Sodom in the « 

dayof judgment, than V ^0'-' 

for thee. than for thee. 

^ έπροφητ^νσαν LTTrA. * 'HAeto.? T. y τ- aKOveLV t[Ti]a. ^ παώίοις GLTTrAW. 

f* καθημένοκ; kv ayopd (market) L ; καθτημένοις iv ταΐς ά-γοραΐς TTiA. ^ α προσφωνουντα τοΐ? 
cratpot? who calling to the companions (erepots read culling to tlie others Ti'r; ( -I- [αύτώι/] 
their a) \έ•γονσιν say ltti a. c — {,μΐ^ lttiA. '^ έργων wov'k.s TTr. ^ Χοραζείν TTrA. » Βηθ- 
σαϊδά LTr. ε Καφαρτ^αούμ LTT:AW. ^ μη LTTrA, V v\^ i — τοΰ LTTrA. ^ νφωθήοΎΐ ; 

Shalt thou be lilted up? lttia ; ΰψώθής w. ^ • καταβήίττ] thou shalt desceud LTrA. 

» 6•γ€νήθηα•αν LTi^ A, "> €V σοΙ ysvofxevai h,. ». ^fJieivev LTTrA, 


25 Έν ίκεΐνφ τφ καφφ άττοκριθείς υ Ίησο~υς είτην, Έ^ομο- sufamwS α^Ιαί 

At th.i,t time - answering • Jesiis said, I ι thauk thoo. Ο Fa- 

Χογουμαί σοι, τνάτερ, κύριε του ουρανού καΐ της γης 'ότι t';-. ^^^ξ^^^' Hl^f, 

l)raiso thee, Ο Father, Lord of the - heaven and the earth, that ^^^^ ^^^^^ 'j^.^^ ^^^^^ 

Ράπέί:ρυψας" ταΐ,τα άττο σοφών καΐ συνετών, καΐ άπεκάλυψας tW^f^rom the wise 

thou didst hide thesat^iugs from wise . and prudent, and didst reveal j-q^^^i^^ thW unto 
αυτά νηττίοίς. 26 ναί, 6 ττατηρ, otl ο'ύτως ^ly ενετό €ΐ;^οκ:ία" babes 26 Even so, Fa- 
them to babes' Yea, Father" for thus - it was ^ell-pleasing t^^^e^= for so^t^ seem^^^^ 

ΙατΓροσθ'εν σου. 27 Έίάντα μοι' παρεδόθη υττοτού.πατρυς.μου• ;J7 All things are de- 

>e?oro thee. ' All things tUe were^delivered by ^ my Father. ^ ^^I^reJr^'and^'nd m"S 

και ουοείς ίπιγινώσκει τον νιυν ει.μή υ ττατηρ' ούδε τον knoweth the Son, but 

And no one Lows the Son ^ except^ ^the Father ; ^ nor the the^ Jather^ ^ne^ther 

πάτερα τις επιγινώσκει ε'ι.μή 6 υιός, καΐ ψ.εάν. Father, save the Son, 

Father >ny ^'one Moes know except, the Son, and he to whomsoever ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^l^^^^^"^^^! 

ί^ούληται 6 νΙος άττοκαΧύ-φαι. ,28 Δεύτε ττρός με, πάντες him. 28 Come unto, 
may ^wiU Hhe ^'Son to reveal [him]. Come to me, all me all ye that labour 

^ , , y , , , ~ and are heavy laden, 

ot κοπιώντες και πεφορτισμενοι, καγω αναπαύσω ναας. and Ι will give yoa 
ve that labour and are burdened, and I will give '^rcst 'you. rest. 29 Take my yoke 

\ V / 1 » « ~ \ ' ri > > > ~ »f /Uponyou, and learn of 

29 άρατε τυν.ζυγον.μου εφ υμάς, και μάθετε απ εμού, onr ^β; for ι am meek and 

Take my yoke upon you,• and learn from me, for'/lowly in heart: nnrt ye 

^, „ , , , ~ ^r y < f > ' t^hall find rest unto 

'ττρςιος" ειμί και ταπεινός Ty.Kapoiq,' και ευρησετε αναπαυσιν your souk, so For my 

meek I am and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest yoke ii ea^^y, and my 

τα1ς.^1>υχα1ς.νμών. 30 ο.γάρ.ζυγός.μου χρηστός και το φορτΊον ^'^^'ΐ^^ ^^ iiff^t. 

to your souls. For my yoke easy and "'burden 

ιιου εΚαώρόν εστίν. XII. At that time 

Γ,.ττ vZ^f W Jesus went on the 

'"^ ^ " ,n .» - ~ '/3/D ,, sabbath day through 

12 *Ev ΙκεΊνιμ τφ καφφ επορευθη ο Ιησούς τοις 'σαρρασιν^* thecomsandhisdisci- 

At that time went Jesus on the Sabbath , pies were an hungrcd, 

, , ^, /v Λ » ~ > ' ^ and began to pluck the 

Sia των σποριμων' οι.ύε.}ΐαυηται.αυτου' επεινασαν^ και ears of corn, and to 

through the c6ru-£ields ; and his disciples were hungry," and cat. 2 But when the 

., ,, ^ , V 1 n' -» ' ?> Tv - rbarisecs saw zi, they 

ijpiavTO τιΧλειν σταχυας και εσθιειν. 2 οι.όε Φαρισαιοι said unto him, Behold, 

boirau to pUick [the] ears and to eat. But the Pharisees thj- disciples do that 

,.,: . - „ , ~ ,^r> / t η ' ~ '^ 'wliich is not lawful to 

ιδοντες ^είττον" αυτφ, Ιδου, οι.μαθηται.συυ ποιονσιν ο ^ο upon the sabbath 

havin^seen said to him. Behold, thy disciples are doiug what day. 3 But he said un- 

, „„ ^ , r) y ' ο "/-k ?> 7 ' - n'- to them, Have yc' not 

οιιΚΛζεστιν ποιειν εν σαΐόβατφ. ό Ο.όε ειπεν αντοις^ Όυκ ^.^^^^ ^^,^^ i^avid did, 

It is not hiwful to do on sabbath. But he ^ said to them, =Not -when he was an huu- 

άνεγνωτε τι εποίησεν "Άαβίδ^^^ οτε επε'ινασεν ^αυτυς^^' και ^J'ert'.^thhimf 4iow 

"ye 'have read what -did 'David, when he hungered himself and he entered into the 

01 μετ αντοΰ; 4 πώς είσηλθεν εις τον οίκον τούθεοΰ, και J^^^'^he ^shewtoet^ 

those with him? How he entered into the house of God, and -which was not lawful 

τους άρτους της προθέσεως Ηφαγεν,^^ ^Όος" ονκ βόν Ιψ l^^^^^m whirwcre 

the loaves of the presentation he ate, which ^'not lawful it -was .(vith him, but only for 

αί,τφ φαγείν,ονόε τοις μετ' αϋτοϋ, ε'ι.μή τοΊς ιερεύσιν μόνοις ; ^^/nSidintie u^! 

for him to eat, nor for those with him, but for the priests only? how that on the sab- 

5'^H ονκ.άνίγνωτε εν'τφ νόμφ, 'ότι το7ς σάββασιν οι ΙερεΊς ^^^^^''ΐ^^ρΐϊρ^οϊηβ 

Or haveyenotreitd .in the law, that on the sabbaths t^^^ P^^ests J^^^^^^^^^m^P^e ^ 

iv τω ιερω το σάββατον βεβηλονσιν, και αναίτιοι ε'ισιν ; blameless ?6'But Ι sa^ 

'η Ih^e teiip^e the sa^bt^xth ^ Wofane, and guiltless are? ^ Χ%^^^' Z^' ^^el^^ 

6 λενω δε υαίν, οτι του .'ιερόν '^μείζων'''' εστίν ώδε. 7 εΐ.δε than the temple. 7 But 

Bu/lsay toW that Hhan 'the temple Vgreaier ^is here. ^ But^if jjj« ^^^^,^^Γ'ΐ''^^ 

ίγνώκειτε τι 'εστίν, *"Ελ? oi^" θέλω και ου θνσίαν, ονκ αν have mercy, knd not 

ye had known what is, Mercy I desire and not sacrifice, »not sacrifice, ye would not 

r Ρ €κρνψας Ι.ΤΤγΑ: 1 ενδοκί'α eyeVeTO LT. ' πραύς LTTrA. ■ σαββάτοις L. * βίπαν LTTrA. 
▼ Δαυείδ LTTrA ; Δαίίιδ GW. w — αύτος QLTTi AW. » l^ayov LT. y LTTrA. » /xet^ov 
LTTrAW »Έλ«05 LTTrA, 


hnve condemned the icaTiSiKciaarE τονς αναίτιους' 8 κνριοζ.γαρ εσην °ical•^ του 

guiltless. 8 For the i^e =haa condemned the guiltless. For Lord ^is 'also =of ^the 

Son of man is Lord • 

even of the sabbath σαββάτον 6 VLOQ τοΰ.άνθρώπον. 

^' ■'sabbath the son of man. 

9 And when he was ^ f^i^ μ^ταβάς ' ίκείθίν, ΐ)\θεν ε/ς τήν.σνναγωγήνΜ^τών. 

departed thence, he "^^^ having departed thence, he went into their synagogue. 

wuuu into tiicirsyna- jQ καΐ iSov,• άνθρωτΓος *^ην r>)v" χεΤ(θα έχων ζηράν' και 

tS^v^αsa^man which ^"^^ behold, a man there was =^the 'hand 'having withered. And 

had /<is hand with', red. ΐττηρώτησαν avToVy XkyovTEQy Εΐ'Λζεσην τοίζ σάββασιν 

i^linlis UlaiA they asked ^^him, saying, Is it lawful ^ on the sabbaths 

heal on the sabbath '^θεραπενειν^ "ινακατη-γορησώσιν avTOV. 11 ^ Ο. d ε alTtsv αντοΊς, 

days? that they might to heal? • that they might accuse him. But he said to theih' 

accuse him. 11 And he , „ π >v « " λ t\ ov r r> «> 

said unto them, What Ttc ^tcTac^ εξ υμών ανθοωτΓος, ος εζει ττροβατον εν, 

man shall there be What '"'shall ''there *be^of Vou -Van, who shall have ^'sheep 'one, 

among you, that shall , , , ' , ' / ~ .^ • 'an * n'r\ > » 

have one sheep, .and if και εαν εμττεσ^ τοντο τοις ν σάββασιν εις βουννον, ουχί 

it fcall into a pit on and if ^'fall Hhis on the sabbaths into a pit, will not 

the s.abbath day, will , > ^ λ f» ~ π τ r» ' τ ^ ' » 

he not lay hold on it, κρατησει auTO KOL hyspEi '," 12 ΤΓοσφ ovv διαφΐρει av- 

aud lift it out ? 12 How lay hold of it and will raise [it] up ? How much tlien is -'better 'a 

much then is a man rt η ' f/ «v ■ ~ rr ' rtrt ii>~ 

biitter than a sheep? θρώτΓος ττροβατον ; ωστΕ εξεσπν τοιςβσαββασιν^^ καλώς 

AVherefore it is lawful ^man than a sheep ? So that it is lawful on the sabbaths ^well 

to do well on the sab- ~ Tom' \'_ ~ '' h ' -^τι h ^ ~ ' 

bath days. 13 Then TTOiEiv. 13 ΓϋΓε Afeyst τφ.ανθρωττφ, Εκτεινον ^την χείρα 

saith ho to the man. Ho "do. Tlicn he says to the man. Stretch out '•'hand 

S:'Anih?s(retcS ^ou." Kai ίξίτεινεν, και -^άττοκατεστάθη^^ υγιής ως r) 

0(1 it forth ; and it was 'thy. And he stretched [it] out, and it was restored sound as the 

resiorcd whole, liice as "\ \ „ 

the other. αλλί/. 

14 Then the Pharisees ^^ ^OiM ΦαρισαΙοι συμβούλων ελαβον κατ αυτού εξελ- 

wcnt out,' and held α But the Pharisees ^a "^council ''held 'against "him 'having 

how^'they^'S^iit^d"- ^^^'^^c/ οττως avTov ο.'ΤΓολεσωσιν, 15 Ό.δε.'Ιησοΰς γνονς 

stroy him. 15 But ''gone 'o^^t how him they might destroy. But Jesus having kno^vll 

when Jesus knew it άνεγώρησεν εκεΧθεν' και ήκολυύθησαν αύτω ^ογλοι^^ ττολλοί, 

he withdrew himelt • , Γ j.-u λ ^ ■,, i ^. * ^ '^ ^ ■ ^ ' 

from thence• and withdrew thence, and followed him- ^'crowds 'great, nmititudes foi- icai εθεράπευσεν αυτούς πάντας' 16 και ίττετΊμησεν αύτοΊς 

£redt£emaUri6ail f ^^ ^« ^««^^«^^ ^ *^«^ , , ^'^' , ^°<^ strictly charged them 

charged them that 'ίνα μ?) ψανερον avTov ΤΓΟίήσωσιν' 17 '"οττως" ττλ?;- 

him kuoii -"ir^that ^^'^'^ '''^°'^ «publicly ''known ^him 'they Should *make. So that ruiyht 

it might be fulfilled pwOy TO ρηθέν διά Ήσαίου του ττροφητου, λεγολ'.'ος , 

whijh was spoken by be fuifilled that which was spoken by Esaias the prophet,' saying, 

Esaias the prophet, , ^ i, rs , . ~ ο „ « ' • η . Γ , ^ .=>•^ 

saying, 18 Behold my 18 loou ο.τταις.μου ov ^yptTiua,^^ ο.αγαττητος.μου "ε<ς 

servant, whom I h.ave Behold my servant whom I have chosen, my belovcii in, 

chosen; my beloved, in ,, • „ r, > -^ ' ii « ; ' /τ χ - / > > 

whom my soul is well ov" ^Έυόοκησεν^' ΐ].ψυχη.μου' υησω το.ττνευμα.μου εττ 

pleased : Ι will put my whom *has ■'found ^delight 'my -soul. I will put my Spirit upon 

spirit upon him, and > / ^ , ' ~, „η > \ ■^ -, rx ^ ■> ' 

he shall shew judg- αυτον^ και κρισιν τοις ευνεσιν ατταγγελει' 19 ουκ.ερισει 

meut to the Gentiles, him, and judgment to the nations he shall declare. He shall not strive 

ly Kc shall not strive, >tvx f >5vv>/ , ^ ' ^ , , 

nor cry; neither shall ουόε Κραυγάσει, ουόε ακούσει τις εν ταις ττλατειαις την 

any man hear his voice nor cry out, nor shall ''hear 'any -one in the streets 

in the streets. 20 A , ^ > ~ c\r\ ^'\ ■ > ■> iv « 

bruised reed shall he φωνην.αυτου. 20 ιίαλαμον σνρτετριμμενον ου.κατεαζει, και 

not break, and smok- his voice. A '-reed 'bruiaed he shall not break, and 

quLeh!" tnf he%?nd ^'^^ov τυφομΐνον ού.σβ'εσει, εως.άν εκβάλγ εΙς νΊκος χήν 

forth judgment unto ^Aax 'smoking he shall not quench, until he bring forth %nto*victory 'the 

?amT'shaiAfe'Se'i;! "P'^'^' '^l ^ctl ^iv^^ τφ.ονόματι.αϋτου έθνη ελτΓίοϋσιν. 

tilo^ trnit.. '^judgment. And in his name [the] nations . shall hope. 

J* — Koi GLTTrAW. c — .^^ ^^ LTTrA. * OepaTfevaai ; T. * — εσται Τγα. . ^ eyet'pei he 

raises [it] up L. ^ e σαββάτοις L. •' σου την χεΐρΤα LfTrA. » απεκατ^σταθη i.TTrA w. 
k 4ξ€\θόντ€<; δέ ot Φαρισαΐοι συμβουλιον Ιλαβοι» κατ' αντον LTTrW. 1 — 6χ\οι {read πολλοί 

iiany) LT[TrA]. ^ "^ IVa that lttfa. » ήρετισα Τγ. «ev'^Trj — ei^ lil. ρ ηϋδοκη- 
σΐν ΤΤγ. % — ev {read [on]) GLTTrA"W. 

Χίΐ. MATTHEW. 31 

22 Tore "^ττρυσηνεχθη^^ αύτφ ^δαιμονιζόμενος, τνφΧ'υς J^^.^^^^^^'.^^'^^l^^^l 

Then was brought to him cue possessed by a demon, blind ^■^^■^^ .^ ^^υ^\ blind 

και κωφυς'^^ και ίθεράττενσεν αυτόν, ώστε τον ^τυφΧον και" ^"^ dumb: and he 

and dumb, and he healed him, so that the » blind and that tho''b Hud "^and 

κωώον ^κται" λαλεΤν και βλεττειν. 23 και ίξίσταντο ττάντες t^i^'ub both spake and 

dumb both spake and saw. And *werQ ^amazed 'all f^"'"'•, ^^ ^"^1 «^^^ th<j 

, , , » , , t .V ->'^ I P^^P'•^ were ama^ed, 

01 όχλοι και ίλεγον, Μητι οϋτός ίστιν ο υιός ^Δα/3ίο;" and said, is not this 

=thG ^crowds and said, ''This 'is the son" . of David? *'?p:^°'} °^,v ^οι!^"^•' 

, , _ _ > > Λ/ 2-Hint w)lpnthGPhar^- 
24 Οί.^έ ΦαρίσαΤοι «κονσαί^Γ'ς είτΓον, Οΐ)τθς ΟνΚ.ίκβαΧλεΐ >-ccs hoard ii.thoy said, 
But the Pliarisees having heard said, This [man] casts not out ''■'^'■^ ./Ι'/ίοιυ .ioi.h not 
,5, f . , , -T. Λ^ -? ^^ " ■ ~ 5» ' oast oiu, devils, but by 

τα δαιμόνια ει. μη tv τψ Βεελζερουλ αρχοντι των όαιμονιων. Becizoimb the prince 

the demons except by Buelzcbul prince of the demons. ot the duvil . 2ύ And 

^- Ti»^^ 5»' -r• 'r - II ' ' /Ί ' ' - 7 "• ' ~ '^•^'^"- ^""^^ ^^°''" 

2o Ειόως.όε ^υ Ιησούς" τας.ενυυμησεις.αυτων είττεν αυτοις, thougrhts, and said 

But "knowing 'Jesus " their thoughts he said to them, unto thorn, Every 

--r~o>' η " Λ''~ '■-. ' kingdom divided a- 

ίΐασα ρασιλεια- μερισυεισα καθ εαυτής ερημουται' και gainst i: self is brought 

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and to desolation ; and 

~ /-v .n > , η ~ /T ' " ~ ' Λ ' every oity or house 

ττασα ττολις η,οικια μερισυεισα καυ εαυτής ου.σταυησεται. divided against itself 

every city or house divided against itself will not stand. shall not stand :2ύ and 

ctn \ y t ~ ■ Λ - > /D '\ \ ■ » jL» ' * ' « if Satan (.'at ou I Satan, 

26 και ει ο σατανάς Toi> σαταναν εκραλλει, εφ εαυτόν εμε- γ^Q ^^ divided against 

And if Satan ^Satan 'casts -out, against himself he was himself ; how .-hall 

ρίσθη' ττώς ovv σταθησεται 7).βασ(Χεία.αύτοΰ ; 27 και ει εγώ s?and? 2ΓΑη5Τί^ί"ι5 

divided. How then will stand his kingdom ? And if I Beelzebub cast out 

iv Βεελζεβονλ ίκβάλλω τά δαιμόνια οΊ.υ',οΙ.υμών εν τΊνι you'r'' chlidrei^'ca'lt 
by Beelzebul cast out the demons, your sons by whom ^/jcn out? therefore 

εκβάΧΚουσιν, διά τούτο αυτοί ^υμών έσονται κριταί^ J^dLs'^iiBut^if /Γβί 

do they cast out ? on kcconat of this they of you shall bo judges, q^j deviTs by the Spirit 
28 siM Hy<h εν ττνενματι θεού'' εκβάλΧω τά δαιμόνια^ άρα of God thon the king- 
But if Ϊ by [the] Spirit of God cast out the -demons, then , J^^ ^^^^^Jj '^Z^'^® 

εφθασεν to' υμάς r) βασιλεία του θεον. 29 η ττώς δύναται how can one enter into 

hLcomo ui!on you the kingdom of God. . Or how is able L?spoil™hh,'.go°ol! 

τις είσελθεΊν εις την οίκιαν του ισχυρού και ^ά σκεύη except he fir-t bind the 

anyone to enter into the house of the strong [man] and =goods hi^^flTpSl'h'i^hoise^ 

αύτοϋ ^διαρττάσαι,^^ έάν.μή -πρώτον δησ^ τυν Ισχυρόν; 30 ιΐο that is not with 

'his to plunder, unless first he bind the strong [man]? ™° ι« '^?''ii°f "^^5 •^"'J 

, ,,, ί.ί-ν.'Ν ' i'/-v« '»> .,.-ne that giithereth not 

και Γοτε nyi^-OiKtai'.awroi' "οίαρττασει.'' 30 ο μη.ων μετ εμού with me soatteruth 

and then his house he will plunder. He who is not with me abroad. 31 Wherefore 

,,«., ,«Λ > ί,-. ,y 1 say unto you. All 

κατ εμον εστίν' και ο μή.συναγων μετ εμού σκορττιζει. manner of sin and 

against me is: and he who gathers not with me scatters. blasphemy shall be 

__ , ^ \ r t ^ -TT-^ < ' ' ^ /3\ J ' forgiven unto men: 

31 Δια τούτο λέγω υμιν^ Ιΐασα αμαρτία και ρΑασφημια ^at the blasphemy 

Because of this. I say to you. Every ein and blasphemy ogainstihi; Η of;/ G ho t 

, nr - ~ > Λ ' ' ^' - ' ,D\ shall not be forgiven 

αφεθησεται'^ τοις ανϋρωποις' 7].όε του. -πνεύματος ρκασ- «nto mcu. 22 And 

ehall bo forgiven to men ; btit the "concerning •'the "'Spirit 'bias- whosoever spcaketh 

φημΊαούκ.άφ'θησεται'^το\ς άνθρώποις.^^ ^2 καιος.^άν''^ ε'ίττ^ So^o^f imfn^it shaH 

phemy shall not be forgiven to men. And whoever speaks tc forgiveunim: but 

Χόγον κατά τον νιου του άνθρωπου, άφεθησεται αύτφ• g^insTthc^Ho'iy'Ghos'tl 

a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him ;^ it shall not bo tor- 

^ς.δ'.άν εϊτΓ?? κατά του πνεύματος του αγίου, ^ούκ.άφε- f^^^^^^^i^ 

but whoever speaks against the Spirit the Hoiy, it shall not ^^j^,, ,^.ο;./^/ to come. 

θ^ίσεΓαι" αύτψ, ούτε εν τούτφ τψ αίώνι οντε εν τφ μέλλον JJee^iJ^d'au'S&'fAu 

bo forgiven him, neither in this -age nor m the coming 

n. 33 ^H ποιήσατε το δένδρον καλόν κα^ι τυν καρπυν 

[one]. Either make the tree good and -fruit 

' irpoiT^veyKav they brought L. » Βαιμονιζόμενον τυφλον καΐ κωφόν L. ' — τνφλον και 
LTTrA. ^ — καΐ LTTrA. '^ Δαυίδ GW ; Δαυείδ LTT:A. * — ό Ίησοΰς LTTrA. > κρίταΐ 

έσονται νμων LTT.A. ^ eu πνενματι θέου βγω GLTTiAW. » άρττάσαι to seize upon l.TT. a. 

'' άρττάσει he' will seize upon L ; διαρπάστ] be miyht plunder τ. « + [ΰμίν} to you a. 
d _ To'iy ανθρώποίς LTTr[A]. * ia,v LTTiAW. J ov μη οφε^/ in nowise shall ic be Drgivcu u 


good; or eisfe" make «^7-01; KoXov, η ΤΓοιησατε ro divdpov σατΓύον και τον καρπον 

iiiiiu?t'cor7u?t:Tor ^ts good/ or make the ' tree^ ^ corrupt and ^=^fruit 

the tree is kuown by avTOv σαττοόν' εκ.γάο Tov καρτΓοΰ το. devdpov γινώσκΕται, 

Λώ fruit. 34 ο gene- ^^^ corrupt: for from the fruit the tree is known, 

ration of vipers, ho^ ,.,^ ^ ^/'λ » Λί-νΛ~ » 

can ye, being evil, ^4: Τεννηματα ίχιόνών, ττως δύνασθε αγαβα AaKfiv, ττονηροι 

speak good things? Offspring of vipers, how are ye able good things to speak, =wicked 

for out of the abun- , , ~ / - r>, ν , 

dance of the heart the ovrec ; εκ.γαρ TOV ττΕρισσευματος της καρδίας το στόμα 

mouth speaketh. 35 Α ibeing? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth 

good man out of the , ,, _, « „ , - > η ~ η 

good treasure of the λαΛΗ. 35 Ο αγοβος ανθρωτΓος εκ του αγαϋον θησαυρού 

heart bringeth forth sneaks. The good man out of the good treasure 

good things : and an ~ ^ ^ , n » η ' ν λ »i mi > λ ' . ^ « < » η 

evil man out of the ^της καρδιας^^ εκβαλλΕΐ ^τα'^ αγαθά' και ο πονηρι,ς ανθρω- 
evil treasure bringeth of the heart puts forth the good things ; and the wicked man 

SG^Butllaytinto^ou", ΤΓος ΕΚ TOV ΤΓονηρού θί]σανροΰ εκβάλλεί ττονηρά. 36\εγω.δί 

That every idle word out of the wicked treasure puts forth wicked things. But I say 

that men shall speak. « 'x f» ~ » - > \ « ; > » η t^ \ ' 11 « " λ 

they shall give account νμ^^, ΟΤΙ παν ρήμα apyov o.'tttv" *^λ«λ/?σωσιν» οι ανθρωττοι, 
thereof in the day of to you, that every ^word ^idle whatsoever "may -speak ^men, 

Jhy^oids thouThSt άποδώσουσιν ττερί αύτοϋ λόγον kv iijikpq, κρίσεως, 37 ί /c 
be justified, and by they shall render of it. an account in day of judgment. ^'Δγ 

bi^oIde^Si'' *^^ 7^^ Γών-λόγων.σου δικαιωθηστ^, και εκ τών.λόγων.σου 

'for thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy wo: Js 


, thou shalt be condemned. 

38 Then certain of _,-, ,^ , , >η ' ι ■" ' ^ \ jr 

the scribes and of the 88 ToTE αττεκριθησαν^ TivEQ των γραμματέων ""και Φαρι- 

Pharisees «inswered, Then answered, some of the scribes and Phari- 

woiUd see a^igif'from σαίων," λέγοντες, Διδάσκαλε, θελομεν άττο σον σημεΧον ιδεΧν, 

thee. 39 But he an- sees, saying. Teacher, Ave wish from thee a sign to see. 

Bwered and said unto or» «<-» ^^ > /-» ^ τ ' - - n, - ' » ^ 

them, An evil and a- 39 Ο.οε αττοκριθ^ις Είττεν αντοις^ Τενεα ττονηρα και μοι- 

duitcrous generation But he answering said to them, A generation wicked and adul- 

Sthere^shSinosfgn Χ«λίς σημεΧον επιζ-ητεΧ' και σημεΧον ου.δοθησεται avrg^ 

be given to it, but the terous a sign seeks for, and a sign shall not be given to it, 

Jonas Moio^raYjoias ^<-^^ ^^ σημεΧον Ίωνά τον προφήτου. 40 ωσπερ.γάρ ην Ίωνάς 

■was three days and except the sign of Jonas the prophet. For even as was Jonas 

l^aie's''bYny;s?8hiii '^^ Π? ι^οιλίί} TOV κητονς ' τρεΧς ημέρας και τρεΧς νύκτας, ούτως 

the Son of man be ^^ *^e belly of the great fish three days and three nights, thus 

•Χ^δ^Ίί thrhearVof '^^'^'' ^ *^^*^^ ''^^ άνθρώτΓου kv Ty καρδι^, της γης τρεΧς 

the earth, 41 The men shall be the Sou of man in the hearc of the earth thi-ee 

?u ■ ud" ment^kh this *7/^Φ«ί '^"^ τρηςνύκτας. 41" Ανδρες "ΝινευΤται" άναστησονται 

generation, and shall ^^^^ ^^^ three nights. Men Niuevites shall stand up 

condemn it: because ^^ ry κρ'ισει μ(τά τής.γενεάς.ταύτης, και κατάκρινανσιν αυτήν 

prSchmg of Jonls^ ^^ ^^"J^'^Smeut with this generation, and shall condemn It; 

and, behold, a _greater qtl μετενόησαν Είς TO κήρυγμα Ίωνά• και ιδον, πλεΧον 

42 The queen'^of the *°^ they repented at the proclamation of Jonas ; and behold, more 

south shall rise up in Ίωνά ώδε, 42 βασίΧισσα νότου εγερθήσεταιεντ^ κρ'ισει 

thL '^'JuSkm ^and ^^^^'^ Jo^^s here. A queen of[the]south shall rise up in the judgment 

shall condemn it : for juira τής.γ^νΕας.ταϋτ'ης^ και κατακοινεΧ αυτήν οτι ηΧθεν 

she came from the ut- ^ith this generation, and shall condemn it ; for she came 

termost parts of the , ^ , -,~,», >/ 

earth to hear the εκ τών π^ρατων τής γης άκονσαι την σοφιαν°Σο\ομώντος'^^ 

wisdom of Solomon; from the ends of the earth to hear the wLsdom of Solomon ; 

and, behold, a greater , ,- , -v ~ ' λ^λ ^ - μ - r^ c^ ^^ > . /« 

than Solomon is here, και icov, πλΕίον °Σολομωντος^ ώδε. 43 Οταν.δετυ ακαθαρτον 

43 When the unclean and behold, more than Solomon here. But Avhen the unclean 
spirit is gone out of - ^y'\a > > ~ > η ' ? ' τ. , , / ^ 

a man, he waiketh πνσυμα ε^εΚυγ απυ του ανθρωπον, διέρχεται _ ci αννορων 

through dry places, spirit is gone out from the man, he goes tlirough waterless 

seeking rest, and find- / y ~ , , , , « / j .>>■-< > 

cth none. 44 Then he τοπων, ί,ητουν αναπαυσιν, και ονχ.ευρίσκει. 44 tots λέγει, 

gaith, I win rptnrn places. seoki ng rest, and finds not [it]. Then he says, 

g — της καρ8ίας GLTTrAtV. »» — τα LTiW. ' — eav (read wlnch) LITrA. k \αλησονσιν 
shall speak ττγα. ι -j- αντώ him lttfa. ™ — καΙ Φαρισαίων L. ,» Nivevecrai ττγΔ. 
•, ΣολομώΐΌί GLTTrAW. 

XII, xrrr. Matthew. 33 

ιΈπίστρεψω εις τον. οίκον. μον^"" όθεν ίξηλθον' καΐ εΧθον ^^^^ my honse from 

I will return to my house, whence I came out. And having come and^hen he'^^ c^^^ ' 

ευρίσκει σχολάζοντα^^σεσαρωμενον και κεκοσμημενον. 45 τύτε ^^ fimieth it empty| 

he finds [it] miocoupied, swept and adorned. Then ^7?^^' "°'' pnruished 

, , . -, , n' f ~ , , „ ,, '*^ Then gooth he, and 

ΤΓορενεται και τταραΚαμβανει μεθ εαυτού ετττά έτερα -πνεύματα taketh with himself 

he goes and takes with himself seven other spirits ^^"^'^^ .°*^?'", spirits 

, , „ y f \ r\ f ^ 1 « / more wicked than hmi- 

τΓονηροτερα εαυτού, και εισελΟοντα κατοικεί εκεί' και γίνεται ^eif, and they enter in 

more wicked than himself and entering in they dwell there ; and ^becomes ^^^ dwell there : and 
, ,; ^ ,' ^ , , , , ^ , „ the last state of that 

τα έσχατα του. ανυρωττου .^κείνου χειρονα των ττρωτων. όντως man is worse than the 

Hhe =last 'of Hhat ^man worse thantl;© . first. Thus first. Even so shall it 

* X ~ ~ / ~ ~ he alio unto this wick- 

εσται και τ'^.γ.ενεφ.ταντγ Ty ττονηρ^. ed generation. 

it shall be also to this generation the wicked. 

46 'EriJif" αντου λαλουντος τοις δχλοις, Ιδού, η μητηρ taiked™the^4o5i 

But while yet he was speaking to the crowds, behold, Piis] mother behold 7iis moth^ and 

και ο1.άδε\φο1.^αύτού^^ ειστηκεισαν c ξώ, ζητοΰντες αύτω λα- ^^?, brethren stood 

and his brethren were standing without, seeking ^o *him Ho Je^]^ ' ^th ^^"^j^^^ 

Χήσαι, M7 εϊττεν.δε τις αύτφ, Ίδού^ ή.μητηρ.σου και οι αδελφοί ^-^ ^hen one said un- 

»spei<,k. Then said one to Mm, Behold, thy mother and =brcthi-en motS'and thy bS 

σον εζω έστηκασιν; ζητονντες' σοι .'λαλήσαι.^^ 48 Ό.δε άττο- ψ^^^ stand without, 

Hhy ^thout are standing, seeking ^o*thee Ho^speak, But he ^n- ^^'''"°f **^^/^^ί "^'^^ 

rt \ \ - ^ , > . . , ^ , , , , thee. 48 But he an- 

κριθεις είττεν τφ ^ειττονη" αντψ^ Τις εστίν η.μητηρ.μον ; swered and said unto 

evrering said to him who spoke to him. Who la my mother? him that told him. Who 

> ' >\t>rvx/ jt\ Ti- Ν » ' ^^ ™y mother? and 

και τίνες εισιν οι.αδελφοι.μον ', 49 Kat εκτεινας την χείρα who are my brethren ? 

and who are my brethren? And stretching out %and ^^ And he stretched 

« > ~ii » \ < η \ » ~- τ >■-*■/€/ , forth his hand toward 

^αϋΓου" ετΓΐ τονς.μαθητας.αυτον Έίττ&ν, Ιοου, η.μητηρ.μον και his disciples, and said, 

^his to his disciples he said, Behold, my mother and Behold my mother and 

« >s> Λ , ' £f\ " Λ Λ - ' II ^ ' n'\ ■ ~ my brethren ! 50 For 

οι.αοελφοι.μον. 50 οστις.γαρ αν ^ττοιι^σ^' το θέλημα τον whosoever shaU do the 

my brethren. For whosoever shall do the will will of my Father 

f . ~ , i .. ,/ >^\.• \ which is in heaven, the 

ττατρος.μον τον εν ουρανοις, αυτός μου αδελφός και same is my brother, 

of my Father who [is] in [the] heavens, he my brother and. and sister, and mo- 

άδελφή και μητηρ εστίν. * ^^* 

sister and mother is. 

13 Έν.^^έΐΐ φ)μερ^}.εκείνν ίζελθών 6 Ίησοϋς '^άττό" ^e?t"esSOutTf S 

And in that day =^aving ^gone *forth ^ Jesus from house, and sat by the 

της οικίας εκάθητο τταρά την θάλασσαν' 2 και συνηχθησαν multitude^ were ^ath- 
the house sat down by the sea. And were gathered together gj.g^ toe-ether unto 

ττρός αντον 'όχλοι ττολλοΊ, ίόστε αϋτον εις Vo" ττλοιον ε/ι- ^^™' εο that ^e went 

to him ^crowds *great, so that he into the ship having ^° ^^ ^^l ^holTmuUi- 

βάντα καθήσθαι, και ττάς 6 όχλος εττι τον αίγιαλόν εΊστ)]κει. tudestoodon the -bore. 

entered sat down, and aU the crowd on the shore stood. things mito'^theS^^ 

3 και ελάλησεν αντοΊς ττολλά εν παραβολαΧς, λέγων, Ίδον, parables, saying, Be- 

And he spoke to them many thing3 in parables, saying, Behold, ^^^^ *^ ^ower ^w^nt 

εξήλθεν σττείρων τον σττείρειν, 4 και εν.τφ.σπείρειν.αντόν when he sowed, some 

»went*outHhe =sower to sow. And as he sowed se^cfe fell by the w.ay 

«* ,,, \ ~\ η Η \ \ A ^n ^^"^' ^^^ *"® fowls 

α.μεν επεσεν τταρα την οδον, και ^ήλθεν^ τα πετεινα °και» came and devoured 

some feU by the way, and =came Hhe ^noirds and them up : 5 some fell 

/ > / i- ί/Λ Ν rvt * » X Λ .' ^ t/ Λίροη stony places, 

κατεφαγεν αυτά. 5 άλλα. δε επεσεν «ττι τα ττετρωόη, οπού Λvhere they had not 

devoured them. And some' fell upon the rocky places, where much earth: and forth- 

r ~ \\ ' V >Λ' yy ' ■\ ί ^ ^ ' "^'th they sprung up, 

ονκ.είχεί' γήν πολλην, και ευθέως εξανετειλεν οια το μη because they had no 

theyhad not -earth ^much, and immediately sprang up because of not deepness of earth: 

" η 'rt p. ~ /^►'^'ϊ'^» '\ ' ' a ^ ^^^^ when the sun 

ίχειν βάθος ® γης' ο ΐ)λιου.οε ανατειλαντος εκαυματισθη, was up, they were 
luvving depth of earth ; and [the] sun having risen .they were scorched, scorched ; and bectiue 

q €15 τον οΙκόν μου €7Γΐστρ€>//ω LTTiA. ' + καΐ and [l]t. «' — δέ but LTTrA. * [αύτου] L. 
» Verse i7 in [ ] τ. "^ λβ-γοντι LTTrA. » — αντον {read [his] hand) τ. y ττοφ a. ^ — δβ 
and LTTrA. » εκ owt of lt ; — άττο (read e^e\. having gone out όΓ)τγ. J> — to (read a 
ebip) LTTrA.. «: ηΚθον LTrj ίλίόντα baving come a. ^ — καΐ a. « + t^s l. 



they had no root, ther ^f^l ζι^ τό.μή.εχειν ρίζαν εΚηράνθη. 7 aWa.Se επ^σεν Ιττι 
^ίί« 4η ^^"intn^ and because of not having root were dried up. And some feU" upon 
thorns; and the thorns ^^Q ακανθας, και ανεβησαν at ακανυαι και ^αττεττηξαν" αυτά, 

sprung up, and choked ^^ thorns, and ^ew ^up Hhe ^thorns and choked them, 

them: 8 but other re 11 ^; , . , ~ λ -^ / \ ><>/^ / 

into good ground, and g αΧλα.δε εττεσεν ετΓΐ T7]v γην την καλην, και εοιδον καρπον, 

brouglit forth fruit, j^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^p^j^ ^j,g ground the good, and yielded fruit, 
some an hunilredfold, „ , , , „ «, ,5./ „ ^^ / r» •■ " 

some sixtyfoid, some ο.μεν εκατον, ο.οε εξήκοντα^ ο.όε τριάκοντα, y ο εχωΡ 

thirtyfold. 9Whohath q-^q a hundred, another sixty, another thirty. He that has 

ears to hear, let him « „ , > .. > ' 

hear. ώτα «ακονειν'^ ακονετω. 

10 And the disciples ears to hear let him hear. 

c^me, and said unto jQ Κίϊΐ ΤΓροσελθόντες OL μαθηταΙ^'εΐτΓον^αντφ,^Αιατί^ 

thmi unto them in pa- And ^having *come Ho ["^him] Hhe -disciples said tohim, Why 

rabies?iiHeanswered•^^^ -g^^^Y^ λαλείς αύτοΤς ; II ΌΜ άτΓοκριθεΙς είττεν 

Sie^iti? given unto in parables speakest thou to them ? And he . answering said 

you to know the my ste- iavTolCj^^ "Οπ νμίν δεδοται γνώναι τα μ-ϋστΎ]ρια της 

hel^vrai biSTo them *ο t^^em, Because to you it has been given to know the mysteries of the 

it is not gi-v^en. 12 For βασιλείας ToJv.ovpavoJVf εκείνοις.δε ού.δ'εδοται, 12 όστις 

SiaU°br^ivtn andS ting^om of the heavens, but to them it has not been given. =-\Yhosoever 

shau have more abun- γ^ρ £ vft, δοθησεται αντψ, και ττερισσενθησεται' οστις.δε 

dance : but whosoever /^ ^ ^ agjiall *be ^given Ho =him, and he shall be in abundance; but whosoever 
hath not, from mm ' ^ Ζ '/τ >>>~^\ 

shall be taken away ουκίχει^ καί Ο εχει αρθησεται ατΓ αυτού. 13 δια τοντο 

even that he hath. 1^3,3 n^t even what he has shall be taken away from him. Because of this 

13 Therefore speak I r, ^ ^ . - λ λ - " o\ ' ' o\ ' 

to them in parables : gj; τταραβοΧαις αυτοις λαλώ, ΟΤΙ ρλετΓοντες ου.ρλετΓουσιν^ 

because they seeing ^^ parables to them I speak, because seeing they see not, 

see not ; and hearmg ,,/ >>/ >^< ~ 1 λ ^ > ■ 

they hear not, neither και ακονοντες ovK.aicovovciv, ovos σννιουσιν. 14 και ava- 

do they understand, ^nd hearing they hear not, nor do they understand. And ^ia 

14 And in them is ful- . ^ .„» >ii > ~ « j / «ττ - <• » \' 

filled the prophecy of ττληρουται "*£7Γ " αυτοις η ττροφητεια ϋσαιον, η λεγονσα, 

Esaias, which saith. By ^filled ^up Hn "them the prophecy of Esaias, which says, 

hearing, ye shall hear, » . ^ » r λ > ^ ~ . > /d\ ' o\ ' 

and shall not under- AKoy ακονσετε^ και ον.μ,η.σννητε' και βλέποντες ρλε- 

Btand ; and seeing ye In hearing ye shall hear, and in no wise understand ; and seeing ye shall 
shall see, and shall not i" > ^^J<^ -ip•' ' η > < ?' ~ 

perceive: 15 for this φετε^ και ού.μη.ιδητε. 15 επαχννθη.γαρ »/ κάρδια του 

people's heart is waxed-' see, ι and in no wise perceive : for ^has 'grown ^f at the ^heart 

S^'^Auir^of^hearS! λαοϋ.τοντον, και τοΙς ώσίν" βαρέως ήκονσαν, και τους 

and their eyes they ^of *this ^people, and with the ears heavily they have heard, and 

^SriSe^'sSullTee όφθαλμούς.αύτών Ικάμμνσαν μήττοτε ϊδωσιν τους οφ- 

with their eyes, and their eyes they have closed ; lest they should see with the 

ind'shrutduS-stand θαλμοΧς, καΐ τοΊς ώσιν άκούσωσιν, καί ry καρδίφ σνν- 

with their heart, and ejes, and with the ears they should hear, and with the heart they should 

SdiihouldSi'tSm' ^^^^^ '^^'^ ετΓίστρεφωσιν και °ιασω/χαι" αντονς. ΙβΎμώνΜ 

16 But blessed are your understand, and should be converted and I sliould heal them. But of you 

eyes, forthey see: and μακάριοι 01 Οφθαλμοί, οτί βλετΓονσιν' και τά ώταΗμών,^^ 

ieS. ιΓεΌγ verily •ϊ Wessed [are] the eyes, because they see ; , and the ears of you, 

say unto you, That ^,-^ ιά/ίοΰεί." 17 άμήν^γάρ^^ λέγω νμίν, οτι ττολλοι προφήται 

riSt^eoSenilve'de- ^«c^^se they hear. tor verily I say to you, that many^ prophets 

eiredtoseeiAoseiAi7Ji7s ^ai δίκαιοι επεθνμησαν ίδείν d βλέπετε, καί ουκ ^είδον'^' 
?i?2erSTan^d^Io ^'^^"^^^««^«t^^^] «^^f^^ ^to see what ye see, and =^not ^saw; 
hear ίΛοδβίΛίηί/δ which και άκονσαι d άκούετε, καΐ ονκ.ήκονσαν. 
lltrraem^ ^^^^ ^°* ""^^ ^ ^^"^ ^^^* ^® ^^^' ^^ ^^^^ ^°^' 

18 Hear ye therefor? 18 ΎμεΧς ούν άκονσατΒ την παραβολιην τον ^σπείροντος•^ 

the parable of the =^e Hherefore ^hear the parable of the sower.- 

onllbeareth thTword 19 ΤΙαντος.άκονοντος Tov λόγον της βασιλείας καί μη 

of the kingdom, and When any one heara the word- of the kingdom and not [it] 

f έπνιξαν Τ. ? — aKoveiv τ[τγ]α. *i + αντοΰ (read his disciples) l. ' είπαν ιτγΑ. 
* δια Tt LTrA. ^ — αντοΐς Τ. "» — err' (read avTOts in them) GLTTrAW. " + [αυτών] (read 
their ears) i^.* <> Ιάσομαι I shall heal LXTrA. ρ — ΰμων L[TrA]. i άκονουσίί' LTTrA, 

' — γαρ for T. * elSav LTr J I6a.v T, ^<Jiieipavros LTTrA, 

Xm. MATTHEW. 35 

χτννιεί'τος, Ιρχ^ται 6 ττονηρος και αρπάζει το εστταρμενον then^on^Ahth *' ^°k' 

understands, *cumes Hhe ^wicked ^one and catches αΛνα7 that which was sown cd one and• catchoth 

€V Ty.Kap^iq..avTOV' οϋτός Ιστιν 6 ' -παρά την οδόν στταρείς, ^^^y that 7*f^ich Λν.αβ 

in his heart. This is he who by the way was sown. Thi? Is^he whloh ^re- 

20 'O.^f €7ΓΙ τά ΤΓΒτρώδη στταρείς, ούτος εστίν 6 τόνΧόγον ceivedseedbytheway 

And he who upon the rocky places was sown, this is he who the • word ^^ . ^^ ^^ ^^ V^^^ 

, t \ ^ f\\ \ -Λ r> ' >' Λ > received the seed mto 

ακονων και ενθνς μετά χαράς λαμβάνων αντον 21 ουκ stony,piaces, the same 

hears and immediately with joy receives it ; ^no *^ ■'^f *^^* hoareth the 

t, »>» «/v > » ~ >\Λ ^ ' f ■> ' ^^ ""Ord, and anon with 

ίχει δε ριζαν εν εαντφ, αλΚα πρόσκαιρος εστίν' γενομενης.δε joyreceivethit;2iyei 

*has ^but root in himself, bnt temporary is ; but *having ^risen hath he not root in 

n\ ' I '^^ -■ ^< \ ^ ' y n\ himself, but dureth for 

υΧιψεως η διωγμού oia τον λογον, ενβυς σκαν- a while : for when 

^tribulation =or '^firsecution on account of the word, immediately. ~ he is tribulation or perse- 

s> Λ 'y ΛΛ «/-v r'^ ' ί > ' Λ ' r ' » • cution ariseth because 

οαΚιζεται, 22 Ο.οε εις ^τας άκανθας σπαρεις^ οντος εστίν of the word, by and by 

offended. And he who among the thorns was sown, this is he is offended. 22 He 

< \ \ ' 7 t \ t r ~ > ^ τ ' -11 also that received seed 

Ο rov λογον ακονων, και η μέριμνα τυν.αιωνος.τοντου" among the thorns is 

he who the word hears, and the care 6f this life he that heareth the 

και ή άπατη τον πΧοντον ^σνμπνίγει^^ τον Χόγον, και άκαρπος ^^^ world,* and^1;he 

and the deceit of riches choke the . word, and unfruitful deceitfulness of riches, 

γίνεται. 23 ΌΜ ίπι την -γ ην την καΧήν" σπαρείς, οϋτός fe°Scimetruiru?t- 

it becomes. But he who on the ground the good was βΟΛνη, _ this fui. 23 But ^le that 

εστίν 6 τον Χόγον ακονων και ^σννιών'^^ ος δι) καρ- go?dCToundishithat 

is he who- the word hears and Tinderstands ; who indeed brings heareth the word 

ποφΌρεϊ, και ποιεϊ ^6^^. μεν εκατόν ^ *ό".^€ ίζηκοντα, ^ό^Ιδ^ ^^ch^'^^7*^'^i^*^ th 

forth fruit, and produces one a hujidred, another sixty, another ^^^^ ^η|° bringeth 

TOICLKOVTCL» forth, sosae an hun 

■ .. . . * HrpdfnlH βητηο ηΐτί.Ό 


dredfold, some sixty, 
some thirty. 

24 "ΑΧΧην παραβοΧήν παρ'εθηκεν αυτοΧς, λέγων, . ^Ωμοιώ- 

Another parable put he before them, saying, ^has 'become 

Λ «/D\/~ » ~'Λ' Λ ' II \< 24 Another parable 

θη rf βασίλεια των ονρανων ανυρωπψ ^σττειροντι" καλόν p^it he forth unto 

"like ^the ^kingdom ^of *the ^heavens to a man sowing good them, saying. The 

/ > -»> ~»'".c»e»s>' ~ Λ'5> ' 'Λ' kingdom of heaven is 

σττερμα εν τψ.αγρφ.αντον' 25 εν.όε.τφ.καθευδειν τονς ανυρω- ntened unto a man 

seed in his field ; but while ^slept ^the "'men which sowed good seed 

ττάυς ^Χθεν αντον 6 εχθρός- και Ησπεφεν^^ ζιζάνια άνά μέσον whi^'m^n^ slept, Ws 

came his enemy and sowed darnel in [the] midst enemy came and sowed 

τον σίτου, και άπήΧθεν. 26 οτε.δε εβλάστησεν 6 χόρτος, and'Tent^Ms'^way: 

of the wheat, and went away. And when ^sjirouted Hhe ^blade, ' 26 But when the blade 

καΐ καρπον επο'ιησεν, τότε εφάνη και τά ζιζάνια. 27 προσέλ- tr^oueht^fS-th^'fr^t^ 

and fruit produced, then iappeared also the darnel. =^Having ^come then appeared the 

θόντες δε οι δούλοι του οίκοδεσπότον είπον αντψ. Κύριε, ^^^^^ ^^^°• 27 So the 

*toPhim]»andthebondmen of the master of the houses said to him. Sir, Ser came andTafd 

ovyi κάλυν σπέρμα ^εσπειρας^^ εν τω σφ άγρφ] πόθεν ούν unto him. Sir, didst 

W 'good «seed ididst=th6u*sowin thy field? whenoe then ?^°* *^^«^^ ^"•^^foo'^^^e^ 

ε\ει *^ra" ζιζάνια : 28 Ό.δε εφη αντοΤς, Εχθρός άνθρωπος whence then hath it 

has it the darnel? And he said to them', ^an -enemy ^a ^man tares ? 28 He said unto 

« Tv\ ^ -N II f Τ > ~ II 'Λ Τ them. An enemy hath 

TovTO επο'ιησεν. οι.δε ®ϋ ούλοι" ^έίπον αυτφ,^ θέλεις ονν done this. The ser- 

«this • ^did. And the bondmen said to him. Wilt thou then ί^,^ί^^^^^^^^*? ^^^' 

. ΝΛ/ \N'v J ' ckr\ «/-v t^< " II i-\'' Wilt thou then that we. 

απελθόντες συλλεξωμεν αυτά; 2υ Ο.δε ^εφη,' Οϋ' go and gather them 

[that] having gone forth we should gather them? But he said. No; up? 29 But he said, 

, xN/ »vv' »v' " , ~ '^ Nay; lest while ye ga- 

μηποτε συλλεγοντες τα ζιζάνια, εκριζωσητε αμα αντοις τον ther up the tares, ye 

lest gathering the darnel, ye should uproot with them the root up also the wheat 

„Λ » V f /\ > , ' h ' - II ~ Λ ~. with them. 30 Let both 

σιτον. SO αφετε σννανξανεσθαι αμφότερα'^ μέχρι τονυερισμον grow together . until 

wheat. Suffer to grow together both until the harvest ; the harvest : and in , 

' — TOVTOV O'^Otci of iiley LTTrA. " ovvTri/tyet ta. « καληι/ γημ LTTrA. y orvi/teis 

LTTr. » ο LT. * σπΐίρανη [who] sowed LTTrA. *» επίσπειρεν sowed over LTTrA. 

β «στΓβιρες Tr. ^ — τα GLTTrAw. * — δούλοι {read οι Se and tiiey) a. ' αύτώ λίγου* 
σ%ν say to him LTrA ; λίγουσιν αύτφ τ. β φησιν says LXXrA, Κβως until LTrA,' 


the time of harvest I ^q,^ ly ΐ^.φ\\ καφΰ/ τοΰ' θερισμοΰ ίρώ το7ς Θερίσταίς, Συλ• 

Gather veto^^e^^cr '^^'^ ^^ ^^^ *^^® of the harvest I will say to the harvest meu, Ga- 

firitxhetarcs.andbind χ^ζατΕ τΓοώτον τά ζίζύΐ'κΧ, καΐ δησατΕ αύτά ■'εις" νεσμας 

bu^themSiathe? ther ^ Wst ^the darnel. ^ and ^bind them ^ into bundle, 

the wheat into my ττούς.τυ.κατακαΰσαι αυτά' τυν.οε σϊτον '^σνναγαγετε^^ εις την 

^'^^' tQ burn them ; but the wheat bring together into 


my gratiary, 

31 Another parable 31 "Αλλην τταραβοΧήν τταρεθηκεν αντοΧς, λέγων, * Ομοια 

put he forth unto - Another parable put he before them, raying, Like 

them, saying, The , , , η \ ' ~ - r - r / ο λ 

kingdom of heaven is iGTiv i/ βασίλεια τωρ ovpaviov κοκκφ σιραττεως, ov λα' 

like to a grain of ig the kingdom of the heavens to a grain of mustard, which having 
mustard seed, which ,-,, ^λ » » ^, ^,-._ „_, ,v , 

a man took, and sowed ρων ανΗρωτΓος εσττειρεν tv τφ.αγρφ.αυτου• 3*2 ο μικ^υτερον 
in his field : 32 which taken, a man sowed in his field ; which less 

indeed is the least of/> ' ~_ ' f ?> ^ y η •^ 

all seeds : but when it μεν εσπρ τταντων των σπερμάτων, οταν.όε avt,ipy 

is grown, it is the indeed is than all the seeds, but when it be grown, 

f^ntZe^^tel: μ^-ίΐον^^ών λάχανων εστίν, και γίνεται Uv^pov, ώστε 

εο that the birds of greater than the ι herbs is, and becomes a tree, bo that 

S^the'^WchesVhe^ri- «λθεΤν τά ττετεινά του οίψανου και ^κατασκηνονν^^ εν τοις 
of. come the birds of the heaven and roost in the 

κλάδοις αυτόν, 

branches of it, 

33 Another parable 33 Άλλτιν τταραβολην ελάλησεν αϋτοίς, ^Ομο'ια ίστίν ή 

spake he unto them ; Another parable spoke he to them. Like is the 

The kingdom of hea- _ . , , „ , „ . 3 ^ -. . , / , 

ven is like unto leaven, βασιλεία τών Ουρανών ζνμτ^, ijv λαβονσα γυνή ενεκρυψεν 

which a woman took, i^in^^om of the heavens to leaven, which having taken, a woman hid 
and hid m three mea- , ,. , ■ , , „ - >y ' η "\ 

suresof meal, till the Εις αλενρον σατα τρία, εως.οϋ εζνμωβη οΚον. 
whole* was leavened. ^ ^of^meal =sealis Hhree, until ^was ^leavened *alL 

34 All these things 34 Ύαντα ττάντα ελάλησεν υ Ίησονς εν Ίταραβολαΐς τοΤς 

spake Jesus unto the =These ^things ^all spoko Jesus in parables to the 

multitude in parables ; „ ^ , , . /d \ ~ τ.ν ' 11 '\ '\ » ~ . ftc " 

and without a parable οχλοις, και χωρίς τταραβολης ^^ουκ'* ελαλει αυτοις 3ο όπως 

spake he not unto crowds, and without a parable ^not 'he -spoke to them ; so thai 

them ; 3& that it migrht •ν rt ~ \ «λ» ?>< ~ ' η \ ' 

be fuifiUed which was πληρωθ^ το ρηβεν δια τον προψητον^, λέγοντος, 

spoken by the prophet, might be fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophet, saying, 

S& L'^parSsTl 'Ανοίξω εν παραβολαϊς τό.στόμα.μου' ερίύξομαι κεκρνμμενα 
■will utter things which I will open in parables my mouth: I will utter things hidden 

have been kept secret > ^ ,rrf7^Rn\i'in θ|ί•ήτι/ηϊΐ •' 

from the foundation «^<> καταροΑΊ)ς κοσμου. 
of the world, from [the] foimdation of [the] world. 

36 τότε άφεις τονς οχλονς, f}λθtv εις την οΙκίαν 

36 Then Jesus sent ^''^^^ having dismissed the crowds, "went ^'into *the ^house 

the multitude away, p^ Ίτισους'" καί ^προσηλθον^^ αυτψ οΊ.μςιθηται.αύτον, λέγοντες, 

and wont into the 1 jgsus ; and came ' to him his disciples, ■ saying, 

house : and his dis- ' ^ ^ o^^ ~ y y > ~ , ~ 

cipies came unto him, 'φράσον" 7}jxiv την παραβολήν των ζιζάνιων του αγρού. 

saying, Declare unto Expound tons the parable of the darnel, of the field, 

us the parable of the , ^ , η y - > ~ 11 «/-w ' > λ < 

tares of the field. 37 O.'ok αποκριθεις είπεν ^αυτοίς," Ο σπηρων το καλόν 

37 He answered and ^nd he answering said to them, He who sows the good 
said unto them. He , ,x«.» ~ > η ' oo<s->' '' « 

that soΛveth the good σπέρμα εστίν ο νιος του άνθρωπου ύϋ ο.όε αγρός εστίν ο 

seed is the Son of man ; geed is the Son of man ; and the field is the 

38thefieldisthe world; , ^ ^, ^ , , τ ' ' • , , , ~ ο \^' „. 

the good seed are the κοσμος' το.οε καλον σπέρμα, ούτοι εισιν οι νιοι της μασιΑειας 

chiliiren of the king- world ; and the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom ; 

?hT^iSdrin*orthe τά.οε ζιζάνιά εισιν οι νϊοΐ του πονηρού' 39 6Μ Ιχθρος 

wicked one; 39 the but the darnel are the sons of the evil [one]; and the enemy 

thSs ttleviiHhe 'o. σπείρας αύτά Ιστιν^^ ύ διάβολος' 6.6ε θερισμός συν^ 

harve-t i^ the end of who sowed them is the devil ; and the harvest [the] com- 

1 _ τω GLTTiAW. J — €^9 {read\in]) [Τγ]α. ^ crvvaycre LTr. ' κατασκηνοΐν ltt.-a. ™ούδει> 
DOthinJ i.TTrA. ° + Ήσαίου Isaiah τ. « — κόσμου lttia. ρ — ό Ίησοϋς {read he went) lttia. 
«1 προσήλθαν LIT. ' διασάφησαν expiaia LTr. • « — αΰτοϊ? LTTiA, t έστιν όσττεφα? αυτά U 

XriT. MATTHEW, 37 

τελεία ^τον^^ αιώνος Ιστιν o\.U θερισται άγγ'-λοί είσιν. ^^^ world; and the 

„• ^ . J χτ_ 1. ' i ' 1 reapers are the aneels. 

pletion of the age is, aud the harvest men angels are. 40 As therefore the 

40 ώσττερ οϋν συλλέγεται τα ζιζάνια, και ττνρι "^κατα- tares are gathered and 

As ^therefore is gat4redjhe darnel, ^and^inflre /s con- ^^^^^ m the fire ;^so 

κτα/εΓαι," οϊτως εσται εν ry συντέλεια του.αιώνος.^τοντον,^^ of this world; 41 The 

sumed, thus it shall be in the^ completion ^ ^ of this age. ^ ^ f orth^hTs^ angeis, 'ISd 

11 άίΓοστεΧεΊ. b νιος τον άνθρώττου τους άyγ'tλovςLavτov, they shall gather out 

^shall «send ^forth Hho =^Son ^^f 4^^^^ his angels, ?ί• ^^u^^^i""^' ^^1 

, , -) \ ' ,~./ ^'^^ things that offend, and 

καΙ σι>λλεξονσιν εκ τ ϊ]ς. βασιλείας. αυτόν πάντα τα σκάνδαλα them which do in- 

and they shaU gather out of his kingdom all the offences iquity ; 42 and shall 

,, -. ,, / 4Ci ^ η \ " >» *^^^* them into a fur- 

και τους ττοιονντας την ανομιαν, ^Ζ και ραλουσιν αντονς nace of fire: there shall 

and those who practise Lawlessness, and they shall cast them ^'^ wailing ana gnash- . 

, „ V ' \ η ^ , , ing of teeth. 43 Then 

εις την καμινον τον ττνρος' εκεί εσται ο κλανθμος και ο shall the righteous j 

into . the furnace of the fire : there shall be the weeping and the shine forth as the sun j 
,T , ~,,j./ Art ' ' S' ' ^ \ ' I fin the kingdom• of, 

βρνγμος των οδόντων. 43 τότε οι όικαιοι εκλαμψονσιν ως their Father. Who^' 

gnashing of the teeth. Then the righteous shall shine forth as hath ears to hear, let 

ό ήλιος εν Ty βασιλεία τον.ττατρός.αντώτ^. Ό έχων ωτα ^^ 

the sun in the kingdom' of their Father, He that has ears 

'^ά/ίτού-ίλ'" άκοιΛτω. 
to hear let him hear. 

44 ^Πάλυ/" ομοία εσήν η βασιΚύα των ουρανών θησανρψ dom ^f^Wen\^Uke 

Again like is the kingdom of the heavens to treasure T^to treasure hid in a 

<εκρνμμενφ εν τψ άγρψ^ ον εύρων άνθρο)ΤΓος εκρνψεν, anfan^hath^'foun^^ir 

hid ■ in the field, ,which ^having *fotmd 'a ^man hid, hide^th, and for 'joy 

και άπό της χαράς αυτόν νττάγει και ^ττάντα οσα έχει *^,7^°^ u'^W ^ϊ^ 

and for the joy of it goes and all things as many as he has hath, and buyeththa? 

ττωλεΤ," και αγοράζει τον. ay pbv. εκείνον. field. 

be sells, and buys that field. 

45 ΙΙάλιν ομοία εστίν η βασιλεία τών ουρανών άνθρώπφ 45 Again, the'king- 

Again like is the kingdom .of the heavens to a man dom of heaven is like 

> ' V ~ .^ X -I A r* w^ « * 11 ♦' unto a merchant man. 

εμτΓορφ, ζητηνντι καλονς μαργαρίτας' 46 ^ος εύρων" ενα seeking goodly pearls ? 

a merchant, seeking beautiful pearls ; who having found one 46 who, -tvhen he had 

πολύτιμον μαργαρίτην, άττελθών ττ'εττρακεν ττάντα οσα g°eat^pSe, wln^and 

very precious pearl, having gone away has sold all things as many as sold all that he had, 

είχεν, και ηγόρασεν αυτόν. ^""^ ^°^β^^* "• 

he had, and bought it, 

47 Πάλιν ομοία εστίν y) βασιλεία τών οίψανών (faγηvy 

Again like is the kingdom of the heavens toa Oi-agnct 

βληθείσ^ εις την θάλασσαν, και εκ τταντός γένους σνναγα- 

cast into -the sea, and of every kind gathering ^7 Again the kinff- 

γονση' 48 ην οτε εττληρώθη άναβιβάσαντες^ ^ετνι τον dom of heaven is like 

together; which when it was filled having drawn up on the cast°int°tlie^a and 

αίγιαλόν, και^^ καθίσαντες σννελεζαν τα καλά εις ^άγγεΤα," gathered of every kind: 

shore, and having sat down they collected the good into vessels, ^if^'^ie/^d^ew ^to 

τά.δε σαπρά εξω εβαλον. 49 όντως εσται εν Ty συντελείς shore, and ?at down, 

and the corrupt ^out Hhey -^cast. Thus shaU it be in the completion and gathered the good 

„,,, ,» ,, -,, into vessels, but cast 

τον αιώνος' εζελευσονται οι άγγελοι, και αφοριοΰσιν. τους the bad away. 49 : ο 

of the age: =^shall -^go ^out Hhe -angels, and shall separate the Phall it be at the end 
,, ' »> ' ,-Ιλ ^ η λ ~ ,,of the world: the an- 

ΤΓονηρονς εκ μέσον τών δίκαιων, 50 και βαλονσιν αντονς gels shr.u come forth, 

wicked from [the] midst of the righteous, and sliall cast them and sever the wicked 

, , , ^ / , ~ w • ' Λ η ' ' • from among the just, 

£(C την καμινον του πυρός' εκεί εσται ο κλαυβμος και ο .50 and shall cast them 

into the furnace of the fire: there shall be the wailing and the into the furnace of 

, ~ , Λ / fire : there shall be 

(όρυγμος των οδοΛ^των. wailins- and gnashing 

guiishing of the teeth. of tceih. 

' — ToG {read of [the] ) LXTrA. "" καίβται is burned gtfa. " — τούτον (read the .age) LTTr[Aj. 
y — α<ου€ΐι/ [L]T[TrJA. ^ — πάλιν [[.JxTrA. ■ 7Γωλ€Ϊ ττάι/ταδσα e^et LTTrA. *• βύρών 6e GLTTrA» 
^ -f αντην it LfAJ . d Koi enl toj/ aiyiaAbv L ; ewl το»/ αιγιαλό»' [και] A, « άγ^η TTrA, 


theL''^Have^'^e*undS•- δ1 ^AiysL αντοΊςοΊησοΰς,^^ Σννήκατε ταντα ττάντα; 

Bto^'all^^efe^tMngs? ^Says ^to ''Ihem 'Jesus, Have ye understood ^'these ^things 'all? 

They say 'unto him, Αεγονσιν αύτφ, Ήαί, ^κύριε." 52 Ό. δε 'εΖττ^ν" αυτοίς,' Δαά 

Bald he ^ΐηίο theS ^^''^ ^'"^ *° ^^"'' ^*^^' ^°^''^• ^^^ ^® ^^^*^ *° *^®"^' ^^^use of 

Therefore every scribe rovro TTcic Ύοαμματενς μαθητενθείς ^ιις την βασιλείαν^^ των 

£ the''^ng'dom''of, *^^^ «^«^^ ^^"^'^ discipled into the kingdom of the 

heaven is like unto a ουρανών υμοώξ t^TLV άνθοώττφ οίκοδεσττότ^, όστις εκβάΧΚει 

man <Λα« wan house- ^eaTens ^ike Ms . to, a man a master of a house, who puts forth 
holder, which hringeth ^ « ' , ~ i ^ \ ' 

forth out of his trea- Ik τοΰ.θησανροϋ.αντον καινά και τταΧαια. 

ειιτβ things new and <j^t ^f his treasure [things] new and old. 

53 Και εγενετο οτε ετελεσεν 6 Ίησονς τάς παραβοΧάς 

53 And it came to And it came to pass when ^ad ^finished 'Jesus -parables 

pass, <Λαί when Jesus , ^ > ~n ' ^ λ » - »\ λ » » ^ ' '^ 

had finished these ταύτας, μετηρεν εκείθεν' 54 και ελθων εις την ττατριαα 

parables, he departed ^these, he withdrew thence ; and having come into ^country 

thence. 54 And when ,^,,ν,»ν »^5 ~ ^ , ^ „ i»\' 

he was come into his avTOV, εοιοασκεν αντονς εν Ty.uvvayioyy.avTiov, ωστε ^εκττΚητ' 

own Country.he taught 'his [^own],, he taught them in their synagogue, so that ^ere 

them in their syna- λ n > \ ^ λ ' -η ' r\ ' « λ > " ' « 

gogue, insomuch that τεσβαΰ^ αυτονς και λέγειν, ΤΙοθεν τουτψ η.σοφια.ανψη και 

they were astonished, ^astonished 'they and said, Whence to this [man] this wisdoin and 
and said, Whence hath *«5>'^ ec' χ ' ■> « ~/ «/ 

this man this wisdom, «I Ονναμ^ις '. 55 ονχ ούτος εστίν ο τον τεκτονος νιος; 

and these mighty the works of power ? ^not ^this 'is *the ^of '^the ^carpenter ^son ? [IsJ 

theT carpenter's°*sofl? ^ούχΐ^^ ή.μητηρ.αντοΰ λέγεται Μαριάμ, και οι.άδελφοι.αντον 
is not his mother not his mother called Mary, and his brethren 

iSenrYamefand Ί^κωβος καί «Ί^σΓ/ς» και Σίμων και Ιούδας-, 56 mi, αΐ 

Joses, and Simon, and James and Joses and Simon and Judas ? and 

S-sr!are^a?/^raii άδελφαΐαϋτοΰ ονχι ττάσαι ττρυς ημάς εισιν\ ττόθεν ονν τοντψ 

with us? Whence then ^his *sisters "not ^all ^with 'us 'are? whence then to this 

ihtig^^/'oTlnduTey ταντα ττάντα', 57 Και εσκανδαλ'ιζοντο εν αντψ, Ό δέ 

were offended in him. [man] "these ^things 'all? And they were offended in him. But 

But^ Jesus said unto 'j^(j.o{)g £^;j-€v αντοΤς, Ούκ 'ίστιν ττροφήτης άτιμος εί.μή 

without 'honour ^^save 'J<^su3 said . to them, ^not "is 'a "prophet without honour except 

in his own country, ^y τΌ°.7ΓαΓρίδι^αύτον'^ και sv Ty.oiKia.avTOV. 58 Και ούκ 

58indiedxTn"otmany f , his [own] country and in ^ Lis [own] house. ^ And 3^0* 

mighty works there ετΓοίησεν εκεΐ δννάμεις ττολλάς δια την. άττιστΊαν. αυτών. 

because of their un- i^e.^did there ^works ^of *power 'many because of their unbelief. 

14 Έν εκείνφ τφ καιρφ ήκονσεν Ηρώδης 6 ^τετράρχης^ 
ΧΤν. At that time -^* *^** *"^β heard Herod the tetrarch 

Wd^of*the fSe^of '''^^ άκοήν Ίησον, 2 και είπεν τοΙς.τταισιν.αύτον,Οϋτός εστίν 

Jesus 2 and said unto * ® fame of Jesus, and said to his servants. This is 

Johit^the^Bapfist^ he '^^^'^'^^^ ό βατΓτιστης' αυτός ήγερθη άττό τών νεκρών, και 

is risen from the^dead^ John the Baptist : he is risen from the dead, and 

and therefore mighty διά TOVTO a'l δυνάμεις ενεργονσιν εν αύτω. 3 Ό yap 

iheSselies !Γ h£i J'^^^^f °* ^^« the works ot' power operate in him^ For 

3 For Herod had laid Ηρώδης κρατησας τον'Ιωάννην εδησεν ^αύτόν^^ και ^εθετο 

ioind Mmi'ind '4 ^''f Having seized ^ ^, John '^ bound him and put 

him in prison for kv φυλακ?^,^^ διά Ήρωδιάδα την γυναίκα ^Φιλί'πττοί'" 

Herodias' ^ sake, his [him] in prison, on account of Herodias the wife ^Philip 

brother Jrhiiip s wife. ^, ->%«,.. , , 

4 For John fittid unto τον.αοελφον.αυτου. 4 ελεγεν.γάη ''αντώ ο'ΐωάννης,^^ Ούκ 

him It is not lawful 'of "his ^brother. ' For "said Ho "him 'John, 'Not 

for thee to -have her. *„ , „ , , ,, ' 

5 And when he would εξεστιν σοι εχειν αυτήν, 5 Και Θελων αυτόν άποκτεΐναι, 

have put him to death, ^it ^is lawful for thee to have her. ^ And wishing ^ ^'him Ho "kill, 

? — Ae'yei avTOis ό Ίησοΰς LTTrA. ^ — κύριε LTTrA. * Aevei says L. ^ ev rrj 

βασιλεία in the kingdom l ; τη βασίλεια to the kingdom οττγλ. i εκττλ-ησσ^σθαί 

LTTrAW m ουχ LTTrA. " Ιωσήφ Joseph LTTrA. ο ^. [SCa OWn T. Ρ — αύτοϋ 

(read [his]) LTTrA. ^ΤΕτραάρχης Τ. r _ ^y^^,^ τ. . ^^ -^ ( -^ η^ τ) φνΚακη 

απεθετο m the prison put fhimj aside ltttA, » — Φιλίττπον Γτ] a, v ^ ( _ ό tj 


εψοβηθη τον οχΧον, οτι ως προφητην αντυν είχον. tnal^^''h%lute^'th^j 

he feared the multitude, because as a prophet him they held, counted him as a pro- 

6 "^γενεσίων.δε άγομενων^^ τοΰ'ϊΐρώδον, ώρχησατο r) θνγάτηρ 6^®*'^, >5-'^th^ when 

But a birthday being celebrated of Herod, ^danced Hhe "daughter ;^^^ ^.^^ daughter of 

Trie Ήρωδίά^ος εν τφ μέσω, και -ηρεσεν τω Ηρώδη' 7 όθεν Herodias danced be- 

3of -^erodias m the Wdst, and pieased^ ^ ^ Herod/ Whereupon glroflwhereSnhe 

μεθ' 'όρκου ώμολόγησεν avry δούναι ο-^ίάν" αΐτησηται. 8 Ή.ίέ promise ι with an oath 

with oath he promised to her to give whatever she should ask. But she to gn^e her Λv•hatsoeτeΓ 
ο/->/Λ<>~ ,,~ , / -^ ^^® would ask. 8 And 
ΤΓροβίβασθεΙσα υπό της.μητρος.αντης, Δος /ΖΟί, φηση', ώοε she, being before in- 
being urged on by her mother, Give me, she says, here structed of her mother, 

kTTi ττινακί την κεφαΧην Ιωάννου του βατττιστου, 9 Και John Baptist's head 

upon a dish the head of John the Baptist.' And in a charger. 9 And the 

, , ^ , - 4, «,,. \ ri \ \ king was sorry: ncver- 

^ελυττί]θη ο βασιλεύς' οια/οε τονς όρκους και τους thciess for the oath'i 

^was •'grloved Hhe 'king; but on account of the oaths and those who sake, and them v^^hicL 
, J y\ ^ rt~ 1 r\ ^ ' I Sat with him at meat, 

σννανακειμενους εκελευσεν δοθηναι' W και ττεμ-ψας he commanded ιί to be 

reclined with [him at table] he commanded [it] to be given. And having sent given Aer. 10 And he 

, ,/^ oxi. >t' ' ~,Λ ~Ίτ »''Λ sent, and beheaded 

απεκεφαλισεν ^τον^' Ιωαννην εν Ty φυKaκy. 11 και ήνεχυη john in the prison. 

lie beheaded John in the prison. And ^was ^brought il And his head was 

t . \ \ i -^ ■> \ ' ''?'Λ - '. "'; brought in a oharger, 

η.κεώαλη.αυτου ετΓΐ ΤΓίνακι, και εόοθη τψ κορασιφ' και ην^ and given to the dam- 

'his ^ead on a dish, and was given to the damsel, and she sel : and she brought 

εγκεν τ^.μητ pi. αυτής. 12 και ττροσελθύντες οϊ.μαθηταΐ.αύτοΰ ^2 A^d ^is diLdpiS 

brought [it] to her mother. And having come his disciples came, and took up the 

fjpav το^αώμα: καιεθα-^αν^αντό•'^ καν εΧθόντες άτνηγγειλαν l^f'^^^, ΪΓ'^οΜ 

took the body, and buried it ; and having come told Jesus. 13 ^Yhen Jesus 

τφ'ϊησοϋ.13^και άκουσας' 6Ίησοϋς άνεχώρησεν εκεΧθεν ^Ιζί^^'ίΐΆΤοί 

[it] to Jesus. And ^having ^heard ^ Jesus withdrew thence desert place apart. 

Iv TrXoiqj εις ερημον τόττον κατ .ιδίαν. 
by ship to a desert place apart. 

Και άκονσαντες οι οχΧοι ήκοΧούθησαν αύτψ ^ττεζι^ 

And having heard [of it] the ci-owds followed him on foot 

} \ ^ /N ,.T_. ιν>Λ» f<»T ~iiT^ Λ» And when the people 

ατΓο των πόλεων. 14 Και εξελθων ^ο Ιησους^^ ειοεν πολύν had heard i/ie?-eo/, they 

from the cities. And having gone out Jesus saw "great followed him on foot 

y \ \ 5 Λ > rt ' > ο » • ' II » '/Ί ' outof the cities. 14 And 

οχλον,και εσπλαγχνισθη επ δαιτοι^ς," και ε^εραττεζ/σεν jesus went forth, and 

^a crowd, and was moved with compassion towards them, and healed saw a great multitude, 

τούς.άρρώστους.αϋτών. 15 Όφίας.δε γενομένης ^προσήλθον^^ compIs''sion''^''towaid 

, their infirm. And evening having come came them, and he healed 

αντφ οΐμαθηταϋαϋτοϋ^^ λέγοντες, "Ερημος εστίν υ τόπος, ^^ζ^^ ^f^-^g eventn^ 

to him his disciples, s.-iying, Desert is the place, i-^j^ disciples came to 

και ή ωρα Η]δη τταρΓ/λθεν" άπόλυσον ^ τονς όχλους, 'ίνα dSLrpiafe,™d 'tht 

and the time already is gone by : dismiss the crowds, that time"^ is now past ; send 

απελθόντες εις τάς κώμας άγοράσωσιν εαντοϊς βρώματα. J^It ^"^νϊΙν^οΤηΓό 

having gone into the villages they may buy for themselves meat. ^^^ vill?.^es and buy 

16 Ό.δε.^'Ιησοϋς^^ είπεν αυτοϊς, Ου χρείαν εχονσιν άπελθεΧν' themselves victuals. 

But Jesus said to them, ^^'o -need Hhey ""have togoaivay: J Jg^^^ T^eT necd^'not 

δότε αυτόΐς ύμεϊς φαγείν. 17 Οί.^ε λεγουσιν αύτφ, Οΰκ.'έχομεν depart; g"ije ye them 

give ^to^them ^ye to eat. But they say to Mm, We have not g° ^^^^^^Ζ ^im Wo 

ώοε εΐ.μή πέντε άοτους και δυο Ίχθυας. 18 Ό.ίέ εΙπεν , Φέρατε have h^re but five 

here except five loaves and tvro fishes. And he said, Bring loaves, and two fi>hes. 

, , -^ , ^ . \ !' \ > IS He said, Bring them 

μοι ^αυτούς ώοε." 19 Και κελευσας τονς υχλους ανα- hither to me. i9And 

no -'me Hhem here. And having commanded the crowds tore- he commanded the 

, , , , \ I \ η ^ 1 ' • " multitude to sit down 

κλιθηναι επι °τους χόρτους;^ P/cai'' λαβών τονς πέντε άρτους on the grass, and took 

clinc on the grass, and having taken the five loaves the five loaves, and the 

«■ yevecrioL? δε yero^eVot? LTTrA. « av LTrA. y λνττηθάς being grieved LTTrA. ' — δε but 
I.TT A. a, — T-bv LTTrA. ^ πτώμα corpse LTTr. <= '^^,'^°K ^^°^ TTrA. ^ άκονσαςδί LTTrA. 
<^ πε^οΐ Τ. f — ό 'ίησονς (read he saw) LTTrA. S αΰτοΐς GLTTrAW. ^ ^ γροσηλθαν LTr. 

i _ αύτοΰ (read the disciples) lttfa.^ ^ τταρηλθεν η^η τ. ' + ovv thereioie τ [a^. 

iw «, Ίησονς (read he said; x, » w5e αυτον$ LXXrA, _« τον χόρτον mxv, , f — κοΧ ai*2:sr4W, 


two fishes, and looking ^^^ ^^^ς ^{jq (χβνας, άραβλεψας εις τον ovpavbv '^ρ.νλόγησ-ν'^^ 

ed' Indhrike andgave ^nd the two fishes, having looked iip to the heayen he blessed ; 

the loaves to his dis- ^ai κΧάσας edojicEv τοις μαθηταΐς τους άρτους^ μα- 

ciples, and the disci- ^ud having broken he gave to the disciples the loaves, and the dis- 
ples to the multitude. ° ° ^ ^ -^ , \ > / /> 

20 And they did all θηταί τοΙς υχλοίς. 20 καΐ εφαγον τταντες και εχορτασθησαν' 

eat, and were filled : ^-^^^ ^^ ^^^ crowds. And ^ate 'all and were batisfied ; 

and they took upof-^_ , ^ ^^ f^,^ 

the fragments that re- και ήραν TO TTEpiuuEvov των κλασμμτων, οωοΒκα 

mained twei ve baskets .^jj(j ^j^gy ^qq^^ ^-,ρ ^jjj^^ which was over and above of the fragments, twelve 

full. 21 And they that "^ \, m .^.v / λ- . r - 5. . , 

had eaten were about κοφινονς πΑηρΕίς. 21 οί.οε tauiovT^Q ήσαν άνδρες ωσει 

five thousand -men, hand-baskets fulL And those who ate were men about 

beside women and ,, , _ ^ , ^' u 

children ττει^τακίσχιΚίοι, χωρίς ^γυναικών και παιοιων." 

five thousand, besides women and children. 

22 Και ^εΰ^έως" ήνάγκασεν *ό 'ϊησονς^^ τούς.μαθητάς^αντον^ 

And immediately ^compelled 'Jesus his disciples 

22 And straightway Ιμβήναί είς ""το^^ 'τΧοΊον και ττροά-γειν αυτόν εις το ττεραν, 

Jesus constrained hia to enter into the ship and to go before him to the . other side, 
disciples to get into a„ _ , ^ r \ » -^ γ»ο ^ > \ f > 

Ehip, and to go before ituf.ot) aTToKvay τονς υχΚους. . Zo και ατΓολνσας τους 

him unto • the other ^ntil he should have dismissed the crowds. And having dismissed the 

side, while he sent „ ^ > >n > ■> « > >r^f ' y r\ >r\ 1 ' 

the multitudes away. ΌγΧους ανεβη Βίς TO ορος κατ -laiav ττροσενί,ασυαι, Οψι- 

23 And when he had crowds he went up into the mountain apart to pray. ^Even- 

eent the multitudes ^, , , - »~ΛJ^^^^-' « ^ τ ' ' 

away, he went up into ας Ci -γενομένης μονος ηΐ' εκεί. 24:τυ.όε τΓΑοιονηοη ^μεσον 
a mountain apart to ing 'and being come alone he was there. But the ship now in [the] midst 
pray-: and when the ~ η λ > τ» τ ν ' t^^ / τ < 

evening was come, he της ϋαλασσης ην^ βασανιζομενον υττο των κνματων' ην γαρ 

was there alone. 24 But of the sea was, tossed by the waves, *was 'for 

the ship was now in 5 / «v «err•' s-»j\~~ 

the midst of the sea, εναντιος Ο ανεμος. 25 Ύετaρτ7J.cε φνλακγ της νυκτός 

tossed with waves : ^contrary ^the ^wind. But in [the] f otirth watch of the night. 

trar*^^ S^^nd^fn^^the ^άττήλθεν^^ ττρος αντοίις *ύ Ίϊ?σοϊ)ς•," ττεριττατών επί ^της θαλάσ- 
fourth watch of the ^went ^to ""tliem 'Jesus, walking on the sea. 

iifm, wXni"on"?hi ο•;?ς.'' 26 \ai ίδόντες αυτόν oi μαθητα? lirl <^τήν θαΚασσαν^^ 
sea, 26 And when the And ^seeing ' *him Hh6 ^disciples on the eea 

walfng on^the sS" ττεριπατονντα εταράχθησαν, λέγοντες, "Οτι φάντασμα, εστίν* 

they were troubled,' walking were troubled, saying. An apparition jt is : 

nnithey*criedo^Si '^"^ ^^^ τοϋ φόβον εκραζαν. 27 ^ί'θεωςΚδε ελάλησεν ^αύ- 

fear. 27 But straight- ^^^ through fear they cried out. But immediately ^spoke Ho 

way Jesus spake unto ^οΤς ό Ίι^σοΰς," λέγων, θαρσεΤτε, εγώ.είμι, μή.φοβεΧσθε, 

gooT'cheer^^'it is I•• "tliem 'Jesus, sayiiig, Be of good courage, lam [he], fearnotr 

benotafraid. 28And 28.Ά7Γθκ:|θΐθεις^£^ίΐΰΓω 6 ΙΙ^τρος εΖττει/," κύριε, ει σν.εί, 

aS'Lid?L^rd!ifitb^ , And answering him ^ Peter ^ Lord, if it be thou. 

thou, bid me come un- κέλευσαν με ^πρός σε ελθε'ίν^^ επί τα 'ύδατα. 29 Ο.δε είπεν, 

29Αη? he said Come' ^^^ ™® ^*° **^®® 'to =come upon the waters. And he said, 

A»d when Tet'er was Έλθε. Kal κάταβάς από του πλοίου *'ό". Πέτρος περιεπά" 

come dovrn out of the q^^^^ And having descended from the ship Peter walk- 

ship, he walked on the , Λ , ,/ Λ •,λΑ , , > - Λ /-)Λ ' 

water, to gO to Jesus, τησεν ετΓΐ Τα νδατα^ ^ελθείν" προς τον Ιησονν, 30 βλεπων.δε 

SOBut when he saw g^j upon the waters, to go to Jesus. But seeine 

the wind boisterous, ,» κ» ^••I/-»'/^ ,,,*' 

he was afraid; and Tov ανεμον ^ισχυρον^' εφοβηθη, και αρζαμενος καταπον 

beginning to srak, he the wind strong he was affrighted, and beginning to 

cried, saying. Lord, >y ^ " y \' tr ' ~ ' oi τ-'Λ' 5•'' 

save me. 31 And τιζεσθαι εκραξεν, λέγων. Κύριε, σωσον με. 31 Έ,υθεως.οε 

immediately Jesuis sink he cried out, saying. Lord, save me. - And immediately 

stretched forth Λώι», ~ » - > ~ >ν//ί >~ >-»' 

hand, and caught him. o ίησους εκτίΐνας την χ^ιρα επελαβετο αυτού, και λέγει 

and said unto him, C Jesus having stretched out the hand t ook hold of him, and say a 

<* ηνλόγησει/ LTrA. ' παιδιωι/ και γυναικών L. " — εύθεω? Τ, * — ό ^Ιησούς (read 

he compelled) glttfaw, ν _ αντον (i-ead the disciples) GTTrAW. " — • το (read a 

ship) Tr. » σταδίους ττολλούς άπο της "γης άπ^Ιχεν tnany stadia from the land was dis- 

tant Tr. y ^λθει/ LTTr. ^ — ό Ιησούς (read he went) GLTTrAW. * την Θάλασσαν 

LTTrA. b οΐ δε μαθηταΐ ιΒόντες αντον L ; ίδόντε? δέ avrov τ. ^ τηζ θαλάσσης LTTrA. 

<* ευθύ? LTTr. e ό Ίησονς αύτοίς L , — ό Ίησονς Τ ; αντοίς [ό Ίησονς} Λ. Ό Πετράς 

€Ζπεν αντω L. g e\$€lv προς σδ LIXi Α. >» — ρ WTrA, καΐ fl\$€V and h^ weut Τ, 

* — ίσ)ςνρον γ, 

XIV, XV. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 41 

αντψ, Όλιγήττιστε, εις.τί Ιδίστασας; 32 Και Ημβάντων'^' *^'^" of little faiih. 

to him, ο [thou] of lit tie faith, why didst thou doubt ? And -having ^entered Y^^ci-cforc didst tlioti 
y -^ t \ -v ^ , / t „ e.c\ t <N< douDt? 32 And when 

αυτών ε/ς το ττλοιον εκοττησεν υ άνεμος' 33 οι.ύε εν τω they were come into 
'they into the ship =ceased Hhe =wind. And those in the *^^ ^^''1^' *^° "*^'™'^ 

Λ'ηι'ΛΑ' II '' ,~λ/ ».n/.^ Ceased. 33 Then they 

ΤΓΑΟΐφ "^εΑθοντες ττροσεκννησαν αντψ, λέγοντες, Αλί/θως that were in the ship 

ship having•. come worshipped him, saying-, • Truly came and worshipped 

^ ~ ., 7 him, sayingr, Of atruth 

υεου νιος ει. thou art the Son of 

=of •■■God 'Son thou art ! God. 

34 Και διαπεράσαντες ηλθον "ε/ς" την γ/>" ^Τενν7]σαρ8τ.^^ 34 And when they 

And having passed over they came to the land of Gennesaret. were gone over, they 
r, - » ' ' • » » t ./ Λ ~ / , , , , came into the land of 

oo και ετΓίγνοντες αυτόν οι άνδρες του.τοτΓου.εκεινου αττε- Gennesaret. 35 And 

And ha^ing recognized him the men .of that place sent Avhen the men of that 

στειΚαν εις ολην την.ττερΊχωρον.εκεΊνην, και ττροσηνεγκαν αντψ of'^ti'im.^hey'^seni out 

to all that country round, and hrought to him into all that country 

πάντας τονς κακώς.εχοντας' 36 και τταρεκαΚουν αυτόν 'ίνα brought unto^him^aU 

all these who were ill ; and besought him that that were diseased ; 

βόνον liipiovTaL του κράσπεδου τοϋΰματίον,αντοΰ' και ?hat"t^hcy^ m^ght vnu- 

only they might touch the border of his garment ; and touch the hem of his 

'όσοι' ΐΐφ^ντο διεσώθησαν. garment: and as many 

'/,,', as touched were made 

as many as touched were cured. perfectly whole. 

15 Τυτ-ε προσέρχονται τψ Ίησον *ΐοί" άπο ^Ιεροσο'λύμων 

Then come to Jesus the *from ^Jerusalem X"^• Then came to 

'γραμματείς και ΦαρισαΧοι,^^ λέγοντες, 2 ^Διατί" οι μαθηταί Pharisees, which were 

'scribes ^and ^Pharisees, ' saying, "Why ^disciples of Jerusalem, saying, 

r, r . / ^ -. η ' > 2 Why do thy disciples 

σου τταραραινουσιν. την τταραόοσιν των πρεσβυτέρων \ ου transgress the tradi- 

Hhy 'transgress the tradition of the elders? . ""not tion of the elders ? for 

/ < ~ ^ , ^ 11 „ „ > /T .•>«/-»?•' they wash not their 

yap νίπτονται τας.χει ρας^αυτων" οταν αρτον εσθιωσιν. 3 Ο.ΰε hands when they eat 

'for -they ^wash their hands when bread they eat. But he bread. 3 But he an- 

> η ^ t »~βΑ ΊΙ \«~ /O'^ ' swered and said unto 

αποκριυεις ειπεν αυτοις, ^Αιατι" και νμεις παραραινετε την them, Why do ye also 

answering said to them, Why ^also -ye 'transgress the transgress the com- 

.» \\ ~ η ~ ^^ 1 't^ <~ Λ '/-Λ ^ mandinent of God b"y 

εντολ7]ν τον βεου δια την.παραόοσιν.υμων ', 4 υ γαρ your tradition ? 4 For 

commandment of God on account of your tradition ? For God commanded, say- 

θεός Ηνετειλατο^ λέγων, ^^ Τίμα τον.πατερα^σον^^ και την £fd' Sh^ ΐΏ",* Ηο 

God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and that curseth father or 

μητέρα' και Ό κακολογών πάτερα η μητέρα, θανάτψ τε- u^^^eki^^^^tTe 

mother ; and. He who speaks evil of father or mother, by death let g^y^ Wliosoever shall 

λεντάτω. δ ύμεΊς.δε λέγετε, "Ος.αν ειπy τψ πατρι η rg ^^thei'V?a'I°giiS 

him die. But ye say. Whoever shall say to father or -^^ whatsoever thou 

μητρΊ, Mhpov, Uav εξ Ιμοϋ ώφεληθyς, -καΡ -i^^t-t^ ;-^ i-Jted 

mother, [It is] a gift whatever by me thou mightest be profited— : and .^^^ ^^.^ father or his 

ον.μή ^τιμησί/^ τον.πατερα.αύτοΰ "^η τήν.μητέρα.αύτον'^' ^'^o'^her Λβ k^all be 

in no wise honour his father or ^ his mother: ^ Seth^'commU" 

6 και ή κυρώσατε ^τήν εντολήν*^ του θεοΰ δια την παρά- mcnt of God of none 

and ye made void the commandment of God on account of ^tra- effect ^'^yJ^^J^^^^'^ 

δοσιν υμών. 7 Ύποκριταί, καλώς ^προεφητενσεν^^ περί νμών well did Esaias pro- 

dition 'your. Hypocrites I >vell. prophesied^ concerning^ you ^^^^[3 ^4o^p°le'd^aweth 

^Ησαΐας, λέγων, 8 "^'Εγγίζει /zot" ό.λαός.οϋτος "^τψ στυματι nigh unto me with 

Esaias. saving. Draws near to me this people with -mouth their mouth, and 

,„ .- . ~ . Λ, r^/ , ~ / . < honoureth me with 

αυτών, και τοΤς.χειλεσιν με τιμψ η.οε.καρόια.αυτων πόρρω their Uvs; but their 
-their, and with the lips ^me *it ■'honoirrs ; but their heart far heart is far from me. 

> αναβάντων having gone up ι,ττγΑ. "" — €\θόντ€ς t[a]. » εττΐ TTr. <> + el? (read at 
Gennesaret) ΤΤγ. ρ Vevvr\aapiO LW. q — oi LTIr. ' Φαρισαΐοι καΧ γραμματείς TTr. 

• δια τι LTrA. * — αύτώι* (read the hands) τ[τγ]. ^ elneu said LTr. «^ — σου (read 

[thy]) GLTTrAW. » — καΐ LTTr[A]. ^ τιμήσει will he honour LXXrA. ^ * — η rqv 

μητέρα αυτοΰ l'a]. » τον λόγοι/ th^ word LTr ; τον νόμογ the law ta. ^ ίπροφήτευσ^ν^ 

LTXrA. β — 'Εγγίζει /not GLTTrA. •* — τω στό /idTi αύτων και GLTIrA. 

42 Μ A Τ θ A .1 Ο Σ. XV. 

9 But in vain they do ά.7Γ8χ£ί άπ ψον. 9 μάτην.δε σεβορταί με, διδάσκοντες 

worship me, teaching λ, ^^ _ ^^^ .^ ^^^.^ ^^ worship mc, teaching [as] 

/or doctrines the com- ^^"^^, , ,^ , r> ' ^ΛTA^ λ ' 

niaudments of men. διδασκαλίας έντολματα ανυρωττων. ΙΌ Κ«< ττρησκαΚεσαμενος 

10 And he called tlie teachings injunctions of men. And havinq- called to [him] 
multitude, and said . „ ^ - , ^ , . , ^ . ti> 

unto them, Hear, and jQy υχλον είττεν αυτοις, ΑκονετΕ και σννιετε. 11 ου 

understand: 11. not ^j^g crowd he said to them, Hoar and understand! not 

that which goeth into , . » / , \ > - ν « -^ 

the mouth • defiieth a ro εισερχομενορ εις το στόμα κοινοί τον αννρωπον' 

man ; but that which that which enters into the mouth defiles the man ; 

cometh out of the ,.., ,, , ,~, 

mouth, this defiieth a άλλα το εκτΓορενομενον εκ τον στόματος, τούτο κοινοί 

man. but that which goes forth out of the mouth, tliis defiles 

τον άνθρωτΓον. 
the man. 

12 Then came his dis- 12 ΤρτΕ 7τροσε\θόντες οΙ.μαθηταΊ^αύτον^^ ^είττοϊ^" αντψ, 

ciples, and saiti unto Then having come to [him] his disciples said to him, 

that'thePharlseeswere ΟΙδας οτι o\ ΦαρισαΊοι άκονσαντες τον Χόγον Ισκανδαλί- 

offended, after they Knowestt!^ou that the Pharisees having heard the saying were of - 

irSit *hl%nswered σθ/?σαν; 13 ο.δε 'αποκριθείς είττεν, Πάσα (φυτεία ην ουκ 

and said Every ρΊ^ι^*, fended? But he answering said, Every plant which ^not 

FitSriSthnotpiant^ ^φντενσεν ο.ττατηρ.μον ο.ονράνιος, Ικριζωθησεταί. 14 άψετε 

ed shall be rooted lip. ^has 'planted 'my ^Father Hhe ''heavenly, shall be rooted up. LeavB 

14 Let theni alone: αϋτούς' ^ϋδηΎο'ί ε'ισιν τνφΧον^ τυφλών' τυφλός δε τνφλόν 

of The blind And it t^em ; "leaders Hhey *are =blind of blind ; =blind 'and =blind 

the blind lead the sav οδηγν, άμφότεροί είς βόθυνον ττεσοννται. ΙδΆττοκριθεις.δϊ 

Sto ώο ditch. Γδ Then 'ί* *1^^^' ^°*^ ^^*ο ,^ Ρ^^ will fall. And answering 

answered Peter and ^ Πέτρος είπεν αντψ, Φοάσον ημίν τήν.τταραβολήν.^ταντην.'^ 

Baid unto hi m ^ Declare 

Peter said to him, Expound to us this parable. 

unto us this parable. , «» •, ~ π - > ^ χ « ~ , / > t 

16 And Jesus said, Are \Q Ο.δε} Ιησους^^ εΙπεν, Ακμην και υμεΧς ασύνετοι εστε; 

ye also yot ^-itliout But Jesus said, "'Still ^also 'ye ^without ^understanding 'are? 

understanding? 1' Do ^ ^ ,, ^ •' , , , , , 

not ye yet understand, 17 '^ουττω" νοειτε οτι τταν το εισιτορενομενον εις το 

that whatsoever enter- 3nof*yet 'perceive ^ye that everything which enters- into the 

eth in at the mcuth , , , , ^ ,, .,^.^ ^ η '\\ 

goeth into the belly, στομα Είς την κοϊλιαν χωρεί, και εις αφεορωνα εκβαλλεται; 

and is east out into mouth into the belly goes, and into [the] draught is cast forth ? 
the draught? 18 But , ^, , , , ~ , . , ~ 

those things which 18 τα.οί εκτΓορενομενα εκ τον στόματος εκ της 

proceed out of the But the things which, go forth out of the mouth out of the 

naouih come forth rv/j^' '- ~ ^ » η ίγ»'» 

fi-om the heart; and καρδιας ίζερχεται, κακεινα κοινοί τον ανθρωττον. 19 εκ.γαρ 

they defile the man. heart come forth, and these defile the man. For out of 

19 For out of the heart ~ rv >s" ?• > < > <' ,~ 

proceed evil thoughts, της καρδιας εξέρχονται όιαλογισμοι ττονηροι, φόνοι, μοιχειαι, 

murders, adulteries, the heart come forth ^reasonings 'evil, murders, adulteries, 

fS'wUncs's,bi?4& 'η-ορνεΊαι, κλοπαί, -^ενδομαρτυρΊαι, βλασφημίαι. 20 ταϋτά 

mies : 20 the-e are the fornications, thefts, false-witnessings, blasphemies. These things 

£aif^ bu"i) eliwith ^^^^^^ ^" κοινοΐι^^τα τδνάνθρωτΓον' το.δε άνίτττοις 

unwashen hands de- ^^^ they which defile the man ; but the ^with ^unwashed 

fiieth not a man, χεοσίν φαγεΊν ov.Koivol τον άνθρωττον. 

„, _, τ , ^hands 'eating defiles not the man. 

21 Then Jesus went y ■>% \ η ^ » ~λ « > «/■ > / > λ r 

thence, and departed 21 Kfti ίξελθων εκεΧθεν Ο Ιησονς ανεχο)ρησεν εις τα μέρη 

into the coasts of Tyre j^^^^ going forth thence Jesus withdrew to the parts 

and Sulon. 22 And, , ,^^ __ ^J^/ \ -^r />, 

behold, a woman of Tvpov και Σιοωνος. 22 και ιόί.ν, γυνή Χαναναια αττο 

Canaan came out of of χγ^β and Sidon ; and behold, a ^woman 'Cananrean from 

the same coasts, and '^,, ,, »ί'ΝΛ~ i> / iim»~ii"\' 

cried unto him, say- των.οριων.εκεινων ί^ξελθουσα ^εκραυγασεν" "^αυτφ," λέγουσα, 

ing. Have mercy on those borders having come out cried to him, saying, 

me, Ο Lord, thou sou ,_^ ,, , η<«Αθ'?ιι«ο' ~5' 

of David ; my daugh- Έλεησον με, κύριε, ^νιε Ααβιδ^^ Ίΐ.θνγατηρ. μου κακώς όαι- 

ter is grievously vexed Have pity on me. Lord, Son of David; my daughter miserably is pos- 
with a devil. 23 But ,v λ« «λ ^^ > » 'r\ > ~ λ / ν 

he answered her not a ]ίΐο^Ίζε7•α(. 23 Ο.οε ονκ.αττεκριβη αυττ^ λογον. και ττροσ- 

word. And his disci- sesped by a demon. But he answered ^not 'her a word. And having 

e — αντοΐι (read the disciples) lta. ^ \iyovaLv s;iy lttia. ε τυφλοί είσιΐ' όδ>7γοΙ LTr. 
*» — ταΰτην (read the parable) L•TTr[Λ]. ' — Ίησου? (read he s.iid) lttfa. ^ ov not LTlr, 
^ ΐκραζΐν LXr ; sK^ta^iv T, » — avrtp LTTrA. ^ vie Aavld gw ; vios AavetS LTTrA. 

XV. Μ A Τ Τ Η Ε VV. 4S 

{Κθόντες οΐμαθηταΐαί'τοΰ -ήρώτων^^ αντόν, λέοντες, £^4hfwm, 'faying 

come to [uim] his disciples asked him, saying, Send lier away; for she 

ΆτϊόλνσονανΓην,οτι κράξει ΰτησθενημών 24 Ό.^έ αττοκρι- ^^^!ii3w^^ed^anfsSi? 

Dismiss her, for she cries after us. But he •' answer- j ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ 

θύζ έίττεν, Ονκ-άτησταΚην εί:μή εις τα πρόβατα τα άποΧωΧότα the lost sheep of the 

. ., X ^ J. ' J. ^ ^^ i +t,„ 1^0+ houseof Israel. 25 Then 

ing said, I was not sent except to the sheep the ^ lost ^ ^.^^^ ^j^^ ^^^ worship- 

. Οίκου Ίσοαηλ. 25 "ΆΜ (Χθονσα ττροσίκννΗ αντφ, ped him, saying Loini, 

of [the] house of Israeh But she having come did homage to him, ^nsweTed and Sd, U 

λέγουσα. Κύοίε, βοήθει μοι. 26 Ό.^έ αποκριθείς είπεν, Ουκ is not meet to take the 

sa-ying. ^ Lok, "^help ^ me I ^ But he answering -said, ^^^ot children's. M,^ and 

Ptarii^ καλόν" λα/3εΙν τονάρτον των τέκνων, και βάΧεΙν 27 And she said, Truth, 

'it =13 good to take the bread of the children, and to cast [it] Lord : yet the dogs eat 

, , Λ, _ , , ^ , < / of the crumbs which 

τοις κυναριοις. 27 H.oe ειπεν, Ναι, κύριε,* και.γαρ τα κυναρια fail fi-om their mas- 

to the little 'dogs. But she said, Yea, Lord: for even the little dugs ters' table. 28 Then 

,„, ,, ,, ^ , ,,^^ ,y Jesus answered and 

εσθιει απο των ψιχιων των πιπτοντων απο της τραπεί,ης said unto her, ο wo- 

eat of the crumbs which fall from the table man, great is thy faith: 

, , ^ ^n _, , , η Ν ' >T ~ r ) ~ be it unto thee even as 

των.κυριων.αυτων. 28 Τότε αποκριθείς ο ΐΊ]σους ειπεν αυτ-^, thou wilt. And her 

of their masters. • Then answering Jesus said to her, daughter was made 

»^ , ,x β , / /Λ/ ' n'-\ whoie from that very 

Ω -^υναι, μεγάλη σου η πιστις' γενηθητω σοι ως νελεις. ^ο^τ. 

ο woman, great [is] thy faith : be it to thee as thou desirest. 

Και ίάθη ή.θυγάτηρ.αϋτης απο τής.ωραςΛκείνης. 

And was healed her daughter from that hour. 

29 Και μεταβάς εκεΧθεν οΊησουςΙΐλθεν παρά την θάλασ- 29 And Jesus depart- 

A-nd having departed thence Jesus came towards the sea «d from thence and 

^ , , , , ,/ ' ' η came nigh unto the sea 

oav της Ταλιλα'ιας' και αναβας εις το ορός εκαθητο of Gaiiiee ; and went 

of Galilee : and having gone up into the mountain he was sitting ^P into a -mountain, 

, ~ „^v , ~^ Λ . ~ « Ν \\ ' » n> ^^"i sai down there. 

εκει. 30 και προσήλθαν αυτφ οχΧοι πολλοί, έχοντες μεθ so And great multi- 
there. And came to him -crowds 'great, having with tudes came unto him, 
, ^ ^, ^ , , ^^ , ^ , / ^ having with them those 

εαυτών χω\ους, τυφλούς, κωφούς, κυλΧους,^ και έτερους ττολ- that were lame, blind, 

them lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and ^others 'many, dumb, maimed, and 

^ , V ./ » « I π t y < < '5^ Γ ~ 't ~ II many Others, and cast 

λόυς, και "^ερριψαν^^ αυτούς πάρα τους ποόας 'του Ιησου them down at Jesus' 

and they cast down them at the feet of Jesus, feet ; and he healed 

■ ,/^ / > ' m f/ e ί » Λ II Λ ' them: 31 insomuch that 

και ίθεραπενσεν αυτούς' 31 ώστε ^τους οχΑους" υαυμασαι, the multitude wonder- 

and he healed them ; so that the crowds wondered, ed, when they saw the 

βλέποντας κωφούς λαλοΰντας, κνλλούς υγιείς, » χωλούς περί- maTmed^'to'bfwhoS 

seeing dumb speaking, maimed sound, lame walk- the lame to walk, and 

πατοϋντας, και τυφλούς βλέποντας' και ^εδόξασαν'' τον θεον ihey^glor\fied'the God 

ing, and blind seeing; and they glorified the,. God ^^ igraet 32 Then 

Ίσραηλ. 32 Ό.^έ;ΐ7?σους ττροσκαλεσά/ζενος τους μαθητάς JS„S^,^,^ati£ 

of Israel- But Jesus having called to [him] 'disciples J ^^^^ compassion on 

αύτου είπεν, Σπλαγχνίζομαι επιτον όχλον οτι ήδη lH^^^iS^ut^frZ 

.'his said, I am moved with compassion towards the crowd, because already ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ 

"^ήμερας" τρεΊς προσμενουσίν 'μοι, και ούκ.εχουσιν τι φάγω- bave notiiiug^ ω eat^ 

-days Hhi-ee tboy continue with me, and have not what they may ^^^^ -away fasting, 

σιν και απολΰσαι αυτούς νηστεις ού.θελω, μηποτε εκλυθώσιν lest they faint in the 

eat; and to send away them fasting I am not willing, lest^ they faint ^pf^g ^ty unto^S^' 

tv ττ) ύδώ. 33 Και λεγουσιν αυτφ οι.μαθηταιΤ'αύτού,''^ Τίόθεν Whence should we 

in th^e wa:^. And 4ay, '^tojhim 'his ^disciples, Whence f^^^^^^iSes^af lo 

ημίν εν ερημιά άρτοι τοσούτοι ώστε χορτάσαι όχλον τοσούτον, fill so great a'muiti- 

to us in a desert loaves so many as • to satisfy a crowd so great ? tude ? 34 And Jesus 

, , \^ , „ „ r-k« S" saith unto them. How 

34 Και λέγει αύτοίς υ Ιησούς, Πόσους άρτους έχετε; Όι.οε many loaves have ye? 

And ^'says ^to ^them 'Jesus, How many loaves have ye ? And they And they said, Seven, 

. / X.N/ ./1'^ «rτ^^v''^ ~ and a few little fishes. 

ειπον, Επτά, και ολίγα ιχθυύια. . 35 Και ^εκελευσεν τοις 35 And he commanded 

said, Seven, and a few small fishes. And he commanded the the multitude to sit 

ο -ηρώτουν LTTrA. Ρ s^ccttlv it is allowed lta. . i ipi^av T. ^ «• αύτον of him ltti-a. ^ tJ,^ 
δχλοι/ the crowd TA. * + καΐ and LTXrA. " έδο^^α^οι/ τ. " -ημίραι GltttaW. » — αντοΰ 
{rtad the disciples; [LJitirJA. >' παραγγκ t'Aas τφ όχλφ having commanded the crowd Liir, 

44 ΜΑΤΘΑΙΟΥ. XV, χη. 

36^ a^h\ ^kThe οχΚοις^^ άναττεσέϊν επι την γην 36 ^κ'αι λα,βώϊ/" τονς ετττά 

Eeven^ loaves and the crowds to recline on the ground; and having taken the sevea 

fishes,andgavethank3, aprovQ καΐ TOVQ Ιχθύας,^ Ευχαριστησας 'έκλασεν και ^ίΰωκεν^^ 

gave^"^^ his discip^les, ^°^^^^ ^^^ *^® ^^^^^' having given thanks he broke and gave 

and the disciples to the Tolg.uaOijralc.'^avTOV,^^ οΊ.δε μαθητάΐ ^τψ 6%X(ij." 37 Και 

multitude. 37 And to his disciples, and the disciples to the crowd. And 

they did all eat, and ^ , \ ■, , η %- , 

were filled : and they ίφαγον παντΕς, και ίχορτασθησαν και ^ήραν το περισ- 

took up of the broken 2^^ α^|ΐ and were satisfied ; andthey took up that which was dver 

meat that was left ^ ' , , » ,^ ^ , «^ < r>v 

Eeven baskets full. GEvov Tisjv κΑασματων' ETTTU σττυριοας ττληοΕίς. 38 oi.oe 

38 And they that did an^j above of the fragments seven baskets full ; and they who 

eat were four thousand , ^, - ,^ » ^ , r ~ ν 

men, beside women EGOiowEQ ήσαν τΕτρακισχιλιοί avopEQ, χωρίς ^γνναικων και 

and children. 39 And ate were four thouBand men, besides women and 

ti^tnde, a^Jd^took Sip' τται^ί'ων." 39 Kai ά'ττοΧνσας τονς όχλους ^ένέ/3?;" εις το 

and came into the children. And having dismissed the crowds he entered into the 

coasts of Magdala. \ ~ ^ τλ λ > » " Ηττ ? ^ ' ii 

ΤΓΑοιον, και ηλϋΕν εις τα όρια ''Μη.γόαλα." 

XVI. The Pharisees ship, and came to the borders of Magdala. 

cees came, and temp^- 16 KiTti τΓροσεΧθόντΕς 01 ,ΦαρισαΊοι και ΣαδδονκαΊοι 

ing desired him that And having come to [him] the Pharisees and Sadducces 

Eign^^froS^'^hSTCn* '^^ιρ'ίζοντες 'Ηττηρώτησαν^^ αυτόν σημεΊον εκ του ούρανοϋ 

2 Ηβ answered and tempting .[him] asked him a sign out of the heaven 

it'iTvinSry^aT ^ΤΓΐίεΤ^αι αϋτοϊς 2 6M αποκριθείς είπεν αντοΧς, ^'Οφίας 

/<u>ti? fee fair weather; to shew them. But he -answering said to them. Evening 

3Anfkiil!?m?minJ Ύ^^ομενης λέγετε, Ευδία- πυρράζει.γάρ 6 ουρανός. 3 και 

It will be toul weather ^^"''"^& come ye say, Fine weather ; for ^is ''red Hhe ^heaven. And 

to day : for the s^ is ττρωί, Σήμ-ρον χειμών τνυρράζει.γάρ στνγνάζων 6 ουρανός. 

hypocritesryeTan die- "■* morning. To-day a storm ; for ^s ^red ^lowering Hhe ^'heaven. ; 

cern the face of the ^ντΓοκριταί.^ TO μεν Ίτρόσωττον του ουρανού γινώσκετε 

&rn?hesi^fofthS Hypocrites I the indeed »face ^of ^the "heaven je know [how] 

times ? 4 A wicked and SiaKpivEiv, τά.δε σημεία των καιρών οϋ.δννασθε\^^ 4 γενεά 

adulterous generation to discern, but the signs of the times ye cannot ! A generation 

eeeketh after a sign ; ,', ^^ j ,y.wx ^ »ϊ>/τ 

and there shall no sign τΓονηρα και μοι\αλις σημεΐον ΕΤΓίζητεΐ' και σημεΧον ου.δουη'• 

be given unto it, but wickjd and adu terous a sign seeks, and a sign shall not be 

the sign of the prophet ,.».,, ^ , ^ ^ . u -rr \ 

Jonas. And he left σεται avTy. i' .μή TO σημειον Ιωνα "Υου προφήτου. ^^ Και 

them, and departed. given to it, except the sign of Jonas the prophet. And 

4e^swer:^ome^oS καταλιπων αΰτούς άπήλθεν. 

other side, they had leaving them he went away. 

breii"^6 Then j*esS ^ ^*^* ελθόντΕς οΙμαθηταΙ"αντοϋ^^ εις το πέραν Ιπελάθοντο 

said unto them. Take And 'having* come 'his ^didciples to the other side they forgot 

ihelea'v'enoYtiVai ^prov ς λαβείν. 6 όΜΛησοΰς είπεν αύτοίς, Όράτ.ε.καί προσ• 

riseea and of the Sad- ^oaves 'to .•'take. And Jesus said to them, See and ν be- 

ducees. 7 And they εχετε άπο της ζύμης των Φαρισαίων και Σαδδουκαίων. 7 Οι.δε 

MlvSi sa^g^fi ώ Si ^'^^ °^ *^® ^^"-^^^ ^^ ^^^ Pharisees and Sadducees. And thoy 

cauM we have taken δίελογίζοντο iv εαντοΊς, λέγοντες, "Οτι άρτους ουκ δλά- 

when Jems TOroeiv^ reasoned among themselves, saying. Because loaves =not 'we 

he said unto them, d βομεν. 8 Γνοί'ς.δε Ο Ίησοϋς εΙπεν ^αιτοΤς," Ύί- δια- 

rLson νί amSj' Ζ^. '^°°^ ^^"^ having known [this] ^ Jesus said to them. Why rea- 

wivea, because ye have λογίζεσθε kv έαυτοίς, ολιγόπιστοι, ΌΤΙ άρτους ουκ 

ο ^^ ?° χ ^^^^^ "* . son ye among yourselves, Ο [ye] of little faith, because loaves ^not 

Β Do ye not yet under- γ.•,•^ > r} η c\ - ~ ,?>« / »./ 

stand, neither remem- ^εΚαρετεγ^ 9 ονπω.νοειτε, ουδε μνημονεύετε τους πέντε 
her the five loaves of 'ye ''took ? Do ye not yet perceive, nor remember the five 

« ίλαβ€ν he took LTTr. » -I- Koi and lt. *> eSCSov ττγ. « — αυτοί) (read the disciples) 
rLjTLTrJA. ^ d TOts οχλοις to the crowds ΤΤγΑ. « το nepiaaevov των κλασμάτων ?ipau LTTr a. 
< παι8ιων καίγυναικων τ. ^ κ ανέβη he went up gTiaW. h MayaSav ν agadan LTTrA. 

» ΐτηιρώτων Τ. ^ ^ ΌγΙ/ίας . . , . to end of verse 3 [ta]. > — νποκριταί LTTrA ; -t- και 

and h. «a — του ϊτροφητον LTTrA. » — avTOv (read the disciplei) LTTrA. » — αντοίς 
OLiirA. Ρ ax^Tt ye have l. ~ 

XVr. Μ A τ τ Η Ε ΛΥ. 45 

άρτους των ττεντακισχίλίων, και ττόσους κοφίνον'ς ελάβετε , ^^ β"^« thousand, and 

loaves of the five thouisand, and how many hand-baskets ye took [up]? ?oJk up ?'''^ 10 nImot 

10 ονδε τους ετντά άρτους των τετραιασχιΧίων, και ττόσας thesevenioaTes of the 

nor the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many 1°"^^ thousand, and 
, / ^ , ^ ti > » ^ many baskets ye 

Ίσττνρίοας" εΧαβετε; 11 ττώς ου. νοείτε οτι ου ττερί topk up? ii How is 

baskets ye took [up] ? How perceive ye not that not concerning ^} ^^^^ 7^τ.*^*ϊ. τ°* ^?" 

„ - , / I, , \ „ y , ■>- ^ ' derstand that I spake 

'αρτο^" είτΓον υμΊν ^προσεχειν" αττο της ζύμης των Φαρισαιων it not to you concern- 
bread I spoke to you to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees ing bread, that ye 
,^^^ , ,ΛΓ^/ ~ ti J t > should beware of the 

και^αοόουκαιων\\^Ύοτε συνηκαν otl ονκ.ειπεν προσεχειν leaven of the Pharisees 

and Sadducees? Then they understood that he said not to beware and of the Saddftcces ? 

, s ~ ■ y, , ~ „ II V '\\>i\ ' ^ ~ 5* ?> ~ ~ -2 Then understood 

αττο της ζνμης Voi» αρτου,^^ ^αλ\" αττο της όιόαχης tojv they ho-sy that he bade 
of the leaven of bread, but of the teaching of the them not beware of 

- /' , _, -,Λ , the leaven of bread, 

Φαρισαιων και Σαόέουκαιων. but of the doctrine of 

Pharisees and Sadducees. the Pharisees and of 

f ο »T-i-\ /Ί ' r>> » »x ~ > \ r -rr ' ~ the Sadducees. 

.13 Ελθων.ύε ο \ησους εις τα μέρη Καισαρείας της 

And "having ^come *Jcsus into the parts of Csesarea ' 

Φίλιππου ήρώτα τονς.μαθητάς.αυτου^ λέγων. Τίνα ^με^^ 

Philippi he questioned his' disciples, saying, Whom *me jg y^^^ j^^^^ ^^^^ 

λεγουσιν οί.άνθοωποι εΐναι τον υΐόν τοΐι ά^^θρώττου'•, 14 OL^i into the coasts of c»- 

»doVonounce ^'men Ho ^"be Hhe <^Son 'ofWn? ^^jj^j they ^«^^«^Philippi.he asked 

-ii'ij / ^ η ' » \ w ^\ ^ Λ. > w disciples, saying, 

''■εΙίΓον^ Οι. μεν Ιωαννην τον βατΓτιστην ^αΚλοι .δε ^HXiav " Whom do men say that 

said, Some John the Baptist; and others ' Elias ; I the Son of man am? 

,( ^^ t-r ' « »' ~ ~ -1 (- 1 / > -. 14 Andthevsaid.feome 

ετεροι.όε Ιερεμιαν^ η ενα των προφητών. 15 Αεγει αυτοις,^ say that tfiuu art JoHn 

and others • Jeremias, or one of the prophets. He says to them, the Baptist : some, E- 

.^^ ~ ->x ' \/ τ T£»h>* η ' ?'ii ΚΛ' lias ; and others. Jere- 

1 μεις.όε Tiva με λέγετε είναι.; 16 ° Αποκρίθεις.δε^^ Σι- mias, or one of the 

But ye whom *me Mo ^ye ^pronounce to be? " And answering Si- prophets. 15 He saith 

τ-,ί ^ ^,-, , <«» ~^~. ~ unto them, But whom 

μων ΐίετρος ειττεν^ Συ ει ο χριστός, ο νιος τον νέου του say ye that ι am? 

mon Peter said, Thou art the . Christ, the Son of God the 16 And Simon Peter 

v~ Ti^frri' /Ί»ιι«'τ ~ ■} >~ .•»» / -- Ruswercd and said, 

ζώντος. 17 '^Km αττοκριβεις" ο Ιησούς είπεν αυ7ψ, Μακάριος τ^οη art the Christ, 

living. And answering Jesus said to him, Blessed the Son of the living 

ε7, Σίμιον '^Βάρ Ίωνα," οτι σάρζ και αίμα ούκ.άπεκάλυφεν Si°swered andlidun- 
art thou, Simon Bar-Jonas, for flesh and blood revealed [it] not to him. Blessed art 

σοι, άλΧ ό.πατηρ.μου 6 εν ^οΤς" οϋρανοΊς. 18 Κάγώ.δε f^lTlnttool 

to thee, but my Father who [is] in the heavens. And I also hath not revealed it 

σοι λέγω, οτι συ εί Πέτρος, καΐ εττι ταυτι^ Ty ττετρα οικοδο- p^Ser^^^^'ich '"^is ^ϊ 

to thee say. That thou art Peter, and on this rock I will heaven. 18 And I say 

ίίησω μου την εκκλησίαν, καΐ ττύΧαι ^,δου ού.κατισχνσουσιν ^^^^ "ait plter ^and 
build my assembly, and gates of hades shall not prevail against ^pon this rock I will 

αύτης. 19 ^κ«ι" δώσω σοι τάς εκλεΤς" της βασιλείας των }^^^^ ^^ ^^Ύ^^ ' ξ''^?, 

it. And I wiU give to thee the keys of the ^ kingdom of the ί^ο! |revaU ag'ainsttt! 

ουρανών' και ο.^εάν^^ δησ\ις εττι της γης, εσται δεδεμ'ενον 19 And ι will give un- 

neavens: and whatever thou mayest bind on the earth, shall be bound k^nidom of h^eaven : 

iv τοΧς ουρανοΊς' και οΜάν^^ λύστ^ς εττι της γης, εσται and° whatsoever thou 

in the heavens; and whatever thou mayest loose on the earth, shall be ^J^^l* ^^°*^ 'ίί^• ^u*" 

, , ' , / ι »> 'x II - Λ s^^li he bound in hea- 

λελυμενον εν τοΊς ουρανοΐς. 20 Τότε *^διεστειλατο" τοις μάθη- ven: and whatsoever 

loosed in the heavens. Then charged he ^dis- thou Bhalt loose on 

«, 1 , ~„ fi »> X « ,r ■ , f y «,»! ~ II earth sh.all be loosed 

ταις^αυτου^^ iva μηδενι ειπωσιν οτι αυτός εστίν ^ Ιησούς' in heaven. 20 Then 

ciples 'his that to no one they should say that he is Jesus charged he his disci- 

. , .^ J ^^gg ^^^^^ ^j^gy should 

Ο χριστός. tell no man that ha 

the Christ. was Jesus the Christ. 

1 σφυρίδας L. ■■ άρτων loaves LTTrAW. « ; (the question ends at yoii) προσέχετε δε but 
beware LTTfA. ^ των άρτων of the loaves LTrA. ; των Φαρισαιων καΐ "ΧαΒδονκαίων Of the 

Pharisees and Sadducees τ. ' άλλα ttfaw. T — με [LjiTrA. « εΐπ-αν ττίτ. y ol l. 

* Ήλειαν τ. * + [ό Ίησοΰς] Jesus (says) L. *> και αποκριθείς W. c αποκριθείς δε LTTrA. 

* Βαριωνα LTA. ^ — τοις (read [the] ) L[Tr]. ^ — καΐ t[a]. β κλείδας LTTrA. ^ av LTrA. 
» av Tr. ^ επετίμησει/ he earnestly charged l. ' — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) ltha. 

* — 'Χησους glixtAW, 


* ^!^^°°^ ^\^^ ,*^^* 21 ΆτΓΟ Tore ηοξάτο "ύ" 'ϊησοϋς ^ukvvuv τοις μαθητάις 

lortQ ocgan Jesus to _ .-, ^ ^. V -r ^ i Τ -^i- • i 

shew unto hi> disciples, From that time began Jesus to shew to ■= disciples 

how that he must go avTOv, OTi δέί avTov "^άττεΧθέΙν εις ^Ιεροσόλυμα," και 

tuito Jerusalftm, and 11 . _■■, ^ ., . ,. , . , ^ 'τ ■, ' λ 

sitffier many things of ^^ *^" ^* ^ necessary for hun to go away to Jerusalem, and 

the elders and chief- ττολλίζ ΊταθεΙν άτΓο τών ττρεσβυτερων καΐ αρχιερέων και 

SSled^andhrrai^ed ™*^^*^^^^ ^^'^^^^^ ^°™ *^® ^^^^^^ ^^^ chief priests and 

again the third day. γραμματίων, καΐ άτΓοκτανθηναι, και Ty rpiry ήμερα εγερθηναι. 
22 Then Peter took scribes, and to be killed, and the third day to be raised, 

him, and began to re- ^ \ /^ r , . t / » ?- n ■ ' 

buke him, saying, Be 22 και ΤΓροσΧαβομενος avTov Ο ΙΙετρος ^ηρξατο^^ %7ΓΙΤΐμ(^,ν 

it far from thee, Lord: And ^having Hsken -to C^him] *him ^Peter began to rebuke 

this shall not be unto , ~ > , t; λ Γ / > % χ 

thee. 23 But he turned, αντψ^ Λέγων," ΙΧείιίς σοί, κνριε' ον.μη εσται σοι 

and said unto Peter, him, saying, [God be] favourable to thee. Lord: in no wise shall be to thee 

Gret thee behind τηβ, ^ λο t/-w ?>« ^ ^ -? ~ττ' "λ/^ ' ' 

Satan: thou art an TOVTO. 2o Ο.όε στοαφεις ειττεν τφΐίετρψ, Ύπαγε οττισω μου, 

ofEence unto me : for this. But he havuig turned said to Peter, Get behind me,' 

thou savourest not the ■ ^ ' v• λ ' τ- -riiff >, ^ < 

things that be of God, σατονα^ σκανοοΧον ^μου ει•" ΟΤΙ ον.ώρονεις τα 

but those that be of Satan : an offence to me thou art, for thy thoughts are not of the things 
men- 24 Then said ~/i~>\\» < ~ »/-»/ r»,<m' ^'τ ~ •» 

Jesus unto his disci- του θεου, άλλα τα των αν^ρωττων. 24 Τότε ο Ιί^σους ειττεν 

pies. If any man will <5f Grod, but the things of mfen. Then Jesus said 

come after me, let him «■ λ ~ > - ττ» /τ\ > ' '\ λ ~ ' 

deny himself, iid take 3-οις./«ιθί;Γαις.αυΓου, Ei τις βεΧει οτΓίσω μου ελθειν, ατταρ- 

ηρ his cross, and follow to his disciples, ' If any one desires aftfer me to come, let 

^Έ slvf Ss^Uf e?hlu νησάσθω εαυτόν, και άράτω τόν.σταυρον.αντοϋ, καΐ άκο- 

lose it: and whosoever him deny himself, and let him take up his cross, and let 

m?BakrsiSi'£du! ^«^^^^''■'^ /^o'• 25δς.γάρ.»άν" ekXy τήν^υχήν.αύτοΰ σώσαι, 

26 For what is a man ^^°^ follow me. For whoever may desire his life to save, 

profited, if he shall αποΧεσει αυτήν' ος.δ'.αν άττοΧεση ττίν.φυγήν.αύτοΰ ένεκεν 

gain the whole world, ,η, •. ιΓ -l -.^ ^i.-tji λ 

and lose his own soul ? shall lose it ; but whoever may lose his life on account of 

or what shaU a man Ιμοϋ, ενοησει αύτην' 26 τί-Ύοο *ώφελεΤται" άνθρωπος, εάν 

^\^ΐΓ^ΨοΐίΖ ^-' f^^'^^^ i^•' ^ ForiZt^sSrofited^ ^aW, ' if^ 

Son of man shaU come rov κόσμον oXov κεοδησΏ. τήν.δε.φυγήν.αϋτοϋ ζ)]μιωθυ I ή 

Father'wfth^aige'i; *^^, =--l<i /-l^ole he gain,^ andhissoul^ ^ Jose? or 

and then he shaU re- τί δώσει άνθρωπος άντάΧΧαγμα της.^Ι/υχης.αϋτον ; 27 μεΧ" 

ward every man ac- ^hat wiU^give 'a nnan [as] an exchange for his soul? For ^ia 

eordmg to his works. . , t«> ~ y η ' » η ■> ~t«'s• ~ > 

28 VerUy I say. unto λει.γαρ Ο υιος του.ανθρωπον ερχεσθαι εν Ty δοξγ τον πατρός 

you. There be some «about Hhe '■'Son =of *man to come in the glory ^Father 

ptandiTig here, which , ~, <«->>> »~ >» >τ^/ «/ 

Bhaii not taste of αυτου μετα των.αγγελων.αυτου' και τότε αποδώσει εκαστφ 

death, till they see the *of *hi3 with his angels; and then he will render to each 

Son of man coming in , , -,„ >-Λη»*^Λ' «--b^ '■ 

his kingdom. κατα την.πραξιν.αυτου, 28 Αμήν λέγω νμιν, ^ εισιν 

according to his doing. Yerily I say to you. There are 

τίνες ^τών ώδε εστηκότων,^^ οίτινες ου. μη γεύσωνται θανάτου 

some of those here standing who in no wise shall taste of death 

«ως αν ϊδωσιν τον υ\6ν του άνθρώττου ερχόμενον εν ry 

until they have seen the Son of man comin^f in 


his kingdom. 

17 Και μεθ' ημέρας εξ παραλαμβάνει 6 Ίησοΰς τον Τίετοον 

Α ν 11. And after six And after Mays 'six *takes = with [^him] =Jesus Peter 

days Jesus taketh »,/ ^ ,, , ^>^^^^»~ >> 

Peter, James, and John Kat Ιακωβον και Ιωαννην τον.αδεΧφον.αυτου, και αναφέρει 

his brother, and bring- and James and John his brother, and brings up 

eth them up into an,,, „ «ιλλ >><>/ λ < 'λ 

high mountain apart, αυτουςεις ορος υψηλον κατ Λοιαν. 2 και μετεμορψωθη 

2 and was transfigured them into a fountain ^high apart. And he was transfigured 

before them : and his ./ ^t » ~ ' "\ f ' ' , ~ > t ,.^ 

face did shine as the εμπροσϋεν αυτων, και ελαμψεν το.προσωπον.αυτου ως ο ηλιος^ 

6χιη, and his raiment before them, and ^shone 'his =f ace as the sun, 

* — ό Ιι[τγ]α. ο εΙς 'Ιεροσόλυμα απ^λθεΐν LTTrA. Ρ — ηρξατο Α. 1 αύτω εττιτιμάν 

λέγων L ; λέγει α,ντω εττιτιμώι/ says to him rebuking [^hinij A. ' el euoO LTTrA. ^ eav 

LTTrA. ^ ωφελ-ηθ-ησ^ται, shall be profited LTTrA. ^ + OTI that LT. *» TOiV ώδε εστώτωκ 

OLXIrA ; ώδε εστώτεδ W, 


τά.οί.Ιμάτία.αντον εγε^^ετοΧενκά ως το φώς. 3 κσΐ ιδού, ^ώφ- vras white as the light. 

and his garments became white as the Ughc ; and behold, "ap- appi^red^^umo them 

Οησαν" αντόΐς ^]\Γωσ?;ς" /οαϊ^Ήλί'ας,• ^μετ αντοΰ σνΧλαΧονντες^• ^J^o^es and EUas taik- 

peared ^to^rhem ^Moses =and =Elias «^ith =him 'talking. m? with him 4 Then 

, /Λ,Γν,», - J ~/• ,, answered Peter, and 

4 ατΓοκριθεΙς.οε οΐίετρος είπεν τφ Ιησον, Κνριε, καΧον εστίν said unto Jesus, Lord, 

And answering Peter said to Jesus, Lord, good .it is "^ is good for us to be 

, --rrv- ' n'\ K' ιι•=-<^ ~ ' here : It thou wilt, let 

ημάς ωοε είναι' ει υεΧεις, ^ττοιησωμεν^^ ωΰε τρεις σκηνας^ us make here three 

for us here to be. Lf thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles : tj^bernacles ; one for 

V rur Ni ' ' Η ' 'ττλ' II c * τ-. ' ~ ^^^β, and One for Mo- 

σοί μιαν, και ^Μω<τ}/^ μιαν, και '^μιαν Ηλία." 5 Ετι αυτόν ses. and one for Ε lias, 

for thee one, and for Mo.^es one, and one for Ε lias. While yet he 5 λ\1ιι1ο he yet spake. 

NN~ »rs/ j'\pj. Ml' ' ''. ^ behold, a bright cloud 

ΧαΧουντος, icov, νεφεΧΐ] ^φωτεινψ εττεσκιασεν αυτούς' και ovcrsha.iowed them: 

was speaking, behold, a -cloud 'bright overshadowed them: and and behold a voice out 

j«./, ^ J ~j ^t\ Λ' /-y-'' •</ of the cloud, which 

ιύυυ, φωνή εκ της νεφεΧης, Χεγονσα, Ούτος εστίν ο.νιος.μον said. This is my be- 
lo, a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my Son loved Son, in whom I 

« ' • » f f ' ? ' II ο ' ~ » ' w r* Ύr \ am well pleased : hear 

Ο αγαττητος, εν ψ ^ενόηκησα•^^ ^αυτου ακουετεΛ Ο Και ye him. 6 And when 

the beloved, in whom I have found delight : ^him 'hear -ye. And the disciples heard ίί, 

άκούσαι^τες οι μαθηται ^ί'ττεσον" ίττι πρύσωτον.αυτών, και anYwere^sore'^afraid! 

hearing Lit] the 'disciples fell upon their f:ice, and 7 And Jesus came and 

εφοβηθησαν σφόδρα. 7 fcat '^ττοοσεΧθών^^ 6 Ίησοΰς Κ',^ατο^^ s^i^'liiseiSbe^'of 

■were terrified grealiy. And having come to [them] Jesus touched afraid, 8 And when 

αυτών, Wt" εlπεv/Έy'cpθητε, και μη.φοβεΐσθε. ^Έττάραντες Se^-eyetthevsawS 

them, and said, Kise up, and be not terrified. ^Having ^lifted "'up man, save Jesus only, 
ifi τονς.όφθαΧμονς.αύτών ουύίνα εΪ€ον εί.μή τον Ίησονν 
'and their eyes ^ο *one 'they^saw except Jestis 



9 Και καταβαινόντων αυτών ^άττό" τον ορονς ενετείΧατο , 9-AJid as they cam• 

And as-wereMescen.ling Hhey from the mountain ^charged . fai^ Je^ ch^°?d 

αντόις ό'Ιησονς, Χέγων, Μηδενί είττητε το 'όραμα, εως.ού 6 them, saying, TeU the 

=them 'Jesus, saying. To no one tell the vision, until the ^lon to no man. until 

-,, ,T ^ t -. \ 1 ^ ^ ^^ nian be 

ν'ώς τοϊΊ άνθρώτΓον εκ νεκρών "άι/ασ-^." 10 Και επη- risen again from the 

Son of man from among [the] dead be risen. And ^ask- ^^^,'^- 10 And his dis- 

, , , Λ ^ , \. . ^ , r ~ , ciples asked him, say- 

ρωτησαν αυτόν οι.μαθ)]ται^αυτου,^^Χεγοντες, Ύι ονν οι γραμ- ing. why then say the 

ed "him 'his -disciples, saying, Y.Tiy then "the -scribes scribes that Elias must 

~ Ν ' t' r,«TT\ ' II ^ ~ 'Λ η ~ - TT «/-4 Γ' fi^stcome? 11 AndJe- 

ματείς Χεγουσίν ΟΤΙ ρ Ηλίαΐ/" όεΐ ίλβείν ΤΤρωΤΟν] 11 Ο ϋ£ sus answered and said . 

'say Elias must couie first? And unto them, Ε lias truly 

-., ~ II ' Λ ' - Γ » - II <i'Tr\ ' !i ' " ^^^^'^ ^^^ come, and 

•ϊ Ιησονς" αττοκριθεις ειττεν ^αυτοις," ^ Ηλίας'' μεν έρχεται restore all things. 

Jesus . answering said to them, Elias indeed comes 12 But I say unto you, 

, .^ ,, , , / , τ ,rk \ ' -> . « ^ t/ That Elias is come al- 

*πρωΓον και αποκαταστήσει τταντα' 12 λ^γω Cf νμιν οτι ready, and they knew 

first and shall restore ail things. Eut, I say to you that him not, but have done 

-<•τ»Λ ■ II "-Ν. ΤΛΛ > » > ' ' ' ν'\\Ίΐ ' ' unto him whatsoever 

*Ηλ/ας" ηύη ηΧθεν, και ουκ.επεγνωσαν αντον,^αΧΧ^^ εττοιη- they listed. Likewise 

Elias already is come, and they knew not hkn, but did shall also the Son of 

, ^ ,- 'Λ•\ . " > « t< ~ ' a ' man suffer of them. 

σαν εν αντψ οσα ηβίΧησαν' όντως και ο νιος του ανυρωπου ΐ3 Then the disciples 

to him whatever they desired. Thus also the Son of man understood that he 

μί\\ει πάσχειν νττ αυτών. 13 Ίότε συνηκαν οΐ μαθηται Οτι foSth^l^lhu' **^ 

is about to suifer from them. Then iinderscood the disciples that 

ττερι Ίωάννον τον βατττιστον εΙττεν αύτοΐς. 

concerning J ohn the Baptist he spoke to them. 

14 Και εΧθόντων ^αύτών" ττρυς τον οχΧον ττροσηΧθεν were cTmc 7ο thl mu? 
And ^having 'come *they to the crowd ^came titude, there came to 

» ώφθτη LTTrA. y ΜωϋίΤης LTTrAW. * Ήλβιας Τ. ^ σνλλαλοΰι/τε? (σννλαλ. τ) μ€τ* 

αύτοΰ LTTr. ^ ποιήσω Ι will make LXA. *= Μωυσεϊ LTTrA ; "Μωνα-η W. d Ήλι'α (Ήλει'α τ) 
μcα^'LTTrA. e ,^ωτος of light G. ^ ηύδόκησα LTr. 8 άκοΰετε αϋτοΰ LTTrA. ^ έπεσαν 

LTTrA. ' προσηλθεΓ came to LTTr. "^ καΐ άφάμ^νός and touching' LT ; καΐ ήψατο Ττ. 

1 — icatLT. ■" €κ GLTTrAW. ^ ^yep^rj be raised ιττγα. ° — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) 
LTTr. ρ Ήλ€ΐαν Τ. 1 — Ίησοΰς {read he said) lit.-a. ' — αντοίς L•TTr[AJ. * Ήλειας Τ, 
' — πρώτο»' LTTrA. ■^ άλλα ΙγΑ. " — αυτών LTTrA. 

48 Μ AT Ο A Τ Ο Σ. XVII, 

αντψ άνθρωπος γοννττετών ^αντφ^^^ 15 και λέγων, Κι'ριε, 

*to ^him 'a -man kneeling down to him, and saying, Lord, 

him a certain man, 

kneeling down to him, 
and saying, 15 Lord, 

have mercy on my sou: ίΧ'ξησόν μον TOP v'lov, OTi σΕληνιάζεται και ^κακώς ττάσχει*" 

sore Texcd^^^for oft- ^^^^ P^^^ ^^ ™^ ^°^' ^°^ ^^ ^^ lunatic and miserably suffers : 

times he faiieth into τΓολλάκης.γάρ ττίτΓτει Είς TO TTVO, καΙ τΓϋλλίίκ/,ς εις τυ ν€ωρ. 
the fire and oft mto for often befalls into the fire, and often into the water, 

the water. 16 And 1 ^ ^ ^ ^ x , , ^ / 

brought him to thy 1(3 /cat τΓΟοσηνεγκα αντυν τόΐς.μαθηταΐς.σου, και ονκ,ήοννη- 

disciples, and they ^^^ j; i3rought him to thy disciples, and they were not 

could not euro him. y \ η ~ -i ' η \ ^^ < > ~ τ 

17 Then Jesus answer- Θησαν avTov θεραττενσαι. .17 ΑτΓΟκρίθεις.δε Ιησούς ειτΐ-εν, 

ed and said, Ο faith- able him to heal. And answering Jesus said, 

less and perverse y , ^ > s> , ,> ' ,•' 

generation, how long 12 "γενεα ατΓίστος και όιεστραμμενη, εως ποτέ ^ίσομαι 

sliall Ι be with you? q generation unbelieving and perverted, until when shall I be 

how long shall I suffer rt' < ~ η f > ^ >v « ~ j' ' > > ^\ 

you? bring him hither μεθ νμων^" Βως ποτε ανεξομαι υμων\ φέρετε μοι avrov ωόε, 

to me. 18 And Jesus with you? until when shall I bear with you? iiring tome him here, 
rebuked the devil ; and ^ ^ ^^ , , , ,-„»>,- ~ s ly^-^n > > > ~ •• 

he departed out of Ip Και επεπμησεν αυτφ υ ϊησονς^ και εξηΚυεν απ αντου το 

him : and the child And "rebuked ^him ' * Jesus, and went out from him the 

was cured from that ?' ^'/^ 'λ< ~>>~ri i , 

very hour. 19 Then οαιμονιον^ και εϋεραπενβη ο παις απο της.ωρα'-.εκεινης* 

canie the disciples to demon, and was healed the boy from that hour. 

Why^coui'dnot^we^c'ast ^^ Ύοτε προσελθόντες οι μαθηταΐ τ^'ΐί/σου κατ AS Lav εΤπον, 

him out? 20 And Jesus Then ^having •*come Hhe -diociples to Jeius apart said, 

cruseof youiunbeiief : '^'«^^'" W^^^Q ούκ.ήδυνηθημεν Ικβαλείν αυτό ; 20 Ό.ίέ>Ί;,σους" 

for verily I say unto Why "'we ■ ^were_^not able to cast out him? And Jcsua 

lsl'gLίnS'mι£ϊ?d ''^'^'^^^^^ ^^'^^'^^i ^^^ τήν^άπιστίαν^^ ίψων. άμ.7)ν.γάρ λ&γω 
seed ye shall say unto ^^^^ to them. Because of -unbelief ^yotxr. For verily I say 

move hencc*^to^Onder ^l•*^^» ^'^^ ^XV^^ πίστιν ως KOKKOV σινάπεως, ερεΐτε τφ υρει 

place • and it shall **^ ^°^> ^^ ^^ have faith as a grain of mustard, ye shall say ^mountair 

remove ; and nothing τοντφ^ ^Μετάβηθι ίντεϋθεν^^ εκεϊ, και μεταβησεταΐ' και ονδεν 

unto you! 21^^ϊΐ '*°''*^^^' Remove hence thither, and it shall remove ; and nothing 

this kind goeth not άδννατησει ύμΧν. 21 ^τοϋτο-δε.το-γενος ου κ .εκπορεύεται 

^"^ί^^^ ^ ^'■''^°'^ """"^ shall be impossible to you. But this kind goes not out 

lasting, t \ ■) ~ ^ / II 

ει.μη εν προσευχή και νηστει^," 

except by prayer and fasting. 

abole^5?Game? JeS ^2 ^Άνα(ίτρεφομενων\δε αυτών εν ry Γαλιλαι>, είπεν αύτοΧς 

said unto them The And while ^were ^abiding Hhey in Galilee, ^'said ^to^them 

lefraTCd'^'''inS'''^^he " Ί^ί^ους, Μέλλει ό ν'ώς του άνθρωπου παραδίδοσθαι εΙς 

hands of men : 23 and Mcsus, ^is ^"about °the "Son "of '^man to be delivered up into 

they shall kill him, veTortc άνθοώπων, 23 Ktti άποκτερούσιν αυτόν, και τη τρίτη 

and the third day he γ^, ηΛ » , ^ S ' j ^i, ■,-, ^ •ι, ,_• ' i ^J A• / 

shall be raised a^ain ^the] hands of men, and they will kill him ; and the third 

And they were exceed- ημ'ερ^, ^Ιγερθησεται.^^ Kai Ιλυπήθησαν σφόδρα. 
ing sorry. ^^^ ^^ shall be raised up. And they were grieved greatly. 

24 And when they 24 'Έλθόντων.δε αυτών εις ^Καπερναονμ^^ προσηΚθον οι 

were come to Caper- And -having xome Hhey to Capernaum ''came Hhose=who 

naum, they that re- ,Γ^, η ' / 

ceived tribute money τά δίδραχμα λαμβάνοντες τψ Τίέτρφ και ^ειττον," Ό διδάσ^ 

came to Peter, and i^i^Q sdidraclimas -^received to Peter and said, -Teach- 

eaid, Doth not your , , i mi λ/ λ r > \ 

master r-'^y tribute? καλοςνμων ου.τελεΐ Va" δίδραχμα: 25 Λέγει, Nat. Και 

25 He saith, Yes. And er 'your does he not pay the didi-achmas ?' He. says, Yes. And 

when he was come into „ » -\ r> n > > > > ι r\ i \ <■ i-r 

the house, Jesus pre- "^οτε εισηλβεν^^ εις την oiKiav προεφϋασεν αυτόν ο Ιησούς^ 

vented him, saying, when he entered into the house -anticipated ^him ^Jesus, 

What thinkcst thou, .., ^, ^~•«-,' t η ν- ~ ~,,', 

Simon? of whom do λέγων, Ίι σοι.οοκει, Σιμών, οι βασιλείς της γης απο τίνων 

the kings of the earth saymg. What thinkest thou, Simon ? The kings of the earth from whom 
take custom or tribute? \ η ' />«-- , ^ ^ , -^ >~ nj» 

of their own chiirtrru, λαμβανουσιν τέλη η κηνσον; απο των.νιων.αυτων^ η απο 

or of strangers ? 26 Pe- do they receive custom or tribute ? from their sons, or from 

* αυτόν GLTTrAW. y κακώς e^et is ill LTr. * μ^θ' νμων Ισομαι LTTrA. * δια τί LTTrAW, 
b — Ίησοΰζ LTTiA. c Aeyet he says LTTrA. ^ ολι-γοπιστίαν little faith LTTrA. c Μετά^α 
evBev ι,ττγλ. f — verse 21 τ[τγα]. κ '2,νστρ€φομένων were abiding together lttf, 

^ αναστήσεται he shall rise ag:an h. » Κάφαρναονμ LTTj AW. ^ elnav LTTiA. * — τά T. 
w ίΐσαλθόντα eiitci-iiig LT ; «λιόντα having come tia. 


των άλλοτρίων; 2α°Λέγει αντφ' «ό Πέτρος," 'Αττό των ά\- SaSer\^jSii^ai?h 

the strangers? =^saya Ho *hira ^Peter, From the stran- unto him, Then are the 

Χοτμων, "Εφη αϋτψ 6 Ιησούς, Ρ^Αραγεί' ελεύθεροι εισιν οι ^^i^xen^W 27^xXot- 

gers. ^said Ho^him ^ Jesus, Then indeed free are the should offeSd them, 

VIOL. 27 ' μή.'^σκανβάλίσωμεν^^ αυτούς, ττορενθεις, εις fast^nhoof and'tlke 

sons. But that we may not offend them, having gone to ^^^ ^^-^ 'j.jj,^^^ g^.^^ 

•"rwv" θάλασσαν βάλε ά-γιαστρον, και τον άναβάντα ττρώτον cometh up ; and when 

the ^sea ^cast /a hoof. ^ and the ^^onnng ^up %rst '^Zi^tLZ^lU^l 

ιχθυν άρον' και άνοίζας τό.στόμα.αύτον ενρήσεις στα- a piece of money : that 

ifish take, and having opened its mouth ^ ^ thou shalt find a sta- l^^ f S me^Lld S 

τηρα' εκεΧνον λαβών δος αντοΊς άντΙ εμού και σου. 

ter ; that having taken- give-to them for me and thee. 

18 "F^v εκείντ^ rg ^ώρςι" ττροσηλθον οι μαθηται τψ Ίησοϋ, 

In that hour came the disciples to Jesus, 

λέγοντες, Ύίς άρα μείζων εστίν εν Ty βασιλείς, των ου- .^"^^Ι• At the same 

saying, Who then [Hhe] Veater Hs in the. kingdom of the hea- pi^g^ ^ntT Jesus, slyl 
ρανών, 2 Και ττροσκαλεσά μένος *ό Ίησοϋς^^ τταίδίον, εστησεν ing,y/ho is the greatest 
vens? And ^l^aving -called no rhim] ^ ^ Jesus a little child, ^^^^ set ^ J^^^^^^^^j, ^^^^^^^^^o^ 

αυτό εν μεσφ.αύτών, 3 και είττεν, 'Αμήν λέγω νμΧν, εάν.μη called a little child 

it in their midst, and said. Verily I say to you, Unless ?iitoli™.^^<i|et him 

\ ) η ' ^ ?" » » ' '\ η > 1^ t^e midst of them, 

στραφητε και γενησθε ως τα τταιδια, ου. μη εισελρητε εις 3 and said, Yeriiy ι say 

νό are converted and hecome as the little children, in no wise shall ye enter into unto yqu, Except ye 

, , > ~ J tf τ V ' II "® converted, and be- 

την βασιλειαν των ουρανών. 4 όστις ονν ^ταττεινώσψ come as little children, 
the kingdom of tho heavens. Whosoever therefore will humble ye shall not enter into 

, ,, , ^, ~ .-",, , ,γ , ~r> the kingdom of hea- 

εαντον ως το.τταιόιον.τουτο, ούτος εστίν ο μειί,ων εν τ\] ρασι- ven, 4 Whosoever 

himself as this little child, he is the greater in the king- therefore shall humble 

^/ ^ , ^ - \o«,»xii^»v τ '^' ~ himself as this little 

Χεια των ουρανών, ο και ος.'^εαν" ΰεξηται ^παιόιον τοιούτον child, the same ia 

dom of the heavens j and whoever wiU receive ^little *child ^such greatest in the king- 

„ 11 , , ~ , / / S \ ^/ r» ο r.» η ? Λ ' dom of heaven. 5 And 

εν" έΤΓΐ τφ.ονοματι.μον, εμε όεχεται' b ος.ό .αν σκανόαΚισ^ whoso shall receive 
'one in my name, =me ^receives. But whoever shall cause ^o 'offend one such little child in 

«>-» ~/ ~ ' y 1 t ,1 mvnamei'Gceivcthme. 

ενα τ ων. μικρών. τούτων των πιστεν όντων, εις εμε, συμφέρει 6 But whoso shall of- 
»one =^of -these *little ^ones who believe in me, it is profitable fend one of these little 

αύτφ 'ίνα κρεμασθ^ αύλος όνικός HttV^ τον Tf it'we Srf S 

for him that should be hung *a ^millstone ^turned ''by ^an ^ass ^upon i^^^ that a millstone 

τράχι^λον.αύτοϋ, και κaτaπovτισθy kv τψ ττελάγει της θαλάσ- ^IctSfafhe^ere 

^'his -neck, and ha be sunk in the depth of tne sea. ^o^vned in the depth 

σης. 7 Ούαι τψ κόσμψ άπο των σκανδάλων άνάγκη.γάρ ^Ι^'^^^^^ belause^'of 

Woe to the world because of the offences ! For necessary oge^ces ! for it must 

^ίστιν" ελθεΧν τά σκάνδαλα, πλην ουαι τψ.άνθρώπψ.Ηκείνψ^^ ^^me^-^^but* wor'^to 

it is -to^comeHhe ^offences, yet woe to that man thaT man^ by whom 

δι' οϋ το σκάνδαλον έρχεται. 8 Bids ή.χείρ.σου η δ.τνονς.σου *^^ °^^ΐ^°® *^°i^°iv ' 

bv whom the offence comes! And if - thy hand or thy foot ^.I^ „? .ί® il. 5/ 

hand or thy foot of- 

σκανδαλίζει σε, εκκοφον ^αντά^ και βάλε άπο σοϋ' καλόν fend thee, cut them 

cause ==to -offend Hhee, cutoff them and cast [them] from thee ; good °J^g^!^ itTs^bct'Srfor 

σοι εστίν εισελθεΐν εις την ζωήν *^χωλόν η κυλλόν,ΙΙ η thee to enter into life 

for thee it is to enter into life lame or maimed, [rather] than ^^J^^j^^'^'^fj^^f^^^haS 

δύο χεΊοας η δύο πόδας έχοντα βληθήναι εις το πυρ το αιώνων, or two feet to be cist 

two hands or two feet having to be cast into the fire the eternal. into everlasting fire. 
^ V , < , /Λ ^ / η Ν /v «9- > ' * ' D 'Λ 9 And if thine eye ot- 

9 και ει ο.οφθαλμος.σου σκανοαλιζει σε, εξελε αυτόν και ρα\ε fend thee, pluck it 

And if thine eye cause =to-oft"endHhee, pluck out it and cast out, and cast zi from 

, , - >, , , , / η > , y y X thee : it is better for 

απο σον' καλόν σοι εστίν μ,ονοφθαλμον εις την ί,ωην thee to enter into life 
[it] from thee ; good for thee it is one-eyed into life with one eye, rather 

" €ΐ7ΓΟι/το? 3^ and having said LTTr. ° — ο ΤΙάτροζ LTTrA. ρ 'A-pa ye TrA, ^ σκαν• 

8αλίζωμεντ. "■ — την (riatZ [the]) LTTrAW. s ήμφα day L. * — οΊησοΰ? TTrA. 

' ταττζίνώσει LTTrAW. '^^ av LTr. ^ ev παιδιοι/ tolovtou ( — ν T) LTTrA. y ττερ) abouo LTTrj 
ct? to A. =^ — έστιν (reacZ [it is]) LTrA. ^ — cKeivco {read to the ταΆΧϊ) i/sxr. »> αύτον 
it (and cast [it]) LTXrA. " «"λλην η χ(ι>λόν jlx 


than having two eyes ζίσελθα^', η ^vo οφθάλμονς ίχοντα βΧηθηναι HQ την 

Sei'wTaLwthat to enter, [rather] than two eyes having ta be cast into the 

ye despise not one of ykevvav Tov TzvooQ. 10 ΌοάτΕ μή.καταώοονήσητε ενός των 
in heaven their angels μικοών.τοντων' λέγω.γάρ νμΧν, OTL οί.άγγελοί.αντών '^iv 

do always behold the ^^ ^{^^^^ j^^^^g ^^^^3 ^ ^j. j g ^^ ^ ^^at their aagfela in [the] 

face of my Father ^ ^ „ ,, , , ^^ / , a - / 

which is in heaven. ovpcLvoig'^ δία.τταντος pKSsTCOvaiV 1Ό TTpoffojTTOv τον.ττατρος.μου 
11 For the Son of naan heavens continually behold. the face of my Father 

is corns to save that ^ , , ^ -ιτο/•»λ < < '\•-^~7λ/ 

whichwasiost. i2How TOV i.v ovQavoiQ. 11 ^η\υεν.'^αρ ο νιος του αννρωτΓου 

think ye ? if a man -who [is] in [the] heavens. For F.s come the Son of man 

have an * hnnclred ^ , y y.-\ r η ^ η rr• ~τ,~»ν ' 

iheep.anddneof them σωσαι το .ατΓολωλος." 12 Tt ομίν.όοκει -f εαν -γενηται 

be gone astray, doth to save, that which has tjcen lost. What think ye ? If there should be 

he not leave the ninety >n' » ν '/^ < λ ^~«ij^,~ 

and nine, and goeth rii^t ανθρω τΓψ εκατον 7Γρο[3ατα, και 7Γλανηυ\ι εν it, αντων^ 

into tho mountains, to any man a hundred sheep,• and be gone astray one of them, 

andseekeththat.which , \ f > . > π • < .ο-' ' ' ii ' ^ » " 

is gone astray? 13 And ονχί 'α^εις" τα ^εννενηκονταεννεα" επι τα υρη 

if so be that he find it, [does he] not, having left the .ninety-nine on- the inountains, 

hfrYjJiceth'morrof ^ ττορενθείς ζητέι το ττλανώμενον ; 13 και εάν γενηται 

that iAeep, than of the having gone seek that which is gone astray ? , and if it should be 

w,rut^''not'''''lSiy^ s^^ptti^ αυτό, αμήν λέγω νμϊν, οτι χαίρει επ αϋτ<^ μάλλον 

14 Even so it is not that he find it, verily I say to you, that he rej oices over it more 

thIr'Shich iri^hli- ^ ^^^ ''0''^ ^εννενηκονταεννεα^^ τοΙς'μή.'κετΓλανημενοις, 14 ου- 

ven that one of these than over the ninety-nine which have not gone astray. So 

little ones should ^^^ ovkIgtiv θέλημα εμττροσθεν τον ττατρός 'vjuwv" τον 
Τ^^^^'^' it is not [the] will before ^Father ► ^joxix who [is] 

Iv ονρανοϊς, 'ίνα άττόληταί ^ε?ς" τών.μικρών.τοντων. 
15 Moreover if thy in [the] heavens, that shoald perish one of these little ones. 

agaiSr thel! gTS 15 'EavM άμapτήσy ΗΙς σέ" ο.άδελφός.σον, ντταγε ™κ:αί' 

tell him his fault be- But if ^sin *against ^thee Hhy -^brother, go and 

ίΤοη^: if heshSihe'S ^^Y^ov avTov μεταξύ σου και αυτόν μόνον, εάν σου άκονσγ, 

thee, thou hast gained reprove him between thee and him alone. If thee he will hear, 

he^T^iiiot'heir^Se^ Ικέο^ϊ^σας τον.άδέλφόν.σου: 1β iav.U μή.άκονστ^^ παράλαβε 

«Λβη take with thee one thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear, .take 

th *^° Th^°f *t^o or ^l-"'^'^^ ^0^" ^^^ '^'^^ ^ δνο^, 'ίνα ετΓΐ στόματος δύο μαρτύρων 

thre™witneies every ""^^'^^ *^^® besides one or two, that upon [the] mouth of two ' witnesses 

ν'ν,^Λ^^λ'ί &^%^^^'^^' ^ τριών σταθγ πάν ρήμα. 17 εάν.δε παρακούστ;/ αντών^ 

shall negle^ to h'-ar °^ °^ ^'^^ ^^^ ^^^^"^ ^^^^^^ "^^'"'^ ' -^^^ ^^ ^^ ^-^^^ ^° ^^^"^^ *° them, 

them, toll it unto tho Ραττε'^ τ)] εκκλήσί(^' εάν.δε και της εκκλησίας τταρακονσ^^ 

STo^heai^thechu^h' tell [it] to the assembly. And if also the assembly he f ail to Ugten to, 

let him be unto thee gVra» σοι ωσττερ 6 εθνικος και 6 τελώνης. 18 'Αμήν λέγω 

r'^ublicin IS.YLrny ^^^^^°^^®*°*^^® ^^ the heathen and the taxgatherer. Verily I say 

I say unto you, What- ύμϊν^ οσα.^έάν" δήσητε εττΐ της γης, εσται δεδεμενα εν ''τω* 

soever ye shall bind on to ^u^^^j^^sog^ej. ye ehail bind on the earth, shall be bound in the 
earth shall be bound , ^ <: <> ■, \ > / , , ~ ~ » , 

in heaven: and what- ουρανφ' και οσα.εαρ \νσητε επι της γης•, εσται λελυμενα 

Boever ye shall looso heaven; and whatsoever ye shall looso on the earth, shall be loosed 
on earth shall be loosed , ^ , ~ ir» 'λ n λ ' ' ~ " ? » ^ / »'« 

in heaven. 19 Again I εν ^τφ ονρανφ.^ 19 ^Παλιι^" λέγω νμιν, οτι εαν δυο' ^νμών 

Bay unto you, That if in the heaven. Again I say to you, that if two of you 

two of you shall agree , ,, » λ -, ^ ., , , ' _ , , 

on. earth as touching σνμφωϊ'ήσωσιν" επι της γης περί παντός πράγματος οϋ.εαν 

any thing that they may agree on ' the earth concerning any matter whatever 

shall ask, it shall be > / / ■ , ^ . , .- , 

done for them of my αιτησωνται, γενησεται αντοις πάρα του.πατρος.μου του 

Father which is in they shall ask, it shall be done to them from my Father who [is] 

d kv τω ονρανω in the heaven [l]a. « — verse 11 LxrrfA]. f αφήσει (read will 

he not leave) tXr. ^ δ ενενηκοντα kvvicx LTTr,* ei^eioj/coi/Taei/i/ea W. ^ 4. ^^1 and lTt. 

* μου my LTr. ^ ev I.TTr. » — • eU σβ LT[a]. ™ — καΐ GLTTrA. ° — μ^τά 

σου L ^ μετά σεαυτοΟ with thyself τ. ο -t- μ,^τ'α crov L. Ρ eiTrbj/ T. 1 av τ.Τγα. 

' — Tw ι.τ[τγ]α. ^ ^ 8 άμ^„ verily l ; πάλιν άμ.ην TiA. ί ςνμφωνήσωσιν e| νμφν L ; 

σνμφωνήσονσιν ig ύμων οί you shall agree ττγδ. 

XVIII. Μ A τ τ Η Ε \ν. 51 

Ιν ου,ρανοΐς. 20 ol}.ya^ είσιν δύο η τρεις συνηγμενοι ε'ις heayen. 20 For where 

in [the] * heavens. For where are two or thi-ee gathered together unto ered^tog^tlTerln ^^Sy' 

TO εμόν όνομα, εκεΧ ειμί εν μεσφ αυτών. name, there am ι in 

my namey there am I in [the] midst of them. *^^ ^^^^^^^ of them. 

21 Tore τροσελθών ^αντφ 6 Πέτρος είττεν," Κύριε,• ποσάκις 

Then having come . to him Peter said, Lord, how of tea 

αμαρτήσει εις εμε ο.άδελώός.μον και, άώησω αντω: εο)ς ^, _. --^ ^ 

shall ='sin -against ^me » my =br other and I forgive him? untirr v< ^^j*'*"/ τ *t' 

« ' £\£\ fL r »-,<» ^ r\' \ ' " < ' to Mm, and said, Lord, 

ετΓτακις; 22 Αεγει αντψ ο Ιησούς, Όν.Χεγω σοι εως επτακις, how of t shall my bro- 

seven times? ^Says ^to "him 'Jesus, I say not to thee until seven times, *H^^ ^^^ ?§^^1^^*.,^?' 

9 >\Λ'\ί " ■ ' r>^ f « ' ΛΛ \ ~ t , and I forgive him ? till 

^aW" εω£ εΐ^ΰομηκοντακις επτα. 23 Αια.τοντο ωμοιωθη seven times? 22 Jesu3 

hut until seventy times seven. Because of this -«has Worae «like ^^^ί^ .'^^*<' i^°^' I ^^^ 

</D \ ' ~ »• ~ 'Λ/• rt Λ >o/ ^°* "ii^to .thee. Until 

η ρασιΑεία των ονραΐ'ων ανυρωττφ ρασιΚεί, ος ήθεΧησεν seven times: but, 

'the ''kingdom 'of *the ^heavens to a man a king, who would Until seventy times 

>/ ,^τ-/^ y - ct 1 i V I rv,,~ seven. 23 Therefore is 

σνναοαιΛογον jjLETa των.οονΧων.αυτου. Z4t αρξαμενον.οε αντου the kingdom of hea- 

isCkQ account with his bondinen. And "having 'begun *he "^^^ likened ' unto a 

< „ ' ο Μ τ > ~ r II > , ^ ' / certain king, which 

ϋνναίρειν, ^προσηνεχθψ ^αντφ εις" οφειλέτης μυρίων would take account of 

tp' reckon, there was brought to him one debtor of ten thousand liis servants. 24 And 

X f ■ or- y •' T-< >~ > »,~^. , when he had begun 

τηλαντων. ζδ μη.εχοντος.όε αυτού . αποδουναι, ε- to reckon, one was 

talents. But ^not 'having 'he [wherewith] to pay, 'com- brought unto him, 

κελευσεν αυτόν ο.κΰριος.^αϋτου^^ πραθηναι, και την -γυναίκα tSuianT^aiints. *25 

manded *him Mils ^lord to be sold, and =wife ^ But forasmuch as he 

^αυτοϊ)'' και τά Υεκνα, και πάντα οσα ^είχεν,\και άττο^ο- ^f,*^ ^ommanded'hS 

'his and the children, and all as much as he had, and payment to to be sold, and his 

θηναι. 26 πεσων . oZv 6 δούλος^ προσεκύνει αϋτφ, Sf^^h\t hf S'a'Sd 

be made. Having fallen down therefore the bondman did homage to him, payment to be made. 

λέγων, ^•Κνριε," μακροθύμησον εττ «^ε /iot," και πάντα «σοι f^eindo^^'andwor'- 

saying. Lord, have patience with me, and ^all *to *thee shipped hita,' saying, 

άτΓο^ώσω." 21 σπΧαγχνισθεις.δε 6 κύριος του δούλου •'^?i'^' ^^^^ patience 

'I^will'pay. And having been moved with compassion the lord 'bondman ^-y thee 'a?L 27 Then 

^εκείνου^^ άπελυσεν αυτόν, και το δάνειον άώήκεν αύτω. *^^ ^^^^ ^^ *^^* ^Fj 

Of==that ^ released _ him, ^ and 'the ^oan 'forgave "'i^^ Ι^Ζ^^^οΓ^^οΖΆ 

28 'Έζελθών.δε ο.δοΰλοςβεκεινος^^ ενρεν 'ένα των σννδούλων ι^™> ^'^^ forgave him 

But having gone out that bondman found one 'fellow *bondmen *^® ^®^*• ^^ ?^* *^? 

, », ,r w , -. < , Λ / y / samev servant went 

αύτοΰ, ος ωφεϊλεν αύτψ εκατόν δηνάρια, και κρατήρας αυτόν out, and found one of 

Of ^his, who owed him a hundred denarii, and having seized him ■^\^. , fellowservants, 

,„ , > / V vf / which owed him an 

επνιγεν, λέγων, Αττόοος,/ίοι" 'ο η" οφείλεις. , 29 πε- in^ndred pence: and 

hethrottled [him], saying. Pay me what thou ο west. ^liaving "fallen ^'Ή'^ ί^^?*?^ *^^ ^ί™' 

, ^ , , ζ' , ~ 1, , , rr, , ~„ a -ΐιΛ took hnn by the 

σων ουν ο.συνοουλος.αυτου ''ε/ς τους.ποδας.αυτου'' πάρε- throat, saying. Pay 

'down Hheref ore 'his =fellov 'bondman ν at his feet be- me that thou' owest. 

, , , » > 1 1 ' π < ' 11 29 And his fellowser- 

καλει αυτοί', λέγουν, Μ,ακρουυμησον επ -εμοι," και "^παντα" vant fell down at his 

sought him, saying. Have patience with me, and all feet, and bescraght 

αποδώσω σοι. 30 Ό.δε ούκ.ί}θελεν, "άλλα" άπελθών εβάλεν patience with'me, and 

I^will pay thee. But he would not, but having gone he cast 1 '^iU V^7 thee all. 

, , > -^ r »' η ~ II ' t> ~ ^ ' Λ ^ ^0 And he would not : 

αυτόν εις φυλακην, εως. οΐι" αποόφ το οφειλομενον. but went and cast him 

him into ' prison, until he should pay that which was owing. into prison, till ha 

QT >r,» n"' ' ' ? \ » ~ii ' ο ' li should pay the debt. 

dl ιοοντες ^οε οι.συνδουλοι.αυτου^^ τα '^γενομενα^ 3ΐ So when his f eiiow- 

'Having "seen 'but =his 'fellow *bondmen what things had taken pUce, servants saw what waa 

ελυπηθησαν σφόδρα' και ελθόντες διεσάφησαν'τφ.κυρίφ/αύτώι/^^ sorry, and came^and 

were grieved greatly, and having gone narrated to their lord told unto their lord all 

" ό Πέτρο? elirev αντω LTTrA. ^ άλλα LTrA. ^ τΓρο<τηχθη was conducted LTrA. * et? αντω Τ. 

f — αντου {read [his] lord) TTrA. = — αντοΰ {read [liis] wife) t[a]. ^ έχει he has LTrA. 
*> + e/ceiros (read that bondman) τ. <= — Kvpte ltTi-a. '^ εμε Tr. e άτΓοδώσω σοι ([σοι] a) 
LTTrA. .f — εκειι/ου {read of the bondmaa) L. s — εκείνος {read the bondman) L. 
^ — μοι LTTrA w. i εί τι if anything GLTTrAW. ^ — ει? τον? πόδα? αντον GLTTr[A]. ' εμβ 
LTiA. 1° — πάΐ/τα [L]TTrAW. ° αλλ' EG. ° — OV LTTrA. Ρ OVV (therefore) aVTOV οί Q-vV- 

δονλοι L ; ουν οί σνι/δουλοι αϋτοΰ ττγΑ. ι -γινόμ^ι/α were taking place τ. ' έαυτων LTTi Α. 


that ivps done. 32 Then -j^avTa τά γενόμενα. 32 τότε ττροσκάλεσάμενος αντον 6 

had Sued Μηί'^ said ^^^ *^^<^ ^^^ ^^'^^^ Ρΐ^°^• , ^^<^^ ^having ^called ^to ['him] ^him 

unto hiin, Ο thou wick- κνρως.αϋτοϋ λεγει αντψ^' Λονλε ττονηρε^ πάσαν την όώείλήν 

the- ^-^That debTbl- '^'^ '^°^^ ^^^^ *° ^^°^' ^Bo^^^iman ^wicked, aU Mebt 

cause thou desircdst Ικείνην άψηκά σοί, ΙττεΙ τταρεκαλεσάς με' 33 ονκ.εδει και 

me: 33 shouldest not ι^^^ I f orgare thee, since thou besoughtest me ; did it not behore =also 

thou also have had , , ^ , / ν -v ' ' ' » / n y^ , 

compassion on thy f el- ak εΧεησαί Tov.ovvoovKov.uoVj ως ^και .εγω" σε ηΧεησα; 

lowservant, even as I i^j^^g ^^ j^^^^g pitied thy feUow bondman, as also I thee had pitied ? 

had pity on thee? ,,%,,., ,~ ,; ,, ~ ο 

34 And his lord was 34 KUi υρ-γισθεις o.KvpLOQ.avTOv τταρεοωκεν αυτόν roL£ ρασανί' 

wroth, and delivered ^nd being angry his lord delivered up him to the tormen- 

him to the tormentors, ^ „ t ni > ?~ ~ ■» > j > ' ν ' ~ li oc /-^" 

till he should pay aU σταις, εωρ/ου" ατΓΟοφ παν το οφειλομενον ^αντφ " 35 Ούτως 

that was due unto toVs, ujitil he should pay all that was owing to him. Thua 

him. 35 So likewise , , , « ™» / ii ' « ~ » , λ > , ~ 

shall my heavenly και ο.πατηρ.μου Ο ^ετΓονρανίος" ΤΓοιησει νμιν εαν.μη αφϊ]τε 

Father do also unto ako my Father the heavenly will do to you unless ye forgive 

you, if ye from your ,i ~>5-\,~j-'>\ ■>- t,»,»^ .,> 

hearts forgive not εκαστος τφ.αόεΚφψ.αυτου αττο των.καρόιων.νμων ^τατταρα- 

every one his brother each his brother frpm yo\ir hearts -of- 

their trespasses. ^rώμaτa αύτών:^ 

fences HUeir. 

XIX. Md it came 19 K«t ΙγΈνετο οτε ετελεσεν 6 Ίησοϋς τους λόγους 

to pass, that when -AJid it came to pass when '"Tiad ^finished ' Je^us 'words 

theS sa^iis ^he' di τοΰτους, μετήρεν ■ άπό ^Γ^ς" ΓαλΐΚαίας, και 7]\θεν εις τα όρια 

parted from ' Galilee *these, he withdrew from • Galilee, and came to the borders 

and came into the 7-^ς Ίουοαίας ττέραν TOW 'loo^avow. 2 και ήκοΧούθησαν αύτφ 

yond Jordanfsand of Judaea beyond the Jordan: ^d ^f^uowed -ium 

peat multitudes foi- gyXot τΓολλοί, καΐ εθεοάττενσΕν αυτούς εκεΧ. 

Kdthem'thefe. """ =^-<^-^ 'g^-*• -<i ^ ^-^^^ , '^^^^ *^«-«• 

3 Και ττροσήλθον αΰτψ' ^οΐ" Φαρι&αΐίοι ττειράζοντες αυτόν, 

3 Th^ Pharisees also And ^came ^to ®him ^the "Pharisees tempting him, 

came unto him, tempt- ^λ/ « > ~ w -γλ» "ί• h ' η ' ii' ^~ ' 

ing him, and saying KciL λέγοντες ^αυτψ,^ ΈL•εξεστίv '^ανυρωτΓψ αττολυσαι την 

unto him, Is it lawf\il and saying to him. Is it lawful for a man to put aiWay 

Ws *^i *fo?^*evIry γνναΧκα.αύτοϋ κατά πάσαν αίτ'ιαν ; 4 αποκριθείς είπεν 

cause? 4 And he an- his wife for every cause? But he answering said 

S^!^^av/'yt"no? "^«Vroic," Ο^κΛν'εγνωτε 'ότι ό ^οιησας^ απ άρ- 

read, that he which to them, Have ye not read that Jie who made [them] from [the] begin- 

Snnltig"made**'?hem X^C άρσεν Koi θήλυ εποίησεν αϋτούς, 5 και είπεν, «"Ει/εκεν" 

male and female 5 and ^^^S male and female mado.' them, and said, On account of 

Siu imaiieavefr '^^^'^^'^ καταλείψει άνθρωπος τον πάτερα και την μητέρα, και 

ther and mother,\nd ^^ΐ^ ^shall *leave ^a ^man father and mother, and 

shall cleave to his wife: ^ττροίΤκολληθησεται^^ τ^.γυναικι.αυτοΰ, και έσονται οι' δύο εις 

Κ one fllshT θ' Where- shall be joined to hia wif e, and «shall *be Hhe "two «lor 

Core they are no more σάρκα μίαν ', 6 ώστε οϋκετι είσιν 6vOt άλλα σάρζ μία' ο 

\S?' tSef ire G?d '^^^^ ^°^^'" &Ό that no longer are they" two, but " «flesh We. What 

hath joined ijogether, οϋν 6 θεος συνεζενξεν,. άνθρωπος μή.χωριζετω. 7 Αεγουσιν 

let not man put asun- therefore God united together, ^man 4et '^ot 'separate. They say 

der. 7 They say unto , η Λ /λ ^ " η n\ ' > 

him. Why did Moses αύτφ, Tt οϋν ^Μωσής" ενετειλατο δούναι βιβλιον απο- 

then command to give to ^im, Why then "Moses Mid command to give a biU of di- 

a writmg of .divorce- , x,n~ -w ^ r w η t »~ «f^ o•-»*- ~ ii 

meut, and to put her στασιου, και απολυσαι^αυτην\ 8 Αεγει φυτοις. On ^Μ'ωσης^ 

away ? 8 He saith unto yorct, and to put away her ? He says to them, Mosea 

them, Moses because of , , ^ ^, t ^ , r ι <~>λ~ 

the hardness of your προς την. σκληροκαρδιαν. υμών επετρεψεν υμιν απολυσαι 

hearts suffered you to in view of your hard'heartedness allowed you to put away 

put away you* wives: , ^ ....„>> > ~ ^\ » » f 

but from the begin- τας.γυναικας.υμων' απ αρχής da ου.γεγονεν ούτως» 

ning it was not so. your wives ; from [the] beginnings however it was not thus. 

β κάγώ LTTrA. * — οδ L. ▼ — αύτω LXrA. ^ ουράνίος LTTr ; [cTrjoup άΐΊος A. 

* — τα παραπτώματα αυτών GLTTrA. y — της Ε. « — ot LTrA. * — αύτγ LTTrA. 
b — άνθρώπω (read One's wife) lta. c — αύτοΐς LTTrA. ^ κτίσας created Tr. e'Ei/e/ca 
LTXrA. '' κολληθήσ^ταί. LTTrAW, S Μωϋσης LTTrAW. ^ — avrvu LTTr, 

XIX. Μ A Τ Τ Η Ε W. 53 

9 λ^γωΤε νμ-ϊν,:'οτ,)\ οςΛν άττολνσγ τ^Ί^^-Ύ^^^αΊκα.αύτοΰ l^l^l^'^J ^{^^^^^^^^ 

And Ι say to you, that whoeTer shall put away his wife awny his wife, except 

^ί^^^μήίττίπορνείφ,^^ καΐ γαμησν άλλην, μαχάται' ""^^cu 1^£^'^^':^ 

if not for fornication, and shall marry another, commits adultery ; and ^^γ^^^^ committeth a- 

ό άποΧ,Χνμίνην γαμησας μοιχαται^ 10 A'^yovaiv ^^^^Ι^^^^^-χ^^^,ο^ 

he "Who "her [^that "is] ^put ''away 'marries commits adultery. bay ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ commit 

αϋτψ οι.μαΘηταΙ^αντοΰ,'^ Έί όντως ίστίν η α'ιτ'ια rov άνθρώ- lf^^^^ll;.^^^f^^^'l\ 

'to^hL '^^his^lisciples, If thus is the case of the ^^^ ""Z^^^lftl^nTAl 

TTOV μετά της γυναικός, οϋ. συμφέρει γαμησαι. H 'OJk είπεν -^J'1^^1'\Z''"^11^y 
with the wife. it is not profitable to marry. But he^ said ^ But he said unfo 

αύτοΊς, Ου πάντες γωροΰσιν rovAoyo^'.°roi)rov," άλλ' them, All me» cannot 

to them'' Kot all ^ riieive tliis word. ^ hut [those] ^^Ι^,^ ^^^^ 

olc δεδοται.. 12 είσϊν.γάρ ευνούχοι οιτινες εκ κοιλίας is given. 12 For there 

towhomithasbeengiven; for there aVe eunuchs ^ who ^ from [the] womb ^^^'ichTere 'soToru 

μητρός εγεννηθησαν όντως, και είσιν ευνούχοι οιτινες from their mother's 

of [their] mother were born thus. and there are eunuchs who womb : and there are 

jL L•-"^ J ^ t Λ / ' ' , ~ t' some eunuchs, which 

εύνουχίσθησαν νπο των ανθρωττων, και εισιν ευνούχοι οιτινες wore made eunuchs 

were made eunuchs by men, and^thcreare eunuchs who of men : and there be 

, , , -, ,_^, ^,^ eunuchs, which have 

ευνούχισαν εαυτούς δια Trjv ρασιΚειαν των ουρανών, made themsciTes eu- 

made eunuchs of themselves for the sake of the kingdom of the heavens. nuchs for the kingdom 

, . , ^ , of heaven's sake. He 

Ο δυνάμενος χ.ορείν χωρείτω. that is able to receive 

He who is able to receive[it] let him receive [it]. it, let him receive it. 

13 Τότε "^ττρΌσηνεχβη^^ αύτφ τταιδία, 'ίνα τάς χείρας ^i^Then ^^ve the^ 

Then were brought to him little children, that [his] hands ijttle" children, that he 

ΙτγιΘλ αύτοΊς, και ττροσευίηταί' οι Μ μαθηται Ιττετίμησαν should put Λώ hands 

ti3 might lay on them, and might pray; but the disciples rebuked ^ fhe,diicip?es^ rebuked 

αϋτοΊς' 14 οΜ.'Ιησοϋς είττεν^ "Αώετε τά τταιδία, και μη them 14 But Jesus 

them. But Jesus said, Suffer the little children, ^and ^not -id^ Suiter ^^^^^^^^ 

κωλύετε αυτά ελθέΐν ττρός 'με'^^ τών.γάρ.τοιοντων εστίν η not. to come unto me : 

Mo forbid them to come t"o me; for of such ^ ^^^ *^« Irngdorn'oi heUn' 

βασιλεία των ουρανών. 15 Και επιθεις ^αντοις τας χείρας" 1 5 And he laid his 
kingdom of the heavens. And having laid upon them [his] hands hands on them, and 

^ , departed thence. 

ίΤΓορευθη εκείθεν. 

hs departed thence. 16 And, behold, one 

16 Και ιδού, εϊς ττροσελθών 'εΐπεν αύτφ,' Διδάσκαλε «?^; ^Qld" Mastii^ 

And behold, one having come to [him] said to him. ^Teacher wiiat good thing shall 

^άγαθε,' τι αγαθόν ττοιησω Ίνα ^εχω" ζωήν αΐώνιον -, Jteria?1if^ ?"'i7 ϊηΙ 

'pood, what good [thing] shall I do that I may have life eternal? he said unto him. Why 

η Ό.δε εΙττεν.αύτφ,^Ίί με λέγεις αγαθόν; ούδεις «γ«9ος caiie^y^ou mej^^^^ 

And he said to him, Why me callest thou good? no one [is] good one, /Λα ί ώ, God : but 

€ίμή εις, 6 θεός." εΐ.δε θέλεις ΥεΙσελθεΧν εις την ζωην,^^ if than ^^-iit enter into 

except one, God. But if thou desirest to enter into life. JnaAdmems 18°°He 

^τηρησον" τάς εντολάς. IS ^Α'εγει αντφ,^^ ΤίοΊας;^Ό.δε.'ΐη- saithuntohim.Which? 

keep the commandments. He says to him. Which ?^ ^^^ "^^- άΓη^ mm de^ Thou 

σονςεΐττεν,Ύό, ου. φονεύσεις' . ού.μοιχεύσεις' shait not commit a- 

eus said, Thou shaltnot commit murder; Thou Shalt not commit adultery; ^^^i^^'^^ij ^^^ ^shaU* n^ 

ού.κλε-φεις' ον.-φενδομαρτνρησεις' 19 τίμα τον ττατερα bear' faUe witness, 

Thou Shalt not steal : Thou Shalt not bear false witness ; Honour ^father 19 Honour thy father 

, y , , \ \ ' ' ^^^ ^^y mother : and, 

'^σον" και t7]v μητέρα' και αγαπήσεις τον. πλησίον. σον ως Thon shait love thy 
Hhy and mother ; and Thou shait love thy neighbour as neighbour as thyself. 

i — g-rt LTrA. ^ — €t GLTTrAW. ^ τταρεκτος λόγου πορν€ίας except Tor en use of for- 

nication L. ™ — Koi 6 άπολελυμει/ηι/ -γαμ-ησας Μοιχάται Τ[τ ]. ^ ° — αυτού {read the 

disciples) τ[α]. ο [τούτοι/] L. ρ ττροσ-ηνεχθησαν LTTrA. ^ + αΰτοΓς to them τ. ' c^e Τ. 
■ τά? χείρας αΰτοΓ? LTTrA. ^ αντω elirev Ι,ΤΤγα. " — άγαθ4 LTT Α. '' σχώ I.TTrA. » Τί 
μ€ έρωτας περί τού αγαθού ; εις εστίν ό αγαθός Why askest thou me Conc<;rnii)g the good ? 
One is good (+ όθεός God W) GLTT-AW, y είς,την ζωην εΙσβλθεΊν LTTrAW. - τηρεί LT.A. 
• ίφη aiiTtf he said to him l ; — Aeyct βιύτ<5 x. ^ + φησίν he says τ. c -- σου GLTTrAW. 


20 Th& jonng man ff^avTQV. 20 Αίγει αύτφ 6 νεανίσκος, ^ΙΙάντα ταντα^ 

?he?e "h!ng-J"have^i thyself. ^ ^Says ^ Hc^^hixn 'the ^jonu, ^n..n, ^ All thc^e ^ 

kept from my youth ^Ιφυλα^άμην^^ Ηκ νεότητάς.μον" τι en υστερώ] 21 s Εφη^^ αϋτψ 

ηρ: what lack 1 yet? have I kept from my youth, what yet lack I? =Said Ho-'hira 

21 Jesus said unto hi;a, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ •' •', _ „ f\ f y 

If thouwiitbepertect, ο Ιησοΰς^ El θίΧεις τεΧειος είναι, νπαγε ττωλησυν σον τα 

go find sell that thou ijesus, If thou desirest perfect to be, go sell thy 

hu^t, aud give to the , , ' χ i.\ κ ~ λ «iv η ^ > 

poor, and thou shait νπαρχοντα και Ους " πτωχοις, και (ξεις υησανρον εν 

have treasure in hea- property and give -ίο [the] poor, and thou shalt have treasure in 

Ycn: and come and ^ ^ > λ 'o λλ ' a • ' " S" « 

follow me. 22 But ^ovpavi})'^^ και δεί'ρο ακοΑονθεί μοί.Ζ2 Ακουσας.όε ο νεανίσκος 

when the young man hearen ; and come follow me. But*haviiig^heardHhe^young-*man 

heard that saying, he . , ^ , n i > -~> λ ,\ / τ \ » / 

went away sorrowful : Vov Aoyov" ^ αττηΧθεν λνπονμενος, ην.γαρ.εχων κτήματα 

for he had great pos- the word went away grieved, for he had ^ossessionf 



23 Then said Jesus 23 'O.Sk Ίησοΐις εϊττεν τοΧς.μαθηταίς.αντου, Άμην λέγα) 

nnto hie disciples, ^^^ j ^^-^ to his disciples, Verily I say 

Yerily I say Unto you, , ^ „ - . , „ . λ / » » ο 

That a rich man shall νμιν, oTi, ^ονσκοΧως 'ΤΓΑονσιος εισεΧενσεται εις την ρασι- 

hardly enter into the ^.^ ^^^^ ^j^^ difficulty a rich man shall enter into the ■ king- 

kingdom of heaven. ', ' ^ , ~ «^ 'Λ S>' Λ ' ' ~ η ' 

24 And again I sa.j. Χειαν των ουρανων. 2'i ΤΓαΧιν.οε Χεγω ρμιν,^ ενκοττωτερον εστιν 

imto you, It ia easier ^q^ of the heavens. And again I say to you, easier is it 

through the eye of a κάμηΧον Sia τρνττηματος ραφίδος °^ιελθεΐν," η ττλού- 

needle, than for a rich a camel through [the] eye of a needle . to pass, than a rich 

the\ingdom of God. σιον Ρ εΙς τήν βασιΧε'ιαν ^Tov θεοΰ" ^εισεΧθεΧν.^^ 25'Ακονσαντες 

2ό When his di-,ciples man into the kingdom of God to enter. ^Having •'heard 

el^edingiy Trailed! ^£ οι.μαθηταΐ^αύτον^^ εϊ,εττΧησσοντο σφόδρα, λέγοντες, 

saving, Who then can 'and [this] his disciples were astonished exceedingly, saying, 

li^l^m'':a\'V^l Τίς άρα δύναται σωθηναι; 26 ΈμβΧίφαςΜ δ'ίησοΰς 

unto them, With men Who then is able to be saved? But looking on [them] JesuS 

w^'iV^G^dTu^^tilings ^^T^fv αυτοΐς, Παρά άνθρώττοις τοντο αδύνατον εστίν, παρά.δ6 

twe possible. said to them. With men this impossible is, but with 

θεφ ^ττάντα δννατά^^ "^έσην." 

God all things possible are. 

P^tL'^nS safd'unto 27 Ύότε άποκριθεΐζ 6 ηίτρος είπεν αύτφ, Ιδού, ήμεϊς άφή^ 

him, Behold, we have Then answering Peter said to him, Lo, we left 

Swe-Seelihat^J^^^^^ '^«M^^ ^«J'.''" '^«j ήκοΧουθησαμεν σοι' τι άρα ίσται ήμϊν; 

we have therefore? all things and followed thee; what then shall be tons? 

23 And Jesus said unto 28 Ό.δε.'ίησούς εΙττεν αντοΊς, 'Αμήν λέγω νμΊν, οτι νμεΊς οι 

unt™' you" That ^ye ^^^ «^^^^^ said to them. Verily I say to you, that ye who 

which have followed άκοΧονθήσαντες μοι, εν Ty "^τταλιγγενεσί^;" όταν καθίσ^ 

t^Mi when the^lon^of ^^^^ followed _ me, in the regeneration, ' when shall sit down 

man shall sit in the δ νιος Tov άνθρώτΓον ΙτΓΐ θρόνον δόζης.άύτον, καθ'ισεσθζ 

throne of his glory, ^-^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^-^^-^ throne of his glory, ^shaU *sit 

ye also shall sit upon ^ ,^,, ,,^,,ν f\ ' > ■ \ \ r. 

twelve thrones, judg- και ^νμείς εττί δωόεκα θρόνους, κρίνοντεη τάς δώδεκα φνΧάς 

ing the twelve tribes =aiso 'ye on twelve thrones, iudging the twelve tribes 

of Israel. 29 And ^ , "x λ λ χ ~ ,Ι ,, , ~ . / μι > τ< λ / 

every one that hath TOV ΙσραηΧ. 29 και ττας ^ος" αφηκεν ^οικίας, ψ αδεΧφου'ς, 

forsaken houses, or of Israel. And every one who has left houses, or brothers, 

brethren, or sisters, n>^^/Λ / ^ r ψ. ^ιιλ' «^ 

or father, or mother, η αόεΧφας, η ττατεοα, η μητέρα, ^η γυναίκα, η τέκνα, η 

or wife, or children, or or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or 

lands, for my name's , ' h n" ii ^ ,!-. > ' ' π »,. « \ ' 

sake, shall receive an αγρονς,° ^ενεκεν* τον.^ονοματος.μου," ^ΗκατονταττΧασιονα 

hundredfold, and shall ' lands, for the sake of my name, a hundredfold 

^ ταύτα πάντα LTr. e εφνλα|α LTTrA. ^ — c/c νΐότ-ητόζ μου LTTiA. S Ae'yet says L. 

*» + τοις to the LTrA. 1 ούρανοΐζ [the] heavens ΤγΑ. ^ — τον λόγοι/ Τ. ■ * + [τούτον] 

(read this word) la.^ »» πλούσιο? δνσκόλως lttiA. «» + δτι that τ. « βίσελθβΐν to enter 
GTT. A. Ρ + είσελθεΐν to enter L[Tr]. q των ονρα,νών of the heavens ltti a. ' — είσελθεΐν 
LTT A. s — αύτοΰ {read the disciples) glttfAW. ^ δυνατά ττάντα τ. ' — εστίν (read [arej) 
GLTTrAW. ^ παλινγενεσια τ. » αντοί yourselves TTr. y δστις LTTrA W. ^ — οικίας η TT\, 
* -- η -γυναίκα ltTiA. •* + η οικίας or houses ττγΑ. «= ένεκα Τ. «i» efxoi υνόματόί *. 

•' πολλαττλασίονα λημψζται many times more shall receive ltxiA. 


ληφεται," teal ζωήν αιώνων κ\ηρονομησΗ. 30 πολλοί. ίί if£^^'*''*3o jf^f*"^*^"*^"^ 

Bliall receiTe, and Life eternal shall inherit ; but many lf^^\ ^^^ m-Jt^sh^fbe 

εσοί'ται ΤΓοώτοι έσχατοι, και έσχατοι ττρώτοί. 20 Όμοία.γάο i-ist ; andtiiclastsAft« 

=^shall^be ifirst ^ last, ^nnd last ^ first. ^ ^ ^ For 'Uke ' ^tn JaL ^heaven 1' 

εστίν ή βασιλεία των ουρανών άνθρώττω οίκοΰεσπότ-η, όστις likeumo a ιηαηίΛαίω 

«is Hhe ^kingdom -"Of Hhe ^heavens to a man a master of a house, who wrac'^out θογΓ' in the 
εζηΧθεν ίίμα ττρωϊ μισθώσασθαι εργάτας εις τον άμ^ττεΧώνα morning to -hire la- 
went out with [the] morning to hire workmen for ^vineyard tourers into his rine- 
•/ r>, ,~, ^,»v , , y^J''!• 2 And when he 
αυτόν, 2 σνμφ^υνησας.νε μετά των εργατών iic δηναρίου την had agreed with the 

'his. And having agreed with the workmen for a denarius the labourers for a penny 
.,, ,, ,, , , , ,^,a day, he sent them 

1/μεραν, ατνεστειλεν αυτούς εις τυν.αμπελωνα.αντου. 3 Και int© his vineyard. 

day, he sent them into his vineyard. And ^ ^^^ ^'^ "^ent out 

,^ΛΛ» ' f ' II ' " -r^ "\-N < ~ about the third hour, 

εξελθων ττερι ^την τριτην ωραν, είδεν αλλονς εστωτας and saw others stand- 
having gone out about the third hour, he saw others standing in? i'^le in the market- 
, - , ~ , r A tr ' ■ II- »•\Λ ■ ' ^ pliice, 4 and said unto 

εν Ty αγορά αργούς' 4 ^κακεινοις είττεν, ιτταγετε και them ; Go ye ai-o into 

in the marketplace idle ; and to them he said, G-o also . the vineyard, and 

t -^ } \ 7 y ^ \ ,\ 1 y fT" t>' «~ whiitsoever is ^ight I 

νμεις εις τον αμπελώνα, και ο.εαν y δίκαιον όωσω νμιν. will give you. And 

ye into the vineyard, and whatever may be just I will give you. they went their way. 

5«r,, > ~\ η xT'\h'f\n' « " '5 Again he went out 

οι.ΰε αττηΚυον. Ilakiv^ εξελθων περί εκτην και aboSt the sixth and 

And they went. Again having gone out about [the] sixth and ninth hour, and did 

i' ' I" »' ' /. /?TT->^' \ t ο f likewise. C And about 

hvvaΓηv ωραν, εποιησεν ωσαύτως, b ΐίερι.οε την ενοεκατην the eleventh hour he 

ninth hour, he did likewise. And about the eleventh went out, and found 

Κόραν' εξελθων εϊψεν άλλους εστώτας 'άργονς," και λέγ^ ^i^^s^i^n^f them! 

hour having gone out he found others standing idle, and says Why staud ye here 
αύτοΤς, Ύί ώύε εστηκατεολην την ημεραν αργοί; 7 λίγουσιν '^//^Jj^^^^yj^^^f^^^^^^^ 

to them, ^Vhy here stand ye all the day idle ? They say no man hath hired us. 

αύτφ, "On ουδείς ημάς εμισθώσατο. λέγει αϋτοίς, Υπάγετε ^ζ ^^i^^iscT^nto^^t^e 

to him, Because no one ^us 'has •'hired. He says to them, Go vineyard^;^and what- 

και ύμείς εις τον άμπελώνα,^^ ^και οΛάν y δίκαιον λη- eoeyer is right, that 

also ye into the vineyard, and whatever maybe just jc shaU ^'j^^^^^^^^'^'^^^^^^ 
•φεσθε." 8 Όψίας.δε γενομένης λέγει 6 κύριος τον άμπελώνος the lord of the vine- 
receive. But evening being come ^says Hhe -lord -Of •'the ^vineyard ^tTward CaU Hhi la- 
τψ.επιτρόπφ.αύτοϋ, Κάλεσον τονς εργάτας, και άπάδος °αύ- bourers, and give them 

to his steward, ^ ^CaU the ^ workmen, ^ and pay^ *1^«^ iJom thJf last unto tbi 

ΓοΓς" τον μισθόν, άρξάμενος άτώ τών εσχάτων εως τών first. 9 And when 

[their] hire, beginning from the last unto the ^ir Jd *'''a™out the^'^^e- 
ΤΤρώτων. 9 ^ΚαΙ ελθό^τες" οΊ περί την ενοεκατην leventh hour, they re- 
first. And 'having «come 'those [=hired]\about *the ^eleventh ceived every man a 
„ νΛ /Ί > , Γ. / '^^Λ/ •^M• « peuny. 10 But when 

ωραν ελ.αβον ava δηναριον. 10 ^λθοντες.ύε οι πρώτοι the first came, they 

^hour they received each a denarius. And ^having *come 'the -first supposed that they 

, , „ .^ , Λ ' I II »">/■) • ) ( should have received 

ενομισαν οτι^πλειοΐ'α ληψονται'" και ελαρον ^και αυτοί more; and they like- 

they thought that more they would receive, and they received also themselves "wise received eA-ery 

,,, iiTi\/->' •ν> 5/ w > ~ man a pennv. 11 And 

ava δηναριον. 11 λαροντες.οε εγογγυζον κατά του when they had receiv- 

each a denarius. And having received [it] they murmured against the cd it, they murmured 

, ^ , 1 rt Λ ' t"r^ π r . ^ ' a--ain-t the goodman 

οικοδεσποτον, 12 λέγοντες, ^ On" ου rot oi έσχατοι μιαν of the house, 12 say- 
master of the house, saving. These last one ing, These last haΛ'e 
,r ■, , κ '„ „ ( ^ , X „ , , ^ wrought but one hour, 

ωραν εποίησαν, και ίσους ^ημιν αντονς εποιησας, τοις and thou hast made 

hour have worked, and ^equal ^to 'us Hhem 'thou "hast =madc, who them equal unto us, 

ο / ^/j' ~ , , ,, / vr-in'^» wliich have borne the 

ραστασασιν το ραρος της ημέρας και τον καύσωνα. Ιό ο.όε burdenandheatof the 

have borne the burden of the day and the heat. But he day. 13 But he an- 

> Λ>τ7 «^ »~ii«T-i~ y } <f -^ >« swered one of them, 

αποκριθείς ^είπεν tvi αντων," Εταίρε, ουκ.αόικω σε' ονχι and said, Friend, ι do 

answering said to one of them. Friend, I do not wrong thee. ^ISot thee no wrong: didst 

' — την {read [the]) GLTXrAW. 3 καΐ έκείνοις ΤΑ. ** + δέ and (again) TTrA. ' ενάτην 
LTTrAW. ^ — ωραν LTTrA. 1 — άργον? Gi.TTrA. ^ + [μου]ηΐ7 (vineyard) L. " — /cat 

h eav ■§ δίκαιον ληψεσθ^ LTTrA. ° — αϋτοΓς τ[Τγα]. Ρ ελθρντες δε L. 1 καΐ ίΚθόντες Τγα. 

* π\βΐον λήμψονταί LTrA ; πλείονα λιίμνί/ονται Τ. ^ .,•^ ([το] Α) άΐ'ά δηναριον καΧ σ.ντοί TTrA. 

* — ότι LiTiiA], ' αντονς ημΐν lt, " ; (^read hast thou made, <fcc. ?) L.. * ivl αύτώΐ' dnev x. 


not thon agree with ξηναριον σ'ννεφώνησάς μοι; 14 άρον το.σόν και 

Μ Takf ίΛαί tMnJ"!;, 'ί°^ "» «denarius 'didst ^thou ^agree ^with ^me ? Take _ thine own and 

and go thy way: I wiu ντταγε, Θέλω7^£" τούτφ τψ εσγάτφ δούναι ωο και -σοι' 15 ^η" 

fvrna^nnVtSe.iri3 f\ ^^'^^^ *° ^^- /^^\ Γ^ as also to thee : oi 

it not lawful for me ούκ.εζεστίν μοι ^τΓοιησαι , ο θίλω" εν τοις εμοΧς•. ^ει* 

todo what Ι wiU with j:g -^ ^^^ lawful for me to do what I wUl in that which [is] mine ? 

mine own? la tnme i,^^, ,, „ ■> \ i ' , , 

eye evil, because I am ο.οφθαΧμος.σον ΤΓονηρος εστιν οτί εγω αγαθός είμι; 16 οΰτως 

^,?°,'ί''τ- ^^^^ *^®j¥i!* ''thine^eye ^evil , 4s because I good ajn? Thiis 

Bhall be first, and the „ , ^ . ^ , , ,, 

first last: for many be εσονται 01 εσχατοί ΊΓο.ωτοι, και οι ττρωτοι έσχατοι' '^ποΧλοϊ.'γάα 
caUed,butfew<ihosen. shaUbethe- last first, and the first last^: for many . 

είσιν κΧητοί, όΧίγοι.δε εκλεκτοί." 

are called, but few chosen. 

np"to^e^ru?aieL^ ^^ Kai άναβαίνων ρήσους εις Ιεροσόλυμα τταρεΚαβεν 

the twelve disciples -^^^ going ^p f 'Jesus to Jerusalem took 

apart in the way and γο^ς ^ώδεκα "^μαθητάς^^ κατ'.ίδίαν ^εν ΤΌ οδφ, κοζΐ" είττεν αϋτοΧς, 

said unto them, 18 Be- .•. . , ' ο- • ι ^ . ^,^ ' ' ^, ., , , ^' 

hold we go up to Je- * ® twelve disciples apart in the way, and said to them, 

rusaiem; and. the Son Ig Ίδού^ άναβα'ινομεν είς ^Ιεροσόλυμα, και 6 νιος τον άνθρώ•' 

gayTl'u^^^oihe'^'cMe" ^^^°^^• -^/° -Ρ *° ^Jerusalem, and the Son ^ • of man 

priests and unto, the TTov τταραδοθησεται τοΐς άρχιερεϋσιν και γραμματεϋσιν, και 

scribes, and they shall. wiU be deUvered up to the chief priests and scribes, and 

condemn mm to death, „ > \ fr\ / » r\ \ ^ ' > > 

19 and shall deliver κατακρινονσιν αυτον ^θαΐ'ατψ^ 19 και τταράΰωσονσιν αυτόν 

him to the Gentiles to they will condemn him to death, and they will deliver up him 

mock, and to scourge, ^ ,,^. > ^ > ^,, > ^ x 

and to crucify^Atm; τοις εϋνεσιν εις TO εμτταιξαι και μαστιγωσαι και στανρωσαι' 

and the third day he to the Gentiles to mock and to scourge and to crucify ; 

Bhall rise again. χ -,,«/_ , , „ 

και Ty TpiTy ήμερ^, ^αναστησεται.^' 

and the third day he will rise again. 
20 Then came to him orv m' ~\ r\ >~t/ - ' ■^ rr η ^ f \ 

the mother of Zebe- 20 ToTS προσΐ]λβεν αντψ η μητηρ των νιων Ζεβεδαιου μετά 
dee's children with her Then came to him the mother .of the sons of Zebedee with 

and desiring' ascertain τών.νιών.αύτής, ττροσκννοϋσα καΐ αίτοϋσά τι ^τταρ'" αντοΰ, 

thing of him. 21 And her sons, doing homage and asking something fi-om him. 

wnnhoursheStt 21 6M εΙττεν αϋτ^, Τι θέλεις; λέγει αυτψ, Ειττε Ινα 

unto him, Grant that -^d he said to her, What dost thou desire ? She says to him, Say that 

iit^'^h'e^ οηΓοη "ihy καθίσωσιν 'Όϋτού^ οι δύο νιοι μον εις -εκ δεξιών.^σον'' και εΙς 

right hand, and the *may ^sit Hhese ^tw® •*Βοη3 -my one on thy right hand and one 

thy kingdtof -^2?^^ ^^ ευωνύμων^ εν τ-^.βασιλεία.σου. 22 ΆτΓοκριθεις.δέ 6 

Jesus answered and «i» Ct^j] left in thy kingdom. But answering 

whit ?ask^°ATe^°*' Ίησοϋς εΙττεν, Ουκ.ο'ίδατε τΊ αίτεΐσθε. δύνασθε ττιεΧν το 

^1θ t^^fTrJTi'v of%he Jesus said, Ye know not what ye ask for. Ai-e ye able to drink the 

cup that I shall drink τΓοτηριον o iyu) μέλλω ττίνειν, ^κάι TO βάπτισμα ο εγώ 
witrttebaptiSS -Ρ, -^^«^ Ι ail about to drink, and ^the ^ «baptis^ ^which 4 
I am baptized with Γ βαπτίζομαι βαπτισθηναι ;*^ Αεγουσιν αύτψ, Αννα' 

S'e^^bir'?3°Sd'^I ^am '"baptized [' 'with] Ho =be ^'baptized [^wiih] ? They say to him, AVe are 

eaith unto them, Ye μέθα. 23 °K&i" λίγει αύτοΐς. To μεν ποτηριόν μον πίεσθε, 

shall drink indeed of able. And he says to them, '^Indeed ^'cup ^my ye shaU drinK, 

my cup, and be bap- „ \ , ^ , ^^ , \ η -ν ο η' η ι 

tized with the baptism, °και TO βαπτισμ.α Ο εγω βαπτίζομαι βαπτισθί]σεσθε" 

that Ι am baptized., and the baptism which I am baptized [with] ye shall be baptised 

with: but to sit on > ?^ n' » 5, ^ ~ , ,5, , r „ 11 » 

my right hand, and on τοχε.καθισαι εκ δεξιων,μον και εξ ευωνυμων.νμον ουκ 

my loft, is not mine [with] ; but to sit on my right hand and on my left '^not 

to give, but li δΛαΖΖ 6e » ,,„^-, '>\> τ »/• - «,~ 

ffivcntothemtoTv/hom. εστιν εμον^ οουναι, αλλ οις 7)τοιμασται νποτου 

it is prepared of my 'is mine ' to give, but [to those] for whom "it has beeri prepared by 

y — 5e but W. « -^ η LTr[A]. * ο θέλω ποιησαΐ LTTrA. •» ^ or EGLTTrAW. «= — ττολλοί γαρ 
€ΐσιι/ κλητοί, ολίγοι δε εκλεκτοί τ[Τγα]. ^ — μαθΎΐτα.^ ΤΤτ. ^ καΐ ev rrj ο8ω ι,ΤΤγΑ. ^ ξίζ 

θάν3.τον Τ. e εγερθήσεται he shall be raised ττγα. ^ απ LTrA. » [οΰτοι] L. ^ — σου 
{read [thy] right hand) ι,τ. '■ -f σον thy (left) gltttaw. "» — καΐ το βάπτισμα^ 

ο εγώ βαπτίζομαι, βατττισθψ'αι GLTTt .\. ° — και LTTrA. ° — και το βάπτισμα ο εγώ 

βαπτίζομαι βαπτισθηο^&σθζ GLTTrA. Ρ — αου {read [my^ Isft) L^TrA. 1 + τούτο this 

(is not mine) ta. * 


ττατρός.μου. 24 'Και άκονσαντες^^ οι δέκα ήγα^'άκΓησαν father, 24 And when 

my Father. And having heai'd [this] the ten were indignant ίν4τβ mov'ed'^s^th in^ 

περί Tojv δυο αδελφών. '2δ ό.δε.Ίησονς ττοοσκαΧεσάμενος dignation against the 

about the two brothers. , But Jesus ' having called =to [^him] j^^^us c'lned°heli''S 

αυτονςεΙττεν,Ο'ίδατε'ύτι 01 άρχοντες των εθνών κατακνριενον- Λ"λ, and said, Ye know 

'thein - said, Yeknowthatthe rulers of the nations exercise lordship that the princes of the 
, ^ , , ,. „ ,-. ' -χ r»r. ' Gentiles exercise do- 

σίν αυτών, και οι μεγαΧοί κατεξονσιαζουσίν αυτών- 26 ουχ minion over them, and 

over them, and the great ones exercise authority over them. ISiot they that are peat ex- 

„Γ.>|| .V II ) ' ~ . 'ΛΛ' " V'» II n'\ w' ercise authority upon 

ούτως '"ot" ^εσται εν νμιν' αλλ ος.^εαν^^ UsXy ^εν them. 26 But it shall 

thus however shall it be among • you ; but whoever would among ^^^t be so among you : 
, ^ 11 , , ^ _.„ II ' -V 5> ' . CK^ , .V .. ' ' II but whosoever will be 

νμιν^^ μέγας γενέσθαι, ^ίστω" νμων οιακονος 27 και ος.>εαϊ^" great among you, let 

you great ' become, let him be your servant; and whoevei him be your minister ; 

>^,N , . ~ 7 ^ ,./ II '. - ? ~> . r»o " 27 and whosoever will 

βελί) εν υμιν είναι ττρωτος, ^εστω" νμων όονλος' 28 ωσττερ be chief among you, 

would among you be first, let him be your bondman ; even as let him be your ser- 

ό νιος τον άνθρώττον ονκ.ηλθεν διακονηθηναι, άλλα διακονη- son of marT^c^me not 

the Son of man came not to be served, but to serve, to be ministered unto, 

σαι και δούναι τήν.-^νχην.αυτοΰ λντρον άντΙ πολλών. grvVhiTuffrran^om 

and to give his life a ransom for many. for many. 

29 Και εκτΓορενομενων αυτών άττό ^Ίερίχώ" ήκολονθησεν ^^^^^^ ^^je^-^h^^' 

And as -were ='going *out Hhey from Jericho ^followed g'^eat multitude^ fol- 

αντφ δγλος ττολνς. 30 και ιδού, δυο τνώλοι καθήμενοι lowed him so And, 

«'him ^a^crowd Veat. And behold, two blind [men] sitting sfttfng ^ by the way 

ναρά την οδόν, άκόνσαντες 'ότι Ίησονς παράγει έκραξαν, side, when they heard 

beside the way, having heard that Jesus is passing by cried out, that Jesus passed by, 

/ I.) / t t II ( \ II 1 /^ Λ n « i\ Ϊ J/ CrlGCl out, SStJT^H^y 

λέγοντες, ° Ελεΐ]σον ημάς, κνριε, ^νιος" ^Ααβιδ.^^ 31 Οχε.οχλος Have mercy on us, ο 

saying. Have pity on us, Lord, Son of David. But the crowd ^.«/'^''{'O" ^5>^o* I^^- . 

, t > •' ' » i-' -V " ^'^^• 31 And the mul- 

έττετιμησεν αυτοϊς iva σιωπησωσιν. οι.όε μείζον ^εκρα- titude rebuked them, 

rebuked them that they should be silent. But they the more cried because they should 

V II N' ί'τΛ^ / < ^ ' II .. ' \ II ,1 A ^"vi a^ -rr ^ ^old their peace : but 

ζον," λέγοντες, ^ Ελέη σον ημάς, κύριε," ^νιος' '^Aaf:)io\ 32 Και they cried the more, 

out, saying. Have pity on us, Lord, Son of David, , And saying. Have mercy 

, , ,_ ... , , 1 , , τ m' /τλ on ui, O Lord, Mou son 

στας ο Ιησούς εφωΐ'ησεν αντονς, και ειττεν, Γι θέλετε of David. 32 And Je- 

having stopped, Jesus called them, and said. What do ye desire sus stood still, and call- 

i, / . .w oo A ' ' ~ ΤΓ ' " h ' a - II ed them, and said, 

Β ποιήσω νμιν ; 33 Αεγονσιν αυτψ, Κύριε, ινα ^ανοιχθωσιν" What will ye that ι 

I should do to you ? They say to him, Lord, that ^m.ay'be^opened shall do unto you? 

^ιμών oi οφθαλμοί. ^^ 34 Σπλαγχνισθεις.δε 6 Ίησονς ηφατο Lo?d^%hat "ou? eyTs 

Our ^eyes. A^d moved witb compassion Jesus touched may be opened. 34 So 

τώνΗφθαλμώνΚαύτών και ενθεως άνεβλεφαν 'αυτών οι ST^em^'andTouS 

thei^. eyes ; and immediately ^received *sighf Hheir their eyes : and im- 

ό^αλμοί;^ και ήκολονθησαν αυτφ. ^^^^^y ^ζ^^ 7η1 

'eyes, and they followed him. tjiey followed him. 

21 Και οτε ?}γγισαν εις Ίεροσόλνμα και 1)λ9ον εις Βηθ- xxL And when they 

And when they drew near to Jerusalem and came to Beth- ftrcw nigh unto Jeru- 
, κ ~ ^^ ~ / In» ~ , » X salem, and were come 

^ayrj ™7Γρός" το ορός τών ελαιών, τότε "o'^ Ιησούς απεστειλεν toBethphage, unto the 

phage towards the mount of Olives, then Jesus sent mount of Olives, then 

ΰνο μαθητας, 2 λέγων αυτοις, ^Ώ.ορενθ7]τε" εις την κω μην την pies, 2 saying unto 

two disciples, saying to .them. Go into the village, that them, Go into the vil- 

n> ' 11 ' - ' η ' Ω ' II ' ' " S- S• ' ' J^-'^^° ^"^^^ against you, 

ΐαπεναντι νμων, και '^ενθεως'^ ενρησετε ονον όεοεμενην, και and straightway ye 

opposite you, and immediately ye will find an ass tied, and shall find an ass tied, 

.V.» f I ~ Λ / ,ο > ' ΊΙ ίΛ < ' ' and a colt with her: 

πωλον μετ αντης' λνσαντες ^^αγαγετε" μοι. 3 και εαν -oose them, and bring 
la colt with her ; having loosed [tihem] bring [them] to me. And if them unto me. 3 And 

' ακονσαντ€<; δε ΤΑ. • — δέ GLTTrA. * εστιι/ is it LTr. " aVLTr. " νμων of you A. 
« €σται he shall be LTTrA. y av LXTrA. * ίσται he shall be LTTr. ^ Ίερειχώ τ. ^ Kvpie, 
€λεησοΐ' Ύ\μας LTrA ; — Kiipte T. <= vie LT. ^ Δανιδ GW ; Δαυειδ LTTrA. « έκραξαν LTTrA. 
' Kvpie, ελεησον ή^αά? LTTrA. e + [ϊι/α] that LA. ^ άνοιγώσιν LTTrA. i οι οφθαλμοί. 

ημών LTTrA. " ομμάτων LTTrA. ' — αντων οι οφθαλμοί LTTrA. ™ LTTrA. 

»-— οτ,. ο Ilopevecr^e LTTi;A. ΐ κατέναντί hTTi. ϊ ενθύ? Τ. *■* ayere LTrA. 


if any man say oiipht ^^^ VuXv ύτΓΤ) TL, ίρέίτε, *'θτΐ κίφίος αντων "Vpuav 

K;Yo°^'SthneecUf '^^yo^^ *oy°^ Bay^nythinar, jc ehr.U eajr, The Lord ^of^heai 4eed^ 

them ; and straight- ^ ygt* *ευθ&ως^\ζϊ 'άτΓοστελεϊ' avTOVQ. 4 Τοντο.δέ ^ολον" γε- 

ΓΥι^^^^-^^^^'^'^^ί'',"^" 'ii'-^s. And immediately he tviU eend them. Butthie aU cams 

4 All thi3 "Was doue, ^, νλ* < «m»»* / 

that it might be fui- yov&v tva ΤΓΜίρωθι;} TO ρηβΐν oia Tov προφητον, 

filled jv-hich was spo- to pass that might be fulfi Lied that which ^as spoken Ijy the prophet, 
ken by the prophet, ^' _ ^„ ^ » «n ' 'τ? ' « /3 > ' 

saying, 5 Tell ye the XeyovTOQ, Ο Έιπατε Ty dvyarpi Σίων, IcoVf ο.ρασιΚενς.σου 

daughter of Sion, saying, Say to the daughter of Sion, Behold, ^ thy king 

Behold, thy King com- „ \ χ ^ y., , ..^ j y , ^ „ < » -λ ' 

eth unto thee, meek, ipy^Erai uQ\^ TTpavQ^KaO^ ετΓψερηκως εττι ovov και^ ττωλον 

and sitting upon an cpmes to thee, meek and mounted on an aes and a colt [the} 
ass, and a colt the foal , ,• ,«' r> -n r\' M« η ' " ' 

of an ass. 6 And the νιφ ντΓοζνγϊον . Ό ΊΙορενυεντες.οέ οι μαΰηται, καιτιοιησαν' 

disciples went, and did foal of a beast of burden. And ^having ''gone *the. disciples, and having 

as Jesus commanded r\ ^ τ ' ^ » i~ <>»•«< m " > 

them, 7 and brought τες καθως ^ττροσεταξεν^^ αντοις ο Ιησούς, 7 ijyayov την 

the ass, and the colt, done as "ordered Hhem ^Jesus, they brought the 

?iotiS anithey^s^ ovov καΙ TOV ττώΧον, καΐ ίττεθηκαν ^Ιπάνω^^ αυτών τά ιμάτια 

him thereon. 8 And a ass and the colt, and put upon them ^garments 

™d^tiSri.iScms ^αντών,'^ καιΗπεκάθισεν^^ ίττάνω αντών. S 6Μ ττλεΊστος 

in the way ; others cut Hheir, and he sat on them. And the greater part [of the] 

thITree?Tnd?triwe'd οχλος έστρωσαν εαυτών τά Ιμάτια εν tij υ^ψ, άΧλοι.δε 'ίκοπ- 

them in the way. 9 And crowd strewed their ' garments on the way, and others were cutting 

the multitudes^ that ^^^ kKucovq άτΓο τών δένδρων και ^εστρώννυον^^ εν ry 

followed °^cried say- down branches from the trees and were strewing [them] on the 

^^^' ?rf^^^^ -pf *^l οδώ. 9 οΊ.δί όχλοι οι προάγοι^τες^ Km οι άκολονθονντες 

ώ\β that cometTin ^^'^y- And the crowds those going before and those following 

the name of the Lord ; ίκοαζον, Χεγοντες, Ώσαι^νά τψ ν'ιφ'^Ααβιδ'-^ ευλογημένος 

irTo'lnd^when'^'he. '^^^'^^yi^^o^*^' ^^^7^°^' Hosanna to th^ Son of David ; blessed 

was come into Jerusa- q ερχόμενος iv ονόματι κνρΊου' Ωσαννά εν τοΙς 

lem, aU the city was [^.j^j^ comes in [the] name of [the] Lord. ' Hosanna in the 

moved, saying, \\Tio IS \ ■'_ < > ^ / > ~ > t /^ > / λ 

this? iiAndchemui- ν^φίστοις. 10 Kai εισελθοντος.αντου εις Ιεροσόλυμα εσεισθη 

titude said. This is highest. And as he entered into Jerusalem *was ^moved 

Jesus the prophet of ^ < /χ >' m' ' - 1 1 r^' ?» " \ 

Nazareth of Galilee, ττασα 7/ ΤΓολις, λέγουσα, Ύις εστίν• οντος\ 11 Όι.όε όχλοι 

'all "the ^city, saying, Who is this ? And the crowda 

tλεγoVf Ουτός^ εστίν ^'Ιησούς 6 ττροφητης,^^ 6 άττό ^Νλ- 

said, This ' is Jesus the prophet, he who [is] from Na- 

ζαρετ^^ της Γαλιλαίας. 

zareth of Galilee. 

12 Kat είσηλθεν s^o" Ίησοΰς εΙς το ιερόν ^τον θεοΰ," και 

12 And Jesus wpnt -^^^ ^entered » Jesus into the temple of God, and 

into the temple of God, Ιξζβαλεν ττάντας τοί'ς ττωλοΰντας και αγοράζοντας ίν τω 

?LVsoVan,rboS ,--lout ^ aU those selling and^ buying inth^ 

in the temple, and ιερφ, καΐ τάς τραττίζας τών κολλυβιστών κατεστρεφεν, και 

overthrew the tables temple, and the tables " of the moneychangers he overthrew, and 

of the money changers, , >^/ r» ^ ■. , Λ , , , 

and the seats of them τας καθέδρας τών ττωλουντων τας τττεριστερας. 13 και λέγει 

that sold doves, 13 and ^^e seats of those seUing the doves. And he says 

said unto them. It is , ^ , «/τ, - ' τ ~ ν λ' 

written, My house αυτοις, Τεγραπται, Ο.οίκος.μου οίκος- προσευχής κληθη- 

shall be called the ^q them. It has been written, My house , a house of prayer shall be 

house of pr.ayer; but ' , .. ,,, , χ ;, / ii 'λ λ - ι ^ -rr « 

ye have made it a den σεται' υμεις.οε αυτον ^ποιήσατε σττηλαιον ληστών. 14 Και. 

of thieves. 14 And the called; but ye it have made a den of robbers. And 

blind and the l.°,me ~^ ^ , ~ j-v > ^ > < » - , ^ « )n ' 

came to him in the ττροσηλϋον αυτψ τϋφλοι και χωλοι εν τφ ιερφ, και εβεραττευ" 

temple; and he healed ■*came ^to^him ^blind °and -^lame in the temple, and he healed 

thorn. 15 And when > / -i e 't s- ' j,» « > ~ x , 

the cMef priests and σεν αυτους. 15 Ιοοντες.όε οι αρχιερείς και οι γραμματείς 

Bcribes t-aw the won- them. But ''seeing Hhe -chief ■'priests *and ^the ^scribes 

• εύθύζ TTr. ' αποστέλλει he sends G. * -^ ολοι^ LTTrA. ' — και A. ^ -\- cttI on 

LTTrA. ^ cnjv€Ta$ei' did direct LTrA. y err' LTTrA. ^ — a» τώμ [LJTTrA. • ^^e^tcκάβLσav 
they set [hiin] κ. ^ έστρωσαν strewed T. ^ + αντον him LTTrA. <* Δανίδ GW ; Δαυειδ 
LTTrA. ^ 6 προώήτης Ίησονς LTTrA. * 'JSaζapkθ ELXIrAW." S — Ο LTl'rA. ** ^- Tpi 

0sqv LTr. * TTptetre ruuke LTTrA» 

ΧΧί. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 59 

τά θαυμάσια, α εποίνίτ^ν, Ktti τους τταίδας^κοάζυΐ'τας εν no ^erful thing-s ΐκ 

ti« ; wonders whi.jh he wrought, and the -children 'cryins in the '^•<i: ^^iid the chiUlrfcn 

' ).-. , «^ . ~ e I ^ Λ crying: m the temple. 

ιερφ. καΐΛεγοντας, Ωσαννά τφ νιψ ^Δ^ρ/ΰ," Ί)γανάκτ7]σαν, ^^(^ saying, Hosanna 

temple, and saying, Hosanna to the Son bf David, they were indignant *ο the Son of David | 

1 /' < m τ II ' ~ » 1 / / ~ -V ' t ^ Γ . ' ^"^y ■'vere sore dis- 

ΙΌ και ειπον'' αυτφ, Ακονεις τι οντοιλεγονσιν; Ο.ύε.ΐη- pleased, 16 and said 

and said to him, Hearest thou what these say? And Je- "ntohim.Hearestthou 

~ \ ' > ■>, ^j , , 5>, , , (,^ •, what these say? And 

σους Αεγειαυτοίς,Ναι' ουοεποτε ανεγνωτε, On εκ στόμα- Jesuesaith unto them, 

BUS says to them. Yea;, ^never Mid ^ye read, Out of [the] mouth Yea; hare ye never 

-^^ ,,^^' „. ^ Q \ y ' ' τ τ « T^ V read, Out of the mouth 

τος νηπιυν και υηλαζοντων κατηρτισω αΐνον; 17 Yiai of babes and suck- 

of babes and sucklings thoit hast perfected praise? And ling's thou hast per- 

καταΧιπών αντονς εζήλθεν εζω της πόλεως εΙς ΒηθαΡίαν, καί he^ieft^em^anY^tint 

having left them , he went out of the city to Bethany, and out of the city into 

ηύλίσθη ίκεΐ. ?f S/ ''^^ ^' '°'^- 

passed the night there. ^ ^ . , , , 18 Now in the morn- 

18 "Πρωίας". Of "ετταναγων" εις την ττόΧιν εττείνασ'εν, mg as he returned into 

Now early in the morning coming back into the city he hungered, ία^"^^' l•^ hungered. 
τη ^>s^^ ~ / , ^ ^ t ^ ^ ^ ^ ,, , 'ly And when he saw a 

IV και ιδων σνκην μιαν εττι της υδυυ, ιιΧθεν εττ αντην, και fig tree in the way, he 

and seeing 2fig-tree 'one by the way, became to it, and fame to it, and found 

,j,, _ , ,'~., /^^ / V•»»» nothmg thereon, but 

ovctv εϋρεν εν αυτ^ ει.μη φύλλα μόνον' και Χεγει αντγ, leaves only, and said 

nothing found on it except leaves only. And he says to it "°to it, Let no fruit 

D ΛΤ ' ' - ' ' ' , ^ . ,^ ^^ , ,.. , ' grow on thee hence- 

^ Μηκετι εκ σου καρπός γενηται εις τον. αιώνα. Και εξηρανθη forward for ever. And 

Nevermore of thee fruit let there be for ever. And *dried ^up presently the fig tree 

. ~ 0/Λ T/- r t^/ < η ^ in r withered away. 20 And 

παραχρήμα η συκη. zOKat ιΰοντες οι μαθηται εθαυμασαν, when the disciples 

immediately ^the ^fig-tree. And seeing [it] the disciples wondered, ίί, they marvelled, say- 

λ' i-r~ ~ 'f'A' ~Λΐ'4 rt \ iTig, How soon is the 

εγοντες, ΙΙως παραχρήμα εξηραρθη η συκη; 21 Αποκριθείς fig tree withered away ι 

saying, How immediately is dried up the fig-tree ! ''Answering 21 Jesus' answered and 

S^i't ~ τ '~'*»Λ' «~ y \ X t said unto them, 'Verily 

6ε ο Ιησούς ειπεν αυτοις, Αμήν λέγω υμιν, εαν εχητε πιστιν, ι say unto you, if ye 

'and Jesus said to them, Verily, I say to you, If ye have faith, have faith, and doubt 

και μη.^ακριθητε, ου μόνον το της σνκης ποιήσετε, dfthfs^A/iA'S S 

and do not doubt, not only the [miracle] of the fig-tree shall ye do, to the fig tree but also 

άλλα καν τψ.ορει.τουτφ είπητε, "Αρθητι και βληθητ, 'Lrraount.^Tol 

but even if to this mountain ye should say. Be thou taken away and be thou cast removed, and be thou 

εις την Θάλασσαν, γενησεται' 22 και πάντα οσα^'^άν^^ , shall Κοηϊ ^Tind 

into the sea, it shall come to pass. And all things whatsoever all things whatsoever 

α'ιτησητε εν ry προσευχ-^, πιστενοντες, ^λήφεσθε.^ bli&fn- 'ye'^haU^S 

ye may ask in prayer,, believing, ye shall receive. ceive. " 

23 Και ^ελθόντι.αύτψ^^ εις το ιερόν προσήλθαν αύτψ coSe'^Stolhrtem'^^e^ 

And on his coming into the temple there came up to him, [when] ^^^ chief priests and 

διδάσκοντι ot άρχιερεΤς και οι πρεσβύτεροι του λαοί), λεγον- ^^ eiders of the peo- 

teaching, the chief priests and the elders of the people, say- g^ w^™VaA*in-^°^nd 

τες,'Έΐ'ποίαεζουσ'κ^ ταϋτα ποιεΧς ; και τις σοι εδωκεντήν said. By what autho- 

ing. By whik authority these things, doest thou? and who to thee gave thin sTand who ave 

εί,ονσίαν.ταΰτην, 2^ Άποκριθεις.*-δε^^ ο'Ιησοϋς' εΙπεν αϋτοΧς, thee this authority? 

this authority ? And answering Jesus said . to them, 24 And Jesus answered 

J / « ~ > -1 / «( «x 5 % V / 7 y ^^" ^^^^1 unto them, I 

Έρωτ7]σω υμάς καγω λογον ενα, ον εάν ε'ιπητε μοι, κάγω aipo win ask you one 

^Will^ask =you 'I^^also 'thing «one, which if ye tell me, I also thing, which if ye tell 

, , , ' » V ' >- \ Λ \ η ' ■'^^• ■*■ '^^ -^'^^ '"'^^^ '^'^^^ 

νμϊν ερώ εν ποια εξουσιφ ταύτα ποιώ. 25 το βάπτισμα teiiyoubywhatautho- 

to you will say by what authority these things I do. The baptism rity I do these things. 

„ L• , ■ ,n ? »v > ~ η ,v » Λ ' 25 The baptism of 

^ Ιωάννου πόθεν ην; εξ ουρανού, η εξ ανθρώπων; John, whence was it ? 

of John, whence was it ? from heaven, or from men ? from heaven, or of 

, -, ^ .. ,t. >i! « ~ Ν ' >T-i > " men? And they rea- 

Οι.οε διελογιζοντο ^παρ^ εαυτοις, λέγοντες, Εαν ειπώ- soned with themselves, 

And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we should saying, If we shall 

;t-,^ » " ~ » ~ . ^ _ . ΊΙ τ » ' ' say. From heaven; he 

μεν, Εξ ουρανού, ερει ήμιν, ^αιαττ ονν ονκ.επιστευσατε will say unto us, "Why 

Bay, Prom heaven, he will say to us, "VYhy then did ye not believe did ye not then be- 

^ + του? {read ■wh.<') were) lttfa. ' Δαυίδ Gw; Δαυείδ lttfa. ■" elnav lttfa. 

» Πρωί TTr. ° knavayayiiv LTa. P 4- Ου LT[a]. 1 eav Tr. ' λημ\}/€σθε LTTrA. 

• ίλβόντρ? βντον tTTT, ^•-- Se aud l. ' + to that fcTTrA. *» fy among i.Tr, * U» ri LHrA* 


^rshaTsIy.'of^^enl ^.^^^ ^^ 'f;f ''ΖΎΓ'?^ ανθρώπων, φοβονμφα rhv 

wefear the people; for ^f^^ but if we shoii^ld say, From ^ men, we fear the 

all hold Jotm as a pro- oyXoV TravTiQ.yau ^Ιχονσιν Tov'\fs)avvr\v wc ττροώήτην.^^ 
We cannot tell. And 27 Και άποκοιθεντες τψ'Ιησου '^είττον,'^ Ονκ.ο'ίοαμεν. "Εώη 

Neither^ te^riyouTy ,^^ answering //f^f they said, We know not. -slid 

what authority I do avTOiQ καΐ avTOQ, OvSs Ιγώ λέγω νμίν εν ΤΓο'ια εξουσία 

these things. 28 But 4^0 s^l^gj^ aj^lso ι^^, Neither =^1 Hell yon by what "authority 
wliat think ye ? Acer- ^ ^ ^ /t^^^~^~w/-l u 

ία /w man had two Tttvra τΓοιω. 28 Ύι.οε νμιν.οοκει ; άνθρωπος^ ^^χεν '^τεκνα 

sons ; and he came to these things I do. But what think ye? a man had 'children 

the first, and said, ^ r n mi λλ« •~ ' t t tt 

Son, go work to day in ovo," ^-'/cat" ττροσελϋων τψ ττρωτψ •είπεν, Ύεκνον, ντταγε 

my vineyard. 29 He Hwo, and having come to the first he said, Child, go 

answered and said, I , ' 'y ' ~ » \ -^ ' ri ii λγ» «/^ ^' » r> >. 

will not: but after- σημερον εργαζον εν τψ.αμπελωνι.^μου." 29 Ο.δε αποκριθείς 

ward he repented, and to-day work in my vineyard. And he answering ■ 

went. 30 And he came • i~^.f n'•^ " p^u\ ν λ ' » ~\ λ i->^' *-r^ ^ 

to the second, and ειττεν, Ον.θελω' νστερον.^όε'' μεταμ^Κφεις αττιτιΚθεν. 30 *Kat 

said likewise. And he said, I will not ; but afterwards having repented he went. And 

answered and said, I λλ'ιι ~σ? 'ΐιτ ' ' «τ>^> λ, 

ρο, sir : and went not. ττροσελβων" Τψ ^οεντερψ^^ είττεν ωσαύτως, ο.όε αποκριθείς 

31 ΛVhether of them having come to the second he said likewise. And he answering 

iS^Sther ?*^Th^y ^say ^^TTSi^, Έγώ, κυριε' KOI ονκ.άπηλθεν. 31 Τις εκ των δύο εποίη' 

unto him, The first, said, I [go], sir, and went not. Which of the two did 

vSyfsaVuiioyo^' ^^^ ^^ θέλημα τοϋ πατρός; Αεγονσιν \τί>τφ:^ 'Ό πρώτος J^ 

That the publicans *^β will of the father? They say to him. The first. 

fh^kingdom^l^God ^syEt αί;Γθ7ς 6 Ίησονς^ Αμήν \εγω νμΐν, otl οι τέλώναι και 

before you. 32 For ^Says =to*them * Jesus, Verily I say to you, that the tax-gatherers and 

John came unto you qI γ^όοναι προάγονσιν υμάς εις την βασιλείαν τον θεοϋ, 

Susnesr'^and ye be- *^® harlots go before you into the kingdom of God, 

lieved him not : but 32 ηλθεν.γάρ ^προς υμάς Ίωάνι/ί/ς" εν οδω δικαιοσύνης. 

harS beUevid hiS! ', For'caiie^ ^ 4ο *you ^ ^John in [fhe] way of righteousness, 

and ye, when ye had και ονκ.επιστεύσατε αντφ, οϊ.δε τεΚώναι και αϊ πόρναι 

seen ίί, repented not ^^^ ye did not believe him,- but the tax-gatherers and the harlots 
afterward, that ye , , "' , , t., ,»», i >ιΓ •\ > η f 

might believe him. επιστενσαν αυτψ' υμεις.οε ιδοντες ^ου".μετεμεληθητε ύστερον 

believed him ; but ye having seen did not repent afterwards 

του πιστενσαι αυτψ. 

to believe him, 

33 Hear another pa- ^3 ΆΧΚην παραβολήν άκούσατΕ. "Ανθρωπος "ης" ^ν 

rable : There was a Another parable hear. A ^man ^certain there was 

whLtVnteTa v?ne- οΙκοδεσπότης, όστις εφντενσεν αμπελώνα, και φραγμόν αντφ 

yard and hed"-ed it * n^aster of a house, who planted a vineyard, and *a *fence ^it 

eed^^TAne^ress^tn^'^" '^^Ρ^^θηκεν, και ώρυξεν kv αυτψ ληνόν, και φκοδόιιησζΐ 

andbuil?l^tower°and 'placed ^about, and dug in it a winepress, and built 

let it out to husband- ττυογον, καΐ ^Ιζεδοτο^^ ' aiJTOv γεωογοίς, και άπεδήμησεν, 

men, and went into a j' -i i j. ^ •±. χ V ^ ' j ;i ■, j•^ j.-. ' j. 

far countrv • 34 and * tower, and let out it to husbandmen, and left the country. 

when the time of the 34 οτε.δε ηγγισεν 6 καιρός των καρπών, ό,πεστειλεν τους 

sent hi^Tervants to ^^^ ^^^° '^^^^ ^""^^ *^® ^^^^°^ °^ *^® ^™^*^' ^'^ ^^^* 

the husbandmen, that δούλονς.αύτον προς τονς γεωργονς λαβείν τονς.καρπονς.αυτον, 

they might receive the his bondmen to the husbandmen to receive his fruits, 

fruits of it. 3d And „_ , ^ ^, , , < t- /> > ~ ,x > 

the husbandmen took 35 KUL λαβοντες 01 γεωργοί τονς.δονλονς.αντου, ον.μεν 

his servants, and beat And ■''having Haken Hhe =husbandmen his bondmen, one 

one, and killed an- „^ ,v ^, , , .r r>x ^^ η a '\ no '•\ 

other, and stoned an- ίόειραν, ον.οε απεκτειναν, ον.οε ελίϋορολησαν. οό πάλιν 

other. 36 Again, he they beat, and another they killed, and another they stoned. Again 

sent other servants > /' \ v^-v tv'n -n' ~ ' »»/ 

more than the first : απεστειλεν αλλους δούλους πλείονας των πρώτων, και εποιη- 

and they did unto he sent other bondmen more than the first, and they 

y ως προφητηνι εχονσιι/ τον Ίωάννην LTTrA. ' είπαν Τ. ^ + ης (read a certain man) L. 
•» διίο τ€κνα L. c — ;cat χ d — μον (read the vineyard) ττγα. « — δέ but [l]t. 

f προσελθων Se LTTrA. S έτέρω other GTAW. ^ — αντω LTTrA. * ό ύστερος he who 

afterwaids [obeyed] LTr. 'f^ Ιωάννης προς νμας lttfa.' » ουδέ (read did neither 

repent) LTr ; ovL^e] a. » — rt? GLTTrAW, " e^eSerO TA. 

χχί, xxrr. μ a τ τ η ε w. βι 

σαν αύτοΊς ό)σαΐ)τως. 37 νστ^ρον.^ε άπεστειΧεν ττοος αντονς tl^em likewise. 3" But 

Tj J. ^Λ. ■ τ^ A 1 ii i. T. i. C *u . liistof all ho sent umo 

aid to them m like uianner. And at last he sent to them. them his sou sarin'^ 

his son. sa/ing. They wifl have respect for ^ my soi ^ t^.^ Γ sba'ndmen'iw 

38 O'l.^k γειοργοι ίδύντες τυν νιόν είττον iv εαντοΊς, Ούτος the son, they said a- 

But the hLbaudmcn seeing the son said among themselves, This °sTh^c*h!ir''-''"c'omP^let 

iariv υ κληρονόμος' δεύτε, άττοκτε'ινωμεν αυτόν, και "^κατά- us km him.'and let us 

is the heir; come, let us kill him, and gain pos- ^^ize on his inherit- 

σχωμεν^ τήν.κληρονομιαν.αντου. ου και- Ααρυντες αυτόν caught him, and cast 

Bc'ssiou of his inheritance. And having taken him ^'^^ out of the vine- 

,^.^^ y^ ~ , >~ \ > f Ar\" r y;ird, and slew him. 

είεβαλον ί!^ω του αμτΓελωνοςκαιαπεκτειναν. 40 όταν ονν 40 When the lord 

they cast [him] out of the vineyard and killed [him]. When therefore therefore of the vinc- 

„_ _ , , .„ , ^ ^ , > ~ .^ yard Cometh, what will 

fXQ-g ο κί'ριος τον αμττελωνος, tl ττοιησει τοις γεωργοις he do unto those hus- 

ehall come the lord of the vineyard, what will he do ''husbandmen bandmen? 41 Theysay 

, , ,•, L ' > ~ Vt- < -v ' Λ ' Tinto him, He will mi- 

εκεινοις ; .41 Αεγουσιν αυτψ, Κακούς κακώς αττοΚεσει. serabiy destroy those 

'to ■■'those? Theysay to him. Evil [men] ! miserably he will destroy wicked men, and will 

, / \ \ > ^ ~ n' ^' II "λ \ ~ let out Ilia vineyard 

αυτούς, και τυν αμτνεΚωνα ^'εκόοσεταν' αΚΚοις γεωργοις, unto other husband- 

them, and the vineyard he will let out to other husbandmen, men, which shall ren- 

Ί ir>/ J ~ \ \>~ ~->~ der him the fruits in 

οιηνες αττοΰωσουσιν αυτιρ τους καρττονς εν τοις.καφοις.αυτων. ^^^^^j. seasons. 42 Jesus 

who will render to him the fruits in their seasons. saith unto them. Did 

*42 Λέγει αϋτοΊς 6'ϊησοΰς, Ούδεττοτε.ανεγνωτε iv ταΤς γρα- fcrip'^Is,^Tie'^tonl 

"Says ^to^thum 'Jesus, Did ye never read in the scrip- Avhich the builders 

φαΊς, Α'ώον ov άπεδοκΊμασαν οϊ οικοδ ο μουντές, οϋτος bccomY' th? heiid^l 

tures, [The] stone which ^rejected Hhose '^who ''build, this t^e corner : this is the 

lyεvηθη εΙς κεφαλήν γωνίας' παρά κυρίου Ιγενετο αύτη, ^,Ζ%ΙηοΙ^!ηοηνβ%Ά 

is become head of [the] corner : from [the] Lord was this, 43 Therefore say I unto 

και εστίν Θαυμαστή εν όφθαλμοΤς.ήμών, 43 Αιά τούτο λέγω Joj^. ^hai^b^'tTkri 

and it is wonderful in our eyes ? Because of this I say ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ given 

υμίν, oTi άρθήσεται αφ' υμών η βασιλεία του θεού, και to a nation bringing 

toyou, that ''shall ^benakcn 'from -you the kingdom ^ of God, and fo^th the^fm^t^sjher^^ 

δοθησεται εθνει ττοιούντι τους καρπούς αυτής. 44 ίκαι shall fall on this stone 

it shall be given to a nation producing the fruits of it. ^^ ^ And f.^^i^^.^St^siaU 

ό πεσων επί τ ύν.λίΒον. τούτον συνθλασθήσεται' εφ .ον.δ .αν fall, it will grind him 

he who faUs on this stone shall be broken ; but on whomsoever ^\ 'S^^'^'"-^•. Ρ ^^ 

, \ y t 11 < "w^uen the chief priests 

π'εστι, λικμήσει avTOvr 45 ""Και ακουσαντες^^ οι and Pharisees had 

it shall fall it will grind to powder him. And 'hearing 'the heard his parables, 

, , ο Ν ' ' ~ " *h^y perceived that he• 

αρχιερείς και οι Φαρισαίοι τας.παραρολας.αυτου έγνωσαν spake of them. 46 But 

■•Oliief ''priests ^and Hhc ^riiarisccs his parables knew when they sought to 

,, , Ar* \ V ~ '< ~ lay hands on him, they 

OTI περί αυτών λέγει. 4ο και ζητουντες αυτόν κρατησαι, feared the, multitude, 

that about them he speaks. And seeking him to lay hold of, because they took him 

εφηβήθησ€(ν τους υχλους, ^Ιπειδή^^ *ώς" προφήτην αύτον είχον. °^ ^ ^^°^ 

tht y feared the crowds, because as a prophet him they held. 

22 Καί αποκριθείς ο'Ιησούς πάλιν εΐπεν ^αύτοΧς εν πάρα- ™•^ j;^^ J«^J| 

And answering Jesus again spoke to them lu^ para- u^to them again by pa- 

βολαΤο," λέγων, 2 Ώμοιώθη ή βασιλεία τών ουρανών rabies, and said, 2 The 

bles, saying, ^Has ^become 4ike Hhe '"kingdom "of Hhe ^ Wens ii^f/^^^to ^^'clrtain 

άνθρώπω βασιλεΐ, όστις εποίησεν γάμους τ φ. υ\ φ. αυτού' king, which made a 

to a man a king, who made a wedding feast for his eon : nnd''fent''''f?rth'ws 

3 Koi άπίστειλεν τ ου ς. δ ούλου ς. αυτού καλ'εσαι τους κεκλη- servants to call them 

and sent his bondmen to call those who had been that wore bidden to 

I . t / X » "Λ Ν '\Λ~ χί ττ'Λ the wedding : anu they 

μένους εις τους γάμους, και ουκ.ήυελον ελυειν. 4 LiaAiv would not come. 4 a- 

invitcd to the wedding feast, and they would not come. Again gain, he sent forth 

,, ^ ,^. °'Λ Ν' τ^" - \ other servants, say- 

απεστειλεν άλλους ϋουλους, λέγων, L•ιπaτε τοις κεκΑη- tug, Teii tiicm which 

he sent other bondmen, saying. Say to those who had been are bidden, Behold, I 

° σχωμ^ν let us possess lttfa. ρ εκδώσεται GT-TTrAW. ^ q — verse 44 [l]t. •■ άκοΰσαντίδ 
δέ Τ. s ^jret TTrA. ι eis for LTTrA. " kv παραβοΑαΙ^ avTOcs LTTrA. 


have prepared my-Ain- μ'ζροις, 'Uou, ro.apLuTuv.uov "^ηΓοίμασα^^^ oi.ravpoi.uov και 

ncr : my oxon and imi ^.. -,τ,-,λλ j• ' t ■ τ ν η 

failinir/are killed, and > i^^it^'l' behold, my dinner ^ I prepared, my oxen and 

all things are ready : γ^ σιπστά τεθνμενα, καΙ TTCivra έτοιμα' δεύτε εις τους 
ri^tb^ But They the fatted beasts . are killed, and all things [are] ready ; come to tho 
made light of it, and γάμους.. 5 OUs άμεΧησαντες άττηλθον, ^ό^^.μεν εις τον 

To'^Ms farm^Ynother ^'^'l^^'iii-'easfc. But they being negligent of [it] went away, one to 

to his merchandise: 'lOLov aypov, ^6".δε "^ε'ις^^ τήνΛμτΐορ'κιν.αϋτου. 6 οΊ.δε ΧοίΤΓΟΙ 

6 and the remnant hisow^ field, and another to his commerce. And the rest, 
took bis -servants, and / ■ , ^ /> , - „^ \ y f 

entreated them spite- κρατησαντες τοί'ς.οονΧονς.αυτυυ ύβρισαν και αττεκτειναν. 

fully, and slew <Aem. having laid hold of his bondmen, insulted and killed [theml 

7 Kut when the king- „ „, , , ^, < r> \ ^ '> > η ^ ' i , 

heard </i€reo/, he was 7 ^ Ακονσας.όε . Ο ρασιλενς ωργισθη, και πεμψας τα 

wroth : and he sent And having heard [it] the king was wroth, . and having sent 

forth his armies, and / >'~>/> y _f, ,, 

destroyed those mur- (ττρατενματα.αυτον αττωλεσεν τονς.φονεις.ίκεινονς^ και την 

«Lcrers, and burned up his forces -he de^itroyed those murderers, and 

their city. 8 Then saith /> ,^,> om'N' ~r./> »~c^ 

he to his servants, The ττοΧιν.αυτων ενεττρησεν. 8 ΎοτεΧεγει τοις-ύονΧοις.αυτου, Ο 

wedding is ready, but their city he burnt. Then he says to his bondmen, The 

they which were bid- ^ / ti r ■> t^\ %/ >τ 

den were not worthy. f^^^ γαμος ετοιμος εστιν^ οι.ϋε κεκΧημεΐΌΐ ονκ.ησαν 

9 Go ye therefore into ^indeed 'wedding ''feast ^ready *is, but those who had been invited were not 
the highways, and as"^.ri 'n τ »v< ^ y ' ^ ~ t^~ < 

many a^ ye shall find, "stoi Ό ΤΓορευεσϋε ovv επι τας όΐΐξοόονς των οδών, και 
bid to the marriage! worthy ; Go therefore into " the thoroughfares of the highways, anJ 

wen? ΌηΓΐηίΓ?ί: '^^^^νς ^αν\ενρητε, καλέσατε εις τους γάμους. 10 Και 

highways, and gather-•. 3•δ many as ye shall find, invite to the wedding feast. And 

as^thcv^^foumf "bo°h εξεΧθόι^τες οΙ.δονΧοι.Ικε'ϊνοιεΙςτάς οδονς συνηγαγον ττάντας 

bad and good : and the ^having*gone 'out 'those "bondmen into the highways brought togerher all 

wedding was furnish- οσους εύρον, ΤΓονηρούς τε και αγαθούς' και ΙττΧήσθη 6 

ed with guests. II And χ, "^ j 2 •π ii. x-i. j ' ^ j 41. r^ i, 1., 

when the king came in ^^ ^^τ^Υ as they found, ''evil 'both and good ; and ^became ^f ull 'the 

to see the guests he 'άγαμος" άνακειμενων. II εΙσεΧθών.οε 6 βασιΧεύς θεάσα^ 

Bawthere a man which 2 , -■ ' ι? j. ^^ ^ a j ι • «• υ,χ. •2-< ■ 

had not on a wedding ^wedding^-^east of guests. ^ AndWing*in 'the ^'^kmg to see 

garment: 12 and he σθαιτονς άνακειμενους εϊδεν εκεΧ άνθρωπον ουκ ενδεδυμενον 

saith unto him, Friend, ^-^^ ts beheld there a man not clothed 

how cilmest thou in ^^ ^ , λ f i , ~ « 

hither not having ένδυμα γαμου\ 12 και λεγξί αύτψ.. Έταφε, πώς 

a wedding garment? with a garment of [the] wedding feast ; and hesays to him. Friend, how 

And he wasspeejhloss. y η -r 's ^ μ * λ / « ^s 

13 Then said the king εισηΧθες ωοε μη έχων ενδνμα. γάμου \ Ο^δε 

to the servants. Bind didst thou enter here not having a garment of [the] wedding feast? But he 
him hand and foot, and , ,^ -,η > a -• »/-> -viu ~ ^' > */ 

take him away, And εφιμωθη, 13 τοτε °εΙπεν ο ρασιλευς" τοις όιακονοις, Αησαν- 

cast him into outer was speechless. Then said the king to the servants. Having 

darkness; there shall , .w • , 5, , ~ „» , , y,i y η '\ t 

be weeping and gnash- τες αυτου ΤΓοόας και χείρας ^αρατε αυτόν ΚαΟ^ εκραΧετε ^ 

ing of teeth. 14 For bound his feet and hands take away him and cast out [him] 

many are called, but >> / ^>^/ ,^« 'λλ> '« 

few are chosen. ^^Q TO σκοτος TO εξώτερον' εκεί εσται ο κΧαυθμος και ο 

* into the darkness the outer: there shall be the weeping and the 

βρυγμος των οδόντων. 14: ττοΧΧοι.γάρ εισιν κΧητοί,οΧίγοι.δε 

gnashing of the teeth. For many are called, but few 


15 Then went the , , ^ η ^\ »>. -^ ,t 

Pharisees, and took 15 ToTi ΤΓορευβεντες 01 Φαρισαιοι ανμβουΧιον εΧαβον όπως 

counsel how they Then having gone the Pharisees ''counsel 'took how 

might entangle him in ,, -, >i/ -, η \ y *>> >^ 

Λώ talk. 16 And they αυτον παγιοευσωσιν εν Χογφ. ιό και αποστεΧΧουσιν αυτφ 

sent out unto him their 'him they might ensnare in discourse. And they send to him 

disciples with the He- , λλ »~ ,~<xτ^■^n•• 1l»^'• 

rodians, saying, Mas- .τονς.μαθ7]Γας.αυτων μετα των Ηρωοιανων,^/ άγοντες," Αιδα•^ 

ter, we know that thou their disciples with the Herodians, saying. Teacher, 

art true, and teachest ^ »?> rr »\λ' τ ^^<^^^ ~ η ~ ■• *•\ η ' 

the way of God in σκαΧε, οιοαμεν οτιαΧηθης εΖ, και τηνοΰον τουθεου εναΧηθει^ί 

truth, neither carest we know that true thou art, and the way of God in truth 

"^ Ύΐτοίμακα I have prepared LTTfA. « 05 LTTrA. y 09 LXXrA. » kirl LXXrA. 

* ό δέ^^Βασιλβύς άκουσας L ; ό δε βασιλεύς ΧΧγΑ ; και άκουσας 6 βασ. W. » b ^αν LXXrA W. 

β ι/νμφών bridechamber τ. «^ ο,βασιλενς clwev LXTrA. « — άρατε αύτο^ καΐ LTTrA. 

' '+ αύτον him LTTrA. e Aeyoi/ras LTTr. 


δίοάσκεις, κηΐ ου μέλει σοι ττερι ούοενός, ού.γάρ βΧεττεις thou for any wj^n .• for 
teachest, and there is care to thee about no one, for ^not Hhou '-=lookest ^^^"^ ^^^^'"'^'^^"ίί'^.ηΠ^ 
> / > Λ ' κ » < II τ ί person of men. 17 J ell 

εις ττροσωτΓον ανθρώπων' 17 "ειττέ" ονν 7]μϊν, τι * σοι "s tiicrcforo, What 

on [the] appearance of men ; tell therefore us, what =thoit p^i^^ost thou ? Is ib 

"V ^ ^ ^ ^^ , «„'„,.,, lawful to give tribute 

όοκει; ίξεστιν oovvai κήνσον Καισαρι η ον ; 18 Τι^ονςχε unto CiB>ar, or not? 

'thinkest? Is it lawful to give tribute to Cresar or not ? But^'knowin"• 1*^ But Je^us perceived 
, ,-. ^ , , , ^ - r^, ,v , their wickedness, and 

Ο Ιί7σους την.πονηριαν.αυτων είττεν, Ύι με "πειράζετε, υπο- said, \rhj tempt ye 

'Jesus their wickedness said, "VYhy me do ye tempt, hypo- °^^i V^ hypocrites ? 

tc\ ■> ^ 'y ' y ' ~/ ^<^« 19 Shewme the Lribuie 

κριταΐ] ly 'επιύειξατε μοι το νόμισμα του κηνσου. Οι.νε money. And tboy 

crites ? Shew me the coin of the • tribute. And they broutrht unto him a 

f , ~ 5, / ■ ctr\ » \ ' » ~ i m' ' penny. 20 And ho 

προσηνε-γκαν αντφ όηναριον. zO και λέγει αυτοί ς\ Ύινος saith unto iiicm, Whose 

presented to him a denarius. And he says to them, λΥΚοβο [is] is this im.-ige and su- 

t > \ rt ^ t 1 ^*' m A ' _ k ' ~ II rr ' perscription ? 21 They 

η.εικων.αντη και η επιγραφή-, 21 Αεγουσιν^αντιο,^^ Καίσαρος, say unto him, Csesar's. 

this image and the inscription? They say to him, Ca?sar's. Then saith he unto 

Ίότε λέγει αύτοίς, Άπόδοτε οϋν , τά Καίσαρος Καίσαρι, u^to cifa^IheThfigs 

Then he says to them, E-ender then the things of Ciesar to Caesar, which are Ciesar's ; 

καΐ τά τοϋ θεού τφ θεφ. 22 Και άκονσαντες Ιθαύμασαν twugs^^at a^e Οοΐϊ 

and the things of God to God. And having heard they wondered ; •>•> ^Vhen they had 

καΙ αφέντες αυτόν ^άπηλθον^^ \^^ mfrfeUedr'aS 

and leaving him went away, left him, and went 

23 'El' εκείνη Ty ήμερα προσήλθΌν αύτφ Σα88ονκαΊοι, "Όί" t^eirway. 

On that day came to him Sadducces, who/ 

λέγοντες μή.εΐναι άνάστασιν, και Ιπηρώτησαν αυτόν ^ 24 λέ- 23 The same day 

say there is not a resurrection, and they questioned him, say- came to him the Sad- 

» ^' Λ „i.T ~ II r '-n ' » Λ' • «ineees, which say that 

γοντες, Διδάσκαλε^ "Μωσί/ς" είπεν, Εαν τις αποθαν^ μη there is no resurrec- 

ing. Teacher, Moses said, If any one should die not tion, and asked him, 

.- / η 1 r> > *>•>Ν^Λ)~Λ ^24 saying, Master, Mo- 

εχων τέκνα, ° επιγαμρρευσει ο.αοεΧψος.αυτου τήν γυναίκα ses said, if a man die, 

having children, ^shall ■'mai-ry 'his -"brother ^wife having no chilclren, 

ί " «1 / t -.>Λ>.,~>~ or^TT ^' his brother shall marry 

αυτού, και αναστήσει σπέρμα τφ.αόελφφ.αυτον. ζό ησαν.οε his wife, and raise up 

*his, and shall raise up seetl to his brother. Now there were seed unto his brother. 

παρ ήμΊν επτά αδελφοί' και 6 πρΖτος ^γαμησας' ετελευτη- Sie°v'IiYr'e\hr\'"n:Tnd 

with us seven brothers ; and the first having married died, the first, when he had 

σεν, και μή έχων σπέρμα ά(ρ7]κεν •την.γυναΐκα.αυτου τφ ^eZet^nXh^tk/To 

and not having s^ed left - his wife issue, left his wife uuto 

άcελφoJ.aΰτoΰ. 26 ομοίως και υ δεύτερος, και 6 τρίτος, wte^thiScond So" 

to nis brother. In like manner also the second, and the third, andthe third unto the 

'έως των επτά. 27 νστερον.δε πάντων άπεθανεν^κα^^ ή γυνι). ^V^^?}}: 27 And last 

,, All. /• 1, -I• J • 1 ^/ ' of all the woman died 

unto the seven. And last of all died also the woman. ^^^^ 2s Therefore in 

2S εν τη ^οδν άναστάσεό^ τίνος των επτά εσται γννη; the resurrection whose 

^In ^the 'therefore resurrection of which of the seven shall she be wife ? 

wife shall she be of the 

seven ? for they all 

πάντες.γάρ εσνον αυτήν. 29 Άποκριθεις.δε ό Ίησοϋς είπεν i^^d her. 29 Jesus an- 

foraU had her. And answering Jesus said severed and said unto 

> ^ ^ / , , / them, Xe do err, not 

αντόις^ Τίλανάσθε, μή ειδοτες τάς γραφας, μ7]δε τήν δνναμιν knowing the scrip- 

tothem. Ye err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power tures, nor the power of 

~ r> " f \ - ~ ° / V ~ „ G^otl• 30 For in the 

του θεου. 30 εν.γαρ Ty αναστασει . ούτε γαμουσιν ούτε resurrection they nei- 

of God. For in the resurrection neither do they marry nor, ther marry, nor are 

,y II .ΛΛί » « Λ » ~i, ^^ ~M ' w ' ~ given m mamage, but 

"εκγαμιζονται,η αλλ ως άγγελοι Vov" ^6/εουΙΙ εν ^ ονρανφ are as the angels of 

arf^ given in marriage, but as angels of God in heaven God in heaven. 31 But 

, „- »^,~> , ^ ^ , , , as touching the resur- 

εισιν. 31 περι.οε της αναστάσεως tojv νεκρών, ονκ.ανεγνωτε rection of the dead, 

they are. But comerning the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read have ye not read that 
, '/^^ «~ «> ~ η - Λ ' «Λ »i-i ' ' which was spoken unto 

TO ρηθέν νμιν υπο του υεον, λέγοντος, όζ Εγω ειμί you by God, saying, 

that which was spoken to you by God, saying, i am 32 1 am the God of 

^ ei-bv T. ^ + ό Ίησοΰζ Jesus (says) LT. ^ — αύτω T[a]. ' απήλθαν LTTrA. 

" — oi (read saying) lttfa. ° 'Μωϋσης LTTrAW, ° + 'ίνα that l. ρ γημας LTTrA. 

1 — καΐ τ[Τγ]α. '• άναστάσει ονν LTXrA, ' γαμι^βνται LTTrA. * — του LTTrA» 
ν __ ^eoy LTr[A]. '^ + τώ the lttta. 


^^iS-ramfihcGod ^ ^'^^ Αβραάμ και ο θεός Ισαάκ καί 6 Θεός Ιακώβ; ουκ 

of Jacob ? God is not *^s ^^od of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob ? =Not 
but'^of'^ fhe^vfn^' '^^^^^ ""^ ^^^^" ^^^°e" ί^ί'^ρων, άλΧά ζώντων. 33 Και άκον- 

33 And when the mull '^^ ^^^^ ^°^ of [tlie] «lead, but of [the] living. And having 

SSeLion4?d\i Ms ^''''^^^ ^' ^^^^' εζεττλησσοντο ΙττΙ φδιδαχ^.αντοϋ. 

doctrfne? ^°''^^' *^« ^^"^^^^ ^^^« astonished at his teaching. 

34 0L^£ ΦαρκταΤοι άκονσαντες οτι Ιώ'ιμωσεν τους Σαδ- 

Pharisees 'hid heard ^ But the Pharisees, having heard that he had silenced the Sad- 

that he had put the SovKaiovg^ σννηγθησαν ετΓΐ.τό.αύτό^ 35 και Ιττηρώτησεν 

?LTTere%athTred "^r^^^• , ^^^e gathered ^ together, ^ and ^ Vestioned [-him] 

together, 35 Then one εις εξ αυτών νομικός^ ττειηάζων αυτόν, ^και λέγων," 

of them, ίϋΛ/οΛ was a ^one'^f ^them *a ^doctor ^of 'the «law, tempting him, and saying, 

lawyer, asked him a , , ' ^ ^ /λ , -. , 

ψιβΰΐϊοη, tempting οΌ ΔιοασκαΑε, ΤΓΟία εντοΚη μεγαλί] εν τφ νομω\ 

him, and Saying, Teacher, which *commandment ['is =the] ^great in the law? 

36 Master, which ^■^ on ^'r\ ^^ 'τ ~ τ > ~ ii ' a / / χ η ' 

the great command- 07 ^ Ο.οε. Ιησονς είττεν αυτφ," Αγαττησεις κυρών τον θευν 

ment in the law? And Jesua said to 'him, Thou shalt love [the] LoTd %od 

37 Jesus said unto him, , ,»^ h ~ii ^' » » »<ν ~ , -. . , 

Thou Shalt love the <του εν oXy °Ty\Kapdia σου, και εν oXy τy.ψυχy.σoυ, κα^ εν 

Lord thy God with all ^thy with all thy heart, and Avith all thy soul, and with 

thy heart, and with all fiv ~ rv / oo »/ » \ /» / \ /% ir 

thy soul, and with all o\y Ty.6iavoiq.MOV. ΟΌ αυτη εστίν ^πρωτη και μεγάλη" 

thy mind. 38 This is all thy mind. This is [the] first and grea's 

the first and Efreat com- i \ ' or»? ' Ηϊ>'ΐι « ' >~>. / » 

mandment.39Andthe εντολη. S9 όευτερα°δε^^ ομοια aυτy, Αγαττησεις TOP 

second is like unto it, commandment. And [the] second [is] like it, Thou shalt love 

mighw^s^^thysefi ττλησΊορ.σου ώς σεαυτόν. 40 εν ταύταις ταϊςουσίν εντο^.αΧς 

40 On these two com- t^y neighbour as thyself. On these two commaudmeuts 

Xe^'faT'lndYlSVoi ^^^^ « ^ft"^^ '"''} Z' ^τροφηται κρψανται.^^ 

pjjQj;a. ^"^ ^'^^ 1^'^^ ^^^ *^e prophets hang. 

41 While the Pha- ^^ ΣννηγμενωνΜ των Φαρισαίων εττηρώτησεν 

risees were gathered But ^having *becn ^assembled «together, Hhe =^Pharisees ^questioned 

together, Jesus asked αύτονς 6'ίησοϋς^ -42 λέγων, Ύί υμΊν δοκεϊ περΊ τον χριστού-, 

think ye^%r Christ ? ^'*^'^°^ 'Jesus, saying. What *ye Hhink concerning the Christ? 

whose son is he ? They γίνος νΙός Ιστιν ; Αεγουσιν αύτω, Του.^Δαβί^." 43 Λέγει 

?7ϋΓνΜ^'^ Health oiwhom^son 4s=he? They say to him, Of David. He saya 

unto them, How then αυτοίς, ΙΙώς oiJv ^Ααβιδ^^ εν ττν εύ ματ L Σκύρων αυτυν καλεϊ;" 

doth David in spirit to them, How then =David 4n ^spirit 'Lord '^him »does^call? 

call mm Lord, saying, , . v,<ii/ ~ / //^»t-v 

44 The LORD saidunto λέγων, 44 Έίττεν "ο" κύριος τφ.κυριψ.μου, Καθον εκ δεξιών.μον 

my Lord, Sit thou on saying, =Said Hhe "Lord to my Lord, Sit on my right hand 

my right hand, till I „ "' / ^ ^ , , η ' i « ' J ii - ;f ~ 

make thine enemies εως.αν υω τονς-εχυρους.σον '^τΓΟΤΓΟΟίΟϊ/" των.ΤΓοόων.σου, 

thy footstool ? 45 If until I place thine enemies [as] a footstool for thy feet. 

David then call him >-.,-,> τ fA/^^?ιι \~ >^ ' ~ «v >~ 

Lord, how is he his 45 Et ovv ^Ααβιό' καλει αυτυν κυριον, ττως νως.αυτου 

son? 45 And no man If therefore David calls him Lord, how his son 

was able to answer » ^/^τ/-^ »τ>> '5>' ι,»~> r\~ i\ •\ ' 

him a word, neither εστιν j 4o Kat ουοεις εουνατο '^αντφ αττοκριυήΐΜΧΓ λογον, 

durst any man from is he ?' And no one was able him to answer a word 

that d.ay forth ask »?»''> ' > > » /' ~ t r > ~ > < 

him any more gues- ovOE ετολμησεν τις ατΓ εκείνης της ημέρας επερωτησαι αυτόν 
tions. nor dared anyone from that day to question him 


any more (lit. no more). 

, XXIII. Then spake 23 Τότε υ'ίησοΰς ίλάΧησεν τοις οχΧοις και τοϊς.μαθηταΊ^ 

Jesus to the multitude, Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to -disciples 

and to his disciples, f ~ ct \ ' >,-, » ~ i,- > \i n' ^ ■> ' η « 

2sivying, The scribes αυτου, Ζ Λέγων, ΕτΓΐ της ^Μωσεως" καθέδρας εκαβισαν οι 

and the Pharisees sit 'his, saying, On the =^of ^Moses 'seat have sat down the 

in Moses' seat : 3 all ., ^ » j». • ~ λ / τ » m η n « 

therefore whatsoever γραμματείς και 01 Φαρισαιοι' 3 τταντα ουν οσα."^αν^^ ειττω- 

theybid you observe, scribes and the Pharisees; all things therefore whatever they may 

* — όθεοζ {read he is not) τ. y — θβος Ι.Τγ[α]. « — k(ju λε'γωι/ LTTr. » ό δε'Ιησον^ 

ζφη αντω G ,* ό δε έ'φη αύτω LXTrA; εφη αύτω ΊησοΟ? W. ^ \jfi] ■*-. *^ η Μεγάλη καΐ 

πρώτη LTTrAW. ^ — δε and Τ. ^ κρεμαται καΐ οΐ προφηται LTTrAW. ' Δαυίδ GW ; Δαυει'δ 
LTTr Α. e καλεί αύτον κυριον LTrA ; καλβΐ κνριον αυτόν Τ. ^ — ό {read [the]) LTTr A, 

ί ντΓοκάτω under (thy feet) LTirA. ^ άτοκοιθηναι αΰτω lttia, ^ Μωνσεω? LTTrAW, » iav TW, 

ΧΧΓί. MATT Η Ε W. βδ 

σιι^ iifuv "Γ^ϊρεπ',Ί "τΐ]ρΕ7 '£ ical Troiftrs'" κατά.οί Γο.ίργα.αντων '^"^^ observe and do; 

tell jou to keep, keep and do. But after their works IV^^ ^^ "°* Z'^ ^^"-^^ 

^ . , , , , ~ . ^ , *"*'"■ '^^orks : for they 

μη.ιτοιείΓΕ Kcyovciv.yap kcil ου.ττοιονσιν. 4: δεσμενονσιι/ ^γάρ" say, and do not. 4 Fur 

do noD ; for thev say and do not." -Thoy^bind 'for tl^^y bind hR.ivy bnr- 

o ' ' η " ^ ^ D ' , < ) n' •. r , "^°^ ^'1^1 frricvous to 

φορτία ιόαρεα ίκαι ύυσραστακτα,^' και ίπιτιθεασιν ετη τονς he borne, and lay /Aew 

br.rdcns heavy ' and hard to bear, and lay [them] on the ^^ men's shoulders ; 

" > η ' ' . r - S" s• '\ • ~ II ' /Ί'Λ °"* *^°y thenisclres 

ωμονς των ανΰρωπωΐ' ^toj οε.οακτνΚφ.αυτων^^ ον.θελονσιν -η-ϋΐ not move the:a 

shauldcrs of men, but with their own fmg-cr they will not '^^'ith one of their iin- 

, / e- / ^1 , V , ^ ~ , , t?ers. 5 But all thi^ir 

κινί',σαι αντα. δ παντα.δε τα.εργα.αντων πηιονσιν ττρυς το works they do for to 

move them. And all their works they do to be seen of meu : they 

η n~ ~'Λ' \ ' «""i'jn ' make broad their phv- 

υεαΰιιναι. τοις ανθρωποις. ττΧατυνουσιν ^βε'' τα φυλακτηρια lactcrics, and eniar?e 

be seen by men. ' "They ^make "'broad 'and '^phylacteries the borders of theii• 

> - ^ Λ ' • < ' T> f. ^ .- ' , ^ II Garments, 6 and lovo 

αυτών, και μεγαλννονσιν τα κρασπεοα ^των .ιματίων -αντων'^^ the uppermost rooms 

*their, and enlarge the borders of their garments. at feasts, and the chief 

6 φιΚουσίν ^re" r>> ττρωτοκΧισΊαν εν τοϊς δείπνοις, και τάς go^iies,^"? and greet- 

"love \aud the fir t place in the stippers, ' and the ings in the markets, 

πρωτοκαθεδρίας ΐν ταΊς συναγωγαϋς, 7 και τονς ασπασμούς εν men, * Raibi^"^"ubM! 

first seats in the synagogues, and the salutations in g But be'not ye called 

ταΊς άγοραΐς, και καλεΊσθαιυπί των άνθρώπων'^ραββί,ραββι•^^ fhScr^7vcn''cl^i^^- 

the market-places, and to be called by men Rabbi, Rabbi. and all ye are breth- 

8 νμε7,ς.δε μή.κΧηθητε ^ραββ'ι''•' εΐς.γάρ εστίν νμώνυΥκαθηγητης,^^ ;^°;^ vou^f-fther^Lon 

^ But ^ye ^ 'be ^not^called Rabbi ; for one is your leader, ?he earlh : for one "° 

^6 χριστός•" πάντες.δε νμείς αδελφοί εστε. 9 και πάτερα μή your Father, which is 

the '^^C^ist,^ ^ andall^ ^Ve brethren ^ are. And Jt^or ^^oi '^^"^^^^'^^ij^^^^^^^^^ 

καΧ'εσητενμών επιτηςγης' είς.γάρ εστίν ^ο.πατήρ.νμών,^^ for one is your Master, 

'call ^your[-'any*one] on the earth; for one is your father, ^vew Christ 11 Bat he 

,, ,V^, J γ>'λ ~ η ' « ^^ greatest among 

°o tv το7ς ουρανοΊς.^^ 10 μι^δε κ\ηΘ7ιτί. καΘΐ]γηται' *^ίΧς.•γάρ you shall beyourser- 

who[is]in the heavens. Neither be called leaders; for one vant. 12 And whoso- 

, ^ , « Λ ' II < ' < TV, /ν ' ^'^^^ shall exalt hira- 

ΐ'μων εστίν ο καθηγητής , ο χριστός. 11 ο.δε μείζων υμών self shall be abased; 

-ν our 'is leader, the Christ. But the greater of you and he that shall hum- 

M «~»,/ ΤΛ»' ^,.ι^ t ί Λ/ ble himself shall be 

εσται νμων όιακονος. 12 οστις.οε υψώσει εαυτόν ταπεινωυη- exalted. 

shall be your servant. And whosoever will exalt himself shall be 

σεται' καΐ όστις ταπεινώσει εαυτόν ν-φωθήσεται, 

humbled; and whosoever will humble himself i-hall be exalted. 

13 (14) ^Ούαί.'^^έ' νμ7ν, γραμματείς και Φαρισαΐοι, υποκριταί, ,3 But woe unto you, 

But v/oe to you, scribes and l^arisees, hypocrites, gcribes and Pharisees 

Ίετε τάς οικίας των χηρών, και προφάσει μακρά hypocrites! for ye shu 

for ye devour the houses of widows, and as a pretext ^'at V^ ' ""length heaven against^^en' 

ποοσευχόμενοί' διά τούτο λήφεσθε περισσότεροι .φίμα.^^ for ye neither go in 

'pr.aying. Because of this ye shall receive more abundant judgment. fe"^ye them 'that ϊβ 

] Λ (13) Οΰαι^ νμίν, γραμματείς και Φapισalolf υποκριταί^ 'ότι entering to go in. 

Woe to you, scribes " and Pharisees, hypocrites, for '•* ..^ o® ^^^ 7""' 

•' ' ^ ^ . „ ^ , ri ' scribes and Phan.-ecs, 

κΧείετε την βασιΧείαν των ουρανών έμπροσθεν των ανθρώπων hyiiocrites! for ye de- 

ye shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men; vour widows' houses, 

, \ ■> ' I ' r\ » ^^ ί ' ' > ' ^^^ ^°^' ^ prctcu-e 

νμεΧς.γάρ ουκ.εισερχεσθε, ουδέ τονς εισερχόμενους αφιετε make long prayer: 

for ye do not enter, nor even those who are entering do ye suffer therefore ye shall rc- 

,.,_ ,,,^ ~»i ~. / ceive the greater dam- 

εισεΧθεΙν. 15 Ovai υαιν^ γραμματείς και Φαοισαιοι, υποκριταί, nation. 15 \v op unto 

to enter. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, you, scribes and I'ha- 

„ . , ^ /^ 'Λ y \ y ^ ^ „ risees, hypocrites 1 for 

oTi' περιάγετε την θάλασσαν και την ξηραν ποιησαι ενα yo compass sea and 
for yc go about the sea and the dry [land] to make one land to make one pros- 

" — τηρείν LTTrA • « ποιήσατε και τηρεΓτβ LTTrA. Ρ δε but LTTrA. 1 — και δυσβάσ- 

τακτα τ[τι]α. ' αύτοι δέ τω 8ακτύ\ω αυτών but they themselves with their finger litfa. 
" yap for LTTrA. ' — των ίμ.ατίων αυτώι/ LTTrA. " δέ LTTrA. * ραββί LTr ; ραββεί Τ ; 

ραββΐ [ραββί] Α.. « ρα/3/3εί Τ. y διδάσκαλος teacher LTTrAW. » — ό χριστός glttpaw. 

<" υμών ό πατήρ LTTr. *> ό ουράνιος the heavenly LTTrA. <= δτι καθηγητής υμών ecTTtv el? LTTrA. 

d Verse 13 placed after 14 ε ; — verse 13 lttfa. « — δέ but κ. ^ ■+- δέ but (woe) KLTXrA. 


ββ Μ A τ θ A 1 ο S. ΧΧΙΙί. 

tiyce, and when ΐιο is τΓροσ/ΑιτοζΛ Kcd oTCii' ykv7\rai, TiOLHTE ahrhv vibv Vf- 

liiade, ye uj;ikc him ^, ji.i.i.i.PT i ■.. ' 

twulold more ilic child proselyte, and when he has become [so], ye make him asonpfGe- 

of hell than your- ξΐ,^ης ζιττλότερον υμών. 16 Oual νμιν^ όδηγοί τυφλοί, oi 

"^^'^^^^Ι^ •κΐίν,\°*1,ιΥ.ί!ΐ° henna twofold more than yourselves. Woe to you, ^'guides 'blind, who 

yOll) f/€ DLlIlil 5T.llvltJSj 

which say, Whosoever Χ^γονΤΕς, Oc.av Ομοϋ^ iV Τψ ναφ, OVOiV IgTIV OQ.d'.CLV 

shall swear by the Lej a- Whoever shall swear by the temple, nothing it is ; but whoever 

pie, it IS nothing ; but , , , ~ -, ~ ~ > ,λ -, „ , , 

wiiosoever shall swear ομοστ^ tv Τψ χρυσψ τθυ vaov, οφειλΕί. 17 μοιροι'και τυώΧοί' 

br the gold of the tern- g^all swear by the gold of the temple, is a debtor. Fools and * blind, 

pie, he is a dubtor ! , n ^ », /v n » > . / η t \ « • < / 1. „ 

17 re fools and blind: SriQ.yap ^μειζων^^ kGTiVy Ο χρυσός, η υ ναός ο ^αγιαζων' 

for Avhetheriri greater, for which .^greater 4s, the gold, or the temple which sauotiiica 

the gold, or the temple , , ^ ' «/-» k » ' ii » ' > ~ η 

that sanctifieth the Tov^ χρυσον ', lo jcat, Ος.^^ίαν^^ ομοσ^ tv τψ θυσιαστηριψ^ 

gold? 18 And, Who- the gold? And, Whoever shall swear by the altar, 

soever shall swear by , »>> , . «^ ?>> « » ' > - ^ / ~ i / > ~ 

the altar, it is nothing; ουΰ%ν EGTiV ος.ο .av ομοσγ iv Τψ ΰωρψ Τψ ίττανω αυτου^ 

but whosoever swear- nothing it is j but whoever shaU swear by the gift that [is] upon it, 
eth by the gift that is > . -λ τ r\ 1 ^ »ii j*\ ' ' ' ~y ^ ?• - 

upon it, he is gniity. οφειλει. 19 ^μωροι KttL^^, τιγαρ μείζον, το Οωρον, 

1ϋ iefo'ols andblindj is a debtor. Fools and blind, for which [is] greater, the gift, 

ihe'Sft^orihe'S θ TO θυσιαστηριον το άγιάζον τυ δώρον ; 20 δ οϋν όμόσας 

that sancLiiieth the or the altar which sanctiues the gift? He Hhat 'therefore swears 

f^Mclhaiuwea?by?ho ^^ ^Ψ Ονσιαστηρίψ ομνύει εν αύτψ και ίν ττάσιν τοΙς επάνω 

altar sweareth by it, ^J the altar swears by it and by all things that [are] upon 

Sn'^aflnd whoso shall ^'^'^^^' ^1 ^""* ^ όμόσας Iv Τψ ναψ ομνύει εν αύτψ και Ιν 

swear by the temple, i*' And ho that sweiirs by the temple swears by it auvi by 

sweareth by u, ^and ^φ ^'^ icaToiKov V7i^^ avTov' 22 και 6 6μ6σaQ kv Τψ ούρανψ 

tiler in^ 22 And he that hii^'^'^iO uvreUs in it. And he that swears by the heaven 

shall swear by Lciven, όυ.νύει Iv Τψ θβόνφ τοί) θεου καΙ iv Τψ καθημενψ εττάνω 

brSoll'and by h/m ^-^^ "^'^*^« ^"""^ of God and by him who sits ^ upon 

that sitteth thereon, αύτοϋ, 23 Oval vfuv, γραμματείς και Φαρισάΐοι, ύττοκριταί, οτι 

23 Woe nnto you, .^^ ^^ to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for 

hypocritcsi for ye pay αττοοΕκατουτε TO ιιουοσμον και TO ανηθον και TO κνμίΊ'ον, και 

tithe of mint and anise ye iray tithes of the mint and the anise and the cummin, and 

and cummm, and have ,, <.->/ ~ , , / ,. 

omitted the weightier αψηκατε τα βαρντερα του ναμου, την κρίσιν και "τον 

maiiers of i.he law, ye have loft aside the weightier [matters] of the law, judgment, and 

judgment, mercy, and ,v^ „ . , , ~ η «? ~ ' ~ « 

faith: these ought ye* tAsov" και τήν ΤΓίστιν' ταυτα° ίοει ΤΓΟίησαι, κακεινα μη 

to have done, and not roetcy and faith : these it behoved [you] to do, and thoic nob 

to leave the other un- n>j' μ λ^ ' ? ^ j> ' η mi J -λ 'y ^ 

done.. 24 Ye blind ^αφιεναι,^' 24 οοηγοι τυφλοί^ *ioi" διυλιζοντες τον κωνωττα, 

guides, -^hich strain at to be leaving aside. ^Guides ^blind, who filter out the gnat, 

camel!' ^25^ Woe unto τ'ηνΜ κάμηλον κατατΓίνοντες. 25 Ούαι ύμΧν, γραμματείς και 

you, scribes and Pha- but the camel swallow. Woe to you, scribes and 

yclSkeSepTthJout- ΦαρισαΤοι, ύτΓΟκριτα'ι, ΟΤΙ καθαρίζετε το εζωθεν του ττοτηρίου 

Bide of the cuj) and of Pharisees, hypocrites, for ye cleanse the outside of the cup 

the/^ai?fui*5'ei «^«^ ^*?C τταρο-^'ιδος, εσωθεν.δε γεμουσιν 'Ίξΐί αρπάγης i:ai 

tortion and excess, and of the dish, but within they are full of plunder and 

ItJ^L^elvJilli 'άκρασίας:^ 26 ΦαρκταΙε τυφλέ, καθάρισον πρώτον το Ιντος 

«;Λίώ ώ within the cUp incontinence. •^Pharisee 'bbnd, cleanse first the. insida 

and platter that the τοϋ ποτηρίον^και της παροφίδος,^^'ίνα γενηται και το εκτός 

be clean°alsu7^?7 Woe of the cup and of the dish, that «may 'become ^also Hhe =Oitsido 

unto you, scribes and yauTiov^^ καθαρόν. 27 Ourti ύμίν, γραμματείς και Φαοίσαιοί, 

l?r"yrae^i?^e"unfo ^of Hhem clea^n. Woe to^you./'^ 7c7ibes and Pharisoos. 

whited sepulchres, νττοκριταί, OTi '"παρομοιάζετε^^ τάφοις κεκovLaμεvoιςy ο'ΐΓίνες 

reSifiaoutv.a?KtU ^JTocrites, for ^ ye are like -sepulchres 'whited, whi^ 

aie v/ithinf nil oi dead ίζωθεν μεν oaivovTUi ώραΧοι, εσωθεν.δε γεμουσιν όστεων 

nicw's bones, and of all outwardly indeed appear beautiful, but within arefuU of bones 

» Tc L. ^ μζίζον L. ' άγιασα? sanctified LTTrA. ^ av LTTiA. * — μωροί καΐ ΜτΤτΑ. 
«a κατοικη σαι/τι dwelt in GTrAW. I» TO eXeOS LTTrA. ° + δβ but GLTtAW. ρ άφ6Γ5>α« 

U) leave aside LTTrA. q — - ot {read filtering o\it, . . . swaUowliig) lt.a. \ ^ — c^ l [tt], 

» αδικίας unrighteousiiess QW. * — KoX TTJS ΐΓοροι/ζίδοί ZA. ' avToD of it LTTrA. 

* όμ.ονά^εΤ€ Lir, 

χχΐΐί. MATTHEW. 67 

νκρών καΐ ττάσης ακαθαρσίας. 2S όντως και υμεΧς ^ωθεν ^rjrS'ou?tSd1? 

of [the] dead aud of all unclcanness. Thus also ye outwardly apppar righteous unro 

μΙνφαίν^σθΕτοΙςάνθρώτΓο^ς δίκαιοι, ".σωθΕν δε -μεστοί ίστε" ^'^^^Γ^^^ 

iudeed appear to mea righteous, but within -"full are iniquity. 29 Woe unto 

νποκοίσεως καΐ ανομίας. 29 ΟυαΙ ίψϊν, γραμματείς και ^α- you scrips and Fha- 

of hypocrisy and lawlessness. Woe toyou, scribes and Pha- cause ye build' the 

ρισαΊοι, υττοκριταί, οτι οικοδομείτε τονς τάώονς τών προφητών, tombs of the prophets, 
^risces,; hypocrites, for ye build ^ the sepulchres of the prop_hets, ^^.f ^^^'^^ ,^^^,Χ^,; 

και κοσμείτε τα μνημεία τών δικαίων, 30 και λέγατε. Ε/ ^ημεν^^ 30 aud say, if we had 

and adorn the tombs of the righteous, and ye «ay. If we had been f ^ther"^ ^we wouW n" 

iv ταΊς ήμεραις τών.ττατερων.ημών, ονκ.άν.^ημεν^^ ^κοινωνοί have been partakers 

in Uip days of our fathers we would not have been partakors . with them in the 

„ f ~ OT " ~ blood of the prophets. 

αντών^^ εν τφ αιματι τών ττροφητων. 31 ώστε μαρτυρείτε 3ΐ Wherefore ye be 

•with them • in the blood of the prophets. So that ye bear witness witnesses unto your- 

,. , , , ^ / . , / selves, that ye are the 

εαντοις, υτι νιοι εστε των φονευσαντων τονς ττροφητας' children of them which 

to yourselves, that son-s ye are of those who murdered the prophets; killed the prophets. 

^^ , , :, Λ / y , ■s. / » - oo "^ 32 Fill ye μρ then the 

32 και υμεις πληρώσατε TO μετρον των.ττατερων.νμων. όό οφεις^ measure of your fa- 

and ye, fill ye up the measure of yeur fathers. Serpents, thers. 33 Ye serpents, 

/ ,Λ^ ^./ >v~- ~ ye generation of vi- 

γεννηματα εχιόνων, πως φυγητε απο τηζ κρίσεως της γε- pers, how can ye escape 

offspring of vipers, how shall ye escape from the judgment of Ge- the damnation of hell? 

εννης ; 34 Αιά τοντο, ιδού, εγώ αποστέλλω προς υμάς προ- f ^''βηΓη^Ι^ίηνΙί- 

henna? Because of this, behold, I send to you pro- phets, and wise men, 

φητας και σοφούς και γραμματείς' ^και» εξ αυτών απο- ^f the'm %= shSiTil 

phets and wise [men] and scribes ; and [some] of them ye will ^mj crucify ; and some 

κτενείτε και σταυρώσετε, και εξ αυτών μαστιγώσετε εν ταΐς l^^Jg^f^ y^ur synl- 

kiU and crucify, and [some] of them ye will scourge in gogues, and persecute 

σνναγωγαΧς.υμών, και διώξετε απο πόλεως εις πάλιν ^^^ΙΙ^^^^^^^^^Ι' 

your synagogues, and will persecute from city to city ; ^ome all the ri-hteous 

35 όπως ελθ-η εφ' υμάς πάν αίμα δίκαιον ^εκχυνομενον^^ ^lood shed upou the 

so that should come upon you all [the] =blood ^'righteous poured out ofrighteoS Abel unto 

έπΙ της γης, απο ^Γοΰ" αίματος "Αβελ τον δικαίου, εως του the blood of Zachariaa 
upon the earth from the bloody of A-bel^ the ^righteous, to ^ the Χ,^, ye gieS b^'etween 

αίματος Ζαχαρίου υ'ιοϋ Βαραχίου, όν εφονεύσατε μεταξύ του the temple and the 

blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye murdered between the altar, 36 Verily I say 
- ~ , ~ η / -tr> ' \ \ ' « ~ Λ "y ^°*° ^°^' ■^^^ these 

ναου και του θυσιαστήριου, 36 αμήν λέγω υμίν, ήξει things shall come upon 

temple" and the altar. Verily I say to you, ''shall ^come tjiis generation. 37 Ο 

\ ■ ^ , , , , om < \ ' Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 

^^τάυτα πάντα" επι τήν.γενεαν.ταυτην. 37 Ιερουσαλήμ, thou that kiUest the 

HbBSQ ^things * *all upon this generation. Jerusalem, prophets, and stonest 

' N't»'' ί ' <ΛΛθ>~ them which are sent 

Ιερουσαλήμ, η αποκτεινονσα τονς προφητας και λι^ορολουσα unto thee, how often 

Jerusalem, who killest the prophets and stonest would I have gathered 

, • , -v / ^ , f ' f y η'•\ ' thy children together, 

τονς απεσταλμενονς προς αυτήν, ποσάκις ηθέλησα επισνν- evenasahengathereth 

those who have been sent to her, how often would I have gath- her chickens under her 

^ . , / . « > f» / » II ' wings, and ye would 

αγαγειν τα.τεκνα.σον, ον.τροπον Ηπισνναγει , όρνις" τα not! 38 Behold, your 

ered together . thy children, in the way ^gathers "'together 'a -hen house is left unco you 

νοσσίαβεαυτής^^ νπό τάς πτερνγας^, και ου/^-^θελί/σατε; ^nt^o'you.Yeshliinoi 

her brood. under [her] > wings, ,and ye would not I see me henceforth, till 

38 ιδού, άφίεται ύμΧν υ.οίκος.ύμών 'έρημος ^ 39 λεγω.γάρ C tS come?h in tht 
Behold, is left to you yotir house desolate ; for I say name of the Lord. 

ύμίν, ΟΚμή με ΐδητε άπ'.άρτι εως.άν ειπητε, Έ,ύλογη' 

tc you, In no wise me ehaUyasce henceforth until ye say, Bless- 

μενος δ ερχόμενος εν ονόματι κυρίου. 
ed [is] he who comes in [the] name of [the] Lord. 

—» ■ ' - 

* lore μεστοί LTTrA. y ημ^θα GLTTrAW. * αντων κοίνωνοί LTrA. ^ * — και LTTrA. 

* 6/«χνΐ'νό/Α«'0ΐ' LTTrA. ° — τον w. d + oTtthat gFaJw. « πάντα ταΰτα LTrA. ^όρνι^ 
€ίΓΐσνι/άγβι LTTrA, iLair^s T^TrJAW J — eauTijs {read [her] ) l. ^ + [αυτή?] ber (wings) l. 


βρημος L. 


XXIV. And Jesus 24 Κ«ι εζελθών υ Ίησονς Httooeveto άττο τον ιεροϋ," και 

from?hctempl?r?nd And going forth Jesus went away from the temple, and 

his disciples came to ττοοσηΧθον οί.μαθηται.αύτοϋ ίτΐ'ίϋεϊζαί αυτω τάς οίκοδομάς 
t^h<''bu[win/s^^ th^ ^came*to [=him] 'his Misciplcs to point out to him the buildings 

temple. 2 And Jesus rov ispov. 2 6.δί}'Ιησοϋς^^ είπεν αντοίς, Ου.βΧίττετε ^τνάντα' 

saiduntothem Seeye yf^i^et ι But Jesus said to them, See ye not ; all 

not all the-e things r- ^ n » i \ ' < ~ i < . /-« - - ^ -T 'λ ^ ^^ ' 

yeriiy r say unto you, ravTcx , αμηνλεγω υμΐν^ ου. μη αφεΘτ^ ώοε Χιθος ίπΙΧίθον 

Tlierc shall not be left t^gse things ? A'erily I s:iy to you, not at all shall be left.hcrc stone upon stone ' 
here one stone upon „ , mi λ λ ' η ir r\ ' ^> , ~ » ν 

another, that shall not ος ov." μψ.καταΑυϋΐισεταί. 3 Καβημενον.ίε αυτόν ίτνι του 

be thrown down, 3 And -nbich shall not be thrown down. And as ''was "sitting 'he upon the 

as he sat upon the „ ~ i\ ~ -\Λ »-» η ■',•, >>^/ λ»* 

mount of oiive.s the ορους των ίΚαιων προσήλθαν αυτψ ol μαβηται^ κατ .ιύιαν,λε^ 

disciples came unto mount of Olives ^came^io ^him Hhe "disciples apart, say- 

him privately, saying, τλ ' ^ ' ~ ' ~ " < ' ν - ' 

Tell us. when shall yovrf^, Είττε ϊ//χιν, ΤΓΟΓΕ ταυτα ίσταΐ'^ και τι το ση μείον 

thes,e things be? and ing, Tell us, ''things 'shall be? and what [is] the sign 

Λvhat shall be the sisrn ^ ^ ■ > η ~ ii λ ' ~ i ^ ^ ττ- » 

of thy coming, and of της.σης τταρονσιας και iV/;c" σνντεληας τον αιώνος) 4 Και 

the end of the world ? of thy coming and of the completion of the age ? And 

L^d^'saM' untoThem^ άτΓοκριθεις 6 Ίησοΐ-ς είττεν αύτοΤς, Βλέπετε, μη τις υμάς 

Take heed that no man answering Jesus said to them, Take heed, lest any one *you I 

manvsh:fncome^inmy T^^C^vn^V' ^ ΤΓολλοΙγάρ ίλεύσονταΐ ίπΐ τφ.Ονόματί.μον, λέ- 

name, s.aying, I am 'mislead. For many .-will come in my name, 

^'iv^m.arT^ G^And^^e Ύ^^^^^ζ) Έγώ ίίμι 6 χριστός' και πολλούς πλανησονσιν, 

shall ™car^'f wars and saying, I am the Christ; and many they will mi.slcad. 

rumours of "^^^^'^ see β Μελλησετε-δε άκυύειν πολέμους και άκοάς πολέμων, οράτε, 

bled -^^for^ all th^e ^^t ye shall be about to hear of wars and rumours of wars. See, 

things must come to μή.Θροεϊσθε' ύεΊ.γαρ ΐ7Γ«ί/Γα" γξν'εσθαι' αλλ' ουπω 

^'^Γ'τ'ρ''^ ''^® t^ ν^ΐΓ π ^° ^°^ disturbed ; for it is necessary all [these] things to take place, but not yef 

riso against nation, ΙστΙν TO τεΧος. 7 Έγερθησεται.γάρ έθνος ""έττι" έθνος, και 

and kingdom against ^ ^^^ ^^^ For •"'shalFrise *up 'nation against natioa and 

kingdom : and there , , Λ > / » ^ -. , . > ' χΊ 

sh.-iii b6 famines, and βασίλεια επι βασιλξίαν' και έσονται λιμοί ^και λοιμο*'^ 

pestilences, and earth- kingdom against kingdom : and there shall be famines and pestilences 
quakes, in divers , , , , r. ' «, ~ > i > v, 

places. 8 All these are Ktti σεισμοι κατα τοπους. 8 παντα.δε ταντα- αρχή ωοι- 

the beginning of sor- and earthquakes in [diifcrent] places. But all these [are] a beginning of 

rows.. 9 Then shall r» m ' -^ ' < ~ ' n\ ' ι < > 

they deliver you up to νων. V Ιοτε παραύωσουσιν υμάς εις νλιψιν, και αποκτειουσιν 

be afflicted, and shall throes. Then will they deliver up you to tribulation, and will kill 

kill you : and ye shall « ~ . χ « η / . χ / t ~ ii '/ί ~ ? '' 

be hated of all nations υμάς' και εσεσθε μισουμενοι υπο πάντων Vwi/" εθνών δια 

for my name's sake, you ; and ye will be hated by all the nations on account of 

10 And then shall y » > irk»' ^^/τ \%' » 

many be oflFended, and το.ονομα.μου. 10 και TOTS σκανοολισθησονται πολλοί, και 
shall betray one an- my name. And then wall be offended many, and 

other, and/ shall hate '\\'λ ?' » ' 'λ\'λ τι » 

ouc another, 11 And αλλήλους παραδωσουσιν και μισησουσιν αλλήλους' 11 και 

many false prophets one another they will deliver up and will hate one another ; and 

Scc>ive^'many!^^2^And ^Γολλοι χΡενδοπροφήται Ιγερθησονται, και πλανησονσιν πολ- 

because iniquity shall many false prophets will arise, and will mislead 

many 'lUi'wircVd^ λούς• 12 fcat ό^ά τό.πληθυνθηναι την άνομίαν, χ^υγησεται 

13 But he that shall παί<•η7 ; and because sh.all have been multiplied law lessness.'^will 'grow ^cold 

endure unto the end, y) ^ άγαπη τών πολλών' 13 ο.δε υπομείνας εΙς τέλος. 

the same shall be , ' J, ' , . .^, . χ. ^ ι. ,. Τ ^ γ^τ. -, j 

saved. 14 And this '-^® love -^of *the ^many ; but he who endures to [the] end 

^h^^if V°^ *'^^ '^ΐ^^*^^^ οϋτος σωθησεται. 14 και κηρυχθησεται τούτο. τό.εύαγγέλιον. 

all the wwld f or ^ a ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^'^''^^• ^"*^ ^^^^'^ ^^^^^ ^^ proclaimed these glad tidings 

witness unto all na- γης βασιλείας iv oXy τι) οικονμέν^^ εις μαρτί'ριον πάσιν το7ς 

th°e"e^nd*'^come 15\Vhen °^*^° kingdom in all the habitable earth, for a testimony to all tho 

ye therefore shall see ίθνεσιν' KOI τοτε ηζει TO τέλος. Ιδ'Όταν οϋν ϊδητε το 

the abomination of nations; and then shall come the end. When therefore ye shall see the 

desolation, spoken of -,, , > «λ» .^x χλ 

by Daniel the prophet, βδελνγμα της ερημωσεως, το ρηθέν οια Αανιηλ του προ- 

fitand in the holy place, .abomination of desolation, which was .spoken of by Daniel the pro- 

'' άττο (e/c out cif l) τού ιερού επορει/βτο LTTrA. ' άττοκριθίΐς iiliswering (he said) LTTr'A. 

"» ταύτα πάι/τα l.TTrA. " — μη GLTT.-AW. ο .j. [αυτού] Οί him L. Ρ — τή? LTTr^. 

S — '.Γάντα i.xti[aJ. J iv Ϊ. •» — Koi λοιμοί U f.A. * — ,τώκ a. 


^.,...j --.-3 .. τοττφ άγ'ιψ' υ άναγινώσκων ^νοεί- ('w*io'5oreadeth,iet)iim 

phet, standing in [the] =place 'holy (he who reads let him un- w'^^P*'^'''^;?. i'^J^"'" 

„ _ _ , , , ^ , «v , , '^ them which be m 

τω i lo Tore oi εν ry lovoaiq. ψενγετωσαν ^έττί" ra JudiBa flee into the 

derstand), then those in Judea let them flee to the mountains : 17 let him 

>>' ^ - , , , ~ ^ , , , ^ > U -r , which IS on the hou^e- 

ορη• η ο ετΓΐ του οωματΌς μη7καταβαινετω'^ αραι Vi" top not come down to 

mountains; he on the housetop let him not come down to take anythinp ta^^ie any thing out of 

,/ '-ΤΩ »«i ^ , \ ,, ,, hia house: 18 neither 

tK της.Οιίιςιας.αντου' lb και ο εν τφ αγρφ μη.ετηστρεψατω let him which is in 

out of his house^; and lie in the field let him not return ^^^ ^^^^ return back 

t t τ _ , . , II > ~ τίΛ » ^ ^' ~ ■> ' . , ^o take his clotlies. 

οπίσω αραι ^τα ιμάτια'' αυτού. 1^ ουαι.δε ταις εν.γα/ττρι.ε- 19 And woe unto thom 

back to take ^garments 'his. But woe to those that are with ^^^^ ^^'^ '^ith child, 

' > ~ η \ y ' > 5 / ~ « / and to them that Five 

χουσαις και, ταις (^ηλαζονσαις εν εκΒίναις ταις ημεραις. suck in those days! 

child and to those that give suck in those days. 20 But prny ye that 

20 ττροσεύχεσθε.δε Ίνα μή.γενηται η. φυγή. υμών χειμώνος, μηδέ Κ wintS^neUher* on 

And pray that -^may -"not *be 'your ^flight in winter, nor the sabbath day: 21 for 

Hv^^ σαββάτφ. 21 Έσται.^άρ τότε θλίφις μεγάλη, οϊα ^ού SuiSfon, ϊη«Γ;ΐί 

on sabbath: for there shall be then ^tribulation 'great suchas^not was. not since the be- 

νέγοι /fv" άττ' αρχής , κόσμου 'έως τον νυν, ονδ'.ού.μή fo7hrs°ti°me!^no7 ηΐ 

'has been from [the] begiuiung of [the] \vorld until now, no, nowever ever shall be. 22 And 

γενηται. 22 κάί εΐ.μή εκολοβώθησαν α'ι.ημεραι.εκειναι, ουκ ΙζΙ^^^ bf XrteS 

shall be ; and unless ^had •'been ^shortened 'those Mays, *not = there should no flesh 

άνΛσώθη τΓάσα σαρξ; διά.δί τους εκλεκτσνς eSlke^tL^diis 

«there 'would have been saved any • flesh, but on account of the elect shall be shortened. 

κοΧοβωθησονται α'ι.ημέραι.εκέϊναι. 23 Τότε εάν τις υμίν ^^ -^^'^^ ^* ^^^ °^"^" 

»shal]-'be^short_ened ^ 'those 'Mays. Then -if anyone .to you £re ώ cSTt^he^e'; 

ε'ΐτΓ-ρ,'Ιδοΰ,ώδε ΰ χριστός, η ώδε^ μή.^πιστεύσητε.^^ 24Έγερ- believe ίί not. 24 For 

say, Behold, here [is] the (Christ, ■ or here, believe [it] not. =^There ^will *!?^^^^^^^VTf ^'''^"^ 

^ y I ^ •,, Christs, and false pro- 

θησονται γαρ ψευδοχριστοι και ψευδοπροφήται, καΐ δώσουσιν phets, and shall show 

*arise ^f or false Christs and false prophets, and will give ψ^^^ !'°°^ ^^^ ^°"• 

, , „ ^ 11 . r> ders ; insomuch that, 

σημεία μεγάλα και τέρατα, ώστε ^πλανή^^αι", ει δυνατόν, και if Λ we;-e possible, they 

"signs 'great and 'wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even shall deceive the very 

, , Λ / OK-»? ' ' ' ~ or» ' ' r•^ V ε^«°*• 25 Behold, . 

τους εκλεκτούς. aIo loov, ττροειρηκα νμιν. Zbiav ovv ειττωσιν have told you before. 

the elect, Lo, I have foretold [it] to you. ' If therefore they say 26 Where/ore if tliey 

. ~ *T? ' ' - . ' . ' 1 .ν'Λ/-ι ίττ- ' ' shall say unto you, 

νμιν, Ιόου, εν Ty ερημφ εστίν, μη.εξελθητε' ίδου, εν Behold, he is in the 

to you, Behold, in the wilderness he is, go not forth : Behold, [he is] in de->ert ; go not fortli : 

.- / 1 / .-,- „ ~ w » » > !v/ behold, he is in the 

τοις ταμειοις, μη.ττιστευσητε. 27 ωσττερ.γαρ η αστοαπη εζ,ερ- secret chambers; be- 

the chambers, believe [it] not. For as the lightning come's lieve it not. '27 For as 

7 \ > -v ~ ' . ' " ^ ~ r/ the lightning couieth 

χεται ατΓΟ ανατολών και φαίνεται εως ΰνσ.μων, ούτως out of the cast, and 

forth from [the] . east and appears as far as [the] west, so even unto the 

εσται^καν^ r) τταρουσια του υϊου του άνθρωπου. 28 οτΓου.Κγαρ" ^mhig^of^thl^slVof 

shall be also the coming of the Son of man. For wherever man be. 28Forwhere- 

iav y TO πτώμα, εκεί συναχθησονται οι αετοί. 29 Ευ- theirwlii uL'^'^e'atrkh' 

maybe the carcase, there will be gathered together the eagles, ^Immedi- be gathered together. 

θεως δε μετά την Θλί-φιν τών.ήμερών.εκείνων 6 ήλιος σκοτι- the^°*tribuiation"'^'^of 

atelyv 'but after the tribulation of those days the sun shall be tliose days shall the 

σθησί^ται, και η σελήνη οϋ.δώσει το.ψεγγος.ηύτής, και οι ^^^ moon'^^sh-aU ηΛ 

darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the give her light, and tlie 

αστέρες πεσοννται ^άττό" του ουρανού, και αι δυνάμειο των ^^'^^ shall fail from 

stars shall fall from ^ the . heaven, and the powers " of the orthTheTvensXH te 

ουρανών σαλενθησονται. 30 και τότε ώανησεται το σηαείον shaken: 30 and then 

-' ....•.. .... Γ. ..• . ΐΓ shall appear the sign 

of the Son of man in 
heaven: and then shall 

' εστίας EG. ^ νοείτω ; does he uiidei'stand ? Tr. » eU LTr. y ■καταβό.ταί l.TTr 

* τα the tViings OLTTrAW. " ro 17x07101- garment LTTr. ^ — ev Οίττ-Ανν. •= ουκ 

.eyeVeTo Τ. ^ πιστεύετε L. <= τΐΚαντιΘηναι, Τ ; πλανάσθαι {read SO that will be misled) i'r. 

' — /tai LTTrAW, ί — ycLfi for LTTx a, ^ έκ OUC of T. », =- τώ LXJrA* -1^ — rO« T. 


shall be shaken. 

And then shall appear 

the sign 

του νιου 

of the Son 

του άνθρωπου 
of man 

εν νφ" ούρανφ' και 

in the heaven ; and 

νότε" κό- 

then shaU 


all the tribes oj *^^ φονται ττάσαι a'l φνΧαί της γηο. και υ-φονται τον ν'ιόν τον 

shalf Tc°"the''^Sou of ^^^^ ^^^ *^^ ^^^'^^^ ^ ^^^ Ι^^'ΐ• ^°'^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^® ^°° 

man coming in the άνθοώτΓον, Ιοχήμενον f 7Γΐ τών ν?ώε\ών Γοΐ' ουρανοί) μετά dv 
clouds of heaven with of man, coming on the clouds σί heaven with 

power and great glory. , , , 

31 And he shall send ναμεως καΐ €Οζης τΓοΧλής. 31 και άττοστεΧεΙ τους ayyiXovg 

his angels with a great ^^ ^^^ ^^ , ^^ he shall send ^angels 

sound of a trumpet, , „ , Λ i / < . ,^ 

aud they shall gather avTOV μετα σαΛτΓίγγος άφωνης" μεγάληί^, και ίττισυνα^ονσιν 
together his elect from ij^jg ^j^h ^of "a ^trumpet =^sound 'great, and they shall gather together 

the four winds, from , , λ , , ^ , , • , , , . 

one end of heaven to τονς.εκΚεκτονς.αυτον εκ των τεσσάρων άνεμων. ατΓ άκρων 

the other. 32 Now learn his elect froih the four winds, from [the] extremities 

a parable of the fig , .„ „ m " ' - o-» '* ' '^' ~ 

tree ; When his branch ονοανων εως "" ακρωί' avTuJV. 32 ATTo.Ct της σνκης 

is yet tender, and put- of [the] heavens to [the] extremities of them. But from the fig-tree 

teth forth leaves, jd ' η ' η ^ ' » " • \ ' ? ' - ' 

know that summer is μαθετε T1JV τταραρολην' όταν ti η υ.κλαόος.αντης γενηται 

nigh : 33 so likewi-e . learn the parable : When already its branch is become 

in thesc"thfn|s' know ά-τταλός, καΐ τά φύλλα HKcpvy,^^ γινώσκετε οτι εγγ-υς το 

that it is near, eien at tender, and the leaves it puts forth, ye know that near [is] the 

siy'^u'^to ^ii^'^This ^ψος' 33 οντως και νμεΊς, 'όταν 'ϊνητε ^ττάντα ταντα,^ 

generation shall noC sunimer. Thus also ye, when ye see ,' all these things, 

things **be *f!ilfiS 7ΐ-νώσκετε οτι εγγύς ίστιν εττΐ θύραις, 34 άμην λέγω υμίν^ 
35 Heaven and earth know that near it is, at [the] doors. Verily I say to you, 

m'^^'wonis *shaU not ^u./x?) TcapsXOy η.γενεά.αντη εως.αν ττάντα ταντα 

pass away. SO But of In no wise will have passed away this gcner.ition until all these things 

that day and hour . -γ^νηται. 35 Ό ούρανύς καΐ if γη '^τταοελενσονται,^ 

not^the an^°eirS''hea- ^^*^^ ^^^^ *^^^^ Ρ^<^• '^^^ heaven and the earth shall pass away. 

Ten, but my Father οΊ.ζεΧόγοι.μον ού.μή τταρ&λθωσιν. 36 Περί-^έ της ημέρας 
day"!' of^Noe" Μ^β^βΛο ^^*^ °^^ ^°^^ ^^ ^^ "^'^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ *^''•^• ^^^ concerning ^'day 

Ehaii also the coming εκείνης και V/jf" ώρας ονδείς οίδεν, ονδε οι άγγελοι τών 
of the Son of man be. , ^that and the hour no one knows, not even the angels of the 
3s For as in the days , ^ , , , , ^ « , ' r» ' n, , t• / 

that were before the ονρανών, " ει.μή ο.ΤΓατηρ^μου^ αονος. 37 ΩστΓ^ρ.^οί" αι ημεραι 
flood they were eiiting heavens, but my Father only. But as the days 

aud drinking, marry- ~^, •>• " " »mi< ' ~,- ^ , η ' 

ingand giving in mar- τοκ-Νωί, οντως εσται ^καΓ If τταρονσια τον vtov τόν ανθρο}" 

riagc, until the day of Noc, eo ehall ba ' also the coming of the Son of 

that Noe entered into ,-,,. .„ .. , ^ , i . / ^, . ,, 

the ark, 39 and knew TTOV. όο ^ωστΓΕρ" γαρ ήσαν εν τμις ημεραις^ ^αις προ" 

not until the flood man. -Άβ *f or they were in t}ie days t?hicl^ [were] before 

caine, and took them ~ -^ ~ , , , . ., . 

ftU aw.-vy; 'bo shall also ^TOV κατακ\νσμον, τρωγοντες και, ΤΓίνοντες^ γαμόνντες και 

the coming of the Son the flood, _ eating and driuking, marrying and 

of man be. 40 Then -» >y ά « r < > ' ' ~\ λ -κτ ~ > » rt - > ' 

shall twobe in the field; "^κγαμιζοντΒς,* αχρι ης.ημερας εισηλθεν ΝωΕ εις ttjv κιβωτον, 

the οηα shall be taken,, giving in marriage, until the day when -entered 'Noe iuto the ark, 

41 Two women shall be 39 και όνκ.εγνωσαν, εως ήλθεν 6 κατακλυσμός και ϊ)ρεν 

grinding at the mill ; aud they knew not till ^camq Hhe ■'flood and took away 

iud^^thi'^dthir^ift! ώ'ίταί/Γας, οντως tffrat Vat" /} παρουσία του v'lov τον άνθρωπου. 

42 Watch therefore: ^,11 5 ^tbus shall be also the coming of the Son of man. 

innr^your\ord?oS ^0 'Γ"« '^^^ ίσονται^^ iv .τψ άγρφ' ^ϋ\ εϊς παραλαμβάνεται, 

come. 43 But knov Then two will be in the field, the one is taken, 

Sin of tbiVou^sr^ '^"^ *^*^" ^'^ άφίεται. 41 δύο άΧηθονσαι εν τφ "αμύλων ι '^^ μία 

and the one is left ; two[women] grinding at the mill, one 

παραλαμβάνεται, καΐ μία άφίεται. 42 Γρηγορείτε ουν, οτι 

is takem, and one is left. Watch therefore, fot 

ονκ.οϊδατε ποί^, ^ώρςι" ο.κύοιος.νμών έρχεται' '43 εκεϊνο.δε 

ye-know not in what hour your Lord comes. But this 

I — φωιήίς (read a great trumpet) τ. ™ -h των the Tr. " ίκφνβ are put forth ltfa, 

* ταϋτα πάντα TTr. Ρ -\- οτι that.LTr. 1 TrapeXevaeTai GLITA. ^ — τη? GLTTrA. 

• + ουδέ ό νΐο9 nor the son lt. * — μον (read the Father) GLTTr[A]. * γαρ for (as) ltf. 
" — και LTTrA. » ώ? as LTA ; «s SO Tr. y + €Κ€ίναις (read those days) L[Tr} 
« — ταΐς προ (read of tlie flood) a, '^'γαμίσκοντες L ; γαμίζοντα; τ. ' ^ _ f^g^ LTrA- 
" ΙσοϊΟ-αί δυο LT. d =;= q LTTrA, * μν\ψ LTT A. ' τιμέρα duy νΐ'Ιη, 

XXIV, XXV. Μ A τ τ II Ε W. 71 

γινώσκετε'ότι ει yhi 6 οίκ-ϋβεσπότης ττοΐα ώυλακ?] ^Y'}}J^;^^^\''-''}^^ 

know, that μ "^Ιιαοί 'known 'the -master ^of^the^hoiase in v.-hat watch ■^^Q -,νοπΜ have v,-atch- 

ό κλε'/Γτης έρχεται, Ιγρηγήρησεν.άν, καΐ ovu άν.εϊασεν ^cio- ed^aua would not have 

the thief comes, he would have watched, and not have suffered Ho -be trS up/ i-l'There^ 

ουγΓϊναι" την.οΊκ'ιην.αυτοΰ. 44 ^la. rouro καΐ νμεχς -γίνεσΘε fore be ye aiio ready : 

<-throu.h ^ 'hi.=hou,e. ^ Wherefore also ^Se / ^be %' H^^no^ ^iTlZ 

έτοιμοι' οτι 7/-^ώοα ου.οοκείτε'^^ 6 ν'ώς τον άνθρωπου έρχεται, ofmancometh. 45Who 

readv, for inwhatho'ur ye think not the Son * of man comes. *¥^ ^^ « faithful and 

, , < , ^ ~^ , / ,, , ■^■ise servant, whom 

45 Ύίς άρα εστίν ο ττιστυς θ(ν\ος και φρόνιμος^ ον κατε- . his lord hath made 

Who then is the faith fuP bondman and prudent, whom =has ρ'•"• over his house- 

< / ; . -11 ' ■^ ~ ι./Ί ' II > - ~i- r^/ ,1 hold, to pivc them 

στησεν o.Kvpioc.^aoTov ετΓΐ της. υεραττειας .avTOV, τον ΟιόοΊ'αι" meat in duo season? 

*£ct 'his'-ilord over his household, to give 46 Blessed is that ser- 

, , , , - i<-> ' < r. ~> ί ~ ,x vant, whom his lord 

αντοις την τοο<ρην εν καιρψ ; 45 μακάριος ο.όονλος.εκεινος, ον , when he comoth shall 

to them the * food in season? Blessed that bondman, whon find so doinp. 47 Verily 

TV η ' « ' , ~ . . _ ~ ft \i An ' κ ' '^ say unto you, That 

ίλθων ο.κνοιος.αντον ενρησει ""ποιονντα όντως." 47 Αμήν he shall make him 

^having*come ^his '-'lord will find doing thus. Verily• ruler over all hispoods. 

V, ,^,,•,.- ^ t , ..- / 48But and if 'Chat evil 

λέγω νμιν, οτι εττι τνασιν τοις.ντταρχονσιν.αντον καταστήσει servant shall eay in 

I say to you, that over all his property he will set his heart, My lord 

1 ' J r-> >ii ^ ^^ >' « . \ t> ~•ν η' ~ 11 ' ~ dclavGth his cominp : 

avTov. 48 Εαν.όε ειπ-ρ ο κακός οονλος "έκεπ^ος" εν Ty 49 and shaU be-in to 

him. But if ''should ^say =evil ^'bondman 'that in • smite his fellowser- 

καρζία.αντον,1ζ.ρονΊζει'>ο.κνριός.μου'^η\θεΙν;' 49 και άρξ;;τ«ι. I^^i^k'vTth fhe'diunl'l 

his heart, ^Delays 'my =lord to come, and should begin en ; 50 the lord of that 

τντΓτειν τονς σννζονΧονς^,ησθίειν'Μ και ^ττίνειν' μετά τών' -^ll^%^^-'^^\^^J^ 

to beat [his] fellow-bondmen, and to eat aad to drink with the .^^^ |qj. ^,„j^ ^nd in an 

μεθνόντων, 50 ηζει 6 κνριος τον.δον\ρι> εκείνου εν ημερ(^ ^^u^^^g o^/*5i^and shin 

drunken, ^will ''come 'the -lord ^of •*that ^bondman in a day cut him 'asunder, and 

y ον.προσδοκ^, και tv ωρα y ον.γινώσκει, 51 kai lf^^'''^i^^''\^\^. 

in which he does not expect, and in an hour which he knows not, and ^.^.j^gg . there shall be 

διχοτομήσει αντόν, και τυ.μερος.αντον μετά των ύ7Γ0ί:ρΐΓών "w.eeping and gnashing 
will cut -in ^two 'him, and his portion with the hypocrites °^ teeth. 

θησει' εκεΤ εσται 6 κΧανθμος και 6 βρνγμοςτών όοόντων. 

willappoint: there will be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. 

25 τότε ομοιωθησεται η" βασιλεία των ουρανών δέκα 

Then ^will 'be ^made °like Hhe ^^kiugdom ^of ''the ^heavens [to] ten 

τταρθενοις, α'ίτινες λαβονσαι τάς.λαμ7Γάδας}αντών^^ εζηλθον χχγ. Then shall the 

virgins, who having taken their lamps went forth kingdom of heaven be 

είς^άττάντησιν'^ του ννμφίου. 2 πεντε.δε ^ί^σαν Ιζ αύτών^^ ^f^'XfStoTth^l 

to meet the bridegroom. And five ^were 'of ^thcm 

lamps, and went forth 

^0pOvtUOt," Krri ^αί" ΤΤεντε ^/Χωρα/." 3 VlVtve^" μοψαί, λα- to meet^ the bride- 
prudent, and five foolish. They who [were] foolish, hav- fhe^wc^re wise, and 
βονσαι τάς.λαμ7Γάύας}Ιαντών," ουκ.'έλαβον μεθ' '^'^^"''"^^ * 3^he That uwe*fooL• 

taken their lamps, did not take with themselves 

i-h took their lamps. 

ελαιον' 4 αι.δε φρόνιμοι ελαβον ελαιον εν τοΙς άγ-γείοις and took no oil with 

oil; butthe Trude^t toS. oil in ^ =- -^« ^ S„T ^iMn \hSi^ Ts- 

*^aurwv'' μετά τών.λαμπάδων.^αυτών.^^ 5 χρονίΐοντοα.δε του seis with their lamps. 

Hheir 'with theb- lamps. But ^'tarrying Hhe 5 While the bride- 

, ,, v~ «»'/Ί•^ r> ' J' groom tarrjed, tnoy 

νυμώιου, ενυσταζαν πάσαι και εκαθενοον. 6 ,μεσης.όε all slumbered and 

'bridegroom, they ■•'became ^drowsy 'all and slept. ButinCthe]middJe slept 6 And at mid- 

V , , , r> , € - V 11 'f nipht there was aery 

νυκτός κραυγή γεγονεν, Icov, ο νυμφιος ^έρχεται," εξερ- made. Behold, the 

of [the] night ^a *cry 'there ''was. Behold, the bridegroom comes, go brirlpgroom cometh ; 

β Βίορνχθηναί TTr. ^ ov So/cetre ώρα L'lTrA. * — αντον {read [his]) LTT A. 

'' otKCTcta? LTTriii 1 Scvvai GLTTi A. ™ οίίτως ποιοϋΐ'τα LTTi Α. ° -^ ζκανος (read the 

evil bondman) τ. ° μον 6 κύριος LTTrA. ρ — eXOelv Lxxr. i + αύτοΰ his (fellow 

bondmen) LTTrAW. ' εσθί-η should eat OLTTrAW. ^ _ « ^^'j^ should drink GLTTrAW. 

* έαυτώ;' LTrA ; αντων TW. ^ νιτάντησιν I.TT; A. "^ βξ αυτών ήσαν LTTrA. ' μωραΐ foolish 
ι/τχγα. y — αί EGLTTrAW. ^ φρόνιμοι prudent LTTrA. ^ at it" but the l; ai γαρ for those 
vvho Tr ; at yap for the TA. *^ αυτών ϋ\ν ; αντων LTrA ; — ΐαντων Τ. ^ — CiV-^^y ί read thfl 
vessels) UTXrA. ^ eavTuiy lT ; αυτών ΤγΑ- " ^• έρχεται UTXrA, 


go ye out to meet him. χ^αθε είς.άττάντησιν ^αύτοΰ.^^ 7 Τότε ηγεοθησαν ττάσαι α'ι 

gins'aroie and'trTm: ^^rth ^ ^ to meet ^ ^ ^kim. ^ Then '^ ^se ^ all 

med their lamps 8 And τταοθενοιΛκΕΪναί, καΐ Ικόσμησαν τάς.Χαμ,πάδαςβαυτών .^^ 8 ai.Ct 

Se wte Give u^of those virgins, and trimmed ^ their lamps. And the 

your oil ; for our lamp •. μωραι ταΤς φρονίμοις ^είττον,^^ Αότε 7)μϊν Ικ τού. ελαίου. υμών, 

are gone o;it. 9 Buu fQ^n^^ to the prudent said, Give ' us of your oil, 

• the wise aus-\vercd, say- ^^ , ζ , ^ ^ , , , 

ing, 3'oi so ; lest theic bri αι.\αμ7Γαοες.7}μών σβεννννται. 9 Αττεκοίθησαν.Η αί 

be not enough for us ^^j. our lamps are going out. But ^answered Hhc 

and vou : Ivut go yc , ■ , •,,,>' ' ^ < 

rather to them that φοονιμοί, Χε-γονσαι, ΜηττοτΕ 'OUK^^ αρκεσ^ 7ΐμΤν και νμΐν 

sell, and buy for νοίϊΐ•- -prudent, saying, |Ί<Γο.] lest ^uot 'it =may suffice for us and you: 

selves. 10 And while , ,^ ~\λ ^ < λ ~ , , , . 

they went to buy, the πορΕνεσϋε.οε' μαΚΚον ττρυς τους ττωλουΐ'τας, και αγοράσατε 

bridegroom came ; and but go rather to those who sell, and buy 

they that wore ready » ^ irv» ' t>->~» / τλλ» 

went in with him to εαυταις. 10 απερχομένων. όε αυτών αγορασαι, Ύ]λ9εν ο 

the n^arriage : and the for yourselves. But as ^went ^away Hhey to buy, ^came Hhe 

door was shut. 11 Af- , / . ^ < tt > ~\ η » , ■ ~ , , , 

terward came ai=o the νυμψιος KOI ai ετοι.μοι Είσηλθον μετ αυτού εις τους γα- 

otiier virgins, faying, '■'bridegroom, and those ready went in with him to the wedding 
Lord. Lord, open to ^ ' λ ' η ' /i ' 1 1 " ^\ χ i ^ιι < 

us. 12 But he answer- μους, και εκλεισθη >/ θνρ'α. 11 υστερον.όε έρχονται ^καΓ αι 

ed and said, Verily I feast, and ^was ^shut Hhe ^door. Arid afterwards come also the 

vou^'nit. ^''\'3\^t^ch ^oiTral τταρθενοι, λεγουσαι, Κιφιε, κιψιε, άνοιζον ημίν. 12 O2k 

therefore, for ye know other virgins, saying,. Lord, Lord, open tons. But he 

rouitVetfn^trlo^' «^«'^P OVK-OUCI υμάς. W Τρη- 

of man cometh. answering said. Verily I say to you, I do not know you. Watch 

γορείτε οϋν, 'ότι ούκ.ο'ί^ατε την ημεραν ούδε την ίοραν ^iv 
therefore, for ye do not know the day nor the hour in 

14 For ihe kingdom y Ο υιός τοϋ άνθρο)που έρχεται.^ 
ofhenvenis as a man which the Son of man comes, 

travelling into a far τ ^ »/^ «'"o «^^ >'λ >•ί.^ 

country, ivho called 14 ίΐσττερ.γαρ ανθρωτΓος αποδήμων εκαλεσεν τους.ιύίους 

his own servants, and For [it is] as [if] a man leaving the country called his own 

hisgOods. il\ndun™ ^ούλους, κηΐ τταρε^ωκεν αυτοίς τά.υπάρχοντα.αϋτου. 15 καΐ 

one he gave five ta- hondmen, and delivered to them his property. And 

S^to^anotSrir; ^-P-^^y '^^^^^y ^^ν^ε τάΧαντα, φ.^ε δύο, φ.δε 'εν, 
to every man accord- to one he gave five talents, and to another two, and to another one, 

ifty *'^and su-algMway ^ι^^ίστφ κατά τήν.ίδίαν δύναμιν καί^άττεδημηΧτεν ευθέως. 

took his journev. to each according to his respective ability ; and left the country immediately. 

iecdved the^fivl ^ιϊ ^^ 7Γορευθείς^^.°δε^^ δ τα ττ'εντε τάΚαντα Χαβων Ρεφγάσατο" 

lents^went and traded ^^^ ''having ^gone 'he who the five talents received trafficked 

with the same, .and ly αύτοίς, καί ^ετΓοίησεν^^ άΧΧα ττεντε^τάΧαντα.^^ 17 ωσαύτως 

made thetn other five -iu *ι, j J ..u ^ j. i .. τ τι 

talents 17 And like- ^^^^ them, ana made other five talents. In like manner 

wise he that had re- ^icaV^ 6 TCL δύο εκέρδησεν ^καΐ αύτός^^ άλλα δχίο. 

^a'iied *^thei^ two° also he who [received] the two ^gained, =^also 'he other two. 

18 But he that had re- IS ο.δε TO ίν^ Χαβών άττέΧθών ώρυζεν "^Iv T1J yy," και 

ceived one went and jut he who the one received having gone away dug in the earth, and 

digged m the earth, , , , , ^ , ^ , ^ ^ , r> < , 

and hid his lord's ^αττεκρυψεν" TO αργυριον τοϋ.κυρίου.αυτοΰ. 19 Μετα.δε^χρονον 

money. 19 After a long j^i^j tl^e money of his lord. And after a =time 

time the lord of those %>ii» </ ~^/^1/ < / 

servants cometh, and ποΧυν" ερχεται Ο κιιριος των.οουΧων.εκεινων, και συναιρεί 

reckoneth with them. »long comes the lord of those bondmen, and takes 

20 And so he that had > , ^ ^ , ,, ^^ \ \ η ^ « i ' ' 

received five talents ^μετ αυτων Xoyov. 20 και ττροσεΧθων ο τα πέντε τα- 

c.Tme and brought -with Hhem. 'account. And ''having ^come 'he who the five ta- 

othcr five talent-, say- ^ . \ ο ' ' . "\ \ ' >\ •\ ' 

ing. Lord, thou deiiv- XavTa Χαβων, προσηνεγκεν αΚΧα πέντε τάλαντα, λέγων, 

eredst unto me five lenta received, brought to [hirn] other five talents, saying, 

'' — αΰτοΰ {o'ead [him]) TA. e πάντων LTTrA. ^ elnav TTrA. ' ov μη not at all LTrAW, 

■^ — Be but GLTTrAW. ^ — /cat L[TrJ. ™ — ev 77 ό νιος του άνθρωπου έρχεται GLTTrA. 

° άπζδήμησ^ν. tυθdως πορ^νθείς left the country. Immediately having gone τ. *» — δέ and 
[LJT[Tr]. Ρ ημ-γάσατο ΤΑ. 1 εκερδησε;/ gained LTr. "■ — τάλαι/τα LTrfA^. * — κα\ 

[lJt. t — ^^i αντος ltti[a]. " + τάλαντοι/ talent L. '^^ γην [the] 6arth TTrA» 

^ ^κρυψ^ν LTTrA. > noKvu χρόνοι LXTrA. * AOyou μ^γ αυτών LTTrA, 


Κνριε, ΤΓίν-ξ. τάΧαντά μσι τταρίδωκας' Γοε, άΧλα ττεντε *•'^ΐ'^"*'=: ^f^^ioid.iimve 

Lord, five takmts to me thou didst deliver: behold, other five p"><''i beside them five 

. '\ ■ ,1 1 ' rv ^^> ' . ~ π -w, *^ ,s,„ . ~ , , taleuts more. 21 His 

ναλαιτα" ίκίρΰησα °επ αντοις." 21 Ε^λ/.'^όέ" αντω 6 κύριος ^°^!^ ^'^^'^ iinto iiim, 

talents ' have 1 gained besides them. And -^said *to -^him -lord ^^^^ *^°^°' ''**'" ^"*^'i 

, .- _,,. ^ _. .Λ. r ' 1 > ,x , τ *"'^ faithful servant; 

a?;rov, Eu, • oouAe αγαθί και ττιστε, εττι oXiytc ης thou hast been faith- 

'his, Well! bondman good and faithful, over a few things thou wast |^1 ο'^^^'" ^ few things, 

, , ^x ^ , " ΝΛ > < , I will make thee ruler 

τηστος, ετη ττολλων σε καταστήσω' εισεΧθε εις την χαραν over many things : en- 

faiihful, over many thin 'is thee will I set : enter into the joy» ^^^ thou into the joy 

' r»-»i-r %/Ί»*Η^Ίΐ V t \ r> > /Of thy lord. 22 Ho 

τον.κυριον.σον. "22 ΠροσεΧθων.°ύε" και ο τα dvo τα- also that had received 

of thy lord. And having c me to [him] ^also 'he who the two ta- two talents came and 

Ν • ρλ /3 ' II τ ΎΓ ' ^' '> ' ' ?v said, Lord, thou deliv- 

λαντα ^Xaf5(ov" ειττεν, Κνριε, όνο ταΧαντα μοι τταρεόωκας• eredst unto me two 

lents received said, Lord, two talents to me thou deliver ; ta.1ents : behold, I have 

'ίόε, άΧΧα Svo τάΧαντα εκερδησα ^επ' αΰτοΊς.^^ 23 Έφη f^futs'^ Sdr^them' 

behold, other two talents h:ive I gained besides them. ^Said 23 His lord said unto 

αϋτψ ό.κνριος.αί,τοϋ, Έ^,, δοϋΧε άγαθε και ττιστε, ετνΐ aid'fJItMaiT^vfn'tl 

-to •'him 'his -Lord, Well! bondman good and faithful, over thou h.-ist been faith- 

όΧιγα ής τηστός, εττΐ ττοΧΧών σε καταστήσω' ε'ίσεΧθε ^wiu make'the?rafer 

a few things thou wast faithful, over many things thee will I set : enter over many things : 

εις την χαράν τον.κνρΊον.σον. 24 ΠροσεΧθωνΜ και 6 of SyX'i-i^Vi^Tlcn 

into the joy of thy Lord. And having come to [him] '•'also 'he who he which had received 

TO 'iv Tc'iXavTOV έ'ιΧηφώς εΤπεν,Κνριε, εγνων .σε οτι σκΧηρος ^α ,*!,μ, SS kn^v 

the one talent had received said, Lord, I knew thee that *hard thee that thou art an 

εΐ άνθρωπος, θερίζων οττον ούκ.εσττεφας, και σννάγων ^^'^^^.^ χ^°• h^^t^^^f 

'thou ■■'art ^a ^mau, reaping where thou didst not sow, and gathering sown, and gathering 

'όθεν ■ον.διεσκόρτΓίσας' 25 και φοβηθείς, άττεΧθών εκρνφα ^^^^® ^^Ζ^} ^^^\ "°' 

1. i-u ' 1-J ^ ^^ ^i. J , • ' j: • ν 1. • Γ, .Τ strawed : 2.) and Ι waa 

whence thou didst not scatter, and being afraid, having g-one away I hid afraid, and went and 

το.τάΧαντόν.σον iy τ\] yy' ί'ίε, έχεις τό.σόν. 26 Άττο- ^'^ thy talent in the 

thy talenc in the earth ; behold, thou hast thine own. *An- ^^^J^ "^Q ^''^thine^ 

κριθείς δε ο.κνριος.αντον εϊττεν αντφ, '^Πονηρέ ίοΰλε" καΐ 2ΰ His lord answered 

sweriug 'and ^his ^Lord said to him. Wicked ^bondman 'and %V,^ *''^."^ ^""^^ ,^'™• 

/ ./A t. 1 /v »' » >' V /• fi ΥΛθ2ί wicked and sloth- 

νκνηρε, Ιίύεις 'ότι θερίί.ω'θ7Γονονκ.'ίσπειρα^ και συνάγω 'όθε^' fuisorvant,thouknew- 

■^slothful,thouknewestthat 1 reap where I sowed not, and gather whence est that I reap where 
)tv ' ct "-^ ~ II Ο v,r>// ■'■ sowed not, .and ga- 

ον.οιεσκορτησα ; 27 εοει ^ovv σε βαΧεΙν ^το.αργυριόν\μον thcr where I have not 

I scattered not ; it bohoved '■'therefore 'thee to put my money strawed : 27 thou 

^ , y, π « ,Λ /Ί > ' » ' ' Λ χ 7 ν , oughtest therefore to 

τοις Ύραττεζιταις'" και εΧθων εγω εκομισαμην.αν το.εμυν σνν have put my money to 

to the money changers, and coming I should have received mine o-wn with t^^ exchangers, and 

^^ „ T- , , , ^ , , , ^ then at my coming I 

τοκφ. Zo άρατε ovv αττ αντον τυτα.Καντον, καιόοτε τφ should have received 

interest. Take therefore from him the talent, and give [it] to him who mine own with usury. 

, J./ /^ oh rr ~ > " ■> r- Λ' 28 Take therefore the 

εχονη τα όεκαταΧαντα. 29 Ύφ.γαρ εχοντι τταντι όοθη- talent from him, and 

has the ten * talents.- For•* who ^has 'to "every ^one shall give ti unto' him which 

V r,' L- ' ' 5> < ~ II > " V hath ten talents. 

σεται, και ττερισσενυησεται' ^αττο οε τον μη.εχοντος, και 29 For unto every one 

be given, and [he] shall be in abundance; '■'from 'but him who has not, even that hath shall be 

,% >' 'Ω' > . , _ j,„ .V , , ^ 5> ~Λ -given, and he shall 

Ο εχει αρβησεται αττ αυτόν. 30 Και τον αχρειον δονΧον have abundance: but 

that which he has shall be taken from him. And the useless bondman' from him that hath not 

'εκ:/3άλλετε" εις το σκότος το εξώτερον' εκεί εσται ο κΧανθμός Ι^Ι^ ^^J^^ whicr^he 

castyeout into the darkness the outer: there shall be the weeping hath. 30 And cast ye the 

καΐ ο -βρνγμός των οδόντων. StuS^a^tel^• 

and the gnashing of the teeth. there shr.ll be weeping 

on «'/-v ■ 5" "Λ /Ί < '< " ~ » Λ ' > " ^'y > ~ and gnashing of teeth. 

ol ϋταν.όε eAfc'y ο νιος τον ανθρωττον εν Ty.oot,y.avTov, 31 When the Son of 

But when ^comes 'the '"Son ^of "man in his glory, man shall come in his 

, / » m" II " \ ' > > - r r\' ' ' glory, and all the holy 

και τταντες οι "^uyior άγγελοι μετ αντον, τότε καυισει επι angels with him, then 

and all the holy angels with him, then will he sit upon [the] shall he sit upon the 

» [τάλαντα] Tr. ^ — eff' αύτοΓ? LTTr. c — δέ and GLTTrAW. ^ — g^- and T. ^ ^ __ λα- 
βων (r.ead [received]) LTTrA. ^ Δοΰλε ιτονηρζ τ- « σε ovv ΤΤγλ. '' τα άργυ'ριά τ. 

' τραΐΓφίταί<ϊ Τ, Ι' τού δέ but of him Who LTXiA.. ^ e/c/3aAeTe GLTTrAW. •" — a-ytot 



.r'Xi^oforehimlSi ^Ρ"^^^ οόξης.αύτοΰ, 32 και ""συναχθησζταύ^ ψττροσθεν αντου 

be" srathered all lia- t^roue of his glory, and shall be gathered before him 

s«""irate^^ihim ^one "^^^"^^ ^^ ίθνη, καΐ "ά0ορι?ϊ" avrovQ CLTT άλλ}']\ων, ωσπερ 6 

from another as a *^^ the nations, and he will separate them from one another, as the 

sheph(Td divideth his ττοιμήν άφορίζει τά πρόβατα άτΓϋ των Ιρίψων, 33 και στήσει 

aSd he^hall feTihe shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and he will set 

sheep on his right 'τά μεϊ/,πρόβατα lic δεζιών αντου, τά.δε ερίφια Ιξ ευωνύμων. 

SfefiUTh^nshaU *^" , ^^<^^Ρ on ^right ^'hand 'bis, but the goats on [his] left. 

the King say unto 34 ToTS ψεΊ 6 βασιλεύς τοΙς εκ δεζιών αύτυϋ. Δεύτε, οι 

them on his right Then ^wiU "say 'the ^king to those on n-ight ^hand 'his, Come, the 

hand. Come, ye blesed , , ^ , , , , , 

of my Father, inherit Ευλογημένοι του.τΓατρος.μου, κληρονομήσατε την ητοιμασμενην 
the kingdom prepared blessed of my Father, inherit the prepared 

for you from the loun- f ~ η \ ' ί^ η ^ ~ r η •> > > 

dation of the world: νμιν βασιλειαν ατΓΟ καταβολής κόσμου. 3ο επειvaσa.γapy 

35 for Ι was an hun- ^f or «you 'kingdom from [the] foundation of [the] world. For I hungered, 
gred, and ye gave me κ , ^ , , ^,.^.l ,, , , „, 

meat: I was thirsty, κ,αι εόωκατε μοι φαγειν εΰίψησα, και εττοτισατε με' ξένος 
and ye gave me drink: and ye gave me to eat ; I thirsted, and ye gave '■'to 'drink 'mc; a stranger 
I was' a stranger, and » χ '/ ί^ζ-, / χ η '\ > 'η' 

ye took me in : 36 na- VM^y «^««^ συνηγαγετε με' ΟΌ γυμνός, και περιεβαλετε με ησθε- 
ked, and ye clothed I was, and yetook -in 'me; naked, and ye clothed me; I was 

visited^me r°i was In '^W^^ 'C"* επεσκέ-φασθε με' ίν φνλακγ ήμ^ην, και Η]λθετε^^ ττράς 

prison, and ye came eick, and ye visited me ; in prison I was, and ye came to 

t£^^r^ghteoiS^lns«4^i l•^' ^^ '^ότΕ άτΓ οκριθησονται αύτψ 01 δίκαιοι, λέγοντες, Κνριε^ 

him, "saying. Lord, ^θ• Then will answer him the righteous, "saying, Lord, 

hiui?rcd,'^.Tu?''^fed '^^'^^ σε ^ειδομεν" ττεινώντα, και ίθρεφαμεν ; η διφώντα, και 

thee? or' thirsty," and "^^^^ Hhee |saw •'we hungering, and fed [thee] ? or thirsting, and 

f« When^aw T^'Th^ee ^ττοΓίσα/χεν ; m ποτεΜ σε είδομεν ξένον, και συνηγάγομεν; 

a stranger, and took fii'^'e [thee] to drink ?„ and when ''thee 'saw =we a stranger, and took [thee] in ? 

ct'iiied' ίώ)'"''?» ""oi ^ γνμνόν,καιπεριεβάλομεν: 39 πότε.δε σε είδομεν^άσθενη^^ 

when saw we theesick '"" "'^^ed, and clothed [thee] ? And wh^n Hhee 'saw '-'we sick, 

or in prison, and came f/ iv φυλακή, και ηλθομεν ττρός σε', 40 Και αποκριθείς δ 

tho Kingthall answer ^"^ ^° prison,^ • and came^ ^to thee? ^ ^ And answering the 

and say unto them, βασιλεύς ίρεί αντοίς, Αμήν λέγω υμΧν^ εφ'. όσον Ιποιήσατε 

InSucKs^'ye hive ^ ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^ay to them. Verily I say to you. Inasmuch as ye did [it] 

done it unto one of ivi τούτων ^τών.άδελφών .μου^^ των ίλαχ'ιστων, ίμοί εποιή~ 

the least of these my to one of these my brethren the least, tome ye 

brethren, ye have done λά ny ■> κ ίν»/ / » 

it unto me. 41 Then σατε. 41 ΊοτΕ ερέι και τοΊς εζ ευωνύμων, ΤΙόρευεσθε απ 

shall he say also unto , did [it]. Then will he say also to those on [the] left, Go from 

them on the left hand, > ~ ♦ 'ii ' . λ ~ » > / , » 

Depart from me, ye ίμου, ^01 κατηραμενοι^ Είς TO πυρ TO αιωνιον, TO Ίΐτοιμα" 

curse-.l, into ever last- me, the cursed, .into the fire the eternal, which has been 

ing fire, prepared for r ~ ^ η '\ , ^ , .% ? ~ ^λ » ' / 

the devil and his an- σμενον τφ οιαβοΚψ καιτοις.αγγελοις.αυτου. 4:2 επεινασα.γαρ, 

gels : 42 for I was an prepared for the devil and his angels. ' For I hungered, 

hungred, and ye gave y , ■, ^ , . , , ^ ,5,,, , ,, 

me no meat: I was '^'^'^ ουκ.εοωκατε μοι φαγειν' εϋιψησα, και ουκ.εποτισατε με' 

thirsty, and ye gave and ye gave not tome to eat; I thirsted, and yegave-not^oMrink 'me; 
me no drink : 43 1 was ao y' " »» '' ' <» η ' 

a stranger, and ye took ^'^ ^^νος 7}μην, και ον.σννηγαγετε με' γυμνός, και ου.περιεβα- 
me not in ; naked, and «■ stranger I was, and ye took ^not ''in *me ; baked, and ye did not 

?Skiliiinpri^on,Tnd ^^^^ /^^' ^<^θενης, καί εν φvλaκy, και ούκ.επεσκέφασθε με. 

ye visited me not. clothe me ; sick, and in prison, and ye did not visit me. 

atsO'answef hiSn, siy": ^^ Τότε άποκριθήσονται ^αύτ<ρ και αυτοί, λέγοντες y Κύριε, 

ing, Lord, when saw ^^^^ ^will ^answer =him ^also 'they, saying, Lord, 

"r\ih&'st?Sr^Sn: "^Γ^.?^ f''^'^'^^«' ττεινώντα, η δι-φώντα, η ξένον, η γυμνόν, η 
ger, or naked, or sick '^'^^^ -^thee 'saw ==we hungering,^ or thirsting, or a stranger, or naked, or 

ηοί'"" mSer'^'^into "'^^^^^J ^ ^^ φυλακή, καί ον.διηκονησαμεν σοι; 45 Τότε άττο- 

thee ? 45 Then shall he ^^*^^' °'* ^^ prison, and did not minister to thee? Then will 

v^^^*^^™' •?^^^^' /^ρΐ-θήσεται αύτσϊς, λέγων, 'Αμήν λέγω ύμίν, εφ'.οσον ούκΛποί' 

νβη y ι say unto you, ^e answer them, saying. Verily I say to you, Inasmuch as ye did not 

*< ανναχθήσονται LTTrA. ° αφορίσει I. Ρ ήλθατε. LTTrA. <i ΐΙδαμ€ν Tr, ' aadevoxjUTa 
XtTTrA, » Ιτων άοέλφώΐ' μου| L. * — οι Χ. ^ — αντφ QLTTrAVr, 

XXV. xxvr. Matt η ε w. 75 

ησατε tvi τούτων των Ιλαχίστων, οΰδί ίμοί ίττοιήσατε. 4:6 Και no^SruVof ^chf WsJ 

[it] to oue of the least, neither tome did ye [it]. Aud of these, ye did li'iioc 

άτΓζλεύσοί'ται oItol εις κόλαση^ αιώνων o'lJe όίκαιοι είςζωήν Ι?^^• ^^^ ^^ ^\^1° 

"shall "g-o *away 'thcic intopunishmcuc eternal, hut the righteous into life everlastrii"-*^'puni'sh'ii 

ahovLov. ™^°'^. = }'°}:}\ ^^-ΐ\ί- 

^ eous into life eternal, 

26 K«i εγ'ενετο οτε Ιτίλεσεν 6 Ιησούς ττάντας τους χχνι. And it «i-ne 

And it cauio to pass when "liad ^finished 'Jesus all to pass, when Jesus 

Χάγονς.τοντονς, είπεν τοίς.μαθηταΐς.αντου. 2 θίγατε οτι μετά ^^j^S'g^f^^ ^fm^nZ 

"thf'se sayings hesaid to his disciples, Ye know that after his disciples, 2 Ye know 

δνο ημέρας το ττάσχα γίνεται, καΐ 6 ν'ιυς του άνθρώττου ^nTfealfof7he^it^.t 

two days the passovor takes place, and the Sou of man oTer, and the Son of 

^TrapacicoTai είς.το.στανρωθηναι. 3 Turf σννηχθησην oi ^^fiJ^'e^^'sThen^'ai 

is dcliverod up to be crucified. Then were gaihcrcd together the gembled ' tog'ether the 

όρχιερεΊς "^icai o'l •γραμματείς''^ και οι πρεσβύτεροι τον λαον sJ.r[if.rwi''thTe'ido^s 

chiet: priests and the scribes aud the ciders of the people o/tiie^'people, unto the 

εΙς την αυΚην τον άρχιερέως του λεγομένου Καϊάφα, 4 και r-i.Jace of the high 
to the court of the hi^h priesc who was calh d Caiaphas, and gaf^pi^TiVa^nd coi^ 

σννεβονλείισαντο 'ίνα τον'Ιησουν ^κρατησωσιν δολψ,^^ suited that they mipht 

took couusel togetlier in order that Jesus they might seize by guile, ^^^^ ^\\\hnn b'^ni 

και άττοκτήνωσιν. 5 'ίλεγον.δέ, Μι) εν τη ίορτη,'ίνα μή they said, Not on the 

and kill [him]; but they said, 2s ot during the feast, that -'not \Tlt"-^'}'fJ^rXl 

, ^ \^ ΛΙ1 uproar among the 

θόρυβος γ'ενηται iv τψ Χαφ~ people. 

*a ^tumult Hhere "be among the people. 

6 Του.6ε.Ίΐ]σοΰ γενομένου εν Βηθανίί^ί εν οίκί^ Σίμωνος 

Now Jesus being in Bethany in [the] house of Simon 

-X ~ -, ~\ n^ ' - < v'\ ',3 ' 6 Now when Josu3 

του λεττρου, ί προσήλθαν a υτω γυνή ^αλαραστρον μύρου ^^s in Beth.any, in 

the leper, ^came ''to 'him 'a "'woman, an alab.aster flask of ointment the hou-e of Simon the 

'ίχονσα'' ^βαρντίμου,^^ και κατ^χεεν επί '^τ ην. κεφαλήν J' αυτού Jf^J' Jm^^rwom'au 

having, very precious, and poured [it] on his head . havino- an alabaster 

άνακειμενον. 8 ΓοόντεςΜ οΐμαθηταί^αύτου^^ ήγανάκ^ lint^LrZ.^'^u^^l 

as he reclined [at table]. But seeing [it] his disciples became jt on his head, as ho 

τΐ]σαν, λέγοντες, Είς τι η.άπώλεια.α'ύτη ; 9 ''ήδύνατο^γάρ τούτο '^^βη^ίιίΓάιϊΐρΐβ^ Sw 

indignant, saying, For what this waste? for 'could 'this {^ HyQj \^^^ί indigna- 

'^τυ.μνρον^' τΓοαθηναι ττυλλον, και δοθήναι « πτωγοΤς. ^^'°"- ^-'^ΡΚ-.^^ '^^'^^ 

„.'ΓΓ U-1 11Χ U Α U ι ■ i.r,ui purpose ?s this waste? 

^ointment have been sold for much, and have been given to [the] poor. 9 f^j, ^j^^g ointmeut 

10 ννονςΜ υ Ίησους είττεν αΰτοίς, Ύί κόττονς τταοεγετε ™ί"^* ^^"^^ }^.^ ^^^^ 

-*>/%/ for DlUCn «iDu. STIVGD Χ,Ο 

But knowing [this] Jesus said to tliem, Why trouble do ye cause the poor ' 10 When Je- 

ry γυναικί; εργον.γάρ καλυν 'ο/,ο/άσηττο" εις εμε. 11 ττάν- sus understood »Λ he 

tothe womau? for a "^ work 'good she wrought towards me. '^1" trmib'ie^yc thTwomiin^ 

τοτε γάρ τους πτωχούς έχετε με& εαυτών, εμε.δε ου πάντοτε for i>he hath wrought 

ways 'for the poor ye have with you, but me not always ^,^'Ι"'^ ^?.'"^ "P°^ ^^^• 

„ 1. , ,, \ , ~ , , „ 11 For ye have the poor 

έχετε. 12 βαλονσα.γάρ α'ντη τό,μνρον.τοντο επί τον always' with you; but 

ye have. For ''in -pouring 'this f-'woman] this ointment on ^^ ye have ^ot --vl- 

, , x», / ,, ,<Λ/ ways. 12 For m that 

σωματος.μον προς τυ.ενταφιασαι.με εποιησεν. 13 αμήν λέγω she hath poured this 

my body for ' my burying she did [it]. Verily I say ointment on my body, 

, •„ , , .^ ^ , , ~ > Γ'Λ shcdidiiformyburial. 

νμιν, οπον.εαν κηρνχβτ^ το. εν αγγέλων. του το εν ολφ isvari'y ι say unto 

to you, AVhcresoevcr shall bo'proclaimed these glad tidings in all you, Wheresoever this 

^ , \ \ Π' < « 5 ' " > gospel shall be preach- 

TOJ κοσμψ, λαληΰησεται και ο εποιησεν αντη, εις ed in the whole world, 

tlie world, shall be spoken of also that which -'did 'this [•'womian], for there shall also this, 

, ~ that this woman hath 

μνημοσννον αντης. done, be told for a 

a memorial of her, memorial of her. 

^ — Koi oi γραμματείς LTTiA. * δόλω κρατησωσιν GLTTrAW. > €χονσα αλάβαστρον 

μύρον LTTr. » πολυτίμου LT. °• τη<; κεφαΚης LTTr. ^ — αΰτοΰ (read the discip es) 

LTTrA. <= ίδύνατο ΤΑ. d — xb μύρον GLXirAW. e + Tols (read to the poor) lw. 

' ήργάσατο Τ. 

7β Μ A Τ θ A r ο S. XXVr, 

14 Then one of the 14 jOte τΓοοευθίίς εΐς των δώ^Εκα, 6 Χεγόμενος Ίοήδας 

ιΓοΪηοϊ. went uu?o ^hen '"having -gone 'one '^οί =the Hwelve, ^who '^^■as 'called ^«Judas 

thechiefpricsts, I5and ΊσκαοίώτΐΊς^ ττοος TOVQ άργιερέΐς, 15 εΖττεν, Ύί θέλετε μοι 

wQl "r'^e me and^ ^Iscariote, to the chief priests, ' said, AVhat are ye willing ^^me 

will deliver him unto ζονναι, ^KajitJ^^ υμιν τταοαδώσω αυτόν, O' 'έστησαν αντψ 

you ? And they cove- ito'give, and I to you will' deliver up him? And they appointed to him 
nanted with him for , ' , , , , » / ,„/ , 

thirty pieces of silver, τριακοντα apyvpia. lb και ατΓο τοτε εζητει ευκαιριαν 

16 And from t^at thirty pieces of silver. And from that time he sought an opportunity 

time he sought oppor- „ , , ^ ^ 

tunity to betray him. iva aVTUV ΤΤαραοφ. 

that him he might deliver up. 

17 Now the first day 17Τ^7-^έ ττρώτΐ^/ τών.άζνμων ττροσηλθον οι μάθη- 

of the feast of un- Now on the first [day] of unleavened [bread] came the disci- 

leavened bread the ,^,^ ~λ' Η»~ιιττ~λ'\- ' 'χ- 

disciples came to Je- ται τφ Ιησον, λεγοντες ^αυτψ,^^ Που θέλεις ετοιμασωμεν 

SUS, saying unto him, pies to Jesus, saying to him, Where wilt thou [that] we should prepare 

we^'prepiVioT ihee σοι φαγεΊν τόπάσχα; 18 Ό.^έ είπεν, Ύττάγετε εις τήν 

to eat the passover? for thee to eat the passover ? And he said. Go into the 

JL^tS^man'; ^όλιν ττρος TOV.Mva, καΐ ύπατε αΐτφ, Ό δάσκαλος λέγει, 

and say unto him, The city unto such a one, and say to him. The teacher says, 

SaSird-twifike'^p Ό.καφός.μον ίγγύς εστίν' προς σε ποιώ το πάσχα μετά 
the passover at thy '^J time "'near ns ; with thee I will keep the passover with 

pie?^ lYAnd^the dis" τών.μαθητών.μον. 19 Kat εποίησαν οι μαθηται ως σννεταζεν 
?iples did as Jesus had my disciples. And Mid ^ ' the Misciples *as «^airacted 

appointed theni ; and αντοΧς Ο Ίησοΰς^ και ητοίμασαν TO πάσχα. 

pasioTCr. ^ '^h^'^ ''^^^^^' ^^^ prepared the passover. 

20 Όφίας.δε -γενομένης άνέκειτο μετά των δώδεκα'-. 

^^^„ ^J^Z Γ?,^« hi And evening being come bo reclined [at table] with the twelve, 

even was come, he ο ο ^ u^ ^ j ^ ^ 

sat down with the 21 ^ai εσθιόντων.αντών είπεν, Αμήν λέγω νμίν, οτι εις ε^ 

twelve. 21 And as they ^^ as they were eating he said, Verily I say to yOu, that one of 

did eat, he said. Verily ^ ^^ ° \ \ > , •. » ^ 

I say unto you, that υμών παραύωσει με. 22 Και λνπουμενοι σφοόρα ι,φζαντο 

one of you shall be- yQ^. ^^μ t\eliver up me. And being grieved exceedingly they began 

tray me. 22 And they /, , - u» » ~ n τ»^ ' > ' » ' ^λ «r-» -^^ 

were exceeding sor- λεγειν αντψ ^εκαστος αντων,^^ Μητι εγω ειμί, κύριε ; 23 Ο.οε 

rowful, an4 began ^^ gay to him, each of them, -I 'am [he], Lord ? But he 

every one of them to , „ , _ « /^ > ο ' ι . > ~ ι > ~ ->x - 

say unto him, Lord, is αποκοιθεις Είπεν, Ο εμραψας μετ εμού 'έν τφ τρνρλιψ 

it Ι ? 23 And he an- answering said. He who dipped with me in the dish 
swered and said, He, ~iir' -^ ' λλ< ' '' ~'Λ' 

that dippeth /as hand Ty^v χειρα,^ ουτος με παραοωσει. 24 ο μεν νιος τον ανθρω- 

with me in the dish, [his] hand, he me will deliver up. The '*indeed •8οη -"of 'man 

the same shall betray ./ r\ \ » ,»~>ν•\\•, 

me. 24TheSouofman ΤΓου υτταγεί, καϋως γεγραπται περί αυτόν, οναι.όε τψ 

gocth as it is written goes, as it has been written concerning him, but Λνοο 

of him : but woe unto > η ' '' r-'r••» ~>λ' ^'5> 

thiitmanhyv^homthe ανθρωπφ.εκεινφ 01 ou Ο νιος τον άνθρωπου παρααόοται' 

Son of man is betray- to that man by whom the Son of man is delivered up; 

for tha^t"''man''if^''he KoXov ^v αϋτφ εί ονκΛγεννήθη ο.άνθοωπος.ίκεΊνος. 
had not been born, good were it for him if ^had *not ^been °born that -man. 

2.^ Then Judas, \vhich 
betrnved him. answer 

25 Άποκριθεις.δε Ίονδας 6 παραδιδονς αντον ε'ίπεν, Μητι 

and said Master, is And answering Judas, who was- delivering up him, said, 

it I? He said unto 
him. Thou hast said. 

εγώ εΙμι, ^'pa^jSi ;" Λέγει αντψ, Συ εΐπας. 

'^Ι 'am [he], Rabbi ? He says to him^ Thou hast said. 

26 'Έ,σθιόντων.δε.αντών, λαβών b Ίησονς ^^τον^^ αρτον, 

26 And as they were And as they were eating, ^having -'taken 'Jesus the bread, 

eating, Josus took . , .. , „ y. ν r. > r> ^ ii ~ η ■«. ,^ mi 

bread, and bie^^sed it, και ευλογησας, εκλασεν και ^εοιόον^^ τοις μαθηταις, ''και 

and brake ζ>. and gave and having blessed, ' broke and gave to the disciples, and 

I'i to the disciples, and • ι ' ο ' j' . ~/i ^^/ c^y t^ - 

said, Take, eat; this is είπεν, ΑαβετΕ, φάγετε• τούτο εστίν το.σωμα.μου. 27 Και 
my body. 27 And he said. Take, eat ; this is -my body. And 

thankiVnTia^'efrio λαβών '^TO^^ ποτηριον, ""καί" ενχαριστησας, εδωκεν αντοίς, 

them, saying. Drink having taken the cup, and having given thanks, he gave [it] to thetu, 

S Koi eyu) T. ^ — αντω i,TT;'aw. i + μαθ-ητων disciples LT. '' εις έκαστος e.icll 

one LTT: A. ' την χείρα iv τώ τρυβλίω LTTrA. "^ ραββίί Τ. "» — το»/ LTTr[Aj. ° Sovt 

baving given Lxxr. ρ — και Lixr. \ ι — το (r«aci a cup) ιτγΔ. J — καΐ UTrJ. 


λίγων, ΊΊ'ιετε IK αντου ττάντες' 28 τοΰτο.-γάρ ίστιν rb.aXiia.uov, Τ^^^^ ^^'}^ '■ S^i^jthis 

Vo" της "καινης^^ διαθήκης, το ττερί ττοΧλών'^εκχυνόμενον^^ εΙς i^shod for many for 

that of the new covenant, which for many is poured out for 29 But^l's^^y^nto^^ou 

άφεσιν αμαρτιών. 29 Χίγω.δε νμΊν, '^'ότι^^ ον.μή ττίω άττ' Ι ^iiinotdrinkhenco- 

rcumsion of sins. But 1 say to you, that not at all will I drink hence- forth of this fruit of 

, , ~ ,■,!,/ ,• ^ , , ^"^ vine, until that 

άρτι fc/c τούτον τον ^γεννηματοο^^ της αμττελον, έως της Ί^μερας day when ΐ drjnk 

forth of this fruit ' of the vine, until -day '^^. ^ξ^,/^^^^. J°^^ ^° 

, , „ , % / Λ, f , , -, , my Father's Kingdom. 

ικεινης οταν avTO ττινω μεθ νμών καινυν tv Ty βασιλεκ^ τον so And Λvhen they 

'that when it I drink Λvith yoU new in the kingdom ^^^ ^^^S ^^ hymn, 

, , , ^y~\r\ > ^ >' ^ they went out into 

ττατρος.μον. 30 Και νμνησαντες ίί,ηλυον εις το ορός των the mount of Olives. 

of my father. And having bung a hymn they went out to the mount 31 Then saith Jesus 

,v ^ oi ' \ ' ' - < 't ■ ~ TT ' . ^ V unto them. All ye shall 

^Λaιωv. 31 TOTE λέγει αντοις υ ϊησονς, ΐΐαντες νμεις σκανδα- be offended Because of 

of Olives. Then ^'says ^to*them 'Jesus, All ye will be me this night : for it 

■^. rt' η ■> 1 y •• - < ' ' /is written, I vrill smite 

λίσβησεσθε εν εμοι εν τ\}.ννκτι.ταντγ. γεγρατΓται.γαρ, the shepherd, and the 
offended iu me during this night. For it has been written, sheep of the fleck shall 

T-r ' y ' ' « 7 s> /T II ^ ' ,D t*6 scattered abroad. 

ΐΐαταξω τον ττοιμινα, και ^οιασκορπισθησεται" τα ττροΐοατα 32 But after Ι am risen 
I will smite the shepherd, and will be.scattered abroad the sheep again, I will go before 

της ποψνης. 32 μετά.δε τοΛγερθηναί.με ττροάζω ν μας teTaSsw^r^dlnd^said 
of the flock ; but after my being raised I will go before you ' unto him, Though all 

εις την Γαλιλα'ιαν. ' 33 Άττοκριθειζ.δε. 6 Πέτρος είπεν αντφ, ^Z-^^V\fot''%^t 

into Galilee. And answering Peter said to him, will I never be offend- 

Ei Vai" πάΐ'τες σκανναλισθησονται εν σοι, εγώ ουδέποτε him ^vfrUyVs^ay unto 

If even all will be ofEeuded in thee^ I never thee. That this night, 

σκανδαλισθήσομαι. 34 "Ε 0;? αντψ ο'Ιησονς,' Αμηνλεγυ σοι, ihou'^^haVde^nrmi 

will be offended. ==S<aid Ho *him ^ Jesus, Verily I say to thee, thrice. 35 Peter said 

OTi εν ταύτη τυ ννκτΊ, ττρίν αλέκτορα φωνησαι, τρις ."?'°ii^^i^' '^^t"^!! ^ 

that during this night,, before [the] cock crows, thrice ^^^^^^^Π "^'^7 ^^^^^J 

άπαρνησ\] με. 35 Α'εγει αυτψ δ Πέτρος, Καν cky με thee. Likewise also 

thou wilt deny me. ^S.iya Ho "him 'Peter, Ε ven if it were needful for me said all the disciples. 

συν σοι άποθανείν, ου. μη σε άπαρνησομαι. 'Ομοίως ^ και 

with thee to die, iu nowise thee will I deny. Likewise also 

πάντες o'l μαθηται είττον. 

all the disciples said. 

36 Τότ£ έρχεται μετ αυτών δ Ίησόνς ε/ς χωρίον λεγόμενον 36Then cometh τ». 

Then comes with them Jesus to a place called sus with tS u^to 

^Γεθσημανή,^^ και λέγει τοΊς μαθηταΐς^, Καθίσατε αυτόν, εως.ού^ a place called Geth- 
Gethsemane, and he says to the disciples, Sit here, until ικΤ^ΪΓεοΜβΓ'εϊ^'^θ 

άπελθών ^προσενξωμαι εκεί J 37 Και παραλαβών τδν ^^re, while ΐ go and 

having gone away I shall pray yonder. And having taken with [him] S^t^ ^k^'^Th V ' ^^ 

Πέτρον και τονς δυο νιους Ζεβεδαίον, ηρξατο λνπεΧσθαι και ter and the two sons 

I'eter and the two sons of Zebedee, -he began to be sorrowful and of Zebedee, and began 

, ^ , , , ' /x / » • I / / to be sorrowful and 

αόημονεΐν. 38 τότε λέγει αντοις^, ΤΙφιλυπος εστίν ίΐ-ψνχη. μου very heavy. 38 Then 

deeply depressed. Then he say .s totliem. Very sorrowful is my soul saith be unto them, 

η ' ■ - τ- X ~ ' ' ~ ork T^ « -^y ^°^^ i^ exceeding 

εως θάνατον' μείνατε ωοε και γρηγορείτε μετ εμον. 39 Και sorrowfni, even unto 

even to death ; remain here and watch with me. And fieath : tarry ye here, 

1, > η > I, Ν w , » / . ~ , and watch with me, 

προελβων" μικρόν επεσεν επι πρόσωπον. αυτόν προσενχο- 39 And he went a little 

haviug gone forward a little befell upon his face pray- farther, and fell on 

^ \ ' ' Tx ' i II > 5- ' > u Λ Λ' II his face, and prayed, 

μένος, και λέγων, ΤΙατερ.ψον,^ ει δννατον εστίν ^παρελθετω^^ saying, ο my Father, 

ing, and saying, my Father, . if possible it is let pass if it be possible, let 

.>»~> / ~. \\ >'''/Τλ »λ\»' this cup pass from me; 

απ εμον το.ποτηριον.τοντο πλην ονχ ως εγ<ο θέλω, αλλ. ως nevertheless not a? ϊ 

from me this cup ; nevertheless not as I will, but as will, but as thou luilt. 

^ — TO LTTrA. ^ — καινής t[a]. " ίκχνννόμ^νον LTTrA. * — OTt LTTrA. ^ yeinj- 

ματος LTTiAW. » 8ιασκΌρπισθησονται LTT-A. * — /cat GLTTrAW. b — Se and 

(likewise) w. «: TeOaiq^avel LXrAW ; Γεβση/χα,ι/εί Τ. ^ -|- αυτοί) of him L. ^ -{• ai/ L•, 

^ cKel τι•ροσΐ^'>ξωμαι LTTi A. . f! + Ό "ί,ησορς Jesus (says) W. *> Ίτροσΐλθιαν having cora^ 

towards Lthepoj ΤΤγ. » — μ,^υ roy ,ΤίΤι•].' ^ jraocA^arw LTTrA, 

78 Μ A Τ θ A Τ Ο Σ, ΧΧΥΙ. 

iL\l^dpi"Tu?fiSd- ^''' 40 Και Epx^rac ττρος τους μαθητάς καΐ εύρίσκΗ αϋτονς 

eth them aslcop, and *'"°"• ^"<^. *^^ comes . to the disciples and - fiuds them 

cSi^Vy?^nof-ili!tch i^^^EvSovrag, και XifEt τψ ϋ'ίτρψ. Ούτως ούκ.ισχύσατΕ μίαν 

with me one hour? sleeping, and says to Peter, Thtrs were ye not able one 

ih-it ve'^LrnotTnfn "^P"^^ γρηγορησαι μετ ίμον ; 41 γρηγορεΊτε καΐ προσεύχεσθΕ, 

fXiSiTthesS ,,^'^^'• , f --^^^ r'^ ^'' , '''-'-^ -d pray. 

indeed ts willing, but iva μ7]Λΐσε\θητΕ Εις ΤΓΕφασμόν. το μεΐ' ττνΕυαα ποόθναυι^ 

"i'^raZJ^^iinSxl'^.^^^^f '''''' r'- '^*^ temptation :^ the ^'indeed 'spir'itCis] ^readV, 

second time, and pray- 7).δε. σάρζ άσθΕνής. 42 UoXiv lic^EVTspov άττεΧΟών ττροσ- 

ed, sa^iig, ο m-y Fa- but the flesh 'weak. Again a second time having g.)ne away he 

ther, if this cup may / , , , , r> , , , , , 

not pass away from ηνξατο, λέγων, ΐΙατΕρ.μον, El ου.ονναται τούτο τυ ττοτηριον^' 
me, except Ι drink it, prayed, saying, my Father, *if ^cannot 'this ^cup 

thy will be done. * \ λ ~ m ■ ' > ~ > χ » > λ / ^ / . ^ . χ / 

43 And he came and TTapEAtfEiv "\ί7Γ εμον εαν.μη avTO ΤΓΐω, γΕνηθητω TO θέλημα 
found tkem asleep pass from me unless ^it *I*drink, *'bc Mone ^wiil 

again : for their eyes ^oTr'»\/i< n'' » ' '\ r, r -^ 

were heavy. 41 And ^ov. 4t> Ktti εΚϋων "ΕίψισκΕΐ avTOVQ τταλιν' καβενύοντας, 

he left them, and'went ^thy. And having come he finds ' them again sleeping, 

away again, and pray- τ » >•>- ^\ r\ >. '/3o ' t ι -.r - .> 

ed the third time, say- ri^civ.yap αντων.οι.οφβαλμοι ΐ5εΐ5αρ7]μενοι. 44 Και αφεις 

ing the i^ame words. for ^ were 'their -iyos . heavy. And leaving 

45 Then Cometh he to ^»_ /. ο ' ^ /i ' '\ Ί _ 'f τ>' i. < * ' • 

his disciples, and saith "^'^o^t'? ^αττελυων τταλιν' ττροσηιξατο ^EK.TpiTov, τον αντυν 

unto them,' Sleep on them, having gone away again he prayed a third time, "^the ^lame. 

reT;bS.oid,''ihehZ ^h^v είπώΐ'^. 45 τότε ερχΕται ττρός τονς.μαθητάς^αντού,^^ 

is at, hand, and the *t^-iuff 'saying. Then he comes to his disciples 

Solhe'hutuiiorsin- *«* ^h^'' «'^^«'C Καθεν^ΕΤΕ ^τό\λοΐ7ΓΟν και άναπαν^σθε- 

ners. 46 Riset let us ^^^ ^''''^^ *° them, Sleep on now and ■ tak*; your rest ; 

be going : behold, he i^ov, ijyyiKEV ii ίόρα. καί 6 v'lGC Tov avBoioTTOv τταοαζιοο- 

is at hand that doth , o, «i « * = ,./ ■..'^ ' j xi. ο ji" ■"■,,■ 

betray me. ' hasMrawn'near the -hour, and the Son of man is deliverei^ 

fai εις χΕίρας αμαρτωλών. 46 εγε'ιρεσθΕ, άγωμεν' ίοον, 
ιιρ. into [the] hand!, of sinner.-. Rise up, let us go ; behold, 

ήγγικεν 6 τταραδιδονς με. 

■■'has 'drawn ''near 'he who is delivering up me, 

47 Kcfi tVi αντον.λαλονντος, ίδον, Ιούδας εΐς των δώδ<ικα 

47 And while he yet -^^^ *yet 'as -he -^i- speaking behold, Judas, one of the twelve, 

of the ^tWe^lvl'^'came^ tjXOev, και μετ αϋτον οχλος τΓολνς μετά μαχαιρών καΐ ξύλων, 

and with him a great c.ame^ and with him a -crowd 'great with swords and star^is, 

miiititude with swords ^^^^, ^.^y άργιερέων και ττρεσβντερων τον λαον. 48 ό.δε 

aud stave-, frum the , ^, Γ.'Λ, ". , '^ ', , ' ^ ^-, , . ., . 

chiefpriests and elders ^^'ο™ *^^ chief priests and elders of the people. And he wno 

he^tharbat^' ^d 'h°^^ τταραΰΐδονς αυτόν εδωκεν αύτοίς σημεϊον, λέγων, "θν.*αν" 

gave them a^'suni, sa^ '^^'^ delivering up him gave them a sign, saying, AVhomseever 

ing \Vhornsoever I φιλήσω, αί'τός EffTiV κρατησατΕ αντυν. 49 Καί ευθέως 
ishe -hold him S^ I shall kiss, he it is : seize him. Aud immediately 

49 And forthwith he ττροσελθών τψ 'h]aov είττεν, Χα](ΐε, ^|oa/3/3t," και κατεφιλι^εν 

came to Jesus, and j^aring come up to Jesus he said. Hail, R.Ujbi, and ardently kissed 

said. Hail, master; ,, ,^,, ~ - ,^c ~ ,> - 

and kissed him. :jO And aVTOv'. 50 O.Ui. ΐΊ]σθνς eItTEV αντψ, ΈταψΕ, εφ ""//!>'' 

Jesus said unto him, j^inj. But Jesus said to him. Friend, for what [purpose] 

Friend, whorGroro .art , , _, i/3\ < >> 

thou come ? Tiien«:ime τταρΕί; ToTE ττροσελθοντΕς ετ-ερολον τας χείρας εττι 

they, and laid hands art thou come? Then having come to [him] they luid bauds on 

on Jesus, and took , .^ ~ ^ ? / > / i^-i -it- χ »^ ' - 

him. 51 And, behold, Tov Ιησονν, και εκρατησαν αντυν. 51, Και ιόον, Εις των 

one of them which Jesus, and seized him. And behold, one oftliose 

were with .Jesus ,»-..,, ,, ,^>/ ^/ 

stretched out Λ?5 hand, μΕτα Ιησον, εκτΕΐνας την χείρα απεσττασεν την μαχαι- 

and drew his sword, with Jesus, having stretched out [his] hand ^ drew ''swore' 

and struck a servant j ~ > >y , ^ ~v ~ , > ' . -\ 

of the high priest's, Ρ<^ν avTOV, και τταταξας τον όονλον τον αρχιερεως αφειλεν 
and smote off his car, 'his, and smiting the bondman of the hij^h priest took off 

1 — TO ποτηρ'.ον LXXrA. °'• — απ εμοΰ [LJTTrA. " πάλιν evpev αυτούς again he 

found them LTTfA. ° ηάΚιν απΐλθων LTTfa. ρ — e/c τρίτον £lJ a. <1 -γ ττάλιν 

again τ. •■ — αυτού [read the disciples) LTTrA. « — το [irJA. "• βαΐ' τν. 

♦ ραββΐί Τ. ^ ο GLTTi AW. 

XXVI. LI A τ τ Η £ ^V. 7& 

αντου το ωτίον. 52 rorS λίγ£ί αυτφ ΰ'ίησονς, 'Αττρστρ^φόν δ2 Then eald Jesus un- 

his ^ ear. Then «sa^s =to *hiTn ^jUs,'' lletf^rn i^y'^wfrd' inV'hS 

*σοι; την μάχαιραν^^ εΙς τόν.τόττον.αντής' ττάντξς.γάρ cl λα- place: for all they that 

"-^^ ^^^'•^ *o its place; ^ ' for all who J^riV^sdthlhe sword. 

βόντες μάχαιραν iv "^μαχα'ιοα^ άττοΧοννται. o3 ij 5o- ^^ Thinkest thou that 

take [the] sword by [the] sword shall perish. O*' t^^'^' Ly'^'^Fath^r'^ and^ he 

κε?ς OTL ον.δνναμαι 'anri" τταοακάλεσαί τον.ιτατίρα.μον, si^^aii presently giyo 

est thou that I am not able now to call upon my Father, me more than twr>lTe 

, , le,?ioTis of augels? 

Kcil τταοαστησει μοί ^ "πλίίους" '^η" δώδεκα °\εγεώνας^^ άγ- ^ '^^^ how then maU 

ttud he will furnish to me more than twelve legions of ^J]? ,^^Γ'^^ΛΓ^ -"^J"^: 

, , „ „ hiled, that thus It muss 

γέλων^ 54 ττώς ουν ττληρωθώσιν at γραφαι Ότι όντως be? 
angels? How then should be fulfilled the scriptures that thus 

■ oel -γενέσθαι ; 

it must be ? 

55 Έν εκεινρ τ^ iopq, είττεν οΊησονς τοις υχΧοις, Ώς εττι 55 Ιη that same hour 

In- that hour said Jesus to the crowds. As against said Jesas to the mul- 

\ ' ρ'>"\Λ I ' ~ »ν^Λ \\ ο ~ titudes, Are ye come 

Χγστην ^εξηλθετε μετά μαχαιρών και ^,νλων συλλαρειν με; out as against a thief 

a robber are ye come out with swords and staves to take me? with swords and staves 

dy > r f y < ~ II „ ί η V ' ^ r, / , ~ t ^ „ for to take me ? 1 sat 
Λ/μεραν ^ττρος νμας" ^εκαθεζομην οιοασκων εν τφ ιερφ," daily with you teach- 
Daily wuLh you I sat teaching in the temple, ing in the temple, and 
> . J / / en ~ 5" "Λ ' " \ ye laid no hold on me. 

και ουκΛκρατησατε με. ob τοντο.οε όλον γεγονεν ινα ττΚη- 56 But all this was 

and ye did not seize me. But this all is come to pass that may done, that the scrip- 

0~ ' . ^ -N. , ~ m ' < i\ '!\ ' tures of the prophets 

^ ωσιν ai γραφαι των προφητών. 1 υτε οι μαυηται^ τταντες might be fuiniied. 

be fulfilled the scriptures of the prophets. Then the disciples all Then all the disciples 

» , ' > > " I forsook him. and fied. 

αφέντες αντον εφυγον. iorauou. umi, auu ueu. 

forsaking him fled. 

57 Ο'ι.δε κρατησαντες τον Ίησονν άπηγαγον ττρός Καϊ- 

But they who had seized Je^us led [him; away to Cai- 57 And they that had 

άφαν τον αρχιερέα, οττον οι γραμματείς καΐ οι πρεσβύτεροι ]it\'i%ZSS>ifs 

aphas the high priest, where the scribes and the elders the high priest, where 

σννήχθησαν. 58 ΌΜ-Πίτρος ήκολονθεί αύτψ ^άττό" μακρό- *f|errwcr'eassfmbled^ 

were guLlierod together. And Peter followed mm from afar 5s But Peter followed 

θεν, εως της αύλης τον άρχιερ&ο)ς' και είσελθών 'έσω ίκάθητο ^;^^^'^^\^°Β'^^%^^^ 

even to the court of the high priest ; and having entered within he sai an^ wen t^in ^ and 'sat 

μετά των νττηρετών ιδείν το τέλος. 59 Ο'ι.δε αρχιερείς ^καΐ οι with the sorvants^^ to 

with the oflicers to see the end. - And the chief priests and the the 7Mef° priests an'd 

ΤΓοεσβντερο^}' και το σννεδριον Όλον εζήτονν φενδομαρτνρίαν eiders, and aU ihe 

' elders and the •-'sanhedrim ^ whole sought false evidence couucil, sought false 

, ~ „ 1 ) < ' . , , . wiiuess agamst Jesus, 

κατά τον Ιησον, Όττως ^αύτυν θανατώσωσιν,'^ 60 και ουχ to put him to deaih ; 

against Jesus, so that him they might put to death, aud ^not ^0 but found none: 

Z. <ΛΛ- If •'^ei' > ^ yea, though many false 

et'pov" ^και' πολλών ^ψενοομαρτιψων ττοοσεΧθοντων' '^ονχ witnesses came, i/et 

*foundr'any]: even many false witnesses having come forward ^not found they none. At 

~ I ^ fi r. , , r> / the last ca.i)e two fal-e 

εύροι-•." 61 νστερον.οε προσελθοντες ονο^^-ψενδομαρτυρες witnesses, 6ΐ and said, 

*they -found [any]. But at last having come forward two false witnesses This fellow said, I am 

_ -„ , .^, , ^„^ able to destrov the 

είτΓον, Ούτος εφη, Ανναμαι καταλνσαι τον ναον τον ϋεον, temple of God, and to 

said, I^nis [man] said, I am able to destroy the temple of God, build it in three days. 

V -v , ^ < ^ _ , ^ « ' ' 11 r>rt T/- ' i ' 62 And the high priest 

/cat eta τριών Ίΐμερων ^οικοδομησαι αντον. u2 Και άναστας arose, and said unto 

and in three . days to build it. And having stood up him, Answerest thou 

, ,, »~,-.»^> •> ' 'T' nothing? what is it 

o αρχιερνς ειπεν αντφ^ Ονοεν aTTOKpivy ; τι οντοι σον ^shich these witness 

tie high priest, said to him. Nothing answerest thou ? What '■'these *thee against thee? 63 But 

« TTjv μάγ^αίράν σου LTTrA. ^ μαχαίρτ) LTTrA. ' — άρτι TTr. ' * + άρτι now TTr.^ 
b πλει'ω LTXrA. ^ — ^ (read [than]) [LJTTrA. Ί \€Ύΐώνων Τ._ ^'^έβηλθατε LTTiA.^ ^ — προς 
νμας τ[τγ]α S ζκαθζζόμην έν τω ί,ερώ δίδάσκων L ; eu τω ΐερω έκαθζζόμην διδάσκων ΤΤιΑ. 

^ -t- αυτού of him |_l]. i — άπο Τ. ^ — και οΐ πρεσβύτεροι LTT:A. ' avTou 

θανατώσονσιν LTTrA } βανατώσωσιν αϋτοι/ W. "^ — καΐ οβγτγ. " προσελθοί'τωΐ' 

ψί'^δομαρτνρωί' LTTiA. ° — ούχ evpov G[]LjlTrA. Ρ — φ€νδομάρτνρες TTrA. « αύτοι» 
οίκοδομησαί Χ ; — αυτόν ΤγΛ. 


I'ad^thc^'lii^h ^nest i^^T^f^ /^Ρ''''^'Ρ^^^^^' } 63 'O.Sk.'lij&ovg Ισιώττα. καΐ^αττοκρίθείς'^ ο 

au.- wered amf said ϊιη- 'do "witue s 'agaiust ? But Jesus . was silent. Aud answering tlie 

to him I adjure thee άρχίΕρενς εΐτΓίΐ/ αύτψ^'Έξορκίζω σε κατά τον θεοΰ τον ζωντοο, 

thoate\Vu8 whether ^''g!' P^est said to him, I adjure thee by ^trod Hhe ^Uving," 

thou be the Christ, the 'iva iffxlv tiinjQ, u σν el Ο χριστός, ό νιος τον θεον. 64: Αεγει 

sai'th unto him Thou ^^^^ "® ' <^bou toll if thou art the Cha-isr,, Ihe Son of God. ^gj^ys 

hast said: nevertheless 'aur(p ύ Ίτ^σοϋς, Συ είττας. ττΧήν λέγω νμΊν, απ' .άρτι δφεσθε 

Ι say unto you, Here- 3to4j^jjjj 'Jesus,, Thou hast said. Moreover I say to you, Henceforth yeshallsce 
after shall ye see the ,,, - > η ' η' ' r>~ ' 

Son of man sitting on Tovvlov τοίιανθρωττον καθημΕΡον ίκ οεΐιώΐ' της δνναμΕίος καί 

the right hand of the Son of man sitting at [the] right hand of power, and 

power, and coming in , , , , ~ , ~ , , ' 

the clouds" of heaven, ερχομενορ δΤΓί Άωρ νεφ^Χών Tov οιψανον. 65 Ύοτε ο αρχιερενς 

as Theathe high priest coming on the clouds of heaven. Tlien the high priest 

rent his clothes, say- ->,,,., ,,, , ~n/ t"/-v ii '0\ 

ing, He hath spoken όιερρηζεν τα.ιματια.αντον^ λέγων, ^ Ort" ερλασφημησεν' η 

blasphemy; what fur- rent his garments, saying, He has blasphemed ; why 

ther need have we of ^ . / . . « , ««-,,/ < n\ 

witnesses? behold, now ετι χρειαν εχομεν μαρτνρων; ιοε, νυν ηκονσατε την ρλασ- 

ye have hejird his bias- anymore -"need 'have -we of witnesses? lo, now ye have heard the blas- 

phemy. 66 What think ^ / ττ » - ii i^r* > « .^ ^ ~ /-\< ?< » Λ' τ 

ye>• They answered ψημιαν ^avTOv.^^ ΌΌ Ti vuivicoKEi ; Οι.οε αποκριθεντες etwoVj 

and said, He is guilty phemy of him. What do ye think? And they answering said, 

of death. 67 Then did• -wt-i λ ' " ' ' rt>t rr» ' > ' ' > ' 

they spit in his face, Ενοχος θανατον εστίν. 67 Τότε ενετττνσαν εις το πρόσωπον 

and buffeted him ; and Deserving of death he is. Then they spat in ^faco 

tie'"S''o^tt?r ciVTOV, και Ικολάφισαν αυτόν, ο\Μ -ίρράπισαν^^ 

hands, 68 saying, Pro- ^hi», and buffeted .him, and some struck [himl with the palm of the 

ΐ^ί wis i^he ttt ^8 XkyovTEQ, Προφήτενσον ήμΊν, χρίστε, τις εστίν 6 

smote thee? hand, saying, Prophesy to us, Christ, Who is he that 

παίσας σε ; 

struck thee ?. 

69 Ό.^ε.Πετρος ^εζω εκάθητο^^ εν Ty avXy, και προσήλθεν 

69 Now Peter sat But Peter ^without 'was ^sitting in the court, and ^caoe 

r.iiTMSmslrtame α^Γψ μία.παιδίσκή, λεγονσα, Kai σν ησθα μετά Ιησού τον 

unto him, saying•, Thou ''to^him 'a ^maid, saying, And thou wast v/^ith Jesus the 

o['Samee. ""joBnt'hl Γαλιλαίον. lO'O.ds ήρνησατο έμπροσθεν y πάντων, λέγων, Ούκ 

denied before (hem all, Galileean. But he denied » before all, saying, ^Npt 

what^' thoi'^Taye"? oi^tt' TL Κεγεις. 71'Εξε\θόντα.δε 'αντον\ εις τον πυλώνα 

71 And when he was Ί ''know what thou slyest. And ^having ^gone "out 'he into the porch 
gone out into the ^j^^y avTOV άλλη, , Koi λεγΕί Voic" εκεΊ, ^KaV^ οίτος 

porch, another maid , .>, . >. ., r-j -j-, j ' ^ u ^l . j ^i_• r 

saw him and said unto ^^^ ^^°^ 'another [''maid], and says to chose there, And this [man] 

them that were there, ^.y αετά Ίησον TOV Καζωοαιον. .72 Και πάλιν ήρνησατο 

Ihia jclloto was also ^^^ ^.^j^ j^^^^ ^^^ Nazar«an. And again he denied 

73 Μετά piKpov.Sk 

After a little also 

with Jesus of Na- 
zareth. 72 And again ^μεθ'" bp/cou,"Ori ovK.oJSa TOV άρθρωπον. 

\V^TTv^^[^nl?^^^' ^ith aioath, I know not the man. 

I do uot know the man. '^ ^ ^ _ ^ , , 

73 And after a while ποοσεΧθόντες 01 εστώτΕς είπον τφ Πετοψ, Χληθ^ς 

came unto Λ2Μ they Shaving "^come'toCniim] 'those =who ^stood^bv said to Peter, Truly 

that stood by, and , , ,„ , r , , < λ λ / t>~\ ' 

said to Peter, Surely fcat σν εξ αυτών ει' Kai.yap η.λαλια.σον δηλον σε ποιεϊ. 

thou also art one ^^^^y thou of them art, for even thy speech ^manifest ^thee 'makes, 

of them; for thy ^ . _ 'v μ « ' ' "r^ 

speech bewraycih thee. 74 Τοτε ήρζατο °καταναβεματιζειν" και ομννειν, Οτι ουκ.οίοα 

74 Then began he to Then he began to curse and to swpar, I know not 
curse and to swear, , „ „ ^r ^ ρ ' o' \\ '\ ' ■> ^ ' -la 

sff//i/ii/, I knownotihe TOV ανθρωπορ. Kai ^ευ^εως^^ αλέκτωρ εφωνησεν. Ίο και 

man. And immcdi- the man. And immediately a cock crew. And 

ately the cock crew. , / λ « -π-/ ~ < / - r «,, >_ ν ~ > / ο- ' ~ii 

75 And Peter remem- εμνησθη Ο ΐίετρος TOV ρηματος νου" Ιησού ειρηκοτος ^αντψ'\ 

bcred tlie word of '■'remembered 'Peter the word of Jesus, who had said to him, 

Jesus, which said unto c;^ ν >\' j~^.' ' '_ . » 

him. Before the cock On πριν ολεκτορα φωνησαι, τρις απαρνησ^ με' και 

crow, thou shalt deny Before [the] cock crow, thrice thou wilt deny me. And 

wlni'^ouT,• anl' v,ept εξελθών εξω ίκλανσεν πικρώς. 

bitterly. having gone out he wept bitterly. 

β — αποκριθΐΐζ Tr. ^ _ 'qt^ ltTtA. " — αύτοΰ [lItTfA. ^ '^ εράττισαν LTTrA. » ζκάθητο 
€ξω LIT Λ. y + αυτών them G. » — auTbl•- [LJTr. » αύτοΓ? to them AW. ^ — καΐ T, 
«" Μ«Τβ LTTrA. ^ καταθίμίατίζειν GLTTtA-W. ^ ΐύθυς Tt. ' — ToO LTTrA, 8 — r αΰτψ [LjlIrA- 

XXVII. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 81 

^'^ ΤΙρωίαςΜ γενομένης, συμβουλών ίΧαβον ζάντες οι J^]^^-^J^^,% 

And morning being come, '-counsel -'took 'all -"the ^he chief priests and 

άογιεοεΤο και οι πρεσβύτεροι τον λαοΰ κατά τον Ίησον, eiders of the people 

'cMe1*pWts ^md Hhe ^ 'eiders ^^ «of ;'the -people against ^ ^ Jesus/ *-^^3 ^.^^^^ hfrto 

ώστε Θανάτωσα» αυτόν 2 και ΰήσαντες αυτόν άττηγα- f^ath: 2 and when 

εο that they might put to death him ; and having bound him ^hcy led Jj^g '^^J ^^I^^^J^'l^J^^^^^^ 

γον και ΤΤαρεδωκαν ^αύτόν^^ ^ΙΙοντίψ^' 'Πΐλάτ^" τφ and delivered him to 

away [hia] and delivered up him to Pontius Pilate the governor ^^^^^ ^^^ 


3 Τότε Ιδών Ίονδας ό ^'^τταραδιδονς^^ αυτόν οτι κατ- 3 Then Judas, which 

Then «having ''seen 'Judas = who Mclivered ^up *him that he was l^ad betrayed him, 

° , , , I 11 Γ / ' ' when he saw that ho 

εκρίθη, μεταμεληθεις ^αττεστρεψεν' τα τριάκοντα apyv- was condemned, re- 
condemned, having regretted [it] returned the thirty pieces of pcnted himself, aud 
, ^ \ ~ 11 D ' Λ \ ' brought again "the 

pia τοΙς αρχιερευσιν και °τοις πρεσβυτεροις, 4 λέγων, thirty pieces of silver 

silver to the chief priests and the elders, saying, to the chief priests and 

i/^r J < •>• η'Ω~ II r\' ^^ .7 . T' elders, 4 saying, 1 have 

Ημαρτον τταραόυνς αίμα ^αυωον\ Οι.όε ειπον, 1 1 sinned in that ι have 

I sinned delivering up =blood 'guiltless. But they said. What [is that] betrayed the innocent 

, « ~ \ „>• I w ., ,^ V «/I > > / blood. And they said, 

προς ημάς; σν "^υψει.^' ο Και ριψας τα αργύρια What is ίΛαί to us? see 

to us? thou wilt see [to it]. And having cast down the pieces of silver thou to that, h And he 

_> .» ~ii ' ' . > ' \ Λ ' ' ' y β ΓΛ' 5; cast down the pieces 

'εν τφ ναφ'' ανεχωρησεν^και απελυων απηγξατο. b Οι.ΰε of silver in the temple, 

in the temple he withdrew, and having gone away hanged himself. And the and departed, and 

αρχιερείς λαβόντες τά άργίψια Ηίπον,' Ουκ.'έξεστιν βαλείν ^cu'TAnTfhf'^Uet 

chief priests having taken the pieces of silver said, It is not lawful to put priests took the silver 

αυτά εΙς τον κορβανάν, ίπει τιμή αίματος εστίν. 7 ^υμ- S^iawfu? lo^^to^pul 

them into the treasury, since [the] price of blood it is. Coun- them into the treasury, 

βονΧιον di λαβόντες, ήγόρασαν εξ αυτών τον άγρόν τον g^d.' '7An7they 

sel 'and ^having ^taken, they bought with them the field of the ^.^^^ counsel, and 

κεραμέως, εΙς ταφήν τοΙς ξενοις. 8 διό /^κληθη ό bougt^with tW^^^^^ 

potter, for a burying ground lor strangers. Wherefore ^was *caUed strangers in. 8 Where- 

άΎρός.εκεΊνος αγρός αίματος εως της-σήμερον. 9 τότε foff that field w'ae 

^^that=field^ •Εμ\ of^blooi to'^ ?his i^f ^ ^^^- Χ^Ι'ηϊ^^ t^t^.f. 

επληρώθη τό ρηθέν διά Ιερεμίου του προφήτου ,λεγον- ^T^hcnvfas ixiifined 

was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremias the ^prophet, f^^" byl^emy^L^^^p^^^^^ 

τος, Και ελαβον τά τριάκοντα αργύρια, τήν τιμήν του saying. And they took 

ing, And I took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of him v.-ho ^i^e thirty pieces of 

, ,v , , , , <~ ' '\ Τ/Λ » silver, the price of hiid 

τετιμημενον, ov ετιμήσαντο απο νιων Ισραήλ, 10 και that was valued, whom 

was set a price on, whomthey 4et'a Vice'on'of [''the] ^^ons *of ^Israel, and tliey of the childj-euof 

„ ,,,,•,» ~ , ^, » c-' Israeldidvalue; lOand 

έδωκαν αυτά εις τον αγρον του κεραμεως, καθα σννεταΐ,εν gave them for the pot- 
gave them for the field of the potter, according as ^directed ter's field, as the Lord 
, appointed me. 

μοι κύριος. 
*me [Hhe] -Loi-d. 

11 Ό.δε.'ίησούς ^'ίστη^^ 'έμπροσθεν τον ήγεμόνος' και επηρώ- 

But Jesus stood before the governor ; and ^ques- ^ " ^^^, Jesus stood 

, , . < , / ^ τ « ό Λ ' ~ before the governor : 

τησεν αντόν ο ηγεμών, λέγων, Σν εΐ ο βασιλεύς των and the governor a>kcd 
tioned *him 'the ^'governor, saying, =" Thou 'art the king of the him- saying, Ai-t thou 

» »> > I Γ., > ^ „ , ^ η ^ \ » ΊΛ Ί/- ν the king ot the Jews? 

Ιουδαίων, Ο.δε.ίησονς εφη '^αυτψ," Συ λέγεις. 12 Και And Jesus said unto 

Jews? And Jesus said to him. Thou sayest. And him. Thou sayest. 

J ~ ~ η » ^ < V .w > / » w ~ II ^2 And when he was 

εν.τψ.κατηγορεισθαι αντοννπο των αρχιερέων και^των πρεσ- accused of the chief 

when =was ^accused 'he by the chief priests and the el- priests and elders, 

o/ .'-v ' ' -,η ' \ ' »~«TiT-r\' II he answered nothing. 

ρντερων, ουοεν απεκρινατο. 13 rorc λέγει αντψ ο^Πιλατος,^^ 13 Then said Pilate 
ders, nothing he answered. Then ^says ^to *him 'Pilate, unto him, Keurest 

» — αύτον LTTrA. ^ — Ποι/τιω TTr. ^ Πειλάτω τ. ^ παραδονς had delivered up LTr. 

» «στρέψει/ ΪΤιΑ. ° — τοις LTTrA. Ρ άθωοι/ LTA. 1 6ι//77 LTTrA. ' et? τομ ναοί/ 

into the temple TTr, » elnav ltTf. ^ ίσταθη ltTi a. " — αντώ τ. " — των t[a]. 
* Πιλάτοί LTr; Πειλάτο? χ, 


thou not how many OvK.aicovsiQ πόσα σον καταμαρτνρονσιν ; 14" Και 

against theT? T4 And ^Learest thou not how many things *thee Hhey ^witness ^against ? And 

he answered him to ονκ.άπΒκρίθη αντφ ττρος ovSk 'sv ρήμα^ ώστε θαυμάζειν τον 

"°^®u A T^li ' ^^^°" he did not answer him to even one word, so that ^wondered Hhe 
much that the gover- 
nor marvelled greatly, jfysuovci \ίαν. 

^governor exceedingly. 

15 Now at <Λα< feast 15 Κατά.^Ε ίορτήρ Εΐώθει 6 ηγεμών άττοΧυΒίν ενα 

the crovernor was wont Now at [the] feast •''was ^accustomed Hhe -governor to release one 

ρ^οίιΐ'" "prYsonir! r^ 6χ\φ δεσμιον, Zv ήθελον. 16 εΙχονΜ τότε δεσ- 

wliom thpy would, ^to^the *multitu<Je ^prisoner, whom they wished. And they had then a'^pri- 

ioivl^rTsoiif^ln^ A»ov επισημον, λεγόμενον Βαραββαν. 17 συνηγμενων 

ed Barabbas. 17 There- soner 'notable, called Barabbas. .'Being *gathercd ''together 

SiLred^toietherTi! «iiv avTojv εΐττεν αύτοίς 6 ^Πιλάτοζ,^' Τίνα θελετΒ άπο- 

late said unto them, "therefore Hhey 'said Ho ®theni ^Pilate, Whom will ye [that] I 

Whom will ye that \{)(J^^ {,„7j, • Βαοαββάν, η Ίησοΰν τον λεγόμενον χριστόν ; 

Bambbas, "?Γ JeTus release to you ? Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ? 

which is called Christ? IS ndsL.yap OTi Sia o9ovov τταοεδωκαν αυτόν. 19 Καθη- 

forinvy theyTad^di For he know that through "^ envy they delivered up him. ^ ^Aa^^was 

liveiodhim. 19 When usvov δε avTOV έτΓΐ Tov βηματοϋ άττεστεϊΚεν ττρός αυτόν t) 

he was set down on t-^^. ,^^^. 3^0 -on the judgment se'at ^seut "^to °him 

the judgment seat, his - , , \, , ^, , ~ j , 

wife sent unto him, yvvrj-avTOV^ Χεγονσα, '^ Μηοεν σοι και τψ δικαιφ 

saying, Have thou ^his ==wifo, saying, [Let there be] nothing between thee and ^righteous 

nothing to do with , , ' nn ^ ^ « λ ' > » ί» 

that just man : for I εκεινψ' τΓολλα.γαρ ίτταθον σήμερον κατ οναρ οι 

have suffered many Hhat [man]: for many things I suffered to-day in a dream because of 

things this day in a , , y-v. ^« > ^ » e o' " ' 

dream bccan-e of him, avTov. 20 Οί.οε αρχιερείς και οι ττρεσρυτεροι έπεισαν τους 

20 But the chief priests him. But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the 
and elders persuaded „ >, ti » / » •.» ηη~ » ?» »τ ~ »' \ 

the ^multitude that οχΚους iva αιτησωνται τον Βαραβραν, τον.όε. Ιησονν αποΚ- 

they should ask Barab- crowds that they should beg for Barabbas, and ^ Jesus ^should 

has, and destroy Jesus. / nt > λ ' -?i < ' ' ■^:. '_ ~ ττ•.' ύΙ.\ ^-^ 

21 The governor an- εσωσιν. 21 αποκριθεις.δε Ο 7)γεμων ειπεν αντοις, Ιινα ΰεΚετΒ 

swered and said unto ^destroy. And ^answering 'the 'governor said to them, Which will ye 

f^^^'^Te ?ha?1 άπό των δύο απολύσω νμΐν ;' ΟΊ.δ'ε ΗΧπον\ -Βαραββάν, 

release unto you? They of the two [that] I release to you ? And they said, Barabbas. 

Lt'sS'into ?hem; 22 Μγει αύτοΐς ό^Αάτος•," Τί ούν ποιήσω 'Ιησοϋν, τόν 

What shall I do then "Says ^to *them 'Pilate, What then shall I do with Jesus, who 

7lteiChZtrTh%Ja λεγόμενον χpιστόvy Αίγονσιν ^αύτψ' ττάντες, Στανρωθητω. 

say unto him, Let him is called Christ? They "say 'to *him >all, Let [him] be crucified. 

be crucified. 23 Andthe £3 Ό.δε *=ίίγεαών" εφη^ Ίί yap κακόν εποίησεν ; Οί.ίέ 

w^mt'^'evil hatlT he Andthe governor said, What "then »evil did he commit ? But they 

done? But they cried πεοισσώς εκοαζον, λέγοντες, Στανρωθητω. 24 Ίδών.δε ό 

S liim'brcrudfied: the more cried out, saying. Let [him] be crucified.^ And "seeing 

24 ^Ίιοη Pilate saw γγίιλάτος^• ΟΤΙ ονδίν ώφελέΐ, άλλα μολλον θόρυβος γίνεται, 

that he could prevail ipjiate that nothing it availed, but rather a tumult is .arising, 

nothing, but tnat a t > n ~ » χ 

ru'*cr a tumult was λαβών 'ύδωρ απεν'ιηιατο τας χείρας ^απέναντι τον οχλον, 

made, he took water, having taken water he washed [his] hands before 'the crowd, 

and washed his hands -,,„,„, ,, ~w /-^ ' ' n 

before the muitituds, λέγων, ^ Αθωος" εψι απο του αίματος ^του.όικαιον.τοντον^^ 

saying, Ι am innocent saying. Guiltless I am of the blood of this righteous [man] ; 

of the blood of this , ^ „ , ^ c»r τ/- ^ ' η ^ - ' \ ' τ it•» 

just per-^nn : see ye to νμεις οψεσθε- 25 Και αποκριθείς πας ο λαός .είπεν, Γο 

it. 25 Then answered ye ,-^ϊπ see [to it]. And *answering 'all "the ^people said, 

all the people, and _ ,~ ,>e~ y ^ y \ ι «~ ci£» m ' ' 'λ 

said, Mis blood be on αίμα.αυτου εφ ημάς και επι τα.τεκνα.ημων. 2ο 1 οτε απελυ- 

us, and on our chii- His blood [be] on us and on our children. Then he re- 

hr''"B"arSbns'^^^^unto σεν . αύτοίς τόνΒαραββάν τόν.δε.'ίησοΰν ώραγελλώσας 

them : and when he leaded to them Barabbas ; but ^ Jesus 'having "scourged 

had scourged Jesus, he /j r» ^.,„, .£)^ 

delivered Λϊτη to be παοεόωκεν iva στανρωυ-ρ. 

crucified. . he delivered up [him] that he might be crucified. 

7 Πιλάτος -LTt; Ιίαιλίτοζ Τ. « άπαν TTr. a + τον TTr.^ b — αντψ ί.ΊΊτΑ, 

c — γfyeμ()iv {read and he said) ττγλ. ^ κατέναντι LTr. * άβώό? LTA. ^ τοιίτου [τον 
δίκαιου] h; — τον δικαίου {rexd of this [man] ) Ti.Tr] A. 

XXVII. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 83 

27 Τότε οί στρατιωται του ηγεμόνος, τταραλαβόντΕς of^L?t-overno?tSk 

Then the soldiers of the governor, having taken with [them] jesus into the common 

rbv Ίησονν εις το πραιτώρων, σννηγαγον ίττ' αυτόν ολην ί'ο ^ji^^hlwhoieband 

Jesus to the praetorium, gathered ngainsfc him all ^j- soldieis. 28 And 

τήν σττειραν' 28 και ^εκΗσαντες•^ αυτόν ^περιεθηκαν αύτφ they stripped him, and 

the band; and having stripped him they put round him ?obe °'' S^And^ when 

χλαμύδα κοκκίΐ'ην" 29 και ττΧεζαΐ'τες στ'εφανον έξ ακανθών they had platted a 

^a^W ^scarlet; And having platted a crown of thorns ^^f, tfp,*S°^r^?a% 

ίπεθηκαν επί ^την.κεφάλήν^^.αυτοΰ. και κάλαμον ^εττΐ τήν and a reed in his right 
they put [it] on ^ Ls head, ^ and a reed ^ in hand^^and^the^^^^^^^ 

if^tiix'" αυτού' και γοννπετησαντες εμνροσθεν αυτοΰ 'ενε- and mocked him, say- 

•rieht ■■'hand 'his ; and bowing the knees before him they ing, Hail, King of the 

, « /o Λ ' II ~ 't ? ' Jews I 30 And they 

τταίζον" αύτφ, λέγοντες^ Χαϊρε, ^ο ρασιλενς" των Ιονόαιων spit upon him, and 

mocked him, saying, Hail, king of the Jews 1 took the reed, and 

,,,,,- ^ ^ '\ ^ " smote hiip on the heacL 

30 και εμτΓτυσαντες εις αυτόν ελαβον τον καλαμον και ετυττ- 3ΐ And after that they 

And having spit upon him they took the reed and struck had mocked him, they 

, . , > ~ r» 1 T/- ' " ' ' y > ~ took the robe off from 

τον εις την. κεφαλήν. αυτού, όΐ Και οτε ενετταιξ,αν αυτφ him, and put his own 

[him] on his head. And when they had mocked him raiment on him, and 

,„,- „ , , , ^ ,^ η Ml ' ' ί ' ' » led him away to cni- 

"έξεόυσαν" αυτόν την χλαμύδα, °και" ενεύυσαν αυτόν τα cifj him. 

they took off him the cloak, and they put on him 32 And as they came 

,, ,~ ,)' ,^>^ -.„ out, they found a 

ιματια.αυτου- και αττηγαγον αυτόν εις το.σταυρωσαι. man of Cyrene, Simon 

his own garments ; and led -away 'him to crucify. by name : him they 

32 'Μερχόμενοι.δε εϋρον άνθρωττον ΚύρηναΙον, ονόματι ^S'^ls ϊηϊ wh^en 

And going forth they found a man a Cyren^an, by name they were come unto 

Σίμωνα' τούτον ήγγάρευσαν 'ίνα apy τόν.στανρόν.αύτοϋ. gothi'thaT"s'\o?ry; 

Simon; him they compelled that he might carry his cross. ^ place of a skull, 

33 Και Ιλθόντες εις τόττον λεγόμενον ΡΓολγοθα," V εστίν ^'^,^Λ7& m'Sed 

And having come to a place called Golgotha, which is ^^^^.j^ ^^^ . ^^^ ^Y^en 

'λεγόμενος κρανίου τόπος,^^ 34. 'έδωκαν αυΓ.ρ «ττιειν» 'ό%ο^ ^^ ^^tufrnot'Si 

called =of ^a "skull 'place, they gave him to drink vinegar 35 ^^^ ^-^^^ crucified 

μετά χολής μεμιγμ'ενον' και γε^;σ«^ε^ος ο^^κ-ν^/θελε^" «πιεΐν." ^^^^^, 

with gall mingled ; and having tasted he would not drmk. ^^^^ .^ ^.^^^^, ^| ^j. 

35 Ί.ταυοώσαντες.ΰε αυτόν διεμερίσαντο τά.'ιμάτια.αύτοΰ, filled which was spo- 

And having crucified him they divided his garments, ^ τ jfey parted my Varl 

^βάλλοντες^' κλήρον ^'ίνα ττληρωθ?] το ρηθέν υπό ments among them, 

^casting a lot; that might be fumiled that which was spoken by ^ d?d they Tasriot"^ 

του ΤΓροφητου, Διεμερίσαντο τά.ιμάτιά.μου έαυτοΐς, και 36 And sitting down 

the prlphet. They divided my garments among themselves, and they^ _ watche^d ^^ him 

ετΓΐ τόν'ΐβατισαόν.μον- εβαλον κλήρον." 36 Και καθήμενοι over his head his accu- 

for ■ my vesture "^ they cast • a lot. ^ And ^ sitting down s^aion^ written, TH1| 

ετήρουν αυτόν εκεϊ. 37 Και Ιπεθηκαν επάνω της κίΝα OF ϊΗΕ 

they kept iuard over him^there.^ ^ And they put up over ^ ihe^iwo'th^eles^ru! 

κεφαλής αυτοΰ τήν. αιτίαν. αυτόν -γεγραμμενην, Οντος εστίν cified with him, one 
his head his accusation writrten : This is on the right hand and 

, -. ^ , ~ >-r f ' on m' ~ « another on the left, 

Ιησούς ό βασιλεύς των Ιουδαίων. 38 Τότε στανροννται συν 

■ Jesus the king of the Jews. Then are crucified with 

αύτφ δύο λγσταί, εΐς εκ δεξιών καΐ εις ΐξ ευωνύμων. 

him' two robbers, one at [the] right hand and one at [the] left. ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ 

39 Οΐ.^έ παραπορευόμενοι ίβλασφήμουν αυτόν, κινούντες passed by reviled him, 

But those "^ passing by ^ railed at him. shaking -^f^^^^J^^f^J^ 

τάς.κεφάλάς.αύτών, 40 και λέγοντες, Ό καταλύωντόνναον that destroyest the 

their heads, and saying, Thou who destroyest the temple temple, and buildest 

g ενδυσαντες having clothed L. ^ χλαμύδα κοκκίνην ττζριέθηκαν αύτω LTTrA. » τη? 

Κ€φαλης TTrA. ^ iv rrj δεξι<£ LTTrA. ^ €ν€παιξαν Τ. ^ βασιλΐΰ Ο king LTr. 

« εκδνσαντες having takeii off τ. ° — καΐ τ. ρ Γολγοθά Tr. ιό glttcaw. 

' κραι/ιου TOTTOS λεγΟΜ6νο5 LTTrA. » -rrelu 7. » οιι^-ομ wine LTTr. ' ηθεληο-ς;/ LTTr; 

€θέ\ησεν α. " /3αλ(5ι/τ6ς having caat lia. - — Ινα ττΚηρωθτ} to end of vetse GLTirA. 


thyrc/f^^^if'^thou^be '^'^^ ^'^ rpialv ημΈραις οικοδομών, σώσον ceavrov.d νΙός 

the "sou of God, come ^^'^ '^^ ' ^^^^ ^^^^ buildest [it], save thyself. If son , 

do^ from the cross, γ^χ tov 9sov,^^ ^ κατάβηθίάττό Tov CTavoov. 4ΐΌμοίωΓ 

41 Likewise also the ,, i. -• /-i τ j ί -• ,•. ' a-r ^,.-.' ^ ^ 

chief priests mocking *^°^ ^^^ ■ °^ ^°^' descend from the cross. ^^In ^like ^manner 

him, γίΛ the scribes a^^ ^^jii ^^ αρχιερείς hiTTai^ovTEQ μΕτά τών γραμματέων καί 

BTirSherlTh'imsSl '^°d also ae chief priest tuocking, with the ^scribes ^ and 

he cajinot save If he ττρεσβυτερων tXejoVf 42 "Αλλους εσωσεν, εαντυν ου. δύναται 

feV^him ""low come ^ ^^^^"' , '^'^\ . f**^^ he saved, himself ^ he is not able 

down from the cross, σώσαι. ^Ci" βασι\ενς Ισραήλ εστίν, καταβάτω νυν από τον 

and we will believe to save. If king of Israel he is, let him descend now from the 

him. 43 He trusted in ^ , ^ , η ^ > ~ ii r λ » χ ^ / 

God; let him deliver στανρου, και ^τΓίστενσομεν" °αυτφ." 43 ττεττοιθεν εττι ^τον θεον'^^ 

him now, jf he will c^oss, and we will believe him. He trusted on God : 

have him : for he said, , , - - f > / n > n'\ ■> > t ' v^ η - 

lam the Son of God. ρνσασΰω vvv ^αυτον," ει βελει- αυτόν, ειπεν.γαρ, Οτιυεον 

44 The thieves al!:^o, let him deliver =now 'him, if he will Piave] him. For he said, *Of^God 

which were crncified , , , j j mx rv• > χ χ f -^ χ « „ r«' 

with him, cast the ειμι vioQ. 44 Ύο.ο .αυτο και οίΑ^σται οι ^συσταυρωθεν- 

same in his teeth. Ί ^am ^Son. And [with] the same thing also the robbers who were crucified to- 

τες" ^ αντω ώνείδιζον ^αντφ.^* 
gether with him reproached him. 

45 Now from the 45 'Αττό.δε εκτης ώρας σκότος εγενετο επΙ ττάσαν την 

Rixth hour there was Now from -sixth [Hhe] hour darkness was over all the 

darkness over all the ~ ,i „ κ, / win » 5»« > 1» ' ii " 

land unto the ninth Y^v εως ώρας ^εννατης " 4ό ττερι.όε την ^εννατην" ωραν 

hour. 46 And about land until [the] "hour 'ninth; and about the ninth hour 

the ninth hour Jesus m ' ο ' η « »τ ~ _. ~ '\ \ ' η'ττ\ ' 'τι\ ' ii 

criedwithaioudvoicey «ι^φοί^σεν" Ο Ιτ/σους φωντ^ ^Μεγαλ^, λέγων, " Ηλί, Ηλι," 

saying, Eli, Eli, ^cricd ^out 'Jesus *with ^a ''voice ^loud, sayicg, Eli, Eli, 

liif thai f3^i^y,^My °λ«/^ά" ^σαβαχθαν'ι ;" τοντ εστίν, θεέ.>ου, θεε.μου, *ι1ί/αη" με 

God, my God, why lama sabachthani ? that is, My God, my God, 'why me 

S 47'^s'me'oTttm ^7'cαrέλt7Γες ; 47 ΎινεςΜ τών εκά 'εστώτων^^ όκον- 

that stood there, when ti'-^st thou forsaken ? And some of those who there were standing having 

This ^^'«n^Iuei'h'lo; σαντες, ελεγον,'Ότι ^Ήλίαν" φωνεϊ οϋτος. 48 Και 'εύθεως 

Elia« 48 And straight- l>eard, said, *Elias ^calls 'this [^man]. And immediately 

a';Yt'^okfspin?e,a;"d >«/^r .''^}^ ^^^^ ""^ VP^ <^^όγγον, ^^{σας.τε 

filled it with vinegar having ^run 'one ^of ^hem and taken a sponge, and filled [it] 

and put 2i on a reed] υζονς και ττεοιθείς καλάμφ. επότιζεν αυτόν! 49 ο ι. δ ε 

and gave him to drink. .,, • ^ •, ^V-x-> j^ 24. 3 ^ • i ii,• -d * *v. 

49 The rest said Let '^i^" vinegar and put [it] on a reed, gave ''to •'drink 'him. But the 

be, let us see whether λοιΤΓοι ^έλεγοι^'ΐ "Αφες, 'ίδωμεν εί f ρνεται • ■^Ήλ/ας" σώσων 
Elms will come to save ^^^^ ^J^^ L J^^ . let us see Wes 'Elias to save 



δο Jesus, when he 50 Ό.δε'ίησοΰς TToKiv κράζας ώωνη μεγάλη άώήκεν 

W^m^ie^'Tldldu* And Jesus again having cried with a =voice '"loud yielded up 

the ghost. 51 And, be- το ττνευμα. 51 Και ιδού, το καταπετασμα του ναού εσχίσθη 
hold, the veil of the p^ig] spirit. And behold, the veil of the temple was rent 

temple was rent m , , „ , , , ^ » / λ > 

twain from the top to ^εις δυο'^ ^uTTo" άνωθεν εως κατω"^' και ϊ; γη εσεισθη, και 

the bottom ; and the into two from top to bottom ; and the earth was shaken, and 

earth did quake, and , , » / η ι-λ - » ~ » ' λ % 

the rocks rent ; 52 and ai πετραι εσχισθησαν, 52 και τα μνημεία ανεφχθήσαν, και 

the graves were open- the rocks were rent, and the tombs were opened, and 

ed ; and many bodies λ\ » / ~ ' ' ' vi ' ' η 11 ro ν 

of the saints which ΤΓολλα σωματοί των κεκοιμη μένων άγιων -^ηγερυη," 53 και 
elept arose, 53 and many bodies of the -fallen ^asleep 'saints arose, and 

y θ^ον e t L. « -f και and lt. » [5^] ^^u TrA ; — δε καΐ [l]t. *» — ei ITr A. 

<i τΓίστεΰο/αεν we believe l; τηστεύσωμβν let US believe τ. <• επ αψ-όν on him ττγ ; eir 

αύτω w. ^ ,^ω θεω L. ^ — αυτόν Τ[Τ'•]. S σννστανρωθεντες LTTrA. ^ -|- συν 

with (him) LTTrA. ' αΰτόΐ' GLTTfaW. J^ em nj? LTTrA. ' ei/a-nji' LTTrA. ^ εβόησεν 

cried Tr. " ΉλΙ ήλι la ; "ΗλεΙ ήλσί T. « χημ^ I, j λ^μά ΤΤγΛ. Ρσαβακθανίν; 

σαβαχθαν^ί ΊΎί. ^ Ίνα τι Α. '' εστηκότων Τΐτ . ^'Ηλειαι/Τ. ^ eliTav Ι/ΐν. 

'' Ήλεί,'ας Τ. " €ts δυο placed after κάτω Τϊια. * απ Tr ; — ά.το ν. >« η-γ,^ρΘησ-^ 


XXVII. Μ A τ τ Η Ε ^V. 85 

εξελθόντες ε /c των ανημείων μετά τΐη^ΙγΕρσίνΛίΰτυυ,εισηΧ- '^^ρτ' out of the graves 

, ? , ^^, ^ ί ^, ^ '' 1 '^/.^ ' ' ^ . . ' ^' , after his resurrection, 

having gone forth out of the tombs after his arisiug, entered and went into the holy 

θον εις την άγίαν ττόΧιν και ενεφανίσθησαν ποΧλοΙς. city, and appeared 

into the holy city and appeared to many. ^^ ° many. 

54 'O.Se '^'εκατόνταοχος^^ και οι μετ αντοΰ τηρονντες 5ί '^οντ when the 

But the centurion and they who with him kept guard over centurion, and they 

,, ^ , . \ \ \ / that were with him, 

τον Ιησοΰν^ iSovreg τον σεισμον και τά ^γενόμενα,^^ watching Jesus, saw 

Jesus, having scon the earthquake and the things that took place, ^J^^ earthquake, and 
» n'n '- '" »^Λ~l/^~"'^ιι•r ~ those things that were 

εφοβηθησαν σφοόρα^ λέγοντες, Αλ/^θώς ^Θεου νιος^^ ην οντος. done, they feared 

feared greatly, saying. Truly ' ^God's *Son ^was Hhis. g^'eatly, saying, Truly 

_> Trr Λ , \, ~ >Λ ' » ' 'η η ~ *^^^ '^^^ ^^^ ^^"^ °* 

oo Ησαν.ύε εκεί γυναίκες ττολλαι αττο. μακροΰεν ΰεωρου- God. 

And there were there "women 'many fi-onj afar off looking 

„ >-v'A> ~'t ~>'~τ-ι\λ' ^ 55 And many women 

<rai, αιτινες ηκολουυησαν τψ Ιησου αττο της Ι αλιΚαιας ύια- were there beholding 

cr, who followed Jesus from Galilee min- afar off, which fol- 

,.^_^, -. T-»,/ »•!.«■ Γ-Λ ' ' lowed Jesus from Ga- 

κονουσαι αυτψ, 56 εν αις ην Μαρία η Μαγόαληνη, και liico, ministering unto 

\stering to him, among whom was Mary the Magdalene, and him : 56 among which 

nx / J ~ >T ' /o » f'T "11 ' ^ I / ~ was Mary Magdalene, 

Mapia η του Ιάκωβου και '- Ιωση'^ ^W^pt ''^«' V μητ^Ρ των and Mary the mother 

Mary the ^of ^ James *aud ^Joses 'mother; and the mother of the of James and Joses, 

..' ~ rr -n ^ { and the mother of 

νιων ΔεβεδαΙου. Zebedee's children, 
sons of Zebedee. 

57 .'Οψί'ας.ίε γενομένης ηΚθεν άνθρωττος ττΧούσως άπο 

And evening being come ''came 'a •'man "rich from 57 When the even 

d> . Λ ' (I » >τ ' , " 1 7 \ pi η' II "^^s come, there came 

^ Αριμαΰαιας,^* τουνομα ϊωσηφ, ος και αντος ^εμαθητευσεν^^ a rich man of Arima- 

Arimathea, by name Joseph, who also himself was discipled thaia, named Joseph. 

"•'t ~.- pct V ' ΛΛ' ~ fT-r •\ ' II ' ' Λ ~ who also himself was 

τφ Ιησρυ. 5o οϋτος ττροσελθων τψ ^ΙΙιλατψ" yτησaτo το σώμα jesus' disciple: 58 he 
to Jesus. He • having gone to Pilate begged the body went to Pilate, and 

του "ϊησου. τότε ο «Τίιλάτος^] εκελευσεν^ άττοδοθηναι ^τό σώ/ια." Sf.^'Th«fii°iate°coi- 

of Jesus. Then Pilate communded' to be given up the body. manded thebody to be 

59 και λαβών το σώμα δ Ιωσήφ ^ετύλιζεν αυτό' σινδόνι jS^hl/ad^t^enS 

A.nd having taken the bojdy Joseph "vrapped it in a ^linen ^cloth body, he wrapped it in 

καθαρή, 60 και εθηκξν αίτό iv τ ψ. καιν ψ. αυτού μνημείψ δ ^^, anTiaw'it Άϊ 

'clean, and placed' 4t In his new tomb which o-^^ ^^^ tomb which 

ίλατόμησεν Iv rp^ ττετρ^ και ττροσκυλίσας λίθον ^ιεγαν .tJ^cl^ShlTonS 

he had hewn in the rock< and having rolled a ^stone great ^ great stone to the 

^Ty θύρ<^ του μνημείου άττηΧθεν. 61 ην.δέ εκεϊ 'Μαρία" i;°^''detarted''^6i''\nd 

to the door of the tomb wont away. And there was there Mary there ^was Mary Mag- 

η Μαγδαληνή και y άλλη Μαρία, καθήμεναι απέναντι τον dalene, and the other 
the Magdalene and the other Mary, sitting opposite the ^^^^^^ fh" sepuEe.*' 



62 Ύη.δε επαύριον, ήτις εστίν μετά την παρασκευήν, 62 Now the next day, 

Kowonthe morrow, which is after the preparation, that^foUowed the day 

» ' ^ ^ ^ ^1 '"β preparation, the 

συνήχθησαν ol αρχιερείς και oi Φαρισαΐοι ττρος ""Πι- chief priests and Pha- 

were gathered together the chief priests and the' Pharisees to Pi- risces came together 

, V , , ■> ' •γ\ «' > unto Pilate, 63 saying, 

λατον^'' 63 λέγοντες. Κύριε, εμνησυημεν οτι εκείνος Sir, we remember that 

late, saying, Sir, we have called to mind" that that that deceiver said, 

,, ^ «v~i» ^ ^ t f »' r>A ' while he was yet alive, 

Ο ττλανος ειττεν ετι ζων, Μετά τρεις ημέρας εγείρομαι. 64 κε- After three days ι will 

deoeiver said whilst living, After three days I arise. Com- rise again. 64 Com- 

. τ>•\Λ~ «' " ~ ■ t / niand therefore that 

λευσον ovv ασφαλισθηναι τον ταφον εως της τρίτης ημέρας' the sepulchre be made 

maud therefore to be secured the sepulchre until the third day, sure until the third 

>^n' ' ' η » η » ~ii η » Μ Λ ' / ' ' <1•'^7' 1^^* his disciples 

μηποτε ελθοντες οι.μαθηται.^αυτου^^ °ννκτος^^ κλεψωσιν αυτόν, come by night, and 

lest ^coming 'his -disciples by night steal -.iw.ay 'him, steal him away, and 

* ζκατοντάρχης Τ. » "γίνόμξνα were taking place ltti A. •> νΙος θεοΰ LTrA. _<= Ίωσηφ 
Joseph τ. <» Άριμαθ£ίας W. e ^μαθητενθη L*T^.• ^ TTetAarw T, S Πιλάτος LT.• ; 

ΙΙειλάτος T. ^ — το σώμα (r€ttd [it]) τ[Τγ]. » -^^'eii in (a lineu cloth) TrA. _ '' -f eVt 

over (.the door) l. ' Μαριάμ τ. <^ ΐΐιλατον Vtv.; Πβιλάτο»' τ. " — αύτον (read the 

disciples) τ. <> — νυκτός qltTtx, '■- 


s!\j nnto the people, ^^J g/TTwriv Tui \αφ, 'RyspOi] άπο των νεκρών' και Ισται 

diaci : ithe last^error ^^^ ^^^ *° ^^^' P^^^'^' ^^ ^' ^^"<^^ ^"^^ *^^ f^f '^ = ^'^'^ *"^,^" '^^ 

siiaii 136 worse than r) Ισγάτη ττΚάνη χειρών της πρώτης. βδ'Έψη.^δε^^ αντοϊς 

the first. 65 Pilate i^^e ^last ^^eception worse than the first. And ^said Ho *them 

said unto them, Ye ^ * ^, ,, >\'Λ' 

hare a watch: go your ό ΐΠίλάτος," Εχετε κονστωααν' ντταγετε ασφαλισασθε ως 

way, make it as sure ^Pilate, Ye have a gnard : Go make [it as] secure ae 

as ve can. 66 So they λα. ^< ->« n' ' , \ / ν 

went, and made the οι^ατε. ΌΌ Οί.όε ττοοενθεντες ήσφαλισαντο τον ταφον 

sepulchre sure, sealing yg jj-now [how]. And they having gone made ^secure Hhe "sepulchre 

the stone, and setting "^ , ν λ -zi ^ ~ ?' 

a watch. σφραγισαντες τον λίβον, μετά της κουστωόιας, 

■'sealing 'the ^stone, "with *the ^guard. 

28 Όχ//έ.ίε σαββάτων, ΤΊ^Λττιφωσκοΰσ^ εις μίαν 

XXVIII. In the end Now late on Sabbath, as it waa getting dusk toward [the] first [day] 

began^triawn toward σαββάτων, ηλθεν '^Mrtoitt" ϊ) Μαγδαληνή και ή άλλη Μαρία 

the first day of the of [the] week, came Mary the Magdalene and the other Mary 

week, came Mary Mag- /^ ~ < / . 

dalene and the other ϋεωρησαΐ TOV ταφον. 
Mary to see the sepul- to see the sepulchre. 

^^^• 2 Και idov, σεισμός Ιγενετο μέγας• άγγελος.γάρ κνρίον 

And behold, ^a -"earthquake Hhere.^wa» *great ; for an angel of [the] Lord 

καταβάς εξ ούρανον, ^ προσελθών άπεκυλισεν τον λίθον 

having descended out of heaven, having come rolled away the stone 

2 And, behold, there , , , .. ^ ' n ' » ό ' ' » ~ ο -r s•' « ν'ί' li 

was a great earth- ^ατΓΟ της θΐ'οας," και ίκαθητο εττανω αυτόν, ό ην.όε η ^«οεα" 
quake : for the augel from the door, and was sitting upon it. And ^was '■'look 

of the Lord descended , „ , , / ^ λ « ^ > ~ \ ^ w ' mi ' 

from heaven, and came avTOv ως αστραπη, Ktti το.ίνόνμα.αντον λενκον ^ωσει" χιών. 

and rolled back the ^his as lightning, and his raiment white as snow. 

"udLfu^n^ii 3 His 4 άττό.^έ TOV φόβον avTOv εσεισθησαν οι τηρουντες, και »εγέ- 

countenance was like And from the fear of him *tremb led 'those =keeping^guard, and be- 

S'iiitri'^iniw: vovTO ώσει" νεκροί. 5 Άποκριθεις.ζ^ 6 άγγελος είπεν ταΤς 

4 and for fear of him came as dead [men]. But ^answering Hhe ^'angel said to the 

iuf Eme^'a/t^d γνναιζιν, Μή.φοβεΊσθε νμεΊς' οΊοα.γαρ 'ότι Ίησοϋν τ6ν εσταν- 

men. 5 And the angel women. Fear not ye; for I know that Jesus who has been 

to'rhTtomer''Fea; 9^μ'^νον ζητεΙτε. 6 ούκ.εστιν ώδε- ήγερθη.γάρ, καθώς είττεν. 

not ye: for I ' know crucified ye seek. He is not here, for ho is risen, as he said. 

wwrh^t-ariruiffiod' ^^"^T^ '^^^^^ "^^^ ''o'TOV OTTov ίκειτο >'ϋ κϊ'οίος." 7 και ταχύ 

6He is notheie! for Come see the place where =was "lying Hhe -Lord. ^ And'^ickly 

he is risen, as he said. τι-ορενθεΤσαι ΕίττατΕ τοΊς.μαθίΊταΊα.αϋτον, OTi ήγερθη από των 

wS thi Lord^lay' Ving say 't'o his disciples. ^ that heVrisen from the^ 

7 And go quickly, and ρ^^οών' κοί Ιδού, 'ϊτροάγει νμάς εΙς την Ταλιλαίαν' εκεϊ 

hfi^riinTom^ihe ^«'^d ; and behold, he goes before you into ^ Galilee; there 

dead; and, behold, he 'αυτόν οφεσθε. ISov, είτζον νμ'ϊν. 8 Καί Η^ελθουσαι^^ ταχύ 

gooth before you into ^^^ ye shall sec. Lo, I have told you. And having gone out quickly 

Galilee; there shall ye ■' ^ ' \ tn ^ ~ Ά "? 

Bee him: lo, I have άττό TOV μνημείου μετα φυβον και χαράς μεγάλης j εόραμον 

told you. 8 And they ^^.^^ ^j^^ '^ ^^^y^ ^^^^ fear and -joy 'great, they ran 

departed quickly from /λ ~ . ~ rk ' ▼-' ' ' 

the sepulchre with ατταγγείλαι τοΊς.μαθηταις.αυτον. ν ^ως.οε εττορενοι^το 

fear and great joy ; ^^ ^^^ r^Q ^q i^jg disciples. But as they were going 

and did run to bring , „ ^ . ~ ii ^ >? ' Ι,'ΐι'τ ~ l• ' ' 

his disciples word, απαγγειλαι τοίς.μαθηταις.αντον, και icov, °o^^ Ιησονς ^αττήν- 

9 And as they went to to tell [it] to his disciples, "also 'behold, Jesus mot 
tell his disciples, be- .. , ^ ^ , ^ , a' ?' λλ ~ ' ' 

hold, Jesus met them, τησεν^^ ανταις, λέγων, Χαιρετε. Αι.όε ιτροσεΚυονσαι εκρα^ 

saving, ΑΠ hail. And them, saying. Hail ! And they having come to [him] seized 

they came and held ,^,ζ». χ / ,«.,„, 

hira by the feet, τησαν avTOv τονς ΤΓοδας, και ττροσεκυνησαν αντφ. 10 τότε 

and worshipped him. hold of his feet, and worshipped him. Then 

10 Then said Jesus un- .. / > ~ « »x ~ -λψ ^ ^ lO - η . ' ' > '\ 

to them, Be not afraid: λεγει ανταις Ο Ιησονς, Μη.φοβεισθε' ντταγετε, απαγγείλατε 

go teU my brethren ^says ^to *them 'Jesus, Fear not : Go, tell 

Ρ — δέ and GLTTrAW. q Πιλάτος LTr ; Πειλατος Τ. ' Μαριάμ Τ. , * + «α'', and TTr. 

t — άτΓΟ της θύρα<; LTTrA. ' elBaa TTr. ^ ώς LTTrA. * εγει^θησαΐ' ώς LTTi Α. > — ό 

κνριος {read lie was lying) τ[Τι a]. » άπίλ^οΟσαι having departed ττγα. » — ώς 5e 

eTTopevovTO απάγγειλα* τοις μa.θr^ra.lς αντοΰ LTTrA. ^ — ό ΤΑ. <= ν•ηηνττ,σ€ν TTr. 


τοΙς.άδελώοΧς.μον Ίνα άττελθωσιν εις η)ν ΤαΧΐΚα'ιαν, '^/cam" με \^-^^ they go into Ga- 
my breOu-eu'^ that they go into Galilee. ' aud there me i^^^^• 3^^*^,^^^^" e^'^" 

ehall they see. 

11 ϋορινομίνωνΜ αυτών, ί^ού, ηνες της κουστωδίας 1\- n Now whon they 

And as =weve agoing 'they, lo, some of the guard hav-"^^'^^ ^ί'^^^' behold 

, , , T-v , / \ II ~ . ~ „ some of the watch 

θοντες Είς την ποΧιν ^αττηγγειΧαν^^ τοΧς αρ•χιε()Εϋσιν ατταντα came into the city, 

Ing gone into the city reported to the cliief priests all things »"<! shewed uuto the 

, , -1 Λ /Τ \ chief priests all tlie 

τα γενόμενα. 12 και συναχθεντες μετά των πρεσ- things that were done. 

that were done. And having been gathered together with the el- 12 And when they were 

/3 ' ο '■\ ' \ n' > ' < \ wr^ assembled Λvith the 

ρυτερων, συμρουλιον.τε Χάροντες, αργύρια ικανά ί^ωκτα^- eiders, and had taken 

dcrs, and counsel having taken, ^money 'much they gave counsel, tliey gave 

/ τ r» Λ ' ΤΛ" f » /, Λ . ~ large money unto the 

τοις στρατιωταις, ιό Χεγοντες, JbtTrare οτι οι.μαυηται.αυτου soldiers, 13 saying, 

to the soldiers, saying. Say that his disciples Say ye. His disciples 

\ ■<\ η ' " Λ I ,,.~ / . ■, J \ came by night, and 

νυκτός εΧν.ρντες εκΧεψαν αυτυν ημών κοιμωμενων 14 και stole him αι^α.ν while 
by night having come stole him, we being asleep. And we slept. 14 And if 

>\ ) n~ ~ f'Mi ~' ' i~ / σ''!ΐ this comc to the gover- 

huv aκoυσβ7J τούτο *έπι'' του η•γεμοι>ος, ημείς ττεισομεν ^αυτον'^ nor's ears, we will per- 

if ^be ^heard Hhis by the governor, we will persuade him suade him, and secure 

και υμάς αμέριμνους ττοιησομεν. 15 Ο'ι.δε Χαβόντες τα ^he money? amf did αΪ 
iind ^you *free ^irom ^care 'will -make. And they having taken the they were taught : and 

αργύρια εποίησαν ώς εδιύάχθησαν. καΐ ^ύιεφημίσθη' ύ Χόγος SSilyrepofteiamo^g 
money did as they were taught. And ^is ''spread "abroad ■ ^report h^q Jews until this 

οίτος τταρά Ίονδαίοις μέχρι της σημερονΚ ^^^' 

'this among [the] Jews until the present. 

16 Οί.ίέ 'ένδεκα μαθηταΐ ίπορεύθησαν εις την ΓαΧιΧαίαν, 

But the eleven disciples went into Galilee, 

ε/ς 70 δρος οϋ . Ιτάζατο αύτοίς οΊησοϋς. 17 και Ιϋύντες d4%^iS Ve^t 'aT.y 

to the mountain M'hither ^appointed ^them 'Jesus. And seeiug jjj^q Galilee, iuto a 

αύτον ττροσεκύνησαν ^'αύτφ'" οΊ.δε εδίστασαν. 18 και ττροσ- ^aT ^aiioint^eTtiii'm^ 

him they worshipped him : but sonve doubted. And having j^ And when they naw 

εΧθών οΊησονς εΧάΧησεν αύτοϊς, Χεγων, 'Εδόθη μοι w^, t^^^Y^^j^^^JJ,^;;;'^ 

cometo[them] Jesus spoke to them, sayiug, -Has-been 'given^to 'me e,i. jg ^nd Jesus came 

ττάσα εξουσία εν ου pay (p και εττι^ γης. 19 πυρευθεντες ^οΖη^^^ and spake unto ther.i, 

»all • ^^authority in heaven and on earth. Going therefore ^^^η^ι^^^ο meTu^'hca- 

βαθητεύσατΕ ττάντα τα έθνη, "βα-πτίζοντες'^^ αυτούς εις το venand inearth ίο Go 

^ disciple all the nations, J baptizing ^ ^ them ^ to the 1!^^^;^ί^ 

όνομα του ττατρος καΐ του υ'ιου και του αγίου πνεύματος, them in the name of 

name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; |on,^aidYt'he''HO'ly 

20 διδάσκοντες αυτούς τηρεΤν ττάντα οσα ενετειΧάμην Ghost: 20 teaching 

teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded them to observe all 

, , , ^ , ^ , , , « ; ./ ~ things whatsoever I 

νμϊν' καΐ ίδου, εγω μεθ υμών ειμί πάσας τας ημέρας εως της have commanded you: 

you. And lo, I with you am all the days until the and, lo, I am with you 

, -,,^ n'A'iiT» alway, eveii unto the 

συΐ'τεΧειας του αιώνος. ° Αμην^ ^ end of the world, 

completion of the age. Ameu. Amen. 

d Koi €Kei T. e (iirj}vy«t\ai/ announced T. f ύττο LTr. s — αύτον (read [him]) τ[τγ]. 

^ ΐφημίσθη is Spoken of τ. ' + ημ^ρα^ day LTrA. ^ ~ αύτώ LTTrA. 1 + της the LT. A. 

^ — ovv G[L]x[Tr]A, " βαπτίσαντες h&^Hng baptized Tr. ° — Άμην GLTTrA. Ρ + κατσ 

Μ.αθθαΙον according to Matthew τγα. 



ΐ?^™^'^''^!..,^! 'ΑΡΧΗ τον ευαγγελίου Ίησοΰ χριστού, \\οΰ τοΰθεον'^ 

airist°theSonofGod; BEGINNING of the glad tidings of Jesua Christ, Son of God ; 

2 as it is written in 2 '-'ώς" γεγρατΓται εν^τοΊςπροφηταις,^^Ίδον,^εγώ^^ αποστέλλω 

?LffSVL?senger ^ as ^ it hJlTeen written in the ' , Uihcts, Behold,' ί send 

before thy face, which tov. άγγελοι^. μου ττρο προσώτΓου.σου, ος κατασκιευάσει την 

Sf ore^^'t'l^ee'".^ ^^ί The mymessenger before thy face, who shall prepare 

voice of one crying in οδόν.σον ^εμττροσθξν σου." 3 Φωνή βοώντος εν Ty ερήμω, 

the wildorness, Pre- ^^y ^^y before thee. [The] voice of one crying in the wild6raess, 

pare ye tlic way of the , ,<r>, , ,^, ° , ,^ 

Lord, make his paths Ετοιμασατε την οόον κυρίου, ευθείας ποιείτε τας τριβους 

straight. Prepare the way οϊ [the] Lord, straight raake •^paths 



4 John did baptize 4 Έγενετο Ίωάννΐ]ς^ βαπτίζων εν Ty ερημψ, ^κτάι" κηρύσ-' 

ίη the wilderness, and ^Came 'John baptizing in the wilderness, and proclaim- 

preach the baptism of ^ / , . „ ^ , ^ _ , 

re^ntance for the re- σωι/ βαπτισμα μετανοίας εις αφεσιν αμαρτιών, δ και 

mission of sins. 5 And ing [the] baptism of repentance for remission of sins. And 

there went out unto -ly > \ >% ~ ?>_^/ , \i:«^ 

him aU the land of εξετΓορευετο προς αυτόν πάσα r/ Ιουοαια χωρά, και οι ' Ιερο- 

Judsea and they of went out to him all the -of 'Judaea 'country, and they of Je- 

ίιΤΓ&ΛΓίη σολυμΊται,^^^καΙ ίβαπτίζοντο πάντε^ Ην Tcp'lopSavy ποταμψ 

the river of Jordan, rusalem, and were ^baptized 'all in the -Jordan 'river 

rridtoTn watcS: ^^' <^^τού;^ 1%ομολογοΰμενοι τάς.άμαρτίας.αύτών. 6 -^ι^.ίί" 

€d with camel's hair, ^7 ^im, confessing their sins. And ^waa 

Tin^bou^ ^his ^loins^ "Ί^υάνντ/ς ίν^ε^υμενος τρΊχας κάμηλον, και ζώνην δερματίνην 

and he did eat locusts 'John clothed in hair of a camel, and a girdle of leather 

and wild honey; 7 and ^τεοι τήν.όσφνν.αΰτού, καί ^ίίτΟίων" άκο'ΐϋας καΐ μέλι άγριον. 

L'm\?h inJ mUtle? ^^^^^ , ^- ^^i"^' , -^'\ '^^".^^ , '^^^'^ ^^'i '^''^^y ψ'^• 

than I after me, the 'J K«t Ικήρυσσεν, λίγων, "Ερχεται 6 ισχυρότερος μου οπίσω 

i''*am^n°ot'^wo?thy°to And he proclaimed, saying. He comes who [is] mightier than I after 

stoop doN^ and un- μου, οϋ ούκ.είμι ικανός κύφας λύσαι τον ιμάντα 

loose 8 Ι indeed h.aye ^^ whom I am not fit having stooped down to loose the thong 

baptized you with ■ ' . , , , ~ « » » ^ < π ' -> ' < ~ , >, „ v. 

water : but he shall τών.υποΰηματων.αυτου. 8 εγω Ρ,αίΐ/" εραπτισα υμάς ^έν" νδατι^ 

baptize you with the ^f j^js sandals. I indeed baptized you with water, 

Holy Ghost. > > ?> /3 ' ' - r' !l ' , . , 

αυψος.δε βαπτίσει υμάς "^iv" πνευματι αγιψ. 

but he will baptize you with [the] ^Spirit 'Holy. 

9 ®Καί" εγένετο εν εκείναις ταΧς ήμεραις νλθεν 'ϊη^^VQ 

9 And it came to pass And it came to pass in those days [that] -came 'JestTs 

in those days, that Je- , , __^.,, χ'ο 'nv"»>r' 

8us came from Naza- ατΓο 'Na^aper" της Γαλιλαιας, και εβαπτισυη ^νπο Ιωαν- 

reth of Galilee, and from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John 

was baptized of John , , y . , » -, y^ ^ w > η ' ii ' ο ' χ » Ml 

in Jordan. 10 And νου εις Tov lopoavijv." iO και ^ευθέως" αναβαινων ^απο" Tou 

straightway coming in the Jordan. And immediately going up from the 

up out of the water, „^ .,^ ν/ ^>/ ^^ ,~1 

he saw the heavens νόατος, ει δεν σχιζομενους τους ουραν&νς^ και το πνεύμα 

ά, and the Spiri 
dove descend in, 
tiim : 11 and ther 

came a voice from as a dove . descending upon him. And a voice 

opened, and the Spirit water, he saw parting asunder the heavens, and the Spirit 

LponWm:V;rnrthe"rf ^ώσει" πεοιστεράν καταβαΊνονΗπ' αυτόν 11 και φωνή -Ηγενε- 

a Εύαγγελιον κατά Μάρκο;/ GLTiAW ; κατά Μάρκο»/ Τ. ^ — νΐον τον θΐον Τ ; '— του LTrA. 

^ καθώς according as ττγ. ^ τω (— τω [rrjow) Ήσαία τω προφηττ) Isaiali the prophet 

GLT.TrAW. ^ — ^γ^ iread αποσ. I send) lt^a. ^ — 'ΐμπροσθίν σον glttfaav, ε -h ό 

ΤΤγΑ. ^ — και [τι•]α. ' Ίεροσολυμειται Τ. ^ πάντε?, και ΐβαπτίζοντο GLTTrA. 

• ύπ αντον ev τω ΊορΒάντι ποταμώ ΤΤι Α. •" καΐ ην LTTrA. ° 4- ό TTrA. ° ίσθων ΤΤγΑ. 

Ρ — μέν [LJTTrA. 1 — ev (read ί/δατι with water) T[TrjA. "■ — ei/ (read πνενματι with [the] 
Spirit) '[LTr]A. β [καΙ] L. » Να^αρέβ ETrW. ^ ^Ις ^-^^, ΊορΒάνην νπο Ίωάννον LTTrA. 

w ΐνθνς TTrA. ^ L• out of LTTrA. > ώς GLTTr AW. » eis Oil LIT A. ** — eydvCTO 

iread [came]) τ. 

I. Μ A R Κ. 89 

ΓΟ" εκ των ουρανών, Συ ε1 υ.νως.μον 6 αγαπητός, εν ^φ^^ heaven, «"ρ"?. Thou 
outof.thG hea ens, Thou art my Son the beloved, in whom fn ^om I ^ weU 
ευδόκησα. pleased. 

I have found delight, 

12 Και '^εύθύς" το πνεύμα αυτόν ίκβάλλει εις την ερη- 12 And immediately 

And immediately the Spirit -him 'di-ives out into the wUder- Juto^^the *^Td2n^s? 

uov. 13 και ην ''εκτει" εν Ty ερημφ ^ήμερος τεσσαρακοστά," 13 And he was therein 

ness. Andhe was' there in the wilderness "-^days 'forty, *^® wilderness forty 

,, ~ ~ ,- , ^ η ' ' ^^®* tempted of Sa- 

πεφαίομενος υπο του σατανά, και ην μετά των θηρίων και tan ; and was with the 

tempted by Satan, and was with the beasts ; and "*^i'<i, beasts ; and the 

, „ - , , ^ angels ministered unto 

01 άγγελοι διηκονουν α.ντφ. him. 

the anpels ministered to him. 

14 'Mera.^t" τό.παραύοθηναι τον Ίωάι^νην ήΧθεν 6 'ϊησοϋς 

And after '"'was ^delivered "Ίιρ 'John came Jesus 14• Now after that 

» <-r,N>/ f \ y 'Λ rr ~ η \ ' iL Johu was put lu prisou. 

Ης την Γαλιλαιαν, κηρύσσων το εναγγελιον ^της ρασιλεια^ jesus came into Gaii- 

into Galilee, proclaiming the glad tidings of the kingdom lee, preaching tlie gos- 

~ η - -1 e- h < \ ' n<'/-w ^ ' ' ' ' " pel of the kingdom of 

τουθεου, 15 '^καιλεγων. Οτι πεπληοωται ο καιρός, και ηγ~ ^od, is and saying, 

of God, and saying, •''Has ""been ^fulfilled Hhe "time, and Jias The time is fulhlled, 

' η \ ' ~ f\ ~ ~• > '' ~ and the kingdom of 

γικεν η βασίλεια του θεού' μετανοείτε^ και πιστεύετε εν r<^/ God is at hand: repent 

drawn near the kingdom of God ; repent, and believe^, in the ye, and believe the 

ευαγγελίφ. 16 ΉΊεριπατών.δε^^ παρά την θάλασσαν της Γαλι- ^°aked by SiTsea of 

glad tidings. And walking by the sea ■; of Ga^ GaUlee, he saw Simon 

λαίας εΐδεν Σίμωνα και Άνδρεαν τον άδελφόν ^αύτον' ψάλ- ^htr ct^Sg'^ct St^ 

lilee he saw Simon and Andrew the brotlier of him cast- the sea : for they were 

λοντας^^ -^άμφίβληστρον^^ εν Ty θαλασσή ^σαν.γάρ «άλιεΤς•" 2frunti'th'^m' Come 

ing a large net in the sea ; for they were fishers. j^ after me and I will 

17 και είπεν αυτοις 6 *1ησοΰς, Αεϋτε οπίσω μου, καΐ ποιήσω ^^^ ^'i^ *° ^o°?™f 

»3^-j-x4i IT /-, j^j. Γ^ ' I nshers of men. 18 And 

And ''said "to *them 'Jesus, Come after . me, and I will make straio-htway they for- 

ύμάς -γενέσθαι "άλιεΤς" ανθρώπων. 18 Και ''εύθεως" αφέντες f^^ ^^f^. ^^^^ and 

" 'χ Λ. ^1. j:* λ j • J• ^ , , '• 1 χ^ followed him. 19 And 

you to become nshers of men. And immediately having left -j^.j^g^ j^g j^.^^j „Qyg ^ 

τά.δίκτυα.^αύτών^^ ηκολοΰθησαν αύτώ. 19 Και πρόβας little farther thence, 

their nets _ they^followed him. ^^^^'^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^llz^le^fnA"!!^ 

Ηκΰθεν" ολίγον είδεν Ίάκωβον τον του Ζεβεδαίου, και his brother, who also 

thence a little he saw James the [son] of Zebedee, and ^^^^^ιη the ship mend- 

7/ ,,,ν , ,~ ^,, , - /■ ^^S their nets. 20 And 

Ιωαννην τόν.αίελφόν.αυτοΰ, και αυτονς εν τψ πλοιφ straightway he called 

John his brother, and these [were] in the ship them : and they left 

, ^ ./T π ) '\ . f their father Zebedee 

καταρτίζοντας τα δίκτυα. 20 και 'ει/θεως" εκαλεσεν αυτούς' in the ship with the 

mending the nets. And immediately he called them ; hired servants, and 

^ , ' V / >.ν„ο^~ » ~ \ ' < went after him. 

και αφέντες τον πατερα.αυτων Δερεοαιον εν τφ πλοιφ μετά 

and having left their father Zebedee in the ship with 

των μισθωτών, άπήλθον οπίσω αυτού. 

the hired servants, they went away after him. „..,., 

OT T' ' ' ' 'ST' 'II ^ t 'n' II - 21 And they went 

21 Και εισπορευονται εις ^Καπερναούμ " και ^ει>θεως" τοις into Capernaum ; and 

And they go into Capernaum; and immediately on the straightway on tlie 

, r>r> .o > \ η » II «, > ^ , > τ> . ^ ii ί» λ ^ sabbath day he entered 

σα15βασιν ^εισελθων ^εις την συναγωγήν εόιοασκεν." 22 και into the synagogue, 

sabbaths having entered into the synagogue he taught. And and taught. 22 And 

,„-., ,,-,ΛΛ~,~τ vT>^' y \ they were astonished 

εϊ,επλησσοντο επι τy.ύιΰaχy.avτoυ' ην.γάρ ο ιό ασκών αυτονς at his doctrine : for he 

they were astonished at his teaching : for he was teaching . them taught them as one, 

,„,•,. < , , , ^ _ c^n xr > V r that had authority, i 

ως εξουσιαν έχων, και ουχ ως οι γραμματείς"". Ζό Και y ην and not as the scribes. ' 

as ''authority 'having, and npt as the scribes. And there was ',^3 And there was in 

*» σοι thee LTTrA. <= ευθέως LW. ^ — e/cet GLTTrAW. e jeaaepaKoma -ημέρας TTr ; 

ημέοας τεσσε. Α. ^ και μετά LTrA. e — της βασιλείας [LJTTrA. ^ — καΐ λβγων Τ ; — και α. 
» και Ίταρά-γων and passing on LTTrA. '' τον "Χίμωνος of SitOon L ; "Έ,ίμωνος TTrAW. ' άμ- 
φιβάλλοι/τας casting around GLTTrAW. ™ — άμφίβληστρον {read [a net]) ττγΑ. ° άλεεΐς ta. 
* εύθνς Τ. Ρ — αυτών (read the nets) LTTi[a]. l — ε/£είθει/ [L]TTrA. "■ εύθυ? τΤγα. 

» Καφαρναουμ LTTrAW. * €νβυς Τ. " — εΐσελ^ών Τ[Τγ]α. *"• εδιδασκει/ ει? την σννα-γ^γήν 
τα; — τή|μΕ, * + [αντωνί (j<:ad tlifir scribeaj i. r -f «ΰβύί immediately ta. 

90 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. I. 

the^ synagogue ft man ly γ-ς^ανναγω^^-αντών άνθρωπος εν ττνενμαη.άκαθάρτφ, και 

Άηά ^he^^ cried ^^out' ^^ ^^^^^ synagogue a man with an unclean spirit, and 

24 saying, Let us άνεκραξεν, 24 λέγων, '^"Ea,^^ τι 7)μΧν και σο^'. Ίησοΰ'Ναζαρψ'ε; 
to do'T^th thS^thou l^e cried out, saying, Ah I what to us and to thee, Jesus, Nazarene? 

Jesus of Nazareth? ήλθες άτΓολ'εσαι ημάς] ^οΤ^ά^'^ σε τίς εΖ, 6 άγιος 

art thou coma to de- art thou come to destroy us? I know thee whothouart, the Holy [Onel 

Btroy us ? I know thee _^ ^ -^ ^ ,^,, „u, /" 

who thou art, the Holy τονθεον. 25 Και εττετίμησεν αντψ υ Ιησονς, ''λέγων," Φιμώ- 
One of God. 25 And ^f q^^ ^^^ ^rebuked ^him ^ Jesus, saying, Be 

Jesus rebuked him, » „v > ^ »». . - «^-ττ- ^ 'ν 

saying.Hoid thy peace, ϋηη., και είελϋε εξ avTOv. 2bKai σπάραξαν 

and come out of him. gHent, and come forth out of him. And ^having ^thrown ''into ^convulsions 

26 And when the un- ,, , ^ ij/n v./^n ~ '\ 

clean spirit had torn avTOV TO ττνιυμα TO UKadapTOV, και ^κραξαν" φωνρ μεγαλι^, 

him, and cried with '^him 'the ^spirit the *unclean, and having cried with a '^voice 4oud, 

a loud voice, he came yy~,^p, Η ">ii ' ~ o-^ ^ ■>n ' /O' η ρ ' ii " 

out of him. 27 And εξηΚΰεν °fci;" avTov. z/ και εΰαμρηθησαν ^τταιτες," ώστε 

they were all amazed, came forth out of him. And '^were ^astonished 'all, so that 

insomuch that they f y - ii σ ^ ii li > ' ii \ ' m' ' 

questioned among ^σνζητίΐν^^ ^ττρος^^ '^αυτοΐ'ς," λεγοντας, Ti εστιν TOVTo; 

themselves, saying, they questioned together among themselves, eaying, ^Vhat is this•? 

T^Tiat thing is this ? j / « τ- r> > < if» " n > ■> y > ^ ~ > 

what new Joctrine is τις 7/ Οιόαχη η καινη αΐ'τη, οτι κατ εξονσιαν και τοις πνεν- 

this? for with au- what ^teaching ^new Hhis, that with authority e\'en the spirits 

thoritv commandeth - j η ' > ' ' ' ' ' ■- 

he even the unclean /■^ί'ίί'"^^^ ''oiC ακαθαρτοις επιτάσσει, και νπακονονσιν αντψ', 

spirits, and they do the unclean he commands, and they obey him I 

SeliatTy M^iS; 2S^'Eb)\9fvM^^ η άκοή avTov 'ενθνς' -^Ίς ολην την ττερι- 

spre" d abroad throuo-h- And went out the fame of him immediately iu all the 'around 

ΐ^UL•iiL•mϊr iC^Pov τΛςΓαΧΑαίας. 

■Oouutry Galilee, 

29 And forthwith, 29 Krtt "ευθέως" έκ: της συναγωγγις ^εξελθόντες ηλθον^^ 

when they were come And immediately out of the synagogue having gone forth they came 

out of the synagogue, , , , , ^^ > . . t> ' > »τ ' d < 't ' 

they entered into the είς την oiKiav Σιμωνος και Ανορεον, μετα Ιακωρον και ΐωαν- 

house of Simon and j^to ^^q house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John. 

Andrew, witn James , η \ -^r ' > 

and John. 30 But Si- vov. 30 η.οε πενθερα Ζιίμωνος κατεκειτο πνρεσσονσα' και 

mon's -i^ife's mother And the mother-in-law of Simon was lying in a fever. And 

lay sick-of a f ever, and „ >λ' π «4' > ~ » » - οι ' λλ' 

anon they tell him of ^ενθεως^^ λεγονσιν αντψ περί αντης. 31 και προσεΚυων 

her, 31 And he came immediately they speak to him about her. And having come to [herj 

and took her by the „ , , , ^ \ η * ~ .w <'^~ 

hand, and lifted her 7]γεφεν avT7]V, κρατησας της.χεφος.^αντης' και αφηκεν 

up ; and immediatelj- he raised up her, having taken her hand. And ^left 

the fever left her, and ' >■ < < ^ r 'λ' ii ^ 5> ' » •» on 'r\ I ' 

Bhe ministered unto Ο-ντην Ο πνρετος "^ευθέως," και όιηκονει αντοις. όΖ Οψιας 

them. 32 And at even, *her *the ^fever immediately, and she ministered to them, -Evening 

t'her ii^Ought'' un?o ^^ γενομένης, 'οτε Ηδν^^ 6 ήλιος, εφερον προς αύτον 
bim all that were dis- *and being come, when went down the sun, they brought to him 

wir?' p?ste2eT 4S τ^ά^Γας τονς κακώς έχοντας και τονς ξαιμονιζομενονς' 33 και 

devils, 33 And all the ^ΊΙ '"'^o 'ill *were and those possessed by demons ; and 

gethoT^^t^^the^^door" *'' ττολις ολη επισυνηγμενη ^i'" ττρός την θνραν. 34 και 
34 And he healed many *^^ '^^^^ 'whole ^gathered ^together ^was at the door. And 

that were sick of di- ^εράπενσεν πολλονς κακώς.εγοντας ποικίλαις νόσοις, και 

vers diseases, and cast -,^ ■, , , j^, , '*' -n r • j• j 

out many devils ; and he healed many that were ill of various diseases, and 

euffered not the devils δαιμόνια πολλά εξεβολεν, και ονκ.-ίΊφιεν λαλεΊν τα δαιμόνια^ 

faiewhim *^^ 'demons 'many he cast out, and suffered not 'to *speak 'the 'demons; 

OTi γδεισαν αντόν. 
35 And in the morn- because they knew him. 
ing, rising up a great λ- τ/- » ». «» * w \ > » < 'y~\ η » 

while before da|, he 3o Και πρωί "ενννχον^.λιαν αναστας εξηλθεν και 

went out, and departed And very early while yet night having risen up he went out and 

» — Έα LTTrA. * οΐ^αμάν we know τ. *> — λεγωι/ Τ. * φωνησαν TTrA, ^ άττ' 

from L. ε απαντ€ς ΤΤγα, ^ (τννζητεΐν LTTrA. S — προς Τ. ^ αύτονς Ε : εαυτούς 

LTrAW. > δι£αχη καινή a new teaclling LTTfA. ^ καΐ εξηΚθεν LTTrA. ' [«νθυς] Tr. 

«» + Ίτανταχον everywhere τ[τγΊα. " ζνθυ<; LTTrA. « ζξζΚΘων ηλδ'βι/ "having gone forth 

he came LTr. ρ ev6v<; LTTrA. ι — αυτγις {read [her] hmd) LT[Tr]A. ' — ev^ew? TTiv 
• iSv<rtv LTrA. t ^u όλη η ττόλΐί έπίοννηγμίνη LTTrA- * iuyvxa LTTrA, 

1, ΙΓ. MARK. 91 

άττηλθεν εις ίοημον τόττον, ^/cam" προσηνχετο. 36 και ^^^^ *th?re'''^pr?ied' 

departed into 'Mesert 'a place, and there was praying. And 36 And Simon and they 

»κτατε^/ωξαν" αύτον ^ό" Σίμων και οι μετ αυτοΰ' 37 καΐ fou^^^l'"^^^^*'^ ^"^, 

^went 'after ^him ^Simon '■'andHhose *with ^him ; and 37 ^n^d when they' h^ 

Ηυοόντες αντόν'''^ λεγονσιν αντφ, "Ort πάντες ^ζητονσίν σε." found him they said 

having found him they say to him, All seek ^ thee, f ο'ϊ• tS' 3^ 'Sle 

38 Και λέγει αϋτο'ίς,'Άγωμεν^ εις τάς εχομενας κωμοπόλεις, said unto them. Let us 

And he says to them, Let us go into the neighbouring country towns, f^^T* I nmy * prTa" li 

'ίνα ^κάκεΤ^ Κηρνζω' εις ΤΟντΟ γάρ ^ΙξεληΧνθα.^^ 39 Καί there also : for there- 

that there also I may preach ; ^for ^this "because have I come forth. And gg^'^^^^^'^^g ^ reached 

^jyl•'" κηονσσωνΗν ταΧς.σνναγωγαΤς^^. αυτών εις όΧψ^ την TaXi- in their synagogues 

he was preaching in their synagogues in aU Ga- throughout all Gali- 

, , , , ^/^'^> lee, and cast out devils. 

Xaiav, και τα δαιμόνια εκβαΧΚων. 40 And there came a 

lilee, and the demons casting out. leper to him, beseech- 

j^ -,Γ ^ " > ' ^ > ' \ - ' » ο ' ^^S bim, and kneeling 

40 Kai έρχεται προς αντυν λεπρός, παρακαλων αυτόν ^και down to him, and say- 

And ^omes *to %im "a ^leper. beseeching him and iug unto him. If thou 
, / 11 1, MIX' > ~ uy^' > < A'\ Ϊ" ' wilt, thou canst make 

■γοννπετων αυτον,^^και^^ λέγων αυτφ, Οτι tav θελ^ς όννασαι me clean. 41 And Je- 

kneelingdownto him, and saying to him, If thou wilt thou art able sus, moved with com- 

Θ' ^-i !<i^ ?>» »T ~ II Λ η ' » passion, put forth hia 

αρισαι. 41 * Ο.Οε. Ιησούς" σπλαγχνισβεις, εκ- hand, and touched 

me to cleanse. And Jesus being moved, with compassion, having him, and saith unto 

/ \ ~ V" I ' ~ 11 ^ Λ ' _ 1 » ~ II him, I will : be thou 

τεινας την χείρα ^ηψατο αυτον,^^ και λέγει 'αυτψ," clean. 42 And as soon 

stretched out [his] hand he touched him, and says to him, as he had spoken, im- 

θέλω, καθαρ'ισθητι. 42 Καί "^ειπόντος.αντον,' "ευθέως" άπήλ- ^epM^ ϊοΛΤΧ 

Ι will, be thou cleansed. And he having spoken, immediately depart- and he was cleansed. 

θεν απ αύτον η λέπρα, και ''εκαθαρίσθη.^^ 43 Kat εμβριμησά- charged Wm^*'^^ 

ed from him the leprosy, and he was cleansed. And having strictly forthwith sent him 

μένος αύτφ, Ρεύθέως» ε'^εβαλεν αυτόν, 44 και λέγει αντφ, uXiimVelhou^y 

charged him, immediately he sent away him. And says to him, nothing to any man : 

"Opa μηδενι ^μηδεν'^ είπ^ς' ^άλλ'" ϋπαγε, σεαντον δεϊξον KsfiS^tKrYsr 

See to no one anything thou speak ; but go, thyself shew ^.^^ qQ^j. ^q^ ^.Jj ' 

^ , • .. (?ii. nothing) , ^ ^ „ ,, cleansing those things 

τφ ιερει, και προσενεγκε περί τον. καθαρισμού. σου α προσ- which Moses com- 

to the priest, and ofier for thy cleansing what ^or- manded, for a testi- 

/ y ,-. ^ „ , , , ^ ^c «/-k ?' '^ Λ Λ ' mony unto them. 

εταξεν ^Μωσης, εις μαρτνριον αντοις. 4ο Ο.όε εξελθων 45 But he went out, 
dered *Moses, for a testimony to them. But he having gone out «-nd began to publish 

V „ , ^ ,, , , r» J /y V \ ' " ίί much, and to blaze 

7]pt,aT0 κηρνσσειν πολλά και όιαφημιζειν τον λογον, ώστε abroad the matter, in- 

began to proclaim [it] much and to spread abroad the matter, so that somuch that Jesus 

r ■ i \ f/ Λ * J ~ ' '\ \i > \ η - . could no more openly 

μηκετι αντον ουνασυαι .^φανερως εις πολιν" εισεΚυειν' enter into the city, but 

no longer he was able openly into [the] city to enter ; was without in desert 

''αλλ'" εζω, "^^έν" ερημοις τόποις ^''/}ν," και ήρχοντο προς αυτόν t^lm^'&o*m ^eve^ 

but without in desert places was, and they came to him quarter. 
^^ΤΤανταγόθεν." ΙΙ• Ajid again he 

from every quarter. entered into Caperna- 

r\ f > Λ 11 > ί II ? ' « -ν iiin. after same days ; 

2 Καί ^^τταλιν εισ/^λθεν" εις ^^Καττερναου/χ" οι ήμερων, and it was noised that 

And again he entered into Capernaum after [some] days, he was in the house. 
K. Ml > / Λ r/ .... ' ■ τ ' II » c ^ Λλ '/v μ 2 And straightway 

"Vai" ηκονσθη οτί^Ηις οίκον" εστίν' ^2 και '^^ενβεως' σννη- many were gathered 

and it was heard that in [the] hoiise he is ; and immediately were together, insomuch 

- Ν \ / r/ ' ~ S" ' that there was no room 

χθησαν πολλοί, ώστε μηκετι.χωρειν μηόε τα to receive them^ no, 

gathered together many, so that there was no longer any room not even not so much as about 

^ Koi eKSi h. ^ κατΐδίωξ^ν T. J— ο'τ[Τγ]α. » evpo»/ άϋτοι; «at iouiid him and ΤΤγα. 
a σίΧητούσιν LW. »> + άλλαχοΰ elsowhere ttta.^ « leal εκεί GW. d ^ξηλθον I came forth 
TTrA. β ηΚθ^ν he went TXr. ^ el? τάς συναγωγάς G"LTTrAW. ε — καΐ yowireriav 

αυτόν L[TrA] ; — atjTOv Τ. ^ — και τ[δ]. ^ ' καΙ and LTlr. ^ ^ αυτοί ηψατο LTTrA. 

I _ αύτω Τ. ™ — eiiravTOS αντοί) LTTr. » ευθύς TXr a. ° Ικαθερίσθ-η ΤΑ. Ρ βϋθνς 

LTTrA ' q' — jXTjSev L[Tr]. ' αλλά LTTrAW. « Μωϋση? LTTrAW. ' ei? rroKiv φανΐρώς Τ. 

' άλλα LTrA "** ^π TTrA. *^ [ην] L. ^* travToBev LTTrAW. " είστϊλβεΐ' πάλιν LW ; 

άζ-ζ^βων πάλιν he having entered again ττγα. ^^ Καφαρρ-αού/Α lxt. aw, b* — xoi 

WxXrA ** kv ΟΪκψ LTTr, ^^ — ^θύ(α^ [l1\]'1\ 

92 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. Hi 

the door: and he γτρος την Θύραν' καΐ iXaXsL αύτοΐίς TuvXoyoi^, S Και έρχονται 

unto ^em. 3 IndThey ^* ^^^ door ; and he spoke to them the word. And they come 

come unto him, bring- ^-^qoc avTov, TraoaXwiKov osoovTEQ,^^ aioouEvov VTTO τίσσάοων, 

iSfsytwhiciTwasboiil to him, ^a^aralytic ^bringing. ^ borne ^ by ^ four. 

of four. 4 And when 4 f^aL μή δννάμενοι ^ττροσεγγίσαι^^ αΰτφ Sici τυν δχλοί/, 

they could not come And not being able to conyj near to him on account of the crowd, 

nigh unto him for the ^ , " ^ , „ „ y ■, y , y 

press, they uncoYered aTTEuTiyaffav τήν στΒγην OTTOV i]v, KUL ίί,ορυξαντες χα- 

the roof where he was : they uncovered the" roof where he was, and having broken up [it] they 
and \vhen tncy had "^ ^ f η rt ii τ,» » ~ii < > ^ ' 

broken it up, they let Χώσιν Tov ^κραββατον" ίφ ψ Ο τταρολυηκος κατεκειτο, 

down the bed wherein j^t down the couch on which the paralytic was lying, 

the sick of the palsy _;,^,^,,. ,,_ „ , , >~n* ~ > 

lay. 5 When Jesus saw 5 ^ιδων.οί" Ο Ιησονς την.τηστίν.αντων λέγει τψ παραλντικω, 

their faith, he said And -seeing 'Jesus their faith says to the para^lytic, 

unto the sick of the _, t » ' • ni i « « - ii /-> TTr ?' 

palsy, Son, thy sins be Tbkvov, ^αφ&ωνται" ^σοί αι.αμαρτιαι.σον. Ό ίΐσαν.όε τίνες 

forgiven thee. 6 But Child, ^have "*been ^forgiven "'thee Hhy ^sins. But there were some 

there were certain of^ , , ^ ^ϊ' ^ ■s• \ v ' ' 

the scribes sitting Των γραμματέων εκεί καθήμενοι, και όιαλογιζομενοι εν ταις 

there, and reasoning in of the scribes ^there 'sitting, and reasoning in 

doth tiTs^'man thu"^ καρ^ίαις.αυτών, 7 Τί οϋτος όντως λαλεί "^βΧασφημ'ιας^^; 

speak blasphemies? their hearts, Why "this Pman] Hhus 'does ^speak blasphemies? 

biu aidoSwllnd τίς δύναται άφάναι αμαρτίας, εί.μή ^k, 6 θεός; 8 Kat 

immediately when Je- "who is able to forgive sins, except one, [that is] God? And 

spU-it^ThlrVey ^so "ε^^έως" ίττιγνούς οΊησονς τψ.ττνενματι.αυτου οτι «οϋτως" Ρ 

reasoned within them- immediately ^knowing 'Jesus in his spirit that thus 

fhi^'whyriisorye ^t«W'^oi^7'«t '^v ΙαντοΤς, ^Ιττεν' αντοίς, Ύί ταϋτα δια- 

these 'things in your they are reasoning within themselves, said to them. Why these things rea- 

iif ^eiier to^I^^io thi λογί'ξεσθε εν ταΐς.καρό'ιαις.νμών, 9 τ'ι εστίν εύκοττώτερον, 

sicroTtheVally,^^^ son ye in your hearts? which is easier, 

sins be forgiven thee ; ftTTftv τφ τταοαΧντίκφ, ^Ά^έωνταί" ^σοΰ^ αϊ άμαρτίαι, 

tike^ip'' thy bed, and *« ^'^^^ *° *^^ paralytic, ^Have *becn ^forgiven Hhee ['thy] ^sins, 

walk? lOButthktye η ^Ιττεϊρ, ^"Έγειοαι" "^KaV^ άρον '^σου τον κράββατον^^ και 

SfmirhaihUer <>^ tosay, iris^, and ^ taL up - thy ^ „ -^^ . , -? 

on earth to forgive ^ττεοιτταΓει" ; 10 'ivaJh ε'ίδήτε ~ ΟΤΙ εζονσίαν έχει 6 νιος του 

sins, (he saith to the ,^|i^ y ^^<. ^^^^ ^^^^ that «authority ^has ' the •■'Son 

sick of the palsy,) ^ ^ ^ , , , ~ n « > \ ' ~ ' 

11 I say unto thee,' άνθρωπου ^αφιεναι ετΓΐ της γής^^ αμαρτίας^ Χεγει τψ τταρα- 
Arise, and take up thy 3^^ ^^^^ ^^ forgive on the earth sins,— he says to the para- 
oed, and go thy way ^ , „ mi τ \ a• 'na ' η 

into thine house. Χντίκψ, 11 Σοι λέγω, ^εγειραι," ^Kar άρον τον °κραββατον^* 

12 And immediately lytjc To thee I say, arise, and take up ''couch 

he arose, took up the , „ , , _ , ι λ rr » ' ' λ b > Λ' mi 

bed, and went forth σου και ντταγε εις τον.οΐκον.σου. 12 Και ηγερθη "ευοεως, και" 

before them all ; inso- ^thy and go to thy house. And he arose immediately, and 

much that they were „ , „■ /,d/d w ■>y~\n ι ■> ' ii ' 

all amazed, and giori- αράς TOV ^κραββατον^^ εζηΧθεν ^εναντιον^^ τταντων, 

fied God, saying. We having taken up the couch went forth before all, 

never saw it on this r/ ,y, « / ^ t^ y f y » a ' d\ i «^— .«^ if 

\fashion. ώστε εζιστασθαι παντας, και δοξαζειν τον βεον, "λέγοντας," 

so that ■-'were ^amazed 'a.11, and glorified God, saying, 

"On ^^ονδετΓοτε ούτως" ^^εί'ίο/ζεν." 

Never thus did we see [it]. 

13 And he went forth ^^ ..^ , yy~^ri 'λ <ri mi ' λ '> ν -. . 

again by the sea side ; 13 Καί εξΐ]Χθεν τταΧιν ^^τταρα την ϋαλασσαν, και ττας ο 

and all the multitude And he went forth again by the sea, and all the 

resorted unto him, » ^ „ , , , , ,»>,5> , f ι a rr * 

and he taught them. οχΧος ηρχετο ττρος avTov, και εοιΰασκεν αυτούς. 14 Kat 

14 And as he passed crowd came to him, and he taTight them. And 

* ττρος αύτον φέροντες παραλυτικοί/ LTr ; φέροντες προς αντοι/ τΓαραλυτι/ίον ΤΑ. ^ προσ- 

tviyKat to bring near τ. s κράβαττον lttiaw. ^ οττου where LTXrA. ' καΐ ISoju τ. 

^ αφίζνταί are forgiven LTTr. ' σου al άμαρτίαι GTT• a ; σοι al άμαρτίαι [σου] L. 

»" ; /Βλασφημεί" {read Why does this [man] th\is speak ? he blasphemes.) ltiya. ° εύβύς 
LTTiA. ° — οϋτως L. Ρ -h avjoi they (are reasoniiig) g| aJw. <i λ€γει says ttia. 

' Άφιει/ταί are forgiven LTTr. s ^-ου thy (sins) GTXrAW. t "Eyetpe Οι.τλυ ; Έγεφου Τγα. 

' — και, G[Tr]AW. " τον κράβαττον σου LTT: AW. " ϋπαγε go'T. > εττΐ της -γης άφιεναι 

GLTTrW. ^ eyetpe GLTTrAW. "■ — καί G[LjTTrAW. ^ καΐ ευθύς ΤΓνΑ. " έμπροσθεν Τ. 

* — Ae'yui'Tas;[LjA, «^^ ούτω^ ύν^έποη ΤΤγλ, '"'' ε'ώαμεν LTTia. S'-^ εΙς to Τ, 

II. ΜΑ R Κ. ϋ3 

τταράγων ΰ^ίν ^Λευϊν" τον τον Άλφαίον καθημίνον ίττί το ^'-^ 

passing on he saw Levi the [son] of Alphaius sitting at the 

ho fn•^ Levi the 

son of Alphajus sitting 

, ^ > ^ , ,),"■* *^° receipt of cus- 

τελώνιον, καΐ λέγει αντφ, AkoXovQh μοι Kni άναστάο t^m, and said tmto 

tax office, and sars to him, Follow me. And having arisen |^^™' -^«^^o^.^e• ^°^ 

, , ^ _ V • . » η I » ~'i - η y arose and ΐοΠοΛνεά 

ηκο\ονθησξ.ν avT(p. 15 Και 'ίγενεΓο" ^ίν.τψ .κατακΗσθαί.αυ- him. 15 And it came 

ho followed him. And it came to pass as he reclined *« pass, that, as_ Jesus 

, »~>/ »~ ^^^^^~ ^< ^ meat m his 

rev ' tv Ty.oiicia.avTuv, και TToWoi τεΧωΐ'αι και αμαρτω- house, many publicans 

[at table] in * his h'ouise, that many tax-gatherers and sin- and sinners sat also 

, , -. ,_ ^ , .„ „ ^ , .., together with Jesus 

λοί cvvai'iKHVTo τφ Ιησόν και τοις.μαθηταις.αντον' and his di^ciples : f or 

uers were reclining [at table] with Jesus and his disciples ; there were many, and 

τ , >Λ ' > 1 ' \ 'Λ Ί ' ~ Ίίϊ < 11 <ll ^^^y followed him. 

i]aar'.yap ττολλο/, kul ^ηκολονΰιισαν' αυτψ. Lb και or γραμ~ 16 And when the 

for they were many, and they followed him. And the . scribes scribes and Pharisees 

^ η \ ' r - t\ r, '^ ' η ' < ' Λ ' II ' ^aw him eat with pub- 

ματΕΐς^^και οι Φαρισαιοί,^^ ° ιόοντες '^αυτον ίσθιοντα^^ μετά licans and sinners, 

and the Pharisees, having seen him eating with they said unto his dis- 

~_^~ .t Ν~ιΐ"Λ ~ /Ί~>~ ciples, How is it that 

των ^τελωνών και αμαρτωλών, ελεγον τοις.μαθηταις.αντον, hceatcthanddrinketh 

the tax-gatherers and sinners, said to his clisciples, with piiblicans and 

rni'ii " ' ~ s -V ~ ' ' \ ~ II ' /T t ' sinners? 17 When Je- 

"^Ji ' OTL μετα των ^τεΜονων και αμαρτοΑων^^ εσθιει ^και eus heard it, he saith 

Why [is it] that with tlio tax-gatherers and sinners ho eats and unto them, O?hey that 

7Γπ/ει;" 17 Καί άκουσας ό'Ιησους λέγει αντο7ς, Ov χρείαν I'^^g^^^^ll^^^^^^^ll'^ 

drinks? And -'having ^heard 'Jesus says to them, "Not 'need but they that are sick : 

^χονσιν οι ισχύοντες ίατροΰ, αλλ' οι κακώς 'έχον- ii^KuiwrstVe™ 

^have 'they "who ^are ''strong of a physician, but they who ill are. iq repentance. 

τες. ονκ.ηλθον καΧ'εσαι οικαίονς, άλλα αμαρτωλούς "Έίς 

Ι came not to call righteous [ones], but sinners to 


18 Krti 7]σαν οι μαθηται Ιωάννου και ^oi των Φαρισαίων" 

And '°wcre 'the "disciples ^of "'Johii ^and^those"of ^the ^Pharisees 

νηστενοντες' και ίοχονται και λεγονσιν αύτφ,^Διατί^^ οι μαθη^ ?\^^^ the disciplee 

fasting; and t'hcycome and say to him. Why =the ^-disci- PhaHsees us"ed to fasti 

ταΐ Ίωάνΐ'ον και o'l^ των Φαρισαίων νηστενονσιν, οι Sk σοι and they come and say 

pies ^of^John ^.ud 'those «of ^he '°Pharisees ^ 'fast,^ ^ ^^^* ^^^^ drsc^pW^^hn^^d 

μαθηται ον.νηστενονσιν : 19 Και είττεν αντοΧς υ Ίησοϋς^ Μη of the Pharisees fast, 

di>cipies fast not? And ^said Ho •'them 'Jesus, ^^^*^^Q'^T^^®^^^** 

/ ,,,„ ^ ,1-1 Λ >,^ not? 19 And Jesue 

δύνανται οι νιοι του ννμφώνος. εν. ψ ο νυμφιος μετ αυτών said unto them. Can 

Can the sous of the bridcchamber, while the bridegroom with them *'''?■, ^^'^'^''^'^ °^,*^e 

, „ , n' » ~ " < bridcchamber fast, 

εσην, νηστευειν] Όσον-χρονον ^μεθ εαυτών εχονσιν τον νυμ- while the bridegroom 

is. fast ? as long as with them they have the bride- ^^ with them ? as long 

. ,1 , ^ , / Λ/Λ '\ ' tv% < / V as they have the bnde- 

φιον^^^ ου.οννανται νηστευειν' 20 ελενσονται.όε ημεραι όταν groom with them, they 

groom, they are not able to fast. But will come days when cannot fast. 20 But 

, , > , ^ t , \ f the days will come, 

απαρΒ\] air αντων ο νυμψιος, και τότε νη- when the bridegroom 

will have been taken away from them the bridegroom, and then they shall be taken away 

, , „i ' ~ . ί II ίτί-ι h Ml > -^ ^ » Ό\ from them, and then 

στενσονσιν tv '^ίκεπ'αις ταις ημεραις.^^ 21 "και' ουΰεις εττιρΚημα shaU they fast in those 

will fast in those days. And no one a piece days. 21 Ko man also 

,.t , II , / a: > » / II > Λ e« / '\ ~ii. ' f> ' seweth a piece of new 

••ρακτονς" αγναφου '^εττιρραπτει' εττι ^ιματιφ.τταλαιψ^^ ει.όε.μη, cloth on an old gar- 

of -cloth 'unf uUcd sews on an old garment ; otherwise, ment : else the new 

„ f \ \ ' „• 1,0 > ~ii > ' " ^ ~ ' piece'that filled it up 

αίρει' τοττληρωμα^^^^αυτου^^ ΤΟΚαΐνον του Χ«λαΐου, και taketh away from the 

'takes ^away 'the ^filling ^^up ^of ^it ^uew from the old, and old, and the rent is 

^ Aeveli/ TA, • yiVerat it comes to pass TTrA. "^ — » ef τω τ[τγ]. 1 ηκολονθονν they 

were following ττγα. «" — γ oi τ. " τώι/ Φαρι<ταίων υί the Pharisees ττγ. ° + κα\ 

also [l.jTTr. ρ OTt εσθύι L ; οτι ησθι^ν that he was eating τΤγ. q αμαρτωλών και 

τελωνών LTrA. "■ — Ύί TTrA. ^ αμαρτωλών και των ταλωνων LTr. *■ [και πίνει] L. 

ν _ £[ς μ€τάνοιαν GLTTrAW. "■ 01 Φαρισαΐοι the Pharisees glttfAW. » Δια τί LTrA. 

y -h μ,αθηταΐ (oi the) disciples TTrA. ^ εχονσιν τον ννμφίον μ€τ αϋτών(μεθ' εαυτών L) LTTrA. 
a ζΚίίιγ, TTJ ημέρα that day Gi.TTrAW. ^ — και GL-TTrAW. c ράκκου? L. "^^ειτιράτΓτει 

TTrA. ' e IfxaTiQV παλαιύν LTTrA. ^ + απ' αυτού frOEQ it A. & + απ from LT. 

ha ^ αντον [TrJA. 

U Μ A ρ TC ο s. π; ΙΙΐ. 

made "^^ο^β. 22 And χξ^ρον σχίσμα yivivaL. 22 καΐ ονΰεις βάλλει οίνον νέον εις 

w^nehxto^old^bottleiT: "^o^se 'a reut takes place. And no one puts" -wine ^icw into 

else the new wine doth άσκονς παλαιούς' ει.ζε.βΎ). ^υησσεΟ^ b οίνος ^b ν'εος^^ τονς άσ- 

ihTwilets'sSSa^nd ^^^^^^ , /"^^ = otherwi.e.Wsts^ Hhe ^wine "^ncw the skins. 

the bottles will bo κοϊ'ς, καΐ b οΙνος ΗκχεΧται και οϊ άσκοι άττολου^ται*" '"άλλα 

marred: but new wme an^ the wine is poured out, and the skins will be destroyed ; but 

must be put into new ^ , , , , , , 

bottles. o'lvov νεον εις ασκονς καινούς βλητεοί'.^^ 

' ^wine 'new ^into ^skins *new is to be put. 

23 And it came to 23 Και ίγενετο "τταρατΓορενεσθαι.αυΓον εν τοϊς σά/3/3ασιν" 

pass, that he went And it came to pass that he went on the sabbath 

through the corn fields *,, ^ / x«»v < λ <»~ii r>«^» 

on the sabbath day; cta των σττοριμων^ καί°7ΐρζανΓ0 οι.μαβηται.αυτρυ" '^υδον 

and his disciples began, through the corn-fields, and ^began 'his '-^disciples [their] way 

as they went, to pluck ~ π -λ λ < / λα ^ « .^ ~ χ-. 

the ears of corn, ττοιειν" τίλλοντες τονς σταχνας. 24 και οι Φαρισαιοι ελεγον 

24 And the Pharisees to make, plucking the ears. And the Pharisees said 

8aid.-unto him, Behold, > " *τ ^ ' ~ n'ii~ O/d " t »y 

why do they on the (ί^τψι lo?» Ti ΤΓΟιονσίρ'^εν" TOiQ σαββασιν ο ονκ.εξεστιν; 

sabbath day that to him, Behold, why do they on the sabbath that which is not lawful ? 

^Anl'h^elairuiio 25 Kai ^αύτος" »έ'λ€γεν» αύτοΊς, Ουδέποτε άνεγνωτε τι έττο'ιη• 

them. Have ye never -^-nd he said to them, ^Never 'did ^ye read what -did 

whe^nheha?n2d,aS ^Ev »Δα/3ί^," οτε χρείαν εσχεν και εττείνασεν, αυτός και οϊ 

was an hungred, he, 'David, when need he had and hungered, he and those 

wlt^h Mm?*^26 Sow i^^'"' ^^'^01); 26 ^ττώς" είσηλθεν εις τον οίκον του θεοΰ έττι 

he went into the house ^i'^i him ? how he entered into the house of Q-od in 

Abi?thar"'?he*'Xgh%,, , '\l^^!''^ "Τ" {^''^'"'^^ ""^ T^ αρτονς της 

priest and did eat the '- ^^^ ° J -A-biathar the high priest, and the loaves of the 

shewbread ^■llic|^ is προθέσεως ίφαγεν, ους ούκ.εξεστιν φαγεΐν ε'ι.μή '^τοΧς ίερευ- 

fOT the priests and Ρ''^^^"'^^'^^^^ ^^'^' which it is not lawful to eat except for the priests, 

gave also to them σιν," και ίδωκεν και τοΙς συν αύτφ ουσιν : .27 Και ελεγεν 

which were with him ? ^nd gave even to those who with him were? And he said 

27 And he said unto , ^ » / ο r> t> λ \ » η » ^ > « 

them. The sabbath was αυτοις, Ύο σαββατον οιά τον ανθρωπον εγενετο, ^ουχ ο 

made for man, and to them. The sabbath on account of man was made, not 

not man for the sab- „ „ . , ^ / r» /-> rr t , , t 

bath : 28 therefore the άνθρωπος cia TO σαββατον* 28 ωστε κύριος εστίν ο 

Son of man is Lord also man on account of the sabbath: so then Lord is tha 

of the sabbath. , ν ^ , ^ , , ^ ,-^r, f 

νιος του άνθρωπου και του σαββατον. 

Sen of man also of the sabbath. 

III. And he entered Q K^^ είσηλθεν πάλιν εις ^rJ?v" σνναγωγην. και ^J>" εκεί 

again into the syna- . j •. . . ■ . r^ ^l ι ι ι ^ , ^, 

gogue • and there was -^^^ ^^ entered again into the synagogue, and there was there 

a^ihied'ha^d^And «^^^Ρ'^^^Γος ίζηραμμένην έχων την χείρα, 2 και ^παρ- 

th?y watcS Wm, / ^^^ ^*withered ^ > having [^his] =^hand. ^ and ^ they 

whether he would heal ετηρονν^^ avTov εί *-' τοΤς σάββασιν ^θεραττευσει" αυτόν, 
dly^• that they might ^ere "«matching him whether on the sabbath h4 will heal him, 

accuse him. 3 And he iVa ^κατηγορησωσιν^^ αϋτοϋ. 3 και λέγει τφ άνθρώπω 

which haith?wit?e^r^ in order that they might accuse him. And he says to the man 

ed hand. Stand forth, τψ Ηζηραμμένην εχοντι την χεΤρα," ίί'Εγειραι" εις το 

4 And he saith unto who ^withered 'had =^the hand, Arise [and come] into the 

them. Is it lawful to , a Tr ^ ^ ' , ^ *^v - ' nn h , η 

do good on the sabbath μεσον. 4 Και λεγει αυτοις, Εξεστιν τοις σάββασιν ^αγαθο- 

days, or to do evil? to midst. And he says to them. Is it lawful on the sabbaths to do 

save life, or to kill? ^-.,η ~, i,^ «> ^ /-ν«τ•» 

But they held ,their ποιησαι, η κακοποιησαι; -ψυχην σωσαι, η αποκτειναι ; Οι.οε 

peace. 5 And when he good, or to do evil? ^lifo Ho ''save, or to kill? But they 

had looked round a- » / ^ \ η•\ ι ' » » » » ~ ?« > 

bout on them with εσιωπων. Ο και περιβλε-ψαμενος αυτούς μετ οργής , ^^συλ^ 

anger, being grieved were silent. And having lo oked around on them with anger, being- 

» ρηξ^ι will burst LTXrA. ^ — 6 νέος LTTrA. I άπόλλνταί, καΐ oi άσκοΙ is destroyed 

and the skins ΤΤγΑ. ™ — ά.\λά. . . . βΚητΙον Τ[Τγ]α. " αυτοί/ iy τοΙς σάββασιν πάρα-• 

ΤΓορευεσθαι (διαττορεΰβσβαι LTr) LTTrA. ° oi μαθηταΐ αντου ηρξαντο LTTrA. Ρ οδοποΐ€ΐν L. 
^ —Jv LTTrA. ' — αύτος [L]TTr. ■ Aeyct he says LTTr. » AaveiS LTTrA ; AavCS U\V. 

^ [πώζ] TrA. w — του LTTrAW. « τούς iepeis T. y -f και and ττγα. » — τηι/ (read 

[the]) τ[τγ]α. » — ■^1/ (read [was]) L[Tr]. ^ napenqpovvTO L. '^ ■¥ kv on (the) τ. ^ Bepa.' 
irevei he heals τ. « κατηγορησουσιν they shall accuse LTr. ^την χεΓρα εχοι^τι ξ-ηράν LTi a ; 
την ξηράν χείρα Ιχοί'τι Τ. ' e Eyeipe OLTTrA. ^ ayaObv ποιτ^σαι Τ. »» σv^'\υπovμevos ΤΑ, 

m. MARiC 06 

λυποΰμενος^^ επΙ ry ττωρώσει της.καρ^ίας.αντών, λέγει τφ Ι?^^. *^® hardness of 

grieved ^ at the hardness^ of their heart, ^ ^^^^ ^^7^ 'to the ^^^^ξ Z'''rnln%retch 

άνθρώπψ, "Εκτεινον τήν.χΕίρά.^σον.^^ Kai Ιζετεινεν, καΐ forth thine hand. And 

man, Stretchout thy hand. And he stretched out [it], and and'Sf hand was°"re- 

^άτΓοκατεστάθη^^ η.χείρ.αύτον ^υγιής ως η αλλ//." 6 και εξ&λ- stored whole as the 

^waa restored 'his '■'hand sound as the other. And haTing 2*^^^; ^ ^^'\ ^}}^ 

^ t ^ ~ / rnarisees λνοηΐ forth, 

θόντες o'l Φαρισαίοι "εύθεως" μετά των Ηρωόιανών συμβουλών and straightway took 

gone out the Pharisees immediately with the Herodians ^counsel counsel with the He- 

, , , , ^ „ , , > X ' rodians against him, 

°ί7Γθΐουν" κατ αυτόν ^ οττως αυτόν αττολεσωσιν. how they might de- 

»took against him, how him they might destroy. stroy him, 

7 Και 6'Ιησονς^άνεχώρησεν μετάτών.μαθητών.αντον^^ '^ττρός^^ 

And Jesus withdrew with his disciples to , 7 But Jesus with- 

,Λ,> , ^, ^ ^r, »< -τ^ΛΛ' drew himself with his 

την θάλασσαν και ττολν πληβος απο της Γαλιλαιας disciples to the sea: 

the sea; ' and "great *a multitude from Galilee and a great multitude 

_» Ν /Λ II , > - II X » > ~ >T r ' ο X » \ tT from Galilee followed 

^ηκολονθησαν" ^αυτι^)," και απο της Ιουδαίας, ο Kat αττο Ιε- him, and from Judisa, 
followed him, and from Judea, and from Je- 8 and froni Jerusalem, 

^ / X > V ~ >, 5> / \ t ~ »T ? ' and from Idumssa, and 

ροσολυμων, και απο της Ιόονμαιας, και πέραν του Ιορόανον from beyond Jordan; 

rusalem, and from Idumea, and beyond the Jordan ; and they about Tyre 

vftii \ ττ\ ' ^^T^~ \ ~ η \'v' ' II and Sidon, a great 

icai Όι" ττερι Ύυρονκαιζ,ιδωνα, πλήθος πολύ, ^ακουσαντες" multitude, when they 
and they around Tyre and Sidon, a '^multitude 'great, having heard had heard what great 

οσα ''έΤΓοίει" ηλθον προς αυτόν. 9 και είπεν το'ϊς.μαθη- ^^to\i^. *9 ΑηΤ^Ι 

how much he was doing csme to him. And he spoke to his dis- spake to his disciples, 

ταίς.αϋτοΰ, 'ίνα πλοιάριον προσκαρτερ^ αύτψ dia τον ^wd^ wa^'"" on SS 

ciples, that a snaall «hip might wait upon him, on account of the because of the multi- 

δχλον, 'ίνα μή.θλίβωσιν αυτόν. 10 πολλονς.γάρ ίθερά• 1^',^'^%,^^ fJ^^iJ 

crowd, that they might not press upon him. For many he ^q tad healed many ; 

πευσεν. ώστε επιπίπτειν αύτφ, 'ίνα αντου ίίφωνται, όσοι ii;l*^™Ii'^ii *i^1*^• *^!ί 

,, ' ,, ,, , ^ •L-^i-ii ι• ii'.ijii_ • pressed upon him tor 

healed, so that they beset him, that him they might touch, as maay as to touch him, as many 

εΊχον μάστιγας' 11 και τά πνεύματα τά ακάθαρτα, 'όταν αυτόν ashadpiagues.^iiAnd 

had scourges; and the spirits the unclean, when him t^heV^saw'^^'him^fell 

Ηθεώρει, ττροσέπιπτεν" αύτφ, και νεκραζεν^\ ^λεγοντα,^^'Ότι συ down before him, and 

they beheld, fell down before him,' and cried, sayiug, Thou the SOrSGodT 12 And 

ει 6 υιός του θεοΰ. 12 Και πολλά επετίμα αύτοΊς, 'ίνα μή he straitiy charged 
arttheSon ^ofGod. ^ And much he rebuked them, so that ^ot ^h^^m^^^a^t^^^^^^ 

^avTov 0ανερόι/" ^ποιησωσιν^^ *■'. 

*him ^manifest 'they 'should ''make. 

13 Και αναβαίνει εις το όρος, και προσκαλείται ους 

And he goes up into the mountain, and ^ calls to ^ C^m]^ ^-hcm . J3 An^^he goeth^u? 

ηθελεν αυτός' και άπηλθον προς αυτόν. 14 και εποίησεν cMethtinto him whom 

«would 'he; and they went to him. And he appointed ^^ ^°^Ψ i-''^'\ }}% 

If τ > > ~ \ f > '-v Ν > » came unto him. 14 Ana 

δώδεκα iva ωσιν μετ αυτόν, και ινα αποστελλ^ αυτονς he ordained twelve, 

twelve that they might be with him, and that he might send them *-:«:* *^^y ^^""u*^^ ?® 

/ » IV ' An t \ ' Ml "With him, .and that ho 

κηρυσσειν, 15 και εχειν εζουσιαν ^θεραπευειν τας νόσους και" might send them forth 

to preach, and to have authority to heal diseases and to preach, 15 and to 

»/-»/ >Λ / Λ \ y m f~^' " II oave power to heal 

εκβαλλειν τα δαιμόνια. Ιο^και επεθηκεν^τφΈιμωνι ονομα^^ sicknesses, and to cast 

to cast out demons. And he added to Simon [the] name out devils : 16 and Si- 

„, __ ,,^/ r, » --rFO^' ^'t' ™οϊι he surnamed Pe- 

rXerpov* 17 και Ιακωβον τον του Ζεβεδαιον, και Ιωαννην ter ; 17 and James the 
Peter ; and James the [son] of Zebedee, and John son of Zebedee, and 

,,^-., «>_/Λ χ»>/Λ »~ >' John the brother of 

τον αδελφον του Ιάκωβου' και επεθηκεν αυτοις ονόματα jjtraes; and he sur- 

the bro ther of James ; and he added to them [the] , names named them Boan- 

k _ σ-ου (read [thy]) hand τ[Τγ]α. ^ άπεκατεστάθη GLTTrAW. ^ — ύγιης ώς τ) άλΧ-η 

OLTTrAW. η €νθύ? ΤΤγΑ. ° έτΓοίησαι/ Τ ; cStSoui' gave ΤγΑ. ρ μΐτα των μαθητών αντου 

αν€χώρ-ησ6ν GLl-TrA. 1 €19 GLT. *■ -ηκολονθησ^ν LTrA ; ηκολονθησαν placed after 

'Ιουδαίας Τ. » — αύτω [ο]τΧγΑ, « — oc [L]TTr[A]. " ακονοντ<:<; hearing LTTrA. 

'» 7Γ0ΐ€Ϊ he is doing ΤγΑ. ' " (θεώρονν, ηροσέπιπτον LTTrA w.^ y €κραζον ltTfAW. ^ » λβ- 
γοι/τες τ. » φανεροί' αύτοι/ GW. ^ παώσιν ΤΤιΑ. <= + [δτι jjSeiaav τον χριστοί/ αντον elvai] 
bccjiuse they had known him to be the Christ L. '^ — eepaneveiv τά? νόσους και τΤγΑ, 

« + ral €ποίησ€ν του? δώδ€κα, and he appointed the twelve τ, ^ όνομα t<J» 2ίμωνί iTrA. 

96 ΜΑΡΚΟ 2. ϊϊϊ. 

crp^s, ^.'■lich ip• The ^BofO'fpyf ς," aany v'loi βροντής' 18 και 'AvSoeav, και 

Αηάΐβ^Γ^ΗπΓρΜΗρ, Boanerges, which is Sons of thunder ; and Andrew, ami 

and Bartholomew, and φίλιΤΓΤΓΟΙ^, KOI BaoQoXouoioV, Kol ^Ματθοϊον,^^ Kul θωμάν, 

Matthew, and Thomas pj^.^. ^^^ Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, 

and James the son ot ,,, , ^ ^ , , , ^^ ^/ 

Aiphreus, and Thad- i^al Ίάκωβον Tov Tov ΆλψαΊον, κάί θαοδαΐον, και Σίμωνα 

dasus, and Simon the ^ James the [son] of Alplifeus, and Thaddieus, and Simon 

Canaanite, 19 and Ju- ^ . , , , , ^ V.' ' • .v ^ ' 

das iscariot, which rov 'Kai^ai'/n;v," 19 Kai loncav ^ Ισκαριωτην/ ος και παρε- 

alfio betrayed him : ^jjg Cananite, and Judas Iscarioto, who also deliver- 

δωκεν αυτόν. 

ed up him, 

Krtt Κρχονται^^ εις οίκον' 20 και συνέρχεται τταΚιν ^ οχΧος, 

And they come to a house : and ^comes*tog'ether ^again 'a'^crowd, 

And they went into ώστε μή.δύνασθαι.αΰτονς.'^μητΕ^^ άρτον ψαγείν. 21 και άκού- 
an house. 20 And the go that they are not able so much as ^i^^ead Ho -eat. And having 

multitude Cometh to- •' , , » ~ ^v~^/^ - > ' 

gether again, so that σαντες 01 τταρ avTov εξηλυον κρατησαι αυτόν 

they could not so heard [ef it]• those belonging to him went out to lay hold of him ; 

much as eat bread. > <'r^ ^y on τ^ ' < ~ , , » 

21 And when his ίλεγον.γαρ, On εζεστη. 22 Και οι γραμματείς οι αττο 

friends heard of it, for they said, He is beside himself. And the scribes " who from 

hold on him : for they Ιεροσολύμων καταβάντες ελεγον, "Οτι ΒεεΧζεβονλ έχει' και 

said, Ho is beside him- Jerusalem came down said, Beelzebul he has ; and 

self . 22 And the scribes »^^ » -^ « ~ s- ' ^ η "w < s- ' 

which came down On εν τψ αρχοντ^ των δαιμονίων εκβαλλει τα δαιμόνια. 
from Jerusalem said, By the prince of the demons he casts out the deinyus. 

He hath Beelzebub, r^n Tr > λ ' > λ ? id \ " '•\ 

and by the prince of 23 Και ττροσκοΚεσαμενος αυτούς εν παραβολαις ιλεγεν 

the devils casteth he And having called to [him] them in parables lie said 

canelTYhem ^ruohim, αύτοΤς, Πώς δύναται σατανάς σατανάν εκβάλλειν ; 24 και 

and said unto them in to them, How can Satan ^Satan 'cast ^out ? and 

LTS^ursala'nMav/3aai\a'a ^φ' ίαυτην μερισθ7^, ού.δύναται σταθηναι η 

24 And if a kingdom if a kingdom against itself be divided, ^is *not ^able ^to ''stand 
iSelf^'VS kxSoS βασιΧεία.εκε'ινη• 25 και iav οικία h<p' εαυτήν μεpισθy, "ου 
cannot otand. 25 And ^that ^kingdom : and if a house against itself be divided, ■'not 

R ain8t"^it8elf*^^^that δί>νατα0^^σταθήναιη.οίκίαΛκείνη'^^ 26 και ει 6 σατανάς ανέστη 

house^ cannot 'stand. ^is^able Ho 'stand Hhat=house: and if Satan has risen up 

u^ "^liinst^^^himseU^ *.^' ^^ιυτον *^και ■ μεμερισται,^^ ού.^ύναται 'σταθήναι,^^ άΧΧά 

and'^^divided he^can- a^a^ii^st himself and has been divided, he is not able to stand, but 

not standout hath an γεΧος εχΕί» 27 ^ ^ού.δύναται.οΰδεις^^ ''τά σκεύη του ισχυρού, 

enter into a^^s^ron^ ^^ ^"'^ ^^^' ^° °°^ ^^ ^°^ ^^^^ *® ^^^® **^® goods of the strong man, 

man's house, an ) spoil είσεΧθών εις τήν.οίκίαν'^.αύτοϋ, διαρττάσαι, εάν. μη ττρώτον 

his goods, except he having entered into his house, to plunder, unless first 

will first bind the ^ ° λ^/ \ r \ > r , ~ f, / 

strongman ; and then rov ισχυρον οησ^, και τοτε την.οικιανΜ,υΤον διαρπασει. 28 ά- 

he will spoil his house, the strongman he bind, and then his house ho will plunder. Ve- 

28 Verily I say unto , ^ » < ^ ,, , > λ ' » < ' 

you. All sins shall be μην λέγω υμίν, ΟΤΙ τταντα αφεθησεται ^τα αμαρτήματα τοΙς 
forgiven unto the sons riiy I say to you, that all ^shall-^be^^forgiven 'the -'sins to the 

of men, and bias- /^ -^ , r , i, \ n\ > " u -v ,, o> 

phcmies %vherewith υιοις των ανθρώπων," και ^ ρΧασφημιαι Υοσας'.'^αν" βΧασ- 

Boever they shall bias- sous of men, and blasphemies whatsoever they shall 

pheme : 29 but he that , , _. „ ,^ v» η /^^ , / > < ~ , 

shall blaspheme a- φημησωσιν' 29 ος.δ .αν βλασφημησ^ εις το ττνενμα το 

gainst the Holy Ghost have blasphemed ; but whosoever shall blaspheme against the Spirit the 
hath never forgive- „ , ^ „ , , ,^ n'\\>\\ » ' h' ii 

ncss, but is in danger uyioVy ουκ.εχει αφεσιν εις τον αιώνα, ^α\Χ" ένοχος °ίσην" 

of eternal damnation : Holy, has not forgiveness to eternity, but "liable ^to 'is 

30 because they said, > / „ ' n nn " ά tt ~ ' ' η » - 

He hath an unclean ο,ιωνιου '^κρίσεως " όΌ ΟΤΙ ελεγο7', ΙΙνενμα.ακαθαρτον έχει. 

spirit. eternal judgment; because they said, An unclean spirit he has. 

e βοανηρ-γές LTTrA. ^ ΜαθθαΙον LTTrA. » Καναναΐον Canana3ftn LTTrAW. 1^ Ίσκαρίώθ 
LTTrAW. 1 έρχεται he COmes T. n» + ό the (crowd) LTfA, " μηδέ LTi AW, ο ού δνι^σ-εται 
will not be able ττγα. ρ ή οικία Ικ^ίνη σταθηναι {στηναι Τγα) lttfa. . ι βμ€ρίσθη, καΐ he is 
divided, and τ. ' στηναι ΤΤγα. " + αλλ* but ΤΤγΑ. * ούδεΙς δύναται GLTrW. * ει? την 
οΊκίαν τοΰ ισχνρον Gtσeλf)ώl' τα σκεύη TTr, '^ τοΓ? υιοί? των ανθρώπων τα. αμαρτήματα 

GLTTrAW. ' -f αϊ the GLTTrAW. y 'όσα LTTrA. ^ eav TrA. » άλλα LTTrA. •> €σται 

shall be τ. « αμαρτήματος sin (read guilty of eternal sin) LTTrA, 

ιϊϊ, ΐν. Μ Α β Κ. 97 

31 ^"Εργοί'ΤΓίί.ουν" ^ οι αδελφοί και ϊΐ.μ,ιιτηοΜντοΰ,^^ και ^.31 There came then 
• ^ Then come ^ ^[his] bretluren and hi, mother, and ^^^^v^^^^^^^^^ '^^f^^^^ 

ίζω ^ίστώτες" απέστειλαν ττρός αυτόν, ^φωνονι^τες" αυτόν. \^^ without, sent.uuto 

^without ^standing sent to him, calling him. 

him, calling him. 

Λ > / / h» V > ' II • - < t ! f '"^'^ -^^^ ^'^^ multitude 

32 και εκαθητο "υχ\ος ττερι αυτόν" ^εΤττον.δε'^ αύτψ. Ιδού, sat about him, and 

And ^sat 'a -crowd around him: and they said to him, Behold, they said unto him, 
< / < < , rv ^ . l• "V ' ~ , , Behold, thy mother 

ϊΙ-μητηρ.σου και οι.αδελφοι.σου ^ &ζω ςητουσιν σε. 33 Καί and thy brethren with- 

thy mother and thv brethren without seek thee. And °^^* . ^^^ ^ o^ t^^e. 

I . 'n , ~ Λ / ' II rn' ' < ' rr, AM . , t^ X ^"^ ^^^^ "^^ answorcd 

^αττεκριυη αυτοις, AsyojVy" ίις εστίν ιι.μητηρ.μου ""/)" οι αοελ- them, saying, Who is 
he ansv/ered them, saying. Who is my mother or ^breth- °^y mother, or my 

^ ' η II o^ T^ ^ o\ I ' η ' \ ^ > ^ brethren? 34 And he 

φοι'^ίΐον"; 34 Kat ττεριρλεψαμενος ^κυκλφ τους ττερι looked round about υη 

ren ^my? And having looked around on ^in *a ^circuit Hhose ^who aroimd them which sat about 

> X π η ' Λ ' η"τ 5» II « ' ' ' ν « > ^ -ν . ' ^'-ί™> and said. Behold 

αυτόν καυημενους, λέγει, ρ Ιοε," η.μητηρ.μον και οι αδελφοί my mother and my 

him were sitting, -he says, Behold, my mother' and ^brethi-en brethren ! 35 For who- 

. or '^ α » II A ' r ^ /T\ II ~ Λ - τ ' 5^ Λ soever shall do tlie 

uov do οςΛγαρ .αν ττοιηη^ Vo ϋελημα^^ του Θεού, ούτος αΰελ- win of God, the same 

^my : for whoever shall do the^ will of God, he ^bro- is my brother, and my 

0ός uov και αδελφή J μου' και μητηρ εστίν. "'*"'"• ^""'^ °'°'^'''• 

ther 'rcy and my sister and mother is. 

4 K«i ττάλιν ήρξατο διδάσκειν παρά την Θάλασσαν' και 

And again he began to teach by the sea. And 

'σί'νήχθι^ προς αυτόν όχλος ^ττολ^ς," ωστε αυτόν ""ψ- again t^°ttach by^the 

was gathered together to him a ''crowd ^great, so that ho haying sea side : and there was 

βάντα εις τό ττλοΤον" καθήσθαι iv fy θaλάσσy, και πάς ό fSit'luitituiJ," so 

entered into the ship sat in the sea,. and all the that he entered into a 

όχλος προς την θάλασσαν 'επι της γης ^^r.» 2 και εδιδασκεν ^: ^^^^ '^\ '^.^'^^ 

crowd close to the sea on the land was. And he taught multitude was by the 

αυτούς εν πάρα βολαΐς πολλά, και ελεγεν αύτοίς εν Ty ^t- hTtau^htuilmLiny 

them in parables .many things, and said to them in ''teach- things by parables and 

δaχy.aύτoΰ, 3 Άκούετε• ιδού, εζηλθεν 6 σπείρων ^roD" σπεΧραι ^Ι^^^^Ι^^'^ 3^:?arkt5i^ 

ing 'his. Hearken : behold, went out the sower to sow, ' Behold ' there went 

4 και εγενετο εν.τψ.σπε'ιρειι/, ο. μεν επεσεν παρά την όδόν, ο^* ^ sower to sow : 

And it came to pass as he sowe^d, ^ one ^ f ell ^ by the way, L'^he sowersom^'feli 

και -ηλθεν τά πετεινά ^τοϋ . ούρανου^^ καί κατεφαγεν αυτό. by the way side, and 

and came the birds of the heaven and devoured it, *^® i% ΐ /-^ 

came and devoured it 

5 "αλλο.ίέ" επεσεν επι τό πετρώδες, ° 'όπου ούκ.είχεν γήν up. 5 And some fell on 

And another fell upon the rocky place, where it had not ^'carth ?*"?'!? ground where 
> , r,' » I' I ■^ \ X V " /3 ' η Η ^* ^^'^ °^* much earth ; 

ιχολλην' και ^ευθέως" ε'^ανετπλεν, δια το.μη.εχειν βαθος^^ and immediately it 

'much, and immediately it sprang up, because of not having depth s]>rang up, because it 
Λ, > ,.r 1 f 1 ' η w » ^ < had no depth of earth: 

γης' 6 ^^ιλιου.δε ανατειλαντος" ^^εκαυματισθη," και δια 6 but when the sun 

of earth; and [the] sun having arisen it was scorched, and because of was up, it was scorch- 

V , « (,v >v ' /Λ rr \ "\\ '>' ' o-a X Μ ^" > aud bccause it had 

το.μη.εχειν ριζαν εξηρανθη._ 7 και άλλο επεσεν εις ^^τας' no root, it withered a- 

not having root it withered away; And another foil among the way, 7 And some fell 
) / Λ \ y 1^ < ./ A ^ ' y ' ' < among thorns, and the 

άκανθας' και ανεβησαν ai ακανθαι, και συνεπνιξαν αυτό, και thorns grew up, and 

thorns, and ^grow 'up 'the ''•^thorns, and choked it, and choked it, and it yield- 

y > «Λ r> > ha "ΛΛ II " ' » ~ χ ed uo frult. 8 And 

καρπον ουκ.εδωκεν. 8 και ^^αλλο επεσεν εις την γην την other fell on pood 
fruit it yielded not. And another fell into the ground the ground, and did yield 

<• ical έρχονται LTrAW ; /cat έρχεται Τ. ^ ή Μτηρ αυτόν και οι αδελφοί αύτοΟ GLTTrW ; οί 

αδελφοί αϋτου και ή μητηρ αυτού Α. ^ στηκοντ£ς ΤΤγΑ. S καλουντΐς LTTrA. ^ περί avTOu 

όχλο? LTTrAW. » καΐ λεγουσιν and they say LTTrAW. ^ + καΐ αί ( — αϊ w) άδελφαι σου 

and thy sisters lt[a]w. i άττοκριθείς αύτοΓ? λέγει answering them he saj's ττγλ. "" καΐ 
and LTTr. » — μου [τγ]α. ° τον? περί αύτον κύκλω LTTr. Ρ 'Ιδού L. "3 — yap 

for LT [τγ]α. "• τά θελήματα (read the things God wills) a. ^ — μου my LrrrA. 

' συνάγεται is gathered to«:ether lttiaw. ' πλείστο? very great ttfaw, "' et? το (— το 
TTrW) πλοΐον εμ^3άντα LTTrAV. » ήσαν were ΤΤγα. y — τοΰ LT[Tr]A. * — του ουρανού 

GLTTrAW, a ^^i άλλο LTTrA. ^ + «at and [LTfJa. ^ ευθύς LTTrA. '^^ + της I.. 

«* και ότε ά-^ετείλεΓ ό ήλιος and when the sun was risen LTTrA. ^^ εκαυματίσθησαν tUey 

were scorched τγ. e* — τάς g. *»» άλλα others ta. 

98 Μ A Ρ Κ Ο S. ir. 

fruit that sprang up καΧην' καί eS'iSov καοπυν άναβαινοντα και 'αι/^άνοντα," και 

and increased ; and ,' j • j •. -;! .^ ' • ■, . . > "-ν ι 

brought forth, some &°°^> ^^^ yielded fruit, growing up and increasing, and 

thirty, and some sixty, ξφΕρεν ^'fV" τοιάκορτα, Kttl '''fV" e^fiKovTa, καΙ ''ev" ίκατόν, 

rinThe''''sI\7unto ^«^^ , «^^ "^ t^irtj, ' and one^ sixty, and^ one a hundred, 

them. He that hath 9 Y^cd 'iXeyfv ^αύτοΤς," '"Ό. ί'χων" ώτα άκονειν άκονετω. 

heir *^10^nd when S ^"^^ he said to them. He that has ears to hear let him hear. 

was. alone, they that 10 ^"Οτε.δΡ εγ'ενετο ^καταμόνας,^^ ^ήρώτησαν^^ αυτόν οί "περί 

were about him with And when he was alone, 'asked «him "those «about 

the twelve asked of , ^ , ^ ^ , ^ , ο ^ ' 11 -. -. ν j-n 

him the parable. avTOV ovv ToiQ οωοεκα ^τήν τταραρολην. • 11 και ελεγεν 

11 And he said unto aj^i^Q *with ^the ^twelve [as to] the parable. , And he said 

them, Unto you it 13 , ^ , ^ - , ^ ^ , , 11 ~ /a λ • 

giventoknowthemys- αυτοις; 1 μιν ^οεύοται γνωναι το μνστηρων" της ρασιΚειας 

teryof theking !om of to them, To you has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom 
G-oa : but unto them ^ ^ .v , , ;>, ^ „y •, ο \ - r ^w ' 

that are without, all TOv θεον' εκεινοις.οε τοις εξω, εν τταραρολαις ^τα^'.παντα 

these things are done of Grod : but to those who are without, in parables all things 

in parables: 12 that , 1 ct " ιολ ' /d\ ' \ \ «<>. . > 

seeing they may see, γινεται' 12 ivu βλετΓοντες ρλεττωσπ^, και μη^ιόωσιν; και 

and not perceive ; and are done, that seeing they may see, and not * perceive ; and 

and not^nStanY; άκονοντες άκονωσιν, και μη συνιώσιν μηποτε Ιτηστρεφω- 

le-<t at any time they hearing they may hear, and not understand, lest they should be con- 

InT'LisinTIwd ^^y, 'c«i ■ άφεθ^ αύτοΊς Vd αμαρτήματα^ 13 Και 

be forgiven them, verted, and ^should *be ^forgiven ^them ['their] -=sins. And 

them^'^iiow^^ye^not ^^7^^ αύτοίς, Οϋκ.ο'ί^ατε τήν.παυαβοΧήν.ταυτην j κηι πώς 

this par able? and how lie says to them, Perceive ye not this parable? and how 

then will ye know all ^τάσας τάο παραβολάς γνώσεσθε; 14 ύ σπείρων τον Xoyov 

^owSf'ih? woTd! aU the- p'arables '^ Jill ye know'? ^ ^ The sower the wird 

15 Asd these are they σττείρει. 15 οντοι.δε Είσιν οι παρά τη. υδόν, οπον σττείρεται 

tL'woidTs'so^'I bu? «o^s. And these ^ are they by ^ the way, where ^ is sown 

when they have heard, q Χόγος, και οταν άκούσωσιν, ^ευθέως" έρχεται 6 σατανάς 

Satan comcthimmedi- ^^ . ^ ^j^^^ they "hear, immediately comes Satan 

ately, and taKeth away ' ^ , , » t , ~ 5>, , 

the word that was icai α'ίρει τον Xoyov τον εστταρμενον ^εν ταις.καρδιαις.αν•- 

sown in their hearts, g^^^ takes away the word that has been sown in their hearts. 

16 And these are they „ λ χ - / > . / .ι t » > < ' v. 
likewise which are των. 16 και ούτοι ^εισιν ομοίως" ot εττι τα ττετρωοη 
sown on stony greund ; ^j^j those are in like manner they who upon the rocky places 
who, when they have , <i „ •, ι » λ ' ν ' /Τ ii ' 

heard the word, imme- σπειρομενοι, 01, οταν ακονσωσιν τον Αογον, ^ευΰεως^^ μετά 

diately receive it with are sown, who, Λvhen they hear the word, immediately with 

gladness; 17 and have ~λ rt ' >' τ>^ %»«• t-y ?< 

no root in themselves, χαράς Χαμβανονσιν αντον^ 17 και ονκ.εχονσιν ριζαν εν εαν 

and so endui'e but f or joy receive it, and have not root in tliera- 

wheiTafflictio^orper- τοΤς, άΧΧά πρόσκαιροι εΙσιν είτα γενομένης ΘΧίφεως η 

sccution ariseth for selves, but temporary are ; then having arisen tribulation or 

Se'dilSythryWo^f: ^ιωγμοϋ Sia τόνΧόγον, -είθεως^^ σκανδαΧίζονται. 18 καί 
fended. 18 And these persecution on account of the word, immediately they are ofltended. And 

sown^imoiTitior^"• "Όντοί^^ είσιν oi ^εί'ς" τάς άκανθας σπειρομενοι, οϋτοί 

such as hear the word,' these are they who among the thorns are sown, these 

w r?d in^the'dec*" u^ ^'^^'''^ ^'^ Tov Xoyov ^άκονοντες,^^ 19 και αί μεριμναι τον 

ftrkies's^'of riches!''and are they who the word hear, ^ and^ the cares ^ 

the lusts of other ^'mvoc ^τοντοΌ^^ και η άπατη τον πΧοντον και αί περί 

ctethrwor^LdTt of this life and the deceit ofriches and^the^^of. 

becometh unfruitful, ^^ Χοιπά επιθναίαι είσπορενόμεναι ^^σνμπνίγονσιν^^ τον Xoyov^ 

lUf Srso^'^'S^-otherHhings Mesir^s enteWin_ ^ ^ choke^ _the wonl, 

good ground ; such as και άκαρπος γίνεται. 20 καί ^οϋτοί^^ είσιν οι επι την γην 
and unfruitful it becomes. And these are they who upon the ground 

i αύ^αι/όμει/οι/ LTTrAW. ^ et? A ; els untO TTr. ^ — αύτοι? GLTTrAW. ^ o? έχει LTTrAW. 
ο καί ore LTTrA. <> liara μάνας LTTr. Ρ ηρώτων LTrA ; ήρώτουν Τ. ^ τάξ παραβολάς 

the parables TTrA. ' — yuuivai hTTrX ; το μυστήριον δέΒοται ΙΤτΧ. β — τα τ. ^ ^ — τα 

αμαρτήματα (read [their sins]) [lIttfA. "^ €νθύζ ΤΤγΑ. " ei/ αντοΓ? in them τ ; et? αύτούν 
in them Τγα. '^ όμ-οίως εΙσΙν τ. y €νθυς LTTrA. ^ άλλον others GltTpaw. ^ erri about r. 
b άκουσαι /Tes heard TTiA. c __ τούτου this GLTXiA. ^ awnviyovaiu ta « e/ceiiOt 

those TTrA. 

IV. Μ A Pw κ. m 

την καλην στΓαρίντες, οΊτη'Ζς άκονονσιν τον \6yov και ^^"■Γ *^ word, and 

the good have been sown, such as hear the word and fortt7^ fruH^*^ "sojig 

TrapaSsYOVTai^ καΐ καοττοψορονσιν, 'ει/" τριάκοντα, και 'ίΐ^" thirtyf old, some sixty, 

receive [it], and bring forth fruit, one thirty, and one ^f'^.'T",,^'' hundred. 

» f-, η « / \ » , ' », . ^ unto 

εζ,ηκοντα, Kai 'fV εκατόν. 21 Και ελεγεν αντοΧς, ^Μήτι "ό them, is a caudle 
3ixty, and one a hundred. And he said Xo them, -The ^rought to be put un- 

, „ ., „ < \ \ > T. /I ^ Λ , , "^^^ ^ bushel, or under 

Χνχνος έρχεται iva viro τον μούιον τεθ^ η νττό την a hed? and not to be 

*lamp 'comes that under the corn measure it may be put or under the ^^^ °^ ^ candlestick? 

, „ , , , , ., , 22 for there is nothing 

κΧινην ; ονχ iva εττι την λνχνιαν ^επιτεθ^'^ ; 22 ου. yap hid, which shall not be 

couch? [Is it] not that upon the lampstand it may be put? for not manifested; neither 

tOTiV ^Tr κρντΓτον, Ό" εαν.μη "" φανερωθψ ούδε secret, but that it 

-is 'anything hidden, unless it should be made manifest, nor should come abroad. 

, / > / , » \ Λ > " η ' , ^ "\ rt η 23 If any man have 

εγενετο αττοκρνφον, αλλ iva "εις ψανερον εΑυη.' ,ears to hear, let him 

hfCBltaken 'place *a ^secret ^thing, but that to light it should come. hear. 24 And he said 

Ή„ . " , r } f > ' ο 4 Tr ' "N 1 ~ unto them. Take heed 

23 ειηο ε•){Εΐ ωτα ακουειν, ακονετω. 24 Και ελεγεν αντοις, what ye hear: with 

If aH«ara has ears to hear, let him hear. And he said to them, what measure ye mete, 

Γ,Λ i' __^ '■'„_' ~' ~ n' it shall be measured 

ΒλεττετΒ τι ακουετε. εν φ μετρφ μετρειτε μετρηθησεται to you : and unto you 
Take heed what ye hear : with what measure ye mete it shall be measured that hear shall more 

ΰμΧν, '"καίττροστεθησεται νμΧν^^ ^τοΐς άκόνονσϊν:' 25ος.γάρ ^αν ?^ε^Ξ', to him shai! 

to you, and I'^shaU 'be ''added Ho -you *who ''hear; for whoever be given : and he that 

εχρ,Η do&Wrai αύτψ' και ος ονκ.εχει, και δ ί'χ" ^ι ^e^'ta^r eve" 

may have, 'shall *be ^given Ho^him ; and he who has tot, even that ^hich he has that which he hath. * 

άρθήσεται άττ' αντοΰ. 

shall be taken from him. 

26 Και ελεγεν, Ο'ύτως εστίν η βασιλεία τον θεοΰ, ως 'έαν" thf Wngd^om 1?' Οοί 

And he said, Thus is the kingdom of G-od, as' if as if a man should cast 

άνθρωτΓος βάλy τ6ν σπόρον ΙπΙ της y^, 27 mi καθεΰ^ι;, r'lnf'siouif XVi 

a mau should cast the seed upon the earth, and should sleep and ri^e night and day, 

•cai εγείρηται νύκτα και ημεραν, και 6 σττόρος ''βλaστάvy^^ Bpr1ng^lnrgrow"ulJ 
and rise night, and day, and the seed should sprout jjg knoweth not how! 

και μηκννηται ώς ονκ.οΐδεν αυτός' 28 αυτόματη ^yap^^ η yrj eth*S^rth°fnift^of h°J- 
and be lengthened how =knows^not 'he; , ^of ^itself 'for the earth ggif . gj-gt ^γ^^ blade 

καρττοφορεΧ, πρώτον χόρτον, ^ειτα" στάχνν, "Έϊτα^^ ""-πλήρη ^he^fixU^corn^in ^the 

brings forth fruit, first a blade, then an ear, then full ^^^ 29 But when" the 

σίΓΟν" εν τω στάγυ'ι. 29 οτανΜ ^παραδφ^^ 6 καρπός, fruit is brought forth, 
corn ^ in ^ thi ^ ea^r. ^ And when 3offers^ntsrif Hhe ^f^ruit, ^' Sfn'thtsicklei'be: 

^ευθέως" αποστέλλει τό δρεπανον,'ότιπαρεστηκεν 6 θερισμός. cause the harvest is 

'immediately he sends the sickle, for has come the harvest. come. 

30 Kai ελεγεν,• ^TiVi" ομοιώσωμεν την βασιλείαν τον θεον ; 30 And he said, 

And he said. To what shall we liken the kingdom of God? Whereunto shall we 

«, , ^ -, , ,, f y, ' liken the kingdom of 

η εν "τΓοίςι παραβολή παραβάλωμεν αύτην •,^^ 31 ως "/co/c/cy" God? or with what 

or with what . parable shall we compare it? As to a grain co™Pa"son shall we 

, ■ „ „ ^ , , ^ ,- • r II compare it ? 31 It is 

σιναπεως, ος, όταν σπαρ^ επι της γης, '^μικρότερος like a grain of mus- 

of mustard, which, when it has been sown upon the earth, less *»τΊ seed, which, when 

, . \, ' r ri' > II , , «. ~ ~ 11 „Λ » it is sown in the earth, 

πάντων των σπερμάτων "^εστιν^^ ^τών. επι τη£ γηζ 32 και is less, than, all the 

than all the seeds is which '[are] upon the earth, and seeds that be in the 

^ , -J , , , r , ^ I , earth : 33 but when it 

οταν σπαρί^, αναβαίνει, και γίνεται 'πάντων των λάχανων is sown, it groweth up, 

when it has been sown, it grows up, and. becomes ^than ^all *the "herbs and beoometh greater 

-y I, , ,. ^ r r> ,^ „ Λ/ rt ' ^ than all herbs, and 

υ,είί,ων " και ποιεί κλαόονς μεγάλους, ώστε όυνασΰαι νπο shooteth out great 
^greater, and produces -branches 'great, so that ^are 'able 'under branches ; so that the 

' ev in TTr. S + oTt that TA. ^ έρχεται ό λύχνος LTTrA. ' Τ€θη LTTrAW. ^ — Tt 

(read it is not) [l]ti{a]. ' — δ LTTrA. ^ + Iva that lt[a]. " eX9ri ek φαν^ρόν τΤγα. 

° — και ττροσ. νμίν G. Ρ — τοις ακοϋονσιν GLTTrA. <ι έχει has LTTrA. •■ — εάν TTr α. 

• βλαστα LTTrA. ^ — γαρ LTTrA. »' εΐτέι/ τ. " ττληρης σίτος LTTrA. « παραδρΓ LTTrA. 
y ευθύς τΤγΑ. » Πώς liow TTrA. ^ TtVi αύτην παραβολγ} θώμεν what parable shall we 
represent it? LTTrA. ^> kokkou a grain gltiaw. ^ μικρύτερον ov being less LTTrA. 

* — έστιν LTXrA. ,« [τωρ inl τής γής] L. ^ μΐίζων (ju-ei^o»/ T) πάντων των λάχανων LTTrA. 


fowls of the air may 
lodge under the shar 
dow.of it. 33 And with 
matiy such parables 
spakJe he the word unto 
them, as they were 
able to hear it. 34 But 
without a parable 
spake h« not unto 
them : and when they 
were alone, he ex- 

Eounded all things to 
is disciples. 

35 And the same day, 
when the even was 
come, he saith unto 
them, Let us pass over 
unto the other side, 
36 And when they had 
sent away the multi- 
tude, theV took him 
even as he was in the 
ship. And there were 
alfco with him other 
little ships. 37 And. 
there arose a great 
Btorm of -wind, and 
the waves beat into 
the ship, so that it was 
now full. 38 Aud he 
was in the hinder part 
of the ship, asleep on 
a pillow : and they 
awake him," and say 
unto him. Master, 
carest thou not that 
we perish? 39 And he 
arose, and rebuked the 
wind, and said unto 
the sea, Peace, be still. 
And the wind ceased, 
and there was a great 
calm. 40 And he said 
unto them, Why are 
ye so fearful ? how is 
it that ye have no 
faith? 41 And they 
feared exceedingly, 
and sa4d one to an- 
other, What manner 
of. man is this, that 
even the wind and the 
lea obey him ? 

V, And they came 
over unto the other 
Bide of the sea, into 
the country of the Ga- 
darenes. 2 And when 
he was come out of 
the ship, immediately 
there met him. but 
of the -tombs a man 
with an unclean spirit, 
3 who had his dwelling- 
among the tombs ; and 
no man could bind him, 
no, not with chains ; 


IV, V. 

την σκιάν αυτού τα ττετεινα τον ουρανού κατασκηνοϋν. 

'the ^shadow •*οί ^it the birds of the heaven to roost. 

33 Kat τοιαυταις τταραβοΧαΊς ττολλαΤς ΙΧαΚει αυτοΧς τον 

And with "such 4>arables 'many he spoke to them the 

λόγον, καθώς ^ή^ύναντο^^ άκούειν, 3-4 χωρις.δε τταραβολ-ης 

word, as they were able to hear, but without a parable 

ούκ.ελάλει αύτοίς' κατ'.ΙζίανΜ ^τοΙς.μαθηταΊς.αϋτοϋ'^ εττελυεν 

spoke he not to them ; and apart to his disciples he explained 


all things. 

35 Και -λέγει αυτοΊς εν εκεLvy τγημερ^ί, ό-φίας γενομένης^ 

And he says to them on thai day, evening being come, 

ΑιεΧθωμεν εις το τν'εραν. 36 Και αφέντες τον οχΧον, 

Let lis pass over to the other si^e. ' And having dismissed the crowd, 

τταραΧαμβάνουσιν αυτόν ώς ην εν τψ πΧοίφ' και άΧΧα 

they take with [them] him as he was in the ship ; ''also ^other 

*^ε" ^ττΧοιάρια^^ *^v" μετ αύτον. 37 και γίνεται ΧαΙΧαφ 

'but small ship? were with him. " ^ And comes a ''storm 

^ανεμ,ον μεγάΧη,^^ ^τά.δε" κύματα εττεβαΧΧεν εις το πλοΤον, 

^of*wind "^violent, and the waves beat 'into the ship, 

ωστε °αυτο Ίΐδη γε/χίζεσθαι." 38 και ^ν αυτός ρΙτγι" ry ττρύ- 

80 that • it already . was filled. And '■'was 'he on the stern 

μvy ετΓΐ τό προσκεφάΧαιον καθεΰ^ων' και '^ΰιεγε'φονσιν^^ 
on the cushion ■ sleeping. And they arouse 

aiJTOVi και Χεγονσιν αύτφ, Διδάσκαλε, οϋ.μεΧει σοι οτι 

him, and say . to him, Teacher, is i^ no concern to thee that 

άτΓοΧΧνμεθα) 39 Και διεγερθείς εττετΊμησεν τφ άνεμφ, 

we perish ? And having been aroused he rebuked the wind, 

και είπεν Ty θaXάσσy^ Σιώπα^ πεφ'ιμωσο. Και εκόττασεν ό 

and said to the sea. Silence, be quiet. And ^fell 'the 

άνεμος^ jcai εγενετο γαΧηνη μεγάΧη. 40 και είττεν αύτοΊς, 

"windj and there was a ^calm 'great. And he said to them, 

Ti δειλοί εσtε '^οϋτως; πώς ου κ^^ έχετε ττίστιν, 41 Και Ιφο- 
Why fearful are ye thus? How ^ot 'have '■'ye faith? And they 

βηθησαν φόβον μεγαν, ' και εΧεγον ττρός.άΧΧηΧονς^ Τις 

feared [with] ^f<iar 'great, . and said one to another. Who 

άρα αϊτός εστίν, οτι και 6 άνεμος και η θάΧασσα ^υπάκουου- 

then ■■'this 'is, that even the wind and the , sea obey 

σιν ai)T(p ; 

' him? 

5 Και ^\θον εις τό πέραν της Θαλάσσης, εις την χώραν 

And they came to the other side of the sea, to the country 

Tojv '^Γαδαρηί^ών.^^ 2 και Ηϊ,εΧθ6ντι.αϋτ(Ρ εκ τον πΧο'ιου^ 
of the Gadarenes. And on his having gone forth out of the ship, 

^ευθέως" "^ άτ^ηντησεν^'^ αντφ εκ των μνημείων άνθρωπος 

immediately' met him out of the tombs a man 

εν πνενματι.άκαθάρτψ^ 3 ος την κατοίκησιν έίχεν εν τοΊς\ 

with. , an unclean spirit, who [his] dwelling '' had in the 

^μνημειοις'^^ και ^ουτε" ^άλύσεσιν" * ουδείς ^ήδννατο^^ αυτόν 

tombs ; and not even with chains anyone was able him 

' (lit. no one") 

e eSvvavTO LXr^ " ^ TOis ίδιοι? μ^Θηταΐς to his OWB disciples TA. ^ — 8e LTr[A]. '' ίτλοΐα 
ships GLTXrA. ^ ήσαν Τ. "^ μεγάλη άνέμον LTTrA. " και τα LTTrA ° η8η γ^μίζ^σθαι 

τί) πλοΐοι/ already was filled the ship lttfa. ρ ev in glttiaw. q eyeipovaiv they awake ιτγα. 
' ; ονττω ^not *yet LTr, .. - • αύτώ νπακού€ΐ Τ ; υπακούει αντω Τγα. * Τέρασιηνών Gerasenes 
LTTr ; Τ€ρ•γ€σηνων Gergesenes a, . " ίξελθόΡτος αύτοϋ LXTr. ▼ — εύββω? L ; ευθύ? τ[Τγ]α. 
^ ύΐΓηντΎ)σ€ν LTTr. * μνημασίν (— ν GW) GLTTrAW•. J ovSk LTTrAW. « άλνσει with a chain 

LTTrA. .* +-ούί{€τι any longer (iit. no longer; ltttaw, ^ iSyvaro LiirA. 

V. MAR Κ. 101 

^Γ/σαι, 4 ^ιά το αντον ττοΧΚάκις ττεδαις και άλύσεσιν ds- * because that he had 
to bind, because that he often -with fetters and chains ^^ad f|t\'^°g*^'^^^^|'jJ'^\J5 

δεσθαι, και διεσπάσθαι νπ αντου τάς άΧνσεις, καΐ *^® chains had been 
been bound, and ^-had^beennorn «asunder 'by «him Hhe '■'cbains, and £m and'^tbe'^fltti^ 
τάς πεδας σνντετρίψθαι, καΐ ονδείς'^αυτον'ίσχνεν^^ δαμάσαι' broken ΐη pieces : nei- 

the 'fetters had been shattered, and no ona him was able to subdue. Ϋ^^^ ί'?^^'^ J^^J "*"** 
^ , , < , , ^ „ . , tame him. 5 And al- 

5 και "βιατταιτος" νυκτός και ημέρας εν τοΊς ^υρεσιν και εν ■ways, uig>bt and day, 

And continually nig-ht and day in the mountains ana in ^®. '^'*^^ ^ }^'^ moun- 

^ , ,, - , „ , , t r Λ 'Λ tams, and lu the 

τοις μνημασιν^^ ην. κραζων και κατακοτττων εαυτόν λιθοις. tombs, ητί"?. and 

the tombs he was crying and cutting himself with stones, cutting himself with 

/-. Ρτ•ν' ^Mi V >, ~ ) X Ά «^ ^ stones. 6 But when lie 

6 Μόων.ύί" τον Ιησουν αττο μακρόθεν, εύραμεν και ττροσ- saw jesus afar off, ho 

And haying seen Jesus from afar, he ran and did ι*'Τίι and worshipped 

p. > ~ II - > 'y , ~ 'Λ h r II rn' » > ^i°^' 7 ίΐηά cried with 

εκυί'ησεν^αυτφ," 7 και κραζας φωνι^ μεγαλι^'^είττεν. Τι εμοι a loud voice, :md said, 

homage to him, and crying witha^voice 4oud hesaid, 'VMiattome What have I to do 

> '»T ~ '< ~Vi~ -'«;/ «/v ^ with thee, Jesus, thou 

και σοι, Ιησού, νιε του θεού του υψίστου ; ορκίζω σε τον son of the most high 

and to thee, Jesus, Son of God the Moit High ? I adjure thee God? I adjure thee 

η ' ' ο ' ο "Λ ' »~*ι-ι^ΛΛ ^ by Grod, that thou tor- 

θεον, μη με ρασανισ^ς. 8 ελεγεν.γαρ αυτψ, Εξελθε, το mentmenot. 8Forhe 

by God, 'not ■■^me 'torment. For he was saying to him, Come forth, the said unto him, Come 

ττνίϋμα το άκάθαρτον, εκ του άνθρώτον. 9 Και εττηρώτα uncieL?pirTt^^9 And 

spirit the unclean, out of the man. And he asked he asked him, A\liat 

αυτόν, Ύί '^σοι.ονομα^^ ', ΚαΙ ^άπεκρίθη, λέγων,' 'Αεγεών^^ ^^^Ι^^^^^^^^^ 

him, AVhat [is] thy name ? And he answered, • saying. Legion name is Legion : for 

δνομάφοι,-^ οτι πολλοί εσμεν. 10 Και παρεκάλει «ύτόν -^-'ouglThimmti 

my name [is], because many we are. And he besought him that he would not send 

ΊΓολλά, Ίνα μή ""αυτούς^' ά^τoστεΊλy εξω της χώρας. 11 ^ν.δε ^eountr^Ti N^wlhSe 

much, that not them he would send out of the country. Now there was -was .there ni^h unto 

εκεί πρός^τά ορη' άγελη χοίρων μεγάλη βοσκό μένη- 12 και ^^^l^^^'f^^^'if^Zf 

there just at the mountains a "herd \vf *swine 'great feeding; and 12 And all the devils 

τταρεκάλεσαν αυτόν ^πάντες οι δαίμονες,' λέγοντες, ΤΙεμφον hesought him saying, 

^ iesought ^him 'all ^the 3d/mons, [ ^ siying. sS ^ ^^l^^lZ^e'^^l^l^t'o 

ημάς εις τους χοίρους, 'ίνα εις αυτούς εισ'ελθωμεν. 13 Και them. 13 And forth- 

^us into the swine, ^ that into them we m.ay enter. ^ ^f i:ivVln"d\^;TucS; 

εττέτρειίεν αυτοΧς ^ευθέως ό Ί??σοΰς." και εξελθόντα τα spirits went out, and 

^^llowed ^them immediately 'Jesus. And having gone out the entered into the swine. 

, , , , ~ > , / \ tt *°<i *"^ herd ran vio- 

ττνευματατά ακάθαρτα εισήλθον εις τους χοίρους' και ωρμησεν lentiy down a steep 

spirits the unclean entered into the - swine, and ^rushed place into the .«ea, 
, , , y ^ ~ » 1 Λ 'Λ - !'^ιι (they were about two 

η αγέλη κατά του κρημνού εις την θάλασσαν ^ήσαν οε thousand;) and were 

*the -herd down the steep --into the sea, (now they were choked in the sea, 

s. ,x , , , , ~ Λ Λ ' i\ sr»< ίΜΐ 14 ^^d t^«^y t^^•'^* ^^^ 

ως οισχιλιοι' και εττνιγοί'το εν Ty θαλασσή. 14 "Ui.of" the swine fled, .and 

about two thousand), and they were choked in the sea. And those who told /i in the city, and 

a, , , 11• " J ' V > ' Λ II , , in the country. Ami 

οσκοντες ^τονς χοίρους^* εφυγον, και ^ανήγγειλαν" εις την they went out to see 

fed the swine fled, and announced [it] to the what it was that was 

/N • Λ > , , / X „>ν~χΛ η '?> ~ ' ■> « done. 15 And they 

ΤΓολιν και εις τους αγρούς, και ^εζηλθον^^ ιόειν τι εστίν το come to Jesus, and see 

city and to the country. And they went out to see what it is that him that was possc-^sod 
' . -, c '" ' ^'τ ~ ^Λ ~ with the devil, aiul 

γεγονός* 15 και έρχονται προς τον Ιησουν, και θεωρονσιν had the legion, sitting, 

has been done. And they come to Jesus, and see and clothed, and in 

rbi' δαιμονιζόμενον καθήμενον ^και^^ Ίματισμενον και σωφρο- they"^ were'° afralli. 

the possessed by demons sitting and clothed and of sound iq And they that saw 

νοΰντα, τόν.ίσχηκότα rov ^λεγεώνα'" και Ιφοβήθησαν, 16 και 

mind, him who had the legion : and they were afraid. And 

<= Ισχύει/ αντον LTTrA w. ^ g^^ παντοζ AL• « μνημασιν ( — ν GW) (cat ev τοΙς ορβσιν GLTTrAW. 
' καΐ ίδών ΤΤγΑ. g αυτόν Α. '^ λέγει he says LTTiAW. ' οΐ'ομά σοι LTXi;A.. ^ "^ λε'γει 

αΰτω he says to him uLTTrAW. ' Αεγιώι/ LTTrA. "= + εστί!/ is L. ^ " αυτά TTr. 

° τω δρει the mountain glttfaw. ρ '— ττάντες GW[L•] ; — τία^-τε? οι δαιμοι/ες (read they 

besought) ττγΑ. <i — εύβεως ό 'Ιησούς {read he allowed) [ε]ττγ[α]. ■■ — ήσαν δε [LJXTrA. 
* καϊ ot LTTrA ' αύτού? them GLTTrAW. ^ άττηγγειλαι/ told GLTTrAW. ^ ηλθον 

thoy went LTTiAW. » — ' ΚΛί LTTrA. y \eyi.iova LTTrA. 

102 . ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. V. 

it told them how it ^ιηγηααρτο αύτοϊς οι ίδόττΕΟ, ττώς Ιγενετο τψ δαι~ 

^CSeiJiid^wkh the "de- ^related 'to ^hem 'those '■'who ^had •*κβοη L'it] liow it happened to him pos- 

yii, and a/so coucern- μονίζομενφ, Kui TTEpi τών χοίρων. 17 Kui ηρξαντο παρα- 

iug the swine. 17 And ggggg^j ^,„ demons, and concerning the swine. And they began to be- 

they began to pray ^ ' , ^ ri ~ '^ -</ ,~ -, c ^r > 

him to depart out of icaXsiv avTov απελυειν ητΓΟ τ ων. ο ρ ίων. αυτών. Ιο Και 

their coasts. 18 And ^^^^^ 1^^^^ to depart from their borders. And 

when he was come mlo . , ^ , y ^ „ ,^ ,, , 

the- ship, he that had ^εμβαντος" avTov Είς TO ttXoiov, τταρεκαλει αυτόν ο 
been possessed with 2j^^^jjj„ ^^^^^^^^^ i^e into the ship, ^besought ^him 'he '•'who 

the devil -prayed him *= η ' •' a"' ' ' ~ ii in b ' 5•ΜΙ 

that he might be with δαιμονισθείς,, iva ^y μετ αυτόν." W -ο όε" 

him. 19 Howbeit Jesus sj^g^^ *been ^possessed ^by ''demons that he might be with him. But 

suffered him not, but ^ ., , , ^ ~ •, , '\\ ' ^ ' ' - "v,_ ' 

saith unto him. Go *= Ι);σους ονκ.αφϊ]κεν αντον, αλΚα ΛεγεΓ αντφ, ιΐταγε εις τον 

home to thy friends, Jesus did not suffer him, but says to him, G-o to 

and tell them how , , , , ^ Η ' ' Λ ii ' ~ " e^ 

gieat things the Lord oUov.aov ττρος τ.ονς.ϋονς, και "αΐ'αγγειλοί'" αυτοις οσα ^σοι 
hath done for thee, thy house to thine own, and announce to them how much for thee 

and hath had com- , / η f> ' η \ >\ > > c%ri τ> * ' ~\ r» ' 

passion oA thee. 20 And Ο κνριος^^ ^τΓΟίησεν, και ηλεησεν σε. 20 Και αττηλθεν και 

he departed, and began the Lord did, and pitied thee. And he departed and 

Κΐ2 thinjfj^us ?/ρξθΓ0 κί;ρύσσεπ^ tr οσα εποίησεν αύτφ 6 

had done for him: and began to proclaim in Decapolis, how much =^had Moue *for *him 

all men did marvel. -j^^^^^. ^^l ^^,,^^ εθαύμαζον. 
'Jesus; and all wondered. 

21 Kat διαπεράσαντος του'Ιησοΰ εν τφ ττΧοίφ «ττάλιν εις 

And -having ^passed *over ' Jcous in the ship again , to 

21 And when Jesus , > η 'λ "λ λ\>>»/ «^τ 

was parsed over again TO ΤΓέραν," συνηχθη οχλος τΓολνς ετΓ avTOVj^ και ην 

by ship unto the other the other side, *was ^gathered 'a "crowd ^'great to him, and he was 

thtredTn?oS!\^nd τταρά ττ,ν θοΚασσαν., 22 Kat Ν'ίου," 'έρχεται εις. τών άρχι- 

he was nigh unto the by the sea. And behold, comes one of the rulers of 

there ^comSh one^'^if συναγωγών, ονόματι Ίάειρος, και Ιδών αυτόν, πίπτει προς 

the rulers of the syna- the synagogue, by name Jairus, and seeing him, falls at 

ftK-Sh'e^Swhh^' τοϋς.πόδας.αϋτοϋ' 23 και ναρεκτάλει" αυτόν πολλά, λέγων, 

he fell at his feet' ^^is feet ; find he besought , him much, saying 

23 and besought him. "q^^ τό.θνγάτριόν.μοΌ ίσχάτως.εχεϊ' . 'ίνα ελθών 

fittle ^aughter^' lieth ^J 1^*^*^^ daughter is at the last extremity, [I pray] that having come 

at the point of death : επιθης ^avTy τάς χεΤρας," ^οττως" σωθ^ και 

layThy handT'Sn he^ *^0" wluldest lay on her [thy] hands, so that she may be cured, and 

that she may be heal- τ^ζησζται.\\ 24 Και άπήλθεν μετ αυτόν, και ήκολούθει αύτψ 
li'ind^'jeit^ we^ni ^^^''^^^^"^^• And he departed with him, and ^followed .*him 

TNith him : .lud much οχλος πολνς, καΙ σννεθλιβον αύτόν. 2ο Kat γννη "ης" 
people followed him, la -'crowd Veat, and pressed on him.. And a '^woman 'certain 

and thiouged him. , , , „ „ ^ , ». π -»λ» ^ λ \ »' η - 

25 And a certain wo- οϋσα εν ρυσει αιματος °ίτη ύωοεκα, "26 και πολλά παυουσα 

man, which had an •^^ι^„ with a flux of blood '•'years 'twelve, and much having suffered 

issue of blood twelve , ° λν ~ > ~ χ > ' > 'η' ~ » 

years, 26 and had rtuf- υπο πολλων ιατρων^ και όαπανησασα τα.παρ .^εαυτίΐς" 

fered many thiugs of under many physicians, and having spent ^her ^meaus 

many physicians, and , , ^, j ^ \ /i ~ '\\ » ~\\ ' 

had spent all that she παντα, και μηοίν ωφεληυεισα άλλα μάλλον εις το.χειρον 

had, and was nothing i^ll, and in no way having benefited but rather ^to "worse 

bettered, but rather »n λ ~ «« >/ „ < ~>τ ~ '\/->~ ' 

grew worse, 27 when ελθονσα, 27 ακουσασα ^ περί του Ιησου, ελθονσα εν 

she had heard of Jesus, 'having ^come, having heard concerning Jesus, having come in 

came in the press be- ~ « \ « η n ι ~ « ' ' ~. oa "\ ' 

hind, and touched his τφ οχλφ.οπισϋεν, 7]ψατο τον.ιματιον.αντον '2S ελεγεν.γαρ, 

garment. 28 For she the crowd behind, touched his garment ; for she said, 

hAis ciSlM^M ''Οτι ^κάν τών:ιματί{ϋν.αύτον αψω^/αι." σωθησομαι. 29 Και 
be wliole. 29 And If but his garments I shall touch, I shall be cured. And 

«. ΐμβαίνοντοζ [was] entering LTTfAW. ^ /acr' αντοΰ f, LTTrAW. b και and GLXXrAW. 

c — Ίησον? (read he did not suffer) G[LlTTrAW. ^ <^ άττάγγειλοί' tell ltttaw. ^ e ^ κνρι.ό% 
σοι ΤΤιΛ. ^ πεποι'ηκεν has done GLTTrAW. g ei? το πέραν πάλιν Τ. ^ — ίδου [l]tTiA. 

'παρακαλεί he beseeches ττγα. '' τάς χεΓρα? avtrj LTT: Α. ' 'ίνα in order that ι,ττια, 

m ^^OTj may live LTtiA. ^ — τις lttfLa], ° δώδεκα Ittj t. ρ avTfj? ο LTrA'W. 

•J -f- τα the things T[a]. ' ld.i> ο,φωμαι καν τώί' Ιματίων αντον Ύλ. 

Λ^ MARK. 103 

"ενθεως^^ ίΚηράνθη ί) ττηγη τοϋ.α'Ιματος.αντης, καΐ εγνω 'αΐη'^? ^^erVioodTas 
immediately -was dried up the fountain of her blood.. and she know dried up • and she felt 

τψ σώματι otl 'ίαται άπο της μάστιγος. 30 icai ^ευθέως" ^^/'^(j^.^^e"^ of '^^hat 

in [her] body that she was healed from the scourge. And immediately piag-ue. 30 And Jesus, 

ό Ίησους, Ιτηγνουο tv ΐαυτφ την t4' αϋτου δύναμιν -^ i^^^'^^ff YhV°^t"^ 

Jesus, knowing' in himself [that] the ^out -'of *him «power h^d^oue outOf^him! 

Ιζελθοΰσαν, ίπιστραφύς tv τψ οχ\φ, ίλεγεν, Ύίς μου ηφατο turned him about in 

had gone forth, having turned in the crowd, said, AVho of me touched ^^^^ 1*^^^^;^^'^^^ ^'"^{^ 

των ιματίων: 31 Και tXeyov αύτφ οι.μαθηται.αύτον, Βλέπεις clothes? 3ΐ And his 

the iirments? And =said Ho ■^him "^^his ==disciplcs, Thou secst τ£ΐ s\'eTt the mSti- 

τον υχλον σννθλίβοντά σε, και λέγεις, Τις μου ηφατο ; tude thronging thee, 

the crowd ^ pressing on thee, and sayest thou, ^Vrho me touched ? and sayest thou. AVho 
, , , ^ , , -, touched me? 32 And 

32 Και 7Γεριε/3λί7ΓεΓ0 ί^ειν την τοντο τϋοιησασαΐ'. 33 rj.ot he looked round about 
And he looked round to sec her who' this had done. But the ^o see her that had 

, r> η Λ ' ,^ ~ „ / t» >i done this thing. 33 But 

yvvi) φοβηθησα και τρέμουσα, ειουια ο -γεγονεν ^εττ " the woman fearing 

woman being frightened and trembling, knowing what had been done upon and trembling, know- 
,_ , , ,.^,_ ,^-, mg what was done in 

avTy, ήΧθεν και ττροσεπεσεν αντψ, και είττεν αντφ ττασαν her, came and fell 

her, came and fell down before him, and told him all down before him, and 

, ,•^ > η nj<^< τ »~i^' II'' - told him all the truth. 

τ}]ν αληθειαν. 34 υ.οε ^ είττεν αυτι^, ^θνγατερ, ί/.πισης.σοι; 34 And he said unto 

the truth. And he said to her. Daughter, thy faith ' her. Daughter, thy 

, , „ , . / r « A < ^ » < ~ ' faith hath made thee 

σεσωκεν σε' ντταγε εις ειρηνην, και ισυι υγιής απο της μαστι- whole; go in peace, 

has cm 2d thee; go in peace, and be sound from ^scourge and be whole of thy 

, -,_,/-^ ,~vv~ ,, >, ~ 1 plague. 35 AVhile he 

γος σου. 35 En αυτόν. Καλούντος, έρχονται αττο του αρχι- yet spake, there came 

'thy. [While] yet he is speaking, they come from the ruler of from the ruler of the 

/ Ν / «ί^ ' Λ ' ' ' η . ' " synagogue's house cer- 

συναγωγου, λέγοντες. Οτι η.υυγατηρ.σου αττευανεν τι ετι tam which said, Thy 

the synagogue's [house], saying. Thy daughter is dead ; why still daughter is dead : whj 

σκϋλλεις τον διδάσκαλον ; S6 ΌΤε.Ίησοϋς ^ει;θέως" yaKo^- Maste/'lny^f^-the?? 

troublest thou the teacher? But Jesus immediately, having 3fi As soon as Jesus 

σας" τον λόγον λαλούμενον λέγει τψ άρχισυναγώγψ, m) ΙΖ\Χ."''^^ s^^ 

heard the word spoken, says to the ruler of the synagogue, -Not unto the ruler of the 

φοβο^• μόνον πίστευε. 37 Και οϋκ.άφηκεν οΰνενα ^αύτψ'^ aSf only ^eiieTe! 

'fear; only believe. And he suffered no one him 37 And he suffered no 

^συνακολονθησαι,^^ εί.μή ^ Τίετρον και 'ίάκωβον και Ίωάννην ^y^petei^^iiidJam™' 

to accompany, except Peter and James and John and' John 'the brbther 

τον άδελφον Ιακώβου. 38 και '^ερχεται^^ εΙς τον οίκον του of James. ^^38^And^ he 

the brother of James. And he comes to the house of the 

the ruler of the syna- 

άρχισυναγώγου, και θεωρεί θόρυβον, '^ κλαίοντας και gogue and seeth the 

ruler of the synagogue, and he beholds a tumult, [people] weeping and ^^'J^t aud^-anedgrea^ 

αλαλάζοντας ττολλά. 39 και εισελθών λέγει αΰτοίς, Τί ly. 39 And when he 

wailing greatly. And having entered he nays to them, ^ λΜιγ ^^^^Γΐ^^Ι^^^ί^ Se 

θορυβεΐσθε και κλαίετε ; το τταιοίον ' ούκ.άττεθανεν, αλλά ye this ado, and weep? 

make ye a tumult and weep? the child is not dead, but *'^t'^*^°'^^lif ^'^,ί,^?'^*^^ 

/^ > I , ~ «11 T>> ' ο \ ' f" but sleepeth. 40 And 

καθευοει. 40 Και κατεγελων αύτον. ^ο'.δε εκβαλων ^ατταν- they laughed him to 

sleeps. And they laughed at him. But he having put out all, scoj-n. But when he 

, ° , , ^ \. , , had put thom all out, 

τας," παραλαμβάνει τον πάτερα του παιύιον και την he taketh the father 

takes with [him] the father of the child and the ^ηά the mother of the 
, , , ,,.-,, / ,/ - ^ damsel, and them that 

μητέρα και τους μετ αντον, και εισπορευεται οπού i)V το were with him, and 

mother and those with him, and enters in where 'was 'the entcreth in where the 

,., „ , , ιι^^^ ' ~ ' ~ 'ia-mscl was lying. 

παιόιον ^ανακειμενον." 41 και κρατησας της χΒίρυς τον 4ΐ And he took the 

■•'ohild Iving. And having taken the hand of the damsel by the hand, 

5> . .. , ' . - rn \ /n ' 1, ~ II " ' Π ' ^^^ '^'""^^ ^^^p her, 

παίόιου, λέγει auTy, Γαλιυα,^κονμι'^^ ο εστίν μενερμηνενο- Taiitha cumi;'which 

child, ' he says to her, TalilUa, koumi ; which is, )iein;i iutcr- is, being interpret- 

s ev9v<; TTrA. * — kn {read to-lier) [Lji'TrA. ^ + ΊησοΟς Jestis L. ^ " Θυγάτηρ LTrA- 
» — ενθεως [L]TTr[A]. >' παράκουσα? having disregarded TTrA. ^ μ^τ αυτού with liilXl 

TTiA. a ακοΚονθησαί to follow l. ^ + rbi/ TTrA. « άρχονται they come LTTrAW. 

■«* + και and G LTTrAW. e g,{,jQ^ L.^v^r. irrayTas GjurroWV ^ — άνακ^ίμ^νον Q[l.]TVtA* 

*■ /CO J/x Ϊ ; κοΰμ ΊιΑ. 

104 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. V, VI. 

imto^^Sfec' \ri4^ μ^νον, Ύο κοοάσιον, σοι λέγω, 'έγεφαι." 42 Και ''ευθέως" 

42 Aud straightway Pi'ctcd, Diimsel, to thee I Say, arise. And immediately 

the damsel arose, and ανίστη TO KOpcLuLOV καΙ τΓΕοίζττάτΕί, 7}v.yap Ιτών ^ώ8εκα. 

of the age ^'ottwclvl '^^'°^'^ *^^ damsel and walked, f or she was '-^years 'twelve [old J. 

years And they were και εζεστησαν ^ ζκστάσΗ μεγάλτ^. 43 και διεστείΧατο 

astonished with a ^^^.^ ^j^ ^^^.^ amiized with ^amazement 'great. And he charged 

great astoj\isnment. ,^^,„ ^, ^ ^ ,_ 

4.'', And he charged αυτοίς ΤΓολλίί Lva μηοείς "^γνψ^^ τοϋτο' και εΊτνεν 

them straitly that πο them much that no one should know this: and he said [that some- 

mnu should know it; , ~ ^ 

and commanded that Co9)]Vai avry φαγείν. 

something should be thing] should be given to her to eat. 

given her to eat. ^ , «--Λη ' ~n ^ιlT^/^ ii > < ,^ , ^ 

VI And he wont ^ '^^ ίί,ηλθεν ίκειϋεν, και "/7λ^εν" εις την.ττατριύα.αντου' 

out from thence, and And he Aveut out thence, and came into his [own] country ; 

came into his own f^ai aKoXovBovuLV αϋτώ Οί.μαθηταΙ.αύτου' 2 καΐ -γενοίΐεΐΌν 

pS^<;:Mm!^2And -^^ , ^ί^^^Γ ^^^" . '>his Misciples. ^ And 4eiug^-^come 

when the sabbath day σαββάτου ηρζατο °lv ΤΏ συναγωγή Οί^άσκειν'^^ κ:αΐ ρ πολλοί 

t'each''TnYhe^^s''^a- 'sabbath he began in the synagogue to teach ; and many 

goguc: and many άκοί'οντες εζεττΧησσοντο, ΧεγοντΕς, ΤΙόθερ τούτφ ravra; 

hearing Λπ?ι were as- hearing were astonished, saying, Whence to this [maul these things r 

tonishcd. saying, From , , t , < V λ - » ~ ii " ■ » '-^ ' 

whence hath this wa?i KttL TiQ tj σοψια Ί} οοΘεΤσα '^αντψ, ^οπ' Kui ύυναμεις 

thesethingsPandwhat and what the wisdom that has been given to him, that even = works =of*v)ower 

wisdom IS this which ^ ^,.. ^,~, .,,_,, 

isgiven unto him, that TOiawai CLtt των.χεφων.αυτου ^γίνονται y^ ό ουχ οντος εστίν 

even such mighty ^such by his hands are done? -not ^this 'is 

works are wrought by , , < <, *λτ ' ν » ? λ ^ ^ -^mi »τ 'Ο < w't ~ii 

his hands? 3 Is not Ο Tftcnov, Ο υιος ^Μαρίας, ^αοελ^ος.Οέ" Ιάκωβου και ^ Ιωση^* 

this the carpenter, the the carpenter, the son of Mary, and brother of James and Joses 

eon of Mary, the bro- ,,^,λ \-o' ^ y >< «>^λ,>>~-τ?> 

ther of James, and K^cif- Ιουοα Krtt Σιμωνος ', και ονκ.εισιν αι.αόεΑφαι.αυτου ωοε 

Joses,andof Juda, and and Judas and Simon? and are not his sisters here 

Simon? and are not ^ « ~ ^ , , ? λ 'v ' ' ~ a x"\ s>"i ' - 

his sisters here with ττροςιιμας'^ Και εσκανΟαλιζοντο εν αυτφ. 4:^>Λεγεν.οε'^ αυτοις 

us? And they were of- with us? Aud they were offended in him. But -said ^to '•them 

jTs2rlaid^untoth?m! οΊησοΰς, "Οτι ουκ εστίν προφήτης άτιμος, εί.μή εν τι) 

Α prophet is not with- 'Jesus, ^Not 'is ^a prophet without honour, except in 

Cwn^?Suniry,''and^ii- TTaTpidiJai^TOv" Kui kv τοΙς ^συγγενεσιν^^ ^ καΐ εν τι) 

mong his own kin, and his [own] country and among [his] kinsmen and in 

Ι^Λ ^^\ own house. ot/cta-ViToi)". 5 Και οϋκ ^'ηδύνατο^^ εκεί '^ονύεμίαν δύναμί}/ 

ο And he could there , . Λ -, , » j τ -2 τ., ι^ι ι j.'^ •, ^~ 

do no mighty work ^^^ [own] house. And he was ^able ^thero "not any work of power 

hands^^oi a few =^ k '''^'^^"^" ^'-M^ ολίγοις άρρώστοις ετΓίθεΙς τάο χείρας 

fdik. andhealedTAem. *° <^^' except on a few infirm having laid [his] hands 

6 And he marvelled Ιθεράττευσεν. 6 καΐ ^Ιθαύμαζεν^^ δια τήν.άτηστίαν.αν- 

belief ^ And he' VeSt he healed [them]. And he wondered because of theii• unbelief, 

round about the yii- των' καί ττεριηγεν τάς κώμας κνκΧφ διδάσκο)ν. 

lages, teaching. ' ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ about the villages in a circuit teaching. 

7 And he called jinto 7 Καί προσκαλείται τους δώδεκα, και ίίρζατο αυτούς 

him the twelve and ^ηά he calls to [him] the twelve, and began them 

began to send them , r• / ? ' > '5.% , ^ ,y 

forth by two and two; αποστελλειν ουο.ουο, και εδιοου αυτοις εξουσιαν tojv πνεύμα- 

and gave them power to send forth two and two, and gave to them authority over the spirits 

over unclean spirits ; ^,n/ r.» 'λ ,..f' ^^ 

ft and commanded των TOW ακαθαρτων' 8 και παρηγγειλεν αντοις ινα μηΰεν 

them that they should the unclean; and he charged them that nothing 

take nothing for ίΛίίΓ „ , , 5. / >>»/,->?< / » f ' 

journey, save a staff αιρωσιν εις ooov, ει.μη ραβοον μόνον μη ^πηοαν^ 

only; no scrip, no they should take for [the] way, except a staff only; no provision bag, 

bread, no money in \ » η > » < y ' \ ' . r> tr '\ \ »ii ' -v «n / 

their purse : 9 but be μΊ apTov^^ μη εις την ζωνην χαλκον' Ό ^αλλ " υποΰεοεμενους 

shodwithsandals;and nor bread, nor in the belt money; but be shod 

» eyetpe GLTTrAW, k ev^i/? TTrA. ^ + ζνθνς immediately Τ [Τγ]α. «" γνοΐ LTTrA. 

" epxerai comes TTrAW. ° δίδασκαν ev rrj <Γυνα•γωγΎΪ TTr. V + oi the t[a]. 9 τούτω 

to this [man] τΤγΑ. "■ — ort GLTTi-AW. ' s γι^όμεναι Tr. * _^ .^ης ΪΤι A. jj Koi 

αδελφός LTTrA W. ^ Ίωσητος LTTi A. » και e\eyev and '^aid LTTrA. >' αύτοΰ LTrAW ; 

εαυτού τ,- * avyyeuevaii^ TTr. » -f αντοΰ his (kinsmen) [LJTTrA b αντοΰ LTTrA W. 

<= eoui'aTO TTrA. •' ποιήσαο ούδ^μίαν δύναμιν LlTrA. e idavuacril• T, ί apjov, μη 
ττημΛί' Vtr.\. S άλλα LTTi AW. 

VI. MAR Κ. 106 

ΰανξαΚια' και μη.Ην^νσησθ^^^ δύο χιτώνας. 10 Και ίΚεγεν io*iSi °he*BTd°°^?'' 
with sandals; and put not on two tunics. And he said thorn, In what place 

ai/roic, "ΟτΓου.'εάν" είσελθητε εις οΊκ'ιαν, εκεΧ μένετε εως αν soever ye enter Into 

to them, ΛVherever ye enter into a house, there remain until tiU y?Vpw^• f riS 

έξΙλΟητε εκείθεν. 11 και ^οσοι.άν μήΜ^ωνται^^ νμας, μηδk that place, π And 

ye go out thence. And as many as ^will not recoiyo y<m, nor ScfTyou,'nor heS 

άκονσωσιν υμών, ίκτΓορενόμξΐ'οι. εκείθεν, εκηνάζατε τον χονν you, when ye depart 

hear you, dcparling thence, shake off the dust thence, shake off the 

^ jKj , %, % ^ , , , ^ \ , ^ «i'lst under your feet 

τον νττοκατω τών.τΐ-οδών.νμών^ εις μαρτνριον αυτοις. ^αμην for a testimoHy a- 

whichps] under your feet, for a testimony to them. Yerily gainst them. Verily I 

^ , , \, , , . ^ ^' «v-n "' ..' say unto you, It shall 

λέγω νμιν, ανεκτοτερον εσται ζ,οόομοις η Ι ομυρροις tv ^ιμερφ be more tolerable for 

I say to you, more tolerable it shall be for Sodom or Gomorrha in day Sodom and Gomorrha 

/x > , II irt T/- ^ ■•y \Ω' m' ' i° the dav of judg.^ 

κρίσεως f η τy.7ΓoλειΛκειι>y." 12 Και cξε^bovτες ^εκηρνσ- ment, than for that 

of judgment than, for that city. And having gone out they pro- city. 12 And they 

σον" 'ίνα ^μετανοησωσιν.^' IS και δαιμόνια ΤΓολλάεζξβαλλον, ίΞ men^'shonid^ re- 
claimed that [men] should repent. And ^demons *mauy they east out, pent. 13 And thoy 
και ήλειφον ίλαίφ ττοΧΚονς αρρώστους και Ιθεράττευον. ^'^f auJiSed^^rli 

and anointed with oil many infirm and healed [them], many that were aici, 

14 Και ΐ}κοι>σεν 6 βασιλεύς Ηρώδης, ,φανερόν.γάρ ^^i^'i i^^aied <Λ«η. 

And •'heard "the ^king 'Herod [of him], for public 

Ιγίνετο το.ονομα.αντοΰ^ και °£λεγεν," "Ort Ιωάννης ό βαττ- 

became his name, and he said, John the Bap- , ^ , , , . ^ 

,y „, -, , t η Η % r^ \ ~» ~14 And king Herod 

τιζων Ρεκ νεκρών η-γερυη-,^^ και ϋια τοντο ενεργού- heard ς/ Λ ι»:,• (for hie 

tist from among [the] dead is risen, and because of this *ope- name was spread a- 

« »> / 5 » - τ - -■' A \ \ '. "\ "/-k r«TT\ ' Μ broad:) and he said, 

ση^ ai δυνάμεις εν αυτψ. Ιο ΑΛΛογ^ έλεγον, Οη'^Ηλέας' That John the Baptist 

ratc'the^works^of ■'power in him. Others said, Elias was risen fi'om the 

ΐστίν aWoiM ϊλεγον, "Ore προφήτης Ηστίν,^^ ψ ως εΐς των S&hty works dTShew 

it is ; and others said, Λ prophet it is, or as one of the forth themselves in 

■ττροφητών, Ιβ'Ακούσας.δε ο Ήρώί^ς ^είττεν," ^"On" ον iStitimasf ϊίί^ 

prophets. But having heard Herod said, =Whom others said^ That it is 

ίγώ άηεκεφάλισα Ίωάννην, οϋτός Ηστιν αυτός" η^'ψθη Ϊ^^^^Γ'ΐβ^Βπί 

^Ι ^beheaded 'John, ho it is. He is risen -^vhen Herod hcord 

^ '''' r.^r.^Pr-' ^^ t^iS -'^Ύ. ^ΎΓί"^^ άτΓοστείλας fSH^i^I 

from among [the] dead. For ^himself Oerod having sent g^ . j^g jg risen from 

εκράτησεν τον'Ιωάννην, και εδησεν αυτόν εν "^τψ φυλακή, ^^ge^ W St^orth 

seized John, and bound him in the prison, ^nd laid hold upon 

δια ^Ηρωδίάδα την -γυναίκα ΦιΧ'ητπου του.άδελφοϋΜυτοΰ, ?^^^; ^"^ brand him 

on account of Herodias the ' wife of Philip his brother, Ske?his b°rothTr°Phf- 

OTL αυτήν εγάμησεν^ 18 ελεγεν.γάρ υ Ιωάννης τω'ϊΙρο}δΏ, lip's wife: for he had 

because her he had married. For ^said Vohn to Herod, ^ϊ^^'^^ }^''• J^ ^°^ 
I , „ , „ , „ , ~ John had said unto 
On οϋκ.εζεστίν σοι εχείν την γυναίκα Τού.άδεΧφοΰ.σου, Herod, it is not law- 
it is not lawful for thee to have the wife of thy brother. ful for thee to have 
,, ^,,._ , ^ ^»v^^ιl>^ > ^^''^ brothcr s ■ wife. 

19 ϊ1.δε.Ή.ρωόιας ενεΧχεν αυτψ, και '^/θελεν" αυτόν αττο- is Therefore Herodias 

But Herodias hold it against him, and wished ^him 'to l^^d a quarrel against 

X > > ^/ ^/-w t ^ f-rx / ^ » /^ ^ \ lii™, fi^<l would have 

κτειναι' και ουκ.ηουνατο. 20 ο.γαρ. ίίρωδης εφοβειτο τον killed him ; but she 

''kill, and was not able : for Herod feared could not : 20 for Herod 

»T / ,f>> , , w Λ ^/ , „ , feared John, knowing 

Ιωαννην, ειοως αυτόν άνδρα.. δίκαιον και αγιον, και thathewasa justman 

John, knowing liim [to be] a man just and holy, and and an holy, and ob- 

/ 1 / \ t ,■ > ~ "kx Λ K' ' !■ > served him : and when 

συνετηρει αυτόν' και άκουσας αυτόν, ττοΛλα °εποιει,' και he heard him, be did 

kept ■•'safe 'him ; and having heard him, many things did, and many things, and 

** evSvaaaOoLL E. i av LTr, ^ kau for av L ; ος αν τόπο? μη δε^ηται whatsoever place 

will not receive ΤΤγΑ. l — 0^171' λέγω .... ttJ πόλει e/cetVry G[l]tTi a. ™ έκηρυξαν ΎΤτΑ, 

° μεται/οώσ-ιν LTTrA. ° i\eyov they said L. * Ρ εγηγερται (has risen) e/c νίκρών LTTr ; €Κ 

νεκρών α.νέστη Α. 1 + δέ alyo LTTrAAV. ' Ήλεια? Τ. ^ — ίστίν [l]tTia. ' — η GLTTrAW. 
* eAe-yev ΤΤγΑ. ^ —Ότι LTTrA. ^ — ^στιν αντος G[L]TTrA. >' — €Κ νΐκρΰν T[TrJA, 

» — τή cjLTXrA-w. * 6ζητ€ί sought h. *» ήντόρβι wus at a loss [aboutj i. 


'heard liira gladly. 

21 And Avlien a cou- 
venient day was come, 
that Herod on bis 
birthday made a sup- 
per to his lords, high 
captains, and chief 
estates of Galilee ; 

22 and when the dan gh 
ter of the said Heroclias ^ 
came in, and danced, 
and pleased Herod and 
them that sat with 
liim, the king saidnnto 
the damsel, Ask of me 
whatsoever thou wilt, 
and I will give it thee. 

23 And he sware unto 
her, Whatsoever thou 
shalt ask of me, 1 will 
^ve it thee, unto the 
half of my kingdom. 

24 And she went forth, 
and said unto her mo- 
ther, What shall I ask ? 
And she said. The head 
of John the Baptist. 

25 And she came in 
straightway with 
haste unto the king, 
and asked, saying, I 
will that thou give me 
by and by in a charger 
the head of John the 
Baptist. 2e And the 
king was exceeding 
sorry ; ijet for his oath's 
sake, and for their 
sakes which sat with 
him, he would not re- 
ject her. 27 And im- 
mediately the king 
sent an executioner, 
and commanded his 
head to be brought : 
and he went and be- 
headed hira in the 

Erisou, 2S and brought 
is head in a charger, 
and gave it to the dam- 
sel : and the damsel 
pave it to her mother. 
29 And when his disci- 
ples heard of it, they 
came and took up his 
corpse, and laid it in 
a tomb. 

30 And the apostles 
gathered themselves 
together iinto Jesus, 
and told him all things, 
both what they had 
done, and what they 
had taught. 31 And he 
said unto them, Come 
ye yourselves apart 



ι/δ'εως αυτοί) ΐ'/κουεν. 21 icai ■γζνομίνης ημερας.ενκαίρον, '^'ότε^^ 

gladly him heard. And *being '•come 'an -opportune ''day, when 

Ηρώδης τοΊς.γενεσίοίς.αντον δεΊττνον ^^εττοιει" τοΊς μεγιστασιν 

Herod on his birthday a supper made to -great -^mea 

αντοϋ icai τοΙς χίλιάρχοις καΐ τοις ττρώτοις της ΓαλιλαΙας^ 

^his and to the chief captains and to the first [men] of Galilee ; 

22 καΐ εισελθονσης της θνγατρός αυτής τής*Ηοωδιάοος, και 

and "^having ■'come "in 'the ^daughter ^of ^herself '^Herodias, and 

ορχησαμ'ενης^ ^και άρεσάσ/;ς" τψ 'Rptody καΐ τοΧς συνανα- 

having danced, and pleased Herod and those reclining 

κειμενοις, ^είττεν 6 βασιΧεύς^^ τψ κορασ'ιφ, Α'ίτησόν με 

[at table] v/ith [him], ^said 'the '■'king to the damsel, Ask me 

οΛάν θε\yς, και δώσω σοι' 23 και ώμοσεν ahry, "On 

whatever thou wilt, and I will give to thee. And he swore to her, 

ο.εάν με αίτησες, δώσω σοι, εως ι'ιμίσους της βισιλπας 

Whatever me thou maycst ask, Ι will give thee, to half of '-'kingdom 

μου. 24 8^'H.^f " ίζεΧθοϋσα είττεν τ^.μητρι.αύτής, Ύί ^αίτη- 

'my. And she having gone out said to her mother, "What shall 1 

σομαι;^^ Ή.δε είττεν, Ύήν -^εφαλήν 'Ιωάννου του '^βατττιστού..^^ 

ask? And she said. The head of John the Baptist. 

25 Και εΙσεΧθοΰσα ^εϋθεο)ς^^ μετά σπουδής προς τον βασιλέα, 

And having entered immediately with haste to the • king, 

ι^τησατο,Χεγουσα^ θέλω 'ίνα ^μοι δφς εζ.αυτής^^ επΙ πινάκι 
she asked, saying, I desire that to me thou give at once upon a dish 

την κεφαλήν Ιωάννου του βαπτιστου. 26 Και περίλυπος 
the head of John the Baptist. And * very ^sorrowful 

γενόμενος 6 βασιλεύς, δια τους όρκους και τους 

[^whilej *mado 'the ''king, on account of the oaths and tho^e who 
^^συνανακειμενους^^ οϋκήθελησεν^αύτήνάθετήσαι.^^ 27 και 

reclined [at table] with [him], Λνοηΐά not ^her 'reject. And 

"ευθέως•" άποστίιίλας 6 βασιλεύς Ρσπεκουλάτωρα" Ιπεταζεν 

immediately -'haviug *seut Hhe '"'king a gujirdsmau ordered 

'^ίνεχθήναι^^ τήν.κεφαλήν.αύτού^ . 28 ^ό.ίε" άπελθών άπεκε- 

to be brouglit his head. And he having gone be- 

φάλισεν αυτόν Iv τ -g φυλακή, και ηνεγκεν την. κεφαλήν. αυτού 

headed him in the prison, and brought his licad 

£7ΓΪ πινάκι, και εδωκεν αυτήν τψ κορασίψ' και το κοράσιον 

upon a dish, and gave it to the damsel, and the damsel 

εδωκεν αυτήν τy.μητpι.aύτής. 29 Και άκούσαντες οι μαθηται 

gave it to her mother. And having heard [it] '■'disciples 

αυτού ViXOov," και rjpav τό.πτώμα.αύτού, και εθηκαν "αυ-ϋ" 
'his came, and took up his corpse, and laid it 

εν ^r(f>" μνημείφ. 
in the tomb. 

30 K«i συνάγονται οι απόστολοι προς τω^'Ιησούν, και 

And ^are*gathered ^together Hhe ^apostles to Jesus, and 

άπήγγειλαν αύτψ πάντα, ^και" Οσα εποίησαν και ^υσα^^ 

they related to him all things, both what they had done and what 

εδίδαξαν. 31 και ί'ειττεν" αύτοίς^ Δευτ'ε ύμείς αντυι 

they had taught. And he said to them. Come ye your.-elves 

« δ T€ L. <* εποιησει/ LTTrA. « rjpeaev she pleased LTTrA. ^ elnevSe b βασίΚεύς τ,; 6 8e βασι- 
λεύς elnev and the king said ττ a. e καΐ and ττγα. ^ αΐτήσωμαι should I ask lttiav/. 
> βαπτίζοντας ΤΤτΑ. ^ ευθύς LTTrA. ' €ξ(^υτης δως uol LTTrA. ^ ανακειμένονς l-eclined 

[at table] TTi-A. " άθετήσαι αυτήν TTrA. « ευθύς TTiA. ρ σπεκουλάτορα LTT- Αλν. 

^ϊ έΐ'ε'γκαι [Ιιητι] to bring ττιΛ. f -|- [έπι πινακί] on a dish l. » και (read and having 

gone lie beheaded) LTTrA. » ηλθαι/ ττγΑ. " αυτόν him τ. " — τω (j'taci a tomb) 

KGLTTiAW. " — /cal L'lTrAW. * — οσα Ϊ. > Aeyei be says TTrAW. 

VI. Μα κ a. 107 

κατ .ιδίαν (ίς ίοημον τόττον, και ^άνατταύεσθε'^ ύΚΐγον. "Ήσαν i"to a desert pUct, and 

apart άηζρ ••^desert »a pl:tce, and rest a little. TWere ^?^ί ^'^•^'''*' ' *°^ *^<-''"? 

, . , , , , . / ^x Λ , ^, were many commg and 

vaf '01' .ερχόμενοι και οι υτταγοντες ττοΧΧοι, και ονοε ώαγεΐν soing, and they had 

W ■'those ^coming *.ind Hhose «goin? many, and not even to eat "» lei/ure so mucK as 

- , t\ ί c\ y > -~\ /\ u > " ' ~ ° ^^^• '^- -^^^ they 

njVKaipovv. 02 και απηΑβον °εΐς εμ7}μον ΤΟΤΤΟν τψ departed into a desert 

had they opportunity. And they went away into '^desert ■ 'a place by the P]^ce by ship privately, 

Λ ' II ' ">' «« ,^ ' -•^ » , < , /,«-.,, 33 And the people saw 

πλοί<^" κατ Λόιαν. 33 Και είοον αυτονς υπάγοντας '^οι οχλοί,^^ them departing•,, and 

ship apart. And ^saw *them agoing 'the. ^'crowds, ™any knew him, and 

X ,1 ' ' II ^ > ' II Λ Λ ' ^ y ^ , y ^ ^ ran afoot thither out 

και "εττεγνωσαν" ^αυτον^^ ττολλοι, και ττεζ^ ^'^^ ττασων των of all cities, and out- 

•and 'recognized 'him 'many, and on foot from all the ^ent them, and came 

'\ f r^ , ~ f X ~-v Λ » ' II ο < ~Λ together unto him. 

ττοΧεων συνεΰραμον εκεί, ^καιττροηλϋον αντονς,^^ ^και σννηλ- 34 And Jesus, when he 

cities ran together there, and went before them, and came to- came out, saw much 

Λ ' >'iio4 » ^y \n' h-r? ''r -11 Λ^ people, and was moved 

ϋον Ίτρος αυτόν ^ 34 και εξελθων -ειόεν ο Ιησούς' πολύν with compassion to- 
gether to him. And having gone out ^saw 'Jesus *gTeat ward them, because 
κ \ \ 1 \ ' η 5 > ; > ^ II »( τ they were as sheep not 
οχλον,και εσπλαγχνισθη εττ 'αυτοις," otl -ήσαν having a shepherd: 
'a crowd, and was moved with compassion towards them, because they were and he began to teach 

ώς πρόβατα μή έχοντα ποιμένα' και ήρ'ίατο ξώάσκειν αυτούς ss^^d^h^n th^^ay 
as sheep not having a shepherd. ■ And he began to teach them was now far spent, hia 

ΤΓολλά. 35 Kai ήδη ωρας.πολλής ^γενομενης,^^ προσελ-' SmlSd s^td'mf u 

many things. And already a late hour [it] being, com- a desert place, and now 

θόΐ'τες 'αύτν" οΐμαθηταΐ^^αύτοϋ' '^λεγονσιν, "Ότι ερημός εστίν S%*enl ^them^ awlV 

ing to him his disciples say. Desert is that they may go into 

ϋ τόπος, και ήδη ωρα.πο'\\η' 36 άπόΧνσον αυτούς, 'ίνα Sout^^and'^intHhi 

the place, and already [it is] a late hour ; dismiss them, that villages.andbuythem- 

άπεΧθόντες εΙς τους κνκΧφ άγρονς και κώμας, άγοράσωσιν Svf nofh?ni^to?aT 

having gone *to ^the 'in "a ^circuit country and villages, they may buy 37 jje answered and 

έαυτοϊς '^άρτους'^^ τι Ρναρ" φάγωσιν ΐούκ.έχ'ουσιν." ^e^them "ίο^βΙΓ' α5| 

for themselves bread; ^something 'for to eat they have not. ^jjey g^y unto him 

37 Ό.οε αποκριθείς είπεν αύτοίς, Αότε αύτοίς υμείς φαγεΐν. fw^^^iT^a^^a^^^ ^^^ 

But he answering said to them. Give ^to ^'them 'ye to eat. ^^h ^ ^bread^^and 

Και Χ'ενονσιν αυτφ, ΆπεΧθόντες άγοράσωμεν ''διακοσίων giyethemtoeat?38He 

And they say to him. Having gone shall we buy two hundred manySvel have y^^T 

δηναρίων^^ άρτους και ^δώμεν^^ αυτοΧς ώαγεΙν ; 38 '0.^6 Χεγει go and see. And when 

denarii of bread, *id give them to eat? And he says p^^e ^anTt4o%.shts' 

αύτοΊς, Πόσους άρτους έχετε ; υπάγετε ^καί^^ ϊδετε. Και -ννόν 39 Aud he commanded 

to them, How many lo.aves have ye? go and see. And having them to m.ake all sit 

, , r>/ . Λ/ r\ • ~ I ^ » ~ down by companies 

τες Χεγουσιν^) ΥΙεντε, και δυο ιχθυας. 39 Κα πεταζεΡ αυτοις upon the green grass. 

known they say. ' Five, and two tishes. And he ordered . them 40 And they sat down 

, > II ■ / / ' , , ~ .. ~ / in ranks, by hundreds 

^ανακΧΧνάΓ παντας συμποσια.συμποσια επι τφ χΧωρψ χορτφ. and by fifties. 4ΐ And 

to make ^recline 'all by companies on the green grass. when he had taken the 

.Λ . -. , / 11 . ' ,r ' » η ' ^ < -tr ' Ml five loaves and the two 

40 και ^ανεπεσον" πρασιαι.πρασίαι, ^ava" εκατόν και 'ανα" fishes, he looked up to 

And they sat down in ranks. by -hundreds• and by heaven, and blessed, 

, Λ1 ^ ^ η ^ I - > < S> / and brake the loaves, 

πεντήκοντα. 41 και Χάρων τους πέντε άρτους και τους ουο and gave them to his 

fifties. And having taken the five loaves and the two disciples to set before 

ίχθύας, άναβΧεφας εις τον ουραίων έύΧόγησεν και κατ'εκΧα" 

fi.shes, having looked up to the heaven he blessed and broke 

σεν τους άρτους, και εδίδου τοΙς.μαθηταΤς.^^αϋτοϋ^^ Ίνα '^παρα- 

the loaves, and gave to his disciples that they might 

* άναπαύσασθζ TTrA. * ΐνκαίρουν LTTrAl *• kv τω πλοι'ω ei? ερημον τόπον L. ^ — q^ 

όχλοι (read they saw) GLTTrAW. d έγνωσαν knew ι,τγα. « αυτούς them τ; — aUToi/OLTrA. 
' — κλΙ προηλθον αϋτοΰ? G. S — και σνισιλθον προς αυτόν GLTTrAW. 'ι — ό Ίησοΰς {read 

he saw) GTTrAW ; [ό Ίησοϋς] elSev l. ' αυτούς LTTrA. ^ yiiO^evTj? T. ' — αύτω τ. 

" [αυτού] L. " Ιλεγον said TTrA. ° — άρτου? [lJiTfA. * — γαρ [l] TTrA. 1 — οΰκ 

ΐχουσιν (read buy for themselves something. to eat) [ljtTiA. ■■ Βηναρίων διακοσίων GLTTrAW. 
* δώσομεν shall we give ltpa ; δώσωμεν τ. * — καΐ [LjTTrA. " + [αντω] to him L•. 

^ άνακλιθήναι L. » avdneaav ΧΤγΑ. X «ατά LTTrAi ** — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) TTrA, 
•• ττα^ατιθώσΐ!/ ΤΑ. 


thorn; and the two 0^(jiy^^ avTOic' και Tovc ύύο ίγθναο iakpin^p τΐασιτ' 42 κα\ 
fishes divided he a- , , ^ ^. » j ι ^ '^ •. i.' , • • , •, -, . , 

monif thein all 42 And set before them. And the two fishes he divided among• ail. And 

they did all eat, and t^ayov ττάί-τες, καΙ εχορτάσθησαν' 43 και ήραν ^κλησμά- 

ThTy^ook ηρ twVlve '^'^te ^ ^ 'all, and were satisfied. And they took πρ of f rafr- 

"baskets full of the 7-^^»" ^ώοΕκα '^κοφίνους^^ '^ττλί^ρεις," και άττο των ιχθύων. 44 και 

fratiments, and of the ^^^^^^ twelve hand-baskets full, and of the lishcs. And 

fislies. 44 And they _ ^ ^ ' ^ ^ ^ 

that. did eat of the i^oav 01 φαγόντΒς τους άοτονς ^ωσεΐ" ττεντακισχΊΧιοι 

loaves were about five T^^re 'those =that ^ate*of Hhe «loaves about five thousand 

thousand men. 45 And „ \ f »/-i/ n > / % ' λ» ^ > - 

straightway he con- avopsg. 45 Kcft ^Ευθέως" ηναγκασεν τονς.μαθητάς.αυτοΰ 

strained his disciples men. j^^ immediately he compelled his disciples 

to get into the ship, ,-,^ >>\ \ r * y ι \ η 

and to go to the other εμρηναί ElQ TO TTAoloVf Ktti TTpOajELV Είς TO TTiQaV ΤΤρΟζ Βηθ- 

side before unto Beth- to enter into the ship, and to go before to the other side to Beth- 

saida, while he sent a- ..^ , „ , ^ „, ν / w \ » \ ir* \ ■> "> 

waythe people. 46 And fJaioav, εως avTOQ ^α.ΤΓοΚνσψ τον οχΚον. 4ο και ατΓοταΚαμενος 

when he.had sent them saida, until he should dismiss the crowd. And having taken leave of 

away, he departed into , ~ > ~> λ > χ « > ν r, ji-r -r^ > > / - 

a mountain to pray. avToiQ, απηλθεν EiQ TO opOQ ττροσενξασθαι . 47 Και οψιας 

47 And when even was them, * he departed into the mountain to pray. And evgniug• 

come, the ship was in t τ >\~> ' ~ η \ ' ,,.' 

the midst of the sea, Ύ^νομενης, 7]V TO TTAoiov εν μεσφ της ϋαλασσης^ και αυτυς 

and he alone on the being come, ^wasHhe ^ship in the midst of the sea, and he 

them tSiitg^iVo'i^ f^oj'OQ ΙτΓΐ τής γης. 48 Kal ^είδεν'' αυτονς βασανιζο μένους 

ing ; for the wind was alone upon the land. And he saw them labouring 

Sa'bout^the ^^ ^Ψ ελαννειν, ^ν.γάρ ο άνεμος ενάντιος αυτοίς' 'και"^ περί 

watch of the night he- ^^ ^^^ rowing, for 'was 'the ^wind contrary to them ; and about 

waTSg uTon thc'S τΕτάρτην φνλακήν τής νυκτός έρχεται ττρός αυτούς, ττεριττα- 

and would have parsed C^^ie] fourth watch of the night he comes to them, walk- 

fLwhhiwaiSng "^"^^ ^'^' '"i^ θαλάσσης, και ήθελεν τταρελθεϊν αυτούς. 40 οΊ.δε 

upon the sea, they sup- ^^S on the sea, and would have passed by them. But they, 

posed it had been a ιϋόντες αύτον ^πΕβίττατοΰντα επι τής θαλασσηο," εύοζαν ' 

5E"for'?hey''an Taw '^'Ι^^ ^'^^ walking^ ^ οη the sea, thought [it] 

him, and were trou- φάντασμα "'eZj'ai," και άνεκραΚαν. 50 ττάντες.γάρ αυτόν 

Sy he^yea'^wth ''^V^PP^^i^^f/*^^ ^°^ cried out : ^ ^ ^ for all ^ ,^ "him 

them, and saith unto "fZ^ov," και Ιταράχθησαν. °καϊ /ευθέως" ελάλησεν μετ αυτών, 

them Be of good cheer; i ^ were troubled. And immediately bespoke, with them, 

It 13 1 ; be not afraid. , J , , , , , y y - r\ 

51 And he went up και λίγει αυτοίς, θαρσεΤτΕ' εγω ειμί, μη.φορεισθε. 

unto them into the and eays to them, Be of good courage : I am [he] ; fear not. 

ship; and the wind -,_,,, ,,, λ , , , , λ .« - , , -/ « 

ceased : and they were 51 Και ανερη ττρος αυτους Είς το ττλοιον, και εκοττασεν ο 

sore amazed in them- And he went up' to them into the ship, and -^fell 'the 

selves beyond measure, „ ^ λ / »,> ~ii » » - 'v 

and wondered. 52 For ανεμος' και Xiav ^εκ.τΓΕρισσου^^ εν εαυτοις εξισταντο, 

they considered not ^wind. Andexcefidingly beyond measure in themselves they were amazed, 
the miracle of the η ^ ■> η ' ν w rrn ■> y ~ ,,^.. .-r >ii 

loaves: for their heart ^και εθαυμαζοι^'^^ 52 ου.γαρ.συνηκαν επι τοις αρτοις ^ην.γαρ^* 
was hardened. and wondered ; for they understood not by the loaves, for 'was 

^η.καρδία.αύτών^^ ττεττωοωμενη. 

53 And when they itheir =^heart hardened, 

had passed over, they , . , ♦-> « > χ ^ ~ π -η < ii 

came into the land of 53 Ktti οιαπερασαντες ^ηΚθον επι την γην^ "^Γενησαρετ," 

Gennesaret.^and drew And having passed over they came to the land of Gennesaret, 

to the shore, 54 And , ,^ _. ^^VΛ/Ί' , .^ , 

when they were come και προσωρμισθησαν. 54 και εξεΑυοντΐί)ν. αυτών εκ του 

out of the ship, and drew to shore. And on thcip-comiug out of the 

straightway they knew .. , f >n' ii ' ' > ' w ck χ '^ ' ii 

him, 65 and ran ττ^οιου, ^ευθέως" επιγνοντες αυτον^^ 55 ^περιόραμοντες" 

through that whole ship, immediately having recognized him. running ilirough 

region round about, »>^ ^ ^ / μ » ' 7 " y » « ~ n ,02' 11 

and began /to carry ολην την.^πΕριχωρον^εκΕΐνην ^ Ίΐρζαΐ'το επι τοις ^κραβρατοις" 

about in beds those all that country around they began on couches 

*> κλάσματα A '^ κοφίνων 1A. ^ πληρώματα ΎΤτΑ. e — ώσεί GLTTrAW. ^ €υθνζ ΊττΑ. 
S απολύεί dismisses LTTrA. ^ iSiav seeing LTTrA. * — /cat lttfa. ^ επΙ της θα\άσσΊ]ζ 
ιτΐριπατουντα Τ. . ' + ότι that Τ. '" kaTiv it is Τ. " elBav TTr. ° και eu0us LTrA ; 

ό δέ Ευθύς τ, Ρ [e/c ιτΕρισσον] Tr. 1 — καΐ ζθανμαζον []l] ττγΑ. ■■ άλλ' ην but was TTr. 

* αυτών η καρΒία LTTrAW. ^ irrl την •γην ηλθον Λ? Τ, ' Τ^ννησαρετ LTTiAW. "■ -f [ot 

ανδρός του τόπου exetVoi»] the πΐβη of that place L. * πΐρΰΒραμ.ον they ran through ixr. 

"-^Λ,'ώραν {omit around) xxrA. » + #ελΙ and TXr, * κραβάττοις lttvaw. 

VI, VII. Μ A R κ. ^ 109 

τονς κακΜ ς. έχοντας ττερι^ερειν, οττον ήκόνον on *|^^* "^^^ ^ick, wiiero 

those that were'iU to carry about, where they were hearing that 56 And whithersoever 

*^ίκει" Ιστιν. 56 και οττον '^άν" είσεπορενετο εις κώμας ^ ^ he entered, into τίΐ- 

there he was. And wherever he entered into villages or ^^S^s, or cities, or 

(lit he is ) country, they laid the 

/N ή g , '-^ , • , ^ , ^ f 'Π II ^ 'Λ ~ sick in the streets, and 

ττολεις η ^ αγρούς, tv ταις αγοραις Ητιϋονν^^ τονς ασθενονν- besought him that 

cities or fields, in the marketplaces they those who were sick, they might touch if it 

Ν 'Λ , χ e/ η ~ /Λ ^ were but the border of 

Τας, και ΤΤαρεκαλονν αντον ίνα καν τον κρασττεοον τον his garment: and as 

p.nd besought him that if only the border many as touched him 

« ' , ~ „ • \ t' Λ '„" II > ~ were made whole. 

ιματίον.αντον αψωνται' και όσοι αν ^ηπτοντο^^ αντον 

of his garment they might touch ; and as many as touched him 


were healed. 

7 K"^ συνάγονται προς αντον οϊ ΦαρισαΧοι και τίνες 

Aoid are gatlaered together to him the Pharisees and some 

των -γραμματέων) ίλθόντες άπό Ιεροσολύμων' 2 και ίδόντες __ _^ 
of the scribes, having come from Jerusalem; and having seen cAth ?^ h'^^+i 

Τΐνάς των. μαθητών. αντοϊ) ^ ΚΟίναϊς χερσίν, ^ΤΟντ εστίν^^ 'Pharisees, and certain 
some of his disciples "with defiled hands, that is of the scribes, which 

, , L• ' Λ / 11 1 « > / I " „ came from Jerusalem. 

ανιτΓτοις, '^ίσβωντας^^ ^άρτους, "^εμεμψαντο'" 3 οι.γαρ Φαρι- 2 And when they saw 
unwashed, eating bread, they found fault : for the Phari- some of his disciples 

. / « >T ^ ~ > 1 < ~ii / I eat bread with defiled, 

σαιοι και πάντες οι ιονόαιοτ, εαν.μιι ^^πνγμ7/ νιχΡωνται τας that is to say, with 

sees and all the Jews, unless with the fist they wash the i^iwashen, hands, they 

,,/Λ/ ^, ,- ^ found fault, 3 For the 

χείρας, ονκ.εσυιονσιν, κρατούντες την παραδοσιν των πρεσ- Pharisees, and all the 

hands, , eat not, holding the tradition of the el- Jews, except thev wash 
r, I J X Λ ' V II > ~ , ,. «Ό / their hands oft, eat 
ρντερων 4 και *'α7Γθ" αγοράς, εαν.μη ραπτισωνται not, holding the tra- 
ders; and [on coming] from the market, unless they wash themselves dition of the elders. 
I ) /!' . \ «\ ^ Λ \ ' > .* ' Λ /-> 4 And when they come 
υνκ.εσϋιονσίν' και a\\a πολλά ίστιν a παρελαβον from the market, ex- 
they eat not ; and '^other ^things 'many there are which they received cept they wash, they 
^ ο \ ' \ν~''\•\/ r>v eat not. And manv 
κρατειν, ραπτισμονς ποτηριών και ξεστων και χαλκιων ^και other things there be, 
to hold, washings of cups ' and vessels and brazen utensils and which they have re- 
κλινών^^ 5 ^'έπειτα'' επερωτώσιν αντον οι Φαρισαΐοι και οΐ wSng°of^p?'aid 

couches : then question him the Pharisees and the pots, brasen vessels, 

γραμματείς, Άιατί^^ 'Όι.μαθηταί.σον ον.περιπατονσιν^^ κατά ^^^ "^phaSees^ ^Jnd 

scribes, "VVhy ^thy ^disciples 'walk '■'not according to scribes asked him, Why 

την παράϋοσιν των πρεσβντερων, άλλα 'άνίτττοις" χερσίν Ζ^οιά^Λΐ tte'tll^ 

the tradition of the elders, but with unwashed hands dition of the elders 

εσθίονσιν τον άρτον ; β'Ο.δε ^αποκριθείς" είπεν αντοΙς,'^'Ότι^^ washe* iands^V'^'ni 

eat bread? But he answering said to them, Tnswered and\aid xm! 

καλώς ^προεφητενσεν^^ ^Ησαΐας περί υμών των υποκριτών, *? ί^^"^- ^^ιι hath 

Well prophesied Esaias concerning you, ^ hypocrites^ you' hypSS as °t 

ώς γεγραπται, ^ ^Οϋτος ύλαός^^ τοϊς χείλεσ'ιν με τιμ^, is written, τμβ people 
as it has been written. This people with the lips me honour, {^^JJ^^^pg ^® theii 

ή.δε.καρδ.ία.αντών πόρρω άπεχει άπ' εμον. Τ μάτην. S ε σεβον- heart is far, from me. 
but their heart far is away from me. But in vain they wor- 7 Howbeit in vain do 

■-, •^^^' >'λ > η ' ^^^^ worship me, 

ται με, διδάσκοντες διδασκαλίας εντάλματα ανθρώπων, teaching /or doctrines 

ship me, teaching [as] teachings injunctions of men. the commandments of 

. >, > > 11 . . Λ « ~ Λ ~ ~ ' ■ ' " °ien. 8 For laying 

Ο Α0εϊ-'τες. γαρ" την ιντολήν τον θεον, κρατείτε την πάρα- aside the commaud- 

For, leaving the commandment of God, ye hold the tra- meut of God, ye hold 

5- ^ , ri ' hn , V ~ ^ ' X the tradition of men, 

όοσιν των ανθρώπων, "βαπτισμους ξεστων και ποτηριών, και as the washing of pots 

dition of men, washings of vesseLs and cups, and and cups : and many 

c — e/iet LT[Tr]. <i iau T. « -h eis into [L]TTrA. f €τίθ€σαν TTrA. Β ήψαντο LTTr. 

^ + oTt that TTr. i τουτεστιι/ la. ^ εσθίονσιν they eatxTr. i + τους LTTrA. 

"" — εμεμψαΐ'το {read verses 3 and 4 in parenthesis) glttfaw. ■» πνκνά. often τ. ° άπ ltfa. 
ρ — καΐ κλι,νων Τ. ■? και and LlTrA. "^ δια τι LTrA. ^ ού ττεριττατονσιν οι μαθηταί σου TTrA. 
' κοιναΐς with defiled GLTXrAW. ν _ άτΓοκριθεΙ? TTrA. " — Οτι [lMTfA]. » έπροφήτ^νσ^ι 
ι,ΤΤγα. y + oTt τ. »Ό λαός ούτος L. » — γαρ for LTTrA. *> — βαπτισμους .... 

noLelre Τ[Τγα]. 


y?dS ^"9 Viid^h^iafd ^^^" τταρόμοια τοιαντα ττολλά ποιείτε." 9 Και tXeyev 

unto 'them, "pulf will M^er "like [Hhings] ''such 'many ye do. .And he said 

ye reject the com- avTqLQ, Καλώς άθετεΙτε την εντολήν, τον θεού,. Ίνα ^ήν 

Sttt yT may keep your *'**'^^°^• ^®^^ do ye set aside the commandment of God, that 

owQ tradition. 10 For τταράδοσίν.ύμών τηρήσητε. 10 '^Μωσ//ς''-γαρ είττεν, •<Τίμα 

thy ^father aS°'^thy^°^^''"^*^^*^°^ ye may observe. Tor Moses said, Honour 

mother; and, "Whoso TOV-TTarkpaMov καιτ))ν.μΐ]τερα.σον καί, Ό κακολογών πατέοα 

curseth father or mo- thy father and thy mother ; • and, He who speaks evil of fathJr 

ther, let him die the ^ , η ' \ ' « ^./ , 

death: 11 but ye say, η μητέρα θανατψ τεΧεντατω. 11 ΎμεΊςχε λέγετε, Εάν εϊπη 

If a man shaU say to or mother by death let him die. ' But re say, If ^say 

his father or mother, „ „ ^ , « .>. , ^^ " , ^ „ , 

/< is Corban, that is to ανϋοίιλΤΓος τψ ττατρι η τ\} μητρι, ILop'iav ο εστίν, δωρον, 

say, a gif t, by whatso- 'a^man to father or mother, [It is] a corban, (that is, a gift,) 

ever thou mightest be ,v , , » ν > ~ > λ • /i - τ λ /i • n > ' > 

proficed by me; he ο.εαν εξ εμοΌ ωψεληβι^ς' 12 °tcai ουκετί αφιετε 

shall be β -ee. 12 And whatever from me. thou mightest be profited by : — .-lud no longer yo suuer 

ye suffer him no more , » , r,, ~ - , ^ , ~ii , .^ i ,. τ - ,i 

to do ought for his fa- civTOV ovctv ττοιησαι τψ.ττατρι^αντον^^ η τ/^.μητρι.^αυτου," 
ther or his motlier ; him anything to do for his father or his mother, 

13 making the word of (lit, nothing) , 

through "our tmdl- ^^ άκνρονντες Tov λόγον του θεοί) τ^-τταραδόσειΑιμών y 

tion, which ye have making void the word of God by your tradition Λvhich 

delivered: and many τταρεδώκατε' Kul ΤΤαρόμοΐα TOiaVTU ΤΓολλά τΓοιεΧτε. 

irind when"he Vad Je have delivered ; and^ 'like C*things] -such «many ye do. 

called aU the people 14 Καί ττροσκαλεσάμενος ^πάντα^^ τον ογλον. ελεγεν. αΰτοΐς. 

thimf^HeaJket uSto ' ^^ having called to [him] all the cVowd, he slid to them.' 

me every one of ^Άκούετέ" μοΌ ττάνχες^ Kui ^συνίετί..^'^ 15 ουδέν εστίν εξω- 

ί/α«, and understand : Hear ye me, all, and understand: Nothing there is from wfth- 

15 there is nothing \, , ^i ' ' > > ,/«'»./ 

from without a man, θεν TOV ανθρωτΓον ειστΓορενομενον εις αυτόν j ο δύναται 

that entering into him out' the man entering - into him, which is able 

can defile him: but . , . ^ ii 'λν > ν "L• > ' » » ' ~ ii 

the things which come ^uvTov κοινωσαι'^^ άλλα τα '^εκτΓορευομενα αττ αντου^" 

out of him, those are him to defile ; but the things which go out from him, 

they that defile the 1 , „ / ,, , , ~ ^ " /» -, r> „ » 

man. 16 If any man 'εκεινα" εσπν τα KoivovvTaTov ανθρωτΓον. Ιο'^^εί τ:ς 

have ears to hear, let those are the things which defilo the man. If anyone 

him hear. 17 And when „ γ , , , - n τ « τλ ^ " ' ~\ η ' n τ 

he was entered into εχει ωτα ακονειν, ακονετω.^^ 17 Και οτε εισηλθεν εις " οίκον 
the house from the have ears to hear, let him hear. And when he went into a house 

peoplp, his disciples 7 > ~ « > > / > » < /i ' > ~ ., ^ - 

asked him concerning απο TOV οχλον, εττηρωτων avTOv Οί.μαθηται.αυτον "περί της 

the parable. 18 And from the crowd, ^asked *him 'his "disciples concerning the 

he saith unto them, ,d λ ~ w i a ^ \ ' > ~ r\" \ t ~. , / 

Are ye so without un- τταραΐόολης." 18 και λεγει αιτοις, Οντως και υμεις ασυνε- 

derstanding also ? Do parable. And he says to them, ''Thus ^also -"ye ^without ^un- 

lUsL?erthingfroS ^oi Ιστε ', ού.νοείτε oTc ττάν TO εζωθεν εΐσττο- 

without entoreth into derstanding 'are? Perceive ye not that everything which from without en- 
defile hfrn- 19 because Ρ^νόμενον εις τον άνθρωπον ον.δνναται αυτόν, κοινώσαι ; 
it entereth not into t^rs into -the man is not able him to defile ? 

his heart, but into the jQ '^^^ ουκ.είσπορεΰεται αυτού εις την καοδίαν, αλλ' εις την 

belly, and goeth out , -^ ^ " ^ * ^ -„ . i• Γ ■■^■! -,,^ ^ ' i ■ x/ 

into the drau^-ht because it enters not *of -"him 'into -the •'heart, but into the 

vrt ^λ^'η^ >. ^^^ •f^nn'^'*; κοιλίαν" και εις τον άφεδρώνα εκπορεύεται, ^καθαρίζον^^ πάντα 

whkh come?h oiit of ^^"^. , and into the draught ^ goes out,^ ^purifying all 

the man, that defiieth τά βρώματα. '20 "Ελεγεν.δε, "Οτι TO εκ τον άνθρωπου 

ίί^*)?'.^''• 3 f '.Τ the fobd. And he said, That which out of the man 

withm, out of the ^ ^ , „ » λ \ 

heart of men, proceed εκπορενόμενον, εκεΐνο KOivol TOV άνθρωπον. 21 εσωθεν.γάο 

evil thoughts, adul- goes forth, that defiles the man. For from within 

teries, fornications, , ^ -, '.- . ^ / , r> , , < i 

murders, 22 thefts, ίκ της Καρδίας των ανθρώπων οι οιαλο-γίσμοι οι κακοί εκ- 

covetousness, wicked- ^^^ of the heart ' of men -reasonings 'evil go 

πορεύονται, '^μοιχεΊαι, πορνεΐαι, φόνοι, 22 κλοπαί,^^ πλεαν- 

forth, nduUeries, fornication';, murder*. thefts, cm-ctous 

c Μωνσής lttfaW. ^ — /cat ι/γτγ[α]. ^ — αυτού {read LlnsJ) ltxia. '' πάλιι/ cigam 

LTTrA. s ακούσατε LTTrA. ^ σύν£τε LTTrA. ' κανώσαι αυτόν Τ. '' εκ τοΰ άι^βρώττου 

^κπορΐυόμα'α from the mau go out LTTrA. ^ — (.Kelud τ[Τγ]. "' — verse 1(J Τ|"•Γιλ]. 

a + TOV tllC (house) T. <> την τταραβολην the parable LTTrA. i' καθαρίζουν i.rii-1-, 

β iTopvelaL, κλοπαί, φόνοι, μοιχείαι TTiA. 


εξί'αί, ΤΓονηρίαι^ ίόλος, ασέλγεια, οφθαλμός πονηρός, ^^^^• deceit, lascivi- 

dcsires, wickednesses, guile, liceutiousness, :in eve wicked. pusness, an evil eye, 

, , / , / / Dlaspheray, pride, fooi- 

βλασφημια, ντζξ,ρηφανια, αφροσύνη' 23 τταντα ταντα τα ishness: 23 all these 

blaspliemy, haughtiness, folly: all these evil things come from 

, ,, „ , , , . y „ r, within, and defile the 

πονηρά εσωθεν ίκπορενεται, και κοινοί τον ανυρωπον. man. 

evils ft-jom within go/orth, and defile the man. 

24 ""Και ε/οεΤθεν'ΐ άναστάς άπηλθεν Είς τά ^^αεθόρια" 24 And from thence 

And thence having risen up he went away into the borders ^^ arose, and wont 

rri' t >•^^~ II ^ »Λ/Ί< ' ^ y η > ' )^/ ^^^° t^6 borders of 

ivpov ^fcat Ι,ιόωνος". και εισελθων εις V7;v" οικιαν, ονδενα Tyre and sidon, and 

of Tyre and Sidon; and having entered into the house, no one entered into an house, 

V7"n \ II ~ > 'T'T* 'Λΐι\Λ~ -«r«•» ' "•"'^ would have no 

^?/^ελεν" γί^ωί'αι, και ουκ^ηόννηθψ Καθειν. 25 y α κονσασα man know it: but 

he wished to know [it], and he could not be hid. *Having ^heard he could not be hid. 

ί II > V , ~ - , ^ /I ' » ~ ~ 25 For a certain wo- 

γαρ" -^υνη περί αυτού, ης ειχεν το. υνγατριον. αυτής πνεύμα man, whose young 

'for '•'a ^womau about him, of whom *had 'her ^little ''daughter a spirit daughter had an un- 

άκάθαρτον, ΗΧΘοϋσα^^ προσ'επεσεν προς τονς.πόδας.αϋτοϋ' Sm^andcimeanYfeU 

unclean, having come fell at his feet, at his feet : 2β the wo- 

26 ^JivM η γυνη^'• ΈΧληνίς, ^Συροφοίνισσα^^ τψ γένει' και. g^^pSciai bf ua! 

(now ^was 'the ■ woman a Greek, Syrophenician by race), and tion; and she besought 

ήρώτα αυτόν Ίνα το δαιμόνων Ηκβάλλγ^-^ ^κ της θυγατρός ^,Ζ Srth ^heTevU 

asked him that the demon he should cast forth out of "daughter out of her daughter 

αυτής. 27 'οΜ.'ϊησοϋς εΖττεν" aύτy, "Αφες πρώτον χορτασ- L^^LilhrchlK 

her. But Jesus said to her, Suffer first to be satis- first ^^e filled : for it 

θήναι τά Tsicva' ού.γάρ ^καλόν έσην" λαβείν τον άρτον των the'^chiidren's^V^e^i^^ 

fled the children ; for not good is it to take the bread of the ^nd to cast it iinto the 

τίκνων, καΙψάλεΧν τοΙς κυναρίοις.^^ 28 Ή.ίέ άπεκοίθη και dogs. 28 And she au- 

children, and cast [it] to the dogs. But she answered and hTm^^^Yes, Wd :"Jet 

λέγει αύτφ, Ναί, κύριε* καί.^γάρ" τά κυνάρια ύποκάτω της *^®, dogs under the 

says ^tohim,^ Yea, Lord; f or eVen^ the little dogs under the t^JJl ^^^^^^^^^^^gf^l^ 

τραπέζης '^εσθιει" άπό των ψιχίων των παιδιών. 29- Και είπεν ^^, «•'^id uuto her, For 

table eat of the crumbs of the children. And he said *^'^^ TJ^^^ •ι^•° *^^ 

^ . way ; the devil is gone 

ax)Ty, Δια τούτον τον λό-γον ϋπαγε' εζεληλυθεν ^τό δαι- out of thy daughter. 

to her. Because of this word go ; has gone forth the de- ^0 And when she was 

, , ~ η ' . > Λ1 ~ > « come to her house, she 

μονιον εκ τής.θυγατρος.σου.^^ 30 Και απελθούσα εις τον found the devil gone 

mon out oi thy daughter. And having gone away to ?Η^> and her daughtei 

,~ - υ>Γ. / ΐί->.•»Λ' ν > η ^"^id upon the bed. 
ύΐκον.αυτης, ενρεν "ro δαιμόνων εξεληλυθος, και την θυγα- 

her house, she found the demon had gone forth, and the daugh- 

τερα βεβλημενην επΙ της κλίνης. ^^ 

'"• l'-^i<J 0° *^« ^f- . , , , 31 And again, depart- 
31 Και πάλιν Ιζελθών ει: των ορίων Τύρου ^και Σιδώνος,^ ingfrom the coasts οΐ 

And again having departed from the borders of Tyj-e and Sidon, ca^^^c unto theTea ol 

^λθεν" ™7Γρϋς" την θάλασσαν της Γαλιλαιας, ανά μέσον Galilee, through the 

became to the sea of Galilee, through, [the] midst H^idsu of the coasts ol 

^ , , \ y Decapolis. 32Audtne3 

των ορίων Αεκαπόλεως. 32 και φερουσιν αυτφ κωφον " bring unto him ou< 

of the borders of Decapolis. And they bring to him a deaf man thatwas,and bar. 

, , Λ ~ y \ tt ) Λ ~ an• impediment in his 

°μογιλαλον,^^ και παρακαλουσιν αυτόν ινα επιυτ^ speech ; and they be- 

who spoke with difficulty, and they beseech him that he might lay seech him to put hi£ 

, Z. , e\n ^ ' > \ η ' > » » » - handupouhim. 33Ano 

αυτφ την χείρα. 33 και απολαρομενος αυτόν απο του he took him aside fi-om 

on him [his] hand. And having taken away him from the the multitude, and 

"■ 'E/cet^ei/ δέ ΤΑ. * δρια LTTr. * — καΐ^ώωνος ΤΑ. " — την (read a house) LTTrAW, 

'" -ηθέΚησεν Τ. « -ηΒννάσθ-η Τ. y αλλ' ^ύθύς άκόνσασα. but immediately having heard 

TTrA. ^ είσελθοίσα -having come in τ. * ή δέ γυνή ηρ LTA ; η γν^ή δε ην Ττ. ^ 2υρα 

φοίνίκισσα G ; Χυροφοινίκισσα LTW ; Ί,ύρα Φοινίκισσα Τγα. <= έχβάλτ? GLTTrAW. • ^ κα. 

ελεγει/ and he said LTTrA. "^ εστίν καλοί/ LTTrA. ^ τοις κνναρίοΐζ βαλ^Ιν TTrA. ε — yaf. 
for [L]TTr. ^ eaOiovaLV LTTrAW. ' Ik της θνγατρός σον το δαίμ.όνιον ΤΑ. ^ το παιδίοι 

(the child) βφλημένον εττΐ την κλίνην καΐ το SaLfxovLOV έξ^ληλνθός LTTrA. ' ^\θεν διί 

Ί,ίδωνος he came through Sidon LTTrA. •" ets unto GLTTrA. ° + και and Lxir. 

" μογγιλάλοί' Tr. 


put his fin^Grs into his ογλου κατ.Ιδίαν, ίβαλεν Tovc.SaKri'>\ovc>\ivTuv^^ eic τα ώτα 

to:ich:ii'hi^oE^1 -owd apart. ^ he jnxt ^ his finger; ^ to ^car3 

34 mul looking up to avTOU, Koi ΤΓτύσας ηφατο της.γλώσσης.αύτον^ 34 icat άνα- 

and'^Rnith unto hhii '^'^" ^^^ having spit he touched his tongue, and having 

Ephphatha, tiiat is[ βΧίφας eIq tov ovoavov ίστίναζεν, καΐ λέγεί αντφ, Έφφαθά, 

Be opened, 35 And jookcd up to the heaven he groaned, and says to him, Eyhpliatha,. 
straightway his ears ^, , ^ , or r < » ή' ii -^ ' η π . ~ 

were opened, and the o.tGTiv, Αιανοιχθητί. 35 KuL '^Ενθεως Όιηνοίχθησαν αντου 

f tring of his tongue ^i^t jg Bq opened. And immediately were opened his 

was loosed, and he , , , r „ >x /λ . ^ « ~ λ / , ~ ν ix /χ 

spakep'ain. 36 Andhe at uKoai, KUL ^ ίλνϋη Ο οεσμος της.'/Αωσσης.αντου, και ίλαλοι 

ch.irgr.d them that ears, and was loosecl the band of his tongue, and he spoLc 

they should tell no , ^ ^ _,^ , « ,, , ^ „ ^ , . ,- ,, 

man : but the more he υρ^ως. 3ό και οιεστειΚατο αυτοις Ufa μηοενι ^ειττωσιρ'^^ 

charged them so much rightly. And he charged them that uo one thcj should telL 

the more a groat deal „ ^>^,^||,^J, /^^ τν~\> ' 

Miey published it; ^avTOQ^ avTOic οιεστίΚΚετο, ^μαΚλοϊ/ ττρισσοτερον 

37 and were beyond But as much as he them charged, exceeding mou• abundantly 

measure astoni^lied, > / o»r » ' - ^y \ ' \ ' 

saying, He hath done ίκηρνσσον. όΊ KUL νπερττερισσως εξεττλησσοντο^ λέγοντες^ 

all things well: he they proclaimed [it] : and above measure they v^ere astonished, saying, 

toie^nrl ^nd^the dumb Καλώς ττάντα ττεποίηκεν' καΐ τους tcoiipovQ ττοιεί άκονειν, 

to speaic. ^Well *all "things ^he ^has ^done : both the deaf he makes to hear, 

καΐ *Γ0ΐ'ς" άλάΧονς ΧαλεΊν. 

and the dumb to speak. 

VIIT. In those days 8 'Ev εκείναις.ταίς.ι)μξ.ραις ^ττα/ίττόλλου" όχλου 'ΰντος^ 

the multitude being In those days very great [the] crowd being, 

very great, and having » » > / , ^ t > / , < >-r 

nothing to cat, Jesus και μη εχοντων Π - φαγωσιν, προσκάλεσα μεί'ος ^ύ 1η- 

called his disciples and not having what they may eat, ^having ^called ■*to [°him] 'Jo• 
unto him, and saith ~ii^ a »a' ~ιιλ' >.~ Λν<\ ύ 

ixnto them, 2 I have <yovς''τovς.μa^ητaς^avτoυ'\εyειaυτoις, 2 Σπλαγχνιζομαι 

compassion on the sus his disciples he says to them, I am moved witli compassion 

they 'have' now t?en «^^1 TOV οχΚον' ΟΤΙ ήδη h'l^apaq'' τρεΙς ττροσμ'ενονσίν ^μοι,' 
with me three days, on the crowd, because already -days Hhree they continue with me 

eat\ ^3 and°if4^^fend '^"^ ^'^'^-^X^^'^^^ ^^ 0άγωσΐϊ/• 3 καΐ kav άττοΧΰσω αυτούς 
them away fasting to '^^d have not what they may eat ; and if I shall send away them 

iiiii^faTS bvThe way"^ '^x^jyffreig" εΙς οίκον.αϋτών, εκλνθησονταί iv ry οδψ' ^τίνίς.γαρ" 

for divers of them fasting to their home, they will faint in the way ; for some 

hirdiS°ie?an«-tircd "'^''<^^ ^ μακρόθεν ^ί^κτασιν." 4 Και άπεκρί^ησαν αντφ οϊ μάθη- 
him, From^whence^can °^ ^^®*^ ^^°°^ ^^^^ ^^ *'°'^^• ^^^ ^answered •'him -'disci- 

Β man satisfy these ται avTOV, Ηΐόθεν TovTov^ δννησεταί ης ώδε χορτάσαι 

S^^th^ wildernesT? ί'^^''* '^^^' Whence «these 'shall ^be *able ^anyone ^here to satisfy 

5 And he asked them, άρτων Ιττ'Λρημίας ; 5 Καΐ ^ίττηρώτα" αυτούς, Υίόσους έχετε 

How many loaves have with bread in a desert? Aud he asked them, How many ^have Ve 

ye? And they said, ^ » ^\ υ τ ii • ' ν i ' χ ,< 

Seven. 6 And he com- αοτονς ', Οι.δε ^ELTTov, Επτα. 6 Και ^παρηγγΕίλεν^^ τφ οχΧφ 

manded the people to . loaves ? And they said, Seven. And he ordered the crowd 

sit down on the , ^ , ^ „ \, \n/o' < .*, » 

ground : and he took αναπεσεϊν δΤΓΐ της γης' και Χάρων τους επτά άρτους^ 

the seven loaves, and to recline 6n the ground. And having taken the seven loaves, 
gave thanks, and _,■ , '„,. ».?'Γ' ~ λ - , ~ „ 

brake, and gave to his ^ενχαριστήσας εκΧασεν και εόιοου τοις.μαυηταις.αυτου, ινα 

disciples to set before having given thanks he broke and gave to his disciples, that 

them: and they did „ /->•>■ n \ > η - ~ » \ -,, 

set them before the ^τταραθωίίιν'" και παρεθηχαν τψ οχΧφ, 7 και 

people. 7 And they they might set before [them]. And they set [it] before the crowd. And 

bad a few small fishes: ,,7 η > n'^ >\ ' . > nn > ν ' n^ r 

and he blessed, and ^είχον" ιχθυοια oXiya' και P^ ευΧογησας ^^ειττεν τταρα- 

commanded to set they had small fishes a few; aud having blessed he desired ^to'^be 'set 

Ρ — ανχοΰ {read [his] fingers) τ. ^ — εύθεως [LjTTrA. ' Ύ)νοίγησαν LTTrA- 

* + ίώθυς immediately τ. * λεγωσιν ττγα. " — αύτος {read he charged) LiTrAW, 

^ + avroL they LTTrA. * — τους TTrA. 7 πάλιν τΓολλοί) again great LTTrA. « — ό 'Irj- 
σον? GLTTrAW. » — αύτοΰ (reacZ the disciples) TTr. b ή^φαι GLTTrAW. c — μοο 

ri[Tr]A. ^ ττηστις τ. * και rtves and some LTTrA. ^ + άπο from (afar) TTrA. 

βΎ)κονσι EW ; eiaiV are a. ^ -V ort ττγΑ. » ήρώτα ΤΤγΑ. ^ είπαι* ΤΤγΑ. ^ t-apay• 

ysAAet he orders LTTrA. ™ + [και] and l,. » παρατιθωσιν TTrA, <> είχαν LTTrA, 

P•^ -F ταύτα these L '■^ elnev τταρατεθηναι και αυτά L ; αυτά εΐπεμ «at ταΰτα παρατιβειαι TrJ 
αυτά παρβθηκαν be set these before fthem] τα. 

Till. MARK. 113 

θειναι καΐ αιτά." 8 ^^^ και ίχοβτάσθησαν. και them also before f/iem 

'before ['them] ■'also Uhese. And they ate and were satisfied. And were filled ; and they 

Ίψαν ττερισσΕυματα κλασμάτων ίτττά^στΓνρίδας.^^ 9 ήσαν. c ε ^^?^°^f^'^u\^^^.^^°\'''^ 

they lookup 'over ■'and 'above ^of-'fragments seven baskets. And "were seven bastetT'^'g And 

*0i φαγάντεΓ" ώς τΕτρακισχίΧιοι' και άπελνσεν αυτούς, ^^^y that had eatsn 

Hhose^'who 'had ^eatcn about four thousand ; and he sent '^away Hhem. ^ή| f ^ anV°h^ '^ sent 

ΙΟΚαί ^εί'θέοις" Ιμβάς^ εΙς το ττλοΐίον μετά των μαθητών ^^^^^'^?'7• 

And immediately having entered into the ship with Μί6θίρ1θ3 he emered intf a Γμ^ 

auTOV^ ήλθεν εις τά μέρη Ααλμανουθά^ 11 και ΙζήΧθοίί ■ οι with his disciples, and 

Miis, he came into the parts of Dalmanutha. And ^went 'out Hhe DaTm^'ut ha^ ^Tlnd 

*>αρισαϊοι και ήρζαντο "^συζητείν^^ αύτφ, ζητονντες παρ' the Pharisees came 

=Phari.sees and began to cUspute with him, seeking frrtii forth, and began to 

, • , « , ~ / y , , , question with him, 

avTOV σημείον όπο τον ουρανού, ττειραζοντες αυ,τον. 12 και seeking of Mm a sign 

him a sign from the heaven, tempting him. And from heaven tempting 

, ,„ .^ , , ^ y^ , ,p/ « > Γ' liiui• 12 And he Sighed 

αναστεναζας ,τφ.πνενματι.αυτον λέγει,. It ^ι.γενεα.αντη deeply in' his spirit, 

having groaned * in his spirit he says, Why ^this ■'generation ^'^'^ saifti, Why doth 

,„^,,^, .^11 'i/T ~ this generation seek 

''σημειον επιζητεί \^ αμήν λέγω ^νμιν," ει.όουησεται Ty after a sign? verily I 

*a ^sign ^seeks ? Verily I say to you. If there shall be given say unto you, There 

f ■ -^ -1 r» Tr ' ' J ' ' ' η ' /D ' shall no sign be given 

-γενεα.ταυτ^ σημειον. Ιό Και σ^εις αυτούς^ ^εμ/οας unto this generation. 

to this generation a sign. And having left them, having entered 13 And he left them, 

'\ u h > < Λ ~ II > "x Λ ' ' ■ and entering into the 

τταλιν' ''ε/ς το πλόΐον" απηλθεν εΐξ το πέραν. ship again departed to 

again into the ship he went away to the other, side. the other side. 

14 Και επελαθοντο λαρειν άρτους^ και ειψ,η ενα αρτον had forgotten to take 

And they forgot to take loaves,' and except one loaf bread, neither had 
>T /T' ~i ~N, ,(- ,j /vx they in the ship with 

ουκ.είχον μεθ εαντων εν τφ πλοιφ. Ιο και όιεστελλετο them more than one 

fhey had not [any] with them in the ship. And lie charged loaf. 15 And he charged 

αύτοίς, λεγων,'Οράτε,'' βλέπετε από της ζύμης των Φαρισαίων £ed!' bew^ar'f Of^the 
them, saying. See, take heed of the leaven of the • Pharisees leaven of the Phari- 

και της ζύμης Ήρώδου. 16 Και διελογίζοντο προς αλλήλους, rf'LTol'ieindthe? 

and of the leaven of Herod. And they reasoned with one another, reasoned among them- 

-λέγοντες," "On άρτους ούκ Ηχομεν^^ 17 Και γνούς " ^^e "w^'lavi' no 

saying. Because loaves ^not 'we %ave. And. knowing [it} bread. 17 And when 

fo Ιησούς' λέγει αύτοΧς, Τί ΰιαλογιζεσθε οτι άρτους ούκ. ^tZ^^"'4hYteasol 

Jesus says to them, Why reason ye because loaves ^ot ye, because ye have no 

εγε-ε; ονπω.νοεϊτε ούδέ.σννίετε ; ^εη" πεπωρωμέν7]ν bread? perceive ye not 

»ye=^have? Do ye not yet perceive nor understand? Yet hardened Snd?^"av? ye^ your 

εγετε την.καρίίαν.νμών '. 18 οφθαλμούς ενοντες ού.βλέπετε: ^eart yet hardened? 

ha'veye ^yoiSx heart ?^^ \ ^ EyeT ^ ^vin^, - doyenotsee? i^.f.Ti/hYv'^flJs! 

και ώτα έχοντες ούκ.άκούετε; και ον. μνημονεύετε', 19 οτε hear ye not? and du 

and ears having, do ye not hear ? and do ye not remember ? When {^ -^vhen l'"bTa^k^'^the 

τους πέντε άρτους έκλασα εις τους πεντακισχιλίους, ^ πόσους five loaves among five 

the five loaves I broke to the ' five thousand, how many thousand, how many 

, ,. „ , , ^ baskets full of frug- 

κοφινους ^πλήρεις ,κλασματων ήρατε', Αεγονσιν αυτφ, ments took ye up? 

hand-baskets full of fragments took ye up? They say to him. They say unto him, 

_^ „ , ^,,1 , , , 1 , , N' Twelve. 20 And w):en 

Αωοεκα. 20 Οτε-οε" τοίίς εττΓα ' εις τους τετρακισχιλιους, the seven among four 

'Twelve. And when the seven to the four thousand, thousand, how many 

, - <N ν / -ν / » m/-\< S" baskets full of frag- 

ποσων σπνριύων πληρώματα κλασμάτων ήρατε', "Όι.όε nisnts took ye up? 

of how many baskets [.the] fillings of fragments took ye up? And they And they said. Seven. 

7 ii«T-i ' <m -rr ^ "\ . ~ ηπ - II η > 11 ' 21 And he Said unto 

εΐτΓον," Επτά, 21 Και ίλεγεναυΓθΐς,"ΙΙως" °οϋ" σννιετε; them. How is it that 

said, Seven. And he said to them. How hiot * do ^e understand? ye do not understand ? 

' Koi €φayov LTTr. * σφυρίδας L. * ' — oi φαγόντες (read ivnd they were) Τ[Τγ]α. 

^ ευθύς LTTrA. '" -\- [αυτός] he L. . * σννζητείν LTTrA. y ζητ^Ι (τημύον LTTrA. ^ [υμχν] A. 
* πάΧιν έμβάς LTTrA. *> — το LTrW ; [ΐΐς πλοΐον] Tr ; — ΐίς το ττλοΓοί' {read εμβας having 

embarked) τα. ^ + .[καΐ] and l. ^ — Κί-γοντες lttfa. « ζχουσίν they hive LTrA. 

f — οΊησοϋς (read he says)T[Tr]A. ε — cti LTTtA. *» + καΐ τ. » κλασμάτων π\ηρ(ΐ.ς 

l.TTrAW.' ^ [δε J TrA ; και Τ. • -|- [άρτον?] loaves L. " καΐ λξγονσίν Τ; και λέγουσιν 

αύτφ ana iliey say to him α. ° — Πώς τα. ο^ούπω not yet LTTrA. 


^^'^ ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. νίΠ. 

BcThsuiJa ;^ TiiF they ^^ ^^^ ^i'px^Ttti" EiQ ΒηθσαΊδάν' κά] φερονσιν αυτψ τνφΧύι/, 

b)"ingaT)liudm.inuuto AnJ becomes to Bethsaida ; and they briug to hiui ' a blia4 

toToπc"hhira'!"^23^Vud '^"' παοακαΧοϋσιν αυτόν 'ίνα αυτού αιΡηται. 23 και 

!ic took: the blind man ' f^^^'^i ^^"^ beseech Mm that him he mi gh ι touch. And 

i?ua*o?u''o"'he°towu' ^^'[^^βόμΕνος της χειρός του τυφλοί, ^Ι-ζηγαγεν^^ αυτόν 

iiua when he spit taking• hold of the hand, of the blind [man] he led forth him 

his haiu'rupon''hff ^^^ "^^^^ ''^"''/"?C> «^«i τττύσης ε'ις τά.ομματα.αυτον, Ιτηθεις 

lio allied him if he saw ^"*^ of Che viilairc, and having spit upon his eye^, having Liid 

ought. 24 And he look- τάς χείρας αντφ ίττηρώτα αϋτον ει τι '",βλέπθΐ." 24 jcai 

ni'-i>^IVTrcoswalkiiiJ^ "^^'^^ ^''^^^^ upon him he askeci him if anything he beholds. And 

■fi •^/"■»; tJiat he put άναβλεφας εΚεγεν, Βλεττω τόνο ανθρώπους, ^οτι ώς dsvdpa 
his οΐϊ a'iTd^nVldc ^^^'^^^^^^ Ι behold the" men, for as trees 

him look up: and he opcDH ττεοιττατούντάς. 25 Έΐτα . ττάΧίν *έ7Γέ9//κεν" τάς 

was restored and I see [them] ' walking. Then again he laid lliis] 

Kuw every man clearly. ^ , , •, > η \ \ > ~ » • ' . ^ , 

2ΐί And he sent him χείρας tTTi τονς.υφθαΧμονς.αυτου, και ''ετνοιησεν αυτόν ανα-^ 

away to his house, hands upon his eyes, 'and made him look- 

saying. Neither go ,3^ , , ,, , ^, ,„ .. ^ ^r^ 'o\ 1 11 ^ λ ~ 11 

nitr. the town, nor teU ρλεψαι^ και "^αποκατεσταθη, και ^ενεΐόλεψεν" ^τηΧανγως^^ 

U to nny iu tlio town. up. And he was restored, and looked -on 'clearly 

^ά'τΓίϊϊ^τας." 26 και άπ'εστεΐΚεν αυτόν εις ^τυν.'Όΐκον.αυτον, 

all [men]. And he sent him to his house, 

Χεγων, ''ΛΙί/οέ'' εις την ^ώμην εισεΧΘγς, *^μηίε €<V^C 

' eaying, Iseither into the » village mayest thou eutei•, nor maye&t tell [it] 

τινί iv Ty κώμ?^^ 

to any one in the" village. 

27 Και εζηΧθεν ύ Ίησονς και οΐ.μαθηται.αϋτον εις τάς κώ~ 

And -went ^f orth 'Jesus and his di.sciples into the vil- 

μας }ζ.αισαρείας'' τήςΦΐΧίττπον και Ιν τ^ όδφ ΙτηΥρώτα 

27 And Jesus went lages of Caisarea Philippi. And by the way he was questioning 

Tnto^^the^'toliS^^of τονς.μαθητάς.αντον, Χ'εχων ^αυτοΧς,'' Τίνα με Χεγονσιν οι 

Csesarea Philippi : and ^^ disciples, saying to them. Whom "^me 'do pronounce ■ 

hL^dlsSi^aySg ίίνθρωτΓοι είναι; 28 OL^f ^άπεκρίθησ<ιν" ^,^'Ιωάννην τον βαπ- 

unto them Whom do• "men to be? And tney an^w6red, John the Bap- 

^^Y ^^L•^^^^ ^ ^™j' τιστήν και άΧΧοι ^Ήλίαι/*" άΧΧοι.δε ^ενα" τών.ττρηφητών. 

28 And they answered , ^. ' j ^ι, τ-ι• -u ^ ^λ. ^ ^u * ' ί_ . 

John the Bnplist • but ^^^^ i ^^^ others, Ε lias ; but others, one of the prophets. 

some snjj. Ε lias j and 29 Kai αϋτος ^Χέγει άΰτοΤς•,'•' ΎμεΊα.δε τίνα με Χεγετε 

phet[''29Audhesaith ^""^, ^« "f^^ to thwn,. But ye, whom W do "ye •'pronounce 

unto them, But whom εϊναι ; ^Άποκριθεΐς ""^έ" ό Π£7-ρος Χεγει αντφ, Σί,.εΐ 6 χριστός. 

^Λ*''^ ^^/^^* ^-^™^ tobe? -Answering .'and ' Peter says to him. Thou art the Christ. 
And Peter answereth »,/ >~ο r>vA' 

and saith unto him, 30 Kai ίττετιμησεν αντοίς iva μηδενι-. "λεγωσιν" ττερι 

Thou art the Christ. ^.^^ }jg strictly charged them that no one they should tell concerning 

30 And he charged , ^ ^, ,^ , „ ^ -, « , , , ,, 5 ~ 

them that they should αυτου. 31 Kai Ί/ρ^,ατο οώασκειν αυτούς οτι όει τον 

tell' no man of him. jjim_ _A.ud he began to teach them that it is necessary for the 

31 And he began to,, «,,^. w»' η - »»? n~ 

teach therd, that the viuv του αννροίπον τΓολλα τταυειν, και αποόοκιμασϋηναι, 

Son of man must suffer Son of man many things to suffer, and to be rejected 

many things, and be „ , , „ ^ ,τ » ν r>o > ' • ^ na ' 

rejected of the elders, °α7Γθ" των ττρεσρυτερων και ^^αρχιερεων και Ρ^γραμματεων, και 

anil o/the chief priests, of the elders and chief priests and scribes, .and 

and scribes, and be <> /i~ v' , ^ t ι j ~ . ' ort ^ 

killed, and after three αττοκτανθηναι^ και μετά τρεις ημέρας αναστηναι όΖ και 

days rise again. 32 And to be killed, . and after three -r'days to rise [again]. And 

o^n^y!"" 'AndX^'ef τταρρησίφ τον Χόγον εΧάΧει. Kai ττροσΧαβό μένος ^ i^aiWov 

took him, and began openly the word he spoke. And "having ^taken "to [^him] *him 

Ρ άρχονται they come LXTrA. 1 ζξηνζ-γκεν he blOUght forth TTtA. ■■ βλέπεις thou 

behoLdest a. « ώ? δένδρα G. t ieryKev T.a. » διεβλεψει/ he saw distinctly TTrA. 

'^ άπεκατεστάβη L ; άπεκατέστη TTrA. * ει/ε'βλεττει/ LTTrA. y δηλαυγώ? Τ. ^ ατταΓτα 

all things LTTrA W. » — τ6ι/ GLTTrAW. ^ fl% UOt T. ^ — μηδέ κώμ-Ύ] Τ. ^ [αντοΐς] Tr. 

e elwav spakfi TA. ^ + αύτώ AeVovTe? to him saying LTTrA. S^ + δτι τα. ^ 'KXeiav T. 
» OTi ει? LTTrA. '' εττηρώτα αυτούς asked tUem LTTrA. ' + /cat and L. «" — δε LTTrA. 

■ ύπωσιν L. <> ύττό by LTTrA w. p» + των of the QLlTrAW. i» ό ueVpos αυτοί/ ltttjv.. 

VIII, IX. MARK. 115 

ό Ilfrpoi" ηρξατο εττιτιμάν αύτψ. S3 ο.δε ίττιστοαφείς και to rebuke Wm. 33 But 

• ^'Peter^ began ^ to^rebuke ^ him. Bathe, tm-mng ^nd ^S and looked °οϊ 

ίδών τους.μαθητάξ.αντον. ίττετίμησεν 'τω" Πέτρω, ^λεγων," ^ϊ^ disciples, ho re- 
seeing ^ his disc,pl.s, ^ rebu..d ^ Fete^ saving,' It^tlTeiinT^e, 

Υ.τταγε οττίσω μου, σατανά' 'ότι ού.ώρονίΐς τά Satan : for thou sa- 

Get behind me, Saiau, for thy thoughts are not of the things jourest not the things 

του θεου, uWa τα των ανθρώπων. the- things that be of 

of God, but the things of men. ^^^ 

34 Kal προσκαΧεσάμενος τον οχΚον συν τοΧς μαθηταΐς 

And having called to [him] the crowd with =^disciples 34 Andi/hen he had 

» ~ τ . - »>'/". ■. n'\ > - «>Ν/Λ - 11 > called the people unto 

αυτού ειττεν αντοις, * ϋστίς' ΰελει οπίσω μου ^εΚυειν,' απαρ- himvnxh his disciples 

'his he said to them, Whosoever desires after me to come, let also, he said onto them, 

' η ' ' ^ . ' ■ Ν χ , ~ , Whosoever will come 

νησασβω εαυτόν, και αρατω τον.σταυρον.αυτου, Και after me, let him deny 

him d(.uy himself, and let him take up his cross, and himself, and take up 

y \ η ' ' r»- " » w-^ Μ Λ'Λ > ( ' , ~ his cross, and follow 

ακολουβειτω μοι. 3θ oc.yap.av^ UtAy τϊ>ν.•ψυχην. αυτού me. 35 For whosoover 

let him follow me. For whoever may desire his life will save his life shall 

. ~_^ ' \' r ' , ,^ Γ-. - x> N' ,1 \ V I ' ' ~ii lose it ; but whosoever 

σωσαι, απολίσει αυτήν ος.ύ .αν ^αποΚεσψ την^-ψνχην.αυτου^^ shall lose his life for 
to sav^, shall lose it, but whoever may lose his life my sake and the gos- 

ενεκεν εμού και του ευαγγελίου, '^ούτυς" σώσει αϋτη2\ save' it. ^SQ^For what 

on accovint of me and of the glad tidings, he shall save it. shall it profit a man, 

SdTi.yap ^ώφΕλησει^ '^άνθρωπον Ηάν κερδησ^ τίν κόσμον who^Vw^Va'nd' £ 

For what shall it profit a man if he gain the -world his own soul ? 37 Or 

Ολον και Κημιωθψ τί^ν.^νχην.αυτοϋ; 31 -η τι ζώσει ^Voh^^iJ^Z''^^ 

'whole and lose his soul ? or what shall ^give soul ? 38 AVhosoever 

άνθρωπος!' ^ αντάλλαγμα της.ψυχης.αύτοϋ ; 38 ος.γάρ.^άν^^ shamerof'me^and of 

'a ■'man [as] an exchange for his soul? For whoever my words in this a- 

t πα'πχυνθΊ) με και τους Ιμοϋς λόγους εν τΊ^.γενεα,.ταντι^ gSSon ^ V^^ 

may havcbeena-hamedof me and my words in this generation also shall the Son of 

T7j μοιχαλίδι και άμαρτωλφ, και ο υ'ιυς του ανθρώπου Ιπαισ- man be ashamed, when 
the adulterous and sinful, also the Son of man will be of MrFather^vUh the 

χυ- οήσεταιαύτόν.οταν ελ^^ εν Ty δόξ^ του.πατρος.αύτοΰ boiy angels. DC. And 

itehawodof him when be shall come in the glory of his Father VeruJ I sa^i^to yo"^* 

μετά των αγγέλων των άγ'ιων^ 9 Κ*^* ελεγεν αυτοίς. Αμήν. 'Ehat there be some of 
with the angels the holy. ^ And he said to them, Jerily ^^^-^^^hat ^f-f J^-e. 

λέγω υμΧν, 'ότι είσιν τίνες ^τών ώδε'' εστηκότων, ο'Ίτινες of death, till they have 

1 say to you. That thtio are some of here standing, who !fen the kingdom of 

■ , , , η ' " Λ .. rv ^ ■-, \ ' ~ God come with power.' 

ου. μι) γευσωνται θανάτου εως.αν ιύωσιν την βασιλειαν του 

in no wise shall taste of death until they see the kingdom 

θεού εληλυθυΊαν εν δυνάμει. 

of God having come in power. 

2 Και ^μεθ'^' ημέρας εξ παραλαμβάνει 6 Ίησοϋς τον 

And after -^days 'six Hakes ^with C^him] ^Jesus 2 And after six days 

, ,•,„>% r> < V < 11 ' ' < » ' Jesus taketh with him 

ΙΙίΤρον και VOV' Ιακωρον και ^ΤΟν^' Ιωαννην, και αναφέρει Peter, and James, and 

Peter and James and John, and briiigs up John, and leadeth 

,,, ^ «/N> ' >^' ' ^ them up into an big' 

αυτούς εις ορός ^υψηλον κατ jciav μονούς' και μετ ε μο ρ- mountain apart b> 

them into a ^mountain ^high apart alone. And he was tran^- 'themselves : and he 

, r » r\ » - «*«»«' > - 1 » ' 11 "was transfigured be- 

φωθη έμπροσθεν αυτών, 3 και τ α.ι ματ (a. αυτού ^εγενετο' fore them. 3 And his 

figured before them ; and his garments became raiment became shin- 

^-, ^ <\' m• 'II τ ^ " ■■> ^ " i°&> exceeding white 

στιλβοντα, λευκά λίαν ^ως χιωι>," οια γναφευς επι της as snow ; so as no fiu- 
shining, white exceedingly as show, such as a fuller on . the ler on earth can white 

r — τω LTTr.4.. » if at \iyei and says TTrA. t Et τις If any one LTr. ^ αι^^λουθβΐν to 

follow GTTiAW. ^ ζαν TTrA. " άπολεσει shall lose TTrA. y eavrov ψυχήν GTiW. 

ζ — οΰτος GLTTrAW. °• ωφελεί does it profit TA. ^ + top the (man) LTr[A]W. ^κερδτ)- 

σαι to gain TA. ^ ζημιωθηναι to lose TA. « ri yap δοΖ άνθρωπο? (read lor what, &C. ) TT- ; 
Tt yip [δώσει άνθρωπος'} Α. ^ iav LTTi A. S ώδε των ϊΤγα. ^ μ€τα LTTrA. * — τον W. 

«ι — τον GLTiA^ ^ εγενοντο LTr AW. ™ — ως χιών Τ3 "ή.. 

116 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. IX. 

:hem. 4 And, there γή ς ov. δύναται ^ \εν κάνα I. 4 καΙ ώφθη αιτοΤς ^Ήλίας" σνν 

EUa"''w^thl?os°es a^^ml <^•'^»'*^ is not able to whiten. And *api7c.arcd -to =thcm ^Elias 'with 

they were talking with ΡΜωσει," και ήσαν ^σνΧλαΧονντες^^ τψ Ίησου. 5 icai αποκριθείς 

Jesns. 5 And Peter 3:sioses, and they were talking with Jcius, And ^'answcrinc' 

answered and said to^ ,' ^, ~ « n/j> w λ' ' t~ -t• 

Jesus, Master, it is ο.Πετρος Λεγει τφ Ϊ7]σου, ' Prtppt," καΧον εστίν ημάς ώδε 

good for ns to he here: " ipecer says to Jesus, Rabbi, good . it is for us here 

and let us make three ^ , "^ , ' , ^ , -, χ nt^ 

tabernacles; one for eivai' Ko.i ΤΓΟίήσωμεν ^σκ7]να.ς τρειζ,•^ σοι μίαν} και ΡΜω- 

thee, and one for Mo- ^q ^q . ^nd let us make "tabernacles Hhrce, for thee one, and far Mo- 
ses, and one for Elias, , ^ . ' II ' /3 ' ' "S• ' v\ Λ ' .11 

6 For he wist not \viiut σει" μίαν, και ^Ηλια" μιαν. ο ov.yap.i^joei η ^λαλϊ7σ^ 

to Kay ; for they were g'es one, and for Elias one. For he knew not what he should say, 

sore afraid. 7 And , , » , η » m \ ■> > . 'λ ' ύ 

there was a cloud that ^ησαν.γαρ ' ίκφοροι. 7 και εγενετο νεφέλη εττισκιαζονσα 

overshadowed them: for they were greatly afraid. And there came a cloud overshadowing 

and a voice came out > ~ > -ττλ λ ii j ' ' ~ j. 'Λ v> ' i\ /-vr ' 

of the cloud, saying, avTOig\ και ^j;Xt/6}'" φωνή εκ της νεφέλης, ^λέγουσα,'' Ούτος 

This is ' my beloved them ; and there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This 

fudcienlyi ^hen^ 4ey ίστιν ο.νΐός.μου 6 άγαττητύς' ^αύτον άκονετε ^^ 8 Kat εξάττινα 

had looked round a- is my Son ttie beloved : ^him 'hear ■'ye. And suddenly 

auy*more,Tvrjru'^ ττεριβλεφάμενοι ούκετι.ούοενα εϊ^ον, ^«λλά» τόν'ίησοΰν 

only -n-ith' themselves, having looked around no longer any one they saw, but Jesus 

doin'from\h7m'olT- ^^vov μεθ' εβΌτών. 9 ^Καταβ^ινόντων.δε'^ αυτών «^άττό" τον 

tain he charged them alone with themselves. And as '"'were ^descending Hhey from the 

that ^^^y^^^^^^'^j^^Jg ορονς διεστείλατο αϋτοίς 'ίνα μηδενί "^διηγησωνται α εΖ- 

thej-had Teen, till the mountain he charged them that to no one they should relate what they 

Son of man were risen ^q^W £ΐ_μή οταν 6 νΙος ΤΟΙ) άνθοώτΓΟν εκ νεκρών 

they kept that saying had seen except when the Son of man from among [the] dead 

with themselves, ques- αναστΌ. 10 και Ti)V Xoyov εκράτησάν ττρός εαυτούς, ^συζη- 

othiwh*LTthe^si'ng ^® "^'''^• And that- saying they kept among themselves, ques- 

from the dead should τ-οΰντες" τί Ιστιν TO εκ νεκρών άναστήναι. 

mean. 11 And they tioning what is the =from ''among ["the] *dead 'rising, 

asked him, saying, ^ ^ . ^ , / λ - f./^ ii λ ' ο- < 

ΛVhy say the scribes H Και εττηρωτων avTOv, λέγοντες, * ΟτΓλεγονσιν^ οι γραμ- 

that Elias must first ^^^ |-^^.„ asked him, saying. That ^say Hhe •'scribes 

come? 12 And he an- ^ ^, , „ ^ ^ ,^ η - - -ιλ «i-\ ?' i ' ο ' 

Bwered and told them, ματεις OTi ** Ηλίακ' ΰει ελθειν ττρωτον ; 15ί Ο.όε ^αττοκριυεις 

Elias verily coiueth ^^^t Elias must come first? And he answering 

first, and restoreth all _ ,, , ^ ι,«ττλ ' ii l < ii '\ λ ' ~ m ' Ω ^W 

things; and how it is είττεν' αντοις, ^ Ηλίίζς" *jU€v" ελθων πρώτον, "αττοκαί^ιστ^ 

written of the Sou -of said to them, Elias indeed having come first, restores, 
man, that he must , ,„ > ,,,<, -,,χ , _. 

suffer many things, τταντα' και πως γεγραπται επι τον υιον του ανυρωπου 

and beset at nought, all things; and how it has been written of the Son - of man 

ilft^Eiiai^inS "iva ποΧΧά πάθ^ και -ΗΚουδενωθν-^^ . 13 ^λλά λέγαι 

come, and they have that many things he should suffer and be set at nought : but I say 

ioTver^'^Sey^SteTas νμΐν, 'ότι και «^'Ηλίας" εΧήΧνθεν, και εποίησαν αύτψ οσα 

it is ^\Titten of him. to you, that also Elias has come, and they did to him whatever 

^^ήθεΧησαν,^^ καθώς γίγραπται επ αυτόν» 

14 And when he they desired, as it has been written of him. 

hrsaw°a'g?eafmS 14 Καί ^ΗΧΘών' προς τοί,ς μαθητάς "εΖ^εν" οχλον πολύν 

tude about them, and And having come to the disciples he saw a ''crowd 'great 

i.¥trS""iiS περί αυτούς /και γραμματείς ^-συζητοΰντας^'^'^αύτοΤς:^ 16 και 

straightway all the around them, and scribes discussing with them. And 

Sfeii wereirLiiy -εύθέ'.ς" πάς 6 οχΧος ^^ίδών^^ αυτόν -ΚΙεθαμβήθη^ καΐ 

amazed, and running immediately all the crowd seeing h im were greatly amazed, and 

° -I- οϋτωζ thus ΤΤγα. ° 'Ηλείας Τ. Ρ ΜωϋσεΓ LPW ; Μωυστ? TrA. 1 σν^λαλουντε? Τ. 

r 'Έαββΐί ΤΑ. » τρεΓς σκηνά<; LTTi Α. t Ήλει'α Τ. " αποκριθΎ} he should auswer XTrA. 

•^ €κφοβοι yap eveVovro for tliey became greatly afraid LTTpA. » kyevero T. y — λέγουσα 
GTT! AW. 2 aicouere αύτοΰ LTTrA. * et μη L. ^ καΧ καταβαινόντων LTTr. *= e/c U 

Ί α cUou 8ιηyr|σωvτcLL LTTrA. ^ σννζητοΰντες LTTrA. ^'O τι wherefore L\v. ^ S + oi 

Φαρι•σαΓοι Kalthe Pharisees and [l]t. t Ήλει'αι/ t. i Ιφν/ caid ττγα. «^ HAeia? τ. 

ι — μεν T[Trj. =^ ίττοχαθι.στάν€ΐ LTTrA. °* ; (read and how has ]t been written, &c.) lt. 
«» εξουύειηιθ-η ( ; a) LT.A ; ίξουθ^νωβ, "^r. P* ηθελοι/ TTrA. «3^ ελθόντε? TTr. ^ " eioov 

they saw ττγ. " συι/^ητοίι/τας l TrA. ** προς αύ-^ονς with them XTr. '* €w0vs vttA 

•* L^ovTGi LTTrA. ** ί^ίθαμβήθ-ηο V LTTrA. 

IX. MARK. 117 

προστρέχοντας . ησττάζοντο αυτόν. 16 και ίττηρώτησεν "^τονς \'^ ¥^ saluted Wm. 

running to [him] saluted him. And he asked the L^rit^s^^^^attuttSu 

γραμματέϊς,^^ Ύί ^σνζητεϊτε^^ ττρος ^αυτούς f 17 Kar ^άπο- ye with them? ΐ7 And 

scribes, What discuss ye with them? And one of the multitude 

Λ > II - > ^ „ - - ^ , V '« , , " answered and said, 

κριθείς' εις εκ τουοχΑου'^είτΓεν,ΑιοασκαΧε,Ίΐνεγκατοννίόν Master, ι have brought 

swering oue out of the crowd said, Teacher, I brought ''son "^*°^ ^ί^^*', ™^ , ^°°' 

, „ „ «-V Λ -i ^ < ri Η η 11 , , 'Which hath a dumb 

UQV προς σε, έχοντα πνεν μα αλαλον. 18 /cat οττου. αν αυτόν spirit; 18 and Λvhere- 

'my to thee, having a ^spirit 'dumb; and wheresoever him soever he takcth him, 

Λ r /-. , , ο » / II V > / V » ν 1 "^ teareth him : and 

KaTakapy ρησσει ^αυτον'" και αφρίζει, και τρίζει τους hefoameth,andgnash- 

it seizes it dashes ^down 'him ; and he foams, and gnashes ^^^ '"'itl' ^^^ teeth, and 

,Γ./ f , ^ ., ,j, , ^o-•r II ~ η ~ pineth away : and I 

οοοντας. αυτόν, και ξηραίνεται' και &εΐ7Γον" τοις μαθηταις spake to thy- disciples 

his teeth, and is withering away. And I spoke to '"'disciples that they should east 

r/ ' « > ο 'Λ y , „ τη«/ΛΛ" ' ^'^^ ^"*' 5 and they 

σου iva αυτό εκραλωσιν, και ουκ.ισχυσαν. ly Ό.οε απο- could not. 19 He an- 

Hhy that it they might cast out, and they had not power. But he an- swerethhim, andsaith, 

Λ . u > ~,x / τλ-, 1 ί' »/ / , t .- Ο faithless generation, 

κριβεις^αυτφ' λε-γει, Ω γενεά άπιστος, εως ποτέ προς υμάς how long shall ι be 

Bweriug him says, Ο ^generation 'unbelieving! tintil when with you with you? bow long 
./ . ft , * ly ' - J ' > ^ ' shall I suffer you ? 

εσομαι; εως ποτέ ανεξομαι υμών; φέρετε αυτόν προς με. bring him unto me. 

shall I be ? until when shall I bear with you ? Bring him to me. 20 And they brought 

an. Tr > " ' ^ < ' ' . X >r. 1 , \ i »n' him tmto him: and 

Zii) Και ήνεγκαν αυτόν προς αυτόν και ιόων αυτόν ^εν^εως ^-ben he saw him, 

And they brought him to him. And seeing him immediately straightway the spirit 

' ~ιιΙγ''5'ν >' ^ ' >>~ tare him : and he fell 

TO πνευ/ζα" ^εσπαραξεν^' αυτόν, και πεσων επι της on the ^ound, and 

the spirit threw ^into ^convulsions 'him, and haying fallen upon the wallowed foaming. 

γης εκυλίετο αφρίζων. 21 Υ^αΙ επηρώτησεν τόν.πατέρα.αύτοϋ, Hth^fnow illf^ll 

earth he rolled foaming. And he asked his father, ago since this came 

Πόσος χρόνος εστίν ως τούτο γεγονεν αύτφ; Ό.δε είπεν, "a°iSoiShiid^2Aid 

How long a time is it that this has been with him? And he said, ■ ofttimes it hath cast 

^ΤΙαιξιόθεν. 22 Koji πολλάκις ""αυτόν και εις ττϋρ" εβαλεν και ^^^ ^^^ ^waters ^'to 

From childhood. And often him both into fire it cast and destroy him : but if 

εις ν^ατα, Ίνα άπολεστ^ αυτόν' °άλλ'" ε? τι °8ύνασαι,^^ *^ο^ °^^^^ SmS 

into waters, that it might destroy him : but if anything thou art able gionon us and help 

βοήθησονήμίν, σπλαγχνισθείς εφ' ημάς. 23 "0-(5f.'Ii/-^?• 23 Jesus said unto 

[to do], help us, being moved with pity on us. ^°^^ J^" ieve, all Thfnjs «^ 

(^ονς είπεν αντψ, Ύυ ει ^οΰνασαύ^ Ρττίστ^ΰσαι," πάντα δυνατά possible to him that 

BUS said to him. If thou art able to believe, all things are possible straight way the fa^r 

τφ πιστεύοντι. 24 '^Καϊ'^ 'ευθέως" κράξας ό πατήρ του of the child cried out, 

to him that believes. And immediately crying out the father of the Lord^OE^'beTieve -^TeYp 

παιδιού ^μετά δακρύων^^ ελεγεν, ΐΐιστεύω, 'Κι;ριε," βοήθει thou' mine unbelief. 

little child with tears said, I believe, Lord, help - 25 When Jesus saw 

-, , ,r^^^,,. ~ ,> ί > that the people came 

μον^τ7).απιστι<}. 25 Ιδων.δε ο Ιησούς οτι , επισυντρεχει ^ running together, he 

mine vmbelief. But ^seeing 'Jesus that ^was "'running "together rebuked . the fou] 

w> ,, ^ / -. , r> ' \ ' '~ spirit, saying unto 

όχλος, επετιμησεν τφ πνενματι τψ ακαθαρτφ, λέγων αυτψ, him, r//oudumbani 

'a^crowd, rebtiked the spirit the unclean, saying to it, deaf spirit, I charge 

^ ~ V Λ'Λ Ν ■ < '■ II > ' 1 ' ' w «y Λα thee, come out of him, 

Ύ(^^ πνεύμα το αλαλον και κα^φον,"'εγω ^σοι επιτάσσω," εξ,εΑοε and enter no more 

Spirit dumb «nd deaf, I thee command, come into him. 26 And the 

„»»vii J * ~ , » ' >\ η ' ' ' «£• ΤΛ ' 7a ' spirit cried, and rent 

^*ίξ" αντου, και μηκετι εισελθ^ς εις αυτόν, ζο Και ^-^κρα- him sore, and came 

out of him, and no more mayest thou enter into him. And having out of him: and he 

e» 11 % -v Λ \ o„ / V II \^= ' ' w ^y-\ η . ' was as one dead; in- 

ξαι^," και πολλά ^^σπαραξαν^^ '^^αυτον," εξηλυεν και gomuch that many 

tried out, and ^much 'thrown "into ^convulsions , ^him, it came out ; and said, He is dead. 

Ιγένετο ώσεί νεκρός, ώστε ^^ πολλούς λέγειν ότι άπ'εθανεν. 

he became fls if dead, so that many said that he was dead. 

y αϋτοΰς theta GLTTrA. '■ σ-υνζητ€ΐτ€ LTTrA. * αυτού? Ε. *> άπεκαίθη αντω ans'wered 

him LTT Α. c — elnev LTTrA. <i eai* LTTrA. « — αυτόν (read [HitnJ) T.^ f^ — αυτού 

{read [his] teeth) [lJtTpA. S elna ΤΤι a. .^ αντοΓ? them GLXTrAW. "το πνεύμα ενθύί 

LTTrA. ^ συνεσπάραξίν LT. ^ + e/c since LTTrAW. "^ και eU πΰρ αντον ΤΑ. >• άλλα Τ. 

ο δνντ] LTTrA. Ρ — ΤΓίστεΰσαι ΤΤγ[α]. 1 — και [L]T[Tr]A. ^ (υθνς ΤΤγΑ. , » — μ€τά 

δακρύων LTTrA. *• — Kvpte GLTTrAVV. ^ + ό the' (crowd) τ. « άλαλοι/ και κωφορ 

πνεύμα LTTrA * επιτάσσω σοι ΤΤγα. >^ άττ' from L. ^^ κράξας GLTTrA W. «« σπαρα^αί 
OLTTiAW. >»» — aVToV G[LJTTrA. <=*.+ TOVS ths LTTrA. 

118 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. ΤΧ. 

Vr'thihamUanduS ^^ ο.ύί.'ΐ7]σονς κρατησας ^αντον της χειρός" ι/γειρεν αύτόν^ 
ώηι up; and he arose. Hut Jesus, having taken him by the, hand, raised ^p »him, 

και ά7'εστη. 

and he arose. 

28 And when he was 28 Kal '^εΙσΕλθόντα.αντον^^ εις οίκον οΊ.μαθηται.αύτοΰ 

hirdisc'ipleiske^d'him , /^"^ M'hen ho was eritered ^^ into a honse ^ his di.ciples 

privately, ^^^ly could ^νηρώτωρ αυτόν κατΛδίαν,^^ &"Ori" "Hf^^^Q ούκ.ήδννη- 

«?\'^®^Τ*^'^ °'^^'' asked him apart, Because [of what] =^we » were not 

2^ And he said unto ^ η λ >'r\ >- ,.- - ,, 

them, This kind can θημεν εκβολεϊν avTO \ 29 Kcfi είττεν αυτοΧς, Ύοντο το νει>ος 

come forth by nothing ahle to cast out it? And he said to them, This kind 

hut hy prayer and , > j < ? ' 'Σ'ΛΛ- > -. ^ -h ' ii 

fasting. εν ουοενι ουναται εί,εΚυειν ει.μή εν ΤΓροσενχγ "και νηστεκ^. 

by nothing can go out excepii by prayer and fanting. 

30 And they depart- 30 'Kat ίκείθεν^^ εζελθόΐ'τες ^τταρεπορεύοντο" δια της 

ed thence, and passed And from thence having gone forth they went through 

through Galilee; and τ, λ λ ' •> ' "/Ί λ " ι ~.μ οι 'ί? 

he would not that any Γαλιλαιας' και ονκ.ιρελεν iva τις^ ^-γνψ^^ 31 εοιδασ- 

man should know it. Galilee; and he would not anyone should know [it] ; 'ne ^was *teach- 

31 For. he taught his , λ η y ^ ~ < "\ > ~ «y^, « t\ 

di>oipies. and said unto "K^v 7«p τονς.μαυητας.αντον, και ελεγεν αυτοις, Οτι ο νιος 

them, The Son of man ing 'for his disciples, and said to them, The Son 

handi"^r"^m^S^,° aid τοΐ> άτθρώπον- τταραδ'ΐΰοται εις χ^φας άνθρώττων, και 

they shall kill him; of man is delivered' into [the] hands of men, and 

krucd.^'he *sha\i^rise άττοκτενοϋσιν avTov και άτΓϋκτανθείς. ^Ty TpiTy ημερρ^^' 

the third day. 32 But *hey will kill him ; and having been killed, on the third day 

is sli^^t^nLTe ^^^^■'ή^''^''^' 32 0Lo6 ήγν'ονν TO ρήμα, και εφοβονντο 
afraid to ask him. ^^ '^'^^^ arise. But they understood not the saying, and were afraid 

33 And he came to aVTOV Ιττερωτήσαΐ. 
Capernaum: and being ^him Ho "ask. 

in rhe house he asked oo ττ- > ιιτλ r» ii > οτ^ ' .ii » » ^ > ^ / 

them, What was it S3 Kai "ηλθεν^^ Βίς ^Καττερναοιψ*" και εν Ty οικία γενόμενος ye disputed a- And iie came to Capernaum; and "in ^the *house ^bcing 

th?°va/?"^3rBuTthey ^ττηρώτα αύτονς, Ύί εν Ty ΰδφ ^ττρδς εαντονς^^ διελογίζεσθε; 

held thoir peace: for he a-kcd them, What in the way among yourselves were ye discussing? 

Kpit'edTi^onilhem' 34 OL^f Ισιώττων ΤΓοός αλλήλους yap διελ^χθησαν ^εν 

selves who should be But thoy were silent ; ^'with ^one ^another 'for they had been discussing by 

Z\.':!olt■r^nL•^ί ψ 6δφ,^ ^ μείζων. 35και καθίσας ίφώνηϋεν ' τοί'ς 

the twelve and saith *^β • '"'^5'' who [was] greater. And sitting down he called the 

Src^Tbe^fim°X ^^^^'^"j *^«' ^^y^^ αντοΊς, Ει τις θέλει πρώτος είναι, εσται 

same simll' be last of t'^'^elve, and he says to them. If anyone desires ^first 'to '^be, he Aall be 

οΓ'»''^'^Α^^'"'^'λ^**^1?;4• πάντων έσχατος και πάντων διάκονος. 36 Και λαβών 

and^^et\\m\^n'lhe '-' '^' /^-^ ^--\ '-^-'^ , Ι^•--*• , And having taken 

midst of them: and παιδ'ιον εστησεν αυτο iv μεσψ.αυτών' και εναγκαλισά μένος 

when he had taken alittle child he set it in their midst ; and having taken '^in [^his] *arme 
him in his arms, , , _ „ , „ ^ f - ^ , • • 

he said unto them, avTO είπεν αύτοίς, 37 Ος. tav" εν των ^τοιούτων τταιοιων" 

37 Whosoever shall lit ho said to them, WTioever one of such little children 

receive one of such ., , , ~ , / / , , »>> ^ « » t n » , 

children in my name, . δεξηται επι τφ.ονοματι.μον, tjuf δεχεται' και ος^εαν" εμε 

receiveth me : and shall receive in my name, me receives : and whoever me 

whosoever shall re- .^,,, „ , , , t^. »>> ^ > » λ 

ceive me, receiveth not ^οεξηται, ουκ εμε δεχεται, άλλα τον αποστειλαντα με. 

me, but him that sent shall receive, not me receives, but him who sent me, 

swered him, saying, 38^Άπεκρίθη.δε^^ αύτφ'^δ^^'ΐωάννης^λεγ ov,^^ Αιδάσκαλε, ειοομερ 

Master, we -aw one And ^answered ^him 'John saying. Teacher, we saw 

casting out devils in ^ , , , > ο />> y ' v'^ ' ' \ η - 

thy name, and he foi- Tiva ^ τιριονοματι.σου ίκβαλλοντα δαιμόνια, ^ος ονκ.ακολουθει 

loweth not us : and some one in thy name casting out demons, who follows not 

*' Tijs χειρο? αύτου his hand LXXr. « €ίσ6λθό^'Toς αύτοΰ LTT •. '' κατ iSiav επηρωτων αυτόν 
LTTrA. Κ Ό Tt wherefore LW. *» — καΙ ι/ηστεια t[a]. i Κάκεΐβεν LTXrA. '' επ-ορβυοι/το LTr. 
*γΐΌΐ LTTrA. *" μετά rpet? ημέρας after three days LTTrA. " τιΚθον they came lttpa. 

° Καφαρναούμ LTTrA W. Ρ — προς εαυτούς LTTrA. «ϊ [ev ttJ όδώ] L. ' ap LTTrA. 

" ναιϋίων τοντων of these little children τ. * δεχηται should receive ττγα. « απεκρίθη 
[δε] L ; €φη spoke (to bim) ττγδ. ^ — 6 GLW. *» ~ λέγων Τ. * + ev elttiaw. 

J — OS OVK ακολουθεί -ημίν Ο. 

IS- Μ A R Κ. 119 

ημίν•^^ καΐ ^ΙκωΧυσαμεν^^ αυτυι>, ""'ότι ουκ-άκολουθα ημΊν^ ^^ιεΓίίίίιΐο^^ΐι ί^ί 
us, and we forbade hiin, because he follows not us, ^'^^ ^(j g^^ jesus said 

S9 Ό.^ε.'ϊησονς είττεν, Μή.κωλύετε αυτόν ού^εΐς,γάρ Ιστιν Forbid him not: for 

But Jesus ^ ^ said. ^Forbid not ^ him ; for no oL there is *S do"a mil^Ile^n 

υς. ΤΓΟίησει δνναμιν εττΐ τφ.ΰνόματί.μον, και ϋννησεται V^J name, tnat can 

who shall do a work of power in my name, and be able me lo^For^hr'th-u 

ταγν κακοΧογησαί με. 40 ος.γάρ ονκ.ίσην καθ' ^'ύ^ών," νττερ is not against us is 

readily to speak evil of me ; for he who is not against you, for on our pari fl For 

I « ~ II > ,v \ Λ • c ~ / whosoever shall give 

°υμων εστίν. 41 oQ.yap.uv iroTiay υμάς ττοτηριον you a ciip of water to 

you is. For whoever may give =to ^ilrink Vou a cup drink in my name, 

f ^ ' c ~ii ' ' ' d li " ~ ' ' ' ^ ' ^f-c-wse ye belong to 

νοατος εν '-τω^.υνοματι.μον, on χριστού tare, αμήν λέγω Chri-t, verily ι say 

OL water ia my name, because "Christ's 'ye "arc, verily I say "nto you, ho -ihall not 

. ~ - , ^ 'f • Λ' II > Λ< ' ~ ^-» T/• ^ " -^ lose his reward. 42 And 

νμιν, ^ον.μη ^ιττολεσψ τον.μισυον.αυτου. 42 Και ος.αν whosoever Umiioifcnd 

to you, in no wire bhucild he Ιο e his reward. And whoever one of /λ cse little ones 

5> .. / ,/ ^ ^ , ^ ■(, , ) that believe in me, it 

σκανοαΚισ^ ενα των μικρών & των '^^τησ τενόντων εις is better for him that 

ni.y CiUuc 'tu 'olf^nd 'one ^of -'the *littlc -'ones who beLicvc in a millstone wore haag- 

) ' 11 Ν ' ' ; ~ ~> Λ > / i\ '/> Λ ^ II ^^^ about his neck, and 

t/.(t,'• καΚον εστίν αντφ μάλλον ει ττερικειται ^λιυος.μνλικυς^^ lie were cast into the 

mc, good it is for him rather if • is ijut a millstone sea. 43 And if thy 

» t / \ " » ~ ^ /3' o\ ' ' /^'Λ _ hand offend thee, cut 

TTfot τον.τραχηλον.αυτου, και βειοληται εις την θάλασσαν, it off : it is better for 

£.]••. at hin neek, and he has been cast into the sea. thee to entei into life 

ί'όΚαΙεάν ^σκανδαλίζ^^^ σε ή.χείρ.σον,άττόκοφοναντην' ^^''iTandf Γο° ^Γί^ο 

And if ^should ^cause^to 'offend ^ thee 'thy -hand, cutoff it: hell, into the fire that 

καλόν 'σοι εστιν\\ κνλλόν "^είς τήν ζωήν ε/σελθείν," edr'lfwiSrrthS; 

good fortliee it is maimed into life to enter, [rather] worm dieth not, and 

ή τάς ^δυο χείρας έχοντα άττελθειν εις τήν γεενναν, εις το g« 4Γαμ °ί thy'tooi 

than the two hands having to go away into the Gehenna, into the offend thee, cut it off : 

7ΓΪφ TO άσβεστον, 44 "οττου υ.σκώληξ.αυτών ον.τελευτ^, και enter^*^hlit ^int? Tife° 

fire the unquencliable, where their worm dies not, and than having two feet 

TO τγΓ'ο ου.σβ'εννυται.^ 45 και εάν ό.ττονς.σον σκανδαΧιζ^ *^^?u*^fi'"' 1^^? ^'^^^' 

ti-.e tire is not quenched. And if thy foot should cau.e =to -^offend shaU be qaenS^ 

ίτε, άπόκοφον αυτόν καλάγ^^εστιν σοι" εισελθεΊν εις τήν 46 where their worm 

Hm-e, cutoif it: good^ it is^ for thee to enter into foe is not quenehS' 

'Cojuv χο)\όν, ή τονς δύο ττόοας έχοντα βληθήναι εις 4r And if thine eye 

life lame, [rather] than the two feet having to be cast into oJ^ ; it ifbeuer fo5 

τήν yhvi'av, ^εις το πυρ το άσβεστον J^^ 46 ^οττου δ σκωλη^ thee to enter into the 

the Gehenna, into the fire the unquenchable, whrre '■^worm ^^"^^''^^ thaS^having 

αντών ου.τελεντά, και το ττυρ ου.σβίνννται.^^ 47 κα\ εάν ο two eyes to be case 

'their dies not, and the fire is not qiiendied. And if into hell fire :4S where 

' ■• -) Λ > ' Λ ' their worm dieth not, 

όώθαλμός.σον σκανοαλιζ?^ σε, εκβαλε αυτόν' καλόν and the fire is not 

thine eye should cause -^to -offend Hhee, cast out it: good quenched 49 For every 

, , >\/-i~' ^ ο \ ' ~ one shallbesalted With 

^σοι εστιν^^ μοροφθαλμον .εισελθειν εις την βΛσιλειαν του fire, and every sacrifice 

for thee it is • with one eye to enter into the kingdom shall be salted with 

. ^, , ^ ^ . „ ,-)^ /-I- ' > ' salt. 50 Salt ts good: 

θεον, η cvo οφθαλμούς έχοντα βληθήναι εις την γεεν- 

ofGod,[rather] than two eyes having to be-east into the Gehen- 

vav Vou ττυρός," 4*8 οττου ό.σκώληξ.αυτών ού.τ^λευτ^., και το 

na of 'fire, where their worm dies not, and the 

τγΓ'ρ οϋ.σβεννυται. 49 Π«ς-γάρ πυρί άλισθήσεται, "^καΐ 

fire is not quenched. For everyone with fire shall be salted, and ^ 

Ίτασα θνσ'ια άλΙ αλισθήσεται.^^ 50 καλόν το 'άλας," 

eviry sacrific e with salt shall b? salted. Good [is] the , salt, 

^ έκωλύομεν TTrA. a, [iiTi ούκ ακολουθεί -ημΐν] Tr ; δτι ουκ ήκολούθει ημΐΐ' because he was 
liOt f .llowiug us T. b -ημών US fiXTrAW. <= - τώ GLTTrAW. <^ — μου {read [my]) GLTrA. 

« ^ δτι that [i.lTTrA. f άτΓολεσει shall he lose LTr. s + τουτωΐ' {read of these httle ones) 
ltTi[a I ^ πίσΊΐν εχόντων have faith -a ; — εις e^e T. \μύλος ονικος, millstone turned by 
an ass ltTfA. '' σκανδαλίστ) τ. ι εστίν ae LXTrA. , »" είσελθειι^ ets τήν ζ^α^ην WfV . xyr . 

^ _ i-erse 44 τ[τγ]. » + [yap'] for L. ρ εστίν σε LXTrA W. ^ — et5 το ττυρ το άσβεστο»^ 
fLlTTr[Al. "■ — VPme 46 T[TrJ. » σέ εστίν ΤΤγα. * — του ττνρό? LTTrA. « — κα,ί 

ιτάσα θυαίσ. άλίτ άλισθησεται Τ[Τι]. " αλα ϊ 


but if the salt have 
lost his saltness, where- 
with will y^ season ii ? 
Have salt iu your- 
selves, and have peace 
one with another. 

X And he arose 
from thence, and Com- 
eth into the coasts of 
Judasa by the farther 
side of Jordan : and 
the people resort unto 
him again ; and, as he 
was wont, he taught 
them again. 2 And the 
Pharisees came to him, 
and asked him. Is if 
lawful for a man to 
put away his wife? 
tempting him. 3 And 
he answered and said 
unto them. What did 
Moses command you ? 
4 And they said, Moses 
BuflEered to write a biU. 
of divorcement, and to 
put her away. 5 And 
Jesus answered and 
said unto them, For the 
hardness of your heart 
he ,wrote you this pre- 
cept. 6 But from the 
beginning of the cre- 
ation God made them 
male and female. 7 For 
this cause shall a man 
leave his father and 
mother, and cleave to 
his wife ; 8 and they 
twain shall be one 
flesh : 80 then they are 
no more twain, but 
one flesh. 9 What 
therefore God hath 
joined together, let 
not man put asunder. 
10 And in the house 
his disciples a-ked him 
again of the same 
matter. 11 And he 
saith unto th»m, λΥΤιο- 
soever shall put away 
his wife, and marry 
•another, committeth 
adultery against her. 
12 And if a woman 
shall put away her 
husband, and be mar- 
ried to another, she 
committeth adultery. 

13 And they brought 
young children to him, 
that he should touch 
them : and his disci- 

Eles rebuke.l those that 
rought thern. 14 Biit 
when Jesus saw it, he 
was much displeased, 
And said unto them. 
Suffer the little child^ 
ren to come unto me, 


kav.Sk TO ^αλας" άναΧο -n γενηται, sv τίνι αυτό άρτνσεΓε; 

but if the salt saltless is become, with what it will ye season ? 

έχετε εν εαντοΐς ^άλας," και ειρηνεύετε εν άΧλήλοις. 

Have in yourselves salt,' and be at peace with one another. 
10 •Κ«κ:εΤ.9εν" άι^αστάς ίοχεται εις τά όρια της'ΐονδαίας^ 

And thence rising up he comes into the borders of Judaea, 

^δίά τοΐ)^^ ττεραν του Ιορδανού' καΐ ^συμπορε/'Ο^νταί^^ ττάΧιν 
by the other side of the Jordan. And come together again 

οχΧοί προς αυτόν, και ώς ειώθει ττάλιν εδίδασκει 

crowds to him, and as he had been accustomed again he taught 

αυτούς. 2 Kal ττροσελΘόντες ,^οί." ΦαρισαΙοι ^εττηρώτησαν^ 





ει εΕεστιν 

coming to 


[him] the Pharisees 




if it is lav.-ful for a husband a wife 


"γυναίκα άττολυσαί, ττειράζοντες 

to put away, tempting αποκριθείς είπεν αύτοΊς, Ύί ύμίι ίνετε'ιΚατο 

But he answering said to them, What *you'' ^did ^command 

ωσ/7ς ;" 4 Οί.ίέ ^^Γπον," ^Μωσ^/ς εττέτρεψεν" /3ι/3λίοΐ' άττο- 
^Moses ? And they said, Mose^ allowed a bill of di- 

στασίου ypaxpai, καΐ άπολΰσαι. 5 ^Kai αποκριθείς ό" 'Ιησούς 

vorce to write, and to put away. And answering Jesus 

εΙπεν αύτοίς, Προς τήν.σκληροκαρδίαν.ύμών εγραφεν ύμΧν 
said to them. In view of your hardheartedness he.wrote for you 

την.εντοΧήν.ταύτην' 6 άπο.δε ο-ρχης κτίσεως άρσεν και 

this commandment ; but from [the] beginning of creation male and 

θήλυ εποιησεν αυτούς ^6 θεός." 7 ένεκεν τούτου καταλε'ι-φει 

female, ^made ^them ^God. On account of this shall ^leaye 

άνθρωπος τόν.πατερα.αύτού και την μητέρα, ^και προσκολ- 

^a -man his father and mother, and shall be 

Χηθησεται^^ ^προς τήν.γυναΊκα^^. αυτού, 8 και έσονται οι δύο 

joined to his wife, and ^shall *be Hhe ■'two 

εΙς σάρκα μίαν ώστε ούκετι είσΐν δύο, άΧΧά μία σαρξ. 9 ο 

*ίθΓ ''flesh ^one ; so that no longer are they two, but one flesh. 
ούν θεός συνίζευζεν, άνθρωπος μή.χωριζετω. 10 Και ^εΐ' 

τy οικία^* 

the house 




his wife 

God united together, ^man 4et '-not separate. And iu 

πάΧιν οΊ.μαθηται.^αύτού^^ περί "τοΰ.αυΓοΓ'" "εττί^•• 

again his disciples concerning the same thing• 

11 και Χεγει αύτοίς, "Ος.Ρίάι/" άποΧύσ^ 

And he says to them, IVhoever should pat away 
.αυτού καί γαμήσι^ αΧΧην, μοιχάται 




και -γαμήσι^ αΑΑην, μοιχάται επ 

and should marry another, commits adultery against 

12 και εάν *^γυνή άττολΰσ^" τόν.άνδρα.αύτης ^KaV* 

And if a woman should put away her husband and 

^^αμηθ^ αλλ/^," μοιχάται. 

be married to another, she commits adultery. 

13 Και προσέφεραν αύτψ παιδία, 'ίνα Ιίφηται αυτών 

And they brought to him little children, that he might touch, them. 
οΊ.δε μαθηται επετίμων τοΧς προσφερουσιν. 14 ιδών.δε 

But the disciples rebuked those who brought them. But having seen [it] 

ό Ιησούς ήγανάκτησεν, καί είπεν αύτοΊς, "Αφετε τά παιδία 

Jesus "was indignant, and. said to them, Suffer the little children 

* αλα Τ. * όίλα LTTrA. y Koi e/ceiflei/ LTTiAW. » καί and LTTrA. * σννπορευονται ΤΑ. 
*> — οι GLTrAW. c ^πηρώτων were asking LTTrA. ^ Μωίίσής LTTrAW. e ecTrai/ LTTrA, 

' βίτβτρεψβν Μωϋση? LTTrA; Μωϋ&ης eTreV. W. g 6 Be but TTrA. ^ — ό θ^ός (read he 

made ^hem) [L]TTr[A]. ' — καΐ προσκόλληση σεται Τ. ^ τη γνναικί L ; — ττρος την 

γυναίκα Τ. ^ ets την οΐκίαν LTTrA. , ™ — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) [L]TTr[A]. » τούτου 
this LTTrA. ο ^ττηρώτ-ωΐ' were asking• ΤΑ. ρ άν lttia. ι αύτη άπολυσασα she putting; 
away TTr.v. ' — καΙττΓΑ, • γαμηστ] άλλο^ should marry another lttta. 

χ. Μ Α R Κ. 121 

ίρχεσθαι ττρός με, ^κα?^ μή.κωΧύετε αυτά• τών.γάο.τοιοντον '^^'^ foriiin them not:. 

to come to me, aud do uot hinder ihcm : for of such ^°''"' ^Η-','^,Ι" !;^® ^^^7" 

1 •ο\' ~- r\ ~ > / < dom of God. lo ν erily 

εσηι^ >/ βασίλεια rov θεού' 15 άμην λέγω ύμΊν. ος^ίάν" Ι say unto you, Who- 

is the kiugdom of God. Verily I say to you, Whoever soev^ir shall not receive 

,^,„ >o'\• r. the kingdom of God as 

μή.αξηται την ρασιλειαν τον θεού ως τταιΰίον, ον.μή ^ little child, he shall 

shall not receive the kin^'dom of God as a little child, ia no wise °°^ f°/*^^ therein. 

, ,.. , , , , Ί /-> r- < ' \ ' 16 And he took them 

εισi\!rJ7J εις αυτήν, lb Kat ενα-γκαΧισαμενος αυτά, ^ up in his arms, put 

shall enur into it. And having taken 'in Phis] ^arms 'them ^^ hands upon them, 

η < - 7 > . . , Λ / , ' ,ί ' e.nd blessed them. 
τιυεις τας χείρας εττ αυτά ^ηυλο-γει αυτά. 

hiivinjj laid [his] hands on them he blessed them. 

17 Καί ίκπορενομίνον.αντον εις όοόν, ττροσδραμών εΐς και 
And as he went forth into [the] way, 'running "up 'one and 

γοι^ττετήσας αυτόν Ιττηρώτα αυτόν, Αι^άσκαλε άγαθί, τι ,, . , , . - 

kneeling down to him a ked him, ^Teacher ^ood, what gone forth Tu to ThI 

ποιήσω ίνα ζωήν αίώνιον κΧηροι^μησω; 18 Ό.δε.ΊΐΊσονς '^'^y• there came one 

ahaUIdo that Ufe eternal I may inherit? But Je. -.s running, and kneeled 

, ~ - / , / • , r, , , , , , tohiiu,and a-ikud huu, 

είττεν αυτψ, Ύί με λέγεις α-γαθόν, ούόείς αγαθός εί.μή Good :Master, what 

said to him. Why me caUest thou good? No one [is] good except ?^J^^^ ''° ^"^'^^, ^,™•''^ 

_,, ,, °_ ,, inherit eternal life ? 

εις, θεος. \^ τάς εντολας οίδας, ^'Μή.μοίχενσ-^ς' is And Jesus said unto 

one, God. The commandments thou knoweat : Thou shouldest not commit ^^°^• ^^ "^^ calle.--t thou 

, 'II ^ Ν ' f °^® good ? l/icrc IS none 

μη.φονενσ^ς ' μήίκλεψ^ς' good but one, that is. 

adultery ; thou shouldest not commit murfler ; thou shouldest not steal ; thou ^^d. 19 Thou knowest 

, , ^ , , , ' , , , the commandments, 

μή.ψενόομαρτνρησ7^ς° μή.a7Γoστεpησyς' τίμα τυν Do not commit adui- 

shouldest not bear false witness ; thou shouldest not defraud ; honour tery, Do not kill, Do 

, « , , , ^,. «^ T>v a ' r» • II h τ II not steal, Do not bear 

πατερα.σον και την μητέρα^.. 20 0.^6 ^αττοκριθεις^^ '^είττεν" false witness. Defraud 

thy father and mother. And he answering said not, Honour thy father 

, .. . -^ , X r. ~ / η Λ' , \ y' u•' ' ' and mother. 20 And he 

αυτψ, Αωασκαλε, ^ταντα τταντα" ^εφνλαξαμην'' εκ νεοτητος answered and said 

to him. Teacher, ^these "all have I kept from '^outh unto him. Master, -all 

cki «r-» ?> 't ~ > /D\ • / , ~ , / , , . these have I observ- 

μον. 21 ϋ.όε. Ιίΐσονς εμρλεψας αντφ ηγαπησεν αυτόν, και ed from my youth. 

'my. And Jesus looking upon him loved him, and 21 Then Jesus behold- 

T > •» κτ^ Ρ II < ~ f/ «' >/ '\ ing him loved him, 

Είπεναντφ, Εν ^σοι" υστερεί• υπάγε, οσα ίχει>ς ττωλη- ^η^ ^^^^ ^^^^ himi 

said to him. One thing to thee is lacking : go, as much as thou hast sell One thing thou lack- 

σον καΐ δός ^οΤς» πτωχοΊς, καΊ έξεις θησαυρόν εν what!oe!-ir thou haSl 

and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in and give to the poor, 

ούρανφ' και δεύρο, ακολουθεί μοι, ^άρας τον σταυρόν." 22'0.δε tToasSr ίί 'icaven' 

heaven; and come, follow me, taking up the cross. Buthe, and come, takt; up the 

στνγνάσας Ιπ'ι τψ λόγφ άπήλθεν λνττούμενος' ίιν.γάρ.εχων ^^"Γ;,,Γΐι« was^'snd^'ai 

being sail at the word, went away grieved, for he had ^^at .saying, and went 

κτήματα πολλά. 23 Καί περιβλεχί^άμενος 6 Ιησούς λέγει τοΙς ^"^^^^J^rZ^letZnl 

^possessions 'many. And looking around Jesus says 23 Aud Jesus looked 

μαθηταϊς.αύτού, Πώς δνσκόλως οι τα χρήματα έχοντες εις [^^ hf,'';/"J.;p\"!i low 

to his disciples. How difficultly those ^riches 'having into hardly shall they that 

την βασιλείαν τον θεού εισελεύσονται. 24 ΟΊ.ΰε μαθηται ίθαμ- have rich.s enter into 

the kingdom of God shall enter ! And the disciples were as- ^'®/^°° ^^Γ disciples 

βούντο επι τοΧς.λόγοις.αύτού. Ό.όε.'ίησονς πάλιν αποκριθείς were astonished at hiii 

toni.hed at his words. And Jesus again answering ^;,°,7;ί^- again.'^'and 

λέγ€ί avTolc, ^Ύ'εκνα," πώς δΰσκολόν εστίν '^τονς πεποιθότας saitb untothem.chiid- 

says to them, Children, how difficult it is [for] those who trust [hem ^Ihat tmst ^i'n 

επι ^τοϊς^ γο/)«ασιν" εΙς την βασιλείαν τον θεού εισελθεΐν. riches to enter into 

in riches into the kingdom of God to enter ! the kingdom of God I 

« , 1 ~ 11 .. ^ 1 ^ II 2o It Is easier for λ 

'25 εύκοπώτερόν εστίν καμηλον δια ^της τρνμαΚιας της camel to go throu-h 

Ea.sier it is [for] a camel thro u gh the eye of the the eye ol a needle , 

~^t _ και oi'tTaw ' av LTTiA. « -h κατίνλόγβι he blesses [tliem] TTrA. » evAoyci 
αυτά he blesises tliem LW ; - ηύλόγει αυτά ττι a. ^ Μή φοι/ευστ^ς, μη μοιχΐύσΎ)ζ L. 

' ~ σον tiiy (tiiuthur; LT. ^ — ί,.οκμιθ^ι^ τ. ^ έφη ΊΊιΑ. ■ '' πα^τα ταύτα L. 

Λ (ώνλαξα ι ■ σε thee ΤΑ. ^ — τοΖς LlrAW. S — άρας tou σταυρόν Γί]τΤΓ. ^ τεκνια ι.. 
i - τού5 πβποιθότο': ini τοΙς χρήμασ^ν Τ. " - TOc> LI.aW. ' - της (read an c-j tt Ol a 
uc-cdlO) :.i<W, 

122 ΜΑΡΚΟ Σ. Χ. 

than for a ricli man ραφίδος^'εΙσεΧθεΙν," η 7Γ\ονσιον SiQ τήν βασιλεΊαν Tov 9sov 

to enter mto the king- " " ., ^ ^ ' ,' r^ -, • i • 2. ^x! ^ ■ i ^ «-. j 

dom of G-od ^''6 A.nd neeale to pass, than [for] a rich man into the kingrdom of Grod 

they were astonished ζΙσ^ΧθεΊν. 26 O' ττερισσώο ίξεπλ/'/σσοί^ΓΟ, λέγοντες πους 

out of measure, sarin? . ^. aji. τ τ j.-tj <. = * = 

among themselves, *° enter. And chey exceedingly were astonished, saying amgug 

Who then can be saved? eavrovg, Km τίς δύΐ'αται σωθηναι; 27 Έμβλε-ά/ας.^δε^^ αντοϊς 

^ "/L ^^"^•Λ w-^f themselves, And who is able to be saved? But looking on them 

upon them saith, \\ itii , ^ , 

men it is impossible, ό Ίησονς λέγει, Παρά άνθρώτΓΟίς ° αδύνατον, άλλ' ον παρά 

but not with God: for j^g^g -^^^t-j^ ^^^j^ --^^ j^-j impossible, but not with 

with God all things ^,, „ ^ , \ r< / » , η ~- mi 

are possible. 28 Then ^τψ^^ θεφ' τταΐ'τα.γάρ δννατα Ίεσην" τταρά τφθεφ. ;•28 ^Και" 

Peter began to say Q-od ; for all things =^posiible ^are with G-od. And 

unto him, Lo, we have „ , , -C' » > ^ / < > / f ■ 

left all, and have foi- ήρξατο ^o Τίετρος Λεγέιν" avTifX^ loo'j, ΊΐμεΧς αφηκαμεν τταντα, 

lowed thee. 29 And ^began ^Peter to say to him, Lo, we left all, 

Jesus answered and , . , ^ ^, , ,, , λ > τ>• « »τ ~ * n' 

eaid. Verily I say unto KttL ^)ΐκολονβησαμεν" σοι. 29 ^ Αποκριθεις.οέ ο Ιησούς είττεν, 

you. There is no man and followed thee. But answering Jesus said, 

that hath left house, , <>/ <~ ,f^,, ,x ,~ ,, .,,^^ , 

or brethren, or sisters, Αμήν λέγω νμιν, ονόεις εστίν ος αφηκεν οικιαν, η αδελφονς) 

or father, or mother. Verily I say to you, No one there is who has left house, or brothers, 

or wife, or children, η?5<Ν,/„η > η r » ^n ' ^ nn/ ^ 

or lands, for my sake, V αόελφας, ^ϊ/ TTttTSpa, Ί) μητέρα," ^η γυναίκα, η τέκνα, η 

and the gospel's, 30 but or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or 

he. shall "receive an > / »» ^ > ~ ν _ ~ , ^ . „^ , , ^ \ 'd 

hundi-edfoid now in ciypovg, εν^κΒΗ εμον και y τον ευαγγελίου, 30 εαν.μη.λαρι^ 

this tima, houses, and lands, for the sake of me and of the glad tidings, that sliali not reucive 

brethren, and sisters, « \ " ~ > ~ - / > • ' ' ? \ 

and mothers, and ίκατονταττλασιονα vvv εν τψ.καφψ.τοντψ, οικίας κα: αοελ- 

children, and lands, a hundredfold now in this time : houses and bro- 

ff?hrworid'r:-ome Φ^ΐ'ς και άδελφάς και ^μητερας'^ καΐ τέκνα και άγρονς, μετά 

eternal life. 31 But thers and sisters and mothers and chiUlren and lauds, with 

SfbUast Tandthe ^^ωγ/ίών, και εν τψ αΐώνι τψΛρχομενψ ζωήν αιώνων. 31 ττολ- 

last first. persecutions, and in the ag-e that is coming life eternal. "Many 

[\oi δε έσονται ττρώτοι έσχατοι, και ^^οΐ'^ έσχατοι πρώτοι, 

'but *>hall ^be ^flrst last, and the last first. 

32 And they were in 32 ^Ησαι^.όέ εν rg οδψ άναβαίνοντες εις Ιεροσόλυμα' και 

the way going up to. And they were in the way going Up to Jerusalem, ' and 

Jerusalem; and Jesus ^ , jvc>t ~ \ ■> η -^ ~ kmi 

wont before them: and- r]v τφο^γων αυτονς Ιησους, και εθαμβοΐ'ντο. '*Kar 

theywereamazed;and ^was ^'going •*όη ^before ''them 'Jesus, and they were astonished, " and 

as they followed, they ,v-^~ ».o~ > λλ>' 'λ 

were afraid. And he ακολονβονντες εφοβονντο. και παραλαβών πάλιν τους 
took again the twelve, following were afraid. And having taken to [him] again the 

and began to tell them ^,^ „ ^ -,-%/ , ,^^ ,., 

what things should ϋωοεκα, 7ίρζατο auToig λέγειν τα μέλλοντα αυτφ 

happen unto» him, twelve, he began them to tell the things which were about ^to''him 

go up, to Jerusalem; συμβαινειν' όό Οτι, ιοου, αν αβ αίνο μεν εις Ιεροσόλυμα, και 

and the Son of man Ho 'happen : Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, aud 

shall be delivered unto < .. ~ , ^ ^ j /i ' ~ > ~ » 

the chief priests, and « ^'^C Tov άνθρωπου παραΟουησεται τοις αρχιερενσιν και 

untQ the scribes '; and the Son of man >vill be delivered up to the cliief priests and 

WmtoSh,andi°aU"''7'"0'i'' γραμματεΰσιν, καΐ κατακρινοϋσιν αυτόν θανάτφ, και 

deliver him to the to the scribes, and they will condemn him to death, and 

Sf mock Vim, Ώ τταραδώσουσιν αυτόν τοΊς εθνεσιν, 34 καΐ εμπαίξονσιν αύτψ, 

Bhall scourge him, and '^'ill^ deliver up him to the Gentiles. And they will mock him, 

and^simii km'^ i!im^'• ^'^"^ μαστιγοΊσονσιν αυτόν, και εμπτυσουσιν αυτφ,' και άπο- 

and the third day he ^.nd will scourge him, and will spit upon him, and will 

Bhall rise again. κτενοΰσιν ^avTOv'^^ και, ^Ty Tp'iTy ϊ^/,ιέρςι" άναστησεται. 

kill him ; and on the third " day he will rise again. 

Jo?n, t^e Bon?*of zS 35 Και προσπορεύονται αυτφ Ίάκιοβος και Ιωάννης f^oV^ 
bedee, come unto him, And come up to him James and John, the 

m δί€\θ€Ϊν EGLTTrAW. η — Se but TTrA. «> + [τοΰτο] this [is] L. Ρ — τώ TTrAW. 

1 — έστιΐ' (read [are]) TTr. ^ — καΐ gltTiaW. ^ Aeyetv' ό Πέτρος ΤΑ. *■ ηκολονθηκαμζν 

bave tollowed ltt. aw. " αποκριθείς (umit but) ό 'Ιησού? etTrei/ Glt.w ; έφη ό'ίησονς 

Jesus said ( — a;roK. δε) ΤΑ. "-η μητέρα, τη πατβρα LTTiA. » — η γυναίκα LTTrA. 

y + eW/cei/ for the sake GiLJTTrAW. ^ μτητύρα mother LTr. ^ — oi glw. *> oi δέ 

and those TTr. "^ — tot? L. ^ καΧ εμπτυσουσιν αυτω, καΐ μαστι-^ώσουσιν αυτόν LTT. α. 

• — αυτόν (reoci [him]) [LiT[Tr]. ^ μετά. τρεΙς ημέρας tifter thi'ee da^'s LTTrA. (f — pi ^ 

χ. MAR Κ. 123 

viol ΖεβΕ^αΙον, Χεγοντες^, Αι^άσκ \ε, θελομεν Ίνα o.lay "aying". Master, we 

sons ofZebccIee, saying', Teacher, wo do re that wiiatovcr T"^^V\ J\^^ . *^°^ 

• / I ^ oo«^ ^» - ' shouldest do for ug 

αιτήσω μξ,ν ^ 7ron]a7jg ϊ/μιν. ob Ο.όεείπερα )i'c, Ti θέλετε whatsooTcr we shall 

wom.iv ask thouwuuldoitclofor us. And he said tothemrWhatdovedesire *^^^j^'^• 36 And ho said 

L• -' ' 11 ' ~ «r, ^' ^> 1 -^ II ■,-.,,-, „ ^ ^^to tham. What 

^ποί]]σαι jue" ?'/.£/ j'; 37 Οι.οε ^είττον αντψ, Δος Ίίμιν, ινα εις ^-ouid ye that Ι should 

-to Mo 'meforyou? And they ' said to him. Give to us, that one <lo ior you? 37 They 

m' S> ^ ~ II ' r η 'i- ο ' ' i' η II /Τ > ^^^°- "°^° ^^^^ΐ' Grant 

"'fcic οίξίωϊ-'.σου" και εις " έξ ^tywri^jtiwi^ '.Ρσοϊ'" καΘισωμεν. εν unto us that we may 

at thy right hand and one at thy left hand we may sit in ^-*'i °ne on thy right 

~ r^/f^ oo «/-k i' 't ~ f > ~ ^> ,,Γ, , hand, and the other or 

Tii.ootlJ.aov. 06 Ο.όε. Ιησονς ειττεν αυτοις, Ουκ.οιδατε η thy left hand, in thy 

thy ff-lory. But Jesus said to them, Yo know not what P'piT• 28 But Jesus 

> - η J / Λ ~ > ' . t\ » ( ί ο Ml < ^'"'i*^ unto thorn. Ye 

αιτεισβε. όννασ^ε τηειν το 7ΓθΤ7]ριον ο εγω ττινω, i/cai" το know not what ye 

ye ask. Ai'c yo .iblo to drink the cup which I drink, and ^the fisk : can ye drink of 

βάπτισμα ο iy ω βαπτίζομαι, βαπτισθηναι ; of"? S^beWtled 

''baptism 'which "I "am '°bapti7^d ["mth], 'to ^be ''baptized [*with]7 with the baptism that 

'39 OUh HItvov'^ ahT<l δυνάμεθα. Ό.η.'Ιησονς είπεν αντοίς, iT^a^'tCsL^^tl 

And tb.oy said to him, "We are able. But Jesus s.aid to them, him, We can. And Je- 

To yh^^ τΓοτηρων a Ιγώ πίνω, πίεσθε; καΐ το βάπτισμα ?e%haif indle^d S^^k 

The -indeed 'cup which I diuuk, ye shall drmk ; and the baptism of the cup that I drink 

Ο Ιγώ βαπτίζομαι, βαπτισθη(τεσθε• 40 το. ^ί.καθί- ^iL^'lt^^^ ^^^Ι""^' 

1 . , ν ' •. 'i•' J Γ •χι τ 1 11 1 1 J-• 7 r -ii -1 , . ti^m that 1 am bap- 

which I am uaptized [with], ye shall bo baptized [with] ; but to ait tized withal shall yo 

σαι εκ δείιών.μον ^και^ εξ ευωνύμων.^ μον^^ ουκίσην εμον ^.^ baptized :40 but to 

^ at iny ri,:ht hand . and^ at- ^ my left hitnd is not ^line 'anVon°'my"feft S 

^ovvai, aW οΐς ητοίμαστάι. 41 Και άκουσαν" ί« not mine to give ; 
to give, but [to those] for whom it has been prcφared. And having iAem for" whom "tt is 

τες o'i Sfxa ηρζαντο άγανακτείν πεοι 'Ιακώβου fcai Ρ'"^?^^^'^• ^i And when 

heard [this] the ten 'began to be indiguimt about James and began^to bTmuch^di^Z 

Ιωάννου 42 '^ό.ύΐ.Ίΐ]σοΰς προσκαΧεσάμενος αντονς^^ λέγει pleased with James 

John. But Jesus having called =^to [^him] ?them says *ind John 42 But Jesus 

, ^ „- „ , -, ^ „ called them to mm, 

αντοις, Οιδατε qrt οι δοκουντες αρ\ειν των εθνών and saith unto them, 

to them, Yc know that those who are accounted to rule over the nations '^^ . ^^*^'^ *^^* t^ey 

, , ^ ></•>> , which are accounted 

κατακνριενονσιν αντων και οι.μεγαλοι.αυτων'κατεί,ονσιαζου- to rule over the Gen- 

exercijc lordship over them ; and their great one? exorcise authority ^^^^^ exercise lordship 

» ' /o > " T>% ro" II » « •~ ,^ χ . <^^^^ them; and their 

σιν αντων. 4d ονχ όντως δε ^εσται" εν υμιν' αλλ great ones exercise 

over thom : not thus however shall it be among you : but authority uj-.ou them. 

'^ X' ^ \\ Ω"\ V 'Λ ' II ' ' - " ,τν / 43 But so shall it not 

ος.'^εαν" ViAy ^γενέσθαι μέγας" εν υμιν, εσται ^οιακονος be among you: but 

•whoever de ires to become great among you, shall be ^servant whosoever will be 

ν/ίώί/." 44 και δς.^αϊ/'" θίΧτ^ ^ύ/χώί/" ''γενεσθαι^^ πρώτος, εσται fhaif be y ™Sni?ter': 

'your; and whoever' desires of you to become first, shall be 4t and whosoever of 

πάντων δον}^ος' 45 και.γάρ υ υιός του άνθρωπου ονκ.ηλθεν esT^Ihaii be lervant 

'■Of ^all 'bondman. For even the Son of man came not of all. -15 For even the 

διακοΐ'ηθΓ]Ραι, άλλα διακονησαι, και δόΰναι την. ^υχην. αυτόν ^obe^'mSereZnto! 

to be bcived, but to serve, and to give his life but to minister, and 

Χυτρον άντί ποΧΧάν. son?7or man^i' ' ''"■ 
α ransom for many, 

/<r» T/- ' il" II ' p»T 'II \ 1 I , .„ 46 And they came 

4o Kai "ίρχοι-ται" εις ^ νεριχω'^^ και εκπορενομενου.αντου to Jericho .• and as he 

And they come to Jericho; and as he was going out ■ went out of Jericho 

Z^X e«T- '11 ' ■^ Λ ~ » ~ ^ « Ν ' ~ with his disciples and 

απο *=1ρριχω," και των.μαθητων.αντου, και οχλον ικανού, a great number of peo- 

from Jericho, and his disciples, and a -crowd 'large, pie, blind Bartimsus, 

^ν'ιος Τιμαίου Βαρτίμαιος ^ό" τνφΧος ^^ εκάθητο παρά την by^ the "highway %ido 

a son of Timueus, Bartima3us the blind [man], was sitting beside the begging. 47 And when 

*» -f αύτω to him [LJTTrA. » + σε thee ltTiAAV. ^ ττοιησω I Should do LTr ; /w,e 

•ϊΓΟίήσω τ. I elnav LTTrA. . °^ σον e/c δζξιών TTiA. " + σον thy T. ο άριστερώι/ TTrA. 
Ρ — σου (read [thy] left hand) [ι]ττι•α. i η or lttfa. •■ elnav ltti-a. ^ _ μ^^, ttta, 

* — μου (read [my] left hand) GLTTiAW. *' καΐ προσκαΚεσάμ^νος αυτούς ό Ίησοΰ? LTTrA. 
^ ec-TLV it is LTTrA. ^ * άν LTTr. 7 μέγα? -γενέσθαι TTr. ^ νμών δίάκονο•; GI.TTrAW. 

• eai' GTrA, '' et» ύμΐΐ' among you L. "-' eii^at to be LTi . ^i Ipp^erat he c^mes L. ^'ΙερζίχώΤ- 
' + ό the (βρη) LTTr AW. s ^ it (read a blind [manj) LTTrA, ^^^ + προσαίΓη? a beggax τχγα. 

124 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. Χ, Χϊ. 

he heard that it was ό^ορ'^ποοσαίτών." 47 icai άκουσας οτι'ίησονς ο^'ΝαΖωραίός^^ 

bSrnVo^Tout and ^^^. begsing. .^ And having heard that ^ Jesus the Nazar^an ^ 

say Jesus thou' Son scFTiv, ηρξατο κοάζειν και Xkyuv, I'O υιός" "^Δα/ΒίΟ," Ίησοΐ}, 

onmrVSmaS ,Λ* ΤΝ ^^ ^'^"" ''^ '''' "^^ ""'' *° ''^' ^'^ °' ''""^'• ''''^' 

charged him that he ^,Ι ," ^^^, ac ^r - ■> > > ~ λ > , ./ ' . 

eiiouid hold his peace : ίλίησο)' με. 48 ΚίΤί ίΤΓΕτιμων αντψ ΤΓολλοι ινσ σιωττησψ . 

hut he cried the more havepity on me. And ^rebuked ^him, 'many that he should he silent; 

a groat deal, Thou Son < .sT λλ ~ ~λ \ » y -v^» » m a 0'!> ii »> ' ' 

ot David, h.ave mercy ο.ΰε τΓολλφ μολλον εκραζεν, Ύιε ^Αηριΰ, ελεησον με. 

OU me. 49 And Je^us but he much more cried out, Son of David, have pity on me. 

mandef μΓ'^ο'Τ; 49 Kal στάς 6 Ίησοΰς ^είπεν αυτόν φωνη&ηναι''^ καΐ 

called. And they call And ^having ^stopped 'Jesus asked for him to be called. And 

unti'Si.X"ofToI <ί>^νονσιν τον τυφλόν, λέγοντες αντφ, Θάρσει' 

comfort, rise ; he they call the blind [man], saying to him. Be of good courage ; 

hf cistlifawa'y^ws °£γε'Ρ«^," Φ^ονεϊ σε. 50 Ό.δε άποβαλών τόΛμάτιον.αϋτον, 

garment, rose, and rise up, he calls thee. And he casting away his garment, 

Je™V°a?swere? tnd ^άνοστάς^^ ηλθεν ττρος Tov Ίησονν" 51 και αποκριθείς 'ΐλεγει 

said unto him, What having risen up he came to Jesus. And answering ^says 

wilt thou that I'shouid αντφ οΊησοΰς,^^ Ύί 'θέλεις ττοιησω σοι •,^^ Ό.δε τυφλός 

bUud^ man said unto ^*o *^^^ 'Jesus, What dost thou desire I should do to thee ? And the blind 

him. Lord, that I εΊπεν αύτψ^ ^'Ραββονί,^^ 'iva' άναβλε-φω. 52 Ό.^.Ίτ;- 

St*^ δΓ An^d Je™i i^nan-] said to him, Rabboni, that I may receive sight. And Je- 

said unto him, Go thy ^οΰς είττεν αντψ, "Ττταγε" η.ττίστις.σου σέσωκεν' σε. Και 

way ; thy faith hath ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ .^^j^ ^^^ healed thee. Aud 

made thee whole. And » / /in ι < > \ 'η ~> ~ii » ^ t^ ~ 

immediately he receiv- *•εϋθεως^' ανεβλεψεν, και ηκολουθει ^τψ Ιησον εν ry οδψ. 

ed his sight, and fol- immediately he received sight, and followed Jestig in the way, 

lowed Jesus m the way. - - ,^ , ,/ , ,v ' ««^ λ / » -, > -^ η. < 

XI. And when they 11 Km οτε εγγιζουσιν εις ^ ίερουσαλημ,^^ Ηις Έηθφαγη 

came nigh to Jerusa- And when they drew near to Jerusalem, to Bethphage 

S' Beihany!'af tie «^«^ Βηθανίαν,' ττρσς TO 6ρος των Έλαιών, ^άττοστέλλει" δύο 

mount of Olives, he and Bethany, towards the mount of Olives, he sends two 

Ms'^disciSes^ ?and TU)V. μαθητών. avTOX), 2 και λέγει αυτοΊς, "Υπάγετε εις την 
saith unto them, Go of his disciples, and says to them, Go' into the 

your way j^^^o^^^e vii- ^^^^j^j, τήν.κατεναντι υμών και ^εύθέο^ς" είσπορευόμενοι εις 

&ηά aI'^soon"as^ye°be "^i^^^ge, that opposite you, and immediately ' entering into 

entered into it, ye αυτην εύοήσετε πώλον δεδεμένον, εφ' ον ουδείς'^ άνθοώπων^ 

wlSeon never man ^\ ye Will find a colt ^ tied, ^ upL which no one ^ of men 

sat; loose him, and κΒκάθικεν' '^λύσαντες αύτόν''^ ^άγάγετε.^^ 3 και εάν τις υμίν 

any ^an"say SntTyoi ^^' «^* = , ^^^^ 1°°!^^ ^* , ^'^^ ^it^ And if ^ anyone to you 

Why do ye this? say giTTw, Ύί ποιεΤτΕ τοϋτο ; εϊπατε, *"Ori" 6 κίψιος αυτοΰ χοείαν 

ye that the Lord hath g^^ -^y^y do ye this? say, The Lord, ^of *it ^need 

need of mm; and ^ '' \ r , n' > ^ > λ μ κ r t> a • ' ~\ r, τν n 

straightway he will εχει' και ^ευθειος" αυτόν ^αποστελεΊ'^'^ ωοε. 4 '^'^ Απήλθαν. δ ε,•* 

send him hither. 4 And iju^g ifnd immediately it he will send hither. And they departed, 

tltey went their way, Vn ^ w ~-\ « ? / . ^ i« < ii λ ' "^ > ^ 

and found the colt tied Kai ενρον *^'^TOv" πωλον οεοεμενον προς ^'^την" θυραν εξω επί 

by the door without in and found the colt tied at the door without, by 

a place wliere two ways „,,r ^^' >' ?• / ^>~« 

met; and they loose του αμφοόου^και λυονσιν αυτον. 5 και τίνες των εκεί εστη- 

him. 5 And certain of the cross way, and they loose it. And some of those there st.nnd- 

them that stood there , „^ ,^„, ..^, , ^,. r> /^^ ^^ 

Raid unto them, Λ^''hat κοτων εΚεγον αυτοις, It ποιείτε λυοντεςτυν πώλον] Ό Οι.όε 

do ye, loosing the colt ? ing said to them, What are ye doing loosing the colt? And they 

6 And they said unto „,„ f ii > ^^ r, ' na' λ h « >t ~ « » ^ - ^ 

them even as Jesus had ειπον" αΐ'τοις καυως ^"^ενετειλατο" Ο Ιησούς' και αφηκα:ν 

commanded : and they said to them as ^commanded . 'Jesus. And they allowed 

' — προσαιτών TTrA. ^ 'Ναζαρηνός LTTrA. 1 Yie LTTr. m AaveCS LTTrA ; Δαυίδ GW. 

" elTTei^, φωyrjσaτ€ αυτόν said, call ye him TTrA. ° eyeipe GLTTrAW. Ρ α.ΐ'ατη)δησα<; having 
leaped up LTTrA w. ι αϋτώ ό Ίησοΰς ειπεί/ Jesus said to him τΤι a. »" σοι OeXeic ποιήσω ; Τ. 
« 'Ταββουνί GLTTrAW. ^ ζΰθνς TTrA. ^ αϋτώ him GLTTrAAV, ^ 'Ιεροσόλυμα LTTrA W. 

* και. ei? Βηθαί'ΐαι/ LT. y άπεστειλει/^β sent L. ' ^ ευθύς TTrA. a, + οϋπω not yet (read 

no one yet) LTr. '', + ουπω τ. « λυ'σατε αντοΓ και loose it and lttpA. «* φέρετε 

bring ττγΑ. e — "Οτι ltifa. ^ ενθύς LTTrA. s άττοστελλει lie sends OLTTrAW. 

•> + πάλιι/ back TTr. '^ Ko.l άτηλβον LTTrA. ^^ — toj/ {read a cole) GLTrAW. ^•■'• — τήΐ' 

(rtiad a door) Τι a. "'^ Λπαν τ, ^^ elnev said LTTrA. 

ΪΓ. MARK. 1^ 

αυτούς. 7 και ofqayof τον πωΧον ττρός τον 'ίησονν' καΐ Jty bZg!S the t?H 

them. And they led the colt to, ^ Jesus. And to Jeeus, and cast their 

Ρ67Γέ/3αλον" αύτφ τά.ιμάηα.αύτών. και εκάθισεν εττ' ^αντφ'^^ garments on him; 

they cast upon it ^ ^ their garments, and ^ he sat ^ on it; Tiid manHpi'^d 

8 '^ΤΓολλοί.^έ'' τάΛμάτια.αντών έστρωσαν εις την odov άλλοι.δε t^^^ir garments in the 

^ and many tl/elr garments strewed on the way, and others down bTanches off th^ 

}(ΓΓθίβάδας" ^ίκοπτον" εκ των ^ δένδρων, ^^ ^ και εστρώνννον trees, and strawed 

tranches were cutt ins• down from the trees, and were strewing J^emintheway. 9 And 

,,-•^-, , , ,,^ A- * y *^^* went before, 

εις Ti)vJ)pov. 9 και οι ' ττροαγοντες και οι ακολουθούν- and they that foi- 

fthemjon the way. And those going before and thos4 follow- lowed, cried^ sayin?, 

' V V >. ' II «/-. ' >Λ ' « Hosanna ; Blessed iS 

νες tKpacoVt ^λέγοντες. Ωσαννά' ευλογημένος ο he that cometh in the 

iiig were crying out, saying, Hosanna ! blessed [be] he who nfinae of the Lord : 

,, ,,, r ΐΛ>Λ / »> 10 blessed be the king- 

ερχο μένος εν ονόματι κυρίου. ΙΌ ευλογημένη η ψχο- dom of our father 

comes in [the] name of [the] Lord. Blessed [be] the com- David, that cometh in 

, ry \ ' rry >' ''II ~ x.^ the name of the Lord : 

μένη βασίλεια ^ εν ονόματι κυρίου' τον. πατρός. ημών Hosanna in the high- 

ing kingdom Hn [^the] "'name ^of [^the] '°Lord ' *of ^our father est. 11 And Jesus en- 

■»A o'^ II ««-Λ ^ » ~ « 1/ τ Ί T^ ^ ' ~Λ Λ ' tsred into Jerusalem, 

^ΔαρίΟ•" ' Ωσαννά εν τοις νψιστοις. 11 Και εισηλϋεν εις and into the temple: 

*David. Hosanna in the highest ! / And ^entered *into and when he had look- 

t, /^ oc>- ~ >ii> <•'. > o\ I ed round about upon 

Ιεροσόλυμα ^o Ιησούς και" εις το ιερόν και ττερψλεψαμενος all things, and now 

*Jerusalem 'Jesus and into the temple ; and having looked round on the eventide was come, 

πάντα, Κφίας^^ ΐ]δη ούσης της ώρας, εζηλθεν εις Βηθαιήαν ^^r-i'ththrtweSe!'" 
.all things, late already being the hour, he went out to Bethany 

μετά των δώδεκα. 
with the twelve. 

12 Και Ty επαύριον εζελθόντων αυτών από Βηθανίας, 

Ajid on the morrow ^having ^gone *out Hhey from Bethany, 12 And on the mor- 

, , TO ^ 's>« ~ c Ώ " ^'\Λ row, when they were 

επεινασεν 13 και ιοων συκην '^ μακροβεν εχουσαν φύλλα, come from Bethany, 

he hupgered. And seeing a fig-tree afar off having leaves, he was hungry : 13 and 

ΤΛ ο > " .1 < ' II ' ' ~. ί '\ Λ ' » ' seeing a fig tree afar 

7}λθεν ει apa "^ευρησει τγ εν aυτy και ελυων επ off having leaves, he 

he went if perhaps he wiU find anything on it. , And having come to came, if haply lie 

,/ ,Λ> r >^J'^^pf''T «ii' might find anything 

αντην, ουδέν ενρεν ει.μη φυλλα•^ ^ου.γαρ.ην καιρός" σύκων, thereon : and when he 

it, nothing he found except leaves, for it was not [the] season of figs, came to it, he found 

•.A \ J /i»ir<'T "11 7 '~-Λτ' h' ~> nothing but leaves; 

14 και ,αποκρ.ιθεις ^υ Ιησούς" είπεν avTy, Μηκετι "έκ σου εις for the time of figs 

And ^answering 'Jesus said to it. No more of thee for was not yet. 14 And 

τον αΐώνα^^ 'μηδεις^' καρπον φάγοι. Και ήκουον οι μαθηται ^νίο^Γχο ^η 

ever ''any 'one ^fruit 'let "^eat. And ^heard ^disciples eat fruit of thee here- 

(lit. no one) , . , , . > ^^^^^ ^°'' ®^^^• "'^'^^ 

aiJTOv. 15 Και έρχονται εις Ίεοοσύλυμα' και είσελθών tis disciples heard it. 

'his. And. they come ^^ to . Jerusalem ; and ^having 3entered ^^,^^,^^^^^Π^ί^ 

^6'Ιησονς^^ εις το ιερόν ήρζατο εκβάλλειν τους πωλοϋντας went into the temple, 

'Jesus into the temple he began to cast out those selling and began to cast out 

« 1 , / V , ^ , ^ X , ,y ^ <v\ them that sold and 

και ' αγοραΖοι^τας εν τψ ί^Ρψ' και τας τράπεζας των κολλυ- bought in the temple, 

and buying in the temple, and the tables of the money and overthrew the 

,, r,> ^ x'/ r < tables of the money- 

βιστών και τας καθέδρας των πωλονντων τας περιστέρας changer3,.and the seats 

changer.s and the seats of those selling the doves of them that sold 

, I '-,/»»» » " f ' - doves ; 16 and would 

κατεστρεψεν 10 και ονκ.ηφιεν iva τις οιενε-γκ^ σκεύος not suffer that any 

he overthrew, and suffered not that anyone should carry a vessel man should carry any 

r> . ~ . ~ ,-, » i5"5> m\ ' II ii ' ~ II /"k ' v^ssel tfirough the 

δια του ιερού. 17 και εόιόασκεν, ^λεγων" ^'αυτοις, Όυ temple. 17 And he 

through the temple. And he taught, saying to them, .'Not taught, saying unto 

° φίρονσ.ιν they bring ττγα. ρ ΙπιβάλΧονσιν they cast upon glttfaav. <j αύτόΐ' LTTrA. 
' κα\ 7Γολ/\οΙ ΤΤΓΑ. » στφά8ας LTTrA' ^ » κόψαντε? having cut [them] down ττγα. 

^ αγρών fields TTrA. " — και ζστρώνννον ei? τηι/ οδόν τΤγΑ. ^ — λέγοντες [LJTTrA, 

y — ^ν ονόμα.τι κυρίου GLTTrAW. » Ααυείδ LTTrA ; ΔΛνίδ GW.^ , * ~ ^ Ίησους καΙ {read he 

enfei-ed) lttja. '' δψέ τ. c -h άπό from LTTrAW. ^ τι εύρησβι ltthaw. « + [μόνα] 
only L. f ού yap ην b καιρυς l; 6 γαρ καιρός ουίί^ν ΊΤτΑ. 8 — ό Ίησοϋς (read he said) 

GLTTrAW. ί» ei? Tov ata>fa c/c σου LTl'rA. » ovSels E, ^^ -^0 Ίησοΰς OLTTrAW: 

* + τϋύ$ these LXTrAW. "^ <cal iXeyev and said ττγδ, » — αντοΐς [l]a. 

126 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. Xt 

ίβΓ'Μ? 'Life ^iu ., yhpn^rai, °"Ori" ό.οίκός.μον όΐκος 7τροσΡ.νχης κΧηθησεται 

be called of all nations ""^^ '^^ ^®^° written, ' My hoiuse a house of prayer shall he-calletl 

^tj:Z.:llT/iti T^'^ir ''V^ ^θνεσιν; ΰμΒίς.δε Ηποιησατε^^ avrhv σπήλαων 

denof thieves. ,18 And ^*^^ ^" *^"^ nations? but ye made it a den 

the scribes and chief XyaTwv. 18 Kfifi TjKovaav 01 "^γραμματείς και oi irpViepeVc," 

foShOw[hVmi£hi ^V^^:^'^;^• ^^ ?r^ P^^i^^ --"'-^ '^and*the3o£?£^ie.Vs. 

destroy him: fur they icrri Ιζητονν ττώς αυτον^άποΚ'εσονσιν^^ ίφοβοΰντο.γάβ ^avrovJ 

ihrpeiil^'^^rast^ and they soajTlit how -^ him they .hall destroy ; for they feared' him, 

nibbed at his doctriue. *ori ττάς" Ο ογΧος "^έξεττλτ/σσετο" ετΓί τή.ϋιδαγη αυτού. 

19 And when oven was i^ecause all the crowd were astonished at ' his teaching. 

come, he went out of „ , , , , , , „ w / 

the city. lu K«i ^οτε" οψε εγετετο ^έξεττορε^ετο" εξω της ττυλεως. 

„ . , . , And when evening came he went forth qut of the city, 

20 And m the morn- τλ ^ ν » ' ii -^ \ 

ing, as they pa>sed by, 20 Krti ^ποωι παραπορενομεροί είϋον την σνκήν 

they saw the f g tree And in the morning passing by they -aw the fig-tree 

dried up from the ,y , , 'v~^t \ * /->< t -^r 

roots. 21 And Tckt εί,ηοαμμενην εκ ριζών. 21 και αναμνησθεις οΐΐϋτρος 

calling to rtmem- dried up from [the] roots. And "•Raving ''rcuiembered 'Peter 

brance saithtmtohim, ^' > ~ 7<-r» ,o τ n >'? ' ~ « ' w' 

Ma,ster, behold, the AsySt αντ(μ, ^ Pa/!)p<," td£, // σνκη ην κατηραιω εζηρανται. 

fig tree which thou sjys to him Rabbi, see, the fig-tree which thou cursedst is di'iedup. 

cur-edst is withered o."> τ'- * ' λ ' r>t ~ \ ' > •>- "τι ' λ - 

away. 22 And Je us --^ *^<^' ατΓΟκριίεις ^ Ιησονς λέγει αντοις, Άχετε ττιστιν θεού. 

an>.Avering saith uuro And "answering *Jesus siiys to them. Have faith in God. 

GoT' 2"''For^Yeiiy'l '^^ άμήν^γάρ^' λέγω νμΊν, cri ος.άν είττ^; τψ.ορει.τοντφ, 
say unto you ΐϊνΛ For verily I s.ay to you, that whoever shall say to this mountain, 

«itrfhis mintag ^'^^^ηπ καΐ βλήθητι εΙς την θάλασσαν, καΐ μή.οια- 

Be thou removed and -^^ '^o•^ taken away and be thou cast into the sea, and shall ;iot 

be thou cast into the ^ηίθη kv ττι.καρΓια.αυτον, αλλά ^πιστενση^^ οτι '^α" ^λεγει" 

sea: and phall not ,' . / . *' ,'. , ' ' v. ^ -ι. n ι. ι• ' ^ι. ^. ^ χ ,. ' 

doubt in his heart but "O'^^'^*' ^^ his heart, but shall believe that what he says 

+}!fnl^^wMMv;^^hni^fth γίνεται' εσται αντφ ^ό.Ιάν εϊττ^;." 24 ciu.tovto λέγω 

,ntT= W ,,.. r.=>,t t.fjics place, there shall be to him whatCTer he shall say. For this'reasou I ^ay , 

things which he saith 
fihall como to pa^s ; he 

shall h.ave wiiatpocver muv, H/ivTa οσαβάν'^ ^ττοοσενγόμενοι', αιτεΐσθε^ ττιστεύετε 

he saith. 24 Therefore t All things whatsoever praying ye ask, believe 

I .say unto you, uTiat „ . , , » < . t/ ν '' 

things soever ye desire, oTi 'λα/,(/3άΐ'ετε," Kat εσται υμίν. 25 Krti οταΐ' ^στηκητε" 

when ye pray, believe tj^^t ye receive, and [they] shall be to you. And when ye may stand 

that ye receive them, ■' , , - „ i r „ ■ χ 

andyeshaiihayeiAe?». ττ^οσευχομενοι, αφιετΒ it Ti εχετΒ κατά τίνος' ίνα και 

25 And when ye stand praying, forgive if anything ye have against anyone, that also 

praying,, forgive, if ye , , < „ . , ~ > ^ > - ~ < ~ ^ 

have ought against o.TTari/p.v/iwv Ο kv τοις ονρανοις a(py νμψ τα τταρα- 

any : that your Father your Father who [is] in the heavens may forgive you =of- 

also which is in heaven , . ^ ^^» i > ^' < ~ ' » j' " » fv\ < \ t ^ 

may forgive you yovir ΊΓτωματα νμων. 2ό ^ει.οε νμεις ΟΌΚ.αφιετε, ουοε ο.ττατηρ.νμων 

trespasses. 26 But if fences 'your. But if ye forgive not, neither your Father 

therein Juu??atifer Ο Iv "»τοΤς' ούρανοίς αφήσει τά.τταρατΓτώματα.νμών.^^ 

•which is in heaven for- who [is] in the heavens will forgive your o'ffenoes. 

give your trespasses. 27 Και ερχονται ττάλιν Είς Ιεροσόλυμα' και εν τψ Ίερψ 

27 And they come And they come - again to Jerusalem. And in the temple 

again to Jerusalem : ,.. , ^ „ , , χ t , ^ , 

and as he was walking περιττατονντος.αυτου ερχονται ττρος αυτυν οι αρχιερείς ^κα ι 

in the temple, there " as he is walking come to him the chief priests and 

come to him the chief , • ^ λ » ri / «o ^ ii\ ' ii ' ^ 

priests, and the scribes, 01 γραμματείς και 01 ττρεσβντεροι, 20 και "λεγονσιν" αυτψ^ 

and the elders, 28 and the scribes andthe eldet-s, and they say to him, 

r/tho^?i'"o'e?t'' Τίοΐ Έν TTOiV ΙΙουσΊ(^ ταντα ποιεΊς ; °^και» τίς σοι ^'^τήν ψονσιαν 

these things ? and who By what authority these things doest thou? and who thee ■'authority, 

Sy^^t^ ?j%hes; ταντην εδωκεν;^ 'ίνα ταντα ττοι^ς ; 20 Ό.ίέ.Ί,,σοϋς 

things? 29AndJfesus Hhis gave, that these things thovKshouldst do? And Josus 

ο — Ότι L. Ρ 7Γ67Γ0ΐηκατ€ have made TTtA. 1 άρχιερει? καΐ οι γραμματ6Γ? LTTrAW. 

' άτΓολεσωσιΐ' they might destroy LTTrAW. » [avTOf] L. ^ 7ras7ap fur all ττγα. '' ίξΐπλησ- 
σοί/το τ. " όταν TXr. » e^en-opevoi'TO they went forth LTr. ^ παραπορ^νόμενοι πρωϊ LTTrA. 
« 'Ραββεί ΤΑ. a -t- ό GLTTrAW. ^ — γαρ for LT[Tr]A. <= ττιστεΰτ? Τα. ^ δ what TTrA. 

e λαλεί LTXrA. ^ — δ ea»/ elih) TT.{a]. s — av LTTi aW. ^ προσεύχεστε και ye pray and 
LXTrA. » ελάβετε ye received LTTrA. ^ στηκ£Τ€ ye stand lttfa. ^ i — verse 26 ttb 

m — Tots LA. " ίλεγοι/ they said ΤΤγΑ. <»» η or τα. ρ» ^δωκ^ν την εΐουσίαν ταντην LTr. 


'άποκρίθείς" είττεν αϋτοίς, ^Εττερωτήσω ^νμας κάγω' ϊνα λόγον, f"*!^^^^*^ and Mid' ηη- 

answering said to then? =Will ^ask *you »I also one thing, °^^ oTjon one ques- 

καΐ άτΓΟκρίθητε uoiy Kai ,ερώ νμΐν εν ποία ίζονσία ταντα tion and answer me, 

and answer me, and I will tell you by what authority these thjn^gs what^thorit ^ I^ d J 

ΤΓΟιώ. 30 To βάπτισμα *•Ίωάννον εζ οιφηνον ήν η εξ t^iese things. 30 The 

I do : The baptism of John fi-om heaven was it or froip Vj^Pti-^m of John, wag 

, , V ,> ,v - II X < ^^ from heaven, or of 

ανθρώπων] αΐτοκριθητε μοι. 31 Κ«ί 'ΆογίΖο^Γο" προς εαυ^ men? answer me. 

men? answer me. And they reasoned with them 31 And they reasoned 

, > , ,/ 'T-ii' ' ~ , ^ ,,, 'With themselves, say- 

rovQj λέγοντες, Έαν ειπωμεν. Εξ ουρανού, ερει, ^Διατι ' ing, If we shall say, 

selves, saying, If we should say, From heaven, ' he will say, Why From heaven ; he will 

^oui/" ουκ.επιστενσατε αντφ; 32 ^άλλ' εάν" εϊπωμεν, Έξ ye 'not believe him? 

then did ye not believe him? but if we should say. From 32 But if we shall say, 

, a ' '^ 73 ~ ' \ ' . 2" Μ ' τ ^ Of men; they feared 

ανθρώπων, εψορουντο τον Καον ^ απαντά ς .yap είχον τον the people : for all men 

men,— they feared the people ; for all held counted John, that he 

,_ , -„ „ „ ^ -i• oo ' ' c\' h\ ' '"'•IS a prophet indeed. 

Ιωανί^ην ^OTi οντως^ προφήτης ην. 33 και αποκριθεντες^λε- 33 And they answered 

John that indeed a prophet he was. And answering they and said unto Jesus, 

~)_ ~ u /-> ' «^ T- ^^•«'τ ~ > Λ > ii> ' We cahuot telL And 

■γουσιντψ Ιησον,^ Ουκ.ο,ιοαμεν. Καΐ- υ Ιησούς αποκριΰεις^^ λέγει jcsus answering saith 

say to Jesus, We know not. And Jesus answering says untb them, Neither do 

>~ ^-v'^^>«^' t~»/'v ' ~ ~I toll you by what 

auTorg, Όυδε εγω λέγω υμιν εν ποκ^. εξονσια ταντα ποιώ. authority Ι do these 
to them. Neither ^I Hell you by what' authority these things I do. things. 

12 Και τΊρζατο αντοΤς iv παραβολαΧς '^λέγειν," 'Αμπελώνα 

And ha began to them in parables to saj, "Ά ^vineyard XII. And he began 

Ηφυτΐ.υσεν άνθρωπος,'''^ και περιεθηκεν φραγμόν, και ώρνζεν parabS.^"^ Α ^cerirS 

planted 'a ^man, and placed about [it] a fence, and dug man planted a vine- 

νποληνιον, και φκοζόμησεν ττνργον, καΐ Ηζεδοτο^^ αυτόν abouU?,*^an(i d?ggl?a 

a wine-vat, and built 9, tower, and let out it jjZorce /o?• the winef at, 

γεωργοις, και άπεδημησεν'. 2 και άπεοτειλεν προς τους S οϊί 'to h" fbCd^ 

to husbandmen, and left the country. And he sent to the men and went into a 

γεωργούς τψ καιρψ δοϋλον, Ίνα παρά τών γεωργών l^TioIhe tit u 

husbandmen at the season a bondman, that from the' husbandmen the husbandmen a ser- 

λάβ^) άττύ srov καρπού^' τον αμπελώνας 3 ^oL^i" λα- ^^"eiVo^tom^'thrhfs- 

he m.ight receive from the fruit of the vineyard. But they having i^andmen of the fruit 

βύντες αυτυν 'έδειραν, και άπεστειλαΐ' κενόν. 4 κα\ ττάλ/?^ οί the vineyard. 3 And 

taken ^him ^ ^beat, ^ and sent [him] .away empty. And again SwSdsentS 

άπ'εστειλεν προς αντονς άλλον δοϋλον' κάκεΊνον ^λιθοβολη- away empty. 4 And 

he sent ^ to them another bondman, and him ^ ^™^ S^nothlr^rvTnt^ 

σαντες" ^Ικεφαλαίωσαν,^^ και ^απέστειλαν ήτίμωμενον.^^ and at him they cast 

stoned they struck on the head, and sent [him] away having insulted [him], /^γ^^ι^ |^^''^h^a!cr^Sd 

5 και νάλιν" άλλον άπεστειλεν κάκεΐΊ'ον άπεκτειναν και seni/n'i/i awayshame- 

And again another he sent, and him they killed ; also fully handled'. 5 And 

, , ' < II ^\ > ' asrain he sent another; 

ποΚλονς αλλονς, ^^τονς" μεν οεροντες, ^τονς'.οε ^αποκτεινον- and him they killed, 

many others, ^some 'beating, and ^others 'killing, and many others; 

\\ r» » ' τ II «' Ti « ^ " π ' » η ' ~ II oeatmg somc, andkul- 

τες." Ό ετι °ουν ενα ^νιυν έχων" αγα.πητον ^αντου,^^ ing some. 6 Having 

Yet therefore =One ^son 'having beloved '*his ^own, yet therefore one son, 

> / X ,n Ml ' ^ cT > , , « II Λ '■ "rk ^^^ wcllbeloved, -he 

απεστΗλεν .'""και" αυτόν ^^προς αυτούς εσχατον, λέγων, Ότι sent him also last unto 

he sent " also him to them last, saying, them, saying, They 

, , ^ « / m J ~ r>\ t ' ^ ffl ? will rcvereuce my son. 

εντραπησονται τον.νιον.μον. 7 εκεινοι.όε οι γεωργοί ,ειπον η But those husband- 

They will have respect for my son. But those husbandmen said men said among them- 

' — αποκριθείς TTi A. « κάγώ ΰμά? L ; — κάγώ (rmd enep. I will ask) TTrA. ^ * + το 

LTTrAW. ^ διελογί^οντο LTTrAW. "^ Δια τι LTrA. * — o{>v LTrAW. y άλλα (reaci but 

should we saj'^) LTTi aw. » πάντες L. a όντως οτι ΤΤγΑ. •> τω Ίησοί Keyovaiv TTrA. 

c [αποκριθείς] ό Ίησοΰ? L ; — αποκριθείς TTrA. ^ λαλειι/ LTTrA. ^ άνθρωπος εφΰτευσεΓ ϊ. 

f ε'^εδετο ΤΑ. S των καρπών the fruits TTrA. ^ και and LTTrA. > — λtθoJ3oλ17σαI'τc? LTTi^A. 
J έκεφαλιωσαν Τ. '' -ητίμησαν insulted LTr ; ητίμασανΤΑ. ^ — πάλιν GLTTrA. ^^ "° ους 

LTl'rA. ° άποκτεΊ/ι/οι^τες GLTTrA. <> — ovv [LJTTrA^f Ρ έχων vlov L ; εΐχεν vlov TTrA. 

q — αύτοΰ LTTrA ; αυτού W. « — και [L]TTrA. ■* «οχατον 7rpo$ αντοΰί LITrA. ** Trpoj 
εαυτού? είπα»' τιγλ ; ίίπαν προς έαυτονί Ι^. 

128 ΜΑΡΚΟ 2. ΧΙΪ. 

selves This is the heir; ττοός ίαντονς} "Οπ οϊ'τός εστίν 6 κληοονυμος' Ssvre, άτΓΟ-, 

rnr'tS'iki^ryro '-on. themselves. ^ ^ This ^ is ^th.e ΐβίτ : ^^ ' come,' ^let us 

shall he ours. 8 And κτε'ινωμξ,ν avTov ^ καΐ ημών tarai 7) κληρονομιά. 8και λαβόντες 

kiUed'^hhn 'ami csTst ^^^^ ^^™' ^^^ °"^^ will be the inheritance. And havin- taken 

him out of the vine- ^avTov aiTSKTHvav,^^ KOI ΙζεβοΧον ^ έξω Tov άμττελώι^ς. 

yard 9 What shall ^^ ^^ ^^p•^ [bim], and cast forth [him] outside the vineyard, 

therefore the Jora ox , _ /Γ/ ^ , ^ , , 

the vineyard do? he 9 TL ^ούν ΤΓΟίησει Ο KvpiOQ Tov αμπελώνος] ελενσεται και 
will couie and destroy \\Tiat therefore will do the lord of the vineyard? He will come and 
the husbandmen, and , >. r , / ν f ' > > > ~ >'λ > 

will give the vineyard αττολεσει TovQ γεωργούς, και δώσει τον αμττεΧώνα αλΧοις. 

unto others. 10 And -^viu destroy the husbandmen, and will give the vineyard . to others, 
have ye not read this , ^ , »>, , < / , / >n « 

scriptui-e; The stone 10 Ovos την.γραφην.τηντην αν&γνωτε; Αιθον ov 

which the builders re- s-^q^ *eyen Hhis ''scripture »did ^ye ^read ? [The] stone which 

jected is become the , ^ , , ,n~ - i'r». -,. 

head of the corner : ^αττεδοκιμασαΡ 01 οικούομονντες,οντος εγενηβη εις κεφαλιμ^ 

1 1 this was the Lord's "'rejected * those ^ who ^build, this is become head 
doiner, and it is mar- / ., -, , - > / ti » ^ η 

veiious in our eyes? γωνίας. 11 τταρα Kvplov εγενετο αντη, και εστίν υαν- 

12 And thpy sought to of [the] corner : from [the] Lord was this,' and it is wpn- 
lay hold on him, but \ ■> ^ , η \ ~.«~ ιλτ/-^'5" >» ~ 

feared the people : for μαστή εν οφυαλμοις.ημων. ISiKai εζητονν αυτόν κματησαι, 

they knew that he had derful ,in our eyes. And they sought him to lay hold of, 

gSst^hemfan'?ihey''f«^ εφοβηθηί^αν TOV δχλον' εγνωσαν.γάρ οτί ττρος ψ>τονς 

left him, and went ^^^ they feared the crowd ; for they knew that against Ihem 

their way. την τταραβοΧήν ε'ίττεν' και αφέντες αυτόν άττηλθον. 

the parable he speaks. And leaving him they went away, 

unt^o him ceruii^of ^^ ^^'^ άττοστεΧΚουσιν ττρος αυτόν τινας των Φαρισ^^ίων 

the" Pharisees and of -^^^ ^^^J send to him " some of the Pharisees 

the Herodians, to catch και τών Ήοωδιανών^ϊνα αύτον άγοεύσωσιν Χόγω. 14 ^οί-ίε" 

mm m nis words. •, j.,, Λ ^• j.i- j. ι_• χτ. ' " • ..^ ^ τ. • j* ' • -. ,, 

14 And when thev ^^"^ °* ^"® Herodians, that him they might catch m discourse. And they 

were come they say Ιλθόντες λεγονσιν αύτφ, Αιδάσκαλε, ο'ίδαμεν ΟΤΙ αληθής ει, 

unto him, Master, we ν, • ' τ,• m ν ι i-i 4. i. χι χ 

know that thou art '^^"''^"^^ come say to him. Teacher, we know that true thou art, 

true, and carest forno και 01) μΐλει σοι ττερί ούδενός' ού.γάρ βλέπεις ' εΙς 

Sr^ot the ^rs?ii of ^°*^ -there is c^re to thee about no one ; for -'not Hhou ^'lookest on [the] 

men, but teachest the-7Γpόσωπov ανθρώπων, άλλ' ίπ' αληθείας την bdov του θεοϋ 

way of God in truth : appearance of men, but with truth the way of God 

Is it lawful to give . J^, „^ ^ ', ^ iin» 

tribute to c^sar, or οιοασκεις. "^εζεστιν ^κηι^σον Καισαρι δούναι" η ου] 15 δώμεν 

not ? 15 Shall we give teachest : Is it lawful tribute to C^sar to give or not? Should we give 
or shall we not give? ^ ,-^ «Λ^^κ»^^ιι ,~,^«/ 

But he, knowing their 77 μή.δωμεν ; Ο.δε °ε(θως" αυτων.την.υποκρισιν είπεν 

hypocrisy, said unto or should we not give ? But he knowing their hypocrisy said 

tliem. Why tempt ye , .. ^, ^ ,y ^' • t> ' " "? 

me?bringmeapennj-, αυτοις, Ti με πειράζετε ] φέρετε μοι όηναριον ινα ιδω. 

tliat Ι may see it. to them, AVhy me do ye tempt ? Bring me a denarius that I may see [it], 
le And they brought lo /^» t>r * τ/- ^ > ' > ~ m' . > < ,t > 

it. And he saith unto lo Οι.δε ηνεγκαν. Καιλεγει αυτοις,Λίνος η.εικων.αυτη και 

tliem, Whose is this And they brought [it]. And he says to them. Whose [is] this image and 

tionl»^ Tnd^ they ?afd V επιγραφής ^Ot.^f " ' ^εΖτΓον'^ αυτψ, Καίσαρος. 17 ^Kai 

unto him, Cseaar's. the inscription ? And they said to him, Cjesar's. And 

17 Ajid Jesus answer- ' λ ' «11 'τ ~ •? f » ~ 11 ο-' * ' ? ' tr ' 

ing said unto them, αποκριθεις o" Ιησους Είπεν ^αι^τοις," '^ Αποδοτε τα Και- 

Render to C^sar the ^answering 'Jesus said to them. Bender' the things of Cas- 

saSrand'^to God^he '^"Poe" Καίσαρί,και τά του θεού τφθεψ. ΚαιΗθαύμασαν^^ 

things that are God's, sar to Caesar, and the things of God to* God. And they wondered 

A^d they marvelled at ^y^' αϋτψ, 
at him, 

18 Then come unto 18 Kai ερχονται Σα^^ονκάιοι προς αυτόν, οίτινες λεγονσιν 

him the Sadducees, And ''come 'Sadducees to him, who say 

which say there is no > / \ -r , :» / η > ' \ ' 

"esurrection ; and they αναστασιν μη.ειναι' και Ηνηρωτησαν" αυτόν, λέγοντες j 

asked him, saying, a resurrection there is not. And they questioned him, saying, 

^ ane<Teivav αντόν TTrA. ^ -^ αντον him ΐτΤΓΑΛν. « — ovv TA. y κσΧ and (read 

they say) LTTrA. * + elne ovv ■ημίν tell us therefore l. » Βοϋναί κηνσον Καισαρι LTr. 

*> ίδώμ having known τ. <= [^i^^j l, <ί ΐίπαν LTFrA. -e ό δέ and (Je.sus) LiTrA. 

'' — avTOts A. ' ? Τά Καίσαρος άπόδοτε TTrA. *» έθανμαζον LTrA ; έξίθαυμαζον greatly 

wonderedT.. i ζΐτηρώτων LrrrA. 


19 Αίοάσκαλρ., ^Μωσης^ ίγοαφεν ημίν, 'ότι εάν τίνος aSeX- 19 Master, Moees wrote 

Teacher, Moses wrote for us. that^ if ^of anyone a Lro- broaicr'die and We 

ώθ€ άτΓοθάνη καΐ κατάλίπυ yvvdiica καΐ ^τ'εκνα μή.άώή,^^ '''^ ^^^ behind him, 

thei Bliuulddie and leare behind a wife and children leave not, f°^ leave no childi-en 
Γ' -v'/D <,^^^>~^ , that hi.•, brother should 

iva Aapy ο.αοΕλώος,αυτου την γυναίκα' ^^αύτοϋ^^ και take his wifo, and raise 
that ^should •'take 'his -'brother the wife of him and ^i' ^'^^'^^^^i? ^^^ }^^°- 

,c. / / ^,^^>,,- ΛΛ. .TN-w ^^'^^' -^ ^°^' there 

ttavaστησy σπέρμα τφ.αόελφφ.αυτου. 20 επτά ^ αύεΧφοι were seven brethren : 

raise up seed to his brother. Seven bretlu-en "■'^^ ^^® ^^^* ^°°^ * 

τ Λ « • ^ "Λ ο ~ χ ' Λ ' wife, and dviug left 

ήσαν και ο ττρωτος εΚαρεν -γυναίκα^ και α-πουνησ.κων no seed. 21 And the 

there were ; and the first took a wife, and dying second took her, and 

, ) ~ / c\t Λ . ^ / »\ r, » / Λ ^ii*^•*. neither left he 

ονκ.αφηκεν σπέρμα' 21 και ο όεντερος ελαβεν αυτήν, και any seed: and the third 

left no seed; and the second took her, and likewise. 22 And the 

, fn η > ' 5>> ' ' '^~ II ' » « ' seven had her, and left 

απευοΑ'εν, °και ονόε αυτός αφηκεν" σπέρμα' και ο τρίτος noseed: lastof aiithe 

died, and neither he left seed ; and the third woman died also. 23 In 

• _ ' . on ' n"\ /.? ' « II ' < ' .1 ',1 ' ' . ~ the resurrection there- 

ωσαυτως' 22 και ^ελαρον αυτήν' οι επτά, ^και'' ονκ.αφιικαν fore, ν ben they shall 

likewise. And ^ook *her ^the ^seven, and left no rise, whose v.-ife shall 

' r' '-11' c'' /Ί \« 'II -k<r» » • ~ she be of them ? for 

σπέρμα, "έσχατη'^ πάντων ^απεθανεν και η γυνη.^^ 23 εv.τy the seven had her to 

seed. Last of all died also the woman. In the wife. 24 And Jesus 

»ouv" άναστάσει, ^οταν άναστώσιν,^^ τίνος αυτών εσται thimf DoVnoi the^e- 

'therefore 'resurrection, when they shall arise, of which of them shall she ba fore err, becatise ye 

γννί] ; οί.γάρ επτά εσχον αυτήν γυναίκα. 24 ^Και αποκριθείς \^ζ^ ""^Lither ^^'Χ 

wife? for the seven had her as wife. And ^answering power of God ? 25 For 

ο'Ιησους είπεν αύτοΤς," Ου διά.τοΰτο πλανάσθε, μη είδότες from the^dead^\hey 

'Jesus said to them,^ ^Not ^therefore 'do "ye err, not knowing neither marry nor are 

τάς γοαφάς μηδέ την δύναμιν τοϋθεον; 2δ οταν.γάο εκ given in marriage ; but 

.1. ' ■> . I => Γ I I Γ £r>, ,η -r> 1-' ~j• are as the angels Λvhlcn 

the scriptures nor the power of God ? For when from among ^^.^ ^ heaven 26 And 

νεκρών άναστώσιν, οντε γαμοϋσιν οΰτε ^γαμίσκονται,^^ as touching the dead, 

[the] dead they rise, neither do they marry nor are given in marriage, yg not read in the book 

άλλ' έι'σίν ώς άγγελοι ^οι'^ εν ΫοΤς ουρανοΧς, 26 περι.δε «ί ■^^r^h ^«w in the 

but ■ are as angels who [are] in the heavens. But concerning ^^ S.^nglanTtht 

των νεκρών, οτι εγείρονται, οϋκ.άν'εγνωτε εν rg ■ βίβλψ God' of Abraham, and 

the dead, that they rL'^e, have ye not read in the book J^^ ^n^.°^ ί*^τ°' ^ ο 

/ 5 I rt ' i^ ' η > ' « Λ ' ^'^^ ^^^ ^^ Jacob ? 

^Μωσεως, επι ^-Γ/ς" βάτου, °ως είπεν αυτφ ο θεός, 27 He is not the God 

of Moses, [in the part] on the bush, how ^spoke ^to^him 'God, of the dead, but the 

, , . Λ V ' > 'I ^ » < II η > > X V Ml ^°^ °^ *^® livmg : ye 

λέγων, Εγω ο θεός Αβραάμ και "^ο' θεός Ισαακ και "^ο" therefore do greatly 

saying, I [am] the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the «i''• 28 And one of the 

- , . ,^ ^_ ^, „ ntii /Ί ^ ■v »χΛ ' Η/Ί < II scribcs Came, aud hav- 

θεος Ιακωβ ; '27 Ουκ.εστιν ^o" θεός νεκρών^ άλλα °θεος" ing heard them rea- 

God of Jacob ? He is not the God of [the] dead, but God soning together, and 

V'' p'- Ti; Λ<\ ~/3οοτΛ> ^Λ' perceiving that he had 

ζώντων' ^υμεις ουί^' πολύ πλανάσθε. 28 Και προσελθων answered them well, 

of [the] living. Ye therefore greatly err. And ^having ^come 'up asked him, "Which is 

, . , / , ^ f y , II ff ' •^ ' II the first command- 

είς των γραμματέων, άκουσας αυτών ^συζητουντων,'-^ειοως'^ ment of aU? 29 And 

'one^of^the *=cribes, having heard them rea-^oning together, perceiving Jesus answered him, 
^ ^ Ϊ, , ^ , Ά I' ' ' _.' ' TT ' » ' iThe first of all the 

OTi καλώς '^αυτοις απεκριθη,^' επηρωτησεν αυτόν, Ποια εστίν commandments ώ, 
that well them he answered, questioned him,, Which is' Hear, Ο L•Γael ; The 

^πρώτη πασών εντολή^^ ; 29 ^^Ό.δε.Ίησοϋς άπεκρίθη^^, 

[the] first "of ^all 'commandment ? And Jesus answered 

'*ayr(p," "On πρώτη ^^πασών τών εντολών, ^^ Άκουε, 

him,' [Tte] first of all the commandments [is]. Hear, 

^ Μωύση? ltTfaW. i μη άφτ] τζκνον leave no child ta. °» — σύτοΟ TTrA. " + οΰν 
therefot-e: ew, ° μη καταλιπών having left behind no ttta. ρ — ί^αβον αντην ^L]TTrA. 
q — (cat TTrA. •■ έσχατοι/ LTTrA. ^ καΙ η γυΐ'Τ) αττέθαν^ν LTTrA. ^ — ονν ΤΤτΑ. 

ν — g^^jjy άναστωσιν [L]Tr. '^ Ιφη αύτοΓς δ Ίησοΰς Jesus said to them ΤΤγΑ. *■ -γαμίζονται, 
LTTrAW. y — Ot GLT[Tr]"W. ^ Μωϋσέως LTTrAW. *vTOV GLTTrAW. b πώς TTrA. 

c — i, LTfiW. ^ — θεός GLTTrAw. e — νμΐΐς ονν {nad ττλαν. ye err) Τ[Τγ]α. 
' σννζητονντων LTTrA. S ί8ών having seen LXXr. ^ ^ απεκρίθη αντοΐς TTrA. » πρώττ^ 
ιτάντων Ci /τολη GI.W ; ivToXr, πρώτη πάντων TTrA. ''* απεκρίθη 6 Ίησους TTrA. •* — αντι^ 
Τ[τγ]α. ""^ πάντων εΓ'τολτ; GW ; πάντων [εντολή έστιν] Commandment of all is l; eanV 
{read [The] first is) ττγα. 

130 ΜΑΡΚΟ Σ. ΧΠ. 

Lord our God is one 'iffoanX' Kvoiog ϋ.Θεοα'ιμων κίφιος είς ίστίν. 30 καΐ 

^ifui "nTViviiw .Is'-acl: [the] Lord our^God ^Lord =oiie Ms. And 

shnlt love the Lord thy ' '•-' ,«/ '5'"\ ~ ?' 

God with aiithy heart, αγαπήσεις KvpLov τον.θεον.σου εξ oAi^g της.καρόιας.σου 

and with all thy soul, thoushalt love [the] Lord thy God with all thy heart 

and wUb all thy mind, , , „ „^ \. , - , ,^ „^ ~ ? 

and with all thy και ίξ όλ//ς της.ψυχης.σου και εξ όλης της.όιαν οίας. σον 

strength : this is the j^^j ^^j^ ^^ ^^Ijy ς^^ι and with all thy mind 

first commandment;. , ,„ ,/^ ~ , r η " ' ' \ ' II 

31 And the second is και it, ολης •η]ς.ισχνος.σον. ^αντη ττρωτη εντοΑη. 

like, nflmcZy this, Thou and with all tl.y strength. This [is the] first commaudment. 

w\nsThyiii^'Thfre 31 °/cai" ^ενΑρα "^ομοία^^ laur»;," Αγαπήσεις τον π\η- 
is none other com- ^nd [the] second like [it is] this : Thou shalt love ^neigh- 

Sau^Thc^i. 32^^ And o'lov σοΌ ώς σεαντον. Μείζων τοντων άλλη εντολή 

the scrit)3 said tmto hour, 'thy as thyself. Greater than these another commandment 

& hast"' δ,-ίϊ?'^ ουκίστιν. 32 Kai είπεν αύτφ υ γραμματεύς, Καλώς, διδάσ- 

truth : for there is one there is not. And ^said ''to ^him Hhe '■'scribe, Right, teach- 

Sferhut^r33°rnd καλε, Ιπ αληθείας Ηίπας^^ otl εις Ιστιν ^θ^ός," καΐ 

to love him with all er, according to truth thou hast said that ^one is God, aud 

iiftieTmier'tandTi? οί'ΚΛσπν άλλος πλην αντοϋ. 33 και τοάγαπά,ν αυτόν It, 

and w,ith all the soiil| there is.not another besides him : and to love him with 

Sengai,*^and^\^o love ^^'i? '"'5^* καρδίας καΐ έξ ολης της σννίσεως 'και εξ ολίίς 

his neighbour as him- 

Btiength, and to love ^^'1^ ^'J^ i^upviut, kui '^^'V'/i, "1^ uo.cuc^^ cs 

>,.v ^5:„ΰι .. V,; — ■ all the heart and with all the understanding and with all 

wioiburnt offednis '^'ί^ ^^X^c' ι^αΐ εξ ολης της ισχύος, κσι το αγαπάν 

Tnd sacrifices sliud ^be soul and with all the. strength, and to love [one's] 

■when Jesus saw that ^^j, TrXjifTiov ώς tavTov. "'ttXeTOi/'' ίστιν πάντων των ολοκάν- 
f;, heTafd ηηΐοΤΐ neighbour as oneself. ^'more 'is ^ ^ than all ^the burnt 

Thou art not far froni Τίομάτων καΐ Viuv" θνσιών. 34 ΚαΙ ο'ίησονς ίδών ^αύτυν^^ 

AnVnS^maTafterS f-^^^- ^^^ *^« «^^^β^-• ^.«^ ^ '^^^ ^'^'^f ^^^ 

durst ask him αηι/ oTL νοννεχώς άπεκρΊθη, είπεν αντψ^ Ου μακράν ει 

guestton. ^jj3,t intelligently he answered, said to him, Not far art thou 

άπο της βασιλείας του θεον. Και ούοείς.ούκετι ετόλμα αύτυν 
from the kingdom of God. And no one any more dared ^him 

Ho -question. 

ew?red"and Sid! ww^e" ^^ ^"' άποκριθεΙς 6 Ίησοΰς ελεγεν, διδάσκων εν τω \ερψ, 

he taught in the tern- -^^^ "'answering 'Jesus said, teaching in the temple, 

febes^tiTat ciiist*^ Πώςλεγονσιν oi γραμματείς οτί 6 χριστός νϊός^Ιστη' Δαβιδ^^ ; 
the Son of David? ^^^ ^^7 *^β scribes that the Christ ^son Ms ofL.ivid? 

^•f v^ .?''Τ]^Λ^'?"'^ 36 αυτός ^γάρ'^ «^Δαβίί" •'εΖττει/" εν <^rc5" πνεύματι'^τφ^^ άγίφ, 

Thel^oio^iliimy ^^-^ί. ^ '^""'^'^ , '^'^ '^ '^' '^^^' '^' , ^"'^• 

Lord Sit thou on my *^Et7rfi/" ^ϋ" κύοίος Tolicfptw-Mou/Ka^ow" t/c δεξίών.μον εως.άν 
thine enemies Sy '^J^*^ ]'^^, '^^^«^, *« ^7 1;θΐ•^. ^ Sit at myrightUd until 

footstool. 37 David θώ τονςΛχθρούς.σου ^ύποπόδιον^^ των. π οδών. σου. 37 Αΐτΰς• 

Srii'm LoTd f ''aid ^^^''"'^^ thine enemies [as] a footstool " for thy feet. =^Himself 

■whence is he then his °ουν" ^Ααβίδ'^ λεγεί avTOv KvpioV και πόθεν ^υϊός.αύτου 

son? And the com- H-hGvcioxe 'David calls him Lord, and vwhence Ms son 

mon people heard him , ., , , -^ λ « ^ » > - « ^ / 

gladly. εστίν ; Και ο πολνς όχλος -ηκονεν αυτοί) ι^οεως. 

is he ? And the great crowd heard him gladly. 

38 And he said unto 38 Και ^'ίλεγεν αύτοίς εν τ'ζ.διδαχη.αύτου,^^ Βλέττετε άπα 

them in his doctrine, And he said to them in ' his teaching. Take heed of 

Beware of the scribes; ^ , ~ λ \ ' ' 

"Which love to go in Των γραμματέων, των υελοντων εν στολαις περιπατείν, και 
long clothing, and love the scribes, who" like in robes to walk about, and 

° — ί^ντη 7Γ|ρώτη €ΐ^το\ή ΤΑ. ο — καΐ [LjTTrA. Ρ — ό/Λοία ΤΑ. <i αύτΎ] (read [is] like 

lt)LTr. •^ 'etTre^T. ^ — θΐός (read he is oViG) QhTTr AW. ^ — καΐ ίξ 'όλης' της ψυχής [ΐ.\τ. 
» 7Γ€ρισσότ€ρόν abundantly more ττγ. " — των GLTrAW. χ [αύτοί'] Τγ. y Δαυει'δ 

βστιι/ ΤΤγλ ; eartv AaveiS L ; εστιι/ Δαυίδ GW. ^ — yap [L]T[Tr]A. » AcvelS LTTrA ; 

Δαυίδ GW. b Λέγει says w. c _ ^φ (j-w. d χεγει Says GTr. e _ ^ (read Ithe b ltta'. 
» καθισον TrA. ^ s ϋποκάτω (read beneath thy feet) a. »» — ovv [LJTTrA. » αύτου έστψ 
νΐό$ XTrA. ^ kv Tff ^ώαχ-β αυτού iKtyey TTrA, 

χ I τ, XIII. Μ ARK. 131 

άβττασμηίις Ιν τοις άγόραΤς 39 και πρωτοκαθεδρίας εν τη'ϊς s.iiutntions in the 

salutations in the market -phices and first seats in the J^-'^i-ket-places, 39 and 

, Ν ' » », Λ / ,1 cniet seats m the 

σνναγωγαις και ττρωτοκλισιας εν τοΊς οειττνρις' 40 οί κατεσ- synigogues, and the 

synagogues and first plaoes at the suppers ; who de- "PPei-most rooms at 

/-)' 11 , , , ^ ^ , , leasts: 40 which de- 

υιοντες τας οικίας των χηρων^ και ττροφασει μακρά "^our widows' houses, 

vour the houses of widows,- and as a pretext ^at ^great 'length "°^ ^^^ ^ pretence 

' r m\ ' I II / , make long prayers : 

ττροσενχομενοί' ovroi ^ληψονται" ττερισσυτερον κρίμα. these shall receive 

'pray. These shall receive more abundant judgment. greater damnation. 

ΑΊ ΊΤ ' Ο' nrf 'τ ~ II η ' ii ~ ν χ '^^ ^^^ Jesus Sat 

41 i^ai καυισας "D Ι,ησους^' °κατεναντι τον γαζοφυλα- over against thetrca- 

And "having ^sat ''down 'Jesus opposite the treasury, sury, and beheld how 

u.!^-,, ίΩ,,'.^η ~ * " \ η '\•\ •\> > » ν >' the people cast money 

Klov eywpfi πως ο όχλος joaXAsi χαλκον εις το γαζοφνλα- into the treasury: 

he saw how the crowd cast money into the treasury ; and many that were 

KioV Kai ποΧλοΙ πλούύωι εβαλλον πολλά. 42 και ελθοϋσα '42'\n*d1heie οΓμΛ 

and many rich were casting [in] much. And ''having ^come certain poor widow, 

^ia χήρα πτωχή εβαλεν λεπτά Svo, 'ό εατιν κοδράντης. ^r^uet^'SOril^r. 

one widow ^poor cast [in] "iepta 'two, which is a kodrantes. farthing. 43 And he 

43 και πρ^σκαλεσάμενος τονς.μαθητάς.αντον ^λsγεL^^ αντοΊς, Sp^ieHni^h 

And having called to [him] his disciples he says to them, unto them. Verily I 

'Αμήν λέγω ύμΧν, 'ότι ή.χήρα.αϋτη ή πτωχή πλεϊον πάντων Ι^^ poorwSow Sth 

Vcnly I say to you, that this ^'widow 'poor more than aU cast more in, than all 

'^βεβληκεν^^ τώγ "^βαλόντων^^ εις το γαζοφνλάκιον. 44 πάν- they which have cast 

has cast ^ [in] of those casting ^ into the treasury. ' -All 4? f'l.r allW/dirc7st 

τες yap εκ τοΰ περισσεύοντος αϋτοΧς εβαλον αϋτη.δε in of their abundance; 

^f or out of that which was abounding to them cast [in], but she did cast in all ^hat 

Ik τής.ύστερήσεως.αντής πάντα Οσα ^χεν εβαλεν^ she had, even all her 

out of her destitution ^'all *as ^much *ae 'she *had *cast [''in], ^^^?• 

'όλον τον. βιον. αυτής. 

'"whole ^her "livelihood. 

13 Και εκπορευομενον.αντοϋ εκ του ιεροΰ λέγει αντφ wSt^out of'^the^'tem! 

And as he was going forth out of the temple ^says ^o 'him pie, one of his disci- 

εΐς'^ των. μαθητών. avTOv, Αιδάσκαλε/ Usf ποταποί λίθοι και fiastlr,^e whS man- 
»one 'of •'*his ■'disciples. Teacher, see, what stones ■ and ner of stones and what 

ποταπαι οίκοδομαί. 2 Kai 'ο'Ινσονς άποκριθείς^^ εΐπεν αύτψ, a'^Anr/esuran^weV- 

wliat buildings I And Jesus answering said to him, jng said unto him, 

Βλέπεις ταύτας τάς μεγάλα ς οίκοδομάς ; ού.μή ά^εθy^ Sfdin^sVtherefhaU 
Seest thou these great buildings? not at all shall be left not be left one stone 

λίθος ΙπΙ -λίθφ^^ ος oυ.μήκaτaλvθy. 3 Kai καθήμενου χ- nTieVown 
stone upon stone which shall not be thrown down. And as ^was•* sitting down 3 And as' he 

avTOv εΙς το όρος των 'Έλαιών κατ'εναντι του ιερού, "^επηρώ- ^' "ρ°^ *^^ mount 

'he upon the mount of Olives opposite the temple,^ ^^^^- tL•leml{'J,PeUrTnd 

των" αυτόν κατ'.ίδίαν ^Τίετρος και ΊΛκωβος και 'Ιωάννης και James and John and 
ed ^him "'apart 'Peter ^'and Barnes *and ^John «and ρ °Sy, *4 Tell ^ϊ 

Άν^ρεας, 4 ^Εί'ττέ" ήμΧν πότε ταύτα εσται ; και τι το ^^en shall these 

'Andi-ew, Tell u;i when 'these things 'shaU be ? andwhafthe *^'^F? ^*^,^ and what 

' ,, , 1 '\ η \\ shall be the Sign -when 

σημείον όταν μελλy ^παντα ταύτα συντελεϊσθαι ; all these things shall 

sign when *shouid -'be ^about 'aU 'these ^things to be accomplished ? befulfilled? 5 And Je- 

_, ^. ,-. ^ a, r>viii,» - *s« ■»' II τ,Λ ' s^'^ answering them 

5 0.06- Ιησούς ^αποκριθείς" °αντοις ηρξατο λίγειν," Βλέπετε began to s.ay, T.ake 

And Jesns answering to them began to say, Take heed teed lest any man de- 

, t ^ . , „ Ν Λ « ,. » II >\ / , , ~ ceive you : 6 for many 

μη τις υμάς πλανησ^, ο τΓολλοί.γαρ" ελευσονται επι τψ shall come in my name, 

lest anyone "you 'mislead. For many will come in saying, I am Christ ; 

, , , ^ , „^ , , , , Λ Λ » •\ ' nnd shall deceive 

ονοματι.μου, λέγοντες^ Οτι εγω ειμί' και πολλούς πλάνη- many. 7 And when 
my name, saying, I am [he], and many they will ye shall hear of wars 

' κατ4σΘοντες TrA. °» λημψοί'ται LTTrA. " — ό Ίησοϋς [L]TTrA. 

Ρ CiTrei/ he said GLTTr. ft €βα\€ν did cast [in] LTr. ■■ βαλλόντωι^ LTTrA VV. • + εκ of Τγ[α].' 
* αποκριθΐΐς 6 Ίησ»νς L ; — αποκριθείς ΤΤγΑ. " + ώδβ hei'e L'O•. *' λίθον TTr. ^ εττηρώτα 
ΤΤγα. » + ό τ. y είπον LTTrA, ^ ταΰτα πάντα συντελεΐσβαι L ; ταΰτα σνντε\€ίσθαι πάντα 
ΤΤτΑ, » — ατΓΟκριθΐΙζ ΤΤγα, »> ήρξατ9 Aeyeii/ αύτθΐ$ LTTrA. β _ γαρ for τα. 

132 ΜΑΡΚΟ Σ. Xlir. 

an^r mmonrs of wam, (joy^n,, 7 0Tav2i ^άκονσΎ]τξ}^ τΓοΧεμονς και άκοάς πολέμων, 

for "Ινν/Γ^Λ/η^Τ mislead. But when ye shall hear of Avars and rumours of wars, 

needs bo; but the end μή,ΟοοέΙσθε' t£t ^Vfio" γενέσθαι' άλλ' ονττω TO 

ntdlr'shair^risl^a- ^<^ °°^ disturbed ; =it 'must «needs 'for come to pass, but *not =yet [^-is] Hhe 

painst nation, and τ'ελος. 8 ΈγερΘήσεται.γάο tQvoQ ^tTTi" εθ^ος /cai βασιλεία 

kingdom apainstkiDi^- =^^ For =shall "Tiso -Ήρ 'nation against nation and kingdom 

dom : and there shall ^ .^ ^/ ^ < ' κ «11 

be earthquakes in di- tTTi βασιλε'ιαν '^KaV^ εσονται σεισμοι κατα.τοπονς, '^και 

vers places, and there against kingdom; and there shall be earthquakes in different places, and 

Bhall be famines and "^ . / L• » >ii j ?' 

troubles: these are taovrai λιμοι ^και ταοαχαί." ^αρχαΓ ωόινων ταντα. 
the beginnings of sor- there shall be famines and troubles. Beginnings of throes [are] these, 
rows. 9 But take need ^ ,>, ι , / -> / i , μ « ~ • , 

toyourseives: for they 9 Βλεττετε.οε υμεΤς εαντονς. τταραοωσονσιν/γαρ'^ νμας εις 

shall deliver you up ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ yourselves ; for'they -will deliver up you to 

to councils ; and in the ,,. •' ,,>, ^ ,,,e / 

synagogues ye shall be ffui'fopta και εις σνναγωγας' δαρησεσθε, icai εττι ηγεμόνων 

beaten: and ye shall sanhedrims and to svnairosrues : ye will be beaten, and before governors 
be brought before ru- , , , „ , ~ , , , ^ 

icr<and kings for my και βασιλέων σταθησεσθε ενεκεν.εμον, εις μαρτνριον αυτοίς' 

sake, for a testimony and kings ye will be brought for my sake, for a testimony to them ; 
ag.iinst them. 10 And , ° ■', , «η „ -Γ ^ ^ „ λ- 

the gospel must first lU και εις τταντα τα ευνη "^οει πρώτον" κηρνχυήναι το 

be published among all and to all the nations must first be proclaimed the 

nations. 11 But wlicn , , , „ > ' 11 « ~ ? t> ' 

they shall lead y(\u, εναγγελιον. 11 "orrtV.Oi" °αγαγίοσιν^^ νμας τταραόίέοντες, 
and deliver you up, glad tidings. But whenever they may lead awav you delivering [you] up, 

take no thought be- , ^ / -v \ ' η ?' λ - .11 

forehand what ye μη.ττρομεριμνατε TL Ααλησητε, ^μ7]οε μελετάτε " 

shall speak, neither do be not careful beforehand what ye uhould say, nor meditate [your reply] ; 
ye premeditate : but '^^'<^n '»ii' ?λ~ «~ » > ' ~" ~ '\>- 

whatsoever shaU be «^A o.%av" CoUy νμιν εν εκεινγ.τ^.ωρ^, τοντο λαλείτε' 

given you in that hour, but whatever may be given to you in that hour, that speak; 

if^noi^ye that speak, ον.γάρ ΙστΕ ύμείς 01 λαλονντες, αλλά το πνεύμα το ίίγιον. 
but the Holy Ghost.' for ^not ^'are *ye they who speak, but the iSpirit the Holy. 

shaU bltrly^ tS°So- ^^ 'τταραίώσει.ίέ" αδελφός όδελφόν εις θάνατον, και πατήρ 

ther to death, and the -A-nd ^will deliver *up 'brother brother to death, and father 
children^^hau^rise^up "^^ι^^ον' και επαναστήσονται τέκνα Ιπι γονείς, και θανατώ- 

against their piirents, cliild ; and ^will =^rise *up 'children against parents, and will put to 

ti^^be^iiit^t^^eit™ <^ουσιν αντονς• 13 και ίσεσθε μισούμενοι υπό πάντων διά 

13 And ye shall be death them. And ye will be hated by all on account of 

hated^of aii^wen for j.o_5,^o^(j^o^. ^^^ νπομείνας εις τέλος, οντος σωθησε- 

he^that'^shaU endure my name ^; but he who endures ip [the] end, he shall be 

unto the end, the γαι. 14 "Οταν.δε ϊδητε TO βδ'ελνγμα ' της Ιρημώσεως Vo 
U°But when ye^^hali ^^^^^ ^^* '^'^'^^ ye, see the abomination of the desolation which 

see the abomination of ρηθέν νπο Αανιήλ Tov προφήτον,^^ ^εστος" οπού ον.δει' 
b?Dan'ielthe^iophe°t, ^as spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it should not 

standing where it b άναγινώσκων νοείτω' τότε οι εν τ-η Ιουδαία ώίν 

thS'^eadeth^tnde^ ^^ "^^^ ""^^^^ let him understand), then those in Jxidsa let 

stand ) then let them γίτωσαν Είςτά ορη' 15 6 ^^θ" ίπι TOV δώματος μη κατά- 
tS thVmi>'^t^iis1 *H^,°^fl«e to the mountains, =he 'and upon the housetop -not »let=him 
I5a^diet him that is βάτω ^ε /c τήν οικίαν,^^ μηδέ ^ε/σελθέτω" yapai r/" εκ 

godowni^t^tSouTe! ^°r'?""^^*?*^^ '^'^'''^ . ^^, , ^° - to W any thing out of 

neither enter iAerein, της.οικιας.αντον' 16 και δ εις TOV άγρον "^ών^^ αή επιστοεφάτω 

if hi\ouse?'?6^rnd . ^^^°"^«; , ^ and he that in the field is let him not murn 

let him that is in the Είς τά οπισω άραι το.ιμάτιον.αντον. 17 ούαι δε ταΊς 

Sn7or tTt'Lke^up ? *^® ^^'^f , ^^^/""^ *° "''^^ ^^' garment. But woe to those that 

his garment. 17 But εν.γαστρΙΛχούσαις και ταΧς θηλαζονσαις εν εκείναις ταΊς 

woe to them that are are with child and to those that give suck in those 

«1 aKOvere ye hear of Xr e - γ^ρ τ[Τγ]α. / in' ΤΑ. g - καΐ TTrA. h - καΐ τΓΤγΙα 

ri;^'"'' ^'^ΐ'^X'^^,^"r[A] k ap^ a beginning LTXr. 1 - γάρ for τ[τγ3α. - „p^^\,^ Jei 

ΐγτΑ .η Kac όταν and when LTTpA. ο,^γ^^,^ ULTTrAW. . ρ _ μηδέ μβλβτάτβ [L]TTr[A]. 

* €στω5 ΕΟ εσ-ηηκος L ; €στηκότα ΤΤγΔ. ' — δβ LfTrl w ^: ^ ' v^L^jyA. 



ημεραις. 18 ΤΓροσενχεσθε.δε Ίνα μή.γεν7]ταί ^η.ώνγή.νμών^^ ^^^*^ child, aud to 

days! And pray that ^niay *not =be 'voixr =flieht them that give suck iu 

■ tn " » . f / , ^ «^ , , „ those days! 18 And 

χειμωνος, 19 εσοι^ται.γαρ αι.ημεραι.ίκειναι θλιφις, οία pray ye that your 

in winter J for *shall ^be [Hu] -those Mays tribulation such as ^^"^^ ^^ °ο' ^^ the 

» / ^ / , y , ~ , τ - „ V , winter. 19 For ?« those 

Qv.yiyov^v τοιαντη αττ αρχής κτίσεως ^ής^^ εκτισεν 6 days shall be affliction, 

has not been the like from [the] beginning of creation which ^created such as Λ7as not from 

/I » " ~ ~ \ ■> \ r _.„ , , . , the beginniuET of the 

θεος Ηος τον νυν, και ου.μη γενηται. 20 και ει.μή "κνρως creation w-hrch God 

*God until now, and not at all shall be ; and unless [the] Lord created unto this - 

ίκολόβωσεν^^ τάς ημέρας, ονκ.άν.Ισώθη πάσα σαρξ- &And°exS thatitYe 

had shortened the days, there would not have been sared any flesh ; Lord had sl;crtened 

άλλα διά τους εκλεκτούς ους εζελεΕατο, εκολόβωσεν τάς should ^bo'saved^iui 

but on account of the elect whom he chose, he has shortened the for the elect's sake, 

ημέρας. 21 Kai τότε lav τις νμίν ειττ^, ^Ί^ού," ώίε ο Xrti'sWeSdThe 

days. And then if anyone to you say. Behold, here [is] the days. 21 And then if 

χρηστός, ^h^^ ^i^ov^ ίκεΐ, ^μηττιστενσητε.] 22 εγερθησονται ^,^^^^ί i?^,£\ 

Christ, or Behold, there, ye shall not belioTe [it] =There ^will *arise or, lo, Λβ is there • be- 

'W" Ψν^άχριστα κ'«ί" φε^οττροφηται, καΙ ^^ώσονσιν'-' σημεία iSiSfanlfaie 

for false Christs and false prophets, and will give signs prophets sliall rise 

και τέρατα^ ττρος το άττοττΚαν^ν ει οννατον ^κ:αΐ" τονς εκλεκ- ^^^ shall shew signs 

and wonders, to deceive if possible even the elect, duce, Tf"i< ^''ere pol- 

τονς. 23 ίιμεΤς.^ε βλεττετε' ^'cojj," προείρηκα νμϊν πάντα, si^ie, even the elect. 

But^ye^ Hakeheed:^ ^ lo. I have fWold toW all things. Jth?W^*tave''forSd 

24 ""'Αλλ'" tv εκείναις ταΧο ημ'εραις. ιχετ' ττιν.ΒΧΊ-ίιιν.εκεΊνην, you all things. 24 But 

. ^, But in those ^^dajs, ^afte ^ that tribulation, '' Ι^^^^^Χη^^^^^^^ 

Ο η\ιος σκοτισθησεται, και η σελήνη ού.^ώσει το ώεγγος sun shall be darkened, 

the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give -Light ^^^ *^.^ ^^°^ ,f^^^^ 

,~ v.»/ ~, ~« ^°*' S^"^^ ^^^ light, 

αυτής, 25 και οι αστέρες "τον ονρανον 'έσονται έκττίπτοντες,^^ 25 and the stars of 

^her ; and the stars of the heaven shall be falling out, heaven shall fall, and 

,,-, , , ^ , r,' powers that are 

και ai ονναμεις ai εν τοις ουρανοΧς σάλενθησονται. in heaven shall be 

and the powers which [are] in the heavens shall be shaken ; shaken. 26 And then 

en » ' " / Λ . r ~ , ^ , , , , shall they sec the Son 

2o και τότε οψονται τον. νιον τον ανθρωττον ερχομενον εν of man coming in 

and then shall they see the Son - of man coming in the clouds with great 

,/-. » 5> ' o• \Λ~ ^ i'v II λΛ » ' power and glory. 

νεφελαις μετά όνναμ^ως °7Γθλλης και ύοξτ^ς." 27 και τότε 27 And then shall he 

clouds with ^power 'great and glory ; and then send his angels, and 

, ^.» ,>?.. „,-,.. , , ,„ , shall gather together 

αττοστελει τονς.αγγελονς^ αυτού," και εττισνναζει τους his elect from the four 

he will send his angels, and will gather together winds, from the utter- 

» ^ , , ~,| , ^ / , , , , „ most part of tlie earth 

εκλεκτονςβαυτου^^ εκ των τεσσάρων άνεμων, απ άκρου to the uttermost part 

his elect from the four winds, from [the] extremity of heaven. 28 Now 

~«' . " • ~'oo'a»5'<~ ~ ' η learn a parable of the 

■γης εως άκρον ουρανού. 28 Απο.δε της συκης μάθετε fie, tree; AViien her 

of earth to [the] extremity of heaven. But from the fig-tree learn branch is yet tender, 

την παραβολην Οταν ""αυτής ΐ/δη 6 κλάδος" απαλός γένη- fj^ivcs.^y" kLw^^hS 

the parable : when of it already the branch tender is be- summer is near : 29 so 

ται, και Ηκφν^^^ τα φίΑλα, 'γινώσκετε' οτι ίγγύς το θέρος ' ^^elV'siaii seo?heJo 

come, and it puts forth the leaΛ-es, yo know that near the summer things come to pa.-^s, 

εστίν 29 όντως και νμεΊς, όταν ^ταντα 'ίδητέ^ -γινόμενα^ ^ven^it^xWo^^Aun^Z 

is. So also ye, when these things ye see coming to pass, 30 Verily I sa-"- unto 

γινώσκετε οτι εγγύς εστίν επι θνραισ. 30 Αμήν λέγω νμ7ν, y^^.• ^'^'i*^,!'"^, "'^'"''" 

' , j^T . ' ' -i. • J. Γχτ- -, ," " ir' •ί τ ' i ' ration shall not pas-i, 

know that near it is, at [the] doors. Verily I_say to you, ^^^ J^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ 

OTi ον.μή παρελθ^ ή.γενεά.αυτη, μέχρις ον ''πάντα 

that in no wise will have passed away this generation, until all 

* — η φυγτ} νμ.ων (read it may not be) lttia. ^ V i.XTr. c ^κολόβωσεν κύριος τ. 

■^ ISe ΤΤγΑ. e — 17 ΤΑ. '■ iSe LTTrA. S μη πιστεύετε believe [it] not GLTTrAW. 

•^ δέ• and T. i — ψευΒόχριστοι και A, J ποιησουα-ιι/ will wc^rk TA. " — και t[t.-J.\. 

^ — ιδού [LjTTrA. "' 'Αλλά l.TT; A. " έσονται εκ τον ούραι^οΟ ττίπτοντες LTTrA. " και 

όό^ης πολλής L. Ρ — αυτού {read the angels) [ljttia. 1 — αΰτοΰ (read the elect) ττ• a. 
' τ,8η 6 κλάδος αυτί?? LTr. « εκφύη EGT, ' γινώσκεται it is known A, * iorjre 

juVTO- X-TTr, * ταίτα nduTo, ΤίΐΑ. 

134 ^ϊ A Ρ Κ Ο Σ. ΧΠΙ, ΧΐΤ. 

dono, 31 Hoaren πβΛ ravTu" γίνηται. 31 ϋ ovpavog και η γη "^παρξ- 

oarthshallp-issaAvay• j^g^^j_j^.j^„g ^j^^^^j^,^^^^_^j.^^j,l^^,g_ r^j^^ ^caTen and the earth shaU 

not pass awii3-. 32 But X^vffovTai'^^ ο'ι.οΙ.Χογοι.μου ου.^μψ ^τΓαρίΑθωσιν. o2 iktpi.cs 

of that day and that p^ss awar. but my words in no wise shall pass away. But concerning 

hour knowcthnoman, ^ , , , • ,„ ~ „ > ?> < -•ν ' ϊ-^ a < " 

no. not the angels της.ημεριις.ίκειρης ^Kar της ώρας, ονόεις oloev, ovct ^ot αγ- 

wliich are in heaven, that day and the hour, no one knows, not even the an- 

neiiher the Son, but .. „ κ . ,, . , ~ , ^, < < ' , . . ' oo •τ->\ ' 

the Father. 33Takcye γελΟί" °0l^' SV Οίφανφ, OVOt Ο VIOQ, ΐΐ.μη Ο ΤΤατηΟ. όό b/\fi7r£r£, 

heed, watch and pray : g^ig those in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father. Take heed, 

for ye know not when , ^ „ ^ f η w ■> "•^ « ' ' ' 

the Time is. ?,i For the αγρυπνείτε '^Kat τΓροσευχεσβε'" ονί^.οιΰατε.γαρ ττοτε ο ,καφοζ 

^o;ί o/»io/i is as a man 'watch and pray ; for ye know not when the time 

takintr a far journey, , λ. λ > •■ η >/<s ',> ,>• 

who fef this house, and εστιν 34 ως άνθρωπος απσοημος αφεις την οικιαν 

gave .luthority to his is j ^s a man going out of the country, leaving -house 

servants, and to every , ^ \ ^ \ ^«\/-v t ~ \ ■> ν > hm''' 

man his work, and avTov^Kai οονς τοις.ύονλοίς.αντον την ί^ονσιαΐ',°καΟ' εκαστφ 

commanded the por- 'his, and giving to his bondmen the authority, and to each one 

ye tha-efoieffTrye το.ίργον.αύτον, καΙ τφ Ονρωρφ ενετείλατο 'ίνα γρήγορη. 

know not when the his work, and "the ^door-keeper 'commanded that he shottld watch. 

Tomcth atcven.^o^at 35 γρηγορείτε οϋν ουκ.ο\1ατε.γάρ πότε ο.κνριος της οικίας 

midnight, or at the Watch therefore, for ye know not when the master of the house 

moS[n?°3^uf.tcnm- ^ΡΧ^^«^• ^^ψέ, Ύΐ ^μεσοννκτΊον,'^ η ά\εκτορθ(ρωνίας,Ύί ττρωί' 

in>' suddenly he find comes: at evening, or at midnight, or at cock-crowing, or morning; 

r^\t'S"fnto y^u'^i- 30 μη 1\θών ΙΕαίφνης ευρ^ υμάς καθενδοντας. 37 ^όι\δε 

say unto all. Watch. ^^^^ coming suddenly he should find you sleeping. And what 

νμΊν λέγω, πασιν λέγω, Γρηγορείτε. 

to you I say, to all I say, AVatch. 

XIV. After two days λ λ ttt ».r ^ / < < "y ^ ' i' 

was the feast of the 14 Hv.()£ TO πασχα και τα αζνμα μετά όνο 

passover. and of un- Now it was the passover and the [feast of] unleavened bread after two 

iPHVcned bread : and «' \»v' «' ~ »• ~^ 

the chief priests and ημέρας' και ίζητονν OL αρχιερείς και οι γραμματείς πως 

the scribes sought how days. And 'were ^seekiugHhe^chicf "priests "'and ^the ^scribes how 

ly^cr^fiT^rndtut Λ^ ^^"^^v sv 3ό\φ κρατησαντες άποκτε'ινωσιν 2 'ίλεγον Μέ," 

to death.' 2 But they lii'tn by guile getting hold of they might kill [himl. ^Thcy ^said 'but, 

c;:;:;:Si ihei'wn ^^^ ^^ -?) ^opn), μηποτε -^θόρυβος . έσται» του λαοϋ. 

uproar of the people. ^^t in the feast, lest a tumult there shall be. of the people. 

3 Andbein^inBcth- ^ ^^'^ οντος αυτοΰ iv ΒηΘανί^., εν Ty οΐκίςι, Σίμωνος του 

any in tlic house of ■^^'^ "being 'he in Bethany, in the house of Simon the 

Suuon the leper, as he Χζττροΰ, κατακίίμενου.αύτον. Ί]\Θεν yvvn εγουσα άΧά- 

6at at meat, there came ,"' .',., rl^,-.-,/ ,* l• 

a woman having an Icper, as tie rechucd [at table], ''came 'a -woman having an ala- 

aiabastcr box^of oint- βαστρον μνρου νάο^ου πιστικης πολυτελούς' ^καν^ συν- 

voly previous f and she faster flask of ointment of '^nard 'pure of great price ; and having 

brake the box. and τρίφασο Vu" όλάβαστοορ, κατίγεεν αυτοί) "'κτατά" της 

Tni^^^^^^^Tot."^^^^^^ ^ *^% alabaster fiask,^ she poured [it] =his 

that indignation κεφαλής, 4 rjaavJs τίνες άγανακτουντες πρυς.εαυτονς, "/cat 

Tud said,* Why"" was ^*'^''• And =were 'some indignant within themselves, and 

tiiis waste of the oint- λέγοντες," Ε/ς τί η.άπώλεια.αυτη του μύοον γεγονεν ; 

ίί!^"ht'have■bee?^old' ^•''^'°°' For what "this -'waste ''of ^ the «ointment 'has been made? 

for more than three 5 ήδΰρατο.γάρ τοΐ'το ° πραθήναι επάνω ^τριακοσίων 

havcSnglve^ntolhi for it was possible [for] this to have been sold for above three hundred 

poor. And they mur- δηναοίων,^^ καΐ δοθή)'αί τοΙς πτωχοίς' και '^Ινεβοιμώντο^^ 

mured against her. denarii, and tohave been given to the poor. And they murmured 

GAnd Jesus said. Let ' ~ β 'r» ί•> 'τ ~ - ,, , , , , ^ , 

ho.raione; why trou- avT7j. Ό ϋ.οε. Ιησοί'ς είπΕν, Αφετε αυτήν' τι αύττ} κόπους 
ble ye her? she hath at her. But Jesus said. Let-alone 'her; why to her trouble 

^ παρΐλζΰσεται G\7. » — /χη TrA. y τταρελβυσοι/ται TTrA. * tj or GLTTrAW. a άγγελος 
an angel a. ^ — el τΤγΑ. c _ ^^l προσεύχεστε LT[Tr]A. d — και LTTjA* ^ + η 

either TTrA. ^ μεσβι/ΰκτιβι/ ΤΤγΑ. S ο LTTpa. ^ γαρ for LTTrA. i εσται 

θόρυβος ττγΑ. k — κα.1 ΤΑ. I τον LTW ; τ^ν τ• Α. "> — κατά (read αντον οη his) 

LTTrA. ° — καΐ \€youτeς τ[Τγ]α. <> -f- ΤΟ μύρον ointment GLTTrAW. Ρ biTVapiwf 

rniaKoviitiv LTTrA w. ς ^ν^βριμοΰντο Τ, 

XIV. MARK. 135 

παρέχετε'^ κάλον έργον 'είργάσατο^^ ^είς ε/χΙ." 7 ττάντοτε.γάρ ^"^ou^^it a (?ood work 

do ye cause? a good work she wrought towards me. For always i"i me. 7 For ye have 

, , « /->>«.», \ , , , '^"^ poor with you 

Γονς πτωχούς έχετε μεθ εαυτών, και όταν θελητε δρνασθε always, and whenso- 

the poor ye have with you, aud whenever ye desire ve are able fj^^ J^'^^^}j^^^'^y ^o 

» » » II τ ~ » » TV, ) / »/ ^ V , them good: but me 

^αυτούς' εν.ττοίήσαί• εμε.όε ου πάντοτε ίχετε. 8 ο ^εΓχει/" ye have not always. 

^them Ho -do good ; but me not always ye have. WTiat -could ^ ^he hath done what 

„ ,, , / '\ rt I \ II ) ^"^ could : she is come 

^avTTi]-^ ίποΐΊ]<ιεν' προεΧαμεν μυρισαι ^μου.το.σώμα εις aforehaud to anoint 

*she, she did. She came beforehand to anoint any body for ™^ ^'^^J to the bury- 

, , ,^ 'η''νΛ' ' - ,• ,Λ,ι η- ^°^• ^ Verily I say 

τον ενταφιασμον. Ό αμην^ λέγω υμιν, οπου.^αν^^ κηρυχθ^] unto you, Wheresoever 

the burial. Λ''erily I say to you, Wheresoever shall beprocjaimed this gospel shall be 

, , »^ a ~ II • "Λ ^ ' » « , ', preached throughout 

ΓΟ-ευαγγελίον.^ΓΟ^Γο" εις όλον τον κοσμον, και ο εποιησεν the Λvhole world, this 

this glad tidings in ^whole 'the world, also what ^has Mone also that she hath don« 

II > Λ Λ ' , ' ' ' ~ shall be spokf η of for 

αυτη λαληβησεται εις μνημοσυνον αυτής. a memorial of her. 

'this [-woman] shall be sjjoken of for a memorial of her. 

10 Και '*ϋ"Ίοΰθας ''ό" ^Ίσκαριώτης,^^ ^ εΐς των δώδεκα, ίο And Judas isca- 

And Judas the Iscariote, one of the twelve, riot, one of the twelve, 

, \ « > ti r. > Λ II ■^Gnt unto the chief 

σπηλθεν προς τους αρχιερείς, ινα ^παραόφ αυτον^^ priests, to betray him 

went away to the chief priests, that he might deliver up him unto them. 11 And 

>~ -ΙΤΛ'?»'' '' »' '\ when they heard it, 

αντοις. II Οι.όε ακουσαντες εχάρησαν, και επη-γγειλαντο they were glad, and 

to them. And they having heard rejoiced, and promised promised to give him 

;.«,/ rv~ .>v' ~f>' »\ monev. And he sought 

αντψ αργυρών δούναι' και εΖ,ητει πως ^ευκαιρως αυτόν how he might con- 
^him ^money Ho ''give. And he sought how ^conveniently ^him veniently betray him. 


'he '^might ^deliver ^up. 12 And the first day 

Ί Λ T^ ^ ~ ' t t ^ > y / »' » / of unleavened bread, 

12 Krtt Ty πρωτΊ^ημερ^,των αζυμων, οτε το πασχα ^hen they killed the 

And on the first day of unleavened [bread], when the passover passover, his disciples 

χΛ >*' »~« /Λ x,~__™ r^,^ said unto him. Where 

ίθυον, λεγονσιν αυτψ οι.μαυηται.αυτον, Που θέλεις ^iit thou that we go 

they killed, •'say *to ^him 'bis "disciples, Where desirest thou [that] and prepare that thou 

απελθόντες ετοιμάσωμεν 'ίνα φάγγς το πάσχα; 13 Και S-erf la'fnd he s^enll 

going we should prepare that thou mayest eat the passover ? And eth forth two of hia 

αποστέλλει δύο τών.μαθητών.αύτοΰ, και λέγει αύτοίς^ Υπάγετε untoihem.'ao^yeTnti 

he sendsforth two of his disciples, and says to them, Go the city, 'and there 

εις την πάλιν' και απαντήσει ύμϊν άνθρωπος κεράμων 'ύδατος ^^Ηη^^Ι* prtche™of 

into the city, and ^'will ■'meet ^you 'a -man a pitcher of water •j^^ater : follow him. 

βαστάζων ακολουθήσατε αύτω, 14 και οττου.^έάν" εισέλθη, Ι^ ^J^^. wheresoever 

' . ^ ,, •, ■ ^ ' J , ,. 'he shall go m, say ye 

carrying ; follow him ; and wherever he may enter, ^^ ^j^^ goodman of the 

είπατε τω οικοδεσπότυ, "Οτι 6 διοάσκαλος λέγει, Που ^οα^β, The Master 

, ' ii.ii,*^ mi J. χ ' -lic-v^ saith. Where is the 

say to the master of the house. The teacher bays. Where puestchamber, where 

εστίν TO κατάλυμα ^ 'όπου το πάσχα μετά τ ών. μαθητών. μου Ι shall eat the pass- 
is the guest-chamber . where the passover with my disciples i*5^And hT wi'lTshew 

0άγω; 15 καΐ αυτός ύμϊν δείξει ^άνώγεον^^ μέγα εστρω- you a large upper room 

I may eat? aud he ^you ^will ^'shew an upper room large, fur- furnished and pre- 

^ ^ J > 5 ~ /Ί < P-'*''6d : there make 

μ'ενον '^'ετοιμον.^^ ΚκεΧ^ ετοιμάσατε ημΧν. 16 Και εζήλθον ci ready for us. i6And 

nished ready. There prepare for us. And went away his disciples went 

, ~ ,1 ^ -N Λ » Λ '\ V ~ η ' foTth, and came into 

μαθηται.^αύτού, και ήλθον εις την πολιν, και εϋρον καθώς the city, and found as 

his disciples, and came into the city, and found as he had said unto them: 

» , , , / τ rr ir ' ' / ' ^"^ thev made ready 

είπεν αυτοις, και ητοιμασαν το πασχα. 17 Και υψιας the passover. 17 And 

he had said to them, and they prepared the passover. And evening in the evening he cora- 

, „ ,.v»-»T. TO»' ' ^th with the twelve. 

γενομένης έρχεται μετά των όωόεκα' Ιο και ανακειμενων is And as they sat and 

being come he comes with the twelve. And as ^were ^reclining did eat; Je»us said, 

«■ ήργάσατο T. » ei' εμοι to me GLTTrAW. t αύτοΓς LTrA ; — αυτού? T. " ^χτχ^ν 

OLTT.AW. " — αντη {read ^Ιχεν she could) [L]T[Tr]A. » το σώμα μον LTr, y -f δβ 

and (verily) [LjTTrA. » eai/ ta. a _ ^οΟτο (read the ^lad tidings) [LjiTrA. ^ — <> 

LTTrAW. c ΊσκαριώΘ ΤΑ. ^ -\- b the ΤΤγΑ. ^ irapabol αυτόν L ; avTOU napaSoi TTrA. 

f αυτοί/ εύκαίρως παραδοί LTTrA ; αυτοί/ evK. παραδω W. S αν LXrA. ^ + μου (read my 

guest-chamber) [LJTTrA. ' avayaLov glxtiaw. ^ [eVotyuofj L, ^ fcal eKfi »M 

thex-e TrA ; κάκίΐ τ. » — αντον (read tlie tiisciple*) T[XrJ. 


Verily I sny nrto yoii, 
One of 3'ou which eat- 
=th with lue t-liall be- 
tray uie. 19 Aud they 
bc^ran to be son-owl ul, 
and to say tint ο hiiu 
one by one, I.< it I ? 
and anoth Γ scicl, Is 
it I? 20 Aud he an- 
swered and said unto 
thcra. It is one oi the 
twelve, that dipp'th 
with me in the liish. 
21 The Son of man in- 
deed poeth, as it is 



αυτών και 
Hable] 'they and 

'Αμήν \&γω 
Vc-rily I say 

is dip- 

Ισθιύντων ^'είττεν ο Ιησονς,^ 

were eating -said 'Jesus, 

νμίν, ΟΤΙ ε7ς Ιζ υμών τταρα δώσει με, 6 Ισθίων μετ εμοϋ.. 

to you, that one of you will deliver up me, who is eating with me. 

19 °Οί.ί;£" ί'ιρξαντο λνπείσθαι, κά} λέγειν αυτω, εΐς ^jcaO'W εΓς,, 
And they 'begi^Q to be grieved, and to say to him, one "by one,. 
MijTi εγώ; «ΐΚίΐί aWoc, Μη τι εγώ','' 20 Ό.οε 'άττο- 
[Isit] ί? And another, [Is it] I? But he an-• 

κριθεις^^ ξίττεν αντοίς, ΕΓς ^t/c'' των ^ώζεκα, υ εμβατττό- 

swcring eaid* to them, [It is] one of the twelve, who 

written of him : but μενος μετ ψοΐ) ^ εις TO τρνβλίον. 21 ^o μεν ν'ιΰς του ( 

woe to that man Viy plug with me lu the dish. The*indccd 'Son ''of 'man - 

i^iXaycdl^goo.i wae ΰπάγει, Καθώς γ'εγραπταί ττερι αύτοΰ' ονα}.δε τψ 

it for that man if he *gocs, as it has bien written concerning him ; but woe 

άνθρώτΓψΛκείνψ δι ol• ο νιος του άνθρώττον τταραοίοοται' 

to that man by whom the Son of man is delivered up ; 

καλόν "^ην" αντφ εΐ ονκ.εγεννηθη υ.άνθρωτΓος.εκε'ινος. 

good were it f or him if -^had *not ^beeu ''born Hhat ^man. 

22 Και εσθιόντων.αύτών, λαβών ^ύ Ίησους"^ άρτον^ 

And as they were eating, ^having •'taken 'Jesus a loaf , 

εύλογησας εκλασεν, και εδωκεν αντοΊς, καΐ είττεν, λάβετε, 

having biessed he brake, and gave to them, and said, Take, 

had never been born. 

22 And as they did 
eat, Jesus took bread, 
and blessed, and brake 
it, and gave to them, 
and said. Take, eat: 
this is my body. 23 And 
he took the cup. and 
when he had given 
thanks, he gave it to 
them : and they all 
drank of it, 24 And 
he said unto them, 
This is my blood of 
the new tertament, 
which is shed for 
many. 25 Ycrily I say 
unto you, I will driuk 
no more 
the vine 
day that 
new in the kingdom 
of God, 


TOVTO iSTiv το.σωμα.μον. 

this is my body. 

23 Και λαβών ^το 


And having taken the 
ποτηριον, ενχαηιστησας εδωκεν αντοΊς' και εττιον i'i αυτού 

cup, having given thanks he gave to them, and they '-'drank "of ''it 

πάντες' 24 και είττεν αϋτο~ις, Ύοϋτό εστίν τό.αΐμά*μον '^τό'^ 
And he said to them, This is my blood 



of the 




διαθήκης, το "^περι ττολλών 
covenant, which for many 

of the fruit of 25 άμΐΐν λέγω νμίν, οτι 

t'l""i;L?ft ^-"y ^-^ toVu, that 

26 And when they 
had sung an hymn, 
they went o\it into 
the mount of Olives, 
27 And Jesus sairh 
unto them, All ye 
shall be offended he- 
cause of me this night: 
for it is Λvrittcn. 1 \vill 
s^iite the shepherd, 
end the -heep shall be 
scattered. 28 But after 
that I am riteu, I will 
go before you into 
Galilee. 29 lint Beter 
said unto him. Al- 
though all shall ha 
offended, yet 7vill not 
I. 30 And Je-us saith 
unto him, Verilv I say 
unto thee. That this 


is poured out. 

ουκίτι.ου.μή πιω εκ του 

not any more in any wise will I drink of the 

'^γεννήματος^^ της αμπέλου, εως της.ημ'ερας.εκείνης όταν αυτό 
fruit of the vine, until that day when it 

πίνω καινον εν Ty βασιλείς, του θεον. 

Ι drink new in the» kingdom of God, 

26 Και νμνησαντες εξηλθον εις το ορός τών'Ελαιών. 

And having sung a hymn they went out to the mount of Olives. 

27 και λέγει αυτόις δ'Ιησονς, "Οτι πάντες σκαΐ'δαλισθησεσθε 

And =says ^to ■'them 'Jesus, All ye will be offended 

^εν εμοί^ *^' 
in me 

ποιμ'^να, και ^διασκορπισθησεται τα πρόβατα.'' 28 'Αλλά 

shepherd, and will be scattered .abroad the sheep. But 

μετά τδ.Ιγερθήναί.με, προάζω υμάς εις την Ταλιλαίαν. 

after my arising, I will go before you into Galilee, 

20 Ό.δε.ΊΙετρος εφη αύτψ, "^Καί θί" πάντες σκανδαλισθησονται, 

But Beter said to him. Even if all shall be offended, 

αλλ ουκ εγώ. 30 Και λέγει αύτφ δ Ίησονς, Αμήν λέγω σοι, 
yet not '"I. And ^'says ^to *him 'Jesus, Verily I say to thee, 

'fcv τ^.νυκτί.ταυτ^'^^ οτι γ'εγραπταί, Πατάί,ω τυι 

in this night ; for it has been WTi-itten, I will smite the 

" ο Ιησού? e^nev ΤΑ. ο _ Qt 8k (read ηρξαρτο they began) TA. ρ κατά ΤΑ. q — και 
άλλο?, Mr, ji eyco ; TTr r _ ίηοκρ,θ,Ι, LTTrA. s _ ^« ^,,,a,d των of the) T[Tr]. 

FlI ^ru''^"' ^ a!^' ' + °^' ^^' '"^^'■^^• . " - ^"^ [^-\'^['^r-]j,. X _ Ό 'Ιησού, 

LIJ η.Τ• J Α. .ν — φάγετε GLTTt A W. ^ _ rb {read a Clip) LTTrA. a _ Tb [L]TA. 

,.„^ "^-U'^^J"''^• *" ^^^'^ κολλών €<χνννόμ^νον L ; kκχυvv6μevov virkp πολλών TTrA. d vci^- 
ματος l ir.^w, «" - ,v ,μο^ΤΎνΚ. ^ — kv rrj pvktl ταύτη fLlTTrAW. S διασκομπίσθησονται 
Τ<χπροβατ<χ L ; το. πρόβατα ^,ασκορπ,σθήσονται ττιλ. ^ Εί κα\ ϊττα '^'^«Ρ'^^σσησο» τ« 

XIV. MARK. 137 

οτι^ σημεοον ^tv Τ7).νυκτ}.ταύτ?],^^ ττριν η δις αλέκτορα finy «'f" in ti'isni-ht, 

that to-day in thisuisht, bcioie that twice [the] cock twS^hou ^alt deuy 

ώωνησαι, τρις ^άτταρνηση «ε." 31 Ό.^έ Ηκ.ττΕρισσοϋ ί'λεγεν me thiicc. 31 But he 

cro-^ thrice thou wilt deuy mq. 'Bathe ^-ehcmcntly W ^^Uy .^i'f ΠιοηΓα di^ 

uaWov,^'^ 'Έ,άν "Υίε.ί^;;" συναττοθανείν σοι, ου. μη σε ^^"ith thee, ι win not 

Hhe^more, If it were uccdiul for me to die with thee, iu no wise thee ^oiiy thee in any wise. 
, / I , / r.v , / «^ Likewise also said 

"ίίτταρϊ'ί/σο/ίαί." Ωσαντως.όε και πάντες ίλεγον. they all, 

will I deny. And in like manner also ^all "they 'spake. 

S2Kai ϊρχοΐ'ταί εΙς χωοίορ ^ού το•' όνομα ^Γεθαημανή'* 

And they come to a place of which tlic name [is] Gethsemane; 

και Χεγη τοΊς.μαθηταΙς.αυτον, Καθίσατε ώδε, 'έως προσεΐ'ξω- 

aud he says to his disciples, Sit here, while I shall on > ^ xi 

, , ^ , \ \ t , ■^ And tney came to 

μαι. 33 Και παραλαμβάνει τον ΙΙετρον και Vov" Ιάκωβον ^ P'-'^^e winch was 

pray. And he takes Peter and James ' ^^amccl Gethsemane : 

^ >T ' r Λ• ' - it rr ^ " y ^ η r, - ^ , and he saith to his 

icai ϊωαννην ^μεΌ έί/ι^του." Και ηρξητο εκθαμρεισυαι και di>-cipies. Sit ye here, 

and John with him ; and he began to he creatly amazed and '*^''i'l° I shall pray, 

, y - ο 4 « \ ' ' ~ Ι-Γ A ' ' ■ / ' ^" *^^'^ ^^ takcLh with 

αόημονειν. ο4 κται λέγει αυτοις, ΙΙεριλνπος εστίν ιι.ψνχη.μον him i'c:cr and James 

deeply depressed. And he says to them, Very sorrowful is mj• soul ^'^'^^ John, and began 

I' η ' ' ~ ^ \ ~ m- ΎΓ \ ^ to be sore amazed, 

εως θανάτου' μείνατε ωύε και γρηγορείτε. 3ο Και ^προελ^ and to be very heavy ; 

even to death; remain here and watch. And having gone ^4 and saith unto 

η ι 11 \ t» II , , ~ -, , , ■„ , their, My soul is ex- 

ί^ων" μικρόν "^εττεσεν" εττι της γης, και προσηυχετο ινα, ει ceodiug sorrowful un- 

forward a little he fell upon the earth, and prayed tluit, if to death: tarry ye here, 

». / > /> Λ »»,-.» nn \ "\ and watch. 3ύ And he 

δυνατόν εστίν, παρελβ^ απ αυτού η ωρα. 3d και ελεγεν, Λνεηε forward a little, 

possible it. is, might i^ass from him the hour. And he said, and fell on the ground, 

Λ ,0/i ~ < ' ' ^ ' . ' ' ' fifd prayed that, if it 

Αββα,οπατηρ, πάντα δυνατά σοι' παρενεγκε το πότη- were possible, the hour 

Abba, Father, all things [are] possible to thee ; take away ^eup might pass from him. 

ριον'^άπ' εμού τοΰτο'^^ άλλ' ου τί εγώ θέλω ^ άλλα τΊ σύ. Fatiicr, all things «re 

"from ."*me Hhis ; but not what I will, but what thou, possible unto thee ; 

37 Και έρχεται και ευρίσκει αυτούς καθευδοντας' και λέγει τφ ί^ο^ mrrLvenheS 

And he comes and finds them sleeping. And he says uot what I will, but 

ηετρφ, Σίμων, καθεύδεις ; ουκ.'ίσχυσας μιαν ώραν γρη- L^^eVm^^hT'lnd'^d^i 
to Peter, Simon, sleepest thou? wast thou uot able one hour to eth them sleeping 

■^ορησαι ; 38 γρηγορείτε και προσεύχεσθε, 'ίνα μή.^εΐσελθητε^ ηΓ^'Χ-' fS 

watch? Watch and pray, that ye enter not couldest not thou 

εΙς πειρασμόν. fo μεν πνεύμα πρόθυμον, ή.δε ^apV'^^\^^^,,^^f^^J;^l\ 

into temptation. The ^indeed ^spirit .[is] ready, but the flesh icst ye enter into temp- 

άσθενης. 39 Και πάλιν άπελθών προσηΰ^ατο, τον αυτόν t-^ci^Q-. ^^^^ν,^^'Ιί^^ 

weak. And again having gone away he prayed, Hhe ^same fίesh^^^^vc.αkf ' 39 And 

λόγον ειπών. 40 και ^ύποστρεφας^^ εϋρεν αυτούς ^πάλιν'^ again he went away, 

Hhing «saying. . And having returned he found them again thesam Jwo'rds. 40 And 

κaθε^Jδovτaς' ϊισαν.γάρ "^οΊ.όφθαλμοι.αϋτών^^ "-βεβαοημενοι,^^ ^^'iien he returned, he 

sleeping, for^w'ere^ "^their '^eyes heavy; ? •^'^ .ΪΓ+ΗρίΓ?..: 

J/ V , II ^ τ ^ " gam, (tor their eyes 

και ούκ.^δεισαν τί °αντψ άποκριθώσιν. 41 Και έρχεται were heavy,) neither 

and they knew not what "'him Hhey "should "answer. And becomes wist they what to an- 

^ ^■^ ^ •' η f v^ « II \ ^ λ swer him. 41 And he 

TO τρίτον, και λέγει αυτοίς, Καθευοετε '^το" λοιπόν και cometh the third time, 

the third time, and says to them, Sleep on now and and saith unto them 

αναπαυεσθε. απέχει' ήλθεν η ωρα ιοου, παραόιόοται take your rest•, it is 

take youi• rest. It is enough; has come the hour: lo, ^is delivered 'up enough, the .hour is 
,,x ~ , rt ' ' \ " ~« \ " ΛΟ ^ ' come ; behold, the Son 

Ο νιος του άνθρωπου εις τας χείρας των αμαρτωλών, ^ζ.εγ^ι- of man is betrayed mto 

'the -Son ^of ■*man into the hands of sinners. Kise, the hands of sinners. 

η » » -^ / « .^ r> / f 1 « II 42 Rise up, let us go ; 

ρεσθε, αγωμεν' icov, ο παραΰιοους με ""ηγγικεν. ίο, he that betrayeth 

let us go ; behold, he who is delivering up me has drawn near. me is at hand. 

i + συ thou GLTTrAW. J ναύτη Trj νυκτΐ LTTrA. '" μι απαμιτηστ} LTTrAW. ^ «ττερισσω? 
ίλάλει LTTrA. ™ hir) με LTr. ' ° αττοίρι-ησωμαι Τ. ° ω L. Ρ Γεθσημα^'εΓ LTTrAW. ^ 1 — τοι/ 
GLlTiAW. «■ μίτ αντον LTTrA. « προσέλθω j/ Tr. ^ ίηιτττΐν ΤΑ. " τοντο άπ' εμού LTTrAW. 
" €λθητ€ ΤΑ. * πάλίΐ^ ελθώκ again coming la ; βλθων Tr, y — πάλιν Lti Α. » αΰτώι/^ϊ οφθαλ- 
ΛοΙτ. » καταΡχιρυι/όμενοι LTTrAW. b άποκριθώσιν αύτω LTTrAW. « — a-oi-TrAW. <ίήγγισ€νΤ. 


43Andin-iTuodi.-atcly, 43 K^^J «ευθέως" tTi. avTov.XoXovvTOQ τταραγίνεταί ^ Ίοέ- 

coml^th ^JiMlas*^ one ''of ^^'^ immediately *yet 'as =he ^is speaking, comes up Ju- 

the tweiTe, and with_ ίας^, dg ^wl•'" τών δώδεκα, καί μετ avrov όχλος 'ττολυς" 

him a great miilti-' ^ ; 'being of the twelve, and with him ' a "crowd 'great, 

tude with swords and ""''' " ^ ' ,^, , ν 

staves, from the chief πζτά μαχαιρών και ξνλων, τταρα των αρχιερέων και τών 

priests and the scribes ^^,^^^ swords and stares, from the chief priests and the 

and the elders. 4-1 And , ,v~ii η ' aa ^ ^' ?> 

he that betrayed him γραμματέων και ^των ττρεσρυτερων. 44 όεοωκει.οε ο 

had given them a scribes and the elders. Now 'had «given 'he ^who 

token, saying, AVhom- ,ν ^ , , ^ > / ii » - \ ' "/^ « 

soever 1 shall kiss, that TTapacioovQ ttVTOv 'σνσσημον^' avTOiQ, λέγων, Or. αν 

same is he ; take him, ^^^^g «^j^jj^gj-j^g e^p sj^jm a sign to them, saying, Whomsoever 

and lead Mm away . , , , , / » / ^ m ' '11 

safely. 45 And as soon φιλήσω avTOQ εστιν' κρατήσατε, αυτόν, και "'ατταγΩΤ/ετε" 

as he was come, he I shall kiss ^he 'is ; seize him, and lead [him] away 

goeth straightway to , , ν ^ ^ r -rr- > »x λ ^ ρ ■> f\> 11 λ η > j ~ ^ / 

him, and saith, Master, ασφαλώς. 45 Και ελθων, ^ενϋεως" ττροσελθων αντψ λέγει, 

master ; and kissed safely. And being come. Immediately coming up to hijn he say^ 

fh^ir iand^ on ^him, ^"Ραββί, ραββί ^^ καΙ κατεφίλησεν avTOv. 46 Οί.^έ ^εττέβαλοί/" 

and took him. 47 And Rabbi, Rabbi ; and ardently kissed him. And they laid 

by^drewTswordfand ^^^ττ' avTOv τάς χ^φας αυτών i^'^ και Ικράτησαν αυτόν. 47 Έίς.δε 

smote a servant of the upon him -hands 'their, and seized him. But ^one 

hifeuT'isAnd Jesul • '^^'c" τών τταρεστηκότων σττασάμενος την μάχαφην 

answered and said 'a ^certain of those standing by, having dravrn the sword 

?omt> oit'^'as t^lin^st ϊ^^αισεν τον οοϋλον τοΰ άρχιερεως και άφεΊλεν αύτοϋ το 

a thief, ^vith swords struck the bondman of the high priest and took ofE his 

mel''^ w'f was°daliy '^^'lov.'' 48 Καί άτΓοκριθεΙς οΊησοϋς είττεν αϋτόΐς, Ώς εττΐ 

with you in the tern- ear. And ^answering 'Jesus said to them, As against 

took^ me^mf '■ but the λρ""^^)*^ *εξ/}λθετε" μετά μαχαιρών και ξύλων συλλαβειν με; 

scriptures must be ful- ^ robber are ye come out with swords and staves to take me ? 

mied.^50 And they all 49 icaff .ημεραν Ί/μην προς υμάς iv τψ ιερψ διδάσκων, και 

SlTnd' thc^e follow°ed ^ ^^J^^ ^ ^^"•'^^^ ^J*^ 1°"^ ^^ *^.^ temple teachiug, and 

him a certain young ovK ΙκρατησατΒ με' άλλ' "iva ττΧηρωθώσιν ai γραώηί. 

Tloth calt^fboat "/?S ^^ ^^^ ^°' ^"^^ "^^ = ^'^^ ^^* ^^^ *^^* "^•'^^ *^^ ^fulfilled 'the ''scripturds. 

naked body, and the 50 Koti άφεντες avTov ^ττάντες ίώ^Ύον." 51 Καί ^είς τις 

ιτ&τ^Ά^^ ^' ι---»" ^r ^\ ^^'• ,■ ^-^ ο- - <=-^-in 

the linen cloth, and 7^εανΊσκος^] "ήκολούθει^^ αύτφ, περιβεβλημένος σινδυνα Ιττι 
fled from them naked, young man w^s following him, having cast a linen cloth about 

γυμνοί)' και κρατουσιν αυτόν ^οΐ νεανίσκοι•" 52 ο.δε 

[his] naked [body] ; and ''seize ^him 'the -young ^men, but he, 

κατάλιττών την σινδόνα γυμνός ίόυγεν ^άττ' αυτών. ^ 
leaving behind the' linen cloth, ^naked ^fled from them. 

53 Καί άττηγαγον τον Ίησοϋν ττρός τον αρχιερέα' και 

And they led away Jesus to the high priest. And 

53 And they led Je- συνέρχονται ^αυτφ πάντες οι αρχιερείς και οι "^πρεσβύτεροι 

prfestT7nd°Λv^ϊh ^ifm *^^"^ ^""^^ ^°^^'^''' *° ^^ ^^^ ^^"^ chief pi^ests and the ^ elders 

were assembled all the και o'l γραμματείς.^'' 54 Καί οϊΐ'ετρος άπο μακρόθεν ήκολθύ- 

chicf pric.ts ami the audthe scribes'. And Peter from afar ofiE fol- 

eklers and the scribes. , ^ „ „ > χ , ^ 

54 And Peter followed θησεν αυτψ εως εσω εις την αϋλήν τοΰ άρχιερεως' και ην 

him afar off , even into lowed him as far as within to the court of the high priest : and he waa 
the palace of the lugh „ „, ,^« ^ vn/ 

priest: and he sat with συγκαβημενος' μετα• των υπηρετών^ και θερμαινόμενος προς 

the servants, and sitting with the Officerc, and warming himself at 

warmedhimself atthe i, , „ .^ - r r\• ?- ' ~ > '■> > >t *.v/ 

fire. 55 And the chief TO φως. oo ϋι.όε αρχιερείς και όλον TO σνί^εδριον ^ζητούν 
priests and all the the fire. And -the chief priests and '■'whole 'the sanhedrim sought 

council sought for wit- (7Λ. light). 

e ευθυζ LTTrA. f + ό LTrAW. g -|- ό 'Ισκαριώτη? Iscai'iote LT[Tr]A.. ^ — ϊύν LTTr[A]. 

. ~~ ■^°Λ"^ [L]TTrA. ^ k _ ^(-,^ τ. ^ > σύνσημον Τ. ^ απάγετε LTTrA. ° 'ΐαββί LTr ; 

ραββΐί τ ; ραβ/3εί [ραββζί] Α. ^ <> επέβαλαν Τ. Ρ τάς χβΓρας in avrov L ; τα? χείρα? αϋτώ 

ΤΤγΑ. ^ <» — τι? LTrAW. «■ ώτάριον LTTiA. ε ^^γ^λθατε LTTrAW. ^ έφυγοι/ παίξτε? TTrA. 

" νεανίσκο? τι? LTr. , » σννηκοΚουθΐΐ was following with LTTrA ; ΐ7κ:ολοΰ6>ησει/ followed W. 
^ — OL νεανίσκοι {read they seize) LTTrA. » — ,άπ αντων [l]tti•. y — αύτώ Τ. 

* γρα /A/Aaret'; /cat ot ν.-ρεσ/Βΰ repot L. ^ συνκαβη/χενο? Τ. b — το £, 

XIV. Μ A R Κ. ί3Ρ 

κατά του Ίι^σον μαρτνρίαν, εις τυ θανατώσαι: αυτόν καΐ ουχ ^ufwrn^todeaih^and 

ig-ainst Jesus ' testimony, to put to death him, and ^not found none 5G For 

'^νρισκον.^ 5β ΤΓολλοί.γάρ ί-φευδομαοτύρουν κατ αϋτοΰ, many bare false wit- 

'did find [any]. For many bore false testimony against him, theL ^^^\^^t g^Tg^eS 

και "ισαι αϊ μαρτυρίαι ούκ.ήσαν. 57 και τα^ες άναστάντες ^^^ together. 57 And 

and alike their testimonies -n-ere not. And some . having risen up *„^^?J^^°^® „ ^f*^^^• 

^ ^ ^ ^ «/ < / ^ ^ bare false witness 

fib ευ do μαρτυρούν κατ αύτοΰ, λέγοντες, 5S' Οτι ημείς ήκούσα- against him, saying, 

b.n-e false testimony against him, saying, We heard ^^ ^ii^^de«t?o°^ this 

μεν αυτού λέγοντος, "On εγώ καταλύσω τον. ναυν. τούτον τον temple that is made 

him saying, I will destroy thi ; temple the yith hands, and with- 

X f> , ^ < j'-v \ J / ^° three days I will 

χεφοτΓοιητον, και δια τριών If μερών άλλον αχειροττοιητον build another made 

[one] made with hands, and in three days another not made with hands without hands. 59 But 
, J, , rn T^ > ' ? ' " " - ' ' > ~ iftither so did . their 

οικοόομησω. o\) Ά.αι ουόε ούτως ιση ην η.μαρτυρια.αυτων. witness agree toge'ther. 
I will build. And neither thus alike was their testimony. ' 60 And the high priest 

£./-. „ , • > , , , ί ' i. > II ' ' ' stood up in the midst, 

oU και αναστας ο αρχιερευς <τις ^το" μέσον εττηρωτησεν and asked Jesus, say- 

And *having^stood^up 'the ^high Spriest in the midst questioned ing, Answerest thou 
%>T ~ \' /-.> y / ,-v/ ,_, notliing .' what is it 

τον Ιησουν, λέγων, Ουκ αττοκρινη ρυόεν ; τι οντοι σου ivhich these witness 

Jesus, saying, Answerest thou nothing ? What -these •*thee against thee? 61 But 

~ /?i'i-\^•' ' \f>r\\ > ' II he held his peace, and 

κατα/^ι,αρτυρουσιν ', ol υ.όε εσιωττα, και ^ουοεν αττεκρινατο. answered nothing. Α- 

- 'testify ■''against ? But he w^s silent, and nothing answered, gain the high priest 

τΐάλιν ό'άρχιερεί'ς εττηρώτα αυτόν, και λέγει αΰτψ, Έύ ^-^tf ί^; ϊ^ £η 

Again the high priest was questioning him, and says to him, '■'Thou the Christ, the Son of 

ει ο χριστός, 6 νιος τοϋ εύλογητοϋ ; 62 Ό.δε.'Ιησοϋς είττξν, ?esuf Sd Vam^: tnd 

•art the Christ, the Son of the blessed ? And Jesus said, ye shall see the Son of 

Έγώ είμι. καΐ ό-φεσθε τον νίόν του ανθρώπου ^καθημενον ™g^t hand^of °^ower^ 

I am. And ye shall see the Son of man sitting ^nd coming^ i^^^lTe 

Ik ίε^ιώΐ'" της δυνάμεως, και ερχόμενον μετά των νεφελών ^\°i^^ +ν*ν ν®^^•^": 

at Cthe] right hand of power, 'and coi^ng with the clouds S Ms ο'«*^^«^^^^^^ 

του ουρανού. ϋ3Ό.δε άρχιεοενς διαρρη^αςτονο.χιτώνας.αϋτϋυ ^^^^^> ^^^^^^t ?eed we 

of the heaven. And the high priest" having rent ' his garments 6?^Ye hav?^heard 

λέγει, Tt ετι χρε'ιαν εχομεν μαρτύρων ; 64 ήκούσατε ^της *^ρ blasphemy : what 

says, What any more need have we of witnesses 2 Ye heard the ^^^'^^ 7^ ? ^^^. t^ey 

/,, , < ,- , ^^1 condemned him to 

βλασφημίας'^^ τί υμιν φαίνεται; Οΐ.δε ττάντες κατεκοιναν be guilty of death. 

blasphemy: what ^to ^you 'appears? And they all condemned 65 And some began to 

αυτον^είναι ενοχον'^ θάνατον. 65 Και ιιρζαντυ τίνες εμτττνειν cover his face, and to 
him to be deserving of death. And. '^began 'some to spit upon buffet him, and to say 

»~ > ^/• 1,, , ,«,,, , ^' unto mm, Prophesv : 

αντφ, και ττερικαλυτττειν το.ττροσωτΓον.αντου," και κόλα' and the servants did 

him, and to cover up his face, and to buf- strike him with the 

jV ,/ ,Λ/ ,^._. , Λΐ. f palms of their hands. 

φιζειν αυτόν, και λεγεη' αυτφ, Ιΐροφητενσον' και οι νπηρεται 
fet him, .and to say to him. Prophesy ; and the officers 

ραττ'ισμασιν αυτόν ^εβαλλον.'^ 

withthepalm^ofthehand_^==him 'struck. ^ ^ ^ . ^ ^ 66 And as Peter was 

66 Και δντος τοΰΤΙετρον ^εν τυ ανλγ κατω,^^ εοχ€ται μια beneath in the palace. 

And ■-'being 'Peter in the court below, comes on» ^'^ere cometh one of 

- ^ ~ , / Λ- , ,Λ ~ ^ -tt' the maids of the high 

των τταιόισκων τον αρχιερεως, 67 και ιδουσα τον ΤΙετρον priest: 6Γ and, when 

of the 'maids of the high priest, and seeing Peter she saw Peter warming 

Λ / y ,-,\ > I , ~ Λ / .,^ , , ί -. himself, she looked up- 

θερμαινομεΐ'ον, εμβλεψασα αυτφ λ.εγει, Και συ μετά του on him, and said, And 

warming himself, having looked at him says. And thou =^with ^the thou also wast with 

Λ.Τ y - n'T ~ 7 Λ 11 £•ο '/^ f ' ' \' Tir\' η Jesus of Nazareth. 

ί<αζαρηνον ° Ιησον ησθα." 58 Ο.δε ηρνησατο, λέγων, ^Όυκ 68 But he denied, say- 

*]S'azareue °Jesu^ 'wast. But he denied, saying, ^Not ing, I know not, nei- 

»rv „ , T.MI > ' _ / Ml Λ ' τ;- » ff~> η "y ther understand I 

oica '^ονδε επισταμαι Wt σν" λέγεις. Και - εξηλυεν t ς tt> what thou sayest. And 
•I =know nor even understand what thou sayest. And he went forth out he went out into the 

•* ηϋρισκον LTrA. e — .^b (read [the]) GLTTi aw. ^ ov/c αττεκρινατο ov6ev TTr. S ex 

Βίξίων καθήμερον GLTTrAW. " ^ την βΚασφημΙαν L. ' f ροχοι/ elvai TTrA. '^ αντου το 

ττρόσωπον TTrA. "" έ/3αλον w ; ελαβον (read received him with buffets) LTTrA. » κάτω 
€V rrj av\rj TTrA. ° ησθα του Ίησοΰ LTTrA. Ρ ουτβ neither (knoW I) LTIrA. i oilTi 

nor LTlrAW, ' σΰ τί LTTrA. 

140 Μ A Ρ Κ Ο S. ^ν, XT 

porch; and the cock ^(ς ,-^, ττβοαν'λίον' ^κ/ΐί αλέκτωρ ίφώνησεν.^^ 69 Και ?; τταιοίσκί) 

crew. 69 And a maid ^ j^ '^porch, and acock crew. And the maid 

saw him again, and »iii" i-"" i^^^^h ^ ' i' "r* 

began to say to them [ζονσα avTOV ^TToXiv i]pt.aTO^ λεγθΐν τοις "τταρξστηκοσιν, ■ Uri 

that stood by, This is ^^^. ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^e„an to say to those standing by, 

one of them. 70 And ° . , ,„ , -λ t^ τ>ί ά > ~ χ- ^ » 

he denied it again, οντος εξ αντων εστιν. 70 Ο.δε τταλιν ηρνειτο. και μετά 

And a little frfter, ,^γ^^^ [-one! ^of ■'them Ms. And he again denied. And after 

they that stood by said , , . ^ „, ~ ττ ' ' a \ η ~ 

again to Peter, Surely ixtKboj^ τταλιν 01 τταρεστωτες tAEyov τφ ιίετρφ, ΑΛ7;(.ως 
thou art one of them : \ little' again tho.^e standing by said to Peter, Truly 

for thou art a Gali- ,„ , ^ „ λ^τιλλ- ? w■>«^\' 

liean, and thy speech εξ αντων sl' Ktti.yap Ιαλιλαιος ει, ^και 7} ΑαΚια 

agreeth thereto. 71 But from among them thou art, for both a Galilean thou art. and ^speech 
he began to curse and , cwιι«-.tΛ^^»v » η ύ "τγΙ '_ η 

to swear, saying, I GOV o/xota^£i." 71 O.Ci ηρξατο αναθεματίζει^ και ^όμνυειν.^ 

kiiow not this maU >ihy agrees. But ha began to curse and to swear, 

72AudthesJcoudSme "Ore ovic.olSa τον.άνθρώττον.τοντον ov λέγετε. 72 Και ^ 

the cock crew. And I know not tlas man whom ye speak of. And 

the^ word ^hat ^us ίκ.8εντερον ολέκτωρ έφώνησεν. JLai άνεμνησθη όΤΙετρος^τοϋ 

said unto him; Before the second time a cock crew. And ^remembered ^Peter the 

thou°6haHTenP''me ρήμ<^τος οδ'^ είπεν αντφ 6'ϊησονς, "On πριν αλέκτορα 

thrice. And when he word that ^said ^to *him ^ Jesus, Before [the] cock 

thoii^ght thereon, he ε^^^,,^-^^^^ ^,'^11 b^^^^^lj^^ ^g ^p^'^.ll ^^i εΤΓΐβαλών 

crow twice thou wilt deny me thrice ; and having thought thereon 


XV. And straight- he wept. 

the^chfef prie?tf he"d 15 Krti ^ευθέως" ''ετΓΐ Γ0" πρωΧ σνμβονλιον ^ποιησαντες'^ 

a consultation with And immediately in the morning ^a ''counsel ''having ^formed 

the elders and scribes t > - . ■- 3 / if > > 

and the whole council, 01 αρχιερείς μετά των πρεσρντερων και ^γραμματέων και 

and bound Jesus, and *the ^chief ^priests with the elders . and scribes and 

carried him away, fi\ \ '^ s>' >>t~»' χ 

and delivered Λι>« to ολον TO συνεοριον, οησαντες τον Ιησονν απηνεγκαν και 

Pilate. 2 And Pilate ''whole Hhe sanhediim, having bound Jesus carried [him] away and 

theiing ?f' the Jews^ "τταρέδωκαν &Γ^" ^Πιλάτ^." 2 και έπ7]ρώτησεν αντον ύ 

And he answering said delivered up [him] to Pilate. And ^questioned ^iim 

"tl^'^aSid^ihrS ^Πιλάτος," Σύ €7 6 βασιλεύς των Ιουδαίων, Ό.δέ άττο- 

priests accused him ^Pilate, ^Thou "art the King of the ,,. Jews ? And he an- 

heSTswyed^^oVhinj' ^θ^ς ^Ιπεν αντψ,^^ Σύ λέγεις. 3 Και κατηγορούν αντον οι 

4 And Pilate asked SΛvering said to him, Thou sayest. ^ And ''were ^accusing *^him *t4ie 

^^S'SouShini? ,«PX'¥f'^ ττολλά- 4 οΜΜίιλάτος^^άλινΗπηρώτησεν^^ αυτόν, 

behold how many chief ^priests urgently. And Pilate again questioned him, 

gainft*thie'^'*TB^t ^^^^7^^/ ^'^'^ aiTOKpivy ούδέν ; 'ίδε, ττόσα σον 

Jesus yet^'answered raying, Answerest thou nothing ? See, of how many things *thee 

late^mf I ^11 d^6N^^" '"'^"''«/^^Ρ'^ρουσιν." 5 Ό.δέ.'ίησονς ονκέτι.ούδεν άττεκρίθη, 

at ^iAif/^feast' he re^ h'hej ^witness ^against.. But Jesus not any more any thing ausAvered, 

leased unto them one ώστε θανμάζειν Tov "IltXaroj/." 6 Κατά.δε εορτήν άττέλνεν 

they°''desir'Id?"'7*'Sd '° *^^^ 'wondered ^Pilate. Now at [the] feast, he released 

there was o?re named αντοις Eva δέ<ίμιον, °ονπερ yTOVVTO.^^ 7 ^ν.δε β λεγό- 

bound^with'them tlf ^ *° *^^°^ °^^ prisoner, whomsoever they asked. And there was the [one] call- 
had made insurrection μένος Βαραββάς μετά των ^σνστασιαστών^^ δεδεμένος, 

^^!:Ζ^^}^α' "^^^ ^^^^ ^^ Barabbas with the associates in insurrection bounu, 

committed murder in f , ^ , , , 

the insurrection. 8 And οιτινες εν Ty στασει φονον πετΓΟίηκεισαν. Ηκαί'ίαναβοησας^^ 
the multitude crying who in the insurrection murder had committed. And crying out 

aloud began to desire « « ^ >' y > ~ η η ' r » μ• '» - , ^ 

him to do as he had Ο οχΑος ηρξατο αιτεισθαι καθώς ^αεΓ εττσιεί αντοις 

ever done unto them, the crowd began to beg [him to do] as always he did 'to them. 

■ [και αλέκτωρ €φώνησ€ΐ'2 L. * ηρξατο ηάλιν Τ ; — πάλιν Α. ▼ παρεστώσιι/ ΤΤγΑ, 

•* ~ /^°-'- V λαλιά σου ομοιάζει LTTr Α. » o/ai/ui/at GLTTiAW. y + €νθνς lEfi mediately LTTr. 
« TO ρι;μα ως LTTrA ; το ριιμα ο W. a ^χ^ φωνησαι LTrA. b Tpt's μ€ άπαρνήστ] LTTi Α. 

e ΐνθνςΊΎτΑ. d _ ^^χ .^ό (read πρωί early) LTTr[A]. e 4τοιμάσαντ6ς Τ. f + t<LV the T. 

5 — τω LTTrA. h ΙΙε^λάτω Τ. i Πειλατο? Τ. i αύτω λέγει to him snys TTrA, 

εττηρωτα TTrA. ' — λε'γωι/ T. ™ κατηγορονσιΐ' they accuse LTTrA. « ΙΙειΛάτοί' I 

f by παροτονντο Τ. Ρ στασιαστών LTTrA. ι άναβάς cumiug up LTTrA. * -« del Τ, 

XV. MARK. 141 

9 ο.δε.'^ΉίλάΓος^^ άττεκρΊθη αύτοίς, λέγων, θέλετε αττοΧνσω \^^'^^1''^('^^'ψ^^ 

But Pilate answered them, saying, Will ye I should release tha™i relen"? unto you 

vulv τον βασΐΚία των Ίονδαίωνι ΙΟ'Έγ'η^ωσκζν.γάρ οη Sia thcKinpof the Jews? 

to you the King of the Jews? ^ ^ f oir he knew ^^t through JSJ^/j^.J^/' ^new^ that 

φθόνον TrapaSedoJKBiaaV αυτόν οι άρχίερζϊς. 11 ΟΙ.δε άρχ- delirered him for en- 
envy ^had ^delivered 'up "^him Hhe ^'chief -priests. But the chief priests nfovedthe*^^^o- 

ίεοείς άν^σεισαν τον οχΧον Ίνα μάΧλον τον Βαραββάν pie, that he should ra- 

priestB stii-redup the crowd that rather Barabhas *^^^ο '"^i^^^''^^ ^T2''And 

άποΧνση αντοΧς' 12 ό.οε. ^Πιλάτος" ^άττοκριθεις ττάλιν" Pilate answered and 

he might release to them. And Pilate answering again said again unto them 

„ , , τ Λ'Λ ' ° • Λ ' II What Will ye then that 

^είπει^" αυτοΊς, Tt o\)v '^Θέλετε ττοιησω ^ov λέγετε ι shall do ujito him 

said to them, What then will ye I should do [to him] whom ye call whom ye call the King 
^ Λ / ~ » -v / frt ^« t.^ '\ >' V 7 T. ' ' o* the Jews? 13 And 

f βασιλέα των ίονόαιων; 13 Οι.όε τταλιν έκραξαν, Ίΐτανρω- they cried out again. 

King of the Jews ? But they again cried out Cruci- Crucify him. 14 Then 

» ' τ ^ «/-v ?« «Tx \ ' II ''\ ' - rri' 'a • Pi'ate said unto them, 

σον αυτόν. 14 Ο-οε-^ΠίλαΓος" ελεγεν αυτοις, Τι γαρ °-κακον Avhy, what evil hath 

fy .him. And Pilate said to them, ^then *evil ^ he done? And they 

, , Μ Λ< τ>ϊ κ r II ρ" " h ^71 ' > cried out the more 

€7Γθπ/σει-'" ; Οι.όε °περισσοτερως" '^εκραί,αν," 2.τανρωσον αν- exceedingly, Crucify 

didhecommit? But they much more cried out. Crucify him. him. 15 And soPilar.e, 

' τ r <^ ^v u-i-r \ ' II /3 \ ' il ~ " Λ ^ Willing t Ο Content the 

τον. 15 Ο.όε^ΤΙΐλατος^^ ρουλομενος ""τψ οχΚψ το people, released Barab- 

And Pilate, desiring 'to ^the ®crowd -"that ^which [^was] has unto them, and 

Ίκανον 7Γ0ΐλ/σαι," άπελυσεν αντοΊς τον Βαραββάν και τταρε- ^e^lZi^icinrsed^'him, 

^satisfactory ^to "do, released to them Barabbas, and der to be crucified. 

δωκεν τόν'Ιησουν, φραγελλώσας^ Ίνα στανρωθ'η.' 

liveredup Jesus, having scourged [him], that he might be crucified. 

\G 0\2ε στρατιώταιάττηναγον αυτόν εσω της αυλής, ο 16 And the soldiers 

^ And the soldiors led away him within the court, which ifi^^^^^^Xf '"p^;'J^^^° 

Ιστιν πραιτώριον, και ^συγκαλονσιν^^ ολην την σττείραν' jium; and they call 

is [the] pristorium, and they call together ^whole Hhe band. band 17 A^nd they 

17 και ^ενονονσιν^^ αυτόν ττορφύραν. και ττεριτιθεασιν αυτφ clothed him with pur- 

And they put on him ^ purple, and ^ ^placed on ^ him g^.w'^,^, £^,ϊ<^αηα 

ττλε^αντες άκάνθινον στεώανον^ 18 και ήρξαντο άσττάζε- put it about his Aead, 

having platted [it] thorny 'a crown, ^ ^and they began ^^ to sa- i?^;^^J?fj?>J^J^/;^*| 

σθαι αυτόν, Χαίρε, ^/3ασιλεί)" των Ίονύαίων 19 και ετντττον Jew's ! Ι9 And they 

lute him. Hail, King of the Jews 1 And they struck smote him on the 

, ^ , , ^ / y , t » - ' Ω' head wnth a reed, and 

αϋτον τΊ)ν κεφαλήν καλαμψ, και ενετττνον αυτψ, και τινεντες did spit upon him, 

his head with a reed, and , spat on him, and bending and bowing their 

, , ) ~ <r» -V T7- * " ^ ' y » ~ kuees worshipped him. 

τά γόνατα ττροσεκυνονν αυτψ. 20 Kort οτε ενετταιξαν συτφ, 20 And wiicn they 

the knees did homage to him. And when they had mocked him, mocked him, they took 

,, , , , xi/f ''^ » off the purple from 

εξεδυσαν αυτόν την ττορφυραν, και ενεουσαν αντον τα him, and put his own 

they took off him the purple, and put on him clothes on him, and led 

. , , , ,/tv 11 V : 1 1- / II , \ rf L• ' ■ || him out to crucifv 

'^ιματια.ταΑόια'" και ^έξαγουσιν" αντον ινα '^στανρωσωσιν" ^im. 21 And they 

his own garments ; and they lead -Out 'him that they may crucify compel one Simon a 
1 , , II ^, , , / / / ■\Λ' ».^ v^i Cyrenian, who passed 

^αντον.^^ 21 και αγγαρευουσιν παράγοντα τίνα ζ,ιμωνα κι»- by_ coming out of the 

him. And they compel ^passing ^by 'one, Simon a Cy- country, the father of 

ρηναΐον, ερχόμενον '"άττ'" άγροϋ, τον ττατερα 'Αλεξάνδρου και ^^tearhTs^cross^''^'' 
renian, coming from a field, the i.ather of Alexander and 

^Ρούφον, Ίνα apy τόν. σταυρόν. αϋτου . 

Rufus, that he might carry his cross. ^ ^^ ^ 22 And they bring 

22 Και φεοουσιν αυτόν εττι "Γολγοθά" /όπον, ο εστίν him unto the place Goi- 

And W bring him to ^^.i^.^ha 'a^place -hieh is ^ goth^^^^^^^^^^ 

μεθεοαηνευόμενον, κρανίου τόττος. 23 Και εδιΰουν αυτψ of a skuii. 23 An.uhey 

beiug iurerprcted, =^of^a -'skull 'place. And they gave him gav e him to Jnnk wine 

s Πείλάτο? Τ. * πάλιν αποκριθεί? LTT.A. ^ iKeyev TT Α. «' [θέλετε] Tr. » — όκ 

λέγετε LT.•. ν + τον the LTTiAW. ' + λέγοντες saying U ^ ^ποίησε./ κακόν ΤΤγΑ. 

b ττεοισσως GLTTrAW. c ^κραζον L. • ^ ποιείσαι το ίκανον τω οχλω Τ. « σνγκα\ονσιν τ. 

f Μύσκονσιν LTTrA. -Κ ό /Βασιλεύς GaW. ^ ιμάτια αντον L ; ώια ιμάτια αντου Τ. 

i άγουσι./ they lead L. ' " σταυρώσονσιν they shall crucify LTTrA. - 'χ^το.' x. 

«" άττΌ LTi . " τον Γολγοθά»/ τ ; Γολγοθάι/ A ; [τον] Γολγοθά Τ. . 

142 ]\Τ A Ρ Κ Ο Σ. XV. 

minplcd with myrrh : Οττ^^π^" IffUVOViffUSVOV oluOV ^Ο-^έ" ονΚ.ίΧαβεν. 24 Καϊ 

zrASd'wTeSheyh'fd tod>"i^^ ^™^'^^^•'^^^'<^^'^ϊ^^^ ^""^ ^-^ did not take [it] And 

crucified him, they ^ϊσταιφώσα^^τες αντον^^ ^δίεμ&ριζον^^ τάλμάτια.αϋτοϋ , βάΚΚον- 

parted his garments, j^^^^^ crucified ^ him they divided his garments, cast- 

castins• lots upon °^ , , , / , . - oc τ • j. 

them, what every man γξ^ς κΧηρον εΤΓ αντα, TIQ ΤΙ ^PV' '^^ VV.CS 

should take. 25 And ■ j^j. ^^ them, who [and] what [each] should take. And it was [the] 

it \ the third hour, /= , < , , , ' n/? ta ' τ < ' 

andihey crucified him. ujpa τριτί], και koravpojectv UDTOV. ΖΌ Kcfi i]V t) ετηγραφη 

20 And the superscrip- a^iour 'third, and they crucified him. And ^was Hhe ^inscription 

tion of his accusa- ^ , , , „ , ' ^r\ iD λ ^ ^ >, ■^ . 

ti(.n was written over, τηςΜίτιας.αντου ίΤΓί-γΕγραμμενη, Ο ρασιλενς των Ιονοαιων. 

THE K.ING OF THE s^f -ij^j^ 5,^^.(.^Jation written up. The King of the Jews. 

JEWS. 27 And with ^_- ^ ., ,~ ~ --'N ^ „ , s r - 

him they crucify two 27 Kai am' αντψ στανρονσιν όνο Κ-^στας, ενα εκ ύείι,ιων 

thieves ; the one on his And with him they crucify two robbers, one at [the] right hand 

rifrht hand, and the ,<(,,, i / > ~ eta « > ' \ 'n ' j. " 

other on his left, και ενα ίξ ευωνύμων αυτού. 28 '"/cat επληρωβη η γραψη 

28 And the scripture and one at [the] left of him. And was fulfilled the scripture 

sl'\'hh, ^nd*^ 'he^ was V λέγουσα ^ Kal μετά άνομων εΧογίσθη.^^ 29 Και οι 

numbered with• the which says. And with [the] lawless he was reckoned. And those 

they'^t^har^passid'^by τταρατΓορευόμενοί ίβΧασφημουν αυτόν, κινονντες τάς κεφαΧάί^ 

railed on him, wa^- passing by railed at him," shaking -he•.".. Is 

fiyfn?Ah,^t?ou' th" t clvtCuv, και Χεγοντες, *Οΰά," ό.καταΧΰων τον ναον και "εν 

destroyest the temple, 'their, and saying, Aha, thou who destroyest the temple and in 

and buiidest li m ^-p^^j-jy jmtpaic Ο / KTO c Ο jitoDv," 30 σώσον σεαντόν, ""και κατάβα^' 

three days, 30 save r m -, ^ ■, .,-,'^^ 1•^.-, χ». ij? j i ", 

thyself, and come three days bulkiest [it], save thyself, and aesceuU 

down from the cross. ^^^ ^q^ στανοοΰ. 31 Όμοίως.^ύε^ και οί αργιερέΤς, εμτταί- 

chief priests mocking from the cross. And m like manner also the chief priests, muck- 

Baidaniong themselves ζοντες ττρος άΧληΧους μετά τών γραμματέων^ ίΧεγον,'ΆλΧους 

eTved others'"•^ hiinseli ^^^ among one another with the scribes, said. Others 

he cannot save. 32 Let ^σoJσεv, UwTov ου.ύύναται σώσαι. 32 ύ χριστός 6 βασιλεύς 

Christ the King of Is-• ^^ ^^^^^ himself he is not able to save. The Christ ' the King 

rael descendnow from ' , ^ 

the cross, that we may yrov" Ισραήλ καταβάτω νυν άτΓο του σταυρού, Ίνα 'ίδωμεν 

see and believe. And ^^ Israel ! let him descend now from the cross, that we may see 

they that were cruci- , ^ ^ , , , ^ , 

fied with him, reviled καΐ ΤΓίστευσωμεν^ . Kai 01 συνεσταυρωμενοί^ αΰτψ ώνειϋιζον 

him. 33 And when ^j^^ believe. And they who were crucified with him 'reproached 

the Bixth hour was , , „ i „ / ^Mι " ο / > » • > 

come, there was dark- αυτον. 33 ° Γ εν Ο μένη ς. οε^' ώρας εκτηςf σκότος εγενετο εφ 

ness over the whole him. And *being ^come [Hhe] ^hour '■'sixth, darkness came ovei 

land until the ninth „ , ~ « „ „, / η nA > ~ i f/ 

hour. 34 And at the ολην την γην, εώς ώρας ^εννατης'" 34: και ry '^ωρφ Ty 

ninth hour Jesus cried all the land, until [the] ^hour 'ninth ; and at the hour the 

■with a loud voice, say- > / η .,τ/ < >τ ~ ^ ~ ' '\ ..λ' h ('-γλ\ j. 

ing, Eloi, Eloi, LA- εvvaτy^^ εβοησεν ο Ιησούς (pωvy μεγaλy, ^λεγων," νΕλωι, 

ΜΑ SABACHTHAKI ? ninth ^cried 'Jesus with a ^voice 'loud, saying, Eloi, 

■which is. being inter- >— ,^ j•• π ^.n ~\\ h ο ω ' η " ' ■ η ' 

preted, My God, my Ελωι," *\αμμα" ^σαΐ3αχθανι ;" ο εστίν μεθερμηνευομενον, 

God, why hast thou Eloi, lama sabachthani ? which is being inte.'iireted, 

forsaken me? 35 And «/-v η ' « Λ ' ' ' ΐ ' 'λ ιι λ- χ^ > ^ 

some of them that Οιϋεος.μου,,ο.βεος.μου, εις.τι ψε εγκατελιπες" ; So, Και τίνες 

stood by, when they My God, My God, why me hast thou forsaken ? And some 

hoidl^he^caiiethEiii' '''^'^ ^τταρεστηκότων^^ άκοΰσαντες ελεγον, ^Ίίού," ™'HXmv' 

36 And one ran and of those standing by having heard said, Lo, Elias 

?iiegaVanrpuw/on 0ω^^ϊ• 36 Δ^«/ζώϊ..^έ ^εΐς^^ ^.^a? γεμίσας σττόγγον Βξους, 

a reed, and gave him ^^ calls. And "having ^rtin 'one and filled , a sponge -vvith vinegar, 

^io^% ulleiUt ^^ '^^^'^^'f.s Τ^^"'^«λά^^ Ιττότιζεν αυτόν, λέγων," Αφετε, 

tber Elias will come having ^put[*it]^on 'and a reed gave^^to ^drink 'him, saying, Let be. 

to take him down. Χ^ωμεν εί εpχετaL ι^Ήλίας" καθελεϊν αυτόν. 

. let u s see if -cornes 'Elias to take down him. 

ο — nieiv TTrA. Ρ os 5e who however TTr. q σταυρονσιν αυτόν, και they crucify 

him and ττγα. ^ ^ διαμερίζονται they divide GLXTrAW. ^ — verse 28 τ[τγ]α. * Οΰά τ. 
' οικοδομών τρισίν -ημέραις LTTrA. "^ καταβας descending LTTtA. ^ — δε and GLXTrAW. 

y — ToOLTTr. » + αύτω him L. * + σύι/ with (read crucifled along with) LT. 

^ και χενομενης LTTrA. c ένατης LTTrA. d ένάττ{ ώρα LTTrA. e _ λεγωζ^ TT, A. 

Ελωι ελωί LTA. S λεμά LT ; λαμά TrAW. t σαβαχθανεί'τίΓ. » εγκατελιττε? με ί Τ Γ. Α. 

* παρβστώτων τ. Ι'Ιδε ΤΤγΑ. «" Ήλειαρ Τ. " τις ΤΤγΑ. ο» — «αι LfTrl ν »a __ „ 
ΙΤΤγα. 1» Ηλεία? τ. 

XV. XVL MARK. 143 

37 ΌΜΛησονς άφ^\ς φωνήν μεγάλην '^^^^νευσεν. .^^^-^Jf^^^^^f^ 

And Jesus haTing utiered a *cry 'Icmd expired. ^^^^ ^p ^.^e ghost. 

S8 καΐ TO καταττ'ετασμα του ναον ίσχίσθη εΙς ύνο, ^άττό'^ άνω- Jem °ie ^wlJ^^ent *in 

And the veil ^ of the temple^ was rent into two, froiP top tl^fn^from the top to 

θεν εως κάτω. 39 Ίοών.δε 6 κεντνρίων 6 τταρεστηκώς the bottom. 39 And 

to bottom. And^having^seenHhe ^centurion ='wbo "stood ^by wS Vtood^^v^'er °a- 

k^.kvavriag αυτοΰ οτι όντως ^/τράξας" ίΚίττνευσεν, είπεν^ gainst him, saw that 

«opposite 'him that thus having cried out he expired, said, g^ve up^^the ghost^ha 

*Α\ηθώς ^ο.άνθρωτΓος.οϋτος^^ ν'ιος ήν θεοϋ. 40 ^ίΐσαν.δε και said, Truly this man 

Truly this man ^Son 'was of Ggd, And there were also yC^^l^^he Son of God- 

, , fn /λ ~ ' , r - li ' -nr ' 40 There were also wo- 

'γννάΐκες αττό μακρόθεν θεωρονσαι, &ν αιζ ^7)ν" και Μαρία men looking on afar 

women from afar olf looking on, among whom was also Mary off : among whom was 

« -, , , , .. ^,. , , ^ ^ ~ , Mary Magdalene, and 

T) Μαγδαληνή, και Μαρία "^ψ ^του ΙακωΙόον τον μικρόν και Mary the mother of 

the Magdalene, and Mary the =of ^James *the ^les.s «and James the• less and of 

>, .;, / ,_,.., j-it>/Mi''» r ' ~-ι-ιΛ Joses, and Salome ι 

7 Ιωση' μητηρ, και Σαλωμη, 41 αι ^και" οτε ην iVTyiaXi- 41 (who also, when he 

"Of ^Joses 'mother, and Salome ; who also when he was in Gall- was in Galilee, f ol- 

■^ > 1 \ > /\ >~ \?v . »~ >"λΛ ΛΛ lowed him, and minis- 

AQiq, ηΚΟΚονϋονν αντψ και όΐηκονονν ανΤψ, και aWai ΤΤΟΛΛα tered unto Mm;) and 

Ιθθ followed him and ministered to him, and -others 'many many other women 

• < ,T~ , ~ > «r 'Λ ' which canie up with 

m σνναναμασαι αυτψ εις ίεοοσοΑνμα. him unto Jerusalem. 

who came up with him to Jerusalem. 42 j^^ now when. 

42 JCat 7ΐδη οφίας γενομένης, εττει hv παρασκευή, g^^^^'e^Vwaa^'The 

.And' already evening bemg come, since it was [thej preparation, preparation, "that is, 

Ο εστίν *7rpoffa/3j3arQJ/," 43 ^ηλθιεν^' Ιωσήφ 6 άττό the day- be_fore the 

that is [the day] before sabbath, came Joseph who [was] from ^^^*°^^*3 Joseph^af 

Αριμαθαίας, εύσχημων βουλευτής^ ος και αντΜζ ην προσ- nourable counesUor, 

Arimathsea, [an] honourable counsellor, who also himself was wait- J'^^^.^^^^ waited for 

J, r» ~ r\ ■• \ ' ' ~\ η ' kingdom of God, 

ύεχόμενος'τήν βασι\εία2> τον Θεοΰ' τοΧμησας εισηΧθεν ττρος'^ came, and went in. 
Ingfor the kingdom of God, having boldness he went in to boldly unto Pilate and 

J ^ , X > , , ~ «» ~ Λ Λ ' r^^ PTT Λ ' craved the body of Je- 

ΤΙίλατον" και yτησaτo το τωμα του ίησου. 44 ο.οε.ΙΙιΑατος eus. 44 Aud Pilate 

Pilate and begged the body * of Jesus. And Pilate marvelled if he were 

, , I, , »r ,/, X . χ / , already dead: and 

ίθανμασεν" ει ηδη τεθνηκεν και ττροσκαλεσαμενος τον calling unto him the 

wondered if already he were dead ; and having called to [him] the centurion, he aeked 
, , , ,, 'ί'Λΐι>'Λ AC ^ him whiither he had 

κεντνριωνα εττηρωτησεν αυτόν ει ^τταλαι" απεϋανεν 4ο και teen any while dead. 

centurion. he questioned him if long he bad died. And 45 And when he knew 

,• , y ^ , 7 T. > ( „ -V II ~ i7 of the centurion, he 

γνονς ατΓο του κεντυριωνος εόωρησατο το ^σωμα" τφ gave the body to Jo- 

having tnown [it] from the centurion be granted the body seph. 46 And he 

,-r I . An. ^ > ' ?> ' h ΊΙ fl Λ ' . bought fine linen, and 

Ιωσηψ. 46 και αγορασας σινδονα, ''καν' καυεΑων took him down, and 

to Joseph, And having bought a linen cloth, and having taken -down wrapped him in the 

»\ »/Λ ~ r>' ^i 'n ii'•'' linen, and laid him in 

αυτόν ενειλησεν ry σινόονι, και 'κατευηκεν'' αυτόν εν a scpuiciu-e which was 

'him ie wrapped [him] in the linen cloth, and laid him in hewn out of a rock, and 

^μνημε'ιφ,' ο ννλελατομημενον εκ πέτρας' και ττροσ- ^"^[Jf^^^^f^^/^'eiScCe^ 

a tomb, which was cut' out of a rock, and roll- 47 And Mary Magda- 

eicvXianv λίθον επί τήν ΰύραν του μνημείου, 47 ή.δε.Μαρία η ;^°^ '^f f^J^ 'Je mjj 
ed a stone to the dooi of the ^ tomb. And Mary the .^-j^ere he was laid. 

Μαγδάληνι) και Μαρία ^Ίωσψ εθεώρονν πον ""τίθεται.^^ xvi. And when the 

Magdalene and Ma^y [mother] of Joses saw where he is laid, ^y^"" ji^J^^^'/iff ' ^ni 

16 Και διαγενομενον του σαββάτον, Μαρία ι) Μαγδαληνή Mary the mother οχ 

And ^being*past 'the ^sabbath, Mary the Magdalene James, and Salome 

, ~> , -, « \ f ' ' ηα,α cougnt sweet 

και Μαρία y '^τοϋ^^ Ιακώβου και Σαλωμη ηγορασαν spices, that they might 

and Mary the [mother! of James and Salome . bought come and anoint him. 

, , „ ,> Λ ~ ,s. ' I 7 ' ii ' ' \ ' »■ 2 And very early in 

αρώματα, iva ελθουσαι αλει-ψωσιν αντον. Ζ και Αιαν πρωί the mocniug the first 

aromatics, that having come they might anoint ■ him. And very early c^az/ of the week, they 

' άτΓ* LTrA. ■ — κράξας Τ[Τγ]α. * οδτος ό άνθρωπος LTTrA. ^ — ην {read [was]) τ[Τγα]. 
* [ή] Τγ. * — του LTTrA. '7 Ίωσήτος LTTrA. * — και LT[Tr] * ττρο? σάββατον LTr. 

b ίΚθων having come LTTrAW. *= -V τοί/ ΤΤγ. ^ UeLkoLTOv Τ.- e Πειλάτοί (.θαύμαζαν Τ. 

ί ήδη already LTr. <f πτώμα corpse LTTrA. ^ — καΙ LTTrAW. I €θηκζν LTr. *' μνημα,τί Τί 

^ η 'loio-^Tos LTBTrA. "" Tedetrac He has beeo laid lttta. » — τού t[txJ- 


came uuto the sepui- ο^Λς uiac^ σαββάτων ίρχοΐ'ται ετΓί TO ^μνημεΊον,^^ άνατύ- 

chro at the rifing of ^i^g ^^^-^^ [day] of the week they come to the tomb, ^having 

the sun. 3 And they " ,t , ^ y »^ ^ ' ' ' m' ' \ ' 

eaid among them- \avTOQ Tov rfkiov. ^ και tXiyov ττρος ίαντας, Ιις αποκυλισει 

selves, Who shall roll 4j.jj.gQ " i^he -sun. And they said among themselves, ^Vho will roll away 

us away the stone , ^ y^ » μ -- /w ~ - λ ύγ ■^ ' 

from the door of the y)n2u Tov λίθον ^^δκ' της θνρας Tov μνημειΟΌ ; 4 Και ανα- 
sepulchre? 4 And foj. ug the stone out of the 'door of the tomb? ♦ And having 

tiie^ saw ^that^ tlie βλίφασαι θεωρονσιν οτι ""άττοκ^κυλισταύ^ 6 λίθος' ην.γάρ 

stone was rolled a- looked up they see that has been rolled away the stone : for it was 

ί -cat.^TAnd''emerinl μίγης a(f>oSpa. 6 Kui ^είσελθονσαί^' εις το μνημεΤον, eldov 

into tlie sepulchre, -great 'very. And having entered into the tomb, they saw 

siltini'On^the^^S ρεαρίσκον καθημενον εν τοΙς δεξιοϊς, ττεριβεβλημενον στο\ϊ)ν 

side, clothed in a long a young man sitting on the right, clothed with a -robe 

^J^iT^ri^^ Xsv^rjv Kai εξεθαμβηθησαν. 6 ό.^έ ' λέγει αΰταΤς, M^ 

6 And he saith unto 'white, Rr4 they were greatly amazed. But he says to them, Λοί 

S^"y?L"k Je?uf of ΙκΘαμβεΧσθε. Ίησοϋν ζητείτε τον Ί^αζαρηνόν τον Ισταν 

Ka'zaretli, which was 'be amazed. ^Jesus Ve ^seek the JS'azarene, who has been 

crucified : he is risen ; 'j^^j^. • ''^^^^^^j^^j^ j;^£. '/^g ^ τότΓος οτΓου εθηκαν 

the "p'lace where they crucified. He is risen, he is not here ; behold the place where they laid 

laid him. 7 But go αί'τόν' 7 'άλλ'" νττάγετε, εϊττατε τοίς.μαθηταΐς.αντοΰ και τφ 

^ΓρΙί,^ίΑ'ρβ'.β^'.ϊί 1.™• But J. ' s., ^ Tohisai^clples _ ...d 

he gocth before you ΠεΓρω, OTi ττροάγει νμάς εις την Γαλιλαίαν' εκεϊ αυτόν 

shaUy?ieehim,ashe t^P"^^^^ ^f^ ^^^^ ^^"^*^^ » *^^^^ ^'"", 

said unto you. 8 And οφεσθε, Καθώς είττεν νμίν. S Και εΕ,ελθούσαι ^ταχύ" 

they went out quick- ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ j^^^ having gone out quickly 

ly, and tied from the . ^ ^ ^ ^ -s ν n , ^ / \ 

sepulchre; for thty 'i(hvyov άτΓΟ TOV μνημείου' ειχεν^όε , αντάς τρόμος και 

trembled and were a- ^j^ ^^^j ^^.^^ ^^e tomb. And ^possessed ^them Hrembling ''and 

mazed: neither said ^^ •' ^,^\ >^\ιιτ '/3~ ' 

they anything to any ίκσταύΐς' και ουοενι ^ονοεν" iiTTOv, ίφοβονντο.γαρ.'^ 

man ; for they were ^amazement, and to no one anything they spoke, for they were afraid, 
ai^^i^i^• (lit. nothing) 

9 Now when Jesus 9 ^Άναστας.δε ττρωϊ ττρώτγ σαββάτον Ιφάνη πρώ- 

ivas risen early the Now having risen early [the] first [day] of the week he appeared first 

K'^ap^cared^'^'firS^io TOV MapioL TJj Μαγδαληνή, ^ά^'" ης εκβεβληκει έτττά δαιμό- 

Mary Magdalene, out to Mary the Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons. 

slvin d^viii ^ 10 A fd ^i«• 10 εκείνη^ πορενθεΊσα άττηγγειλεν τοις μετ αντον γε- 

she went and told She having gone told [it] to those who with him had 

Sdth him, '^a^ thi? νομενοις, ττενθοΰσιν και κλαίονσιν. 11 κάκεΊνοι άκονσαντες 

mourned and wept, been, [who were] grieving and weeping. And they hιa^'ing heard 

iiey tad*h7ard"tS ^^^ ^V '^«^ ^^^«^^ ^^' ^^^ήζ ήπ'ιστησαν. 12 Μετά.δε 

he was alive, and had that he is alive and has been seen by her disbelieved [it]. And after 

Uev^d^^not °* i2^After ταΰτα δνσίν ίζ αντών ττεριπατονσιν εφανερώθη εν ετέρα 

that he appeared in ^'^^^^'^ things to two of them as they walked he was manifested in another 

another form unto y^op^y^ 7Γ ορενο μεν οις είς aypov. 13 κάκ^ινοι άττελθόντες άτΓ- 

Jl^ked.anTwe^ntinto fo^m, going into [the] country ; ^ and they having gone 

the country. 13 And rjyyeiKav τοΐςλοιποίς' ονοε εκείνοις ετΓίστενσαν. 14:"Υστερον^ 

νΓΛΤι?Γ*^.^°^,,*° •* told [it] to the rest; neither them did they belTeve. Afterwards 

unto the residue : noi- ^ "■ , ■" '^ ^^ •' ^ 

ther believed they ανακεψενοις αντοΧς τοΤς ένδεκα εώανερώθη, και ώνεί- 

heT' iied^^to''th° as=reclined[^at*tahle]'.they to the elevoai he was manif ested> and ro- 

eieven as they sat at" ^tcTCv τήν.άττιστίαν.αϋτών καί σκληροκαρδίαν, οτι τοις 

r&eat, and upbraided preached their unbelief ' and hardness of heart, because Hhose ^who 

them -ivith their unbe- „ , ,,, / ή ' ■> - -if^'-r 

lief and hardness of οεασαμενοις avTuv εγηγεομενον ^ ουκ.ετΓίστευσαν. 15 Και είττεν 

heart, because they be- ^had ''seen ^him ^arisen Hhey ^believed ^not. And he said -ni^t them ^hich , ^ .^ ^, , ^ , „ ,^ , , 

had seen him after he α.υτοις^ ίίορεννεντες εις TOV κοσμον άπαντα κηρύξατε το ζναγ- 

was risen. 1δ And be to them, Having gone into Hhe ^world 'all proclaim the glad 

ο ,αι^ των LTr ; rrj μια των Τ Ρ μνήμα Τ. <1 άττο from I.Tr. "■ ανακ€κνΚισταί. ΤΓγΑ. 

• ίλθοΰσ-αι having gone a. » άλλα LTTrA. '' — ταχύ GLTTrAW. «^ γαρ for LTTr. 

s — ovSkv L. ? J- κατά Μάρκον according to Mark Tr ; [ον^.γγελιο^^ κατά Μάρ^οί' glad 

tidings acc->-;din;f ίο Mr/rk a. ' — verses 9 to 20 t[a]. - Trap' LTr. ^ ^ 8e and (3lie)L•. 

e + δέ and (after-vvurdo) LTr. ^ + U νβκρών froiii among [the] dead u 

I. L υ κ Ε. 145 

γελιον iracij rij κτίσει. 16 ύ τηστενσας και βαπτισθείς σωθήσε- ^^^^ ^^^'^ them, Go ye 

tidings to all the creation. He that believes and ii baptized shall be i^^^o blithe world, aad 

, -, 7 V r\, -.« «, preach the gospel to 

ται' υ.όε αττιστησας κατακριυ))σεται. 17 σημεια.οε τοΊς every creature. 16Η« 

saved, and he that disbelieves shall be coudemned. And ''signs Hhose *=that th-'^t belicvcth and is 

f ^ ~ Λ/τιΐ'~>/•/ ^ baptized shall be saved: 

-κιστενσασιν '^ταυτα τΓαρακολονθησει", εν τψ.υνοματι.μου cai- but he that bcUeveth 

'believe 'these "^shall ''follow : in my name de- °°*' ^^^^^ ^® damned. 

' 1 η \ ~ >' Λ\' f ~,^7 And these sipns 

μονια ίκμαΚονσιν' γλωσσαις λαλησονσιν^ ^καιναις'^^ shall follow them that 

mens they shall cast out; with "tongues ^they *shall "speak 'new • believe*; In my name 
TOO•"-! '~. «Λ' ' ' »'» shall they ca^t out de- 

IQS Οψεις αρονσιν καν βανασιμον τι πιωσιν ον.μή vils ; they shall speak 
serpents they shall take up ; and if -deadly ^anything they drink in no wi.^e 'v^'ith new tongue* ; 

^ντονς ^βλάφει"^ εττι αρρώστους χείρας ίπιθησονσιν, και ltr^^c7tstlnd^H^^^^^ 

them shall it injure; upon [the] infirm '^hauds ^they "shall ^lay, and drink any ^leadly 

t'^\r,^ c'i'/Mi/T.i, thing•, it shall not hurt 

ΚαΚως εξονσίν. t^eni; they shall lav 

*well 'they ^shall ^be. hands on the sick, auil 

19 "O μεν ovv κύριος^ μετά τόλαλήσαι αυτοϊς ^άνεΧη- ^^""^ ^^'^^'^'"'^''■ 
The -indeed ^therefore 'Lord aft€r speaking to them was taken 

, η II ' > ' ' « ' ' /» ' ? V ~ ^ r, ~ 19 So then after the 

φθη" εις τον ουρανον, και εκαϋισεν εκ όεξιων τον θεον Lord had spoken unto 

αρ into the heaven, and sat at [the] right hand of God. them, he was received 

i-,,. »~ ^^ ■< y ■\ η ' ■> ' y ~ ~-/ up into heaven, and 

"■ΖΌεκεινοι.ύε εξελϋοντες εκηρνξανττανταχον,του κνριονσυΐ'ερ- sat on the rijiht hand 

And they having gone forth preached everywhere, the Lord working of God. 20 And they 

<<Λ' 3/3 ~ ^^•^'>.^/^/ wcut forlh, aud 

γονντος, και τον KoyOV ρεραΐουντος Oia των εΤΤαΚολουθουν- preached every where, 

with [them], and the word coilfirming by the following ^upon the Lord working with 

™v σημύων. ' 'Αμί,,,." fCwo?d' SSi"SSS 

[*it] 'signs. Amen. foliowing. Ameu, 

™Τό κατά Μάρκον εύαγνέλιον." 
The ^according *to ^Mark ' 'glad -tidings. 



ΈΠΕΙΔΗΠΕΡ ποΧλοι επεχείρησαν άνατάξασθαι διηγησιν forasmuch as 

FORAiiML'CH AS many took in hand to draw up a narration many have taken in 

'''^'' "li". .■Z\'^^'^&T-^&.'il .-, '"^ ψ'"" '^ρο^γμά- ^^dfrTde'cfaiat'inS 
concerning the ^which ^have *been ^tully ^believed 'among ®U3 'mat- those things which are 

7-ων, 2 καθώς παρεδοσαν ημϊν oi απ άρχΓ/ς ^^^ ^"^f^ even^'ls 

ters, as• they delivered [them] to us, they ^from [*the] ^beginning tbey'^^elivered^^t'hem 

αυτόπται και νπηρ'εται -γενόμενοι του λόγου, ^ εΐοϊ,εν unto us, which from 

^eye-witnesses 'and «attendants 'having ^'been of the Word, it seemed good *^|^j^^|^g^"g"^^^,j'^^?^® 

κάμοί, παρηκολουθηκότι άνωθεν 'πάσιν ακριβώς, κα- inters of the word; 

also to me, having been acquainted from tha first with all things accurately, with ■} ^^^^^'^!^ &o° ° ™e 

θεζης σοι γράφαι^ κράτιστε Θεόφιλε^ 4 ίνα επιγνψς f(-cfc understanding of 

method to thee to write, most excellent Theophilus, that thou mightest know ^'^ things from the 
, N/ ^ > '\ '^^'■^ ^'^**^' *° write 

περί ών κατηχηθης Χογων την ασφαλειαν. unto thee in order, 

«concerning 'which «thou ^wast '"instructed =»of [Hhe] things 'the ^certainty. ^°^^ excellent Theo- 

r 'ΤΛ ' ) ~ t ' .-r,- /\ κ ~,i Λ» Ν ' ~ P^iilus, 4 that thou 

5 Εγενετο εν ταις'ημεραις ϊίρωοον °του^^ βασιλέως της mightest know the 

There was in the days ofHerod the king certainty of tho β 

,.,,, ,, , ,„ , , things, wherein thiu • 

Ιονόαιας ιερεύς τις ονόματι Ζαχαρίας, εξ . εφημερίας hast been instructed. 

of Judseg, a "priest 'certain, by name Zacharias, ' οϊ [the] course 5 THERE was in the 

> . η ' ^^'< >'~M' - η ' > ί ' ^^ «lays of Herod, the 

AjQia* και '^η.γννη.αυτον'^ εκ των θυγατέρων Ααρών, και το ting of Judsea, a cer- 

pfAbia, and his wife of the daughters of Aaron, and tain priest namc4 

* παρακολουθήσει ταΰτα L ; άκοΚονθήσει ταύτα Tr. ^ — καιναΐς Tr. S + καΙ ev ταΐζ 
χςρσίν and in the bauds Tr. ^ βλάψ-η should it injure GLTrAW. i + Ίησονζ Jesus LTr. 
^ ανεΚημφθη LTrA. • — Άμηΐ' E&LTrAV/. "» — To κατά Μάρκον evtuyyeXtov BGLTW ; 
Κατά MapKOU Tr ; ^vayydktov Kafa Μάρκον [a]. 

* Evayye\Lov ([Ευαγ. ] a) κατά AovKay GLIrAW ; κατά Αχ/νχατ' Τ. ^ — τον ΤΤγ[α]. 
* γυντι αντψ LTTrA. 

146 Λ Ο Τ Κ Α Σ. Ι 

Za.hari.-xs.ofthecoxirse opoLia αίιτης Έλισάβετ. 6 Ί)σαν2ε δίκαιοι αμφότεροι Ηνώ• 

of Abin : ami his wife ^^^ name Elizabeth. And they were ^just *both ' be-. 

was ot the daughters ^ ^ , ~ » -^ „ , 

of Aaroo, and her ttiov" tovOsov. ΤΓΟοενομενοι iv TTaoaiQ TttiQ tvToKaiQ και 

name was Elisabeth. , q ^j walking in all the commandments and 

6 And ι he V were botli «, - •„ η ^ ' r ' - 

risihteous "before God, ξικαιώμασιν Tov Kvpiov αμεμτΓΤΟΐ. 7 κα,ί ουκ.ην αντοις 

walkin;,' in all the ordinances of the Lord blameless. And there was not to them 

commantlihents and , ' , , ,_ _. .. ^ » ' . ' 

ordinances of the Lord rsKvov, KadoTL' ^η Ελισαβετ ηι^" στΕίρα^ και αμφότεροι ττρο- 

blamcle-ss. 7 And they a ihild, inasmuch as Elizabeth ■ was ' barren, ami both ad- 

had no child, because ^ ^ , , ^»/ ,^-y o'-n' ^»' 

that Elisabeth was βεβηκοτΕς tv ταις.ϊψεραις.αντων ήσαν. » Ε-γενετο.οε m 

barren, and they both .yanced in their days were. And it came to pass in 

S^'^yeTrs.'''^8Ynd ^it τψΜρατενειν.αντον εν τι) τάζει τηςΛφημερίας.αντον έναντι^ 

came to pass, that fTilfiUing his priestly service in tke order ' of his course , before • 

^Xili^mcTlif^l rov θεού, 9 ι^ατά το εθος τής^ ϊερατείας, ελαχεν 

God ih the order of his God, • according to the custom of the priestly service, it fell to him by lot 

the"cu8^m'°'S°^the του θνμιίΐσαι είσελθών εις τον vabv τον κυρίου' 10 κα\ 

priest's ofl&ce, his lot to burn incense, having entered into the temple of the Lord, And 

whence wTntinYo'ihe ττάν TO ' ττΧηθος ^οΰ λαοΰ iV ττβοσενχόμενον εζω tjj ώρ^ 

temple of the Lord. all the multitude of the people were praying without at the hour 

'^u.Λ^'o^^^itv^^^^^^W^^l•^^roς,Uω^^^ αύτψ άγγελος κυρίου, ί- 

wore praying withoat of incense. And ^appeared ''to ''him 'an -angel ^of L' the] "Lord, stand- 

at the time of incense στώο tfc δείιών τοΰ Θυσιαστηρίου του θυμιάματος' 12 και 

inttti':r?nlXfi^g at [the] right of^h., altar ^ ^ ^ ofiuceLe. _ ^and 

και φόβος επεπεσεν επ αύτόν7 

him], and fear fell upon him. 

Zacharias saw IS ^ Bl^Ev.c ε ττρος avTov 6 άγγέλος, Μ-ή-φοβοΐι, Ζαχαρία' 

unto Ίΐιτη an augei υχ -"β ••- ι- j --ο^-•- 

the Lord standing on Ι,ταοάγθη Ζαχαρίας ίοών, riffht side of the . .j '^, ,'iw \ "■ • • rsu- 

altar of incense. J2 And *^-as troubled 'Zacharias -seeing [ hi 

But ^said ''to °him ^the ^angel. Fear not, Zacharias, 


him, he was troubled 

and fear fell upon him. ^ , , - , t r ■ > , r, 

u But the angel said SioTi είσηκούσθη η.οεησίς.σου, και η.γννη.σον Ελισάβετ γεν- 

luno him, Fear not because has been heard thy supplication, and thy wife Elizabeth shall 

Zacharias : for thy ^ ^ ^ ' c \ » , ~ . / 

prayer is heard; and νήσει viov σοι, και κολεσεις το.ονομα.αυτοΰ ^ Ιωαννην.'^ 

thy wife Elisabeth ^^^^ ^ g^^ ^^ ^γ^ ^^^^ tj^o^ sj^^i^ call his name John, 

shall Dear thee a son, ,» •/ >»λ\' > nn^'v•» 

and thou Shalt caΉ his 14 καί εσται χαρα σοι και αγαλλίασις, και ττοΧΧοι. επι ry 

name John. 14, And And he shall he joy to thee and exultation, and many . at 

thou shalt have ]oy , •, ,, , ^ , ■ '-, c " y ' » ' 

and gladness; and '^γεννήσει .αυτου χαρήσονται. 15 εσται.γαρ μέγας ενωττιον 
many shall rejoice at bis birth shall rejoice. For he shall be great befoo-e 

his birth. 15 For he . .o,, , , -^ , , , - , , , 

shall be great in the Υου" κνριου' και oivov και σικερα ον.μη TTiy, και 

sight of the Lord, and the Lord; and wine and strong drink in no wise shal! he drink, an* 

shall drink neither , y > \ n' » ■> \' 

wine nor strong drink; ττνείψατος αγιου 7Γλησβ7]σεται ετι εκ κοιλίας μητους 

and he shall be filled with [the] ^Spirit 'Holy . he shall be filled even from [the] womb ^motker 
with the Holy Ghost, , -'^ , λλχ -v .~>, .^) /i-j, 

even from bis mother's αυτου. lo και πολλονς Των νιων 1σρα})λ επιστρέψει επι 

womb. 16 And many 'Of ^is. And many of the sons of Israel shall he turn to' [the] 

of the children of Is- / ^ η ^ > >. -, η ^ > > \ ' 5 ' 

raei shall he turn to Kvpiov τον.θεον.αυτων. 17 και αυτος προελευσεται ενώπιον 

the Lord their God.' Lord , their God. And he -shall go forth before 

17 And he shall cro be- » ~ » / > ?> / u<tt\ ' i: ' ' t ^' 

fore him in the spirit ^ιυτου εν πνιυματι και όυναμει '^ ήλιου, επιστρε\ραι καρδίας 

and power of Elia&, to him in [the] spirit and power of Elias, to turn hearts 

fatheiito'ihYchiidren! 7Γ<^τερων επί τ'εκνα, ■ και άπειθείς εν φρονήσει δι- 

and the disobedient to of fathers to children, and [the] disobedient to [the] wisdom - of [the] 

to mTike ready ipiopfe f^^^^^ έτοιμάσαι κυριψ λαον κατεσκευασμ'ενον. 18 Krti 

lirepared for the Lord, righteous, to make ready for [the] Lord a people prepared. And 

infoTLϊn^eY^vhore- E^TTf J/ Ζαχαρ/ας ττρός TOV αγγελον, Κατά ri γνώσομαι τοΰτο', 

by shall I know this ? ''^^^'^ 'Zacharias to the angel. By what shall I know this ? 

SiV Ty^'Vfe TeU ^7^-γ4ρ «ί>ι πρεσβύτης, καί ή.γυνή.μου 7Γροβεβ)]κυ'ια εν ταΧς 

Btrickun in vears. ^°^ ^ ^^ an. old man, and my wife advanced in 

lwi"4ia!dumohi^' νμ^οαις.αύτής. 19 Και αποκριθείς υ άγγελος έΐπ^ν αυτψ, 

' her days. And -''answering 'the ^angel said to him, 

^ evavriov TTrA. e f^,^ ή (— ή L[Tr]) Έλισάβετ LTTrA. <" ην τον λαοΟ OLTTrAW. 

Κ Ίωάιαιι/ Τγ. ^ γει/εσει uLTTrAW. » — τοΰ {read [the]) GTfTrJv ^ Ήλο'α τ. 

Γ. LUKE. 147 

Ενώ ειμί ΓαβρϋήΧ 6 7Γαρεστηκ:ώς Ινώπιον του θεού' καΙ J '^^ Gabriel, that 

I am Gabriel, who sUnd before God, and '^'^/n'^ .'"^ ^'"ί i'^''^"^''•^^ 

αττεσταΧην λαλησαί προς σε, και ευαγγεΧίσασθαί σοι ^^ spo:ik unto thee, 

I was sent to speak to thee, and to announce "glad ^tidings *to'nhee ^'i'^ to ; hew thee these 

, ,- , „ ^ , , ^ / V glad tidings. 20 And, 

ταύτα, zi) και icov, εσy σιωπών και μη ενναμενοςΧαλήσαι hehoid, thou shait be 
'these : and lo, thou shalt be silent and not able to ^peak «liimb, and not able to 

„ - , , , ~ .A'~>»' speak, until the day 

αχρι ης.ημερας γενηται ταντα'. ανθ .ών ονκ.επιστενσας that these things shall 

till the day in which shall take place these things, because thou didst not believe ^® performed, because 

^^, tr ΛΛ' »> .,~ '^'^ou believest not my 

τοιςΛογοις.μον^ οιτινες πΚηρωυησονται εις• τον. καιρόν. αντων. words, which shall be 

my words, which sliall be fulfilled in their season. fulfilled in their sea- 

esi V ^ f ' \ ^ ^ ~ ' r, ' ''n'y» ^'^^• 21 And the people 

zl Και ήν ο λαυςπροσόοκωντονΔαχαριαν- καιεϋαυμαζονεν waited for Zacharias, 

Ajad^wereHhe -people expecting Zacharias, and they wondered at and marvelled that he 

,y > V ■ » ~ ~ cirt '^ Λ/Ί ' ~< ' Ί ' ?" II tarried so long in the 

τφ.χρονιζειν.αντον εν τφ ναφ. Ζ'Ζ εί,ελυων.οε ο υ κ. Ί] δυνατό'^ temple. 22 And when 

his delaying in the temple. But having come out he was not able he came out, he could 

Λ \ ~ > ~ \ •> / ti } ' If , not speak unto them: 

ΧαΧησαι αυτοις' και επ^γνωσαν on υπτασιαν εωρακεν εν and they perceived 

to speak to them, and they recognized that a vision he has seen - in that he had seen a 

τφ vaxp' και αυτός ^v ,ζιανεΰων αύτοίς, καΐ δάμενεν κωφός. for'hVbec?onid"iinto 

the temple. And he was making signs to them, and continued dumb, them, and remained 

23 και iyεvετo ως επΧησθησαν αί ημεραι της Χειτουργίας c^f irpas? ttat- as 

And it came to pass, when were fulfilled the days ^service soon as the days of his 

avrov άπηΧθεν εΙς τόν. οίκον. αύτον. SSpSrhe'depart: 

'of -=hiH he departed to his house. ed to his own bouse. 

24 Μετά-οέ ταύτας τάς ημέρας σννίΧαβεν ΈΧισάβετ ή 24 And after those 

Now after these days *conceived 'Elizabeth days his wife Elisabeth 

\ > ~ \ '0''~ ' \' conceived, and hid her- 

■γννη.αντου, και περιεκρυρεν εαυτην μήνας πέντε, Χεγουσα, self five months, say- 

"his/'wife, and hid herself .-months 'five, saying, ' ing, 25 Thus hath the 

25''θτι.ουτως μοι πεποί7]κεν ""o'^ κύριος εν ημεραις αίς S^the days^Sn'he 

Thus, to me has done the Lord in [the] days in which looked on me, to take 

επεΊδεν άφεΧεϊν ""τό'.ό^ειδός.μου^ kv άνθρώποις. ^'^η^^β^Γ^'*'''"^ *' 

he looked upon [me] to take away my reproach among men. 

26 Έν.δε τφ μηνι τφ ϊκτφ άπεστάΧη δ άγγεΧος ΤαβριήΧ ^^4°?ι,?,Ϊ^Γ g£ 

And in the mouth the Sixth was sent the angel Gabriel . briel was sent from 

°ύπΟ" τοϋθεοϋ εις πόΧιν της ΓαΧιΧαιάς, y όνομα ΡΝα- gauiee" named '^aza? 

by God to a city of G-alilee, whose name [was] Na- ^^.^]^ ^27 to a virgin 

ζαρίτ," 27 προς παρθενον ^μεμνηστενμενην^^ avcpi φ όνομα ^^lo^e^^name was^o^ 

zareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man Avhose name ggpj^ q^ ^j^g hou-;e of 

Ίωσηφ, εζ οϊκυυ '"Δαβί^•" και το όνομα της παρθένου D-iyid; and the vir- 

[was] Joseph, of [the] house 'of David, and the name of the virgin ΙΓνηΤί^ε an"-el came 

Μαριάμ. 28 και είσεΧθών ^6 άγγεΧος^^ προς αυτήν *■ είπεν. iu unto her, and said, 

[was] Mary. And ^coming Hhe ^angel ^ to . Oier ^said. g-jfey^'f^at^^^eX ?he 

ΧαΓρε, κεχαριτωμενί]' ό κύριος μετά σου,'' εύΧογη μένη Lord is with thee: 

Hail, [thou] favoured one ! the Lord [is] with thee, blessed [art] blessed art thou a- 

Λ » 'II r» « <Nv >Tv ~ \ / , i T^V'ng vfomen. 29 And 

σν εν γυναιζιν." 29 Η.ϋε ^ιοονσα" ^διεταραχθη επι Avhen shesawA/m, she 

thou amongst women. But she seeing [him], was troubled at "^'^^ troubled at his 

~Λ' >~ii ^^^'v y V t> « saying and cast m her 

r φ.Χογφ. αυτού," και οιεΧογιζετο ποταπός ειη ο ασπασμός mind what manner of 

his word, and was reasoning of what kind might be ^salutation salutation this should 

r «r> -rr « r ■ " >■ ' ~ τ.^ ' , /^f - τ.^ ' be. 30 And the angel 

ύντος. 30 Και ειττει^ ο αγγεΧος airy, Μη.φοβον, Μαριάμ' said unto her, Fear 

'this. And =*said 'the ^angel to her. Fear not, Mary, not, Mary : for thoa 

r » ' i~/i~r»i y "^ ' -σ \\ ' I n hast found favour 

ενρες.γαρ χάριν πάρα τφ υεφ' 61 και ιό ου, 'συΧληψψ viih God. 3ΐ And, be- 

ίοΓ thou hast found favour with God; and lo, thou shalt conceive hold, thou shalt cou- 

» . ^ I ^ t , > Λ ' ^ " > ~ ceive in thy womb, 

εν γαστρι και τεξ-^ νιον, και καλέσεις το.υνομα.αυτου , and bring forth a son, 

in [thy] womb and bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name and shalt call his name 

' eSvVaTO LTTrA. •° — ό {ΤΖΟ^ά [the]) LTXriA]. ° — TO ΤΧτ[α]. <> άπο from ΤΤγΑ. 

Ρ Ν(χζχρ4β LTW. ^ ^μνΎ\στζν)χέντΐ]ν LTTr. ■" Δαυειδ LTXrA ," i^avt^ GW. » — ό ayyeAos 

τ[τγ]α. * + ό ayyeAo? the angel τ. " — evAoyn^eVn συ h' "^νναιξίν τ[Τγ]α. "" — ΐόοϋσα 
uTTrA » επΙ τώ λόγω διεταράχβτ^ GTTrA. > vv<J^TiiiJ.^r] LlIrA. 



JESUS, 32 He shall *ΐη(τον^. 32 οντος tarai μεγΛς, καΐ.ν'ιος νφ'ισταυ κληΘησζ- 

be great, and shall be j^^us. He shall be great, and Sou of [the] llighest shall be be 

called the Son of the ' ' , ~ / « /i ^ ^ η ' » a o' τ«ιι 

Highest: and the Lord 7-α,• καί δώσει αυτφ ιορίοςυθευςτυνΰρυνον^ΔαΙόιό'' 

God shall give unto ^^^^^ . and *shall ^give ^ιίια [Hhel ^Lord =God the throne of D.ivid 

him the thrpno of his ' , , „ .-_ \ r-> ^' i\\ -r >» »d> 

father David: 33 and τού.ττατρυς.αυτου, '03 και μασιΧευση tin τον οίκον Ιακωμ εις 

ho shall reign over the ^,ί^ father ; and he shall reign over the house of Jacob to 

ev^rt and oftrs king- rovQ αιώνας, καΐ τής.βασΐλείας.αϋτοΰ ουκ.'ίσται τέλος, 

dom there shall be no ^^e ages, and of his kingdom there shall not be an end. 

^ivj ηηίοΐϊΓαηϊ? 34 ΈίττενΜ Μαριάμ ττρος τον άγγελον, Πώς εσται τοΰτο εττεί 

How shall this be, sec- But =said 'Mary to tho augel. How shall "be Hhis since 

S^inTthe^'angeTani άνδρα ού.γινώσκω ; 35 Και άτΓοκριΘεΙς 6 άγγελος είπεν alny, 

swerod and said unto a man I know not? And answering the angel said to her, 

shTnTome''Sn?hei ϋνευμα άγιον επελεΰσεται Ιττι aj, και δνναμις {ηρίστου 

and the power of the [The] ^'Spirit 'Holy shall come upon thee, and power of [the] Highest 

S;w\hei\herS; ετΓίσκιάσει aof δώ καΐ το γεννώ μενον-ίίγιον κλ.',θ/,- 

also that holy thing shall overshadow thee ; wherefore also the =boru holy thing shall be 

tti\V.uL''c\ueTtie >£r^ ^'^ος θεού. 36 καΙΙδον/ΈΧισάβετ η.^συγγενης^^.σου και 

sin of God! 36 And! oalled Son of God. And lo, Elizabeth thy kinswoman =also 

behold thy cousin ^ « '^σννειληφνΤα^^ ν'ών εν ^γηρα'.αύτης' και ούτος μην 

SsTconceived a son ^she has conceived a son in ' h^r old age, and- this [the] =month 

in her old age: and ^' ^ ^^^|j, ^,'^»-^ ^^ καλονμ'ενίΊ στείρα' 37 ΟΤΙ ουκ άδυνα- 

^^tV'ierwL'wS 'sixth is tohe^whO[was] called ^ ' barren ; ^ for not ^shall^be 

called barren. 37 For ^^(yg^ τταοά ^TW θεώ" τΓΛΐ^ ρήμα, 38 Έίττεν.δε Μαριάμ, 

Mary said, Behold the , , , , ^ ,. (.«Γ. every; ^ , , ,. , 

handmaid of the Lord; l6ov, 7} δονλη KvpioV γενοιτο μοί κατα το.ρημα.ϋον. 
be it unto me accord- Behold, the bondmaid of [the] Lord ; » be it to me according to thy word, 
ing to thy word. And „ , , ~λ λ > ' » ~ « " -\ 

the angel departed Kai αττηλθεν απ αντης Ο άγγελος. 

from her. And departed from her the angel. 

39 Άναστασα.δε Μαριάμ εν ταΐς.ημεράις.τανταις εττορενθη 

And ^rising ^ρ 'Mary in those days went 

in^iote''da^,\^dwent ^'C T^v 6ρειν7)ν μετά στΓονδής, Είς ττόλιν Ίονδα, 40 και 

into the hill country into the hill-country with haste, to a city of Judah, and 

5?udr*40^d°enteS "'σ^λθεν εις τον οίκον Ζαχαρίον και ήσττάσατο την 'Ελισάβετ. 

ed into 'the' house of entered into the house of Zacharias and saluted Elizabeth. 

Eifs^abe'th' ^Ai Α^ϊ^ΐ ^^ '^^* εγένετο ώς ήκονσεν ^ή 'Ελισάβετ τον άσττασμυν τής 

came to' pass, °hat, And it came to pas§ as ''heard ^Elizabeth the salutation 

when Elisabeth heard Μ,αοίαο.^^ 'εσκίοτησεν TO βρΈφος 'iv τν.κοιλία.αύτης' και ίττληηθη 

Srb\i:rid?i^;ofMW.;' neU ^ Hhe^^iaLSn herwU;/' and "W ^filled 

^^^^iin*^"^ Elisabeth ττνενματος άγίον :) 'Ελισάβετ^ 42 και άνεφώνησεν ^^wi^y" 

H^y Ghost ^^42 and *with [Hhe] 'Spirit °Holy Elizabeth, and cried out with a ^^voice 

she spake out with a μ,^γαλη Koi είπεν, Ευλογημένη συ sv γνναιζίν, και ενλο- 

loud voice, and said, '^ ^^^^ ' ^^^ ^^^^ Blessed [art] thou among women, and blcss- 

Blessed art thou a- ^ , ^^ , °, 

mong women, and γημ&νος Ο καρτΓος τήο.κοιλιας.σον. 43 και πόθεν μοι τοΰτο, 

blessed χλ the fruit of g^ t^g fj-uit of thy womb. And whence to me this, 

thy womb. 43 And „ , , ί , / κ n ,^ y , 

■R-hence is this to me, iva tXOy η μητηρ του.κνριον.μον προς '^με ; 44 ιδον.γαρ, 

that the mother of my ^^^^^ should come the mother of my Lord to me ? For lo, 

Lord should come to , , , < , ^ , ^ , , _ , , , 

ms ? 44 For, lo, as soon ως εγενετο η φωνή τον.ασπασμον.σον εις τα.ώτα.μον εσκιρ- 

RS the _ voice of thy ^g came the Toice of thy salutation into mine ears, leap- 

salutation sounded in 5»'>\/ ^>' m' ->' 

mine ears, the babe Γϊ/σεν *tv αγαλλιάσει TO ρρεφος εν Ty. κοιλία. μου. 46 κται 

leaped in my womb for ed in exultation the babe in my womb ; and 

joy. 45 And blessed is , , > ,i „ ^ , 

aho that believed : for μακάρια η πιστενσασα, ΟΤΙ εσται τεληωσις τοις 

thfire shall bo a perfor- blessed [is] she who. believed, for there shaU be a fulfilment to the things 

mance of those things > > χ ' > ~ > 

which were told her λελαλημενοις avry πάρα κνριου 

from the Lord. spoken to her from [the] Lord . 

» Δανείδ LTTiA ; Δαυίδ GW. » + [εκ σού] of thee L. ^■σvyyev^ς LTW. ° συι^ει'λη- 

φ€ί> Tr. ^ y7pei OLTTrAW. « τοϋ θ.ον TTrA. ^ τον ασπα(τμΌν τής Μαρία? ή Έλισά^οτ 

Ι,ΤΤγΑ. S xpavyij with a 'cry ΤΤγΑ. ^ εμέ τ. i TO βρέφος kv ayakkiaaei C\V. 

I. LUKE. 149 

46 Καί είττεν Μαριάμ, ΜεγαΧύνει η^νχη-μον τον κνριον, Mt^otfdotimn4^T 

And said Mary, ^'Magnifies »my ^soul the Lord, ^^^Q l^j.^^ 47 ,^^^ ^^^ 

47 icrti ήγαλλίασεν τό.ττνενμά.μον εττι τφ θεω τφ.σωτηρΊ.μον' ^^^ψ ^°-}^ rejoiced in 

J J 1^ J 1 2 ' ■ ■^' • '^ /-I 1 ο • GodmySavioui•. 48J^ur 

and ^ -exulted ^ »my ^spirit ^ m ^God^ my Saviour.^ ^ he hath regarded the 

48 OTL έττε/θλεψει^ εττί rZ/l•' ταττείνωσιν της-δον\7]ς.αύτοΰ' ιδού low estate of his hand- 

For he looked upon the humiliation of his bon imaid ; =lo ^om^^'e^p^e'for'ti^Si 

γάρ, από τον.ννν μακσριοϋσίν.με ττάσαι αϊ γεί'εαί. 49 'ότι generations shall call 

^for, from henceforth ^wiU-*count "me "^blessed *all ^generations. For i^^Ji'^^ed^-' ^'^f he 

, , / 1 II « ^ ' \ rr y » *^** ^^ mighty hath 

ίτΓοίησεν μοι ''μεγαλεία" ο δυνατός, και αγιον το όνομα done to mo great 

*has =done Ho 'me 'groat ^things Hhe ^mighty ^one, and holy [is] ''name things ; and holy is his 

» ~ \ \ ,1 , ~ > ( 1 ~ 11 ~ name. 50 And his 

αντου' δΟ και τυ.ίΧεος.αντον εις γεί'εας ^γενεών' τοΙς mercy « on them that 

'his ; and his mercy [is] to generations of generations to those fear him from genera- 

- , ,,_,,, / > /D ' > ~ tioii to gener.ation, 

φορονμενοις αυτον^ 51 εποιησεν κράτος εν ρραχιονι.αυτου' 5ΐ He hath shewed 

fearing him. He wrought strength with his arm, strength with his .arm; 

. , , , 5> , ^, , ^ he hath scattered the 

ύιεσκορτΓίσεν νττερηφανονς oiavotq. καρΰίας.αυτων. proud in the imagina- 

he scattered [the] haughty in [the] thought of their heart. tion of their hearts. 

ir'^ η ->. ^ ' y ^ rt ' » " / / 52 He hath put down 

oz καυειλεν όνναστας αττο ϋρονων, και υψωσεν ταττεινονς. the mighty from ίΛβι> 

He put down rulers from thrones, and exalted [the] lowly: seals,and exalted them 

en ~ ''Λ »Λ~ » Λ ~ of low degree. 53 Hb 

53 ττεινωί^τας ενεπΚησεν αγαθών, και ττλοντονντας hath filled the hungry 

[the] himgry he filled with good things, and [the] rich with good things ; ■ and 

εζαπεστειλεν κενούς. 54 άντελάβετο Ισραήλ τταιδος αυτόν, empty ^away.'^'^ 54 ^Ηθ 

he sent away empty. He helped Israel ''servant ^his, hath holpon his ser- 

μνησθήναι έλέοί^ς, 55 καθώς ελάλησεν ττρός τους ^r'rnc?'of ftS mTrcy 1 
[in order] to remember mercy, according as ho spoke to 55 as he spake to our 

ιτατερας.ήμών, τφΆβραάμ και τψ.σπερματι.αύτοϋ -"εις τον an?To his^s^ef^f'S 

our fathers, to Abraham and to his seed for ever. 56 And Mary a- 

αιώνα.' δ6"¥ψεινεν.δε Μαριάμ σνν avTy "ώσει'ΐ μήνας τρεΧς, J^^e'e SoSth^'ani °1- 

ever. And '^abode ^Mary with her about ^months 'three, turned to her own 

«rat υττεστρε-ψεν εις τον. οίκον. αυτής. house. 

and returned to her house. 

57 ΎΊ).ϋε:Έ\ισάβετ επλήσθη 6 χρόνος του.τεκεΧν.αντην, ^j ^^^ Elisabeth's 

iiow to Elizabeth was fulfilled the time that she should bring forth, full time came that she 

και Ιγεννησεν υ'ιόν 5S και ήκονσαν οι περίοικοι και οι σνγ- aShe brougi« f ortii 

and she bore a son. And ^heard 'the -neighbours and ^kins- ^ sou. 58 And her 

γενείς αυτής οτι ψεγάλυνεν κύριος το.ελεος.αυτοΰ μεν' J.tffns^Ld'how ?he 

folk %er that ^was "magnifying ['the] =Lord his mercy with Lord had shewed great 

αυτής, και συνεχαιρον avTy. odKai εγ'ενετο ίν ry ^ογδό^ ^^^J^^^^^^^^^^^^^}^ 

her, and they rejoiced with her. And it came to pass on the eighth 59 And it came to pass 

ημερ^}^ ηλθον περιτεμεΊν το παιδίον και εκάλουν αυτό Ι^Ι^ °^^^^ Ιί^^}^^^^, 

day they came to circumcise the little child, and were calling it cisethe child • and they 

ίΤΓί τφ ονόματι τοΰ.πατρός.αύτοϋ Ζαχαρ'ιαν. βΟ και άπο- called him Zacharias, 

after the name of his father Zacharias. ^ And ^^an- ^f^^^^^^e nan^e^of his 

κριθεΧσα η.μήτηρ.αντον είπεν. Ουχί, άΧΚά κληθήσεται ^Ίωάν- mother answered and 
swering "his ^mother said,' No; but he shall be called ^ John. ^^^'jJi ^^f Ji^^^'i.n" 

i^iic." 61 Και ΊείτΓον" προς αύτην,'Ότι ουδείς εστίν Ίν Ty 6ΐ And they said unto 

And they said tS her. ^ Ko one is .oaong the her, Th^ei^^i. none of 

συνγενεί«" σου ος καλείται τφ.ονόματι.τοντφ. 62 Ένενευον called by this name. 

kin^olk of thee who is called by this name. -They 'made -signs f ^ ^°f ^^^^ζ^"^^ J^^w^'^l 

0ε τφ.πατρί. αυτοί) τό.τί άν.θελοι καλεΐσθαι ^αυτον. would have him called. 

'and to his father [as to] what he might wish ''to -^be "called 'him. 63 And he asked for a 

„ , ^ , ^^,_ , II writing table, ana 

63 και αιτησας πινακίδων εγραψεν, λέγων, ^ Ιωάννης vn-ote, saying. His 

And having asked for a writing tablet he ^vrote, saying, John name is John. And 

,,, , /j^'A'nf» tl^ey marvelled alL 

εστίν ^το^^.ονομα.αντον' και εθαυμασαν πάντες. ο4 Ανεψχυη.ύε &4 And his mouth was 

is his name. And they -wondered 'all. And was opened opened immediately, 

k μεγάλα LTxi^ 1 /cal yei/ea? and generations TTiA. «" έως αΙωνο<; G. •> ώ? LTTr. 

ο ί/μερα τ^ όγδότ? LTTrA. Ρ Ίωάιο}? Tr. 1 dirav TTr. ' « της (Tvyyei'etas from among 

the kinsfolk LXXrA. " αυτό it lttia. * — το τγ[α]. 


and his tong^ie loosed, 
and he spake, and 
pr.-.iscd God. 65 And 
fear oame on all that 
dwelt round about 
them : and all those 
sayings were noised 
abroad througliout all 
the hill country of Ju- 
divn. 66 And all they 
thiit heard t/iem laid 
them up in their hearts, 
sayintr, What manner 
of" child shall this be I 
And the hand of the 
Lord was with him. 

67 And his father 
Zacharias was filled 
with the Holy Ghost, 
an 1 prophesied, say- 
ing•, 63 Blessed be the 
Lord God of Israel ; 
for he hath visited and 
redeemed his people, 

69 and hath rai ed up 
an horn of salvation 
for us in the house of 
his servant David ; 

70 as he spake by the 
mouth of his holy pro- 
phets, which have been 
since the world began : 

71 that we should be 
saved from our ene- 
mies, and from the 
Land of all that Ijato 
as ; 72 to perform the 
mercy pi'ornised to oiir 
fathers, and to remem- 
ber his holy covenant ; 
73 the oath which ho 
Bware to our father 
Abraham, 74 that he 
would grant unto us, 
that we being• deliver- 
ed out of the hand of 
our enemies might 
serve him without 
fear, 75 in holiness and 
righteousness before 
him, all the days of our 
life. 76 And thou, child, 
Bhalt l>e called the pro- 
phet of the Highest : 
for thou shalt go before 
the face of the Lord 
to . prepare his ways ; 
77 to give knowledge 
of salvation untp his 
people by the remission 
of their sins, 78 through 
the tender mercy of 
our God ; whereby the 
dayspring from on 
high hath ■visited us, 
79 to give light to them 
that sit in darkness 
and in the rhadow of 
death, to guide our feet 



το.στόμα.αύτοϋ τταφαχρημα και η.γΧώσαα.αντον, και 

his mouth immediately and his tongue [loosed], and 

ίλάλει εύλογων τον θεόν. G5 Και ίγενετο Ιπι πάντας φόβος 

he spoke, blessing God. And "came ^pon *all ' 

τους περιοικονντας αντονς' και tv oXy ry ' ορεινή της 

those who dwelt around them ; and in =whole Hhe hill-counrry 

Ιουδαίας διελαΧεΐτο τταντα τά.ρηματα.ταΰτα' 6G και 

of Judaea ''were ^being ^talked 'of . ' ^all -these things. And 

εθεντο ττάντες οϊ άκονσαντες εν ry.KapSii^.avTwv, λί- 

*laid ['them] ^up 'all ^\vho •''heard in their heart, say- 

γοντες, Ύί άρα το.παώ'ιον.τοντο εσται; Και ^ χ?ϊρ 

ing. What then -this "ΊΙΙίΙο ^child ^ will ■'be? And [the] hand 

Kvp'lov ήν μετ αντον. 

of [the] Lord was -with him. 

67 Krti Ζαχαρίας 6. πατήρ, αν τον εττλησθΐ] ττνευματος 

And Zachai-ias his father was filled .with [the] -.Spirit 

ay'iov, και ^προεφητενσ^ν,^^ \ίγ(.ον, 68 Έύλογητός κύριος 6 

'Holy, and prophesied, saying, Blessed be [the] Lord the 

θεός τον 'Ισραήλ, οτι επεσκεφατο και επο'ιησεν λύτρωσιν 
God of Israel, because he looked upon and -wrought ^redemption 

τψ-λαψΜντον' 69 και ηγειρεν κέρας σωτηρίας ημίν Ιν ^τψ* 

for his people, and raided up a horn of salvation for us in the 

οϊκψ '^Ααβιδ^^ '^τον^^.τταιδυς.αύτον' 10 καθώς ελάλησεί' dia 

house of David his servant ; according as he spoke by [the] 

στόματος των ayiojv ^τώΊ^^^.άττ'.αΐώνος προφητών αύτου' 

mouth ^holy ^since ^time 'began ^prophets 'of -his ; 

71 σωτηριαν εζ . εχθρών.ημών και εκ χειρός πάντων 

salvation from our enemies and from [the] hand of all 

των μισονντων ημάς' 72 ποιήσαι έλεος μετά των πάτερων 

those who hate vis ; to fulfil mercy with '"fathers 

ι'ΐμών, και μνηϋθήναι διαθήκης αγίας αντον ^ 73 ορκον ον 

'our, and to remember ^covenant -holy 'his, [the] oath which 

ώμοσεν προς 'Αβραάμ τον.πατ'ερα.ημών^ τον δούναι ημίν 

he swore to Abraham our father, to give us [ihatj 

74 άφόβως εκ χ^φός '^τών^^.εχθρών.^ήμών^^ ρνσθεντα;ς, 

vrithout fear out of [the] hand of our enemies being saved, 

λατρενειν αύτφ 7.5 εν οσιότητι και δικαιοσύνη ενώπιον αυτού 

we should serve him in holiness and righteousness before him, 

πάσας τάς ημέρας ^τής.ζωής^'.ήμών. 76 Και σν^, παιδίον, 
all the d.ays of our life. And thou, little child, 

προφήτης ν-φίστον κληθήσ^' προπορεύσ^.γάρ προ 

prophet of [the] Highest shalt be called ; for thou shalt go before [the] 

77 τον δούναι 
ί,ο give 

γνώσιν σoJτηpίaς τψ.λαψ.αντού tv άφεσει άμαρτιών.αύτών, 

faiowledge of salvation to his people in remission of their sins, 

78 διά σπλάγχνα ελεούς θεού.ήμών, εν οΐς επεσκ'ΐ-φατο 

through [the] ' bowels of compassion of our God, in which has visited 

ημάς ανατολή ε'ζ νφηνς, 79 επιφάναι τοΙς εν • σκότει 

us [the] day-spring from on high, to ehine upon those ^in ^darkness 

και σκιφ θάνατον καθημενοις' τον κατενθύναι τους 

*and 'in [®the] "shadow ^of ''death 'sitting ; to direct 

πρόσωπον κνριον ετοιμασαι οΰονς.αυτον 

face of [the] Lord to prepare his ways ; 

+ yap (read For also) LTTrA. 

» Δαν€ΐδ LTTrA ; Δαυίδ GW. » — του LTTrA 

«* — -ημών {read of [our] enemies) [L]TTrA. 
' 4- δέ also TXrA. 

€προφ•ητ€νσ€ν LTTrA. 

y — τώ {read [the]) LTTrA- 

των TTrA. 

των LTTrA. 

® — T^s iwfjs {read all our days) GLTTrAW. 

MT. . LUKE. 101 

ττόδας.ημών εις b^ov εΐοηνης, 80 Τυ.^έ παιίί'ον nvtaviv ipto the way of peace, 

ourfcoc into [the] way of peace. ^ And the'little chiW ^ grew ai^^^aSd βίίίηΤΓή 

Krai itcparaiovro ΤΓνεύματι' και yv kv ταΊς Ιρημοις ϊως spirit, and was iu the 

and was strcusthened in spirit ; and he was in the deserts until [the] ^V'*'^''^^ ^^}^ *^^ day of 

. , , ^ , , , , , ^ his shewing unto le- 

Ίΐμίρας avaceii,swg.avTOv ττρυς τον Ισραήλ. raeL 

(Uiy of his shewiDg to Isr ^el. 

2 Έγενετο.όε tv ταΐς.ημεραις.ίκείναις εζήλθεν δόγμα Π• And it came to 
And ic came to pa,ss in those days ^went *out 'a •'decree P^ss in those days, that 

, Tr ' . . ' . 'Λ ~ , there went out a de- 

τταρα Καίσαρος Αιιγονστον, απογραψεσθαι ττασαν την cree from Casar Α\ι- 

from Ciesar Augusrus, that should be registered all the ' Rustus, that alL the 

' Λ " o• < 1 » . ' h ' > » II < world should be taxed, 

οικονμενην 2 αντηβη.αττογοαφη ^πρωτη εγενετο" ηγε- 2 (.i//d this taxing was 

hui.itable world ; this registration first took place when " ^I'^t made when Cj-re- 

' ~ v> ' ϊτΑ ' ,1 rt Ν ' ' / nius was governor of 

μονενοντος της Σνριας 'Κνρηνιου." 3 και επορευοντο τταντες Syria.) 3 Audaii weni 

■-^^ as ^governor "Of "Syria 'Cyrcnius. Aud "wnut 'all to be taxed, every one 

ό;Γογρά0€σθαι, έκαστος εις τήν.^ιααν^ττόλιν. 4 Άνίτβη.δε και Tlud JoLphTa-owJni 

to be registered, each to his own city : and -'went ""up -also up from Galilee, out 

Ίωσήψ άπο της Τα\ι\αιας U πόλεως ^Να^φίτ" εις την rethjmo JudlaSo 

'Joseph from Galilee out of [the] city Nazareth to the city of Davu' 

'lovMay, εΙς ττόλιν -^Λαβίδ' ητ. ς καλείται Βηθλεέμ, διά l^et!"'"(hcctrS"te 

jud^a, to a city of David which is called Bethlehem, because was of the house and 

Τυ.εΙναίΜντυν εζ οίκου καΐ πάτριας ""Δα/^/^," 5 "άπο- s Το ^be uxe? wkh 

of his being . of [the] house aud family of D.-ivid, tore- Mary his espou.'ed 

γράιί^ασθαι^^ συν Μαριάμ τί) '^ μεμιτηστευμεντ^'^ αύτφ Ργυι^αίκτί," ehfid ^ο'° πιΚοΐ w ^^ 

gi=ter himself with. Mary who was betrothed ' to him as wife, th\at,'whUe\hey^ were 

ουσ7^ Ιγκύφ, 6 Έyεvετo.δε εν τψ είναι.αυτονς ^^^^^^ ψ^ ^^^Ι ^'^y^ 

Rhe being great ^ith cluld. And it came to pass in tlie [time] they were shouuf be deHvercci 

f.«r επλησθησαν at ημεοαι του.τεκεΐν.αυτήν' 7 και ετε- I 'And she brought 

there 'were ^fulfilled 'the ^days for her bringing forth, and she brought and wra^ed Wm'^Tn 

κεν τον.υ'ιυν.αυτης τυν ττρωτότοκον, και εσπαργάνωσεν swaddling clothes, .ind 

forth her son the 'fir^t-born, aud wrapped -Ίη 'twaddling Mothes J,^^ • ^^"^J° '"^ ™'-"=^''; 

t , , , / -v , , , ^ , , , - becau.«;o there was no 

αυτόν, και ανεκλινεΛ> αυτυν εν "^r^" φόιτν?^, διότι ονκ.ην room for them in the 

Miim, and laid him in the manger, because there was not -"^^ 

αυτόις τόπος tv τψ καταλύματι. 

for them a place in the inn. 8 And there wore in 

8 Krti ποιμένες ήσαν }:i' Ty χώρα ttj αΰτ-§, άγηαυλονντες ίerdΠbϊS'Tn^''ke 

And shepherds Avere in the "counlry 'same, lod^iu^ in the fields gf^j^j kcepin"• watch 

και φυλίίσσοντες φνλακάς της νυκτός επι τήν.ποιμνην.αϋτών. ^^IL•^^^^! ί"^^ }^ 
and ^^^Ρ'^^ ^ ^'^'^'^'^ ^ by night over ih^ir flock; ^^ αή|οΓοί the LOrdc.'Arit 

9 και ^ιδού,^^ άγγελος κυρίου επέστη αύτοΊς, καϊ δό^α "ρο" them aud the 

and behold, an augel of [the] Lord stood by them, ^'^^ i^^^^^i e^<^^7 found aZntthom^ 

κυρίου πεοιέλαμ-φεν αυτούς' και εφοβηΟησαν φόβυν ami they were sore a- 

Of [the] Lord shone around them, and ' they feared [with] ^fear pel said*^umViliem 

μ'εγαν. 10 και εϊπεν αύτοΊς υ άγγελος, Μ/}-0ο/3εΤσΟε• Ιδον Fear not : for, bchoidl 

'great. And ^said *to ^them 'the ^iUigel, Pear not ; Sbchold Τ >r '"?/"" Pood ti- 

, , , , ^ ^ ' ti " dings of joy, 

γάρ, ευαγγελίζομαι νμη^ χαράν μεγα).ην, ήτις εσται which shall be to all 

4or,' I announce glad tidings to you [of] ^joy 'great, which .shall be people. 11 For unto 

„ , , , , ' .If you is born thi-i day 

τταντί τψ λαψ' 11 Ότι ετεχθη ν μιν σήμερον σωτήρ. ος εστιν in the city of Bavid 

to all the peop'le : for was born to you to-day a Saviour, who is λ Saviour, whinh ii 

, o•'^ιl τΛ ' ~ ' ~ Chri-ii the Lord, ii' And 

χριστυς κύριος, tv πολει ^Ααβιο. 12 και τούτο υ μιν this shall be λ sifrnnn- 

Christ [the] Lord, in [the] city of David. And this [is] to you to yon ; Yo shall iind 

, , ^ , , f t V ' the babe wrapped in 

TO σημεων' ευρησετε βρέφος εσπαργανωμενον. κει- swadUing clothes, 

the sign : ye shall find a babe wr.apped in swaddling clothes, ly- lying in a inangcr. 

. — • -Λ 

β — Ύ) LTTrA. ^ eyeVcTO πρώτη Τ. ^ Κυρά'ου Cyremis L. ^ εαυτού {read his city) LTTr, 
I ^αζαράθ L ; 'Ναζαρζθ TW. ^ Δανεϊδ LTTrA ; ΑανΧδ GW. " άπο-γράφ^σθαι L. 

ο €!χντ,α-τ6νμένΎί LTTrA. Ρ — γυναικί LTTrA. '^ — rfi {read a manger) LTTrA. ' — tSoii 
TLT.Al. β Δανει'δ LTirA ; Δαυίδ OSa:. ^ + Kftl aud [lIxtA. ' — κ^ίμ^νον Τ. 

152 Λ Ο V Κ A -2. it. 

13 And snddoniy there η^ρο^;^ ^-μ w^^n Α^^^„. 13 Και ί^α'ιφνης ΙγεΡΕΤο σνν τω 

Τ"ναη\Μο\Γχ^Ι '^g in the mange'r. And suddenly^ there was v^-ith the 

heayfoiij host prais- ^iyy^Xf,; ττΧηθος στρατιάς ^ουράνιου, ^^ αινονντων τυνθίόν, 

H'oiory^oGod'latYe ^"-^^ a multitade of [the] =host «heavenly, praisin? ^ ^ God, 

highest, and on earth κοί Χενόντων, 14 Δόξα Iv ί'χΐ'ίστοίς θεφ, και km γης 

peace, Grood will to- ^^^ sayin-, Glory in [the] highest to God. and on earth 

ward men. 15 Ana it ^ ^ , , , * , / \ » ' , » ~^ 

came to pa-;s, as the Είρηνη, tv άΐ'θρώτΓοις^ ^EuooKia.^^ 15 Kdi tyfij^ETO, ως αττηΧ' 

angclswore -one away peace, in men good pleasure. And it came to nass, as Mepart- 

from them into hca- „ ' , , , ^ ., , , , , •> % ^ , f « λ 

ven, the >hepherdfi said 9ov αττ αυτών εΐζ τον ovpavov 01 άγγελοι, κα( οι ανθόίοττοΓ 

one to anoi her, Let us ed "from Hhera ^into Hhe ^icavcn "the =an^els, that the men 

now go CTcn unto , , , , ,^^ /> λ '\ η ί' " 

Bethlehem, and 01 Troifisi'EQ^SLTTov" ττρος α\\ηλονς, ΔιεΑ^^ωμΕΡ 6η Εως 

this thing which is the shepherds said to one another, Let us go through indeed as far. -i* 

come to pass, which ^ ri\ > ^ »^ > f~ ~ \ » λ « 

the Lord hath made Βηβλεεμ, και ιύωμεν το.ριιμα.τουτο το γεγονός ο ο 

knoAvnuntons. IGAnd Bethlehem, and let us see this thing that has come_to pass which the 

they came with haste, > •, , c ^ _ ^ ., , ut\ λ π " ' > 

and found Mary, and KvpioQ ίγνωρισεν ημιν. lo Krti "^ί/λϋον" σττενσαντες και 

Joseph, and the babe Lord made known to us. And they came having hnstcd and 

i?Aid^whe^n t™cy had ^ ανεν pov'^'^ την.τεΜαριάμ και τον'Ιωσηφ, και το βρ'εφός κει^ 

Been it, they made found both Mary and Joseph, and the babe Ij- 

Srwhicrwas'toid μ^νον iv Tg φάτν^. 17 ίδόντες.δε ^ξιεγνώρισαν" 

them concerning this iQg in the manger. And having seen, they made knoΛvu abroad 

Sil!'he.ird^7wondS ^^ερί τοΰ ρηματος τοΐ> λαληθ&ντος αύτοΊς ττερί τον 

at those thin"-s which concerning the saying which had been told them conoermng• 

^hc^hSil ?9^But;' NiSy τΓηίί/ου.ΓΟϊ'του. 18 καΐ τνάντες οι άκονσαντες Ιθανμασαν 

kept all these things, ^"^^^ ""^e ^'^il^• ^^^ ^^^ '^^^ ^«'""^ Woudcrod 

and pondered '^em in ^^^i ^j)j^ λαληθεντων vwo των ΤΓΟιμίνων ττρυς 

her heart. 20 And the "• x, xi.• t.• ■> λ. ■, •,. , ι. ^v i. '^u i ^^ 

shepherds returned concerning the things which had been spoken by the shepherds to 

glorifying and prais- αύτούς. 19 r/.^f.^Mapiaa" ττάντα σννεττ,οει τά.ρηματα.ταντα^ 

Ihfngrthirthey his ^W. ^ ' But Ma^y '^ ^all ^'kept'^ iesCsayings. 

heard and seen, as it ^αβάλλουσα" iv τα.καοδία.αΰτης, 20 και ^εττεστρεφαν^ 

was told unto them. pondering [them] in her hkrt. And ^returned 

o\ ΤΓΟιμενες, δοζάζοντες και αινοΰντες τον θεόν Ιττι πάσιν 

Hhe ^shepherds, glorifying and praising God for all things 

οΐς ΐικονσαν και ^fZ^ov," καθώς εΧαΧήθη ττρός αντονς. 

which they had heard and seen, as it was said to them. 

λΛ^ Ί"*^^^^^^ v^^*^ 21 Και οτε ΙπΧησθησαν ημ'εραι οκτώ του ττεριτεμεΤν Vo 

days were accomplish- ^ :, ■. 'j. , Λ, , Ό', " ι . ,.^. j. ^, • . " Τ • j.^ 

ed for the circumcising And when were fuliilled -days 'eight for the circumcising the 

?as ^^cSied ^JE°sus^ TTorf^/ov," Kui ΙκΧηθη το.ονομα.αϋτον Ίησονς^ το κΧΐ}- 

which^ wa^s so named ^^^^^ child, ^was *called 'his ^name JesUS, which [he] wjvs 

of the angel before he Q^y ύπο Tov ayykXov ΤΓΩο τοΌ ^συΧΧηφθήναι^^ αυτον εν τυ 

iomb.'"''' '^^^^^^ ^y *^« ^^=^1 ^«*°^« "was^'conceived 'he intht 

22 And when the '"°°'^• ,„,,,, . , , . , . , , 

days of her purifica- 22 Και οτΕ εττΧησθησαν ai ημεραι τοΰ.καθαρισμον}αντών^ 

tion according to the ^^^ ^hen were fulfiUed the days for their pariiication 

law of were ^ ^ , / ii > ' » » > ι » 

accompiisiied, they κατα τον νομον ""Μωσ^ως, ' ανηγαγον αυτον εις Ιεροσο- 

brought him to Jeru- according to the law of Moses, they brought him to Jerusa- 

salem, to present hiin v* ^ ^ 'λολ»' » 

to the Lord ; 23 (a^ it Χνμα τταραστησαι τψ κνριφ, 23 καθώς γεγραπται εν^ 

U written in the law icm to present to the Lord, as it has been written in [the' 

of the Lord, Every , , ,i^ ~ η τ> ~ / ,t 

male that openeth the νομΐ{} Kvplov, On TTav αρσεν οιανοιγον μητραν αγιον 

womb shall be called law of [the] Lord, That every male opening a womb ''holy 

holy to the Lord ;) ~ , ^ n' .oi^~S~ η ' 

21 and toofferasacri- Τψ κυριφ κληθησεται' 2i και του δούναι θνσιαν κατα 

fice according to that ^to "'the 'Lord 'shall ^be ^called : and to offer a sacrifice according tc 

* — TT/ (read a manger) glttfaw. « ουρανού of heaven xr. y €ύδοκίας of good 

pleasure ϊ-ΤΤγα. * — καΐ ol ανθρωπρι [L]T[TrA]. » ελάλονν Τ. *> ηΚθαν ΤΤ-Α.. 

«^ av€vpav TTr. ^ ^-γνώρισαν tliey made known LTTrA. « Μαρία LTTrA. '' σννβά\• 
λοί/σα Τ. S νπ€στρζψαν GLTTr.WV. ^ ϊδον Τ. ^ ' α.ντόν him GLTTrAW, '' ΓυΚλημφβήναί 

LTTrA. ι αντης {rtad her purification) Ε, ™ Μωϋσβω? LTTrAW, » + τω the L. 

π. LUKE. 158 

TO ειρημενον Iv ° νόμψ κνρίον^ Zsvyog τρυγόνων "^^I'^h is iaid in the 

that which has bceu said iu [the] law of [the] Lord, A pair of turtle doves of'^umk''i(iV"es^"a two 

η Svo ^νεοσσούς" ττεριστΕοων. voung pigeons. 

or two young of pigeous. 

25 Km l^ov, ^i)u άνθρωττος'^ tv ΊερανσαΧήμ ψ όνομα 25 And, iiohoid. there 

And behold, there was a man in Jerusalem whose name T^^'' ^ man in Jeriisa- 

/ ^ ' " η - ?>' ^ > \ /Λ ' Ic-m, who->e name iv(t!> 

Σνμξίον, και υ.αι^άρωττος.οντος δίκαιος και ευλαβής, Simeon; and the same 

[was] Simeon; and tliis man [was] just and pious, man tt;«6• just and de- 

^ , / ^ _ ,^ ,^ , _ Tout, waitin-i for the 

ττροσοεχο μένος τταρακλησιν τον Ισραήλ, και πνεύμα consolation of i-raci: 

waiting for [the] consolation of Israel, and [the] -Spirit ^^'^ ^^^ Holy Ghost 

,f, τ II > > ί r c\r> V τ > ~ ' < \ wasuponhim. 20 Aud 

^uyiov i]v fTT avToV 2b και ην αντψ κεχοηματισμενον νττο it was revealed unto 

'Holy was upon hira. And it was to him divinely communicated by himby the Holy Ghost, 

/ ~r/ ,>r,^ ^, ^^Λ.. that he should not see 

του πνεύματος του ayiov μη.ιοειν θάνατον ττριν^η' death, before he had 

the Spirit the Holy that he should not see death before seen the Lord'.< Christ. 

X r» \ ' £\^ < "Λ Λ ' -^ ' 27 And lis came by the 

107J ΤΟνχρίσΤΟν κυρίου. 27 και Ι/λβεν tv τφ ΤΤνενματί SinruimoUmteinvW: 

he should see the Christ of [tlie] Lord. And became in the Spirit and when thep.nents 

εις TO ιερόν καΐ ίν.τψ.εισαγαγεΊν το^ς γονείς το -rraiSlov Ίη- je^u:,''fo'do^for1u'm 

into the temple ; and when ^brought ■'in Hhe -parents the little child Je^ aftertlie custom of the 

oovvy τον.τΓοιησαι.αύτονς κατά τό.είθισμενον hrm\i'finhT-°rra°^ad 

pu.s, that they might do ^according *to ^what "had "become ^customary b!es-ed God, and --aid 

τον νόμου ττερι αυτού, 28 και .αυτός Ιδεξατο αυτό εις τάς άγκά- fLu^'S; ^ervant''de- 

%y '"the "law 'for -'him, he also received him into "arms,^ part in waco, aceord- 

Χας^αύτοϋ," και ενλόγησεντόνθεόν,καιε~ίπεν,29'Νϋν άττολνειο ?°r'^°^^i-^^^ord:30for 

lu• J -ui J /-. J J -J ■»- , ■■ mine eyes have seen 

'his, and blessed God, and said, ^owthoulottestgo thy salvation, 31 which 

τόν.δονΧόν.σου, δέσττοτα, κατά τυ.οϊίμά.σου, εν ειρήνη' t^'ou hast prepared be- 

., , J /-^ ΛΓ ^ Τ ± ii ' 3 ■ " ' f fore the tace of all 

thy bondman, Ο Master, according to thy word, in peace; people; 32 a light to 

30 OTL . εΐζον οΊ.οώΘαΧμο'ι^μου το.σωτηριόν.σου, 31 b lighten the Gemiie,, 

for ^have^seen ^ ''mine'^^eyer ^ thy salvation, ^^^ich ;^,^ρ,^,^^Ι^^^[^3^*^;;^ 

ητο'ιμασας κατά ττρόσωΤΓον ττάντων των Χαών' S2 ώώς Joseph and his mother 

thouhastprepared before [the] face of aU the peoples; a light Γ?'^^"^"^''^'^ , .'^ί. ^''^"^^ 

y , , , >Λ Ν ^/v . ~ , things, which were 

εις ατΓΟκαΧυψιν εθνών και δοξαν Ααον.σον ΙσοαηΧ. spoken of him. 34 And 

for revelation of [the] Gentiles and glory of thy people Israel.' Simeon blessed them, 
, ^ , , ,i , , , , .>,. η 'V and said unto Mary his 

33 Και ήν ^"^ Ιωσηψ' και η.μΐ]τηρ.^αντον βανμαζοντες εττι mother. Behold, this 

And *were 'Joseph -and ^his *mother wondering at c/<<7d is set for the fall 

~ •. ^• Ν / « y ~ n4 < ,x / and rising again of 

roig Ααλουμενοις περί αυτού. 34 και ενλογησεν many in Israel ;' and 

the things which were spoken concerning him. And ''blessed ^'^^ ^ •'^'?° which shall 

,,_,, ,- ^-l.τ« X ' ,^he spoken against ; 

αυτούς ^,υ^εών, και ειπεν προς Μαριάμ την.μητερα αντον, 35 cyea, a sword shall 

^them 'Simeon, and said to Mary his mother, pierce through thy 

»TS./r ~ > ~ \ J f \ \ -^ own soul also,) that 

looV) οντος κείται εις πτωσιν και αναστασιν πολλών the thoughts of many 

Lo, this [child] is set for [the] fall and rising up of many hearts may be re- 

iv τφ'ΐσραηΧ, και εις σημεΊον άντιλεγόμενον 35 και σον ^ttf" 

in Israel, and for a sign spoken against ; (and of thee also 

αυτής τήνφΐ'χήν διελεύσεται Ρομ<ραΊα' όπως άν.άποκαλν- 

*thy 'soul ^shall ''go ^through 'a "sword ;) so that may be re- 

^θώσιν εκ πολλών καρδιών διαλογισμοί. 

vealed of many hearts [the] reasonings. 

oOTT'-^ » A ^~ a ' Λ 'Λ' 36 And there was one 

ύο Kat ην Αννα προφητις, υυγατηρ Φανονηλ, εκ Anna, a prophetess, 

And there was Anna a prophetess, daughter of Phanuel, of [the] the daughter of Pha- 
. \ ~ ' A ' . " Ο ,o ~>./ \\~ ν nuel, of the tribe of 

ψνλης Ασηρ' αυτή προρερηκυια εν Ίΐμεραιςπολλαις, ζησασα Aser: she was of a 

tribe of Asher, she was advanced in -days 'many, having lived great ape, and had 

•»» ''^^11' , , , ~ Λ ' II » ~ oir < lived with an husband 

Jtrri μετά ανδρός^' επτά απο της.^παρθενιαςΚαυτης, 37 και seven years from her 

"years *with *a ^husband 'seven from her virginity, and virginity ; 37 and she 

ο -t- "ίω the LTXr. Ρ νοσσονς τα. <J άνθρωπος ην Τ. ' ην ayiov GLTTiAW. 

• ή αν Τ ;' άΐ' Τγ. ' — αύτοΰ {read [his] arms) [L]T[TrA]. •» + ό L. 'ο πατηο αντοΰ hia 

father ογγγα. " — αύτοΰ (read [hisj mother; οτγα. * [iej t-Tr, > "μετά avSpbi 

4τη VSJ^. * παφθένείϋί A, 

154 ΛΟΥΚΑ Σ. Π. 

w>rts α widow of about b^,",-.,,!! γηοα '"ώο" Ιτών όγυοηκοΊ'τητεσσάρων, ι) ηύκ 

lZT^L•Άv■ΛrTd -'"^ [was] a widow -about «years ^ >of ^eijfhty-four, 'who'-uot 

nuL from tho^ icnipic, αώίστατο ^c'lTTo'' Tov leoov^ νηστείαις και δεησεση^ XaroFvqvaa 

bnt served «oc/ with g^, ^^d from the Lomple. with fastings and supplications bcrving 
iastinps and prayers ' ^ ^ ■ ,, ι y ^ ~ ,f ■> - 

night audd.iy. 38 And ννκτα. icc'.i Ίψ^οα," 38 Kui ^uvTif avTy.Ty ωρο, ετΓίστάσα 

she coming in thnt in- qj^j^^ ^,^• day: and she at the same hour coming up 

stantgavetliankshke- , " ^ f , ^ ^λ 'λ » , - ° 

wise uuto the Lord, ανθώ μοΧογεΊτο τ(ο ^κνριφ," και έλαλει ττερι αντου ττασιν 

and spake of hira to ^j^^g ])raise to the Lord, and spoke concerning him to all 

all them tliat looked ^ ^ , ^ , o-' ii «τ \ ' 

for rc'iemption in Je- roig ττροσοεχομεΐ'Οίς Αυτρωσιν ^tv" Ιερονσαλημ. 
rusalem, those waiting for redemption in Jerusalem. 

. 39 Apd when they 39 Kal ώς Ιτίλεσαν ^aTTavra'LVa" κατά τον νόμον 
had performed all And when they had completed all things according to the law- 

things according to , . i. « » » n > ^ -n λ λ ' ' 1 ' η -λ a 

the law of the Lord, Kvplov, ^υττεστρεφαν εις την Γαλιλαιαν, εις 'την" ΤΓολιι^ 

they returned into of [the] Lord they returned to Galilee, to ^city 

GaUlce, to their own ,„ t ~ π „-^-, ν ''ij/^m»tN' i" "«^ '>• 

cityaXazarcth. 40And ""αντων ^1>1αζαρετ.• 40 Το.0£ παιόιον ηυι^ανεν και εκρα- 

thc child grew, and. 'their [^own], Kazareth. And the little child grew, and became 

fined' with^wiXm: ταιοντο ^ττνευμητι,^ ττληρούμενον τ^σοφίας,^^ και xrtptg 
and the gra9e of God strong in spirit, being filled with wisdom, and [the] grace 

was upon him. η ~ f ■> ' ' ' 

^ υεον ην εττ αντο. 

of God was ifpon him. 

41 Now his parents 41 Καί ί.ττοο'^υοντο Οί.γονεΐς.αντον κατ.ίτος εις^ΙερονσαΧήμ 

went to Jerusalem And ^wcnt ^his 'parents yearly to Jeru.sal^n 

every year at the feast ~i ~ ~ / ^^ »r/ >» >~ r./^ 

ofthopassover. 4L'And Ty εopτy του ττασχα. 4:2 και οτε εγ ενετό ετών όο)ΰεκα^ 

when lie was twelve at the feast of the ρ.ά•-&υνο.Γ. And when he was ^years [Old] 'twelve, 

years old, they went η ' η ' ii > ~ »• ' «τ ά ii < ' "Λ ~ 

up to Jerusalem after ^αναβαντων αυτων ^εις ΙεηοσοΧυμα" κατά το εϋος της 

the custom of the feast, ^having ®gone "up *tlicy to Jerusalem according to the custom of the 

fuifiried^ the days, as ^ορτής, 43 καΙ τεΧεαοσάντων τάς ημέρας, εν.τψ.νττηστρ'εφειν 

they returned, the foa-t, . and having completed the days, as "retui-ned 

h?id^iwtSriafem; ^^^ovQ ^ττέ/χει^εν ^Ί//σοίς" ό τταΐς εν ΊερονσαΧήμ, καΐ 
and Joseph and his 'they ^remained 'behind ''■Jesus Hhe '•child in Jerusalem, and 

f^BiTt^rsuppoS ^ονκ.εγνω Ιωσήφ και ή.μητηρ.αυτου''' ^νομίσανττς.οε αυτ'ον 

him to have been in ®knew[nt] ''not 'Joseph -and -^his ''mother ; but supposing him 

day's^T^imfey^^'ind ^^^ "^ σννοδία εΙναΟ^ Ί)\θον ημέρας oSov, και άνεζητονν 
they sought him' a- ^^ *^ company to be they went a day's journey, and suught 
mong their kinsfolk αύτον εν τοΙς σνγγενεσιν και ^iv" τοΧς -γνωστοίς' 45 καί 

and acquaintance. , . χι. ',' ■ " ■, ,-, ^ . 

45 And when they ^^^ among the relations and among the acquaintances : and 

found him not, they ηή Ενοόντες ^αυτον νττεστρεφανεις'ΙερονσαΧήμ,^ζητονντες^^ 

JerSem fceking "°*^'^^i^§^^o^^'^ ^"^ they returned to Jeritsalem, seeking 

him. 46 And it came to αυτόν. 46 Και εγενετο ^μεΟ'^^ ήμερας τρεΤς εϊ<οον αυτόν εν 

days they found^S ^^'"• And it came to pass after ^days 'three they Vound him iu 

in the temple, sitting τψ ιερφ, καθεζόμενον iv μίσω των διδασκάΧων, και άκον- 

doctors.Toth hearing *^'" ^'^'^1'^^' ''^,*^^ in [the] midst of the teachers, both hear- 

them, and asking them οντα αυτών και ίττερίοτώντα αντονς. 47 εζίσταντο.δε ττάντες 

questions. 47 And all jng ^hcm and questiouing them. And ^were ''amazed 'all 

that heard him were , , , . , ~ , Γ ~ , 

astonished at his un- 01 ακουοντες άυτυϋ ετΓΐ τy σννεσει και ταΧς άττοκρίσεσιν 

derstandiug and an- =thu3e ^hearing. "him at [hi^ understanding and '-answers 

swcrs. 48 And when > ~ ao ύγ ^ '^' ,,,v\' « ^ >* 

they saw him, they αντοί). 4o Krti ιοοντες αυτον ίζεττΧαγησαν και ^ττρυς αυτόν 

were am.azed: and his 'his. And seeing him they were astonished : and to' him 

mother said unto him, . / , .^ _ ,. , , , , 

Son, why hast thou η.μητηρ.αυτον είττει/," Ύεκνον^ τι εττοίησας ημίν ουτως\ 

thus dealt \vith us? his mother said, Child. why hn«Mhou done tons thus? 

^ αύτί] liei-tiolf TJrA. c έ'ω? up to LTTrA. d — άττο {read left IKU) ΤΤγΑ. « αντ-η W ; 

— αύτη {read ανθωμολ. she gave i LTTrA. f Β^ω {read to God) lttia. ? — kv {read 
[m]) ltTiLaJ. h Tj-o.vTa TTr. ' — τα T. ^ eneaTpexj/au T. 1 — τήι/ LTTrA. "^ έαυτώι/ 

LTTiAW. π Na^ape'e TTrAW. ο — Trvjv/utaTt LTTrA. Ρ σοφία TrA. <i αναβαινόντων goiug 
up LTTi A. r — ei? 'Ιεροσόλυμα t[Ti]a. ^ [Ίησου?] A. » ουκ έγνωσαν oi yovel<s αυτού his 
p.ireuts knew it not LTTrA. J elvat iv ttJ σννοδία -ltTia. '^ — ef GLTTiAW. » — αυτόν 
(m<J[hHuj;tj[LJTT A. ^ am^ijToCf'Tes LTirA. ' ^ueraTTrA. » direv προς avrgr 

η μητηρ avTOlAj^XTrA- 

IT, ατ. LUKE. 155 

loov, δ.πατηρ.σον κάγώ ocvinoufvot εζητονμεν σε. 49 Και ^'«^liold, thy father and 

behold, thy father and I distressed were seeking tliee. A.ud rowing. 49 And ho said 

ΐΖττεν προς αντονς, Τι on εζητείτε με ; ονκ.γοείτε on "J^^o them, How is it 

■le.said to them,' Why [is it] that ye were seeking me ? knew ycnot that ^^^ ye^uot fhaT^I 

tv το'-ς τον.Ύατρός.μου δει εΐναί με; δΟ Και avroi must be about my Fa- 

.n thn'affairs] c: my Father it behoTes Ho =^be 'me? And they iJ^'"'^J^Sood'^'^ofc 

ον.σννηκαν το ρήμα ο εΚάλησεν αντοΐς. 51 Και κατ'εβΐ] -he saying which he 

understood not the word which he spoke to them. And he went down ?P^|^^ , unto tnem. 

) » ~ > - ■ Ί > κ V ' II \ - ( ' ^' And he went down 

μετ αυτών και ήΧθεν εις "Ναζαρέτ και ήν νττοτασσο μένος with them, and came 

with them and came to Nazareth, and he was subject to Nazareth, and was 

. ~ V . / , -. « , / , < / I 1 ~ II subject unto them : 

αυτοις. και η.μητηρ.αντον διετηρεί^τταντα τα.ρηματα\'^ταντα^' but his mother kept 

to them. And his mother kept all these things ^^^ these sayings in 

» ~ ^' , ~ _^ , ,T „ , of ' > her heart. 52 And Je- 

€v τ-^.καρύια.αντης. 52 και Ιησούς ττροεκοτττεν ^^σοφιοί και sus increased in wis- 

in her heart. And Jesus advanced in wisdom and ^o™ ^^^ stature, and 

. > ■ / π » ' < Λ ~ < ' /Ί ' i^ faTOur with God 

ηλικία, και χαριη τταρα θεφ και ανρρωττοις. and man. 

elature, and in favour with God and men. jjj jjow in the f f- 

3 'Kf ετει δε ττεντεκαιδεκάτφ της ηγεμονίοζ Ύιβ'-ρίον teenth year of the 

=ln ^year 'now ['the] ^fifteenth of the government of Tiberius sar^"^ PonuS^'piSe 

Καίσαρος, τ'ιγεμονενοΐ'τος ΤΙοντΊον ^Πιλάτοϊ;" της Ιουδαίας, being governor of Ju- 

Cffisar, 3]t,ei 4 ^^ernor 'Pontius ^Pilate of Jud^a, daea, and Herod being 

»i, ~π-τ^ΛΛ' «ττ'^ j^A' ^,~ tetrarch of Galilee, 

και '^τετοαρχουντο^" τηςΤαλιλαιας ΐϊ(5ωοον, Φιλιττπον.δε τον and his brother Philip 

and =being ^tetrarch *of ^Galilee 'Herod, and Philip tetrarch of Iturasa and 
>Γ^^~,~>, ~ ||~j_ , ,„ /Oi the region of Tra- 

αόελφου.αυτον °τετραρχονντος'^ της Ιτονραιας και Ύραχωνι- chonitis, and Lysanias 

his brother b'eing tetrarch of Itursea and 'of "'Tracho- the tetrarch of Abi- 

r» / ,, ' ~ > ι rt Λ ~ \y ~ II lene, 2 Annas and Cai- 

Γΐόος χωράς, και Ανσανιου της Αριληνης^-τετραρχονντος, aphas being the high 

Qitis ['the] -region, and Lysanias 'of *Abilei^& 'being tetrarch, priests, the word -of 

η •,■, > > / II w » % \t-rr •• ' . II » ' ' - Crod Came unto John 

2 *£7Γ αρχιερεων^^ Αννα και^Καιαψα," εγενετο ρήμα thesonof Zachariasin 

• in [the] high-priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas, came [the] word the wilderness. 3 And 

/-. ~ , V ι»τ ' II ^ m ~ii rr ' r \ ι ~ > ' , . he Came into all the 

θεον ετΓΐ ^ Ιωαννην^^ τον ^του^^ Ζαχαριου νιον εν Ty ερημφ' country about Jordan, 

of God upon John the ^of 'Zacharias 'son in the wilderness, preaching tlie baptism 

3 και ηλθεν εΙς ττάσαν "ttJv" ττεριχωρον τοΐι Ιορδανού, re JSn^'oTsin^S" 4 al 

And he went into all the country around the Jordan, it is written in the 

κηρύσσων βάπτισμα μετανοίας εις άφεσιν αμαρτιών' ^^^^f ^Ι '^rothe't! 

proclaiming [the] baptism of repentance for remission of sins ; saying. The voice of 

4 ώς yky ραπται iv β'ιβΧφ λόγων '-Άσαίου τον Z^ir^r^:^:L• 

as it has been written in [the] book of [the] words of Esaias the ^^j of ^^e Lord, make 

προφήτου, ^λέγοντος,' Φωνή βοώντος iv Ty ερημφ, ^^^-^ff^iuej^Sfbe 

prophet, saying, [The] voice of one crying an the wilderness, fiUed, and every moun- 

"Έτοιμάσατε την όδόν κνρίον ευθείας ποιείτε τάςτρίβονς ^,^^ρμ i?w^• STd^he 

Prepare the way of [the] Lord ; '■'straight 'make *path3 crooked shall' be made 

αυτόν. 5 πάσα ώάραγζ πληρωθησεται, και πάν ορός και straight andtherough 

'his. Every ^ ravine shall be filled up, and every mountain and ^^^oth ; 6 and allflesh 

βουνδς ταπεινωθησεταΐ' και εσται τα σκόλια εις shiaisee the saiva.tion 

hill shall be made low ; and *shall ^become 'the =crooked ['places] into °f {^e multitu'dr that 

'ΡεύθεΤαν," και a\ τραχεΤαι εις οδονς λείας' 6 και οφεται came forth to be bap- 

astraight [path], and the rough into ^ways 'smooth; and 'shaD *8ee t^ed^of^^him^ O^gc^^^^^ 

πάσα σαρξ το σωτήρων του θεον. 7 "ΤΑεγεν οϋν τοΙς hath warned you to 

'all =flefeh the salvation of God. He said therefore to the ^^^^/ρ°^ *;J^i^|^ioj.f^ 

εκπορενομ'ενοις όχλοιο βαπτισθήναι υπ' αυτού, Γεννηματά therefore" fruits wor- 

^coming'out 'crowds to be baptized by him, Offspring thy of repentance, and 

,,,- , ^ , ^ ^ \\ f »~ beerinnottosay withm 

εχιδνών, τις υπεδειϊ,ει> ν μίν φυ-γειν απο της μελλούσης opy ης \ yourselves, AVe have 

ofvipeis, who forewarned you to flee from the coming wrath? Abraham to our fa- 

*> ^αζαρ4Θ TTrAW. c γ^ ρήματα πάντα L. <* — ταντα these [L]t[a]. ^ + ey 177 in 

(wisdom) /Γ. i -ηλικία καΓσοφίαΤΓ. g Πει,λοίτον Τ. ^ τετρααρχουντος Τ. ■ evi 

άοχιερε'ω? GLTTrAW. ''■ Καίφα L.' » Ίωάνην Tt. =• — τον GLTTrAVV. '^ — την (n^aU 

every country around) ltua. " — Myovroi utsta. f ανθ^ίας atnu^ht [p^thsj UTrA, 

156 ΛΟΥΚΑΣ. ΙΠ. 

ther : for τ say nnto g ττοιηηατε ovv KapTTOVQ άζίονς της μετανοίας' και μη 

you. That God IS able ■ ρ ^^ q therefore fruits worthy of repentance ; and ^'not 

of these stones to raise ^ ^ , „ ^ > a ο ' 

npchiidrenuntoAbra- αοζησθε Xsysiv kv εαντοϊς, ηατερα εχοαεν τον Αρρααμ' 

ham, 9 And now also ϊ^,β^^^ to say in yourijelves, PForl ^father ^we ^have '^Abraham, 

the axe is laid unto '^ , •'^ / «"λ * ' ~ λ 'Λ ~ ' 

the root of the trees : Αεγω.γαο νμιν^ ΟΤΙ ουναται ο υεος εκ τωνΛιυων.τοντων 
every tree therefore for I say to you that "is ^able ^God from, these stones • 

which bringeth not ^ , ~ ^ . /-» / r» » ? r^^ ^ « >j// , , 

forth good fruit is εγειραι τεκνα τφ Αβραάμ. Ό 7ΐόη~οε και η αξ,ινη ττρος την 
hewn down, and cast ^q raise up children to Abraham. But already also the axe . to the 
into the fire. 10 And , -,^/λ •~ ~ τ?'? ■> 

the people asked him, ριζαν των δένδρων κΕίται' TTttv OVV οενόρον μη ΤΓΟίονν 
saying-, What sliall we root of the ' trees is applied : ^every ^therefore tree not producing 
do then? 11 He an- \ , ν λ n ? / » » ~ /3 '\λ i f\ rr ^ 

ewereth and saith nnto KapTTOv ^KoXov^^ εκκοτττεται Ktti Είς TTvp ραΚΚεται, ΐυ Και 

them, He that hath -^fruit ^good is cut down and into [the] fire is cast. And 

t.wVtohiTn^tha-rhaTh εττηρώτων αντον οι οχΧοι, λέγοντες. Τι οϋν 'ττοιησομεν^^ ; 

none; and he that hath ^asked ^him Hhe ^crowds, saying, AVhat then shall we do ? 

S!' 'il "^hef cS; 11 ΆτΓοκριθειςΜ ^λέγει" αντοΊς. Ό έχων δυο χιτώνας μετά- 

also publicans to be And answering he says to them, He that has two tunics let him 

hlS'''Ma?ter"'*'wSa? ^6τω τψ μηίχοντι' και 6 έχων βρώματα ομοίως 

shall we do ? 13 And impart to him that has not ; and he that has victuals *likewise 

Exact'no''more*SS ΤΓΟίείτω. 12 "Ηλθον.δβ και τελώναι βαπτισθήναι, και 

that which is appoint- 'let =him ^do. And ^came "■'also Hax-gatherers to he baptized, and 

8^die°ri likewSe £ ^είτΓον" ττρος αυτόν, άιδάσκάΚε, τι ^7Γθΐησομεν^[;13Ό.δε είττεν 

manded of liim, say- ^'^^Ύ said to him. Teacher, what shall we do ? And he said 

ing. And what shall ^^ρ^ς αντονς, Μηδέν πλέον τταρά το διατετηγμενον 

Tnto them Do violence to ^'^^^' 'nothing ■^more ^beyond Hhat «which 'is «appointed 

to no man neither ac- yuXy ττοάσσετε. 14 Έπηρο)των.δε αυτόν και στρατευόμενοι, 

b?conte^nt with 'yo^ 'to^°you 'exact. And asked him also those who were soldiers, 

wages. λέγοντες, "^Kal η μεΧς τί ττοιήσομεν^^; Και είττεν '^πρός αντον ς,^^ 

15 And as the people paying, And we what shall we do ? And he said to them, 

TnTaii mli^mmecun Mij^sm διασείσητΕ yμηδε^^ ^σνκοφαντησητε, και . άρκεΧσθε τοΧς 
their h°arts of John '"^o ^one ^oppress nor accuse falsely, and he satisfied 

answered, saying unto '^^^ yo^ wages. 

t£"you Vitf waie? ^^ ΙΙροσδοκώντος.δε τον λαον, και διαλογιζομενων ττάν- 

but one mightier than But as ^were*in ^expectation 'the people, and ^were ^reasoning *all 

I cometh, xhe latchet των kv ταΐς.καοδίαις.αντών ττεοι τον^'ΐωάννον,^^ μηττοτε 

of whose shoes 1 am . x, • •. j. > • τι -i ' J ^ 

not worthy to unloose: "^ their hearts concerning John, whether or not 

*^®fwv.^ T?^i*^r7°^ αυτός εΐη 6 χριστός, 16 άπεκρίνατο ^6 Ιωάννης αττασιν, 

rndwithfire:17wSo2 ^^ might be the Christ, -answered 'John all, 

fan is in his hand, and λίγων," 'Εγώ μεν νδατι βαπτίζω ν μάς^' ερχεται.δε 6 

'e his flwr^^akd β^^^"^"' ^ indeed, with \v-ater baptize you, but he comes 

purge his floor, and 

but he comes who [is] 

will gather the wheat ισχυρότερος μον, ov ονκ.είμι ικανός λνσαι τον ιμάντα των 

thfchaffhf^UbS . ™'^^*^^; than Ι, of whom Ι am not fit to loose the thong 

witii fire unquench- νποδημάτων.αύτον' αντός ν μας βαπτίσει εν πνενματι 

Sierthingt°nhrex^ , of his .andals ; ^ he =you -will ^baptize with [the] 'Spirit^ 

hortation preached he αγίψ και πνρί' Π οϋ τό πτύον Iv τη .χειρι .aVTOV, 

H°ero?\^iT^tVrl?ch* '^''^^ """^^ with fire ; of whom the winnowing fan [is] in hie hand, 

being reproved by him ^και διακαθαριεν^ τήν.άΧωνα.αντον, και ^συνάξει" τόρ 

ί?^ '^,^-'^^Ψ^ ^Ι^ ^^'^ ^^^ ^β will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the 

tlier Philip's wife, and .„ , y , ^, > ~ % rv, « / 

for all the evils σιτον €/c την.αποβηκην.αντον, το. δε αχνρον κατακανσει 

which Herod had done, wheat into his granary, but the chaff he will burn 

20 added yet this above ^»/3' ^oxτ^^»^ τ \ » λ -v 

all, that he shut up TTvpi κισρεστφ. lo Ιίολλα μεν.ονν και έτερα παρακαλων 

John in prison. with fire unquenchable. ^Many ^'theref ore 'and other things exhorting 

«■ [καλοΓ] L. ^ « ΤΓΟίτ^σωμβζ/ should "We do LTTrAW. * eAeyev he said LTTrA. ^ elnav 

LTTr. * τί ττοιησομεί/ (,ποιήσωμεν should we do TAW) καΐ ημείς LTTrA.• "^ αντοΐς to them 

LTrA. y μηδένα no one T. - 'loiaiOV Tr. a ό Ίωάνης αττασιν XiyuiV Tr ; λέγων π'ασιν 6 

Ιωάννης χ._ b ^ ^^^ μ^τάνοιαν to repentance h, c htouiadipai to thorouehiy purge τ. 
• trvyayaytii' to gather τ. ^ y ν ς> 

ΠΙ. LUKE. 157 

ευηγγρλίζετο τον λαόν. 19 Ό.6ε.Ήρώ8ης 6 ^τε- 21 Xow Tvhcn all the 

he announced the glad tidings to the people. But Herod the" te- P'^^jif '^'"■'^ ^'^'^^i^'^'V' 

i\j CitJllG to "pjlSS, tllilb 

Γραρχης^^ ελεγχόμενος νττ αυτού ττερι Ήρωοιάοος της -^Ρ^^^ also being ι.:φ- 

trarch being reproved hy him concerning Herodias ' the ^'^«^'^'•ιιι^Ι V^iyii'g'.thQ 

, ^ ^ ,^ _ i ^ , , , heaven was opened, 

γυναικάς ^Φίλιππου" του. αοελφ ου. αυτού, και ττερι ττα^Γων 22 and the iioiy Ghost 

wife of Philip his brctlicr, and concerning all descended in a bodily 

y , , - < <TT ' ^ Λ \ '1 Ml shape like a dove upon 

ων ετΓοιησεν ηονηρων ο Άρωοης^ Ζό 7ζροσεώ]κεν ^Kar him, and a voice came 

'which =had '^done C'the] "evils ''Herod, added also from heaven, which 

» ^ ~ Κ Ml ' \ - i'r ' II • » L• ~ii ^•'^ιΊ, Thou art mybc- 

τουτο ετη ττασιν "και" κατεκλεισεν τον^ιωαννην" εν ^τψ loved Son ; in thee Ι 

this to all that he shut up John in the ^^'^ ^eU pleased. 

X L 23 And Jesus him- 

^V\aKy. ββΐί began to be about 

prison. .thirty years of age, be- 

i^i >T. ' ^> > - ο Λ~ r, , .. / , ing (as was supposed) 

Sil Εγενετο,οε εΐ'.τψ.ρατττίσυι^ναι ατταντα τον Aaov, και the son of Joseph, 

Now it came to pass ^having ^been ^baptized 'al