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( ^ 

..MUDIE'S.. lay 

Select Libra ryis^ 




24,2, Brompton Road^ s.w., and 4^, Queen Victoria Street^ B.c. 
Also at 10 and 12 ^ Barton Arcade^ Manchester, 


Notice to Booksellers, Stationers, 
Newsagents, &c. 

special attention is called to the advantages of the Three following 

Departments of Mudie's Library : — 


A Monthly List is published of all the Books offered at Reduced Prices, 

and is sent gratis on application — 10 per cent. Discount for Cash being 

allowed to the Trade on Orders from this List. 


One Hnndred Yolomes, 

General Literature, being a 
specially high-class selection of 
the leading Works of Travel, 
Biography, and Fiction, suit- 
able for a Library, 


per PARCEL. 

Also Selected Parcels 

of recent 

Works of History, Biography, 

and Travel, 

From 308. to SOs. 

per PARCEL. 

Particulars of these Parcels now offered at Net Cash Prices can be 

obtained on a/pplication, 


Specially favourable arrangements are made with Booksellers and Stationers 
desirous of obtaining Books on Loan. Terms and Regulations forwarded on 

receipt of ordinary Business Card. 


Binding after any Pattern or Design carried out by the best Workmen. 








Per Annnm, Twelve Nos., Four Shillings. 
Advertiaements : Each Line in GoL, Nonpareil, 5d. 





H. GEEAT BEITAIN— Subscription price 8s. 

(After publication-day lOs. ) 

m. GEEMANT— Subscription price - - 8s. 

(After publication-day lOs.) 

••- ..••.••! 


''Valuable to Booksellxrs and still more so to Bookbuyers."— ^tAenoum. 

In demy 8vo., strongly bound in hiLchram, and printed on good paper, voith 
broad margin for Notes and Additions, £1 78. 6cL net. 




Being a Record of the Prices al which Books haoe been sold at Avjction, with 

the Titles and Descriptions in full, the Catalogue Numbers, and 

the Nam£s of the Purchasers from December, 

1896, to November, 1897. 

" The record is extremely useful for buyers and collectors of books, and is a valuable index 
to current phases of book -collecting and to fluctuations in the maxket."— Saturday Review. 

**In *Book Prices Current' all who are concerned in the buying and selling of books have 
a permanent record of undoubted value." — Publishers' Circular. 


In demy 8vo., cloth, price 78. 6cL; Roxburghe, price 108. 6d.; Large Paper 

Copies, price 2\&, net each volume. 

A History of Cambridgeshire 




"The book is written in a graceful and flowing style, and is well worthy of careful 
perusal."— PitftZwft^^g' Circular. 

" The author has made ample use of the rich materials at his command, and the result is 
a highly pleasing and instructive work. He merits congratulation not only for the wealth 
of information he has won, but also for the useful way m which he has presented it to his 
readers."— Ptt(>iic Opinion. 


In handsome crown 8vo. 
Volumes to be issued ai short intervals, price 3s. 6d. net, 



Of H.M.'s Public Record Office. 
Illustrations by Ralph Nevill, F.8.A.; Introduction by Sir John Lubbock, Bart. 

" A scholarly and well- written book, full of valuable information which cannot easily be 
found elsewhere." — St, James's Gazette. 

Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, London, E.G. 


Founded 1891. 


Telephone 6848. 

The Leading Organ of the Second-hand Book Trade. 

[TS ADVANTAGES to all connected with book production or distri- 
button and allied trades are too well known to need comment, but 
a few recent letters from hundreds of voluntary testimonials received, 
may aid the hesitating subscriber. [A jrrinted list of about 150 compli- 
mentary letters can he had. post free.] 

"Just the paper for booksellers." — An»ioers. 

" I have nothing but praise fur ' B.Q.' "— E. Baker. 

*' More replies to ' wants ' than from any other paper." — Gbo. Bell & Sons. 

" *B.Q.' is essential to successPal bookselling." — Book Gazette. 

*' * B.Q.' will produce a living for the energetic bookseller." — C. P. Bullock. 

** The books sold through ' B.Q. ' are far in excess of any other paper." — T." Forster. 

"Destined to b.e the booksellers' vade mecum." — T. Krnnard. 

** More response to my lists in ' B.Q.' than from any other source." — H. W. Marsden. 

"Of more use than ALL THE OTHER trade journals put togQther."— Midland 

Educational Company. 
** I always enjoy reading Bookshop Echoes in * B.Q.'" — B. W. B. Smith. 
" More useftil to me than any weekly I formerly supported."— J. Strong. 
'" B.Q.' is most usefol in my business." — W. H. Waruinguam. 

The non-subecribing bookseller does not move with the calendar. 

Every Thursday, price lid.; or post free to all parts, 6s. annually; 

or six months, 3s,; three months, 2s. Advt raAes on application. 

OFFICE:— 39, Renshaw Street. LIVERPOOL. 

The 'B.Q.' Copyrigbt Post Card 

For Inland and Foreign Postage. 
Saves Time, Tboublx, afd Mokbt. 

Price 4s. 6d. per 1000, well printed on 
stout white card, 3^ by 4iin. 

Many thousands in use. Sample po$t free. 

Innumerable post cards go astray unknown 

to the senders for want of the simple device 

we have copyrighted. 

39, Benshaw Street, Liverpool. 

Privacy, Despatch, and Economy 

This institution has rendered invaloable 
aid to many members of the trade at trifling 
expense to them (see numerous compliment- 
ary letters). 

Private and confidential enquiries in any 
part of the Kingdom, by secret agents, at 
6d. each (low rates for foreign parts). 

No Enquiry Form Books or other hin- 
drances necessary, and anyone is welcome 
to its services. 

Information is only obtained (and given) 
in strict confidence. All questions must 
be accompanied by the fee in halfpenny 
stamps and stamped addressed envelope for 

Booksellers should Economise 

By making their own Window Tickets. 

THE ' B. Q; ticket WRITER, 

A Time Saver over the slow brush artist. 
A Money Maker by riveting attention to your 

AaBb Aa 


Capitals, small letters, figures, orna- 
ments, points, &c., with Patent Type 
Guide and Spacing Gauge, Pads and 
Ink, in polished wood case. 

PRICE, 16s. 

Larger sizes supplied, as well as a variety of 
other styles. 

Specimens and Prices on application. 

The only Perfect and Practical Device for 
Hand Printing on a Large Scale. 


* B.Q.' Manager, 39, Benshaw-St., 


Books, Engravings, Bookplates, 

autograpbSt Curious Xiudings, ant) 
jforefflit Stamps. 

Classified Catalogue, 60 pp , 2(1. Mo rnbMsh shelved or listed. 

New Books. — 4d. in Is. discount to trade. 5,000 items to select from. 

Second-hand Books. — 50 per cent, to 75 per cent, discount off published 
prices. Over 25,000 volumes. 

Engravings, Old Mezzotints, &C, — Portfolios & Scrap Books purchased. 

Bookplates.— 5,000 Ex Lihris. 24 different plates post free for 28. 

Autograph Letters Bought. Parchment Manuscripts Wanted I 

Foreign Stamps. — Collections and loose stamps desired. Best London 
prices given. Collections arranged, valued, or examined by experts. 

Circulating Library.— List, 68 pages, 2d. 

Bookbinding of every description undertaken. Experienced London and 
Parisian workmen. 

** Very pleased with your binding." — W. Wade, Esq., London, 

Publishers of " The Labour Annual;" Senfs' ** Stamp Album ;" Andrews' 
"How to Cure Consumption;" Dressler's "Curse of Machinery;" 
Gamlin's "'Twixt Mersey and Dee;" "Walker Art Gallery 
Autumn Catalogue;" &c., &c. 

Sole Agents for " Stamp C. F.," and leading Philatelic lists. 

Systematic Bookfinding. — ** Out of 24 firms receiving my list" writes 
a client, ^* yours is the only one aUe to supply my wants." [See 
also Hans Breitmann's Memoirs.] 

" I am highly gratified by your bookfinding successes." — 

G. Seddon, Esq., Birkenhead, 
No fees and no charge whatever, save for books supplied ! Purchase 
entirely optional ! [Our services are always at the disposal of 
Librarians, Secretaries, and others.] 

Libraries catalogued, arranged, packed, or valued.— Our Cataloguer has 
had nearly 20 years' experience, gleaned from the Warwick Castle 
collections. Libraries of the Earl of Aylesford, Du Moulin Browne, 
Leamington College, Warneford Hospital, Tonbridge School, and 
other public and private collections. 



39, Renshaw Street, Liverpool. 

Wire— " Jaggard, Bookshop, LiverpooL" Telephone— 6848, OentraL 



•0-3 'NOQNOi 'laaais mvHNaavan '09 

—■■ AHOXOVd 

XLbc JntcrnationaL 

2)irectoti? of BooRseTlers 


BiDUopbile'a Manual, 


Zbc Ipublic Xtbraries of tbe Morld; 

Publishers, Book Collectors, 

Learned Societies and Institutions, 

Theological Colleges, 


H Bibliogtapbs of Motfis of IReference. 



^0c\jhal9 X Printed and Published by James Cleeq, Aldine Press. 
Sornbon; Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, e.c. 
llntv U^orfo: Dodd, Mead, & Co., 149, Fifth Avenue. 
^avitki Librairie Neal, 248, Rue de Rivoli. 
$eip%i^t Geo. Hedeler, *< Export Journal" Office. 


[Entered at SUUicnert^ Hall] 

tsa- The OHEAP BOOKSTALL, vidt The Athenaeum, Nov., 1S61. 

" I CONSULTED every ARTIST I met— the answer invariably was, 
Get up the Subject, READ UP for it, HUNT UP OLD WORKS ON 
ART at the CHEAP BOOKSTALL in the Brompton Road ; in fine, look 
up PARSONS*" (vide TU BuUder, February, 1877). 

Ebwin parsons Si Sons, 

Fine Art &. General Book & Printsellers, 


Pictures, Bronzes, and Works of Art, 

Respectfully invite Artists, Connoisseurs, Book-hunters, &c., to inspect their 
extensive Collection of Works on Art, including the Galleries, Costume, Por- 
traits, Pageants, Architecture, Decoration, Ornament, Sculpture, Emblems, 
Early Woodcuts, Gems, Picturesque Scenery, Artistic Anatomy, County His- 
tories, Practical & Theoretical Works on the Fine Arts, and General Literature. 

50,000 Volumes and 80,000 Engravings on Sale. 

10- " There is a WELL-KNOWN SHOP in the BROMPTON ROAD 
which it is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS, for there do OLD 
The Builder, July 28th, 1883). 

TO MASTERS OP SCHOOLS OP ART.— A Large Selection of 
Art Books (at less than half-price) suitable for Art Prizes. 


Gentlemen, Executors, and others, wishing to DISPOSE of BOOKS 

on ART or GENERAL LITERATURE, will find most Liberal Buyers in 
E. P. & Sons, who have continual demands for the same. Removals withxmt 
expense to Vendors, 


New Gallery of Pictures, Bronzes, Miniatures, 
and Objets d'Art just added. 

OLD PAINTINGS, Drawings, Engravings, and WORKS OF ART 

Of every descTiption Bonght for Cash. 


GATAL0OUE8 issued Monthly (Post Free on (application). 





^OME books, like some treeSy grow /rom a mere seed. 

The first germ, of this hook was sotjun in the year 

1886, and brought forth a tiny volume of 72 pages — an 

imperfect catalogue of Second-hand Book Dealers in the 

United Kingdom and nothing more; tJie second edition, 

appearing in 1888, rose to 17 Ji. pages ; the third, in 1891^ 

assumsd an international character, and in the attempt to 

^^ put a girdle round about the earth,^^ grew to 376 pages; 

the fourth, in 1894., exhibited further signs of development ; 

and the present, the fifth of the series, with enlargements 

in all sections, has expanded to ^20 podges. Beyond these 

salutary indications of growth in itself, this book has given 

birth to numerous offspring — works differing in some degree 

from, the parent form — but bearing unmistakable evidence 

of their origin. 

This edition of the Directory, in addition to the usual 
contents, supplies the names and addresses of firms dealing 
in NEW BOOKS — a large increase of matter which has 
necessitated the use of ratlier smaller type in the first 
division of the work. The two classes of Booksellers — 
dealers in new and in second-hand literature — are clearly 
distinguished, so that in mailing announcements it will be 
a simple matter to address one or the other as desired. 


UfifMual pains have been taken to make the lists com- 
plete up to the mxyment of going to press. Proof slips 
for revision and correction have been posted to every town 
of importance in the United Kingdom, and abroad, a safe- 
guard which has delayed publication, but with the result 
of securing probably the mast a^ccurate register of bona-Jide 
dealers in books that has hitherto been published. 

The Editor is indebted to Mb. Daniel Hip well for a 
careful and exhaustive Bibliography, which includes Works 
of Reference upon all subjects ; Book-Plates ; Concordances : 
Book and Library Catalogues ; and Trade Journals. 

The alphabetical arrangement is followed throughout^ 
either in the order of totvns or of names of persons. 

The Editor has received various suggestions tending on 
the whole to increase the practical value of the Directory. 
Soms of these liave been adopted, others, owing to consider- 
ations of space, could not be utilised in the present issue. 

Thanks are due and are cordially tendered to those 
who have so kindly responded to enquiries, or volunteered 
valuable information. 


November 4th, 1898. 



Pbeface iii.-iv. 

Contents v.-vi. 

Index to Advbbtisembnts vii.-viii. 

Numerical Summary of Addresses in the Directory ix. 

Explanatory Notes x. 

Additions and Changes x.-xi. 

Booksellers— England AND Wales 1-79 

Scotland 79-93 

Irel^vnd 94-97 

Carriers and Forwarding Agents : London Offices 98 

Book Auctioneers in the United Kingdom 100 

Booksellers— Canada 105-109 

The United States 109-144 

Austria-Hungary 145-147 

Belgium, Denmark 147-148 

France 149-156 

German Empire 156-169 

Holland, Italy 169-171 

Norway, Portugal, Russia 171-173 

Spain, Sweden, Switzerland 173-174 

India 174 

Australasia 175-177 

South Africa 178 

Central AND South America 179-185 

West Indies 186 

Book Publishers in the United Kingdom 187-197 

Music Publishers IN London 197 

Book Publishebs in Canada 198 

Book Publishebs in the United States 199-203 

Equivalent Values of English and Fobeign Money 204 

Municipal Fbee Libb abies in the United King dom 207-233 

Public Libbabies in the United Kingdom 234-253 

Canada, United States 254-271 

Centbal and South Amebica, West Indies 272-275 


Public Libraries— Africa 275-276 

Asia, China, India, Japan, &c 276-278 

Australasia 279-281 

The Continent of Europe 281-288 

Learned Societies and Institutions 289-302 

Theological Colleges 303-304 

Book Collectors 305-3J2 

Bibliography— Works of Reference 313-344 

Book-Plates (Ex-Libris) 344-345 

The Ex- LiBRis Societies 345-346 

Concordances 346-347 

Book and Library Catalogues, Trade Journals, &c. 348-351 

Notes on Book-Plates, by Walter Hamilton 352-354 

Copyright Reqistry in the United Kingdom 355-357 

Copyright IN THE United States 358 

The United States Book Tariff 358 

Journals op the Book Trades in the United Kingdom 359-360 

Antiquarian Journals in the United Kingdom 360-361 

American Journals of the Book Trades 362-363 

American Antiquarian and Historical Journals 363 

Journals of the Book Trades — Europe 364 

Antiquarian Journals— India 364 

To Clean Old Prints 364 

Sizes of Books 365-366 

Book-Lover's Lexicon 367 

XCbe international Directors of JSooftsellers, 



Glossary op Foreign and Technical Terms; 
Burns Clubs and Scottish Societies; 

and much other matter of permanent value, not contained in the 
present edition. The remaining copies are 

Reduced to 3/- post free. 

3n&cy to HDvertisere. 

The numbers within brackets refer to the body of the Directory ; aXl other 
numbers to the advertisement pages at the end of the booh. 


Address Labels (printed) 28, 29 

**Aldme Press" Publications ... [368] 

Alpine Literature 13 

Amer, Richard , London 8 

Americana [xii.], 3, 4, 10, 18, 22, 24, 

American Express Service [99] 

American Press Co., Baltimore 1 

Angling 22 

Architecture [ii., xii., 366], 10, 22, 24 

Atkinson, James, Ulverston ... 27 

Autographs 1, 2, 3, 5, 14, 16, 22 

and 2nd page preceding tiUe-pa^e 

Avery, Edward, London 9 

Back-date Magazines 4, 13, 15 

Baker, Thomas, London 9 

Batsford, B. T. , London 10 

Baxendine, Andrew, Edinburgh 5 

Blackwell, B. H. , Oxford 23 

Book Auctioneers [100], 3 

Bookbinders [102], 6, 14, 16 

Book Cleaner and Restorer [253] 

" Book Finder," London [97] 

Bookplates... [xii., 366], 2, 5, 6, 8, 22 
aiid 2nd page preceding title-page 

"Book Queries," Liverpool 

3rd page preceding title-page 

Britnell, John, Toronto 27 

Brown, J. Hardie, Edinburgh. [366] 

Brown, William, Edinburgh ... 5 

Bryce, William, Edinburgh 5 

Burrows Bros. Co. , Cleveland , 0. 4 

Butterworth & Co., London ... 10 

Calculators [xii.] 

Calvary & Co. , S. , Berlin 2 

Carrington, Charles, Paris 25 

Carver, Thomas, Hereford 6 

Catalogue Elnvelopes [205] 

Caunt & Co. , J. , Leeds 21 


Cazenove & Son, C. D., London. 10 

Chess Literature [366] 22 

Clarke & Co., Robert, Cincinnati 4 

Clausen, Carlo, Turin 27 

Clegg, J., Rochdale [205, 368], 28, 29 

" Clique," Derby 30 

Coloniana [xii.], 3, 11 

Conway & Co. , Noel 2 

Cotsworth, M. B.,Holgate, York [xii.] 

Davie & Co., W. 0., Cincinnati 4 

Dent, W., London [97] 

Edwards, Francis, London 11 

Eggimann & Cie., C, Geneva... 5 

Engravings [ii., xii., 366], 8, 14, 16, 18, 
22, 24, 27, and 2nd page preceding 

** Export Journal," Leipzig 

5th page preceding title-page 

French Literature 24 

Gay & Bird, London 31 

George's Sons, Wm., Bristol.... 3 

Gibbings & Co. , Ltd. , London ... 12 

Globes, Terrestrial & Celestial.. 18 

Gosnell, R. E., Victoria, B.C.. 27 

Grant, John, Edinburgh 6 

Gray, Henry, London 11 

Harrwitz, Max, Berlin 2 

Hedeler, George, Leipzig 

Sth page preceding title-page 

Heraldry 6, 11 

Hirsch, Emil, Munich 22 

Humphreys & Co. , London 13 

Hutt, Frederick H., London ... 13 

Italian Literature 27 

Jaggard & Co., Liverpool 

271(1 dh 3rd pages preceding title-page 

Jean-Fontaine, E. , Paris 24 

Johnston, W. & A. K., Edinb. 20 

Kennard, Thomas, Leamington 7 



King & Sod, P. S. , London 13 

Law-Books 8, 10,19, 20 

Leigh ton, J. & J. , London 14 

Libbie & Co., C. F., Boston, Mass.. 3 

Literary Agent and Reviewer... 3 

Low, Marston & Co. Ld., Lond. [206] 

Lupton Bros. , Burnley ' 3 

Maggs Bros. , London 14 

Maurice & Co., A., London ... 14 

Mayer, Godefroy, Paris 24 

Medical Works 1,4, 5, 25 

Meegan, James F., Atlanta, Ga. 1 

Military and Naval 3 

Militia History [366] 

Milligan, Thomas, Lteds 21 

Miniature Book Labels [205] 

Mitchell Library 6 

Mudie's Select Library, London 

facing front cover 

Murray, Frank, Derby 4 

,, „ Leicester 7 

„ „ Nottingham ... 23 

Myers & Co. , London 16 

Natural History 20 

Neale & Wilkinson, London . . . [99] 

Neal's Library, Paris 26 

Newul Kishore Press, Lucknow 21 

Nichols Ltd., H. S [101-104] 

Occult [xii.], 3, 17, 19 

Odd Volumes [97] 

Paintings and Drawings [ii. ] 

Parish Registers [368] 

Parker & Co., James, Oxford ... 24 

Parliamentary Papers 13 

Parsons & Sons, Edwin, London 

hax^h of title-page 

Pickering & Chatto, London ... 15 

Platnauer, J., London 15 

Printers of Catalogues, &c 

[103, 205], 21, 27 


Private Libraries 

6th page preceding title-page 

Publishers. [xii., 104, 206,368], 2, 4, 10, 
11, 12, 13, 17, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 
31, and 4lh page preceding title-page 

" Publishers' Circular," London [206] 

Rapilly, Georges, Paris 24 

Red way, George, London 17 

"Remainders'* 6, 12 

Ridge & Co., Newark 23 

Robinson, James, Manchester ... 21 
Rosenthal, Ludwig, Munich ... 22 

Rubber Stamps 20 

Sabin, Frank T. , London 16 

Salisbury, L., London 16 

Sands, Harold, Tenterden [304] 

Sanscrit, Persian, &(?. 21 

Sea ttergood, John, Moses gate . . . [253] 

Seligsberg, B. , Bayreuth [97] 

Smith & Son, C. , London 18 

Spencer, Walter T., London ... 

inside front cover 

Sporting [xii., 101], 13, 17, 21, 22 

Stevens, Son & Stiles, London... 18 
" Stickphast Paste "facing title-page 

Stock, Elliot, London 

4th pa^e preceding tiile-pa^e 
Sutton, Albert, Manchester ... 22 
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd., London. 19 
Theology. [xii.], 1, 3, 6, 9, 21, 22,23,24 
Thome, Thos., Newcastle-on-Tyne 23 
Thoy ts. Miss, Sulhamstead Park [366] 
Topography. . .[ii. , xii. , 304] , 3, 7, 1 1, 22 

Uppington, A. H., London 20 

Yalladares, P. R., Brighton ... 3 

Warde, Thomas, SheflSeld [xii.) 

Watkins, John M., London 19 

Wheldon & Co., John, London. 20 

Wildy & Sons, London 20 

Young & Sons, Henry, Liverpool 7 

Ylumerical Summati? ot addresses 


Booksellers in England and Wales 3056 

Scotland 688 

Ireland 136 


Canada 189 

The United States 1547 

Central and South America 296 


Continent of Europe 1434 

Australasia 143 

South Africa 49 

Total Number of Booksellers 7538 

Publishers in the United Kingdom 493 

Canada 48 

The United SUtes 260 



Total Number of Publishers 801 

Municipal Free Libraries in the United Kingdom 348 

Other Public Libraries in the United Kingdom 946 


Public Libraries in Canada 201 

The United States 701 

Central and South America 250 


Continent of Europe 604 

South Africa 87 

Asia 163 

Australasia 153 

ft >f 

>> >» 

Total Number of Libraries 3453 

Learned Societies, &c.. in the United Kingdom 852 

Book Collectors 205 

Miscellaneous Addresses 1640 

Total Number of Addresses 14,489 


IN the following pages, an asterisk (*) denotes that the firm 
publishes periodically a Catalogue of Books, which will be 
sent post free to bookbuyers. 

K not otherwise described, by the words " Second-hand " or 
" New and Second-hand," firms deal in New Books only. 

The figures which in some cases follow the address, denote the 
year in which the firm began business. 

The populations of the cities and towns of Great Britain and 
Ireland are according to the census of 1891. The populations 
of American cities and towns are approximate only, but 
sufiiciently indicate their relative size and importance. 

The names of Advertisers are printed in bold type. 

Bbbitione anb Cbanges. 

booksellers.-The united Kingdom. 

Birmingham. — Add Holland Company, Grenville Buildings, Cherry street 

Lowe Bros. , removed to 23, Cannon street 
Burton-on-Trbnt. — Add Waller, Thomas New and Second-hand 

Bury St. Edmunds. — Smyth, J., removed to 26, Risbygate street 
Cork. — *Ma8sey, Nassau, removed to 84, Patrick street 
Edinburgh. — Macleod, Norman, removed to 25, George IV. Bridge 
Faversham. — Voile, William, now Voile & Roberson {Girc. Library) 

Grantham. — Add Leayton, John S., 36, St. Peter's hill 
Hexham. — Delete Armstrong, Christopher 
Leicester. — Clarke & Hodgson, now Clarke & Satchell 
Lincoln. — Turrill, Henry, removed to 6, Eleanor terrace 
Liverpool. — Howell, Edward, removed to 83, Church street 
London. — Add Ash worth Bros., 73, Berwick street, Soho, w. Second-hand 

Dent, J. M., & Co., removed to 29 & 30, Bedford street, w.c. 

Forster, Henry, removed to 114, High street, Islington, n. 

Delete Galwey, John 

Add Hankinson & Co., 56, High street, New Oxford street, w.c. 

Add Jermy, A., 2, Castle street, Kingsland, n.e. 

Delete McMillan, J. 

Add Neale, A., 19, Werrington street, Oakley square, n.w. 

Add * Palmer, Clement S., 12, Southampton row, w.c. 

Delete Roche, W. B. 

Add Rogers, H. F., 27, King street, Cheapside, e.o. 

Add Sawyer, C. J., & Co., 488, Wandsworth road, s.w. 

Add Sinclair, C. E., 98, Jermyn street, St. James's, s.w. 

Add Waghorn, J. J., 14, Anson parade, Cricklewood, N.w. 

Add Walsham, A. E., 263, High road, Balham, s.w. {Girc, Library) 

Add Wenborn, James, 40, Upper Garden-st. , Vauxhall Bridge-rd., s.w. 
Manchester. — Richardson, C, removed to 10, Exchange arcade, Deansgate 
Newcastle-on-Tyne. — Thorne, Thomas, removed to 49, Blackett street 
Portland. — Delete Read, W. J. 

Add Watts, R., 32, Fortune's Well 
Settle. — Add Thompson, R. 1883 New and Second-hand 

Tbnterden, ^en^.— Sands, Harold, Craythome. ^S'ee advL p. S04, 

Topography, Archeeology, History, and General Literature. 
Watford. — Add Cambridge, Oliver, 17, Denmark street 


booksellers-United states. 

Boston, Mass, — Foley, P. K., removed to 26, Bromfield street. 
Cleveland, 0. — Add Gepfert, J. F., 138, Superior-st. New ds Second-hand 

Law, School, and Miscellaneous. 
New York. — Add Bloomingdale Bros., Book Depot, Third avenue. 

Add Macy's Book Depot, Sixth avenue. 

Pelton, E. R., removed to 19, East Sixteenth street. 
Pittsburgh. — Delete Brown, James; Jacob, Jacob; Johnston, W. G.; 

McCloy & Co.; Miller, M.T.; Myers, Shields & Co.; Stevenson and 

Foster Co. 

Add Weldin, J. K., & Co., Wood street. 

Add Waters, W. W., Penn avenue. 


Agra.— *Chattree, R. D., & Co. 1884 

Educational, Law, Medical, and General Literature 
Allahabad, N.W. P.— Allahabad School Book Dep6t, Chank. 1887 

Educational and General 
Bombay. — Aarif, A., 71, Undria street New and Second-hand 

*Munshi, G. M., & Sons, Kalka-Devi road. 1888. New and Second-hand 

Anglo-Oriental Books of every description 
Calcutta. — *Methodist Publishing House, 46, Dharamtola street. 1885. 

Miscellaneous Literature 
LuDHiANA, Punjab. — Military Book Depot. 1893. 

Madras. — Addison & Co., 157, 188 and 189, Mount road. 1875. 
Standard and General. 

BERMUDA. West indies. 

Hamilton. — Nelmes, S., The Tower. 1837. New and Second-hand 

Educational, Religious, and General. 


Durban, ^a^o^.— Woodroflfe & Cato, 340 and 342, West street. 1885. 

Telegramff '* Woodroflfe, Durban." 
Newcastle, Natal. — Greaves, Frank, Scott street. 1881. 
UiTENHAGE. — NichoU, J. G. 1881. 


London. -Allen, W. H. & Co. Ltd., removed to 4 & 5, Adam-st. , Adelphi, w.c. 
Macmillan & Co. Ltd. , have taken over the business of Richard Bentley 

and Son, and transferred it to St. Martin's street, w.c. 
Marshall, Russell & Co. Ltd., changed to W. R. Russell & Co. Ltd. 

Add Walker, W., 28, Paternoster row, b.c. 
Publisher and Bookseller. 


Add Stone, Edward, Radcliffe-un-Trent, Nottingham. 

Theology, Literature, Arts and Sciences, Music, Folk-Lore, Antiquities, &q. 
Catalogues solicited. 


Birmingham Free Libraries. Librarian : A. Capel Shaw. 

London. — St. George's-in-the-East, Cable-st. Librarian : F. M. Roberta. 

Saffron Waldbn, Essex. — Librarian : W. M. Tuke. 

'DIRECT calculators; BY M. B. C0T8W0RTH, 



And already in use by H.M. Government, the Bank of England, many Insurance and 

Railway Companies and leading Commercial Houses. 

Accounts may be charged out or checked by these means in about ONB-THIRD the 

time required by ordinary methods of calculation . These "Calculators" have very clear 

and original indices and other automatic contrivances for instantly finding the exact page 
and column in which the answer is seen AT A GLANC£, by itd flx^d position, without even 
sifi^ting the top or side of the page. No time is wasted in turning over a second page. 
Wherever the books are open the next calculation is found with precision by simply working 
the double index. The Calculators are varied in arrangement to suit the special need of 
each particular trade. 

Particulars are solicited showingf kind and range of calculations required, togfether with your present shortest 
way of doingf them, so that we may advise readers how they may be helped by the most suitable Calculators. 

"DIRECT CALCULATOR (O)" shows at a olance the results of 

Multiplication— Division— Percentage — Average— Interest —Exchange — \ -pxyjcK 

Square and Cube Root— Three Figures ; also all General and Scientific I '^"■^^'^ 

Calculations of all Combinations of Numbers are worked at a time as f Ql /_ 

readily as single figures are applied in ordinary arithmetic. j ^  ' ~* 

"RAILWAY AND TRADERS' CALCULATOR" (R. A T.). as prepared for the 

Railway Companies— one Company has already taken over 600 copies 1 0/6 


" WAGES CALCULATORS " for various Standard Hours-S/- to 86/6 per week 2/6 
*♦ DIRECT CALCULATORS " for tons, cwt., qrs., lbs., articles at so much each, per yard, 

dozen, gross, &c., for all trades at various prices. 
"INTEREST CALCULATORS" for various rates of Interest, showing every unit 

value to 1000 with larger or smaller values on the same page 6/~ to 7/6 

N.B. — Other ^* Direct CcdcuXators," dtc.f may he had—LUt on application. 

SHEFFIELD. [Established I860.] 



STOCK (entirely Second-hand):— English and Foreign, Ancient and 

Modem Miscellaneous. 


America: Books, Pamphlets, Prints, Por- 
traits, and Maps. 

Africa, Australia, India, Ceylon, and the 

Aiken, Blake, Bewick, Bartolozzi, Cruik- 
shank, Gillray, Leech, Rowlandson, and 

Astrology, Folk Lore, and Witchcraft. 

Black Letter, Old Chronicles, Early Presses. 

Classics, Mathematics, and Philology. 

Fine Art Books, Bindings, and Bookplates. 

"• - - M< 

History, Genealogy, Theology, and Rare Old 

Napoleon : Books, Prints, and Portraits. 
Ola French Literature and French Dialect-s. 
Prints of every description. 
Rarities and Curiosa. 
Shakespeare, Music, and the Drama. 
Scott, Bums, Dickens, Thackeray, Ruskin. 
Seventeenth Century Pamphlets. 
Sporting Books and Prints. 
Topography, Antiquities, and Architecture. 
Voyages and Travels. 

First Editions of Modem English Writers. 

IQ^ Books and Prints ''wanted/' searched for and reported. 

CcUcUogues of English and Foreign Booksellers respectfully solicited, and 

Books ordered therefrom. 


On Correspond en anglais et en franqais. 

^ittctox^ of (§OO^BMttB. 


Abergarn, Monmouthshire. — Pop. 5,000. 

Davies, David, Book Mart Second-hand 

Aberdabe, Glamorganshiref S. Wales. — Pop. 40,917. 
Bichards, D. P., 14 Canon street 

Smith, Tom Ernest, 8, Canon street. 1870 

Telephone, 5 
Yates, Edward, 38, Commercial street 

Abergavenny, Mmimouthshire.—'Po^p. 9,036. 
Crockford, F. R. , 3, High street 
Davies, Arthur, 8, Cross street 
Fricker, C. J., Athenaeum Library, 13, Cross street 

Abergele, Denbighshire, N. Wales. — Pop. 3,186. 
Jones, Robert 

Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire. — Pop. 6,725. 
James, Richard, 34, Bridge street 
Edwards, E. , 13, Great Darkgate street 
Jenkins, William, 23, Great Darkgate street, and 13, Bridge street 

Abingdon, Berkshire,— Pot^, 6,557. 
Baylis & Co. , Market place 

Hooke, William H. , Market place, and Stert street 
Hughes, Mrs., Marketplace. {Circulating Library) 

AccRiNGTON, Lancashire. — Pop. 38,603. 

Cox, George S., & Co., 115, Blackburn road 
* Wardleworth, J., 14 & 16, Blackburn rd. 1864. New and Second-hand 
Whittaker, George, 7, Dutton street 

Alderley Edge, Cheshire. — Pop. 2,359. 
Dutton, John, London road 
Gregson, Thomas, London road 
Pascall, Miss L. G., London road [Circulating Library) 

Aldershot, Hampshire. — Pop. 25,595. 
Drew, John, 39, Union street 
Hughes, Richard, 95, High street 
May, James, 8, Wellington street 
Smith, Herbert C. , 23, Wellington street 

Alnwick, Northumberland. — Pop. 7,428. 
Blair, Henry Hunter, Market place 
Hume & Co., 18, Bondgate 



Alnwick — continued. 

Moore Brothers, Bondgate 
Smith, Mark, 39, Bondgate within 

Albesford, Hampshire. — Pop. 1,933. 
Lawrence, George, East street 

Alton, Hampshire, — Pop. 4,671. 

Halliday , William S. , Anstey road 
King, Richard, High street 
VVrenn, Edwin W., High street 

Altrincham, Cheshire. — Pop. 12,440. 

Balshaw, John, Station road 

Bradbury, F. , 84, George street 

Butler, Samuel, 105, George street 

Calvert, S. , 83, George street 

Howard, Alfred, 12, Market street 

Hunt, Henry, 23, The Downs 

Wright, Arthur, 102, George street 
Ambleside, Westmorland. — Pop. 2,360. 

Banks, James, Lake road 

Fleming, Mrs. and Miss, Lake road 

Middleton, George, North road 

Andover, Hampshire. — Pop. 5,852. 

Browne & Grandidge, 18, High street 
Holmes, James C. , 10, High street 

Appleby, Westmorland. — Pop. 1,776. 
Askew, John, Boroughgate 
Whitehead, John, & Son, Brid&:e street 

Arundel, Sv^sex. — Pop. 2,644. 

Lap worth, Alfred W., High street 
Salter, J. , High street 

Ashbourne, Derbyshire. — Pop. over 5,000. 
Henstock, J. H., Marketplace 
Hales, Charles, St. John street 
Osborne, Joseph, St. John street 

AsHBY-DB-LA-ZoucH, Leicestershire. — Pop. 7,710. 
Barker, John, 55, Market street 
Brown, George, 11, Bath street 
Carman, W. H. , 28, Market street 

AsHFORD, Kent.—VoV' 10,728. 

Goulden & Wind, 35, Bank street 
Miller, William, 80, High street 
Norley, P., High street 
Thompson, William J., 1, Middle row 

Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. — Pop. 40,463. 
Donaldson, John, 292, Stamford street 
Griffin & Sheard, 130, Stamford street 
Hampson, Warrington street 

Hindle, Market hall Second-hand 

Hurst, Scotland street 

Littlewood, James, 25, Warrington street Second-hand 

Lumb, Warrington street 
Sutcliffe, James, 31, Market avenue 



Atherton, Lancashire. — Pop. 15,883. 

Mackenzie, Thomas T., Market street 

AxMiNSTER, Devonshire.— Voip, 2,809. 
Snell, Edwin, West street. 

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. — Pop. 8,922. 
Poulton, Lewis, Market square 
Walker, William W., Kingsbury square 

Bacup, Lancashire. — Pop. 23,498.. 

Booth, Albert, 23, St. James's street 
Priestley, L. J. , 13, St. James's street 
Shepherd, Theodore, Market street 

Bake WELL, Derbyshire. — Pop. 2,748. 
Wardley , Charles F. , The square 

Bala, Merionethshire. — Pop. 2,421. 

Edwards, Llewellyn, 42, High street 
Evans, Humphreys 

Banbury, Oxfordshire.— Fop. 12,768. 
Commin, John H., 61, High street 
Hobbs, Market place 
Potts, William, 51, Parsons street 
Sansbury, R., Bridge street and South Bar 
Stanley, H. , High street 
Walford, Edwin A., 72 and 57 (The Library), High street 

Bakoor, Carnarvonshire^ N. Wales. — Pop. 9,892. 
Davies, Misses M. & E. , 102, High street 
Humphreys & Parry, High street 
Jarvis & Foster, Lome House, High street 
Nixon & Jarvis, Bank Place and Upper Bangor 

Barking, Essex. — Pop. 14,301. 
Gray, John C. , 38, East street 
Mays, A., Broadway 
Wilson & Whitworth Limited, Broadway 

Barmouth, Merionethshire , N. Wales. — Pop. 2,757. 
Hughes, John, High street 
Evans, John, High street. 

Barnard Castle, Durham.— Voy. 4,725 
Atkinson, William R., Market place 
Barker, Robert, Horse market 
Davies, John E., Bank 
Ward, Mrs. M. J. , Horse market 

Barnet, Hertfordshire.— Voip. 4,563 
Carter, William, 168, High street 
Cowing, Miss Jane, High street 
Watson, Walter A., 220, High street 

Barnsley, Yorkshire.— To^p. 35,427. 
Barham, Alfred, 23, Sheffield road 
Cheeseman, Edward, 3, Market hill 
Holden, H. , Sheffield road 
Lodse, J. , New street 
Neale (Walter), & Co., 1, Peel square 

(Circulating Library) 


Barnstaple, Devonshire.— Po^. 13,058. 
Allan, Ralph, 90, Hieh street 
Barnes, A. E., 107, High street 
Harper, Robert, 27, High street 
Harris, Percival, 95, High street 

Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire.— Vop. 51,712. 

Alston, James, Forshaw street, 1874. Second-hand 

Historic, Scientific, and General 
Cookson, William, 155, Dalton road 
Grainger, T. L. , Balton road 
Jeavons, Simeon, 9, Paxton terrace 
Macrae & Blanchard, 78, Duke street 
Williams, Benjamin, 150, Dalton road 

Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 5,226. 

* Ball, William Henry, Market lane. 1856. Second-hand 

General Literature and Topo^n^phy 
Telegrams, *' Ball, Barton-on-Humber." 
Crowder, C. J. H., George street 

Basingstoke, Hampshire. — Pop. 7,960. 
Bartlett, James, Wote street 
Bird, John, 19, Church street 
Jacob, Charles J. , 23, Winchester street 

Bath, Somersetshire. — Pop. 54,551. 

* Cleaver, H., 9, New Bond street place. 1892. Second-hand 

Standard Library Books and Best Editions 

* Collard, Richard Frederic, 42a, Broad st. 1895. New and Second-hand 
Collins & Son, 4, Margaret's buildings. Brock street 

Curtis, William Henry, Newbridge road, Lower Weston 
Fricker, W. H., 17, Cheap street 

* Gregory, George, 5, Argyle street. 1847. Second-hand 

Choice and rare, Classics, Languages, and Miscellaneous 
Hallett, Charles, 6 and 7, Bladud buildings 
Houlston, Robert F. , 23, New Bond street 
McWatters, David, 1, Saville row 

* Meehan, B. & J. F., 82, Gay street. 1867. Second-hand 

Scarce and valuable Editions 
Mundy, George A., 8, Bridge street 
Parker, Ernest, 16, Manvers street. 1887. Second-hand 

History, Theology, Naval, Military, and General 
Pearson, Benjamin, & Sons, 14, Milsom street 

* Pickering, G. & F., 3, Bridge street. 1852. New and Second-hand 
Simms, Samuel W. , 12, George street 

Williams & Co. , 5, Union street 

Batlby, Yorkshire. — Pop. 28,719. 

Fearnsides, James, & Sons, 54, Commercial street 
Mellor, Charles T. , 64, Commercial street 
Roberts, Edwin F. , Bradford road 
Sheard, Abraham & Son, Commercial street 

Battle, Sussex.— Vo^. 3,153. 

Burgess, Miss Ann, 74, High street 
Harold, William H., 22, High street 
Ticehurst, F. W., & Co., 76 and 77, High street 

Beaumaris, Anglesey ^ N. Wales. — Pop. 2,202. 
Jones, Owen G. , Castle street 
Roberts, Mrs. C, Castle street 



Beccles, Suffolk. — Pop. 6,669. 
Chase, Caleb, Market street 
Harmer, H. E., New Market place 

Bedford, Bedfordshire. — Pop. 33,550. 

Baker, William T., 14, St. Mary's street 
Hockliffe, Frederic, 86 and 88, High street 
Howard, Frederick T., 61, High street 
Hulatt & Richardson, 6, Silver street 
Porter, James R. , 7, High street 
Robinson, William J. , 3, Silver street 
Rush & Warwick, 5, Harpur street 
Thompson, Frederick, & Son, High street 
Timseus, Charles F., 90, High street 

Bedlington, Northumberland.— Vo^p. 16,996. 
Carr, Charles 

Belper, Derbyshire. — Pop. 10,420. 
Edwards, Thomas, King street 
Gibson, Stewart D., Bridge street 
Hibbert, Frank, Bridge street 
Winn, George, & Co. , King street 

Berkhamstbd, Hertfordshire.— Vojp. 5,034. 

Loosley, George, & Sons, Castle street and High street 
Slater, Anthony, High street 

Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland.— Fop. 13,377. 
Henderson, Alexander, & Son, 42, West street 
Plenderleith, James W., 75, Mary gate 
Vance, Andrew H., Bridge end 

Bethesda, Carnarvonshire. — Pop. 5,799. 
Jones, John, Stationers' Hatl 
Roberts, Griffith, High street 
Williams, John F., M, High street 

Beverley, Yorhshire.—Vop. 12,539. 
Green & Son, Market place 
Kemp, John, & Son, Market place 
Tilson, William, Butcher row. 

Bewdley, Worcestershire. — Pop. 2,876. 
Bryan, Miss M. E. , Load street 
Mark, G. Gill, Load street 

Bexhill-on-Sea, Stissex.—Vop. 5,206. 
Crick, William J., Devonshire road. 
Shipwright, George, Devonshire road 
Vale, S., Devonshire road 

Bexley Heath, Kent.—Vop. 6,385. 

Jenkins, Thomas, 73 and 75, Broadway 
Mesnard, Stephen, Broadway 

BiDEFORD, North Devonshire.— Top. 7,831. 
Beer, Mrs. Judith Ann, Bridge street. 
Coles, Walter, 5, Grenville street 

Murphy, W. C, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Mill street. 1837. Second-hand 

Old Books, Engravings, and Antiquities 
Williams, Miss Jane H., 15 and 16, High street 

Neio and Second-hand 

[Circulating Library) 



BiOBSTER, Oxfordshire, — Pop. 3,343. 
Bough ton, John P., Market place 
PaDkhurst, Thomas W., Market place 

BiooLBSWADE, Bedfordshire. — Pop. 4,943. 

Allen, Joseph, Shortmead street Second-hand 

Hunt, John Francis, High street 
Spong & Son, High street 

BiLSTON, Staffordshire. — Pop. 23,453. 
Brereton, Henry V. , Lichfield street 
Price, John, 68, Church street 

BiNGLEY, Yorkshire.— Vo^. 19,284. 
Pickles, James, 19, Chapel lane 
Smith, Luther, 89, Main street 

BiRKENHKAD, Cheshire. — Pop. 99,857. 

Allen, Henry W. & John, 156, Grange road 

Bennett, James, Grange mount. Second-hand 

Broom & Walmsley, 1, Hamilton square 

Cross & Floyd, 31, Argyle street 

Ellison, George F. , 224, Grange road 

Harem, B., & Co., Hamilton street 

Pitt & Co., 85, Grange road 

Robinson, Grange road 

Silvester, Lucas, 193, Grange road. 1868. Second-hand 

Wilson & Jones, Argyle street 

Birmingham, Warwickshire. — Pop. 478,113. 

Aston, John C. , 39 and 40, Smallbrook street 
Britten, Charles, 78, High street 
Cheeseman, Henry, 125, Longmore street 
Combridge, C. , 4 and 5, New street 
Cornish Brothers, 37, New street 
Handley, James, 36, Corporation street 
Harrison & Parker, 59, Broad street 
Midland Educational Company Limited, Corporation street. 1890. 

New and Second-hand 
High-class Art Books, Editions de luxe, County Histories, &c. 
TeUgrams, " Educational, Birmingham." Telephone, lOd 
Pouting, James, 166, Corporation street 

Taylor, Achilles, Caxton House, Old square. New and Second-hand 


* Bakerf Edward, 14 and 16, John Bright street. 1884 

First Editions, Railroadiana 

* Bates, Joseph Bernard, 126, Sandpits, Parade. 1885 

High-class Miscellaneous 

* Bourne, William Robert, 183, Sherlock street. 1891 

Art Books, Prints, &c. 

* Brough, William, & Sons, 8, Broad street corner. 1845 

New and Second-hand. Sporting Books a specialty 

* Bullock, Charles F., 21, John Bright street. 1893 

Miscellaneous Books and Engravings, Baxter's Oil Prints, &c. 

* Conway, Noel, & Co., 70, New street. ^S'ee advt. 

Autographs and Historical Documents 
Crees, Ernest James, 297, Monument road. 1888 

* Crees, William Henry, 159, Balsall Heath road. 1884 

Theological, Water-colour Drawings, &c. 



BiBMiNOHAM — continued. 

* Downing, William, The Chaucer's Head Library, 5, Temple row. 1830 

Best Library Editions of Standard Books, Rare and Choice Works, MSS., Ac 
Godfrey, Charles, 187, King Edward's road. 1884 
Music and Miscellaneous 

* Hector, E., 103, John Bright street. 1886 

Foreign and English Books 

* Hitchman, John, 51, Cherry street. 1855 

Antiquarian, Topographical, and Historical 

* Lowe Brothers, 37, Cannon street 

* Lowe Charles, New street 

* Middleton, M. A. , Dr. Johnson passage, Bull street 

Music and Musical Literature 
Nicholas, Edward, 66, Hill street 

* Reeves, Arthur, 36, Whittall street. 1880 
Richardson, Miss, 83, Bristol street 

* Robinson, James, 155, Bristol street. 1879 

* Thistlewood, Alfred, 6, Broad street. 1889 ' 

Ancient and Modern Books, Prints, and Musical Literature 
TeUgranUf ** Thistlewood, Birmingham." 

* Wilson, James, Hutton House, 35, Bull street 
Union Book Mart, 36, George street west. 

BiNGLEY, Yorkshire. — Pop. 19,284. 
Dobson, John, 89, Main street 
Pickles, James, 19, Chapel lane 

BmsTALL, Yorkshire. — Pop. 4,286. 
Hargreaves, Robert, Low lane 

Bishop Auckland, Durham. — Pop. 11,765. 

Braithwaite (Matthew), & Son, Market place 

Cooke, Abraham, Newgate street 

Guy, John, 69, Newgate street. New and Second-hand 

Smith, Thomas, Central buildings, Newgate street 

Thwaites, Edward, Princes street 

Bishop's Castle, Shropshire. — Pop. 1,586. 
Hughes, Christopher, Market place 

Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire. — Pop. 6,595 

Boardman, Arthur, North street. New and Second-hand 

Copley, H. , & Co. , North street 
Mardon, Harry, North street 

Blackburn, Lancashire. — Pop. 120,064. 
Astley, Alfred, 57, Church street 
Baxter, Henry L. , Market hall 
Brown, M. J. , 40, Church street 

Cotterill, John, 5, Lord street, Market place. 1889. Second-hand 
Denham, R., & Co., 31, King William street 
Stephenson, Joseph, 7, Penny street 
Johnson, Thomas, 30, Church street 

Blackpool, Lancashire. — Pop. 23,846. 
Aldred E. , & Son, 90, Church street 

Blackpool Printing Company Limited, 43 and 45, Church street 
Donnelly, Thomas, Continental Bazaar, Bankhey street 
Kay, Richard, 4, Central Beach 

Lawrenson, Thomas, & Son, 6a, Birley street. 1870. Second-hand 
Lord, Harry, 64, Topping street 


Blaenavon, MonrrumtJiahire. — Pop. 11,377. 

Probert (Evan), & Co., 1 and 2, High street 
Rees, George, Broad street 
Ward, James T. , Broad street 

Bladta, Monmouthshire. — Pop. about 20,000. 
Edwards, William, High street 

Blandfobd, Dorsetshire.— Vop. 3,974. 
Hobbs, John J., Salisbury street 
Shipp, Henry, Market place. 

Blyth, Northumberland. — Pop. 4,553. i 

Alder & Co. , Ridley street and Market street 
Dunn, Christopher, Regent street, Cowpen quay 
Lee, Stephen A. , Regent street, Cowpen quay 
Tweedy, John, Bridge street 

Bodmin, Cornwall.— To]^. 5,151. 

Crabb, Miss Mary, 16, Fore street 
Liddell, E. & H. G., 7, Fore street 

Bognob, Sussex.— Fop. 3,171. 

Webster & Webb, High street {Circulating Library) 

Wood, Edward, 25, High street {Circulating Library) 

Bolton, Lancashire.— Vop. 115,002. 

Abbatt, Thomas, 12, Corporation street 

Bromley, Charles James, 57 and 133, Newport st. 1840. Second-hand 

Bruckshaw, William, 109, St. George's road 

Denham, James, 23, Ne^^^ort street 

Duckworth, Edward, 41, Bridge street 

Eraser, James Francis, 19, Hibbert street. 1874. Second-hand 

Gledsdale, J. W., 18, Deansgate 

Kenyon, Robert, 7 and 9, Market street 

Read, John, 31, Newport street 

Whewell, Robert, & Son, 5 and 7, Folds road 

Winterburn, George, 65, Deansgate. New and Second-hand 

Boston, Lincolnshire. — 14, 693. 

Baddeley , Arthur W. , 29, Market place 

Bradley, William, 22, Main ridge. Second-hand 

Wilson & Son, 42, Market place 

Dodds, Harold, 1, Market place 

Newcomb, James M. , 12, Market place 

Wing & Broughton, 13, Bargate 

Bourne, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 4,191. 
Berry, John H. , South street 
Morris, John T., West street 
Pearce, John T. , Market place 

Bournemouth, Hampshire. — Pop. 37,781. 

* Bright & Co., The Arcade. —i\rew;. 22&23,TownHallave.— iS^ec<wid-Aa?id 

Standard Literature, Natural History, General Science, <fec. 

* Commin, Horace G. , 8, Victoria buildings, Old Christchurch-rd. 1892. 

Topography, Theology, Natural History, &c. ^eu> and Second-hand 

Crisp, George J., 6, Westbourne arcade 
Fulker, Albert E,, Boscombe 
Mate, William, & Sons, 62, Commercial road 
Sydenham, D. & A., & Co., Marine Library, Pier approach 


BowDON, Cheshire, — Pop. 2,792. 
Hallam, Alfred, Peel Causeway 
Molineaux, William, Victoria road 

BowNKSS, We8tm<yrland. — Pop. 2,061. 
Hunter, F., The Library 
Robinson, Robert, Post Office. 

Bbacklet, Northamptonshire', — Pop. 2,591. 
Gwillim, Protheroe 
Smart, James 

Bbadfobd, Yorkshire. — Pop. 216,361. 

Bilbrough & Kitchingman, Dale street 

Blagbrough, Sam, 50, Market street 

Brear Thomas, & Co. Ltd, 17, Kirkgate. 1825. New and Second-hand 

Telephone, 744 

Clough, William H., 28, Forster square 
Cockcroft, William, 440, Thornton road 
Crooke, Robert, & Sons, 334, Leeds road 
Dale, John, & Co., Limited, Bridge street 
Goodchild, John, 6, Carlisle road, Manningham 

* Matthews & Brooke, Mechanics' Institute buildings. 1840. 

Branch : New Market entrance, Darley-st. New and Second-hand 

* Miles, Thomas, 13, Sunbridge road. 1879. New and Second-hand 

Sporting, Topographical, and General 
Power, Fred, Market hall 
Russell, George B. , 9, Darley street 

Waterhouse, Charles, Market hall. New and Second-hand 

Whitham, William, 88, Godwin street. New and Second-hand 

Wood, Joseph, Market hall 
Woodhead, John, 127, Godwin street 

Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. — Pop. 7,687. 
Dotesio & Todd, 15, Silver-street 
Merrett, The Misses, 43, Silver street 
Randell, James, Jun., 44, St. Margaret's street 
Rawling, Charles, 11 and 12, Market street 

Braintbee, Essex. — Pop. 5,303. 

Joscelyne, Charles, 78, High street 
Shearcroft, John, 9, Bank street 

Bbamlby, Yorkshire. — Pop. 14,787. 
Wilson, John, 170, Town street 
Witts, William, Town street. 

Brampton, Cumberland. — Pop. 2,790. 
Hodgson, Isaac B., Main street 

Brecon, BrecknockMre, S. Wales. — Pop. 5,646. 
Butcher, Mrs. C. E., High street 
Davies, Edwin, Church house. Bulwark 
Hughes, Mrs. A., High street 
Jones, Thomas, 4, Bulwark 
Poole, Mrs. H. M., High street 

Brentford, Middlesex. — Pop. 13,870. 
Coulton, John F., 214, High street 
Stutter, Cornelius, 110, High street 



Brentwood, Essex, — Pop. 4,949. 
Burgess, Frank R. , High street 
Wilson & Whitworth Limited, High street 

Bridgend, Olamorganshire, — Pop. 4,759. 

Williams, David, Caroline street , 

Williams, Wesley, Dunraven place 

Bridgnorth, Shropshire. — Pop. 5,865. 
Bromwich, Henry E., 55, High street 
Evans, Robert Henry, 77, High street 
* Foxall, James T. , 75 and 76, Friars street. 1893. Second-hand 
Mc. Michael, Joseph W., 32, High street 

Bridgwater, Somersetshire. — Pop. 12,436. 
Belcher, Walter, 29, Fore street 
Fisher, George C. , 36, Fore street 
Page & Son, 42, Fore street 
Whitby, John, & Sons, Limited, 10, Comhill 

Bridport, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 6,611. 
Frost, W. & E., 34, West street 
Prince, H., 17, East street 

Bridlington Quay, Yorkshire.— Vo^p. 5,301. 
Brown, Richard, 3, King street 
Forster, Charles, & Co., 6, Promenade 
Forster, William, Manor street 
Gawthorp, T. W., Promenade 
Greening, William, Prospect street 

Brierley Hill, Staffordshire. — Pop. 11,847. 
Beddall, Uriah, 49, High street 
Cartwright, Benjamin, 80, High street 
Clancey, High street 
Ford & Addison, 137, High street 

Brigg, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 3,100. 

Ashton, John, 73, Wrawby street 
Gale, George, 5, Wrawby street 
Jackson & Sons, Market place 

Brighouse, Yorkshire. — Pop. 15.571. 
Bayes, Albert B, , Spring bank 
Briggs, Thomas H., Bradford road 
Mortimer, Edward, Bethel street 

Brightlingsea, Essex. — Pop. 3,920. 
Minter, Edward, High street 

Brighton, Sussex. — Pop. 115,783. 

Beal, John, & Son, 55, East street 

Beal, George, 207, Western road 

Clifford, James, 112, St. James's street 

Farncombe, John, 92, Eastern road 

Franks, D. , 104, London road 

Friend, D. B., & Co., 77, Western rd., and 56, Church rd., Hove. 1854 

Telephone^ 77 

Gillett, Ralph, 25, St. George's road 

Godley, B., 16, Gardener street. Second-hand 

Junor, William, 72, Queen's road 


Brighton — continued. 

Keeping, A., 9, Meeting House lane. Second-hand 

North, Edward, 30, Church road. Hove 

PuUinger, H. , & Sons, Union street 

Shaw, William B., 206 and 208, Western road 

Simmons, Charles, R., 40, Ship street 

* Smith, William J. , 41, 42, 43, North street. 1842. New and Second-hand 
Sprake, Charles, 87, St. James's street 

Stanhope & Co., 16, Bristol road. 1876. New and Second-hand 

* Thorpe, James, 53, Ship street. 1868. Second-hand 

* Toon, Thomas, 21, Prince Albert street. Second-hand (Antiquarian) 
Treacher, H. & C, 1, North street 

Walser, James, 36, Western road. Hove 
White, The Misses, 9, Western road 
Wood, William Herbert, 9, Norfolk square 

Bristol, Gloucestershire.— Pop. 317,832. 

Baker, J., & Son, 34, The Mall, Clifton. Wholesale and Retail 

Bickle, John A., 52, Cotham hill; and 123, White Ladies' road 
Buswell, Edward William, 169, Whiteladies' road, Clifton 

* Fawn, James, & Son, 42, Queen's road. 1828. New and Second-hand 

Antiquarian, Historical, and General 
Freeman, Thomas, 17, Regent street, Clifton. 1880. Second-hand 

* George, James Herbert, 33, Park street. 1892. Second-hand 

Books, Pictures, China, Curiosities, &c. 

* George's Sons, Wm« Top corner, Park-st. 1847. New de Second-hand 

Anuquarian, Foreign Travel, Theology, Americana, and Orientalia See advt. 
TelegranUf " George, Bristol." 

Hammond, James F., 36, Regent street, Clifton 

* Marsden, Herbert W., 40, Triangle, W., Clifton. (In Gloucester, 1875). 

Natural History Books Second-hand 

Mathews, J., & Son, 42, Lower Union st., and 1 and 2, Upper arcade. 

New and Second-hand 
Matthews, W. J. & J., 25 and 27, Lower arcade, Broadmead. 1885. 

New and Second-ha/nd 

* Nield, Ashton, 30, Park street. Second-hand 

* Nield, Edward, Victoria street, Clifton. Second-hand 

* Nield, Walter, 29, Bath street Second-hand 
Righton & Son, 24, Regent street 

Rogers, Henry J., 51, Colston street. Second-hand 

Rydill, Louis R., 2a, Union street 
Scholastic Trading Co. Limited, 34, Bridge street 
Thatcher, Thomas, 44, College green 

Brixham, Devonshire. — Pop. 7,978. 
Cranford, James, Fore street 
Stevens & Stevens, Fore street 

Broadstaiks, Kent.—Vop. 2,933. 

Parsons, Sisters, Albion street. {Circulating Library) 

BROMJiET, Kent. — Pop. 21,684. 
Bennett, J. H., East street 
Bush, Samuel, & Son, 42, High street 
Clarke, E. , & Son, 53, High street 
Martin, T. , & Sons, 1 1 and 12, The Broadway 
McKenzie, E. A. , High street 



{Circvlating Library) 

{CirculcUiny Library) 

New and Second-hand 

New and Second-hand 

Bromsorove, Worcestershire,— "Pop, 13,006. 
Evans, Charles, High street 
" Messenger " Co. Limited, High street 
Shrimpton & Co., Market place 

Bromyard, Herefordshire.— Vop. 1,460. 
Bennett, M., & Son, Market place 
Haghes, Henry, High street 
Johnson, Misses, Marketplace. 
Jones, E. F. & E. , Broad street 

BnOKiNGHAM, Buckinghamshire. — Pop. 3,364. 
Marsh, George F. , Market square. 
Walford & Son, Market hill 

Bungay, Suffolk. — Pop. 3,558. 

Rudd & Cotton, St. Mary's street 

Short, H. & W., Market place 
BuRNHAM, Buckinghamshire. — Pop. 2,633. 

Lawley, Henry Robert, The Arcade, High st. 
Old Books, Prints, and Engravings 

Burnley, Lancashire. — Pop. 87,016. 

Coulston, William, 118, St. James street 

* Lupton Brothers, 38 & 40, Manchester-rd. , and Market hall. 1870. 

New and Second-hand. See advt. 
General Literature, First Editions, and prevailing specialties 
Telephone^ 34 

 Wild, Robert, 38, Standish street. 1872. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous, Portraits, Old Prints, &c. 

BuRSLEM, Staffordshire. — Pop. 31,999. 
Barnett, Henry, 7, Qaeen street 
Dawson, Joseph, Newcastle street 
Griffiths, Edward, Waterloo road 
Savage, Warwick, Market place 

Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. — Pop. 46,047. 
Bassett, John, 126, High street 
Darley , William B. , 35, High street 
Perfect, John C. , 204, Station street 
Tresise, Joseph N. , 186, Station street 
Whitehurst, Charles J., 39, High street 

Bury, Lancashire. — Pop. 57,212. 

Barlow, William S. , & Co. , 7, Fleet street 

Crompton, T., & Co., Fleet street 

Dobson, J. , Market hall 

Hall, Henry, 41, Fleet street 

Hill, S. , & Son, Bolton street 

Smith, E. W. B. , 5, Haymarket street 

Vickermau, C, & Son, 19, Union square. 

New and Second-hand 

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk— Vop. 16,630. 
Groom, F. T., 17, Abbey gate street. 
Johnson, James, 33, Abbeygate street. 
Paul & Mathew, 1 1 , Butter market 
Smyth, J., 21, Brentgovel street 


{Circulating Library) 


ooks and Prints 


Buxton, Derbyshire, — Pop. about 10,000. 

Bates, Miss L., Hot Bath colonnade. {GirctUating Library) 

Denhaui, Robert, The Quadrant 

Devonshire Library Limited, Devonshire colonnade 

Magenis, Miss K. A., 61, Spring gardens 

Wright, Francis, 1, Spring gardens. {Gircidating Library) 

Calne, Wiltshire. — ^Pop. 3,495. 
Heath, Alfred, Market place 

Caujngton, Cornwall. — Pop. 1,888. 
Venning, James, Fore street 

Cambebley, Surrey. — Pop. 3,004. 
Norman, David, 7, London road 
Military Works 

Cambobne, Cornwall, — Pop. 14,700. 

Camborne Printing Company, Market square 
Edwards, Misses, Bassett road 
Lethlean, Miss E. J., Bassett road 
Rowe, Alfred, Commercial street 
Russell, S. T., Union street 

Cambrtdge, Cambridgeshire. — Pop. 44,330. 

Galloway, S. V., 63, Bridge street. New and Second-hand 

* Deiehton, Bell, & Co., 13, Trinity street. New and Second-hand 

All branches of Literature, English and Foreign 
Dixon, A. P., 9, Market street, and 20, St. Andrew street 

* Hall, J. , & Son, Trumping ton street. 1798. New and Second-hand 

Educational and General 
Haywood, A., 7, Corn Exchange street. Second-hand 

* Heffer, W., & Son, 103 and 104, Fitzroy street, and 4, Petty Cury. 

Scientific, Classical, Theological New and Second-hand 

* Johnson, Elijah, 30, Trinity street. New and Second-hand 

Greek and Latin Classics, Mathematics, Natural Science, Theology, &c. 
Johnson, Harry, & Nephew, 3, St. Andrew's street 

* Macmillan & Bowes, 1, Trinity street. New and Second-hand 

Mathematics, Classics, and General 
Metcalfe & Co. Limited, Trinity street 

Redin & Co. , 16, Trinity street. New and Second-hand 

Rossendale & Camp, 3, Fitzroy street 
Spalding William P., 43, Sidney street. {Circulating Library) 

* Tomlin, W. , 24, Trinity street, and Bridge street. New and Second-hand 

* Tomson, Octavus, 69, Trumpington street. 1887. New and Second-hand 

* Wallis, Henry W. (B. Diver), 2A, Sidney street. New and Second-hand 

Classics, Mathematics, Scientific, Theology, and Miscellaneous 
Weatherhead, William, 8, Union street, and 37, Trinity street 

Cannock, Staffordshire. — Pop. 20,613. 
Praill, Harry, Wolverhampton road 

Canterbury, Kent. — Pop. 23,062. 

Austin, Walter G. , 18, St. George's street 
Crow, Edward, 8, Mercery lane 
Ginder, A., 45, St. George's street 
Goulden, Henry James, 39 and 40, High street 

* Goulden. William E., "Athenaeum," 5, St. Paul's. 1887. Second-hand 

Antiquarian, Topographical, and Miscellaneous 
Ladd, George P., 34, Burgate street 

Cabdifp, Glamorganshire. — Pop. 128,915. 
Dobbin, Edwin, I, St. Mary street 
Grey, Benjamin, Queen street arcade , 

Hawkins, Henry, 23, Castle arcade 
Hogg, John, 54, Queen street 
Howell & Co., 9 — 14, St. Mary street 
Jones, William, 6, Duke street 
Lear, William, 17, Royal arcade 
Lennox, George William, 6 and 7, James street Docks 
Lewis, James E. , 23 and 24, Queen street arcade 
Lewis, William, 22, Duke street 
Matthews, Joseph, 31, Castle arcade. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous Old Books and Music 
Miles, Joseph H. , 2, Queen street arcade 
Norton, B., & Son, 109, Queen street 
Roberts Brothers, 134, Bute street 
Scholastic Trading Company Limited, St. John's square 
Webb, Miss E., 184, Bute street 

Wesleyan Methodist & General Book Co. Ltd. , 8 and 10, Castle arcade 
Williams, Thomas J. , 2, Bute place 
Wyndham Arcade Book Stores, Wyndham arcade 

Cardigan, Cardiganshire. — Pop. 3,449. 

Clougher, Joseph, & Son, 18, High street 
Williams, Miss Mary, 10, High street 

Carlisle, Cumberland. — Pop. 39,176. 
Briser, R., Annetwell street 
Cummings, Richard, Devonshire buildings 
Mason, John C. , 74, English street 
Meals & Co. , 75, Scotch street 
Muir & Co., 71 and 73, English street 
Stewart, Barwise, 36 and 38, Botchergate 
* Thurnam, Charles, & Sons, 11, English street. 1815 

Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire. — Pop. 10,300. 
Davies, William P. , 50, King street 
Evans, Edward C. , 3, Guildhall square 
Spurrell, W. , & Son, 36 and 37, King street 
W illiams, David, 20, King street Second-hand 

Carnarvon, Carnarvonshire. — Pop. 9,804. 

Davies, David W. , Bridge street 

Evans, W. G. , 22, Pool street 

Rowland, Caradoc, Castle square 
Carnforth, Lancashire. — Pop. 2,680. 

Hebden, J. & S., Arnside 

Rathbone, George H., Scotland road 

Richmond, T. , & Sons, Silverdale 
Castleford, Yorkshire. — Pop. 18,240. 

Fawbert, Henry, Carlton street 

W^ilson, Alfred, Station road and Carlton street 

Wray, Mrs. E., 33, Carlton street 

Chard, Somersetshire. — Pop. about 6,000. 
Bunston, Miss M. A. , Holyrood street 
Edwards, Mrs. C. F., Holyrood street 
Young, Thomas, & Son. Second-hand 


Chatham, Kent.—VGp. 31,657. 

Johns, Henry C, 110, High street 

Mackay, W. & J., & Co., 176, High street 

Wildish, William T., 78, High street 
Chelmsford, Essex. — Pop. 11,008. 

Clarke, Mrs. J. H., 77, High street 

Durrant, E. , & Co. , 90, High street 

Edwards, Miss E. , 100, High street 

Mark, Julius, 35, High street 

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. — Pop. 49,775. 

Banks, John J., 5, Promenade villas. [Circulating Library) 

Brasher, William H., 410, High street 

Cossens, William T., 353, High street 

Dangerfield, A. E. , 4, Clarence street 

Darter, John, 2 and 3, North wick terrace, Sufifolk road 

Edwards, Horace, 396, High street 

Gastrell & Son, 3, Montpelier exchange 

Harman, J. H., Montpelier. {Circulating Library) 

Hardy, William T., 104, High street. {Circulating Library) 

Norton, Bernard, 393, High street. New and Second-hand 

Norton, William, 16, Clarence street. 1861. New and Second-hand 

Pink, John William, 20, Pittville street. Second-hand 

Rawlings, H. E., 3, Bath road. 1880. Second-hand 

Scholastic, Theological, and Standard 

Webb, James, 7, Winchcomb street. Second-hand 

Westley & Co., 13, Promenade villas. {Circulating Library) 

Chepstow, Monmouthshire.— Vojp. 3,378. 
Clark, Miss, 16, High street 
Griffiths, Mrs. H., 4, Beaufort square 
Hillman & Co., 26, High street 

Chbbtsey, Surrey. — Pop. 11,298. 

Taylor, Frank E., Guildford street 
Wheeler & Co. , Guildford street 

Chester, Cheshire. — Pop. 42,297. 

Blayney, Arthur, Bridge street row 

Chapman, F. W. , 8, St. Werburgh street 

Davies, David, 61, Watergate row. Second-hand 

Edwards, John, 74, Foregate street. New and Second-hand 

Antiquarian and Local 
* Huke's Library, The Eastgate. 1888 

First Editions of Modem Authors, niustrated Works, &c. 
Mills, E., & Son, Union hall, Foregate street 
MinshuU & Meeson, Eastgate row 
Phillipson & Golder, Eastgate row 

Roberts, William, City Walls, Northgate. Second-hand 

Thomas, Edward, 16, Pepper street. 1849. Second-hand 
Thomas, W. C. , 68, Northgate street 

Chesterfield, Derbyshire. — Pop. 22,009. 
Bates & Wilde, 3, Gluman gate 
Broomhead Brothers, Packer's row 
" Derbyshire Courier" Company Limited, Irongate 
Edge, George, 2, Packer's row 
Hartley, James, Low pavement 
Saunders, Frederick, Packer's row and West Bars. 



Chbstbr-lb-Street, Durham, — Pop. 8,623. 
Steele, George, Bridge end 

Chichester, Sussex. — Pop. 7,830. 
Adcock, Thomas S. , North street 
Barber, James, 63, South street. 
Barrett, William H. , The Cross 
Faulkner, E. J., 31, East street 
Knight, Charles, 21, East street 
Moore, John W. , 39, East street 
Pillow, Charles E., 93, East street 

Chippenham, Wiltshire. — Pop. 4,618. 
Houlston, Robert F., 12, High street 
Spinke, Samuel, Market place 

Chislbhtjrst, Kent. — Pop. 6,557. 
Waters, E. C, Royal parade 

Chiswick, Middlesex. — Pop. 21,963. 

Platrier & Sons, 274 and 276, High road 
Robinson & Co., 437, High road 
Watson, J. v., 204, High road 
West End Library, 349, High road 

Chorlet, Lancashire. — Pop. 23,087. 

Ashton Thomas, 83 and 85, Water street 
Fowler, S. , 34, Market street 
Hindle, Joseph, 21, Market street 
Sandiford, W. J., 13, Chapel street 
Sherrington, Richard, 107, Market street 
Wilson, William, 7, St. Thomas road 

Christchxjrch, Hampshire. — Pop. 3,994. 
Gray, Miss L. E. , Waterloo house 
Shaw, J., High street 
Tucker, William, & Son, High street 
Wilkes, Misses, High street 

Cirencester, Gloucestershire. — Pop. 7,521. 

* Baily & Woods, Market place. 

Agricultural Science, &c. 
Harmer, Alfred T., Market place 
Savory & Coles, St. John street 

Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. — Pop. 1,662. 
Ubsdell, I'homas, Pier avenue 

Clayton, Bradford, Yorkshire. — Pop. 7,484. 
Briggs, William, 6, Greenend place 

Cleator Moor, Cumberland. — Pop. 9,464. 
Bewley, John, 16, High street 
Martin, Mrs. Dorothy, 2, High street 

Clevedon, Somerset. — Pop. 6,000. 

* Jefferies, Charles Sanforth. 1826. 
Lovegrove, John R., Hill road. 
Ransford, A. H., Hill road. 

Clithbroe, Lancashire. — Pop. 10,815. 
Robinson, James, 27, Castle street 



New and Second-hand 

{Circulating Library) 
{Royal Girculaling Library) 




(OirculcUing Library) 


New and Second-hand 
New and Second-hand 

New and Second-hand 

Clitheroe — continued. 

Robinson, Thomas, 3, Wesleyan row. 1882. 
' Whewell, M. A., 6 and 8, Castle street 

CocKERMOUTH, Cumberland. — Pop. 5,464. 
Bailey, S., & Sons, 12, Main street. 
Fidler, Daniel, & Sons, 16, Main street 
Parker, Misses, Main street 
Stephenson, Miss H. L., 100, Main street 

Colchester, Essex. — Pop. 34,559. 
Cater, John T., 73, High street. 
Clark, Charles, 15, High street 
CuUingford, R. W., 153, High street. 
Mattacks & Co. , 14, Head street. 
Munsey, W. J., 5, High street 
Rogers, Herbert G., 60, High street 

Coldstream, Berwickshire. — Pop. 1,535. 
Landreth, Robert, High street 
Scott, Robert, High street 

Colne, Lancashire, — Pop. 24,000. 

Croasdale, William, 16, Church street 
Hartley, Joseph, 121, Albert road. 
Ryan, T. & Co. , Church street 

CoLWYN Bay, Denbighshire. —Pop. 3,783. 
Gibbon, Abergele road 
Jones, R. E. , & Brothers, Station road 
NichoUs, Abereele road 
Powlson, H. W. , Abergele road 

Conway; Carnarvonshire. — Pop. 3,442. 
Edwards, Evan 
Jones, David L 
Thomas, Maurice 

Coventry, Warwickshire. — Pop. 52,724. 
Burdett, David, 55, Cross Cheaping 
Curtis, William W. , Hertford street 
Kendrick, John, 20, Jordan well 
Ward, George, Broadgate 

CowES, Isle of Wight.— Po^. 7,748. 
Fellows, George, 5, Shooter's hill 
Gubbins, W. & G. , High street 

Cradley Heath, Staffordshire. 

Forrest, William, & Sons, 81 and 82, High street 

Crbdtton, Devonshire. — Pop. 5,821. 
Dnrant, Alfred C. , High street 
Southwood, W. J. , High street 

Crewe, Cheshire.— Vo^. 40,000. 

Eardiey, Wilmot, Chester bridge 
HincbslifP, John, 23, Victoria street 
Taylor, Henry, 23, Exchange street 

Crewkerne, Somersetshire. — Pop. 4,946. 
Knapp, Alfred R., Market street 
Munford, John, Market square 

. I 


New and Second-hand 




CuOMER, Norfolk.— Voi^, 2,197. 
Jarrold & Sons, Church street 
 Munday, Charles, Church square 

Croydon, Surrey.— Top. 102,695. 
Bartlett, John, 63, North end 
Bishop, John, 103, High street 
Briant, E. H., 2, High street 
Cooper, James, 97, Hich street. 
French, T. & W., London road 
Gallop, Henry, 92, High street. 
Hay ward, VV. I)., 42, George street 
Radlett, Walter, 76, North end. 
Roflfey & Clark, 12, High street 

1)alton-in-Furne8S, Lancashire. — Pop. 13,300. 
Blake, Robert, 99, Market street 
Godby, Christopher, 73, Market street 
Hoskins, T. C. , 140, Market street 

Darlington, Durham.— Vop. 38,060. 
Bailey & Co. , 7 and 8, Horse market 
Dodds, James, 33, Northgate 
Dresser, William, 41, High row 

Morris, J. H. , 19, Commercial-st. , and Market hall. 1890. Second-hand 

Educational and General 
North of England School Furnishing Company Limited 
Stairmand, William, 10, Black well -gate 
Wilkinson, J., Post house wynd. 

Dartford, Kent. — Pop. 11,962. 

Cogger, Robert, 31, Spital street 
Davis, J. & W. , 33, Hy the street 
Perry, Arthur, Jun., 13, High street 

Dartmouth, Z)evo?w^iVe.— Pop. 6,025. 
Adams, Mrs. A. S. , New road 
Cranford & Son, Fairfax place 

Darwen, LaTicashire. — Pop. 34,192. 

Aspen, Thomas £., 11, Bridge street 

Baxter, Christopher, 219, Duckworth street 

Cook, James, 50, Market street 

Greenwood, J. E. & A., 37, Bolton road 

Johnson, S. E., Bolton road 

Marsden, E., 17, Bridge street 

Marsden, William, 32, Bridge street 

Riding, J. T. , 72, Duckworth street 

Riley, J. J., ** News " Office, Duckworth street 

Tayler, Jabez, Blackburn road 

Dawlish, Devon8?nre.—Toip. 4,925. 
Cornelius, A. S., 15, Strand 
Cornish, E. J., Strand 
Westcott, Miss L. M., Strand 

Deal, Kent. — Pop. 8,891. 

Adkins, Martin, 34, High street 
Francis, Thomas S., 66 and 68, High street 
Giraud & Sons, 53, High street 
Northey, Samuel T., 35, High street 

New and Second-hand 


Denbigh, Denbighshire. — Pop. 6,412. 
BuUer, Walter, Portland place 
Davies, Henry, Vale street 
Nott, W. A., 9, Vale street 

Dbrbt, Derbyshire, — Pop. 94,146. 
Carter, Francis, 9, Irongate 

Central Educational Company Limited, 4, St. Peter's street 
Clayton, Mrs. A., 5, Queen street Second-hand 

Clulow, E. , 36, Victoria street 
Inger, J. H. , Market hall. New and Second-hand 

* Murray, Frank, Moray House, The Office of " The Clique ;" also at 

Nottingham and Leicester. 1884. See advts. New and- Second-hand 
Hififh-class Miscellaneoas, First Editions, and Editions de Luxe 
Poynton, Mrs. S., 57, Brook street, and Market hall 

Devizes, Wiltshire. — Pop. 6,426. 

Bones, A. W. , 20, Sidmouth street. Second-hand 

Dotesio & Todd, 32, Market place 
Gillman, Charles, Juu., 19, Brittox 
Woodward, C. H., 4, St. John's street 

Devonport, Devonshire. — Pop. 54,803. 

* Clarke, Josiah, & Son, 16 & 17, Cumberland street. 1876. 

Theological, Local, and Miscellaneous. New and Second-hand 

Clarke & Son, 45, Fore street 
Holt, Miss M. J. , 59, Chapel street 
Smith, Miss A., 98, Fore street 
Swiss, Alfred H., Ill and 112, Fore street 
Swiss, W. G., & Son, Marlborough street 
Wood & Tozer, 39. Fore street 
Wright, F. J. , 43, Catherine street 

Dbwsbury, Yorkshire.— Vo^. 29,847. 
Allatt, William, Bond street 
Dawson, Samuel, & Son, Market place 
Gutteridge, F. W., Northgate 
Kirk, James G. , 32, Market place 
Spedding, Charles, 60, Westgate 
Watson, Senior, 92, Bradford road 

Diss, N(yrfolk.—Voi^. 3,763. 

Abbott, Edward, Mere street 
Maling, John, Crown street 

DoLGELLT, Merionethshire. — Pop. 3,785. 

Amfield, Mrs. A. N. , Glyndwr buildings 

Evans, Robert C. , Caxton house 

Morris, Humphrey, Bridge street 

Williams, E. Y., Finsbury square 
Doncaster, Yorkshire. — Pop. 25,933. 

Bisat, E. Q.i 5, Baxter-gate 

Collins, Charles G. , 54, Market place and 57, Hall-gate 

Hepworth, R. H. , 49, High street 

Robinson, J. G., 70, French-gate 

White, E., & Son, 71, French-gate 

Dorking, Surrey.— Voi^. 10,961. 

Bond, C. T., 76 and 77, High street 
Clark, R. J., 16, High street 


Dorchester, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 7,946. 
Ball, Miss, 23, High West street 
Browning, E. & C. , 43, High East street 
Case, Misses M. & E., 4, Cornhill 
Ling, Henry, 23, High East street 
Webber, Misses A. & R., 18, High East street 

Douglas, Isle of Man.— Fo]^. 20,000. 

Broadbent & Company Limited, Victoria street 

Brown & Son Limited, Athol street 

Clucas & Fargher, Ridgeway street 

Gell, Jane, Bucks road 

Kneale, William, Victoria street 

Lewthwaite, R. , Duke street 

Mylrea & Allen, Duke street 

Parkinson, M. , Duke street 

Dover, A'cn^.— Pop. 33,300. 

CuflFBros., 1 and 2, Snargate street 
Goulden, C., 176, Snargate street 
* Johnson, William, 23, Market square. Xeiv and Second-hand 

Underdown, Market square 

DowLAis, Glamorganshire. — Pop. 22,296. 
Cartwright & Co. , 175, High street 
Da vies, John H. , Upper Union street 
Frost, B. R. S., 25, Upper Union street 

Dudley, Worcestershire. — Pop. 46,740. 
Britten, James P., 70, High street 
Burgin, Mrs. M. J., 167, Wolverhampton street 
Burton, Hall street 
Mayer, Joseph, 196, High street 
Tanfield, Thomas W., 224, High street 
Whitford, Herbert, 77, High street 
Wynde, Edward J., 49 and 50, High street 

DuKiNFiELD, Cheshire. — Pop. 29,239. 

Phipps, Robert, 175 and 177, King street 

Dunstable, Bedfordshire. — Pop. 4,513. 
Ballance, H. G., Albion street 
Proverbs, James H., High street north 
Scroggs, George F. , High street 
Tibbett, James, 11, High street south 

Durham, Co. Durham. — Pop. 14,900. 

Andrews & Co. , 73, 74, 75, Sadler street 

Palmer, John, 72, Sadler street 

Slack, Mrs. M., 88, North road. New and Second-hand 

Smith, Francis, 35, Sadler street. 1880. Second-hand 

DuRSLET, Gloucestershire. — Pop. 2,269. 
Bailey, F. , & Son, Parsonage street 
Whitmore & Son, Long street 

Eastbourne, Sussex. — Pop. 34,969. 
Brooker, William, Terminus road 
Catholic Repository, 18, Arcade, Grove road 
Cox & Harris, 9, Junction road 

Eastboukne — continued, 

Cowley, J. , 28, Grove road 

Everest, William, 18, Pevensey road. {Circulating Library) 

Fowler, E. S. , 19c, Cornfield road. Second-haiui 

Gomme, A. T., 19, Cornfield road 

Gowland, Thos. S., 16 and 17, Marine Parade. {Circulating Library) 
Hamblin, Edward, 57, Seaside road 

Keay, Henry W., 72, Terminus road. {Circulating Library) 

Leach's Library, 41, Grand Parade. {Circulating Library) 

Moore, William D. , 279, Seaside 

Moss, Misses A. & E., 108 & 109, Terminus-rd. {Circulating Library) 
Ogle, B. , 38, South street Second-harid 

Partridge & Co., 65, Grove road. {Circ^dating Library) 

Pulsford, John, 80, Terminus road. {Circulating Library) 

Ryder, Alfred G., 51, South street. {Circulating Library) 

Strange Brothers, Grove road 
* Watford, C. W., 11, Terminus place, Terminus road. Second-hand 
General, and Foreign Stamps 
Willard, Miss A. , Old Town. Second-hand 

East Dereham, Norfolk.— Pop. 5,524. 
Count, F. W. , Market place 
Vincent Brothers, Market place 

East Grinstead, Sussex. — Pop. 7,569. 

Bradley, James, 9 and 11, London road 
Lambert, C. & E. , 6, 7, and 8, Middle row 
Payne, Misses F. & E., 11, Middle row 
Daniels, 16/ London road 

EoHAM, Surrey. — Pop. 10,187. 

Butler, Arthur B. , High street 

Larkin, William F., High street 
Elland, Yorkshire. 

Melior, Joe, Westgate 

Pearson, Fred, Southgate 

Roberts, James, Huddersfield road 

Tong, John, & Sons, Southgate 

Ellesmere, Shropshire. — Pop. 5*,507. 

Hill, Charles, Scotland street and Market street 

Roberts, Charles, 7, Cross street 
Ely, Cambridgeshire. — Pop. 8,017. 

Shelton, Tibbitts, & Co., High street 

Tyndall, G. H., Minster place 
Enfield, Middlesex. — Pop. 31,803. 

Ainger, Miss E., The Town 

Brooks, George, The Town 

Meyers, John Henry, The Town. (Circulatitig Library) 

Walford, Wm. H., Ordnance road, Enfield lock 

Eppino, Essex.— Pop. 3,000. 

Davis, Alfred B., High street 
Odell, John, High street 

Epsom, Surrey.— Pop. 8,417. 

Andrews, Mrs. L. W., & Son, High street 
Daniell, F. A., High street 
Snashall, George, High street 



Eton, Buckinghamshire, — Pop. 2,955. 

Drake, R. I., Eton College, and 17, High street. {CirctUating Library) 
New, George, 20, High street 

Evesham, Worcestershire.— To^p. 5,836. 
Baylis, Charles W. , 55, Bridge street 
Smith, W. &H., Bridge street. {CirctUating Library) 

Exeter, Devonshire, — Pop. 50,573. 
Baker, Alfred, 24, High street 

* Commin, J. G., 230, High street. 1880. Neio and Second-hand 

Choice Editions, Antiquarian, Topopraphical, Remainders, d;c. 
Chown, Edward, 9, Catherine street Second-hand 

* Drayton, S., & Sons, 201, High street. 1838. New and Second-hand 

Theolotgical, Antiquarian, Topographical, and Standard 
Telsffranu, " Draytons, Exeter." 

Eland, Henry S., 236, High street 

Manley, H,, 57, S. Mary Arches street. 1886. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous Odd Volumes and Parts 
Martin, John Arthur, 1, Martin's lane. High st. 1883. Secovd-hand 
Scanes, Walter, 16 and 17, Cathedral yard 
Upward, Thomas, 90, Queen street 
Wheaton, A., & Co., 185, Fore street 

ExMOUTH, Devonshire. — Pop. 5,465. 

Eland, Henry S., Strand. {Circvlati'ng Library) 

Ellis, Geoi^e, Rolls street and High street 
Freeman, Thomas, Baring place 
Thomas, Arthur H. , Rolle street 

Falmouth, Cornwall.— Vo^. 11,047. 

Dunstone, Miss Mary, 43, Arwenack street. (Circulating Library) 
Lake & Co., 12, Market-strand {Circula>ting Library) 

* Pollard, J., 54, Church st. New and Second-hand (Circula>ting Library) 

* Pickard, Edward, Flushing. 1896. Second-hand 

Quaker Books and Miscellaneous 

Fareham, Hampshire. — Pop. 7,934. 

Sutton & Sons, West street. 1847. New and Second-hand 

Telegrams, " Sutton, Fareham." 

Faringdon, Berkshire.— To^. 3,133. 

Luker, Charles, & Co., London street 

Farnborouoh, Hampshire. — Pop. 8,071. 
Drew, John 

Farnham, Surrey. — Pop. 12,376. 

PuUinger, George, 109 and 110, West street 
Sturt, Frank, 42, Borough 
Williamson, Misses, 43, Borough 

Faversham, Kent. — Pop. 10,478. 
Austin, F. , 4, West street 
Edwards, A. M. , 83, Preston street 
Goodfellow, S. , 65, Preston street 
Voile, W^illiam, 89 and 91, Preston street 

Fern DALE, Glamorganshire. — Pop. including Tylor's Town, 15,210. 
Davies, David, 1 and 2, Strand 
Powell, Charles, Tylor's Town 



Flbetwood, Lancashire. — Pop. 12,000. 
Ash ton, Walter H., 12, East street 
Bowman, Benjamin, 40, Church street 

FoLKSTONB, Kent,—To^. 23,905. 

Crux, Charles F., 56, High street 

Earl, Walter, 62, High street 

Parsons & Co. Limited, Sandgate road 

Payer, Charles, 28, Rendezvous street. Second-hand 

Simpson, Misses, 79, Sandgate road 

Stace, Arthur, 52, Guildhall street 

Fbkshwatbr, Isle of Wight.— Po^. 2,809. 
Gubbins, G., Easton 

Fritchlby, Derbyshire. 

* Wake, Henry Thomas. 1863 

Antiquarian and General Literature 

Frome, Somersetshire. — Pop. 11,464. 
Eames, H. C, 10, Stony street 
Harvey, William B. , 20, Bath street 
Isaacs, Albert, 32, Catherine hill 
Penny, W. C. & J., 7, Bath street 

Gainsboeough, Lincolnshire.— Po^. 14,468. 

Amcoats & Co. , 47, Lord street and Heaton street 
Caldicott, Charles, 32, Market place 

Tooley, John, 43, Bridge street Second-hand 

Weall, B., 8, Silver street 

Gateshead, Durham. — Pop. 85,692. 

Henderson &; Birkett, 4 and 5, Hills street 

Johnston, Robert, 27, West street 

Richardson, Coatsworth road 

Watson, George, 14 and 16, Bottle bank. Second-hand 

GUiLiNOHAM, Dwsetshire.—Voi^. 3,303. 
Edgar, Silvester, High street 
Ridout, George, High street 

Glossop, Derbyshire.— Vo^. 22,416. 

Greenwood, Edwin, 57, High street east 
Irlam, William H., 55, High street west 

Glouoesteb, Gloucestershire.— Voi^. 39,444. 
Beard, Joseph, 43, Eastgate street 
Brooke, F. J., 2, Westgate street 
Clarke, A. L., Barton street 

Natural History 
Dancey, C. H., 8, Barton street 
Davies &; Son, 6, Northgate street 
Elliott, J. E., 12, Southgate street 
Packer, Mrs. , College court 
Partridge & Robins, 155, Westgate street 
White, William H., 38, Westgate street. 1878. Second-hand 

Godalmino, Surrey. — Pop. 11,800. 
Bocking, J. , 14, Bridge street 
Craddock, Henry T., High street 
Stedman, Richard B., High street 


Glastonbury, Somersetshire. — Pop. 4,119. 
Brock. E. J. & J. S. , High street 

GooLE, Yorkshire, — Pop. of Parish 15,168. 
Fawbert, John, Carlisle street 

"Goole Times" Publishing Co. Ltd., »* Times" buildings 
"Herald" Press Limited, Boothferry road 
Shipley, Joseph, 44, Boothferry road 

GosPOKT including Alverstokb, Hampshire.— Po^» 25,000. 
Bartholomew, Miss E., 41, Stoke road 
Walford, Thomas W., 51, High street 

Grantham, Lincolmhire. — Pop. 16,746. 
Clarke, William, 20, High street 
L5me & Son, 8, Westgate 
Mawe, John W., 39, High street 
Palmer, Thomas A., Vine street 

Gravesend. — Kent. — 23,876. 

Caddel & Son, 1, King street 
Clarke, S. J., 7, Milton road 

Hall, Thomas, 4a, Windmill st and 50, High st. Second-hand 
* Ridgway, Alfred, 61, Windmill street. 1885. Second-hand 
Miscellaneous Books, Topographical Prints, Music, &c. 

Grays, Essex.— Fojp. 12,219. 

Wilson & Whitworth Limited, 11, High street 

Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 5,187. 
Gait, Albert, 13, Old Market place 
Jackson, Charles H., 104, Cleethorpes road 
Jackson, Mrs. E., 432 and 434, Victoria street north 
Roberts & Jackson, 4, Victoria street west 
Shaw, George, 154, Victoria street north 
Thompson, J. W., 45, Pasture street. Second-hand 

Todd, Joel, 94, Victoria street west 

Worth, William, 16, Bull Ring. Second-hand 

Yearing, William A. , 30, Pasture street Second-hand 

Great Malvern, Worcestershire. — Pop. 12,000. 
Baylis, Miss E., Belle Vue terrace 

Crudge, F. A., Belle Vue Library {Circulating Library) 

Hickson, Thomas H. , Chester House, Malvern Link 
Jones, Charles, Old Bookstall, Colonnade. 1890. New and Second-hand 
Ancient and Modern, Educational, and General {Circulating Library) 

Thompson, John, Church street {Circtdating Library) 

Woods & Co., Royal Library (Circulating Library) 

Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire. — Pop. 5,283. 

Smith & Co., High street. {Circulating Library) 

Guildford, Surrey. — Pop. 14,020. 

Beeney, Edward, 18, High street. {Circulating Library) 

Chaplin, J. & E., 59, North street 

Clarlse, Joseph, 116 and 159, High street 

Guildford Book Company, Onslow street 

Jones, John J., 73a, Worth street 

Lasham, Frank, 61, High street 

Matthews, William, 111, High street 




Haktlbpool (West), Durham. — Pop. 42,710. 

Mason, Frederick W., 4, Albert square, Church 
Purdon, Henry, Market hall 
Steel, Ernest S. , Upper Church street 
Walton, James T. , 52, Chjirch street 
Wilson, John, 19, Church street. 

Harwich, Essex.— Vo^. 8,202. 

Jackson, George L. , 54, Church street 
Watson, John R., 14, Market street 

Haslingden, Lancashire. — Pop. 18,225. 
Cartin, D. P., Church street 
Kemp, William H., 9, Bury road 
Neill, John C, 33, Deardengate 
Whitaker, W. M., 69, Deardengate 

Hastings, Sussex. — Pop. 52,223. 
Apel, H. , 55, Robertson street. 
Brooker & Jepsou, 12, Robertson street 
Chapman, Mrs. William, Old London road. 
Cheshire, George, 30, Cornwallis street. 
Chubb, J. W. E., 59, George street 
Herman, Fred, 15, Marine parade 
Randle, Henry, 12, Queen's road. 
Salmon, Joseph, 33, White rock 
Tendall, J. H. , & Co. , 4, Bank buildings 
Watts, James, 50, Robertson street 
Whiteman Brothers, 1, York buildings 
Whittaker, Charles, 5, Claremont. 
Woodley, William, 27, White rock place 

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. — Pop. 6,179. 
Brigstocke, L., 6 and 7, Market street 
Eynon, Mrs. , High street 
John, Miss M., Castle square 
White, Thomas J. , 22, Market street 

Ha worth, Yorkshire. — Pop. 5,028. 
Hall, Alfred E., 11, Main street 

Heaton Norris, Lancashire. — Pop. 23,532. 
Bonsall, B. , 128, Heaton lane 
Heath, Ellis, 163, Love lane 
Taylor, John, Heaton moor 

Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. — Pop. 5,746. 
Ash worth, William, Commercial street 
Clay, James, 37, Market street 
Thomas, Albert E. , Market street 

Heokmondwike, Yorkshire. — Pop. 9,709. 
Rothera, H. , Market place 

Heptonstall, Yorkshire. — Pop. 4,617. 
Uttley, James P. 

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. — Pop. 9,678. 
Brackett, Joshua, 23, High street 
Lawrence, Mrs. , 20, High street 


[Circulating Library) 

{Gircula/ting Library) 

{GirciUating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 



Hsnlet-on-Thambs, Oxfordshire. — Pop. 5,288. 
Awbery , Albert R. , Market place. 
Higgins, Sidney H. , Hart street 

Herkpoed, Herefordshire. — Pop. 20,267. 
Adams & Sons, 29, High town 

* Gaxver, Thomas, 8, High town. 

Miscellaneous, Herefordshire Books a specialty 

Telegrams^ "Carver, Hereford." 
Jakeman & Carver, 4, High town 
Jones, Joseph, 10, Broad street 
Morrison, James W., 1, High town 
Wilson ft Phillips, 17, Eign street 

Hebne Bay, Kent. — Pop. 7,000. 

Philpot, Alfred W. G. , William street 
Bidout, Frank A. , William street 
Tapper, Mrs. F. E., Parade. 

Hektfobd, Hertfordshire.— Vo^. 9,023. 

Austin, Stephen, ft Sons, 5, Fore street 
Knight, Anthony, St. Andrew's street 
Rose & Sons, 1 and 3, Railway street 
Simson, Edward A. , ft Co. , Market place 

Hexham, Northumberland. — Pop. 5,945. 

Armstrong, Christopher, 19, Market place 
Hunter, F. & G., 25, Fore street 
Moore, William, 33, Fore street 

Hey WOOD, Lancashire. — Pop. 23,185. 

Millett, James, 125, Manchester street 
Ridings, Josiah, Bury street. Post Office 
Rothwell, Joseph, Market place 
Whittam, H. , Manchester street 
Wolstencroft, Samuel, 5, Bridge street 

Hinckley, Leicestershire. — Pop. 9,638. 

Baxter, John, ft Sons, 24, Castle street 
Foxon, William L., 8, New buildings. 
Pickering, William, 17, Borough 
Wills, Martha, Castle street 

HiNDLEY, Lancashire. — Pop. 18,973. 
Rigby, James, 21, Market street 

HiTCHiN, Hertfordshire. — Pop. 9,510. 

Paternoster ft Hales, Market place and Sun street 
Wakenell, M. W., 3, High street 

HoLMFiRTH, Yorkshire. — Pop. 5,868. 

Charlesworth, Arthur, Britannia House, Victoria street 
Collins, Samuel, Victoria street 

Holyhead, Anglesey. — Pop. 9,610. 
Jones, W. 0. , 12, Market street 
Jones, E., 9, Market street 
Williams, Miss, Boston street 

Holywell, Flintshire. — Pop. 9,471. 
Davies ft Co. , High street 
Evans, P. M., ft Son, High street 
Williams, William, High street 

{Circulating Library) 

Second-hand. See advt. 

[Circulating Library) 




(Circulating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 

HoNiTON, Devonshire. — Pop. 3,126. 
Brockway , Mrs. E. , High street. 
Dimond, Robert, High street 
Manley, Mrs. C, High street. 
Tucker, R. & M. , High street 

HoRNCASTLE, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 4,374. 
Morton, W. K., High street 
Willson, Hugh, Bull ring 

Horsham, Sussex.— Void. 11,063. 
Albery & Son, 33, Carfax 
Goldsmith, Arthur T., Queen street 
Price, Sidney, 48, West street 

Horwich, Lancashire. — Pop. 12,850. 

Dickinson, William, 52, Church street 

Dutton, Thomas A., Lee lane 

Higginbottom, Joseph, 264, Chorley new road 

Houohton-le-Sprino, Durham. — Pop. 6,476. 
Morton, Robert, & Sons, Sunderland street 

HouNSLOw, Middlesex. — Pop. 12,863. 
Cooper, Henry T. , 104, High street 
Gotelee & Son, 192, High street 
Woodfin, John, 203, High street 

HucKNALL-ToRKARD, Nottinghamshire. — Pop. 13,094. 
Buck & Burton, High street 

HuDDERSFiELD, Yorkshire. — Pop. 95,420. 
Briggs, John W., 150, Market hall 
Coates, Station street. 

Longley, David H. , 27, John William street 
Morton, Cross Church street 
Smith, Arthur, 60 and 61, Market hall 
Wheatley, James E., & Co., 12, New street 
Wilkinson, John F., 8, Kirkgate. 
Woodcock, William H., & Co., 4, Westgate 

Hull, Yorkshire.— Po^. 200,044. 

Adams, John W., 23, Market place 

* Annandale, R. C, 9, Queen street. 

Theologj', Topography, and General 
Bee, John, 49, Whitefriargate 
Bolton, Henry, 19, Savile street 
Brown, A., & Sons, Ltd., 27, Savile street. 
Cass, William, 56, Prospect street 
CoUey, James, 18, Chariot street 
Croshaw, George H., 61, Carr lane 
Farrell, James, 42, Savile street 

* Henius, Waldemar, 161, Spring bank. 1861 

Antique and Modem Books, Prints, Coins, and Curiosa 
Leng & Co., 16, Savile street 
Lyel, Frederick W. , Savile street 

Lynes, Joseph, 43, West street. Second-hand 

Proctor, Charles, 13, Arcade, Silver street. Second-hand 

Sissons, Richard, 56, Porter street 
Wales, Alfred, 3, Waterworks street 
Werge, J. F., Gleadow's arcade, Beverley road. New and Second-hand 

{Circulating Library) 

(CirciUating Library) 

New and Second-hand 

{Scholastic and General) 



{Circulating Library) 

(Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 

HuNGERPORD, Berkshire. — Pop. 2,964. 
Shepherd, Miss Mary, High street 
Wittern-New, Alfred, Bridge street 

Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire. — Pop. 4,346. 
Barber, Richard B., 125, High street 
Cooper, Daniel, 48, High street 
^oggSj William, 116, High street 
Wood, Alfred, 59 and 60, High street 

Hyde, Cheshire.— Po^. 30,670. 

Andrew, Joseph, 7) Clarendon place 
Hardy, J. O. , 25, Market place 
Maloney, Patrick, Clarendon place 
Steele, Jabez, Great Nosbuy street 

Hythe, Kent. — Pop. 4,347. 

Lovick, James, 16, High street 

Paine, William S. , 146 and 147, High street 

Palmer, Edward, 129, High street. 

Ilfracombe, Devonshire. — Pop. 7,692. 

Myatt, John, and Sons, 41, High street. 
Twiss & Sons, 9, High street. 

Ilkeston, Derbyshire. — Pop. 19,744. 
Bestwick, Henry, Market place 

Ilkley, Yorkshire. — Pop. 6,767. 

Shuttleworth, John, Brook street 
Vickers, T. R. & E., The Grove. 

Ilminster, Somersetshire. — Pop. 3,135. 
Chappie, Charles P., Market place 

Ipswich, Suffolk.— Top. 57,360. 

Bay ley, William M., 25, Upper Brook street 
Blyth, A. D., 14, Queen street 
Green, Samuel, & Son, Old Curiosity Shop. 1884. 
Harrison, W. E. , 30, Butter market 
* Read & Barrett, 8, Queen street. 1827. Neto and Second-hand 

Theological and General Topofouphy of Eastern Counties 
Warman, Ernest, Queen street 
Warren, Samuel, 13, Tavern street 
Watson, George E. , & Co. , 22, Westgate street 
Webber, W., 37, Westgate street. Neio and Second-haml 

Ironbridoe, Shropshire. — Pop. 2,739. 
Slater, Joseph B. , Market square 

Jarrow, D^r^aw. —Pop. 33,675. 

** Guardian " Limited, 12, Grange road 
Nicholson, W., 14, Western road 
Robinson, Thomas, & Co., Ormonde street 

Keighlby, Yorkshire. — Pop. 30,500. 
Billows & Co. , 16, Hign street 
Cousins, M., & Sons, 12, Church street 
Craven, Elijah, 10, North street 

Heaton & Rushworth, Market place. Second-hand 

Tatham, Arthur H., 21, North street 
Wilson, James S. , 39, Low street 

{Circulating Library) 



Kendal, Westmorland. — Pop. 14,430. 

Atkinson & Pollitt, 22, Stricklandgate 

Atkinson, Richard, 1, Stramongate 

Birkett, William, 25, Highgate 

Everson, Richard, 82, Kirkland. Second-hand 

Gill, Edward, Finkle street 

Roberts, Henry, 36, Stramongate 

Wilson, Titus, 28, Highgate 

Kenil WORTH, Warmckahire.—Vo^. 4,173. 

Lait, Mrs. E., High street. {Circulating Library) 

Robertson & Gray, Castle end 

Keswick, Cumberland. — Pop. 3,760. 

Chaplin, Arthur, 19, Station road. {CirciUa^ting Library) 

Henderson, Richard, 25, Station road. (Circulating Library) 

Hilton, Alfred, 1, Main street 

Mc.Kane, George W., 31, Main street 

Wilson, Herbert S., Market place. {Circulating Library) 

Kettering, Northamptonshire, — Pop. 19,454. 
Evans, Herbert, Market place 
Goss, W. E. & J. , Market street and High street 
Northampton Printing and Publishing Company Limited 
Waddington, Richard, 7, High street 

Kidderminster, Worcestershire. — Pop. 27,000. 
Hepworth, William, 7, Bull ring 
Jenkins, Reuben, 15, Mill street 
Mark, G. Gill, 23, High street 
Rollings, Edward, Oxford street 

Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey. — Pop. 27,059. 
Bull & Son, Victoria road, Surbiton 
Coldwells, Joseph, 67 and 59, High street 
Healey, James, Park road, Norbiton 
Mann, J., 50, Clarence street 
Phillipson, George, & Sons, 15, Market place 
Trim Brothers, 57, Clarence street 

Kington, Herefordshire. — Pop. 2,888. 
Evans, Charles W. , 33, High street 
Lloyd, J. W. , Bridge street 

Herefordshire Books 
Stephens, Thomas, 17, High street 

KiRKHAM, Lancashire. — Pop. 4,003. 
Rigby, John, Poulton street 

Knaresborough, Yorkshire. — Pop. 4,770. 
Lowe, Alfred W. , High street 

Morley, Joseph, Castlegate. Second-hand 

Parr, William, Market place 
Styan, Charles W., Market place 

Lancaster, Lancashire. — Pop. 31,038. 
Banks, J. V., 61, Market street 
Bell, Thomas, Market street 
Brash, R. & G., 28, Cheapside 
* Duxbury, John, 56, Penny street. 1880. Second-hand 

Milner. E. & J. L.. 38. Church street 


Lancaster — contintbed. 

Nelson, Isaac, 64, Market street 

* West, George S., 4, New street. 1877. Second-hand 
Wigley, J. M., 67 and 69, Market street. {CirctUating Library) 

Lau-vceston, Cornwall. — Pop. 4,345. 
Brimmell, John, Church street 
Carter, William S. , & Co. , Church street 
Slee, William, Church street. (CirctUa^hig Library) 

* Weighell, Walter, Westgate street. 1888. New and Second-hand 

TeUfframs, " Weighell, Launceston." {CirctUating Library) 

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, — Pop. 26,930. 

* Art & Book Company, 11, The Parade. 1875. New and Second-hand 

Catholic Theology 
Barnett, E., Brighton House, Mill street 
Burgis & Colbourne, 80, 82, and 84, The Parade. {CirciUating Library) 

* Collier, John, 15, Bath street. New and Second-hand 

Travels, Topography, and General 
Cunnew, George, 116, The Parade 

Green, John W., 66, Regent street. {CirctUating Library) 

Hamblen, Thomas, 16, The Parade {Circulating Library) 

* Kennard. Tll0nia4S^ 22, Regent street. 1875. See advt. Secovd-hand 

Local and Miscellaneous 

* Midland Educational Co. Ld., 164, The Parade. {Circulating Library) 
Notcutt, John T., 37, Bath street and 136, The Parade 

Walmsley , Mrs. M. A. , 46, The Parade 

Ledbury, Herefordshire. — Pop. 4,303. 

Tilley, Luke, High street 
Leeds, Yorkshire. — Pop. 367,505. 

Arnold, E. J. , & Son, Hunslet 

Bean, J. W., & Son, 149, Briggate. {Scholastic) 

Brierley, William, 3, Bond street 

Burniston, Harry, Briggate 

* Dodgson, Joseph, 68, Albion street. 1870. Neiv and Second-hand 
Goldie, J. Thompson, Athenaeum buildings, 13, Park lane 
Holdsworth, William, 33, Park lane 

* Jackson, R., 16 and 17, Commercial st. 1785. New and Second-hand 

High-class, bound, and Fine Art 
Telegranuy " Publisher, Leeds." Telephone, 720 
Johnson, Charles H. , 2, 4, 6, Cloth Hall street. ( Wholesale) 

* Miles, James, 32, Gjiildford street. 1870. New and Secoiid-hand 

* Milligan, Joseph, 13, Blenheim place. New and Second-hand 

First and Best Editions of Standard Authors, Topography, &c. 

* Mllligft^, Thomas, 15, Park lane. 1858. New and Second-hand. 

Early English Poetry and First Editions. See advt. 

* Walker, Henry, 37, Briggate. 1837 

General Literature and "Geology. Telephone^ 684 

Leek, Staffordshire. — Pop. 15,000. 

Eaton, William H., 6, Derby street 
Kirkham, Charles, 27 and 29, Derby street 

Leigh, Lancashire. — 10,928. 

Pink, William D. , 5, King street 

Wilkinson, John, Chapel street, Bedford Leigh 

Leiohton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. — Pop. 6,704. 
Jackson, Henry, 5, High street 
Bush & Warwick, 17, High street and Market square 


Leicester, Leicesternhire. — Pop. 203,500. 
Barton, Samuel, 78 and 80, High street 
Bent, John, 1, Town Hall lane 
Buck, Winks, & Son, 53, High street 
Clarke & Hodgson, 5, Gallowtree gate 

* Holyoak, VV. H., 75, Humberstone gate. 1880. New and Second-hand 

Freethought and General 
McNamara, Michael, 76, Wellington street. {Catholic) 

Midland Educational Company Limited, Market street 

* Murray, Frank, Shakespeare's Head, 23 & 25, Loseby lane. Est. 1875. 

Telegrams, " Murray, Bookseller, Leicester." Second-hand. See advt. 

Cheap Miscellaneous, Standard Literature, and Local Topography. 
Rowe, John R., & Sons, 10, Belvoir street - 
Spencer & Greenhough, 9, Granby street 

* Spencer, Herbert John, 28, Loseby lane 

* Spencer, John and Thomas, 20, Market place and 46, Cank st. 1853 

Ordnance Map Depot 

* Thomas, Arthur, 22, Silver street. 1896. Second-hand 

Early and Modern Poetry, Drama, and Folklore 
Walker, W., & Son, 34, Market place 

Leominster, Herefordshire. — Pop. 5,675. 

Blacklock & Son, 10, South street New and Second-hand. 

Lewes, Sussex. — Pop. 10,997. 

Banks, Albert. 23, Station street 

Brook, Mrs. F. B., 175, High street 

Morris, Arthur, 65, High street 

Scrase, Horace W., 14 and 15, High street, Cliffe 

Leyton, Essex.— "Pop. 43, 906. 

Baker, Thomas, High road. Second-hand 

Moore, E. J., 6, Trelawn road. Second-hand 

Sandham & Co., 409, High road 

Lichfield, Staffordshire. — Pop. 7,864. 
Brown, Frederic, Bird street 
Lomax, Alfred C. , Bird street 

Lincoln, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 41,491. 

Boots Limited, 281, High street 

Keyworth, Charles, 322, High street 

Ruddock, John W. , 253, High street 

Thomas, Cliflford, 209, High street. 1828. • New and Second-hand 

Turrill, Henry, Waddington. 1869. Second-hand 

Local, Bare, Curious, and First Editions 
Williamson, James, 290, High street 

LiSKEABD, Cornwall.— Pop. 3,984. 

Bate, J. (late Deecker), Fore street 
Morcom, Miss Helen, Market street 
Philp, John, Bay Tree hill 

LiTTLEHAMPTON, SuSSCX. — Pop. 4,452. 

Buchanan, Walter, High street 
Weller, Arthur, 56, High street 

Liverpool, Lancashire. — Pop. 517,980. 

Armour, Andrew C. , 105, Kirkdale road 
Benson, Thomas, 29, Salisbury street 


Liverpool— continued, 

Benington, E., & Son, 6, Ranelagh place 
. Bon Marche, Book Department, Church street 
Bowker, E., 27, Renshaw street. Second-hand 

Fine Art, Autographs, Coins, &c. 
Brown, Ben, 257, Scotland road. Second-hand 

Bunney's Limited, Book Department, 1, Church street 
Catholic Publishing Company, 30 and 32, Manchester street 
Clark, J., 30, Prescot street. Second-hand 

Cornish, James, & Sons, 37, Lord street 
Davies, Richard, 81, Renshaw street. 1883. Second-hand 
Dobson, Anthony, 61, Renshaw street. Second-hand 

Dobson, Joseph, 61, Lime street. Second-hand 

* Gibbons, F. & E. , 19, Ranelagh street 

Librarians and Booksellers 
Greenwood, VV. H., 390, Park road 

* Hales, Samuel, 2, Brownlow hill. Second-hand 

* Howell, Edward, 28, Church street. 1835. New and Second-hand 

Antiquarian, Classical, Scientific, and Miscellaneous 
Telephone, 6,784 

Ingle, M. , 8a, Prescot street. Second-hand 

* Jaggaxd & Go. , 39, Renshaw street. See advt. New and Second-hand 

Standard Literature, Bookplates, Autographs, Foreign Stamps. Librarians 
Telephone, 6,848 

Latarche, F. , 63, Lime street. {Foreign) 

McCormack, J., 100, Pembroke place. Seco7id-hand 

* Murphv, W. M., 79, Renshaw street; and 13, Moorfields. 1878. 

Standard and First Editions. Tel^hone, 6,607. Second-hand 

J^orth Western Educational Co. , 46, Renshaw street 

* Parry & Co., 20, Mount Pleasant. 1877 Secondhand 

Educational, Scientific, First Editions 
Peters Brothers, 87, Victoria street. Second-hand 

Philip, Son, & Nephew, 45 to 51, South Castle street 

* Potter, William, Exchange street east. New and Second-hand 

Speciality : Sport and Travel 
Potts, W. H., 92, Dale street Second-hand 

Scholl, C, 35, South Castle street (Foreign) 

Travis, Edward, 9, Kensington. 1887. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous and Medical 
Walmsley, Gilbert G., 50, Lord street 

Telegramg, *' Stationer, Liverpool." Telephone, 256 

* Young (Henry) & Sons, 12, South Castle street, and 23, Parker-street. 

Library Editions, Curious, and Out-of-the-way Books. 1849. See advt, 

Telegrame, '* Catalogue, Liverpool." Telephone, 1,847. 

Llandudno, Carnarvonshire. — Pop. 6,065. 

Richmond, George C, & Co., 5, Mostyn street. {Circulating Library) 

Thompson, William, The Pier 

Tomkinson, Herbert, 115, Mostyn street 

Wardleworth, William, 314, Mostyn street 

Wilkinson & Thompson, 48, Mostyn street 

Woodcock, Benjamin, 123, Mostyn street. {Circulating Library) 

Woodley, George Latimer, 127, Mostyn street. {Circulating Library) 

Llanelly, Carmarthenshire. — Pop. 32,034. 
Davies, M., Station road 
Davies, William, 17, Market street 
Rees (Bernard) & Son, Yaughan street 
Thomas (John) & Co., 8, Station road 


Llangollen, Denbighshire.— ^Fo^p. 5,546. 
Jones, Hugh, Castle street 

Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire. — Pop. 3,794. 
Mills, John H. , Short Bridge street 

Llanrwst, Denbighshire. — Pop. 3,945. 

Evans- Jones (Owen) & Co., Denbigh street 

Roberts, William J. Second-haiid 

Williams, L. , & Sons, Carrington House, Ankuster square 

LONDON, Middlesex.— Vop. (with suburbs) about 5,000,000. 

Adams, W. J., & Son, 59, Fleet street, e.g. (Guides) 

Allenson, H. R., 30, Paternoster row, e.g. 
Allman & Son, Limited, 67, Oxford street, w. (Scholastic) 
Amer, R., Lincoln's Inn Gateway, Carey street, w.c. (Law). Seeadvt. 
Army & Navy Co-op. Society Ltd., 105, Victoria st., Westminster, s.w. 
Asher & Co., 13, Bedford street, Co vent Garden, w.c. (Foreign) 
Bachhofifner, A., 162, High street, Clapham, s.w. 
Bacon, G. W., & Co. Ltd., 127, Strand, w.g. (Scholastic) 
Bailliere, Tindall & Cox, 20, King William street, w.c. (Medical) 
Bain, James, 1, Hay market, s.w. 

Baker, Thomas, 1, Soho square, w. (Theological) 

Baptist Tract and Book Society, Fumival street, w.c. 
Bartlett, William H., & Co., 9, Salisbury square, e.c. 
Batho, W. H., 1, Gresham street, e.g. 

Batsford, B. T., 94, High Holborn, w.c. (Architectural). See advt. 
Batten & Davies, 23, The Pavement, Clapham, s.w. 
Beeching, G., & Son, 45, Upper Baker street, N.w. 
Bensberg Bros. , 344, HoUoway road, n. , and 168, Pentonville road, N. 
Bible Christian Book Room, 2iS, Paternoster row, e.c. 
Bickers & Son, 1, Leicester square, w.c. 

Bolton, James, 39 and 40, St. George's place, E^nightsbridge, s.w. 
Brown, C. & E., 13, Bishop's road, Paddington, w. 
Buckmaster, B., 46, Newington Butts, s.E. 

Bumpus, J. & E., Ltd., 5 & 6, Holborn Bars, E.C., & 350, Oxford st., w. 
Bumpus, T. B., George yard, Lombard street, e.g. 
Burleigh, T., 370, Oxford street, w. 
Bumside, H., 20, Tranquil vale, Blackheath, s.E. 
Butterworth H., & Co., 7, Fleet street, e.c. (Law). See advt. 
Cannon, C, 36, Martin's court. Charing Cross road, w.c. 
Cawthorn & Hutt, 24, Cockspur street, s. w. 
Churchman, A., 16, King street. West Hammersmith 
Civil Service Co-operative Society Ltd., 28, Hay market, s.w. 
Civil Service Supply Association Ltd., 136, Queen Victoria street, B.C., 

and at Bedford street, w.c. 
Clay, John, 141, Regent street, w. 

Clive, W. B., 13, Holywell street. Strand, w.c. (Scholastic) 
Clowes, W., & Sons Ld., 13 & 14, Charing Cross, s.w. (Law dk Military) 
Congregational Union, Memorial Hall, Farringdon street, E.c. 
Connor, J. , 4, The Parade, North Finchley, n. 
Cornish, James, & Sons, 297, High Holborn, w.c. 
Coster, E., 65 and 67, Weymouth street, w. 
Dawe, William H. , 44, Baker street, Portman square, w. 
Day, Charles, 16, Mount street, Berkeley square, w. 
Denny, A. & F., 304, Strand, w.c, and 32, Charing Cross, w.c. 


London — continued, 

Dickinson, R. D., & Co., 89, Farringdon street, e.g. {Theological) 

Dulau & Co., Soho square, w.c. {Foreign) 

Dunn, J. F., 4a, Cheapside, e.c., 1a, Paternoster row, E.C., and 23, 
Ludgate hill, E.c. 

Edmonds, William C, 420, Brixton road, s.w. 

Educational Supply Association, 42a, Holbom Viaduct, E.c. 

Eyre & Spottiswoode, Great New street. Fetter lane, e.c. {Bible Ware- 
house); and Printer street, e.c. {Parliamentary Papers de Reports) 

Farmer & Sons, 36, Kensington Hiffh street, w. 
. Flood & Edwards, 5, Ramsden road, Balham, s. w. 

Furner, G., 72, Newington Butts, s.E. 

Fricker, Charles J. , 9, The Exchange, Balham road, s. w. 

Fricker, J. H., 84, Westow hill, Upper Norwood, s.E. 

Gammell, W., 35, High Street, Camden Town, n.w. 

Gay & Bird, 22, Bedford street. Strand, w.c. {American), See advt, 

Gilbert & Field, 67, Moorgate street, e.c. 

Glaisher, George James, 58, High street, Notting hill, w. 

Glaisher, Henry, 95, Strand, w.c; and 63, London st., Greenwich, S.B. 

Glaisher, William, 265, Hiffh Holbom, w.c. 

Gropp, S. S., 58, Rosslyn hill, Hampstead, n.w. 

Grattan, Horace, 17, borough High street, s.E. 

Grevel, H., & Co., 33, King street. Coven t Garden, w.c. {Foreign) 

Groom, Forster & Co., 15, Charing Cross, s.w. {Military) 

Grosvenor Gallery Library, 137, New Bond street, w. 

Grube, H., 12a, Paternoster row, E.C. {Maps) 

Gumey & Jackson, 1, Paternoster row, E.c. 

Haas & Co., 2, Langham place, w. {Foreign) 

Hachette & Co., 18, King William street. Strand, w.c. {Foreign) 

Hancock, Henry, 596, Mile End road, e. 

Harris, W. Wilson, Dulwich, s.e. 

Harrison & Sons, 59, Pall Mall, s.w. 

Hatchards, Messrs., 187, Piccadilly, w. 

Headley Brothers, 14, Bishopsgate without, E.c. 

Hewetson, J., 11, High street, Hampstead, n.w. 

Higham, Charles, 27a, Farringdon street, e.c. {Theological) 

Hirsch, C. , 4, Coventry street, w. {Foreign) 

Hirschfeld Bros., Bream's buildings. Fetter Lane, e.c. {Foreign) 

Holness, Alfred, 14, Paternoster row, e.c. 

Howard, G. , 60, Green lanes, N. 

Hughes, Henry, & Son, 59, Fenchurch street, e.c. {Nautical) 

Imray, James, & Son, 89, Minories, e. {Nautical) 

Jelpke, J. L., 103, High road, Kilburn, N.w. 

Joanes, H. , 335 and 337, New Cross road, s. E. 

Jones & Evans, 77, Queen street, Cheapside, B.C. 

Junior Army & Navy Stores Ltd. , York House, Waterloo place, s. w. 

Kensit, John, 99, East rd., City rd., n., and 18, Paternoster row, B.c. 

Kimpton, H., 82, High Holbom, w.c. {Medical) 

Kimpton, R., 126, Wardour street, w. {Medical) 

King P. S., & Son, 9, Bridge street, Westminster, s.w. See advt. 

Knightly, W., 160, Green lanes, n. 
Lamley & Co., 1 and 3, Exhibition road, s.w. 
Lewis, H. K., 136, Gower street, w.c. {Medical) 

Librairie Frangaise, 16 and 18, Wardour street, w. {Foreign) 


London — continued. 

Lilley, E., Walbrook, B.C. 

Lord, Stephen W., 12, Gloucester road, s.w. 

Luzac & Co., 46, Great Russell street, w.c. {Foreign and Oriental) 

Marlborough, E., & Co., Old Bailey, e.g. 

Marshall, J., & Co., 42, Paternoster row, e.g. {Scholastic) 

Marshall Brothers, 10, Paternoster row, e.g. 

Martin, G. H., 217, Clapham road, s.w. 

Masters, J. , & Co. , 78, New Bond street, w. 

Matfier, J. C, 268, Walworth road, s.e. 

Mathieson & Co. Ltd., 6, Holywell street, e.c. 

May, Georce H. , 9, Royal Arcade, Old Bond street, w. 

Methodist New Connexion Book Room, 30, Furnival street, e.c. 

Miles & Co. , 95, Upper street, Islington, n. 

Mitchell's Library, New Bond street, w. 

Mowbray, A. R., & Co., 65, Farringdon street, e.g. 

Mudie's Select Library Ltd. 30, New Oxford street; 241, Brompton 

road, s.w. ; and 48, Queen Victoria street, e.g. See advt. 
Murby, T., 3, Ludgate Circus buildings, Farringdon St., e.g. {Scholastic) 
Myers & Co., 29, King William st., e.g.; 13, Crooked lane, Cannon 

street, e.g.; Railway Approach, London Bridge Station, s.e.; and 

Holywell street, Strand, w.c. See advt. 
National Society, The Sanctuary, Westminster, s.w. 
National Temperance Publication Dep6t, 33, Paternoster row, e.g. 
Nichols, H. S. & Co. Ltd., 62a, Piccadilly, w. See advt. 
Norie & Wilson, 156, Minories, e. {Nautical) 

Nutt, David, 270 and 271, Strand, w.g. {Foreign) 

Page & Son, 178 and 180, High street, Peckham, s.e. 
Parkins & Gotto, Oxford street, w. 

Pentland, Y. J., 38, West Smithfield, e.g. {Medical) 

Philip, George, & Son, 32, Fleet street. {Geographical and Educational) 
Plummer, William, 84, Norfolk terrace, Bayswater, w. 
Porter, R. H. , 18, Princes street; Cavendish square, w. 
Potter, J. D., 31, Poultry, e.g., & 11, King st.. Tower hill, e. {Nautical) 
Presbyterian Publishing Committee, 14, Paternoster square, e.g. 
Primitive Methodist Book Room, 48 to 50, Aldersgate street, e.g. 
Pure Literature Society, 11, Buckingham street. Strand, w.G. 
Quaritch, Bernard, 15, Piccadilly, w. 

Reeves & Turner, 100, Chancery lane and Carey street, w.g. {Law) 
Relfe Brothers, 6, Charterhouse buildings, Aldersgate street, E.G. 
Religious Tract Society, 66, Paternoster row, e.g. 
Richards, William, 42, Tachbrook street, Pimlico, s. w. 
Roberts, Charles, 110, Brompton road, s.w. 
Rolandi, Peter, 20, Berners street, w. {Foreign) 

St. Anselm's Society, 6, Agar street, Strand, w.G. 
Sammels & Taylor, 259, Oxford street, w. 
Seager, J., & Son, 197, East India Dock road, e. 
Seale, Edmund, 10, Imperial arcade, Ludgate hill, e.g. {Sporting) 
Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Ltd., 31 & 32, Paternoster 

row, e.g.; 4, Stationers' hall court, e.g.; and 317, Strand, w.g. 
Smith, Charles, & Son, 63, Charing Cross, w.g. {Maps). See advt. 
Sotheran, H., & Co., 140, Strand, w.g., and 37, Piccadilly, w. 
SpauU, S. B., 6, The Mall, Ealing, w. 
Spon, E. & F. N., 125, Strand, w.c. {Scientific) 

Stanesby & Co., 179, Sloane street, s.w. 



London — continued, 

Stanford, Edward, 26 and 27, Cockspur street, s.w. 
Stephens & Haynes, 13, Bell yard, Temple Bar, w.c. {Law) 
Stevens, B. F., 4, Trafalgar square. Charing Cross, w.c. 
Stevens, Son, & Stiles, 39, Great Russell street, w.c. {American) 
Stevens & Sons Ltd., 119 and 120, Chancery lane, w.c. {Law) 
Stock, Elliot 61 and 62, Paternoster row, E.c. See advt. 
Stoneham, F. «& E., 79 & 109, Cheapside, B.C.; 129, Fenohurch st., e.c; 

9, Old Broad St., B.C.; 39, Walbrook, K.C.; 44, Lombard st., B.C.; 

5, London street, E.C., and 27, Liverpool street, E.c. 
Suckling & Aldom, 19, City rd., B.c. ; & 305, Goswell rd., B.C. {Scholastic) 
Sunday School Union, 67 and 59, Ludgate hill, E.c. 
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd., 3, Chancery lane, w.c, and 8, Bell yard, 

Temple Bar, w.c. See advt. 
Systematic Bible Teaching Depository, 21, Warwick lane, B.C. 
Tamblyn, J. , 8, Ladbroke Grove road, Notting hill, w. 
Taylor, C, 23, Warwick lane, e.c. 
Tebbutt, Thomas, 51, Lavender hill, s.w. 

Theosophical Publishing Society, 26, Charing Cross, s.w. {Theoaophy) 
Thomson, W. M., & Co., 230, Strand, w.c 
Titheradge & Co. , 186, Queen's road, Bayswater, w. 
Truslove & Hanson, 143, Oxford street, w., and 6b, Sloane street, s.w. 
Turner, F. C, 1, Bathurst street, Hyde park, w., and 8, Craven road, 

Westbourne terrace, w. 
United Kingdom Band of Hope Union, 60, Old Bailey, e.g. 
Walter, J., 17, Blackheath hill, s.e. 

Washboume, Robert, 18a, Paternoster row, e.c {Catholic) 
Waters, George E., 97, Westbourne grove, w. 
Wesleyan Conference Of&ce, 2, Castle street, City road, E.C., and 

66, Paternoster row, E.C 
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Union, 2, Ludgate Circus bldgs. , E.c 
Wesleyan School Book Depdt, 125, Horseferry road, Westminster 
Westerton, Charles, 27, St. George's place, s.w. 
Wheeler, J. G., 88, Mildmay park, n. 
Wheeler, W. G., 17, Paternoster row, e.g. 
Wheldon, John, 58, Great Queen street, w.c. See advt. 
White, W. G., 152, Fenchurch street, e.c 

Whiteley, W., 31, Westbourne grove, w., and 147, Queen's road, w. 
Whittingham, W. B., & Co. Ltd., 91, Gracechurch street, e.c., and 

43, Charterhouse square, E.C. 
Williams & Norgate, 14, Henrietta street, w.c {English <fc Foreign) 
Wilson, Alfred, 18, Gracechurch street, e.c 
Wilson (Effingham) & Co., 11, Royal Exchange, B.C 
Wilson & Whitworth, 20, Broadway, Stratford, b. 
Wirbatz, H., 18a, New Kent road, s.e. 
Wohlleben, Th., 45, Great Russell street, w.c. {Foreign) 
Woolmer, T., 2, Castle street, Finsbury, B.c, and 25, City road, e.c. 


* Alexander, S., 42, Kingsland road, e. 

Allen, E. G., 28, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 1856 
American Library Agency 

* AmeF) Bichaxd, Lincoln's Inn gate, Carey st., w.c. 1848. See advt. 

Law Books, High-class Engravings, and Bookplates 

* Andrews, R. G., 8, Red Lion passage, Holborn, w.c. 1879 

Antiquarian and General 


London — continued, Sbcond-hand. 

* Asher & Co., 13, Bedford street, Covent Garden, w.c. 1864 

Publishers, Foreign, and Export Booksellers 
TelegranUf ** Aspiration, London." 

* AveiT, Edwaxd, 53, Greek street, Soho, w. 1879. See advt. 

* Bailey Brothers, 36a, Newington Butts, s.b. 1875 

* Bain, James, 1, Haymarket, s.w. 

* Baker ThomaS; l, Soho square, w. 1849. See advt. 

Theology, Ecclesiastical History, and Antiquities 
Barker, C. F., 258, Camberwell road, s.e. 

* Barker, F., 41, Gunterstone road. West Kensington, w. 1882 

Autographs and Manuscripts 
Barnes, 4, Borough road, s.e. 
Bartlett, F., 12, Great Turnstile, w.c. 

* Batsford B. T., 94, High Holborn, w.c. 1843. See advt. 

Architectural, Engineering, and General Scientific 

* Baxter, Samuel, ^, Paternoster row, B.C. 1886 

BflfCk ^)ate Itfaflrazines &c 

* Bensberg Bros., 344, Hoiloway rd.; and 168, Pentonville rd., N. 1850 

Scholastic and MisceUaneous 

* Bickers & Son, 1, Leicester square, w.c. 

Birt, Thomas, 9, Little Turnstile, High Holborn, w.c. 1874 

* Birt, Thomas, & Sons, 339, Farringdon street, B.C. 
Black, G., 112, Regency street, Westminster, s.w. 

* Borrell, William Louis, 135, Pentonville road, N. 1891 

Historical and Miscellaneous 
Bradshaw, Charles, 49, Wych street. Strand, w.c. 

* Braun, L. C, 17, Denmark street, Charing Cross road, w.c. 1883 

* Brown, C. & E., 13, Bishop's road, Paddington, w. 1876 

Educational and General 
Brown, George H., 59, Pyrland road, Canonbury, N. 1889 
British Topographical Books and Prints 

* Brown, Greville Howard, 113, Edgware road, w. 1889 

Standard and Miscellaneous 
Brown, Walter, High street, Streatham, s.w. 

Bryce, John, 21, Station Parade, Hornsey rise, n. 1889 
Bubb, George, 167, New Bond street, w. 

* Buchanan, John, 49, Great Queen street, w.c. 

Miscellaneous and Scientific 

* Bull & Auvache, 34 and 35, Hart street, Bloomsbury, w.c. 

* Bumpus, John & Edward, Limited, 350, Oxford street, w. ; and 

5 and 6, Holborn Bars, B.C. 1840 
Scarce, First, and Best Editions of Standard Authors, and Miscellaneous 
Bumpus, T. D.y 2, George yard, Lombard street, B.C. 

* Burns, James, 56, Great Queen street, w.c. 

Spiritualism, Mesmerism, Palmistry, <&c. 

Butterworth & Co., 7, Fleet street. See advt. 
Law Books 

* Cadney, David, 139, Seven Sister's road, Hoiloway, N. 1879 

Sporting, Topography, First Editions, &c. 

* Cawthom & Hutt, 24, Cockspur street, s. w. 1740 

Surplus Gopies_of Library Books 


Est. 1868. 

), 0. D., & Son, 26, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 
. Export Booksellers. TieJ^^ram*, " Eikon, London " See advt. 

Christian, Miss Fanny, 9, Bedford terrace, Kensington. 1867 
Christlieb, A. H., 73, Burdett road. Mile End, b. 1864 
Clarke, John, Church street, Camberwell, 8.E. 
Clarke, J., Commerce road, Wood Green, n. 


London — continued. 

Church Extension Association, 5 and 6, Paternoster row, e.c. 

* Coleman, J. , 9, Tottenham terrace. White Hart lane, Tottenham, n. 

Old Deeds, Genealogical, &c. 

* Collins, W. P., 157, Great Portland street, w. 1879 

Microscopy and Natural Science 
Combridge, A. J., & Co., 31, Newgate street, e.c. 
Exporters to India 

* Cooper, Alfred, 234 and 236, King street. Hammersmith, w. ; and 

231, High street, Kensington, w. 1863. 
Standard Literature and Miscellaneous 

* Cooper, Alfred Ernest, 68, Charing Cross road, w.c. 1887 

Early Printing, Foreign Literature, ]^lk-lore, &c. 
Copland, J. P., 28, Paternoster row, B.C. 

Exporter to New Zealand, South America, South Africa, &c. 
Copping, F., 95, Graham road, n.e. 

* Cornish, James, & Sons, 297, High Holborn, w.c. Circa 1840 

Miscellaneous and Scholastic 
Cox, E, T., 170, Railway Approach, Shepherd's Bush, w. 1882 
Cubitt, Thomas, 283, Fulham road. South Kensington, s.w. 
Cutter, Alfred, 11, Sandall road, Camden road, n.w. 
D'Alby, W., 12, Holtham road, St. John's Wood, N.w. 1890 

Miscellaneous and Old Juveniles 
Dalton, J. H., 12, St. Mary Axe, e.c. 

QuaJcer Books 

* Daniell, Walter V. , 53, Mortimer street, w. 

Topographical and Miscellaneous 

* Davey, Samuel John, 47, Great Russell Street, w.c. 

Autograph Letters and Historical Documents 
Davies, H. L., 69, Moscow road, w. 

* Day k Son (Charles Day), 96, Mount st., Grosvenor square, w. 1776 

Books withdrawn from Day's Library 
Deall, H. La Croix, 1a, Oak Hill Park, Hampstead, N.w. 

* Denham, Alexander, & Co., 27, Bloomsbury square, w.c. 

Export Booksellers 

* Dent, J. M., & Co., 67, St. James's street, s.w. 

Fine Editions and Bindings 

* Dent, William, lOl, Constantine road, n.w. See advt. 

Est. 1886. General. Specialty : Odd Vols, and sets of Periodicals 

* Dickinson, B. D., & Co., 89, Farringdon street, B.C. 1862 

Theolodcal, Ancient and Modem, English and Foreign 

* Dobell, 6., 77, Charing Cross rd., w.c; and 66, Queen's Crescent, n.w. 

First Editions, Shakespeariana, Musical, Dramatic, and Occult 

* Dobson, Frederick, 12f2, Chippenham road, n.w. 

* Dorman, James, 48, Southampton row, w.c. 1888 
Dukes, W. A., 48, Broad street, Bloomsbury, w.c. 

* Dulau & Co., 37, Soho square, w. 1794 

Natural History, General Science, and Foreign 
Eastes, J. S., 121, KnatchbuU road, Camberwell, s.e. 

* Edwards, Dunlop, & Co. Limited, 56, Carter lane, e.c.; also at Sydney 

Exporters of Books. TtUphone^ 1892. and Brisbane, Australia 

* EdwaxdS, Francis, 83, High street, Marylebone, w. 1860. See advt. 

Standard Works, Travels, andColonial Literature 
Telegram9^ *' Finality. London " (Unicode) 

* Ellis & Elvey, 29, New Bond street, w. 1750 

Old and Rare Books, MSS., and Engravings 
Telegram9t ** Ellscrut, London " 

* Ellis k Keene, 9, Ray street, e.c. 1888 

Theological : Expository, Critical, and Homiletical 


London — continued. 

* Fawcett, H., 14, King street, Covent Garden, w.c. 

Autographs, Engravings, Etchings, &c. 

* Forster, Henry, 344, Upper street, Islington, N. 

* Foulsham, W., 4, Pilgrim street, e.o. 

Astrology, Magic, Occult, Demonology 

* Fowler, L. N., Imperial arcade, Ludgate hill, E.C. 

Phrenology, Physiology, Physiognomy, Ac. 

* Galwey, John, 17, Garrick street, Covent Garden, w.c. 1890 

Fine Books in General Literature 

* Gardiner, W., 298, New Cross rd.; and 64, High st., Lewisham. 1875 
Gardiner, William, jun., 84, Battersea rise, s.w. 

* Gay & Bird. 22, Bedford street, w.c. 1891. See advt. 

Importers of American Books, Magazines, and Newspapers 
George, E., & Son, 76, Whitechapel road, B. 
Odd Volumes and Back Numbers 

* Gibbin^ & Co. Ltd.. 18, Bury st., Bloomsbury, w.c. 1885. See advt. 

Remainders of Publications of a miscellaneons character.— Trade only 
Gibbons, Mrs., 2 and 4, Brett road. Hackney, n.e. 

* Gladwell, T., 101 and 103, Goswell road, E.c. 1860 

Books, Engravings, and Music 

* Glaisher, George, 79, Praed street, Paddington, w. 1841 
Glaisher, Henry, 95, Strand, w.c; also at Greenwich 
Glaisher, William, 265, High Holborn, w.c. 1853 

New Books (French and En^ish) and Remainders 
Glaisher, W., 57, Wigmore street, w. 

* Gowans, James, & Son, 13, High street, St. John's Wood, n.w. 1892 

* Gray, Henry, 47, Leicester square, w.c. See advt 

Topognmhy, Genealogy, Americana, Ooloniana 

* Grevel, H., & Co., 33, King street, Covent Garden, w.c. 

Fine Art, Musical, Foreign. Exporters 

* Griffith, Farran, Browne & Co., 35, Bow street, Covent Garden, w.c. 

Publishers and Exporters 

* Gunn, James, 49, Bedford street, w.c. 1870 

Miscellaneous Books and Old Prints 
Hales, Samuel, Stanley house, Lower Clapton road, n.e. 

Poetry, First Editions 
Hall, Henry, Harden Cottage, Teddington, w. 

* Harding, George, 12, Bury st., Great Russell st., w.c. 1884. See advt. 

Antiquarian, Topography, &c. Economics 

* Harper, William, 36, Tabernacle street, Finsbury square, E.C. 1842 

Theological and MisceUaneous 
Harris, Edward James, 40, Plumstead road, Plumstead. 1886 

* Harrison & Sons, 59, Pall Mall, s.w. 

* Hartley, H. Haigh, 101, Park street, Regent's Park, N.w. 1888 

Miscellaneous, and curious old Children's Books 

* Harvey, Francis, 4, St. James's street, s.w. 1859 

Bare Books and fine Proof Prints of the English School 

* Hatchards, 187, Piccadilly, w. 

BookseUers and Exporters 

* Hayes, T., 50, Broke road, Dalston, n.e. Circa 1875 

* Herbert, C., 333, Goswell road, e.c. 

MisceUaneous Second-hand and Remainders, Wholesale and Retail 
Hewetson, J., 11 and 12, High street, Hampstead,.N.w. 

* Hicks, Edward, junr., 2, Amen Comer, Paternoster row, B.C. 

Est. 1890. Quaker Books 

* Higham, Charles, 27a, Farringdon street, B.C. 1862 

Chiefly Theological. Telegranu, ** Higham, London." 

* Hill, William Rolls (late Lawrence & Hill), 11, Strand Hotel 

buildings, Holywell street, w.c. 


London — continued. 

Higham, Henry, 16, Great Marlborough street, w. 

* Hill, H. R., & Son, 1, Holywell street, Strand, w.c. 1828 

Arts and Sciences, Technical and Miscellaneous Literature 

* Hinch, William A., 77, Long Acre, w.c. 1872 (at Dublin) 

Irish History, ArchaBolo^y, and General 

* Hindley, Charles, 41, Holywell street. Strand, w.c. 

* Hirschfeld Bros., 22 and 24, Breams buildings, Fetter lane, E.c. 1885 

Educational Works in all Languages. Telegrams^ " Hirschfeld, London." 
Hobbs, Benjamin, 17, Red Lion passage, w.c. 
Hogan, Edmund C, 53, Endell street, Longacre, w.c. 

Antiquities, Old Prints, Books, <&c. 

* HoUings, Frank, 7, Great Turnstile, Holborn, w.c. 1892 

First Editions of Standard Authors, Antiquarian, and Occult Literature 
Hookham, Thomas, 20, Marchmont street, Russell square, w.c. 
Horn^, Richard, 97, Devonshire road. Forest hill, s.E. 

Out-of -Print Books 
Horner, E., 5, Great Russell street, w.c. 
Howell, William, 190, Lavender hill, s.w. 1893 

Educational and General 
Howes, W. J. , 50, Queen's road, Bayswater 

* Hubbard, J. Reed, 215, Kensington High street, w. 

Humphreys & Co., 58 and 59, Paternoster row, E.c. ; and 

. 376 and 377, Strand, w.c. See advt. 
Back-dated pai'ts of Magazines, Reviews, Periodicals, <&c. 
Telegramtf "Temptation, London." 

* Hutchinson & Co., 34, Paternoster row, E.c. 

Publishers and Export Booksellers 

* Hutt, F. H., 9 and 10, Clement's Inn passage. Strand, w.c. See advL 

First Editions, Alpine, and Sporting 

* Irvine, James, 37, Radipole road, Fulham road. 1863 

Botanical and General 

* Isaacs, A. Lionel, 33, Sutherland avenue, w. 1894 

History, Musical Literature, and General 

* Jackson, Albert, & Son, 224, Great Portland street, w. 1873 

Fine Art, Extra Illustrated Books, and General 
Jackson, Henry, 91, King street, Camden Town, n.w. 1893 
Miscellaneous and Odd Vols. 

* Jeflfery, John, " The Drummond Library," 115a, City road, e.c. 1881 
Jermy, G., 281, Mare street, e. 

* Jones & Evans, 77, Queen street, Cheapside, e.c. 

* Jones, F. R., 11, Strand Hotel buildings, Holywell street, w.c. 

* Joseph, E., 33, Booksellers' row, w.c. 

* Karslake & Co., 61, Charing Cross road, w.c. 1873 

Rare Books, Literary Curiosities, Bindings, &c. 
Telegrams, ** Karyomiton, London." 

* Kelly Law Book Co., Limited, Lincoln's Inn gate, Carey street, w.c. 

Est. 1840. Law, Parliamentary, and kindred subjects 

TeU^ranUf "Lawfi:iver, London." 
Kettle, Mrs. S., 22, Camdenpassage, n. 
Kimpton, Henry, 82, High Holborn, w.c. 1854 

Medical. Telegrams, "Hirschfeld, London." 

* Kimpton, Richard, 126, Wardour street, w. 


* King, H. S., & Co., 65, Cornhill, e.c. 

Publishers and Exporters 

* Kinff, p. Sn & Son, 9, Bridge street, Westminster, s.w. See advt. 

Est. 1885. Parliamentary and Political Economy 
Telegrams, " Parliamentary, London." Telephone, 324, Westminster. 
Kolckmann's Foreign Library (Messrs. Haas & Co.), 2, Langham place, 
Portland place, w. 




London — continued. 

* Lamley & Co., 1 and 3, Exhibition road, s.w. 

Lansbury, W., 34, Trumpington road. Forest gate, k. 1887 

* Laurie, Thomas, 28, Paternoster row, e.c. 1862 

Education and Teaching 
" Law Notes" Publishing Offices, 25 and 26, Chancery lane, w.c. 

Est. 1886. Law Books 
Lawrence, Georce F., 7, West hill, Wandsworth, s.w. 1895 

Books, Antiqaitles, Savage Weapons, &c. 

* Lazarus, S; H., 3 and 51, Booksellers' row. Strand, w.c. 

* Leighton, J. & J., 40, Brewer st. , Golden square, w. 1798. See advt. 

Antiquarian, Standard, Rare, and Curious 

* Lewis, H. K., 136, Gower street, w.c. 1844 

Medical, Scientific, and General 
Lillington, A. C, 37, Great St. Andrew street, w.c. 1897 

* Lippincott, J. B., Co., 6, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 1875. 

Publishers and Exporters also at Philadelptia, U.S.A. 

* Low (Sampson), Marston, & Go. Limited, St. Dunstan's House, 

Fetter fane, e.c. See advt. 
Publishers, Import and Export Booksellers 

* Luzac & Co., 46, Great Russell street, w.c. 1890 

Foreign and Oriental Booksellers and Publishers 
Telegramt, ** Obfirmate, London." 

* Mc.Caskie, Robert, 70, Mary lebone lane, w. 1890 

Old Shorthand, Antiquarian, Topography, &c. 
McMillan, J., 5, Queen Elizabeth avenue, Stoke Newington, n. 

* MaggS Bros. 159, Church street, Paddington, w. 1860. See advt. 

Rare Books, Portraits, Autographs, &c. Telegramf, ** Bibliolite, London." 
Mansfield, 51, Goodge street, Tottenham Court road, w. 
Martin, George S., 32, Charing Cross, s.w. 
Maskell, E., 1, Copenhagen street, Islington, n. 

* Masters, J. , & Co. , 78, New Bond street, w. 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Exporters 

* Matthews, Elkin, Vigo street, w. 1885 

First Editions and Choice Books. Telegraau, " Elegantia, London." 
Maurais, Charles, 200, Seymour street, N.w. 1852 

* Maurice, A. & Co., 23, Bedford street. Strand, w.c. See advt. 

Est. 1892. First Editions and Natural History 

Telefframtf " Mnemosyne, London." 
May, Benjamin, 176, Queen's road, Bayswater, w. 
May, George, 116, Great Dover street. Borough, s.e. 1887 

* May, George H. , 8, Royal arcade. Old Bond street, w. 

Rare Books, Prints, and Auto^aphs 

* Mayle, Sydney Charles, 70, High street, Hampstead, n.w. 1892 

English and Foreign, First and Large Paper Editions 
Melville, Mullen, & Slade, 12, Ludgate square, e.c; also at Melbourne 
Exporters to Australia • 

* Menken, E., 3, Bury street, New Oxford street, w.c; and 66, Great 

Art, Technical, and General. Russell street, w.c. 1875 

* Miles, T., & Co., 95, Upper street, Islington, n. 

Remainders, and Secona-hand suitable for Circulating Libraries 

* Millard, Clara (Miss), Teddington, Middlesex, w. 1886 

Antiquarian, MSS.. Sporting, Bric-a-brac, &c. 

* Mills, T. B., 2, Palace street, Buckingham gate, s.w. 1880 

* Mitchell & Hughes, 140, Wardour street, w. 1797 

Genealogical and Archaeological Telegramt, " Essington, London." 
Mitchell, H. F., 17a, Great George street, Westminster, s.w. 

Blue Books and Acts of Parliament 
Moffatt, Ben. , 457, Commercial road east, e. 
Morris, P. J., 20, Brownlow street, High Holborn, w.o. 


London — contintLed. 

Moulder, Victor J., 38, Oxford road, Islington, N. 
Back Numbers, Odd Parts, and General 

* Mndie's Select Library, Limited, 30 to 34, New Oxford street, and 

20, 21, 22, Museum street. 1842. See advt. 

New and Second-hand Books in Ornamental Bindings 
Miiller, L., 53, Endell street, Longacre, w.c. 
Miiller, W., 1, Star yard, Carey street, w.c. 1896 

Political Economy, Foreign Literature, &c. Teh-gramty " Swiftfoot, London." 

* Myers & Co., 12[ & 44, Booksellers' row, Straud, w.c. 1889. ^e advt, 

* Nattali, Henry C, 39, Duke street, St. James's, s.w. 

Old and Rare, Angling, and Sporting 

* Neale, Amos, 74, Tonbridge street, w.c. 1885 

Neale & Wilkinsoil, 9, Union court. Old Broad St., E.c. See advt. 
Publishers of the A B C Customs' Duty Tariff 
TeleffranUf " Every where, London." 7>tepAo/ie, 2016, Avenue. 

Neale, J., 5, Edgware road, w. 1869 

* Nichols & Co., 23, Oxford street, w. 1870 

Publishers and Exporters of Health and Spiritualistic Books. 

* Nichols, H. S.; & Co. Ltd., 62a, Piccadilly, w. 1886. See advts. 

Rare Books and Manuscripts in fine condition 
Telegrama, " Nicchio, Lonaon." Telephone, 3931, Gerrard. 

* Nield, Jonathan, 14, Great Kussell street, w.c. 

Topographical and Antiquarian Books and Prints 

* Nisbet, J., & Co., 21, Berners street, w. 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Exporters 
Noble, Miss, 312, Strand, w.c. 

* Nutt, David, 270 and 271, Strand, w.c. 1830 

Theological, Classical, Historical, Linguistic, English and Foreign 
O'Callaghan, C. & F., 64, High street, Lewisham, e. 1891 

Books, Music, and Foreign Stamps 
Olive, J. B., Grafton house, (Grafton street, Fitzroy square, w. 
Olyett, Edwin, 4, Endell street, Longacre, w.c. 

ParliEkmentary Publications 

* Palmer, G., 218, Beresford street, Newington, s.B. 

* Parker, R. J., fli?, Park street, Camden Town, n.w. 

English, Classical, and Foreign 

* Pamell, Jabez, 7, Triaon road, Clapham road, 8.w. 

Theological and Miscellaneous 

* Parsons, Edwin, & Sons, 45, Brompton road, s.w. 1857 

Fine Art and High-class Literature, Prints, &c. See advt. hack of title-page 

* Paul (Kegan), Trench, Triibner, & Co., Ltd., Paternoster house. 

Charing Cross road, w.c. 
English, Foreign, and Oriental, New and Second-hand 
Te^ffranu, "Columnae, London." 

* Pearson, J., & Co., 5, Pall Mall place, 8.w. 

Rare Books and Autographs 

* Pentland, Young J., 38, West Smithfield, E.C.; also at Edinburgh 

Medical and Scientific 

* Pidcering & GhattO, 66, Haymarket, s.w. 1820. See advt. 

Old, Rare, First Editions, Illustrated, and esteemed Authors 
Platnaner, J., 180, Fleet street, E.C. See advt. 
Back Numbers, etc. 

* Poole, Joseph, & Co., 39, Booksellers' row, Strand, w.c. 1854 

Scholastic, Classical, Mathematical, and Scientific 

* Porter, Rd. Henry, 7, Princes street. Cavendish square, w. 1875 

Natural History and Qeneral. Telegranu, " Ornithologists, London." 

* Putnam's (G. P.) Sons, 24, Bedford street, Covent Garden, w.c; 

Publishers and Booksellers also at New York, U.S. A. 

* Quaritch, Bernard, 15, Piccadilly, w. 


- I 

London — continued. 

Rama^e, J., & Co., 4 & 5, Creed lane ; and 12, Ludgate square, e.c. 
Limited Editions and Fine Bindings 

* Keader, Arthur, 1, Orange street. Red Lion square, w.c. 

Old and Curious 

* Redway, George, 9, Hart street, Bloomsbury, w.c. 1881. See advL 

Occult only. Telegranu^ " Redway, London." 

* Reeves, David, 5, Wellington street. Strand, w.c. 

* Reeves & Turner, 100, Chancery lane, w.c. 


* Reeves, William, 185, Fleet street, e.g. 

Music and Musical Literature 
Reya, Charles, 78Aj Great Queen street, w.c. 

Historical, Theological, and General 
Ridgway, W., 8, Bury street, St. James's, s.w. 

* Ridler, W., 4§, Booksellers* row, Strand, w.c. 
Rimell, G., 131, Hampstead road, n.w. 

* Rimell, James, & Son, 91, Oxford street, w. 

Illustrated and Fine Art, Topographical, and Qeneral 

* Rivifere, Robert, & Son, Burlington buildings, Heddon st.. Regent st.,w. 

Books in Leather Bindings— To trade only. Telegrams ^ ** Bindery, London." 
Robertson, George, & Co., 17, Warwick square, E.c. ; also at Sydney, 
Exporters to Australia Adelaide, and Brisbane 

* Robson & Co., 23, Coventry street, Haymarket, w.c. 1870 

Rare Books in good condition 

* Roche, James, 38, New Oxford street, w.c. 1850 

Best Editions of Standard Library Works 
Roche, W. B., 25, Richford street. Hammersmith, w. 

* Rogers, Henry A. , 83, Hanley road, Stroud green, n. 1880 

Extra Illustrated Books and Portraits 

* Sabin, Frank T., 118, Shaftesbury avenue, w. 1868. See advt. 

Fine and Bare Books, Engravings, Autographs, Ac. 
TelegraiM^ " Sabban, London." 

* Salisbury, L.. 27a, Farringdon street, B.c. See advL 

Musical and Miscellaneous. Export Agent. Telegrams, " Helpful, London." 

* Salkeld, John, 306, Clapham road, s.w. 1858 

* Sandell & Smith, 136, City road, E.c. 1830 

Theological and Miscellaneous 
Sawyer, C. J., & Co., 56, Selkirk road. Tooting, s.w. 
Scotti, Charles, 193, Euston road, n.w. 1870 

Antiquarian, chiefly Foreign for Export 

* Seager, John, 197, East India Dock road, e. 1868 

m.utical and Engineering principally 
Seale, Edmund, 10, Imperial arcade, Ludgate circus, e.c. 1858 

Sport in all branches 
Seamark, E., 51, Church street. Stoke Newington, N. 

* Sel^^yn, Henry, 74, Brompton road, s.w. Girca 1876 

Illustrated and Bare 

* Siegle, A., 30, Lime street, e.c. 


* Skeffington & Son, 163, Piccadilly, w. 

Chiefly Theological 

* Smith, Alfred Russell, 24, Great Windmill street, w. 1897 

Ancient and Modem 
Smith, C, & Son, 63, Charing Cross, s.w. See advL 
Terrestrial and CelestiaJ Globes, Wall Maps, &c. 

* Smith, W. H., & Sons, 186, Strand, w.c. 

Books withdrawn from Library, &c. 
Smithers, L. C. , Royal arcade. Old Bond street, w. 
Solomons, A. S. , 18, Commercial street, £. 


London — continued. 

* Sotherau (Henry) & Co., 140, Strand, w.c. ; and 37, Piccadilly, w. 

Specialities : Natural History, Fine Arts, Learned Societies 
Est. 1816. Telegramt, " Bookmen, London " Unicode) 

* Speirs, James, i, Bloomsbury street, w.c. 1869 

Swedenborgian Literature 

* Spencer, E., 322, HoUoway road, N. 1856 

* Spencer, Walter T., 27, New Oxford street, w.c. 1884. See advt. 

First Editions of Modem Authors, and Books with Humorous Illustrations 

TeU>gram», " Phiz, London." 
Stark, G., 4, The Fagade, Stroud (ireen road, N. 
Stechert, G. E., 2, Star yard, Carey street, w.c. ; also at Paris, Leipsic, 

Exporter of Books and Periodicals and New York. 1884 

TtlegravM. *' Nymflex, London." 

* Stevens & Sons, Limited, 119 and 120, Chancery lane, w.c. 1810 

Law Books, New and Second-hand 

* Stevens, B. F., 4, Trafalgar square, Charing Cross, w.c. 

American Library and Literary Agent 

* Stevens (Henry), Son, & Stiles, 39, Gt. Russell st., w.c. See advt. 

Early and Rare Books relating to America. Telegramty " Mulier, London." 

* Stock, Elliot, 61 and 62, Paternoster row, E.c. See advt. 

Large Paper, Scarce, and Special Books. Exporter 

* Suckling & Co., 13, Garrick street, Covent Garden, w.c. 

Est. 1889. Fine Art and Miscellaneous 

* Sweet & Maxwell, Limited, 3, Chancery lane, w.c. 1799. See advt. 

Law Booksellers and Publishers, Legal Portraits, &c. 

Telegram*, " Subjicio, London." Telephone 1008, Holbom. 
Thacker, VV., & Co., 2, Creed lane, Ludgate hill, e.c. 

Exporters to India, &c. 
Thompson, Frank, 152, Wells street, Camberwell, s.E. 

Unbound Magazines, Reviews, &c. 
Thompson, Leonard, 34, Southampton street, Camberwell, s.E. 
Thurgate, R., & Sons, 18, Harrow road, s.E. 

* Tregaskis, J. & M. L., " Caxton Head," 232, High Holbom, w.c. 1879 

Early Printing, Choice Bindings, Manuscripts, and First Editions 
Telegramg, "Tregaskis, London." 
Truslove & Hanson, 143, Oxford street, and 6b, Sloane street, s.w. 

* TurnbuU, Edward, 66, New Oxford street, w.c. 1855 

Foreign and Miscellaneous 
Viewi^, F. G., 278, Westminster bridge road, s.E. 

Antiquities and Curios 
Walford Bros., 320, Strand, w.c. 

* Waller, John, " Harley House," 2, Artesian road, Westbourne grove, w. 
Warren, George, 51, Albert Embankment, s.E. 

* Washbourne, R., 18, Paternoster row, B.C. 1866 

Roman Catholic Books 
Waters, G. E. , 97, Westbourne grove, w 

* Watkins, Jolin Maurice, 26, Charing Cross, s.w. 1896 See advt. 

Oriental, Occult, and Philosophical 
Watson, William, 58, Southampton road, Maitland park, N.w. 

* .Wesley, William, & Son, 28, Essex street. Strand, w.c. 1855 

Natural History and Physical Science 

* Westell, James, 114, New Oxford street, w.c. 1841 

Theological and General 
Wheeler, Frederick, 32, Southampton row, w.c. 1893 

* Wheldon (John) & Co., 58, Great Queen street, w.c. See advt. 

Natural History, Qeneral Scientific, and Miscellaneous 
White, H., & Son, 16, Hanway street, w. 1832 
Ancient and Modern Music and Miscellaneous 

* Wohlleben, Th., 45, Great Russell street, w.c. 

Export and Foreign Bookseller 


London — continued, 

Wigg & Sod, 29, Ludgate hill, E.C.; also at Adelaide, N.S. W. 
Exporters to Australia 

* Wildy & Sons, Lincoln's Inn Archway, Carey street, w.c. See advt. 

Est. 1830. Law Bonks, Reports, dbc, of every description 
Telegram$^ *' Wildys, London." 

* Williams & Norgate, 14, Henrietta street, Covenl Garden, w.c; also 

Importers of Foreign Books at Edinburgh and Oxford 

* Willis, A., 17a, Churton street, s.w. 1890 
Willis, William, 59, Great Dover street, s.E. 
Wilson, James, 17, Pembridge road, w. 

Winter, George, 52, Charing Cross road, w.c. 1887 
Woolf , J. , 4, Hanway place, Oxford street, w. 

* Wright, William, 34, Cranbourn street, Leicester square, w.c. 

* Zaehnsdorf, J., 144 & 146, Shaftesbury avenue, w. 1840 

Extra Bound, High-class 

Long Eaton, Derbyshire. — Pop. 9,636. 
Bates, Mrs. Mary, Sawley road 
Pamham, William, 74, High street 

Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 2,509. 
Townson, Edgar, High street 

LoNGTON, Staffordshire. — Pop. 34,327 

Hughes & Harber, Market st. & Sutherland rd. (Circulating Library \ 

Loughborough, Leicestershire. — Pop. 18,1 66. 
Clarke, A. , & Son, 10, Baxter gate 
Shacklock, W. S., 3, Cattle market 
Topping & Sons, 1, Leicester road 
Wills, H., 4 and 5, Market place 

Louth, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 10,040. 

Burditt, Thomas H., 2, Mercer row 

Burton, A. H., & Co. Ltd., 74 and 76, Eastgate 

Goulding, John W., 20, Mercer row 

Parker, Charles, Market place 

Valters, H. T., 6, Corn market. 1884. Second-hand 

Veal, G., 91, Eastgate 

Williams J. A., 53, Eastgate 

Luton, Bedfordshire.— Vop. 30,006. 
Atkins, Alfred, 5, Cheapside 
Burditt, F. N., 47, Wellington street 
Dryerre, D. , 32, Park street 
Ellis, J. S., 7, Park street 
Horley, William, The Parade. 1888. Second-hand 

Local Topography (Books and Prints) and General 
Marshall, Ernest, 37, Manchester street 
Ottridge, Henry, 25, Chapel street 
Pearson, Thomas H., 35, George street 

Staddon, John, 12, Bute street. {GircvZatin^ Library) 

Stalker, William, 19, Wellington street 

Lutterworth, Leicestershire. — Pop. 1,800. 

Bottrill, Frederick William, The Library. 1802 
Rare, Scarce, Cruikshankiana, and Topography 

Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 2,365. 

Dunster, Frederick, Broad street. 1830. [Circulating Library) 

Turner, John S. , Broad street 


Lynk, Norfolh—Voi^, 18,360. 

Matsail & Targett, IQ, High street 
Pond, Thomas E. , Chisel street 
Taylor, William H., 108, High street 

Macclesfield, Cheshire. — ^Pop. 36,009. 

Brown, James H., & Son, 50, Mill street 

Brunt Bros., 90 and 92, Mill street 

Collins, Walter, 28, Park green 

Goodwin, George J., 3, Market place 

Hine, George, 42, Mill street 

Shatwell, John, 47 and 53, Sunderland street. New and Second-hand 

Maidenhead, Berkshire. — Pop. 10,607. 
Bumham, William, 81, High street 
Goldsmith, J. W., Queeen street 
Loosley, Kichard, 29, High street 
Marsh, Walter H., 55, High street 
Penn, William H., 47, King street 
Wellington, M. A. , Queen street 

Maidstone, Kent. — Pop. 32,145. 
Beeching, Albert E., Tovil 
Brown, Thomas B., 57, Week street 
Bunyard, Frederick, The Library, 29, Week street 

Clarke, W. E., 34, Week street 
Graham, George H., 13, Gabriel's hill 

Hickmott, Alfred, 37a, Week street. New and Second-hand 

Ruck, Walter, 11, High street. {Circulating Library) 

Tyson, R. G., & Co., 16, Mill street 
Young & Cooper, 127, Week street 

Malmesbuby, Wiltshire. — Pop. 2,964. 
Hanks, William, High street 
Jones & Son, High street 
Summers, Herbert F. , High street 

Manchester, Lancashire — Pop. (including Salford) 703,507. 
Ashworth, Thomas, 156 and 158, London road 

Battle, Farrel, Smithfield market. New and Second-hand 

Burge, Richard, 11, Princess street. Second-hand 

Chalmers, John, Wilmslow road, Withington 

* Chrystal, Robert S., 11, Market street New and Second-hand 
Clarkson & Griffiths, 162, Deansgate. 1898. ( Wholesale and Retail) 
Coleman, James, 5, Oxford st., C.-on-M. 1878. Second-hand 
CoUinson & Billinge, London road 

* Cornish, James E., 16, St. Ann's square. 1854. New and Second-hand 
Davis, Charles, & Son, 12a, London road. Second-hand 
Fargie, Thomas, 20, Cross street 

Gait, James, & Co., 2, Corporation street 

Hey wood, Abel, & Son, 56 and 58, Oldham st. ( Wholesale and Retail) 

Heywood, John, Deansgate and Ridgefield. ( Wholesale and Retail) 

* Howell, Edward, Exchange arcade. Nexo and Second-hand 
Hutchins, Alfred, Broad street, Pendleton 

LingI, E., & Co., 215, Deansgate. (Foreign) 

Manchester & District Scholastic Trading Co. Ltd. , Bridge street 
Meredith, Ray, & Littler, 49, King street. {Law) 


Manchester — continued. 

Miller, John H. , Great Jackson street 

Mitchell, Joseph, 30, Long Millgate. Second-hand 

* Mudie's Library, 10 and 12, Barton arcade, St. Ann's square 
Palmer, Howe, & Co., 73, 75, 77, Princess st. {English and Foreign) 
Powell, James H., 93, Corporation street 

* Pitcher, W. N., & Co., 49, Cross street. 1816. Second-hand 

Fine Art, and High-class General Literature 
Telegrams, '* Bookmen, Manchester." 

* Richardson, Charles, 5a, Albion street, Gaythorn. 1895. Second-hand 

* Bobinson, James, 24, Bridge street Second-hand. See advt. 


* Sherratt & Hughes, 27, St. Ann's street. New and Second-hand 
Smith, Samuel, 31, Brook street, C.-on-M. Second-hand 
Standfast, William, 30, Barlow moor road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy 

* Sutton Albert, 8, Deansgate. 1848. Second-hand. See advt. 

Miscellaneous sets of Magazines, and Journals of Learned Societies 
Wardleworth, Thomas R., 18, Brown street. New and Second-hand 
Whitmore, John, 13, Rusholme rd. , Ardwick green. 1874. Second-hand 

* Wilson, James, Stretford road (near Paulden's). 1886. Second-hand 

* Wilson, Thomas, 142, Oxford street, C.-on-M. 1840. Second-hand 

* Withers, Horace, 85, Bridge st. , and 207, Oxford st. Second-hand 

Art, Illustrated Books, Elngravings, and Bookplates 

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. — Pop. 18,000. 
Gouk, Ernest, 79, Leeming street 
Linney, William, Westgate 

March, Cambridgeshire. — Pop. 6,988. 
Hay lock, Edward C. , High street 
Noble, H. , High street 
Stott, David H. , Nene parade 

Margate, Kent. — Pop. 18,417. 

Bayly, Miss E. \V., 72, High street (CirciUaiing Library) 

Braden, John T., 16, High street (Circulating Library) 

Clarke, William J., 37, High street. {Circulating Library) 

Gahan, Stephen, 47, Northumberland road. {Circulating Library) 

Murdoch, Douglas M. , Clifton ville terrace. {Circulating Library) 
Robinson, Richard, 4, Queen street 

Ward, Frederick, Paradise street. {Circulating Library) 

Market Drayton, Shropshire. — Pop. 5,089. 

Bennion, Home, Smallman & Co. Ltd., High st. {Circulatiiig Library) 
Lockett, John, High street. {Circidating Library) 

Robbins, George H. , Shropshire street 

Market Harborough, Leicestershire. — Pop. 5,876. 

Dunkley,R. C, 12, Church square, & 3, Coventry street. {Circ. Libra/ry) 
Gray, C. , The Square 
Green, George, High street 
Wilkinson, A. E. , High street 

Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 2,497. 
Payne, Henry, 13, Queen street 
Watson, Thomas, 21 and 22, Market place 
Whittingham, T. H., "Mail" Office 

Marlborough, Wiltshire. — Pop. 3,012. 

Jarvis & Co., 100, High street. {Circulating Library) 

Lucy, Miss E., 132, High street 

Makple, Cheshire, — Pop. 4,844. 

Alsop, John W. {Gircvlating Library) 

Makyport, Cumberland. — Pop. 12,536. 
Adair, John, 76, High street 
Adair, Robert, 27 and 29, Senhouse street 
Beaty, Miss, 83, Crosby street 
Byers, William, 93, Senhouse street 
Jones, John, 106, Crosby street 

Matlock, Derbyshire. — Pop. 7,131. 

Barnard, Henry, Post Office, Matlock Bank. (CirciUa^ing Library) 
Else, Frederick, Matlock Bridge 

Hausmann, Albert, Matlock Bridge. {Circulating Library) 

Howe, Mrs. M. A., North parade, Matlock Bath. 

Melksham, Wiltshire. — Pop. 4,284. 
Jolliffe & Co., Bank street 

Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. — Pop. 7,200. 

Haigh, John, 6, King street. 1883. New and Second-hand 

Theological and General 
Towne, J., & Co., Market place. 1824 
Warner, John W., 2, South parade 

Merthyr Tydfil, Olamorganshire. — Pop. 58,080. 
Frost, B. R. S., 135, High street 
Lewis, John P., 46, High street 
Wilkins, Misses, 117, High street 

Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. — Pop. 90,000. 

Flemming, Joseph, Vegetable market. 1881. Second-hand 
Gallettie, Edmund J., 3, Garden street. 1883. Second-hand 

Local and Qeneral 
Main, Alexander, Wilson street 

North of England School Furnishing Co. Ltd. , Linthorpe road 
Ramsay, J. & M. , 32, Linthorpe road 

Stobbs, Robert, 5, Baxter street, Newport road. 1893. Second-hand 
Walker, Edward D., Railway station 
Woolston, Thomas, 22, Wilson street 

Middleton, Lancashire. — Pop. 22,162. 
Steeple, James, 3, Long street 
Verity, James, 18, Old Hall street 
Wilson, N., Market place 

Middle wicH, Cheshire.— Vo^. 1,283. 
Higginson, John, Wheelock street 
Jackson, (Luke) & Son, High town 

MiLDENHALL, /Stl/o/ifc. — Pop. 3,732. 

Burt, H. M., High street 
Simpson, S. R. , Mill street 

MiLFORD Haven, Pembrokeshire. — Pop. 4,070. 

Ormond, George P., 14, Charles street {Circulating Library) 

MiLLOM, Cumberland.— Vo^. 10,512. 
Atkinson, William, Market place 
Grafton, John, 36, Lapstone road 
Parrington, John, Holborn hill 
Skeate, Joseph H. , Wellington street 
Sprague, R., corner Wellington street and Lapstone road 



MiLNROW, Lancashire.— Vojp. 9,438. 
Schofield, Thomas, Bridge street 
Tattersall, William, Post Office, Dale street 

MiNEHEAD, Somersetshire. — Pop. 2,071. 

Cox, Samuel, Park street. {Circulating Library) 

Kiiniersley, George, Park street 

MiKFiELD, Yorkshire,— Vop. 16,841. 
Hardy, John, West end 

Swedenborglan Books 
Rogers, Thomas, Caxton buildings. {Circulating Library) 

Mold, Flintshire. — Pop. 11,656. 

Bellamy, Walter N., & Co. Limited, 15, High street 
Beresford & Co., Bon Marche 
Hughes, James, 10, New street 

Monmouth, Monmouthshire. — Pop. 5,470. 
Arment, John, 68, New street 
Jarrett, Edward P. , Agincourt square 
Waugh, Robert, & Son, Church street 

MoRECAMBE, Lancashire. — Pop. 6,476. 
Troughton & Son, 18, Crescent 

MoRLEY, Yorkshire. — Pop. 21,068. 

Marshall, Walter P. , Queen street 

Morpeth, Northumberland. — Pop. 5,219. 
Flint, George, 3, Bridge street 
James, John J., 8, Newgate street 
Mackay, J. & J. S., Bridge street 

MossLEY, Lancashire. — Pop. 14,162. 

Fielding, Joseph, 72, Stamford road 
Shaw, Miss Margaret, 44, Manchester road 

Mountain Ash, Glamorganshire. — Pop. 13,449. 
Grier, Mrs. K., 23, Oxford street 
Jenkins, Evan, Oxford house, Oxford street 

Nantwich, Cheshire.— Vop. 7,412. 

Carrington, Henry J., High street. {Circulating Library) 

Johnson & Son, Oat market 

Hill, A. , High street 

Knight, Daniel, 45, High street 

Rhodes, Edwin H., 17, High street 

Virgin, William H., 3, Hospital street 

Neath, Glamorganshire. — Pop. 11,113. 

Dennis, Samuel, 21, Queen street. New and Second-hoAfid 

HoUoway , Frederick W. , Windsor road 

Hopkins, Mrs. , New street 

Webb, Alfred, 52, Penydre. New and Second-hand 

Whittingham, Walter, Wind street 

Williams, Mrs. H., 21, Windsor road 

Nelson, Lancashire. — Pop. 22,700. 

Davies, Thomas, 86, Manchester road 
Tattersall, Lawrence, 67, Scotland road 
Watson, John, 8, Manchester road 


Newabk, Nottinghamshire. — Pop. 14,457. 

Johnson, William, 99, Balderton gate. Second-hand 

Linney, J. , k Sons, 49, Stodman street 
Neal, Miss L., Apple tonga te 
Perfect, Miss, 2, Market place 

* Ridl^e & Co., " Byron Liorary," Bridge street. See advt. 

Est. 150 years. Newark and locally-printed Books, Fine Art, and Miscellaneoas 
Stennett, Jesse, 14, Market place 
Tomlinson k Son, 13, Kirkgate 
Whiles, Samuel, 30, Stodman street 

Nbw Bbompton, ^671^. — Pop. 12,087. 

Ewell,, William A., 101, High street. New and Second-hand 

Palmer, William T. C, 54, High street 

Newbury, Berkshire. — Pop. 11,002. 
Cosbum, George J., Market place 

Harding, Hedley Thomas, 35, Bartholomew street. 1896. Second-hand 
Hawkins, Thomas, The Bridge Library. 1880. New and Second-hand 
Jarvis, Richard H. , 93, Bartholomew street. Second-hand 
Lewendon, William £., 58, Oxford street. 1879. Second-hand 

Telesframt, '* Lewendon, Newbury." 
Tufnail, James, Bartholomew street 

Nbwcastle-on-Tynb, Northumberland. — Pop. 186,300. 
Allan, William, Grainger street 

Barlow, Miss J. H. , 1^, Northumberland street. Second-hand 
Bible & Tract Depot, 35, Pilgrim street 

* Browne & Browne, 103, Grey street. 1884. Second-hand 

High-class, Rare, and Fine Art. Telegrams, " Browne, Newcastle-on-Tyne." 
Cail & Sons, 29 and 31, Quayside. {Nautical) 

Church Society Dep6t, 3, New Bridge street 

Cochrane, John, 291, Westgate road. New and Second-hand 

Dodds, Matthew S. , 61 and 63, Quayside 
Dodsworth, F. & W., 17, Collingwood street 
Franklin, William E., 42, Mosley street 

Frazer, David, 59 and 60, Book market. 1880. Second-hand 

English and Foreign, Critical Theology, Hebrew 
James, S. A., 44, William street. Second-hand 

* MaM'son, Swan, & Morgan, 24 — 32, Grey street. New and Second-hand 

Telegrame, *' Morgan, Newcastle-on-Tyne." 
Moran, W., 88, Newgate street 
Mordue, J., 92, Gallowgate 

North of England School Furnishing Co. Ltd. , 25, Grainger street west 
Porteus, R. J., & Co. Ltd., 19, Grainger st. west. ( Wholesale ds Retail) 
Robinson, William H. , 4, Nelson street, and the Book market. 1879. 

Progressive and Reform Literature New and Second-hand 

* Thome, Thonias, 40, Blackett street. 1886. See advt. 

High-class Miscellaneous, Early, and Rare 
Waugh, R., 135, Northumberland street 
Wilkinson, Ralph, 17 and 18, Book market. Second-hand 

Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. — Pop. 18,452 
Bagguley , George T. , 44, High street 
Bayley Bros. , Red Lion square 
Godwin, John, 18, Red Lion square 
Skerratt, Beriah J., Ironmarket 
Steventon, George, 4a, PenkhuU street 


Newchurch, Lancashire. — Pop, 26,217. 
Carey, Hargreaves, Waterfoot 
Emmett, Richard H., Water 
Lonsdale, Mark James, 17, Church street 

Newhaven, SiLSsex. — Pop. 4,522. 
Corbett, James S. , High street 

Newmarket, Cambridgeshire. — Pop. 6,213. 
Simpson, George, High street 
Tindall & Co., High street 

New Mills, Derbyshire. — Pop. 5,498. * 
Robinson, William T. , High street 
Walker, George, Market street 

Newport, Isle of Wight, — Pop. 10,216. 

AUee, C. Second-hand 

Gubbins, William T. , 43, High street 

Marshall, High street 

Upward, E. & H., 126, High street 

Newport, Monmouthshire. — Pop. 54,707. 
Bell, George, 63, Commercial street 
Christophers & Son, 15, Commercial street 
Dawson, A. W^., 76, Bridge street 
Jones, William, 159, Commercial street 

Joyce, Charles, 52, High street. {Circulating Library) 

Wadley & Son, 21, Commercial street 

Newport, Shropshire. — Pop. 2,675. 

Bennion, Home, Smallman & Co. Ltd., High street 
Westwood, Mrs. Mary, High street 

Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. — Pop. 3,788. 
Line, James, 10, St. John street 
Simpson & Son, 37, High street 

Newquay, Cornwall. — Pop. 2,000. 

Hartnoll Bros., Bank street. {Circulating Library) 

Marks, Mrs. Mary, Fore street. (Circulating Library) 

Waren, Frederick, Fore street {Circulating Library) 

Newton Abbot, Devonshire. — Pop. 8,525. 
Glossop, Edward, 2, Wolborough street 
Greenwood Henry, 37, Queen street 
Knott, John, & Son, 4, Bank street 
Wotton, Samuel, 22 and 24, Courtenay street 

Newtown, Montgomeryshire. — Pop. 4,038. 
Cooke, Frederick W., Bridge street 
Newell, Charles J., Market street 

Park & Son, The Cross. ( Wholesale and Retail) 

Phillips & Son, Broad street 

Norm ANTON, Yorkshire. — Pop. 10,234. 
Eames, Spencer P., West street 
Kingston, Charles J., 10, Market place 

Northallerton, Yorkshire. — Pop. 3,802. 
Prest, R. , Market place 
Smithson, William R. , Market place 
Vasey, James, Market place 




New and Second-hand 
New and Second-hand 


Northampton, Northamptonshire. — Pop. 61,012. 
Abel, & Sons, 9, The Parade 
Bates, John H., 37, Guildhall road. 

* BUlingham William, 38, Bridge street. 1853. 

Theological and General 
Brown, Henry, & Co., 18, Gold street 
Harris, Richard, k Son, 6, Bridge-street 
Mark, William, 27, The Drapery. 1730 

Subscription Library in connection with Mudie's 

* Mutton, Frederick, Derngate. 1878. 

Educational and General 

* Taylor & Son, 9, College street. 1800. 

Antiquarian, Topographical, and Miscellaneous 
Tyrrell, A. E., 8, Sheep st.; also at Wolverton, Bucks. {Girc, Library) 

North Shields, Northumberland. — Pop. 6,046. 
Allan, Ralph, 23, Saville street 

Henzell, Robert B. , 19 and 20, Stephenson st. {Nautical) 
Hudson, William, 23, Bull ring 
Moralee, William H., 40, Union street. 
Philipson, John, & Sons, 3, Tyne street 

North Walsham, Norfolk.— Pop. 3,612. 
Clements, Charles, Market place 
Loades, John, Church street 

North wiCH, Cheshire. — Pop. 14,914. 
Bateson & Co., 13, High street 
Burgess, Henry, High street 
Hall, Charles E., 56, High street 
Hobson, W. , & Son, Applemarket street 
Ledsham, James, 101, Chester road. 
Peterkin, Albert G., High street 

Norwich, Norfolk.— Vop. 110,970. 

* Cubitt & Sons, Tombland 

Books, Works of Art, Old China, Curios, Ac. 
Goose, A. H., Rampant Horse street 
Hallam, John W., 16, London street 

* Hunt, William, Orford hill. 1860. 

Antiquarian, Topographical, and General 

* Jarrold & Sons, London and Exchange streets ; also at London. 


New and Second-hand 

Antiquarian and General 
Nudd, Walter A., 2, Haymarket 
Rice, J. J. , Prince of Wales road 
Thompson, Stump Cross 
Tuck, Mrs. E., White Lion street 
Tuxford, Frederick, 1, Bridewell alley. 
Wells, H., Prince of Wales road 

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.— Vop. 213,877. 
Bell, James, & Son, Carlton street 
Benjamin, Leonard, Coalpit lane. 
Boots Limited, Pelham street 
* Bryan, George, 69, Burton street. 

Modem Poetry, First Editions of Eminent Authors, <&c. 
Cheetham, E., 5, Station street 

New and Second-hand 

1864. New and Second-hand 


Featherstone, T., 46, George street 
Gibson (Herbert) & Co., 17, Long row 
Meakin, James, Robin Hood street. 



Nottingham — continued. 

* Murray, Frank, Regent House, 11, Victoria street; also at Derby 
and Leicester. See advt. New and Second-hand 

High-class Miscellaneous, General, & Local Topography. 
Nengent, Charles R. , 16, Wheelergate. {English and Foreign) 

Sisson & Parker, 18, Albert street, and Wheeler gate 
Vice, J. & J. , 7, St. Petergate 
Wheatley, Charles, Old Queen street 
Walker, T. , Spaniel row 

Nuneaton, Warwickshire. — Pop. 11,580. 
Cawthome, William, Market place 
Jones, Francis R., 2 Abbey street. {Circulating Library) 

Oakham, Rutlandshire. — 2,396. 
Barlow, Mrs. E. , High street 
Matkin, Charles, High street 

Old Bbompton, Kent. — Pop. 6,205. 
Jenner, M. A. , 4, High street 
Pearce, Miss E., 41, High street 
Woolley & Co., 51, High street 

Oldbdry, W<yrcestershire. — Pop. 20,343. 
Kimberley, J., 14, Church street 

Mitchell & Co. , 39, Birmingham street 

Oldham, Lancashire. — Pop. 131,463. 

Bardsley , Daniel W. , 43, Yorkshire street 

Bentley, John, 10, Sandy lane, Royton 

Clegg, W. E., 30, Market place 

Mills, William, 87, Union street 

Owen, John, & Son, 148, Manchester street 

Pickup, J. & J., Victoria market 

Pollitt, John, Market street, Shaw 

Rushton, A. , 10, Market avenue. Second-hand 

Olney, Buckinghamshire. — Pop. 2,399. 
Knight, William 1., Market place 
Ratcliff, Oliver, High street south 

Obmskirk, Lancashire. — Pop. 6,298. 
Draper, Peter, 12, Burscough street 
Poole, Edwin A., 21, Moor street 
Woods, John, 6, Moor street 

OSSBTT, Yorkshire.— Vo^. 10,984. 
Clesff & Co. , Market street 
CocKDurn, Stephen, & Son, Station road 

OswALDTWiSTLE, Lancashire. — Pop. 13,296. 
Hindle, W\ H., 146, Union road 
Pearson, James, 324a, Union road 
Starkie, Mark, 307* Union road 

Oswestry, Shropshire. — Pop. 8,496. 

Bayley , Charles G. , 13, Church street 

Jones, Edward, Oswald road. Second-hand 

Owen, Thomas, The Library 

Woodall, Minshall, k Co., The Cross 



Otlby, Yorkshire, — Pop. 7,838. 
Mounsey, Henry, 13, Kirkgate 
Walker, William, & Sons, Kirkgate 

OuNDLB, Nortka/mpton$hire — Pop. 2,680. 
King, Alfred, & Son, New street 
Markham, Mrs. C, Marketplace 

Oxford, Oxfordshire.— Vop. about 62,000. 
Alden & Co. , Ltd. , 35, Cornmarket street 

* Blackwell, B. H., 60, Broad St. 1879. See advt. New ds Second-hand 

Classical, High-class Educational, and General 

* (George's (William) Sons (of Bristol), 104, High street. See advt. 

General Literature. 2^ew and Second-hand 

Harvey, Harry, 21 and 22, Broad street. New and Second-hand 

Hill, Robert, 21 and 23, Woodstock road 
Mowbray & Co., 106, St. Aldate's street 
Oxford Educational Supply Co. , 8, Queen street 

* Parker, James, & Co., 27, Broad st. See advt. New and Second-hand 

English and Foreign, Classical, Theological, and Miscellaneous 
Tpfegrams, **Nicene, Oxford." 

* Shrimpton & Son, 23 and 24, Broad street. New and Second-hand 

(Established over 100 years) 

* Slatter & Rose, 2 and 3, High street. 1786. New and Second-hand 

Classical and General 
Thornton, James, 33, High street. New and Second-hand 

* Thornton, Joseph, & Son, 11, Broad st. 1835. New and Second-hand 

Greek and Latin Classics, Theological, Educational, and General 
Tyrrell, George, 34, Little Clarendon st. 1880. Second-hand 
Wheeler, William Henry, 106, High street. 1830 

Classical, Mathematical, and General 
Williams & Norgate, 7, Broad street. {Foreign) 

Padiham, Lancashire. — Pop. 11,311. 
Rushton, James, 43, Burnley road 
Smedley, Thomas, 20, Burnley road 

Paignton, Devonshire. — Pop. 6,783. 

Lnscombe, Henry P., 16, Palace avenue. {Circulating Library) 

Morton, William, Torbay road. (Circulating Library) 

Watt, John Francis, 16, Victoria street. {Circulating Library) 

Patricroft, Lancashire. — Pop. 12,902. 

Ditchfield, Miss M. A. W., Liverpool road 

Pebl, Isle of Man. — Pop. 4,360. 
Palmer, W. K., Michael street 

Pembroke, Pembrokeshire. — Pop. 14,978. 
Powell, Benjamin, Main street 
Treweeks, Richard H. , Main street 

Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire. — Pop. 10,481. 
Button, Miss, Queen street 
Morgan, Mrs. Mary, Pembroke street 
Smith, William, 19, Meyrick street 
Wrights, Messrs., 48, Dimond street 

Pbnarth, Glamorganshire. — Pop. 9,632. 
Hart, C. & L., 96, Glebe street 
Pasley, S. , 106, Glebe street 
Scantlebury , J. R. , & Co. , 39, Windsor road 



Pbnistonb, Yorkshire. — Pop. 2,553. 

Wood, James Henry, Market place 

Penmaenmawr, Carnarvonshire. — Pop. 2,744. 
Jones, E. Owen 
Thomas, William O. 

Pbnrhyn, Merionethshire. — Pop. 2,260. 
Edwards, William J. 
. Hughes, Robert 

Owen, John Cadwalader 

Penrith, Cumberland. — Pop. 8,981. 
Furness, William, 3, Middlegate 
Reed, George, 46, King street 
Scott, Robert, 5, Devonshire street 
Sweeten, Benjamin T., Market square 
Sweeten, John A. , 3, Devonshire street. 

Penryn, Cornwall. — Pop. 3,25i5. 

Gill & Son, Lower Market street 

Penzance, Cornwall.— Vo^. 12,432. 
Clark, J. B., 6, Market place 
George, Miss A. , 30, Clarence street. 
Harvey, Miss J. V. , 25, Clarence street. 
Pollard, Joseph, 112a and 112b, Market Jew st. 

Standard New and Second-hand 
Saundry , W. J. , Chapel street 

Pershorb, Worcestershire.— Voi^. 3,412. 
Hall, Thomas, High street 
Smith, George, Bridge street 

Peterborough, Northamptonshire. — Pop. 25,171. 
Barron, D. M. , Bridge foot 
Brown, Thomas G. , Queen street. 
Caster, George C. , Market place 
Edwards, Charles, 5, Longcauseway 
Martin, George H., 13, Narrow Bridge street 
Pentney, William H., 9, Narrow Bridge street 
Sargeant, James W. , 29, Narrow Bridge street 
Stott, David W., Longcauseway 
Taylor & Downs, 28, Westgate 

Petersfield, Hampshire. — Pop. 2,002. 
Cole, L. A. B., High street 
Richardson, Joseph, High street 

Pickering, Yorkshire, — Pop. 3,676. 
Boak & Sons, Birdgate 
Hodgson, John, Market place. 

Plumstead, Kent. — Pop. 52,436. 

Barker, G. B. & H. , 66, Herbert road 
Smith, John, 148, Plumstead road 

Plymouth, Devonshire. — Pop. 84,248. 

* Attwood, J. S. , 24, Westwell street. 
Bazley & Co. , 52, Bedford street 

* Birmingham, Wm. , 9, Whimple street. 1830. 
Bowering & Co., 20, George street. 

[Circulating Library) 

{Circvlating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 

(Circvlating Library) 

{Circvlaling Library) 


{Circulating Library) 


New and Second-hand 
{Circvlaling Library) 





{Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 

Plymouth — continued. 

Cann, Mark, 20, Tavistock place. 1867. 

Chappie, Edwin, 18, George street 

Cockle, F., & Co., Market arcade, and 110, Union street 

Doidge & Co., 169 and 170, Union street 

Firks, G., & Son, Old Town street. 

Luke, William H., 8, Bedford street 

Mabin, Frank, 10, Union street 

Moore, William, 75, Union street, Stonehouse 

Nancarrow, William, Townsend hill, Mutley. 

Paul, Louis F. , 88, Union street, Stonehouse 

Sellick, George H., 51, Bedford street 

Underhill, Frank, 74, Old Town street 

Westcott, Walter F., 14, Frankfort street 

PoNTEFRACT, . Jorfo^tVe. — Pop. 9,702. 

Atkinson, James, & Son, Market place 
Holmes, Oswald, Market place 
Marshall, Frederick W., Bridge street 

PoNTYPooL, MonmoutJuhire. — Pop. 22,653. 
Edwards & Co., George street 
Powell, Thomas, Osborne road 

Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. — Pop. 12,095. 
Evans, John, 24, Arcade 
Key, William H., Taff street 
Rees, W. v., & Co., High street 

Poole, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 15,438. 
Hunt, William H., High street 
Woodford, Charles J., 71, High street 

Portland, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 9,443. 
Read, William J., Fortune's Well 
Sausom, Edward C, Fortune's Well 
Wallis, William T., Straits. {Circulating Library) 

Pobtmadoc, Carnarvonshire. — Pop. 5,224. 
Humphreys, Richard G. , High street 
Jones, William O. , Hish street 
Lloyd k Son, 125, High street 

Portsmouth, Hampshire. — Pop. 159,251. 
Caine & Co. , Waverley road 
Charpentier & Co. , 46, High street 
Cole, John, 116, Queen street, Portsea 
Coles, William H., 186, Queen street, Portsea 
Friedeberg, T., 18, Commercial rd, likndport. 
Griffin, J., & Co., 2, The Hard 
HoUis & Mossop, 71, Palmerston rd., Southsea. 
Horsey & Son, 151, Queen street 
Lewis, Henry, 151, High street 

Long, Herman G. , 26, Marmion rd. ,' Southsea. New and Second-hand 

Military Books and Priiits 
* Long, William H., 120, High street. 1876. 

Naval Books, Engravinf^s, and Portraits ; High-class 
Smith k Scale, 71, King's road, Southsea 
Steel, C. ^ E., 21, Marmion road, Southsea 



{Circulating Library) 

New and Second-hand 


Portsmouth — continued. 

Stride, Walter E., The Strand 

* Trayte, George, 173, Queea street, Portsea. 1880. Second-hand 
Watts & Co., 23, Marmion road, Southsea 

Prkscot, Lancashire. — Pop. 5,839. 

Culshaw & Co., 25, Eccleston street 
Halsall, William, & Son, 12, Church street 
Johnson, Brown, & Culshaws, 5, Market place 
Quick, William H., 34, Eccleston street 

Preston, Lancashire.— Vov. 107,573. 

* Arkwright, John, 28, Lune street. 1873. Second-hand 
Barrett & Parkinson, 31, Church street 

Briegs & Son, 80, Church street 

Buller, E., & Son, 42, Fishergate. [Catholic) 

Cartmell, Henry, 22, Church street 

* Halewood, Alfred, 37, Friargate. New and Second-hand 
Halewood, Harold, 141, Church street 

Pilkington, William, 101, Friargate 

Piatt, J. & H., 36, Fishergate 

Preston Educational Depdt, Guildhall street. ( Wholesale and Retail) 

* Robinson, Henry, 46, Fishergate. 1860. New and Second-hand 

PuDSEY, Yorkshire. — Pop. 17,037. 

Emsley, Matthews, Manor House street 
Ramsden, Samuel, 34, Chapeltown 

Pwllheli, Camarvo'nshire. — Pop. 3,231. 
Humphreys, Owen, 47, High street 
Jones, Richard, 74, High street 
Roberts, Robert, 63, High street 

Queensburt, Yorkshire. — Pop. 6,740. 
Feather, James, High street 
Feather, John, High street 

Radcliffe, Lancashire. — Pop. 24,021. 

Hayhurst, Thomas H., Blackburn street 
Smethurst, John, 34, Stand lane 

Ramsbottom, Lancashire. — Pop. 17,500. 

Aspinall, Frederick K. , 46, Bolton street 
Holden, Thomas, 16, Bridge street 

Ramsey, Huntingdonshire. — Pop. 4,684. 
Davis, Christopher, High street 
Howe, Oliver G. , High street 
Palmer & Son, High street 

Ramsey, Isle of Man. — Pop. 4,025. 

Heyes, C. B., "Courier" Office, Parliament street 
Strickett, Miss, Parliament street 

Ramsgate, JSTcw*.— Pop. 24,733. 

Bliuko & Son, 27, Queen street. {Circulating Library) 

Brooks, Alfred, 47, High street. (Circulating Library) 

Cottew, George, 39, High street. {CircuJating Library) 

Fuller, Samuel, 29, Queen street. {Circulating Library) 

Hawkins, Charles, 31, Addington street. {Circulating Library) 

Hills, William H., 42, King street. Second-hand 



Eamsgate — continued. 

Philpott, Richard W., 81, High street 
Willett, Charles H. , 5, Harbour street 
Wilson, Samuel R., 36, Harbour street. {Circvlating Library) 

Rawtenstall, Lancashire. — Pop. 2^,607. 

Fairbourns, E. H., 9, Bank street. {Circulating Library) 

Holt, Joseph, Ormerod street 

King, F. H., 29, Bank street 

Mould, Edward J., 70, Bank street. (GircvlcUing Library) 

Pinnington, Richard T., 12, Bank street 

Reading, Berkshire.— Vo^. 60,054. 
Blackwell & Plumb, Market place 
Bragg, James, 105 and 106, Broad street 
Eustace, George, 6 and 7, Union street ; also 2, Market hall. 1880 

Antiques, Engravings, Folk-lore, Odd Magazines, &c. 

Tel^ramgf *' Eustace, Reading." 
Farrer & Sons, 39, Broad street 

Golder, James, 48, Market place. [Scholastic) 

Golding, F. , Minster street 

* Lovejoy's Library, 37 and 39, London st. 1832. New and Second-hand 
Newman, R., 90, Broad street 

* Poynder, George A. , 23, Cross street. Second-hand 
Rawlings, A. , The Arcade 

* Smith, William, 109 and 111, London st. 1874. New and Second-hand 
Thorp, Thomas, 22, King street. 1860 

Turner, Brothers, 26 and 28, Cross street 

Redcab, Yorkshire. — Pop., with Coatham, 7,500. 
Brown, Thomas, 58, High street 
Coverdale, Alexander, Central hall, Coatham 
Hood, George, 30, High street 
Walker, Edward D., Railway station 

RsDDiTOH^ Worcestershire. — Pop. 8,266 
Hodges, Edward A. , Evesham street 
Lane, William, Prospect hill 

Rbdhill, Surrey. — Pop. 13,789. 

Handscomb & Tipping, Station road 
Jennings, S. C, 27, High street 
Leach, Thomas L. , Linkfield corner, Station road 
Pearce, Thomas K., 21, Station road 

Redbuth, GomwaU. — Pop. 10,324. 

Dungey, Mrs. E. R., Fenryn street 
Tayler, Richard, 14, Fore street 
Tregaskis, Mrs. F. , 70, Fore street 

Reioatb, Surrey. — Pop. 22,646. 

Allingham, William, Market place 
Bishop, Charles H. , 30, High street 
Whitmore, William, 22, Bell street 

Retford, Nottinghamshire. — Pop. 10,603. 
Hodson, Francis W. , 8, Market square 
Holoran, H., 11, Market square 
* Smith, John Martin, 34, Carolgate. 1870 

Rhtl, Flinlehire.— Fop. 6,527. 

Amoa Brothers, 13, Saiaex street. 

Bibby, J., S, High street 

Guthrie, Miss M. B., 29, High street. 

Sandoe, A. ft H,, 25, Bodfor street 

Trehearn, David, 61, High street. 
Richmond, Sarrey. — Pop. 22,884. 

Doddft Son, 21, Hill rise 

Gregory, Henry, 38, Hill rise. 1871. 

Hammoad, R. J., 15, Hill street 

• Hiscoke & Son, 22, Hill street. 1S51. 

Firat Bditioos and MiscelluteouB 
Jarvis, John H. , 29, Hill street. 
Lewis & HopliiuB, 72, George street 
McTier, Albert 8., 20, The Quadrant 
Tucker, John. 7, The Quadrant 

• Ward, William, 2, Church terrace. 1875 

Fine Art, niiuti&led, and Prints 
BiOHMOND, Yorkahire. — Pop. 4,216. 

Bell, John, Market place 

Cookes, Charles E., High row 

Spencer, Thomas, Market place 
RiNOWOOD, Hampshire. — Pop.. 4,028. 

Brown, Charles, High street 
BiPLBT, BerftysAire.— Pop. 8,774. 

Brittain. George C, Church street 

Rowland, G. 

Warriner, James, High street 
BiPON, Tcrrkthire.— Pop. 7,511. 

HarrisoQ, William, 4, Market place 

Hill, Samuel S., 26, Market place 

Parker, George, Kirknite House 

Thirlwa; ft Son, 32, Market phwe 
Bippohdb:!, Yorkshire. — Pop. 4,309. 

Broadbent, W. H. 

Mellor, Joseph 
Rochdale, Lancashire, — Pop. 71,401. 

Champness, Thomas, 31, Milnrow road 

• Olegg, James, " The Aldine Press." See adv( 

Eat. 1S57. Antiquarian, Topwnpbical, and Miice 
Office of " The InteraatlonaJBooksellen' Director} 
Coupe, T., 14, Drake street 
Hargreavea, John, 34, John street. 
Howe, William, 9, Lord street. 
Kay, Daniel, The Market. 
Pearae, Harvey, 95, Yorkshire street 
Pearson, Alexander, 2, Orove street 
Wrigley, E., ft Sou, Limited, 13, Yorkahire w 
BooHiOTBB, ffetK.— Pop. 28,290. 
Francis, Alfred, 10, High street 
Goldwin, John H., 31, High street. 
Mackay A: Co., 86, High street 
Oldroyd, Thomas, 100, High street 

Rochester — continued, 

Tagwell, Thomas, 258, High street Second-hand 

Wildish, William T., 77 and 312, High street 

Romford, Essex. — Pop. 10,722. 

CoUer, Fred J., High street. (Circvlating Library) 

Wilson & Whitworth Limited, High street 

RoMSEY, Hampshire. — Pop. 4,276. 
Bedford, Benjamin, The Hundred 
Chignell, Miss Mary, Market place 

* Sillence, Edward, Church street. 1885. Second-hand 

Theological and General 

Ross, Herefordshire. — Pop. 3,575. 
Bussell, Henry 6., Broad street 
Counsell, John A. J. , Market place 
Powle, Richard, Market place. {Circulating Library) 

RoTHERHAM, Yorkshire. — Pop. 42,061. 
Boulton, John H. , High street 
Houghton, Henry, 3, Bridgegate 
Little, 33, High street 
Ratcliffe, Charles M., 11, Church street 
Taylor, William, 2, Bridge street, Masbro' 

RoYSTON, Hertfordshire.— Voy. 1,701. 
Warren Brothers, High street 

Rugby, Warwickshire. — Pop. 11,262. 
Hopewell, James, 1, Albert street 

* Lawrence, Alfred J., Market place. 1834. Also The Cross, Repton. 

General Scholastic and Miscellaneous 2^ew and iSecond-hand 

Telegrams^ "Lawrence, Rugby." 

* Over, G. E., "The Rugby Press," 15, High st. 1882. New <b Second-hand 
Pepperday , John H. , 24, High street 

RuGELEY, Staffordshire. — Pop. 6,942. 
Pascoe, Henry J., Brook square 
Wood, Frederick,;Market place 

Runcorn, Cheshire. — Pop, 20,050. 
Bellamy, George, 63, High street 
Booth, Thomas, 55, Bridge street 
Hayes, George, 38, Bridge street 
Mack, W. H. , Savage's bridge 
Moore, Richard, Church street 

RusHDEN, Northamptonshire. — Pop. 7,443. 
Anthony, R. J. (late Knowles & Anthony) 
Hewitt, Charles, High street 
Northampton Printing & Publishing Company Limited, High street 

Ruthin, Denbighshire. — Pop. 2,760. 

Aldrich, Charles, Upper Clwyd street 

Jones, Lewis, St. Peter's square 

Williams, William, 6, Well street. New and Second-hand 

Welsh Books a specialty 

Ryde, Isle of Wight.— Vo]p. 10,952. 
Mason, James, 7) Cross street 
Mellish, F. P., 43, High street 

. I 



Rtde — continued. 

Ticehurst, Henry A., 38, Simeon street 
Watt, William, 29, Union street 
Watts, Frederick, 35, Pier street. 

Rye, Smsex.—Foy. 3,871. 

Adams, Joseph, 7, High street 
Deacon, Jesse Louis, 26, High street 

Saffron Walden, Essex, — Pop. 6,104. 
Guy, William E. , Cross street , 
Hart & Son, King street 
Thompson, Walter, Market square. 

St. Albans, Hertfordshire. — Pop. 12,898. 
Berry, Henry C. , 15, High street 
Brown, Henry E., 28, Holywell hill 
Crowhurst, Edgar, Spencer street. 1876. 
Gibbs & Bamforth, 22, Market place 

St. Anne's-ou-Sea, Lancashire. — Pop. 3,600. 
Leach, Isaac E., St. Anne's road west. 

St. Austell, ComwcUl. — Pop. 11,377. 
Giles, Mrs. E., West End 
Julyan, Benjamin, Church street 
Luke, William B. , 12, Fore street 
Lyon, William, Fore street 
Warne, John, Globe Office. 

St. Helens, Lancashire. — Pop. 84,730. 
Dromgoole Brothers, Hardshaw street 
Hodgson, Frederic, Old Market place 
Marsh, George, 5, Hardshaw street 

St. Heliers, Jersey. — Pop. of Jersey, 54,518. 
Filleul, Halkett place 
Kiernan, King street 

Labey & Blampied, The Beresford Library 
Parcq, C. P. au, Halkett place 
Payn, Misses, King street 
Rowe, F. & A. , Queen street 

St. Ives, Huntingdonshire. — Pop. 3,005. 
Clarke, John G., Broadway 
Hankin, J. G., & Son, Pavement 
Parker, Henry (5., Bridge street 

St. Leon ards-on -Sea, Sussex. — Pop. 10,283. 
Brock hill, Harry, 34, King's road 
Jarvis & Seal, 72, Norman road 
King, C. , 48, King's road. 
Pinson, William, 24, Silchester road. 1880. 
Sanders, Frank, Grand parade. 
Whittaker, Charles T., Parade, Marina. 

St. Neots, Huntingdonshire. — Pop. 2,962. 
Keeling, Richard R. , High street 
* Tomson, David Richard, Cromwell Book Stores. 
Telegramt, " Tomson, St. Neots." 

(CirctUating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 


{Circulating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 

{CirctUating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 
{Circidaiing Library) 

1860. Second-hand 



St. Nbotts — continued, 

Tomson, Percy C. , Market sqnare 
Waycroft, 6, Cambridce street 
Wells, Zachariah, High street 

St. Peter-port, Guernsey. — Pop. of Gnernsey 35,339. 

{College Booksellers) 


( Wholesale and Retail) 

Banks, T. B., & Ck)., High street 
Clarke, F. , States Arcade 
Guerin, F. B. , High street 
Le Cheminant, Miss, Smith street 
Luff, W. A., Bordage street. 1879 
Royle, T. C., Arcade 
Summers, W. , Pollet street 
Tozer, Pollet street 
Wright, S. J., 1, Haute viHe 

Sale, Cheshire.— Voi^. 9,644. 

Birkenhead, Albert, Washway road 
Wilson & Co., 31, School road 

Salisbury, Wiltshire.— Voja. 15,533. 
Aubrey, Reuben, 12, Queen street 

* Brown & Co., Canal. New and Second-hand. {Circulating Library) 

Miscellaneoas and Wiltshire Topography 
Charlton, James, 10, High street 
Edwards, Robert, 4, Castle street. 
Gale, J., & Co., 14, Queen street 
Jeffries, Henry, 8, Castle street 
Mabbett, Charles, 17, Catherine street 
Neesham, Henry, 40, High street 
Roe, Edward J., 1, Queen street 

* Simmonds, N., 25, Catherine street. 1881. 

Standard, Wiltshire Topography, and Miscellaneous 
Trite William, Crane street 
Trite, William Henry, Jun., 58, High street. 

Saltash, Cornwall. — Pop. 2,745. 

Paine, Alfred, E. V., 100, Fore street 

Saltburn-by-thb-Sea, Yorkshire. — Pop. 2,500. 
Hamilton, Harry, Milton street 
Rapp, W. , & Sons, Dundas street 

Sandbagh, Cheshire. — Pop. 5,824. 
Harper, William J. , High street 
Tomlinsou, Richard A. , High street 

Sandgate, Kent. — Pop. 2,251. 

Rigg, Miss E. , West Sandgate. 

Stace, R., & Son, 17 and 19, High street 

Wilson, William, 98, High street. 

Sandown, Isle of Wight.— Fo]p. 4,576. 
Colenutt, Arthur W., High street 
Martin, William Beavan, 2, High street. 
Taylor & Mearman, 5 and 7, High street. 

Sandwich, Kent. — Pop. 2,796. 
Baker, Charles, Market street 
Griffin, George, New street 

Neto and Second-hand 

{CirctUating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 

{Circulaiing Library) 
{Circulating Library) 


SoABBOBonoH, Yorkshire.— Poy. 33,776. 

* Dalton, George W., 69, Newborough. New and Second-hand 
Denham, Robert, 13, Westborough. 1875. New and Second-hand 

Educational and Miscellaneous. Telegrams^ "Denham, Scarbro'." 
Dennis & Hollo way, 82, Newborough. (Circulating Library) 

Ellerbeck, Joseph W., 31, Nicholas street. {CirctUating Library) 

Hargreaves, J. A., 40, Kamshill road. [Circulating Library) 

Harrison, Albert L., 13, Eastborough Second-hand 

Marshall, George R. , & Son, 14, St. Nicholas street 
Maude, John, 28, North street. 1867. Second-hand 

Local, Topographical, and General 
Smith, Henry T., 109, Westborough 

Walsham, Joseph, 90, Castle road. {Circulating Library) 

Wrigley, John, 14, New Parks crescent, Falsgrave. 1852. Second-hand 

* Yule, John, 67, St. John's road, Falsgrave. 1860. Second-hand 

Seacombe, Cheshire. — Pop. 14,839. 

Hales, Samuel, 46, Victoria road. New and Second-hand 

Seaham Habboub, Durham. — Pop. 9,044. 
Richards, Stephen, 3, North terrace 
Young, William J. , Caxton buildings 

Sbdbeboh, Yorkshire.— Fo^. 2,374. 
Jackson & Son, Main street 

Selby, Yorkshire, — Pop. 6,022. 
Bellerby & Son, Crescent 
Glew, William, 3, Finkle street 
Spencer, W. H., 5, Finkle street 

Settle, Yorkshire. — Pop. 2,253. 

Craven Printing & Stationery Company Limited, New street 

Homer, George, Church street. 1880. New and Second-hand 

Lambert, J. W. , Market place 

Sevenoaks, Kent. — Pop. 9,341. 
Hills, Alfred, 60, High street 
Philpot, Richard N. , 75, High street 
Relf, Jesse, 21 and 23, London road 
Salmon, Joseph, 85, High street 

Shaftesbuby, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 2,122. 
Atkinson, William J., 42, High street 
Pinney, Thomas, 11, High street 

Shanklin, Isle of Wight.— Fo^. 2,361. 

Johnson, Miss F. M., High street {Circulating Library) 

Martin, W. H., High street. {CirciUating Library) 

Rayner, Frank, High street 

Sheebness, Kent. — Pop. 14,492. 

Cole, Samuel, 31, High street, Mile town 

Pledge, James, 48, High street. Mile town 

Rigg, Mrs. C, 7, Hiqh street. Blue town, and High street, Mile town 

Sheffield, YorkMre.-Fo^p. 324,243. 

Allison, Edward T., 149 and 151, Ecclesall road 

Bain, J. Arthur, 50, Church street 

Cadman, Mazzini, 108, Barker pool. 1887. Second-hand 

* Challenger, William, 204, Brookhill. Second-hand 


I SfrEFFTELD— continued. 

EatoD, Benjamin B. , 8 and 10, London road 

* Hitchman, John, & Co., 128, Barker pool. Second-hand 
Antiquarian, Spordng, and Miscellaneous 

Loxley Brothers, 68, Fargate 

Pawson & Brailsford, 1, High street 

Rodgera & Pilkington, 26, Norfolk Market hall 

Slater, George, 54, Snig hill 

Snaith, George C. , 124, Barker pool 

Stanley, Arthur, & Son, 107, Meadow street. Second-hand 

Speciadty : Malthusian Literature 
Tallent, William B., 114 and 116, Broomhall street 
Toplis, William M., Pinstone street 
Walker, William, 96, Pinstone street. (Scholastic) 

* Warde, Thomas, Norfolk Book Shop, 46, Norfolk Market 1860. 
Entirely Second-hand, English and Foreign Second-hand 
Telegrams, " Warde, Sheffield." 

Weston, Edward, 4 and 6, Change alley 
Widdison, Thomas, 21, Fargate 

Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire. — Pop. 5,500. 
Byrt, A., & Son, 47, High street 
Day, John H. , & Sons, High street. 

Sherborne, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 5,690. 
Bennett, Frederick, Parade 
McGann, J. M., Cheap street 

Shipnal, Shropshire. — Pop. 6,516. 

Bennion, Home, Smallman, & Company Limited, Market place 
Hall, Daniel, Market place 

Shildon, Durham. — Pop. 7,870. 

Archbold, William, 9, Association street 
Richardson, James, 37, Church street 
Walker, Arthur, Church street 

Shipley, Yorkshire. — Pop. 16,043. 

AUsop, Benjamin, Commercial street 
Parker, John E. , 4, Victoria road, Saltaire 
Senior, John, 23, Westgate 
Walker, Joseph, 66, Otley road 

Shrewsbury, Shropshire. — Pop. 26,967. 
Adnitt & Naunton, The Square 

* Bennett, John, 12a, Castle street. Second-hand 
Napier, William G. , 2, Mardol 
Walker, William B., 25, High street 
Warner & Hitchin, 2, Castle street 
Wilding, Longworth, 33, Castle street 

SiDMOUTH, Devonshire. — Pop. 3,758. 
Culverwell, E., & Sons, Fore street 
Day Brothers, High street 
Lethaby, Mrs. E., Market place 

SiTTTNOBOURNE, Kent.—Vop. 8,302. 
Ash, Thomas, 115, High street 
luchcomb, James C. , 6, Ekst street 
Parrett, William J., 17 and 19, High street 
Shrubsall, Alfred, 24, High street 


Skipton, Yorkshire.— Top. 10,376. 

Edmondson & Co. , 24, High street 

Hargraves, Edmund, 10, Sheep street 

Jeffrey & Company, Keighley road 

Skipton Stationery Company Limited, 38, High street 

Swire, T. H. , Swadford street 

Sleaford, Lincoliishire. — Pop. 4,112. 

Fawcett, Thomas, South gate. 1888. Second-hand 

Morton, William K., Market place 
Walsh, William, 10, South gate 

Slough, Buchinghamshire. — Pop. 7,700. 

Campkin, F. W., William street. Second-hand 

Herbert, Edward, High street 
Luff, Charles, High street 

SoHAM, Cambridgeshire. — Pop. 4,138. 
Hart, W^illiam, Churchgate street 
Jackson, John, Churchgate street 

Southampton, Hampshire. — Pop. 65,325. 
Adams, John, 49, Oxford street 
Batt, R. C, 178, High street 
Burbridge, 6, Portland street 

* Gilbert, Henry March, & Sons, 26, Above bar. 1860. Second-hand 

Naval, Topography of Southern Counties, and General 

* James (Thomas) & Co., 42, Bernard street. 1849. Second-hand 

SouTHBOROUGH, Kent. — Pop. 5,474. 
Fielder, Richard, The Parade 

Southend-on-Sea, Essex. — Pop. 20,431. 
Armstrong, John J., High street 
Comber, Walter, 76, High street 
Cumine, F. J., 54, High street 
Dowsett, W. B. , 25, High street 
Francis & Sons, 55, High street 
Pocklington, Misses, 3, Nelson terrace 

SouTHPORT, Lancashire. — Pop., with Birkdale, 60,000. 

Brimelow, Richard, 1, Cambridge arcade {Circulating Library) 

Dent, Mrs. F. J. , 5, Nevill street 

Drury, Charles F., 16, Chapel street {Circulating Library) 

Halliwell, H. , 32, London street 

Holmes, Samuel, 90, Market hall 

Hudson & Co., 133, Lord street. {Circulating Library) 

Wardleworth, William, 56 and 58, Nevill street, and 67, Lord street 

Woodall, Charles, 15, Nevill street 

South Shields, Durham.— Fov. 78,391. 

Ainsley, Thomas L. , Mill dam. {Nautical) 

Beadnell, Thomas F. , Wapping street. Second-hand 

Boynton, William F., 21, Hudson street, Tyne dock 
Clark, John, 1, St. Hilda's lane 
Everatt, Alfred, 62, Mile End road 
Lackland, Joseph R., 7, King street 
Lawson, John R., Fowler street 
Learmount, William D. , 75, King street 


South Shields — continued. 

Lovely, William E. , 14, Laygate lane 
Mowbray, John, 38, Green street 
Sword, Elijah, 58, Laygate' lane 

SowERBY Bridge, Yorkshire. — Pop. 12,000. 
Hall, William H. , Ryburn buildings 

Spalding, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 9,014. 
Ash well, E., 16, Bridse street 
Porter, Mrs., 24, Market place 
Spalding Free Press Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. , 5, Hall place 

Spennymoor, Durham. — Pop. 5,468. 

Claughan, R., 3, Cheapside. {Circulating Library) 

Stackstbads, Lancashire. — Pop. 6,985. 
Bennett, S. J., Waterbarn 
Cox, John, 292, Newchurch road 
Hitchen, John H., 210, Newchurch road 

Stafford, Staffordshire. — Pop. 20,270. 
Dawson, Robert W., 10, Bridge street 

Dutton, Mrs., 2, St. Mary's place. 1875. Second-hand 

Jervis, J., Crabbery street 
Wright & Channing, 56, Greengate street 

Staines, Middlesex. — Pop. 5,060. 
Gubbins, Joseph G. , High street 
Robinson, Artnur J., High street 
Taylor & Company, High street 

Stalybridoe, Cheshire. — Pop. 26,783. 
Bagshaw, Robert, 21, Market street 
Broadbent, Arthur, 40, Melbourne street 
Sidebottom, Albert, 56, Market street 
Warhurst, Charles, 67, Melbourne street 

Stamford, Lincolnshire. — Pop. 8,358. 
Howard, Mrs., 14, St. Mary's hill 
Dolby Brothers, 67, High street 
Potter, John E. C, 58, High street 
Taylor & Downs, 28, High street 

Staveley, Derbyshire. — Pop. 9,363. 

Wright (Marmaduke) Tudsbury, Son & Company 

Stevenage, Hertfordshire. — Pop. 3,309. 
Hart, John W., High street 

Stockport, Cheshire.— Pop. 70,263. 
Claye & Son, 26, Little Underbank 

Dooley, Henry, 22, Lower Hillgate. 1865. Second-hand 

Smith, Mrs. T., 89 and 91, Lower Hillgate. Second-hand 

Stevenson, George W., 60, Heaton Moor road. {Circulating Library) 
Taylor, John, Heaton Moor 

Stockton-on-Teks, Durham. — Pop. 49,705. 
Appleby, Frank, 59, High street 
Sharp, J. , 7, Silver street 
Tingle, D. J., & Co., 134, High street 
Wood, Joseph R., 2, Central buildings 


Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire. —Pop. 24,027. , 
Fenn, Joseph G. , 5, Glebe street 
Head, Mrs. M. A., 9, Church street 
Hitchman & Crosby, 52 and 54, Liverpool road 

Stone, Staffordshire. — Pop. 14,066. 
Adie, Thomas G. , High street 
Button, Louis, High street {Catholic) 

Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, — Pop. 2,019. 
Bridsman, Benjamin, High street 
Walford, Mrs. Leo, High street 

Stourbridge, Worcestershire. — Pop. 16,350. 
Allin, H. W., 12, High street 
Levi, William J., 164, High street 
Mark & Moody, 52 and 53, High street. [Girculaiing Library) 

Stourport, Worcestershire. — Pop. 3,504. 
Eaton, William, High street 
Haywood & Son, High street 

Stowm ARRET, Suffolk. — Pop. 4,339. 

Beckwith, Walter W., Ipswich street 
Druce, William H., Market place 
Woolby, Misses, Ipswich street 

Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. — Pop. 8,318. 
Fox, Edward, 1, High street 
Morgan, John, 11, High street 
Stanley & Bolton, 27, High street 
Stanton, William, 17 and 18, Chapel street 

Strood, Kent.—Vop. 7,982. 

CliflFord, William H., 51, High street 
Sweet & Sons, 75, High street 

Stroud, Gloucestershire. — Pop. 11,519. 

* Collins, William, 11, King street. 1878. Neio and Second-hand 

Gloucestershire Books and Miscellaneous 
Elliott, John, 52, High street 
White, John, 23, George street 

Sudbury, Suffolk. — Pop. 7,059. 

Golding, C, 48, Gainsborough street Second-hand 

Ives, Exors. of Henry M. , 4, King street 
Marten, Benjamin R., 17, Market hill 
Payn, John G., 12, Market hill 

Sunderland, Durham. — Pop. 131,015. 

Dodd, Thomas R. , 41 and 42, Hendon road 

Educational Supply Association, 3, Athenaeum street 

Flintoff, A. H., 24, Borough road. Second-hand 

Hills & Co., 19, Fawcett street 

North of England School Furnishing Co. Limited, Fawcett street 

Reed, Thos., & Co., 184, High street west. {Nautical ds Engineering) 

Smith & Taylor, 25, Bridge street 

Snaith, John W., 63, The Market 

Somerville, Thomas, 30, Norfolk street. Second-hand 

Williams, Ralph W. , 7, North Bridge street 

Wilson, John J., 18 and 19, Hudson road. {Nautical) 





Sutton, Surrey. — Pop. 13,977. 

Holt, Christopher, 69, High street. 
Nye, Samuel, 9 and 138, High street 
Station Library, 12, High street 

{Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 




SuTTON-iN-AsHFiELD, Nottingha/m8hire. — Pop. 10,562. 
Buck, Frederick W. , Low street 
Whetton, Edwin, 48, New street 

Swan AGE, Dorsetshire.— Vop. 2,674. 
Hill & Churchill, Station road 
Savage, Alfred, Westminster Library. 
Watt, John, High street 

Swansea, Glamorganshire. — Pop. 90,349. 

Erskine, A. , & Co. , 26, Castle Bailey street 
George, J., Victoria arcade. 
Gould, W. H. , Alexandra arcade. 
Griffiths, E. & J., 11, High street 
Parry, Benjamin, 52, Oxford street 

* Price, Thomas, Postern buildings. 1874. 

English and Welsh, General 
Roberts, John, 3, Alexandra arcade. 
Townsend, Robert, 13, Dillwyn street. 1842. 
Way, Alfred R. , 4, Wind street 

Swindon, Wiltshire.— Fo^. 33,001. 

Hughes, James, 51, Bridge street, New Swindon 
Ousey, Mrs. Emily Rose, 16, Wood street 
Preston & Peacey, 35, Farringdon street. New Swindon 
Stock, William, Regent street. New Swindon 

* Woodhams & Co. , 5, Bath road. 1870. New and Second-hand 

TelegraiM, ** Woodhams, Swindon." 

Tadcaster, Yorkshire. — Pop. 2,812. 
Askey, William, Market place 
Bulmer, John, L., Kirkgate 

Tamwobth, Staffordshire. — Pop. 6,614. 
Carrick, W. T. , George street 
Smith, Daniel, 9, Market street 
Tamworth Herald Company Limited, Silver street 
Woodcock, William F., 85, Bolebridge street 

Taunton, Somersetshire. — Pop. 18,026. 
Abraham, Henry, 11, Fore street 

* Barnicott & Pearce, 44, Fore street. New and Second-hand 
Telegramsy *' BsLTpe&rce, T&vinton." (Code A.B.C.) Nat. Telephone 26. 

* Butland, Reilben L., 18, Bath place. 
Goodman, E. , & Son, 8, North street 
Nat. Telephone 24. 

Hammett & Co. , 53, North street 
Hawkins, Thomas M., 67} High street 
Winter & Son, 45, Bridge street. 

Tavistock, Devonshire. — Pop. 6,252. 
Clark, J. Barfitt, 6, West street. 
(Greenfield, Thomas W., 4, Bedford square 
Pillar, Henry, 12, Duke street 



{Circulating Library) 


Tkddington, Middlesex.— Voy. 13,000. 

Haydon, William, 2, Peter's terrace. Church road 
Lemon, Miss Eliza, High street 

* Millard, Miss Clara, 38, High street. Secoiid-hand 
Warmington, J. R., The Library, High street 

Teignmouth, Devonshire. — Pop. 7,006. 

Cornish, Edward J. , 18, Wellington street 

Lucy & Co., 13, Wellington street 

Stevenson, Valentine & Co., Royal Library, Regent st. {Circ. Library) 

Tbnbdby, Worcestershire. — Pop. 2,054. 
Fuller, William, Teme street 
Knott, John Mayne, The Library, Cross street. New aiid Second-hand 

Tenby, Pembrokeshire. — Pop. 4,710. 

* Amett, J. E., High street. {Circ. Library). New and Second-hand 

Circa 1850. Antiquarian, Topographical, and Miscellaneous 
Farley, Charles, High street. [Circulating Library) 

Oldfield, Mrs. H. C, High street. [CirctUating Library) 

Tbntbbdbn, Ken^. — 3,429. 

Bourner, George, High street 

Ridley, Alexander (late Willsher), High street 

Tbtbury, Gloucestershire — Pop. 3,057. 
Hill, Thomas, Long street 

Tbwkbsbuby, Gloucestershire. — Pop. 5,269. 
Browett, 8, High street 
Lawler, Miss Agnes, 146, High street 
North, William, 139, High street 

Thamb, Oxfordshire. — Pop. 3,334. 

Jones, Charles H. , 109 and 1 10, High street 
Mears, James, 131, High street 

Thibsk, Yorkshire. — Pop. 3,164. 
Askew, George R. , Millgate 
Wright, Zaccheus, Market place 

Thobnaby-on-Tbes, Yorkshire. — 15,637. 

Henderson, Hodgson, Bridge street. 1880. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous Books and Prints 
Mackenzie, Duncan, 54, Mandale road 
Walker, Edward D. 

Thobnbuby, Gloucestershire. — Pop. 3,918. 
Brown, Mrs. Jane, High street 
Prewett, Albert, High street 

Thobnton, Yorkshire. — Pop. 8,917. 
Mitchell, Albert, 65, Market street 

Tipton, Staffordshire. — Pop. 29,314. 

Blackham, Thomas, 6, Market place. Great bridge 
Elton & Brown, 47, Owen street 

TivEBTON, Devonshire. — Pop. 10,892. 
* Masland, William, Fore street. {Girc. Library). Neto and Second-hand 
Est. 100 years. Miscellaneous and Scholastic. TelegramB, " Masland, Tiverton." 
Mead, Henry, 10, Fore street 
Sayer, George, Gold street 
Stoyel, William H. , 14, Bampton street. Second-hand 


ToDMOKDEN, Lancashire.— Vop. 8,904. 

Astin, D. H., & Sons, Market hall. Neiv and Second-hand 

Bentley, John, & Sons, 11, York street 
Crabtree, James, 49, Burnley road 
Crowther, Joseph, 15, Water street 
Waddington & Sons, Pavement 

ToNBRiDOE, Kent.—Vo^. 41,757. 

Bridger, H. S., 131, High street 
North, John G. , 35, High street 
Snelling, H. & E., 172, High street 
Stonestreet, M., 25, High street 

Torquay, Devonshire. — Pop. 25,534. 

Cove, George P., 21, Lower Union street 

* Iredale, Andrew, 13, Strand. (Circ. Library.) New and Second-hand 

Miscellaneous, Devon Topography 

* King, Charles, Union street. 1885. Netc and Second-hand 

Antiquarian and Topographical, Bookplates, Stamps, &c. 
Seeley, Ernest L., Lawrence place. [GirculaZiny Library) 

Tucker, John A., Lucius street 
Westley, Arthur, 17, Strand. {GirctUa^ing Library) 

ToBBiNGTON, Devonshire. — Pop. 3,436. 
Dyer, Thomas J. , 8, Fore street 
Turrall, O. H., Church gate {CircidaAing Library) 

ToTNBS, Devonshire.— VoT^. 4,016. 

Adams, Nicholas, 64, Fore street. {CiraUating Library) 

Lowe, David W., 13, Fore street. {Circulating Library) 

Stokes, Thomas W., 12, High street 
Taylor, Miss S. B., 56, High street {Circulating Library) 

Tottenham, Middlesex. — Pop. 97,174. 

Benjafield, Henry, 787, High road. Lower Tottenham 

Fisk> Fred, 605, High road. {Circulating Library). Second-hand 

James, Frederick, tf., 485, High road. {Scholastic) 

Muller, Henry A., 531, High road 

Orchard, John R. , 495, Seven Sisters' road. South Tottenham 

Sandham & Company, 59, West Green road 

Simmonds, Charles, 810, High street 

Vanderbergh, Thomas, 602, Seven Sisters' road. South Tottenham 

TowcESTEB, Northamptonshire. — Pop. 2,775. 
Hunt, Edwin, High street 
Hurfurt, Mrs. J. B., High street 

Tbedeoab, MonmovAhshire. — Pop. 17,436. 
Bowen, E. G., 22, Coramercialjroad 
Mills, William, 28, Market street 
Swarbrick, Mrs. £., 31, Castle street 

Tbino, Hertfordshire. — Pop. 5,426. 
Bird, E. C, 6 and 7, High street 
Ponlton, Lewis 

Tbowbbidoe, WUtshire.—Voi^. 11,901. 
Coleman, Arthur 0., Church walk 
Dotesio & Todd, Silver street 
Lansdown, B., k Sons, 11, Silver street 
Rose, George W. , 66, Fore street 


Teubo, Cornwall.— Po]p. 11,131. 

* Clyma, Wm. Jennings, 10, St. Nicholas st. 1825. New dh Second-kaiid 

Gomiflh and General 
Griffiths, Richard, t30, Boscawen street 
Heard & Sons, 27, Boscawen street 
Netherton & Worth, 7, Lemon street 

* Pollard, Joseph, 5, St. Nicholas street. 1892. New and Second-hand 

Miscellaneous, and Books relating to Cornwall 
Simmons, Mrs. E., Quay street 

TuNBBiDQE Wells, Kent.—Vo^. 27,895. 
Cole, S., 15, Calverley road 

Fassnidge, James, 46, Grosvenor road. Second-hand 

Goulden & Curry, Royal Library, 61, High st. {Circidating Library) 
Groves, Henry G., Ye Pantiles 

* Hall, R., Chapel place. 1897. • Second-hand 

Natural History and Miscellaneous 
Pelton, Richard, 68, Ye Pantiles, and The Broadway. {Circ. Library) 
Spiers, Mrs. W. J., 8, High street 
Williams, Daniel, 45, Mount Ephraim {CirctUaiing Library) 

TuNSTALL, Stafordshire.—Foy. 17,103. 
Eardley, Edwin H., Market square 
Shaw, Miss M. L. , High street 
Vodrey, William, Paradise street. Second-hand 

Twickenham, Middlesex.— Pojp. 16,027. 
Brookes, Misses, 5, Church street 
Hoblyn, J. T. , King street 
Newton, George B., London road 

Tynemouth, Northumberland. — Pop. 46,588. 
Hughson, William R., 9, Percy Park road 
Philipson, John, 66, Front street 

UoKFiELD, 8u88ex. — Pop. 2,497. 
Avis & Norman, High stieet 
Martin, Stephen, High street 

Ulvbrston, Lancashire. — Pop. 10,015. 

Atkinson. James, 6, King street. 1838. {Girc. Library.) See advt. 
Gelderd, Misses, Market place 
Kitchin, Hume, 7, Market street 
Whitham, Mrs. S. J., 47) Market street 

Uppingham, Rutlandshire. — Pop. 2,559. 
Dolby, George F. , Hiffh street 
Hawthorn, John, High street 

Uttoxbtbr, Staffordshire.— Voip. 5,516. 
Davies, Mrs. Mary, High street 
Hearson, William H. , Market place 
Smart, George H. , High street 

UxBETDGE, Middlesex.— Vop. 8,000. 

Lucy & Birch, 45, High street. {GircuUUiTig Library) 

Maylott, Mrs. , 12, High street 
Davy, J. S., High street 

Ventnob, Isle of Wight.— Vo^. 6,090. 
Ives, Henry A. , 3, Pier street 

. I 


Knight's Library (Harriet Knight), 147 and 149, High street. 1849! 

Telephone, No. 1. (Circulating Library) 

Medley, Robert. 38, High street 

Wakefield, Yorkshire. — Pop. 33,146. 

Baker, John, 105 and 107, Westgate. Second-hand 

Bartle, Joseph, 87, Westgate 

Dodgson, R. P., 152 and 154, Kirkgate 

Hall, Frederick, 6, Kirkgate 

Hannan, William, Cross square. Second-hand 

Horridge, George, 14, Wood street 

Milnes, William H. , 12, Market place 

Whitaker, James A., 6, Market place 

Wallingfobd, Berkshire. — Pop. 2,989. 
Bradford, John, St. Mary's street 
Hedley, John, Market place 
Jenkins, Miss B. , St. Mary's street 
Payne, William, & Son, Market place 

Walsall, Staffordshire.— Vop. 80,000. 
Griffin, J. & W., The Bridge 
Kirby, Thomas, & Sons Limited, The Bridge 
Millichip, Job, 64, Upper Rushall street. Second-hand 

Robinson, W. H., The Bridge 

Walthamstow, Essex. — Pop. 46,346. 

Brown, Charles E. H., 209, Hoe street 
Howard, Charles, 121, High street 
Marsden, Edward, 46, Markhouse road 
* Mayhew, F., Higham hill. Second-hand 

Americana, Freethought, and Curious 
Smith, Frederick, Orford road 
Willis, Robert, Orford road 
Young, Charles J., 11, The Parade, St. James's street 

Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. — Pop. 7,988. 
Chittenden, Arthur, Hersham 
Purcell, Mrs. C, High street 
Sansum, Misses, Bridge street 

Wantage, Berkshire. — Pop. 3,669. 
Belcher, Miss E. A., Mill street 
Clegg & Son, Newbury street 
Nichols, Henry N. , Market place 

Ware, Hertfordshire.— Po^. 5,706. 
Price, George, High street 
Rogers, Alfred H. , High street 

Wareham, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 2,141. 
Dugdale, Mrs. A. G. , South street 
Snelling, Henry, North street 

Warminster, Wiltshire. — Pop. 5,563. 

Coates, A. H., Market place 

Lucas Brothers, 17, Market place 
Warrington, Lancashire. — Pop. 52,743. 

Green, John S. , 34, Bridge street , , , 

Lea, John, 8, Watkin street. 1882. Second-hand 



1880. Second-hand 


Warrington — continued. 

Lowe & Laithwaite, 61, Bridge street 
Naylor, Herbert W., 21, Sankey street 
Nixon, William, 3, Mill street. Market place. 
Pearse, Percival, 8, Sankey street 
Proud, W. A. , 13, Suez street. 

Angling, Sporting, Natural History 
Kichardson, William, 29, Irlam street. 

Warwick, Warwickshire. — Pop. 11,903. 
Cooke, Henry T., & Son, 9, High street 
Liacy, H. , 8, High street 

Watford, Hertfordshire.— ^op. 20,269. 
Barrett, Hugh L., 86, St. Alban's road 
Bilson, Thomas, 37, High street 
Bradley, S. A., 117, High street 
Goodson, Charles, 93, High street 
Lea, George W., 2, St. Alban's road 
Peacock, Charles H., 15, Queen street 

Wbdnesbury, Staffordshire. — Pop. 25,347. 

Kirby, Thomas, & Son, 42, Lower High street 
Lan^ord, Ernest, 7, Market place 

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. — Pop. 15,068. 
Brown, Mrs. M. A., 7, Sheep street 
Dennes Brothers, Market square 
Douglas, George, 30, Market street 

Northampton Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd., Cambridge street 
Sanders, Bellamy, & Sons, Silver street 

Wellington, Shropshire. — Pop. 13,178. 
Hobson & Co. , Market square 
Jones, John, 8, Church street 
Keay, James, 19, New street 
Sharman, Alfred, 89, New street 

Wellington, Somersetshire. — Pop. 6,808. 
Brooks, Miss S. T., 3, High street 
Bryant, Henry, 38, High street 
Parkhouse, John H., 14, Fore street 
Tozer, L., & Co., 3, South street 

Wells, Somersetshire. — Pop. 4,822. 
Byrt, A., & Son, 42, High street 
Young, Arthur, 5, High street. 

Welshpool, Montgomeryshire. — Pop. 6,501. 
Owen, R. & M., Broad street 
Salter, Samuel, 21, Berriew street 

Wem, Shropshire. — Pop. 3,796. 
Mason & Prince, High street 
Strong, Thomas, 52, High street 

West Bromwich, Staffordshire. — Pop. 59,474. 
Almond, P. W., 245, High street 
Eld & Blackham, 146, Hill top. ( Wholesale) 

Westbury, Wiltshire. — Pop. 5,634. 
Michael, William, Edward street 

(GirctUating Library) 

{GirctUating Library) 



{CirciUcUing Library) 

New and Second-hand 

{Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 

Wksthoughton, Lancashire. — Pop. 12,145. 
Clough, Robert, 1 and 3, Market street 
Partington, Edmund, 97, Market street 
Ralphs, Thomas, 237, Church street 
Seddon, Mrs., 56, Market street 
Watkiuson, Daniel, 96, Church street 

Wbston-super-Mabb, Somersetshire. — Pop. 20,000. 
Cross, James, 86, High street. 
Davies Brothers, 14, High street 
Gill, Frank, 15, The Boulevard. 1883. 
Greenway , Edwin VV. , 3, West street 
Lawrence Brothers, 28, High street. 
Scotney, Mrs., 69, High street. 
Shaddick, Frederick C. , 25, West street 
Wallace, John E. , 38, Regent street 

Wetherby, Yorkshire. — Pop. 2,000. 
Beaumont, James, North street 
Crossley, Henry, High street 

WeYmouth, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 18,866. 

Burt, George M., St. Mary street. 1888. 
Butcher, M. , 22, St. Thomas street 
Sherren & Son, 79, St. Mary street 
Egypt and Egyptology 

* Wheeler, Hariy, 20 and 21, St. Mary street 

Whitby, Forite^trc.— Pop. 13,274. 

Bradley, Thomas, 6, St. Ann's staith 

Home & Son, Bridge street, and 1, John street. West Cliff 

Hudson, J., Flowergate 

Newton, William, & Son, 75, Baxtergate 

Roe, Matthew, 8, Sandgate. 

Vickers, Lewis, 90, Church street. 

Whitchurch, Shropshire. — Pop. 6,647. 
Jones, Robert B. , 44, High street 
Thelwell & Co. , 4, High street 

Whitehaven, Cumberlund.—Vo^. 12,182. 
Adair, Miss, 20, King street 
Bewick, Martin, 14, Market place 
Burlington, Robert, 63, Lowther street. 1874. New and Second-hand 

Edacational, Theological, and General 
Callender & Dixon, 3, Market place 

Whitstablb, -X'cn^.— Pop. 4,828. 
Cox, William J. , High street 
NichoUs, Lewis, High street 

WiDNES, Lancashire. — Pop. 30,011. 

Martley, Edward, 31, Ann street west 
Swale, Thomas S. , 35, Victoria road 
Upward, Samuel, 37, Albert road 

WiGAN, Lancashire. — Pop. 55,013. 

Piatt, R., 17, Wallgate. {Scholastic) 

* Starr, James, 43 and 45, Wallgate. 1886. New and Second-Tiand 
Wigan & District Educational Supply Association Ltd., Market street 





New and Second-hand 
New and Second-hand 


WiGTON, Cumberland.— Voip. 4,346. 
Gate, Joseph, 1, King street 
Hoodless, W. H. , 9, Market place 
Mc. Mechan, -Thomajs, 16, King street. 

WiLMSLOw, Cheshire. — Pop. 6,670. 
Hughes, William, Grove street 
Jones, Margaret, Grove street 

Wimbledon, Swrrey.— Pop. 25,761. 
Amoore, John S., 28, High street 
Marsden, Lewis, 40, Wimbledon hill road 
Nunneley, Luke, 11, Broadway 
Trim, Edwin, 20, Wimbledon hill road 
Wilson, Frederick S. , 35, Hartfield road. 

WiMBOBNB, Dorsetshire. — Pop. 6,203. 
Bell, William, High street 
Gallop, S. S. , Eastbrook 
Hobbs, John J., Eastbrook 
Seymour, F. S., The Square 
Tilsed, James, High street 

WiNCANTON, Somersetshire. — Pop. 2,109. 
Amor, John B. , Market place 
Sweetman, George, Market place. 
Watling, Mrs. Mary, Market place 

WiNCHCOMB, Olov^cestershire.—Voja. 2,864. 

Belcher, William C. , Post Office, North street 
Tovey, George, North street 

Winchester, Hampshire. — Pop. 19,073. 

Gilbert, Henry March, & Sons, 109, High street. Neio and Second-hand 
Jacob & Johnson, 57, High street 
Malkin, Walter E., 156, High street 
Pamplin, Miss E. L. , Godbegot House 
Prouten & Dugan, 61, High street 
Taplin & Tanner, 5, Jewry street 
* Warren & Son, The Library, 85, High st. 1835. 

Antiquarian and Local 

Telegrams, " Warrens, Winchester." 

Wells, P. & G., 11, College street 

Windermere, Westmorland. — Pop. 2,403. 
Gamett, John, Church street 
Simpson, William 

Windsor, Berkshire. — Pop. 12,327. 

Jones, William, 114 and 115, Peascod street 
Luff, Thomas E., Trinity House 
Stoneham, William G., 53, Thames street. 
Tombs, William C. , St. Leonard's road. 
Willmore & Scott, 13, Thames street 
Wright, Joseph W., 3, Peascod street 

{Circtda^ing Library) 
{CirculaZing Library) 

(Circulating Library) 
New and Second-hand 


Winsford, Cheshire. — Pop. 10,440. 
Billington, John, 75, High street 
Williams, WUliam, High street 



{Circulating Library) 

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. — Pop. 9,395. 

Gardiner & Co., 10 and 11, Union street 
Height, Robert, 16, Norfolk street east 
Leach & Son, 26, High street 

Witney, Oxfordshire. — Pop. 3,110. 
Harris, Miss Clara, High street 
Knight, John, High street 

WivELiscoMBB, Somersetshire. — Pop. 2,246. 
Lempriere, Frederick P. , Church street. 
Vickery, John, Market place 

WoBURN, Bedfordshire. — Pop. 2,000. 
Fisher, Henry G. , High street 
Sergeant, Joseph, Bedford street 

Woking, Surrey. — Pop. 9,776. 

Moore, William, Chertsey road 
Wingfield, John C. 

Wokingham, Berkshire. — Pop. 3,254. 
Chambers, Misses, Broad street. 
Gotelee, William J. , 6, Market place 
Perkins, Herbert H., Denmark street 

Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.— Pop. 88,662. 
Barford & Newitt, 27, Queen street 
Barker, Alfred, 14, Queen square. 
Driver, R., 3, Darlington street 
Fox, Walter H., 14, Chapel Ash 
Godfrey, Charles, Market hall. 
Hill & Smith, Queen street 
Hinde, Alfred, 44, Dudley street ; also 51, Chapel Ash 

{Circulating Library) 

New and Second-hand 

Ratcliff, Edward, 9, Market hall. New and Second-hand 

Start, Henry, & Son, 1, Salop street 
Wilmott, O. & C, 98, Darlington street 

WooDBRiDGE, Suffolk. — Pop. 4,480. 
Booth, George, Church street 
Lambert & Fairweather, Church street 
Loder, John, Thoroughfare. 1772. 

Telegramt, " Woodbridge." 

Newson, Samuel J., Thoroughfare. Second-hand 

Woodford, Essex. — Pop. 10,984. 

Jones, J. , & Sons, High street, Woodford green 
Shrimpton, J., 2, Grove terrace. High road 

WooLSTON, Hampshire. — Pop. 3,538. 
Bridges, Albert, Victoria road 

Woolwich, Kent. — Pop. 40,848. 

Cattermole, Frederick J., Artillery place. {Military) 

Gardiner, "William, 19, Cross street. Secovd-hand 

Harris, Richard James, 1, Beresford square. 1866. Second-ha/nd 

Scholastic and General 
Harris, Richard, 26, Beresford square. 1870. Second-hand 
Squires, W. J., 95 and 96, Wellington street, and 39, Hare street 



(CirctUcUing Library) 

New and Second-hand 

{Circulating Library) 


{Circulating Library) 

WoRCESTBB, Worcestershire. — Pop. 42,908. 
Bay lis, E., & Son, 22, The Cross 

* Colwell, Frederick H., 56, Sidbury. 1893. 
Deighton & Co. , 53, High street. 
Fuller, E., & Co., 14, Broad street 
Gale, Alfred W., 18, The Foregate 

* Humphreys & Co., College street. 1805. 

Theological and General 
Leicester, William, 6, High street 
Millage, Thomas M., 14, St. John's 
Morgan, Frederick, Little Angel street 
Morgan, Robert, 29 and 30, Ty thing. 
Walters & Houghton, St. Swithin street 

Workington, Cumberland. — Pop. 23,490. 
Carmichael, John E. , 22, Finkle street 
Suart, Mrs. George, 26, Wilson street 
Wilson, H. S., 17, Washington street 

Worksop, Nottinghamshire. — Pop. 12,734. 

Ratcliffe, Thomas, " Times " Office, Albert buildings 
Sissons & Son, Potter street 

* White, Robert, Park place. 1847. 

Topographical, Antiquarian, and Miscellaneous 

Worthing, Sussex. — Pop. 16,606. 

Crawford, Thomas C. , 56, South street 
Foyster, Henry A. , 10, South street 
Kirshaw, J. C, 7 and 20, Warwick street. 
Paine, Walter, 27 and 29, Montague street 
Thomas, Charles E., 25 and 27, Chapel road 

Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire. — Pop. 3,276. 
Herrick & Gorham, Long street 
Presley, George, Long street 

Wrexham, Denbighshire. — Pop. 12,552. 

Bay ley, Charles G., & Co., 51, Hope street 

Hughes & Son, 56, Hope street 

Potter, R., 18 and 19, High street 

Rogers & Jenkins, 20, Hope street 

Smith, Charles (late John Little), 8, Hope street {Circulating Library) 

Venn, William, 32, High street. • Second-hand 

Wycombe (High), Buckinghamshire. — Pop. 13,435. 
Butler Bros. , 5, Church square 
Child, William J. A., 115 and 116, Oxford road 
Kendall, Frederick D., 28,*jWhite Hart street 

Wymondham, Norfolk. — Pop. 4,764. 
Gushing, Henry, Market street 
Parker, James, Market place 

Yarmouth (Great), Norfolk.— Von. 49,334. 

Barber, William Charles, 7, North Howard street. 1868. Second-hand 

Theological, Scientific, and Miscellaneous 
Blake, Stuart C, Broad row 
Bond & Company, 3, Market row 

Calver, Henry F., 40, St. Peter's road. {Circulating Library) 

Jarrold & Sons, 182, King street. {Circulating Library) 



Yeovil, Somersetshire, — Pop. 9,648. 
Collins, William B. , Princes street 
Tait, William S., 39, Middle street 
Whitby & Son, Princes street 

York, Yorkshire.— Vo^, 67,004. 
Anderson, T., 44, Coney street 
Bentley, William, 53, Coney street 
Book Saloon, 6, Micklegate 
Brown, A. , & Sons, Limited, 6, Clifford street 
Burdekin, C. L. & K. £. , 3, Parliament street 
Chapman, John C. , 36, Coney street 
Pickering, E. H., 28, High Ousegate. 
* Sampson, John, 13, Coney street. 1844. 
Local Topography and Old Sporting Books 
Telegranut " Sampson, York. TeUphontj No. 41. 
Sessions, William, 30, Coney street 
Story, Edwin, 79a, Micklegate 
Streicher, Charles A. , 4, Church street. 
Watts, John Henry, 13, Micklegate 


New and Second-hand 

New and Second-hand 


Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. — Pop. 124,943. 
Adam, John, 169, Union street. 

* Bisset, James G. , 85, Broad street. 1879 

Classical, Medical, and General. Telephone^ 484. 

* Brown, A., & Co., 83 and 85, Union street. 
Caullield, William, 28 to 32, Market gallery 
Cruickshank, Colin A., 27, Market gallery. 

* Forbes, John William, 408, Union street. 
Lindsay, W. & W., 28 and 30, Market street 

* Middleton, George, 2, Baker street. 1854. 

General and Antiquarian 

* Mihie, A. & R., 229, Union street. 1852. 

General, Local, and Theological. Telephone, 269 

Murray, Alexander, 271, Union street 

* Murray, James, 28, St. Nicholas street. 1825. 

Antiquarian, Theological, and General. Telephone, 
NicoU, Thomas P., 9, 10, 11, Market gallery. 
Smith, John Rae, 57, Union street 
Smith (Lewis) & Son, McCombie's court 

* Walker & Co., 19, Bridge street. 1881. 

Educational, Medical, and General. Telephone, 629 
Walker, Robert, 132, Union street 
Wilson, James, 45, New Market gallery. 

* Wyllie, D., & Son, 247, Union street. 1815. 

Scottisli History, Antiquities, Ac. 

Telegrams, " Wyllie, Aberdeen." Telephone, 402 

AiRDRiE, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 19,135. 

Baird & Hamilton, 44 and 46, Graham street 

Bell & Hyne, 15, Graham street 

Craig, John, 42, South Bridge street 

Duncan, J., 11, Bank street 

Thomson, Andrew, 28, South Bridge street 

* Thomson & Co., Mollinsburn. 1867. 

Mystical Theology 

New and Second-hand 
New and Second-hand 

New and Second-hand 

New and Second-hand 
New and Second-hand 


{Circulating Library) 
New and Second-hand 
{Circulating Library) 
New and Second-hand 


New and Second-hand 

{ Wholesale) 
New and Second-hand 

{Circulating Library) 
New and Second-hand 



Alloa, Clachnannanshire. — Pop. 10,754. 
Buchan Brothers, 29, Candleriggs 
Henderson, Robert S. , 35, Mill street 
Pearson, Andrew, 62, Mill street 
Rae, John B. , 38, Primrose street 
Thorburn, Walter, 13, Mill street 

Alva, Slerlingshire. — Pop. 5,225. 

Cunningham, Robert, Stirling street 
Drysdale, Mrs. William, Stirling street 

Annan, Dumfriesshire. — Pop. 5,295. 

Cuthbertson, William, & Son, 96, High street [Circulating Library) 

Richardson, Mrs. John, 77, High street. {Circulating Library) 

Watt, David, 68, High street {Circulating Library) 

Anstruther, Fi/eshire. — Pop. 1,638. 

Bruce, David, 67, James street, Cellardyke 
Gourlay, Mrs. , 38, High street 
Mitchell, Mrs. , Shore street 
Russell, William, 25, Shore street 

Arbroath, Forfarshire. — Pop. 22,821. 
Boath, W. & J., Brothock bridge 
Bonnyman, J. S. , Market place 
Hood, J. F., & Son, 94, High street 
Myles, George, 220, High street 

Ogilvie, John, 8, West Port. 1889. New and Second-hand 

Strachan, W^illiam B., 255, High street 

Ardrossan, Ayrshire. — Pop. 5,209. 
Crawford, James A., Princes street 
Guthrie, Arthur, & Sons, Princes street 

Auchterarder, Perthshire. — Pop. 3,494. 
Eason, Robert R. 
Richards, C. M. 
Young, Alexander S. 

Ayr, Ayrshire. — Pop. 24,800. 

Doak, Robert, 7, Old Bridge street. Second-haivd 

Fergusson, Alexander, 18 and 20, High street 

Irvine, Samuel, & Sons, 91 and 93, High street 

Lawson, Allan, 96, Main street, Newton 

Lymburn, William, 63 and 65, Newmarket street 

McCall, James, 38, Sandgate. {Circulating Library) 

Murray, Henry, 171, High street 

Murray, Hugh, 17, High street 

Roddie, George G. , 236, High street 

Stephen & Pollock, 37, Sandgate 

Taylor, William, Alio way street 

Banff, Banffshire. — Pop. 7,578. 

Gordon, John R., 81, High street 
Leask, Robert, 66, Low street 
Simpson, James, 9, Low street 

Bathgate, Linlithgowshire. — Pop. 5,330. 
Clark, George, Engine street 
Gilbertson, Laurence, Hopetoun street 


Beith, Ayrshire. — Pop. 4,037. 
Hood, John E. , Strand 
Kerr, Samuel, Cross 
Millar, James, Main street 
Reid & Co. , Main street 

Berwick (North) Haddingtonshire. — Pop. 1,698. 

Melville, William, 69, High street. {Oircvlating Library) 

Murray, G. & D., 33, High street 

BiOGAR, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 1 , 356. 
Gibson, Thomas 
Watson, James B. 
Wilson, John H. 

Blairgowrie, Perthshire — Pop. 3,714. 
Dryerre, Henry, 10, High street 
McHardy, Miss Jane, High street 
Saunders, Misses, High street 
Smith, David, Wellmeadow 

Blantyre, Lanarkshire. — Pop. *,1 1 , 352. 
Harris, George, High Blantyre 
Scott, Miss Agnes, Stonefield road 

Bo'ness, Linlithgowshire. — Pop. 4,579. 

Bo'ness Printing Company, North street 
Broome, Francis W., North street 
Taylor, David, 59, South street 

Bonnyrigg, Midlothian. — Pop. 2,514. 

Cairns, Miss Janet, Dundas street. {Circulating Library) 

McBeath, Peter, High street 

Bothwbll, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 31,484. 
Leishman, Robert, Main street 
McKinnon, Alexander, Main street 

Brechin, Forfarshire. — Pop. 8,955. 

Alexander, W. & D., 41, High street. {Scholastic) 

Alexander, William, 25, St. David street 
Batchelor, James, 11, Swan street 
* Black & Johnston, 40, High street 
Local Books a specialty 
Mackie, David, 103, High street 

Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire. — Pop. 3,207. 

Erskine, John, Henderson street. {Circulating Library) 

McDonald, Robert, Henderson street 

Broughty Ferry, Forfarshire. — Pop. 7,644. 

Belford, James, & Co. , 126 and 128, Brook street 

Bowman, Alexander, 116, Brook street. {Circulating library) 

Dempster, David, 61, Gray street 

Dick, John, 29, Gray street 

Buckie, Banffshire. — Pop. 5,834. 
Bremner, James, 2, Main street 
Gibson, George P., West Church street 
Johnston, William F., 13, West Church street 
Pozzi, James P. , 8, High street 
Webster, John, 11 and 12, Cluny square 


Burntisland, Fi/eahire, — Pop. 4,692. 
Gray, William, 78, High street 
Wood, David, 88, High street 

Callander, Perthshire. — Pop. 1,538. 
Linklater, William, Main street 
McFarlane, M. S. , Main street 
Ritchie, James, Main street 

Cambuslano, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 15,358. 
Lithgow, John, Jun. 
Mowat, Joseph 
Peddie, J. W. {CirculcUing Library) 

Campbbltown, Argyleshire. — Pop. 10,260. 
McEwing & Co. , Back street 
Morgan, C. & M., Main street 
Ralston, A. & C, Main street 
Wilson, Robert, 56, Long-row 

Carluke, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 4,116. 
Aikman, T., High street 
Beveridge, A., High street 
Young, John, High street 

Carnoustie, Forfarshire. — Pop. 4,134. 

Buik, Alexander, High street. (Circulating library) 

Reid, M. M., High street {Circulating Library) 

Simpson, Andrew, High street 

Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire. — Pop. 2,870. 
Gordon, Samuel, 97, King street 
Kydd, John W. , 76, King street 
Rae, Adam, King street 

Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 30,033. 
Craig, William, 45, Main street 
McGaughran, Edward, 115, Main street 
Pettigrew, Alexander, 54, Main street 
Wotherspoon, James, 91 , Main street 

Coldstream, Bervnckshire. — Pop. 1,535. 
Landreth, Robert, High street 
Scott, Robert, High street 

Coup ar- Angus, Perthshire. — Pop. 2,106. 

Culross, William, & Son, George street 
Crieff, Perthshire.— Vo^. 4,901. 

Anderson, D. D., 15, Comrie street 

Comrie, Peter, 23, West High street 

McCulloch, George, 11, St. James's square 

McDonald, Alexander, & Sons, 40, High street 

Makinson, Daniel D., 63, King street 

Miller, George, 46, High street 

Norrie, David, 8 and 10, High street 

Philips, David, 20, Comrie street 
Cupar, Fifeshire. — Pop. 4,729. 

Innes, J. & G., 8, Bonnygate 

Lockhart, David, Lady wynd 

Smith, David, Bonnygate 

Westwood, A., & Son, 20, Crossgate 



Dalbeattie, KirctLdhrightahire.—Vop. 3,149. 
M'Clymont, James D., 38, High street 
Maxwell, Robert, 78, High street 
Spencelayh, Miss E. A. , 16, High street 

Dalkeith, Midlothian. — Pop. 6,952. 
Bruce, James S. , 44, High street 
Garment, John, 67, High street 
Lyle, P & D., 45, High street 
Young, James, 58, High street. {Scholctstic) 

Dingwall, Roas-ahire. — Pop. 2,283. 
M'Pherson, John, 63, High street 
Munro, Miss 
Souter, George (late James Keith), 12, High street 

Dollar, Clackmannanshire, — Pop. 2,014. 
Bradshaw, Thomas, Bridge street 
Miller, James, Bridge street 

Dumbarton, Dtimbartonshire. — Pop. 16,908. 
Bennett k Thomson, Church street 
Boyd, Thomas, 127, High street 
Cameron, Duncan, 113, High street 
Langlands, George, 57) High street 

Dumfries, Dumfriesshire. — Pop. 17,821. 

Anderson, J. ,& Son, 163, High St. {Circ. Library.) New dk Second-hand 

Hunter, A. & T., 121, High street 

Maxwell, James, & Son, 117 and 119, High street 

Montgomery, J. S., 109, High street 

Dunbar, Haddingtonshire. — Pop. 5,210. 
Downie, Mrs. James, 56, High street 
Knox, James, 64, High street. 1849 
Knox, Thomas B. , 106, High street 

Dundee, Forfarshire. — Pop. 155,640. 
Burns & Harris, 112, Nethergate 

Cant, James, 26, Green market. 1860. Second-hand 

Kidd, William, The Library, Whitehall street 

McGregor, Mrs. E. , 86, High street. New and Second-hand 

Montgomery, George, 64, High street 
Morris, George, 72, High street 

Morrison, R., 31, Cowgate. Second-hand 

. Antiquarian and General 

* P.etrie, George, 26, Castle street. 1875. New and Second-hand 

' Antiquarian and General 

* Sowers Company, 28, Commercial street. New and Second-hand 

* Stephen, J. A. , & Co. , 9, Barrack street. New and Second-hand 
Winter, Duncan & Co. , 10 and 12, Castle street 

Dunfermline, Fifeshire. — Pop. 22,365. 
Campbell, Duncan, 19, Chalmers street 
Clark, William, & Son, 11, High street 
Drysdale, Charles, High street. Second-hand 

Millar, William, 60, High street 
Romanes, Archibald, 73, High street 

Dunoon, Argyleshire. — Pop. 5,285. 
Craig, George, 61, Argyll street 


Dunoon— continued, 

Scotland, T. & M., Pier road 

Smith, Thomas, 3, Hafton place. {CirctUcUing Library) 

Wallace, A., Pier road 

DuN8, Berwickshire. — Pop. 2,198. 

Aikman, Peter J. , 4, Castle street 
Swan, James, & Co. , Market square 
Wilkie, Adam H. , Market square 
Williamson, John, 5, Murray street 

EDINBURGH.— Pop. 261,261. 

Anderson, James, 28, Broughton street 

Archibald, James, 2, Dairy road, and 13, Clifton terrace 

Arnot, James, 95, Lothian road 

Barbour, Benjamin M. , 26, South Clerk street 

* Bazendine, Andrew, 10, St. Giles st. 1882. New and Second-hand, 

Educational, Antiquarian, and General See advt. 

Bell & Bradfute, 12, Bank street 

Blackwood, William, & Sons, 45, George street 

* Brown, A. B., 15, Bristo place. Second-hand 

Educational, General, and Autographs. Telegrams^ " Bristo Brown, Edinburgh.' 
Brown, George, 11 and 12, North Bank street. The Mound. 1878 

* Brown, J. Hardie, 12, South College street. 1839. Second-hand 

General, Chess Literature, Old Engravings, <&c. 

* Brown, William, 26, Princes street. 1877. Second-hand. See advt. 

Antiquarian, Fine Art, and General ; also MSS., Autographs, Ac. 
Telegramty '* Bibliopole, Edinburgh." 

* Brycei William, 54, Lothian street. New dk Second-hand, See advt. 

Est. 1885. General, Medical, Scientific, and Educational 

* Cameron, Richard, 1, South St. David street. 1868. Second-hand 

Antiquarian, Fine Art, and General 

* Camp1>3ll, John, 17, West Crosscauseway. 1883. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous, Curious, Banting, Economics, Ac. 
Christie, William C, 97, Nicholson street. 1840. Second-hand 

* Clay, W. F., 18, Teviot place. 1881. New and Second-hand 

Standard General, Medical, and Scientific. Specialty : Chemistry 
Tinlin, William, 237, Leith walk. Second-hand 

* Douglas & Foulis, 9, Castle street. New and Second-hand 

Booksellers and Librarians 

* Dunn, James, 14, Bristo place. 1888. Second-hand 

Theological and General 

* Elliot, Andrew, 17, Princes street. New and Second-hand 
Gardner, Charles, 31, Dundas street 

* Grant, John, 31, George IV. Bridge. New and Second-hand, See advt. 

Remainders of New Books and General Second-hand 
Grant, R., & Son, 107, Princes street 

* Green, William, & Sons, 18 and 20, St. Giles st. 1874. {Law Books) 
Haig, James, 1, Antigua street, Leith walk. Second-hand 

Hitt, James G., 37, George street 

* Hossack, Thomas M., 40, Chambers street. 1875. Second-hand 

General, Classical, Educational 

* Hunter, R. W., 19, George IV. Bridge. New and Second-hand 

Chiefly Theology. Teifgrram*, ••Theology, Edinburgh." Telephone, 907 

* Johnstone, David, 47a, Hanover street. 1894. Second-hand 

Antiquarian and General 

* Johnston, George P., 33, George street. 1880. Second-hand 

Curious, Old, and Rare 
' * Livingstone, E. & S. , 15, Teviot place. 1863. New and Second-hand 
Medical and Miscellaneous. Telephone, 854a.. 




New and Second-hand 

Edinburgh — continued. 

Mackintosh, J. R., 15, St. Giles street. 

* Mackay, James, 4, Bristo place. 

Educational and Miscellaneous 

* Mackenzie, John, 43, Lothian street. 1860. Second-hand 

General Literature ; also back-date Magazines. Lists of Wants solicited 

* Macleod, Norman, 7, North Bank st.. The Mound. New ds Second-hand 

* Macniven & Wallace, 138, Princes street. 1878. New dh Second-hand 

Booksellers and Librarians 

* Macphail, Alexander W., 33, St. Andrew square. Second-hand 

Antiquarian, General, and Prints 
Maloney, Frank, 2, West Crosscauseway. 1896. Secondhand 
Menzies, John, k Co., 12, Hanover street. {Wholesale) 

* Mitchell, William, 23, Lothian street. 1894. Second-hand 

General, Educational, Medical 
Moodie Brothers, 10, Antigua street, and 71, Nicolson street 

* Pentland, Young J., 11, Teviot place ; also at London 

New and Second-hand Medical ana Scientific 
Religious Tract & Book Society of Scotland, 99, George street 
Somerville, R. & H. , 10, Spring gardens, Stockbridge 

* Smith, Thomas, 9, South College street. New and Second-hand 
Stevenson, A., & Co., 9, North Bank street 

Taylor, James, 31, South Castle street 

* Thin, James, 55, South Bridge, and 1 and 2, Lindsay place. 

Est. 1847. All Departments, New and Second-hand. 
Telegramst " Bookman, Edinourgh." Telephone^ 796. 

* Thomson Brothers, 74, George street. 1875. Second-hand 

Mystical, Topography, Portraits and Engravings 
Turner, James, 15, Elm row, Leith walk. 1891. New and Second-hand 
Turner, George, 16, Haddington place. 1890. Second-hand 

* Williams & Norgate, 20, South Frederick st. ; also at London & Oxford 

Importers of Foreign Books. Telegrama, " Librorum, Edinburgh." 
Williamson, R. M., & Son, 309, Leith walk. 1878. Second-hand 

* Young, George Adam, & Co., 102, South bridge 

Theological and Foreign 

Elgin, Elginshire,— Voi^. 7,799. 

Thorbum, E. & W., 122, High street 
* Watson, James, 159, High st. {Circ. Library). New and Second-hand 
(Est. 1776) 
Watt, Alexander, 144, High street 
Yeadon, J. D., 62, High street. {Circ. Library) New and Second-hand 

Falkirk, Stirlingshire. — Pop. 17,307. 

Callander, John, 97 and 162, High street 

Frew, Robert, 134, Graham's road 

Inglis, George, Vicar street 

Leslie, James, 149, High street 

Murdoch, Alexander, 56 and 106, High street 

Paul, Thomas, 142, Graham's road 

Forfar, Forfarshire. — Pop. 13,665. 
Dick, David, 1, South street 
Dick, Miss, 88, Castle street 
Laing, Mrs. E. , 26, East Hi^h street 
Lawrance, James, 66, East High street 
Shepherd, William, 39, Castle street 
Thomson, William H., 73, East High street 

Forres, Elginshire.— Vo^. 3,971. 

Anderson, George W., 142, High street 


FoKRES — continued. 

Grant, James, 264, High street 
Stewart, Robert, k Son, 170, High street 

Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. — Pop. 7,360. 

Trail, John, 9, Mid street, ana 4 J, High street. (Gircvlating Library) 
Melvin, W. R., 35, Broad street 

Galashiels, Selkirkshire. — Pop. 17,249. 
Black, A., 18, Island street 
Dawson, R., & Son, 40, High street 
Grant, John, 92, High street 
Macphail, Myles, 44, Hfgh street 
Walker, Alexander, & Son, 113, High street, and 18, Bank street 

GiRVAN, Ayrshire.— Vo^. 4,081. 

Cully, William, J., 100, Dalrymple street 
Currie, Robert, 11, Dalrymple street 
McMorran, William, 23, Dalrymple street 

GLASGOW, Lanarkshire.— Pop., with suburbs, 780,414. 
Aitkenhead, Robert A., 13, New City road 
Allan, R. L., & Son, 143 — 145, Sauchiehall street 
Angus, Craibe, & Son, 159, Queen street. 1870 

Art Books, and Bumsiana 
Baird, John, 6, Queen's arcade, Renfrew street Second-hand 
Bauermeister, Frederick, 8, West Nile street 

Importer of Foreign Books 
Brown, James, & Son, 15, York street. {Nautical) 

* Bryce k Murray Limited, 129, Buchanan street. {Circulating Library) 

Surplus Books from Library 
Catholic Book Company, 85, High street 
Chisholm, Miss Jessie, 122, West Nile street. 1889 
Craig, Alexander, 501, Victoria road, s.s. 
Dickson, John G., 192, Sauchiehall street 
Dickson, William W. , 282, St. George's road 
Dobbie, Alexander, & Son, 44 and 45, Clyde place. {Nautical) 
Dott, George, 28 and 382, Dumbarton road 
Downie, Robert, Jun., 193, Main street, s.s. 
Drummond Tract Dep6t, 89, Bothwell street 

* Forrester, Robert, 1, Royal Exchange square. 1850. Second-hand 

Rare, Valuable, Fine Art, and Scotch 
Gibson, Robert, 16, Queen street 

Hannah, James, 122, Renfield street. Second-hand 

Henderson, D. , 24, Stockwell street. Second-hand 

Henderson, Miss H. L., 116, Candleriggs. 1860. Second-hand 
Holmes, Robert L. , 3 and 5, Dunlop street. ( Wholesale and Retail) 
Holmes, William, & Co., 35 and 37, St. Enoch square 
Hopkins, Archibald, 114, Renfrew street. Second-hand 

* Hopkins, Hugh, 17, West Regent street. . Second-hand 
Hunter, Alexander, 151, Crown street, s.s. 

Izett, James G., 173, St. George's road. 1851. Second-hand 

* Kerr & Richardson Ltd., 89, Queen street. 1827. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous, Rare, English, Scotch, and French MSS. 

Telegramtf "Ellisland, Glasgow." Telephone, 896. 
Lawrence, John, 466, Great Western road 

Lindsay, R., & Co., 134, Union street. 1862. New and Second-hand 
Love, William, 219 and 221, Argyle street. ( Wholesale and Retail) 


Glasgow — continued. 

Lyall, David, Dumbarton road, Partick 

McCallum, John, & Co. , 200 to 204, Buchanan street 

* McClure, Robert, 28, Findlay street. 1880. New and Second-hand 

AntiquariaD, Art, Technical, &c. 
McGeachy , James, & Co. , 93 and 95, Union street 
McGregor, Duncan, & Co., 37 and 38, Clyde place. {Nautical) 
Mackay, Charles, 2iS3, Buchanan street. Second-hand 

McKenzie, Alexander, 200, Hope street 

* McKenzie, James, 238, Buchanan street. 1870. Second-hand 

MiscellaneouB, Bare, Scotch, and Local 
Mackinlay, John N., 429, Sauchiehall street 

* MacLehose, James, k Sons, 61, St. Vincent street. 1838 

Miscellaneous Bound Books. Surplus Books from Library 
TelegravUt *' MacLehose, Glasgow.'' Telephone^ 3,416., 

McNeilage, John, 211, New City road 

McRaith, John, 525, Great Western road 

Margey, Hugh, 14, Great Clyde street. [Gaiholic) 

Marshall, William, 112, Nelson street, Tradeston. 1881. Second-hand 

May, J. & H., 485, Springburn road 

Menzies, John, & Co., 90, West Nile street. ( Wholesale) 

Morgan, J. W., & Co., 129, Sauchiehall street 

Morison Brothers, 52, Renfield street 

Morrison, Dean, k Co., 57, West Nile street. ( Wholesale) 

Murdoch & Co., 471, Eglinton street 

Niven, William, 17, Bridge street 

Oppenheim, H. M. L. , 218, St. George's road 

Pickering & Inglis, 73, Bothwell street 

Porteous Brothers, 33, Gordon street. ( Wholesale) 

Robertson, Robert, 304, Duke street 

* Sime, W. S., 120, Sauchiehall street. 1837. New and Second-hand 

Educational, Classical, Medical, and General 
Simpson, Frank, 69, Sauchiehall street 
Simpson, James C, 417, Great Western road 
Smith, John, & Son, 19, Renfield street, and 225, Ingram street 

* Stenhouse, A., 8 — 10, University ave., Hillhead. New db Second-hand 

Educational, Medical, Theological, Scientific, and General 
Stewart, R., & Son, 21, Bath street 

Sutherland, William, 123, Argyle street, and 307, Maxwell road 
Thomlinson, John, 436, Dumbarton road, Partick 
Urquhart, John, 53, Main street, Bridgeton 
Wardrop, James, 97, Bothwell street 
Warren, Alexander, 475, Victoria road, s.s. 
Whitberg, L., 5 and 7, Dunmore street, s.s. 1882. New dh Second-hand 

Hebrew, and English relating to Jews 
Whyte, Thomson, & Co., 144, Broomielaw. {Nautical) 

Wilson, John S., 101, Cowcaddens 
Winning, Walt, 120, Cumberland street, s.s. 
Winning, William, 270, Crown street, s.s. 
Wyse, George, 332, New City road. Second-hand 

Gbanoemouth, Stirlingshire.— Po^. 5,833. 
Allan, Miss E. H., Grange street 
Allan, Mrs. I., South Bridge street 
Cameron, Mrs. M. & N., (orange street 
Hannah, John, Grange street 


Greenock, Renfrewshire. — Pop. 63,423. 

Black, James W., 17, West Blackhall street. {GirculcUing Library) 

Campbell, Alexander, & Son, 46, Hamilton street 

Dunn, Andrew, 35, Cathcart street 

Fulton & Company, 3, Grey place 

Gebbie, & Company, 28, Cathcart street. {Nautical) 

McGregor, D. , & Co. , 32, Brymner street. {Nautical) 

McKelvie, James, & Sons, 34, Hamilton street 

Morrison, John, & Sons, 67, Rue End street 

Bae, Thomas, 32, Hamilton street 

Haddington, JIoMingtonshire. — Pop. 3,770. 
Bruce, Charles, 22, Market street 
Cowan, Thomas, 61, High street 
Hutchison, John, 81, High street 

Hamilton, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 24,863. 

Bowie, M., 74 and 76, Cadzow street. {GircvJating Library) 

Buchanan, G., 12 and 14, Brandon street. {Circulating Library) 

Dick, Robert W., Quarry street. {Circulating Library) 

McSkimming, James, 18, Cadzow street 

Hawick, Roxburghshire. — Pop. 19,204. 

Davidson, Andrew W., 41, High street 
Goodfellow, John C, 63, High street 
Henderson, William, 36, High street 

Kennedy, W. & J., 2, Sandbed. 1829. New and Second-hand 

Educational and General 

Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire. — Pep. 8,405. 
Cooper, John S., 62, East Princes street 
Laidlaw, James L. , 19, East Princes street 
McKim, Miss Jessie, 47, West Clyde street 
Macneur & Bryden, 64 and 56, East Princes street 
Sim, Robert H. , 28, West Princes street 

HuNTLY, Aberdeenshire. — Pop. 3,760. 
Dunbar, R. H. & J. , 20, Duke street 
McKenzie, James, Duke street 
Miller, William, Deveron street 
Simpson, William, The Square 

Inverness, Inverness-shire. — Pop. 19,214. 
Cameron, John, 2, Union street 
Cornet, James, London street 

Macdonald, D. , 34, Grant street. Second-hand 

Mackay, William, 27, High street 
Mackenzie, A. & W., 2, Lombard street. 1875. New and Second-hand 

Historical, Genealogical, and Antiquarian 
McLaren, Thomas, 17, Union street 

* Melven Bros., 29, Union st. ; also at Nairn. 1864. Neio de Second-hand 

* Munro, William, 29, Bridge street 

* Snowie, William M., 50, Church street. 1887. New and Second-hand 

British and Foreign, Coins, &c. 
Turnbull, J., Victoria arcade, Newmarket. Second-hand 

Young, George, New Market. New and Second-hand 

Theological and General 

Irvine, Ayrshire.— Po^. 9,037. 
Begg, John S. , 99, High street 

SCOTLAND.. . 89 

Ik VI N E — continued. 

Murchland, Charles, 75, High street 
Yuille, John, & Son, 81, High street 

Jedburgh, Roxburghshire. — Pop. 3,397. 
Easton, A. & VV., 18, High street 
Easton, Walter, Marketplace 
Geddes, Alexander, 41, High street 
Small, Thomas, 16, High street 

Johnstone, Renfrewshire. — Pop. 9,668. 
Boyd, Thomas, 39, High street 
Johnston, William, 17, High street 
Ijaing, John, 56, High street 

Keith, BanJ}khire.—Voi^. 4,622. 

Munro, William, 99, Mid street 
Mitchell, John, 119, Mid street 

Kelso, Roxburghshire. — Vo'p. 4,184. 
Clow, Misses I. & J. , The Square 
McDonald, John, Wood market 

* Rutherfurd, J. & J. H., 20, Square. 1802. New and Second-hand 

Border, Local, and Rural 
Wilson, Mrs. JS., The Square 

KiLMABNOCK, Ayrshire. — Pop. 28,447. 
Brown, D., & Co., 2, King street 
Dunlop & Drennan, 6, Portland street 
Fulton, W., 25, Titchfield street 
Haggo, Matthew, 72, King street 
Irving, W., Bank street 
Irvine & Son, 90, King street 
M*Culley, Hugh, 60, King street 
McKean, William, 45, Portland street 
Murdoch, William, 113, King street 
Ritchie, John, 14 and 16, Sturrock street 
Rodger, Mrs. T., 126, King street 
Smith, John, 20, Portland street 
Thomson, R. , Bank place, and West George street 

Kinross, Kinross-shire. — Pop. 1,902. 
Barnet, George, Main street 
Brown, David, Main street 
Ewing, Peter, Main street 

Kirkcaldy, Fi/eshire. — Pop. 27,151. 
Burt, James, 186, High street 
Davidson, John, & Son, 111, High street 
Duncan, William, 19, High street 
Fergus, William, 222, High street 
Robertson, Misses, 39, High street 
Young, J. & D., 132, High street 

Kirkcudbright, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. — Pop. 2,530. 
Conning, Miss, St. Mary street 
Denniston, James & John, 47, Castle street 
Macbean, Alexander, 17, Castle street 

Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire.— Vai^. 9,313. 
Aitken, Mrs. J. , 43, Cowgate street 



Kirkintilloch — continued. 

Goudie, Robert, 78, Cowgate street 
McLeod, Donald, 49, Cowgate street 
Scott, M. k J., 139, Cowgate street 

Kirkwall, Orkney Ides.— Pop. 3,896. 
Anderson, James, Bridge street 
Leonard's Newsagency, Bridge street. 1840. 
Mackintosh, William B., Victoria street 
Peace, William, & Son, Albert street 

Kirriemuir, Forfarshire.— Vop. 4,179. 
Lowden, William, Roods street 
Mills, William B., 22, High street 
NicoU, Alexander H. , 39, High street 

Lanark, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 4,759. 
Morrison, John D., 44, Bloomgate 
Thomson, D. A. V. , 29, High street 
Whitefield, N., 103, High street 

Xarkhall, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 8,360. 
Baxter, Walter, Montgomery street 
Barns, William, Union street 

Leith, Edinburghshire. — Pop. 67,660. 
Donaldson, John T., 133, Ferry road 
Grant, John, 191, Great Junction street. 
McCart, James, 9, Charlotte street 
Matheson, J. S., & Co., 47 and 48, Shore. 
Waterston & Johnston, 19, Bernard street 

Lerwick, Shetland. — Pop. 3,783. 

Duncan, Charles J. , 155, Commercial street 
Manson, T. & J., 16, Hillhead. 1885. 

Dialectic and Antiquarian 
Matthewson, T., 51, Commercial street. 
Morrison, Hector, 74, Commercial street 
Sandison, C. & A., 123, Commercial street 

Leslie, Fi/eshire. — Pop. 2,177. 
Goodall, Robert, High street 
Jollie, P., & Son, High street 

Leven, Fifeshire. — Pop. 3,998. 

Malcolm, David, 80, High street 
Porter, Thomas, 36, High street 

Linlithgow, Linlithgowshire. — Pop. 4,154. 
Clark & Steel, 86, High street 
Hardie, Robert, 164, High street 

LocHEE, Forfarshire.— Vai^. 12,370. 
Gray, AJndrew, 131, High street 
Hutcheson, David, 1, High street 
Irvine, J. i W., 105, High street 

Macduff, Banffshire. — Pop. 3,707. 
Gammie, «fohn L., 41, Duff street 
West, William, & Co., 23, Duff street 




New and Second-hand 



Moffat, Dumfrieaahire. — Pop. 2,290. 

Forrest, William, High street. {CirculcUing Library) 

Grieve, James, & Co. , Market place 
Knight, Robert, 16, Well street 

Montrose, Forfarshire. — Pop. 13,048. 

Balfour, Robert R. , 133, High street. New and Second-hand 

* Davidson, David P., 21 and 23, Castle street. New and Second-hand 
Sinclair, Robert L. , 78, High street 

Motherwell, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 23,500. 
Aikman, George, 11, Brandon street 
Bell, William, & Co. , 1 14, Brandon street 
Cameron, Kenneth, 84, Merry street 
Gray, James, 74, Brandon street 
Laird, Robert, 90, Muir street 
Stothers, Thomas, 2, Muir street 

Musselburgh, Edinburghshire. — Pop. 8,885. 
Aikman, James, 92, High street. 
Fen ton, John, 104, High street. 
Gordon, A. C, 119, High street. 

{Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 


Nairn, Nairnshire, — Pop. 4,651. 

Campbell, Alexander, 125, High street 
Harrison, William, 78, High street. 
Melven, Brothers, 25, High street 
Reid, Robert C, 11, High street 

Newmilns, Ayrshire.— Vop. 3,704. 
Boyd, James, Main street 
Mitchell, Archibald, 17, Main street 
Walker, M. & W. , Main street 

Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire. — Pop. 2,332. 
McCredie, William S. , 12, Victoria street 

Oban, Argyleshire. — Pop. 4,377. 

* Boyd, T., 54 to 58, George st. {Girc. Library). New and Second-hand 

Est. 1883. Gselic, English Books relating to the Highlands, and Miscellaneous 
Galbraith, Archibald, Argyll square 

Macdonald, Hugh, Alexandra road. {Circulating Library) 

McKay, D., Queen's Park place. {Circulating Library) 

Menzies, J., 98, George street {Circula,ting Library) 

Paisley, Renfrewshire. — Pop. 66,420. 

* Ballantyne, John, & Son, 28, High street. 1877. New and Second-hand 
Barr, John, 81, High street 

* Gardner, Alexander, 7, Gilmour street 
Glover, Thomas, 11, Moss street 
Goudie, James, 24, High street 
McDougal Brothers, 4, Moss street 
McDougal, Allan, 20, High street 

Menzies, Matthew, 10, Gauze street. 1887. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous, Odd Volumes, and Magazines 
Parlane, J. & R. , 97, High street 
Reid, James, Moss street 

Peebles, Peeblesshire.— Voi^. 4,704. 

Davidson, Thomas D. , 73, High street 



Pbsbles — corUimied. 

Redpath, A^dam, 6, High street 
Watson, James, 65, High street 

Perth, Perthshire. — Pop. 30,749. 

Barlas, James, 208, South street. 1868. 

Bruce, John, 46, George street 

Christie, John, 32, St. John street. 

Hay, B. A. & J., 23, George street. 

Leslie, Duncan, 20, St. John street 

NicoU, James & Joseph, 41, South Methven st. 

Robertson, David, 94, High street 

Walker, Robert, 38, Mill street. 

Wood & Son, 52, High street 

Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. — Pop. 12,195. 
Mennie, James H. , 2, Chapel street 

Taylor, William L., 23, Broad street. 

Antiquarian, Scotch Books, Ballads, Poetry, &c. 
Wernham, A. G., 15, Broad street 

Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire. — Pop. 14,624. 
Mcintosh, Mrs. Mary D., 33, Princes street 
Miller, William, 71, Princes street 

PoRTOBBLLO, Edinburgh. — Pop. 8,181. 
Archibald, Thomas, 144, High street 
Black, James, 182, High street 
Hunter, Richard, 84, High street. 

Renfrew, Renfrewshire. — Pop. 6,756. 
McKenzie, Robert, High street 
Napier, H. A. , Canal street 

Rothesay, Buteshire. — Pop. 9,034. 

Campbell & Chalmers, Misses, Montague street 
Duncan, Miss, Gallowgate 
Harold, Misses E. & J. , 12, Albert place. 
Mackinlay, John, 21, Victoria street. 
Mackinnon, Hector, 11, Victoria street. 
Wright, C. L. , 5, Guildford square. 

RuTHERGLEN, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 13,074. 
Anderson, James, 114, Main street 
Mitchell, Lewis, 131, Main street. 

St. Andrews, Fifeshire. — Pop. 6,853. 

Cook, Joseph, & Son, 80, Market street 
Fletcher, Melville, & Son, 121, South street 
Henderson, W. C. , & Son, Church street. 

Saltcoats, Ayrshire. — Pop. 5,895. 

FuUerton Brothers, Dockhead street 
Mclnnes, William, Dockhead street 
Wallace, Archibald, Dockhead street 

Selkirk, Selkirkshire. — Pop. 6,788. 
Douglas, Andrew, Ettrick terrawje 
Johnstone, Archibald, 24, Market place 
Lewis, James, 13, High street 
McLean, James C, 1, Buccleuch road 
Thomson, Walter, 29, High street 

New and Second-hand 

{Circulating Library) 
{Gircvlating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 


New and Second-hand 

{Gircula,ting Library) 

{Circulating Library) 
{Circv^lating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 
{Circulating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 


Stevenston, Ayrshire, — Pop. of Pariflh, 6,035. 
Dickie, John 
Thomson, Hugh 

Stirling, Stirlingshire. — Pop. 18,000. 

* Cook & Wylie, 9, Barnton street. New and Second-hand 

Seottish Antiqaarian and Historical 
Crawford & Co. , 7, King street 
Drummond's Tract Depot, Dumbarton road 

Mackay, Eneas, 43, Murray place. 1883. New and Second-hand 

Shearer, R. S. , & Sons, 6, King street. 1849. 
Shirra, William L., 83, Port street 
Strathern, John, 34, Barnton street 

Stonehaven, Kincardineshire. — Pop. 4,497. 
Bell, Miss Mary, Market square 
Taylor, Miss Jane, 16, Evan street 
Waldie, Mrs. J. M., 13, Evan street 

Stonehouse, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 3,400. 
Hamilton, John 
Stevenson, William 

Stornoway, Boss-shire. — Pop. 11,710. 

Macpherson & Co. Limited, 54, Point street 

Stranraer, Wigtownshire. — Pop. 6,171. 
McLachlan, William, 34, George street 
Roberts, John, 11, George street 

Strathavbn, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 6,069. 
Bryson, N. W. , Waterside street 
Morton, Alexander, Common green 

Thurso, Gaithness-shire. — Pop. 3,930. 
Cormack, Miss K., High street 
Malcolm, John, Traill street 
Russell & Leslie, Traill street 

Tillicoultry, Glackmanna.nshire. — Pop. 3,939. 
Stewart, Adam, High street 

Troon, Ayrshire. — Pop. 3,581. 

Dickie, John, 77, Temple hill. {Nautical) 

Murchland, Charles, Ayr street. {Circulating Library) 

Young, Robert, 18, Temple hill 

Wick, Caithness-shire. — Pop. 8,463. 

Bain, Donald H., 18, Breadalbane terrace, Pulteney town 

Bruce, Arthur, Bridge street 

George J., & Son, Bridge street 

Rae, William, High street 

Reid, Peter, & Co. , 42 and 44, Union street 

Ross, Daniel, High street 

Sutherland, William, High street 

WiSHAW, Lanarkshire. — Pop. 14,869. 
Archibald, Richard, 85, Main street 
Hay, Alexandra, 40, Main street 
McRaith, Robert, 8, Main street 
Pomphrey, William, Main street 
Reid, William B., 13, Main street 




Armaoh, Ulster. — Pop. 7,438. 

M'Watters, Robert P., English street 
White, Samuel, English street 

Athlone, Cos. Roscommon and WeMm^ath. — Pop. 6,742. 
Bell, B. & J. , Castle street 
Hogan, Thomas, Church street 
Walsh, John, Connaught street 

Ballymena, Co. Antrim. — Pop. 8,655. 
Blair, William, Church street. 
Erwin, William, & Co., Ballymoney street 
Erwin, Thomas, Church street 

{Circulating Library) 

{Circulating Library) 

{ Wholesale and Retail) 


( Wholesale and Retail) 

{ Wholesale and Retail) 

Bandon, Co. Cork. — Pop. 3,488. 

Crowley, M. , South Main street. 
Hurley, E., South Main street 

Belfast, Co. Antrim. — Pop. 300,000. 

Catholic Book Company, 6, Berry street 
Cleeland, James, 26, Arthur street. 1864. 

Early Belfast printed, Topographical, Rare, and Curious 
Dargan, T. ,' 17, Castle lane, & Smithtield. 1880. New and Second-hand 

Theological, Educational, and Antiquarian 
Eason & Son, Limited, 17, Donegall Street. 
Mayne, William E., 2, Chichester street 
McWilliams, James, Smithtield. 
MuUau, William, & Son, 4, Donegall place 
Olley & Co., Limited, 8, Royal avenue. 
Religious Tract and Book Depdt, 1 16, Royal avenue 
Robb, J. , & Co. , Castle place and Lombard st. ( Wholesale and Retail) 
Shone, James, & Co., 9, Lombard street. 1885. New and Second-hand 

Early Printed, Irish, First Editions, Fine Art, Educational, and General 
Ulster Unitarian Christian Association, 35, Rosemary street 

Carlo w, Co. Carlow. — Pop. 6,619. 
Colgan, Patrick, TuUow street 
Conlon, P. J., TuUow street 
Hoey, Miss, TuUow street 
Kelly, John, TuUow street 
McQuaide & Co., Dublin street 
Power, Mrs. E., Dublin street 

Carbickfergus, Co. Antrim. — Pop. 4,478. 
Bell, James, High street. 

Cabrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary. — Pop. 5,608. 

Cleary, Thomas J. , Bridge street, and Main street 
Lynch, Thomas, Kickham street 

Cavan, Ulster.— Vop. 2,968. 
Fegan, John, Main street 

O'Brien & Co., Main street. {Circvlaling Library) 

Smyth, Thomas J., Main street 

CoLERAiNB, Co. Londonderry. — Pop. 5,106. 
Eccles, S., & Co., The Diamond 
Woods, Miss Annie, Church street. {Circvlaling Library) 

{Circulating Library) 


Cork, Co, CorL—Vo]p. 75,343. 

Barrett, J., 6 and 7, Parliament street 

Cork Religious Tract and Book Society, Grand Parade 

Evans, W. & T., 11, Patrick street 

* Massey, Nassau, 17, Pembroke street. Second-hand 

Irish, Sporting, and General Literature 
Michael, J. W. , 59, George's street. Second-haivd 

Mulcahy, D., & Co., 36, Patrick street 
Murray, G. V., 7, Grand Parade 
Wilkie & Son, King street 

DowNPATRiCK, Go, Dowu. — Pop. 3,133. 
Crichton, VV. Y., Irish street 
McCartney, W. & J., English street 

Dbooheda, Co, LotUh. — Pop. 11,873. 

Hughes, A., Ill, West street 

McCarthy & Company, West street 

Nolan, John, 11, Laurence street 

Rombach, John K. , West street 
DUBLIN.— Pop. 278,896. 

Brown & Nolan Limited, 24, Nassau street 

Byrne, Charles, 1, Cavendish row 

Carson Brothers, 7, Grafton street 

Combridge & Co. , 18, Grafton street 

Duffy, James, & Co. Ltd., 15, Wellington quay. ( WholeHcde do Retail) 

Eason & Son Limited, Middle Abbey street. ( Wholesale dr Retail) 

Fannin & Co. Limited, 41, Grafton street. {Medical) 

(jill, M. H., & Son, 50, Upper Sackville street. ( Wholesale and Retail) 

Groves, M., k Co., 4, Wood quay 

Hodges, Figgis, & Co. Ltd., 104, Grafton st. 1800. New d: Second-hand 

Kearney Brothers, 14, Capel street 

McGee, William, 18, Nassau street 

Ma^ee, William, 5, Wood quay. Second-hand 

General, School, Law, and Medical 

* Massey, Edward, 6, Aston's quay. Second-hand 

Standard and Scarce Literature ; Works relating to Ireland 
Morrow, Robert, & Son, 12, Nassau street 
O'Donoghue, T. G., 3, Bedford row. Second-hand 

Ponsonby, E., 116, Grafton street 

* Booney, M. W., 37, Rathgar avenue. New and Second-hand 

Irish History and Miscellaneous. Publisher of Classical Translations, <&c. 
Strong, Joshua, 26, Wellington quay. New and Second-hand 

Sibley & Co., 51, Grafton street 

* Tray nor, Patrick, Crampton quay. Second-hand 

Qeneral Literature, Irish History, Antiquities, Topography, &c. 
Warren, C. M., 21, Upper Ormonde quay. 
Webb, George, 5, Crampton quay. Second-hand 

DuNDALK, Co, Louth. — Pop. 12,449. 
Galbraith, J., 84, Clanurassil street 
Gorman, J., 25, JPark street 
McCullough, P. , 72, Clanbrsissil street 
Roe, Thomas, 3, Earl street 

Tempest, W. , Crowe street 

Ennis, Co, Clare,— Vo^. 5,460. 
* Hayes, James, Church street. 1868. 

Kare Books, Prints, Autographs, Curios, &c. 


Enniskillbn, Go. Fermanagh, — Pop. 5,570. 
Ritchie, William, TowDhall street 
Trimble, William C, East Bridge street 
Weaver, Alfred, Darling street 
White, George, 13, Townhall street 

Galway, Co, Galway. — Pop. 13,800. 
Clayton, Matthew, Eyre square 
Donnellon, M. T., Shop street 
M'CuUagh, Thomas A. , Williams gate street 

Kilkenny, Go, Kilkenny. — Pop. 11,048. 
Coyle Brothers, High street 
Egan, Patrick M., High street 
Landy, Eli, King street 
Maxwell, L., High street 

KiLLARNBY, Go. Kerry. — Pop. 5,510. 
Hansard, J. , High street 

Kingstown, Go. Dublin. — Pop. 17,340. 

Marsden, Mrs., 57, Upper George's street 
Pennell, Thomas, 71, tipper George's street 
Smith & Barton, 102, Upper George's street 
Thornton, John, 46, Upper George's street 

Labne, Go, Antrim. — Pop. 6,500. 
Boyd, James, Main street 
McCalmont, J. S., Main Street 
Taylor, J. H., Main street 

Limerick, Go. Limerick. — Pop. 37,155. 

Bourke, Thomas M., & Son, 120, George street 

Hannan, J. I)., 31, George street 

Ledger, Z. M., & Son, 27, George street New and Second-hand 

LiSBURN, Go, Antrim, — Pop. 12,250. 
Gillespie, A. & S. , Market square 
Reilly, John E., Castle street 

Londonderry, Go. Londonderry. — Pop. 32,893. 
Forrester, John, Ferryquay street 
Gailey, William, Waterloo place 
Hempton, James, Shipquay street 
Montgomery, James, Carlisle road 

LuRGAN, Go. Armagh. — Pop. 11,429. 
Keogh, John, North street 
McKeown, E. J. 
Pollock, George 
Richardson, Lewis, Church place 

Newry, Go. Down, — Pop. 13,691. 

Irwin, Joseph, 21 and 87, Hill street 
Magowan, W. & S., 106, Hill street 
Warnock, James, & Co., Margaret square 

Omagh, Go. Tyrone. — Pop. 4,039. 
Connell, D. & L., Dublin road 
Johnson Brothers, High street 



PoRTADOWN, Co. Armagh, — Pop. 8,430. 
Allen, Miss E., High street 
Waugh, John, High street 

QuBENSTOWN, Co, Corh, — Pop. 9,082. 
Barron, M., Harbour row 
Love, Toomey k Co., Beach 
Wickham, M., Beach 

Sligo, Co. Sligo.— Pop. 10,274. 

0*Malley, Eliza, 17, Castle street 
Scanlan, W., 17, Thomas street 
Thorn, E., Lower Knox street 

Tbaleb, Co. Kerry. — Pop. 8,743. 

Norton, John, 11, Lower Castle street 

Watbbfobd, Go. Waterford. — Pop. 27,713. 
Croker, G. D., 11, The Mall 
Egan, P. M., Quay 
Harvey, Newenham & Co., Quay 
Hayes, L. , Michael street 
Kelly, William, Gladstone street 

Wbxford, Co. Wexford. — Pop. 11,545. 
Carmody, E., 10, Main street 
Doyle, M., 11, Main street 
Furlong, M. J. , 16, Main street 
Gainfort, William, Main street 
Hanton, Peter, 3, Main street 

YouGHAL, Co. Cork. — Pop. 4,317. 
Field, W. G., North Main street 




At Bayreuth. Germany. 

FouNDEi) 1828. 

Publishes Catalogues in Every Branch 

of Literature and Science, 

Last Number, 237. 




For Odd Volumes, Parts, (fee., (See Not€8 and 
Queries, March 8, 1888, p. 166). The under- 
mentioned keeps a Register of Wants, &c. 
Wants and Offers registered, searched for, 
and reported without charge. Booksellers 
having or wanting odd vols., &c., will do 
well to send Lists. State Title of Work, 
Author, Date of Edition, and Price of 
Articles offered. Please send Catalogues. 
The ONLY address of " The Book Finder " is 

W. DENT, 101, Oonstantine Bd., 


* * 

* n 




American Express, Neale & Wilkinson, 32, St. Mary Axe, e.c. 
See advt. on opposite page. 

American Express Company, 3, Waterloo Place, s.w. ; also at 65, Broad- 
way, New York, U.S. A. London Telegraphic Address^ "Cicatrix." 
Telephone 2729, Gerrard. 

Atlas Express Company, 35 and 37, Whitecross street, e.o. 

Billing, Robert, & Company, 59, Old Bailey, e.c. 

Canadian Express Company, 48, Fenchurch street, b.c. 

Continental Daily Parcels Express Company, 53, Gracechurch st., e.c. 

Flaoeollett & Company {Continental) j 23, Fore street avcDue, e.c.; 19, 
Rue Victor Hugo, Boulogne-sur-Mer. Paris — 15, Passage Saulnier. 
Brussels — 37, Rue du Canal. Telegrams, ** Affreter, London." 

Foreign Parcel Agency, 4, Guildhall chambers, Basinghall street, e.c. 

Foster's Parcels Express Company Limited, 79, 80, 81, and 82, Fore 
street, e.c.; Fore street avenue, e.c.; West End office — 18, Carlisle 
street, Soho square, w. 

Globe Express Limited, to all parts of the United Kingdom and Abroad, 
5, Finsbury street, e.g.; Ropemaker street, e.c.; 20, St. Paul's Church- 
yard, E.C.; 13, Woodstock st., w.; and 12, Sheldon st., Paddington. 

Hayden, W. H., & Company, 10, Warwick square, b.c. (Trade only). 
Telegrams, **Tollcorn, London." 

International Transit Agency, 1, Water lane, e.c. 

Meadows, Thomas, & Co., 35, Milk street, Cheapside, e.g. 

Messageries Nationales Limited (Continental Parcels Post), 15, King 
street, Cheapside, e.c. 

Neale & Wilkinson, American, Colonial, and Foreign Carriers ; 32, St. 
Mary Axe, e.c. Agents — J. C. Metzger k Co., 30, Broadway, New 
York, U.S. A. See cSivt. on opposite page. 
Telegrams, "Everywhere, London." Telephone 2,016, avenue. 

Roberts & Company, 19 and 20, Hamsell street, Aldersgate street, e.c.; 
and 3, Camaby street. Regent street, w. 

Sutton & Company, 22, Golden lane. Barbican, e.g.; 13, Broad street, 
Grolden square, w. Telegrams, "Carriers, London." 

Universal Parcel Express Company (R. P. Atkins & Co.), 12, St. Mary 
Axe, e.g. Telegrams, "Snikta, London." 

Van Oppen & Company Limited (Foreign Carriers), 162, Aldersgate, 
street, e.c. Telegrams, " Vanoppen, Lond." Telephone 926, Holborn. 

Whsatley, G. W., & Company, 10, Queen street, Cheapside, e.g.; and 
23, Regent street, s.w. Agents for the United States Express Co., 
and Morris's European and American Express Company Limited. 


w « 



Reduced Througli Bates from London for Paxcels of Books, &c,: 

51b. 101b. 201b. 301b. 40lb. 60lb. lOOlb. 

New York 8d. ls.6d. 3s. 4s. 4s. 6d. 6s. 6d. 8s. 6d. 

Phnadelphia} ^s. 2s. 3d. 4s. 6d. 5s. 6s. 8s. 12s. 

CMcago 2s. 9d. 4s. 6d. 6s. 6d. 9s. 10s. 12s. 16s. 6d. 

HaSfax^* }2s.6d. 5s. 8s. 9s. 10s. 16s. 6d. 20s. 
Toronto 2s. 6d. 5s. lls.6d. 15s. 6d. 16s. 6d. 18s. 6d. 22s. 6d. 

Above lOOlb. at Reduced Scale. Rates quoted to any other place. 

Cheap Through Freight Bates quoted to alllparts of the States 

and Canada. 

The above Rates are for conveyance only, exclusive of Custom House Fees & Brokerage. 


Tariff of Bates on application. 

Bates are as follows for Parcels of Books from London to some of the 

principal ports : — 

401b. 601b. 801b. lOOIb. 

Melboume/.Sydney, &c 7s. 6d. 9s. 6d. Il8.6d. lls.6d. 

Wellington, Dunedin, &c 8s. lls.6d. 15s. 17s. 6d. 

Bombay, Calcutta, &c 6s. 6d. 7s. 6d. 8s. 6d. 8s. 6d. 

Above lOOlb. at Special Rates. Rates quoted to any place. Goods forwarded 

to all parts of the World by Quickest Route. 


By the Quickest and Best Routes, at inclusive Rates. 


Invoices collected against delivery of Goods Abroad, 

Packages should be sent to Address as under, or will be collected in 

London Free of Charge if desired. 


American, Colonial, and Foreign Oarriers, 


(late of union court, old broad street), 

Agents and Correspondents in ail parts of the World, 


Belfast.— Brigga, J., & Co., 11 and 13, Queen's square 
Birmingham. — Cheshire, Gibson, Son, & Fowler, 73, New street 

Thomas & Bettridge, Waterloo street 

Weller & Locker, 18, New street 
Blackburn. — Salisbury & Hamer, 64, Church street ; and at Manchester 

Margerison, Mark N., Town Hall street 
Bolton. — Lomax, Sons, & Mills, 15, Wood street 
Bradford, Yorks. — Best (T. S.) & Harris, Bridge street, and Hall Ings 

Stansfield, W. G., & Co., "The Bradford" Sale Rooms, Forster square 
Bristol. — Alexander, Daniel, Selfe, & Co., Bank Chambers, Com street 
Bury, Lanes. — Jackson, Samuel, & Son, 46, Bolton st. ;_and at Prestwich 
Cambridge. — Jacobs & Hast, St. Andrews street 
Carlisle. — Hardy, C. P., Lowther street 
Cheltenham. — Harrison, Bay ley, & Adams, 4, Promenade 
Dublin. — Bennett & Son, 5 and 6, Upper Ormond quay 

North, James H. , 102, Grafton street 

Sullivan, J. W., 8, D'Olier street 

Auctioneer of Books and Prints exclusively 
Edinburgh. — Dowell, Alexander, 18, George street 
Glasgow. — Duncan, Keith & McCloy, 157, Hope street 
Gloucester. — Bruton, Knowles, & Co., Albion Chambers, King street 
Harrogate. — Ainsworth, James, 3, Parliament street 
Hastings. — Cousins, Henry, 39, Queen's road 
Hereford. — Merrick, F. H. 

Ipswich. — Bond, Robert, & Sons, Old Bank House. Established 1854 
Kendal. — Derome, M., & Son, 21, Stramongate 
Lancaster. — Warriner, R. C, 10, Arcade, Market street 
Leeds. — Hepper & Son, 17a, East parade 

Hollis & Webb, 26, Park row and South parade 
Liverpool. — Branch & Leete, 60, Hanover street 

Whitehead, Thomas, & Son, 67, Hanover street 
London. — Christie, Manson, & Woods, 8, King st., St. James's square, s.w. 

Hodgson, H. H., & Co., 115, Chancery lane, w.c. 

Puttick & Simpson, 47, Leicester square, w.c. 

Sotheby, Wilkinson, & Hodge, 13, Wellington street. Strand, w.c. 
Manchester. — Artingstall & Hind, 45, Princess street 

Capes, Dunn, & Pilcher, 8, Clarence street 

Ellis, William, 37, Corporation street 

Salisbury (William) & Hamer, 2, Norfolk street ; and at Blackburn 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne. — Davison & Son, Academy of Arts, Blackett street 

Mack, R. & W. , & Co. , 73, Pilgrim street 
Oldham. — Mellor, Allen, 21, Queen street 

Sowden, Job, 28, Clegg street 
Oxford. — Mallam, J. R., & Son, 126, High street 
Preston. — Dewhurst & Son 
Rochdale. — Hargreaves, John, John street 

Shepherd, William, & Son, Yorkshire street 

Swift, William, The Butts 
Sheffield. — Lockwood, J. R., Bow street 

Nicholson, Greaves, Barber, & Hastings, High street 
Shrewsbury. — Hall (William), Wateridee, & Owen, 4, Belmont 
SouTHPORT. — Hatch, John, Albany Chambers, Lord street 
Stockport. — Brady & Son, 17, Warren street 
WiGAN. — Worthington, Thomas, King street 
York. — Richardson & Trotter, 21 a. Coney street 



H. S. NICHOLS, Ltd., 

Rare Books & MSS. Dept. 

62a, Piccadilly, and la, Albemarle-St., London, W. 

H. S. NICHOLS, Ltd., desire to call the attention 
of Book Collectors to the fact that they are Dealers in 




MSS. on Vellum, Illuminated with Miniatures. 

Exemplairea de Travail, 
Paris and Samm Missals, 

Incunahida and QotMc Letter Books, with or tintkout Figures, 



The Chase, Falconry, Cocking, Hunting, Shooting, Angling, &c. 

Early English Poetry and the Drama, French and 

English Belles Lettres. 


Rich, Curious, Historical, and Unique Bindings, 
Literary Curiosities, &c., &c. 

All Books are guaranteed complete in the absence of indication 
to the contrary, and will be sent on inspection if desired. 

Catalogues are issued^ and tvill he forwa/rded gratis on receipt of name 
and address. All communications answered. 

Telegraphic Address — **Nicch%Oy London, 
Telephone Nos. 1807 and 3931. 



H. 8. NICHOLS, Ltd., 

Bookbinding Department 

61 & 62, High Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C. 



S. NICHOLS, Ltd., desire to call attention to their Book- 
binding Department. They have secured the late Mr. 
Bedford's magnificent and unique collection of Binding Tools, 
comprising, amongst others, sets of the designs of Grolier, 
Dbrome, Nicholas and Clovis Eve, Maioli, Roger Payne, Le 
Gascon, also designs for Bindings in the Harleian or Monastic 
styles, and also a large number of Tools of emblematic designs for 
Sporting Books, together with thousands of other designs of every 
description of ornament of the French, Italian, and English Schools. 

H. S. Nichols, Ltd., undoubtedly possess the most remarkable 
and unique Binding establishment in this country, and with the tools 
they secured the men — several of them acknowledged masters of the 
craft — and without hesitation they may assert that the work executed 
by them cannot be surpassed for quaintness, originality, art of design, 
and first-class workmanship and finish. They will endeavour to main- 
tain constant improvement, until specimens ** Bound by Nichols" shall 
be as recherchdi as much valued, coveted, and collected as those bound 
by the great masters whose designs are in their possession. In the 

IRegtotatton of ancient an& IPalnable 3Btn&tnog 

special skill and care is devoted, as also to the Cleaning and Mending 
of soiled copies of Valuable Books. Manuscripts on Vellum, Rare 
Manuscript Letters, and Old Records preserved in the best possible 
manner. In this branch of the art they have secured the services of 
the man who par exceUence excels all others. 

Ordinary Binding, always first-class work, for Magazines, etc., 
at low prices. 

Arms, Monograms, etc., designed and cut in brass and em- 
bossed upon any kind of leather, vellum, or other material. Special 
designs and estimates submitted for Choice and Delicate Work. 
Presentation Testimonials to order in the form of a book, with 
Illuminated Lettering Pieces for same. 


SPECIALITE. — Drop Cases, etc., made in every style, 
covered with morocco, calf, or other material, and handsomely and 
appropriately tooled, for preserving books in the original parts or 
boards ; also Drop Cases for preserving fine and old bindings. 

Telegraphic Address — " Nicchio, London." 
Telephone Nos. 1807 and 3931. 

H. 8. NICHOLS, Ltd., 

Printing Department 



H. S. NICHOLS, Ltd., desire to call attention 
to their Printing Department, and to state that they 
are prepared to undertake the Printing and production 
both of text and illustrations of 

(gtan& an& Cboice g&ittong &e Xuse 

On Pure Vellum, Japanese Vellum, Fine Hand-made 

Papers, or Ordinary Papers, 



Both in Old and Modern Style, comprising 

Letterpress Printing:, Book Printing:, Cataloj^ue 

Printing, Commercial, Law, and 

General Printing:. 

Designing and Engraving undertaken^ as also Photo- 
gravure^ Heliogravure^ Collotype^ Process Block Worky 
Electrotypingy Copperplate Engravings Mouldings Stereo- 
typings and the finest Steel and Wood Engraving of full-page 
Illustrations^ Vignettes^ Cuts de Lampes^ Fleurons^ dfc. 

The Designing of BOOK PLATES a speciality. 

The most stylish and fashionable as well as the most brilliant 
DIES are cut, and Note Paper and Envelopes impressed therewith. 


Telegraphic Address — " Nicchio^ London" 
Telephone Nos. 1807 and 39S1. 

H. 8. NICHOLS, Ltd., 

Publishing Department 


H. S. NICHOLS, Ltd, publish . , 

<gran& d Cboice £&itiong &e Xa$e, 


Stan&ar& BMtions 

Some of the important Publications issued being Burton's 
Arabian Nights, 12 vols.; Victor Hugo's Romances, 
28 vols.; Dumas' Celebrated Crimes, 8 vols.; the Col- 
lection of Court Memoirs, the Collection of Historic 
Memoirs, the Fin de Sii^cle Library, the Nude in 
Art, &c., &c. 

Full Catalogue of all will be sent on application. 

If. S. Nichols^ Ltd., will be glad to hear from 
Authors with manuscripts ready for publication, and to 
consider proposals for new books, and can offer the ex- 
ceptional facilities and valuable advantages of combined 
Printing, Illustrating, Binding, Publishing, and selling 

direct to the public. 


All MSS. are carefully read by highly competent Readers, 

and when publication is advised H. S. Nichols, Ltd. 

are prepared to give advantageous terms. 

Telegraphic Address — " NicchiOj London.** 
Telepfione Nos. 1807 and 3931. 




Where towns have a less population than 10,000, the figures are not given. 



Kamloofs. — Slavin, W. T. 

Bailey Bros. Co. Ltd. 
Nanaimo. — Pimbury, E., & Co. 
New Westminster. — Lyal, D., & Co. 

Money, H., & Co., Columbia street 
RossLAND. — Wallace, H. S. 
Vancouver. — Pop. 14,500. 

Bailey Bros. Co. Ltd., Cordova street. 1888 
' Bishop, J. C. 

Clarke & Stuart 

Dominion Publishing Company, Cordova street 

Thomson Stationery Co.; also at Calgary, N. W.T. 
Victoria.— Pop. 17,000. 

Hibben, T. N., & Co., 69 and 71, Government street. 1858 

Neill, Ceorge 

Wilby, William 

Brandon. — Christie, E. L. 
Carberry. — Manville, O. 
Portage la Prairie.— Prest, William Archie. 1886 

Miller, W. W. 

Todhunter, Thomas, Box 433. 1884 
W^INNIPBQ.— Pop. 28,000. 

CampbeU, R. D. 

Fereuson & Co. 

Mcintosh, T. A., Portage avenue. 1882 

Richardson, Robert D. 

Russell & Co. 

Taylor, Alexander 


Fredbricton.— Fenely, W. T. 

Cropley, Henry Adams. 1865 

Hall, H. S. 

McMurray & Co. 
St. John.— Pop. 41,000. 

Barnes & Co., Prince William street 

Brown, G. W., Main street 

Crawford, James, 711, Main street. 1877 

McArthur, Douglas, King street 

McMillan, J. & A., Prince William street 

Morissey, Alfred, King street 

Nelson, E. G., & Co., King street 

0*Brien, T. , & Co. , King street 

Watson & Co. , Charlotte street 
Woodstock. — Collins, J. T. 

Everett, W. H. 


&r. John's.— Byrne, G. 
Chisbolm, J, F. 
Dicka & Co. 
GarUad, 8. E. , 177, Water street east. 188: 

Tclrgrami, "Bookland." TeUplKiiie, sa. 
MilligEm, George S., Jun. 

Caloabt.— Linton Brothers 

Thomson Sta.tioaery Co.; aUo at New Weatii 
Prince ALBsaT.^Baker, G. W. 

Campbell, T. N. 

Way, R. B. 
Rboika.— Black, C. H. 

Am HBRST.— Monro, B. C, 
Antioonish.— McCnrdy Jt Co. 

Mcllreitb & Co. 

Somacs ft Co. 

Walden, C. W. 
Ahhafulis. — CuDQingham, A. B. 

Thomson, (), K., 4 Co. 
Bridgetown, AmtapoUs Co.— Dodge, Enoch 

Porter, B. H. 
Cahnino, kings Co.— Borden, C. E. 
Halifax. —Pop. 38,000. 

Allen, J. C., ft Co., 124 and 126, GranviUe s( 
Wliolea&le and Retiu] BookaeUera ind Iinpotten 

Baptist Book and Tract Society, 117, Granvi 

GrlfBn, J. P., 17, Jacob street 

Knight & Co., 125, Graoville street 

Mackinky, A. ft W., 137. Granville street 

Morton ft Co., C, C., 143, Barrington itreet 

Wesleyan Methodist Society Book Room, 14 
Kent viLLE. —Eaton, R. W. 
LiVBBPOOL. — Sperry, W. H., "Times" OfBee 
LtrNBNBUoo. — Nash, E. L. 
New Glasgow, Piclon Co.— Henderson, H. H., i 

McKenzie, W. F. 

Pritchard, A. 0. 

Torey, W. H. 
PrCMN.— Beattie 4 Co, 

McLean, James 
SuERBROOKE. — Ciunminger Brothers 

McLaia, Donald 
Sprikohill.— Fraser, S. 

McDonald, J. S. 
Stella RTON.— Grant Brothers 

Sutherland, W. C. 
Sydney, Cape Sr«to«. ^McKenzie, John A. 

Robertson, William 
Thcko.— Fnlton, G. 0. 

PatiUo, T. S, & Co. 




Truro — continued. 

Smith, D. H., & Co. 1872 

Telephone, 63. 

Smith, J. C. 
Windsor.— Dakin, F. W. 

Fielding, P. M. 

Knowles & Co. 
WoLViLLE. — Rockwell & Co. 
Yarmouth. — Burns, L. M. 

Scott, J. H. 

Thomson & Co. 

Vickery, E. J. 

Alliston. — Mann, H. F. 

Barrie. — Valleau, William J., 50, Dunlop street 
Belleville. — Harrison, Edward 
Brantford. — Pop. 19,000. 

Hellish, A. H. & Co. 

Salmond, J. R. 

Sutherland, J. & J. 1854 
Brockville. — McMuUen & Co. 
Chatham. — Holmes, James 
CoBOURG. — Salisbury & Co. 

Trebilcock, Paul 
Galt. — Cranston, James K., Main street. 1885 

Elmslie, A. G. 
Gravenhurst.— Cockbum, J. P. 1887 
Guelph.— Pop. 11,000. 

Day's, T. J., Book store 

Lyon, J. W. 
Hamilton.— Pop. 50,000. 

Eastwood, John,'& Co., 19, King street 

Gay, J. B. 

Hunter, Grant & Co. 

Wolf, Joseph R. 
Hanovbr. — Elmslie & Co. 
Ingersoll. —Manning, W. H. 1888 
Kingston.— Pop. 22,000 

Henderson, John, & Co. 
London.— Pop. 32,000. 

Anderson, J. J., & Co., Dundas street 

Carrie, W. L. 

Connor, John, Richmond street. 

* Lively, J. T. , 6, Market lane. 
Mills, John 

Ottawa.— Pop. 45,000. 
Durie, John, & Son 
Fotheringham & Popham, Sparks street 
Guillaume, P. C. 
Hooper, J. R. , 68, Albert street 

* Hope, J. , & Co. , Cor. Sparks and Elgin streets. New and Second-hand 
Lucy, John 

Robertson Bros. , 69, Rideau street 
Picton.— Allison, C. B., & Co. 1881 



St. Catherine's.— Fairfield, B. C. 
St. Thomas. — Chaisecreen, C. 

McLaughlin, Robert 
Thobold. — Stanley, W. S. 
Toronto.— Pop. 182,000. 

Bain Book & Stationery Co., 53, King street 

* Britnell, Albert, 248, Yonge street. 1893. New and Second-hand 

Canadian and Miscellaneous 

* Britnell, Jolm< 280, Yonge street. 1884. See advt. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous, Americana, Fine Arts, History, Philosophy, <fec. 

* Carswell Co. Ltd. , 22-30, Adelaide street east. {Law Books) 

Publishers and Importers of Law Books exclusively. Telephone^ 209. 
Newsome & Co., 37, Adelaide street. {Law Books) 

Rowsell & Hutchinson, 74, King street east 

* Sutherland, D. , 294, Yonge street. New and Second-hand 

Educatioiud, llieological, and Miscellaneous 
Taylor, W. D., 346, Yonge street 

Vanevar & Co. , 438, Yonge street. {EdtuxUional) 

Watts, A. P., & Co., 10, College street 
Williamson Book Co. , Ltd. , 262, Yonge street 
WelIiAND. — Gamer, O. H. 


Albbrton. — Skerry, J. 
Charlottbtown. — Pop. 12,000. 
Carter, George, & Co. 

* Chappelle, Thomas L. 1874 

Harvie & Co. 
Hazard & Moore 
McMillan & Co. 
SuMMEBSiDE. — Currie, D. K. 
Morris, Leonard. 1879 


Hull.— Pop. 12,000. 
Lapierre, A. 
Seguin, Miss E. 

Levis. — Baker, B., & Co., 715, Sherbrooke street. 1879 
Canadiana and Americana 
Mercier & Cie, 17-23, Cdte du Passage. 1879 
Telegrams, " Mercier." Telephone, 29. 

Montreal.— -Pop. 215,000. 

Ashford, C, 800, Dorchester street 

Brown & Co. (William Foster), 233, St. James street 

Publishers and Booksellers 
Cadieux & Derome, 1603, Notre Dame street 
Chapman, A. T. , 2407, St. Catherine street 
Clarke, G. W., 2270, St. Catherine street 

* Drysdale, William, & Co., 232, St. James street. 1874 
Faoer & Gravel, 1619, Notre Dame street 

Foisy , J. H. , 2314, Notre Dame street 

* Grafton, F. E. & Sons, 252, St. James street 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers 
Mock, James, 2679a, St. Catherine street 
Montreal News Co. Ltd., 386 and 388, St. James street. 1880 
Murray, Norman, 21, Beaver Hall hill. New and Second-hand 



MoNTBEAL — continued. 

Picken, Eben, 33, Beaver Hall hill 
Renouf , C. M. , 2238, St. Catherine street 
Roiland, J. B., et Fils, St. Vincent street 
Sadlier, I>. & J., 1669, Notre Dame street 
Street, Walter, 21, Bleunr street 

Waters, David, 494, St. James street. 1876. New and Second-hand 
Scarce old English, Canadian, and American works 
Quebec. — Pop. 63,500. 

Chaperon, S., 46, Frabrique street 

Dawson k Co. 

Filteau, F., 27, Rue Buade 

Forgues & Wiseman, 134, St. Joseph street 

* Gagnon, P., 53, Rue du Pont, St. Koch. 1876. New and Second-hand 
Canadian Books, Views, Autographs, &c. 
Marois, E., 248, St. John street. 1875 
Quebec News Company, 31, Buade street. 1893 

Telephone, 906 

Walsh, J. E., 25, St. John street 

Wright & Co., 98, St. John street 
Shebbrooke.— Pop. 10,000. 

Tuck, T. J. 
SoREL.— Hardy, G. 
Thbbe Rivebs. — Carufel, E. S. 


A la. — ^Alabama 

Arie, — Arizona 

^rib.— Arkansas 

Cal. — California 

Col. — Colorado 

Ct. — Connecticut 

Daib.— Dakota 

Del. — Delaware 

i>.C.— District of Columbia 

Fto.— Florida 

Qa. — Geor^a 

lU. — Blinois 

Jni.— IndiR,na 

la. — Iowa 

Kan. — Kansas 


JEy.— Kentucky 
La. — Louisiana 
Me. — Maine 
ilfcJ.— Maryland 
Mate. — Massachusetts 
Mich. —Michigan 
Minn. — Minnesota 
if tM.— Mississippi 
Mo. — Missouri 
Mon. — Montana 
Neh. — Nebraska 
Neo. — Nevada 
N.H.—Neyv Hampshire 
N.J.—New Jersey 
N.M.—Nevr Mexico 

i^.r.— New York 
2V^.C.— North Carolina 
O.— Ohio 
0«.— Oregon 
Pa. — Pennsylvania 
£./.— Rhode Island 
S'.C— South Carolina 
Tenn. — Tennessee 
Tex.— Texas 
F^.— Vermont 
Va. — Virainia 
FTaflA.— Washington 
W. Fa.— West Vii^ia 
Wit. —Wisconsin 

Aberdeen, S.D. — Salisbury & Brother 
Abilene, Kane. — Hubbard, C. L., & Co. 
Abilene, Tex. — Harden, J. C. 

Word & Alexander 
Ada, 0. — * Wagner, S. B., 63, South Main street 

Telephone, 27 

Adams, Mass. — Pop. 10,000. 

Roberts, F. W. 

Snow, F. L. 

Stiffler, J. W. , & Co. 
Adams, N. r.— Dwight & Eddy 


Addison, N. Y. — Sackett & Faber 
Adrian, Mich. — Adrian Paper Company 

Swift, G. R. 
Afton, A^.r.— England, A. T. 
Albany, Ind. — Cole, Joseph S. 1888 
Albany, A^.T.— Pop. 120,000. 

Albany News Co. , 508, Broadway 

Banks & Brothers, 475, Broadway. {Law) 

Bender, M., 511, Broadway. {Law) 

Cadby, John W., 131, Eagle street; also at New Haven, Conn. 
Genealogies, Local History, Autographs, &c. 

Clapp, A. H., 32, Maiden lane 

De Blaey, Abram, 31, State street 

Denison, D. S., 424, Broadway 

Gore, William B., 103, South Pearl street 

Keefer, Henry D., 498, Broadway 

Leonard Publishing Company 

Little, W. C, & Co., 525, Broadway. 1871. (Law) 

* McDonough, Joseph, 53 and 55, State street. 1870 

Americana, Genealogy, and General 
Munsell's Sons, Joel, P.O. Box 287 
Skinner, John, 44, North Pearl street 
Skinner, William H. , 84, Hudson avenue 

* Werner, Edgar A., 35, Chestnut street. 1890. Second-hand 

Americana, Genealogy, and Miscellaneous 
Albany, Ore. — Jones, H. J. 
Albert Lea, Minn. — Schlender, T. E. 

Square, A. H. 
Albion, Mich. — Eddy, A. E. 
Albion, ATeft.— Ladd, W. W. 1885 
Alexandria, Minn. — Baumbach & Morisse. 1882 
Alexandria, Va. — Pop. 16,000. 

French, R. W. 
Allegan, Mich. — Adams, George C. 1889 
Allegany, ^T. F.— Willard, Clare 
Allegheny, Pa. — Pop. 105,000. 

Hoag, James, Jun., 132, Federal street 
Allentown, Pa. — Pop. 30,000. 

* Diehl, T. H. , 732, Hamilton street 
Shafer, J. A., 33, North Seventh street 
Stiles, C. H. 

Alpena, Mich. — Pop. 12,500. 

Nason, Miss E. C. 

Wittelshofer, H. H. 
Alton, m— Pop. 11,000. 

Lampert & Son 
Altoona, la. — Shaffer, L. 0. 1886 
Altoona, Pa. — Pop. 32,000. 

Giles Brothers 

O'Neil, John 

Shipman, R. W., 1107, Eleventh street. 1883 
Amboy, III. — Green, W. A., Main and Jones streets. 1885 
Americus, Oa. — Aycoek, Miss Agnes. 1878 
Amesbury, Mass. — Pop. 10,500. 

Johnson, John French, 14, Main street. 1877 

Merrill, F. W. 



Amherst, Mass. — Nelson, E. 
Amsterdam, N. F.— Pop. 19,000. 

Gallup, De Witt C, 11, R. R. street. 1890. Second-hand 
Anamosa, la, — McCarn, C. H. .1882 
Andover, Mass. — Draper, Warren F. 1813 
Theological and Classical 

Higgins, George A. 
Angola, N. r.— Sweet, W. B., & Co. 1884 
Ann Arbor, Mich. — Pop. 15,000. 

Andrews & Co. , 13, Main street. 1887 

Schaller's Book Store, 19, East Washington street 

Sheehan & Co., 28, State street. 1873 
Anniston, Ala. — Pop. 10,500. 

Central Book Store 

Wikle, J. L. 
Applbton City, Mo. — Finley, J. S. 
Arcade, N. F.— Hulette, F. P. 1885 
Arcola, m— McMillin, W. E., & Co. 1889 
Argenta, Arh. — Humphrey, C. J. 

Street, George M. 
Arkadelphia, Arh. — McAdam, A. C. 

Thompson, M. Y. 
Arkansas City, Arh. — Bowles, M. J. 
Arkansas, Kana. — Eddy, E. D. 

SoUitt & Swarts 
Arlington, Mass. — Nichols, A., & Co. 
ASHEVILLB, N.G. — Pop. 12,000. 

Rogers, H. I'aylor, 22, South Main street. 1882 

Telephone^ 254 

Ashland, O^io.— Brandt, D. W. 
Ashland, Wis. — Pop. 14,000. 

Clarke, J. W., 501, West Second street 
Astoria, //Z.— Bonnel, W. W. 1885 
Astoria, Ore. — Griffin & Reed 
Atchison, Kans. — Pop. 15,000 

Stephens, J. P., & Co. 
Athens, Ala. — Tillman, J. W., & Brother 
Athens, (?a.— McGregor, D. W. 1888 
Athol, Mass. — Cleveland, E. E. 
Atlanta, (?».— Pop. 100,000. 

American Baptist Publication Society, 93, Whitehall street 

Burke's Old Book Store, 58, N. Broad street. Secoiid-hand 

Columbian Book Co., 81, Whitehall street. 1891. 
Religious Literature. Telephone, 459 

Delbridge & Rice, 85, Peachtree street 

Gavan Book Company, 2, Whitehall street 

Lester, J. F. , 7, Whitehall street 
* Meegan, James F., 23, Marietta street. 1891. New ds Second-hand. 

Telephone^ 1840. See odvt. 

Mqthodist Book & Publication Company, 81, Whitehall street 

Miller, J. M., 39, Marietta street 

Orr Stationery Company, 164, Whitehall street 
Auburn, Ala. — Burton Brothers 
Auburn, III. — Swain, George B. 1886 
Augusta, Me. — Pop. 11,000. 

Pierce, J. F. 


Augusta, (?a.— Pop. 36,000. 

Duval, R. L., 1016, Broad street 

Pendleton, A. M., 804, Broad street 
Aurora, /W.— Pop. 21,000. 

Levy, J., & Co. 
Aurora, Ind, — Milbuin, J. N., 76, Second street. 1853 
Aurora, Mo. — Dillard, B. C. W. 

Aurora, Neh, — SpaflFord, N. P. 1884 New and Second-hand 

Austin, Minn. — Cronan, J. 
Austin, ^ea:.— Pop. 30,000. 

Gammel Book Company. 1878. New and Second-hand 

Law, Medical, School Books, and Miscellaneous 

Comer & Fontaine, 910, Congress avenue 
Avondalb, Ala. — Martin, H. L., & Co. 

Ballinger, Tex. — Pearce, Henry D. 1880. New and Second-hand 

Ballston, N. Y. — Feeney, Richard. 1881 
Baltimorb, Jfrf.— Pop. 512,000. 

* American Press Oompany. 1889. Second-hand. See adut. 

Drama, Americana, Poeana, Byroniana, Ac. 

Cushing & Co. , 34, West Baltimore street 

Foley, M. J. , & Co. , 704, West Lexington street 

Henderson, D. M., comer of Howard and Madison streets 

Jewish Publication Society of America, 702, West Lombard street 

Kline, William & M. E., 1017, Pennsylvania avenue 

Lycett, E. Allen, 9, East Lexington street 
Theological, Prot. Episcopal, &c. 

Murphy, J. , & Co. 

Nolan, John T. 

Pippen, W. v., 327, North Charles street. 1888 

SaSell, Charles C. , 224, West Fayette street 

Schmitt, Jacob, 805, North Howard street 

Scrimger, Harold B. , 126, East Fayette street 

Sopher, I., HI, Harrison street 

Thomas, A. C, 15, P.O. avenue 

Walter, Emil, 532, West Franklin street 
Bangor, Me.— Fop. 21,000. 

Bugbee, D., & Co. 

Haight, Charles 

Glynn, J. D. 
Barre, Vt. — Denning, C. R. 

Gladding, W. H. 
Barnes viLLE, Minn. — Peterson's Department Store. 1883 
Bath, Jfe.— Shaw, John 0. 1865 
Bath, N. F.— Gage & McNamara 
Batesville, Ark. — Goodwin, E. R. 

Hall, S. A., & Co. 
Bat Shore, N. F.— Hulse, Justus W. 
Beatrice, Neh. — Pop. 15,000. 

Kenn, Cole, & Oooke, Misses 
Beloit, Kans. — Bartleson & Mahaffa 
Bellows Falls, Vt. — Williams & Co. 
Bennington, Vt. — Pierce, C. A., & Co. 
Benton VILLE, Ark. — Black, W. S., & Co. 
Bessemer, Ala. — Bains, H. L. 
Bethlehem, Pa. — Liebert, A. H. 

Schwartz & Barron 




Bevebly, Mass, — Twohig, William H. 1885 

Wilson, J. A. 
BiNGHAMPTON, N, F.— Pop. 40,000. 

Hooker, L. E., & Co. 

Parmelee & Lyon 
Birmingham, Ala, — Pop. 40,000. 

Eaton, A. L. 

Lyman & Stone, 2014, Second avenue 

Owings & Company. 

Roden, B. F., & Co. 

Rogers Stationery Company, 2115, Morris avenue 

Smith & Montgomery Book and Stationery Co. , 2022, First avenue 
Bismarck, -Y^-Z).— Moorhouse, T. E. 
BooNViLLE, Mo, — Howard, A. A. 
Boston, Jfcw*.— Pop. 560,000. 

Advent Christian Publishing Society, 144, Hanover street 

AUyn & Bacon, 172, Tremont street 

American Unitarian Association, 25, Beacon street 

Arena Company, Pierce building, Copley square 

Arkin, Aaron, & Sou, 78, Salem street. {Hebrew) 

Bartlett, N. J. & Co., 28, Comhill 

Bates & Guild, 13, Exchange street. (Architectural) 

Bird, F. W., 68, Comhill New and Second-hand 

* Boston Book Co., Freeman place Chapel, 15^ Beacon street. 1884 

Miscellaneous Second-hand ; also Puhlisners and Law Booksellers 
Cable Addrei$y " Soule, Boston." 
Bradley, A. T. , & Co. , 234, Congress street 

* Burnham's Antique Book Store, 2, Milk street. Second-hand 
Castor, Theo. H., & Co., 23, School street. {Foreign) 

* Clarke Co., W. B., Park street, cor. of Tremont street. 1874 

New and Second-hand. Cable Addrete, " Books, Boston." 
Telephone, Havmarket, 1581 
Colesworthy, W. G., 66, Comhill Second-hand 

School Books, Old Magazines, &c. 

* Collins, F. S., 20, Brattle street. 1884 
Congregational Sunday School and Publication Society 
DamreU & Upham, 283, Washington street. 1887 


* De Wolfe, Fiske, & Co., 365, Washington street. 1880 

* Ditson, Oliver, & Co., 463, Washington street. {Music) 
Ellis, G. H., 141, Franklin street 

* Estes & Lauriat, 301, Washington street 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers 
Foley, P. K. , 67, Chauncv street 

Standard Works, First Editions, Ac. 
Gay, H. C, 797, Washington street 
Ginn & Co., 7-13, Tremont place 

* Hastings, H. L., 47, Cornhill. 1865 

Hymnolog^ and Theology 

* Heath, D. C., 110, Boylston street. 1885 


* Houffhton, Mifflin, & Co. , 4, Park street 

Publishers and Booksellers 
Koehler, C. A. , & Co. , 149a, Tremont street 
Foreign Booksellers and Importers 

* Lamson, Wolffe, & Co. , 6, Beacon street 

* Lee & Shepard, 10, Milk street. 1862 

Publishers and Importers 


Boston — contimied. 

* Libbie, 0. F., & Oc, 666, Washiogton street. See advt. 

Auctioneers of Libraries, Engravings, Coins, Ac. 

* Little, Brown, & Co. , 254, Washington street 

Publishers and Importers 

* Littlefield, George E., 67, Cornhill. 1868. New and Second-hand 

American History, Genealogy, and General Literature 

* Lothrop Publishing Company, 530, Atlantic avenue 

Mass. New Church Union (Swedenborgian), 16, Arlington street 
Noonan, T. B., & Co., 172, Tremont street. {Catholic) 

Noyes & Co., 13^, Bromfield street 

* Occult Publishing Co., 18, Arch street 
Reed, F. M., 21, Main street 
Roberts Brothers, 3, Somerset street 

* Silver, Burdett, & Co., 110, Boylston street 
Small, W., 24, Franklin street 

Smith & McCance, 57, Bromfield street 
Theosophical Book Company, 24, Mount Vernon street 
Thompson, Brown, & Co., 74, Summer street 
Universalist Publishing House, 30, West street 
Ware, William, & Co., 364, Washington street 

* Whidden, Bradlee, 18, Arch street. 1886 

Publisher and Importer 

Williams, N. M., 1386, Washington street. {Catholic) 
Brandon, Tif.— Kelly, J. B. 
Brattleboro, Vt. — Geddes, W. R. 
Brenham, Tex, — Muller (Henry) & Co. 
Bridqefort, Ala. — Patton, R. B. 
Bridgeport, C^.— Pop. 50,000. 

The Howland Dry Goods Co. 
Bridgeton, ^./.— Dare, C. F., & Son 
Brocton, Mass. — Pop. 30,000. 

Holmes, G. C. 

Jones, F. W. 
Brooeline, Mom. — Pop. 15,000. 

Chase, E., Heath hill 

Paine W. D. 
Brooklyn, ^If.— Pop. 850,000. 

Abraham & Straus 

Bailer, J., 481, Gates avenue 

Becker, Aug. , 284, Graham street 

Burrowes, P., 131, Atlantic avenue 

Carman, B., 344, Myrtle avenue 

Crawford, John H., 418, Flushing avenue 

Dunn, Daniel, 574, Fulton street. 1885 
Out-of-print Americana, and Standard Literature 

Famell, A. F., & Son, 40-42, Court street. 1880 

Gamage Bros., 587, Pacific street. Second-hand 

Hodgins, John, 50, Duffield street 

Kirby, Jos. M., Court street, cor. Amity street 

Kleinteich, George, 397, Bedford avenue. 1885. New dh Second-hand 

Matthews' (Book Department), Fulton street, and Gallatin place 

Murphy, John, 469, Fulton street 

Oppenheim, Samuel, 575, Broadway 

Rouse, G. D. T., 23, St. John's place 

Ruger, L., 454, Fifth avenue. {Circulating Library) 



Brooklyn — continued. 

Tredway, John Charles, 202, Atlantic avenue. 1891 

Ventres, T. B., 597, Fulton street 

Brunswick, ife.— Little, George T. 1882 

Americana, Art, Bibliography, Ac. 

Stevens, B. 
Buffalo, N, F.— Pop. 375,000. 

Besser, E. , & Sons, 544, Main street 

Garaccioli, John, 285, Broadway. {CcUJwlic) 

Comstock & Benton, 31, Seneca street 

Custer, Edward A., 8, West Mohawk street. 1884 

Frohe, G., 216, Broadway 

Uager, Robert, 258, Genesee street 

Kirschner, A., 255, Broadway 

* Otis, H. H., & Sons, 288, Main street. 1858 

Publishers and Importers 

Paul (Peter) Book Company, 420, Main street. 1874 
Publishers, Booksellers, Importers 

Peacock & Jones, 14, Seneca street 

Phillips, William A., 385, Washington street. 1887. Second-hand 

Schmidt, Fred., 374, Genesee street 

Ulbrich, Otto, 386, Main street 

Vosburgh, Whiting, & Co., 104, Seneca street 

Williamson, Law Book Co. , 50, West Eagle street ; and at Syracuse 
BurTjINOton, /a.— Pop. 30,000. 

Mauro & Wilson, 215, Jefferson street 
Burlington, ^a/w.— Eastman, A. J. 

Scott, D. E. 
Burlington, ^./.—Rogers, Mark 
Burlington, F^.— Pop. 15,000. 

Bradlee, H. K. 

Phelps, W. S. 

Shanley , U. J. , & Co. 
Butler, Mo, — Ludwick, J. T. 
Calais, Jfe.— Milliken, Mrs. E. W. 
Cambridge, if cms— Pop. 90,000. 

Amee Brothers, Harvard square. 1888 

Campbell, U. R., & Co., 8, Centre street. 1879 

Harvard Book Store, 33, Brattle street. 1893. Second-hand 

Harvard Co-operative Society 

* Houffhton, Mifflin, & Co., The Riverside Press 

Publishers and Importers 

* Sever, Charles W., 464, Harvard street 

Publisher and Importer 

Thurston, C. H. 
Cambridgeport, Mass. — Hunt, E. F., & Co. 
Camden, -4 rifc.— Smith, H. G. 

Stinson & Berg 
Canton, Mo. — House, J., & Co. 
Cape Girardeau, Mo. — Klosterman & Co. 

Osterloh, E. W. 

Carbondalb, Pa. — *Aitken, John W. 1874. 

Books, Antographs, and MSS. 
Carlinvillb, /W.— Loehr, Theo. C. 1887. 
Carrollton, Mo. — Stockton, J. B. 
Cartersvillb, Ga.—Wikle, J. R., & Co. 1883. Second-hand 


Carthage, ifo.— Marx, Mrs. H. L. 

Risley, Charlotte T. 

SteacUey Brothers 
Catskill, N. Y. — ^Van Gorden, Henry 
Cedar Keys, Fla. — Roger, C. B., & Co. 
Champaign, III. — Lloyde, D. H., & Son 
Charleston, S.G, — Pop. 65,000. 

Barlow, J. £. , 473, King street 

DoBcher, B. , 244, Meeting street 

Gardner, E. H. 

Hammond, Isaac 

Legerton Book Store 

Lucas & Richardson, 130, East Broadway 

Macmillan Co. , O. 

Maitland, P. C. Second-hand 

Murphy, J. F. , 487, King street 

Perrv, Edward, & Co. 

Walker, Evans & Cogswell 
Charlottesville, Fa.— Brechin, A. C. 1870 
Chelsea, Mom. — Pop. 29,000. 

Blanford, F. 

Danforth, E. H. 

Spear, A. E. 
Cheboygan, Mich. — Cobb & Freeman 
Chetofa, Kane. — Dersham Book Store 
Cheyenne City, Wyoming. — Pop. 11,000. 

Logan, E. A. 
CHICAGO, /W.— Pop. 1,000,000. 

Allen, D. A., Waoash avenue. {School Books) 

Barker Company, 155, La Salle street 

Barnes, C. M., & Co., 106 to 112, Wabash avenue 

* Beckwith, George M., 218, Clark street. 1878. New and Second-hand 

Law Books and English Literature 
Benzi^er Bros., 178, Monroe street ; and of New York 

Catholic Books. Publishers and Importers 
Book Shop, 169, Madison street 

* Brentano's, 218, Wabash avenue 
Callaghan & Co. , 1 14, Monroe street 

* Chapin, H. D. , 105, Van Buren street 

Curts & Jennings, Methodist Book Concern, 57, Washington street 
Congregational S. S. & Publishing Society, 175, Wabash avenue 
Falkenau, Harry, 46, Madison street. 1894 Second-hand 

Rare and Choice 

* Flanagan, A., 262, Wabash avenue 

* Flood, T. H., & Co., 183, Monroe street. {Law Books) 

Hill, William R. , Book Company, 5, East Monroe st. Second-hand 
International Library Association, 110, Wabash avenue 
Johnson, N. , 306, West Fourteenth street. 1885 
Jones, George I., 158, Adams street. {Law Books) 

Keener Co. , The W. T. , 96, Washington street. {Medical) 
Koelling & Klappenbach, 100 and 102, Randolph street. {Foreign) 
Laird & Lee, 263, Wabash avenue. 1887 

Fiction, Juveniles, Dictionaries. German Books, &c. 

Telegrams, " Lairdlee, Chicago.' Telephone, 1399, Main 

* McClurg, A. C, & Co., 117, Wabash avenue. 1850 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers 




New and Second-hand 

(Lauo Boohs) 


Chicago — contimied. 

* Morris, Frank M., 171, Madison street. 1886. Second-hand 

Americana, Rare English, Portraits, <fec. 

* Muetilbauer k Behrle, 41, La Salle street. 1870 

* Myers, E. B., & Co., 122 and 124, La Salle street. 1860. {Law Boohs) 

Telephont, 1838, Main 
Presbyterian Board of Publication, 215-221, Wabash avenue 
Revel 1, F. U., & Co., Washington street 
Roe, C. M., 177, Wabash avenue 
Shea, Smith & Co., 18, Custom House place 

* Shepard, Frank, 184, Dearborn street. 1876. {Law Boohs) 
Simms, J. & R. , 123, Twenty-second street. 1876 
Speakman, £., 667> West Congress street. 

Sterne, J. A., 5251, Fifth avenue. 1895. 

Boolu in all Languages 
Vrooman, Jacob A., 218, Clark street. 
Ward, Montgomery, & Co., 111-120, Michigan avenue 
Way & Williams, The Monadnock 

Publishers, Importers, and Booksellers 
Western Book s, Stationery Co. , 300, Wabash avenue 
Western New Church Union, 941, Stein way Hall 
Wilson's Book Exchange, 302, State street 
Worthington, James L., 211, Wabash avenue 
Chillicothe, Mo. — Pop. 10,000 
McHwrath, William. 1882 
Reynolds, R. W. 
Cincinnati, 0.— Pop. 400,000. 

American Book Co., 317, Walnut street. 
Anderson, W. H., & Co., 515, Main street. 

Publishers and Booksellers. (New and Second-hand) 
Benziffer Bros. , 343, Main street ; and of New York 

Catholic Books 

* Clarke Go., The Bobert, 31-39, East Fourth street. 1858. See advt. 

Law, Medical, Scientific, Americana, and Miscellaneous 

* Davie, W. 0., & Co., 224, East Fourth street. 1871. See advt. 

Exclusively Second-hand Books of all kinds. No specialty 

* Ezekiel & Bemheim, 334, Main street. 1870 

Auctioneers for the Sale of Books, Manuscipts, and other Literary Property. 
Catalogues weekly. Telegranut " Ezekiel, Cincinnati." Telephont^ 1368 
Jackson, H. N., 36, West Sixth street. Second-hand 

* James, U. P., 127, West Seventh street. 1831. New dh Second-hand 
Pustet, Fr., & Co., 436, Main street; and of New York 

Catholic Books 
Weil, Max, & Co., cor. Twelfth and Vine streets. {German Boohs) 

Western Methodist Book Concern, 220, West Fourth street 
Western Tract Society, 420, Elm street 

Wilde Co., The A. E., 517, Main street. 1850 
Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers 
Foreign Books excepting those in the English language 

Clabesburo, W,Va. — Robinson, C. D. 
Cleveland, 0.— Pop. 360,000. . 

* Burrows Brotners Co., 23-27, Euclid avenue. 1873. See advt. 

Publishers, Importers, Dealers in Fine and Bare Books and Americana 

TeUfframa, "Burrows Bros., Cleveland." 

Telephone, Retail Dept., 221. Wholesale Dept., 400 
Helman-Taylor Co., 168-174, Euclid avenue 

Publishers and Booksellers. Telephone, 2379 
Ingham, W. A., 138, Superier street. New and Second-hand 

Kirkpatrick, J., 1016, Woodland avenue 

( Wholesale) 
{Law Boohs) 


Clbveland — continued, 

Klanminger, G. E., 790, St. Clair street 

Lemperley, Paul, 113, Water street 

Silvers tein, J., 199, Ontario street. Second-hand 

Clinton, /a.— Pop. 14,000. 

Stewart, E. W. 
Clinton, Mass. — Pop. 11,000. 

Martin, G. E., 
Clinton, Mo, — Bolinger, Thad. 

McGee, J. T. 
Colobado Springs, Ool. — Pop. 12,500. 

Low, I. M. 
Columbus, 0.— Pop. 135,000. 
* Davie, O., & Co., 214^, North High street. 1882. New dk Secmd-hand 

Haggles, Gale, & Co. , 317, South High street 

Smythe, A. H., 41-43, South High street. 1879 
TeUphow, 131 

Concord, Jfowa.— Whitcomb, H. L. 
Concord, N.H.—Poj^. 18,000. 

Hunt, W. E. 
Conway, Ark. — Cox, R. W. 
CoRSiCANA, Tex. — Blackman, J. S. 
Council Grove, Kan, — Kid well & Beedle 
Cripple Creek, Col. — Salisbury, E. E. 
Dallas, Tea:.— Pop. 65,000. 

Dallas Book Company. New and Second-hand 

Kerrigan's Book Store 

Sanger Brothers 
Danville, Ta.— Pop. 12,000. 

Blair & Boatright 
Dardanbllb, Ark. — Cornelius & Wilson 

Croom, J. A. 

Hart & Brother 
Dayton, O.— Pop. 80,000. 

Mayer, W. C., 19, South Main street 

Shuey, W. J. {Rdigiovs) 

Decatur, il to. —Moore, B. E. 

Tyler, S. 

Woodmansee, S. M. 
Dedham, Mass. — Doherty, Mrs. H. 
Deer Lodge, Mon. — Clague & Coleman 
Db Funiak Springs, Fla. — Cawthorn, W. L., & Co. 
Denver, CoZ.— Pop. 140,000. 

Chain & Hardy Company, 717 and 719, Sixteenth street 

Kelly & Westling, 727, West Sixteenth street 

Pierce & Zahn, 829, Seventeenth street. 1882. Second-hand 
Miscellaneous, Curious, and Autographs 

Raymer's Old Book Store, 834, Fifteenth street. 1890 
Old, Rare, and Reference Books 

B.eeve, William Glenn, 305, Boston buildings. 1895 
Americana, Fiction, Mineralogy, Occult 
Des Moines, la. —Pop. 90,000. 

Hooker, D. H. , 514, Walnut street 
De Soto, ifo.—De Soto Art Company 

Hinchey, Paul P. 

Serrin, T. H., & Co. 



Detroit, Mich.— Po^. 300,000. 

De Tar, John A. , 105 and 107, Michigan avenue 

Eaton & Mains, 269, Woodward avenue 

Hudson, J. L., & C!o., 153, Woodward avenue 

Reif & Schwenk, Gratiot avenue 

Sheehan, J. W. , & Co. , 146, Woodward avenue 

Wanless, Andrew, 57, Grand River avenue 
Dover, i^./T.— Pop. 14,000. 

Fobs, F. H. 

Lane, £. B. 

Sanborn, Willard 
Dubuque, /a.— Pop. 40,000. 

Grosvenor, G. c., & Co., 513, Main street 
DuLUTH, Minn,— Pop. 65,000. 

Brown, Tracy, & Co. 

Chamberlain & Taylor 

Duluth Paper & Stationery Company 

Haney & Knarre, 326, Lake avenue south 

Nelson, J. W., 180, West Superior street 
East Douglas, 3faw. —Batcheller, C. J. 
Easton, Pa.— The Book Antiquary 
El Dorado, Ark, — Armstrong Brothers 
Eldorado Springs, ifo.— Roby, J. W. 
Elizabeth, N.J.—Poja. 40,000. 

Day, L. B., 237, Broad street 

Norris, F. E., & Co., 90, Broad street 
Elmira, N. r.— Pop. 36,000. 

Billings, Hosmer H. 
El Paso, Tex.— Pop. 12,000. 

Dellquest & Andrews, 303, San Antonio st. 1895. New tb Second-haivd 

Harper, C. 
Emporla, JTaw.— Plumb, Miss E. 

Rowlands, Jones, & Dekdale 
Erie, Pa.— Pop. 60,000. 

Hayes, W. E., & Co. 
EuPAULA, ^^a.— Jelks, W. D. 

Thorp, V. D. 
Eureka, JCan.— Morris, W. W. 1880 
Eureka Springs, -4rX;.— Baldridge, W. G. 

Hawley & Company 
EuTAW, -4;a.— Gantzborn, A. 
EvANSViLLB, /nrf.— Pop. 66,000. 

Geupel Bros., 413, Main street 1853. New and Second-hand 

Telephone, 49^— S. 

Smith & Butterfield, 202 and 204, Main street 
Fall River, ifoM.— Pop. 80,000. 

Adams, Robert 

Bamford, G. E. , 27, South Main street 

Winslow, E., 348, Pleasant street Second-hand 

Fayette, -Sfo.— Davis, E. O. 
Fayetteville, ^rifc.— Barry, W. T., & Co. 

Stone, W. C. 
Fitchburg, 3fa««.— Pop. 30,000. 

Cummings & Remington, 366, Main street 

Day, Howard, 28, Church street 



FiTCHBUBG — continued. 

Lapointe Company Limited 

Nichols & Frost, 150, Main street 

Smith, J. R., 140, Water street 
Flobence, Ala. — Burtwell, J. 

James, E. 

Milner, J. , & Son 

Smith, Harry 

Southwell, C. M. 

White, B. F. 
FoBT PiBBRB, iS^.i>.— Templin, C. F. S. 
Fort Plain, N. Y. — Yerdon, Lewis 
Franklin, Mass. — Batchelor, J. W. 
Fulton, Mo. — Baker & Robnett 

Patton, C. A. 
Gainesville, Fla. — Avery, W. W. 

Bell, James 
Geneva, N. Y. — Foster, T. B., & Bro., 24, Seneoa street 
GiBARD, Kan. — Wasser, £. A., & Son 
Gloucester, Mass. — Pop. 22,000. 

Brown, C. D. 

Procter Brothers 

Strong, Anna M. 
Gloversville, j^T. y. — Pop. 16,000. 

Peck A. L. 
Go WANDA, N. r.— Allen Bros. 1 873 
Grand Forks, N. Daifc. —Iddings, F. W. 

Kent, F. V. 
Grand Ledoe, Mich. — Pratt, £. J., & Co. 
Grand Rapids, Mich. — Pop. 80,000. 

Lyon, Beecher, & Kymer, 20 and 22, Monroe street 

Morse, H. H. , 59, Monroe street 

Standard Magazine Exchange 
Greenfield, Mass. — O'Hara, R. 
Greensboro, Ala. — Lawson & Co. 

StoUenwerck & Son 

Taylor Brothers 
Groton, N. y.— Rhodes, Charles O., 4, Main street. 1869 

Biblical, Fiction, School Books, and General 
Hampton, la. — Blanchard, E. E., & Co. 
Hancock, JficA. —Pettitt & Wilbur 
Hannibal, Mo. — Pop. 24,000. 

Collins, G. A. 

Hannibal Book and Stationery Company 
Harrisburo, Pa. — Pop. 50,000. 

Armor, W. C, 4, North Court avenue. 1890 
MisEdssippi and Pennsylvania Government Publications 

Central Book Store, 335, Market street 

German, Philip, 15, South Market street. 1878 
Hartford, (7^— Pop. 60,000. 

Allen, C. D., P.O. 725 

Belknap k Warfield 

Churchill, George G., 80, Trumbull street 

Wilson, G. W., 125, Asylum street 
Haverhill, Mass. — Pop. 28,000 

Chase Brothers 


Kansas, /W.— Payne, John A., & Co. 1887 

Kansas City, 3fo.— Pop. 150,000. 

Bowen-Merrill Co. , The ; also at Indianapolis, Ind. (Lata Books) 

Bryant & Douglas Book & Stationery Co., 1002, Walnut street. 1893 

Cramer, Theo. A., 1321, Grand Avenue. 1884 

Emery-Bird-Thayer, D. G., & Co. 

Glick, R., 710, Main street. 8ecoiid-hand 

Pitrat, W. A., 1109, Walnut street 

Rhode Brothers, Acoma building 

Whittlemore, S. P., & Co., 813, Wyandotte street 

Wright, H. T., 720, Main street 

Keene, N,II. — Spalter, W. H., &Co. 
Tilden, G. H., & Co. 

Keokuk, la. — Rollins, C. H., & Co. 

KiRKSViLLE, Mo. — Fout & McChesney 

Linder, C. W., & Co. 
Laconia, N.H. — Harriman, J. F. 

Story, F. W. 
Lafayette, Ind. — Pop. 18,000. 

Jacques, Robert L. 

Kimmell & Herbert 
Lake City, -^a.— Price, G. W. 
Lakepobt, N.H. — Davis, 0. S. 
Lamab, Mo. — McQueen, J. H. 

Lancaster, N.H. — Colby, G. H., Main street. 1883. Nev) ds Second-hand 
Lancaster, Pa.— Pop. 27,000. 
* Steigerwalt, Charles, 130, East King street 
Antiquarian, Americana, Engrayings, &c. 
Lansing, Mich. — Pop. 14,000. 

Currant, Fred 
Laramie City, Wyo. — Manassa, William 

Fenwick, J. M. 
Lawrence, Ma>8s. — Pop. 46,000. 

Bingham, James 

Dyer & Company 

Rice, W. E., &Co. 
Lead City, jS^.Z).— Perkins, W. B. 
Leavenworth, Kan. — Pop. 22,000. 

Baker, John 

Dodsworth, W. S. 

Morgan, R. J. 
Lebanon, Ky, — Lea, J. M. 1868 
Lebanon, Mo. — Farrar, S. 

Kaffingberger & Company 
Lebanon, O. — -March Bros., 48, EJast Mulberry street 
Leominster, Ma>8s. — Hosmer, A. C. 
Lewiston, III. — Ross, L. F. 
Lewiston, Me. — Pop. 22,000. 

Douglas & Cook 
Lexington, Mo. — Crenshaw & Young 

Loomis, E. G. 

Powell, 0. J. 
Lexington, Tex. — Newman, Gus. W. 
Liberty, Mo. — Mitchell, J. H. 


Lincoln, Neh. — Pop. 65,000. 

O'Mahoney, P., Exposition building 

Osborne, C. M. 
Littleton, N.H, — Wallace, E. B. 
Little Rock, Arh. — Pop. 35,000. 

Arkansas Democrat Company 

Davies & Son, 412, Main street 

Doerner, George, 810, Main street 

Godbey & Thornburg, 320, West Second street 

Goodman, J. , 213, West M^rkham street 

Lincoln, C. J., & Co., 112, North Main street 

Wilson & Webb, Sationery Company, 212, Main street 
LoCKHAVBN, Pa. — Satterlee, W. F. 
LocKPOET, N.H. — Davis, Olin S. 
Long Island City, N. T.— Pop. 60,000. 

Rodman & Son, 846, Boulevard, Astoria. 1895. Second-hand 
Los Angeles, Cdt. —Pop. 85,000. 

Antiquarian Book Store, 117, West First street 

Electric Book Store, 101, West Second street 

Fowler & Colwell, 115, West Second street 

Hirschfeld, Philip, & Co., 311, North Main street 

Jones's Book Bazaar (F. D. Jones), 311, North Main street 

Parker, C. C, 246, South Broadway 

Smith, James W. 

Southern California Book Store, 353, South Spring street 
Louisiana, Mo. — Howden, W. J. 

Merriweather & Son 
Louisville, iTy.— Pop. 200,000. 

Alward & Co., P.O. Box, 444 

Dearing, C. T. , North-west corner Third and Jefferson streets 

Morton, J. P., & Co., 440—446, West Main street. 1826 
Publishers and Booksellers 
Lowell, Mom. — Pop. 80,000. 

Cambridge, 0. L., 314, Merrimack street 

Lawler, T. H. , 79, Merrimack street 

Merrill, Mrs. F. M., 156, Tenth street. 1882 
Religious Books and Tracts 

Prince, George C, & Son, 108, Merrimack street 
Lowell, Mich. — Winnesan, W. S. 
Ludinqton, Mich. — Andrew, F. W., & Co. 1877 
LuRAY, Mo. — Fonda, J. W. 
Lynn, ilfcw«.— Pop. 60,000. 

Herbert, George C. , & Co. , 10, Ceiitral avenue 

Houghton, W. S. , 64, New Park street 

Spinney & Richardson, 226, Summer street 
Macon, Mo. — Patton, John W. 
Madison, Wis. — College Book Store, State street. 1886. Second-hand 

Brown, George J., 29, State street. 1886 
Malden, Mass. — Pop. 33,000. 

McMahon, P. J. 
Manchester, N.H. — Pop. 55,000. 

Cobum, E. R., 866, Elm street 

Goodman, W. P., 41, Hanover street 

Gould, S. C. 1862. Second-hand 

Temple & Farington, 911, Elm street 

Willey , George T. , 64, Hanover street 

M I 


Mankato, Minn. — Warwick, W. T. 

Marblehead, Masa. — Goodwin, William. New and Second-hand 

Marinette, Wis. — Pop. 12,000. 
Noyes, T. E. 

Marlborough, Masa. — Pop. 15,000. 

Gorman, T. 

Wright, H. C. 
Marion, Ala. — Mickleborough, J. M. 

Wilkerson, P.M., & Co. 

Marseilles, iZ/.— Simmons, Terry. 1884 

Books and Notions 
Marshall, Jfo.— Franklin, P. H. 
Marshalltown, /a.— LusW, C. D., & Co. 
Maryville, 3fo.— Crane, H. T. 

Hastings, T. 
Massillon, 0.— Pop. 10,000. 

Bahney, E. F., 2X), East Main street. 1887. New and Second-hand 

Telephone^ 48. 

Mattoon, III. — Holmes, L. T., 14, West Broadway 

Richardson Brothers 
Medina, N.Y.—* Murdoch, C. S. 1876 

Thompson, H. H. 
Memphis, Mo. — Brown & Dawson 
Memphis, T'cnn.— Pop. 75,000. 

Ernst, A. M., 28z, Second street 

Mansford, R. M. 
Merged, Co^.— Ordway, F. M. 
MiDDLETOWN, N. Y. — Hanford k Horton. 1872 
Meshoppen, Pa.— Wells, E. H., & Co. 1896 
MiLFORD, Jlfow*.— Pop. 10,000. 

Stacy, G. E. 
MiLLBURY, Mass. — French, George E. 
Milwaukee, W^m.— Pop. 275,000. 

* Brunnquell, Paul, 3505, Wells street. 1889 

Ecclesiastical Theology, History, Americana, Philology, Philosophy, <fec. 

* Caspar, C. N., Book Emporium, 437, East Water street. 1878 
Fischer & Dever Company 

Gray Company, T. S. , 104, Wisconsin street 
Books in me bindings 

* Haferkorn, H. E., 127, Third street 

* Hoeger, J. B., & Sons, 371, East Water street. 1847 

Booksellers and Importers 

* Hofimann Brothers, 413, East Water street 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers 
Bohde A., 293, Third street. 1882 

German Books a specialty. Tel^honet 1228. 
South Side Book Store, 274, Grove street 
Wisconsin Magazine Exchange, 132, Mason street 
Minneapolis, Minn.— Von. 175,000. 

Augsburg Publishing House, 223, Cedar avenue 

Cushman & Plummer 

Goodyear Law Book Co., 107, Post Office court. {Law Books) 

McCarthy, Nathaniel, 621, Nicollet avenue 

Morris k Wilson 

Raymer Co., Charles D., 109, Post Office court. 1885 

Americana, Astrology, Occult, &c. 



Mn^NEAPOLis — continued. 

Thomson, Charles C, 110, Fourth street south. 1887 
Americana and Miscellaneous 

MoBERLY, Mo. — Pop. 10,000. 
Kelly Brothers 
Kelly, G. B.,&Co. 
Moberly Book and News Company 

Mobile, Ala.—Vo^. 40,000. 

Amos, J. E., 259, Dauphin street 

Bidgood, T. S., & Co., 63, St. Francis street 

Felis, N., & Co., 82, St. Francis street 

McGuire Stationery Company, 210,. Dauphin street 

Moses, Miss Addie C. {Circulating Library) 

Randall, G. H., 5, North Water street 

Renth, John, 411, Dauphin street 

MoNTicsLLO, III. — Dilatus, W. H. 
Montgomery City, 3fo. —Sheehy, M. B. 
Montgomery, Ala. — Pop. 30,000. 

Brown Printing Company 

Davis, J. M. , & Co. 

Fitzpatrick, C. T. 

Holt, W. C, 17, Dexter avenue 

Loeb & Loeb 
Montpelier, Vt. — Argus & Patriot Company 

Tewksbury, L. C. 

Wilder, George W. 
MoRRiSTOWN, j^T.J.— Sheriden, S. P. 
Mound City, Kan. — Barter, N. G. 
Mound City, Mo. — ^Mitchell, J. A. 
Mount Vernon, 0. — Roll, Arnold 
MuNCY, Pa. — Painter, T. & A. W. 
Muscatine, la. — Pop. 12,500. 

Beard, Joe T. 
Nantucket, Mass. — Clisby, Miss P. E. 

Jemegan, E. H. 
Nashua, N.H.—Vop. 22,000. 

Hooper, R. P. 

Norris & Co. 

Parker, C. C. 

Smith's Book Store 

Walton, C. J. 
Nashville, Tenn. — Pop. 90,000. 

Barbee & Smith, Southern Methodist Publishing House 

Hunter & Welburn 

Mansford, R. M., 298, Main street 

Paul & Boylin 
Natick, Ma88.—De Witt, J. E. 

National Military Home, 0. — Keyes, John J. 1880 
Neosho, Mo. — Clark & Price 
Nevada, Jlfo.— Pop. 10,000. 

Mayes, B. P. 

Parish, Eugene 
New Albany, /nrf.— Pop. 23,000. 

Bender, H. Second-hand 


New Bedford, Mass, — Pop. 60,000. 
Brishtman, F. S. 
Cuddy & England 
Hutchinson, H. S., & Co., 198 — 202, Union at. New aiid Second-hand 

(Est. 1864.) Telephone, 98—2. 

Newbern, N.G. — Gaakins, James D. 
Newburo, N. Y. — Booth royd, 0. W. 
Newcastle, Pa. — Pop. 12,500. 

Aiken, W. H. 

Hill & Chain 
New Haven, Conn. — Pop. 90,000. 

Cadby, John W., 1076, Chapel street. Second-hand 

Judd Company, The Edward P., 848, Chapel street. 1859 
Standard and Miscellaneous 

Kingsbury, W. H., 92, Crown street. 1882. New and Second-hand 

Pease, T. H., & Co. 

Ye Olde Boke Shoppe, 1075, Chapel street. 1888. Second-hand 
New London, Gl — Pop. 15,000. 

Viets, C. J., 115, State street 
Genealogy, <fec. 
New Orleans, La. — Pop. 255,000. 

Hansen, F. F., 714 and 716, Canal street 

* Hawkins, A. H., & Co., 1020, Canal street 
New Philadelphia, 0. — Lehman, T. R. 
Newport, R.I, — Carr, George H., 172, Thames street 

Hammett's Book Store, 202, Thames street 
Newport, ^y.— Pop. 28,000. 

* Lyons, Will H. 1884 

Chess and Draught Books and Magazines 

Newark, N.J. — * Morrison, Noah F., 877, Broad street. Second-hand 
Americana, Genealogy, and Miscellaneous 

New Richmond, 0. — Wolf, Henry 

New Washington, 0. — Sheets, J., & Brother 

Newton, Mass. — Pop. 20,000. 

Maynard, Charles J., 447, Crafts street, West Newton. 1887 
Natural Science, especially Zoology 

NEW YORK, iVT.y;— Pop. 2,000,000. 

Abrahams, J. , 145, Fourth avenue. Second-hand 

Adler, H., 107, Ludlow street. Second-hand 

African Methodist Episcopal Book Concern, 353, Bleecker street 

Alliance Press, 690, Eightn avenue 

Almstead, Frank, 266, William street. Second-hand 

American Baptist Publication Co. , 182, Fifth avenue 

American News Company, 39, Chambers street 

American Publishers' Corporation, 310 to 318, Sixth avenue 

American Swedenborg Printing & Publication Society, Cooper Union 

Anderson, John, Jun., 99, Nassau street. 1887. Second-hand 

Rare Books and Prints, Portraits, Americana, and The Drama 
Anderson (John R. ) Co. , 54, Franklin street 

* Baker & Taylor Co. , 5 and 7, East Sixteenth st. New de Second-hand 

* Baker, Voorhis, & Co. , 66, Nassau street. New and SecoTid-hand 

Law Books 
Bangs & Co., 91 and 93, Fifth avenue. {Book Auctioneers) 

Auctioneers of Books, Engravings, Autographs, Ck)ins, &c. 

* Banks & Brothers, 20, Murray street. Second-hand 

* Benjamin, Walter R., 287, Fourth avenue. 1887. Second-hand 

Autograph Letters 



Nbw York — continued, 

* Benjamin, William Evarts, 10, West 22nd street. 1883. Second-hand 

* Benziger Brothers, 36, Barclay street. 1863. New and Second-hand 

Importers of Catholic Books 
Bernhardt, Herman, 10, Orchard street. Second-hand 

Black, Lucy C, 104, East 125th street 
Blanck, Jane, 491, Sixth avenue 
Board of Publication of the Reformed Church in America, 

25, East Twenty-second street. Neio and Second-hand 

Boericke & Tafel, 145, Grand street, and 15, West Forty-second street 

(Est. 1835.) Homoeopathic and Surgical Science 
Bonnell, Silver, & Co., 24, West Twenty-second street. 1896 

Publishers and Booksellers 

* Bouton, James W. , 10, West Twenty-eighth st. New ds Second-hand 

* Bowers & Loy, 10, Park place. 1888. New and Second-hand 
Bradbum, George A., 404, Canal street. Second-hand 

* Bradbarn, Thomas, 78, Nassau street 

Brentano's, 31, Union square west. 1853. New and Second-hand 

Budd, R. M. (Back Number Budd), 100, West 32nd st. Second-hand 
Burnton, A. , 49, Fourth avenue 
Casey, James F. , 9J, West Twenty-sixth street. New <&: Second-hand 

Casey, W. J., 123, Fourth avenue. 1877. Secmid-hand 

Irish Literature and Art Books 
Casino Book Co. (M. C. Wyman), 1374, Broadway. 1884. Second-hand 
Catholic Book Exchange, 120, VVest Sixtieth st. New dh Second-hand 
Catholic School Book Company, 28, Barclay street 
Cereghino, G., 60, Mulberry street 
Chinsky, Meyer, 19, Ludlow street 
Christopher, James, 47, Dey street. Second-hand 

* Clark, Anna S., 174, Fulton street. Second-hand 
Clarkin, Bartholomew, 1387, Broadway 

* Cooke, R. D. , 19, Centre street. 1869. New and Secowi-hand 

Scarce Books and Maps, particularly relating to New York 
Cooley, A. Jay, 8th ave.. Corner West Thirty-first st. 
Collins, Charles, 5, East Sixteenth street 
Comstock W. T., 23, Warren street. 

Architecture, <ftc. 
Conroy, Charles, 122, Park row 
Connery , Thomas F. , 452, Pearl street 
Consolidated Typewriters' Exchange, 245, Broadway 

Shorthand Pubhcations 
Cox, Elmer E., 628, Third avenue. 1873 

Miscellaneous, and Back Magazines 
Crothers & Korth, 246, Fourth avenue 
Cunningham, P. T., 443, Grand street. 
Davis, Selma, 256, West Fourteenth street. 
DeGaudenzi, Angelo, & Co. , 209, Spring street 

* Dermigny, L., 126, West Twenty-fifth street 

French Literature 
Deutschberger, Alex., 117, Fourth avenue. 1894. 

Standard and Miscellaneous, Foreign Languages, <fec. 
Dike Book Company, 37, Vande water street 
Dimond, George W. , 78, Fourth avenue. Second-hand 

Diossy Law Book Company, 231, Broadway 

* Dodd, Mead, & Co., 149 and 151, Fifth avenue. New and Second-hand 

Publishers and Importers 
Dogin, H., & Son, 35, Orchard street 





Nbw Yobk — contintted, 

Domin, E. M., 83, Nassau street {Laiv Books) 

Dressell, Francis, 314, East Fifty-second street 

Dressell, George M., 8, Cooper Union. Second-hand 

Druckerman, Jacob, 50, Canal street 

Duggan, John, 248, East Twenty-third street. Second-hand 

Duncan, William S., 101, West Twenty-fifth street 

* Duprat & Co., 349, Fifth avenue. New and Second-hand 

Hare Editions in Fine Bindings 

* Button, E. P., & Co., 31, West 23rd street. 1853. New dc Second-hand 

* Dyrsen & Pfeiflfer, 254, Fifth avenue. New ds Second-hand 
Eaton & Mains (Methodist Book Concern), 150, Fifth avenue 
Elmendorf, John E., & Co., 217, West One Hundred & Twenty-fifth st. 
Eschert, August G., 2285, Second avenue Second-hand 
Ewen, Edwin, 282, West One Hundred and Twentieth street 

* Fowler & Wells Company, 27, East Twenty-first street. 1884 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers 

* Francis, David G., 12, East Fifteenth street 

* French, T. H., 26, West Twenty-second street 

Plays, Dramatic Works, &c. 
Friedkin, Asher, 175, Norfolk street. Second-hand 

Friedman, Gerson, 53, Ludlow street 
Friedman, Joseph, 228, Stanton street 
Friedman, Pinkus, 172, Rivington street 

* Funk & Wagnalls, 30, Lafayette place. New and Second-hand , 
Gebbie Publishing Company, Bennett buildings ; also at Philadelphia i 

Balzac and other French Translations- 
Goodenough & Woglom Co., 122, Nassau street 
Gould, William, 7, Beekman street. {Law Books) 

* Grant, Francis, 23, West Forty-second street. New and Second-hand 
Grode, V. J., 78, East One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street 

* Hagemann, Henry W., 160, Fifth avenue 
Hamilton, Margaret J., 584, Third avenue. Second-hand 
Hammett, Henry W., 1298, Broadway 

* Harper, Francis P., 17, East Sixteenth street. Second-hand 

Americana, and out-of-print Books 

* Harrison, W. B., 3, West Eighteenth street 
Heiden, Abraham, 197i, Delancey street 
Heinrichs, John, 82, Avenue A 

* HesslinS) Bruno, 64, East Twelfth street 

Technical only, including Architecture 
Heyman, Emil, & Co., 4, St. Mark's place 
Hill, J. A., & Co., 91 and 93, Fifth avenue 

* Hinds & Noble, 4, Cooper Lastitute, Fourth avenue. 1884 

School and College Books New and Second:hand 

* Hirschfeld Brothers, 95, Fifth avenue 
Hodgins, J., 6, East Forty-second street Second-hand 
Home Library and Supply Association, 93, Fifth avenue 

* Hurst & Co., 136, Grand street. 1870 

Publishers and Jobbers 
International Bible Agency, 150, Fifth avenue 
International News Co., 85, Duane street. 1880. New dh Second-hand 

Booksellers and Importers 
International Purchasing League, 24, East Twenty-fourth street 
Ireland, John, 1192, Broadway 
Jafife, Chone, 252, Stanton street 




New and Second-hand 

{Catholic Books) 

New York — continued. 

Jamewsky, Moses, 77, Norfolk street 

* Jenkins, William R. , 851 and 853, Sixth avenue. New dh Second-hand 

Veterinary Works, Books in Foreign Languages, &c. 
Cable Address, " Ropewalk, New York." Telephone, 1144—38 

* Jewett, J. E., 77, Bible House 

Religious Books and Tracts 

* Johnson, Ernest W. , 2, East Forty-second st. 1885. New cfc Second-hand 

Standard, Bare, and CuriouB 
Kaufman, Max H., 150, East Fourteenth street. 
Kantrowitz & Katzenclenbogen, Ludlow street 
Keane, Thomas E. , 28, Ann street. 1885. 
Kelly, James, 114, Fifth avenue. 
Kelly, Maria, 463, West Fifty-first street 
Kenedy, P. J., 3 and 6, Barclay street. 1826. 

* Keppel & Co. , 20, East Sixteenth street 

High-class Engravings, Etchings, &c. 

* Ketcham, Wilbur B., 9, West Eighteenth street 

Publisher and Bookseller 
Kiegel, Charles, 420, Fifth avenue 

Killeen, John B. , 875, Sixth avenue Second-hand 

Kindberg, Edward, 3, East Fourteenth street. 1886. {Engravings) 
Kirk, F. J., 29, Liberty street 

Kliman, Louis, 82, Hester street. Second-hand 

KuUman, P. C, & Co. , 219, East Ninety-fifth street. 1890 

Masonic Books, Secret Society Rituals, &c. 

* Lane, John (The Bodley Head), 140, Fifth ave. ; also at London, Eng. 
Lawrence, Charles H., 60, Nassau street. 1867. Second-hand 

Portraits and Prints 

* Leggat Brothers, 81, Chambers street 

* Lemcke & Buechner, 812, Broadway 

German, General, European, and American 
Lipkind, Louis, 132, Divison street 

* Loizeaux Brothers, 63, Fourth avenue 

Biblical Books, Pamphlets, Tracts, Charts, &c. 
Lovell, Coryell, & Co., 308 and 310, Sixth avenue 
Lovering, L. E., 781, Broadway 
Loy, Edward, 213, Eighth avenue. Second-hand 

* Luyster, S. B. , Junr. , 76, Nassau street. Second-hand 
McAfee, J. K., 154, West Twenty-third street 

* McLean, S. F., & Co., 44 and 46, East Twenty- third st. Second-hand 

Miscellaneous and Rare 
Maguire, Rose, 142, West Twenty-third street 
Mendoza, Isaac, 17, Ann street. Second-hand 

Merchants* Stationery Co. , 744, Broadway. Second-hand 

* Merrill & Baker, 74, Fifth avenue, and at St. Paul, Minn. 
Meyer Brothers & Co., 1132, Broadway 

Meyer, Charles, 175, East Broadway 

Miller, Henry, 122, Nassau street. Second-hand 

Mischke, Hans, 36, Beekman street, and 24, Clinton place 
Morris, Frederick W., 114, Fifth avenue. Second-hand 

Murphy, E. J. , 524, Third avenue. Second-hand 

* Nash, Edward W., 80, Nassau street Second-hand 

Americana and Miscellaneous 
Netter, Mark L. , 404^, Grand street. Second-hand 

* New Church Board of Publication, 20, Cooper Union 
New York Book Depository, 3, Park place 


New York — continued, 

* New York Medical Book Co., 219, East Twelfth street. 1892 

New and Old, Medical, ^. 

* Xew York School Book Clearing House, 65, Doane street 
Xolan, James C, 386, Third avenue. Second-hand 
Nyitray, Emil, ^, Avenue C. 

O'Reilly, William, 39, Madison street . 

Ostendorfl^ Louis H., Junr., 14, Ann street. Second-hand 

Oxford Publishing Co., 24, East Twenty-fourth street. 1894 

Biblical Reference Works 
Pabst, Charles, 846, Third avenue 

* Path, The, 144, Madison avenue 

llieoflophy and kindred sabjects 
Peloubet, Seymour S. , 76, Nassau street {Law Books) 

* Pelton, E. R., 129, Fifth avenue 

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Ac 
Perkins & Hovendon, 11, Elast Sixteenth street 

* Ponce de Leon, N. , 42, Broadway. Second-hand 

* Pott, James, & Co. , 283, Fourth avenue. 1882. New and Second-hand 

Prot. Episoopal, Theological, d;c. 
Pratt, Charles S., 161, Sixth avenue. 1884. New and Second-hand 
Prowell, H. R., 217, Bowery and 84, Park row. Second-hand 
Pustet, F. , & Co. , 52, Barclay street ; also at Ratisbon, Bavaria 

Catholic Books. Importers, and Publishers. 

* Putnam (G. P.) Sons, 27 & 29, West Twenty-third St.; also at London 

Est. 1872. Americana and Rare English Books 

* Rand, McNally, & Co., 61, East Ninth street ; also at Chicago 

Maps, &c. 

* Regand, W. C, 1160, Broadway New and Second-hand 
Revell Co., FlemingH., 158, Fifth avenue 

* Richmond, George U., & Co., 12, East Fifteenth street 
Robinson, E., 99, Nassau street. {Law Books) 
Roden, Hugh, 408, Canal street. Second-hand 
Rohde, WiBiam, 7, Cortlandt street 

Rosenbaum & Warbelowsky, 4, Ludlow street 

Ross, John D., 185, Grand street 

Rothstein, Louis, 83, Bayard street 

Rusk, W. S. , 604, Eighth avenue. Second-hand 

* Saalfield Publishing Company, 13, East Fourteenth street 
Saaltield, Richard A., 44, Broad street. 1877 

* Sabin, J. F. , 80, Nassau street 

Sadlier, D. & J., & Co., 31 and 33, Barclay street 

St. Clair, Charles, 34, Park row 

Schermerhorn, J. W., & Co., 3, East Fourteenth street 

Schmidt, Otto, 967, Third avenue 
Schreiberman, David B. , 8, Bayard street 

* Scribner's (Charles) Sons, 153 to 157, Fifth avenue 

Est. 1845. Importers and Publishers 
Siegel & Cooper Co. Book Dept., Eighteenth street, and Sixth avenue 
Shipley, Jay R., 83, Nassau street. {Lom) Books) 

Shnelke, J. P., 425, East Eighteenth street 
Silk, Joseph, 147, Sixth avenue. Second-hand 

* Smith, George D., 4, East Forty -second street. Second-hand 

Publisher, Bookseller, and Importer 

* Stechert, Gustave E., 9, East Sixteenth street. 1872 

English, French, and German Scientific Books 2Tew and Second-hand 



New and Second-hand 

New York — continued. 

* Steiger. E. , & Co. , 25, Park place 

Booksellers, Importers, and Publishers 

* Stokes, F. A., & Brother, 29, West Twenty-third street. 1887 
Studio Publishing Company, 1620, Broadway. 1884 
Syndicate Trading Company, 120, Franklin street 

Tarns, Arthur W., 109, West Twenty-Eighth street 

Music Library 
Tamsen, Edward J. H., 52, Avenue A 
Technical Book Company, 265, Broadway 

Thomson, William, 67, West One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street 
Thorpe, T. M. , 19, East Fourteenth street. 1887. Second-hand 

Old, Rare, Americana 

* Tibbals Book Co. , 26, Warren street. Second-hand 

Theological and Religious 
Tocci, F., 182, Worth street 
Truthseeker Company, 28, Lafayette place 

* Vail, J. H., & Co., 5, East Seventeenth street 

Medical Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers. Theological and Americana 
Van Nostrand Co., D., 23, Murray street, and 27, Warren street 
Van Siclen, H. K., 259, West Forty-fourth street 
Vesey, Frank, & Co., 1349, First avenue 
Walker, G. C, 220, East Forty-second street 
Walsh, Francis, 137, East Twenty-third street 

* Wanamaker's Book Dept. , Broadway, 9th and lOth streets, & 4th ave. 
Ward, Charles, W. , 48, Church street 

"Ward & Drummond, 164, Fifth avenue 

Juvenile Religious only. Publishers 
Wehman, Henry J., 130, Park row 

* Wester mann, B., & Co., 812, Broadway 

General European and American 
Whaley, Minnie J., 401, Fifth avenue 
Whiting, William I., 27, Beaver street 
Whittaker, Thomas, 2 and 3, Bible House, Fourth ave. 

Importers of Religious Books 
Whittle, Ralph D. , 83, Fourth avenue. Second-hand 

Wieners, Godfrey A. S. , 662, Sixth avenue 

* Williams, Harvey, 25, East Tenth street. 1887. Second-hand 

Old Magazines, Reviews, &c. 
Wood, Robert N. , 210, Bleecker street 

* Woodward, Charles L. , 78, Nassau street. 1876. Second-hand 

Books relating to America 
Wright, J. 0., & Co., 6, East Forty-second street. 1885 
Rare and Standard Books and Prints 

* Young Company, E. & J. B. , 12, Cooper Union, Fourth avenue 

PttDlisbers, Importers, and Booksellers 

Young, Joseph G., 105, Fourth avenue. ^e?^; and Second-hand 

Zanolini, F., 215, Spring street 

Zimmerman's, 166, Fifth avenue 
Niagara Falls, N. y.— Babcock, E. O. 
Norfolk, Ta.— Pop. 38,000. 

Alfriend & Murray, 104, Main street 

The Nusbaum Book and News Co., 128, Main street 
NoRRiSTOWN, Pa.— Pop. 21,000. 

Sower, F. D. 
North Adams, Mass. — Pop. 20,000. 

Anderson, D. A. 

Tilton, F. L. 


Northampton, Mass,— Vop. 18,000. 

* Bridcman, S. E., & Co., 108, Main street. New and Second-hand 

School, College, and Miscellaneous 

Banister Cayley Co. 

Marsh, Joseph 
North Attleboro', Mass. — Avery, H. B.,*23, Elm street. Second-hand 

Black, A. R. 
Nor WALK, 0, — Reflector Printing Co. 

Stafford, George 
Norwich, Conn.— Pop. 22,000 

Cranston & Co., 158, Main street. 1887 
Telephone, No. lOO— « 

Noyes & Davis. 1876. New and Second-hand 

Local History, Genealogy, &c. 
Oak Harbor, 0. — Goody, E. M. 
Obbrlin, 0. — Comings, A. G. 

Goodrich, E. J. 

RoUin, W. H. 
O'Fallon, i/o.— Westhoflf, F., & Sons 
Oil City, Pa.— Pop. 12,000. 

Veach & Murloch 
Olban, N. Y, — Brady & Corsaw 
Omaha, Neb.—Vo^. 160,000. 

Antiquarian Book Store 

Chase's Book Store, 1518, Farnham street 

Lear, C. H., 217, North Sixteenth street. Second-hand 

Megeath Stationery Co., 1308, Farnham street 

Shonfeld, S., 1519, Farnham street. Second-hand 

Oneida, N. Y. — Chapin & Frost 

Hay, A. 
Oneonta, j^. Y. — Darbee, W. W. 

Saunders, Henry 
Opelika, Ala. — Ware & Hall 
Orlando, Fla. — Vaughan & Dovel 
Orono, Me. — White, C. C. 
Osceola, Mo. — Ferguson, M. E. 

Fletcher, R. E. 
Oswego, N. 7".— Decker, W. 

Oliphant, R. J. 

Sutton, James 
Oxford, 0. — Beaugereau, A. 
Painesville, 0. — Button Sisters 

Colby, S. 

Curtiss & Sons 
Palmyra, Mo. — Wells, B. 
Palmyra, N. Y. — Nichols, S. P., & Co. 
Palo Alto, Col. — Simkins, H. W. 1892. New and Second-hand 

Telephone, Main 43 
Paola, Kans. — Bryan, J. N. 1893. 
Paris, m— Beebe, W. H., & Allen, C. E. 

Eaton, A., 1875 
Paris, Ky. — McVey, J. M. 
Patchogue, N.Y. — Conklin, H. S. 
Paterson, N.J.—Vop. 95,000. 

* Osborne, J. H., 95, Van Houten street. 1890. Second-hand 

Rare Books and First Editions 



Patterson, N. Y. — Irish, J. L. & Son 

Passadena, Col. — Jones, F. L. 

Pavilion, N. Z.— Carr & Phelps 

Peabody, Mass. — Nugent Brothers, 52, Main street. New and Second-hand 

Books by Irish Authors 
Pbnn Yan, N. Z.— Cornwell Brothers 

Guthrie, H. C. 
Peobia, /W.— Pop. 45,000. 

Sprague, L. T., 1924, North Adams street. 1887 
• Tripp, 1). H., & Co., 206, Main street 
Perry, N. F.— Wygant, E. H. 
Perryvillb, Mo, — Anderson, L. M., & Co. 
Perth Amboy, jY^. 7. —Seaman & Co. 1881 
Petersburgh, Va. — Pop. 25,000. 

Beckwith, T. S. 

Pritchett, C. E., & Co. 
Philadelphia, Pa.— 1,200,000. 

Academy Book Room (Swedenborgian), 1821, Wallace street. 1880 

* American Baptist Publication Society, 1420, Chestnut street 
Andrews, A., & Co., 1305, Front street 

* Baird & Co., Henry Carey, 810, Walnut street. 1785 

Industrial Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers. Telegram*, "Carey." 
Bellwood & Joly, 1332, Walnut street 
Bentley , D. , & Co. , 530, Market street 
Boericke & Tafel, 1011, Arch street ; also at New York. 1835 

Homoeopathy ^urgical. Sanitary, &c. 
Campion, W. H., & Co., 1006, Chestnut street 
Church and School Supply Co., 254, South Eleventh street 
Coates, H. T., 1326, Chestnut street 

* Cummings, J., 227, D Sixth street. 1868 

Publisher and Importer 
Cunningham, Peter F., 825, Arch street. (Catholic) 

* Foote, A. E. (Warren M. Foote, Manager), 1317, Arch street. 1876 

Scientific and Medical 
Frederick, G. W., Lutheran Book Store, 117, North Sixth street 
Friends' Book Store, 304, Arch street 
Friends' Book Association, 1500, Race street 
Griffin, Martin J., 711, Sansom street 
Headley, T. W., iOOOJ, Lancaster avenue 
Highlands, John, 229, North Ninth street 
Jacobs, George W., 103, South Fifteenth street. {Church Boohs) 

* Johnson, T. & J. W., & Co., 535, Chestnut street. 1838 
Keyser, William H., & Co., 1211, Filbert street 
Kilner, H. L. , & Co. , 824, Arch street 

Kohler & Sons, 911, Arch street 

Leary's Old Book Store, (Edwin S. Stuart), 9, South Ninth-st. 1836 

* Lippincott Co., The J. B., 715 and 717, Market street 

Importers and Publishers 
Literary Bureau, " Ladies' Home Journal" Office 

* Lutheran Publication House, 42, North Ninth street 

Dealers in Theological, Medical, Law, and other books 
Maclean, Joseph, 1113, Arch street 
McGrath & Son, 1019, Walnut street 

* McVey, John Joseph, 39, North Thirteenth street. 1890 

American History, Law, Medicine, Science, Theology 
Murphv, M., 715, Sansom street 
New Church Book Association, 2129, Chestnut street 


Philadelphia — continued. 

Penn Publication Co. , 1020, Arch street 

Perkinpine & Higgins, 914, Arch street 

Philadelphia Book Clearing House, 144, North Seventh street 

Philadelphia Book Co. , 19, South Ninth street 

Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1334, Chestnut street 

* Rigby, George H., 1113, Arch street. 1885 

Americana, Fine Arts, and Miscellaneous 
Shaw, W. R. , 902, Susquehanna avenue 
Smith, T. C, junior, 332, Susquehanna avenue 
Solly, J. B., Frankford 
Unitarian Book Store, 1 102, Walnut street 
Warren, Alfred, 527, West Sixth street 

* Weiss, Remigius, 954, North Fifth street. 1876 

Americana, German, Social Science, Occultism, &c. 
Welsh & Co., 19, South Ninth street 
Wilson, W. C, 1117, Walnut street 
Ye Olde Booke Store, 132, North Thirteenth street. Second-hand 

Pierce City, Mo.— Jerome, E. L. 

Turner, Phil. 
Pierre, /S'. 2). —Kemp, W. M., & Co. 
PiQUA, 0.— Pop. 10,000. 

Merring, J. 

Todd, Brothers 
Pittsburgh, Pa.— Pop. 260,000. 

Brown, James, 1313, Carson street 

Davis, R. S., & Co., 346, Fifth avenue 

Jacob, Jacob, 8, Birmingham street 

Johnston, W. G., 900, Penn avenue 

* Levi, Edward E. , 900, Liberty street. New and Secon^f-hand 
Lowry, Peter, 1430, Fifth avenue 

McCloy & Co., 443, Wood street 

Methodist Protestant Board of Publication, 422, Fifth avenue 

Miller, M. T., 1923, Carson street 

Myers, Shinkle & Co., 711, Liberty avenue 

Presbyterian Board of Colportage Book Store, 706, Penn avenue 

Steding, A., 538, Smithfield 

Stedman, F. S., 25, Lewis building 

Stevenson & Foster Co. , 529, Wood street 

United Presbyterian Board of Publication, Ninth street 
Pittsburgh, Kan. — Flint, D. C, & Sons 
PiTTSFiELD, Mass. — Pop. 18,000. 

Blatchford, George 

England Brothers 

Taloot Brothers 
PiTTSTON, Pa.— Pop. 11,000. 

Bennett, R. G. 

McDougall, J. 

National Auction Bargain 
Plainfield, 2V./.— Pop. 13,000. 

Caldwell, E. 
Platteville, Wis. — Jennings, William T. 1884 
Plattsburgh, N.Y.— Co&tea, W. H. 

Tuttle&Co., J. W. 

Warren, A. M. 




Plymouth, Mass, — Smith, C. A. 
Plymouth, Pa.— Pop. 10,000. 

Davenport Brothers 
PoMEROY, 0.— Osbom, W. H. 
PoNTiAC, Mich.—^rovni Brothers 
Port Chester, N. F.— Scott, S., & Co. 
Port Huron, Mich.—Vap, 16,000. 

Patterson & McTaggart 
Port Jefferson, N. Z.— Ritch, T. Y., & Son 
Portland, Conn. — Hobson, J. Harry 
Portland, Jl/e.— Pop. 42,000. 

Bailey & Noyes 

Chisholm Brothers, 999, Congress street 

Colesworthy, S. H., junior, 92, Exchange street 

Jewett, W. H., & Co., 504, Congress street 

Joyce Brothers, & Co. ; also at Boston 

O'Brien Brothers, 203i Middle street. 

Paterson, Joseph W., 2, Exchange street 

Stevens & Jones, 100, Exchange street 

Portland, Ore.— Pop. 65,000. 

Curry, Norwood L. , 49, Washington street 

Hyland, L. W., Old Book Store, 260i, Yamhill st. 1890. Second-hand 

Stuart & Thompson Co. , 269, Morrison street. 1880 

Telephone, 468 

Portland, ^.2).— Heskins Brothers 
Portsmouth, N.H.—Voy. 11,000. 

Moses Brothers 

Montgomery, D. H. 
Portsmouth, 0.— Pop. 14,000. 

Fisher, S. L. 

Reilly, W. W., & Co. 
Potsdam, N. T.- Weston, J. B. 
Pottsville, Pa.— Pop. 15,000. 

Beck, J. O. 

Holmes, W. A. 
Poughkeepsie, N. r.— Pop. 24,000. 

Acker, H. S. 

Ambler, J. P. 

Ritter Brothers. Ntv) and Second-hand 

PouLTNEY, F^.— Hibbard, W. W. 
Prattsville, N.Y.—B&y, 0. 

Gascoyne, 0. G 

Plattner, C. H. 
Providence, /?./.- Pop. 140,000. 

Avery, H. B. , North Main street. Second-hand 

* Gregory's Book Store, 116, Union street. 1882 

Americana and Miscellaneous 

* Preston & Rounds Company, 98, Westminster street. 1884 

Booksellers and Importers 

Rider, Sidney L. , North Main street. Second-hand 

Quaker City, 0.— Hunt, J. R. 
QuiNCY, Mass.—Vo]^. 18,000. 

Souther, E. E. 
Racine, Wis.— Top. 23,000. 

Slavic Printing and Publishing Co. 




New d: Second-hand 

Raleigh, ^.C— Pop. 15,000. 
Hinsdale, J. W. 

Randolph, N.Y. — Lusk, D. D. 
Rapid City, S.D. — McNamara, J. J. 
Ravenna, O.— Gardner, H. H. 
Reading, Pa.— Pop. 80,000. 

The Book Antiquary 
Richmond, Mich.—* Harrison, Horace E. 1882 
Richmond, Fa.— Pop. 100,000. 

West, G. M., 909, East Main street 

Randolph Co., The J. W. 

Starke, H. M. 
RiVERHEAD, N. Y. — Wells, 0. 0. 
Riverside, CcUif. — Wimperis & Co., 674, 8th street. 
Riverside, la. — Critz, S. F. 
Rochester, N.H. — Burnham, R. De Witt 

Rochester, N.Y.—Vo^. 133,000. 

Bosworth, Lester H., Plymouth avenue 

* Darrow, E., & Co., 235, East Main street. 1846 

Miscellaneous, Medical, and Scientific 
Edwards, W. C, 174, Alexander street 
Giles, James L. , 432, East Main street 

* Humphrey, George P., 25, Exchange street. 1885 

Americana and Miscellaneous « 

Jackson, A., 4, Arcade 
Jacobi, M. A., 527, North Clinton street 
Merk, Lawrence, 234, East Main street 
Morris, C. E., 16, West Main street 
Sibley, Lindsay, & Curr, 134, East Main street. ( Wholesale) 

* Williamson Law Book Co.; also at Buffalo and Syracuse. 1870 

Law Books, second-hand and new. Telephone^ 190 

Wilcox, W. J., 12, State street. 1868 
RocKFORD m— Pop. 20,000. 

Smith, C. G. 
Rock Island, //^.— Pop. 22,000. 

* Lutheran Augustana Book Concern. 1884 

Publishers, Booksellers, and Importers. Telephone 1355 
Rome, N. Z.— Pop. 16,000. 

Armstrong, J. W., & Co. 

Greenfield, D. L. 

Wilson & Greenfield 

Wilson, John H. 
RoNDOUT, N.Y.—Vg)^. 10,000. 

Wadsworth, T. W. 
Rose, N. Y. — Valentine, J. 
Rosendale, F. Y. — O'Hara, John J. 
Rouses Point, N. Y. — Newton, S. H. 
RoxBURY, Mass. — Chadboume, S. H. 
RusHFORD, N, Y. — White & Elmer 

Gilbert, E. C. 
RusHViLLE, N. Y. — Carson, W. A. 
Russell, N. Y, — Palmer, J. M. 
Rutland, R— Pop. 16,000. 

Chalmers, George E., Merchants' row. 1887 

* Tuttle Co., 11, Centre street. 1832. {Wholesale) 


Sabina, O.—Cartia, H. C. 

Hawley, H. C. 

McMilliui, J. 
Sacramento, CiU.~Pop. 35,000. 

Gammel's Old Book Store, 1004, Third street ; alao at Austin, TexM 

PurneH, W. IT. 
Sao Harbor, N. r.— Hope, B. F. 

Hunt, J. H. 
Saowaw, JUich.— Pop. 60,000. 

SwiutoD, Reynolds, & Cooper Co. ISS3 
Tiltrione, No. 301 
Saij;m, 7nrf.— Kemp, J. A. 1879 
St, Albans, F<.— Lane, A. F, 
St. Aoocstine, Fla.—Koib. A, Y. 
St. John, Mich.—AlAneh, F. E., & Co. 
St. Johnsbdby. V^,— Clark, F. 0. 

Fairbank Co., E. & F. 
St. Joseph, Jfo.— Pop. 60,000. 

Brando w, E. R. 

Brill Book & Stationery Co. 

St. Joseph Book and Stationery Co. 
St. Lotus, jtfo.— Pop. 600,000. 

American Magazine Eichange 

Book and Magazine E:(cbange, Pine street 

Boland, J. L., Book and Stationery Co., 612, Waabington avenue 

Brown ft Townsend, «0, North Ninth street 

Bucklin, H., 3805, Pine street 

Crsnaton ft Curta, Methodist Book Concern 

• Crawford, A. J., 312. North Seventh street, 1870 

Americana and Miscellaneous 

• Father, Nicholas, 927, North Broadway. 1865 
Jett Book and News Co., 806, Olive street 

* Linahan, John, S20|, Market street. 1869 

Law and Medical Books 
Mills, Edward, 816, Pine street. 18S5 
Oppcrman, J., 1818, Wagoner place 
Roeder, Philip, 307, North Fonitb street 

* Volkening, Louis, Corner Fifth and Morgan streets. 1857 
Zeller, G. A., 18, South Fourth street 

St. Mary's, 0.— Hanss, J. J. 

St. Paris, 0.— Jones, C. 

St. Pacl, Minn.— Pop. 185,000. 

Alexander, Thomas, 110, East Fourth street. Second-hand 

Beekman, W. L., 65, East Fifth street. 1890. New & Second-hand 
Dunn, Gilea, ft Co., 22, West Sixth street. 1890. New d: Second-hand 
Porter Co., Edgar W., 98 and 100, East Fourth street. 1892 

St. Paul Book and Stationery Co., Cor. Fifth and St. Peter streets 

Swedish American Book Co., 225, East Seventh street 
St. Regis Fali^, N. K— Young, F. S. 
Salamanca, N. Y. — Armstrong, Stobbina ft Co. 

Colgrove, J. P. 

Crandall, H. E. 

McDonald, J. D. 

Nike, T. L. 


Salem, Mass.— 'Po]^. 32,000. 

Brooks, Horace A., 2264, Essex street. 1870 
Old Magazines 

Fairfield, E. W. 

Putnam, Eben 

Radford & Goldsmith 
Salem, 0. — Augustine, R. A. 
Salt Lake City, Utah.— Voj^. 60,000. 

Cannon, George J., & Son 

Meredith, James. {Second-Juind) 

* Parry, Joseph Hyrum, 41, East North Temple street 

Publisher and Bookseller 

* Raymer's Old Book Store, 22, East Second South street. 1892 

Mormon Literature 
San Antonio, Tea;.— Pop. 40,000. 

Corner, W. 

Green, E., 311, Eighth street 

Moos, H. A., 134, West Commerce street 

Roe, George 
San Diego, Ca/.— Pop. 18,000. 

Hirschler, D. R., 1630, F street. {Second-hand) 

Sandusky, 0.— Pop. 21,000. 

Bonn, J. L., & Son 

Huntington Co. , H. C. 
San Francisco, CoZ.— Pop. 360,000. 

Antiquarian Book Store, 203, Powell street 

* Bourgoin, A., 647, Washington avenue. 1876 

English, European, and Americana 
California Architectural Publication Co., 408, California street 
Coleman, W. E., 224, Phelan building 

* Daly & Curran, 206, Powell street. 1882. Second-hand 
Dodge Book & Stationery Co., 112, Post street 

* Doxey, William, 631 , Market street. 1881 

Rare and Best Editions in Fine Bindings 
Hartwell, Mitchell, & Lewis, 107, Montgomery street 
Healy, P. J., 206, Powell street 
Home Library and Supply Association, 14, Sansom street 

* King's Old Book Store, 16, Fourth street. 1881. Second-hand 
Manning, A. W. , 28, Eighth street. (Swedenhorgian) 
Moore, Horace H., 642, California street 

Murphy, W. E., 106, Hayes street. (Catholic) 

Neal & Mehle, 227, Hayes street. (Catholic) 

Tanzy, J. , 6, Post street. (Foreign) 

* Thompson, Frank B., 1306, Market street. 1888 
Wesson, Edward, 111, Geary street. 1894 
Whitaker & Ray, 723, Market street 

Wyatt, S., 1329, Market street Second-hand 

San Jose, Co/.— Maynard, E. W. 
Santa Ana, CoZ.— Nourse, J. T. 1888 
Sarnac Lake, N, F.— Loomis, F. W. 
Saratoga Springs, ^. F.— Pop. 16,000. 

Freeman, Nelson J. 

Putnam, McEwen 

Penfield, C. P. 
Sayville, N. r.— De Fries, C. F. 

Nauert, J. A. 



Saugerties, ^. F.— Pop. 11,000. 

Barrett, T. J. 

Kemble, W. P. 
Saybrook, III. — Myers, Dr. James F. 1886 
ScHAGHTicoKE, N.Y.—LyonB, A. 
Schenectady, N. T.'— Pop. 28,000. 

Hulbert, Eugene C, 235, State street. 1888 

Moir, R. T. 

Swart, F. H. 

Union College Book Exchange 

Van Auken, J. H. 
ScHENEVus, N. y.— Fowler, J. H. 

Schoharie, N. Y. — American Magazine Exchange. 1886 
Old Magazines 

Wright, J. D., &Co. 
ScHUYLERSViLLB, N. Y. — Hurd, B. L. B. 1883 
Scio, N. r.— * Chase, William R., & Co. 1882 
ScRANTON, Pa.— Pop. 80,000. 

Prince & Roe 
Seattle, fFcwA.— Pop. 50,000. 

Storey, S. F., 703, Third street 
Sedalia, Jifo.— Pop. 15,000. 

Brown, Owen 

Dexter, C. S. 

Ramsey, W. H. 

Union News Co. 
Selma, Ala. — Bothrock, W. 

Butler, W. S. 

Selma Book Co. 
Seneca, Kan. — Kennard & Vickers. 1881 
Seneca Falls, N. Y. — Davis & Sleaman 

Hull, W. E. 

Wayne, R. C. 
Seymour, Conn. — * Sharpe, William C, 72, Main street. 1871 

Genealogy and Local History 
Sharon, Pa. — Rice, C. M. 

Grimm, S. S. 
Shelbina, Mo. — Chandler, John S. 

Christian Bros. 
Shelburne Falls, Mass. — Sawyer, S. H. 
Shelby, 0. — Moulton & Baker 

Porter, De Voe 
Shenandoah, Pa. — Pop. 17,000. 

Mallet, M. 
Sherburne, N. Y. — Whitney, Kutschback, & Bullis 
Shippensburg, Pa. — Wagner, J. C. 
Sidney, la. — Murphy, Joseph. 1885 
Sidney, 0.— Kah, E. E. 
Silver Creek, N. Y. — Lamphire, W. J. 
Sing Sing, N. F.— Pop. 10,000. 

Terhune, W. 
Sioux City, /a.— Pop. 24,000. 

Muenchrath, G., 611, Fourth street. 1876 
Stoux Falls, iS.Z).— Pop. 12,000. 

Emerson & Bear 




Strbatob, IlL—Vop, 15,000. 

McCullough, W. S., 213, Main street 
Stuart, la. — Treat, Joseph A., M.D. 1875 
SuNBURY, Pa. — Smith, P. P. 
Susquehanna, Pa. — French k Alpaugh 
Suspension Bridge, N. Y. — Carr, J. J. 
SwAMPSCOTT, Mass. — Boynton, E. 
Syracuse, ^.r.— Pop. 105,000. 

Baumer, G. J., 831, North Salina street 

Benson, E. A., 313, Oswego street. 1890. 

Hall, A. W., 316, East Onondaga street 

Keipper, W. F., 731, North Salina street 

McCarthy, D., & Co. 

Moser k. Lyon Co. , 216, South Clinton street 

* Mosher, George A., 112, East Fayette street. 1877 

Telephone, No. 1263 
OrmsDee, L. J., 119, West Fayette street 
Syracuse Book Co. , Room C. , Wieting Block 
Thomasmeyer, Henry, 413, North Salina street 
Union News Co. 
Van Wagenen & Co., E. W., 338, South Salina street 

Wolcott k West, White Memorial Building, Vanderbilt square. 1881 
Telephone, 629. 

Talladega, Ala, — Henderson, S. H. 

Vandiver, J. H. , & Son 
Tamaqua, Pa. — Aurand, H. K. 
Taunton, Jfaw.— Pop. 27,500. 

Barker, Anson 

Dickerman, Henry A., 105, Main street. 1870 

Hanson k Co. 

* Taylor, Thomas J., 18, Clinton street. 1886 

Texarkana, Ark.— R&gi&ndy J. S. 1880 
Thornton, /wrf.— Burk, W. C. 1875 
TicoNDEROGA, iV. F. — Barry, B. W. 

Weed, F., & Bros. 
Tiffin, 0.— Pop. 12,000. 

Distelhorst, A. L. 

Good, E. R., &Co. 

Parker, E. D. 

Scannell, P. J. 

Speiss, George 

Yingling, C. J. 
Tilton, iV:^.— Herrick, C. P. 1883 
Tipton, Mo. — Flood & Becker 
Toledo, 0.— Pop. 90,000. 

Andrews k Busse, 125, St. Clair street 

Bellman Bros. , k Co. , Jackson and St. Clair streets 

Berthold, C. M., 323, Cherry street 

Brown, Ea^er, k Hull Co., 411, Summit street 

Hastings, H. F., 3143, Monroe street 

Nill, Estate of G. C, 1617. Broadway 

Reeves Co. , Ernest, 223, Summit street 
ToNAWANDA, N.Y. — Scoville, C. H. 

Stanley k Co. 

Stanley, L. G. 




ViNCENNEs, Ind. — Pop. 12,000. 

Milam & Pennington, 304, Main street. 1887 
Waco, ^Tear.— Pop. 20,000. 

Kingsbury, M. C. & R. 
Wakefield, R.I. — Griffin, Dan. B., Cor. Main and Robinson streets. 1885 
Walpole, N. H. —Davis, Charles C. 1866 
Waltham, Ma88. — Pop. 22,000. 

Ball, E. S. 

Wooley, G. 
Walton, N. r.— Guild & Son, T. 
Warren, 0. — Kneeland Bros. 

Stone, F. T. 
Wabrensburg, Mo. — Harrison, C. H. 
Warsaw, N. r.— Walker, L. E., & Son. 1882 
Washington, 2>.(7.— Pop. 250,000. 

Ballantyne, William, & Sons, 428, Seventh street 

Beal, Robert, 495, Pennsylvania avenue 

* Brentano's, 1015, Pennsylvania avenue 

Byrne, John, & Co., 1322, F street. (Law) 

Endicott, Mordecai S., 1330, R street, n.w. 
Hayden, Lewis S., 1212, F street, N.w. 1880 

Literary, Scientific, Historical, and Government Publications 

* Hickcox, John H., 1442, Q street, N.w. 1882 

Publisher, Importer, and Exporter. U.S. Government Publications 

* Lowdermilk, W. H., & Co., 1424, F street, N.w. 1872 

Standard, Choice, and Rare, in all departments of Literature 
Telegrams^ "Loco, Washington." 

Merry, Pliny C, 1232, Fourteenth street, N.w. 

Popular Price Book Company, 223, Pennsylvania avenue. 

Statute Law Book Company, Corcoran building {Law) 

Williams, A. K., 523, Seventh street, N.w. 1884 
Government Publications, Miscellaneous 

Wills, John H., Boston Cheap Book Store, 506, 11th street, N.w. 1881 
Washington, G.H.y 0. — Hildebrant, H. 

Nash, G. W. 
Washington, la. — Robinson & Ott. 1887 
Waterloo, la. — * Schmidt, J. G. 1884 
Watertown, Mass. — McLaughlin & Co. 
Watertown, iV.F.— Pop. 17,000. 

Sterling, John, 5, Washington Hall block 
Waukon, /a.— Hancock, E. M. 1882 
Waverley, la. — * Wartburgh Publishing House. 1886 
Waynesbury, Pa.— Hill, W. E., & Co. 
Waynesvillb, 0.— Farr & White 
Webb City, Jfo.— Wright, C. L. 
Webster, Mass. — Dobbie, J. W. 
Wellington, 0. — Houghton, J. W. 1873 
Wellston, 0. — Barnhill, H. 
Wellsville, O. — Kelley, E. J. 
Wbstborough, Mass. — Chamberlain, H. F. 
Wbsterville, 0. — Morrison, J. L. 
Westfield, i^./.— Wittke, C. F. W. 1878 
Westfield, Mass. — Pop. 10,000. 

Conner, S. S. 1867 

Meacham, W. P. 
West Hampton, N, Y. — Hulse, Justus W. 

EUROPK. 145 


Autriche-Hongrie. AUSTRIA- HUNG ARY. Oesterreich-Ungarn. 

AoRAM. — Hartmaun's Leop., Akad. Buchhandlung 

Suppan's, F., Kon. Univ. Buchhandlung 
Arco. — * Emmert, C. 
BiELiTZ. — * Beigel, O. 

BozBN.— * Promperger'sche, R. Y., Buchhandlung 
Brody-i-Gal. — * West, Feliks 
Brunn. — * Brecher, L. k A. 

* Epstein, Bernhard, & Co. 

* Karafiat, Fr. 
Knauthe, R. 

Budapest. — Brody, F., Museum-Korut, 21 
Dobrowsky, Ausust, Universitatsgasse, 2 

* Gero, J. Emerich (vorm. Gero k Kostyal), Ungarg, 12 

* Horovitz, L., Badgasse, 2 
Kilian, F., Waitznergasse, 30 

Lampers, Robert, K. K. Hof. Buchhandlung, vi., Andrdssystrasse, 21 

Mai k Sohn, H. , Museum-Korut, 29 

Pfeifer's, F., Buchhandlung, Kossiith Lajos-utcra, 7 

Pfeifersches Antiquariat, Museum-Korut, 48 

Pollak, S., Ulloerstrasse, 15 

* Ranschburg, Gustav, Franziskanerplatz, 7 

* R^vai, Gebr., iv., Waitznergasse, 1 

Art and Architecture 

* R^vai, L., IV., Universitatsgasse, 1 

* Rozsnyai, K., Museumring, 15 
Ruzitska, Armin., Museumring, 3 

* Taborszky, F., Waitznergasse 
Tietz, A., Sutor-utcra, 6 
Ungar, Adolf, Museumring, 9 

Chrudim. — * Holakovsky, M. E. 

Eperies. — Revai, S. 

GoRZ.— Wokulat, G. 

Graz. — Cieslar, Paul, Herrengasse, 29 

* Schmidt's, C, Antiquariats-Buchhaudlung 
Wohlfahrt's, K., Buchhandlung u. Ant., Sporgasse, 8 

Hohenmauth. — * Cermdk's, Fr., Witive 
loLAU.— Lehmann'sche Buchhandlung 
Innsbruck. — * Gassner, F. J. 
JiciN. — * Pasek, J. 

* Zajlcek, J. 
JuNGBUNZLAU. — * Element, W. 
Kalu^z. — * Glattstein, W. 

Karounenthal, Prog, — Storch, Rudolf, Konigsstrasse, 43 
Kaschau. — Maurer, Adolph 
KiiAOENFURT. — Hey n , Johannes 

Raunecker's, A., Buchhandlung 
KoLiN. — * Sindellr, F. 
KoLOMEA. — * Lachs, L. 



KoMOTAU. — * Mandl, Jul. 
Krakau [Cracow]. — * Faust, A. 

* Friedlein, D. E., Hauptplatz, 17 
TaflFet, M. 

Kbonstadt. — * Dresanandt's Nachfolger, H. 
Kbuttenbbrg.— Sole, Karl 
Laibach. — * Fischer, Otto 
Lembebo. — Pordes, J. Leon 

Bodek, Leon 

Grund, D. 
LiENZ. — * Rohracher, Fr. 
LiNZ A. D. — * Ebenhoch*sche Buchhandluug, F. J. 

Winter's Buchhandlung, F. 
Mahb Schonbebg. — * Enimer, J. 
Mbban. — * Plant, F. 
Neubidzow. — * Steuicka, R. 
NiKOLSBUBG. — Thierry, Gustav 
Pbag [Pbaoub]. — * Andr6*sche Buchhandlung K., Graben, 34 

Brandeis, Jakob B. , Zeltnersasse, 10 

Calve'sche, J. C. , K. K. Hof-u. Univcrsitats Buchhandlung 

Haerpfer's, Fr., Buchhandlung, Gr. Karlsgasse, 26 

Reinitzer, Joh. B., Kleinseite, Karmelitergasse, 380 

Rivndc, Fr., Graben, 27 

Sepalek, Josef 

* Storch, A., Hussgasse, 156 

* Storch Sohn, A. , Grosser ring, 1 

* Taubeles, J., i., Bergmannsgasse, 2 

* Taussig, Isac, Kl. Karlsgasse, 150. 1783 

Scientific, especially Slavica 

* Teller, W., Briickengasse, 4 
Pressbubg. — Heckenast's, Gustav, Nachfolger 

* Natali, M. 
Stampfel, C. 

Steiner's, S., Buchhandlung 
Raab. — * Gross, G. 

Reichbnbebg. — * Schopfer'sche Buchhandlung 
Rzeszow-i-Gal. — * Pelar, J. A. 

Salzbubg. — Mittermiiller, Matthias, Dreifaltigkeitsstrasse, 9 
Stanislaw. — * Weidenfeld, E. 
Stbikbdobf-i-Ung.— * Ro84, V. 
Szegedin.— Traub, B., k Co. 

Vdrnai, L. 
Tabnow. — * Fenichl's Wwe., M. 
Tbiest. — Blomgren, F. 
WiEN [Vienna]. — Altmann, Wilhelm,'ix., Alserstrasse, 22 

* Amonesta, A., iv., Margarethenstrasse, 7 

Artaria & Co., i., Kohlmarkt, 9 (Engravings) 

Ascher, F. X., i., Tuchlauben, 8 (Mtisic) 

Bauer, A., i., Spiegelgasse, 12 

* Bermann k Altmann, i., Johannesgasse, 2 

* Breitenstein's, M., Buchhandlung, ix., Wahrinfferstrasse, 5 

* Central- An tiquariat & Buchhandlung, Mariahilierstrasse, 1 
Daberkow, C, vii., Neubaugasse, 29 

Deibler's, J., Nachfolger, i., Herrengasse, 6 
Derflinger k Fischer, xvi/2, Neulerchenfelderstrasse, 8 

EUROPE. 147 


WiEN [Vienna] — continued, 

Deubler, Josef, ii., Praterstrasse, 9 

Deuticke, Frank, i., Schottengasse, 6 

Dimbock's, Jacob, Buchhandlung, i., Herrengasse, 3 

Boblinger, Ludwig, i., Dorotheergasse, 10 (Mtiaic) 

* Eisenstein, J., & Co., ix/3, Wahringerstrasse, 2. New do Second-hand 

All Branches of Literature 
Entzmann, R., i., Seilerstatte, 30 

* Gilhofer k Ranschburg, i. , Bognergasse, 2. New and Second-hand 

All Branches of Literature, except Medical and Technical 

* GoU, Anton, i., Wollzeile, 5 
Gottlieb, H., i., Schulerstrasse, 1 

Greif, Carl, i., Wollzeile, 23. 1837 New and Second-hand 

Halm k Goldmaun, i. , Babenbergerstrasse, 1 u. 3 

* Kende, S., iv., Heumiihlgasse, 3 
Kirsch, H., i., Singerstrasse, 7 

* Korper, J., i., Singerstrasse, 12 

* Kratoch will's Musik Sort. u. Antiq., i., Wollzeile, 1. 1872 

* Kramer, M., iv., Margarethenstrasse, 2 

* Kubasta k Voigt, i., Sonnenfelsgasse, 15. 1872 

Archseology, Philology, Oriental, Incunabula, <fec. 
Kuppitsch, W. M., I., Schottenring, 8 

* Lang, F., i., Neuer Markt, 17 

* Lowit, R., I., Rothenthurmstrasse, 22 

Manz'sche, K. K. Hof-Buchhandlung, i., Kohlmarkt, 20 
Matzner, Franz, xvii/l, Hernals, Kirchengasse, 45 

* Mejstrik's, A., Buchhandlung, i., Wollzeile, 6 

* Miethke, H. 0., i., Dorotheergasse, 11 

PoUak, J. L., Funfhaus, Schonbrunnerstrasse, 14 

* Saar, H., Fiinfhaus, Schdnbrunnerstrasse, 48 

* Safar, Joseph, viii., Schlosselgasse, 22. (Medicine) 
Schauhacker, Fr. , k Co. , i. , Wipplingerstrasse, 31 

* Schonfeld, A., ix., Universitatsstrasse, 8 

* Seeding, Emil, i., Tuchlauben, 28. {Antiquarian) 

* Steckler, L., viii., Josefstadterstrasse, 35 

* Stern, Michael, xviii. , Hockegasse, 20 

* Stern, Moritz, i., Karntnerstrasse, 40 

* Teufen, Carl, iv., Hauptstrasse, 16 
Vetter, Cornelius, in., Hauptstrasse, 22 

Wallishauser'sche K. K., Hof-Buchhandlung, i., Hoher-markt, 1 
Wawra, J., i., Dorotheergasse, 14 

* Weiger, Ed. , i. , Schonlatemgasse, 6 

Zloczow-i-Gal. — * Zuckerkandel & Sohn 

Belgique. BELGIUM. Belgien. 

An VERS. — * Kockx, Rue Everdy. 
Rueff, Max., Place de Meiz 

niustraced Books, Travelling, &c. 
Smeeding, Marche St. Jacques 
Fine Arts, Classics, Belles Lettres, &c. 
Bruobs. — Beyaer t 

Archaeology, Fine Arts, History, Classical, <&c. 
Bruxelles. — Bruylant, Christophe, & Cie., Rue de la R^gence. {Law) 
* De Bruyne, H. Cordemans, 10, Rue du Gentilhomme. 1854 
Book Auctioneer 


Bbuxelles — continued, 

* Deman, E. , 86, Rue de la Montagne 

Rare and Valuable, Engravings, &c 

* De Meuleneere, L., 15, Rue du Ch^oe 

Architectare, Glasedcs 

* De Nobele, 22, Rue de la Tulipe 

Classics, Architecture 
Dietrich k Cie., 52, Montague de la Cour. {Fine Arts) 

Kiesslinff & Co., 54, Montague de la Cour 

Deutsche Buchhandlung 

* Lamertin, H., 20, Rue du March^-au-Bois 

Medical and Scientific 
Larcier, Vve., Rue des Minimes. {Laio) 

Leb^gue & Co. , Rue de la Madeleine, 56 

Classics, History, Belles Lettres, Ac. 
Manceaux, H., Rue des Minimes. (Medical) 

* Papillon, H., March6-au-Bois. {Engravings) 
Ramlot tils. Rue Gr^try 

Polytechnic, Engineering, Agriculture 
Rosez, Vve. , Rue de la Madeleine 
Classical Literature 

* Sacr^, Vve. , Rue de la Putterie 

Classics, Literary 

* Soci^t^ Beige de Librairie, 16, Rue Treurenberg 

Religious, Philosophical, Historical, Arts and Sciences. Telephone 1364 
Spineux & Co., 62, Montague de la Cour {English History) 

* Wytsman. P., 79, Rue Neuve. 1886. 

Scientific, and especially Natural Science 
Gand [Ghent]. — Hoste, Rue des Champs 
Scientific, Classics 

* Schelde, Vander, Rue Basse {Theology) 
Vuylsteke, J., Ruie aux Vaches 

Scientific, Medical 

* Vyt., Camille, 13, Rue Basse des Champs. 1857 

Historical and Scientific, Fine Art, Old Literature. {Public Sales) 
Li&OE. — Baudry & Co. 

Polytechnic, Scientific 
Charlier, Rue du Jardin Botanique. {Fine Arts) 

Gothier, J. {Public Sales) 

Nierstratz {Medical) 

Lou VAIN. — * Desbarax. {Theology) 

* Fonteyn, Charles, 6, Rue de Bruxelles {Theology) 

* Fonteyn, Emile, Rue de Namur. {Public Sides) 
Maunes. — * Cordemans, Henry 

MoNS. — Magherman 

Classical, Scientific, Polytechnic, Ac. 
Namur. — Wesmael-Charlier. {Clares) < 

Toubnai. — Descl^e, De Brouwer& Cie. {Theology) 

Danmark. DENMARK. Danemark. 

Copenhagen. — * Christensen k Zahrtmann, Norregade, 13. 1894 
Icelandic and Scandinavian 
H6st, Andr. Fred, & Son, Bredgade, 35. 1836 
Booksellers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales 

* Skandinavisk Antiquariat, Bredgade, 35. 1883 

Icelandic and Scandinavian, PhilolcM;y, History, Antiquities, &c. 

* Madsen, M. P., Boghandel, K., Ndrregade, 7 

* Hansens Efterf, M., Norrevoldgade, 19 






AoBN. — ^Ferran Frferea 

* Michel et MMan 

Aix {Bouches du Rhdne).—* Makaire, J. A., 2, Rue Thiers 

Remondet-Aubin, Vve.-Gromier 
Aja<xjio. — Peretti, J. de. 
ALEN90N. — Lebouc < 

Alobs. — Gavault-Saint-Lager 

Jourdan, A. 
. RuflF, M. 
Amiens. — Beauvaia- Alio 
Anobbs. — Germain et Grassin 

* Lach^ et Cie. 
ANOOUii^ME. — Coquemard, L. 


Trillaud, A. 
Abras. — Galand, F. A., 
AuxRBRB. — * Fauchereau, F., 10, Rue d'Egl6ny 

Lanier A. 
AviONON. — Assaleix 

Durand, C. 

Roumanille, Vve. 
Bayeux. — * Tostain, Charles, Rue de Port-en-Bessin 
Bayonnb. — J^rdme, H. 

* Mocochain, J., 9, Rue des Pr^bendds 
Be AUYAis. — Balthazard-Roussel 
Bbrobbac— Combeau, P. 

Coste, J. 
BBSAN90N. — Morel (Maison Marion, Morel & Co.) 
B^THUNE. — Galand, H. 
B^iEBS. — B^n^zech, Roques et Cie. 
BiARBiTZ. — Benquet, N. 
Blois. — Verdier, Aug. 
Bordeaux.-^* Brouulier, J. B., 45, Rue Porte- Dijeaux 

* Chollet, P. 

* Desbois, E., 14, Cours du Jardiu-publique 

* Duthu, Hippolyte, 38, Cours de lunteudance 

* F6ret et Fils, 15, Cours de PIu tendance 
Robin, L., 17, Rue Vital Carles 

Bouloonb-sub-Mer. — Chartier 

Merridew, Messrs. 
BouRO. — Gonin, A. 
BouROES. — Just-Bernard 

* Soumard-Bemeau, 12, Rue Moyenne 

Brest. — Lefoumier, J. A. 


Robert, Fr^d^ric 
Caen. — * Brunet, E., Place du Palais de Justice 

Massif, Paul, 111, Rue St. Pierre 
Cahors. — Girma, J. 
Caroassonb. — * Abadie, P., 36, Rue de la Gare 

Librairie Ancienne et Modeme 
Carpbntras.— Pinet, Felix 

[English Books) 


Chalons-sub-Marnb.— Denis, Vve. 

Chamb^by. — Perrin, Andr^, 6, Rue des Portiques 

CHAiiTBBS.--Selleret, R. 

Chatbauboux. —Galliot 
Cussard, Ch. 

Chaumont. — Boilet, P. 

Chbrboubg. — Marguerie, A. 

Clbbmont-Fbbband. — Guyot & Busson, 36, Rue Saint-Genes 

Juliot, P. 


* Rousseau, J. B., 14, Rue de la Treille 

* Thomazet, Jules 

Clebmont-l'Hbbault. — Leotard, Saturnin, Place du March6 

Autographes, Portraita, Gravures, &c. 
Dieppe. — Leblanc, Madame 
Dijon. — Armand, H. (Maison Ropiteau) 

* Damidot, Rue des Forges 

Ratel, Justin 

* Rey, Felix, 26, Rue Liberty 
DoTjB. — Krugell, A. 
DouAi.— Cr6pin 

DnNEJJBQUE. — Vve. Gard, bouquiniste 
Epinal. — Froereisen, C. 

Jacques, £., Fils. 
Gbenoblb. — Baratier, J. 

* Drevet, Xavier, 14, Rue Lafayette (Maison k Uriage-les-Bains) 
Gratier, A. 

Librairie Dauphinoise 
Haybe (Lb). — Bourdignon, A., Fils. 

* Gonfreville, J., 10, Place de I'Hdtel de Ville 
Lemale & Cie. 

Lb Mans. — Saint- Denis, A. de, 1, Rue Saint- Jacques 
Le Put.— Boitaud 
LiBOUBNE. — Maleville, G. 
Lille. — Berg^s, B. 

Dontrelon, 45, Rue Clef 

Dumez, 1 bis. Place de B^thune 



Leleu, Emile, 75 bis. Rue Esquermoise 

* Leleu, Gustave, 11, Rue Neuve 
Marquis, 7, Rue Poissonneaux 

Quarr^, Louis 

* Tallandier, Ch., 11 et 13, Rue de la Gare 
Limoges. — Ducourtieux, Vve., 7, Rue des Ar^nes 
Lyon. — * Bernoux et Cumin, 6, Rue de la Republique 

* Brun, Louis, 13, Rue du Plat 

* C6te, Auguste, 3, Place Bellecour 

* Dizain et Richard, 20, Rue Saint-Pierre 

* Ebrard, Gabriel, 2, Quai Fulchiron 
M^gret, M. 



Marseille. — Barb^, J. 

Bellet, 34, Rue Barbaroux 

Bellue, 31, Rue Paradis 


Boy, Rue Grignan 

* Domenc, Francois, 22, Rue Paradis 
Faure, 14, Boulevard du Mus^e 
Lafitte Fr6res 

Laveirari^, J. P., 72, Rue d'Aubagne 

Ruat, Paul, 22, Rue Noailles 
MoNTAUBAN. — Bousquet 

* Laforgue, Emile, 29, Rue de la R^publique 
MoNTPBLLiER. — Calas, Louis 

Galas, Joseph, 9, Place de la Prefecture 

Coulet, Camille 

Librairie des !^tuves 
MoNTB^BAU. — Soubiron, J. M. 
MouLiNS. — Durond, H. , 

Place, Martial 
Nancy. — * Grosjean-Maupin, Madame Vve., 20, Rue H^r^ 

Husson-Lemoine, Vve. 

Sidot Fr^res 

Sordoillet, Paul 
Nantes.— Cier, Baptiste 

* L^vy, Armand 

* Vier, Madame Vve. , 26 et 28, Passage Pommeray e 
Narbonnb.— Caillard, F., 2, Rue Corneille 
Nbvbrs. — Mazeron Fr^res 

Nice. — C6cile, Nasa, 16, Rue Meyerbeer 

Sauvaigo, Gaetan, 5, Avenue de la Gare 
NiMBS. — Catalan, A. 

NiORT. — * Clouzot, Leon, 18, Rue des Acacias 
Orleans. — Herluison, H., Rue Jeanne d'Arc 

Lecomte, Rue du Coulon 

Luzeray, E. 

Pellegrin, Maurice 
PARIS.— Alcan, F^lix, 108, Boulevard Saint-Germain 

Alcan, L^vy, 24, Rue Chauchat 

Andr^, Joseph, et Cie. , Librairie Af ricaine, 27, Rue Bonaparte 

Andr^, E. , fils, 6, Rue Casimir Delavigne 

Anglade, 47, Rue de Tr^vise 

Armengaud, ain^, 21, Boulevard Poissonniere 

Arnaud, Palais-Royal, 215, Rue Montpensier 

Asselin et Houzeau, Place de I'Ecole-de-Medecine 

Aulanier et Cie. , 13, Rue Bonaparte 

Baer, Gustave, 7, Passage Jouffroy 

Baillifere, J. B., et fils, 19, Rue Hautefeuille. {Midicine) 

Baltenweck, 16, Rue de la Grande-Chaumi^re 

* Baranger, F., 132, Rue Lafayette 
Baschet, Ludovic, 12, Rue de TAbbaye 





Baudoin, L., 30, Rue Dauphine 
Baudry etCie., 15, Rue des Saints-P^res 

* Belin, Th^ophile, 29, Quai Voltaire 
Berche et Tralin, 69, Rue de Rennes 
Bernard, E., et Cie., 53 ter., Quai dea Grands- Augustins 
Bertaux, E., 25, Rue Serpen te 
Berthier, O., 104, Boulevard Saint-Germain 

* Bihn, Louis, 69, Rue de Richelieu 

Oravures Anciennes, Ex-Libris, Vues, et Portraits 

* Blanchard, E., 61, Boulevard Saint-Michel 
Bloch, Guat., 3-5, quai Saint-Michel 
Bloud et Barral, 4, Rue Madame 

* Bordier & Michalon, 23, Place de I'Ecole de Medicine 

Medical and Scientific. New and Second-hand 

* Bouasse-Lebel & Massin, 28 and 29, Rue Saint-Sulpice. 1845 

Beligious Literature, Pictures, &c. 

Telegrams, " Boulebel, Paris." Telephone, 811— S4 

Boub^, E. , fils, 3, Boulevard et Place Saint- Andr^-des- Arts 
Bouillon, Emile, 67, Rue Richelieu 
Boulland, 17, Rue des Grands- Augustins 

* Boyveau et Chevillet, 22, Rue de la Banque. 1840. New dk Second-hand 

Books in all Languages. TeUphotu, 143A3 
Brasseur, F., 8-9-11 bis, Galeries de TOd^on 

* Brentano*s, 37, Avenue de TOp^ra 
Briquet, 40, Boulevard Haussmann 

* Brunox, Georges, 7, Rue Gu^n^gaud 

Bulletin trimestriel des Antiqui^s Africaines, 70, Boul. St. -Germain 

Gamut, Louis, 7, Quai Voltaire 

Caraj^on, Emile, 10, Rue de Nesle. (Droit) 

* OBXringtOJij Oharles, 13, Faubourg Montmartre. 1890. See advt. 

Curious and Uncommon Books and Orientalia, French and English 

* Chacornac, H., 11, Quai Saint-Michel. Second-hand 
Chadenat, Ch., 17, Quai des Grands- Augustins. Second-hand 

Americana et Voyages 

* Challamel, Au^ustin, 5, Rue Jacob. Second-hand 

Marine, Alg^ne, Colonies 
Champion, 9, Quai Voltaire. Second-hand 

Histoire g^n^rale et des Provinces 

* Charavay, Etienne, 3, Rue de Furstenberg. (Autographs) 

* Charavay, Eugene, fils, 34, Rue du Faub. -Poissonni^re. (Autographs) 
Chaumont, 27, Quai Saint-Michel 

Chevalier-Marescq et Cie., 20, Rue Soufflot. (Droit) 

* Chevrel, J. , 29, Rue de Seine. Second-hand 

* Claudin, A., 16, Rue Dauphine 
Cl^vi, Emile, 51, Boulevard de Clichy 

Coccoz, E. A., 11, Rue de I'Ancienne-Comddie. (M^decine) 
Colas, J.-B., 38, Rue Le Peletier 
Colas, Jules, 38, passage Brady 

* Colin, Armand & Cie. , 5, Rue de M^zi^res 

Publishers and Booksellers. Telegrams, " Arcolin, Paris." 
Comptoir G^ologique de Paris, P. Pierrotel, Direct. , 15, Rue de Toumon 

Livres et Cartes G^ologiques 
Conquet, L^on, 5, Rue Drouot 
Croville-Morant, 20, Rue de la Sorbonne 
Danlos fils, 15, Quai Voltaire 

* Delaroque, Henri, 21, Quai Voltaire. New and Second-hand 

EUROPE. 153 

Paris — continued. 

* Desbois, 7, Rue Lafitte 

Deaforges, H., 41, Quai des Grands- Augustins 

* Detaille, A. , 6, Rue des Beaux- Arts 

* Dorbon, 6, Rue de Seine. New and Second-hand 
Dubois, E., 18, Rue des Grands- Augustins. Second-hand 

Librairie Militaire Andenne 

* Duchemin, 18, Rue Soufflot. {Droit) 

* Dufoss^, E., 27, Rue Gudn^gaud. Second-hand 

LiTres, Autographes, GraTures, &c., relatifs k rAmerique at au Colonies 
Duplenne, Aug., 5, Quai Malaquais 

* Durel, A., 21, Rue de I'Ancienne Com^die. Second-hand 

* Dumerin, M. M., 33, Rue Saint- Andr^-des- Arts 

Th^ologie Catholique 

* Eudes, A., 30, Rue du Dragon 

* F^choz et Cie., 7, Rue des Saints-P^res 
Ferroud, A., 127, Boulevard Saint-Germain 

* Flammarion et Vaillant, 4, Rue Rotrou 

* Foucault, Henri, 62, Rue Mazarine. Second-hand 

* Foulard, Vve., 7, Quai Malaquais. Second-hand 
Fourneau, 18, Rue de la Sorbonne 

* Foy, A., 81, Rue de Seine. Second-haivd 
Galignani Library, 224, Rue de Rivoli 

Gaulon, Ch. , 39, Rue Madame 

* Giard et Brifere, 16, Rue Soufflot. {Droit) 
Gibert, J. , 23, Quai Saint-Michel. Second-hand 

* Gougy, Lucien, 5, Quai Conti 

* Grund et Magnet, 9, Rue Mazarine 

* Gu^rin, D. , 37, Rue de Rome 
Guerin et Cie. , 22, Rue des Boulangers 

* Hahn-Meyer, 40, Rue le Peletier 

Bstampes Anciennes 
Hennequin, 9, Rue Soufflot 

* Hermann, Arthur, 8, Rue de la Sorbonne. 1876. Second-hand 

Natural History and Mathematics 

* Jamati, Vincent, 7, Boulevard Saint-Martin 

* Jean-Fontaine, £., 30, Boulevard Haussmann. Voyez annonce 

Est. 1863. Second-hand 

* Joly, L. F., 19, Quai Saint-Michel 

* Jorel, E., 8, Rue des Beaux Arts Second-hand 
ELlinksieck, Chas., 11, Rue de Lille 

* Laisney , A. , 6, Rue de la Sorbonne 
Laisney, Louis, 7, Place de la Sorbonne 
Larchon et Emouf, 24, Rue Soufflot 

* Larose, L., 22, Rue Soufflot. {Droit) 
Larose, Vve., et Fils, 11, Rue Victor Cousin 
Larousse, 17, Rue Montparnasse 

* Lechevalier, Emile, 39, Quai des Grands- Augustins 

Histoire des Provinces 

* Lechevalier, J. , 23, Rue Racine 

MMecine, Botanique 

* Lecrosnier, 39, Rue de Seine 

* Lefevre, Vve. A., 29, Quai des Grands-Augustins 

* Lefran^ois, A., 8, Rue de Rome 

* Lefran9ois, E., 9-10, Rue Casimir Delavigne. New and Second-hand 

M^decine, Histoire Naturelle 

* Lehec, 37, Rue Saint-Andr^-des Arts 


Paris — contimied. 

* Lemallier, G., 25, Rue de Ch§>teaudan 
Lemaale, 3, Qaai Malaquaia 

* Lemercier, E. , 19, Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau. (BemcUnders) 
Le Soudier, H., 174, Boulevard Saint-Germain 

* Letarouilly, E. L., 1, Quai Malaquais 

* Letouzey et An6, 17, Rue du Vieux Colombier. New and Second-hand 

Th^ologie, Histoire, Litt^rature g<$n^rale 
Leplanquais, 37, Quai des Grands- Augustins 

* Lortic, £dm., 85, Rue Richelieu. Second-hand 

Th^ologie, Histoire, et G^n^ral 
Mailhat, J. , 25, Quai des Grands- Augustins 

* Maisonneuve, Jean, 6, Rue de M^zi^res. Second-hand 

Americana et Orientalia 

* Maloine, A. A., 23-25, Rue de I'Ecole de M^decine. {Medecine) 
Marescq, Jeune A. A. , 23-27, Rue Soufflot. (Droit) 

* Martin, G. , 126, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honor^ 

* Martin, Jules, 6, Rue de Savoie 
Masson, G. , 120, Boulevard Saint-Germain 

* Mayer, Qodetroj, 15, Rue Pigalle. 1887. Voyez, annonce 

Old Prints, Americana, Portraits 
Melet, A., 44, Galerie Vivienne 
Mendel, Charles, 118, Rue d'Assas 
Michawd, 6, Rue d'Aboukir 

Mohr, H. (Bouquinerie Voltaire), 1, Quai Voltaire 
More, 11, Rue Gu^n^gaud 

* Morgand, Damascene, 55, Passage des Panoramas 
Mulct, J. B., 71, -Rue Saint- Jacques 

Muzard et Ebin, 26, Place Dauphine 
Documents Parlementaires 

* Neal's Library, 248, Rue de Rivoli. 1878. See advt. 

Modern Literature, Cycling Maps, Tourists' Guides, &c. 

* Pache, FL, 7, Quai Voltaire 

* Paul, E., 100, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honor^ 

Paul, Em. , et Fils et Guillemin, 28, Rue des Bons-Enfants 

Libraires de la Biblioth^que Nationale 
P^done-Lauriel, G., 13, Rue SoufiOiot. (Law) 

Droit, Diplomatic 
Peelman, Jules, 2, Rue Antoine-Dubois 

Librairie Frangaise et Etrangdre 
Percheron, Hippolyte, 3 bis. Place de la Sorbonne 
Perrin et Cie. , 35, Quai des Grands- Augustins 

* Perrot, H. , 59 bis, Rue Bonaparte 

Philippot, L^n, 73, Rue des Tilleuls, Bpulogne-sur-Seine 

* Picard, Alphonse, et fils, 38, Rue des Ecoles 

Pigeon, Librairie du Gymnase, 7 bis. Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle 

* Pitrat, S., 4, Rue Hautefeuille. Second-hand 

Sp^cialit^ Litt^rature Portugaise et Espagnole ; Camoens 

* Porquet, C, 1, Quai Voltaire 

* Poussielgue, Charles, 15, Rue Cassette. 1835 

Classical and Religious 

* Rapilly, Georges, 9, Quai Malaquais. 1808. Voir annonce 

Architecture, Beaux Arts, et Estampes 
Randon, 16, Rue des Martyrs 

* Revet, Et., 11, Quai Voltaire 

* Rouquette, Alexis, 69, Passage Choiseul 

* Rousseau, A., 14, Rue SoufiOiot {Droit) 
Roustan, G. , 5, Quai Voltaire 

EUROPE. 155 

Paris — continued, 

* Rouveyre, E. , 76, Rue de Seine 

Safiroy, 65, Grande-Rue, Pr^.Saint-Gervais (Seine) 
Automphs, Manuscripts, Engravings, Bookplates 

* Sagot, Edmund, 39 bis, Rue de Chateaudun. Second-hand 

Autographes, Gravures, Musioue > 

* Saint- Jorre Frferes, 91, Rue Richelieu. Second-hand 

livres rares et curieux 

* Sallou, P., 17, Rue Cujaa 

* Salmon & Cie., 26, Rue Soufflot 

* Schleicher Frferea, 16, Rue des Saints-Pferea 
Schleainger, Emmanuel, 58, Rue de Bagneux 

Schulz, Albert, Librairie Internationale, 4, Rue de la Sorbonne 
French and Foreign, New and Second-hand. Telegramtt '* Librairie Schulz." 

* Stechert, G. E., 76, Rue de Rennes 
Taride, A., 18 et 20, Boulevard Saint-Denis 

* Techener Librairie, 219, Rue Saint-Honor^. Second-hand 

Livres rares, Incunables, etc. 

* Thomas, V ve. A. , et Oh. Thomas, 6, Place de la Sorbonne 

* Thorin et Fils, 4, Rue Legoff 

ThuiUier-Chauvin, A. , Librairie des Jeunes, 3, Rue Corneille 

Tignol, B. , 53 bis, Quai des Grands- Augustins 

Yanier, Yve. Leon, 19, Quai Saint-Michel. Second-hand 

Curiosit^s Litt^rairea et Illustr^ 
Yictorion, Joseph, 4, Rue Dupuytren 
Yigot Fr^res, 10, Rue Monsieur le Prince 
Yiv^, J. L., 13, Rue Delambre 

Th^logie Gatholique 
Yivien, Henri, 51, Rue Blanche 

Soldes, Livres documentaires 
Yoisin, A., 37, Rue Mazarine 

Auto^anraphes, Manuscrits, Documents Historlques 

* Welter, H. , 69, Rue Bonaparte. 1886. New and Second-hand 

Reference Books, Scientific Journals, (fee., in all languages 
Wilks, 36, Rue Mazarine 

Cerde de la Librairie, de V Tmprimerie, de la Papeterie, du Commerce, 

de la Muaiqvs, et des Eatampes, 117, Boulevard St. Germain 
Chambre Syndicate des lAbraires de France, 13, Rue de Bud 
Syndicat des Libraires de la Region de Paris, IS, Rue de Bu^i 

Pau.— Ribaut, Yve. 
Poitiers. — Blanchier, Pierre 

Druinaud, E., 6, Rue de la Mairie 
PuY (Lb).— Boitaud, A., et Fils 
Reims. — Matot, Braine 

Michaud, F. 
Rennes. — Amaites-Laf ont 

* Plihon et Herv6 
RoANNE. — Raynal 
Rouen. — * Lestringant, Aug. 

Aug^, 36, Rue Grosse Uerloge 

Renard, L. 
Saint-Bbieuo. — Prud'homme, R. 
Saint-Etibnne. — Chevalier, G. 
Saint-Germain-bn-Laye.— L^v^ue, Ch., fils 



Saint-Qubntin. — Triquenaux-Bevienne, 34, Rue Croix-Belle-Porte 
Toulon. — Bastide 

Rum^be, Hyacinthe 
ToTTLonsB. — Armaing 





* Marqueste, B. 
Soubiron, Fr^res 

TouBS.— Bridoux, Albert 
Defrenne, L. 

* Pericat, L. 

Tboybs. — Brevot-Leblanc 

Ubiagtb-lbs-Bains. — * Drevet, Xavier ;. voyez ausai Grenoble 
Valbncb. — Combier, A. 
Valbnoibnnbs. — * Giard 

* Lemattre, 14 et 16, Rue du Quesnoy. 1865 
Vbndomb. — Rip4, CloviB 

Vbssaillbs. — * Bastit, M., 19, Rue de la Pompe 

ViRB. — Letellier 




Aachbn [Aix-la-Ohapbllb]. — Barth, Rudolf 
Science, Philology 

* Creutzer, Ant., Holzgraben, 8 

Science, Theology, &c. 

* Schweitzer, J. 
Altbnburo. — * Bonde, Oskar 

Schnuphase'sche Hof-Buchhandlung 

* Wermann, 0. 
Altona. — ICalman, S. , & Co. 
Anspach. — Eichinger*8 Hof-Buchhandlung 
Abnstadt. — * Gimmerthal, Ferd. 
AscHAFFENBUBO. — * Krebs'sche Buchhandlung, C. 
Aschebslebbn. — * Huch's Buchhandlung, H. C. 

AuGSBUBO. — Literariaches Institut, Dr. Huttler, Carmelitergasse 

* Votsch, Adelbert 

* Windprecht's Antiquariat 
Baden-Badbn. — Sommermeyer's Nachfolger, Emil 
Bambbbg. — * Hepple'sche Buchhandlung, W. £. 
Babmen. — Graeper, Adolf. 

Steinbom & Co. 
Bautzen. — Vieweg, O. 

* Weller'sche Buchhandlune 

Batbeuth.— * SeligsT>erf'scneAntiquariats]iandluiig. See advt., ^,97 

BERLIN.—* AmsTer & Ruthardt, Behrenstrasse, 29a, w. 64. {Art) 

* Asher, A. , & Co. , Unter den Linden, 13 

Bahr, H., Linkstmsse 13, w. 9. (Law) 

KUROPE. 1 57 

Berlin — continued. 

* Bahr's Buchhandlong, H., Mohrenstraase, 6, w. 8 

Law, Jnrispradence, and Political Economy 

* Basch, S., f riedrichstrasse, 106, N. 24 

* Beuge, Fr., Spittelmarkt, 1, o. 19 

* Boas & Hesse, Luisenstrasse, 42, K.w. 6 

* Breitkreuz, M. , Neue Promenade, 7, G. 22 

* Bachholz, Wilh., Alexandrinenstrasse, 83, s. 14 

* Oalvary, 8., & Oo., Luisenstrasse, 31, N.w. 1852. See advt. 

Classics, Philology, Archnology, Oriental, Scientific, Incunabula, &c. 

* Cohn, Albert, Nettelbeckstrasse, 23, w. 

* Conrad's Buchhandlung, C. F. , Friedrichstrasse, 19, s. w. 48 

* Dames, Felix L., Landgrafenstrasse, 2. 1887 

Natural History and Scientiflc 

* Davidsohn, S., ILarlstrasse, 17, n.w. 6 

* Dierig & Siemens, Neue Promenade, 1, o. 22 

* Eichstaedt, Aug., Llitzowstrasse, 78, w. 35 

* Enslin, Otto, Karlstrasse, 32, n.w. 6 

* Friedlander, R., & Sohn, Karlstrasse, 11, n.w. 6 

* Frohlich's Buchhandlung, Theodor, Landsbergerstrasse, 32, N.o. 18 

* Fussinger's Buchhandlung, Steglitzerstrasse, 60, w. 35 

* Glas, A., Franzosischestrasse, 38/39, w. 56. (Music) 

* Goldschmidt, 6., Friedrichstrasse, 44, s. 12 

* Greve, Ernst R., Paulstrasse, 28, N.w. 21 

* Grube, Gustav, Wallstrasse, 90, c. 25 

* Gsellius'sche Buchhandlung, Mohrenstrasse, 52, w. 8 

* Hahne, Selmar, Prinzenstrasse, 54, s. 15 

* Hannemann, A., KoChstrasse, 86, s.w. 12 

* Harrwitz, Max, Potsdamerstrasse, 41a. , w. 1886. See advt. 

New and Old Books, Incunabula, Scientiflc, Autographs, Portraits, Ex-libris 

* Heyne Nachf., Otto, Halleschestrasse, 4, s.w. 

* Hirschwald'sche Buchhandlung, Unter den Linden, 68, n. w. 7 

* Jacobsthal, R., Biilowstrasse, 5i5, w. 67. {Pvhlisher) 

* Kampffineyer, Th., Friedrichstrasse, 20, s.w. 48 

* Kantorowicz, E., Potsdamerstrasse, 135, w. 

* Klonne's Nachf olger, J., Prinzenstrasse, 69, s. 14 

* Kiihl, W. H., Jaeerstrasse, 73, w. 8 

Technology, Sport, Sciences 

* Kiihline & Guttner, Markgrafenstrasse, 53, w. {Theatrical) 

* Latte, Wilhelm, Miinzstrasse, 23a, o. 22 

* Lazarus, Hermann, Friedrichstrasse, 66, w. 8 

* Leddihn, C, Gipsstrasse, 30, c. 22 

* Lederer, F. E. , Kurstrasse, 37, c. 12 

* Lehmann, Paul, FranzOsischestrasse, 33e, w. 56 

* Liepmannssohn, Leo, Antiquariat, Bemburgerstrasse, 14, s.w. 1866 

Autoirraphs, Music, Old and|Bare Books 

* Lissa, Geono;, Zimmerstrasse, 21, s.w. 1889 

Rare and Curious 
Loewenson, Carl, Metzerstrasse, 3, s.w. 

* Luck's Buchhandlung, A. P., Alt-Moabit, 111 

* Mai, Emanuel, Leipzigerstrasse, 113, w. 41. 1836 

Books and Engravings 

* Mattheus' Verlag, B., Kurfiirstenstrasse, 19 

* Mayer & MilUer, Prinz Louis Ferdinandstrasse, 2, N.w. 7 

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Philology, &c. 

* Mecklenburg, H. R., Klosterstrasse, 38 

* Mirauer & Salinger, Taubenstrasse, 42, w. 8 



Berli s — contintLed. 

Mode's Buchhandlung, S. , Poststrasse, 28, c. 2 

Miiller, K. J., Mohrenstrasse, 27, w. 8 

Nauck, Georg, Friedrichstrasse, 52/53, s.w. 12. {Theology) 

Neufeld & Henius, s.w. 48, Grossbeerenstrasse, 94 

* Nicolai'sche Buchhandlung, Briiderstrasse, 13, c. 2 

* Palm, Fritz, Buchhandlung, Dresdenerstrasse, 101, s. 14 

* Perl, Max., w. 19, Leipzigerstrasse, 89 

Philipp, S. , & Sohn, Neue SchonhauBerstrasse, 9, c. 22. {Music) 
Poppelauer, M., Neue Friedrichstrasse, 61, c. 2. {Hehraica) 

* Prager, R. L., Mittelstrasse, 21, N.w. 7 

Law, Political Sciences, Natural Economy, and History 

* Pritscnow, A., Wilsnackertrasse, 1, n.w. 

* Puttkammer & Miihlbrecht, Unter den Linden, 64, n.w. 7. {Law) 

* Pyllemann, C. F., Alte Jakobstrasse, 74 

* Rehtwisch & Langesvort, Zimmerstrasse, 18 
Rosenbaum & Hart, Wilhelmstrasse, 47, w. 8. {PttUishers) 

* Rosenstein, Ed. , Burgstrasse, 27, 0. 2 

* Rothacker, 0., Friedrichstrasse, 105a, n. 24 

* Rother, H. Linkstrasse, 4 

Evang. Theologie 

* Rubenow, W., Brunnenstrasse, 134, N. 

* Riihle & Hunger, Friedrichstrasse, 58, w. {Music) 

* Schneider, F, , & Co. , Leipzigerstrasse, 129, w. 41 

* Schroeder, E. H., Mockernstrasse, 137, s.w. 11. {Portraits) 
Schulbuchhandlung, Sophienstadtische, Grosse Hamburgerstr.,41,N. 24 
Schultze, August, Friedrichstrasse, 131, n. 24 

* Schultze, Velhagen, Komandantenstrasse, 77, s.w. 19 
Schuster & Bufleb, Markgrafenstrasse 

Architecture, Engineering, Mechanical Industries 

* Schweitzer & Mohr, Potsdamerstrasse, 35, w. 35 
Senff, A., Friedrichstrasse, 232, s.w. 48 
Siegismund, Karl, Mauerstrasse, 68, w. 48 

* Simon, Carl, Markgrafenstrasse, 21, s.w. {Music) • 

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Engrayings, &c. 
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Protestant Theology 
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Heidelberg. — Bangel & Schmitt 

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Catholic Theologie 
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Doebereiner'sche Buchhandlung 
Frommann'sche Buchhandlung 
Haerdle'sche Buchhandlung 
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Scientific, old and new 
JuLiCH. — Fahnenschreiber, Aug. 
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* MiUler & Graff 
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Lipsius & Tischer 
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German Literature 

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History & Topography, Archaeology, Occultiam, & Literary Curiosities. 

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Leipzig — coTitinued. 

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Mainz.—* Euler, F. 

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Marburg. — * Braun, W. 

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* Elwert'sche Univeraitata-Buchhandlung, N. G. 

Hessian Literature, Dissertations, Programs of Hessian Schools, &c. 
Marienburg. — * Gieaow, L. 
Marktbreit. — * Haeunlein, V. 
Meissen. — * Moache, Louia 
Mebseburg. — * StefFenhagen, P. 
Metz. — * Deutsche Buchhandlung 

Miiller's Antiquariat-Buchhandlung 
Miltenberg. — Halbig, F. 




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Anstalt, Literar., Promenadestrasse, 10 
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Theology, History, Autographs, and Portraits 

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Antiquarian, Engravings, &c. 
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Antiquarian, Art, Autographs, Engravings, &c. 

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Putze, Ulrich, 1, Briennerstrasse, 8 

Architecture, Applied Arts, &c. 

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Bare Old Books and Prints 

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Theological, Curious, Old & Rare, Music, Topography, Engravings, Autographs 
Telephone, 889 

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* Scherzer, E., Bayerstrasse, 10 

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MtJNSTEB I. Wbstf. — Edelbeck, J. 

* Mitsdorflfer's Buchhandlung, H. 

* Poertgen, H. 
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Selling, J . 

Theissing'sche Buchhandlung 
Naumbubg.— * Schmidt, M. 
Nbissb. — * Huss, 0. 
Nbubrandbnburo. — * Nahmmacher, 0. 
Neumarkt a. Sulz.— * Boegl's Buchhandlung, J. 
Neubuppin. — * Petrenz, R. 
Neuwied. — * Heuser'sche Buchhandlung, J. H. 
Neviges (Rhbinpb.)— * Bredenfeld, W. 
Nordhausbn.— * Eigendorf 8 Buchhandlung, 0. 

* Koppe, J. 

N6BDLINGEN. — * Bcck'sche Buchhandlung, C. H. 

Reischle, Theodor 
NossBN. — Westphal, P. 
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* Biiching, Franz 

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Raw'sche Buchhandlung, J. Ph. 

Schmid, Wilhelm, Adlerstrasse, 26. {Music) 

Stein's Buchhandlung, J. A. , Bayer Hoff 






Offenbubg t. B.— * Trube, J. 
Oldenburg.—* Bultmann & Gerriets 

Landsberg, S. L. 

Wiechmann's Buchhandlung, A. 
OsNABBUOK.— * Liickerdt'sche Buchhandlung, S. G. 

* Pillmeyer, G. 

* SchSningh, F. 
OsTKOwo.— Peiser, E. 
Paderborn. — Bonifacius-Druckerei. 
Passau.— * Deiters, A. 

Waldbauer's Buchhandlung, M. 
PosBN. — * Jolowicz, Joseph 

Spiro, A. 

Twardowaki, B. v. 
Potsdam.—* Buchholz, Wilhelm 

* Dienemann, P. 

* Hachfeld's Buchhandlung, R. 

* Link, 0. W. 
Qu EDLiNBURG. — Vie weg's Buchhandlung 
Regbnsburg.— Coppenrath, A. 

Hotter, Hans 

* Lama, Carl Ritter von. 1891. 

* Stokar, F. v. 
Reutlingen.— * Fischhaber, Eduard 
Rostock. — Schmidt, Hermann 

Stiller'sche Hof-Buchhandlung 

* Meyer, B. 

* Volckmann & Jerosch 
Rottbnbbrg a. Neckar.— Bader, W. 
Rowbnsburg.— * Kitz, H. 
Rudolstadt. — * Bock, A. 

* Deistung's Buchhandlung, 0. 

* Keil, K. 
Saarbruchbn.— * Schmidtke, Carl 
Sangbrhausen.— * Huwald, C. F. 
ScHLBiz.— * Ruhsam, M. 

Schrobenhausen.— * Hueber'sche Buchhandlung, M. 
ScHWBiDNiTZ.— * Weigmann, C. F. 
ScHWERiN.— Hartmann, G. 

SoLiNGBN. — * Larsch, E. 

SONDBRSHAUSEN.— * Bertram's Hof-Buchhandlung, Friedrich 

Spandau. — * Neugebauer'sche Buchhandlung. 

Spbybr.— * Lang, G. L. 

StARGARD I. POMMBRN. — * Just, R. 

* Schultz, E. 

* Weber'sche Buchhandlung 
Stassfurt.— Weicke's Antiquariat, R. 
Sternberg i. Mbokl.— Peters, H. 
Stettin.—* Bosch, Max 

* Dannenberg & Cie. 

* Katter, U. 

* Moses, A. 

* Schlag, L. 

Stralsund. — Bremer's Buchhandlung 

* Meincke's Buchhandlung, C. 

{Catholic Theology) 

[Catholic Theology) 


Strassbubg I. Els ASS. — Ammel, A., Brandgasse, 5 

* Bensheimer, J., Munstergasse, 1 

* En^elhardt, Fr. 

* Freiesleben, E., Nachfolger, Neukirchgasse, 12 
Lindner, P. E. 

* Lindner's Buchhandlung 

Statt, F., 27, Rue des Serruriers [Antiquarian) 

* Triibner'a Buchhandlung (E. D'Oleire), Am Miinsterplatz. 1872 

Philology, Art, Sx. 
Stuttgart. — * Geiger, G. 

* Gerschel, 0., Calwerstrasse, 16 

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Kaufmann, B. 

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Old, Rare, and Valuable 

* Schleslnger, B., Konigstrasse, 60. (Art) 

* Steinkopf, Ferdinand, Kronprinzstrasse, 38. {Protestant Theology) 
Ullrich's Buchhandlung, Eberhardsstrassc, 55 

Trier. — * Lehnen, P., & Co. {Catholic Theology) 

Stephanus, H. 
TuBiNGBN, Wurtemberg. — * Heckenhauer'sche Buchhandlung, J. J. 1823 
Theology and Philology 

* Laupp'scne Buchhandlung, H. 

Medicine, Natural Sciences 

* Osiander'sche Buchhandlung 

* Pietzcker, Franz, Moser'sche Buchhandlung. 1885. New dh Second-Jiand 

Medicine, Natural Sciences. Telegrama, *' Pietzcker, Tubingen." Telephone, 66 
Ulm a. D. — * Ebner'sche Buchhandlung, J. 

* Kerler, Heinrich 
Strohmetz, B. 

Warburg.—* Schilp, M. 

* Werth, F. C. 

Wbimar.— * Henss, Sohn, 0. ' 

Buschke's Hof-Buchhandlung, Alexander 

Basch, Hermann 

Zuckschwerdt, A. 
Wiesbaden. — * Bomemann, E. 

Bossong, Franz 

Jurany & Hensel's Nachf olger 

* Levi, J. 

* Moritz & Miinzel 

* Boemer, H. 
Schellenberff, Hermann 

WtJRZBURG. — * Banger, B. -^ 

* Essmann, W. 

* Frank's Buchhandlung, J. 

* Gnad & Co. 

* Goldstein'sche Buchhandlung, H. 

* Kressner, L. 

* Stahel'sche Universitats-Buchhandlung 

Staudinger'sche Buchhandlunff, J. 
Zeitz. — * Langenberg's Buchhandlung, O. 


Bologna — contimLed. 

* Romagnoli dalP Acqua, Via del Luzzo, 4 

Editrice de la B. Commission pour les testes de langue) 
CoMO. — * Oatinelli, F. {Lihrairie Modeme) 

Fbbbara. — * Taddei, AntoDio, & Figli. {Lihrairie Modeme) 

FiRENZE [Florence].—* Gonnelli, A. S., Via di Servi, 2 

* Libreria, Cecchi, Piazza del Duomo, 19 

* Libreria Eredi Grazzini (6. Dotti), S. Maria in Gampo, 21 ; also at 

Piazza delle Pallottole, 2 

* Olschki, Leo S. ; also at Venice. 1886 

Ancient, Bare, Carious, Incunabula, Ac. Telegramg, " Olschki." 
Seeber, B. 

* Sercelli, Baffaello, Libreria Dante 

* Franchi, Vlisse 

Aste Librairie. Ench^res Libraires 

* Franceschini, Pietro, Borgo dei Greci, 26 

LivoBNo [Leghorn]. — * Cassuto, Guglielmo, Via Pace, 29. 1881 

Antiquarian Books, Autographs, Engravings, Coins, and Postage Stamps 

* Giusti, Raffaello 

Lucca. — Libreria Nuova 

MiLANo [Milan].—* Hoepli, Ulrico, Corso V.E., 37 
Librairie Modeme et Antiquaire. Maison Editrice 

* Kantorowicz, Max, Via A. Manzoni, 5 

* Libreria Pietro Vergani di Enrico Vismara, Via S. Antonio, 20 
Nilsson & Jentsch, Via Ugo Foscolo, 5 

* Pa^anini, A., Via S. Damiano, 32 
Robecchi, L. , Via S. Paolo 

* Schiepatti, B. , Via S. Andrea, 8 
MoDENA. — Successori Vincenzi e Nipoti 

Napoli [Naples].—* Casella, F., fu Gio., Piazza Municipio, 81. 1852 
Antiquarian, Autographs, &c. 
D'Ambra, Giuseppe 

* Furchheim, F. , Piazza dei Martiri, 59 

* Marghieri, R., Galleria Umberto L, 77. 1873. 

Telegrams, " Marghieri, Naples." (Lihrairie Modeme et Ancieime) 

Mauro (di), Alfonso 

* Perrella, Francesco, Museo, 18 

Autographes, Estampes 

* Romano, Salvatore, Piazza Cavour, 15 
Padova.— * Drucker Fr^res 

Draghi, Angelo 
Palermo. — Pedone, Francesco 

Reber, Alberto (ex-Maison Glausen) 
Parma. — Pezzani, Angelo 
PiACBNZA.— * Porta, Vincenzo 
Pisa. — * Salvestrini, Antonio 

Spoerri, F. (Successeur Hoepli). Lihrairie Modeme) 

Rbcanatt. — Properzi, Luigi 

Roma [Rome]. — * Benedetti, Basilic, Piazza S. Claudio, 94 
Ancient and Modern 

Bocca, Fratelli 

* Bocca, Silvio, Giardino, 110. 1882 

Theology, Philosophy, Catholica 
Bruckner, Luigi 
Carmignani, Antonio (Successeur Sciomer, E.), Via del Gesii, 67 

* Gargiulo, R., Via Nazionale, 169 

* Giovannetti, Alessandro, Via Depretis, 62 



{Lihrairie Moderne) 

Roma [Rome] — continued, 

* Hefner, Via Frattina, 133 
Loescher & Co. , Via del Corso, 307. 

* Luzzietti, P., Piazza Crociferi, 4 

* Menozzi, VinceDzo, Palazzo Altieri, Piazza del Gesii 

Bookseller and Book Auctioneer 

* Mercogliano, Fortunato, Piazza Madama, 23 

Librairie Moderne Editrice 

* Spithover, Piazza di Spagna, 85 
Van-Riel, Comelio 

Siena. — Corrini Enrico 

* Torrini, Enrico, Via Cavour, 8 

Editore— Libraio — Antiqnario 

Torino [Turin]. — * Bocca, Fratelli 

* Casanova, Francesco, Via Accademia delle Scienze 

Librairie Moderne et Ancienne, Maison Editrice 

* Clausen, Carlo, Via di Po, 19. 1855. See advt. 

* Libreria Antiquaria Patristica, rue XX. Settembre, 87. 

Palais du S^minaire. TeldgrammeSf "Patristica, Turin." 

Livres anciens, rares, curieux, 4 figures ; Gim^nms, Autographs, Reliures, 
Gravures, Ex-libris ; Ouvrages d'occasion ; Service de Commissions ; Ex- 
Pri^re aux Libraires d'envoyer toujours leurs Gatalogubs et aux Amateurs 
d'envoyer leur adresse et leurs DisidSrata. 

* Rosenberg & Sellier, Via Bogino, 3 

* Vigliardi, Flli. (Ditta G. B. Paravia), Via Garibaldi, 23 

Udinb. — * Libreria Antiquaria Udinese. 1893 

Venezia [Venice].—* Gattinoni, Giulio, Libreria Aldo Manuzio, 
Miscellaneous and Venetian Books. 

* Olschki, Leo S., St. Mark's place, 71. 1886 

* Ongania, F. , Piazza S. Marco. 

Editeur d'ouvrages d'Art 

Vbeona.— Drucker, Fratelli. 
Vicenza. — * Galla, Giovanni 
ViTERBO. — Libreria Dante 

S. Margherita, 3655 
{Librairie Moderne) 
{Librairie Moderne) 




Christiania. — * Aschehoug & Co. 
Cappelen, J. W. 
Cammermeyer, S., Boghandel 

* Damm, N. W., & Son. 1846 

TelegraiMy ** Damm, Christiania." Telephone^ 645 

* Dybwad, Jacob. 1848 

Publisher, and Bookseller to the University. Telephone^ 134 
(xrimsgaard & Mailing 
Grandahl & Son 
Haffner & Hille 
Hauff, E. 
Lund, M. 
Mailing, J. T. 

* Norli, 0. 
Parmann & Co. 



St. Petebsbubgh. — Akademie Kaiserl. 

Bietepage, F. 

Eggers & Co. 

Erickson, W. 

Faski, R. 

Grote, J. A. 

Hoenniger, B. 

Kalmikoff, A. M. 

Klotchkoff, B. , Liteiny Prospekt, 55 
* Librairie de la Compagnie "Posrednik," W. 0, 8, Ligne 9. 1885 
Old and New Books 

Lindeberg, B. 

Ricker, 0. 

Watkins, L. , & Co. , Gr. Morskaia, 36. (English Books) 

Waesaw. — Arct, M. 

Centnerszwer, G. 

Gebethner & Wolff 

Trepke, K. 

Wende, E. 
WiNDAU. — Antmaim's Buchhandlung, Th. G. 



Baboelona. — Bastings, Antonio J., Pelayo, 52-54 

* Llordachs, Jos^ 
Verdaguer, Alvamo , 

Madbid. — Amo, G., Paz, 6 

* F6, Fernando, Carrera de San Jer6nimo, 2 
Fiscowich, Florencio. 

Fuentes e Capdeville, Plaza de Santa Ana, 9 
Iravedra, F. , Arenal, 6 
Libreria Gutenberg, Principe, 14 
Moya, N., Carretas, 8 

* Murillo, M., Alcala, 7 

" Boletin de la Libreria." libros raros y euriosos 
Rico, Calle de Pontejos, 8 

Libros raros y euriosos 
Romo & Fussel, Alcala, 5. 1891 

Libreria Intemacional 

* Villaverde, L. P., Carretas, 4 
San Sebastian. — Darrazzen, Maria 
Seville. — F6, Hijos de, Sierpes, 100 





GoTHENBUBO. — Gumpcrt's Buchhandlung 

Hartelias' Buchhandlung, W. 

Wettergren & Kerber 
Helsingbobg. — Killberg's Bokhandel 
Lund. — * Lindstedt's Univ. -Buchhandlung, Ph. 

MoUer's Univ. -Buchhandlung 

* Quiding's Antikvariat 

* TuUstorp's Antikvariat, G. 



Stockholm. — Carlberg's Antikvariat, Hamngatan, 17 
Fritze, C. E. (Royal Bookseller) 

* Gullberg & Co. 

* Klemming's Antikvariat, Malmtorgsgatan, 6 
Loostrom & Komp 

Upsala. — Akademische Buchhandlung (C. J. Lundstrdm) 

Suisse. SWITZERLAND. Schweiz. 

Basel [Basle].—* DetloflTs Antiquariat (Reich, R.) 

* Geering Adolph 

* Georg & Co. 1855 

Nataral History, Helvetica, and Rare 

Bern. — * Miiller, G. 

Geneve. — Burkhardt, R., 2, Place du Molan. {Libradrie Modeme) 

Drehmann, P., 9, Rue du Mont Blanc. (Lihrairie Modeme) 

Diirr, Ph., Rue Bory Lisberg. (Librairie Modeme) 

* Eg^mann & Cie., li Rue Centrale et Rue Corraterie, 3. See advt, 

Livres Anciens, Reliures, Ex-Libris, Autographes, Livres & gravures, &c. 
TeUgrawu, ** Eggimann, Oen^ve." Telephone^ 1197 et 693. 
Georg & Cie 

* Hilfiker-FuUiard 

Jeheber, J., 28, Rue du March^. {Lihrairie Modeme) 

* JuUien, J. , Place du Bourg de Four, 32 

Helvetica, Protestant Theology, History, &c. 
Stapelmohr, H. , 24, Corraterie. {jAhrairie Modeme) 

Thury, A., 6, Rue Petitet. (Lihrairie Ancienne) 

Trembly, H., 4, Rue Corraterie. (Lihrairie GcUholique) 

Lausanne. — Benda, B., 

* Payot 
Rouge, F. 

LuzEBN. — * Prell's Nachfolger, C. F. 
St. Gallen. — * Hausknecht, Werner 

Stans. — Matt, Casper von. (Catholic Theology) 

Zurich. — Fries, P. H. (Music) 

Gassmann, G. A. (Music) 

* Meijer-Merhart, J. (formerly Th. Baur) 

* Schweizerisches Antiquariat (Raustein, A.), Tonhallestrasse, 6. 1828 


Calcutta. — Thacker, Spink, & Co. 
Bombay. — Combridge, A. J., & Co. 
Thacker & Co. , Ltd. 

Colombo, Ceylon. — Ferguson, A. M. & J. 
LucKNow. — Newul Kisliore Press. See advt. 

Rare and Precious Books in Oriental Languages 
Madras. — * Higginbotham k Co., 164, Mount road ; also at Bangalore 
Subramania, T. S. , & Co. , Palghat 


Hanoi. — Schroeder, Albert 
Requests Catalogues 

. * J J 






Newcastle. — Knaggs, R. C, & Co., Hunter street 
Sydney. — * Angus & Robertson, 89, Castlereagh street 

Speciality— Books relating to Australasia and Polynesia 

Telegranu, " Fragment." Telephone, 1168. 

Begbie, A. C. , 353, George street 
Cassell & Co. Ltd., 82, Pitt street 

Church of England Book and Tract Depot, 176, Pitt street 
Clarke, J. W. R. , 5 & 6, Market buildmgs, George street. (Importer) 
* Cole, E. R., 384, George street 
Collins Brothers & Co. Ltd., 69, York street 
Dymock, William, George street 
Edwards, Dunlop, & Co. Ltd.^ Clarence street 
Gordon & Gotch, Pitt street 

Hutchinson, A., & Sons, 250 and 252, Castlereagh street 
Kirby , F. C. , 85, Market street 
Kirby , S. , 405, George street 
Maxwell, C. F., 116, Elizabeth street 
Robertson, George, & Co., 361, George street 
Sands, J., 374, George street 
Smith, T. L. , George street 
Thompson, James, 46, Erskine street 
Turner & Henderson, 16, Hunter street 
Wesleyan Book Depdt, George street 
West Maitland. — Blair, W. 


AsHBUBTON. — Farley, T. F., Town Hall 

Auckland. — Auckland Sunday School Union, Albert street 

Champtaloup & Cooper, Queen street 

Chapman, G. T. , 54, Queen street 

Finch, R. E., 156, Queen street 

Lennox, W. G. , 100, Queen street 

Mackayy Charles 

Mears, W. E., 198, Queen street 

Upton & Co. , 102, Queen street 
Chbistchurch. — Barber, F., 159, Cashel street 

Bickerton Bros. , Stewart street 

Chartres, W. G., High street 

Collins Brothers & Co., 160, Tuam street 

Lake, Henry, 47, Worcester street 

O'Connor, Edward, 35, Barbadoes street 

Otago Bible Society, George street 

Simpson & Williams, 214, Hich street 

Wesleyan Book Depot, Cashel street 

Whitcombe &> Tombs Ltd. , 202, Cashel street 
DuNBDiN. — Braithwaite, Joseph, Princes street 

Bressey, Charles, 151, George street 

Driver, H. H., Chaucer's Head 

Horsburgh, James, 73, George street 

New Zealand Bible and Tract Society, 22, George street 


DuNBDiN — coiUinued, 

Sligo, A., 42, Georee street 

Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd. 

Wise & Co., Princes street 
HoKiTiKA. — Manson & CJo., Revell street 
Invebcabgill. — Guthrie & Co. 
Napier.— Crerar, J. M., & Son, Hastings street 

Dinwiddie, Walker, & Co. , Tennyson street 

Howe Bros. , Hastings street 
New Plymoitth. — Gilmour, John, Brougham street 
TiMABU. — Hutton, P. W., & Co., Great South road 
Wellington. — Bible, Book, and Tract Depot, Cuba street 

Burrett, Robert, Lambton Quay 

Clark, David, Lambton Quay 

Dutton, George W., Lambton Quay 

Fraser, F. H., Manners street 

Holliday, Robert, & Co., Lambton. Quay 

Mackay, S. & W. 

Whitaker Brothers, Lambton Quay 

Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd. , Lambton Quay 


Brisbane. — Crawford, Mrs. F., Edward street 

Edwards, Dunlop, & Co. Ltd., 91, Edward street 

Gordon & Gotch, Queen street 

Harriss, G. S., George street 

MacDonnell, Francis, 187, Queen street 

Robertson, George, & Co. , Elizabeth street 

Rowney Bros. 

Rowney, William, 147, Queen street 

Smith, W. Munro, 42, Queen street 

Thompson, J. H. , 80, Queen street 

Thomson Bros., Chancery buildings, George street 

Tyas's Town Hall Book Arcade, Queen street 

Watson, Ferguson, & Co. , 75, Queen street 

Wesleyan Book Dep6t, Queen street 

Weston, H., Petrirs Bight, and 182a, Queen street 

Williamson & Co. , 

Warwick. — Millar, James, Palmerin street 


Adelaide. — Bible Christian Book Room, Flinders street 

Bible Hall and Tract Depot, Flinders street 

Cawthorne, W. A., & Co., Gawler place 

Rigby, W. C, 74, King William street. {Importer) 

Roberts, A. H., King William street 

Robertson, George, & Co. , Freeman street 

Sands & McDougaU Ltd., 54, King William st. (Importers) 

Wesleyan Book Depot, King William street. (Importers) 

Wigg, E. S., & Son, Bundle street. {Importers) 

MooNTA. — Broad, J. J. 


HoBABT. — Anderson, J., 166, Liverpool street 
Hood, T. L., 85, Elizabeth street 
Jackson, R., Liverpool street 


Hob ART — continued. 

Legrand, W. , 60, ColliDS street 

Mather, S. , 93, Liverpool street. {Bible Dep6t. Importer) 

* Propsting & Cockhead, Elizabeth street 
Walsh, J., & Son, 42, Macquarrie street 

Launceston. — Gee, Robert, Charles street 
Hood, T. , & Co. , Brisbane street 
Walsh Brothers & Birchall, 1 10-1 18, Brisbane street 


Ballarat. — Anderson, J., & Co., Armstrong street 

Ewins, Josiah, 3, Sturt street 

Hammond & Son 

Niven, F. W., & Co., Sturt street 

Summerscales, H. J., Sturt street 

Vale, Richard T. , Sturt street 
Beechvvorth.— Fletcher, J., Ford street 
Bendigo. — Robshaw, John, Mitchell street 

Souter, Robert, Hargreaves street 
Geelong. — Franks, H., & Co., Moorabool street 

Mercer, George, 31, Malop street 

Purdie, John 

Thacher, Henry 
Melbourne. — Arnall & Jackson, 42, Collins street 

Bruce, A. & W., 68, Elizabeth street 

Bruce, Samuel, 33, Swanston street 

Cassell & Co. Ltd. , 376, Little Collins street 

Cole, E. W., Book Arcade, Bourke street, E. 

Cornish Brothers, 55, Temple court. {Law) 

Cowan & Co. , 72-76, Flinders street 

Craig, J. H. , 69, Nelson place, Williamstown 

Gumming, J. N. , 88, Chapel street, Prahran 

Diocesan Book Society 

Gardiner, J. , 193, Swanston street 

Gordon & Gotch Ltd., Queen street 

* Hutchinson, M. L., 305-307, Little Collins street 
Macmillan & Co. Ltd. , 262, Collins street 

Maxwell, C. F. , 458, Chancery lane {Law) 

Melville, Mullen, & Slade, 262 & 264, Collins street 

Robertson, George, & Co., 384-390, Little Collins street 

Scott, A. B., Swanston street. Second-hand 

* Smith, A. J., & Co., 57-59, Swanston street 
Sullivan, Mrs. A., 4, The Block, Collins street 
Terry, W. , 84, Russell street 

Books on Occultism, Psychology, <fec. 
Tyas, P., Swanston street. Second-hand 

Wesleyan Book Depot, 87, Lonsdale street, e. 


Albany. — Ince, John, Sterling terrace 
Perth. — Barnard, J. W., Barrack street 

Gordon & Gotch Ltd. 

Wigg, E. S., & Son, Hay street 

Honolulu.— Thrum, T. G. {Bookseller and Publisher) 





VRYBURG.—Townshend, W. W. 

Cape Town. —Darter Brothers & Walton 

Juta, J. C, & Co. 1853 

Martin, Cyrus J. 

Michaelis, H. {Deviache BuchhandXung) 

Miller, T. M. 
CoLBSBBEO. — Weakley, H. 
Cradock.— Butler Brothers 
Dordrecht. — Hutchons, "H. 
East London. — Hebbes & Co. 
Graaff Rbinet.— Haarhoff, J. P. 
Grahamstown. — Grocott & Sherry 
KiMBERLEY.— Godlonton & Co. 
Kino William's Town.— Randall, W. T. 

Bowles, S. , & Co. 
MiDDELBURO— Turpin, W. C. 
MossELBAY. — Powrie, Jos. 
Oudtshoorn.— Pocock, J. & H. 
Paarl.— Toit, D. F. au, & Co. 
Port Elizabeth. — Juta, J. C, & Co. 

Davis, P. , & Sons 
QuBENSTOWN.— Barrable, D. S. 
Simon's Town. — Mrs. Turner 
Somerset East. — Seidler, C. 
Stellenbosoh.— Darter Bros. & Walton 

Juta, J. C. , & Co. 
Worcester.— De Villiers, D. S. 


Maritzburo. — Adams & Co.; also at Durban 

Davis, P. , & Sons ; also at Durban 
Durban. — Adams & Co. ; also at Maritzburg 

Davis, P., & Sons ; also at Maritzburg 


Blobmfontbin. — Barlow Brothers & Co. 

Borckenhasen, C, & Co.; also at Potohefstroom 
Deale Brothers 


BuLAWAYO. — Juta, J. C, & Co. 
Miller, T. M. 


Barberton.— Begg, A. F., & Co. 
Johannesburg. — Surmester, W. E. 

Juta, J. C. , & Co. ; also at Cape Town 

Weliter, A. 
Potohefstroom. — Borckenhagen, C, & Co.; also at Bloemfontein 
Pretoria. — Burmester, W. E., & Co. 

The Argus Co. 
Vryheid. — Levetzow, A. Von 



Cairo. — Aoglo- American Bookselling Dep6t 
Port Said. — Anglo-American Bookselling Depot 



Bblizb.— Beattie & Co. {Importers) 


LiMON. — Wood, F. M. 

San Josi. — Maria, Vinda de Lines 


EscuiNTiiA. — Cobar, Luis 

Guatemala Nubva. — Ar6valo, L. Gatica, y Cia. 

Bertrand y Cia. 

Gk)ubaud, E. , y Cia. ; also at San Salvador, Salvador 

Lardizabal, J. M., y Cia. 

Partegas, Antonio 
Livingston. — De Grout, Julian 
Rbtalhuleu. — Villaricencio y Cia. 

Teuxillo. — Dillet, Alfonso 


Chihuahua. — Altamlrano, Manuel, Calle de Victoria 

Eaton, Santiago D. , Avenida de la Independencia 

Miramontes, l3onato, Calle de Ojinaga 

Norwald, Enrique, Calle de Gaudalupe 

Pucbu, Domingo, Calle de Abasolo 

Rembez y Rezanry, Calle de Gaudalupe 
Chilpancingo. — Coronel, Francisco Bringas 
GuATMAS. — Biille, A., y Cia. 
Lbon. — Pedro de la Fuente, Jos6 Maria 

Portillo y Guemcs, Portal Bustamente 

Rosa y Bouret, Surcursal 

Villabos, Rafael, Portal de la Carcel 
Matamobos. — Martinez, M. Garcia 
Mazatlan. — Paez, Donaciano 
Mbbida db Yucatan. — Canton, E. C. 

De Cant<Sn, A. M. 
Mbxico. — Ballesca y Cia., Sta. Isabel, 8 

Libreria y centro Editorial de Obras Nacionales y extram'eras 

Bouret, Viuda de C, Cinco de Mayo, 14 

Bux6, J., y Cia., Portal del Aguila de Oro, 7 

Gloria, Antonio, Escalerillas, 17 (A.O. 610) 

Green & Davis, Av. Balderas, 3 (la C.S. 210 Apo 99) 

Hamilton, H. P. , Vergara, 5 


Mexico — continued. 

Hoeck, F. P., la, San Francisco, 12 (4a A.O. 93) 

Liona, H. & V., Tacuba, A.O. 342 y 2a Monterilla 5 (5a C.S. 823) 

Ludert, F. A., Coliseo Viejo, 23 (6a A.O. 157) 

Martin, Luis, Goliseo Viejo, 21 (6a A.O. 151) 

Mazu y Cia., Portal Agustinos (6a A.O. 352) 

Murguia, M., Aguila de Oro, 2 

Quintero y Cia, Vergara, la C.S. Esquino el Cinco de Mayo 

Ruhland, Emil, Avenida Cinco de Mayo, 4 

Sainz, Ricardo, Plateros, la (4a A.O. 364) 

Urias, Jesus, Cinco de Mayo, 4 

Van Mourieck, C, la Estaciones, 5a A. P. P. 
Monterey. — Erichseu, Ricards, Commercio, 23 

Martinez, Francisco A., Calle de Zuazua, 6 

Westrup, Rev. Thomas 
Oaxaca. — San-Germdn, Lorenzo 
PuEBLA. — Baur, Carlos, Calle de Guevara, 6 

Villegas, J. M., Ochavo 
Saltillo. — Fom6s, Pascual 

Tabasco. — Graham, Jos^ Maria, San Juan Bautista 
Vera Cruz.— Jimenez, Rafael Rodriguez, Zamora, 11 


Granada. — Rivas, Anselmo H. 
Leon. — Chesnay, Emilio 

Mayorga, Fulgencio 
Manaooa. — Barcenas, Joaquin 

Mejia, J. 


San Salvador. — Goubaud, E., y Cia. ; also at Guatemala Nueva 

Mixco, F. , y Cia. 
Santa Ana. — Aldana, Alberto Martinez 


« ♦» 


Buenos Ayres. — Agencia Italiana, Corrientes, 634 
Alon, C, Rivadavia, 355 
Ameghino, Rivadavia, 2339 
Angel, Estrada, y Cia., Calle Bolivar 
Donnell, J. R. Garcia, Cassilla de Correo, 816 
English Book Store, The, Florida, 233 

Old and New Books 
Estrada, Angel, y Cia. , Calle Bolivar, 466 
Galli, Hermanos, " Libreria Inglesia," San Martin, 102 
Grant & Sylvester, " Libreria Anglo- Argentina," Cangello, 542 
Holder, A. E., Cayo, 480 
Hutton y Cia., Bolivar, 385 
Jacobsen, L., y Cia., Lavalle, 600 
Joly, C. M., y Cia., Victoria, 727 
Kern, J. A., Santa Fe, 2292 
Mulhall, M. G. & E. T., Maypu, 176 

Publishers of Hand-Book of River Plate 


CoBDOVA. — Del Comercio Inglesa 

Perry, Thomas 
BosARio. — Olive, hijo, Bosendo 

Puj adores, Salvador 

Tabasca & Aloy 

Vigil, Mendoza 
San Louis. — Costa, Alejo, y Cia. 


CoGHABAMBA. — Blanco Hijo, BeDJamin 

Pacieri, Aurelio 
La Paz. — Farfan, Jos^ Maria, Ayacucho, 14 

Forgues, Francisco, Ingavi 12 and 11 

Lac Eirmouce, Mauricio 
PoTOSi. — Chacon, J. 

Pacheco, Marcelino 

Vera, Salvador 
Pun ATA. — Valverde, Calle Gabriel 

Santa Cruz [de la Sierra].— Sandoval, Neptali, Carabobo, 203 
Santiago [db Cotagaita].— Calderon, Benjamin Cortes 

Cortes, Casimiro F. , La Paz, 4 
Sucre. — Constantin, Miguel 
Tabija. — Nieva, Aurelio 
Trinidad. — Suarez, Bomulo 

Velasco, Lucio P. 
Vallegrandb. — Rocha, Federico 

Suarez, Leonor 

Terrazas, Mannel Maria 


Bahia. — Bemardes, Jos^ Evaristo, Rua Conselheiro Dantas, 28. ( Wholesale) 

Da Silva, Eduardo Pereira, Rua Conselheiro Dantas, 32 

Kock, Fernando, Rua Conselheiro Dantas, 44 
Campinas. — Castro, Mendes & Irmao 

Goncalves, Pedro Jos6 
Ceara Fortaleza.— Da Silva, Gualter R. 

Oliveira & Co. 
Maceo. — Da Cunha, JoaLo Firmo C. P. 

Da Costa Francisco, Tavares 

Guimaraes, Adolpho 
Man ACS. — Pereira, Ernesto B., & Co. 
Maranhao. — Almeida, Jr., & Co. 
Para [Belem]. — Bitteucourt, R. L., & Co., Rua do Imperatriz, 11 

Pereira, Gomez, & Co., Rua do Cons. Joao de Alfredo, 40 

Pereira & Faria, Rua da ludustria 

Pinheiro, Braga, & Co. , Rua do Cons. JoSLo Alfredo, 6 

Tavares, Cardoso, & Co. , Rua do Cons. Joao Alfredo, 22 
Pblotas. — Hermain, Augusto Gottwald, & Co. 

Pinto, Carlos, & Co. 
PBRNAMBUCO.-Alves de Albuquerque, Joao Joaquin, Rua do Imperador, 52 

Ayres, Manuel Cardoso, Rua do Marquez de Olinda, 38 

De Medeiros, Jofto Walfrido (Livraria-Francesza) Rua de Marco, 9 

Goncalves, Manoel Jos^, Rua do Barao da Victoria, 7 

Laporte, G., & Co., Rua do Imperador, 46 

Noguera de Souza, Jos^ (Livraria Economica), Rua de Marco, 2 


PoBTo Allegrb. — Gundlach & Co. 

Pinto, Carlos, & Co.'s Successors 
Bio db Janeibo. — Alves & Co., Rua Ouvidor, 134. New and Second-hand 

Borgas, J. A., Rua Ourives, 139 

Briquiet, F. & Co., Rua Nova de Ouvidor, 16 & 18 

British & Foreign Bible Society, Rua Goncalves Diaz, 31 

British Subscription Library 

Cunha, Joaquin da, Rua S. Jos^, 116 & 121 a. New and Second-hand 

Da Cunha, J. L. , Rua da Quitanda, 24 

De Azevedo, Jos^ Gomez, Rua Uruguayana, 33 

Empreza Literaria Flumineuse, Rua 7 de Setembro, 81 

Fauchon & Co. , Rua Ouvidor, 125 

Fonseca, Machado & Irmas, Rua Quitanda, 117 

Gamier, P., Rua Ouvidor, 71 

Hildebrand, C, & Co., Rua 15 de Novembro, 40 

Laemmert & Co. , Rua do Ouvidor, 66 
Publisher of Rio de Janeiro Directory 

Lavignasse, A. Felho, & Co. , Rua Ourives, 7 

Livraria Evaugelica, Rua Club Gymnastico, 15 

Livraria Universal, Rua Ouvidor, 66 

Macedo, Luiz, Rua Quitanda, 64 

Magalhaes, Domingos, Rua Lavrador, 126 

Martins, Americo, & Co. , Rua Assemblea, 81 

Mascarenhas, A., & Co., Rua Quitanda, 38 

MattoB, Augusto, Rua Marquez de Olinda, 37 

Santos, Jacintho Ribeiro dos, Rua S. Jos^, 76 

Savin, J. A., Rua Quitanda, 3 & 5 

Silva, Carlos Caspar De, Rua Quitanda, 111 & 113 

Silva, Jacintho, Kua S. Jos^, 93 

Silva, Lobo A. A. da, Rua 7 de Setembro, 81 

Souza, J. Lopes de, Rua S. Jos^, 121 

WoUing, J. W., Rua Assemblea, 81 
Rio Grande do Sul. — Barros e Silva, Daniel, Rua Pedro II. 

Menezes, F. T. de, Junr. 

Strauch & Guimares, Rua Pedro II. 
Santos. — Weinmann y Cia., Rua 15 Novembro 49 
Sao Paulo. — Alves e Cia., Rua Quitanda, 9 

Costa e Santos, Rua S. Jo^, 10c 

Endrizzi e Cia., J. B., Rua Boa Vista, 74 

Laemmert & Co., Commercio, 25 

Melillo e Cia., Rua S. Bento, 65 

ThoUier e Cia., Rua 15 Novembro, 40 

Victoria Store, Rua S. Bento, 8b 


Georgetown.— Baldwin, John Y. 
Central Stationery Establishment 
McDonald, William 
Thomson, James 


CoNCEPOTON.— Libreria Central (Jos6 M. Serrato) 
Copiapo. — Baez, Juan B., Altacama, 208 
Iquique. — Gam6n, Miguel, y Cia 

Petersen, Lorenzo 

Valdez y Cia. 


La J A. — Fuentes, Adolf o 

Subiabo, Gregorio 
La Serena. — Saenz Pena, Miguel 

Urrutia, Ismael 
Nacimiento. — La Oficina de Correos 
Saktiago. — Baldrich, Carlos, Huerfanos, 21 

Barros, Mendez Luis, Ahumada, 34 

Belfort, Miguel, Bandera, 52a 

Cuspinera, T., y Cia., Ahumada, 64 

Hardy, J. W., y Cia., Portal Fernandez Concha, 5 

Horeau, Emilio, Estado, 34b 

Hume y Cia. , Ahumada, 22d 

Ivens, Jos^, Estado, 29o 

Lagos, Cosme, Bandera, 30a 

Lathrop, Carlos, 2°, San Diego 

Lathrop, Federico, Ahumada, 26d 

Mazeira, Luis A. , Bandera, 61a 

Medina, Federico, Alameda, 118a 

Medina, Gerardo, Alameda, 246d 

Miranda, Guillermo, E., Bandera, 63 

Miranda, Roberto, Bandera, 61b 

Molina, Erasmo, Estado, 36o 

Rufin, Rafael, Bandera, 26d 

Salinas, Rodolfo, Huerfanos, 19l 

Servat, Mariano, Huerfanos, 21 1 

Teche y Cia., A., Pasaje Matte, 18 y 19 

Tornero, Carlos, Ahumada, 27 

Undurraga, Urbano, Ahumada, 33h 
Talca. — Trucco & Vaccaro 
Tome. — Diaz e Hijo 
Valpabaiso. — Hardy, J. W. 

Herrera, Oscar, Uena pedidos por Mayor 

Niemeyer, Carlos F., Esmeralaa, 11 

Paton, W. G. 

Sinchez, Eucarpio, ''Libreria del Porvenir," Victoria, 140 

Sociedad Biblica, Condell, 148 


Agrado. — Lara, Milciades 
Barbacoas. — Gutierrez Sucessores 
Babranquilla. — Angulo, Pedro C. 

Baena, Hermanos 

Lopez, Penha A. Z. 

Mayens, C. M. 

MoUno, Eloy S. 

Salas, Isaac M. 

Voigt, Aristides 
Bogota [Samta Fb de]— Bayon, Santiago, 107a y 111, Calle, 14 

Camacho, Roldan, y Tamayo, Libreria Colombiana 

Concha, Jos^ V., 97 y 99, Calle, 14 

Enciso, Evaristo, 49 y 250, Carrera, 6 

Ferrier, Enrique, 184, Calle, 10 

Gonzalez, B. Caslos, 453, Carrera 

Gutierrez, Agustin, 238, Carrera, S 

Guzman, Federico, 266, Carrera, 6 


Bogota [Santa Fb de] — continued. 

Libreria del Mensajero (Eduardo Boada), 2 de Florian 

Pombo, Fidel, Place de Bolivar, 21 y 241, Carrera, 8 

Roa, Jorge, 171, Calle; 12 y 164, Carrera, 5 

Samper, Matiz J. M., 606 y 508, Carrera; 7 y 257, Carrera, 9 

Torres, Amaya F., 151, Calle, 12 

Vargas, Dositeo, 149, Calle, 12 
BucABAMANGA. — Arango, Tomas 

Cadena, Nepomuceno 

Calderon y Lamus 

Clausen, C. P. 

Libreria International 

Martinez, Daniel 

Ordonez, Camilo 

Pies, Chacon, y Cia. 

Bug A. — Jaramillo, F. T. 

Cartagbna. — Aranjo, Jos6 Dionisio 

Faro, El 

Segrera, F. 

Vega, Cipriano, Porto carrero 

Velez, Joaquin, F., Carritas, 262 
Cabtago. — Torres, Romero J. 
Gabzon. — Castillo Emiliano 
GuAMO. — Castillo y Caycedo 
La Cbxjz. — Vergel, Abdenago 
Manizalbs. — Cardona, Floro, Carrera de Bolivar 

Gutierrez, Hermano A. , Plaza Principal 

Mbdbllin. — Alvarez y Cia., Manuel Jos6 

Diaz, G. Clodomiro 

Escobar y Bemal 

Gallo, Benjamin 

Molina, Carlos A. 

Moreno y Heitnanos, Abraham 
MoMPOX. — Martinez, Ramon 

Meneses, Carlos 
Neiva. — Baquero, Cesar B. 
NoviTA.— Hurtado, Guillermo 0. 

Sanchez, M. A. 
OcANA. — Jacome y Hermano 

Roca, Ricon M. 
Pamplona. — Nino, Parra, y Cia. 
Panama. — Mora, Hermanos, y Cia 

Preciado, Y., y Cia. 
Pasto.— Obando, J. E. 
Pop AY AN. — Arboledo, Ernesto 

Guzman, A. 

Malo, Francesco 

Rivera, J. C. 
San Jos^ de Cucuta. — Ferrero y Cia. 

Penez y Osorio 

Scribano, Francisco 
SiNCELBJO.— Perez, Jos6 M. 

Ruiz, Rafael Francisco 
SocoBBO. — Nunez, J. Augustin 


— -•- — 

Bbidoetown. — Bowen & Sons, 20, Broad street 

CURACOA {Dutch Possession). 
WiLLEMSTBD. — Betheiicourt, A., e hijos 

GRENADA {British Possession). 

St. George. — Bark worth & Co., Halifax street 
Brathwaite, J. , Young street 


Port-au-Prince. — Audain, J. J. 
Audain fils, Louis 

JAMAICA {British Possession). 

Kingston. — Bryant, R. W., Port Royal street, 15 
Gardner & Co. , Harbour street, 227 
McCarthy, J., King street, 8 
Macdougall, Duncan, 135, Harbour Street 
Wesleyan Book Room 

MARTINIQUE {French Possession). 

Duval et Co, , Fort de France 
Thomas, J., Fort de France 

Ponce. — Lopez, Manuel 
Oterro y Sobrino 

ST. THOMAS {Danish Possession). 

Charlotte Amalie. — Russell Brothers 
Taylor, E. C. 


Puerto Plata. — Castellano, Manuel 
San Domingo. — Garcia, Hermanos 

Roques, Jos^ Ricardo. , Calle de Regina, 2 
Santiago de los Caballeros. — Bido, Ulises Franco 

TRINIDAD {British Possession). 

Port op Spain. — Ford & Co. 

Muir, Marshall, & Co. 
San Fernando. — Lewis, John C. 


Kobe. — Moutrie & Co. 

Tokyo.— Kyoyeki (The) Shosha Ltd. 

Maruya, Z. P. , & Co. 
Yokohama. — Japan Gazette Co. 

Kelly & Walsh ; also at Hong Kong & Shanghai, China. {English Books) 


Boott ipublisbere in tbe lanitet) Iking^om. 

Tfie cuidreasea are in London unless otherwise indicated. 

Abbott, Jones, & Co. Ltd., 4 & 5, Adam street, Strand, w.c. 1895 

Bdncational and Geneial 
Ackermann, Arthur, 191, Regent street, w. 

TelMvanuy " Bistre, London." 
Addison, W. U., Queen's Head passage, Paternoster row, E.c. 1897 

Telearama, "Pictorial, London." Telephone, 6919 
Aldine Publishing Co. Ltd., Crown court. Chancery lane, w.c; and 10, 

Allen street, Goswell road, E.C. 
Alexander & Shepheard, 21-22, Fumival street, E.c. 
Allen, E. G., 28, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 
Allen, E. W., 4, Ave Maria lane, e.c. 
Allen, George, 156, Charing Cross road, w.c. 

Allen, W. H., & Co. Ltd., 5, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 
AUenson, H. R., 30, Paternoster row, e.c. 1893 

Theology, Sermon Outlines, Sunday School Helps, &c 
Allman & Son Ltd., 67, New Oxford street, w.c. 1800 (EducationcU) 
Anderson, C. & R., 11, Ludgate hill, e.c. 

Andrews, W., & Co., 6, Farringdon ave., B.C.; and "The Hull Press," Hull 
Answers Ltd., 24, Tudor street, e.c. 
Appleton, D., & Co., 25, Bedford street, Strdind, w.c; and at New York 

Arnold, Edward, 37, Bedford street, Strand, w.c. 

General Literature. Telegrams, " Scholarly, London." 
Arrowsmith, J. W., 11, Quay street, Bristol 
Art & Book Co., 22, Paternoster row, B.c. 

Ash Partners Ltd., 36, St. Martin's lane, w.c. 1887. (General) 
Asher & Co., 13, Bedford street, Covent Garden, w.c. 1864 

Bducational and General. Tel^ranu, " Aspiration, London." 
Bacon, G. W., & Co. Ltd., 127, Strand, w.c 

Bagster, Samuel, & Sons Ltd., 15, Paternoster row, E.C 

Tel^rantB, " Bagster, London." 
Baim^re, Tindall, & Cox, 20 & 21, King WiUiam street, w.c 
Bamlcott & Pearce, 44, Fore street, Taunton 
Batsford, B. T., 94, High Holborn, w.c 1842. See advt, page 10 

Architecture and Decorative Art 
Beeman, Neville, Ltd., 6, Bell's buildings, Salisbury square, E.C 
Beeton k Co. Ltd., 10 & 11, Fetter lane, e.c 
Bell & Bradfute, 12, Bank street, Edinburgh 
Bell, George, & Sons, 4, 5, & 6, York street, Govent Garden, w.c 1841 

Fine Art, Educational, Belles Lettres. Bohn's Libraries 

TeUgrame, *' Bohn, liOndon." 
Bellairs & Co., 9, Hart street, Bloomsbnry,. w.c 
Bellows, John, Eastgate street, Gloucester 
Bemrose & Sons Ltd., 23, Old Bailey, e.c; and at Derby 
Bentley, Richard, & Son, 8, New Burlington street, w. 
Bible Christian Book Room, 26, Paternoster row, B.C. 
Bickers & Son, 1, Leicester square, w.c. 

Biggs k Co,, 139-140, Salisbury court. Fleet street, E.C 

Electrical, Engineering, <fec. 
Black, Adam & Charles, 4, 5, and 6, Soho square, w. 1807 

Sir Walter Scott's Works, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and General 

Telegrama, " Biblos, London." 

•'Black & White," 63, Fleet street, E.c 


Blackie & Son Ltd. 50, Old Bailey, e.c. 

Blacklock, Henry, & Co., Albert square, Manchester 

Blackwood, James, & Co., 8, LovelPs court. Paternoster row, B.o. 1848 

Religions and useful Books 
Blackwood, William, & Sons, Edinburgh; and at 37, Paternoster row, E.C. 
Blades, East, & Blades, 23, Abchurch Uine, e.g. 
Bliss, Sands, & Co., 12, Burleieh street. Strand, w.c. 1893 

Cheap Reprints, Novels, Art Books, dec. TeUffranu, " Assiduous, London." 
Bonner, A. & H. B., 1 & 2, Took's court. Chancery lane, E.o. 1891 

Progressive Theology, Politics, Sociology, and Ethics 
Bowden, James, 10, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 1896 

General Literature. Telegranu, " Reference, London." 
Bradbury, Agnew, & Co. Ltd., 10, Bouverie street, E.c. 
Brear, Thomas, & Co. Ltd., 17-19, Kirkgate, Bradford 
Brockhaus, F. A. , 48, Old Bailey, e.g. ; also at Leipzig, Berlin, Paris, Vienna 

TeUgramif " Brockhaus, London." 
Brotherhood Press, The, 28, Clerkenwell road, e.c. 

Brown, A. & Sons Ltd., 5 Farringdon avenue, e.g.; and at Hull 

TeUffranu, "Brown, Hull." Telephone, 97. 

Browne & Nolan, Nassau street, Dublin 
Brumby & Clarke Ltd. , Hull 

TeUgranu, " Brumhy, Hull." Telephone, 240. 
Bryce, David, & Son, 133, West Campbell street, Glasgow 
Burleigh, T., 370, Oxford street, w. 
Burnet & Isbister, 16, Buckingham street. Strand, w.G. 
Bums & Oates Ltd. , 28, Orchard street, w. 
Butterworth & Co., 7, Fleet street, e.c. (Law) See advL page 10, 

(Est. about 1818.) Telegrame, "Butterworth, London." 
Cameron, Ferguson, & Co., 63, North Frederick street, Glasgow. 1859 

Novels, Histories, Song Books, Musical Publications 

Telegrame, " Exemplnm, Glasgow." TeUphone, 44S6 
Campbell & Tudhope, 45, Cranston street, Glasgow 
Cassell & Company Ltd., La Belle Sauvage, Ludsate hill, E.G. 

Fine Art and General Literature. Telegrame, 'MI!aspeg, London." 
Caster, George C, Marketplace, Peterborough. 1889. (Antiquarian) 
Catholic Art and Book Co., Leamington 
Catholic Truth Society, 21, Westminster Bridge road, s.E. 
Chambers, W. & R., Ltd., 47, Paternoster row, e.g. ; and at Edinburgh 
Chapman k Hall Ltd., 11, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 1833 

Fiction, Educational Works, Dickens, and Garlyle's Works 

Telegrams, " Pickwick, London." Telephone, 2711 
Chatto & Windus, 110 & 111, St. Martin's lane, w.c. 1853 

Fiction and General Literature. Telegrama, " Bookstore, London." 
Christian Life Publishing Co. Ltd., Essex Hall, Essex street, Strand, w.c. 
Church of Eng. Sunday School Institute, 13, Sergeant's Inn, Fleet st., e.c. 
Church of England Temperance Society, 4, Sanctuary, Westminster. 1862 

Telegramt, " Temperance, London." 
Church Extension Association, 5-6, Paternoster row, e.c. 
Church Missionary Society, Salisbury square, E.c. 
** Church Monthly " Office, 31, New Bridge street, e.c. 
Churchill, J. & A., 7) Great Marlborough street, w. 1832. (Medical) 
Clark, B. & R. , 42, Hanover street, Edinburgh 
Clark, T. & T., 38, George street, Edinburgh 
Clarke, James, & Co., 13 & 14, Fleet street, e.c. 
Clay, C. J., & Sons (Cambridge University Press), Ave Maria lane, e.c. 

Classical, Scientific, Theological, Text Books, dec. 

Telegramt, *' Cantabrigia, London." 

Clegg, James, " The Aldine Press," 10, Milnrow road, Rochdale. 1868 
National Telepkone, 225 


Clegg, W. E., 30, Market place, Oldham. 1831 

National Telephone^ 20 

Clive, W. B., 13, Bookseller's row, Strand, w.c. {Educational) 

Telegranu, " Tutorial, London." 
Clowes, William, & Sons Ltd., 27, Fleet street, K.C.; and 

13 & 14, Charing Cross, s.w. {Law) 

Collingridce, W. H. & L., 148 & 149, Aldersgate street, e.g. 

Garaening, Drapery, Ironmongery Journals and Books 

TeUgrama, " Gollingridges, London." Telephone^ 6831 

Collingwood Brothers, 65-66, Chancery lane, w.c. 

Collins (William) Sons, & Co. Ltd., Bridewell place, b.c. ; and at Glasgow 
Compendium Publishing Co., 16, New Bridge street, e.g. 
Congregational Union, Memorial Hall, 15, Farringdon street, e.c. 

Constable (Archibald) & Co., 2, Whitehall Gardens, Westminster, s.w. 

Telegramty *' Dhagoba, London." 
Cornish Brothers, 37, New street, Birmingham 
Cornish, James, & Sons, 297, High Holborn, w.c. 
Cornish, J. £. , 16, St. Ann's square, Manchester 
Cotsworth, Moses B. , Holgate, York. See advL facing page 1 

Direct Calculators for Trades and Professions 
Cotton Press, The, 5, Fetter lane, E.c. 

General Literature, Sanitation, and Medical Works 
Cox, Horace, Windsor House, Bream's buildings, Fetter lane, E.c. 
Crombie, Andrew, 119, Salisbury square. Fleet street, e.c. 
Croome & Co., 322, Upper street, Islington, N. 

Darlington & Co., Llangollen. {OuideSf due.) 

Dawbarn & Ward Ltd., 6, Farringdon avenue, e.c. 1894 

Photographic, Technical, and Guides 
Deacon, Chas. Wm., & Co., Charing Cross chambers, Duke St., Adelphi,w.c. 
(Est. 1870.) Scientific, Medical, and General. Telegranf, ** Handbook, London." 
Dean & Son Ltd., 160a, Fleet-st., e.c; and at Edinburgh and Manchester 
Deighton, Bell, & Co., 13, Trinity street, Cambridge. {Educationai) 
De La Rue (Thomas) & Co., 110, Bunhill row, e.c. 
Dent, J. M., & Co., 29 & 30, Bedford street, w.c. 

Classical, Drama, Travel, and General 
Dickinson, R. D., 89, Farringdon street, E.C. 
Dicks, John, 313, Strand, w.c. 

Digby, Long, & Co., 18, Bouverie street. Fleet street, E.c. 
Diprose & I^teman, Sheffield street, Lincoln's Lin Fields, w.c. 
Douglas, David, 10, Castle street, Edinburgh 
Downey & Co. Ltd., 12, York street, Co vent Garden, w.c. 
Drake, R. Ligalton, Eton 

Drane, Henry J., 2, Bell's buildings, Salisbury square, e.c. 
Drummond's Tract Dep6t, Stirling, n.b. 
Duckworth & Co., 3, Henrietta street, Coven t Garden, w.c. 
Duffy (James) & Co. Ltd. , 15, Wellington Quay, Dublin 

Telephone, 447 
Dulau & Co., 37, Soho square, w. 
Eason & Son Ltd., 86, Middle Abbey street, Dublin 
Educational Supply As8ociati6n Ltd., 42a, Holborn viaduct, e.c. 
Edwards, Joseph, "Labour Annual Office," Wallasey, near Liverpool 
"Electrician" Office, 1, 2, and 3, Salisbury court, e.c. 
Ellis & Elvcy, 29, New Bond street, w. 

Ellis & Keene, 9, Ray street, Farringdon road, London, E.C. {Theology) 
Emmott & Co. Ltd., 57, Fleet street, e.c. 

Epps (James) & Co. Ltd., 170, Piccadilly, w.; and 48, Threadneedlest., E.c. 
Evans, P. M., & Son, Holvwell, North Wales 

Welsh Galvinistic Methodist Literature 



Eyre & Spottiswoode, East Harding street, E.o. {Ocfvemment Publications) 

Fannin & Co., 41, Grafton street, Dablin. (MediccU) 

Telegramt, " Fannin, Dublin.'* Telephone, 198 
Fisher (Eden) & Co., 6-8, Clement's lane, Lombard street, e.c. 
Forder, Robert, 28, Stonecutter street, e.c. 1887 

Freethought and Mathusian 
Foulsham, W., & Co., 4, Pilgrim street, B.O. 
Fowler, L. N., & Co., 7, Imperial Arcade, Ludgate Circus, E.c. 
French, Samuel, Ltd., 89, Strand, w.c. {Theatrical) 

Friend, D. B., & Co., 77, Western road, Brighton 

Frowde, Henry, Clarendon Press Warehouse, Amen cor., e.g. ; and at Oxford 
Funk k Wagnalls Co., 44, Fleet street, e.c. 

Gale & Polden Ltd., 2, Amen comer. Paternoster row, E.c. (Military) 
Gall& Inglis, 20, Bernard terrace, Edinburgh; and 25, Paternoster-sq., E.C. 
Gardner, Alex., 26, Paternoster square, E.c. ; and at Paisley. 1827 
Gardner (Wells) Darton, & Co., 3, Paternoster buildings, E.C. 

Telegrama, " Publishers, London." 
Gay & Bird, 22, Bedford street, Strand, w.c. See advt. within hack cover 

(Est. 1891.) General and American 
Geddes (Patrick) & Colleagues, Edinburgh 

Gibbings & Co,, Ltd., 18, Bury street, Bloomsbury, w.c. See advt. page 12 
Gibbons, Stanley, Ltd., 391, Strand, w.c. 

Gilbert & Rivington Ltd., St. John's House, Clerkenwell road, e.o. 
Gill, George, & Sons, Minerva House, 13, Warwick lane, e.c. 
Gill, L. Upcott, 170, Strand, w.c. 
Gill, M. H., & Son, 50, 0*Connell street upper, Dublin 

Telegramt, " Gill, Dublin." Telephone, 365 
Glaisher, William, 266, High Holborn, w.c. 
Goose, Agas, Rampant Horse street, Norwich 
Gordon & Gotch, 15, St. Bride street, E.C. 
Goupil k Co. (Successors Jean Boussod, Manzi, Joyant k Co.), 25, Bed- 

niustrated Books and Engravings. ford street. Strand, W.C. 

Gowans k Gray, 22, A^in street, Glasgow. 1846 {General) 

Telephone, ISll 

Grant, John, 31, George IV. Bridge, Edinburgh. See advt, page 6 
Gray, Henry, 47, Leicester square, w.c. See advt. page 11 
Green, Philip, 5, Essex street. Strand, w.c. {Liberal Theology) 

Green, W., k Sons, 18-20, St. Giles street, Edinburgh. 1874. {Law) 

Telephone, 766 

Greening (Lawrence) k Co., 20, Cecil court. Charing Cross road, w.c. 1896 

Grevel, H., k Co., 33, King street, Covent Garden, w.c. 

Griffin (Charles) & Co. Ltd., 12, Exeter street. Strand, w.c. 

Griffin, J., & Co., 2, The Hard, Portsmouth. {Nautical) 

Griffith, Farran, Browne k Co., 35, Bow street, Covent Garden, w.c. 

TeUgrame, " Yardfar, London." 
Gurney k Jackson, 1, Paternoster row, E.c. 

Hachette k Co., 18, King William street, Strand, w.c; and Paris. (French) 
Hacon k Ricketts, 52, Wirwick street, Regent street, w. 
Hall, J., k Son, 51, Trumpington street, Cambridge 
Hardy k Page, 21,. 'Old Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, w.c. 
Harmsworth Brothers Ltd., 24, Tudor street, E.C. 

Harper k Brothers, 45, Albemarle street, w. 

Telegrama, "Osgood, London." " Cablegranu, " Harpsam, London." 
Harrison & Sons, 59, Pall Mall, s. w. 
Hatchard, Messrs., 187, Piccadilly, w. 
Hazell, Watson, k Viney Ltd., 1, Creed lane, e.c. 
Headley Bros., 14, Bishopsgate street without, E.c. (Friends' Books) 


Heinemann, William, 21, Bedford street, w.o. 1890 

Miscellaneoas Literature. TeUgrama^ " Sunlocks, London." 
Heuderson, James, Red Lion court. Fleet street, E.C. 
Heywood (Abel) & Son, Oldham street, Manchester 
Hey wood, John, Manchester ; and at 29 & 30, Shoe lane, E.c. 
Higham, Charles, 27, Farringdon street, e.o. 
Hirschfeld Brothers, 22-24, Bream's buildings, Fetter lane, e.c. 1885 

Medical and Educational. Telegrama, " Hirschfeld, London." 
Holness, Alfred, 14, Paternoster row, E.c. 
Hodder Brothers, 389, Strand, w.c. 
Hodder k Stoughton, 27, Paternoster row, e.c. 

Telegranuy *' Expositor, London." 
Hodge, William, & Co., 34-36, North Frederick street, Glasgow. 1884 

Legal and Scottish. Telephone, 3384 
Hodges, Figgis, & Co. Ltd. , 104, Grafton street, Dublin 
Hodges, John, 39a, Bedford street, w.c. 

Hodgson, Francis, 89, Farringdon street, e.c. {Educational) 

Hogg, John, 13, Paternoster row, e.c. {OenercU) 

Holden, A. M., 23, Paternoster row, e.c. (Edtuiational) 

HofnoBopathic Publishing Co., 12, Warwick lane, e.c. 
** Home Words" Office, 7, Paternoster square, e.c. 
Horner, W. B., & Son, 27, Paternoster square, E.c. 
Houlston & Sons, 7, Paternoster buildings, E.o. Circa 1780 

Juvenile Literature, Religious, Household Economy. 

TeUfframe, " Houlston, London." 
Howell, Edward, 28, Church street, Liverpool 
Hunter, R. W., 19, George IV. Bridge, Edinburgh 
Hurst & Blackett Ltd., 13, Great Marlborough street, w. 
Hutchinson & Co., 34, Paternoster row, E.c. 
lliffe & Son, 3, St. Bride street, e.c. 1835 

Cycling, Photographic, and Guide Books. Tel^ranu, " Cyclist, London." 
Imperial Press Ltd., 21, Surrey street, w.c. 
Innes, A. D., & Co., 31-32, Bedford street. Strand, w.c. 1770 

General, Educational, Historical, Military, &c. 
Isbister & Co. Ltd., 15-16, Tavistock street, w.c. 
Jack, T. C. & E. C, 10, Norfolk street. Strand, w.c; and Grange 

Publishing Works, Edinburgh 
Jaggard & Co. , 39, Renshaw street, Liverpool. See advt. preceding title-page 
Jarrold & Sons, 10-11, Warwick lane, e.c; and at Norwich 
Johnston, A., 3, Amen comer. Paternoster row, E.c. {EducationcU) 

Johnston (Ruddiman) & Co., Ltd., 26, Charterhouse-sq. , E.C. (Oeographical) 
Johnston, W. & A. K., 5, White Hart street, Warwick lane, e.c; and 

Ediua Works, Edinburgh. See advt. page BO. {Oeographical) 

Juta, J. C, & Co., 36, Basinghall street, e.c; and at Cape Town, S. Africa 
Kelly, C. H., 2, Castle street. City road, b.c. 
Kelly's Directories Ltd., 182-184, High Holbom, w.c 
Kerr & Richardson, 89, Queen street, Glasgow 
KesM'ick Publications Ltd., Keswick House, Paternoster row, E.c 

Telegranu, " Graphic, London." 
Kimpton, Henry, 82, High Holborn, w.c. {Medical) See advt. pizge 22. 
Kimpton, Richard, 126, Wardour street, w. {Medical) 

King, R. E., 106, 108 & 110, Tabernacle street, E.c. 
King, H. S., & Co., 65, Cornhill, e.c. 

King, P. S., & Son, 12-14, King street, Westminster, s. w. See advt. page IS 
Knight & Co., 4, La Belle Sauvage yard, Ludgate hill, E.C 
Lane, John, " Bodley Head," Vigo street. Regent street, w. 
Laurie, Thomas, 28, Paternoster row, E.c 


Lawrence & Bullen Ltd., 16, Henrietta street, w.c. 

Lay ton, C. & E., 56, Farringdon street, E.c. 

Leadenhall Press Ltd., 60, Leadenhall street, e.c. See advL facing title-page 

Leng, John, & Co., 7, Bank street, Dundee ; and 186, Fleet street, E.G. 

Lennon, B. G., & Co., 75, Leadenhall street, e.c. 

Letts, Charles, & Co., 3, Royal Exchange, e.g., and 24, Tabernacle-st. , e.c. 

Telegrams^ " Diariata, London." 
Lewln, Thomas, & Co., 12, Castle street, Berners street, w. 
Lewis, A., 13, Paternoster row, e.c. {Masonic) 

Lewis, Henry King, 136, Gower street, w.c. 1844. {Medical) 

Liberation Society, 2, Serjeant's Inn, Fleet street, b.c. 
Library Bureau Ltd., 10, Bloomsbury street, w.c. 
Lincoln, W. S., 2, Holies street, Oxford street, w. {Albums) 

Lippincott (J. B.) Co., 6, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 
Livingstone, E. & S., 15, Teviot place, Edinburgh 
Lock wood (Crosby) & Son, 7, Stationers' Hall court, E.c. 
London Bible Warehouse, 53, Paternoster row, E.c. 

Long, John, 6, Chandos street. Strand, w.c. 

Tefegramn, " Longing, London." 
Longmans, Green, & Co., 38-41, Paternoster row, B.c. ; and at New York 
Low (Sampson) Marston & Co Ltd., St. Dunstan's House, Fetter lane, b.g. 

Telegram§, " Rivaam, London." Telephone, 65083 See odvt. 

Lund (Percy) Humphries, & Co. Ltd., "The Country Press," Bradford. 

(Eat. 1884.) Photographic and Technical. Telephone, 894 
Luzac k. Co., 45, Great Russell street, w.c. 
McClure, S. S., Ltd., 10, Norfolk street. Strand, w.c. 
Macdougall, Alex., & Co., 7, Mitchell lane, Glasgow 
MacDougall's Educational Co. Ltd,, 24, Warwick lane, e.g. 
Mackay, W. J., & Co. Ltd., Chatham. {Military) 

Royal Engineer Publications and other Military Works 

Telegrams, " Observer, Chatham." 
Mackenzie, J., & Co., 81, Endell street. Long Acre, w.c. 
Mackenzie, VV., 69, Ludgatehill, e.g. ; and at Edinburgh, Glasgow, & Dublin 
MacLehose, J. , & Sons, 61, St. Vincent street, Glasgow 
Macmillan & Co. Ltd., St. Martin's street. Pall Mall, w.c. 1843 

General Literature. TelegravM, " Publish, London." Telephone, 2686 
Macniven & Wallace, 138, Princess street, Edinburgh 
Macqueen, John, Hastings House, Norfolk street, w.c. 
Mansell, Joseph, Ltd., 35, Red Lion square, w.c. 
Marlborough, E., & Co., 51, Old Bailey, e.g. 

Telwrama, " Marlborough, London." 
Marshall Brothers, Keswick House, 5a, Paternoster row, e.g. 
Marshall (Horace) & Son, Temple House, Temple avenue, Fleet street, e.c. 
Marshall, John, & Co., 42, Paternoster row, e.c. 
Marshall, Russell, & Co. Ltd., 6, Panyer alley. Paternoster row, e.c. 
Masters, Joseph, & Co. , 78, New Bond street, w. 
Mathews (Elkin), 6b, Vigo street, w. 
Melrose, Andrew, 16, Pi^rim street, B.G. 
Melville, Mullen, & Slade, 12, Ludgate square, E.C. 
Menzies, J. , & Co. , Hanover street, Edinburgh ; and at Glasgow 
Methodist New Connexion Book Room, 30, Furnival street, e.g. 
Methuen & Co., 36, Essex street. Strand, w.c. 1889. {Oeneral) 

Milne, John, 12, Norfolk street. Strand, w.c. 

Milner & Co., Ltd., 16, Paternoster row, e.g. ; and at Halifax, Yorks. 
Missionary & Tract Society of the New Church, Bloomsbury street, w.c. 

Inatituted 1821 for the publication of propagandist Swedenborgian books and tracts 
Mitchell & Hughes, 140, Wardour street, w. 


Moffatt & Paige, 2S, Warwick lane, E.c. 

Monthly Tract Society, 181, Queen Victoria street, K.C. 

Moravian Publication Office, 32, Fetter lane, e.c. 

Morgan Brothers, 42, Cannon street, E.o. 

Morgan & Scott, 12, Paternoster buildings, E.c. 

Morison Brothers, 52, Renfield street, Glasgow 

Morison, Thomas D., 240, Hope street, Glasgow 

Morrish, George, 114, CamberwcU road, e.g.; and Paternoster square, E.C. 

Mowbray, A. R., & Co., 6t5, Farrinsdon street, E.C. ; and at Oxford 

Murby, Thomas, 3, Ludgate Circus buildings, E.c. {EduccUioncU) 

Murray, Charles, 7, Paternoster square, B.C. 

Murray, Frank, Moray House, Derby ; also at Leicester and Nottingham 

See advta. pctges 4* 7, £3, and SO 
Murray, John, 50a, Albemarle street, w. 
National Press Agency Ltd., 13, Whitefriars street, e.c. 
National Society's Depository, 4, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, s.w. 
National Temperance League Publication Depdt, 33, Paternoster row, e.g. 
Nelson, Thomas, & Sons, 35-36, Paternoster row, E.c. ; and at Edinburgh 
Newmann, 0., & Co., 84, Newman street, w. 1880 

Educational and Kindergarten. TeUgramn^ *' Pestalozzi, London." 
Newnes, George, Ltd., 7 to 12, Southampton street, Strand, w.c. 
Nichols & Co., 23, Oxford street, w. {Hygienic^ dec.) 

Nichols, H. S., Ltd., 39, Charing Cross road, w.c. See advta. pj). 101-104 
Nicholson, W., & Son Ltd., 26, raternoster square, E.C.; and at Wakefield 
Nimmo, John C., 14, King William street, w.c. 

Fine Art, Biographical, Standard, Natural History 

Telegrama^ " Ommin, London." 
Nimmo ( VV. P. ) Hay, & Mitchell, St. James's square, Edinburgh 
Nisbet, James, & Co. Ltd., 21, Berners street, w. 1832 

Religious and Juveniles. Telegramtj " Didactic, London." 
Nister, Ernest, 24, St. Bride street, E.c. 

Teharam8, " Acquiesce, London." 
Norie & Wilson, 156, Minories, e. {Nautical) 

Nutt, David, 270, Strand, w.c. 

Oliphant, Anderson, & Ferrier, 30, St. Mary street, Edinburgh ; and at 
21, Paternoster square, e.g. 1808 

Religious, Novels, Scottish, &c. Telephone, 683, Edinburgh 
Oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale court, Edinburgh 

'* Onward" Publishing Office and Book Depot, 124, Portland st., Manchester 

Reciters, Hymns, Pledge Cards, &c. 
Orr (Francis) & Sons, 131, Renfield street, Glasgow 
Palmer, Howe & Co. , 77, Princess street, Manchester 
Parker, James, & Co. , 27, Broad street, Oxford ; and 6, Southampton street, 

Strand, w.c. See advt. page 24 
Parlane, J. & R., Paisley 
Partridge, S. W^., & Co., 8-9, Paternoster row, B.C. 1849 

Evangelical and General Literature. 

Telegrama, " Pictorial, London." Telephone, 6919 

Passmore & Alabaster, 4, Paternoster buildings, e.c. 

Paul (Kegan), Trench, Triibner, & Co., Ltd., Charing Cross road, w.c. 

Telegramn, " Columnae, London." 
Peacock, Mansfield, & Britton, 18, Salisbury square, E.c. 
Pearson, C. Arthur, Ltd., Henrietta street. Coven t Garden, w.c. 
Pentland, Young J., Edinburgh ; and at 38, West Smithfield, E.c. (Medical) 
Perry, Walter, & Co. Ltd., Helmet buildings, Wormwood street, e.c. 1874 

Directories and Guides. Telegram§, " Hatcheling, London." 
Pew tress Brothers, 51, Old Bailey, e.c. 
Philip, George, & Son, 32, Fleet street, E.c. 


Philip, Son & Nephew, 45-51, South Castle street, Liverpool 
Phillimore & Co., 56, Essex street, Strand, w.c. 

Genealogical and Antiquarian 
Phoenix Publishing Co., 110, Strand, w.c. 
Photochrom Co. Ltd., 121, Cheapside, e.c. 
Photographic Publishing Co., 215, Shaftesbury avenue, w.c. 
Pickering & Chatto, 66, Hay market, s.w. See advt. page 15 
Pitman, F., 20, Paternoster row, B.C. 

Pitman, Sir Isaac, & Sons Ltd., 1, Amen corner, E.c. (Phonogrwphy) 
Porter, R. H. , 7, Princes street. Cavendish square, w. 

Telegram$^ "Ornithologists, London." 
Presbyterian Church of England Publishing Office, 14, Paternoster sq., e.g. 
Primitive Methodist Connexion Publishing House, 48-50, Aldersgate-8t.,E.c. 

(Est. 1845.) Telegrams, " Primitive, London." 
Putnam's (G. P.) Sons, 24, Bedford street. Strand, w.c; and at New York 
Quaritch, Bernard, 15, Piccadilly, w. 
Ramage, John, & Co., 5, Creed lane, e.c. 
Reader, Arthur, 1, Orange street, Red Lion square, w.c. 
Rebman Publishing Co. Ltd., 129, Shaftesbury ave., Cambridge circus, w.c. 
Record Office Publications, H.M. Stationery Office, Westminster, s.vv. 
Red way, George, 9, Hart street, Bloomsbury, w.c. See advt. page 17 
Reed, Thomas, & Co., 184, High street west, Sunderland. {NaMJtiasl) 
Reeve, L., & Co. Ltd., 6, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 

Natural History 
Reeves, William, 185, Fleet street, e.c. 1872 

Musical, Social, and Political 
Relfe Brothers, 6, Charterhouse buildings, e.c. {^ScholoMic) 

Religious Tract Society, 56, Paternoster row, E.c. 
Renshaw, Henry, 356, Strand, w.c. {Medical) 

Reynolds, James, & Sons, 174, Strand, w.c. 
Rice, William, 86, Fleet street, e.c. 
Richards, Grant, 9, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 1897 

General Literature. TeUgramt, " Frontonis, London." 
Rider, Wm., & Son Ltd., 14, Bartholomew Close, E.c. 
Rivingtons, 34, King street, Covent Garden, w.c. 
Robertson, George, & Co., 17, Warwick square, E.C. 
Robinson, F. E., 20, Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, w.c. 1897 

Academic and General 
Rolandi's Foreign Library, 20, Berners street, w. 
Ross, George, & Co., 27, Paternoster square, B.o. 
Rouse, A. S., 15-16, Paternoster square, e.o. 
Routledge, Georee, & Sons Ltd., 7, Broadway, Ludgate hill, e.c. 

Telegramat "George Roatledge, London." 
Rowney, George, & Co., 64, Oxford street, w.; and 10 & 11, Percy street, w. 
Russell & Co., 8, John street, Adelphi, w.c. 
Rutherfurd, J. & J. H., Kelso, N.B. 
Salvation Army, 98 to 102, Clerkenwell road, e.c. 
Sayle, Philip, 76-77, Imperial buildings, Ludgate Circus, B.C. 
Scientific Press Ltd., 28 & 29, Southampton street. Strand, w.c. 

Medical, Scientific, Nursing, Hospitals 
Scientific Publishing Co. of New York, 20, Bucklersbury, B.c. 
Scott, Greenwood, & Co., 19 to 23, Ludgate hill, e.c. 
Scott (Walter), Ltd., Paternoster square, B.C.; and Felling-on-Tyne 
Scottish Temperance League, 108, Hope street, Glasgow 
Seager, John, & Son, 197, East India Dock road, E. 1868. {Nautical) 
Seeley & Co. Ltd., 38, Great Russell street, w.c 
Segg, J. P., & Co., 289 & 291, Regent street, w. 1880 


Service & Paton, 5, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, w.c. 

Sewell & Co., 28, Paternoster row, B.c. 

Shaw, John F., & Co., 48, Paternoster row, B.C. 

Shaw, John, & Sons, 7, Fetter lane, B.C. 

Shearer, R. S., & Son, 6, King street, Stirling, N.B. 

Sherlock, Frederick, 30 & 31, New Bridge street, B.a 1888 

Shiells, James, & Co., 18, Bary street, w.o. 

Shrimpton, A. Thos., & Son, 23 & 24, Broad street, Oxford 

Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent, & Co. Ltd. , 4, Stationers* Hall court ; 

31-32, Paternoster row, B.C.; and at 317, Strand, w.c. 
Sinkins, W. J., 27, Paternoster square, e.c. 
Skeffington & Son, 163, Piccadilly, w. 
Skerry, G. E., & Co., 27, Chancery lane, w.c. 
Slark, John, Busby place, Kentish Town, N.w, 
Slater, (Jeorge, 74, Strand, w.c. 
Small, David M., 3, Howard street, Edinburgh. 1898 

Fiction, History, and General 
Smith, Ainslie, & Co., 25, Newcastle street. Strand, w.c. 1867 
Smith, C, & Son, 63, Charing Cross, s.w. 1799. See advt. page 18 

Maps and Globes, Educational, &c. 
Smith, Elder, & Co., 15, Waterloo place, s.w. 
Smith, Joseph, & Co., 12, St. Bride street, e.c. 
Smith, T. J., Son, & Downes, 109, Queen Victoria street, e.c. 
Smithers, Leonard, 4 & 5, Koyal arcade. Old Bond street, w. 
Snow, John, & Co., 2, Ivy lane, E.c. 
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Northumberland avenue. 

Charing Cross, w.c; 43, Queen Victoria street, E.C.; and at 135, North 

street, Brighton 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 19, Delahay 

street, Westminster, s.w. 
Sonnenschein (Swan) & Co. Ltd., 6, White Hart-st., Paternoster-sq., B.C. 
(Eat. 1878.) Scientific, Theological, Educational, <&c. 
Teleffraau, " Sonnenschein, London." 

Sotheran, H., & Co., 140, Strand ; and 37, Piccadilly, w. 

Southam & Co., 29, Paternoster row, E.c. 

Southern Pub. Co. Ltd., 62, Fleet-st., e.c; and 130, North-st., Brighton 

Southwell, Mrs. M., 27, Ivy lane, b.c 

Spencer & Co., 15, Great Queen street, w.c. {Masonic) 

Spencer, Walter T., 27, New Oxford street. See advt. loithin front cover 

Spon, E. & F. N., Ltd., 125, Strand, w.c; and at New York. {Scientific) 

Spottiswoode & Co., 54, Gracechurch street, e.c 

Stanford, Edward, 26, Cockspur street. Charing Cross, s.w. 

Stationers' Company, The, Stationers' Hall, Ludgate hill, B.C. 

Stevens & Haynes, 13, Bell yard, Temple Bar, w.c {Law) 

Stevens & Sons Ltd., 119, Chancery lane, w.c {Law) 

Stevens, W., Ltd., 421, Strand, w. 

Stewart, 'William, & Co., 41, Farringdon street, E.C. 

Stock, Elliot, 61 & 62, Paternoster row, e.c See advt, preceding title-page 

Stoneman, George, 39, Warwick lane. Paternoster row, E.c 

Sullivan Bros., Marlborough street, Dublin. {Edttcational) 

Sunday School Association, Essex street. Strand, w.c. 

Sunday School Union, 57-59, Ludgate hill, E.c 

TekffranUy " Sunday School Union, London." Telephone^ 1776 
Swedenborg Society, 1, Bloomsbury street, w.c. 

Est. 1810, for translating, printing, and circulating the writings of Swedenborg 
Sweet & Maxwell Ltd., 3, Chancery lane, w.c See advt, page 19, {Law) 


Taylor, Charles, 23, Warwick lane, e.g. 

Technical Publishing Co. Ltd., 31, Whitworth street, Manchester. 1887 

Engineering and Technical: Telephone, 2202, Manchester 
Thacker, W., & Co., 2, Creed lane, e.g. ; also at Calcutta and Simla. 1816 

Indian and GenersJ, Books on Horses. Telegrams, " Mofussil, London." 
Thatcher, Thomas, 44 & 45, College Green, Bristol. 1862. {Oeneral) 

Telephone, 972 
Theosophical Book Co., 3, Vernon place, Bloomsbury square, w.g. 
Theosophical Publishing Society, 26, Charing Cross, s.w. 
Thin, James, 55, South bridge, Edinburgh 
Thynne, Charles J., Wycliflfe House, 6, Great Queen street, w.c. 1891 

Treacher, H. & C, 170, North street, Brighton 
Trinitarian Bible Society, 25, New Oxford street, w.c. 
Tripplin, Julien, 31, Holborn viaduct, E.G. {Horologi/, dbc) 

Truelove, E., 17, Alexandra road, Hornsey, N. 
Truslove & Hanson, 143, Oxford steeet ; and 6, Sloane street, w. 
Tuck (Ralphael) & Sons, 72, Coleman street, e.g. 
Tucker, George, 1, 2 & «3, Salisbury court. Fleet street, e.c. 1878 

Electrical, Engineering, and General. Telephone, 949, Holborn 
Unicorn Press, The, 7, Cecil court, St. Martin's lane, w.c. 
United Kingdom Band of Hope Union, 60, Old Bailey, e.g. 
United Methodist Free Churches Book Room, 119, Salisbury square, e.g. 
University Press, The, Ltd., Watford. 1896 

Philosophy, Literature, Religion 
Unwin, T. Fisher, 11, Paternoster buildings, E.G. 
Valentine, P., & Son, 9, Huntley street, w.g. {Jewish) 

Vanghan, Edwin, & Co., 11 & 13, St. Bride street, e.g. 
Vinton & Co. Ltd., 9, New Bridge street, Blackfriars, e.g. 
Virtue, J. S., & Co. Ltd., 26, Ivy lane, e.g. {Fine Art) 

Telegrama, ** Virtutis, London." Telephone, 7730 King's Cross 
Walker, John, & Co., Farringdon House, Warwick lane, B.G. 
Walker, William, & Sons, Otley, Yorkshire 
Walters, William, 84, St. Paul's churchyard, e.g. 
Ward & Downey Ltd., 12, York buildings, Duke street, Adelphi,w.G. 1884 

Fiction, Travel, Biography, and General. Telegrame, •* Colophon, London." 
Ward, Lock, & Co. Ltd., Warwick House, Salisbury square, E.G. 
Ward (Marcus) & Co. Ltd., Oriel House, Farringdon st., e.g. ; and at Belfast 

Telegrams, " Wardmarks, London." 
Ward (Rowland) Ltd. , 166, Piccadilly, w. {Natural History) 

Wame (Frederick) & Co., 15, Bedford street, Strand, w.g. {General) 

Telegrams, " Warne, London." 
Warren & Soil, The Wykeham Press, Winchester 
Washboume, Robert, 18, Paternoster row, e.g. {Catholic) 

Waterlow & Sons Ltd., 85-86, London Wall, e.g., 49, Parliament st., s.w.; 

also at Temple row, Birmingham. {Law) 

Watts & Co., 17, Johnson's court. Fleet street, e.g. 
Werner Company, 13a, Cockspur street. Charing Cross, s.w. 
Wesley (William) & Son, 28, Essex street. Strand, w.c. 1885 

Natural History and Scientific 
Wesley an Methodist Book Room, 2, Castle street, E.c. 
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Union, 2 & 3, Ludgate Circus 

buildings, E.G. 
Wesleyan School Book Dep6t, 126 & 128, Horseferry road, s.w. 
Whitaker, Joseph, & Sons, 12, Warwick lane, E.G. 
White, F. v., & Co., 14, Bedford street. Strand, w.G. 
White, Robert, Bridge street, Worksop 


Whittaker & Co., 2, White Hart street, Paternoster square, e.g. 

Arts, Sciences, Manufactures, and Industries 
Whittingham, Charles, & Co., 21, Took's court, e.g. 
Whittingham, W. B., & Co. Ltd., 91, Gracechurch street, e.g. 
Wigg, E. S., & Son, 29, Ludgate hill, e.g. 
Williams, Henry, 48, Old Bailey, e.g. 

Williams & Norgate, 14, Henrietta St., w.o.; and at Edinburgh and Oxford 
Willing & Co., 366, Gray's Inn road, w.g. 
Willoughby, Richard, 27, Ivy lane, e.g. 

Wilson, Clement, Norfolk House, Norfolk street. Strand, w.g. 
Wilson, Effingham, 11, Royal Exchange, e.g. 
Winsor & Newton Ltd. , 37-40, Rathbone place, w 
Witherby & Co., 326, High Holborn, w.g. 

Telegrams^ " Whereby, London." Telephone, 65,092 
Woodall, Minshall, & Co. , Oswestry 

Wright, John, & Co., Stone bridge, Bristol. {Medical) 

Young, G. A., & Co , 102, South bridge, Edinburgh. 1848 

Biblical, Oriental, and Works of Reference 

/IDU9iC pUbU9bet9 (in london). 

Ashdown, Edwin, Ltd., 19, Hanover square, w. 

Boosey & Co., 295, Regent street, w. 

Bosworth, A. E., & Co., 4, Berners street, w. 

Broome, Washington Herbert, 15, Holborn, e.g. 

Chappell & Co. Ltd., 49-52, New Bond street, w. 

Cocks (Robert) & Co., 6, New Burlington street, w. 

Cramer, J. B., & Co. Ltd., 207 & 209, Regent street, w.; and 40 to 46, 

Moorgate street, e.g. 
Curwen & Sons Ltd., 8, Warwick lane, e.g. 
D' Alcorn, Henri, 39, Wych street. Strand, w.g. 
Enoch & Sons, 14, Great Marlborough street, w. 
Everard & Co., 185, Upper street, n. 
Forsyth Brothers, 267, Regent street, w. 
Hopwood & Crew, 42, New Bond street, w. 
Howard & Co. , 25, Great Marlborough street, w. 
Hutchings & Romer, 39, Great Marlborough street, w. 
Jefferys (Charles) & Son, 67, Berners street, w. 
London College of Music, 47, Great Marlborough street, w. 
Metzler & Co. Ltd., 40-43, Great Marlborough street, w. 
Novello, Ewer, & Co., 1, Berners street, w. ; and 80 & 81, Queen street, E.G. 
Oetzmann (Thomas) & Co., 27, Baker street, w. 
Patey & Willis, 44, Great Marlborough street, w. 
Portland Music Publishing Co., 74, Great Portland street, w. 
Reeves, William, 185, Fleet street, e.g. 
Reynolds & Co., 13, Berners street, w. 
Ricordi, G., & Co., 265, Regent street, w. 
Rossini & Co., 281, Regent street, w. 
Sheard (Charles) & Co., 192, High Holborn, w.g. 
Swan & Co. , 4, Berners street, w. 
Weekes & Co. , 14, Hanover street. Regent street, w. 
Willcocks & Co. Ltd., 21a, Berners street, w. 
Williams, Joseph, 32, Great Portland street, w. 


£oo(t |>u&U0ber0 in (Tanaba. 

Allen, J. C, & Co., 124, Granville street, Halifax, K.S. 

Baptist Book and Tract Society, 117, Granville street, Halifax, N.S. 

Beauchemin, C. 0., & Fils, 256-258, St. Paul street, Montreal, Que. 

Bradley Garretson Co. , 5, George street, Brantford, Ont. 

Briggs, William, 29-33, Richmond street west, Toronto, Ont. 

Brown, William Foster, 233, St. James street, Montreal, Que. 

Cadieux & Derome, 1,603, rue Notre Dame, Montreal, Que. 

Canada Publishing Co. , 15, Wellington street west, Toronto, Ont. 

Canadian Literary Bureau, P.O. Box 203, Hamilton, Ont. 

Carswell Publishing Co. , 30, Adelaide street east, Toronto, Ont. 

Church of England Publishing Co., 17, Richmond-st. west, Toronto, Ont. 

Coombs, John, Queen street, Charlottetown, P.E.I. 

Copp Clark Co. Ltd., 8, Front street west, Toronto, Ont. 

Dominion Publishing Co., Cordova street, Vancouver, B.C. 

Drysdale, William, & Co. , 232, St. James street, Montreal, Que. 

Gage, W. J., & Co., 54, Front street west, Toronto, Ont. 

Garland, S. E., 177, Water street east, St. John's, Newfoundland. 1888 

Gazette Printing Co., cor. St. Fra. Xavier and Craig sts., Montreal, Que. 

Grafton, F. E. , & Sons, 252, St. James street, Montreal, Quebec. 

Hope, J. , & Co. , Cor. of Sparks and Elgin streets, Ottawa, Ont. 

Hunter, Rose, Co. Ltd., 25, Wellington street west, Toronto, Ont. 

Langlais, J. A., & Fils, 123, rue Saint Joseph, Saint Boch, Que. 

Linscott Publishing Co. , Toronto, Ont. 

Lovell John, & Son, 23-25, St. Nicholas street, Montreal, Que. 

McMillan, J. & A., 98, Prince William street, St. John, N.B. 

Monetary Times Publishing Co. , 70-72, Church street, Toronto, Ont. 

Morang, George N. , Traders' Bank building, Toronto, Ont. 

Mortimer, Charles H., Office of "Canadian Architect," Toronto, Ont. 

Morton, C. C, & Co., 143, Barrington street, Halifax, N.S. 

Morton, Phillips, & Co., 1,755, Notre Dame street, Montreal, Que. 

Presbyterian Publishing Co., 5, Jordan street, Toronto, Ont. 

Revell, Fleming H. , Yonge street, Toronto, Ont. 

Richardson, Robert D., 399, Main street, Winnipeg, Man. 

Rolph, Smith, & Co. , 49, Wellington street west, Toronto, Ont. 

Rose, G. M., & Sons, 25, Wellington street west, Toronto, Ont. 

Rowsell & Hutchison, 74-76, King street east, Toronto, Ont. 

Sabiston Lithographic and Publishing Co. , Craig street, Montreal, Ont. 

Salvation Army Publishing Dept., 16-24, Albert street, Toronto, Ont. 

Sen^cal, Eus^be, & Fils, 50, rue Saint Vincent, Quebec, Que. 

Shepard Publishing Co. , Adelaide street, Toronto, Ont. 

Sutherland, J. & J., Brantford, Ont. 1854 

Tache, J. de L., 105, Mountain Hill, Quebec, Que. 

Tarte, Louis Joseph et Eugene, 69, rue Saint Jacques, Montreal, Que. 

Toronto News Co., 42, Young street, Toronto, Ont. 

Waitt, M. W., & Co., 64, Government street, Victoria, B.C. 

Warwick Bros. & Rutter, 68-70, Front street west, Toronto, Ont. 

Wesleyan Methodist Society Book Room, 141, Granville st., Halifax, N.S. 

Westminster Publishing Co. , Confederation Life building, Toronto, Ont. 

Williamson Book Co. Ltd. , 262, Yonge street, Toronto, Ont. 


£ook publi0ber0 in tbe 'Ulnite^ State0. 

Albert, Scott, & Co., Chicago 

Allison Co., W. L., 105, Chambers street, New York 

AUyn & Bacon, Boston 

Altemus, Heniy, Philadelphia 

American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia 

American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia and New York 

American Bible Co. , New York 

American Bible Society, Bible House, New York 

American Book Co., Washington square. New York. {EduccUioncU) 

American News Co. , 39, Chambers street, New York 

American Publishers' Corporation, 310 to 318, Sixth avenue. New York 

American School Book Co., St. Louis 

American Sunday School Union, Philadelphia 

American Swedenborg Printing & Public*n. Soc, Cooper Union, New York 

American Tract Society, Nassau and Spruce streets, New York 

American Unitarian Association, Boston 

Appleton, D., & Co., 72, Fifth avenue. New York 

Arena Publishing Co. , Boston 

Armstrong, A. C., & Co., New York 

Arnold & Co., Philadelphia 

Baers (John) & Sons, Lancaster, Pa. 

Bailey & Fairchild Co. , New York 

Bailey & Noyes, Portland, Me. 

Baird, Henry Carey, & Co. , Philadelphia 

Baker & Taylor Co., 5 and 7, East Sixteenth street. New York 

Baltimore Publishing Co.", Baltimore 

Bancroft Co. , San Francisco 

Bardeen, C. W., Syracuse, New York. {Educational) 

Barnes, A. S., & Co., 156, Fifth avenue. New York 

Barnes (C. M. ) Co. , Chicago 

Belknap & Warfield, Hartford, Ct. 

Benziger Bros., 36, Barclay street, New York. {Gatholic) 

Blakiston (P.), Son, & Co., 1012, Walnut street, Philadelphia 

Works on Medicine, Chemistry, &c 
Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia and New York. (Homceopathy) 

Bonner (Robert) Sons, New York 
Boston Book Co. , Boston 
Bowen-Merrill & Co. , Indianapolis 
Bradley (A. I.) & Co., 234, Congress street, Boston, Mass. 1853 

Subscription Books. Telegram$t *' Ira, Boston." 
Bradley & Co., Milton, Springfield, Mass. 
Bryant, J. C, BuflEalo, NTY. 
Bubier Publishing Co., Lynn, Mass. 
Burke, J. W., & Co., Macon, 6a. 
Butler, E. H. , & Co. , Philadelphia 
Caldwell (H. M.) Co., New York 
Callaghan k Co. , Chicago 
Caspar, C. N., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Cassell Publishing Co., 33, East 17th street. New York ; and at London* 
Catholic School Book Co. , New York 
Century Co. , 33, East Seventeenth street. New York 


Chain & Hardy, Denvei, Colo. 

ChrwWm, F. W. (Dyrsen & PteiSfor), 254, Fifth avenue. New York 

Cbriatian Publishing Co., St. Louie 

Church, John, & Co., Cioeinoati, (Jfiwic) 

Clarke (Robert) Co., CiQcinnati 

Clive, W. B., 4, Cooper Institute, New York ; and at London 

Coateg, H. T., &. Co., 1326, Cheatnitt street, Philadelpbia 

Comatock PubliBhing Co. , St. Louis, Mo. 

Congregational Sunday School k Publishing Co., Boston and Chicago 

Copeland t Day, Boston 

Crana A: Co. , Topeka, Kens. 

Crowell, T. Y., di Co., 100, Purchase street, Boston ; and at 46, East 

Fourteenth street. New York 
Damrell & Upham, 283, Washington street, Boston 
Darrow, E., Sc Co., Rochester, N.Y, 
Davis Co., The J. A., Philadelphia 
De Silver (Charles), i, Sons, Philadelphia 
De Wolfe, Fiske, & Co., 363, Washington street, Boston 
Dick & Fitzgerald, IS, Ann street. New York 
Diehl, Frederick, Louisville, Ky. 

Dillingham, G. W.. 27 and 29, West Twenty-third street. New York 
Ditaon, Oliver, 4 Co., Boaton. (Afuaic) 

Dodd, Mead, k Co., 149, Fifth avenue. New York 
Draper, Warren F., Andover, Mass. 
Duffie, W. J., Columbia, S.C. 
Dulany Co., Baltimore 

Dntton, E. P., t Co., 31, West Twenty-third street. New York 
Educational Publishing Co., Boston 
Eldredge & Bro., Philadelphia 

Electrical Engineers' PubliBhers, 203, Broadway, New York 
Engineering News Publishing Co, , New York 
Englehard, J. P., Jt Co., Chicago 
Estes k Lauriat, 303, Washington street, Boston 
Excelsior Publishing Co., 26 and 28, City Hall square. New York 
Senno, R. F., & Co., 112, Fifth avenue, New York 
Flanagan, A., 262, Wabash avenue, Chicago 
Forest ft Stream Publishinz Company, New York 
Fortescue, W. S., ft Co., Philadelphia 

Fowler ft Wells Co., 27, East Twenty-first street. New York. {Phrenology) 
French, T, H., 26, West 22nd-Ht,, New York ; and at London. {Brajna) 
Friends' Book Association, 1,500, Race street, Philadelphia 
Funk ft Wagnalls, 30, Lafayette place. New York ; and at Loudon 
Garrett, P., & Co., Philadelphia 
Gilbert Book Co., Boston 
Ginu ft Co., Boston ; and at London 
Griggs, S. C, ft Co., 262, Wabash avenue, Boston 
Hamilton, C. K., ft Co., Labanon, O. 
Hardy, W. B., Oakland, Cal. 

Harisoo, W. Beverley, 69, Fifth avenue, New York 
Harley, F. M., Publishing Co., 87-99, Washington -st., Chicago, DL 1889 

MetaphyBicnl, Occslt, Theosopbical, &c. 
Harper ft Bros., 331, Pearl street. New York ; and at London 
Harper, F. P., 17, East Sixteenth street. New York 
Haynes, V. O., ft Co., 106, Fulton street. New York 
Heath, D. C., & Co., 19, Pemberton square, Boston 


McKay, 23, South Ninth street, Philadelphia 

McVey, J. J., 39, North Thirteenth street, Philadelphia 

Meeks, Edward, Philadelphia 

Meisterechaft Publishing Co., 196, Summer street, Boston. (Educalional) 

Merriam Co. (The), 67, Fifth avenue, New York 

Merriam, G. & C. , & Co. , Springfield, Mass. 

Metaphysical Publishing Company, New York 

Methodist Book Concern (Eaton k Mains), 150, Fifth avenue, New York 

Metric Bureau, Boston 

Moravian Publication Concern, Bethlehem, Pa. 

Morris & Wilson, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Morton, John P. , & Co. , Louisville, Ky. 

Mosher, T. B., Portland, Me. 

Murphy, John, & Co., Baltimore, Md. 

Mutual Book Co., New York 

National Temperance Society & Publishing House, New York 

Neely, F. Tennyson, New York and Chicago 

Nelson, Thomas, & Sons, 33, East Seventeenth street. New York 

New Amsterdam Book Company, New York 

New York Publishing Company, New York 

Nims, H. B., & Co., Troy, New York 

Normal Publishing House, Danville, Ind. 

Novello, Ewer, k Co., 21, East Seventeenth street. New York. {Music) 

Ogilvie (J. S.) Publishing Co., 57, Rose street, New York 

Outing Publishing Co., New York 

Page (L. C.) & Co., 196, Summer street, Boston, Mass. 

Path (The), 144, Madison avenue, New York. {TheoaophiccU) 

Paul (Peter) Book Co., Buflfalo, New York 

Peck, George G., 11, Murray street. New York 

Peck, H. H. , New Haven, Ct. 

Penn Publishing Co. , Philadelphia 

Penny backer, Percy V., Palestine, Tex. 

Perkins, T. B., New York 

Phonographic Institute, Cincinnati 

Pitman, Isaac, & Sons, Union square. New York 

Polock, M., Philadelphia 

Polyglot Book Co. , Chicago 

Pono, William A., & Co., New York. (Music, <fec.) 

Pott, James, & Co., 283, Fourth avenue. New York. {ProL Episcopal) 

Potter, John E., & Co., Philadelphia 

Prang Educational Co., Boston 

Presbyterian (The) Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, 
1334, Chestnut street, Philadelphia 

Proctor Brothers, Gloucester, Mass. 

Public School Publishing Co. , Bloomington, 111. 

Pustet, Fr. , & Co. , 62, Barclay street. New York 

Putnam, Eben, Salem, Mass. 

Putnam's (G. P.) Sons, 27 and 29, West Twenty- third street. New York ; 
and at London 

Rand, McNally , & Co. , Chicago 

Randolph (The A. D. F.) Co., 103, Fifth avenue. New York. 1851 

Raub & Co. , Philadelphia 

Reformed Church in America, Board of Publication of, 25, East Twenty- 
second street. New York 

Register Publishing Co. , Ann Arbor, Mich. 


Revell, ¥. H., & Co., 63, Wabash ave., Chicago ; and Fifth ave., New York 

Richmond & Backus Co., Detroit, Mich. 

Roberts Bros., Boston 

Routledge (6.) & Sons Ltd., 27, West 23rd-st., New York; and at London 

Sadler Publishing Co. , Baltimore, Md. 

Sadlier, D. & J., & Co., 31, Barclay street, New York 

Schermerhorn, J. W., & Co., New York 

Schoenhof, Carl, Boston 

School Supply Co. , Lebanon, O. 

Scientific (The) Publishing Co., New York 

Scrantom, Wetmore, & Co., Rochester, N.Y. 

Scribner's (Charles) Sons, 1^, Fifth avenue, New York 

Scudder's (J. M. ) Sons, Cincinnati 

Sever, C. W., Cambridge, Mass. 

Sheldon & Co. , New York 

Sherwood, George, & Co. , Chicago 

Shuey, W. J., Dayton, O. 

Siegel Cooper Co., Sixth avenue, New York ; and at Chicago 

Silver, Burdett, & Co. , Boston 

Southern Methodist Publishing House (Barbee & Smith), Nashville, Tenn. 

Sower (Christopher) Co., Philadelphia 

Spon & Chamberlain, New York 

Standard School Book Co. , St. Louis, Mo. 

Stark, James H., 275, Washington street, Boston, Mass. 1884 

History ; Guides to West Indies, &c. 
Steiger, E., & Co., 25, Park place. New York 
Stone, Herbert, S., & Co., Chicago and New York 
Stoddard, J. M., & Co., Philadelphia 
Thompson, Brown, & Co., Boston 
Ticknor & Co., 211, Tremont street, Boston 
Tracy, Gibbs, & Co. , Madison, Wis. 

Transatlantic Publishing Co. , 63, Fifth Avenue, New York 
Ulbrich, Otto, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Universalist Publishing Co., 30, West street, Boston 
University Publishing Co. , New York 
Van Nostrand (D.) Co., 23, Murray street, New York 
Waddey Co., Everett, Richmond, Va. 
Walker, Evans, & Cogswell, Charleston, S.C. 

Ward A Drummond, 164, Fifth avenue. New York. {Juvenile Religious) 
Ward, Lock, &, Co., 15, East Twelfth street, New York ; and at London 
Wame, F. , & Co. , 103, Fifth avenue. New York ; and at London 
Wells, L. S., Wilmington, Del. 
Werner Co., The, Chicago 

Werner, Edgar S., 108, East Sixteenth street, New York 
Western Methodist Book Concern (Curts & Jennings), Cincinnati & Chicago 
Western Publishing House, Chicago 

Whidden, Bradlee, 18, Arch street, Boston. {NcUural History) 

Whitine, Charles H., Boston 
Whittaker, Thomas, 2, Bible House, New York 
Wilde Co. , A. E. , Cincinnati 
Wiley, John & Sons, New York 
Williams, A., & Co., Raleigh, N.C. 
Witter, Conrad, St. Louis 
Wood, William, & Co., New York 
Young (The) Churchman Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 1884. {Theological) 



Equivalent Values of 
English, American, French & German Money. 

.08 < 

II II I! §2 

M o S .S " 

M©J3 h 

•2 O 

«« OS 







11 i 






V < 




. II 

e a 






s. d. 


(lols. c. 



















1 0^ 
1 1 


1 2 


1 8 


1 4 


1 6 
1 6 

1 7 



1 8 


1 9 


1 10 


1 11 

2 1 



2 2 


2 3 


2 4 





. c. 

in. pf. 














































1 00 


1 04 


1 08 


1 10 




1 20 




1 80 



1 40 



1 50 





1 60 





1 70 






1 80 






1 90 



1 92 



2 00 



2 08 



2 10 





2 20 





2 30 




8. d. 

2 5 
2 6 

2 7 

2 8 

'2 "9' 


2 11 

8 1 

3 2 

3 3 


3 5 
3 6 

3 7 

3 8 

3 9 


8 11 

4 2 










dols. o. 
















2 88 

3 84 

4 80 
9 60 

14 40 

19 20 

24 00 


fr. c. 

3 00 

3 02 

3 12-5 

3 23 

3 25 

3 50 

3 54 

3 62-5 

3 65 

3 75 

8 85 

8 87-5 

3 96 











4 62-5 
4 69 






6 25 





10 00 

11 25 

12 50 

13 75 
15 00 
20 00 
25 00 
50 00 
75 00 

100 00 
125 00 


m. pf. 

2 40 

2 60 

2 60 

2 70 

2 80 

2 90 

2 92 
8 00 

3 08 
8 10 

8 20 

8 30 

3 40 

3 50 

3 60 

8 70 

3 80 
8 90 

4 00 
4 16 
6 00 

6 00 

7 00 

8 00 

9 00 

10 00 

11 00 

12 00 
16 00 
20 00 
40 00 
60 00 
80 00 

100 00 

The variations in exchange must be allowed for separately. 


Booksellers' Catalogues, 



Miniature Book Labels, 


"Aldine Press," Rochdale. 


Good Quality, Very Strong, 5/6 per 1000. 

 I- — 







James Clegg, "Aldine Press," Rochdale. 




PobMers' GircQlar & Booksellers' Record 

IT is the only Newspaper published weekly that represents the British 
and Irish Publishing and Bookselling trade. 

It fi^yes a transcript of the Title-page of every work published in Great 
Britain, and every work of interest published abroad, with short an- 
notations where the titles are not sufficiently explicit to deBne the nature 
of the book. 

In addition to its special circulation amongst the principal firms in the 
Book Trade at Home and Abroad, it has a general circulation amongst 
Literary Men, Authors, Librarians, Book Collectors, Printers, Secretaries 
of Clubs, &c. 

Each number contains a list of about six hundred out-of-print volumes 
that are wanted by Subscribers. 

The Annual Subscription includes the large Export and Educational 
Numbers; also the Special Illustrated Christmas Number, which 
contains over Three Hundred Illustrations, selected from the best 
and most artistic volumes of the Season; and every Annual Subscriber 
has the privilege of a Four Line Advertisement gratis each week in the 
Out-of- Print Books Wanted Column, and can have extra lines at 3d. a line. 

It appears every Friday evening for Saturday, and advertisements should 
be sent to the Publishers, St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, London, 
E.C., not later than twelve o'clock on Wednesday, and earlier when 
proofs are desired. 


For One Year, post free to any part of Great Britain and Ireland.., 8s. 6d. 

„ Six Months „ „ „ ... 4s. 6d. 

„ Three Months „ „ „ ... 28. 6d. 

To America and the Continent, annual subscription, incltuiing postage, lis. Od. 


Sampson Low, Marston, & Company, 

St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, E.C. 


public Xibrades. 

Municipal Free Libraries, 

Abingdon {Berks.) Free Library, High street : Frederick Thornsby, 
Librarian. Opened 1897. About 4,000 volumes. Annual Income from borough 
funds £150. Special collections : Ancient and modem statutes of the realm, and 
local works. Desiderata: Technical and standard works. Open on week-days 
from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Acton {Middlesex), Acts adopted January, 1898. 

Altrincham {Cheshire) Free Library, George street : Miss F. Beckett, 
Librarian. Est. 1892. 7,000 volumes : annual circulation, 76,400. Annual income 
from rate, &c., £500. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 8-30 p.m. 

Arcledon and Frizington {Lanes.) Free Library, FriziDgton : Wilson 
Johnston, Librarian. Est. 1892. About 1,600 volumes ; annual issue, 700. Annual 
income from rate £90. Open every week-day. 

Ashton-under-Lyne {Lanes.) Heginbottom Free Library, Old street: 
D. H. Wade, Librarian. Est. 18S1. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 
11,500 ; Reference Department, 4,000 ; annual circulation, 85,006. Annual income 
from rate of l|fd., £1.050. Open Tuesdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ; Saturdays 10 a.m. to 
6 p.m. ; other week-days 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Aston Manor {near Birmingham) Public Library : Robert K. Dent, 
Librarian. Est. 1878. One Branch Reading Room. Number of volumes in Lending 
Department, 9,500 ; Reference Department, 7,000 ; annual circulation, about 87,000. 
Annual income from penny rate £740, £120 being expended in books. Collection of 
Aston, Birmingham, and Warwickshire books. Open on week-days from 9 am. to 
10 p.m. ; Wednesdays 9 a.m to 2 p.m. Free Lectures fortnightly, from October to 

Barking {Essex) Public Library, East street: George Jackson, Librarian. 
Opened 1889. Number of volumes, 6,600 ; annual circulation, 16,600. Annual income 
from library rate £400, about £20 being expended in books. Open on week-days 
only from 10 a.m. to 10 p. m 

Barnsley Free Public Library, Harvey Listitute : John B. Kane, 
Librarian. Opened 1890. 6,500 volumes ; annual circulation, 44,000. Annual 
income from liorary rate £520, allowing £120 for the purchase of books. 

Barrow-in-Furness Free Public Library, Town Hall : Ernest Beck, 
Librarian. Opened 1891. Number of volumes in Central Lending and two Branch 
Libraries, 17,166 ; Reference Department, 3,306 ; Boys' Library, 2,247 ; total annual 
circulation, 128,775. Annual income from library rate £800, about £170 being 
available for the purchase of books. Collection of local books. Open on week-days 
from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Bebington {near Birkenhead), "Mayer" Free Library: John Hardine, 
Librarian. Est. 1866. Libraries' Acts adopted 1894. Number of volumes In 
Lending Department, 15,000 ; Reference Department, 4,000. This library was given 
to Bebington by the late J. Mayer, Esq., F.S.A. 

Bexley {Kent) Public Library, Bexley Heath : A. H. Reed, Secretary 
pro tern. Opened 1898. Contains 2,000 volumes. Annual income from penny rate 
£200. Open on week-nights only. 

BiDEFORD {Devon) Free Public Library, Bridge Building : Joseph Major, 
Librarian. Est. 1887. About 4,600 volumes. Annual income from penny rate and 
endowment £100. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

Bilston {Staffs.) Free Library: M. Fox, Librarian. Est. 1873. 7,336 
volumes ; annual circulation, 17,500. Annual income from penny rate £200. Open 
on week-nights from 6 to 9 p.m. 


BiNGLEY (Torks.) Free Librabt, Town Hall : W. Green, Librarian. 
Opened 1891. 8,200 volumes ; annual circulation 42,000. Annual income from 
penny rate about £141. Open on week-days only. 

Birkenhead Free Public Library : William May, Librarian. Est. 1866. 
Number of volumes in Central Lending and two Branch Libraries, 47,689 ; Refer- 
ence Department, 14,869; annual circulation, 320,210. The penny rate produces 
£2,100, of which about £600 is annually spent in books. The Library possesses 
collections of Shakespeariana, County Histories, and English Topography generally ; 
English Dialectics, Technical and Scientific Literature, &c. Open from 9 a m. to 
9-30 p.m. on week-days only. 

Birmingham Free Libraries : J. D. Muliius, Librarian. Est. 1861. Cen- 
tral Library (Reference and Central Lending Departments) and Nine Branches. 
Number of volumes in Central Lending Library, 21,000 ; Reference Department, 
188,100 ; Branch Libraries, 65,000 ; annual circulation, 1,260,000. Annual income 
from rates £13,600, about £2,000 being expended in books. Special collections : 
Birmingham books, Shakespeare Memorial Library, Byron Collection, Cervantes 
Collection. Reference Library open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sundays from 
3 to 9 p.m.: Lending Libraries open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
Newsroom at each Branch Librarj' open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Blackburn Free Public Library, Museum, and Art Gallery, Library 
street : R. Ashton, Librarian and Curator. Opened 1862. Number of volumes in 
Lending Department, 26,351 ; Reference Department, 24,159 ; annual circulation 
130,000. Annual income £1,900, derived from penny rate, affording £900 for the 
purchase of books. Collection of local books and pamphlets (over 600.) Open on 
week-days from 10 a.m. to 9-45 p.m. In the Museum is the "Drift" collection of 
Geological specimens made by Mr. D. Geddes the late curator ; collection of Lan- 
cashire Birds, (fee. The Art Gallery contains the "Dodgson" collection of Water 
Colour Drawings and Oil Paintings, including portrait of Mrs. Barton, by Sir Joshua 
Reynolds. During 1896, 64,000 persona visited the Museum and Art Gi^lery. 

Blackpool Free Public Library, Market street: Miss Kate Lewtas, 
Librarian. Opened 1880. Number of volumes 10,616 ; annual circulation, 81,238. 
Annual income from rate £1,000 : about £130 is expended in books. Open on week- 
days from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. 

Bolton Free Public Library, Town Hall square : James K. Waite, 
Librarian. Opened 1863. Number of volumes in Central Lending Department 
15,882 ; Reference Department, 41,837 ; four Branch Libraries, 27,430 ; total annual 
circulation, 447,566. Annual income from penny rate £1860, affording £70 for pur- 
chase of Books. Collection of local works. Open on week-days from 9 a.m to 9 p.m. 
In connection are the Chadwick Museum and Mere Hall Art Gallery and Museum. 

BooTLE [near Liverpool) Free Public Library and Museum, Oriel road : 
John J. Ogle, Librarian and Curator. Established 1887. Number of volumes in 
Lending Department, 11,660 : Reference Department, 6,000 ; annual circulation, 
102,200. Annual income from penny rate antl grant £2,100, of which about £400 is 
available for the purchase of books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 
The Museum has a good collection of European Beetles, Triassic Footprint slabs, 
and specimens illustrating the Timber trade. The committee manage a Technical 
School on the premises, and administer large grants from the residue under the 
Local Taxation (Customs and Excise) Act for Technical Instruction. 

Bournemouth Public Library, 6, Cumnor terrace, Old Christchurch road : 
Charles Riddle, Librarian. Opened 1896. Nearly 10,000 volumes ; annual circula- 
tion, 142,588. Annual income from rate and other sources £1,460, about £300 being 
available for purchase of books. Special local collection. Open from 11 a.m. to 
9 p.m. week-days only. 

Bradford Public Free Libraries and Art Museum : Butler Wood, 
Secretary and Librarian. Est. 1871. Number of volumes in Central Lending 
Library, 20,289 ; Reference Department, 34,273 ; in ten Branch Libraries, 39,201 ; 
annual circulation, 602,108. The penny rate yields £4,000, about £1,000 being avail- 
able for the purchase of books. Desiderata : Books printed in or written by authors 
of Bradford district. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. Museum and 
Reading Rooms open on Sundays from 6 to 9 p.m. 

Brentford (Middlesex) Public Library : Fred. Turner, Librarian. 
Opened 1890. Number of volumes, 5,740; annual circulation, 23,000. Annual 
income from penny rate £348, about £30 being spent in books. Special collection 
of Books, Prints, Photographs, and Maps dealing with the town. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 


Bridgwater (Somerset) Free Librart, High street : Mrs. Baker, 
Librarian. Est. 1860. About 3,000 volumes in Central and 1,000 in Branch Library. 
£175 annually derived from rates. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Brierley Hill [Staffs.) Free Library: Joseph H. Dudley, Librarian. 
Est. 1875. Over 2,000 volumes ; annual issue 16,500. Income from library rate £120. 
Open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. 

Briohouse ( Yorks, ) Free Library : J. A. Wroe, Librarian. 

Brighton Public Library — Victoria Lending Library, Royal Pavilion : 
F. W. Madden, m.r.a.8., Librarian. Public Library Est. 1878 ; Lending Library 
1889. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 29,269— annual issue 111,775 ; 
Reference Department, 16,182— annual issue 44,061. Supported by a special Pavilion 
rate realising £2,980, affording £600 for library purchases. Reference Library open 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Lending Library open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Special collections : Clericetti, Cfobden, Elliott, Ilalliwell-Phillii)ps, Long, Mathews, 


marble statue of Nausicaa, by Wyon ; original pictures by West, Leatham, and 


Bristol Corporation Museum and Reference Library, Queen's road, 
Clifton : L. Acland Tavlor, Librarian. Est. 1772, and transferred to the Corporation 
in 1891, to be maintained under the "Museums and Gymnasiums" Act. About 
50,000 volumes. Annual income £2,200. Special collections : '* Bristol " — Chatterton 
MSS., Early Missals, County Histories, Archaeology, &c. Open on week-days from 
9-30 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Bromley [Kent) Public Library, Tweedy road : John Harrison, Librarian. 
Opened 1894. Number of volumes, 6,700 ; annual circulation, 70,000. Annual income 
from penny rate £600, about £100 being expended in books. Open on week-days only. 

Burnley. — Library in course of formation. 

BuRSLEM (Staffs.) Free Library: James Rigby, Librarian. Est. 1870. 
About 8,000 vols.; annual circulation £27,000. Income from penny rate £457. Open 
every week-day. 

Burton-on-Trbnt Public Library, Union street: S. T. W. Grose, 
Librarian. Opened 1897. Contains about 10,000 volumes. Annual income from 
library rate £880. Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Bury [Lanes.) — Library in course of formation. New buildings for a 
Public Library and Art Gallery are being erected. 

Buxton- Free Public Library, Town Hall : T. Alan Sarjant, Librarian. 
Opened 1889. 4,885 volumes ; annual circulation 25,260. Supported bv rate and 
donations amounting to £860 annually, about £70 being expended in books. Open 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ; Reading Room from 10 a.m. to 9 80 p.m. 
Museum in course of formation. 

Camborne [Cornwall) Free Library : J. Laity, Librarian. Opened 1895. 
Contains 4,800 volumes, with an annual circulation of 60,000. Annual income from 
bequest and fines £100, about £50 being available for purchase of books. Open on 
week-days from 2 to 9 p.m. 

Cambridge Free Library, Guildhall : John Pink, Librarian. Opened 
1855. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 25,764 ; Reference Department, 
10,926; Branch Library, 6,488; totsu annual circulation, 106,000. Supported by 
library rate producing £900 per annum. Collection of Local. Dramatic, and 
Shakesperian works. Open from 10 a. m. to 9-30 p.m. A new branch has been 
erected ; the rate, by a local Act, being raised from one penny to twopence in the £ 
to defray the cost. 

Canterbury Free Library and Museum, Guildhall st. : A. D. Blaxland, 
Librarian and Curator. Opened 1858. Number of volumes 7,800 ; annual circula- 
tion 24,000. Supported by penny rate, realising £400 per annum. Open on week- 
days only from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Museum has a collection of Roman, Saxon, 
and other Pottery, Birds, and Fossil Birds. A new building is being erected to be 
named the Beaney Institute, after the donor, who left £10,000 for the building only. 


Carlisle Public Library, Museum, Art Gallery, and School of 

SciBNCB AHD AuT, TulUo House, Castle street: Archibald 8parke, Librarian. 
Est. 1898. Number of volumes in Lending Dej^rtment, 16,000 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 4,000 ; Juvenile Library, 1,800 ; annual circulation, 100,000. Annual income 
from pennv rate £750. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. Specially 
contains Bibliotheca Jacksoniana ; books, autographs, portraits, ana views relating 
to, printed in, by, or of natives of, the counties of Cumberland, Westmorland, and 
Lancashire, North of Sands. 

Carlton {Notts. ) Free Public Library, Main street : Herbert James 
Hopkinson, Librarian. Opened 1887. About 1,500 volumes. Penny rate realises 
£66 per annum, and allows £10 for purchase of books. Op«n on week-days only 
from 10 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

Cheltenham Public Library, Clarence street : William Jones, Librarian. 
Est. 1888. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 14,000 : Reference Depart- 
ment, 10,300 ; Juvenile Library, 1,683 ; annual circulation, 186,000. Annual income 
from library rate £1,147, about £160 of this being expended in books. Possesses 
the '* Day'' Librar:^ of Natural History (1,200 vob.) presented by the daughter of 
the late Dr. Francis Day, c.i.x., and a collection of local books and pamphlets. 
Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9-80 p.m. In addition to the £150 spent inbooks, 
an annual grant of £100 is made by the County Council Technical Education Com- 
mittee for purchasing books on Science, Art, and Technology. The Schools of Art 
and Science are under the same roof. 

Chester Public Library, St. John street : Ernest H. Caddie, Librarian. 
Opened 1877. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 10,600 ; Reference De- 
partment, 7,500 ; annual circulation, 60,000. Annual income from penny rate £845, 
allowing £160 for purchase of books. Special collections : Local Prints and En- 
gravings, and Works relating to Chester or the county. Open on week-days only, 
from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. The Grosvenor Museum, situate in Grosvenor road, Chester 
(Curator, Mr. Robert Newstead) is at present distinct from the Public Library, and 
under different management. 

Chesterfield Free Library, Corporation street : D. Gorman, Librarian. 
Est. 1880. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 9,200 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 1,700 ; annual issue, 62,120. Supported by library rate. Annual income £365. 
Desiderata .—Worka on Art, Science, Literature, Manufactures, Books relating to 
Derbyshire. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Non-residents are allowed 
to borrow books on payment of 6s. per annum. 

Chiswick {Middlesex) Public Library, Bolton Gardens : Henry J. Hewitt, 
Librarian. Opened 1890. About 5,500 volumes ; annual circulation 68,781. Annual 
income from penny rate £462, of which £100 is expended in books. Collection of 
local topography. Degiderata .—Prints and views of local interest. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays, 8 to 9 p.m. 

Cleator Moor {Cumberland) Free Library, Market place: Rowland 
Baxter, Librarian. Opened 1896. Contains 2.847 volumes. Annual income from 

fenny rate £150, about £60 being spent in books. Open on week-nights only from 
to 9 p.m. 

Clitheroe {Lanes. ) Free Library, Town Hall, Church street : John W. 
Hayhurst, Librarian. Opened 1878. 6,600 volumes ^ annual circulation, 22,500. 
Annual income from rate £180, about £56 being spent m books. Open on week-days 
only, from 6-30 to 9-80 p.m.; Saturdays, 3 to 9-30 p.m. 

Colchester Pdblic Library, Town Hall : George Rickword, Librarian, 
Opened 1894. 7,500 volumes ; annual circulation 65,000. £650 annually derived 
from rate, affording £150 for purchase of books. Special collection of local works, 
and Archbishop Harsnett's Library (died 1631). Open on week-days only. 

CoLNE {Lanes.) Public Library: Ernest Crowther, Librarian. Opened 
1896. Contains 3,900 volumes. Annual income from penny rate £280. Open on 
week-days only. 

CoLWALL {Hereford). — The Parish Council has adopted the Public Libraries' 

Coventry Free Public Library : Edward Brown, Librarian. Opened 

1868. About 24,000 volumes. 



Croydon (Surrey) Pcjblio Libraries, Municipal Buildings, Katherine st. : 
L. Stanley Jast, Librarian. Number of volumes in Central Library, Lending De- 
partment, 13,967 ; Reference Department, 6,237 ; three Branch Libraries, 16,427 ; 
total annual circulation, 293,700. Annual income from penny rate and donations 
£2,700, allowing £500 for the purchase of books. Special collections : Local Books, 
Pamphlets, &c. Desiderata: Any books, pamphlets, &c., relating to Croydon or 
Surrey, or printed in Croydon, or by Croydon authors. Open on week-days only 
from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Darlaston [Staffs, ) Free Library, Victoria-rd. : Annie Simkin, Librarian. 
Est. 1891. 4,488 volumes ; annual circulation, 13,000. Supported by penny rate. 
Open every week-day. 

Darlington. — The Edward Pease Public Library : W. J. Arrowsmith, 
Librarian. Est. 1885. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 16,264 ; Refer- 
ence Department, 6,268 ; annual circulation, about 117,000. The penny rate brings 
in £700, about £150 being expended yearly in books. Special collection of books 
relating to the early history of the Society of Friends, Local Literature, &c. Open 
on week-days from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. ; Newsrooms open on Sundays from 2 to 9 p.m. 
The late Edward Pease, Esq., left £10,000 to be expended in establishing a Public 
Library. The site was given by Sir Joseph Pease, Bart., M.P., and Arthur Pease, 
Esq., J.P., brothers of the former. 

Darwen (Lanes.) Public Library: John Edwin Cawthome, Librarian. 
Est. 1871. Central Library contains 12,000 volumes ; one Branch Library and twenty 
School Libraries, 5,000 volumes ; annual circulation, 65,000. Annual income from 
rate £500, affording £150 for purchase of books. Collection of Illustrated Books. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The public have direct access to the book- 
shelves both in the Lending and Reference Departments. A Ladies' Reading Room 
is provided. 

Denton and Haughton (near Manchester) Free Library, Peel street, 
Denton : David Smith. Librarian. Est. 1889. About 3,000 volumes ; annual circu- 
lation 20,000. Annual income from penny rate £180. Open on week-days from 
8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Derby Free Library, Museum, and Art Gallery, Wardwick ; William 
Crowther, Librarian. Opened 1870. Number of volumes in Lending Deapartment, 
19,337 ; Reference Department, 10,847 ; Children's Library, 1,491 ; annusil circula- 
tion, 167,695. Annual income from penny rate £1,737 ; about £600 being available 
for purchase of books. Contains the '* Devonshire " Library, a collection of Derby- 
shire Books, the nucleus of which was presented by the late Duke of Devon^ire. 
Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. The Museum contains typical 
collections of Minerals and Fossils, and the ''Felix Joseph" collection of Derby 

Devonport Free Public Library, Duke street: Fred W. Hunt, Librarian. 
Est. 1880. Number of volumes in Lending Department 14,000 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 990 ; Boys' Library, 950 ; annual circulation, 60,000. Annual income from 
penny rate £700. Reading Room open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. A 
Museum in connection, contains a valuable collection of Minerals. The Library is 
a splendid building formerly used as a lecture hall for the Mechanics' Institute. 

Dewsbury Free Public Library, Wellington road : William H. Smith, 
Librarian. Established 1899. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 10.262 ; 
Reference Department, 3,000 ; annual circulation, 70,000. The penny rate produces 
£500, about £150 of which is expended in books. Over 600 worxs relating to York- 
shire. Open on week-days from 8-30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays from 6 to 9 p.m. 

DoNCASTER Borough Free Library, St. George'aGate : MissM. C. Scott, 
Librarian. Est. 1869. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 15,284 ; Refer- 
ence Department 3,000 ; annual circulation, 71.390. Annual income from penny 
rate £633, affording £130 for the purchase of books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 10 p.m., Sundays 2 to 9-30 p.m. 

Douglas (Isle of Man) Public Library : John Taylor, Librarian. Est. 
1886. Number of volumes 11,388. The penny rate produces about £630, affording 
£120 for the purchase of books. Special collection : Works relating to the island. 

Dudley ( Worcestershire) Free Library, Stone street : William Southill, 
Librarian. Opened 1888. Number of volumes in Central Library, 9,907 ; two Branch 
Libraries, 3,015. Annual income from penny rate £570, about £60 being available 
for the purchase of books. Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 


DuKiNFiELD Free Library, Town lane : Edwin Bennett Broadrick, 
Librarian. Opened 1895. 6,670 volumes. Supported by penny rate realising £216. 
Open on week-days only from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Ealing (Middlesex) Public Library : Thomas Bonner, Librarian. Est. 
1888. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 10,641 ; Reference Department, 
1,112 ; annual circulation, 136,739. Annual income from penny rate, fines, <fec., £913, 
about £150 of this being spent in books. Newsroom open on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 10 p.m. ; Library (closed on Thursdays) from 10 a.m. to 8-30 p.m. 

Eastbourne Free Public Library : J. H. Hardcastle, Librarian. Opened 
1896. Contains 8,490 volumes. Annual income from halfpenny rate £530, about 
£330 being available for purchase of books. Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. 
to 10 p.m. 

Edmonton [Middlesex) "Passmorb Edwards" Public Library, Low^er 
Edmonton : Percy W. Farmborough, f.z.s., etc.. Librarian. Opened 1897. Con- 
tains 2,600 volumes. Annual income from rate and voluntary contributions £350. 
Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The income is at present inade- 
quate to support the building, which is a very large one, presented by Mr. Passmore 

Enfield [Middlesex) Public Library, Court House : C. F. Harrison, 
Librarian. Opened 1893. Number of volumes in Central and two Branch Libraries 
7,800 ; annual circulation 60,000. Penny rate produces £450, allowing £140 for pur- 
chase of books. Collection of old works relating to parish. Open on week-days 
only from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Evesham Public Library, Market place : Mac J. Cumming, Librarian. 
Opened 1897. 5,600 volumes. Annual income from rate £110. Special collections : 
Sanford Library ; Colston Library of 660 volumes, bequeathed oy John Colston ; 
The John Gibbs' Collection ef Scientific Works, 200 volumes. Open on week-days 
only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Exeter. — Albert Memorial Museum and Free Library, Queen-st.: James 
Dallas, ii'.L.s., Curator and Chief Librarian. Est. 1865. Number of volumes in 
Lending Department, 7,595; Reference Department, 9,352; annual issue, 46,611. 
Annual income from penny rate and other sources, £800, about £120 being expended 
in books. Desiderata : — Local works on Devon and Cornwall. Open on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. An Art Gallery and Schools of Science and Art are attached. 

Falmouth Free Public Library, situated on the Moor : Hon. Librarians, * 
Messrs. N. Fox and F. J. Bowles ; Sub-Librarian, R. H. Brenton. Established 1894. 
Number of volumes in Lending Department, 2,500 : Reference Department, 500. 
Annual circulation 20,000, supported by penny rate and voluntary donations. Annual 
income £140. Open every evening except Tuesdays from 6 to 9 p.m., and also Mon- 
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11 to 2 p.m. 

Fleetwood. — Fielden Free Library : Miss M. Mason, Librarian. Est. 
1887. Number of volumes about 2,800. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Folkestone Free Public Library, Grace hill : Stuart G. Hills, Librarian. 
Est. 1879. 9,044 volumes; annual circulation, 55,706. Annual income from library 
rate about £700. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Gateshead-on-Tyne Public Library, Swinburne st. : Henry E. Johnston, 
Librarian. Est. 1835. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 11,100 ; Refer- 
ence Department, 1,000 ; Boys' Library, '1,064 ; annual circulation, 90,000. Sup- 
ported by penny rate yielding £1,220, about £200 being expended in books. Open on 
week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays, 2 to 5 and 6 to 9 p.m. 

Glossop [Derbyshire) Free Library, Faubel road : Harriet Warhurst, 
Librarian. Est. 1888. Contaihs 4,000 volumes. Supported by penny rate. Open on 
week-days only from 2 to 9 p.m. 

Gloucester. — Public Libraries' Acts adopted 1894. Arrangements have 
now been completed for the erection of a new building. 

GosPORT {Hants. )— -Gosport and Alverstoke Public Library, High street : 
Albert Tray, Librarian. Opened 1891. 6,280 volumes ; annual circulation, 42,810. 
Annual income from rate £300, about £90 being expended in books. Collection of 
local and Hampshire books. Open on week-days from 11 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 


Gbandbobouoh (Bticks) Public Libraby, in Parochial Room : W. Norman, 
Librarian. Opened 1896. Supported by Library rate. Open on week-nights only. 
Affiliated to Middle Olaydon (Bucks.). 

Gravesend Public Libraby, Municipal Technical School : A. Watkinson, 
Librarian. Est. 1898. 6,074 volnmes ; annual circulation, 36,700. Supported by 

Senny rate producing £420, of which £100 is available for the purchase of books, 
'pen on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Grays (Essex). — Thurrock Free Public Library : Mrs. Annie George, 
Librarian. Opened 1896. Annual income from penny rate £130. Open on week- 
days only from 9-80 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Greenwich. — Library in course of formation. 

Guernsey.— Guille-AU^s Lib. Est. 1856. Number of volumes in Lending 
Department, 40,000 ; Reference Dej^artmeut, 20,000 ; Branch Librarv at Stark, 600 ; 
Juvenile Library, 1,000 ; annual circulation, about 50,000. Founded by Messrs. 
Quille and AU^s. About £600 is spent annually in books. Possesses original 
editions of Victor Hugo's Works, Local History, and History of Channel Islands, 
Normandy, Brittany, &c. Open on week-days from 9-80 a.m. to 9 p.m. Reading 
Rooms open free to visitors. A Museum is in connection, containing valuable Geo- 
logical Collections ; also lar^e collection of Minerals, formerly tae property of 
James Watt, the eminent Engmeer. 

Halifax Public Library, Belle Vue : J. Whiteley, Librarian. Opened 
1882. Number of volumes in Central Library, Lending Department, 25,506 ; Refer- 
ence Department. 5,108 ; five Branch Libraries, 16,116 ; annual circulation, 220,000. 
Annual income from penny rate £1,359, about £200 being expended in books. 
Defiderata: Halifax books and pamphlets, &c., prior to 1850. Open on week-days 
only from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Handsworth (Staffs.) Purlic Libraries, Soho road: John W. Roberts* 
Librarian. Opened 1880. Central Library contains 18,886 volumes : Branch 
Library, 1,880 volumes ; total annual circulation, 69,294. Penny rate realises £670 

§er annum, of which £120 is expended in books. Special collections: Music, 
taffordshire, and Local books. Open on week-days only (Fridays excepted) from 
10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Hanlby Public Free Library, Pall Mall: A. J. Milward, Librarian. 
Est. 1887. Number of volnmes in Lending Department, 8,112 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 2,737 ; Boys' Reading Room, 1,756 ; annual circulation, 70,000. Annual in- 
come from penny rate £690, about £100 being expended in books. Open on week- 
days from 10 a.m. to 8-30 p.m.; Reading Room from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Boys' Reading 
Boom from 6-30 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Ladies^ Reading Room from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Has 
a collection of local literature and works on Pottery. . 

Harrogate Public Free Library, 1, Raglan street : Georse W. By era, 
Librarian. Est. 1887. Number of volumes, 9,135 ; annual circulation, 108,820. 
Annual income from penny rate £460, affording £95 for the purchase of books. 
Desiderata : Scientific and local books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Hartlepool (Borough of) Public Library, Middlegate : James S. Ord, 
Librarian. Opened 1895. Number of volumes, 2,600 ; annual circulation, 32,000. 
Supported by penny rate. Open on week-days only from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Hartlepool (West) Public Library, Clarence road : Albert "Watkins, 
Librarian. Opened 1895. About 10,000 volumes ; annual circulation 100,000. Annual 
Income from penny rate £716, amount available for purchase of books £70. Ck)llec- 
tion of local works. Desiderata : Books relating to Durham. Open on week-days 
from 9-30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Hastings Corporation Reference Library, Brassey Institute Claremont: 
Edward H. Marshall, M.A., Librarian. Founded by Lord Brassey in 1881, and 
presented by him in 1888 to the Corporation, who now provide for its maintenance. 
Contains 8,500 volumes. This library was formed with a special view to the needs 
of students and educational books in all branches are a marked feature ; local books 
upon Hastings and Sussex generally are also collected. Open on week-days only 
from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Hereford Free Public Library and Museum : Jas. Cockcroft, Librarian 
and Secretary. Est. 1871. Number of volumes, 11,164 ; annual circulation, 50,819. 
Annual Income from penny rate £450. A fine collection of works relating to Here- 
foidshh«. Open on week-days from 9-80 a.m. to 10 p.m. 


Hertford Public Library : Ernest Lawrence, Librarian. Acts adopted 
1855. Number of volumes about 17,800. 

Hbywood Free Library : Goorge G. Chiswell, Librarian. Opened 1874. 
Number of volumes 11,400 ; annual issue 17,000. Annual income from penny rate 
£380, about £120 being expended in books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 
p.m. Sundays, 2 to 9 p.m. 

Hinckley {Leicestershire) Free Public Library : Peter Payne, Librarian. 
Est. 1888. Number of volumes 3,000 ; annual issue 2Q,000. The Public Libraries* 
Acts have been adopted, but as the population is not large enough at present to 
support the Library by a rate the townspeople have agreed to provide the necessary 
funds for five years. Open on week-days only. 

HiNDLEY {Lanes.) — The Leyland Free Library and Museum: John Smith, 
Librarian. Est. 1887. Number of volumes 4,630 ; annual issue about 9,000. Income 
from penny rate £220. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Hove {Stissex) Free Public Library, 11, Grand avenue: John W. Lister, 
Librarian. Est. 1891. About 10,000 volumes. Annual income from penny rate 
£1,200. Open on Week-days from 10 to 9. 

IIuCKNALL-ToRKARD {Notts.) Free PuBLic LIBRARY, Market place : Henry 
Dennis, Librarian. Opened 1888. 4,400 volumes ; annual circulation 24,000. Penny 
rate produces £156 annually, £10 of this being spent in books. Open on week-days 
only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Free Library building was erected at a cost of 
£2,000, and was a gift from Messrs. J. E. £IUs, M.P., and H. B. Paget, Colliery 

HuDDERSFiELD PuBLic LIBRARY AND Art Gallery, Somerset Buildings, 
Church street : Arthur G. Lockett, Librarian. Opened 1898. Annual income from 
rates £1,250, about £150 being available for purchase of books. Desiderata : Local 
and Textile Books. Open on week-days from 8-80 a.m. to 10 p.m. Beading Booms 
and Art Gallery open on Sundays from 3 to 9 p.m. 

Hull Public Libraries : William F. Lawton, Librarian. Opened 1894. 
Number of volumes in Central Lending Department, 13,849 ; Beference Department, 
12,360 : three Branch Libraries, 30,600 ; total annual circulation, 508,909. Annual 
income from penny rate and interest on James Beckitt Endowment Fund, £4,068, 
about £450 being expended in books. Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 
10 p.m. 

Hyde {Cheshire) Public Free Library, Market street : John Chorton, 
Librarian. Opened 1894. 6,400 volumes ; annual circulation 41,000. Annual income 
from penny rate £450, about £100 being available for purchase of books. Open on 
week-days from 9-30 a.m. to 8-30 p.m., excepting Wednesdays and Saturdays, when 
it doses at 1 and 6 p.m. respectively. 

Ipswich. — Victoria Free Library, High street : VV. Fen ton. Librarian. 
Opened 1887. Number of volumes in Central and one Branch Library 12,000; 
annual circulation 80,000. Annual income from rate £500, affording £150 for the 
purchase of books. Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. A new Befer- 
ence Library is about to be built. 

Kendal Free Public Library, Stricklandgate : J. W. Singleton, 
Librarian. Est. 1892. Number of volumes 9,556 ; annual circulation 80,000. The 
penny rate realises £205. Collection of local books. Open on week-days from 8 
a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Kettering {Northamptcnishire) Public Library, Town Hall : Kate E. 
Pierce, Librarian. Opened 1896. Contains 2,600 volumes. Annual income from 
penny rate £300. Open on week-days only from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Kidderminster Public Library : William F. Baillie, Librarian. Est. 
1854. Lending and Beference Departments contain 6,000, and Children's library 
400 volumes ; annual circulation 30,000. Supported by penn^^ rate producing £330 
per annum, and affording £90 for the purchase of books. Special collections : Local 
Works, Carpet Weaving and Spinning Industries, Designing and Art Books. 
Desiderata : Books printed in, or written by authors of Kidderminster and district. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is an Art Gallery in connection, 
and also a Museum^ containing a fine collection of Local Fossils, Specimens of 
Bookbinding and Printing, Egyptian Art Treasures, <&c. 


Kingston-upon-Thames Public Library : B. Carter, Librarian. Opened 
1882. Number of volumes 8,480; annual circulation, 48,016. Supported by rate 
producing £660 per annum, £100 being expended in books. Duideraia : Local books 
and prints. Open on week-days from 8-30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Lancaster Public Librart, Storey Institute : James M. Dowbiggin, 
Librarian. Est. 1893. Nunber of volumes in Lending Department, 9,200 ; Reference 
Department. 590: annual circulation, 81,097. Income from penny rate £600, of 
which £250 Is available for the purchase of books. Open every week-day. 

Lbaminoton Spa Frbe Public Library, New Town Hall, The Parade : 
David B. Grant, Librarian. Est. 1857. Lending Department, 12,489, and Reference 
Department, 6,556 volumes ; annual circulation, 60,271. Annual income from penny 
rate £656 7s. 6d., affording £200 for the purchase of books. Open on week-days, 
and on Sunday afternoons during winter months. 

Leeds Free Public Libraries : Thomas W. Hand, Chief Librarian. Est. 
1868. Number of volumes in Central Lending Library, 48,688 ; Reference Department, 
52,848 ; and in the 37 Branch Libraries, 93,143 ; annual issue, 986,166. Annual income 
from penny rate; less £800 for Art Gallery, £5,918. Open on week-days only from 10 
a.m. to 9-30 p.m. The City of Leeds Art Gallery is the second largest in the pro- 
vinces; on the ground floor are the permanent and general loan collections of 
Paintings and other Works of Art. The upper floor is reserved for special Exhibi- 
tions of Faintings, Arts and Crafts, and the like, for admission to which a charge is 
made— ground floor free. The Museum is partly Archaeological but chiefly of Art 
objects : George Birkett, Curator. 

Leek (Staffs, ) Free Public Library, Nicholson Institute : Kineton Parkes, 
Principal. Est. 1884. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 7,044 ; Refer- 
ence Department, 3,000 ; annual circulation, 36,354. Supported by penny rate and 
contributions from the Nicholson family, amounting to £430 per annum, £70 being 
expended in books. Open on week-days from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. In connection with 
the Library is a Book Club, subscription 5/- per annum. The Museum contains 
local Geol(^cal and Local Industry collections. The Library Review is edited at the 
Nicholson Institute, which contains also a School of Art, Sdence, and Technology : 
500 students. 

Leicester Free Public Library, Wellington street : Charles Vernon 
Kirkby, Librarian. Est. 1871. Number of volumes in Central Library, 18,304 ; 
Reference Department, 15,000 ; five Branch Libraries, 18,000 : annual issue. 452,192. 
Annual income from rates, &c., £3,050, about £650 of this being expended in books. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m.; Sundays 6 to 9 p.m. Special collec- 
tions : Books on Ijeicestershire, printed in Leicestershire, and by Leicestershire 
authors. Leicester has also a Museum and Art Gallery, not connected with the 
library. Curator, Mr. M. Brown. 

Leigh {Lanes,) Free Library, Railway road: James Ward, b.a., 
Librarian. Opened 1894. Annual circulation 50,000 volumes. Annual income from 
rate £558, £100 of this being spent in books. Local collections. Open on week- 
days only. The Urban District Council have taken over the library of the Leigh 
Literary Society. 

Leominster {Herefordshire) Free Public Library : J. B. Dowding, 
Librarian. Est. 1889. About 1,000 volumes. Income from penny rate £147. Open 
on week-days from 9-30 a. m. to 10 p.m. 

Lbyton {Essex) Public Library: Z. Moon, Librarian. Opened 1893. 
Number of volumes in Central Lending Library, 9,500 ; Reference Department, 
2,500 ; Children's Library, 1,200. AnnufQ income from penny rate £950, of which 
£100 is available for the purchase of books. Deeiderata: Essex books. Open on 
week-days from 10-30 a.m. to 9-80 p.m. This library is governed by the Levton 
District Council, which includes Leytonstone, Harrow-Green, and Wanstead-Slip. 

Lichfield Free Library and Museum : C. J. Corrie, Librarian. Est. 
1875. Number of volumes 2,000. The penny rate yields £100. Open Thursdays. 
Hie Museum contains Dr. Johnson Belies, Fossils, Minerals, Local Portraits, 
Roman Remains, &c. 

Lincoln, City of, Pubijc Library, Silver street : Henry Bond, Librarian. 
Opened 1895. Number of volumes, 7,390; annual circulation, 87,142. Annual 
income from pennv rate £600, about £100 being available for purchase of books. 
Collection of local works. Deeiderata : Lincolnshire Topographical works. Open 
on week-days from 9-80 a.m. to 9-80 p.m.; Sundays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. 


Liverpool Free Public Libraries : Peter Cowell, Chief Librarian. Four 
Branch Libraries and three evening ReadinK Rooms. Number of volumes in Central 
Reference Department, 111,000; in Branch Libraries, 72,060; annual circulation, 
1,266,963. Supported by penny rate. Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 10 
p.m., Fridays excepted when it closes at 2 p.m. 


Battersea Public Library, 265, Lavender hill, s.w. : Lawrence 
Inkster, Librarian. Opened 1890. Number of volumes in Central Library 
Lending Department, 16,743; Reference Department, 11,633; two Branch 
Libraries, 13,667; total annual circulation 280,000. £3,700 is derived from 
library rate, £400 being available for purchase of books. Special collections : 
Books on London and Local Books. Open on week-days from 8 a. m. to 10 p.m.; 
Sundays from 3 to 9 p.m. 

Bermondsey Public Library, Spa road, s.b.: John Frowde, Librarian 
and Clerk to the Committee. Est. 1891. Number of volumes in Lending De- 
partment, 12,024 ; Reference Department, 1,026 ; Juvenile Library, 1,656 ; annnal 
circulation, 117,000. Annual income from penny rate £1,672. Collection of books 
relating to Bermondsey Parish and to Leather industries. Open on week-days 
from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sundays (September to April) from 3 to 9 p.m. 

Bethnal Green Free Library, London street, e.: G. F. Hilcken, 
Librarian. Est. 1876. Reference and Lending Libraries about 40,000 volumes, 
supported by voluntary contributions. Reference Library open from 10 to 5 
and from 6 to 10 ; Lending Library all-day. 

British Museum, Great Russell street, w.c: Sir E. Maunde Thomp- 
son, K.C.B., D.C.L., LL.D., F.S.A., Principal Librarian. 1,700,000 volumes. Reading 
Room is o^en from 9 to 8 (during the four months May to August it closes at 7 
p.m., and is closed for cleaning the first four week-days of March and Sept.) 
Admission by ticket on w^ritten application to the principal librarian. Qosed 
on Sundays and public holidays. 

British Museum (Natural History) South Kensington Libraries (1881). 
Over 70,000 volumes. General Library of 24,000 volumes : Zoological Library, 
17,000 volumes ; also Botanical, Geological and Mineralogical Libraries. Con- 
tains the Tweeddale collection of Ornithological Works. Hours 10 to 4. 

Bromley-by-Bow Public Library, 126, Brunswick road : William 
Pool, Librarian. Opened 1895. 3,000 volumes. Supported by rates. Open on 
week-days only. 

Camberwell Public Libraries, s.e.: Edward Foskett, p.r.s.l., Chief 
Librarian. Opened 1890. Central Library and four Branches contain about 
60,000 volumes; annual circulation over 600,000. Income from penny rate 
£4,600. Denderata: Angling, Shakespeariana, Local Topography. Open on 
week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays, 3 to 9 p.m. The borough includes 
the parliamentary divisions of Dulwich, Peckham, and North Camberwell, 
having at present a population of over 275,000. The South London Fine Art 
Gallery and Technical Institute are now administered at Camberwell under the 
Libraries' Acts, the first instance of the kind in London. 

Chelsea Public Libraries, Manresa road, s.w., and Harrow road, 
Eensal Town, w. : J. Henry Quinn, Librarian. Opened 1887. Number of 
volumes in Central Lending Department, 16,200 ; Reference Department, 8,200 ; 
Boys' Library, 710 ; Branch Library at Eensal Town, 7,480 ; annual circulation, 
260,000. Annual income from library rate £3,800, affording £700 for purchase of 
books. Special collections : Chelsea Topography, Carlyleana, ana books by 
or on Sir Thomas More. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 
from 3 to 9 p.m. The Central Library, by arrangemenc, forms tne library for 
the South* West London Polytechnic Institute. 

Christ Church, Southwark, Charles street, Blackfriars road, s.e.: 
Roland Austin, Librarian. Est. 1889. Number of volumes 4,820; annual 
circulation 22,000. Annual income £530 from penny rate and other sources. 
Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Clapham Public Library, 1, North side, Claphani Common, s.w.: 
J. Reed Welch, Librarian. Acts passed 1887, Library opened 1889. Number of 
volumes in Lending Department, 7,204 ; Reference Department, 805 ; annual 
issue, 85,673. Annual income from penny rate £1,100. Open on week-days 
(Thursdays excepted) from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. A Museum is in process of 


Clekkbnwell Public Libbary, Skinner street, e.c. : James D. Brown, 
Librarian. Est. 1887. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 11,800 ; 
Reference Department, 6,000 ; annual circulation, 140,000. The penny library 
rate yields an annual income of £1,550. Collections of Clerkenwell books and 
prints, books on Art Metal Work, Watch and Ciockmaking, Jewellery, and 
Design. Detiderata : Books represented in special collections. Open on week- 
days 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 3 to 9 p.m. Has allowed " open access" to the 
Lending library shelves since May Ist, 1894, with complete success in every 

East Ham Public Library, n. : Wallace Phipps, Librarian. Opened 
1896. Contains about 1,100 volumes, and has an annual income of £800. Open 
on week-days onlv from 10 a.ra. to 10 p.m. This is only reckoned a Branch 
Library ; a Central and two other Branch Libraries are in course of construction. 

FuLHAM Public Library, 592, Fulham-rd, s.w.: Franklin T. Barrett, 
Librarian. Opened 1887. Numb^^r of volumes in Central Lending and one 
Branch Library, 9142 ; Reference Department, 3,162 * annual circulation, 130,897. 
Income from penny Library rate £2,083, about £300 being expended annually in 
books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays from 3 to 9 p.m. 

Guildhall Library, at the Guildhall, e.c.: Charles Welch, f.s.a.. 
Librarian. Est. 1824. A Reference Library of 112,000 volumes. Not rate sup- 
ported, but established and kept up entirely by the Corporation of London. 
About £1,000 is annually expended in books. Annual attendance over 414,000 ; 
daily average, 1,200. Collections of London books and manuscripts ; Library of 
Dutch Church of London ; Hebrew and modern Jewish literature ; Library of 
the Clockmakers' Company ; Beaufoy Cabinet of modem Tradesmen's Tokens, 
&c. Open free to the public every week-day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturdays, 
6 p.m. during summer months. Museum and Art Gallery in connection. The 
Museum has a collection of Local Antiquities of the pre-historic, British, 
Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, and later periods. Old London signs are well 

Hackney. — Tyssbn Library, Town Hall, Hackney, n.e.: George 
Chambers, Hon. Librarian. The Libraij owes its existence to the antiquarian 
research and untiring zeal of the late John Robert Daniel Tyssen, Esq., who 
was for many years Steward of the Manor of Hackney, and who in virtue of that 
position had unusual advantages for the collection of books, documents, maps, 
drawings, portraits, and other relics of Hackney in the olden time. Desiderata: 
Books relating to Hackney. Open every Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. This is 
solely a reference library. 

Hammersmith Public Library, Ravenscourt Park, w. : Samuel 
Martin, Librarian. Acts adopted 1888, opened 1890. Number of volumes in 
Lending Department, 10,868 ; Reference Department, 2,766 ; annual circulation, 
174,000. Supported by penny rate producing £2,000 per annum. Open on week- 
days from 10-30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Reading Rooms 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays, 6 to 
9 p.m. A Branch Library at Shepherd's Bush, the gift of Mr. J. Passmore 
Eawards, was opened in 1896. This contains nearly 10,000 volumes. 

Hampstead Free Public Library, Finchley road, n.w.: William E. 
Doubleday, Librarian. Opened 1897. Number of volumes in Central Lending 
Department, 12,000 ; Reference Department, 8,000 ; three Branch Libraries, 
16,000. Annual income from pennjr rate £3.400, about £400 of this being 
expended in books. Contains the library of the late Professor Henrv Morley, 
ricn in literature, and including many rare editions of English and Foreign 
classics. Desiderata : Works on Fine Art and Literature ; anything Local. Open 
on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays, 3 to 9 p.m. 

Harlesden Public Library, Harlesden, n.w. : H. S. Newland, 
Librarian. Opened 1894. Number of volumes 7,528 ; annual circulation 81.000. 
Annual income from rates and contributions £680. Open on week-days from 
9 a.m. to 10 p.m. One of the three Libraries under the administration of the 
Willesden District Council. 

HoLBURN Public Library, 10, John street, Bedford row, w.c: Harry 
Hawkes, Librarian. Est. 1893. About 8,000 volumes ; annual circulation 53,876. 
Annual income from halfpenny rate £860, affording £100 for the purchase of 
books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 


Kensington Public Libraries, Kensington High street, w., Branches 
at Ladbroke Qrove, w., and Old Brompton road, s.w. : Herbert Jones, Librarian. 
Opened 1889. Number of volumes in Central Lending Department. 10,000 ; 
Reference Department, 12,000 ; Branch Libraries, 18,000 ; total annual circula- 
tion, 219,000. £4,000 annually ilerived from halfpenny rate. Special collections : 
English Topogn^hy and Library of the late Sir Richard Burton. Desiderata .• 
London (West) Topography, Art Books, and Works relating to Sir Richard 
Burton. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

KiLBUBN Public Library, Salnsbury road, West Kilbum, n.w.: 
James A. Seymour, Librarian. Opened 1894. About 6,760 volumes; annual 
circulation, 72,687. Yearly income from library rate £708, about £50 being; 
expended in books. Collection of Middlesex and Local Topography, Prints, &c. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. One of the three Libraries under the 
administration of the Willesden Distnct Council. 

Lambeth Public Libraries, Brixton Oval, s.w.: Frank J. Burgoyne, 
Librarian. Est. 1887. Number of volumes in Central Library, 16,000 ; Refer- 
ence Department, 11,000: and in five Branch Libraries, 60,000; annual issue, 
750,000 volumes. Annual income from penny rate, £6,400. Special collections : 
Bacon Library and Local books. Desiderata : Baconiana. Open on week-days 
9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 8 to 9 p.m. 

Lewisham Public Libraries, Perry hill, Catford, s.e.: Chas. Wm. F. 
Qoss, Librarian. Acts adopted in 1890. Library opened 1891. Two Branches. 
18,368 volumes ; annual circulation, 107,000. Annual income from library rate 
£1,100, affording £70 for the purchase of books. Desiderata : Kent Books. Open 
on week-days (Wednesdays excepted) from 10-30 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

LiMEHOUSE, E. — Library in course of formation. 
Mile End, e. — Library in course of formation. 

Newinoton Public Library, Walworth road, s.e. : Richard W. 
Mould, Librarian. Opened 1898. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 
14,000 ; Reference Department, 4,660 ; Boys' Library, 800 ; annual circulation, 
184,676. Income from library rate £1,960 per annum, of which up^irards of £160 
is expended in books. Collection of Local Histoiy, and Files of Daily and 
Weeklv Newspapers. Desiderata : Newingtoniana, Faraday, Tinworth, Taylor 
(the Platonist) works and ana. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; 
Sundays 6 to 9 p.m. 

Pence Public Library, s.e.: Wm. Bridle, Librarian. Est. 1892. 
Number of volumes 6,000. Annual income from rate £600. Open on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 8 to 6 p.m. 

Poplar Public Library, 126, High street : Harry Rowlatt, Librarian. 
Opened 1894. Number of volumes 11,136 ; annual circulation 80,000. Annual 
income from penny library rate £476, of this amount £300 is available for the 
purchase of books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Putney Free Public Library, Disraeli road : C. F. Tweney, 
Librarian. Est. 1887. 7,600 volumes ; annual circulation 60,000. Annual 
income from library rate £720, about £160 of which is expended in books. 
Desiderata: Local History and Views. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 
9-80 p.m. 

RoTHERHiTHE PuBLic LIBRARY, Lower road, S.E.: H. A. Shuttleworth, 
Librarian. Opened 1890. Number of volumes 6,291 ; annual circulation 40,000. 
Supported by penny rate which produces £1,000, about £260 of this being 
expended in books. CoUectionof local works. I>««ulerato ; Any books, maps, 
pictures, &c., relating to Rotherhithe. Open on week days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

St. Bride Foundation Libraries, Bride lane, Fleet street, b.c.: 
F. W. T. Lange, Librarian. Opened 1896. Number of volumes in Lending 
Department, 6,927 ; Technical Reference Department, 4,400 ; annual circulation, 
66,766. Yearly income from funds arising out of City Parochial Charities' Act 
of 1891 about £600. Special collections: "Passmore Edwards" Library of 
Modem Books on Printing, Papermaking, Bookbinding, and the allied arts ; 
about 3,000 volumes, intended especially &r students in the Institute Technical 
Glasses. The '* William Blades " Library, consisting of nearly 3,000 volumes 
relating to the Art of Printing, Specimens of Typography, &c. Desiderata : All 
the latest books on Printing and the allied arts. Open on week-days from 12 to 
9 p.m. This is one of the three new foundations in the City of London com- 
bining all the advantages of a large Public Library and a Technical Institute. 


St. George, Hanover Square. — Public Libraries : Buckingham 
Palace road, s.w., and South Audley street, w. : Frank Pacy, Librarian. 
Opened 1896. Number of volumes in Lending Departments, 21,500 ; Reference 
Departments, 8,500 ; Children's Libraries, 2,500 ; total annual circulation, 
200,000. Income from halfpenny rate £8,945, allowing £700 for the purchase of 
books. Contains books on the Fine Arts, large collection of Historical Works, 
and special collections of Musical Works and Foreign Literature. Has two 
separate Lending Libraries for children. Open on week-days only. 

St. Gborgb-in-thb-East. — Library in course of formation. 

St. George the Martyr Public Library, Borough road, s.e.: 
Thomas Aldred, Librarian. 

St. Giles Public Library, 198, High Holborn, w.c: William A. 
Taylor, Librarian. Est. 1892. About 6,800 volumes. Annual income from 
rates £1,600. Reading Room open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

St. Martin and St. Paul Free Public Library, 115, St. Martin's 
lane, w.c: Thomas Mason, f.s.hist.8.. Librarian. Est. 1887. Number of 
volumes in Lending Department, 12,163 ; Reference Department, 16,086. Annual 
circulation, 185,703. Supported by penny rate which produces £2,880. Degiderata: 
Books and Prints relating to the neighbourhood. Open on week-days from 9 
a.m. to 10 p.m. 1,171,895 persons used the magazine room, newsroom, and 
Libraries in 1896. Mr. Mason is also Librarian to the Royal Historical Society 
whose Library is contained in the same building, and Hon. Librarian to the 
Savage Club, 7, Adelphi terrace, w.c. 

St. Marylebone Voluntary Public Library, 94, Lisson Grove, n.w. : 
D. G. Thomson, Librarian. Opened 1890. 9,200 volumes, having an annual 
circulation of 22,000. Supported by voluntary subscriptions realising £500 per 
annum. Open on week-days from 9-30 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

St. Saviour's Public Library, 44a, South wark Bridge road, s.b.: 
Henry D. Roberts, Librarian. Opened 1894. About 10,800 volumes; annual 
circulation, 40,000. Annual income from penny rate and donations £1,000, about 
£100 being expended in books. Collection of local books, views, &c Open on 
week-days only from 7-30 a.m. to 9-30 p.m.; Reading Boom open on Sundays 
from 3 to 9 p.m. 

Shoreditch. — Passmore Edwards Public Libraries : Kingsland road, 
Haggerston, v.k.; and Pitfield street, Hozton, b.c. : William C. Plant, Librarian. 
Haggerston Library, opened 1893, contains 11,700 volumes. Hoxton Library, 
opened 1894, contains 12,300 volumes ; total annual circulation over 100,000. 
Annual income from three-farthings rate and donations £2,170, allowing £200 
for the purchase of books. Open on week-days from 9-80 a.m. to 10 p.m.; 
Sundays (winter months only) 6 to 9 p.m. 

South Hornsby Free Public Library, District Council Offices, Mil- 
ton road, v.: E. Qunthorpe, Librarian. Opened 1894. 2,500 volumes. Supported 
by voluntary subscriptions. Open on Mondays and Thursdays from 7-30 to 9 
p.m. ; Wednesdays 4 to 5 p.m. This library was formerlv known as the Finsbury 
Fark Free Public Library, and was situate at 1, Blackstock road. 

South Kensington Museum. — Here are deposited the National Art 
Library, 456,000 volumes. Dyce Library, bequeathed in 1869, 15,000 volumes. 
English, Drama, Poetry, Italian Literature, &c Forster Library, bequeathed 
in 1876, 19,000 volumes, History, Biography, Travels, Tracts, &c. 

South Kensington (Science and Art Department) Educational 
LiBR^sT. Est. 1857. 42,190 volumes. Science Library, 50,000 volumes. Works 
on every department of education. Open to teachers, students, and subscribers. 

Streatham, s.w. — The Tate Public Library, High road: Thomas 
Everatt, Librarian. Est. 1891. Number of volumes in Central Library, Lending 
Department, 17,000 ; one Branch Library, 4,000 ; annual circulation, 170,000. 
Annual income from penny rate and other sources £1,950. about £400 being 
available for purchase of books. Open on week-days (Thursdays excepted) from 
10-30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mr. Henry Tate, J.P., of Park hill, Streatham, built the 
library at a cost of nearly £8,000, on the condition that the inhabitants voted the 
full penny library rate for its support. 


Stoke Newington Public Library, Church street, n. : George Preece, 
Librarian. Est. 1890. About 11,500 volumes ; annual issue 102,000. Annual 
income from penny rate £880. Desiderata : Books relating to Stoke Newington 
and celebrated residents. Opon every week-day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Wandsworth Public Library, 38, West hill, s.w.: Cecil T. Davis, 
Librarian. Est. 1885. Number of volumes 15,000 : total annual issue 98,129. 
Annual income from penny library rate, fines, &c., £1,515. Open on week-days 
from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Collection of Local Books and Views of the Parish of 
Wandsworth. Blackmore collection : North Africa and Gibraltar. 

West Ham Public Libraries, b. : A. Cotgreave, f.r.hi8t.s., 
Librarian. The Borough of West Ham includes four Townships: Stratford, 
Canning Town, Forest Gate, and Piaistow, the two first-named having libraries 

- already in operation. Stratford Library was opened in 1892, and contains 
nearly 23,000 volumes, with an annual circulation of 208,000. Support is derived 
from penny rate which produces £2,000 per annum, of which £800 is available 
for the purchase of books. It contains s[)ecial collections of Technical and 
London and Essex Historical and Topographical Works. Canning Town Library, 
opened in 1893, possesses over 17,000 volumes, with an annual circulation of 
202.000. The penny rate yields £1,600, affording £800 for the purchase of books. 
Both these libraries are open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. At 
Forest Gate and Piaistow libraries are in course of formation. The present 
population of the borough is 271,000. 

Westminster Purlic Libraries, Great Smith st., Westminster, s.w.; 
Branch— 3, Trevor sauare, Knightsbridge, 8.w. : Henry E. Poole^ Librarian. 
Est. 1856. Supportea by penny rate realising £3,390, about £350 being spent in 
books. In the Central Library, 22,858 volumes ; and in Branch Library, 4,100 ; 
annual circulation, 140,462. Open daily (except Sundays) from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Whitechafel Public Library and Museum, 77, High street, e.: 
Albert Cawthome, Librarian. Opened 1892. Number of volumes in Lending 
Department, 10,412 ; Reference Department, 3,107 ; annual circulation, 85.460. 
Annual income from penn^ rate £1,700, about £300 being available for purcna.<«e 
of books. Specially contains Jewish literature, and books relating to the East 
End of London. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 11-30 a.m. 
to 10 p.m. 

WiLLESDEN Green Public Library, High road, n.w.: Frank E. 
Chennell, Librarian. Opened 1894. Number m volumes in Lending De^rt- 
ment, 6,000 ; Reference Department, 1,400 ; Juvenile Library, 500 ; annual circu- 
lation, 55,000. Annual income from rate £460. Special collections: Local 
History, Topography, Prints, &c. Desiderata: Local History, Topography. 
Open on week-days onlv. llie Library also contains a foreign section to which 
are added popular novels and other works in the French, German, and Italian 
languages. The Willesden Green, Harlesden and Kilburn Public Libraries are 
under the administration of the Willesden District CounciL 

Wood Green Free Public Library, Town Hall, n. : Arthur Douth- 
waite, Librarian. Est. 1892. 5,300 volumes; annual issue, 60,000. Annual 
income from penny rate £450, affording £90 for the purchase of books. Open 
on week-nights from 5 to 9 p.m. 

LoNOTON {Staffs. ) Public Free Library, Town Hall : Herbert Walker, 
Librarian. Opened 1892. 6,200 volumes. Annual income from library rate £401. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Loughborough Public Library, Ashby road : George H. Andrews, 
librarian. Opened 1886. 8,780 volumes ; annual circulation. 63,000. Penny rate 
produces £280 annually, about £20 being spent in books. Open on week-days only 
from 9-30 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

Lowestoft Public Library, Marina : Miss Kate Durrant, Librarian. 

Luton {Beds. ) — Free Library, Manchester st. : David Wootton, Librarian. 

Macclesfield. — Chad wick Free Library : Atherton Brunt, Librarian. 
Est. 1876. Number of volumes in Lendi^ Department, 12.451 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 4,589 ; annual circulation, 50,000. The penny rate yields £365 annually, about 
£80 being expended in books. Open on week-days onlv from 9-30 a.m to 9-30 p.m. 
The Library still maintains its popularity. Music books have been recently aaded 
to the Library to the number of 40, containing all the popular Operas and are 
always out. 


Maidstone Museum, Public Library and Art Gallery: Frederick 
Vallance James, t.s.a., Curator and Librarian. Est. 1858. Lending Department, 
3,500 volumes ; Reference Department, 10,000 volumes. The penny rate realises 
£620. Desiderata: Books, Pamphlets, MSS., or Engravings relating to Kent. Open 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Museum has collections of Natural 
History, Oriental Pottery and Porcelain, Antiquities, &c. The Art Gallery was 
erected at a cost of £5,000, and presented by Mr. 8. Bentlif to the town. The whole 
of the Museum collections are located in an old manor house (Chillington ManorX 
and the additions which have been made to it from time to time through the 
munificence of some of the inhabitants make it now one of the largest museums in 

Manchester Public Free Libraries: Charles W. Sutton, Librarian. 
Est 1852. Number of volumes in Reference Librarv, 107,449; fifteen Branch 
Lending Libraries, 159,065; circulation (twelve months), 2,045,893. Supported 
by a rate limited to 2d. in the £. Amount expended in 1895-6 in the purchase of 

Art Gallery, Mosley street, is under the Curatorship of Mr. W. Stanfleld. 

Mansfield {Notts. ) Free Public Library, Market place : William Gonk, 
Librarian and Secretary. Opened 1891. About 3,800 volumes. Annual circulation 
24,614. Annual income from penny rate £210, about £45 being available for pur- 
chase of books. Open on week-days from 1 to 9 p.m.; Reading Room, 9-30 a.m. to 
9-30 p.m. 

Middle Claydon {Bucks.) Public Library : Lettice Sarah Verney, Lib- 
rarian. Opened 1898. Number of volumes in Central Library and three Branch 
Libraries, 1,620. Rate supported. Open every week-night from 6 to 9-80 p.m. 

Middlesbrough Free Library : Eaker Hudson, Librarian. Est. 187L 
Number of volumes, 19,042. Annual income from penny rate about £1,000. Open 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Museum in connection contains a fine 
collection of Liassic fossils. 

MiDDLETON {near Manchester) Jubilee Free Public Library, Long street : 
M. E. Harrop, Librarian. Est. 1889. Number of volumes, 5,658. Supported by 
library rate. Open on week-days from 10 a m. to 9 p.m. 

Middle wiCH {Cheshire) Free Public Library, Town Hall : Thomas L. 
Drinkwater, Librarian. Opened 1890. 3,250 volumes; annual circulation, 10,000. 
Annual income from penny rate and subscriptions £63, allowing £25 for purchase of 
books. Open on Tuesdays and Fridays only from 6 to 9 p.m. New premises to be 
called " The Victoria Technical Schools and Free Library " are being erected at an 
estimated cost of £2,500. 

MiLLOM {Cumberland) Free Public Library : Alfred J. Hutchinson, 
Librarian. Est. 1887. Number of volumes 6,000 : annual issue 25,708. Annual 
income from penny rate £330. about £70 of this being spent in books. Special 
collections : Local History and Topography. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 
8 p.m. 

Nantwich {Cheshire) Public Library, Pillory street : Annie Jackson, 
Librarian. Opened 1888. Number of volumes 4,182 ; annual circulation 10.188. 
Annual income from pennv rate, subscriptions, &c., £100, allowing £40 for purchase 
of books. Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

Nelson {Lanes.) Free Public Library: D. Rushton, Librarian. Est. 
1889. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 6,426 ; Reference Department, 
756 ; annual issue, 88,463. Annual income from penny rate £450, affording £25 for 
the purchase of books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Newark-on-Trent. — Gilstrap Free Library, Castle Gate : Robert C. Gar- 
ner, Librarian. Est. 1883. Number of volumes. Lending Department, 6,100; 
Reference Department, 740 ; Children's Library, 850 ; estimated annual issue, 50,000. 
Annual income derived from penny rate and endowment £480, of which £100 is 
expended in new books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Tuesdays, 10 
a.m. to 1-30 p.m. only. 

Newcastle-under-Lymb {Staffs.) Free Public Library, Ironmarket : 
Robert James Hempton, Librarian. Opened 1890. Number of volumes, 4,777 ; 
annual circulation, 26,005. Annual income from penny rate £216. Special collec- 
tions: The William Salt Archeeological Society's Collections for a History of 
Staffordshire ; Camden Society's Pubhcations. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 
10 p.m. 


Newcastle-upon-Tyne Public Libraries: Basil AndertoD, b.a., Libran. 
Est. 1880. Number of volumes in Central Lending Department (including Juvenile 
Section), 41,791 ; Reference Department, 45,510 ; Stephenson Branch Library, 6,656 : 
annual issue, 252,485. Annual income from penny rate £4,159, of which about £1,000 
is expended on books. Special collections : Thomllnson Library, Merrifield Library, 
Riddell Library. Libraries open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., except that 
Lending Departments are closed at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays. Newsroom open on 
week-days from 8-SO a.m. to 9 p.m., and on Sundays from 2 to 9 p.m. 

New Mills {Derbyshire), — Library not yet organised. 

Newport {Monmouthshire) Free Library and Museum, Dock street : 
James Matthews, Librarian. Two Branch Beading Rooms. Number of volumes 
in Lending Department, 15,752 ; Reference Department, 7,885 ; Boys' Library, 2000 ; 
total annual circulation. 105,948. Annual income from penny rate £1,200, about £90 
being available for purchase of books. Contains special " Foreign Section " of 1,500 
volumes, in the French, German, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian, Portuguese, and 
Dutch languages, presented by Alderman T. Jones, of Newport ; also a complete 
/ set of the Patent Specifications from the commencement in 1H17. Open every week- 
dav (except Thursoay) from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Museum possesses a most valu- 
able Geological collection, and was visited during 1897 by 57,211 persons. 

Northampton Public Free Library and Museum : Thomas J. Georse, 
Librarian. Est. 1876. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 10,290 ; Re^r- 
ence Department, 4,560 ; annual issue, 70,000. The pennv rate yields £810, about 
£170 of this being speut in books. Contains the " Taylor ' collection of local books, 
and John Clare's labrary. Open on we«%k-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday, 
closes at 6 p.m. The Museum has excellent collections of Local Antiquities, Geo- 
logical Specimens, &c. 

North wiCH {Cheshire), — Brunner Free Library and Museums, Witton 
street : Thomas J. Yarwood, Librarian. Est. 1845. Number of volumes in Lending 
Department, 7,500 ; Reference Department, 1,000 ; annual circulation, 45,000. 
Annual income from penny rate £317. Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 
10 p.m. In addition to the General and Art Museum, there is a Museum for the 
staple product of the district (Salt), showing the different kinds made in all parts of 
Cheshire, together with Salt from ail parts o! the world. The Salt Museum contains 
all the maps and diagrams obtainable connected with tlie manufacture of Salt, as 
well as photo^phs of the different processes in different parts of the world. The 
Salt Museum is also available as a Lecture Room. 

Norwich Free Library : George £aster, Librarian. Est. 1857. Number 
of volumes in Lending Department, 17,318 ; Reference Department, 12,104; Juvenile 
Department, 3,025 ; annual issue, 89,875 works. Annual income from penny rate 
£1,290, about £220 being available for the purchase of books. A large collection of 
Local and County Books. Reading Room open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ; 
Sundays 3 to 9 p.m. 

Nottingham Free Public Libraries: John Potter Briscoe, f.r.h.s., 
T.L.A., &c. Acts adopted 1867. Number of volumes in Central Library— Lending 
Department, 31,000 ; Reference Department, 30,500 ; in 13 Branch Libraries, 23,000; 
Children's Library, 3,500 ; total annual circulation, 403,000. Annual income from 
library rate and a srant by Council £5,250, about £720 of this being expended in 
books. Special collections of books on Nottinghamshire, including Byron, Kirke 
White, Robin Hood, and Lace. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 
Natural History Museum : Prof. J. w. Carr, m.a., f.o.s.. Curator. Jjocal collections 
of Geological Specimens, Ac— Art Museum : G. Harry Wallis, f.s.jl, Art Director 
and Curator. Small permanent collection, with frequent exhibitions of Paintings 
and Drawings by local artists. Lace, &c. 

Oldbury ( Worcestershire) Public Free Library, Market place : George 
Henry Burton, Librarian. Opened 1891. Number of volumes 6,540. Annual 
income from rate and other sources about £480, of which £50 is spent in books. 
Open on week-days only. 

Oldham Free Public Library, Art Gallery, and Museum : Robert 
Bateman, Librarian and Curator. Est. 1885. Number of volumes in Central Lend- 
ing Department, 24,000 ; Reference Department, 26,000 ; in five Branch Libraries, 
8,000 ; Boys' Library, 2,000 ; annual circulation, 139,00;). Annual income from 
library rate £5,000, about £600 of which is available for the purchase of books. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. Newsroom open on Sundays from 3 to 
7 p.m. Collection of Local Books, and Shakespeariana. the Art Gallery contains a 
permanent collection of Pictures, the Lees collection of Water-colour Drawings, and 
a complete set of Turner's Liber Studiorum. 


OswESTBY Free Public Library, Salop : T. Pomeroy Diamond, LibrariaD. 
Opened 1890. About 9,600 volumes ; annual circulation 26,600. Annual income 
from penny rate £160. Denderata : Modern works suitable for Reference Library. 
Open on week-days only. 

Oxford (City of) Free Public Library, St. Aldate's street: Thomas 
Harwood, labrarian. Opened 1865. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 
7,000; Reference Department, 3,600; annual circulation, 61,000. Supported by 
g^nt from Council. Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Penrith {Cumberland) Free Public Library and Museum, Hunter lane : 
John Stuart, Librarian. Opened 1888. Number of volumes 7,780 ; annual circula- 
tion 12,600. Supported by penny rate. Open on week-days only from 2 to 9 p.m. 

Penzance Free Public Library, Morrab road: Charles Henry Benn, 
Librarian. Est. 1893. Number of volumes 7,200; annual circulation, 68,000. 
Annual income from penny rate £200. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Peterborough Public Library, Park road. Opened 1892. Number of 
volumes, 4,200; Boys' Library, 363; annual circulation, 48,603. £490 annually 
derived from penny rate, £100 being spent in books. Collection of Local and Fen 
literature. Open on weiek-days from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Plumstead. — Library in course of formation. 

Plymouth Free Public Library : W. H. K. Wright, Librarian. Opened 
1876. Number of volumes in Central Lending Department, 24,000 ; Reference De- 
partment, 20,000 ; 28 Branch Libraries (includmg Schools), 6,204 ; total annual cir- 
culation, 377,662. Annual income from rates £1,600, £250 being available for 
purchase of books. Special collection : Devon and Cornwall literature, over 8,000 
volumes. Denderata : Government Publications. Open on week-days only from 
9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Books are issued to non-residents on payment of 6s. per annum, 
and there is a Department for the Blind. 

Poole (Dorsetshire) Free Public Library, Mount street : E. J. Wilkins, 
Librarian. Opened 1886. About 7,000 volumes : annual circulation, 46,000. Annual 
income from penny rate £300. Open every week-day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Portsmouth Free Public Library, Town Hall : Tweed D. A. Jewers, 
Librarian. Opened 1883. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 32,331 ; Re- 
ference Department, 5,680 ; two Branch Libraries, 16,176 ; Boys' Library, 2,100 ; 
annual circulation, 240,020. Annual income from penny rate £2,796, allowing £800 
for purchase of books. Deeiderafa : Books, pamphlets, or other documents relating 
to Portsmouth and its neighbourhood. Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 10 

K.m. The Old Guildhall and Market House, the capacious Council Chamber, has 
een appropriated for the reception of curios and is now the Portsmouth Museum. 

Preston Free Public Libraries and Museum : W. S. Bramwell, Lib- 
rarian and Superintendent. Est. 1878. Number of volumes 42,261 ; annual circu- 
lation, 116,712. Annual income from rate £1,980. Reading Rooms open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Museum has a good natural history and geological 
collection, a valuable series of pictures and drawings, and many local and foreign 
curiosities, casts, bronzes, &c. The Art Galleries contain amongst others the 
Newsham bequest of Pictures. The new Harris Library and Museum (a bequest of 
£106,000) was opened for public use in 1894. This is a palatial structure, possibly 
without a rival in the Kingdom. 

Queenborough {Kent) Free Li;brary, High St.: Alfred Hall, Librarian. 
Est. 1887. About 600 volumes, nearly all presented by the Mayor. Open on week- 
evenings from 6 to 9-30 p.m. 

Ramsgate Public Library, 22, Cavendish street. 

Rawmarsh ( yorA». ) Public Library : George DaflSn, Librarian. Opened 
1894. About 2,400 volumes. Supported by rate. Open on week-days only. 

Reading Free Public Library : W. H. Greenhough, f.r.s.l.. Librarian. 
Est. 1882. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 16,000 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 7,000 ; Juvenile Library, 3,300 ; total annual circulation, 151.000. Annual 
income £1,200 derived from penny rate, affording £150 for the purcnase of books. 
Collection of Local and County books. Open on week-days from 8-30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
In connection is a Museum containing the Silchester Collection of Roman Antiqui- 
ties, and collection of Prehistoric Implements from the Thames valley. The Library 
and Reading Rooms are lighted at night by Electric Incandescent Lamps. 


Redruth (Cornwall) Free Public Librart: William Gifford Hale, 
Ltbrarian. Opened 1896, Aboot 2,250 Tolnmes ; annual circulation 25,00a Aimm ^i 
income from penny rate and other sources £150. Contains 200 books for the blind ; 
also collection of Cornish books and Natural History. Open on weeJc-days from 
9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Richmond (Surrey) Free Public Library : Albert A. Barkas, Librariaiu 
Est. 1881. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 12,500 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 10,300 ; Jnyenile Books, 075 ; total annual circulation about 105,000. Inctxne 
from library rate £950. Detiderata .- Standard Works and Local Booka Open on 
week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and for three hours on Sunday eTenings dnziii|^ 
Uie months of October to March inclusive. 

Rochdale Free Public Librart, Esplanade : George HansoD, librarian. 
Est. 1872. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 85,309 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 12,838 ; Boys' Library, 1,260 ; total annual circulation, 227,556. Annual incmie 
from penny Ubrary rate £1,137, about £250 of this being expended in books. Specisd 
collections : Wool, Defoe's Works, Works relating to Lancashire and ** Urn Bobbin." 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. ; Sundays 3 to 9 p.m. 

Rochester (Kent) Public Library and Museum, Com Exchange, Hish 
street : W. R. Bartley, Librarian. Opened 189i. 13,300 volumes ; annual cimua- 
tion 22,000. Annual income from rate £150, of which £50 is expended in bocAa. 
Open every week-night (Thursdays excepted). 

Rotherham ( Yorkft. ) Free Public Library : John Ridal, Librarian. 
Est. 1880. 12,000 volumes in Lending, and 1,500 in Reference Departments. Income 
from penny rate about £600. Open on week-days from 10 a. m. to 9 p.m. Ttie 
Librarian remarks that " the penny rate ought to be abolished so as to make Uiei 
Institution capable of doing the good which lies neglected around it for want of 

RoTHWEiJi {Northamptonshire) Public Library : Miss E. Tebbutt, Lib- 
rarian. Opened 1896. Number of volumes about 1,900. Supported partly by penny 
rate. Open on week-days only from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

RuoBY Public Library, St. Matthews street : J. W. Kenning, Librarian. 
About 5,000 volumes ; annual circulation, 25,000. Income from penny rate, £200. 
Oi>en on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Runcorn (Cheshire) Free Public Library : J. D. Jones, Librarian. Eat. 
1882. Number of volumes, 8,086 ; annual issue, 22,713. Annual income from penny 
rate £227, about £60 being available for the purchase of books. Open every week- 
night. Reading Room open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

St. Albans (Herts.) Free Public Library: Herbert Slade, Librarian. 
Opened 1883. 4,500 volumes. Supported by penny rate. 

St. Helens (Lanes.) Free Public Library, The Gamble Lutitnte : Alfred 
Lancaster, Librarian. Opened 1871. Number of volumes in Central Lending 
Department, 15,000; Reference Department, 5,000; and three Branch Libraries, 
6,000: total annual circulation, 170,000. Yearly income from rate £1,800, abont 
£200 being expended in books. Collection of historical and other works relating to 
Lancashire. Beading Uoonis open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. un week-days ; Sun&ys 
2 to 9 p.m. A Boys' Reading Room and a Ladies' Reading Room are specially 
provided. A Public Museum is now established and is well attended. 

Sale and Ashton-on-Mersey (Cheshire) Joint Public Free Library, 
Tatton road. Sale : Frederick Thomsby, Librarian. Est. 1891. 6,000 volumes in 
Lending ana 600 in Reference Departments ; annual circulation, 72,000. Yearly 
income from rate and other sources £440, about £100 of this being expended in 
books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ; Sundays (during winter 
months) 6-30 to 9-30 p.m. 'There is a Musical Library consisting of a large collection 
of Choral and Vocal Music, issued in sets to choirs or individuals, valued at about 
£200. The Sale and Ashton-on-Mersey Public Library was built and paid for 
entirely by public subscriptions. There is a Technical School, large Lecture Hall, 
and Reading Room attached. 

Salisbury Public Library, Endless street : Oliver Langmead, Librarian. 
Opened 1806. About 4,000 volumes. Annual income from rates £250, allowing £25 
for purchase of books. Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 


Salford Free AJuseum and Libraries: Ben. H. Mullen, m.a. (Dub.), 
T.A.I., F.B.B.A.I., Carator and Chief Librarian. Est. 1849. Number of volumes in 
Central Lending Library, 9,800; Reference Department, 34,000; four Branch 
Libraries, 38,000 ; annual circulation, 415,000. Annual income from library rate 
£4,900, of which about £350 is expended in books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 9 p.m.; Sundays 2 to 9 p.m. The Museum contains a fine collection of Paintings 
and Sculptures, Casts from the Antique, and Mineralogical, Geological, Ethno- 
graphical, Industrial, and Natural History Collections. The oldest and finest Free 
Museum and Library established under the Ewart Free Library Act, 1852. 

Sheffield Free Public Libraries, Surrey St.: Samuel Smith, f.r.hi8t.s., 
Librarian. Opened 1855. Number of volumes in Central Library, Lending Depart- 
ment, 34,500 ; Reference Department, 18,000 j five Branch Libraries, 60,000 ; total 
annual issue, 420,000. £5,500 annually derived from rate, £1,000 of this being 
expended in books. Special collections and De$iderata : Shefiield Books, MSS., 
Maps, Plans, Pamphlets, &c., and works relating to Local Trades. Open on week- 
days from 10 a.m. to 9-30 p.m.; Sundays, 2 to 9 p.m. 

Shrewsbury Free Public Library and Museum, Castle street : Harry T. 
Beddows, Librarian. Opened 1885. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 
8,000 ; Reference Department, 4,000 ; annual circulation, 48,000. Annual income 
from penny rate £600, about £100 being expended in books. Collection of local 
books, pamphlets, and manuscripts. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
The Museum has a very rare coUection of Roman remains found at Uricomum, 

SiTTiNOBouRNE (JS'eTi^) Free Library. Opened 1888. About 5,000 volumes. 

Smethwick {near Birmingham) Free Library, High street : George Gulli- 
man, Librarian. Opened 1877. About 8,800 volumes ; annual circulation, 60,617. 
Annual income from rate £459, about £70 being spent in books. Open on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Southampton Free Public Library : 0. Tatton Hopwood, Librarian. 
Est. 1889. Number of volumes about 10,000. Supported by penny rate. Contains 
a good and growing collection of Hampshire books. Open on week-days from 10 
a.m. to 10 p.m. The Hartley Institution of this town is also under the Corporation, 
and has Museum, Library, Science and Art Schools, &c. 

SoUTHPORT. — Atkinson Free Library and Art Gallery : Thomas Newman, 
Librarian. Est. 1875. Number of volumes in Central Library, Lending Department, 
19,336 ; Reference Department, 4,337 ; Branch Library, 3,470 : total annual circula- 
tion, 128,677. The Library is supported by ^nny rate, producing £1,145 12s. 6d. per 
annum, about £800 of this being expended in books. Special collections : Palseon- 
tological Publications, Lancashire and Cheshire Record Societv's Publications 
and Works relating to the two counties. Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 
9-30 p.m.; Saturdays open to 10 p.m. Art Gallery : Purchases for permanent exhi- 
bition (free nine months in the year) from percentage on sales. Science and Art 
Schools in connection, maintained by an additional halfpenny rate. 

South Shields {Durham) Public Library and Museum, Ocean road : 
Thomas Pyke, Librarian. Opened 1873. Number of volumes in Lending Depart- 
ment, 15,000; Reference Department, 8,000; annual circulation, 115,401. Annual 
income from penny rate £1,200, about £200 bein^ available for purchase of books. 
Technical collection for students for whom a special department is provided. Open 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Museum contains Roman Antiquities and 
models of Lifeboats. 

SowERBY Bridge ( Tories. ) Public Library, Town Hall : J. Edward Ball, 
Librarian. Opened 1893. 3,600 volumes; annual circulation, 27,600. Annual in- 
come from penny rate and other sources £210. Open on week-days only. 

Stafford Free Public Library and Wragge Museum, Borough Hall, 
Eastgate street : Thomas Jackson, Librarian and Curator. Opened 1881. 
Number of volumes in Lending Department, 6,200 ; Reference Department, 2,000 ; 
annual circulation, 48,000. Supported by penny library rate and voluntary subscrip- 
tions. Annual income £280 of which £35 is expended in books. Open on week- 
nights from 6 to 9. The Museum contains the Wragge Collection of Foreign 
Curiosities and Weetman's Birds. 

Stalybridoe Public Free Library, Town Hall : Thomas Swain, Libra- 
rian. Est. 1889. Number of volumes. 12,000 ; annual circulation, 60,000. Annual 
income £350, derived from penny rate, £80 being expended in books. Open on 
week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Special collections :— Music, Cotton Spinning and 

' — 



Stockport {Cheshire) Public Free Library, Market place : J. D. Buck- 
land, Librarian. Opened 1875. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 14,672 ; 
Reference Department, 10,130; annual circulation, 06,000. Annual income from 
penny rate £1,170, affording about £200 for the purchase of books. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. A Museum in connection. 

Stockton-on-Tees Public Library : T. H. Wright, Librarian. Est. 1877. 
8,500 volumes ; annual issue, 67,000. Annual income from penny rate £645, afford- 
ing £140 for the purchase of books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Newsroom open on Sundays from 3 to 9 p.m., except June-September inclusive. 

Stoke-upon-Trent Public Libraries, London road: Alfred J. Caddie, 
Librarian. Opened 1875. Number of volumes in Central and one Branch Library, 
11,280 ; annual circulation, 50,000. About £400 annually is derived from penny rate. 
Collection of Staffordshire books. Open on week-days only fiom 9-30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Sunderland Public Library, Borough road : B. R. Hill, Librarian. 
Opened 1866. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 19.228 ; Reference De- 
partment, 2,000 ; annual circulation, 150,000. £1,000 annually derived from library 
rate, about £180 being expended in books. Local collections. Open on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. In connection is a Museum and Art Gallery, also sup- 
ported by the library rate. 

Tamworth {Staffs. ) Public Free Library and Reading Room : Frederick 
Hughes, librarian. Est. 1882. Open every week-night. 

Thornaby-on-Tbes Public Library : J. T. Williams, Librarian. Est. 
1892. About 3,600 volumes. Annual income from library rate £160. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Tipton {Staffs, ) Free Reading Rooms. No Library at present. 

ToDMORDEN PuBLic Free LIBRARY : Thomas SutcliflFe, Librarian. Opened 
1897. Lending Department contains 10,000 volumes ; Reference Department, 1,800 
volumes. Annual income from l^d. rate £500, about £350 being available for pur- 
chase of books. The Reference Library contains an unique ColHsction of Books on 
Tobacco, in various languages, about 200 volumes in all ; also fine Collection of 
Works on Art. Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

ToNBRiDOE {Kent) Free Public Library, 83, High street : George Press- 
nell, Librarian. Est. 1882. 4,742 volumes ; annual circulation, 14,187. Annual 
income from penny rate £150. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Tottenham {Middlesex) Public Library, 395, High road : Frederick John 
West, Librarian. Opened 1896. 8,068 volumes ; annua! circulation 69,736. Annual 
income from penny rate £1,100. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Truro {Cornwall) Free Public Library, Pydar street : William J. Martin, 
Librarian. Est. 1886. Number of volumes 5,000 ; annual circulation 24,000. The 

Senny rate yields about £170. Open on week-days from 8 a.m. to 9-46 p.m. Mr. 
. Passmore Edwards has presented a new Library Building to the town at a cost of 
£2,000. It was opened April 30th, 1896. 

TuNSTALL {Staffs,) Free Library : M. Flint, Librarian. Est. 1885. 3,680 
volumes ; annual issue 7,886. Income from penny rate £180. Open every week-iday. 

Twickenham {Middlesex) Free Public Library : Edwin Maynard, Libra- 
rian. Established 1882. Number of volumes, 11,930 ; annual issue, 50,000. The 
penn^ rate produces annually £390, about £60 of this being expenaed in books. 
Special collection : Editions of the works of Alexander Pope and books relating to 
him. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Newsroom 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Tynemouth {Northumberland) Public Free Library: George Tidey, 
Librarian. Est. 1870. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 24,412 ; Reference 
Department, 4,336 ; annual circulation, about 130,000. Annual income from library 
rate £789, of which £100 is expended in books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 10 p.m. 

Walsall {Staffs.) Free Library and Art Gallery, Goodall street: Alfred 
Morgan, Librarian. Opened 1859. Over 17,000 volumes in Central and one Branch 
Library ; annual circulation, 74,689. Income from l^d. rate £1,100. Open on week- 
days from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sundays from 2 to 9 p.m. 


Walthamstow {Essex) Public Libeary, High street : George W. Atkin- 
son, Librarian. Opened 1894. Number of volumes in Central and two Branch 
Libraries, 7,300 ; annual circulation, 62,344. Annual income from penny rate £736, 
about £100 being expended in books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; 
Sundays 5 to 9 p.m. 

Warrington Museum : Charles Madeley, Librarian. Est. 1848 (under 
Museums Act). Number of volumes in Lending Library, 13,000; Reference 
Library, including pamphlets, 17,000; annual circulation, 76,000. Supported by 
rate which brings in £1,080, about £125 is annually expended in books. Duiderata : 
Local books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9-80 p.m. The Museum has a 
good collection of Natural History Specimens, Local Antiquities, Seals, Tokens, &c. 

Warwick Free Public Library : Thomas Haynes, Librarian. Est. 1866. 
About 10,000 volumes ; annual issue, 24,495. Annual income from penny rate £220, 
about £30 being expended in books. Open on week-days only from 9 a. m. to 10 p.m. 

Waterloo-with-Sbaforth Free Library, Town Hall, Waterloo, near 
Liverpool : Edith Gertrude Taylor, Librarian. Opened 1898. Contains 1,400 vols. 
Annual income £200, derived from halfpenny rate. Open on week-days only from 
2 p.m. to 10 p.m. At present used onl^ as a Reference Library and Reading Room 
but shortly to become Lending Library in addition, when penny rate will be adopted. 

Watford (^cr^«.) Public Library, Queen's street: John Woolman, Libra- 
rian. Opened 1874. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 8.872 ; Reference 
Department, 4,368 ; annual circulation, 41,000. Annual income from rate £405. 
Gouection of Local and Technical books. Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. In connec- 
tion with the Library are carried on a School of Art and a School of Science and 
Literature, consisting of upwards of 30 classes. Both are aided by^ grant from the 
Urban District Council and the County Council under the Technical Instruction 
Act. There is also a School of Music, the onl;^ such corporate School of Music in 
connexion with a Public Library in Great Britain. 

Wednesbury Free Public Library, Walsall street : Thomas Stanley, 
Librarian. Est. 1878. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 7,985 ; and in 
Reference Department, 2,462; annual circulation, 62,083. Annual income from 
penny rate £326. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. A Subscription Library 
was established in 1889, membership £1 Is. per annum. 

West Bromwich Free Library : David Dickinson, Librarian. Est. 1870. 
Number of volumes in Lending Department, 11,969 ; Reference Department, 3,237 ; 
in three Branch Reading Rooms, 1,817 ; annual issue, 53,750. Annual income from 
penny rate £830. A collection of Staffordshire books. Open on week-days from 
10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Thursdays excepted). 

Weston-super-Mare {Somersetshire) Free Public Library, The Grove 
Park : Frank W. Coleman, Librarian. Opened 1890. About 4,500 volumes ; annual 
circulation, 32,222. Annual income from penny rate £330. Open on week-days 
only. There are two Branch Reading Rooms in connection. 

Whitehaven {Cumberland) Free Public Library, Queen street : John 
Simpson, Librarian. Est. 1888. Number of volumes, 6,218 ; annual circulation, 
about 30,000. Annual income from penny rate and other sources £350. about £80 of 
this being expended in books. Reading Room open every week-day from 8-30 a.m. 
to 10 p.m. 

WiGAN Free Public Library, Rodney street : Henry Tennyson Folkard, 
T.S.A., Librarian. Opened 1878. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 
13,500 ; Reference Department, 33,000 ; Juvenile Library, 800 ; annual circulation. 
Lending Department, 62,601 ; Reference Department, 20,526. Supported by two- 
pennv rate. Special collections of books : Mining and Engineering, Bibliography, 
Local and County Histories. French Literature, Freemasonry, with special Catalogue 
for each. De$iderata: Mining, Bibliography, Local History, &c. Open on week- 
days from 9-30 a.m. to 9-30 p.m.; Sundays from 2 to 9 p.m. The Reference Library 
is an especially valuable one, £12,000 having been given b^ a Wigan gentleman, to 
be expended on its books. All the ^at County Histories are present^ many of 
them large mzper. The Mining collection is the largest known. An extension of the 
library in the shape of a second Reawiing Room forming an annexe to the Newsroom, 
was opened in 1892. It contains a specially selected reference library of 500 volumes. 
The Powell Boys' Reading Room, and Juvenile Library, presented by Sir F. S. 
Powell, Bart., ic.p., was opened in 1896. 


WiDNES {Lanes.) Free Public Library, Victoria road : Anne J. Proctor, 
Librarian. Opened 1886. Number of volumes in Central and one Branch Library, 
8,626 ; annual circulation, 73,483. Annual income from i>enny rate, £580, allowing 
£200 for purchase of books. Open on week-days only from 9-30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

WiLLENHALL (iS^ajfa. ) Free Library, Upper Lichfield street. Est. 1874. 
R. W. Stockham, Librarian. Number of volumes, 4,000. Annual circulation about 
4,000. Supported by penny rate and profits on Public Hall. Open on week days 
from 6 to 8-30 p.m., Fridays excepted. Saturdays 6-30 to 9 p.m. 

Wimbledon (Surrey) Free Library, Hill road : Henry William Bull, 
Librarian. Est. 1886. About 12,000 volumes ; annual circulation, 85,000. Annual 
income from penny rate £916, about £100 being expended in books. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. ; Sundays 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Winchester (City of) Free Library, High street : John Thomas Burchett, 
librarian. E^t. 1861. Contains 6,177 volumes, with an annual circulation of 36,000. 
Penny rate produces £878. Open on week-days only from 9-30 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

WiNSFORD (Cheshire) Free Public Library, High street : Wm. Kissock, 
Librarian. Opened 1888. Over 5,000 volumes ; annual circulation, 30,000. Annual 
income from penny rate £197. Open on week-d^ys from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

Wolverhampton Free Library, Garrick street : John Elliot, f.r.hist.s.. 
Librarian. Opened 1869. Lending Department contains 28,669, and Reference De- 
partment 7,327 volumes ; annual circulation, 98,320. Annual income from penny 
rate £1,494, of this £100 is spent in books. Collection of Staffordshire books. Open 
on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. There is a Museum in connection containing 
local geological specimens ; an Art Gallery, in Lichfield Street, containins; the costly 
Cart Wright Collection of Pictures and Drawings (A. C. C. Jahn, Curator) ; and also 
a Science and Technical School, with 1,200 students attending. 

WooLWiOH (Kent). — Library in course of formation. 

WooLTON (near Liverpool).— Much Woolton Free Library, Village Club, 
Allerton road : Alfred James Aldred, Librarian. Opened 1890. 2,140 volumes. 
Annual income from rate £70, affording £30 for purchase of books. Open on week- 
days only. 

Worcester Public Library, " Hastings " Museum, and Art Gallery, 
Victoria Institute : Thomas Duckworth, Librarian and Secretary. Est. 1881, and 
merged into Victoria Institute 1896. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 
17,000 ; Reference Department, 13,500 ; annual circulation, 90,000. Yearly income 
from library rate and other sources £874, affording £200 for purchase of books. 
Collection of Worcestershire and Natural History books. Desiderata .- Worcester- 
shire Books, Pamphlets, Documents. Deeds, Maps, Portraits^ Views, &c. Open on 
week-davs from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Museum contains a miscellaneous collection 
illustrating the antiquities and natural history of the county. 

Workington (Cumberland) Free Public Library, Pow street : J. W. C. 
Purves, Librarian. Opened 1891. About 5,100 volumes ; annuaJ circulation 40,000. 
Annual income from penny rate £275, about £40 being expended in books. Deti- 
derata ; Engineering Works. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Worksop Free Public Library, Market place : H. Wortley Latham, 
Librarian. Number of volumes, 2,106. Income from penny rate £205, allowing £70 
for purchase of books. Open on week-days from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

Worthing (Sussex) Public Library : Miss Frost, Librarian. Opened 


Yarmouth (Great) Free Library, Middlegate street : William Carter, 
Librarian. Est. 1886. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 9,666 ; Refer- 
ence Department, 8,360 ; Branch Library, 885 ; Juvenile Library, 1,247 ; total annual 
circulation, 129,166. The penny library rate brings in £860 per annum, about £100 
of this being expended in books. Collections of Norfolk and Suffolk books. Works 
on Fish, Fisheries, and Fishing, Yacht and Boat Building, Fine Arts, Ac. Open on 
week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is a Museum, chiefly Archaeological, in 

York Public Library : Arthur H. Furnish, Librarian. Opened 1893. 
Lending Department contains 13,433 volumes ; Reference Department, 4,308 volumes; 
annual circulation, 149,626. Supported by i>enny rate. Open on week-days only 
from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. There are also Two Schools of Art, a Technical School, and 
an Art Gallery in connection. 

'■ m 



The Public Libraries* Acts have been adopted in the folloiving places, but 
there are no returns respecting the actviU estahlishment of Libraries. 

Bolton Percy ( Yorks. ) 1895 

Bow, K 1895 

Burwell (Cambs.) 1895 

Bury St. Edmunds 1895 

Halton {Tories,) 1895 

KAyle (Cornwall) i 1896 

Hornsey ( Middlesex) 1 896 

Mr. Thomas Johnston, Chief Librarian 
and Secretary, at the Office of the 
Homsey Uroan District Council, 
Southwood Lane, Highgate, ir. 

Ibatock {Leics.) 1895 

Dford {Essex) 1892 

Leadgate {Durham) 1896 

Liskeard ( Gomwall) 1895 

Morley( rorA».) 1892 

Pleasley ( Derbyshire) 1 895 

St. Ives {Cornwall) 1895 

A new Libranr building is to be erected, 
the gift of Mr. Passmore Edwards. 

Sheepshed {Leics.) 1896 

Shouldham (-Ybr/o^ifc) 1895 

Teddington {Middlesex) 1896 

Trimdon {Durham) 1895 

Water Eaton (5t«;A».) 1896 


Belfast Free Public Library, Royal avenue : George H. Elliott, Libra- 
rian. Est. 1888. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 17,800 ; Reference 
Department, 17,900 ; annual issue, 249,644. Annual income from penny rate £4,200. 
Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Museum in connection contains the 
" Grainger " collection of Natural History objects. Art objects on loan from South 
Kensin^n Museum, bronzes, woodwork, pictures, &c. 

CoLERAiNE Library, Town Hall : James Henry, Librarian. Est. 1830. 
About 5,000 works. Annual income from subscriptions £70, allowing £35 for the 
purchase of books. Open to members onlv. The Library Acts were adopted, but 
the community is too small to provide for the maintenance of a free library. 

Cork Public Library, Nelson's place : James Wilkinson, Librarian. 
Opened 1892. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 4,844 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 1,792 ; annual circulation. 78,735. Supported by three-farthings rate producing 
£450 per annum, £90 of this being expended in books. Open on week-days from 9 
a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Dublin. — National Library of Ireland, Kildare street : Thomas William 
Lvster, m.a., Librarian. Formed in 1887 by taking over and re-organising the 
Library of the Boyal Dublin Society. Number of volumes 130,000. Annual income 
from State grant about £4,500, of which £1,300 is available for jpurchase of books. 
Special collections : Books on Irish Topography and History. Open on week-days 
only from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Dublin (City of) Public Library, 106, Capel street: Patrick Grogan, 
Librarian. Est. 1884. About 6,000 volumes ; annual circulation, 50,000. i Income 
from Borough Fund £500. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10-80 p.m.; Sundays, 
1 to 9 p.m. 

DuNDALK Free Public Library, Town Hall : T. Comerford, Librarian. 
Opened 1858. Number of volumes, 8,000 ; annual circulation^ 16,000. Annual in- 
come from library rate and subscriptions £130, of which £30 is expended in books. 
Collection of Local Histories and rare books of Irish antiquarian research. Open 
on week-nights only from 6 to 10. The first town in Ireland to adopt the I^e 
Libraries' Acts. 

Kingstown Public Library, Royal Marine-rd. : E. Darlington Brownell, 
Librarian. Opened 1884. Supported by rates. Open on week-days only from 10 to 10 p.m. 

Limerick Free Public Library, Lower Glentworth street. : John Hogan, 
Librarian. Reference Department opened 1893 ; Lending Department, 1896. Num- 
ber of volumes in Lending Department, 3,500 ; Reference Department. 500. Annual 
income from penny rate £270, of which £90 is spent in the purchase oi books. Open 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays (during Winter months) 2 p.m. 
to 7 p.m. 

Londonderry. — The Town Council has adopted the Public Libraries' 
(Ireland) Acts. 


LuROAN Free Library : William White, Hon. Sec. Opened 1895. Annual 
income from penny rate £90, allowing £26 for purchase of books. Open on week- 
days only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. A Museum in connection. 

Nbnaoh {Tippera/ry) Public Library, Town Hall: Frank R. Maloney, 
Librarian. Opened 1897. Contains 1,100 volumes. Supported by rate. Collection 
of Public Records. Open on week-days from 2 to 4 p.m. 

Newry. — Free Public Library, Minor Town Hall : Edith Armour, 
Librarian. Opened 1897. 5,500 volumes. Annual income from rate £124, about 
£40 being expended in books. Special collections : Irish Parliamentary Statutes, 
1769-94; Irish Newspapers, 1790-1863. Open on week-days only from 11 to 12 
and 7 to 9. 

Newtown ARDS {Co, Down) : Acts adopted 1895. Library not yet organised. 

Bathmines and Rathoar Public Library, Rathmines (Co. Dublin) : 
John J. Loton. Librarian. Est. 1887. Number of volumes, 5,000. Supported by 
rate of three farthings in the pound. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Slioo Free Public Library : David Saultry, Librarian. Est. 1880. 
Reference Library of 1,000 volumes. No Lending Department. Open on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 2 to 7 p.m. 

Waterford Public Free Library, Adelphi terrace : John J. Morrin, 
Librarian. Opened 1897. Contains 3,000 volumes : annual circulation 16,000. In- 
come from penny rate £200, allowing £40 annually for purchase of books. Open on 
week-days only from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 1 to 6 p.m. A Museum is being 
formed in connection. 


Aberdeen Free Public Library: Alex. W. Robertson, m.a., Librarian. 
Established 1884. Number of volumes in LendingDepartment, 24,000 ; Reference 
Department, 22,000 ; annual circulation, 268,105. The library rate produces £2,184 
per annum, about £600 of this being expended in books. Reading Room open on 
week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Airdrie Free Public Library *. John Gardiner, Librarian. Est. 1856. 
Number of volumes, 10,500 ; annual circulation, 46,709. Annual income from public 
rate £249, about £30 being expended in books. Open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 
9 p.m. There Is a Museum in connection with the Library, and a good Observatory 
with Telescope. 

Alloa Public Library, Marr's Hill : John Simpson, Librarian. Est. 1889. 
8,300 volumes and a Boys' Library of 900 volumes. Annual income from penny rate 
£297, affording £25 for the purchase of literature. Open every week-day. 

Arbroath Public Library, Hill terrace : Jas. Craigie, Librarian. Opened 
1898. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 14,000 ; Reference Department, 
6,000. Suppoited by penn^ library rate realising £330 per annum. Open on week- 
days only. The librarv buildings have been presented to the town by David Corsar, 
Esq., of The Elms, Arbroath. The books (about 1,600 volumes) belonging to the 
Arbroath Subscription Library, established m 1797, were handed over by the share- 
holders to the Public Library Committee. The Committee are also in receipt of a 
donation of £1,000 from Andrew Carnegie, Esq., of Pittsburg. 

Ayr. — Carnegie Public Library : G. B. Phillips, Librarian. Est. 1893. 
Number of volumes, 17,600. Annual income from penny rate, £600, about £100 being 
available for purchase of books. Open on week-davs from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Mr. 
Carnegie gave £10,000 to the library, and a splendid building has been erected. 

Brechin Public Library, St. Ninian square : John S. McAUey, Librarian. 
About 8,000 volumes. Annual income from rate and endowment about £170. 

Crieff. — Taylor's Trust Free Library and Reading Boom, Mason's Hall, 
Comrie street : John McDiarmid, Librarian. Opened 1890. 4,470 volumes ; annual 
circulation 22,000. About £60 annually is expended in books. Collection of Local 
works. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Drumoak {Aberdeenshire) Public Library : James Burnett, Librarian. 
Opened 1894. Rate supported. Open on Tuesdays only from 7 to 9 p.m. 

Dumbarton Free Public Library : Archd. Macdonald, Librarian. Est. 
1881. Number of volumes, 5,600 ; annual circulation, 19,000. Annual income from 
penny rate £230, about £30 being spent in books. Open every week-day from 10 to 
2, and from 5 to 10. 

Dundee. — The Albert lostitute Free Library, Museum, and Art Gallery : 
John Maclauchlan, Chief Librarian, Curator, and Secretary. Est. 1869. Number 
of volumes in Lending Department, 46,247 ; Reference Department, 20,901 ; Branch 
Library, 6,400 ; annual circulation, 294,554. Annual income from penny rate, £3018, 
about £871 of which is expended in books. The Library possesses a large collection 
of Old Scotch Music, including some unique editions. Open on week-days from 
9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Thursday, closes at 2. Art Department : A veiy large and fine 
collection of reproductions of Ancient Art — Sculpture, Metal, &c. Natural History 
Department : A large collection representing the Arctic Fauna. A large collection 
of modem Pictures b^r distinguished artists, acquired free, mostly as gifts from 
members of the Committee. There is also in a new suite of handsome Qeilleries, an 
annual exhibition (picture month) of contemporary Art. One year the sales were 
£8,700, and the average sales per annum are over £5,000. 

Dunfermline. — Carnegie Free Library, Abbot street : Alexander Peebles, 
Librarian. Est. 1883. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 12,817 ; Refer- 
ence Department, 2,770 ; Boys' Library, 1,000 ; annual circulation, 12,817. Annual 
income £360 from penny rate, assisted by Andrew Carnegie, Esq., £80 being expended 
in books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 6 to 9 p.m. Closes on 
Wednesdays at 2 p.m. 

Edinburgh Public Library, George IV. Bridge : Hew Morrison, Libra- 
rian. Opened 1890. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 55,727 ; Reference 
Department, 41,105 ; Boys' Library, 7,000 ; two Brancn Libraries, 11,169 ; annual 
circulation, 644,600. Annual income from rates £8,000, affording £2,500 for purchase 
of books. Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Elgin Public Library, Town Hall : Miss Isabella Mitchell, Librarian. 
Opened 1892. Number of volumes, 6,100 ; annual circulation^ 44,000. Annual 
income from rates £150. Desiderata: Local Books, and Ancient and Modem 
Classics. Open on week-days only from 10 a. m. to 10 p.m. 

Falkirk Public Library : George Chapman, Librarian. Opened 1896. 
Contains 6,540 volumes, with an annual circulation of 22,000 . The penny rate pro- 
duces about £280 per annum. Open on week-days only. 

Forfar Free Library : Miss M. Milne, Librarian. Est. 1870. Number 
of volumes, 12,500 ; annual issue, 20,000. About £150 is raised by the penny rate, 
£50 of which is expended in books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Galashiels Free Public Library. — Opened 1874. About 8,000 volumes. 
Supported by penny rate. 

Glasgow. — Baillie's Institution Free Library, 48, Miller street : William 
Simpson, Librarian. Founded by the late Mr. George Baillie in 1863, and opened 
in 1887. Is a Beference Library only, containing 15,000 vols.; annual issue 60,000. 
Annual income from endowment, about £1,300, about £300 being spent in books, 
binding, &c. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Glasgow. — Stirling's & Glasgow Public Library, 48, Miller-st. : W. J. S, 
Paterson, Librarian. Est. 1791. Over 50,000 vols. ; annual circulation, 139,879. 
Annual income from subscriptions and rents £935, affording £220 for the purchase of 
books. Possesses a full set of the publications of the Patent Office from 1617 to 
date ; also a full set of the Trade Marks Journal. Reference Department free to 
all. Lending Department to subscribers only. Open week-days 10 to 10. 

Glasgow. — The Mitchell Library, 21, Miller street : F. T. Barrett, Libra- 
rian. Opened 1877. 125,000 volumes for Reference only ; annual circulation, about 
500,000. Supported by Trust Fund, supplemented by grants from Town Council, 
and producing £3,300 per annum, of this £1,000 is available for purchase of books, 
periodicals, and binaing. Special collections : Glasgow books, early Glasgow 
Printing, Bums, Scottish Poetry generally. Covenanting. No Newsroom. The 
largest library in Scotland to which the general public have a right to free access. 
Over 2,000 readers daily. The Public Libraries' Act has not yet been adopted. 


Gbanoemouth. — Victoria Public Library, Boneas road : William C. Dibbs, 
Librarian. Opened 1889. About 2,800 volumes ; annual circulation, 12,000. Annual 
income from rates £230, about £40 being arailable for purchase of books. Open from 
7 to 9 p.m. daily, Sundays excepted. 

Hawick Public Library : George S. S. McNairn, Librarian. Est. 1879. 
10,000 volumes ; annual income from penny rate £270. Open on week-days only. 

Inverness Public Library and Reading Room, Castle Wynd : S. F. 
Donaldson, Librarian. Est. 1883. Number of volumes, 8,600 ; annual circulation, 
22,000. Annual income from rate £340, affording about £97 for the purchase of 
books. Open from 1 to 3 p.m., and 7 to 9 p.m.; Saturdays, 3 to 7 p.m. In connec- 
tion is a Museum of Antiquarian and Geological specimens. 

Jedburgh Public Library, High street : John Rutherford, Librarian. 
Opened 1894. Number of volumes 3,814. Annual income from rates and invest- 
ments £70, of which £16 is expended in books. Open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and 
Thursdays from 6 to 8 ; Saturday, from 2 to 5 p.m. 

Kilmarnock Free Library, Elmbank, London road:.H. Y. Simpson, 
Librarian. Opened 1895. Number of volumes, 16,474 ; annual circulation, 63,057. 
Annual income from rate and bequest £494 10s., affording £90 for purchase of books. 
Open on week-days from 12 to 9 p.m 

Kirkwall Free Library, Municipal Buildings : L Sommerville, Librarian. 
Est. 1890. About 4,000 volumes. Annual income from rate and investments £65. 
Open on week-days. 

Newburqh {Fi/eahire). — Laing Institute and Free Library, High street. 

Paisley Public Library and Museum, High street : John Renfrew^, 
Librarian. Opened 1871 Number of volumes in Lending Department, 19,000 ; 
Reference Department, 10,000 ; annual circulation, 72,000. Annual income from 
penny rate £1,172, about £170 being available for the purchase of books. Open on 
week-days only from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Perth. — Sandeman Public Library : John Minto, M.A., Librarian. Sup- 
ported by endowment and rates. 

Peterhead Free Library : D. Scott, Librarian. 

Selkirk Public Library, Ettrick terrace : Mrs. Agnes Scott, Librarian. 
Est 1889. Number ot volumes, 5,274 ; annual issue, 13,168. The penny rate realises 
£105, about £20 being spent in books. Open on week-days only. 

Stirling. — MacFarlane Free Library and Museum, Smith Institute, Dum- 
barton road : James Sword, Librarian. 

Tarvbs Free Public Library : John Young, Librarian. Act adopted 
1883. One Branch Library. Number of volumes, 3,700. The library rate produces 
£30, about £20 of this being spent in books. Tarves is a purely rural parish, the 
population being only about 2,400. 

Thurso Free Public Library, Town Hall: Henry Manson, Librarian. 
Est. 1872. About 6,000 volumes ; annual issue, 13,762. Annual income from pennv 
rate, £42, aUowina; £10 for purchase of books. Open on week-days only. A 
Museum in connection contains Robert Dick's Botani(»J collection and some Anti- 
quarian remains. 

Wick Parish Free Public Library, Union street : Geo. Bain, Librarian. 
Est. 1887. Number of volumes in Lending Department, 6,240 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 1,560 ; annual circulation, 23,700. The pennv rate produces £180, about £30 
being annually expended in books. Open on week-days from 10 to 4, and from 6 to 8. 
New library premises have been erected at a cost of £5,000, Mr. Andrew Carnegie 
being the principal donor. This library occupies a peculiar position as the area of 
assessment embraces the Royal Burgh of Wick, the Pulteney Town Commission, 
and the Landward portion of the parish of Wick. A Museum and Art Qallery is 
in course of formation. 

TJie Pvhlic Libraries' Acts were adopted ai Campbeltown (Argyleshire)^ 

1896; Kirkcaldy, 1895; Kirhmichael (Bavffehire), 1895. 

No returrisfrom these pla>ces. 



Aberystwyth Public Library : Mary A. Jenkins, Librarian. Est. 1872. 
Number of yolumes, 3,539 ; annual issue, 23,000. Annual income from penny rate 
£100. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 1, and from 6 to 9 p.m. 

Bangor. — Jones Free Museum and Library, High street : Peter Williams, 
Librarian. Est. 1871. 1,600 volumes ; annual circulation, 2,157. Open on week- 
days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Barry AND Cadoxton {near Cardiff) Public Library, Holton road, Barry: 
J. M. Davies, Librarian. Est. 1892. Number of volumes, 3,074 ; annual circulation, 
18,962. Annual income from penny rate £517, about £150 being available for the 
purchase of books. Open every week-day. 

Blaenau Festiniog [Merionethshire), — Free Public Library. 

Cardiff Free Libraries, Trinity street : John Ballinger, Librarian. 
Opened 1862. Number of volumes in Central Lending Department and six Branch 
Libraries, 27,500 ; Boys' Library, 2,000 volumes ; annual circulation, 260,600. The 
Reference Department contains 33,000 Printed Books and MSS. Annual income 
from penny rate £4,000, affording £800 for the purchase of books. Collections : 
Printed Books and MSS. in Welsh and relating to Wales, Local Topographical 
Prints and Photographs ; also Works on Iron and Steel, Mining, Shipping, and 
Engineering. Desiderata : Books and MSS. in Welsh or relating to Wales. Open 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The special feature of the Reference Librarv 
is the collection of nearly 2,000 Manuscripts relating to Wales, including the Welsh 
portion of the MSS. collected by the late Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart. 

Carnarvon Free Library : Mrs. G. K. A. Thomas, Librarian. Est. 1887. 
Number of volumes, 2,050. Lending Department opened December 1st, 1892. Annual 
income from penny rate £110, about £50 being expended in books and newspapers. 
Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

CoRWEN [Merionethshire) Public Library, Market Buildings : Thos. War- 
burton, Librarian. Sustained by library rate. Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. 
to 10 p.m. 

Halkin [Flintshive) : Acts adopted 1896. Library not yet in operation. 

Holyhead : Mair Griffiths, Librarian. Opened 1896. 

Newport [Moji.) : James Matthews, Librarian. Opened 1871. The 
Lending Library contains over 21,000 volumes, and the Reference Library 15,000. 

Penarth Free Library, Arcot street : Miss K. E. Jones, Librarian. 
Opened 1896. About 2,200 volumes. Annual income from rate £300, affording £160 
for purchase of books. Open on week-days only from 6 to 9 p.m. 

Pontypridd Free Public Library : Geo. Hughes, Librarian. Est. 1887. 
8,150 volumes ; annual circulation, 12,000. Annual income from penny rate £350. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. A Museum is in contemplation. 

Swansea Public Library and Art Gallery, Alexander road: S. E. 
Thompson, Librarian. Opened 1875. Number of volumes in Central Lending and 
four Branch Libraries, 13,000 ; Reference Department, 24,500 ; Boys' Library, 750 ; 
annual circulation, 199,336. Income derived from library rate, and an additional 
penny under Local Act, £2,235, affording £200 annually for the purchase of books. 
The library is rich in Welsh and Local Literature (about 3,000 volumes). Open on 
week-days from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. The Art Gallery has a collection of 2,500 
Drawings and Engravings presented by Mr. J. Deffett Francis. The Art School, in 
connection, with its splendid collection of casts, is considered one of the most com- 
plete in the kingdom. 

Welshpool Free Library, Church Bank, Salop road : C. H. Jones, 
Librarian. Number of volumes, 6^000 ; annual circulation 12,000. Annual income 
from halfpenny rate £82, affordmg £20 for the purchase of books. Open every 

Wrexham Free Public Library, Chester street : Richard Gough, Lib- 
rarian. Opened 1879. Number of volumes, 5,872 ; annual circulation, 28,000. 
Annual income from penny rate and subscriptions £287, allowing about £50 for 
purchase of books. Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 



public Xibraries* 



Abbravon. — Victoria Institute. 
Aberayron (Cardiganshire). — 

Aberayron Library. 
Abercarne. — Library and Reading 

Aberdeen. — Advocates' Library. 
Opened 1788. About 8,000 volumes. 

Anderson Library, Woodside. 
Opened 1883. 10,000 volumes 

Episcopal Church Diocesan Library. 
Opened 1805. 

Free Church College Library. 
Opened 1844. 17,000 volumes. 

Medico-Chirurgical Society. Opened 
1789. 6,000 volumes. 

Robert Gordon's College Library. 

University of Aberdeen, King's Col- 
lege: P. J. Anderson, ]i.A., ll.b., Libra- 
rian. Opened 1532. Number of volumes 
in Central Lending Department, 40,000 ; 
Reference Department, 60,000 ; Branch 
Library, in Marischal College, 20,000. 
Annual income from Government grant 
and general funds of University £1,245, 
about £750 being available for purchase 
of books. Specied collections : Masson 
Library of Celtic Literature ; Wilson 
Library of Classical Archseology. De- 
niderata : Books written or edited by 
alumni of the University : and Books 
relating to, or printed in the North of 
Scotland. Open on week-days only from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Reference De- 
partment is free to the public, and 
admission to the Lending Department 
may be obtained by applying to the 
Library Committee. 
Aberdovey {Merionethshire). — 

Aberdovey Literary Institute. 

Aberfoyle [Perthshire). — Library 
and Reading Room. 

Abbrystwith. — University College. 

AcCRiNGTON.— Free Library for the 
Blind, Corporation Chambers : John 
Ingham, Librarian. Supported bv volun- 
tary subscriptions. About £10 is annu- 
ally expended in books. Collection of 
Standard Works in Braille type. Open 
every week-day. 
Free Library, Nat. School, Church 
street : J. Buchanan, Librarian. Est. 
1858. About 730 volumes. Instituted 
for the use and benefit of the working- 
men of Accrington. 
Industrial Society Library. 
Mechanics' Institute. 

AiRLiE {N.B.) — Public Library. 

Aldershot. — Prince Consort's Lib- 
rary, South Camp. 
Royal Victoria Library. 

Alexandria {N.B.) — Mechanics' In- 

Alnwick. — Scientific and Mechanics' 

Alyth {N. B. )— Loyal Public Library. 

Ambleside. — Ruskin Library and 
Book Club. 

Andover {Hants. ) — Library, Reading 
Room and Institute, Bridge street. 

Armagh. — Lib. of Cathedral Church 
of St. Patrick 
Public Library. 19,000 volumes. 

Arnold {Notts.) — Church Free Lib. 

Arundel. — Reading Society. 

Ascot. — Duming Library. 

AsHBURTON {Devonshire). — Subscrip- 
tion Library, East street. 

AsHBURY {Berks. ) — Public Reading 
Room and Library. 

AsHTON - UNDER - Lyne. — Mechanics' 
Co-operative Society Library. 

AucHiNLECK (^y.^.)— Public Library. 

Auchterarder {N.B.). — Smeaton 
Library and Institute. 

Aylesbury {Bucks. ) — Architectural 
and Archaeological Society, Church-st.: 
J. L. Myers, Hon. Librarian. 
Kingsbury Mechanics' Institute. 

Bacuf. — Co-operative Store Library, 
Rochdale road : J. L. Wolfenden, Lib- 
rarian. Opened 1864. Five Branch 
Newsrooms. Number of volumes in 
Lending Department, 18,613 ; Reference 
Department. 1,000.' The grant of 2^ per 
cent, of pronts realises £250, about £120 
annually being expended in books. 
Open to members on week-nights only. 
Mechanics' Institute. 

Bala. — Welsh Calvinistic College 
Library : Rev. J. T. Alun Jones, Libm. 

Banbury. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Banchory {Aberdeen) Public Library 

Banff. — Literary Soc, Town House. 

Bangor {N. PTa/ea).— Cathedral Lib. 
Science & Art Institute. 

Barnsley. — British Co-operative 
Society Library. 9,000 volumes. 
Harvey Institute. 



Barnstaple. — N. Devon Athenaeum. 

Basingstoke. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Bath. — Guildhall Library. 
People's Club and Institute. 
Royal Literary and Scientific Inst. 

Bathgate (-y.jB.)-Bathgate Institute 

Batlby. — Co-operative Library. 

Becgles {Suffolk). — Subscription Lib., 
New Market place : Miss Candler, Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1835. Upwards of 8,000 
volumes. Annual income from subscrip- 
tions £100, about £25 being spent m 
books. Open every week-day. 

Bedford. — Lit. & Scientific Institute 
and Qcneral Library : William Davis, 
Librarian. Est. 1832. Number of vols. 
16,000. Annual income from members' 
subscriptions £879, of which about £150 
is expended in books. Open to mem- 
bers every week-day from 11 a.m. to 
9-30 p.m. 
Working Men's Inst. , Harpur st. 

Belfast. — Belfast Library & Society 
for Promoting Knowledge (Linen Hall 
Library): George Smith, Librarian. Est. 
1788. 40,000 volumes. About £700 is 
annuaUy expended in books. Collection 
of earl^ Belfast printed books and 
" Ulstenana." Open on week-days from 
9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The oldest Library in 
Ulster, now under Educational Endow- 
ments (Ireland) Act, 1885 

Northern Law Club Library. 

Queen's College Library : A. L. 
Meissner, Librarian. About 55,000 vols. 
Supported by an annual Parliamentary 
grant of £600. Open on week-days 
during the session from 10 to 3. Free 
to members and graduates. 

Theological Library, Rosemary-st. 

Working Men's Institute. 
Berkhampstbad. — Mechanics' Inst. 

Working Men's College. 
BiOGAR {N.B,) — Public Library. 

Biggleswade ( Beds. ) — Biggleswade 

Birkenhead. -Literary and Scientific 
Society. 4,000 volumes. 

Birmingham. — Exchange Library. 
Friends' Library. 

Mason College Library : William 
H. Cope, Librarian. Est. 1880. Contains 
upwards of 25,000 vols. About £225 is 
annually spent in books. Possesses the 
Hensleigh Wedgwood Collection, pre- 
sented by Miss Julia Wedgwood, of 800 
vols., chiefly Philological, Dictionaries, 
Glossaries, &c. The Medical Faculty 
of Queen's College was amalgamated 
with the Mason College in 1892. Open 
to students, teaching-staff, <fec., on week- 
days from 9 sum. to 6 p.m. The library 
is particularly strong m complete sets of 
scientific and other periodicals. 

King Edward Grammar School. 

Law Society Library. 

Medical Library and Institute. 

Midland Institute. 

Oscott College Library. 36,000 vols. 

Queen's College Library. 

The Birmingham Library, Union 
street : Charles Edward Scarse, Librar- 
ian. Est. 1779. About 60,000 volumes. 
Collections : County Histories ; Audu- 
bon's "Birds of America;" and other 
illustrated Works of Natural History. 
Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 8 

£,m. A Proprietary or Subscription 
ibrary. The Proprietors or Snare- 
holders are the representatives of the 
original founders. There are upwards 
of 2,000 proprietors and subscribers — the 
leading men of Birmingham and district. 
The Oratory Library, Edgbaston. 
Blackburn. — Stony hurst Coll. Lib. 

(60,000 volumes). 
Blackley. — Co-operative Library. 
Blackpool. — Industrial Co-operative 

Society Library. 
Blaenavon ( Wales). — Library & Inst. 
Blairgowrie (N.B.) — Mechanics' 

Blaydon {Durham). — Co-operative 

Blyth. — Mechanics' Institute. 
Bodmin {Gomxoall). — Literary Insti- 
tution, Crinnick's lane. 
Bolton. — Co-operative Society Lib. 

Mechanics' Institute. 
Bradford {Yorks.) — Airedale (now 
United) College (Independent) Library. 
Church Institute. 

Historical & Antiquarian Society: 

Thomas Scorah, Librarian. Est. 1878. 

Contains works of an historical and 

antiquarian nature. 

Historical and Antiquarian Society 


Library and Literary Society, 34a, 
Darley street : Miss Rhodes, Librarian. 
Est. 1774. About 31,000 volumes. Open 
to members on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 6-30 p.m. ; Saturdays, 9 to 2. 
Mechanics' Institute. 
Philosophical Society. 
Rawdou Baptist College Library. 
Yorkshire United Independent Col- 
lege. 10,000 volumes. 
Braemar {N.B.) — Public Library. 
Braintree and Bogkinq. — Literary 

and Mechanics' Institute. 
Brechin. — Diocesan Library of the 
Episcopal Church of Scotland. Libra- 
rian : The Incumbent of Brechin. 
Bridgnorth. — Literary Institute. 
Briohouse. — Mechanics' Institute. 




Brighton. — Young Men's Christian 

Association Library. 
Bristol. — Baptist College Library. 

Cathedral Library. 

Incorporated Law Society Library, 
Assize Courts, Small street : James 
John Thomas, Librarian. Est. 1819. 
About 7,000 volumes. Supported by 
subscriptions from members of the legal 
profession. Annual income about £447, 
of which about £156 is expended in 
books and binding. Open on week-days 
from 10 to 5 ; Saturday, closes at 2. One 
of the most complete Law Libraries out 
of London. 

Medical Library, University Col- 
lege : L. M. Griffiths, ic.b.c.8., Hon. 
Librarian. Opened 1898. Number of 
volumes 16,000. Desiderata: Periodicals 
to make up sets, lists of wants on appli- 
cation. Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
on week-days only. This library is 
formed by the amalgamation of the 
Libraries of the Faculty of Medicine of 
University College, the Bristol Royal 
Infirmary, the Bristol General Hospital, 
and the Bristol Medico - Chirurgical 
Society. The Library is mainly a Refer- 
ence one. 

Merchant Venturers' Technical Coll. 

Postmen's Library & Reading Room. 

University College Library. 
Bromsgrove. — Literary Listitute. 

Brouohty-Ferry {N.B.) — Corbet 

Buckie (.^.5.)— Public Library. 

BuRNHAM {Soma.) — Free Library. 

Burnley. — Co-operative Society Lib. 
6,000 volumes. 
Literary Institute. 
Mechanics' Institution, Yorke-st.: 
Thomas Hartley, Librarian. Opened 
18S4. Number of vols. 19,600 ; annual 
circulation 46,000. Annual income from 
subscriptions £285, about £86 being 
spent in books. Open every week-day 
from 10 a.m. to 8-SO p.m. 

Burntisland {N.B.) — Mechanics' 

BuRSLEM. — Wedgwood Memorial In- 
stitute. 7,500 volumes. 

Burton-on-Trent. -Burton Listitute. 

Bury (Lanc«.) -Co-operative Society. 

15,000 volumes. 
Bury St. Edmunds. — Athenaeum. 

25,000 volumes. 
BuTTERSTONE, (^. 5. )-Public Library 
Calne ( Wilts. ) — Literary Institute. 
Camborne. — Library of the Mining 

Association and Institute of Cornwall 

Mining School. 
Cambridge. — Christ's College Library 

18,000 volumes. 
Clare College Library. 7,600 vols. 

Cambridge — continued. 

Corpus Christi College Library. 

7,000 volumes. 
Downing College College Library. 

4,000 volumes. 
Emmanuel College Library. 22,000 

Fitzwilliam Museum Library. 

10,000 volumes. 
Girton College Library : Miss Jones, 

Gonville and Caius College Library. 

15,000 volumes. 
Jesus College Library. 10,000 vols. 

King's College Library. 25,000 vols. 

Magdalene College Library. 5,500 

Newnham College Library. 8,000 

Pembroke College Library. 15,000 

Peterhouse College Library. 8,700 

Philosophical Library. 12,000 vols. 

Queen's College Library. 30,000 

Ridley Hall Carr Library. 4,000 

Selwyn College Library. 

Sidney Sussex College Library. 
5,000 volumes. 

St. Catherine's College Library. 
13,000 volumes. 

St. John's College Library. 60,000 
volumes. 1,000 MSS. 23,000 Pamphlets. 

Taylor Library. 2,000 volumes. 

Trinity College Lil3rary : Rev. R. 
Sinker, n.n.. Librarian. The Library 
is coeval with the College, which dates 
from 1546. Contains over 80,000 vols, 
and 1,910 MSS., and is specially rich in 
Bibliography and Theology; very fine 
collections also of Aldines, Elzevirs, 
and early quarto and folio editions of 
Shakespeare's Works. Open on week- 
days from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to all mem- 
bers of the College ; to others, when 
satisfactorily introduced, special per- 
mission may be given. 

Trinity Hall Library. 7,000 vols. 

Union Society's Library. 24,000 

University Library (500,000 vols.) 

Canterbury. — Dean k Chapter Lib. 
About 9,900 volumes, 110 MS. volumes, 
and 7,000 documents. 
St. Augustine's College Library: 
Rev. Watkin Wynn Williams, ic.a.. 
Librarian. Est. 1848. About 15,000 vols. 
Cardiff. — County Library. 
Law Library. 



Cardiff — continued. 
Musical Library. 
South Wales University Coll. Lib. 

Carlisle. — Cathedral Library. 
Scotby Library. 

Carmarthen. — Literary & Scientific 

Cashel. — Diocesan Library, founded 
1729-44. 16,000 volumes. 

Castle Douglas (-AT.-B.)— Mechanics' 

Castleford (Yorks.) — Mechanics* 

Cathcart (^.5.)— Couper Institute. 
8,000 volumes. 

Catrine (iV.5.)^United Public Lib- 
rary. 4,500 volumes. 

Chapel-en-le-Frith. — Institute. 

Chatham. — Dockyard Library. 

Cheddar. — Literary Institution. 

Cheltenham. — Cheltenham College 
Library : John Darter, Librarian. Est. 
1866. Number of volumes, 9,000. Open 
to members of the College only. 
Cheltenham Library : J. T. Presley, 
Librarian. Est. 1863. A Reference 
Library of 17,000 volumes. Supported 
by subscriptions. Annual income £480, 
about £160 being expended in literature. 
Open on week-days from 10-30 a.m. to 
8 p.m. 
Cheltenham Ladies' College Library. 

Chester-le-Street. — Co-operative 
Society Library. 

Chester. — Cathedral Library. 

Chichester. — Cathedral Library. 
Library Society. 8,600 volumes. 

Chippenham. — Jubilee Institute. 

Christchuroh {Hants.) — Working 
Men's Institute. 

Clbckheaton. — Co-operative Indus- 
trial Society Library. 
Mechanics' Institute, 

Clonmel. — Literary Institute. 

Clydebank {N.B.) — Public Library. 

Coalbrookdale. — Literary Institute 

Coatbridge {N.B.) — Literary Asso- 
Technical School & Mining College. 

CJockermouth. — Wordsworth Inst. 

Colchester. — Literary Institute. 

Coldingham {N.B. ) — Public Library. 

Coldstream. -Mechanics' Institution. 

CoLNE. — Co-operative Society Library 

Cork. — Queen's College Library. 
31,000 volumes. 
Diocesan Theological Library. 
Library Society. 30,000 volumes. 

Corstorphine {N.B,) — Fowler Lib. 

Coventry. — Coventry Institute. 
Croydon. — County Polytechnic Inst. 

Literary and Scientific Institute. 
CuDDESDON {near Oxford) Theological 

College Library 
CuLLEN {N.B.) — Public Library. 
Cumnock {N B. ) — Athenaeum. 
Cupar {N.B.) — Duncan Institute. 
Dalbeattie {N. B. ) — Mechanics' Inst. 
Dalry (^.jB.)— Public Library. 
Dalton-in-Furness. — Co-operative 

Dartford. — Public Library. 
Darwen. — Industrial Society Library 
Dawley. — Literary Institute. 
Dawlish. — Cozen's Institute. 
Deal. — Deal Institute. 
Den HOLM {N.B.) — Public Library. 
Denny {N.B.) — Public Library. 
Derby. — Mechanics' Institute. 7,600 

Midland Railway Institute. 10,000 

Devizes. — Literary & Scientific Inst. 
Dewsbury. — Co-operative Library. 

8,000 volumes. 
DiDSBVRY {near Manchester) Wesleyan 

College Library 
Dingwall {N. B. ) — Public Library. 
Diss. — Diss Library. 
Dollar {N.B.) — Dollar Institution. 

6,000 volumes. 
DoNCASTER. — Co-operative Society 

G. N. Ry. Free Mechanics' Library. 
Dorchester. — The Library. 
DouNE {N.B.) — Moray Institute and 

Dover. — Working Men's Institute. 

Proprietary Library. 
DowLAis. — The Library. 
Droylsden. — Co-op. Society Library. 

Dublin. — College Historical Society 
Library, Trinity College : J. F. Ogilvy, 

Incorporated Law Society of Ire- 
land, Four Courts : S. W. Evans, Libm. 

King- & Queen's Coll. of Physicians. 

King's Inns Library : Jas. Maclvor, 
Librarian. Opened 1788. Number of 
volumes about 60,000. Amount annually 
available for purchase of books £434. 
Collection of Legal and Historical works. 
Open on week-days only from 10 a.m. to 

Library of the National Cathedral 
and Collegiate Church of St. Patrick. 

Royal College of Science (Ireland). 

Royal Dublin Society. 



Dublin — continued. 
Mechanics' Inst., Lower Abbey-st.: 
Joseph Owen, Librarian. Number of 
volumes in Lending Library, 6,000. An- 
nual income from subscriptions, rents, 
<&€., £500. Open on week-days from 10 
a.m. to 9 p.m. A payment of 10s. per 
annum constitutes membership. 
Royal Coll. of Surgeons in Ireland, 
Stephen's Green West : F. T. Henston, 
if.n., and G. F. Blake, j.p., Librarians. 
Est. 1784. 30,000 volumes, chiefly medi- 
cal and surgical works. Supported by 
grant from the College. Open on week- 
days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., to Fellows, 
Licentiates, and Matnculated Medical 
Royal Irish Academy, 19, Dawson 
street : John T. Gilbert, ll.d., f.a.s., 
Librarian. Est. 1786. About 80,000 
volumes in library. Supported by sub- 
scriptions and Government grant. Col- 
lections of Manuscripts connected with 
Ireland and in the Irish language; 
books and tracts relative to Ireland ; 
and literary Journals from all the chief 
institutions in Europe, America, and 
Asia. Admission by application in per- 
son or by letter. Open on week-days 
from 10-30 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. The Aca- 
demy publishes extensively its transac- 
tions, proceeding, and Irish MSS. 
Steeven's Hospital Library. 
Trinity College Lib. (239,000 vols.) 
United Service Club. 
University Philosophical Society : 

C. H. Tandy Lett, Librarian. 
Young Men's Christian Association, 
Lower Abbey street 
Dudley. — Dudley Institute. 
DuKiNFiELD. — Astley Institute. 
Dumfries. — Mechanics' Institute. 
DuNBEATH {N,B,) — Public Library. 
Dunblane. -Bibliotheca Leigh toniana 
Dundee, — University College Library 
Duns {N.B.) — South Church Congre- 
gational Library. 
Subscription Library. 7,000 vols. 
Durham. — Bishop Cosin's Library, 
Palace Green : J. T. Fowler, Keeper. 
Est. 1669. About 6,000 volumes. Con- 
tains a first folio Shakespeare and some 
valuable MSS. and early printed books. 
Chapter Lib. : Rev. Canon Green- 
well, Librarian. 15,000 volumes. 
Equitable Co-operative Society. 
Mechanics' Institute. 
Union Society Lib. A Student's Club 
with a large library, chiefly Theological. 
University Library, Palace Green : 
J. T. Fowler, Librarian. Est. 1833. 
About 82,000 vols. Collections of works 
by Routh, Maltby, Winterbottom, and 
Lightfoot. Open daily to members of 
the University. 

DysART(iV^. 5.)— Public Library. 
Ealing.— Young Men's Institute. 
East Dereham. — Athenaeum. 
East Grinstead. — Literary and 

Scientific Institute. 
Ebbw Vale. — Literary Institute. 
EccLES. -Provident Industrial Society 

Library. 9,000 volumes. 

Edenbridge. — The Institute. 

Edinburgh. — Advocates' Library : 
J. T. Clark, Librarian. Est. 1680. 
Contains about 895,000 volumes. Opeo 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ; 
Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to all 
engaged in bond fide literary work. One 
of the Libraries which has the privilege 
of receiving books under the Copyright 

Fettes College Library. 

Geological Society Library. 

Heriot-Watt College Library. 

Heriot's Hospital Library. 

High School Library. 

Historical and Antiquarian Depart- 
ment of the General Register House. 

Juridical Society of Edinburgh, 40, 
Charlotte square : J. G. Kirkpatrick, 

Library of the Faculty of Actuaries, 
York place. Est. 1866. 8,000 volumes, 
and a number of valuable panophlets. 
Supported by the funds of tne Faculty 
and donations. A collection of valuable 
Actuarial and Mathematical works. 
Open to students and members every 
week-day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Literary Institution. 10,000 vols. 

Museum of Science and Art. 16,000 

New College Library, Mound : Jas. 
Kennedy, b.d., Librarian. Est. 1843. 
Contains about 40,000 volumes. Annual 
income £300, about £160 of which is 
exi)ended in books. The Library is 
mainly Theological, for the use of Pro- 
fessors and Students (connected vdth 
the Free Church of Scotland) in the 
New College. Open on week-days from 
10 till 2. 

Obstetrical Society Library. 

Philosophical Institution : H. G. 
Aldis, Librarian. Est. 1846. About , 
29,000 volumes. Open to members on ' 
week-days from 9-30 a.m. to 9-30 p m. 

Royal Coll. of Surgeons, Nicholson 
street : Dr. Charles Macgillivray, Hon. 
Librarian. Est. 1505. About 7,000 
volumes, £200 bein^ annually expended 
in books. Admission on introduction 
by a Fellow. Open every week-day 
from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is a Medi- 
cal and Surgical Museum in connection. 

Royal College of Physicians. 40,000 



Edinburgh — continvsd. 

Royal Medical Society. 30,000 vols. 

Royal Physical Society Library. 

Royal Scottish Academy, Mound. 

Royal Scottish Society of Arts. 

Royal Society Library. 17,000 vols. 

Royal Scottish Geographical Soc. 
Library. National Portrait Gallery 
Building, Queen street. The Society 
has branches at Glasgow, Aberdeen, and 
Dundee, but the Library is in Edin- 
burgh. At Glasgow there is a room with 
a few books. 

St. Mary's Cathedral Library. 

Select Subscription Library. 

Signet Library (88,000 volumes). 

Society of Antiquaries' Library : 
John Taylor Brown, Librarian. Est. 
1780. Is a Reference Library only, con- 
taining 8,000 volumes. Open on week- 
days from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the use 
of Fellows of the Society. Others are 
admitted by application to the Secre- 
tary or Librarian. 

Solicitors' Library, Parliament sq. 

Subscription Library, 24, George 
street. 40,000 volumes. 

United Presbyterian College Lib. : 
J. Mair, Librarian. Est. 1847. About 
32,500 volumes. Supported by Students' 
Matriculation Fees and Grants from 
Synod Fund. For the use of Students 
and Ministers of the United Presby- 
terian Church. 

University Library (200,000 vols). 

Working Men's Club Library. 
EouAM. — Library Institute. 

Royal HoUoway College Library. 
Elland. — Mechanics' Institute. 
Ely. — Cathedral Library. 
Eton.— College Library. 23,000 vols. 

School Library. 10,000 volumes. 
EvBSHAM. — Evesham Institute. 
Exeter.— Cathedral Library. 8,000 
volumes and some valuable MSS. 

Devon and Exeter Institution : Ed. 
Parfitt, Librarian. 30,000 volumes. 

Literary Institute. 

Technical College. 
Eyemouth {N.B.)— Public Library. 
Fails WORTH {near Manchester), — 
Industrial Co-operative Society : Miss 
E. Baines, Librarian. Est. 1865. 6,000 
volumes ; annual circulation, 15,664. 
Open every week-day. 
Farnham. — Farnham Institute. 

Young Men's Association Library. 
Farn WORTH {near Bolton). — Co-op. 

Society Library. 
Fleetwood. — Industrial Co-operative 
Society Library. 

Faversham. — Faversham Institute. 
Fochabers {N.B.) — ^Fochabers Lib. 

Milne's Institute. 
Forfar. — Sheriff Court Library. 
Forres. — Mechanics' Institute and 

Fort Augustus {Invemessshire). — 
St. Benedict's Abbey Library : Rev. 
Sir David Hunter-Blair, o.s.b., m.a., 
Oxon. Est. 1878. Contains about 20,000 
volumes, including a ver^ complete set 
of Protestant and Catholic controversial 
works of the 16th, 17th, and 18th cen- 
turies ; also many rare and curious 
ancient Theological and Historical 
works, chiefly brought from the Scotch 
Benedictine Abbey of St. James Ratis- 
bon (founded 1080, sui)pressed 1863). 
Admission on presentation of a letter 
of introduction 
FoRTROSB {N.B.) — Fortrose Library. 
Fraserburgh {N.B.) — Mechanics' 

Frome. — Literary Institute. 

Mechanics' Institute. 
Gainsborough. — Literary, Scientific, 

and Mechanics' Institute. 
GaTjSTON {N.B.) — Brown's Institute. 
Galway. — Queen's College Library 

(80,000 volumes). 
Gartmore {N.B.) — Public Library. 
Gatbhouse-of-Fleet {N.B.) — Public 

Girvan. — Mc.Kechnie Library 
Glasgow. — Anderson's Collece. 
Archseological Society, 207, Bath-st. 
Athenaeum. 18,000 volumes. 
College of Science and Art. 
Evangelical Union Theological Hall 

Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons 
of Glasgow, The Faculty Hall, 242, St. 
Vincent street : Alexander Duncan, b.a.. 
Librarian. Est. 1697. About £400 is 
annually expended in works on Medicine 
and accessory sciences. Open on week- 
days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
Faculty of Procurators, 62, St. 
George's place : - John Muir, Librarian. 
Est. 1817. Number of vols, in Central 
and one Branch Library, 20,000 vols. 
Annual income from funds and sub- 
scriptions £914 6s., about balf of which 
is expended in books on Law and general 
literature. Open to members on week- 
days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Free Church College Library. 
Glasgow and West of Scotland Tech- 
nical C!ollege Library, 38, Bath street. 
List, of Accountants and Actuaries, 

106, W. Nile street. 
Listitution of Engineers and Ship- 
builders in Scotland, 207, Bath street. 



Glasgow — continued. 

Natural History Society. 

Philosophical Society. 

Possilpark Institute. 

Queen Margaret College Library. 

Royal Botaoic Inst., 140, Hope-st. 

St. Mnngo's College. 

Seamen's Friend Soc. , 200, Broomie- 
law street. 

University Library: Jas. Lymbnm, 
librarian. Est. about 1450. About 
145,000 volumes and 50,000 pamphlets ; 
annual issue, 12,000. The income from 
Parliamentaiy grant and University fund 
allows £750 annually for the purchase of 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Glossop. — Glossop Dale Co-operative 
Society Library. 

Gloucester. — Cathedral Library. 
Law Society Library, 6, College-st. 
Literary and Scientific Association, 

33, Southgate street. 
GrODALMiNG.-Chaterhonse School Lib. 
GouROCK {N. B. ) — Gamble Institute. 
Gbanton (Ediiiburgh). — Literary 

Grantowx {N.B.) — Library and 

Reading Room. 
Great Harwood. — Co-operative 

Society Library. 
Greenock. — Greenock Library. 
Mechanics' Institution Lib.: Jabez 

Mountford, Librarian. Est. 1836. 8,000 

volumes ; annual issue about 20,000. 

Supported by subscriptions, about £30 

spent annually in books. Open on week- 
days from 3 to 9 p.m. 
Greenwich. — Royal Naval Coll. Lib. : 

J. G. Matthews, b.k.. Librarian. 
Royal Observatory Library. 
Guildford. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Working Men's Institute. 
Guiseley ( Yorks. ) — Mechanics' Inst. 
Haddington {N.B.) — Town & County 

Halifax. — Industrial Co-operative 

Dean Clough Institute. 
Literary and Philosophical Society. 
Mechanics' Institution. 
Halstead. — Mechanics' Institute. 
Hamilton {N.B.) — Mechanics' Inst. 
Hanley. — Potteries Mechanics' Inst, 
Harrow -ON -THE -Hill. — Vaughan 

Library : B. P. Lascelles, Librarian. 

Est. 1863. In connection with Harrow 

School. Open free to students every 

Haslinuden. — Industrial Co-op. Soc. 

Hawarden.— St. Deiniol's Theologi- 
cal and General Library. 28,000 vols, 
for the use of Students (old and youngs, 
clerical and layX inquirers, authors, and 
clergy, or others seeking intervals of 
rest. Erected and furnished by the Rt. 
Hon. W. E. Gladstone, x.p. Admission 
by application to the Warden, St. 
Deiniol's Hostel, Hawarden. 

Hawick (^.jB. )— Buccleuch Memorial 

Hbbden Bridge. — Co-operative Lib. 
Mechanics* Institute. 

Helensburgh (^.5.)-Public Library 

He.mel Hempstead. -Mechanics* Inst. 

Hereford. — Cathedral Library : 

2,000 Tolumes, many of which are 
chained and of great value. In this 
library is a remarkable map^ of the 
world, the work of a certain Richard of 
Haldingham, about 1314 — one of the 
mostjvaluable relics of mediteval geo- 

Permanent Library. 8,500 vols. 

Hertford. — Haileybury College Lib. 
Literary Institute. 

Hey WOOD. — Indust. Co-op. Soc. Ld., 
John Albert Green, Librarian. '. Number 
of volumes 11,000 ; annual issue, 17,000. 
Annual income, being 2^ per cent, of the 
profits of the Society, £400, about £50 
of which is spent in books and news- 
papers. Open on week-eTenings to mem- 
bers only. There are seven Newsrooms 
in connection. 

HiTCHiN. — Mechanics' Institute. 

HoLBECK. — Mechanics' Institute. 

HoRNCASTLE. — Mechanics' Institute. 

HoRwiCH. — Mechanics' Inst. Library, 
Chorley New road : J. T. Tatlow, Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1888. 8,000 volumes ; annual 
issue, 20,000. Open on week-days from 
12-30 p.m. to 2-30 p.m., and from 7 p.m. 
to 9 p.m. 

HuDDERSFiELD. -Co-operative Society 

Mechanics' Institute. 

Subscription Library. 50,000 vols. 

Technical College Library : Fred 
Blackburn, Librarian. About 9,000 vols.; 
annual circulation 28,000. Open to mem- 
bers only from 10-30 a.m. to 8-30 p.m. 
every week-day. 

Yorks. Archaeological Associa'*' Lib. 
Hull. — Lyceum Library, 2, Story 
street : Jas. Hardy, Librarian. Opened 
1807. Contains 15,000 vols. Annual 
income from subscriptions £280, afford- 
ing £80 for purchase of books. Open on 
week-days only from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Admission by guinea share. 

Mechanics' Institute Library. 

Royal Institution Library. 



Hull — continue. 
Subscription Library : A. Milner, 
Librarian. Est. 1775. Number of vols. 
50,000. Annual income from members' 
subscriptions £890, of which £230 is 
expended in books. Open to members, 
and to temporary residents on payment 
of 5/- per month, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Huntingdon. -Archdeaconry Library. 

HuNTLY (^.5.) — Brander Library, 
The Square : Miss Mary Gray, l.l.a.., 
Librarian. About 6,400 volumes. Open 
to subscribers on week-days only, Satur- 
days excepted. 

Hyde {Cheshire). -Industrial Co-opera- 
tive Society Library. 

Hythe.— The Institute. 

Ilkley. — Library Company. 

Invbrkeithing {N. B.) — Subscription 

Inverness. — Workmen's Club Lib. 

Ipswich. — Working Men's College. 

Irvine {N.B.) — Tower Hall Library. 

J ARROW. — Mechanics' Institute and 
Public Hall, EUison-st. : Mary Jordan, 
Librarian. Est. 1863. 4,620 volumes ; 
annual issue, 11,537. Annual income 
from subscriptions £536, about £30 being 
available for books. Open on week-days 
from 8-30 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Johnstone {N.B.) — Mechanics' Inst. 

Keighley. — Industrial Co-operative 
Society Library. 

Keith. — Public Library. 

Kei^o. — Kelso Library. 9,000 vols. 
Mechanics' Institute. 

Kendal. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Keswick. — Subscription Library. 

Kew. — Royal Botanic Gardens Lib. 
16,000 volumes. 

Kilburnie {N.B.) — Wm. Knox Inst. 

Kilkenny. — St. Canice Cathedral 
Library : Rev. J. W. Rooke, Librarian. 

Kilmarnock. — Burns Library in the 
Burns Monument. 

KiNSALE {Ireland). — Public Library. 

Kirkcaldy (Fifeshire). — People's 
Club and Reading Room, 42, High-st. 
Pottery Reading Room, 140, Links 

Subscription Library, High street. 

Kirkcudbright. — The Institute Pub- 
lic Library and Reading Room : John 
Angus, Hon. Librarian. Incorporated 
1853. Number of volumes 6,016. Annual 
income from subscriptions £70, about 
£10 being spent in books. Degiderata: 
Old Bibles, Bibliography, and recent 
popular works. Open on Tuesdays from 
3 to 9, and on Fridays from 3 to 5 p.m. 

Knaresborough. -Literary Institute. 

Knutsford.— Literary Institute. 

Lancaster. — Amicable Society's Sub- 
scription Library, Church street. 
Co-operative Library. 6,500 vols. 

Langholm {Dumfries). — Telford Lib. , 
High street: Robert Scott, Librarian. 
Opened 1800. 10,000 volumes. Annual 
income £130, about £76 being expended 
in books. Open every week-day. This 
library was bequeathed by the late 
Thomas Telford, Civil Engineer. 

Largs {N.B.) — Stevenson Institute. 

Leaduills (.^.R)— Miners' Library. 

Leeds. — Industrial Co-operative 
Society Library. 
Institute of Science, Art, & Litera- 
ture : Arthur Tait, Secretary. 
Law Library. 

Leeds Library, Commercial street : 
Charles W. Thonger, Librarian. Opened 
1768. 60,000 volumes. Open to proprie- 
tors from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. week-days 

Mechanics' Institution. 20,000 vols. 

Old (Subscription) Lib. (85,000 vols.) 

Philosophical and Literary Society 

Thoresoy Antiquarian Society. 

Yorkshire College Library. 

Yorkshire Naturalists' Society. 

Yorkshire Union Village Library. 
Leek. — Literary & Mechanics' Inst. 
Leicester. — Law Society Library. 

Permanent Library, 19, Granby-st. : 
Frank S. Heme, Librarian. Number 
of volumes, 20,000 ; annual circulation, 
37,000. Supported by members' subscrip- 
tions. £200 is annually expended in 
books. Open to members on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Leigh (2/a7ics.)-Co-operative Library. 
Leighton Buzzard ( Beds. ) — The 

Institute, North street : Mr. Chaplin, 


Leith. — Public Institute and Library 

Letterkenny {Ireland). — Literary 

Leven {N.B.)— Greig Institute. 
Lewes. — Fitzroy Memorial Library. 

Mechanics' Institute. 
Lichfield. — Cathedral Library. 
Limerick. — Athena3um. 

Limerick Institution. 

Lincoln.— Cathedral Library. 4,500 
volumes, and a large number of MSS. 
Co-operative Society Library. 
Mechanics' Institute. 12,000 vols. 
Stock Library. 16,000 vols. 
Linlithgow. — Henry Library. 
Mechanics' Institute, High-street : 

R. J. Glass, Librarian. Opened 1850. 
Public Library. 



LiTTLEBOBonaH. — Co-operative Soc. 
LiVBRPOOL. — Athemeum : George T. 
Shaw, Librarian. 
Balfour Institute. 
G.P.O. Library. 

Incor. Law Society, 13, Union-ct. 
Literary and Philosophical Society, 
Royal Institution : J. Watson Ruther- 
ford, Hon. Librarian. 

Liverpool Library, Lyceum. 98,5000 

Liverpool Medical Institution, 114, 
Mount Pleasant : William Jones, Libra- 
rian. Opened 1838. About 12,000 toIs. 
Supported by members' subacriptions. 
Open on week-days, to members only, 
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

North Lib. : W. E. Jones, Librarian. 

Polytechnic Society Library. 

Royal College of Chemistry. 

School of Science and Technology. 

University College Lib. 24,000 vols. 

Young Men's Christian Association 
Llandaff. — Cathedral Library. 
Llanellt. — Mechanics Institute. 

Llangollen. — Newsroom and Public 

Lockerbie (JV^.jB.)— Public Library. 

LONDON. — Admiralty Library, 
Whitehall, s.w.; 40,000 volumes, naval 
and geographical. 
Allan Library, 29-35, City road, 
B.C.: Rev. N. Cumock and Rev. J. H. 
Grubb, Librarians. Opened 1891. Num- 
ber of volumes 17,000. Supported by 
subscriptions. Open on week-days only 
from 10 a. m. to 6 p.m. 

Alpine Club, St. Martin's place, 
w.c. Open to members. The Library 
contains a fine collection of Alpine 
literature, maps, plans, &c. 

Anthropological Institution, 3, 
Hanover square, w.; G. W. Bloxam, 
M.A., Secretary. Est. 1844. 4,000 vols. 
Open to members. 

Architectural Association, 9, Con- 
duit street, w. A Lending Library of 
Architectural works. 1,100 vols. Open 
to members. 

Ascham Society Library, 18, Baker 

street : J. M. Menzics, Hon. Sec. 
Athenaeum Club, 197, Pall Mall, 

P.W.: H. R. Tedder, f.s.<., Librarian. 

Est. 1824. 70,000 volumes. Open to 


Rank of England Library & Literary 

Association. 20,000 volumes. 
Baptist College, Regent's Park, n. w. 

13,000 vols. Open to students. 
Baptist Mission House Library, 19, 

Furnival street, Holborn, k.c. 
Battersea Polytechnic Inst., s.w. 

London — continued. 

Beaumont Philosophical Institution 
Mile End, x. 

Bibliographical Society Library, 20, 
Hanover square, w. : Alfred W. Pollard, 
Hon. Secretary. 

Biblioth^que de la Providence, in 
French Hospital, Victoria Park road, 
v.x.: Reginald Stanley Faber, Hon. Sec. 
Founded 1718. 1,500 volumes. Ck>ntains 
all books illustrating the History of the 
French Protestants. 

Birkbeck Literary and Scientific 
Institution, Bream's buildings. Chan- 
cery lane : W. H. Congreve, Secretary. 
11,000 vols. Open to members. Annual 
subscriptions, 10s. 6d. 

Bishopsgate Institute, Bishopsgate 
Without, E.C. : Charles William Qoss, 
Librarian. Founded 1891, opened 1895. 
23,535 volumes (18,750 Lending, 4,785 
Reference). Issues 345,000 vols. Free 
access system throughout. 15,000 bor- 
rowers. Hours, 10 to 9-30 Reference ; 
10 to 7 Lending. 

Board of Agriculture, 3, St. James's 
street, w. : R. F. Crawford, Librarian. 

Borough Polytechnic Institute, 103, 
Borough road, s.k.: W. M. Richardson, 
Secretary ; Miss Ellen M. Head, Libra- 
rian. Est. 1892, Number of volumes, 
3,700, largely Technical, for the use of 
students of the Institute. Open week- 
days and Sundays from 6-30 to 9-30 p.m. 

Bow and Bromley Institute. 

British Archaeological Association, 
32, Sackville street, w. 

British and Foreign Bible Society, 
146, Queen Victoria street, e.g. 10,000 
volumes and about 200 MSS. 

British Library of Political Science 
(in conjunction with the London School 
of Economics and Political Science), 10, 
Adelphi terrace. Strand, w.c. 10,000 

British Medical Association, The 
Strand, w.c. 

Burlington Fine Arts Club, 17, 
Savile row, w. 

Carlton Club Library, 94, Pall Mall, 
p.w.: Henry T. Cox, Librarian. 

Central Young Men's Christian 
Association Library, Exeter Hall. 

Chartered Accountants' Students' 
Society of London, 3, Copthall buildgs., 
E.G.: A. Hanson, Librarian. 

Chemical Society Library, Burling- 
ton House, Piccadilly, w. : Robert Steele, 
Librarian. About 14,000 vnlumes. Col- 
lections of Chemical Periodical Litera- 
ture, Alchemistic and early Chemical 
works. Deaiderata : Alchemistic and his- 
torically important Chemical works. 
Open on week-days 12 to 6, Saturdays 
10 to 4. Oi>en to members. Admission 
on application to Librarian. 



London — continued. 
Chelsea Hospital Library. 

Christ's Hospital, Newgate-st., E.c. 

Church of England Young Men's 
Society, Central Institution, 3, St. 
Bride street, Ludgate Circus, b.c: Cir- 
culating and Reference Library of 4,000 
volumes. Over 60 branches. 

Church House Library, Westminster 

City and Guilds of London Institute, 
South Kensington. 

City Liberal Club, VValbrook, B.C. 

City Police Library, Old Jury, e.c. 

City of London College, White-st. , 
E.G. : Henry William Hansen, Librarian. 
Est. 1849. Number of volumes, 3,350. 
Open on week-days to all members of 
the College. 

City of London School, Victoria 
Embankment, £.c. 

College of Physicians, Pall Mall, 
East: Wm. Monk, m.d., f.s.a., f.r.c.p.. 
Librarian. Est. 1524. About 20,000 
volumes, including the Baillie Collec- 
tion, the Farre Collection, and the Mar- 
quis of Dorchester's Library. Open on 
week-days from 10 to 6. Admission by 
an order from the Librarian and Regis- 
trar. The Museum in connection has a 
collection of Pathological Anatomy, and 
Portraits of Fellows of the College. 

Colonial Office, Downing street , C. 
Atchley, Librarian. About 13,000 vols. 
Open to ofBcials. 

Congregational Library, Memorial 
HaU, Farringdon-st., e.g.: T. G. Grip- 
pen, Librarian. Opened 1830. Number 
of volumes, 13,000. Su()ported by dona- 
tions. Special collections : Works of 
Early Puritans and Nonconformists ; a 
large and varied collection of 17th Cen- 
tury Pamphlets, Religious and Political. 
Desiderata : Works of Congregationalists; 
or illustrating the Life, Worship, and 
Work of the Free Churches. Open every 
week-day (except Saturday) from 10 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. 

Conservative Club, 74, St. James's 
street, w. 

Constitutional Club Lib., Northum- 
berland avenue, w.c. 

Cripplegate Institute, Golden lane, 
Barbican, k.c. : A. T. Ward, Librarian. 
26,000 vols. (20,000 lending and 5,000 
reference). Opened 1896. Hours 10 to 8, 
Saturdays 10 to 3. Free access. 

Cymmrodorion (Honourable Society 
of). New Stone Buildings, 64, Chancery 
lane, w.c: E. Vincent Evans, Secretary. 
Collection of Welsh books and books 
relating to Wales, <fec. 

Democratic Club Library, 36, Essex 
street, w.c. 

London — continued, 

Dulwich College Library, s.b.: P. 
Hope, ]i.A.., Librarian. Opened 1619. 
About 13,600 volumes. £45 is annually 
available for purchase of books. This 
libraiy is specially rich in documents 
relating to the time of Shakespeare, in- 
cluding Henslowe's Diary, the Alleyn 
Papers, <fec. Open only to College 
Governors and Masters on the College 

English Church Union Reading 
Room and Theological Library, 86, 
Wellington street, Strand, w.c: George 
W. SauU, Librarian. Opened 1865. 
About 4,000 volumes. Supported by 
subscriptions. Open on week-days only 
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m. 
to 2 p.m. The Kev. Edward J. Hall, 
Rector of Langtree, Torrington, has 
presented to the Library an interesting 
collection of several thousand photo- 
graphs of Bishops and Clergymen, many 
of tliera well known in connection with 
the Catholic Revival in England, which 
were got together with much trouble 
and expense oy his father, the late Mr. 
Henry Hall, of the Kentish Town 
Branch, and carefully arranged by him 
in thirty-six albums. 

Entomological Society of London, 
11, Chandos street, Cavendish square, 
w.: G. G. Champion, F.a.s., Honorary 
Librarian ; W. R. Hall, Resident Libra- 
rian. Est. 1883. About 2,500 volumes. 
Admission on introduction by a Fellow. 
Open on week-days from 1 to 6 p.m. 
Saturdays, 1 to 3 p.m. 

Fabian Society Lib., 276, Strand, 

Foreign Office Library, Downing 
street, 8.w. : A. H. Oakes, Librarian. 
70,000 volumes. The Library consists 
chiefly of works on History, Diplomacy, 
and Statistics. Open to officials. 

Friends' Institute (Lending Library 
for Members of the Society of Friends). 
W. F. Wells, Honorary Secretary ; Miss 
M. Marten, Librarian. 

Garrick Club Library, 13 and 15, 
Garrick street, Covent Garden, w.c. : 
Charles J. Fitch, Secretary. Theatrical 
Library with a collection of works on 

Geological Soc, Burlington House, 
Piccadilly : L. L. Belinfante,, 
Librarian. 17,500 volumes. Open to 
Fellows of the Society. 

German Athenfeum Club, 93, Mor- 
timer street, w. 

Gladstone Library. — A^ee National 
Liberal Club. 

Goldsmith's Company's Technical 
and Recreative Inst., New Cross, s.b. 

Gresham College Lib., Basinghall 
street, k.c 



London — continued. 

Grand Lodge of Freemasons' Lib., 
Freemasons Hall, Great Queen street, 
w.c. 6,500 volumes. Income £50. Hours 
10 to 6, except Saturdays. Open to 

Gray's Inn, w.c. : VV. Ralph Douth- 
waite, Librarian. Est. 1555. 13,000 vols. 
Open to members, barristers, &c. 

Grosvenor Gallery Library, 135, 
Xevr Bond street, vr. The Librarv con- 
tains a ffood supply of the best and 
newest Literature, both English and 
Foreign ; also a Library of Instrumental 
and Vocal Music. 

Guy's Hospital, St. Thomas street, 
Southwark : P. Mills, Librarian. Est. 
1825. 6,197 volumes. Open on week- 
days to Medical Students. 

Hackney Theological Seminary, N. 

Hampstead Public Library and 
Literary Institution, High street, Hamp- 
stead: Mrs. Tansley, Hon. Librarian. 
Est. 1833. About 10,000 vols.; annual 
income from subscriptions, &c., £900, 
about £75 being available for books. 
Collection of Hampstead books and 
engravings. Reading Room open from 
8-30 a.m. to 10-30 p.m.; Sundays, 4 to 
10 p.m. 

Herald's College, Queen Victoria 
street, k.c. Contains rolls of Pedigrees, 
MSS., Ac. Open 10 to 4. 

Highgate Hill Free Library (1890). 
About 6,000 vols. Income £130. Sub- 
scription Library. 

Home Office, VVhitehall, s.w. Est. 
1800. 8,000 volumes. A Library of 
works on Law and History. Open to 

House of Commons : R. C. Walpole, 
Librarian. Est. 1818. 40,000 volumes. 
Open to Members of Parliament. 

House of Lords : S. Arthur Strong, 
Librarian. 30,000 vols. Open to Peers. 

Hoxton Library and Listitute, Pit- 
field street, v. : W. C. Plant, Librarian. 

Imperial Institute, South Kensing- 
ton. Opened 1893. H. H. Hebb, Lib- 
rarian. 10,800 vols. Members 8,000. 
Hours 10 a.m. to 11-30 p.m., Sundays 3 
to 10-30 p.m. 

Incorporated Law Society of the 
United Kingdom, Cliancery lane, w.c: 
Frederic Boase, Librarian. Est. 1828. 
A Reference Library of 35,000 volumes. 
Open to members on week-days from 9 
a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturdays closes at 4 p.m. 

India Office, St. James's Park, s. w. : 
Est. 1801. 40,000 volumes and 10,000 
MSS. Open to officials. 

Inner Temple Library, The Ter- 
race, K.c: J. E. Latton Pickering, Lib- 
rarian. Est. ante 1540. 36,000 volumes 
and 600 MSS. The MSS. comprise the 
valuable Haleian Collection. Open to 

London — continued. 

Inns of Court Bar Library, Royal 
Courts of Justice (No. 719) : R. Riches, 
Secretary and Librarian. Established 
by the Four Inns of Court, 1883. Num- 
ber of volumes, 20,000. Free to Bar- 
risters only. Open dailv during sittings 
of Royal Courts of Justice from 10 a.m. 
to 4-30 p.m. Reference Library only. 
Average attendance between 600 and 
700 weekly. 

Institute of Shorthand Writers' Lib- 
rary, 4, Serle street, Lincoln's Inn, w.c. 
(1886-87.) 1,800 volumes ; issues, 1,400. 
Members 72. Hours, 9-30 to 7. 

Institution of Civil Engineers, 25, 
Great George street, Westminster : Jas. 
Forrest, Librarian. Est. 1818. 30,000 
vols. Open to members and students. 

Institution of Electrical Engineers, 
Ronald's Library, 28, Victoria street, 
s.w. F H. Webb, Librarian. Est. 1871. 
100,000 volumes 

Iron and Steel Institute, 28, Vic- 
toria street, s.w.: Bennett H. Brough, 
Librarian. (1869.) 3,600 volumes. Mem- 
bers 1,660. Hours, 10 to 5 ; Saturdays, 
10 to 1. 

Japan Society Library, 20, Hanover 
square, w. 

King's College Library, 160, Strand, 
w.c: Victor G. Parr, b.a., Library; 
J. B. Payne, Assistant Librarian during 
evening. Est. 1828. 30,000 volumes. 
Special collections : The Marsden Ori- 
ental and Philological Library ; Library 
of the late Prof. Sir Chas. Wheatstone ; 
early editions and scarce works collected 
by the late Hammersley Loathes, the 
Antiquarian. The Medical Library now 
forms part of the General Library. Open 
on week-days (Saturdays excepted) from 
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in winter and 7 p.m. in 

King's College Medical School : 
R. H. G. Tritton, Librarian. 

Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, 
St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell. About 
1,000 volumes. 

Lambeth Palace Library : S. W. 
Kershaw, Librarian. Established 1610. 
40,000 volumes and 14,000 rare MSS. 
Open daily (Saturdays excepted) from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed for Easter and 
Christmas weeks, and Autumn recess. 

Lambeth Polytechnic Institute. 

Lewis's Medical and Scientific Lib- 
rary, 136, Gower street, w.c. Est. 1844. 
Contains all the standard works in 
Medical literature and general Science. 
Books lent out to subscribers. 

Library Association, 20, Hanover 

square, w. (1878). About 1,000 vols., 

chiefly library catalogues. 

! Linnsean Society, Burlington House, 

I Piccadilly, w. : J. E. Harting, r.L.s., 




London — continued. 
Lincoln's Inn Library, w.c. : A. F. 
Gray Ether idge, Librarian. Est. 1497. 
The chief Law Library, 55,000 volumes 
and many MSS., amone: others the Hale 
MSS. Open to members. 

Lloyds Library, Foyal Exchange, 
Cornhill. Est. 1884. 1,000 volumes. 
Books of Reference on many subjects, 
old Policies of Assurance, &c. 

London Institution, Fiusbury Circus 
B.C. : R. W. Frazer, ll.b., m.r.a.s., Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1805. 100,000 volumes. 
The Library has a fine collection of 
works on Topography, Classical and 
Mathematical literature, and especially 
Biographical works of reference. 

London Library, St. James's square, 
s.w. : C. H. Wright, Librarian. Est. 
1841. Number of vols., 150,000 ; annual 
issue, over 100,000. Annual income from 
annual subscriptions of £3, and life pay- 
ments according to a^e, £5,500, about 
£1,500 being expended in books. A col- 
lection of general standard literature in 
all languages. Admission through intro- 
duction of a member. Open every week- 
day from 10 a.m. to 6-30 p.m. 

London University, Burlington, 
Gardens, w. Est. 1837. 11,000 volumes. 
The Library contains the Grote and De 
Morgan Collections. Open to members. 

London Working Men's College, 
143, Upper Kenningt'On lane, s. k. 

Medical Society of London, 11, 
Chandos street. Cavendish square, w.: 
W. H. Allchin, m.d., Hon. Librarian. 
W. R. Hall, Resident Librarian. Est. 
1773. 11,500 volumes and 800 MSS. 
Open to members. 

Merchant Taylors' School Library, 
Chaterhouse square, e.g. 

Meteorological Office, Victoria-st, , 
s.w. Est. 1855. 13,500 volumes. Acces- 
sible to scientific men for reference at 
the office. 

Middle Temple Library, Garden 
court, E.c. Est. 1641. 30,000 volumes. 
Open to members. 

Morden College for Decayed Mer- 
chants, Blackheath, s.x.: F. Malcolm, 

Morley House Institute Library, 
Lambeth. 5,000 volumes. 

Museum of Practical Geology, Jer- 
myn street, w.: T. Reeks, Librarian. 
Est. 1843. 30,000 volumes. Geology and 

National Association for the Pro- 
motion of Technical and Secondary Edu- 
cation, 14, Dean's yard, s.w. 

New Church College, Devonshire 
street, Islington. About 5,000 volumes, 
chief! v to aid Students in general study, 
and the Church's distinctive Theology. 

London — continued. 
National Liberal Club (Gladstone 
Library), Whitehall place, s.w.: Arthur 
Wo'laston Hutton, m.a. (of Exeter Col- 
lege, Oxford), Librarian. Est. 1888. Is 
a Reference Library only, of over 15,000 
volumes. About £450 is annually ex- 
pended in books. Open on Sundays and 
week-days from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. to 
members of the Club. The Library is 
mainly historical and political, and is 
intended as a permanent memorial of 
the services which the Rt. Hon. W. E. 
Gladstone has rendered to his country. 

New College (Congregational) South 
Hampstead, n. w. : Rev. W. Farrer, li.b., 

Northampton Institute, John-st. , 
Clerkenwell. Est. 1896. About 2,000 

Numismatic Society, 22, Albemarle 
street, w.: O. Codrington, m.d.. Libra- 
rian. Est. 1836. 2,000 volumes. Open 
to members. 

Obstetrical Society, 20, Hanover 
square, w. Est. 1859. 3,000 volumes. 
Open to Medical men. 

Oratory, Brompton, s.w. 18,000 
volumes. Open to members. 

Oriental Club, 18, Hanover square. 

Oxford and Cambridge Club, 71, 
Pall Mall, s.w. 20,000 volumes. Open 
to members. 

Paddington Free Public Library, 2, 
Praed street, w. : Alfred Caddie, Libra- 
rian. Est. 1888. About 3,000 volumes. 
Supported by voluntary contributions. 
The ratepayers have twice rejec.ted the 
adoption of the Public Libraries' Acts. 
Open on week-nights from 4 to 7 p.m. 

Patent Office Lib. , 25, Southampton 
Buildings, Chancery lane, w.c. : H. J. 
Allison Librarian. Est. 1855. 80,000 
volumes. Supported by Government 
Grant and Donations. Besides the 
patent publications, it contains a splen- 
did collection of works in every depart- 
ment of Technical Science, and the 
Journals of Scientific and Technical 
Societies in other languages. Open on 
week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The 
first Free Library opened in London. 

People's Palace Library, Mile End 
road, B. : Mr. Hill, Librarian. Est. 1887. 
A Reference Library of over 13,000 vols. 
Supported out of the funds of the Insti- 
tution, and open to the public free of 
charge every week-day from 8 a.m. to 
10 p.m. , and on Sundays from 8 to 10 p.m. 

Polytechnic (Young Men's Christian 
Institute), 307-311, Regent street, w.; 
A. W. Lewis, Librarian. About 7,800 
volumes. Open to members of the Insti- 
tute from 7-15 to 10 p.m. on week-days 




LoN DON — con t inued. 
Pharmaceutical Society of Great 
Britain, 17, Bloomsbury square, w.c: 
John William Knapman, Librarian. Est. 
1841. A Reference and Circulating Lib- 
rary of 12,000 volumes, with a Branch 
in Edinburgh of 2,000 volumes. Open 
on week-days from 9 a,m. to 9 p.m.; 
Saturdays, closes at 2. A Museum in 
connection. Materia Medica and Her- 
baria of dried Plants. Open to members. 

Post Office Library and Literary 
Association, General Post Office, b.c. 
(1859). 5,000 volumes. 

Presbyterian Theological College 
Library, Queen's square, Guildford-st., 
w.c. J. (i. Smieton, ai.A., Librarian. 

Public Record Office, Fetter lane, 
E.c. Collection of M8S., &c., including 
the famous Domesday Book. Open to 
the public every day from 10 to 4-30; 
Saturdays, 10 to 2, except on public 
holidays. The charge for making official 
copies of any documents preserved here 
is from 6d. to Is. (accordinp: to date) per 
folio of 72 words, the minimum charge 
being 2s. 

Railway Clearing House Library, 
Seymour street, Euston square, ir.w. 

Reform Club, 104, Pall Mall, s.w.: 
Charles W. Vincent, Librarian. Est. 
1841. 45,000 vols. Open to members. 

Religious Tract Society, 56, Pater- 
noster row, E.C. 

Rolandi's Foreign Subscription Lib- 
rary, 20, Berners street, Oxford-st., w. 
600,000 volumes of ancient and modern 
French, German, Italian, and Spanish 
Literature. Yearly subscription from 
21s. upwards. 

Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington 
House, Piccadilly, w.: W. F. Yeames, 
B. A., Librarian. Est. 1769. 5,500 vols, of 
books and prints. Open to Academicians. 

Royal Acad, of Music, Tenterden-st. 

Royal Archaeological Institute, 20, 
Hanover square, w. : E. C. Hulme, Hon. 
Librarian. Est. 1845. 3,000 volumes. 
Open to members. 

Royal Asiatic Society, 22, Albe- 
marle street, w. Est. 1823. 12,750 vols, 
and 750 MSS. Open to members. 

Royal Astronomical Society, Bur- 
lington House, Piccadilly, w, 8,000 vols, 
and 300 MSS. Open to members. 

Royal College of Music. Prince 
Consort road. South Kensington. Has 
about 7,000 volumes. 

Royal College of Surgeons, 40, 
Lincoln's Inn Fields, w.c: Charles R. 
Hewitt, As.sistant Librarian. Est. ISUO. 
50,000 volumes. Admission on introduc- 
tion by a Fellow or Member. Open on 
week-days from 11 to 7 ; Saturdays, 

London — continued. 

Royal Colonial Institute, Northum- 
berland avenue, w.c: James R. Boos^, 
Librarian. Est. 1868. 16,957 volumes 
and pamphlets. The Libi-ary is strictly 
Colonial, containing all publications 
relating to the Colonial Empire. Open 
on week-days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Admission is obtained by the general 
public upon the introduction of a FeUow 
of the Institute. 

Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, w.c. 

Royal Exchange. — See Lloyd's Lib. 
• Royal Geographical Society, 1, 
Savile row, w. ; J. Scott Keltie, Libra- 
rian. Est. 1832. 30,000 volumes. Open 
to Fellows. 

Royal Historical Society Library, 
115, St. Martin's lane, w.c: Thoma-s 
Mason, Librarian. A Reference Lib- 
rary of 2,400 volumes, Open to Fellows. 

Royal Horticultural Society, Lind- 
ley Library : John Weathers, Librarian. 
(1820.) 3,000 volumes. Open to Fellows. 
3,500 members. Hours, 10 to 5 ; Satur- 
days, 10 to 2. 

Royal Institute of British Archi- 
tects, 9, Conduit street, Hanover square, 
w. : William H. White, Secretary. Open 
to Fellows. 

Royal Institution of Great Britain, 
Albemarle-st., w. : Benjamin Vincent, 
Hon. Libraiian ; Henry Young, Assis- 
tant Secretary and Keeper of the Lib- 
rary. About 50,000 volumes. Reading 
Rooms open every week-day from 9 a.m. 
to 11 p m. 

Royal Irish Academy, 19, Dawson- 
street: John Thomas Gilbert, f.s.a., 

Royal Medical & Chirurgical Socy., 
20, Hanover square, w.: J. Y. W. Mac- 
Alister, f.s.a.. Librarian. Est. 1805. 
32,000 volumes. Open to Fellows. 

Royal Microscopical Society, 20, 
Hanover square, w. : Fredk. A. Parsons, 

Royal Military Academy, Woolwich 
Royal Observatory Lib. , Greenwich 
Royal Society, Burlington House, 

w.: Herbert Rix, b.a.. Librarian. Elst. 

1665. 70,000 volumes and 5,000 MSS. 

Among the MSS. are many of general 

interest, such as Newton's "Principia." 

Open to Fellows. 

Royal Society of Literature, 20, 
Hanover square, w.: H. J. Reid, ¥.b.a., 
F.B.S.L., Librarian. Est. 1820. 8,000 
volumes. Open to members. 

Royal Statistical Socy. , 9, Adelphi 
terrace. Strand, w.c: John A. P.Mac- 
kenzie, Librarian. Est. 1834. Over 
27,000 volumes. Open on week-days to 
Fellows of the Society from 10 to 5, 
Saturdays, 10 to 2. 



London — continued. 

Royal United Service Institution, 
Whitehall yard, s.w.; Colonel C. W. 
Bowdler, Editor and Librarian. Est. 
1831. About 25,000 volumes of books 
connected with Naval and Military Art ; 
Naval and Military Charts, Maps, Mili- 
tary objects of interest both ancient 
and modem. Admission is obtained 
by written order of a member of the 

Royal Veterinary College, Camden 
Town, IT.: F. N. Dickins, m.b., Librn. 

Russell Institution, 55, Gt. Coram 
street, Brunswick square, w.c. 17,500 

St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medi- 
cal Library, West Smithneld, e.g.: P. 
Francis Madden, Librarian. Est. 1667. 
13,587 volumes ; annual issue, 46,800. 
Open free to Students and Staff, from 9 
a.m. to 5 p.m. every week-day. The 
Anatomical Museum contains carefully 
selected specimens of Human, of Com- 
parative, and of Pathological Anatomy, 
arranged in one hundred and one series, 
and numerous Models, Casts, Diagrams, 
and Drawings. The Drawings in oil and 
water-colours, showing all the chief 
morbid changes, are preserved in cases 
and in drawers, so as to be easily acces- 
sible for purposes of study. 

St. Pancras Free Library, 29, Cam- 
den street, Oakley square : Mrs A. M. 
Field, Librarian. Est. 1877. 6,325 vols. 
Supported by voluntary contributions, 
averaging £80 per annum. Open on 
week-evenings from 5 to 10 p.m. 

St. Paul's Cathedral Library : Rev. 
W. Sparrow Simpson, d.d.. Librarian. 
Est. by Bishop Compton. 10,000 vols. 

St. Paul's School Library, Hammer- 
smith road, Kensington, w. Est: 1670. 
8,300 vols. Open to members. 

St. Thomas's Hospital, Albert Em- 
bankment, s.w. 5,000 volumes. Medical 
Library. Open to stndents. 

Shorthand Writers' Association : 
Address, Hugh Jones, 6, Gorst road, 
Wandsworth Common, s.w. 

Sion College, Victoria Embankment, 
£.0. : Rev. William H. Milman, Libra- 
rian. Est. 1629. 70,000 volumes. Open 
to London clergy by subscription. 

Soane's (Sir John) Museum, 13, 
Lincoln's Inn Fields, w.c. Has a Lib- 
rary in connection, but no additions 
have been made since 1830. The exhibits 
include Architecture and Archaeology, 
three first folio editions of the Works of 
Shakespeare, illustrated Pennant's Lon- 
don, Paintings and Sculptures by Ho- 
garth, Flaxman, Banks, Westmacott, 
Turner, Canaletti, and many others. 
Open (March to August) four days iu 
each week, free from 11 to 5. 

London — continued. 
Society of Antiquaries, Burlington 
House, w. Est. 1707. 20,000 volumes 
and 500 MSS. Works on Archaeology 
and Antiquities. Open to Fellows. 

Society of Biblical Archaeology, 37, 
Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, w.c: 
W. H. Rylands, p.s.a.. Secretary. Est. 
1870. 2,000 volumes. Open to members. 

Society for Promotion of Hellenic 
Studies, 22, Alberoarle-st., w. Opened 
1888. A. Hamilton Smith, Librarian, 
British Museum, w.c. 2,000 volumes. 
Annual income about £750. Special 
collection of Works on Archaeology. 
Open on week-days from 11 to 6 p.m.; 
-Saturdays 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission 
is obtained by payment of one guinea 
entrance fee, and a subscription of one 
guinea per annum. 

South- West London Polytechnic 
Institute, Chelsea. 

Sunday School Association Library, 
Essex street. Strand, w.c. 

Sunday School Union Library, Far- 
ringdon street. (1833.) 9,500 volumes. 
8,000 Lending, 1,500 Reference. Issues 
14,000. Members 1,450. Hours 12 to 9. 

Swedenborg Society, 1, Bloomsbury 
street, w.c: James Speirs, Librarian. 
The main features in the various editions 
and translations of Swedenborg in all 

Teachers' Guild, 74, Gowcr street, 
5,000 books of Reference and Pedagogic 

Toynbee Hall Free Students' Lib- 
rary, 28, Commercial-st., Whitechapel, 
B. : Charles F. Newcombe, Librarian. 
6,300 volumes. Supported by voluntary 
contributions. Readers sign their names 
in register at the door. Borrowers pay 
a deposit of 5.s. Open on week-days 
from 5 to 10 p.m. (Saturdays 2 to 10 
p.m.) Sundays, 11-30 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
Average daily attendance, 45 ; average 
Sunday attendance, 58. 

Trinity College, Mandeville place, 
Manchester square, w. : Shelley Fisher, 
T.R.A.S., Secretary. The Library con- 
tains a large collection of Works on 

University College, Gower-street, 
w.c: A. Wheeler, Librarian. Est. 1828. 
110,000 volumes. Classical, Scientific, 
Medical, Oriental, &c. Open to students. 

Victoria Institute, 8, Adelphi ter- 
race, w.c: Captain F. Petrie, Hon. Sec. 
and Editor of the Journal of the Insti- 
tute. Est. 1865. About 1,750 volumes. 
Open on week days to members only, 
and supported by their subscriptions. 

War Office, Pall Mall, s.w. 25,000 

Wesleyan Mission House, Bishops- 
gate street, e.g. 



London — continued. 

Western Hebrew Library, Syna- 
gogue, St. Petersburgh place, w. Open 
every day, including Sabbaths and Fes- 
tival Days, from 10 to 10. 

Westminster Dean and Chapter 
Library. 11,000 volumes. 

Woolwich Polytechnic Institute. 

Working Men's Club and Library, 
Deptford, s.x. 

Working Men's College, 46, Great 
Ormond street, vtr.c. 8,000 volumes. 
Open to members. 

Williams' (Dr.) Library, Gordon-sq. 
w.c: Francis H. Jones, Librarian. Est. 
1716. 40,000 volumes and 1,000 MS8., 
mainly of Theological and Historical 
interest, including Tracts Sermons, and 
Religious Literature of the 17th and 18th 
centuries, also Modern Theology, His- 
tory and Philosophy. A collection of 
Portraits of Puritan Divines. Open on 
week-dajfs from 10 to 6, Saturdays 10 to 
1. Conditions for borrowing books on 
application to Librarian, enclosing a 
stamped and addressed envelope. 

Zoological Society, 3, Hanover-sq., 
w. 9,000 volumes. Open to members. 
Londonderry. — Foyle College. 

Library Association. 
LouoHTON (Essex.) — The Lopping 
Hall Library : W. C. Waller, m.a., f.p.a., 
Hon. Librarian; F. R. Parker, Sub- 
Librarian. Est. 1885. A village libraiy 
of 2,000 volumes ; annual circulation, 
4,7000. Annual income from subscrip- 
tions £25, about £20 being expended in 
books. Desiderata : History and Topo- 
graphy of the neighbourhood. Open 
two days in each week. 
Lowestoft. — Public Library. 
LuDDENDEN ( YorJcs. )-Luddenden Lib. 

Mechanics' Institute. 
Lynn. — Stanley Library. 
Madeley. — Anstice Memorial List. 
Maidstone. — St. Paul's Literary Inst. 
Manchester. — Athenaeum Library. 

Brasenose Club, 94, Mosley street : 
E. Gordon Duff, Hon. Librarian. 

Christie Library, Owens College : 
W. £. Rhodes, m.a.. Librarian. Est. 
1851. Number of volumes 60,000, annual 
issue 11,000. Supported by endowments 
and an annual grant from the College 
funds. About £600 is annually expended 
in books. An entrance fee of ten 
shillings is charged. Open on week-days 
from 9-30 a.m. to 5 p.m., 11 a.m. to 4 
p.m. November to February, 11 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. March to October ; Satiirdays, 
closes at 1 p.m. ; Sundays from 2-30 to 4-30 
p.m. The extensive Manchester Museum 
(Geolo^cal, Zoological, and Botanical) 
is also in connection with the College. 
Open to the public, free of charge. 

Manchester — continued. 

Cathedral Library. 

Chetham Library. 

Corporation Library, Town Hall. 

Foreign Library, 17, St. Ann street. 

Geographical Society, 16, St. Mary's 

Geological Socy. , 5, John Dalton-st. 

Goethe Society, Owens College : 
H. Preisinger, Librarian. Est. 1886. 
481 volumes. Supported by roerobers' 
subscriptions. Admission may be ob- 
tained on application to the Hon. Sec 
of the Society. 

Grammar School Library. 

Incorporated Law Society Library, 
Kennedy street, 

I^ncashire Independent College. 

Literary Club, Grand Hotel, Ay- 
toun street. 

Literary and Philosophical Society, 
36, George street. 

Manchester and Salford Equitable 
Co-operative Society, Downing street, 
Ardwick : Eden Garbutt, Librarian. 
Est. 1864. 4,000 volumes ; annual issue 
about 8,000. The Society provides £300 
per annum for library purposes. Open 
on week-days only. 

Medical Society, Owens College, 
Coupland street entrance : T. J. Day, 
Librarian. Est. 1834. 31,700 volumes ; 
annual circulation, 2,200. Supported by 
subset iptions of members. Open on 
week-days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Said 
to be the largest provincial Medical 

Municipal School of Art, Cavendish 
street, contains a Library of pure and 
applied Art of 1,000 volumes, to which 
the students, numbering upwards of 
500, have free access. 

Municipal Technical School, Prin- 
cess street. Est. 1824. The Library 
contains only Scientific and Technical 
books, and numbers 2,500 vols. Open 
every week-day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Every student (the number is upwards 
of 3,700) has the right of use. 

Ry lands (The John) Library, Deans- 
gate : E. Gordon Duff, Librarian. Here 
IS enshrined, fieely available to all 
comers, the world-famed Althorp Lib- 
rary, purchased by Mrs. Rylands, in 
order to constitute a memorial of her 
late husband, from the Right Hon. Earl 
Spencer. The finest collection of typo- 
eraphical monuments in the world, 
illustrating comi)letely the origin and 
development of the art of i»rinting. The 
Library is also remarkable for the dif- 
ferent impressions of the Holy Scrip- 
tures in almost every language, and for 
the extraordinary variety and number 
of the first editions of the classics which 
it contains. 



Manchester — continued. 

Portico Library, 57, Moaley street. 

Prestwich Co-operative Society Lib. 

Radford Lib. (St. Mary's Hospital). 

Roman Catholic Collegiate Institute 

Royal Exchange Subscription Lib- 
rary, 50, Klng-st. west : Thomas Edward 
Wykes, Librarian. Est. 1792. 43,400 
volumes. Annual income £420, affording 
£100 for the purchase of books. Open 
every week-day. 

United Methodist Free Churches 
Theological Institute Library, Victoria 

Y.M.C.A. Library, Peter street. 

Macclesfield. — Co-op. Society Lib. 
Mansfield. — Subscription Library. 
Marazion. — Marazion Institute. 
Marlborough. — Reading Socy. Lib. 

Marlborough College. — Adderley 

Marlow (Great) — Marlow Institute. 

Maryport. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Mauchline {N.B.) — Public Library. 

Matbole (N.B.) — Mechanics' Inst. 

Maynooth. — College Library. 

Melrose (N.B.) — Public Library. 

Merthyr. — Public Library. 

Methven (N.B.) — Trinity College 
Library, Glenalmond. 

Middlesbrough. — Mechanics' Inst. 

MiDDLETON (Lanes.) Industrial Socy. 

MiLDENHALL (iS'wj/o^^')— Literary Inst. 

Moffat (N.B.) — Library Society. 
Proudfoot Institute. 

Montrose. — Public Library. 
Trades' Library. 

MoRLEY (near Leeds). — Industrial Co- 
operative Society, Albion street : Joseph 
Wilkinson, Librarian. Number of vols, 
in Centrai and three Branch Libraries, 
H,800 ; total annual circulation, 26,000. 
Supported by 2 per cenc. of the net 
profits of the Society, realising £400. 
Free to members, ana open on every 
Monday and Friday evening from 7-SO 
to 9 o'clock. 

MossLEY. — Industrial Co-op. Society 
Mechanics' Institute. 

Nairn. — Literary Institute. 

Neath. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Nelson. — Industrial Co-op. Society 

New Tredegar. —The Library. 

Newbury. — Technical Institute. 

Newport (Isle of Wight). — Young 
Men's Society Library. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne. — Cathedral 
Chapter Library. 

Literary and Philosophical Society, 
Westgate road : Henry Richardson, Lib- 
rarian. Opened 1792. About 60,000 
vohimes. Annual income from sub- 
scrii'tions, £2,000, allowing £1,000 for 
purchase of books. A Subscription Lib- 
rary containing a good assortment of 
books on general literature, science, the 
useful arts, and specially strong in his- 
tory. Reading Rooms well-stocked with 
journals and magazines. The University 
Extension Lectures are given in the lec- 
ture hall belonging to the Society. Ad- 
mission free to members. Subscriptions 
£1 Is. per annum. Open on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

Royal Infirmary Library. Over 
60,000 volumes. 

Rutherford College Library. 

The Durham College of Science : 
Miss M. Jami'?son, Librarian. Opened 
1871. About 2,000 volumes. Open daily 
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to past and pre- 
sent students only. ' 

Newry (Co. Z)oMm).— Catholic Work- 
ing Men's Club, The Mall. 

Newry Newsroom Company Ltd. 
Young Men's Christian Association 
Newsroom, Hill streec. 

Newton Stewart (-^.jB.) -Mechanics' 

Norwich. — Cathedral Library. 
Norfolk and Norwich Library. 
Norfolk and Norwich Literary Inst. 
Norwich Medico-Chirurgical Socy. 

Nottingham. — Bromley House Lib. 
Mechanics' Institution : John T. 
Radford, t.b.hist.s.. Chief Librarian. 
Est. 1837. Number of vols, in Lending 
Department, 24,728 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 6,450 ; annual issue, 131,748. 
Annual income from subscriptions, &c., 
£7,656, affording £600 for the purchase 
of books. Collection of Local books 
(Byron and Kirke White), Engravings 
and Portraits illustrative of local scenery 
and authors. Has a membership of 
5,000 subscribers. The accommodation 
for the members includes a large well- 
lighted newspaper room, open from 9 
a.m. to 10 p.m. Commodious Beading 
Rooms, Billiard and Smoking Room, also 
Refreshment Room in addition to the 
Lending and Reference Libraries, these 
being open from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. 
every week-day. There are also Camera, 
Cycling, Reading, Rambling, and Tra- 
vellers Clubs in connection with the 
Provincial Grand Lodge of Free- 
masons, Library and Museum. 



Nottingham — continued. 
People's Hall, Heath CO te-st. : Alfred 
Easom, Librarian. Est. 1854. 10,500 
volumes ; annual issue, 10,000. Income 
from subscriptions and small endow- 
ment £350, about £100 being available 
for the purchase of books. Open on 
week-days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

NuNKATON — Wood Institute. 

Oban {N.B.) — Scientific Association. 

Oldham. — Crompton Co-operative 

Equitable Co-operative Society. 
Industrial Co-op. Society, Foundry 
street : Anthony Spencer, Librarian. 
Est. 1860. Number of vols, in Lending 
Department, 14,441 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 3,450 ; annual circulation, 80,000 ; 
16 branches. Supported by 2^ per cent, 
of the net profits of the Society, averag- 
ing £1,300 annually. Open to members 
on week-days from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Very successful lectures have been given 
in connection with the University Ex- 
tension Scheme, and various Science 
and other classes are held during the 
winter months. 

Oldham Lyceum, Union street : 
Arthur Tait, Librarian. Estab. 1839. 
Annual income chiefly from members' 
subscriptions £1,400, allowing £150 to 
be spent on books. Open to members 
every week-day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
The Library receives through Muclie a 
weekly supply of books. There are a 
School of Music and several scientific 
societies in connection. 

Ormskibk. — Public Library. 

OssETT. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Otley. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Oxford. — All Souls' Library. 

Indian Institute : Ernest Sibree, 
M.A., M.R.A.S., Librarian. Est. 1885. 
Annual income £300. Contains about 
8,500 volumes, including the *' Malan 
Library," consisting of books in all the 
principal languages of the world. Open 
every week-day, during tenn, to mem- 
bers of the University, and to other 
persons on entering their names in the 
" Readers' Book," from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., 
from 5 to 6 p.m., and 8 to 9 p.m. The 
Library is merely for reference purposes, 
and is in connection with the University. 
The Library building, which in 1885 was 
only partly completed, has now been 
extended to one and a half times the 
size it then was, by the completion (1893) 
of the building as originally designed 
Deniderata : Sanskrit and Arabic litera 
ture chiefly. The Museum in connec 
tion contains specimens of Indian Art, 
a fine collection of Indian Musical In 
struments, objects from Central Asia 
&c. Keeper : Sir M. Monier-Williams 
K.C.I.B., D.c.L. Deputy Keeper: Prof, 
A. A. Macdowell, m.a., fh.i>. 

Oxford — continued. 
Balliol College Library. 
Bodleian Library (400,000 vols.) 
Brazen ose College Library. 
Christ Church Library. 
Corpus Christi College Library. 
Exeter College Library. 
Hertford College Library. 
Jesus College Library. 
Keble College Library. 
Lincoln College Library. 
Magdalen College Library. 
Merton College Library. 

Missionary Associa"- of Graduates, 
138, High street. Library of Missionary 

New College Library. 

Oriel College Library. 

Pembroke College Library. 

Pusey Memorial Library. 

Queen's College Library. 

RadcliflFe Library. 

St. Edmuud's Hall Library. 

St. John's College Library. 

Taylor Institute Library. 

Trinity College Library. 

Unattached Students' Library. 

Union Society Library. 

University College Library. 

Wadham College Library. 

Worcester College Library. 

Padiham. — Industrial Co-operative 
Society Library. 

Peebles. -Chambers' Institution, High 
St.: Jas. Anderson, Librarian. Opened 
1859. 17,000 volumes. Supported by 
subsrciptions. Open on week-days only 
from 9-30 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Pembroke Dock.— Mechanics' Inst. 
Pendlebury. — Pendlebury Institute. 
Penzance. — Penzance Library. 
Perth. — Literary and Antiquarian 
Mechanics' Library : Charles Tul- 
loch, Librarian. Estab. 1823. About 
10,000 vols. Annual income from sub- 
scriptions £120, affording £50 for the 
f)urchase of books. Collection of local 
iterature. Open on week-days only. 
National Science Society Library. 
Students' Union Library. 
Peterborough. — Cathedral Library. 
Law Society Library. 

Plymouth. — Incorporated Law Socy. 
Mechanics' Institute. 
Medical Society Library. 
Plymouth Institution. 



Plymouth — continued. 
Proprietary Library, Cornwall-st. : 
J. Brooking-Rowe, f.s.a., Hon. Secre- 
tary : John Whitmarsh, Librarian. Est. 
1810. Number of vols., 51,000; annual 
issue, about 18,000. Annual income 
from subscriptions £600, about half of 
this being expended in books and news- 
papers. Open on week-days from 10 
a.m. to 10 p.m. Under the same Society, 
but vested in trustees, is the "Cottonian 
Library and Museum," a valuable col- 
lection of Paintings, Books, Manu- 
scripts, Engravings, and Portraits, by 
Sir Joshua Reynolds. 

PoLLOKSHAWS. — Campbell Library. 

PoNTEFBACT. — Young Men's Inst. 

Port Glasgow. —Moffat Library. 

PoRTADOWN. — Public Library. 

PoRTHLEVEN.— Bickford-Smith Inst. 

Portsmouth. — Dockyard Library. 

Preston. — Brackenbury Medical Lib. 
at Royal Infirmary. 
Dr. Shepherd's Library. 
Industrial Co-operative Society. 
Law Library, Chapel Walks. 

PuDSEY. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Radcltffb {Lanes. ) — Industrial Socy. 
Library. 6,000 volumes. 

Ramsbottom. — Indust. & Provident 
Society Ltd. : Geo. Newbold, Librarian. 
Est. 1866. Number of volumes, 3,350 ; 
annual issue, 12,000. Annual income 
from a percentage of the Society's 
profits, £170. Open to members every 

Rawten STALL. — Industrial Society 

Redditch. — Literary Institute. 

Redruth. — Redruth Institute. 

Reigate. — Literary Institute. 
Mechanics' Institute. 

Renton (N.B.) — Victoria Institute. 
5,000 volumes. 

Richmond {Surrey) Wesley an College 
Library : Rev. A. S. Geden, if. a.. Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1843. Number of volumes 
in Lending Department, 14,700 ; Refer- 
ence Department, 410; annual circula- 
tion, 900. Supported by the Wesleyan 
Missionary Society. About £50 annually 
spent in books. Open to members of the 
College from 1 to 5 p.m. on week-days. 

Richmond [Tories.) Mechanics' Inst., 
Great Channel. 

RiPON.— Minster Library. 

Rishton. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Rochdale. — Equit. Pioneers' Society. 
Subscription Library. 
Whitworth Friendly Co-op. Society. 

Rochester. — Cath edral Library. 

RossALL {Fleetwood).-Sc\ioo\ Library. 

Rothesay.— Stewart Institute Lib. 
RoYTON. — Industrial Co-op. Society 

Rugby. — Co-operative Society Lib. 

Railway Institute. 

Rugby Institute. 

School Library. 
Rdtherglen.— Public Library. 

Ryde {Isle of Tr«(7/iO.— Philosophical 

Saffron Walden [Essex). — Public 
Library in connection with the Literary 
and Scientific Institute: Wm. Murray 
Tuke, Hon. Librarian. Opened 1832. 
Number of vols, about 14,000 ; annual 
income from subscriptions and endow- 
ments £200, about £140 being expended 
in books. Open on week-days only to 
subscribers and members of the Insti- 
tute from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

St. Andrews. — University Library : 
James Maitland Anderson, Librarian. 
Est. 1610. 115,000 vols. About £650 is 
annually devoted to the purchase of 
books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. 

St. Asaph.— Cathedral Library. 
St. Davids.— Cathedral Library. 
St. Leonards. — Mechanics' Institute. 
St. Neots. — Literary Institute. 
Salisbury.— Cathedral Library. 
Saltney [Cheshire). — Literary Inst. 
Sanquhar (iV.i?.)— Public Library. 
Scarborough. —Mechanics' Institute. 
Settle.— Library. 12,000 volumes. 
Se venoa ks. — Library. 
Shaftesbury. — Literary Institute. 
Shanklin [Isle of Wight)— Liter&ry 

and Scientific Institute. 
Sheerness. — Dockyard Library. 
Sheffield. — Athenaeum, George-st. 

Borough Library. 

District Incorporated Law Society. 

Firth College Library. 

Literary and Philosophical Society. 
Shepton Mallet.— Reading Society. 
Shipley.— Salt Schools' Institute. 
Shrewsbury. — School Library. 
SiDMOUTH. — Mechanics' Institute. 
Skipton.— Mechanics' Institute. 
Slough. — Leopold Institute. 

Mechanics' Institute. 
Smethwick. — Literary Institute. 
Southampton. —Hartley Institution. 
Southend-on-Sea Library. 

SouTHGATE [Middlesex). — Reading 

Room and Library. 
SoDTH MoLTON. — Free Library. 
Southwell.— Literary Institute. 



Spalding. — MechaDics' Institute. 

Stacksteads. — Industrial Society 

Stafford. — Mechanics' Institute. 
The William Salt Library, Bank 
Passage : John W. Bradley, b.a., IJb- 
rarlan. Founded as a Free Public 
Reference library in 1872. The Library, 
which chiefly consists of archaeological 
collections of the late William Salt, 
Esq., contains several thousand volumes 
relating mainly to the history of the 
county and county families of Stafford- 
shire. Nearly 10,000 drawings and en- 
gravings and a great number of curious 
old deeds, and numerous MSS., form 
part of this invaluable collection. Open 
10 to 4, Tuesday to Saturday. Closed 
on Mondays, except during Assizes and 
Quarter Sessions. Closed also during 
August and September, and two weeks 
at Christmas and Easter. 

Stalybridge. — Mechanics* Institute. 

Stamford. —Stamford Institution. 

Stewarton (iV.^.)— Public Library. 

Stockport. — Mechanics' Institute 
Library : 6. £. Gosling, Librarian. 

Stockton-on-Tees. —Co-operative In- 
dustrial Society. 
Literary Institute. 

Stone. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Stonehaven {Kincardineshire. ) — Lit. 
Society Library, Town Hall : Edward 
Cruse, Librarian. Est. 1828. 3,500 vols. 
Open every week-night. 

Stornoway (^.jB.)— Public Library. 

Stourbridge. — Stourbridge Institute 

Stourport. — Stourport Institute. 

Stowmarket. — Literary Institute. 

Stranraer. — Athenaeum. 

Stratford-on-Avon. — Shakespeare's 
House : R. Savage, Librarian. 
Shakespeare Memorial Library : W. 
Salt Brassington, p.p.a., Librarian. Est. 
1881. Free Reference Library of about 
7,000 volumes. Open on week-days from 
10 to 6. Special collection of editions of 
Shakespeare's Plays, Shakespeareana, 
English Drama, Stage History, Lives of 
Actors, Local History, &c. A charge of 
ed. or Is. for annual tickets admits to view 
Picture Gallery, Theatre, and Gardens. 
The collection of pictures comprise an 
original portrait of Shakespeare, por- 
traits of distinguished actors and 
actresses, subjected pictures from the 
plays, many originals of the Boydell 
Shakespeare Gallery. In the Gardens is 
a fine group of bronze statuary presented 
by the author, The Lord Ronald Gower. 
The Theatre, in which the annual 
Festival performances take place, is 
connected with the Library ana Picture 
Gallery. The founder of the Memorial, 
the late Mr. C. E. Flower, was a native 
of Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Stromness {Orkney).— Fnhlic Library 

Stroud. —Free Library. Opened 1 888. 
Number of volumes 3,500. The Library 
is maintained by subscriptions. 

Sudbury. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Sunderland. — Co-operative Society, 
19, Green street : J. Summersgill, Libra- 
rian. Opened 1862. Nearly 11,000 vols.; 
annual circulation, about 51,000. Annual 
income, 2^ per cent, of the profits of the 
Society, £780, aUowing £146 for the pur- 
chase of books. Free to members, and 
open on week-days from 10 a-m. to 9 

6m. Closes on Wednesdays at 12 noon, 
iscussion, Science, and other classes. 
Scientific and Industrial Lectures are 
held in connection with the Educational 

Subscription Library. 

Swansea. —Royal Institution of South 
Working Men's Institute. 

Swindon (New) Wilts.— G. W. R. 
Meclianics' Institution : A If. J. Birch, 
Librarian. Est. 1844. 18,000 volumes ; 
annual circulation, 80,000. Annual in- 
come from subscriptions over £3,000, 
averaging £200 for the purchase of 

Tarporley.— Tarporley Library. 

Tavistock {Devon).— The Tavistock 
Library, Abbey Buildings, Bedford-sq.: 
John Quick, Librarian. Opened 1799. 
About 15,000 vols. Supported by sub- 
scriptions. Open to subscribers of £1 68. 
per annum, every week-day from 8 a.m. 
to 10 p.m. A Museum in connection. 

ToNBRiDGE.— Mechanics' Institute. 

Torquay.— Natural History Museum 
Library, Babbacombe road. 
Vivian Institute. 

Truro.— Bishop Phillpott's Library. 
Church Institute, Cathedral Yard : 
T. B. Varker and W. Libby, Librarians. 
Est. 1884. Nearly 1,000 volumes. Free 
to members of the Institute. Open on 
Tuesday and Friday evenings. 
Cathedral Library. 
Royal Institution of Cornwall. 

TuNBRiDOE Wells. —Mechanics' Inst. 
Society of Literature. 

Ulverston Library. 

Uttoxeter. — Mechanics' Literary 

Ventnor {Isle of Wight).— Liter&ry 
and Scientific Institute. 

Wakefield. -Industrial Co-operative 
Society Library. 
Mechanics' Institute. 

Wallingford. — Free Library and 
Literary Institute. 

Ware.— St. Edmund's College Lib. 

Warminster. — Athensenm. 



Waterfoot {Lanes. ) — Industrial 
Society Library. 

Waterford. — Christiau Brothers' 

Watford. — Literary Institute. 

Wells.— Cathedral Lib. 3,000 vols. 

Welshpool. — Powys Land Museum 
and Library, Salop road. 

West Vale ( Yorks. ) — Mechanics' 

Westerkirk {N.B.) — Telford Lib. 

Wexford.— Public Library. 

Whaleybridge. — Mechanics' Inst. 

Whitby. — Subscription Library. 
30,000 volumes. 

Whitehaven. — Scientific Institute. 
Subscription Library. 

Whitstable.— Whitstable Institute. 

WiGAN. -Co-operative Society Library 

Wimborne (Dorset). — The Minster 
Library: Q. F. Score, Parish Clerk. 
Est. 1086. Given by the Rev. WUliam 
Stone (a Vicar of the Parish) for the free 
use of the townspeople, no slight boon, 
considering the scarcity and costliness 
of books at that date. 240 rare and 
early-printed volumes. The chains 
which were originally attached to the 
books are still preserved. The oldest 
book is a Manuscript on vellum, bearing 
date 1343. 

Winchester.— Cathedral Library. 
College, Moberley Library. 
Mechanics' Institute. 
Windsor. -Albert Institute, Sheet-st. 
Queen's Band Library : A. Maple- 
son, Librarian. 
Royal Library, Windsor Castle : 
Richard R. Holmes, f.s.a., Librarian. 
70,000 volumes. 

Witney {Oxon.) — A thenajum Library 
and Beading Room, Corn Exchange. 

Wolverhampton. — Law Society Lib. 

Wolverhampton Library, Waterloo 

road : Miss E. G. Lewis, Librarian. 

Opened 1794. Over 18,000 volumes. Sup- 

Sorted by subscriptions. Open on week- 
ays (Saturday excepted) from 10 a.m. 
to 5-30 p.m. 
Wolverton. -Science & Art Institute. 
Woodbridge. — Mechanics' Institute. 

Seek ford Schools Library. 
Woodside ( Anderson Library. 
Woolwich. — Polytechnic Institute. 
Royal Military Academy. (1813 ; 
burned and reorganised 1873.) 14,000 
Worcester. — Cathedral Library. 

Railway Literary Institute. 
Wycombe (High). — Free Library. 
York. — Archaeological Society's Lib. 
Library of the Yorkshire Law 
Society, 7, Spurrier Gate : William P. 
Glaisby, Librarian; Alfred Procter, Hon. 
Sec. Est. 1828. 

Medical Library. 

Minster Library. 11,000 volumes. 

Railway Institute. 

Subscription Library, St. Leonard's 
place : Richard Hanghton. Librarian. 
Est. 1794. 30,000 volumes ; annual cir- 
culation, 28,000. Rich in Biography. 
Subscriptions of £1 6s. a year produce 
£500, about £100 being expended in 
books. Open to members every week- 
day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

York Incorporated Church of Eng- 
land Sunday School Committee and 
Teachers' Library. Over 1,500 volumes. 
A Biblical Museum and Reading Room 
attached. There are also Libraries for 
the use of the scholars containing over 
1,000 volumes. 
Ystrad Rhondda. — Library. 
YouGHAL. — Literary Institute. 


Cleaner anb IRestorer of Books, 

lenQravinQS, anb paintings, 


and Loose Prints Cleaned and Bestored at Moderate Charges. 






British Columbia, 

Victoria. — Law Society Library. 
Legislative Assembly Library : R. 
E. Gosnell, Librarian. 7,000 volumes for 
reference only. Annual income £375, 
about £250 being spent in books ; 
GoTemment supported. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. 
Public Library. 
Westminster. — Public Library. 

Manitoba and North West. 

Regina. — North-west Gov. Library. 
Winnipeg. — Isbister Library. 

Law Society of Manitoba. 

Manitoba College Library. 

Provincial Library of Manitoba : 
J. P. Robertson, Librarian. Opened 
1870. A Reference Library of 12,000 
volumes. About £100 annually spent in 
books. Special collections : Legal, Con- 
stitutional, Historical, Political, and 
Natural Sciences ; Political Economy, 
and Standard Works of Reference. JDe- 
nderafa : Exchange of Documents with 
other Governments. Open on week-days 
only from 9 a.m. to 4-30 p.m. A Museum 
and Reading Room attached to the 

Neio Brunswick. 

FREDERICTON.-Law Lib. of Brunswick 
Legislative Lib. of New Brunswick 
University of New Brunswick. 

St. John. — Free Public Library. 
St. John Law Society. 

Sackville.— Mount Allison College. 

Nova Scotia. 

ANTiGONiSH.-St. Fr. Xavier Coll. Lib. 

Halifax. — Citizen's Free Library. 
Legislative Library : Francis Blake 
Crofton, Librarian. Est. 1859. Over 
16,000 books and 15,000 pamphlets (in- 
cluding duplicates). Anniial income 
£350, affording £60 for the purchase of 
books. Collections of Dominion and 
Provincial Government Publications, 
Nova Scotian Authors, and the collec- 
tions of thfe Nova Scotia Historical 
Society. Open on week-days from 10 
a.m. to 5 p.m. The "Archives" of the 
Province (bound and catalogued MSS.) 
are kept apart by a Commissioner of 

Halifax — continued. 
Dalhousie Coll. University: Walter 
C. Murray, Librarian. 4,500 volumes. 
Open every week-day to matriculated 
students upon payment of $2*00. 
Dalhousie Law School Library. 

WoLFViLLE. — Acadia College. 

Berlin.— Public Library. 

Brantford. — Grant Law Library 
Public Library. 
Chatham.— Public Library. 
Guelph. — Ontario Agricultural Coll. 
Public Library. 
Wellington Law Association. 
Hamilton. -Hamilton Ladies' College. 
Hamilton Law Association. 
Public Library, Richard T. Lance- 
field, Librarian. Est. 1889. In Lending 
Department, 19,083 volumes ; Reference 
Department, 4,976 volumes ; annual cir- 
culation, 221,672. Annual income £2,500, 
about £400 being expended in books. 
Library open on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 8-30 p.m. Reading Room open week- 
days 8-30 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. All depart- 
ments closed Sundays and holidays. 
Kingston. — Queen's University : 
Professor A. Shortt, Librarian. Opened 
1841. 35,000 volumes. £250 annually 
expended in books. Desiderata: Ameri- 

Royal Military College. 
Lindsay. — Lindsay Law Association. 
London. — Middlesex Law Association 

Western University. 
Ottawa. — Archives (Historical). 
Carleton Law Library. 
Dominion Law Library. 
Geological Survey Library : John 
Thorburn, m.a., ll.d., Libm. Opened 
1843. About 11,000 volumes. Supported 
by Government. Open every week-day 
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Lib. of Parliament (160,000 vols.) 
Literary and Scientific Society : H. 

B. Small, Librarian. Opened 1864. 

Over 4,000 volumes. Annual income 

£200. Open on week-days only from 8 

a.m. to 10 p.m. 

University of Ottawa (33,000 vols.) 



Ottawa — continued. 

Young Men's Christian Association: 
F. J. Fedarb, Libiarian. 3,200 volumes. 
£30 annually spent in books. Open 
week-days only irom 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Pbtbrboro. — Law Association. 
St. Catherine's.— Public Library. 
St. Thomas.— Elgin Law Library. 

Public Library. 
SiMCOE. — Free Library. 
Toronto. —Canadian Institute. 

County of York Law Association : 
Miss A. M. Read, Librarian. Opened 
1886. 3,500 volumes. Annual income 
from fees and grant $1,500. Open on 
week-days 9-30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Knox Library. 

Legislative Library of Ontario 
(75,000 vols.) 

Lib. of the Education Department. 

McMaster University. 

Ontario Medical Library. 

Public Library : James Bain, Lib- 
rarian. Opened 1883. Number of vols, 
in Central Lending Department, 39,702 ; 
Reference Department, 45,382; Four 
Branch Libraries, 12,726 : annual circu- 
lation, 535.959. Annual income from 
rates £«,700, about £1,500 being ex- 
pended in books. Open on week-days 

St. Michael's College. 

School of Practical Science. 

Trinity University Library : A. H. 
Young, M.A.., Librarian. Opened 1852. 
12,000 volumes. 

University of Toronto Library : H. 
H. Langton, Librarian. Est. 1856. A 
Reference Library of 45,000 volumes for 
the use of Members of the Univeraity, 
Graduates and Undergraduates, and 
Students of affiliated Colleges. Annual 
income £600, by gi-ant from the Trustees 
of the University Open on week-days 
from 9 to 5 and 7 to 10-30. 

Victoria University Library. 

Wycliffe Colloge Library. 

Waterloo. —Public Library. 
Whitby. — Ontario Law Association. 
Woodstock. — Woodstock College. 

Prince Edward Island. 

Charlottetown. — Law Library. 
Legislative Library. 


L'AssoMPTiON. — L'Assomption Coll. 
Lennoxville.— Bishop's College. 

Montreal. — Advocates* Library. 

Congregational College of Canada : 
Rev. E. Munson Hill, h.a.. Librarian. 
Opened 1845. 6,000 volumes. Dendernta : 
Modem Theological Science. Open on 
vreek-days only. 

Diocesan Theological College Lib. 

Eraser Institute (30,000 vols.) 

Horticultural Society Library. 

Jacques Carti6r Normal School Lib. 

. McGill University : C. H. Gould, 
Librarian. The General, Medical, and 
Law Libraries comprise 65,000 volumes. 
In connection is the Peter Redpath 
Museum : B. J. Harrington, Honorary 

Mechanics' Institute. 

Montreal Coll. Lib. (46,000 vols.) 

Natural History Society. 

Presbyterian College. 

Wesleyan Theological College Lib. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Nicolet.— College Lib. (20.000 vols.) 
Quebec. — Bar Library. 

Bibliothfeque des Ouvriers. 

Coll. de Sainte Anne de la Pocatiere. 

College of St. Hyacinthe. 

Department of Public Instruction 

Laval University Library : Thomas 
E. Hamel, m.a., Librarian. Est. 1854. 
A Reference Library of 100,000 volumes 
and pamphlets for the use of Students 
and Professors of the University. Per- 
sons -wishing to make special researches 
are admitted free. The Library is strong 
in Canadian History. Open on week- 
days during term (Tliursdays excepted) 
from 9 to 11 a.m. and 3 to 5 p.m. A 
Musem in connection contains a varied 
selection of specimens, and about 200 
Paintings, mostly original, by European 

Legislature of Quebec Library 
(45,000 volumes.) 

Literary and Historical Society : 
Frederick C. Wurtele, Librarian. Est. 
1824. About 16,000 vols, of Canadian 
History and General Literature. Open 
to members every week-day from 2 to 
10 p.m. The Society publishes Transac- 
tions and Elistorical Documents relating 
to Canada. 
Sherbrooke. -Library and Art Union 
(20,000 volumes.) 

Three Rivers. — Seminaire de Trois 

Wi.VDSOB. — Free Library. 



In each of the following towns , in the Province of Ontario, there is a 

Mechanics^ Institute Library 


Ailsa Craig 


Owen Sound 





Fenelon Falls 













Point Edward 


Garden Island 

Port Elgin 



Port Hope 












Richmond Hill 




Bowman ville 








Smiths Falls 
















Carleton Place 

Merrick ville 

St. George 



St. Mary's 



Tees water 





Mount Forest 





Colling wood 

New Hamburg 






Niagara Falls 


Dunn ville 














"Books still accomplish miracles; they persuade men." — Thomas Garlyle. 

"Books are the windows through which the soul looks out." — Henry 
Ward Beecher. 

"Love of reading enables a man to exchange the wearisome hours of life 
which come to everyone, for hours of delight." — Montesquieu. 

" As much company as I have kept, and as much as I love it, I love 
reading better, ana would rather be employed in reading than in the most 
agreeable conversation." — Pope. 

" Except a living man, there is nothing more wonderful than a book ! A 
message to us from the dead — from human souls whom we never saw, who 
lived, perhaps, thousands of miles away ; and yet these, in those little sheets 
of paper, speak to us, amuse us, terrify us, teach us, comfort us, open their 
hearts to us as brothers." — Charles Kingsley. 






Auburn. — Polytechnic Institute Lib. 
BiKMiNOHAM. — Public Library. 
East Lake. — Howard College Library 
Gbbbnsbobo. — Southern University. 
Mobile. — Mobile Library. 
MoNTOOMBBY. — State and Supreme 

Court Library. 
State Board of Health Library. 
Spring Hill. — Spring Hill College. 
Talladeoa. — Talladega College. 
TusKEOEB. — Normal and Industrial 

University. — University of Alabama 


Phoenix. — Territorial Law Library. 


Batesville. — Arkansas College. 
Fa YBTTB ville. -Industrial University 
LiTTLB Rock. — Arkansas State Lib. 
(51,000 vols.) 

Supreme Court Law Library. 

Little Rock University. 
Marianna. — Male and Female Inst. 


Alameda. -Free Library and Reading 

Berkeley. — University of California 

(48,287 TolB.) 

College Park. — University of the 

Los Angeles. — Law Library. 
Public Library, City Hall, Broad- 
wa:^ : Mrs. Harriet C. Wadleigh, lib- 
rarian. Opened 1872. Number of vols, 
in Lending Department, 85,458 ; Refer- 
ence Department. 10,905 ; Juvenile Lib- 
rary, 6,000; total annual circulation, 
556,312. Annual income from taxes 
922,000, about 94,000 annually spent in 
books. Open on week-days from 9 
a.m. to 9-80 p.m. ; Sundays, 1 to 9 p.m. 
St. Vincent's College. 
University of Southern California. 
Marys VILLE. — City Library. 

College of Notre Dame. 
Napa. — Free Public Library. 
Oakland.— California College. 
Free Public Library. 
Pacific Theological Seminary. 
St. Mary's CoUege. 
Pbtaluma.— Public Library. 
Pomona. — Public Library. 

Riverside. — Free Public Library. 
Sacramento. — California State Lib. 

(101,000 vols.) 
Free Public Library, 716, 1 street: 
CaroIineG. Hancock, Librarian. Opened 
1879. 26,000 volumes. Annual income 
from tax 87,000, about 81,000 being ex- 
pended in books. Open on week-days 
and Sundays from 10 a. m. to 9 p.m. 

San Anselmo. -Theological Seminary. 

San Diego. — Free Public Library. 

San Francisco. -Academy of Sciences 
Bancroft Library (60,000 vols.) 
Bar Association of San Francisco. 

Biblioth^ue de la Ligue Nationale 

Franoaise (16,000 vols.) 
B'nai Brith Library. 
Bohemian Club Library. 
California State Mining Bureau Lib. 
Chamber of Commerce Library. 
Free Public Library (90,000 vols.) 
Geographical Society of the Pacific. 
Knights of Pythias Library. 
Law Library, Southern Pacific Co. 
Mechanics' Institute (75,(X)0 vols. ) 
Mercantile Lib. Assoc. (62,000 vols.) 
Oddfellows' Lib. Assoc. (45,000 vols.) 
San Francisco Law Lib. (35,000 vols. ) 
St. Ignatius College (15,000 vols.) 
Supreme Court Law Library. 
Sutro Library, 30, Montgomery 

Block : George Moss, Librarian. 206,800 


Santa Clara. — Santa Clara College. 
Stockton.— Free Public Library. 

Boulder. — University of Colorado. 
Colorado Springs. -Colorado College 

Denver. — City Library: Charles R. 
Dudley, Librarian. Est. 1886. In Lend- 
ing Department, 25,000 vols.; Reference 
Department, 7,000 vols.; annual circula- 
tion, 144,800. Annual income $7,000, 
affording $2,500 for the purchase of 
literature. Open on week-days and Sun- 
days, free. 

Public Library. 

State Library. 

University of Denver. 


Bridgeport. — Public Library and 

Reading Room (22,000 volumes.) 
Danburt. — Danbury Library. 




Hartford. — Case Memorial Library 
of the Hartford Theological Seminary : 
Alfred T. Perry, Librarian. Est. 1834. 
Nearly 70,000 volumes. £120 annually 
expended in books. The special collec- 
tions of Lutherana, £nf; Hymnology 
and Arabic are unrivalled in America. 
Open every week-day from 7-30 a.m. to 
9-30 p.m. The Library belongs to the 
Institution, but is free for all who wish 
to use it. 

Connecticut Historical Society. 

Connecticut State Library. 

Public Lib.: Caroline M. Hewins, 
Librarian. Est. 1892. 88,500 vols. A 
collection of Pamphlets used by Noah 
Webster in compiling his Dictionary. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 8 
p.m.; Sundays, 1 to 7-30 p.m. 

Trinity College Library : Frederick 
B. Cole, Librarian. Est. 1823. 60,000 
vols. About $2,000 annually expended 
in books. Collections of Theological 
and Medical Works, and English State 
Papers. Open every week-day. 

Watkinson Library of Reference : 
Frank B. Gay, Librarian. Opened 1866. 
48,546 volumes. About £500 annually 
available for purchase of books. Special 
collections : Philology, English Local 
and Family History, Demonology, As- 
trology, (fee, Americana, Fine Arts. De- 
aiderata : Same subjects. Open on week- 
days only from 9-30 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. 
A large circulating library is in same 

MiDDLETOWN. — Berkeley Divinity 
College (33,500 vols.) 
Library of Wesleyan University : 
W. J. James, Librarian. Opened 1833. 
47,000 volumes. Annual income from 
library endowment fund £250, about 
£200 being spent in books. Special col- 
lections : American Historv ; Historv of 
Methodism. Open on week-days only. 

New Haven. — Yale University. Over 

200,000 volumes. 
Young Men's Institute. 
NewLondox. — Public Library: Mary 

A. Richardson, Librarian. Opened 1891. 

1,700 volumes. £300 annually spent in 

books. Open on week-days only from 

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Norwich. — The Otis Library : Jon"- 
Trumbull, Librarian. About 21,000 vols.; 
annual circulation, 95,000. Annual in- 
come $7,000, about $1,000 being expended 
in books. Open on week-days and Sun- 

Waterbury. — Silas Bronson Library 
(45,000 vols.) 


Newark. — Delaware College. 

Dover. — Delaware State Library : 
Thomas W. Jefferson, Libarian. Opened 
1747. About 38,000 volumes. Annual 
income $375, affording 9300 for purchase 
of books. Special collections : Law, 
U.S. Governmental Reports, History. 
Open every week-day from 10 a.m. to 
4 p.m. 

Wilmington. — Historical Society of 
Wilmington Institute Free Library: 
Willis Fuller Sewall, Librarian. Opened 
(as Free Library) 1894. 20,500 vols, in 
Centntl Library ; Branch Library, 1,500; 
Boys' Library, 25,000; annual circula- 
tion, 151,000. Annual income from 
rentals and city appropriation £8,000, 
affording £600 for purchase of books. 
Open on week-days onlv from 8-30 
to 10 p.m This Library Is the direct suc- 
cessor of the Library Company of Wilm- 
ington, founded 1788. 

District of Columbia. 

Georgetown. — The Riggs Library of 
Georgetown University, Wash- 
ington : Rev. J. F. X. Mulvany, s.j.. 
Librarian. Est. 1789. Number of vols, 
in Central Lending Department, 70,000 ; 
Reference Department, 2,500 ; in six 
Branch Libraries, 7,000 ; Boys' Library, 
10,000. Possesses the Shea Collection, 
12,500 volumes of Historical and Indian 
matter; and the Evans Collection of 
rare editions, 601 vols. Open on week- 
days 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This Library repre- 
sents 270 languages and dialects. 

Washington. — American Medical 

American University. 

Catholic University of America. 
18,000 vols. Assyriology and Oriental 

Columbian University. 

Department of Justice Library. 

Dept. of State Lib. (50,000 vols.) 

Department of the Interior Library. 

Gonzaga College Library. 
House of Representatives (125,000 
volumes ) 

Howard University : Miss Irene C. 
l^ler. Librarian. Est. 1868. Number 
of volumes in central and four branch 
libraries, 13,000. About 91,000 annually 
spent in books. Special collections: 
Theology, Science, Anti-Slavery, and 
Race problem. Denderata : — English 
Literature, Mythology, Folk-lore, Poli- 
tical Economy, and Social Questions 
generally. Open on week-days from 
9 to 4-30. 

Library of Congress (over 680,000 



Washington — continued. 
Library of United States Depart- 
ment of Agriculture : William Parked 
Cutter, Librarian. Opened 1869. 67,000 
volumes. Annual income from Govern- 
ment appropriation £2,250, affording 
£1,000 for purchase of books. Special 
collections : Natural History, AgriMiI- 
ture and Horticulture, Forestry, Statis- 
tics, Chemistry. Lerderata: Agricul- 
ture, Natural History, and Science in 
general. Open on week-days only from 
9 to 4. 

Library of United States Weather 
Bureau : H. W. Smith, Librarian. Est. 
1870. 22,000 books and pamphlets, 
mostly relating to Meteorology, Mag- 
netism, and allied branches. About 
$1,500 annually expended in books. 
Accessible to anyone interested who is 
properly introduced. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Navy Department Library : Prof. 
E. K. Rawson, U.S. Navy, Librarian. 
Opened 1880. 25,000 vols. Supported 
by Government, about £400 is available 
for purchase of books. Special collec- 
tions : British and American Naval His- 
tory. Deaiderata : Naval History. Open 
to naval officers and employees of the 
department every week-day from 9 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. 

Post Office Department Library. 

Scientific Library, Patent Office : 
Howard L. Prince, Librarian. 69,000 
volumes. Annual income from Govern- 
ment grant $3,000, affording 92,500 for 
purchase of books. Open on week-days 

Signal Office, U.S. Army. 

"Solicitor of the Treasury" Library 

Surgeon-General's Office, U.S. Army 

(105,000 vols.) 
Treasury Department Library. 

U.S. Bureau of Education Library 

(45,000 vols.) 
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 

Office Library. 
U.S. Geological Survey Library 

(31,000 vols.) 
U.S. Naval Observatory Library. 
U.S. Senate Library (72,502 vols.) 
War Department Lib. (30,000 vols. ) 


Milton. — Public Library, Santa Rosa 

Tallahassee. —State Library. 


Athens.— University of Georgia Lib. 

(27,000 vols.) 
Atlanta. — Atlanta University. 

State Library (45,000 vols.) 

Young Men's Library. 

Columbus. — Public Library. 

Macon. — Public Library & Historical 

Nbwn AN.— College Temple Library. 

Oxford.— Emory College. 

Savannah. — Georgia Historical Soc. 

Moscow. — University of Idaho. 

AuBOBA. — Public Library. 

Belleville.- Public Library: F. J. 
Staufenbiel, Librarian. Opened 1884. 
Number of volumes 25,500. Annual in- 
come from taxes $3,000, about igSOO being 
spent in books. Special collections : 
United States Public Documents and 
Illinois State Public Documents. Open 
on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 10 
p.m.; Sundays 2 to p.m. 

Bloomington. — Library Association. 

Cabbondale. — Southern Illinois 
(State) Normal University. 

Campakin. — University of Illinois 
Library : Professor J. D. Crawford, Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1868. A Reference Library 
of 28,500 vols. Open on week-days from 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Chicago. — Academy of Sciences. 

Armour Institute of Technology 
(16,000 volumes.) 

Hammond Library of the Chicago 
Theological Seminary, 43, Warren ave. : 
Herbert Wright Gates, b.d., Librarian. 
Opened 1881. 18,000 vols. $2,000 annually 
expended in books. Special collections: 
E^ptology and Missionary Intelligence. 
Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 
10 p.m. 

Historical Society, 142, Dearborn 
avenue: Charles Evans, Secretary and 
Librarian. Opened 1856. 20,000 vols. 
Supported by subscriptions. Open on 
week-days only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

John Crerar Free Library. 

Newberry Library. Estab. 1887. 
Number of volumes 60,614. pamphlets 
23,958. Rich in fine bindings ; early 
editions of the Bible, Shakespeare, 
Dante, Cervantes. 

Public Library : Frederick H. Hill, 
Librarian. Opened 1872. Number of 
volumes in Central Library and thirty- 
two Delivery Stations, 225,000 ; annual 
circulation 2,661,490. Annual income 
from tax $244,000, about $35,000 being 
expended in books. Special collections : 
Periodicals, Fine Arts, Patents, Ameri- 
cana, Costume, Books in Continental 
languages. Open on week-days from 9 
a.m. to 10 p.m. ; Sundays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
A new Library Building has been erected 
at a cost of $2,000,000. 



Chicago — continued. 

Presbyterian Theological Seminary. 

St. Ignatius College Library. 

University of Chicago Library : 
Zella Allen Dixon, Librarian. Opened 
1892. Number of volumes in Centml 
Library, 305,000 ; two Branch Libraries, 
6,000. Open on week-days only. 

Virginia Library of the McCormick 
Theological Seminary, 326, Belden ave. 
20,000 volumes. Special collections : 
Hymnology, Biblical Criticism, Patro- 
logy. Open every week-day. 

Western Theological Seminary. 

Eloin. — Gail Borden Public Library: 
Miss Cecil C. Harvey, Librarian. Opened 
1873. Number of volumes in Lending 
and Reference Departments, 16,625 ; 
annual circulation, 121,816. Annual in- 
come from taxes $7,000, affording $1,200 
for the purchase of books. Open on 
week-days from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sun- 
days 1 to 6 p.m. 

EvANSTON. — Free Public Library : 
Mary B. Lindsay, Librarian. Opened 
1871. Number of volumes in Centi'al 
and four School Libraries, 19,991; annual 
circulation, 71,120. Annual income from 
tax $6,700, about $3,000 being spent in 
books. Open on week-days only from 
9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

North-western University Library : 
Lodilla Ambrose, Assistant Librarian. 
Opened 1855. 33,000 volumes. Special 
collections: Greek and Latin Classics, 
U.S. and State Official Publications. 
Open on week-days only. 

Galesburg. — Knox College Library. 
Lombard University. 
Public Library. 

Jacksonville. — Illinois College. 
JoLiET. — Business College. 
Kansas. — Margaret E. Payne Public 
Library ; Edward Willasey, Librarian. 
Lake Forest. -Lake Forest University 
Lebanon. — McKendree College. 
Monmouth. — Monmouth College. 

Warren County Library & Reading 

Morgan Park. — Baptist Union Theo- 
logical Seminary (25,000 vols.) 

Mount Morris. — Cassel Library. 
Mount Morris College (25,000 vols.) 

Mount Vernon. -Supreme (Jourt Law 

Normal. — Illinois State Normal Uni- 
versity: A. V. Milner, Librarian. 10,5d9 
volumes and 3,100 pamphlets ; annual 
circulation, 31,580. State supported. 
Annual income $1,000, affording looo for 
purchase of books. Open on week-days 

Peoria.— Public Library: E. S. Will- 
cox, Librarian. Est. 1880. 58,105 vols.; 
annual circulation 138,464. Annual in- 
come $15,000. Open from 9 a.m. to 9 
p.m., Sundays 2 to 6 p.m. 

RocKFORD. — Public Library. 

Rock Island. — Augustana Callege 
and Theological Seminary. 
Public Library. 

Springfield. — Illinois State Library : 
S. T. Hinrichsen, Librarian. Est. 1842. 
49,000 vols. Annual income §2,500, about 
$1,500 being expended in books. Open 
every week-day. 
Public Library. 

Upper Alton. — Shurtleflf College. 


Bloomington. — Indiana University. 

Crawfordsville. — Wabash College 
Library : H. S. Wedding, Librarian. 
34,000 volumes. £250 available for pur- 
chase of books. Open on week-days 

EvANsviLLB.— Willard Library. 
Franklin. —Franklin College. 
Greencastle.— De Pauw University. 
Hanover. — Hanover College. 

Indianapolis.— Indiana State Law 
Indiana State Library : W. E. 
Henry, Librarian. Opened 1826. 27,582 
vols., chiefly Historical and Political, for 
reference only. State supported. £200 
annually available for purchase of books. 
Open on week-days only from 8 a.m. to 
5 p.m. 

Public Library (50,000 vols.) 
Lafayette.— Public Library. 

Notre Dame.— University of Notre 

Dame (70,000 vols.) 
Richmond. — Morrison Library. 

St. Mary's. — St. Mary's Academy 

St. Meinrad.— St. Meinrad's Abbey 

Terre Haute.— Rose Polytechnic 



Ames. — Iowa State College. 
Burlington.— Free Public Library. 
Cedar Rapids. — Iowa Masonic Lib. 
Council Bluffs.— Free Public Lib. 
Davenport. — Devenport Lib. Assoc. 

Oris wold College. 
DECORAH.-Norweigan Lutheran CoU. 
Des Moines.— Iowa State Library 

(44,500 vols.) 
Public Library. 
Dubuque. — Young Men's Library, 



Fairfield. -Jeflferson County Library 

Grinnell. — Iowa College. 

Iowa City. — Iowa State University 
Library : J. W. Rich, Librarian. 40,000 
▼olumes, including Law Library, which 
is under separate management. 
State Historical Society of Iowa. 

Keokuk. — Keokuk Library Assoc. 

Mount Vernon. — Cornell College : 
May L. Fairbank, Librarian. Opened 
1857. 15,000 volumes. Annual income 
£200, of which £70 is spent in books. 
Special collections : Norton Memorial 
Library of Geology, Alden Memorial 
Library of Christian Evidences, Stucks- 
lager Memorial Library of Political 
Economy. Open week-days only. 


Atchison. — St. Benedict's College. 

Lawrence. — University of Kansas. 

Manhattan. — State Agricultural 
College Library. 

St. Mary's. — St. Mary's College. 

Topeka. — Free Public Library : Mrs. 
E. S. Lewis, Librarian. Estab. 1876. 
Number of vols., 12,000 ; annual issue. 
49,000. Annual income, from rates and 
endowment $5,500, about $1,000 being 
spent in books. Desiderata: Biblio- 
graphy, Electricity, and Kansas books. 
Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 9 
p.m.; Sundays 3 to 6p.m. 
Kansas State Historical Society. 
Kansas State Library. 
Kansas Theological Institute. 


Danville. -Theological Seminary Lib. 
Frankfort. — Kentucky State Lib.: 
Mrs. M. B. R. Day, Librarian. About 
85,000 vols., chiefly Law books. $1,200 
annually expended in books. Open on 
week-days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Georgetown-— College Library. 
Lexington. — Kentucky University. 

Lexington Library Association. 
Louisville. — Diocesan Theological 
Library Association. 
Polytechnic Society of Kentucky 

(50,000 vols.) 
Preston Park Theological Seminary 
Southern Baptist Theol. Seminary. 
Richmond. — Central University. 


Baton Rouge. — Louisiana State Uni- 
versity and Agricultural and Mechanical 
College (20,000 vols.) 

Convent P.O. — Jefferson College. 

New Orleans. — Camatz Institute. 

New Orleans — continued. 

Coll. of the Immaculate Conception 
Fisk Free and Public Library, La- 
fayette square : William Beer, Librarian. 
Opened 1879. 36,000 volumes. Annual 
income £5,000, affording £1,000 for pur- 
chase of books. Open on week-days and 

Howard Memorial Library : Wm. 
Beer, Librarian. Est. 1889. A Reference 
Library of 20,000 volumes ; annual issue 
19,997. Annual income from endowment 
£2,000, about £500 being expended in 
books. Special collections: History of 
Louisiana, Fine Arts, Bibliography. 
DeHderata : Books on the same subjects. 
Open week-days and Sundays. 

Medical Library, Charity Hospital 

State Library of Louisiana 

(41,000 vols.) 
Tulane University Library. 


Augusta. — Maine State Library 
(40,000 vols.) 

Bangor.— Public Lib. (31,029 vols.) 
Theological Seminary Library, 
Penobscot County : C. J. H. Bopes, Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1814. 20,000 vols. About 
£120 annually spent in books. Open on 
week-days from 6 to 6. 

Brunswick. — Bowdoin College Lib.: 
George P. Little, Librarian. Opened 
1802. 60,000 volumes. Annual income 
from College funds £1,000, affording 
£500 for purchase of books. Special 
collections : Huguenot Literature, Maine 
History, Mountaineering, &c. Open on 
week-days only. 

Lkwiston. — Bates College Library : 
Miss Caroline A. Woodman, Librarian. 
Opened 1863. Number of vols. 18,198. 
Open on week-days only. 

Orono. — State College of Agriculture 
and the Mechanic Arts. 

Waterville. -Colby University Lib. : 
Edward W. Hall, Librarian. Est. 1820. 
33,000 vols, and 10,000 pamphlets. Col- 
lections of books on History, English 
Literature, Languages, Natural Science, 
&c. Open every week-day. 


Annapolis.— Maryland State Library 

(100,000 vols.) 

United States Naval Academy Lib. : 
Arthur Newton Brown, Librarian. Est. 
1850. About 36,000 vols, of Marine Litera- 
ature. Professional, Technical, and His- 
torical ; Mathematics, Ac. Desiderata : 
Marine Literature, and important works 
of History, Biography, and Travel. 
About £400 is annually expended in 
books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 6 p.m. 



Baltimore. — Archbishop's Library. 

Baltimore and Ohio Employes' Free 
Circulating Library. 

Bishop Whittingham Library. 

City Library. 

College of St. James (WashiDgton 

Enoch Pratt Free Library : Bernard 
C. Steiner, ph.d., Libranan. Opened 
1886. 113,000 vols, in Central Library, 
and 71,000 in six Branch Libraries ; total 
circulation, 700,000. Annual income 
$55,000, about $15,000 being expended in 
books. Special collections : Sets of 
Periodicals, American Biography, His- 
tory, German and Spanish Literature, 
Shakespeareana. Open on week-days 
only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

John Hopkins Univ. (70,000 vols.) 

Library Uo. of the Baltimore Bar. 

Loyola College (30,000 vols.) 

Maryland Academy of Sciences. 

Maryland Historical Society. 

Maryland Institute. 

New Mercantile Lib. (32,000 vols.) 

Oddfellows' Library. 

Peadody Institute (110,000 vols.) 

St. Mary's Theological Seminary of 
St. Sulpice (30,000 vols.) 
Ellicott City — St. Charles College. 

Mount St. Maby's. — College Library. 

Woodstock. — College Library (75,000 


Abington. — Public Library. 

Amhebst. — College Library : Wm. I. 
Fletcher, Librarian. 65,000 volumes; 
annual circulation, 18,000. Annual in- 
come from college funds $S,000, afford- 
ing $1,500 for purchase of books. Special 
collections : Geology, Lichens, Educa- 
tion, Social Science, English Literature, 
American History. Open on week-days 

Massachusetts Agricultural College 

Andover. — Memorial Hall Library : 
Ballard Holt, Librarian. Opened 1873. 
About 15,000 volumes. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Theological Seminary (48,763 vols.) 

Arltnotdn. — Robbins Library : Miss 
Elizabeth J. Newton, Librarian. A Free 
Public Library containing 14,800 vols.; 
annual circulation, 42,848. Annual in- 
come from tax, <&c., ^5,880. Open on 
week-days from 1 to 8 p.m.; Reading 
Room open on Sundays from 2-30 to 
5-30 p.m. 

Barnstable. — Sturgis Library. 

Be vbrly. — Public Library. 

Boston. — American Academy of Arts 
and Sciences (22,000 vols.) 

AthensBum : W. C. Lane, Librarian. 
Est. 1806. Number of volumes, 177,000 ; 
annual circulation, 52,000. Special col- 
lections: George Washington, Byron, 
Art Books, and Photographs. Open on 
week-days from 9 to 6 ; Sundays 12 to 6. 

Bar Association of the City of 
Boston, 102, Post Office Building : A. 
M. Porter, Librarian. Opened 1885. 
7,186 volumes. £186 annually spent in 
books. Open on week-days only from 9 
a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Boston Medical Library Association 
(21,565 vols.) 

Boston University (35,000 vols. ) 

Bureau of Statistics of Labour. 

College Library (20,055 vols.) 

Congregational Lib. (30,181 vols.) 

General Theological Library, 53, 
Mt. Vernon street : Rev. Geoi^e A 
Jackson, Librarian. Opened 1862. 17,000 
volumes. Open on week-days only from 
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Sears library 
(2,000 vols.) is included. 

Grand Lodge of Masons. 

Library of the American Board of 
Commissioners for Foreign Missions : 
Rev. Judson Smith, Secretary and Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1810. About 8,600 vols. 
Open on week-days only from 9 a.m. to 
5 p.m. 

Library Society (29,451 vols. ) 

Loring's Select Library. 

Massachusetts Historical Society 
(36,000 vols.) 

Massachusetts Inst, of Technology 
(39,000 vols.) 

Medical Library, 19, Boylston place: 
James R. Chaawick, m.d., Librarian. 
Opened 1875. 27,000 volumes, mainlv for 
reference. Open on week-days only from 
9-30 a.m, to 6 p.m. 

New-England Historic Genealogical 
Society Library, 18, Somerset street : 
John Ward Dean, a.ic.. Librarian. 
Opened 1845. About 23,000 vols. Free 
admission on week-days only from 9 
a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Public Lib. : The Staff of Librarians 
numbers upwards of 200. 560,000 vols. 
Income from City funds £24,000 per 
annum. An immense new library build- 
ing, forming one side of Copley square, 
has been erected at a cost of £800,000. 

State Library of Massachusetts : 
C. B. Tillinghast, Librarian. Opened 
1826. 90,000 volumes for reference only. 
^11,800 annually derived from Govern- 
ment appropriations, ^,500 being avail- 
able for purchase of books. Special 
collections : Statutes, Law Reports. 
Works on Political Economy. Social 
Science, Genealogy, State and Town 
Histories, &c. Open on week-days only. 



Boston — continued. 

Numismatic Society Library. 
Soc. of Natural Hist, (21,116 vols.) 
Social Law Library (25,0()0 vols. ) 
U.S. Naval Library and Institute. 
Young Men's Christian Union Lib. 

Braintreb. — Thayer Public Library. 
Brtdgewater. — Public Library. 
Brockton. — Public Library. 

Brookfield. —Merrick Public Lib. 

Brookline. — Public Library. 

Cambridge. — Harvard Law Library: 
John H. Arnold, Librarian. Opened 
1817. Number of volumes 40,000 for 
reference only. Open on week-days from 
8-30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturdays 8-30 a.m. 
to 1 p.m. 
Harvard University : Justin VVin- 
sor, Librarian. Number of volumes in 
College Library, 345,000; Law School, 
38,000; Divinity School, 27,000 ; Museum 
of Zoolo^r, 30,600. 
Public Library : William L. R. 
Oiflford, Librarian. Opened 1858. Num- 
ber of volumes in Central and one 
Branch Library, 53,500 ; annual circula- 
tion, 133,532. Seven delivery stations. 
Annual income from City funds £3,870, 
about £1,200 being expended in books. 
Open on week-days from 10 a.m. to 10 
p.m.; Sundays 2 to 10 p.m. 

Chelsea. — Fitz Public Library. 

Chicopeb. — City Library. 

Clinton. — Bigelow Free Public Lib. 

Concord. — Free Public Library. 

Dan VERS. — Peabody Institute Lib. 

Dedham. — Public Library. 

Easthampton. -Public Library Assoc. 

Fall River. — Public Library. 

FiTOHBURO. — Public Lib. : Prescott 
C. Rice, Librarian. Est. 1859. 28,000 
vols. ; annual circulation, 52,000. An- 
nual income £1,400, affording £300 for 
the purchase of books. Open from 9 a.ra. 
to 9 p.m.; Sundays 2 to 6 p.m. 

Framingham. — Town Library : E. L. 
Clarke, Librarian. Opened 1855. Num- 
ber of volumes in Central and three 
Branch Libraries, 19,365 ; annual circu- 
lation 46,000. Open on week-days only 
from 2 to 6 p.m. 

Haverhill. — Public Lib. : Edward 
Capen, Librarian. Estab. 1873. 62,400 
volumes ; annual issue, 62,533. Annual 
income from endowments £960. Open 
on week-days only. 

HiNGHAM. — Public Library. 

Holyoke. — Public Library. 

Ipswich. — Public Library. 

Lawrence. -Public Lib. (33,962 vols.) 

Lenox. — Lenox Library. 

Lancaster. — Town Lib.: Katherine 
M. Marvin, Librarian. Estab. 1862. 
Number of volumes, 23,365 ; annual cir- 
culation, 11,865. Annual income £385, 
affording £230 for the purchase of books. 
Open every week-day. 

Leominster. — Public Library. 
Lexington. — Cary Library. 

Lowell. — Citv Library, Memorial 
Hall : Frederick A. Chase, Librarian. 
Opened 1844. 57,000 volumes ; annual 
circulation, 147,000. Annual income from 
City funds 917,000, about 94,000 being 
expended in books : Special collection 
of Dooks relating to Chemistry, Chemical 
Tedinology, and Manufactures. Open 
on week-days and Sundays from 9 a.m. 
to 9 p.m. 
Middlesex Mechanics' Association : 
A. L. Sargent, Librarian. Estab. 1825. 
27,000 volumes. About £100 annually 
expended in books. Open on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Lynn. -Free Public Lib. (44,821 vols.) 

Malden. — Public Library. 

Marblehead. — Abbot Public Lib. : 
Mary Gerry Brown, Librarian. Opened 
1878. 14,000 volumes ; annual circula- 
tion, 25,000. About $500 annuallv spent 
in books. Open on week-days oiuy from 
2 to 8 p.m. 

Marlborough. — Public Lib. : Sarah 
E. Cotting, Librarian. Opjened 1872. 
12,000 vols. ; annual circulation, 48,932. 
Annual income from City funds 92,100. 
Contains the Cyrus Fenton Collection of 
Books. Open on week-days only from 
9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Medford. — Public Library. 

Melrose. — Public Library. 

Methubn. — Nevin's Memorial Lib. 

MiLPORD. — Town Library. 

Milton. — Public Library. 

Natick. — Morse Institute. 

New Bedford. — Free Public Library: 
Robert C. Ingraham, Librarian. Est. 
1852. Over 60,000 vols. About 97,000 
annually expended in books. De$iderata : 
Local History, Genealogy, and "Friends" 
books. Open on week-days from 9 to 9 ; 
Sundays 1 to 6. 

Newburyport. — Public Library 
(28,077 vols.) 

Newton. — Free Library (34,730 vols. ) 

Newton Centre. — Newton Theo- 
logical Institute (23,000 vols.) 

North Adams. — Free Library. 

Northampton. -Forbes Lib.: Charles 
A. Cutter, Librarian. Opened 1894. An- 
nual circulation. 50,000 vols. Annual 
income £3,600, aoout £2,000 being avail- 
able for purchase of books. Open on 
week-days only. A Free Public Library. 

North Easton. — Ames Free Library. 



Ypsilanti. — Michigan State Normal 
College : G. M . Walton, Librarian. 
Opened 1853. 17,000 volumes. State 
supported. About 91«500 annually avail- 
able for purchase of books. Open on 
week-days only. 


College viLLE. -St. John's University 

Faribault. -Seabury Divinity School 

Minneapolis. — Public Library: Jas. 
Kendall Hosmer, ll.d. Opened 1889. 
90,000 volumes contained in Central Lib- 
rary, three Branches, five Stations, and 
twelve Sub-Stations ; total annual cir- 
culation, 600,000. Annual income from 
tax and funds 950,000, of which 920,000 
is available for the purchase of books. 
Special collections: Art, Natural Science, 
History, Philosophy, Education, Poetry, 
Shakespeareana, Theolognr, Travels, and 
Fiction. Open on week-days from 8-30 
to 10 p.m.; Sundays 2 to 10 p.m. 
Univ. of Minnesota General Lib. 

NoRTHFiELD. — Carle ton College. 

St. Paul. -Minnesota Historical Soc: 
Warren Upham, Librarian. Est. 1849. 
69,300 volumes. Annual income from 
the State 97,000, about 92,000 being 
expended in books. A Museum in con- 
nection contains historical relics of the 
Sioux, and the Civil Wars, Ac. 
Public Library (30,274 volumes). 
State Law Library (20,679 vols.) 

St. Peter. -Gustav Adolphus College. 


Jackson. — Mississippi State Library 

(60,000 volumes). 
University. — Univ. of Mississippi 



Cape Girardeau. -St. Vincent's Coll. 
Columbia. — University of Missouri 

Library (24,000 volumes). 
Glasgow. — Lewis Library: Mrs. J.G. 

Trowbridge, Librarian. Opened 1868. 

2,600 volumes. 
Jefferson City. — Missouri State Lib. 

(20,000 vols.) 

Kansas City.— Public Library. 
St. Louis. — Academy of Science. 

Christian Brothers' College. 

Law Library Association. 

Mercantile Lib. : Horace Kephart, 
Librarian. Opened 1847. 100,000 vols.; 
annual circulation, 93,600. Annual in- 
come from fees and rent 949,000, about 
$6,000 being spent in books. Dniderata : 
American History, especially Western 
U.S. Open on week-oays only from 9 
a.m. to 7 p.m. 

St. Louis — continued. 

Public Lib. : Frederick M. Grunden, 
Librarian. Est. 1865. Number of vols, 
in Central Lending Department, 60,000 ; 
Reference Department, 30.000 ; Branch 
Library, 17,000; Boys' Library, 6,000; 
total annual circulation, 325,000. An- 
nual income 919,000, affording $5,000 for 
the purchase of books. Collections of 
Medical, Technological, and Juvenile 
books. Open on week-days from 10 
a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays, 2 to 9. 

University Library. Founded 1829. 
43,000 volumes. A Repository of United 
States Government Documents. 

SPRiNOFiBLD.-Drury College Library. 

Helena. — Public Library. 


Lincoln. — Citjr Library : Carrie C. 
Dennis, Librarian. 13,040 vols.; annual 
circulation, 87,550. Annual income from 
tax £1,000, affording about £200 for 
purchase of books. Open on week-days 
from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 2 to 
10 p.m. 

Nebraska State Library. 

University of Nebraska. 

Omaha.— Public Lib. (36,235 vols.) 


Cakson City.— Nevada State Library 

New Hampshire. 

Concord. — New Hampshire Histori- 
cal Society, 212, North Main street : 
Rev. N. F. Garter, Librarian. Opened 
1823. A Reference Library of 14,000 vols, 
and 60.000 pamphlets. Annual income 
£800, £60 being spent in books. Special 
collection of Historical and Genealogical 
works. Open on week-days (Saturday 
excepted) from 9-30 a.m. to 4-30 p.m. 

New Hampshire State Lib.: Arthur 
H. Chase, Librarian. Opened 1820. A 
Reference Library of 42,000 volumes. 
About 95,000 annually expended in 
books. Collections: Court Reports- 
American (complete), Canadian, Eng- 
lish, Irish, Hawaiian ; Laws and Legisla- 
tive Documents of American States. 
De$iderafa : New Hampshire Local His- 
tory and early official reports. Open on 
week-days from 8-30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The 
Librarian remarks that the State Lib- 
rarv is the dep6t through which State 
Publications are sold or distributed out- 
side the State. 
Public Library. 
DovKB. — Public Library. 

Great Falls. — Manuracturers' and 
Village Library. 



Clinton. —Hamilton College (35,000 

CofLNiNO. — Library Association. 

FoBDHAM.— St. John's College (36,000 

Geneseo. — Wadsworth Library. 

Geneva. — Hobart College Library 
(25,656 volumes). 

Gloversville. —Free Library. 

Hamilton. — Colgate University. 

HoBNELLSViLLE.— Hornell Free Lib. 

Ithaca. -Cornell Library Association. 
Cornell University Library : George 
William Harris, Librarian. Opened 
1868. 200,000 volumes. Annual income 
from endowments £6,000, about £3,400 
being spent in books. Special collec- 
tions : European and American History, 
Philosophy, Classical Philology, French, 
German and Rhaeto- Romanic Litera- 
ture, Danteana, Technology, Science. 
Open on week-days only from 8 a.m. to 
9-30 p.m. 

Jamestown. -James Prendergast Free 

Newburgh. — Free Library : Charles 

Estahrook, Librarian. Est. about 1852. 

About 19,000 vols. ; annual issue 70.000. 

About $1,000 annually expended in 

books. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. 

to 9 p.m. 

New York. — Academy of Medicine 
(30,000 volumes). 

Academy of Sciences. 

Aguilar Free Library. 

American Geographical Society. 

American Institute Library. 

American Museum of Natural His- 
tory, 77th-st. and 8th avenue : Anthony 
Woodward, ph.d.. Librarian. Number 
of volumes in Reference Department, 
34,000. Special collections: Geology, 
Mineralogy, Conchology, Ornithology, 
Ichthyology, Anthropology, and Ento- 
mology. Open on week-days only from 
9 a. m. to 6 p.m. 

American Society of Civil Engineers, 
218, West 57th street : C. W. Hunt, 
Librarian. About 20,000 volumes. 

Apprentices* Library (90,374 vols.) 

Association of the Bar (40,000 vols. ) 

Astor Library (238,946 vols.) 

Catholic Club of the City of N. Y. 

Century Club Library. 

College of St. Francis Xavier 
(30,000 vols.) 

Columbia University Library: Geo. 
H. Baker, Librarian. Opened 1754. 
Number of volumes, 246,000 ; annual cir- 
culation, 70,000. Open on week-days 
only from 8-30 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

Cooper Union Lib. (31,873 vols.) 

Free Circulating Lib. (58,000 vols.) 

New Yobk — continued. 

General Theological Seminary of 
the P.E. Church, Chelsea s(]^uare : Rev. 
E. H. Jewett, i>.d.. Librarian. 27,539 
volumes, including the Copinger Collec- 
tion of Latin Bibles. Open on week- 
days only. 

Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. Library 

Harlem Library. 

Harmonia Club Library. 

Historical Society (75,000 vols.) 

Hospital Library (23,000 vols.) 

Law Institute, Post Office Building : 
William H. Winters, Librarian. Opened 
1828. 50,651 volumes. Annual income 
£3,000, about £1,600 being expended in 
books. Special collections : Law Litera- 
ture and Reference Books. Open on 
week-days only from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Law Library of the Equitable Life 
Assurance Society, 120, Broadway : 
Thomas Campbell, Librarian. Estab. 
1876. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 5 p.m., June to Oct.; 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., 
Oct. to June. Number of volumes in 
library 15,321. Free to tenants of Equit- 
able Building, Lawyers' Club and mem- 
bers of the N.Y. Law (day) School. 

Lenox Library (65,000 volumes). 

Library of the College of the City 
of New York, Lexington avenue and 
Twenty-Third-st.: Charles G. Herber- 
mann, ph.d., Librarian. Estab. 1852. 
Over 27,000 volumes. About £323 an- 
nually expended in books. Open every 

Maimonides Library (33,090 vols. ) 

Mercantile Library, Astor place : 
W. T. Peoples, Librarian. Est. 1820. 
Number of volumes in Central Lending 
Department, 177,934 ; Reference Depart- 
ment, 50,000; two branch libraries, 
28,500 ; total annual circulation, 186,880. 
From $8,000 to 910,000 annually ex- 

f>ended in books. Possesses the Tom- 
inson Collection of MSS. and papers 
relating to the American Revolution. 
Open on i^eek-days from 8 a.m. to 6-30 

N.Y. Society Library, 109, Univer- 
sity place : F. B. Bigelow, Librarian. 
100,000 volumes. 

Union Theological Seminary Lib. 
(70,000 volumes). 

University of City of New York 
(30,000 volumes). 

University Club Library, Madison 
square : Wyman H. Bagg, Librarian. 
Opened 1879. 13,956 volumes for refer- 
ence only. About £350 annually ex- 
pended in books. Open on week-days 
and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Young Men's Christian Association 

Young Women's Christian Assoc. 
Oswego. — City Library. 




PouGHKBEPSiE. — City Library. 

Vassar College Library. 
Rochester. — Central Library. 
Court of Appeals. 
Free Academy Library. 
Library of the University : H. K. 
Phinney, Assistant Librarian. Estab. 
1850. 81,000 volumes. Open every week- 
Reynolds Lib. : Alfred S. Collins, 
Librarian. Opened 1884. Number of 
volumes in Cfentral and one Branch 
Library, 35,134. About £600 annually 
expended in books. Open on week-days 
from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 2 to 
6 p.m. 
Theoloffical Seminary Lib. : Howard 
Osgood, Librarian. Opened 1853. Num- 
ber of volumes in Lending Department, 
29,300; Reference Department, 4,200. 
Annual income from endowment £500, 
about £300 being expended in books. 
Open every week day. 
Schenectady. — Union College Lib. 
Sing Sing. — Mount Pleasant Military 
State Prison Library. 
Syracuse. — Central Library: Ezekiel 
W. Mundy, Librarian. Opened 1857. 
32,000 vols. ; annual circulation, 91,793. 
£1,000 annually spent in books. Open 
on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; 
Beading Room open on Sundays from 
2 to 6 p.m. 
Court of Appeals Library. 
University Library (58,000 vols.) 
Troy. — Young Men's Association. 
Utica. — City Library. 

School District Library. 
West Point. -United States Military 

Academy (38,000 volumes). 
YoNKERS. — Public Library. 

North Carolina, 

Chapel Hill. — University of North 

Carolina (36,000 volumes). 
Davidson. — Union Library, Davidson 

Raleigh. — North Carolina State Lib. 

Supreme Court Library. 
Wake Forest. — College Library. 


Akron. — Public Library. 

Athens.-— Ohio Univ. Joint Library. 

Chillicothe. — Public Library. 

Cincinnati. — Hebrew Union College. 
Lane Seminary Library, Theologi- 
cal Seminary, Walnut Hills : Henry 
Goodwin Smith. Librarian. 19,000 vols. 
Annual expenditure on books £125. 
Open on week-days only. 

Cincinnati — cmitinued. 

Hist. & Philosophical Soc. of Ohio. 
Law Library. 

Public Library (156,673 volumes). 
St. Xavier College Library. 
Young Men's Mercantile Library 
Association (60,000 volumes). 

Cleveland.— Adelbert College Lib. 
(25,000 volumes). 

Case Library : Charles Orr, Libra. 
Opened 1848. Number of volumes in 
Lending Department, 28,000 ; Reference 
Department, 12,000 ; annual circulation 
75,000. Annual income from endow- 
ment 912,000, affording 1^2,500 for pur- 
chase of books. Special collections : 
Fine Arts, Engineering, Chemistry, 
Music, Natural History. Detideraia : 
American History. Open on week-days 
from 8-30 a.m. to 8-30 p.m.; Sundays, 
2 to 9 p.m. 

Law Library Association. 

Public Library (66,920 vols.) 

Western Reserve Historical Society: 
Peter Neff, F.a.s.A., Librarian and Cura- 
tor. 17,000 volumes^ 13,000 pamphlets, 
and 10,000 manuscripts, for reference 
only. Open every week-day from 8 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. 

Columbus. — Ohio State Library 

(63,500 vols.) 
Ohio State University Library. 
Public Library and Reading Room. 
Public School Library. 
St. Joseph's Cathedral Library. 
State Law Library. 

Dayton. — Public Library: ElectraC. 
Doren, Librarian. Opened 1847. Num- 
ber of volumes in Lending Department, 
29,906: Reference Department, 11,500; 
annual circulation, 125,000. 113 Travel- 
ling Libraries in School Rooms. About 
$1,500 annually expended in books. A 
Museum in connection. Open on week- 
days only. 

Delaware.— Ohio Wesleyan Univ. 

Elyria. — Elyria Library : Charlotte 
D. Leavitt, Librari&n. Opened 1870. 
12,000 vols. ; annual circulation, 20,000. 
Open on week-days only. 

Fremont. — Birchard Library. 

Gambier. — Kenyon College Library 
("80,000 vols.) 

Tneological Library, Bexley Hall 
(21,000 vols.) 

Hillsboro. — Public Library. 

Lebanon. — National Normal Univer- 
sity Library. 
Marietta. — Alpha Kappa Society. 

College Library (52,0(X) vols.) 
Oxford. — Miami University. 



Oberlin. — College Library : Azariah 
S. Root, Librarian. Opened 1833. 36,720 
volumes and 33,000 pamphlets. Annual 
income £1,000, about £400 being spent 
in books. Special collections : Slavery, 
Bibliography, Goethe. Open on week- 
days only. 

Portsmouth. — Public Library, North 
West comer of Fifth and Ck)urt streets : 
Nana A. Newton, Librarian. Opened 
1879. 10,541 volumes. Annual circula- 
tion 16,000. Annual income from city 
tax 1^1,300, affording {^600 for purchase 
of books. Open on week-days only from 
8-30 a.m. to 7-30 p.m. 

Springfield. — Warder Public Lib.: 
Miss Alice Burrowes, Librarian. Opened 
1872. 17,117 volumes. Annual circula- 
tion 86,815. Annual income from tax 
96,000, about {^1,000 being spent in books. 
Open on week-days from 9 a.m. to 9 
p.m.; Reading Room open on Sundays 
from 1-30 to 6 p.m. 
Wittenberg Colleee Library. 

Toledo.— Public Lib. (31,872 vols.) 

WoosTER. — University of VVooster. 

Zanesyille. — Athenaoum. 


Portland. — Library Association of 
Portland : Daniel F. W. Bursch, Librn. 
Opened 1864. About 25,000 volumes. 
Annual circulation 31,579. Annual in- 
come from endowment and subscriptions 
98,000, about 92,000 being expended in 
books. Desiderata: Anything relating 
to Oregon. ^Open on week-days from 9 
a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays 1 to 5 p.m. 

Salem. — Oregon State Library. 
Willamette University : W. J. 
Shepard, Library. About 4.500 vols. 
The Llbrarv is especially rich in His- 
tory, Theolo^, and Government Re- 
ports. There is a Museum in connection. 


Allegheny. — Public School Library: 
James N. Benney, Librarian. Opened 
1871. Number of volumes in Central 
and fourteen Branch Libraries, 16,000 ; 
annual circulation, 60,000. About £200 
annually is spent in books. Open on 
week-days only from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Wesleyan Theological Seminary of 
the Presbyterian Church (25,000 vols.) 
Allentown. — Muhlenberg College : 

Dr. George T. Ettin^er, Librarian. 
Altoona. — Mechanics' Library and 

Reading Room Association. 
Beatty. — St. Vincent Lib. (40,000 

Bryn Mawr. — College Library. 
Carlisle. — Belles Lettres Library. 
Dickinson College Library. 
Union Philosophical Library. 

Easton. — Lafayette College Library. 

Germ antown. -Friends' Free Library 

and Reading Room. 
Gettysburg.— Library of Theological 

Seminary, Evangelical Lutheran Church, 

General Synod. 

Pennsylvania College Library. 

Harrisburo. -State Library of Penn- 
sylvania : William Henry Egle, m.d., 
Librarian. Est. 1,777. A Reference 
Library of 130,000 volumes. Annual in- 
come from State funds 96,000. Special 
collections : Law, Documents of all 
English-Speaking Countries, especially 
good in Histiory. Open on week-days 
only from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Young Men's Christian Association. 

Hatboro. — Union Library Company. 

Haverford. —College Library (31 ,000 

Lancaster. — Mechanics' Library. 

Theological Seminary of Reformed 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Lebanon. — Normal University Lib. 
Lewisburo.— Bucknell Univ. Lib. 
Lincoln University.— Univ. Lib. 
Meadville. — Allegheny Coll. Lib. 
Theological School (23,000 vols.) 
OvERBROOK. —Seminary of St. (Ilharles 

Borromeo (22,000 volumes). 
Philadelphia.— Academy of Natural 
Sciences of Philadelphia (33,000 vols.) 
American Baptist Historical Socy. 

American Philosophical Society 

(50,000 volumes). 
Apprentices' Library. 
Athenfeum (35,0(X) volumes). 
Carpenters' Company Library. 
City Institute. 

College of Physicians of Philadel- 
phia : Charles Perry Fisher, Librarian. 
Est. 1787. 46,000 vols. About £800 is 
annually expended in books. Strictly 
a Medical collection, or veorks pertaining 
thereto. Open on week-days from 10 
a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Divinity School (Protestant Epis- 

Franklin Institute Library : Alfred 
Rigling, Librarian. Est. 1824. 46,000 
vo s. and 30,000 pamphlets. Special 
collections : Electricity, Chemistry, Me- 
tallurgy, Patent Reports of all countries. 
Open every week-day. 

Friends' Library. 

German Society of Pennsylvania 

(22,000 volumes). 
Girard College Library : George P. 

Rupp, Librarian. Number of volumes 

in Main Library Section, and School 

Libraries 31,500. 



Philadelphia — continued. 

Grand Lodge of P.F. and A. A. 
Masons : Edward Bryant, Librarian. 
Opened 1871. About 16,000 vols. Special 
collections : Anthropology, Egyptology, 
Ethics, Occultism, Fraternal Jurispru- 
dence, and Literature. Detdderata : 
Scarce Masonic Works, Occultism, and 
Medals. Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
on week-days only. 

Historical Society of Pennsylvania 
(28,162 vols.) 
La Salle College. 

Law Association of Philadelphia 
(52,000 vols.) 

Library Association of Friends. 

Library Company of Philadelphia, 
Comer of Locust and Juniper streets : 
James G. Barnwell, Librarian. Opened 
1731. Number of volumes in Central 
and one Branch Library 190,000 and 
30,000 pamphlets; annual circulation, 
42,156. Annual income from subscrip- 
tions and investments $43,295, about 
98,543 being expended in books. Special 
collections : Best Chess Collection in 
U.S., strong in Musical Literature, 
Hymnology, early Americana, Phila- 
delphia Papers, Regimental Histories, 
The Cincinnati Society. De$iderata : 
Chess, The Cincinnati Society, Regi- 
mental Histories, Philadelphia, &c. 
Open on week-days and Sundays. 

Library of Hahnemann Medical 
College, Broad street, above Race-st.: 
Thomas Lindsley Bradford, m.d., Libm. 
Opened 1848. 15,000 volumes. A lar^e 
and valuable collection of Homoeopathic 
Works. Qpen to students daily. The 
Museum in connection is one of the 
most extensive and complete of its kind 
in the country. 

Mercantile Library Co. (166,000 

Mutual Library Co. (43,400 vols.) 

Oddfellows' Library. 
Pennsylvania Hospital Medical Lib. 

Philadelphia Museums, 233, South 
Fourth street : W. P. Wilson, Director. 
Established by Ordinance of City Coun- 
cils, 1894. The Public Library is an 
important section of the Museums, com- 
prising commercial, statistical, and edu- 
cational sections. 

Presbyterian Historical Society : 
Rev. William L. Led with, d.d., Libra- 
rian. Opened 1852. A Reference Libi-ary 
only, supported by subscriptions. Open 
on week-aays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

St. Vincent's Seminary. 

Spring Garden Institute. 

Teachers' Institute. 

Theological Seminary, Mount Airy. 

Philadelphia — contintied, 

Univ. of Pennsylvania : Gregory B. 
Keen, Librarian. Est. 1749. A Free 
Public Library of Reference, containing 
125,000 volumes. Open on week-days 
from 8-30 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. 
Wagner Free Institute of Science, 
Montgomery avenue and Seventeenth 
street : Thomas L. Montgomery, Libra- 
rian. Est. 1864. A Reference Library 
of 10,000 volumes. A bout £150 annually 
spent in books. Special collections : 
Natural Science, especially Geology; 
Fine Collection of U.S. Documents. De- 
siderata: Publications of Surveys and 
American Natural History. Open ou 
week-days only from 9 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 

Pittsburg. — Allegheny County Law 
Library (15,000 vols.) 
Library Association. 

South Bethlehem. — Lehigh Univ. 
Library : William Henry Chandler, Lib- 
rarian. Estab. 1878. A Free Public 
Reference Library containing 100,000 
vols. Annual income from University 
fund £5,000, affording £3,500 for the 
purchase of books. Open on week-days 
8 a.m. to 10 p.UL: Sundays 1 to 9 p.m. 

S w ABTHMOBE. — College Library. 

Washington. — Washington & Jeffer- 
son College. 

Rhode Island. 

Bristol. — Rogers Free Library: Geo. 

U. Arnold, Librarian. Opened 1878. 

13,350 vols. Annual circulation 22,000. 

Open on week-days only from 3 to 9 p.m. 

Newport. — People's Library. 

Redwood Library and Athenaeum : 
Richard Bliss, Librarian. Estab. 1747. 
48,900 volumes. Annual circulation ea, 
13,400. Annual income £900 about £260 
being available for the purchase of 
books. Collection of Portraits. Open 
every week-day from 10 a. m. to 6 p.m. 
Pawtucket.— Free Public Library. 
Providence. — Athenseum. 

Brown University Library : H. L. 
Koofmaji, Librarian. Opened 1767. 
95,000 volumes ; including Harris Col- 
lection of American Poetry (6,000 vol>$.) 
and 10,000 pamphlets on American His- 
tory. Open on week-days from 9 a.m. 
to 10 p.m.; Sundays 1 to 10 p.m. 
Franklin Lyceum. 
Public Library (51,712 volumes). 
Rhode Island Medical Society. 
State Law Library. 
WooNSOCKET. — Harris Institute Lib. 

South Carolina. 

Charleston. — Library of College of 
Charleston : W. R. Cathcart, Jr., a. if., 
PH.D., Librarian. 10,000 vols. Open on 
week-days only from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 



Clinton. -Thorn well Orphanage Lib.: 
Rev. William Palmer Jacobs, d.d.. Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1875. Nearly 5,000 iVols. 

CoLUMBiA.-Smyth Library and Semi- 
nary Library (22,000 volumes). 
South Carolina College (30,000 vols. ) 
State Library (36,000 volumes). 


Knoxville. — Lawson McGhee Me- 
morial Library. 

Maryville. — Maryville College. 

Memphis. — Bar and Law Library 

Nashville. — Tennessee State Lib. 
University of Nashville, Peabody 

Normal College. 
Vanderbilt University Library. 

Skwanee. — University of the South 
Library (36,000 volumes). 

TuscuLUM.-Greenville and Tusculum 

. Texas. 

Austin. — Supreme Court Library. 
Galveston. — Public Library. 


Salt Lake City.— Masonic Pub. Lib. 
Pioneer Library Association. 
University of Utah. 


Brattlbboro. — Free Library. 

Burlington. — Fletcher Free Library. 
University of Vermont and State 
Agricultural College Library : Herbert 
J. Smith, Librarian. Opened 1804. Num- 
ber of volumes 51,157. Annual income 
from endowment <?4,500. about #1,500 
being available for purchase of books. 
Open on week-days and Sundays. 

Lunenburg. — Cuttings Library. 

MiDDLEBURY. -College Library: Chas. 
Baker Wright, a.m.. Librarian. Opened 
1800. About 22,500 volumes. Annual 
income £180, affording £75 for purchase 
of books. Open on week-days only. 

Montpelier. — Vermont State Lib. 

St. Johnsbury. — Athenaeum. 

Vergennes. — Vergennes, Lib. , Main 
street: Mary P. Tucker, Librarian. 
Opened 1876. About 3,000 vols. Open 
on week-days only from 2 to 9 p.m. 

Woodstock. — Norman Williams 
Public Library. 


Ashland. — Randolph Macon College 

Emory. — Emory and Henry College. 

Hampden Sidney. -Union Theological 

Lexington. — State Library, Virginia 
Military Institute. 
Washington and Lee University 
Library : Annie R. White, Librarian. 
30,000 volumes. The Franklin Society 
Library is now incorporated herewith. 
RiCHMON d. — College Library. 
State Law Library. 
Virginia Historical Society. 
Virginia State Library : Charles 
Pomdexter, Librarian. 40,000 vols., and 
a Law Library of 11,000 vols. 
Salem. —Roanoke College Library. 
Theological Seminary. — Protestant 
Episcopal Theological Seminary Library 
University Station. — University of 
Virginia (53,000 vols.) 

Olympia. -Washington State Library. 
Tacoma. — Mason Public Library. 

West Virginia. 

Wheeling. — Public Library : A. B. 
Wilson, Libn. Opened 1882. 16,000 vols. 

Appleton. — Lawrence University, 
Appleton Librai-y, 

Beloit. — College Library. 

Fond du Lac. — Public Library. 

La Crosse. — Public Library. 

Madison. — Free Library. 
Lib. of the State Historical Society 
of Wisconsin : Reuben G. Thwaites, 
Secretaiy and Superintendent; Isaac 
S. Bradley, liibrarian. Est. 1857. 185,000 
books and pamphlets for reference only, 
free. Annual income from the State 
$12,000, allowing $4,000 for the purchase 
of books. Open on week-days only. 
University of Wisconsin Library : 
Walter M. Smith, Librarian. 48,000 
volumes. Supported by State taxation. 
£1,000 annually available for purchase 
of books. Open every week-day from 
8-45 a.m. to 9-30 p.m. 
Wisconsin State Library : John R. 
Berryman, Librarian. Estab. 1836. A 
Reference Library of 25,820 volumes, 
chiefly Law books. Open on week-days 
from 9 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. 

Milwaukee. — Marquette Coll. Lib. 
Public Library. 

Nashotah — Nafihotah House Theo- 
logical Seminary. 

Racine. — College Library. 

St. Francis. — Provincial Seminary 
of St. Francis of Sales. 


Cheyenee. -Wyoming State Law Lib. 





Buenos Ayres. — Argentine Geogra- 
phical Institute, Florida 160. 

Argeutine Rural Socy., Calle Pern. 

Argentine Scientific Society, 361, 

Biblioteca de San Christobal. 

Biblioteca Municipal, Calle Moreno. 
24,000 vols. Valuable MSS., and the 
tomes of the old Cordoba Jesuits. 

Biblioteca Nacional. 

Biblioteca Popular de Belgrano. 

Biblioteca Provincial. 

Biblioteca Sarmiento, Flores. 

Biblioteca de la Universidad. 

Church of San Francisco Library 
(9,000 vols.) 

Club de Residentes Estrangeros. 

English Literary Society. 

Medical Faculty Lib. and Museum. 

Typographical Society, 337, Solis. 

Salle de Commercio, Calle de Mayo. 

Young Men's Christian Association, 
521, Cangallo. 
Catamarca. — Free Library. 

National College Library. 
CoRDOBA-Bibliotecade la Universidad 

Geographical Institute. 

National Academy of Science. 
CoBBiENTES. — Free Library. 
La Plata.— Public Library (40,000). 
Martin Garcia. — Naval School and 

School of Gunners' Library. 
QuiLMBS. — Free Library. 
RoJAS. — Free Library. 
RosARio. — Academia de Santa Fe. 

Ateneo (Athenaeum). 

Club de Residentes Estrangeros, 
Calle Victoria. 
San Fernando. — Free Library. 
San Martin. — Military College. 
TucuMAN. — Club Library. 

College Library. 

National Library. 


CocHABAMBA. — Universidad de San 

La Paz. — Universidad de La Paz. 
Sociedad Geografica de La Paz. 
Oruro. — Universidad de Oruro. 
PoTosi. — Universidad de Potosi. 
Santa Cruz. — Universidad de Santa 

Sucre. — CoUegio Nacional. 
Tarija. — Universidad de Tarija. 


Alagoas. — Archaeological Library. 

Provincial Library (6,500 vols. ) 
Amparo. — German Education and 
Reading Society. 

Literary Society. 
Bahia. — Agricultural Lastitute. 

Biblioteca da Faculdad de Medicina 

Historical and GeographicaJ Inst. 

Literary Nucleus or Literary Centre 
(8,000 vols.) 

Provincial Library. 

Braganca. — Literary Society and 

Brigantine Club. 
Campinas. — Campinas Library. 

Ceara Fortaliza. — Provincial Lib. 

(6,000 vols.) 
EsPiRiTO Santo. — Provincial Library 
GoYAZ. — Lyceum and Literary Read- 
ing Room. 
Maceo. — Archaeological Institute. 

Provincial Library. 
Maran HAG. —Military Library. 

Public Library. 
Para. — Portuguese Literary Nucleus 

Provincial Library (5,0(X) vols.) 
Pernambuco. — Archaeological and 
Geographical Institute. 
Portuguese Reading Room (12,(X)0 
Pbtropolis. — Library (2,600 vols.) 
Porto Alegre. — American Church 
Missionary Society's Library : Rev. W. 
C. Brown, Librarian. 
Rio DE Janeiro. — Acad, of Fine Art. 
American Library. 

Biblioteca Aprendlzes Artilherros 
(Artillery School). 

Biblioteca de Exercito (Army). 

Biblioteca da Escola Polytechnica. 

Biblioteca da Faculdade Medicina. 

Biblioteca Fluminense. 

Biblioteca Faculdad de Direito (Law) 

Biblioteca de la Gabinete Portuguez 
de Leitura. 

Biblioteca da Germania. 

Biblioteca Historico e Geographico 
Braziliero (Archseology, Biography, Ac.) 

Biblioteca Municpal (16,000 vols.) 

Biblioteca Municipal Administra- 
tion of the Federal District. 

Biblioteca da Marinha (6,000 vols.) 

Biblioteca Nacional (120,000 vols. 
and 8,000 MSS.) 

Biblioteca Nacional Museum. 

Biblioteca of the Navy. 



Bio de Janeiro — continued, 
British Subrcription Library. 
Historical, Geographical, and Eth- 
nological Institute. 
Institutio Nacional de Musica. 
Monastery of St. Benedict. 
Municipal Library (16,000 vols.) 
Museu Nacional Lib. (9,500 vols. ) 
National Academy of Medicine, 

Ourives No. 1. 
Observatorio do Rio de Janeiro. 

Portuguese Beading Rooms (5.3,000 

Sociedad de Geographico do Rio. 

Sociedad de Medecine e Cirurgiado 
Bio de Janeiro, Sete de Setembro, 116. 
Santa Catalina. — Provincial Lib. 
San Pedro. — Rio Grande do Sul Lib. 
Santos. — Sanix>s Library. 
Sao Paulo. — Faculty of Law Library 

McKenzie College Library. 

Germania Society Library. 

British Ouiana, 

Georgetown.— Queen's College Lib. 
Royal Agricultural and Commercial 
Society : J. Rod way, p.l.b., Librarian. 
Opened 1844. 20,000 volumes; annual 
issue 24,000 volumes. Annual income 
£1,200, allowing £120 for the purchase 
of books. Deiiderata: Books on Guiana. 
Open on week-days from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ; 
Sundays 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. A Museum in 
connection contains Natural History 
and other specimens mainly collected in 
the Colony. 
Young Men's Christian Association. 

New Amstebdam.— Berbice Reading 


CoNCEFCiON. — English College. 
Iquique. — Iqnique English College. 

EngUsh Club. 
Santiago. — Agricultural Society Lib. 

Biblioteca Nacional. 

Biblioteca de la Universidad. 

Escuela Militar Library. 

Escuela Normal de Maestras. 

Listitutio Nacional. 

Santiago College. 
Valparaiso. — Biblioteca Publica. 

Escuela Naval. 

English Club. 

Valparaiso Club. 

U,S. of Colombia, 

Bogota. — Biblioteca Nacional. 
Public Library. 

Bogota — contintied. 

School of Chemistry and Mineralogy 

University Library. 
Cartagena. — College Library. 

Naval School. 
Panama. — Club International. 

Coata Rica. 

San Jose. — Biblioteca Nacional 
21,000 volumes). 
Club International. 
National Museum Library. 
Institutio Fisico-Geographico. 


Guayaquil. — Colleee Library. 
Quito. — Biblioteca Nacional. 
University Library. 

French Guiana, 

Cayenne. — Biblioth^ue. 

Falkland Islands, 

Port Stanley. — Club, with Library 
and Beading Room. 


GuETEMALA. — Club Autiquena. 
College Library. 
University Library. 


Belize. — Colonial Club. 
Tegucigalpa.— Biblioteca Nacional. 

Mexico, ' 

Guadalajara. -Biblioteca del Estado. 
Mexico (City of). — Anglo-American 
Biblioteca de la Escuela de Juris- 

Biblioteca de la Escuela Prepara- 

Biblioteca Nacional : Jos6 M. Vigil, 
Librarian. Opened 1884. 200,000 vols. 
Merida. — Biblioteca Publica. 

Oaxaca. — Biblioteca del Estado. 
PuEBLA. — Biblioteca Lafragua. 
Biblioteca Palafoxiana. 

San Luis Potose.— Biblioteca del 

Institutio Literaris. 
Vera Cruz.— Biblioteca del Pueblo. 
Zacatecas. — Biblioteca del Estado. 


Leon. — University Library. 
Managua. — Capitol Library. 




Asuncion. — Biblioteca Nacional. 

College Nacional. 

National Academy of Sciences. 
Cosine. — Literary and Social Union, 
Lane's Labour Settlement. 


Abequipa. — Astronomico "Havard" 

Biblioteca de la Universidad. 

Libreria Publica. 
Ayaoucho. — College Library, 
Callao. — Escuela Naval. 
Cuzoo. — Biblioteca Publica. 

Universidad del Cuzco. 
Lima. — Academia de Medicina. 

Biblioteca Nacional. 

Colejia Nacional de Utra. 

Escuela de Minas de Construcciones 

Museo Municipal Library. 

Phoenix Club. 

Senhora da Gaudaloupe. 

Sociedad Geogrdfica. 

Sociedad de Preceptores. 

Universidad Mayor de San Marcos. 


San Salvadob. — Biblioteca Nacional. 
Biblioteca de la Universidad. 
L'Ecole Polytechnique. 
Public Library. 


FbayBentos. — Lib. & Reading Room 
Monte Video. — Art and Science Soc. 

Biblioteca Nacional. 

Military Athenaeum. 

Musical Association. 

Philological Society. 

English Club, Rincorn 130 

University Library. 

Uruguayan Athenaeum. 

Young Men's Christian Association, 
215, Calle Rio Negro. 
Paysandu. — Library. 


Babquisimento. — Superior College. 
Calabozo. — Superior College. 
Cabaccas. — Biblioteca Nacional. 

College of Engineers. 

College of Physicians. 

Department of Public Instruction. 

Department of War and Navy. 

Polytechnic School. 

CiUDAD BoLiVAB.— College Library. 
CiUDAD de Cuba. — College Library. 
CoBUPANO. — College Library. 
Guanabe. — College Library. 
Mabacaibo. — University Library. 
Mebida. — University Library. 
Valencia. — University Library. 



Nassau {N. P. ) — Public Library. 
Reading Room of Victoria Hotel. 
St. Francis Xavier Academy. 


Hamilton. — Public Library. 

Reading and Recreation Rooms. 
Pembboke. — Friendly j^ssoc. Library 


Havana. — Biblioteca Publica. 
Economic and Educational Society. 
University Library. 

Danish West Indies. 

Santa Cbuz. — Santa Cruz Club. 
St. Thomas. — Library, Charlotte 

Dominican Republic. 
San Domingo City. — University. 

Dutch West Indies. 
CuBACOA. — Library, Willemsted. 

French West Indies. 

GuADALOUPE. — College or Seminary 

Library, Baase Terre. 
Mabtinique. -College, Fort de France 


PoBT AU Pbince. — Lyceum Library. 
Prot. Episcopal Church Library, 
care of Rt. Rev. Bishop Holly, d.d. 


Falmouth. — Jamaica Institute. 

Kingston. — Baptist College Library. 
Institute of Jamaica : Frank Cun- 
dall, F.S.A., Librarian. Estab. 1879. A 
Reference Library of 10,860 vols. Aboat 
£230 annually spent in books. De»iderata: 
Jamaica Works. Open from 11 a.m. to 9 

E.m. on week-days. There is a Branch 
ibrary at Mandeville. 
Jamaica Masonic Institution. 
Legislative Council Library. 
Medical Department Library. 



Kingston — continued. 

Teachers' Association. 

Victoria Institute. 
Spanish Town.— St. Catherine's Inst. 

St. Jago Literary Association : E. 
H. Aamond Laidley, Librarian. 

Leeward Islands. 

Basseterre {St. Kitts. )— Public Lib. 
Charlestown (Nevis). — Public Lib. 
St. John {Antigita).— Coke Coll. Lib. 

Public Library ; Joseph T. Thibou, 
Hon. Sec. Est. 1854. Over 8,000 vols. 

Queen's Royal College. 


Port of Spain— College of Immacu- 
late Conception. 

Port op SyAim— continued. 
Commercial Newsroom. 
Public Library. 

Turks^ Islands. 
Grand Turk.— Public Library. 

Windward Islands. 

Bridgetown (^ar&ados). -Codrington 
College (Church of England). 
Harrison's College. 
Public Library. 
Grenada, — St. George's Law Library 

St. George's Public Library. 
Kingstown {St. Vincent). — Theologi- 
cal Institution (Wesleyan) Library. 
Roseau {Dominica). — Reading Room. 


Cape Colony. 

Aliwal North. — Book Society. 

Barkly East.— Public Library. 

Beaufort West. — Public Library. 

Bedford. — Public Library. 

Bredasdorp. — Public Library. 

Calvinia. — Public Library. 

Cape Town. — Incorporated Law 
Society Library. 

Library of the House of Assembly. 

Royal Observatory : J. Power, Sec. 
and Librarian. 

South African Public Library. 

South African Philosophical Society 

South African University Library. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Carnarvon. — Public Library. 
Cathcart. — Public Library. 
Clan WILLIAM. — Public Library. 
CoLESBERG. — Public Library. 
East London East.— Public Library. 
East London West. — Public Library. 
Fraserburg. — Public Lib.: Edmund 
James Wood, Librarian. Opened 18^6. 
A Reference Library of 2,000 volumes. 
Georgetown. — Public Library. 
Graaff Reinet. — Public Library. 
Grahamstown. — Public Library. 
Humansdorp. — Public Library. 
KiMBERLEY. — Public Library. 
Knysna. — Public Library. 
KoMGHA. — Public Library. 
Ladysmith. — Public Library. 
LoYEDALE. — Public Library. 

King William's Town. -Public Lib.: 
Alexander Duncan, Librarian. Opened 
1861. A Reference Library of 15,300 vols. 
There is a large Reading Room attached, 
'well stocked with papers and magazines 
—European, American, and Colonial. 
Open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., week-days 

Malmesbury. — Public Library. 

MiDDELBURG. — PubUc Library. 

Montagu. —Public Library. 

MossEL Bay. — Public Library. 

OuDTSHOORN. — Public Library. 
Temperance Society Library. 

PiQUELBERG. — Public Library. 

Port Elizabeth. — Public Library. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 

Port Nolloth. — Public Library. 
Queenstown. — Public Library. 
Richmond. — Public Library. 
Riversdalb. — Public Library. 
Robertson. — Public Library. 
Simon's Town.— Royal Naval Club. 
Somerset West. — Public Library. 
Stellenbosch. — Public Library. 
Sutherland. — Public Library. 
Swellendan. — Public Library. 
Tarkastadt. — Public Library. 
Tulbagh. — Public Library. 
Uitenhage. — Public Library. 
Victoria West. — Public Library. 
Wernen. — Public Library. 
WiLLOWMORE. — Public Library. 





Port Louis. — Municipal Library. 
Presbyterian Church Library. 
Royal College Library. 
Y.M.C.A., St. John's. 


Durban. — Athenaeum Club Library. 

Public Library and Reading Room : 
William Osborn, Librarian. Opened 
1853. A Reference Library of 8,000 vols. 
About £850 is annually spent in books. 
EsTcouRT. — Public Library. 
Newcastle.— Public Library. 
PiBTBRMARiTZBURG.-Free Public Lib. 

Natal Society Library. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
PiNKTOWN.— Public Library. 
PoLELA.— Public Library 
Richmond. — Public Library. 
Stanger. — Public Library. 
Verulam.— Public Library. 

Orange Free State, 

Bloemfontein. — Literary Society. 


Pretoria. -Public Library. 
University Library. 

North Africa. 

Alexandria. -Biblioth^que Publique. 
Algiers. — Biblioth^que et Mus^e. 

Biblioth^ue Municipale. 

Biblioth^ue Universitaire. 

English Club, Mustapha Palais. 

Cairo.— Biblioth^que de I'Listitut 

Biblioth^ue de la Soci6t6 Geo- 


Biblioth^ue Kh^diviale. 

French Oriental Institute. 

Moslem University. 

School of Egyptiology (Archaso- 

Tunis.— Geographical Society. 

St, Helena, 
Jamestown.— Public Library. 



Rangoon. — Bernard Free Library. 
Rangoon College. 
Literary Society Library. 


AviSAWBLLA. — Reading Room & Lib. 
Battioalo A. — Library. 

Young Men's Improvement Society. 
Colombo. — Ceylon Law Library. 

Ceylon Medical Library. 

Museum Library : Gerard A. Joseph 
Acting Librarian. Estab. 1877. Sup- 
ported by the Ceylon Government. 
About £200 is spent in books annually. 
Open on week-days (Fridays excepted) 
from 10a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Sundays 
from 3 to 6 p.m. 

Royal College Library. 

The Ceylon Branch of the Royal 
Asiatic Society, Colombo Museum. H. 
C. P. Bell, C.C.S., Archaeological Com- 
missioner, and John Harward, v.i.., 
Oxon., Principal Royal CoUei^e, Hon. 
Sees.; Qerard A. Joseph, Acting Lib- 
rarian. Est. 1845. Open on week-days 
(Fridays excepted) from 10 a.m. to 6 
p.m.; Sundays 3 to 6 p.m. 

Colombo — continued. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Galle. — Reading Room and Library. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Hambantota.— Reading Room & Lib. 
Hatton. — Reading Room and Library 
Jaffna.— The Library. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Kandy. — Central Town Library. 

Oriental Library. 

Trinity College Literary Association 

United Service Library. 
KiOALLA. — Reading Room & Library. 
KurunAqala. — Reading Room & Lib. 
Malioakanda. — Oriental Library. 
Matale. — Reading Room <fe Library. 
Matara. — Reading Room & Library. 
Maunar. — Reading Room & Library. 
Morutuwa. — Reading Room & Lib. 
Negombo. — Reading Room & Library. 

Nuwara Eltta. — Reading Room and 

Rutnapura. — Reading Room & Lib. 
Trincom ALEE. — Pettah Library. 




Hong Kong. — Victoria College Lib. 
NiNGPO. — C.M.S. Training College. 
Peking. — Han-Lin-Yuan (Natiohal 
Imperial College (Tung-Zoen) Lib. 
Imperial College of Physicians. 
Peking Univ. (Methodist Episcopal 
of U.S.) 
Shanghai. — Royal Asiatic Society, 
North China Branch. 
Subscription Library. 
Tientsin.— Li-Hung Chang's Military 

Victoria {Hong Kovg).-M.uaevLm and 
Library, City Hall. 
Literary Club. 
Royal Asiatic Society. 
, Victoria College Library. 


Agba. — College Library. 
Allahabad. — Anglo-Indian & Eura- 
sian Association. 

Mechanics* Institute and Railway 

Station Public Library. 

University Library. 
Bangalore. -Literary Union, District 
Office Premises : B. W. Venkatesaiua, 
Librarian. Opened 1874. About 1,200 
Yolumes. Rs. 300 annually spent in 
books. Open on week-days and Sun- 
days from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Rifle Volunteers' Institute. 

U.S. Club, 27, Residency road. 
Bhuj {KtUch), — Fergusson Museum 

and Library. 
Black Town (Madras). — Native Lib- 
rary and Reaning Room. 

Medical College Library. 
BoMBAT. — Anthropological Society 
Library, Apollo street. 

Bar Library, High Court. 

Booleshwar Library. 

Catholic Library & Reading Room, 
Cayail street. 

Cowasjee Dinshaw Library. 

Dhaniibhai Framji Library. 

East Indian Association Library. 

Elphinstone Institution. 

Eurasian and Anglo-Indian Associa- 
tion of Western India. 

Ladies and Gentlemen's Fraternal 
Association Circulating Library, 698, 

Mechanics' Institution Library, 
B.B. & C.I. Railway. 

BoM BAY — continued. 
Mechanics' Institute, Sassoon. 
Mount Road Library, Mazagon. 
Native General Library, Framjee 

Cowasjee Institute, Esplanade: R. M. 

Masani-Master, Librarian. Opened 1845. 

11,000 vols. £240 annually spent in 

books. Open on week-days and Sundays. 
Reading Room and Library, Church 

Gate street. Fort. 
Royal Asiatic Society Library, Town 

Hall, Fort : G. K. Tiwarekar, Librarian. 

Opened 1804. 70,000 volumes. About 

Rs. 3,000 annually spent in books. Open 

on week-days from 9-30 a.m to 6-30 p.m. 
Seamen's Institute Library, Prince's 

Victoria & Albert Museum Library, 


Calcutta.— Agricultural and Horti- 
cultural Society of India, Metcalfe Hall, 
Hare-street : Kali Chum Baneiji, Lib- 
rarian. Opened 1820. A Reference Lib- 
rary of 8,000 vols. 

Albert Institute, College street. 
Asiatic Society Library, Park street 
Bengal Social Science Association 

Library, TaltoUah lane. 
Bethune Society. 

Catholic Cathedral Library, Portu- 
guese Church street. 
Catholic Library, DhurrumtoUah-st. 
Dalhousie Inst. , Dalhousie square. 
Family Literary Club, Burra Bazar. 
Hindu Literary Society. 
Hoogly College Library. 
Indian Museum Library. 
Literary Society, Doveton. 
Literary Society, Nimtollah street. 
Mechanics' Institute, Howrah. 
Presidency College Library. 

Public Library, Metcalfe Hall, 
Hare street. 

Reading Room and Literary Inst., 
336, Upper Chipone road. 

Reading Room and Lib. , Bagbazar. 

St. James's Club Lib., Boswell HaU. 

Soldiers' Institute, Fort William. 

University Library. 

Young Men's Association, Russa- 
puglah road, Bhowampore. 
Chintadrepetta (3f adrcw).— Chris- 
tian Association Library. 
Chindbipet (-flfadrow). -Baptist Tract 

Society Library. 
Dacca. — SaraswatiSamaj, or Pundit's 

Deccan College Library. 

Dehba Dun. -Trigonometrical Branch 
Office Library, Survey of India. 



GosHAiNOUNGE (Oudh), — 0. & R. Rail. 
Mechanics' Institate. 

Gujarat [Punjauh). — Gujarat Ver- 
nacular Society- 

Hydbrabad. — Military Club. 

Kathiawar. — Public Library. 

KucH Behar (Ben^a^)-Brahmo Somaj 
or the Reformed Church in the State of 

Lahore. — Punjaub Public Library. 
LucKNOW. — British Indian Assoc. 

0. & R. Railway Institute : J. R. 
Muirhead, Hon. Sec. 
LuDHiANA {Punjatib),SiTda,r Sir Atar 

Singh's library, Bahadur House. 
Madras. — Aricultural and Horticul- 
tural Society- 
British Medical Association Library 

(South Indian Branch.) 
Civil Engineering College. 
Free Public Library. 
Literary Society Library, Pantheon 
road, Egmore : M. J. M'Pherson. Libra- 
rian. Opened 1818. 45,000 vols. About 
Bs. 8,000 annually expended in books. 
Philharmonic Society Library. 
University Library. 
Mylapore {Madras), — Athenaeum 

Reading Room and Library. 
Newtown {Madrons). — Church of Eng- 
land Institute. 
NuMGUMBAKUM {Modro^s), — Verna- 
cular Literature Society, Old College. 
Patna. — College Library. 
PoNDiOHERRY. -BibUoth^que Publique 
PooNA. — College of Science Library. 

Deccan Education Society. 
Rajkot ( Western India). — ^Kathiawar 

General Library. 
RooRKEE.-Thomason College Library. 

RoYAPETTAH {Modros). — Civil Service 

Library and Reading Boom. 
Secundbrabad. — United Service Club 
Simla. — United Service Club. 
Srinagar. — Kashmere Library. 
Tanjorb. — Rajah's Library. 

Triplicane [Madras). — Literary 
Society Library. 
Muhammadan Public Library. 


Osaka. — Church Missionary Society, 
Divinity College. 

Bluff. -Ladies' International Beading 

Kyoto. —Doshisha University Library 
Harris Science School. 

Tokyo. — Asiatic Society of Japan, 54, 
Tsukjji : Ernest W. Clement, v. a., Libn. 
Dept. of Agr. & Commerce Library. 
Department of Education Library. 
Geographical Society. 
Imperial Library, Imperial Palace. 
Imperial University Library. 
National Archive Library. 
Statistical Society. 
Tokyo Library. 

Yokohama. -Asiatic Society of Japan. 
Yokohama Literary Society. 


Batavia. — College Library. 
Military School. 


Irkutsk. — Geographical Society. 
Natural Science and Anthropologi- 
cal Museum Library. 
Technical Society. 

MiNNisiNK. — Natural Science and 
Anthropological Museum. 

Tomsk. — University Library. 

Yenisiesk. — Natural Science and An- 
thropological Museum Library. 


Johore. — English Club. 
Selangor. — Kuala Lampor Club. 
Singapore. — Diocese of Singapore, 

Labuan and Sarawak Library : Rev. W. 

H. Gomes, b.d., Librarian & Registrar. 

Mutual Improvement Society Lib. 

Raffles Library. 

Koyal Asiatic Soc. (Straits Branch) 

Goethe says that '* every day a man should see a flower, or a fine picture, 
or read a poem, or hear music." 

** Shakespeare pours new life every morning through all our continents 
and islands, and its currents ceaselessly pass to and fro during the very 
watches of the stars." 

** Bums makes every daisy *a gem of purest ray serene,' gives music to 
the lips of every lover, renders every parting poetical, and hallows the closing 
week in a thousand households." 




New South Wades. 

Bathurst. — School of Arts Library. 
GouLBURN. -Mechanics' Inst. Library. 
Grafton. — School of Arts Library. 
KiAMA. — Free Library. 
Liverpool.— Moore College Library. 

School of Arts Library. 
Maitland, East. — Mechanics' Insti- 
tute Library. 
Maitland, West. -School of Arts Lib. 
Milton. — Free Public Library. 
Newcastle. — School of Arts : George 
Allen, Librarian. Opened 1861. About 
15,000 volumes. £150 annually spent in 
books. Open on week-days from 10 a.m. 
to 9-30 p.m. 
Kedfern. — Free Library. 
SHETj:iHARBonR. — Public Library. 
Singleton. -Mechanics' Inst. Library. 
Sidney. — Athenaeum Club Library. 
Institute of Architects. 
Law Institute of N.S. W. 
Linnsean Society. 
Medical Institute Library. 
Public Library of N. S. W. : Henry 
0. Lennox Anderson, h.a., Librarian. 
Opened 1869. About 116,000 volumes. 
£1,900 annually available for purchase 
of books . Special collections of Austra- 
lasian Works. Open on week-days and 
Parliamentary Library. 
Royal Geographical Society of Aus- 
tralasia, New South Wales Branch. 
Royal Society of N. S. W. 
School of Arts Library. 
University Library. 
Young Men's Christian Association. 
Young Women's Christian Assoc. 
Wagga WAOGA.-Municipal Free Lib. 
Windsor. — School of Arts Library. 
Yass. — Mechanics' Inst. Library. 

New Zealand. 

Auckland. — College Lib., St. John's. 

Free Public Library and Art Gallery, 
Albert Park, Wellesley street : Edward 
Shillington, Librarian. Opened 1880. 
About 32,000 vols. £400 annually ex- 
pended in books. Open on week-days 
and Sundays. The Art Gallery contains 
about 350 Oil and Water-colour Paint- 
ings, together with Statuary, Photo- 
graphs, Maori Carvings, <&c. 

Institute, Library, and Museum. 

Newton Working-Men's Club Lib. 

AucKLA N D — continued. 
Supreme Court Library. 

Teachers' Library, Wellesley street 

University Library. 

Young Men's Christian Association 
(3,800 vols.) 

Balclutha. — Athenaeum Library. 

Bannockburn {Otago). — Public Lib. 

Blenheim. — Literary Inst, and Lib. 

Campbelltown (Otago). — Athenseum 

Christchurch.— Canterbury College 

Canterbury Museum Library. 

Canterbury Pharmaceutical Society 

Canterbury Philosophical Society. 

Canterbury Public Library, Cam- 
bridge tenace and Hereford street : A. 
C. Wilson, Registrar. Opened 1874. 
About 27,600 vols. £250 annually ex- 
pended in books. Open on week-days 
and Sundays. The Library is under the 
control of the Board of Governors of 
Canterbury College. 

Canterbury Supreme Court Library 
New Zealand Alpine Club. 
University of New Zealand. 
Clyde (O^ogro).— Public Library. 

DuNEDiN. -Athenaeum and Mechanics' 

Otago Supreme Court Library. 
School of Arts Library. 
University of Otago : A. Hamilton, 

Librarian. Opened 1872. About 10,000 

vols. There is a Museum, with separate 

Library, in connection. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Young Women's Christian Assoc. 
Hamilton. — Public Library. 

HoKiTiKA.— Westland Institute 

(3,000 vols.) 
Invercargill. — Athenaeum Library. 
Lawrence. — Athenaum. 
Masterton. — Institute and Library. 
Napier {Hawkers Bay). — Athenaeum 

Nelson. — Diocesan Library (Church 

of England.) 
Nelson Institute. 
0am aru. — Athenaeum and Mechanics' 

Institute (6,0000 vols.) 
Port Chalmers. — Mechanics' Inst. 
Thames {Grahamstovm). —Public Lib. 
Tim ARU.— Public Library. 



Waikonaiti {Hawkeabury). — Athe- 

naBum and Library. 
Waimatk. — Beading Boom and Lib. 
Wanganin.— Public Lib. (4,600 vols.) 
Wellington.— Colonial Museum Lib. 
Diocesan Library. 
New Zealand Institute. 
Parliamentary Library. 
Philosophical Society. 
Pol;^nesian Society, Government 
Buildings : Edward Tregear, Hon. Sec. 
Opened 1891. Contains Philology and 
Anthropology, especially of Asia and 
the Pacific Islands. Open to members 

Public Library : Thomas VV. Rowe, 
M.A., Librarian. Opened 1898. About 
16,600 vols. Annual income from penny 
rate £1,760. Desiderata: General Litera- 
ture, Australasiana. Open on week- 
days and Sundays. 

Supreme Court Library. 


Brisbane. — Johnsonian Club. 
Mechanics' Institute. 
Parliamentary Library of Queens- 
land : D. O'Donovan, c.ic.a. Librarian. 
Opened 1860. About 40,000 vols. 
Royal Geographical Society of Aus- 
tralasia, Queensland Branch. 
School of Arts Library. 
Young Men's Christian Association. 
Ipswich.— School of Arts Library. 
Maryboro'. — School of Arts Library. 
Too wooMBA. -School of Arts, Library. 

RoOKHAMPTON. —School of Arts and 
Technical College : N. M. M. Davidson, 
Librarian. Opened 1862. 8,860 volumes. 
About £260 annually expended in books. 
Open on week-days and Sundays. 

Warwick.— School of Arts Library. 

SotUh Australia, 

Adelaide. -Library of the Parliament 
of South Australia : James P. Morice, 
Librarian. Est. 1857. About 20,000 vols. 
£330 annually expended in books. Open 
to members from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every 

Public Library, Museum, and Art 

University Library. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 


Campbelltown. — Literary Associa- 
tion Library. 
Deloraine. — Public Library. 
HoBART. — Parliamentary Library. 
Tasmanian Public Library. 

HoBART — contintLed. 

Royal Society of Tasmania. 
Working Men's Club Library. 
Young Men's Christian Association. 

Launceston. -Congregational Library 
Mechanics' Inst, and Public Library, 
comer of St. John and Cameron streets .• 
Alexander Johnston, Librarian. Opened 
1842. About 21,000 vols. Annual income 
£620, about £224 being expended in 
books. Open on week-days only from 

9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Milton Hall Literary Society. 

Musical Union. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 


Ballarat. — Free Public Library. 

Mechanics' Institute Library. 
Brunswick. — Mechanics' Inst. Lib. 
Camperdown. -Mechanics' Inst. Lib. 
Castlbmaine. -Mechanics' Inst. Lib. 

Diamond Creek. — Literary Institute 
and Free Library. 

FiTZROY. — Free Library. 

Geelong. — Free Library & Museum : 
Thomas Bennett, Librarian. Opened 
1876. Over 5,000 vols. Open on week- 
days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Gordon Technical College Library : 
H. E. Hill, Hon. Librarian. 

Mechanics' Institute. 
Kew. — Literary and Scientific Inst. 

St. Francis Xavier College Library. 
Kynbton. — Mechanics' Institute Lib. 
Learmouth. — Public Library. 
Mansfield. — Free Public Library. 
Melbourne. — Athenasum Library. 

Australian Club Library. 

Australasian Dramatic and Musical 

Bankers' Institute of Australia. 

Biographical Society of Australia. 

Club Library, Collins street. 

Public Library: Dr. T. F. Bride, 
Librarian. Est. 1852. Number of vols, 
in Reference Department, 129,423; Lend- 
ing Department, 9,000 ; annual circula- 
tion in Lending Department, 98,000. 
Annual income from Government grants 
£3,500, about £1,500 of this bein^ ex- 
pended in books. Special collections : 
British county and local histories, 
Shakespearian ivorks, and works rela- 
ting to Australia and South Sea Islands. 
Open on week-days onl^ from 10 a.m. to 

10 p.m. The other sections of the Insti- 
tution comprise Picture and Sculpture 
Galleries, Industrial and Technolo^cal 
Museum, Art, Bthnological and Natiml 
History Museums. 



M ELBOUBNE — Continued* 

Congregational College and Library 

Parliamentary Library. 

Pharmaceutical Society Library. 

Presbyterian Theological College. 

Royal Geographical Society of 
Australasia, Victoria Branch. 

Royal Society of Victoria. 

Trinity College. 

University Lu)rary : E. H. Bromby, 
Librarian. Est. 1855. A Reference Lib- 
rary of 20,000 vols. £450 is annually 
expended in books. Deiideraia : Works 
bearing on University Studies. Open to 
members of University every week-dav. 
In connection is a Medical School Lib- 
rary, containing 5,000 vols.; J. 0. Robert- 
son, Librarian. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 

Young Women's Christian Assoc. 
Omeo. — Free Public Library. 

Portland. — Free Library. 
Sale. — Mechanics' Institute Library. 
Sandhurst. — Mechanics' Institute. 
Stanley. — Athenaeum Library. 
Stawell. — Mechanics' Institute. 
Tungamah. — Public Library. 
Wandiligong. — Public Library. 
WiNCHELSEA. — Public Library. 
Yandoit.— Public Library. 

Fiji Islands. 

Levuka. — Mechanics' Institute. 
Suva. — Literary Association Library. 

Hawaiian Islands, 

Honolulu. -Hawaiian Historical Soc. 
Public Library (over 10,000 vols. ) 

South Sea Islands. 
Apia {Samoa). — Public Library. 



Admont. — ^Bibliothek der Abtei. 
Agram. — Konigl. Univ. Agram Lib. 
Brunn. — Franzens Mus.-Bibliothek. 
Buda-Pest. — Sz6ch6ny i'sche Landes- 

Ungar. Akad. d. Wissenschaften. 

Cracow. — Akad der Wissenschaften. 

CzERNOWiTZ. -Universitats-Bibliothek 
Dbbreczin. -Collegium der ev. helvet. 

GoTTWBiH.— Benediktiner-Stifts-Bib. 
Gran. — Erzdiocesan-Bibliothek. 

Privatbibl. des Cardinals J. Simor, 
Primas von Ungam. 
Graz. — Landesreg-Bibliothek. 

K. K. Universitats-Bibliothek. 
Hermannstadt. — Baron. Sam. v. 
Burkenthal'sche Museum-Bibliothek. 

National- Bibliothek. 
Hohenfurth. — Cisterc. Stifts-Bib. 
Innsbruck. — Universitats-Bibliothek 
Klagenfurt. — Studien-Bibliothek. 
Klausbnburg. — Klausenburg College 
(Unitarian) Library. 

Siebenb. Landes-Museum. 

Klosterneuburg. -Chorherren-Stif ts- 

KoNiGSWART. — F. Metternich-Win- 

berg'sche Bibliothek. 

Kremsmunster. — Benedik t-Stif ts- 

Laibach. — Studien-Bibliothek. 

Lemberg.— Ossolinski'sche National 

LiNZ. — OefF. Studien-Bibliothek. 

M AROS- V^dRHELLY. -Ocflf. Tclcki'sche 

Marti NSBERG. — Benedik tiner-Erz- 

Melk.— Benedik. -Stifts-Bibliothek. 
Olmutz.— Oeff. Studien-Bibliothek. 
OssEGG. — Cisterz. -Stifts-Bibliothek. 
Prague.— F. v. Kinky'sche Bibliothek 

F. Lobkowitz Bibliothek. 

Pramomstrat-Stift am Strahow. 

Universitats Bibliothek. 

Vaterland Museum. 
Pressburg. — Appony'sche Bibliothek 

Ungar. Gelehrte Gesellschaft. 
PuRGLiTZ {Bohemia). — Fiirstenberg 

Raudintz. — Fiirst Lobkowitz'sche 

St. Florian.— Chorherren-Stif ts-Bib. 
Salsburg.— Benedikt-Stifts-Bib. 

Landes-u. Studien-Bibliothek. 

Seitenstetten. — Benedikt-Stif ts- 

Spalato (DalTnatia). — Archaeological 

Museum Library. 



Tbpl. — Chorherren-Stif ta- Bibliothek. 
Trent. — Bibliotheca Civica. 
Trieste. — Stadt-Bibliothek. 
Troppau. — M useums-Bibliothek. 
Vienna. — Architects' and Engineers' 
Society Library. 

Benedikt-Stift Schotten. 

Erzherzogl. Albrecht'sche Bib. 

F. Esterhdzy-Bibliothek. 

Fiirstl. Liechtenstein'sche Bib. 

Imperial Library (450,000 vols. ) 

K. K. Familien-u. Privat-Bib. 

K. K. Finanzministerium. 

K. K. Kriegsministerium. 

K. K. Ministerium des Innem. 

K. K. Naturhistorrisches Hof- 

K. K. Obergymnasium der There- 
sianischen Akad. 

K. K. Oeffentl. Bibliothek. 

K. K. Technische Hochschule. 

K. K. Universitats-Bibliothek. 


Numismatische Gesselschaft. 

Society for Promoting Agricultural 

Zara (DcUmcUia). — Museum Library. 


Antwerp. — Bib. Publiquede la Ville 
Bruges. — Bib. Publique de la Ville. 

(120,000 vols.) 
BRUSSELS.-Biblioth^ue del' Acad^mie 

des Beaux Arts, Rue du Midi. 
Biblioth^ue de 1' Academic Royale 

des Sciences. 
Biblioth^ue du Mus^e Commercial, 

Rue des Augustins. 
Biblioth^ue du Minist^re de la 

Guerre, Rue Royale. 
Biblioth^ue Royale, Place du Mus^e 

(400,000 vols.) 
Biblioth^ue du Mus^e Royale d' 

Histoire Naturelle, Rue Vautier. 
Biblioth^ue de I'Universit^ Libre, 

Rue des Sols. 
Bibliothfeque de la Ville (d I'Hdtel 

de Ville). 
Royal Numismatic Society. 
Society d'Archa^ologie de Bruzelles. 
Gand {Ohent).-'Bihlioth^que de I'Uni- 

vendt^ et de la Ville (800,000 vols.) 
Lii:oE. — Bibliothfeque de I'Universit^ 

(800,000 vols.) 
Lou VAIN. — Bib. de 1' University Catho- 

lique (130,000 vols.) 
MoNS. — Bib. Publique de la Ville. 

Namur, — Biblioth^ue de la Ville. 
OsTBND. — Cercle Litteraire, Place des 

TouRNAi. — Biblioth^ue Publique. 


Copenhagen. — Athenaeum. 

Det Store Kongelige Bibliothek. 

Kongens Haandbibliothek. 

Royal Library (500,000 vols.) 

Rekiavik {Iceland). — Rekiavik Lib. 


Besides the Libraries here mentioned, 
almost every town in France of two 
thousand or more inhabitants, pos- 
sesses a " BibliotfUqtie PMiqtie," or 
Public Library. 

Abbeville {Somme). — Biblioth^ue 

Aix-en-Provence. — Biblioth^ue de 

la Faculty des Lettres. 
Biblioth^que M^janes. 

Aix-les-Bains. — Anglo-American 

Alger (-4^gr^nc).-Biblioth6que Mus^ 
Biblioth^ue Municipale. 
Biblioth^ue Universitaire. 
Amiens (Somme). — Bibl. Communale. 
Arras [Pas de Calais). — Biblioth^que 

de la Ville. 
Avignon ( Vaucltise). — Bibiothfeque 

de la Ville. 
Beaune {C6te d'Or). — Biblioth^que 

BESAN90N {Doubs.) — Biblioth^ue de 
la ViUe. 
Biblioth^que Universitaire. 
Blois. — Biblioth^ue Communale. 
Bordeaux [Oironde). — Biblioth^que 
Biblioth^ue de la Ville. 

Boulogne-sur-Mer. — Biblioth^que 
de la Ville. 

Merridew's English Library, Rue 
Victor Hugo. 
BouRG. — Biblioth^que Communale. 
BouROES. — Biblioth^ue Publique. 
Brest {FinisUre). — Bibl. Communale. 
Caen {Calvados). — Bibl. Communale. 

Biblioth^ue Universitaire. 
Cambrai {Nord). — Bibl. Communale. 

Cannes.— English Reading Room, 45, 

Rue de Fr^us. 
Carpentras ( FaMctoe).-Biblioth6que 

de la Ville. 

Chalon-sur-Saonb.— Bibl. Publique. 




Chalons-sxjr-Marne. — Biblioth^que 
de la Yille. 

CuARTREs (Eure-et- Loire). — Bibl. de 

la Ville. 
Chaumont-en-Bassigny. — Bibl. de la 

Clermont-Ferrand. — Biblioth^ue 

Biblioth^que de la Ville. 

CoMPiEGNB. — Biblioth^ue de la Ville 

Biblioth^ue du Palais. 
Dieppe (5'cme-/w/.)— Bibl. de la Ville. 

Dijon {Cdte d' Or). —Bihl. Publique. 

Biblioth^que Universitaire. 
DdLE (e/wra).-Biblioth^que de la Ville 
DouAi (^orc?). -BibliothSque Publique 
Grenoble (/5^re).-Bibl. Universitaire 

Biblioth^que de la Ville. 
La Rochelle {Gharente-Inf.) — Bibl. 

Laval. — Biblioth^ue Municipale. 
Lb Havre (S'ctTie-in/.)— Bibliothfeque 

de la Ville. 
Lb Mans {Sarthe). — Bibl. le la Ville. 
Lille {Nord). — Bibl. Universitaire. 

Biblioth^ue de la Ville. 

Lyon (/?Ad7ie).-Bibliothfeque du Palais 
des Arts. 

Bibliothfeque Universitaire. 

Biblioth^que de la Ville. 
Marseille {Bouches du Rhdne). — 

Biblioth^ue Communale. 

Bibl. de la Faculty des Sciences. 

Mus6e Bibliothfeque de la Ville. 

MoNTPELLiER(^^aifZO -BibUothfeque 

de I'Ecole de M^decine. 
Mentone. — English Club, Promenade 
du Midi. 
Biblioth^ue Municipale. 
Biblioth^ue Universitaire. 
Nancy {Meurthe-et-Mo8.)—'&i\>\io- 
th^que Publique. 
Biblioth^ue Universitaire. 
Nantes (Loire-Inf.) — ^Bibl. Publique. 
Nice (Alpes-Mar.) — Bibl. de la Ville. 
NImes (G^ard). -Biblioth^ue. 
Orleans {Loiret).—Bih. Publique. 
Paris. — Archives Nationales, Kue des 
Francs-Bourgeois, 60. 
Biblioth^ue de FArsenal. 
Bibl. de la Chambre des D^put^s. 
Bibl. du Conservatoire Nationale 

des Arts et Metiers. 
Bibl. du Conservatoire Nationale 

de Musique. 
Biblioth^ue du Conseil d*Etat. 
Biblioth^ue de laCour de Cassation 

Paris — continued, 
Biblioth^que du D^pot des Cartes. 
Biblioth^que du D6p6t de la Guerre 
Bibliothfeque de FEcole Nationale 

et Sp^ciale des Beaux- Arts. 
Biblioth^ue de I'Ecole Nationale 

des Ponts et Chauss^es. 
Bibl. de I'Ecole de Pharmacie. 
Bibl. de I'Ecole Polytechnique. 
Biblioth^ue de la Faculty de Droit. 
Bibl. de la Faculty de Medecine. 
Bibliothfeque de I'lnstitut. 
Biblioth^que Mazarine. 
Bibliothfeque du Ministfere des 

Affaires Etrang^res. 
Bibl. du Ministfere des Finances 
Biblioth^ue du Miuist^re de 1' 

Instruction Publique. 
Bibl. du Ministfere du Commerce. 
Bibl. du Minist^re de la Marine 
Bibl. du Ministfere des Travaux 

Bibliothfeque Municipale du 1®, 2®, 
3e. etc.. jusqu'au 20 arrondissement, k 
la Maine de I'arrondissement respectif. 
Biblioth^que du Museum d'Histoire 

Biblioth^que Nationale. 

(a) D^partement des imprimis. 
(6) D^partement des imprimes, 
section des cartes et collections 
(c) D^partement des manuscrits. 
{d) D^partement des m^dailles et 

(e) D^partenient des estampes. 
The Biblioth^que Nationale con- 
tains 2,500,000 printed books ; 92,000 
MSS.; 144,000 medals and coins; 
2,000,000 prints, <&c., kept in 14,500 
volumes and 4,000 portfolios ; in the 
Galerie de la Reserve are preserved 
80,000 of the most precious vols. 
Biblioth^ue Polonaise. 
Bibl. de la Prefecture de la Seine. 
Biblioth^ue Sainte-Genevi^ve. 
Biblioth^ue du Senat. 
Biblioth^ue de la Sorbonne. 
Bibl. Historique de la Ville, Hotel 

Garnavalet, Rue Sdvigne, 23. 
English Club, Boul. Malesherbes. 
Pau. — Book Society and Library, 5, 

Place de la Halle. 
Poitiers {Vienne). — Bibliothfeque de 
la Ville. 
Biblioth^que Universitaire. 
Quimper {FinisUre). — Bibl. Publique 
Reims {Mame). — Bibl. Municipale. 
Rbnnes (Ille-et- Ft7ame).-Biblioth^ue 



Rennes — continued. 

Biblioth^ue Univeraitaire. 
Rouen {Seine-Inf, ) — Bibl. Municipale 
Saint-Germain. — Bibl. du Mus^e 

Biblioth^ue de la Ville. 
SoissoNS (-4ww€).— Bibl. de la Ville. 
Toulouse [Haute-Oaronne), — Bibl. 

Biblioth^que de la Ville. 
Tours {Indre-et- Loire), — Biblioth^ue 

Troyes (.4w5e).— Bibl. de la Ville. 
Verdun (ifetMeJ.— Bibl. Publique. 
Versailles. -Bilslioth^ue Municipale 


Aachen. — Stadtische Bibliothek. 
Altbnburg, — Herzogl. Landes-Bib. 
Augsburg. — K. Kreis-u. Stadt-Bib. 
Bamberg. — Konigliche Bibliothek. 
Berlin. — Academy of Arts Library 
and Museum. 

Artillery and Engineering Academy 

Bibliothek des Deutschen Reich - 

Bibliothek des Konigliche Joachims- 
thalschen Gymnasiums. 

Geographical Institute of Berlin. 

Konigliche Bibliothek. 

Kdnigliche Kriegs-Akad. 

Konigliche Kammergerichts-Bib. 

Konigliche Obertribunal. 

Konigliche Pr. General Staats Bib. 

Konigliche Statistisches Bureau. 

Polytechnic Society of Berlin. 

Universitats Bibliothek. 
Bonn. — Universitats Bibliothek. 
Bremen. — Museum Library. 

Stadt- Bibliothek. 
Braunsberg. — Konig. Lyceum Lib. 
Breslau. — Bib. der Schles. Gesell- 
schaft fur yaterl. Gultur. 

Konigliche u. Universitats-Bib. 

BuGKEBURG. — Fiirstl. Schaumburg- 

Lippesche Hof -Bibliothek. 
Carlsruhe. — Grossh. Hoff-u. Landes- 

Cassel. — Landes-Bibliothek. 
CoBURG. — Herzoffl. -Bibliothek. 

Library of the Bhrenberg Palace. 
Cologne. — Gymnasium am Marzellan 

Stadt. -Bibliothek. 
Colmar. —Stadt-Bibliothek. 
Constance. — Wessenberg'sche Stadt- 

Dantzig. — Stadt-Bibliothek. 

Darmstadt. — Grossh. Cabinets-Bib. 
Grossh- Hof. -Bibliothek. 

Dessau. — Herzogl. Bibliothek. 

Detmold. -Fiirstl. Landes-Bibliothek. 

Dillingen.-K. Kreis-u. Studien-Bib. 

Donaueschingen. — Fiirstl. Hof. -Bib. 

Dresden. — Bib. des Statistischen. 
Dresden Geographical Society. 
Konigliche Oeffentliche Bibliothek. 
Prinzi. Secundo-genitur- Bibliothek. 

Dusseldorf. -Konigliche Landes-Bib. 

Erfurt. — Konigliche Bibliothek. 

Erlangen. — Universitats-Bibliothek 

Frankfort. — Freiheulv. Rothschild- 
sche Oeffen. Bibliothek. 
Senckenbergische Bibliothek. 

Freiburg (5a<ic7i). -Universitats-Bib. 

FuLDA. — Landes-Bibliothek. 

FiJRSTENTEiN.-Grafl. V. Hochbergsche 

GiESSEN. — Universitats-Bibliothek. 

Gorlitz. — Bibliothek der Oberlau- 
sitzer Gesellsch. d. Wissenschaften. 

GoTHA. — Geographical Society of 
Justus Perthes Library. 

GoTTiNGEN. -Konigliche Universitats- 

Greifswald. — Konigliche Univer- 

Hallb {Wittenberg). — Bibliothek der 
Kais. Leopoldino-Garolinischen Deut- 
schen Akaaemie der Naturforscher. 

Konigliche Universitats-Bibliothek 
Hamburg. — Commerz-Bibliothek. 

Hanover. — Konigliche Oefifentliche 

Societats- Bibliothek. 

Heidelberg. — Universitats-Bib. 
HiLDERSHEiM. — Baverinsche-Bib. 
Jena. — Universitats-Bibliothek. 
Kiel. — Universitats-Bibliothek. 
Konigsberg. — Konigliche und Uni- 

KoRNiCK {Ponen). — Bib. Kornicka. 
Leipsic. — Reichsgericht. 


LuBECK. -Geographischen Gesellschaf t 

LtJNBBERG. —Stadt-Bibliothek. 
Luxemburg— Bibliothek. 
Mainz. —Stadt-Bibliothek. 



M AIHINGBN. — Oettingen-Waller- 
steinsche Bibliothek. 

Mannheim. — OeflFcntliche-Bibliothek 

M ARBURO. — Universitats-Bibliothek. 

Meiningen. — Herzogl. OeflFentliche- 

Metten. — Benediktiner Kloster-Bib. 

Metz. — Bibliothek Municipale. 

MiJNCHEN. — Bibliothek d. Benedik- 

tiner-Stiftes St. Bonifaz. 
Bibliothek d. Ludwig-Maximilians- 

Kgl. Hof-und Staats-Bibliothek. 

MuNSTER. — Konigliche Pauliuische 

Neu-Strelitz. — Grossherzogl. Bib. 

Nuremberg. — Germanisches Nat. 

Oldenburg. — Grossherzog. Oeffent- 

Uche Bibliothek. 
Paderborn. — Theodorianische Bib. 
Passau. — Bibliothek der Konigliche 

Kreisund Stndien-Bibliothek. 
PosEN. — Graft. Dzialynski'sche Bib. 

Raczynski'sche Bibliothek. 
Ratisbon. — Fiirstl. Thurn-u-Taxia- 

'sche Bibliothek. 
Konigliche Kreis-Bibliothek. 
Regensburg. -Fiirstl. Thurn-u-Taxis 

'sche Hof bibliothek. 
Rostock. — Universitats-Bibliothek. 
RuDOLSTADT. — Oeff. -Bibliothek. 

ScHWEiDNiTZ.— Grafl. v. Hocbergsche- 

ScH WERIN. — Regierungs-Bibliothek. 
Stralsund. — Ra ths-Bibliothek. 
Strasburg. — Kath. Seminar. 


Stuttgart.— Centralstelle fiir 
Gewerbe u. Handel. 

Konigliche Hof. -Bibliothek. 

Konigliche Oeffentl. Bibliothek. 
Treves. — Stadt-Bibliothek. 
Trier. — Stadt-Bibliothek. 

Tubingen. — Konigliche Universitats- 
Ulm. — Stadt-Bibliothek. 

Warmbrunn.— V. Schaflfgotsch Frei- 

standesherrl. Bibliothek. 
Weimar. — Grossherzogliche-Bib. 
Wernigerode.— Stolberg-W. Bib. 
Wiesbaden. -Konigliche Landes-Bib. 
WoLFENBUTTEL. — Herzogliche-Bib. 
Wurzburo. -Universitats-Bibliothek. 


Athens. — American School of Classi- 
cal Studies. 

National Library. 

University Library. 
Corfu. — Public Library. 
Dorp AT. — University Library. 


Amsterdam, — Bibliotheek der Kon. 

Bibliotheek der Lees Museum. 

Royal Geographical Society of the 

Univ. Bibliotheek. 
Arnheim. — Openbaare Bibliotheek. 
Haarlem. — Bibliotheek Communale. 
Hague (The).— De Koninklijke Bib. 
Leyden. — Bibliotheca Academica. 
Rotterdam. — Bibliotheek der Stad. 
Utrecht. — Univ. Bibliotheek. 


Ancona. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
Arezzo. — Bib. Fraternity dei Laici. 

Biblioteca dell' Accademia Petrarca 
A VERS A. — Bibioteca Civica. 
Bari. — Biblioteca Sagarriga- Viscon ti. 
Belluno. — Biblioteca del Comune. 
Bergamo. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
Bologna. — Biblioteca Universitaria. 

Biblioteca Municipale. 

Biblioteca del Liceo Musicale. 

Bib. della Scuola degli Tugegneri. 

Bib. dell' Accademia delle Scienze. 
Brescia. — Bib. Comunale Queriniana. 
Cagliari. — Biblioteca Universitaria. 
Caltanizetta. — Biblioteca Comunale 
Camerino. — Biblioteca Valentiniana. 
Capua. — Biblioteca Comunale. 

Biblioteca del Seminario. 
Catania. — Biblioteca Universitaria. 

Biblioteca Benedettina {k pr^nt 
du Municipe). 

Biblioteca del Seminario. 
Catanzaro. -Biblioteca Universitaria 

Corton A. -Biblioteca Comunale e dell* 

Accad. Btrusca (Rdnnies). 
Cremona. — Biblioteca Governativa. 
Faenza. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
Ferrara. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
Biblioteca Laurenziana. 

FiRENZE (Florence), — Bib. Medicea- 
Biblioteca Marucelliana. 



FiRENZE — contintted, 

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale. Est. 
1714. 420,000 vols, and 17,000 MSS. The 
Government grants annually 60,000 
francs, of which 80,000 are set apart 
for the purchase of books. Open every 
Biblioteca Riccardiana. 
Bib. R. Accademia della Crusca. 
Biblioteca Provinciale Moreniana. 
Bib. del R. Istituto Belle Arti. 
English Club. 
FoGGiA. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
FoLiGNO. — Biblioteca Comunale. 

Biblioteca del Seminario. 
FoRLi. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
FossoMBRONE. — Bibliotcca Passionei. 
Genova. —Biblioteca Universitaria. 
Biblioteca Civica Berio. 
Biblioteca della R. Scuola Navale. 
Biblioteca della Missione Urbana di 

S. Carlo. 
Biblioteca della Society Ligure di 
Storia Patria. 
LivoRNO. — Bib. Comunale Labronica. 
Biblioteca del Seminario Vescov. 
Biblioteca del Circolo Filologico. 
Lucca. — Biblioteca Governativa. 
Macerata. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
Mantova — Biblioteca Comunale. 
Messina. — Biblioteca Universitaria. 
MiLANO (Milan), — Bib. Nazionale di 
Brera. Est. 1784. About 400,000 vols.; 
annual issue 90,000 Annual income 
£1,520, about £1,520 being expended in 
books. Collections of Local History, 
Social Science, Philology, Mamoniana, 
Ancient MSS., and Incunables. Open 
Sundays and week-days. 
Biblioteca Ambrosiana. 
Biblioteca del R. Istituto Lombardo 

di Scienze e Lettere. 
Bib. della R. Accademia Scientifico- 

Biblioteca della R. Scuola Superiore 

di Medicina Veterinaria. 
Biblioteca del Seminario Maggiore. 
Biblioteca del R. Conservatorio di 

Biblioteca della R. Accademia di 

Bella Arti. 
Biblioteca Societk Storica Lombardo 
Biblioteca del Circolo Filologico. 
MoDENA. — Biblioteca Estense (com- 
prenanteaussi la Biblioth.Universitaire) 
Biblioteca Polleti. 
Biblioteca Seminario. 
Biblioteca Scuola Militare. 
MoNTECASSiNO. -BibUoteca dellaBadai 
di S. Benedetto. 

Napoli (Naples). — Bib. Brancacoiana 
Biblioteca dei Girolamini. 
Biblioteca Nazionale. 
Biblioteca di S. Giacomo. 
Biblioteca dell' Conservatorio. 
Biblioteca dell' Universita. 
Bib. della Scuola degli Fugegneri. 
Biblioteca Provinciale. 
Biblioteca Comunale. 

Padora. — Biblioteca dell' UniversitlL 

Biblioteca Medica Pinali. 

Biblioteca Civica. 

Bib. della Basilica di S. Antonio. 
Palermo. — Biblioteca Nazionale. 

Biblioteca Comunale. 

Biblioteca della Societli di Storia 
Parma. — Biblioteca Palatina. 

Biblioteca del Conservatorio di 
Pavia. — Biblioteca dell' Universita. 

Biblioteca Civica Bonetta. 

Biblioteca del Seminario Veacovile. 
Perugia. — Biblioteca dell' Universitii 

Biblioteca Comunale. 

Biblioteca Domenicini. 

Biblioteca del Seminario. 
Pesaro. — Biblioteca Com-Oliveriana. 
Pescia. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
PiACENZ A. -Biblioteca Passerini Landi 

Biblioteca Vescovile. 
Pisa. — Biblioteca della R. UniversiUi. 

Biblioteca del Capitolo della Catte- 

Biblioteca Catariniana del Seminario 
PiSTOiA. — Biblioteca Forteguerri. 

Biblioteca Fabroniana del Capitolo 
della Cattedrale. 
PoTBNZA. — Biblioteca Comunale. 
Ravenna. -Biblioteca Com. Classense 

Biblioteca del Seminario Arciv. 

Recanati. — Biblioteca Comunale, 

Reggio (GcUahrie). — Biblioteca Co- 
Rimini— Biblioteca Comunale Gam- 

Roma (/rome). -Anglo-American Club, 
93, Via Babuino. 
Biblioteca Alessandrina dell' Uni- 
Biblioteca Angelica. 
Biblioteca Ban>erini. 
Bib. della Camera dei DeputatL 
Biblioteca Casanatense. 
Biblioteca Chigiana. 
Biblioteca Corsini. 



KoMA — continued. 

Biblioteca della Propaganda. 

Biblioteca del Senate. 

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Vit- 

torio Emanuele. Est. 1876. 832,000 

vols.; 155,000 pamphlets: 5,000 MSS. 

Annual income 99,886 lire, of which 

57,500 are expended in books. Open 

every week-day. 
Biblioteca Apostolica, Vaticana. 
Biblioteca Vit. Emanuele. 
Biblioteca Romana SartidelComune 
Biblioteca Musicale della R. Acca- 

demia di Sa. Cecilia. 
Biblioteca della R. Accademia di 

Belle Arti di S. Luca. 
Biblioteca Lancisvana dell' Archios- 

pedalc di 8. Spirito. 
Biblioteca della Societa Geografica 

Italia na. 

RoviGO. — Biblioteca dell' Accademia 
dei Concordi. 

Salerno. — Biblioteca Provinciale. 
Biblioteca del Seminario. 

Sassari. — Biblioteca Universitaria. 

Biblioteca del Seminario Tridentino 
Savon A. — Biblioteca Comunale. 

Siena. — Biblioteca Universitaria. 
Biblioteca Comunale. 
Biblioteca Accademia dei Rozzi. 

Teramo. -Biblioteca Comunale Melch. 

Torino ( Turin). -Biblioteca Nazionale 
Biblioteca dell' Istituto Giuridico 

della R. University. 
Biblioteca dell' Osservatorio Astro- 

Trkviso. — Biblioteca Comunale. 

Udine. — Biblioteca Comunale. 

Urbino. — Biblioteca dell' Universitk 

Venezia ( Fem*ce).-Biblioteca Nazion- 
ale di S. Marco. 

Biblioteca dell' Ateneo Veneto. 

Biblioteca dell' Istituto Veneto di 
Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. 

Biblioteca del Museo Cirico Correr. 

Biblioteca della Scuoladi Com mercio 

Biblioteca Benedetto Marcello. 

Biblioteca del R. Archivio di Stato. 

Biblioteca del Convento dei Mechi- 
Veeona.— Bib. ed Archivi Comunall 

Biblioteca Capitolare. 

Vicenza. — Bib. Bertoliana Comunale. 
Viterbo. — Biblioteca Comunale. 


Valetta. — Garrison Library. 
Public Library. 
University Library. 
Union Club, Strada Reale. 


Bergen. — Bennett's Reading Rooms. 

Christiana. — Athenaeum Library. 
Universitets Bibliothek 

Stav anger. — Klubselskab Bibliothek 

Trondhjem.— K. Norske Videnskab. 
Selskab Bibliothek. 


CoiMBRA. — Bibliotheca da Univer. 
EvoRA. — Bibliotheca Archiepiscopal. 

Lisbon.— Bibliotheca da Academia. 
Bibliotheca Nacional. 
Bibliotheca Real da Ajuda. 

Mafra. — Bibliotheca. 
Oporto. — Bibliotheca Pub. Municipal 
English Club. 


Bucharest. — Central Library. 
University Library. 


Charkow. — Universitats-Bibliothek. 

DoRPAT.— Universitats-Bibliothek. 

Hblsingfors. — Bibliothek der Kaiser 
Soci6t6 Finno-Ongrienne. 
Studenten- Bibliothek. 

Kazan. — Universitats-Bibliothek. 
Kharkoff. — Universitats-Bibliothek 
KiEFF. — Universitats-Bibliothek. 
Moscow. — Archaeological Society. 

Imperial School of Law. 

Imperial Society of Naturalists. 

Oeffentliche Bibliothek des Rum- 


Odessa. -Oeffentliche Stadt-Bibliothek 

Reval.— Ehstland. Oflfent. Bibliothek 
Riga.— Stadt-Bibliothek. 

St. Petersburg. -Bibliothek derKais. 
Akademie der Wissenschaften. 



St. Petbrsburo — contimied. 
Bibl. des Kais Botan. Gartens. 
Bibliothek des Generalstabes. 
Imperial Russian Archaeological Soc. 
English Club. 
Kais. Oeffentliche Bibliothek. 

Bibl. der Medicinisch-Chirurgischen 

Bibliothek des Unterrichts-Comit^s 
des Finanz-Ministeriums. 


Warsaw. — Grafl. Zamoyskische 


WiLNA.— Oeffentliche Bibliothek. 


Barcelona. — Archivo de la Corona 
de Aragon. 
Biblioteca del Ateneo Barcelona. 
Museo y Biblioteca Provincial. 

Burgos. — Bib. Provincial y Archivo 
de Castilla. 

Cadiz. — Biblioteca Provincial. 

Medical Faculty Library. 

EscoRiAL. — Biblioteca. 

Gibraltar. — Commercial Library, 
Commercial square : William Ventura, 
Librarian. Eat. 1817. A Reference Lib- 
rary of 6,000 volumes; supported by sub- 
scriptions. Open on week-days from 8 
a.m. to8p.m., and on Sundays from 9 
a.m. to 8 p.m. This Library is a great 
boon to the civilian population and to 
tourists and others visiting the Garrison, 
introduction by a member being all that 
is required. 

Garrison Library. 

Soldiers' Institute. 
Granada.— University of Granada. 
Madrid. — Ateneo de Madrid. 

Bib. del Ministerio de la Guerra. 

Biblioteca del Minist. de Marina. 

Biblioteca Nacional. 

Biblioteca del Palacio Real. 

Bib. de la Real Academia Espanola. 

Biblioteca de San Isodoro. 

Biblioteca particular del Senado. 

Biblioteca de la Universidad. 
Salamanca. — Biblioteca de la Univ. 
Saragossa.— Provincial & Univ. Lib. 

Segovia. — Bib. de la Academia de 

Seville. -Bib. Columbina, Cathedral. 

Biblioteca Universitaria. 
Tarragona. — Biblioteca Publica. 
Toledo. — Biblioteca de la Cat«dral. 

Biblioteca Provincial. 

Valencia. — Biblioteca Universitaria. 

Valladolid. — Biblioteca de Sta Cruz. 
Biblioteca de la Universidad. 


Lund. — Universitetsbibliothek. 

Stockholm.— Kongliga or Riks Bib. 

Upsala. —Universitetsbibliothek 
(250,000 vols, and 10,000 MSS.) 


Aarau. — Aarganische Kantons-Bib. 
(80,000 vols.) 

Basel. — Allg. Lesegesellschaft. 

Public Library. 

Universitats Bib. (160,000 vols.) 
Bern. — Lesegesellschaft. 


EiNSiEDELN. — Stif ts-Bibliothek. 

FRAUENFBLD.-Thurganische Kantons- 

Freiburg.— Can tonale Biblioth^ue. 
Catholic University. 

Geneva.— Biblioth^ue Publique 

(110,000 vols.) 

Lausanne. — Biblioth^que Cantonale 
(100,000 vols.) 

Lucerne. — Can tons-Bibliothek. 

Neuchatel. — Bibliothfeque de la Ville 

St. Gall.— Stadt-Bibliothek. 
Stif ts-Bibliothek. 

SciiAFFHAUSEN. — Stadt-BibHothek. 

SoLOTHURN. — Stadt-Bibliothek. 

Zurich.— Biblioth^ue de la Ville. 
Kantonale Lehranstalten. 
Stadt-Bibliothek (100,000 vols.) 


Constantinople. — National Turkish 
Robert College (American Board of 



Xcarnc& Societies anD 3nstltutlon0 



Anthropological Institute, 3, Hanover 
square, w. 


Antiquaries of London, Society of, 
BurliDj^n House, w. 

Antiquaries of Ireland, Royal Society 
of, University Press, Trinity College, 

Antiquaries of Scotland, Society of, 
National Museum of Antiquities, Queen 
street, Edinburgh. 

Archseolosical Association, British, 32, 
Sackville street, Dublin. 

Archaeological (Royal) Institute of Gt. 
Britain and Ireland, 20, Hanover sq., w. 

Archaeological Society, London and 
Middlesex. Sec: Charles Welch, f.s. a., 
Guildhall Library, London, b.c. 

Berkshire Archteological and Archi- 
tectural Society, Abbey Gate, Reading. 

Biblical Archaeology, Society of, 37, 
Great Russell street, London, w.c. 

Bradford Historical and Antiquarian 
Society, Sunbridge road, Bradford. 

Bristol and Gloucestershire Archajo- 
logical Society, Museum, Gloucester. 

Cambrian (Welsh) Archaeological As- 
sociation. Hon. Secretary : Rev. R. 
Trevor Owen, Llangedwyn, Oswestry. 

Cambridge Antiquarian Society, Cor- 
pus Christi College, Cambridge. 

Camden Society, 25, Parliament st., 
London, s.w. 

Chester Archaeological and Historic 
Society, Grosvenor Museum, Chester. 

Clifton Antiquarian Club. 

Cumberland and Westmorland Anti- 
quarian and Archaeological Society. 
Hon. Secretary : Titus Wilson, Aynam 
Lodffe, Kendal. 

Derbyshire Archaeological & Natural 
History Society, 33, Victoria-st., Derby. 

East London Antiquarian Society, 
Toynbee Hall, London, b. 

Ecclesiological Soc, St. Paul's Chap- 
ter House, London, e.g. 

Eygpt Exploration Fund, 37, Great 
Kussell street, London, w.c. 

Essex Archaeological Society, Museum, 
Colchester Castle, Essex. 

Folk -Lore Society, 22, Albemarle-st., 
London, w. 

Glasgow Archaeological Society, 207, 
Bath street, Glasgow. 

Glastonbury Antiquarian Society. 

Harleian Society, instituted for th® 
publication of Manuscripts relating t^ 
Genealogy, Family History, & Heraldry* 
Council Room : 140, Wardour streeti 
London, w. 

Hawick Archaeological Society, Buc- 
cleuch Memorial Buildings, Hawick. 

Heckmondwike (Yorks.) Antiquarian 

Hellenic Studies, Soc^ for Promoting, 

22, Albemarle street, London. 
Huguenot Society of London. Hon. 

Secretary : R. S. Faber, 10, Oppidans 

road, London, ir.w. 
Hull. — East Ridins Antiquarian Soc. 
Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society 

(Historic Literature of Ireland). Sec: 

J. T. Gilbert, f.s.a.. Villa Nova, Black 

Rock, Dublin. 

Japan Society, 20, Hanover square, 
London, w. 

Kent Archaeological Society, Museum, 
St. Faith street, Maidstone. 

Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian 
Society, Chetham College, Manchester. 

London and Middlesex Archaeological 
Society. Secretary : J. E. Price, Esq., 
4, St. Martin's place, London, w.c. 

Manx Society. Hon. Secretary : C. 
T. C. Callow, Anfield Hey, Douglas, Isle 
of Man. 

Monmouthshire and Caerleon Anti- 
quarian A&soc, Caerleon, Newport, Mon. 

Newcastle-on-Tyne Society of Anti- 
quaries, The Castle, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological 
Society, Guildhall Hill, Norwich. 

Numismatic Society of London, 22, 
Albemarle street, London, w. 

Oxfordshire Archaeological Society, 
Secretary : Rev. W. D. Macray, m.a., 
Ducklington Rectory, Witney. 

Palaeographical Soc, British Museum. 
Hon. Sec: E. Maunde Thompson, d.c.l. 

Palestine Exploration Fund, 24, Han- 
over square, London, w. 

Perth Literary and Antiquarian Soc. 

Powys-Land Club, The, Fowys-Land 
Museum and Library, Salop-rd., Welsh- 
pool, North Wales. 

Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain 
and Ireland, 22, Albemarle street, Lon- 
don, w. 

Royal Irish Academy, Antiquities 
Section, Dawson street, Dublin. 

Scarboro' Philosophical and Archaeo- 
logical Society. Sec: J. H. Phillips, 
22, Albemarle Crescent, Scarboro'. 




Salt (Wm.) Archaeological Society, 

Bank Building^, Marketplace, Stafford. 
Shropshire Archaeological and Natural 

History Society, Shrewsbury. 
Somersetshire Archaeological and Na 

tnral His 


turn! History Society, Im.nnton Castle, 


Suffolk Institute of Archeology and 

Natural History, Athonsenm, Bury St. 

Surrey Archaeological Soc, 8, Danes 

Inn, Strand, London, w.c. 
Sussex Archaeological Society, The 

Castle, Lewes. 
Thoresby Society, Law Institution, 

Albion place, Leeds. 
Yorkshire Archaeological and Topo- 
graphical Association, Huddersfield. 


Architects, Society of, St. James's 
Hall, Piccadilly, London, w. 

Architectural Association, 9, Conduit 
street, London, w. 

Architectural Association of Ireland, 

Architectural School, Royal Academy 
of Arts, Burlington House, London, w. 

Architectural Publication Society, 9, 
Conduit street, London, w. 

British Architects, Royal Institute 
of, 9, Conduit street, London, w. 

Birmingham Architectural Associa- 
tion, Queen's College, Paradise street, 
Birmingham. Affiliated with the Archi- 
tectural Association, London. 

Buckinghamshire Architectural and 
Archaeological Society, Rooms and Mu- 
seum, Church street, Aylesbury. 

Builders, Institute of, 31, Bedford-st., 
Strand, London, w.c. 

Dublin.-Royal Institute of the Archi- 
tects of Ireland, Dawson street, Dublin. 

Edinburgh Architectural Association, 
42, George street, Edinburgh. 

Exeter Diocesan Architectural Soc, 
College Hall, Exeter. 

Glasgow Institute of Architects, 115, 
St. Vincent street, Glasgow. 

Leeds and Yorkshire Architectural 
Society, Leeds. 

Leicestershire Architectural & Archae- 
ological Society, Leicester. 

Lincoln and Nottingham, Architec- 
tural and Archaeological Society of the 
Counties of, Eastgate street, Lincoln. 

Liverpool Architectural Soc, Cook-st. 

London Diocesan Church Building 
Society, 46a, Pall Mall, London, s.w. 

Manchester Society of Architects, 
Diocesan Chambers, South King street. 

Naval Architects, Institution of, 5, 
Adelphi terrace, Strand, London, w.c. 

Northampton and Oakham, Architec- 
tural Society for the Archdeaconries of, 
Abington street, Northampton. 

Northern Architectural Association, 
The Castle, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Oxford Architectural and Historical 
Society, New College, Oxford. 

Royal Academy of Painting, Sculp- 
ture, and Architecture, Lower Abbey 
street, Dublin. 

Royal Architectural and Westminster 
School of Art, Westminster, London, s.w. 

Royal Architectural Museum, Tafton 
street, Dean's yard, London, s.w. 

St. Alban's Architectural and Archaeo- 
logical Society, Town Hall, St. Albans. 

Sheffield Society of Architects and 

Soane's (Sir John) Museum Library 
(Architectural Works), 13, Lincoln's Inn 
Fields, London, w.c. 

Worcester Diocesan Architectural and 
Archaeological Society, GuildhalL 

York Architectural Association. 


Dublin. -The Royal College of Science 
and Art. 
Royal Dublin Society, Arts Depart- 
ment, Kildare street. 
Edinburgh. — Board of Manufactures, 
<ftc., Roval Institution. Secretary: A. 
W. Inglis. This Board controls the 
School of Art in the Royal Institution, 
the National Gallery of Scotland, and 
the Scottish Portrait Gallery. 
Industrial & Art Department, Edin- 
burgh Museum of Science and Art. 
Royal Scottish Society of Arts, 117, 
George street. 
Glasgow. — Chamber of Commerce and 
Glasgow School of Art, Corporation 
Liverpool Arts and Sciences Debating 

Society, University College. 
London- Arts' Club, 17, Hanover sq.,w. 
Arts, Commerce, and Manufactures, 
Society for the Encouragement of, 18, 
John street, Adelphi, w.o. 

Guild of Literature and Art, 12, St. 
Bride street, b.c. 

Institute of British Carriage Manu- 
facturers, Town Hall, Westminster, 8.w. 

London Polytechnic Institutes : — 
Finsbury, b.c; The Cripplegate, b.c; 
Bishopsgate, e.g.; St. Briae, b.c; Boro' 
road, S.B.; Young Men's Christian, 307 
to 311, Regent street, w.; Battersea, s.w.; 
Northern, v,; North Western, k.w.; 
South Western, s.w. 

Royal Drawing Society, 50, Queen 
Anne's Gate, s.w. 



Manchester Arts' Club, Albert square. 
Holbein Society. Alfred Brothers, 
7.R.A.8., 26, Brown street, Manchester, 
Hon. Treasurer. 

Northampton Polytechnic Institute. 

Royal Cambrian Academy of Art, 
Plas Mawr, Conway. 


British Astronomical Association, 26, 
Martin's lane, Cannon-st., London, e.c. 

British Chronological & Astronomical 
Associalion, Memorial Hall, London-st., 
Bethnal Green, London, x. 

Magnetic and Meteorological Depart- 
ment, Qreenwich Observatory, s.x. 

Meteorologic Office, 63, Yictoria-st., 
London, s.w. 

Meteorological Society (Royal) ^22, 
Great George street, liondon, s.w. 

Meteorological Society for Scotland, 
122, George street, Edinburgh. 

Nautical Almanac Office, 3, Verulam 
Buildings, London, w.c. 

Physical Society of London, Burling- 
ton House, London, w. 

BontgenSocy. Sec: I). Walsh, m.d., 
5, Pump court, Temple, e.c. 

Royal Astronomical Society, Burling- 
ton House, London, w. 

Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, 

18, George street, Edmburgh. 

Observatories, &c. 

Bidston Observatory. 

Cambridge Observatory. 

Cambridge Optical and Astronomical 

Room, specially for the University, 
Dublin Observatory. 
Durham University Observatory. 
Edinburgh Royal Observatory. 
Falmouth Observatory. 
Greenwich Royal Observatory. 
Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford. 


Bibliographical Society, 20, Hanover 
square, London, w.c. 

Bray s Institution for Founding Lib- 
raries. Secretary : Rev. W. H. Tucker, 

19, Delahay street, London, s.w. 
Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, 

83, George-street. 
Ex Libris Society, W. H. K. Wricht, 

Hon. Sec, Public Library, Plymoutn. 
Library Association of the United 

Kingdom, 20, Hanover sq., London, w.c. 


Challenger Expedition Reports Office, 
45, Frederick street, Edinburgh. 

Liverpool Biological Society, Univer- 
sity College. 

Marine Biological Association of the 
United Kingdom, The Laboratory, Cita- 
del llill, Plymouth. 

Physiological Society, London. Hon. 
Sec. : C. S. Sherrington, St. Thomas's 
Hospital, London, s.k. 

University College Biological Society, 
Gower street, London, w.c. 


Bot-anical Exchange Club of the British 
Isles. Sec. and 'n-eas. : C. Bailey, t.l.s., 
Ashfield College road, Whalley Range, 

Botanical Record Club. F. A. Lees, 
ic.R.c.s.; 89, Burley Lodge road, Leeds. 

Botanical Society of Edinburgh, 5, St. 

Andrew square, Edinburgh. 
Linncean Society, Burlington House, 

London, w. 
Royal Botanical Institution, Glasgow 

Royal Botanic Soc. , Botanic Gardens, 
Regent's Park, London, v.w. 

Botanical Gardens and Botanic 

Cambridge. — Botanic Gardens. 

Cambridge. -Botanic Museum & Herb- 
arium. Curator : M. C. Potter, u.a., 
St. Peter's, Cambridge. 

Chiswick Gardens (Royal Horticul- 
tural Society), Chiswick, Middlesex. 

Dublin. -Botanical Collection, Science 
and Art Department. 

Dublin. — Royal Botanic Gardens, 

Edinburgh. — Royal Botanic Gardens. 

Glasgow. — Royal Botanic Institution 

Liverpool. — Botanical Gardens, Edge 
Lane, Liverpool. 

London. — Botanic Gardens ( Royal 
Botanical Soc), Regent's Park, London. 

London. — Botanic Gardens of the Soc. 
of Apothecaries of London, Chelsea, s.w. 

London. -Royal Botanic Gardens, ICew 

London.— Sub-Tropical Gardens, Bat- 
tersea Park, London. 

Manchester Museum, Botanical De- 
partment, Owens College. 

Oxford. — Botanic Museum. 

Thurso.-Robert Dick's Botanical Col- 
lection, Museum, Free Public Library. 




Chemical Society, Burlington House, 
London, w. 

Chemists' Assistants' Association, 103, 
Qreat Russell street, London, w.c. 

Institute of Chemistry of Gt. Britain 
and Ireland, 30, Bloomsbury square, 
London, w.c. 

North of England Pharmaceutical Soc. 

Pharmaceutical Society of Ot. Britain, 
16, Bloomsbnry-sq., London, w.; North 
British Branch, 36, York place, Edin- 

Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, 17, 
Harcourt street, Dublin. 

Society of Apothecaries, Water lane, 
Blackfriars, London, x.c. 

Society of Chemical Industry, Palace 
Chambers, 9, Bridge- st., London, s.w. 

Society of Public Analysts. Sec. : R. 
H. Davies, Apothecaries' Hall, Black- 
friars, London, x.c. 

Yorkshire Coll. Chemists' Soc, Leeds 


Conchological Society of Gt. Britain 
and Ireland, Owens College, Manchester 

Conchological Society, Museum, Park 
row, Leeds. 


Accountants and Actuaries, Institute 
of, 106, West Nile street, Glasgow. 

Accountants, Society of, Edinburgh. 

Accountants and Auditors, Society of, 
4, King-street, Cheapside, London, x.c. 

Accountants' Students' Society, Bir- 
mingham. Hon. Sec: C. H. Barham, 
37, Bennett's Hill, Birmingham. 

Accountants' Students' Society, Man- 
chester. Hon. Secretary : H. V. Aldred, 
▲.C.A., 8, Essex street, Manchester. 

Actuarial Society of Edinburgh, 24, 
York place, Edinburgh. 

Actuaries, Institute of. Staple Inn 
Hall, Holbom, w.c. 

Actuaries in Scotland, Faculty of, 24, 
York place, Edinburgh. 

Adam Smith Club, Toynbee Hall, 
London, x. 

Bankers, Institute of, 34, Clements 
lane, London, e.c. 

Bankers, Institute of, in Scotland, 
27, Queen street, Edinburgh. 

British Economic Assoc, 9, Adelphi 
terrace, London, w.c. 

Chartered Accountants in England and 
Wales, Institute of, 3, Copthall Build- 
ings, London, x.c. 

Chartered Accountants, Liverpool Soc. 
of. Hon. Sec: W. C. Spencer, t.c.a., 4, 
Cook street, Liverpool. 

Chartered Accountants, Manchester 
Society of. Hon. Sec. : L. Broderick, 
7.C.A.., 12, Booth street, Manchester. 

Chartered Accountants, Northern In- 
stitute of. Hon. Sec.: Edward Sparks, 
T.C.A., 24, Grainger street west, New- 

Chartered Accountants, Sheffield In- 
corporated Society of. Hon Secretary: 
S. Taylor Gill, x.c. a... Queen's Insurance 
Buildings, Church street, Sheffield. 

Chartered Accountants' Students' Soc. 
of London, 3, Copthall Buildings, Lon- 
don, x.c. 

Chartered Accountants Students' As- 
sociation, Liverpool. Hon. Sec: Wm. 
Dickson, i^c.a.., 26, North John street. ^ 

Chartered Accountants' Students' Soc.', 
Sheffield. Hon. Sec: A. E. Short, Mont- 
gome^ Chambers, Hartshead, Sheffield. 

Cobden Club, London. 

Dialectical Society, London. Sec. : 
Miss A. Law, 30, Victoria-rd., Peckham, 
London, s.b. 

Decimal Association, Botolph House, 

Eastcheap, London, b.c. 
Dublin. — Institute of Chartered Ac- 
countants in Ireland, 4, College green. 
East India Association, 3, Victoria 

street, London, s.w. 
Elocutionists, Assoc, of. Memorial 

Hall, Albert square, Manchester. 
Ethical Society, 34, Gt. Ormond-st., 

London, w.c. 
Howard Association for the Promotion 

of the best methods of Penal Treatment 

and Crime Prevention, 5, Bishopsgate 

street without, London, x.c. 
Impl. Federation League, 30, Charles 

street, Berkeley square, London, w. 
Incorporated Accountants, Manches- 
ter and District Society of. Hon. Sec: 

A. E. Piggott, 16, High-st., Manchester. 
Incorporated Accountants, Sheffield 

and District Society of. Hon. Sec: W. 

Sissons, 6, Fig Tree lane, Sheffield. 
International Statistical Institute, 68, 

Lombard street, London, x.c. 
Iron and Steel Institute, 28, Victoria 

street, London, s.w. 
Manchester Statistical Society. Hon. 

Sees.: F. E. M. Beardsall and G. H. 

Pownall, 25, Booth street, Manchester. 
Royal Statistical Society, 9, Adelphi 

terrace, London, w.c. 
Statistical and Social Inquiry Society 

of Ireland, 35, Molesworth-st., Dnblin. 


Actors' Association, 36, St. Martin's 
Lane, London, w.c. 



Actors* Benevolent Fund, 8, Adam-st. , 

Adelphi, London, w.c. 
British Dramatic A.rt, The Society of, 

6, Agar street, Strand, London, w.c. 
Clapton Dramatic Society, Clapton, 

Dramatic and Literary Club, Bir- 
Dramatic and Musical Sick Fund, 9, 

Adam street, Adelphi, London, w.c. 
[English Dramatic Club, at London 

Athletic Club's Gymnasium, 26, Pancras 

road, London, v.w. 
Footlights Dramatic Club, Bridge-st. , 

Garrick Club, Garrick street, Covent 

Garden, London, w.c. 
Green Room Club, 20, Bedford street, 

Covent Garden, London, w.c. 
Lyric Club, 86, George-st. , Edinburgh 
New Lyric Club, Coventry street, 

London, w. 
Oxford University Dramatic Society, 

Playgoers* Club, over the Adelphi 

Restaurant, 409 & 410, Strand, London. 
Savage Club, 6 & 7} Adelphi terrace, 

London, w.c. 


Ascham Society, 18, Baker street, 
London, w. 

Association for the Oral Instruction 
of the Deaf and Dumb, 11, Fitzroy-sq., 

Bradford Teachers' Guild. 

British and Foreign Blind Association 
for Promoting the Education and Em- 
ployment of the Blind, 38, Cambridge 
iiquare, London, w. 

British and Foreign School Society, 
Temple Chambers, b.o 

Cambridge Teachers' Training Syndi- 
cate. Secretary: Oscar Browning, m.a., 
King's College, Cambridge. 

Cambridge Univ. Syndicate, Syndi- 
cate Buildings, Mill lane, Cambridge 
(for examinations and advancement and 
propagation of education). 

Church of England Sunday School In- 
stitute, 13, Sergeant's Inn, Fleet street, 

City and Guilds of London for Ad- 
vancement of Technical Education, Cen- 
tral Institute, Exhibition road, Lon- 
don, s.w. 

College of Preceptors, Bloomsbury sq. , 
London, w.c. 

Education Department, Whitehall, 
London, s.w. 

Froebel Society, Educational Insti- 
tute, West Kensington, w. 

Gilchrist Educational Trust for Main- 
tenance of Scholarships and aid to 
approved Educational objects in all 
parts of the world, 17, Victoria street, 
London, s.w. 

Headmasters, Incorporated Soc. of, 
37, Norfolk street. Strand, w.c. 

Home and Colonial School Society, 
Gray's Inn road, w.c. 

Kindergarten Association, 181, High 
street, Manchester. 

London Society for Extension of Uni- 
versity teaching. Charterhouse, b.c. 

London Soc. for Teaching the Blind 
to read, and training them in industrial 
occupations. Upper Avenue road, Swiss 
Cottage, London, s.w. 

Maria Gray School (Preparatory), 1 
Fitzroy square, London, w. 

Maria Gray Training College, 5, Fitz 
roy square, London, w. 

Metropolitan Board Teachers' Asso 
ciation, 131, Crofton road, Camberwell 
London, S.X. 

.National Association for the Promo 
tion of Technical and Secondary Educa 
tion, 14, Dean's yard, London, s.w. 

National Education Dept., Dublin. 

National Education Society, 35 & 36, 
Outer Temple, Strand, London, w.c. 

Nat. Federation of Assistant Teachers. 
President: C. H. Moore, Halifax. 

National Froebel Union, 12, Buck- 
ingham street. Strand, London, w.c. 

National Society for Promoting the 
Education of the Poor in the principles 
of the Established Church, Broad Sanc- 
tuary, Westminster, London, s.w. 

National Union of Teachers, 71, Rus- 
sell square, London, w.c. 

Oxford & Cambridge Schools' Exam- 
ination Board. Sees.: E. J. Gross, u.a., 
Caius College. Cambridge, and 74, High 
street, Oxford. 

Pedagogic Library, 74, Gower-st. , w.c. 

Preceptors, College of, Bloomsbury 
square, London, w.c. 

Recreative Evening Schools' Associa- 
tion, 37, Norfolk street. Strand, London. 

Schoolmasters' Association (Ireland). 
Hon. Sec: Rev. Canon Ewing, ll.d., 
Chesterfield, Parsonstown, Ireland. 

Scotch Education Department, Dover 
House, Whitehall, London, s.w. 

Soci^t^ Nationale des Professeurs de 
Fran^ais en Angleterre for advancement 
of the Study of the French Language 
and Literature, 20, Bedford-st., Strand, 
London, w.c. 

Society of Schoolmasters, 7, Adelphi 
terrace, London, w.c. 

Sunday School Association, Essex-st., 
Strand, London, w.c. 



Sunday School Union, Old Bailey, B.C. 
Teachers' Guild of Great Britain and 

Ireland, 74, Cover street, London, w.c. 
University Correspondence College, 

Burlin^n House, Cambridge. 


Aeronautical Society of Gt. Britain. 
Hon. Secretary : F. W. Brearey,, 
8, St. George's place, London, s.w. 

British Association of Water Works 
Engineers, 55, Parliament street, Lon- 
don, s.w. 

British Iron Trade Association, 29, 

Great George street, s.w. 
British Society of Mining Students, 

ByerMoor, Bamopfleld.nearNewcastle- 


Chesterfield and Midland Counties 

Institution of Engineers, Stephenson 

Memorial Hall, Chesterfield. 
Civil and Mechanical Engineers' Soc. 

12, Delahay street, London, s.w. 
Cleveland Institution of Engineers 

Cornwall Mining Association and Insti 

tute of. Library at the Mining School 


Federated Inst, of Mining Engineers 

Institution of Civil Enffineers, 25 

Great George street, London, s.w. 
Institution of Civil Engineers of Ire 

land, 85, Dawson street, Dublin. 
Institution of Electrical Engineers 

4, Broad Sanctuary, s.w. 
Institution of Engineers and Ship 

Builders in Scotland, 207, Bath street 


Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 
19, Victoria street, London, s.w. 

Iron and Steel Institute, Victoria 
Mansions, London, s.w. 

Junior Engineers, Institution of , West- 
minster Palace Hotel, London, s.w. 

Liverpool Engineering Society, Royal 
Institution, Colquitt street, Liverpool. 

Manchester Association of Engineers, 
63, Barrett-st., Old TrafEord, Manchester 

Marine Engineering, School of Naval 
Architecture and, Greenwich. 

Mining Institute of Scotland, Hamil- 
ton, N.B. 

North-East Coast Institution of En- 

S'neers and Shipbuilders, 4, St. Nicholas 
uildings, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
North of England Institute of Mining 
and Mechanical Engineers, Neville Hall, 

Ronald's Library, 4, Broad Sanctuary, 
London, s.w. 

Royal Civil Engineers, Ireland, Daw- 
son street, Dublin. 

Royal Engineers' Institute, Chatham. 
Soci^t-^ Internationale des Electriciens 

Hon. Sec.: R. Aylmer, 42, Parliament 

street, London, s.w. 
Society of Engineers, 17, Victoria-st., 

London, s.w. 
Society of Engineers, Metallurgists, 

&c., Sheffield. 
South Staffordshire and East Wor- 
cestershire Inst, of Mining Engineers, 

Mason College, Birmingham. 
South Wales Institute of Engineers, 

Park Hall Buildings, Cardiff. 
Surveyors' Institution, Savoy street, 

London, w.c. 
Surveyors' Sheffield Soc. of Architects 
Yorkshire College Engineering Socy., 



City of London Entomological and 
Natural History Society, Aloion Hall, 
London Wall, b.c. 

Entomological Society of London, 11, 
Chandos-st., Cavendish-sq., London, w. 

Lancashire and Cheshire Entomologi- 
cal Society, Public Library, William 
Brown street, Liverpool. 

South London Entomological and Na- 
tural History Society, Hibernia Cham- 
bers, London Bridge, 8.i{. 


Cirencester College, Forestry Depart- 
ment, Cirencester. 

Royal Scottish Arboricultural Socy. , 
5, St. Andrew square, Edinburgh. 

University of Edinburgh, Forestry De- 
partment, Edinburgh. 


Aberdeen Philosophical Society. Sec. : 
A. D. Milne, 147, Union street. 

Alford [Aberdeenshire) Field Club and 
Scientific Society. 

Ambleside Literary & Scientific Soc. 

Armagh Natural History and Philo- 
sophical Society, The Mall, Armagh. 

Asiatic Society, Royal, of Gt. Britain 
and Ireland, 22, Albemarle-st., London. 

Bannfshire Field Club and Scientific 
Society, Town <fe County Club Buildings, 
Banff, N.B. 

Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Soc. 
Secretary : A. J. Kmg, 13, Queen square, 

Belfast Natural History and Philoso- 
phical Society, Museum, CoUege-sq., v. 

Birkenhead Literary and Scientific 
Society, 3, Ozton road. 

Birmingham and Midland Institute 
Scientific Society. Hon. Secretary : W. 
E. Weaver, 221, Broad street 



Birmingham Philosophical Society, 
Medical Institute, Edmund street. 

Bournemouth Scientific and Anti- 
quarian Society. 

Bradford Philosophical Society, 33, 
Sunbridge road, Bradford. 

Bradford Scientific Association, Sun- 
bridge road. 

Brampton Literary & Field Natural- 
ists' Club. 

Bridgnorth Institute, New Market 

Burnley Literary and Scientific Club. 

Bristol Literary & Philosophic Club, 
20, Berkeley square. 

Bristol Museum & Library, originally 
Bristol Institution for the Advancement 
of Science, Literature, and the Fine 
Arts, and the Bristol Literary Society, 
whose objects are still retained. 

British Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science, Burlington House, 
London, w. 

Buchan Field Club and Scientific Soc, 
Institute, Prince street, Peterhead. 

Bury Literary and Scientific Society, 
High School, Bury. 

Cambridge Philosophical Soc, New 
Museum, Free School Lane, Cambridge. 

Carlisle Scientific Society and Field 
Naturalists' Club. 

Carmarthen Literary and Scientific 

Chester Society of Natural Science 
and Literature, Grosvenor Museum. 

City of London College Science Soc, 
White street, Moorfiefds, x.c. 

Chippenham Literary and Scientific 

Cornwall. — Royal Polytechnic Soc, 
Polytechnic Hall, Falmouth. 

Cumberland & Westmorland Associa- 
tion for the Advancement of Literature 
and Science. Sec: J. B. Bailey, 28, 
Eaglesfield road, Maryport. 

Doncaster Microscopical and General 
Scientific Society, Guildhall, Doncaster. 

Dublin Philosophical Club, Royal Dub- 
lin Society Buildings, Kildare street. 

Dublin Society, Royal, Kildare street 

Dublin University Philosophical Soc. 
Librarian : C. H. Tandy Lett. 

Dudley and Midland Geological and 
Scientific and Field Club. 

Edinburgh, Royal Society of, The 
Mound, Edinburgh. 

Edinburgh Art and Science Museum. 

Elgin and Morayshire Literary and 

Scientific Association. 
Glasgow Philosophical Society, 207, 

Bath street, Glasgow. 
Gloucester Literary & Scientific Assoc. 

Goole Scientific Society. 

Greenock Philosophical Society, Watt 

Institution, Kelly street. 
Halifax Scientific Association. 
Harrogate and District Naturalist and 

Scientific Society, Harrogate, Yorks. 
Heywood Literary and Scientific Soc. 
Hull Literary and Philosophical Soc, 

Royal Institution, Albion street, Hull. 
Hull Scientific Society. 
Ipswich Scientific Society. Secretary: 

G. H. Hewitson, 39, Henley-rd., Ipswich 
Irish Academy, Royal, 19, Dawson-st., 

Imperial Institute of the United King- 
dom, Colonies, and India, London, s.w. 
Japan Society, 20, Hauover-sq. , Lond. 
Keighley Scientific and Literary Soc. 
Keswick Literary and Scientific Soc. 
Leeds Philosophical & Literary Soc, 

Philosophical Hall, Park row. 
Leicester Philosophical and Literary 

Society, Town Museum. 
Lewisham and Blackheath Scientific 

Society. Secretary: M. G. Saunders, 20, 

Southnook road, Lee, London, s.x. 
Ley burn Literary & Scientific Society 
Liverpool Philomathic Society, Royal 

Institute Liverpool. 
Liverpool Polytechnic Society, Royal 

Institution, Colquitt street, Liverpool. 
Liverpool Science Students' Associa- 
tion, Colquitt street, Liverpool. 
London Institution, Finsbury Circus, 

London, x.c. 
London. — Lambeth Field Club and 

Scientific Society, St. Mary Newington 

Schools, Newington Butts, London, s.b. 
Longtown {Cumberland) Literary and 

Scientific Society. 
Manchester Literary & Philosophical 

Society, 86, George-street, Manchester. 
Maryport Literary and Scientific Soc. 
Middlesbrough. — Cleveland Literary 

and Philosophical Society. 
Montrose Scientific and Field Club. 
Newcastle-on-Tyne Literary & Philo- 
sophical Society, Westgate road. 
Oxford Ashmolean Society, University 

Museum, Oxford. 
Paisley Philosophical Institution. 

Sec. : James Gardner, 3, County place. 
Penrith and District Literary and 

Scientific Society. 
Philosophical Society of Gt. Britain, 

8, Adelphi terrace, London, w.c. 
Pocklington Scientific & Philosophical 

Society, Pocklington. 
Portsmouth Literary and Scientific 

Society. Sec: G. F. Bell, 11, Pelham 

road. Elm Grove, Southsea. 




Preston Scientific Society. 

Reading Literary & Scientific Society. 
Hon< Sec.: J. B. Hurry, v,a., 43, Castle 
street, Beading. 

Redditch Literary & Scientific Insti- 
tute, Church street, Redditch. 

Richmond ( Yorhs, ) Scientific Society, 
Great Channels, Richmond. 

Ripon Naturalists' Club & Scientific 
and Literary Association, Park-st., Bipon 

Rochdale Literary & Scientific Society. 
Sec. : J. R. Ashworth, Freehold street. 

Rotherham Literary & Scientific Soc. 
Royal Colonial Institute, Northum- 

herland avenue, London, w.c. 
Royal Institution of Great Britain, 

21, Alhemarle street, London, w. 
Royal Institution of South Wales, 


Royal Society of London, Burlington 
House, Piccadilly, London, w. 

Scarborough Philosophical ^ Archaeo- 
logical Society. Sec. : J. H. Phillips, 

22, Albemarle crescent, Scarborough. 

Sidcup Literary & Scientific Society. 

Sec.: G. W. Davis, k.a.. Sunny Dene, 
Sidcup, Kent. 

Silloth and Holme Cultram Literary 

and Scientific Society. 
Society of Science, Letters, and Art, 

of London, Addison House, 160, Holland 

road, London, w. 

Stamford Literary & Scientific Insti- 
tution and Library. 

Sutton {Surrey) Scientific Soc. Hon. 
Sec. : C. H. Cathcart, 1, Grove road, 

Toynbee Hall Philosophical Society, 

London, x. 
Victoria Institute, or Philosophical 

Society of Great Britain, 8, Adelphi 

terrace, London, w.c. 
Wakefield Naturalists' and Philoso- 
phical Society. 
Warrington Literary & Philosophical 

Society, Museum Lecture Boom. 
Whitby Literary and Philosophical 

Society, Esplanade. 
Whitehaven Scientific Association, 14, 

Howgill street. 
Windermere Literary and Scientific 

York Field Naturalists' and Scientific 

Yorkshire Philosophical Soc. , York. 


Alpine Club, 8, St. Martin's place, 
London, w.c. 

Hakluyt Society, 15, Piccadilly, Lon- 
don, w. 

Imperial Institute of United Kingdom, 
South Kensington, s.w. 

Liverpool Geographical Society, 6a, 
The Temple, Dale street, LiverpooL 

Manchester Geographical Society, 16, 
St. Mary's Parsonage, Manchester. 

Royal Colonial Institute, Northum- 
berland avenue, London, w.c. 

Royal Geographical Society, 1, Savile 
row, London, w. 

Royal Scottish Geographical Society, 
National Portrait Gallery, Edinbu^b, 
with branches at Glasgow, Dundee, and 

Tyneside Geographical Society, New- 


Amateur Geologists, London Amateur 
Scientific Society, 10, Arthur street, 
London Bridge, k.g. 

Cornwall, Royal Geological Society 
of, Penzance. 

Dublin. — Geological Museum, Trinity 

Dudley and Midland Geological and 
Scientific Society. 

Edinburgh Geological Society, 5, St. 
Andrew square, Edinburgh. 

Geological Survey of the United King- 
dom, Jermyn street, London, 8.w. 

Geological Survey of England and 
Wales, Museum of Practical Geology, 
Jermyn street, London, s.w. 

Geological Survey of 'Ireland, Princi- 

Sal Office, 14, Hume street, Dublin, 
ogical Survey of Scotland, Prin- 
cipal Office, Sheriff Court Buildings, 

Geologists Association, Univ. College, 
Gower street, London, w.c. 

Glasgow, Geolosicai Society of, 207, 
Bath street, Glasgow. 

Hull Geological Society. 

Ireland, Royal Geological Society of. 
Geological Museum, Trinity College, 

Leeds Geological Association, Leeds 
Mechanics' Institution, Cookridge-st. 

Liverpool Geological Society, Royal 
Institution, Colquitt street. 

London, Geological Society of, Bur- 
lington House, London, w. 

Manchester Geological Society, 5, 
John Dalton street, Manchester. 

Manchester Museum, Geological Sec- 
tion, Owens College. 

Mineralogical Society. General Sec. : 
L. Fletcher, u.a.. 86, Woodville road, 
Ealing, London, w. 

Museum of Practical Geology, Jermyn 
street, London, s.w. 



Palseontographical Society. Hon. Sec: 
Rev. Prof. T. Wiltshire, k.a., 26, Qran- 
ville Park, Lewisham, London, b.e. 

Tamworth Natural History, Geologi- 
cal and Antiquarian Society. 


Athenseum, St. George's place, Glas- 
Arundel Society, 19, St. James's-st. , 

London, S.W. 
Authors, Incorporated Society of, 4, 

Portugal street, London, w.c. 
Bacon Society. Sec: J. F. Fearon, 

25, Parliament street, London, s.w. 
Ballad Society. Hon. Sec: W. A. 

Dalziel, 67, Victoria-rd., Finsbury Park, 

London, v. 
Bradford-Browning Society, affiliated 

with Bradford Philosophical Society, 

33, Sunbrid^e road. 
Bronte Society and Museum. Sec. : 

J. Horsfall Turner, Idel, Bradford. 
Historical and Antiquarian Society, 

Sunbridge road, Bradford. 
Bradford Literary Club. 
Birmingham Dramatic and Literary 

British Record Society. Hon. Sec: 

and Editor : W. P. W. Phillimore, m.a., 

124, Chancery lane, London, w.c. 
Bromley (Kent) Literary Institute. 
Cardiff. —Jewish Literary and Musical 

Carlyle SocieW, Anderton's Hotel, 

Fleet street, London, c.c. 
Chaucer Society. Hon. Secretary : 

W. A. Dalziel, 67, Victoria-rd., London. 
Chester Society of Natural Science 

and Literature, Grosvenor Museum. 
Chetham Society, King street, Man- 
chester. Hon. Sec. : C. W. Sutton, Free 

Reference libra^. 
Cymmrodorion, Honourable Society 

of, 64, Chancery lane, London, w.c. 
Dublin.— College Historical Society, 

Library and Committee Room, 6, Trinity 

College, Dublin. 
Early English Text Society. Hon. 

Sec.: W. A. Dalziel, 67, Victoria road, 

Finsbury Park, London, w. 
Elizabethan Literary Society, Toynbee 

Hall, London, x. 
English Dialect Society. Hon. Sec: 

and Literary Director: Dr. Joseph 

Wright, V.A., Professor of Comparative 

Philology, Oxford. 
Folk Lore Society, 22, Albemarle-st. , 

London, w. 
French Language and Literature, So- 

Soci^t^ rationale des Professeurs de 

Frangais en Angleterre, 20, Bedford-st., 

Straud, London, w.c. 

Glasgow Ballad Society. Secretary : 
H. Johnston, 125, Buchanan street. 

Glasgow Celtic Society, 194, W. George 
street. Sec. : C. M. Williamson. 

Goethe Society (English), 8, Belsize 
avenue, Hampstead, v.w. 

Goethe Society, Manchester Grammar 

Gypsy Lore Society. Hon. Secretary : 
D. Mac. Ritchie, 4, Archibald place, 

Harleian Society, 140, Wardour-st., 
London, w. 

Hellenic Studies, Society for the Pro- 
motion of, 22, Albemarle-st., London, w. 

Henry Bradshaw Society for Editing 
rare Liturgical Texts. Rev. H. A. Wil- 
son, U.K., Magdalen College, Oxford. 

Historical Assocn. of Ireland. Sec: 
J. Q. Robertson, Kilkenny. 

Historical Society, Royal, 115, St. 
Martin's lane, London, w.c. 

Historic Society of Lancashire and 
Cheshire, Royal Institution, Colquitt 
street, Liverpool. 

Huguenot Society of London. Hon. 
Sec.: R. S. Faber, u.a., 10, Primrose 
hill roeul, London, v.w. 

Hull Literary Club. Hon. Sec : Wm. 
Andrews, v.b.h.s. 

Hull Young People's Christian and 
Literary Institute. 

Hunterian Club for Printing Early 
Scottish and English MSS. and Books. 
Hon. Secretary and Treasurer : J. B. 
Murdoch, f.s.a., Capelrig, Meams, Glas- 

Irish Language, Society for the Pre- 
servation of the, 6, Molesworth street, 

Irish Literary Society, 8, Adelphi ter- 
race, London, w.c. 
Jews College Literary Soc (Hebrew 

Literature and History), Tavistock-sq., 

London, w.c. 
Leicester Literary Society, Permanent 

Literature and Art, Guild of, 12, St. 

Bride street, London, x.c. 
Literature, Royal Society of, London, 

20, Hanover square, London. 
Liverpool. — Literary and Historical 

Society, University College, Liverpool. 
Liverpool. — Literary & rhilosophical 

Society, Royal Institution. Hon Libm.: 

J. Watson Rutherford 

London. — Philologic Institute, 72 to 
74, Tower Chambers, Finsbury Pave- 
ment, London, x.c. 

London. — Shelley Society, University 
College, Qower street, London, w.c. 

Manchester. -Cavendish street Chapel 
Literary Society. 



Manchester. -Hea ton Chapel Literary 

and Philosophical Society. 
Manchester Literary Club, Grand 

Hotel, Aytoun*st., Manchester. 
Manchester. -Literary and Philosophi- 
cal Society, 36, Qeor^e street. 
Manchester. — Record Soc, Chetham 

Manchester. — St. Paul's Literary and 

Educational Society, Bennett street 

Schools, Oldham road. 
Manx Society. Hon. Sec. : C. T. C. 

Callow, Anfleld Hey, Douglas, Isle of 


Middlesex County Record Soc. Hon. 

Sec. : B. Woodd Smith, Branch Hill 

Lodge, Hampstead Heath, London. 
New Spalding Club, Public Library, 

Oxford Architectural and Historical 

Society, Oxford. 
Palestine Pilgrims* Text Society, 1, 

Adam street, Adelphi, London, w.c. 
Philological Society, Cambridge. Sec. : 

J. P. Postgate, Trinity College, litt. d. 
Philological Society, University Coll. , 

Gower street, London, vf.o. 
Poland, Literary Society of Friends 

of. Address : Secretary, 10, Duke-st., 

St. James's, London, s.v. 
Preston. — Lune-st. Literary Society. 
Reigate Literary Institution. 
Ruskin Society, Birmingham. 
Scottish History Society. Hon. Sec. : 

T. G. Law, Signet Library, Edinburgh. 
Scottish Society of Literature and 

Art, 144, Bath street, Glasgow. 
Scottish Text Society. Hon Sec. : 

Rev. W. Gregor, m.a., i.l.d., Pitsligo, 

Fraserburgh, N.B. 
Selden Society. Hon. Sec. & Treas. : 

P. E. Dove, 23, Old Buildings, Lincoln's 

Inn, w.c. 
Shakespeare Club. W. G. Black, Esq., 

1, Alfred place, Hillhead, Glasgow. 
Shakespeare Society, Clifton. Hon. 

Sec: L. M. Griffiths, 9, Gordon road, 

Clifton, Bristol. 
Shakespeare Society, Manchester, 

Mosley Hotel. 
Shakespeare Society, New, University 

College, Gower street, London, w.c. 
Sir Walter Scott Club, 15, York place, 

Sleaford {Lines,) — The Young Men's 

Literary Institution 
Soci6t6 Jervaise, Jersey. 
Toynbee Hall Shakespeare Club, and 

Toynbee Hall Elizabethan Society, Lon- 
don, s. 
Spenser Society, King-st. , Manchester. 

Secretary: C. W. Smith, Free Reference 


Vikmg Club (Branch of Orkney and 

Shetland Society). Lawman : A. W. 

Johnstone, 38, Beaumont st., London, w. 
West Kent Literary Society. Sec.: 

W. Howarth, p.r.hist.s., 390, New Cross 

road, London, s.e. 

Wyclif Society. Sec. : J. W. Stander- 
wick. General Post Office, London, b.c. 
York. — Yorkshire Dialect Society. 


Arbroath {N.B.) Horticultural and 
Natural History Association, Literary 
Club Room, New Public Buildings. 

Horticultural Coll. , Swanley, Kent. 

National Chrysanthemum Soc, Ran- 
leigh road, Ealing, London, w. 

North of Scotland Horticultural Asso- 
ciation, Music Hall Buildings, Aberdeen. 

Royal Asiatic Society, 22, Albemarle 
street, London, w. 

Royal Horticultural Society, Chiswick 
Gardens. Office ; 117, Victoria street, 
London, s.w. 

Royal Horticultural Soc. of Ireland, 
189, Brunswick street, Dublin. 


Dublin. — Inst, of Journalists (Dublin 
District) : Sec. : A. Dunlop, Irish Times 

London. — Foreign Press Association, 
7, New Cayendish street, w. 
Institute of Journalists, 78, Fleet 
street, s.e. 

Newspaper Press Fund, 11, Garrick 

street, w.c. 
Press Club, 7, Wine Office-ct., E.c. 


Association for the Improvement of 
Geometrical Teaching. Sees.: E. M. 
Langley, v. a., 16, Adelaide square, Bed- 
ford, and C. Pendlebury, m.a., 4, Glaz- 
bury road, London, w. 

Edinburgh Mathematical Society, 
Edinburgh Institution, 8, Queen street. 

Mathematical Society, 22, Albemarle 
street, London, w. 


Bath Microscoi)ical Society, Bath 
Literary and Scientific Institution : Hon. 
Secretary ; E. J. Hunt, 18, Belmont. 

Birmingham Microscopists' & Natural- 
ists' Union, 1, Broad street comer, Easy 

Birmingham Natural History and Mi- 
croscopical Society, Mason College. 

Bolton Microscopical Society, Alawds- 
ley Street Board School, Bolton. 

Bristol Microscopical Society, 28, 
Berkeley square. 



Bradford Naturalists* and Micros- 
copical Society. Hon. Secretary : T. 
Wilkinson, 54, Carlisle road. Manning- 
ham, Bradford. 

Chichester and West Sussex Natural 
History & Microscopical Society. Hon. 
Secretary : A. G. Everard, 9, North-st., 

Croydon Microscopical and Natural 

History Club, Public Hall. 
Doncaster Microscopical Society. 

Dublin Microscopical Club. 

Ealing Microscopical Society and Na- 
tural History Society, Christ Church 
Schools, Ealing, London, w. 

Edinburgh Field Naturalists' and Mi- 
croscopical Society, 20, Qeorge street. 

Hackney Microscopical and Natural 
History Society, Morley Hall, Hackney, 
London, k. 

Kent, West, Natural History, Micro- 
scopical and Photographic Society. 

London, South, Microscopical and 
Natural History Club, Bnxton Hall, 
Acre lane, Brixton, London, s.w. 

Manchester Microscopical Society, 
Qrand Hotel, Aytoun street. 

Microscopical Club, Quekett, 20, Han- 
over square, London, w. 

Microscopical Club, Western. Hon. 
Secretary and Treasurer : A. W. Stokes, 
F.C.8., Laboratory, Vestry Hall, Pad- 
dington Qreen, London, w. 

Microscopical Society, Royal, 20, Han- 
over square, London, w. 

Oldham Microscopical Society and 
Field Club, Lyceum. 

Postal Microscopic Society. Hon. 
Secretary : Alfred Allen, 1, Cambridge 
place, Bath. 

Scottish Microscopical Society, 18, 
George street, Edinburgh. 


Institute of Commanding Officers of 
Volunteers, 31, Bedford street. Strand, 
London, w.c. 

Institution of Naval Architects, 5, 

Adelphi terrace. Strand, London, w.c. 
National Artillery Association, 24, 

Bedford street, London, w.c. 
National Rifle Association, 19, Pall 

Mall, East, London, s.w. 
Royal Artillery Institution, Woolwich 
Royal Engineers' Institute, Chatham. 
Royal Naval College, Greenwich, s.e. 
Royal Naval School, Eltham, Kent. 
Royal United Service Institution, 

Whitehall yard, London, s.w. 
Sandhurst Military College. 

School of Military Engineering, 

School of Signalling, Aldershot. 

War Office Library, Pall Mall, Lon- 
don, s.w. 


Aberdeen Natural History Society, 
Marischal College Buildings. 

Ackworth School Natural History 
Society, Ackworth, near Pontefract. 

Alford [Aberdeenshire) Field Club and 
Scientific Society. 

Alford {Lincolnshire) Naturalists' Soc. , 
Mechanics' Institute. 

Arbroath ( N.B.) Horticultural and 
Natui'al History Association, Literary 
Club Room, New Public Buildings. 

Armagh Natural History and Philo- 
sophical Society. 

Bacup Natural History Society, with 
Reading Room and Museum. Rev. J. 
S. Doxey, President. 

Banflfshire Field Club and Scientific 
Society, Town & County Club Buildings, 
Banff, N.B. 

Barnsley Naturalists' Society, Public 
Hall, Barnsley. 

Bath Natural History and Antiquarian 

Belfast Natural History and Philo- 
sophical Soc, Museum, College-sq., N. 

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club. Hon. 
Sec.: James Hardy, ll.d., Oldcambus, 
Cockburnspath, Berwickshire. 

Birmingham. — Midland Union of Na- 
tural History Societies, Mason College. 
Natural History and Microscopical 

Society, Mason College. 
Microscopists' & Naturalists' Union, 
Broad street corner. 

Bradford Naturalists' & Microscopical 
Society. Hon. Sec: T. Wilkinson, 54, 
Carlisle street, Manningham, Bradford. 

Brampton Literary & Field Natural- 
ists' Club, Brampton, via Carlisle. 

Bristol Naturalists' Society, Univer- 
sity College. Hon. Sec: Professor A. 
Leipner, v.z.s., 47, Hampton Park, 

Buchan Field Club & Scientific Soc. , 

The Institute, Prince street, Peterhead. 
Burton-on -Trent Natural History and 

Archaeological Society, 46, High street. 
Caradoc Field Club. Hon. Sec. : Rev. 

F. Auden, h.a.., St. Julian's Vicarage, 


Cardiff Naturalists' Society. Hon. 

Sec: R. W. Atkinson,, 44, Loudoun 

Carlisle Scientific Society and Field 

Naturalists' Club. 

Harrogate and itintnct nataraiiat ano 

Scientific SocletT Harrogate, Yorki. 
Heckmondwike (lorke.) NaluraLiatB' 

HartfordihireNaturalHiatorySoeiety , 
and Field Clnb,PubUc Library, WaUord ' 

MaltoD (Forjb.) Naturalists' Society- 
Manchester Field Naturalista' and 

Archieologiala' Society, 18, Kennedy -it, 

Albert Bouare, MoDchester. 
Natural History Soc, Lower Moalcy 



Marlboroagh ( Wilts. ) College Natural 
History Society. 

Montrose {N.B.) Natural History and 
Antiquarian Society. 
Scientific and Field Club. 

Newbury District Field Club. Hon. 
Secretary : W. Money, Newbury. 

Norfolk & Norwich Naturalists' Soc, 
Museum, Norwich. 

Northumberland, Durham, and New- 
castle-on-Tyne Natural History Society, 
Museum, Barras bridge, Newcastle-on- 

Nottingham Naturalists' Soc, Not- 
tingham Institute, Shakespeare street. 

Oswestry and Welshpool Naturalists* 
Field Club. 

Penzance Natural History and Anti- 
quarian Society. 

Perthshire Society of Natural Science, 
Tay street, Perth. 

Peterborough Natural History, Scien- 
tific, and Archaeological Soc, Museum, 
Minster Close, Peterborough. 

Plymouth Natural History Society, 
Plymouth Institution. 

Ravensthorpe {Dewsbury) Naturalists' 

Richmond and North Riding Natural- 
ists' Field Club, Museum, Tower street, 
Richmond, Yorks. 

Ripon Naturalists' Club and Scientific 
and Literary Association, Park street. 

Ripponden (riear ^a^(/aa;) Naturalists' 

Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society. 

Rotherham Naturalists' Society. 

Rugby School Natural History Soc, 

Scarborough Naturalists' Society. 

Sheffield.— Naturalists' Club. 

Sheffield and Hallamshire Field Na- 
turalists' Society. 

Somersetshire Archaeological and Na- 
tural History Society, Taunton Castle. 

Staffordshire, N., Naturalists' Field 
Club and Archaeological Society, Muni- 
cipal Buildings, Hanley. 

Stirling Natural History and Archaeo- 
logical Society, Smith Institute, Stirling 

Stockport Society of Naturalists, St. 
Peter's gate, Stockport. 

Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and 
Natural History, Athenaeum, Bury St. 

Tamworth Natural History, Geologi- 
cal, and Antiquarian Society. 

Teign Naturalists' Field Club. Hon. 
Secretary : F. Amery Druid, Ashburton, 

Torquay Natural History Society, 
Babbacombe road, Torquay. 

Thirsk Naturalists' Society. 

Tyneside Naturalists' Field Club, 
Museum of Natural History Society, 

Wakefield Naturalists' and Philoso- 
phical Society. 

Warrington Field Club, Museum, 
Bold street, Warrington. 

Warwickshire Naturalists' & Archaeo- 
logists' Field Club, Museum, Warwick. 

Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural 
History Society. 

Woolhope Naturalists' Field Qub, 
Free Library, Hereford. 

York Field Naturalists' and Scientific 

York and District Field Naturalists' 

Yorkshire Naturalists' Union. Sec. 
W. Dennison Roebuck,, Sunny 
Bank, I^eds. 


British Ornithologists' Union, 18, 
Princes-st., Cavendish-sq., London, w. 


British Phrenological Association, 63, 
Chancery lane, London, w.c. 


Birmingham School of Singing, Broad 

street corner. 
Bradford. — The Yorkshire Branch of 

the Victoria College of Music. 
Cork School of Musie, 8, Morrison's 

Derby. — School of Music. 
Dublin. — Royal Hibernian Military 

School. Professor Vocal Music, W. G. 

Goodwin, 67, Belgrave-sq., Rathmines. 

The Royal Irish Academy of Music, 
36, Westland row. 

German Institute of Music, 46, Bed- 
ford street. 
Edinburgh. — Lyric Club. 

Hanley. — North Stafford School of 
Music, Pall Mall. 

Leeds. — The Yorkshire Training Col- 
lege of Music, Victoria square. 

Liverpool Conservatoire of Music. 
Director : A. J. Phipps, 63, Cannins-st. 

London. — Academv for the Higher 
Development of Pianoforte Playing, 12, 
Hinde street, Manchester square, w. 

Blackheath Conservatoire of Music, 
Bennett Park, s.b. 



London — continued. 

CoUeffe of Church Musicians, 35, 

Wellington street, Strand, w.c. 
College of Organists, Bloomsbury 

Mansion, Hart street, w.c. 
College of Violinists, 14, Gray's Inn 

road, w.c. 
Crystal Palace School of Art, s.E. 
English College of Music, 304, 

Regent street, w. 
Forest Gate School of Music, Earl- 
ham grove, s.B. 
Gresham College, Basinghall-st. e.c. 
Guildhall School of Music, Victoria 

Embankment, b.c. 
Hampstead Conservatoire of Music 

and School of Art, Eton avenue, Swiss 

Cottage, N.w. 
Indigent Blind, School for the, St. 

George's Circus, s.e. 
London Conservatoire of Music, 

Porchester road, Hyde Park, w. 
London Organ School and Inter- 
national College of Music, 3, Princes-st., 

Cavendish square, w. 
London Academy of Music, St. 

George's Hall, Langham place, w. 
London College of Music, 7, Great 

Marlborough street, w. 
London School of Music, Beethoven 

Rooms, 27, Harley street, w. 
Musical International College, 270, 

Cornwall road, w. 
New Lyric Club, 63, St. James's 

street, 8.w. 
North East London Academy of 

Music, Morley Hall, Hackney, x. 
Popular School of Music, Montague 

place. Poplar, e. 
Portmau Academy of Music, Port- 
man Rooms, 68, Baker street, w. 
Queen's Park School of Music, 468, 

Harrow road. Queen's Park, w. 
Royal Academy of Music, Tenterden 

street, Hanover square, w. 
Royal College of Music, Kensington 

Gore, s.w. 
Royal Military School of Music, 

Kneller Hall, near Hounslow. 
Royal Society of Musicians, 84, 

New Bond street, w. 
Royal Normal Collece and Academy 

of Music for the Blind, Upper Norwood, 

S.B. Dr. F. J. Campbell, Principal. 
South London Institute of Music, 

295, Camberwell New road, s.b. 
Tonic Sol-fa College, 27, Finsbnry 

square, x.c. 
Trinity College, Mandeville place, 

Manchester square, w. 

London — continued, 

Victoria College of Music, 11, Bur- 
leigh street. Strand, w.c. 

West London College of Music and 
Dramatic Art, Westwick Gardens, Ken- 
sington Park, w. 

West London Institute of Music and 
Operatic School, 149, Edgware road, w. 

Manchester. — Royal School of Music. 

Oldham Lyceum School of Music. 
George Marsden, Mus. Doc, Cantab., 
Principal ; Arthur Tait, Secretary. 

Reading Inst, of Music,86,London-st. 


Aristotelian Society for the Systematic 
Study of Philosophy, 22, Albemarle-st, 
London, w. 

British Medical Association, Section 
E, 429, Strand, London w.r. 

Edinburgh Philosophical Society, 

Psychical Research, Society for, 19, 
Buckingham-st., Adelphi, London, w.a 

Swedenborg Society, 36, Bloomsbury 
street, London, w.c. 


National Phonetic Society, 13, Fleet 
street, London, e.g. 

National Phonographic Soc., 1, Amen 
Corner,'London, b.c. 

Phonetic Society, Bath. 
Phonographic Institute, Taunton. 
Shorthand Writers' Assocn., London. 


Manchester Museum, Zoological De- 
partment, Owens College. 

Royal Zoological Society of Ireland, 
Phoenix Park, Dublin. 

Zoological Gardens, Regent's Park, 
London, v.w. 

Zoological Museum, Cambridge. 

Zoological Museum, Tring. 

Zoological Society of London, 3, Han- 
over square, London, w. 



^bcological doWcQce. 







Pastors* College, Newington, s.e. 


Rawdon, Leeds. 

Regent's Park, London, n.w. 

Baptist Mission House, Library, and 
Headquarters, 19, Fumival street, b.c. 






Birkenhead. —St. Aidan's. 

Birmingham.— Queen's College. 

Burgh. — St. Paul's Missionary Coll. 

Cambridge. — Ridley Hall. 

Canterbury. — St. Augustine's Mis- 
sionary College. 

Cuddesdon, near Oxford. 

Dorchester. — Foreign Missionary 



Isle of Man.— Bishop Wilson's Coll. 
Leeds.— Clergy School. 

London. — Church Missionary College, 
Islington, k. 
London College of Divinity, St. 
John's Hall, Highbury, k. 

Oxford. — St. Stephen's House. 
Wycliffe Hall. 

St. Bees. 



Warminster. — St. Boniface Mis- 
sionary Society. 



Bala-Bangor {N. Wales). 

Bradford ( For^s. )— United College. 


Cheshunt. -Countess of Huntingdon's 

Edinburgh. — George square. 

Hackney, n.e. — Finchley road. 

Hampstead, N.W.— New College. 

Manchester. — Lancashire Independ- 
ent College. 


Oxford.— Mansfield College. 

Plymouth.— Western College. 

Congregational Library and Head- 
quarters of Congregational Union, Me- 
morialHall, Faningdon-st, London, b.c. 


London.— Jews' College, Tavistock 
square, w.c. 

The Beth Hamidrash College, St. 
James's place, Aldgate. 

Western Hebrew Library, Syna- 
gogue-st., Petersburgh place, w. 


Belfast.— (Wesleyan Methodist). 
DiDSBURY, Manchester ,, 
Headingley, Leeds 
Richmond {Surrey). 

Allan Library and Mission Offices, 

CentenaryHall, Bishopsgate-st. within, 
London, b.c. 

Conference Offices and Book Room, 
Castle street. City road, London. 

Harrogate. -Ash ville College 

Manchester. -(Alexandra-rd. , Primi- 
tive Methodist). 

MANCHESTER.-(Victoria Park, Metho- 
dist Free Church). 

Ranmoor, Sheffield. —(Methodist 
New Connexion). 







Aberdeen. — English Presbyterian 

Theological College. 
Aberdeen. — Free Church College. 

Belfast. — Presbyterian College. 
Derby. — Magee College. 
Edinburgh.— Free Church New Coll. 

Edinburgh. — United Presbyterian, 

Theological Hall. 
Glasgow.— Free Church College. 

London.— Theological College, Queen 

Square House, Guildford street, w.c. 
St. Andrews.— St. Mary's College. 


Ampleforth, York. — St. Lawrence's 

Bath.— St. Gregory's, Downside. 

Bath.— SS. Peter & Paul, Prior Park. 

Blackburn.— Stonyhurst College. 

Blairs, Aberdeen.— St. Mary's. 

Chesterfield. — Mount St. Mary's. 

Drumcondra.— All Hallows, for 
Foreign Missions. 

Edgbaston, Birmingham. — The 

Fort Augustus [N.B.)- Ahhey School 
Hereford. — St. Michael's Priory. 
Leeds. — St. Joseph's Seminary. 
Leicester. — Ratcliflfe College. 
Liverpool.— St. Edward's, Everton. 

London. — The Oratory, Brompton 
road, s.w. 

M anchester. — St. Bede's. 

Maynooth.— St. Patrick's. 

Mill Hill, London.— St. Joseph's, 
for Foreign Missions. 

NoTTiNG Hill, w.— St. Charles's. 

Oakamoor, Stokb-on-Trrnt. — St. 

Oscott, Birmingham. — St. Mary's 

Ramsgatb. — St. Augustine's. 

St. Asaph. — St. Beuno's. 

Tooting, s.w.— St. Joseph's. 

UsHAw, Durham.— St. Cuthbert's. 

Ware.- St. Edmund's Old HalL 

WoBURN Park, Weybridge. — St. 

Windsor. -St. Stanislaus', Beaumont. 

WooLHAMPON, Reading. -St. Mary's. 

Catholic Union of Great Britain, 
10, Duke-st., St. James's, London, w.c. 

St. George's Cathedral Library, St. 
George's road, Southwark, London, &.b. 


Carmarthen. — Presbyterian College. 
Oxford. — Manchester College. 

Manchester.— Unitarian College. 


harold sands, 

Tenterden, Kent, England, 

Seconds^banb JSooI^seller* 


KENT— Antiquaxian and Topographical Books and Maps. 
Historical and (General Literature. 

Lists of Wants carefully attended to. Catalogues ds Correspondence invited. 


Boon Collectors 


In all cases it is advisable, when reporting books, to stajte the size, condition, 
date, and price, {including postage or carriage). 


Aberdeen University Library. 

Books relating to Universities ; or printed in North of Scotland ; or written by 
Aberdeen Alumni. 

Academy Book Room, Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery Co., Pa., CJ.S. A. 

Swedenborg's Latin Works, pub. 1709-71 ; his Scientific Works, English, 1840-90. 
Allbutt, Dr. A., Parlt square, Leeds. 

First French Bevolution : Books, Portraits. 
Allen, Charles Dexter, P.O. Box 1147, Hartford, Conn., U.S.A. 

Book Plates (Ex-Llbris), General Literature, Antiquarian, Historical, Biblio- 
Anderson, T., m.d., 17, Stonegate, York. 

Volcanoes, Iceland, Earthquakes. 
Army tage, George J. , Clifton Woodhead, Brlghouse, Yorks. 

Heralds' Visitations, Book-plates. 
Ashworth, Edwyn, Todmorden Hall, Lancashire. 

English Literature and History. 
Austin, A., 37, Wood street, Barnet, Herts. 

Catalogues of Books, Prints, and Autographs. 
Avery, John, 63, Windsor road. Forest Gate, London. 

General Literature, Books, Portraits, Prints, &c., relating to Essex. 
Baby, W., Montreal, Canada. 

Barber, Henry Jocelyn, Brighouse, Yorks. 

Old Caricatures, Facetiae, Coins, Natural History, Arch»ology ; Books, Portraits, 
and Prints relating to Halifax. Exchanges effected and duplicates sold. 
Barclay- Allardice, K., f.s.a., Scot., Lostwithiel, Cornwall. 

Scottish Genealogy, Heraldry, <fec. 
Bamhill, J. B., Maidstone. 

Nietzsche, Stimer, Egoism, Stirpiculture, Danton. 

Bateman, Robert, Free Library, Oldham. 

Topographical ; Water-Colour Drawings and Prints of Antiquities of Lancashire 
and the North of England ; Bookplates. 

Beekman, W. L., 55, East 5th street, St. Paul, Minn., U.S.A. 

Occult and Miscellaneous. 
Beer, William, Howard Memorial Library, New Orleans, La., U.S. A. 

Bibliography, Folk Lore, Books of Louisiana, New Orleans imprints. 
Bellamy, C. H. , Belmont, Brook road, Heaton Chapel, Manchester. 

Cathedrals, Architecture, Peru. 
Beveridge, E., St. Leonard's Hill, Dunfermline. 

Books and Pamphlets printed in or relating to Dunfermline. 
Blagg, Thomas M., Cartergate, Newark-upon-Trent. 

Manuscripts and Charters relating to Nottinghamshire. 
Blount, M. N., Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A. 

Ireland and Catholicism. 
Boys, H. S., Shamley Green, Guildford, Surrey. 

Old Editions. 
Brooks, S. H., Siado House, Levenshulme, Manchester. 

Military and Cornwall. 
Browne, W. T., Chetham's Library, Manchester. 

Shorthand, Penmanship. 


Browning, A. Giraud, f.s.a., 16, Victoria street, Westminster, London, s.w. 
Huguenots in and out of France, French Protestant History. If catalogues are 
sent such books should be marked. 

Burgoyne, F. J., The Tate Library, Brixton Oval, London. 
Works relating to Lord Bacon, and the Drama before 1650. 

Burman, Dr. C. Clark, Bondgate Without, Alnwick. 

Early Northumberland printed Books, Views, &c.; Transactions of Berwickshire 
Naturalists' Club, 18S1-&6. 

Burt*B Library, Weymouth. 

Wanted any Old Books or Prints relating to Weymouth, Melcombe Regis, Port- 
land, or Neighbourhood. 

Carrington, Charles, 13, Faubourg Montmartre, Paris. 
Curious and Uncommon, Orientalia, French and English. 

Casey, William J., 123, Fourth avenue, New York, U.S. A. 
Art Books and Irish Books for prirate collection. 

Caspar Co., C. N., 437, East Water street, Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.A. 

Standard, Technical, Scientific, Bibliographical, Antiquarian, Incanabola, 
Law, Medical. 

Chamock, John James, Holly Croft, Chorley, Lancashire. 

Maps, Plans, Surveys, Folk Lore, Dialects, Genealogy, Pedigrees (Lancashire in 

Chitty, Walter, Pewsey, Wiltshire, England. 

Wanted Deeds and Pedigrees of Tidcombe, Titcombe, Saben, Long Howard, 
Godfrey, and Newman. 

Clapp, J. B., 59, Commercial street, Boston, U.S.A. 

Theatrical Books. 
Clausen, Carlo, Via di Po 19, Turin, Italy. 

Italian Literature, Periodicals, &c. 
Clay, C, J. P., The HoUins, Luddenden. 

Geographical, Ancient and Modern Travels. 
Clay, Dr. de Mussrave, Salies de B^arn, France. 

General or Medical Literature. 
Clegg, James, The Aldine Press, Rochdale. 

Lancashire and Yorkshire Topography, Folk-lore, Dialect, Rare and Curious. 
Collinson, Joseph, Wolsingham, Co. Durham. 
Colton, J. H. C., 9, Aglionby street, Carlisle. 

Dialect, North Country. Facetiae, and General. 
Conway, Noel, & Co., 74, New street, Birmingham. 

Autographs, English Postage Stamps (early) on original covers. 
Cook, W. B., Stirling, N.B. 

Works on Scottish History and Antiquities, Local Histories, Record Publica- 
tions, Stirling Books, Maps, and Views. 
Cooke, Herbert, Par, Cornwall, 

Fine Art, Geology. 
Cotsworth, M. B., Holgate, York. 

Calculators, Ready Reckoners, Interest, Actuarial and other Tables, and 
Mathematical Works on Numbers. 
Crawley, W. J. Chetwode, ll.d., 60, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin. 

Interested in Freemasonry before 1800. 
Cursiter, James W., f.s.a. Scot., Kirkwall. 

Books, Pamphlets, MSS., &c., relating to Orkney and Shetland. 
Dodds, Edwin, Low Fell, Gateshead. 

Chess, Arctic (in English Language only). 
Dorling, Rev. E., Salisbury. 

Archaeology, Heraldry. 
Doxey, Rev. J. S., Bacup. 

Topography, Bible Prints, Coins. 
Dunkin, E., 5, Therapia road. Honor Oak, London. 

Genealogy, Heraldry, &c. 
Edge-Partineton, J., Eltham, Kent. 

Australasia and Pacific Islands. 



Edwards, Joseph, Editor Labour Annual, Wallasey, near Liverpool. 

Labour, Socialism, <&c.; Early Socialist Literature and Periodicals. Social, 
Economic, and Political Reform Works advertised and reviewed. 

Fallow, T. M. , Ooatham House, Coatham, Bedcar. 
ArchsBology, Topography, Ecclesiology, Liturgical. 

Farmborough, P. W., f.z.s., Lower Edmonton, Middlesex, England. 
Books on Zoology, particularly Ornithology. 

Felch, W. Farrand, Hartford, Conn., U.S.A. 

Secv /-A-Hierican Authors* Publishing Co. 
y*\National Library League. 
Two numbers each of Miscellaneous Catalogues ; also Shakespeare, Napoleon, 

Folkard, H. T., Free Library, Wican. 

American Books, Bibliography, Mining. 

Foucault, Henri, 52, Rue Mazarine, Paris. 

"If you want a book I will find it for you, and if you enclose a stamp for the 
reply I will answer any book enquiry." 
Fowler, G. Herbert, 12, South square, Gray's Inn, London, w.c. 

Icelandic and Saga Literature. 
Foxwell, H. S., St. John's College, Cambridge. 

Early Books, Broadsides, or MSS. on Trade, Money, Labour, &c. 
Francis, Thomas, Havant. 

Freemasonry— Books, MSS., Engravings, Jewels and Medals, China and Glass, 
relating to. 

Frost, F. C., Teignmouth, Devon. 

History, Antiquities, &c. 
Galloway, F. C, Greenfield House, West Bowling, Bradford, Yorks. 

Collector of Books appertaining to Yorkshire, namely, Bronte's, Qent's, Cole's, 
Searle's, <&c., &c. 
Garside, Henry, Burnley road, Accrington. 

1. Works on Bleaching, Calico Printing, and Dyeing. 

2. Works on Ceramics, Heraldry, and Numismatics. 

Catalogues from British, Colonial, and Foreign Publishers and Second-hand 
Booksellers will be much esteemed. 
Gaythorpe, Harper, Barrow-in-Furness. 

History, Topography. 
Geden, Rev. A. S., Wesleyan College, Richmond, Surrey. 
Oriental and Classical Literature, Archaeology, Geography. 
Goodwin, D. G., Build was, Ironbridge, Shropshire. 

Welsh Books, Tracts, Broadsides, and especially Ballads : Welsh Manuscripts ; 
Early Works in any language if relating to Wales. Hen Uyvran Gymraeg. Old, 
Quaint, or Curious Books, 
(coaling, F. Goodwin, Hamilton, Bermuda Islands. 

Catalogues desired. 
Goulden, W. E., ** Athenaeum," 5, St. Paul's, Canterbury. 

Kent Books and Prints, Ex-Libris, Caricatures, Portraits. Catalogues desired. 
Exchanges effected. Duplicates sold. 
Grieves, W., Impington, Cambs. 

Heraldry, Border and Highland Topographical and FamUy History, Oxford and 
Hall, Henry, Marsden Cottage, Teddington. 

Books of all kinds. 
Hamilton, A., [Jni versify of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. 

Anthropology and Polynesian Ethnology, specially Maori. 
Hammersley, G., Cockington, Torquay. 

First Editions of Dlustrated Books, Cruikshank, Rowlandson, Leech, Ac. 
Hart, Moses O., Cowansville, P.Q., Canada. 

Hart, W. O. , Attorney -a t-Law, 12, Carondelet-st. , New Orleans, La., U.S. A. 
Collector of General Literature, particularly of Dickensiana and Thackerayana 
—Books wanted relating to the Bibliography of both or either. Catalogues de- 
sired and correspondence with CoUectors solicited. 

Hector, K , John Bright street, Birmingham. 
Foreign Booka. 

Heffer, W. k Sons, Cambridge. 

Mathematical, Classical, Botanical, Alpine, and Cambridge Literature. Cata- 
logues, English and Foreign, requested. 

Hiersemann, Karl W., Konigsstrasse 3, Leipzig. 

HSS. relating to America, Russia, Ac.; Curiosities. 

Hipwell, Daniel, 65, St. John's Wood terrace, London, n.w. 

Printed Parish Registers, Oenealodcal Works, and Old MSS. 
Hirsch, Emil, 6, Karlstrasse, Munich, Bavaria. 

Art, Architecture, Bare and Curious, Autographs. 
Holgate, C., Salisbury. 

Voyages, Topography ; Hampshire, Wilts., Essex, Yorks. 
Hooppell, Kev. L. , St. Peter's Vicarage, 10, Hoxton square, London, K. 

Genealogies and Local Histories; Bare, Quaint, Curious; Old Catalogues, 
Magazines, Plays ; Indexes, Bibliography, and Miscellanea ; Photographs. 
Howell, G. 0., 210, fislinton road, Plumstead. 

Kent and Pembrokeshire Books, Tracts, Prints, Manuscripts, &c. 
Hudson, William P., 18, Park road, Stockton-on-Tees. 

Hughan, W. J., "Dunscore," Torquay. 

Hughes, Edward, Glyndwr, Bersham road, Wrexham. 

Old MSS. and Books relating to Wales and Shropshire. 
Humphreys & Co., 58, Paternoster row, e.g., and 376, Strand, Lond., w.c. 

Back-date Magazine dealers. 
Hytch, F. J., 33, Ellington street, Barnsbury, London, K. 

Miscellaneous Literature. 
.Incumbent, The, Widmerpool Rectory, Nottingham. 

Evangelical Theology (newestX English or Foreign. 
Irvine, James, 37, Radipole road, Fulham road, London. 

Books. Pamphlets, Magazines, Newspaper Articles, &c., relating to the Catholic 
Apostolic Church, erroneously called Irvingite. 
James, H., Junr., Reform Club, Liverpool. 

Boxing and Wrestling Books. Miscellaneous Catalogues not required. 
Jeffery, John, 115a, City road, London, E.c. 

Book Plates ^Ex-Libris), Old Poetry. &c. 
Johnson, R. Brimley, Llandaff House, Cambridge. 

English Literature ; Letters. 
Jones, W. Hall, Pennhurst, Wolverhampton. 

Pamphlets, Tracts, &c., relating to the independents prior to 1688; Cromwelliana 
Kane, Thomas H., Box 130, No. 152, Sixth avenue, New York, U.S. A. 

Miscellaneous Books ; also Astrology, Occult, Astronomy, Almanacks, Epbeme* 
rides, Maps, Atlases, Globes^ Mathematics, Technology. Typography, Biblio- 
graphy, Archaeology, Antiquarian, Druidic ; Engravings, Jraintings, Coins, Medals, 
Antiques, Bric-a-Brac, Vertu, Photographs, Negatives, Telescopes, Microscopes, 
Photographic and Scientific Instruments. 
Kelly Law Book Company Limited, Lincoln's Lin Gate, London. 

Law Reports. Treatises, and Text Books of all descriptions. 
Kennard, T. , Leamington Spa. 

Warwickshire Items. 
Keogh, B. P., 7, Richmond place, Rathmines, Dublin. 

Mathematics, Works on Friendly Societies, Vital Statistics, Annuities, and 

cognate Works. 
Kimpton, Henry, 82, High Holborn, London, w.c. 

King, C, Torquay. 

Plymouth Brethren's Literature. 
Knight, W. J., Ventnor, Isle of Wight. 

Books and Prints relating to Isle of Wight. 
Kohn, Julius, Austro-Hungarian Consulate General, Laurence Pountney 
House, London, E.c. 

KuUman, P. C, P.O. Box, 7, New York City, U.S.A. 

Ladd, William W., Jttnr., 20, Nassau street. New York, U.S. A. 

Books and Prints relating to Angling. 

LaDge, F. W. T., St. Bride Foundation Institute, Bride lane. Fleet, st., B.o. 
Books relating to Printing. Lithography, Paper Making, Bookbinding ; also 
Works on Bibliography and Libraries. 

Lee, A. C, Solicitor, Waltham Abbey, Essex. 

Modem Editions of Old English and Foreign " NoveUe," I^u^tise, Jest Books, 
Orientalia, Folklore, &c. 

Lee and Shepard, Boston, U.S.A. 
Books of all kinds. 

Le Fran9ois, E. , 9, Rue Casimir Delavigne, Paris. 
MMecine, Histoire Naturelle. 

Leon, J. A. , 4, Cleveland Gardens, London, w. 

Lewis, Georee, 27, Southfields road. Old Wandsworth, Surrey. 

Miscellaneous and Economics. 
Librarian, Odd-Fellows Library, Salinas City, California, U.S.A. 

Books of all kinds. 
Librarian, Shakespeare Memorial, Stratford-on-Avon. 

Shakespeare Editions, Shakespeareana, Drama, Stage History, &c. 
Loder, J., Woodbridge, Suflfolk. 

Suffolk History and Literature. 
Lowe, Rev. F. E., St. Stephen's, Guernsey. 

Theology, Entomology. 
Lowther, WilliamB., Easinffwold, Yorks. 

Bibliography and Hymnology. 
McDonough, Joseph, 53 and 55, State street, Albany, N.Y., U.S.A. 

Catalogues of Second-hand Books and Remainders. 
Mackay, Eneas, Bookseller, Stirling, N.B. 

Catalogues solicited. 
Mackay, John, 9, Blythswood Drive, Glasgow. 

Gaelic: Highlands. 
Mackenzie, J. H., 28, Rutland street, Edinburgh. 
Mackey, George, 74, New street, Birmingham. 

Autographs, Bric-a-Brac, Early English Postage Stamps. 
Mackinson, J., Cowansville, P.Q., Canada. 
McTear, J. S., 1, Croom Villas, Baneor, Co. Down. 

Card Games and their History. Works to be marked in Catalogues. 
Maggs Brothers, 159, Church street, Paddington, London, w. 

Old Plays and Early English Literature prior to 1660. 
Maiden, A., Salisbury. 

Archaeology, Heraldry, Palseography. 
Malkan, Henry, 119, Pearl street. New York, U.S.A. 

Bibliography. Catalogues from all BookseUers wanted. 
Maloney, Frank, 2, Crosscauseway, Edinburgh. 

Wanted : Antioues. Coins, War Medals (used and unused); British and Foreign 
Postage Stamps, Miniatures, Old Silver, Plate and Gold Jewellery, and Prints. 
Marston, K. B., St. Dunstan's House, Fetter lane, London, e.g. 

Works on Angling and Archery, English or Foreign. 
Mather, T. Fellows, 3, Queen street, Edinburgh. 

All departments, English and Foreign, especially Spanish and Portuguese. 
Catalogues and wants desired. 
MathewBon, Lerwick, Shetland. 

Miscellaneous, Theological, Hymnology, Antiquarian, Northern. 
Maude, John, 28, North street, Scarborough. 

Old Books, Pamphlets, Engrayings, Views, &c., printed at or relating to Scar- 
borough or neighbourhood, or to Scarborough authors. 
Meehan, J. F., Bath. 

Bath Books or Prints, Byron, Bacon, Hymnology, Fencing. 


Mayer, Godefroy, 15, Rue Pigalle, Paris. 

Old Shop Tickets ; French and American Portraits and Historical Prints ; Prints 
of the First Railways, and every other Invention ; or Sport, Dances of Death, 
Criminals, Executions, Entrances, Coronations, Funeral Processions. 
Metcalfe, James, 2, Mosley street, Barnoldswick. 

Sport, Travel, and Adventure. 
Miller, Dewitt, Drawer 1612, Philadelphia, Penna., U.S.A. 

Second-hand Catalogues generally. 
Moffat, Alexander 6., Berwick House, Swansea. 

Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Philological. 
Moon, G. Washington, 16, New Burlington street, London, w. 

Fifteenth Century Blaok Letter Books, Works on Meteorology. 
Morgan, G. B., Preston House, near Wingham, Kent. 

General Literature. 
Mnller, W., 1, Star yard, Carey street, London, w.c. 

Political Economy, Early Tracts on Commerce. 
Murray, F. E., Leidernot, Ashover, Derbyshire. 

Austin Dobson Literature. 
Myers, Asher I., 2, Finsbury square, London, e.c. 

Anglo- Judaica (Old Prints, Pamphlets, &c., relating to Jews). 
Newton, Professor, Magdalen College, Cambridge. 

Works bearing on Ornithology. 
Nield, Edward, Clifton, Glos. 

Books, Pamphlets, Portraits, and Maps relating to America. 
O'Callaghan, C. & F., 64, High street, Lewisham, London, s.e. 

High^rice given for Old Foreign Stamp Collections. 
O'Connell, Sir Boss, Killarney. 

. Heraldry. Ireland. 
Oldfield, Rev. W. J., Missionary College, Burgh, Lincolnshire. 

Theological and Missionary. 
Orr, Charles, Cleveland, 0., U.S.A. 

Table Talk, &c. 
Owen, Edward H., p.s.a., Ty Coch, near Carnarvon. 

Welsh Books, Tracts, and Broadsides, 1640 to 1700 : Welsh Manuscripts ; Works 
on Welsh Genealogy and Local History. 
Parsons, Messrs., 45, Brompton road, London. 

Books on Art, Architecture, Ornaments, &c. Engravings and Oil Paintings. 
Peachey, G. C, Brightwalton, Wantage, Berks. 

Old Medical Works and Pamphlets, Bookplates and Portraits of Doctors. 
Peet, Henry, F.S.A., Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. 

Books on Lincolnshire. 
Piggot, Rev. A., Leven, Fife. 

Fife and Forfarshire Books. 
Proud, R. Sunnyside, Warrington. 

Anijing Literature. 
Radford, John T., f.r.hist.soo.. Mechanics* Institution, Nottingham. 

Books, Portraits, Prints, &c., relating to Nottinghamshire. 
Redway, George, 9, Hart street, Bloomsbury, London. 

Occult Literature only. 
Rees, J. Rogers, Penarth, Glamorganshire. 

Books, Magazines, Maps, Prints, relatingto Norse. Northmen, Danes in British 
Islands, OlcT Crosses, Inscribed Stones, Earthworks ; Wales, or its Counties ; 
Knight Hospitallers and Templars. 
Renault, Raoul, Quebec, Canada. 

Americana and Canadiana, Book-Plates and Autographs. 
Robinson, W. H., Granby, P.Q., Canada. 

Rowe, Thomas W., m.a., Wellington, New Zealand. 

English Literature, especially Poetry and Drama; Travels (Arctic, African, 

Sands, Harold, Craythorne, Tenterden, Kent. 

Icelandic and Scandinavian Topography : Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Old London 
Notts, and Derbyshire Antiquities ; ArcnsBology, History, and General Literatare: 


Savage, Rev. Canon, Douglas, Isle of Man. 
Arcbseological, Manx. 

Saxby, P., 49, Upper Warwick street, Liverpool. 

Bookplates, Foreign Stamps. 
Scheible, John, 79, Haupstatterstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany. 

Old rare Books, Literary Curiosities, Engravings. All second-hand Catalogues 
wanted as issued. 

Sherwin, H. A., 100, Canal street, Cleveland, 0., U.S.A. 
Angling and Waltoniana. 

Sicotte, L. W., Montreal, Canada. 

Skandinavisk Antiquariat, Bredgade 35, Copenhagen. 

Arctic; Books, &c., relating to Qreenland, Iceland, Denmark, and Norway; 
Portraits of Carolina Mathilda^ Queen of Denmark ; Engravings of Apothecaries' 
Shops or Laboratories ; Portraits of Apothecaries or Chemists. 
Smith, J., 35, Cleveland road, Crumpsall, Manchester. 

Mathematics, Astronomy. 
Spalding, J. T., Nottingham. ' 

Spencer, Walter T., 27, New Oxford street, London, w.c. 

first Editions of modern authors and of books with humorous illustrations, 
perfect or imperfect. 

Stevens, Henry, & Son, 39, Great Russell street, London, w.c. 

Books and Maps relating to North America, prior to say 1830. All reports 

Stoate, William, Belmont, Burnham, Somersetshire. 

Books, Pamphlets, Manuscripts, Prints, Tokens, &c., on Somersetshire. 
Sweet & Maxwell Limited, 3, Chancery lane, London, w.c. 

Law Reports and Portraits of Judges (not small book-plates). 
Sykes, M. Conington, d.p.h.lond., f.c.s., Sykeshurst, Barnsley, Yorks. 

Is a buyer. Coins, Medals, Arms, Heraldry, Facetiae, Stamps. 
Thayer, H. A., 38, Bromfield street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

Mountain Climbing ; Roman Slavery. 
Thomas, Rev. Lawrence Buckley, d.d., Shamokin, Pennsylvania, U.S. A. 

Specially Portraits, Views, and Arms to illustrate the Thomas Book, 1896. 
Thompson, G. H., Alnwick. 

Books and Engravings relating to Northumberland and the Borders ; Third 
General Index, Notea and Queries ; Proceedings of Society of Antiquaries, New- 
castle-on-Tyne, Nos. 1 to 16, Vol. I., 1882, Ac. 
Thompson, Professor Sylvanus P., Technical College, Finsbury, London. 

Early Magnetism, Electricity, Optics ; Books printed by Peter Short (London) 

1690 to 1603 ; Autographs of Electricians. 
Thomson, D. C, Dundee Courier Office, Dundee. 

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Cataloinies of English and Foreign Booksellers respectively solicited, and books 
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Oriental or Occult Works, Books on Witchcraft, Old Book-Plates. 

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1. niuminated M8S. 

2. Early printed books before 1475, especially those on vellum, and any with 

woodcuts before 1520. 
8. English Black-Letter Books before 1600. 

4. Any volumes of Early Poetry printed before 1685. 

5. Any plays in 4to. or folio, printed before 1685. 

6. First Editions of any works bv Oliver Goldsmith, Gray, Gay, Fielding, 

Sterne, Smollett, Bums, Lamb, Shelley, Lever, and Dickens's ** Strange 

7. Any autograph letters, sketches, or any other MSS. of Thackeray, or his 

" Flore et Zephyr." 

8. Any old coloured prints by Bartolozzi, Morland, Wheatley, Heath, or Aiken. 

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Sporting and Humorous. 

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Numismatics, Pastels, Surrey, Guilds. 

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Manx Language and Literature, Gaelic, Antiquarian, Natural History, &c. 

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^,Y^°^ • 5**^ Books, Coins, Archaeology, Facetiae, Bibliography, Folklore, 
Old Prmts. Send Catalogues. 

WooUcombe, Dr. Robert Lloyd, ll.d., f.i.inst., 14, Waterloo-rd. , Dublin. 
Old English Bibles, Books on Law, Medicine, Psychology, Diet. Athletic Train- 
^^S,^}^c^tAcbA Engineering, Science, Art, Music, Literature, Antiquities, Genealogy, 
Ex-LihriSf Super Ltbroty History, Geography, Agriculture, Mines, Manufactures, 
Railways, Steamships, Commerce, Finance, Lives of Great Men. 
Wright, John, 18, Eleanor street. South Shields. 

Books on Portugal and the Portuguese. 
Wylie, Andrew, The Haven, Stromness, N.B. 

Books, Pamphlets, and Law Papers relating to Orkney and Shetland : also 
General Literature. 

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History, Ancient History, Historical Novels, Antiquities, Occult. Catalogues 


Btbltodrapbtcal Morlte of 'Reference. 

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