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Centennial Catalogue Co." 7.^ 

S. W. Cor. Fonrtli and Ubtaxj Sis., Philadelphia, 





This Company owns the exclusive right to publish, sell, and 
distribute the ^* Official Catalogue of the International Eoihibition of 
1876,^ the work being printed under the direction of, and com- 
piled from manuscript furnished by, the **U. S. Centennial Com- 

Advertisements -taken on application fp S. M. Pettengill 
& Co. Advertising Agents. 




Trtaturtf . Stcretary. 


JSoUeit^r, Publishing^ and Advertising' Mauagsr, 

624 Xartet St., PUladelphlJU 


Advtrtising Agents, 

No. 701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 
No. 87 Park Row, New York, 
No. 10 State Street, Boston, 
Exbibltion Grounds— South of East end 
of Machinery Hall, Building No. 41. 

J. M JOHNSON ft SONS, Limited, 

Sole European Agents, 

No. 8 Castle St., Holbom, London. 

John S. Morton, Wm. H. Pennell, 

M. RosENBACH, Stephen F. Whitman, 

George T. Jones, John R. Nagle, 

Joseph Heilbrun. 

OfSce of the Company on Exhibillwi QflcwaAa^ ^'^^StokS^'^v •Sw^'^^s^^^ 
^ East end of Uadbineij Eall. 

> !.' 


' International Exhibition. 


Official Catalogue. 






Published for the Centennial Catalogue Company 



Tip' ;;:.■..' "c:;k 

Af^^, LFNOX AN© 

Erteied according to Act of Congress, in the year 1B76, by the 


in the offi<*e 6f the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 


Centennial Catalogue Company Assignees of Copyright. 

»•••• - • •••• 

• .::.•: 


Subject Index, National Exhibits 4 

The International Exhibition of 1876 ..;, •..•••. 7 

Synopsis of the Classification 8 

United States Centennial Commission •••... 9 

Officers of the United States Centennial Commission 10 

Centennial Board of Finance zo 

State Boards of Centennial Managers zz 

System of Awards > . Z4 

Judges of Awards Z5 

Xdst of Buildings and Special Exhibits 20 

"The Main Exhibition Building 23 

Key to the Notation 35 

Oround Plan of the Main Exhibition Building • • 26 

Classification 27 

Catalogueof Department I., Mining and Metallurgy • . 47 

Catalogue of Department II., Manufactures .•••... . loz 

<^talogue of Department III., Education and Science 32Z 

Annex to Main Building 374. 

i X 






■ p 


■3jni|Ti?L4^y 1 

: : : . :.S ; t i 

; 'St m^£^^!!»r>i^ ^. ^. Fv T^^ Kso A m 

I !*Si;^?"&i 






:? i ! i ! ! ! 


5 i ? 1 H^ : 

i&i 1 i i : i 


t, S • 1 Ki i 1 

1 i ! i !?;? 

f^ i 

l.^ S ? 1 s i 1 i 

! L 1 i ! : i S 

! I } 

A 1l iR|Hf i 

! i sl-i !^? 


'■[QOXaJpa'aJg* p Ji:h 

il" I& ! i : : I i I? 1 :*J 

'^aljnS 'aUp^P^ff l^rtN I*tH*HI**,»-F*.-KMM»,* 

»3iB 'ftiodrtj^t I ? J I i 'Sif i J : M i ? M i^ f 

'<^pbg i^ttBIg 'iwJgj 

! i !^ M i t £ 

(T^aj o i-Ti h^ ♦♦S ff^"* P3" £?^ E;^ jS^^ 

atiqiy IITSPW^IIS 

*Jli*,'|0O^ JO sppof) 

jio 3|qfliJ*a^ JO wpoOQ 

S 2* J 1 ^ t i M i : it-^^^i M 

! it;, , 

[ M E f 

«oi9'MVilitunj g^S r S ? ^ i'S ^ F" 1 

^. = tR 

HV 4 ? 

■ St 

I I 



JutisstiiSua Stiiu^H 

^ ■ i Z^\ \\\\\\\\\^ 

i i : 


5J ^ ^^sff isffi ! I i i J 1 1^ 

J® ; 

^ ^ ^^^s^iSS :|^ = ?=£' 





•z S SiitS : 

i ! i i i i i •B' : 


I \ I i 



1 S^iiSsi 

; ???*!*^^i 




^: ! 

J Ej gj C 

if'fti'S i 

siiEi; • 

: A % A Si Si tn^ : n *S>^ "^ JTtt SJfin Ifi-a* :« i :;% p\i*i 



F* jj Oh _ i*^ ^** ^ 

lH5:?^i = = f : 



OD ^S 

of Ot* 


1^! -3^ £ S 
In; (ft n *<t 

^ moo >«H T^omt^ n»>-4- * s 'P •!? J J' 

O rtgd M t I 

X r* 44 n tt : L. . . 

n n H h « ■ H t* 

' et ft ■ ft 


F*> !» o M rtio c^ ^ « a 
ftnnanetn h n«n 


tt f ti ■ ■ vt * rt w n ! 

:J^ IS? 1 i^^ 

,K^ £ 5 t 




Hh4i ;*tttn tt hdM 

■4 nrKf n "ft 

1J t ilfS^^'St 

i\ri^ » K> 



! « H « fl a ■ n • 

= s^ i ^'S* 

U1W '^ 
O0» A 



Da« a 



%^X .5. i^ ,^ 








nil III i III 

J ! : :5 i^: i 

!S.i s ; » 



^le^fcij !^ ^ "^i ■ 

: J J jjj^^ IS 

» B n »f> t^ « 

' 9k C^ QV -Ch Qi 



'ft.^fctg i-E^^ ^StJ 

<4 H n a 

■ 1^ m ■* »o m 
:g6 A A Ok O^ 

'3 i 

*j;a : i:^ til : '. o'i^^fc ^ >> , 

I 1^ 



The International Exhibition of 1876. 

The Congress of the United States, by an act approved March 3d, 1871, provided 
that the centennial anniversary of the promulgation of the Declaration of American 
Independence in Philadelphia should be celebrated in that city "by holding an In- 
ternational Exhibition of Arts, Manu£Bu;tures, and Products of the Soil and Mine." 
The preparation of the Exhibition was, by the act, confided to the United States 
Centennial Commission, composed of a commissioner and alternate commissioner 
nominated by the governor of each State and Territory, and confirmed by the Presi- 
dent of the United States. A subsequent act, approved June ist, 1872, created the 
Centennial Board of Finance, charged with the financial conduct of the Exhibition. 

A proclamation by the President of the United States, dated July 3d, 1873, an- 
nounced the International Exhibition, and commended it to all nations. An act of 
Congress, approved June sth, 1874, requested the President, in the name of the 
United States, to invite the governments of foreign nations to participate in the Ex- 
hibition. The invitation thus extended was accepted by the governments of 

Argentine Republic, 


Seychelles Archipc 

lago, Norway, 


New Zealand, 


Orange Free State, 


New South Wales, 






Philippine Islands, 


South Australia, 

Bermuda, and 







Cape of Good Hope, 




Bahamas, ' 




British Guiana, 



France, with Algeria, 







Great Britain, with col- Gold Coast, 



onies, viz. 



The Centennial Commission provided for the classification of the objects to be 
exhibited in seven departments, which were referred to five exhibition buildings in 
this manner: 



I. Mining and Metallurgy, ' 

II. Manu£eu:tures. 

Main Building, 


III. Education and Science, . 

IV. Art, 

Art Gallery 


V. Machinery, 

Machinery Building, 


VI. Agriculture, 

Agricultural Building, 


VII. Horticulture, 

Horticultural Building, 



. . 48.47 

The applications for exhibiting space, however, both at home and from abroad, so 
exceeded the calculations that had been made as to necessitate the erection of an- 
nexes supplementing the capacity of each of these buildings. Enumerations of these 
additional structures will be found on subsequent pages. The classes of objects 
grouped in the several departments are indicated in ii)ti^ ioYLonroi^ ^^fcis^'i^^ <^^ '^s^a. 
ckumScAtJon of the ExhibiUon, 





Main Building. 

I. Mining and Me- 


Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Products. 
Metaliuivical Products. 
Mining Engineering. 

II. Manufactures. 

200 — 205 
217 — 227 
228 — 234 

935— a4i 



292 — 296 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Ceramics, Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, etc. 

Furniture, etc. 

Yams and Woven Goods of VtgttaAAt or 

Mineral Materials. 
Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 
Silk and Silk Fabrics. 
Clothing, Jewelry, etc. 
Paper, Blank Books, Stationeiy. 
Weapons, etc. 

Medicine, Surgery, Prodiesis. 
Hardware, Eidge Tools, Cutlery, and 

Metallic Products. 
Fabrics of Yegetable, Animal, or Mineral 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

III. Education AND 




Educational Systems, Methods, and Li- 

Institutions and Organizatioiis. 

Scientific and Philosophical Instnunents 
and Methods. 

Engineering, Architecture, Maps, etc 

Physical, Social, and Moral Condition of 

Art Gallery. 

IV. Art. 




Engraving and Lithography. 


Industrial and Architectural Designs, etc 

Ceramic Decorations, Mosaics, etc. 


V. Machinery. 

510— 5i?9 




Machines, Tools, etc., of Mining, Chem^ 

istry, etc. 
Machines and Tools for working Metal, 

Wood, and Stone. 
Machines and Implements of Spinning, 

Weaving, etc. 
Machines, etc., used in Sewing, M^lAig 

Clothing, etc. 
Machines for Printing, Making Books, 

Paper Woridne, etc. 
Motors, Power Generators, etc. 
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Appa 
Railway Plant, Rolling Stock, etc. 
Machinery used in Preparing Agrictd- 

tural Products. 
Aerial, Pneumatic, and Water Tians- 

Machinerv, and Apparatus, espedaSy 

adaptea to the requirements of the 



VI. Agriculturit 







Arboriculture and Forest Products. 


Agricultural Products. 

Land Animals. 

Marine Animals, Fish Culture, and 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Textile Substances c^ Vq;etable or 
Animal origin. 

Machines, Implements, and ProcsMW of 

Agricultural Engineering and Adminis- 

Tillage and General Management. 



700—709 \ OTnam«Tita\TT«cftt^VmxVA,aadFlow«n. 
719 \ HotHo\^e&,C«Ta«xYaXan.«a^^ 

730—739 \ Garden "Deslv^soaait, CooaXxwdto^ wd 



The full text of the classification of the several Departments will be found at the 
commencement of the enumeration of Objects shown in.each. The distribution of the 
departments and buildings through the four volumes of the catalogue, is as follows : 

Volume I.— Department I. Mining and Metallurgy ; II. Manufactures: 
III. Education and Science, Main Building and Annexes. 

Volume II.— Department IV. Art. Memorial Hall and Annexes. 

Volume III. — Department V. Machinery. Machinery Building and Annexes. 
Buildings of United States government and foreign governments, of State govern- 
ments, and of individual exhibitors. 

Volume I v.— Department VI. Agriculture; VII. Horticulture, Agricultural 
and Horticultural Buildings and Annexes, Alphabetical Index of Exhibitors, Com- 
missioners, Judges, etc. 




Alabama, .... Richard M. Nelson, Selma, James L. Cooper, Huntsville. 

Arizona, .... Richard C. McCormick, Wash' n, D.C., John Wasson, Tucson. 

Arkansas, . . . George W. Lawrence, Hot Springs, . . G. C. Dodge, Litde Rock. 

California, . . . J. Dunbar Creigh, San Francisco, . . . Benjamin P. Kooser, Santa Cruz. 

Colorado, .... J. Marshall Paul, Fair Play, N. C. Meeker, Greeley. 

Connecdcut, . . Joseph R. Hawlcy, Hartford, ..... William P. Blake, New Haven. 

Dakota, .... J. A. Burbank, Bonhomme county, . . Solomon L. Spink, Yankton. 

Delaware, . . . John K. Kane, Wilmington, John H. Rodney, New Castle 

Districtof Col., . James E. Dexter, Washington, .... Lawrence A. Gobright, Washington. 

Florida, . . . . T. H. Osbom, Jacksom-ille, J. T. Bernard, Tallahassee. 

Georgia, .... George Hillyer, Adanta, Richard Peters, jr., Adanta. 

Idaho, ..... Thomas Donaldson, Boise City, .... Christopher W. Moore, Boise City. 

Illinois, . . . . F. L. Matthews, Carlinville, Lawrence Weldon, Bloomington.. 

Indiana, .... J. L. Campbell, Crawfordsville, .... Franklin C. Jolyisoa, New Albany. 

Iowa, Robert Lowry, Davenport, Coker F. Qarkson, Eldora. 

Kansas, . . . . John A. Mardn, Atchison, George A. Crawford, Fort Scott. 

Kentucky, . . . Robert Mallory, La Grange, Smith M. Hobbs, Moimt Wash'n. 

Louisiana, . . . John Lynch, New Orleans, Edward Penington, Philadelphia. 

Maine, Joshua Nye, Augusta, Charles H. Haskell, Portland. 

Maryland, . . . John H. B. Latrobe, Baltimore, . . . . S. M. Shoemaker, Baltimore. 

Massachusetts, . George B. Loring, Salem, William B. Spooner, Boston. 

Michigan, . . . James Bimey, Bay City, Claudius B. Grant, Houghton. 

Minnesota, ... J. Fletcher Williams, St. Paul, . . . . W. W. Folwell, Minneapolis. 

Mississippi, . . . O. C. French, Jackson, M. Edwards, Gholson. 

Missouri, .... John McNeil, St. Louis, Samuel Hays, St. Louis. 

Montana, .... J. P. Woolman, Helena, Patrick A. Largey, Virginia City. 

Nebraska, . . . Henry S. Moody, Omaha, ...... R. W. Furnas, Brownsville. 

JCcvada, . . . . W. W. McCoy, Eureka, James W. Haines, Gencst. 

New Ham^hire,' Ezekiel A. Straw, Manchester, . . . . M. V. B. Edgeriy, Manchester. 

New Jersey, . . Orestes Cleveland, Jersey City, .... John G. Stevens, Trenton. 

New Mexico, . . Eldridge W. Litde, Santo Fe, . .... Stephen B.Elkins, Washington, D.C 

New York, . . . N. M. Beckwidi, New York, C. P. Kimball, New York. 

North Carolina; . SamuelF. Phillips, Washington City, . J. W. Albertson, Hertford. 

Ohio, Alfred T. Goshom, Cincinnati, .... Wilson W. Griffith, Toledo. 

Oregon, .... J. W. Virtue, Baker City, A. J. Dufur, Portland. 

Pennsylvania, : Daniel J. Morrell, Johnstown, .... Asa Packer, Mauch Chunk. 

Rhode Island, . George H. Corliss, Providence, . . . . R. C. Taft, Providence. 

South Carolina, . William Gumey, Charleston, Archibald Cameron, Charleston. 

Tennessee, . . . Thomas H. Coldwell, Shelbyville, . . . William F. Prosser, Nashville. 

Texas, ..... W.H. Parsops, New York, ..... John C. Chew, New York. 

Utah, John H. Wickizer/Salt Lake City, . . Wm. Haydon, Salt Lake City. 

Vermont, .... Middleton Goldsmith, Rudand, .... Henry Chase, LyndotL. 

Vifgfana, . . . . F. W. M. HbDiday, Richmond, .... TLdm\m^'»..'&^s«^»<^i^^^^'a'=^ 

IFajEfcii«tao Ter,, £/woodJEvan«, Otympia, ....... Mex.^,WQfcTtMeQDc^,Of«^^*«»^^ 

.WettVkgtaia, . ^cxtnderR. Botdcr.Shepherdatcwm, . Aii^tcw.3.^^«M«S*'^'^^'=^ 
Whcon^, . . .DavidAtwood, Madison; ....:.. ^vraxdT>.^^\xo^.^^^^;^ 

WyonUng, . . . Jceph M. Ca«y, Cheyenne, 'Ro^>eft^.'V.«^«^»^^''^**^^ 



President : 

Vice-Presidents : 

Thomas H. Coldwell, F. W. M. Holliday, 

MiDDLETON Goldsmith, Robert Mallory, 

W. W. McCoy, John A. Martin. 

Director- General : 

' Secretary : 


Counsellor and Solicitor T 

Executive Committee : 

Daniel J. Morrell, Chairman. 
Alfred T. Goshorn, John Lynch, 

George H. Corliss, Charles P. Kimball, 


Richard C. Mccormick, David Atwood, 

N. M. Beckwith, Samuel F. Phillips, 

/ George B. Loring, J. T. Bernard. 

J. R. Hawley, President, ex-officio. 
Myer Asch, Secretary. 

Assistant Secretaries : 
Myer Asch, Dorsey Gardner. 

Chiefs of Bureaus of Administration : 

Forei^^DlKBCTOR'GBiiEKAL and Agriculture— BVRliET LANDRETH. 

Myer Asch. Horticulture— Cylaylises H. Miller. 

Installation— 'Um^^y PETTIT. Fine Arts— JOHIJ SARTAIN. 

I Transportation— D01.TKVS Torrey. Jl^^^^i/— William Pepper, M.D. 

i! Machinery— }omi S. ALBERT. -^war<j^— FRANCIS A. WALKER. 



Directors : 

John Welsh Philadelphia, John O. James, . . . Philadelphia. 

William Sellers, . . . Philadelphia. Amos R. Little, , . Philadelphia. 

John S. Barbour, . . . Virginia. Wm. L. Strong, . . . New York. 

Samuel M, Felton, . .Philadelphia. Thos. H. "D\3Ti\-'C^ , . ."^^^ \«ts«^, 

Daniel M. Fox, .... Philadelphia. A.S.HiLVi\Tt» . , . .'^^jwHoet. 

Thomas Cochran, . . . Philadelphia. 3oiU^ CuuwHoa, . .^feRwaai^sMw 



CleMKNT M. Biddlk. . rhiladelphkL 
N. I' ARKEEftHCiKTRIUCR. iniiUdclphia. 

James M. Robb Philadelphia. 

KdwaRD T. STKKL, . . Philaclrlphia. 
John Wamamakrr. . . Iliilarlclphia, 
John Price Wetherill. Philadelphia. 
Henry Winior Philadelphia. 


Charles W. Cooper, 
William Bigler, . . 
Robert M. Patton, . 

J. B. Drake 

GEORGE Bain, , • • . 

Rhode Island. 


Ofticers of the B<mrd OF Finance. 
John Welsh, Philadelphia. 

l%ce' Presidents : 

William Sellers, Philadelphia. John S. Baerour, Vh-ginia. 

Secretary and Treasurer • 

Frederick Fraley. Philadelphia. 

Henry S. LAMsiNa 


[Appointed by the Govcrnora for the management of State and Territorial exhibits.] 


I. F, Milner. Preeident, Montgomery. 1 T. M. Kennedy, F^wi., Tuscaloosa. 

FctcT Hamilton, Mobile. | K. U. Pickett, Florence. 

A. Cunningham, Talladega. 

J. N. HopkinA, Secretary. 
Wm. J. Oiboroe. 


J. S. Vo«Vurg. 
Jo* "* 

John WaiAoo. 


H. L, Fletcher, Preeident, Uttle Rock. 
A. L. Itrcyitacher. Little Kock. 
L. H. JUoto, Uvi^ Rock. 

W. K Woodruff, jr., Little Rock. 
W, C. Stout. I^winburg. 
A. V. Litrthicum, Helena. 


iacob Deeth. 
L. W. Redding. 
A. N. Towne. 
T. J. L. Smiley. 
I^nv Malone. 
Jacob R. Snyder. 
John 0. iHiwney. 

l»me% L. Ord. 
Wm. Murray, Paq. 
jac^ib R. Nrff. 
H. M. Sergeant. 

iL. Hebron, 
. K. Porter. 


Geo. Q. Richmond, Puebk>. 

Stephen Decatur, Georgetown, Colorado. 


Charles R. InftrM>ll, New Haven. 
Nathaniel Wheeler, Bridgeport. 
Frederick J. Kingftbury, WaCerbory. 
Ebeoexer Loaraed, Norwich. 
Thoma* L. HUtlor, Brooklyn. 

Lyman W. Coe, Torington. 
fiurdell Loomis, Hartford. 
John e, Eaffa, New Haven. 




F. J. Dewitt, Yankton. 
E. W. Miller, Union. 
A. F. Shaw, Minnehaha. 

W. J. L. Trail, Grand Fork*. 
W. A. Burleigh, Bon Homme. 


Joseph P. Comegys, President, Dover. 
Leander F. Riddle, Secretary, Wil- 
Allen V. Lesley, New Castle. 
Charles Beasten, New Castle. 

iohn H. Bewley, Smyrna, 
lenry B. Fiddeman, Milford. 
John W. Causey, Milford. 
Charles H. Richards, Geor^^etown. 
Paynter Frame, Harbeson. 


A. V. Conover. St. Augustine. 

E. C. Howe, Key West. 

George E. Wentworth, Pensacola. 

Austin Savage, Boise City. 
J. C. Isaacs, Boise City. 
Cyrus Jacobs, Boise City. 
A. Rossi, Boise City. 
John Haiiey, Boise City. 
Lafayette Csustre, Boise City. 

D. S. Wilkens, Tallahassee. 
W. S. Boyd, Jacksonville. 


Thomas Ranney, Boise City. 
Y. E. Logan, Boise City. 
M.J HiU, Silver City. 
B. Wilson, Idaho City. 

{ohn McNally, Rocky Bar. 
.. P. Brown, Mount Idaho. 


John P. Reynolds, President, Chicago. 
J. C. Smith, Secretary, Galena. 
Carlile Mason, Chicago. 

Francis Colton, Galesbui^. 
Amos C. Spaflford, Rockrord. 


A. L. Roache, Chairman, Indianapolis. 
Thomas E. Garvin, Evansville. 
John Sutherland, La Porte. 


Hon. S. Kirkwood, Des Moines. 
Alex. Shaw, Des Moines. 
Wm. Christy. 

E. T. Cox, Secretary, Indianapolis. 
John S. Williams, La Fayette. 

B. R. Sherman. 
I. T. Young. 


George T. Anthony, President, Leaven- 
W. S. Parkinson, K.-/>rw/V^«/, Ottawa. 
Alfred Gray, Secretary, Topeka. 
George W. Glick, Treasurer, Atchison. 

T. C. Henry, Abilene. 
Charles F. Kocster, Marysville. 
E. P. Bancroft, Emporia. 
W. E. Barnes, Vineland. 
R. W. Wright, Oswego. 


W. B. Machen, Eddyville, Lyon Co. 
Clinton Griffith, Owenstown, Daviess Co. 
James H. Bowden, Russelvitle, Logan Co. 
E. H. Hobson, Greensburg, Green Co. 
E. D. Standiford, Louisville, Jeflferson Co. 

T. C. Hughes. Florence, Boone Co. 
William Warneld, Lexington, Fayette 

Jennings Price, Lancaster, 
ohn Dishman. Barbourville, Knox C 
'. L. Cleveland, Augusta, BeachenGc 


H. Bonzano, President, New Orleans. 
E. C. Hancock, New Orleans. 

Charles W. Roberts, Bangor. 
F. E. Shaw, Paris. 
Exiwin Sprague, Rockland. 

Effingham Lawrence, New Orleans. 


W. H. Simpson, Bel&st. 
F. N. Dow, Portland. 
E. Knight, Portland. 


John G. Morris, Baltimore. 
T. Thomas Scharf, Baltimore. 
George A. Hanson, Baltimore. 

Douglass H. Thomas, Baltimore. 
William H. Corner, Baltimore. 


J. T. Chadwick, Boston. 
Curtis Guild, Boston. 
Hirsim Hosford, Lowell. 
a E. Whitier, Whitiersville. 
George T. Plunkett, Hinsdale. 
Henry M. PhUHps, Springfield. 

/. H. Claremont, Boston. 
Lewis N. Gilbert, Ware. 

John Savery, Wareham. 
Wm. F. Whitine, Ashbumham. 
Chester Snow, Harwick. 
C. 1.. \eovcvMvs, Westfield. 

I>ax\\e\ "i^eeATxaiTft, GiTOWm. 




John J. Bagley, Detroit. 
Henry FraUck, Grand Rapids. 
JonaUianJ. Woodnun, Paw Paw. 

Merrill I. Mills, Detroit. 

Jay A. Hubbeli, Houghton. 

F. W. Noble, Secretary, Detroit. 

Paris Gibson, Minneapolis. 
Pennock Pusey, St. Paul. 


I Philip S. Harris, St. Paul. 


A. M. West, President, Holly Springs. 
H. W. \fiLmxi, Vice-President, Jackson. 
H. M. Street, Treasurer, Booneville. 
A. £. Lewis, Scranton. 
James A. Hoskins, Brookhaven. 

Frank Burkitt, Houston. 

J. L. 1 
W. G. 

Power, Secretary, Jackson. 
Yellowley, Madison Station. 
Paxton, Vicksburg. 


Thomas Allen, President, St. Louis. 

J. F. Cook, LL.D Lagrange. 
. W. Harris, Rocheport. 

J. W. Sttonz, Vice-President, St. Joseph. 
P. Murphy, Goplin. 
J. L. Tracy, St. Loub. 


T. C. Power, Fort Benton, Chateau. 
Wm. Peck, Bannack, Beaverhead. 
Armstrorig, Glendale, Beaverhead. 
Mrs. S. B. Bowen, Bozeman, Gallatin. 

W. A. Clark, Deer Lodge. Deer Lodge. 
D. T. Welch, Missoula. Niissoula. 
J. A. Harding, Radersourg, Jefferson. 
'. £. Collins, Diamond, Meagher. 



Daniel H. Wheeler, Plattsmouth. 
J. S. Morton, Nebraska City. 
W. D. Scott, Rulo. 

Gay C. Barton, North Platte. 
Charles F. Manderson, Omaha. 


C. C. Stevenson, President, Gold Hill. 

Thomas G. Tavlor, Gold Hill. 

R. Robinson, White Pine. 

1. D. Sullivan, Eureka. 

H. H. Day, Lincoln. 

F. R. Hall, Nye. 

A. A. Curtis, Lander. 

John C. Fall, Humboldt. 

H. M. Yerineton, Ormsby. 
H. T. Rice, Ormsby. 
B. F. Leete, Washoe. 
J. R. Johnson, Douglass. 
Levi Wilsey, Elk. 
Jeremiah Miller, Esmeralda. 
B. P. Hazeltine. 


James A.Weston, Chairman, Manchester. 
Lewis W. Clark, Manchester. 
Mason W. Tippan, Bradford. 

Edward D. Baker, Garemont. 

James F. Briggs, Secretary, Manchester. 

George W. Riddle, Manchester. 


Samuel C. Brown, President, Trenton. 
Edward Bettle, Camden. 
Henry L. Janeway, New Brunswick. 
John T. Bird, Flemington. 

Thomas H. Dale, Paterson. 
Sanford B. Hunt. Newark. 
Nathan W. Condict, Jersey Citv. 
Patrick T. Quinn, Secretary, Newark. 


Stephen B. Elklns, Washington, D. C. 
W. F. M. Amy, Secretary, Fort Defi- 
Richard Hudson, Silver City. 

W. G. Ritch, President, Santa F«. 
Thomas S. Tucker, Treasurer, SsLntz F6. 
Josi D. Sena, Sanu Fe. 


Alonzo B. Cornell. Ithaca, Tompkins Co. 
John Murdock, Elmira, Chemung Co. 
Jackson S. Schultz, No. 63 Cliff St., New 

York City. 
Frank Leslie, No. 537 Pearl St., New 

York City. 


R. P. Ranny, President, Cleveland. 
Rutherford B. Hayes, Fremont. 
E. F. Noyes, Cincinnati. 
G. W. McCook, Steubenville. 

Felix Campbell, No. 1315 Pacific St., 

H. Havermyer, New York. 
Frederick A. Conkling. 

Barnabas Bums, Mansfield. 
F. F. Green, Secretary and Superintend- 
ent, Cleveland. 


M. Witkim, Willamette Forks. 
C. P. Burkhardt, Albany. 
E. R. Geary, Albany. 

TVvoma& Cox^^ti, YoT«ixQrt:wt. 



Morton McM?chael, Philadelphia. I George Scott, Catav/issa. 

Andrew G. Curtin, Bcllefonte. Foster W. Mitchell, Franklin. 

John H. Shocnburger, Pittsburg. | 


{ohn Gorham, Providence. • William Goddard, Providence. 

Ion. Henry Lippitt, Providence. I Rowland Hazard, Providence. 

James Y. Smith, Providence. | John R. Bartlett, Providence. 


iM> Safford, Davidson Co. I Joseph Barbiere, Shelby. 

. C. Giers, Davidson Co. Geoi^ge E. Purvis, Nashville. 

J. T. Wilder, Hamilton Co. I S. B. Lowe, Chattanooga. 


J. E. Preston, Marlin. I S. J. Adams, Dallas. 

£. L. Gregg, Rush. | 


Wm. Jennin^, President, Salt Lake City. I John T. Caine. Salt Lake City. 

Henry C. Goodspeed, Secretary, Salt . - ,.. f. ^ , , . ^. 


Joseph R. Walker, Salt Lake City. 
George S. Prescott, Salt Lake City. 


Joseph S. Patterson. 
P. P. Pitkin. 


iohn b. Imboden, President, Richmond. | G. J. Wharton, Pulaski Co. 

farshall Parks, Norfolk. Edward M. Pace, Danville. 

Samuel J. Moffitt, Harrisonburg. 1 


James S. Lawson, Olympia. 1 Henri M. Chase, Walla Walla. 

Charles E. P. Wood, Port Discovery. Phillip Ritz, Walla Walla. 

Edward S. Kearney, WaUa Walla. | 


O. C. Dewey, Wheeling. \ Thomas Maslin, Moorsfield. 

G. W. Franzheim, Wheeling. LP. Hale, Charleston. 

C. N. BeaU, Bethany. | 


J. B. Parkinson. President, Madison. I T. C. Pound, Chippewa Falls. 

Eli Stilson, Oshkosh. F. Kuehn, Treasurer, Manitowoc. 

Adolph Meinecke, Milwaukee. W. W. Field, Secretary, Madison. 

J. I. Case, Racine. | 


J. R. Whitehead, Cheyenne. | John Fosher, South Pass City. 

Stephen W. Downey, Laramie City. I J. H. Pyach«u, Laramie City. 

James France, Rawlms. I J. A. Van Carter, Fort Bridger. 


The Centennial Commission have substituted for the international juries er 
ployed at previous International Exhibitions, a system of awards which provided : 
That awards shall be based upon written reports attested by the signatures of the 

That the judges should be selected for their known qualifications and characte 

and should be experts in the departments to which they are respectively assigned ; tl 

foreign members of this body being appointed by the Commission of each counti 

and jn conformity with the dtftribution and alloltxietil \o *a.Oci\ xYk^ V^^^^e&Vxovft. < 

C/n/ted States by the Centennial Commission, 

^^bat Judges should be reimbursed for their pcraonaX cxp«Da«- 



That reports and awards should be based upon inherent and comparative merit ; 
the elements of merit being held to include considerations relating to originality, in- 
vention, discovery, utility., quality, skiH, workmanship, fitness for the purposes 
intended, adaptation to public wants, economy, and cost. 

That each report should be delivered to the Centennial Commission as soon as 
completed, for final award and publipation. 

That awards should be finally decreed by the United States Centennial Compiis- 
sion, in compliance with the Act of Congress, and should consist of a diploma wiih a 
imiform Bronze Medal, and a special report of the judgjes on the subject of, the 

That each exhibitor shallhave the right to produce and publish the report awarded 
to him, but the United States Centeonial Commission reserves the right to publish 
and dispose of all reports in the manner it thinks best for public information, and 
also to embody and distribute the reports as records of the Exhibition. 


Minerals, Mining, and Metallurgy, including the Machinery.— (Classes loo to xo8 of 
the chissification. See page 37.) 

Metals, Metallurgical Products and Processes.— {Classes no to 1x5.) 

Machines, Tools, and Apparatus of Mining. an4 Metallurgy.— (Classes 500 to 507, 
and 312.) 

Mine Engineering— Models, Maps, and Sections. — (Classes 120, 121.) 


Alexander L. Holley, 56 Broadway, N.V. 
Prof. T. Sterry Hunt, LL.D., F.R.S., 

St. James Hotel, Boston, Mass. 
Prof. J. M. Safford, Nasfiville, Tennessee. 
S, B. Ailt^Santa F^, New Mexico. 
John Fritz, Bethlehem, Pa. 
Austin Savage, Boise City, Idaho. 
W. S. Keyes, M. E., Eureka, Nevada. 
Prof. Frederick Prime, jr., Easton, Pa. 
Matthew Addy, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Prof. G. C, Broa^head, Ple^sam Hill, 

Missouri. • " 


Mr. Isaac Lowthian Bell, M.P., F.R.S., 

Great Britain. 
Mr. Ernst F. Alt|ians, Breslau, Germany. 
Mr Louis Simonin, Paris, France. 
Mr. F. Valton, France. 
Mr, R. Akcrman, Stockholm, Sweden. 
Mr. Achille Jottrand, Belgium. 
M, L, Nicholsky, Russia. 
Mr. Nicholas Jossa, Russia. 
Dr. Th. Kjerulf, Chiistiania, Norway. 
Don Daniel de (^qrua^f Sipain. 

Pottery, Glass, Artificial, Stpne, etc.— (Classes 206 to 216, and 219, 103, 517, 518.) 


Gen, O. A, Gillmore, U. S. A., care D. 

Van Nostrand, New York. 
Arihur Beckwith, 134 Fifth Avenue. New 

Prof, E. T, Cox, Indianapolis, Ihdiana. 
Gen. Hector Tyndale, Pniladelphia, Pa. 
Henry Wurtz, Hoboken, N.J. 


R. H. Soden Smith, M,A., Great Bri- 
Dr. G. Seelhorst, Nuremberg, Gernuoy. 
M, Ch. de Bussy, Paris, France, 
Adolf E. Nordenskiold, Sweden. 
Mr. K. Notomi, Japan. 


Chemistry and Pharmacy, including the Appar^tus«-^Clas.<>fs 200 to ao3, and 274, 508; 
509, and 659.)' 


Prof, C. A. Joy, Columbia College, New 
York, ^' 

Prof. F. A. Genth, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Prof J Lawrence Smith, Lou/svilJe, Ky. 

Pror. C. F.,(;kM(Jhr, Columbia CoUege, 

Prof. J. W. M»Uei, Uaivenity of Vir- 
ginia, Ch^thtt^ttvilk, Vicginiat. 

Dr, Willjam Odling, F,R.S., Great Bri- 

Dr. RudoJf von Wagner, Wucrlw>x<t» 

Gcrmat\v . 
M. 3. F. Ku\\\mat\tv\::\\\t,'^T'axiC^. 
Mr. Prospex Dc >N\\^t.'fte\<vNWSv. 




Animal and Vegetable Products, and the Machinery for their Preparation.— <CIass 
650 to 66x.) 

Prof. W. C. Kerr, Raleigh, N. C. 

L. B. Arnold, Rochester, N. Y. 

Col. J. F. Tobias, 1705 Locust Street, 

Philadelphia. Pa. 
Col. John Bradford, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Guido Marx, Toledo, Ohio. 
Ryland T. Brown, Indianapolis, Ind. 
W. S. Green, Miiford, Wis. 

Mr. Edouard Martell, France. 

Don Edward Loring, Malaga, Spain. 

Dr. Nicolau J. Moreira, Brazil. 

M. Jay me Batalha Reis, Portugal. 

Mr. Ekeda Kenzo, Japan. 

E. Oldendorff, Argentine Confederation 

Dr. E. H. Von Baumhauer, Netherlanc 

H. G. Toly, M.P., Canada. 

Julius Wegeler, Coblentz, Germany. 

G. F. Secchi de Casali. Italy. 

Prof. Thomas R. Segelche, Denmark. 

Rustem Effendi, Turkey. 


Fish and Fish Products— Apparatus of Fishing, etc.— <Classo6 640 to 648.) 


Prof. S. F. Baird, Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, Washington. 
T. B. Ferguson, Baltimore, Md. 


Joachim Anderssen, Norway. 

OBOUP 71. 

Timber, Worked Lumber, Parts of Buildings, Forestry.— <Classes 600 to 607.) 


Prof. Wm. H. Brewer, New Haven, Conn. 

J. M. Bennett, Weston, Lewis Co.,Sv.Va, 
Prof J. S. Newberry. Cleveland, Ohio, 01 
Columbia College, N. Y. 

iohn R. West, Chili, 
f . Rodrigues de Vas 
Hon. W. Skead, Canada. 

Rodrigues de Vasconcellos, Portugt 
a. W. Skead, Canada. 
Dr. Jo^6 de Saldanha, Brazil. 


Furniture, Upholstery, Wooden Ware, Baskets, etc.— (Classes 3x7, aao, aaz, ns, aa 

a86, 289, 290.) 


Addison Bovden, Boston, Mass. 
Chauncey Wiltse, Omaha, Neb. 
Robert Mitchell, Cincinnati, O. 


Le Marquis de Rochambeau, France. 
Mr. Theo. Snyers, Belgium. 
Francis Thonet, Austria. 

GBOUF vni. 

Cotton, Linen, and other Fabrics, including the Materials and the Machinery. 
(Classes 228, 229 to 234, 521, 523, 524, 665, 666.) 


Edward Atkinson, Boston, Mass. 
Hugh Waddell, jr.. Savannah, Ga. 
Col. Ed. Richardson, Jackson, Miss. 
A. D. Lockwood, Providence, R. I. 
Chas. H. WolflF, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Samuel Webber, C. E. , Manchester, N. H. 
George O. Baker, Selma, Ala. 

Mr. Isaac Watts, Great BriUin. 

Mr. W. W. Hulse C.E., Great Britoin 

Consul Gustav Geohard, Germany. 

Albert Daninos. Turkey. 

Don Alvaro de la Gandara, Spain. 

Major A. Goldv, Switzerland. 

Prof. Gustave Herrmann, Germany. 

Prof. Giuseppe Dassi, Italy. 


Wool and Silk Fabrics, including the Materials and the Machinery. Woven ai 
Felted Goods of Wool, and Mixtures of Wool.— (Classes 235 to 241, 522, and 667.) 

Silk and Silk Fabrics, and Mixtures in which Silk is the Predominating Materii 
—(Classes 942 to 249 and 520.) 


iohn L. Hayes, Cambridge, Mass. 
Ion. Elliot C. Cowdin, New York. 
CIuu. Le BoutilUer, Philadelphia. Pa. 
Cbs^. J. EUia, 714 Market St., Philadd- 

J. J}. Lang, VasssUboro', Me, 

Mr. Henry MitchelL Great Britain. 
Dr. Max Weigert, Germany. 
Mr. Chatel, France. 
Car\ XTTttbettt, ^vrtAcii. 
Mr. Hayamx Kfttvxo, 3«.v>ji. 

Mr. 3o\vTvG."titc&w,^V\VL«\KEA» 

August Bc\vm« , 'E.KJV^. 

Theodora BocYwuet, Kwaxna.. 


eaovp z. 


Clothing, Furs, India Rubber Goods, Ornaments, and Fancy Articles. (Exclusive 
of Leather Boots and Shoes.) — (Classes 250 to 357 and 288.) 
Caoutchouc and Gutta Percha Industry.— (Class 285.) 


Prof. W. H. Chandler, Ph.D., F.C.S., 

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa. 
Wm. O. Linthicum, New York City. 
Bcnj. F. Britton, New York City. 
Dr. George Hewston, San Francisco, Cal. 
Prof. E. N. Horsford, Cambridge, Mass. 


Mr. Dietz-Monnin, France. 
Mr. Modest Kittary, Russia. 
Mr. Edward Kanitz, Austria. 
Mr. M. P. Empey, Canada. 


Jewelry, Watches, Silverware, Bronzes, etc.— <Cla8s 953.) 


Martin P. Kennard, Boston, Mass. 
Peter Gottesleben, Denver, Coi. 

G. H. Heap, Tunis. 

M. Roulleaux du Gage, France. 


Lreather and Manufactures of Leather, including Boots, Shoes, Trunks, etc- 
(Classes 532 and 533.) 


Gov. F. H. Pierpont, Fairmount, Marion Co., 

W. Va. 
John Cummings, Boston, Mass. 
Thomas Miles, Philadelphia. Pa. 
J. P. Postles, Wilmington, Del. 

GBOUP xni. 

Paper Industry, Stationery, Printing, and Book Making. — (Classes 258 to 264.) 
Machines and Apparatus for Type Setting, Printing, Stamping, Embossing, and 
for making Books and Paper Working.— (Classes 525 and 540 to 547.) 


James M. Willcox, Ph.D., Glen Mills, Pa., Sir Sidney H. Waterlow, Bart., M.P., Great 

iTaa Spruce St., Phila. Briuin. 

C. O. Chapin, Springfield, Mass. G. W. Seitz, Germany. 

Wm. Faxon, Hartlbnl, Conn. 
Edward Conly, Oncinnati, Ohio. 
H. T. Brian, Government Printing Office, 



Apparatus of Heating, Lighting, Ventilation, Water Supply, and Drainage.— 

(Classes 222 to 224.) 


C. C. Cox, M.D., LL.D., Washington, D. C. 

C. C. Cox, M.D., LL.D., Washington, D 
Azel Ames, jr., M.D., Wakefield, Mass. 


Builders* Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, etc.— {Classes a8o to 284.) 


Charles Staples, Portland, Me. 
Daniel Steinmetz, Philadelphia. 
George L. Reed, Clearfield, Pa. 
Gen John D. Imboden, Richmond, Va. 

Hon. J. Bain, Lord Provost of Glasgow, Great 

Mr. D. McHardy, Great Britain. 
Mr. Diefenbach, Germany. 


Military and Sporting Arms, Weapons, Apparatus of Hunting, Explosives, etc.^ 
(Classes 204, 205, and 265 to 270.) 


Major "Wm. H. '^o\>\^.'8L.k.,^T«ax'fc^\s:>».. 


Col. S. C. Lyford, U.S.A. (Chairman Govern- 
ment Board, etc). 
Gea. H. L. Abbou, U.S.A., Willctu* Point, 

CcorgcA. HamUton, St. Paul, Minn. 

Capi. Comm't ot Axi\^«\^\^&Tv^4««^'e^^^ 
Capt. L. ¥ . ^aXdan^ ^ OMaa.»^xMA« 



GBOUP xvn. 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accasaories. — (Classes 392 to 996.) 



Thos, Goddard, Boston, Mass., 134 State St. 
B, F. Morse, Augusta, Me. 


Mr. Guict, France. 
Mr. DufTus, Canada. 

6S0TTF XVin. 
Railway Plant, RoUaoff Stock, and Apparatus, Road Engines.— (Classes 570 to 577.) 


Robert E. Ricker, Elizabeth, N. J. 
Gen. T. A. Morris, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Felician Slataper, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Capt. Douglas Gallon, R.E., C.B., F.R.S., 

(^reat Britain. 
Mr. Ernest Pontzen, Austria. 
Mr. £. E. A. Schaar, Belgium. 


Vessels and Articles of Transportation— <not included in other groupa).— (Classes 
287 to 544, and 590 to 597.) 


Col. F. H. Rich, R.E., Great Britain. 


Isaac Newton, New York. 

iW. Griffith, Portsmouth, N. H. 
. C. Goodspeed, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Motors, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Apparatus, etc.— {Classes 550 to 355, and 56010568.) 


C. T. Porter, Newark, N. J. 
Joseph Belknap, New York. 
James Moore, Philadelphia. 
Horatio Allen, South Orange — " Homewood/* 

Chas. E. Emery, 7 Warren Street, New York. 


Mr. W. H. Bariow, C.E., Great Britain. 

Prof. Reuleaux, C^rmany. 
Nicholas Petroff, Russia. 
Emil Brugsch, £^pt. 


Machine Tools— Wood, Metal, and Stone. — (Classes 510, 511, and 514 to 516.) 



Irving M. Scott, Union Iron Works, San Fran- Mr. John Anderson, LL.D., C.E., Great 

Cisco, Cal. " * 

George H. Blelock, Springfield, Mass. 
W. F. Durfee, Wisconsin (at 56 Broadway, 

New York). 
Prof. John A. Anderson, President Kansas 

State Agricultural College, Manhattan, Kan. 


Machines, Apparatus, and Implements used in Sewing and Making Clothing, 
Lace, Omamenwii Objects, Pins,'etc. — (Classes 530, 531, and 534 to 537.) 

Mr. John Anderson, LL.D. 


M. Le Commandant F. Perier, France. 
Mr. C. A. Angstrom, Sweden. 
Mr. Auguste Gobert (fils), Belgium. 
Mr. Felix Reifer, Austria. 


Mr. Fred. A. Paget, C.E., Great Britain. 


(George W. Gregory, Boston, Mass. 
Edward H. Knight, Patent Office, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
L. D. F. Poore, Springfield, Dakota. 

6B0UF xxin. 

Agricultural Machines, Implements of Agricultural, Horticulture, and Onnlaniiig. 

^Classes 67 > to 675, and 680 to 083.) 
Tillage and General Management. — (Classes 690 to 692, and 715, 716.) 
Garden Tools, Accessories of Gardening.— (Classes 720 to 722.) 
Garden Designing, Construction, and Management.— (Classes 710, and 731 to 733.) 


Hon. John P. Reynolds, Chicago, III. 
James S. Grinnell, Washington, D. C. 
Geo. E. Waring, jr., Newport, R. I. 
James Bruce, Corvaillas, Oregon. 


Mr. John Coleman, Great Britain. 
Dr. Jose de Saldanha, Brazil. 
Don Fermin Rosillo, Spain. 


Instruments and Apparatus of Hygiene, Medicine, Surgery, Prothesit, etc.— 
{Omsscs 373, 273, and 275 to 278.) 


f S 5?''*' ^^' ^«^ Orleans, La. 
J jP' Thompson, A.M., U.l>., Washington, 

Dr. 'W\\V\a.Tti"Ro\yv,OtTmaitrj. 



teftrtiMiitt of Precisiofi, RMearch, Bxp«riai«iit, «id Illastratioa, laclodiac T^ 
•grmphy aad If ubIc-hCUmcs 310 10 337.) 


PmT. foM^ H««ry. LL.D., SecreUnr of Sir William Thoinson,LL.D.,D.C.L.,F.R.S., 

Smitmonian Institution, Washington, I). C Ureal {Britain. 

Prof. F. A. P. Barnard, S.T.D., LL.D., Jul. Schicdmayer, Germany. 

Columbia College, N. Y. Mr. E. I>evassenr, France. 

Prof. I. £. Hiigard, Washington, D. C. P. F. Kupka. Austria. 

Piof. J. C. Wattoo, Ann Arbor, Mich. Edw. Favre Ferret, Switxeriaod. 
General Henry K. Oliver, Salem, Majs. 
Geo. F. BrUtow, New York. 


Arcliitecturs and Engineering. (Por Agricultural Enrineering, see Class 6iO*) 
<For Mine Boglneeriag, see Oroap I.) Architecture.— {CTasses 341, 342.) 
Bnfiaeeriag.— (Classes 330 to 333, and 335.) 


James B. Eads,C.E.,Souch Pass Jetty Works, 
133 Common Street, New Orleans, La. 

General wra. B. Franklin, Hartford. Conn. 

Richard M. Hunt, 40 West Thirty-fifth Street, 
New York, 

Sir John Hawkshaw, C.E., F.R.S., Great 

Mr. Lavoinne, France. 
J. M. da StlvaContinho, Brazil. 
1. G. W. Fynic, Netherlands. 
Louren^ Mahciro, M.K., Portugal. 

OBOUP xxvn. 

Plastic and Oraphic Art Sculpture.— (Classes 400 to 405.) 
Painting.— {Classes 410 to 413.) 
Bngravinr and Uthography. — (Classes 430 to 434.) 
Photogcaphy.— (Classes 430 to 432.) 

IndiKtrial and Architectural Designs, Models, and Decoratioas.-— {Classes 440 to 443^) 
(Classes 450 to 454-) 
Decoration with«Ceramic and Vitreous Materials: Mosaic and Inlaid Work. 


Frask HiU Smith, Boston, Mass. 
James L. Claghom. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Prof. S. F. Weir, New Haven, Conn. 
' Donald G. Mitchell, New Haven, Conn. 
Geo. Ward Nichols, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Prof. Henry Draper, Medical Collie, 
New York City. 


Mr. Charles West Cope, R.A., Great Bri^ 

Mr. Peter Graham, Great Britain. 

Carl Schiesinger, Germany. 

Dr. H. Vo^l, (Germany. 

Mr. Eraile T. Saintain, France. 

Fritz L. Dardel, Sweden. 

P. N. Arbo, Norway. 

Count of Donadis, Spain. 

Mr. Tantardini, Italy. 

Guglielmo de Sanctis, Italy. 

Mr. Carl Costenoble, Austria. 

Prof. V. Dahlenm, Denmark. 

J. E. van Heemskerck van Becst, Nether- 

Educational Systems, Methods, and Libraries.— {Classes 300 to 306.) 
Institutions and Organisations.— (Classes 310 to 313.) 


Hon. Andrew D. White. LL.D., Presi- 
dent of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 

D. C. Oilman, LL.D., President of St. 
Tohn's Hof^ins University, Baltimore, 

Hon. J. M. Grceory. LL.D., Pres. Illi- 
nois Industrial Union, Champaign, 111. 

Hon. J. W. Hoyt, M.D., LL.D., Madi- 
son, Wis. 


Sir Charlen Reed, Great Britain. 

Mr. Rene F'ourct, France. 

Col. John Marin. Spain. 

Prof. Dr. Otto Martin Torell, Sweden. 


.{INVTB,— The buiUlings bear the nuioben prt:iix«l Iv ifaem in ibu laUe, bcii^ tb^ 
adnpiud by the Ccmcnnui tjuide hitoV Co. (Linuu^d),] 

Buildings South of the Avenue of the 

« Republic. 

No. Part Page 

1. Main Exhibition Building, I. 23 

2. Machinery KaLI^ III. 9 

3. Madiiti* Shop, III. 1x7 

4. Ameiican iSoiicr House, III. 117 

5. Corliss Boiler House, III. 117 

6. British Boiler House, III, 1x7 
/ ^ ^bop and Leather Exhibition 

RuUdkni;, III. J05 
8. Oilicc Centeiuiio] Board of Fi- 
nance, III. X17 
^ 9. Oflice U. S. Centennial Com- 
mission, III. 1x7 
xo. Centennial National Bank, III. X17 
II. Wcimtr Machine "Works, III. 118 
X2. B^nbcldi Fountain III. 146 
X3. CathoLi c Total Abstinence Urion 

Fountain, III. X46 

14. Fuller, Warren, & Co., Heating 

Apparatus, III. xi8 

15. GiUender & Sons, Glassware 

Manufactory, III. 118 

x6« ,Camp of West Point Cadets, III. xi8 

X7. Iron Pipe, III. 118 

x&. *Lih<*rty Stove Worics, III. xi8 

19. Annex^ Saw MiU, III. 119 

■oo. Boiler House, III. 119 

ax. Railway Engine House, III. 119 

22. St. Cecilia Oigans, III. 119 

23. Automatic Railway, III. 119 

24. Monument— American Soldier, III. 119 

25. Gunpowder Pile-Driver, III. 119 

26. Jesse Star & Son, Iron Works, III. 1x9 

27. West End Railway Offices, III. 119 

28. Pneumatic Tubes f III. 119 

29. New England Granite Co.'s Ex- 

hibit, III. 120 

30. Kaitroad Crossingfti III. x2o 
3X. State of Nevada Quartz Mill, III. x2o 
33. Store House, III. 120 

33. Friction Drum, III. 120 

34. Stokes ft P^rrisb, U.S. Hoist- 

ing Machine^ III. 120 

35. Ckllaan Atoalgumating: Ma- 

chinery, III. 120 

3(5, CampbeU Priming Press, III. 120 

37. Old Locomotive and Car, III. 121 

38. Car House, III. i3x 

39. Police Station, III. 121 

40. Averiil PaintCo., III. 121 

41. Ccjitc[]nia] Catalf^gue Co., III. 121 

42. Slolie* et Pafrish Boiler House, III. 121 

43. Ehrct's Waterproof Roofing, III. 121 

44. Tombstones, III. 122 
^S- Tenu Cortn Pipe, III. 122 

4^. AfjwnJ Atmcx, J atjfi 9, III. 122 

¥7. Fireproof Ventilated Buildings, III. 122 

48 Swings, Ij, „, 

'^' Ornamental Stone WorV, HI. laa 

Buildings North of the Avenue of the 

Republic^ iLiid Wut oT Belmoat Av. 

No. Put Page 

51. United States Government 

Building, III. 73 

51^. BarthcJdi Electric Light, III. 122 

52. Unhed Status Hospi Lai, III. 73 
52^. HowcMonmnentp lit. 122 

53. United StAta Hospital Tent, III. 73 
53^' Jerusalem BalAar, . HI.. J23 

54. Uiiittd States L&twnLtory, UI. ' f) 
54^. Office PhiLadeiphiiL Timei/lUI^ . ^123 

55. PcnP5ylv9Liiiji State Build ing, III. 123 
55^. Hun^rian Wine PavilioOj lit; xs^ 

56. Ohio State BuJldLi^, III. 123 
St%. Police Stnliop, III. Z24 

57. Indiana State Build ingp .. III. .124 
5754. Sponge Fishers of Turkey, III. 124 

58. Illinois State Building, III. 124 
'585^. Ijedkltiheni Baianr, III. 124 

59. Wisconsin f^rate BmUUog, IIIi ft24 
59^. F<L>e Ham aiwj Bell, HI. k24 

60. Michigan State Jluitdm^j HI. i24 
6x. New Hampshire State BuiUo 

ing, HI; t2$ 

62. Connecticut State Building, III. t2^ 

63. Massachuset'ts State Build- ' ~ 

ing. III. 12$ 

64. Delaware State Building, III. 125 

65. Maryland State Building, HI.' 125 

66. Arkansas State Building, HL ^25 

67. Japanese Dwelling, III; 125 

68. West Viiginia State Building, lU.' 125 

69. Canadian Log House, IV. X34 

70. Missouri State Building, III. 130 
7x. British Government Building, III. X30 

72. British Government Building, III. 130 

73. British Government Building, III. 130 

74. New York State Building, III. 130 

75. Lienard's Relief Plans, Paris, 

Jtmsilcm^ I tidy etc.. III. 130 

76. Pop'cora Si^ind, , III. 131 

77. Ggar Stand, \^\, ,,31 

78. Soda Water SLind, irf. X3X 

79. Tunisian Caft ;incl Bazaar, III. 131 

80. Columhtis Miinumcnt, lit. x3X 

81. DKnking Fountains, III. 131 

82. Reit:iurant Trois Fr^es 

Provcn^uK HI.. X3X 

83. Onice N ew Yurk " Tribune," III. 131 

84. W(j x\d.\ Ti cli c t Offic e , Cook, 

Son, & Jenkins, III. xjx 

85. Loiseau's Pressed Fuel Com- 

pany, III. X32 

86. Spanish Government Build- 

ings, III. 132 

87. United States Signal Office, III. 141 
S8. Tennessee S>vaxe 'B\\\\d:\Tv^, III. 141 

89. "M.\ss\ss\pp\ ?>\axe "^vi\\^\Tv^» \\\. -v^ji 

90. GeoTfte'sYVvW^estawt^LVvX^ \\\. \i^ 

91. BVshop MVeu ^OTvumevW., \\\. \«j 


[NoTB. — Descriptions of the Buildings will be found at the indicated part and page of the 

Official Catalogue.] 

Buildings North of the Avenue of the 
Republic, and West of Belmont Av. 



Part Page 


Office of the Boston "Ad- 
vertiser" and Boston " Her- 
ald," III. X43 

Rowell's Newspaper Exhibi- 
tion Building, III. Z43 

94. California State Building, III. 14a 

95. Centennial Fire Patrol, No. z. III. 143 

96. Turkish Cafe, III. 143 

97. Office Frank Leslie's Publi- 

cations, III. 143 

98. Iowa State Building, III. 143 

99. Rhode Island Sute Building, 111. 143 
xoo. Vermont State Building, III. 143 

Bttildiiigs Bast of Betmont Avenue, and 
South of Fountain Avenue. 

lox. Art Gallery, 

xoa. Art Gallery Annex, 

Z03. B'nai B'rith Monument of Re- 
ligious Liberty, 

Z04. Photographic Art Building, 

Z05. Vienna Bakery and Coffee 

X06. Principal Annex to Main Ex- 
hibition Building, 

107. Sv^edish Government Building, 

X08. Japanese Bazaar, 

X09. The Judges' Hall, 

zxq« Centennial Photographic Co., 

zxx. Sheet-metal Pavilion, 

XI3. German Government Building, 

X13. Railroad Ticket Office, 

X14. Office United Sutes Centen- 
nial Commission, 




III. 143 



XX5. Brazilian Government Build'g, III. 
xx6. The Dairy, III. 
X17. Restaurant " La Fayette," III. 
1x8. House of Public Comfort, III. 
Z19. Empire Transportation Co., III. 
xao. French Government Building, III. 
Z3X. Centennial Fire Patrol, No. a. III. 
xaa. Penn'a Educational Building, III 
Z33. Telegraph Office, III. 
134. American Fusee Company, III. 
X35. Klautscheck, Thomas, & Stew- 
art's Glass Magazine, III. 
X36. Moorish ViUa, III. 
X37. American Bible Society, III. 
za8. Hunter's Camp, III. 
139. Office Water Department, HI. 
X30. Soda Water Stands, HI. 




No. Part Page 

131. Cigar Stands, III. 148 

132. Singer's Sewing Machines, III, 

133. Centennial Medical Departm't, III. 
X34. Portugal Government Building, III, 

135. Bankers' Building, III. 

136. French Glass Exhibit, III. 

137. Kindergarten, III. 

138. Centennial Police Station, III. 
X39. Philadelphia City Building, III. 
X40. Music Pavilion, III. 
X41. Burial Caskets, III. 
X43. Perforated Metal Building, III. 
X43. Rubber Roofing, III. 
X44. Cuban Acclimation Office, III. 
X45. Naval Group, III. 
X46. The Dying Lioness, III. 


Buildings East of Belmont Avenue, and 
North of Fountain Avenue. 

X5Z. Horticultural Hall, 

153. Agricultural Hall, 

X53. The Women's Pavilion, 

154. The Women's School House, 

155. New Jersey State Building, 
X56. Restaurant of the South, 

157. Kansas and Colorado State 


158. New England Farmer's Home 

xoo years ago, and Modern 

159. Great American Restaurant, 
x6o. German Restaurant, 

x6z. Tea and Coffee Press, 
x63. Butter and Cheese Factory, 
X63. Soda Water Stand, 

164. Cigar Stand, 

165. Farm Wagon Building, 
x66. Pomological Building, 
X67. Brewers' Building, 
x68. Model House Apiary, 
169. Guano Company, 

X70. Special Flower Exhibit Build- 
X71. Wind Mills, 
X73. Office " Ohio Farmer," 
173. Hay Press, 
X74. Police Station, 
175. Elevated Railroad, ' 
Z76. Boiler House, 
X77. Virginia State Building, 
X78. Protective Fire Apparatus, 
X79. Pop-corn Stands, 
x8o. J. L. Mott Co. Fountain, 



III. X50 
















































- • ■ • ■ • ■ - - ■ ■ . .f 

Siic, 1880 by 464 feet -^- ' ' 

Engineirsand ArjchitectSi Hbkry Pettit & Jos. M. WOSOM. s 

■■'''' ^ ' Contf^actor, R^ J ^DOBBISS, 

Wrtmght and Cast If'on Afafiufactur^dfyy/u. SELLERS ft CO., Moor Iron H^orhr. 
Wrought Irpt^J^rnishtd by K.kl^.J^OWLB'lS.PefUoyd Rolling' Aiills. ^ 

•'' '- Cast Aron Fumisked -by 'MOREIS, TasKER, Sl Co., Pascal I^on WorJU, 
Erector of Iron lVovM,V^AXsaiH MANUFACTURING Co. 

The Miain Exhibition Building, containing Departments I, It, lit of thie Exhibition, 
is in the form of a parallelogram, extending east and west x88o fei^t..ili .lepgth«.apd 
north and south 464 feet in widtii. * ^ ,. . 
.'Tlie larger portion of th8 structure is on<; ^tory in height,' and shows' tHe main cor- 
nice upon the outside at 4^'feet above the ground, the interior height' being 70 feet. 
At the centre of the longer sides are projections 416 feet in length, and in the. centre 
of* thie shorter sides* or ends ^of the building are projections 316 feet, in length. . J[n 
these projections, in the centre of the four sides, are' 16cated the ikiain entrances, 
which lu:^ pravided'with arcsldes upon the ground floor, and central facad^^ extend- 
ing' to the height oC 90 iiiet '- ' / 

The; East Entrance , forms, the pHncipal approach - for carriages, visitors being 
allowed to alight at the doors bf the building uhdeir covet olf the arcade. ' drhe Sotith 
EUitrance is the . principal approach fpom strefei car?, ' the tiblcet dfildes being 
located upon the line of EhA Avenue, with covered ways provided for <gliCfance -Into' 
the buildinp^ itseli The Main Portal on the north side, communicates , with 'the 
Art> Gallery^ and Uie .M^ii^^Portal on the west side gives the main passage'^/^to 
tbeiM^c^iin^ry ^d AgrictUiural Halls.\ • •' of ' ' H 

Upon the comets of- (he buUding there are fot^ towers,. 75 fe^ in height,- and be- 
tw^n jt^e towers and the central projections or entrances there is acijawjecippf Intrc^-*. 
du9^^ showing a cornice at 24 feet above the ground. In order to obtain a(:centml 
feature for the building as a whole, the roof over the central part, for 184 feet square, 
has been raised above'the surrounding portion, and four towers, 48 feet square, ^rising 
to I90 feet in height, 'have been introduced at the corners of the elevated ^roQ^..; ( 

The areas covered are as follows : 

■ :.,- 1 . '• 


: -•Gronod floor, 872,320, V 20.02 

'.> Upper floors in projections, . "iT^^W . ^^ \ v 

ii . •* ** in towers, , .............. 2^,^^^ " , -^ s 



The general arrangement of the ground plan shows a central avenue or nave zao 
feet in width, and extending 1833 feet in length. This is the longest avenue of that 
width ever introduced into an exhibition building. On either side of this nave there 
is an avenue 100 feet by 1833 feet in length. Between the nave and side avenues 
are aisles 48 feet wide, and on the outer sides of the buildipg smaller aisles 34 feet in 
widths It drder t<^ breaM 4ie ]gpEk^ 'leiigih of the rt>5if lines, thre^ cjross.ivepueft.or 
tfansepU have been introduced of the same widths and in the same relative positions 
to each other as the nave and avenues running lengthwise, viz. : a central transept 
ISO feet in width by 416 feet in lei^gth. With one on either side of 100 feet by 416 
feet, and aisles between of 48 feet. The intersections of these avenues and transepts 
in the central portion of the building result- in dividing the ground floor into nine 
open spaces, free from supporting columns, and covering in the aggregate an area of 
416 feet sq^iore; Four of these l^pacek are 100 feet square, foiir ioo feet by 120 feet, 
and the central space or pavilion 120 feet square. The intersections of the 48 feet 
aisles produce four interior courts 48 feet square, one at each comer of the central 
^f^ce.. The main promenades through the nave and central transept'are each jo 
feet in width, and those through the centre of the side avenues and transepts 15 feet 
each. All other walks are' 10 feet wide; and lesLd at either end to exit doors! 

The following table gives the prindpal dimensions of the different parts of the 


Measurements taken from centre to centre of supporting columns. 

Length of building, 1880 feet 

Width of building, V 46^ •• 


Length 1838 

Width . . I30 

Height to top of supporting 

columns, 45 

Height to ridge of roof, . . 70 

Central Transept. 

Length, 416 

Width, zao 

Height to top of columns, . 45 

Height to ridge of roof, . • 70 

Side Avenues. 

Length X833 

Width. . i^ 

Height to top of columns, . 45 

'Height to ridge of roof, . . 65 

Side Transepts. 

Length 416 

Width. ^ 100 

Height to top of columns, . 45 

Height to ridge of roof, . . 65 


Central Aisles. 

Length at east end, ..... 744 hel. 
*' at west end, ...... 67a " 

Width, ......... 48 '• 

Height to roof, 30 *• 

Side Aisles. 

Length at east end, . . . 744 '* 
•• at west end, ... 67ft •• 

Width 84 " 

Height to roof, ..... 94 " 
Centre Space or Pavilion. 

Ground plan 190 ft. sq. 

Height to top of supportmg 
columns, ....... 72 •« 

Height to ridge of roof, . . 96 " 

Towers over Courts. 

Ground plan 48 " 

Height to roof, 130 " 

Corner Towers. 

Ground plan, 24 " . 

Height to roof, 75 '* 

The foundations consist of piers of masonry. The superstructure is composed 

of wrought iron columns, which support wrought iron roof trusses. These coltunns 

are composed of rolled channel bars, with plates riveted to the flanges. Lengthwise 

of the building the columns are spaced at the umioim d\s\aivQ« «.v^i\. <il a\^ei&l« In 

the entire structure there are 672 columns, the shonest\ie.\Tvg a'^fce.V accv.^^<^Vs«i!sad. 

'^Sfeet in lengthy Tbdr aggregate weight is 2,200,000 ^o^^^* '^^^ "^^^"^ ^ 


are sunSar In form to those in general use for depots and warehouses, and consist 
<»f straight rafters with stmts and tie-bars. The aggregate weight of iron in the roof 
trasses and girders is 5,000,000 pounds. TThis building being a temporary construc- 
tion, the columns and trusses are so designed that they may be easily taken down 
and erected again at anotiier site. 

The sides of the building, for the height of seven feet from the giroun^. are finjished 
with brickwork in panels between the columns ; above the seven fee^ with glazed 
sash. Portions of the sash, are movable for ventilation. The roof covering is of tin 
upon sheathing bodrds. The ground flooring is of plank upon sills resting upon the 
ground, with no open space underneath. 

The building stands nearly due east a^4 west, and is lighted almqpt entirely by 
side light from ^ north and south sides. Louvre ventilators ar^ introduced 
over the central nare and each of the avenues. Skylights are introdiiced over the 
central aisles. 

Small balconies, or galleries of observation, have been provided in the four central 
towers of the buildmg at th€ heights of the different stories. 

A complete system of water supply, with ample provision of fire cocks, etc., is 
provided for protection against fire, and for sanitary purposes. 

Offices for foreign commissions are placed along the sides of the building, in the 
side aisles, in proximity to the products exhibited. ' : 

The ground was graded ^d foundation laid for this building in tti^ autumn of 
Z874. Tlie erection of iron work at the site commenced on May 8 th, 1975 i ^^ erec- 
tion of the iron work was finished December ad, 1875 ; and the building was accepted 
from the contractor February 14th, 1876. The cost of the building was ^1,580,000. 


The location of obj^ts in the Main Building is shown by a letter and figure, indi- 
cating the nearest column of the building. The letters — ^A, B, C, to U — designate 
the successive ranges of columns, proceeding southward from the northern Wall across 
the width of the building ; the figures, the number of the column in each range, count- 
ing eastwardly from the western wall, the entire length of the building, from i to 79. 
Thus C 5 is the column in the third range from the north, and the fifth from the west- 
em end of the building. The southeastemmost column is U 79. 

The class of the classification to which each exhibit belongs is indicated by the 
small figures at the end of the line. 


Scale, 3boJi.U 


A Mineral Annex. 
B Ladies' Roam. 
C Gentlemen's Roam. 
D Water'€iosets. 
E OJflces. 
F Restaurants. 
6 Stoirwo]/ to Galleries. 
H Qfniaffe Annex, 



J. United States. 

2. Germahy. 

S. Austria and Jiungarii. 

4. Russia. 

5. S^in and Philippine Jslanda. - 
if. TuTftey. 

7. Effffpt. 

8. Denmark. 

9. Sweden. 
10. Portugal. 
Jl. TUnis. 

12. Hawaii, 

13. Japan. 

14. China. 

15. ChUi. 

16. Argentine RepMie. 
77. Italy. 

18. Norway. 

19. Sweden. 

20. Australasia and tflJier British 


21. Canada. 

22. Great Britain and India. 

23. France and Colonies. 

24. Switzerland. 

25. Belgium. 

26. Brazil. 

27. Netherlands. 

28. Mexico. 

29. Peru. 

30. Orange Free State. 

Toial Length, 1880 ft. Width, 464 A- BeloM,70n. 


Department L-Mining Xnd MetalliIrgy. 


Class zoo. — Minerals^ ores. etc. Metallic and non-metallic n>inerals, .exclusive of 
. cocJ and oil,- Collections of minerals systems^tiqally arranged ; coUec- 
t|ops of .01^ and associated minetaU; geological collections. 
Class ioz. — Mineral combustibles. Coal, anthnlcite, lemi-bitumitfous, and bitu- 
minous, coal-waste and pressed toaX;: albertite, asfrfiail; and asphaltic 
*: ' '' * timestbtte; bitumen, mineral tai*, crude petroleum. 
Class z<».— Buiiding^ stones, mai4>fes, slatiis, etc. Rough, hewn, saWn,' or polished, 
for buildings, bridges, walls, or other constructions, Ynr for interior de- 
coration, or for furniture. .'-'.::"./ ; , .:^-'-:2u-. :'..') 
Marble — ^white, black, or colored — ^used in building, decoration, 
statuary, monuments, or furniture, in blocks or slabs not manufactured. 
Class Z03. — Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied 
by specimens of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, 
concrete, beton. 

Specimens of lime mortar and mixtures, with illustrations of the 
processes of mixing, etc. Hydraulic and other cement. 

Beton mixtures and results, with illustrations of the processes. 
Artificial stone for building purposes, building blocks, cornices, etc. 
Artificial stone mixtures, for pavements, walls, or ceilings. 
Plasters, mastics, etc. 
Class ZQ4. — Clays, kaolin, silex, and other materials for the manufacture of porce- 
lain Cadence, and of glass, bricks, terra cotta and tiles, and fire brick. 
Refiractory stones for linmg furnaces, sandstone, steatite, etc., and re- 
fractory furnace materisds. 
Class zos. — Graphite, crude and refined; for polishing purposes; for lubricating, 

electrotyping, photography, pencils, etc. 
Class zo6. — Lithographic stones, hones, whetstones, grindstones, grinding and pol- 
ishing materials, sand quartz, garnet, crude topaz, diamond, corundum, 
emery in the rock and pulverized, and in assorted sizes and grades. 
Class Z07. — Mineral waters, artesian well water, natural brines, saline and alkaline 
efilorescences and solutions. Mineral fertilizing substances, gypsum, 
phosphate of lime, marls, shells, coprolites, etc., not manufactured. 


Class zzo. — Precious inefals. 

Class tix.—tron and steel in the pig, lngot» and bat, ^\aV^% axi^ ^'t^\&,^\^^V^'2t- 
t of slaga, Auxu, rcsidueft, waA ptoducU <dl H<Qn£SB\Tii&. 


Class 112. — Copper in ingots, bars, and rolled, with specimens illustrating its various 
stages of production. 

Class 113. — Lead, zinc, antimony, and other metals, the result of extractive pro- 

Class 114. — Alloys .U0s4 W jb^te|ri£^^braisi, n|c(d, silver, solder ,Jbtc. 


Class lao. — Surface and underground surveying and plotting. Projection of under- 
. ground^ work^ location of shafts, tunnels, ^tc. Surveys for aqueducts 
■'♦ ^d> ibr dtainifi^. ■'>. .1 i.-..' .•."•. 

Boring and drilling rocks, shafts, and tunnels, etc. Surveys for 
aqueducts, and for ascertaimng the nature and extent of mineral de- 

Construction. Sinking and lining shafts by various methods, driving 
and timbering tunnels, and the general operations of opening, stoping, 
iemd breaking down ore, timbering, lagging, and masonry. 
Hoisting and delivering at the surface, rock, ore, or miners. 
Pumping and draining by engines, buckets, or by adits. 
Ventilation and lighting. 
Subaqueous mining, blasting, etc. 

Hydraulic mining, and the various processes and methods of sluic- 
ing and washing auriferous gravel and other superficial d^>ositi. 
Class 121. — Models of mines, of veins, etc. 


Department IL-Manufactures. 


Class aoa — Chemicals, pharmaceutical preparations. 

Mineral acids, and the methods of manufacture. Sulphuric, nitrie, 
and hydrochloric acids. 

The common commercial alkalies, potash, soda, and ammonia, witb 
their carbonates. 

Salt and its production. Salt from deposits — ^native salt. Salt by 
solar evaporaktion from sea water. Salt by evaporation from water of 
saline springs or wells. Rock salt. Ground and table salt. 

Bleaching powders and chloride of lime. 

Yeast powders, baking powders. 
Class aox. — Oils, soaps, candles, illuminating and other gases. 

Oils from mineral, animal, and vegetable sources. Refined petro- 
leum, benzine, naphtha, and other products of the manu£aicture. Oih 
from various seeds, refined, and of various degrees of purity, Olive 
oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil. Animal oils, of various kinds, in their 
refined state. Oils prepared for special purposes besides lighting and 
for food. Lubricating oils. 

Soaps and detergent preparations. 

Candles, stearine, glycerine, paraffine, etc., spermaceti. 

Illuminating gas and its manufacture. 

Oxygen gas, and its application for heating, lighting, metallurgy, and 
as a remedial agent. 

Chlorine and carbonic acid. 
Class soa, — Paints, pigments, dyes, colors, turpentine, varnishes, printing inks, 

writing inks, blacking. 
Class 203. — Flavoring extracts, essences, perfumery, pomades, cosmetics. . 
Class 304. — Explosive and fulminating compounds ; in small quantities only, and 
under special regulations, shown in the building only by empty cases 
and cartridges. Black powder of various grades and sizes. Nitro- 
glycerine and the methods of using and exploding. Giant powder^ 
dynamite, dualin, tri-nitroglycerine. 
Class 305. — Pyrotechnics, for display, signaling, missiles. 


Class 906. — Bricks, drain-tiles, terra cotta. and architectural pottery. 
Class ao/. — Fire clay goods, crucibles, pots, furnaces. Chemical itotieMWW,. 
CXASS^aoS.— Tiies, plsdn, enameled, encaustic; geotaeVna Xi^e* wA mo.'^aJkRS.. '^'^. 
£or pavements and for roofing, etc 
Class ao^^PorceUdn for purpose* of constnictiou. 11mA'w«» N^xasi&BJ^N ^n.<^ 


CXass 2IO. — Stone china, for chemists, druggists, etc., earthenware, stoneware, 

faience, etc. 
Class 211. — Majolica and Palissy ware. 
Class 212. — Biscuit-ware, parian, etc. 
Class 213. — Porcelain for-toblejmd toilet use, and for deooration^ 


Class 214. — Glass used in construction and for mirrors. Window glass of varioiis 
grades of quality and of size. Plate glass, rough, and ground or pol- 
ished. Toughened gla^ , . 

Class 215. — Ghemkal and pharmaceutical glassware, vials, bottles^ - > 

Class 216. — Decorative glassware. 


Class 217. — Heavy furniture.— Chairs, tables, parlor and, cha^mber suits, office an^ 

, library furniture, vestibule furniture. Church furniture and decoration. 

Class 218. — ^Table furniture. — Glass, china, silver, silver-plate, tea and coffee sets, 

. . umSj samovars, epergnes. 

Class 219. — Mirrors, stained and enameled glass, cut and engraved window-glass, 

and other decorative objects. 
Class 220^— Gilt cornices, brackets, picture frames, etc. 

Class 22i.^tTie nursery and its accessories ; children's chairs, walking chairs. 
Class 222.-^Apparatus and fixtures for heating and cooking,— stbves, ranges, 

heaters, etc. 
Class 223. — ^Apparatus for lighting^,— gas fixtures, lamps, etc. 
Class 224.-r-Kitchen' and pantry, — utensils, tinware, and apparatus used In cook- 

ing (exclusive of cutlery). 
Class 225. — Laundry appliances, washing machines, mangles, clothes-wringers, 

clothes-bars, ironing-tables. 
Class 226.-rBath-room and water closet, shower bath, earth closet. 
Class 227. — Manufactured parts of buildings,— sash, blinds, mantels, metal work, etc. 


Class 228. — ^Woven fabricis of mineral origin. — ^Wire cloths, sieve cloth, wire screens, 
, bolting cjoth. . 

Asbestos fibre, spun and woven, with the clothing manufactured 
from it. 

Gla^ thread, floss, and fabrics. 
Class 229. — Coarse fibres, of grass, rattan, cocoanut, and bark. - ' 

Matting, Chinese, Jap;jnese, palm-leaf, grass, and rushes. 

Floor cloths of rattan and cocoanut fibres, aloe fibre, etc 
Class 230, — Cotton yarns and fabrics, bleached and unbleatned. 

Cotton sheeting and shirting, plain and twilled. 

Cotton canvas and duck. Awnings, tents. 
Class 231. — Dyed cotton fabrics, exclusive of prints and calicoes. 
Class 232. — Cotton prints and calicoes., including handkerchiefs, scarfs, etc. 
Class 233. — Linen and other vegetable fabrics, uncolored or dyed. 
Class 234. — Floor oil cloths, and other painted and enameled, tissues, and imitation 
of leather, with a woven base. 


CtAss itjs. — Card wool /abrics. — ^Yams, broadclolYi, doesVms, laxvc>j casssvtOAsttaL 
, Felted goods. 
Class ajS.-^FUnnels.—Plsdii flannels, domets, opeta and laxvc^. 


Class aa3Jc<rpteBfccts,To|3ei,'and-shawls* ■ •^ '■ '^ 

Class 338. — Combined wool febrics.-^Worsteds, yams, dress goods for women's 
^r ,-• .• wejar^ delaines; serges, poplins^ merinpes. . ' ' 

Class 239. — Carpets, rugs, etc. — Brussels, melton, tapestry, tapestry Brussels, Axmin- 
. .r ster, Ve<ietian» ingrain, felted carpetings, druggets, rugs, etc. - • < 
Class 340. — Hair, alpaca, goat's hair, camel's hair, and other fabrics, mixed or un- 
mixed with wool. 
9LASS-.a4Z.rT-Prime4 ia^ eniboased woolen cloths, table covers, patent velvets.' * 


Class 343. — Cocoons and raw silk as reeled from the cocoon 1 thrown or twisted 
V: ; ■ *'-r .alksin th^gum. • '. v . .: 

Class 343. — ^Thrown or twisted' silks, boiled off or dyed, in hanks, skeins, or on 
; ' •■ -. 'spk>ols<- ' • ■ ■ :•;- '•■■ ■ * 

Class 344. — Spun silk yams and fabrics, and the materials from wfiich they are 

Class 345:-^P!aiii woven silks, lutestrings, sarsnets, satins, seiges, foulards, tisstffes 

for hat and millinery purposes, etc. 
Class 346. — Figured silk piece goods, woven or printed. Upholstery silks, etc. 
Class ^7«-^-Crapes, -veftets, gauzes, cravats, handkerchiefs, hosiery, knit goods, 
laces, scarfs, ties, veils, all descriptions of cut and made u^ silks. ^ ^ . . 
Class 348. — Ribbons, plain, fancy, and velvet. 

CLASS a49.-^BiAdings, bmids, cords, galloons, ladies* dness trimmihgs^l uphblsterd^', ' 
tailors', military, and miscellaneous trimmfings. 

Olskaa 95b.^— Ready-made clothing, kiiit goods and hosiery, military clotlung, chttfclr 
•■>,;.■ vestments, costumes, waterproof^ clothing, £Lnd clothing for special 

objects. ■ 

Class :3Siv^Hats, caps, boots and shoes, gloves, mittens, etc., straw anci p^m l^af ' 

hats, bonnets, and millinery. . . 

Qlass 353.^— iLaceis, embroiideries, and irimmings for clothing, fdmiture, and caniajg:(Ss. ^ 
Class 353. — ^Jewelry and ornaments wom upon the person. 
Class 354. — ^Artificial flowers, coiffures, buttons,' trimmings, pins, hodks Arid eyes, 

fans, umbrellas,' sunshades; walking-cahes, pipes, aAd smdll objedtt^of^ 
' ' . dreds or adornment, exclusive of jewelry. Toys and fancy articles. 
Class 355.^^ancy leather work, pocketbooks, toilet' cases, traveling equipments, 

valises, and Ininks. • 
Class 356.-7-Furs. r --;- 

Class ss7.-^ttistoricai collections of costumes, national costumes. . s^^ . - -- r;jA » ) 


Class 358.— Stationery for the desk, stationers' articles, Ipens, pencils, inkstands^ an^^J 
other apparatus of writing and drawing. . '. , . ,^, ,\j , 

Class 359. — ^Writing paper and envelopes, blaiik-bpok paper, bond papeji tr^>P^ 
paper, tracing linen, tissue paper,' etc., etc. , /'» 

Class 360.— -Printing paper for books, newspapers, etc. "' ' 

Wrapping paper of all grad^, cartridge and'tn^illa paper, paper 

Class 361. — Blank books ; sets of account books, specimens of ruling and binding,' > 
including blanks, bill heads, etc., book binding. :, J 

CLASS 363. — Cards; playing cards, cardboard^ binders' board, pasteboard, paper or 

.. cardboard -boxes. . ; ' i ''■" -' 

OLasS" 3(^3.— Building paper, pasteboard for walls, catve Woxt \At far ^^x-^\\r!^^^ 

ornaments, etc. ~ ' ' 

CXA3S,:^4,-rWaH papers, enamelled mid wV>wdL v«3&M, 'xa!i>»9&fst^ ^^ \«JCteteft» 




Class 365. — Military small-arms, muskets, pistols, and magarine guns, with thdf 

Class 366.— Light artillery, compound guns, machine guns, mitrailleuses, etc. 
Class 367. — Heavy ordnance and its accessories. 
Class 368. — Knives, swords, spears, and dirks. 
Class. 369. — Firearms used for sporting and hunting, also other implements for the 

same purpose. 
Class 370. — ^Traps for game, birds, vermin, etc. 


Class 373. — Medicines; officinal (in any authoritative pharmaooposia), articles of 

the materia medica, preparations, unofficinal. 
Class 373. — Dietetic preparations, as beef extract and other articles intended 

especially for the sick. 
Class 374. — Pharmaceutical apparatus. 
Class 375. — Instruments for physical diagnosis, clinical thermometers, stethoscopes, 

ophthalmoscopes, etc. (except clinical microscopes, etc., for which see 

Class 334). 
Clai^ 376. — Surgical instruments and appliances, with dressings, apparatus for 

deformities, prothesis, obstetrical instruments. 
Class 377. — Dental instruments and appliances. 
Class 378. — Vehicles and s^pliances for the transportation of the sick and wounded, 

during peace and war, on shore or at sea. 


Class 380. — Hand tools and instruments used by carpenters, joiners, and fyr wood * 

ind stone in general. Miscellaneous hand tools used in industries, 

such as jewellers', engravers'. 
Class 38i.-*Cutlery, knives, penknives, scissors, raeors, razor straps, skates, and 

implements sold by cutlers. 
Class 383. — Emery and sand paper, polishing powders, polishing and bumishhig 

Class 383. — Metal hollow ware, ornamental castings. 
(JLASS 384. — Hardware used in construction, exclusive of tools and implements. 

Spikes, nails, screws, tacks, bolts, locks, latches, hinges, pulleys. 

Plumbers' and gas fitters' hardware, furniture fittiAgs, shi^' hardware, 

saddlers' hardware, and harness fittings and trimmings. 

Class 385. — India rubber goods and manufactures. 
Class 386.— Brushes. 
Class 387. — Ropes, cordage. 
Class 388. — Flags, insignia, emblems. 

Class* 389. — Wooden and basket ware, papier mache. > 

Class 390. — Undertakers' furnishing goods, etc. 
Class 391. — Galvanized iron work. 

(For farm vehicles and railway carriages, see Departments of Agricuhure and Machinery.) 
Class 392. — Pleasure carriages. 
Class 393. — Traveling carriages, coaches, stages, omnibuses, hearses, Bath chairs, 

velocipedes, baby coaches. 
Class 394. — Vehicles for movement of goods and heavy objects, carts, wagons, 
Class ags.— Sleighs, sledges, sitds, tic. 

Cx^Ass a^^'-'Carriage and hone furniture, hatne%* Mid la^ddXerj ,>)Vv>^%, v^>aEx%^\)ATiK.* 
blanlcets, carriage robes, tugi, e\o. 


Department IIL-Education and Science. 


Class 30a— Elementary instruction. Infant schools and kindergartens, arrange- 
ments, furniture, appliances, and modes of training. 

Public schools, graded schools, buildings and grounds, equipments, 
courses of study, methods of instruction, text-books, apparatus, includ- 
ing maps, charts, globes, etc.; pupils' work, including drawing and 
penmanship; provisions for physical training. 
Class 301. — Higher education. Academies and high schools. 

Colleges and universities. Buildings and grounds ; libraries, museums 
of zoology, botany, mineralogy, art, and archeology; apparatus for 
illustration and research, mathematical, physical, chemical, and astro- 
nomical courses of study; text-books, catalogues, libraries, and gym- 
Class 30a. — Professional schools, theology, law, medicine, and surgery, dentistry, 
pharmacy, mining, engineering, agriculture, and mechanical arts, art 
and design, military schools, naval schools, normal schools, commercial 
schools, music. 

Buildings, text-books, libraries, apparatus, methods, and other 
accessories for professional schools. 
Class 303. — ^.tastitutions for instruction of the blind, deaf, and dumb, and the feeble- 
Class 304. — Education reports and statistics* 
National bureau of education. 
State, city, and town systems. 
College, university, and professional systems. 
Class 305.— Libraries, history, reports, statistics, and catalogues. 
Class 906. — School and text-books, dictionaries, encyclopsedias, gazetteers, directo- 
ries, index volumes, bibliographies, catalogues, almanacs, special treatises, 
general and miscellaneous literature, newspapers, technical and special 
newspapers and journals, illustrated papers, periodical literature, 

Class 310. — Institutions foutided for the increase and diffusion of knowledge. 
Such as the Smithsonian Institution, the Royal Institution, the Institute 
of France, British Association for the Advancement of Science, and the 
American Association, etc., their organization, history, and results. 
Class 311. — Learned and scientific associations. Geological and mineralogical 
societies, etc. Engineering, technKcaiX, Mi^ -^ttiteK^atNA %&va«»aiSNRK>s.. 
.Artistic, biological, zoolpjpcal, ¥ne<3ac«i WiYiOcAa, ^\xws>amv»^ ^Sosbx* 


Class 312. — Museums, collections, art galleries, exhibitions of works of art and 
industry. Agricultural fairs, state and coimty exhibitions, national 
exhibitions. International exhibitions. 
Scientific museums and art museums. 
Ethnpldgicarahd-archeolog^cal' collections. f ' \ 
Class 313. — Music'and' the drama. "^ ~ . - .. _. . .: ^ 

Class 320. — Instruments of precision, and apparatus of physical research, experi- 

roentt ^m4 illustration. _ . _ 

. > Astronomical instruments and acces^oiies, vseci in pb 
Transits, mural circles, equatorials, collimators. 
Geodetic and surveying instruments. Transits, theodolites, needle 
compasses. Instruments for surveying underground in mines, tunnels, 

and- ex-oavations4 ^ .. ... 

Nautical astronomical instruments. Sextants, quadrants, repeating 
' ' circles, dip-sectors. ..---. r... o 

Leveling instruments and apparatus. Carpenters' and builders' 
. . levels, hand levels, water levels, engineers' levels. 

Instruments for deep-sea sounding and hydrographic st^eying. 
" ' MieteorolOgicai instruments and apparatus. 

Thermometers, pyrometers. i 

. Barometers. ^' . =- * » 

Hygrometers and rain gauges. 
. Maps, bulletins. ■ ^ 

' ■ Blan^ for reports, methods of recprding, reducing, and reporting 

observations. • 

Class 321. —Indicating and registering apparatus, other than 'meteorblogical ; mc- 
." chanical calculation. ' '-'.." — '-^ 

Viameters, pedometers, perambulators. 
Gas meters. * '• 

^ . . , Water meters, current meters, ships' logs; electrical log*. 

' Tide re^sters. • 

Apparatus fpr printing consecutive numbers. "^ 

Counting machines, calculating engines, arithmometers.' ■.>'•' ' • 
Class 322. — Weights, measures, weighing and meteorological appafatiis. 

Measures of length ; graduated scales on wood, metal; ivoi^; tdpe, o^ 
ribbon ; steel tapes, chains, rods, verniers, rods, and graduated scales 
for measuring lumber, goods in packages, casks, etc., ^;augers' tools and 
methods. ' , ' 

,. . -. _ . Measures of capacity for solids and liquids. - .: -r.-' » 

Weights. Scales aljld graduated beams for weighing; •tfsjsiy'-bal* 
. ances, chemical balances. Ordinary scales for heavy wiSghts ; weigh- 
ing locomotives and trains of cars. Postal balances.* Hydrometen, 
alchometers, lactometers, etc.; gravimeters. {See Class J^i.) 
Class 323. — Chronometric apparatus. 

• Chronometers. . Astronomical clocks. Church. J^nd- metropqIitfU! 
clocks. Ordinary commercial docks. Pendulum and spring*^ clocks! 
Marine clocks. Watches. Ciepsydras, hourglasses, sun' dials. Chro- 
nographs, electrical clocks. Metronomes. ., 

Class 304. — Optical and thermotic instruments and apparatus. '* .^ 

- Mirrors, plane and spherical. , -- - 

. J^nses and prisms. 

Spectacles and eyeglasses, (i«\d ^vA o^eV^L ^\a:s^« tB^^aoMOQW^vD^ 

(XAssincATioN. 35 

^ Cameras and photographic apparatus. 



Apparatus for artificial illumination, including electric, oxyhydiogen, 
and magnesium light. 

Stereopticons. * 

Photometric apparatus. ' 

Spectroscopes and accessories for ^)ectrum analysis. 

Polariscopes, etc. 
' Thermotic apparatus. 
Class 325.*-.£iectrical apparatus. 

Friction machines. 
' Condensers and miscellaneous apparatus to illustraite the discharge. 

Galvanic batteries and accessories to illustrate dynamical electricity. 

Electro-magnetic apparatus. 

Induction machip^e^, Rumkorflf coils, etc. 

Magnets and magneto-electrical apparatus. 
Class 326. — ^Telegraphic instruments and methods. 

Batteries and forms of apparatus used in generating the electrical 
currents for telegraphic purposes. 

Conductors and insulators^ and methods of support, marine telegraph 

Apparatus of transmission j keys, office atcessories, and a^par%itu3. 

Receiving instruments, relay magnets, local circuits. 

'Semaphoric and recording instruments. 

Codes, signs, or signals.' 

Printing telegraphs for special Uses, 


Dial or cadran systems. . 

Apparatus for automatic transmission. 
Class 327.— Musical instruments d.nd acoustic apparatus. 

Percussion instruments, drums, tamborines, cymbals, triangles. 


Stringed instnmients other than pianos. 
' Automatic musical instruments, music boxes. 

Wind instruments of metal and of v/ood. ■ ^ 


Church' organs and Similar instruments. 

Speaking machines. ' 

Vocal music. • . - 

• " (For 'Agricultural Engineering, see Class 6i8o.) 
(For Mining Engineering, see Class xao.) 

Class 330. — Civil engineering. Land surveying, public lands, etc. 

^ r Rtvery harbor, and coast surveying. Construction and maintenance 
of roads, streets, pavements, etc. Surveys and location of towns and 
: ' cities, with 'systems of water supply and drainage. Arched bridges of 

metal, stone, brick, or beton. Trussed girder, bridjgesl Suspension 
.. bridges. Canals, aqueducts, reservoixs, consVoxOioTi. qH ^"aro^. Vv>i- 
: ; -. d/aii/k: engineering and means of arresXmg onA. ^o\i\xy»X«v?^^^^'3^ ^^ 
water, ■:....,■.. ^ .... 

Submarine constructions, foundations, picts, ^oOfcs,*^^* 


Class 331. — Dynamic and industrial engineering. .Construction^ and working of 
machines ; examples of planning and construction Of manufacturing 
and metallurgical establishments. 

Class 332. — Railway engineering. Location of railways, and the construction and 
management of railways. 

Class 333. — Military engineering. 

Class 334. — Naval engineering. 

Class 335. — Topc^aphical majx Marine and coast charts. 
Geological maps and sections. 

Botanical, agronomical, and other maps, showing the extent and dis- 
tribution of men, animals, and terrestrial products. Physieaijnaps. 

Meteorological maps and bulletins. Telegraphic routes and stations. 
Railway and route maps. Terrestrial and celestial > globes. Relief 
maps, and models of portions of the earth's surfiEu:e. Profiles of ocean 
beds and routes of submarine cables. 

Class 340. — Physical development and condition. 
The nursery and its accessories. 

Gymnasiums, games, andmanly sports. Skating, lyal^ing, climbing, 
ball-playing, acrobatic exercises ; rowing, hunting, etc. 
Class 341. — Alimentation. Markets ; preparation and distribution ol^food. 
Class 342.— 'The dwelling. Sanitary conditions and regulations. ' Domestic archi- 

Dwellings characterized by cheapness, combined with the conditions 
essential to health and comfort. 
Fire-proof structures. 
Hotels, club-houses, etc. 
Public baths. 
Class 343. — Commercial systems and appliances. 

Mercantile forms and methods, counting-houses and offices. 
Banks and banking. 
Saving and trust institutions. 
Insurance; fire, marine, life, etc. 

Commercial organizations, boards of trade, merchants', produce, and 
stock exchanges. 

Corporations for commercial and manufacturing purposes. 
Railway and other transportation companies. 
Building and loan associations. 
Class 344. — Money. Mints and coining. 
Collections of current coins. 
Historical collections. 
Tokens, etc. 

Bank notes and other paper circulating mediums. 
Commercial paper, bills of exchange, etc. 

Securities for payment of money, stocks, bonds, mortgages, ground 
rents, quit rents. 

Precautions against counterfeiting and misappropriation of money. 
Class 345. — Government and law. Various systems of government. 

Departments of government. Revenue and taxation, military organ- 
ization, executive powers, legislative forms and authority, judicial func- 
tions and systems, police regulations, government charities. 
International relations ; mlerua-liotvaV ^aw \ ^^Xomv^^^ ^sA ciciusular 
service, etc., allegiance and c\t\7jens\v\p \ xvaXut^XMaSassa* 


Municipal goverament 

Protection of property in inventions. 

Postal system ^d.applianoea. 

Puiy^m^tjbf crime. • } 

Prisons and prison management and discipline; police stations; 
houses of correction ; reform schools ; naval or marine discipline ; pun- 
ishment at sea. 
Class 346. — Benevolence. •• Oeneraf Hospitals. 

Special hbs^rtals fdr the eye ahd ear, fbr womfen, etc. 

Hospitals for contagious and infectious diseases. 

Hospitals for the insane — under State control, and private asylums. 
I Quarantine systems and organizations. 

Sanitary regulations of cities. 


Inebriate asylums. 

Lying-in asylums. 

Magdalen asylums. 

Asylums for infants and children. Foundling and orphan asylums, 
children*^! aid societies. 

Homes for the aged and infirm; homes for aged men and women; 
soldiers' homes; homes for the maimed and deformed; sailors' homes. 

Treatment of paupers. Almshouses, feeding the poor, lodging 

Emigrant aid societies. 

Treatment of aborigines. 

Prevention of cruelty to animals. 
Class 347. — Co-operative associations. 

Political societies and organizations. 

Military organizations and orders. 

Trade unions and associations. 

Industrial organizations. 

Secret orders and fraternities. 
Class 348. — Religious organizations and systems. Origin, nature, growth, and ex- 
tent of various religious systems and faiths. Statistical, historical, 
and other facts. 

Religious orders and societies, and their objects. 

Societies and oYganizations for the propagation of systems of religion 
by missionary effort. 

Spreading the knowledge of religious systems by publications. 

Bible societies, tract societies, colportage. 

Systems and methods of rehgious instruction and training for the 
Sunday-schools, furniture and apparatus. 
Associations for religious or moral improvement. 

Dispensing charities, church guilds. 
Class 349. — ^Art and industrial exhibitions. Agricultural fairs, state and co«nty ex- 
hibitions, national exhibitions, international exhibitions, international 
congresses, etc. 


Department IV -Art. 

Class 400. — Figures and groups in stone, metal, clay, or plaster: 
Class 401. — Bas-reliefs, in stone or metal ; electrotype copies. 
Class 402. — Medals, pressed and engraved ; electrotypes of m^dak.- 
Class 403. — Hammered and wrought work — repoussk and rekaussi'^ork, embossed 

: and ehgraved relief work. 
Class 404. — Cameos, intaglios, eng^ved stones, dies, seals, etc. .1 

Class 405. — Carvings in wood, ivory, and nietaL 


Class 410. — Paintings in oil on canvas, paneli, etc. ' . . ,• 

Class 411. — ^Water color pictures ; aquarelles, niiniatures, etc. 
Class 412. — Frescoes, cartoons for frescoes, etc. 

Class 413. — Painting with vitrifiable .colors. Pictures on porcelain, enamel, and 
metal. . -. . \ 

Class 420. — Drawings with pen, pencil, or crayons. 
Class 421. — Line engjravings from steel, copper, or stone. 
Class 422. — ^Wood engjravings. • 

Class 423. — Lithogjraphs, zincographs, etc 
Class 424.— Chromo-littiographs. ' *'* 


Class 430. — Photographs on papef, metal, glass, wood, febrics, or eftamel snrSauxs. 

Olas^ 431. — Prints from photo^reUef plates, carbon prints, etc 

Class 432. — Photo-lithographs, etc. -.; 

Class 433.'-^Photographic apparatus and supplied. 

industrial and architectural designs, models, and decorations. 
Class 440. — Industrial designs. 

Class 441. — Architectural design^; studies and fragments, represent^tibns and pro- 
jects of edifices; restorations from ruins and from documents. 
Class 442. — Decoration of interiors of buildings. . . 

Class. 443^.rT4Lr^istic. hardware and trimmings, artistic castings, forged metal worik. 
for decoration, etc. 

decoration with ceramic and vitreous materials, mosaic and 
inlaid work. 
Class 450. — Mosaic and inlaid work in stone. 
Class 4S1. — Mosaic and inlaid work in tiles, tessarae, glass, etc. 
Class 4S2. — Inlsdd work in wood and mela\. paiqxietrj » \site\«&, ^iUu 
Class 453. — Stained g-Iass. 
Cl,ass 4S4, — Miscellaneous objects of art. 


Department V— Machinery. 


Class 500. — Rock drilling. 
Class 501. — Well and shaft boring. 

Class 502. — Machines, apparatus, and implements for coal cutting. 
Class 503. — Hoisting machinery and accessories. 
Class 504.— Pumping, draining, and ventilating. 
Class 505.— Crushing, grinding, sorting, and dressing. Breakers, stamps, nkilU, 

pans, screens, sieves, Jigs, concentrators. 
Class 5o6.-^Ftiniaces, smelting apparatus, and accessories. 
Class 507. — Machinery used in Bessemer process. 
Class 508. — Chemical manufacturing machinery. Electroplating. Paint and paW' 

der mills. Blacking and soap-making machinery. 
Class 509. — Gas machinery and apparatus. '■' * 

Class Sia — Planing, sawing, veneering, grooving, mortising, tonguing, cutting, 
moulding, stamping, carving, and cask-making machines, etc., cork- 
cutting machines. 
Class 5^ii.-!-IJ>ire'ct acting steam sawing machines, with gang saws. Bark mills. 
* Class 5ia.— Rolling mills, bloom squeezers, blowing fans. Rivet, nail; bolt, and 

■ tack making machinery. 

" Class 513. — ^^uriiaccs and apparatus for casting metals, with specimens of work. 
Class" 5i4.-^£eam, \rip, and other hammers, with specimens of work, anvils, forged, 

•Class -^Sr^Pl^lning, drilling, slotting, turning, shaping, punching, stampmg, catting, 
and .coining machines* Wheel cutting and dividing machi4es, emery 
. . wheels, drills, taps„ gauges, dies. etc. Grindstones. 
Class SZ^-r-Stone-sawing and planing machines, dressing, shaping, and polishing, 
sand blasts, Tilghman's machines, glass-grinding machines, etc. ; , 
- C;lA5S^ 5X7.-r-Bjcick. potte^« and tile machines. Machines for making artificial stone. 
Class 518. — Furnaces, moulds, blowpipes, etc., for making glass and glassware. 
.Class 5Z^-^Tools, implements, etc., for working metal, wood, and stone; ■ . ; , 



Class 590. — Machines for the manufacture of silk goods. 

Class 522.— -Macfalhes for tiie manufacture of coium ^loods. 

Class s^^— Machines for .the mannfactarft of vroo\e& g,cio6i, qmc^X&« «DA>aB^«88fct* 
Class $23. — ^Machines for the maim&Qture of lineu gjost^ft* ... 


Class 524. — Machines for the manufacture of rope and twine, and miscellaaeons 

fibrous materials. 
Class 525. — Machines for the manufacture of paper and felting. 
Class 526. — Machines for the manufacture of india-rubber goods. 
Class 527. — Machines for the manufacture of mixed fabrics. 
Class 528. — Machines for the manufacture of wire cloth, ' j 


Class 530. — Machines used in the manufacture of lace, floor-cloths, fancy embroid- 

ery, hair, ribbons, etc. 
Class 531. — SeWimg.amd. knitting machines, clothes, cqr^et. hpti ^d bonnet making 

Class 532. — Machines for preparing and. working leather. 
Class 533. — Machines for making boots and shoes. 
Class 534.-:-Machines for ironing, drying, scouring, and cleaning. 
Class 535. — Machines for making clocks and watches. 
Class 536. — Machines for making jewelry. 
Class 537. — Machines for making buttons, pins, needles, etc. 
Class 538. — Pipes for smoking. 


Class 540. — Printing, srtamping, embossing, and lithographing presses. 

Class 541. — Typecasting machines, apparatus of stereotjrping. 

Class 542. — Types and typesetting machines. Type-writing machines. 

Class 543. — Printers' furniture. 

Class 544. — ^Bookbinding machines. 

Class 545. — Paper-folding machines. 

Class 546. — Paper and card cutting machines, paper box machines. 

Class 547. — Envelope machines. 


Class 550. — Boilers and all steam or gas generating apparatus for motive purposes. 

Class 551. — Water-wheels, water engines, hydraulic rams, windmills. 

Class 552. — Steam, air, or gas engines, electro-magnetic engines. 

Class 553. — ^Apparatus for the transmission of power, shafting, t)elting, cables, 

transmission of power by compressed air, etc., gearing, cables. 
Class 554. — Screw propellers, wheels for the propulsion of vessels, and other motors. 
Class 555. — Implements and apparatus used in connection with motors, steam 

gauges, manometers, etc. Anti-friction metals. 

Class 560. — Pumps and apparatus for lifting and moving liquids. 
Class 561. — Pumps and apparatus for moving and compressing' air or gas. 
Class 562. — Pumps and blowing engines, blowers and ventilating ap]>aratus. 
Class 563. — Hydraulic jacks, presses, elevators, lifts, meters, cranes. 
Class 564. — Fire engines, hand, steam, or chemical, and fire extinguishing appa* 

ratus, hose, ladders, and fire-escapes, etc. 
Class 565. — Beerengines, soda-water machines, bottling apparatus, corking madiiaes. 
Class 566, — Stop valves, cocks, pipes, etc. 
Class 567. — Diving apparatus and machinery. 
Class 568. — Ice machines. 


Class 5^9.—- JLocomotives, models, drawings, \Aans, cXfe. 
Class s?^* — Carriag^es, wagons, tnickSt cars, etp 


Class 572. — Brakes, buffers, couplings, and snow-plows. 

Class 573. — ^Wheels, tires, axles, bearings, springs, etc. 

Class 574. — Permanent ways, ties, chairs, switches, etc. 

Class 575. — Station arrangements, signals, water-cranes, turn-tables. 

Class 576. — Miscellaneous locomotive attachments. 

Class 577.— Street raflyfa^ and cars. ■ '. , 


Class 580. — Flour mills. 

Class 581. — Sugar refining machines. 

Class 58a. — CptijRfctiOn^rsf iteu^perjr. .• ; . . ■. 

Class 583. — Oil-making machinery. 

Class 584. — ^Tobacco manufacturing machines. 

Class 585. — Mills for spices, coffee, etc. 

Class 586. — Machines for preparing fancy goods. 

Class 587. — Machines for preparing malt and spirituous Kqubrs. 


Class 590. — Suspended cable railways. 

Class 591. — ^Transporting cables. 

Class 598.>— Balloons, flying machines,, etc. 

Class 593. — Pneumatic railways, pneumatic dispatch. 

Class. 594. — Poa^ apd sailing vessels. Sailing vessels used in cpmmercf ^ Sailliig 

vessels- used in war. Yachts and pleasure boat^ Rowing boats of 

all Hinds., Life boats and ss^lyage apparatus, with life lafts, beltSreto. 

S\ibinaripe armor, diving bells, etc. Ice boats. Models and drawings. 
Class 595. — Steamships, steamboats, and ail vessels propelled by stefim. . 
Class 596. — ^Vessels for caorying telegraph cables, and. railway trains, also coal 

barges, water boats, ond. dredging machines, screw and floating dpcks, 

and for other special purposes. 
Class 597. — Steam capstans, windlass, deck-windies, and steerin,g apparatus, fans.. 


Boilers, engines, cranes, pumps, etc. 


Department VI -Agriculture 

Class 600. — ^Timber and trunks of trees, entire or in transverse or truncated sec- 
tions, with specimens of barks, leaves, flowers, seed vessels, and seed. 
Masts, spars, knees, longitudinal sections of trees, railway ties; s&ip 
timber, lumber roughly sawn ; as planks, shingles, lath, and staves. 

Timber and lumber prepared in various ways to resist decay and 

combustion ; as by injection of salts of copper and nnc. ' 

CXass 60X. — Ornamental woods used in decorating and for fumiterei tB.y<neenclf 

mahogany, rosewood, ebony, walnut, maple, and madrd&a. 
Class 602. — Dyewoods, barks, and galls for coloring and tanning. 
Class 603.— Gums, resins, caoutchouc, gutta percha, vegetable waac 
Class 604. — Lichens, mosses, fungi, pulu, ferns. . . - • 

Class 605. — Seeds, nuts, etc., for food and ornamental purposes. 
Class <6o6.^Forestry.— Illustrations of the art of planting, managing, cuid protecting 

forests. Statistics. 
Class 607. — ^Fnvit trees and shrubs. 


Class 610. — Fruits of temperate and semi-tropical regions ; as apples, pears, qtdnces, 
peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, and 

Class 611. — ^Tropical fruits and nuts, oranges, bananas, plantains, lemons, pine- 
apples, pomegranates, figs, cocoanuts. 

Class 6ao. — Cereals, grasses, and forage plants. 
Class 621. — Leguminous plants and esculent vegetables. 
Class 622. — Roots and tubers. 

Class 623. — ^Tobacco, hops, tea, coffee, spices, condiments, herbs. 
Class 624. — Seeds and seed vessels. 

Class 630. — Horses, asses, mules. 
Class 631.— Homed cattle. 
Class 632.— Sheep. 

Class 633. — Goats, alpaca, llama, cameU 
Class 634.— Swine. 
Class 635- — Poultry and birds. 
Class 636. — Dogs and cats. 
Class 637.^Wild animals. 

Class 638. — Insects, useful and injurio>is. Hotie7\>cVvciea\,^C!t-'w«tta» 



Class 640. — Marine mammals. — Seals, cetaceans, etc., specimens living in aquaria, 
or stuffed, salted, preserved in alcohol, or otherwise. 

Class 641. — Fishes, living or preserved. 

Class 642. — Pickled fish, and parts of fish used for food. 

Class 643. — Crustaceans, echinoderms, beche de mer. 

Class 644. — Mollusks, oysters, clamsj etc., used for food. 

Class 645. — Shells, corals, and pearls. 

Class 646. — ^Whalebone, shagreen, fish-glue, isinglass, sounds, fish-oil. 

Class 647. — Instruments and apparatus of fishing. — Nets, baskets, hooks, and other 
apparatus used in catching fish. 

Class 648. — Fish culture. — Aquaria, hatching pools, vessels for transporting roe and 
spawn, and other apparatus used in fish breeding, culture, or preser- 

(Used as food or as materials.) 
Class 650. — Sponges, seaweed, and other growths used for food or in the arts. 
Class 651. — ^The dairy. — Milk, cream, butter, cheese. 

Class 652. — Hides, furs, and leather, tallow, oil, and lard, ivory, bone, horn, glue. 
Class 653. — Eggs, feathers, down. 
Class 654. — Honey and wax. 

Class 655. — Animal perfumes ; as musk, civet, ambergris. 
Class 656. — Preserved meats, vegetables, and fruits. Dried, or in cans or jars. 

Meat and vegetable extracts. 
Class 657. — Flour; crushed and ground cereals, decorticated grains. 
Class 658. — Starch and similar products. 
Class 659. — Sugar and syrups. 
Class 660. — Wines, alcohol, and malt liquors. 

Class 661. — Bread, biscuits, crackers, cakes, confectionery, cocoa, chocolate, etc. 
Class 662. — Vegetable oils, oil cake. 

Class 665. — Cotton on the stem, in the boll, ginned, and baled. 
Class 666. — Hemp, flax, jute, ramie, etc., in primitive forms and in all stages of 

preparation for spinning. 
Class 667. — ^Wool in the fleece, carded, and in bales. 
Class 668. — Silk in the cocoon and reeled. 
Class 669. — Hair, bristles. 


Class 670. — ^Tillage. — Manual implements, spades, hoes, rakes. Animal power 
machinery, plows, cultivators, horse-hoes, clod-crushers, rollers, har- 
rows. Steam power machinery, plows, breakers, harrows, cultivators. 

Class 671. — Planting. — Manual implements, corn-planters and hand-drills. Animal 
power machinery, grain and manure drills, com and cotton planters.. 
Steam power machinery, grain and manure drills. 

Class 672. — Harvesting. — Manual implements ; grain-cradles, sickles, reaping-hooks. 
Animal power machinery, reapers and headers. Mowers, tedders, rakes, 
hay elevators, and hay loaders. 
Potato diggers. 

Class 673. — Preparatory to marketing. — Thrashers, c\oveT-\\xiKtftT^, tattv-'2cvs^«t^, 
winnowers, hay, cotton, flax, jute, Tamie.Nvm^^oW.^LW^ v\^«t xsv*^^^"^ 
apparatus. Cleaners and smutters. Hoise poN^exs, 


Class 674.-^Applicable to farm economy. — Portable and stationary engines, chaffers, 
hay and feed cutters, slicers, pulpers, com mills, farm boilers and 
steamers, incubators, edged tools, mills, meat choppers. 

Class 675. — Dairy fittings and appliances. — Chums for hand and power, butter- 
workers, cans and pails, cheese-presses, vats, and apparatus, ice-cream 
freezers, cedar-ware. 


Class 680. — Laying out and improving farms. — Clearing (stump extractors), con- 
struction of roads, draining, irrigating, models of fences, gates, drains, 
out-falls, dams, embankments, irrigating machinery, stack building and 

Class 681. — Commercial fertilizers, phosphatic, ammoniacal, calcareous, etc. 

Class 682. — ^Transportation. — Wagons, carts, sleds, harness, yokes, traction engines, 
and apparatus for road making and excavating. 

Class 683. — Farm buildings. — Models and drawings of farm houses and tenements, 
bams, stables, hop-houses, fmit-driers, ice-houses, windmills, granaries, 
barracks, apiaries, cocooneries, aviaries, abattoirs, and dairies. 

Class 690. — Systems of planting and cultivation. 
Class 691. — Systems of draining and application of manures. 
Class 692. — Systems of breeding and stock feeding, training. 
Class 693. — ^Veterinary surgery and appliances. 


Department VII -Horticulture 

Class 700. — Ornamental trees and shrubs, evergreens. 
Class 701. — Herbaceous perennial plants. 
Class 702. — Bulbous and tuberous rooted plants. 
Class 703. — Decorative and ornamental foliage plants. 
Class 704. — ^Annuals and other soft-wooded plants, to be exhibited in successive 

periods during the season. 
Class 705. — Roses. 
Class 706. — Cactacea. 
Class 707. — Ferns, their management in the open air and in ferneries, wardian 

cases, etc. 
Class 708. — New plants, with statement of their origin. 
Class 709. — Floral designs, etc. — Cut flowers, bouquets, preserved flowers, leaves, 

seaweeds. Illustrations of plants and flowers. — Materials for floral 

designs. Bouquet materials, bouquet holders, bouquet papers, models 

of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. 

hothouses, conservatories, graperies, and their management. 
Class 710. — Hothouse and conservatory plants. 
Class 711. — Fruit trees under glass. 
Class 71a. — Orchids and parasitic plants. 
Class 713. — Forcing and propagation of plants. 
Class 714. — Aquatic plants under glass, or in aquaria, etc. 
Class 715. — Horticultural buildings, propagating houses, hotbeds, etc., and modes 

of heating them. Structures for propagating and forcing small fruits. 
Class 716. — Portable or movable orchard houses and graperies, without artificial 
heat. Frames, beds. 

garden tools, accessories of gardening. 

Class 720. — ^Toolsand implements. — Machines for the transplanting of trees, shrubs, 
etc. Portable forcing pumps, for watering plants in greenhouses and 
metjiods of watering the garden and lawn. 

Class 721. — Receptacles for plants. — Flower pots, plant-boxes, tubs, fern cases, jar- 
dinieres, etc. Window gardening. Plant and flower stands, ornate 
designs in iron, wood, and wire. 

Class 722. — 6mamental wirework, viz.: fences, gates, trellis bordering of flower 
beds, porches. Park seats, chairs, garden statuary, vases, fountains, 
etc. Designations, labels, numbers. 

garden designing, construction, and management. 
Class 730. — Laying out gardens. — Designs for the laying out of gardens, and the 
improvement of private residences. Designs for commercial gardens, 
nurseries, graperies. Designs for the parterre. Books on gardening. 
Class 731. — ^Treatment of water for ornamental purposes, cascades, fountains, 

reservoirs, lakes. 
Class 732. — Formation and after-treatment of lavms. 

Class ^33. — Garden construction, buildings, etc. — "Roc^wotV, ^oNXo^^. '^.xisi^^ 
constructions and adoraments for private gaiaLei\& «cs\^ -^AaJ^xc ^wssx^ 
Class 734-— Plating, fertilizing, and cuUivaUng. 



erson, D., ft Son .147 

rican Newspaper Union 60 

3ma " Cigar i is 

Qw Si Jonea ^ i44 

EC, Edvvirrf & John . , u »45 

?rtt J W . , 4 Suns 145 

i' Chippiiitr Norton IVeeds 146 

d, WoJ* JtCfl.. 147 

ikt Jona.^ & ilrvther.... 148 

^ySiLo 54 

iar, Adameon & Uu . > 101 

k^m "* O. N. T." Spool Cotton Facing second page of cover. 

;nl) & Cochra ne 146 

^i John, Jr^ £t Co 153 

jvtr, Dsvid K^ & Co 134 

hurst} Juba, & ^on&+ + • 153 

A^n, W. A., & Cd 47 

biiu^ Eleciiic Soap^ - ^ - 125 

It, Wil : lam, ft Son , i5t 

ith, K, D &W. A 13* 

ich ResLanraiit. r , r + , 1 12 

laid & CWampiofi 112 

ttwr, W. W 144 

tX Coribii>Hiftti Store Third page of cover. 

lOHlcr Iron Wurka^ 100 

jIs J OS, C,^ & Co loi 

dill 5 Hoi(-*^tholcl Sjieciaiities 147 

ry, A]c3t * »44 

lb!ct. Jo* «45 

per, Qteve, Jr '45 

deJl & S«it7ingcr '25 

rings' Safes '42 

«mari Rt^ther^ & Co "4 

eltine Galleries 47 

ison, J., & Co '54 

le, S. P '32 

is John T., & Bros »«» 

kllister, W. T., & Co 47 

tons* Ti'es ^25 

ntn&HcaHley "5 

:&|]uni, Cnav. ft Sloan * '3 

t«et John O,, ft Co MS 

Bro^htf rs & Cu '5o 

bvterian Banner '*4 

r/E. CBm. &Cr> M3 

tdf lit Life and TrisI Co **4 

Mutunl Life Ttiiiurance Co 47 

L^ylvRiiin R.iiFro.i<l ^ r . + 55 

bniyh Daily F-vun^n^ Chronicit * '* 

biitii;h Cummerri^l - **5 

Jiav^sn Dr , Medicines* h , ^ • • • •; ; 61 

T " Alpaca Braids Facing second page of cover. 

NpHretjaper ..,*,»** - 321 

,W. C,,ft Son »44 

hjD;ivid,aCp '44 

kinMB. A,S 320 

TiioTi» John, ft Co ^ *33 

ed Presbyterian + + *33 

MiT^HTlifflt., ft Soni V:""\ :-»33 

: PhiladelphiA Pjfi«?nper Railway Company ^fcWiitA V*%^ ^^ «s^«^« 

Stretl F}ax SpianingCo .., .•••• ^'^^ 


WA,Bmmn hm. 




2^6 Market Street^ 


498 &500 Broadway, 

Manuflictoriet in Philadelphia. trade-mark. NEW YORK. 


ptere0-pan0ptlc0n5::art0ptjcqn^. 10000 3.lidis always on hamd. 
^ KlIj^trath^c; every Sectjok of.the:Olobe:a/d AJ,l the Arts j^d; 


'-' W^Y. MCALLISTER 728 Chestnut St. Phila, Pa 


THE mr MtrrtTAi upe iirsttBAKCE oo. 

ASSETS, JAN. l8t, 1S76. 

United Stntes bonds, Phila- 
delphia and other stocks 
and loans, .... ^i.770f477 5^ 

Mortf^aKes and {^nund rents 

upon property appraised at 

$S,3^,aoo, all first hens. 
Real estate owned bv Co.. • 
l-remiuin notes and loans 8e> 

cured by collateral. 
Cash on hand and in trust 

companies, ... 
Scrip dividends held by Co.. • 
Balance in hand of agents, • 
▲11 other securities, • 

1,971.308 84 
349.«86 53 

853,6x0 23 

Z91.916 63 
zi3,u)o 00 
»7.953 48 
236.846 14 

$5,504,329 24 

SAMUEL C. HUEY, President, 

H. S. STEPHENS, Second Vice-President. 
HENRY AUSTIE. Secretary. 



Losses reported, but not 

yet due, .... ^^jg/ao 00 
Reserve at 4 per cent inter. 

est, reauired to insure 

outstanaing risks, • 4.553.118 00 
Scrip yet outstanding, 113.010 00 

Surplus to policy holders, 

4 per cent, basis. 
Surplus to policy holders, 

4^ per cent, basis, 
Total number of policies 

issued in 1875, . 
Policies in force Jan. x, 1876, 
Amount at risk. 



x.oBl3,09X 84 


538,389 j§ 00 

SAMUEL E. STOKES, Vice-President. 

1126 and WSKTi Cliestiiiit St..1PVilsA<>V|?iA».% 



Dept. L— Mining, and Metallurgy. 


Minerals, Ores. 

Xinerals, Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 Cambria Iron & Steel Co., Johns- 
town. Pa. W 66. 

« Carborate, fossil, and hematite ores from 
Johnstown, Frankstown, Marklesburg, 
Ydllow Creeic, Henrietta, and Springfield 
mines ; specular, magnetic, red hematite, 
Lake Superior, and l^ke CKamplain ores ; 
mansaniferous Iron Mountain ores. loo 

i B, C, D, and E coal'fi-om Johnstown and 
Benningtoo mines; Belgian oven and pit 
ooAce. lui 

€ Lime and ^nister from near Hollidays- 
biug, Henrietta, and Ganister mines. 103 

2 Wharton, Joseph, Camden, N. J.— 
Nickel ores. T 63. 100 

8 Sharswood, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— T 70. 100 

a Magnetic iron ore from the Moratuc Fur- 
nace mines, Danbury, N. C ; ores and 
minerals from North Carolina. 100 

i Coal from North Carolina. xoi 

c Marble from North Carolina. 102 

d Steatite, agalmatolite, etc. from North 
Carolina. 104 

4 Hatch. John, San Francisco, Cal.— 
Minerals of the Pacific states and territo- 
ries, Mexico, Central and South America, 
China, Japan, etc. T 67. icx> 

5 Barton, Chas., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Ores from "Blazing Star" silver mine, 
Colorado. T 71. 100 

6 Adams, J. Howe, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Ore from " Blue Jacket" silver mine, 
Montana district, Colorado. T 71. 100 

7 Benton, Caroline C, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Iron ores from St. Lawrence and 
Lewi.s counties, N. Y. T 67. 100 

8 Poote, A. B., M.D., 3726 Lancaster 

avenue, Philadelnhia, Pa. — Collection of 
minerals; elementary collection of miner- 
als for students illustrating principal spe- 
cies ; all grand divisions in Dana ; every 
chemical element ; every system of crys- 
talliziition ; trimorphism. 100 .specimens, 
averaging four square incnes, mostly crys- 
taliired. printed label of species, compo- 
sition, locality attached— $10.00; crys- 
tallized amazon stone, feldspar, quartz, 
Brookite, rutile rosettes, perofskite, ho- 
drotetauite (new mineral, Koenig), schor- 
lomite, samarskite, tellurides, copper, hex- 
agonal graphite, emholite, aegerite, ozar- 
kite, chlorsstrolite, wavellite, peganite, 
etc. T 71. 100 

11 W^^oming Historical ft Qeological 

Society, Wilkesbarre, Pa. — Fossils from 
the anthracite coal measures of Wyoming 
Valley, Pa. T 70. 100 

12 Cook. Isaac, St. Louis, Mo.— Lead 
ores from Washington county, Mo. T 
68. 100 

13 Port Henry Iron Ore Co., J. B. 
Brinsmade, Treasurer, 56 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y. — Magnetic iron ores, 
** Twenty-one." puddling, and furnace 
ore ; *' Fisher Bessemer ore. T 71. 100 

14 Witherbecs, Sherman, ft Co., Port 
Heniy, Essex County, N. Y.— Old bed 
puddling and furnace ore, and new bed 
Bessemer ore, T 71. 100 

15 Black Band Iron Co., Marietta, O. 
— Black band, red hematite, and other iron 
ores. V 63. 100 

16 Brown & Co., Wayne Iron & Steel 
Works, Pittsburg, Pa.— Ores. T 62. 100 

1 7 Lucy Furnace Co., Pittsburg, Pa.— 
Iron ores. T 66. 100 

18 Providence Franklin Society, Provi- 
dence, R., I. — Minerals and geological 
specimens from Rhode Island. T 70. 100 

19 Lombard, Thos. C, New York, N. 
Y. — Galena from Tudor mine, Hastings 
county, Ont. T 71. 100 

20 Hussev & Howe Mining Co., Platts- 

burg, N. Y. — Blue magnetic iron ore 
Anartite); black magnetic iron ore. T 
09. 100 

21 Alexander, John S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Collection of minerals. P 68. 100 

22 Passaic Zinc Co., Passaic, N. J.— 
Zinc ores. T 63. loo 

23 Magnetite Iron Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Bessemer ores ; mmerals from Carter 
county, Tcnn. T 69. 100 

24 Crab Orchard Iron Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Magnetic Bessemer iron ores 
from Crab Orchard, Tenn. T 69. 100 

25 Herr, Jos. C, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hematite iron ores, manganese, and baryta 
from F'rench Broad River, Cocke county, 
Tenn, T 69. ^ 100 

26 Davis. O. W., jr., Bangor, Maine.— 
Katahain ores (fimonite). T 69, 100 

26<t Fleming, F. N. & J. S., Goochland 
C. H., Va.— T 68. 
a Minerals, especially gold ores. 100 

b Mineral waters. 107 

27 Thomas Iron Co., Hokendauqua, Pa. 
— Iron ore. T 6^. vqk» 

Zinc ores axvd vcC\\\wftS& IxQ^ xva^ '^^^'t'^ 
T 6^. ^^ 

Cleveland Rolling Mill Co., Cleve 

land, Ohio. — Ores. T 60. i»_ . ^. 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end oC enuVes, see Oass\^«j.\:vo\v, v^ ai-NV 


Minerals, Ores. 

29 Virginia Mineral Bureau, Alexan- 
dria, Va. — Collection of minerals of Vir- 
ginia and West Virginia. X 62. 100 

80 Stockbridge Iron Co., New Bedford, 
Mass. — Iron ore from West Stockbridge 
and Richmond, Mass. T 70. xoo 

81 Dexter & Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Mica from North Carolina. T 72. 100 

82 Minong Mining Co., Detroit, Mich. 
— Native copper, etc. V 67. 100 

33 Shatter, R. M., Carrick Furnace, 
Franklin county, Pa. — Iron ore. T 63. 100 

84 Shelbv Iron Co., Shelby Iron Works, 
Ala. — Iron ores. T 71. 100 

85 Rockhill Iron & Coal Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— T 72 ant/ Y 56. 

a Iron ores. 100 

6 Semi-anthracite coal : coke. loi 

86 Tecumseh Iron Co., Tecumseh, Ala. 
Willard Warner, President and Manager ; 
A, E. Buck, Treasurer, Atlanta, Ga. 
— Pig iron, iron ore, charcoal, limestone. 
T 70. 100 

SGn Smith, J. C, Chicago, 111.— Miner- 
als of Jo Daviess county. V 72. 100 

87 New River Railroad, Mining, & 
Manufacturing Co. of Virginia, PhUadel- 
phia. Pa. — Iron ores and other minerals. 
T 50. 100 

87a Cosgriff, A., Tilly Foster Iron 
Mines, N. Y. — Magnetic iron ore. Y 62. 


87^ South & North Alabama Railroad, 

Montgomery, Ala. — Y 60 a/u£ T, 57. 

(( Iron ore and minerab. 100 

6 Coal and coke. loi 

88 Lrackawanna Iron & Coal Co., Scran- 
ton, Pa. — Iron ores. T63. 100 

89 Carpenter, Charles, Kelley's Island, 
Ohio. — Geological rocks. V 63. 100 

40 Lrake Superior Iron Co^ Marquette 
county, Mich. — Iron ore. T 70. 100 

41 Kentucky Geological Survey. — Col- 
lection illustrating the geolog)' and mineral 
resources of Kentucky. X 65. 100 

42 Allen, Oliver, Mumford, N. Y.— Pet- 
rified wood, leaves, ferns, etc., found on 
his premises. T 72. 100 

48 Vesuvius Furnace, Etna Iron 
Works, Ironton, Ohio. — Iron ore. T 
68. 100 

44 Etna Furnace, Etna Iron Co., Hang- 
ing Rock, Ohio. — Iron ore. T 68. 100 

45 Blanche Furnace, Etna Iron Works, 
Ironton, Ohio. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

46 Hecia Iron & Mining Co., John 
Campbell, President, Ironton, O. — Iron 
ores. T 68. , 100 

47 Monitor Furnace Co., Ironton, O. 
— Iron ores. T 68. 100 

48' Grant Furnace, W. D. Kelley & 
Sons, Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T68. 100 

49 Center Furnace, W. D. Kelley & 
Sons, Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T68. 100 

49<> Pennsylvania Geological Survey 
■by John B. Pease). — Scientific collection 
of rocks, minerals, models, and maps illus- 
trating the geology uf Pennsylvania. V 
70. ' 100 

30 Howard Furnace, Charcoal Iron Co., 
fronton, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

61 Buckhora Furnace, Charcoal Iron 
Co., Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T68. 100 

62 Olive Furnace, Campbell, McGugin, 
& Co., Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T68. 100 

63 Lawrence Furnace Co., Ironton, 
O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

68a Ward, L. B., Nilea, O.— V 61 to 63. 
a Iron ore. 100 

b Coal. loi 

64 Pine Grove Furnace, Means, Kyle, & 
Co., Hanging Rock, O. — Iron ores. T 
68. roo 

66 Ohio Furnace, Means, Kyle, & Co., 
Hanging Rock, O. — Iron ores. T68. 100 

66 Washington Furnace, Union Iron 
Co. , Portsmoiuh, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

660 Chaffin, Staples, & Co., Richmond, 
Va. — Ores. T 56. 100 

67 Scioto Furnace, L. C. Robinson & 
Co., Portsmouth, O.— Iron ores. T 68. 


68 Bloom Furnace, John Paul & Co., 
Portsmouth, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

69 Clinton Furnace, >V. I. Bell, Wheel- 
ersburg, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

69a Selma & Alabama Railroad, Mont- 

fomery, Ala. — Y 60. 
ron ore. loo 

6 Section of coal-beds. loi 

60 Buckeye Furnace Co., Jackson, 
O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

61 Cambria Furnace, D. Lewis & Co., 
Samsonville, O. — Iron ores. T 68. too 

62 lackson Furnace, L. P. N. Smith's 
Heirs, Sciotoville, O. — Iron ores. T 
68. 100 

62a Wallis, Jno. G., Fulton, Ark.— Sul- 

f>hate of antimony and argentiferous ga- 
ena. N 55. 100 

68 Jefferson Furnace Co., Oak Hill. 
O. — Iron ores. T 68. ico 

64 Orange Furnace, Orange Iron Co., 
Jackson, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

66 Star Furnace Co., Jackson, O.— 
Iron ores. T 68. 100 

66 Huron Furnace, Huron Iron Co., 
Jackson, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

67 Tropic Furnace Co., Jackson, O.— 
Iron ores. T 68. 100 

68 Globe Furnace, Globe Iron Co., Jack* 
son, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

69 Fulton Furnace, Globe Iron Co. 
Jackson, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

69a Liking Iron Co., Newark, O.— V 63. 
a Iron ore. loo 

b Coal. 101 

c Flux and slag. 103 

70 Wellston Twin Furnaces, VTellston 
Coal & Iron Co., Wellston, O. — Iron ores. 
T68. 100 

70a Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad, 
Hannibal, Mo. — Minerab, etc. iirom the 
line of the road. V 65. 100 

70^ St. Louts & Iron Mountain Rail- 
road, St. Louis, Mo. — Minerals, etc. from 
the line of the road. T 60. 100 

71 Lincoln Furnace, I. M. lIcQhee*s 

¥.svavt, ie.vLd'& VlvUs, O.— Iroa ores. T 
(A. w» 

forlocntioa ofobjects. Indicated by letter and ftgurc.sceKtvvo'^oxasXoti,^.*^-. V<»a>^^^»^>V'i' 

^Oa Beaton, Lewis F., Antwerp, N.V. 
— Lead ore. T 70. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone. 


T3 E»lc Furnace, L,C. Dam Aiin ft Co. t 
KilT'j MUii, U.— Iroa om. T 6S. iw 

74 Hope PurDHce, L. C.DiirnanpttCa.* 
PuruniDbLlht O-^lron ores. 1' 6^. too 

76 Ham den Furnace, L. C. DamaHn A 
Co. K PorLfinouth, O.— Jnunorea, 'VfiA. loo 

Tfi'T Marietta, PLttsburf, ft CleveUud 
R^i^way, Marie tta* (J.— MIncrnU piid 
era. V 6jh too 

76 VLatOD t^urnact, Bnncroft, Rader, ft 
< Jo . , V liUOTi S U t ii.1 n , O . — 1 nin f jre^. l oq 

77 Kcy«tone Furnace Co*, PoTtstnouth, 
O— Irtm ore*. T M. foo 

78 Moproe Furnace, Union Iron Co^ 
Poriflmoutli, O — [rwnorea. '1' 63. loo 

79 L«trobe Furnace* Bundy ft Cobb^ 
ilcrlin Crt»a Roaila^ O. — Iron OrcJi, '1 

«J TW 

794 Barnes, LewU^ PhUadelphLa, Pa.— 
^[JlUK3lni^ti^kHL!i iftm ore, from Warren 
couisty, Nh J. T 50+ t-oo 

BO Logan Furnace Co.. iFOE^a county 1 
O. — Iron ores. 1' 68, luo 

81 UnloT) Furjiace, BroDkii ft Hueatoa, 
HaycJtTis^rille, U, — IronciTes. T 68. 100 

&2 Mount Savage Furnact, Lexington 
Jfe Caner cotmty itrning it iMamifaCtur' 
iiigCor* Lcxii>(fU^ii, Ky, — Iron ores, TiiJS. 


83 Buffalo Puraace, Culbcrtaon, Ear- 
hari, ^ Co., (Jrcenupibura^ Ky.^lron 
ofCT. T 63. 100 

34 HunneweLl Furnace* Eaitern Ken* 
Kiic^y Railway Co., Hivcrion, Ky. — JET^n 
ores. T 6fl, 100 

35 PenasyLvanlaFurnncCf Eastern Ken- 
tucky Railway Uo., Ri^ertui)^ Ky.— Jnin 
otti-, 1' 6ti, loo 

86 Charloue Furnace Cu^, Riverton* 
Ky,— Iron iJrci. l" 6fl. too 

87 Laurel Furnace, Robt. ScolC ft Co., 
Rlvcinoti* Ky.^lroti ores. T 6d. 100 

88 QalUa FurnacCtNurtont Campbell, ft 
Co. , HoriamtHuh, U.^Erwn ores. J' 68. 100 

83'^ towa, Qtate of,— Mineral*, oreB^ etc* 
flf luwa, V 59, too 

89 Raccoon Furnace^ Raccoon Mtnlne^ 
& AlanufactLirin^ Co., Rivciton* Ky. — 
Jrun area, T (A, too 

90 Tygert'a VaUey Mining Co., River- 
ton, Ky. — Section of injn ore. T 63. too 

90« Chester Iron Co.* Cheater, N. J.— 
Injn MFC. T 6^. 100 

91 BcLlefonte Pui'nacc, Meatim, RuibcIL, 
^ AEeans, AahJ^iid, Ky. — Iron ores^ T 
68. icw 

02 Bucna Viata Furnace, Meani ft Co., 
A^htanJ, Ky. — Iron ores. T 6B. too 

93 Trig£ Furnace^ D, Hillnian ft Sona^ 
KmpLre Iron Works, Ky. — Iron ores. "1 
6&. ido 

93' I^^^B, 3. B.I Chattauoaga, Tenn.^ 
Ores. X 63. itu 

94 Center Furnace, D. HlUmanft Son*. 
Ktrttiire Iron Worlti, K.y.— Iron ores, T 
6&. too 

96 Han^ln^ Rock Iron Region, Iron- 
loa, (J.— Iruii ores. T 68. ioa 

97 TrMbet ft Aubery, Cincinnati* O.— 
/nwi ores frnm {wenty'/ivt? .'tuilcs and ter* 

ritoria. T ^. too 1 

rorc2MM« of exhibits. Indicated by numben 

98 Borden. W LI LI am W^ New Provi* 

dcncCj Ind— FoHils of Clark i:ounty, 
Jnd., untl !iLone, X 6o^ im 

99 Cooper, Hewitt, ft Co., New York* 
N.Y, ¥66. 

a Iron ota. * loo 

* l-kieb. lot 

100 Ohio Coal Co.* Marietta^ O.-V 63. 
a Co;!l, joo 
6 Coke. Joi 

101 Rhodes ft Co.* CleveLand* O.-V 6t 

a l^kc Superior iron crea. it» 

i Mas^ilJon, Uhio, coaJs, lai 

102 Poplar Creek Mineral Railroad Co., 
PhiLidclfihia, Pa,— T69 

d Iron Dr«, etc., from Anderson coointy* 

Ten 11. [CX3 

A Coal from Anderson county, Tenn. loi 

103 ParhaoiIrOBCOM Rieg«livme, Pa. 

A Ores. loo 

i Fuel, 101 

104 Glendon Iron Co., Bastooi Fa,- T 

a Iron ora, 100 

^ Fuel, lui 

10$ Mahoning Valley Centennial Aaao- 

ciadon^ Vour||{i(awii, O. — V 63, 

A Ore*. 100 

6 Coal. lOT 

c Limestone^ 103 

lOB Bye^ E, Mortimer, Wilmington, 

ft/roHffre. (TIUiniferoii^mBgneticO Ckr^tttt 
art. (Rock and sand.) hjo 

A Maryland " verde antique'* marble (ser- 
pentinu) varif^us ^hftdbi of ercen, hand^. 
comely blcndol; y^i^ca n hriT]];»nt th^li^^h, 
doc4 not fade or weather* and ^^ auauit:J 
fbr all kinds a{ omajnentAl Work. T 70. 


107 Northampton F u mace ^ worked by 

the l^cthkehcQi lion Co., beLhlchcm, Ym. 


Iron ore*. loo 

fi Fuel. lot 

108 Lehlgb Iroa Co., Allestowa, Pa. 

a Iran ore.. joo 

6 Coal, 101 

109 Emaufl Iron Co.* AIlentowD* Pa, 
-T 64. 

A ] ma ore^ 100 

A Fuel. 101 

111 Allentown Rolling Mill Co.* AUea. 
town, Vi-.—T 64. 

4 Om. too 

5 Fuei. loi 

112 Carbon Iron Co.r Parryville, Fa. 

-^T 64. 

a Iron Ore:. 100 

l> Fitel. 101 

118 Philadelphia and Reading Coal and 
lv>fi Co.j Fbiladelphja, Fa.^X 7a dn/ V 

d Imn oresr ^ loa 

^ Co:i!b fcir ^iTneltjr^ and stvam purproscs. toi 

114 Grand Tower Mining, Manufac* 
tu.™tt, and '\TiDM3Hi\aXABU O1-, *kj™sA 

i A F>Ye\. 

ait end of enit\e*, v» C\»»\«ic»*«'^»^^- *^*^'^* 


Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

116 Ironton Furnace Iron & Steel Co., 
Ironton, 0.--T68. 
a Iron ores. loo 

6 Bituminous coal. loi 

116 Belfont Furnace, Belfont Iron 
Works, Ironion, O.— T 68. 

n Iron ores. , loo 

6 Bituminous coals. loi 

117 Opbir Furnace Co., Jackson, O.—T 

a Iron ores. loo 

6 Jackson coimty stone coal. loi 

118 Norton Iron Works, Ashland, Ky. 
— T68. 

a Iron ores. loo 

b Coals and coke. loi 

119 Ashland Furnace, Lexington & 
Big Sandy Railroad Co., Ashland, Ky. 
— T68. 

a Iron ores. loo 

b Coals. xoi 

120 Powel, Robert Hare, & Co., 424 

Walnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. — X 54. 
a Iron ores. 100 

b Semi -bituminous and gas coals, from the 

Powelton estate, Pennsylvania. loi 

121 Union Iron Co. of Buffalo, Buffalo, 
N. Y.— T 64 and U 60 outside. 

a Iron ores. 100 

b Limestone. " 103 

122 Woodstock Iron Co., Anniston, 
Ala.— T 63. 

a Iron and manganese ores. 100 

b Limestone. 103 

123 Saucon Iron Co., Hellertown, Pa. 
-T 64. 

a Hematite and magnetic ore. 100 

/' Limestone. 103 

123^ Selma, Rome, & Dalton Rail- 
road (by S. W. Baird), Cincinnati, O.— X 

a Copper and iron ores. 100 

b Coal. loi 

c Slate, marble, and limestone. 102 

d V'xre clay. 104 

124 Andrews, Hitchcock, & Co., Cleve- 
land, O.— V 61 to 64. 

a Lake Superior iron ores. xoo 

b Brier Hill coal. 101 

c Limestone. 103 

125 Duncan, John W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— T 72. 

a Iron ores. 100 

b Clays, 104 

126 Peru Steel & Iron Co., Clinton- 
ville, N. Y.— T 63. 

a Iron ore. 100 

b (Jraphite ore. 105 

127 Thomas, W. H. B., Mount Holly, 
N. J.-T68. 

a Minerals. 100 

b Marls for fertilizing purposes; mirrcral 

waters from New Jersey. 107 

127a Brooke, E. & G., Birdsboro', Pa. 

-T 67. 
a Magnetic and hematite iron ores. 100 

b Auinraciic coal. loi 

128 Myers, A. J., Shenandoah Alum 
Springs, Va. — T 67. 

^a >linerals, ores. 100 

b Mineral spring waters, chalybeate, iron, 

an<l sulphur waters. 107 

128a Andover Iron Co., Phillipsburg, 


// Iron ores. 100 

^ Conl. loi 

^ I.tmestonc and slags. 103 

129 Crane Iron Co., Catasauqua, Pa. 

— T 64. 
a Hematite and magnetic iron ores. 100 

b Fuel. loi 

c Limestone. 


13(V> Chattanooga Mineral 

Chattanooga, 1 enn. — X 63. 

a Iron and copper ores ; gold quartz. 100 

b Coal. 101 

c Marble. 102 

131 Lehigh Valley Iron Co., Copley, Pa. 

— T 64. 
a Hematite and magnetic ore. 100 

b Fuel. loi 

e Limestone. 103 

132 Ohlton Coal Co., Youngstown, 0. 

—V 63. 
a Black band ore mixed with coal. xoo 

b Mineral ridge coal. lox 

132a Glasgow & Port Washington Iron 

it Coal Co., Port Washington, O.— V 61 

and W 64. 

a Ores. 100 

b Coal. loi 

138 Alice Furnace, Etna Iron "Works, 

Hanging Rock, Ohio.-«T 68. 
a Iron ores. 100 

b Bituminous coal and coke. loi 

c Limestone. 103 

133o Coleraine Iron Co., 
county, Pa. — T 64. 
a 1 ron ore. 100 

b Coal. 101 

134 Hanging Rock Iron Region Fur- 
naces, Charles Campbell, Coinmissiouer, 
Ironton, O. — T 69. 

a Iron ores. zoo 

b Cinders, bittuninous coals. loi 

c Limestone. 103 

d Fire clay. 104 

135 Tuscarawas Coal ft Iron Co., Cleve- 
land, O.— T 71. 

a Iron ores. 100 

b Coal. XOI 

c Limestone. 103 

d Sand, fire clay. 104 

136 Mount Vernon Furnace, Hiram 
Campbell & Sons, Ironton, O. — T 68. 

a Iron ores. 100 

b Bituminous coals. loi 

c Limestone. 103 

d Fire clay. 104 

137 Milton Furnace & Coal Co., WelU- 

ton. 0.— T 68. 


a I ron ores. 
b Coals. 
c Limestone. 
d Fire clay. 




138 Huntingdon & Broad Top Rail- 
road Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— V 56. 

a Iron ores. 100 

b Coal. 101 

c Limestones. 103 

d Fire clays. 104 

139 State of Wisconsin.— V 60. 

a Minerals, soils, etc. soo 

b lliiilding stone. loa 

c Sands, grave'. ' 104 

140 State of Ohio (by P. W. Qraen).— V 

a ^VwACTVvXs , OTcs . zoo 

b ?)\.ot\c. \sft 

/^or location ofobjecu, indicated by letter audfigure,secKev vo^oxsx\:\oxi,^.'i«,\ijrovHA's^asi»v"*»^ 



Minerals, Ores, Coal. 

141 State of New Jersey (by Geo. H. 
Cook, State Geolt^ist, New Brunswick, 
N.J.)-T7o . 

a Iron, zinc, and copper ores ; minerals, geo- 
logical suite. xoo 
i> Building stones. 102 
c Clays and sands. Z04 
d Fertilizers. 107 

142 State of Indiana (by E. T. Cox, 

State Geologist).— V 58. 
a Hydrated brown oxide iron ores. 100 

d Bituminous and cannel coal from various 

mines. loi 

c Marble of various colors, oolitic building 

stone, limestone, sandstone, limestone 

flags, hydraulic stone. 102 

d Hydraulic cement, caustic lime. 103 

€ Fire, white porcelain, and potters* clay ; 

sand. 104 

143 State of Michigan (Jay A. Hubbell, 
Houghton, Mich., Superintendent of Min- 
eral Department). — V 67. 

a Minerals, ores, geological collections, 

etc. zoo 

b Bituminous and cannel coal. loi 

c Hewn, sawed, and polibhed building stone, 

marbles, and .slates. loa 

^ Lime and cement. 103 

e Clays and silex for glass manufacturers ; 

sandstone, etc. 104 

y Mineral waters, natural brines, gypsum. 

marls, etc. 

144 State of Delaware (by J. P. 

Comegys, Dover, Del.). — V 55. 

a Iron ore. 100 

/' Building stone. 102 

c Clays. 104 

d Natural woods. 600 

e Fruits. 610 

y Cereals. 620 

^ Peas, beans, potatoes, turnips. 621 

145 State of Missouri (collective ex- 
hibit, by Thos. Allen, President State 
Board (Jcntennial Managers, St. Louis, 
Mo.).— V 65rt«</T6o. 

a Iron, lead, zinc, copper, and nickel ores, 

barytas, feldspar, and soils. 100 

6 Coal. loi 

c Stone. 102 

d Clays, .sand, ochres, and kaolin. 104 

e Tripoli. 106 

y Peanuts. 605 

^ Wheat, rye, oats, barley, and corn. 620 

h White beans and black-eyed peas. 621 

/ Millet. 624 

J Cotton. 665 

k Flax and hemp. 666 

/ Wool. 667 

m Silk. 668 

146 Cochran, John M., & Co., Bradford, 
Pa. — Connellsville bituminous coal and 
coke. T 56. loi 

147 Poster Coal Co., Youngstown, O.— 
Coal. V 63. loi 

148 Kittaning Coal Co., 125 South 
Fourth street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Clear- 
field bituminous coal, for steam and manu- 
facturing purposes. Y 56 and T 72. loi 

149 ^Westmoreland Coal Co., 230 South 

Third street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Bitumi- 
nous coal from the Pittsburg seam, for 
manufacture of gas and iron, and for loco- 
motive fuel. Y 58. 101 

J 49a 'Warwick.John G., Massillon, O. 

—Coal from Vvarm/ngton mines. V 63. 


150 Penn Gas Coal Co., Westmoreland 

county. Pa. — Section of bituminous coal- 
vein. T 72 and Y 56. loi 
150^ Sparks, Westwater, & Co., Co- 
lumbus, O. — Coal from Muskingum 
county. V 63. loi 

151 Van Wickle, Stout, & Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Anthracite coal from Eber- 
vale. Pa. W 53. lox 

152 Kyle Coal Co*., Youngstown, O.— 
Coal. V 63. 101 

153 Linderman, G. B., Bethlehem, Pa. 
— Anthracite coal. T 64. loi 

154 Newton, Jotham, New York, N. Y. 
— Composition fuel made of coal-dust. T 
57- lox 

155 Union Mining Co., of Alleghany 
county, Md. — Coal. X 58. loi 

155^ Stoner, Hitchman, & Co., Mt. 
Pleasant, Pa. — Coal and coke. X 57. 100 

156 Anthracite Fuel Co., Rondout, N. 
Y. — Pressed anthracite coal, Y 54. lox 

156^ Hutchinson, A. A., & Bro., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. — Coke. X 56. loi 

157 Hickory Coal Co., Pottsville, Pa.— 
Samples of coal. W 55. loi 

158 Harleigh Coal Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Samples of coal. W 55. loi 

158^ Lawton, Burnett, & Co., East Pal- 
estine, Ohio. — Bituminous coal, from Co- 
lumbia county, O. V 61 to 63. 101 

158^ Draper, John W., Pottsville, Pa.— 
Anthracite coal. W 56. loi 

159 Excelsior Coal Mining Co.. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Sam pies of coal. W55. 101 

1 60 Garretson, Theodore, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Coal from the Girard colliery. W 
55. 101 

161 Wadsworth Coal Co., Akron, O.— 
Coal from Medina county, O. V 63. loi 

162 Blauvelt, Jas. C, Marietta, O.— 

Bituminous coal from Marietta Run, 
Ohio. V 61 to 64. 101 

162<i Kurd Coal & Iron Co., Columbus, 
O. — Bituminous coal from Perry 
county, O. V 63. loi 

163 Lexington & Carter county Mining 
& Manufacturing Co., Lexington, Ky. — 
Section of bituminous coal. T6S. loi 

163^ Church Hill Coal Co., Youngs- 
town, O. — Coal from Briar Hill. V 63. loi 

163^ Burton, J. P., M as sill on, O.— 
Coal. V 63. loi 

163<^ Andrews & Hitchcock, Youngs- 
town, O. — Briar Hill block coal. V 61 
to 63. 10 1 

163^ Huddell & Seitzinger, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Anthracite coal from Draper's 
colliery. W 58. loi 

164 Keys, John, Brockwayville, Pa.— 
Lump of bituminous coal V 56. xoi 

164» Suydam, M. A. & Co., Columbus, 
O. — Coal from Straitsville Mining Com- 
pany. V 63, loi 

165 Eastern Kentucky Railway. River- 
ton, Ky — Sections of cannel ana bitumi- 
nous coals. T 68. loi 

165a Havdetv, 1?.^ Co\\«cC«i>aA.,^.— ^'^^^^iw 
from VlocVXtv^covvcvoj. N t^v '\-^^^ 

\ \>env\\W,0.— V.\iv\Tvv\t\avx'iCQ^« ^ ^>,.^^ 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end ot eumcs,s^«;C\«^vv^'=-^<^^^»'«''^*'''^*"'^ 


Coal, Stone. 

ray. O.— ^oiL V 63, ii>t 

ISftf Brooks, W. B,. A Sqo, Hockijie 

O. — CutDci coal. V ^1. isji 

tfS Dynit a. Co.. PbllwlclpliU, Pm.— 

masBaaotAwhiJx uli Ant 6^ La^^di 

DODtfT, Pa. V;r 101 

tflS* FtukliD Coal ComfMUir, Al:rQnj 

O.— C*ii frok Suuumt CLHiwy. V 

iwi Fitch, S, A., Cotumbin« O.— 

IS^ H««rdlA, Aathoa^. Ma*iill4a, 
O. — CobI bu^ Pi)(eL<^D Ruel Y ^3^ lai 

I6T KhBBtJ. B., ft Cov« Pliita^lctpbu, 
P^ — Slafie AuBct^ hocac dvcvnuknK, 

Ifl Wiltiuna ItuWc ft Slate Mantel 

IfB WUaOBft MUlcr, PbUKletpbic. Pa. 

ITl na^v. Coaltcr^ ft Oa., Pbita- 

T 5J, lov 

ITl Dvacbvitrt E. D.^ Ph^Udctphia, 

Cu^I£^3 Scatt HotfiK. and ov0 
kfibii?^ mi £nT «ber bnflitfnct., t^blic 

173 CalkHklkkaat limr^e Co,, KnUaiHt^ 

1T4 Vaa GsAdeA, Vdqbc, ft Dmuitt, 

Irk lad i^tacttw mtJ t: loGu* nurMt. 

itft lAttte. O. S». W^af4 

St, Pa^. Winn.— 
ITT Tmt^ dKT Stt^Dc C«w, OcrUaDd^ 



H. F-, ft£9csmra^ P^— 

T fl- 1,15 

T^ ft 0&^ Pfailaydel- 

LSS Wltliams, Cfias., St. Loula, Mo.^ 

TcTiacHce, It^iao, ind Unsoun marble 

wT>rfc : }*Tc«i boi. T 53^ ioa 

IS^i Barker^ H.. ft Bn., Phnadclphla, 

Pi,— Ptiic»tal oi Uusachusctts ^nnitv. 

LS4 Deat^Qt Drake W,, Office. 17 

North Ffv^ut scrttft, rtiiUildphs, Pi.— 
EjEccUivT firr *fld W3rter-pn>w slate rool^ 
inc^ aua*i flax irasEv-conipositioD faat^tcu^ 
Ail flrdezs proinp^ attended to. T 

l%i TiUam, Davis, Rockland, Vainc— 
PLuB^ Dolkkni^ iod muDCfltal enniu 

T 51, IDA 

M.t CiDciA&fttir O.— 

3Be. V 4^1 to frj. tna 

It*,* Fish, W., ft Co.. Colui^bua, O.- 

^L.v ^<a Poftmiouih ami Ulack Uck, 

Ohi*, Wtj. tot 

ItV Fincli, Pnirn^ ft Co., Glcsa FaUi, 

> Y.-BWck<)f*ivi)lc 'Til. 1^ 

186 Uaiac Slate Co,. Skowba^aa, 

ijiv shEE, ^rk, »ich, hat- 

I Mggt —ffclw) dasHciry, 

" MKatflk, wttoaerhd rm 

«r*^b^ T H, Dim. 

. Visa St 


Co,^ B^fblefaenit 
dnr aad Tiadow siua, 

ISi^L^igk Slate CaySlaaBgt« 

tafaLe, *ad 

1$S« Hib3dalc,D4>lc^ftCo^N«wYOTk, 

1 88.' Fisfacr ft Bird. Hew Yor^ H. Y.— 
\Lu-b*e """^-^H T fx m 

18i- Howell. C- M,, LaiKaatcr, Pa,^ 

1 89 Alleotowii Slate llaotel Co*, AUeo^ 

iiJwTi. Ta— 54aiemM*ek. T Si- i« 

18^ Hintoa^ 4faTidv Xeaia^ O*— 

t^^dii^ Uss^tEvt \ €i t^6^ tot 

\t^ Cacuirea^ Ftaok, Chicafo, 111.— 
Amtiijliae vaw of ltvc»K>4ie, T ^j. tvt 

IfO Caneoterft Raxnood. Cambridge 
CUr.lHL— MiaaaveaaJvoriE. T71. vn 

191 HcDoaald^ftJeazbdcT, Cambridge, 
ViSt.— The Ceairaahl Osouie^ a rusbc 
ivv:Kvn-k Kn-B^vBtcd W a cn^^^vaaita 
^v^Gleat|tiUT*E». U*$4i^N. H-* carved 
H CtAbrfi^. >tise.\ exbibhn« fine 
ouk^rjr of ik^ (TaobCe *hJ i» capobfitis 
br <xrtT4 Vhi po.iriiwd vack. N 56 ^«f 

191a Boal er* Varcatv Dartea, O,— 
Uaie*to*t. V C4 tf f|. m 

19V B^BU^t^ * Galloway. Plal«T, O.— 
199 KAdwcU Onatta Co., ko^Maad^ 

199 Bnataa^ Jooc»^ H. 

pc»- J^— JV^TJi^ci Aa: MwcBo a^AJ^tt l iiav»n« cctss*,*^ T 55, 




195 Struthers, W., & Sons, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Manicls, font, group of birds 
in Caen stone ; alto-relief in sutuary , mar- 
ble, sandstone, font, specimens of foreign 
marbles and native plaster; models for 
public buildings; specimens of native 
granites, marbles, ana sandstones. T 35. 


196 Pennsylvania Marble Co., Phila- 
delphia, ra. — Blaclc marble mantel, book, 
and tiles. T 51. 102 

197 Brown, E. P., Commandant Sol- 
diers' Home, Dayton, O. — Stone from 

?uarries on grounds of National Soldiers' 
[ome. V ox to 63. zoa 

197a Barker, Henry, & Sons, Ouincy, 
Mass. — Quincy granite pedestal. 
{Nave.) 103 

198 Rutland Marble Co., West Rut- 
land, Vt. — ^Wrought and unwrought mar- 
ble. T59. 102 

1 99 Maine Red Granite Co., Red Beach, 
Maine (G. G. McGlashan, superintend- 
ent).— Specimen Uock of red granite from 
top sheet of quarry. T 55. xos 

199^ Graves Brothers, Birmingham, O. 

a Building stone. xos 

b Grindstones. 106 

200 Columbia Slate Co., Slatin^ton, Pa. 
— Manufactured Washington vein roofing 
slate. T 54. X02 

201 Martin. P. O.. St. Georee, Maine. 
— Block or dressed granite. T 64. xos 

202 Wells, Chas. B., Marietta, O.— 
Sandstone for building purposes. T 64. zo3 

208 St. Johnsbury Granite Co., St. 

Johnsbury, Vt. — Granite monument and 
tablet.--T 56. xo3 

204 Merrille, Adams H., Williams- 
burgh, Maine. — Roofing slate. T 50. xos 

207 Clemons, C. H., Sandusky, O.— 
Limestone. V 6x to 63. xos 

208 Concord Granite Co., Quincy, Mass. 
— Granite pedestal. N 48. xos 

209 Sheldons & Slason, West Rutland. 
Vt. — Pedestal of statuaiy and blue mottled 
marble. V 54. xos 

210 Davis, I. J., Newark. O.— White and 
red sandstone. V 61 to 03. xos 

211 McNally. William G., Cleveland, 
O. — Coat-of-arms of Ohio, carved from 
Berea stone. ( Ohio State Building.) 102 

21 1« Portland Brown Stone Quarries, 
Pordand, Conn. — Stoops and doorways of 
Connecticut brown stone. {Outside.) xos 

211^ Kinp, T. H., Trumansburg, N. Y. 
— Flag stones. ( Outside.) 102 

21 If Stotler, D. C. Piqua, O.— Build- 
ing limestone. V 01 to 64. los 

211^ Strom & De Planque, New York, 
N. Y. — Marble uble top and mantelpiece. 
T 51 103 

211^ Fase, Lewis, Covington, O.— V 6x 
to 6^. 
a Building limestone. xos 

6 Lime. 103 

21iy North Pittsford Marble Company, 
Pittsford, Vt. — Marble monuments, ped- 
estal, and design case. T 56. xos 
ailfPmu!,John. A Co., Massillon, 
O. — Stone tor building and glass manufac- 
turli^. V 6x ia 63. 102 
For dama of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

211 A Myers, Uhl, & Co., Cleveland, 
O.— Marble mantel and grate. {Okio 
State Building.) xos 

212 Thompson, Wm. S., Springfield, 
Ohio.— V 63. 
a Stone. xos 

i Lime. X03 

212a Traber, Jacob, Cincinnati, O.— 
Limestone. V 61 to 64. xos 

212^ Mueller, John M.. Cincinnati, 
O. — Buena Vista stone. V 6z to 63. xos 

212<: Richey, Morris S., Waverly,0.— 
Building stone. V 61 /<^64. xos 

212d Singer & Talcott Stone Company, 
Chicago, 111. — Illinois limestone dressed 
by machinery. {At spHng S. E. o/Horti' 
cultural Hall.) xos 

212^ St. Johnsbury Granite Company, 
St. Johnsbury, Vt.— Granite monument 
and tablet. T 57. xos 

212/ Richmond Marble Company, of 
Vermont, Philadelphia, Pa. — White mar- 
ble pedestal. T 57. xoa 

218 Amherst Stone Co., Cleveland, 
O.— V 63. 
a Blocks of sandstone. xos 

b Grindstones. xo6 

214 Warthorstft Co.,iiAassillon, O.— V 
63 andT 61. 

a Blocks of sandstone. xos 

i Grindstones. xo6 

21 4a Berea Stone Company, Berea, 
O.— V 63. 
a Building stone and flaa^ng. xos 

b Grindstones, and scythe stones. 106 

215 Philadelphia & Reading Railroad 
Co. , Philadelphia, Pa.— T 73 and Y 56. 

a Building stone. xos 

b Limestone. X03 

216 Worthington & Sons, North Am- 
herst, Ohio.— T 56 and V 63. 

a Amherst building stone. xos 

b Grindstones, etc^ from <fuarries at Am- 
herst and Lake Huron, Mich. xo6 
21 6a Burlington Manufacturing Co., 
Burlington, Vt.— Marble tiling.— T 56. 


217 Williams, R. L., Middle Granville, 

N. Y.— T 51. 
a Vermont and New York roofing slate, xos 
b Car coupler. 576 


Building. xos 

218 Hoffman, A. O^ Thompson, Wm., 
and others, Springfield, O. 

219 Berea Stone Co., Berea, O. 

220 Hurst, I. R., Cleveland, O. 

221 Ford, O. D., Cleveland, O. 

222 Halderman, L., & Son, Cleveland, 

228 Wagner, John, Cleveland, O. 

224 Amherst Stone Co., Cleveland, O. 

225 Black River Stone Co., Cleveland, 

226 Paul, John, 8l Co.,1Il««.^"Ci\oTt^^ . 

227 Wilaoti 8l 'H.Miti^^ ^\»x3Lfe ^^.% 

228 CloMftYi Slont Co., KKvYvtx^x.>^- 

229 WorWiiufttoti bL^oti^, ^^'^"'^V', 
ateudofeutr\e»,s«C\s^^\«^«^^^^^'^^* ^ 


Minerals, Stone. 

230 Ohio Stone Co., Cleveland, O. 

231 McDermott, J., & Co., Cleveland, O. 

232 Coshocton Stone Co., Coshocton, 

233 Stitt, Price, & Co., Columbus, O. 
284 Finnegan, M., Cincinnati, O. 

235 Finnegan, J. H., Cincinnati, O. 

236 Montgomery, R. M., Youngstov^rn, 

237 Caldwell & Tod, Youngstown, O. 

238 Byers & Mcllhainy, Youngstown, 

239 Mauser & Haid, Youngstown, O. 

240 Hamilton, Homer, Youngstown, O. 

241 Warthorst & Co., Massillon, O. 

242 Stocking, Z. S., Mansfield, O. 

243 Bosler, Marcus, Dayton, O. 

244 Huffman, William, Dayton, O. 

245 Tremain, Chas., Manlius, N. Y.— 

Cement and land plaster. V 72. 103 

246 Ervin, D. S., CedarvUle, Ohio.— 

Limestone. V 61 to 64. 103 

246^ Howes Cave Association, Howes 
Cave, N. Y, — Hydraulic cement and lime, 
ground plaster, and rock strau. Y 55. 


247 Fireproof Building Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Teil concrete hollow blocks, hol- 
low bricks, and ])eton blocks. T 55. 103 

247^ Michael, F. M., and others, Eaton, 
Ohio. — Limestone and lime. V 61 to 63. 


247^ Sintz, George, Springfield, O.— 
Limestone and lime. V 61 to 64. 103 

248 Mitchell,Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Portsilica artificial stone building blocks, 
partitions, floors, colored paving tiles, 
etc. T 53. 103 

248^ Richardson, Geo., Milwaukee, 

Wis. — Artificial stone, with moulds ana 
apparatus for hardening. X 57. 103 

250 Wampum Cement & Lime Co., 
limited, New Castle, Pa. — Portland 
cement, and samples in artificial stone of 
various designs. T 57. 103 

251 Coplay Cement Co., Allentown, Pa. 
— Cements, building blocks, pipe, orna- 
ments, 6tc. T 56. 103 

252 Allen Cement Co., Siegfried's 
Bridge, Pa. — Crude and manufactured 
cement. T 57. 103 

253 Cedar Hollow Lime Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Lime, lime rock, model of fur- 
nace, and model of receptacle for storing 
aud preserving lime. T 58. 103 

255 Abbott Pavement Co., Brooklyn, 

N. Y.— Pavement. The Abbott Pave- 
ment is a bituminous concrete that has 
been used for six years past on many 
miles of roadways in Brooklyn, and for 
four or five years in Washington. It costs 
less than the asphalt pavement of Paris ; 
in this country only about one-half. It 
costs less, than one-half for repairs, and 
it is not nearly so sHi)per>-, while in all the 
other qiiaUtics, of smoothness, quietness, 
clcnnlincf;s, comfort to those driving on \t, 
economy o/" horseflesh and vehicles, il is 
u</niirul)lc. Uiuicr i)atcnts held by vhc 
Abbott Pavement Company, old sttmc, 
niucudum, and wood paveuicuts can be 

utilized as a foundation, and millions of 
dollars' worth of wood pavements, now 

going rapidly to decay, can be saved, as 
emonstrated on many miles that have 
been covered in the city of Brooklyn 
T70. X03 

256 Union Stone Co., Boston, Mass. 


a Articles in artificial stone, soapstone rois- 
ter borders, millstone cement, etc. Z03 

3 Emery wheels. 106 

256^ Shields, King & Co., Newark Star 
Glass Works, Newark, Ohio.— Sands, etc., 
for making glass. V 61 to 63. 104 

257 Hampton, Cutter, & Sons, >Vood- 
bridge, N. J. — Clays, kaolin, sand. T 
55- 104 

258 Such. George, South Amboy, N.J. 
^ * of dj "" " 

. I ur 
Post Office, Pa.—T 57' 

[ay. T 58. 104 

. W. & J. T., Qlen Loch 


— Sample! 
259 Sarchet, , 

a Moulding sand and kaoUn. 
d Flint. 

260 Kier Brothers, Pittsburg, Pa.— 

Fire clay. Y 56. 104 

261 Bradford, H., PhiUdelphia, Flu- 
Maryland quartz. T 54. 104 

2eU Tucker, George, New York, M. Y. 

— Tripoli and polisning rouge. N 68. xo6 

262 Schreiber, W. A. H., PhcMtiirrflle, 

Pa. — Qay, kaolin, flint, spar, and sand: 
potters' and decorators' materiali. T 
69. 104 

263 Toll, Charles, Monroe, Klcli.- 
Washed and crude silex. V 67. 104 

264 Zihlmann, Joseph, BeUaIre, O.— 
Wooden mould for fih84>iiic; Ubwm i^sts. 
T 64. 104 

265 Dover Fire Brick Co., Canal Dover, 

Ohio.— Fire clay. T 63. m 

266 Kreischer, B., ft Son, Phlladelpliie, 
Pa.— Fire day, etc. X s5. 104 

267 American Kaolin Co.; Worke, Mew 

Garden, Chester coimty. Pa.; office, S33 
South Third street, PhUadelphie, nu— 
Kaolin, china, fire clay, ana fire sand. 
X 58. 104 

268 Dixon Crucible Co., Jereey City, N. 
J. — Crude and refined graphite. P72. 105 

269 Strow, Wile, & Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa, — Black lead crucibles, retorts, covets, 
etc.; plumbago, crude and i»-epared ; lum- 
ber pencils, stove polish, "r 59. 105 

270 Taylor, Robert, &Co.,Philade]phia, 
Pa. — Black lead crucibles. T 58. 105 

27 1 Morse Bros., Canton, Maee. — Stove, lumber pencils, plumbago. The 
" Rising Sun Stove Polish." noted for 
beauty of polish, saving of labor, dura- 
bility, frceness froia dust and odcM*, when 
heated. This preparation is an excellent 
article. The Rising Sun Lumber Pendls, 
and samples of plumbs^, from which 
they are manufactured. T 56. 105 

273 Jersey City Crucible Manufacturing 
Co., Jersey City, N. J. — Crucibl(!» aud 
stove polish. T 58. 105 

274 Phoenix Manufacturing Co., Taun- 
ton, Mass. — Crucibles and stove pi4ish. 

2T5 'Wt'^Xi, ^o\itx\., ^^«\!Ckxi., Vam.- 

J- or location of objects, indicated by IcUcr and i\s«^Te,scc¥wtv xol!lo\a.xXow,'e.'at,-.^pwaA'^J«Sk,v*^ 



^-=- ^' 

Jewelers I Silversmiths, 


Chestnut and Twelfth Sts., 

PHJi. A T>ia.pmJu 

Summer Excursions. 



Have arranged for the Centennial Year a system of 


More comprehensive and complete than was ever before presented 
to the American people. These Routes reach every pLacb of 


States, and the Dominion of Canada, including 




VIRGINIA SPRINGS, and many others. 


Will find the lines of this Company available for reaching, within 
a few hours' time and at very small outlay, such famous resorts as 




And hundreds of beautiful villages and towns in the mountains of 
Pennsylvania, where the accommodations are excellent and the 
scenic attractions all that can be desired. 

THE Wmmumh BAflaOAB CO. 

Devote special attention to this Summer Travel. The construction 
and equipment of their lines render travel over them thoroughly 
enjoyable, and the tickets issued afford every facility for recreation, 
recuperation, and pleasure. 

PAMPHLETS OF ROUTES can be had gratuitously at the 
offices of the Company in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Balti- 
more, Washington, Harrisburg, Altoona, and Pittsburg, and also a 
handsomely iiiustrated book describing a\\ ^lomvci^XiX. x^s^tts, 

FRANK THOMSON, L. P. FARM^^, l>.l«..^OXTi,>., 

<^^»era/ Afanagmr. Ai^t Gen. Pass. Agent. G«»- P«««»««r Ap«t 



Minerals, Mineral Water, Metallurgical Products. 

276 Nibbinarer, Edward. Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Quartz paste for sharpening razors 
and knives. T 52. 106 

277 Hand, James C, & Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Corundum manufactured by 
the Pennsylvania Corundum Co. T 57. too 

278 Washington Mills Emery Manu- 
facturing Co., Ashland, Mass. — Emery. 
T 57- X06 

279 Boyd & Chase, New York, N. Y.— 
Arkansas and Washita oilstone. N 68. 


284 U. S. Soapstone Manufacturing 
Co., Cincinnati, O.— Steatite. P 77. 106 

285 Patten, F. H., Bath, Maine.— Feld- 
spar and quartz, for potteries and sand 
paper factories. T 70. 106 

286 Lehieh Whetstone Co., AUentown, 
Pa. — Whetstones from Lenigh mountain, 
near AUentown, Pa. T 57. 106 

288 Coffin, Redington, & Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Electro selecan, a polishing 
powder for all fine metals, and infusorial 
silica from Nevada, fipom which the above 
b n^ade. ^ 


Silica, 83.5 

Alumina, a.7 

Water, 13.5 

• Loss, .3 


T 73. X06 

289 Louis, Julius, & Bro., Jeffersonville, 
Ind. — Hot Springs, Arkansas, and other 
oilstones. N 68. xo6 

290 Sibley^ Freeman K., Waltham, 

Mass. — The prize medal emery and crocus 
cloth. .(Only medals ever awarded in the 
world.) T 53. 106 

291 Schultz, Carl H., NewYork, N.Y.— 
Carbonic acid and mineral spring waters, 
siphons, glass fountains, etc. T 58. \ 107 

291a Jarves ft Hooper, Detroit, Mich. 
— T?3. 

a Fertilizers and animal charcoal. 107 

b Glue and neat's-foot oil. 65a 

292 Knigrht & Widden, Portland Plas- 
ter Mins, Portland, Maine. — Calcined and 
ground land plaster. T 59. 107 

293 Champion Spouting Spring, Sara- 
toga Spnngs, N. Y. — Saratoga water. T 
58. X07 

294 Marsh & Co., Sandusky, O.— Gyp- 
sum. V 61 to 63. 107 

295 Qettysbure Katalysine Co., Gettys- 
burg, Pa. — Katalysine spring water. T 
57. 107 

296 Navassa PhosphateCo., Baltimore, 
Md. — Crude and ground phosphates, from 
Nevassa Island, West Indies ; and other 
fertilizing materials. T 57. 107 

297 Charleston, S. C. Mining & Manu- 
facturing Co., Philaaclphia, Pa.— Good- 
rich phosphatic nodules, mined from 
Agassiz's Ashley fish basin,. Lamb's land- 
ing, S. C. T 58. 107 

298 Bolen & Byrne, New York, N. Y.— 
Artificial mineral waters, granular effer- 
vescing salts, siphons, etc. T 60. 107 

299 Lippincott, Chas., A Co., Philadel- 
phisi. Pa.— Apparatus for dispensing aer- 
ated waters. B 38. {Nav* and Tran- 


300 Lawrence, A. R., & Co., Excelsior 

Park, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.— Excelsior 
and Union Spring Saratoga waters, and 
apparatus for havmg them on draught in 
their natural condition. T 70. 107 

300a Tufts, Jas. W., Boston, Mass.— 
Soda water fountains. {Navt and Tran- 
stpts.) 107 

Metallurgical Products. 

801 Hastings & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Gold leaf, foil, and bronze; silver leaf, 
bronze powder, etc. P 47. no 

302 Wallis, Jno. G., Fulton, Ark.— 
Base bullion. N 55. xxo 

808 Cambria Iron & Steel Co., Johns- 
town, Pa.— Iron— pig, bloom, and muck 
bar, rail piles and rails; steel — Bessemer 
pig, and spiegeleisen, ingots, blooms, and 



308a Huntingdon & Broad Top Rail- 
road Co., Philadelphia, Pa. — Pig iron. 
Y 56. XXX 

804 Wood, W. D., & Co., McKeesport 
Iron Works. Pittsburg, Pa.— Patent plan- 
bhed .sheet iron. T 01. ixi 

805 Park Bro. & Co., Black Diamond 
Steel Works, Pittsbui^g, Pa.— Cast steel ; 
samples of homogeneous crucible cast steel, 
boiler plate, and Hangings. T 62. xix 

305a Mahoning Valley Centennial As- 
sociation, Youngstown, Ohio. — Pig and 
manufactured iron. V 63. 11 x 

306 Rowland. James, & Co., Kensing- 
ton Iron and Steel Works, Philadelphw, 
Pa. — Anvil brand, refined bar, band, skelp. 
hoop, and nut iron ; plow, cultivator, and 
shovel steel. T 64. 11 1 

307 Wood. Alan. & Co., 519 Arch 
street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Manufacturers 
of patent planished, galvanized, and com- 
mon, and charcoal bloom, sheet, and plate 
iron. T 6x. xix 

307a Andover Iron Co.. Phillipsburg, 
N. J. — Pig and spiegeleisen iron. T 64. 


308 Straus, J. B.,& Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Hoop iron. P 7X. xii 

309 Miller. Metcalf, & Parkins, Crescent 
Steel Works, Pittsburg, Pa.— Crucible 
steel and articles manufactured therefrom. 
T 60. 112 

309a Glasgow & Port Washington Iron 
and Steel Co., Port Washington, O.— Pig 
iron. W 63. xxx 

310 Hussey, ^Vells, & Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Cnicible cast steel bars, sheets, ho- 
mogeneous boiler plates, railway axles, 
forgings, edge tools, rake teeth, 1 68. iii 

311 Phillips, Nimick, & Co., Sligo Iron 
Mills, Pittsburg, Pa. — Iron. The only 
manufacturers of "sligo" fire box, boiler 
plate, sheet and bar iron, and "Tyrone" 
plate, tank, sheet, and bar iron. Slates 
rolled one hundred inches wide. T 67. 

312^nion Iron Co. of Buffalo, Buffalo, 
N. Y. — Solid wrought iron rolled beams. 
T6^and\ie». ^^^v 

aaia State o? \ti^\«.tv». i>-j ^. "t. ^^^t^v 

1 iron;\\%. N «jT. '^'^ 

For c/a«es or exhibits, indicated by numbers at cndoC tuti\ca.%«ftOaa!sNSv^"et«^»^^ •*'^*»'^ 



Metallurgical Products. 

813 Otis Iron & Steel Co., Cleveland, 
O.— Ingots, bars, plates, and forgings of 
Siemen^s Martin steel. T 65. iii 

814 Cleveland Rolling Mill Co., Cleve- 
land, O. — Pig metals, rails, bars, etc., of 
iron and Bessemer or Siemen's Martin 
steel. T60. Ill 

815 South & North Alabama Railroad, 
Montgomery, Ala.— Iron. Y 60 and T 
57. »" 

316 State of New Jersey (by Geo. H. 
Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswidc, 

a Iron, steel, spiegcleisen. m 

b Spelter, sheet zinc, zinc white. X13 

317 Peru Steel & Iron Co., Clinton- 
villc, N. Y.— Loops, blooms, billets, bars, 
and steel. T 63. 11 1 

817i. Silicon Steel Co.. New York, N. 
Y. — ^Silicon steel, rails, etc.; steelified 
iron. T 63 m 

818 Washburn & Moen Manufacturing 

Co., Worcester, Mass. — Iron wire rods; 
iron and steel wire. T63. xx\ 

818'* Valentines & Co., Bellefonte Iron 

Works, New York, N. Y.— Cold blast 
charcoal iron. T 61. iii 

818^ Youngstown Rolling Mill Co., 
Youngstown, Ohio. — Horse shoe, bar, 
hoop, and band iron, steel mixed with 
iron. V 61 to 64. m 

SIS': Wick, Ridgway, & Co., Youngs- 
town, Ohio. — Railroad iron, of all sizes. 
\ 61 to 6^. Ill 

318'/ Brown, Bonnett, & Co., Youngs- 
town, Ohio. — Pig, bar, and sheet iron. 
V6i/<7 64. Ill 

318^ Eyhonft Lloyd, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Roughing rolls, hand rounds, and 
squares. T 65. m 

319 American Sheet & Boiler-plate 

Co., Cleveland. Ohio. — Plate, sheet, cor- 
rugated, galvanized, metallic tile, univer- 
sal {4ate and agricultural iron, Bessemer 
or Siemen's Martin steel. T 59. 111 

320 Cooper, Hewitt, & Co.. New York, 

N. v.— Iron fluxes, blooms, pigs, n»ils, 
bars, rails, beams ; chain, wire, horseshoe, 
and Martin steel. T 66. 111 

321 Hanging Rock Iron Region Fur- 

n.'ices ^ Campbell, Commissioner), 
Inmton, Ohio.— Pig iron, with articles 
manufactured therefrom. T 69. in 

322 Beale, Horace A., Parkesburg, 
Pa.— Charcoal and puddled iron for biiilcr 
tubes and plates, muck bar of superior 

aualitv, and hollow lx)ttom plates for pud- 
ling furnace, 'i* 66. Ill 

323 Clark, ^Vm., & Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 

— Hoop, band, and scroll in.»n. T 66. in 

324 Reese, Graff, & Woods, Pittsburg, 
Va. — WrvMight in.'n of all de^cripiion-* ; 
c.isi and -sjxrcial steel ; tool ^tccl, spring 
steel, plow steel, machinery- and agricul- 
tural steel, fire •;teel. steel hiH-tp, steel 
cotton lies, hi«r»c and mule shoes, steel 

/i»c c^ks, stcvl N'ilcr- plate. T 66. 111 

SSfi Aadrews^ Brothers, Youngstown, 
/'. — Iitr<iscmcr, foundry, and mill \Vig 
in>n. V 61 /*» 64. Ill 

326 McCuUough Iron Co.fPhiladelphia, 
Pa. — Bloom and refined cleaned sheet 
iron ; charcoal blooms. Manufacturer of 
*' Galvanized," " Best Bloom," ** Best 
Refined," " Harvey's cleaned Sheet 
Iron," cleaned iron for stamping pur- 
poses, leaded roofing plates, corrugated 
iron, black and galvanized. P 70. 11 z 

387 Moorhead & Co., Soho Iron Mills, 
Pittsburg, Pa. — Galvanized and black 
sheet iron ; roofing and ceiling irons. T 
66. Ill 

328 Henderson, James, Hamburg. Pa. 
— Wrought iron made by the Henderson 
process. T 59. ixi 

329 Brown & Co.. Wayne Iron & 
Steel Works, Pittsburg. Pa.— Cold-blast 
charcoal metal, blooms. Doiler plate, bars; 
agricultural irons. T 02. iii 

331 Edgar Thomson Steel Co. (limited), 
Pittsburg, Pa.— Bessemer steel rails, bil- 
lets, blooms, and ingots. T 66. iii 

383 Lucy Furnace Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 
— Pig metal, etc. T 66. iii 

334 Carnegie Bros. & Co., PitUburg, 
Pa. — Wrought iron beams, channds, 
bridge iron, etc. T 66. iii 

335 Wilson, Walker, & Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Railroad car forgings. T 66. xii 

836 Keystone Bridge Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Raritan Bay pivot bridge, weldler- 
ghtiron, tubular 1 

chord bars, wrough 
columns. T 66. 

iron, tubular sectional 

387 United States Corrugated Elbow 
Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. — Stovepipe elbow 
machine; stovepipe elbows T 6x. iii 

338 Gregory & Co., Jersey City, N. J.— 
American cast steel. T 59. iii 

339 Duncan, John W., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Pig metal. T 72. iji 

340 Tuscarawas Coal & Iron Co.. 
Cleveland, Ohio.— Pig iron. T 71 anti V 

63. Ill 

341 Rhodes & Co., Cleveland, Ohic- 
Bessemer car-wheel and malleable char- 
C0.-1I irons. T 71 amdW 63. xii 

842 'Woodstock Iron Co., Anniston, 
Ala.— Hot-blast, cold-blast, and spiegel- 
eiscn iron, charcoal. T 63. 11 1 

343 Middleton, C. W. & H. ^W., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Collective exhibit of Fort 
Pitt Iron & Steel Works Soho Iron Mills, 
Solar Hoop Iron Mills, Philadelphia Iron 
& Steel Co., Parkesburg Iron Works, Co- 
r>'don Windi, Van Alen & Co., Cumber- 
land Tube Works, Danville Iron Co, 
and Star Chain and Nail Worics->iron 
and steel. T 65 to 66. in 

344 Crane Iron Co., Catasauqua. Pa.— 
Fouudry and forge pig iron; cinoer. T 

64. Ill 

345 Alexander, John S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Ilayonet spade. P 68. iii 

846 Singer, Nimick, ft Co., Pittsburg, 

Pa.— S.nw, tool, plow, roadiioery, sate, 
and boiler steel ; sted railway axles and 
springs. T 69. in 

346<« Selma & Alabama Railroad, Mont- 
gomerj', Ala. — Iron. Y 63. xii 

347 Mafirnetite Iron Co., Philadelphia, 
Vjl. — Aie&Sfemcr ore products. T 69. in 

' pVvva,, Va..— =S^xft.v\e& <A VKsa. ^cu^ «i»i^. "1 

\ 69. "vw 

forJ<fcuuun ofobjccm, indicated by letter and agarc.see VLe^ xo'^au.uoii,^ "^S.^s^msA^^s^^V^ 



Metallurgical Products. 

S48'< Chester Iron Co., Cheater, N. J.— 
Iron ore, T 64. iii 

349 Danville Iron Co., Danville, Pa.— 
Railroad iron. T 66. 111 

850 Winch, Corydon, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Wrought iron spikes. T 66. 11 1 

351 Philadelphia Iron & Steel Co.. 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Special shapes aitd 
manufactures of iron. T 66. 1 1 1 

351a Ward, L. B., Niles, O.— Common 
boiled iron. V 61 to 63. ixi 

352 Cumberland Nail & Iron Co., 
Bridgeton, N. J. — Wrought iron pipe. 1 
66. Ill 

853 Davis, O. W., Jr., Bangor, Me.— 
Charcoal pig iron, fluxes, cinders ; articles 
made in part from Katahdin iron. T 
69. Ill 

354 Durham Iron Co., Riegelsville, Pa. 
— Flux, pig iron, and cinders. T 64. iix 

355 Glendon Iron Co., Easton, Pa.— 
Flux, slag, and pig iron. T 64. 11 1 

356 Selma. Rome, & Dalton Railroad, 
by S. w. Baird, Cincinnati, O. — Char- 
coal pig iron, slag and charcoal, spiegel, 
car wheels. A 64. iii 

359 Northampton Furnace, worked by 
the Bethlehem Iron Co., IJctnlehem, Pa. — 
Pig iron, flux, fJags. T 64. xii 

360 Lehigh Iron Co., AUentown, Pa.— 
Flux, slag, and pig iron. T 64. iii 

861 Bethlehem Iron Co., Bethlehem, 
Pa. — Charges and products of iron, I^se- 
mer, and spiegeleisen furnaces; products 
from Bessemer steel mill. T 64. izi 

362 Emaus Iron Co., AUentown, Pa.— 
Flux, slag, and iron. 1' 64. iii 

363 Coleraine Iron Co., Northampton 
cotmty. Pa.— Pig iron. T 64. zxi 

364 Thomas Iron Co., Hokendauqua, 
Pa. — Iron and flux. T 64. iir 

365 AUentpwn Rolling Mill Co., Allen- 
town, Pa. — Flux, iron, and slag, fist-plate 
bolts, nuts, spikes, rivets, etc. T 64. 11 1 

366 AUentown Iron Co., AUentown, 
Pa. — Fig iron. T 64. 111 

367 Lehigh Valley Iron Co., Copley, 
Pa. — Pig iron, cinders. T 64, iii 

368 Carbon Iron Co., Parryville, Pa.— 
Flux, slag, and pig iron. '1 64. 111 

369 Saucon Iron Co., Hellertown, Pa. 
— Pig iron. T 64. 11 1 

870 Catasauaua Iron Co., Catasauqua. 
Pa. — Rolled iron and .«;teel, iron and steel 
bars bent hot and cold and fractured. T 
64. Ill 

371 Lehigh Zinc Co., Bethlehem, Pa.— 
Metallic and sheet zinc, zinc oxide. T 
64. Ill 

872 Stewart & Co., South Easton, Pa. 
— Kuiind, square, and triangular iron wire. 
T64. Ill 

873 Gough, Edward, AUentown, Pa.— 
Turned rolls. T 65. iix 

874 Bay State Iron Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Homogeneous iron boiler plates and 
iron. T 64. xix 

875 Co-operative Iron & Steel Works, 
Danville, Pa. — T and street passenger 
railroad iron. T 63. iii 

876 ShaJter, R. M., Carrick Furnace, 
FrsmkUn coumy. Pa.— Cold-blast pig iron. 
Ttfj III 

For chutes of exhibits. Indicated by numbers 

377 Philadelphia & Reading Railroad 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Rails. T 72. m 

378 Mintzer, S.J. W., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Silicon steel. T 63. xii 

879 Shelby Iron Co., Shelby Iron 
Works, Ala. — Charcoal pig iron, chilled 
castings, wire rods, cotton ties. T 71. iii 

880 Chrome Steel Co., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
— Chrome steel, with samples snowing 
tortional, tensile, and compressive strength; 
welded chrome steel and iron ; ingredients 
of manufacture. T 64. iii 

381 Cartw right, McCurdy, & Co., 
Ymmgstown, O. — Hoop, band, and horse- 
shoe iron and steel. V 63 ana T 64. 11 1 

882 Burton, J. P., Massillon, O.— Iron 
from Massillon Furnace. V 63. 11 x 

383 Rockhill Iron & Ooal Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Pig iron. T 72. xii 

384 Tecumseh Iron Co., Tecumsch, 
Ala. — Charcoal pig iron, limestone, char- 
coal. T 70. XIX 

385 Albany & Rensselaer Iron & Steel 

Co., Troy, N. Y. — Bessemer steel and 
iron rails, plates, merchant bars, axles, 
horseshoes, etc. T 68. iii 

386 Nes, Charles M.. York, Pa.— Silicon 
steel ; steel and steel capped raib. T 63. 


388 Grand Tower Mining, Manufac 
turing, & Transportation Co., Grand 
Tower, 111. — Iron ore products; cokes. T 
68. XIX 

389 Globe Rolling Mill Co., Cincinnati. 
O. — Specialties, Globe Norway iron ana 
Globe refined iron. Iron, T 63. ixx 

390 Lackawanna Iron & Coal Co.. 
Scranton, Pa. — Steel and iron railroad 
bars. T 63. iix 

391 Passaic Rolling Mill Co., Paterson. 
N. J. — Rolled iron, rivets, nuts. T 

64. IIX 

392 Cox, Justice, jr., & Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Pig, bar, sheet, tank, pipe, and 
angle iron; spikes, railway car axles. 
T 70. IIX 

894 Rogers, J. & J., Iron Co., Ausable 
Forks, N. Y. — Round and square iron and 
charcoal billets for steel, from Palmer 
ore. T 62. Ill 

895 Vesuvius Furnace, Etna Iron 

Works, I ronton, Ohio. — Pig iron, cold 
blast charcoal car- wheel iron. T 68. xii 

396 Etna Furnace, Etna Iron Co., 
Hangine Rock, O. — Pig iron, cold-blast 
charcoal car-wheel iron. T 68. m 

397 Alice Furnace, Etna Iron Works, 
Hanging Rock, O. — Pig iron, " Whit- 
well ovens," and Ferry process. T68. iii 

397'Y Briar Hill Iron & Coal Company, 
Youngstown, O. — Pig iron of various 
grades. V 61 to 64. xix 

898 Blanche Furnace, Etna Iron 

Works, Ironton, Ohio. — Pig irons, Whit- 
well hot blast and Ferry process. T 
68. Ill 

399 Heda Iron & Mining Co. (John 
Campbell, President), Ironton, O. — Pig 
iron, cold blast charcoal car-wheel irons. 
T 68. ^^^ 

39f^* StTUX.YvWS \TOtV Co.,Hovi.Tt^Kfc\.QW'ft.., 
O.— Bessetivct, fewwdt>j, ^xA ««Ji ^«^'t^^ 

pig \TOTV. N 6\ to ^"i- 

at end o£ eavtvea, see Oaaslv^wca-Mvi^^^^^^* -^-t-^V 


Metallurgical Products. 

400 Monitor Furnace Co., Ironton, 
O. — Pig iron, cold blast charcoal car- 
wheel Iron. T 68. xii 

401 Mount Vernon Furnace, Hiram 
Campbell & Sons, I ronton, O. — Pie iron, 
hoi blast charcoal foundry iron. T68. iix 

401 A Brooke, E. & Q., Birdsboro\ Pa.— 
Keystone pig iron. T 67. ixi 

402 Grant Furnace, W. D. Kelly & 
Sons, Ironton, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal irons. T 68. iiz 

403 Center Furnace. W. D. Kelly & 
Sons, Ironton, O.— Pig iron, hot olast 
charcoal irons. T 68. iii 

404 Howard Furnace Charcoal Iron 
Co., ironton, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal irons. T 68. zzi 

405 Buckhora Furnace, Charcoal Iron 
Co., Ironton, O.— Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal irons. T 68. iii 

406 Olive Furnace, Campbell, McGu- 

fin, & Co., Ironton, O. — Pig iron, hot 
last charcoal iron. T 68. iii 

407 Lawrence Furnace Co., Ironton. 
O. — Pig iron, hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. Ill 

408 Pine Grove Furnace. Means, Kyle, 
& Co., Hanging Rock, O,— Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal irons. T 68. izz 

409 Ohio Furnace, Means, Kyle, & Co., 
Hanging Rock, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. T 68. iiz 

410 Ironton Furnace Iron and Steel 
Co., Ironton, O. — Pig iron. Player hot 
blast. T 68. in 

411 Bel font Iron Works, Ironton, 
O.— Pig iron. Player hot blast. T 68. 


412 Washington Furnace, Union Iron 
Co., Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. T 68. in 

413 Scioto Furnace, L. C. Robinson & 
Co., Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron.' T 68. in 

414 Bloom Furnace, John Paul & Co., 
Portsmouth, C— Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T68. in 

415 Clinton Furnace,W. I. Bell,Wheel- 
ersburg, O. — Pig uon, hot blast charcoal 
iron. T68. in 

416 Buckeye Furnace Co., Jackson. 
O. — Pig ut)n, hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. in 

417 Cambria Furnace, D. Lewis & Co., 
Samsonville. C— Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T 68. in 

418 Jackson Furnace, L. P. N. Smith's 
heirs. Sciotoville, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. T 68. in 

419 Jefferson Furnace Co., Oak Hill, 
O. — Pig iron; cold blast charcoal car- 
wheel and machinery iron. T 68. in 

420 Orange Iron Co., Jackson, O.— Pig 
iron, hot blast Jackson county stone cosd 
iron. T 68. iti 

421 Star Fumare Co., Jackson, O.— Pig 
iron, hot blast Jackson county stone coal 

iron. T 68. m 

4SS Huron Iron Co., Jackson, C— Pig 
iron, hot blast Jackson county stone coal 
iron. T68. 

428 Tropic Furnace Co., Jackson, O.— 

Pig iron, hot blast Jackson county stone 
coal iron. T 68. zii 

424 Globe Iron Co., Jackaon, O.— Pig 

iron, hot blast Jackson county stone coed 
iron. T 68. m 

425 Fulton Furnace, Globe Iron Co., 
Jackson, C— Pie iron, hot blast Jackson 
county stone coal iron. T 68. in 

426 Ophir Furnace Co., Jackson, O.— 

Hot blast pig iron. T 68. nx 

427 Milton Furnace ft Cosl Co., 
Wellston, O. — Pig iron, Jackson county 
softener iron. T 68. nx 

428 Wellston Coal & Iron Co., Wells- 
ton, O.— Pig iron, Jackson county stone 
coal iron. T 68. m 

429 Lincoln Furnace, I. M. McQhee*s 

estate, Rud's Mills, C— Pig iron, cold 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. ni 

480 Eagle Furnace, L. C. Damarin & 
Co., Rud's Mills. O.— Pig iron, hot blast 

charcoal ht>n. T 68. 

481 Richland Furnace Co.. Richland 
P. 0., O.— Pig iron, hot blast charcoal 
iron. T 68. m 

482 Hope Furnace, L. C. Damarin & 
Co., Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. nx 

483 Hamden Furnace, L. C. Damarin 
& Co., Portsmouth, C— ^Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. ni 

484 Vinton Furnace, Bancroft. Rader, 
& Co., Vinton Station, C— Pig iron, 

* coke i 

hot blast bituminous coal i 

; irons. 

485 Keystone Furnace Co., Porta- 
moutn, 0.— Pig iron, hot blast charcoal 
iron. T 68. in 

486 Monroe Furnace, Union Iron Co., 

Portsmouth, O, —Pig iron, hot blast char^ 
coal iron. T 68. ni 

487 Latrobe Furnace, Bundy ft Cobb, 
Berlin Cross-roads, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. in 

488 Logan Furnace Co., Logan county, 
O.— Pig iron, hot blast charcoal ' 


T 68. Ill 

489 Union Furnace, Brooks ft Hueston, 
HaydensvUle, C — Pig iron, hoc blast 
charcoal iron. T 68. lu 

440 Pascal Iron Works, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Cast iron work for Main Exhioitioa 
Building. m 

441 Lewis, Oliver, ft Phillipa, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. — Iron in merchant bars and odd 
shapes. T 64. ixx 

442 Roberts, Henry, Newark, N. I.— 

Iron, Bessemer steel, and cast steel wne. 
N69. m 

448 Andrews, Hitchcock, ft Co., Clavo- 
land, O. — Merchant bar and sheet ins. 

V 61 to 64. Ill 

444 Mount Savage Furnace. Lextactoa 
& Carter county Minins ft Maanlactnriag 
Co., Lexington, Kv.— Pig iroa, hot blast 

cVtaxcoai uon. T 68. ixt 

W4ea YUtatod T>XTti«»b ^A^.'H^^^l^x* 

for location of objects, indicated by letter and fisurei««« ^5^ xo'^ousaou, v- -a^*. 



Metallurgical Products. 

446 Buffalo Furnace, Culbertson, Ear- 
hart, & Co., Grecnupsburg, Ky. — Pig iron, 
hot and cold blast charcoal iron. T 
68. zxx 

446<* Andrews & Hitchcock, Youngs- 
town, O. — ^Scotch, foundry, foi^ge, and mill 
iron. V 6x to 64. xxx 

446 Hunnewell Furnace, Eastern Ken- 
tucky Railway Co., Riverton, Ky. — Pie 
iron, hot blast chaxcoal foundry iron. T 
68. zzz 

446« Likine Iron Co., Newark, O.— Pig 
iron. V ox to 64. zzz 

447 Pennsylvania Furnace, Eastern 
Kentucky Railway Co., Riverton. Ky.— 
Pig iron, hot blast charcoal foundry iron. 
T 68. xxx 

448 Charlotte Furnace Co., Riverton, 
Ky. — Pig iron, hot blast charcoal foundry 
iron. T 68. xxx 

449 Laurel Furnace, Robert Scott & 
Co., Riverton, Ky. — Pig iron, cold blast 
charcoal car-wheel iron. 1 T 68. xxx 

450 Gallia Furnace, Norton, Campbell, 
& Co.- Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. zxx 

451 Raccoon Mining and Manufactur- 
ing Co., Riverton, Ky. — Pig iron, hot and 
cold blast charcoal iron. T 68. xix 

452 Ashland Furnace, Lexington & 
Big Sandy Railroad Co.. Ashland, Ky.— 
Pig iron, bituminous coal, and Player hot 
blast. T 68. xxx 

453 Bellefonte Furnace. Means. Rus- 
sell, & Means, Ashland, Ky. — Pig iron, 
hot blast charcoal foundry iron. T 68. xxx 

454 Norton Iron Works, Ashland. 
Ky. — Pig iron, nail plate, nails. T 
68. HI 

455 BuenaVipta Furnace, Means & Co., 
Ashland, Ky. — Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T 63. xxx 

456 Trigg Furnace, D. Hillman & Sons, 
Empire Iron Works, Ky. — Pig iron, cin- 
ders, etc. ; hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. zxx 

457 Center Furnace. D. Hillman & 
Sons, Empire Iron Works, Ky.— Pig iron, 
hot blast charcoal iron. T 68. 11 x 

458 Empire Iron Works, Trigg county. 
Ky.— Samples of boiler plate and refinea 
charcoal iron. T 68. ziz 

459 Cleveland Malleable Iron Co., 
Cleveland, O. — Malleable iron castings 
and tackle blocks ; fifth wheels. T 55. 11 x 

460 Traber & Aubery, Cincinnati, 

O. — Broken car- wheels, chill tests, and 
castings from Hanging Rock pig iron ; pig 
iron. T 68. xxx 

461 Hanging Rock Iron Region, Iron- 
ton, O.— Pig iron. T 68. xxx 

462 Sellers, William, & Co., Edgemoor 
Iron Co., Wilmington, Del. — Wrought 
and cast iron work for Main Exhibition 
Building. xxx 

463 Roberts, A. & P., Pencoyd Rolling 
Mills, Philadelphia. Pa.— Wrought iron 
work for Main Exhibition Building. xxx 

464 Monia.Taaker, A Co.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Cast iron work for Main Exhibition 
Building, ^^^ 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

465 Watson Manufacturing Co.. Pater- 
son, N. J. — Iron framework of the Mair 
Exhibition Building. zxx 

466 Pusey, Jones. & Co., Wilmington, 
Del. — Iron work for Machinery Hall, zxx 

467 State of Michigan (Jay A. Hubbell, 
Houghton, Mich., Superintendent of Min- 
eral Department). — V 67. 

a Pig, ingot, ana manufactured iron and 
steel. I XX 

6 Ingot, bar, and rolled copper in its various 
stages. ZZ3 

e Maps, models, stamp-mill model, etc. zao 

468 Manhattan Brass Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Sheet brass; brass, copper, and 
zinc tubing; brass goods, nickel-plated 
oilers, etc. T 65. xxa 

469 Pope, Cole, & Co., Baltimore Copper 
Co., Baltimore, Md. — Specimens of cop- 
per mattes and slags, and refined copper ; 
metallurgical products. T 64. ixa 

470 Revere Copper Co., Boston, Mass. 
—Copper and yellow metal sheets and 
bars; tinned metal for stove reservoirs; 
bronze cannon cast by a patented process. 

T 64. 1X3 

471 Pennsylvania Lead Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. — Refined pig lead from ores of 
Colorado and Utah. T 63. ZX3 

472 Benedict & Burnham Manufactur- 
ing Co., Waterbury, Conn. — Sheet brass. 
German silver, brass tubing, rods, and 
wire, lamp burners, etc. T 6x. XX3 

478 Passaic Zinc Co., Passaic, N. J.— 
Zinc ingots, foil, castings, and oxide ; sheet 
zinc. T 63. XZ3 

47Sa Crocker Bros. & Co., Taunton, 
Mass.—T 6z. 

a Copper and yellow metal. zia 

^ Zinc. ZX3 

474 Holmes, Booth, &Haydens, Water- 
bury, Conn. — Brass and German silver 
wire, tubing, rivets, lamp trimmings, burn- 
ers. T 61. 1x3 

476 Matthiessen & Hegeler Zinc Co., 
La Salle, III. — Refined spelter; sheet tin 
to show the thickness of the common num- 
bers. Various sizes of casks for shipment. 
Rolled zinc plates for galvanic batteries, 

I lithographing, etc. T 70. 1x3 

477 Wharton, Joseph, Camden, N. J.— 
Nickel goods. T 63. X14 

478 Taylor, N. & G., Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Tin plate patterns. T 62. X14 

480 Scovill Manufacturing Co., Water- 
burv. Conn. — Sheet brass ; German silver, 
gold and silver plated metal; lamps and 
trimmings; hinges, buttons, thimbles, 
castors, metal tubes, etc. P 67. 114 

481 Ansonia Brass & Copper Co., An- 

sonia, Conn. — Brass and copper goods, 
sheet metal and wire, planished brass and 
copper. T 54. xx4 

482 Waterbury Brass Co., Waterbury, 
Conn., and 52 Beekman street. New York, 
N. Y. — Brass and German silver in sheets, 
rolls, wire, and tubes ; brass kettles, cop- 
per and brass rivets and bolts ; percussion 
caps, all qualities ; powder flasks, shot 
belts and pouches; ^anve b^<^^ Ts^^Xai^N.*;:. 
eyc\ets,a.TvAxaLpt\ut'asv««s». v ^. "".\ 

[ Couu.-Su\vVvaVe& ol ^>g^^» ^asscsaaTcv^, 

at end oC eviitles, ste O^AsK^c^'Cio^^^?^- '^I-'^V 


Mining Engineering. 

Mining Engineering. 

484 Holley, Alexander L., New York, 
N. Y. — Exhibit relating to metallurgical 
cngi nceri ng . ( JVest galU ry.) 1 20 

485 State of New Jersey (by Geo. H. 
Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswick, 
N. !.)• — Geological maps, mine maps, mine 
and vein models. T 70. lai 

485<> Lowe, S. B.j Chattanooga, Tenn. 
— Map of Chattanooga iron district. X 
63. 120 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, 

486 Prince, Franklin, & Bullock, E. L., 
Audenried, Pa. — Moidel of the What ton 
anthracite coal vein at Beaver Brook 
collieries, Audenried, Pa. T 60. 121 

487 Hanford, Theodore, Jersey City, 

N.J. — Specimen of the strata of the Grav- 
elpit Gold Mines of Ballarat, Victoria, 
Australia. T 64. xax 

488 Charleston, S. C. MiniBgA Maou- 
facturing Co., Philadelphia, Fa. — Model 
of their works. Y 60. lai 

, see Key to Notation, p. 35 ; ground plan, p. 26. 

American Newspaper Union. 

A. J. AIEENS, President. 

New York Newsp^er Union, | 3,5 Newspapers, 13.00 per line, per week. 

x48andx5oWorthSt., New York. J r r f r jr 

} 120 
} 200 
} 145 


$ .75 

Chicago Newspaper Union, 

XX4 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Milwaukee Newspaper Union, 

365 East Water St., Milwaukee. 

Aikens Newspaper Union, 

X43 Race St., Cincinnati. 

Southern Newspaper Union, 

227 Second St., Memphis, Tenn. 

St Paul Newspaper Union, 

17 Wabashaw St., St. Paul, Minn, 


Co-operative newspaper printing, as now practised, originated in Wisconsin twelve years ago. 
It is termed co^eraixxfe for the reason that one side of each of the newspapers is printed at a 
central office, and the paper sent in its half-printed state to the home office, where it is completed 
with editorials, local news, and other matter prepared by the editor or publisher. In December, 
X846, the idea of co-operation, wtiA advertisements , occurred to Mr. Aikens, while yet serving 
his time as an apprentice, in printing the message of President Polk on one side of a country 
newspaper of New England at Boston, and the other half being printed at the local office. 

Mr. A. J. Aikens, a practical printer and business man, conceived the idea of reducing the 
cost of ready-printed paper, as it is now termed, to country publishers, by making an agreement 
with them to use a certain space in each of their papers for advertisements that he might procure. 
Thk plan of co-eperation he put into practice twelve years ago, at the office of Cramer, Aikens 
& Cramer, Milwaukee. It at once became successful, leading to the establishment of co-operative 
newspaper printing-offices in Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Memphis, St. Paul, and 
other places. There are now over two thousand newspapers printed upon the co-operative plan 
in the United States and Canadas, and the number is constantly increasing, it having more than 
doubled in the last five years. The enterprise is no longo: an experiment, but an established suc- 
cess, and the system is one yielding manifold advantages to advertisers as well as to local pub- 

The Amdcaa Newspaper tTnion . 

Is essentially national. The papers represented in it are located in all the States of the Union 
and in nearly five hundred county seats. They circulate over the whole area of die coimtry 
from Maine to Colorado, distributing at least one hundred copies every year to each sqtiare mile 
0/ the settled portions of the United States. 

m Although, as a whole, the Union List is national, covering all sections, it is so made up of 
different members as to be susceptible of easy division into sections — East, Middle, West, South. 
The distribution of the papers is as follows : 

New England 78 

New York lox 

New Jersey 27 

Pennsylvania 65 

Virginia 24 

No. and So. Carolina . . 24 

Ohio X33 

Indiana , . 8x 

Illinois 1x7 

Michigan 86 

Wisconsin 98 

Tennessee ....... 29 

Kentucky 29 

Minnesota 79 

Iowa 85 

Nebraska 15 

Missouri X7 

Georgia xo 

Alabama 32 

Louisiana xx 

Mississippi 29 

Other States 46 


The circulation of these papers is large and constantly increasing. It is larger than the cir- 
culation of any other lists or combinations of country papcn vo. \!tifc "Vixivwj^. "SAjiX^sr— "CB^Saax 
aggregate weekly circulation being seven hundred thousand trotn l/iwudrti, and tKtrt:^ co^«» 



strong. Pure, and Rich Blood, Increase of Flesh and Weight, Clear Skin, and BeauUful Con»< 
plexion secured to all through 


Every drop of the Sarsaparillian Resolvent communicates chroug^ the Blood, Sweat, Urine, 
and other fluids and juices of the system the vigor of life, for it repairs the wastes of the body 
with new and sound material. Scrofula, Consumption, Glandular Disease, Ulcers in the Throat, 
Mouth, Tumors, Nodes in the Glands and other parts of the system, Sore Eyes, Strumous Dis- 
charges from the Ears, and the worst forms of Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Fever Sores, Scald 
Head, Ring Worm, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Acne, Black Spots, Worms in the Flesh, Tumors, 
and all Weakening and Painful Discharges and Night Sweats are within the curative range of 
this wonder of Modem Chemistry, and a few days' use will prove to any person using it for 
either of these forms of disease, its potent power to cure them. If the patient, daily becoming 
reduced by the wastes and decomposition that are continually progressing, succeeds in arresting 
these wastes, and repairs the same with new material, made from healthy blood, and this the 
Sarsaparillian will and does secure, a cure is certain ; for, when once this remedy commences its 
work of purification and succeeds in diminishing the loss of wastes, its repairs will be rapid, and 
every day the patient will feel himself growing better and stronger, the food digesting better, 
appetite improving, and flesh, and weight increasing. Not only does the Sarsapariluan Rb- 
soLVENT excel all known remedial agents in the cure of Chronic, Scrofulous, Constitutional, and 
Skin Diseases, but it is the only positive cure for Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Diseases, Gravel, 
Diabetes, Dropsy, Stoppage of Water, Incontinence of Urine, Bright's Disease, Albuminaria, 
and in all cases where there are brickdust deposits, or the water is thick, cloudy, mixed with 
substance like the white of an egg, or threads like white silk, or there is a morbid, dark, bilious 
appearance, and white bonedust deposits, and when there is a pricking, burning sensation when 
passing water, and pain in the Small of the Back along the Loins. 

Tumor of 12 years' growth cured by Radway's Resohrent 

Beverly, Mass.. July x8th, X869. 
Dr. Radway : I have had Ovarian Tumor in the ovaries and bowels. All the doctors said 
** there tuas no help for it." I tried everything that was recommended, but nothine hdped me. 
I saw your Resolvent, and thought I would try it, but had no faith in it, because I nad suffered 
for TWELVE YEARS. I took six bottles of the Resolvent, one box of Radway's Pills, and 
used two bottles of your READY RELIEF, and there is not a sign of a tumor to be seen or felt, 
and I feel BETTER, SMARTER, and happier than I have for twelve years. The worst tumor 
was in the left side of the bowels, over the groin. I write this tb you for the benefit of others. 
You can publish if you choose. ♦ ♦ * * HANNAH P. KNAPP. 


Cures the worst x>ains in from one to twenty minutes. Not one hour after reading this advertise- 
ment need any one sufler with pain. Radway's Ready Relief is a cure for every pain. It was 
the first and is THE ONLY PAIN REMEDY \^2X instantly stops the most excruciating pains, 
allays Inflammations, and cures Congestions, whether of the Lungs, Stomach, Bowels, or other 
glands or organs, by one application, in front one to twenty minutes. No matter how violent or 
excruciating the pain the Rheumatic, Bedridden, Infirm, Crippled, Nervous, Neuralgic, or pros- 
trated with disease may suffer. 

Will afford instant ease. Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the Bladder, Inilaiiuitt- 
tion of the Bowels, Congestion of the Lungs, Sore Throat, Diflicult Breathing, Palpitation of the 
Heart, Hysterics, Croup, Diphtheria, Catarrh, Influenza, Headache, Toothache, Neuralgia, 
Rheumatism, Cold Chills, Ague Chills. The application of the READY RELIEF to the part * 
or parts where the pain or difficulty exists will aifford ease and comfort. Twenty drops in a half 
tumbler of water will, in a few moments, cure Cramps, Spasms, Sour Stomach, Heartburn, Sick 
Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Colic, Wind in the Bowels, and all Internal Pains. Travelers 
should always carry a bottle of RADWAY'S RELIEF with them. A few drops in water wUl 
prevent sickn^s or pains from change of water. It is better than French' Braiidy or Bitters as a 

FEVER AND AGUE cured for fifty cents. There is not a remedial agent In this wofM 
that will cure Fever and Ague and all other Malarious, Bilious, Scarlet, Typhoid, Yellow, and 
other Fevers (aided by RADWAY'S PILLS) as quick as RADWAY'S READY REUEF. 
Fifty cents per bottle. 


Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated, for the cure of all Disorders of the Stomach, Liver, Bowds, 

Kidneys. Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Headache, Constipation, Costivenesfc, Indige$ition, Dys- 

pepsia. Biliousness, Bilious Fever, Inflammation of the Bowels, Piles, and aJl' Derangements o( 

the IiJtemaJ Viscera. Warranted to effect a Positive Cute. V^KOW KY'S PILLS will free the 

tystem from all the above-named disorders. Price, a$ ceux& pet >qox.. 

Read FALSE AND TRUE. Send one Aettet stamp ^o 'Rmtnkx %l Ca.«^^. ^^vsm 
direct. New York. Information worth tiiousan*^ v/Vft. \>e seuV 'jou. 




{North of Nave, Columns 23 tojS.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 West Cumberland Iron & Steel Co. 
(limited), Workington, Cumberland. 

a Iron ores. 100 

i Coal and coke. loi 

c Limestone. 103 

I0 Whitwell, Thomas, Stockton-on- 
Tees.— Cumberland ores. 100 

2 Wigan Coal & Iron Co. (limited), Wi- 
gan, Lancashire, England. — Onnel and 
gas coal. loi 

3 Penrose & Richards, Swansea, 
South Wales.— Coke fuel. 101 

4 Dixon, Frederick, London.— Patent 

fuel. * loi 

5 Dudgeon, Arthur, Westminster, 
London. — Peat fuel, mauufactured by the 
Irish Peat Fuel Co. 101 

6 Lindlev, Robert Charles, Mansfield, 

Nottinghamshire. — Stones from the Mans- 
field quarries. 102 

7 Cwmorthin Slate Co. (limited), 
Portmadoc, North Wales. — Roofing 
slates. 102 

8 Hunter, James, Aberdeen, Scotland. 
— Red polished granite monument. 102 

9 Macdonald, Field, & Co., Aberdeen 
Granite Works, Aberdeen, Scotland. — 
Polished red granite monument. 102 

1 Pen-yr-orsedd Slate Quarry Co. (lim- 
ited), Carnarvon, North Wales. — Roofing 
slates, slate slabs, cisterns, ri^es for roofs, 
billiard slabs, slate partly manufac- 
tured. 102 

11 Shearer. Smith, & Co., Dalbeattie 

Granite Quarries, Scotland, — Scotch pol- 
ished granite, and street paving 
blocks. 102 

12 Bessbrook Granite Works, Bess- 
brook, Ireland. — Blue and gray Irish 
granites in headstones, monuments, and 
building work. 102 

13 Great North of Scotland Granite Co. 

(limited), Peterhead, Scotland. — Monu- 
mental pedestal and vase in polished red 
granite. 102 

13a Campbell, Hugh, & Son, Newry.— 
Polished granite. 102 

x4 Hollick & Co., Greenwich, London. 

— Portland cement. 103 

15 Patent Selenitic Cement Co. (limi- 
ted), London. — Method of preparing lime 
for mortar, for plastering and brickwork, 
and also for concrete. 103 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

16 Wouldham Cement Co., Wouldham. 

on-the-Medway, Kent, England. — Port- 
land cement and its ingredients in differ- 
ent stages of manufacture. Concrete 
blocks and other objects made there- 
from, 103 

17 Lavers, Alfred Hamilton, London.— 
Portland cement, test blocks, cements, 
plaster of Paris, whiting, 103 

Ifa Busse, G., & Co., London. — Ce- 
ment. Z03 

18 Francis & Co., Clrfife Creek, Roches- 
ter. — Cements, cement concrete, parian 
scagliola, and decorated parian. 103 

19 Grays Chalk Quarries Co. (limited) 
Grays, Essex. 

a Chalk, whiting, kilndried chalk, gilders' 

whiting. 103 

6 Flint. 106 

20 Eastwood & Co. (limited), 
don. — Portland cement. 



21 Pike, William Joseph, 

Dorsetshire. — Clays. 


22 Harrison, George King, Lye & Bret- 
tell Lane Fire Clay Mines & Brick Works, 
Stourbridge, England. — Stourbridge fire 
clays. 104 

23 Dunn, Robert, & Co., St. Austell, 
Cornwall. — China clay, in its raw mate- 
rial ; samples for potting, bleaching, paper 
manufacturing, etc. 104 

24 Oakey, John, & Sons, Wellington 

Mills, London. — Crude emery stone; 
grain emery ; flour emery. 106 

24<x Star Plate & Universal Polishing 
Powder Co., London. — Plate and polish- 
ing powder. icj6 

Metallurgical Produots. 

25 Johnson, Matthey, & Co., London. 

— Articles in platinum; rare and pre- 
cious metals. no 

26 Wigan Coal & Iron Co. (limited), 
Wigan, Lancashire, — Hematite, foundry, 
and forge pig iron. 1 1 1 

27 Great Western Iron Co., Soudley 
Newnham. — Pig iron. 1 1 1 

28 West Cumberland Iron & Steel Co. 
(limited), Workington, Cumberland. — 
Pig iron, spiegeleisen, granulated blast 
furnace slag, Bessemer slteV \tv \Jcve. vw^px.', 

\)Q\\eTatvd\iT\A?,e \\?L\.e.s, x^\\^vs.-j ^^vc*., 
etc. ; sampXes \\\\x?.\.ra.\:vcv^ x^cvt vt^v«v«2» ^^^ 
stee\ , awd \\& meV.v\\wT??j . 
at end of entnes, see e\^s\^c^uo^>V&- "^VKV 


Metallurgical Products. 

89 Smith; Frederick, & Co., Caledonia 
Works, Halifax, Yorkshire.— Rope, rig- 
giu);, tclcgn^ih, card, reed, and bonnet 
wire : in^n in its various stages of manu- 
facture into wire. xix 

30 Houghton, William Dickson, War- 
riitgton. — Wire for special and general 
purposes. iii 

ZO* Tavler, D. P., & Co., New Hall 
Works, Birmingham. — Iron, steel, brass, 
and copper wire. xix 

31 Edge & Sons, Coalport Works, 
Shropshire. — Wire ropes and chains for 
mining and engineering piuposes. xix 

31« Hawksworth, Ellison, & Co., Car- 
lisle Works. Sheffield. — Steel, and articles 
made therefrom. iix 

38 Aah & Lacy, Qlobe Works, Stafford- 
shire. — Ivalvaniied. tinned, plain, and 
corrugated iron sheets; perforated sine, 
mctab. etc. xxx 

38** Ward ft. Payne, Sheffield.— 
Steel. xxx 

38^ Whitwell, Thomas, Stockton-on- 
Tees.— Pig iron. IX I 

33 Cammell, Charles, ft Co. (limited^ 
O V Kn* Steel & livn Works. Sheffiad.— 
Kv^led ir>>n armcor pUtes. xxx 

34 Siemens. Charles William, London. 
— Spccimeits of iron and steel. 1 1 x 

344 lesaop, William, ft Sons Oiinited\ 
Snctlicid. — Stc^l in lors, sheets, ami 
Ur^ Ami snxjiU plate*. in 

For cUsscs of exhibits, indicated by aumbers 

84^ Hatton, Sons, ft Co., Bilston, Staf- 
a Charcoal sheet iron. iii 

6 Charcoal tin plates. 113 

85 Baldwin, E. P. ft W., Wilden 
Works, near Stourport. 
a Button and sheet iron black plates. 11 z 
6 Tin and teme plates; tinned sheets. 113 
85o Warrington Wire Rope AVorks, 
Liverpool. — ^Wire ropes, cord, etc. 11 1 

36 Brown, Johnfft Co. (limited), Atlas 
Steel & Iron Works, Sheffield.— Armor 
^ates ; naval eng^eering. {M Machinery 
Hall,) III 

87 Swansea Tin Plate Co., The Tin ft 
Teme Plate Manufacturers, Swansea Tin 
Plate Works, Swansea.— Tin and teme 
plates. 113 

38 Nash, Henry, ft Co., Liverpool.— 
Tin and terae plates, blade plate, and 
patent continuous roofing teme plate. 113 

39 Governor & Company of Copper 
Miners in Ea^and, JLondon. — ^Tin and 
teme plates. 113 

40 Morewood, B., ft Co., Llanelly. 

m Tin and teme plates. 113 

h Maduacs for maimfactuiiag tm and terne 

plate, and galvanized sheet iron. 51a 

41 Phosphor Bronse Co. (limited), 
London. — Phosphor brooae tools, locks, 
keys, tubes, wire, sheet, steam fittings, 
parts of machinery. • X14 

(A: B, Et^Rsk ExkHits im this di- 
/jrttm^ml one also im s tallt d im Agricultit- 
raJ Na*l, amJ cMal^tgmed m IMmI volumu.) 
at cad of eatries, see dassificatMa, pp. «7S5* 




{North of Nave ^ Columns 10 to 77.) 

Stone, Mining Products, Metallurgical Products. 

KiHeralf, Orei, StoiiA, Mining 

1 Parapara Iron & Coal Co., Nelson. 

a Brown hematite ore. xoo 

b Coal firom the Aorere river. Xoi 

c Limestone used as a flux for hematite 

ore. X03 

2 Johnstone Bros., Nelson. — Hematite 
iron ore. xoo 

8 Nelson Committee, Nelson. 

a Iron, plumbago, galena, zinc blende, cop- 
per, antimony, and argentiferous lead 
ores. 100 

h Coal from Coalbrookdale, Mount Roch- 
fort, and Reefton. xox 

e Marble from Ruatanuka, Golden fiay. loa 

d Porcelain clays from Pakawau and Rua^ 
tanuka ; steatite from Golden Gully, Col- 
lingwood. X04 

4 Louisson, T. B., Nelspn.— Iron ore, 
calcined iron ore. xoo 

5 Washboum, ^V. B., Nelson.— Ar- 
gentiferous lead ore. xoo 

6 Taranaki Committee. 

Titanic iron sand, older tertiary marl, 
trachyte pebble, trachyte with crystals of 
hornblende, trachyte cast, hornblende, 
obsidian, nephrite, taranakite, carne- 
lian. xoo 

h Lignite firom Urenui. loi 

c Pouers' clay finom Urenui. X04 

7 Colonial Museum* Wellington.— 
James Hector, Director. 

Collection of minerals, containing mag- 
netic iron, hematite, chrome, copper, lead, 
zinc, and manganese ores. 100 

i Specimens illustrating the classification of 
New Zealand coaLs; petroleums from 
Sugar Loaf Point, Waiapu,Waipawa. lox 

e Marble from Colllngwood, Nelson. 102 

d Steatite from Parapara Valley,Nelson. 104 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

8 Kennedy Brothers, Nelson. 

a Coal from the Bnmner Mine, and coke 

manufactured from it. xox 

b Raw and ground fire clay. X04 

9 Albion Coal Co., Nelson.— Coal from 
Ngakauau. xox 

10 Reid, Alexander W., Canterbury.— 
Coal from Kowai Pass. xox 

11 Oakden,J.J., Canterbury.— Anthra- 
cite coal from Lake Coleridge. xox 

12 Rowley, Wilson, & Co., Otago.— 
Coal from Shag Point, Palmerston. • xox 

IS Ross, A., Poverty Bay, Auckland.— 
PetroMum. lox 

14 Wilson, W., Christchurch.— Hewn 
white and yeUow limestone. xoa 

Metallnrgioal Produots. 

15 New Zealand Commissioners. — 

Specimens of alluvial gold and gold-bear- 
. ing quartz from Auckland, Westland, and 
Otago, collected by the Bank of New Zea- 
land, no 

1 6 Government of New Zealand. — Spec- 
imens of alluvial gold from Nelson and 
Westland, and of^auriferous quartz from 
the west coast ; specimens of alluvial gold 
from Otago ; bars of melted and refined 
gold : bars of chloride of silver, and sil- 
ver; model representing gold exported 
from New Zealand 1862-75. xxo 

17 Nelson Committee.— Specimens of 
auriferous quartz from Rguton. 1x0 

18 Reefton Committee.— Specimens of 
auriferous qtiartz from the Inangahua and 
Lyell districts. Nelson. xxo 

19 ToUiurst. George E., Bank of New 
Zealand, Wellington. — Models of gold in- 
gots, xxo 

at exy^ of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 



MlwrtH- tm^ S%mk Kxbic ¥t%> 

«>»£ 3e*/. .K«»> «eHirwj«t»|pu»M MJMt, jmK ^arr ^ 

««L ».- 1$ Be«««. TlMu^ fTilij^ Bri^Ce. 

It jKa^mrmffc & 
$ C<«o]!mr. S i ^< i < fc i l L 3 55^«*g - — lINc^ 

■<x- mtivEtnttK, xac 





{North of Nave, Columns ri to ij.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Products. 


Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Collection of Rocks, Minerala, and 

Fossils, illustrative of the geology, miner- 
alogy, and mining resources of Victoria, 
exhioited for, and on behalf of the Gov- 
ernment, by R. Brough Smyth, F.G.S., 
F.L.S., Assoc. Inst. C.E., Secretary for 
Mines, and Chief Inspector of Mines for 
the colony. zoo 

a Older i^eous or plutonic rocks. 

6 Newer igneous or volcanic rocks. 

c Aqueous rocks. 

d Upper Silurian. 

e Upper palaeozoic. 
y Mesozoic-carbonaceous. 
Collection of mineral specimens. 

t Economic collection : auriferous quartz. 

A Fac-similes of gold nuggets found in Vic- 

/ Economic minerals. 

m Fossil fruit. 

2 Acadia Catherine Gold Mining Com- 
pany, Sandhurst. — Golden stone. loo 

8 Bleasdale, J. I., Melbourne.— Collec- 
tion of gems and precious stones, consisting 
of diamonds, blue sapphires, oriental eme- 
ralds, rubies, aqua-marines, topazes, 
spinels, beryls, opals, garnets, tourma- 
lines, etc. loo 

4 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 

a Fac-simues of nuggets found in Victoria, 
and mineralogicaPand geolt^cal speci- 
mens, zoo 
^ Coal. zoz 
c Sawn slate, block of granite, polished 
marble. xos 
d Limestones from Major Plains. Z03 
# Black clay, clay and sand; kaolin 
clay. 104 
y Sharpening stones from Wangunyah. zo6 

5 Costerfield Gold & Antimony Mining 
Co., Melbourne. — Antimony ore. zoo 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at 

6 Hanckar, J. H. H., Melbourne.— 
Nickel ore from the Boa Kaine Mine, 
New Caledonia. zoo 

7 McQie, James, & Co., Melbourne.— 
Nickel ore. zoo 

8 Shenandoah Gold Mining Co., Sand- 
hurst. — Gold-bearing quartz. zoo 

9 Mining Department of Victoria, 
Melbourne. — Coal. zox 

10 Mansfield Shire Council, Mans- 
field. — Polished marble, hewn sand- 
stone, zoa 

1 1 Arthur & Dogherty, New Zealand.— 
Lithographic stone. zo6 

12 Lewis & Whitty, Fitzroy.— Knife 
polish. Z06 

1 8 Hattersley, J., Yackandandah.— Aer- 
ated waters. Z07 

14 Lyon, George, Spring Creek, Beech- 
worth. — Lemonade, soda water, and gin- 
ger ale. Z07 

15 Rowlands & Lewis, Ballarat.*— 
^ Tonic potass, soda, lithia, and seltzer 

waters, and ginger ale. 207 

Metallurgical Prodnots. 

16 Bright Bros, ft Co., Melbourne.— 
Star antimony in ingots. '13 

17 Costerfield Gold & Antimony Min- 
ing Co., Melbourne. — Antimony. zzj 

18 Hodgson, Richard, Collin^wood. — 
Star antimony, pig lead, block tm. ZZ3 

19 Croaker, Scott, ft Co., Melbourne.— 
Star antimony. xzj 

Mining Engineering. 

20 Smyth, R. Brough, Department ol 
Mines, Melbourne. — Geological maps, re- 
ports, etc. laz 

end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 



{South of Nave, Columns is to 17.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Products. 

Minerali, Orei, Stone, Mining Froduots 

1 Dupuch, Joseph.— Building stone. 

2 George, Jno. S.— Building stone. 


{North of Nave, Columns is to ly,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Frodnots. 

1 Bermuda, Government of.— Top of a pillar of stalagmite, and a small stalactite 
from a submerged cave. zoo 

2 Ness, Ph.— Building stones. loa 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 




{North of North Avenue, Columns 10 to 15.) 

Mineral and Metallurgical Products, Mining Engineering. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Fro- 

1 ApHn, D. — Trophy of tin ores. xoo 

2 Brisbane Tin Mining Co.— Tin ores, 
wash dirt, etc. 100 

8 Cloncurry Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Manganese. 100 

4 Daintree, Richard.— Collection 01 
rocks, soilSj and fossils illustrative of the 
colony. 100 

5 Poote, Alfred. — Iron ores from West 
More ton. 100 

6 Gregory, A. C— Antimony ores, zoo 

7 Henry, Captain.— Nugget of native 
copper. 100 

8 Hume, W. C— Collection of tin 
ores. 100 

9 Mount Marley Tin Mining Co. — Col- 
lection of tin ores. 100 

10 Perry, Matthew. — Copper pyrites. 


1 1 Staiger, C— Antimony ores, xoo 

1 2 Tyrrell, J. de F.— Tin ores. xoo 
18 Wilkinson Mine, Proprietors of.— 

Cinnabar. xoo 

1 4 Government of Queensland. 

a Copper ores, fossils, etc., from Ipswich; 
quartz and gold bearing stone from Gym- 
pie, Rockhampton, Ravenswood, Cawar- 
rol. Palmer, Cfloncurry, etc. 100 

b Coal from Ipswich. loi 

c Building stone. 102 

d Plumbago. 105 

15 Aberdare Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Coal. lox 

1 6 Alexander, W. R.— Coal. lox 

17 Allora Mine, Proprietors of.— Coal. 

18 Bingera Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Coal. lox 

19 Blackfellows* Creek Mine, Propri- 
etors of. — Coal. 101 

20 Bland & Wright, Perseverance 
Mine. — Coal. xoi 

21 Flagstone Creek, Proprietors of.— 
Coal. XOI 

22 Qulland & Co., Ipswich.— Coal and 
coke. lox 

28 Rosewood Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Coal. , lox 

24 Tivoli Mine, Proprietors of.— Coal 
and coke. lox 

25 Peak Downs Copper Mining Co.— 
Slab of polished malachite. xoa 

Metallnrgioal Prodnots. 

26 Government of Queensland. 

a Gold, in nuggets, from Gympie, Rock- 
hampton, Ravens wood, Cawarrol, Palmer, 
Cloncurry, etc. xio 

h Tin in ingots. 1x3 

27 Government of Queensland.— Re- 
fine(^ copper. 112 

28 Mount Perry Copper Mining Co.— 
Ingots of copper. iia 

29 Peak Downs Copper Mining Co.— 
Trophy of copper ingots. 112 

30 Bulimba Tin Smelting Co.— Refined 
tin, in ingots. 

81 Mount Marley Tin Co.— Refined tin, 
in ingots. 113 

82 Queensland Smelting & Assaying 
Co. — Trophy of tin ingots. 113 

Mining Engineering. 

83 Clifton Mine, Proprietors of.— Fos- 
sils, kaolin, etc., showing strata of mine. 


For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 



{South of North Avenue, Columns ij to it;.) 
Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 British & Tasmanian Charcoal Iron 
Co. — Iron ores. loo 

2 Hammond, W., Hobart Town. — 
Bismuth, from Mount Ramsey. loo 

8 Harrap, A., Launceston.— Petrified 
wood. icx> 

4 Hull, Henry J., Hobart Town.— Tin 
ore, from George's Bay. loo 

6 Innes, J. H., Hobart Town.— Tin 

ore, from Rongarooma. loo 

6 Just, T. C, Launceston,— Iron ores 

and asbestos. loo 

Qa Royal Society of Tasmania.— 

Topazes and beryls from Bass's Straits 
Island. loo 

7 Smart, Dr., Hobart Town.— Gold, in 

quartz. loo 

8 Smith, James, Launceston. — Bis- 
muth, from Mount Ramsey. loo 

9 Stanhope Company. — Tin orti loo 
10 Harcourt, James, Hobart Town. 

a iron ores. icx> 

b Coal from Seymour. loi 

1 1 Hematite Iron Works, West Tamar. 

a Iron ores. loo 

6 Blue and white marble limestone. loa 

12 Lyell & Gowan, Mribourne. 

a Tin ore from Mount Bischofif. loo 

b Coal from river Don. loi 

c Slate from Piper's river. loa 

d Marble limestone from river Don. 103 

13 Groom, P., Harefield.— Coal. 101 

14 Hurst, J., Hobart Town. — Coal from 
Tasman s Peninsular. lui 

15 Kcrmodc, W. A., Mona Vale. — Gray 

and brown freestone. 10a 

16 Raynor, E., Bridgew^ater. — Lime- 
stone, with fossils. loa 

17 Covcrdale, John, Port Arthur.— 
Pipe clay. 104 

Metallurgical Products. 

18 Harcourt, James, Hobart Town.— 
Pig iron and castings. iii 

19 Hematite Iron W^orks, "WestTamar. 

— Pig iron and castings. m 

20 Mount BischofT Tin Mining Co., 

Mount Bischoff. — Tin, in ingots. 113 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{North of Nave, Columns 22 to rf.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

Collections selected from the India 
Museum by J. Forbes Watson, M.A., 
M.D., LL.D., DiRBCTOR of thb India 
Museum, etc. 

Xinerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 
duo ti. 

a Iron ores and magnetic iron sand from the 
Madras Presidency; iron ores from the 
Bombay Presidency ; iron ores and mag- 
netic iron sand from the Ben|;al Presi- 
dency ; chrome iron ores from Salem and 
South Arcot; manganese ores from the 
Madras Presidency; copper ores from 
Nellore, Singbhum. and Ueoehur ; copper 
pyrites from the Kills of Beloochistan ; 
malachite from Central India; lead ore 
from Deoghur ; ^lena from the Malanna 
and Parbutti mines, and from Catloor, 
Kamul, Chota Nagpur, Duttiah, Hazari- 
bagh, and Beloochistan ;(stibnite antimony 
ore) from Shigri, Busoh, Borneo, and 
Sarawak; tin stone from Junk Ceylon, 
Malacca, Kuhun, Mergui, Tenasserira, 
Larut, and Johore; gold sand from Puru- 
lia, Toradanally, Dandput, Rangoon, and 
Ramagherry; arsenical ores from Pegu, 
BurmfQi. Tenasserim, Bengal, and Mad- 
ras; sulphur from Rangoon and Sho- 
runs. zoo 

6 Coal from Nerbudda Coal and Iron Co., 
Gurrawarra, Oorraoo, Chigo, and Ma- 
lacca; lignite.from Darjiling; petroleum 
and naphtha from Burmah. loz 

c Limestone from South Arcot, Nellore, 
Tripattur, MasuHpatam, and Beronda; 
calcite from Ranigunj ; calc spar from 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

Kabul; selenite from Ava; white mica 
from Salem; black mica from Behar; 
agalmatolite from Chota Nagpur ; zeolites 
from Deccan ; lime from Bownee, Salem, 
Bellary, and Soonporah. 103 

d Clays, for pottery, from South Arcot, 
Madura, North Arcot, Sadigeri, Banga- 
lore, and Vizianagram; powdered mica 
from Lahore; quartz, yellow and red 
ochre, fire and cnina clays from Madras ; 
ball clay from Mangalore and Raepore ; 
raw, fine white, and prepared clay, pow- 
dered marble, red lead and red ochre from 
Pattan; litharge from Calcutta; white 
lead from Punjab; white earth from 
Beronda ; geroo from Raepore ; pink and 
yellow earth from Paldeo; white earth 
from Punnah ; yellow earth from Alipore ; 
pipe clay from Sinzapore ; red clay from 
I>uttiah ; white earth from Kotee ; fullers' 
earth from Sind. Z04 

e Graphite from Caviatten Coodul, Trevan- 
drum, Almorah, and Ceylon. zos 

/ Corundum from Madras, Salem, and My- 
sore ; agates and camelians from Cambay ; 
gem sand from Ceylon ; ruby sand from 
Travancore; rough garnets from Mysore 
and Vizianagram ; calderite from Nepal ; 
tourmaline from Nellore ; epidote granite 
from Madras. Z07 

g Fibrous gypsum from Kamul; reh from 
Buttiana. Z07 

Metallargioal Produoti. 

A Crude iron from Assam; Wootx steel; 
native iron ; native iron with slag. iii 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 



{A^orth of Nave, Columns i6 to 2j.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 Qatlin^ Gold Mining Co., Marmora, 
Ont. — Gold-bearing arsenical pyrites, xoo 

8 Russell, W. W., Ottawa, Ont.— Gold 
in quartz. loo 

8 Lindsay. J. A., Toronto, Ont.— Gold, 
silver, and magrnetic ores. loo 

4 JackAsh Lake Gold Mining Co., To- 
ronto, Ont. — Gold and silver, in quartz, xoo 

5 McKellar Bros., Prince Arthur's 
Landing, Ont. — Gold, in quartz. loo 

6 McKellar, D.. Prince Arthur's Land- 
ing, Ont. — Gold, in quartz. xoo 

7 Toronto Gold Mining Co., Toronto, 
Ont. — Gold-bearing arsenical pyrites. loo 

8 Lockwood, W. P., St. Francois, Q.— 
Model of gold nugget. xoo 

9 Geological Survey, Canada, Q. 
a Quartz, magnetic sana, and alluvial gold, 

models of ^old nuggets, platinum, copper 
pyrites, native copper, magnetite, magnetic 
iron sand, hematite, iron ores, iron pvrites, 
native iron, antimony ore, galena, Dlende, 
barytes, mica, magnesite, kermesite, celes- 
tine, albite, orthoclase. asbestos, ame- 
thyst, agates, and Canadian rocks. xoo 

S Coal from Saskatchewan river, bituminous 
shale, crude and inspissated petroleum, xox 

c Sandstones, marbles, marble column, 
dolomite, limestone^ syenite, granite, 
gneiss, labradorite, pasper conglomerate, 
ornamental and polished slate, cut and 
polished stones. xo2 

{f Hydraulic cement, gypsum. X03 

/ Clay, fire clay, day for moulding, river 
and moulding sand, soapstone. X04 

y (irapkite. X05 

£ Lithographic stones, grindstones, whet- 
stones, Durr stones, granite for mill- 
stones. 106 

k Urine, mineral water, phosphato of lime, 
shell marl. X07 

10 Oppenheinner Bros., Victoria, Br. 
Col. — Gold iiugKct. xoo 

11 Robertson, Robt., Halifax, N. S.— 
ReprcscntHtioa of the gold fields of Nova 
Scotia. 100 

11« Morton. George, Prontenac Lead 
Mine. — Pig lead. 100 

12 Donaldson, T. B., Oldham, N. S.— 
Gold in quartz. xoo 

18 Sibley, A. H., Silver Islet, Ont.— 

Silver ores and native silver. xoo 

J 3^* Moody & Nelson, Victoria, B. R.— 
N;nivc copper. loo 

14 McKeUmr Broa., Fort WlUiam, Ont. 
— Silver ores, native silver, copper pynics, 
und barytes. ico 

ForcluMMca of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

15 Marks, T., & McKellar Bros., Port 
William, Ont. — Silver ores. x«o 

16 Dawson, S. J., Ottawa, Ont.— Silver 
ores. xoo 

16a Simpson, John, Upham, N. B.— 
Manganese. xoo 

17 Cyrette. Ambrose, Fort William, 
Ont. — Silver ores. xoo 

1 8 Van Norman, Jud^e, Prince Arthur's 
T — j: — Qjjj^ — ^Native silver and silver 

19 Plumber. Mclntyre, & Rusa, Fort 
William, Ont.— Silver ores. xoo 

19a Jones, T. R., & Co., St. John, N. B. 
-—Copper ore. xoo 

20 Eames, Prof., Pie Island, Ont.— 
Silver veinstone. 100 

21 Stephen, George, Montreal, Q.— 
Silver ores. xoo 

22 Eureka Mining Co., Victoria, Br. Col. 
— Silver ores. xoo 

28 Mechanics' Institute, North West- 
minster, Br. Col. 

a Platinum. xoo 

i Anthracite. xox 

24 West Canada Mining Co., ^Velling- 
ton, Ont. — Copper pyrites, copper ore. xoo 

26 Hime, H. L., Toronto, Ont. — Copper 
pyrites. xoo 

26 Plumber, B., Bruce Mine, Ont.— 

Copper pyrites. xoo 

27 Oliver, Geo., Perth, Ont.— Copper 
pyrites, bog iron ore. 100 

28 Ontario Advisory Board, Toronto, 

a Copper pyrites, magnetic hematite, 
galena. ^ 100 

6 Serpentine, syenite. xoa 

e Graphite. 105 

d Emery. xo6 I 

/ Phosphate of lime, shell marl. X07 

29 Shaw, P., Harvey Hill, Q.— Copper 
pyrites. xoo 1 

80 Stewart, W. W., Montreal, Q.- 
Native copper. 100 ' 

81 Douglas, Dr., Quebec, Q.— Copper 
ore. xoo 

82 Davidson, Wm., Alma, N. B.— Cop- 
per glance. xoo 

88 Russell, Grand Manan, N. B.— Cop- 
per glance. xoo 

84 Cole, Rufus, Dorchester, N. B.— 

Copper glance. xoo 

^5 ^>N«eX^V..V%^«^^^3C, N. 8.— Copper 

^W\c«. xo« 



Mining and Metallurgy. 

S 7 Ledyard, T. D., Toronto, Ont.— Mag- 
netite. lOO 

88 Haycock, Will., Templeton, 

89 Cobourg & 
Belmont, Ont. 


40 Bishoi), A., 

Petersboro* Iron Co., 
—Magnetite. loo 

Bell's Corners, Ont.— 


41 Foley, James, Bathurst, Ont.— Mag- 
netite with apatite. loo 

42 Baldwin, A. H., Hull, Q.— Mag- 
netite. loo 

43 Chipman, David, Berwick, N. S.— 
Magnetite. xoo 

44 Lewis, Queen Charlotte's Island, 
Br. Col. — Magnetite. loo 

45 Cowan, A., Brockville, Ont. 

a Hematite, burnt iron pyrites. loo 

6 Phosphate and superphosphate of lime. 107 

46 Crawford, J. D., & Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Hematite, spathic iron ore. ^ 100 

47 Ganthier, O., St. Urbain, Q.— Titanic 
iron ore. 100 

48 Matheson & Qilice, Sydney, N. S.— 
Hematite. >oo 

52 Ottawa Iron & Steel Co., Ottawa, 
Ont. — Iron ore. 100 

58 Stobie, James, Sault St. Marie, Ont. 
—Iron ore. 100 

54 Duval, H. H., Quebec, Q.— Titanic 
iron ore. 100 

55 McDougall, John, Three Rivers, Q. 
—Bog iron ore. 100 « 

56 Steel Co. of Canada, Londonderry, 
N. S. — Iron ores. 100 

57 MacKinnon, J. C, Whycocomagh, 
N. S. — Iron ores. 100 

58 Duhamel, Dr., Quebec, Q. — Iron 
pyrites. 100 

59 Russell, Willis, Lotbiniere, Q.— 
Antimony ore. 100 

60 Hibbard, P., Prince William, N. B.— 
Antimony ore. 100 

61 Hime, L. H., Toronto, Ont.— Galena 
and copper pyrites, with silver and 
gold. 100 

62 Sibley, Col., & Mclntyre, J., Silver 
Islet, Ont. — Galena. xoo 

63 Johnson, C. J., Wallaceburg, Ont.— 
Galena, blende. 100 

Toronto, Ont.— 


Toronto, Ont.— 




64 Devine, Thos., 

65 Wearne. Capt., 
Galena, blende. 

66 Markham, A., Hammond, N. 

67 Brown, J., N. S.— Pyrolusite. 100 

68 Galwav Lead Mining Co., Galway, 
Ont. — Barytes, calcspar. 100 

69 Dolphin Manufacturing Co., Five 
Islands, N. S. — Barytes.*^ 100 

70 Starr, John, Halifax, N. S.— 
Barytes. 100 

71 Baker Mine, North Burgess, Ont.— 
Mica in plates. 100 

72 Ackerly, James, Five Islands, N. S. 
— DogtootS spar. 100 

78 Dopp, Geo,, Berlin, Ont.— Ame- 
thyst, Buorspar, and pyrites. 100 

74 Mc Vicar, Geo., Toronto, Ont.— 
Amethyst. 100 

75 Blackwood, R., Toronto, Ont.— 
Amethyst, fluorspar, and pyrites. 100 

76 Morrison, W. A., Toronto, Ont.— 
Collection of Canadian precious stones. icx> 

77 Poole, H. S., Halifax, N. S.— Ores 
and associated rocks. 100 

78 Honeyman. Dr., Halifax, N. S.— 
Collection of Nova Scotia rocks. 100 

80 Bailey, Q., Grand Lake, N. B.— 
Coal. loi 

81 Hall, WiUiam 

Springhill, N. S.— 


82 Mitchell, Henry L., Glace Bay 
Mines, N. S. — Coal. loi 

83 McQueen,Wm., Blockhouse Mines, 
N. S.— Coal. loi 

84 Brown, R. H., Sydney Mines, N. S. 
— Coal. loi 

85 McDonald, R. A., International 
Mines, N. S.— Coal. loi 

86 McKeen, David, Caledonia Mines, 
N. S. — Coal. loi 

87 Archibald,T.D.,Gowrie Mines, N. 
S. — Coal. loi 

88 Sutherland, James, Big Glace Bay, 
N. S.— Coal. loi 

89 Fraser, J. W., Victoria Mines, N. S. 
— Coal. loi 

90 Routledffe, W^illiam, Gardiner 
Mines, N. S. — Coal. 101 

91 Campbell, C. J., North Campbellton, 
N. S.— Coal. lox 

92 Hoyt, Jesse, Acadia Mines, N. S.— 
Coal. lox 

98 Hudson, James, Albion Mines, N. 
S. — Coal. loi 

94 Simpson, Robert, Intercolonial 
• Mines, N. S. — Coal. xoi 

95 Greener, John, Vale Colliery, N. S.— 
Coal. loi 

96 Bennett, Wm., Scotia Mines, N. S. 
— Coal. loi 

97 Sterling, E., Cape Breton, Big Glace 
Bay. Sydney, and L. Mines, N. S.— 
Coal. lox 

98 Union Mining Co., Union Mines, 
Comox, Br. Col.— Coal. loi 

99 Baynes Sound Mining Co., Baynes 
Sound Mines, Br. Col. — Coal. lox 

100 Vancouver Mining Co., Vancouver 
Mines, Br. Col. — Coal. lox 

101 Wellington Mining Co., Welling- 
ton Mines, Br. Col. — Coal. xoi 

102 Ketchum, E. K., Albert Mines, N. 
B. — Albertite and bituminous shale. loi 

103 Byers, J., Albert Mines, N. B.— 
Albertite. xoi 



R. A., Huntingdon, Q.— 

Wm., Toronto, 

104 Smith, 

106 Griffin, 
Peat. lox 

107 Belliveau Albertite & Oil Co., 

Westmoreland, N. B. — Albertite mineral 
oil. vav 

P elToVtum SLtvd ^xo^wcxs . '^'^'^ 

For r/sKscsoT exhibits, indicated by numbers at end ot cnmcs,stftC^sv«wc».v^ovw,'^^.'»^TrKV 


Mineral Water, Metallurgical Products. 

110 Farauhar & Booth, Esqucsing, Ont. 

— Huilaing sandstones and Aagging. 102 

111 Skead, Gloucester, Ont.— Building 
sandstones. 102 

• 112 Londley,Beckwith,Ont.— Building 
sandstones. 102 

113 Rankin, John, Pembroke, Ont.— 
Huilding sandstones. X02 

114 Bishop, Henry, Nepean, Ont. — 
Building sandstones. 102 

116 Decew, William, Oneida, Ont.— 
Building sandstones. 102 

116 McGregor, Lachute, Q.— Building 
.sandstones and limestones. 102 

117 Goodfellow, Joseph, North Esk, N. 

a Building sandstones. 102 

b Grindstones. 106 

118 Dor. U. Free Stone Co., Budreau, 
Vil., N. B. — Building sandstones. 102 

119 Caledonia Free Stone Co., Rock- 
land, N. B. — Building sandstones. 102 

120 Roberts & Co., Mary's Point, N. 
B. — Building sandstones. 102 

121 Bay view Quarry Co., Albert City, 

N. B. — Building sandstones. 102 

122 Hopewell Quarry Co., Shepody 

Mt., N. B. — Bunding sandstones. 102 

123 McQuarrie, John, George River, N. 
S. — Building sandstones. 102 

124 Gilpin, Edwin, Springville, N. S. 
a Building sandstones. 102 
d Limestone. 103 
e Fire brick and fire clay. 104 

126 Heustis, R. B., Wallace, N. S.— 
Building sandstones. 102 

126 McDonald, Geor?e J., Cornwallis, 
N. S. — Building sanclstones. 102 

127 Peters, Henry S., Halifax, N. S.— 
Building sandstones. 102 

128 Vancouver Coal Co., Vancouver 
Island, Br. Col. — Building sandstones, 
marble, limestone. 102 

129 Howley, James, Montreal, Q. 
a Building and flagging sandstones. 102 
l> Sandstone for glass-making. 104 

130 Pitton & Co., Quebec, Q.— Sand- 
stone, flagging, curbstones. 102 

131 Worthington & Co., Montreal, Q. 
a Polished marble. 102 
d Limestone. 103 

132 Somervllle, P. T., Arnprior, Ont.— 
Marble monument. loa 

133 Halon, Alphonse, Quebec, Q. — 
Marble. 102 

134 Benjamin, H., & Co., Montreal, Q. 
a Marble. 102 
h Lime. 103 

136 Brunet, Joseph, Montreal, Q. — 
Marble monument. 102 

136 Langevin, A. B., Quebec, Q.— Mar- 
ble. 102 

137 Silver, John, Halifax, N. S.— Mar- 
ble. 102 

138 McQuarrie, John, George River, 
N. .*>.— Marble and syenite. 102 

139 Ingram, Wm., St. George, N.B.— 
Rcil granite clock case. 10a \ 

140 Baxter, B., Cayuga, Ont. \ 

// fhih^tuitr. loa \ 

/• r.iniv .»/)(/ //incstone, hydmuUc cement. 103 \ 
J'or cJiisscs of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

141 Barclay & Morrison, Stony Mount 

a Dolomite. loa 

^ Clay. 104 

142 Hayslip, John, Goderich, Ont.— 
Limestone. 102 

143 Young, Y. & G., Gloucester, Ont.— 

Limestone. xoa 

144 Levall&e, N.,CarletoD Place, Ont.— 

Limestone. 103 

146 Kirkpatrick Quarry, Parrsboro*, 
Q. — Limestone. 101 

146 Forsyth, Robert, Montreal, Q.— 

Red granite monument. loa 

147 Bay of Fundy Red Granite Co., 
St. George, N. B. — Red polished gran- 
ite. 10a 

148 Danville School Slate Co., Dan- 
ville, Q. — Ornamental slate panel, slates 
in blocks. xoa 

149 Danville Slate Co., Danville, Q.— 

School slates. loa 

160 Rockland Slate Quarry, Melbourne, 
Q. — Slates. 10a 

161 DeCew. William, Cayuga, Ont. 
a Lime and limestone. 103 
b Sandstone for glass-making and funface 

lining. 104 

162 W^hitson & Slater, St. Marys, Ont. 
— Lime and limestone. 103 

163 Dunbar, George, Rockwood, Ont.— 
Lime and limestone. 103 

164 Lewis, Levi,' Kincardine, Ont.— 

, Lime and limestone. 103 

166 Buxton, George, Goderich, Ont.— 

Lime and limestone. 103 

166 Emsley, R., Guelph, Ont. — Lime 

and limestone. 103 

167 Ballantyne, Mrs., Gait, Ont.— Lime 

and limestone. 103 

168 Farquhar, E. & C, Dundas, Ont.— 
Lime and limestone. 103 

169 Goudle, Thomas, Limehouse, Ont. 
— Lime and limestone. 103 

160 Lavall&e, N., Carleton Place, Ont. 
— Lime and limestone. 103 

161 Baker, W^., Arnprior, Ont.— Lime 
and limestone. 103 

162 Quebec Advisory Board, Quebec, 

a Lime and limestone. 103 

6 Porcelain clay. 104 

c Phosphate of lime, chalk. X07 

163 Garvies, C. A., Montreal, Q. — Lime 
and limestone. 103 

164 Robitaille, Dr., Quebec, Q. 
a Limestone. X03 
6 Marl. 107 

166 Quesnal, Sheriff, Arthabaska, Q.— 
Lime and hydraulic cement. X03 

166 Douglas, David, Pugwaah, N. S. 
— Lime. 103 

167 Goudie. Thomas, Limehouse, Ont. 
— Hydraulic cement. 103 

168 McKay, W^m., Ottawa, Ont.— Hy- 
draulic cement and artificial stone. 103 

169 Buchanan Mineral Co., Hamilton, 
Ont. — Cement and mastk». 103 

no OavivTtau^V., %L^<>.., Q.uebec, Q.— 

Minerals, Stone. 


178 Oregoiy, V. R., & Co., Tflrooto, 
Oat. — Arufii:i^l ^ittnti mtihiLiuciit. iaj 

X73 Wnndly, Henry Clover Hill, To- 
ryjitUpOnt- — Arlilit;^! iEimc. tu3 

174 Milnera Herd, Stmthroy, Ont.- 
ArCJliiTidl iltJIir wJHilaW Cap. lOJ 

174 JOBlyn, J. H. U, Bo* 153» TUson- 
biiiTj. Ont.— MArblo*ic fuofing, a Hcauilcss 
shtct of unUjoijI notic, n^Tt cxE^nsivcEy 
hcHvy, hut WonctcTfulJy cffiti^rnt : nut rest- 
inj; i3n the roofbuiirds, hut UiCCL:»mniDditc4] 
to Ehern by an inLcrvetiiu^ pk^itic WAtcr- 
prQor cocMfii>5ir;i>ii. 103 

176 Rt^eina. Gcorec^ Kincnrdioc, Ont. 
— Cliiy for hricX^, im^ 

177 ttuaielt, Samuel, Lcmdoa, Out. — 
Clay for bricks. ifj4 

178 Munn ft Cochncr, Duadaa, Out,— 

179 Leilie, Robert, QlenwilUftm, Out. 
— CUy fur britiLs. 104 

1 80 TowDdhtnd. Mrs. Mary^ RodiviUCt 

(3nL. — CL&y i^tir br^cki, S4J4 

ISl Andcrfton, Thofl., NepeaQ^ Qat. — 

Clay for bricks. 104 

182 Cn»hmore, Thos*, Pembroke, Out. 

— Ul:iy r<ir bricks. 104 

1 S3 M cGregor^ D*iiieJt Pembroke, Ont. 

— Cliiy for bricks. 104 

Ifii Baker. ^ViJliam^ ArapHof, Oot.— 

Clay for bhck.'i. lu4 

180 PoahUtc. EjicaSp RaiDH/, Ont,^ 
Clfiy fcr hritk.1. 104 

186 Moort, Gilbert, Rmnsay, Oat,— 
Cay. 104 

187 Coulter, Janoea, Ramsey, Ont.— 
Oay. 104 

188 Metcalfe^ Jamaa, RamiiAy, Ont^— > 
Ci^y. tti4 

189^Foatcr, W. A., Belleville, Ont,^ 
' C3ay, T^J4 

190 Workman, Hugh, BrBtilford, Ont. 
— CIJiyH l*:i< 

191 Peel, ThoB, W., Maatrealj Q.^ 
Ciny. ta4 

192 MocbaDi Albert, St. Johna, Q.— 
Ulay. 104 

193 jAckioot Charles, Woodetock, N. 
B- — day, n:i+ 

194 Wells, William, BeauiAvUle, Out, 
— Pottery clay. 104 

IBfi Ahren, J. H., Paria, Ont,— Pot- 
tery ciny. iti4 

196 Pratt , Ch arle », L nd n^ O at,— Pot- 
tery clay. iQ4 

197 ^OTTAf, G. H. A Lr. K., St. John*, 
Q. ^Pottery cby, 104 

198 Bell, David, St. Johna, Q.-CUy 
dmiD liIch IU4 

199 CopaUod & McLaren, Moatreat, 
Q^ — Fife cl^y, A]ind5b>Jic facing for fur- 

JBOD McMaun, G. N.^ Grand Lake, N. 
B.— Fire clay. 104 

201 B an tie rmao, Robert, Montreal^ Q. 
^PtpE c!ay. tL'4 

202 St. Johns Stone ChinawareCo., St. 
Juhnx, tj. — Fire btSi^k., tu^ 

B03 Biatiop. H., Nepeao, Oijt-— Sand* 
utotit' for gtass-m,i k in/f. j,-,. 

For chuscB of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

204 McDou^all, John, &. Soda, Tbr«e 
KivcTfcj Q. ^^aiidsione (or funt^itc 
hjbinf. IU4 

200 Oil Cloth Factory, Yorkville, Ont. 
■ — S^ind. ]u(4 

206 Jdckeon, Charles, Woodstock, N, 
B.— brick sand. 104 

207 Sweet, 3. H., Went worth, N. 8. 

u K>ultA, 10.4 

i Gypiitim. n>7 

20s McDooald, George J.^ Corawallls, 

W. ii.— Kcfmcikiry iioiie. 104 

209 Law, J[ohn, Loodop, Ont.— Black 

lead cnjcTble. 

210^Do[nlnlDn of Canada Ptumba^o 
Co,» DCfii:^:, Qttiiwa, Utn,; uiicics And 
wor)c9^ llucklnghfiin, Pruvintt of (JucbcC. 
— Miiiiuf^tturf:^ of clcLtrDtypin^T^ lubri* 
cniiiigi pencil, crucible, iilovi; polish, und 
other sitOL'k of every uradt. Asii^yif tttid 
tesTji prove quality. Prices are ordinary 
CUfTKUt tnarket ratea. \a% 

211, Millet, John G., Granville, Q.— 
Graphite. 105 

213 Montreal Plumbago Mining 
Co., Moiitrea], (j.— Stuvc polishr lu^ 

313 Martin, Charles* Montreal, Q,— 

314 Kell y^, Jo hn, Be lie ville, Ont , -LJ tfa* 
ograpinc siLonu. icpfS 

215 Ontario Lithographic Stone Co., 
M;irjTiLir;i. OnL.— Ljlh<.Jt;rajjhic atune. tu6 

216 Read. Stevensopj 4 Co., Dorchcs-' 
ter, Nr U. — G rinds LOnc (lolisbmg and cut- 
ten' Blone, J06 . 

217 Seamai) ft Co., Lower Cove, N. S. 
— Odndsttincs. iq6 

21B Douglaaa, David, PortPbilip, N. S. 
— Grinds LDiies. 106 

219 Leroux, G., Quebec, Q.— Mill- 
atonclH 1136 

220 Casffraia, Stonebmni, Q. — Tri* 
poli, 946 

221 Piaber, W,, Victoria, Br, CoU—Tri- 

222 Coleman, William, Pqris, Oat.— 
Ua w 9 nd ^incpajred gy ptt lidi , 1 07 

223 Ontario Piaster Co., Mt. Heaty, 
^>nE.^Kaw And pr<:pu7cd gypsum. loj 

224 Converse, John A. j Montreali Q, — 
R a w ;i nd pre pared j;^ psum . t oy 

S2d Srown, Ah, Petitcodinc, N, B,— 

cjypiiuin and scicniic. 1177 

226 Tobiquc Gypsum Co., Tobiqae, N, 
H.— Oypsum. 11:7 

227 Albert Manufacturing Co., Hills- 
lh)ro, N, II, — CAJcL^itd and anhydmus 
Eypsum ; iilarbafiEcr. 107 

228 McDonald, R. N., International 
Miiseucn, N, S-— GypsLim. 107 

229 Nova Scotia Advisory Board, Hat* 

if^i, N. 5. — Ciypsum. I'^j 

230 Davidson, H. A., Black River, N. 
Sr—GypsunL, 107 

232 Fu\\t>ti, C, K., Na»\\ii^*i.'^^- ^^ 
at end of cumes.scti aassx^c;^^^^^*^^-^ ^^^ 


Minerals, Metallurgical Products. 

232^ Meighen Bros., Perth, Ont.— 

Phosphate of lime. 107 

233 McLennan, Jos., Montague, N. S. 
— Gypsum. 107 

234 Merchants' Salt Co., Seaforth, Ont. 

— Brine. 107 

235 International Works, Goderich, 
Ont. — Brine. 107 

236 Ransford, H., Clinton, Ont.— 
Brine. 107 

237 Tecumseh Works, Goderich, Ont. 

— Brine. 107 

238 Gray, Young, & Spalding, Seaforth, 
Ont. — Brine. 107 

239 Jourvie, J. A., & Co., Caledonia 
Springs, Ont. — Saline, gas, and sulphur 
waters. 107 

240 Winning, Hill, & Ware, Montreal, 
Q.— Carratraca water. 107 

241 Gee, J. N., St. Francis Spring, Q.— 
M i neral water . 107 

242 Hickman, James S., Amherst, N. 

S. — Saline water. 107 

243 Murray, Edmund W., Bucking- 
ham, Q. — Phosphate of lime. 107 

244 Buckingham Minine Co., Bucking- 
ham, Q. — Crystal phosphate of lime. 107 

HetaUnrgioal Prodnoti. 

246 Silver Islet Co., Silver Islet; Ont.- 

Ingot of silver. no 

246 Ottawa Iron & Steel Manufactur- 
ing Co., Ottawa, Ont. — Iron billets. in 

247 Field & Aydon Patent Smelting 
Co., Marmora, Ont. — Pig iron, smeltea 
with pure petroleum. in 

248 Gauthicr, O., St. Urbain, Q.— Ti- 
tanic pig iron. in 

249 McDougall, John, & Sons, Three 
Rivers, Q. — Charcoal iron ; iron bars, bent 
and twisted cold; axes, tomahawk, 
slag. jn 

250 Canadian Titanic Co., Bale St. 

Paul, Q. — Slags, titanic iron. in 

251 Chinic Eugene, Quebec, Q.— Viger 
steel. in 

252 Moisic Iron Works, Montreal, Q.— 
Iron, iron bloom. in 

253 McDougall, John, Montreal, Q.— 
Iron bloom, car- wheels. in 

254 Steel Co. of Canada, Londonderry, 
N. S. — Iron and steel. in 

255 West Canada Mining Co., Bruce 
Mines, Ont. — Ingot copper. 112 

266 Lake George Antimony Co., Prince 
William, N. B. — Babbit metals, rcgulus, 
slags, oxidized ore. 113 


( 77ie French Exhibits in Mining and Metallurgy are installed in the Agricultural 

Building, and Catalogued in Part IV,) 

Foi classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 




{South of Nave, Columns 28 to 38.) 

Minerals, Ores, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Fro- 

1 Krupp, Pr., Essen. — Ores and raw 

products. xoo 

2 Burbach Works, Burbach. 

a Iron. xoo 

b Coal. xoi 

c Stone. Z02 

8 Heinrichshiitte, Au-on-the-Siefi:. — 
Spathic iron ore. 100 

4 Mine Owners of the Siegerland.— 
Ores, etc. 100 a 

( The above exhibits are installed in Ma- 
chinery Hall.) 


5 Royal Prussian Smelting Works of 
the Upper Harz, Clausthal. — Lead, cop- 
per, and zinc ores. 100 

6 Royal Prussian & Ducal Brunswick 
Smelting Works of the Lower Harz. 
Gaslar. — ^Argentiferous copper and lead 
ores. 100 

%a Royal Prussian Smelting Works, 
Friedrichshiitte. — Ores and litharge. loo 

7 Joint Stock Association for Mining, & 
Lead & Zinc Manufactures, Stolberg, near 
Aix-la-Chapelie. — Lead and zinc ores. 100 

8 Rhenish-Nassau Co., Stolberg, near 
Aix-ia-Chapelle. — Lead ores. xoo 

9 Solenhofen Joint Stock Co., Solen- 

a Tiles for malt-house floors. X02 

b Lithographic stones. xo6 

10 Zimmermann, Otto, Greussen, To- 
phus. — Tiles. loa 

11 Stern Portland Cement Factory, 
Stettin. — Portland cement. 103 

12 Hiller. Otto, Berlin.— Mastic roof- 
ing ana model roof. 103 

13 Haeusler, Carl Sam., Hirchberg, 
Silesia. — Wood cement and model roof. 103 

14 Scharlach, Louis, jr., Hamburg. — 
Roofing. 103 

15 Vowohl Asphalt Works, Escher- 
scliausen. — ^Asphalt mastic blocks. 103 

16 Schindel, John Adam, Solenhofen.— 
Lithographic stones. xo6 

1 7 Apollinar6*s Co. , Ahnweiler. — ^Mineral 
waters. 107 

17« Bisresborn Mineral Spring Co., 
Bisresbom. — Mineral waters. X07 

1 8 Jnagfer, A., Berlin.— Amber. X07 
19 Stantien & Becker, Berlin. — Raw 


20 Managers of Priedrichshall Springs, 
C. Oppel & Co., Friednchshali, near Hil- 
burghausen. — Friedrichshall natural bitter 
water. 107 

{For mill and grindstones, see Machinery 

Metallnrgical Products. 

21 Borsig, A., Berlin. — Iron, cast steel, 
boilerplates, plates for fire boxes, etc. xix 

22 Burbach Works, Burbach.— Rolled 
double T iron. iix 

28 Krupp, Fr., Essen. — Wheels, pis- 
tons, flanges, rollers, springs, etc. xii 



24 Heinrichshiitte, Au-on-Sieg. — Spie- 
gel iron. XXX 

26 Cologne MUsen Mining Co., Creuz- 
thai. — Spiegel iron. k\x 

26 Joint Stock Co., Charlottenhiitte, 
Niederschelden. — Spiegel iron. iii 

27 Wissen Mining & Smelting Co., 
Wissen. — Spiegel iron. xix 

28 Lohmann & Soding, Witten.— Steel 
for tools and arms. xix 

29 Westphalian Union Joint Stock Co. 
for Mining & for Iron & Wirework, 
Hamm. — Wire. xix 

( The above exhibits of Metallurgical Pro- 
ducts are installed in Machinery Hall.) 

80 Royal Prussian Smelting W^orks of 
the Upper Harz, Clausthal. — Lead, cop- 
per, silver, zinc fumes, slags, drawings, 
etc. XIX 

81 Royal Prussian & Ducal Bruns- 
wick Smelting Works of the Lower Harz, 
Gaslar. — Gold, silver, lead, and copper 
composition. ixx 

82 Royal Prussian Smelting Works. 
Friedrichschiitte. — Lead bars, slag, and 
drawings. iix 

83 Hirsch, Aron, & Son, Brass W^orks 
at Neustadt-Eberswalde. — Seamless brass 
tubes, etc. 112 

84 Joint Stock Association for Mining, 
& Lead & Zinc Manufactures, Stolberg, 
near Aix-la-Chapelle. — Lead and zinc 
plates, etc. xix 

35 Rufifer & Co., Breslau.— Sheet 
zinc. 1x3 

3 ba Rhenish-Nassau Co.. Stolberg, near 
Aix-la-Chapelle. — Lead. xxx 

Mining Engineering. 

36 Norr. Eugene^ Berlin. — DtvnVmk^ 
and descx\v^^.OTa. ol ^ ^^^i-^oicMt "aaS&v^ 
\amp. ^"^ 


107 \ P\ansolvVeCid^e,wVvxcV«vi>xct>a.^*^. ^ 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end oC eutnes. set CX^s^Svca-xl^o^^V^- '*^***^' 



{South of Nave, Columns 2j to 28.) 
Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Mineralf, Ores, Stone, Mining Fro- 

1 Imperial & Royal Metallurgy Di- 
rection, Idria. — Cinnabar. 100 

2 Jugoviz, A., Klaeenfurt.— Ore and 
mining products of Kamthen. xoo 

S Chief Mountain & Mining Admin- 
istration, Pozoritta, Bukowina. — Pyroiu- 
site for aniline pigments for soda factories, 
German silver ware, and manganese pro- 
ducts. 100 
eteoric speci- 
mens. 100 

5 Qoldschmidt, Louis A., Dubnik, 
Hungary. — Unpolished opals. loo 

6 Nedwied & Son, Schlan, Bohemia.— 
Red chalk, red-lead pencils. 107 

: Metallurgy & Mining 
tion, Joachimsthal. — M 

7 Saxlehner, Andreas, Budapest.— 
Uunyadi J&iios mineral water. loy 

8 Mineral Water Direction, Pullna, 
near Briix, Bohemia. — Mineral water. Z07 

9 Loser Bros., Budapest. — Genuine 
mineral water from the Ofen-Rakoczy 
spring. Z07 

Metallurgical Produots. 

10 Industry Association in Krain, 

Laibach. — Iron and steel mountain ana 

egel I 





11 Imperial & Royal Metallurgy Di- 
rection, Idria. — Quicksilver. X13 


{North of Nave, Columns $2 to 55.) 

Minerals, Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Neuchatel Asphalte Co. (limited), 
Travers, Ct. Neuchitel. — Natural and 
mastic asphalt. loz 

{^Thg minerals illustrating the geol<^al 
formations traversed by the St. Gothard tun- 

nel are classified in this cataletgue, together 
with the other exhibits qf ths St. Gothard 
Railroad Co., under Dept. III., Class 332.) 

Metailnrgical Frodnots. 

8 BUrgin Bros., Schaffhausen.—Phos- 

phate of bronze, different compositions, 
with strength and fracture tests. Z14 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37^5. 




{North of Nave t Columns S4 ^S9') 

Minerals, Metallurgical Products. 

Mineral!, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Bleyberg es Montzen Joint Stock 
Co., Moutzen, Province of Liege. — Zinc 
and lead ores. zoo 

2 Vincent Son, Basicles (Hainaut). 
— Samples of Basicles black marble pave* 
ments. zoa 

2^ Sacauelen, P., Bas&cles near Tour- 
nai (Hainaut). — Specimens of Bas^cles 
blue and gray stone. zoa 

3 Villede Spa (Communal Administra- 
tion). — Trophy furniture, showing views 
of the city and environs, plans of mineral 
water- works, samples oi these waters, 
articles of export, etc. The painting of 
this furniture was executed bv Messrs. 
Boland, Chas., Bronfort, H., Crahey, se- 
nior, G. I., Debrus, Alexandre, Deorus. 
Alexis, Krins, £., Marcette, Henri, ana 
Reigler, L. 107 

Metallurgical Products. 

4 Bonehill Bros., L'Esperance High 
Furnace Forge Foundry, Marchienne-au- 
Pont, near Charleroi. — Architectural 
iron. zix 

5 Constant, Emile, Monceau-sur- 
Sambre, near Charleroi. — Patterns of 
building iron spring and web iron. iii 

6 Mabille, Val&re, Mariemont (Hain- 
aut). — Manufactured iron. Kind Cnaudron 
shaft-sinking apparatus. ziz 

7 Paris^ Isaac Joseph^ Marchiennes, 
nej»r Charleroi. — Iron riveted beams for 
ship-building. zzz 

8 Charleroi Iron Manufacturing Joint 
Stock Co., Marchieane-au-Pont, near 
Charleroi. — Iron for building, etc. zxz 

9 Providence Forge Joint Stock Co., 

Marchienne-au-Pont, near Charleroi. — 
Iron for building, iron wheels without 
welding. zzz 

10 Forge and Rolling Mill Joint Stock 
Co., Regissa, near Huy. — Polished and 
unpolished sheet iron by wood and 
coke. zzz 

11 Angleur Steel Manufacturing Co., 
F. de Rossius, Pastor & Co., Renory, near 
Liege. — Bessemer cast steel products, 
rails, tires, axles, forge pieces, and rolled 
bars. zzz 

12 Jemmapes Porge Foundry & Roll- 
ing Mill Co., V. Demerbe & Co., Jem- 
ma pes (Hainaut). — Broken bar-bended 
iron, tramway rails, system of tramway 
rails on cast iron sleepers. zzz 

13 Bivort, Raymond, Henri, Arbre, 
Province of Namur. — Kettles and copper 
wire. zza 

14 Bleyberg es Montzen Joint Stock 
Co., Montzen, near Verviers. — Prepared 
zinc and lead ore, potters' ore (pure ga- 
lena) for glazing, pig lead for rolling mill, 
white lead and crystals, silver ore, block 
zinc for roUizig, galvanizing, etc. ZZ3 


(North of Nave, Columns 60 to 6s ») 


Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 
1 Onderwater, H. P., Dordrecht.— 
Stones for pavement. 102 

2 Van Verscbuur & Van der Voort, 
Amsterdam. — Unpolished stones. zoa 

3 Borst & Roggenkamp, Delfzyl.— 

Portland cement stones, lithoeravhic 
stones, o\\s\otveSf N*\v'e\&VQ\v«:&,^\xA'»vavNS», 
poV\sh.m% taaX«T\a\t axv^ ^•axA o^-axVL-, t*-'^- 
uets, taw lopa.i«&, ^«LTao\v^» xxvv^'^*'^^^ 
corunduia. "^ 

For claMMcs of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entdea, aee Oasa^.^ca.^.V«v,^^. ^l-^S*- 




{North of Nave, Columns 6 to ii,) 

Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Adelsvard, Baron Th., Atvidaberg. 

— Copper ore. loo 

2 Bofors Stock Co., Gullspang, Bofors. 
— Iron ores. loo 

3 Berg, Axel, Warby, Stockholm.— 
Iron ores. joo 

4 Berg, Gottfried, Warby, Stockholm. 
— Zinc, galena, and nickel ores, pyrites, zoo 

6 Fagersta Iron & Steel Works, 

a Iron ores. loo 

6 Limestone. 103 

ba Swedish Iron Masters' Association, 

a Collection of minerals. 100 

i, Maps and drawings. 335 

t Avesta Garpenbergs Stock Co., 

Avesta. — Iron ores. 100 

't Bjorneborgs Iron & Steel Works, 

Bjomeberg. — Iron ores. 100 

8 Degerfors Stock Co., Degerfors. — 
Iron ores. xoo 

9 Ekman, Carl, Finspong. — Iron 
ores. 100 

10 Hermansson, C. F., Count von, 
Ferna. — Iron ores. 100 

11 Hofors & Hammarby Iron Works, 
Gefle. — Iron ores. 100 

12 Larsbo Norn Stock Co., Kalialla.— 
Iron ores. 100 

13 Laxa Iron Works Co., Laxa.— Iron 
ores. 100 

14 Lesjofors Iron & Steel Co., Lang- 

a Iron ores. 100 

6 Hausmannite and limestone. X03 

15 Lindberg, Lars, Kohlsva. — Iron 
ores. 100 

16 Lofvenskiold, Salomon, Nissafors, 
Jonkoping. — Iron ores. icx) 

17 Ramnas Iron Works Co., Ramnas. — 
Iron ores, 100 

18 Rettig, C. A., Kilafors, Gefle.— Iron 
ores. 100 

19 Schisshytte-Molnebo Iron Works, 
Morgongafva. — Iron ores, krebelite, line- 
ores, and galena. zoo 

20 Stockenstrom, Axel von, Aker, 
Mariefred. — Iron owes. 100 

21 Stora Kopparbergs Bergslag, Stock- 
holm. — Iron ores. 100 

Jgjg Sundstrom, J. O., Charlottenberg.— 
Iron ores. 100 

23 New Gellivara Company (limited), 
-Lu/ea.— /ron ores. ^ ' ^ 

24 Osterby & StrSmbacka Iron Works, 
Osterby. — Iron ores. 100 

25 Uddeholm Company, Rada. — Iron 
ores. loo 

26 Larsson, P. M., Loa, Rausa.— Iron 
ores. 100 

27 San6vikens Stock Co., Gefle.— Iron 
ores. 100 

28 Schough, Robert, Lulea.— Iron and 
copper ores. 100 

29 Geological Survey of Sweden, Stock- 
holm. — Geological collections. 100 

30 Hoganas Coal Mining Co., Hoganas. 
a Mineral co^i. loi 
i Fire clay, £re brick. 104 

31 Samuelson, S. H., FSskefors, Rada. 
—Peat. loj 

32 Westerlund, A. P., Nybro, Kalmar. 

—Peat. loi 

38 Berg, Gottfried, Warby, Stockholm. 

— Porphyry, serpentine, and marble. loa 
34 Klintberg, J. W., Wisby.— Marble 

table slabs, jewelry, etc. loa 

3 5 Kull^rens' C. A., Widow,UddevalU. 
— Articles of polished granite. 103 

36 New Marble Works, Norrkoping.— 
Manufactured marble. zoa 

37 Scanian Cement Co., Malm5.— Port- 
land cement, raw materials and products. 


38 Rorstrand Stock Co., Stockholm.— 
Feldspar. 104 

39 Gottland Grindstone Co., Burgsvik. 

— Grindstones. 104 

39« Karlson, Gust & Martin, LrUgnas.— 

Grindstone. 106 

40 Berg, Gottfried, Warby, Stockholm. 
a Graphite. 105 
6 Grindstones. 106 
c Vivianite. 107 

41 Berg, Chr. Lud., Eriksberg, Stock- 
holm, — Mineral vraters. 107 

42 Mineral Water Stock Co., Stock- 
holm. — Mineral waters. 107 

Metallurgical Prodacts. 

43 Bofors Stock Co.. Gullpsang, Bofors. 
—Pig iron, blooms, bar iron, wire rods, and 
iron plate. iii 

43a Ramnas Stock Co., Ramn&s.— Pig 

and bar iron ; slag. xii 

%% Fa^waXA ^toOR. C»., Vr««taafors.— 

^or classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at cad ol feutt\«s,*«fcOa»\&RaJ6sai,'v^.'nH&. 



Metallurgical Products. 

45 Schisshyttan-Molnebo Manufac- 
turing Co., Morgongafva. — Spiegeleisen. 


46 Goteborgs Mechanical Works Stock 
Co., Goteborg. — Crown of a flue. iii 

47 Laxa Iron Works, Laxa.— Pig iron, 

blooms, and bar iron. iii 



48 Ankarsrum Works, Ankarsrum. — 
Pig iron, blooms, iron bars, wire rods, 
and railway crossings. iix 

49 Avesta Garpenberg Stock Co., 
Avesta. — Pig iron, blooms, and bar 
iron. HI 

60 Bjorneborgs Iron & Steel Works, 
Bjomeborg. — Pig iron, Bessemer steel 
ingots, and manufactured Bessemer 
steel. Ill 

61 Degerfors Stock Co., De^erfors, 
Wermland. — Pig iron, blooms, wire rods, 
and plate. iii 

62 Ekman, Carl, Pinspong.— Pig iron for 
guns, madleable blooms, and bar iron, iix 

68 Gysinge Ironworks, Gvsinge.— Iron 
in the pig and bars, with specimens of 
slag. HZ 

64 Hermansson, C. P., Count von, 
Fema, Bemshammar. — JPig iron, spiegel- 
eisen, and bar iron. iiz 

55 Hofors & Hammarby, Hammarby. 
Storvik, Gefle. — Pig iron, blooms, and 
bars, with specimens of slag. iiz 

56 Larsbo, Norns, Stock Co., Kafalla.— 
Pig, bar, and angle iron ; blooms. izz 

57 Lesjofors Iron & Steel Co., Filip- 
stad. — Pig iron, ingots of Bessemer and 
Martin steel, bars, wires, and wire rope of 
the same material. iiz 

^8 Lindbcrg Lars, Kohlsva.— Pig iron, 
bar iron, and wire rods. iii 

59 Lofvenskiold, Salomon, Nissafors, 
Jonkoping. — Iron in the pig and bars, iiz 

60 Rettig, C. A.^ Kilafors, Soderhamn. 
— Pig and bar uon. iiz 

61 Stockenstrdm, Axel von, SHarie- 
fred. — Pig iron for malleable iron. iiz 

62 Bergslag Iron Works, Stockholm.— 
Pig iron, Bessemer ingots, blooms, bar 
iron, and samples of iron showing the 
quality. iiz 

68 Sundstrom, J. O., Charlottenberg.— 
Pig and bar iron ; spikes. iii 

64 New Gellivara Company (limited), 
Lulea. — Pig and bar iron; nails. iiz 

65 Osterby & Strombacka, Dannemora. 
— Pig iron, Bessemer steel ingots and bars, 
blister steel, crucible cast steel, and bar 
iron. Ill 

66 Surahammars Iron Co., Suraham- 

mar. — Iron plate, puddled iron, and steel 
bars, railway wagon wheels and axles, iiz 

67 Uddeholms Stock Co. (limited). 
Rada. — Pig iron, ingots of Bessemer ana 
Martin steel, and ||^on in bars, springs, 
etc. ziz 

68 Larsson, P. M., Loa, Rallsa. — Sam- 
ples of pig iron. izz 

69 Motala Mechanical Co., Motala.— 
Iron and steel, in bars, plates, and sheets, 
with products of working. izz 

70 Sandvikens Iron Works (limited), 
Sandviken. — Pig iron, Bessemer steel 
ingots, foigings for engines, steamers, 
etc. ziz 

71 Adelsward, Baron, Th., Atvidaberg. 

— Copper in ingots, with specimens illus- 
trating its various stages of produc- 
tion. XZ2 

72 Skultuna Stock Co., Westeras. 
a Copper, with products of working. xxa 
b Brass in different stages of production. 1x4 
{For rails, railway and wagon wheels^ 

tires, axles, etc., see Class S73$ Machinery 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 




{North of Navtt Columns 4 toy,) 

Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 Geological Survey of Southern Nor- 
way, Director Th. Kierulf, Christiania. 

a Stones, eruptive rocks, leading strata, 
constituents of coarse granite dykes. 100 

b Manuscript maps^ natural sections, gener- 
alized representations, printed maps. 335 

2 Fasmer, I. H.,& Son, Bergen.— Feld- 
spar. ♦ 100 

8 Hinderager Mining Co., Bergen.— 

Copper ore, pyrites. 100 

4 Hoyem, Andr., Bergen.— Titanium 
iron ore. 100 

5 Kongsberg Silver Mines, Kongsberg. 
— Ores, crystals. loo 

fia Dahll, J., Krager6.— Apatite ore. 100 

6 Bamble Nickel Mines, Johan Dahll, 
Krager^. — Samples of nickel ores, with 
specimens illustrative of the melting pro- 
cess. 100 

7 Glorud Nickel Co., F. H. Frolich & 
Son, Christiania. — Nickel ores. 100 

7a Geological Survey of Southern Nor- 
way, Assistant Geologists W. Briigger 
and H. Reusch, Christiania. 
a Newly-discovered crystals. 100 

b Contents of giant-kettles, spiral marked 
interior grinding-stones. zo6 

For claiises of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

lb Ringerige's Nickel Works.— Nickel 
ores, with rocks and specimens of the 
smelting process. 100 

nc Rom Nickel Works.— Nickel ores, 
with rocks and specimens of the smelting 
process. 100 

8 Luttensee, Georg, Christiania.— 
Quarry stone for street pavement and 
curbstones. loa 

9 Moestue & Co., Thv., Christiania.— 
Slates for tables, roofs, and floors, from 
Slidre quarries. lot 

10 Pettersen, Karl, Tromsd.— Granite, 
labbro and other massives, raw and pol- 
ished. I03 

11 Frolich & Son, P. H., Christiania.- 
Collection of Norwegian apatite ores. 103 

1 2 Birch, P., Selboe.— Millstones. 106 

14 Christiania Millstones Manufactur- 
ing Co., Christiania. — Millstones. 106 

15 Lonseth, Fred., Christiania.— Mill- 
stones from Saelbo, flint millstones. zo6 

Metallnrgieal Prodnott. 

1 6 Kongsberg Silver Mines, Kongsberg. 

— Silver in bars and granulated silver, no 

17 Cathrineholms Iron Works ft 
Foundry, Fredrikshald. 

a Stoves and other wrought iron. aaa 

b Anchors, chains. 384 

at end of entries, sec Classification, pp. 37-45. 




{North of Nave^ Columns t to S-) 

Minerals, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Fro- 

1 Tagliavia, Francesco, & Co., Messi- 
na. — Collection of minerals. loo 

2 Fontana Brothers, Luserna, Turin. 
— Flagstones. 102 

3 Tassi, Peter, Leghorn.— Y e 11 o w 

marble and alabaster. 103 

4 Chamber of Commerce & Arts, 
Sienna. — Marble and alabaster stone. 102 

5 Stock Company for Manufacturing 
Bricks, Peggio, Emilia. — Cement, lime- 
stone. 103 

6 Crispo, Moncada Carlo, Catania.— 
Limestone. 103 

7 Maccagnani, Ulisse, Bologna.— 
Aromatic earth of Cattu. Z04 

8 Bolari & Yellow Earth Co., Si- 
enna. — Bolari and yellow earth, earth, for 
coloring. 104 

9 Furse Bros., & Co., Rome.— Bolari 
earth of Sienna. 104 

10 Molfino, Luigi, Genoa.— L i t h o - 
graphic stone. 106 

11 Scammano, Cav. Michele, Catania. 
— Cedrats. 107' 

12 Birindelli, Carlo, Florence.— Colalli 

water. 107 

13 Spedalieri, Ba Felice, Catania. — 
Sulphur. 107 

14 Aristide, Count, Castrocaro.— Min- 
eral waters. 107 

15 Romano, Gaetano, Palermo.— Sul- 
phur. 107 

16 Scavo Vita Brothers, Catania.— 
Sulphur. 107 

17 Dily, Edoardo, Catania. — Sul- 
phur. X07 

18 Ardizzone, Francesco, Catania.— 
Sulphur. 107 

19 Pennini, Baron of Floristallo, Cata- 
nia. — Sulphur. 107 

20 Cesena Sulphur Co. (limited), Cese- 
na. — Raw and refined sulphur. 107 

21 Bartolini dott Cesare, Sienna.— Fos- 
sil flour. 107 

Metallurgioal Prodnots. 

22 Fornara, Gio., & Co., Turin.— 
Wire. m 

23 Ponsard & Gigli, Florence.— Iron, 
manganese. zzi 


{North 0/ Nave, Columns ^8 to 6r.) 

Minerals, Stone. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Province of Paran&. 

a Iron ores. icx) 

d Clay, argil, and schist. 104 

c Alkaline waters. 107 

2 Province of San Paulo.— Iron ores. 100 

8 Ypanema Ironworks.— Iron ores, xoo 

4 Cunha Bettencourt, M. J. da.— Min- 
era/s. xoo 

3 Oorceix, H,— Rocks and minerals. 100 

6 Commission General for the Na- 
tional Exhibition. 
a Ores. 100 

6 Coal. loi 
c Marbles. 102 
d Clay, argil, and schist. 105 
e Minerals, showing gold and di&atond for- 
mations. 106 

7 ^at\or\a\1JlvLat>3LTtv, 

a MiueraVs. '^^^ 

* Coa\. ^^^.^ 

c MarVAes. vd^ 

d Genvs. 

Far classes of exhibits, indicated by number at end of etvU\es, stt e\^s.\^<^^'^^^^>^^- '^'^■'*'^" 


Oils, Blacking^, Boots and Shoes. 

8 Goes, J. T. Pereira dc- 



9 Lemos, J. A. de.— Minerals. loo 

10 Correia, J. Severo. — C alcareous 

rocks, galena, and pyrites. loo 

11 Athayde, M. E. de S.— Mica. loo 

12 Moraes, Rozeira, M. G. de.— Martial 
pyrites. icx> 

18 Meodes.J. O. 

a Sulphur. loo 

6 Calcareotis stalactites. loa 

14 Costa Netto, J. da.— Fossils. loo 

15 Province of San Pedro do Sul.— 
Coal. loi 

16 Villa Franca, Baron of.— Peat. loi 

17 Andrade, A. R. L.— Bituminous 
coal. loi 

1 8 Barbacena, Viscount of. — Coal. loi 

19 Province of Sancta Catberina. 

a Coal. loi 

6 Marble. 102 

20 L^opez, F. J. A., & Co.— Bituminous 

schist. lox 

P. S. — Bituminous 


I 47 Travanca, A.— Argil. 104 

i 48 Schimmelpfing, A. — Kaolin. 104 

j 49 Ribas, M. de Sa.— Alum. 106 

60 Ferreira, Domini^os P. — Rough and 

cut diamoiids. ic.6 

21 Carvalho, 






22 Muricy, J. C. da Silva. 

a Anthracite and bituminous coal. 
6 Quartz, agates, and grindstones. 

28 Steraux, E.— Marbles. 

24 Leao, A. D. 

a Calcareous slates and stalactites. 
6 Rock cr>'stal and agates. 

25 Coritiba Museum. 

a Slates. 

6 Violaceous quartz. 

26 Osternack, Charles.— Virgin lime. 103 

27 Juparana, Baron of. ft Nogueira da 
Gaina. — Calcareous si)ccimens. 103 

28 Freitas, T. Teixeira de.— Lime. 103 

29 Cardoso, A. Nunes.- Lime from oys- 
ter-shells. 103 

80 Portugal, F. P. de Asvedo.— Calca- 
reous rocks. 103 

81 Commission of S. Joao d' El Rei.— 
Plaster <>f Pari*, in powder. X03 

82 Nhorinho, J. S. da Silva.— Lime. 103 
88 Bento, Dr.— Lime. 103 

84 Lendenberg, L. B.— Lime. X03 

85 Rezendc, C. Xavier.— Stalactites. 103 

86 Colony of Assungin.— Saponaceous 
clay. 104 

87 Ci'-nzaga. E. J.— Clays. 104 

88 Gonsalves J-— Calcined kaolin. 104 

89 Correa, G. Lourenjjo.— Clay. 104 

40 Wirmond, E. E.— Yellow argil. 104 

41 Mota, C. S. da.— Tagua 'rose-col- 

(.r..-.l ;.r;.'i|.. I04 

42 Gomes, T. G. C— Argil. 104 
48 Fii^ueredo, D. J.— Argil and plastics. 

44 Magsi1h»e9, F. T. S.— Argil and co\- 

"/' 'Ir l:,y, 10^ 

43 Andrmde, J. F. de.— Colored clay, v.a 
t6 TJintrict of Formiga.- Argil. V04 

Aof '/..vs,^ ,,f txitD/n*.. in«li««tc«l by umn\>er> 

51 Silva, L. Machado da.— Quartz 

prisms. 106 

52 Heyd, Theodore.— Crrindstones. ic^ 
58 Siqueira, P. Lu8t68a de.— Agates. 


54 Colony of Mucury. — Precious 
stones. ic6 

55 Cortex, P. de Siqneira. — Amethysts. 

56 Asevedo, D. 

57 Maciel, 


J. Sant6s. — Diamonds. 

Ferreira. — Sulphurous 


Ketallnrgieml Produeti. 

58 Commission General for the Na- 
tional Exhibidon. 
a Gold. IK 

i Iron. . Ill 

c Mercury. 


59 Province of Paran&. — Specimens of 

gold veins. 110 

60 Tourinho, P. A. M.— Magnetic gold. 


61 Camara, J. Ewbank da. — ^Auriferous 
stones. no 

62 Leone, P. M., ft Lemos, P. L.— Au- 
riferous minerals. 1 10 

68 Camara, F. T. Viesrra da.— Gold- 
dust, no 

64 P6rtugol, F. P. de A.— Gold-dust, no 

65 Province of Pemanfbuco. — Native 
iron. no 

66 National Muaeum. 

a Iron. in 

6 Copper. iia 

67 Province of Sancta Catharina. 

a Iron. in 

d Nickel. 114 

68 Cruc, B. A. da.— Magnetic iron., m 

69 Lellian, Ernesto.— 

70 Vpanema Iron 'Works.— Bar iron, ni 

71 Silva, M. A. Machado da.— Oligistic 
iron. ni 

72 Oliveira, A. C. de. — 01i|ri*tic iron, ni 

73 Barboda, Nemea. — Oligistic iron, ni 

74 Aranjo, J. A. Vieyra de.— Oligistic 
irt>n. Ill 

75 Ledo, Agostinbo E. de.— Oligistic 

iron. Ill 

76 Supplicy, 1. Francisco. — Pyrites and 

sulphuret of iron. in 

77 Gasse, P.— Lead Ibils from Rio de 

Janeiro. 113 

Mine Engineering, Models, Kapt, tad 

1% CxaoXo^csXCmatB&M&nQu-Xatoalocical 

1^ OoTCfe\it,'ft.-<^«»V»lfrciakiBafl» ^^^ 
a\ cTxOi^-^ cvxVx\es,sefcO»sA^c«ao^»'W-«r^ 




{Nave to South Avenue^ Columns 2 to $.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

Hiner&ls, Otab, Btone, Mining 

1 HayniDiid, HipoUto. Province of 
McTidOia.— CoUcction of mU^ctiUt. loo 

2 ProvLiictAl Commia^LOD^ PraviucA of 

3 L«niDS, AbtAbun, Province of 
Mrndoza.^ Minerals for paints. ico 

4 Trtloar, WUUam A,, Proviace of 
\.A RioJiL. — Uoltcttion of (tiincmls. 100 

5 AlnioDiicid&Parf:happe^ Province of 

Li Kityj,— tjullcciiuli of IIU4ier-iiir t«J 

6 Illnneea, Manuel 1.^ Province of L4 
Rioja^ — M]]ier:ik ofCerrode ViLtctiin;i, ido 

7 Bascuftan, FranclBCOf Provface of 
La RioJ^L. — Minerals. loo 

8 Provmcioi Commi»lon, ProviDce of 
L;i RiL>ja. 

d MincraJs. lOO 

b Uiuti anri common' gypj^UfP. 101 

f WliUe ch^lk and spccimenB of colorea 

clay used in the manufacture of pottery 

ajid paints -, colun^d tihaik- 104 

9 Geloa, Martli], Province of La Rloja. 
A IMicerali of Qlta. jcv 
b CilcinedUmc; gyp&um, 103 
£ CVialkr 104 
d Whctstoncsof " La Torre/' in their native 

sLale ; Amtn to6 

10 Vc^a^ Daniel de la. Province of La 

RLoja. — A petrifaction, too 

XI SchroedertTheodorCt Province of La 

Rioja. — Ctijjpcr ort. 100 

12 Giffbrd, Senor, Province of La RioJ a. 
— Silver ore. 100 

ISt Bcvan, Eduardo A., Province of 
Lii Kiojn. — Urcs. loo 

13 Affutlar, Franciaco D*, Province of 
S^n Junin. 

a Minerals. lao 

b MinerjJ waten. 107 

1 4 Government of the Province of San 
Juati. — Cotlection of mMierak, jrij 

1 5 Provincial Comniisiion, Province of 
S^ii LilL*!. 

a CoHcction of minerals, lOo 

t Stone pestle uHcd by the Indians to ^ind 

corn -^ViA either graiuE ; stooe pan mnde 

by iDdi^inSi etc. id3 

16 MetzTer, A^ Province of Catamnrca. 
— MJOL-raJfr 1^0 

17 Romay, Gabriel, Province of Cata- 
marca, — Zron and atitimyny ores. lotj 

17'' ZodUa, Benjamin, Province of Sal- 
ta.— Silver ore. joo 

18 'Pro-\rinQi^ Strb-commlBajon of Tino- 
pis-ts.^ ProYinct: of (Jaianj.Trtza,— Ures of 
iron, Jcsdf copper, silver, etc. im 

For dsutes of exhibits, inci/cated by numbers 

19 Galindei, CLAhLco^ Province of Cata* 
m area .^Silver and copper ort. : 30 

20 VillafaAe, TriAtan, Province of C«ta* 
innrca, — Silver-bearing ^aicna. luo 

20^* Bedoya^ Se^undo, Province of Sal- 
la.' — Silver [>rc, joa 

21 Resoagli, Luia, Province of Corrien- 
tcs— IjLiarti, ftlnt, s^atc, etc. 100 

23 ManfiiUa, Manuel, Province ol Cor- 
ncntu. — <Jiiart7^ i^g^i^f^^ copper tire, ,^nij 
mican TOO 

S3 Gatarraffa, £. C. de, Province of Cor- 
rienLcfi. — Crystal rock. im> 

23^1 Tu]ai Nabor, Province of Catamar- 
ca. — C'tppcrnrc from theCetro Nej^rOn loo 

24 Sicardtjuana G. dc. Province of Cor- 
rici]t<^,^-Horti-!shHipc;d sn»nc. too 

25 Porta, Felin, Province of Corrientes. 
— Ak^ ion] era tic n of *niall ^tttiki:';, hm 

26 AcoBCa de QuiroLo, Josefn^ Province 
of Corritntes. — Crystal rock, 100 

27 Cufia, Americo, Province of Corrien- 

tes,"Agatrt. IMJ 

27a Molina ACarranza, Province of Cat- 
amarca.— Ore frx^m tlic Ko^ariu itiinc, 100 

28 Cabral y Melo. Joae Maria, Province 
of C^jrrientes.— iryiUd luclo mid ilint, 100 

2S'' SalcedOt Uladlfllas M,, Province of 
C^itaiiiitrCu. — Copper and silver ore^ loo 

29 Pujol, Nicanor, Province of Corrien- 
tes,— Itioii ore. iLyj 

30 C6rdoba University^ Provuico of C6r. 
doban— CoiletiioH of minerals. io# 

30d Muro, Proilan, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Iron and copper ore, tofipcmsj 
and aJum, loti 

31 Frngneiro, Jos* M.^ Province of 
L:6rdoba,~Leid co]H;ii]imK silver. lug 

33 Provincial CdnimiBaioni Province 
{if Cordoba. 
(1 Lead contairdnjj; sllverj gypsum, v^L-tonit 

niincml'i. 100 

j5 Marble. yyi 

r WbttAtunes. jg^ 

33 Vaaquer, Lucrccio^ Province of C6r- 

doba. — Emeraidft ; rouiid-iibiApcd stone 
made by Indian^. loo 

34 MacDowell, N., Province of C6rdo- 

ba.— Minerals, luo 

35 Olmoa, Jos£ V,, Province of Cbrdo- 
ba. — Aliiierals. 100 

36 Provincial Commiaaionf Province 
of S^ilta. 

c ^u\\,\\^\<^ o^ Yimt. ^^^^ 

at end of eume^s, CX^ssX^e-^^vv^iTv, v^. -^l-NV 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, 

ft 5 H«Trfr«| Kico 

37 EchevwTi*. C*«tlo, Prnvlqce of 
Sjura Ke, — Slintral* , kiuaru *Jid iijaies 
of Alto UnifftUiy. i^o 

38 K>Pi Euffcnto* Province of Tucu- 
maD, — CHolJociion of minerals. loo 

39 Qovcrameut ot the Province of Ju- 
jni, — tihtr i)n: irviu 'J'ilcir^. xoo 

40 Sub-coumission of thv Department 
of Dii*KUkt«. Province 1^ Ej\irt Rli». — 

« Suvct kva<i on the ihoJ^ .^f ihe Tliii y 

UruguBTt lOiu 

h H yi^ r^uJic cement stones nod ccmen t , liai e» 

40'> Provincial Commission, Province 

of Catamarcu. 
« Qviaru, garnets, manganese, etc. 100 

t Coal. 101 

f S .,f>Tt^titf from Anc3itt. 102 

it \\ ,'., I lirv.r. p^ psum. 103 

f Colored clay, soapsione in powder, kaolin, 

etc. 104 

y Mineral >»-aiers. 107 

4^ Elonlti Loui9i Province of Buenos 

Avjcs.^Coi^pct ofv trom Paiagones. 100 

41 Arguello, David, Province of C6r- 

« Silver ore. too 

6 Anthracite coal. lox 

42 OBivaa* Fed erics, Frvvince of La 
RkipL.' — CoaI r'rvru Tumbillo*. 101 

43 ftomaoi Oabridi Province of Cata- 

44 Valde*. Kniliand, A Cipriano, Prov- 

«• Ct^ofciJ anJ k^tliTV Hi:mi:s lx\^m T^ftJit, lca 

^ ttldE uid whii? rentable day frolft llA^ 

CUCt 104 

r Sudand wbrbRWCS- 106 

46 OtiTto4,jD4^V. Province of C6rdoba. 

46 Salas. Manuel M., Province of Cor- 
ricntcs. — Marble aad nr^'UallLfed 

stones. to J 

47 Santos^ Franciaco A.. d« los, Prov- 

iaer ot Catndifea, — Hfti^v unpolished 

stone. xoj 

43 Hurley. Tom&s, Province of Cata- 

marv-.i. — Orunites • '-^^pper and bUck 

bronre** - di*cv>v- 

nfj^-L -M [tit; .\ ■ mi.i.t-va: n^iKf Ortit. i«.\» 

49 l^R>v facial Commi««ioii« Province 

of Sjhuja^mIcI KssWro. 

J PrvsscJ *1oht^ txom the Sierra de Oiuxya- 

cu:x- xcvj 

»• \. r\> .»!xl t^'fliltio* £y|4UK« 105 

.■ v.\\v rw^ cl.<\ .i:'.J »jL[t;*lint. 104 

.: Mi:;et.i. ardurktivinlU w«tff1. i-r 

60 Pr^viafiai C^mmissiflfi, Worimc 
f^^njtuit. — buUdi*^ ^tvkne. iv^^ 

61 Av«Uaneda« Nicolai, Province of 
^.^,|^^^'^J. MaiW"^ lo.: 

69 Scpirai. Ru&so Province of Cata- 

63 Sub-eommtsahHicf Andalgala. Prov> 
)w:e Hf OuaAorciL. — SoHVi\>iotic Uv^ax l^e- 
K-n xv>j 

64 Ri«o, Isidoro. Province of Catamarca. 
.t S.s.nwtv'-av. xoj 
.♦ \\ ,uv:i '.-.iv.v- 10 j; 

Nicolas, Provinc« of Cata> 


^S Cor9^f^ JfvkJhora, T., Province of 

-' -^^ •'*'?+<< U.I tors \o-» 

^ku c/a,>»v> of* cAhtbits. iuUtcat«U b>- uunx\>cr> 

67 Sarmvia, Pablo^ Province of Salta.— 
Sulphate of Ume. 103 

58 Fornauri, ft.^ ft Facino, H., Prov- 
ini.-f ("rf" Kntre Him. — Hydraulic cement^ 

69 Commission of ParanA, Province of 

Entre Rios. 

a l-'-i^:]i[:-'.LiT]cs^ lifiieitoiici, linic, sulphate 

of iinii;, fKtrificd oy^ier'^hcU-'i^ etc. 103 

b Oa>% fine sand, calcurous day, contain- 

iri^ ^^'^A and silver, 104 

c 'J rii>i.'ti. 106 

30 Gartlve, N Province of Entre Rios. 

— Artiti*:iil Stone, 103 

61 Peretti. Santia^, Province of Salta. 

— Etresscd>ibike AJidcari>v>iiAteariimc, (03 

68 Solt, Ramoa, Province of Entre 
Ritw. — OjThiim. 103 

64 Justice of the Peace of Ensenada, 
IVivinct of Bucuoa Ayres. — Lime 
irmie rrom 4htJlt. 103 

66 PcdruDcini, Jttan. Province of Bue- 
TllJ^^ A>TT3, — ^ht^ll-iimc. 103 

66 Villdcs.NicmBiPt Province of Buenos 

m Lime from Balcarce. X03 

^ Red clay. 104 

67 lAi^uej, Macuel A.^ Province of 
iLucJiis Ayra. ^ limstau'C from Tan- 
dtU 103 

68 CotnmitiiOQ of Water Wotka, Prov- 
ih^izc of liiiuios Ayra. 

a Uau-<^hdJA, cukareois stones, raw and 
burnt cement, cement in shape of 
bricks. 103 

h Clay. X04 

69 Wetah, Mqcuet. Province of Buenos 
Ayret.— iimetuMLe, quicklime, slaked 
La£. 103 

70 Caetani, Vicente. Province of Buenos 
AjTc&. — AnlfiiLLiI cnarble. 103 

71 Safidrot, Jo»^, Province of Buenos 
Aj-rcs.— Artiiici.xl stones. 103 

78 Justice of tbe Peace of Patafoncf » 
rroviuce of bucuoA Ay re*. — Cjpsum, 
etc. " 103 

78 Ib*eet, P.. Province of Catamarca. 
*^(4Ji*kfAiH<=>^ Ume. 103 

74 Provincial COJ&mi&tion^ Province of 

« \<1a<\. >^llav and white limestone, 

K:v%Dfiiiv4a ^piutflB* X03 

C \thiK' tij^^ ii>4 

76 Paroni, Aadr^ Pnivince of Santa 
Ft — \{\ LlrAuJK rrtamr 103 

76 Proviacial Coouninjc&t Province 
ci i.\>rneanL — Ciicartou^ stoiics from 
laa, X03 

77 Apitl«r TkBAdKn D., Province of 
S«a Jlub. — Hydiauljc lime. X03 

78 0>achc, UanucL. Provinn of Buenot 
A^ ra.^-c*>{4uiB irvt^ Rk> SaIsiiIo, X03 

7S^ CsT«&n>, Nicholva. Proviocc of 541- 

79 SacLta Ctui, Simon de. Province of 
l£aue Kkv- — Sand from Ibicui. X04 

T9ur Tan^yt»k Sidney, Province of Salta. 
— IM'hibc clay^ 104 

80 Ariai.Kil«riMA,PrQTiac« of Salta.— 
S^f^^fc ai ilBib. 104 

%\ Vo^*^ TT>'.:^ir*, Ptofviac* of Cor- 


«ftA cl e«MV«&, «« OMa»«aJani^^p^«|-«jt 



Minerals, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

88 Sub-commission of Bella Vista, 
Province of Corrientes. — Stone contain- 
ing red and yellow coloring substances ; 
days. Z04 

84 Calderon, Pedro. Province of Entre 
Rios. — Vegetable clay. X04 

86 Fontes. V. M., ft Negra, S., Prov- 
ince of Entre Rios. — Clay for whitewash- 
ing. 104 

86 Bazan, Abel, Province of La Rioja.— 
Refractory bricks. 104 

87 Barros, Josi, Province of La Rioja.— 
Refractory bricks. 104 

89 Justice of the Peace of Zarate, 
Province of Buenos Ayres. — Black and 
ferruginous clays. 104 

90 Lobe, Tristan, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Chalk clay, tiles, and bricks. 104 

91 Lafone Qnevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. 

a White clay for bricks; refractory 

bricks. 104 

B Hard fossil-ground quartz. 106 

98 Caballero, Eugenio, Province of 

Salta. — Graphite. 105 

93 Medina, Lois R., Province of Cat- 
amarca. — Whetstones from Concep- 
cion. 106 

94 Perez, Luisa, Province of La Rioja. 
— Mineral water. 107 

96 Patron Bros., Province of Salta.-< 
Mineral waters. zoy 

97 Schmidt, Antonio, Province of San 
Luis. — Mineral waters. Z07 

98 Escobar, Juan de D., Province of 
San Luis. — White-stone water. 107 

99 Sub-commission of the Colony of 
San Carlos, Province of Santa F6.— Veg- 
etable clay. X07 

100 Otamendi, Carlos, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Shells from the coast of Bal- 
carce. 107 

MetalluTgioal Prodnots. 

101 Gainza, Martin de. Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Gold from Patagones. zzo 

108 Nell, Federico, Province of San 

Luis.— -Gold and washed gold. xio 

108 Bertram & Co., Province of San 
Luis. — Gold from the Descubridora 
mine. no 

104 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Luis. — Gold from La Carolina 
mine. no 

105 Lafone Quevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. — Copper ingots, iiz 


{North of Nave, Columns j to j.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Government of Chili.— Silver and 
copper ores, and other minerals. 100 

2 Sere, Edouard, Santiago. — Mine- 
rals. 100 

3 Escobar, E., Copiapo.— Gold, si.ver, 
and copper ore^ and other valuabk min- 
erals. %«o 

4 Urmenta & Errazurieir, Santiago. - 
Copper ores from Tauiagua. 100 

3 Bacttdero, R„ Santiagro.— Stone. loa 
Far classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

6 Sanchez, Francisco, Talca.— Carved 

stone from Talca. 10a 

7 Cadiz, Jose, Gabriel, Santiago. — 

a Artificial marble balustrade, mantel, pil- 
asters, and columns. 103 
6 Natural and powdered g>'psum. 107 

Metallurgioal Prodnots. 

8 Government of Chili.— Copper in in- 
gots. x.ta 

9 ETTaxuT\x, lJlaLX\m\aLtvo, ^^xvVS^v*--- 

Strata ol coa\ tmwt \w Y^>x. "^^^ 

at end of eutnes, scft Oa&sv^vc^^^^xv,^^. -iVW 



(North of Nave, Columns 64 to 67.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

, M. Josi, Pregones, State of 
ro.— (JuicksUvcr ores. xoo 

Minarali, Oroi, Stone, Mining Pro- 
1 Ochva, Oatpen, Sanchez, City of 
Mexico. — Sulphur from the Volcano Po- 
pocatepetl. 100 
8 Mexican Mining Society, City of 
Mexico. — Minerals and rocks. 100 

3 School of Engineers, City of Mex- 
ico. — Minerals. 100 

4 Nationai Museum, City of Mexico. 
— Minerals and rocks. 100 

^ Barcena, Mariano, City of Mexico. 
— Livingstonitc. 100 

6 Polaa, 

7 Natural History Society, City of 
Mexico. — Minerals. 100 

8 Government of the State of Duran- 
go, Pxirango City. — ln>n ores. 100 

t«« MuUer, N., Chihuahua City.— Me- 
teoric iron. 100 

9 Soto« Mayor C, State of Micho- 
acjun. — Minerals from the mineral district 
of Angangueo. 100 

10 Run. Mii^uel, City of Mexico.— Min- 
erals. lOO 

10^ Corcuera, Manuel, State of Jalisco. 
— liv»n ores. Xv» 

11 Real Del Monte Company.— Mine- 
rals, . »oo 

18 State Oovemment of Oaxaca.<— Min- 
erals, KV> 

14 Quebradella Company, Zacatecas 
City. — Minerals. 100 

15 Mala Noche Company, Zacatecas 
City. — ^Minerals. 100 

16 Ponce, Juan, Zacatecas City.— Min- 
erals. 100 

17 Romirez, S. ft C. J., City of Mexico. 
— Rocks. 100 

1 8 Barcena, Manimo, Cit^ of Mexico.— 
Fossils, rocks, and geological maps, xoo 

19 Parrugia, Pederico, State of Hidal- 

So. — Minerals and metalluigical pro- 
ucts. 100 

80 Zenteno, Estevan, Fempoal, Vera 
Cruz. — Coal. 101 

81 Gutierrez, Julian, ft Co., City of 
Mexico. — Marble fipom the State of Pueb- 
la. loa 

88 Bocanerra, S., State of San* Luis 
Potosi.— -Marbles. loa 

88 State Government of Hidals^c- Ar- 

gib. X04 

Hetallurgieal Prodnots. 

84 Bermegillo, Pio, State of Michoacan. 

— Cake of silver from Argaoguco. i lo 

85 Encamacion Company. — Wrought 
and cast iron. 11 1 

86 Guadalupe Company. — Wrought 

and cast iron. in 

13 San Rafkel Company. — Minerals 
trxxn ir-*c^ate\\*>> City. 100 


For c1ass«$ of exhibits. iiKUcaie>i b> numbers at eml of entries, see Classification, {^ 9j-^ 

87 Ssperon. Jos6, Oazaca City.- 

W rough t and cast iron. m 



{Som^A of Nave, Columns i6 to i8,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

1 Arrivillaga, Agustin, Fondon, Prov- 
ince of AlmeHa.^ialena. loo 

2 Fernandez, Diego, Cuevas, Province 
of Almeria. — ^Argentiferous galeiia and ba- 
rytcs. loo 

8 Campos. Francisco, Pondon, Prov- 
ince of AJmeria. — Laminated galena. loo 

4 Montoro, Francisco, Vera, Province 
of Almeria. — Laminated galena. loo 

5 Bachiller, Quillermo, Cuevas, Prov- 
ince of Almeria. — ^Argentiferous galena 
with iron pyrites. loo 

6 Cerezuelo, Gonzalo, Beria, Province 
of Almeria. — Laminated galena. xoo 

7 Gonzalez, Gabriel, Laujar, Province 
of Aimeria. — Laminated galena. xoo' 

8 Tcrriza, Josfc, Berja, Province of Al- 
meria. — Laminated galena. xoo 

9 Rapalo, Josi, Almeria, Province of 
Almeria.— Galena. xoo 

10 Olmo. Jos6 del, Berja, Province of 
Almeria. — Galena, stained with mini- 
imi. xoo 

11 Cavanillas, Juan, Cuevas, Province 
of Almeria. — ^Argentiferous galena. loo 

12 Corrello. Rafael, Almozita, Province 
of Almeria. — Galena. loo 

1 8 Abad. Jerdnimo^ Nijar, Province of 
Almeria. — Pyrolusite. xoo 

14 Ayala, Antonio, Lucar, Province of 
Almeria. — Steatite. xoo 

15 Padilla, Francisco, Nijar, Provmce 
of Almeria. — Calamine and carbonate of 
lead. loo 

16 Blanco. Prudencio, Alcolea, Prov- 
ince of Almeria. — Gray calamine. xoo 

17 Duran, Estiban, Almeria. — Oxide of 
copper and calamine. xoo 

18 Ramirez, Luis, Lucar, Province of 
Almeria. — Black oxide of cobalt. loo 

19 Rio, Bustaouio, Huercal-Overa, 
Province of Almeria. — Arseniate of co- 
balt, xoo 

20 Real, Josi, Almeria. — Carbonate of 
lead. loo 

21 Gomez, Crisanto de, Nijar, Province 
of Almeria. — Carbonate of lead. xoo 

22 Trell, Miguel del, Berja. Province of 
Almeria. — Carbonate of calamine. xoo 

28 Daza y Ruiz, Francisco, Purchena, 
Province of Almeria.— Iron ore. loo 

28^ Daza y Ruiz, Seron, Province of Al- 
'a— Ir< 
za y i 

jnerXa — Cinnabar ore and cobalt. 

meria — Iron ore. loo 

28^ Daza y Ruiz, Lucar, Province of Al- 

S4 Vivma ABqueroB. Antonio, Pechina, 
Province ot Almeria.— Iron ore. xoo 

For chases of exhibits indicated by numbers 

25 Linares, Clemente, Albanchez, Prov- 
ince of Almeria. — iron ore. too 

26 Villalobos Brothers, Berja, Province 
of Almeria. — Sulphate of lead. loo 

27 Hernandez, Secundino, Feria, Prov- 
ince of Badajoz. — Iron ores. xoo 

28 Successful Societv, Alconchel Che- 
los, Province of Badajoz. — Chakopi- 
rita. zoo 

29 LafBte & Co., Castuera, Province 
of Badajoz. — Galena and argentiferous 
lead. xoo 

80 Mateos y Morato, Santiago, Azuaga, 
Province of Badajoz. — Sulphate of lead, xoo 

31 Grappin, G. de, Llerena, Province 
of Badajoz. — Galena. xoo 

81<> Grappin,G. de, Malpartida, Province 

of Caceres. — Phosphate of lime. loo 

31^ Grappin, G. de, Aldeacentenera, 
Provmce of Caceres.— Copper. loo 

31^ Grappin, Q. de, various towns of 
the province of Ciceres. — Collection of 
ores. loo 

82 Martinesde Santa Maria, Juan, Bur- 
guillos, Province of Badsgoz. — Magnetic 
iron ore. loo 

38 Lligi & de Planell, Juan, Qshk y del 
Figaro, Province of Barcelona. — Iron ore 
with manganese. xoo 

34 O'Daly, Olimpia Vallcareara, Prov- 
ince of Barcelona. — Magnetic iron. xoo 

85 Anglada & Co., Pontons, Province 
of Barcelona.— Carbonate of zinc. xoo 

36 Provincial Commission, Atapuerca, 
Province of Burgos. — Stalactites. loc 

37 Richard & Granducontangne, Rio- 
cavado. Province of Burgos. — Hema- 
tites, xoo 

87<» Richard & Granducontangne, Hur 
erto-abajo, Province of Burgos. — iiema- 
tites. xoo 

37^ Richard & Granducontangne. Moh- 
terrubio dc la Sierra, Province of Burgos. 
— Hematites. xoo 

38 Gutierrez, Julian, Olmos de Atapu- 
erca, Province of Burgos. — Yellow and 
red ochre. xoo 

39 Oria, Eugenio, Pancorbo, Province 
of Burgos. — Oxide of iron. loo 

40 Corporation of Pineda.— Micaceous 
iron. xoo 

41 Mufioz Bello, Francisco, CItceres.— 
Phosphate of lime. xoo 

42 Gonzalez, Dvt^o "W^^-a^a^^Vs^x^^.— 
Ca\catcovv& vVvosv^"a.\.«a». '^^^^ 

I CaVcatcous p\\osv^^^^. 

at end oi entrvcs. %efc Oasa\^^'C\o^>'^^* '^'^ 


Minerals, Ores. 

44 Sande Olivares, Ger6ninio de, Garro- | 
billas de Alconetar, Province of Caceres, 
—Copper ore. loo j 

45 Miro Cerd&, various towns of the 
Province of Casteilon. — Ores. loo 

46 Rrovincial Board of A^icaltare, 

Province of Casteilon. — Galena and cala- 
mine. lOO 

47 Caminero, Jos6, Ciudad-Real.— 
Ores. ICO 

48 Piquet, Alfonzo Emilio, Horcajo, 
Province of Ciudad-Real. — Ores. loo 

49 Mines of Almaden, Almaden, Ciu- 
dad-Real.— Cinnabar ores and rocks. loo 

50 Dudoux, Francisco Javier, Province 
of Barcelona. — Ores. zoo 

51 Gomec Ruiz, widow & sons of 
Gabriel, San Julian del Llot, Province of 
Gerona. — Lead ore. loo 

52 Hisern, Joaquin, Carat&unas, Prov- 
ince of Granacla. — Hematite iron. loo 

58 Vasquez, Diego, Pitres, Province of 
Granada. — Quicksilver ore. loo 

54 Corps of Mining Engineers, Hien- 
delaencina. Province of Guadalajara. — 
Brittle silver, blue copper, and mala- 
chites. lOO 

55 Gracian, Andres, Huelva.— Sulphur 
of argentiferous antimony. loo 

56 Ibarra, Josi Maria de, Huelva. — Col- 
lection oT cuprous-iron pyrites and pro- 
ducts. lOO 

57 Vasquez y Lopez, M., Zalamea la 
Real, Province of Huelva. — Peroxide of 
manganese. loo 

58 Rieken y Gerdes, George, Mina Bron- 
teriza, Huelva. — Sulphur. loo 

59 Solo, Emilio de, Alosno, Province of 

Huelva. — Peroxide of manganese. loo 

60 Diaz y Gomez de Cadiz, Eduardo, 

Valverde del Camino, Province of Huel- 
va. — Manganese ore. xoo 

61 Bull & West, Diego, Valverde del 
Camino, province of Huelva. — Cuprous 
pyrites. loo 

62 Tharsis Sulphur & Copper Co. 
Himited), Alosno, Province of^Huelva. — 
Ores and slags. xoo 

68 Rio Tinto Co. (limited), Province of 
Huelva. — Ores. loo 

64 LaBuenaF^, Society, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Laminated galena, etc. loo 

65 La Familia Society, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Laminated galena and ga- 
lena in dross. loo 

66 LfS Inocencia Mining Society, Guar- 
roman, Province of Jaen. — Laminated 
galena and galena in dross. loo 

67 Stolberg & Westfalia, Anonymous 

Society, Linares, Province of Jaen. — 
Laminated galena and galena in dross. loo 

68 English, Heirs of Juan Carlos, Li- 
nares, Province of Jaen. — Laminated and 
ground galena and galena in dross. loo 

60 Accino y Vazquez de Araujo, En- 
rique, Linares, Province of Jaen. — Lam\- 
na ted galena. . xoo 

70 Sopwith, Tom A 8, Linares, Prov- 

ince of Jaen. — Laminated galena. loo , 

for classes of exhibits. Indicated by number* 

71 Bonaplata, Eduardo, Bail6n, Prov- 
ince ot Jaen. — Galena. * xoo 

72 Fisueroa^ Ignacio, Lrinares, Province 
of jaen. — Galena. xoo 

78 Amado Salazar, Enrique, Bail^n, 
Province of Jaen. — Galena. loo 

74 Lohnstein, Emilio, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Galena. xoo 

75 Arboledas, Martin, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Sulphate of lead. xoo 

76 Villanova, Jos^ Genaro, Linares. 
Province of Jaen. — Earth from a lead 
mine, and potter's antimony. xoo 

77 Polo Leoncio, Villafeliz, Province of 
Leon. — Iron ore. loo 

78 Alonso, Casimiro, Leon. — Oxidized 
iron ore. loo 

79 Bertrand, Casimiro, Alins, L6rida.— 

Oaelleresa, native iron. loo 

80 Reynante y Cancio, Manuel, Riva- 

deo, Lugo.— Ores. xoo 

81 Corps of Mining Engineers, Madrid. 
— Ores. xoo 

82 Naranjo y Garza, Felipe, from vari- 
ous towns of the Province of Madrid. — 
Ores. xoo 

83 Mining Engineers, M&laga. — Mala- 
chite copper ore. xoo 

88<z Minine Engineers, Marbella, Prov- 
ince of Malaga. — Magnetic iron. loo 

88^ Mining Engineers, Estepona, Prov- 
ince of Mal^a. — Magnetic iron. xoo 

SZc Mining Engineers, Mijas, Province 
of Malaga. — Hydrated iron, galena, and 
magnetic iron. xoo 

83^ Mining Engineers, Istan, Province 

of Malaga. — Magnetic iron. xoo 

83^ Mining Engineers, Carratraca, 

Province ot Malaga. — Hematites. too 

88/ Mining Engineers, Antequera, 
Province ot Malaga. — Oligistic iron, xoo 

83^ Mining Engineers, Coin, Province 

of Malaga. — Hematites. xoo 

83^ Mining Engineers, Deaahanis, 

Province of Malaga. — Sulpho-arsenic 
nickel and sulphurous nickel. xoo 

83>& Mining Engineers, Benalmadena, 
Province of Malaga. — Hydrated iron, loo 

83 ^ Mining Engineers, Alora, Province 

of Malaga. — Nickel. xoo 

83//' Mining Engineers, Almogia, Prov- 
ince of Malaga. — Malachites axxd pyrites 

of copper. xoo 

83» Minine Engineers, Alhaurin el 
Grande, Province of Milaga. — Galena and 

carbonate of lead. xoo 

83^ MiningEngineers.Colmenar, Prov- 
ince of Malaga. — Galena and pyrites of 
copper. xoo 

83/ Mining Eiieineers, Nerja, Province 
of Malaga. — Galena. lOo 

83^ Mining Engineers, Archidona, 
Province of Malaga. — Oligistic iron, xoo 

^% B\and\u v Carrese, Manuel, Vera, 
Ptovuvcft <A "l^aLN^rwL.— VcwiWt*. xoo 

^5 l&ac^SL 8l Co,, I^«m^Vt\A, ^«am»a^ 

PTOv\tvce ol Otcwift.— v\t^ «itfe. v»^ 

ax etid o« enxx\es,st^OaM:v^^>iswi»'W^, viHj^ 



Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

86 VUa, Francisco, Pentes, Province 
of Orense. — Tin ore. 100 

87 Mining District of Oviedo, various 
towns of the Province of Oviedo. — Ores. 


88 Acebal y Menendez^ Benito, Car- 
renoa. Province of Oviedo. — Iron ore. 


89 Uria Pinilla. Navia de Luarca, 
Province of Ovieao. — Iron ores. 100 

90 National Factory of Trubia,Trubia, 
Province of Oviedo. — Iron ores. 100 

91 Diestro y Lrsstra, Antonio del, Mier, 
Province of Oviedo.— Ores. 100 

92 Somoza Pi fieiro, Ramon, Merca, 
Province of Pontevedra. — ^Magnetic iron. 


93 Mining Society, Salamanca.— T i n 
ore. 100 

94 Neeschourrer Bellesfrod & Co., 
from various towns and provinces. — Ores. 


96 Mining & Foundry Co. of Santan- 
der. — Ores. xoo 

96 Boen Deseo Mining Society, Pefial- 
cazar. Province of Soria. — Argentiferous 
lead ore. • 100 

97 Perez, Bernardo, PeAalc&zar, Prov- 
ince of Soria. — ^Aigentiferoas lead ore. 100 

98 Director of the Company of Mines 
& the Manufactory del Pedroso, Cazalla 
de la Sierra, Province of Seville. — Iron 

99 Gomez,Josi Maria, Vimbodi, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona. — Pyrites and barytes 
in powder. 100 

100 Monner, Francisco, Las Borjas, 
Province of Tarragona.— -Oligistic iron. 


101 Brit6 & Sierra, Camafias, Province 
of Teruel. — Crystallized manganese ore, 
pyrolusite. xoo 

102 Maorad, Benito, Camafias, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Manganese. 100 

108 Valdemoro, Juan Francisco,Teruel. 
— Oxide of iron. 100 

104 Belles, James, Albarracin, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Oxide of iron. 100 

105 Perez, Francisco, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Calamine. 100 

106 Diego, Vicente de, Bilbao, Prov- 
ince ot Vizcaya. — Iron ores. 100 

107 BoursoiK Miguel, Somorrostro, 
Province of Vizcaya. — Iron ore. loo 

108 Bilbao Iron Ore Company 
(limited), Galdam^, Province of Viz- 
caya. — Iron ore. 100 

109 Zabalo, Andris, Illueca, Zaragoza. 
— Oligistic iron. 100 

109« Mouner, Francisco, Reus, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona. — Ores. 100 

110 Rueda, Manuel, Mesones, Province 
of Zaragoza. — Oligistic iron. too 

111 Boiven y Senty, Adolfo, Maestu, 
Province of Alava. — Natural rock as- 
phaltum, refined bitumen, pure and dry 
asphaltum. zoz 

112 Asphaltum Company of Maestu, 

US Mining Utdon, Calaf, Province of 
Baurceloaa.—Lignite. ,01 

114 La Perla Bergadana Mining Socie- 
ty, Pont de Raventi, Province of Barce- 
lona. — Mineral coal. xzo 

115 Gispert y Pujals, Manuel, Barce- 
lona. — Mineral coal. zoz 

116 Oria, Eugenic, Brieva de Juarros, 
Province of Burgos. — Dry pit-coal. zoz 

117 Juarrefta Society, San Adrian de 
Juarros, Province of Burgos. — Dry pit- 
coal, zoz 

118 Mir6 y Cerd&, C, from various 

towns of the Province of Castell6n. — Coal. 


119 Metallurgical Coal-pit Company of 
Belmez, Penarroya, Province of Cordoba. 
— Pit-coal, and coke. loz 

120 El Veterano Mineral Society, Sur- 
roca, Province of Gerona. — Pitcoal and 
coke; rocks, illustrating the geological 
composition of the coal districts of Surroca 
and Ogassa. zoz 

121 Board of Agriculture. Industry, 
& Commerce, Oviedo. — Coke and min- 
eral coal. zoz 

121« Board of Agriculture, Industry, 
& Commerce, Mieres, Province of Oviedo. 
— Coal block, weighing 30 cwt. zoz 

122 Coal-pit Society of Mufion, Mufton, 
Pola de Lena, Province of Oviedo. — Min- 
eral coal. zoz 

128 National Factory of Trubia, Tni- 
bia. Province of Oviedo. — Mineral coal 
and coke. xoi 

124 Garcia de los Rios, Eduardo, Mie- 
res, Province of Oviedo. — Pit-coal. zoz 

125 Vigon, Braulio, Carr&ndi, Province 
of Oviedo. — Anthracite coal. loi 

126 Mines of Castilla, Barruelo, Prov- 
ince of Palencia. — Pit-coal and coke, zox 

127 Fernandez Castafieda, Telesforo, 
Reinosa, Province of Santander. — Ljg- 
nite. zox 

128 Pereire, Isaac, Villanueva del Rio, 
Province of Seville. — Coal. zoz 

129 Corps of Mining Engineers, Soria. 
— Impregnated asphaltum. zoz 

130 Peguero, Andres, Utrillas, Prov- 
ince of Teruel .—Coal . zox 

131 Sierra, Francisco, Utrillas, Prov- 
ince of Teruel . — Coal . zox 

132 Est6ban, Crist6bal, Libros, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Brimstone. zoz 

133 Fernandez, Francisco, Havana, 
Island of Cuba. — Asphaltum. zoz 

134 Blanquer Ronda, Mariano, Callosa 
de Ensarria, Province of Alicante. — Black 
marble. zoa 

135 Serrano, Cardona & Co., Mon6var, 
Province of Alicante. — Tubing and pillar, 
with enclosure. zo« 

136 Jov6r, Francisco, Almeria, Prov- 
ince of Almeria. — Construction stones, zoa 

136^ Abell6 y Boada, 

- ■ : of T 

Pablo, Sarreal, 
—Alabaster, zoa 

Province of Tarragona 
137 Daza, Francisco, Macael, Province 

of Almeria.- 

188 TtfeU, %«i«vaLe\ ^«\. 'at:T\^^ ^^wVasa^ 
ol Mta«\aL.— ^wWv^vw c««&xx^cCvs«i.. v* 

laft cYiiei ^ti%\tie« o^ ^>^'«:j^2jS 


oTezUUts, indicated by mtmben «t «nd oC etita\«, «« OMsiS^«^^««^»'«^* '^•^ 

Miner All, Slone. 

140 E»tf veil, M«t)ucl Beattci, B«il*joi^ 

148 ProvlDclAt CommiiflLon of VilUea- 
ttjc/, iVovhice of Jkjr|^.— AtahaaLer, mar- 

144 BAldiriE, Bflntiaco, Villvrobe, 

146 Vicli^rd ft QTaAduE;flTitHftDej Bar- 

In^ilihpp fW ITL'j-rcriin, J^rovjnue of Eiiry^i^. 
— ^.Jr^nvtl. T'j^ 

146 Corporwtioo qf VllUm^rtin, Prov- 

147 Corporation ol ChLdana^ Province 
of Cii'lfjf- — Jioipcr iiTi 

14 S t^orporatton oT Ornralema, Prov- 
Ijicc ul t.'idi/.— CUIurtil m^jrljlc. lua 

149 Nufle/, Jo»* Maria. Ci dii. -Colic c 

|lr»]t i»j iiiLLn>lcM :im\ juH|j<Lm, ihit 

100 F«o y HtirmoB, Miguel AlfoniiE), 
^u^i Mlj^ticL clu Abou:i, CJi^ury JftUnilA. — 

lAl a»m««, Anffd, Santa CfuE deTtn- 
f rl IT« , t.^ u ri:Lry 1 r Uttdit .^Koc k , l:iv a, ji ti d 

Vcijr.iJtti: }if^»c|i]i:|HH 103 

102 BtitUty af Fri«ndH, Laa Palmaa^ 
(.ijiFUiry IfirFtihJ^.^-Jfthpi^r. tua 

163, Provincial Board of Ag:rlcuLtur«. 
CuUUp J'rovijii:^ rjrCJftAtLLllini.—AUtbkciiiiiu 

1 64 Corporation of Cabra^ Proviace of 
L^<^rjulw^ — Mftrblt!^, lu^ 

160 Lope t Sc oa ne , Vi ctor, Pe rrol , Prov- 
ince of Lu Ci>njr>^^"Sttn;cs anil mar- 

166 Corporation of PortUlade la Sierra, 

1 6T CorporatLon of La Cierva, Province 
Mf t'ntiitn.— Mfirtilc, lua 

159 YaALif AmbroiLO, Lai Majadaa, 

1 66 Made ro, Clr^lo, Afcoa de la Cantera, 


160 Bwbto Perett Juan, Cut}ar» Prov- 

161 Corporation of Fucntc Heridos, 
TrLi r ( m r of Hue Iva .— M:^rljl t. lura 

166 Corporation of Oalaro»f Province 
of lti*cNa.^MfltbltJ, toa 

163 0«ntalet Molada« Jmto, Alcau- 
Jt(t, lV**i»i« of Jat4i. — Coostniriion 

l#i Oatfpor^ttoa of CamtHlo dt Locubln, 

Pwrirtrt of j|,wft — J«j>cr. i^ 

166 Pf«vibci<^l loatltut*, L*od.^ 

166 Ul**atiioyuet, Bell<froid. a Co** 
Vninnilla, IVv^iat* of l«\)*t *-MarUe 
inrmmi Vvf*K>rma fiL^s^ik. if* 

1#T l*«tit«itc of Secondary tnstmction 

Marttbn afld fJaiEL tL-a 

166 CwTH «( Hlmlac Enrineen. Pnv- 

.1^.^ of MiVea^-IJArUB. t^-sa 

164 C««|i««xiM« «f U|>a*i ProviDca of 
^x d Afan-iL— ^lartat, jpiL, tenting- 

178 Corporation of SaUa, Province of 
Oviedo. — MarblcH hjj 

173 Corporation of Cotuoga, Province 
of Ovtedfi.^Mnrble. ii^ 

174 OdrioxgLa, Joaquin de, ProTinceof 
Segpvia.— CottMniction stones. ipa 

17fi Corporation of Linarea, Province 
pf Sc){ovia, — C^karrous construclion 
■toncA, ^04 

176 Corporation of Balisa, Province of 
^<eDria.—GrauiL£ and siliceous Moncn lua 

177 Corporation of AragoQcsea, Prov-^ 
incc of Scguvia. — Slooe, toa 

17 S Corporation of Moron, Province of 
£tviiU,^Ja!si>cr. ids 

179 Corporation of CantuJucIat Prov- 
ince of ^oria. — MArhicA, joa 

180 Corporation Of EapeJ a, Province ot 
ISoria. — Mai'blts, loa 

181 Garcia, Cay^tano, Enpejon, Pro?- 
iinit of Sorin. — Marlilcs. iw 

183 Gomel, Job* Maria, Sarcat, Prov- 
ince of Tarmgcma,— AUWstcr and mar- 
Lie, in pnwJtr, jo( 

163 Board of Public ^Works^ Cnmpaa- 
pero, i*roviiic€ cif V^Llladotitl. — CaJcarvoiu 

164 Gcnerta^Joat.Sarreal, Province of 

Tarrrigona.— AlAluiAticr, loa 

186 Board of Public Worka^ Viltar- 
mtntcro. Province of VAJladolid. — Ciyi- 
uUitciJ gypMini, loa 

186 Corporation of Rida^ Province of 

167 Corporation of Cilatorao, Pro^nco 
of Zaraco?a.— lilac k marble, loj 

188 Corporation of Fucntea de EbrOi 
rrovincfiof Zarngt^ni.^AlabaAter^ lo^i 

18B Boada,Jer6mina^MalaT6, Province 
f>f Bartdtjiia.^Aftilici^l sionc. luj 

160 Navarro, Antonio, Laa Palmas, 
C.'ui:iry ItL^ds,— Calcarcooj atone and 
pondered IS me. itjj 

181 L1cd& y Goin«*f Cipn*DO, Cvenoa, 
— >V'biic KypfUW. «jj 

195 Fprnandex, GarvaaSo, Ti^rmbia de^ 
C^mpo. rroviQCC of Cvenca.^ — AJoba* 
trian g^-pfiion. lo^ 

193 Lropei^ Simon* Torrubia del Cam poi, 
Province c*f tocBca.— Powdered al^b&i- 
trian j^'psum. loj 

194 Corporation of Aya&]Onte,Provtnct 
of ^lodva. — Umer 103 

190 Divtnctof Hintne Kocinceni Pro- 
vince of Milage. — CjpSLim. toj 

196 Corp* df lliniiijt Englneera, Prov* 
ince of Mircii.— Wnite *ml bUfk caJ* 
cirroajslprt. loj 

197 CorpoTvtSon of Monn^ Pravinced 
Seville. — C*ypt$i>m ABd limc^ loj 

196 Tofn*«, Antonio, Rcul Province 

of r^jnigc™*. — Sulphate of Wrytei ««l 

Jjiae. \a\ 

1^9 Cerveim, I^nla, Motitblaneb, Prgv- 

ia«of Tam^uBl. — SrtJftiWdf byttr*wd 

AlcftU Ak Ova- 

ffT ^OaAa^, Proviac« «{ 

tf ffifhlhiia, iadk:awd Vy 



Minerals, Stone. 

803 Qiralt, Nicol&s, Regla, Cuba.— 
Lime. X03 

808 Bcnavides, Mariano, La Roda, 

Province of Albacete. — Magncsian 
earth. 104 

804 Saavedra Ramirez, Alejo, Somotin, 
Province of Almena.— -Silicate of mag- 
nesia. 104 

805 Daza y Ruiz, Francisco, Somotin, 
Province of Almeria. — Silicate of mag- 
nesia. 104 

106 Masoliver, Bartolomi, Barcelona. 
— Chalk and volcanic clay. to4 

807 Granducontangne, Richard, Barba- 
dillo de HerrcPOB, Province of Burgos. — 
Argil. 104 

808 Oria, Eugenio, Pancorbo, Province 

of Burgos. — Bricks. 104 

809 Provincial Commissions of various 
towns. Province of B&rgos. — Argil and 
clay. X04 

810 Foundry ft Delft Factory of 
Sargadelos, Cerv<K Province of Lugo. — 
Crude materials for the manufacture of 
deUt. X04 

81 1 Banante, Juan, Chantada, Province 
of Lugo. — ^Argil. 104 

818 District of Mining Engineers, Mar- 
bdU, Province of Milaga.— Steatite. 104 

818 Provincial Board of Agriculture, 
Industry, & Commerce, CoUera, Prov- 
ince of Oviedo. — Spar. 104 

814 Uria ft Pinilla, Navia de Laurca, 
Province of Oviedo. — Refractory stone. 104 

816 Factory of Trubia, Trubia, Prov- 
ince of Oviedo. — Argil, silicate, and 
lime. Z04 

816 Villar Cagide, Joaquin, Santa Ma- 
ria de Abades, Province of Pontevedra. — 
Steatites. 104 

817 Matheu, Antonio, Montblanch, 
Province of Tarragona. — Spanish white. 


818 Corporation of Pinell, Province of 
Tarragona. — Refractory earth. 104 

819 Corps of Mining Engineers, Zara- 
goza. — ^Atgil. X04 

880 District Miniiu^ Engineers, Igua- 
leja, Province of Malaga. — Graphite. 105 

881 Villalonga y Perez. Antonio, Capde- 
pera, Baleares. — Tripoli. 105 

288 Corporation of Cabra del Santo 
Cristo,Provinceof Jaen. — Whetstones. 106 

828 Acebal v Menendez, Benito, Ovie- 
do. — Grincetones. xo6 

884 Peguero, Andres, Utrilla, Province 
of Teruel.— Jet. 106 

885 Pedro, C&rmen de. La Rambla, 
Province of Teruel. — ^Jet. 106 

886 Sierra, Francisco, Utrilla, Province 
of Teruel.— Jet. 106 

887 Villalba, Qregorio,Utrilla,Province 
of Teruel.— Jet. 106 

828 Sanz, Mariano, Patatrubio, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Jet. 106 
889 Clar68, Pablo, Utrilla, Province of 
Teruel. — ^Jet. 106 
SSO BmnquellB ft Rascon, Francisco, 
Novddk, Province of Alicante. — Sulphur- 
0U8 mineral water from Salinetas. 107 \ 
Fctdasaea of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

881 Trell, Miguel del, Beija, Province 

of Almeria. — Gypsum. 107 

882 Mejias Moreno, Jos6, Pechina, 
Province of Almeria.— Lamellated gyp- 
sum. ^ 107 

888 Alonzo Cortes, Manuel, Pozaa. 
Province of Burgos. — Crude and refined 
salt. 107 

884 Puig, Felipe, Miranda. Province of 
Burgos. — Crude and refinea salt. 107 

885 Cerezanian Society, Cerezo, Prov- 
ince of Bi^rgos. — Sulphate of soda. 107 

886 Constancia Society, Cerezo, Prov- 
ince of Burgos. — Sulphate of soda. X07 

887 Riscal deAlegre, Marquis of, Alia, 
Province of Caceres. — Clay marl. X07 

888 Corporation of Santa- Ella, Prov- 
ince of C6rdoba. — Medicinal mineral 
waters. 107 

839 Corporation of Montoro, Province 
of Cdrdoba. — Sulphurous water. Z07 

240 Lopez, Josi Maria, Lucena, Prov- 
ince of C6rdoba. — Mmbral water. 107 

841 Marin Manuel, Villaharta, Prov- 
ince of C6rdoba. — Mineral water. 107 

842 Perafita Qavigola, Francisca, Ge- 
rona. — Carbonic water. X07 

248 Medinaceli, Duke of, Gerona.— Fer- 
ruginous and sulphurous water. Z07 

244 Garcia, Gabriel, Gerona. — Ferru- 
ginous carbonic water. 107 

245 Vilaret, Jos^, Gerona. — Carbonic 
water. 107 

246 Darnius, Count of, Gerona.— Fer- 
ruginous and sulphurous water. 107 

247 Corporation of Marmoleio, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Acidulous and carbonic 
waters with iron. X07 

248 Gutierrez Rodriguez, Cayetano. 
Mogrovejo, Province of Leon. — ^Mineral 
waters. ioj 

249 Borregan del Blanco, Dominga. 
Mogrovejo, Province of Leon. — Mineral 
waters. 107 

250 Bathing Establishment, Ponferra- 
da. Province of Leon. — Mineral waters. 


251 Damian Garcia, Josi, San Adrian 
de Vegaquemada, Province of Leon. — 
Mineral and medicinal waters. 107 

252 Corporation of Navajun, Province 

of Logroiio. — Mineral waters. 107 

258 Diez Brothers, Gr&valos, Province 

of Logrono. — Sulphurous waters. 1I7 

254 Lopez Losada, Antonio, Incio, 

Province of Lugo. — Ferruginous waters. 


255 Niera Gayoso, Dositeo, Lugo.— 

Sulphurous waters. 107 

256 Pardo Montero, Ramon, Traspar- 
ga. Province of Lugo. — Sulphurous 
waters. 107 

257 Benevolent Societies, of various 

towns and provinces. — Mineral waters. 107 

258 Corporation of MoUina, Province 
of Malaga. — Mineral waters. 107 

u\ce oV ^kX^L^-aL.- ^\w«tA^"a.vw%. -iwx 
8^0 CotpoTaXvoti ol -^^vaxw*.^ ^xtw\w 
ol Ma\sLS3L.— Nl\vv«wJk. >N^«» . 
at eud o£ entxVes. ^«: Oassv^^\:voxv,^\>. -nrS' 


Minerals, Metallurgical Products, Mining Engineering. 

861 Corporation of Tolox, Province of 
Malaga. — Waters from Fuehte Acuar- 
gosa. X07 

862 Provincial Commission, Murcia.— 
Waters from Archena. ^ 107 

868 Corporation of Verin, Province of 
Orense. — Mineral waters. 107 

864 Corporation of Carballino, Prov- 
ince of Orense. — Thermal medicinal wa- 
ters. 107 

865 Oonsalex Alerre, Jos&, Las Caldaa, 
Province of Ovicdo. — ^'hcrmal waters. 107 

866 Casariei^o, Cayetano, Prelo, Prov- 
ince of Oviedo. — Alkaline sulphurous wa- 
ters. 107 

866« Casarie^, Cayetano, Buyeres de 
Nava, Province of Oviedo. — Ferruginous 
water. 107 

867 Cortines, Augustin de, Puente- 
nausa, Province of Santander. — Sulphur- 
ous waters. J07 

868 Calderon Revuelta, Francisco. 
Alceda, Province of Santander. — Mineral 
sulphurous wsuKr. 107 

868 Outierres de Ceballos, Jos^, Caldas 
de Besaya, Province of Santander. — Min- 
eral waters. 107 

870 Ana Mic6, Widow of Ferrandis, J&. 
tiva, Province of Valencia.— Sulphurous 
and ferruginous waters. 107 

871 Durege, Julio, San Diegfo de los 
Balkts, Island of Cuba. — View of sulphur- 
ous baths and springs. 107 

Metallurgioal Prodaots. 

878 Richard ft Granducontag^ne, Bar- 
badillo de Herrcros, Province of Bur- 
gos.— SoA iron and pig iron. Ill 

878 Corporation of Cobeta, Province of 
Guadah\jara. — Iron and iron ore. iii 

874 Arroyo, Juan, Cervantes, Province 
of Lugo. — InDn. iii 

876 QJea Porras,Jo8i, Cervantes, Prov- 
ince c^" Lugo.— in^n. Ill 

876 Somoia. Juan Manuel, Caurel, 
Province of Lugo. — Iron. iii 

877 Lropes, Josi Maria, Puertomarin, 
Province of Lugo. — ln.>n. iii 

178 Foundry ft Delft Factory of Sar- 

sadck>&» Servo, Province of Lugo.— Cast 
ingot. Ill 

17 ft MonrU, Qabriel, Lugo.— Horse 

bit. Ill 

180 Corral, Francisco, Triacastela, 
Pnovince of Lugo.— Horse shv^cs. 1 1 1 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

281 Heredia, Sons of M. A., M&laga. 

— Iron, plates, boiler-plates, etc. 111 

282 District Mining Engineers, Ma- 
laga. — Iron slag. iii 

283 National Factory of Trubia, Ovie- 
do. — Iron, steel, etc.- iix 

284 Una & Pinilla, Navia of Luarea, 
Province of Oviedo. — Iron ingot. 111 

286 Director of the Mining ft Manu- 
facturing Company del Pedroso. Cazalla 
de la Sierra, Province of Seville. — Iron 
castings and iron plates. xix 

287 Belles, James, Albarracin, Prov- 
ince of Teruel . — Forged iron. 1 1 x 

288 Valdemoro,Juan Francisco, Teruel. 
— Forged iron. xix 

289 Ibarra & Co., Baracaldo, Province 
ofViscaya. — Iron. iii 

290 Corps of Mining Engineers, Hu- 
elva.— Copper cement and copper. xia 

291 Villalobos Bros., Beija, Province 
of Almeria. — Lead. 113 

292 Mines of Almadin, Province of 
Ciudad-Real.— Quicksilver ore. X13 

293 Fi^ueroa, Ignacio, Quarroman, 
Province of Jaen. — Lead in pigs. XX3 

294 Velasco, Bros, Linares, Province 
of Jaen. — Lead bars. X13 

295 Macia ft Co., Demetrio, Penouta, 
Province of Orense. — Tin bar. XX3 

296 Vila Yanes, Francisco, Pentes, 
Province of Orense. — ^Tin. X13 

297 El Porvenir Mining Society, Mi- 
cres. Province of Oviedo. — ^Tin. X13 

298 Alen. Pedro ft Manuel, Santa Maria 
de Acibeiro^ Province of Ponteredra.— 
Tin. XX3 

299 Vaxques Oulias, Francisco, Bea- 
rii. Province of Orense. — Oxide of tin. XX3 

800 Rui ft Tolon, Barcelona.— White 
metal. 1x4 

Kining Engineering. 

301 Piquet, Alfonso Smilio, Horci^o 

de los Montes, Province de Ciudad-Real. 
— Plan of the mines <^ Horcajo. X2c 

802 Mines of Almadin, Province of 
Ciudad-Real. — Plans of subterranean 
vorks, machines, etc xao 

803 Grappin, G., Salorino, Province of 
Cicenes. — Model of the mixw Constan- 
cia. X3X 

804 Sabate Brunet, Salvador, Barce- 
lona. — Instruments for the exploration of 
hard rocks. xsc 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{SoufA of Nave, Columns i6 to iS.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Xiiierali, Ores, Stones, Mining 

1 Inspection of Mines, Province of 
Cebu. — Fossil charcocd and auriferous 
galena^ loo 

2 Con-ui^ Isaac, Province of Cebii.— 
Sand with fossils, and fossil charcoal. loo 

8 Manzano, Juan., Province of Albay. 
— Fossil charcoal. loo 

4 Perex, Norverto, R.P.Fr., Province 
of Pangasinan. — Rock argil and volcanic 
tophus. loo 

A Provincial Commission of Cama- 
rines Norte. — Oxydized magnetite, chro- 
mate of lead, aunferous minerals. zoo 

6 Lrlanos, R.P.Fr. Antonio, Province 
of Lepanto. — ^Minerals and products of 
furnaces. too 

7 Veloso, Pascal, Province of Cebd.— 
Fossil charcoal and auriferous galena, zoo 

8 Anchuelo, Quiterie, Province of 
Bulacan.— Oligistic iron. zoo 

9 Inspection of Mines, Province of 
Camarines Norte. — Cupreous sand with 
native copper. zoo 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

10 Inspection of Mines, Province of 
Bulacan. — Oxydized magnetite. zoo 

1 1 Commission of the District of Ben- 

guet, Province of Benguet. — Auriferous 
sand. zoo 

18 Inspection of Mines. Province of 
Camarines Sur. — Fossil charcoal. zoo 

13 Inspection of Mines, Province of 
Albay. — Fossil charcoal, argil, quartzose 
vein, jet, and sulphur. zoo 

14 Alonz6, Teodoro, Province of Ma- 
nila. — Amorphous phosphorus. zoo 

16 Inspection of Mines, Province of 
a Sulphur. zoo 

6 Marble. zoa 

16 Municipal Athenaeum, Province of 
Manila. — Marble and jasper. zoa 

Metallnrgioal Prodnots. 

17 Provincial Commission of Masbate. 
— Gold-dust and grains. zzb 

18 Commission of the District of Le- 
panto, Province of Lepanto. — Gold>dust 
and gold. sio 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45 



(Stmth of South Avenms, Ctlumtts ij to //J 
Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

Xia«rals, Oret, Stones, Kining 

X Aotonio, Martins, Henriqucs, & Co., 

M'/nt Alto. — Antimony ore from Mont 

Aho. loo 

3 Cort«s Pereira Antimony Mine Ex- 

pU/rinii Co. — Antimony ore. loo 

3 Antifflonjr Mining Co. of Corte Pe- 
reira, — Antimony ore. loo 

4 Bisack, Carlos Frederico. Lisbon.— 
Antimony ore from Herdade da Prata. loo 

5 Barriga. Antonio P., Portalegre.— 
Quartz of Valle de Peso. loo 

• Cavsira Mining Co., Qrandola.— 
O/pper ore from the Caveira mine. loo 

9 Dsliguy, Brnstt, Lisbon. — Copper 
ore. ICO 

10 Blfott. George, & Perreira Cas- 
tcllo, ^o»6 H.. Llnbon, — Iron ores from 
ArcK Zambiyal and San Bartholomeu 
tnlnen. loo 

11 Bllott. George, Alvito.— Iron ores 
from San liartholomeu and Zambujal 
mine*. loo 

19 Peurheerd, P. Detlof, ft Cruick- 
■Imnk, William, Bracal.— T^cad and zinc 
ore* from Hra^al and Malhada mines; 
copper ore from Chan9a. loo 

18 Olron, D. Joa6, Lagoaa do Pafo.— 
Manganese ore. loo 

14 Gomel, Alonao, Mertola. — Manga- 
nenc ore from the Paraiso, Pirragudo, 
and Catvo mines. loo 

16 Malhada Mining Co., Malhada.- 
I'oppcr ore from Malhada mine. loo 

16 Mongea Iron Co. (limited), Lisbon. 
—Iron ore from Scrra dcs Monges. loo 

17 Morass, Jos6 Gon9alve8, Arron- 
chcu.— Iron, manganese, and argentiferous 
lead ore. loo 

li Mason ft Barry, Mertola. — Copper 

ores fr«>m San lX>mingi>. loo 

19 Oliveira, Joao Correia, Senhora de 

Ca*lcUo.— Tin ore. loo 

90 Oliveira, Bento Rodrigues de, San 
Pc«<n> du l\n a. - -Anihracitc, sulphuret of 
Antimony, and ijalcna. loo 

91 Portuguese Copper Mining Co., 
KvorA. -Spccimcjw of ores from Basalho 
mine. t<io 

MM Portufue9t Mining Co., Covellos, 
— • Tin <>ir. too 

MS P»rsev«ran^a Co., Oporto.— A.nt\. 
m.»nj' ,>ir fn^nt Valle d* Ache, axid tin ore 
"^>m l^«v»r d'Ahorin. 

[ Sequein^ 1 
drade, Edfuardo, B^a. — Copper ore from 
Juliana mine. xoo 


25 Schreck, Mazimiliano, & Kemp, 
Mauricio, Oporto. — ^Antimony ore from 
Campoltedoodo; maiiganesefroi Pinhal 
da Cunha. xoo 

26 Serrinha Tin Co. (limited), Oporto^— 
Tin ore from Serrinho da Casca. xoo 

27 Telhadella Mining Co.,TelfaadeUa.— 

Copper ores. xoo 

28 Traa-os-Montes Mining Co., Bragan- 
5a. — ^Tin ore. xoo 

29 Tranatagana Mining Co., Lisbon.— 
Copper ores. xoo 

80 Velho, Agostino Pranciaco, & oth- 
ers, Villa Real. — Lead ore. xoo 

31 Preixo, Viscount de. Oporto.— Ar- 
gentiferous lead ore. 100 

82 Zarzechi. Ladislau, Oporto.— Lead 
ore from the Pego mine. 100 

88 Department of Mines^ Lisbon. 

a Manganese, tin, and antimony ores ; iron 

pyrites. 100 

3 Marbles. xos 

84 Oliveira, Bento Rodrigues d', 8. Pe- 
dro de Cova. 
a Lead and antimony ore. too 

3 Mineral coal. xox 

86 Industrial Union Co., Povoade Pe- 
doride. — Coal. xox 

35a Cabral, Prederico A. de V. P., 
Oporto. — Coal from Monte das Cava- 
dinhos. xox 

36 Direction of the Public Works of 
Braga. — Building stones, etc. xos 

37 Barreto, Antonio Tavares, Santaiem. 
— Limestone from the Granja quarry, xoa 

38 Carvalho, Venceslau M. de, Con- 
deixa a Velha. — Samples of marbles from 
Condeixa quarries. xos 

89 Brites, Augusto Pereira, Torres No- 
vas. — Building stone. xos 

40 Direction of the Public Works of 
Vianna do Castello. — Building materials. 


41 Vallongo Slate ft Marble Ouarries 
Co. , Op>orto. — Slabs and roofing slate, xos 

48 Governor of the Civil District of 

Ponte Delgada. — Building materials, xos 

44 Rato, Antonio Moreira, Lisbon.— 

Marbles. xos 

4l5 ^SLn\o%^ ^«a!^la Aatunea doa, Lis- 

\>OI\.— §AXGL\^C& tfi. 'SSK^^ XOS 

/W cUsass o^ axWbita, Imdicatwi 1*y »im^>«» SA «»1 o« ««n»,«» OasH 



Stone, Minerals, Metallurgical Products, Engineering. 

47 Salles, Qermano Jouh de, Lisbon.— 
Marbles. loa 

48 Bessoni, Viscount de, Cintra.— Mar- 
bles, zoa 

49 Ponta Del gad a, CommiUee of.— 
Building materials. loe 

50 Direction of tbe Public Works of 
Viieu, Vizeu. — Building materials. xoa 

51 Direction of the Public Works of 
Oporto, Oporto. — Building materials, zoa 

52 Direction of the Public Works of 
Avetro, Avc'.ro. — Building materials, zoa 

58 Direction of the Public Works of 
the Mond^o river & Figueira bar, 
Cotmbra. — Building materiab. 102 

54 Direction of the Public Works of 
Coimbra, Cotmbra. — Building materials 
of the district. 102 

55 Direction of the Public Works of 
Leiria, Leiria.— Building materials of the 
district. Z02 

56 Eztremos Marble Quarrying Co., 
Extremoz. — Marbles. loa 

57 Rasca Cement Explorinsr Company, 
Lisbon. — Hydraulic cement. 103 

58 Parochial Board of Sabacheira, 
Sabacheira. — Limestone. Z03 

59 Governor of the Civil District of 
Portalegre. — Phosphate of Ume from Mar- 
vao. 103 

60 Lisbon Dyeing & CoUon Printing 
Company, Lisbon. — Lime. Z03 

61 Ponta Delgada, Committee of. 

a Pozzolana and pumice. 103 

6 Mineral waters of San Miguel, and analy- 
sis. Z07 

68 Neuville, Louis, Lisbon.— Kao- 
lin. Z04 
68 Coelho, Francisco, Torres Novas.— 

Clay. 104 

64 Maniiha, Francisco dos Santos 
Lopes, Valongb. — Whetstones. 106 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

65 Vidago Mineral Waters Company. 
Lisbon. — Mineral waters. 10 

66 Pedras Salgadas Mineral Waters 
Company, Oporto. — Mineral waters. Z07 

67 Janson, J. H., ft Co., Lisbon.— Soda 
water. 107 

69 Preitas, Albino, J086, Ega.— Mineral 
waters. Z07 

70 Pialho ft Bro., Lisbon.— Mineral 

waters. Z07 

71 Committee of Administration, Sul- 
phur baths of Castello de Vide. — Sulphur- 
ous mineral waters. zoj 

Metallnrgioal Products. 

78 Mason & Barry, Sa6r Domingos^— 
Gold bar and silver bar. zzo 

74 Ferreira & Souza, Oporto. — Gold 
leaf. txo 

76 Cardozo, Tos6 Pereira, jr., Oporto. 
a Gold and silver leaf. x^o 

6 Aluminium, platina, and tin leaf. XZ3 

76 Beirollas, Manuel Antonio, Oollega. 
— Horse shoes. zzi 

77 Department of Mines, Lisbon.— 
Iron from Moncorvo. zzi 

78 Perseveranfa Company, Oporto^ — 
Tin ingot. ZZ3 

79 Tras-os-Montes Mining Company, 
Braganza. — Tin ingot. xzj 

Mining Engineering, 

80 Department of Mines, Lisbon*— 
Plans of mines. in 

8 1 Mason & Barry, Mertola.— Plans of 

mines ; model of a Roman wheel. tat 

82 Silva, S. A. P. da, ft F. A. Marquea 

de Moura,^ Aveiro. — Plan of a salt pit, 
with description of same. i^i 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27^45. ' 



{Smfi tfNaxx, Colmmats 14 19 ij.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

Kaarmlft, Ores, Stose, Kining Pr»- 

1 ^Pinikiiiaoii,Rizro,&Co.,KoniBarlsr, 

Dardam^es. — Si^i^mr ore, su^fauroos 

copper. loo 

% Tapa, Daniel, Cian, Dardanelles.— 

Lead ore. loo 

% SarraL, llouradite, Trebixond. — Ar- 

gendferous galena. 100 

4 Sarral, L>okhia, TrebUond. — Iron py- 
rites. 100 

5 Sdurin A^ha, Tir^>ola, TrebUond. — 
Copper pjritcs. 100 

6 S<dieiman, Gneogine, TrebUond. — 
Galena. 100 

7 Omer, Oelon Osman, Lokhia, Trebi- 
zond. — G^ena. 100 

8 Omer, ^fifendi, Ordoa, TrebUond. — 
Argentiferous galena. 200 

9 Nimetoulah, Trebelau, TrebUond.— 
Coiq>er ore. 100 

10 Nimetoolah, Kurelli, TrebUond. — 
Coiq>er pyrites. 100 

11 Pappazald, Nicola, S&kia, Cr^te.— 
Lignite. xoo 

18 linmetoulah, llottradite, Trebixond. 
— Aigentiferous galena. 100 

18 Monsta^ha, BSiendi, Cherkech, Cas- 
tamonni. — Qt^^ too 

14 Gonssan, Government of, Adana. — 
Iron pj-rites. 100 

If Mnltesim Onlah, Tireboli, Trebi- 
xond. — Ferruginous sediment. 100 

18 Mnltesim, Abdoulah, Tirebole, Tre- 
bizond. — Argentiferous galena, copper py- 
rites, xoo 

17 Mandeni,Diarbekir.— Silver ore. 100 

18 Mnltesim, Tireboli, TrebUond.— Cu- 
preous pyrites. xoo 

19 Lirory, Bffendi, Stankeny, Darda- 

a Manganese, iron ore, and sulphur ore. icx) 
i Eineiy. xo6 

90 Kara-Hissar, Government of, Sivas. 

^Argentiferous galena, aluminous earth. 


91 AU, Hadji Diarbekir.— Brimstone of 
tbe dcbcrt. 100 

99 Monatapha, Hadji, Nich, Danube. — 
IriMi uUfu^. 100 

^9 JkdrJiMiu/plc, Government of. 

^ J'vwaert:!. nuciL. 100 \ 

> Cm: lox \ 

^ Samd for mouldings. xo4 \ 

t€ pK^ri^ Cr^wmuDcxA oL MonastiT. — \ 

htdjptaat of cbsilk^ 100 

^sm^shtatie^ s^ ^a^iubit^ indicated lyy naiabex& 

9i Aydin, Gofvenuiient o£— Argentifer* 
COS gaieaa, Ugnite, mm Ofe. 100 

96 Adana, Government o£i — So^hateof 
chalk and galena. 100 

97 Gnmnch Hani, GovemnAeat of, Tre- 
bisond. — A ig c uut eroos and cupreous ga- 
lena. 100 

98 Ichkodra, Govenunent of; Monastir. 
— Su^hur ore. xoo 

99 Ichklonra,GofvemmentoC Monastir. 

— Brimstone, aisenical an, and sulphate 
of copper. 100 

80 Havret, Government of; Salonica.— 

Aigendierous galena. 100 

31 Topoux,0^oa,InibnM,Dardan^e8. 

« Lead ore. 100 

iCoaL xox 

89 Koniah, Goveraaaent of.^Brim- 


38 Micber^ Government of, Yanina.— 

Lignite. xoo 

34 Medina, Government of; Hi^ax.— 
Rock crj^stak. xoo 

38 Ma^hl^ Government of, Aydin.— 
Argentiferous gatcaa, iroa and chrone 

ores, xoo 

86 MiUtinons, Government of; Samoa. 

a Talc xoo 

i Yellov evih, axg^ X04 

87 Lapsaki, Government of, Dardanel- 
les. — Brintstooe. 100 

38 Karssendi, Govenunent of, Adana. 

a Copper and silver oie, Ugmte and gs« 

lena. xoo 

f- Grit sandstone. xoa 

39 Tdomane, Government of; Tanina. 

^ ' xoo 

40 Trebixond, Government of.— Oalena. 


41 Uskup, Government oi; Monastir.— 

Aluminous earth. xoo 

42 Samos, Government of. 

a Galena. xoo 

/> Wliite and colored znaihle. tea 

c Argil. X04 

</ Emery. xoc 

43 Suleimaneeyah, Government of; 

a Melted brimstone, cat rock crystal. xoo 
i .\rgil. i<H 

44 Smyrna, Government of, Aydin.— 
a lisnivc^ areeatxiierous galena, iron ore. 

uia.x\S;aLXMS(e^ xoo 

\ 4& %vTO^ ^iav«cwn«»». «!, ^!tf««2«a-— 
»X end cs£ cnxfies.wfcOMsa&«3»^»^W-*r»6r 



Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

46 Souki, Government of, Aydin. 

a Iron ore. loo 

b Red sandstone. 102 

c Tripoli. 104 

d Emery. 106 

47 Saroukhan, Government of, Aydin. 
a Chrome ore. loo 
b Mineral water. 107 

48 Samakon Factory, Sophia, Danube. 
— Iron ore. 100 

49 Ergain, Diarbekir. — Copper ore. 100 

50 Donel Aghop, Esini, Dardanelles.^ 

Manganese. 100 

51 Dardalah, Mouradile, Trebizond.— 
Copper pyrites. 100 

52 Pappazaki, Dimitri, Sfakia, Crite,— 
Argillous talc. zoo 

53 Abdi Bey, Myteline, Dardanelles.— 
Chrome. 100 

54 Abdoullah Bey, Msrteline, Dardanel- 

a Antimony. 100 

b Emery. 106 

55 Azit Aneli, Olevek, Trebizond.— 
Manganese. loo 

56 Ulmusrati, Ahmed, Tripoli, Tripoli. 
— Crude brimstone. 100 

57 Administration of the Mines, Con- 
stantinople. — Collection of ores. 100 

58 Mehemed Agha, Aleppo. — Coal. loi 

59 Bridore, Government of, Bosnia.— 
Lignite. joi 

60 Djezir^, Diarbekir.— Coal. loz 

61 Kratova, Government of, Monastir. 
— Coal. loi 

62 Mosul, Government of, Bagdad.— 
Coal. lox 

68 Nich, Government of, Danube.— 
Coal. loi 

64 Panaloko, Government of, Bosnia.— 
Coal. loz 

65 Ychtip, Government of, Monastir.— 
Coal. 101 

66 Breili, Castamouni, Castamouni.— 
Lignite. 101 

67 Serkiz, Aleppo.— Red marble. 103 

68 Razoula, Aleppo. — Yellow marble, 
calcareous stone. 102 

69 Koyondja, Government of, Bosnia.— 
Marble. 102 

70 Nened6s, Government of, Samos.— 
White marble. 102 

71 Nicolaki, Jovan Oglou, Dardanelles, 
Dardanelles. — Cement. 103 

72 Sfakia, Government of, Cr6te.— 
Crude lime. 103 

73 NaoumCassam, Aleppo.— Argil. 104 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

74 Baktiar Bez., Panaloko, Bosnia.— 
Pipe-day. 104 

75 AH Effendi, Angora.— Argil. 104 

76 Myteline, Government of, Darda- 
nelles. — Graphite. 105 

77 Osman Bin Mohamed, Bridore, 

Bosnia. — Emery. 


78 Ali, Hadji, Teki, Koniah.— Emery. 


79 Yildis-Ki, Government of, Sivas. 

a Emery. io<S 

b Mineral water. 107 

80 Bendissa, Government of, Aleppo. 
— Hot mineral water. 107 

81 Gesrichvouz, Government of, Alep- 
po. — Hot mineral water. 107 

82 Ersindjan, Government of, Erze- 

roum. — Mineral water. 107 

83 Marach, Government of, Aleppo.— 
Mineral waters. X07 

84 Rikani6, Government of, Aleppo.— 
Mineral water. 107 

86 Zeitoun, Government of, Aleppo. — 
Hot mineral water. 107 

87 Volonia, Government of, Yanina.— 

Mineral water. 107 

88 Central Drug Store, della Sudda's, 
Inigueul, Ichitli. — Mineral water. 107 

89 Bin Cachi Mehemed, Aleppo. — 
Mineral water. 107 

He tailor g^oal Products. 

90 Giovan, Siros, Salonica. — Gold- 
dust, no 

91 Mehemed a, Marach, Aleppo. — 
Horse shoes and nails. in 

92 Moustap ha, Hadji, Aleppo.— Iron. 


93 Ak-Hissar, Government of, Bosnia. 
— Iron. m 

94 Kerschove, Government of, Bosnia. 
—Iron. Ill 

95 Varach, Government of, Bosnia. — 
Iron. Ill 

96 Karssendi, Government of, Adana. 
— Crude iron. in 

97 Kara-Hissar, Government of, 

a Iron. m 

b Lead slag. 113 

9 8 Samakon Factory, Sophia, Danube. 

— Iron. Ill 

99 Abass Agha, Kuspuk, Monastir.—* 

Horse shoes. nt 

100 Ligory Efifendi, Stankeny, Darda- 
nelles. — Copper. iia 

101 Samos, Government of.— Zinc. 113 
at end of entries, see Qassification, pp. 27-45. 



{South of Nave, Columns iq to 2j.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stones, Mining 

1 YoogofF Iron "Works, Government 
of Perm. — Copper ores. loo 

2 Pootiloff Iron "Works Company, St. 
Petersburg. — Iron ores. loo 

3 Administration of the Goroblagodati 
Mining District, Government of Perm. — 
Magnetic and other iron ores. loo 

4 Administration of the Mining Dis- 
tricts in Western Poland. 

a Iron ore, calamine, and lead blende. loo 
b Coal. loi 

c Refractory clay. 104 

5 Administration of the Clonetz Mi- 
ning District. — Lake iron ore. 100 

6 Rogosloosky Crown Copper W^orks, 
Government of Perm. — Copper ores. 100 

7 Demidoff, Paul, Prince of San Do- 
nato, Nigni Tagil, Ural Mountains, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. — Iron and copper ores. 


8 Gessrick & "Woerfel. St. Petersburg. 
— Siberian minerals and hard stones. 100 

9 Kniaze Michailofii Crown Steel 
Works, Government of Orenburg. — Mag- 
netic iron ore. xoo 

10 Mining School, St. Petersburg.— 
Minerals and paleontological collec- 
tion. 100 

11 BashkofF, Basil, Bogoyavlensk^ & 
Verkhotoorgi, Government of Cofa. — Cop- 
per ores. 100 

12 Russian Rail Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Government of Riazan, District of 
Tronsk. — Iron ore. 100 

13 Saltkinsky Crown Iron "Works, Gov- 
ernment of Orenburg. — Brown and sparry 
iron ores. 100 

14 Sidoroff, Michael. St. Petersburg. 

Iron ore. (Northern limits of Russia.) 100 

b Siberian graphite from the district of 

Toorookhansk. 105 

1 5 Yakovleff, John, Alexandria, Govern- 
ment of Kherson. 

a Iron ore. xoo 

b Graphite. 105 

16 Russian Navigation & Trade Com- 
pany, Odess a. — Specimens of anthra- 
cite coal. loi 

18 Majervsky, T., & Stochelsky, M., 
Government of Pietrkoff, district of Bend- 
zin. — Coal. loi 

20 Zievers, B. "Wesenberg, Government 
of Est-land. — Portland cement. 103 

21 Schmidt, C, Riga.— Cement. 103 

22 Sytenko,John,Moscow. — Limestone 
and plaster. 103 

23 Lanin, Nicolas. Moscow.— Mineral 

water. 107 

Metallnrgical Frodncts. 

27 Mining Department, St. Petersburg. 
— Native platinum, osmiridium (purified), 
and platinum. no 

28 Miasky Government Gold Mines, 
Government of Orenburg. — Gold-bearing 
sands ; illustration of gold washing ma- 
chines. XIO 

29 Votkinsk Crown Iron "Works, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. — Iron (in bars), and 
cast steel. zix 

30 Pootiloff Iron "Works Company, St. 
Petersburg. — Cast and wrought iron, steel, 
twisted rail. xix 

31 Gun Foundry. Perm. — Cast and 
wrought iron ; steel sections of cast steel 
guns. XIX 

32 Kama Armor Plate "Works, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. — ^Armor plate xxx 

33 Administration of the Goroblagodati 
Mining District, Government of Perm.— 
Cast iron projectile. xxx 

34 Administration of the Olonetz Mi- 
ning Districts. — Cast and Mrrought iron ; 
section of cast iron guns. xix 

36 Demidoff, Paul, Prince of San Do- 
nati, Nigni Tagil, Ural Mountains, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. 

a Iron ; pig bars, ingots, rails, sheets, slags, 
and flakes. xxx 

b Copper ingots, bars, sheets; illustrations 
of style of working. xxa 

36 Russian Rail Manufocturing^Com- 

pany. Government of Riazan, District 
* Trensk. — Cast iron and iron wire, xxx 

19 Sidoroff, Michael, St. Petersburg.— 
Bituminous coal, from underground fire 
burning since 1700, xoi 

For classes of exhibits indicated by numbetm •* end oi cauvcs. %<» OassNSicMiaii, v^, «!-•&. 

87 Satkinisky Crown Iron "Works, Gov- 
ernment of Orenburg. — Cast iron. xxx 

38 Admiralty Tyora "Works, near St. 
Petersburg. — Boiler plates. xxi 

39 Yoogoo Copper "Works, Government 

of Perm. — Copper (in bars and ingots), 
and products of working. xxa 

40 Pashroff, Basil, Bogoiavlensk ft 

"VetvuWvoXiOOT^v, Co^v^x "Works, Govem- 
metvt olOolat.— Co'^v^ vcv^\&,\»x%,TOft«iV 

[ ods ot vjottoxi^. "vvk 



Metallurgical Products, Mining Engineering. 

48' Ragoslovsky, Crown Copper Works. 
Government of Perm. — Illustrations of 
productions of copper. zia 

48 Rastergaeff, Gregory, St. Peters- 
burg. — Tinned iron sheets. 1x4 

Mining Engineering. 

14 Administration of Mines in Finland. 
— Helsingfors' editions and reports on 
local mine engineering and geology. 120 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

15 Scientific Committee of the Mining 
Department, St. Petersburg. — Special ed- 
itions and periodicals on mine engineer- 
ing, zao 

46 Demidoff, Paul, Prince of San Do- 
nati, Nigni Tagil, District of Ural Moun- 
tains, Government of Perm. — Maps, plans, 
and views of this mining district ; illustra- 
tions of gold washing process. lao 

47 Babin, Victor, & Lepooshinsky, 
Moscow. — Illustrations of boring process, 
artesian well, and apparatus. >ao 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 

David S. Brown, Prei't 

Ii3. Ph Mlchelfon, Sw'y 

^*^0Wg^CE««« CITV, NEW JERsevr Oj^.^ 

Cut [roil 6« & WaterFipni, Stop Volreg, Firt Hydrants, Gas Mitn, h. 
Office, Fhiladelphia'. J^o. f> JN'orth Sm)P7i,th St. 


ES'T-A "RI iTSTmP ±ed.s. 

John ^« Jj^wm 





Jtinseed Oil, J*ainters' Colors. 

BUSINESS OFFIOE, 231 SOUTH "PlLO^Sre %'\:s:^S5^. 


PRICES quoted, description Efiven, and some SAMPLES shown, of the 
following MnnuFiictiirera' Goods, now on exhibition in the Main Building of 
the Cemennid Kxpoaitir^n. 


Mannfaclnrers^ Agent^r 

71:^ Market St., PHILADELPIIU, 

J. RUPERTUS, tin] pi re Revo! vets. 

C. SHARPS, I*t, i Shot Kc- 

F. WESSON, BnicF;h- Loading RiAk, 

'' " Til rget Pistols. 

WINCHESTER, Rcpt^^HLBs^d CartriOgK. 
SHARPS. Tiirs^-t and Spumng Rifles. 
COLT'S Pileut Firearm Mfjf. Co. '* 

SMITH &WESON, Revolvers. 

WHtTftfEY, Rifles and " 

REMiNGTON* '* " and Breeth^ 

^ti G. RAWBONE. t'aunt Creas<:rs. 
PARKER BROS, Amcricaji Breechlooduif 

JAMES PURDEY, Ijondaa, Brcechload'e Gun* 


E.M.RErtLYA CO /' 




ALEX. HENRY, Edinburgh, " 

H:irp(>on Mitl Rt>mb Lance Cua&. 

W. «t C, SCOTT A SON, Rjr- 

P, WEBLEY 4 SON, Birtnineham, Biecch^ 

1<7:idit]>; Gu»s, 
W.W GREENER,BtrniirtfihAa,Br»i:]itcHdhtg 

ELEY BROS,, Loudon, Shrlls, Wad?, Oij^, 


SELLIER & BELLDT, Percuisifln Cips. 







WOBURM. Miss. 



Dept. II.— Manufactures. 


Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Preparations. 

Chexnioal MannlaotuTes. 

1 Gantx, Geo. F., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Baking powder. T 47. 200 

l<f Feuchtwanger,L.,& Co..New York, 
N. Y. — Polytechnic chemicals. T 47. 


2 Royal Baking Powder Co., New 

York, N. Y.— T47. 
a Baking powder. aoo 

6 Flavoring extracts, celery salt ao^ 

2a Ohio River Salt Co., Pomeroy, O. 

—Salt. V 63. 200 

3 Hance Bros, ft White, PhiladeL 
phia. Pa. — Solid and fluid extracts, sugar- 
coated pills. P 43. 200 

8a Procter, Wm., jr., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Saccharated pepsin. P 48. 


4 Fries, Alex., ft Bros., New York, 
N. Y.-P 48. 

a Chemicals, colorine, etc. 200 

d Artificial nruit and liquor essences, flavors 

for cigars. 203 

5 Gordon. W. J. M., Cincinnati. O.— 
Chemicals, glycerine^ sugar-coated pills, 
podophylUn, hydrastine. P 47. 200 

6 Rosengarten ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Sulphates of quinine and morphine, 
and other <^emicaJs for use in medicine 
and the arts. P 41. 200 

7 Warner, Wm. R., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.^^ugar-coated pills and phar- 
maceucical preparations. P 43. 200 

t« Hirsh, Joseph M.. Chicago, 111.— 
Chemicsus, albumen, dried blood, aliza- 
rine, carbolic acid, coal tar products, etc. 
P47. 200 

^ CampbeU, Sanx*I, Philadelphia, Pa. 

• — P47. 

Medicinal fluid extracts. aoo 

* Jl Perftimery and toilet articles. 203 

-!« WiUiamMo, D. D., New York, 
N. v.— Bisulphite of lime, finings, beer 
' il^ng, cleansing powders, taimate of 
a, etc. P 49. aoo 

9 Kreitoer, if. C, Philailelphia, 
Pa. — Medicines, perfiimery, etc., in a 
marble show case. The marble is from a 
new quarry just opening in Lebanon Val- 
ley, Pa. T43. 200 
9« Scheffer, £., Louisville, Ky.— Prep- 
arations of pepsin. P 48. aoo 
10 Keasbey ft Mattison, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Granular eiTervesceflt preparations, 
gelatiae-coatedpiUs, pharmaceutical spec- 
laldes. P 43. 200 
For-vhsses of exhibits, /ndfcated by numbers 

10a Hance, R. A., Philadelphia, Pa.^ 

Fluid extracts. T 43. 200 

11 Twining ft Schiedt, Phiiadslphia, 
Pa. — Fluid and solid extracts, sugar- 
coated pills, elixirs, concentrated prepa- 
rations, chemicals, syrups, tinctures, 
powdered drugs. T 41. 200 

Xla Shoemaker, Robert, ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— *Fluid extracts; ground, 
crushea, and powdered drugs and spices. 
P43. aoo 

12 Powers ft AVeightman, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Sulph.ite of quinia, salts of cin- 
chona barks, sulphate of morphia ; chemi- 
cals, medicinal, photographic, and for the 
arts. P 41. aoo 

18a Morrison, Arthur B., Portland, Me. 
— Gold and silver solution for electrotyping 
without a battery ; restorative for cleaning 
jewelry. T 57. 200 

13 Harrison Brothers ft Co., Phila^ 
delphia. Pa.— P 41. 

a Chemicals, alum, sugars of lead^ acetates 
of lime : sulphuric, nitric, muriauc, acetic, 
and pyroligneous acids. aoo 

3 White lead, dry and in oil; colors for 
painters, litnographers, and calico print- 
ing, aoa 
13a Central Ohio Salt Co., Columbus, 
O. — Salt from Athens county. V 63. aoo 

14 Doerr ft Sloan, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— I^cto-phosphate of lime, iron, and cod- 
liver oil. T 40. 200 

16 Mellor ft Rittenhouse, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Licorice and pharmaceutical 
extracts ; glycerine composition for print- 
ers' rollers. P41. ■ 200 

16 Stearns, Frederick, Detroit, Mich.-« 
Pharmaceutical products peculiar to 
United States, representing his catalogue, 
number 75, X32 pages, x68 classes, ana 
lofioo items. P 41. aoo 

17 Dunton, Jacob, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Pills. Compressed lenticular non- 
excipient porous pills, made from dried 
powders, bv pressure, without admixture ; 
are as soluole after ten years as when first 
made, and much more readily dissolved 
than any freshly-made excipient pill. Pro- 
cess and machmery patented. T 40. aoo 

18 Simes, V/m. F., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Camphor, sublimed and com- 
pressed into convenient blocks of i ounce 
and 4 ounces ; is very durable, strong in 
natural oil, and perfectly pure. Patented. 
P 41. "«» 

19 Tacoivv CYvtm\c«\ >NoxVL»^ WA^- 
de\p\v\a, PsL.— Kcv^, etvCKCvc^^ «^"^»'^'^ 
T A2. 

at end of «aU\cs, ««» Oasa:\£ic»As«v, V*. -"TAV 



Chemicals. Phjrrsacectical Prepantioxis. 

SO Dreyfu». J. Q.. & Co.. New Ycrk, 44 Ha^aer l>rag Milling Co., Phila- 

>.".-. ;•:.:.*.•:■ ,->r.^ :" t — *s.-. .i. ..- i. ..n. 

,if.i:.... i'^i. — •i .:■.&. :.s; s.. 'a. T ... rrc 
•" -,-11 ■: j^.-T:-: ':>! . ;.i . r . -»:..: . :"■:. — > ..-,-_ rs 

A.-k..c:*. K- ;: ; ... 


ic la-jrss 

V 1.11*. ■.*»,':.:-;•* ~i»- .!i..vr-. :r .1 .•'•:-v.«.i. 
.■:T-r:i.'rj.s ^vnr-'L"** S""."**.-*^ t.« r,n. :r* 

* -i.'.i.s i.n, ,-.J«riui,-.*.Jk s»r 

Jt f^-*. S ,-* > .i-t S 

1? ... :"*u ■ ■ . ..:. 

« Vfc-.^vV 

X <:v. rn.:av:«;r»^ a. 

?-. . ^ ■..■-■ ■«s, -v V . ■ .- -^ 

.>*^-.-. ... .•..>,, .:-- ^-. -:■.•_> .'■...•. ..-.^'«* 

■■;.-. V.'-.-. .>> ^ 

4 J *?■••% 


;::.ji1.Ul. I-Jl — I\-i»isT-lng, grinding, flak- 
ing. CTBfc:.::^ jtsd c«d>er mill vork. T 
5; aoo 

45 Srv-er. Hesrj, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— .-.ri '.-£-. n; . «:ekric uid oleic acids ; prus- 
Sii2j:s. dE ;ccw>r.. sulph&ie of ammonia. T 

4-^ 300 

4S 3rr«=isc ^ Brvthera. Philadel- 
jit.-j^ Ti. — T **- 
* Ar:*-i: am: . 2t:r±=krr c^Hiae, lead, alumina 
xjziz -:iT.. sa^ii. 2:5 per. 200 

4S l^e:£T. FrasQS D.. Philadelphia, 
?"s. — >:« prvasr. -va&hing crystals. T 
•w aoo 

h^ Sess.. l^rvris D.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
— 7 jz. 

t r'rjLrnuiSiciaL y gg n naons, drags, 
rr:. aoo 

.A Zz^ New York, N. 

Y — J*r.i.-T=aLr=nn3L. taid ri»r-aifal pro- 

:::ir::f crzz.zi Zis-zt:. Tsruric aod, refined 

T'^n.'.. t.Ti; =iJr.Z'Ztjc. ? «^ aoo 

}t ^'ts^r A MerrZL Bastan, Maaa. 

« ■■■ r_ir :■. ■»-;tir aoo 

M Mrc-r- ;i». nr. A Co.. New York. 

> — .':-:i:i:..i i:sr.nivrzi.-:s, Innkrctts 
i-Tu .-." .!-iat j.-iet luc Tx» vjre *st oNject 
rr r::^^'s-ii.. i mir x kocjej; re ; ocrto>-s 
:.:■: r:?::rT.:j» liici.-^c .aiCkr.-iLx the mwt 

r'.'.r^.i-.'r^'.n. : r :- ^ ;ia rntcxprc. azid is 
•.'.■.:.i.V.r\ts a ao. x^sc f^r rasbaiaiing. 
■■ ^. aoo 

|.> ?i:::.nrs> ^«7C. A Co.. Bocton. 
» js;?. — .TnT-ui.-.^ X ajurik zszrers of 
n-.v. ;.!;::.:(& Kms-j. aii-t-.-rbriBs. pcx!^- 
r* ■ -. ir-srjxraii.T» :t g:uz. SiTcr, sin. 
- •■. . _-L.\„ :-m. TiKmuLX. T w g'z sj y. and 
rru.c .-:c!ni'.-.aBk J'-irs ias aad fpcdal 
r :--."»: :> sirir .-» xcmiis^int. T 45. 200 

M X.x«;sTS'-"'WT. Srarwr. ^Sr=». ft Co., 

M ■^.::i:r» A : 

;^ ..:^ wO.t .: '•^ iiviv: 

• '^. 

•• " ■"». "- '» -■ 


}:J Xh - v.:< 5i-.'v-v-.-^ ■'■ 

^ -iv.v;'-'' .», 

-. ■ . . ■ ■ 


W >i. ■ - Hi.. * V A -'. 

.<ik. •■«■«. .-. 


*4 ^ V-- • • *5..-- 

-.• X:,.>*. 


.-c p.-isi and 
=JL arb. 

*». 200 

« rcciis« A 3tTT..JC«w Tacfc. N. Y.- 

•-....r.. -.■*• .-ar T ju. aoo 

W -w-Ti^?. :!Mr*i» r. A C*_ No 94 

""i.- .f; .X. >r» "^.TPi. — r*iii.'-3£acrj- 

:-. .1 -XT.;--.!.*^ guuia. w.T?iTm. fcyAaia. 

.i-.'- ::-.■: 'j-;^" ovLtutss sp-.^miiosft. addi 

-* .— -. '4uuaaS' n aisrc iar appear- 

"*.- ^•CSi. -C~- ? •^ »oo 

.:n^ci(X jtsnns Sailcr^te AssrflVorka, 

■ .'» -SL, ■^. ■ — imic-vic ii=»t arc :s 

. >«ir» Tnr*. N. Y. 




Oils, Soap, Candlet. 

64^ Fraxer Lubricator Co., Jersey City, 
N. J. — Axle grease. T 50. 201 

65 Pease, F. S., Boffido, N. Y.— Pease's 

** Premium Oils." Improved Oils for 
Railr6ads, Steamers, and all classes of 
Machinery and Burning. P. 41. 201 

66 Baker, John C.,& Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — ^Medicinal cod-liver oil, pure, and in 
combination with other agents. P43. 201 

66a Leonard & Ellis, New York, N. Y. 
— Cylinder oil. T 54. aox 

67 Eavenson, Jones, ft Sons, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Laundry soaps. T43. 201 

68 Morgan's, Enoch, Sons, New York, 
N. YT— Sapolio. for cleaning and polish- 
ing ; hand sapolio, for toilet. T 48. aoi 

69 Cragin, I. L., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Dobbins' electric soap and ma- 
terials used in its manufacture. P 47. 201 

70 Wrigley, Wm., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Mineral scouring soap. T 
44. 201 

71 McKeone.Van Haagen, ft Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa, — Soaps, oils, perfumery, 
soap stock, candles. T 39. 201 

72 Conway, "Wm., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
laundry soaps. T 49. 201 

73 Marx & RawoUe, New York, N. Y. 
— T 40. 

a Glycerine. 201 

6 lacquers and French varnishes, bleached 

and refined gum shellac, sealing wax. 202 

74 Gest ft Atkinson, Cincinnati, 
O. — Lard, tallow, grease; lubricating, 
burning, and paint oils; car candles. T 
39. 201 

75 Loper ft Doughten, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Naval stores. T 43. 201 

76 Faller, Greo. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Sewing machine oils. T 44. 201 

7 Dreydoppel, Wm , Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Borax soap. T 50. 201 

78 Elkins. Wm. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Petroleum, lubricating oils, gasoline, 
and deodorized naphtha. T 49. 201 

79 Page, Kidder, & Fletcher, New 
York, N. Y.— Coal tar products and their 
uses. T 42. 201 

80 Aladdin Oil Co., Pittsburg, Pa.— 
Illuminating and lubricating oiU, paraf- 
fine, etc. T 43. 201 

81 Robinson Bros, ft Co., Boston, 
Mass. — Toilet soaps, silver soap. P 
47- 201 

82 WiUiams, J. B., ft Co., Glaston- 
bury, Conn. — Soaps. Manufacturers of 
Genuine Yankee, Barber's Bar, Clipper, 
Pumice, Bath, Pocket Shaving, Verbena 
Cream, and other popular shaving and 
toilet soaps. P 47. 201 

83 Brown, Robt. B^^ ft Co., St. Louis, 
Mo. — Castor oil. T 50. 201 

85 Marvin Brothers ft Bartlett, Ports- 
mouth, N. H. — Cod liver oil. T 47. 201 

86 Kelley, Ezra, New Bedford, Mass.— 
Watchmakers', mechanics', and sewing 
machine oils.. T 45. 201 

87 HartmanA, Laist, ft Co., Cincinnati, 
O. — Glycerine. T 50. 201 

SS Creur. Moore, ft Levick, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.'-IUumiaaUiag and lubricating 
oils. T46. 20* 

Fez 4;laaeg of exhibits, indicated by munbers 

89 Pratt, Charles ft Co., New Yoik, 

N. Y.— Petroleum ai d its products, and 
packages for same. Model of refinery 
and astral oil works. T 43. aoi 

91 Smith, Chas. K., ft Co., PhiladeU 

{)hia. Pa. — Burnineand lubricating petro- 
eum oils, miners and railroad oils. T 
40. aox 

92 Nye, Wm. P., New Bedford, Mass. 
—Sewing machine, w.itch, and clock oils. . 
These oirs are obtained from th« head of 
the sperm whale, the black fish, and por- 
poise, and most carefully refined foi the 
purposes mentioned, only during the se« 
verest cold of winter. T 49. 201 

93 Houehton, E. P., ft Co., Pbiladel- 
phia. Pa. — Cosmoline, for medical pur- 
poses ; cylinder and machinery oils,hydro- 
carbonated bone black. T 40. 201 

94 Boyb. M. H., ft Lewis. Geo. T., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Cottonseed oil, manu- 
factured and refined. T 50. 201 

95 Harkness N. W., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Refined petroleum, naphtha, resi- 
duum; natural lubricating oils, Harkness' 
wells, W. Va. ; filtering apparatus. T 
43- aoi 

96 Eastman ft Brooke, Philadelphia. 

a Soaps. . SOI 

d Washing blue, Russian dressing, and 

French blacking. 202 

97 Devoe Manufacturing Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Cans with Devoe's faucet 
nozzle-top, and samples of oil. T 40. 201 

98 Day ft Prick, Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Laundry soap ; polishes for cleaning paint, 
metal, etc. T 46. aoi 

99 Dodd, A. W., ft Co., Gloucester, 
Mass. — Cod-liver oil. P 47. 201 

100 Warden ft Oxnard, Pittsburg, Pa. 
— Refined petroleum. T 49. 201 

101 Oleophine Oil Co., refinery ft 
works, Greenpoint, L. I. ; offices, 320 and 
322 Broadway, New York, N. Y., and 84 
Beaver street, New York, N. Y.— Refined 
petroleum illuminating oils. Refiners of 
petroleum ; proprietors of the celebrated 
Oleophine illuminating oils, and manu- 
facturers of the Company's superior 
patented can. Oils delivered, in barrels 
and cans, for export and domestic use. 
T 44. 201 

102 Munger.John W., Portland, Me.— 

Detergent compound. P 49. 201 

103 Eavenson, J., & Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Soaps and candles. T 43. 201 

104 Jewett, John, ft Sons, New York, 

iT. Y.— P 47. 
a Lin.<;eed oil. 201 

6 White lead. 202 

105 Rush ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Oils. T 41. 201 

106 West, C, ft Sons, Baltimore, Md. 
— Refined petroleum oil. T 41. 201 

107 Miller, William P., ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Bodeker's lubricants. T 

49. SOI 

108 Galena Oil Works Himited), Frank- 
lin, Pa. — Lubricating oil. P 46. soi 

109 Bassett, Oeot^e K.^ V^«.<&>cCvci<^vk^ 
CUv, D. C— \At\y\v^ \a.wTA.T>j ^orr*. "^ 
71. "^^^^ 

110 Todd, K. iiim 't^owa.v*^, '**^'^^'^*i;^ 

NaturaVovVol ptvv^rnCvcvX. V M- 
at end of entrvcs.scc C\ass\«vc;^.x:voTv. v^.-^T^^- 



one. Paints, Pigments. 


111 Cook. Caleb, Provincetown, Mass. 
— Watch and clock oil. T 50. 201 

112 Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, 
N. J. — Graphite paint. P 72. 202 

112^ Williston. A. L., Northampton, 
Mass. — Indelible ink and marking pens. 
T46. 202 

118 Hover, 4. E., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Chemical writing fluid ; black ink, 
carmine, violet, and copying inks ; muci- 
lage. T 47. 20a 

113a Prunier, Pierre, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Indigo extract, indigo carmine, tannins, 
gallo-tannic acid, archil, greens, etc P 
47. 20a 

114 Wetherill ft Bro., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — White and red lead, litharge, orange 
mineral. T 44. 202 

116 Lucas, John, ft Co.^ Philadelphia, 
Pa. — white lead, white zinc, colors, 

faints, varnishes, Swiss 
rench greens, etc. T 44. 


117 Bihn ft Co., Bridesburg, Philadel- 

Shia, Pa. — Lampblack. Esuhlished 1844. 
lanufacturers of all grades of lampblack 
for painters, curriers, printing ink, oil- 
cloth, rubber, and wall paper manufac- 
turers. (Put up in handsome pasteboard 
boxes, neatly labeled.) T 40. 202 

in a Reisinger Manufactirrinp; Co., 
Harrisburg, Pa. — Chemical writing fluid. 
P68. 202 

119 Kokosing Oil Co., Gambler, O.— 
Lampblack. V 63. 202 

120 Felton, Rau, ft Sibley, PhiladeU 
phia, Pa. — Coach, furniture, and Japan 
varnishes. T 40. 202 

120^ Rue, Mrs. S., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Furniture polish. W 53. 302 

121 Reynolds, C. T., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. (Esublished 1770).— Paints, dry 
and in oil, flne colors, chemically pure ; 
superfine quick-drying colors for coach 
and car painting ; ready mixed paints for 
house and villa painting ; laundry blueing, 
in bags, ready for use; artists' materials, 
embracing prepared canvas for oil paint- 
ing, Tyrian water-color tablets, drawing 
papers and materials; crayons, gilders 
tools, brushes for art^ painters' and deco- 
rators' brushes, grainers' special tools, 
painters' cutlery, wax-flower materials, 
etc. The whole line of goods exhibited 
were taken from their regular stock, made 
for practical use, and not display. P 42. 


I2I0 Brandeis, L., ft Co., Nev^ York. 

N. Y. — Bronze powders ; gold, silver, ana 

metal leaf. P 59. 202 

122 Keystone Paint Co., Muncy, Pa.— 
Filler for coach, car, and safe painting: 
paint for school-house blackboards. T 
40. 202 

123 Carter, Dinsmore, ft Co.. Boston, 
Mass. — Writing fluid, inks, and mucilage ; 
Lombard's inks and mucilage. T 47. 202 

124 Fromherz, Jos., Cincinnati, O.— 
Inks. T 47. 202 

125 Heller ft Merz, New York, N. Y.— 
Ultramarine. T 41. 202 

126 Rosenberg, D., ft Sons, New York, 
N. y, — Varnishes and baking japans. 

Manufacturers of coach, railway, cabinet, 
agricultural implement'^, and miscellaneous 
varnishes ; baking japans for all uses ; 
bronzing and colored vauiishes, of a\\ 
coJorg, a specialty. T 44, 

127 Ware, M. J., Philadelphia, Pa.- 

Ostrich feathers, dyed and scoured. P 
47* m 

128 Lockwood, Brooks, & Co., Boston, 
Mass. — ^Writing inks and mucilage. P 47. 


129 Pecora Paint Company, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Paints, stains, fiUeis, v\d 
dryers. T 41. toa 

13d Davids. Thad.. ft Co.. New York, 

N. Y.— Writing inks and fluid, mucilage, 
sealing wax, notarial seals, wafers, etc 
T47. so. 

188 Raynald, John, 214 Qeorse street, 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Itlack and colomi 
writing inkt. copying inks, mucilage, hair 
dye, indelible ink. Inventor of the "jet 
Black Writing Ink," invented i860 ; tnstan- 
Uneouslv bbck, and remains so for ages. 
Raynald's instantaneous black Japan mk, 
for architecture. Raynald's instantaneous 
blaflc copying ink, givine three or four 
copies distinct and perfect; Raynald's 
purple and greenbh fluids at first, after- 
wards turning very black ; Raynald's in- 
delible ink for marking linen, silk, and 
cotton, with a clean pen or stencil, will 
not spread — no preparation ; fifteen difl\:r- 
ent albumen colors for coloring maps and 
photographs, all first class. T 47. aoa 

133 Iron Clad Paint Co.. Cleveland, 
O. — Paints manufactured from iron ore, 
as used in iron smelting furnaces. T 41. 


134 Phillips, C. C. ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Varnish ana japans. T 41. aoa 

135 Brooklyn White Lead Co., New 

York, N v.— White lead, red lead, Uth- 
arge. T 41. ''aoa 

186 Martin, L., ft Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Lampblack. T41. aoa 

187 Barker, Moore, ft Mein, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— White lead. T 40. aoa 

138 Parsons, John, New York, N. Y.- 

Glove powder, Dixon's silver powder, 
carmine and violet inks, pocket mucilage. 
T 47. soa 

189 Waggoner, Oifford,& Co., Chicago, 

III. — Mixed paints. T 59. aoi 

140 Thompson, Albert, Brid^rewater, 

Conn. — ^American sienna paint. T 40. aoa 

141 Sharpless, John M., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Solid and liquid extract 
logwood. T 46. aoa 

142 Polychroite Veneer Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Wood fibre composition, for 
decorating wood and other surfaces. 
P 57. , aoa 

143 Mathers*,. Geo., Sons, New Yoik, 
N. Y.— Type and lithographic printing 
inks. T 47. aoa 

144 Meyers, Simon S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Stove polish, liquid blueing, in ejea* 
ing bottles. T^47. soa 

145 Valentine ft* Co., New York, N. Y. 
— ^Varnishes, etc., for fine coach ami 
car work. T 43. aoa 

146 Milliken, Eugene, Boston, Mass.— 
Electroconliquidpolisn. T 56. aoa 

1^1 TAai%VLtv , y >N ., %. ^tit^. New York, 

co\oTs; «\vptT?vTv* ccXoT% fere c»Md&, cu* 

. _, . _ ^^. 202 , _ 

^or location of objects, indicated by letter and ftgv\re,%celS.ev lol^oVaxXotv,^. <»«>waw^lN^»V^ 



Pigpnents, Essences, Perfumeryi 

148 Mo««, Geo. A., New York, N. Y.— 

Liquid blueing, powder blue, shoe black- 
ing, ladies' shoe dressing, writing inks, 
etc. T 47. 202 

149 Adams White Lead Co., Balti- 
more, Md.— White lead and products, 
a new process securing excellence of body, 
color, softness, uniformity, and durability. 
T40. 202 

1 60 Smith, Edward, & Co., New York, 
N . v.— Coac^ and car varnishes, and japan 
dryers. T 41. 202 

152 Moaer, ChM., & Co., Cincinnati, 
O. — Colors, dry and pulp; paints iir 
oil, coad& colors, artists colors. T 
41. 202 

162a Tarboe, J. W., New York, N. Y.- 

Ship's model and iron slab coated with 
enamel paint composition. T 54. 203 

168 Wright, J. K., & Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Printers' and lithographers' inks 
and varnishes. T 47. 202 

164 Continental Manufacturing Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Inks, writing fluids, 
mucilage, artists' colors. T 47. 202 

166 McCloakey, Brc, & Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Paints and colors, ground in 
oil, dry, and in pulp. T 40. 202 

166a Robinson & Pratt, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Printing and lithographic inks and 
varnishes. T 51. 202 

166 Erwin. H., & Co., Bethlehem, Pa. 
— Mineral paint from Lehigh valley. T 
40. 202 

167 Prince's Metallic Paint Co., Parry- 

ville. Pa. — Metallic paint and foundry 
&cings. T 50. 202 

168 Johnson, Chas. Eneu, & Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Typoeraphic and litho- 
graphic black and colored printing inks, 
varnishes, etc. T 47. 202 

169 State of Oregon (by A.J. Dufur). 
— Paints and oils. V 56. 202 

160 Maynard & Noyes, Boston, Mass. 
— Writing ink. T 47. 202 

161 Estes, E. B.,& Son, New York, 

N. Y. — Sign painters' smalts. T45. 202 

162 Rowland, Joseph S. C, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Indelible, canceling, and copy- 
ing ink, and writing fluid. T 47. 202 

163 American Bronze Powder Manu- 
factory, Brooklyn, N. Y. — Bronze pow- 
ders. N 50. 202 

164 Francis & Loutrel, New York, N. 
Y.-P 74. 

a Copyable printing inks. (Patent, April, 
1872.) Use any "copying press." 202 

3 Composition for inking rollers. Does not 
harden, shrink, or crack; good for all 
time and climate. 543 

166 Foering, Geo. W., Locust Valley. 
Lehigh county. Pa.— ^"Saucon sienna.' 
Geologically, and otherwise, a peculiar for- 
mation, rich in alumina and peroxide of 
iron, exhibiting the durability of the best 
ochres. T 50. 202 

166 Peirce, I. Newton, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Stone surface enamel colors, ana 
samples. T 70. 202 

167 Smith, MsLTBhan L., Kimberton, 
Pa.Suex mineral paint. T jo. 202 

Forclastes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

168 Marble, Jerome, ft Co., Worcester, 

Mass. — Patent indigo blue dye. A pure 
indigo color produced in any shade, per- 
fectly fast, saving in time and expense, 
stands all indigo tests ; process learned in 
half a day. T 70. aos 

169 Zinsser, Wm., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Bleached and refined shellac, 
French alcohol copal varnishes, sealing 
wax. Shellacs are m quality same as un- 
bleached; refined, give clear, transparent 
solutions ; varnishes, auick drying, hard 
surface; lacquers of lasting colors. P 
47. aoa 

170 Thomson, J. S., New York, N. Y.— 
Non-erasable and other inks. T 47. 20a 

171 Shaw, Thomas Ogg, Providence, 
R. L — Paint made from mineral from Wy- 
oming Territory. T 50. 203 

172 Johnson, Henry M., New York, N. 
Y. — Kalsomine and fresco paints. P 
47. 203 

178 Stimson ft Babcock, Boston, Mass. 
-P. 47. 
a Coach and car varnishes. aoa 

6 Gum copals. 303 

174 Tetlow, Henry, ft Bro., Philadel- 

{)hia. Pa. — Perfumery, bouquet and toi- 
et soaps, fine toilet preparations, blanc 
illusion, etc. P 48. 303 

176 Hotchkiss, H. G., Lyons, N. Y.— 
American officinal essential oils. P 47. 203 

«176 Upham, Sam'l C, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Extract, cologne, Florida water. 
Perfume fragrant and lasting. Two med- 
als awarded. P 47. 203 

177 Wenck ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Perfumes and toilet preparations. P 
47- 203 

178 Wenck & Briesen. New York, N. 
Y. — ^Automatic parlor fountain, P 47. 203 

179 Chawshaw French Toilet Powder 
Co. — Toilet powder and perfumed soap. 
T 48. 203 

180 Sulzberger, David, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Fluidextracts, by cold process; cook- 
ing extracts, fruit and liquor flavors, fruit 
ethers. P 48. 203 

181 Savournin, W. H., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Lily whites, rouges, toilet powders, 
etc. P 47. 203 

182 Malcom & Stevenson, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Fruit flavoring extracts. P 
47- 203 

184 Woodworth, C. B., ft Son, Roch- 
ester, N. Y. — Perfumery, hair oils, po- 
mades, cosmetics, flavoring extracts. T 
47- 203 

185 Young, Ladd, & Coffin, New York, 
N. Y. — Perfumes, oil of cologne, Cali- 
fornia water. T 48. 203 

186 Chesebroueh Manufacturing Co., 
New York, N. Y.— Vaseline, pomades, 
cerates, ointments, perfumes, cold cream, 
etc. P 43. 203 

187 Lorenz Bros., Toledo, O.— Concen- 
trated perfumes. P 47. 203 

188 Da Costa, D. R., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Tooth wash. P 48. 203 

189 Tallmadge ft Co., New Yotk.U.X. 
— Esseivt\a\ oWs a.w4 ^>3\^ tTiiX.x'aK.\s». "^ 
48. 'i^Q''^ 

190 FrltxacYv, ^cYv\Tcvm«\, «l Co., J;^^^;^, 

fruVl essevvcea. "P M- _ ^ 

at end of emr\es, see e\\Cvc;v.\Xcitv , v^ • •*! V 



Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Explosive Compounds, Pottery. 

191 B«ll, R. W., & Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 
— Staple and toilet soaps. T 46. 203 

191« HotchkiM, L. B., Phelps, N. Y.— 

Peppermint, spearmint, wintcrgreen, and 
pansy essential oils. P 47. 203 

192 Taylor, C. R., & Co., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Toilet soaps and perfumery. P 
47. 203 

193 Blair*s, H. C, Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Toilet articles. T 47. 203 

194 Colgate & Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Fancy soaps and perfumery. P 47. 203 

195 Watson, Richard H., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Handkerchief extracts. De 
Vies's quadniple handkerchief extracts. 
These celebrated extracts are produced 
with great skill, from the finest articles 
known in perfumery, and for delicacy of 
perfumes, truthfulness to nature, and 
tenacity, they are particularly recom- 
mended ; they are guaranteed to be of 
quadruple strength, and warranted not to 
turn rancid. Although not old extracts, 
they have taken favor immediately, and 
the best proof of their quality is their large 
and constantly increasing sales. A trial 
will convince you, P 47. 203 

196 Hoyt, E. W., & Co., Lowell, Mass. 
— Cologne. P 47. 203 

197 Read, Wm. H., Baltimore, Md.— 
Cologne, tooth wash, perfumeries. P 
47- 203 

198 Worsley, Thos., & Co., Philadel- . 
pliia, I*a. — Toilet and fancy soaps, and 
toilet powders. P47. 203 

199 Wright, R. & G. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Lxtracts, cologne, cosmetics, po- 
mades, oils, dentifrices, toilet soaps, etc. 
P 47. 203 

200 Wolf Brothers & Keech, Centre- 

ville, Mich. — Ksscntiai oils. P 47. 203 

201 Aschenbach & Miller, Philadel- 

}>hia, I'a. — Flavoring extracts and per- 
iimery. P 47. 203 

202 Pricke, Arthur, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— i'orfumcry. P 47. 203 

208 Burnett, Jos., & Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Flavoring extracts, cologne water, and 
other toilet articles. P 48. 203 

204,Colton,J. W., Westfield, Mass.— 
Colton's select flavoring extracts of 
choicest fruits and spices. They are 
strictly pure, rich flavors of the fruits, and 
are great saving in actual cost, to all. In 
a sale of thousands of gross, not one parti- 
cle of coloring or adulteration has ever 
been used. P 4 ^ 203 

206. Hale & Parshall, Lyons, N. Y.— 
Ks>ential oils. P 47. 203 

206,Atwood. Hermon W., New York, 
N. v.- Cologne. The proprietor takes 
pride in comparing this pn^duct of home 
manufacture with the best imported 
«ol«i):ncv. Dflirai'v of fragrance is com- 
bin« tl with lasting and invigorating quali- 
lic*"*. P 47. 203 

207 Mitchell, Geo. E., Lowell, Mass.— 

t*oN>gnc. N -, ;. 203 

SOT'f California Distilling Co., New 

lor A. .V. \". KsNcniial oils and ftmt 

rxir.»«*(v. I* 4S. 203 

SOS HambJetonJ., & Son. Philadelphia, 
/.I li.ty Mjiii. innnadcs, cosmetics, co- 
'■»*:»u«x. rxtr.,, tx.h.,i,. ionjc>.cic. V43. 203 

209 MTeaver, James B., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Colog^^ Florida water, bay nun. 
T49- ap3 

209a Oriental Powder Mills. Boston, 
Mass. — Imiution samples of military, 
sporting, and blasting powder. P 43. 304 

210 Barber Match Co.. Akron, O.— 
Drawing-room and sulphur xnatcoes. T 
44. 204 

211 Toy, Bickford, & Co., Simsbury, 
Conn. — Safety fuses. T 45. 304 

21 la Du Pont de Nemotirs, E. L, Wil- 
mington, Del. — Powder canisters and salt- 
petre. T 40. ao4 

212 Laflin & Rand Powder Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Gunpowder, empty pack- 
ages, patent cartridges for mining, fiises, 
crude materials. N 62. 204 

212^t Zennie, R. H., & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Wax matches and tapers. P 43. 


213 Hazard Powder Co., Hazardville, 
Conn. — Sporting and blasting gunpowder. 
H 71. 204 

214 Willis, Aug. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Pyrotechnic fog signals. H 71. 205 

214« Harris, H. G., New York, N. Y.- 
Balloon signals. U 68. 305 

Ceramics— Pottery, Poroelain, OIam, 

215 Galloway & Graff, Philadelphia. Pa. 

— Terra-cotta statuary, vases, tazzas, ped- 
estals, fountains, flower pots^ garden edg- 
ing, etc. B 72. 3o6 

216 Neukumet, Philip, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Fire bricks, clay retorts, gas-house 
tiles, and ornamental building brick. X 
56- 306 

216<x Burns, Russell & Co., Baltimore, 
Md. — Pressed brick masonry. Y 60. 360 

217 Moorhead Clay AVorks, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Terra-cotta sewer and water 
pipes, drain and roofing tiles, garden vases, 
chimney tops, and flues. {OutsitU.) 206 

218 Harvey & Adamson, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Drain and sewer pipe, garden vases, 
statuary, chimney tops, flues, etc B 
72. ao6 

21 8a Davis & Chaddock, Boston, Mass. 
— Fire bricks. Y 61. >o6 

219 Remmey, Richard C, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Chemical apparatus for manunctur- 
ing acids. B 68. 306 

220 Gossin, F.,Philadelphia,Pa.— Terra- 
cotta ware, statuary, vases, fountains, ped- 
estals, etc. B 69. 3o6 

221 Bowman, O. O., & Co., Trenton, N. 
J. — Terra-cotta drain and sewer (npe, 
chimney tons, and flues; garden vases «m 
statuar)'. B 71. 306 

221a Alexander, J. Park, Akron, O.-V 

a Fire brick. to6 

b Stone ware. tio 

222 Fritx, John. Philadelphia, Pt.- 
'VeTT3L-cotta woric, hanging baskets, nisdc 

tVo^-et v^A&t-^^fiK&tWacajbes, etc; imita* 
uotv ^;3&\qis&. *& b). x£ 

^V» /. KMi„n o/ohjccLs, mJicaied by letter audugvJiTe.sccVLe:^ xo^<Aau«i.^.»^W«a^'*»^V* 



Pottery, Porcelain. 

228 Scioto Fire Brick Co., Sciotoville, 
Ohio. — Fire bricks and fire clays. V 61 to 
64. 206 

223^ Dover Fire Brick Co., Canal 
Dover, O.— Fire brick. T 63. ao6 

228^ Boynton, C. W., & Co., Wood- 
bridge, N. J. — Under-drainage tile, hol- 
low building brick, and garden borders. 
Y 54- 206 

224 Ambruster, John, Camden, N. J.— 
Pressed brick work, X 58. 206 

225 Union Mining Co., of Allegheny 
county, Md. — Fire brick. X 58. 206 

226 Wood Brothers, Hartford, Conn. — 
Drain tiles. W 53. 206 

227 Hinvest, Robt., New York, N. Y. 
— Clamp and band for securing masonry, 
hollow brick for ventilation, chimney top. 
{Outside.) 206 

227<' Scattergood, ^V. W., Rancocas, 
N. J. — Drain tile. X 56. 206 

227^ Brick Enameling Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Enameled bricks. U 48. 206 

227 <^ Richardson, Greo., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Artif. Stone and Pipe. T 51 & X 57. 206 

228 Hews, A. H., & Co., North Cam- 
bridge, Mass. — Flower pots, fancy earth- 
enware, garden vases, ferneries, battery 
jars, etc. B 69. 206 

229 Hall, A., & Son. Perth Amboy, N. J. 
— Brick used in chimney of New Jersey 
State Building. 206 

280 Maurer, Henry, Perth Amboy, N. 
J., and 418 to 422 East Twenty-third 
street, New York, N. Y. — Roofing tiles 
used upon the New Jersey State Building. 
Cheap, light in weight, thoroughly fire- 
proof, perfectly water-tight. 206 

281 American Kaolin Co. Works, New 
Garden, Chester Co., Pa.; office, 233 South 
Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Fire 
brick, tile, etc. X 58. 206 

282 Wassel Fire Clay Co., Columbus, 
O.— V 63. 

a Tcrra-cotta work. ao6 

b Fire brick. 207 

288 Kreischer, B., & Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — X. 56. 
a Fire bricks, tiles, blocks, and slabs. 206 
6 Clay gas retorts, furnaces, and muffles. 207 

23 3« Newton & Co., Albany, N. Y.— X 

a Fire brick. 206 

b Stove linings, heater fire-brick linings, 

portable clay furnaces. 207 

238^ Priese, C, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Statuary, vases, stumps, flower pots, hang- 
ing baskets, etc. T 76. 206 

234 Hall, A., & Sons, Perth Amboy, N. 
T.-T 59. 

a Diamantine front and fire bricks. 206 

b Street paving blocks. 208 

c Rockingham antique and yellow ware. 210 

235 Hicks, Oeorge C, & Co., Baltimore, 
Md.-T 55. 

a Terra-cotta pipe, vase, clays, etc. 206 

b Fire bricks, gas retorts. " 207 

c Tiles. 208 

Standard nre-clav gas retort, made from 

the renowned Maryland fire clays, and 

remarkable for refractibility , tenacity, and 

freedom from gathering carbon. Fire 

clays, all 6rom within me city limits of 


Far classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

286 Walker, N. U., Wellsville, O. 

a Sewer pipe, terra-cotta ware, chimney tope 

and statuary. 206 

b Fire tiles, stove linings. 207 

c Roofing tile. acS 

237 State of New Jersey, by Geo. H. 

Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswick, N. 

T.-T 70. 
a Sewer and drain pipe ; fine and common 

pottery. ao6 

b Fire bricks. 207 

c Stoneware. 210 

df Window glass. 214 

/ Apothecaries' and bottle glass. 215 

23 7a Hampton, Cutter, & Son, Wood- 
bridge, N. J.— T 64. 
a Fire brick. 207 

b White ware. 210 

238 Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, N. 
J. — Graphite crucibles, retorts, etc. P 
72. 207 

23 8« Haws, A. J., Johnstown, Pa.— 
Fire brick bottoms for blast furnaces, 
rolling mills, etc. Y 60. 207 

239 Mcllvaine Bros., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Foundry facings. P 43. 207 

23 9« Kier Bros, Pittsburg, Pa.— Y 56. 
a Fire bricks. 207 

b Tiles. 308 

240 Goebel, J.. & Co., New York, N. Y. 
— Clay and clay pots. T 57. 207 

240^ Burlington Manufacturing Co^ 
Burlington, Vt. — Samples of tile floor. T 
56. 208 

240* Peck, Kennedy, & Co., New York. 

N. Y.— Clay roofing tile. {Outside.) 208 

240<: Field, F. K., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Flagging and floor tiles. T 53. ^ 208 

241 Young's, Wm.. Sons, Trenton, N. 
J. — Crockery and porcelain hardware 
trimmings. T 74. 209 

242 Empire China Works. James L. 

Jensen, Proprietor, Green Point, Brook- 
lyn, E. D., N. Y. — Porcelain . hardware 
and cabinet trimmings ; also, patent lemon 
squeezers, wood frame, porcelain lined; 
porcelain blade knife sharpeners, etc. N 
70. 209 

243 Moore, Joseph H., Trenton, N. J.— 
Earthenware. T 76. 210 

244 Carr, James, New York, N. Y.— 

White granite, majolica and parian ware. 
T 77. 210 

244^ Laughlin Bros., East Liverpool, 

O. — Ironstone china ware. T 75. 210 

245 Davis, Isaac, Trenton, N. J.— 
White granite and decorated crockery 
ware. T 75. 210 

246 Jeffords, J. E., & Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Yellow, Rockingham, white-lined, 
buflf-stone, majolica, and^ lava wares. T 
77. 210 

246^ Coxon & Co., Trenton, N. J.— 
Earthenware. T 77. 210 

247 Astbury & Maddock, Trenton, N. 
J. — Earthenware for sanitary purposes; 
china and earthenware for general us^, T 
73. *^^ 

1 vases, \suTes,va\Ae ^w^ vox\^^ «^^^- . 

at end^of eTvtT\es, se^ C\«*%v^c^xx^^»^^- *^- 



Pottery^ PorceUm, GU&sware. 

349 Thomp«Qii« C. C^> A Ca., Kxmt 

800 Yate^ B«mictt» i Allea, TrentoD, 

S J.— I>iiii»cr» dcssdT, ica, ind toilet sets: 
CHKL-ery ware. T fj. lu 

A$3 anmt. Bloor, Mitrtio, & Co., East 
Livvrpwl, O.— .^SPCricii^ white granite 
diimer, desscn^ te^i, aod ti^ucl deoitaied 

WMt T ?+, 3H> 

I^Sd Spetlcr Pottery Co,, TrcntDD.NJ. 

— T Tj 

^ Biscuit nv. Bii 

S53 Buiratt, S, ft W„ E««t Liverpool, 

S^S' OlAK^ciw Pottery Co,, Tnntoitf 

f M^xx^iktj flTJkre. Ill 

S44 Anericui Crockery Co., Tnotos, 

S. J . — Oumbcr aA$ kAil UHC H^lfV Cl 

bcs<|ae^ whLie {ruiiite» and^tiOac chioa. T 

n »ij 

S56 GnefiWDod Pottery Co., Tnnton, 
N- J,— Imsmoe cbina, deaHaied dinnA 
A»Jiu9ctttt^ Tt*, 113 

3^6 Uercer Pottery Co.. Trenton, H. J^ 

■-"-PliiA :iAd tlecuraxivTc c&nhsawuv and 
diJTi*. T 75, "J 

S56^ Union Porcelain Work*. Greea- 
Pkjlqi, N. Y- — P*>reelAin vruv. 175- ?ij 

3(7 ODonda^a Pottery Co., G«dd«s« H. 
V.^Whiw fFsiiite, uid ffecontAl tlUt 
AfiJ KHkc ^ivt T 17, »ij 

31ft H«PiUetoeu J-. A Sea, Phtladcl- 
(^ — Deantcsi fVfveLu:^ putes. 

35B^ Bollock, Cbarle*, Treoton, N. J. 

^^ZKiiti wire, T ;7, -tj 

3(S L-ucas^ ■f'^^^^i ^ ^'^i Philadolpbta, 
P^. — Wiadaw gUH. T 45. ,114 

340 SallAkdnHUfc, S, P., Cuciiuutu 

O-niieilbn. Po. '^4 

Sftl^CohuMT Qlass Manu^ctviiBC 

Co. 1 nriy^UlU^ " - J — ^ ^^ 

363 Gtllwrt. F. A., H«w Havn , Conn.— 

t i^aUiHiioB txbk- P5t< -tiT 

263-* t^t&bie ft Sarnat, New York. 

339 Ktautsbeck, Thomi^ 

lViiUJi;*pS.i*, Pi. i7>ii^_ 
a Wi'DLkrv ^j^sK- 

& Stewart. 

M4 DktuoAd Qla** Co.. Ravenna, 
il, — UkfiuMe-tlucl; l^AR tVv'ca irv^nd wtuce 
nndhflvnc, ia wiM;?v^ o< OHio StJi:e 
ButUtin^. <X4 

365 Wenck & Co.. New York, N. Y.— 
A^MuiM^s. P 4-'. *x5 

365^ Whitall. Tatum. A Co.. PhUadeI> 

p h La . 1\a . — I Vu^qji'.ii^* \ •.>e r :"u u:<TS \ vvncVc- 
i-oncrs*. etc.. iljtsswj.i«. tru;; ;jLr*. X 



.V l*. 

— Pel 

866 PUc^ Wr. H., ft Soaa, Pbiiadelphia, 

1*1— Hydf&meieni, ipccific gravity bet- 

eicn, u^ajulyticaJ vc^ts. N 50. aij 
369 Caterwa. Wm. M.. Phitadelphlt, 

Pi.^B-AiulesiorpoisoDS. T 53. aij 

870 Fox, H, C, ft SoEtv, PbiladelphiH, 

vnrc ^adelTT>in glass not CDDt:uiiLng luJ. 
N 53- atj 

871 WarDer, Wm. R., ft Co., Phlladet- 
phia, pL — Dn^ dupcHsLii^ boules. F 
♦> »i5 

873 Wbitncy Bros., Glasaboro', N. J.-^ 
Green uid other coJorcd eluAwaiv, ^ 
dn^££ivi^, chcmi^ti, etc ^ M- ^^^ 

373d Smith Broa., New Bedford, Uasa, 
^Ei^fX^v^uf aod decor^uug of g}^^- N 
^i it6 

876 Bovtoo ft Sandwich Glass Co., Bok* 

of CEHCryila} duAdcticn: nch cut gbsv 
ware oi" crtry dsciipdoa, includlof the 
^■Diniei Webster Punch Eowl.^ N 
51- ffi6 

876* Smith, H. L, ft Co., PhiUdclpbU, 
F^ ^StJklsed ^fis window of tbt *"Cnici- 

" the miki ^gurc after A. Durcr't 
Dclcbnied ptctme^ \^lVr£i G^iltry,) st& 
37 i Mew Enclvkd Gtaas Co., £att 

37 id Smith Bros., New Bedford, Uui> 

— DtHMratcd rascs^ eludes, globes, etc, 

374^JoDcs, thoBiaa, New York, N. Y. 
— OnuyB^nul fut jycvd ground ^.^^ ^t 

374^ HoWw,. J. H. BrockuiOor, ft Co., 
— AA hecliqC, W, A a. — So^-Umo giau- 
Wirt, N ^- 5i6 

375 Dohdmaan, 1, B., Gixenpoint, 
X, Y, — C^ inJ cpgr^f^tU gUiiv-are. 

3rr6 Hsrtcll ft Lctchwonb. PhlUdcl- 
pUa« Pl— Gai gjlobcsv onvmcntjJ sbal 
~ 1 devkca. P 6^. atf 
Qlasa Worki, 

A Cm oTsbl 6nl Ai^laliL T 45, 9i6 

> t>ruJ vaikt t»UCf priun^tlc cawklalita^ 

c*ri-h^Tgf. *7±ct, gu»wArc^ N 51. 31^ 

37 S I^ Bc^le QIaat Co., Bridgeport. 

Ob*x — riUc^ har, and Unm SDoda, cuL 

379 Xcyvfean* PHttt GIk«s. Co., Pitts- 
bc^lgL- Pl — Ain laad ^feUj lamp chim- 
E}c^^.Fjl**t«J^ainnM. If ji- ai6 

360 B»kew«a^V«ttn>ftC»^ Ptttsbuif. 
Pi. — Pics«cd u^ y«ra crystal and vful 
past^wart. N ^. ai4 

361 KigJ^ftOfc.^ JiW> fc«^>Pa.-^i>i> 
^^ ^ "* — " " uJ 

rfuajo jicvuiiicr*. T 4$. it? 

U:ac'\.« o^\.5,Vct*. ioJiVue*^lby t«twr and««avt.Hc lk«T »^ 

333 Ricbar^ ft HafUcy PUor Glass 
van- [jny. «*& N « Ar ft. u^ 

Tfcft »4 II |rt ^M ■ 11 1 ^ N«»teii, »tA 

L>>. V%^. Wllill«Ji T^Jt^V*. 



Glassware, Furniture. 

2S6 ExcdsEor FJiDt G1»b Co.^ PitU- 
biirK^Pa. — t^[;iiis J^imp chimntySp silvcrcJ 
^lajb rc(lccti?rs. N" ^y io ^1. iifl 

287 Rocbtater Tumbler Co*i Pitts- 
burg, Pi. — Glai* tumbkn. N 49 ^0 
51. aiG 

S88 Crystal OUsb Co*, Pitt^bur^^ Pa*— 
MtjuTdod or U7c,s3cii crystal £J;u> table 
warcj etc. N 4^ it* gr, jt^ 

JIB9,Central Glasa Co., Wh«line. W, 
Va. — Pressed tjlisjiwrarc. N 33. yi^ 

290 AlbertBOn.J. U„ Nofribtown, Pa. 
— Wludour £bi^, gli4^£ shades; culorutl^ 
obscunj, and corriui^ted cUskH N51, 1116 

TarnitiirB ai;d Objeota of GeneTal Uae 
in CoiLBtTROtioa and in BwdliiLga. 

E91 CollcndBr, H. Mr,,NeivYork,N.Y. 
— ilitlliird tub]e!i cue stand and nt^rlufrt 
poc] IjOarrU *nd buffet. T 51. =17 

Bfllfl Doremus, P. C, New York, N. 
v. — SoCi btd aud Eoungf. V ^in -Ji; 

291^ Pottin Ree:istcr MaaufacturLne 
Co., Pbitad^JphLa, Fa.— Parlur billiard 
table, P 57. ai7 

292 MitcheLt ft RammetsburK Furni- 
ture L(i., CiDCLi]n[ttJ, O. — KoftewHjd bed 
and bureau, renaissance style ^ walnut 
dining fUmkure (UiJ ballilaii^d, medieval 
style. P So. J17 

2924 CoUignon BroB,, New York, 
N. Y,— Ftildiiig rucking chain, itiieeH, 
cbairs. V 71. 317 

2S3 Cole^ Alexauder, MaDumu^kln) N. 

d Iron and wr^fOd spring' bottom bcdstcajds. 317 

^ Sa^h fa-^teuern 337 

294 O'HoTB} ChBH. M., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — -" Hygienic" chjiira. P53. 317 

296a MUJcr, L. H., BaltiTmorCj Wd.— 

Fire and bui^lar proof safes, H 68, ^17 

296 Gardner & Co.. New York, N. Y.— 

Cbaij^j settecij c:ir and depor lieat-H^ eic. 

T 56, 3J7 

2964 New Haven Folding Cbair Co., 

Ni:* Havctt^ CoLin. ^- [*jr tattle fcjEding 

chnir^. T 5<). 317 

897 McKinley^ John, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Py-Lcnt barbers' cjialrji, T jS. 217 

297d PabHt, Charles, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Sofa bed^ 1' ja, 317 

298 Allen & Bro., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
FtirnitLire and mterior dci^urutlona. P 

29Bd Reeves, 3. H.. & Co,, New York, 

N, Y. — Spring bottom bi*H. P fi?. si/ 

299 Adjustable Foldine Chair Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pj. — AdjusEaLic fcHlnJin;; chair. P 
5a. 317 

299d Brady, E. W., Davenport, la.— 
Wtjoden &]atc winUtJw &hmJc>;, T 
J^r 317 

800 Henkela, Geo. J.^ Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Chamber fiuLmiturc of Wood mjm JfiJi:- 
pcncbtice Square \ sofa beds, P 57. 317 

BOOn Merldeti Curtain Fixture Co., 
Meriddu^ Co an .'^Curtain fixtures. P 
53. =T7 

201 ^mith & CAtnpion, Philadelphia, 
Pn.^^Piwhr, dininit^-nMmf chaJiiber^ and 
library fumitfir^s. T 5^. ■217 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

301* Sawder & Buckley, Mehden, 

Uonn— th^ifi* and b^rk^^atnEiioa libks. 

302 Hart, Clarence A., Philadelphia, 
Pa— Military cquJpmcntSj gold fnn^ss, 

tic. Ti 73. at; 

302rt Krauae, Frederick W., Chicajfo, 
111. — <.Jothic tzliair!^. W 53. 317 

303 Campbell, Wm., New York, N. Y. 

— bpri];^ rollers fur wEndow cunaif^s. T 

53 317 

30Sd Harmon, J. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Inlaid cbcclccr board. (£a^i Gdl- 

304 Delaware Chair Co., Delaware, 
O.— Double caue-!icat chairs, 1' 36, 31 j 

304i Stevens, C. A., ft Alrlch, W. H., 
PhilnjL-lplun, Pa.— Ppldinjij budsEtadn P 
M^ at 7 

-305 PhelpB, DoremuB, ft Corbett, 264 
ai3d366tJAnEkt strcf^tjiicar Brtiadway, lUitv 
YoJ^ N. Y.— W, T, Dortnius' patent 
chaTThase, patent rtibbtr &prin££ for os- 
dllal.inii chair^^ patt^rtt osciirartlnR rubber- 
spring chairs. Bein^ combine tlona, af- 
fordinjEt m:mLiracturers aiiviJe r,ini;e iti the 
prodyction of chairs for [ifficc, library, of 
parlor ust;. P 53. 217 

BOS'* Smith, Wm. B., New York, N. Y. 
— Imjjrovcuienl in counter shLfW case, 

N 41 r 'J] 7 

306 Moore, York.* Howell. Phiiadel- 
pliia, pa, -^Parhr furniture, fuldltiif tjiblrs, 
T34. it7 

$06^^ Shraedef, F. ft H.^ Cindnnati, 
O, — Pulpit, with sounding board. P 

307 Loth, Hetiry, Philadelphia, Pa*— 
Folding table. P 51. 717 

307^ SpoJTord, Jennie Hk, Philadelphia, 
Pa, — M^Lltrcss bracket bulLltri, mcisiiuicu 
bar, P sOh 317 

308 Ferrari, GuiHeope, New York, N. 
V,— Cabij>et, ricbJy Carved^ in liAliiiu 
style of lifteenth century* P 5^. 317 

SOBri Brigg, M., ft San, Rochester, N. 
Y. — Firm and buriglar proof sales. H 
71, axy 

309 Everitt, Ells ha E., Philadelphia, 
pa. — Portable and sts-tjonary wnui^stflna 
and writing desk combined : sofa bcri. P 
56. "T 

309^ Claes ft Ca^, St. Louis. Mo.— 
t]i!vi:r'plat[;J slioiv CE«e, T <«. 3r7 

310 Schubeuter, J., St. Louia, Mo.— 
Silvcr-pLited i^hDMT case. T 60. ^^7 

311 Spiral Elliptic Spring Works, Cin- 
cTtmEiti, O. — ispringt for uph^jL-ittring. P 
53. 3i7 

Slln Brunswick Broa., Stephani, & 
Hart Co., St. I.>?uts, MoH—Billiard table 
and cue rack. T 5.^. s'7 

313 Woven Wire Web Bed Co., New 
Britain, (Jonti, — -Woven wir« bed bcittf»m. 
P 5i- ■■ '17 

313 Knell Geo., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Sofa bed, invalid ch^ir ^ind bed, rocking 
reclining chairj chair a^id loungCf phoio- 
gKiplue chairs, T 55. *^T 

a 1 3 fl ^daTn^ , Tiatv . , \HM\v^\\\t .'X ^"^J^"" 
- The WtTmtVa^er x\vt ^VWwnfr ^'^ t-;^^, 
at end of entries, see e\a.%%\?ve^'^^oTv,^^. ^l-Vb- 



Furniture and Decoration. 

822 Lambie & Sargent, Nev 
Y.— Adjustable table. P 51. 

814 Carrington,DeZouche,& Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.— Interior decorations, trav- 
erse curtain fixture. P 56. 217 

315 Sheppard, Arrison, & Sheppard, 
Philaaelphia, Pa. — Curtains, decorations, 
and upholstered furniture. P 53- 217 

816 Marcotte, L., & Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Library (Henry II.) and dining- 
room (Louis XIII.) furniture. T 52. 217 

817 Lever Spring Bed Co., Springfield, 
O.— Spring bed. P 52. 217 

818 Lamb, J. & R., New York, N. Y.— 

Church furniture, metal work, embroider- 
ies, and decorations. P 43. 217 

819 Heiliemann & Bro., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Solid wood cabinet carvings. P 
57. 217 

820 "Wakefield Rattan Co., Boston. 
Mass. — Rattan furniture and ornamental 
ware. T 57. 217- 

821 "White, Otis C, Hopkinton, Mass. 
—Stationary and portable heacwests for 
chairs and car-seat backs. This is a new 
mechanical combination of simple con- 
struction, which affords a complete oppo- 
sition movement of great range, to all po- 
sitions, without removing the head from 
the upholstery, and fastened by a single 
clamp. The portable kinds fold up to 
take but little space, make their own 
fastening to almost any form where sup- 
port to the head is desired; they are 
simple, elegant, and thoroughly practical.^ 
Correspondence and orders solicited. T 
59- 217 

, New York, N. 

323 Herts & Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Chamber suite, carved amaranth, ebony, 
and maple woods ; upholstery, Horsfall's 
dressing-case wardrobe. P 54. 217 

324 Cutter, Ephraim, Cambridge, Mass. 
— Adjustable chair for supine postures. 
N 58. 217 

324« Russell, W. P., & Co., Charles- 
ton, S. C. — Show case in form of a ledger. 
P 74- 217 

826 Kaiser & Herzog, 1005 Walnut 
street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Decorative 
painting for ceilings and side walls, in the 
modem renaissance style, executed after 
original designs by the firm. P 56. 217 

326 Steele, John, Louisville, Ky.— 
Folding opera chairs ; church, lawn, and 
school seats. T 58. 217 

327 Kimbel & Cabus. New York, N.Y.— 

Parlor furniture and decorations. P 56. 


828 Varill, E. W., XVorcester, Mass.— 

Patent folding chairs, in great variety. 
Business established 1861. I claim for 
my chairs durability, thoroughness of fin- 
ish, simplicity in folding, and compact- 
ness when folded. Very extensive assort- 
ment of styles, adapted for parlor, draw- 
ing-room, library, veranda, and shipboard ; 
also, a line suitable for tropical climates. 
On account of limited space allotted, am 
compelled to make a comparatively meagre 
exhibit. T 57. 217 

329 Cutler, A., & Son, Buffalo, N. Y.— 
JIusiness dcsla, reading tables, patent au- 
tomatic folding parlor tables. P 53. 217 
330 Turner, Henry A., ft Co., Boston, 
7\/nss.— Sofas and chairs. B 68. 2x7 

831 KoechlinfiT, B. H., New York, N. Y. 

— Opera folding ch.iirs. P 51. 217 

School of Design, University or 
Cincinnati, Ohio. {South Gallery.) 217 

331^ Whittemore, R. R. — Laocodh. 

331* Woodward, W. W. — Fugitiv* 

381^ Humphreys, Ella. — Illumination 
and frescoed ceiling. 

831^DeCamp, Essie.— Panel 

331^Rettig, John.— Centre for ceiling 
and boroer tor wainscoting. 

3 31/ Merrill, Susie.— Panel centre. 

332 Seymour, H. J., Chair Co., Troy, 
N. Y. — Bent chairs, patent braided chairs 
and rockers, walnut dining and library 
chairs. T 58. 217 

333 Cooper, Jas. W., ft Bro., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — F^yy cabinet ware, wood 
carvings, etc. T* 57. 217 

334 Stiles, Mrs. E. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Combination desk. P 50. 217 

335 Karcher's, Daniel M., Sons, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Sideboard. P 60. 217 

336 Yandell, Chas. R., & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Leather window lambrequins, em- 
bossed wall leather hangings, leather 
chairs and tables. P 53. 217 

337 Schrenkeisen, M. & H., New York, 
N. Y. — Upholstered rocking chair 00 cas- 
tors. P 53. 217 

338 Kilian Brothers, New York, N. Y. 
— Easels, parior taue, music stand, table, 
card receiver. P 51. 217 

339 Schastey, Geo. A., New York. N. 
Y. — Furniture and interior decorations. P 
58. 217 

340 Brown & Bliss, 169 Canal street. 
New York, N. Y. — Dining-room furniture, 
extension tables, sideboards, etc. Special 
manufacturers and exporteis of dming- 
room furniture "«• suite" including ex- 
tension tables of every descriptioD, with 
patent slides and patent screw-leg comer 
olock, also sideboards and side ubles 
with leaves of extension table enclosed 
within. T 50. 217 

341 Palmer, Theo. J., New York, N. Y. 
— Rocking or reclining chair on castors. 
P 53- 217 

842 Kittle, S. P., No. 208 Canal stieet, 
New York, N. Y. — Spring mattresses for 
under-mattress,orwith mattress and bolster 
combined, and made to fold compactly for 
transportation, when desired ; also, spring 
mattresses with straight frame and elastic 
edges; others so constructed that botli sides 
and all the edges are alike dasttcand mo»t 
comfortable. A moderate outlay in these 
goods will insure a most exquisite bed. P 
52. «i7 

343 Schenck, Jas. V., New York, N. Y. 
—Crescent spring mattress. P 51. 217 

844 Paton, Robt., & Son, New York, 
N. Y. — Church and school furniture, Sun- 
day-school and lecture-room settees. P 
54. »»7 

845 Postawka, L., & Co., Cambridge^ 
port, M^lss.— The " X " piano taboret. P 

60. S17 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, see Ke'j io'&oVa.'CvoTv,v.'*^*.V«MA^?i«».»V*' 




347 Deetz, Edward, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Adjustable sleeping apartment or retiring 
room. P 57. 217 

848 Reeves & Eastburn, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Folding bedstead, sofa or parlor bed- 
stead, chamber furniture, bedstead fastenr 
ing. P 56. 217 

849 Ahrcns, Geo., Crete, 111.— Exten- 
sion table. T50. 217 

850 Briggs, Joshua, Peterborough, N. 
H. — Piano stools. P 51. 217 

361 Taylor, W. O., & Son, Bedford, 
O. — Double cane-seat rockere and chairs. 
T 59- 217 

851<t National Wire Mattress Co., New 
Britain, Conn. — Wire mattresses. P53. 217 

852 United States Spring Bed Co., 
Springfield, Mass. — Spring beds. P52. 217 

853 Chormann, E. G., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Parlor, sketching, and studio easels. P 
50. 217 

354 Griendling, John, 213 N. Second 
street, Philadelpnia, Pa. — Barber's chair, 
foot-rest, and hair-dressing standard. This 
chair is easily regulated for shaving and 
hair-cutting combined. An examination 
willsatisfyanyoneof its merits. P51. 217 

854a Maires & Reed, New York, N. Y. 
— Adjustable iron chairs. P 50. 217 

855 Matlack, Henry S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Paper hanging and fresco painting. 
P 50. 217 

8 5 5a Gale, D. A. T., Syracuse City, N. 
Y. — Metallic spring webbing mattress. 
P 50- 217 

856 Berkey & Gay Furniture Co., 
Grand Rapids, A^^h. — Chamber suite, 
lounges. P 59. 217 

856^ Excelsior School Furniture Man- 
ufacturing Co., Cincinnati, O. — Church 
furniture. T 52. 217 

857 Phoenix Furniture Co., Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich. — Bed-room suites, sideboard, 
hall stand. P 57. 217 

358 "Wooton Desk Co., Indianapolis, 
Ind.— Cabinet office secretary, rotary office 
desk. P 52. 217 

359 Nelson, Matter, & Co., Grand 
Rapids, M.ich. — Chamber suites. P 58. 217 

859« Peck, Henry, New York, N. Y.^ 
Show cases for various exhibitors. 217 

860Junge, Albert, Pittsburg, Pa.— 
Spring mattress. P 53. 217 

361 Pabst, Daniel, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Walnut sideboard. P 58. 217 

862 Richmond, Backus, & Co., Detroit, 

Mich. — Combined coupon and local rail- 
road ticket case, with secretary and desk. 
P 58. 217 

363 Fyler. E. W., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Bedstead. P 53. 217 

864 Halm, Bellows, & Butler, Colum- 
bus, O. — Furniture. P50. 217 

365 Buschor, Chas., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Parlor furniture, decorations, window 
blinds with cornice, curtains, and outside 
shutters ; show cases. P 56. 217 

866 Vollmer, G., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Furniture. T $4' 217 

807 Thole, B,, St, Louia, Mo.—Book 
case. Psg. 217 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

868 Swasey. I. N., M.D., Yonkern, 

N. Y.— Billiard tables; Trichorum ta- 
ble, a new principle in carpentry, securing 
a permanently level surface, and new built 
up work samples from the French Manu- 
facturingCo. of New York City. T51. 217 

869 Hover, H. F., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Folding wardrobe and lounge. P 50. 917 

370 Most, John H., Old Say brook. Conn. 

— Furniture made from wood of the 
"Charter Oak," Hartford, Conn. P 
62. 217 

871 Snyder. C. Ridgway. Minneapolis. 

Minn. — Work table, combining lap board 
and writing desk. P 50. 217 

372 Caulier, P., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Wardrobe bedstead. P 54. 217 

378 Pettier & Sty m us Manufacturing 

Co., New York, N. Y.— Bedstead, cabinet, 
bahut, table, door, door trimming, window 
cornice, curtains, sofa, chairs. P 55. 217 

374 Schafft, Fridolin, Detroit, Mich.— 

Sideboard. P 60. 217 

375 Ransom, D. L., & Co., Buffalo, 

N. Y. — Adjustable desks and business cabi- 
nets, can be adjusted to any position, at 
any moment, without disarranging any 
books, papers, etc. Five different styles, 
for private and general offices. Sena for 
circular. T 50. 217 

876 Wagan, R. M., Mount Lebanon, 
N. Y. — The Shakers' web-seated chairs, 
also with web backs, or with plush cush- 
ions, and foot-benches to match. The 
only manufacturer of the "Genuine Shak* 
ers Chairs." P 52. 217 

376a Kill^ore, J. L., Wilmington, Del. 
— Tourists' and miners' folding bedstead 
and spring bed. W 54. 217 

877 Hutchings, E. "W., & Son, New 

York, N. Y.— Sideboard and chair. P 
59- 217 

378 Demarest, Joyce, & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Opera chairs. V 51. 217 

379 Centennial Rolling Chair Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Roiling chairs. (Nave.) 217 

380 Cunningham, Peter B., Bethlehem. 
Pa. — ^Anthracite coal table, from Council 
Ridge coal fields, Luzerne countj'. Pa. 
T 53. 217 

3S0a Nichols, ^V., 
Book rack. P 47. 

Boston, Mass. — 

381 Fifield, J. B. M., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Magic bed sofa. T 58. 217 

382 Beard & Bro., St. Louis, Mo.— 
Burglar proof safes. B 70. 217 

ZSZa Hassenforder, C, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Safes. H 71. 217 

384 Lord, J. E., & Co., Quincy, 111.— 

d, J. 


Spring bed bottom. P 52. 

385 Goodwin, A. J., Brookline, Mass.— 
Sanitaiy bedstead. P 52. 217 

386 Hill, Edwin P., Haverhill, Mass.— 
Folding table. P 50. 217 

387 Ivins & Bro., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Walnut bed. P 53. 217 

388 Seidler & May , H«lX\.^ot6., ^ciT^vv.— 
Sofa bed aud aLd^\\'&\a^a\^^ txV«o&vivv Ocvivx . 

p s^. -^-^ 

389 Hopper, C. C, YV\\«.^€^\f««'^ ^*'- .. 
I Chamber iuttv\\.\\xe. ^Sl- 
at end of entries, sec CV^ssx^cvvW^^,^^- ^T'^'^- 



Furniture, Safes. 

S90 Andrews, A. H., & Co., Chicago, 

111.— T 67. 
a School, church, office, and bank furniture ; 

desks, pews, pulpits, chairs. 217 

b Marquetry flooring. 217 

391 Cobum Manufacturing Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Canopy wardrobe and ward- 
robe arm. P 51. 217 

392 Rhoner, Frank, & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Reclining chairs. P 53. 217 

393 Close, Thos.J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Reversible settees. N 63. 217 

394 Allen, Jas. T., & Co., New York, 
N. V. — Rockers. W 54. 217 

395 De Bock, Matthew, South Boston, 
Mass. — Cabinet, work table, and frame. 
P51. 217 

396 Paine's Furniture Manufactory, 
Boston, Mass. — Pulpit and church furni- 
ture, case of designs. T 60. 217 

397 Brunswick, J. M., & Balke Co., 
Chicago, III. — Billiard tables and materials; 
ivor>' and ten-pin balls. T 51. 217 

398 Collins & Sturgeon, New York, 
N. Y. — Reclining chair. T 53. 217 

899 Ellin, Robt., & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Eagle lecium cur>-ed in oak, side- 
board, font, hall chairs, and litany desk. 
P 52. 217 

400 Morse, L., & Son, Athol, Mass.— 
Folding settee. P 51. 217 

401 Hartshorn, Stewart, New York, 
N. Y. — Window-shade rollers. T51. 217 

402 Glenn, Frank, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
American buffet. B 41 tj 44. =17 

403 Walter He:^wood Chair Co., Fitch- 
burg. Mass. — Chairs. Adapted for expjort 
to every foreign port and the home trade. 
T 59. "7 

404 "Whitney Manufacturing Co., South 
Ashbumam, Mass. — Chairs. \V 50. 217 

406 Sawin, L. H., Gardner, Mass. — 
Cane-seat chairs. W 52. 217 

406^French, Julia B., Boston, Mass.— 
Cabinet and bedstead. N co. 217 

407 .Decker, L., & Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Billiard tables and appurtenances. 
P 54. 217 

408 Hey wood Brothers & Co., Gardner, 
Mass. — Cane and wvx^d seat .mJ rattan 
chairs, rattan furniture, chair auie, reeds, 
etc. W 50. 217 

410 Derby, Philander, Gardner, Mass. 
— Cane-seat chairs. Manufacturer of. and 
dealer in. all varieties of cane and wood- 
seat chairs for home and export trade. 
W 51. 217 

411 Rath, Paul, New York, N. Y.— 
Bay-window curtain, screen, and pedestal. 
P41. ->i7 

411'* Wilson, George, Chicago, 111. 

— T 59. 

a Folding bedstead and table combined, and 

reciuubcut reading; chair. .217 

^ .Mangle. 225 

412 Watson, J., & Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Safes, ladies' jewdry stand. H 
7.>. 217 

413 Hall's Safe and Lock Co., Cincin- 
ii:itj, O. — Fin:, hurjjlar. and lire and bur- \ 

i:/.ir pnxi/"sa/cs. i/c|xviil vaults. H t-j. 217 \ 
414 Herring St. Co.. New York 
tKiiik vaults and Joors ; fire 
ptw^fsut'cs, H cxp 

s. U .^7- ^t? \ 
>rk, N.Y.— \ 
and burglar \ 
-17 \ 

415 Farrel & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.- 

Fire and burglar proof safes. H 67. 217 

416 Tcrwilliger & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — fire and l>ui]^ar proof safes. H 
72. 217 

417 Corliss Safe Co., Providence, R. I. 
— Burglar proof safes. H 67. ai; 

418 Valentine & Butier Safe & Lock 
Co., New York, N. Y. — Burglar and fire 
proof safes. H 70. 211 

419 Marvin's Safe Company, Htyt 
York, N. Y.— Safes. H 69. 215 

420 Schermerhorn, Charles, New York, 
N. Y.-T 50. 

a Towel stand and rack. 217 

h Mirror. 219 

421 Thiery, Adolph, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— P 5X. 

a Tables. 217 

b Mirrors. 219 

422 Dubcrnet, L., New York, N. Y. 
— P52. 

a Bamboo and fancy fire-gilt furniture. 217 
b Paper, velvet, metal, and gilt frames. 220 
422^ Fcust & Rice, New York, N. Y. 
a Cabinet ware. 217 

b Mirror firames and brackets. 220 

423 Speth, K. L., New York, N. Y. 

a Fancy cabinet ware. 217 

b Car>-ing5, easels, pedestals, brackets, mo- 
saic veneer, etc. 220 

424 Earle, James S., & Sons, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — P 49. 

a Cilt tables. 217 
b Framed looking passes, Venetian mir- 
rors. 219 
c Picture frames, brackets. 220 

425 Lowe, A. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 

— P50. 
a Gilt bouquet tables. 217 

b Looking glasses. 219 

c Picture frames. 220 

426 Hale, KUbum, & Co^ Philadelphia, 
Pa — P 55. 

a Foldmg bed and crib, flexible-«eat chairs, 

spring beds. 217 

b Looking glasses. 219 

c Picture frames. 220 

427 McClees J. E., & Son, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — T 49. 

a Gilt chairs and tables. 217 

b Mirrors. 219 

c Fancy frames. 220 

428 Salter, Jno. G., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— P50. 

a CcMisole tables. 317 

b Mirrors. 219 

c Cornices, portrait frames. 220 

428a Smith, Eldridgre J., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— H CO. 
a Adjustable desk, school desk and scat. 

b Cooking utensiL 224 

c Stair rods. 2^7 

429 Reukauff, Geo. C, Philadelphia, 
Pa— P 52. 

a Bouquet tables. 217 

b Mirrors. 219 

c CoTVAces.pvaMi^^rtxnes. sao 

SWvcT and ^Uxicd. ^arvR., VDiaDaEXa3uAK& « 

^»>r .W.4riun ofobjects, indicated by letter aixd ft&ute.secKcv u>^o^auc«i,v-»S-. Vtto«ii^aii,V«^ 


(At six for 25 cents) 

UsT the "xjisnnrEnD &rnj^rnB2&, 

The "ABOMA," 

the united states cigar manufactory. 

OfOce, S. "^r. cox. Flfteeaa.t]a. emd. ^7*133.6 Sts., 


Corner of Belmont and Fountain Avenues, 




The same -which had such a grreat success in the Vienna 
Exhibition, in 1873. 


of the MAISON DOREE, of Paris, Proprietor. 

Near the Lake, opposite the U. S. Government Building. 

HiGHBST Prbmium, k Silvbr Mbdal, awarded by American Institute. 

Manufacturers and Importers of 





The only Evening Paper in Pittsburgh receiving the 
Associated Press Dispatches. 

Circulating chiefly among families of Westertv Yetvtv"s^\N2Xv\^>'^^sX.^^:tvC:jK^^ 
and Western Virginia, no better medium for reac\im^V\i«fe V^^^^^^^^'^^^^'^''^^ 

can be selected. 


Uannflacttirdrs, Importersi Jobbers, and fietallers of 





Fumature, Table Furniture, Decoration. 

430a Mitcheson, Mrs. M. J., Philadel- 

phia. Pa. — Moustache spoon. N 41. 218 

431 Bailey & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Silver ware. N 43. 218 

432 CaldweU, J. E., & Co., Philadel- 
pliia. Pa. — ^Silver ware. N 41. 218 

438 Meriden Britannia Co., West Me- 
riden. Conn. — Fine electro-plated table 
ware, articles of ornament and vertu. N 
43. 218 

434 Derby Silver Co., Derby, Conn.— 
Hard metal silver-plated table cutlery and 
morocoo-cased plated goods. P 46. 218 

438 Krider, Peter L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Sterling silver ware. P 43. 218 

437 Reed and Barton, Tau&ton, Mass. 
— Electro-plated nickel, silver and white 
metal table and presentation ware. N 
47. 218 

438 Ledig, A., & Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Silver and nickel-plated ware in 
hard metal. P 43. 218 

439 Middletown Plate Co., Middle- 
town, Conn. — Silver-plated ware. N 
43. 218 

440 Gorham Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence, R. I. — Silver ware, fine plated 
ware, plate chests, silver and jewelry- 
cases. N 41. 218 

441 Manning, Bowman, & Co., West 
Meriden, Onm. — ^Nickel-plated ware. N 
69. 218 

442 Kann & Sons Manufacturing Co., 
Baltimore, Md. — ^Albata and britannia tea 
and tablespoons. P 43. 218 

448 Robbing, Clark, & Biddle, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Silver ware. N 43. 218 

444 Meriden Silver Plate Co., West 
Meriden, Conn. — Silver-plated and fine 
cut glass ware. N 43. 218 

445 Holmes, Booth, & Haydens, Water- 
bury, Conn. — Silver-plated ware. T 
61. 2X8 

447 Mix, G. I., & Co.,Yalesville, Conn.— 
Tea and tablespoons ; planished and brit- 
annia tea and coffee pots, water coolers, 
etc. N 71. 218 

448 Hall, Elton, & Co.. Wallingford, 
Conn. — Electro-plated tableware, spoons, 
forks, ladles, knives, etc. P 43. 2i8 

449 Sigler, C. & J., Paterson, N. J.— 

Embossed glass signs and table tops, glass 
letters, carved wood signs. T 49. 219 

449^ Sallandrouze, S. P., Cincinnati, 
O. — ^Venetian mirrors and hand glasses. 
P 43- 219 

450 Walker Glass Importing, Silver- 
ing, Manufacturing Co., New York, N. Y. 
— Venetian or crystal cut, engraved, dis- 
torting, and toilet mirrors. N 54. 219 

450« Sharp, Henry E., Son. & Colgate, 
New York, N.Y. — Stained glass windows. 
(NoriA Gallery.) 219 

451 Florence Manufacturing Co., Flo- 
rence, Mass. — Hand mirrors. B 70. 219 

452 Newman, Geo. C, 806 Market 
street, Philadelphia, Pa.— P 51. 

a Looking glasses. 219 

b Lacquered mouldings (imitation of gold 

gilding) ioT picture frames and window 

cornices, and ornaments for same. This 

imitation of gilding is cheap and durable. 


452a Schier, H., New York, N. Y. 
— P53. 
a Mirror. 219 

b Brackets and book rack. 220 

453 Faser, Christian, Philadelphia, Pa. 

a Looking glasses. 219 

6 Picture frames. 220 

454 Shaw, J. H., & Co., Philadelphia. 
Pa.— P 52. 

a Looking glasses. 21c 

6 Picture frames, mouldings. 22c 

455 Boland, Fred., Philadelphia, Pa. 

a Looking glasses. 219 

6 Pier cornices, picture frames. 220 

c Mantels. 227 

456 Durand, Dominique, New York, N. 
Y. — Venetian looking glass. T 46. 219 

457 Clark, C. W., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Window shades, window shade cloth, and 
shade fixtures. T 52. 220 

458 Johnston, Ed. S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Window shade rollers, window 
shades, lambrequins, cornices. T 53. 220 

459 Gleason, W. B., & Co., West Cam- 
den street, opposite Chickering station, 
Boston, Mass. — Artificial wood ornaments 
for interior decoration, etc. Descriptive 
circulars will be found at the exhibit. O 
78. 220 

461 Reifschneider, Felix, New York, 
N. Y. — Velvet frames, morocco and velvet 
miniature cases. P 52. 220 

462 Pape, Bros., & Kugemann, Cin- 
cinnati, O. — Mouldings for picture frames, 
portrait and photograph frames. P 51. 


463 Carter, A. A., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Window screens. T 50. 220 

464 Whittier, Reuben S., Hyde Park, 
Mass. — Window screen and mosquito bar. 
T 51. 220 

464<x Shorey,John, &Co., Lowell, Mass. 
— Shade fixtures. T 52. 220 

465 Kileore, Damon Y., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Inside window blinds. These blinds, 
adjustable, artistic, lowering from the tcp, 
light, combining oeauty with econonvy, 
overcome all defects of Venetian blinds. 
Patented. T 53. 220 

466 McKay, Ferd. C. D., Paterson, 
N. J. — Self-regulating shade rollers. T 51. 


467 Nonnenbacher, John, & Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Gilt and imitation mould- 
ings for picture frames and cornices. P 
68. ' 220 

468 Salem Shade Roller Manufactur- 
ing Co., Salem, Mass. — Control wood 
rollers, flying pawls, automatic stops for 
balance rollers. T 50. 220 

469 Colwell, F. E., & Co., Chicago. 111. 
— Mouldings and picture frames, shade 
fixtures. P 51. 220 

470 Louderback, Edwin, Philadelphia^ 
Pa. — Rustic window shades of wood. T 
49 220 

471 Dickinson, Alfred S., New York, 

N. Y. — Sprvtv^ ToWtx ^tv^ ^\<i^ NiX^^^'jy* 

T 53. 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of eumes, set C\as.%\.^ca.'aovv,^^. Tr 



Furniture, Heating and Lighting Apparatus. 

478 American Shade Roller Co., Bos- 
ton, Masa. — Shade rollers, window shades, 
and fixtures. T 51. 220 

474 Hewett, William, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Self-operating swing carriage for paries 
and lawns. (Outside.) 221 

474« Fisher, H., St. Louis, Mo.— Auto- 
matic swing. {Missouri Building.) 221 

475 Beaudet, Homer J., Greenpoint, 
Lonsr Island, N. Y. — Swing-convertible 
craciie. P 50. 221 

476 Batley, Tohn, Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Child's cradle or crib. P 51. 221 

477 Rusk, Thos. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Swing. {In Park.) 221 

478 Providence Gas Burner Co., Prov- 
idence, R. I. — P 47. 

a "Novelty" gas cooking stoves; ovens 
and heaters, burning without smoke or 
smell. 222 

b Gas burners, drop-light sockets, shade and 
globe holders, etc., manufactured from 
wrought bniss. 223 

478a Eldridge, G. Morgan, Philadel^ 
phia, Pa. — Automatic stove-damper. (d?/i 
stovt pip* in Louisiana Utatt Build- 
ing.) 22a 

479 Thackara, Buck, & Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Oas fixtures, chandeliers, 
i)rackels, hall lights, reading lights, etc. 
N 60. 223 

479'( Miller & Eastmead, New York, 
N. Y. — Ship and railroad lanterns. P 
47. 223 

480 Cornelius & Sctfis, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Gas fixtures, bronzes, etc. N47. 223 

480^1 New York Lamp Co., New York, 

N, Y. — Railroad and steamship lamps. 
P 47- 223 

481 Bartlett, Jos. W.. New York, N. Y. 

--Cryslal and rellccting street lamps. N 
50 and P 49. 223 

481<> Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co., 

I^hilailclphia, Pa. — L;uiterns and appara- 
tus for lighting streets. P 43. 223 

482 Archer & Pancoast Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y. — Gasolicrs. 
centre sliilc chanilcliors, ornamental 
bronzes, ecclesiastical mei;d work. N 
47- 223 

482' Kelly. S. S., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
G.\s brackets, pendants, br.iss fittings, etc. 
T 45. 223 

483 American Reflector Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. -G.»s aiul ii.iyli>;ht rcllectors, 
lanterns and sh.iilos. P 47. 223 

483<> Rollins, Geo. D., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — .Vuiv^m.iiie sv^lf-ixjiulatinggas burner. 
T sO. 223 

484 Tucker, Hiram, & Co., Boston, 

M.xss.— lr«Mi gas ehaudelicrs, brackets 
and statuettes. N 47. 22 } 

484* Heywood, C. L., & Bruce, I. M., 

Poston. M.iss. — F.lcvating street lamp ; 

l^race's vevpcr ^treet l.mip fortv>\vivs, vil- 

l.i»;es,.ina pviv.\te j^rvHiniis ,• p.itcnted bv J. 

M Hruv c. December a^ 1S74. OlVic'c, 4 

H.iym.irkct .';«7:i.ire. X 59. 223 

483 }Vinbeim & Newmann, Philadel- 

phJA, Pa. — Cast iron posts and brackets, 

strrtt l.intcms, mica reflectors, am\ c;vt 

trimmings. N 4S. aaT^ 


485<> Henrichs. C. P. A., New York, N. 

Y. — I^mpwith non-combustible wick and 
regulated burner ; study lamps. N 47. 


486 Quarr6, V., Co., General Lithe- 

eraphers, 832 and 834 Arch street, Phila 
delphia. Pa. — Gas and lamp shades, and 
transparent window pictures. N 48. 223 

486^ Beidler, Geo. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Lamp burners for use without chim- 
neys. P 45. 223 

487 Baker, Arnold, & Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Gas fixtures. N 48. 223 

488 Miner. Jacob G., New York, N. Y. 

— Street lamps for gas or oil. P 47. 223 

489 Wilhelm, August, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Ceiling reflectors. P 47. 223 

490 Bradlev & Hubbard Manufactur- 
ing Co., West Meriden, Conn. — Kerosene 
and gas chandeliers,brackets and fixtures, 
lamps. N 47. 323 

491 Kramer, J. H., New York, N. Y.- 
Oruamcntaliantems. P 47. 223 

492 Walton Bros., New York, N. Y.- 

Railroad and steamship brass lanterns and 
supplies. P 47. 223 

493 Dyott, M. b:, Philadelphia, Pa.- 

Street lamps, brackets, posts, pendants, 
and lamp goods. P 48. 223 

494 Miller, Edward, & Co., Meriden, 

Conn. — N 48. 

a Bronze lamps and ornaments, lamp trim- 
mings. 223 

6 Bronzes. 443 

495 Hitchcock Lamp Co., Watertown, 

N. Y. — Lamps for animal, fish, or vege- 
table oils exclusively ; no chimneys; burn 
twelve hours; fifteen car-candle power; 
odorless ; smokeless ; portable : for cars, 
shipping, factories, residences, etc. P 
47. M3 

496 Dreer, Smith, ft Dreer, Philadel- 

?hia,Pa. — Berfora gas-sunlight apparatus. 
' 47. a23 

49 60 American Gas Screen Manufac- 
turing Co., Haverhill, Mass. — Gas 
screens. {IVest Gailery.) 333 

497 Atterbury & Co., PiUsburg, Pa.— 

Lamps. N 49 to 51. 823 

498 Parkhurst, V. P., East Templeton, 

M.iss. — Candle stand with flame regula- 
tor. P 47. 33J 

499 Williams, Page, & Co.. Boston, 

Mass. — Railway and steamship lamps. 
P 47. M3 

501 Mitchell, Vance, & Co., New York, 

N. V. — tias fixtures. N 49. 323 

502 Ives Patent Lamp Co., New York, 

N. v.— Kerosene lamns, brackets, chan- 
deliers, and pendants, oumers and attach- 
ments. P 47. 223 

503 Stock well Self-li^htinc Gas Burner 
Co., New York, N. Y. — Self-lighting g.\s 

50\ VlW^t, Vim... '9\i^%A!t\^Y&».^ >v.- 
tiono/objects, indic.ited by letter and eigv\Te,seeVLtV vo^o\»>Aftt^.^.*V,VwnA'^^»^v««^ 



Furniture, Construction of Buildings, Woven Goods. 

505 Cleveland Non-explosive Lamp 
Co., Cleveland, O., ana 4a Barclay 
street. New York.— Perkins & House's 

f>atent metallic kerosene or coal oil safety 
amps and filling cans. Thousands of 
families now using this lamp testify to its 
superiority: because, ist, it is perfectly 
safe from explosion, owing to its scientific 
•tructure; ad, it will not break, being 
made of metal ; 3d, it is rendered per- 
fectly clean by its patent drip-cup ; 4th, it 
uses a very small amount of oil. in propor- 
tion to the light it ^ves, without odor ; 
5th, It gives a brilliant light, in conse- 

guence of its peculiar construction. Our 
lling can is perfectly safe from explosion, 
owing to its scientific structure — a flame 
cannot be communicated to the oil in it, 
either by accident or design. N 64. 223 

506 American Calcium Light Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Calcium light apparatus. 
T 43- 223 

507 The Mains Manufacturing Co., 
New York, N. Y. — Lamps. N 65. 223 

508 Doty, H. H., Washington. D. C— 
Concentric mineral oil burner. N 50. 223 

509 Lovell, F. H., & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Kerosene burners, chimneys, 
wicks, lamps, etc. P 50. 323 

510 United States Soapstone Manu- 
facturing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. — P 77. 

a Lava gas tips. 223 

6 Soapstone griddles. 224 

512 Cohansey Glass Manufacturing 
Co., Bridgeton, N. J.— Fruit jars. N 

49. 224 

513 Lowentrant, P., Newark, N.J.— 

House furnishing goods. N 70. 224 

514<> Jones, J. Alonzo, New York, N. Y. 

— Water cooler and refrigerator. N 43. 224 
515 Lowerre & Tucker, Newark, N.J. 

— Fluting machines. N 71. 225 

517 LIo3rd, Supplee, & Walton, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Fluting machines. P 
70. 225 

517a Blackie & Charles, St. Louis, Mo. 
— Anti-freezing hydrant. (Missouri SiaU 
Building.) 226 

517^ Wheeler, Wm. P., Boston^ Mass. 
— Disinfecting devices. (/« use tn Main 
Building.) 226 

518 Houghton, Jno. W., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Wood carpet, parquet floors, and 
wainscots; adjustable window screens, 
and bars. T 56. 227 

519 National Wood Manufacturing 
Co., 950 Broadway, New York, N. Y — 
Wood carpeting, parquet and inlaid floors, 
ornamental hard-wood ceilings, fancy 
wainscoting, and stair coverings. Send 
3 cent stamp for book of design. P 52. 227 

519<> Canopy Frame Co., Willimantic, 
Conn. — Portable folding canopy frames. 
P 56. 227 

520 Johns, H. W., New York, N. Y.- 
Asbestos roofing, sheathing, and lining 
felts. P 47. 227 

521 Ehret, M.. jr., Office, 404 Walnut 
street, Philaaelphia, Pa. — Pavilion situ- 
ated south of Main Building, to exhibit 
patent fire and waterproof granulated slag 
(composition) roofing. State and county 
rights for sale. {Outside.) 227 

521a Miller, /. V/esUy, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Plumbing of eight rooms in Main 
Building. 22- 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

522 Marion Blind Co., Brady, Pa.— 

Improved window blinds. T 53. 227 

522^ Reisinger Manufacturing Co., 

Harrisburg, Pa. — Sash locks, line holders. 

clothes hooks, cellar hoists, broom and 

wisp holders. P 68. 327 

528 Walker, M., & Sons, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Heavy wrought iron gates at north, 

south, east, and west entrances of Main 

Exhibition Building. 227 

523^ Peck, Kennedy & Co.; New York, 

N. Y. {Outside.) 

a Flat floor, arch, and fire proof building 

material. 227 

b Brick and tile machine. 517 

c Radiator. 555 

524 Fisher & Bird, New York. N. Y.— 
Marble mantels, tablet, marble wains- 
coting. The white marole mantel is of 
pure American statuary ; the black one is 
of the finest quality of velvet black, both 
designed and executed in the highest style 
of art, at our works, by American artisans. 
T 50. 227 

525 Geddes, J. W., Baltimore, Md.— 
Skylight over south aisle. 227 

526 Evans, C. B., Mantel & Grate Co., 
Cincinnati, O. — Iron mantels. T 68. 227 

527 Garry Iron Roofing Co., Cleveland, 
O. — Sections of corrugated iron roof. 
{Ohio State Building.) 227 

528 American Sheet & Boiler-Plate 
Cleveland, O. — Corrugated roofing iron 
and iron roofing tile. ( Ohio State Build- 
ing.) 227 

529 House & Davidson, Cleveland, 
O.— Pair front doors. {Ohio ^Staii 
Building.) ' 327 

580 Dobbins, R. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Construction of Main. Exhibition Build- 
ing. 227 

581 Quigley, Philip, Wilmington, Del, 
— Construction of Machinery Hall. 227 

Tarns and Woven Ooods of Vegetable 

or Mineral Materials. 
582 De Witt Wire Cloth Co., New 

York, N. Y. — Wire cord, rope, cloth, and 
work ; dandy roll, cotton and wire fabrics. 
B 76. 228 

588 Clinton Wire Cloth Co., Clinton, 
Mass. — Iron railing, wire cloth, netting, 
fencing, fire proof lath. T 68. 228 

585 Woven Wire Mattress Co., Hart- 
fc U, Conn. — Woven wire cloth used for a 
spring bed. P 53. 228 

588 Wild, Jos., & Co., New York, N.Y. 
— Matting and mats of fibre of cocoanut 
husks. N 77. 239 

587 Wakefield Rattan Co., Bx>ston, 
Mass. — Mats and matting. T 57. 229 

588 Irving Bros., Elwood, N. Y.— 

Japanese paper carpeting, waterproof 
u tiding paper. N 75. 229 

589 Garsed Bros., Frankford, Pa.— 
Awnings and tickings. N 73. 230 

540 Farnum, John, & Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Tickings from Conestoga steam 
mills, Lancaster, Fa.. ^ i^. •a-iF' 

540<* Slater, 'Wm. ^.,'PTON\^<iTi«.^x"e..X, 
— B\eac\ved coivotv ^ood&. '^ 1^. "^^^ 

1 pYttSi, Pa.— B^ss. ^^* ^^.- 

at end ol entries, see O^^^K^c^^^^^'^^' ^^^"^ 



Woven Goods. 

541<« Wastport Manufacturing Co., Pall 
River, Mass. — Carpet warp and cotton 
baits. D 78. 330 

542 Thornton, Samuel, & Sons, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Cotton fabrics. N 76. 230 

542^< Alabama & Georgia Manufactur- 
ing Co., West Point, Oa.— Sheeting. N 
78. 230 

543 Berkeley Co., Providence, R. I. 
— Nainsook.s,Victoria lawns.and cambrics. 
These fabi-ict are noted for their quality 
and fini-sh, and arc manufactured from 
either Sea Island, Egyptian, or Peeler 
cotton. N 75. 230 

548<» Slater Cotton Co., Providence, 
R. 1.— iirown and bleached cotton goods. 
D 78. 230 

544 Clark Thread Co., Newark, N. J.— 
Spool cotton. N 76. 230 

544«* Sykes, Henry, Chicago^ 111.— 
Awnings and awning frames. \ 63. 230 

545 Johnson, Emory, Neptune Twine 
AilUs, MiHtdus, Conn. — Cotton seine 
twines, welting cords, airpet warp, and 
knitting cotton, manufactured from super- 
ior siocK and always of a uniform qu;uity. 
Kvtablished in 1B3J. B 68. 230 

546 Whitfield, F. £., Sen., Corinth, 
Aliss. — Cotton >»*m$. N 75. 230 

547 Semple, Samuel, & Sons, Mt. 
Holly, N. J. — Spoi^i cotton. Manufac- 
turers of Stuart's ** Best sit cord" and 
*' Soft F.nameleil" spov>l anton. Stuart & 
Btv» . sole agents, 13 Rink street, Phila- 
delphia. N 74, j_:{o 

547.» Lawrence. Waterbury, ft Co.,New 
York, N. Y. — R«i;j;ing. D 78. 330 

548 Walcott ft Campbell. New York 
Mills. Oneida county. N. V. — Shirtii^, 
wiile shertings, cottvMwdes, and knitting 
yams. N 75. ^30 

54S<» L«wiston Mills, Lewiston, Me.~ 
rivicinjji. c\Mtvv»Adcs. chcvun shirtings, 
duckii>gs. seamless cvnton KAgs. R 7S, 


549 Westbrook Manufacturinf Co., 
lVaU»d, Mc. — Ship** cotton duck. B 

54^ LawreBc« Manufacturing Co.. 
Lowell, M«ss — RieachcNi and unQeacheu 
vVi:.>r, j:.xx*s N *,;. jjjo 

550 Powhatan Mills, Prx>vidence. R. 
1 — " rvVjih.>«:as'' a»a " Wealth of tSe 
Cv\i:*::\ * Vi-achev? and h»v>wn a»us*:r.s. 
»-e„ a.-ji\>«\x i.\r usxily and ^hiri siaker^s 
u>e. N »♦. r^."' 

550' Thread Co,, Holyoke. 
>ia»Q^ — Rca^x »v«.-i ivi\iv.» ♦oic >ew::^ 

551 S*rat*i* V:vrc»ry ManuSicturing 

551^ Maaufactunag C^,» War- 
rrff. K I - H,>.^c:\. vVit>. >A:t», CJirp^ 

553^NC< Ma:tu^ctcrir^ Ccm> 
•Ai : t v> •.-.^''cc Vi-.v Mjtjiv - - C."cr.".i 'i-v 
3CVSS. ^rji.^,-^ *:s,? bcv%-i y *; jv.:' 
^ rv 

■.*"^-" ■ ■■-■«.■•*».'.• X I ■ • :^ c ;. *■ ,-'., c .- 1 ; c X 

554 Peckham Manufacturing' Com- 
pany, Providence, R. I. — Kentucky 
jean.s. B 76. 230 

555 Androscoggin Mills, Lew^iston, 
Me. — Sheeting, shirting, jean.s, bags, etc. 
R 78. 230 

556 Hill Manufacturing Company. 
Lewiston, Me. — Bleached and unbleached 
sheetings and shirtings. R 78. 233 

567 Continental Mills, Lewiston, Me. 
— Sheetings and shirtings. R 78. 23a 

558 Barker Mills. Auburn, Me.— 
Bleached and unbleached sheetings. R 
78. 230 

559 Smith, James Y., Manufacturing 
Co., Providence, R. I, — Bleached and 
brown cotton goods. N 74. 230 

560 Evansville Cotton Manufacturing 
Co., Evansville, Md. — Brown sheetings 
and drills, assorted yams. N 74 230 

561 King Philip Mills, Fall River, 
Mass. — Brown and bleached sheetings, 
cambric muslins, and rolled jaconets. 
Selling agents, Whorton, Atkinson & Co., 
Philadelphia ; Converse, Staunton & Co., 
Boston and New York ; Tumbull, Sweet 
& Co., Baltimore. N 76. 230 

562 Hope Company, Providence, R.I. 
— Shirting. N 74. 230 

568 Lonsdale Company, Providence, 
R. I. — Sheetings, cambric muslin, silesias. 
jaconets, Victoria lawns, sateens. N 
74- 330 

564 Blackstone Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Providence, R. I. — Print cloths 
shirtings, tmilMneUa cloths. N 74. 230 

565 Gambrill, Sons ft Co.. Baltimore, 
Md. — Cotton duck for sails, tents, and 
awnings. D 78. 230 

566 AVamsntta Mills, New Bedford, 
Mass. — Shirting and sheeting. N 74. 230 

567 Shaw, lamea O., New Castle, 
Del. — Single-carded couon warps. N 
74. 230 

568 Riddle, Uts., Son ft Co., 'Wilming- 
ton, Del.— -Biaxidywine MiOs tickings, ri 
74- 230 

569 AVanregan Mills, VTauregan, 
Conn. — Coooo goods. K 74. 230 

570 Ponemah Mills, Taftville, Conn. 
— riaia axMi £uicy couoa goods. N 
74. 930 

571 Gabriel, Henry, ft Sons, Allen- 
town, Pa. — Cowntexpanes, bed coverlets, 
<;vulss. and bed spreads. F 68. 230 

572 Stailord ft Co^ Providence, R. I.— 
C/>c:v>n variB, iwsiefy cops, twilled goods. 
N -^^ 230 

573 Minot. Hooper, ft Co., Boston, 
Mass. — BleaclwdoaaDB goods. F69. 230 

575„FarvreXI Mills, Lisbon, Me.- 


K-ej^o^o! aad browa ooctoos. R 76. 230 

576 Mc«se,KsIe7,ftCo.,Millord,N.H. 
— Kiinaii; ccc^rm. E j*. 230 

577 Putnam Manofactaring Co., 
rr.-v^ieKv, R. I. — Cdkced ooctoo goods. 
N --^ ^^ 

577^ WMte, R. T^ ft Son, Pluladel- 
?^.a. Px — Rac carpet mavps and coctoo 
"Sirs. I> -jSfc. 230 



Woven Goods. 

579 Bridge Mill Cotton Manufactur- 
ing Co., Providence, R. I. — Bleached cot- 
ton goods. N 73. 230 

580 Manville Co., Providence, R. I.— 
Cotton goods, bleached and colored. N 
73- 230 

581 Ross, John L.. Providence, R. I.— 
Bleached, unbleacned, and colored cotton 
goods. N 73. 230 

582 Social Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence, R. 1. — Brown, bleached, and col- 
ored cotton goods. N 73. 230 

583 Warren Manufacturing Co., War- 
ren, R. I. — Bleached and colored, cotton 
goods. N 73. 230 

584 Pcabody Mills, Providence, R. I. 
— Colored cotton goods. N 73. 230 

585 D^erville Manufacturing Co.. 
Providence, R. I. — Brown and bleached 
cotton goods. N 73. 230 

586 Ballou, Geo. C, ft Son, Provi- 
dence, R. I. — Brown, bleached, and col- 
ored cotton cloth. N 73. 230 

587 Silver Spring Bleaching ft Dyeing 
Co., Proviaence, R. I. — Bleachine, dye- 
ing, and finishine the jrarious grades and 
styles of cotton cloth. N 73. 230 

588 Hooper, Wm. E., & Sena, Balti- 
more, M d. — ^Awning stripes, cotton duck. 
D 78. 230 

589 Boston Manufacturing Co., Bos- 
ton, Mass. — Cotton goods, d 76. 230 

590 Cabot Manufacturing Co., Bos- 
ton, Mass. — Cotton goods. B 70. 230 

591 Gale & Co., Boston, Mass.— Lawn 
and other tents, canopies, and clothes 
dryer. {OtUside.) 230 

592 Greene & Daniels, Pawtucket, R. 
I. — Ivory finish and six-cord spool cotton; 
gray, bleached, and dyed cotton yams. N 
76. 230 

593 Fall River Bleachery, Fall River. 
Mass. — Bleached cottons, shirtings, and 
sheetings. N 76. 230 

594 Lowell Bleachery, Lowell, Mass. 
— Bleached and colored cotton fabrics. N 
73- 230 

595 Amoskeag Manufacturing Co., 
Manchester, JM. H. — Tickings, denims, 
awning stripes, cotton flannels, ginghams, 
fancy shirtings, jeans, shirtings, sheetings, 
drillings. N 74. 230 

596 Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co., Sa- 
lem, Mass. — ^batteens, Pequot wide sheet- 
ings, bleached and unbleached, 5-4, 6-4. 
7-4, 8-4, 9-4, 10-4; Naumkeag twilled 
sheeting, 8-4, 0-4, 10-^ ; Pequot, 36 inch 
and 40 inch ; Ea Dorado, 36 and 40 inch 
sheetings. The product of these mills 
has a reputation for softness and durability, 
and for general excellence ; the cotton 
used is especially selected with a view to 
securing these qualities, and the greatest 
care is used in their manufacture. N 
74. 230 

597 Massachusetts Cotton Mills, Low- 
ell, Mass. — Sheetings, shirtings, drillings, 
etc. N 73. 230 

598 Tremont & Sufifolk Mills, Lowell, 
Mass. — Brown and bleached cotton flan- 
nels, twenty -six varieties, from the light- 
est to the heaviest grade, for summer, fall, 
and winter wear, £rom twenty-seven to 
thirty-six inches in width, superior in 
quality of materisd, grade, and finish; 

For classed of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

Suffolk drills, blued, brown and bleached. 
Sheetings, shirtings, and corset jeans. N 
73- 230 

599 Appleton Co., Lowell, Mass.— Un- 
bieacned sheetings and drillings. N 73. 230 

600 Boott Cotton Mills, Lowell, Mass. 
— Brown and bleached cottons. N 73. 330 

801 Shroder, F., & Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Brown cottons, drills, and nankeens. 
B 75. 230 

602 Nashua Manufacturing Co., 

Nashua, N. H. — Brown and bleached cot- 
tons, cotton flannels, printings. N 77. 230 

603 Jackson Co., Nashua, N. H.— 
Heavy brown cottons. N 77. 230 

604 Ocean Mills, Nashua, N. H.— 
Brown and bleached cottons. N 77. 230 

605 Shetucket Co., Norwich, Conn.— 
Fancy stripes, denims, ducks, cheviots. 
N 77. 230 

606 Falls Co., Norwich, Conn.— Cotton 
duck, fancy colored duck tickings.' N 

77. 230 

607 The Utica Steam Cotton Mills, 
Utica. N. Y. — Very heavy and fine brown 
and bleached sheetings and skirtings, from 
one to three yards wide. N 74. 230 

608 Mount Vernon Co., Baltimore, 
Md. — Duck and sail twine. Manufac- 
turers of cotton sail duck, enameling duck, 
hose and belting duck, U. S. hammock, 
bag, and cot duck ; machine apron, and a 
superior article of duck for paper-makers* 
felting ; from seven to fifteen ounce army 
tent and awning duck , plain and in stripes : 
cotton canvas, from nine to one hundred 
and thirty inches wide; sail twine, all 
numbers. D 78. 230 

609 Hadley Co., Boston, Mass.— Cotton 
yams and warps, spool cottons, threads ; 
narness and seine twines. N 75. 230 

610 Union Wadding Co., Providence, 
R. I. — Cotton wadding, batting, and ma- 
chinery waste. F 74. 230 

611 Smith, H. E., & Co., Providence, 
R. L — Cotton yams for hosiery, shawl, 
and carpet manufacture. N 74. 230 

612 Richardsoii, C. D.. & Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Tents. (Outside.) 230 

613 Hale, B. S., & Co., Lawrence, 
Mass. — Fish lines. N 75. 930 

614 Laconia Company, Biddeford. 
Me. — Sheetings, snirtings, drills, and 
jeans. R 78. 230 

615 Pepperill Manufacturing Co., 
Biddeford, Me. — Sheetings, shirtings, 
drills, and jeans. R 78. 230 

616 Otis Company, Palmer, Mass. — 
Denims. N 75. 230 

617 Palmer Mills, Palmer, Mass. — 
Dress goods. N 75. 230 

617'' Trainer, D., & Sons, Lin wood 
Station, Pa. — Cotton yams and tickings. 
C 78. 230 

618 Brinckerhoff, Turner, & Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Duck, canvas, ravens, aw- 
ning stripes, bags, twines, bunting. D 

78. 230 

619 Washington Manufacturing Co., 
Gloucester, N. J,— Pt\wtva% Ov»a.'0cN&^ t\.^. 

622 Mouadnoc\L 1A\\\*, ^'^^^^^^'^tiv^;. 

ings. ll^^and^^^. 
at end of enttves, %et C\^ss^^^^^^<>^'^^ *^^* 


Wovta Goods. 

6 53 Amfiricao Linen Co., Patl Rtver, 
Mais,— Printing cloths. B 77. 130 

654 Anna wan Wanufaciory» Fall 
River* Mass.— Primiiifi cIlhIia. Ofj- ajo 

620 Barnard MMnufacturtng Co,, Patl 

Ri«T, Mass "PHmirtg cloihi. B 77. ay* 
626 Border City Mills, Fall River, 

Nt^L^s— Priming cloihs. B 77. ajo 

637 Chacc Mills, FaU River, Mi»s.— 

FriniiriB cloths. B 77. 130 

698 PJiot MiUs, Fall River, Mask.- 

VriiTiins cloih*. B 77, J3o 

629 Oramte Uills, Fall River, Masa.— 
Printing dotha. B 77. 130 

630 Mecbanica MHU, Fall River, 
M^^. — Printiti^ cloths. 077- tyj 

631 Merchants Mmnufacturing Co., 
Fill River, Masi,— Printing cloth*. B 
77 =^ 

63 5 Mctacomet Mltla, Fall Rivef, 
Ms.'is. — Primitvg clothi. E 77. lya 

633 NarragaDsctt Mitls, Fall River, 
Mass.— Pfincii^g doth* B 77. ajo 

634 OsbDfa Mills, Fall River, Ha»,— 
Print if>g doths. B 77. jji> 

63fi Richard Borden Hanufacturinif 
Co., Fail Kivcir, M*iS-— Printing ckith*. 

636 Sagamore MiBa, Fall RLver, 

Mi.« — PricmnR doihs B 77. 230 

637 Shove MvlU, Fall River, Mast.— 

Frimitig ck'ths, I^ 77- 230 

638 Slade Mills, Fall River, Uass.- 

Prinilne doihi. B 77. tw 

639 Stafford Mills, Fall River, Mass,— 
rrintinc doihi. B 77. ijo 

640 Tecumseh Mills, Fall River, 
Miss-— Prinilns doths, B 77. tja 

641 Tro/ CottOQ and Woolen Macu- 
fartPTv, Fail Rtv«r, Miss. — Priatinf 
doiha'. B 77. a^ 

643 Watnpanoae MUIa, Fa!l River, 
Mass.— PriDtins doth*. B 77. *30 

643 Weetamae Mills. Fait River. 
Mass.— Pri[i:ine d^^ttii. 1^ 77. j>> 

644 Dwlfht Manufacturinf Co., CM- 
Copce, Ma*S,— Bn>WD uid blcadlcJ sheet- 
ing and fhirtiirj^t. F 64. ty^ 

645 LyroajQ Mills, Hol/oko, M«ks.~ 
Bn^wfi and Wrtchtd shcctiiiss atwJ fhirt- 
hti^i. ilritli, Iaiviis. camhricij «>tty:Q fljo- 
urU. etc, F6g. JJJ 

646 Great Falla Manufccturiu Co.^ 
Grcai Fjdls, N H.— WirtchcJ »nd brown 
shccti^iji^ »tiii ihinin^. F 6^. ^yr 

647 Schum. Fhilip, Lancaster. Pa. — 
C^jv^rtet; aiiU «*ufltcJT>:^iit!tr Well Itncwa 
manurn^UiiTfir t>f ^eubuue Lnitc^;}!^ i^uilt}, 
cuverl«ti, coiintcrp^uics, rjrpets. cmite, 
bwrtiu Slid tiJy ttivti*, jEturltina yams. 
WDul«it canx>C chxiiBt etti All kinds Pf 
tfytik^ di^ne. ThesD ap«Kb beinf alt of 
Biy Dwu uanulictiuv, matte cf vc very 
bvl«f MaterUl. I EUi^nmee Then u rep. 

> eivr cmUre iiLEaf&ciioA in 

650 Nevins Mill, New York, N. Y.-- 

Jiitc hEk^ging. F 76. 3 JO 

661 MiHsissippi Mills, V^essoD, 
Miss.— Yams, cction, cottonadei. F 
76. ^30 

652 Bullock, George & James M.,Cod- 
.iihohockeft, O.— Cauon tPfarp. F75. tjo 

653 M^ortendyke Manufacturing Cn.. 
Wortendylte, N. J.— L»iiip vricu and 
couicpo yann, N 7s. ajp 

654 Moss ManufactunnK Co*, Weit- 
eriy^ R, I.— Jiliminfis, N74. 230 

655 Hairia MauufncturinE Co., Provi- 
dence. R, L— Bleached fifitrLtncs. The 
** Gem of the Spiodlc" exemplifies tie 
limit of fiocticss consistent with durabihty. 
N 7+^ S30 

656 Knight, B. B.^ & R., Providenn, 
R. I. — Bleached cottoa goods^ N 7$, 13D 

657 tilasgow Co&ipany, South Hadlev 
FaUs^ Ma£&, — Ginghams, y^rtiis, X 

656 AUendalc Company, Providence, 
R. L — BlcAchcd shjrtiti^ and shcetirifii. 
N 74. 330 

659 Groton Manuf&ctudn? Co., PhlU 
addphia, Pa.^Blcachoa ^dchIb, N 
74- "3° 

660 FracLklin Manufacturing Co.. 
PT^Yidence, R. I,— Bleached cottonK. N 

682 Tucker, Carter, ft Co., New York, 

N. Y,— bsiffljine, B 6j, ajq 

603 Renfrew Manufacturiaf Co., 

South Adams, Mass.— B jy 

a Couoa vDiTps, tkinJngs. 9313 

A Ginc^ianB. 131 

£■ Ccttnft dress gioods. 933 

864 Gloucester Gingham Mills, 
ce«erCity, I*.J^— N 7^, 
>( C^tociAi^es, shining?. 
6 Ginghams, dress £:i»di. 


ft very respect, 
647' Wood. Wm., X Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Ci?fT«i4de». I' 77- ^.p-' 

M# JI«f^ueJ3 Jifm, New York, N,Y. 

^M n^abvter htillm. New York 
/W/oc^r/o« a/\>lv«cto. indicatad by Utur and t5n?M«.s«« ^«y x»l!^ttoW»,V.«S' 

N.Y-- \ 

665 Lanffdon Hanufactutinp wu.. 
MsEichcstrr, N, H.— -Brown and bleached 
shirring ; ^ne brvwn and blcAchcd G. B. 
sliirili^^ K 74. 130 

666 MThittenion Mannfacturln^ Co., 
Tauutan, Mass. — N jS, 

t CcttQiiad«t sMrtin;^, tickin^fi^ denims, 

md jiwRip^ 330 

^ Press goods nnd &Qcy checks. ijt 

667 York Maaufactorin^ Co., Saco, 
Me.— Geo. C. Richardson ft Ct*., idl- 
ing agents, Boston and New York. N 74. 

« Ck^tOruJe^ U^hi and hearv, tickacic aA 
iDL'hes by ^1 uidies wrde, ^euimj pLdq., 
striped, ami pljud : shirtings nod tkirtin^. 


i DreaB^wxls, in great TanetTjoankirts, and 
(Aqfudteis. 331 

668 £TH«tt Mills, Lawrence I Maaa. 

-P 73. 
d Fancy cottoafi, cocioaades, ticking dA»- 

689 Davolt Mma, Fan River, Mass.- 
^^UmiS Afcnti, WKant-n, Attirutf>n A Co., 
h'Ki^tJdvhia ; E.G. Whitman, Nev York. 
^4 it. 

sua. ,^ . . *5» 



Woven Goods, Felting, Yam. 

670 Hamilton Manufacturing Co., 
Lowell, Mass. — N 73. 

a Tickings, drillings, and canton flan- 
nels. 230 

b Printed and dyed calicoes, shirting and 
awning stripes. 232 

671 Holt, R., Paterson, N. J. — N 74. 

a Cotton and Turkish towels, terry cloth, 

dusters, etc. 230 

b Linen towels. 233 

672 Stark Mills, Manchester, N. H. 

— N74. 

Seamless bags, sheetings, and drills, over- 
all and double ducks. 230 

b Linen crash toweling. 233 

673 Millville ManufacturinflT Co.. 
R. D. Wood & Sons, Philadelphia and 
New York, sole agents. — F 75. 

Bleached shirtings, cambrics, silesias. 230 
b Printed linings, umbrella cloths, vel- 
lums. 231 
e Window hollands, tillottings, etc. 233 

674 Bates Manufacturing Co., Lew- 
iston. Me.— R 78. 

Shirtings, skirtings, quilts, jeans, towels, 

knitting cotton, etc. 230 

b Ginghams, damask, silesias. 232 

c Linen checks. 233 

675 Ripka ft Elton Mills, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-— Cotton manufactures. N 74. 231 

676 Lancaster Mills, Clinton, Mass. 

— Fancy ginghams. N 77. 231 

677 Belfast Mills, Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Ginghams. N 76. 231 

678 Albion Print Works, Consho. 

hocken. Pa. — Solid colors suitings, plain 
blacks, grays, mourning prints, snirtings, 
and printed articles for men. N 73. 232 

67 8^ Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass. — 
a Calicoes. 332 

b Lawns, percales. 233 

679 Hartel, Andreas, ft Co., Penny- 
pack Print Works, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Madder and fancy prints and shirtings. N 
75. 23a 

680 Brown, David S., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa. — Madder fancies, shirtings 
and mournings from Gloucester Manufac- 
turing Co., Gloucester, N. J. ; aniline, 
alezarine, oil, and madder colors and shirt- 
ings from Ancona Printing Co., Glouces- 
ter, N. J. N 77. 232 

681 Simpson, Wm., ft Sons, 126 Chest- 
nut street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Calico prints 
in mourning, fancv, and shirting styles. 
Manufacturers and calico printers ot the 
popular alpaca finish, solid blacks, Berlin 
solids of all colors, aniline blacks, mourn- 
ing prints, silver grays, Eddystone choco- 
lates, hair doth cheviots, and fancy prints. 
These styles are all fast colors, and are 
printed exclusively on the best extra 64 
square cloth. N 75. 333 

682 Pretty, Grime, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, JPa. — Calico prints. N 74. 232 

683 Green, S. H., ft Sons, Cl>rde 
Bleachery and Print Works, River Point, 
R. L — Printed calicoes. N 74. 232 

684 Richmond Manufacturing Co., 
Providence, R. I. — Pnnt^d caiicoes. N 
75- 23a 

ess Manchester Milla, Manchester, 
N. H.— Prints. N 73. 232 

ForclaMBetofexhibita, /ndlcated by numbers 

686 American Print Works, PaU 
River, Mass. — Printed calicoes, percales, 
cambrics, shirtings, indigo blues, greens. 
robes, seersuckers, etc. Special styles ana 
colorings printed for export. N 75. 23a 

687 Hamilton Woolen Co., South- 
bridge, Mass. — PrinLs, shirting prints, 
printed cambrics. N 74. 23a 

688 Merrimac Mills. Lowell, J4ass.-' 
Printed and dyed calicoes. N 73. 233' 

689 Stevens Linen Works. New York, 
N. Y. — Plain and twilled linen crashes, 
and diapers. B 75. 233 

690 Barbour Flax Spinning Co., Pat- 
erson, N. J. — Flax threads. N 76. 233 

690^ American Linen Thread Co., Me- 
chanicville, Saratoga county, N. Y. — 
Flax, gilling, and machine threads, warp, 
filling, and twines. Manufacturers of pat- 
ent linen thread (on spools and in skems) 
of all kinds, numbers, and colors ; also, 
gilling thread, of all numbers; machine, 
shoe, carpet, fringe^ whip, and McKay 
threads, in all varieties ; linen floss, selv- 
age, and hose warp ; hose filling, oroom 
and brush twines; pink and variegated 
twines ; loom cord ; line and tow yams. 
All manufactured from the best foreign 
stock. H 75. 233 

691 McCrossan ft Farr, New York. 
N. Y. — Printed linen and cotton, and 
white cotton handkerchiefs. N 76. 233 

692 American Linoleum Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y. — Linoleum 
floor cloth. N 77. 334 

694 Blabon, Geo. W., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Floor, carriage, upholstery, 
and table oil cloths and window snades. N 
77- 234 

696 Virolet ft Durlach, Elizabeth, N. 
J.— Floor oil cloths. F 73. 234 

698 Potter, Thos., Sons & Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Oil cloths. N 77. 234 

700 Brasher, Wm. M., ft Co^ Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.— Floor oil cloths. F 71. 234 

701 Reeve, R. H. & B. C, Camden, 
N. J.— Oil cloths. F 71. 334 

702 Powers, D., ft Sons, New York, 
N. Y.— Floor oil cloths. F 77. 334 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and 
Mixture of Wool. 

703 Shaffner ft Stringfellow, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Knitting cotton and Ger- 
mantown wool. B 75. 335 

703^ Knox Woolen Co., Camden, Me. — 
Paper makers' feltings and machinery 
cloths. R 78. 33s 

704 Bacon, Chas. N., Winchester, 
Mass. — Felts for polishing, printing, eras- 
ing, etc.; cotton and wool wadding. N 
74- "35 

705 New England Co., Rockville, 
Conn. — Fine fancy cassimeres, finest wool, 
fine spinning, indigo colors. The first 
mill in America to make fancy cassimeres. 
B 76. 235 

706a NoaVte, Retirj, '^\v\\«AOc^\vv*.>^'a^. 
— V/oo\etvie\ls. ¥ 11. -^^^ 

Associatiotv; V\v\\«.eL^\^Vx;^. ^;^.->^«^v^^^ 
at end of entries, see C\ass^^c.^^:^oT^>^^«•*t-'»^ 


Woven and Felted Goods. 

T97 Madnciit Tara Co^ PhiUdelphia. 

J\a.— WcK^caj kirimTjg: and Germain omn 
vamK, Tcjwesienuz^ pinxxs& of man u fa c- 
tum, B T. ?J5 

T#t TVoratoa, Saaiacl. ft Sons, Phila- 
'ddphva^ IV— Wcoka fainncs- X 76- 135 

T09 PluaiM. Jaxaes, jr.. Fitchburg. 
ILasiS. — Fme Wv-xrs:«N£ cciaiiags 3iXh2 >=ii::r(g5 
Hu», Caa3T». i V'a2<«'JT>e. «.c;!« ''^P^r 
1 57-135; FiaaikiiB streec, X-eir York, N. V. 

7M« Kirkman. Jaimcs, Chester, Pa.— 
IXncsjLtas.. B 2»5v. X55 

710 Ledward. J., ft Son, Chester. 
I>e£aw~arv cjixarr. Pa. — CassiBBcres a»i 
6.>e5kia&. B 7?- * «33 

711 Horstmanau IVm. H., ft Sons, 
PfetU'icJphLa. V». — Wvxjfiott JxiKiag yams. 
These good* are tnc«ra g en er a Shr ats Ger- 
mancowQ, bolnioeal, cxsluaere. saxocia, 
aad stocking T-aru.^. They are {Kzxti<at- 
larfv aocc\! foe ^rilUancr of coiots, rarf^rtr 
oi' shades, eveaaess of thread, and rf»« ^w 
prices at which they are $o£d. H 73. 135 

712 Globe IVoolen Co., New York. 

N. Y. — Faocy catssinaeres. F 74. 255 

718 Dryfoos. L., A Co., New York. 

N. \ . — Fett skirts. cnibn.n«i«reti ami 
braided : Italian doch skirts, trtnxizifed astd 
quitted. E 77. 255 

71S*» Kent "Woolen Co., Centreville, R. 

1. — Cassimeres. B 74. 235 

713^ StiUwater Woolen MiHs, Still- 
water, R. I. — CassLxn«ffe*. i> 74. 235 

714 >Vorumbo Biana&icturins Co.. 
Lisbon FaUs. Me. — Moi>cow beaver and 
other overcoatings. R 7S. 235 

715 Bel Air Biaau&cturia^ Co.. Pitts- 
tield, Mass.— Fancy all-wool cassimeres. 

716 Burlinsrton "Woolen Co., Wt- 

EKX«ki Fall, Yt. — Woolens, casconnees^ 
moscows. kerse>-s. broadciochs. doeskins. 
ela:Uic doeskins, ciysians. F 73 jutu 74. 235 

717 Broad Brook Co., Broad Brook. 
Coau.— Fancy cassimeres. F 75. 235 

718 Weybosset Mills, Providence. R. I. 

— Fancy cassimeres. S^impli^ of res:ular 
prvxluciion made for the general m^irkec. 
XVeudeU Hutchinson & Co., New York, 
selHn^ agents. F 74. 235 

719^ Howard. R.. A Son. Appooang. 

-Wcv^eii stocking yarns, £aacy and 


K I 

plain colors. B 75- 

719^ State of Oregon by A. J. Dafur . 
— \V\>oicu CJU>rics^ H 71. 235 

780 Wanskttck Co.. Providence. R. I. 

— Worsted cv^atiiigs. overcoatings, kerseys. 
K 7.V 235 

781 Rodman, Robt., La Fayette, R. L 

— l\»evkins. N 75. ^^j 

788 Sawyer Woolen Mills. Dover, 
N'. H— ^ilk and wool cassimeres. tattcy 
caxvi meres, d(.*ubte and twisc cassimeres. 
K 7V >35 

1%%a Clinton Mills Co.. Norwich, Conn. 

784 RockTiUe 

RctckriDe. Ccnm. — Fancy 
woBsooQ^ By^ 



Rockville, Conn. 

785 Hockanom 
— FaaacT 
74- * »35 

787 Eddy's, Jesse, Sons, Fall River, 
JtUss. — Woc£eziS Ibr aten's wear. F 
T4- »35 

788 U. S. Banting Co. I^owell, Mass. 
— Borrh^. fegs. wovsted damasks and 
IS rreea^. skirdr^p:, ai>d dress bandnes. U 

789 Middlesex Co., L.oweIl, Mass.- 

Wji^en^jodsw B 77. 235 

789<* Sholer ft Brnningbofen^ Hamil- 

toeu O. — ^Fehs fioc paper -aiakcis. B 

789^ Uahridge Woolen Co^ Uzforidge. 
Mass. — CiSsiasenes^ B 74. 235 

730 Germania MiDs, Holyoke, 
— Eskiuzk.v, docskias, and fiv 

o^TTCCsxtingSw C76. «35 

731 Norway Plains Co., Rochester, 
N. H. — BLuxketSw B 73. 235 

738_Norwich IX^oolen Co., Norwich, 
Coon. — BSankccsaad rcpdfeBCs. B 73. 235 

733 Unioct ManniMtming Co., Wol- 
coccTtIIie,Coaa. — Slack docskias. B73. 233 

734 Meriden IMTocden Co., lAfest Men. 
den. Coon. — Fancy coccoa warp cassi- 

meres and coating's^ B 73. 


rSS H»a»dmi0 Br^s.^ Hinsdale. Mass. 

-Acr-.v**'*. bearers, w<.>rsce\i suidn«s, etc. 

r^^ ^ .•♦Kw ^Vv>b,<ccs, ttJic;Afied by letter and n«!ar«, se«lK.«? tfi^Sflftafioa*^ *^ 

734" Baltic Woolen MiHs. Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Wc»len goods. F 72. 235 

735 Ntan^c "Woolen Mills, Norwich, 
Coon. — Scucrogs and repcQcats. B 73. 235 

736 Mason, C F., ft Co., Providence, 

R. L — Fancy cassuneres. B 76. 235 

737 Wood, M orr«IL & Co., Woodvale 

Woden Mills. Johneoowit. Pa. — Cassi- 
aoKres ma<ie froca half-biood wool. B 
77- S35 

738 Kirkman, teaaes. Chester, Pa.— 

Doeskins. B 78. 255 

740 Peirce, C W. ft J., Bristol, Pa. 

— GtS. 

« Foliating fieks and cnuab ckjchs. 23$ 

i Skirts. 23S 

741 Mississxppt Mills, IWcssoa, Miss. 

— ^Woot ffllings. jeans, cassuneres, tweeds, 
linseys. F 7^. 235 

748 Bnllock. Geo. ft Jas. M.. Consho- 

hocken Woolen Mitts, Coosboho^en, Pa. 
— Doeskins, mtibcows, beavexs, doch. P 
75- 235 

743 Fox, Henry, ft Co., Urhaaa, O.- 

« Cassimeres, tweeds^ satiaets, and 

yams. 3^3 

i Flanmrfs. 2'^ 

744 Bel^Bst Milts, Philndclpkin, P^ 

— X 70. 

a Cheviots. 235 

^ E>ress goc<fe. 23$ 

745 Roy. Jias., ft C».» "WtaX Troy. 
N \ .— F 77- 

a Suitmgs and vans. 9^^ 

6 Wooten. showk. 237 

l^Ta5r> ^ V- C.^m4.^^ ^. J.- 

XB2 amiV 

b C«iit>%i 

i.%Ocie * ii\|»sti^ 



Woven Goods. 

747 McKee, Jos. D^ Penn Knittinfr 
Mills, Philadelphia, Pa.— N 74. 

a Cloths, fancy woolen goods. 235 

d Worsted shawls. 237 

748 Bates Manufacturing Co., Lewis- 
ton, Me.— R 78. 

a Beavers and repellents. 235 

^ Oress goods. 238 

749 Lippitt "Woolen Co., Providence, 
R. I.-B 73. 

a Elysian beaver overcoatings, fancy cassi- 

meres, and suitings. 235 

d Flannsls. 236 

750 Peace Dale Manufacturing Co., 
Peace Dale, R. I.— F 77. 

a Cassimeres, coatings, lastings, etc. 235 
i Woolen shawls. 237 

751 Schofield, Seville, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B 74. 

« Piece goods and coatings. 235 

d Blankets. . 237 

752 Camden Woolen Miils, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— B 76. 

a Woolen goods, cassimeres, suitings, cloak- 

ings, repellents. 235 

i Plaid opera flannels. 236 

c Dress goods, etc 238 

753 Piqua Woolen Mills, F. Gray, 
O'Ferrall & Co., Piaua, O.— B 75. 

a Paper-makers' foiirarinier and cylinder 

wet and press felts and jackets, for all 

kinds of paper. All felts warranted. 235 

6 Flannels. 236 

c Blankets. 237 

754 Washington Mills, Lawrence, 
Mass. — F 73 and 74. 

a Worsted coatings, cloakings, and repel- 
lents. 235 
d Flannels. 236 
c Worsted goods, shawls, and dress 
goods. 238 

755 Landenberger's, Martin, Sons, 

Philadelphia, Pa.— F 67. 

a Worsted coatings and yarns. 235 

d Shawls. 237 

c Dress goods. 238 

756 Dobson, Jno. & Jas., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — H 77. 

a Cloths. 235 

^ Blankets. 237 

c. Carpets. 239 

757 Ste£fan, P., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— H 76. 

a Coatings. 235 

i Shawls. 237 

c Worsted dress goods. 238 

758 Pontoosuc Woolen Manufactur- 
ing Co., Pittsfield,— F 76. 

a All-wool cloths and repellents. 235 

fi Sleeping car blankets and summer 

dusters. 237 

c Dress goods. 238 

tl Carriage rugs. 239 

759 Belvidere Woolen Manufacturing 
Co. — Flannels. F 74. 236 

761 Billiard Vale Mills, New York, 
N. Y. — Fine white flannels. B 77. 236 

762 'Waumbeek Co., New York, N. 
V. — Plain white flannels. B 77. 236 

763 Norway Plains Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Plain white flannels. B 77. 236 

764 Lueaa, B., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.—Piain white domets and Shakers. B 

77- 236 

For dassescf exhibits, indicate) ^^ nin,hc-s 

765 Groveland Mills, New York, N. 

Y.— Scarlet, yellow, and blue plain flan- 
nels, scarlet and blue twilled flannels, scar- 
let Shaker opera flannels. B 77. 236 

766 Columbia Spring Co., New York. 
N. Y. — Fancy nanncls. B 77. 236 

767 Stott, C. H. ft F. H., New York, 
N. Y.— Mixed twilled flannel. B 77. 236 

768 Titus, £., ft Sons, New York, N. Y. 
— White and Shaker flannels. B 77. 236 

770 Gilbert, Geo. H., Manufacturing 
Co., Ware, Mass. — F 72. 

a Flannels — white, opera, silk warp, plaid, 
moleskin, swansdown, gauze, medicated, 
etc. 236 

d Blankets. 237 

771 Bachman, S., New York, N. Y.— 
Shawls. B 75. 237 

771«Sandford Mills, Sandford, Me.— 
Carriage robes. R 78. 237 

772 Gibson ft Tyler, New York, N. Y. 
— Fine white blankets. B 77. 237 

772« Bloodgood, Mrs. I. S., New York, 
N. Y, — Embroidered afghans. N 52. 237 

773 Waterloo Woolen Manufacturing 

Co., Waterloo, N. Y.— Woolen shawls. 
B77. 237 

773rt Bishop ft Northrup, Wyandotte, 
Mich. — Woolen robes, mats, and dusters. 
F yi. 237 

774 Mission Woolen Mills, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. — B 75. 

a Blankets. 837 

d Woolen fabrics. 238 

775 Arlington Mills, Lawrence, Mass. 
— Black alpacas, in ten qualities; black mo- 
hair brilliantines, in five qualities; figured 
mohair brilliantines, in two qualities; and 
roubaix poplins, in assorted colors. The 
black alpacas and mohair brilliantines are 
**warp dyed," and are made from the 
choicest materials, in the most thorough 
manner. Especial attention is invited to 
the softness of finish, brilliancy of color 
and lustre, uniformity and penection of 
manufacture. The roubaix poplin is a 
"yam dyed" fabric, — not dyed in the 
piece,— consequently, the strength of the 
fibre is preserved, and the color made 
more permanent than if '* piece-dyed." 
The peculiarity of the finish is such that 
the goods will not cockle. F 77. 238 

77 5^ Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass.— 
Poplins, alpacas, serges, cashmeres, reps, 
jacquards, cretonnes, jaconets, and cr6pe. 
B 73. 238 

776 Peckham Manufacturing Co., 
Providence, R. I. — Woolen and merino 
knittingyarns, tweeds, doeskins, B76. 238 

777 Manchester Mills, Manchester, 
N. H.— Worsted dress goods. N 73. 238 

778 Turner. John, Norwich, Conn.— 
Dyed ana printed worsted, woolen, and 
cotton yams, for weaving, knitting, etc. 
B 77. 238 

779 Tunxis Mills, Poquonnock, Conn. 
— White and colored worsted yams ; pro- 
cess of manufacture from raw wool. B 
76. 238 

780 Farr Alpaca Co., New York, N, 

\ bridge, ^ass.—T>f^^^Ties,x^V^• ^ T«" ^^ 

at end of eutties, sea O^^^^^'^^^^^^* ^'^"•'^" 




Woven Goods, Carpets, Silk. 

7t2 Wood, Wm., ft Co., Philadelphia. 
J'tt, "Wool mixture huitingfl. H77. 238 

t%2*t Chapman ft Bros., Belfast, Me.— 

Ihy gwodn, N 76. 238 

7t3 WaUhaw, Wm., Saxonville. 

Mum." Colored wut)i and yarns. F69. 238 

7f Sf* Whita, Payaon ft Co., Boston, 

M(4M.— Cult oit mid wurHlcd textile fabrics. 
N U' 238 

7t4 Lowall Manufacturing Co., Bos- 
ton, Mmnm. V 77. 

a Si'iU(*M utui la>tiit);M. 338 

h Wiltoii uiul Itni.HMcU, two and three ply 
tituriiin cutprtlitit, 239 

785 Ulaka. C. H. ft P. D., New York, 

N. V. Alpuruii, n)oh;4irs, cAshineres, ana 
woi-wtrd HcrucM. W 75. 238 

786 Wood ft Haslam, Camden, N. J. 
M 7;. 

t# Pmk.'y rt»d yftm. 938 

h t^)ulh>, Irthic cloth*. 241 

787 Smith, Alex., ft Sons Carpet Co., 
Vonkom, N, V. - l\>wcrUH>m, Axmiivster, 
lApo^uy HiKNJicU.And tA)>csiry ii)|;Run car- 
|X>lh\|r». K.»«».*^H 7.W*» 7<>. 339 

787«« McCatlum, Crease, ft Sloan, Phil- 
Avlolphirt, l\^. li\|ir,un c;4rpct&. U75. 239 

781 Wentworth. C. B., ft Co., Boston, 
Nl ,t.vx StAi-Mjuiltctl CAJ-^HM Uniixg. K 7s. ^39 

788^ Hxuchison, J. ft H., Brooklyn, N. 

\. K»mN Aud mA«. 07^ 039 

T89 0(bb ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.~ 
T8t9^* SefTarl^n ft ^ritt. Philadelphia, 

l\\. V^A^H^ WA>^\Ss K *•, i,?9 

X90 !>»mam, Bros, ft Co., PhiladeU 

ivhu, 1>A. h\);«.A)n vAii'tccii and danutiU:. 
^' *v ci(9 

tlK^^ M^iyalK Miles, Boston, Mass.— 
v\a':>vs .r,x".rvj> At>.; >:au >v».iN l> -^ t^!^^ 
t$l Hx\^w«<^>\ Jn^^., ft Sons, Philadel> 

tJl* li^i^ty. Kdw, H., New Yc^rk, N, Y, 

v^A^'iS>^ ...*;.-,$, A?iv, >4A.; iXivK K v^ t^^js 
TiM l.<«>iKNNi. &)^Ws ft Stewart, Phila- 

TW* l.*>«-rtK \V*:^T>i, Wa^jp^Oe, Ma». 

TW O.xycmaii, <iKv W., ft C^^^^m^-cu 
v«.v^ Oj^ >VN .,^-)f^ AAA njjw pa,is. F 

Tt!>4 T^x\Nr, >«.„ ft M^^^w, SL. N., 

T^^S*^>;n:>^, OarY»^t C*^., HartJ^rd, 

^"^■i« I. .Si> ■v-M.-'V ,. tv, .J -,v tri,-' mv ;*\'v ir-- 
,, .. % ,-L -vs. q: r AH^ H -; ' -^^^ r:^ 

"^ ^ i^ f^ Ca-^*t C^^ C*.:-r 


800 Roxbury Carpet Co., Boston, 
Mass. — Tapestry carpeting. F and H 73 
to 76. 239 

801 Read Carpet Co.^ Bridgeport. 

Conn. — Two ply ingram carpets, n 
77. 239 

802 Farrington ft Kinsey, Rahway. 
N. J. — Wool extracted from rags. B 
76. 240 

803 Pawtucket Hair Cloth Co., Paw- 
tucket, R. I. — Automatically woven hair 
cloths for upholstery. B 74. 240 

Silk and Silk Fabrics, and Mixtures 
in whioh Silk is the predominating 

804 Belding Bros, ft Co., Rockville, 
Conn. — "74. 

a Twisted silk in gum, raw silk, cocoons. 243 

b Machine twists; sewines, embroidery, and 

saddlers' silks ; buttonhole twist. 243 

805 Aub, Hackenburg,ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— H 76. 

« Raw silk and cocoons. 343 

h Machine and buttonh<Je twist, sewing and 

spool silk. 343 

806 Franke, Louis, New York, N. Y. 

— H 74. 
« Thrown silk. 342 

h Silk iringes, p a sseme nterie, braids, cords, 

tass^s. 349 

806^ Boissiere, S. V. de, IX^illiamsburg, 
Kan^^as. — H 74- 

41 Silk cckcooas, raw nlk, sihI silk-worm 
^^.prodiiced ia Kansas. 343 

/ Veivet ribbons. 348 

807 HamU ft Booth, Piateraon, N. J. 

— H rck 

* Raw and tSirowB silVs. 243 
i- \>TCS!& foods, tie silks. 343 
«' Hts;, 347 
M Rj)i»c«&. 348 

SOB Seav«:T.FMter,&Bo'wman,Boston, 
Mas&,— fi 75- 

* OvWVffis^ raw siQc S4s 
/ T»TSWC sijk. «43 

•0S« HewcMtMkJo wpIt , Sam F r a aciaco , 

CaI— H ^ 
M CX-XVX&, Z9M soBl, ^Ik-SKna tfgt. 343 
> 5alk fiafs. 347 

#09 Werner, Xtsdiaer. ft Co^ Phila. 
.a^^iiuS i^a-^Silk iJkhaa fiibncs. H 
'»♦. «43 

$1(1 IKrayperAJ U ia tni eiy.ftOa.^cgcea, 
^>c H-.-o.^ty. Xrw Yark; joa Maricet 
sr-r« T^a»nei|Am: 15 Geriaaa street, 
>ial::nuTT — ^S;vv»l and^slseiB s3ks, ibr 
^ihu^cSk SMSciuaa xuub ctnriwag mann- 
'iK.-.-u'vr^ A»u-:sJ>pe mBwihi lui e tk . Hand- 
<.-\nv ojiSiness Jinttshed sr recaileis. 
Kc-':!^ nr «<esa«K ars miUiaa iJii t, we 
«t! Bukr HbesiC aBnaapanens wii^ deal- 
ers ^ '^tftaaiaUe yprasB andns(so act 
H75. H3 

mi st-«y-r, s^i , 

... g 

'^'^"**'^^>» ^^ '>^v>'«s •■».iv5*»*t«rf^ <?* *w*» am*-. 



Silk, Clothing. 

818 Cheney Brothers, Hartford and 
South Manchester, Conn. — H 75. 
a Twist. 243 

b Spun silks and spun silk fabrics. 244 

c Dress goods, serges, florentines, and fou- 
lards. 245 
d Organzine, tram, and handkerchiefs. 247 
e Ribbons. 248 

814 Atwood & Richmond, Brooklyn, 
Conn. — Ounce silk machine twist, black 
and colors. H 77. 243 

815 Nonotuck Silk Co., Florence, 
Mass. — Black and colored machine twist, 
buttonhole twist, embroidery and sewing 
silk. H 74. 243 

816 Hayden, J. H., ft Son, Windsor 
Locks, Conn. — Black sewing silk. H 
76. 243 

817 Heminway, M., & Sons Silk Co., 
New York, N. Y. — Spool, embroidery, 
and saddlers' silk ; machine and button- 
hole twist, etc. H 73. 243 

818 Holland Manufacturing Co., Willi- 
mantic. Conn. — Silk machine twist and 
sewing silk. H 74. 243 

819 Baare, Fred., Pater son, N. J.— 
Millinery, tie, and umbrella silks. H 
77- 244 

820 Strange, Wm., ft Co., Paterson, 
N. J.-l5 73. 

Millinery and dress silks. 245 

b Ribbons. 248 

821 Dexter, Lambert, & Co., New York, 

N. Y.— H 73. 
a Silk piece goods. 245 

b Ribbons. 248 

c Dress trimmings. 249 

823 Wright, Wm. P., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Oiled silks and muslins. H 76. 245 

826 W^eidmannft Greppo, Paterson, N. 
J. — Dyed silk, blacks and colors. H 
76. 246 

826 American Silk Label Manfactur- 

ing Co., 389 Broome street. New York, N. 
Y. — Names of signers of Declaration of 
Independence, labels, and other designs, 
"• woven in silk; for clothiers, merchant 
tailors, and hatters. H 77. 246 

827 Meyenberg, S. M., Paterson, N. J. 
Office, 40 Lispenard street. New York. 
— N 74. 

a Upholstery satins. 246 

b Ladies' silk scarfs, sewing silk veils ; milli- 
nery silks and gauze fabrics. 247 

828 Stearns, Jno. N.,& Co., New York, 

N. Y.— H 77. 
a Brocade silks. 
b Silk handkerchiefs. 


829 New York Woven Label Manufac- 
turing Co., New York, N. Y.— Woven 
labels and hangers. H 74. 247 

831 Horstmann, W. H., ft Sons, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Dress, carriage, uphols- 
tery, and undertakers' trimmings ; narrow 
textile fabrics ; passementerie. H 73. 249 

882 Kohn, Tobias, Novelty Weaving 
and Braiding Works. Hartford, Conn. — 
Star and embroidery braids. H 76. 249 

833 Dale Manufacturing Co., Paterson, 
N. J. — Silk, mohair, and fancy trimming 
braids ; cords, bindings, hat bands, braided 
tcwinga, and wntch guards. H 75. 249 

833 Fleiaher. 3. B. & M., Philadel- 
pbia. Pa.— Alpaca braids. F 71. 249 

836 Sutro Bros., New York, N. Y.— 

Embroidery braids, put up on patent cards, 
stating correctly the measurement of each 
skein. F 71. 249 

837 Nottingham Lace Works, Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. — Guipure, thread, cashmere, 
ana other laces and trimmings ; hair nets. 
Manufacturers from original designs of 
guipure laces, thread, cashmere, Spanish 
ana millinery laces, silk purlings, lace 
fringes, hair nets, etc.; also, a specialty 
of all desirable styles of silk lace ties and 
scarfs. Orders sent to A. G. Jennings, 
428 Broome street. New York. H 75. 249 

838 Turner, John, Norwich, Conn.— 
Picture and hirniture cords. B 77. 249 

839 Goff, D., & Son, Pawtucket, R. I. 

— Alpaca skirt braid. F 71. 249 

840 Silver Lake Co., Boston, Mass.— 
Solid braided cords. F 68. ^249 

841 Kelty, G. L., ft Co., New York, N. 

Y. — Furniture coverings, gimps, fringes, 
cords, tassels, and other upholstery goods. 
C 78. 249 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling Equipments. 

842 Hapke. A. B., Harrisburg, Pa.— 
Knit goods and embroideries. F69. 250 

842^ Lowery & Williams, Utica, N. Y. 
— Merino and cotton underwear. F 73. 250 

843 Moore, Leopold, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— B 69. 

a Wrappers, shirts. 250 

b Silk hats. 25X 

843^ Munson Manufacturing Co., Co- 
hoes, N. Y. — Merino and cotton under- 
wear. F 73. a.50 

844 Sachse, P., & Son, S. E. corner 
Eighth and Vine streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Finest American dress shirts; also, 
cricket, club, fire, base-ball, yachting, and 
society shirts. F 69. 250 

844<> Meyer, Jonasson, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Felt skirts. F 78. 250 

845 Butterick, E., ft Co., New York. 
N. Y. — Paper patterns for ladies' and 
children's garments. H 70. 250 

846 Maize ft Schwartz, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Military uniforms. C 78. 250 

847 Chapman, Mrs. Dr. H. M., 219 
South Eighth, and 336 South Fifth street, 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Patent skirt support- 
ing, shoulder brace' puff corset. Requires 
no padding ; allows the form its natural 
shape without pressure. F 69. 250 

847« Wyoming Valley Knitting Co., 
Pittston, Pa. — Hosiery and underwear. 
F 73. 250 

848 Cooper, Henry Prousc, New York, 
N. Y.— Clothing. F 72. 250 

849 Schuyler, Hartley, ft Graham. 
New York, N. Y. — Military and naval 
equipments, society and theatrical goods. 
F 70. 250 

849^ Moeller, C. H., St. Louis, Mo.— 
Netted underwear. F 71. 250 

850 Glazier, J. J., Bro. & Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Brown, bleached^ aj\d cciL. 

850* Fal\RVvet'M.«\t^o^o.,^«XVKv^r^^ 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of cutties, stt 

e\^ss^'cvc;*^^^^^>^^- •^•V-^'^^ 



Clothing, Ornaments. 

853^ Dudley Hosierjr Co. 

Lower Falls 

861 Judson Brom., New York, N. Y.— 
Shirts, underwear, drawers. F 70. 250 

86 lo Weldcn, Dana, & Co., San Fran- 
ciHCO, Cal. — Stocking supporters, ladies' 
belts, etc. F 71. 250 

862 Thalheimer ft Hirsch, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Gentlemen's white and fancy 
■hlrts, underwear, collars, and cufis. F 
6x. 250 

_ , . Newton 

Mass. — Knit underwear, 
hosiery. F 73. 250 

863 Michaelis ft Kaskel, 663 Broad- 
way, New York, N. Y.— Shirts, under- 
wear, and pjamas; anti-rheumatic flan- 
nels, and embroideries. Manufacturers 
of the finest dress shirts and underwear, 
to order only; embroiderers^ and im- 
porters of gentlemen's furnishing goods ; 
depot for Dent's London-made kid gloves, 
Cartwright and Warner's merino under- 
wear, and Martin's umbrellas ; sole agents 
in the United States for Lairitz's cele- 
brated anti-rheumatic flannels and me- 
dicinal preparations. Oflice, durine the 
exhibition, at the Transcontinental Hotel, 
opposite the Main Building. F 67. 250 

863*< Leighton, Chas., New Orleans, 
La.— Shirt. F 71. 250 

864 Harvey ft Baird, Philadelphia, 
Ta.— Shirts. F 72. 250 

864«< Eager, P. B., Tower, & Co., Bos- 

ton, ^^lss. — c 78. 

«• Oiled clothing. 
d Oiled huts. 

866 Qriswold. Catherine A 

York, N. Y.— Corsets. F 69. 
866 Devlin & Co., Clothiers, 

, New 
way, corner Grand street : Broadway, 
c\>r»»er Warren street. Xcw York, N. Y. 
— Militar>' uniforms, fv^r army, navy, and 
national g\ianl ; gentlemen's dress and 
business suits; duck vests, robcs-de- 
chambre, breakfast j.ickets. and shirts ; 
alsvs boys' and youths' clothing. F 

866** Hemple, J. C, Baltimore, M d.— 
Rubber cloth diaper. F 7a. ^50 

867 Pnndle. Q. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Mufls ami boas. caps, cloaks, afghans, 
cai*es, hoods, designs ibr bed spreads. 

867<* Thudium, C. A.« ft Son, Philadel- 
phia. l\i. — Woolcp and worsted cardigan 
jackets. B 70. J5*> 

868 Moore* Qeorxe, New York, N. Y. 

— Bias and biAS neck cutter. H 71. ^50 

868-* Bishop ft Northrup, Wyandotte. 
Mich. — W ool dustcrj. F 71. ^50 

869 Thomas. A. AV.. Philadelphia, 

Ta.— Bus;Ie. sidrt elevator, bosvun k»rm. 

F ^vV a 50 

869>< Jacobs^ Strouse, ft Co.. New York. 

N. V. — Corset cL»>ps and bu^ks. V 

860 R<>s«Dbach ft Co.. Philadelphia, 

l\i - -Shi:ts. paaialovuis. overalls, dx a wers. 

$$0>^ Schoenhof. J., ft Co.. New York. 
.V Y -~S*.ir*>s ;a i:uilx>>j).cd aud^ 

862 National Suspender Co., New 

York, N. Y. — Shoulder braces and sus- 
penders. F 68. 250 

862^ Oliver. Thomas, New York, N. Y. 
— Transfer for measuring and cutting 
coats. P 68. 250 

863 Cohn. M., ft Co., Novelty Corset 
Works, New York, N.Y.— Woven corsets. 
F69. 230 

864 Piqua Woolen Mills, Piqua, O.- 
Jackets and woolen socks. B 75. 250 

866 Taylor, S. T., New York, N. Y.- 
System of dressmaking, bias cutter, fashion 
journals. F 71. 250 

866 Hopkins, W. T., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Ladies' and children's undergar- 
ments, infants' dresses, hoop skirts, cor- 
sets, panniers, bustles. F 69. 250 

867 Horstmann, "Wm. H., ft Sons, 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Military and theatri- 
cal goock. Military, society, r^jalia, 
church, and theatrical goods; flags, ban- 
ners, buntins, army, navy, national 
guard, and band equipments, in great 
variety; regalia, jewels, and properties 
for Masonic Blue lodges, chapters, com- 
manderies, Scottish Kite, and other so- 
cieties; Knights Templar uniforms a 
specialty. A full line of materials and 
trimnungs suited to all the above lines. H 
73- 250 

868 De more St, Mme., New York, 
N. Y. — Fashion patterns and bulletin, 
dress-cutting system, corsets, shoulder 
brace, skirt and stocking suspenders. 
F68. 250 

869 Nashawannuch Manufacturing 
Co., Elasthampton, Mass.; &ctories, 
Easthampton, Mass. : salesrooms, 74 and 
76 Worth street. New York. — Elastic 
rubber suspenders and webs. Manufac- 
turers of elastic suspenders, fHlk, and 
webs, in silk, worsted, and cotton ; new 
styles, plain and figured, in great variety, 
constantlv product. This company sue- 
cessfully introduced in this country 
** Goody car's" patent vulcanized rubber, 
in woven elastic goods, and continues its 
use very extensively. F 67. 25P 

871 Thompson. S. O., merchant 
tailoring, 008 Walnut street, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Ciouiing. Exemplification of me- 
chanical and artistic taiiorii^ is displayed 
in these garments, made to order for com- 
petition, desi^ncted, also, to illustrate char- 
acteristic nanooal workmanship, in their 
embellishment, by trinumngs made of the 
national colors and coins ; also particular 
merit is claimed for the perfect fitting 
pantaloons, cut according to the process 
patented by the exhibitor. F 71. 250 

878 Stembenrer, L. ft S.. Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— White shirts. Manufiuuurers 
of the "Eclipse" fine white shirts; shirt 
fi^>nis. dnwers, overalls, etc F 68. 330 

873 Norfolk ft New Brunswick Ho- 
sico" Co., New Bninswidi, N. J.— 
La^Ues', gentlemen's, and duldren's 
knitted underwear; shirts, vests, pants, 
and drawers; ladies* and misses' uaion 
dresses, geadeawn's and boys' merino 
wool half hc«e ; laifies* and misses' 
merino and woot hose and three-quarter 
socks. IB vaurious colon. We manu&c- 
tvire qbW fdL tiuhiooed or rmilar made 

SSJ Coarmd Bro*.^ PhiUdeXrMa. Pm.— \ v.o- *««:ms^>v<». « "^^^fc «»«x,^« 

>.i -re. ..-..'ars. cu*. c;c. K c^r iv \ X*t^- ^1^^ "»^ 

?Vi-:*..04;uv« .M\>i5^^v», indicjiiedb) l«u« Ai!idU«>i«,s«« V.*^ »>^QOMfi^V'ii\lpm»^'^?a^^-'* 




ASSETS, over $3,000,000 

«» « 

strictly Mutual. Distinguished for careful selection 
of risks, prudent investment of funds, great economy, 
and liberality to its policy-holders. 


Snecesien to WH. B. WABVS * CO., 

Watches and Jewelry, 

Southeast corner Chedtnut and Seventh Streets, first floor, 


Arm orlcaua. "^^TaitcDa. "VT'Ja.olessLle Satlesroozxx. 
David F. Conovkr. B. Frank Williams. C. Edgar Rightbr. 



Manufacturers and Importers of 

J^ilitary, Society J^egalia, Church, 




1814. 1876. 







Cragin Co., Philadelphia. 

No one will fail to notice the mammoth 
cake of this world-renowned soap, exhib- 
ited by its manufacturers, and weig^xing 
zooo pounds. Its purity and merits are 

well known. One trial will show the most 
skeptical its supericHrity. 

Don't leave tow^ without getting some 
for trial. Make your grocer keep it. Look 
over our exhibit of genuine letters in its 

Nathan £. Morgan. 

Chas. B. Headlt. 

MOM^^AIf M Mm^EiT, 




^Jlviisan Jfall, 611 and 613 Bansora St. 



As exhibited In the British Section, Slain BnHding, by 

Messrs. Miy^oy, y:oLLiys <& co., 

(The Founders of the Manufacture in 1840) and as laid by us in the CAPITOL 

A Large Stock of all kinds on hand, imported and 
for sale by 




TIBHS FOB TBS "BAIL7 COlOfSBCUL "-Fostase Tie* to Scteczlben. 
By Mall, per Annum. $10.00. By MaU,for Six Months, fo.oo. By Mail, for Three Months, 

ia.50. By Mail, for One Month, 85 cents Delivered by Carriers, 15 cents per week. 
** WEEKLY COMMERCIAL." [Postage Prepaid.] One Copy, One Year, $1.75- 


J. J. S. SsmiNGBR. 

Miners and Shippers of Coal 

Boston I 


207 WMOTt ^tS«^ 




874 Warner Bros., New York, N. Y. 

— Corset and sk&t supporter, corset waist. 

F 70. 250 

876 Bowers, Jas., ft Co., Newark, 

N. J. — Sewed corsets and rivetiess corset 

clasps. F 69. . 350 

876 Alkinson, Henry, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — White shirts, buckskin shirts, and 
drawers. F 70. 250 

877 Zauner, Henry, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Lace, silk, and meo caps, hand knit 
and crochet zephyr goods, for infants. F 
70. 250 

879 Borm, L., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Dress suit. F 69. 250 

880 Wilson, J. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— ^Military goods. F 70. 250 

881 Poy ft Harmon, New Haven, 
Conn. — Skirt-supporting corset. F 69. 250 

882 America Hosiery Co., New Brit- 
ain, Conn. — Wool, merino, and cotton un- 
derwear, hosiery. F 68. 250 

883 Worcester Corset Co., Worces- 
ter, Mass. — Corsets, corset and skirt sup- 
porters. F 69. 250 

884 Boston Comfort Corset Co., Bos- 
ton, Mass. — Corset without bones. F 
69. 250 

885 Palmer & Williams, Boston, 
Mass. — Jacqueline corsets and misses' 
waists. F 6q. 250 

886 Denham. T. M., ft Brother, New 
Bedford, Mass. — White laundried shirts 
and shirt bosoms. F 68. 250 

887 Rockhill ft Wilson, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Clothing. F 69. 250 

888 Lowell Hosier:^ Co., LowelL 
Mass. — ^Women's plain cotton hose. F 

69. 250 

889 Wanamaker ft Brown, Philadel- 
phia, Fa. — Gentlemen's, jrouths', and 
children's ready-made clothing; gentle- 
men's furnishing goods. B 67. 250 

890 Wanamaker, John, ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Ancient and modern cloth- 
ing worn by American gentlemen during 
the past century. F 67. 250 

892 Cummings, J. S., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Scarfs, cravats, stocks, 
bows, and neck wear. F 68. 250 

893 Hughes, Thos., ft Co., Bristol, 
Pa. — Cotton, merino, and wool hosiery. F 

70. 250 

894 Strahan, Hodgson, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Linen collars and cuflFs. F 
72. 250 

895 American Suspender Co., Water- 
bury, Conn. — Webbing frills and suspend- 
ers. F 68. 250 

896 Brewster Bros, ft Co., Birming- 
ham, Conn. — Corsets, combined corset 
and skirt supporters, corset clasps. F 
69. 250 

897 Gabriel, Henrv, ft Sons, Allen- 
town, Pa. — Knitted woolen and cotton ho- 
siery. F 68. 250 

898 American Molded Collar Co., 
Boston, Mass. — Combined cloth and pa- 
per collars. These collars are well known 
for their complete shape to thfe neck. The 
collars and cufis have a pure starch finish, 
and are suitsible for any gentleman to 
wear, always being of the latest fashion. 
The "moldiag" process, by which each 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by nnmbers 

collar is made to fit the neck perfectly and 
easily, is controlled exclusively by this 
company. These goods have been 
awarded the first prize at several expo- 
sitions. F 70. 250 

899 Frost, Geo., ft Co., Boston, Mass. 

— Corsets, waists, hose supporter, emanci- 
pation suit, and under-flannel. F 70. 250 

900 Sweet, Orr, ft Co., factory, Wap- 

pinger's Falls, N. Y.; office, 345 Broad- 
way, New York City.— <)rr's pantaloons, 
overalls, and engineer jackets. The pe- 
culiar cut of these overalls must be 
noticed, by which such seat-room is pjiven 
that the wearer feels perfect ease, in all 
positions ; no binding or straining in any 
part; their strength is such that they 
are " warranted never to rip." F 76. 250 

901 Bickford, Dana, New York, N. Y. 

— Knitted articles made on Dana Bick- 
ford's knitting machines. F 68. 250 

902 Beatty Hosiery Mills, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Hosiery. F 73. 250 

903 Landenberger's, Martin, Sons, 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Hosiery and knit 
goods. -F 67. 250 

904 United States Corset Co., New 

York, N. Y.— Corsets. B 71. 250 

905 Sharpless ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Ladies' costumes. B 68. 250 

906 Rothschild Bros, ft Gutmsn, New 
York, N. Y. — Shirts, drawers, ai»d under* 
shirts. F 69. 250 

907 Cameron, Wm.. ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Embroidering, braiding, and 
stamping designs ; children's clothing, in- 
delible ink marking. F 70. 250 

908 Dress Reform Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Dress reform clothing. F 71. 250 

909 Otis Co., Ware, Mass.- Hosiery 

and underwear. N 75. 250 

910 Hayden, James, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Shirts, drawers, and necktie shields. 
F 72. 250 

911 Peck ft Greene, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

— Worsted and silk goods for theatrical, 
boating, and general underwear. B 75. 250 

912 Star Knitting Co., Cohoes, N. Y. 
— Cotton, woolen, and merino shirts, 
drawers, pantalets, and union suits. F 
67. 250 

913 Parsons, J. H., & Co., Cohoes, N. 
Y. — Woolen, merino, and cotton shirts ; 
drawers, pantalets, and union suits. F 
67. 250 

914 Brookside Hosiery Mills, Troy, 
N. Y. — Cotton, woolen, and merino shirts; 
drawers, pantalets, and union suits. F 
67. 250 

915 McDonnell, Kline, & Co., Amster- 
dam, N. y. — Cotton, woolen, and merino 
shirts : drawers, pantalets, and union suits. 
F 67. 250 

916 Bennett, E., Brooklyn, N. Y.— 
Shirts. F 68. 250 

917 Coon ft Van Volkenburgh, Troy. 

N. Y. — Men's linen collars and cuffs. F 
67. -a-V^ 

at end of entries, see CX^^v^caSisAx.Vft. 



Clothing, Ornaments, Jewelry. 

919 Homer, Colladay & Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— K 71. 

a Ladic«* dresses, trousseaux, neck-ties, 
scarfs, and furnishing goods. 250 

^ Embroidery, lingerie. 252 

All articles contained in this exhibit are 
of A.,C. 8l Co.'s own manufacture, and 
at their extensive establibhinent, Nos. 
14,2 and 1414 Chestnut street, above 
Bioad street, Philadelphia, will be found 
goods of a similar character, in great 

920 Pettingell & Sawyer, East Cam- 
bridge, ^^lss. — F 76. 

a Waterproof oil clothes. 250 

^ Waterproof hats. 251 

920« Brady, Edward, Philadelpnia, 
Pa.— U 63. 
a Collars for men's wear. 250 

6 Buttons. 254 

921 Carney, Bernard L., Philadelphia, 
Pa, —Silk, beaver, and felt hats. B 
70. 251 

922 Jacoby, Theo., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hats, bonnets with domestic irimmings. 
F 70. 251 

923 Hegle, Fortunfe, New York, N. Y. 
— Material for kid glove manufacturing, 
ami kid gloves. B 68. 251 

924 Stetson, Tohn B., & Co.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Soft and stiff felt hats in vari- 
ous stages of manufacture. B 68. 251 

925 Walton, Maison, New York, N. Y. 
— Bonnets and round hats, F 71. 251 

926 Littleton Saranac Buck Glove Co., 
Boston, Mass. — Grain tanned gloves. 
B 69. 251 

927 New York Catholic Protectory, 
New York, N. Y.— Shoes. V 53, 217 

928 Brown, Emma, New York, N. Y. 
— Straw round hats and feathers, B 
70. 251 

929 Nonnenberrer, Christian, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Hatters' blocks and tools. 
B 69. 251 

930 Fenton, T. H., & Bro., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Gentlemen's dress, silk, soft 
and stiff felt, and other hats, B 70. 251 

931 Pierson & Herman, Newark, N. J. 
— Hat blocks and flanges, hatters' tools. 
B 70. 251 

932 Yates^ Wharton, & Co., Newark, 
N.J. — t ur felt hats. B 70. 251 

933 Field, J. C. & J. F., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Lilovcs. B 69. 251 

934 Hays, Daniel, Gloversville.N.Y.— 

Buckskin .iiid peccary skin gloves, gaunt- 
lets, and mittens. B 71. 251 

934.^ Blaylock & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

a Straw hats ; hats. 251 

i Furs, robes, fur caps, turbans, gloves, etc. 


935 Jeannisson, Lewis, & Son, Johns- 
town. N. Y. — (.tIovcs. B 71. 251 

937 Haverhill Hat Co., Haverhill, 

Mas*. — \Vuv>l huts. B 60. 251 

938 Solmans, Alden. South Norwalk, 

Conn. — Fvh hats. B 71. 251 

93 9 Morris, E., & Co., Philadelphia, 
■/'•a- — >iVl:. sort, and SI itf hats. B 67. 251 

940AipidoD's Son, T. H.. New York. 

-^ i —Hjits And caps. V> 70. 25.1 

^orJoctUun ufUjccti^, indicated by letter and 

941 Dunlap & Co., letters, 174 Fifth 

avenue and 58^ Broadway, New York, 
N. Y. ; manufactory and wholesale de- 

rtment, x6o Mercer street. New York. 
Y. — Gendemcn's silk, felt, straw and 
opera hats; ladies' riding hats. B 70. 


942 Kennedy, Thos., ft Bro., Philadel- 
phia. Pa, — Wax figure in bridal costume; 
trimmed bonnets and hats. F 73. 251 

943 Schiller, J08., ft Co., St. L.ouis, Mo. 
— Hats for gentlemen's wear. B 69. 251 

945 Hutchinson, John C, Johnstown, 
N. Y. — Men's lined do^kin, calfskin, 
and lambskin gloves and gauntlets. B 
71. 251 

946 Northrup, W. S. ft M. S., ft Co.. 
Johnstown, N. Y.— Fine lamb, real calf, 
and buckskin castor unlined gloves. Must 
glove dealers know the reliability of gloves 
made by this firm. B 71. 251 

947 Colwell, F. E., ft Co., Chicago, 
111. — Husking gloves. P 51. 251 

948 Miller, Geo. P., Jacksonville, Pla. 

— B 74. 
a Palmetto hats. 231 

6 Florida curiosities. 254 

949 Bancroft, J. S., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Hats and caps, boys' and child- 
ren's hats. B 72. 251 

950 Kursheedt ft Co., 190 to 194 

South Fifth avenue. New York, N. Y.— 
Standard manufacturers -#■ Embroideries, 
pufHngs, plaitings, and flutings, made on 
patented machines; ladies' collars and 
cuflfs, ties, collarettes, lock-stitch aU-ovor 
tuckings, and tucked frockings. F 69. 352 

950<x Beatty ft Thorne, New York, N. 
Y.— Hat, badge, and ornamental printing 
in gold, silver, etc. P 78. 252 

951 Bentley, Jeff. O., Philadelphia. 

Pa. — Embroidered, braided, and stamped 

foods ; indelible marking, designs, stamps. 
72. 23a 

95U Roberts ft Hevell, Newark, N.J. 
— T 65. 
a Dress, hat, and shoe trimmings. 25a 

6 Metal fancy goods, notions. 254 

c Tnmk and bag trimmings. 255 

952 Barrett, Tos. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Embroidery and braiding designs, 
hand worked and printed. F 72. 252 

953 Thomas, Joel, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Ruches, ladies' and infants caps, ruf- 
flings, and collarettes. F 71. 9S> 

954 Clickerman, L. M., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Embroidery on linen cambric. F 
68. as* 

955 Palmer ft Kendall, lliddletown, 
Conn. — Mosquito net canopies with attach* 
mcnts, machine-tentered wide febrics, mos- 
quito nettings, cords, and window lines. F 
77. asa 

956 Bedichimer, Isaac, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Masonic marks, society jewels, pins, 
and emblems in gold and ulver. N 43. 233 

956<> Barrows, H. F.,ftCo., New York, 

N. Y.— Plated jewelry. P 43. 253 

, 957 Muhr*s, H., Sons, Philadelphia, 

Pa.— GiAd finger rings. P43. 253 

^bla C^\^^\o\^'H«vttVt<»Co.J«ew York, 

"S . X .— Ce^QsJKw^ ^«««^ • iSk NV •*^ 

evgLre,see¥.e>> vo>^c«xi«»,v.wb\^FWBA'^»^»^-'* 



Jcwclxy, Toys, Fancy Articles. 

959 Simons, Opdyke, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Gold chains, gold head canes, 
thimbles, gold and pearl jewelry. P43. 253 

960 Caldwell, J. E., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Jewelry and artistic manufac- 
tures in the precious metals, for use and 
decoration. N 41. 253 

961 Vulcanite Jewelry Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Vulcanite and jet, and coi .'.Mnation 
vulcanite and jet jewelry. P 43. 253 

962 Goggin, Jas., New York, N. Y.— 
Suites of jewelry, and jewel cases of shell, 
jet, and bog oak. P 50. 253 

963 Neher, Chas., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hair jewelry. P 43. 253 

964 Starr ft Marcus, New York, N. Y. 
— Diamonds, pearls, precious stones, rich 
jewels, and stone cameos. N 41. 253 

965 Morgan ft Headly, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Gold spectacles and chains,' fine 
jewelry. N 42. 253 

966 Cottier, C, ft Son, N. Y.— Imita- 
tion of jprecious stones and fancy cut 
stones. P 44. 253 

967 Tillinghast, Mason ft Co., Provi- 
dence, R. I. — Imitation diamond jewelry. 
N 43- 253 

968 Richards. J. J. ft J. M., New 

York, N. Y. — ^Sleeve and collar buttons, 
studs, crosses, pins, and eardrops. P 
43- 253 

969 Haas, Jas. A., & Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Jewelry; masonic and other emblems. 
N 43. 253 

970 Hamilton P. Hunt, Providence, 
R. I. — Plated chains and buckle bracelets. 
P 43. 253 

971 Kipling's, R., Sons, New York, 
N. Y. — Precious and imitation stones for 
jewelry. N 43. 253 

972 Tiffany ft Co., New York, N. Y. 
— N41. 

a Jewelry, precious stones. 253 

b Gilt goods. 254 

978 Robbins, Clark ft Biddle, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — N 43. 

a Jewelry, diamonds. 253 

b Bronzes, fancy goods. 254 

978« Sand, M., New York, N. Y.— Wax 
flowers. F 71. 254 

974 Miller, Thos., New York, N. Y.— 
Silk umbrellas. B 70. 254 

975 Pope Manufacturing Co.,, Boston, 
Mass. — Rifle air pistol for target' shooting. 
H 71. 254 

975^ Oakville Company, Waterbury, 
Conn. — Shawl, bankers', and mixed pins ; 
toilet pin rolls. H 68. 254 

9753 Galena Oil Works (limited). 
Franklin, Pa.— Silver card baskets and 
cards. P 47. 254 

976 'Wallace ft Keller, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Walking canes, bell earrings, and 
fancy articles. B 72. 254 

976« Pratt, D. G., Cambridgeport, 
Mass. — ^Wood and ivory turned goods. N 
57. 254 

977 Birg* ft Berg, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Artificial flowers ; picture of lion, made of 
flowers. ¥72. 254 

078 aiendenninfr Sk Truitt, Philadel- 
pbMa, Pa.— Whips. B 71. 254 

Far chMset oftxhibits, indicated by numbers 

978** New York Button Co., New York, 

N. v.— Silk, velvet, metal, and other but- 
tons. B 71. 254 

979 Lacmann, I., ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Doll bodies. F 72. 254 

979^ Weintroub, Paul, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Fancy articles of olive wood from 
Jerusalem. T 54. 254 

980 Pilling, George P., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Gold, silver, and plated masonic, 
odd fellows, and society jewels, marks, 
emblems, and other small silver wares. 
N 52. 254 

981 Baeder, Adamson.ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Cowhide whips. N 68. 254 

98 Irt Bene, Creighton, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Feathers. H 76. 25^ 

982 Wilson, John, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Carved walking canes. B 69. 254 

983 Hirsh ft Brother, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Umbrellas, parasols, and materials. 
B 7a. 254 

983<x Bacon, George W., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Artistic transfers in spermaceti. N 
55. 254 

984 Galbraith, Alex., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Wax flowers and materials. F 
71. 2^ 

984^ Dudley, Dana, Philadelphia, Pc 
— Toy gyroscopes. P 71. ^St 

985 Watson, Brock, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Fancy articles carved from nuts and 
fruit stones ; wood relics. H 69. 254 

986 Potter, W. K., Providence, R. I.— 
Tortoise shell goods, combs, jewelry, etc. 

. P 43. 254 

986^ Shoenhof. J., ft Co., New York, 

N. Y. — Felt skirts. F 71, 254 

987 Nickle, Robt., Rochester, N. Y.— 
Magical apparatus and toys. H 78. 254 

987« Goodwin, W. C, New Haven, 
Conn. — Hot-air toys, guns, games, novel- 
ties, recording bank. N 71. 254 

988 Bloodgood, Miss A. De Etta, New 
York, N. Y. — Sheet wax, wax flowers, 
leaves, shells, fruit, etc. ; illuminated and 
rustic crosses. P 42. 254 

98 8a Noyes, W. F., Newburyport, 
Mass. — Combs. F 71. 254 

989 Chambers ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Umbrellas, parasols, and sun um- 
brellas. B 72. 254 

989^ Leiehton, Charles, New Orleans, 
La. — sleeve buttons mounted with Long 
Branch pebbles. F 71. 254 

990 Johnson, E. S., New York, N. 
Y. — Tooth picks and ear spoons. N 
43- 254 

990'* Jackson, Samuel C., New York, 
N. Y. — Silverware and jewelry trays ana 
cases, fancy wood boxes. N 43. 254 

992 Wahl, Emil, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Fancy bone work, dominoes, chessmen, 
crochet needles, buttons, jewelry, etc. N 
43. 254 

993 India Rubber Comb Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Hardware rubb^ combs, 
syringes, drinking flasks ; surgical, tele- 
eraphic, and photographic goods ^ etc. 
Manufactutets o^ Vvwd roJcJ^^x cwcivifs., 
syringes, dT\T\V\tv^ ^iSk&Vs, VcCv^ ^ocNsans., 
inkstands, oWets. v\v\m\>\«s.» ^0\-\itaAs., 
martincaXe T\t^, VamWew., "^^^"^V^^^ 
ne\s, scoops, d\ce cwp^, ^^^^ xxvj*, 

at end of entries, see C\ass\«^c;xXA^vi, v\>. ^I'^V 



Ornaments, Toys, Fancy Articles. 

castor rolls, napkin rings, whip han- 
dles, salad spoons and forks, gas 
faucet*;, mustard spoons: photographic, 
telegraphic, electrical, and surgical goods, 
and all kinds of special goods ; sheet, rod, 
and tubing. B 67. 254 

994 Leiner, Monte, New York,N. Y.— 
Ear cleaners, filtering racks, sponge bas- 
kets, bath and bottle brushes, probangs. 
P 65. 254 

995 Aiken, Lambert, & Co., New York, 
N. v.— Toothpicks. N 43. 254 

996 Koch, Sons, & Co., New York, N. 
Y. — ^Albums and backgammon boards. P 
76. 254 

997 Birch, John S., New York, N. Y.~ 
Watch key that will wind any watch. P 
43- 254 

998 Ellis, Knapp, & Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Umbrellas and parasols. B 
70. 254 

998a Feust ft Rice, New York, N.Y.— 
Toys, jardiniers, and parlor ornaments. 
P 51- 254 

999 Drown, W. A., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Umbrellas and parasols. B 
69. 254 

999<' Buffalo Decorating: Co., Buffalo, 
N. Y. — Artificial ivy and autumn leaves. 
P 62. 254 

1000 Hopkins ft Robinson Manufac- 
turing Co., Akron, O. — ^Smoking pipes. 
T44. 254 

1000a Smithers. Mrs. G. H.. New York, 

N. y.— Wax flowers and figures ; sheet 
wax. F 70. 254 

New York, 


1003 Dickinson, Mrs. C. J.. Chicago, 
111. — Wax flowers, leaves, fruit, ferns, 
etc. P 42. 254 

1004 Tobin, Joseph F., No. 82 Duane 

street, New York, N. Y. — Whalebone 
goods. Manufacturer of dress, corset, 
whip, cane, probe, busks, brush, ribbon, 
round and haJf-round bone. F 72. 254 

1005 Mabie.Todd, ft Bard, New York, 
N. v.— Tooth-picks. N 43. 254 

1007 Riley ft Lynch, Newark, N. J.— 
Bag and umbrella trimmings, military 
metal goods, masonic ornaments, etc. 
H 67. 254 

1008 Celluloid Manufacturing Co., 
Newark, N. T. — Toilet brushes, etc., made 
from celluloid. N 43. 254 

1009 American Mechanical Toy Co., 
N. V. — Mechanical toys. F 70. 254 

1010 Leonhard, Theo., Paterson, N. 
J. — Pure white beeswax bleached by sun, 
wax tapers or gaslighters, sheet wax and 
gilded brass moulds for wax flowers. N 
56. 254 

1011 Bradley & Hubbard Manufactur- 
ing Co., West Meriden, Conn. — Bronzes, 
call bells. N 47. 254 

1013 C?arlisle, Henry, ft Son. Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Tortoise shell and norn combs, 
jewelry sets, and fancy articles. N 
52. 254 

1014 Althof. Beremann, & Co., New 
V'orA", N. Y. — Tin and mcchamca\ toys. 
^ 7^. 254 

1001 Orange Judd Co., New 

N. Y.— Crandall's building blocks. 

For locution of objects, indicated by letter aud f\gi\re , set Ke>f vo 

1016 Bickel, August, ft Son, Phila(iel. 
phla. Pa. — Canes. B 71. 254 

1017 Heister ft Gans. N^^ York, N. 
Y. — ^Automatic umbrdlas and paras.ib. 
B69. 254 

1018 Kaldenberpr, Pred. Julius, New 
York, N. Y. — Genuine meerschaum pipes 
and cigar holders, amber goods. P 
66. 254 

1019 Holland, John, Cincinnati, O- 
Toothpicks. N 43. 254 

1020 Adams, ). S., A Co., Providence, 
R. I. — Tortoise shell jewelry and combs. 
N 42. 254 

1021 Demuth, Wm.,ft Co., New York. 
N. Y. — Pipes and smokers' articles. P 

69. 254 

1022 Waean, R. M., Mount Lebanon, 
N. Y.— Fancy articles made by the Sha- 
kers. P 52. 254 

1023 Stehr, Carl, New York, N. Y.- 

Meerschaum and amber goods. B 72. 254 

1024 Hsurvey ft Ford, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Canes, umbrdla and whip handles: 
pipes, billiard balls; pearl, bom, and ivory 
work. B 70. 254 

1025 "Waterbury Button Co., Water- 
bury, Conn. — ^Army, navy, railroad, police, 
state, livery, and doth buttons: ladies' 
belt buckles, medals, and badges. B 
76. 254 

1027 Armstrong, P., Bridgeport, 
Conn. — Duplex ventilated garters and 
armlets. F 72. 254 

1028 Field, A., ft Sons, Taunton, 
Mass. — Buttons and eyelets. P 68. 254 

1029 Lewy, F., New York, N. Y.-Kid 

glove safe. £ 78. 254 

1030 Matthias, Mrs. C. B., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Umbrellas and parasols. F 

70. 234 

1031 Mitchell, Vance, ft Co., New York, 

N. Y. — Bronzes. N 49. 254 

103 1^ Griffin, A. B., Ravenna, O.— 

Box and pyramid made c^ the woods of 
the world, containing 9865 pieces. P 
49- «54 

1032 Independent Comb Co., V\^appia- 

fer's Falls, N. Y. — Lathes' horn and rub- 
er combs, dressti^ combs, pipe stems, and 

bits. B 73. 254 

1033 Barnhurstft Robinson, Philadel- 
phia, *Pa. — Umbrella and parasol stretch- 
ers. B 70. 254 

1034 Grottenthaler, V., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Block f«>r wood engravers, wooden 
smoking pipes. B 70. 254 

1035 Ives, Blakeslee, ft Co.,Bridgeport, 
Conn. — Alechanicai toys and novelttei. 
F 72. 254 

1036 Mains Manufacturing Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Dice box. N65. 254 

1037 Nax, Kuhn, ft Silberman, Phil- 
adelphia. Pa. — Tobacco pi)>es; ombreUa, 
parasol handles, cigar tubes, etc. B 
75. 254 

1038 National Button Co., Eaathamp- 
lotv, Mass.— Cloth-covered and vegeuble- 
\vorv' \i\xX.Vot\& , \tv ^t^ax ntccv^. WiUiston, 

Y..m^x. & Co.,?»wivcv^VL«.Tv\s.,'^<jfc. IV^"^ 

v\ve case ox v^'c^Kscsb Qit\^ . "\i i^, VA 


Fancy Articlet, Trivttfn^ Bquipmentt, Stationeiy. 


anti fiiKy j<:4>!n N j. 

10iO^&««rt I A., B4tioA, MtH.^ 


^. fijr h*(J*, c«ne«, cor- 

104 Kunlrft Munu^ctuHnf Co., Boi- 
tLin« hlbi — Air }il«t<>t4, tf 71. its4 

1043 Jattln, Palmer, ft WlllUm, New 
VorV* N. Y.— Horn and ruW»ci r^kkIv 
Ia^^O buck cohiIm. and jewelry. N 

1041 Mll«r*th,Mnii,ftCo.,Ndrthbar<»' 

jtwrlry. V 45. Ji4 

1044 M4hn« L. H, Jamaica Plains, 

MflM — iWie bj!U F71. as4 

1047 Pert«rBroth«faftCo..New York. 

N. V HutLott* an J presses fur attaching 

1047 -i Holland J. C, New York. N. Y. 
— Nc<tlU*H f 71. i^4 

1045 Harrim, 8., A Son* ManufacturiA^ 
Co., ninl^lll, Mil**.— Pit^'^rihg inJ rmiiv 
«nba Imtutkm jet And thdt chdii*. r 
7«- JM 

1049 Wild. Q. L.. A Brother. Waahlnff. 
ton Ik (J.— MtBicid diidciiic toy attui-li- 
■aMl Ibr pluioa N &4 ^m 

lOftO MoutQux, Bmil W., New York. 
N. '\' — K*ir liictura and dcvice^ for 
breastpins. V 52. .'^4 

1061 Orote. P.. at Co.. New York, N. 
^. — Carved and turned ivory; )icarl and 
shell K^xnh. H 71. « i^4 

lOAL* Coarait Wm. C, iliddletown. 
Va— Catie T bi. j>4 

1058 AnaUy^ Frvd. W St. Augustine. 
Ha. — Jflnnlry iii4d« fram native Kloiivla 
mjiJCTiaJ. HtJi. JS4 

1063 Powler Ply Pan Co.. Philadel- 
ntiia, Va. — Kly fan moved hy cKH-kwoik. 
N M- '54 

1064 putt Bros, ft Co.. Waterbury. 
Coon — Dulion*^ II 71. j.s4 

105^ Cb«ahLr« VanuUcturInc Co.. 
>^'(ritV lic*hi[C| I (Lhjin. 1Wi[Ll.[h 1171. JS4 

106# Gadfre;r , C J , ft Son. Naufatuck, 

106 T Comitock Dickinson Ivory Co.. 

C'eiiler Bl^mk, Cuim — lv*.irt' i« conibn. 

H 71 'M 

106^ Blakt ft tohnaon^ W*t«rbury. 

i.THin. — Si Lin finish hair ^<1 1 ^ ^' . .^ 

1069 vv«, Blakeitee, ft Co.. Bridce- 
piin, l.'onn — Sdk iwcred ventilated nie- 
tJJllcjprtcn II 71. as4 

106^' Ladd. S. J., Providence. R. I.- - 

t+nlJ LFiimbilH N 43, 
1040 Peacock. H. if., Philadelpbia 

I'a—^ c«*«^ In mnn^L-L- ■, vrlvet. .tn«l 
niAv^luctcri*, forJeweJfi' etc.; physitiaiiH* 

ICBOw Turner. Andfewa ft Co.. Phila- 
delphia, p4-— IWkei 4ifid hill iKvoks, lettiT 
CAft>« and Utmy leather artiilcs. F 

1061 ftumnp. Cba*,, PblLadclrhU. Pa, 

*-'Ft)tncy r<-.\[]ti^f u"^'^J*H ilif%«[k<ii -'.a^t, >*-Ljrk 

106p* Lai»Efeld, 1,. A Soni. PbUadel- 
fWit Fh — IV^VmIk^uV^, tnuhcbi, and 
mnty Ifeaihvr artiLiei. /"/u j;^} 

Ff ri m un 9f mtthibitu, /nJicaicd l>y numbers 

lOSl Kolb. 0. P.. ft Son, PblLadfil|»Ma, 

irk.-- Cjud /uTj«W4l[y and tilvtrvralv. U 

71 «S 

106i*« Armi ManufaclurtnrCo.^Norik- 

■ mk^liM^ Mftii.- r*xVfl6oi*k^t phuLy* 

(t^l'b i^AKtf the** litMirdi, vtc. B Ttt, 4}1 

lOeiRumpp.C P.. lliftllt Hortti 

t-i'urtli St » I'hlla^WlphU, Vk ^Kan<y 
|i-^thrr KO<^>lt, prH^kftU>4kt^ «i^»r aod 
match cjsM^ IhihVen* <.**** ^ dr4«iln( 
Cuei« wrilitic dnki, iatLhpU» trarrliiif 
b«f^f rtCr Any artida tfiliilijled ii krut 
In ^lorc. an<l niiy Limikr t^v\% ^IU h* 
rrt-ule to order at >»hori nntk*. U <4, 4^j 
lD6S*i SHtier, 0«orn W., $S M«id*« 
l^n^^, ficw Vvrkf S. v.— Fi*n*, Je^cli^ 
tn«At ^nd EanL-y katb«r goods. MatiufiuS^ 
turrt of leatbvi Utwy jmittt. Our ipe- 
cUUIvi ATT jewelry tnicj nhrl fans. Thi><<tt 
are lb* tv iani of the kind made in this 

1064 Parkhurst ft Oridley. Newark, 

N. J.~ Slla^l mt^^.{ Un k itr.i|' I* bi. 1%$ 

1066 Li kly, McDonald, ft Rockett, 

C)f>ct4iid, Ohio y*i\CY leather work. 

1066 Mambach John A., ft Co.. Phila- 
d«li»hiA, Pii."ri**li«' and gcuilemcn's 
fuTik Khd n.ilici, it M, as<i 

106T Maw«on, Ed S.. ft Soni, Pliila- 
tMfhhu, F*.— Se.d sao]UH» miinii, «|n 
bll^'vcs: seal, sable, And mi tik skins, eio. 
>! ^*. a.s6 

IOCS Flshblattj Lawi«. Philadelphia. 
LV.— Ij^dia' hui and tarriagc n>bc». H 
>^ 956 

1066 Mahler. M.. New York, N. Y. - 
I urs. 11 ^7. jj6 

lOTO ReUky, N. C, Philadelphia. Pa. 
^ l^tilieq' hir^, tfcnu«iiirn\ iM^'ini^ K«mi(U, 
■Icinh n^br^, Intlu^t v«tot<d Imflaio roi>r<. 

1 OT 1 Boo». F H . ft Bro . , 4 49 B road w ay ^ 

Nf* Vwk, N v.* -Fuji. »ai.i;iic« u^iU 

nutfTt. bL«ih, tap<t. rvbci. t;li^vc*, fur trim 

niLTiKn. and skins of mW Vmdn. H 6y- |4 

IOTA Kaahler, Otto. Philadelphia, Pa. 

- S tutted aniinj1«, niw and drrucd tkirti 
fm r^W* fapc7 f^irt, ttc. B W. ijA 

1076 Ti^fytt ft HaLlen, Rahway, N. J. 

- Drtucd and dyed fun. K *&. 3^6 

1077 Burnett, W H ft R.. Newark. 
N . J. - Kura, (\u cK«aks, and fur-lined nian- 

Papflr. Blank Booki. and SUtionerj. 

1076 Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, 
S rencilLiJt'iiniphitc 1*7^. ^58 

1076 i Amberff. Wilhani A., New York. 
S V - Ktlc nnd Hnder 1*77. 358 

1079 McOMl. Geo. W.. New Vurk, N. 

Y,- Mi-liiH\ palciil tjufrliclTi, fur liiiidihg 
)t.t|>ers of ull dct^ rivi^uon : ^mut^littjic fnr 
TM^oIcn, dr>'. nnd fancy grchls^ nmi for ull 
4l< iiiptionx 1 li^hi liiiuUncH MrOill's 
j>.ient «w|>e iiline tings > RJid liftn-Tt for 
1i-^'iKi»|J canU, calendars h eft. ; om' )«in. 
drciT different patterns of fastenern and 
rinjts; Mcfiiiri patent loiter tlip^. 
piint}!<3+ presurt, Cnpylni; press, w.iter 
rupn, etc. Kkii:toricL4 *^^ Waterl>ur>\ 

V. .sloxx. V i>. ^'^ 

at end of ewuxc*. -^e* C\ts5x\^ct.>:\otv. vv- "^V W 




1079a Smith. Eldridge J., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Bill holder, envelope, and book 
clamp. H 69. 258 

1080 «oskins, W. H., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Paper, envelopes, designing, engrav- 
ing, printing, and liuiographing. P 76. 258 

1080^ Chamberlin, W^hitmore, ft Co., 

New York, N. Y. — Stationery. P 74. ^58 

1081 Woodruff, E. W.. Washington, 
D. C. — File holders, for filing business ana 
official papers, compactly and conve- 
niently for reference. Adopted by the 
United States Government. P 49. 258 

1083 Tiffany ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 

Stationery. N 41. 258 

1082« Pottin Register Manufacturing 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Bank check. P 
57- 258 

1083 Goldsborough, John, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Ribbon machine and hand 
stamps, perforating and canceling stamps. 
P 77. 258 

1084 American Lead Pencil Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Lead pencils, materials, and 
process of manufacture. P 74. 258 

1085 Fairchild, Leroy W., ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Gold pens, pencil and pen 
cases, toothpicks and desk holders of gold 
and silver, etc. Awarded highest pre- 
mium at Paris, 1867; Vienna, 1873; and 
gold and silver medals from other fairs 
wherever in competition. N 43. 258 

1086 Faber, Eberhard, New York, N. 
Y. — Lead pencils, penholders, rubber 
goods, and stationers' articles. P 73. 258 

1087 Cooke, G. K., ft Co., New York. 

N. Y. — Revolving hand stamps, seal 
presses, rubber stereotypes, check pro- 
tectors, combined pad and rack. P 77. 258 

1088 lohnson, E. S., New York, N. Y. 

— Gold pens, pencils, and cases. N 43. 258 

1089 Muller*s, Nicholas, Sons, New 
York, N. Y.— Bronze stationery ware, 
inkstands. P 76. 258 

1090 Janentxky ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Artists' materials, oil colors, water 
colors, paint boxes, artists' canvas, ad- 
justable drawing table, artists' brush and 
color stand, sketching ea.<(els, and other 
articles appertaining to the fine arts, all of 
our own manufacture. P 77. 258 

1 091 Ber^ner, Theo., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Drawing boards, parallel rulers, and 
section liners for draughtsmen's use. P 
76. 258 

1092 Hawkes, Geo. P., New York, N. 
Y. — (iold pens, gold, silver, pearl, and nib- 
ber pencils ; fountain pen. N 43. 258 

1093 Lipman, Hymen L., Philadel- 
phia, l*a. — Kyclct machines, combining 
pimch and riveter. P 74. 258 

1094 Brower Bros., New York, N. Y. 

— Inkstands, paper weights, sponge cups, 
letter files, etc, P 74. 258 

1095 Aiken, Lambert, ft Co., 12 Maiden 

Ljine, New York, N. Y.— Choice gold pens, 

penholders, cases. All goods sold guur- 

aiiteed of same excellency xs those on cx- 

ht bit ion. N 43. 258 

J09e Buck T. S., ft Co., Davenport, 
la.—Kuhber type fornm, rubber dating 
Mtamp. P77, ,55 

1097 Stiles, Mrs. E. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Book paper-file, revolving inkstand. 
P 30. 258 

1098 Youngs, Wm. J., ft Sons, PhUa. 
delphia. Pa. — Hand stamp. N 57. 258 

1099 Stoddard, Richard T., Boston, 
Mass. — Book supporter. P 74. 258 

1100 Youne, W. A., Jacksonville, Fia. 
— Pencil sharpeners. H 68. 258 

1101 Bender ft Phillips, Hohokus, N. 

J.— Sheet wax. N 56. 258 

1102 Mabie, Todd, ft Bard, New York, 
N. Y. — Gold pens, cases, pencils, holders. 

N 43- 258 

1108 Hall, P. W., Austin, Texas.- 

Postage stamp and ticket holders. N 68. 


1104 Dreka, Louis, Philadelphia, Pa.- 

Portfolio and stationery. Specimens of 
steel and copper plate engraving, diesiok- 
ine, printing, illuminating and aesignins. 
All work exhibited executed in our estab- 
lishment. P 74. 958 

1105 Parkhurst ft Gridlev, Newark, 

N. J.— Stationers' goods. P 68. 258 

1106 Foley, John, New York, N. Y.- 

Gold pens, pencils, and penholders. N 
43. asS 

1107 Chase, John S., Union Paste ft 
Sizing Co., 200 Mulberry street. New 
York, N. Y. — Preserved flour paste, for 
bookbinders' and general use ; Etirekaper- 
fumed paste, for office, library, and hoa<ie- 
hold. y 77. 258 

1108 Mason ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.- 

Engraving, 6ne stationery, illuminating, 
stamping, and copper plate printing. P 
73. «58 

1109 Somers, D. M., Greennort, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.— Penholders. P 7a. 258 

1110 Holland, John, Cincinnati, O. 
— Gold pens, pencil cases, penholdeis. N 
43. 358 

1111 United States Soapstone Manu- 
facturing Co., Cincinnati. O. — Soap- 
stone slate pencils, cravons for blackboard 
or metals, tailors' markers, hair crimpeis 
and curlers, boot powder, shoemakers' 
blocks, foimdrv &cii^; manu&cturers of 
soapstone goods of any description. P 77. 


1112 Hart, Bliven.ft Mead Manufisc- 
ttiring Co., New York, N. Y. — Stationery 
for the desk, paper files, clips, etc P 70. 


1113 James, Samuel. Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Artists' rotary color and bnwh-stand. 
P 77. 258 

1114 Chamberlin, Whitmore, ft Co.. 

New York, N. Y.— Sutionery. P 74. 258 

1117 Walker, Tucker, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Rubber hand stamps. P 
74- ssS 

1118 Esterbrook Steel Pen Co.. Cam- 
den, N. J.— Pen» and penholders. P 
72. 258 

1119 Eagle Pencil Co., New York, N. 

\ .— \-c3Ld aud mechanical pencils, copy- 

\TV|; CT^^'OTV& , ^V^icX^tX^ , %\aSQA!MX^ , WOOd 

I atvA\>ws&aT\As3«&. "t T^. •».'^ 

ror location ofnhjectn, Indfcatctl by letter and f»ftxite,see YLc^ io^oi^uoxi,v.*V»V««A^^»^V^ 




lift BdMll, D. A., N«w York, N. Y.- 

Rubber hunil Maiiip«, •icfcotyim, f(»li1in| 
ruck pads. P 77. >so 

1188 Morton, Jftmet. N«w York. N. Y. 
•^Gold peiu, golil. celluloid, and pearl 
pcncilt aiid peim«ilden. N 43. 358 

1184 Donovan, J. W., Detroit, Mich.- 

Kecurd file cuvert, cluMlficd directory. I* 

5». a^8 

1186 Koch, Sons, A Co., New York, N. 

v.— I* 76. 

« liaiikert' caaca. portfolioa, patent binder*. 

etc. tst 

S illank books. 961 

1186 Mote 4 Co., PhlUdelphin, Pa. 

a Stationery. t%b 

k lUank bucks and printed books. aoi 

1187 Root, R.C., Anthony, A Co., New 
Yorit. N. Y.-l* 74. 

m Office stationery. 3<(8 

k Account books, lithographic work. a<St 

1188 Cohen, Chaa. J., 86 South Fifth 
street. Philadelphia. I>a.> V 74. 

« Kverpoiiit lea<lK for pencil cumcs. >5R 

^ Knvelo|>es. ail sixes and qualities. aso 

e Sutinette copying book. a^'i 

4/ Paper boxes. >6a 

1188 Byron, Weeton, Dalton, Maee.— 
Ledger and record pni>er. l.inen. strong, 
double-siied paper lorbtMiks, where great 
Strength and knag use are required. P 

75. av; 

1188«i Stratford. Hot, 4 Co., Jeraey 

City. N. J.-P 74. 
I i^jiue pa{>er. S59 

B Press boards. 963 

1180 Owen Paper Co., Houaatonlc, 
Mass. — Finit>cla<ts linen ledger {miiktk, 
bond and thin linen papers ; tinted wed- 
ding royals and folios, plain and patent fin« 
Ifthed : hristol boards and staple writing 
papers of all kinds. P 7.). av) 

1180« Brown, L. L., Paper Co., South 
Adams, Mass. — ledger and flat paprm. 
P 74. aS9 

1181 Southworth Co., Mlttlneaque, 
Mass.— Writing papers. P 75. »sy 

1188 Mount hollv Paper Co., Mount 
Holly Springs, ra.— Writing papers. " 







1188 Whltlnc Paper Co., 
Mass.— Fine pa|>crs. P 77. 

1184 Creacent Milta. Sprinffteld, Mate 
--Wriling paiwra. P 74. as^ 

1185 Holyoke Paper Co., Holyoke 
Maaa.— Writing papers. P 74. 959 

1186 Caraon A Brown Co., Datton, 
Maaa.— Writing |>aper. P 74. S59 

1187 Paraona Paper Co., Holyoke, 
Mass. — Wriling paper. Munufacturrra of 
white and tinted writing and envelope 
papers, of every description. P 74. 359 

1188 Crane 4 Co., Dalton, Maaa. - 
iteiid, bank-note, purchmeat, letter, u-td 
note paper. P 74. JSQ 

1188 Parker, Joaeph, Son, A Co., New 
llaven, Conn.— Tn'asury utui t:oiiiiiiri« %u\ 
blotting paper. Treasurv blotting |Mpcr is 
well known fi>r its durability and great ab- 
sorbent auaJlty, cleuiithiesn in its use 
growB Moft mihI pUuhtc hv exponure, and 
Aci'cr hMrdmu on the tlesk. It will ubM>rlt 
9 Ink UuM tbeBmme Ch/ckneas of papers 

of thU class manufactured in the ortllnarv 
manner. J. ii. Diiin.m & Co.. Philadel- 
phia, agents for Centennial. P 74. 9^9 

1140 Campbell. Hall, A Co., New York, 

^l. v. — Safety paper, for protection from 
ero-Hures. V 74. 059 

1148 Tlleaton A HolHnnworth, Boa- 
ton, Mass.— Steel plate, chromo, and woo<l> 
cut paper. P 77. 3^9 

1148 Crane Brothera, Weatfteld, Maaa. 
— Ilank IcilKcr, record, and linen (abric 
papers. P 74. 359 

1144 Hurlbut Paper Co.. South Lee, 
Maos. — Writing and blank book papers. 
P 7S »-S9 

1145 Seymour Papor Co., Wlndaor 

I,oi-ks. Conn. — P 75. 
Wriling. envelope, blotting, plate, chro< 

mo, Umik, and printing papers. 359 

^ Colored papers. 3^4 

1146 Megargee Broa., Philadelphia, 

I'a.-P 74 
IkMtk, piute, envelope, and 

h Colored papers. 


writing pa* 


New York, 

L., Jr., Dayton, O. 




s I 

1147 Prancia A 
N. Y.- P74 

ManifuUI writers, by which letters and 

copies are written at the nanie time, ssti 
h liuiik ledger's itpiiitK b(K>k, patciued April 

30, 1870, otienii freely and extra strong. 

l)iarirH published annually ; safety checks. 

suie protection agaiunt raising, or fraud. 


1147'* Crane, 


h Card Utard. 

1148 Haldeman Paper Co., Lockland. 

Wruuping and carpet paper, etc. fl6o 

h Muilding and roofing pa|>er. 303 

1140Jeaaup A Moore, Philadelphia, 

Pa. Copperplate, lithograph, and bcMtk 
p.ipcrs, ncw» |>a{>er. P 74. 360 

1150 Ivanhoe Manufacturing Co.. 

Putcnon. N. I.— lUx>k t>;i|iers. liat writ- 
ing. lUitlar's "French folios," also In four 
colors : American silk copying paper, 
cheap colore<l laid writing. Specialty — 
animal sited wriling paper in rolls. KoU 
one-half mile long— one continuous sheet. 
P 74. 360 

1153 Howlett,Onderdonk,A Co., Phil- 
adclphia. Pa. - Machine-made paper bags. 
P 7.» afi^ 

1155 Tangeman, Geo. P., Hamilton. 
Ohio. P 77. 

Carpet iwper. a6o 

h K(Miling fdt. 363 

1156 McNeil, Irving, A Rich, Elwood, 

a Carpet, manila. flour sack, and wrapping 

i»ai>er. a6o 

f> \VatprpnH)f building paper. 363 

c Colored papen. 364 

1157 Mann, Wm., Phlladelnhia. Pa.— 
lUank liOOKH fur baidcs, |wruuuent copv- 
ioK lHM)kii. P 7^. vfti 

1157a Ma\a *. >W\\\%^x \»x\>a.^s \^. 

1\5% KUattvua Sl C.o..^>^\^•^^^^^^^^'^^ 

Fct dMMB ci txhikia, ijKJicated by numbcia at and of wxttVca, %«» 0»\ti«x^'«^*'*^ ^t-^ 




Ua Holman, A. J., ft Co., Philadel- 

pnia, Pa. — Ik>okbinaing and photograph 

1168 Walker, 

Charleston, <^ 
blank case. 

1159 MurphyV W. P., Sons, PhiU. 

ddphia. Fa. — Blank books, made to order 
for actual use. P 77. 261 

1159« Uppincott, J. B., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Blank books of their own 
manufacture. T 72. 261 

1160 Thomas, Chat. P., Wilmiofi^on, 
Del. — Index for public records, andmer- 
cantile accounts. P 76. 261 

1161 Kohler. Ignatius, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Samples of bookbinding; samples 
of hand-nnihhed ornamental, artistical, 
tool-worked bibles and large royal photo- 
graph albums, holding from 600 to 1000 
pictures. (Hand-finished by Ig. Kohler 
nimself.) T 74. 261 

albums. T 74. 261 

1162 Burlock, Saml. D., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Bookbindings. T 73. 261 

I, Evans, ft Cogswell, 

S. C — Blank books, law 
P 74. 361 

1163<s Robinson, Savage ft Co., Cleve- 
land. O. — Ku.ssia bound register books. 
{Ohto Sttite Building.) 261 

1164 Appleton, D.. ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Bookbinding. {jGalUry.) T 
73. 261 

1164a HinsdiU, Henry M., Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich. — Office scratch-books. T 77. 


1165 Sandford ft Co., Cleveland, O. 
— Full Russia bank books. P 77. 261 

1165o Beckett ft Cervi, Cambridge, 
Mass. — Specimens of bookbinding. T 
74 261 

1166 Siddall Bros., Philadelphia, Pa.-s 

VcMum printing, conveyancers' envelopes, 
and job and book printing. P 74. 261 

1167 Lanfire, Little, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Wood cut, railroad, and job print- 
ing. T 78. 261 

1168 American Tract Society, New 
York, N. Y.— Bookbinding. T 76. 261 

1169 Oldach ft Merj^enthaler, Phila- 
(telphia. Pa. — Bookbinders' work. T 75. 


1170 Houghton, H.O., ft Co., Riverside 
Press. Cambridge, Mass., Hurd& Hough- 
ton, New York. — Specimens of their pub- 
lications, in fine library and law bindii^, 
smons them the " Massachusetts Re- 
porte,^' in law calf; the " Butterflies of 
North America," in crushed levant and 
vellum ; " Smith's Unabridged Bible Dic- 
tionary," and " Knight's American Me- 
chanical Dictionary', in grained levant ; 
the special feature being a copy of "Web- 
ster's Unabridt:ed Dictionary, manufac- 
turrd at the Riverside Press, in illumi- 
nated vellum. T 76, on the .pavilion 0/ 
tkd Anuricam Book Trade Association. 

261 I 

1171 Reed. A., ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Ornamental bookbinding. T 74. 261 

1171« New York Catholic Protectory, 
.Vcw York, N. V. — Priming. V 53. 261 

1172 Lindsa)r ft Blakiston, Phi\ade\- 
phia, Pji. — Specimens of binding. T 73. 

1178 Boorum A Pease, New York, 
-^ V H/.,nk !HV.k<. P 7«i. 261 

1174 Bradley ft QUbert, Loutevllta, 

Ky.— P 75. 

a Blank boioks, specimens of printiq^ 961 

A Bonnet boards, file paper boxes. sGi 

1176 Kerr, N. M., ft Co., Philaddphia, 

Pa.— Paper boxes, jeweleis' findings. P 

75- afe 

1175« Richardson, f. N.,Bo8ton, Mass. 

—Playing cards. P 78. 26a 

1176 Dixon, Charles A., ft Co., PhU. 

adelphia. Pa. — Engraved weddii^ and 
visiting cards, invitations, heraldic designs, 
and illuminations in monograms. P 
75. 262 

1177 American Paper Box Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Fancy paper boxes. P 
74- 262 

1178 Porter ft Bainbridge, New York, 
N. Y. — Cardboard, stationery, papeteries, 
etc. N 72. 263 

1179 Dennison ft Co., Boston, Mass.— 
jewelers' paper boxes, cards, tags. Libels, 
seals, tis.sue papers, sealing wax ; jewden 
and surgical cotton. P 75. 267 

1180 Osborn, Bennet, Nevirark, N.J.- 
Paper boxes. P 73. 262 

1181 Dennison ft Brown, Portland, 
Me. — Wood pulp and products, paper 
boxes, etc. P 77. 262 

1182 Cornell ft Shelton, Birmingham, 
Conn. — Folding paper boxes. P 74. 262 

1188 Crompton, iohn, ftCo., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — ^Jewelers', druggists', and per- 
fumers' boxes. P 74. 26a 

1184 Rhode Island Cardboard Co., 
Pawtucket, R. I.— Cardboard, cards for 
printers and photographen, mapjllg tag 
stock. P 74. 262 

1185 McClement Brothers, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Embossed business cards, en- 
i>ossed labels, cut and gummed, and im- 

?ressions from notarial and society seals. 
'74. 262 

1186 Nashua Card ft Glased Paper 
Co., Nashua, N. H. — Fancy paper boxes, 
colored paper and cardboard. P 74. 26a 

1186a Zennig, R. H.,ftCo., New York, 
N. Y. — Fancy paper boxes. F 43. 263 

1187 Dougherty, A.. New York, N. 

Y.— Playing cards. P 77. 262 

1188 Beck, Charles, PhiladelphU, Pa. 

— P 76. 

a Cards, cardboard. 26s 

A Fancy, colored, glased, mameled, and 

embossed papeis. S64 

1 1880 Scott. T. Sejrmour, ft Bro., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — P 77. 
a Bonnet and carpet Doardi. 96s 

^ Paper carpet and building paper. 363 
1189Davev,W. O., ft Sons, Jmey 
City, N. J.— P 77. 
a Binders' txtmk and box boards. 262 

6 Oakum. 666 

1190 Stelwagon, Jos., ft Sons, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Raw roofii^ P^per; pre* 
pared roofing and sheathing paper ; car* 
pet and sheathing paper. P 70. 263 

1198 Grice,Jas.,ft8ons,Dowmngtown, 
Pa.— Wrappers for paper manuCsctur« 
ers. P 77. 263 

V\^\ C^tdoti, A. Danlop, Philadelphia, 
Vai.— ^>33\d:vD^ axA vaxBa^ concrete fdts. 

r«» ;oca*,onofobj«cu, indicated by \etl« and ftKare,s«eKc>i%o^c»a.««^.V»V.lP^ 

S. E. comer Third and Vine Streets, 




KS'Third and Vine, Camden, N. J. 


Spring Beds and Bedding, 

Bed and Table Linen, Spiral Springs, Feathers, Hair, etc., etc. 

1, Spiral Springs, I 

Half Border and Double Border 

;zro BEDS. 

Hotels, Steamboats, and the Trade Supplied. 

203 and 205 Oanal Street., ^«^ ^c^r^z-. 

See Goods in Main Building, P sa, l^o. ^%%%. 





.i « K s 
•2 S3 

u St) 




Receive on consignment West Indift and South America Pro- 
duce. Buy and Ship all sorts of American Pro- 
duce and Manufactures. 


81.3 2. 

3 o n 3 


C r* n n 
e an 





Has a larger circulation than any Religious News- 
pa po2» in the W^est, and, as an advertising 
medium, is utvsurpasseOu 



Paper Manufactures, Firearms, Ammunition. 

1196 Barrett, Arnold, ft Kimtwll, Chi- 

cago, III.— P 76. 
m Aluminous and ornamental building pa- 

h Paper oil doth. 364 

1197 Van SkelHne,Theo., Brooklyn, N. 
Y. — ^Motto papers and motto flowers. P 

] 97a Goth, Herman f., Bethlehem, 
Pa. — Oil-paintcd-washable wall paper. A. 
Goth & Co.'s patents improvedf. This 
paper b a most valuable invention, and 
as to beauty, smoothness, durability, and 
cheapness, it is superior to oil-painted 
walls. 1* 59. 264 

1198 Dejonse, Louis, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — B^ncy colored, ^azed, plated, 
enamded, varnished, emlx»sed, and print- 
ed papers. P 74. 264 

1199 Beck, Pr.. ft Co., 206 ft 208 West 
Twenty-ninth street. New York, N. Y.— 
Wall papers. The goods exhibited bv this 
firm are of two classes : one made by nand- 
printii^ alone, the other by machinery 
alone. In the former a great variety of 
colors can be used, matching furniture 
coverings and draperies, if desired, and, 
indeed, the appearance of watered silks, 
or satins, or rich embroidered stuffs, can be 
so closely imitated that the printed paper 
can scarcel)r be distinguished from the 
genuine fabric. The goods made by ma- 
chinery are commended for skill in work- 
manship, for graceful drawing in psatern, 
for a close resemblance to hand-printed 
papers, and for cheapness in price. P 
76. 264 

1200 Howell ft Brothers, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Paper hangings, borders, fireboard 
prints, and window papers. P 76. 264 

1200^ Spurr, Chas. W., Boston, Mass. 
— Wood hangings and marquetries. P 
73- 264 

1201 Howell ft Bourke, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Paper hangings and fresco decora- 
tions. P 59. 264 

1 202 Westerberg, Jefferson, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Decorations and embossed 
gold papers. P 76. 364 

1208 Nagle, Cook, ft Ewing. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Decorative paper nanging. T 
55. afi4 

miitary and Kaval Armaments, Ord- 
nance, Firearms, and Huntings Ap- 

1204 Union Metallic Cartridge Co., 
Bridgeport, Conn. — Metallic shells, bul- 
lets, wads, and percussion caps ; cartridge 
machinery. H 70. 265 

1205 Sparks, Thos. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Drop-shot, mould, and conical oalls. 
H 71. 265 

1206 Billings ft Spencer Co., Hartford, 
Conn. — Breechfoading firearms. H 
72. 265 

1207 Remington, B., ft Sons, Ilion, N. 
Y. — Firearms and ammunition. H67. 265 

1208 Smith ft Wesson, Spnngfield, 
Mass. — Revolving firearms. H 69. 265 

1209 Colt's Patent Firearms Manufac- 
turing Co.^ Hartford, Conn. — Breech- 

loadiag military and sporting small-arms, 

and military and pocket revolvers for me- 

tallic ammtmition. H 7a, 365 

For cbuBd of exhibits. Indicated by numben 

1210 Gardner, Wm., Hartford, Conn.— 

Breechloading cannon, machine guns, 
magazine shoulder arms. H 70. 265 

1211 Forehand ft Wadsworth, Worces- 
ter, Mass. — Revolving military and sport- 
ing firearm. H 71. 265 

1212 Rawbone,Thos., Newark, N.J.— 
Cartridge-creaser. H 72. 265 

1218 Whitney Arms Co., Whitnevville, 

Conn. — Breechloading military and sport- 
ing rifles, carbines^ shotguns, revolvers, 
etc., with ammunition. H 68. 265 

1214 Sharps Rifle Co., Bridgeport, 
Conn. — Rifles. H 72. 205 

1215 Merchants' Shot Tower Co., Bal- 
timore, Md. — Drop and mould shot. Ca- 
pacity, one million bags per annum. Pat- 
ent improved style soft bar lead. H 7z. 265 

1216 Burgess, AndreW;Owego,N.Y.~ 

Magazine rifles for military and sporting 
purposes. H 68. 265 

1217 Goldmark, Joseph, New York, N. 

Y. — Percussion caps, primers, burglar 
alarm exploders, blasting detonators, me- 
tallic and paper cartridges, metal and pa- 
per boxes. H 71. 265 

1218 Lovell.John P., ft Sons, Boston, 

Mass. — Revolvers. H 72. 265 

1219 Dana, Edw. A., Boston, Mass.— 
Expanding projectiles for rifled cannon. 
H 72. 265 

1220 Schoverling ft Daly, New York, 

N. Y. — Hunting and target rifles, revol- 
vers, breechloading implements. H70. 265 

1221 Winchester Repeatinp^ Arms Co., 
New Haven, Conn. — Magazine or repeat- 
ing military and sporting firearms, metallic 
cartridges for small arms. H 72. 265 

1222 Wesson,Frank, Worcester,Mass. 
— Breechloading sporting and pocket tar- 
get rifles. H 70. 265 

1223 Rupertus, Jacob, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Revolvers and repeating pistols. 
H 70. 265 

1224 United States Cartridge Co., 
Lowell, Mass. — Metallic cartridges. 
Manufacturers of a perfect brass shell, 
central fire, solid head cartridge, capable 
of reloading many times; also, manufac- 
turers of central and rim fire ammunition, 
of all kinds. H 72. 365 

1225 American Arms Co. .Boston, Mass. 

— Double-barreled, breechloading shot- 
guns, and locks. H 73. 264 

1226 Merwin, Hulbert^ ft Co., New 

York, N. Y. — Revolving firearms and 
ma^zine ^n, military and sporting me- 
tallic cartridges. H 70. 265 

1227 Evans' Rifle Manufacturing Co., 
Mechanic Falls, Me.— Magazine rifle, 
carbine, and musket. H 70. 265 

1227<x Clark ft Sneider, Baltimore, Md. 
— Guns and parts of breechloading shot 
guns. H 71. 265 

1 228 Willis, Aug. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Time and percussion shell fuse. H 
68. -ife** 

at end oC enXi\es. «.^ C\^Vivc^^^^^>^^' -^-^ 



Weapons, Ammunition, Medicines. 

12S1 Stevens, T., ftCo..ChicopeeFftU8. 

Mass.— Breechloading shotguns, rifles, and 
pistols. They now suppl y thoroughly well- 
made strong and cluse-shooting breech- 
*.oadlng double shotguns, lo or is gauge 
twist, ft40.oo; laminated steel, I45.00: ex- 
tra finish, $55.00. Their rifles and pocket 
rifles shoot with wonderful accuracy. Cir- 
culars and full particulars on application 
to their agent, Charles Folsom, 53 Cham- 
bers street. New York, or H 71 Main 
Building. H 71. 365 

1832 Stoddard, Charlee J., Washing- 
ton, D. C. — Cartridge-loading implement. 

1833 Qatling, Richard J., Hartford, 
Conn. — battery gun. This celebrated ma- 
chine gun fires from 800 to xooo shots per 
minute, has great accuracy, and the larger 
calibres have an effective range of over 
two miles. Manufactured by tn^lSatlinff 
Gun Company, at Hartford, Conn. li 
70. a66 

1834 Witty, Calvin, New York, N.Y.— 
Brecchlt-ading field cannon. H 69. a66 

1835 Nekervis, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Model of rarrott gun, with caisson 
complete. H 7^. a66 

1836 South Boston Manufacturing Co., 
Boston, Mass. — Bronze and sted rifle 
cannon, boat howitzer. H 71. a^ 

1837 Boon, B.. West Medford, Mass.— 
Miniature field artillery, limber, and field 
piece. H 71. a66 

1839 Ridrway, John, Heirs of, Boston, 
Ma$s.--Revolving battery. H 69, 267 

1839^ Stevens Institute of Technol- 
ogy. Hoboken, N. J.— Model of the Ste- 
reos battery. T 67. 267 

1839*^ Pauldinr , Kemble, ft Co., Cold 
Spring, N. \.— Mvvlel of gun carriage. 
11 7a a67 

1840 Ames ManuGacturing Co.. Chico- 
pee, Mas*.— United States re»:Mlauc»n, 
masonic, and society swcmvIs. H 71. «68 

1841 Collins ft Co.. New York. N. Y.— 
Machetes, sm\>rd$, bawmets, etc N 
67. «68 

1848 Oaylord Manufacturing Co., Chi- 

copee, Mass. — Presentation ax>d society 

s^'ords. X Tcv. 3<>S 

1843 Wnrneia.Wm.,PhiUdelphia.Pa. 

—Parlor or frallen- rifles and mccKanical 
tarpc». H "s. ' ffOo 

1S44 KriderJohn,PhiladelphU,Pa.— H 



M iTuns. p:s:v-»a;. 

/ Fishing ta.~kJe and spc^rtinp pvds. 

1847 Harder, J., ft Son, Ix>ck Haven. 
Pa. — Single, double, and three-barrel 
guns. Aianufacturers of all kinds of muz- 
zle-loading guns. H 71. 269 

1848 Parker, Chas., Meriden, Conn.— 

DouUe-barreled breechloading shot guns. 
H 70. 269 

1849 Harrington ft Richardson, Wor- 
cester^ Mass. — Revolving firearms with 
shell ejector. H 7s. 269 

184S Providence Tool Co., Providence, 

R. 1— F.rccch-vu.'iia^ rifies. for n:iI::Ar>-, 
ttrpc:.. kjic *-r»-'r:;:5C puTTvtses Maxiwiac- 
mre:s cf ** t'eaboi^-Marrini" r.fless for 
miiixarr. tar^ta.. ai»i f-rorrinj: purposes. 
The srandarc ami re v>t«i Britain, noted 
f.c srreniinh. arri.-a.-n , s:rcplid:y. aud 
lieaijr} :,f;o:. .v^- sh.-»:> have beer, fired 
a: :r.s farr.i-r f-,.ir. p.-v-.-w of these rlfies, 
w iii.ui: a;\-orn: . aisr minufacn.reri. of 
^icfi^T- harrwart. *ihip-chandlers' and fsd'»- 
mulir^ iiur:rwart. nu». bol». hinges, ere. 

I94£ Trx^oxi. E. K.. jr., ft C«>.,Ptilaaea- 

pf*^ J'i^ — \luzzit tz^^.xtg nfics.. sSoi- 
£ims. rrwo^ts%., {ruzunakors* loob., -etc.. 

"" ~~ at* 

1850 Burton, Bethel, Brooklyn, N.Y.- 
"ng maga2 * 

Military and sporting magazine rifles, 
bayonets, portable 



Medioine, Surgery, Frothesii. 

1858 BoerickeftTafel,685Archstreet, 

Philadelphia, Pa. — Official homeopathic 
medical preparations, books and "periodi- 
cals. ManuOacturing homeopathic phar- 
macists. Complete assortment of homeo- 
pathic medicines, in their different d^rees 
and forms, for physicians, families and 
druggists; sugar of milk, pellets, tises, 
corks, vials. Publishers ot homeopathic 
literature. N 50. 272 

1858« Planten, H., ft Son, New York, 
K. Y. — Gelatine capsules. N 58. 272 

1853 Wallace Bros., StatesviUe, N. C. 
— Wholesale dealers in southern roots, 
herbs, barks, flowers, seeds, etc., of fine 
quality. Orders solicited, rf 58. 272 

185S« Dick, Dundas. 85 ft 87 Woos- 
ter street. New York. — Tasteless medi- 
cines. These soft capsules are acknowl- 
edged by the most eminent physicians a 
true method to administer nauseous medi- 
cines, which often detract from, if they do 
not destroy, the beneficial effects of some 
cf the most valuable ressedies prescribed. 
No patent or proprietary medicines are 
put up in son capsules. Explanatory 
circulars free at every drug store in the 
United States. These caKules were ad- 
mitted to the last Paris £xpositioa. T 
50. S72 

1854 Seabory ft Jofansoa, Ne 
X. V.-Pl«stess^ T44- 


1855 Mitchell. Geo. B., Lowell, Mass. 

— Suigical, medicinal, and pharmaoeutica] 
plasrexs and piaster coanpoonds, lung pro- 
teeroK. N 55. 27a 

1S5C F«hr, Jnfins, Hoboken, N, 1.- 

Compouad taknm — lialn* powder. The 
hycienic dermal pcwsier. nsefial for ia£uia 
and adahs, cnDtanan^ mnst vahiable diera- 
peatic prppertaes* N 53. 272 

1857 Raad3e,Wm,H.,BaJtiinoi«,Md.- 

Bocarjcal medksnes^ X 52. 272 

1S58 Tima. ^MTau, PMcraoA, N. J.- 

HnmeopaihirpeDeo.. X 5a. 272 

1858 WilMKu a. O. ft Q. C^ Boatoa, 
Mass.— PressiBd med k a — l hai«, leaves. 
fiow'cn;. seeds., rciccf.. baiis, « ir S 

52. 272 

1 860 Sarith^ H wnm s m j atlilc Pkaraiacy, 
Xew YorL. X.Y. *• 

mxiaBs in tmctuRi^ i 


for {vafeBBona: sad &auly BK. 


afio^ocx^y iwfiyrpy*^- ijv \rn«iiT asid fipaBK«saalB>>Q' u>>*i 

\%%\ Ky« 



Medicines, Surgical Appliances. 

1268 Blair*8, H. C, Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-T 47. 
a Wheat food. 273 

b Fountain syringes. 274 

1263 Hance Bros. & White, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Conical plate drug mill and fil- 
tering apparatus. P 43. 274 

126dtf Rohrbeck ft Goebeler, New York, 
N. Y.— School air pump. N 55. 274 

1264 Bishop, Joaquin^ Sugartown, 
Chester Co., Pa.— Platma crucibles, stills, 
botdes. blowpipe tubes, ignition tubes, 
etc. Manufacturers of platinum cruci- 
bles, ignition tubes, stills, bottles, wire, 
and articles used by analytical chem- 
ists ; refining and melting of scrap or na- 
tive grain platinum. Old platinum bought 
and taken in exchange. P 49. 274 

1265 Gilbert, Alfred A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Medicine chest and saddlebags. 
N 51. 274 

1266 Hechelman, H. W., Allegheny 
City, Pa. — Anatomical preparations of 
human ear and eye. N 54. 275 

1266^ Seaman, Louis Livingston, New 
York, N. Y. — Auscultatory percu.ssor, for 
diagnosing. N 58. 275 

12663 Longaker, H. D., Allentown, Pa. 
— Surgical and anatomical specimens of 
malignant tumors. T 47. 275 

1266^ Bowen, Truman, Boston, Mass. 
— Casting in the lungs of a calf. N 54.' 275 

1267 Mcllroy, T., New York, N. 
Y. — Invalid, elevating, and fracture bed- 
steads, surgical operating and dissecting 
tables, oculists' and surgical operating 
chair. N 50. 276 

1267^ Whittemore, Joshua, Wakefield, 
Mass. — Elastic cnuches. H 72. 276 

1268 CondelUJ., & Son, New York, N. 
Y.— Artificial limbs. N 58. 276 

1268« Vaughan, W. R., Council Bluffs, 
la. — Belt trusses and supporters. N 58. 


1269 Everett, B. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Trusses, supporters, shoulcfer braces, 
elastic stockings, belts, and artificial limbs. 
N 56. 276 

1269<s Shepard & Dudley, New York, 
N. Y. — Surgical instruments and ortho- 
pedic apparatus. N 58. 276 

1270 Taylor, Charles F., New 
York, N. Y. — Orthopedic apparatus and 
machines for local exercise. N 52. 276 

1270^ Day, G. Hayden, Bennington, 
Vt.— Fracture splints. N 55. 276 

1271 Tiemann, Geo., ft Co., No. 67 
Chatham street, New York, N. Y.— 
Manufacturers of surgical instruments and 
orthopedic appliances. Established in 
1826; branch store, 107 East Twenty- 
Eighth street. New York; steam factory, 
81, 83, and 85 Boenim street, Brooklyn, 
E. D. Exhibit a most complete and com- 
pact operating set, containing, in ten com- 
partments, over one hundred and eighty 
instruments, ample for every modem ope- 
ration ; specimens of operating cases used 
in America; Heine's osteotome for resec- 
tion; Tiemann & Co.'s new rotating-blade 
osteotome; Tiemann & Co.'s new appa- 
ratus for fracture of arm and leg ; anatomi- 
cal syringe; Dawson's cautery battery, 
smallest battery known ; Tiemann & 
Co. 's patent and other aspirators ; patent 

steam atomizer; patent automatic and 
other hypodermic syringes; laryngo- 

scopes ; ophthalmologists', aurists', gyne- 
cologists', and other instruments; a va- 
riety of entirely new instruments of Amer- 
ican origin, etc., etc. All articles ex- 
hibited are Tiemann & Co.'s own manu- 
facture. Their catalogue, bound in cloth, 
numbering four hundred and twenty -six 
pages, and containing over fifteen hundred 
engravings, can be obtained in New York 
for the cost of binding— seventy-five cents. 
N 51. 276 

1271a Newbauer. Wm.G., Long Island 
City, N. Y. — Medical-plaster spreading 
machine. P 47. 276 

1272 Marks, A. A., New York, N. Y.— 
Artificial limbs, India rubber hands and 
feet. N 58. 276 

1272<z Lee, Benjamin, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Apparatus for the treatment of spinal 
curvatures. N 56. 276 

1273 Woods,- J. T..Toledo,0.— Splint 
for leg and thigh. N 59. 276 

1273« Ahl, David, Newville, Pa.— 
Adaptable porous splints. P 71. 276 

1274 Pilling, Geo. P.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Gold, silver, and plated surgical instru- 
ments. N 52. 276 

1275 Mervine. S. P., jr., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Gynecological apparatus. N 52. 276 

1276 Gemrig, J. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Surgical instruments and appliances. 
N 57. 276 

1277 Perry. Vincent. Germantown, Pa. 
— Elastic oandages for surgical purposes. 
N 57- 276 

1278 National Surgical Institute, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. — Surgical and mecnani- 
cal appliances, splints, operating chairs, 
crutches, supporters, and trusses. N 
56. 276 

1279 Penfield, E. C, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — I'russes, etc. N 59. 276 

1280 Elastic Truss Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Elastic trusses and abdominal sup- 
porters. N 56. 276 

1281 Blanck, Wm.. ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Artificial limbs ana appliances. 
N 58. 276 

1283 Leiner, M., New York, N. Y.— 
Surgical iastruments, ear cleaners, filter- 
ing racks. P 66. 277 

1284 Rhodes, Isaac M.,Hancock,Mich 
— Easy chair, invalid bed, and fracture ap 
paratus combined. N 59. 27I 

1285 Clement, Richard, Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Artificial limbs. N 58. 270 

1286 Horn, W. H., & Bro^ Philadel. 
phia. Pa. — Trusses, abdomiiftl supporters, 
etc. N 59. 276 

1287 Darrach, S. A., Newark, N. J.— 
Wheel crutch and attachments; vulcan- 
ized rawhide spine support. N 58. 276 

1288 Goodier, John, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Lever and shield trusses for ruptures. 
N 58. 276 

1289 Crandall, Chas. J., New York, N. 
Y.— Crutches. N 56. 276 

1290 Wickett ft Bradley, New York, 
N. Y. — Artificial limbs. N 57. 276 

1290a Beckel, K>\SLVS^«.\.^ %. ^^ixw., '^^cX-e.- 
de\p\v\a,"Pa.— CTw\.cV<i%. -^^if^ 

I 5;p\\TVtS. oW^^^% C\V^T^, CTVJXOCV^, ^^ 

porters , «iwd vtus.?.cs. . is <,^ • 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end o€ cuttVes, wc Oaas^^«»-'^'^^^»'^^* 



Medical and Surgical Appliances, Tools. 

1292 Handy & Boland, Atlanta. Qa.— 
SurKiCiil and mechanical nupliances, 
spliiUH, opcraling chairs, cruicnes, sup- 
porters, ami trusses. N 56. 276 

1293 Kolbe, D. W., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— SurKical ami orthopedical instruments; 
artificial limbs. N 53. 276 

1294 Triumph Truss Co., New York, 
N. Y. — 'I'nuss and supporter. N 53. 276 

1296 Kern, Horatio G.. Philadelphia, 
Ptt.— Surgical and dental instruments. N 
56. 276 

1296 Poster, James A.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Artificial limlw. Those limbs arc 
manufactured at IMiiladcluhia, Pa. : Cin- 
cinnati, O. : St. Louis, jNK^ ; Chicago, 
111. : and Detroit, Mich. Illustrated de- 
scriptive pamphlets free. N 53. 276 

1 297 Pingree. Luther F., Portland, Me. 
•- Arlilicial limbs. N 53., 276 

1298 Otto, P.O., & Sons, New York. N. 
Y. Sui>iio.d instnimcnis and orihoi>cdi- 
cal appliances. N 5,3. :j76 

1299 Bartlett. Butman, & Packer, Bos- 
ton, Mavs,— Trusses. N 51. 276 

1300 Frees, C. A.. New York. N. Y.— 
Artificial limbs and extensions. N 56. 276 

1301 Palmer. B. Prank, LL.D., Phila- 
»lolphia. Pa.— New |Mtcnt Icj; and arm, 
s.\foty s»vkci united to the stump, secur- 
ing \H^^i^ive comlojt. l>ri);in.\l patent. 
l.*^4^.• now \^atont. porfectcvi. 1S73. New 
au^v^;n.•^tio >\s{cm. for universal mvMion, I 
|v>wrr. and soi-.nd applic^i to writing. ' 
piintiujj. muvic. etc. Orijiinal writing 
machine vlvre-wvitcr', made in 1S51, pcr- 
tcctivi in lS7^. N 54. i-6 

1302 Seeley, I. B.. Philadelphia. Pa.— 
]\nx\\ n;b.'»cr tnivscs, aKV^TV.ina". sr.pjvrt- 
ci>.. pile inv;r,imvnj>. clastic >;;rgical h^-^ 
sivMv. bandages. c;c N <-;, 276 

1308 Mc Kirov. P. J., East Cambridg:e. 
M.-.vv i^.avv ^nd tami y syringes, feed- ' 
iitg anr. v;y..'!kin); i;;'.v^, nipp.e s-hicl^^s. ' 
mor' v'.rop^vrs. c;c N51. i^t 

130i Miller. Jas. S.. Philadelphia, Pa. : 
-Ir.isNO and br.\oo. N >J^, i-*:^ 

1305 Roxvand, John R.. Phi'.adelphi*. 

Pa V ^ \ rwpooUv i c a ' a piVi v^ ; ; is . N > ; - "r 

1307 Allen & Johnson, Philadelphia. 

Pa. --Sr.rTpio,-,; R.v". r;-.v\ar.:OA" «;v.V.-,avv->c*. 

splints, ,^,^^■«•.■a;..\}: c>i, c:-.;;chcs. s;.p- 

^v^rrors. <iro ;r.;»«»;v>. N «»*■■ r"." 

1 3 OS lVi>c:i. Johr. p.. Philadelphia. 

Pa . ->. . .V ;.%, A 1,-. >.A r JvNv. ■. -^ .-A . A . j-iA- a - 

ri-.v a-: ho,„. sroo oj: N i- 
180^ Ph-.Iadc'.phia Tru«Co.. Ph.'.adel- 

ri^..". •'If \ \^<,^ v...;v.v r.--^. >S.,. .-cr 

1810 *S» Thor^ai:Frjar..S4 £*« 

wen:\ -t'-v; >.; -,v; N "v ^ . -V. N > ■ - 

ro;,.- S.V..-. > ■. ■.^.. : :,^ • , ,.^< .• ^v 
r.- v;.ro ;.-:-;> :oo.r p.>.:^ rv:g.i;^:.-i: 
•.. ..-ON \ - . : -J 
18;i Sn-:::Tntr.. Hrr.r>-. New Orleans^. 
-r5<.-v s-.-.-v-.Tv -V f.r: J.*!.-., .■.- 

Z^IS r»tvj5. Jarre* T . New York. N 

' ■-•.-■.•.-.- ; . rr.;.r ,«vs V ^. :-t 

r-- .„ •,. _..\ ^^ 

ldl4Codman ft Shurtleff, Boston, 

Mass. — N 57. 

a Surgical instruments, apparatus and appli- 
ances. 276 

d Dental instruments, furniture, and mate- 
rials; laboratory tools, etc. 277 
1316 Justi, H. D., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Artificial teeth, tools, and materials for 
their manufacture. N 54. 277 

1316 Johnson ft Lund, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Artificial teeth, corundum wheels, 
gold foil, tooth powders, amalgams, dental 
instruments and materisiLs. N 59. 277 

13 16^ Neve, Edward, Omaha, Neb.— 

Artificial teeth. N 58. 277 

1317 Wardle, Thos., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Artificial teeth and models. N 58. 277 

18 17a- Chapman, John "SVinslow, Hy- 
annis, Mass. — Artificial teeth. N 58. 277 

1318 Brown. E. Parmly, Flushing, N. 
Y.— Gold fillings in human teeth, dentists' 
cases, dental improvements. N 57. 277 

1319 White, Samuel S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Artificial teeth, instruments, chairs, 
dental engines, stools, lathes, brackets, 
spittoons, gold foils, corundiun wheels, etc. 
N 55. 277 

1320 White, Chas. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Celluloid apparatus aud dental flasks, 
process of forming sets of artificial tec^h, 
Sirtificial dentures. N 56. 277 

1321 Metcalf, David H., Baule Creek. 
Mich. — Tinman's panem sheets ana 
squares. N 63. 28c 

1322 Allen, J., ft Son, New York, N .Y. 

— Artificial dentures. N 57. 277 

1323 Abbey, Chas., ft Sona, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Dentists' fine gold foil, soft 
or DOiKadhesive and adhesive. Our 
spccikliy for fifty yeais. N 58. 277 

1324 BonwiU, W. Q. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Eiectro-magnctic mallet for filling 
tee:h. carvii^ marble, rKa^j ug metals, and 
as an aurograpbic printing P>ress; dental 
ch«.ir an.: cn^ne. X 59. 277 

1325 Taylor. J. Hare, JPhiUdelphia, Pa. 

— T-X-U1 pas:e.ctc X 57. 277 

1326 >Vardle. S., ^ncinnati, O.— 

Spoc.lmens af dentjssry. N 58. 277 

1827 Neall. Daniel W., Camden, N. J.- 

Pcrceiair. :eerh. N 57. 277 

1329 Crowther, D. W^., Hacerstown. 

M ~^ — MecruLnica: and opemtiTc demistrv. 
N 5S. r'- 

1880 Scott, Qiiiacy A.. Pittsbnre. Pa. 
— A:nl.>ip^^cri^ :!isk boCiHag anificial 
rec:V. -.r. :hc mv-iu^ dental ipecinens. 
.icr.rrln.f N **• r- 

1881 I.ud«-i£. Schmidt, ft MohUHcus- 
:.iT.. \ cxstss — Ijiame. . specij&eib of leetb. 

1882 Va:ieau. ^"xiliam. jr.. New York, 

\ "^ — ».""»iitc and >U»'rr jcaf. coic axic p'.a- 

r;-..'. niinf f.-r denriss' nae.. N 55. 177 

1884 C;:ttcr. Ephraim, Cambridce. — Adijszabie chair for ^raikk. N 


'".; .'iTCC ^ fC'*.. t^ji 



Hardware, Tools, Cutlery. 

1886a Shepardton, H. S., ft Co., 

Shelbum Falls, Mass. — Diamuiid^ pod, 
and screw driver bits, nail sets, gimlets, 
tool cases, etc. H 68. 280 

1887 Douelas Axe Manufacturing Co., 
Boston, Mass. — Axes, hatchets, adzes, 
picks, etc. N 67. 280 

1888 Pugh, Job T., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Screw augers and auger bits. Known 
as an old established manufacturer of 
augers and bits; established 1774; a 
descendant of the inventor of the screw 
auger. These augers are known to all who 
ttse them, as the old hand-made auger, 
thereby gaining great durability. N 

72. 280 

I8880 Ernst ft Elterich, Jersey City, 
N. J.— Tools. N68. 280 

1880 Conard, A. ft I., Whitemarsh, Pa. 
—Cast steel wood-boring implements. P 
71. 280 

1339o Eagle Square Manufacturing 
Co., South Shaftsbury. Vt. — Boring ma- 
chines, squares, and rules. P 78. 280 

1340 Elmira Nobles' Manufacturing 
Co., EUmira. N. Y. — Carpenters' and ship- 
wrights* tools. N 71. 280 

1840^ Buck, Charles, Milbury, Mass. 
— Edge tools. N 71. 280 

1341 Quint, S. H.,& Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Stencils, stamps, checks, tags, etc. ; 
metallic pattern letters, for raised Ictterine 
on castings, names, addresses, etc. H 
71. 280 

1341<x Qenkinger, Adolph, Newark, 
N. J.— Tools, etc. N 68. 280 

1842 Carter, Edwd., Troy, N. Y.— 
Nickel-plated goods; planes, mechanics' 
tools. P 69. 280 

1842<> Howell, S. J., Orange, Mass.— 
Polishing lathes and wheels, tweezers, 
saw frames. N 68. 280 

1843 Stanley Rule ft Level Co., New 
Britain, Conn. — Rules, levels, squares, and 
carpenters' tools. N 68. 280 

1848a Holland, James C, New York, 
N. Y. — Self-threading surgical and sewing 
machine needles, sail and packing needles. 
F 71. 280 

1344 Billings ft Spencer Co., Hartford, 
Conn. — Drop foigings, machinists' small 
tools, sewing machine shuttles. H 72. 280 

1344^ Bossard, H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Watchmaker's slide rest. N 43. 280 

1845 Eddy, Geo. M., ft Co., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. — Fine steel band saws and tempered 
steel springs. N 57. 280 

1846a Frv's Bookbinder's Stamp & 
Tool Manufactory, Philadelphia, Pa. — 
Stamps and tools for the embellishment 
of books. T 75. 280 

1846 Rose, Wm., ft Bros., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Bricklayers', plasterers', 
moulders' and saddlers' tools. N 72. 280 

1846<> Douglass Manufacturing Co., 
New York, N. Y. — Mechanics' tools, cut- 
ting and boring implements. N 70. 280 

1847 Colton, Alfred J., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Stair hand-rail planes and double- 
edge routers, carpenters' moulding planes. 
N69. 280 

1848 Prmtl^ Jmb. T„ ft Co., New York, 
JV. v.— Tool chests for amateurs or me- 
cbsuua, N68. ^^ 

1849 Maltby,Curti8s,ftCo.,NewYork, 

N. Y.— Nail puller. B 77. 280 

1850 Kohler, Martin, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Knee-rest for tailors. N 70. 380 

1361 Carter, Henry, New York, N. Y. 
— Moulders' and plasterers' tools. N 70. a8o 

1852 Sins2, Philip, Baltimore, Md.— 
Glaziers' diamonds, machinery for circular 
and oval cutting, engravers' points, carbon 
tools. N 68. 280 

1353 King,Josiah,ftSon,NewYork,N. 

Y. — Planes and tools for wood workers. 

N71. 380 

1854 Booth, John, ft Son, Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Carpenters' tools and sundries. N 

69. 280 

1355 Barton, D. R.,Tool Co., Rochester, 
N. Y. — Mechanics' edge tools. N 70. 280 

1356 American Shovel Co., Birming- 
ham, Conn. — Shovels and scoops. P68. 280 

1857 Johnson,Wm.,HcdenbergWork8, 
Newark, N. T. — Carpenters' and other 
mechanics' tools and hardware. N 69. 280 

1858 Hampton. Chas. P., Ardmore, Pa. 
— Augers and bits. N 71. 280 

1359 Ten Eyck Axe Manufacturing Co., 
Cohoes, N. Y. — Axes, carpenters edge 
tools, etc. N 68. 280 

1360 White, Wm., Newark, N. J.— 

Axes, hatchets, adzes, bush hooks^ stone 
hammers, picks, etc.; carriage shaft-coup- 
lings. P 71. 280 

1361 Selsor, Geo., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Hammers, edge and railroad tools, 
coffee mills, slaw cutters, tacks, and nails. 
N 68. 380 

1362 Star Tool Co.,Middletown,Conn.— 
Machinists' and carpenters' tools ; squares, 
bevels, gauges, standard steel rules, etc. ; 
blind trimmings. These goods are of the 
finest finish; the squares are perfectly 
accurate and of different varieties, adapted 
to the wants of workers in wood or iron ; 
the rules are graduated on spring-tempered 
steel, and are made only by this company. 
P67. 380 

1862a Qardam, William, ft Son, New 
York, N. Y. — Index plates, dividing and 
drilling machines. N 68. 280 

1363 Snell Manufacturing Co., Fisk- 
dale.Mass. — Augers, auger bits, and boring 
machines. P 71. 280 

1364 Buck Bros., Riverlin Works, Mil- 
bury, Mass. — Shank and socket firmer 
chisels and gouges, plane irons, screw dri- 
vers, nail sets, etc. N 69. 280 

1365 Maydole. D., ft Co., Norwich, N. 
Y. — Cast steel hammers. N 71. 280 

1366 Foerster ft Kraenter, Newark, 
N. J.— Tools. N68. 280 

1367 Davis Level ft Tool Co., Spring- 
field, Mass. — Adjustable levels and planes 
and iron planes. P 71. 280 

1368 DeWitt, Morrison, ft Kelley,Phil- 
adelphia. Pa. — Carpenters', millwrights', 
gasfitters', pump, and car builders' ma- 
chine and auger bits. These are the cele- 
brated arrow brand for boring all kinds of 
wood. P 71. 280 

1869 Shepherd ft. V.Vo'jd^'^YiCvsAxX'^Vve.. 
Pa. — ScaXes , ^9&& oaxXityR. ^ox^ ys^"»** ^-asA 
Yiaidvrax^ svecka\XAc&. "^ t*-. '^^'^ 

1370 Rovi\«Lnd,'B.A^^-?^'^'^^*^*'^t^^^ 
Pa.— S\vove\s\v^A«.> '^^^^^'^^ '» ^^"^"^T 
iivg and dUcVxW ^ooV*- ^ '^^ ' 

FordMMMesofexhibiu, /ndicated by numbers at end of entries, w C\a«SSv^^'^^^^«^^- **"*"• 



Hardware, Tools, Cutlery. 

1371 Yerkes ft Plumb, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Edee tools, hammers ; railroad, min- 
ing, and blacksmiths' sledges. N 70. 380 

1372 Bailey, Leonard,& Co., Hartford, 

Conn. — Bench planes, try squares, bevels. 
N68. s8o 

1373 Mayo, M. C, Boston, Mass.— 
Plane. P 71. 280 

1374 Miller, Edward, ft Co., Meriden, 
Conn.— N 48. 

a Machine oilers. 380 

6 Tinners' hardware. 284 

1376 Bemis ft Call Hardware ft Tool 
Co., Springfield, Mass. — Machinists' tools. 
P72. 260 

1376 Newton, C. C, Dunkirk, N. Y.— 
Twisted drill taps, dies, and reamers. T 
60. 280 

1377 Ives, W. A., ft Co., New Haven, 
Conn,— Wood-boring implements, bit bra- 
ces. N 72. 280 

1378 Mills, E., ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Braces, bits, bevels, screwdrivers, spoke- 
shaves, squares, and saw pads. P 68. 280 

1370 Donaldson, J. W., Massillon, 
Ohio. — Block stamps for stamping gar- 
ments for braiding and embroidery. P 
68. 280 

1380 Bailey Wringing Machine Co., 

New York, N. Y.— ^letallic bench planes, 
spokeshaves, box scrapers, etc. N 69. 280 

1381 Klein, Logan, & Co., Birmingham 
Tool Manufactory, Birmingham, Pa. — 
Picks, mattocks, fire shovels, etc. N 71 . 280 

1382 Crossman, A. W., ft Son, West 
Warren, Mass. — Carpenters' hand tools. 
N 70. 280 

1883 Nixon, Q. W. C, New York, 

N. Y.— Engravers' tools. N 68. 280 

1384 Ohio Tool Co., Columbus, O.— 
Planes, screws, edge tools, plane irons, 
handles, etc. N 71. 280 

1386 Palmer, Wm. F., Berry street, 
bet. Fourth & Fifth streets, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.— Edge tools. All tools war- 
ranted of excellent cutting qualities. N 
70. 280 

1886<* Rue, Theodore, Philadelphia, 

Pa— Stencils and tools, nickel-plaled 
signs and numbers, steel stamps. T 
54. 280 

1386 Taylor, Thomas, cor. Eddy ft 
Friendship streets, Providence, R.I. , P.O. 
box 99^.— BUwd.'stonc burni.shers. Blood- 
Stone burnishers and reflectors m^de to 
order. N 71. 280 

1387 Smyth ft Pennington, Paterson.N. 

J. — Files and rasps. N 69. 280 

1388 Whitney Manufacturing Co., 
South Ashburnam. Mass. — Tools used in 
manufacturing chairs. W 50. 280 

1389 Franklin, Mrs. Esther P., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Marking stencils and brand- 
ing irons. T 58. 280 

1390 Sanduskv Tool Company, San- 
dusky, O. — Planes, plane in>ns, bench 

Mnd iuind screws, chisel and file hand\es. 
J^ 7'- 2So 

J391 Hopkins, C. Waltham, Mass.— 

»v«ro/im;»tcrs' toi-js. N 6S. aSo 

1392 Tower, John J., New York, N. Y. 

a Carpenters' planes, wrenches, adtjustable 
clamps. 280 

i Handcuffs and police implements, pad- 
locks. 284 
1893 Harrison ft Kellogg. Troy, N. Y. 
— N68. 

a Screw wrenches. 380 

A Plain, tinned, japanned, and nickd-plated 
malleable iron castings to order, in all 
varieties ; extra refined air-furnace irons. 
(Low freights open ail the year.; 283 

1394 Wills, Edwin S., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— N69. 

a Tools. 280 

^ Wood screws, etc. 284 

1395 Miller's Falls Co., Miller** Palls, 
Mass. — P 71. 

a Mechanics tools. a8o 

6 Hardware. 284 

1396 Lloyd, Supplee ft Walton, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.— F TO. 

a Hollow auger, spolceshave. 280 

6 Locks. 284 

1397 Vatterlein, John, Plainfield, N. 



a Ca 

Larpenters gauges. 
6 Gate hardware. 

1398 Loweptvnt, P., Newark, N. J. 

— N 70. 
a Mechanics' tools. 280 

6 Hardware. 284 

1399 Hart, Bliven, ft Mead Manufac- 
turing Co., New York, N. Y. — P 70. 

41 Carpenters' tools. a8o 

i Carpenters', saddlers', and carriage hard- 
ware ; gong door bells. 284 

1400 Hotchkiss's Sons, Bridgeport, 

Conn. — N 72. 
a Hand drills, saw sets, currycombs. a8o 
i Pruning shears. 281 

c Harness snaps, bull rings. 284 

1401 Beaver Palls Cutlery Co., Beaver 

Falls, Pa.— Table, pocket, and miscellan- 
eous cutlery. Special exhibits, large 
carving knife and fork, nine and a half 
feet long, cost «i 500 ; revolving knife, with 
three hundred and sixty-five blades. N 

70. 281 

1402 Barney, E. H., Springfield, Mass. 
— Skates, perforating stamp, show case 
and counter combined. Barney & Berry's 
celebrated "Club All-clamp and Rmk 
Skates," patented X859, x866, i868, 1873. 
I show the advantage of a screw fastening 
for operating clam^ on metal-toppM 
skates; also, originality of the designs, 
fine quality, workmansnip, and finish. P 
68. 281 

1403 Will ft Pinck, San Francisco, 
Cat. — California carving sets and cutlery, 
bar tools. P 71. 281 

1404 Union Hardware Co., Wolcott- 
ville. Conn. — Skates, skate straps, tod 
handles, wood turning, dog cedars, etc. 
N 69. 281 

1405 Badrer, Be^j. P., Charlestown, 
Mass.— Razor strops. Leadii^ styles, 
" Genuine Emersons," established xSto : 
"Souvenir," for presentation; "Gennaa 
Belt," with non-extensible base; 
**Ba.d^'et*%»x^«x-<^}ulity;*! ** Patent X;" 

_. ._ , ^orV.'^.'i,— ^B^MOCUxosa, -^ix. Ax 

^orJoc^tka of objects, indicated by letter and fi&ure.seeKe^ volio»SM«v»V.»V. wwmAV*»^,v'«»*' 



Hardware, Cutlery, Metallic Ornaments. 

1407 Florence Sewing Machine Co., 
Florence, Mass. — Skates. N 71. 281 

1408 Herder, L.. ft Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Shears and scissors. N 69. 281 

1409 Ruaaell, John, Cutlery Co., Green 
River Works, New York N. Y.— Table 
cutlery, butchers', hunters , painters', and 
druggists' knives, etc. N 67. 281 

1410 Shipley, Howard W., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Pocket cudery. P 71. 281 

1411 Seymour, Henry, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Tailors', bankers', and 
sheep shears, trimmers, and scissors. 
N 71. 281 

1412 Evans, W. D., ft Co., PhiladeL 
phia. Pa.— Razor strops and oilstone 
none. N 7a. 281 

1413 Menden Cutlery Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Table cutlery. N 69. aSi 

1414 HoUey Manufacturing Co., Lake- 
ville. Conn. — Pocket cutlery. P 71. 281 

141 5 Lramson ft Qoodnow Manufactur- 
ing Co., Shelbume Falls, Mass. — Table 
and butchers' cudery. N 70. 281 

1416 United States Steel Shear Co.. 
West Mcriden, Conn. — ^Solid cast steel 
scissors and shears. N 71. 281 

1417 Miller Bro. Cutlery Co., West 
Meriden, Conn. — Pocket cudery. N 

70. 281 

1418 Heinisch's, R., Sons, Newark. 
N. J. — Tailors' shears, scissors, ana 
trimmings. N 69. 281 

1419 Wiss,J., Newark, N. T.— Cutlery, 
shears, anascissors, hand ana pole pruning 
shears. P 68. 281 

1420 Plimpton, J. L., New York, N. Y. 
—Parlor skates. P 71. 281 

1421 Friedman ft Lauteijing, New 
York, N. Y.— Razors. P 70. 281 

1422 Funke, Leopold, St. Louis, Mo.— 
Knife with three hundred and sixty-six 
blades. T 60. 281 

1423 Robbins, Clark ft Biddle, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Cutlery. N 43. 281 

1424 Gesswein & Reichhelm, New 

York, N. Y. — Polishing implements and 
materials. N 70. 281 

1425 Northfield Knife Co., Northfield, 
Conn. — Pocket cudery. N 71. 281 

1426 Breeden ft Nelke, New York, 
N. Y. — Spring scissors and shears. P 

71. 281 

1427 Goodell Company, Antrim, N. H. 
—Cutlery and shoe knives. N 71. 281 

1428 Marx Bros., New York, N. Y.— 
Folding pocket scissors. N 69. 281 

1429 Wins low, Samuel, Worcester, 
Mass.— Skates. H 71. 281 

1480 Brady, Edward, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— U63. 

a Metal boot listening. 281 

b Model of iron fort. 283 

1481 Willis, Aug. L., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Ice creeper. H 71. 281 

1482 Peck ft Snyder, New York, N. Y. 
—Skates. H 71. 281 

1488 New York Knife Co.. Walden, 
N. Y. — ^Table, pen, and pocket cutlery. 
N 67. 281 

1488a LpuiB, rn/ias, ft Co., Jeffcr«on- 
v/f/c, lad.'-Oilgtones. N 68. 282 


1484 Mitchell, J. E., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Carpenters', engravers', opticians', and 
cuders' grindstones ; oilstones, razor hones, 
etc. P 67. 283 

1484<> Boyd ft Chase, New York, N. Y. 
—Arkansas and Washita oilstone. N 60. 

1484^ Zucker ft Levett, New York, 

N. Y. — Hard and soft rouge and composi- 
tion for polishing metals. T 53. aSs 

1435 Baeder, Adamson, & Co., Phila* 
delphia. Pa.— N 68. 

a Sand and emery paper, emery cloth, 
emery, corundum, flmt. 281 

d Glue. 652 

e Curled hair. 669 

1436<s Nittineer, Edward, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Quartz paste fci sharpening 
knives, etc. T 52. 282 

1486^ Tucker, Geo., New York, N. Y.— 
Polishing compositions. N 68. 282 

148 5<r White, T. R., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Sandilene, for cleaning marble, metal, 
glass, etc. T 54. 282 

1436 Harrison, W. H., ft Bros., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Low and elevated firegrates, 
fenders, fireplaces, etc. T 52. 283 

1486a Gariand, Beni., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Iron bridge and fence railings. Y 
62. 283 

1487 Dixon, Thos. S., ft Sons, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Grates, fenders, fireplace 
fittings, and gas logs. T 49. 283 

148 7a Manly, M. M., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Wrought iron hand rails, 
mouldings, and bridge railings. T 60. 283 

1488 Jackson, Wm. H., ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Grates, fenders, fireplaces, 
fire irons, and fancy coal boxes. N67. 283 

1489 Lalance ft Grosjean Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y. — Stamped iron 
culinary ware. T 68. 283 

1440 Reyburn, Hunter, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Weather vanes. N 62. 283 

1441 Tin Plate Decorating Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Decorated tin plates, boxes, 
cans, etc. N 70. 283 

1442 Miller&Krips,716 ft 718 Cherry 

street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Plain and or* 
namental bronze; white bronze, brass, 
German silver, and zinc castines. Also, 
sole manufacturers of bronze reliefis in a 
new style of mounting; bronze reliefs 
made to order, from life or photograph. 
P 72. 283 

1448 Etf muth, Wm., ft Co., 501 Broad- 
way, rfew York. N. Y. — Show figures in 
metal and wood, meerschaum and brier 
pipesjwith rubber and amber mouthpieces; 
smokers' articles in general. P 69. 283 

1444 Mott, J. L., Iron Works, New 
York, N. Y. — Fountains, vases, statuary, 
settees, aquaria, aquarium fountains, 
drinking fountains, candelabra, lamp pil- 
lars, crestings, castings, railings, gates, 
summer houses, band stands, stable fix* 
tures, etc. N 54. 283 

1446 Paxon, Comfort ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Zinc monuments. T 64 and out- 
side. 283 

1446 Woods, Sherwood, ft Co., Lowell, 
Mass. — WVvvie Vv&vrai Vwt Ni'Mt » ^:»Ttvv^>&- 
\ng an, exVcusvve \ycvc. o1 \\.av5a»5M^A.»\s^^ft-x^ 
and faxvcv «pods»%wOtv^ ^xvcvx., cs^i*. -mn^. 

caatot%, X.o\W3LT\:\c\es,t.\.c. "^ T*- 
FotdMsaet of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of eulAcs, %te Oassv^'»^^^^^»V^- -^i-KV 



Wrought and Cast Metal Work, Hardware. 

1447 Ansonia Brass ft Copper Co.. 
An^onia, Conn. — Brass and niclcel-platca 
keiiles. N 57. 283 

1448 Rohrman, J. Hall, ft Son, Phila- 
delphia, Fa. — Tea, cofTee, and spice cad- 
dies ; water coolers and decoratedjapanned 
tinware. P 70. 283 

1449 Hussey, C. Q., ft Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Copper sheet, circle, and bottoms; 
planished and in^ot copper, copper light- 
ning rods, sheet orass, brass kettles. N 
7a. 283 

1450 Champion Fence Co., Kenton, 
O. — Wrought and malleable iron fence 
and gate. The advantages claimed for 
the champion iron fence are : ist — The 
longitudinal mil is rolled in T shape, 
thus giving the greatest lateral strength, 
also horijontal strength, when put up in 
fence, without bolts, rivets, or forging 
whatever, leaving the iron as it comes 
frv^m the rolls, ad — As the arched or 
cylindrical form of the iron resists the 
greatest strain, the pickets are rolled con- 
cave, convex, with a flange on each side, 
A^rming the strongest picket that can be 
made from the same amount of iron. 3d — 
The ornaments used, together with the 
different connecting i>arts, are made of 
refined malleable iron, or stamped from 
wn>«nht iron plates, and of any desired 
form, and at one-tenth the cost of making 
them at the forge. 4th— The pickets are 
diivcn into the ornaments and passed to 
nciirly the tv>p of the picket, at the rear of 
the ornaments. There are lugs and clips, 
which are clinohevl, combining ornament 
and uicket t<.>i^:ther, forming a strong and 
durable top-head R>r the nickel, 5th — The 
fence is put together witn clips ; these arc 
slipped on the T rail, and the sides c^ the 
ornaments form vircles, or segments of 
circles, thus rcndoxing them adjusuble to 
any and all gravies or angles. 6ih — The 
panels are Cvvinevied with a Cv-^mpiound 
clamp, which ho^lds them firmly together, 
at the same time allowing for 'the expan- 
sion and C\>ntraction v^f the iron. Tth — That 
we have in theoomhination c^f our rail and 

5»ickei the strongest and mv'^t ornamental 
enoe that can W made, trora the juime 
amouot v>f material. Sih — That «e can, 
by our adjustable pv>sts.keep vxir fence in 
perfect line ; also, that we can set the 
tence urv^n coping or stone walk v»f any 
grade, the same as upon cmr iron founda- 
tion, oih — That we CAn pack the fence 
fo: shipment, in oorr,p.ic: h;:n.'.!es.andput 
it upon the gror.nsi as cor.vcnienily as a 
wwvien fence can be p::: ;.p io:h— 
we mannfacturc the fence » :houi the use 
f.inx costly an*; csmbers.-rrt machinery* , 

bc'.ng X irtua'ly n-.,-5 

,-i»ic uher. :^e iron comes 

trom :he Jos:n .'.rj- .-.n»-. ;ho - -■ . ;n 11 th— The 
Kise upon w hich the tcpcc j< set is of cast 
iron, ejjrhrcen inches v u^e at the bottom. 
and s;x inches ,•■.: :hr jor . twent>--eij:h: 
inches jr. iength, wh;. ^ 5> set in ihegrvx:r;.-.. 
up.-»n this foiin.iatjor. s> placed a wro-.ijiV.; 
iron posi. a*i;iistab:e rron; and rea: . in»-L 
fcisr a4"i!s:ah!f a; :hc top. while a: :hf 
K>:toia i: wo;-.-.: ^c staiionar>-. or r-iv 
nrr-Ai. "v'por zr.rt- pc*s: «c also ad us: ;ht 
i^fi^h: o' i"^; •cr^.c. One of :hf 5>c-: ..:•;'?■ 
.-I-' oil- :r\i":' r. ^^. :h;t: ^-e m:^ke a ience 
:\:: i.v^i;- .-v:. yo: srrong and duraKc 

2451 Bryic Bro&. MaQufactu7itx£ C^. 

* iie/. me; iJ i:crzjes. ' s'S- 1 

fa- iacajiat o:' oh J c-ci< 

. indiciuec bj- Icnes s^xid figxirc. 

1453 Armbruster, Jacob H., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Organ and sash wei^ts. {Or- 
gan, East Gallery.) 284 

1453 Yale Lock Manufacturing Co.. 
Stamford, Conn. — Locks, ornamental 
bronze hardware, post-office boxes. P 
72. 284 

145 da Bray, Edw. L., Boston, Mass.- 
Balance spring curtain fixture. {East 
Gallery.) 284 

1454 Stewart ft Mattson, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Building hardware, locks, door 
knobs and trimmings. N 69. 284 

14544K Dexter Spring Co., Hulton, Pa. 
— Carriage springs. T 60. 284 

1455 Nock, Geo. W., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Locks and padlocks. N 70. 284 

1455a Cleveland Steel Horseshoe Co., 
Qeveland, O. — Steel horseshoes and bars, 
hand shoe formers. T 59. 284 

1456 Trenton Lock & Hardware Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Patent lever and 
spring, with corrugated bolt door locks, 
latches, knobs, and other hardware. N 
68. 284 

1456a Adams, Wm. R. M., New York, 
N. Y.— Door bolt and chain check. N 
7a. 284 

1457 Shannon, I. B., Philadelphia. Pa. 

— Hand-made locks and building hard- 
ware. N 73. 284 

1457a Smith ft EKge.Bri<lgfeport,Conn. 
— Padlocks, hasps, chains, etc. N 70. 284 

1458 WeUs ft Hope Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Metallic show cards and advertising 
signs ; decorative glass printing, etc. P 
72. 284 

1456a Stafford Manufacturing Co., 
New York. N. Y. — Stencil combinations, 
machine cut alphabets and ficiures ; key- 
rings, checks, and badges. 11(69. ^^ 

1459 Corbin, P. ft P., New Britain, 
Conn. — House trimmings and miscdlane- 
ous hardware. N 72. 28^ 

1459a Brooke, E.ft Q., Birdsboro*, Pa. 

— Xaik. T 67. 284 

1460 American Stair-Rod Co., New 
Vori:. N. V. — Stair rods and stair carpet 
iastenos. X 71. 264 

1461 Stanley ^Voxka, New Britain. 
Conn. — ^>^ rmght iron butts, iapanned. 
broored. and plated ; hinges, door boirs, 
etc. P 71. 2S4 

1461a Orteton, W. ^V. 8., Boston. 
Mass — Screw braces and screw-brace 
blind hinges. K & a&4 

1462 Globe Nail Co.. Boston, Mass.- 
Machine-made bonesboe naik. K71. ::S4 

1468 Tucbfarber.F.. ftCo., Ciacinnati. 
O. — Enamrk-ri iraa show cards. P 72. 


1464 Wiler. Wm., Philiidslpbia, Pa.- 
S:air rods and platts. N 7X. =£4 

1465 Walton, R. &, ft Co,« Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Look hardware and itse bronre 
work. X 7a. 36« 

146T Dunbar. Hobart. ft ^Rfhsddea. 

SMid; Abingxon, Mam.— Tabks,bndiasJ 

iiBi,\\&, sxed dbaaaka. bad plaics. etc P 

-i. »34 

\V%% \V\\Ajdttr«aAftL'««a9L^M5aAidi(^ 

d.-vw«pri'ttB^tac~ r*%. *^ 



Hardware^ Locks, etc. 

1469 Carr, CrAwley, ft DcvlJn, PtiiU- 
ddpbin» Pa.— BtillJiiig, cati[jicc, c^urugf, 
and saddlny hardwHrc; malleable iJrm, 

1470 HaII'b Safe A Ldi:]( Co., Cmcin- 
naii, y.— Eink and time locks. H 67. 


14T1 Whitakei- & Skirm, Trenton, N. 

J- — In^Qchains^ eliutc n:iili. T 65. 284 

1472 GDuld'v M., SoQs 83 A S& 
D»anc Ktrcct^ New Vork, N. Y.^ anrf 514 
Commence sttttt, Philadelphia. — Stiilr 
rods, st^P pktcs^ do^ colfats, uuhtjEs'- 
tisry, an J tmnk h^rd^^ar, JManu- 
fiictiirers or staif rodi, stsiir plates, doe 
oollara^ stepUddcrs, trunk rivets, uid all 
klnd.^ m Emnk hardware; al$P, A general 
Htic of tipholstery ha^Vlwtire, Factory^ 
Newark, N, J. S 71. 384 

1473 Morton, Thoa., New Vork, N. Y. 
—Sash chain and fitt;}i:hincnts for sus- 
pending; svibdt^ws, [ioors, etc* T 49, 284 

1474 Mallory, Wheeler, Co., New Ha- 
TCn, LIoRD.— Dixjf lotlu and knohs, pad- 
tocks^ etc, N 69. 284 

1475 GayLord Manufacturing Co., 
Chictjpce,MaiL^,— C&hiHcilocka. N70. 284 

1476 Union Maaufacturing Co., New 
Bnuin, Conn.— Plain ind lornanicntiil butt 
hinjfcs. N 6^, " :!S4 

1477 Mersercau^W. T. & J., Newark, 
N. J.— Stair roda and plates, dog collars 
and murzles, bridle frontt* and uphol- 
sterers' hardware. N?!. 284 

147 a Marvin's Safe Co., New York, N. 
v.— Locki. H 69. 284 

1479 Bobannan, ^Wilaon, Brooklyn, N. 
Y .—brass spnuf pHdlucks and car locks. 
P «8, 284 

1480 Union Steel Screw Co., Cleve- 
land, O.— BcHctner steel wood screws, 
with samples showing ELogu qf manufac- 
ture. T 59. 284 

1481 Clark ft Co.. Buffalo N, Y.— 
Nickel-plated builders' bardw^itv. N 
71. 284 

1492 Vkq MTa^oncr ft Williams, 82 
Btiekmaii strccij New York, N. Y.— 
Spring hinges and doDr 5ijrLnif5 of the 
leading kinds, for flcnteti snd dtncr doors, 
gates, etc. All ^rtitles of superior manu- 
Tactiire. N jo. 284 

1493 Gong Bell Manufacturing Co., 
East tJampLon, Cunn.— Belli. P /a, 284 

1484 Romer ft Co,, Newark, ft, J.— 
Locks for railroad switches, cars, prifiDJU, 
stpre^j etc, N 7I. sfl^ 

148fi Cowell, J. J., ft Co., Newark, N.J. 
— BuUdcTs' andinijik bntdwanc. MREmf:ic- 
ttircra of trunk find bitilders' hardware, 
lash pulleys^ trunk rollem, catuhcs, han- 
dle capsj slay htnEes, cl&mpFi, etc. Also 
maUcabie and i^r^jy iron smatl castings. N 
7^- 3S4 

1496 Middletown Tool Co., Middle- 
town, Conii. — Plane imnSj hames!^ ^napiq, 
wasber cutters, hitchniE chains, pJane- 
mikers' haidwariSj etc. P 71. 284 

1487 Whipple, H, J, p., West Meriden, 

Conn.- Door-kiiLi]) mcschment, P68. 284 

1483 McEachccD, Daniel, WiL-nington, 

£Je/.— Casr /run Centennial ' ' 

link reprtjstfijtjng a 

Governor** name. Q 

1490 Tiebput, W. ft U New York, N, 
Yn-'BraSfl, galvrtniitd, andahipchiUKllcry 
h^irdware. H 6fl. agj. 

1491 Parker ft Whipple Co., West Merl^ 
den. Conn — Door-luiob attachment and 
^djui^tmtnt. N C9. ^84 

1492 Thorn, Stephen 3., 89 Oliver 
street, Newark^ 5f , J.— Brass^ copper, and 
iron wire ferrules, from }i to 3>i i(jthc5,for 
paint brushes — these ferrules warranted 
not to hurst or expand; bonnet and iostn 
lailctg wire. N 69. 284 

1493 Worrell Bank Lock Matiufactur- 
i»g Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Eank lock. 
H 70, aS^ 

1496 Herring ft Co., New York, N. Yp 
—Safe, bnnk, and dnic lucks. H fig. 3B4 

140T Neuman, R., ft Co. , Newark, N.J. 
—Satchel and traveling; bag frames, and 
b:ig trinimiiiga, P 68. 284 

1499 Van Alcn ft Co., Northumberland, 
Pa.^Cnt nails and spikes. '1' 66. ^84 

1499 Blake Bros. Hardware Co., New 
Haven, Conti. — Hardware for builden*^ 
cabinet makers^ and carriage makers^ un^ 
P 69, 384 

1500 Miller, D. K., Lock Co., Philadel- 
phia, J'i,— Locks. P 70, 284 

1 601 Eagle LockCo., Terryvillc, Conn. 
— Trunk and cabinet Incks H 6j. 284 

1602 Judd, Hubert L.» New York, N. 
v.— tJpholitcry ajid fancy hardware, N 
63. 284 

1603 Coleman Sag Ic Bol t Works , Ph 1 1- 
adetphia, Pa.— Carriage bolts, null, and* 
axle dips. P 71. 864 

1604 Meeker, D,M,, ft Son, Newark, N 
J.^lrDH, brouiej and Cc r nut n ill vcr Cast- 
ings. N 71. 184 

1606 Hall, P, W, AufltlQ, Teiaa,-Com^ 
binatlon door, dnwer, and truxLk locks. 

P ea. 2^ 

1606 NoTwalk Lock Co., South Nor- 
Tialk. Conn.-- Door locks, knobs, pad- 
locks, and builders' hardw4iTe. N 70. 284 

1607 Terwilliger ft Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Safe iock.^, H 72. 284 

1609 Arms, Bell & Co.^ Youngfitown, 
Or — Nmsj bolli, and wash en. \ 63. uS^ 

1609 Wheeling Hinge Co., Wheeling, 
W^ Va. — Hinges^ butLf^ wrought goods, 
^nd washers. N fiS. 284 

1611 Vanduien ft Tift, Cincinnati, 
O,— Bells. '153^ 284 

1613 American Screw Co., Providence, 
R. I. ^Gimlet pointed screws of iron, 
bruss, and steel; coach, hjind riil^nnd 
chine screws; riveis; stove and trre bolts. 
P <^. 284 

1613 Branford Lock Works, New 
Yorkj N. V,— Riin and morlt^ie door locks 
and Latches H brass and ste*?l kcys^ door 
koobs, lock fumiturfin P 6g, 284 

1614 Easton Lock Works, Eaaton, Pa. 
— Rim at]d mortise lockfl and btcbcs^ 
Jtafcty loc:ks and night latches N 7E. 2^4 

1615 Wilson, John, Chicago, 111.— Fire 
noE;(le, B 69. 284 

LSlb^i TS.ev%\q\vt "ft^ifewi^Tt "^A-KaTOLViSL.- 

sntennial chain, each \ 
State and giving the \ 

378. 284 \ 

Fdrcfasse. of exhibits, indicated by numbers »♦ end oi eTvu\es.4«^t\«^v^^<^^^^^^^'*'^ 



Hardware, Rubber Goods, Cordage, etc. 

1517 Kv«n«, P. H., Brooklyn. N. Y.— 

KnpiiniikMi boltn and tcrew fMtenings; 
bhotiiKrapliii of other manufactures. P 
h,. 284 

1 A 1 9 Pltld, A.. 4 8on«, Taunton, Mass. 
'I H<:k4, lirutU, imiU. etc. V 68. 384 

1A80 Valentin* A Butler Safe ft I^ck 
Co., New York, N. Y.-Sufe locks. H 
7... 384 

lAfll Lewie, Oliver, ft Phillips, Pitts- 
liuru, 1'h. VViigdn unci hr;ivy hardwurc, 
fi'iun pirkrth, rtc. 'V (14. 284 

1A98 New Britain Lock Co., New Brit- 
Mill. ( 'oiiii. Key reuiHter; dial, bank, sufe, 
Hiiil time liH'kH. N 7-j. 284 

1 A88 American Wire ft Screw Nail Co., 
1 or. Mtiilitun 4»n<i State slrcet*, Coving- 
ton. Kv. Common, bright, smiuith. and 
ii.ulMsl who naiU with sharp points; small, 
laiKr, th'pivNMMl hiMils anil without heads. 
Monldiit^ naiU, win* oi^ar^lHtx nails, iron 
Mud hi a<kH oval head escutcheon pins. Wire 
i»\ M'w naiU ^jutcniod^. These nails have 
i^Mind, ta|>eiin^ points, unvl screw thread 
till uuvlci the head. Are to l»c driven with 
rt hainmoi as quick as comnuni nails, but 
tuin like sciews ^hile driving under the 
hammer. Wiiv n*ils of every description, 
aU\> bhiiHl, tinncxl, and Cv>Iored naik. 1* 
7*« -*4 

1A84 Buckntan. Ira, Brooklyn. N. Y.— 
1\m>h»« s\nit\)i hinjiv*. automatic wiuviow 
kvk. and dvvr liviurxrs. N cv>. j^ 

1585 Riverside Iron Works. Wheeling. 
AV Y* Nai'.> and >pikcs V ^4. -*!>4 
• iA86 Turt\cr ft Seymour Manufacture 
I'lC Cx» . NX .I'xVUN.v. vVni', H:as* a:\d 
ijvi "aphoUu". \ ^«\v.N and ha:\l*an:. and 
notixMi ^wnIs N .v> t»4 

1597 S*r<fnt ft Qrecnlcaf, Rochester, 
N \ v>.-. vv. •.'.,-, ci. ivji.'.k. *a;e. a:id nat 
VON ,vvx U •: <54 

159$ \V-.lcx»\. Wm.. Manufacturing 

1599 Kv,'^. J. M .ft Co., Water ffTd. N. 

\ .S,-,N V* A '■.". ,■ x'"x. v-.jL A".*.xi cajvr ;i.'^. 

V. , ^ >v. N •'. :>^ 

1550 K f V ;«*» l>Ad:o< 1 Co . N ew York. 

155; ••> > v- ." . S>i . V A A u»x N *w York. N . 
\ '. .w^ N •• :>.♦ 

•* S W N^w York, N Y. 

1555 ^ -t 

>V S., »Ji*t KarrrT-or. 

IIJ^v-A-^^-f Co.~^'«:^r Ixn:! Co 
:5^> x^■^f^.'r ^v~ w ^-^-or Ma«. 

.^v— ,'♦ ;i .x.-.^ fc :x. * |^%>. N .V. .:j^. 

:>}f C *?,'! i S.I*:,- r«S-<^ Co. 
; ,*.,* * JTj <.: vi f -o.*.- V i ^S^- "T > ^w,* Co. 

1589 Sellers. Chas. P., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Corn brooms and whisks. T 40. 980 

1 540 Reynolds, C. T., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Brushes. P 42^4- 286 

1A4(K> Isaacs, M. C, ft Co., Chicago, 
lU. — Wire brooms, casting, and tlue 
brushes. N 71. 286 

1541 Leiner, M., New York, N. Y. 
— Brushes and ear cleaners. T 65. 285 

1541<> Kerr, Hugh 8., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Sponge brushes. B 71. 280 

1542 Lovell, O. H. ft M. P., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Ear brush. T 50. 286 

1548/x Pollock ft Son, Newark, N.J.- 
Brushes, buffs, etc. N 68. 286 

1548 Miles, Bros., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Brushes. N 69. 286 

1544 Grand Rapids Brush Co., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. — Brushes. N 7a. 286 

1545 Clinton, E., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Brushes. N 66. 286 

1546 Bowman, C. A., ft Bro., Madison, 
Ind. — Clothes brushes made of broom 
com. T 46. 286 

154T Johns, H. W., New York, N. Y.- 
Brushes. P 47. 286 

1548 Plorence Manufacturing Co., 
Florence, Mas. — ^Hair brushes. B 70. 286 

1550 Bailey, John T., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Rope and twines. B 68. 287 

1551 Baumgardner, Woodward, ft Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Cordage and clothes 
lines, tarred yarns, hemp packing. B 

^\ 2S7 

155 1^ Lawrence. ^Vaterbury, ft Co., 

New York. X. Y.— Cordage. T 78. 287 

1558 Vy«e. Robt. H.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
— Rawhide rope, sash cord, and round 
Seltic^. B 6i?. 2S7 

1553 Hooper. Wm. E.. ft Sons, Balti- 
=5v.'re. Md.— Twi=«. D 78. 2S7 

1554 Hart. A. H.. ft ^Co., 90 White 
>:r^«:. New Y.-^rk. N. \". — Elm Flax 
Mi. * iix r«^ for upholsterers, sail, 
r.^; Vr.vz: =a.*.sr^. e;c. : Axx yams, shoe 
:hr%Lis. et:. ? se. zij 

1555 Wall's. WrIUam. Sona,New York, 
N Y -^oi-pt" n^Z'Jtf . icpe and cordage. 
r -5 a=7 

1556 Txcker, Cartcr.ftCo.. New York. 
N "\ — ^ -r^ i>i ir.tT.'j r?pe$. B 69 ^67 

155T Kjir:. Clarescc JU Philadelphia. 

155: * RsT^jiAs. ;. P.. ft Co.. New 
'i.-x. N Y — yiv.-u^.-rts;i» rs aill^inr 
ks: Ta.»-i* «r-»-oe T 4^ rSi 

1555 l..^T. X C ft Co^ CrZambus. 

» — V&onc fx-c* AOii *:CKCT- sup;-.':**. 
V. ::..:.•. :i .-^ * v vc? ''■^- ~-^^^. ;* »^el« . 
-,Vi. .;. iii..i.i-n>. ;.;.s.Tirrv Tvini iz-i n:'.:- 
:i.~ ^ vxa>x r-'.-Tt .2sxa^ 4^«at x^pLcu: .— .. 

:*5J w:*jc. ;. H.. Fr:Afriy^aa. Pa. 

15^ X^v £3«-iKxvX ^rrf TC Cc.. Lew- 

"•*->*.• -Oi.;ii::nf 5 "^ jsi 

15^1 Suiittdu.-:* ft C7.. Xev Tar^ H. Y. 


■^w.•v.-.^.x i;ti....-..«'.'v :« vrvvo. -i-^. ^.it. 

uV^:AA»sa.3. «&. 






Security against the powerful tools and ingenious devices 
of the scientific Burglar. 

J{ erring' s Infallible ^ank Jdock 

Affbrds the security of both a Combination and Time Lock, 



251 & 252 BROADM«KX,HEN "i^V^f^. 

56-60 %\i\S«VW« %"\-,^^'S^^ 







See Show Case in Main Bnfldingt CIms 2M« Sidiiig 4. 




Fish IjUfEss^ 

Fish Hqoks^ 

SHAlilA 'WA3HtBa, 




Paper, Wooden, Metallic Fabrics, etc. 

1562 Piton, Camille, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— ^Trophies representing America, Europe, 
Asia, and Africa. {Nave and Centre 
Transept.) 288 

1563 Tremain, Chas., Manliua, N. Y.— 
Paper barrds; cheese and fruit packages. 
T 57. 289 

1564 Trasel.BdwardO.. New York, N. 
Y. — Papier niach6 hous^old ware, cham- 
ber sets, pails, cuspadors, etc. P 64. 389 

1565 Wakefield Rattan Co., Boston, 
Mass.— Rattan baskets. T 57. 289 

1566 Beaudett, Homer T., Qreenpoint, 
N. Y. — Fancy scroll work. P 50. 289 

1567 Waters, B., & Sons, Troy, N. Y. 
— Boat barrels, camp stools, seats, pack- 
ages for volatile liquids, etc., made of pa- 
per. B 73. 289 

1568 Jennings Brothers, 352 Pearl 
street. New York, N. Y. — Japanese paper 
ware. Their manufacture of pails , basins , 
pitchers, spittoons, cuspadors, etc., are 
thoroughly waterproof, durable, and orna- 
mental; are not affected by the climate. 
T68. 289 

1569 Preston & Merrill, Boston, Mass. 
—Wooden boxes. P 48. 289 

1570 Dorman Manufacturing Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Baskets, urns, carriage 
bodies, etc. P 59. 389 

1571 Paxon, Comfort, & Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Burial robes and dresses ; cas- 
ket trimmings. B 73 and outside. 290 

1572 Smith, Wm. M., West Meriden, 
Conn. — Casket trimmings, handles, name 
plates, and ornaments. K 43. 290 

1573 Rogers, C.,& Bros., West Meri- 

den. Conn.— Gold and silver plated coffin 
and casket trimmings. F 72. 390 

1574 Chase, F. & P.P., Penn Galvanic 
Works, Philadelphia, Pa. — Galvanized 
iron goods, sheet iron, water pipe, boilers, 
hardware, shipsmithing, railings; bar, 
hoop, and chain iron. P 68. 291 

1574^ Danby, Geo., & Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Galvanized sheet iron, mantels, 
cornices, railings, etc. Y 59. 29X 

1575 Straus, T. E., & Co., Philadel- 

{>hia, Pa. — Galvanized, wrought, and cast 
ron work. P 71. 291 

1577 Philadelphia Galvanizing Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Galvanized sheet iron 
pipe, railing, wirework, chairs, boilers, 
sinks, coal hods, etc. P 69. . 291 

1578 Kittredge Cornice & Ornament 
Co., Salem, O. — Sheet metal cornices, 
doors, shutters, and pavilion ; archilectu- 
ral ornaments, light wrought iron work. 
{Outside.) 291 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

1579 Falstrom & Tomqvist, Passaic 
City, N. J. — Galvanized iron cornice and 
ornamental sheet iron work for buildings. 
P 68. 29Z 

1580 Philadelphia Architectural Iron 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa. — Galvanized iron 
and sheet zinc gate entrance. P 70. 391 

1581 McCuUough Iron Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Galvanized sheet iron. P70. 291 

1582 Brown & Owen, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Cemetery inclosure, ornamental iron 
work, and wrought iron pipe. {Out- 
side.) 291 

1583 Cornell, J. B. & J. M., 141 Centre 
street. New York, 9 Studio Buildings, 
Boston, 427 Walnut street. Philadelphia. 
— ^AU kinds of heavy and light wrought 
and cast iron work for buildings and 
bridges ; cast iron fronts, stairs, columns, 
girders, lamp posts, etc.; wrought iron 
columns, girders, beams, railings, sheet 
lath, etc. ; steel and iron rolling shutters, 
fire-proof columns, burglar proof safes and 
vaults. Works cover six acres of ground. 
P 70. 29X 

1584 Marshall Brothers & Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pa. — Galvanized and leaded sheet 
ironwork. V ji and outside. 291 

1585 Zinc Roofing & Ornamenting 
Works. Chicago, III. — Ornaments in 
pressed and cast zinc, brass, and copper ; 
zinc statues, emblematic signs, etc. P 
69. S91 

1586 Buringer Brothers, Dayton, O. 

— Ohio coat-of-arms of galvanized iron. 
{In gable of Ohio State Building.) 291 
1586^ Smith, S. A., New York, N. Y.— 
Rolling chairs. {In use in the build- 
ings.) 292 

Carriages, Yehioles, and Aooessories. 

1587 Blake Bros. Hardware Co., New 
Haven, Conn. — Trucks for moving open 
barrels and kegs. P 69. 294 

1588 Newichawanick Co., South Ber- 
wick, Me. — Horse blankets and goods for 
horse clothing. R 78. # 396 

1588^ Hopkins & Robinson Manufac- \ 
turing Co., Akron, O. — ^Animal pokes. 296 \ 

1589 Pettingell & Sawyer, East. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. — Horse and wagon covers. 
F 76. 296 

1590 Eager. P. B., Tower, & Co^ 

Boston, Mass. — Oiled horse covers. C 
78. 296 

1592 Faxon, E., & Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Wool extract. P 43. 667 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-4^. 




{North of Nave, Columns 2j fojS.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Chtmioal Manafaoturos. 

1 Hutchinson, John, & Co., Widnes, 
Lancashire. — SutU ash, stnla crystals, 
caiwtic soda, biourl>onate of sKula, sah cake, 
bleaching jwwdcr, and sulphur recovered 
from vat waiite. aoo 

8 Corbett, John, Stoke Prior Salt 
Woiks, Worcotershire.— Kefiued salt. 


8 Richards, Kearne, ft Oasquoine, Mal- 

kins lUnk Alkali Works, Sandbach, 
t'hcshire.- lirine, sulphate of ammonia, 
soda ash, bioarU^nate cX soda. aoo 

4 Qaskell, Deacon, ft Co., Widnes. 
|jiiu*«!»hire.— VarK->n*icil s^nia ash, and 
rcltnc\i alkali, bleaching ixmdcr. soila 
crystals, bicarbonate of soda, and chloride 
*M calcium. »» 

5 Brunner, Mond, ft Co.. North- 
«ich, Cheshire. — Alkali or cartx>iiate of 
svhIa. av.x) 

6 The Desoto Alkali Co. limited. 
Wulnc*, l4nca>hi»v A'austic soda, and 
black axh %M IvaU >odA. a^v 

8 Kuncorn Soap A Alkali Co. Jimi- 
t«sl\ l4\rnv^^l. lUoachiui: ^v^*%'ri, s^vla 
asih. ci\>uU «xf SvhIa, cau>t)C svV.a, and 
If liue\) irsan. *» 

ft Iffuspratt Bros, A Huntley, live 

\ss^": - >*xU a>.h, caustic mmU. ivcach;] 

jv^^.U-i. v*vU ci>>taU. and bica^K^Ra! 

e .^t 

10 Muapratt, James, ft Sons» Liver- 

18 Silence. Wter. Mancheater. -Ct>-»- 

;a.'5:\v. .s"...'.i. ■.". S.vk A;>.: %i\>:Ai*. ar.i 
.-. -.'ow .;,:•.•.. :v^ :,-..." .V.V.'jVV,.-;,-. :\x '.vt^ 
X . J V , A , . V^ >» ** a^» A .'..■. 1 »"»! j'^i ', V I *.V. A k . .'.j: 

IS M'.i^in. r>o'.'i>a». A 0** . Li\erivN>:. - 
14 r^t Ne\^cA*;>*. Works 

x\- "....V \,w,.iv. ,^ .-. , \ •>.' >sVU 

17 Young, James, Kelly. 'WemjrssBay. 

N. B. — Illustrations of manuncture ot 
carbonate of soda, dilorate of potash, pro- 
ducts from petroleum, coal, and shale, pre- 
servation ot iron ships. too 

18 Qreenbank Alkali Co., St. Helen's. 
Lancashire. — Chemical products, pun; 
caustic soda, chlorate of potash. xo 

80 Tenninn, T., Brookfield Chemical 
Works, Cork.— -Carbonate of and calcined 
magnesia. sjo 

81 Calvert, P. C, ft Co., Bradford. 


m Carbolic and cresylic acids and deriva- 
tives. 240 

3 Carbolic add soaps. sot 

88 Parkinson Bros., Burnley.— Baking- 
powder. 8>» 

88 Morson ft Son, London. — General 
chemicals and specialties, creasote, pep- 
sine, gi^tine, etc sao 

84 Allen ft Hanburys, London.— Pati 

de ji^ube and analogous articles. aoo 

88 Qerrard, Alfred William, London.- 
rhaimaoeutical preparations. aoo 

86 Chance Bros., Alkali Works, 
near Birgiinghsni.~-€hcnucal product^. 


87 Wyndham, P., ft Co., 

— ** tJKprit del (£u&" (s{Mrtt of eggs , a 
medicinal compound. aoo 

88 Price's Patent Candle Co. ' limited \ 
Hf^m^ii Woffai, London.— Candles, 
n:):h:-Hj:hts. glycerine. £stty acids, ma- 
cS:rterr oils: t'odet, h<iusehold, and mill 
f)Mkps.'gi>xeine, paiattnc, steariae, sad 
tapers. soi 

89 Pield. J. C ft J.« LoDdon.-Candles, 

:,-•. r: soap^, beeswax, and refined yettcw 
«-aY. v-hite wax, dyers* soaps, sealing 
wa\. xni fkacT oraaaental candles, aoi 

'At-r-.v. j^Mirv. 

80 Pears. A. ft P., Laaadron Soap 
W vvv*. l«je«v>r(h. near Loodoa. — Trans- 

81 Wright ft Holdsworth, London.- 

l^.X s.'o^p. «-orm powdeis, Bauer's baby 

I ^ »* > . rr. ^».» > • A J* v. e». 5i>. a>fc f.t 4 


)!} Cc^itse, Sig[ismnad, Loadoa.— Chcm- 

:cv »*d meocs'' soaps. soi 




811. VBB MBDAIi^ 





8, PortlmaA Strs^t, IKaaoli»tt«r, laglaad. 

Amarloan Asent— Mr. D. A. LINDSATT. Ko. 6^ Howard Street. Kew York. 

WP- r\ OO^TT ^M C/^KI ) WlnnWBof the International Gun 
.O&O.OwUI I 0& OUnl i Trial. JfEWTORK, 1878. for Points 
of Kerit of Shooting ftoalitiei, STstem of Action, Workmanship. &c., Ao. 


Patent Treble Wedbe-Fast Breechloaber, 

THE WIKNIKG* GXTN at the great London Oun Trials, in all the classes, for 
improyed boring. Wul kill game at over 100 yards. 

The strongest and n^ost 

durable breach action eyer 


and the easiest to load. 

On Sale at 
Messrs. G-rubb & Co.'s 


In the Press, "Chokk-Bork GKtns, and how to Load for all kinps of Game." By W. "W. 
Greener, Author of " Modern Breechloaders." 

ST- 3s.a:A,i^3r^s ^woi^ijCQ, Bii^3s>d:i3srGna:A.B^- 

DAVID S«ITH £ CO., LIMITED, Wool Extractors, HALIFAX, and the 


Neither bugs, lice, fleas, moths nor vermtn will live in cloths, blankets or nigrs made of these Wools; nor 
win they lodge In ony bed, bedding or stuffings made therewith. On acconnt of their chemical pniperties 
ami the manner in which they are manipulated, goods manufactured with these Wools are not subject to 
mildew. Contracts may he entered into for reguhir supplies of them. Samples supplied. 


%m m)i "^xU PEimtudmtx, 

BjBpocM Apnnintment to their EoyaHLig^Q^^e^ 
_ the Prince of Wales A the Duke of Min.\rai0i. 

muin&otary, 12, SOUTH SMUT k'AdHlH STREtT, EOWBUR^Hx H.^. 'LoTitol^T«as2^A^'^^^^^^^^ 



^^j^^^^ CELEBRATED /^^T^'^J^ 




To be obtained at the Bestaurants in 
the Exhibition Buildings, 
. sold by all first-ola^ liiqnor Dealers, Bestanratenrs, Hotels 4ko„ 
in the whole of the United States. 


Piercy Bine Brick Works. 

WEST BROMWICH, Staffordshire, 


London, 1871 






wg^ CLBEVE HOOPER, Junr., ^^.i^'*- 



Goods Bought or Sold for 2>} o ^ Commission ft del credere. Bankers, London Joint Stock Bank. 

JOHN Gh. ]y-9GhEE dk CO.. 




See SHOW CA8B. Claas 850. S 87. 





l^rize M.edals— London, P^tris, Serlin, Soulosna, dc SexK^ii* 



Chemicals, Ceramics. 

84 V^ilUams, Miles, Britannia Varnish 
Works, Wigan, Lancashire. 
M Gas cslrburetter and drawings; improve- 
ment in manufacture of gas and liquid 
fuel. 20X 

d Varnishes, varnish paints, enamels, lac- 
quers, and specimens of work. 3os 

86 HickisM>n. Mrs. M. A., London.— 
Marking ink, pens, linen stretcher, and 
firamed specimens. aoa 

86 Turner. Chas., ft Son, London. 
— Vamisnes, fine colors, gums. aoa 

88 Lrvons, William, Manchester.— 
Writuig and copying fluids and inks, 
marking ink, ink powders, paper dye tab- 
lets, aoa 

89 Bowman, Charles, London. — Solid 
ink, stencil plates, stencil brushes, etc. aoa 

' 40 Rawlins & Son, Brook Works, Pres- 

cot. — Ultramarine and smalts, with raw 
materials. aoa 

41 Chambers, T. F., Hull.— Black var- 
nish. ' aoa 

42 Johnson Bros., Hull. — Colors, var- 
nishes, machinery oils, and locomotive 
and anti-friction greases. aoa 

44 Rowney, George, & Co., London.— 

Pigments, colors, varnishes, artists' ma- 
terials, aoa 

45 Storer, David, & Sons, Glasgow. 
— Colors, pigments, and wood stains; 
Venetian, Indian, and other reds; drop 
black, greens, and other pigment col- 
ors, aoa 

46 Cooper & Co.^ London. — Writ- 
ing, register, and japan inks, copying and 
fluid ink; red, scariet, blue, and violet 
inks. aoa 

47 Silicate Paint Co., Liverpool. 
— Silicate paints and colors; petrifying 
liquid for damp walls; enameling and 
anti-fouling paints; cement for steam 
joints, anti-incrustation fluid, nitre killer, 

etc. 202 

47a Young ft Strang, Glasgow,— Gums 

for calico printing. aoa 

48 Blackwood, John, ft Co., London. 
— Writing, copying, and indelible mark- 
ing inks. aoa 

49 Mackay, John, Edinburgh. 

a Spirit varnishes and polishes for coating 
wood of all colors, white, mahogany, oak, 
or ebony. aoa 

S I* luid flavoring essences from spices, fruits, 
and vegetables. ao3 

60 Stephens, Henry Charles, London. 
— Writing fluids and copying inks, ink 
powders, machine ruling and indorsing 
inks ; stains for wood. aoa 

51 Crown Perfumery Co., London.— 
PerAimes and toilet requisites. ao3 

52 Brooks, Henry, ft Co., London.— 

Perfumery. 303 

53 Atkinson. J. ft E.. London. — Per- 
fumery and toilet articles. ao3 

54 Jaap* John, Glasgow.— Flavoring 

essences and other preparations. 203 

03 1 
to3 I 

56 Perks, Samuel, Hitchin Herts.~<- 
Essenti.ll oil of lavender, extract lavender 
flowers, etc. 303 

57 Thiellay, Eugene Henry, JLondon. 

—Hair tincture, dyes, and bleaching 
liquid, tonics, and cultivators. 803 

58 Rimmel, Eugene, London.— 
Perfumery and toilet articles; perfume 
vaporizers, etc. 303 

59 Evans, Sons, ft Co., Liverpool, and 
EvaQS, Lescher, & Evans, London. — 
Perfumery. 303 

5da Sturge's Montserrat Co. (limited). 
Broad street, Birmingham. — Essences. ao3 

60 Bryant ft May, Fairfield Works, 
London. — Safety matches, wax' vestas 
and vesuvians, decorated metal and other 
boxes. ao4 

62 Bickford, Smith, ft Co., Tuckingmill, 

Cornwall. — Safety fuses for blasting opera- 
tions. ao4 

63 Pigou, Wilks, ft Laurence (limited). 

London. — Military, sporting, African, and 
mining powders of every description. 304 

64 Lacey, Richard George, Coast Guard 

Station, Leigh, Essex.— -Rocket apparatus 
for throwing lines from one ship to another. 


Ceramios— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

65 Peake, Thomas, The Tileries, Tun- 
stall, Staffordshire. 

a Paving and facing bricks. ao6 

d Ridge, roofing, and flooring tiles; orna- 
mental tiles for garden borders, skirtings, 
and mural decorations. aa8 , 

66 Hamblet, Joseph, Piercy Blue Brick 

Works, West Bromwich, Staffordshire. 
a Vitrified blue bricks, copings, plinths, 

stable floor bricks, and quarries. 2< 6 

6 Ridges, roofing tiles, and terra metallic 

pavings. 2c8 

67 Wood ft Ivery, Albion Brick Works, 
West Bromwich, Staffordshire. — Blue 
terra metallic building and fancy bricks ; 
mouldings, copings, footpath paving 
bricks, grooved stable floor bricks, termi- 
nals ; terra metallic vases, trusses, etc. 206 

68 Johnson ft Co., Ditchling Potteries, 

Sussex. — Terra-cotta as applied to build- 
ing purposes ; terminals, vases, ridge tiles, 
and general terra-cotta work. {A^icut- 
turalHall.) 26 

69 Matthews, John, Royal Pottery, 

Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. — 
Terra-cotta vases, fountains, and baskeis : 
garden pottery, etc. 2» 6 

70Watcombe Terra-Cotta Co. 

(limited), Watcombe, South Devon. — Ter- 
ra-cotta, painted vases and plaaues, stat- 
uettes, etc. ; frescoes for mural aaornment, 
and architectural terra-cotta speci- 
mens. ac6 

71 Brooke, Edw^ard, ft Sons^ FicldLKovi^t 
a SatvUsiTN W\\>c&. "^^ 

h ¥\Te W\cVs Mvd Avj ^ox ^^^^'^"^:' y'^^;:^ 

i^5 L^^t Sotif ft HBydoxif Lrondon. — \ veut\\a,iot&*, 

Per/iune extracts, toJJet soaps. 203 I "naces. vt-vb 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end ot catAcs, st^ Oa&sv^t^'^^^^»'^- T" 





72 Stiff, James, ft Sons, London. 

a Terra-cotta jars, bottles, tiles, vases, me- 
dallions, water filters, refrigerators, air 
bricks, stoves, and stove linings, tablets 
with ^g^res in bas-relief, figures for church 
and other decorations; sanitary ware, 
sewer traps, drain pipes, etc. 206 

b I'erra-cotta stoves and stove hinges. 307 
c Files. 208 

d Chemical stoneware, water filters, refrig- 
erators, etc. aio 

78 Jennings, George, London.— 

Appliances for ventilation, terra-cotta 
bricks, etc.; stoneware drain pipes, galley 
traps. 20^ 

74 Holland, William Thomas, Yrisy- 
mudw. South Wales. 

a Architectural terra-cotta, bricks and tiles, 

sanitary pipes and ware. 206 

h Fire bricks and fireproof cements. 207 

c Ceramic goods, eartnenware,or faience, in 

table, tea and toilet services, etc. 213 

75 Lindsay & Anderson, Lilliehill Fire 
Clay & Terra-Cotta Works, Dunferm- 
line, Scotland. 

a Fountain in terra-cotta, bust and pedestal 
of Sir Walter Scott, statuette of Sir James 
- Y. Simpson, nymphs at fountain, garden 
vases and pedestals, sewage pipes and 
sanitary appliances, collection of terra- 
cotta. 206 

h Gas stove in terra-cotta, fire-clay bricks, 
chimney cans. 207 

76 Doulton, Hy.. & Co.. London.— 

Terra-cotta goods for arcnitectural pur- 
poses; sanitary pottery in salt-glazed 
stoneware, queensware ; vitrified metallic 
bricks ana pavings. 206 

76'* Eastwood & Co., (limited). London. 

a Building, paving, ornamental, and fire 
bricks ; Stafibrdshire blue bricks, grooved 
paviors. 206 

b Red paving and roofing tiles ; ridges and 
clinkers. 208 

77 Brownhills Pottery Co., Tunstall, 
a Terra-cotta and black glazed ware. 206 
b Floor and roof tiles, ridge ornaments, 

etc. 208 

e Jugs. 210 

</ Earthenware dinner, dessert, and toilet 

ware. 213 

78 Dean, Henry, Rugby, Warwick- 
shire. — Stoneware drain traps and yard 
gullies of different patterns. 206 

78'* Maw & Co., Benthall Works, 

Broseley, Shropshire. 

a Architectural majolica, and terra-cotta. 


b Geometrical mosaic, encaustic, and ma- 
jolica tiles. 208 

79 Tinworth, George, London.— 
Panels in terra-cotta, illustrative of Scrip- 
ture, and articles in colored stoneware. 206 

79<> Daniell, A. B., & Son, London. 
a Porcelain and pottery, ornamental vases, 
candelabra, etc. ; fountains, jardinieres, 

fardcn scats, vases, etc. 206 

)inncr, dessert, tea, and coffee services; 
toilet services. 213 

80 Harper & Moores, Stourbridge.— 
¥\rc clays, prepared clays, fire bricks, 

crucibles, melting pots, bricks for smdt\ng 
furnaces, etc. ^^o^ 

81 Cliff, John, Runcorn, near Liverpool. 
— Fire brick. 207 

For classes of exhibits; indicated by number* 

82 Patent Plumbago Crucible Co., i 

Battersea Worics, LoodoB. — Portable 
furnaces; skittle iN>ts for glass melting; 
cruciUes for >ewelcxs, assayexs, dentists, { 
etc. ; founders' blacking. 207 i 

83 Price, J. & C, & Broa., Bristol.- 

Ale bottles, spirit jars, barrels, preserve | 
jars, water filters, feet warmers, etc.; \ 
stoneware. 207 

84 Bates, Walker, & Co., Dale HaU 
Works, Burslem. 

a Ironmongers', artists', and gardeaware; 

earthenware goods; signboard letters. 209 
b Spirit barrels. aid 

c Dinner J dessert. Unlet, and tea ware; 

porcelain slates, menu tablets^ etc. 213 

85 Doulton ft Co., London.— Man* 

telpieces, stoves, hearth, and fenders of 
clay ; crucibles, furnaces, muffles, in fire 
clay and plumbago. S07 

86 King Bros., Stourbrld^e.—Fire 

brick, gas retorts, etc. 207 

88 Davidson. T., jr.* & Co., Caledonian 
Pipe Works, Gls^gow. — Clay ■ tobacco 
pipes ; white clay pipes, fitted with fancy 
mouthpieces and cases. 207 ' 

880 Doulton & WaUs, Lambeth Pot- 
tery, London. 
a Stoneware for chemical works. 207 

b Tile decorations. ao8 

c Stoneware for manufacturing purposes; 
pulpit and font in fine art pottery hi- 
ence. 209 

d Stoneware for domestic purposes. 210 

89 The Campbell Brick & Tile Co., 
Stoke-upon-Trent. — Encaustic, geometric, 
majolica, and all kinds of glazed tiles ana 
mosaics, bricks, and roofings. 208 

90 Craven, Dunill, & Co., Jackfield 

Works, near Ironbridge, Shropshire.— 
Tiles for pavements and hearths; orna- 
mental splays for fireplaces; tiles for walls 
and furniture. 208 

91 Minton, Hollins, & Co., Minton's 
China Works, Stoke on Trent.— Tiles, 
tile-mosaic, tile fender, chimney piece, 
fire grate, flower vases, etc. ao8 

92 Stanley Bros.. Midland Tile "Works. 
Nuneaton, Warwickshire. — Perforatea 

tiles for malt kiln floors. ao8 

93 Brovs^n-Westhead, T. C, Moore, ft 
Co., Cauldon Place, Stafifordshire Potter- 

a Tiles and sanitary ware. 206 

b China, earthenware, statuary, poroela n, 
and majolica ware. 209 

c Druggists' and perfumers* goods. 210 

d Dinner, dessert, and toilet services. 213 

93a Matthews, Edward, & Son, Lon- 
don. — Decorative tiles. 208 

93^ Minton China ^Vork8, Stoke upon 
Trent. — Enameled tiles, etc. 208 

9Zc Colthurst, Symons & Co., Bridge- 
water. — Bricks and tiles. (In AgrictU' 
turalHall.) 208 

94 Brownfield, Wm., & Son, Cobridge, 

Staffordshire Potteries. — China, majdic-i, 
ironstone china, parian, earthenware, 

^b E.dvja.Td%, \., BL^tiTv^'^Aa.TArssBk.^^V^- 
rtcultural Hall.^ -^v* 
at end oi evAx\«s, ^«fc C\?as:v^<».>2«itw, vv ^rW 




Vwfa BELFAST **«^*''**^ 






W. BU3i 

WHEREAS— It having come to the knowledge of W. B. and Son that 
certain maaufacturers are trying to introduce a spurious imitation of the above 
TRAHP MADi^ goods, less in substance and strength, made frcm 

I rsAUt MAKis.. ygj.y inferior materials, W. B. and Son, wishing to 
maintain the reputation they have so many years 
enjoyed for making the stoutest, most durable and 
C. NORTOff. approved Tweed for Riding Trousers, and at the 
same time wishing to protect their own interest as 
well as that of their friends, have determined to 
stamp each piece of their Tweed every two-and-a-half yards, "Bliss, Chipping 

..The above-mentioned goods supplied direct from W. B. and Son, only to 

Halving started an additional new fnill, full of the best machinery^ they can 
now supply any quantity of perfect JweedSy punctually delh)ired» 





A Bingle trial solioited from tbose who haye not yet tiled these splendid prepaiationt. 



The cheapest because the best, and indispensable to every household, and aa 
inestimable boon to housewives. Makes delicious Puddings without eggs, 
Pastry without butter, and beautiful light Bread without yeaat. Sold by 
Qrooers, Oilmen, Chemists, &c., in Id. Packets : 6d , Is., and 2s. Tixia. 



This cheap and excellent Sauce makes the plainest viands palatable, and the 
ddiuticst dishes more delicious. To Chox>s and Steaks, fidi, &c., it is incom- 
parable. Sold by Grocers, Oilmen, Chemists, Ac, in BotUes, 6d., Is., and 2fl. 

^^' Prepared by &OODALL. BACKHOUSE A CO., LEEDS, 

The best, cheapest, and most agreeable tonic yet introduced. The best 
remedy Imown for Inaigestion. Loss of Appetite, tieneial Debility, Ac lUstorcs 
delicatie invalids to health and vigoiu*. Sold by Chemists, Qixioers, Ac, at Is., 
Is. lid., 2s., and 2s. Sd. each Bottle. 



PR. AKTIU'K HIl.I. H.\<$.\.LU M.D . th« inrrator. recommends this as the be«t and moat nooruhinr 
<vf nil lutant** and Inraliits* Koods which hartr hitherto bcm bttmciit before tlie poblJc. It eontainseferr 
r(siu(i>itip («« th<> fteUand hMithr tap|iort and deTek^nnent of tbebodf. and is, to a ooasidaBble eztoif, 
t^n tl((DMiv«. R««^>mmend«d br t&e ** LaooK," and Xedioal Facoltv, Ac. Sold bj Dmcriste. AnMxra. 
OUtMon, Jto,, ^., in Tin«.«l., ls..Ss.,as.aL.Cs..1.%.. and 39b. eadi. A Tmtiae by Aitbor UiU BanwU. 
M.l>.. I;<m«KHt. \V(i the " AHmentanon of Infants. lliildTen, and Inralids. with hints on the general 
niauAjpNuettt \^i ch-.Ulren," sent post free on annocaxion tA the 

lCaQUfactur«rs. QOODAU^ BACKHOUSS 9t CO.. I.KED8. 

The following PRIZE MEDALS haye heeii awaided— 

Nismes, 1863; Cologne, 1865: Paris, 1872; 

Havre, 1868; Beanwais, 1860 ; KarseiUes, 1874; 

Paris, 1875; 




D. ANDERSON & SOX, Belfast, Ireland, 

.SaV Xf<ikm An J PaXentfies far the U.S. cfAmurLra of 


B»ady Coated And Sanded, especially fcr HO T CTJWATBa. 





I-/VERF»OOL AND l_0^i:>0^, 'EIS^Ci^-KSXi, 

As^Bts 131 all xniscipal. cataes i» <h* Tiaaftsd.^ 



Ceramics, Furniture. 

96^ G*rdfier,Petcr,DuninorePattefyp 

by Stirling, Scotland. — RDcWiDfhum tea^ 


97 EdwvrdB, John, FeatOD^ ^Xs^fforA* 
shirt,— iTtjnirgnt chtn* w»d porccbiu de 
Lem Eu, dinner^ toLkt^ And jug HrviCa. 
{/« /f£riru/^iiral //ft!/.) 113 

9B Bai]cy,W.&J. A., Alloa, Scotland, 
— Rocki^ingham carlhchware teapots. 113 

98^ Powett A Bishop* Hftnlcy, Staf- 
fordshire. — Dinner, dessert, lea^ and toikt 
*ervtc«, whLlr ifranite, etc. aij 

99 Hetley, J., ft Co., London.— ^lani 

tm;, iUidTiorti cultural purpo^ess ijf 

100 Ch&ncfi BrD».,ft Co., GIasa Works, 
ne:ir BirminfhaniK — GLa^i far i:ipiical in^tru- 
mctiti, V14 

101 Kilnftt BroA., LrOndDit.— Olaxh bot- 
tles &nd glajd, for t]&cf4jt and <;ci(ititific 
Applications. ?i5 

107 Aire ft Colder Glasi Bottle Co., 
London.— Gbis buitlc!^, cfltnbtTiiUtin «flp- 
pers, packing cases, corks^ «traw envel- 
opes^ aij 

108 Cireen, Jamcaf ft Meptiew^ Thames 
Cut GIoslS TV^orka, Ltmdon.— labtc gluas^^ 
cut ind ettgrjved i:ibk deconttcttiy; and 
flower KtAncIs, fUss ch^itideliersj and lustre 
candlesticks. 3 [6 

109 MLnu-, John, Jk Co., Edinburgh.— 
Engraved find cut g\*^s. si6 

lOSdJeakinftoa, Alexander, Bdiahur^h. 
— Vtoetiin glais in audiiut fhapes, at 

Fitmitnre and Object* of GenarnJ Ua* 
biCoiutmctian and In Dwellings. 

110 Cox ft Sons, London. — Chimney 

Eiiece, cmbrciidered manLcl bonrd, f:bon- 
ted ccfiter cupboaird, carved onk fumi^ 
ture, brtTirt Ornament^ italned eLs± 
church window, wrought iron pulpit body, 
lecterns, church pla.Le, wronght iron &nq 
bm» VfC-cVf nrt tiles and [tlxiiLit!; ; tbe 
challenge prize oT the National Musical 
Union^ etc, ar^ 

110<3 Turner, GeorE^e^ ft Co,^ Lottdon. 

a Hnmmock bedstead and ^Fa, mosquito 

cuituin. 117 

6 Camp oven. ajs 

111 'WH^bt ft Mansfield. London.— 
Cabinet /umiturc of the rStn centiiry. 317 

112 Hems, Hairy* Exeter.— Alabaster 
statue; curved oak chest made out of 
ajiclent beams fncnrly 6dd ycnri old) from 
the choir of Salisbury c^LhedmL 7^7 

113 Peyton ft Peyton, Bardeslev 

Works^ fiinuingham.— M et^lljc bctl- 
steads. aij 

114 Morton, W. Scott, ft Co*, Art Fur- 
niture Works, EdjTitiijrtflu — neconitlve 
furniture ebonued aiid decorated cabinet, 
sidebo;ird. 917 

115 Harti Son, Pftard,ftCn., London. 

a Arttiitic metal wort fcbicJiy for ecclesias- 
tical purpcisrs^, sLovE grates, etc, ai/ 
b Stove grates, etc, 533 
c Ga4 fixtures. n-^-^ 

116 Shoolbred, J^mes, ft Co.^ London, 
—Fumtturs in rhtf Jncobcan and Queen 
Attne styies; ht^rvom fumitTirc iti the 

Angto-ladian styic-^ curtains and car- 

For classea of exhibits, mdicated by numbers 

llfi4 Whlte^ William George, London, 
-*Steel safe. ajj 

117 Barnard, Bradlyj London,— Fur- 
niture and hammock. ^xf 

11 B Cooper ft Holt, London, ^Furni- 
ture^ Sidcbonrd, portion of bcdrt>ont suilt, 
d^coradve drawiug-toom AimtLire. 317 

119 PhipBon, UisH Htnnia, Monk Sher^ 
borne. Ba^ing-^loke, Hants.— Sideboard, 
Indies work ifdilc, dressiiig glass, and cmi.^ 
dlestkki. 317 

119'^ Chatwood, Samuet, London. — 
Fire ;iiid burglar proof aaies, 217 

190 W^ard ft Co., LondOQ.^Bear 

iirrjnK*;d as dumb waiter to hold tr^y nnd 
lamp. ^ij 

132 Arthur, Frederick, London.— 
Cabuiei work and fittings for Koyal School 
of Art needlework exhibits. si? 

123 Wethered, Edwin Robert, Wool* 

wich, Kent, 
a Hammock. 31 y 

b Friction pulley block^ cxfaibJted as n fire-' 

escape. 317 

124 Matthews, Edward, ft Son^ Lonr 
don. — Stained glass wiiidowSj murdL^cs. 9 1 7 

125 Barnard, Bishop, ftBamarda, Nor* 
fcp|kln;.n\\''orks, Harwich. 

fi Stovesn »a 

^ Mangles, m5 

e Orn.inientnl wrought nnd c^t iron giites, 

palisade, pavilioni, etc. 710 

d t<awti tno^fc-er^, huse rcclsj garden mllrn, 

and iron garden rrquisitn, 7^0 

126't Howard ft Sons, London, — 
Household furniture. ^17 

126 Singer, J. W., ft Son,Frome, Som- 
eTsrt. — Artistic metal work^ altar crt}s.';es 
and candlesticks, alrnit djiihesj i^nd inuraL 
lirass ijUtcs for diurches. ^17 

126^ Sage, Frederick, London.— Air- 
tEfiht show caseSj velvet show stand^ etc. 

127 Knight, MiBB Mary, London.— Bed- 
stead. ai7 
12B Jclfreys, Charlea, London. 
a Sho^ ca!}e$j brontcd shop fittings, and 
showfitands. 117 
& Cut glass mirrors. st^ 
e Rcfl ccti Tig lamps r 333 

129 Royal School of Art Needlework, 
[.L^cidun, — Artistic needlework ^nd cm- 
btoidery in applique. Crewels, and silk. 317 

130 Macintosh, James, Lon don .-Dec- 
orative dLK^r> and paficK; itiut;ttlon-'i of 
woods and mnTbles^ dccoTative designs 
{Lud paper-hanging. ^17 

iSOd Col 1 man n, L. W,, London.— Piano 
in ciirved satinwuod case, etCn 317 

ISO^J Watson ft Son, Bombay, East 
I]idia. — furniture, etc. 317 

131 CoUlnaon ft Lock, London.— Fur- 
niture, wnll papcrsi. and te^Ktile fabHcs in 
the Ckld Ei>gli^h style. 317 

I3la Neat, JobD, London.— Table warc^ 

132 00 ltBt\n , ltTtTTVWL\v . Ti\i\i\\xi - 

a Tab\torn*m^\^Xi,^t\t\tJm^t^avi,>3Sitac:^^ 

I etc. 

at end of euiues, s^e O^sv^^^vX^^*^^' ^f^^ 



Table Fumimre. Heatis^ jind Lighting Appaiatas, V^oven Goods. 

13S CLAiSej-. w. A ^. A.. AlSoa. Sect- . TazM aad Wtfvn 6ood« of Yegetftble 

^a^.— L:v7&iTc=s.M£f<». i^i „ Xiaenl Mktexials. 

134 EIlDSStcta JL C»^ StrT-7ic*^»Tr 

•- »■,"«** .f .T fnc. sL-i-sr uu. xcier 
i»r?i.i> >iLr-t-i *-,r 

13* S:ri-s«-L A C. A Tj.. Icofint-Or- 

ftkntrnu. iPM:i;i:ni> tn* nirart runia 
LI*. i.vl. .'.•».' -;.-i. ;tKvr-».:iniSf. rr- 

^ ,1-s.-*.!*.-; ■ O; r-xifcjni s.'j*'-;. fat !«.«-:. 
14^ $:<t k ^triM.r\L. 'Vrt&c-xici.iis 

sn.-v-s* vi:l .Mill.; :iias li^ r.«>. -i;. =::; 


14-1^ rsMciifcii. v*.-t JL : 

"Rit?:, .Mii:« '. '. Is-.">..\-3Sv i^ 

t4\ ?'»'"H:.w. *. W.. Jt Soor. Ijmnm.— 

•§• - * .i. ~^-- 

*4.$ '"*Ktvii.-«.ni.^ £* 5i-utlin-*. 

*4|k. Cli^' i:bntintnt. ..nntin:. — ?*tt.i 

?::-.■}* ^ ■»<..■ -■■v. 

137 Btdwb, J. B., ft Co., London.— 

GoJTuilaed vire nrrring for inclosii>g 

*og», eic (Im Ap-t- 

13T« Ea^cr: ft Rolfie. London.— Pelti 

isr r:iuxiiit. £braiB aspb&h, esc (/« Agri- 

1 3S Gereerdae. X., ft Sons. Warrii 

— -s-p 

■is Ag^rx^Umi 


13ikc XcTeKT ft Co.. Beirut, IreUnd.- 



Virriaw I'liiiritg Ss;:cd.=i£L. — J~e yarr.s, 

IK' Saskflenaa. Fraxk Stevrart, Man- 
tiirmn VmBh. Inmiwe. SczcIawL — IJr.en 
fizu. .uns T<K=». arpe: janK. 'aurlap^. lci:- 

1^ LaurL ^Krilbaaac. ft Co.. Cacssore 
l^msi V ir«a. rnrar. Sc:c3i^i — la-.-c 

nvj? n-r«^inn& Biirn-ny. OKaa.':T_-z», 
'sm. scL 133 

j: fruits xmz 



«r binaa 

I{;i ^tavtux-K. Ixftn. ft SooBw Belle 

:M Bb-aoK. Imak ft Sr 

■V::l*. ri:-j:uts«xtiit. — fii»- 

If^ Irssxnniunc Sx.zxzxf 
— :r tiunin. 

I fix ^^cuauix. Buiia. ft £ina. T^srs 

-■•::-*;. ^ juu. -jaer zrszrxA- 
.-~> ■- — i*.":,. .srrsas. ■nu. 'XUIC7 ire« 

'. ;;K 'A^.zSrrixe. T.inrr u ft Xo.. Baidus. 

:.-: .:■ .a. is-. 

I". ••.-.« r-T7 3 =r^ Insa ^'jaa. r;t 

. j^ rzr:^ .OSS. n. ft Zo.. Sai^Tw. 
. f* «ivxs::«Rr. 3irre«i- ft la.. TTsfrv-ja 

^ fT - "^ ~ Ttv?. JleszTisn, ft ^2., ^jinfani- - 


Established 1801. 


Meltliaiii Mills, 

near EaddersMd, 


SEWING, Crochet, and Eihbroiderin6 Cotton, 

49, Cannon Street. London, E-O. I 10, Garthland Street, Glasgow. 

36, Fountain Street, Manchester. | 93, Boulevard de Sebastopol, Paris. 

WM. HY. SMITH Sc CO., 32, Greene Street, New York, Sole Agents for the D.a 



if arr^irj/L-J. 



machine' USL 






W <9fT1S«i^4/* 





The extraordinary strength, smoothness, and durability obtained by this invention have 
secured for it great popularity, and it is consequently much imitated in inferior qualities. 
This Cotton is always labelled Brook's Pathnt GlacU Thrhad, and without their name 
and crest (a GOAT'S HEAD), the words " Glace," or " Patent Glace," do not denote that it 
is of their manufacture. 

BBOOK'S PATENT NINE AND SIX CORDS will be found of very superior 
quality, and are strongly recommended wherever a SOFT COTTON is preferred. 

XK>ndon, 1861. \ Only¥iT«^.C\a.B»llLeAa^^'^^^>^ 

lA>ndonI 18©a. \ »o\A ULedaY t^^ 

mze Medal 



EsTABi^iSHCO 183a 

Tort street Max Spiiming Co., Ltd., 








>fl^<i]uTO FjfcTrj-.Iy l-iiiens, 
>4<»*x-> F*n»3ly A^nen^ 

^ r. ?*T. 1 r. ; T>p%. 



IM, Cftncrcaci 



Woven Goods. 

168« Brings, J. F.. ft Co., Huddersfield, 
Yorkshire. — Drills and ducks. 930 

169 Aahworth. Edmund, ft Sons, Eger- 
ton Mills, Bolton, Lancashire. — Cotton in 
various stages of manufacture ; yams, sew- 
ing cottons; crochet, embroideiy , knitting, 
mending, and glove cottons, linen finish 



170 Pearson, Thomas, ft Son, Victoria 
Mills, Little Bolton.— <^uilts, quiltings, 
toilet covers, and mats. 330 

171 Hawkins, John, ft Sons, Manches- 
ter.— Plain and twilled calicoes and 
prints. 233 

172 Ferguson Bros., Holme Head 

Works, near Cariisle.— Satteens. 331 

173 Schwabe; Salis, & Cb., Manchester. 
— Cotton prints for gannentt, chintzes, 
and furniture. 232 

174 Simpson ft King, Manchester.— 

Printed cotton furniture fabrics. 232 

170 Marshall ft Co.,Leeds.— Linen sew- 

ii^ threads. 233 

176 Normand, James, & Sons. Dysart, 
Fifeshire, Scotland. — Linens tor house- 
keeping, shoe linings, etc. 233 

177 Ewart, William^ ft Sons, Belfast, 
Ireland. — Linen &bncs. 233 

178 The York Street Flax Spinning 
Co. (limited), Belfast. — Linen piece 
goods, drills, ducks, sheetings, shirtings, 
and frontings. 233 

179 Matier, Henrjr, ft Co., Belfast.— 
Bleached and printed linens; handker- 
chiefs, plain, hemstitched printed, and 
embroidered. 233 

180 Ainsworth, Thomas, Cleator Mills. 
Cleator, Cumberland. — Linen threads and 
towels. 233 

181 Ullathorne ft Co., London.— Shoe 
and saddlers' threads. 233 

182 Fenton, Connor, & Co., Linen Hall, 
Belfast. — White linens, cambric, table 
linens, linen ducks, drills, etc.; printed 
shirtings and lawn dress goods. 233 

1 83 Brown, John S., ft Sons, Belfast.— 
Table linen, diapers, sheetings, shirting 
linen, lawns, linen and cambric handker- 
chiefs. • 233 

1 84 Richardson, J. N., Sons, ft Owden, 
Belfast. — Linen goods. 233 

180 Dicksons, Furguson, ft Co., Belfast. 

— Linens bleached and unbleached. 233 

190 Dunbar, McMaster, ft Co., Gilford, 
Ireland. — Linen threads. 233 

191 Nairn, Michael, ft Co., Kirkaldy, 

Scotland. — Floor oil cloths. 234 

192 Corticine Patent Floor Covering 
Co., London. — Floor covering. 234 

193 Hall. Thomas, Edinburgh.— Hand 
painted cloths in imitation of tapestry, for 
wall decoration. 334 

194 WeUock^J,, ft Co., Bradford, York- 
Mbire.—WnterpxQoe materials for cart and 
waigon coven. 334 

195 Boulinikon Floor Cloth Manufac^ 

tunng Co. (limited), Manchester. — Floor 
cloth. 234 

WoYon and Felted Ooods of Wool, eto. 

196 Andrews, Henry, ft Co., Leeds.--- 
Worsted coatings, wool and union cloths, 
an^wool meltons. 235 

197 Brown, John 8., ft Sons, Belfast.-* 
Yams. 235 

198 Hooper, Charles, ftCo., Eastington 

Mills, S tonehouse. Gloucestershire . — 
Woolens, broadcloths, military cloths, 
doeskins, beavers, elysianSj kerseys, mel- 
tons, coatings, and trowsenngs. 235 

199 Salter. Samuel, ft Co^ Home Mills. 
Trowbriage, Wiltshire. — ^Trowserings and 
coatings. 235 

200 Dunbar. McMaster, ft Co., Gil- 
ford, Ireland. — Gray and bleached 
yams. 235 

201 Mahony, Martin, ft Bros., Blar« 
ney, Ireland. — Tweeds, boating serge, 
worsted coatings, railway traveling 
wraps. 235 

202 Anderson, David, & Son, Lagan 
Felt Works. Belfast, Ireland.— Roohng, 
flooring, ana ship sheathing felt, lining felt, 
hair felts for covering boilers and steam 
pipes. (/« Machinery Hall.) 235 

203 Bliss, William, ft Son, Chipping 
Norton, Oxon. 

a Tweeds, woolen seiges, and saddlers' 

woolens. 235 

b Shawls. 337 

c Mauds and rugs. 239 

204 Brig^, J. F., ft Co., Huddersfield, 

Yorkshire, — Beavers, coatings, cheviot, 
cassimeres, carriage and livery cloths, 
doeskins, elysians, meltons, kerseys, 
pilots, rugs, vestings and quiltings, 
velvets, union cloths, witneys, and reversi- 
ble coatings. 235 

205 Carr, Isaac, ft Co., Twerton Mills, 
Bath. — Woolen cloths, meltons, twills, 
beavers. 235 

206 Bubb & Co., Southfields Mills, near 
Stroud. — Woolen cloths; billiards, gov- 
ernment, and piano cloths. 233 

207 Marling ft Co., Ebley and Stanley 
Mills, Stroud, Gloucestershire. — Raw, 
scoured, and dyed wool ; woolen cloths, 
beavers, Venetians, doeskins, deerskins, 
cassimeres, etc. 235 

208 King, William, Gilroyd and Albert 
Mills, Morley, Leeds. — ^Union and melton 
cloths. 235 

209 Birchall, J. D., ft Co., Burley Mill^, 
Leeds. — Woolen and worsted goods. 235 

211 Hargreaves ft Nusseys, Farnley 
Low Mills, Leeds. — Coatings, overcoat- 
ings, kerseys, meltons, woolen cloths. 235 

213 DavieS; Robert S., & Sons, Stone- 
house Mills, Gloucestershire. — Cloths, 
doeskins, Venetians, meltons, coaxvcv"^, 
beavets, txc. ^"Vb 

ai4k l-\U\e,T.VI.,»L^o.,\-^«^^^--^^- 

[ tons, \Au^ and WcV d««^Vvo&, ^^ ^ 


FarchMam ofexbibitt indicated by numbexs at end of tti\fwe*,stseC\afis^^^'»»^»^^' 



Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing. 

21 Jones, Pryce, Newtown, North 

5 Jonei 


a Welsh flannel, homespuns, tweeds, yarns, 

etc. 236 

6 Shawls. 237 

216 Buckley, Joseph, & Co., Moofcroft 
Mills, Delph, near Manchester.— Shawls, 
raised fancies, Rob Roys, an4^ shep- 
herds. 237 

217 Parmer & Rogers, London.— 
Cashmere shawls. (/» Indian Sec- 
tion.) 837 

218 Buckley, J. E. St. O. P., Linfitts 
Mill, Delph, near Manchester. — Queens- 
land and beaver shawls. 237 

218a Hepworth, B., & Sons, New Wake- 
field Mills, Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 
a Railway knee wrappers. 237 

b Rugs. 339 

218^ McGee, John O., ft Co., Belfast, 


. a Traveling wraps, shawls, etc. 237 

b Rugs. 239 

219 Williams, E. O., & Co., Bradford, 

Yorkshire. — Textile fabrics for dress 
goods. 238 

220 Pirn Bros. & Co., Dublin.— ' 
Irish poplins, silk terries, and broca- 
telles. 238 

221 Henderson & Co., Durham.— Dur- 
ham axminster. 239 

222 Lewis, John, Halifax, Yorkshire. — 

Brussels and Wilton carpets. {British 
Offices.) 239 

223 Gregory & Co., London.— Indian 
and Persian carpets. 239 

224 Robinson, Vincent, & Co., London. 

— Carpets and rugs. 239 

225 Crossley, John, & Sons (limited), 
Dean Clough Mills, Halifax, Yorkshire. 
— rCarpets, rugs, sofa carpets, table covers, 
etc. 239 

226 Tomkinson & Adam, Kiddermin- 
ster. — Axminster carpets. 239 

227 Lapworth Bros., London.— Carpets 

and rugs. 239 

228 Templeton J. & J. S., Glasgow.— 

Brussels and Wilton carpeting; silk and 
wool window curtains. 239 

228a Welch, Margetson, & Co., Lon- 
don.— Rugs. 239 

229 Templeton,James. & Co., Glasgow. 

— Axmmster carpets, oreadth carpeting, 
hearth rugs. 239 

229^ Tapling, Thomas, & Co., London. 
— Tapestry. 239 

230 Webbj Edward, & Sons, Worces- 
ter. — Hair cloth for furniture covering, 
hair cloth paddings, curled hair, crinoline, 
hair cloth. 240 

230o McLintock,James,&Sons,Barns- 

ley, Yorkshire. — Down quilts and pil- 1 
Jotvs. 240 \ 

J9SJ lVi7<f./ohn, Greenfield MiU8,Shaw, \ 
near Oldham.— Cotton plush velvet- \ 
ecu. ajx ] 

for classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

Silk and Silk Fabrioi. 

282 Sheldon & Penton, London.— Sew- 

ing silks, tailors' twist, machine silks, 
etc. 243 

238 Rickards, Charles A]fscough, Bell 
Busk Mills, near Leeds. — Sewing and ma> 
chine silks, twists; embroidery, knitting, 
and crochet silks. 243 

234 Milner, Wm., & Sons, Leek, SUf- 

fordshire. — Sewing silks. 243 

285 Ward, Anthony, & Co., Albion Silk 
Mills, Leek, Staffordshire.— Silk 
threads. 243 

286 Adams & Co., London.— Knitting 

silks, filoselle. 243 

237 Hilditch..G. & J. B., London. 

a Silk and silk fabrics. 245 

b Velvets. 248 

238 Norris & Co., London.— Silk for 
furniture and uphoktery purposes. 246 

238a Stewart^ Moir, & Muir. Glas- 
gow. — Curtains for window and decora- 
tive purposes and for use in the British 
section. 246 

239 Prench & Co., St. Mary's Mills, 
Norwich. — Black crape. 247 

289^ Simon, May. & Co., Nottingham. 

—Nets, Shetland scarfs, shawls, elastic 
webs, etc. 247 

2393 Welch, Margetson. & Co., Lon- 
don. — Scans, ties, and silk handkerchiefs. 


240 Stevens, Thomas, Stevengraph 
Works, Coventry. — Jacquard loom at 
work; ribbons, neckties, sashes, badges, 
and emblematical regalia; navy hat rib- 
bons, gold and silver lace, siUc-centred 
sachets. 34S 

241 Heymann & Alexander, Notting- 
ham. — Nets, quillings, trimmings, etc. 

243 Turner, Archibald, A Co., Leices- 
ter. — Elastic fabrics, cords, and braids. 249 


Clothing, Jewelry, and Onu 
Trayeling Eqnipmenti 

245 Morley, J. &R., London. 

a Hosiery. 250 

^.Gloves. 251 

246 McLintock, James, ft Sons, Barns- 
ley, Yorkshire. 

a Down quilts, skirts, jackets, and dressing 

gowns ; dress improvers. 259 

6 Slippere. 251 

247 Welch, Margetson, &Co., London. 

a Linen collars, shirtings, etc. 250 

b Umbrellas. 254 

248 Sykes, Josephine, & Co., London. 

— Corsets and ladies' belts. 250 

249 Hitchcock, Williams, ft Co., Lon- 
don. — Costumes of mixed fabrics. 250 

250 McGee, John G., ft Co., Belfast, Ire- 
\atvd.— \i\sv«t overcoats and Irish home- 

&putv%,oo^. ajo 

SLl end oV exvm«&, wfe OaMA^cwXwv^v^. <&VKV 

ifiajj^jj ADVt:K'ri:sKMJ!:rif'i\ 


'■'Georges ST. 0^)®^ 
























P O 
CO -S rn ^ . 


i ^ 







Clothing, Jewelry, Fancy Gtoods. 

S51 Smyth ft Co., Balbriggan, Ireland. 
— BalEriggan hosiery, lace hose, light 
stockings. 350 

S51a Turner, George, ft Co., London. 

a Military and traveling equipments; appli- 
ance for picketing horses. 250 
b Hammodc-valise and canteen. 253 

252 Roe, William Allen, Leicester.— 
Boots and shoes. 351 

253 Lobb, John, London.— Qentlcmen*t 
and Udies' boots. 351 

254 Dash, Osmond, Brighton. 

a Hats and caps. 351 

h Umbrellas. 354 

260 Lincoln, Bennett, ft Co., London. 
—Hats. 351 

261 Humbert, Hermann, London.— 
Hats and ^nnets; hat and bonnet 
shapes. 351 

263 Debenham ft Freebody, London.— 
Gloves. 35J 

264 Tress ft Co., London.— Hats ; pith 
and felt solar hats and helmets. 351 

264« Jacoby, M., ft Co., Nottingham.— 
Valenciennes and silk guipures ; imitation 
Swiss curtains, lace curuins. 35a 

265 Smith, George John. London.— 
Irish lace made by the Industrial 
Poor. 353 

265« Heymann ft Alexander, Notting- 
ham. — Silk, wool, and cotton laces. 353 

266 Dunraven, the Countess of, Adare, 
County Limerick, Ireland.— Embroidery 
on lawn ; robes, pocket handkerchiefs, in- 
sertion for dresses, pincushion cover, 
etc. 353 

266« Simon, May, ft Co., Nottingham. 
— Lace curUins, valances. 353 

267 Goggin, Jeremiah, Dublin. 

a Jewelry. 253 

i Reading-stands, walking - canes, pipes, 

etc. 354 

269 Francati ft Santamaria, London.— 

Tet ornaments, brooches, earrings, brace- 
lets, necklaces, etc. ; jet cameo mosaics, 
carved by Roman cameo cutters. 953 

271 Neal,Ioha, London.— Gold and sil 
' 'eiry, precious stones. 

ver jeweli 


272 Aitchison. James. Edinburgh.— 
Scottish jewelry, in gold and silver; High- 
land ornaments, ana stones foimd in Scot- 
land. 353 

278 Gibson, William, Belfast. 
a Gold, diamond, and Irish bog oak jewelry. 

b Walking-sticks and table ornaments. 354 

274 English. John, ft Co., Feckenham, 

Worcestershire. — Needles ; fishhooks ; 
steel pins ; hairpins ; bodkins. 354 

275 Johnson, J., ft Co., Charterhouse 

Works, Sycamore street. London. — Shell 
boxes, toy furniture ana ornaments, and 
fancy paper boxes. 354 

276 Davis ft Wilson, Birmingham.— 
Wh^, walkJng-atick. and umbreihi mount- 
ing; African clUea' canes; whips and 

general whip materials. 354 

iTor clastea of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

277 Millward. Henry, ft Sons, Red- 
ditch.— Needles, sewing machine needles, 
fishhooks. 354 

278 Turner, R., ft Co., Old Factory, 

Redditch. — Needles, pins, fishhooks, 
etc.. displayed in a glass case, forming 
model of the exhibition of 1851. 354 

279 Swaine ft Adeney, London.— 
Whips, whip lashes, thongs, and sockets ; 
horns, canes, and walking-sticks; sport- 
ing apparatus. . 354 

280 Smith, John Wright, Leicester.— 
Self-acting needles used in hosiery 
frames. 354 

281 Kent, George Barton, ft Co., 
London. — Ivory paper knives and shoe 
lifts. 354 

282 Evans, David, Studley, Redditch. 
— Needles for hand and machine sew- 
ing. 354 

288 Fenton, James, Birmingham.— 

Pearl buttons. 354 

284 Kirby, Beard, ft Co., Birmingham. 
— Pins, needles, hairpins, fishnooks, 
etc. 354 

284a Elrick, Charles Gray, Aberdeen, 

Scotland. — Dressing combs ; real and imi- 
tation shell, side braid, and high Spanish 
combs, etc. 354 

285 Sangster ft Co., London.— Um- 
brellas, parasob, sunshades, whips, canes. 


286 Smith, James, ft Son. Astwood 
Bank, near Redditch. — Neeales, showing 
stages of manufacture ; bodkins, hairpins, 
and fancy cases for holding needles. 254 

287 Hayes, Crossley, ft Co., London. — 
New shape sewing needles, machine nee- 
dles, pins, bodkins, and specimens in va- 
rious stages of preparation. 354 

288 Cooke Bros., Birmingham.— 

Safety pins, curtain hooks, and fancy 
nails. 254 

289 Woodfield, William, ft Sons, Ease- 
more Works, Redditch. — Needles, sew- 
ing machine needles, fishhooks, etc.; sail 
tools and fancy needle cases. 354 

290 Martin, William Henry, London. — 

Umbrellas, walking-sticks, whips. 354 

292 Tayler, D. F., ft Co.. New Hall 

Works, Birmingham. — Solid-headed toilet 
pins, hairpins, hooks and eyes, pearl but- 
tons. 354 

296 Hoe, Richard, ft Sons, London. — 
LeaUier portmanteaus, hat cases, and 
bags. 855 

296<' Ward, Marcus, ft Co., London.— 

Fancy leather work. 255 

296 Harrington, J., ft Co., London.— 
Imitation leather hat linings, shoes and 
shoe linings, wall decorations, pocket- 
books, belts, dispatch boxes, dres-sing and 
jewel cases, glove and handkerchief boxes, 
etc. 35s 

297 Bussey, Geo. Q., ft Co., Lotvd<iTk..— 

ding ba©^, atvd \tav\\« mv^ r"^"^*^^, 
g^ >SiA fox %Voo>\Tv% ^tA v«n^v«^ 
, puTt»o&e&. * 

at end of etitAca, «* Oa&%\«ica!Cxovv,^^. ^-V-v* 



Stationeiy, Weapons. 

297« Jeffreys, Charles, London.— Leath- 
er traveling and jewel cases; morocco and 
velvet cases. 355 

Fftper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

299 Hinks, Wells, & Co., Buckingham 
Steel Pen Works, Birmingfaam.-rSteel 
pens, penholders. 358 

800 Stephens, Henry Charles, London. 

— Inkstands, gum mutilaige, quills, sealing 
wax, parall^ rulers. 358 

301 Ortner & Houle, "Lobdon.— Seal 

engraving, steel and copi)er plate heraldic 
engraving, and die sinkiilg. . 358 

302 Ward, Marcus, ft Co., London. 

~ a Writing paper and envelopes, diaries, cal- 
endars,, etc. 358 
' i Photograph albums and scrap books. 261 
c Cards and valentines. 263 

803 Blackwood, J.ohn, ft Co., London. 

J — Sealing and bottle wax. 358 

Lyons, WillUm, Manchester.— 
Ting wax, gum mucilage. 358 

806 Waterston, George, ft Son, Edin- 
burgh. — Sealing wax. 358 

3O6 Ford Works Co., Ford, Durham.— 
Paper stock, manufactured from esparto 
grass; products from esparto, bamboo, 
megasse, ; phoripium tenax, maize, ana 
other fibres. 259 

807 Dudgeon, Arthur, London.— Writ- 
ing-papers ; paper pulp manufactured 
from peat. 259 

308 Pirie, Alexander, ft Sons, London. 
a Writing-papers. 259 

6 Cardboard. 9M 

. c Enameled papers. 264 


310 Fletcher, Robert, ft Son, Kersley 
Paper Works, Stoneclough.— White and 
colored papers, fine tissues, silver tissues, 
copying and cigarette papers. . 359 

311 Birdsall ft Son, Northampton.— 
Binding of the Hexaglot Bible. 261 

312 Goodall, Charles, ft Son, Camden 
Works, London. — Playing and Christmas 
cards. 263 

313 Rimmel, Eugene, London. 

a Valentines. 262 

d Fancy crackers. 66x- 

31 3a. Stevens, Thomas, Stevengraph 

Works, Coventry. — Cards and valentines'. 


314 Jeffrey ft Co., London.— Artistic 

. wallpaper decorations. 264 

Xilitary and Kaval Armaments, Ord- 
nance, Firearms, and Apparatus of 
Hunting and Fishing. 

315 Reilly, E. M., ft Co., London.— 
Breechloading guns and express rifles. 


SlJa Buaaeyf Geo. G., ft Co., London.— 
Breechloading guns and their accessories ; 
gyro pigeon. 265 

816 Greener, William ^Vellington, Bir- 
mingham. — Sporting guns and rifles; 
breechloading guns. 26s 

817 Ri^hy, John, ft Co., Dublin.— Onns 

and nfles and their accessories. 265 

318 Henry, Alexander, Edinburgh.^ 

Breechloading express rifles, fowline- 
pieces, harpoon and bomb-lance guns ; mil- 
itary arms and target rifles. 265 

819 Clay. Randolph, Londoow— Coa- 
- verter for breechloadii^ firearms. 26$ 

320 Do4Xff all, James Dalsiel^ Glasgow. 
— Long-range shotguns and nfles. 265 

322 J.^arcaster, Charles, London.— Guns, 
nttes.' cannon; drawings-^d modek of the 
ov^ bored. 265 

328 Scott, W. ft C, ft Sons, Premier 
Gun Works, Birminghan^ — Sporting fire- 
arms, revolvers, gun materiab. 265 


• 265 

325 Purdey, Jas., London.^ — Guns, ri-. 
fles, etc. 265 



WUliam, Reading.— 


324 Needham, J. ft G. H., 

, Breechloading double guns. 

326 Lancaster, Alfred, 

Sporting guns and rifles. 

327 Soper, 

328 I^ahg, Jm ft Sons, London.— Guns 

and rines. 265 

328a Eley Bros, (limited), London. 
— Paper a^d metal cartridge cases (empty). 

gun ^ 

sporting and military percussion caps,, 
i w£uadings. 265' 

329 Webley, P.. ft Son, Birmingham.— 

^ oreechloading guns, nfles, and 



329<' Hewitt, ^Villiam, Bristol. - 

Breechloading gun, gun carriage. (/» 
Machinery Hall). s66 

330 Needham, John, Sheffield. — Dag- 
gers.. 268 

3 31. Brookes ft Crookes, Atlantic 
Works, Sheffield. — Sportsmen's and bowie 
knives. 268 

333 Buchanan, James, Glasgow.— Sea 

fishhooks. 269 

3;iS4 Ryder, William Henry, Birming- 
ham. — Fishing tackle. 270 

335 Green, E. C, Cheltenham.— 

Sporting guns, with their appurtenances .- 
cleaning rods, with attachments: 
cartridge-loading implements, nipple keys, 
gun cases and bags. 169 

338 ToUev, J. & W., Pioneer Works, 

Birmingham. — Sporting breechloading 
shot guns, implements, cartridge cases, 
lubricators, bullets, andprimets torrekod- . 
ing cartridges. 269 

337 Williams ft Powell, Liverpool.- 

Breechloading guns. . ' 169 ! 

Medicine, Surgery, and Prothedi. 
^%% KW^ti ^L'Am.-oburya;, London.— Cod- 

tVve e:v^. 

gyro pigeon. 265 \ lYveerj^. ^ it* 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at tttid oi ents\e&,*e^feOas&\^«asasm,Y^.'»rv-\V 



Six-cord Spool Cotton 





68 Soxmner St., Boston, 635 Market St., San Franoisoo, 
81 Bank St., Philadelphia. 



Jlo. 19 JJercer Street, Jlew Jork. 



Vienna Universal 

Medal for Merits 

Trade Mark. 




mwm €tf f #11 

Remarkable for its strength, pliability, evenness, and freedom from 

knots. It meets all the requirements of the different kinds of 

Sewing Machines, and is equally suitable for hand use. 





Messrs. W/LSON & UEmVV, ^^%A^^. 



Medical and Surgical Appliances, Hardware, Cutlery, Vehicles. 

889 Gerrard, Alfred WUliam, London. 
— Mustard plasters. 37a 

840 Bvans, Sons, ft Co., Liverpool.— 
V^petable, animal, and mineral drugs'; 
pharmaceutical products and accesso- 
ries. 373 

841 Usher, Rufus. Bodicote, Oxon.— 
Medicinal rhubarb; extract of henbane 
and dried henbane leaves; photographs 
of henbane plants. 373 

842 Mackay, John, Edinburgh.— Arti- 
cles of diet for invsdid and table use. 373 

848 Mellin, Qustav, London. — Non- 
farinaceous food for infants and inva- 
lids. 373 

844 Goodall, Backhouse, ft Co., Leeds. 
— Food for infants and invalids. 373 

845 Lynch & Co., London.— Druggists' 

sunories and surgical instruments; spinal 
apparatus, chest protectors, feeding bot- 
tles, spray producers, poison bottles, 
etc. 376 

846 Glasgow Apothecaries Co., Glas- 

Sow. — Surgical appliances and antiseptic 
ressings. 376 

847 Mayer ft Meltzer, London.— Surgi- 
cal instruments. 276 

848 Lee, Robert James^ London.— 
Steam draft inhaler and oismfector. 376 

848<K Ha3rwood,.J. S., Nottingham.— 
Surgical bandages, belts, trusses, etc. 376 

849 Turner, Archibald, ft Co., Leices- 
ter.— Surgical braids and bandages. 276 

850 Pulvermacher, Isaac Louis, Lon- 
don. — Electrical instruments for medical 
purposes. 376 

858 Liverpool Spun Oakum Co., Liver- 
pool.— Oakum, stypium; pure antiseptic 
dressing for hospital use. 276 

358a Clav, Randolph, ft Co., London.— 
Portable invalid bed tray. 278 

854 Turner, George, ft Co., London.— 
Ambulances. 378 

Hardware, Edffe Tools, Cutlery, and 
MetaUio Prodnoti. 

865 Ward ft Payne, Sheffield. 

A Tools for carpenters, joiners, coadimakers, 
shipwrights, millwrights, masons, brick- 
layers, tanners, curriers, engravers, die- 
sinkers, plasterers ; wood, stone, and metal 
carvers and turners, etc. 380 

b Sheep shears. 381 

856 Smith, John ft Samuel, Low 
Bridge Works, Keighley, Yorkshire. — 
Engineers' and machinists' tools. {In 
Machinery Hall.) 280 

857 Baker, William, London.— Awls, 
bodkins, needles for saddlers, packers, and 
uphobterers; screwdrivers. 380 

858 Addis.J.B., ft Sons, Arctic Works, 

Sheffield. — ^"Pools for carvine stone and 
wood; turning tools for iron, orass, ivory, 
hard wood, etc. ; carpenters' tools. 300 

359^ Needbaan, John, Sheffield.— Cut- 
levy, table and dessert knives and forks, 
fish eaters. ^g^ 

For classes i^ exhibits, indicated by numbers 

869^ Wostenholm, George, ft Son 

(limited), Sheffield.— Cutlery. 382 

869^ Brooks, Henry, ft Co., London.— 
Metal stoppers and collapsible tubes for 
artists' colors. 382 

869</ Burnand, James, & Co., Sheffield. 

— Table cutlery, etc. s8i 

859^ Needham, John, Sheffield.— Cut- 
lery. 38X 

860 Neal,John, ftCo., London.— Table, 
dessert, and fish cutlery. 382 

88(Kt Brookes ft Crookes, Atlantic 
Works, Sheffield.— Pen, pocket, and table 
knives, scissors, razors, and dressing case 
instruments, cutlery. 382 

880^ Ryder, William Henry, Birming- 
ham. — Taps for drawing efiervescing 
wines or aerated waters. . 382 

880^ Mayer ft Meltzer, London.— Cut- 
lery. 382 

881 The Patent Nut ft Bolt Co. 

(limited), London Works, near Birming- 
ham. — Iron bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, and 
washers; fish and sole plates; fish bolts, 
spikes, and fang bolts. 384 

882 Francis. Thomas, ft Co., Birming- 
ham. — Nails. 284 

888 Baker, Christopher, ft Sons, Bir- 
mingham. — Coffin nimiture ; cabinet and 
general brass fittings ; rails, stair rods, 
nails, and bolts. 384 

884 The Phosphor Bronze Co. 

(liipited), London. — Phosphor bronze 
tools, locks, tubes, wire, sheet, steam fit- 
tings, parts of machinery, etc. 384 

886 Adams, Robert, London.— Hinges 

and shoes, secure fastening bolts, weather- 
tight sill bars for French casements, 
etc. 384 

886^ Turner, George, ft Co., London.— 

Screw anchor peg. 384 

867^ Ullathorne ft Co., London.— Heel 

balls and shoe findings. 384 

887^ Turner, Archibald, ft Co., Leices- 
ter. — Elastic fabrics. 385 

Fabrios of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

888 Low, Son, ft Haydon, London.— 
Brushes. 386 

889 Kent, George Barton, ft Co., Lon- 
don. — Brushes. 386 

870 Culmer, W., ft Sons, London.— 
Brushes used in decorative art. 386 

871 Bevis, Henry, London.— Silk ban- 
ner with emblematic designs. 388 

872 Spill, Daniel, London.— Ivoride. 289 

872^ Barnard, Bradly, London.— Bas- 
sinettes, baskets, etc. 389 

, Pans\atv.aixvd^VMv\vov«^vV^«^^^' ^ 

at end oC euu\cs, sc^ CVassv«vc;xx\^^.^^' •*T-'«* 




874 Mulliner, H., ft Co., Northampton. 

— Carriages. 292 

376 McNaught ft Smith, Worcester.— 

Barouche, landau, and broughams. 393 

876 Thorn, Charles, Norwich. 
a Carriages. 292 

b Shooting and baggage cart. 294 

377 Roberts, John, Manchester.— Pa- 
risian phaeton. 392 

878 Hooper ft Co., London.— Carriages 

and drawings. 392 

880 Peters, Thomas, & Sons, London. 
— Carriages. 292 

881 Thompson, Charles, London.— Per- 
ambulator. 293 

38 1a Roberts, Digby, Coventry.— Eng- 
lish bicycle. 293 

882 Hawkins Bros., Hatherton 

Works, Walsall. — Bits, stirrups, spurs, 

chains, buckled, and general saddlery iron 

work^ 296 

For class^ of exhibits indicated by numbers 

888 Hudson, Samuel, Dublin.— Trace 

and shaft tug safety buckles : safety stir- 
rup. {In Sfwaine &• Adeney's case.) 296 

884 Martin, Robert, Old Charlton, Kent. 
-Horse clipping machines ; circular cut- 
ters for cuttine the teeth of the above ma- 
chines. (/» Machinery /fall.) 296 

885 Pollock, Sydney, London.— Appa- 
ratus for. checking runaway and unman- 
ageable horses. 296 

887 Goodall, Chas., ft Son, London.- 
Card printing. 424 

888 Cohn^, Sigismund, London.— Bear- 
ings requiring no lubricant. 573 

889 Parkinson Bros., Burnley.— Spiced 

pickling vinegar. 660 

. {N. B.— Certain exhibits in this De^irt- 
ment,/rom Great Britain, are instaiUd in 
Agricultural Hall, and catalogutd in Vart 
at tod of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-4s> 



Shell box manufacturers, 


g^^ Charterliouse Works, 





And all kinds of Ornamental Boxea. 




{North 0/ Nave, Columns 10 to ij.) 

Manufactures, Education and Science. 


1 Horler, John, Woolston, ( 
bury. — Soap and mould candles. 



2 Innes, W. M., Port Chalmers, Ota- 
go. — Cod-liver oil. 201 

3 Lrouisson, T. B., Nelson.— Paint 
made from hematite ore. 202 

4 Tohnstone Brothers, Nelson. — Um- 
oer and red pigments made from hema- 
tite ore. 202 

5 Grayline, W. S., Taranaki.— Extract 

of towai (Weinmannia racemosa); extract 
of hinau (Eldeocarpus dentatus). 202 


-Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

6 Kennedy Bros. 


Nelson.— Fire 

Fnmitiire and Objects of General Use 
in ConstmctionSnd in Dwellings. 

7 Greenfield & Stewart, Wellington.— 
Panel door made of rimu (Dacrydium cu- 
pressinum). 227 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegeta- 
ble or Mineral Materials. 

8 Government of New Zealand.— 
Specimens of fabrics made from Phormi- 
um tenax. 233 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

9 AVebley Bros., Nelson.— Nelson 
tweeds made from New Zealand wool. 235 

10 Cook, James, Nelson.— Woolen rugs, 

woven and dyed at Nelson. 239 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling Eqnipments. 

11 Taylor, B. K., Wanganui.— Hat 

made of kiekie (cordyline). 251 

12 Liardet, H. E., Wellington. 

a Fancy articles made from feet and bones 

of sea birds. 254 

b Feathers, mufis, collarettes, wristlets, etc. 


13 Taylor, Mrs. Richard, Wanganui.— 
Ornamental satchel and table mat. 254 

1 5 New Zealand Commissioners.— Gar- 
ments and ornaments of the Maoris. 257 

Fabrics of Veeetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Matexiali . 

le Movie, Edward, Taranaki.— Cord 
made from phormium tenax. 387 

17 Bevan, Thomas, jr., Otaki, Welling- 
ton. — Rope made from Maori dressed 
phormium, fish line, horse halter, lead 
line, twine. 287 

18 Bevan ft Sons, Otaki, Wellington.— 
Cord and twines made from Maori 
dressed phormium. 287 

19 Kinross ft Co., Hawke Bay.— Cord- 
age and twines made "from Maori dressed 
phormium. 287 

20 Grant & Co., Otago.— Cordage made 
from phormium. 287 

21 Auckland Patent Steam Rope Co.— 
Phormium rope. 287 

22 Canterbury Flax Association,Christ- 
church. — Tarred and uutarred cordage 
made from phormium. 287 

23 Lennon, T., Christchurch.— Cord- 
age, ropes, and twines, made from phormi- 
um. 287 

24 Cook, James, Nelson.— Mats and 
matting made from phormium. 287 

26 Simons ft Malcolm, Nelson.— Door 
mats made from phormium. 287 

Institntions and Organisations. 

26 Colonial Museuni, J. Hector, Direc- 
tor. — Garments and ornaments of the 
Maoris. 313 

27 National Museum at Washington, 
T. Henry, Secretary. — Garments of the 
Maoris. 312 

21a NewZealand Commissioners.— 
Weapons of the Maoris. 312 

Engineering, Architectnre, Maps, etc. 

28 Government of New Zealand.— Geo- 
logical maps of New Zealand, by James 
Hector. 335 

29 Geological Survey Department, 
James Hector, Director. — Geological plans 
and sections. 335 

30 Canterbury Museum, J. von Haast, 
Director. — Geological plans and sec- 
tions. 335 

3la Hector, J.— Relief Model of New 

Zealand, geologically colored. 335 

32^ Government of New Zealand.— 
Topographical map of the colony, en- 
graved by E. Ravenstein. 335 

Physical, Social, and Moral Condition 

Maor\4; sVu\H ol ^^oVva. ^^ >^5«>»^ 

-„, fromvVveCVwax\vaLm\?Naxv^*. ^ 

Fcrciaases of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end oC cnXtiea, %cfc Oaasx^caSAOTw^-^^. ^T^^ 




Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

84 Woon, R. W., Wanganui.— Canoe 

paddles of the Maoris. 340 

35 Government of New Zealand.— Sta- 
tistics and census of New Zealand for 
1874, prepared by W. R. E. Brown, Re- 
gistrar-General. 345 

35^ Hector, J;"— Transactions and Pro* 
ceedings of the New Zealand Institute, 
Vols. 1. to VII. 345 

35^ Vogel, Sir Julius.— HAnd-book of 
New Zealand. 345 


35^ Geological Survey Department, 
James Hector, Director. — Water color 
sketches by W. M. Cooper. 411 

Engraving and Lithography. 

36<^New Zealand Commissioners,— 
Pictures from W. L. Buller's " Birds of 
New Zealand," drawn by J. H. Keule- 
mans. 433 


36 Burton Bros., Dunedin.— Views of 
scenery of South Island. 430 

36<i Bothamley, A. T.— Photographs of 
Maoris. 430 

37 Government ofNew Zealand.— 
Views of scenery, etc., by H. Deveril. 430 

38 Taranaki Committee.— Views of New 
Plymouth and surrounding country. 430 

88'» Hector. J.— Photographs exhibiting 
domestic life of the Maoris. 430 

89 Mundy, D. L.— Views of scenery, 
foliage, buildings, gold mining, etc. 430 

Bailway Plant, Boiling Stock, etc. 

40 Government of New Zealand. — Pho- 
tographs of engines and engineering works 
used in New Zealand. 570 

Arboricnltnre and Forest Products. 

41 Cruickshank.J. D., UpperHuttSaw 
Mills, Wellington. — Section of trunk of 
rimu (Dacrydiura cupressinum), red pine 
of settlers. 600 

42 Westland Committee.— Specimens 
of woods with bark. 600 

43 Taranaki Committee. 

a Specimens of woods. 6oz 

6 Barks of the Atawhero and the Pukatea ; 
earth used by the Maoris as a mordant 
for dyes. 602 

c Dried ferns ; fungus exported as food to 
China; esculent fern root; birds' nest 
fungus and curious parasite. 604 

44 Black, W. B., American Coach Fac- 
tory, Wellington. — Specimens of • 
woods. 601 

45 New Zealand Commissioners.— 
Specimens of woods. 601 

48 Grayling, W. S., Taranaki.— Bark 
of hinau ; blue earth, used by the Maoris, 
mixed with shark oil, as blue paint. 603 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

47 Colonial Museum, 'Wellington, 
James Hector, Director. — Tanbarks, na- 
tive to New Zealand. 60s 

49 Walker, Renwicks ft Co., New York. 

— Kauri gum. 603 

50 Forbes, R. W., New York.— Kauri 

gum. 603 

Agricnltnral Products. 

61 Banks, E. H., Christchurch.— Oats 

and other cereals. 630 

52 Wood, W. D., Chriatchurch.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

53 Cunningham, P., ft Co., Christ- 
church. — Wheat grown in Canter- 
bury. 6ao 

54 Ruddenklau, J. G., Addington, Can- 
terbury. — Wheat. fiao 

56 Hooper ft Dodson, Nelson.— 
Hops. 623 

56 Wilkin, Robert, Chriatchurch.— 
Perennial rye grass and coclcsfoot seed. 624 

57 Armstrong, 1. B., Christchurch.— 
Phormium seeds. 624 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

58 Wilson, Thomas, Woolston, Can- 
terbury. — Saddle, harness, and shoemak- 
ers' leather ; fancy colored &kins for shoe- 
makers and bookbinders. 652 

59 Armitage, Taranaki.— Dreaaed kip 
and calf leather. 6^ 

60 Morris, Thomas, Oamaru, Otago.— 
Gentleman's town saddle. 652 

61 National Museum, Washington, J. 
Henry, Secretary. 

a Specimens of kiwi; skeleton and bones of 
moa. 653 

b Egg of the kiwi, and model of egg of 
moa. 6;,3 

62 Gilmour,John,Christch'irch. — Hams 
and bacon. 656 

63 New Zealand Provision ft Pro- 
duce Company, Chnstchurch. — Preserved 
mea». 656 

64 Nairn, David, Addingtoo, Canter- 
bury. — Tomato sauce. 656 

65 Trent Brothers, Woolston, Canter- 
bury. — Chiccory in different stagies of prep- 
aration. 657 

66 Smith, James, Nelson.— Fruit 
wines. 660 

67 Henderson ft Farrah, Wanganui.— 
Ale and porter. 660 


68 Coates, Laning, Christchurch.— Live 
ferns. 707 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




(North of Nave, Columns JO to 77.) 

Manufactures, Education, Art. 

Cliemioal Xaniifkotares. 

1 Read, R. B., Randwick.— Extract, 

leaves, and berries of Smilacis glycy- 
. phylla, or Australian sarsapariRa. aoo 

2 Barrett ft Co., Sydney.— Aerated 
waters and cordials. aoo 

3 Gilroy ft Hurst, Sydney.— Baking, 
custard, egg, and butter powders. 300 

4 Hunt, A. M., ft Co., Qoulburn.— 
Baking powders. aoo 

5 Swain ft Co., Parramatta.— Washing 
fluid and soap. aoz 

6 New South Wales Shale ft Oil 
Co., Sydney. — Kerosene oil, etc. aoi 

7 New South Wales Commissioners, 
Sydney .^-^tearine candles. aox 

8 Layton, Fred., Grafton, Clarence 
river. — Soap and candles. aox 

9 Underwood, Thomas, Paddington. 
— Paints and paint pigment. aoa 

10 Hoff. M. Camille, Nakutakinna, New 
Caledonia. — Indigo. . aoa 

Ceramios— Pottery, Foroelain, Olaii, 

1 1 New South Wales Commissioners. 
— Chums, jars, etc. azo 

Fumitore, etc. 

12 Lyons, Cottier, ft Co., Sydney.— 
Stained glass staircase window — subject, 
"CaptaiifCook." aip 

18 Hudson Brothers, Steam Joinerv 
Mills, Sydney. — Window sashes, outsioe 
hall door, inside four-panel door, drapery 
nel door, French casements, cedar table 

Yarnf and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

14 Read, John Cecil, Darlinghurst, Syd- 
ney. — Mats and matting made of cocoa 
fibre yarn, by aborigines of New South 
Wales and Frazer's Island. 329 


16 Rudder, 


W., Kempsey.— Lin- 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

17 New South Wales Commissioners. 
a Tweeds. 235 
b Shawls. 337 

18 Jennings, P. A., Sydney.— Rug of 
tanned platypus skin. 339 

IB New South Wales Commissioners. ^ 

Wallal^ skin nig. 239 

For classes of exhibits, mdicated by numbers 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling Equipments. 

20 Jennings, P. A., Sydney.— Collaret 

and cufis of platypus skin. 350 

21 Midgley, Mrs., Cook's River.— Wool 
flowers, copied from Australian native 
flowers. 254 

22 Layton, Fred., Grafton.— Furs and 
skins of opossum, kangaroo, wallaby, 
and platypus. 356 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

28 Government Printing Office, Syd- 
ney. — Blank books and printing. a6i 

Medioine, Surgery, Frotheais. 

24 Spencer, John, Sydney.— Mechanical 

dentistry. 377 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or Mi4- 
eral Materials. 

25 New South Wales Commissioners, 
Sydney. — Brushware. 280 

28 New South Wales Commissioners, 
Sydney. — Manila rope, New Zealand fla^c 
rope, and lines. 287 

27 Green, R., Sydney.— Cradles, flower 
stand, chair, perambulator; cane and 
willow work. 389 

Carriages, Vehieles, and Aeeessories. 

28 John Robertson, Sydney.— Buggy. 


29 New South AVales Commissioners. 
— Lady's side saddle. 396 

80 New South Wales Commissioners, 
Sydney. — ^Saddlery. 396 

Edueational Systems, Methods, and 

ZOa Government Printing Office, Syd- 
ney. — Books. 306 

80^ Sutherland, George.— Christian 
psychology. 306 

80^ Australian Museum. — Collection of 
birds, animals, etc. 3x3 

80<^ New South Wales Commissioners. 
— Collection of birds. 31a 

80^ New South Wales Commissioners. 
— Photographs. 430 

SQ/'Holtermann, B. O.— Photographs, 

SOg Batuet, iame%.— VYi<>\»«c^'^'tk».. v^ 

i graphs. 

at end of entues, s^t O^ss^^c^^^^^*^* ^-l-**^' 



Forest and Agricultural Products, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

33 Shoobert.James.Sydney.- 
and turpentine timoer. 

34 Dcrepas,^ W.j 

Arborieultnre and Forest Frodnots. 

31 Macarthur, Sir W.. assisted by Hill 
& Hanrahan & J. Hassell,— Woods of 
southern districts. 6oo 

32 Moore,Charle8.— AVoods-indigenous 
to the northern districts. 6oo 

r. — Iron bark 
Yonngara Station.— 
Boree^ an(i straight and curly yarran tim- 
ber. 6oo 

35 Hodgson, George, Redfern.— Timber 
from Bellinger river. 6oo 

36 Penzer, J., Bundamar, near Dubbo. 
— Timber. 6oo 

37 Du Faur, E., Sydney.— Timber from 
Mount Victoria. 6oo 

37« New South Wales Commissioners. 
— Woods indigenous to New South 
Wales. 6oo 

38 Hudson Bros, Botany Road, Red- 
fern. — ^Timber. 6oo 

39 Derepas, R., Yonngara. 

a Yarran gum. 603 

b Quondong nuts. 605 

40 Harling, Mrs., & H. H. Field, Syd- 
ney. — Pressed ferns. 604 

41 Moore, Charles, Botanic Gardens, 
Sydney. — Seeds, ginger-root, and bitter 
bark. 605 

42 Hemmings, F. AV., Loma Loma, 
Fiji. — Dried cocoanut. 605 

43 Ryder Bros, Mango Island, Fiji.— 
Dried cocoanut. 605 

Agricultural Products. 

44 Lovegrove, W., 
haven river. — Maize, 



46 Ryder Bros, Mango Island, F^i. 
a Maize. 620 

b Beans. 621 

c Turmeric and turmeric powder. 622 

46 Peden, M. J., Bega.— Maize. 620 

47 Demestre, E., Shoalhaven.— 





48 Eggins, James, 
river. — Maize. \wj 

49 Blain, C. R., Grafton, Clarence river. 
— Maize. 620 

50 Macarthur, Sir W.— Maize. 620 

51 Lewis Bros., Tam worth.— 
Wheat. 620 

52 Dalton Bros., Orange.— Wheat. 620 

53 Nelson Bros., Orange.— Wheat. 620 

54 Jaeschke, Gustave, Clarence river. 
— Cigars and tobacco leaf. 623 

56 Schweigert, W., & Co.— Cigars. 623 

56 Muirhead, R., Grafton, Clarence 
river.— Cigars. 623 

57 Hoff. M. Camille, Nakutakina, New 
Caledonia. — Coffee. 623 

Land. Animals. 

39Jcnningm, P. 


Sydney. — Stuffed 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 

60 Hemmings, F. & W., Loma Loma, 

Fiji. — Beche de mer. 643 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

61 Secombe, R., Milton, 
Preserved milk. 


62 Wright, Davenport, ft Co., Sydney. 
•"-Leather. 652 

63 Forsyth, J., ft Sons, Sydney.— 

Leather. 652 

64 Alderson ft Sons, Sydney. — Leath- 
er. ^ 652 

66 Bell, H., Sydney.— Tallow and 
neat's-foot oil. , 652 

66 Hewitt, T. G., Grafton, Clarence 
river. — Tallow and neat's-foot oil. 652 

67 Berry, J. S., Botany, Sydney.— 
Neat s-foot oil and glue. 653 

68 Lay ton, Fred., Grafton, Clarence 
river. — Beeswax. 654 

69 Sydnev Meat Preservin|^ Co., Syd- 
ney. — Preserved meats. 656 

70 S(|uires, Elam, Penrith.— Preserved 
fruits, jams, and jellies. 656 

71 Hoff. Camille, Nakutakina, New 
Caledonia. — Preserved pineapples. 656 

72 Bidden Bros, Sydney.— Preserved 
lemons and oranges. 656 

73 Moore, Charles, Botanic Gardens, 
Sydney. — Preserved lemons and or- 
anges. 656 

74 Watson Bros., Young.— Flour. 657 

75 Lewis Bros., Tam worth. — ^Plour. 657 

76 Cohen ft Levy, Tamworth.— 
Flour. 657 

77 Dalton Bros., Orange. — Flour. 657 

78 Nelson Bros, Orange. — Flour. 657 

79 Waters, James, Ravensdale, Bris- 
bane Water. — Arrowroot. 658 

80 Cole, W., ft Son, Tomago, Hunter 
river. — ^Arrowroot. • 658 

81 Laurie, W. ft L., Gloucester, Port 

Stephens. — ^Arrowroot. 658 

82 Ryder Bros., Mango Island, FU>.— 
Arrowroot. 658 

83 Payne, George, Grafton, 
river. — ^Arrowroot. 



84 Champion, George, Ulmarra, Clar- 
ence river. — Arrowroot. 658 

85 Munn, A. L., Merimbula.— 

Maizena. 658 

86 Colonial Sugar Refining Co.— Re- 

fined sugars. 659 

87 Martin, George, Grafton, Clarence 

river. — Sugar. 659 

88 Chowne, E. G., Ulmarra, Clarence 
river. — Sugars. 659 

89 Bidden Bros., Sydney. — Confec- 
tionery. 659 

90 New South Wales Co., Clarence 
river. — Raw sugars. 659 

^IFaWoti, ^%ta«% t»^ KVbury.— 


For classes of exhibits, indicated by number* at euA ol etv\x\es. v^CXasaNStcaSaswv^-W. vrsv 



Vegetable Products, Textile Substances. 

93 Carmichael, G. L. & J. B., Por- 
phyry, Williams river. — Wines. 660 

94 Brccht, Carl J. P., Rosemount, 
Denman. — ^Wincs. 660 

95 Powell, Edward, Richmond.— 
Wines. 660 

96 Parnell, Montaeae, West Mait- 
land. Hunter river.— Wines. 660 

97 Wyndham, Wadham, Bukkulla, 
Invereli. — Wines. 660 

98 Wyndham. George, Branxton, 

Hunter river. — Wines. 660 

98^ Dovle, J. P., Kaloodah, Lochin- 
var. — Wines. 660 

99 Monk, D. J., Sydney. — Malt and 
wine vinegars. 660 

100 Marshall, J., Paddington Brewery. 
— ^Ale and porter. 660 

101 Hardie, John, Sydney. — Bis- 
cuits. 66x 

102 Laytoo, Fred., Grafton, Clarence 
river. — Castor oil. 662 

Textile Substanoes of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

103 Hemmings, F. ft W., Lroma Loma, 
Fiji.— Cotton. 665 

104 Ryder Bros., Mango Island, Fiji.— 
Cotton. 665 

106 Hoff, Camille, Nakutakina, New 
Caledonia.— Cotton. 665 

106 Moore, Charles, Botanic Gardens, 
Sydney. — Vegetable fibres of various 
kinds. 666 

107 Rudder, E. W., Kempsey.— Fibre 
of gigantic nettle tree. 666 

107« Cox, E. K.— Wool. 667 

107* Cox, G. H.— Wool. 667 

107^ Cox, F. ft A.— Wool. 667 

107 d Lamb ft Roberts.— Wool. 667 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

107^ Tindal, E. ft A.— Wool. 667 

1077 Clive ft Hamilton.— Wool. 667 
107/- Bettington, J. B.— Wool. 667 

107A Loder, Andrew.— Wool. 667 

107 i King, P. G.— Wool. 667 

108 Ramsay, D., Sydney.— Wool. 667 
108a Shanahan ftjennings.- Wool. 667 
1083 Henty ft Balfour.- Wool. 667 
108^ Learmonth, L.— Wool. 667 
108^ White, F. R.— Wool. 667 
108^ Caughey, S. M.— Wool. 667 
108/^ Campbell, D. H.— Wool. 667 
108^ Wilson, A.— Wool. 667 
108A Loder, A.— AVool. 667 

108 / Lethbridge, G. L.— Wool. 667 

109 Lowe, A. H., Dynevor.— Wool. 667 
109a Hume, E. B.— Wool. 667 
109* Bowman, E. ft A.— Wool. 667 
I09c Brown, T., ft Co.— Wool. 667 
109</ Gell, P. H.— Wool. 667 
109« Gilbert, A. N.— Wool. 667 
109^ Macdonald, J. L.— Wool. 667 
1 09^ Allen, J.— Wool. 667 
109^ Brodribb, W. A.— Wool. 667 

110 May, J. M.,Randwick, near Sydney. 
— Silk materials from the grain to the 
manufacture, produced b^ the inmates 
of the Asylum for Destitute Children, 
Randwick. 663 

111 Thome, George, Sydney.— Cocoons 

and cards of eggs desiccated and pierced, 
grown at Claremont, Rose Bay, Syd- 
ney. 668 

Agricultnral Engineering and* Ad- 

112 Bell, H., Sydney.— Bonedust. 66z 

113 Berry, J. S., Botany.— Bonedust. 681 
at end of entr' <, see Classification, pp. 97-45. 




{North of Nave, Columns ii to /j.) 

Chemical Manufactures, Ceramics, Furniture. 

Chemioal Hanufaotures. 

1 Bosisto, Joseph, Richmond, Mel- 
bourne. — Chemical and pharmaceutical 
preparations obtained from the eucalyp- 
tus or gum trees of Australia, and other 
indigenous vegetation. 200 

3 Hood & Co., Melbourne.— Chemical 
and pharmaceutical preparations. 200 

4 Lewis & Whitty, Fitzroy.— Wash- 
ing and baking powders, ball blue. 200 

5 Stringer & Co., Melbourne.— Bak- 
ing powder. 200 

6 Sullivan, Joseph. Melbourne.— Poor 
man's filter; disinfectants, fluke specific 
and lick, hydrated silicate of alumi- 
num, aoo 

7 Woodward. George, Kew.— Guano, 
deodorants, olock of deodorized night- 
soil. 200 

8 Pitts, Charles, & Son, Emerald 
Hill. — Neat's-foot and trotter oil. . 201 

8^ Apollo Stearine Candle Co. (limited), 
Footseray. — Stearine and paraffin candles, 
and products. 201 

9 Kitchen & Sons, Melbourne.— Stea- 
riiie and large carriage candles. 2oz 

10 Borthwick. Alex., Melbourne.— Var- 
nishes, anti-fouling composition for ships' 
bottoms, enameled cast iron pedestal pil- 
lars, anti-corrosive paint. 20a 

11 Bowman, John S., Melbourne.— Co- 
lonial crayons. 203 

12 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Crayons. 202 

18 Lewis & Whitty, Melbourne.— 
Blacking. 203 

14 Hogg,S. P., & Co., Melbourne.— Cur- 
ry powder. 203 

15 Lewis & Whitty, Fitzroy.— Hair oil, 
essences, curry powder. 203 

16 Perry, Hunter, & Co., Sandhurst. 
— Safety fuse. 204 

OeramioB— Pottery, Foroelaln, Glass, 

17 Birmingham & Lacy^ Brunswick.— 
Red buuding and wnite pressed and 
moulded bricks. 206 

18 Nolan, Luke, Brunswick. 

a Stoneware drain pipes. ^ 206 

6 Bronze vases, stone porous jugs, patent 

damp-proof for floor ventilation. 210 

1 9 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. 

a Fire-clay crucibles. 207 

J Encaustic tiles, trusses, vases, etc. 200 

f" Earthenware and pottery. axo 

^Glassware. ax6 

For chassct of ejchihits^ indicated by numbecs 

20 Adams, R. 


T., Melbourne.- 


2 10 

21 Bendigo Pottery Co., Sandhurst.— 
Earthenware worm for still. 210 

28 Ferguson & Urie, Melbourne.— 
Stained glass for windows. 2x4 

24 Gledhill, Melbourne. — Glass bot- 
tles. 215 

26 Melbourne Glass Bottle V^orks Co., 
Emerald Hill.- Glass bottles. 215 

26 Mount & Co., Emerald Hill.— Glass- 
ware. S15 

Furniture, eto. 

27 Alcock & Co.. Melbourae.— Black- 

wood billiard table with appliances ; con- 
sole table. 317 

28 Carr & Sons, Melbourne.— W^indow 

blinds, window sash, with Venetian shut- 
ters, etc. ax; 

29 Davis, J., Richmond.— W^indow 
sash. ai7 

30 Hodgson Bros., Sandhurst. — Self- 
acting Venetian blind, spring roller 
blind. 2x7 

81 McEwan, James, Melbourne. — Side- 
board. 217 

82 Muschialli, Lewis, Melbourne.— 
Pier glass, console table. ax; 

88 Baker, John, Emerald Hill.— Safety 

steps. 220 

34 Wiegmann, August, Melbourne.— 
Basketware cradles, perambulators, 
chairs and flower stands, baskets. sax 

35 Walker, A. R., Melbourne.— Gas 
cooking stoves. aaa 

36 Shaw. Alfred, & Co., 'Melbourne.— 

Millet orooms and whisks. 334 

37 Guthrie, G. D., Epsom, Sandhurst.— 
Collection of pottery ware for household 
use, etc. aa4 

38 Bogle, Andrew, & Co., Melbourne.— 

Boot and shoe brushing and cutters' pol- 
ishing and sharpening machine. 324 

39 Draper & Sons, Melbourne.— Barth- 
closets and fittings. 8a6 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Yegetsbla 
or Mineral Materials. 

40 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
l?Vv\\a,deVp\v\a. "5.xVv\VAv\oxv, Meloourae. — 

4tl I>otiacYvv,l&\OcvsA\^^t.«\nTkV— 'i^'Qt^M^ 
atvd\\tve&. '"^ 

at eud oS envtlea. *te C.\aLSKAR»AQ».,'V^. vt-^b- 



Woven Fabrics, Paper, Weapons, Vehicles, Art. 

42 Miller, James, & Co., Melbourne.— 
Ropes and lines. 339 

43 McPherson, Thomas, Melbourne.— 
Cora sacks, wool packs, and sugar bag- 
ging. 229 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

44 Barwon Woolen Mill Co. , Geelong. 
a Tweeds. 235 
6 Blankets. 337 

4 5 Grav.Alexander, & Co., Albion Wool- 
en Mills, Geelong. — Plain and fancy 
tweeds. 335 

46 Ballarat Woolen Co., Ballarat.^ 
Shawls, tweeds, blankets. 337 

47 Director of Botanic Gardens, Mel- 
bourne. — ^Dyed woolen cloth and sUk. 338 

48 Robertson,John, Melbourne.— Dyed 
Angora goat's fleece. 240 

49 Zoological and Acclimatization So- 
ciety, Melbourne. — Angora goat's hair. 240 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

50 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melboume. — 
Silk cocoons from the Acclimatization 
Society, Victoria^ and Mrs. Bladen Neill ; 
cultivated silk, m cocoons and hanks, 
also bleached, dyed^ and worked upon 
llama. 242 

51 Timbrell, Ann, CoUingwood. 

a Cocoons produced by silkworms from 

Japan, France, Italy, and Greece. 242 

i Siilc (raw material in hank). 243 

c Victorian silk, worked on Brussels net. 246 

52 Victoria Ladies* Sericulture Co. 
(limited), Castlemaine. — Silk, desiccated 
and pierced cocoons. 342 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling Equipments. 

53 Ford Brothers, Melbourne. 

a Pith hats, in felt, silk, merino, etc. 251 
b Pith sunshades for horses. 354 

54 Inspector-General of Penal Depart- 
ment, Melbourne, — Boots and shoes. 351 

55 Rosier, John, Melbourne.— Boots 
and shoes. 251 

56 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. 

a Myall pipes; rouleau boxes -of myall 

wood. 354 

6 Address-case of inlaid leather. 355 

57 De Richelieu. Madam P., Windsor.— 
Ornaments made from fish scales, etc. 354 

58 Pausacker, Evans, & Co., Mel- 
bourne. — Registered edge, solid leather 
portmanteaus. 255 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

59 Botanic Gardens. Director of, Mel- 
boume. — Paper made from various barks, 
stems, and stems and leaves. 360 

60 Ramsden, Samuel, Melbourne.— 
Various grades of paper, including car- 
tridge, printing, and wrapping paper. 260 

Weapons, etc. 

01 Commiaaioaers for Victoria, for the 

PbiladelpbiR Exhibition, Melbourne. 
^ Aboriginal weapons, native axe. 268 

Medicine, Snrgery, Frothesis. 

62 Stanway,W., South Yarra.— Models 


s fo 

of chairs for invalids. 

Hardware, "Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
MetaUio Products. 

63 Danks, John, Melbourne.— Valves, 
cocks, lubricators, ii^ectors, etc. 384 

64 Mcllwraith, John, Melbourne. — Gas 
pipe and tin tube. 384 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

64<* Commissioners for Victoria, for 

the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melboume, 
— Victorian and English ensigns. 388 

Carriages, VeMoles, and Accessories. 

(For farm vehicle^ and railway carriages, 
see Departments 0/ Agriculture and Ma- 

65 Stevenson & Elliott, Melbourne.— 
Landau. 393 

66 Bothwell, Wade, Melbourne.— Har- 
ness, saddles, whips, etc. 396 

67 Glenister, W. A., Geelong.— Axles, 
CoUing's crank, etc. 396 

68 Stoneman, Alfred, Richmond.— Car- 
riage springs. 396 


69 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 

Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Medals of the Victorian Intercolonial Ex- 
hibition, 1B75; seals of the Melbourne 
Public Library, University, and Exhibi- 
tion of 1862. 40a 


70 Campbell, O. R., Windsor.— Cross- 
ing the Plains. 4x0 

71 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Meloourne. — 
Heraldic painting on panels. 410 

72 Curtis, J. W., Melbourne.— Track of! 
the Point Nepean road. 41c 

73 Guerard, E. Von, Melbourne.— Pul- 
pit rock, Phillip Island, Ballarat, ic 
1873. 41C 

74 Johnston, H. J., Melbourne.— Sum 
mer Sunset. 4i< 

75 Whitehead, Isaac, Melbourne.— 
Dandenong State Forest. 41 

Engraving and Lithographing. 

76 Bowman, John S., Melbourne. 
a " The Knob in the Alps," crayon. Miss 

b " In the Alps," crayon. Miss Adams. 
c " Fall from the Omeo Plains," crayon, 
d" Valley in North Gippsland," crayon, 
e " A Pool in the Otway Ranges," crayon, 

F. Shaw. 
/ •• BusYvY "?aiV.** cwc^otl. •{» 

PVv\\ade\p\vU ¥.xVv>c\x^«c., ^^^^^-~ 

For cLmesof exhibits, mdicatcd by mimiicTS at ©ad of etvtnc*, wa CUm^^^^^^*^^ "^^^^^ 




Art, Machinery, Agriculture. 


78 Ararat, Shire Council of, Ararat.— 

Photographic views and statistics of the 
shire. 430 

79 Batchelder & Co.. Melbourne.— 
Photographs of persons bom in the colony 
of Victoria. 43° 

80 Bock, Henry, Gippsland.- Photo- 
graphs of Victorian native flowers. 430 

81 Chuck. T. F., Melbourne.— Photo- 

aphs 01 persons born in the colony of 


82 Colac, Shire Council of, Colac— 

Photographic views of the district. 430 

83 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. 

a Photographic views of scenery, public and 
private buildings, cattle, etc. 430 

b Biographical charts of the schools of Ven- 
ice and the Venetian state schools. 432 

84 Creswick, Borough Council of, 
Creswick. — Photographic views and statis- 
tics of the borough. 430 

85 Darebin Shire, Council of. East 

Bourke.— Photographic views and statis- 
tics of the shire. 430 

86 Echuca, Borough Council of, Echu- 

ca. — Photographic views and statistics. 430 

87 Emerald Hill, Borough Council of, 

Emerald Hill. — Photographic views. 430 

88 Hotham, Town Council of, Hot- 

ham. — Photographic views and statistics 
of the town. 430 

89 Johnstone, 0*Shannessy & Co., 

Afelboume. — Photographs of persons bom 
in the colony of Victoria, photographs col- 
ored in oil. 430 

90 McDonald, D., St. Kilda.— Photo- 
graphic views. 430 

92 Phcenix Foundry Co. (limited), Bal- 

larat. — Photograph of locomotives, en- 
gine, and tender, manufactured for the 
Victorian government. 430 

98 Prahran, Town Council of, Prah- 
ran. — Photographic views and statistics 
of the town. 430 

94 Robertson Brothers, Colac. — Col- 
ored photographs of cattle, bred by exhibit- 
ors. 430 

95 Sandhurst, City of, Sandhurst.— 
Photographic views and statistics of the 
city. 430 

96 Stewart & Co., Melbourne.— Photo- 
graphs of persons bora in the colony of 
Victoria.' 430 

97 Surveyor General of Victoria, Mel- 
bourne.— Photographic views of botanical 
and other gardens. 430 

98 Wangaratta. Shire Council of. 

Wangararta. — Pnotographic views and 
statistics of the shire. 

09 Willett, G., Ballarat.- 




iOO Wilson, Sir .Samuel, Ercildoun.— 

Photographs: team of Hereford bullocks. 

bred by himself; prize sheep ; his resi- 

dence, etc. 430 

101 Melbourne, City of.~Photographic 
v/cii7» of city. 430 

/"or cliu^cs of cxhiUu, indicated by numbers 

Industrial and Arohiteotnral Desigm, 

102 Dowling, William, Emerald Hill.- 

Centre flowers, trusses. 44a 

108 Heathcote, T. S., Carlton. —Painted 
panels. 442 

104 Murphy, Edward, San dridge-road. 

— Centre flowers, and ventilators, orna- 
mental chimney cap. 443 

105 Patterson Brothers,Carlton. — Tab- 
lets of imitation wood and marble. 443 

106 Pepper, George^ 'Windsor.— Plas- 
terers' models, ceihng and wall ventila- 
tors. 442 

MaoMnes, Tools, eto., of Mining, 
Chemistry, etc. 

107 Morrison, L. K., Melbourne.— 
Abyssinian tube-wells and pumps, with 
boring apparatus. 50X 

108 White, David, Stawell.— Safety 
hook, to prevent accidents from over- 
winding in mining claims. ^3 

109 O'Malley, Edmund, Melbourne.- 
Ventilating safety cage, tor mines. 504 

110 Harkness, A., &Co.^ictoria Foun- 
dry, Sandhurst. — Disk, fitted on 
screwed stamper shank, and showing 
principle; cam or wiper. 505 

111 Perry, Davis, & Co., Sandhurst.— 
Stamper gratings. 505 

Hallway Plant, Boiling Stock, eto. 

112 Cornish & Co., Melbourne. — Seats 

for railway carriages. 571 

118 Stoneman, Edward, Richmond.— 

Railway truck spring. 573 

Aerial, Fnenmatic, and Water Trans- 

114 Cornish & Co., Melbourne.— Life- 
preserving buoys mattresses, belts, rafts, 
etc.; seats, couches, and mattresses for 
ships. 590 

Arboricnltore and Forest Prodncts. 

116 Bass River Steam Saw-Mills, Bass 

river. — Blue gum timber. 6x 

116 Director of Botanic Gardens, Mel- 

a Carpolo«^cal collection ; barks, polished 
woods, nbre and tow prepared linom ^rks. 
leaves, and stems. 600 

d Resins, gums, oleo fat, and caoutchouc. 603 

117 Lands and Agriculture, Depart- 
ment of, Melbourne. — Native woods. 600 

118 Commissioners for Philadelphia 
Exhibition, Melbourne. 

a Boxes, paper knives, and tubs, made of 
Victoria woods. 601 

fi Mv.nll and grass-tree gum, rubber and 
ruLbcr btamp. 603 

119 Clark, John, & Sons, Melboume.- 
Watllc bark. 6at 

A^lonltoral Prodncts. 

120 Tav\oT, ^oYvTw, KYusA.%%at^«~|kA!iak- 

aide vWoiV, \l^o>nxi «X. VLcxton^B^ "m^ 

av cad ol «ftU\ci , «*» U»»saS«jv«swk»'vv. %T-*k« 



Agricultural, Animal, and Vegetable Products. 

180a Patience, John, Ichuca.— Purple 

straw wheat. 620 

120^ Wright, Thomas Spencer, Ro- 

diester. — Furple straw wheat. 6ao 

120c Kelly, Mortimer, Bridgewater.— 

Wheat. 6ao 

12(V' Patterson, J. Matthew, Loddon.— 

Wheat. 6«o 

121 St. Amaud Pastoral & Agricul- 
tural Society, St. Amaud.— Short oats, 
wheat, barley. 620 

121a O'Reilly, Thomas, Toolamba.— 

Wheat. 620 

121^ Adams, John, Wahring.— Wheat. 


121^ Smith. George, Ballard.— White 

Tuscan wneat. 620 

122 Scott, James, Indigo, Chiltem.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

123 Commissioners for Philadelphia 
Elxhibition, Melbourne. 

a CoUeaion of varieties of wheat and grass- 
tree plant. 620 
i Collection of beans. 621 

124 O'Keefe, Andrew, Adelaide Vale, 
Clare Inn. — Purple-straw wheat. 620 

125 Myrin^, Joseph, Campbell's Creek, 
Castlemaine. — Barley. 620 

126 Adams. James, Wahring.— White 
Tuscan wheat. 620 

127 Lraidlay, John, Bundoora, Plenty- 
road. — Wneat. 620 

128 McNair, Angus, Bellerine East.- 
New fodder-pea. 620 

129 Stewart & Ferguson, Indigo, Chil- 
tern.— Wheat. 620 

ISO Connor, James, Allansford.— Fox- 
tail oats, grown at Merunga, near Warr- 
nambool. 620 

181 Schmitt, Lewis, Mornington.— 
Wheat. 620 

182 Buckley, Edward, Newbridge, 
Loddon. — Red-straw wheat from counties 
of Gladstone and Bendigo, oats. 620 

133 Jack, John, Oxley Plains, Ovens 
District. — Frampton white wheat, grown 
on chocolate soil after English grass. 620 

134 Northeastern Pastoral & Agri- 
cultural Society. Murchison. — Wheat 
grown by J. McNab, Tabilk. 620 

134^ Catlin, James, Runnymede.— Pur- 
ple-straw, white Tuscan and other wheats. 


135 Moncrieff, John, Tabilk, Goulburn 
river. — Purple-straw and white wheat. 620 

136 Gilmour, Andrew, Colomsky, 
Biiangor. — Oats from parish of Ballyro- 
gan. 620 

136« Ararat Flour Mill Co. (limited).— 
Prime miller's wheat. 6ao 

187 Ro88i,Thomas, Dry Diggings, near 
Dayiesford. — Purple-straw wheat. 620 

188 Poison, Angus, Chapman, Moys- 
ton. — English barley, Tartarian oats, pur- 
ple-straw and white wheat. 620 

139 West Bourke Pastoral & Agri- 
cultural Society, Romsey. — ^White Tuscan 
wneat^ grown hy Hon. T. F. Hamil- 
ton. 620 

140 AborigintLl Mission Station, Cor- 
attderrk,—-Hops. 50.3 

loferWWtt, indicated by number. 

141 McKenzi^ James P., & Co., Mel- 
bourne. — Coffee, chiccory. cocoa, and 
chocolate made from nuts ; mus- 
tard, spices. 623 

Land Anixnals. 

142 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. 

a Water fowl, stuffed by Chas. F'rench. 635 
6 Manna, with the insect producing it. 638 

143 St. John, P., Melbourne.— Ducks, 
plover, grouse, quail, black swan, 
etc. 6j5 

144 Grimwood, Thomas, Fern Tree 
Gully. — Quail, snipe, landrail. 635 

145 Gaskell, Joseph, Melbourne.— Aus- 
tralian snipe. 635 

146 Robertson, V^. W., Richmond.— 

Australian native birds. 635 

147 Gaskell, Joseph, Melbourne.- Wild 

animals. 637 

148 Godfrey, F. R., Melbourne.— Wild 

animals. 637 

149 McCoy, Prof., Melbourne Univer- 
sity. — Wild animals, and black swan. 637 

150 French, C, Melbourne.— Austra- 
lian longicorns, buprestidal, lepidoptera, 
etc. 638 

151 Timbrel 1, Ann, Collingwood.— 
Japan sillfworms, modeled in wax. 638 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 

153 St. John, p., Melbourne.— Fish. 641 

Animal and Vegetable Froduots. 

154 Bird, George, Inkerman, Lynd- 
hurst. — Cheese. 65X 

155 Pierce, G. G., Melbourne.— 
Cheese. 651 

156 Riddle, J., Lancefield.— Cheese. 651 

157 Clark, John, & Sons, Melbourne.— 
Leathers, skins, basils. 653 

158 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Rugs made from skins of Victorian ani- 
mals. 65a 

159 Fink, M., Geelong.— Skins. 653 

160 Ouinn, H. S., Richmond.— Dved 
and white Wool mats, kangaroo glove 
leathers. 653 

161 Brearley Brothers, Geelong. — Sole 
leather. 653 

162 Dunckley & McBride, Melbourne. 
— Sash lines, whip gut, gut lathe bands, 
sausage casings. 653 

163 Pearse Brothers, Fremantle, West- 
em Australia. — Hides, leather, skins. 653 

164 Pitts, Charles, & Sons, Emerald 
Hill.— Glue. 653 

165 Penal Department, Inspector-Gen- 
eral of, Melbourne. — Leather. 653 

166 Wallis & Co., Richmond.— 
Leather, goat skin mat. 6^3 
Malt. ^^-x 

served 'meaL\&. ^"^ 

, bourne. — ^3'*-"°^- «_^n 

at end of entAe».*ecOa»V6^c»3to..VV^.*'r-^ 



Animal and Vegetable Products, Textile Substsuices. 

174 Zorn, Edward, Clayton's-road, 
near Oakleigh. — Tomato and Oakleigh 
sauces. 656 

176 Wright, Payne, & Co., South Yar- 
ra. — Fruit jams. 656 

176 Watson & Paterson, Melbourne.— 
Hams, bacon, mess pork. 656 

177 Western Meat Preserving Co.. 
Colac. — Preserved meats. 656 

178 Melbourne Meat Preserving Co., 
Melbourne. — Preserved meats. 656 

179 Lyon, George, Beechworth.— To- 
mato sauce. 656 

180 Grant, Mrs., Richmond.— Tomato 
sauce. 656 

181 Comport, Henry, Cheltenham.— 
Tomato sauce. 656 

182 Stringer & Co., Melbourne.— Mixed 
pickles, sauces, curry powder. 656 

182^ Boddy, Edward, Nagambie.— 
Flour. 657 

1823 Hood, P. & J., Melbourne.— Malt. 


188 McKenzie, Jas. P., & Co., Mel- 
bourne. — Oatmeal, groats, brose meal. 657 

l%Sc Martin, P. J., Melbourne.— Malt. 


1 84 Trouette & Blampied, Great West- 
em, Ararat District.— Wines. 660 

1 84^ Myring, Joseph, Campt>eirs Creek, 
Castlemaine. — Malt. 657 

186 Best, Joseph J Great Western, Ara- 
rat District. — Wine. 660 

186^ Perrin, William, jr., Richmond.— 
Malt. 657 

186 Docker, F. G.& J.B.. Wangaratta, 
Beechworth District. — Wine. 660 

187 Evans, Henry, Beechworth Dis- 
trict, — Wine. 660 

188 Mellon, Francis, Dunolly, Castle- 
maine District. — Wines. 660 

189 Botten, William, Eddington, Cas- 
tlemaine District. — Wine. 660 


190 Jung, Otto, Castlemaine, 
maine District. — Wines. 

191 Schroeder, Castlemaine, Castle- 
maine District. — Wines. 660 

192 Crippa, Fabrizzio, Hepburn,Castle- 
maine District.— Wine, 660 

193 Greer & Co., 

trict.— Wines. 

Echuca, Echuca Dis- 


194 Vettler,John, Echuca, EchucaDis- 
trict. — Wines. 660 

196 Weber, Jacob, Geelong, Geelong 
District. — Wine, 660 

196 Deppeler, Jacob, Gheringhap, Gee- 
long District. — Wine. 660 

197 Ritchie, John, Murgheboluc, Gee- 
long District. — Wine. 660 

198 Bear & Ford, Tabilk Vineyard, near 
Seymour, Goulbum District. — Wine. 660 

199 Egli,F., Tabilk, Goulbum District. 
—Wine. 660 


S02 Francis, Charles, Sunbury, Mel- 
bourne District. — Wines. t)6o 

JgOJ^ St. Hubert'a Vineyard Cc.Ycring, 
Melbourne District. — Wines. 600 

^03 Johnston, J. S., Craiglie Vineyard, 
bunbitry, Melbourne District.— Wines. 660 

200 Schmitt, Franz, Berwick, 
bourne District. — Wine. 

204 Maplestone, Charles, Ivanhoe 

Lodge, Heidelberg, Melbourne District. 
—Wines. 660 

206 Brasche, Charles, Sunbury, Mel- 
bourne District. — Wine. 660 

206 Snowden, E. G., Boroondara, Mel- 
bourne District. — Wine. 660 

207 Smith, G. S., Wahgunyah, Mel- 
bourne District. — Wine. 660 

208 Pohl, Carl, Strathfieldsaye, Sand- 
hurst District. — Wines. 660 

209 Bruhn, Albert, Strathfieldsaye, 

Sandhurst District. — Wines. 66d 

210 Fuchs, Adolph, Strathfieldsaye, 

Sandhurst District. — Wines. 660 

211 Fischer, August, Shamrock Vine- 
yard, Emu Creek, Strathfieldsaye, Sand- 
hurst District.— Wines. 660 

212 Shaw, F. K.,Goornons:, Sandhurst 
District.— Wine. 660 

21 8 Grosse, Frederick, Strathfieldsaye, 

Sandhurst District. — Wines. 660 

214 Grosse, Fred., Toorongo Vineyard, 
Bendigo, Sandhurst District. — ^Wine. 660 

216 Greiflfenhagen, Wm., Strathfield- 
saye, Sandhurst District. — Wines. 660 

216 Brown, H. J., Australian Distil- 
lery, Melbourne. — Geneva spirits of 
wine. 660 

217 Fuller, Alfred, Kew.— Ale, stout. 660 

218 Henelly, James, Melbourne.— 
Ale. 660 

219 Latham, Edward, Carleton Brew- 
ery, Carleton. — Ale, porter. 660 

220 Martin, P. J., Melbourne.— Ale. 660 

221 Reed, Henry, & Co., South Yarra. 
— Vinegar. 660 

222 Steward, James, Eaglehawk, 
Sandhurst. — Ale. 660 

223 Treacy, John, & Co., Geelons:.— Ale, 

stout. 660 

224 Warrenheip Distillery Co., Balla- 

rat. — Whisky, Geneva spints of wine. 660 

226 Guest, T. B., & Co., Melbourne. 

— Fancy biscuits. 66x 

226 Smith & Son, West Melbourne.— 

Biscuits. 661 

227 Swallow & Ariell, Sandridge.- 

Biscuits, 661 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

228 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Cotton. 665 

229 Atkinson, Wm., Camperdown.— 

Teazles. 666 

230 Longmire, Thomas, Koorooche- 
ang,Smeaton. — Flax stalks and seeds. 666 

281 McPherson, Thomas, & Co., Mel- 
bourne.— Jute. 666 

282 Armstrong, Alex., Warramtine, 

Shelford.— \Vools. 667 

233 Arnold, George, & Co., Melboumt. 

— Assorted wools grown by James Gibson, 
C\cvt\ait\A, "X^TcvMvVa.-, Wm, Gibson ft 

For clashes of exhibits, indicated by numVcrs at eix«\ot cnxnes,s«0^v^cax:>«tw,v^,^l-VV 



Textile Substances, Agricultural Machinery, Fruits. 

Macvean, Mooloomoon. Victoria ; Thos. 
Russell & Co., The Plains, Vicioria ; G. 
W. Thomson, Challicum, Victoria ; Thos. 
Millear, Green Vale, Victoria ; Executors 
. of late A. Russell, Mawallok, Victoria ; 
Wm. Lewis, Stoneleish, Victoria; J. & 
S. Austin, Mount Pleasant, Victoria ; 
and Wm. Murray, Brie Brie, Victoria. 667 

234 Comniissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne.— 
Wools ; wool from S. Kobertson; Gee- 
long. 667 

234'< Gumming, Thomas P., Stoney 
Point. 667 

235 Currie, John Lang, Larra, Deri- 


ie, John 


236 Degraves, C. & J., Coliban Park, 

Elphinstone. — Wool. 667 

237 Elder, W. & N. O., Elder, Rook 

wood. — Wools. 667 

238 Gilbert, Alfred N., Warwilla Sta- 
tion ,Wanganilla, Deniliquin. — Wools. 667 

239 Goldsbrough, R., & Co., Mel- 
bourne. — Assorted wools, grown by Jamo 
Alexander, Woodhouse station; R. & J 
Ramsey, Narrow Plains sutton; Carter 
Bros., Glenisla station; T. & H. Orbonic, 
Momalong Plains; A. & H. McCulloch. 

and others. 


240 Greeves, Edward G., Berriallock, 
Skipton.— Wool, 667 

241 Hastings, Cunningham, & Co., The 
Australian Wool Stores, Melbourne. — 
Fleeces of wool from the following breed- 
ers: H. CattanacK, Tellegara; C. W. 
Simson, Mundai^l; Godfrey & Chambers, 
Pevensey; F. L. Parker, Quiamong; 
Everett & Watson, Tchelery and Nyang ; 
Hon. Wm. Lang, M. L. A., Wargara; 
Hon. PhUHp Russell, M. L. A., Camg- 
ham and Langi Willi; John L. Currie, 
Larra; Thomas Dowling & Sons, Jellala- 
bad; executors of late A. Russell, Maw- 
allock; Wm. Lewis. Stoneleigh; Ewan 
McPherson, Binduck; Godfrey McKiu- 
non, Goonambill; Russell & Shaw« EU 
F.lwah; Rutherford Brothers, Ulupna; 
Hun. Robert Simson, M. L. A., Langi 
KaJ Kal ; Nichol & Telford, Tarrawonga ; 
Knight & Lydiard, Koorongah; Mount 
IJattery Co., Mount BaUery; Alfred 
Chenery, Delatite; Alexander Wilson, 
Mount Emu; J. G. Reeves, Foot'i- 
cray. 667 

242 Henty, Edward, Portland.— 
Wools. 667 

247 Reeves, Isaac G., Footscray, Mel- 
bourne. — Wool. 667 

248 Russell, Thomas, Barunah Plains, 
Mount Hesse. — ^Wool. 667 

249 Rutledge, William, Parnham Park, 
Warmambool, — Fleeces. 667 

250 Rutherford, Andrew, Como, Ken- 
sington, Geelong. — Wool. 667 

261 Synnot, Monckton, Melbourne.— 
Wool. 667 

262 Synnot, George, & Co., Qeelong.— 
Wool. 667 

263 Thomas, C. T., North Sandridge.— 
Dressed skin of pure Romney ewe, bred by 
R. Muldoon, Boos. 667 

264 Timms Brothers, Mount Hesse, 
Becac—WooU. 667 

256 WmtBon, Alexander, Warribee. 



For classeg of exhibits. Indicated by i«im\»crs 

266 Wilson, Sir Samuel, Oakleigh 
Hall, East St. Kilda.— Wools and 
fleeces. 667 

267 Wilson, John,Lismore.— Wool. 667 

268 Howard,John, near Albury.— Sam- 
ple cocoons of mulberry sHk-woriuH, 
with wound silk in its natural colors ; 
floss silk; Japanese and Italian gruiii : 
hanks of suffocated and pierced co- 
coons. 66i 

Machines, Implements, and Prooessej 
of Manufaotnre. 

259 Lennon, Hugh. North Melbourn:. 

— Double-furrow plow. bj t 

233 Bodington, Robert, Carlton. - 
Sheep .support on rollers. 674 

Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and 

261 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 

Piiiladdphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Tree ferns from Dandenong State Forest 
and Mount Macedon ; todea ferns from 
Mount Macedon. 707 

262 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbournu.— 
Fac-similes of specimens of fruit, the origi- 
nals of which were selected during ine 
past season, modeled and Arranged by 
Thos. McMillan: 

a Apples and pears from Josiah Trere- 
Stan, Ballarat; Chas. Draper, Haxel- 
ehen; H. U. Cole, Twyford; Robert 
Whatmou^h, Greensborough ; Horticul- 
tural Society of Victoria; John Har- 
bison, Essendon; John Smith & Sons, 
Riddell's Creek; T. C. Cole; King & 
Sons, Fyansford; Geelong and Western 
District Azricultural and Horticultural 
Society; W. L. Hunt, Malvern; Chas. 
Allen, ir., South Brighton; Thos. Chris- 
tian, Moimt Macedon; W.Lawford, Don- 
caster: J. Carson ; J. Roberts; H. Boyce; 
Mr. Frcike, Carisbrook; C. May, Sun- 
bury; F.C.Cole, Richmond; J. D. Rob- 
erts, Hawthorne ; Robt. Hepburn, Haw- 
thorne; A, Stuart, Toorak; Geo. Kilroy, 
Caul field ; J. Weber, Geelong; Jas. Lang, 
Harcourt; Sir Redmond Barry ; J. Banks, 
Flemington; Mr, James, Ballarat; Jos. 
Bosisto, Richmond; and Joseph Web- 
ster, Wahgunyah. 

6 Quinces from Sir Redmond Barry and 
J. Webber, Geelong. 

c The medlar arid the loquat. 

4i Peaches from C. Draper, R. What- 
mough, W. Lawford, J. McDonald, G. & 
W. D. Agricultural and Horticultural So- 

€ Nectarines from R. Whatmough and 

y Apricots, plums, cherries, and olea eu- 

l" Grapes, mulberries, figs, pomegranates, 
and oranges. 

k Kau apples from Mr. Graham and the 
Melbourne Botanical Gardens. 

and Y . Hm% , "Bux?«c»|titvt. ^ 

J I\\ac\c, t«A, WiA Hi\i\\.^ CQTtMix* \swaw 
' V\\o* . Vatv% %l Co . 
k Kasv>\>cTT\c*^Tom"V\e.tvT>j^t>-st<fe- 



Fruits, Flowers. 

/ Almond, walnut, and hazel nuts. 
m Strawberries. 
n Tomatoes from Horticultural Society's 

Gardens ; W. Chandler, Scoresby ; and 

King & Son, Fyansford. 
o EiK apple from H.J. Dines. 

/ Cape gooseberries and capsicums. 
q Boole collection of plants, shrubs, trees, 
and herbs. 709 

268 Gaskell, Mrs., Melbourne. -Pac 
similes of Victorian bush flowers. -jct) 


{North of Nave, Columns 10 to 77.) 


Minerals, Chemicals, Manufactures, Clothing. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 Clark, P., & Sons, Adelaide.— Iron 
ores. 100 

8 Balhannah Mining^ Co., Adelaide. — 
Copper ores and bismuth. xoo 

8 North Yelta Mine, near Adelaide.— 
Copper ores. 100 

4 Moonta. Wallaroo, and other mines, 
near Adelaide. — Copper ores. 100 

5 Crabb, R. S., Adelaide.— Azurite and 
malachite from the Burra Burra mine, 
near Adelaide. 100 

5a South Australian Commissioners. 
— Specimens of gold quartz from the 
northern territory. xoo 

53 Coozon^ Oil & Coal Co.— *'Coozon- 
gik," a mineral caoutchouc. 100 

brous quartz from thr northern 
territory of south australia, by the 
Commissioners, for the following 

OWNERS. 100 

6 Ayliffe, I. H., W. Union Mine. 

7 Becker, I., Yam Creek. 

8 Brese & Starke, Extended Union 

9 Caledonia New Amalgamated Co. 

10 Golden Stream Claim. 

11 Griffiths, W. K., South Union Mine. 

12 Grove Hill Co. 

13 Gunn, J. H., Britannia Reef. 

14 Lewis, John, Pine Creek. 
16 Bernardo, M., Pine Creek. 
2 B New Telegraph Co. 

/ Z Smndy Creek Claim. 
18 Shepperd, E.,John Bull Reef. 
Iff Smndy Cremk Puddling Co. 
For cUKse% of exhibits, iiijicited by nuiuWr* 

20 Tripp, J. 

^. . . P., Lady Alice & Union 

21 Union Prospectors Co. 

22 Whitelaw, E. H., Pine Creek. 

23 Westcott, J. S., & V^isendun^er, I., 

North Union Mine. 

24 South Australian Commissioners, 

Adelaide. — Marble, sandstone, and slate 
from quarries near Adelaide. zoa 

Chemioal Hannfaotores. 

26 Barnard, Georg^e L., Adelaide.— 

Olive oil. 20Z 

26 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide.— 

Olive oil. 201 

Tarns and Woven Ooods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

27 Knight, J. G., Adelaide. 

a String made from human hair. sag 

6 Native bag used by Liibras (women). 230 

ClotMne, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling jBqnipments. 

28 Steiner, Henry, Adelaide. 

a Shell necklace, gold brooch and earrings ; 
shell brooch and earrings set in gold. 253 

6 Silvei^mounted emu vases and ornaments*: 
silver oxidized metal-figured piano candle- 
sticks. 354 

29 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide.— 
Emu eggs made up in imitation of jew- 
elry. SSS 

80 Nitscke, W., Adelaide.— Copper 
vase, cross, and pipe ; silver cups made 
from a dollar and a five-fraue piece ; tea- 
pox, maidc fconv a shilling. 954 

OTi\amcuv>» ^tvau v\\^ woT>3R«rEw Xttrdxsir} «IL 

.\l end oV <nVT\«s. -vc Oas?\^\caSiow, VV. V|-^V 



Manufactures, Education, Art, Agriculture. 

32 Steiner, Henry, Adelaide.— Silver- 
mounted emu egg inksunds. 254 

38 Wendt, J. M., Adelaide. — Silver- 
mounted emu egg inkstand. 354 

84 South Australian Commissioners. 
Adelaide.— Skins of indigenous birds and 
animals of South Australia made into 
muffs, collarettes, etc. 956 

Military and Naval Armamenti, Ord- 
nance, Fire Arms, and Hunting Ap- 

36 Knight, T. G., Adelaide.— Aboriginal 
weapons from the northern territory of 
Suiith Australia. 269 

Hardware, Edffe Tools, Cutlery, and 
MetaUic Products. 

86 South Australian Commissioners, 
Adelaide. — Iron castings made from Ade- 
laide ore. 283 

Educational Sjrstems, Methods, and 

37 South Australian Commission, Ade- 
laide. — Herbarium, comprising specimens 
of all the knoMrn plants indigenous to 
South Australia, prepared by Dr. Schom- 
burgk, director of the Botanic Gardens at 
Adelaide. 301 

38 Adelaide Museum, Adelaide, F. G. 
Waterhouse, curator.— Collection of birds, 
mammals, reptiles, skins of animals, and 
eggs of South Australia. 301 

Engineering, Architecture, Charts, 
Maps, and Graphic Representations. 

39 South Australian Commissioners, 
Adelaide. — Statistical records and maps 
relating to South Australia, compiled by 
the Surveyor-General. 335 


40 Scott. G. B., South Australia.— Pho- 
tograph of northern territory of South 
Australia. 430 

41 South Australian Commission, Ade- 
laide, South Australia. — Photograjphs de- 
scriptive of town, pastoral, and farming 
life in South Australia, the Adelaide 
Botanic Gardens, suburban vievrs, and 
mining. 430 

42 Angas, G. H., Collinsrwood, near 
Adelaide. — Photographs ofstud stock. 430 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

43 Hardy, Arthur, Mt. Lofty, near Ade- 
laide. — Cork from tree raised from an 
acorn imported from Spain in 1864. 600 

44 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide.— 
Woods, useful and ornamental. 600 

45 South Australian Commissioners, 

Woods, useful and ornamental, from the 
northern territory of South Australia, foi- 
warded by J. B. Scott, government resi- 
dent; woods from the neighborhood of 
Adelaide, collected by Mr. Mais, engi- 
neer in cnief. and others. 600 
S Fungi, supplied by W. B. Hughes, north- ' 

em territory of South Australia. 604 

c Red berries ^secds of the creeping licor- 
ice) and corJucrewr pine seeds, from J. K. 
Kelseyand W. B. Hughes, northern terri- 
tory ofSoinh AusinlLi. 6:>5 
Forchisses „rt'xhihii>. fiuJicatcd by i»uml>er» 

46 Wilke. H., & Co., Port Adelaide.— 
Barks for tanning; ground and chopped 
mimosa (black wattle), and ground aca- 
cia. 602 

47 Knight, J. G., Adelaide.— Bark from 
the nortnem territory of South Austra- 
lia. 603 


48 South Australian Commissioners, 
Adelaide. — Wax models of fruit taken 
from originals grown in South Austra- 
lia. 610 

Agricultural Products. 

49 Carling, Thomas, Adelaide.— 
Wheat. 620 

50 Riggs, John, Adelaide.— Wheat. 630 
61 Young, C.B., Adelaide.— Wheat. 6ao 

52 South Australian Commissioners, 

a Wheat, barley, oats, and rye. 630 

d Peas. 621 

c Linseed ; hemp, rape, sunflower, prairie 

and rib grass seed. 624 

53 Kelsey, J. E.. Mt. Gambler, Ade- 
laide. — Hops, grown in volcanic soil. 623 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 

54 Cardwell, Robert. Port Essington, 
northern territory of South Australia. — 
Trepang, cured at the fishery, Port Es- 
sington, northern territory of South Aus« 
tralia. 644 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

55 Kemp, W., Adelaide.— Sheepskin 

mats. 65a 

56An{gas, J. H., Collinp^wood, near 
Adelaide.— Sheepskins ; skins of the spot- 
ted emu. 65a 

57 South Australian Commissioners, 

a Dressed skins of the kangaroo, wallaby, 
and other indigenous animals ; also, skins 
made up in designs. 65a 

i Emu eggs. 653 

c Raisins, plums, figs, and currants. 650 
^ Wines. 660 

58 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide. 

a Skins 01 native animals and biijds. 653 
d Emu eggs. 653 

59 Bagot, E. M., Adelaide.— Extract of 
meat. 656 

60 Hardy, Thomas, Adelaide. 

a Raisins and currants. 656 

6 Wine. 660 

61 Murray, Alexander, near Adelaide. 
— ^Jams, jellies, and marmalades. 656 

61<s McEwen, George, Adelaide.— As- 
sorted jams. 656 

62 Dunn, John, & Co., Adelaide.— 
Flour. 657 

63 Magarey, Thomas, & Co., Adelaide. 
— Flour. ^w 

64 Co'wau.TYvoTtv«k*, %. C.o.^'*»a*»x VAfc- 
\a\de.— F\o\iT. ^^"^ 

\a\Ae.— >N\tve. 
at end of cume^.-seeCVA^^X^cvcCv^^^^V^ '^'^'^ 



Wines, Textiles. 

66 Clark & Crompton, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

67 Richman,J.W.,Watervale.— Wines. 


68 Quick, H. C, Marden, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

69 Ross, R. D., Highercombe, Ade- 
laide, — Wines. 660 

70 Kaines, John H., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

71 Auld, Patrick, Magill, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

72 Barnard, G. L., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

78 Hornabrook, C. A., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

74 White, Georee, Rosefield, Adelaide. 
—Wines. 660 

75 Baker, Isabella, Morialta, Adelaide. 
—Wines. 660 

76 Gillard, Joseph, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

77 Ind, G. F., Paradise, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

78 Foote, Henry, Adelaide.— Wines. 660 

79 Holbrook, J. D., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

80 Kelly, Dr., Tintara, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

81 Salter, W., & Son, Saltram, Ade- 
laide. — Wines. 660 

82 Davenport, Samuel, Beaumont, Ade- 
laide. — Wines. 660 

88 Martin, James, Gawler, Adelaide.— 

Wines. 660 

880 Young, C. B., Adelaide.— Wine. 660 

84 Thornber, Unley, Adelaide.— 

Whines. 66 i 

86 Wright, E. W., Home Park, Ade- 
laide.— Wines. 660 

86 Bickford, A. M., & Sons, Adelaide. 
— Bitters, quinine wine, and lime-juice cor- 
dial. 660 

87 Davis, F. C, Adelaide.— Bitters and 
cordials. 660 

88 Nitschke, W., Adelaide.— Cordials 
and liquors. 660 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

89 Angas, J. H., Collingrove, Adelaide. 

—Wool. 667 

90 Keynes, Joseph, Keynton, Adelaide. 

—Wool. 667 

91 Murray, John, Murray vale, Ade- 
laide.— Wool. 667 

92 Graham, Thomas, Adelaide.— 
Wool. 667 

93 Browne, V/. J., Moorak, Adelaide. 
—Wool. 667 

94 Hayward,' Armstrong & Co., Wo- 
noka, Adelaide.— Wool. 667 

94a Crozier, W., Adelaide.— Wool. 667 
96 McFarlane, Allan, Wellington 

Lodge, Adelaide. — Wool. 667 

96^ Price & Browne, Adelaide.— 

Wool. 667 

96 Wurm, Frederick, Adelaide.— Silk 
and silk cocoons. 668 

Agrioultnral Engineering and Ad- 

97 Dalwood, W. F., Adelaide.— Gua- 
no from Browse Island, oflf west coast of 
Australia. 681 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{Sou/k of North Aisle ^ Columns /j to ly.) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Education and Science. 

Kinerals, Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 Cape Copper Mining Co. (limited), 
Cape Town. — Copper ores from Ookiep, 
Spectakel, Narrap, Karolusbure, and KtU 
derman mines. Little NamaquaTand. loo 

8 Bright, H. C. R., Mowbray, near 
Cape Town. — Copper ores and collection 
of minerals. xoo 

2<t Muskett, E. B.— Galena from Bang- 
hock mine, Hope Town division. loo 

8 Dickson, V/. W., Cape Town.— 
Black oxide of manganese, from Hercules 
mine. zoo 

4 Stonestreet, Samuel, Kemberly Dia- 
mond Fields. — Diamonds and associated 
rocks. zoo 

6 Vice, O., Stormbergen. 

a Saltpetre from the Stormbexgen. loo 

6 Coal from the Stormbergen. zoi 

6 Wilson, A., Oas Works, Cape Town. 
— South African coals, cokes, and ashes. loi 

Metallurgical Froduots. 

7 Cape Copper Mining Co. (limited), 
Cape Town. — Copper. 1 1 1 

Chemioal Manofaotures. 

8 Smithers, J. 


& G., 

Cape Town.— 


Furniture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

9 Moulton, R., Swellendam.— Work- 
box constructed of South Africm 
woods. 217 

10 Lesar, W., Cape Town.— Table con- 
structed of various colonial tinners, 217 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Mateiials. 

10« Cawood. Hon. 8., Qrahamstown.— 
Cotton table cloth. 230 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling Equipments. 

11 Perry, Mrs., Cape Town.— Melon 
seed necklaces, bracelets, etc. 253 

12 Gladwin, J. P., Kafirland.- Hair of 
Pondomise, surmounted by ring of F.uphor- 
bi»Mp:!vorv earrings of Pondomise 

oaboonskm; dress of witchdoctor. 253 
For cbtsses. of exbibim. Indicated by numbers 

13 Local Committee, Cape of Good 

« Native articles of dress — n e c k 1 a c e s, 

armlets, earrings, etc. 353 

^ Native aprons, head-dress, etc. 254 

14 Ayliff. Mrs., Grahamstown.— Skele- 
tonized flowers. 254 

Weapons, eto. 

15 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope. — Knobe kierie of rhinoceros 
horn. 268 

16 Vigors, P.. Cape Town.— Native 
weapons, Kafir assegais, Bushman axe. 368 

Medicine, Surgery, Prothesis. 

17 Auret, W. H., Paarl.— Vegetable 
drugs and medicines. 372 

18 Barkly, Sir H., Governor of Cape 
Colony. — Bitter barks used ^y Kafir doc- 
tors in fever cases. 272 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Materials. 

19 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope. — Kafir beer and milk pots, Kafir 
and Basuto baskets. 289 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

20 Solomon, C, Cape Town.— Map of 

South Africa. 300 

23 Solomon, Saul, & Co., Cape Town.-^ 
Specimens of bookbinding. 306 

24 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope. — Catalogiie of South African Pub- 
lic and Sir G. Grey's libraries; Univer- 
sity calendar ; reports of South African 
Museum, Public Library, and Botanic 

Dr. Bleek's Bushman Re- 


C, & Co., Cape Town.— 


26 Mabille, A.. Moriia, Basutoland.— 
Books printea, bouna, and published at 
Morija Mission Station, Basutoland. 306 

27 Stewart, O., Lovedale, Kafirland.— 
Books printed, bound, and published at 
the Lovedale Kafir Mission Institution. 306 

Hope.— NloAtX?. o^ \v«t\»cix vioxVs «cA ^^i 
i docVsaxCaveTovJXw. ^- 

at end of entt\ea, %** e\wa\^ca!CxoTi,^T>- •'^•A 


Gardens ; 
Juta. J. 



Art, Agricultural, Animal, and Vegetable Products. 

29 Dunn, E. I., Cape Town.— Creologi- 
cal sketch map of Cape Colony. 335 

29<s Coates, H. C. Commissioner, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Photograph of city of Cape 
Town. 335 

29^ Ayliff, Reuben, Grahamstown.— 
Photographs of Cape Town, harbor 
works, etc. 335 


80 Hermann, V^., Cape Town.— Oil 
paintings. 410 

a View in Knysna Forest, Cape Colony. 
b View of Three Anchor Bay, near Cape 

81 Coppen, P., Cape Town.— Water 
color sketches. 41 x 

a Sketch of Hangklip, a spur of the Storm- 

bergen, Queenstown division. 
b Sketch of the Mac Mac Falls, Lydenburg 

gold fields, South African Republic. 

82 Hays, Miss Anna, Cape Town.— Wa- 
ter color sketch of the native population 
of Cape Town. 411 

83 Hermann, W., Cape Town.— Six 
water color sketches of colonial sce- 
nery. 411 

84 Thwafts, Miss F. C, Cape Town.— 
Six water color drawings of indigenous 
Cape flowers. 411 

Engraving and Lithograpby. 

85« Bruton, C. I., Cape Town.— Photo- 
graphs. 430 
Views in Cape Town. 
b View of Kloof Lodge, near Ca^ Town. 
c Views of scenery around Cape Town. 
86* Barnard, S. B.,Cape Town.— Photo- 
graphs of Cape Town, natives, etc., in a 
book. . 430 
. C. D., George.— Photo- 


' Fenneysey. C. 
graphs of colonial 



Arborionltnre and Forest Produots. 

86 Carson, E.J., Ookiep, Namaqualand. 
— £t>ony. 601 

87 Holland, B. H., Alexandria, Cape 
Colony. — Specimens of timber from the 
Alexandria crown forests, with articles 
made from various woods. 601 

88 Mossop & Garland, Cape Town.— 
Barks in the rough and ground. 603 

89 Smithers, J. & G., Cape Town.— Veg- 
etable wax. 603 

40 Dale, Dr., Cape Town.— VegeUble 
wax. 603 

Agrionltoral Frodnots. 

41 Barry, Arnold, & Co., Cape Town.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

42 Mybureh, N., Meerlust, Eerste 

' ' 620 

urri , 

river. — Wheat. 

48 Barry & Herdon, Mossel Bay.— 

Aloes. 633 

44 Barry & Nephews, Cape Town.— 

Aloes. 623 

43 Jongh, S. J. de, Cape Town.— 

Snuffi 6*3 

40 Powrie, J5., MoMcJ Bay.— I^eaf Xo- 
DAcco auid snuff. 623 

For cUsBea of mxhihiu, indicated by numbcw 

Land Animals. 

46<s Coates, H. C, Commissioner, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — King penguin. 635 

47 Gibbon, J. M., Cape Town.— Cochi- 
neal, grown and dried in the Botanic Gar- 
dens, Cape Town. 638 

Water Animals, Fish Cnltnre and 

48 Merriman, John, Cape Tcwn. — Pre- 
served crayfish from Table Bay. 643 

49 Moodie, D., Swellendam. — Pearl oys- 
ter shells from the south coast of the col- 
ony. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Produots. 

50 Dier & Diets, Port Elisabeth.— 
Skins. 652 

50a Benningfield & Son, Natal.— Ele- 
phant tusks. 653 

51 Mossop & Garland, Cape Town.— 
Leather. 652 

52 Local Committee, Cape of Good 
Hope. — Robe of skins of the blackbacked 
jackal and avard wolf. 652 

53 Dickson, W.W., Cape Town.— Skins 
of the lion and cheetah or hunting leop- 
ard. 652 

58a Coates, H.C., Commissioner, Phila- 
delphia, Fa. 
a Pair of horns and head. 652 

b Ostrich eggs. 653 

54 Vigors, P., Cape Town. — Lion and 
leopard skins, head of a leopard, antelope 
and rhinoceros horns. 652 

54« Clipp, G. W.— Pair of horns. 652 

55 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope. — Ostrich feathers and eggs. 653 

56 Douglass, A., Grahamstown. — Os- 
trich mcubator, with stuffed ostriches and 
eggs. 65J 

57 Powrie, £., Mossel Bay.— Bees- 
wax. 654 

58 Barry & Nephews, Cape Town.— 
Beeswax. 654 

59 Toit, A. L. du, Rondebosch.— 
Grapes in brandy. 6^6 

59a Volsteedt, P. J., Cape Town.— Pre- 
served lemons, citrons, nar^es, bitter 
oranges, melons, and Cape gooseber- 
ries. 656 

60 Merwe, J. H. van der, Robertson.— 
Grapes in brandy. 656 

60<> Merriman, John, Cape Town.— Pre- 
served tomatoes and Cape gooseberries. 656 

61 Falck,J. A. H., Montagu.— Peaches 
in branoy, 656 

62 Clear, E., Cape Town.— Wheat 
flour. 657 

68 Letterstedt & Co., Cape Town.— 
Wheat flour. 657 

64 Barry, Arnold & Co., Cape Town. 
—Wheat flour. 657 

Q5 Hevdeurych, B. G. P., Cape Town. 
— SiatcYv VtoTO. v{\vea.\. ^ovsx . 658 

tac , ted , mlA viVv\v.t vcXtvt^ ,\»TwA>| . «». 
at end ot*eutd«v,*^*C^a•*^v^a^^:voxv,T?V "^TAV 



Wines, Textiles, Flower Work. 

75 Renen, S. van, & Co., High Con* 
sumiia. — Red and white wines. 660 

75^ Cloete Brothers, Constantia.— Red 
and white wiues. 660 

76 Anderson & Murison, Cape Town. 
— Pontac, pale, and golden sherry 
wines. 660 

7Qa Cloete, H.,Bellevue, Constantia.— 
Red and while wines. 660 

77 Green, E. K., Cape Town.— Red, 
white, and sherry wines. 660 

78 Collison, H. C^ Cape Town.— Sher- 
ry, Madeira, Poutac, and Constantia 
wines. 660 

78« Cloete, J. P., Groot Constantia.— 
Red and white wines. 660 

79 Joubert, W. A., Stellenbosch.- Drv 
white wine. 660 

80 Paarl Wine and Brandy Co., Paarl. 
— Red and white wines. 660 

81 Rosenberg, 8., Cape Town.— Bran- 
dy. 660 

88 Barrv & Nephews, Cape Town.— 
Brandy. 660 

83 Collison, H. C, Cape Town.— Cog- 
nac. 600 

84 Hauf, Dr., Robertson.— Brandy. 660 
86 Marais, H. H., Robertson.— Cape 

sherry wine and Congo brandy. 66o 

86 Villicrs, A. J. J. de, Cape Town.— 
Sherry, port, and red wines. 66o 

87 Villiers, A. B. de, Paarl.— Red and 
white wines. 660 

Textile Substanoes of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

88 Cawood, Hon. S., Grahamstown.— 

Cotton. 665 

89 Grewar, John W., Uitenhage.— 
Wool. 667 

90 Priest, W., Graff Reinet.— Wool. 667 

91 Rubidge, C.,Graff Reinet.— Wool. 667 

92 Stewart, A. C, Port Elizabeth. - 
Wool. 667 

93 Court, P. W., Port Elizabeth.— 
Wool. 667 

94 Barry & Nephews, Cape Town.— 
Wool. 667 

96 Barry, Arnold, & Co., Cape Town.— 
Wool. 667 

96 Dier & Diets, Port Elizabeth.— 
Wool. 667 

97 Stewart, A. C, & Co., Port Eliza- 
beth. — ^Angora hair. 669 

Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and 

98 Villiers, Miss de, Fransche Hoek.— 
Articles made of everlasting flowers. 709 

99 Smuts, Miss O., Cape Town.— Arti- 
cles made of everlasting flowers. 909 


{Norih of Nave, Columns 75 to rj.) 

Chemicals, Woven Goods, Clothing. 

Chemical Hannfaotnres. 

1 Reynolds, John N.— Salt. 900 

2 Frith & Murphy.— Salt. aoo 

8 Grant, Charles. 

« Bisulphate of lime. 200 

S Chewstick powder and odontine. 203 

4 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
government. — Elssential oils. 203 

6 Auvray, P. E.— Odontine. 203 

7am8 and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

6 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
o£ Botauticsd Gsurdcas, Xiugston, for the 
govettuaent.'—Palm and plantain leaf 
*"*** 229 


ClothinjBT, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling sqnipments. 

7 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 

a Palm leaf hats. 251 

^ Baskets and fans from leaves ; shell bas- 
kets : walking sticks ; bamboo whip ; tor- 
toise shell combs, necklaces ; napkin rings 
and egg cups ; aoilies and fans made of 
lace bark. 254 

7a Nash, Mrs. 

a Hats made of dagger plant, lace bark, and 
strainer fibre. 251 

b Dagger plant and lace bark ornaments, 

earT\us& aixkd "ViTWjdcv, xoaAfc. «& wsuxsx 
sYveW. *V. 

% BTOok%, lllt%. Ci.— -OcWw^* »»^^ ^^^ 
made ^Tom\aLCt\>wV, «.\a. 

or arWWts, indicated by numbets at end o€ et»Xt\e», s*e CW»\^c%x\otw,v\>. *V-* 



Manufactures, Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

8a Reid, William.— Cocoanut Shell Or- 
naments ; walking sticks, etc. 254 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

9 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 

of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 


a Rulers. 158 

6 Paper stock. 360 

Medicine, Surgery, Frothesis. 

10 Thomson. Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
government. — Cinchona barks, jsuap, sen- 
na, aloes, etc. 272 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cntlery, and 
Metallio Products 

11 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
government. — Raxor strops made from 
stems of plants. 281 

Fabrics of Vegetable or Mineral Ma- 

12 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 

of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 


a Brushes from the penitentiary. 286 

6 Ropes from sisal hemp ; coir; wild cotton, 

cocoanut. etc. 287 

c Bamboo baskets. 289 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

18 Brass, John, & Son.— Carriage har- 
ness and riding saddle. 396 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

14 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kmgston, for the 

a Cedar and juniper shingles; lancewood, 
etc., for carriage building; cashaw, etc., 
for railway sleepers ; pimento leaves, juni- 

Ker wood, etc. , for making perfumery. 600 
lahogany, cedar, bullet tree, braziletto, 
lignum vitae, ebony, satinwooa, rosewood, 
etc. 601 

r Logwood, fustic, annatto, turmeric, etc. ; 
divi-divl, mangrove, catechu, guanga, 
etc. 602 

</ Dried ferns. 604 

15 Pantrepant Estate.— Lace bark. 600 
16« Fisher.— Concrete for tanning. 602 

Agricultural Products. 

16 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 

eas and beans. 621 

^ Ginger, pimento berries, nutmegs, vanilla, 
cayenne pepper, etc.; tobacco, tea, cocoa, 
Mod chocolate : coffees from tne following 
parties. John McLean, Francis Chalmer, 
John Davidson, Mrs. Maclaverty, Mm. 
Lascelles. Dr. Stephens, James Harrison, 
t^raest Elliott, and Geo. Henderson. 623 
for daaucn of exhibits, indicated by numbets 

16« Thompson & Weitsmann. — Tobac- 
co. 623 
16^ Espent, W. B.— Cigars. 623 

17 Soutar & Co.— Tobacco and ci- 
gars. 623 

17a Major, Dr.— Nutmegs. 623 

18 Richards, W. S.— Coffee. 623 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

\%a Fisher. — Leather. 653 

19 Grant, Charles. — Beeswax. 6s4 

20 Brass, John, & Son.'^Honey and 
beeswax. 654 

20a Fegan.— Bleached wax. 654 

21 Auvray, P. E.— Bleached wax. 654 

22 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 

a Candied fruits and preserves ; piddes, etc; 
fruits preserved in alcohol; mod made 
from plantains, bananas, cassava, bread, 
and other fruits. 656 

b Corn, rice, and flour. 657 

c Starch, arrowroot, etc. 658 

d Sugars from the following parties : W. S. 
Richards, Albion estate and Constant 
Spring estate ; Louis Verley , Mona estate; 
Ernest Elliott, Bog estate; James Har- 
vey, Hillside estate; Joseph Reid, Cay- 
mannas estate, and J. McPhail. 650 
* Rums from the following parties : David 
Galloway, Vale Royal estate; William 
Vickers, Frome, and other estates; M. C. 
Morean, Appleton estate ; James Harrison, 
Horaley and other estates ; Plato EUphick, 
Belvidere estate; W. S. Richards, Hope- 
well estate ; Ernest Elliott, Bog and other 
estates ; Louis Verley, Mona estate • C. W. 
Steer, Blenheim estate ; F. Hall, Mexico 
estate; Tames Harvey, Hillside estate; 
Joseph Reid, Camanas estate ; J. Wray 
& Nephew, George J. Peynado, Alberga 
& Mitchell. 660 
y Cocoanut, castor, groundnut, and other 
oils. 663 
22« Espent, W. B.— Rum. 660 
28 Gadpaille, Charles.— Rum. 660 

28a Wray, J., & Nephew.— Orange and 

ginger wine, pimento dram, lime-juice, 
etc. 660 

24 Melvillejames.— RumandFalerniac 

wine. 660 

25 Desnoes, P., & Son.— Rum, ^ngei 

cordial, orange wine, pimento dram 
etc. 66f 

26^ Alberga & Mitchell.— Orange anc 
ginger wine, pimento dram, chutney, 
etc. 660 

26 Nunes, Robert.— Rum. 660 

27 Kin^, Alexander, & Co.— Rum and 
lime-juice. 660 

Textile Substances of Vegetable oi 
Animal Origin. 

28 Thomson, Robert, Superintenden 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 

' a vJWdcowon. 66s 

h S\sa\ VvexK^, OiVrai icc«ia,\^T««v^<^, t»»x . 
\>astiboo, m«\»t \.t>WD."^«x «B«t«\HUtsx^. 

al end tA «vit\«. w»0»»A%«siN«»,V».«i-^ 




(SdutA of North Avenue^ Columns /j to 77.) 


Manu£actures, Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

Chemioal Manufaotures. 

1 Sargent, D., Inagua.— Specimens of 
sail and table salt. 200 

8 Meadows, John O., Inagua.— Salt 
and tabic salt. 800 

FumitiLTe and Objects of General Use 
in Constmetion and in Dwellings. 
8 Robertson, Mrs. S. E.— Epergne. 318 
4 Dorsette, Thomas.-^ Dripstone for 

filtering water. 224 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling Equipments. 

6 Minns, Albert C J.— -Necklaces, 
locket, pin and earrings, bracelets, soli- 
taires and studs, vest button, spoon, and 
paper knife. 253 

6 Dupuch, Joseph. — Card tray, bread 
platters, and walking canes. 254 

7 Grant, Misses Julia and Mary.— Mi- 
mosa bean ornaments, card tray, watch 
cases, mats, and cross. 254 

8 Armbrister, James A.— Walking 
canes. 254 

9 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 

Nassau. — Mimosa bean card basket, bags, 
and bracelets, manufactured by Messrs. 
Jarrett. Nassau; tortoise back, cleaned 
and polished by J. R. Saunders, Nassau ; 

S.lmetto fans and hats, manufactured by 
rs. John Taylor, Inagua. 254 

10 Evans, Ellen, O. E.— Shell cross, 
basket, and bridal wreath. 254 

1 1 Atwell, Misses.— Memorial wreath, 
cornucopia, brooches, and earrings, made 
of shells and fish scales. 254 

12 Symonett, Mrs. Matthew. — Palm 
tree, and watch stand. 254 

13 Wallace, Alexander C— Walking 

canes. 254 

14 Eldon, Mrs. James.— Case contain- 
ing orange tree. 254 

15 Garner, Mrs. Maria E.— Basket, 
fruit basket, bridal wreath, and sprays. 254 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Materials. 

16 Carrol, Richard E., Long Island.— 
Rope made of aloe fibre. 287 

17 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 
Nassau. — Palmetto rope. 287 

18 Knowles, Joseph A., Long Island. — 
a Rope and net made out of wild fig tree 

baric. 287 

h Palmetto baskets and mat. 289 

ArborioQltnre and Forest Froduots. 

'^ ,?r^?^^^'* J?*^^ ^'* Long Island.- 
Wtld hg tree bark. 600 

^ Forchuses of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

20 Sawyer, R. H. & Co. 

a Stopper wood; ship's knees ot sabicu 
wood; bark. 600 

d Mahogany, sabicu, satin, bull, cedar, and 
cocoanut woods. 601 

c Green ebony, braziletto wond, and log- 
wood. 602 

d Myrtleberry wax. 603 

21 George, John S. 

a Specimens of bark and palmetto leaves, 
vellow pine and cedar woods. 600 

i Mahogany, sabicu, satin, stopper, orange, 
and lignum vits woods. 601 

c Logwood, braziletto, and green ebony. 602 

d Wax made from myrtleberry. 603 

22 Saunders, Samuel P.— Vegetable 
sponge. 604 

Agricnltiiral Products. 

28 Boyd, Adam.— Tobacco and coffee, 
cultivated in New Providence. 623 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 

24 Sawyer, R. H. & Co.— Conch 

shells. 645 

25 Treco, P. A.— Bahama shells, col- 
lected and arranged by J. R. Saun- 
ders. 645 

26 Saunders, Samuel P.— Small 

shells. 645 

27 George, John S.— Queen conch 

shells. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

28 Sawyer, R. H. & Co.— Sponges. 650 

29 George, John S. 

a Beeswax. 654 

d Arrowroot and cassava starch. 658 

80 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 
Nassau. — ^Assorted preserved fruits, as- 
sorted pickles ; pimento manufactured of 
native fruits by Daphne Fife. 656 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

81 Sawyer, R. H., & Co.— Specimens 

of cotton produced principally at Long 
Island. 665 

82 Saunders, S. P.— Cotton. 665 
88 Brice, D. A.— Cotton. 66$ 
84 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 

Nassau. — Fibres of the pita and pineapple 
plants, plantain, banana, and aloe trees, 
and esparto grass; wool made from 
leaves of the forest pine, pita plant, ba- 
nana tree, and plantain. ^ 666 

85 SautvAws, ^aTcw>3L^\ V .— ^^n^ ti^sf^ 
M end of enlT\«, %te O^sX^cacCiOXi.vV. -"^-A 




(iVbr/A of Main Aisle, H i6,) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

Furnitore and Objects of General Use 
in ConstruoUon and in Dwellings. 

1 Bermuda, Government of. — Inlaid 



Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling Equipments. 

8 Trimingham, J. 

a Bermuda straw plait, bonnets, etc., pal- 
metto plait, and articles made from the 
palmetto leaf. 251 

b Wreath of shell work. 254 

8 Middleton, T. D.— Articles in point 
lace, from Somerset Island. 252 

4 Smith, Mrs. R. T.— Fine point lace. 


5 Ness, Miss. — Point lace sleeveless 
basque. 252 

6 Ness, Miss C— Point lace sofa pil- 
low. 253 

7 Lines, Mrs. — Point lace. 252 

9 Bermuda, Qovemment of.— Walking: 
canes. 254 

Medicine, Surgery, Fro thesis. 

10 Hugh, J. B.— Medicinal herbs and 

drugs. 272 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

11 Education, Board of.— School-map 
of the Bermudas. 300 

12 Thorpe, Mrs. W.— "Afternoon in 
Bermuda." 306 

13 Wilkinson, Major H. J.— "The Sand 
HiUs." 306 

14 Anon.— Bermuda flowers from na- 
ture. 306 

Engineering, Architecture, Maps, etc. 

15 Bermuda, Government of. — Large 

feneral map of the Bermudas, details by 
Loyal Enjg;ineers and Major Crawford, 
R.A. ; diagram showing the monthly 
mean temperature of Bermuda com- 
pared with other places of winter resort, 
drawn by Lieut. Colonel Bland, R.E. ; 
fac-simile of the earliest published map 
of Bermuda, from Norwood's survey of 
1616. 335 

Physical, Social, and Moral Condition 
of ~ 


19 Somerset, Col. Fitzroy, R.E.— Pho- 
tographs of Bermuda scenery, by tlie 
Royau Engineers. 430 

20 Hueh, J. B.— Photosrraphs of Ber- 

muda scenery. 


Aerial, Fneumatic, and Water Trans- 

81 Hinson, Dr.— Model of a Bermuda 

yacht, cutter-rigged. 594 

22 Admiraltsr, Lords of the. — Model 
of her Majesty's floating dock at Ber- 
muda : sectional dravring of same. 596 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

24 Several Contributor^.— Sections and 

specimens of woods. 600 

26 Astwood, Mrs.— Bird's-eye cedar, 

and other ornamental woods. 6ox 


26 Committee, The.— Bananas and 
other fruits. 611 

Marine Animals, Fish Culture and 

27 Bermuda, Government of. — Conch 
shells used by cameo cutters ; an extinct 
land shell of relatively large size ; Sp. of 
hyalline; corals, nullipores, coralhnes, 
sea fans, and sea rods. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

28 Bermuda,Government of.— Sponges. 


29 Hugh, J. B.— Dried and preserved 
fruits. 656 

80 Tucher, Tho. Powle. — Arrowrroot. 


81 Bertram, J. T.— Arrowroot and Tous 
les Mois. 658 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

82 Peniston, W.— Fibre prepared from 
the leaves of fourcroye gigantea. 666 

Machines, Implements, and Prooesses 
of Manufacture. 

88 Bermuda, Government of. — Tools 

used in freeing the ground of the roots of 
sage and wild mimosa. 677 


18 Bermuda, Government of.— Exam- 

pies of the ancient records of the colony 

of BermudaL, from z6i6; title deeds, or 

original grunts of land of the Bermuda 

Compauiy, i6a8^. 

FarclMMMe, of exhibits, indicated by number* at end oC *tMT\«..^e^ OWv^vc^wuxv. w- n-^s 

Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, 

fcTtv& , and ox wjLVCv<LV\Vfl\ \\mvvk . t* 




{North of Main Aisle, F i6.) 


Manufactures, Agricultural and Vegetable Products. 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments ; 
^▼eling jBqnipments. 

1 Great Diamond P 1 a n t a t i o a.>-Rice 
straw ornaments. 254 

Xedioine, Surgery, Prothesls. 

2 Fresson, William.— Drugs and other 
medicinal productions of the colony. 372 

Arborienltnre and Forest Frodncts. 

3 Mackey, T. H. — Greenheart wood, 
nearly 100 years old. 600 

Agrionltnral Prodnots. 

4 Great Diamond Plantation. — Rice. 


Animal and Vegetable Prodnots. 

5 Fresson, William.— Starches. 658 

6 Bel Air Plantation.— Vacuum pan 

sugar. 659 

7 Columbia Plantation.— Common pro- 
cess sugar. 659 

8 Greenfield Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sugar. 659 

9 La Bonne Intention Plantation.— 
Vacuum pan sugar. 659 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 

10 Met-en-Meerxorg Plantation.— 
Vacuum pan sugar. 659 

11 Ogle Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sugar. 659 

12 Leonora Plantation. 

a Vacuum pan and other sugars. 559 

b Rum. 660 

18 Uitvlugt Plantation.— Vacuum pan 

sugar. 659 

14 Vreed-en-Hoop Plantation. — Com- 
mon process sugar. 659 

1 5 Versailles Plantation.— Vacuum pan 

18 Great Diamond Plantation. 

a Vacuum pan sugar. 
b Rum. 

17 Hope Plantation. 
a Vacuum pan sugar. 
6 Rum. 

18 Tuschen de Vrienden Plantation 
a Vacuum pan sugar; molasses. 

b Rum. 

19 Lusignan Plantation.— Rum. 






Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

20 Godfrey, B. J.— Plantain, silk grass. 

mahoc, sweet brier, and monkey appi': 
fibres. ' 66f 





{North of North Avenue, Columns /f to ij,) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Education, Art, Agriculture. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Armitage Bros., Colombo.— Tin and 
plumbago. xoo 

Clothing, Jewelry and Ornaments, 
Traveling Equipments. 

2 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 

a Straw hats. 351 

b Canes. 354 

Fabrics of Yeffetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Materials. 

3 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 

a India-rubber. 285 

b Ropes. . 287 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

4 Armitage Bros., Colombo.— Alma- 
nacs anaother books. 306 


5 Armitage Bros., Colombo. — Ele- 
phant, carved in plumbago. 405 


6 Armitage Bros., Colombo.— Photo- 
Rraphs. 430 

Arborioulture and Forest Prodnett. 

7 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 

a Woods. 600 

b Dye woods. 601 

c Gutta-percha and gums. 603 

Agricultural Produott. 

8 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 

a Coffee, spices, tobacco, and dsais. 6x3 
b Seeds. 614 

Water Animals, Fish Cultme and Ap- 

9 Armitage Bros., Colombo.— Ifotbcr- 

of-peari and other shells. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Produets. 

10 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 

a Coco de mer. 690 

b Vegetable tallow. ^ 

c Tapioca. ^ 

d Sugars. 659 

Textile Substanoet of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

11 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 

a Cotton. 665 

b Fibres. 666 


{North of North Avenue, Columns is to 17.) 
Manufactures, Art, Agriculture. 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

1 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore. 
a Silk floss from Kungpore. 242 
6 Dved silk from Kungpore. 243 
c Silk thread from Bengal, Gyah,and Rung- 
pore. 244 
it Silk lace from Jubbulpore. 247 


2 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore.— 
Photographic views. 430 

Arborioulture and Forest Products. 

3 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore. 

a H^ooc/s from Singapore, Madras, Bombay, 
and Nagpore. 600 

^ I^ye-woods, galls, bark, etc. 60a 

/•"or classes of exhibits, indicated by numbcTs 

4 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore.— 

Nuts. ^ 


Agrioultural Produets. 

5 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Sinffapore^ 

a Grass. 6f* 

b Tea, coffee, spices, etc. 613 

c Seeds. 6«4 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

^ VLeyet.Beba^ft Co., Singapore. 

c >Woo\. ^ 

d Cocooti «SW. ^^ 

at cud o« eutcVe*, «» OM»\^ca.xi«a^\p». «!-<» 


. X77 


{^Narth af Main Aisle, B i6,) 

Minerals, Manufactures, Machinery, Agriculture. 

HineralB, Ores, Stone, Mining Fro- 

1 Colonial Government. 

a Granite, xoa 

b Whittjiclay,— used in medicine, and to 

" chal!^' divorced wives. 104 

Chemical Mannlaotures. 

2 Colonial Government. — Palm and 
other oils. 201 

3 Melton, W.—Palm, cocoanut, 
groundnut, and other oils. aox 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

4 Colonial Government. 

a Goldsmith's furnace and crucibles. 807 
b Earthenware. 210 

Furniture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

5 Colonial Government.— Native 
stools; desk, and envelope case. 217 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

6 Crowther, Bishop. 

a Niger mats. 229 

b Cotton goods. 230 

7 Colonial Government. 

a Mats and baskets of grass. 229 

b Cotton fabrics ; Whydah and Agney 

cloth. 230 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

8 Colonial Government.— Woolen fab- 
rics. 238 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

9 Colonial Government.— Silk fab- 
rics. 245 

Clothinj?, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

10 Colonial School, Cape Coast.— Wool 



11 Crowther, Bishop.— Slippers. 

12 Colonial Government. 
a Sandals, hats, etc. 

b Jewelry. 

c Fans, pipes, walking-sticks, etc. 

d Leather satchel and leather work. 


Paper, Biaikk BookSf Stationery. 

18 Coloaiul Oovernment. — Book for 
keeping gold accounts. . 261 

Far daMtet^f exhibits, indicated by number* 

Weapons, etc. 

14 Crowther, Bishop.— Dagger. 368 

1 5 Colonial Government.— Swords, dag- 
gers, bows and arrows. 808 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Materials. 

16 Colonial Government. 

a Ropes. 287 

b Basket ware. S89 

Scientific and Philosophical Instru- 
ments and Methods. 

17 Colonial Government.— Drums, 
guitars, flute, horn, etc.; strings for mu- 
sical instruments. 227 


18 Colonial Government.— Carved 

wooden figures, ladles, etc. ; carved image 
exhibited at native fimerals. 405 

Machines and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, Paper Making, etc. 

19 Colonial Government. — Looms for 
manufacturing cotton yarns. 521 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

20 Colonial Government. 

a Odoom wood. 600 

b Ornamental woods. 601 

c Gums, resin, etc. 603 


21 Colonial Government.— Nuts. 6zi 

Agricultural Products. 

22 Colonial Government. 

a Beans. 621 

b Pepper. 623 

c Seeds, gourds, etc. 624 

23 Davison, Mrs. — Coffee (produced in 
eight months, from the seed). 623 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

24 Colonial Government. 

a Skins. 652 

b Beeswax. 654 

c Starch. 658 

25 Nugent, Mr., Cape Coast.— Arrow- 
root. 658 

26 Melton, W.— Colored starch. 658 

Textile ^u\ift\,WiB%^ ^A^^^XaM^^ ^"^ 

27 Co\on\a\ QiovettimttwV-«V!at«.% ^ 
bamboo, pvtveakpv^ft**-^* ... 

at end of euwVe&. see Oaas\^«^^^^* W- *»-«^^ 




{North of North Avenue, Columns rj to rj.) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Agriculture. 

Cliemical Manufaotures. 

1 Lemidre, A. — Salt. 200 

ClotMng, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

2 Foucaud, Mme. Vve. — Slippers, 
cigar case, baskets, etc., made of Palmiste 
leaves. 254 

Xedioine, Surgery, Prothesis. 

3 Boulton, L.— Medicinal plants. 272 

Edueaticnal Systems, Methods, and 

4 Boulton, L. — Transactions of the 
Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of 
Mauritius, from 1870 to 1875. 305 
lk>ok on medicinal plants of Mauritius. 


5 Kyshe, J.— Mauritias Almanac, 
•874. 306 

f. Moco. S.— Photographs. 430 

|-<»i cia!«M:> i>f exhibits, indicated hv numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97»4i; 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

7 Home, J.— Mauritius Botanical Gar- 
dens ; nauve woods. 600 

Agricultural Products. 

8 Flore Mauricienne.— Vanilla. 623 

9 Bouton, H. & E.— Mauritius coffee. 


Animal and Vegetable Products. 

10 Mauritius, Flore Mauricienne.^ 
Preserved fruit. 656 

11 Marie, Fran9ois.— Arrowroot. 658 

12 Wiehe, J.— Sugars. 659 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

13 Brugada, L. 

E. de. — Ramie. 

14 Home. T., Mauritius Botanical Gar- 
den. — Fibres, etc. W 

de, & Boucherville. 




{North tf North Avemu^ Columns lo to /j.) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

Cliemieal Manufaetiirei. 

1 Berkley & Taylor, Brisbane. — Du- 

gong oil. 20I 

2 Ching, John.— Dugong oil. sox 

3 Daintree, Richard.— Essences from 
Queensland v^etables. 303 

Ceramiei— Pottery, Porcelain, Olaas, 

4 Mount Mmrley Co.— Fire brick. 207 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

5 Chubb, C. F., Ipswich. 

a Reded silk. 343 

i Manufitctured silk. 345 

Me dieiae, Sorgerj, ProtheciB. 

6 Clarke, David.— Eucalyptus medici- 
nal preparadons. 373 

Eairdware. Edse-tooli, Cutlery, and 
Xetallic Products. 

7 Hipwood ft Sutton.— Bella made of 
Queensland metal. 383 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

8 Queensland, Qovemment of.— Sad- 
dlery made by prison labor. 396 

Educational Systems, Xethods, and 

9 Bailey, F. M.— "Ferns of Queens- 
land." 306 

10 Clarke. David.— Catalogue of plants 
and seeas. 306 

11 Groom, W. H.— "Account of Too- 
woomba and Vicinity." 306 

12 Hartmann,C. H.— "Fruits, Flowers, 
and Timbers of Queensland." 300 

1 3 Hockings, A. T.— Catalogue of seeds 
and plants. 306 

14 Hockings, A J.,Brisbane.—" Queens- 
land Garden Manual;" " Uortioilture in 
Queensland." 306 

15 Diggles, Silvester.— "Ornithology of 

Australia." 306 

16 Government Printing Establish- 
ment.~~Bound books, pamphlets, and 
printed matttr, 306 

17 L;ukiaAQr0mieyj Brlsbane.--Copies 
of the *' Queemlander/* 306 

Fiur ckmm of esh/bjts, indicated by numbecs 

18 Mackay, 

"' The Sugar-cane in Australia/ 

Angus. - 

Works entitled 
tropical Agriculturist and Colonist's 
Guide." 306 

19 Proprietors of volumes of Queens- 
land journals. — Journals with summary, 
prepared for the Centennial Exhibition. 

SO Robertson. — Maryborough alma- 
nac. 306 

21 Sloter, Geo., ft Co.— Sloter's alma- 
nac. 306 

22 Thome ft Greenwell. Brisbane.— 
Queensland almanac and directory. 306 

23 Willmett, Townsville.— Almanacs 
of Northern Queensland. 306 

Engineering, ArcMtectnre, Maps, etc 

24 Brisbane Tin Company. — Model 
showing strata of tin country. 335 

25 Government Lithographic Estab- 
lishment.— Maps, plans, charts, etc. 335 


26 Commissioners for Queensland. — 

Views of Ipswich, Rockhampton. Mari- 
borough, Townsville, and Warwick. 430 

27 Daintree, Richard.— Colored photo- 
graphs. 430 

28 Mackay, Angus.— Colonial views. 


29 Wrifrht,J. P.— Photographic views 
of Brisbcuie. 430 

Machines, Tools, and Apparatus of 

Mininff, Metallurgy, Chemistry, 

and the Extractive Arts. 

SO Repetti, Joseph.— Model of quartz- 
crushing machine. 505 

Arboricnltore and Forest Products. 

82 Daintree, Richard. 

a Collection of polished timbers. 600 

i Gums from Queensland vegetables. 603 

33 Hill, Walter, Botanical Curator, 


a Collection of timbers in the rou|^. 600 

i Queensland nuts. 605 

c Bark for tanning. 603 

84 Mackay, Angus.— Common tim- 
bers. 6tx> 

T\mb«t* <A notCaiwTw C^wssw^^sA. ***^ 
at end cC ^txi«a,i^O»J»!A«»A««^-^' **^^ 



Ag^cultural, Animal, and Vegetable Products. 

37 Carey, J. W. — Work-box of various 

finishea woods. 6oz 

Afprioultural Troduots. 

40 Down8,George,Gowrie.— Barley. 620 

41 Enderitch, H., Toowoomba. — 
Wheat. 620 

42 Free, A., Warwick.— Wheat. 630 

43 Free, Georgc.Warwick.— Wheat. 620 

44 Mack ay, Angus. — Queensland 
maize. 620 

45 Walker, R. F., Toowoomba.— 
Wheat, barley, and oats. 620 

46 Grimes, S. & G., Brisbane.— ArroWf 
root. ' 622 

47 Marks, — Arrowroot. 622 

48 Tahey, F., Nerang.— Arrowroot. 622 

49 Alexander, W. R., Redbank. 
a Coffee and tea. 623 
b Castor oil seeds. 624 

50 Boreham, J. H.— Chutney and 
* spices. 623 

51 Chubb, F. E., Ipswich.— Coffee 
beans. 623 

52 Hill, Walter, Botanical Gardens.— 
Leaf tobacco. 623 

53 Hocker, T. H., Brisbane.— Cigars, 
cigarettes, leaf and manufactured to- 
bacco. 623 

54 ' McParlane.— Chili peppers. 623 

55 Mahony, Albert River.— Leaf to« 
bacco. ^3 

Land Animals. 

56 Richland, G., Car dwell. —Butterflies 
of northern Queensland. 638 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 

57 Cbing, John, Wide Bay.— Dugong 

calf, preserved in spirits. 640 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

58 Stephens, T. B., Ekibin Tannery.— 

Leather and skins. 652 

59 Ching, John, Wide Bay.— Dugong 
skull, tusKs, etc. 652 

60 Hayes, W. H., Candied pineapple, 
rockmelon, citron, ginger, lemon ana or- 
ange peel. 656 

61 Neden Bros., Toowoomba.— Flour. 


62 Keates, F., Allora Mills.— Wheat, 
flour, and meal. 657 

63 Black, Messrs., Moyea.— Sugar. 659 

64 Brown, A. H., Antigua, Mary Dis- 
trict. — Sugar. 659 

65 Couldrey, W. H., Ageston. 
a Sugar. 659 
h Rum. 660 

66 Davey ft Gooding, Beenleigh.— 
Sugar. 656 

67 Davidson, J. E., Mackay. 
f Sugar. 659 

^ Rum. 660 

^ordEMses •r-culifbit*, iadicat«d-by>iramb«rs 

68 Fryar and Strachan, Loganholme. 
a Sugar. 659 

69 Gibson & Sons, Clydesdale.— Sugar. 

70, Superintendent of Penal PlanU- 

tions. — Sugar. 659 

71 Grimes, S. & G., Oxley.— Sugar. 659 
7 2 J o h n s t o n , James, Helen^field, 

Doughboy. — Sugar. 659 

73 Mackenzie, Gairloch. — Sugar. 659 

74 Muir, Robert, Nerang. — Sugar. 659 

75 Tooth & Cran, Zengarri. — Sugar. 


76 Neame & Co., Herbert river..— 

Sugar. 659 

79 Irwin Bros., 'Warrilla, Ipswich.— 

Wine. 660 

80 Kirchner, Asmanhausen. — Whines. 

81 Mauch, David, Warwick.— Wine. 


82 Raff, George, Morayfield.— Rum. 


83 Ramsey Bros., lindah. — White 
spirits of wine. 660 

84 Brocklemann, Brisbane.— Arrow- 
root biscuit. 661 

85 Daintree,Richard.-~Vegetmbleoils. 


Textile Substanoei of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

86 Mackay, Angus.— Queensland 

cotton. 665 

87 Hill,Walter.-Collectioa of fibres. 


88 McPherson, Alexander, Fortitude 
Valley.— Collection of Queensland fibres. 


89 Clarke, George B., Talgal.— Fleece 
wool. 667 

90 Davenport, O. H.— Merino wool. 


91Fenwick & Scott.— Australian 

wool. 667 

92 Fisher, C. B., Jleadington HiU.- 

Mcrino wool. 667 

93 Gore & Co., YandilU.— Ewe fleece 
wool. 667 

94 Green, C. H., Goomburra.— Fleece 
wool. 667 

95 Gunn, Donald, Pikedale.— Wool. 


96 Marshall A Slade, Glengallen.- 
Fleece wool. 667 

97 North British Australian Co.- 

Fleece wool. 667 

98 Parr, B. le, Chiverton.— Australian 
merino fleece wool. 667 

99 Parr, B. C— Fleece wool. 667 

100 Shanahan & Jennings, WTestbrook. 
— Merino wool. 667 

101 Government Penal Bstabliabment 

— Silk worm cocoons. 668 

102 Hine, Mrs., Ipswich.— 8Uk co- 
coons. 668 

(hnKi&«n\Al TMet^ Shmbt, and 

and \io\axv^ ol C^ol^^wiNsltA. i«^ 




{North of North Avemu, Columns 1$ to ry,) 


Manufactures, Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

Fumitare and Objects of Oeneral Use 
in Constrootioii and in Dwellings. 

1 Bouquet, Miss.— Teacups and sau- 
cers. 2X8 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments ; 
Traveling Equipments. 

2 Bouquet, Miss. 

a Straw hats and slippers. 951 

b Straw baskets, wsttcfa-pockets, and fans. 


3 Cavol, Mrs. Tony .-^Bouquets of 
shell flowers. 254 

4 Bury, J. Ames.— Walking-canes. 254 

Arborienltnre and Forest Prodnets. 

6 Seprchelles. Chief Commissioner of. 
— Samples ot woods and planks. 600 

7 Briard. Mr., Praslin Island. 

a Black oark dye and samples of dyed 
stufis. 609 

b Nuts. 605 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbws 

Agricultural Products. 

8 Houareau, Sylvain.— Tobacco. 623 

9 Madine, Mr.— Cigrars. 623 

10 Lemarchand, Mr.— Cacao, cloves, 
coffee, and vanilla. 623 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 


10« Beyron, P.— Turtle shell. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

11 Bouquet, Miss.- Coca de mer 
straw. 650 

1 3 Cauvin's Distillery.— White rum. 660 

14 Nageon, Mr., La Digue Island.— 

Cocoanut oil. 


Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. ^ 

15 Brooks & Dupuy. — Cotton from Den- 
nis Island. 665. 

16 Briard, Mr.— Cotton. . 663 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{South of North Avenue, Columns 13 to i^,) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

Clieinloal Manufaotures. 
A., Mona 

1 Kermode, W, 


Vale — 


2 Strachan, R., Cambridge.— Salt. 200 

3 Colvin, Charles, Hobart Town.— Oil 
from mutton birds, from islands in Bass's 
Straits. ^ aoi 

4 Coverdale, John, Port Arthur.— Red 
ochre, earth for paints. 302 

5 Lauehton, James, Hobart Town. — 
Earth for paints. 202 

Clofhing, Jewelry, and Omaments ; 
TraTeling Equipments. 

6 Bidencope, J., Hobart Town. — Silk 
and felt hats and caps, with material of 
manufacture. 251 

7 Tasmanian Commissioners. — Opos- 
sum and cat skin rugs. 256 

8 Hull, H. M.; Hobart Town.— Por- 
traits of aborigmes. 257 

Weapons, etc. 

9 Moir, J., Queenborough, Hobart 
Town.— Shot. 26s 

Educational Systems, Xethods, and 

10 Hull, H.M., Hobart Town.— "Hull's 
Hints to Emigrants," parliamentary jour- 
nals. 306 

11 Nowell, E. C.—Books. 306 

12 Tasmanian Commissioners.— News- 
papers and statistics. 306 

13 >Valch & Sons, Hobart Town.— Al- 
manac and guide. 306 

Soientific and Ihilosophioal Methods 
and Systems. 

14 Roval Society of Tasmania.— Mete- 


orological tables. 320 

Engineering, Arohitectore, Maps, etc. 

16 Randall.A., Hobart Town.— Chart of 
waterworks. 330 

16 Dibbs, T. P., Launceston.— Chart of 
Lau/iceston. 335 

// Cemetery Commissioners, Hobart 
Town.-^haLTt of cemetery. 335 

IS Moore, Hon, Wm., Hobart Jown.— 
GeoU^csd map of Tasmania. 33S 

For claaBc* of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

19 Walch & Sons, Hobart Town.— 

Charts of Hobart Town and Launces- 
ton. 335 
19^ Hull, H. M., Hobart Town.— Map 
of Tasmania. 335 

Physical, Social, and Voral Condition 
of Man. 

20 Walch & Sons, Hobart Town.— Tas- 
manian postage stamps. 345 


21 Carlsen, P. O., Port Arthur.— Carved 

ivory and wooden egg and cruet stand; 
carved ivory and myrue Danish pipe. 405 


22 Bailev, H. H., Hobart Town.— Pho- 

tograpns. 430 

23 Hobart Town, Corporation of. — Pho- 
tographs of public buildings. 430 

24 Launceston, Corporation oC — Photo- 
graphs of public buildings. 430 

25 Tondeur & LemprterOj Melbovrae.— 

Photographs of the British and Tasma- 
nian Charcoal Iron Company's (Uodted) 

Works in Tasmania. 


Machines and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, and Paper Making. 

26 Coverdaie, J^ Port Arthur.— gin- 
ning jenny of Tasmanian myrde. sai 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

27 Cre swell, C. P., Hobart Town.- 

Forest tree seeds (340 varieties). 600 

28 Gulliver Brothers, Hobart Town.— 
Tree seeds. 600 

29 Hull, Hugh M., Hobart Town.— Pol- 
ished Tasmanian woods. 600 

30 Edwards, G. W., Hobart Town.— 
Grass-tree gum and resin, for varnish. 603 

31 Mitchell, Mrs., Swansea. — Gum, 
from Oyster Bay pine. 603 

82 Lipscombe, P., Sandy Bay.— Blue 
gum seeds. 60s 

Agrioultural Products. 

— >NYieaX. MwA oaxk. >f^ 

at end oC etvtx\«»,*«* C%»M»\^c>»ja«», v^. v^-^ftr 



Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

35 Gibson. W., Hobart Town.— 

Wheat. 620 

86 Hamtp.A.^Launceston.— "Wheat. 620 

37 Hogarth, D., Launceston. — 
Wheat. 620 

38 Kemp, Q., Upper Bagdad.— 
Wheat. 620 

39 Archer, W. H. D., Longford. 

a Wheat and English barley. 620 

b Linseed. 624 

40 Creswell, C. F., Hobart Town. 

a Wheat, barley, oats, and rye. 620 

b Peas and beans. 621 

c Grass and other seeds. 624 

41 Graves, !. W., Hobart Town.— Na- 
tive breaa. 621 

42 Sharland, W. C, New Norfolk.— 
Hups. 623 

43 Shoobridge, E., New Norfolk.— 
Hops. 623 

Land Animals. 

44 Archer, W. H. D., Longford. 
Cream-colored (tpossum, platypus. 637 

Water Animals. Fish Culture and 

45 Salmon Commissioners of Tasma- 
nia. — Brown trout. 641 

46 Davies, R. H., Torquay.— Tasma- 

nian shells. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

47 Coverdale, John, Port Arthur.— Sea- 
weed, and jefly made therefrom. 650 

48 Archer, W. H. D.. Longford.-Native 
furs and skins. 652 

49 Arnot, S., Bothwell.— Leather of 
kangaroo skins. 652 

50 Gardner & McKenzie, Launceston. — 
Skins of kangaroo, tanned and dressed ; 
native furs and ifkins. 653 

51 Tasmanian Commissioners. 

a Native furs and skins. 652 

i Blue gum tree oil. 662 

52 Holroyd, Kennedy, & Co., Hobart 
Town. — Jams and tart fruits. 656 

53 Degraves, John, Hobart Town. — 
Malt. 657 

54 Dossetor Brothers, Hobart Town.— 
Flour. 657 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

55 Gracie, W^illiam, Hobart Town — 
Malt. 657 

Textile Substances of Animal or 
Vegetable Origin. 

56 Archer, W. H. D., Brickendon, 
Longford. — Merino wool. 667 

57 Brock, J.— Merino wool. 667 

58 Cameron, Hon. Donald, Burnside. — 
Merino wool. 667 

59 Gibson, James, Belle Vue, Cleveland. 
-^Merino wool ; portrait of stud sheep. 667 

80 Gibson, W. H., Fairfield, Snake 
Banks. — Merino wool. 667 

61 Gibson, W., & Son, Scone, Perth.— 
Merino wool ; portraits of stud sheep. 667 

62 Headlam, Charles, Egleston, Mac- 
quarie river. — Merino wool. 667 

63 Keach, G.W., Chiswick, Ross.— Me- 
rino wool. 667 

64 Lindley, G. W., Runnymede, Rich- 
mond. — Leicester wool. 667 

65 McLanachan, Hon. James, Balloch- 
myle. — Merino wool. 667 

66 Page, Samuel, Belle Vue, New 
Town. — Merino wool. 667 

67 Parramore, Thomas, Beaufront, 
Ross. — Merino wool. 667 

68 Ralston, John, Logan, Evandale.— 
Merino wool. 667 

69 Searle, C— Leicester wool. 667 

70 Sharland, W. S., Woodbridge, New 
Norfolk. — Merino wool. 667 

71 Shaw, Fred., Redbanks, Swansea.— 
Leicester wool. 667 

72 Simmons,>V.C.— Leicester wool. 667 

73 Taylor, David, St. Johnstone's, Mac- 
quarie river. — Merino wool. 667 

74 Taylor, G. Milford, Campbell Town. 

— Merino wool. 667 

75 Taylor, John, Winton, Campbell 
Town. — Merino wool. 667 

76 Wilson, George, Oatlands.- Merino 
wool. 667 

Agn^oultural Engineering and Ad- 

77 Anglo-Australian Guano Company, 
Hobart Town. — Guano from Bird's Is. 
land. 681 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{South of North Avenue^ Columns is to 17.) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 
duo ts. 

1 Andr6f L. A. P. — Surface coals from 

the eastern coast. loi 

2 Pinlayson, Thomas A. — Asphalt, 
boiled and crude. loi 

Furniture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

3 Devenish. Syl., Surveyor General. — 
Gourd calaoash. 224 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments ; 
Traveling Equipments. 

4 Trinidad, Government of. — Mats, 
fans, strainers, etc. 254 

5 McAdam, Miss Venus.— Baskets 
made of gourds. 254 

6 Devcnishj Syl., Surveyor General.— 
Walking-sticks. 254 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallio Products. 

7 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General. — 
Razor strops. 281 

Fabrics of Yeffe table. Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

8 Trinidad, Government of.— Bas- 
kets. 289 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

9 Prestoc, Hy., Government Botanist. 
— Collection of native woods. 600 

10 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General.— 
Samples of woods. 600 

11 Trinidad, Government of.— Gutta- 
percha, liquid and solid. 603 

For classes of exhibits, indicited by numbers 


12 Cumming, A., & Co., Port of Spain.— 

Cocoanuts. 611 

Agricultural Products. 

13 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist. 
— Nutmegs, cloves, mace, etc. 623 

14 Needham, Sir Jos., San Antonio.— 

Cocoa. 623 

15 Penco,Jos., La Merced.— Cocoa. 623 

16 Cleaver, C, Verdant Vale.— Co- 
coa. 623 

17 D'Abadie, St. L., St. Pedro.— 
Cocoa. 633 

18 Flamant, Mrs. C— Snuff of native 
tobacco. 623 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

19 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist. 

— Preserved fruits. 656 

20 Trinidad, Government of. — Cassa- 
rip. 656 

21 Flament, Mrs. Ch. 

a Farina and plantain flour. 657 

b Cassada starch. 658 

22 Jenny, Miss.— Farina. 657 

23 Colonial Company^s Agency.— 
Sugar. 659 

24 Seigert, Dr., Port of Spain.— Angos- 
tura bitters. 660 

25 Somes & Co.— Cocoanut oil. 662 
28 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General. 

— Carap oil. 663 

Textile Substances of Anima] or 
Mineral Origin. 

27 Somea & Co., Nariva Cocal. — Cocoa- 
nut fibre. 666 

28 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General. 
— Fibre from Agave vivipara. 666 

29 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist 
—Fibres. 666 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 




{North of Nave, Columns 22 to 2^.) 


Chemicals, Ceramics, Woven Goods, Clothing. 

Chemical Manufaotures. 

Museum, by J. Forbes Watson, M.A., 
LL.D., Director of the Indian Mu- 
seum, ETC. 

a Rock salt from Salt range; salt from 
Poorthemauk, Nellore, Toomlook, Bala- 
sore, Cuttack, and Jeypore; black salt 
fix)m Calcutta; saltpetre from Cutch, 
Sarun, Bengal, Ahmednugger, Lahore, 
Central India, Ellore, Nellore, Cawnpore, 
Salem, Madras, and Calcutta; alum from 
Madras, Lahore, and Bengal ; carbonate 
of soda from Lind and Calcutta; sulphate 
of iron from Salt range; borax from 
Thibet; sal ammoniac from Kurnal and 
Calcutta; sulphate of copper from Cal- 
cutta. 200 

6 Gamboge from Bombay; indigo from 
South Arcot, Moorshedabad, Madras, 
and Shikarpore; cutch from Calcutta, 
Madras, and Burmah; gambier from Bom- 
bay and Malacca; lac dye from Jubbul- 
pore and Malwa. * 202 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

c Ornamental tiles from Hyderabad. 208 
d Water vessels from Patna, Ghallawar, 
Madras, South Canara, and Allahabad ; 
vase from Sindh ; hookah bowl and bot- 
tom from Patna; cup, dish, and cover 
from Hyderabad ; milk pan from Madras ; 
goblet from Vizagapatam. 210 

Furniture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

e Copper and brass lamps, boxes, plates, 
dishes, basins, cups, etc., from Calcutta, 
Benares, Bengal, Bombay, Patna, Indore, 
Madras, Mirzapore, Travancore, Nepal, 
Cachar, and Poonah ; betel plates inlaid 
with silver, from Hyderabad; copper 
amulet case from Thibet ; brass spoon for 
oil from Madras. 224 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

/ Phul|;at mat from Travancore. 220 

^ Muslin and cotton from Dacca, and Mad- 
ras. 230 
A Striped and checked cotton from Mad- 
«»• 23X 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

i Cashmere and woolen carpets from Mad- 
ras, Scind, and Ferahan. 239 

J Cashmere long and square shawls, net 
shawls, chuddahs, scarfs, burnouse, cra- 
vats, gold embroidered cloaks and table 
covers. 240 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

k Raw silk from Surdah, Berhampore, 
Bogra, Seetapore, and Bengal; Tusseh 
silk thread from Bengal, Gyah, and Bha- 
gulpore; cocoons from Bengal and Cut- 
tack; Eria silk thread from Rungpore and 
Assam. 242 

/ Floss silk from Umritsur, Punjab, Vellore, 
Tatta, and Ca.shnierc. 243 

m Striped and plain piece silk from Beer- 
choom, Hyderabad, Ahmcdabad, Bur- 
mah, and Benares. 246 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

n Women's garments from Madras, Pegu, 
and Dharwar ; men's garments from Goo- 
daspore, Moultan, and Sindh; pinna silk 
skirt from Madras. 250 

a Embroidered shoes and turbans from Hy- 
derabad, Gwalior, Sindh, Kotah, and Ma- 
dura. 251 

/ Nets, muslin, cloth, and silk embroidered 
in gold and colors from Sindh, Madras, 
Benares, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhurtpore, 
and Bombay; gold, silver, white, and 
colored laces from Bombay, Nagporc, and 
Madras; handkerchief from Poona con- 
vent ; doyleys from Madras. 252 

^ Collection of jewelry from Bombay. 253 

r Dolls from Benares; fans from Madras, 
Delhi, Tipperah, South India, Poona, 
and Monghyr; chourie split ivory from 
Sylhet; chowrie, split sandal wood from 
Madras. 254 

* Leather box, embroidered with quill work, 
from Simla. 255 

Weapons, etc. 

i Speare, bows and arrows from La\vcNT«.^ 
Delhi, a,wd SovwJcv \tv^vac\ NtXNt\.wiv«««.\ 
and atrm covers ^xom YaJcvox^*, \i^vcwti "»»«* 
from DcVVA a.t\d '^^^^o^t^ co^^- ci!l \»a.^ 

from Puu^ab-, d^s&eK., ^^S"^^' ^^^^" 
plates, elc.^Tom \ia5cvote,^v^xvM^,V>t: 

can. Coots, axidBew^A. 

For chases of exhibits, indicated by numbers at «nd of euwVes . see e\a%s\^c^x^^^» VV • -^l-^' 



Manufactures, Education, Art, Agriculture. 

Medioine, Surgery, Frothesii. 

M Barks, liquorice, opium, nux vomica, 
aconite, patchouli, tamarinds, anise, car* 
damom and croton seeds, cubebs, blister- 
ing beetles, juniper berries, aloes, and 
other medicinal products from Madras, 
Travancore, Bombay, Penang, Bengal, 
Mysore, North India, Malacca, and Cal- 
cutta. 273 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallio Products. 

V Copper bell from Burmah. 
w Lock and key from Indore. 


Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials 

jc Baskets and cigar case from Madras; 
cane stands from Singapore ; grass window 
shades from Travancore; papier-mache 
articles from Cashmere, Kurnool, and 
Sindh ; lacquered wood work from Hur- 
mah and Sindh; japanned cabinet from 
Bareilly. 289 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

y Model of state carriage from Pnona. 292 

z Models of passenger and luggage carts, 

and palanouin from Bombay. 293 

aa Sikh saddle ; velvet and gold trappings 

from Punjab. 296 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

ai Books, "The People of India" and "The 
'J'exiile Manufactures of India," by J, 
Forbes Watson, LL.D.; "Tree and Scr- 
pent Worship," by J. Fergusson, F.R.S.; 
"Ancient Buildings in Kashmir" and 
"Ancient Buildings near Muttra and Ag- 
ra," by Lieut. H. H. Cole; "Primitive 
Tribes of the Nilagiris," by J. W. lireeks; 
Report on the Archa:ology of West India, 
by J. W. Burgess, 306 

ac Stringed and wind instruments from Mad- 
n s ; kettle drum from Bengal ; horn from 
Moorshedabad. 337 

Engineering, Architecture, Maps, etc. 

at/ Maps illustrative of Indian surveys; relief 
map of India. 335 


ae Sculptured stone bull from Nandi. 400 

4/" Sculptures from the Amravati Tope, viz. : 

base of large slab; panel figure of temple 

with Buddha seated ; portions of frieze ; 

figure standing; slab, Buddha's feet. 401 

^f Carved ino<lel of Burman chuttree, and 

san<lal wood model of Hindoo temple from 

Booj; carve*!, sandal wood tan, and 

glove box from Bombay; carvetl stone 

ido), "Vishnu riding on Ganida" from 

Madras ; carved wooden idols from NcpaV; 

carved ivory box from Burmah ; carved 

elephant wnh howdah from Berhampore ; 

oirvcd horn tazza from Ooksih; carved 

pith fiptres from Trichinopoly.and carved 

norn drinking cup from Rutnagherry. 405 


ok Photographic views of India; photo- 
graphs of races and tribes of Hindoostan ; 
photographs of Indian architecture. 430 
a$ Photo-lithographs illustrauve of the tex- 
tile fabrics of India. 432 

Ceramic Decorations, Mosaics, etc. 

aj Inlaid marble boxes from Agra and My- 
here. 450 

ak Inlaid wooden glove and work box from 
Bombay. 4c;2 

al Card basket and box of porcupine ouiU 
work from Vizagapatam ; casket and bas- 
ket of Koftgari ware ; miniature paintings 
on ivory, in carved sandal wood frames 
from Delhi ; writing pads of omamenul 
painted leather fn»m Kurnool; paintings 
on mica from Trichinopo4y ; samples of 
ornamental writing in colors. 454 

Aerial, Pneumatic, and Water Trans- 

am Models of passenger, ferry, coasting, and 
freight boats from Calcutta. 594 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

an Ornamental and other woods. 6ot 

aa Dye woods, barks, roots, and galls from 
Madras, Sindh, Cuttack, Nagpore, Bur- 
mah, and Singapore. 6ua 
a/ Gums, resin, incense, gutta-percha, myrrh, 
etc., from Raepore, Gyali, Burmah, Mad- 
nis. Pegu, Salem, Travancore, Malacca, 
Iiulorc, and Bombay. 603 

Agricultural Products. 

ng Wheat from Sindh, Punjab, Faridpur, and 
Bengal ; bariey from Belgaum, and other 
places; oats from Patna and Monghyr; 
maize from Northwestern India; miUet; 
raggee; buckwheat from the Himalayas; 
illustrations of ibod plants of India. 6jo 

ar Peas, beans, lentils, and vetch. 621 

as Tea from Assam, Bishnath, Cachar, 
Dehra-Doon, Punkabaree, Kangra, Ku- 
moon, and other places; tea buds from 
Silcoorie; coffee from Aden, BomlMy, 
Tinnevelly, Paradise estate, and Chitta- 
Kong; coffee berries from South Indb, 
Mysore, and Coorg; spices, pepper, gin- 
ger, mustard, curry powder, and turmeric 
from Bombay, I'ravancore, ludore, I>eb- 
ra-Doon, Bengal, Nepal, Madras, and 
other places. 623 

ai Coriander, dill, and fennel seed from 
Hcrar, Oudh, Faritlpur, and Dharwar; 
water lily stems from Sindh ; oil seeds from 
Faridpur, Nagpore, Ahraednugger, Ben- 

fal, and Indore ; poppy seed from Central 
Provinces and Beneal ; grouttdnuis bom 
Berar, Indore, and Rhandeish. 634 

Land Animals. 

au Various kinds of silk worms of India from 
Cashmere, Bengal, and the Himalay- 

I- M 

For classes of exhiWu, indicated by muiVWit^ al cxxd o« ctiu\e».«« Oa«:v^xcaxV«i,w.*1H6 

'TIqAat Kxiimftlt^ Fish Colturs 

mm 'E.d\>Ae \At^%* uet.x& ^rats^ ' 





Animal and Vegetable Products, Textiles, Machines. 

Animal and Vegetable Produots. 

ojc Glue from Cawnpore. 652 

ay Beeswax from Travancore, Pegu, Ran- 
goon, Singapore, and Chota Nagpore. 654 

OM Soojee flour from Madras; rice from Pun- 
jab, Sindh, and Bengal. 657 

6a Arrowroot, tapioca, and sago. 638 

Textile Subttanoes of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

a Cotton 6fora various parts of India, in its 
different stages of growth and manufac- 
ture. 665 

be Flax from Punjab ; rheea stems and fibre 
from Assam ; brown hemp from Bombay ; 

iubbulpore hemp; pineapple fibre from 
ladras and Mangolore; aloe fibre from 
Madras; Manila hemp: mat grass from 

Bengal; illustrations of fibre-producing 
plants of India. 660 

hd Sheep's wool from Bombay, Mysore, La- 
dakh, and Bokhara; goat's wool from 
Umritsur, Punjab, Turtan, and Yarkand; 
camel's wool from Bokhara and Pun- 
jab. 667 

Machines, Implements, and Processes 
of Manafacture. 

be Plow and yoke from Berar. 
^ Native cuttun gin from Bengal. 


Ajrionltnral Engineering and Ad- 

bg^ Models of water and cotton cart from 
Bombay. 68a 


{North of Nave t Columns 16 to 2j.) 


Cbemioal Hannfaotures. 

1 Cowan, A., Brockville, Ont.— Salt, 

nitre cake ; nitric, muriatic, and sulphuric 

acids : sodium nitrate. 200 

1 2 Qeological Survey of Canada, Q. 

a Salt, salt cake, salt gypsum cake, residue 

for crystallizing pans, salt scales. 200 

b Ochres. 202 

14 Sharp, Jos. S., Apohaqui, N. B.— 

Salt. • 200 

17 Cooper, Robert, Toronto, Ont.— 
Washing crystals. 200 

18 Lane, T. G.. Hamilton, Ont.— Wash- 
ing and bleaching crystals. 200 

19 Saunders, Wm., London, Ont. 

a Pharmaceutical preparations. 200 

b Perfumery. 202 

29 Lfvman, Clare, ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
a Pharmaceutical preparations. One of^the 
longest established drug firms in the Do- 
minion. Specialty — pure drugs. Also, 
linseed oil crushers and paint grinders. 200 
b Oil. 20Z 

c Paints. 202 

22 Lyman Bros, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
a Pharmaceutical and chemical prepara- 
tions. 200 
b Oil for palnti. aoz 
c Paints m oil. 202 
28 Wilson, Jphn, St. John, N. B.— 
Soaps. 201 
24 Savage, Al&^, A Son, Montreal, Q. 
—Oil. aox 

26 Walker, J., Hamilton, Ont.— Soaps. 


28 Hood, A.W., & Son, Montreal, Q.— 

Soaps. 201 

29 Albert Toilet Soap Co., Montreal, Q. 

— Soaps. 201 

30 Spinelli, R., Montreal, Q.—Paraf- 
fine soaps. 201 

31 Lyman, S. J., Montreal, Q. 
a Phosphorus soap. 201 
b Perfumery. 203 

33 Waterman Bros., London, Ont.— 

Hard and soft coke from petroleum, crude 
and refined petroleum, paraffine oil, ben- 
zine, axle oil, tar from petroleum, paraf- 
fine scales. aox 

36 Leeds Paint Manufacturing Co., 
Mallorytown, Ont. — Ferruginous rock and 
paints. 303 

39 Buchanan Mineral Co., Walsing- 
ham, Ont. — Paints and colors. 203 

40 McKay, William, Ottawa, Ont.— 
Liquid drier for paint, primers' ink. aoa 

42 Ramsay,T.,Montreal,Q.— Paints, aoa 

44 Ramsay, A., ft Son, Montreal, Q.— 
Paints. aoa 

45 Montreal Plumbago Mining Co., 
Montreal, Q. — Stove polish, crucibles, aoa 

>i \ 48 HaW, , ^ ^ - -^ 

85 Mont, Cteo. D.,ft Co., Toronto, Ont. \ 58 Cope\atid 8i. llLc\-axttv,\«^wx\x«*i«.>;^ 
Soap, auidlea, taHow, lard, and oils, aoi \ —Iron oxvdt. «v-ia 

For damcB ofexhilnts. Indicated by numbers at end of crimes, see C\^^\^«^^^^^*'^^' ^ 



Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods. 

65 Thompson, G. F.,& Sons, St. John, 
N. B.— White lead. 203 

67 Edgett, W., Pudsey's Point, 
N. S. — Iron ochre. 202 

68 Miller, Hugh, & CD., Toronto, Ont. 
— Pomade. 303 

62 Manuviliing, J. J., Hampton, N. B. 
— Matches. 204 

Ceramios— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

81 Pratt, Charles, London, Ont.— Pot- 
tery. 206 

82 Ahren, J. H., Paris, Ont.— Pot- 
tery. 206 

83 Bell, David, Little River, Q.— 
Drain tiles. 206 

St. John, Q.— 


84 Mochan, Albert, 

86 Geological Survey, Montreal, Q. — 

Bricks. 206 

87 Advisory Board, 

Quebec, Q.- 


106 Hay, R., 


91 Bell, W. & D., Quebec, Q.-To- 

bacct) pipes. 206 

93 Lee Brothers, St. John, N. B.— 
Bricks, drain tiles. 206 

94 Smith & Kaye, Halifax, N. S. 

a Bricks, drain tiles. 206 

b Earthenware. 210 

98 St. John Stone Chinaware Co., St. 
John, Q. — Stone chinaware. 210 

99 Cape Rouge Pottery Co., Quebec, 
Q. — Crockery ware. 210 

103 Booth, >V., Toronto, Ont.— Sign 
painting on glass. 216 

104 McAusland, J., Toronto, Ont.— 

Stained glass, figured work. 216 

Furniture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

& Co., Toronto, Ont.— 

107 Riley & May, Toronto, Ont.— Bil- 
liard tables, etc. 217 

110 Kremer, C, Preston, Ont.— Furni- 
ture. 217 

111 Murphy, A. A., Montreal, Q.— Store 
stools. 217 

112 Roy & Co., Montreal, Q.— Invalid 

mechanical chair. 217 

113 Reinhardt, C, Montreal, Q.— Com- 
bination spring-bottom bedstead. 217 

114 Reid, R., Montreal, Q.— Marble 
mantelpiece. 217 

116 Stephen, A., & Son, Halifax, N. S. 
— Secretary. 217 

117 Drum Cabinet Manufacturing Co., 
Quebec, Q. — Parlor and bedroom sets, 
sideboard. 217 

118 Whiteside, H., & Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Beds and mattresses. 217 

121 Chapleau, Godfroi, Montreal, Q.— 
Fireproof bales, burglar-proof door. 217 

l22,Bennett, la 

r flies 

Newspaper f 

St. John, N. B.— 


123 Hutching & Co., St. John, N.B.— 

Mnttresscs. 217 

227 Huber, Allen, Berlin. Ont.— Mir- 


For cluHSKis of exhibits . indicated by m\mV>crs at tnA o^ twVT\ts,s«: 

129 Ewing & Co., Toronto, Ont. 

a Mirrors. 919 

i Mouldings. aao 

130 Dixon, A. H., Toronto, Ont. — Show 
cards. 319 

181 Shantz, J. Y., Berlin, Ont.— Mir- 
ror. 219 

132 Spenc'e, John C, Montreal, Q.— 
Stained glass window. 219 

136 Wade, J. M., Montreal, Q.— Orna- 
ment on glass and wood. 219 

136 Cockburnj D., Ottawa, Ont.— 
Carved frame. 220 

140 Brown, T. T., St. John, N. B.— 
Frames, book-rack. 220 

141 Copp Bros., Hamilton, Ont. 

a Stoves. 222 

b Sad irons. 225 

142 Moore, D.,&Co., Hamilton, Ont.— 
Stoves, tubular lanterns 222 

143 Elliot, J. >V., Toronto, Ont.— 

Stoves. 222 

144 White, H. A., Hamilton, Ont.- 

Stovepipe clamper. 222 

146 Wexelburg & Co., Toronto, Ont.— 

Sheet metal elbows. 23a 

150 Harris, J., & Co., St. John, N. B. 

a Ship camb(K)se and register grates. 222 

6 Iron mantels. 227 

161 Trudeau, P., Ottawa, Ont.— Gas 

burner, globe, and gallery. 223 

164 Williams, T. M., & Co., Hamilton, 
Ont. — Tin and stamped ware. Manufac- 
turers of plain, stamped, re-tinned and 
japanned tinware, tubular lanterns, etc. 
etc. Price lists sent on application. 224 
168 Penton, Thos., Sarnia, Ont.— Com- 
bined cooking and heating engine. 225 

161 Elliott, T. C, Guelph, Ont.— Wash- 
ing machine. 225 

163 Lawlor & Co., Montreal, Q.— 
Washing machines. 225 

164 Hall, G. B., Quebec, Q. 

a Washing machines. 225 

/» Blinds, etc. 227 

166 Cable, Bayard, & Co., Montreal, Q.— 

Clftthes rack. 225 

168 Foster, S. R., ft Son, St. John, N. 

B. — Fireproof shutters. 227 

171 Wood,T.M.,&Co.,TorontQ,Ont.- 

Venelian blind. 127 

174 Evans, Oscar C, Hamilton, Ont.— 

Blinds. 327 

176 Fontaine, J., Montreal, Q.— Hot- windows. 227 

177 Wells ft Co.. Toronto, Ont.— Win- 
dow fasie«i«.r. 227 

178 Fairbank, Hawes, ft Co., St. John, 
N. B. — Doont, blinds, sash, turned 
work. 127 

179 Wilson, Gilmour, ft Co., St. John, 
N. B. — Maiblei/cdmauiels and grates. 227 

Tarns and Woven Goods of VegetabU 
or Mineral Material!. 

\%0 Bmu^Ql^ Co\\.otv Mills Co., Hamil- ' 
votv, OtvX.— Covvotk ^^vvc&. s^p 

03M«MXv«9tiincw^ V^ «r^ 



Woven GoodBt Clothing, Paper Work. 

183^ Smith ft Wilby, Toronto^ Ont.— 
Samples of coima bnnn. ajo 

163 Wood worth. J. L., St. John, N. B, 

1S4 Parks, W.,* Son, St. John, N. B.— 
Wliiic iind colktfcd cotLDih yrirns. ijo 

18fi Wingflr, H., Elmira, Ont. 

a Cii.n-.\t\\,<,ii :ind i)\rc}i:ij grjy c[olh* ijo 

/' Linen shctiiicig, ^^^ 

183 Stevena, A J., A Co,, Pari*, Oot.— 
Kiocr cil clotl^. 334 

Woven and Felted Gooia of Wool, etc. 

191 Toronto Tweed Co., Toronto, On t» 
a Tweeds. ^35 
6 Flannek. a^fl 

192 Rosamond Woolsti Co.. Almonte, 

l.>nT.— CasisinidrL^ii, 335 

195 MilU & HutchLaon, Montreal, Q^— 

Tweeds. 3J5 

196 Paton Manuracturin^ Co., Sher- 

brooke , Q . — CI^U h-; ;i n lI T w't: e tin; . 1^5 

197 WoodworthJ. L., at.John,N. B,— 
W^>[jr<;ii yiirfls, rhcic ^-ply vvuuknynms, 
chiefly fur kiijttfng (Juriiu^eN, arc niadc of 

Xnirc i];k[ivt woo[j 

\v\i\i ?»pri:.i*il regard to 

198 Oxford Woolen MIMb, Oxford, N, 
S.— Wtidltn goods. 335 

199 FiBher, T. Sh, Toronto ^ Ont, 

a TweeJs, buck^kmii, d^c;^kio!t. 735 

A Ydms, HjB 

200 Advisory Board, Victoria, Br. Col. 
11 Yarn made Traat wouJ of kocky iriountam 

goat. ajj 

i Indian blankcu frtmi w^iml of Rocky moun- 
tain goat, 327 

201 Loma3, Adam, & Son, Sh«rbrook, 
Q. — n;inncls. 336 

202 'Willctt. 3. T,, Chambly, Q.— Flan- 
nels. S3^ 

203 St. John Wnolcn Mills, St John, Q. 
—Flannel:!. ajfi 

203rt Smith * Wilby, Toronto, Onl.— 
Fancy flannri^. ^^fi 

204 Cantlie, Ewan, S. Co., Monlrcal, Q. 
— Plain and fzirwy flLUiJii.'h, ajg 

305 'WinctT, H., Elmira, Ont. 

II lil.iiikcls. a^^ 

(* ^\'hitc sLocltjijg yam. i-% 

207 'Wardlaw, J., Gait, Ont.— Woolen 
yams. s^a 

nothing, Jaw^tiy, find Omamenta ; 

Traveliiig^ Equipments. 
210 Tavlor, R. F., 4 Son, Toronto, Ont. 
^Full dnsa siijt, drefiiovei-ctmt. 150 

212 McCrac ft Co,, Guelph, Ont.— Knit 
goods ajifi hijsiury, 21a 

213 Ancaster Knitting Co., HamillonH 
Dnt. — Knitted and (imcy goodft, 25^ 

214 Blacklock, W., ft Co., HaatinEs, 
Onr. — Woal shins and dr-jwcrs. sj,^ 

215 Smith, H. K,, Goderich, Ont.- 
SuiL^i tjf Canadiin gnnds, 2y> 

216 SbQreyaCo.,Montrtal,Q.— Ready 
made clnLbinE. ^^ 

217 FJjher, T. S,, Toronto, Ont.^ 
."yturtF, piinL\, dimil-i. and starfa ^^o 

^^O^'^vMSf^ ^r^'^' ^ ^'^■' Montreal, 

219 Brown * Clagget, Montreal, Q.— 
Drtjie*. ajo 

220 WiIIiBh E„ & Co., St. John, N. B.— 
Pa frfr cis\ fflj-s ;i n fi ci ilTv . ajo 

222 May, James S,, St. John, N, B.— 
F(c;idy-[nade clothjug, a^ 

235 McKcnste, Charlottetown, P. E. 

L. — L^luifjiitfj, 250 

22fl Suiise;! Boot ft Shoe Co,, Sussex 

N, IJ. — Llu4.3tA and shoes. 351 

229 Sutherland, A,, KinfifAtoa, Ont.^ 
BooL-^ and f^hncs. 3^1 

231 King ft Brown, Toronto, Ont.^ 
]^(H>is ni>d&h<jt:&. ■51 

233 Moore, Th., CnofcaviUe, Ont,— 
W<)ud fnodck tif boots ^ml shoes. 151 

230 Cnrcatinet J., ft Co., Montreal, Q.— 
Haw and c^ps. agr 

237 Genteaae, C., Montreal, Q,— Im- 
pro^'cd head cunfLirtnaleiir. b^t 

238 Siater ft Perry, Montreal, Q,— 
liiiiois iind fllioes. 331 

239 Cloutlcr, George, Pointe Levis, Q, 
"Sh«]iiifg boots. a^i 

242 t^amaay, D.,Cobourg, Ont— Boota 

l\inl sbDti. 35 J 

244 Domtnton Suspender Co., St.Stc- 
plicMs, N. K.—l.Jt tits' ai;d youLhs* SLi.spaicU 

2S0 Saunders, S., Gnelph, Ont.— Carved 

261 Bhanti, I.Y., Berlin, Ont.— Vege* 
t:ib]e ivory but Tuns. 3^4 

263 bavoic, M,, Montreal, Q. — Kaif 
wurk. aj^ 

264 Leblanc, J. H., Montreal, Q.— 
Fancy fealhert, 354 

260 Cjarke, U. £., ft Co., Toronto, Oat, 
— Tnink*, valiscfi, ailcI hAg'i. 3155 

266 Taylor, Robert, Hall fax, N. S.~ 
Trunks, ijic 

267 Borbridge, S. & H., Ottawa, Ont.— 



269 Renfrew, G. R., &l Co,, 
— Fiij-s, Indi^in work. 

266 Cblaholm, W., New Glasieow, N. 

S, — LadiLfi* trunks, ^^^ 

Quebec, Q. 

270 Rtynolda ^ Volkel, Montreal, Q.— 
Uum pJ eit sc t [ >r Tiirs . 256 

371 Hudson B^y Co., Montreal, Q 

Funs. ajfi 

272 Keller, C„ ft Son, HaUfai, N. 3,— 

272 Thibault. Lanthier ft Co., Mnn- 
treid^ Q,— Furs. 556 

Papor. Blank BoDlci, &iLd BtationeTy. 
278 Kii|;orcn Bros., Toronto, Ont,— 

Piipcr buKS. afia 

383 Wilson, J. C, ft Co., Montreal^ Q.— 

Piper bags. SM 

284 Canada Paper Co., Montreal. Q.— 

Wj-.ipping ;ind priiiLicig pap^jr and enve- 

Iop*;s, afo 

288 Warwick, Wm., Toronto, Ont.— 

Scfmo! hliink books, letECr prensn 361 

389 Hunter, Roae ft Co,, Toronto, Ont. 

^i^rci^^oT^hibU., indicated by numbers at eivA of ex^mes. *^^ eW^x^c.^vxow,^^. "^-X-^ft 



Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware, Brushes. 

293 Dawson Bros., Montreal, Q.— 
Blank books, binding. 261 

296 MacKinlay, A. & W., Halifax, N. 
S. — Blank books. 261 

297 Stanton, M., & Co., Toronto, Ont. 
— Room paper hangings. 264 

Weapons, etc. 

300 Meyer, F. W, Albert, Montreal, 
Q. — Small gun, light artillery. 266 

801 Rawbone, T. L., Toronto, Ont.— 
Implements for oreech and muzzle guns. 269 

802 Stephens. R. E., Owen Sound, 
Ont. — Breechloading rifle. This rifle is 
remarkable for having only the minimum 
of motions, cock, load, and fire; the maxi- 
mum of rapid fire is consequently attained. 
It has the side-hinge block breech. 269 

303 Kilby, R. H., Montreal, Q.— Evans 
repeating rifle. 269 

306 Egan, John, Halifax, N. S.— Case 
of guns and rifles. 269 

Medicine, Surgery, Frothesis. 

807 Miller, Hugh, & Co., Toronto, Ont. 

— Tick destroyer for sheep. 272 

310 Stewart, George, jr., St. John, N. B. 
— Ship's medicine chert. 272 

311 Marter, F. B., Halifax, N. S.— 
Ship's medicine chest. 272 

314 Canada Truss Factory, Montreal, 
Q. — Surgical apparatus, artificial limbs. 276 

316 Pourtier, M., Quebec, Q.— Philo- 
donte fountain. 277 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallic Products. 

316 Moore, Th., Cooksville, Ont.— Axe 
and tool handles. 280 

318 Smith, R. H., & Co., St. Catherine, 
Ont. — Saws. 280 

820 Dates Patent Steel Co., Toronto, 
Ont. — Edge tools. 280 

822 Ahern & ^Valsh, Ottawa, Ont.— 
Lumbermen's tools. 280 

823 Robertson, Peter, Ottawa, Ont.— 
Lumbermen's and stonecutters' tools. 280 

324 Warnock, Jos., & Co., Gait, Ont.— 
Edge tools for wood, iron, and stone. 280 
326 Booth, G., Toronto, Ont.— Engine 
and pipe wrench. 280 

827 Chapleau, Godfroi, Montreal, Q. — 
Limestone cutters' tools. 280 

328 Gilmour, G., Cote St. Paul, Q.— Au- 
gers and bits. 280 
829 Boivin & Co., New Liverpool, Q.— 
Axes and edge tools. 280 
832 Spiller Bros., St. John, N. B.— Edge 
tools and cutlery. 280 
336 Broad, E., St. John, N. B.— Axes, 
edge tools, hammers. 280 
339 Morlev, Victoria, Br. Col.— Carpen- 
ters' mullets, yew and arbutus. 280 
340 Cable, Bayard, & Co., Montreal, Q. \ 
— Ailjiifitable elastic razor atroyi. 281 \ 
^41 IVheipley, J, Albert, Greenwich, \ 

^"or vlusscs of exhiiths, iiidicutetJ by munbcrs 

342 Starr Manufacturing Co^ Halifax, 

N.S. — Skates. Acme, Club, Forbes' pat- 
ent, sold largely in Russia, Sweden, Nch-- 
way, Denmark, France, England, and 
United States. Being self-fastening, it 
possesses great merit for convenience. 
Quality superior. 281 

343 Fenerty, E. L., & Co., Halifax, N. 
S.— Skates. 281 

344 Copp Brothers, Hamilton, Ont.— 
Enameled ware. 283 

347 Laidlaw, A., & Co., Hamilton, Ont. 
a Enameled hollow ware. 283 

6 Enameled plumbers* ware. 284 

849 Dixon, Smith, & Co., Toronto, Ont. 

— Sash fastener. 284 

362 Campbell, Geo., Toronto, Ont.— 

Fireproof shutters. 284 

363 Gibbs, Geo., & Co., Port Hope, Ont. 

— Nuts and bolts. 284 

354 Law, John, London, Ont. — Brass 
work. Our mica slit lubricator will bear 
high pressure, is transparent, will not 
break. Our water-gauge glass guard and 
new mode of packing is very durable. 
Law's patent tar and petroleum burner 
demonstrates gas tar and petroleum tar as 
a good and handy fuel. A quarter-inch 
stream of ur will give fifty horse-power 
sure. 284 

366 Griffith & Co.,Toronto, Ont.— Locks 
and latches. 2S4 

366 Brisley, W., Toronto, Ont.— Clip 
hook. 2S4 

868 Stringer, Jos., Kingfston, Ont.— 
Locks. 284 

369 Cavern & Button, Gananoque, Ont. 
— Hinges and nails. 284 

360 Ritchie, John, & Son, Toronto, Ont. 
— Brass work. 284 

383 Pillow, Hersey, & Co., Montreal, 
Q. — Tacks, nails, spikes, horseshoes. 
American export agents and foreign 
visitors interested in this class of goods 
will do well to examine them. We en- 
deavor to please all in executing orders 
intrusted to us. They can be sold at 
prices that must induce buyers. 284 

366 Ives, H. R., Montreal, Q.— General 
hardware. 284 

370 Belanger, Vinet, & Dupart, Mon- 
treal, Q. — Axles. 284 

373 Foster, S. R.,& Son, St. John, N.B. 

— Tacks, nails. 284 

374 McKenzie, M., Prince Edward's 

Island. — Burglar-proof locks. 284 

376 Starr Manufacturing Co., Halifax, 

N. S. — Nails, spikes, bolts, cans, dies. 284 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

379 Gurd, J. R., London, Ont.— Corn 
broom and whisks. a86 

381 Simms, T. S., & Co., St. John, 
N. B.— Bnushes. a86 

%^1 "WVxWeVvtad & Turner, Quebec, Q. 
a WtusYvcs , \iTov^vw<« , ^\vs\ct%, iigiS 

b Fav\cv >N4Wi«iLtw>KVc^. iR«j 

9X end ot euvncs, stt eVASs\^c».>^Wi,w« 



Cordage, Leather, Wooden, Metal Ware. 

885 Copland, McLaren,& Co., Montreal, 

Q. — Wire brushes for cleaning castings. 286 
887 Copeland, Geo., Hamilton, Ont.— 

Cordage and twine. 287 

390 Conner, Thos., & Sons, St. John, 

N. li. — Cords, ties, lines. 287 

891 The Dartmouth Ropework Co., 
Halifax, Nova Scotia — Manila cord- 
a^e and bolt rope, and tarred ma- 
nila lanyards, four-strand tarred Russian 
hemp cordage and ratline. No. i navy, 
navy, and patent new stock oukum in 
50-pound bundles, and the same qualities 
spun, ready for calkers to drive. The 
patent new stock oakum is made entirely 
from hemp and tow, tarred upon their own 
machinery, patented December 30, 1873. 
It can be carded or spun directly from tar- 
ring machine, the finished oakum being 
completed within the hour. 287 

892 Bridge, Andrew, West Brook, Ont. 
— Pails and tubs. 289 

898 Clerke & Co., St. John, N. B.— Lasts 
for boots and shoes. 289 

894 Hall, G. B., Quebec, Q.— Tubs, 
pails. 289 

896 Peacock, W., Montreal, Q.— Crick- 
et bats. 289 

899 Wendberg & Co., Toronto, Ont.— 
Galvanized ironwork. 291 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

419 Guerin, C, Ottawa, Ont.— Child's 

carriage. 293 

426 Webb, John R., Quebec, Q.— Slid- 
ing sleigh. 295 

481 Lugsden & Barnett, Toronto, Ont. 
— Ladies' hunting saddles. 296 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

432 Skellin^ton,' S., Bros., Windsor, 
Ont. — Whip lashes. 296 

433 Borbridge, S. & H., Ottawa, Ont.— 

Harness. 296 

434 Vahey, W., Forrest, Ont.— Collars 

and machine. 296 

438_Pcrcy, John, Bowmanville, Ont.— 



439 'Weichel,M., Elmira, Ont.— Horse- 
shoes. 296 

440 Bell, C. R., Parkhill, Ontario.— 
Horseshoes. 296 

441 Malcolm, R., Toronto, Ont.— Sad- 
dlery, harness, bags. 296 

442 Cable, Bayard, & Co., Montreal, Q. 

— Halter clasps. 296 

446 Culbert, W. H., Sussex, N. B.— 

Harness, collars. 296 

449 Campbell & Fowler, St. John, N. B. 

— Springs and axles. 296 

450 Clarke, R., & Co., St. John, N. B. 

—Lasts. 533 

451 Bradshaw, T. H., St. Martin's, 

N. B. — Ship models. 594 

452 Bradshaw, 1. D., St. Martin's, 

N. B. — Ship models. 594 

453 Date, John, Montreal, Q.— Diving 
apparatus. 594 

454 Skinner, G. M., Gananoque, Ont. 

— Fishing tackle. 647 

455 Scribner, D., St. John, N. B.— 

Salmon and trout rods. 647 

at esd of tntries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{North of Nave, Columns jg to sj.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Ghemioal Manufiaotures. 

1 Grillon, E., Paris.— Indian dates. 200 

2 Coignet, Father & Son, & Co., Paris. 

— Cnemical and pasture products. 200 
8 Galzy, E., Lyons.— Insect pro- 
ducts. 200 

4 Pournier, Jean, Roanne, Loire. — 
Cream of tartar. 200 

5 Hygienic Products Manufacturing 
Co., Paris. — Chemical preparations. 200 

6 Limousin, Paris. — Pharmaceutical 

preparations ; medicated capsules. 200 

7 Limousin & Co., Paris. — Medicated 

capsules. 200 

8 Michel, Pyrrhus, Vaison. Vauduse. 

— Digestive elixir and vermifuge. 200 

9 Rigollot & Co., Paris.- Mustard 

poiutice and instantaneous plaster. 200 

10 Rouault, Ch., Paris.— Syrup of iron 
and tar. 200 

11 Audibran, Paris. — Anti-scorbutic 
elixir. ^200 

12 Baudon, Paris.— ^Vine of anti- 
mony. 200 

13 Boude & Son, Marseilles.— Refined 
sulphur. ^ 2<jo 

14 Beslier, A., Paris.— Pharmaceutical 
• preparations. 200 

1 5 Brasseur, Romorantin, Loir & Cher. 
— Fecioral tonic syrup. 200 

16 Bravais, Rooul, & Co., Paris.— Phar- 
maceutical preparations. 200 

17 Chevrler, Paris. — Pharmaceutical 
preparations. 200 

18 Cl^ry, Hughes, Paris.- Pharmaceu- 
tical preparations. 200 

19 Vicat, Joseph Henri, Paris. 

a Insect powuer, and instruments for its 

use. 200 

b Liquid blacking. 202 

20 Tancride Bros., Paris.— Glue and 
gelatin, animal ch:ircoai, bone tallow. 200 

21 Daubin & Co., Paris.— Fly-paper and 
musiiuito powder. 200 

22 Druelle, Reims, Marne.— Cham- 
pagne wines. 200 

23 Dubois, Charles, Marseilles.- Spe- 
cial chemical preparations for the 
navy. 200 

2^ QskTmcT, P., Noyon, Oise.- Pharma- 
ceuiiciil prcpamtions. 2jo 

JgJ Ducro A Co., Paris.- Meat ex- 

27 Joseph, Victor, Petit Quivilly, near 
Rouen.— Oil for burns. 200 

28 Lefebvre, Fortune, Illiers, Bure ft 
Loire. — Green water. 200 

29 Reynal, L&once, Paris. — Pharma- 
ceutical preparations. 200 

80 Rigand & Dusard, Paris.- Chemical 
and pharmaceutic preparations. 2tx) 

31 Rubaton, Ges., & Co., Marseilles.— 
Carbonate of soda. 200 

32 Solvay & Co., Varangeville, Dom- 
basle, Mewithe and Moselle. — Chemical 
products. 900 

33 Torchon, Ch., Paris. — Pharmaceuti- 
cal preparations. 200 

34 Hottot, A., & Co., Paris.— Pepsin 
and other digestive preparations. 300 

86 Thomas Brothers, Avignon, Vau- 


a Chemical products ; artificial alizarine, 

sulphuric acid, etc. aoo 

6 Madders. ao8 

36 Coux Roseaux, Asnieres, near Paris. 
— Oils and greases ; covering for steam 
pipes. 201 

37 Poiret & Son, Paris.— Soap in the 
form of letters and various ornaments. 301 

38 Bourgeois & Co., Paris. —Machine 
oils. 901 

89 Jolivet, L., Paris. — Wax tapers.. 201 

40 Deutsch, A., Paris.- Machine oils; 
refined petroleum. 201 

41 Chivot, Naud6, Amiens, Somme.— 

Machine oils. 201 

42 Roux, Charles, jr., Marseilles.— 
Soaps and raw materials; olive oil for 
dyers. aoi 

43 Rigaud & Co., Paris. 

a Toilet soaps. aoi 

6 Perfumery. S03 

44 Violet, Godefroy, & Co., Paris. 

a Soaps. 30t 

b Fine perfumery and raw materials. 203 

45 Richter, F., Lille, Nord.— Ultrama- 
rine blue. 202 

46 Berthoud & Co., Paris.- Black- 
ing. 3Q> 

47 Antoine's, L., Son, Paris.— Writing 
inks. aoa 

48 Chiraux,L.,Cambray.— Blackin|r*aos 

49 Clauseau, Father & Son. PaluB ft 
Co., Avignon, Vauduse. — Madder ex- 
uaci. 90S 

\ and vaTw\sVvc%. 

tntct. 200 

^^ /'CQuand, pBther A Son, Lyons.— 

Cr/MeA,^e/.'iri/w, N>nc phosphates, etc. 200 , . 

J^or classics of exhibits. Indicated by numbers at end o« ctvuves, *it e\^^x^ca.vVwi»w 

51 iuWetv, K.,8LC.o„\^%x*t^*%,— OMWfc- 

\ca\ pToduc\.% , su\im«LX\tvt '^'c\« « 



Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture. 

62 Bourgeois, senior, Paris.— Fine 
colors for painung and drawing. aoa 

53 Caron, L., Paris. — Cement and plas- 
ter dr>'er. acw 

54 Guinon's Son & Co., Lyons.— Chem- 
ical products for dyeing and printing. 203 

56 Gillet & Son, Lyons. — Chemical 
products for dyeing. aoa 

66 Guimet, Lyons.— Ultramarine 
blue. 202 

57 Hardy, MUori, Ch. G., Paris.— 
Colors. 202 

58 Jacquot & Co., Paris.— Blacking. 203 

59 Kaulek, Adolphe, Puteaux, Seine.— 
Coloring materiiils. 202 

60 Larenaudiire, P., Paris.— Inks. 2:12 

61 Lacroix, A., Paris. — Vitrifiable col- 
ors for china, faience, church windows, 
opal, and enamel. 202 

62 Lorilleux, Ch., Paris.— Black and 
colored typographic and lithographic 
inks. 20a 

68 Plateau, E.,Paris.— Writing inks. 202 

64 Poirrier, A., Paris. — Chemical pro- 
ducts, coloring materials. 202 

65 Seurin,J., Paris.— Varnish, mastic, 
and oil colors. 202 

66 Toiray, Maurin, Paris.- Writing 
inks. 202 

67 Foubert, A., Paris.— Hair dyes. 202 

68 Brochocki, C. D., & Co., Boulogne, 
Seine. — Javelle water. _ 203 

69 Chiris, A., Grasse, Alpes Maritimes. 
— Perfumery and raw materials. 203 

70 Colas, E., ft Christoff, C, Paris.— 
Essence of roses. 2 >3 

71 Delettrex, Adolphe, Paris.— Perfu- 
mery. 203 

71a Chouet & Co., Paris.— Dentifrice 
water. 203 

72 Hermann, Louis, Paris.— Raw mate- 
rials for perfumery. 203 

73 Lautier Sons, Grasse, Alpes Mari- 
times. — Pomades, essential oils, essences, 
etc. 203 

74 Mottett,J.,&Co., Marseilles.— Raw 


materials tor perfumery. 

75 Roure, Bertrand, Son, Grasse, Alpes 
Mariiimes. — Raw materials for perfumery; 
extracts and es.sences. 203 

"^6 Seguin, Bordeaux. — Zenobia water 

anddyes. 203 

77 Sensfelder, Arcueil, Seine.— Eye 
« water and pomades. 203 

78 Viard, F., Paris.— Perfumery. 203 

79 Viguier, Manager French Hygienic 
Society, Paris. — iMgaro water. 203 


80 Seguin, Paris.— Althocinum. 

Ceraxnios— Pottery, Foroelain, Glass, 

84 Goyard, F., Paris. — Crucibles and 
furnaces for laboratories. 207 

86 Simons & Co.. Cateau (Nord^.— Mo- 
saic tiles of sanastone in vestibule of De- 
. partment of Public Works Pavilion. 208 

86 Mailer, B,. A Co., Ivry (Seine .— 

Enameled tiles in the vestibule and on 

" the front of Department of Public Works 

PaviNoa. ao8 

87 Ollive, A., Paris.— Faience pave- 
ments. ao8 

88 Trichaud, A., Marseilles.— Tiles. aoS 

89 Boulen^er, senior, Paris.— In- 
crasted mosaic pavement. aoB 

90 Gien Pottery Mnfg. Co., Gien (Loi- 
ret;. — Artistic faience. aio 

91. Caille, Miss Fanny, Paris.— Artistic 

faience. 310 

92 Montagnon, A., Nevers.— Artistic 
faience. sxo 

93 Howry, J., Paris.— Artistic china 
and faience, fancy furaiture. aiu 

94 Hasslauer ft de Champeaux, Givet 
(Ardennes;. — Clay pipek. 310 

95 Aubry, J., Bellevue (near Toul).— 
Artistic faience. aio 

96 Fiolet, L., St. Omer (Pas de Calais). 
—Clay pipes. 210 

97 Brianchon, J., senior, Paris. 

a Artistic faience. 210 

6 Pearl porcelain. 2x3 

98 Sergent, Th., P a r i s.— Artistic 
faience. an 

99 Barbizet, Son, Paris.— Bernard Pa- 
lissy faience. an 

100 Sohn, L., & Delabre, A., Paris.— 

Porcelain flowers, jewels, ornaments, 
crowns, and bouquets. ^ aia 

101 Woodcock, F., Paris. — Porcelain 
flowers and bouquet. aia 

102 Blot, Paul, Paris. — China and 
glass. 313 

103 D^temmerman, P., Paris. — Por- 
celain flowers. 213 

104 Vacquerel, P. B., Paris!— Decalco- 
maiiia on porcelain. 213 

105 Thierry, Pa r i s.-Deco rated 

china. 213 

106 Field-Haviland, Ch., Paris.— 
Porcelain. 213 

107 Hache, Ad., & Lehalleur Bros., 
Pari s. — White and decorated porce- 
lain. 313 

lOSHaviland & Co., Limoges.— 

China. 213 

109 Ploreflfe Company, Jeumont (Nord). 
— Mirrors and glassware. 314 

110 St. Gobain, Chaunv, ft Cirey, Paris. 

— Plain, plated, and silvered glass; rough 
glass for skylights. ai4 

111 Pellctier, M. A.,& Sons, St. Just on 
the Loire. — Stained window glass. 316 

112 Appert, Lengele, & Co., Paris. — 

Glass cylinders. 316 

113 Brocard, P. J., Paris.— Chandeliers 
and mirrors. 316 

114 Souchet & Co., Paris.— Flowers in 
enamel. 316 

116 Hue & Co., Paris.— Crystals for in- 
terior decorations. 316 

Furniture and Objects of General Use 
in Construotion and in Dwellings. 

116 Raffl & Co., Paris.— Church sUtues 
and furniture. "iatv 

111 Pou*a\t\ft>3ie, 'iL>3i%a.tA '^ .^ '^^xv^.— 
OvuTcVv decox^XAOtvi, '*''^'^ 

Fiarcbvucs offfxhibitM, /ndicated by numbers M <}T\^ of ewu\c&. *^c C\^^^^^^^^^'^^- ""^^^ 



Furniture, Glassware, Heating and Lighting Apparatus. 

119 Parfonry & Lemaire, Paris.— Mar- 
ble chimney pieces. 217 

120 Touchard, Ernest, Paris.— Special 

ornaments for churches. 217 

121 Duplan, Hamot, 

& Co., Paris.— 


122 Brunet, Paul, Paris.— Bronze and 
goldsmiths' wares for churches. 217 

123 Morel, A., Paris. — Bronzes for fur- 
niture. 217 

124 Michel, Louis, Toulouse.— Church 
decorations. 217 

125 Mazaroz, Ribalier, Paris.— Artistic 
furniture. 217 

126 Marga, Eugene, Paris. — Marble 
chimney piece. 217 

127 Mayaud Bros., Paris.— Religious 

articles. 217 

128 Marchand, I., Paris. — Decorated 

furniture. 217 

129 Marchand, Louis-Leon, Paris. — 

Artistic bronzes for furniture. 217 

130 Lichtenfelder, Paris.— Elastic steel 

seats. 217 

131 Haffner, B., senior, Paris. — Safes 

with combination locks. 217 

132 Kaffel Bros., Paris.— Bronze furni- 
ture with cJiina, faience, crystal, and 
marble decorations. 217 

133 Jolivet, L., 


Paris. - 

- Candles for 

134 Houry, T., Paris. — Fancy furni- 
ture. 217 

135 Gallais, A., Paris. — Lacquered fur- 
niture. 217 

136 Froc, Robert, & Son, Paris.— Altars 
and religious statues. 217 

136« Allard, Paris.— Furniture. 217 

137 Eliaers, A. E., Paris.— Folding 
seats. 217 

138 Cornu, E., & Co., Paris.— 
Bronzes. 217 

139 Chovet, L., Paris.— Religious 
pictures. 217 

140 Beysens & Beckers, Paris.— Reli- 
gious articles. 217 

141 Susse Brothers, Paris. — 

Bronzes. 217 

142 Sussfeld, Lorsch, & Co., Paris.— 
Marble clocks. 217 

148 Sauvage & Ruck, Paris. — Bronze 
mantel ornaments. 217 

144 Frenais, Armand, Paris.— Unplated 
and plated knives, forks, and spoons. 218 

145 Bitterlin, Paul, jr., Paris.- 



147 Haviland & Co., Limoges. — Table 
china. 218 

148 Field-Haviland, Ch., Paris.— Table 

china. 218 



149 Hache, Ad., & Pepin, 
Bros., P.iris. — Table chma. 

153 Brocard, P. T., Paris.— Emdeane. 

glass. 219 

155 Chabin, H., 
glass windows. 




1 56 St. Gobain, Chauny, & Cirey, Paris. 

— Mirrors. 219 

157 Mansuy-Dotin, Jules, Paris.— Ar- 
tistic enamels for furniture. 219 

158 Pelletier, M. A., & Sons, St. Just 
sur Loire. — Stained window glass. 219 

159 Pottier, Paris. — Artistic enamels, 
Limousin and Henry U. style. 219 

159^ Brot, Leopold, Paris.— Mirrors in 

gilt frames; mirrors in furniture. 219 

160 Thiry, jr., Paris. 

a Galvanized iron bird cage. 
d Forged iron pavilion. 

161 Luttringer, Ch., 

board frames. 


Paris.— Paste- 


162 Neuvialle, J. B., Paris.— Heating 

apparatus. 222 

163 Laperche, Paris. — Marble chimney 

pieces. 222 

163a Bouhon & Co., Paris. — Bronze fire 

guards. 222 

164 Aubry, T., Bellevue, near Toul.— 
Faience stoves. 222 

165 Entz, H., ^Vazcon, near Sedan.— 

Portable- cooking range used in the 
army. 222 

166 Roux, L., Lyons.— Heaters and 
chimney pieces. 222 

167 R obi not, Ch., Paris.— Gas fix- 
tures. 223 

168 Corbon, Paris.— Lamps. 323 

169 Peltier, E., & Paillard, A., Paris.- 
Metallic labels and boxes for preserves; 
direct printing upon metals. 224 

1 70 Barau & Colas, Nantes (A la Ville en 

Bois). — Metallic jars for preserving. 224 

171 Mestre, A. de, Bordeaux.— Appa- 
ratus for corking gaseous liquids. 2:4 

172 Letang, Th. 

late moulds. 

B., Paris.— Choco- 


173 Gervais, A., & Co., Paris.— Ket- 
tles. 224 

174 Fisse, Thirion, & Co., Reims.- 

Iron clasps ; system of corking wines. 224 

175 Denet, E., Paris.— Copper moulds 

for alimentary pastes. 224 

176 Dagand, Etienne, Paris. 

a Coffee pots used by the army, navy, 
steamships, and public establishments. 


6 Hot water baths. aa6 

177 Dienheim-Brochocki, T. O. de, 
Paris. — Automatic disinfector. 336 

178 Chapp6e, A., Mans (Sarthc),— Iron 

water and gas pipes. 327 

J30 Bitterlin, Son, Paris.- Glass- 
ware. 21E 
J^l Blot, Paul, Paris.- Table glass and 
chinawarc. 21E 
J/f2 L'Orin, A., Chartres (Eure & Loir). 

—Sta/ned^iass church windows. 219 ,x ,e. . 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by number* al end o^ cuu\ts,s^^U^\^c».XM«i,^^^f>r^ 

\t^ 'RKctvu.xd, B.^ Longecourt, near 

Mstr^ VCovt ^* QtV—^'^^'Safcvt. €«Mr with 

Woven Goods, Silk. 


181 BoQhommej Undn « Nephew, 
P^iTia. — Wooden Joori of the ve&tibulc^ 
and WAin£t:oiiniif and frame!! of the ilraw- 
ings of the DepaxtT^ient of Public Works 
Pavilion. 227 

182 Moisant, A., ParLri.— Metallic frame 
of Department of I'ubM^ Worki Elxtiil>i- 
tion Pavilion. 227 

183 Secrctan, E., Paria^— Copper sheets 
for construction. 227 

Yamf and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

184 PrUce, Eug., & Co., Mah6 
t&tycbellc IjLuid J, --Cocoauiit fibres. 229 

185 pumartier ft Cuigniet, Roubain 
\ N ord J r — TicLi n gs. 230 

186 Cartier-Bresson, Paris. — Cotton 
threads. 230 

187 Perreaux, L. G., Parjs.— Model of 
a military tent. 230 

18S WalckcT, W., Pftria.- Military and 

g:irJt'n tents. 230 

139 ChifFray, A.« MaTQanc,nearRbuen. 

— Frin is iuid Ciil i ctjcs , 232 

190 Rau»eU £mi1e, Roubalx (Nord^^ 

r^y-rii .liiA primed cQTtcm rubrics. 232 

191Vraux 8l Co., Paris. — Linen 

thread. 233 

192 Meunier & Co., Paris. — Linen and 
lint^n titblci covers. , 233 

192a Vrau & Co., Paris.— Linen and 
thread. 233 

193 ^ansebroucq Brothers, Comines 
(N(ird). — Linen threads. 233 

194 Vrau & Co., Lille.— Hemp thread 
for sewing. 233 

Woven and Felted GkK)ds of Wool, etc. 

lOa Demar, L., Elbcuf fSeine Inf&ri- 
fiurej. — (jendr.^ men's dress goods. 235 

196 Dumortier A Cuignet, Roubaix 
(NoTtJj. — CituH. 235 

1 97 pTQu voat, Am^dee , & Co., Roubaix. 
— Carded wogI*. 235 

19& Chamber of Commerce, Reims. — 
Woolen fabrics. 235 

199I>c1amo e-Mongrenier, Reims 
(Marnc). ^Dyed merinocs, cashmeres, 
reps, fie. 235 

200 Seydoux, Sieber, & Co., Paris.— 
Cafded tbrcnds and H^ODlcn fabrics. 235 

301 Talamau, Son, & Co., Paris.— 
Wonicn f:^br3cs. 235 

202 Bellest, E.,&Co.,Elbeuf.-Woolen 

cloth. 235 

203 Blin & Bloch, Elbeuf (Seine In. 
ferieure). — Woolen cloth. 235 

204 Decaux, Son, Elbeuf.— Woolen 
cloth. 235 

205 Dabert & Co., Saint Denis (Seine). 
—Dyed woolen r:ihri«, 235 

206 Portin Bros., Paris.— Felts. 235 

207 Fouchet, sr. & jr., & Hulme, El- 
beuf. — Cluth, 235 

208 Frexoa, senjory & Leclerc, senior, \ 
A ff i fens. — Cl'jtU, 2 "> 5 \ 

1^09 Philippe, Cr, Bib fur (Seine In- 
fcncure}.—4Jhth for pjint^ and vests. 235 
ForchM/ea of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

210 Mali, Henry W. T., & Co., Paris.— 

Woolen fabrics and cloth. 235 

211 Pinon & Guerin, Paris. 

a Cloth for men's wear. 235 

b Novelties for females' wear. 238 

212 Revnaud, P a r i s.— Medicated 
flannel. 336 

213 Te rrl LI on, If. f Paris.— Shawls. 337 

214 Roberta Guerin. Widow, & Son, 
Utiint fMarnc;.— Merinoes and Scotch 
casbmercs. 338 

215 Houpin, Erncflt. Reims (Marne).— 
tJyed irtcT*iri<>tSH cnsHmcrts^ Tcps^ etc. 338 

216 Maesp G., CHchy-U- Garonne,^ 
Dyed woalcn fnbrlci. 338 

217 Dufaurmantel, Ph., & Co., Corbie 
tSormiiei.— Woolen and silk warps. 338 

218 Chalamel, Alf., & Co., Paris.— 
Dyed woolen fabrics. 238 

219 Laroche, A., Saulxures (Voages).^ 
Cotton and wool, with process ol manu^ 
facture. 238 

220 Drogue & Monnard, Lyons.— Pop- 
lins. 238 

221 Droz, Juillet, & Co., Lyons.— Pop- 
lins. 338 

23S Gr*viert Clement, Nimes fGard).— 
Velvet Car|jet!i; 339 

223 Duplan, Hamot, & Co., Paris.— 
Carpets. 339 

224 Bertrand, Boulla, Nimes (Gard).— 
Imitations of old tapestries j 239 

225Bra9uenie Brothers, Paris.- 
Tapestries :^nd CuiFfiiiLH, 239 

226 Grison, T., & Co., Lisieux (Calva- 
dos). — Dyed and printed cloth. 341 

227 Guillaumet, A., Sons, Suresnes 
(Seine). — Dyed woolen fabrics. 241 

228 Boquet, J., & Co.. Amiens.— Vel- 
vet. 241 

229 Ch if fray, A., Maromme, near 
Rouen. — I^rinted woolen fabrics. 241 

230 Roussel, Emile, Roubaix ^Nord).— 
Dyed and printed woolen fabrics. 241 

231 Piqu&e, F., & Bros., Paris.- Reps 

and velvets. 241 

232 Poirrier-Morticr & Muller; Paris. 
— iJycd fubrics. 241 

233 Venoutryve. F., & Co., Paris.— 

Fnrni (lire iiuvLTingfl, 241 

234 'Wattine, Ch., & Co., Roubaix 

(Nord). — Furniture coverings and dra- 
peries. 241 

235 Montagnac, E. de, & Son, Sedan 

(Ardennes). — Velvet. 341 

236 Dupont, L., Paris.— Furniture 
coverings. 341 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

287 Pellet, A. P., St. Jean du Gard. 

— Raw silk. 242 

238 Aries, Dufour, Lyons.— Raw 
silk. 242 

239 Boudotv, L,OM\^, ^\. "\^^Tv ^>a. ^-ax^. 

dcc\\c^. ^ 

I a Raw sWV.. 

\ ft WOVCTX ?.\\V%. , 

at end of euVrScs. s^e Oa^'^n^'^vvV.oxv,^^ -\- 



Silk, Clothing. 

211 Thomas Bnitherif Avignon (Vau- 

6 Silks, fir4S 

242 ThomtiSf P., PoDt'dea-CharrctteB 

M. Cdcikda and rtiW iiilk. t^i 

243 Bonnet & Co., Lyons. 

d R:iw stlk. Z4B 

# FiiiHT:*^, laflctLi.i, ;md K:it[ns. 341; 

244 Chbrdin, Ernest, PflriB.— Sewing 
and embroirlcry siilkii. 343 

244^ Poydebard, St. Paul -> on - Jarret, 

I jiiitf. '^Sewing Ailk. 243 

24aHaTne1in, A., Son, Paris.- 

Silks. 544 

246 Fayc &Thtvenin, Lyonsn— Colored 

sillis. J45 

24G'< DrGzJui11et& Cdh^ Lyona — Silka. 


247 0»caiif Lf. R,. MoataubaQ iTarn 
;itid <l:Lrunne^ — l^Jtiii^ ^ilkn 14; 

24B CiMect ft Son, Lyons,— Black 
«ilV9. 345 

249 Oiraud, Altx,^ A Co-^ Lyons.— 
Colored silk!! anil fmJ^iriJs, ^45 

2C0 Trapadouic, A. L., Bros., ft Co-^ 
Lyons. — Fuu!;ird>;. J45 

2(1 Poncetf ■ctLior & junior, L*'anB. 
— Silk*, 345 

252 S^v^ae, Barral, ft Co., Lyoos.— 
F:iillt:s. 245 

2A3 Tapissicr Sons & Dcbry^ Lyona.— 

Itlnck ALfkn, fnilkf^j .->T]ct tHi^ctH^.-i. ?45 

254 Doux, E.. ft Co,^ Lycns,— Stiks. a^^ 

255 MauverDAy&Co.fLryonB.— Silks. 24^ 

256 Lachard Btda. A: Co., Lycins,— 
Lii>in^ Bikkfi. a4.>^ 

257 taubert, Au<SrHH, & Co., Lyons.— 
Black siLk^i. 94 j 

25S Jsudm JL Duval, Lyons. — Fou- 
tnrdst, 345 

259 BruflBtt-HeckcI ft Co., Lyons.— 
S;Mm*, J45 

2G0 Audlbert. MonLn, A Co., Lyons.— 
I^ilk* nnd pjjjilin^i. 245 

261 Bardan ft Kitton, Ly on a h— Colored 
«il1^«. 345 

262 B 111 Lot, C,j Paris, — MillLntry 
pood«. ^45 

263 Huber, E., & Co., Paris. —Silk 
phi&h ior h.iTtrT^. t45 

364 Tabard, Benoit, ft Co,, Lyons. 
a Silks and rnilLtra. a4'i 

A Me>Ue ^hlLi|Lje&, 946 

265 Brcsscn-A^nfea ft Co., Lyons. 

fl !J^Uk*. *^5 

^ (paii7cs. 947 

266 Cuinct. Ant,, ft Co,. Lyons. 

a }11nck ^ilk^K :i4^ 

^ Velvet*, 347 

267 JuTLc, A., & Co., Lyons. 

ft Vrlvet*. ^47 

870 Million ft Servicr, Lyons. 

ti SilkA. 

b Vdvet*^. 


f^tf GonJjirJ, CirJoti ft Martel, Lyona. 

-?tf fl Mj rtj n, J. B, , T« rare f R ho n« ^. \ 

* Sitkt. 345 \ 

^ f*JuMh And vcWttn. 547 1 

^or classes of exhibits, indicated by number* 

271 Channpromy, J, B.^ Reiulson 

( Loire >, 

S Ribbons. 34S 

272 Gourd, CTOijat, &on, ft Duboat, 
Lyons.— Silks. J46 

273 Henry, J. A., Lyons. -Silk fabrics 
for LhiirLli 4.iriiui]i{:tbis iiin\ furniture. ■j<6 

B74 Lulhriujfftr, L y a fi 3.— Figured 

tilka, ^46 

275 Tasainari ft Chatel* Lyon*.— Silki 

fHjr cllLlrcil OrIiaJTI{^]i{M arid turnJl^^re. 346 

276 Chiffray, A., Maromtne^ near 
koLJFtt. — Printing ti\.tai\ ^ilk. *46 

277 Servant, C. J., ft Cfi,, Lyons.- 

Bl:tck vtlvtit*. 347 

276 Monteuuy ft Chomer, Lyons,- 

Cr;ipc^. 347 

379 Terrillon* L.. Paris.— Fancy goods 

an»t liaiKJkcrr-liiL'f-;, 5^7 

280 Viljird 4l Co,, Lyons.— Black vtl- 
vci*, 347 

281 Bouchlnet, Paris.— Dress ^oods. ^7 

283 Gautier, Bellon^ ft Co., Lyona,^ 

Velvets. 347 

2S3 Dornon, L., Lyons.— Silk eauies 

fciir boltiiijj ElrHir. imd ^ifurig chctnii:!! sod 

ceramic prtidiictit, ^47 

284 Font, Chambeyran, ft Benoit. 
l.yniLs— HLtrli vttvcii. 14J 

265 David, J. B.,Saint-EtLcnn«^LolreK 

— K iTLhons, 14! 

285'! Bnondc^St. Ettcnne.— Velvet rib* 

honn. 24J 

266 GirouByotbers.St. EtiennefLalrcl 

— Velvet rIbboUfir S4B 

2B7 Lamary» Paris.— Silk watcb 

Clothing. Jewelry^ &iid Ct-tip.ment< ; 
TTav«liiLg Equipmettts^ 

S66 Lutton, Am.^ Paris, — Chaiu- 
blft. i^ 

269 Fromaec LucUd» ft Co.. Foucn.— 
firactrsj bclt?(t ^:ir[i.'r^, nnd elastic tli- 
^lieH. 150 

290 Tabourot ft Pacault, P*ris.— 

Shirts. ijo 

291 VeasicTe-PfluUn, J, A,» PaHs,— 

t'Jiililrcn^'* tl'tfKiji^. t^ 

263 Vauthier, Mrs., Paris.—ChiMfttt'i 
cliiTliinii;, ty, 

293 Tailora* Society, ^aris. — Geatle^ 

men 'it clothing. vw 

294 BuUot, C, Partfl.— Silk atock- 

295 Lcvtlion. Paris.— Ladies* eostuoiea 

296 Ltnoir^ P.» Paris,— Corset*. t^ 

297 Fo u dt , M n . , Pa rta.— Ladi e*' under- 

swl cud ol euw\c&,*eftO^M\«iC»»4«%^'v^«tSfc 


Clothing', Jewelry. 


300 Vaaseur, Mn. Vtrffinic, Ptrli. 

d TmvcUng an J CDLirt dr«si^ ; tloiikB. 250 

301 Hcrtb^ Henry, PariB.— Boots and 
S02JouviD A Co.r Pari*. — Kid 

303 Tr*fouMC*Co,>Chaiinioiit(H»utc* 
MATiie^— KfU sIdvm. 251 

304 Paroa Bros., Troytt (Aube),— Mtt- 
Jmery. ^51 

306jouvla, Mri. Xavkr, ParU,— Kid 
gmvut. 351 

306 Jeandron-Fcrry^ Pane,— Ladiei' 
booti and thfjti. v^i 

307 JugU^ Dm P»n»*— Kid clovct. ssi 
80S M^hds, Louit StanisUi, Pafis.— 

309 Ncmoj, Pierre, Paris,— Ladies' 
aiiJ uLllclrLn'a full hats. 351 

309't Lcgendrct Paris. — Bootit and 
810 Ruffia, J. B., PariH.-H»t« for 

{viiiii*<, and children^ 


811 Berr, £uB£ne, Paria.-Kld 
giovci. 3^[ 

Sll'" GutbtrtH jfM P*H*,— 01ov«* 351 

812 Bullot, C. Parlfl.— Millinery, a^i 

313 BuacsTlet^ Widow, & Malo, Paria> 

314 ShDeraakera' Socifty. Paria.— 
Hoot? and iliovi, iji 

316 Chapsa], Aueu«t«, AuHUac (Can- 
Lil I . — W mcr prDoT 4I1 ocs, a^j 

318 Dubois. Ga9tav«, Mony {Qime .-- 
1^1 jt& ajxl <iho<:^, 33] 

817 Corady, Julia de, Paris,— Mil- 
iincry. a^i 

313 PiDctt F.t ParU,— Boots and shoes 

3l9HuBrd, L.T Pari*.- Boots and 

320^eglt-CjLandin«a & Corbeau, 

Pariri.— \^li>vti». 351 

321 Bacquet ft Co.. Salnt-Ptcrre-les- 

322 Babey, Ch,, Calais.— TuLlea and 

tirtbri>lJt:rTt*. 153 

323 Bailey, Alfred. Paris.— TuUes and 
l^jinp for furiijttirc. ^^^ 

B24 Boutenjtiun, Sai nt- Pierre -les- Ca- 
laii.^M+ichinc-miifile Lili^fv, 25a 

32s MaxtoD, Kobcrt, & Co.^ 3aint- 
pLCFTc-lci-(Jal:uBH— Machinfi-made 

btCC!i. i^i 

327 Meunier & Co., Paris-- Em. 

btoiiJL-rcil CLirLALtifi. a^g 

328 MiUas, Toulottae^^Gimpa for fgr- 
niuirc. 2^ 

388ff Galoppe ft Traein, Pads.— Lacea. 

329 Hcrbolot ft Devau^, Calald,— 
Blor^ilcAnd laces. 25J 

330 Oicute^ard, E. & E., Paria.— 

TniTimlngs. aga 

331 Dofifnin ft Co., Pari*,— Lama, In- 
dhy AtiJ L'hjntitly ^icci. 353 

^*SMir?^*i-'''">''''fi"*'' 'Harare 
For ctMMM ot •Mhmts, indicated by number. 

333 CaiUard, J., aanior ft Juaior. 3aint- 
I'ibrtc-lea-CiLiAii, — Mdchinc-tnaJc laces, 


334 Francra Brothers, Salnt-Plerre- 
lM-CiUii». — 'I'lillc arni Wtoiidc luctn. 352 

335 Ftaurnud & Sop.— Laces< 453 

336 Pauw, P. de, Paiis.-^Trlin- 
mins*. 353 

337,PcrrJD Brothers, GrcnobJe.—^ 

Kid glbtfcn, 353 

333 RafRn, Mra. C, M-, ft Son, Tararc. 
— Tarbijiia and mtislins. j^rj 

339 TerrlNon, L., Paris.— Ladies' 

triiitfninfcJS. 253 

339-i Craflvierft Co., Paris.— Lac«ft. sr^ 

340 Cosssrd, Paris,— Lacei. 252 

341 Caiin ft Noyon. SJitnt-Plerre-les-^ 
C^Ai$. — Idlundc and lil.ncJi Jacu. *5i 

343 Vcrd^'DcJi^le ft Co. rindla Com* 
pan y J . E^^r ii — Hmid -Jim Jc ^acc. 3 54 

343 DaveoierA, E.,J^.,SaiDt-Pie^re-Jes- 
lJ.LliLih.— jMdii;KJiic-i.ii:idt.^ lacct, 353 

343n Eraailtir, Paris. — Lacca, 3^ 

344 Collective Exhibit of the Caivados 
Litre nuiiLifiitiiircTii.-, J., 
C;n:ii ; Lctormit Caen ; Lccok^-LwiDiottc^ 
Catn ; l-croy^ fttrs., Caen^ hl^fOLiie, Mr*,, 
Catii; Rol^ri Hrcj*., CoUDcullcr^-iUr-Mcr 
{CnlvadtiKl: M^rouzcj U.jCacn; Vcrd^ 
t>E:1i^l(r & CO', Caen. Lacca. sjl 

345 Clement ft Co., Paris.— PearU aod 
dt.iLiTonds. 253 

346 Ai]dy, Mrs., Paris.— Imitation 

pe:irL, BS3 

347 Bolianl, Jean, Son, Paris.— 
Chain*. 253 

347>i Boucheron, Par Id.— Jewelry. 253 

348 BouTcier, Cb.j Paris.- Imitation 
jtwelry, t"^ 

349 Carbonneaux, Francois, Paris. — 

Gilt :mu] lfLCt:l jtWi:^ry. vj.3 

3401 OttCTboure, Paris.- Jewelry, 253 

350 Capra,J., PariH.-Gilt Jewelry, 253 

351 Foriich, A., Bour^ fAln).- 

JtWL'Iry. 9^3 

352 H^inery, Ed., Paris.- Gilt and 

^ald-pl:itt;d jewelry, i^j 

35 2h Brietia, Paria.- Jewelry, 233 

353 Kirn, A,, ft Co., ParLS.—Gilt 

jewelry ajj 

354 Levy, laidorci Ptu'it.'-lniitation 

jt:Wtlry. »5j 

355 Maseurand Broa^, Paris. — Gilt 
jewulry and pt^LirU. 733 

356 Murat ft Co., Paris.— Gold-plated 
jcw^-lry. asj 

356<i Bosact, Paris.- Jewelry* =53 

357 Philippe^ Ertiile, Paris.- Jew- 
elry. 253 

353 Picl, A., Fail a.— Imitation Jew- 
tlry. 253 

350 Rrffld, Anatole, Jr., Paris.— Imlta- 
[lOn Jial;ic>i^kJ[A. 2^3 

361 Sot dottVfe^ , ^QMV^ ^ i*ft V'^'* 1 ''*^*; 

I 3 6 a ^oy CT , P a\i\ ^ YatKa .—V^^ ■^'^^ 

at end of cum«&. ac* CVa&i^tv^*^^<^^ W" '*'^*^' 


Jewelry, Fancy Artldea, Stationery. 

S6S Topa t Broa., 

pearls :ir\\i curaJi 
364 Touchard, ErncGV 



Paris.— Gilt 


3TT Cha ag eat, E.. Paris, 

church ii 11 d ihcatrii:*^! H.irn;4ments. 

365 Carmant.AdDlphe, Paris. 

a Jtwelry. 253 

ii F-incy Drpnics. 254 

306 Clcray, E.j Paris. 

4» S he t] jewelry. 253 

^ Famcy articlcfr. 254 

387 Woodcock, F., Vaugirard.— Porce- 

Inin fluwcr^. 254 

368 Aubi, H., PariB.— ^Napkin ring and 

fastener. 254 

369 Bapteroases, F., Paris.— Porcelain 

buttons and pearls. 254 

370 Bicqu6 & Dupressoir, Paris- 
Feathers. 254 

371 Blot £ue£ne, Boulognc-aur-Mcr. 
— CLiy pi[}i^. 2^^ 

372 Bondier, Ulbrich, & Co., Paris 
Mccrsclialim and hricr-WfMKl pipes 254 

373 BonttimSf B., Paris.— Mpviue and 
^iiigin^ hird^^ 254 

374 Boiirgeold, senior, Paris. — Colors 
without poison, for toys. 254 

376 Brodin, jr., Pane.- Aeryiftatic ar- 
ticles. 254 

376 Cohuraer & Collet, Paris.- Chil- 
drcti';^ ai^tl iliill.-.^ furniture. 254 


878 Dehors, A., Paris.— Toys. 254 . 

879 Delivr^, L., Paris. — Artificial 
flowers. 254 

880 Deschamps, Maurey, & Co., Paris. 
— Toilet brushes. 254 

881 D^temmermann, P., Paris.— Porce- 
lain flowers. 254 

882 Didout, H., Son, Paris.— Clasps for 
pocket books, cigar cases, etc. 254 

883 Dupont, A., Beauvais. — Ivory 
brushes. 254 

384 Faivre, Paris.— Toys. 254 

385 Favier, A., Paris.— Flowers and 

leaves. 254 

886 Fiolet. L., Saint Omer (Pas de Ca- 
lais ^ — Clay pipes. 254 

387 Girondeau, Fran9ois, Paris.— 
Fancy bronzes.' 254 

388 Gogly, Auguste, Paris.— Artificial 
flowers. 254 

389 Gosse-Perier, I'aTiB,— Artificial 
flowers. ^i4 

390 Gu^ot & Mignraux, PariB.— Birds 
and uisecls niiiJe ul' Ji^wtrv and feath- 
ers. 254 

391 HasBlauer, Mtb,,& Champcaux de, 
O i V *.' I \A rclt: lilies f. — L' liiy pi pvs, . 254 

393 Hifclard, U, A: Co., Paris.— Feath- 
er:^ Liiid :Lri.i}iuial (lov^-trs 254 

393 Jamcau, F Pans.— DgUb. 254 

394 Kce^ £rncst, Paris.- Fans. 254 

395 La mar re, Paris. — Fancy arti- 
dcs. 254 

S96 Loiaeau, A., Son, Paris.— Toys. 254 

S07Loonen, F., Paris. —Ivory 

brushes. 254 

S98 MaMte, Paris.— Toys. iSA 

399 Mayaud Bros., Paris.— Medals and 

ornaments. 254 

400Muzet & Co., Paris.— Hair 

work. 954 

401 Pinson, Paris.— Shell, ivory, and 
pearl fancy articles. 954 

402 Jiadiguet, Paris.- Toys, 254 
408 Ravenet, senior. Pari s.—Comhs.»5{ 

404 Sohn & Delabre Pari a. ^ Pored oi a 
flowers. j^4 

405 Souchet & Co., Paris,— Enameled 
flowers, fj^ 

406 Truffy, Paris.— Mechanical toys, i5i 

407 Vacquerel, P. E., Paris.— Decaleo- 
nianie. 25^ 

408 Voisin, V. C, Paris.— Fancy arti 

cies. 25 

409 BaptcrosBcs, F., Paris.— Buttons 
and pcarh ^^i pni-cclniti, 254 

410 Alexandre, Paris.— Fane, 254 

411 Walker, W Paris. Traveltnt 

articles. 255 

412 Len^i^re, A., Paris.— Phot Ofiraphic 

;iibii[]is iinJ j'nncy l^^ihcr wr.trk. 1^5 

413 Revillon Bro3.,iiParis.— Furs, 256 

414 Jacquemin, Paris.- Historical cos- 
tumes. 257 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

415 Dubourguet, A., ParU.^Inkitandt 
and oflice ami iir Limits' nrtitlts. f ^ 

416 Gaffre & Caen, Paris.— Steel 
pens. 958 

417 Gonthier, Dreyfua^ & Co., Paris. 
—Stationery, Uthu^rAphy^ and £D- 
gravings. icS 

418 Panier, Ernest, Pftria.—Mathe- 
matical instruments. 358 

419 Plateau, E., Paris.— Office sta- 
tionery. 25J 

420 Poure, Gillot, O'Kelly, & Co., Bou- 
logne-sur-Mcr. — Steel pens and pet 
holders. 25S 

421 Rous, Ermond, Paris. — Ink- 
stand. 2s8 

422 SusseBrothers, Paris.— Fancy 

stationery. 258 

423 Toiray, Maurin G., Pans.— Office 

stationery. 258 

424 Bondier, Ulbrich, & Co., Paris.- 

^Lg;Lrt:LLt: pupt;t, 259 

426 Bardou, J. P., Perpignan.— Cigar- 
ette paper. 259 

426 Blanchet Bros., & Kl^ber, Paris.- 
Paper. 259 

427 Bernard, J., & Co., Parit.- 
Papcrs. 259 

428 Haymann Bros., Paris.— Tissue 
papers. 259 

429Hennecart & Co., Paris.- 
Papers. 259 

430Lacroix Bros., Paris.— Writing 
papers and parchments. 259 

481 Mauuet, Paris.— Fancy stationery 

:Lri[1 t: 1 1 ^1~^ ^' 1 n]^ . 2^ 

1^%% NLai^v^ & SV. Marie Pa|>sr If ills. 

^or C/.-WSC* of cxhibiu*. indicatcil by numbers at cxvA o^ cuu\t*, s^^ C\^^\^t:«^X«ti,'ieJ^, 



Stationery, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

434 B6coul6t & Co., Paris. 

a White and fancy papers. 259 

b Colored papers. 364 

436 Canson & Montgolfier, Paris.— 
Paper. 260 

43 5o Lrortie, Paris.— Bookbinding. 261 

436 Hutinet, D., Paris.— Bristol board 
and cards. * 262 

437 Lraroche, A., Saulxures (Vosges). — 
Vegetable paste for pasteboard manufac- 
turers. 262 

438 Desfeux, Ph., Paris.— Leather roof- 
ing. 262 

439 Bourgeois, Martin, jr., Paris.— 
Decorauve paintings for apartments and 
fireboards. 263 

440 Roger & Montlouis, Paris.— Wall 
papers. 264 

Weapons, etc. 

441 Givelot, Paris. — Guns and ammuni- 
tion. 265 

442 lullien & Gauthey Bros., Paris.— 
\letallic cartridges. 265 

443 Laffiteau & Rieger, Paris.— Fancy 
arms. 2^9 

Medicine, Surgery, Prothesls. 

444 Badiole, Henr^^, Tarbes (Hautes- 
Pyrenees). — Medicines. '472 

446 Vie, Gamier, & Co., Paris.— Phar- 
maceutical preparations. 372 

447 Valby, Dijon.— Medicinal capsules 
and pills. 372 

448 Limousin, Paris.— Machine for the 

manufacture of capsules, and apparatus 
for inhaling oxygen gas. 274 

449 Reynal, L&once, Paris. — Physi- 
cians case. 274 

450 Bri&re, Jules, Alen^on (Orne).— 
Hygienic nipples. 274 

461 Benas, Jean Pierre, Paris.— Rubber 

surgical instruments. 276 

452 Vergnc & Chose Bros., Paris.— 

Rubber surgical instruments. 276 

453 Rondeau Bros., Paris.— Rubber 
surgical instrumenLs, truss. 276 

454 Eliaers, A. E., Paris.— Chairs for 

invalids. 278 

Hardware, Ed^e Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallic Products. 

455 Lichtenfelder, Paris. — Lock- 
smiths' tools. 280 

465« Segant, Pari s.— Shoemakers' 
tools. 280 

456 Pottecher, B., Bussang (Vosges). 
— Iron covers and currycombs. 280 

457 Dugoujon, J., senior, Paris.— 
Saws. 280 

458 Limet, Lapareill6, & Co., Paris.— 
Files. 280 

459 Rheims, Anatole, Paris.— Military 
equipments; screws. 280 

460 Guillemin, Rcnaut, Nog^ent(Haute- 
AJame). — Cutlery. 281 

461 Oirard, Charles, Nogent (Haute- 

Msume).—Cutiery. 2g, 


of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

462 Sommelet, Courcelles (Haute- 
Marne). — Cutlery. 481 

463 Th&venot, Felix, Nogent (Hauts- 

Marne). — Cutlery. aSx 

464 Thinet, Paris.— Cutlery. a8i 
466 Vitry Bros., Paris.— Cutlery. 381 

466 Charbonne-Thuillier, J., Nogent 
(Haute-Marne). — Cutlery. 381 

467 Couvreux, Wichard, Nogent 
(Hnute- Marnej. — Pruning shears and 
cutlery. a8x 

468 Thomachot - Thuillier, Nogent 
(Haute- Marne). — Scissors and pruning 
shears. aSi 

469 Dissoire, Nogent (Haute-Marne).— 
Surgical instruments. 281 

470 Denizet, Langres (Haute-Marne).— 
Cutlery. 381 

470'> Scheidecker, Ch., Paris.— Shear- 
ing niiicliiues. 281 

470^ Perard, V., Paris.— Sheep shear- 
ing machines. 381 

471 Chateau, Louis Auguste, Paris.— 
Emery paper and cloth for polishing 
glass. 282 

472 Deplanaue, senior, Maison-AIfort 

(Seine).— Whetstones. 382 

473 Dumas, F r e m y, Mrs., Paris.— 

Kmery paper and cloth. 283 

474 Durrschmidt, Lyons.— Whet- 
stones. 283 

476 Edeline, Am&d6ejean, Paris.— Bur- 
nishing stones. 283 

476 Fournier, Dondel & Co., Paris.-^ 
Metallic fire fenders and bronze arti- 
cles. 383 

478 Marchand, Louis L&on, Paris.— ^ 
Hrun/es. 283 

479 Martin, Louis, Paris.— Sheet iron 
ornaments. 383 

480 Morel, A., Paris.— Bronze orna- 
ments. 383 

481 Perrot, Henry, Paris.- Bronzes. 283 

482 Christofle & Co., Paris.— Gold- 
smiths' ware. 283 

488 Froment-Meurice, Paris. —Gold- 
smiths' ware. 283 

484 Cornu, Eug., & Co., Paris. — 
Bronzes. 283 

485 Poussielgue - Rusand, Paris.— 
Bronzes and plated ware for churches. 283 

486 Sauvage & Riick, Paris.— 
Bronzes. 283 

487 Tahon, Felix, Lille.— Forged cop- 
per plates. 283 

488 Susse Bros., Paris.— Bronzes. 283 

489 Deny, Louis, Paris. — Construction 
mutorials. 284 

489'» Carmoy, Celestin, Paris.— Brass 

and steel nails. 284 

490 Anthoni, G., Levallois-Perret 
(Seine). — Axles and springs for car- 
riages. 284 

491 Teantaud & Co., Paris.— Carriage 
wheels. i^^n 

492 Dav\d-"Darcvo\*e«LM %l Q.o., ^«.xva.,-- 
CV\am&. '^^'» 

493 MarquVat Itotv Co., '^^^^^•— ^"^^^^^^ 
deWcTs atxd ?.Vove \»\vt^- _ 

at end of eumcs, see O^-.^^^^-^^'^^ ' '^^'^^ "^"^ ^^' 



Metal, Wooden, Rubber Ware, Vehicles. 

494 Mage, senior, Lyons. — Woven 
wire for mattresses. 284 

496 Sirot, C. & L., Charleville (Ar- 
dennes). — Nails. 284 

496 Vachette Bros., Paris.— Locks for 

furniture. 284 

497 Chapp6e. A., Le Mans (Sarthe).— 
Iron pipes for water and gas. 284 

498 Chameroy & Co., Paris.— Water 
pipes and cocks. 284 

499 Cazaubon, D., Paris.— Pumps and 
water closets. 284 

500 Gallais, A., Paris.— Gilt nails. 284 

601 Thiry, jr., Paris.— Artistic lock- 
smiths' goods. 284 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

602 Fromage, Lucien, & Co., Rouen.— 
Elastic fabric. 285 

608 Bfenas, Jean-Pierre, Paris.— Rubber 

surgical instruments. 285 

604 Vergne & Chose Bros., Paris.— 

Rubber surgical instruments. 285 

506 Rondeau Bros., Paris.— Rubber 

surgical instruments. 285 

606 Vital, A., Paris. — Lithographic 

press rollers. 285 

607 Deschamps, Mauroy, & Co., Paris. 

— Toilet brushes. 286 

608 Dupont, A., Beauvais (Oise).— 
Toilet brushes and prepared bristles. 286 

609 Loonen, P., Paris.— Brushes. 286 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

510 Pitet, senior & junior, Paris.- 

Brushes. 28< 

511 Roullies 


612 Caruc, Paris.— Ropes. 

Paris.- Carpet 


613 Arnold, E.. Paris.— Metallic, glass, 
porcelain, and wooden letters ; coats of 
arms of alniations. 288 

614 Bornet, Paul, Paris.- 

leather letters. 




615 Boudvillain, J., Paris.— Trophy of 

flags. 288 

516 Pichot, E., Paris.— Ornamental 
labels. 28S 

517 Moitrier, Leon, B^naminil (Meur- 
the). — Wicker baskets. 289 

518 Policard, Ren6, Paris.— Flower 
stands, etc. 289 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Aooessories. 

519 Muhlbacher, Paris.— Carriages. 29a 
620 Gaudichet, Vierzon Cher.— Car- 
riages. 293 

521 Desouches, Paris.— Carriages. 292 

522 Binder Bros., Paris. — Car- 
riages. 292 

523 Million, Guiet, & Co., Paris. 

a Carriages. 292 

b Harness. 296 

524 Perreaux, Paris.— Steam veloci- 
pede. 293 

525 Huret, N., Paris.-^arriage. 393 
626 Fortin Bros., Pans.— Harness 

felts. 296 

at end of entries, see ClassificatioD, pp. 27-45. 





{South of Nave, Columns 28 tojS.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Chemioal Manafsotures. 

German Union of Manufacturing 
Chemists. — Manufactured Chemi- 
cals, ETC. 200-203 

1 Kahlbaum, C. A. P., Berlin. 

2 D'AndrianftWegelin, Mtilhousen. 

3 Vorster & Griieneberg, Kalk, near 

4 Schuchardt, Theodor, Gorlitz. 

5 Koepp, Rud., & Co., Oestrich. 

6 Saame & Co., Ludwigshafen. 

7 Th. Wurtz's successors, Leipsic. 

8 Von Heyden, F., Dresden. 

9 Chemical Joint Stock Co., Berlin. 

10 Jobst, Friedrich, Stuttgart. 

11 Fischer & Schmitt, Hochst. 

12 Brohme & Co., Bergen-on-Dosse. 

13 Bartels & Kroyemann, Frohse. 

14 Trommsdorff, H., Erfurt. 

15 Lindenbauer, Otto, Hanau. 

16 Marquart, L. C, Bonn. 

1 7 Loeflund, Edward, Stuttgart. 

18 Suhr, W., Altona. 

19 Heyl, J. F., & Co., Berlin. 

20 Sauberlich, Anton, Zwickau. 

21 Bloedner's, Joh. Chr., Son, Gotha. 

22 Hiibner, B., Rehmsdorf. 

23 Saxon Thuringian Joint Stock Co., 


24 Ruffer & Co., Breslau. 

25 Hisgen, G. C, Nassmiihle, near 

26 Gans & Leonhardt, Frankfort-on- 

27 Clever, Joh., Werden. 

28 Aniline Manufacturing Co., Rum- 
melsburg and Berlin. 

29 Zeltner,Johann, Nuremberg. 

30 Gysae, Robert, Oberlossnitz. 

81 Ultramarine Works, Marienberg. 

32 Kaiserslautern Ultramarine Works, 

33 Rosenstein, W., Stettin. 

34 Vossen Bros., Aix-la-Chapelle. 

35 Hirsch & Merzenich, Cologne. 

36 Bayer, Fr., & Co., Barmen. 

37 Tohann Anton Farina, zur stadt 
Mailand, Cologne. 

38 Mack, Ernat, Reichenlvpll. 

41 Goedecke & Co., Leipsic. 

Far chsses of exhibits, indicated by n»xmbcrs 

41a Honigman, M. & Co., Aix-la-Cha 


42 Kluge & Poritzsch, Leipsic. 

42^ Sieperman, C. F.,& Son, Elberfeld 

43 Bernhardi, J., Leipsic. 

43<* Gebens, Ernst, Baden-Baden. 

44 Briickner, Lampe ft Co., Leipsic. 

45 Sachse, E., & Co., Leipsic. 

46 Haensel, Heinrich, Pima-on-Elbe. 

47 Wolff, F., ft Son, Carlsruhe. 

48 Langwisch, Bernh., Hamburg. 

49 Lohse, Gustav, Berlin. 

50 Wilhelmi, P., Reudnitz. 

51 Ltiderft Leidloff, Dresden. 

52 Kunheim & Co., Berlin. 

53 Haarmann, W., Holzminden. 

bZti Royal Prussian & Ducal Brunswick 
Smelting Works of the Lower Hartz, 
Gaslar.— Sulphuric acid, intermediate 
products, etc. 200 

64 Nor r, Eugene, Berlin.- -Siphon 
valve. 200 


54^ Royal Salt Works, Stassfurt.— 
Rock salt, salts of potassium, magnesium, 
etc. 200 

54* Chemical Factory, Stassfurt.— Po- 
tassium salts, chloride of potassium, 
manure salts, etc. 200 

54^ Chemical Factory, Leopoldshall.— 
Chloride of potassium, sulphate of potash, 
glauber salts, etc. 200 

54^' Chemical Factory of Nett, Paul- 
wasser, & Co., Leopoldshall.— Chloride 
of potassium. 200 

64^ Zimmer & Co., Stassfurt.— Artificial 
salts of chloride of potas.sium, manure 
salts, etc. 200 

54/ Lindemann, G., & Co., Stassfurt.— 
Chloride of potassium. 200 

64^ Douglas, B. W. B., Westeregeln. 
— Salt, medical and manure salts ; plans, 
section of the mine. 200 

54^ Lairitz, C. & L., Remda.— Pine oil. 

RIAN metal leaf and bronzbcolors. 202 
55 Haenle, Leo, Munich. 

at end of cuUves. ste C\a&s\^ca.Woxv,v^. -il-Vb 



Chemicals, Ceramics, Glass, Furniture. 

61 Schaetzler, G. E., Nuremberg. 

62 Weidner, J. L. ft P., Nuremberg. 
68 Reich, H. & Chr., Nuremberg. 
65 Eiermann & Tabor, Furth. 

67 Spiegelberger, Ludwig, FUrth. 

68 Cramer, J. W., Fiirth. 

69 Beckh, Georg Adam, Nuremberg. 

71 Kuhn's Wire Factory, Nuremberg. 

72 Meier, J. C, Fiirth, near Nuremberg. 

73 Beyer, Edward, Chemnitz.— Copy- 
ing, writing, and fancy inks. 202 

74 Jaenecke Bros. & F. Schneemann, 
Hanover. — Printing inks ; varnishes. 202 

76 Vogel, M. B., Leipsic— Colors. 20a 
75^ Lesser, G., & Co., Leipsic— Prepa- 
rations fur finishing textile manufactures. 


76 Farina, Johann Maria, Jiilichsplatz 
No. 4, Cologne. — Eau de Cologne. 203 

77 Farina, F. Maria, Glockengasse 
471 1, Cologne. — Kau dc C<)l<)gne extracts, 
Horida water, soaps, and perfumery. 203 

78 Schimmel & Co., Leipsic— Essen- 
tial oils. 203 

79 Gadamer & Jaeger, 'Waldenburg. — 
Swedish matches. 204 

80 Hochstatter, Heinrich, Langen, 
near Darmstadt. — Matches. 204 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

81 Mendheim, Georg, Berlin.— Clay 
goods. 206 

Sla Lonitz, Hugo, Neuhaldenslaben. — 
Jars, terra-cotta figures, etc. 206 

82 Gundlach Bros., Grossalmerode. — 

Crucibles and fire-bricks. 207 

88 Gundlach, W., & Son, Grossal- 
merode. — Fire-clay crucibles. 207 

84 Stettin Fire-brick Manufacturing 
Co. — Fire-brick retorts and fire-bricks. 


85 Gundlach, Joh., jr., Grossalmerode. — 
Crucibles and jars for ointments. 207 

86 Knodchen, J. A., Hohr.— Clay ware. 


87 Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach.— Mosaic 
tiles. 208 

87'i ^Vagner ft Starker, Stuttgart.— 

Parquet tiles. 208 

i 8 Telegraph Supply Manufacturing 
Co., Hcrlin. — Porcelain for chemical uses. 


89 Royal Porcelain) Works, Berlin.— 
Porcelain, buscuit work, etc. 207 

90 Hanke, Reinhold, Hohr, near Cob- 
lentz.— Antique (lerman pottery. 213 



93 Schaller, Jok., FUrth. 

94 Vogel, G., Furth. 

96 Berlin.J.W., Furth. 

97 Heilbronn, Leop., Fiirth. 
97« Winkler, Ch., & Son, FUrth. 
97^ Wiederer, N., Furth. 

97^^ Brann & Reich, FUrth. 

98 Underberg-Albrecht, H., Rhein- 
berg. — Bottles. 215 

99 Greiner, Elias, Cousin^s Son, Laut- 
cha, near Sonne berg. — Enameling 
colors. 2i6 

Furniture and Objects of General Vm 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

100 Friedrich, O. B., Dresden.- Fancy 

furniture. 317 

101 Gutte, Louis, Gorlitx.— Wood 

carving. 217 

101« Vogts, F., & Co., Berlin.— Furni- 
ture. »i7 

102 Kimbel, Martin, Breslau.— Fancy 

furniture, etc. 217 

103 Schottle, Georg, Stuttgart.— Fur- 
niture. 217 

106 Vdlker, Otto, Berlin.— Carved fur- 
niture. 226 

107 Tenner, A. B., Eisfeld.— Wooden 
rolling blinds. 217 

108 German Sewing Machine Factory, 
Frankfort-on-Main. — Ship furniture for 
the prevention of sea-sickness. 917 

109 Neuhusen, J., Berlin.— BillUrd 
table. S17 

llOBahse & Haendel, Chemnitx.- 
School desk and bench. 217 

111 Mayer's Art Institution for the 
Manufacture of Church Furniture and 
Decorations, Munich. — Wooden statues 
and altars. 317 

113 Friedrich, Hch. Ottm., Beierfeld, 
near Schwarzenberg. — Tin-plated iron 
spoons and forks. 213 

114 Schreiner, Anton, Nabburg.— 
Ornamental drinking utensils. ai8 

115 Woldemar, 'Wimmer, Annaberg, 
Saxony. — Gold and silver wire-wara. 218 

117 Voeltzkow, W., Berlin.— Picture 
frames. no 

118 Voeltzkow, G. W., jr., Berliii.- 

Picture frames. »ao 

119 Massmann, F., Kiel. — Gold cor- 
nices. MO 

119^ Mendheim, Georg, Berlin.— Plant 
for stove. a»a 

120 Joint Stock Co. for the Manufac- 
ture of lironze Goods & Zinc Castings, 
Hcrlin. — Chandelier of bronze, and xinc 
castings. 77} 

121 Korner & Co., Berlin. — Lamps, nj 

122 Kleemann, C. A., Erfurt.— Lamps. 


91 Merkelbach & Wick, Grenzhausen. 
— Pottery partly in the antique German 
style. 213 

92 Joint Stock Association of Looking- 
fi/.iss Manufacturers & MauufaciurmR \ 
Chemists of Sf. Gobain, CUavuiy and ] 

Circy, f- lolberg, pear Aix-la-ChaucUe.— 
I^ooking-glass plates, mirrors, and rougVx 
gtass. ai.v 

far cJhsscs of exhibita, indicated by numbers* ul euA ot cu«\e&, %«t C\M*\^cs^^tixi,vV.V|-<k 

\7,% ^c\\"WBkTx,^.Noxi,'^>xt«m^ct^v-Oaf- 

\^5 "t^otTtvftLtvti,^oYv.^^«t^.^>ax«B&n«\. 

\ — ^VovAAs fox coT\S«:C\s>x«.n: va«., «» 



Woven and Felted Goods, Silk. 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

128 Herrmann, L., 
Woven wire goods. 


Dresden. — 


129 Scholler, Ph. Jacob, & Sons, Neu- 

stadt-on-Hardt. — Woven wire goods. 228 

1 30 Siemsen, Joh., Hameln-on-^Vese^. 

— Manila hemp good:*. 229 



131 Gladbach Joint Stock Spinning & 
Weaving Mills, M. Gladbach. 

132 Busch Bros., M. Gladbach. 

133 Droste & Siepermann.M. Gladbach. 

1 34 Ercklentz, Max,&Co., M. Gladbach. 

135 Goertz & Kirch, M. Gladbach. 

136 WiUemsen, P., Widow, M. Glad- 

137 Rosenberg & Cohen, M. Gladbach. 

138 Schlafhorst & Briiel, M. Gladbach. 

1 39 Everling, Carl, & Co., M. Gladbach. 

140 Ercklenz & Reuter, M. Gladbach. 

141 Botterling & Schultze, M. Glad- 

142 Essers, Martin, M. Gladbach. 

143 Croon Bros., M. Gladbach. 

144 Langen, Kruchen, & Borrenkott, 
M. Gladbach. 

145 WolflF, Fr., M. Gladbach. 

146 Hellendall & Steinberg, M. Glad- 

147 Grunwald & Klei, Rheydt. 

148 Kropp, J. P., Rheydt. 

149 Nacken, G. H., Rheydt. 

150 Sanders, W., Rheydt. 

151 Ax, Heinrich, Rheydt. 

152 Oechelhauser, Rheydt. 

158 Coenen & Wolter, Odenkirchen. 

154 Erckens & Co., Grevenbroich. 

155 Rolffs & Co., Siegfeld. 

156 Steam Net Manufactory, Itzehoe, 
Holstein. — Nets. 230 

157 Rischbieter, Carl, Dessau.— Win- 
dow-shades. 230 

158 Schlieper & Baum, Elberfeld.— 
Calico. 232 



159 Lang, Ed., of Blaubeuren.— Linen 
handkerchiefs. 233 

160 Eckstein & Kahn, Stuttgart.— Ta- 
ble cloths, towels, shirts. 233 

162 Pichler, Hermann, Urach.— Table 
cloths, damask covers, 233 

163 Beck, E., Ulm.— Linen and cotton 
shirt fronts ; linen. 233 

164 Steam Ticking Mills, Goppingen.— 
Ticking. 233 

165 Kolb St Schii/e, Kirchlieun.— Fus- 
t/an &r bed covers. 233 

tee Mayer & Co., Bielefeld. — Linen \ 
goods. 2^^ 

ForctottestirexftfWfs, indicated by numbers 



166'> Meyer, Jos., Dresden.— Damask 

goods. 233 

166^ Lairitz, C. & L., Remda.— Linen 

fabrics. 233 

166^ Loewenberg, H., Charlottenburg. 
— Imitation leather goods. 234 

WoYcn and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

167 Bergmann & Co., Berlin.— Zephyr 

wool. 235 

168 Hiiffer, Heinrich, Crimmitschau. 

— Worsted for weaving. 235 

170 Scholz, Paul, Friedberg-on-Oder. 

— Knitting yarns. 235 

171 Tittel & Kriiger, Leipsic— Dyed 

zephyr wools. 235 


172 Erckens*, Joh., Sons, Burtscheid, 
near Aix-la-Chapelle. 

173 Ackens, Grand, Ry, & Co., Eupen. 

174 Delius, C, Aix-la-Chapelle. 
176 Jansen, Joh. Wilh., Montjoie. 

176 Knops, Aloys., Aix-la-Chapelle. 

177 Scholler.J. P., Diiren, near Aix-la- 

177^ Schdller, L., & Sons, Diiren, near 

178 Wiess Bros., Werden-on-Ruhr. 

179 Weiss Bros., Leipsic. — Cloths. 235 

180 Wurtemberg Felt Factory, Gien- 
gen. — Felt shabracks. 235 

181 Marthaus, Ambrose, Oschatz. — 

Felt goods. 235 

188 Kauffmann, Carl, Reutlingen.— 
Coverlets. 237 



184 Boeddinghaus, Fr., & Son, Elber- 

185 Boeddinghaus, Wilh., & Co., El- 

186 Herminghaus & Co., Elberfeld. 

187 Jung & Simons, Elberfeld. 

188 Lucas Bros., Elberfeld. 

189 Schaefer & Co., Elberfeld. 

190 Weerth, de, & Co., Elberfeld. 

191 Wolff, R. & E., Elberfeld. 

192 Worsted Spinning Mills, Kaisers- 
lautern. — Worsted yams. 238 

194 Geyers & Schmidt, Schmiedeberg, 
Silesia. — Carpets." 236 

195 Valckenberg & Schoen, Worms.— 

Artificial wool. 240 

198 Linden Steam Mills Joint Stock 
Co., Linden, near Hanover. — Velvet. 241 

199 Weigert& Co., Berlin.— Furniture 
plushes, etc. 241 

Silk and Silt "E^Vst\<5k%. 

200 Mci, CaT\, «L^otv,Yx^\\»a.^^LN^^^*^' 

201 OebYvaTA&Co.,^Vo«'^^^^— '^*''^'^^^^, 

at end ot enm^s, ?.ee O^ssx^ccvMvow , ^^ - n- Vb" 



Silk, Clothing, Jewelry. 

202 Gressard & Co., Hilden. 

ufFetas, foulards, etc. 


203 Massing, Bros., & Co., PUttlingcn, 
Lorraine. — Silk plushes. 247 

204 Escales & Hatry, Saargemiinde.— 
Silk plushes. 247 

204^ Hoemmighaus & de Greiff, Crefeld. 
—Silk velvets. 247 

Clothing, Jewelry, etc. 

205 Hake, Mrs. von, Berlin.— Ladies' 
underwear. 250 

206 Gros & Co., Bruchsal, Baden.— 
Corsets. 250 

207 Ottcnheimer, J. M., & Sons, Stutt- 
gart. — Corsets. 250 

208 Gulden, Heinrich, Chemnitz.— 
Gloves. 251 

209 Woller, Fr. Ehreg., Stollbcrg, near 
Chemnitz. — Cotton hosiery. 250 

210 Kaufmann, A.& C, Berlin.— Paper 
collars and cuffs. 250 

211 Ereutznach, Ed., successor, 
Chemnitz. — Cotton hosiery. 250 

212 Scholz, Paul, Friedeberg-on-Oder. 
— Hosiery. 250 

212« Bortfeld, Carl, Bremen.— 
Hats. 251 

213 Miller, Thomas, Berlin.— Hats. 251 

214 Natanson & Hurwitz, Berlin.— 
Felt shoes and boois. 251 

216 Wolf, S., Mayence.— Shoes. (/« 
^oe and Leather Building. ) 251 

216 Koraczewski, G., Posen.— Shoes. 
(/« Shoe and Leather Building.) 251 

217 Krebs, F. Eugen, Regensburg.— 
Kid gloves. 251 

218 Lehmann, Heinrich, Berlin.— Kid 
gloves. 251 

219 Zeitteles, D., Esslingen.— Leather 
gloves. 251 

220 Ellstatter & Urbino, Carlsruhe.— 
Leather gloves. 251 

221 Ranniger, J. L.,& Sons, Altenburg. 
— Leather gloves. 251 

221<> Doerffel, C. G., & Sons, Eibenstock. 
— Laces, embroidered covers. 252 

222 Kuchn, Heinrich, Berlin.— Em- 
broidery patterns. 252 

222a Tittel & Kriiger, Leipsic— Em- 
broidery. 252 

223 Schneider, Bruno, Buchholz, Sax- 
ony. — Kinhroidcrics. 252 

225 Aren & Blumenheim, Berlin.— 
Embroideries. 252 

226 Hirschberg, M.,& Co., Eibenstock. 
— Kmhroideries and laces. 252 

227 Hesselbein, Sophie, Berlin.— Em- 
broideries. 252 


GOODS, ETC. 253 

228 Boehm, Philipp, Oberstein. 
229 Hahn, Carl, Idar. 

230 Lcyaer, Wilhelm, Idar. 
231 Wi/d, J, C, IX, Idar. 
233 Hahn, Philipp, Idar. 
283 Hcydt, Friedrich, Idar. 

234 Caesar, Louis, Idar. 

235 Herringer, Johann, Idar. 

236 Fuchs, Friedrich August, Ober- 



237 Spranger, N., Schwab. Gmiind. 

238 Renner&Buchler, Schwab. Gmiind. 

239 ^Vbhler, Edward, Schwiib. Gmiind. 

240 Ott, B., & Co., Schwab. Gmiind. 

241 Zieher, Ottmar, Schwab. Gmiind. 

242 Erhard & Sons, Schwab. Gmiind. 

243 Hauber, Gustav, Schwab. Gmiind. 

244 So erg el & Stollmeyer, Schwab. 

245 Pleuer & Co., Stuttgart. 

246 Strohmeier & Co., Stuttgart. 

247 Gabler Brothers, Schorndorf. 

248 Ritter & Co., Esslingen. 

249 Zimmermann, E. G., Hanau. 

250 Geissel & Hartung, Hanau. 

251 Kurr-Schlittner, C, Hanau. 

252 Steinhauer & Co., Hanau. 
263 Weber, O., & Co., Hanau. 

254 Weishaupt, C. M., Sons, Hanau. 

255 Bissinger, C, Sons, Hanau. 

256 Kraul & Bier, Hanau. 

257 Hertel, C, & Son, Hanau. 

258 Krug, J. M., Hanau. 

259 ^Vinkler, Carl, Hanau. 

260 Drescher & Kiefer, Hanau. 

261 Roth, J., Hanau. 

262 Schehl, C. W., Hanau. 

263 Zeuner, Hugo, Hanau. 

264 Dingeldein Bros., 

265 Storck & Sinsheimer, Hanau. 

266 Baker & Co., Hanau. 

267 Volz-Bier, A., Hanau. 

268 Schoenfeld, E., jr., Hanau. 

269 Schantz & Katz, Pforzheim. 

270 Spahn, C. C, Pforzheim. 

271 Keller, Heinrich., Pforzheim. 

272 Lay, Edward, Pforzheim. 

273 Heidegger, "W., & Co., Pforzheim. 

274 Deyhle Bros., Pforzheim. 

275 Kiehnle, Aug., Pforzheim. 

276 Gerwig, Aug., Pforzheim. 

277 Bizer Bros., Pforzheim. 

278 ^'Vild & Co., Pforzheim. 

279 Becker, Fritz, Pforzheim. 

280 Siebenpfeiffer, C, Pforzheim. 

281 Lodholz, Friedrich, Pforzheim. 

282 Koch & Bergfeld, Bremen. 

283 Humbert & Heylandt, Berlin. 

284 Binder, W., Schwiib. Gmiind. 

285 Becker, Chr., Pforzheim. 

286 Felge, Paul, Berlin. 

\ \ca.vts. ^ 

for classes of c^hi^.iu. iuclicaUd by numbers a.t end o^ cxx«\cs.^c^e\;^'csv^x^v.«..^.i 



Toys, Fancy Articles, Weapons, Medical Appliances. 

289 Sachs, Joseph. & Co., Berlin.— 

UmbreUa.s, sunsnaueK, etc. 354 

290 Wingender Bros., H6hr, Nassau. 

— Clay and bruxere pipes. 254 

291 Meyer, Heinrich, Hamburg.— Ivory 
giHxis. 254 

292 Peine, Edward, Hamburg.— Cuff 
buttons. 254 



294 Pabst, G. J., Nuremberg. 

295 Hinrichsen, V^., Nuremberg. 

296 Eichner, G. L., & Son, Nurem- 

297 Issmayer, J. A., Nuremberg. 

299 Norrmann, J., Nuremberg. 

300 Helmbrecht, G., Nuremberg. 

301 Schleuerpflug, E., Nuremberg. 

302 Stief, J., Nuremberg. 

303 Miller, Th., Nuremberg. 

304 Strobel, J. P., Nuremberg. 

305 Baudenbacher, C, Nuremberg. 

306 Kithil, A., Nuremberg. 

307 Uebelacker, L., Nuremberg. 

308 Hess, Math., Nuremberg. 

310 Fischer, J. G., Erlangen. 

311 Schlcnk & Lutzenberger, Nurem- 

312 Probst, Gottfr., Nuremberg. 

313 Hahn, Gottlieb, FUrth. 

314 Ott, Gebhard, Nuremberg. 
815 Ziegele & Hauck, Furth. 
316 Keller, Conrad, Furth. 

319 Pruckner, D., Munich. 

320 Bettman & Kupfer, Bayreuth. 

321 StoUe, J. F. E., Bayreuth. 

322 Schlegel,J., Nuremberg. 
324 Sichling, H., Nuremberg. 
825 Plank, E., Nuremburg. 

326 Barth & V^a^ner, Rodach near 
Coburg. — Mechanical toys. 254 

327 Dressel, Cuno & Otto, Sonne- 
berg, Thuringiu. — T*>ys, dolls, and slates. 


828 Schuaemann, L., Magdeburg.— 

Dolls. • 254 

329 Hawsky, Adalbert, Leipsic— 
Paper balloons. 254 

330 Maznus, G., & Co., Berlin.— Bil- 
liard balls. 254 

331 Oehme, J. D., & Sons, Grunhai- 
nichca. — i'oys. 254 

332 Knipp, T. F., Berlin.— Album. 255 

333 Viti, Francois, Berlin.— Leather 
goods. 255 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

334 Faber, A. W., Stein, near Nurem- 
berg. — I/cad pencils, water-colors, etc. 258 

335 Pensel, H., & Co., Ludwigstadt, 
Bararia. — Slates, etc. 258 

330 SchwanhUuaer, Nuremberg. — 
Lead pencils, rubber, chulk, etc. 2^8 

8S7 BUttner, Bd., A Co., Berlin.— Fancy 
papers. ^.-^ 

For dames of exhibits, indic.itcd by number 

888^Heinits & Seckelson, Berlin.— 

Fancy papers. 259 

889 Mayer, M., Coblentx.— Envelopes. 


840 Meissner,C. F.,& Son, Raths-Dam- 
nitz, near Stolp. — Papers. 259 

841 Munich-Dachau Joint Stock Paper 

Mill, Munich. 
a Writing papers. 259 

6 Paper lor artificial flowers. 264 

842 Schott, Hermann, Rheydt.— 

Fancy papers, etc. 259 

343 Konig, J. C, & Ebhardt, Hanover. 
— Account books. 261 

344 Rufus, Fr. Wilh., Dortmund.— 
Account books. 261 

345 Joint Stock Playing Card Manu- 
factory, Stralsund. — Playing curds. 262 

846 Adler, Geo., Buchholz, Saxony.^ 
Card-board work. 362 

347 Schlesinger, Martin, Berlin.— 
Paper letters, cards, etc. 262 

348.Wiskott, C. T., Breslau.— La- 
bels. 262 

849 Haenle, Leo., Munich.— Gold and 
silver papers. 264 

850 Herting, C, Einbeck, Hanover.— 
Paper-liungings. 264 

851 Dessauer, Alois, Aschaffenburg.- 
Fancy colored papers. 264 

353 Werner & Schumann, Berlin.— 
Paper letters. 264 

Weapons, etc. 

353^ Krupp, Fr., Essen.— Cannon and 
projectiles. 267 

354 Schilling, V. Chr., Suhl.— Military 

weapons. 269 

Medicine, Surgery, FrothesiB. 

355 So heller, Ferdinand, Hildburg- 
hausen. — Malt prepar.itions. 273 

356 Wolff, F. A., & Sons, Heilbron.— 
Pharmaceutical ;ipp;iratu>. 274 

357 Lepowski, E., Heidelberg.— Roll- 
ing chairs, Q.n{.\ general appiiratiis for the 
sick and wounded. 276 

357« Miiller, L., Lauscha. — Artificial 
human eyes. 276 

357^ Esmarch, F., Kiel.— Bandages and 
dressings. 276 

357c Horn, G., Kiel.— Bandages, safe- 
guards for broken legs, etc. 276 

357^ Hartmann. P., Heidenheim.— Pre- 
pared medical dressing materials, etc. 276 

357* Surgical Clinic of the University 
of Koenigsberg. — Plaster of Paris and 
hemp bandages for fracture. 276 

357/ Port, Dr., Munich.— Dressing for 
fractures. 276 

357ir Moratski, A., New Buckan.— 
PUister of i*aris dressings. 276 

3 57 A Paper & Chemical Manufactory.— 
l*lastcr and dressing m.ilenalb. 276 

357< Beck, Dr., Carlsruhe. 

1 b Arl\c\cs ^ot Vivccvsvv-iTVwv^ vV«i viwoA^^ ^'^^^ 
1 bau\e. •^'^?' 

1 367/ GeViTVft 'Bto\.Yv«%, ^^Vvcv.-^^^'C^-^ 
I '\v\% v\ecVA"ACC&. 

. at end of cumc*. se* C^;^ss^^^^^^:^^^>^^' -^1- W 



Medical Appliances, Metal and Wooden Ware. 

357/^ Saal, F. O., Coblentz.— Model of 
larynx. 277 

867/ Plambeck, N., Hamburg.— Model 
of a hospital car, and other sanitary appa- 
ratus. 278 

Z57m Lower Silesian and Markish 
Railway. — Models of cars, etc., for trans- 
portation of the wounded. 278 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallic Products. 

358 Vorster, R. & H., Hagen, West- 
phalia. — Edge tools, etc. 280 

859 EisenfUhr, Wilh., Berlin.— 
Tools. 280 

860 Boker, H., & Co., Solingen.— Cut- 
lery, etc. 281 

861 Hessenbruch, T., & Co., Ronsdorf. 
— Steel goods, cutlery, etc. 281 

862 Holler, J. S., & Co., Solingen.— 
Steel goods, cutlery, etc. 281 

863 Wellmann, Fr., Altona.— Cut- 
lery. 281 

864 Leykauf, George, Nuremberg.— 
Burnishing stones. 382 

865 Felsing, Conrad, Berlin.— Orna- 
mental castings. 283 

866 Cast ner, A., Berlin.- Zinc 
castings. 283 

367 Stolbere, Count, Wernigerodes 
Factory, Tlsenburg. — Ornament:d cast- 
ings, basins, etc. 283 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

368 Annsberg, Adolphe, Aix-la-Cha- 
pclle. — Door knobs. 284 

369 Brousson. J., & Son, Neu-wied-on- 
Rhine. — Nails, etc. 284 

370 Roehle, Louis, Dresden.— Door and 
window knobs, etc. 284 

371 Wire & Screw Factory, Talkau.— 
Screws. 284 

372 Koch & Bein, Berlin.— Metal let- 
ters and castings. 284 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

375 Reissbarth, G. C, & Son, Nurem- 
berg. — Brushes. 286 

376 Kochs, Gustav, Broich, nearMuhl- 
heina-on-Ruhr. — Hempen and wire rope. 


377 Lorenz, Gustav, Bockau, Saxony.— 
Basket ware. 289 

378 Cordes & Ellgass, Delmenhorst, 
near Bremen. — Corks. 2^9 

379 Lindemann, Carl, Dresden.— 
Corks. 289 

380 Liirssen, Carl, Delmenhorst, near 
Bremen. — Corks. 289 

381 Praechter, Bros., & Co., Heidel- 
berg. — Cork ware. 289 

882 Gagel, Lorenz, Lichtenfels.— Bas- 
ket goods. 289 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

388 Dick & Kirschten; Offenbach-on- 

Main. — Axles for fine carriages. 293 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. xj-iS. 




{South of Nave, Columns 2j to 28.) 

Chemicals, Ceramics, Glass. 

Chemioal ManufaotnreB. 

1 Gobetsky, Josef, Esaegg.— Prepared 
quinii\e. 300 

2 Mook, John Peter, Vienna.— Ex- 
tracts of soap and pine spurs, kali 
cream. aoz 

3 Weineck, Ignax, Stockerau. 

a Candles, soap, toilet soap. aoz 

i Perfumery. 903 

4Fritsch, Ferdinand, Vienna. 
« Soap. aoz 

6 Ink. colors. aoa 

c Perfumeries. ao3 

5 Sarg, F. A„ Son, & Co., Liesing, near 

« Artificial wax candles, soap, glycerine, 

oleo margerine butter, etc. 20Z 

t Toilet articles. 303 

6 Dobel, Paul, Boryslaw, Galicia.— 
Crude and melted ozocerite. 201 

8 Sell, Charles, Pirano, Istria.— 
Soap. aoz 

9 Demartini, I., Prague. 

a Toilet soap. aoz 

b Perfumery. 203 

10 Calderara & Bankmann, Vienna. 
a Toilet and glycerine soap. 20Z 

b Perfumery. 203 

12 Prochaska, Franz, Prague. 
a Toilet soap. aoz 

b Perfumeries, pomades, etc. 203 

12' Ujhely & Co., Stockerau.— Candles, 
tapers, etc., of ceresine. 201 

123 Wagenmann, G., Vienna.— Petro- 
leum, mineral wax, candles, tapers, etc. 


14 Przibram ft Co., Vienna.— Alizarine, 

Adrlanople red. 202 

16 Palme^ Elias. Steinschonan, Bohe- 
mia. — Glass and bronze lustre. 202 

17 Herbert, Franz Paul, Klagenfurt.— 
White lead. 202 

18 Riha, Ernst, Pilsen, Bohemia.— 
Water colors for artists. 202 

19 Ahd6s & Son,Vienna.— Lac, varnish, 
oil color, mastic. 202 

20 Ecker, Alexander, Stockerau, near 
Vienna. — Colors for painters and carriage 
vamishers. 202 

21 V^uste, F., Vienna.— Colors for stone 
and copper-plate printing, 202 

SO Pollak. Jacques, Vienna.— Essences, 

essential oils. 203 

Ceramios— Pottery, Poroelainy Olass, 

34 Klmmmerth, Aloia, Znaim, Moravia. 
—Eartlieawsmt veasels. ajo 

fiordauet of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

85 Zasche, Joseph, Vienna. 

a China. «zo 

b Porcelain. azj 

86 Fi8cher,Samuel,Vienna.— China, azo 
89 Thun, Count V. Klosterle, Bohemia. 

— China articles of luxury. azo 

41 Eberhardt, Carl, Prague.— China- 
ware : flowers made of china, bouquets, 
wreaths, and jewelry. 313 

42 Chemical Technical Manufactory, 
Elbogen, Bohemia. — Porcelain (lustrous 
colors). 3Z3 

48 Riedl von Riedenstein, David & 
Fredrich, Dallwitz, Bohemia. — China ser- 
vices. 213 

46 Ziegler's Son, Joh. Ant., Kreuzhutte, 
Bohemia. — Blown plate-glass. 214 

47 Ziegler's Son, Andreas, Sofienhutte, 
Bohemia. — Cast looking-glass, glass 
tiles. az4 

48 Austrian Glass Foundry Associa- 
tion, Aussig, Bohemia.- Glass bottles. 215 

49 Schmid, Jos. Ed., Annathal, Bohe- 
mia. — Concave glass articles. 2Z5 

60 Batka, Franz, Prague.— Glassware 

for chemical purposes. az5 

51 Franke, Carl, Prague.— Chemists' 
fixtures. 3Z5 

52 Umann, John, Tiefenbach, Bohemia. 
a Flagons. 2Z5 
b Glass articles. 216 

53 Rasch, Clemens. Meistersdorf, Bo- 
hemia.— Concave glass articles. 216 

54 Lobmeyr, I. & L., Vienna.— Glass 
articles. 2t6 

55 Grohmann & Kessler, Haida, Bohe- 
mia. — Glass articles. 216 

58 Muller, Hermann, Ulrichsthal, Bo- 
hemia. — Concave glass articles. 2z6 

59 Von Harrach, Count, Neuvelt, Bo- 
hemia. — Glass articles. 216 

60 Tyrolese Glass Painting Manufac- 
tory, Innsbruck, — Glass painting and an- 
nealing. 216 

61 Hartmann, Moritz, Pribram, Bohe- 
mia. — Glass pearls and cylinders. 216 

62 Wagner, Franz, Meistersdorf, Bo- 
hemia. — Glass and bronze articles. 216 

68 Zeckert, John, Meistersdorf, Boh'e<t 
mia. — Gla-^ware and bronze. 216 

64 Brunfant, Jules de, Vienna. — Glass- 
ware. 2Z6 

65 Schreiber, S.'Neffen, Jos., Vienna.— 
G\assv/aTe. aASi 

66 Palme's ^0x1,"^ . ^.,'LNccv^^^^^'»''^^- 

T\\a . — GXassviatt , 


67 Sto\z\e's ^•tvs, CN\etiTw^--^\^^^;^ 
\ -ware, 

at end of entnes. %e* Oa&^x^c^'ev^^'^^- •^Tr^.V 



Furniture, Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing. 

68 Meyr*a Nephew, Adolf, near Win- 
terberg, Bohemia.— Glassware. 216 

Tnmitnre and Otjeots of General TTse 
in Constmotion and in Bwellings. 

69 Kohn, Jacob & Joaeph, Vienna. — 

Furniture of bent wood. 217 

70 Dillmann, I., & Fischer, L., Vienna. 
— Iron ntrniture. 217 

74 Riffl* Rudolf, Vienna.~Iron double 
bed. 217 

78 Stein, Carl, Vienna.— Cabinet fur- 
niture. . 217 

74 Thonet Brothers, Vienna.— Furni- 
ture of bent wood. 217 

76 Hoyer, Joseph, Svetla, Hungary. — 
Plates of crystal. 2x8 

76 Moser, Ludwig, Carlsbad, Bohe- 
mia. — Glass articles, painted services. 2x8 

77 Lerl, Oustave, & Sons, Vienna.— 
Frames for photographs (in bronze). ^220 

78 Scheidl, Alois,Vienna.— Gold frames 
and cornices. 220 

79 Kraulis, M., 

Vienna.— Frames for 

Vienna.— Bronze 

80 Bambula, John, 

picture frames. 

81 Sommerschuh, W. I., Prague. — 
Earthenware stoves and slabs. 222 

82 Ostersetzer Brothers, Vienna.— 
Paper lamp screens. 223 

83 KerTs Heir, F. A.. Flatten, near 
Carlsbad, Bohemia. — Plated and tinned 
spoons, boxes, tin articles. 224 

84 Kirchhof *s Sons, C. F., Vienna.— 
Refrigerators. 234 

85 Buchsbaum, Max, Vienna.— Ceiling 
ornaments. 227 

86 Cslink ft Co., Vienna.— Wood work, 
blinds, table mats, wall screens. 237 

Tarns and Woven Ooods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

67 Beutel, Franz, Vienna.— Wicker 
work . 229 

88 Richter, Ignaz, ft Sons, Nieder- 
gnind, Bohemia.— Cotton velvets. 231 

89 Parma, Joseph, Tichau, Moravia.— 
Bleached piques. 233 

90 Regenhart, Raymann, & Kufferle, 
Vienna. — Table linen, linen. 233 

98 Siegl, Carl, Vienna. — Bleached 
linen. 233 

98 Weiss ft Grohmann, Vienna.— Linen 
and cotton thread. 333 

WoTtn and Felted Ooods of Wool, eto. 

95 Huckel Sons, I., Neutitscheim, 
Moravia. — Hatters* articles, felts. 235 

96 Cloth Manufacturers* Association. 
Rcichenberg. Bohemia. — Cloths, with and 
without Snish. 335 

$S Schmidt, I, Ph.. ft Sons, Reichen- 

oeig, Bohcmisi. — Woolens. 33s 

00 Mob. Adolf, Reichenberg, Bohe- 

oii*' — WooJens, military cloth. a^j 

100 Von Bauer, Otto, Brunn.— Wool- 
ens. 235 

1 03 Siegmund, Wilhelm, Reichenberg. 
— Woolens. 235 

104 Koch, Max, Vienna.— AVoven long 
and square shawls. 337 

106 Hlawatsch ft Isbary, Vienna.- 
Woven shawls. s}7 

107 Vdslau Yarn Manufactory, VSslaa, 
near Vienna. — Dyed woolen yams. 238 

111 Schweinburg, Gustav, Vienna.— 
Carpets. ^'•' 239 

Silk and Silk Fabrios. 

113 Hornbostel, C. G.. ft Co., Vienna.— 
Silk and half silk goods. 245 

114 Reichert's Sons, F., Vienna.— 
Silks. 24s 

116 Frcbitsch, S., & Son, Vienna.— Silk 
articles. 245 

117 Hetzer, Carl, & Sons, Vienna.— 
Silk ribbon and velvet. 248 

118 KemperlingiJohn, & Sons, Vienna. 
— Silk ribbons. 248 

119 Stefsky, Joseph, Stockerau.— Hab- 
erdasheries, woolen and silk cords and 
laces for military purposes. 249 

120 Schmidl Sons, W., Vienna.— Pas- 
sementerie. 349 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

121 Bauer, Albert, Humpoletz, Bohe- 
mia. — Cloth, velvets, clothing for military 
purposes. 350 

122 Keller ft Alt,Vienna.— Clothing. 350 
124 Mottl Sons, M., Prague.— Men's 

clothing. 350 

128 Straschitz, Beermann, Prague.— 

Men's clothing. 350 

127 Schwarzmann, D.,& Co.,Vienna.— 
Men's clothing; European costumes, from 
coarse to fine. 950 

128 Thieben, Emanuel, Vienna.— 
Woven shawls and dressing ^rments. 350 

130 Werner, John, Prague.— Men's 
clothing. 350 

131 Budan, Joseph, Prague.— Lreathtr 
gloves. 2SI 

132 Eckstein Brothers, Prague.— Kid 
gloves. 351 

133 Engelmuller, Ferdinand, Prague 
— Leather gloves. a*l 

134 Habig, Peter, ft Co., Vienna.- 
Hats. ^1 

135 Bencker, M., ft Son, Prague.— Kid 
gloves. 35X 

136 Ldrincz, Stephan, Budapest- 
Boots. 251 

187 Micka, Karl, Prague^— X#eather 
gloves. 351 

138 Pilat, Anton, Prague.—Laathcr 

gloves. 351 

l^Q Pokorny, Karl, Prague.— Leather 

S\voes. ."«» 

ft\ovr- *" 

ror clawes of cxhibitt, indicated by numbers at end o« «iXxx«.%«:Oa^<>Sw'=»siiwa,>».n^ 



Cloibingt F«ncy Goods, Jewelry* 

14a Sit«ny, FrmQi ft Max, Vienna,— 

14S Dewidels, Simon, Prague.— Kid 

gloves. 251 

1 44 Stoger, Ludwig, Vi cd ne . — Lea c h «r 
gloves. "J 5' 

145 Hauer, Carl, Brunn.— Lenther 
gloves. 251 

146 Straub, August, Prague.— Leather 
gloves. 251 

147 Frese, Anton, Prague.— Kid 
gloves. 251 

148 Steinhilber, Anton, Prague.— 
lA:athcr gloves. 251 

149 Bencker, I. U., Prague.— Leather 

gloVCH. 25* 

150 Turnwald, Ch., Prague.— Leather 
rK'Vla, 251 

151 Braunek,Bdward,Vienna.— Leath- 
er gloves. 251 

152 Beutel, Franz, Vienna.— Bath 
shoes m.ide of plaited rushes. 251 

153 Ave, Fred^ v. d., and Kollmann, 
\*^ui; .— K.i J gto vts . 351 

155 Berg, 3., Kr«kKu.^Alfauinen for 

yolks of e^s. ^:,t 

156 Roth, Frans, Prague. — Leather 
gloves. 251 

158 Suchy, Anton, Prague.— Leather 

gloves. 251 

159 Schwarz & Son, Joh., Vienna.— 
Hatbands. 251 

160 Vcelicka, August, Prague.— Kid 
gloves. 251 

181 Habcrkorn, George, Prague.— 

I.e;itlmr glovirt. 251 

163 Hamcrli, John, Funfkirchen, Hun- 
gary.— Li:ailnuT t;lN>v»h. 251 

163 Hoflmann, Joseph, Prague.— 
Leal her gluvc^. 251 

164 Irtnenbach's successor, Gottlieb, 
PrjiKiit:,— KiiijjlciVcfS. 215 

167 Kubilc^ Joh. Ncp., Stuhlweissen- 
hurg, IIiiU|^;ry. — l.<t:-U hi; r gloves. 251 

108 Lowenatdn Adolf R., Vienna.— 
Fancy ilutM. 251 

170 Skriv&n, John, & Son, Vienna.— 

Hats, felts. 251 

171 Port, Alois, Vienna.— Leather 
gloves. 251 

172 BiGch, E., Sl Sons, Brunn. 

it JLiriib< :irid ft]i[K:>^. 251 

£- C*Trrriilgc potichc^. 255 

174 Martina, W Vienna. — Leather 
gloves, 231 

175 Ko/bi Vmcenx, OrdElitc, Bohemia. 
— H"^ ini;c4, lacs :ir[Eclt^. 252 

176 CzeriniFiska, Inoceata, Wisniow- 
czyk, f^ihilkiii. — Kinliruidt-ryn 252 

178 Rithter. Edward A.. Vienna.— 
Vsritijatt'd FiiLLr^MUcrjrH workinE niiUirJuls 
retell 1^1 Lc for the snmc. 252 

179 Schaabi, Jaseph, GQe9f^ng^un, Bo- 

hij m i:^ " Ibices , fi di us , liand ktrt h icfs , ;i n J 

181 Ullmann, J. F., Ncudcck.— Lacts. 
18$ Doner, Bmilie, Boning, Hungary. 

— .f-a^ ^M an^ ■■■■I * I * ' 

183 Erlbeck, Anton, QoEifiengnin,— 
Laces, fan d^coraUonij hjudkemchicrli, 
and bcc Achiis. '^yt 

184 Horner, Anton, GtiiMengrun, Bo- 
licElii.i, — L:!^;^.'^, l^£:e fiLhu.4, and r^n Jcca- 
rations. asa 

185 Schmidl & Sons, V/.. Vienna.— 

Haberdashery, trimmings, silk and woolen 
braids. 353 

186 Fritsch, Joseph^ 
Lj cc^ , hn nd ktrthi efs , 

— Lacea and embroideries. 



fichus, and ian 


187 Lapaine, Caroline, Idria.— Bobbi- 

nets. 253 

IBO Metjner, Bemhard, Graslitz, Bo- 

htrini.t. — L.LLL's, handkerchiefs, and fan 
dm:-ji:.iUDEu, 25a 

100 Stramitz^r, L, Vienna. — Point 
g.ijct: t.b]>c ijucfi. 253 

191 Menzel, W. E., tepiitt, Bahcmta. 
— Garnets, genuine lllmI IliijIelLjoii sLorpCS 
(pierres de strasse). fjj 

1%2 Rpif» JoflEph Prague.— Jewelry of 

193 Coldtichmidt'i Sont, Michael, 
PrinrtK'. — Cl>IJ initt s\\ urnaiiKM^Ls. 153 

194 Steiner & Kolliner, Prague.— Gar« 

net, g«>ld and silver jewelry. 253 

195 Goldschmidt^ Louis A., Dubnik, 

)liiii;;,jry. — riili--tir:ii opals. 253 

196 Markowitsch & Scheid, Vienna.-- 
Silver trinkets. 253 

197 Neustadtl, M. H., Ptaguc— Garnet 
jewelry. 153 

199 Bolzani & Fussl, Vienna.— Gold 
chains. a^j 

200 Bergmann, Franz, Gablonz.— ImL' 
tation gems, 253 

202 Rod ek Brothers, Vienna.— 
lironze and leather jewelry. 253 

205 Kersch, Moriu, Prague.— Garnet 

articles. . 253 

207 UJbrich, Fran^, Ober-Kukan, near 
(.>»iblyiii.— Imil.n inn of precious stones. 253 

209 HofrichtCT'a Son, Joseph, Reich- 

a m'WM'ion VT-^wms Ktmi*:^^ 253 

6 l*j|p]c:r-ni:[chehi)xes. 254 

213 3cbfldelbaucr, VincenE* Vienna.— 

iMullli;f'iif-peiirl blUtMiLS. 254 

216 Baudissin, Counteaa Pauline, Vi- 
clijiJi,- ArLLli^i^il (lowers. 254 

217 Turners' Sample Office, Vienna.— 
<Jr»rk. iirLLcLcs, lub^icco pipe tube, and am- 
ber c tgar h L»t I ! c r4 , 254 

223 laruachka, Joseph, Vienna.— Mo- 
Eht:r-4'jl:'-' pearl buttons. 254 

226 Hieke, Augustine. TyBs^^ near 
Bodenbach, Hob em La. — Horn in J metal 
buttons. 254 

227 Lux, CI., Vienna.- Bronte arti- 
cles. 354 

228 Bergman, Franz, Vienna,— Bronie 
articles. ^54 

231 Hellmich. F. A. EJdam, Wotfer*^ 
<^^^r(,W^?iV\cmva.— ^^A^^,V^^^'^'^^'^^'^'^'^"^'^■^- 

Fot duMs of exhibita, indicated by numbers at tnd of ttwria, «* CL^wii^tivw^i V* ^T*^^ 



Fancy Ooods, Stationery, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

234 Hiets, Prant, Vienna.— Turners* 
articles, meerschaum and amber. 254 

237 Kemperling, Hermann, Vienna.— 
1'urners' articles, pipes, cigar tiolders, 
canes. 254 

241 Krehan, Ignaz, Vienna.— Mother- 
of>pearl buttons. 254 

243 Kuzel, John, ft Jankowsky, C, 

• Vienna. — Turners' articles, inkstand,cigar 

hoUler, ash bewls, watch holder, candle 

screens. 254 

248 Umann, John. Tiefenbach, Bohe- 
mia. — Paper weights. 254 

251 Wagner, Franz, Meistcrsdorf.— 
Bronze articles. 254 

252 Lederer, K., Gablonz, Bohemia.— 
Glass trinkets. 254 

254 Hartmann, L., & Eidam, Vienna. 
— 'lurners' articles, smoking requisites 
made of meerschaum and amber. 254 

256 Lrukasch, I., Vienna.— Mother-of- 
pearl fancies. 254 

256^ Schneider, Wenzel, Prague.— 
Necessaries for the toilet, threading ma- 
chines. 254 

267 Sittig, Joseph, Vienna.— Horn 
buttons. 254 

271 Coffani, Maria, Vienna.— Parasols, 
fans, hats, and trinkets, made of straw. 254 

272 Bauer & Pokorny, Vienna.— Meer- 
schaum pipes. 254 

274 Osterritter, Joseph, Vienna.— Fans 

of tortoise-shell, ivory, 
wood, and leather. 



278 Puschner, Franz Anton, Tyssa, 
near Bodenbach, Bohemia. — Metal but- 
tons, brooches, sets of earrings, emblems, 
medals, decorative buckles. 254 

279 Schwan, Wilhelm, Willendorf.— 
Mother-of-pearl buttons. 254 

283 Wittek, Adalbert, Vienna.— 
Mother-of-pearl buttons. 254 

285 Steindl, Carl, Vienna.— Mother-of- 
pearl buttons. 254 

286 Blazincic & Sons, John, Vienna.— 
Haberdashery. 254 

290 Trebitsch, Arnold. Vienna.— Arti- 
cles of meerschaum ana amber. 254 

291 Un^er, Franz, Vienna. 
(t Sm^knig requisites. 
6 T^attier articles. 

293 Danberger, George, Vienna.— 

Bronze w:vre,trames for photographs, toilet 
looking glass, cigar holders, inkstands, 
match boxes. 254 

297 Bechmann, A. F., Vienna.— Bronze 
ware. 254 

298 Beihl, Franz, Vienna.— Bronze 
ware. 254 

299 Frank, Joseph, Vienna.— Bronze 
ware. * 254 

800 Dziedzinski & Hanusch, Vienna.— 

Bronze articles. 254 

301 Bohm, Anton, Vienna.— Bronze 

ware. 254 

S0J9 Bohm, Ludwigf Vienna.— Bronze 

ware. 425 

SOS Werth elm er, Joseph, Vienna. — 

Fang. 254 

S07 WieJmnder, Peter, Vienna.— Moth- 
cr-of-pearl buttons. a54 

808 Bambula, John, Vienna. — Bronze 
goods, albums, writing portfolios, belts. 234 

310Unger, Franz, Vienna.— Porte- 
monnaic, frames for manufacture of leather 
fancy goods. 35s 

315 Seewald, Michael, Vienna.— 
Leather ware and trinkets. 255 

316 Rodek Bros., Vienna.— Leather 
articles. 255 

817 Osterritter, Joseph, Vienna.— 
Leather articles. 355 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

321 Fialkowski Bros. & Twerdy, Bie- 

litz, Austria-Silesia. 
a Writing paper. t^ 

b Printing paper. 260 

322 Eichmann & Co., Arnau, nesr 
Pnigue. — Samples of paper. 259 

323 Opitz & Son, Carl, Teplitz, Bohe- 

a Paper. 259 

b Pasteboard. 262 

825 Knepper, W., Vienna. 
a Cigarette paper. 2<5o 

b Fancy paper. 264 

326 Schloglmuhl Paper Factory, Vien- 
na. — l*aper rolls for printing machines. 260 

327 Schoffel, Anton, Reichenau, Bohe- 
mia. — Papier-mache bo.xes. 26a 

328 Wesely, Veit., Vienna. — Boxes. 262 
331 Ostersetzer Bros., Vienna.— Paper 

laces. 264 

Weapons, eto. 

383 Percussion Caps, Cartridge, & 

Breech Ring Factory, Prague. — Percus- 
sion caps, cartridges, and breech rings. 265 

Medicine, Surgery, Prothesis. 
884 Wilhelm, Franz, & Co., Vienna.— 

Drugs, medicinal herbs, volatile oils, etc. 


835 Wartpatrikoff Bros., Vienna.— 
Insect puwder. 27a 

836 Pollak, Jacques, Vienna.— 
Ether. 27a 

837 Zacherl, John, Vienna.— Insect 
powder and tinctures. 272 

838 Hamerli,John, Funfkirchen, Hun- 
gary. — Leather trusses. . 276 

338't Politzer, Adam, Vienna.— Ana- 
tomical and pathologico-anatomical prep- 
arations. 276 

839 Ber^rhammer, Fr., Vienna.— Set 
of artihcial teeth. 277 

340 Perl, Joseph, Klausenburg, Hun- 
gary. — Teeth, sets of teeth. 277 

341 Zsigmondy, Adolf, Vienna.— 
Teeth. 277 



343 Wertheim, Baron Frans, Vienna.— 
Complete representation of the Austrian 
tool manufacture. 280 

344 Schneider, Wenxel, Prague.— Pine 
penknives. 2bi 

^^4 VJ\tvV\«T, k\o\%, Vienna.— Cast linc 
AYUcXc^ , V^.x\«& , «,tEk^A«.to& ,\^\v«c\ « vud coal 

Tools, Cutlery, and 
lie Prodnots. 

ror cJmmscm of cxhiblia, indicated by numbets al end o^ <twu\^*. -.^e a^\^c»A«^,Y». ^t^fc 



Manufactures, Art, Machinery, Animal Products. 

g48 Moravia Ironware Industry & 
Trade Co., Vienna. — Nails, screws. 384 

FabrioB of Vegetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Materials. 

860 Schnek & Kohnberger, Vienna.— 
India-rubber goods. 385 

S61 Hausmann, Wilhelm, Reichen- 
berg. — Rope articles, twine, cords, 
girths. 287 

852 Kohl, August, Vienna. 

a Hemp hose, mill straps for mills. 287 

6 Fire buckets for mills. 389 

Carriages, Vehioles, and Aoeessories. 

853 Lohner & Co., Jacob, Vienna.— 
Phaeton carriages. 292 

856 Armbruster, Sebastian, Vienna.— 

landau coach. 293 

857 Bloch & Sons, £., Brunn.— Sole- 
leather saddle cloths. 396 


857<s Hofrichter's Sons, Reichenau, 

near Gablonz. — Oil paintings. 410 

857^ Isella, Pietro, Vienna.— Painting. 


Engraving and Lithography. 

857^ Paterno, Pr., Vienna. 

a Drawings. 420 

6 Chromo-ltthographs. 424 

357^ Kaeser, P., Vienna.— Engravings. 

857^.Bader, F. W., Vienna.— View of 
Vienna. 422 

858 Winkler, Alois, Vienna.— Oleo- 
graphs. 424 

858«< Lehmann, Nikolaus, Prague.— 
Chromos. 424 

858^ Lott, Ludwig, Vienna.— Chrome- 
typographs. 424 

858r ReifTenstein & RSsch, Vienna.— 
Chromos. 434 

858^^ Sieger, Edward, Vienna.— Litho- 
graphs. 434 

868^ Czeiger, S., Vienna.— Chromos. 


Ceramio Becorations, Mofaios, etc. 

359 Steinmetz, Franz, Petronberd, 
Iltyria. — Inlaid work and veneer. 453 

360 B^ger, I. B., Villach, Karnthen.— 
Inlaid work and veneer. 45a 

Machines for Printing, Making Books, 
Paper Working, eto. 

361 Wuste, 


Vienna. — Cylinder 

Arboricnltnre and Porest Prodneti. 

362 Frankl, J. Q. & L., Vienna.— Wood 
specimens for the manufacture of furni- 
ture. 601 

Water Animals, Fish Cnlture and 

864 Nachtmann, Jacob, Tannwald, 
liuhcmia. — Chamber leech aquariums. 640 

Animal and Vegetable Prodncts. 

865 Zacherl, John, Vienna.— Cleaned 
sponges. 650 

370 Ujhely & Co., H., Stockerau.— 
Wax. 654 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 




{North of Nave, Columns s 2 to SS-) 

Chemicals, Ceramics, Woven Goods, Silk. 

Chemical Manufactures. 

1 Guyot-Lupold, A., Lode, Ct. Ncu- 
chatel.— Chemical products .artificial black 
diamond, diamantiiie, powder of rubies, 
enamels for jewelry. 200 

4 Amblet & Poncct, Geneva.— Oil for 
watches and instruments of precision. 201 

5 Brunnschweiler, Trau^ott, St. Gal- 
len.— Caseum for calico printing, caseum 
glue for cold glueing. 201 

6 Vauchcr, L., Pcseux, near Ncu- 
chatel. — Animal oil for chronometers and 
fine watches. 201 

7 Bindschcdlcr & Busch, Basic- 
Raw materials lor the manufacture of 
dyes, aniline dyes, artificial alizarine. 202 

8 Brunnschweiler-ft Son, St. Gallen.— 
Printing inks, inks for Morse & Hughes' 
apparatus, extracts of ink in powder. 202 

9 Durand & Huguenin, L., Basle.— 
Naphthaline, rcsorcinc, fluorescene, eo- 
cene, phthaline and solutions, sefiranine, 
gallcine, ceruleine, steam blue, etc. 202 

10 BUhler, Emile, Neuchatel.— Hair 
regenerator, pomade, balsam, tooth-water, 
quinine-water. 203 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, Olass, 

11 Collin, Ch., Derendingen, Ct. Solo- 
thurn.— Watch glasses. 214 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

18 Billeter, C. G., Zurich.— Singed cot- 
ton threads, unbleached cotton sewing 
thread, cotton leash threads. 230 

14 Brunner, A., Msinnedorf, Ct. Zurich. 
— White and colored bed-covers. 230 

15 Gujcr-Brunner, Uster, Ct. Zurich. 
—White and colored tricot bed-covers and 
table-cloths. 23° 

16 Oetiker, M. R., Mannedorf, Ct. Zur- 
ich.— White and colored cotton bed- 
covers and table-cloths. 230 

17 Schlaepfer, J. U., Waldstatt, Ct. 
Appenzell, Inner Rhodes.— Muslin. 230 

18 Fierx, Henri, Zurich.— Cotton 
goods. 231 

19 Wallcnstadt Fancy Cotton Goods 
Mills, Wallenstadt, Ct. St. Gallen.— 
Fancy cotton goods. 231 

3fO FicTz, Henri, Zurich.— Turkey-red 

printed handkerchiefs, cashmere shaw\s, 

door-curtains, chintz. 232 

SJ Hmnhart-aoUvo, J., Dietikon, Ct. 

Zurich. — Cajnbrics,handkerchlefs, &haw\« , 

chintzes. 9,yi 

22 Asmoos Weaving Mills, Axmoos, 
Ct. St. Gallen. — Figured cotton goods. 232 

23 Schneider, C. P., Dattlikon, Ct. Zur- 
ich. — Lint for hospitals, colored wadding 
for jewelry. 233 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, ete. 

24 Munzin^er, Conrad, Olten, Ct. Solo- 

thurn. — 1" elt of wool and cotton for paper 
mills, cylinder-cloth. 235 

26 Siegenthaler, SI., Enggistein, near 
Worb, Ct. Berne. — Boots and shoes of 
felt, with and without wooden soles, fdt 
soles, felt tablets for watch-makers, filter- 
ing bags, felt trimmings. 235 

26 Ernst, Ferdinand, AVinterthur, Ct. 

Zurich. — Goods of wool and mixtures of 
wool. 238 

27 Schnyder. J. J.. WadenaweU. Ct. 
Zurich. — Worsted horse-hair and fibre for 
mattresses and uphobtery, horse-taib, 
bristles. 140 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

28 Baumann, senior, & Co., Zurich.— 

Silks. 845 

28a Zaeslein & MUller, Basle.— Argal, 

silk waste, and fabrics of silk waste. 245 

Streuli, Horgen, Ct. 

30 Dufour & Co., Thai, Ct. St. Qallcn.— 

Silk bolting-cloth, silk grit-gauze. 245 

81 Egli & Sennhauser, Zurich.— Silk 

bolting-cloth, middlings purifiers. 245 

82 Frey-Feer. J.. & Co., Aargau,Ct. 

Aargau. — Silk ribbons, faille, curd-cdgcd 
taffetas, sarsenets, listons, satins. 245 



84 Homberger Bros., V^etzikon, Ct. 

Zurich.— Silk bolting-cloth. 243 

35 Jansen, Bodek. & Hertz, Riesbach, 

near Zurich. — Silks and satins. 245 

86 Adlischweil Silk Goods Factory, 
Adiischweil, near Zurich. — Silks. «4$ 

87 Winterthur Silk Goods Factorr, 
Winterthur, Ct. Ziurich.— Urobrcfla 
silks. 845 

88 Meyer, Bros., Zurich.— Swiss silk 
bolting-cloth. 845 

^^ Ke\a-^\3L\k«T, XMtVcYk.— 8Uk bottiac- 
c\o\\v. V8k 

axvA saxXxvi. ** 

4\ 'Rv^^^^^***'^'^'^^''*'"^^^^^* 

29 Baumann ft 
Zurich. — Silks. 

83 Heidegger, Wegmann, ft Co., 
fcld, Zurich.— Silk bolting-cloth. 

For classes of exhibiU, Indicated by number* av end ot enmt*,*** 




Silk, Clothing, Jewelry, Weapons. 

42 Schaerer, Emil, & Co., Zurich.— 
Silks. 245 

43 Schrceder, Wilhelm, & Co., Zurich. 
— Silks. 245 

44 Schwarzenbacb, Landia J., Thal- 
weil, near Zurich. — Silk^. 245 

45 Stapfer, Joh., Sons, Horgen, Ct. 
Zurich. — Silks. 245 

46 Stunzi & Sons, Horgen, Ct. Zurich. 
— SUks and satins. 245 

Clothing, Jewelry, etc. 

47 Blumer ft Wild, St. Gallen.— Ho- 

siery, ladies' fancy at tides. 250 

48 Bourquin, C. F., Cormondrftche, 
near Neuch4tel. — Wool hosiery, jackets, 
and waistcoats. 250 

49 End-Ulmi, AH., Lucerne.— Knitted 
under-garments. 250 

50 Hess, Gebr., Amrisweil, Ct. Thur- 
gau. — Colored shirts anct over-shirts. 250 

51 Huggenberger, U., Prauenfeld, Ct. 
Thurgau. — Hosiery. 250 

52 Meyer-Waeapi ft Co., Altstetten, 
near Zurich. — Knitted under-gar- 
ments. 250 

53 V^iki, B., Lucerne.— Gentlemen's 
clothii^. 250 

54 Bell, August, Kriens, near Lucerne. 
— Crinoline braids. 251 

55 Chiesa Bros., Locarno, Ct. de Tessin. 

— Braids and straw hats. Canton Tessin 
specialty. asx 

56 Eich ft Co., Lcnzburg, Ct. Aargau. 
— Horse-hair braids, straw-pluitings, cot- 
ton tress-work, borderings, hair-cloth. 251 

57 Indermiihie, E. Th., Berx>e.— Straw 

hats. 25Z 

58 Isler, Alovse, ft Co., Wildegg. Ct. 
Aareau. — Hair and cotton plaits, fancy 
eoodbs of hair, straw, cotton, and silk for 
Eats and bonnets. 251 

59 Isler, Jacob, ft Co., Wohlen, Ct. 
Aargau. — Straw goods. 251 

60 AValser, Conrad. Wohlen, Ct. Aar- 
# gau.— Straw hats^ plaits, and fancy articles 

of straw, crinoline, cotton, and manila 
hemp, tissues of straw, sUk, and other ma- 
terials for fancy boxes, sparterie, embroid- 
ery, and ornaments for bonnets. 251 

61 Alder Bros., Herisau, Ct. Appenzell, 
Inner Rhodes. — Hand and mechanical 
embroideries. 252 

62 Alder ft Meyer, Herisau, Ct. Appen- 
zell, Inner Rhodes. — Embroidered trim- 
mings. 252 

68 Baerlocher-Custer. Rheineck, Ct. 

St. Gallen. — Embroidery, lace curtains, 
tidies, bed-covers, pillow-case covers. 252 

64 Basquin, Hector, & Schweizer, St. 
Gallen. — Machine embroideries. 252 

65 Bion ft Tschumper, St. Gallen.— 
Mechanical embroideries. 252 

66 Fisch Bros., Buhler, Ct. Appen- 
zell, Inner Rhodes. — Mechanical embroid- 
eries. 252 

67 Q51dy, A., ft Co., St. Gallen.— Me- 1 

chanJcal tuahroiderics, Hambuig edgings \ 

and insertions, 25a \ 

08 HirachMd Bros, ft Co., St. Oallen. 

69 Ikli Bros., St. Gallen.— Mechanical 
embroideries. * 35a 

70 Locher Bros., Speicher, Ct. Appen- 
zell, Inner Rhodes. — Mechanical embroid- 
eries on silk. 35a 

71 Wiilflinger Machine Embroidery 
Establishment, near Winterthur, Ct. Zur- 
ich. — Colored embroidery by machinery, 
Hamburg edgings. 25a 

72 Scheitlin ft Widmer, St. Gallen.— 
Mechanical embroideries. asa 

78 Staheli.Wild^ C, St. Gallen.— 
Hand and mechanical embroideries. 353 

74 Steiger ft Cq„ Herisau, Ct. Appen- 
zell^ Inner Rhodes.— Mechanical em- 
broideries, lace curtains. 353 

75 Strauss, D., ft Co., St. Gallen.— 
Lace curtains, drop laces, embroider- 
ies. 353 

76 Sturzeneggcr ft Rutz, Trogen, Ct. 
Appenzell, inner Rhodes. — Cravats, edg- 
ings. 25a 

77 Sutter-Dorig, R., Appenzell.— 
Hand and machine embroidery. 9^ 

78 Tobler, Ulr.. ft A., Rheineck ft 
1'hal, Ct. St. Gallen.— Machine embroid- 
ery. 253 

79 Zahner ft Schiess, Herisau, Ct. Ap- 
penzell. Inner Rhodes. — Hamburg eog- 
mgs and insertions. 35a 

80 Zellweger, J. C, Trogen, Ct. Appen- 
zell, Inner Rhodes. — Mechanical embroid- 
eries. 253 

81 Drawing School of the Board of 
Trade, St. Gallen. — Embroideries exe- 
cuted from designs of the drawing 
school. 253 

82 Urech, B., Herisau, Ct. Appenzell, 
Inner Rhodes. — Mechanical embroid- 
ery. 353 

82^ Ziircher-Banziger, 1., Teufen, Ct. 
Appenzell, Inner Rhodes. — Mechanical 
embroidery. 35a 

88 Petit- Pierre ft Bryson, Geneva.— 
Jewelry. 353 

84 Gay, Jean, Geneva.— Watch chains. 


84'> Meylan ft Mertens, Ed., Geneva. — 

Gold chains and chatelaines. 253 

85 Taccard, Eugene, St. Croix, Ct. de 
Vaud. — l^late engraved with flowers, orna- 
ments, and devices relating to the Cen- 
tennial. 254 

86 Rohr, Walter von. A., Miimliswyl, 
Ct. Solothurn. — Combs. 3^4 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

88 MUller, Jobs., SchafThausen. — 

German, French, English, and Spanish 
playing cards, railway tickets. a6i 

Weapons, ete. 

89 Swiss Manufacturing Co., Neuhau- 
sen, near SchafThausen. — Vetterli-sys- 
tem, infantry and target rifles, blank 
cartridges. 265 

89a Schmidt, Major, Berne.— Rifle and 
revoVvftt. ^fe^ 

Vaud.— U\\V-^>Md.«. 
afxhibkta, indicated by numbers at end of enuVcs.%cc Oa^v-SvcaJuau^Y^^TH. 

—SwitB lace cwrttunM. 




Medical Appliances, Hardware, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

91 Oerber & Co., Thun, Ct. Berne.— 
Condensed milk, children's food, medi- 
cal condensed milk. 273 

92 Lapp, C. Preiburff.— Pood for chil- 
dren, condensed milk. 273 

93 Naumann-Burkhardt, H., Basle.— 
Extract honey; syrup, and flour of 
meat. 273 

94 NestU, Henry, Vevay, Ct. Vaud.— 
Milk food or lacteous &rina. 273 

94a Wander, G.. Berne.— Extracts of 
malt and malt arops. 273 

95 International Bandage-shifT Fac- 
tory, Schaffhausen. — Dressings, lint, ap- 
pliances for the dressing of wounds, 
pharmaceutical apparatus. 276 

Hardware, Edffe Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallic Products. 

96 Spillmann, Heinrich, Unterstrass, 
near Zurich. — Engineering tools. 280 

97 Schneider, C. P., Geneva.— Compli- 
cated pocket-knives. 280 

98 BUrgin, Bros., Schaffhausen.— Up- 
holsterers' nails. 280 

98a Le Coultre, Jacques, Sentier, Ct. 

Vaud. — Razors. 281 

98^ Bossi, Gaetano, Locarno, Ct. Tes- 

siu. — New system of safety locks. 284 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Materials. 

99 Bally & Schmitter, Aargau, Ct. Aar- 

gau. — Elastic webs for boots. 885 


Agricultural Products. 

1 Anastasio, Giuseppe, Lugano, Ct. 
Tessin.— Cigars. 623 

2 Kottmann, J., Solothurn.— Ci- 
gars. 623 

8 Sauter, A., Diessenhofen, Ct. Thur- 
gau.— Cigars. 623 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

4 Schleife Tanneries, Wintcrthur, Ct. 
Zurich.— Blackened calf leather. 652 

5 HUrlimann. J. J., Rapperswyl, Ct. 

St. Gallen. — Swiss honey. 634 

6 Society for Bee Culture, Luk- 
raanier, Sobrio, Ct. Tessin. — Honey and 
wax. 654 

7 Coifee Surrogate Pactory, Zurich. 

— Fig-meal (surrogate of coffee;, con- 
serveid coffee. 656 

8 Robbi ft Co., Geneva.— Choco- 
late. 656 

9 Sch weigert, Auguste, Geneva.— 

Theodore's sauce. 656 

10 Suchard, Ph., Neuchatel.— Choco- 
late, cacaos. 656 

11 Almen, von, & Kopp, Fleurier, Ct. 

Neuchatel.— Absinthe. 660 

12 Berger, C. P., Couvet, Ct. Neucha- 
tel.— Absinthe. 660 

13 Bernhard, S., Samaden, Engadin, 
Ct. Graubiinden.— J va bitter, J va pofume, 
and tincture. 660 

14 Bolle, L. A., Son.Verriires, Ct. Neu- 
chatel. — Green and white absinthe. 660 

16 Grandpierre, J., Geneva.— Ver- 
mouth. 660 

16 Henny&Moullet,Pleurier,Ct.Neuf- 
chatel. — Absinthe. 660 

17 Kirschwasser Company Zug, Zug. 
— Kirschwasser. 660 

18 Nievergelt, Joh., Maschvtranden, Ct. 
Zurich. — Kirschwasser. 660 

19 Pernod, Ed., Couvet, Ct. Neucha- 
tel.— Green and white absinthe, gentian- 
liquor, kirschwasser. 660 

20 Scherer, Bros., Meggen, Lucerne. 
— Kirschwasser. 660 

21 Schmidt^ Joseph, Zug. — Sweet-liq- 
uors, righibitter, stomach-bitters, kirsch- 
wasser. 660 

22 Stauffenegger, Cbr., Travers, Ct. 

NeuchateL — ^Absinthe. 660 

23 Gessler-Zeller, J., Basle.^Leckerly 

of Basle. ^ 

24 Mattmann, Brothers, C. ft J., Hoi^, 

near Lucerne. — Italian pastry. 661 

For classes of exhibiu, indicate.d by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. a7-45. 




{North of Nave, Columns S4 to SQ-) 

Chemicals, Ceramics, Glass. 

Chemioal Xanufaotarei. 

1 Hemptinne, A. de. Son, Molenbeek, 
St. Jean, near Brussels. — Plan of appara- 
tus fur manufacturing sulphuric acid, aoo 

3 Meeus, M. & J., Antwerp.— Refined 
sulphur. 300 

4 Solvay ft Co.. Couillet, near Char- 
leroi.— -Chemicals, soda-salt. 3oo 

6 Des Cresaonni^rea (widow) & Son, 
Molenbeek, St. Jean, near Brussels. — 
Toilet soap. aoi 

8 Staea, Sproalanta, Termonde, Eaat 
Flanders. — Linseed, rape-seed, hemp- 
§eed. cotton, and other oils. aui 

9 Botelberge, Guatave, & Co., Melle, 
near Ghent, East Flanders. — Ultra- 
marine. 3oa 

10 Gilkinet, C. J., Enaival, near Ver- 
y'xcTS.—Cache-epoutii, or special ink, to 
point out the defects on cloth and dye- 
stuffs. 302 

11 Lummerzheim. M. H., & Co., Won- 
delgem, near Gnent, East Flanders. — 
Bituminous and re-a.sphahic roof and ship 
sheathing paper, lampblack. 202 

12 OfTergeld Bros., Forest, near Brus- 
sels.— Red, brown, and chestnut iron 
paint. 203 

13 Planche, Edouard, Son, Laeken, 
near Brussels. — Writing ink. 302 

14 Planche, Melchior, Ixellea, near 
Brussels. — Writing ink. 303 

15 Singer, Max, Tournai (Hainaut).— 
Aniline products for dyes extracted from 
coal-tar, etc. « 303 

16 White Lead ft Iron Paint Joint 
Stock Co., Anderghcm, near Brussels. — 
White lead, iron paint, mastics. 303 

17 Van der Velden, Leopold, Li6ge.— 
Writing, glossing, and indelible ink, liquid 
glue, etc. 303 

18 Van Laer, Guillaume, Verviers.— 
Dyers' practical guide, mordant pro- 
cesses. 303 

19 Marbaix, Auguate de, Antwerp.— 
Aromatic liquor, Anvers water, essential 
oil, caraway essence, cedar essence, 
Florentine ins, and oil of cloves. 303 

20 Co op pal ft Co., Wetteren, East 
Flanders. — Charcoal, sulphur, powder and 
cartridges. 904 

Ceramici— Potteiy, Poroelain, Glass, 

23 Seilles lex Aodenne ft Bouflioulx 
Joint Stock Co. of Refractory Products 
and Plastic Clay, Seilles, near Andenne, 
For clastea of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

Provi nee of Liiee. — Burnt refractory 
earthenware, brick tor eas furnaces, etc., 
gas retorts, refractory plastic clay. 207 

25 Wingender Bros., Chokier, near 
Liege. — White and colored clay pipes. 310 

26 Floreffe Co.. FlorefTe, near Namur. 
— Plate glass for windows. 214 

26^ Schmidt Brothers & Sisters, Lo- 
delinsart. — Window glass. 314 

27 Andris, Lambert, ft Co., Mar- 
chienne-au-Pont, near Charleroi (Hain- 
aut). — White window and heavy muslin 
glass. 2x4 

27a National Glass Works Joint Stock 
Co., Jumct. — Window glass. 314 

28 Baudoux ft Co., Charleroi.— White 
and colored window and unpolished and 
corrugated muslin glass, with variegated 
rosettes engraved and cut. 314 

29 Baudoux, E., & Jonet, Lodelinsart. 
— Colored and fancy window 314 

80 Bennert & Bivort, Jumet, near Char- 
leroi. — Window glass. 314 

31 Bougard, A.. Le Brun. H., & Co., 
Roux, near Charleroi. — Window glass. 214 

32 Dorlodot, L. de, & Co., Lodelinsart. 

— Unpoli.shcd and corrugated window 
glass, greenhouse, cathedral, and stained 
glass, old glass imitation. 314 

33 Looper, de, Haidin, ft Co., Cour- 
celles. — Window glass. 314 

84 Dessent, J., ft Bros., Jumet.— Win- 
dow glass. 314 

35 Fourcault-Frison, A., & Co., Dam- 
premy, near Charleroi. — Window 
glass. 314 

36 Hans, Octave, ft Co., Jumet, near 
Charleroi. — Window 314 

37 Lambert. Casimir, Son, Charleroi.— 
Window glass. 314 

38 Lambert, L., ft Co., Hamendes 
Glass Works, Jumet. — Window glass. 314 

89 Leurant, Emile, Jumet (Heigne), 
near Charleroi. — Glass cylinder, 314 

40 Mondron, Leon, Lodelinsart, near 
Charleroi. — Window glass. 314 

41 Monnover, J., ft Son, Dampremy, 
near Charleroi. — Window glass. 314 

42 Morel, Alphonse, Lodelinsart, near 
Charleroi. — Window glass. 214 

43 Schmidt, A., ft Co., L' Alliance Glass 
Works, Jumet (Brulotte), near Charleroi. 
— Window and fluted glass. 214 

44 Schmidt, Devillez, ft Co.. Dam- 
premy, i\«9t.t CVv^t\ tx «i\ .— ->^ vq.\q.h« 

46 Q\aL%a VJ or^t* \Q.\ti\ ^VoOi. C^.^Ox*x- 
aV eix«X o£ cauvcs, sec 0;^^S^«»'^^'»'•'*^-• "^^"^ 



Glass, Furniture, Woven Goods. 

46 Plate Glass Manufacturing Joint 
Stock Co., Courcelles, near Charleroi. — 
Clean polished and plated glass. 214 

47 Hainaut Glass Manufacturing Joint 
Stock Co., Roux, near Charleroi.— Plate 
glass for windows, silvered glass, samples 
of plate glass at difierent stages of manu- 
facture. 214 

48 Glassware & Plate Glass Manu- 
facturing Joint Stock Co., Brussels. — 
Framed plated and unplated mirrors. 214 

49 Bougard, A., Manage (Hainaut).— 
Crystals. 216 

60 Boussu, Familleureux & Blanc 
Misseron Glass Works Joint Stock Co., 
Boussu, near Mons (Hainaut).— Crystals 
and half crystals, dinner service, and arti- 
cles for lighting. 2x6 

Fumiture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

61 Demeuter, Leopold, Son, Brussels. 
— Furniture and hangings. 217 

58 Goyers, J. A. & H.,Bros.,Louvain.— 
Pufpit in the ogive style. 217 

64 Snyers, Rang, & Co., Brussels.— 
Carved walnut furniture, renaissance style, 
ebony inlaid with ivory. 217 

55 Teugels, Emile, Malines, Province 
of An vers. — Carved furniture, a chair of 
the sixteenth century, a Flemish chair of 
the sixteenth century. 217 

56 Zech, H., Malines.— Ebony bureau, 
arm-chair, and book-case. 217 

57 Boucneau, Leon, Schaerbeek, near 
Brussels. — Marble mantelpiece, Belgian 
mosaic marble panels for dining-room 
decoration, brick pavement and Belgian 
mosaic marble table. 217 

58 Guyaux Bros., Boufiioulx, near 
Charleroi. — Black marble, St. Anne man- 
telpiece. 217 

59 Lintelo, A., Brussels.— Clocks and 
marble slabs. 317 

60 Parmentier, Gosset, & Co., Sivry 
(Hainaut J. —Marble mantelpieces with 
vases and clocks. 217 

61 Tainsy, F., Brussels.— Marble man- 
telpieces. 217 

62 Brodure, Mathieu, Spa.— Painted, 
varnished, and gilt wooden work. 219 

68 Bronfort Bros., Spa.— Painted and 
ornamented wooden boxes, etc. 219 

64 Dcbrus-Leclaire (widow). Spa.— 
Painted and ornamented wooden boxes, 
etc. 219 

65 Debrus. Willem Alexandre, Spa.— 
Wooden boxes, etc. 219 

66 Krins, E., Spa.— Wood carvings. 219 

67 Van Ginderdeuren, Brussels.— 
Wood carvings, furniture. 219 

68 Costermans, lean, Brussels.— 
'i of the Flemish 

Hearth < 

I renaissance. 

69 Miedel, Dieudonni. Sombreffe, near 
Gcmbloux, Province of Natnur. — A brick 
layer ventilator for chimneys and coal- 
mine pits. 222 
TO Serta, O. N., Director of the State 
Railroad. — A plan for utilizing the heal 
wasted by kitchen stoves, and a healing 
and ventilating system for passenger raU- 
road can. aaa 

71 L'Eclair Joint Stock Co., Kessel- 
Loo, near Louvain (Brabant). — Match 
tapers. 223 

78 Pas, Gerard, Brussels.— Silver, 
copper, and bronze household utensils. 2x4 

74 Tremouroux, N. & J., Bros., Saint 
Gilles, near Brussels. — Polished, vam« 
ished, bronzed, enameled, platMl, and 
wrought iron household utensils. 224 

75 Valania. Jean, Ixelles, near Brus- 
sels. — Machines for confectioners. 224 

76 Vanderrest, Guillaume, Brussels. 
— Machine for the manufacture of sweet* 
meats. 224 

76^ Dogny,Jean Baptiste, Brussels.— 
Balusters, ornaments for door panels. 227 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

77 Baertsoen, A., ft Buysse, A., 

a Cotton textile fabrics. 230 

i I^inen textile fabrics. 233 

78 Smet,, & Co., Ghent.— Thread 
in packages; warped, unbleached and 
dyed skeins. 230 

79 Desmet Bros., Ghent. — Dyed, 
bleached, and unbleached textile fab- 
rics. 230 

80 Parmentier, Van Hoegarden&Co., 
Ghent. — Spun cotton, bleached and un- 
bleached printed cotton textile fabrics. 230 

81 DevosJCamille, & Brother, Court- 
rai. — Stun for trowscrs. 231 

82 Idiers, Emile, Auderghem, near 
Brussels. — Spun cotton, dyed Adrianople 
red, etc. 231 

85 Brandt, Jacques de, Alost. — Dia- 
pered and damasked table linen. 233 

86 Declercq, Clement, Iseghem. East 
Flanders. — IVisted linen thread for ma- 
chine and hand sewing. 233 

87 Govaert Bros., Alost, East Flan- 
ders. — Canvas, sackcloth and bags for 
grain, g^ano, salt, etc. 233 

88 Leirens-Eliaert of Eliaert-Cools, 
Alost, East Flanders. — Thread and tow 
for weaving, sewing thread. 233 

90 Re y, senior, Brussels.— Linen fab- 
rics. • 233 

91 Sak-Volders, Joseph, Turnhout, 
Province of Antwerp. — lickings for beds 
and awnings. 231 

92 La Lys Co., Ghent.— Jute and linen 
thread. 333 

93 Van Damme Bros., Routers', East 
Flanders. — Cloth. 233 

94 Vande Wynckele Bros. & Als- 
berge, Ghent. — 'I'ow and linen thread 
bleached, at every stage. 233 

95 Wilford, William, Tamise, East 
Flanders. — Imperial extra flax, merchant 
and navy canvas : combed flax and thread 
for its manufacture. ajj 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, ete. 

96 Hauzeur-Gerard, Son, Verviers.— 
Carded woolen thread. 235 

99 Baras-Navaux, Verviera. — Cloth«i v;oo\cv\ %v>iS!i. 235 

/or cfatte. 0/ cxhibiU. Indicated by numbers at etvd oi ^uu\«.%^^ C\^\?wc^<!w«..v^-'rr^ 



Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing, Stationery. 

101 Biolley, Francois, & Son, Verviers. 
— Cloth and woolen stuflf. 235 

108 BioUey Bros, ft Co., Juslenville, 
near Verviers. — Cloth and woolen 
stuff. 235 

103 Chatten, M., ft Co., Dison, near 
Verviers.— -Cloth and woolen stuff. 935 

104 Delhex Bros., Dison.— Cloth and 

woolen stuff. 235 

] 06 Devoase-Blaise, Dison.— Cloth and 
woolen stuff. 235 

106 Dolne, Lekeux, ft Co., Dison.— 
Cloth and woolen stuff. 235 

107 Domken Bros., Verviers.— Cloth 
and woolen stuff. 235 

108 Drexe, H. ft J., Dison.— Cloth ^nd 
woolen stuff. 235 

109 Franck Bros., Dison. — Cloth and 
woolen stuff. 235 

110 Henrion, J. J., Dison.— Cloth and 
woolen stuflf. 235 

111 Herve. Fanchannps, Verviers.- 
Cloth and woolen stuff. 235 

112 Ledoux, O. J., Dison.— Cloth and 

woolen stuff. 235 

113 Lrejeune-Vincent, H. J., Dison.— 
Cloth and woolen stuff. 235 

114 Olivier, J. 1., ft Son, Verviers.— 
Cloth and woolen stuff. 235 

116 Peltxcr ft Son, Verviers.— Cloth 
and woolen stuff.carded woolen thread. 235 

116 Simonis, Iwan, Verviers.— Cloth 
and woolen stuff. 235 

117 Tast*, J., Verviers.— Cloth and 

woolen stuff, carded woolen thread. 235 

118 Wihl, M., ft Co., Verviers.— Cloth 
and woolen stuff. 235 

119Jamme, Armand, Saint Hadelin, 
(Nessonvaux), near Verviers. — Carded 
woolen thread. 235 

120 Begasse, Charles, Liige.— Felt for 
paper manufacture, fag-end fabrics, and 
woolen bed blankets. 237 

1 21 Jacobs, Poelaert, ft Co., Brussels.— 
Woolen bed blankets. 237 

122 Rolin, H., Son, ft Co., Saint Nicho- 
las, East Flanders. — Tartan shawls, thin, 
light cloth, tweeds, waterproofs, lady 
cloth, fancy cloths, etc. 237 

123 Braquenii Bros., Malit es.— Ma- 
lines tapestry. 239 

a Portrait of Kuben.« panel from Gallait. 
6 Portrait of Cousin, in Arabian costume. 
c Kieht panels together, representing eight 

Kuds, Iron. Olympus, with all their attri- 

but«», from Audran. 
d Full length painting— style Louis XVI. 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

124 Pontevn Bros., Lede, East Flan- 
ders. — Black silk goods. 245 

126 Van Bellingen, Jos., Son, Ant- 
werp. — Black silk cassimcre, Antwerp 
silk and trimmings. 245 

126 Van Bellingen, J. H., ft Suremont, 
Max, Antwerp. — ^Antwerp black silk tis- 
sues. 245 

Clothing, Jewelry, etc. 

128 Leynen-Hougaerts,J. A. H., Peei, 
Province of Limbourg. — Church vest- 
ments, chasuble, and various embroid- 
eries. 350 

128a Couvreur Sisters, Brussels.— 
Women's dresses. 350 

129 Bouhon, Francois, Verviers.— 
Wooden and other shoes. • 251 

131 Frenay Bros., Rodenge-sur-Oeer 

(Limbourg). — Braids and straw hats. 251 

132 Level, Leon, Brussels.— Kid 
gloves. 25X 

133, Vandenbos-Poelman, O., Ghent.— 

Shoes. 251 

134 Watrigant, Alphonse, Brussels.- 

Gentlemen's, utdies', auad children's 

shoes. 35X 

136 Begerem, Renfe, Ypres.— Valenci- 

ennes lace. 253 

136 Crommelinck, Courtrai.— Lace. 25s 

137 Dassonville, Courtrai.— Lace. 35s 

138 Declercq-Clement, Iseghem, East 
Flanders. — Common lace of twisted 
thread. 33a 

139 Des Mares, P. T., Laeken, near 
Brussels. — Lace. 25a 

140 Vergnies, O. De, ft Sisters, Brus- 
sels. — Lace. 25a 

141 Duden Bros., Brussels.— Lace. 253 

142 Everaert, Julie, ft Sisters, Brus- 
sels. — White and black lace. 253 

143 Bruyneel, senior, Grammont.— 
Black lace. 252 

144 Groots, Vierendeel de, Grammont. 
— Black lace. 253 

146 Everaert - Leclercq, Jules, Gram- 

mont.— Black lace. 253 

146 Everaert Sisters, Grammont.— 
Black lace. 253 

147 Ghys-Bruneel, Grammont.— Black • 

lace. 25t 

148 Leclerq (widow), Grammont.— 

Black luce. 253 

149 Saligo-Vandenberghe, Grammont. 

— Black lace. 252 

160 Gillon-Steyaert, Courtrai.— Valen- 
cienncs lace. 253 

161 Rectem, Jean, Brussels. — Gold 
embroidered picture. 353 

162 Sacr6, L., Brussels.— Lace. 353 

163 Vandezande-Goemaere, Courtrai. 
— Valenciennes lace. 253 

164 Verd6, Delisle Bros., ft Co. (India 

Co. i, Brussels.— I^ce. 253 

166 Coryn,Jules,Ghent, East Flanders. 

— Chignons and wigs. 254 

167 Gossieaux, F6Iicien, Wavre (Bra- 
bant). — Hair picture. 254 

157« Graf, Emile, Son, Liige.— Trunk. 


Paper, Blank Booki, Stationery. 

168 Vandamme, Pierre Jean. Brussels. 

— Proofs of steel engraving for stampins 
with colors, illuminated with gold and 
sil ver,chroinos^in& ;&s\dL ctoaX&Ck^ 'axv&. '»tg& 

127 DttjMrdin Bros,, Leuze (Hainaut). 

— Cotton sma woolett hosiery. 250 \ 

Fkfr elssaoi of exhibits, indicated by nu nbcrs at end of cutnes, *t* C\a»s:v^«^««^\VV« "^^^T 



Weapons, Medical Appliances, Animal and Vegetable Products. 


160 De Mesmaecker, Fr., Brussels.— 

Samples of bindery work. 261 

161 Ds Tournay - Catala, Brussels.— 

Printing, writing, and wrapping paper, 
and pasteboard. 359 

162 Poissonniez, Jean Baptiste, Brus- 
sels. — Cases for jewelers, confectioners, 
druggists, etc. ; card of samples. 263 

16S Daye, 9., & Co.. Scharbeek, near 
Brussels. — Pressed leather, pasteboard 
made from Cordoue and Maliues old 


Weapons, etc. 

164 Pusnot, Charles, & Co., Cureghem, 
near Brussels. — Cartridges for 'weapons 
of every description. 265 

166 Heuse. Ernest. Nessonvaux, near 
Li6ge. — Gun-barrels. 265 

166 Mairlotft Heuse, Fraipont ^Li6ge). 
— Gun-barrels for warfare and export. 265 

167 Bayet Bros., Liige.— Fine v^eap- 
ons. 269 

168 Neumann Bros., Liige.— Double^ 
barreled hunting guns. 269 

169 Tambeur, Michel, Li6ge.— Hunt- 
ing weapons. 369 

Xedioine, Surgery, Prothesls. 

170 Depuy, BarthiUmy, Brussels.— 

Pharmaceutical preparations, pamphlets 
on toxicology, pharmacy, and hy- 
giene. 273 

178 Guillery, Hippolyte, Brussels. 

— Saniury report of^the battle-field at Se- 
dan in 1870; apparatus for the rapid 
dressing of wounds on the battle-field, 
etc., and for the treatment of limb frac- 
tures. 276 

174 Hermant, Emile, Bruges.— Trea- 
tise on flving ambulances, model of am- 
bulance Dags adopted by the Belgian 
government, memoir of the military 
physician. 276 

174^ Buys, L.. Brussels.— Car for the 
transport of tne sick and wounded. 278 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Xetallio Products. 

175 Lambert, A. de, Liige.— Files for 
watchmakers and jewelers. 280 

176«J,ean, Emile de, Brussels. — Col- 
lection of iron and tools for horse-shoeing. 


176 Constant, Emile. Monceau-sur- 
Sambre, near Charleroi. — Checsc-vat 
bolts, clamps for rails, rivets, tinkers' 
ware. 284 

177 Demanet, Albert, Gosselies (Hain- 
aut). — Forged nails. 284 

178 Fondu, Jean Baptiste, Brussels.— 
Locksmiths' work, locks for vehicles, car- 
riages, and railway cars ; nickel ware 
used in construction. 284 

170 Hoorickx, Guillaume, Brussels.— 

Two large chests— one representing an 

old-fashioned Flemish trunk, the other 

the present style. 284 

180 NiCMiae, Charles, Louviire (Main- 

aut). — Locomotive and other bolts, screw* 

^r locomotives, screw nuts, rivett, 

idainpg for raiU, etc. a%4 

For cImsmcs of exhibiu, indicated by numben 

180a Fix, A. J., Bru88el8.~Nails, 

rivets, etc. 384 

181 Nicaise, Pierre & Nicolas, Ifard- 
nelle, near Charleroi. — Bolts, screw-outs 
and rivets, spokes, and round-nose chis* 
els, carriage tenders, clamps, etc. 384 
182Velings & Co., Chatelet, near 
Charleroi (Hainaut). — Iron wire, tacks, 
nails. «84 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animali or 
Mineral Materials. 

183 Ryckere, Edouard de, senior. Ise- 

ghem, East Flanders. — Brushes ajMl pen- 
cils. 386 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

1 84 Ruytter, Charles de, Ghent.— Car- 
riages. 292 

186 Van Aken, Louis, An vers.— Car- 
riages. 392 


Agricultural Products. 

1 Le Bailly-D*Inghuem, Viscount 
Arthur John, Villeneuve, Switzerland. — 
Cereals cultivated in a sandy soil. 620 

2 Ameye Berte, Rodolph, Ghent.— 
Chiccory, raw, in the pod, and manu- 
factured. 6vt3 

6 Vandendaele-Rigot, Charles, Qui^- 
vrain (Hainault). — Ground mustard. 623 

6 Delannoy, Nicholas, Tournai. — Cho- 
colate. 623 

6a Mottle, L., Brussels. — Tobacco and 

cigars. 633 

7 Joveneau, Arthur, Tournai (Hain- 
ault). — Powdered cocoa and chocolate; 
detail of chocolate manufacture. 633 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

9 Bodart, Ed.. Louvain (Brabant^.— 
Shcepskms, wnite leather, morocco, salted 
roans. 653 

10 Baugniet, T., ft Co., Brussels.— 

Crystallized blood. 653 

11 Lebermuth, J., ft Co., Brussels.— 
Waxed leather and goat skins. 653 

12 Ocreman, L., & Witdoeck, E., Mech- 
lin, province of Antwerp. — Varnished 
skins. 65a 

13 Schmitz, F. A., ft Co., Koekelberg, 

near Bnisscls. — Skins for hats; manufac- 

tured morocco leather. 


16 Vers6-Spelmans, Brichot, Ant, ft 
Co., Brussels. — Curried leather. 652 

17 Remy & Co.^ Louvain (Brabant.— 
Starch and similar products. 658 

20 Vandendaele-Rigot, Ch., Quiivrain 

a Pear, apple, and beet-root syrups. 6^ 
fi Vinegar. 660 

21 Charlier, John Baptist, Ghent.— 

Beer. 660 

22 De Beukelaer, F. X., Antwerp.— 
AxiVNCTV t^^YAt tVi>i^«Qic cordial. 660 

at tad oi «»w\e*,*«fe 0»»NS^^a!i2«!a,'». wr«ftr 



Agricultural Products and Machines. 

24 Schaltin, Pierry & Co., Spa.— Cor- 
dial, mineral waters, etc. 660 

25 Schmidt, Bmile. Schaerbeck, near 
Brussels. — Belgian bitters, cordial. 660 . 

27 Ber^h, van den, & Co., Antwerp.— 
Gin made from fine grains. 660 

29 Wauters-de-Bu88cher, Mechlin, 
Province of Antwerp. — Cordials. 660 

80 Damman, Eklna., Borgerhout, near 
Antwerp.— -Ship biscuit. 661 

SI Couvreur Sisters, Brussels.— Con- 
fections. 661 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 

Animal Origin. 
82 Leclercq, Henry, Courtrai. — 
Flax. 666 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 

33 Taulez-Bottelier, Charles, Bruges, 

East Flanders. — Oakum, flax. 666 

36 Mtillender, S., Verviers.— Flocks of 

wool and shearings. 667 

86 Delmotte, Hippolitus, Ghent.— 
White brisues. 669 

Maohlnes, Implements, and Processes 
of Manufaotore. 

37 Dassonville de Saint-Hubert, L.- 

Namur.— Stones for grinding grain, ce- 
ments, etc. 674 

38 Vandendaele, Rigot, Charles, Quie- 

vraih (Hainault). — Steam machine for 
manufacturing chiccory. 674 




{North of Mam Aisle, Columns 60 to 65-.) 

Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods, Silk. 

Clieiiiloal KanufMtiirei. 

1 Matthes, W. E., Amsterdam.— Sul- 
phate of ammonia. soo 

2 Gorter, D. & S., Sneek.— Soap, sot 
% Willems, P. J., Schiedam.— Oils, aoz 

4 Sauders ft Co., Leyden.— Soaps, aoz 

5 Henny, C. O., Deventer.— Glue. 202 

6 Van Calker, P. W., Utrecht.— 
Glue. 202 

7 Verrocy ft Van Heusde, Tiel.— Dyes, 
turpentine, inks, wax, colors, salves. 202 

8 Grootes, M.^Westzaan. — Blueing.202 

9 Leur. W., Schooten, near Haarlem. 
— Keo lead made from iron ore. aoa 

10 Mills, M. A.— Inks. 202 

11 Vriesendori>, H. M., Dordrecht.— 
Oils and varnish. 202 

12 Lousbergh, V., Gravenhage. — Col- 
ors. 2U2 

13 Van den Bergh, N. L. J., Arnhem.— 
Cologne. 203 

Ceramici— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

14 Van Bergen, A. H.,Heiligerlee, Pro- 
vince of Gruningen. — Stone and drain 
tiles. 206 

15 Van Henkelom, H. C, Utrecht.— 
Building stone. 206 

17 Koolemans-Beijnen, C. G. L., Wil- 
leskop. — Architectural pottery. 206 

18 Goedwaagen, P., Gouda. — Chemical 
stoneware and stoves. 207 

19 Fontein, R., Franeker. — Roofing 
tiles. 208 

80 Ravesteijn, H. F., Westraven.— 
Painted wall stone. 208 

81 Bouvy, J. J. B. J., Dordrecht.- 
Glassware. 214 

Pamiture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

88 Nooijcn. L. J., Rotterdam.— Furni- 
ture and fancy articles, 217 

88 Van Vliet, W. F., Gravenhage.— 
Chairs. 217 

84 L»owman, J., Zwolle.— Folding 
screen. 217 

85 Van der Lugt, Gravenhage.— Furni- 
ture and fancy articles. 217 

86 Lommen, C. H., Roermond.— Paint- 
ed and cut glass. 219 

87 Grolman, C. W., Utrecht.— Picture 
frames. 220 

88 Bmtenburg ft Co., Rotterdam.— 

Jf9 Coot, O. Th«., Amsterdam.— Man- 
tcls. 227 

F€>r cImmmcb of mxhihitm, indicated by numbers 

Yanu and Woven Ooodi of YegetaUa 
or Mineral Materials. 

31 Director of Prison, Utrecht.— Mat- 
ting and rugs. »jq 

38 Ter Horst, J. H., Ry«se». 

a Jute matting. n^ 

b Linen. ajj 

33 Arntzenius. Jannink, ft Co., Qoor.— 

Fish nets ana yarn. ajo 

34 Hilversumsche Spinning ft Weav- 
ing Manufactory, Amsterdam. — Spun 
and woven cotton goods. 230 

85 Planteijdt, L., Krommenie. — Thread 

cloth and canvas. 230 

36 MaasenZonen,A. E., Scheveningen. 

— Fish nets. 230 

87 Bottenheim, D. ft S., Amsterdam.— 

Yams. 230 

88 Stork, C. F., Hengeloo.— Colored 

woven goods. 231 

89 Swinkels,W., Helmond.— Yarns. 231 

40 Veltman, J. A., jr., Amsterdam.— 
Covers and scarfs. 232 

41 Veetman, J. A., Amsterdam.— 

Scarfs. 23a 

42 Elias, J., Strijp.— Table cloths, nap- 
kins, and dress goods. 233 

48 Nieuwenhuizen & Van Stratum, 
Geldrop. — Towels, napkins, and table 
cloths. 233 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

44 Tilburg Woolen Manufacturing 
Co. — Flannels, opera cloaks, and fancy 
goods. 236 

45 Zaalberg, J., Leyden.— Woolen cov- 
ers. 237 

46 De Lange, A. G., Delft.— Imitation 
Smynia rugs. 239 

47 Garjeanne, A. G., Delft.— Imitatioo 

Smyrna carpets. 239 

48 Royal Carpet Manufactory, Deven- 
ter. — Deventer hangings. 239 

49 Prins, M., Deventer.— Artificial wool 
and cowhair carpets. 239 

50 Van Leer, B., Amersfoort. — Hang- 
ings. 239 

51 Veelo, P. J., Gravenhage.— Sofa 
cloths. S41 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

52 Travaj^lino, P. J. ft W.J. P., Haar 

lem. — Silks. 24^ 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

5^ VJ\enbc\\,V4 .^\^«v«ti\.«t.->Booti. 251 
at end o« efai\e*, *e» CXm*>&«»Am^,^^. «f*. 


Stationery, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

Paper, Blank Books, and Btationsry. 

66 Loeber, Q., Amsterdam. —Station < 
cry. 258 

67 Abrahams Bros., Middleburg.— 
Blank books. a6i 

68 Simons, Ph., Gravenhage.—Bind- 
ings for naps, etc. 261 

69 Cramer, H. G. D., Ootmaraum.— 
Pasceboard. 36a 

60 Van der Bnrrh, M., Schiedam.— Imi- 
tations of marble and wood. 264 

61 Van der Burgh, A. R. ft P., Rotter- 
dam. — Imitations of marble and wood. 264 

62 Rijperman, C. J. P., Velsen.->Wood 
painting. 264 

68 Dobbe, J. P., Gravenhage.— Wood 

and marble painting. 264 

64 Kerkhoven, R., Utrecht.— Wood and 
marble painting. 364 

Weapons, etc. 

65 Government Arm Manufactory, 
Delft.— Army rifle. 265 

66 Betou, J. P. de. Delft.— Breechload- 

iug rifle. 265 

Medicine, Snrgery, Prothesis. 

67 Van de Loo, J. P. H., Venlo.— Plas- 
ter and bandages. 376 

68 Schokking, J. A. J., Amsterdam.— 
Conical tube for injections. 376 

70 Krol, W., Kampen.— Plasters and 
bandages. 376 

71 Mathijsen, A., Budel.— PUster and 
bandages. 376 

78 Gori, M.W.C., Amsterdam.— Water 
and land conveyances for sick and 
wounded. 378 

74 Committee on Sick & Wounded 
Soldiers.-^ork of the " Red Cross." 378 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
M etsllio Products. 

75 Erdman-Schmidt, J. D., Helmond.— 
Cast engraving plates. 280 

77 Enthoven, H. S., Zalt-Bommel.— 
Tinned iron kitchen utensils. 284 

78 Van Heukelom, H. C, Utrecht.- 
Machine screws. 384 

Pabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral ICaterials. 

79 Reus, N., Pzn, Dordrecht.— House 
and ship brushes. aS^ 



Minerals, Manufactures. 

Minerals, Ores, Building Stones, and 
Mining Products. 

1 Netherlands Commission. 

a Gold, quicksilver, lead, and hematite 
iron ores ; sulphur, feldspar, quartz, por- 
phyry, trachyte, obsidian, garnet rocks, 
talc, flinty schist. 100 

> Coal. loi 

C Marble, granite, sandstone, syenite, dio- 
rite. 202 

d Limestone. 103 

# Clays, chalk bamboe. 104 

Metallurgical Products. 

y Gold, from Soepayang. 
/> Block tin. 


4 Nutmeg 3oap§, 

/ Indigo 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, etc. 

J Water jug. tio 

Furniture and Objects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

k Table, benches, rocking chairs, foot- 
stools. 317 

Yarns and Woven Ooods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

/ Mats, fabric of beaten bark. sag 

/a Native cotton thread. 930 

/ 6 Native calico. 33a 

Clothine, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equl^nmeuta. 

Chemioal Mann/actnres. 

Jt03 L 

ei ahibita, indicated by numbers ai cud oC cnuVca, «» CNassNSkca.'ucja^v^. •»Tr**V 





Manufactures, Agricultural Products. 

c Lace, silk embroideries, embroidered 
handkerchiefs, etc. 252 

/ Silver filigree necklace, brooches, ear- 
drops, and bracelets. 253 

q Artificial flowers, lacquered boxes, cases, 
fruits, etc.; nutmeg -tree made ot 
feathers ; flower "baskets,- cigar cases, 
vases, box, native boat and sedan chair 
made of cloves, book mark, tortoise- 
shell covers, models of Malay dwel- 
ling, chapel, rice bams, baskets, tea- 
set of silver filigree work, etc. 254 

WeaponB, etc. 

r Native weapons, small models of inland 
arms. 265 

X East Indian weapons, creeses, swords, 
knives, sabres, head-choppers, blow 
pipes for arrows, arrows, and shields. 
(Loaned bv His Majesty the King of 
the Netherlands.) 365 

Kedicine, Siirgery, Prothesis. 

t Alkaloids from cinchona bark, quinium, 
quinine, quinidine. cinchonine, cincho- 
nidine, and cincnona powder; gum 
damar, catechu. 272 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, Me- 
tallic Products. 

u Small models of inland tools. 280 

V Rice knife. 281 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

w Ropes made of fibres of native trees and 
plants. 287 

.r Baskets, lacquered wooden box and 
trays. 389 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

y Cotton reels; East Indian loom; trunks, 
roots, barks, etc., of various species of 
the cinchona tree; collection of native 
woods; leaves, fruit, and pulp of the 
vegetable tallow tree; samples of bam- 
boo. 600 

g Ebony, sapan, and fustic woods. 6oz 

4M» Gutta-percha, gutta-gitang, gutta-soesoe. 

India-rubber, agar-agar, gum beniamin, 

camphor, dragon's biood, vegetable talc, 

etc. 603 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

bh Wild nuts, binamoe, langa bidjan, lea* 
doeri flue seeds, sapo ranto, fruit, 
preserved wild nutmegs, etc. 605 

Agricultural Products. 

cc Rices, hulled, unhuUed, and in the stalk; 

millet, dragong wheat. 620 

dd Biefikoero and tarok roots. 622 

et Coffees, teas, cocoa, nutmegs, white and 

black peppers, mace, cloves, tobacco. 


Land Animals. 

ff Birds of Paradise. 

Marine Animals, Fish Culture and 

£v^ Tripang fish. 

ha Tortoises. 

u Mother-of-pearl shells. 


Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Jf Edible birds' nests. 650 

kk Tiger skins. 6u 

// Wax. 654 

mm Preserved victuals. 656 

nn Arrow-root, sente, ketella, red obi, tales, 

aren, cassava, and potato floiurs. 637 
00 Sago. 658 

PP Sugars. 659 

gq Arrack. 660 

rr Kajoe-poeti, Macassar, and Tekawaa 

oils. 669 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

ts Kapok (cotton), cotton. 665 

// Ramie flax, l«av«f», etc.; ■oakum; fibrous 

materials from trees and plauts ; rattan, 

samanboe pipit, and semanboe be^ar 

reeds. 666 

uu Imitation clove-tree. 709 

2 Bernelotv 

exhibiting the 

Mcens, J. C— Herbarium 
cincnona cultivation m 


Noordendorp, J., Amsterdam. — Pho- 
tographs of tne government cinchona 
establishmenu, and the Booda Temple tC 
Boro Bodor. 4J0 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. af-45. 




{South of Nave, Columns 11 to ij.) 

Manufactures, Education and Science. 

Chemical KanufaotureB. 

1 Aalborg Chemical Works, Aalborg. 
— Bicarbonate and carbonate of soda. 200 

2 Holmblad, L. P., Copenhagen.— 
Stearine candles. aoz 

8 Guldberg, C. Hoei^h, Copenhagen.— 
Varnish, and wood polished with it. 20a 

4 Hansen, C, Copenhagen.— Cheese 
rennet extract and coloring fluid ; butter 
coloring. 202 

5 Meyer & Henckel, Copenhagen.— 
Butter and cheese coloring, cheese rennet 
extract, varnishes. 202 

6 Riise, A. H., St. Thomas, West 
Indies. — Double-distilled bay spirit and 
oil of bay leaves. 203 

7 Odense Match Factory, Odense.— 
Matches. 204 

Ceramios— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

8 Hesse, Georg W., Copenhagen.— 
Terra-cotta vases, jugs, etc. 206 

9 Ipsen's, P., widow, Copenhagen. — 
lernu^rotta vases, tazzaa, figures, etc. 206 

10 Wendrich & Son, Copenhagen.— 
Terra-cotta bas-reliefs, bowls, vases, 
etc. 206 

11 Roval Porcelain Manufactory, Co- 
. pennagen. — Biscuit bas-reliefs after Thor- 
' waldsen, exhibited by the Commis- 
sioner. 2X2 

12 Argentine Manufactory, Copenha- 
gen. — Porcelain covered with copper, 
silver, and gold. 2x3 

Furniture and Objects of Ctoneral Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

18 Hansen, C. B., Copenhagen.— Fur- 
niture. 217 

1 4 Meidel, F., Copenhagen,— Fire-proof 
safes. 217 

16 Christesen, V., Copenhagen.— Sil- 
verware; large table ornament of silver, 
representing Art, Science, and Industry ; 
tea and coffee sets, etc. 218 

16 Stenstrup, Copenhagen. — Sign 
painting. 227 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral ICaterials. 

1 7 Raumaiag, 
linen &bncs. 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and 
Mixtures of Wool. 

18 Muller, H. 


Faroe Islands.— Woolen 


Clothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

19 Moller. C, Copenhagen.— Water- 
proof oil clothing. 250 

Ida Sorensen. C. P., Copenhagen.— 
Hand-seweci black coat, waistcoat, and 
pantaloons. 250 

20 Lars en, N. F., Copenhagen.— 
Gloves. 251 

21 Christesen, V., Copenhagen.— Jew- 
elry and ornaments. 253 

22 Assam, H. M., Odense.— Tobacco 
pipes, etc. 254 

23 Ovre, Mrs., Copenhagen.— Artificial 
flowers. 354 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

P., Copenhagen. — 

24 Holmblad, L. 
Playing cards. 

25 Hansen, Carl, & Co., Ebeltoft.— 
Impregnated pasteboard. 263 

Th., Aarhuus. — Dyed I 
233 ' 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

Hardware, Edffe Tools, Cutlery, and 
Hetallio Products. 

25a Engelbrecht, C, Copenhagen.^ 
Pair of water<skates. 281 

Educational Systems, Method8» and 

1 Hveisel, G., Ran ders. — School 

maps. 300 

2 Simonsen, C, Copenhagen.— 

" Punch," an illustrated paper. 306 

8 Steenberg, A., Copenhagen.— "In- 

dustridenden," an industrial paper. 306 

Institutions and Organizations. 

4 Browning, Georg, Copenhagen.— 
Ethnographical collection, products, min- 
erals, etc., from Iceland and Faroe Isl- 
ands. 313 

5 MViUet^W.., 'Pboco^ \^\«cci\"^.— ^O^wc- 
t\ou oi ^\xd& , ^ea\yv«rs. , ^<gs^ , «\k.. -s^- 

SrapVvVcaA coXWxXoxv, v^^>^0», ^»»«»a^ 
I exc., irom OttwcvXacsv^. 

at end oC euuV«i, *«» OaM^Svc*.^^^'^^* '•^T-'' 



Science^ Art, Machinery, Agricultural Products. 


Boientific and Philosophical Instra- 
menti and Methods. 

7 Bie, C, Aalborg.— Arithmome- 
ter. * 321 

8 Ferslew. C, A Co., Copenhagen.— 
Roister for cars, etc. 333 

Engineering, Architectnre, Maps, etc. 

9 The Royal Staff, Copenhagen.— To- 

pographical maps. 335 

10 Steen, C, A Son, Copenhagen.— 

Geographical, historical, meteoro^gical, 

and other maps. 335 


.— Carv- 
ctc. 405 

XQa Fjeldskov, V., Copenhagen.- 

ing in wood, statuettes, medals, el 
a Sailor. 
6 Vikine. 
c Crucifix. 
</ Peasant. 
e Children. 
•/* Friends. 
*■ Spring. 
* I'horwaldsen. 
i Goethe. 
• J Angelo. 

^ H. C. Andersen. 
/ Oersted. 


10^ Ferslew, C, & Co., Copenhagen.— 
Lithographs. 413 

Industrial and Architectural De- 
signs, etc. 

10c Hetsch, Chr., Copenhagen. — Archi- 
tectural designs. 441 

Kachines, Tools, and Apparatus of 
Mining, Metallurgy, Chemistry, 
and the Extractive Arts. 

1 Ambroaiussen, O. P., Copenhagen. — 
Model of a scaffold. 503 

Machines and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, Felting, and Paper- 

2 Tullesen, P., Lyngby.— Hair-braid- 
ing machine. 534 

Machines, Apparatus, and Implements 
used in Sewing and Making Cloth- 
ing and Ornamental Objects. 

3 Henrikaen, H., Copenhagen.— Sew- 
ing machine. 531 

Machines for Printing, Making 
Books, Paper-working, etc. 

4 Hansen, R. Mailing, Copenhagen.— 

The tachygraph, operated oy electricity, 
and the type-writing ball, operated by 
hand, 543 

XotoTB, Power Oeneratora, eto. 

S Oodfredfen, R., Copenhagen.— Belt- 
i/i^, crc, /or transmiwiion of power. 5S3 ^ 

ror duMMcm of exhihitm. indicated by num^ta «1 «tvd ot enxxxta, %«e OM^«ai«^^»-«»^ 

Arboriculture and Forest Produeti. 

1 P. A., Copenhagen.— Tim- 
ber, planks, boards, rough and Auisbed, 
for buildings, etc. 600 

Agricultural Products. 

2 Wendt, Frantz, Roeskilde.— Rye, 

winter and spring wheat, barley, and 
oaw. 620 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

8 Danish Preserved Butter Co., Aar- 
huus.— Canned butter for cxpott. 651 

4 Heymann, P. W., Copenhagen.— 
Preserved butter for export, also butter 
which was at the Vienna Exposition in 
1873. 651 

5 Copenhagen Leather Manufactory, 
Copenhagen. — Consolidated leather sol», 
heels, sheets, etc. 65a 

6 Pork Packing Co., Copenhagen.— 
Lard packed in bladder. 653 

7 Eriksen, C, Lyngby. 
a Honey and wax. 654 
6 Mead. 660 

8 Muller, P. A. E., Copenhagen.— 
Honey and wax. 654 

9 Herreborg, Otto, Copenhagen— Pre- 
served fruit, vegetables, jellies, etc. 636 

10 Br6ndum, A., Copenhagen. — Com 
brandy and table liquor. 660 

11 Aalborg Syrup & Spirit Factory, 
Aalborg. — Table liquor and spirit. 660 

12 Anthony, F., Copenhagen. — Bran- 
dies and liquors. 660 

13 Been, C. A., Copenhagen. — Liquors, 
etc. 660 

14 Gottschalk, I. C, Holbek.-Es- 
sences. 660 

16 Heering, Peter P., Copenhagen.— 
Cherry cordial. 660 

17 Lorenzen, L., Aarbuua.-Bitter cor- 
dial. 660 

18 Odin Distillery, Randers. — Com 
brandy flavored with carraway seeds, table 
liquor, and rectified spirit. 660 

19 Sabro, I. C, Randers. — Bitters, 
etc. 660 

19a Parch, J., & Sona, Nibe.— Alcohol, 

raw spirits, and brandy. 660 

20 Schucani & Wegmann, Copenha- 
gen. — Liquors, bitters, etc. 660 

21 Svanholm Brewery, Copenhagen.- 

Beer for export. 660 

22 Ramsing, T., Aarhuua. — Choco- 
late. 661 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

23 MUller,H., Faroe Islands.— Wool. 667 

Machines, Implements, and Prooesses 

of Manufacture. 

24 SchUltz, Thurebyholm.— Model of 

milk cooler. 6^ 

%5 Ka\\>oTttC.Yv*m\cs\^«etek,|j«wcv 




{^North of Nave ^ Columns 6 to ii.) 

Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture. 

Chemical Manufaotnret. 

1 Aseptin Am^kos Stock Co . 

a U|>s;ila Asepiin, for preservation of provi- 
sions and animal materials. aoo 
b Upsalaamykos, used as a cosmetic. 203 

2 Bengtsson, B., Astra Torp, Trelle- 
borg.— Chemicals. 200 

4 Friestedt, A. W., Stockholm.— 

Chemicals. aoo 

5 Gullbers Stock Co. (limited), Gote- 
borg — Sulphuric acid. 200 

6 Liljeholmea Stearine Manufactur- 
ing Stock Co., Stockholm. — Stearine can- 
dles, oleine, glycerine, and stearine. aoi 

7 Sjoberg, A. P., Malmo. — Soaps, aoz 


8 "Werner, C. O., Stockholm. - 

14 Strandberg. Pr. Aug., Jonkoping.— 
Varnishes, ink. 902 

17 Qranholm, J. P., Stockholm.— Rec- 
tified amykos. 203 

18 Pauli P., Stockholm.— Essences, 
perfumery, cosmetics. 203 

21 New Match Manufacturing Co. 
(limited), Stockholm. — Safety matches. 


22 Berg, GoUfried Warby, Stockholm. 

— (Gunpowder. 204 

23 Blombacka Stock Co., Molkom. 

— Safety matches and their raw mate- 
rials. 204 

24 Guesta Match Manufactory, Stock- 
holm — Paraffined .safety matches. 304 

25 Holmberg, Eric, Sodertelje.— Safety 

matches. 204 

26 I6nk5ping Match Manufacturing 
Co. (limited), Jonkoping. — Safety 
matches. 204 

27 Kreuger, P. E., & Jennings, Kalmar. 
— Safety matches. 204 

28 EUbo Goteborg Match Pactory, 
Goteborg. — Matches. 204 

29 Lindahl, J. P., Kalmar.— Safety 
matches. 204 

80 Lover Manufacturing Co. (limited), 
Kalmar — Matches. 204 

31 Norrkdping Match Manufacturing 
Co. ^limited), Norrkoping. — Safety 
matches and appurtenances. 204 

82 Stregnas Match Manufacturing Co. 
(liniiied), Stregnas. — Safety matches. 204 

85 PhoBtiix Match Manufacturing Co. 

(limited), Malmo. — Matches. 204 

S4 VmlcMa Match Manufacturinir Co. 

• (limited!, GSteborg.—MsitcheH. 204 

85 Westervik Match Pactory, AVes- 

tervik. — Matches. ' 204 

86 Wisby Match Manufacturing Co. 
(limited), Wisby. — Matches. 204 

87 Ystad Match Manufacturing Co. 

(limited;, Ystad. — Safety matches. 204 

Ceramios—Pottery, Porcelain, OlaM, 

89 Helsingborgs Iron and Stone Ware 

Muniifacturing Co. (limited), Hclsingborg. 

— Salt glazed clay goods. 207 

40 Hoganas Coal Mining Co., Hd- 


a Fire clay goods. 207 

6 Tiles for pavements. 208 

42 Gustafsbergs Manufacturing Co., 

a Architectural pottery. io6 

6 Faience. 210 

c Biscuit ware and parian. ai2 

d Porcelain and Argentine. 213 

43 /Rdrstrands Stock Co. (Iimite4)f 

a Faience. 210 

6 Majolica and palissy ware. szi 

c Biscuit ware and parian. 212 

d Porcelain. 213 

46 Malmo Porcelain Manufacturing 
Co., Malmo. — Porcelain for table use. 213 

47 Brusewitz, Pr., Limmared. — Glass- 
ware. 215 

48 Reymyre Glass Pactory (limited), 
Reymyra. — Glassware. 215 

Furniture and Ohjects of General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

49 Backman, 


P., Stockholm.— 

50 Glomsta Manufacturing Co. (lim- 
ited), Huddinge. — Cottage furniture. 217 
61 Lastbom, Iven, Stockholm. — Cup- 
board of birch wood. 217 

52 Peterson, C. E., Stockholm. 

a Table. 217 

6 Frame. 220 

53 Rambach.C. Stockholm. — Chair. 217 

54 Rusch, P. O., Goteborg.— Japantfed 
furniture. 217 

54« Holm, P. P. W., Stockholm.— Pur- 
miute. •».v\ 

af^MhibitM, indicated by numbers at end of ttime*. »wC\u*%\^c»^^«^»^^* *'*^ 



Furniture, Woven Goods, Clothing, Stationery. 


67 08terberg,C. G.JSdcr, EakiUtuna.— 
School furniture. 217 

58 Bruzcwitz, Fr., Limmarcd.— Table 

glass, 218 

59 Goldsmiths' Stock Co. (limited). 
Stockholm. — Silver tankard. 218 

60 Gustafsberg Manufacturing Co., 
Stockholm.— Table china. 218 

61 Reymyrc Glass Factory (limited), 
Reymyra.— Table glass. 218 

62 RSrstrand Stock Co. (limited), Stock- 

a Table china. 218 

6 Stoves. 222 

64 Bolinders, J. & C. G., Machine Co. 
(limited), Stockholm. 

a Heating apparatus. 222 

6 Stove lor smoothing-irons. 225 

65 Hedengren, A. F., & Son, Eskilstuna. 
— Stove sets. 222 

66 Eriksson, G., Eskilstuna.— Brass 
doors for stoves. 222 

68 Moberg Machine Co., Stockholm.— 
Range. 222 

78 Elfving, C. E., Stockholm.— Appa- 
ratus for cutting lamp wicks. 223 

74 Kuntze & Co., Stockholm.— "Water 
filters, refrigerators. 224 

74a Kallinge Iron Works, Ronneby.— 
Kitchen utensils of iron and steel sheets. 


75 La fa ui St, J. A., Eskilstuna.— 

Smootning-irons. 225 

76 Bjorkj 1. O., Eskilstuna.— Hardware 
of mollified iron. 227 

77 Dickson, James, & Co., Sandarne, 
— Woodwork for buildings. 227 

78 Essen, Baron H. H. von, Tidaholm. 
— Woodwork for buildings. 227 

79 Hedlund, Joh., Eskiltuna. — Metal 
work for buildings. 227 

82 "Wengstrom, J. O., Stockholm.— 
Manufactured parts of buildings. 227 

Yarns and Woven Ooods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

83 Anderson, J., Kjardingagarde, 
Gnosjo. — Wire and sieve cloth. 228 

8 1 Berg, J. Th., Naas, Floda. 
a Cotton yarns. 23° 

i Dyed cotton yam. 231 

86 Malmo Manufacturing Co. 
(limited), Malmo. 

a Cotton yams. 230 

^ i Dyed cotton fabrics. 231 

87 Rosenlunds Spinning Co. (limited), 
Goteborg. — Cotton yarns and fabrics. 230 

89 Johansson & Carlander, Goteborg.— 
Calicoes. 232 

90 Stenburg's, G., Widow, Jonkbping.— 
Linen fabrics. 233 

Woven and Felted Ooods of Wool, eto. 

$2 Bergsbro Stock Co., 
Card-woo] fabrics. 


92 Drag Stock Co. riimitcd), Nortkb- 
ping. — Card-wool fabrics. 23s 

B8 I^mndskrona, Manufactur\ne Co., 
Landskrona.— Card- wool falmcR. «35 

^or claasea of exhibitt, indicated by nuinbct* ai exvd ol w>x^t» 

04 Malm5 Woolen Manufacturing Co. 

(limited), MalmS.— Card-wool fabrics. 235 

95 Stockholm Woolen Manufactur- 
ing Co. (limited), Stockholm. — ^Wovcn and 
felted goods of wool. 235 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

96 Almgren, K. A., Stockholm. --Plain 
woven silks. 345 

Clotbing, Jewelry, and Omamenti; 
Traveling Equipments. 

98 Ek, J. A., Stockholm.— Military 

equipments. 230 

99 Fernlund, E. F., Stockholm.— Mil- 
itary and civil clothing. 250 

100 Heurlin, G. U., & Co., Stockholm. 
— Military clothing. 250 

101 Royal V/ar Office, Department of 
Investment, Stockholm. — Complete equip- 
ment of foot and mounted soldiers ; speci- 
mens of cloth, linen, etc. 250 

103 Swedmark, G., Malm5. 
a Leather jackets. 250 
i Gloves. 25« 

104 AVallgren, A. R., Stockholm.— Mil- 
itary clothing. 250 

105 Forsell, David, & Co., Stockholm. 
a Hats and caps. 251 
6 Furs. 256 

106 Jacobson & Anderson, MalmS.— 
Gloves. 251 

107 Svanberg, C. E.. JbnkSping.- 
Shoes. 251 

109 Tornberg, Olof, Goteborg.— Boots 
and shoes. 251 

110 Odberg, C. R., Stockholm.— Hunt- 
ing boots. 251 

111 Peterson, C. E., Stockholm.- 
Embroidered portrait of Wa.shington. 252 

112 Klintberg, J. W., & Co., Wisby.- 
Jewelry made of petrifactions. 253 

113 Anderson, J., Kjardingagarde, 
Gjnosjo. — Pins. 254 

114 Berg, F. J., Goteborg.— Wigs, 
braids, and chignons. »54 

114rt CI a rb org, T. A., Stockholm.— 
Jewel case. 254 

116 Bergstrom, P. N., Stockholm.- 
Furs. 2^ 

118 Royal Swedish Commission, 
Stockholm.— Life-size figures, dressed is 
national costume. »57 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

119 Berggren, A. N., Stockholm.— Pen- 
holders of cork. »5* 

120 Brunell, J. E., Stockholm.— Pen- 
holders of common reed. »5* 

121 Klintberg, J. W., & Co.. Wiaby.- 
Letter-presscs of petrifactions. 258 

122 Kullgren's, C. A., Widow. Udde- 
valla.— -Letter-presses of polished gran- 
ite, tsi 

y \^^ \^oTA%Vc^m, VI. ^.., Stockholm.- 

b \\ ood v^V- 



Paper, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

127 Nxi^^*P**t*boA''<iP*ctory,Nynat, 

Mavida. — Pasteboard. 260 

129 Lewenhaupt, Count, Sten, Wcrm- 
bohl, Katrineholm. — Wood pulp, chemi- 
cally prepared. 360 

1 30 MalmS Wood Pulp Manufacturing 
Co. ^limited), Uclaryd, ElmhuU. — Wood 
pulp, chemically prepared. 260 

131 Munkedal Manufacturing Co. (lim- 
ited), Uddevalla. 

a Wiupping, bagging, and sketching paper. 

b Building papers. 363 

c Wall paper. 264 

132 Munksjd Paper Factory, JSnkdp. 
ing. — Wrapping paper. 260 

188 Rosendahl Manufacturing Co., 
Goteborg. — Paper pulp of wood and straw, 
paper. 260 

184 WargSns Stock Co., Rannum.— 
Printing paper for newspapers. 260 

135 Litografiska Stock Co., Norr- 

« Blank books, sets of account books, 

billheads, etc. 261 

B Playing cards. 362 

136 Tidstr6m, C. W., Stockholm.— Ac 
count books, portfolios. 261 

137 Djupafora* Manufacturing Co. (lim- 
ited), Konneby, Djupafors. — Pasteboard; 
building paper. 263 

138 Ktfhler & Co., Malmd.— Playing 
cards. 262 

140 Munksjd Paper Mill, Jdnkoping. 
— Building paper. 263 

141 Edgren, Julius, Jdnk6ping.— Wall 
paper. 364 

142 Kaberg, C. A., Stockholm.— Wall 
paper. 264 

143 Mineur, C. C, Stockholm.— Wall 
paper, imitation of leather, and ornaments 
of wood pulp. 364 

145 Rovell, P. A., & Co., Jdnkoping.— 
Wall paper. 264 

Weapons, etc. 

146 Husqvarna Arms Manufacturing 
Co. (limited). Jonkoping. 

a Military small arms, muskets, and revolv- 
ers. 265 
b Fire arms for sporting and hunting. 269 

147 Royal War Office, Artillery De- 
partment, Stockholm. 

a Military small arms from the royal factory 
at Carl Gustafs Stad. 265 

b Field gun with carriage, ammunition car- 
riage, field forge. 266 

c Fortification ordnance with carriage and 
shots. ^ 267 

148 Motala Mechanical Works Co. 
(limited), Motala. — Hoops for guns. 266 

149 Palmcrantx, Helge, Stockholm.— 
Mitrailleuse. 266 

150 Ekman,Carl,Finspong,&DeMar&, 

A., Ankarsrum. — Steel guns and shot. 267 

151 Eskilstuna Iron Manufacturing 
Co. (limited), Eskilstuna.— Blades of 
swords^ sabres, foils, and hunters' hangers. 


Medioine, Surgery, Pretheiii. 

154 Pitz, G., Stockholm. — Medicated 
gelatine. 373 

155 Lamm, Axel, M., Stockholm.— 
Galvano-caustic apparatus, gynecologi- 
cal apparatus. 275 

156 Royal War Office, Sanitary De- 
partment, Stockholm. — Surgical instru- 
ments for military use. 376 

157 Stille, Alb., Stockholm.— Surgical 
instruments. 276 

158 Zander, O., Stockholm.— Appa- 
ratus for mechanical gymnastics. 276 

Hardware, Edffe Tools, Cutlery, and 
Hetamo Products. 

159 Eskilstuna Iron Manufacturing 
Co. (limited). — Screw plates and 
hinges. 280 

160 Liberg, B. & O., Rosenfors. 

a Edge tools. s8o 

b Cutlery. 281 

161 New File Manufactory, E ski Is- 

tuna.— Files. 280 

162 Oberg, C. C, & Co., Eskilstuna.— 



163 Fagersta 

a Saws. 
6 Nails. 



Steel Works, 


164 Uddeholm 

a Hand tools. 
b Springs and h 







165 Engstrom, 



Eskilstuna.— Ra- 


166 Gustafson, 




167 Hailing, A., Eskilstuna.— Knives. 


168 Heljestrand, ChristofTer, Eskils- 
tuna. — Razors, knives, and corkscrews. 


169 Stahlberg, L. F., 

Stahlfors.— Cut- 

170 Sval 


ing, E. M., Eskilstuna.— 


171S6derfcn, F. W., Eskilstuna.- 


172 Hedlund, Joh., 


178 Jernberg, 

174 Lafqvist, J. 

175 Lagerback, 









Eskilstuna. — 

178 Stenman, F. A., Eskilstuna.— 
Locks. 284 

179 Strandberg, J., Eskilstuna.— Brass. 


-wo \ Can spt\Tvs&. 

FcriOMtBm^exhibitB, indicated by numbers at end of enmes, *eeOa»^v^«»xx^Tv,v^- "^l v^- 

JfiS Norrstrdm, C. A. A C. H., Bakila- 
tunu. — Hunting knives. a68 




Metal, Leather, Wooden Ware. 

188 Kallingt Iron Works, Ronneby.^ 
Nails. 284 

188« New Qellivara Co. 

Lulea.— Nails. 


184 RobeoD, Albert, Aspa, Askersund. 
— Oak spikes. 384 

185 SundstrSm, J. O., Charlottenberg. 

—Nails. SU4 

187 Wiklund, W., Stockholm 


For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

FabrioB of Vegetable, Animal, oi 

Mineral ICaterials. 

189 Tuxen, Louis von, Stockholm.' 

Fabrics of patent leather. 285 

190 Olsson. M., Arniis, Lina.- 
stand, willow chair and basket. 


191 Kallinge Iron Works, Ronneby.— 
Galvanized iron vessels. 291 

192 Karlskrona Galvanizing Stock Co. 
(limited;, Karlskrona. — Galvanized sheet 
iron. 2yi 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{North of Nave, Coiumms 4 to 7.) 

Textiles, Ceramics, Woven Goods, Clothing^. 

Cliemiesl Kanufaetnres. 

1 Bergen Gas Works, Bergen. — Sul- 
phate of ammonia, raw and refined, aoo 

la Bergen's Commercial Association, 
Bergen. — Cod-liver oil. 201 

2 Borthen, J., Trondhjem.— Medical 
cod-liver oil. aoi 

8 Hanssen, F., Aalesund.— Medical 

cod-liver oil. aoi 

4 Devoid, L. C, Aalesund.- -Medical 
cod-liver oil. aoi 

4a Henriksen,J.H.,Troms6.— Medical 
cod-liver oil. aoi 

5 Jordan, C, Trondhjem.— Medical 
cod-liver oil. aoi 

6 Moller, Peter, Christlania. — Cod- 
liver oil. aoi 

6/> Bordewick & Co., Lynsvor.— Medi- 
cal cod-liver oil. aoi 

7 Steen, Daniel, Christiania. 

a Soaps. aoi 

6 Essences, perfumery, pomades, cosmet- 
ics. 303 

8 Holmen's, Q. R., Technical Works, 
Fuglesang, Christiania. — Writing ink, 
aseptine, diamond oil blacking, grease 
for leather. aoa 

10 Rode, C. N., Porsgrnnd.— Scandina- 
vian ink, writing and copying, dark vio- 
let copying ink. aoa 

11 Pettersen, . Andr., Bergen.— Hair 
dressing and perfumery. ^03 

1 2 Dons,Henrik, Christiania.— Matches 
from Bryn manufactory. 204 

16 Jolsens, H.. Match Manufactory, 
Christiania. — Matches. 204 

1 7 Nitedals Match Manufactory, Chris- 
tiania. — Safety and common matches. 304 

( 4'0r yiak oil, see Agricultural Catalogue , 

Ceramiof— Pottery, Poroelain, Olafs, 

17rt Havnven*s Works, Christiania.— 
Tiles and bricks. 306 

18 Schwarzenhorn, Pr. von, Christi- 
ania. — Painted and decorated porce- 
lain. 313 

19 Hurdal, Biri, Hadeland & HSvik's 
Glass Works. 

a Window glass. 214 

^ Bottles. 315 

c Glassware. 215 

SOBergea*» 01mb» Worka.— Floaters. 


Purnitiire and Objeoti of (General Ufs 
in Constraotlon and in Dwellings. 

21 Oram, Wm., Christiania. 
a Antique bedstead and cupboards. 

6 Antique brass and copper dishes. 
ndlei * 



e Candlesticks. 333 

22 Hoist, Chr., Head Steward to His 

Majesty the King, Christiania. — Buflet 

chairs, antique arm chairs, peasant . 

chairs. 317 

28 Klemetsen, Chr., Christiania.— The 
fittings of the Norwegian section. 317 

24 Moestue, Thv., & Co., Christiania.— 
Iron safe. 317 

25 Ojpsahl, P. J., Christiania.— Iron 

safes. 317 

28 Drammen Foundry and Mechanical 
Works, Drammen.— Stoves. 333 

29 Nord & Son, M. £., Christiania.-^ 
Refrigerator. 334 

80 O. Jacob8en*s Mechanical Works, 
Christiania. — Mechanical mangle. 335- 

(For stoves, see Pag* 88. ) 

{For door-handles t seepage 88.) 

Yami and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

81 Christiania Sail Cloth Manufactory, 
Christiania. — Sail cloth, fishing yarns, 
etc. 330 

82 Nydalens Company, Christiania. — 
Cottons, sail cloth, tissues, and yarns, fish- 
ing nets, etc. 330 

84 Eche, J. D., & Son, Bergen.— Floor 
oil cloths and painted window blinds. 334 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and 
Mixtures of Wool. 

86 Pettersen, Gunerius, Christiania.-^ 
Textile domestic industry ; valises. 338 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

40 Fa I ken berg. Johs., Christiania.— 
Ready-made linen. 350 

41 Naess, H. S., Christiania.— Boots 
and shoes. 351 

42 Nordahl, Petter N., Christiansand.— 
Boots. 351 

48 Falck-Yster, Christiania.— Snow 
shoe*. •j.'iV 

4^ Qramm,>Nttv.,C.Yvx\%\\%xwVaL. 

a CoWecCvow o^ aitvv\cv>\^ ^w^ mo^wo. ^^''*'"* 
OTnsimtT\t& viottv wpotv \yv«: v^^tY^*^- "^J- 

rbrdMMOOM ofcMbibitB, Indicated by numbers at end oC entnes, v^Oa«:v^ca.>A^^, V^>- -^T-KV 



Fancy Goods, Paper, Hardware, Carriages, Machinery. 


45 Lie, P. A., Christiania.— Silver fili. 
grec work in Norwegian style. 253 

46a Olsen, Th., Bergen.— Filigree silver 
ornaments. 253 

46 Tost r up, J., Christiania.— Silver 
work ; silver fiTigree work in specific Nor- 
wegian style. 253 

49 Kittelsen, Jens, Christiania.— Va- 
Uses. 255 

50 Brandt, C, Bergen.— Furs, skins, 
etc. 250 

51 Rustad, A. S., Drammen.— Collec 
tion of Norwegian furs. 256 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

53 Haneborg, A. O., Christiania. 

a Paper. 260 

b Wood pulp for paper manufacturing. 263 

54 Moestue, Thv., & Co., Christiania. 

a Account books. 261 

b Pasteboard boxes. 262 

56 Christophersen, Chr., Christiania.— 

Wood pulp for paper manufacturing. 263 

56 Frolich, F. H., & Son. Christiania.— 
Paper hangings and borders. 264 

Kilitary and Naval Armaments, Ord- 
nance, Firearms, and Hunting Ap- 

57 Gram, William, Christiania.— An- 
tique weapons. 268 

Medioine, Surgery, Prothesis. 

58 Ditten, H. S., Christiania.— Aperient 
tonic pills, tourist pharmacies. 272 

Hardware, Ei 

Tools, Cutlery and 
io Products. 

fiS'i Bennett, T.— Cutlery and carved 

goods. 281 

50 Michelsen,John B., Bergen. 

a Cutlery. 281 

b Brass goods. 283 

c Carvings in wood and walnts teeth. 405 

69^ Smith, AVilliam.- Knives with 

carved handles. 281 

60 Blunck, C, Christiania. 

a Metal hollow ware, cast iron ware. 283 
b Pumps. 560 

c Fire engines. 5^4 

61 Krogstad Society, Drammen.— 
Nails and spikes, machine-made by hot 
and cold process. 284 

%\a Opsahl, P. J., Christiania.— Locks. 


{For anchors^ chains, and stoves, see 
Page So.) 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

65 Fredriksvorn Rope Manufactory, 
Fredriksvorn. — Coniagc. 287 

66 Kuhne, W., Christiania.— Basket 

ware. 289 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Aocessoriei. 

67 Heffermehl, L., Dramm^p. 

a Carriages (kariols). 29* 

b Racing sledge. 295 

68 Sorensen & Klovstad, Christiania.— 

Carriages (kariols). 292 

69 Christensen, Chr., Christistnia. 

a Kariol. 292 

b Antique sleigh. 295 

70 Falck-Yster, Christiania.— Fisher- 
man's ice sledge. 29$ 

Motors, Power Generators, eto. 

71 Ojerdrum, Otto. Christiania.— Model 

of self-acting smoke-consuming apparatus 
for boilers. 550 

72 Klem Hansen & Co., Trondhjem.— 

Belting. 553 

73 Roed Works, near SandeQord.— Ro- 
tating steam-engine with boiler and feed- 
water heater. 554 

Hydraulic and Pneumatio Apparatus. 

74 Blunck, C Christiania. 

a Pumps. 5&> 

b Fire-engines. 564 

Aerial, Pneumatio, and Water Trans- 

75 A rents, Hjalmar, Christiania.— 
Models and drawings of iron ships. 594 

76 Board of Commerce, Aaleauad.— 
Models of fishing boats. 594 

77 Brandi, J., Christiania.— Drawings 
and models of sailing vessels. 594 

78 Brunchorst & Dekke, Bargea.— 
Models of sailing vessels. 594 

79 Gran, Jens, Bergen.— Models of sail- 
ing vessels. 594 

80 Hansen. Carl A., Porsgrund.— 

Models and drawings of sailing vessels. 


81 Museum of Bergen, Bergen.— Mod- 
els of fishing boats. 594 

82 Naval Establishment of Carl Johans- 
vaern, Hurten.— Models of boats. 594 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. >9>»45. 




{North of Nave, Columns i foj.) 


Chemieal KaniifaotiireB. 

1 Mineralo^cal Society of Naples.— 
Sulphurous products. 200 

2 Salinella, Baron Michele, Nicosia, 
Catania. — Rock salt. 200 

3 Musumeei, QuUi Gaetano, Catania. 
— Liquorice. 200 

4 Giacomazzi. Favare Salvatore, Tra- 
pani.^^ea salt. 200 




Martorana, Paladino 8., Trapani.— 
Sea salt. 200 

Mazullo, Cav. Agostino, Mandanui, 
Messina. — Rock salt. 300 

Pirrene, Antonino,of Gaetano, Mes- 
sina. — Liquorice. 300 
9 Labonia, B. G., Naples.- Liquo- 
rice. 200 

10 Romano, Gaetano, Palermo. — 
Salt. 200 

11 Perrino, Cesare, Turin. 

a Nitrate. aoo 

d Colors in powder and paste. so3 

12 Baroncelli, Baldassarre, Cinciano. 
Sienna. — Bicarbonate of potassium ana 
sodium. 200 

18 Borelli, Luigi, late Tommaso, Asti, 
Alexandria.— Cream of tartar, acids. 200 

14 Reimandi, Giuseppe, Acqui, Alex- 
andria. — Cream of tartar, tartaric 
acid. 200 

1 5 Gentili, Grassini, late Giuseppe, Pa- 
dua. — Cream of tartar. 200 

1 6 Sbertoli, Giuseppe, late Domenico, 
Genoa. — Carbonate of lead. 200 

1 7 Candiani & Biffi, Milan.— Acids and 
diemicals. 200 

IS Emmanuele, Francesco, Catania.— 
Cream of tartar. 200 

19 Grimaldi, Giovanni, Paterno, Sicily. 
— Extract of liquorice. 200 

20 Pastore, Gio., late Filippo, Catania. 
— Juice of liquorice. 200 

21 Grasso, Giuseppe, Catania.— Juice 
of liquorice. 200 

22 Catanzaro, Giuseppe, Termini, Pa- 
lermo. — Liquorice paste. 200 

23 Lancia di Brojo, Duke Federigo, 
Palermo. — Sea salt. 200 

24 FonzO, Domenico, Catania.— Cream 
of tartar. 300 

S3 Di Mauro, Francisco, Catania.— 
Cream of Urtar. 200 

26 Scuderi, Giuseppe, Catania.— Cream 

of tartar, zamba. 200 

27 Rampazzini, Frederico, Milan. — 
Sulphur and chemicals. 200 

28 Solinas, Arras Giuseppe, Sassari. — 
Olive oil. ■ 201 

29 Oneto, Agostino, A Co., Sampier- 

darena, Genoa. — Soap. 20X 

30 Agostini Delia Seta, Count Alfredo, 

Pisa. — Olive oil. 20X 

81 Cenami, Count Bartolomeo, Lucca. 
— Olive oil. 30X 

32 Mingori, Vincenzo, Lucca.— Olive 

oil. 20Z 

33 Tellini, Vincenzo, Calci, Pisa.— Olive 

oil. 20X 

34 Tellini, Dario, & Co., Cascina, Pisa. 
— Olive oil soap. 30X 

35 Bonei, Casuccini Ottavio, Sienna. — 
Olive oil. 20X 

36 Contucci, Eustachio, Montepu- 
leiano, Sienna. — Olive oil. 201 

37 Lanza Bros,, Turin.— Stearin e, 

candles, soap. 201 

88 Rinaldo, RafTaele, Salerno.— Olive 
oil. 20X 

39 Guglielmini, Andrea, Salerno.— 
Olive oil. 2ot 

40 Virgili, Angelo, Vacone, Perugia. 
— Ouve oil. 201 

41 Roeselli Del Turco, Pier Francesco, 
Florence. — Olive oil. 201. 

42 Capponi, Conti Bros., Floience.— 
Olive oil. 20X 

43 Alii Maccarani Claudio, Florence ~ 
Olive oil and paste of Zanza. 201 

44 Corsini, Prince Tommaso, Florence. 

— Olive oil. 201 

46 Merlini, Alfonso, & Enrico Bros., 
Terriciuola, Pisa. — Olive oil. 201 

46 Farinola, M. Paolo,. Florence.— 
Olive oil. 201 

47 Albergotti, Geo., & Agostino Bros., 
Arezzo. — Olive oil. 201 

48 Rospieliosi, Prince Clemente, Lam- 
poveccnio, Florence. — Olive oil. 201 

49 Chamber of Commerce & Arts, 
Sienna. — Olive oil. 201 

50 Saracini, Alessandro, Sienna.— 
Olive oil. "assv 

51 Pucci, San^ttdotiv K\^«.^., ^\«i«kx^"a-— 
OUve o\\. "^^^ 

52 RicaaoU, Baxotv^^XXxtvo.-^oxtTiC*;.-^ 

OUve ov\ . 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of eulvVcs, atie CVas^v^^^^^^'^-VV- '^l-^'^- 




Chemicals, Ceramics. 

58 Botti, Alessandro, Chiavari, Genoa. 

— Olive oil. 201 

64 Calamari, Pietro, Milan.— 

Soaps. 20I 

55 Gianoli Bros., Milan.— Soaps. 


56 Giuffrida, Leotta Giovanni, Catania. 
—Oil of sweet almonds. 201 

57 Merlo, Baron Vincenzo, Palermo.— 
Olive oil. 20I 

58 Sciacca della Scala, Baron, Paler- 
mo. — Olive oil. 201 

69 Martines, Filippo, Palermo.— Olive* 
oil, 201 

60 Inguagg[iato, Baron Croce, Palermo. 

— Olive oil. 201 

61 Pacchiani, Eliseo, Passignano, Um- 
bria. — Olive oil. 201 

62 Rossi, Leopardi Cav. Cesare, Com- 
iso, Syracuse. — Soaps. 201 

68 Fazio, Domenico, Palermo.— Olive 

oil. 201 

64 Galli, Cesare, Florence. — OH ve 

oil. 201 

05 Piacente, Francesco, Bari.— Olive 
oil. 201 

66 Agrarian Committee for Thirty Ex- 
hibitors, Florence. — Olive oil. 20I 

67 Jatta, Antonio, Ruvo di Puglia. — 
Olive oil, . 201 

68 Chamber of Commerce & Arts, of 
Bari.— Olive oil. 201 

69 Mazzullo, Cav, 
Olive oil. 

70 Di Salvo, Salvatore, Messina. 

a Olive oil. 201 

b Essences. 230 

71 Agrarian Committee of Chiavari.— 

Olive oil, soap. 201 

72 Marzi Bros,, Poggibonsi, Sienna.— 

Olive oil. 201 

78 RussOf Calogero, Termini, Palermo. 
Olive oil. 201 

74 Favare, Marchese della, Palermo. — 
Olive oil. 20I 

75 Martillaro, Mar. Carlo, Palermo. — 

Olive oil. 201 

76 Tucci-Savo Benedetto, Rome.— 
Olive oil. 201 

77 A^osti Brothers, Bagnoria, Rome. — 
Olive oil. 20t 

78 Marini, Marq. Pietro, Rome.— Olive 
oil. 201 

79 Rotali, Francesco, Rome. — Olive 

oil. 201 

80 Isnardi, Pierre, Leghorn. — Olive 

oil. 201 

81 Conti, E., & Sons, Leghorn.— 

Soaps. 20X 

82 Tarussi, Luigi, & Bros., Leghorn.— 
Olive oil. 201 

88 Generois, Felice, & Sons, Naples.— 
Soaps. 20I 

84 Anselmi ft Marassi, Naples.— 
Oils. 201 

86 RoccOf Francesco, Catania.- OVwe 
oil. 201 

Luigi, Messina.— 


87 Mora, Domenico, Turin. — Chettnot 

extract for dyeing. aoa 

88 Morandi, Pietro, Milan.- 
Ink. 302 

89 Bassolini, Vincenzo, Milan.— Vari- 
ous colors. 202 

90 Bonacina, Cesare, Milan. 

a Varnishes, ink. 202 

6 Aromatic tooth paste. 203 

91 Maranesi, Gaetano, & Masetti Bar- 
tolomeo, Bologna. — Ink. 202 

92 Gnocchi, Giovanni, Milan.— 
Inks. 203 

93 Scarselli, Benedetto, Rome.— Gru- 
ma, incrustation from casks. 202 

94 Ghibellini Bros., S. Giovanni in 
Persiceto, Bologna. — Varnish. 202 

96 Santi, Amantini, Adamo, Florence. 
— Perfumery. 203 

96 Lardera, A., Milan.— Perfum- 
ery. 203 

97 Cosentini & Caruso, S. Manno 
Marchesato, Calabria Citra. — Extract of 
liquorice. 203 

98 Scocchiolini, Adone, Rome.— Po- 
matum. . . 90^ 

99 Pateguazza Bros., N. & A., Rome. 
— Perfumery. 203 

100 Bortolotti, Pietro, Bologna.— Pel- 
sina water (for the toilet). 203 

101 Antonelli, Cav. Alessandro, Bo- 
logna. — Essence of lemon. • 203 

102 Alessi & Bonaventura, Messina.— 
Essences. 2^3 

108 Alessi, Gaetano, Messina.— Es- 
sences. . _ . 20J 

104 Ottaviani Bros., Messina.— Es- 
sences. aojL 

106 Rizzuto Carmelo, Reggio-Calabria. 
— Essences. 203 

106 De Sieto Bros., Reggio-Calabria. 
— Essences. 203 

107 Siles, Ignazio, Reggio-Calabria.— 
Essences. aej 

108 Lacoria, Felice, Reggio-Calabria. 

— Essences. J03 

109 Enological ft Agrarian Society of 
Acireale, Sicily. — Essence of lemon. 903 

110 De Nava^ Giuaeppe di P., Rcgfio- 

Calabria. — Essences. 203 

111 Mostardini, Adolfo, 

112 Melissari, Giuseppe, 


86 Rotmado, 

Glacomo, Modetia. — 
i^or clasacs of exhibits, indic.nlcd by nurnVts at titvA o^ eT«T\e&,^'itO:»as\^ca.VVfi»,\?v.'n-iR. 





113 Pennise, Baron di Floriatallo, Ca* 
tania. — Boiled essence of lemon ^agro). 203 

114 Lavasei, Francesco, Trofardlo, 
Turin,— Matches. 204 

116 Dellachi, Ambrogio, MoacaUeri, 
Turin. — Wax and wood matches. 204 

Ceramios— Pottery, Poreelain, Qhu, 

116 Trojani, Q. Batta, Florancc.- 

Bas-relief in baked clay. aol 

\n 'Pa^W^cc^VtV^^Sh.^Uo^ Floranct.- 



Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods, Silk. 

119 Tomci« AlUani Franco, Pietrm- 
santa, LAtcca. — Sample of {MvemenU. 308 

120 Pellms, Giuseppe, Florence.— Oal- 
vano-plastic ornaments. 009 

121 Bertini, Bmilio, Pism.— Crockery. 


1 22 Miliani, Cesare, Fabriano, Ancona. 
— Crockery. ajo 

123 Torelli, Jafet, Florence.— Crock- 
cry. 2ZO 

124 Castellan i, Torquato, Rome- 
Crockery, axo 

^25 Ferniani, Count Annibale, Faenza. 
— Crockery. axo 

126 Crockery Society of Farina, Faen- 
ra. — ^Artistic crockery. 2x0 

127 Benucci & Latti, Pesaro.— Majoli- 
ca vases and dishes. axx 

Furniture and Objects of (General Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

m Ammirati, Domenico, Palermo.— 
Chairs. 217 

129 Lopes, Salvatore, Palermo.— Stone 
tables. 217 

180 Coco, Salvatore, Palermo.— Ebony 
furniture. 217 

131 Cavallaro, L. & Q., Palermo.— Me- 
tallic beds. 317 

132 Catalano, Antonio, Palermo.— Fur- 
niture. 217 

183 Martinotti, Lui^, Turin.-^^arved 

fiumiture. 317 

134 Buzsi, Qiberto Francesco, Varese, 

' Lombardo. — Marble furniture. 217 

185 LancettifFederigo, Perugia.— Fur- 
niture. 3x7 

186 Blli, Luigi, Milan.— Seats for thea- 
tre. 317 

187 Fava, Avo, Niccolo, Florence. — 
Carved walnut furniture. 217 

188 Castelvedere, Luigi, Brescia. — 
Metal candelabra and chased dish. 2x8 

189 Rolandi, O. Batto, Milan.— Crys- 
' tals and glasses. 219 

140 Grattarola, Cesare, Bologna.— Pic- 
ture frames of other exhibitors' pic- 
tures, (/s Art GeUlery,) 220 

141 Pontif. Oleographic Society, Bo- 
logna. — Frames. aso 

142 Sarettiere, (Huseppe, Palermo.— 
Lamps. 333 

143 Menici,Angiolo, Leghorn.— Show- 
er bath. 326 

144 Delia, Case Nicola, Baveno, Nova- 
ra. — Granite cornice. 337 

146Bianchi ft Molinari, Milan.— 
Wooden floor. 327 

146 Va]ani, Pietro, Milan.— Window 
blinds, curtains, etc. 327 

147 Ri2'i> Augusto, Milan.— Persian 
window blinds. 227 

Tama and Woven Ctoods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

148 VecchieUi, Cesare, Florence.— 
Green-weed (ginestro) products. 229 

149 PoUdoti, Count Au£^u8to,Anghiari, 
Arezxa.— Prepared green-weed (gines- 
f^)' 229 

For dasfcs ofexUbits, iadicated by numbers 

160 Scurati, Mansoni de Q., BieUa» 

Novara. — Skein of cotton. 330 

161 Assetto di Orasiani Bros., Chieri, 
Turin. — Cotton goods. 330 

162 Madini, Augusto, & Co., Bologna. 
— Seamless bags. 330 

168 Gentiluomi,LV.,&Co.,Pisa.-Col- 
ored cotton goods. 331 

164 Meda, Bernardo, Monza, Milan.— 
Colored calico. 33a 

166 Aleasio Broa., Milax».— Red calico. 


166 Special Committee of Salerno.—. 
Linen goods. 333 

167 Remaggi Bros., Navaccbio, Pisa. 
— Linen goods. 333 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

168 Caldara, Salvatore, Palermo.— 
Cloths. 235 

169 Mangeri, Antonino, Messina.— 
Cloths. 33i 

160 Barbarulo Bros., Naples.^- 

Cloths. 235 

161 Radieri Bros., Qandino, Bergamo. 

— Felted flannel and cloth. 335 

162 Barbarulo, Antonio, Peluzzano, 

Salerno. — Cloths. 235 

168 Correction Department of Salice- 
to, Modena. — Cloths. 335^ 

164 Assetto di Qraziani Bros., Chieri,- 
Turin. — Blankets. 337^ 

166 Chapelle & Co., Turin.— Woolen- 
blankets. 237 

166 Bass, Abrate, & Co., Turin.— Blan- 
kets. 237 

167 Woolen Manufactory of BorgoSe- 
sia, Turin. — Worsted wool. 338 

168 Bozzalla,Gio,&Son,Biella,Novara.- 

— Woolen goods. 238 

169 Bozzalla, Antonio, & Brother, Cog-* 
giola, Novara. — Woolen goods. 338 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

170 Keller, Alberto, Milan. 

a Raw silk. 343 

6 Woven silk. 345 

171 Chiericoni, Ugolino, Messina.— t 
Cocoons. 34a 

172 Qiannotti, Giuseppe, Barga (Luc-, 

a Raw silk. 34a 

6 Spun silk. 344 

178 Diena, M. Q., Modena. — Raw 

silk. 342 

174 Sinigaglia, Salomon, Heir of, Lat- 

tes, Turin. 

a Raw silk. 243 

i Woven silk. 845 

176 Franzi Bros., Alzano Maggiore, 

a Raw silk. 34a 

6 Woven silk. 345 

176 Dalla Pozza, Filippo, Vicenza. 

a Raw silk. a^ik 

6 Woven sWV.. '^K'b 

177 Frlzxoni, Kii\.oti\o Y .,"a«.x^^m^* ' 

a Raw siVVt. "^^^ 

b Woven sWVl. ^^^ 

at end of entries, see C\a&sv^ca.\Aow» V^. ^TrNV 



Silk, Clothing, Jewelry, Stationery. 

X85 Marchesini, 
Straw hats. 

178 Meyer & Co., Milan. 

a Raw silk. 342 

. b Spun silk. 244 

179 Sciacca della Scala, Baron, Pa- 
lenno. — Silk. 245 

180 De Silvestri, Salvatore, Rome. — 
Silk goods. 245 

181 Cagliani, Leopoldo, Milan.— Silk 
velvets. 247 

Clothing, Jewelry and Ornaments ; 
Traveling jSquipments. 

1 82 Morandi, Q. Montepulciano, Sien- 
na. — Dress for lady. 250 

183 Incerti Anselmo, Modena.— Knit 
goods. 250 

184 Comellini & Buratti, Bologna.— 
Corsets. 250 

Pietro, Bologna.— 

186 Ricci, Luigi, & Sons, Florence.— 
Straw hats. 251 

187 Duranti, Agostino, Florence. — 
Straw hat£. 251 

188 Angelucci, Gerolamo, Ancona. — 
Shoes. 251 

189 Lodi, G. Batta, Palermo.— Gloves. 


190 Di Rosalia, Antonino, Palermo.— 
Shoes. 251 

191 Vinci, Melchiorre, Palermo.— 
Shoes. 251 

192 Petroli, Pietro, Pallanza.— Shoes. 


193 Shoemakers' Co-operative Society, 
Bologna. — Shoes. 251 

194 Baccilieri, Lorenzo, Bologna. — 
Gloves. 251 

195 Bossi, Eduardo, Naples. — 

Gloves. 251 

196 De Notaris, Sigismundo, Naples. 
— Shoes. 251 

197 Calise, Tommaso, Ischia Island, 
Naples. — Ladies' straw hats. 251 

198 Rumieri, Gabriele, Naples.- Silk 
and felt hats. 251 

199 Casella, Giuseppe, Salerno.- 
Shoes. 251 

200 Moiraghi, Antonio, Turin.— 

Shoes. 251 

201 Bruzzesi, Giacinto, Milan.— 

Shoes. 251 

202 Scarselli. Benedetto, Rome.— 

Straw hats ana braided straw. 251 

203 Taddei, Gaetano, Florence.— Strav«r 

hats and braided straw. 251 

204 Straw Hat Stock Co., Pianoro, Bo- 

logna. — Straw hats and braided straw. 251 

205 Santini Bros., Florence.— Straw 
hats and braided straw. 251 

206 Working Men's Benevolent Asso- 
ciation of Falerone. — Straw hats and 
braided straw. 251 

207 Angeli Candido, Reggio, Emilia.— 
Hats and braided straw. 251 

208^ Kubli^ Gio Giacomo, Florence. — 

Sjraw hats and braided straw. 251 

SOB Rommni, Bugenio, & >Vlfe, Milan 

— Embroidered pictures. 252 

210 Gerosa, Adele Bducanda, Milan. 
— Embroidered pictures and handker- 
chief. 259 

211 Stock Co. for Manufacturing 
Laces, Venice. — Laces, old and new 
styles. 25a 

212 Bon Regina, Como. — Lacea. 252 

213 Gioiuzza, Giuseppe, Naples.— Jew- 
elry and cond. 253 

214 Melillo, Giacinto, Naples.— Jewel- 
ry and coral. 253 

216 Francati & Santamaria, Rome.— 
Jewelry. 253 

216 Geraldini, Ettore, Rome.— Gold 
and silver jewelry. 253 

217 Bellezza, Niccolo Aleaa, Rome.— 
Jewelry. 253 

218 Accarisi, Giuseppe, Florence.— 
Roman jewelry. 253 

219 Jacobini, RaflTe, & Giobbe, Pio. 
Rome. — Old precious stones. 953 

220 Ponti, Rovera, & Co., Piacenza.— 
Buttons. 254 

221 Olivieri, Luigi, Venice.— Fancy 
articles. 354 

222 Forte, Emilio, Genoa,— Silver fili- 
gree work. 254 

223 Salvo, C, & Sons, Genoa.— Objects 

in filigree and gold. 254 

224 Righini Bros., Turin.— Umbrella 

and parasol. 954 

225 Labriola, Luigi, Naples.— Tortoise- 
shell work. 254 

226 Castellan!, Alesaandro, Rome.— 
Gold and silver articles. 954 

227 Brusa, G. Batta, Venice.— Albam. 


228 Rossetti, Cav. Giacomo, Brescia. 
— Album, with photographs. 955 

229 Cavaleri, Avo. Michele, Milan.— 
Album and miniatures. 355 

230 Leoni, Angelo, Catania.— Sicilian 

costumes. 957 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

231 Grassi, Francesco, Bologna.— Ver- 
tical letter prejis. 158 

282 Cartiera Italiana, Turin.— Paper 

and envelopes. 259 

283 Aeosti, Agnes, Rome. — Paper em* 

broideries. 259 

284 Cattaneo, Alessandro ft Bro., Ber* 

gamo.— Common paper. 260 

235 Vallini, Natale, Bologna.— Ps- 

per. 2to 

286 Miliani, Pietro, Faleiano, Marche. 

— Various kinds of paper. acw 

237 Fornari, Antonio G. B., Fabriano, 

a Papers. jfo 

6 Pasteboard. 263 

238 Migliaccio, RafTaelo, Salerno.' 
Paper. 260 

239 Giordano, Scipione, Turin.— Blsnk 
form of contract for nurses. 2O1 

240 Cassinara, Eugenio, Pavia.— Bill- 
heads. f6i 

^^\ Ya^\o\\, ^%ft\%xktk^ Placenxa.— Pa- 

for cisisscs of exhibits, indicated by numbers at eivA o^ et^VT\ts,^t^C\A&^\^cas2tf«i,'w.vtH5^ 



Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware, Vehicles, Sculpture. 

Weapons, etc. 

243 Comminassi Bros., Brescia.— 
Needle-gun barrek. 265 

244 Botti, Pietro, Brescia.— Gua. 365 

246 Corica, Agostino, Messina.— 
Shot. - 265 

Kedieine, Surgery, Prothesis. 
i46 Decolj Maria, Bologna.— Decotto 

(a medicine). 37a 

247 Garau, Salvatore, Milan.— Tama- 
rind powder; extract to prevent. se» sick- 
ness. 227 

248 Morreale^ Ettore» Palermo.— Medi- 
cinal liquors. 272 

249 Margani-Valenti, Gaetanb, Nisce- 
mi, Sicily. — Medicines. 272 

250 Pagliaro. Domenico, St. Stefano 
Camostra, Palermo. — Medicines. 272 

251 Pagliaro, Andrea, Mistretta, Mes- 
sina. — Medicinal gelatines. 272 

252'VaIentini, Gottardo, Milan.— 
Medicines. 272 

253 Arrosto, Gioacchimo, Messina.— 
Citrates aiMi medicines. 272 

254 Spadaro, Grassi P., Catania.— 
Medicinal citrate. 273 

255 Ponzoni, Lui^i, Milan.— Hygienic 
liquors and medicme. 272 

256 Menici, Angiolo, Leghorn.— Appli- 
ance for raiaing the sick. 276 

257 Barnabei, Alessandro, Rome.— 
Tubes and metallic syringes. 376 

258 Pacini, Leopoldo, Florence.— 
Hernial truss. 276 

259 Qramignani, Leopoldo, Ancona. — 
Dental prothesis. . 277 

260 Noel-Winderling Bros., Milan.— 
Dental anatomy. 277 

261 Testi, Ulisse, Bologna.— Dental 
machines. 277 

262 Sirletti, Francesco, Rome.— Sets 
of teeth. 277 

Hardware, Edee Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallic Producte. 

2613 Guelpa-Pias2a Bros., Biella, 

No vara. — Gimlets. 280 

264 Giulivo, B., & Co., Turin.— Iron 

and tin knives, forks, ana spoons. 281 

265 Ferrino, Cesare, Turin. — Sand 

linen and sand paper. 282 

266 Bonini, Emilio, Pignone, Florence. 
— Articles in zinc. 283 

267 De Poli Bros., Vittorio, Trevisto.- 

Bronze church bell. * 283 

268 Zalaffi, Benedetto, Sienna.— Iron 
work. 283 

269 Parise, Achille, Sons, Naples.— 

Mechanical lock. 284 

270 Cane, Qeremia, Bologna. — Tools 

for umbrellas. 284 

271 Namei, Giovanni, Florence.— 
Turned metallic articles. 284 

272 Olivieri, Luigi, Venice.-Hard- 

ware. 284 

273 EscofBer, Giuseppe Gio., Florence. 
— Mechanical articles. 2S4 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or ' 
Mineral Materials. 

274 Giacomini, Luigi, & Co., Treviso.— 
Brushes. 286 

275 Bargioni, Ferdinando, Florence. — 
Ropes of rush. 287 

276 Chamber of Commerce of Syrar 
cuse. — Ropes. 287 

277 Rosso, Leopardo Cav. Cesare, 
Comiso, Syracuse. — Ropes. 28- 

278 Vincenzi, Paolo, Carpi, Modena.— 

Corks. 289 

279 Marchini, Cesare, Fiesoie, Flor- 
ence. — Straw works. 289 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

280 Sarettiere, Giuseppe, Palermo.-^ 

Lamps for carriages. 293 

281 Locati, Cav. Alessandro, Turin.— 
Carriages. (/» Annex.) 293 

282 Mainetti, Francesco, Milan.— Car^ 

riage (landau). {In Annex.) 292 


283 Bazzantie, Figlio, Florence.— Cupid 

and Psyche (group). 400 

284 Porcinai, Antonio, Florence. 

a Surprised (bust). 400 

b Venus of Canova (statue). 400 

285 Torelli, Lot, Florence.— David, by 
Michael Angelo (copy). 400 

286 Garofoli, Oreste, Rome. 

a Trasteverina (Roman costume). 400 

b After the Theatre. 400 

c Ciociara (Roman costume). 400 

d Genzanese. 400 

287 Ricci. Paolo, Florence.— Dante 

(statuette). 40U 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{South of South Avenue, Columns 12 to /j".) 


Minerals, Manufactures. 

JCineralB, Ores, Building Stones, 
Mining Frodnots. 

1 National Museum. 

a Rough gold-dust, petrified wood. xoo 

b Rough, hewn, and polished marbles, ala- 
baster, and limestones. 102 
e Crude lime rock, cement, burned lime, 
and plaster. Z03 
d Clays and materials for manufacturing por- 
celain and faience. 104 
a Sand. zo6 
/ Soil and water. X07 

Metallargical Frodnots. 

2 National Museum. 

a Solid rough gold pieces. tto 

b Iron. xiz 

Chemical Mannfaotnres. 

8 Laboratory of the Government. 
a Chemicals of all kinds and pharmaceutical 
preparations. 200 

^ Prepared oils, solid and liquid. 201 

c Flavoring extracts, solid and liquid. 203 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, etc. 

4 National Museum. 

a Bricks from Lower E^pt. 206 

b Po»ctU!». tiles. 208 

c Bgyptiin earthenwa re, from 

5 Brugsch Bey, Cairo. 
a Majolica ware ir different designs. 
b Porcelain of all kinds. 

2 10 



Fnrnitnre, and Objects of General Use 
in Constrnotion and in Dwellings. 

6 Parvis, Mr., Cairo.— Oriental 

• drawing-room furniture. 217 

7 National Museum. 

a Table furniture of porcelain, solid gold and 
silver ware, coffee sets, and vessels of 
brass. 218 

b Utensils for kitchen, and tinware. 224 

Tarns and Woven Ooods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

8 National Museum. 
/7 Coarse fabrics of rattan, bark, pa\m-\eaf, 
grass, and nishes. »q 

^ Cotton fabrics, unbleached, bleached, and 

c Linen fabrics, uncolored and dyed, and 
linen canvas and duck for aWnin^ and 
tents. 333 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and 
Mixtures of WooL 
9 National Museum. 
a Fabrics of wool, fancy cassimeres, 

b Flannels. 
c Robes. 


For classes of exhibits, indicated by numV>ct» al cud ot ttvu\e% 

10 National Museum.— CoUectioa of 
Brussels carpet. Melton, and tapestry, 
from wool and camel's hair. 939 

Silk and Silk Fahrioi, and MlxtiiTes 
in which Silk it the predominating 


1 1 Tramontino, Mr., Cairo. — C o e o o n s 
and raw silk. 94* 

12 National Museum. 

a Twisted silk in spools and skeins. t43 
b Woven silk, lute-strings, satins, and fcii> 
lards. t4S 

c Woven figured silk goods. S46 

d Fancy siUc and velvet ribbons. 948 

Clothing, Jewelry and Omaavnts; 

Traveling Eqaipments. 
18 National Museum. 

a Dress goods for men's and wosien's wear, 
with gold and silver trimminss. 3sc 

b Hats', and bodts ; women's shoes cmbroi- 1 
dered in velvet, silk, gold, and silver. 251 

c Silk dress trimminss and emhroideriet, | 
woven with fold and silver. 153 

d Turquoises, jewelry, and ornaments worn 
upon the person. 953 

e Fancy articles, dress adonunents, fans, 
walking-canes, sunshades, and pipes 01 
all descriptions, with gold, silver, and silk 
woven ornaments, ostrich and nambout 
feathers. 154 ' 

y Fancy leather work. 155 

g- Historical collection of the national co»> 
tumes from Abyssinia and the Soudan. tS7 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

14 National Museum. 
a Stationers' articles of the Orient. 9^ 

b Writing paper. 159 

Military and Naval Armaments, Ord- 
liftace^ Yvce%xmi^ and Hunting Ap- 

an A A\tVs. A 



Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

16 Cassegrain, F. P., of Cairo.— Hunt- 
ing firearms of a special pattern. 269 

Medioine, Bmtgnj, and Prothesis. 

17 National M u s e u m.— Medicinal 
plants. 373 

18 National Museum of Egypt, Mr. 
Zucchinetd, of Cairo. — Veterinary instni- 


Hardware, Edge Toeli, Cutlery, and 
ICetulic Produote. 

19 Mechanic Institute of Boolak.— Iron 

hardware for different mechanical pur- 
poses. 3S4 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Accessories. 

20 National Museum of Egypt, Mr. 
Zucchinetti, of Cairo. — Furniture for 
horses and mules, harness and saddlery, 
ornamental mule blankets, and silk woven 
saddle blankets. 396 

Educational Systems, JCethods, and 

21 Ministry of Public Instruction.— 
Ma^y charts, penmanship, drawings of 
pupils' work and course of study in water 
colors, from the public schools and acade- 
mies. 300 

22 National Museum. 

a Map of Eayvt and the new annexed prov- 
inces made by Mr. Friederichsen. 300 

i Mechanical instruments executed by schol- 
ars at the Polytechnic school. 303 

c Text-books and apparatus. 306 

28 Onsy, Mr., of Cairo.— Types and 
books for the education of the blind. 303 
24 Ministry of Public Instruction. 

.« College auid school statistics and educa- 
tional reports of Egypt. 304 

^ Statistical reports. 305 

26 Mourns ft Co., Cairo, Ministry of 
Public Instruction. — Printed works, 
school and text books, and dictionary, 
from the public schools of Egypt; liter- 
ature in the Arabic language, newspapers, 
and periodical literature. 306 

Institutions and Organizations. 

26 National Museum.— Ethnographical 
collection and publications. 312 

Boientiflc and Philosophical Instru- 
ments and ICethods. 

27 National Museum. 

a Egyptian weights and measures. 322 

^ Musical instruments from Egypt and the 

provinces of Soud&n. 327 

Enkineeringt Architecture, Charts, 
maps, and Graphic Representations. 

28 National Museum.— Maps of rail- 
ways, roads, tel^^phs, and postal ser- 
vice ; topographical maps and charts. 335 

Physical, Social, and Moral Condition 
of Man. 

29 National Museum.— Collection of \ 
Egyptian gold, silver, and copper I 

Fjoecfa^.orisxhiWte, indicated by numbers 


30 National Museum.— Plaster casts 
from Egyptian monuments. 40c 

31 National Museum. 
a Stones with ancient Arabic inscriptions. 401 
6 Hammered relief works in copper, and 

collection of plates, trays, and vases of 
the modem time of Egypt. 403 

32 Vegis, Mr., Cairo.— Repoussi and 
rehauss^ work in copper and iron of the 
ancient Arabic time. 403 

38 National Museum.— Specimens of 
" Mousharabie" window patterns in wood 
and ivory, engraved wood. 405 


84 National Museum. 

a View of Cairo and other water-color paint- 
ings, executed by Mr. Weidenbach, Ber- 
lin. 41X 

6 Painted water-bottles. 413 

Engraving and Lithography. 

35 Ravon, H., Staff-officer National 

Museum. — Drawing in ink of the citadel 
of Cairo, list of the names of the caliphs 
and sultans who have reiened in Egypt, 
from Omar to Ismail Pacha, Khedive of 
Eg^pt, list of the names of Pharaohs. 420 
85<x Penasson, A., Alexandria.— 
Samples of lithographic printing. 423 


36 National Museum. — Collection of 

photographs, views of pubiic works, cos- 
tumes, scenery, panorama, and a collec- 
tion of albums. 43c 

Industrial and Architectural Designs, 
Models, and Decorations. 

37 National Museum. — Collection of 

Arabic ornaments (plaster and zinc casts, 
painted and gilt), from timeof the caliphs, 
made by Schmo-ranz. 443 

Decorations with Ceramic and Vitre- 
ous Materials, Mosaic and InlaiJ 

38 National Museum. 
a Ancient glass lamps from the mosques. 451 
6 Woodwork inlaid with ivory ; ancient door 

from the sanctuary of a mosque, carved 
and inlaid in ivory and ebony. 452 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

39 National Museum. 
a Collection of woods from Egypt and the 

annexed provinces, cotton tree. 600 

6 Materials for dyeing and other industrial 

purposes. 60a 

40 National Museum & Mr. Heller.— 
Samples of gums. 603 

Agricultural Products. 

41 National Museum. 
a Cereals. 

I Legumes— \iea.Tv^,\e.w>j^^, cvt. 
C TvibeTCvv\ous a\vrcieuvv)LX\c&. 
rf Tobacco. 

1 e CottousoeAs. 

at e»\dof entT\e-s.seee\;>ssv^«vX\'^Tv,'v>V-'^'\-*''^ 




Animal and Vegetable Products, Textile Substances. 

Water Animals, Fish Culture and 
42 National Museum. 
a Crocodiles. 640 

d Pearls. 645 

Animal #nd Vegetable ProdueU. 

48 National Museum, 
.s Samples ef butter. 651 

^ Samples of rrease, colored hides, skins, col- 
lection of hii>popotamus and rhinoceros 
horns, tusks 01 elephants and hippopota- 
mi. 652 
c Ostrich tg^ and feathers. 65^ 
</ Edible ^ps, seeds, fruits, pastes, and 
confections,dned fruits and v^etables. 656 
For classes of esthibits, indicated by numbcn 

e Flour and rice. 657 

/Starches. 658 

^ Sacchariculture. 659 

A Wines, alcohol, rum, and vinegar. 66d 

i Biscuits. 66x 

Textile Bnbstanees ef Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

44 Estate of the Kbedive.— Collection 
of over aooo cotton samples^ representing 
the crops of eight years, with classifica- 
tion and price of ssue in Egypt and Eag- 
land. 665 

45 National Museum.— Textile fibres, 
raw and manufactured, cords and ropes, 
flax. 666 

at end of entries^ sec C l assification, n(>. 27-45. 




(South of South Av£mt€, Columns lo to 14,) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art. 

JCinerals, Ores, Stones, Mining 

1 His Hijrhneis Sidi Mohammed Es- 
sadok, Bey of Tunis. — Minerals and ores 
of Tunis. xoo 

Chemioal ICannfaotnreB. 

2 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. — Essences and flavor- 
ing extracts. 303 

Ceramios— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

8 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris.— Pot- 
tery. 206 

3a His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bs- 

sadok. Bey of Tunis. 
a Pottery. ao6 

b Earthenware. aio 

/nrnitnre and Objects of Oeneral Use 
in Constmotion and in Dwellings. 

4 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris. 

a Inlaid furniture. 2x7 

b Brackets. 220 

5 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Essa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. 

a Inlaid and household fiuniture. 217 

b Gilt brackets. 220 

^oyen and Felted Goods of Wool and 
Mixtures of Wool. 

6 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dok, Bey of Tunis. 

. Woolen blankets, shawls. 237 

b Carpets, rugs. 239 

7 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris. 

~a Shawls. 237 

- b Carpets and rugs. 239 

Silk and Silk Fabrics, and Mixtures in 
wblcli Bilk it the predominating 

8 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. 

a Woven silks; - 245 

b Hangings. 246 

9 Valensi. M., Tunis and Paris. 

a Woven silks. .345 

b Hangings. 246 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

10 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dok, Bey of Tunis, 
a Burnous. 350 

b Embroideries. '25a 


</ National costumes. 

11 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris. 
a Jewelry. 

b Oriental manufactures generally. 
c Tunisian costumes. 


Military and Naval Armaments, Ord- 
nance, Firearms, and Huntuig Ap- 

12 His Highness Sidi Mohammed BMn%- 

dok, Bey of Tunis. — Ancient and modem 
arms. 265 

13 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris.— 
Arms. 265 

Carriages, Yehiolei, emd Accessories. 

14 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Essa- 

. dok, Bey of Tunis. — Saddlery ; furniture 
and accoutrements for horses, mules, and 
camek ; ornamental horse and mule sad- 
dles and bridles. 296 

Scientiflo and Philosophical Instru- 
ments and Methods. 

1 5 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris.— Musi- 
cal instruments. 327 

Ceramic Decorations, Mosaics, etc. 

1 6 Ancient mosaics from Carthage. 45a 

Physical, Social, and Moral Condition 
of Man. 

1 7 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Essa- 
dok, Bey of Tunis. — Two Arab tents, ex- 
hibiting the domestic life and customs of 
Arab sheiks and Bedouins ; farming imple* 
ments of Arabs. {In Park.) 343 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Clas%\^c^i\aw,^v. '^'\~N'^> 




{South of South Atfeuue, Columns 2 to j.) 


Minerals, Clothing, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

« Diamonds in the rough, from the dia- 
mond fields of the Orange Free State. 100 

b Diamondiferous soil, with a dia- 
mond in it. 100 

c Copper and iron ore, chlorsastrolite, 
and magncsita. zoo 

d Coal. zoz 

t Pebbles accompanying the diamond. 


/ Kaolin. 104 

g Springbuck mats. 239 

h Angora, blesbuck, and jackal ka- 
rosses. 239 

I Boots of native manufacture. 251 
/ Pipes fif native manufacture. 234 
k Baskets of native manufacture. 289 
/ Harnesses and whips. 296 

m Figures in wood, cut with a pen- 
knife. 405 
'n Blue gum, olive, and thorn woods.- 


o Petrified wood. 600 

> Sumach. 602 

f Cream of tartar fruit. 6zz 
r Wheat, mealies, and Kaffir com. 620 

. t Stuffed birds. 635 

t Butterflies and other insects. 638 

u Tusks of ivory. 652 

V Gemsbuck. roorbuck, rietbuck, and 

hartebeeste horns. 65a 

w Koodoo cow hides. 
X Blesbuck skins. 


y Hartebeeste and 


z Shambucks, long and short. 
4M Rhinoceros hide flexible 
reins, thongs, and girdles. 

bb Whips of girafl^e hide. 

cc Ostrich feathers and eggs. 
dd Bird plumage, natural. 

ee Dried fruit. 
/f Mealle meal. 

gg^ Wool, washed and unwashed. 
hk Mohair of Angora goat. 

ii Model of transport wagon. 






Ceramics, Clothing, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Ceramies— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, 

1 Utschneider & Jaunez, Wasser- 

bill is.— Cement products of WasserbiU 

• lig. ao6 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments ; 
Tmyeling Sqnipments. 

2 Charles, Auguste.ft Co., Bonnevole, 
near Luxemburg. — Kid gloves. asi 

8 Mayer, Gabriel, Luxemburg.— 
Kid gloves. 951 

F^ur douses of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

4 Boot Manufactory of Lnxemborg.' 

Boots and shoes. ssi 

Animal and Yegvtabla Pndneti. 

4a Charles, Auguste, ft Co., Bonne- 
voie, near Luxemborg.— Tanned and dy«d 
kid skins. 6s> 

5 Michaelis, Frederic, Lnxamburg.— 
Concentrated vinegar. 660 

^ '?au\v , Bouthon, ft Co., Dtotinery 
\ xtve^ait >\^t)M\«iCA»n.— CooAftotratcd 

ai end o^ ctaT\«& » %«ft C\«M&$«aAjw^^'v^ «^^ 




(Snt/k of South Avenue, Columns ^ ty it.) 


Minerals, Manufactures. 

Xinerali, Ores, Stone, Mining 

Swatow.— Petrifac- 



1 Harman, 

2 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Coal. loi 

b Granite stones. xoa 

c Borax. Z04 

d Gypsum. X07 

Hetallurgioal Prodnets. 

8 Imperial Maritime Customs, 

a Silver leaf aud Imitation of gold leaf, no 

. b Steel. Ill 

c Tinfoil. • 113 

Chemieal XanufaetnreB. 

4 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Various seed, v^etable, and wood oils, aoi 

h Varnish, indigo, and sundry other dyes 

and colors. aoa 

c Sauce. 203 

Ceramics— Pottery, Poroelain, Glass, 

5 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
- a Rricks. 

b Roof tiles. 
'c Collection of earthenware. 210 

6 Tacklx>on|f, Canton. 

'a Earthenware onmments, figures, etc. 310 

b Porcelain vases, flower-pots, tea set, cigar 

holders, etc. 213 

7 Bean 9t. Jardine, Kiukiangr.— Porce- 
lain vases, flower-pots, cups, etc. 2x3 

8 Pow Loong, Canton.— Porcelain 
vases, dinner service, etc. 213 

9 H» Kan Cheu, Shanghai.— Collec- 
tion of old china. 213 

1 Hu Kwang, Yung Hang; Chow.— Col- 
lectiiin df old china porcelain. 213 

1 1 Imperial Maritime Customs, Canton. 
— Porcelain v^ses, dinner, dessert, tea, 
and toilet sets, flower-pots, candle-holders, 
bowls, cuspadors, etc. 213 

12 Imperial Maritime Customs, Kiuki- 
ang. — Porcelain vases, cups, and bowls; 
plates, teapots, etc. 213 

18 Imperial Maritime Customs, Shang- 
hai.— <IoHection of old china. * 21 { 
14 Kopsch, H., Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
vases; cups, bottles, cups and plates, des- 
sert dishes, goblets, etc. 213 
ib Lovatt, W. N., IWukJang.— Porce- 
/a/« vases, Sower-pots, garden seats, tea- 
etrp^, desaert dinhes, gol^ets, etc. 213 

16 Moore, C. P., Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
teapots, bottles, flower-pots, ornaments, 
etc. 313 

17 Rose,' S. C, Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
v.ases, flower poLs, jars, plates, dishes, 
cups, dinner sets, etc. 3x3 

18 Tong Chock-hing, Kiukiang.— Por- 
celain vases, ornaments, dessert service, 
etc. 313 

19 Toin Peh Mei, Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
vases, teacups, fruit stanos, dinner sets, 
and screen. 313 

80 Wadman, E., Ningpo.— <:ollection of 
old china vases. 313 

Fv/nitnre and Objects of Oeneral Use 
in Construction and in DwellingiB. 

81 Fow Loong, Canton.— Blackwood 
furniture — tables, sofas, chairs, screens, 
cabinets, etc. 317 

22 Imperial Maritime Customs, Can- 

a l^lackwbod, bamboo, rattan, and lacquered 

furniture. 317 

b Rattan cradle, and children's chairs. 321 

c Different kinds of lanterns. 223 

23 Kopsch, H., Kiukiang. — Screens. 3x7 

24 Lien Shing, Canton.— Lacquered 
furniture, chairs, and bladcwood 
screens. 317 

25 Sung Sing Kung,>lingpo. 

/( Carved furniture — beds, chairs, tables, 

bookcases, cabinets, etc. 217 

b Carved picture and photograph frames. 22c 

26 Imperial MaritimeCustoms, Niagpp. 
a Teaicettles and dishes. d2^ 
b Washbasins. 336 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

27 Fergusson & Co., 

of straw braid 

Chefoo.— Samples 


28 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Samples of grass cloth, rattan and coir, 
matting, etc. . 209 

b Plain cotton fabrics. 330 

c Printed cotton fabrics. 232 

</ Hemp doth. ^ 233 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

29 Imperial Maritime Customs.^Felt 

rugs. 339 

Silk and Silk f^hTVoa. 

a Kaw sWV. 

h V\au\v;ovcx\ s\\V*, 

Far duaet of exhibits, indicated by numbersiat end oli cuxttes, %«» e\M.s\^cas:>oTi»'^^ *t-*ft' 




Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture, 

31 Imperial Maritime Customs, Shang- 
hai.— Collection of reeled and re-reeled 
silks. 343 

82 HS Kan-cheu, Shanghai.— Plain 
woven silks. 245 

38 Hu Kwani^-Yung, Hangchow.— 
Plain woven silks. 245 

84 Imperial Maritime Customs.. . . 
a Plain woven silks. 345 

^ Figured silk piece goods. 846 

c Embroidered silk scarfs. 247 

35 Fe)>gU6son ft Co., Chefoo.— Figured 
silk piece goods. 246 

86 HcS Kan-cheu, Shanghai.— Figured 
silk piece goods. 246 

87 Hu Kwang-Yung, Hangchow.— Fig- 
ured silk piece goods. 246 

3^8 Wu, Shanghai.— S 00 chow gau- 
zes. 247 

Clatluag, Jewelry, and OrnaxaeAte; 
TraTtfling Equipments. 

89 linperial Maritime Customs. 

4" Stockings.' ■ ■ 250 

';^ Shoes, hats, caps, etc. 251 

<.F&ns, small articles of dress, pipes, smok- 

. ing apparatus^ etc. 254 

4Q Inaperial Maritime Customs, Canton. 

.. — £!^Hection of silk embroidered goods, 

•^ shawls, slippers, and caps, bed and cq^h- 

ion covers, cloth, etc. 252 

41 Sisters of Charity, Ningpo. — Em- 
)>roideries. 252 

42 Sung Sing Kung, Ningpo. — Satin 
embroideries. 252 

43 Lien Shing, Canton. 

a Jewelry. ... 253 

6, Fans and hand screens. 254 

44 Moore, C. F., Kiukiang.— Jewelry 
• and ornaments. 253 

45 Ho A Ching, Canton.— Carved 
. ' ^fans. 254 

46 Imperial Maritime Customs, Niuch- 
; wang. — Collection of furs and skins. 255 

47 Imperial Maritime Customs, Shang- 
hai. — Fancy leather work, trunks, and 
toilet boxes. 255 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

48 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
«i Paper, knives, ink, pens, etc. 

6 Writing paper. 
c Oiled and pith pap 
</ Various colored paper. 



49 Tong Chou Hing,Kiukiang.— Ink. 259 

Medicine, Surgery, Prothesis. 

50 Imperial Maritime Customs.— Col- 
lection of medicines, officinal and unofiici- 
nal. 272 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, He- 
tallio Products. 

51 Ho Kan Cheu, Shanghai. — Collec- 
tion of old bronzes, vases, urns, etc. 283 

52 Hu Kwane-Yung, Hangchow. — Col- 
lection ofolabnnzes, vasen, urns, etc. 2^3 

^S Imperial Maritime Customs.— Pew- 
ter ware, tea canisten, cups, pots, mugs, 
boxes, csindleBtickH, etc. a^s 

^or'dasses of exhibits, indicated by numbea 

54 Imperial Maritime Customs, Shanf 
hai. — Collection .of old bronres, vases, 
tuns, etc. 983 

55 Wadman, E., Ningpo.— Collection 
of old bronzes, vases, urns, etc ^3 

Fabrics of Ve^table, Aniinal, or Kiih 
eral Materials. 

56 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Cord, n^>e, twine, etc. 287 

6 Lacquer, rattan, and bansboo ware. 289 

57 Ho A Ching, Canton. — Lacquer 
ware. 289. 

58 Lien Shing, Canton.^Lacqaer and 
sandalwood ware. 389 

Scientific and PHilosophioal Instru- 
ments and Kethods. 

59 Imperial Maritime Customn. — Col- 

lectien of musical instruments. 337 

Pl^ysical, Social, and Moral ConditioB 
of Man. 

60 The Protestant Missionaries in Chi- 
na. — Publications. 348 

' Sculpture. 

61. Grimm, B., Shanghai.— Collection of 
coins and medals. 401 

62 Ho A Ching, Canton. — Carved ivory 
ware. 405 

63 Imperial Maritime Customs, Can- 
ton. — Carved ivory and tortoise shell 
ware. 405 

64 Lien Shing, Canton.— Carved ivory 
ware, etc. 405 

65 Moore, C. P., Kiukiang.— Carved 

figure. 405 


66 Hippisley, A. E., Shanghai.— Water- 

color paintinra on silk, for screens, paint* 
ed by Wang Kieu-ting. 411 

67 Imperial Maritime Customs.— Col- 
lection of ancient water-color paintings on 
silk and paper ; pictures cm pitn paper. 411 

Ceramic Deoorationf , Kosaiea, etc 

68 Vo Chon, Canton. 

a Two cloisonn6 brass incense burners. 451 
6 Bronze vases, incense burners, plates, vie 


69 Moore, C. P., Kiukiang. -^^Enamel 
vase and bowl, idols, jade plate. 454 

Arboriculture and Forest Prodacts. 

71 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Specimens of timber. 600 

& Gallnuts and dyestuff. 60a 

c Camphor. 603 

</ Moss and fungus. 604 

« Collection of nuts and seeds. 605 

72 Fergusson ft Co., Chefoo.— Red dye- 
stuff. 6a« 

Agricultural Produeta. 

a Pens«xvd\xaxa. ^oa 

h ToVwlcco. %a\ 



Ai^caltural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

74 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
«Cer«ab. 630 
i Leguminous plants. 6a 1 
€ Cinffer. 6n 
d Tobaceo and opium. '633 
« Seeds. 604 

75 Imperial Maritime Customs, Shang- 
hai.— CoUection of teas. te3 

Watar Aaimalt, FUli Cnltnre and 

76 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Dried fish. 64a 

^ Clams, dried. 64^ 

e Fbh glue and sea blubber. 646' 

d Instruments and apparatus of fishing. 647 

77 ImperiaL Maritime Customs, Tam- 
sui. — Collection of sea shells. 64s 

Animal and Vagatahle Prodnoti. 

78 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Seaweed. 

b Leather, furs, skins, tallow, glue, etc. 658 

e Honey and wax. 654 

d Dried fruit. 636 

t Flour. 657 

/ Vermicelli, maccaroni, starch, etc. 658 

r Sugar, etc. 659 

\ Moines, etc. 660 

f Vegeuble tallow and oil. 66e 

79 Fergusson 9c. Co., Chefoo. 

a Bean cakes. 657 

b Vermicelli. 656 

Ttxtila Snbstanoes of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

80 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Cotton. 

b Hemp, coir, etc. 

c Wool. 



81 Fergusson ft Co., Chefoo.— Sample 
650 of hemp. 666 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numben at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45 




{ScmlA 4/Akzv. CohmMss to //.) 


Minerals, Chemicals, Ceramics. 

Ifia«ralfl, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Kaitaknshi, Department for the 

' cotonfxation of the Island of Hokkaido. — 

Minerals and geological coUection from 

Hokkaido. loo 

% Koranriyo, Mining Department, To- 

A Ores. loo 

h Coals and anthracite. loi 

8 Seki-yu Kuwaisha Petroleum Co., 
Tokio. — Mineral oils, crude and re- 
fined. lOI 

4 Hashimoto, S., T o k i o.— Building 
stones. I02 

ft Oyama, K.^ Chichibu. Province of 
Biuisashi. — Limestone and quick lime. 103 

6 Hattori, C, Tokio.— Mortars. 103 

7 Knwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Industry, & Commerce, 
Tokio.— Clay, chinastone, kaolin, etc. 104 

8 Chemical Laboratory of the City 
of Kiyoto. — Natural carbonated water. 


9 Yeisei-Kiyoku, Board of Public 
Health, ToKio.— Mineral water statis- 
tics. 107 

Chemioal Manufactures. 

10 Chemical Laboratory of the City 
of Kiyoto. — Pharmaceutical preparations. 


11 Kuwangiyo-Riyo. Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Inclustry, & Conimerce, 
'I'okio. — Vegetable o i I s, wax candles, 
etc. 201 

12 Matsu-zaki, S., Yorita, Y., & Kon- 
do, M., Tokio. — Soap. 201 

18 Koshima, J., Tokio.—Shark liver 
oil. 201 

14 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha, First Jap- 
anese Manufacturing: & I'rading Co., 
Tokio.— Japanese and Chinese ink. aoa 

1 6 Wada. Y., Tokio.— Indigo and speci- 
mens of dyed silk. 302 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, etc. 

18 Kashiu, Smmpei, IgaiK^-lfttra, Pror- 
ince of Awi^ — Vases, co fcc and tea sets, 
candlesticks, etc sio 

19 Minoda, Ch., Tokio.— Aadeat pot- 
tery and ornaments. sio 

SO Miyagmwa, T., Ota, Bear Yokohama. 
— Vas< 

16 Kobu-Bho, Department 
Works 7'ok io.— liricks. 


/r Nakambimm, R., Kagoshima, Prov- 
iiicc of Smtauma. — Vusca, jarm, loa sets 
mini orfuinicntal pieces. **o 

i-'ur chtHscs of exhibits, indicated by t»umbcr» *\ ctid o« enm^.seft 

etc SIO 

21 Susuki, Y., Yokohama.— Earthen- 
ware, sxo 

22 Shitomi Sohei, Yokka-ichl, Prov- 
ince of Ise. — Banko ware, vases, tea poa, 
etc. S13 

28 Mori, Y., Yokka-ichi, Proviace of 
Ise. — ^Banko ware, rases, tea pots, bowb, 
etc. S13 

24 Nakayama, M., Kuwana, ProTince 
of Ise. — Vases, cake boxes, and dishes. 


25 Kato Gosuke.Ti^imimura,. Province 
of Mino. — Cups, covered bowls, flower 
pou, etc. 813 

26 Fukihara, S., Tokic— Cloiaonni en- 
amel on porcelain. 113 

27 Koran-Sha Porcelain ManufiMtory. 
Arita, Province of Hiscn.— Cups ami 
flower vases, pedestals, tea and coffee 
services, etc. aij 

28 Chaki-Shosha, Tea Set Manufac 
tory, Kiyoto. — ^Tea pots, cups, jars, etc. 


29 Tanxan Seikal, Kiyoto.— Vases, 
flower pots, dinner sets, jciwel cases, pho- 
tographs on porcehdn, etc 313 

30 Kinkoxan-Sobei, Kiyoto.— Vases, 
flower pots, plates, jewel cases, etc 21J 

81 Takahashi, Dohachi, Kiyoto.- 
Vases, dishes, flower pots, etc st3 

32 Shimidxu Rokubei, Kiyoto.— 
Tarzas, vases, jars, sets, etc. S13 

88 Kanzan Denshichi, Kijoto.^Tea 
and coffee sets, incense cases, pUdien, 
and tablets. ai3 

34 Wage Kitei, Kiyoto.— Cigar stands, 
vases, basins, etc. 813 

35 Mashimidxu Zoroku, Kiyoto.— 
Vases, flower pots, and dishes. 313 

36 Shimidzu Shichibei, Kiyoto.— Tea 
and coffee cuds and saucers, milk jugs, 
and sugar bowls. ai3 

^1 ShVmvdxuKameshichif Kiyoto.— Tea 
aitvA co^cc ?.«A&. SI) 

a% N: e\ta\L>i, X., '«.\T|tfc\.^.-^^^W 

CLo^cT vases MlA. v*»» ««l OM^JS^ fMA 
cases t«vc. ^^'N 



Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods. 

39 Tsuji, Ch., Kiyoto.— Toilet services. 


40 Taizan Yohei, Kiyoto.— Tea sets, 
tazzas, etc. 3x3 

41 Seifu Yohei, Kiyoto.— Vases, flowar 
pots, bowls, etc. 313 

42 Wateya, G., Kanaxawa, Province' 
of Kaga.— Coffee and tea seu, tea jars, 
cake boxes, and tazzas. a^ 

43 Yoshida, Y., Kanazawa, Province 
of Kaga. — Large bowls. 213 

44 Awo, P., Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga. — Vases, tea and coffee cups, bowls, 
etc. 213 

45 Hekizan,T.,Kanazama, Province of 
Kaga. — Vases, cups, bowls, etc. 213 

46 Seikan, S., Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga. — Tea jars and coffee sets. 213 

47 Kachoken, A., Kanazawa, Province 
of Kaga. — Flower vases and cake 

. boxes. 213 

48 Shoza, T., Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga.— Coffee cups, flower pots, etc. 213 

49 Setzttzaa, A., Kanazawa, Province 
of Kaga.— Coffee and tea cups, teapots, 
and vases. 213 

50 Haruna, S., Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga. — Cake boxes, lamp vases, coffee 
and dinner sets. 213 

51 Muneaki, kanazawa. Province of 
Kaga. — Coffee sets. 213 

52 Utsumi, K., Kanazawa. Province of 
Kaga.— <,ups, vases, cake boxes, etc. 213 

53 Yamakishi. Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga. — Bowls, coffee cups, etc. 213 

54 Chiuji, Kanazawa, Province of Ka- 
ga. — Coffee and tea pots. 213 

55 Sekitei, I., Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga. — Teapots, lamp vases, etc. 2x3 

56 Kaga Association for the Encourage- 
ment of Manufactures. — Bowls, coffee 
cups, vases, etc. 213 

57 Shinoda, K., Province of Kaga.— 
Flower vases, cigar stands, etc. 2x3 

58 Hiyochiyen-sha, Manufactory of 
Pamted Porcelain, Tokio. — Flower pots 
and vases, coffee and tea sets, dishes, ta- 
bles, and ornaments. 2x3 

5 9 Shippo-Kuwaisha,Cloi8onni Enamel 

' Manufactory, Nagoya, Province of Owari. 

— Enamel on porcelain. 2x3 

60 Makndsu Kozan, Otft.— Flower and 
lamp 7ves, coffee sets, etc. 213 

61 MInoda, Ch., Tokio. — Old and new 
porcelain. 2x3 

62 Kawamoto Masukichi, Nagoya. 
Province of Owari. — Tables, vases, and 
flower pots. 3x3 

63 Kiriu-Ko8ho-Kuwaisha,First Japan- 
ese Manufacturing & Trading Co., Tokio. 
—Ancient pottery and porcelain. 3x3 

63« I id a, T., Nagoya, Province of 
Owari. — Porcelain flower vases and pots, 
plates, fruit dishes, pitchers, ladles, bowls, 
tea services, tables, braziers, etc. 213 

FnmituTe and Objects of General Use 
in Conitruotlon and in Dwellings. 

64 Kuwaagiyo-RiyO'Sbi'keh'jo.Exptr' 
iuusatal Section of the Board of Agricul- 
mff inAutrr,$L Commerce, Tokio 
Cabiaetg sutd toilet tabic. 


ax7 ; 

65 Aral, H., Tokio.— Lacquered furni- 
ture. 2x7 

66 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha,Fir8tIapan- 
ese Manufacturing & Trading Co., To- 

a Bureaus, tables, etc. 2x7 

d Silver tea sets, etc. 2x8 

c Blinds and screens. 227 

67 Minoda, Ch., Tokio. 

a Bureau, toilet tables, etagires, etc. 3x7 
6 Silver tea kettle. 3x8 

c Bath tub and accessories. 226 

68 Yamamoto, Y., Shisuoka, Province 
of Suruga. — Lacquered furniture, screens 
etc. 317 

69 Shikki - Shosha, Lacquered Ware 
Nlanufiactory, Kiyoto. — Lacquered furni- 
ture, etc. 2x7 

70 Kikuchi-Kuhei, Tokio.— Hat racks, 
chairs, etc. 3x7 

71 Ota, M., Tokio.— Furniture and cab- 
inet work. 2J7 

72 Chaki-Shosha, Kiyoto.— Tea serv- 
ices, etc. 2x8 

73 Iwahashi, K., Kuroimura, Province 
of Kii.— Lacquered ware for household 
use. 2x8 

74 Awoumi, G., HiromaL, Province of 
Mutzu. — Lacquered utensils. 2x8 

75 Fujisawa, H., Oaaka. — Lacquered 

lunch boxes and trays. 2x8 

76 Ishioka, S., Noshiro, Province of 
Ugo.— Trays, boxes, dishes, tables, etc. 


77 Kimura, H., Kiyoto.— Table 
ware. 2x8 

7 8 Hirai Ikkan, Kiyoto.— Coffee sets^ 3x8 

79 Asano, T., Kiyoto.— Lacquered 
vases. 2i8 

80 Nakamura, H., Kiyoto.— B o w 1 a, 
trays, etc. sx8 

81 Uyemura, S., Tsuruga, Province of 
Vechizen. — Lacquered ware. 918 

82 Riukiu-haa, the island of Loochoo. 

— Lacquered plates, bowls, etc. 218 

83 Kuwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board of 
Agriculture, Industry, & Commerce, To- 

a Lanterns. 323 

6 Iron utensils, kettles, etc. 3sk| 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

86 Kuwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board of 
Agriculture, Industry, & Commerce, To- 
kio. — Mats. 22p 

87 Sakaiken. Local Government of.— 
Cotton cloths, yams, etc. 230 

88 Ono, G., Naniwamura, Province of 
Settsu. — Cotton cloths. 230 

89 Riu-kiu-han, Loochoo Islands. 

a White cotton cloths. ^30 

6 Striped cotton cloths. 331 

c Ramie and fibre cloths. 333 

90 Kawamura. Y., Province of Owari. 
— Cotton cloths d^ed axvd. ^.'^viaA^ av- 

91 Osaka 1m,1^uxi\cVv«\\Vj tk\.,0«afi«^— 
Coixou Tut5&. *V*^ 

92 Mlye-ken, 1jocs\ ^ioNexxwm««>x t^^..^.^ 

Cotton igauxA. 

AM-«bSMs ^mdkibiiB, indicated by numbers at end of eiitiitts, w« 0««\^«^^vV«v,^.v- *t-KV 



Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing, Fancy Articles. 

99 Association for Women's Work, 
Kiyoto. — Cotton rugs. 231 

94 Fuji-KawA, G., Kiyoto.— Printed 
cotton cloth. 231 

95 Watanabe, S., Shiro-ishi, Province 
of Iwaki. — Shifu cloth, paper yarn. 233 

96 Ni-i-gata-ken, Local Government 
of. — Ramie cloth. 233 

97 Nara-ken, Local Government of.— 

Hemp cloth. 233 

Silks and Silk Fabrics. 

9B Yoyan-jo, Silk- Worm Breeding Es- 
tablishment, Kiyoto. — Raw silks. 242 
9B Sci-shi-jo, Silk Reeling Establish- 
ment, Kiyoto. — Raw silks. 242 
XOO Association for Women's Work, 
a RawsiHcs. 242 
i Dress silks. 245 
c Cravats. 245 

101 Kojima, T., Kiyoto.— Silk thread. 


102 Suxuki, Yo,. Yamura, Province of 

a Dress silks. 245 

d Handkerchiefs. 247 

103 Tsyrugaken. Local Government of. 
—White dress silk. 245 

104 Yehara, T., Kiriu, Province of Kot- 
sukc.— Dress silk. 245 

105 Yamamoto Kinu, Ousakamura, 
Province of Shinano.-r-Bombyx sho-chin 
silk. 245 

106 Nakagawa, Y., Kiyoto.— White 
silk. 245 

107 Morita, B., Kiyoto.— Colored silks. 


108 Nishimura, S., Kiyoto. 

a Fancy dress silks. 245 

6 Plaid dress silks. 246 

c Crapes dyed and figured. 247 

109 Kuwangiyo-jo, Association for the 
Encouragement of Arts & Manufactures, 
Kiyoto. — White dress silk. 245 

110 Shibata, Y., Hakata, Province of 
Chikuzen. — Striped and figured silks. 246 

HI Shiromidzu, Ch., Hakata, Province 

of Chikuzen. — Striped dress silk. 246 

12 Nawa, S., Akita, Province of Ugo. 

— Fancy silks. 246 

113 Ito, T., Sendai, Province of Kiku- 
scn. —Checkered dress silk. 246 

114 The Nishijin Weavers, I^ijfoto. 

a Silk goods ; brocade and striped silk. 246 
i Velvets and gauze. 247 

115 The Shokkojo Weavers, Kiyoto.— 
Striped and figured dress silks. A 246 

116 Sumivama, L, Kiyoto.— Checkered 
dress sillc. 246 

117 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha, 

a Silk carpetings and brocades. 
3 Cravats. 



118 Tsubaki Yoshi, Sendai, Province 

of Rikusen. — Striped shot dress silk. 246 

JJ0 TomiU, S., Kiyoto.— Gauze. 247 

JJ^O Th& Xanokoshosha, Kiyoto.— 

Dyed and spotted crapes. 247 

JJ91 Ichidm, R., Kiyoto.— Dyed and 

spotted crapes, - Ml 

122 Shii-no, S., Yokohama.— Handker- 
chiefs, cravats, etc., of crape. 247 

123 Yoshida, S., Mineyami, Province 
of Tango.— Crapes. 247 

124 Nabeshima, S., Mineyami, Prov- 
ince of Tango. — Crapes. 247 

125 Ikebe, N., Mineyamo, Province of 
Tango.— Crapes. 247 

126 Nishigori, K., Nagahama, Prov- 
ince of Omi. — ^White crapes. 247 

127 Nakamura, M., Nagahama, Prov- 
ince of Omi. — White crapes. 247 

128 Tsuboi. C, Nagahama, Province 
of Omi.— White crapes. 247 

129 Kimufa, Q., Kisroto.— Crapes. 247 

130 Inagaki, T., Kiyoto.— "White crape. 

* 247 

131 Koseki, I., Kiyoto.— Braids. 249 
131a Nakatsu-ji, Kiyoto.— Braids. 24 

1 32 I z u - k u r a, K., Kiyoto.— Watch 
guards. 249 

Clot^ne, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Eqnipmenfa. 

13^^Wakamatsu,R., Miaa)tuchi, Prov- 

ince«Df Omi. — Hats. 250 

134 Ho8oda,Z.,Kiyoto.-;-Silk embroidr 
'. ery. ' '252 

135 ^akaguchi, S., Niyoto.— Bmbroid^, 
eriies. ^ . "5*' 

1^6 Nishimura, S^ Kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered csd>lets, table doths, screens, etc. 252 

1 3 7 Qha-ki-shosha. kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered picture of Buddha; embroidered 
carpeting and cushions. ' 252 

138 l*eramura^ S., Kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered table cloths and snawls. 253 

139 Sumiyaiiia, I., Kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered ^Uks. 253 

140 Kiriu-Kosha-Kuwaisha. Tokio. 

a Embroidered table cloths ana silks. 252 
b Crystal necklaces and earrings. 253 

c Cigar cases, buttons, toys, umbrellas, etc. 

^/ Leather boxes; 255 

141 Shii-no, S., Yokohoma.— Embroid- 
ered silks, covwets, ctC. 252 

142 Association for Women's Work, 

a Embroidered-table doths and screens. 252 
b Pin cushions ; silk pictures in relief. 954 
• c Wallets and tobacco pouches. 255 

143 Nuisho-sha (Embroiderer's So- 
ciety), Kiyoto. — Embroidered cloths, air* 
tains, and screens. 252 

144 Tanaka, R., Kiyoto.— Embroidered 

screens, curtains, etc. 252 

145 Asakura. M., Toklo>-rToya and 

fancy articles, small', objects pf . adorn- 

ment. 254 

145a Arai,. H., Tokio.— I^aoim^red jewel 

cases, needle boxes, caroT boxes, cigar 
stands, canes, etc. 254 

146 Kuwangiyo-Rivo, 

>ck crystal. 

_ . Tokio.- 

mental piece of rock crystal. 254 

IVl tYit^Yv\\L\A-%Yvo%\i*;^VLV50to,— Tojl. 

Foroiaasei of exhibits. IndicatfJd by mmbcrs tit etxd o^ exxVT\^.»«tO«»»sai«,^V»,Vt-«^ 



Fancy Goods, Stationery, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Education. 

149 Myagawm, C, Tokio.— Portfolios, 
cigar cases, fans, pipes, etc. 354 

1 50 Fukuda, K., Kiyoto.— Silk pictures. 

151 Katayama, O., Kiyoto.—Oma- 

ments. 354 

152 Wobanawa, M., Tokio.— Fans. 354 

153 Shippo Kuwaisha, Nagoya, Prov- 
ince of Owari. — Fans. 354 

1 54 Kimura, T., Kiyoto.->Fans. 354 
156 Sumii, Z., Kiyoto.— Fans. 354 

156 Kuwangiyo-jo (Association for the 
encouragement of art and manufactures), 
Kiyoto. — Fans, pouches, cages, etc. 254 

157 Jiamijoyen, Kiyoto.— Fans. 354 

158 Tei-Ami Tegiyo, Kiyoto.— Fans. 254 

159 Jo-Ami Heishiro, Kiyoto.— Fans. 


160 Rin-ami Hanzo, Kiyoto.— Fans. 254 

161 Murakami, T., Kiyoto.— Walking- 
canes. 254 

162 Terada, G., Kiyoto.— Pipes. 354 

163 Namikawa, S., Kiyoto.— Birds and 
toys. 354 

164 Funaki, S., Kiyoto.— Birds and 
toys. 354 

165 Yamamoto, Y., Shidxu-oka, Prov- 
ince of Suruga. — Cages. 354 

166 Suzuki, M., foyoto.— Buttons, etc. 


167 Mitsui, Kiyoto.— Pictures on small 
pieces qf silk. 354 

167<* Awroumi, G., Hiromai, Province 
of Mutzu. — Lacquered glove cases, jewel 
cases, letter holders, etc 354 

168 Kimura, H., Kiyoto.— Note tablets. 


Paper, Blank Bookf , and Stationery. 

169 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha (First Ja- 
panese Manufacturing & Trading Com- 
pany), Tokio.-^Writing-brushes. 258 

170 Kochi-ken, Local Government of. 
—Paper. 259 

171 Hamadaken,Local Government of. 
— Paper. 259 

172 Kiyoto-Fu.Municipality of Kiyoto. 
—Paper. 259 

173 Riu-Kiu-han, Loo Choo Island.— 
Paper, of plantain fibre and straw. 259 

174 Gifu-ken, Local Government of.— 
Writing-paper. 359 

175 Tsuruga-ken, Local Government 
of. — Paper. 359 

176 Kuwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Industry, « Commerce, 
Tokio.— Paper. 359 

177 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha, First Ja- 
panese Manufacturing & Trading Com- 

TOiny, Tokio. 
a Paper. 
i Blank books. 
c Wall papers. 




X78 Yoshida. K., Kiyoto.— Colored and 

ornamented paper for writing poetry. 260 

180 Minoda, Oh., Tokio.— Albums. 261 

182 ikibe, S., & Okuysimti, K., Inaki- 

murst & KomatamuTA, Province of Lse. 

'-^WaJI paper, etc. 264 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

182 Haibara, N., Tokio.— Wall papers. 

183 Matsumoto, T., Tokio.— Watt pa- 
per. • • 364 

Weapons, etc. 

184 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha, First Ja- 
panese Manufacturing & Trading Com- 
pany, Tokio. 

a Coat of mail. 365 

d Swords, spears, etc. 268 

c Bows and arrows. 269 

185 Minoda, Ch., Tokio.— Swords. 268 

186 Kumagai, K., Kiyoto.— Halberds. 


187 Yamamoto, Y., Shidzu-oka, Prov- 
ince of Suruga. — Swords. 268 

Medicine, Snrgery, Prothesis. 

188 Kuwangiyo-Riyo Imperial, Board 
of Agriculture, Industry & Commerce), 
Tokio. — Drugs and medicines. 272 

189 Nara, Y., Kiyoto. 

a Surgical instruments. 376 

d Dental instruments. 377 

190 RikugunshOf Imperial War De- 
partment. — Vehicles and litters for the 
transportation of wounded soldiers. 27B 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

191 Hiogo-ken, Lrocal Government of. 
— Banoboo work. 389 

192 Toyo-oka-ken, Local Government 
of — Straw work. 289 

193 Shiga-ken, Local Government of.— 
Basket ware, mats, cake boxes, etc. 389 

194 Nagata, Y., Tokio.— Rattan work, 

trays. 389 

195 Yamamoto, Y., Shidzu-oka, Prov- 
ince of Suniga. — Bamboo work. 289 

196 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha First Ja- 
panese Manufacturing & Trading Com- 
pany, Tokio. — Wooden ware, boxes,, etc" 289 

197 Shimidzu, J., Kiyoto. — Bamboo 
ware. 289 

198 Murakami; T., Kiyoto. — Bamboo 
ware 289 

199 Terada, G., Kiyoto. — Bamboo 
ware. 289 

200 Iwada, H., Kiyoto.— Bamboo ware. 


201 Hotta, Z., Kiyoto.— Bamboo ware. 


202 Chikumaken, Local Government 
of. — Bamboo ware. 389 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

203 Mombusho. Department of Public 
Education, Tokio. 

a Educational systems and methods. 

d Constitution of the Japanese Educational 
Department, and maps showing the divi- 

e Elementary school book^ axvd ^j^-^^Taxw*, 

e Infawl ttaimtv^ atvd xo'^s. 
/ Readltvft and viT\x:vcv^\m^\«wv«iw\s. , ^wOcv ^ja 
were usedbv cV\\dxtTv \xv lwm« \.vkv«jv . 
at end of exvtrvcs, se<i C\as.s\^c^vv^vw, VV- -^"^-^V 




Education and Science, Arts. 

^ Matm/thftrts, globes, etc. 

« EUucational eauipments, tables, pens, 

■ 4ult/Bo«es,cUank books, paper, and other 
- stationery. 

/ Abaccis, arithmetical board, slates, pencils, 

k Examination paper for students. 

/ Designs and photographs for schools. 

m Sectional specimens of woods. 

H I<eaves of various plants. 

c Books of botany. 

/ Tabular statements of botanical classifi> 

f Moku-zai-sho-ran (album showing sam- 
ples of the various woods used for indus- 
trial purposes). 

r Artificial fruits. 

s Ancient and modem medical and surgi- 
cal books, and modem surgical instru- 
ments made bv K. Iwashiya. 

/ Medicines and dmgs. 

u I-in zas-si, miscellaneous reports of the 
hospital pert^ning to the medical acad- 

V Anatomical designs. 

w Paintings and painting materials. 

a Lacquer work, showing process of manu- 
facture and implements used. 

y Wood engravings and engraving-tools, 
blocks and types ; printing materials. 

g Photographs. 
aS Outline of the history of education in Ja- 
pan ; history of the literature and short 
historical sketch of the educational de- 
partment. (All accompanied by the Eng- 
lish translation.) 
l>d h^uciitional regulations, notifications, re- 
ports, miscellaneous information, and Ri- 
li-ko-tei (educational reports by F. I'ana- 



c6 Statistical table, showing the number of 
public and private schools, with their 
scholars, tabular statement of the revenue 
and expenditure of the public schools and 
the public school property, and other sta- 
tistical tables relating to education. 

iUr Photographs, history, regulation, and cat- 
alogue of Tokic Library. 

td Almanacs, history, dictionaries, and illus- 
trated works on natural history, etc. 

y3 Newspapers, journals, and magazines, 
etc. 300 

204 Kuwangiyo-riyo Imperial Board 

of Agriculture^ Industry, & Commerce. 
— Tabular statement showing number of 
national newspapers. 300 

205 Hirano, T., Tokio.— Gollection of 

type and paper matrices used in printing. 


206 Tamai, C, Province of Mino.— Il- 
lustrated work on the flora of Japan. 300 

207 Hababutskuwan Museum, Tokio. 
— Zoological collection. 310 

Scientific and Pliilosophical Instni- 
ments and Methods. 

208 Mombusho, Department of Public 
Kducaiion. — Geometrical instruments ; 

apparatus for 

experiments m 


309 Kozan-riyo, Mining Department, 
Tokio. — Meteorological report. 320 

210 Kuwangiyo-riyOt Imperial Board 
or^A^riciJltiire, Industry, & CommeTCc. 

211 Okurasho, Finance Department.— 

(iraduated scales of bamboo and brass; 
measures of capacity, scales, and gradiu 
ated beams for weighing. 32a 

212 Kiriu-kosho-kuwaiaha^ First Jap- 
Manufacturing & Trading Co., 

Tokio. — Musical instruments. 


Engineering, Architecture, Kapa, tte. 

213 Kuwancriyo-riyo, Imperial Boaid 
of AgricuTiure, Industry, & Commerce. 
— Diagrams, showing the mekns of arrest- 
ing and controllii^ the flow of water; 
plan of water supply at the city of Tokio. 


214 Shiu-shi-kiyoku, National Archive 
Office, Tokio. — Map of the Empire of 
Japan. 335 

216 Todai-riyo, Lighthouse DcfMurt- 
ment, Tokio. — P hotographs of l^hi- 
houses, and maps showing their location. 


216 Yeki-tei-riyo, General Post-office, 
Tokio. — Map showing the mail routes. 335 

217 Suiro-riyo, Hvdrographic Depart- 
ment, Tokio. — Marine and coast line 
charts. 335 

218 Denshin-riyo, Telegraph Depart- 
ment, Tokio. — Map, shuwing telt^siuphic 
lines and stations. 335 

Physical. Social, and Koral Conditio! 
of Man. 

219 Kuwangiyo-riyo, Tokio. — Games 

and manly sport-s. 340 

220 Komura, S., Kanazaw^a, Province 
of Kaga. — Japanese moilcl house on ii>c 
exhibition ground.s', built by I. Matsuo. 34} 

221 Matsuo, I., Tokio.— Bazar on the 
exhibition grounds. 343 

222 Zohei-riyo, Imperial Mint, Tokio.- 
Collection of gold and silver coins. 344 

223 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha. First Jap- 
anese Manufacturing & Trading Co.,! o- 
kio. — Collectioa of old copper coins. 344 

224 Yeki-tei-riyo, General Post-office, 
Tokio. — Postal cardf* and stamps ; annual 
reports. ' 345 

22d Sozeiriyo, Naticmal Revenue De- 
partment. — Revenue stam|>s, blank papvrt 
and licenses, etc. 34s 


226 Honma Takusai, Sado 
Bronze statuette, vases, etc. 


227 Kiriu-kosho-kuwaisha, First Jap- 
anese Manufacturing & Trading Co., !»>■ 

a Bronze fountains, vases, bRuiers, platc». 

censers, teacup stands, etc. 4«>J 

6 Miniature palace of sandal wood. 40$ 

228 Minodo, Ch., Tokio.— Bronze cen- 
sers, vases, candlesticks, etc. t3 

230 Minodo, Ch., Tokio.— Metal pipe, 
paper weight, and statue. 4"> 

231 Arai, H., Tokio.— Silver vase and 
decorative objects. 4*'3 

^%1 '^Vvt CtvtfiA-%Yi«i-%*ia Co., Kiyoto.- 

— Counting machine. 3^1 .e. .^^ 

For Classen of exhibits, indicated hy numbcts al ctvd o^ etwVTv^,%e*LC\»«»!^ca8a««i»v*««t^ 




234 Nali»eaw4joyeki, Ktyoto.— Bropxe 

935 KvTiavA GoroftsbuTOt Kiyoto. — 

lira use tritle, vo^n^ and sweetmeat 

boxes. 40s 

886 Shomi, Y., Kiyoto.— Bronie vases 

and trays. 4^3 

8 3 T SbiooyAU a, A. U.. Kiyoto.— BronM 

sweetmeat boJt. 4^3 

83B KawanbayasblHidekuni, Kiyoto. 

— Bruntc jug. 4^3 

839 Kawamura, Ya, Kiyoto. -- Metal 

ten pot, cupr ^nd stanid. 403 

8iO Saiio, Z,t Toklo.— Bronxe center, 

ViaAcs, tablet, aiKl tntfit^ct. 403 

841 Yamamoto. I., Wakftmatau, Prov- 
i ncc of 1 waJih in). — Bf onie vtu, et, 403 

842 ImaJ Rihei, Kiyoto.— Carved ivory • 

243 The ChakLfthoiha Co., Kiyoto.— 
ivury Incense boK^ 405 

244 KottB, Z., Ktyoto.— Ivory paper 
wcj^lu And iray 405 

J9 4 5 Sb i chijo y asu n rt , K i y oto . —Carve d 
:inLj in>lorai wooden st^itudttes. 405 

246 Ide, Z., Xtygto.— Carved wooden 
statuettes. 40S 

247 YamamotOi Y., Sbttuoka, Province 
of SunJga,— CijT^ed ivi>Ty inu^^. 405 

248 SuiukL M., Tokio. — Ivory vase, 
hu:Lt^<, :ind biKcr dccL>rative objtfcu. 405 

240 Negiahi Manjo, Tokio. Carved 
wooden b«lsLcaiJ and bcdroutn funauin. 


200 Makudsu Kozan^ Yokohoma.— 
PDi-ucLiin moulding^. 405 

251 tsuji Katauxot Arita, Province of 
Hi /en-— Porcelain mouldings. 405 

. Paintings. 

262Kikucfai Yosai, Tokio.— Water 
co^r picture, 411 

253 Taaaka Hoai, Tokio.— Water color 

piciure^ 411 

254 Fukuahima Riuho, Tokio.— Water 
color pic EuTCs 411 

265 Kishi Seppo, Tokio.— Water color 
picture. 4x1 . 

256 Kawanabe Giosai, Tokio.— Water 

color picture. 41 

257 Hasegrawa Settei, Tokto.—Wetcr 

color picture. 4 1 

258 Me^ata Kaiari, Tokio.— Water 

color picture. 4 1 

259 Yamaiakl Tosen, tokio.— Water 
color picture^ 4t 

260 Naeasaka Suiho, TokioH— Water 
color picture. . 41Z 

261 NumadQ Masa-u-ki, Tokio.— 
Water tuW pitiure. 411 

262 Minoda, Ch./ Tokio.— Pictures and 
alLiuin, 411 

for classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

263 Suxuki Hiyakunen, Kiyoto.— Pic- 
tures. 411 

264 Tanaka, R., Kiyoto.— Picture al- 
bum. 41 X 

885 Sbi'D-kawa Bunrin, Kiyoto.— Pic- 
ture. 411 

266 Nishimura, 8., Kiyoto.— Pictures, 


267 Sakaguchi, S., Kiyoto.— Pictures. 


268 Fukami, Suminosuke, Arita, Prov- 
ince of Hizen. — Painted porcelain. 413 

Engraving and Lithography. 

869 Kuwappauklyoku, Qavernment 
Prj n ting 1 Jtlict^ — Uopper pUtea for gov rrm - 
m^nc bonds, revenue fetunp^, i^tc., and 
specimens of work. 421 


270 Sakai, T., Kiyoto.— Photographs. 


271 Kuwangiyo-jo, Association for the 
Encouragement^ of Art & Manu£u:tures, 
Kiyoto. — Photographs. 436 

Indaitrial Rnd Aiehit«eturU Deiigns, 

272 Zoroku,H Kiyoto.— Brooxe statu- 
ettes, tripod kettles. 443 

278 Kumagai, K., Kiyoto.— Bronc« 


Ceramie Decorations, Mosaics, etc. 

274 Niahimura, 3. J.^ Mikuria, Prov- 
ini;c of Hoki. — Inlskd wffrk in Wood. 45a 

376 Yamamoto^ Y,. Shi^uoka, Prov- 
il1Ct^ ot^Surgl^^r — IikJiiltt worL^ in vmoiX-. 453 

076 Marunaka, M, Kanasawa, Prov- 

a Vflitft, [itbTd boio etc. 432 

& Lndioiclcd silver gDokti. 454 

377 The Shippokuwaaha, Province of 

OwnTrt,— 'Jen Csiiidy. 45a 

278 Kanaya Coroaaburo, Kiyoto. 

It ^^r•.i^\/.^z VniiiS. mid po^. 453 

^ Water poij gobJcts^ ami sweetmeat boxes. 


S7S Yomo Yasunosuke, Kiyoto.— 

Urun^Ee plates. 452 

3S0 Fukiharan S., Tokio.— Enameled 
vEuLcii fuiiljar 454 

883 Ta - li D-J o , Kiyoto .— Vaa e, 45 4 

884 Nam) waits Yasu-u^kl, Kiyoto,— ; 
V^^c^, iuncli boxcs^ ciif^r biandb, etc. 4^4 

285 Zoroku, H„ Kiyoto.— Oma mental 
biicliie inimitiLLioa of old bttiniic. 434 

288 Kiriu-Koftho-Kuwaiflhaj Firsl ]m- 
vancne M^mufacturinK ^ 'iradin^ ^°-l 
U^oklo. — Enameled bA^in^ Imitation oi 
Cbinesewiure; por^oin statueltDS, bmrif c 
bowl. 454 

at end of entries, sec Classification, pp. 27-^5. 




{South of South Avenue, Columns lO to 14,) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Education. 


Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 Gilman, J. H.— Lava specimens from 
Kilauea. xoo 

2 Hawaiian Museum. — Geological 
specimens, by W. L. Green. xoo 

8 Hitchcock, H. R.— Geological speci- 
mens from crater of Kilauea. 100 

4 Boys* Boarding School. — Coal from 
the forests of Haleakala. zox 

Chemioal Mannfaotores. 

5 Pinkham, G. 8.— Blacking. soa 

Fnmitore and Objeots of General Use 
in Constmction and in Dwellings. 

6 Auld, William .—Cue. 217 

7 Brown, G. W. — Table from a variety 
of woods. 217 

8 Kamaipelekane, E. P.— Pac-simile of 
bed, etc., used by Kamehamha I. 217 

9 Fischer & Co. 

a Small and large tables, revolving book- 
rack. 217 
b Picture frame. 220 

10 Williams, C. E.— Revolving shell 
case. « 2x7 

11 Hopper, J. A.— Kou calabashes. 224 
II0 Emma, Oueen.— 'Water gourds and 

figured calsTbashes. 224 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

12 Gilman, J. H.— Bamboo of silky fibre 
for decorations. 229 

12o Emma, Queen.— Pigured kapas 
and niihau mats. 229 


Clothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

* Peterson, James A.— Yellow and 
'(TV 'ack feather cape. 250 

i^^uaivajahao Female Seminary. 
a Crotchet work by pupils. 252 

" la ■ 

^ Mimosa seed necklaces by pupils. 
18 Bmma, Queen. 
a Cane dower and fern stem hats, 



6 Yellow and green feather wreaths, feather 
fly brushes, ever-lasting and moss 
wreaths, strings of Niiluui shells, and 
arrowroot plant fans. 254 

14 Dickson, J. Bates.— Microneaiaa cu- 
riosities and corals. 254 

15 Beckley, P. W.— Set of kapa. S54 

1 6 Boyd, Miss E.— Spatter work of mot- 
toes and island ferns. 254 

1 Qa Pratt,Mrs.— Peather fly brushes. 254 

17 Kealoha.— Set of kapa. 954 

18 Oahu Colliege.— Land shells. 954 

19 Rose, Katie.— Set of kapas. 254 

20 W^illiams, C. E.— Canes. 254 

21 Wilder, Helen.— Manahiki woman's 
hair. 354 

22 YoungyMrs.—W^reatb of mosses and 

shells. 854 

Fabrics of Veffetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

23 Department of War.— Hawaiian 

flag, royal standard. 988 

Carriages, VeMoles, and Aoeeuories. 

24 Lyman, P. S.— Saddle and bridle. S96 

Ednoatlonal Systems, Methodf, and 

26 Department of Education. 

a Photographs of school-houses and gRNips 
of Hawaiian teachers and pupils. 300 

b Hawaiian school-books and lq;i^ative re- 
ports. 306 
25a Brigham, W. T.— "Hawaiian Vol- 
canoes" and various works on the Hawai- 
ian Islands. 306 

27 Damon, S. C— "The Friend ** and 
Bowditch's Navigator, in the Japanese 
language. 306 

28 Whitney, H. M.— "Gazette** and 
** Kuokoa" for 1875. 306 

29 Sheldon, H. L.— "Pacific Commer- 
cial Advertiser." 306 

29« Thrum, T. G.— Volume of the " It- 
lander." 306 

Institutions and Organiiations. 
^0 C\Myt.t,Y .V..— ^vN%VV%xi cMviositiet : 


*br chssca of exhibits, indicated by num\jers at end o^ ttvU\e&,%e»C\«MNS«»so«»'^'V^«"n-*h 



Education and Science, Art, Machinery, Agriculture. 

80a Emma, Queen. — Ancient imple- 
ments of various kinds. 31a 

Engineerinff, Arehiteoture, Charti, 
Maps, and Oraphie Bepretentations. 

81 Honolulu Iron Works. — Drafts of 
machinery. 330 

82 Alexander, W. D.— Map of the cra- 
ter of Haleakala. 335 

82^ Department of Government Sur- 
vey. — Map of the Hawaiian Islands. 335 

82^ Thrum, T. G.— Sets of Hawaiian 
pjstage stamps. 345 

Phvsioal, Social, and Moral Condition 
of Man. 

83 Native of Hawaii.— Wooden 




84 Spencer, O. B.— Oil paintinsr "Hilo 
^y/' by J> H. Nawahi. 410 

85 Bailey, E.— Oil paintings.' iiio 
a Bird's eye view of the crater of Haleakala. 
h View of Hilo Village and Cocoaouc Island. 
e Views in Hilo. 

d Scenery in lao Valley. 


86 Honolulu Iron 'Wo r k s.— Photo- 
graphs of works. 430 

86^ Brigham, W. T.— Photographs of 
ancient idols. 430 

87 Thrum, T. G.— Photograph of Hono- 
lulu. 430 

88 Dickson, M.— Photographs of Island 
scenes. 430 

Ceramio Decorations, Mosaics, etc. 

89 Department of Interior. — Hawaiian 
coat of arms painted on glass. 453 

Machines and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, felting, and Paper 

89« Kapa beaters and dies for print- 
ing. 524 

Arborionltnre and Forest Products. 

40 Boys* Boarding School. 

a Woods from thr forests of Haleakala. 600 
b Silver swords, I ring ferns. 604 

41 Andrews, C. B.— Mounted ferns. 604 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

48 Hitchcock, D. H. & E. G.— Speci- 
mens of the pulu ferns, silver swords. 604 

43 Hitchcock, H. R. — Perns and 
mosses. 604 

44 Jones, G. W. C— Large tree fern. 604 

Agrionltural Products. 
44<» "Wong Go.— Rice. 620 

44^ Chulan & Co.— Rice and paddy. 620 
44^ Waimanalo Plantatioiv— Rice. 620 

45 Hackfeld, H., & Co.— Coffee from H. 
N. Greenwell. 623 

Land Animals. 

46 Mills, J. D.— Hawaiian birds. 635 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

47 Krull, B.— Tallow. 652 

48 Lyman, F. S.— Leather. 652 

49 Eldarts, T. E.— Arrowroot and tapi- 
oca. 658 

49a Dreier & Heine.— Manioc root. 658 
60 Spencer, T., Hilo.— Cane sugars. 659 

51 Hitchcock Bros., Hilo.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 

52 Austin, S. L., Hilo.— Cane sugars. 659 
58 Afong & Achuck, Hilo.— Cane su~ 

gars. 659 

54 Campbell & Turton, Lahaina.— Cane 
sugars. 659 

55 Bailey, W. H., Wailuku.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 

56 Makes, Capt. James, Ulupalakua.-^ 
Cane sugars. 659 

57 Alexander, S. T., Haku.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 

58 Waihee Plantation, Mani.— Cane 
sugars. 659 

59 Lihue Plantation, Kauai.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 

60 Kapena, J. M.— Samples of sugar 
cane. 659 

61 McLean, G. C. — Castor, cocoanut, 
and kukui oils. 662 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

62 Holstein, H.— Sea Island cotton. 665 

63 Wilder, S. G.— Olona fibre. 666 

64 Hyman Bros.— Ramie fibre. 666 

65 Gilman,J. N.— PainiO fibre. 666 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{North of Nave, Columns §8 to 6i.) 

Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture. 


1 Lopez, P. J. de Almeida.— Salt- 
petre. 200 

2 Muricy, J. C. da Silva.— Sulphur 
from quartz. 200 

8 Leao, P. Agostinho, S. E. — Sulphur- 

et of lead.^ 200 

4 Lendenberg, L. B. — Salt. 200 

6 Penna, A. G. d'Araujo. — Homceo- 

pathic vegetable tinctures and opodeldoc. 


6 Chemical Laboratory.— Chemical 
and pharmaceutical preparations. 200 

7 Maia, Perreira, & Co. — Pharmaceuti- 
cal preparations. 200 

8 Perdigao, D. P. Z.— Pharmaceutical 
products. 200 

9 Province of Maranhao.— Pharmaceu- 
tical preparations. 200 

10 Province of San Paulo.— Medical 
preparations. ^00 

11 Yiotti, E.— Pharmaceutical prepara- 
tions. 200 

12 Province of Par&.— Medicinal 

oils. 200 

18 Cardoso & Gonsalves.— Soap. 201 

14 Alves, Pereira, & Co.— Soap and can- 
ales. 201 

1 5 Guimaraes, A. J. A.— Soap and can- 
dies. 20I 

1 6 Oliveira & Bro.— Soaps. 201 

17 Carvalho, Ferreira de, & Bro. — Soap 
and candles. 201 

18 Stearic Light Co.— Soaps and can- 
dles. 201 

19 Dias, Duarte.— Oils. 201 

20 ProvinceofParanii.— Soaps and can- 
dles. 201 

21 Safarana,J. — Wax candles. 201 

22 Stechel.— Oils. 201 

23 Silva, S. S. G. da.— Copying and 
writing ink. 202 

24 Monteiro & Co.— Writing inks. 202 

25 Guimaraes, J. A. da Sa.— Pigments 
and varnishes. 202 

26 Province of San Paulo.— Writing 
inks. 202 

27 Yillela.— Writing inks. 202 

28 Henninger, Dan., & Co.— Toilet 
soaps. 203 

£9 Lang A Co.—Toilet soaps. 203 

SO Leao A Aives,— Perfumery. 203 

31 Freire, Otto.— Bssences. aos 

^br classes of exhibits, indicated by nnmbcw 

32 Lepage, F. J.— Essences and po- 
mades. 203 

38 Commission-General for the Nation- 
al Exhibitions. — Flavoring extracts, es- 
sences, and perfumery. 203 
84 Lang, J.— Toilet soaps. aoj 
86 Province of Pemambnca^ flaittf 
matches. S04 

Ceramios— Pottery, Porcelain, Olau, 

86 Esberard, F. A. M. — Terra-cotU 

vases and pottery. 206 

37 Colony of D. Francisca.— Bricks and 
tubes. 306 

38 Commission-General for the Nation- 
al Exhibitions. — Bricks. 306 

39 Leao, D. A. E.— Brick of gres (day). 


40 Province of San Pedro do Sul.— 
Stone bricks. 206 

41 Province of Paran&.— Tiles and 
bricks. 206 

42 Grillo, Amaro D.— Clay pots, cups, 
and vases. 207 

43 Patury, J. J. S.— Clay pots. 207 

44 Correa, J. S.— Slate tiles for pave- 
ments and roofing. 908 

45 Muricy, J. C. da Silva.— Enameled 
tiles. 308 

Furniture and Objects of Oeneral IFm 
in Construction and in Dwellingi. 

46 Commission-General for the Nation- 
al Exhibitions. 

a Parlor furniture. 217 

i Tortoise-shell boxes and articles of straw. 


47 Province of Paran&.— Furniture. 217 

48 Army Arsenal of Porto- Alegre.— 
Secretary of cedar wood. 217 

49 House of Correction of Bahia.— Fur^ 
niture made by the inmates. 317 

50 House of Correction of Rio de Ja- 

a Secretary and cabinet suit of satinwood. 


d Baskets, barrels, and stands for manioc 

flour. 224 

61 Kern, Clara, & Lang, Tela.— Re- 
clining chair. 2x7 

52 Itabapoana, Baron of.— Redioinf 
cYvau. S17 



Furniture, Woven Goods, Clothing. 

66 Aguair, J. C. da Costa.— Book-stand. 

56 Supplicy, J. F.— Hanging shelves 
ami cane-seated chain. 217 

57 Loesch, Zacharias.— Work-box. 2x7 

58 Moreira, P. J.,ft Co.— Chairs. 217 

59 Alipio, D. J. — ^Writing-desk of sole 
leather. 217 

60 Rodriguez, A. A.— Writing-desk. 317 

61 Province of San Paulo.— Suit of fur- 
niture made of straw. 2x7 

62 Keppler & Bro. 

a WiXKien chairs. 217 

S Mouldings. 227 

63 Borddal, Jonas.— Tables and 
shelves. 217 

64 Province of SanctaCatharina.— Fur- 
niture. 217 

65 Rocha, Polybio da. — Multiform piece 
of furniture. 217 

66 Martinelli ft Bro^Marble fixtures 
for wash-stands. 219 

67 Pittanti, Adriano, ft Co.— Marble, 
wash-stand. 219' 

68 Ponamerais, Leon. — Imitation mar- 
bles. 219 

69 Baumgarten, J[.— Box with looking- 
glass for examining eggs. 224 

70 Malcher, A. J., Gama.— Straw satch- 
els and sieves. 224' 

Yams and Woven Ctoods of Vegetable, 
or Mineral Materials. 

72 Persoti, A.— Wire cloths. 228 

78 Bardet, F.— Wire cloths and manu- 
factures. 228 

74 Commission-General for the Na- 
tional Exhibitions. 

a Hammocks made of different coarse ma- 
terials, and in different provinces. 229 
S Cotton fabrics, quilts, and towels. 330 

c Dyed cotton fabrics. 231 

75 Arouca & Co. — Cotton fabrics. 230 

76 Rebello & Co.— Cotton fabrics. 230 

77 Brazil Industrial Cotton Mill Co.— - 
Cotton fabrics. 230 

78 Colony of Blumenau. — Cotton 
fabrics and quilts. 23J . 

79 Mascarenhas & Bros.— Cotton 
goods. 230 

80 Barros, Diogo A. de.— Cotton goods. 


81 Anhaia ft Angelo. — Cotton goods. 


82 Union Mercantile Co.— Cotton 
goods. 230 

88 College of the Immaculate Concep- 
tion. — Cotton hammocks. 230 

84 Yicara, C. P. Sa.— C o 1 1 o n ham- 
mocks. 230 

85 Province of Paran&.— T w i s t e d 
yarns. 230 

86 Petropolitan Co.— Cotton goods. 230 

87 Chan&, Barthelemy. — Dyed cotton 
goods. 230 

88 Reyner, F. — Dyed cotton goods. 

89 Lemea, R, Z. Paes.— Cotton articles. 
^^ 333 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbcts 

90 Keller, Felippe.— Linen goods. 233 

91 Colony of St. Maria da Soledade. 

— Linen goods. 233 

92 Colony of Nova Petropolis.— Linen 
goods. 233 

98 Kalden,Baron of. — Linen goods. 233 

Woven and Felted Ooods of Wool and 
Mixtures of Wool. 

94 Lopes, F. J., AlmeMa. — Cloth, 
quilts, and cassimeres. 235 

96 Moura, J. C. de.— Cassimeres. 335 

96Rheingantsft Vater.— Woolen 

goods. 235 

97 Maschado, M« A.— Articles made 
of horsehair. 240 

Silk and Silk Fabrios. 

98 Reyhner, Fernando.— Silk goods. 


Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments. 

99 Dol, Ad., ft Co.— Linen underwear. 


100 Lopes, F. J. A.— Pantaloons and 
other cotton wear. 250" 

101 Roballo, J. J.— Coat of fine cloth. 250 

102 Grava, Frei L. da.— Knitted shirt. 


103 Amaral ft Co.— Complete suit for 
gents. 250 

104 Fayett ft Battcher.— Pantaloons. 


105 Commission-General for the Na- 
tional Exhibitions. 

a Wooden and leather shoes and cip6 hats. 
• 251 

d Walking-canes and articles of tortoise- 
shell and straw. 254 
c Leather suit worn by herdsmen. 257 

106 Chastel & Co.— Hats. 251 

107 Armada, J. Alvaro de. — Hats, caps, 
and bonnets. 251 

108 Biejrrenback ft Bros.— Hats and 
caps. 251 

109 Braga, Fernandes, ft Co.— Hats, 
caps, and bonnets. 251 

110 Bithencourt, J.— Lasts for shoes. 


111 Viguier. — ^Boots and shoes. 251 

112 Silva, J. B. Carvalho da.— Hats. 251 

113 Camar&,J. E. P.— Hats. 251 

114 City Council of Cameta.— Hats. 251 

115 Santos, P. C. dos.— Hats. 251 

116 Bossel, H.— Felt hats. 251 

117 House of Correction, Rio de Janeiro. 
— Boots and shoes. 251 

118 Fischer, F.— Hats and. caps. 251 

119 Figueredo & Co.— Boots and shoes 
worn by the army and navy. 251 

1 20 Cathiard, C. F.— Boots and shoes. 


121 Berthon. — Ladies* shoes. 251 

122 District of Paulo Alfonso.— Leather 
hats. 251 

123 Silva, H. J. da.— CsxLMa&^V^^^"^» "a-v- 

124 RequVao , Y . 'P .— A«x.^. -^^^^ 

125 Gome«, m. VL. V.o^x\«vx«iX.— '^^^'^^ 
and sYvoes. 

at end of crimes, ste CVassX^c^NA^^*^^- •*'^-*'^* 




Fancy Goods, Medical Appliances, Harness, Leather. 

126 Sertorio ft Pinho.— Kid gloves. 251 

127 Viguier,H.— Shoes. 951 

128 Moraea, J. C. de.— Silk hats. 351 

129 Fluminense Institute of Agricul- 

a Hats made of the Bombonacea fibre. 251 
6 Cigar cases made of the same. 354 

130 Valentin, M. J.— Jewelry. 353 

131 Resse, jr., Victor, ft Bros.— Deco- 
rations. ' 353 

132 Natt6, Miss.— Fancy objects made 
of feathers, as fans, coimires, etc. 354 

133 Province of Amazonas.— Wreath 
of feathers. 354 

X34 Lima, C. A. de, ft Calarans, j. 
M. de. — ^Artificial flowers. 354 

135 Braga, A J. P.— Feather articles. 


136 Cavalcanti, J. S. H.— Umbrella, 
with secret spring. 354 

137 Henke Bros.— Walking-canes. 


188 Leme, D. R. Paes.— Leather walk- 
ing-canes. 354 

189 Rocha, J. P. da.— Buttons, ear- 
rings, and watch chain made of cocoa. 354 

140 Ferreira, L. . Gomes.- Walking- 
canes. 254 

141 Barros, A. A.— Walking-canes. 354 

142 Bastos, J086 Xavier. — Carved walk- 
ing-cane. 354 

143 Costa, J. F. da.— Pictures made of 
mosses and insects. 354 

144 Reis, H. F. dos.— Walking-cane. 

146 Province of Rio Grande do Norte. 
— ^Jewelry boxes of wood and tortoise- 
shell. 354 

146 Province of Maranhao.— Drinking- 
cups of wood. 354 

147 8ilva,F. J.X.da.— Chalices and cups 
of sassafras. 354 

148 Sabut, George.— Objects made from 
pine-tree knots. 354 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

149 Leusinger Sons. —Blank books 
and specimens of binding. 361 

160 Seckler, J.— Specimens of ruling 
and binding. s6x 

Hedioine, Surgery, and Frothesis. 

161 Garrid, J. F. da Silva.— Druggist's 
scales. 374 

162 Merino ft Co.— Surgical instru- 
ments. 376 

163 Costa, jr, M. F. da.— Artificial 
teeth. 877 

164 Faria, J. Bento da.— Artificial 
teeth. 377 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see ClassificatioD, pp. 87-45. 

166 Diniz, J. Borges.— Artificial teeth. 


Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, etc. 

166 Commission-General for the Na- 
tional Elxhibitions. — Knives, daggers, and 
other Implements. 28: 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineria Materials. 

167 Commission-General for the Na- 
tional Exhibitions. 

a Brooms, brushes, etc. 286 

d Cordage. 387 

158 Almeida, A. R. de. — Cordage. 287 

169 Andrade, J. Neves.— BaskeU. 389 

160 Mello, G. C. de.— >Vooden urn. 389 

Carriages, Vekioles, Harness, and Ae- 

161 Commission-General for the Na- 
tional Exhibitions. — Harness and saddle. 

162 Gulmaraes, A. A. A.— Lady*s sad- 
dle. 296 

168 Maylasky, S.— Serigotis (a leather 
girth). 396 

164 Lima, F. Gomes dos Santos.— 
Girths. 396 

166 Cahy, Baron of.— Leather reins and 
bridles. 396 

166 Cranz. Joao, ft Pinto.— Harness and 
horse collar. 396 

167 Schmitt, Nicolau, ft Co. — Complete 
set of harness. 396 

168 Guimaraes, T. T. A.— Saddles. 296 

169 Coullant, Aim6.— Horse collars. 396 

170 House of Correction of San Paulo.— 
Bridles, reins, and harness. 396 

171 Almeida, A. L.— Leather reins. 296 

172 Moraes, T. C— Saddle. 296 

173 Barros, J. de A.— Leather reins. 296 

174 Bierrengard, Waldemar. — Har- 
ness. 396 

176 Leao, A. B. de.— Whip. 396 

176 Barros, A. A., ft Gaveao, B. A.— 
Whips. 296 

177 Freischlag, Frederico.— Harness. 


Animal and Vegetable Prodnots. 

178 Klippel ft Bro. — Hides and 
fiirs. 652 

179 Freischlag, F.— Patent leather. 653 

180 Costa, Eymael, ft Co.— Tanned 
hides. 65s 

181 Lima, F. G. S.— Tanned and sole 
leather. 653 

182 Richlin, Jacob.— Tanned and sole 
leather. 65a 




(Si'iifh of Save, Columns 2 to ^.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

dLemioal Hanufaotures. 

1 Serravalle, Carlos, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Chemical and pharmaceutical 
preparations. acx) 

\a Cabrera, Mauro, Province of Bue- 
nos Ay res. — Horse medicine. 200 

\b Cardalda, Inocencio, Province of 

Buenos Ayres. 

a Iodoform and pepsin. 200 

6 Glycerine. aoz 

2 9"^i*"^^ Jo**l"»^» Province of Cor- 
nentes. — Depurative solution. 200 

3 T&va, Carlos, Province of Corrientes. 
— Bitters, digestive pepsin wine, pectoral 
syrup. 200 

4 Sub-Commission of Bella Vista. 
Province of Corrientes. — Salt extracted 
from clay; sample of clay. 200 

5 Perez, A. G., Province of La Rioja. 
— Tonic. 200 

6 Gelos, Martin, Province of La Rioja. 
— Mineral salt. 200 

7 Provincial Commission, Province of 
La Rioja. — Salt and alum. 200 

*la Lagos, Joseph M., Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Sheep wash. 200 

*lb Torres, Ana Barton de, Province 

of Buenos Ayres. — Fumigating lozenges. 


8 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Santiago del Estero. — Ashes for soap 
manufacturing. 200 

9 Provincial Commission, Province of 

a Salt. 200 

h Soap. 201 

10 Justice of the Peace of Bahia 
Blanca, Province of Buenos AyreA. — 
Salt. 200 

11 Justice of the Peace of Patagones, 
Province of Buenos Ayres. — Salt. 200 

11a Rosquellas, Julian, Province of 
Santa «. — Medicines for animals. 200 

12 Murga, N., Patagones, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Coarse salt. 200 

12^ Mujica, Eleuterio, S., Province of 

Buenos Ayres. 
a Artificial guano from dried and boiled 

blood. 200 

h Soluble blood albumen for producing fast 

colors. 202 

-Preserved and 

13 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tucuman. 

a Sea salt. 200 

^ Soap. 

123 Fablet. Beltran. 
soluble blood. 

14 Commission of Andalgala, Province 
of Catamarca. — Rock salt from Laguna 
Blanca. 200 

15 Provincial Commission, Province of 

a Rock salt from Fiambali, and saltpetre. 

b Soap. 20Z 

16 Lafone-Queveda, Samuel A., Pro- 
vince of Catamarca. 

a Ashes of Cachi Yuyo for the production 
of carbonate of soda ; carbonate of soda. 

b Soap. 201 

1 7 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Jujui. — Salt. 200 

18 Escobar, Juan D., Province of San 
Luis. — Salt. 200 

19 Terramola, Delfin, Province of San 

Juan. — Salt from the mines of Leon- 
cito. 200 

20 Jones, Fabian, Province of San Juan. 

— Ashes for manufacturing soap. 200 

21 Vidal, M. A., Province of San Juan. 
— Ashes for manufacturing soap. 200 

22 Bruna, Estevan, Province of San 
Juan. — Ashes for manufacturing soap, aoo 

23 Puertas, Lorenzo, Province of San 

Luis. — Cnolera medicine. aoo 

24 Escrich, Pedro, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Peanut oil. 201 

26 Pifleiro, Aurelio, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Soap. 201 

27 Lanieri, Miguel, Province of Entre- 
Rios. — Soap. aoi 

28 Iglesias, Jos6, Province of Entre- 
Rios. — Soap. aoi 

32 Provincial Commission, Province of 
C6rdoba. — Balsamic oil. soz 

33 Carmen, T. D&vila, Province of La 
Rioja. — Olive oil. 201 

34 Alric, Antonio, Province of San Luis. 
— Soap. 201 

34« Bergar6, Dr, Province of Santa F6. 
— Peanut oil. 200 

35 Billar, Salvador, Province of JujuL— 
Petroleum. aox 

36 Julien & Son, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Dyed stuff fabrics. aoa 

37 Prat, Adrian, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Dyed wool. 20a 

38 Doucet, Emilio, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — ^Writing fluids. aoa 

Ayres.— \uV&. *>«*• 

maxca. — CoOciuifcaii. ' 

For clas^ of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end o€ «xtAfc«, stt CX^svvSv'^^'^^^^*^^- *t-*«V 



Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Groods. 

42 Nolte, Ernesto, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Tooth powder. 203 

42« Corneja, Melchora T. de, Province 
ofSalta. — ^Zarza water. 303 

Ceramios — Pottery, Foroelain, Glass, 

48 Pedruncini, Juan, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Burnt bricks. 306 

44 Valdes, Emiliano, & Cipriano, 
Province of Buenos Ayres. — Burnt brick 
from Balcarce; brick made of black 
clay. 206 

45 Fauvety & De Ville Massot, Prov- 
ince of Buenos Ayres. — Bricks. 206 

46 Sub-Commission of the Department 
of Victoria, Province of Entre-Rios. — 
Architectural pottery. 206 

47 Tudicar,H., & Co., Province of Entre- 
Rios. — Bricks made in Gualegv aychu. 206 

48 Commission of the Depaitment of 
Parana, Province of Entre-Rios. — Tiles 
and bricks made in Victoria. 206 

49 Provincial Commission, Province of 

a Tiles of burnt clay, of San Vincente 

Factory. 206 

b Flower pots, jars, stew pans, and 

dishes. 207 

c Cup, jug, etc. 213 

SOGrunes & Co., Chaco-Argentine 

Territory. — Bricks. 206 

61 Cervera & Co., Province of Santa F6. 

— Tiles and bricks. 206 

5I0 Provincial Commission, Province 

of Tucuman. — Bricks and tiles. 206 

53 Echevarria, Cecilio, Province of 
Santa Fe. — Pitchers made by In- 
dians. 210 

54 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Salta. — Pans and plates. 213 

55 Provincial Commission, Province of 
San Luis. — Crockery. 213 

58 Alegre,Juan, Province of Corrientes. 
— Italian earthenware. 213 

57 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Corrientes. — Crockery. 213 

58 Pini & Co., Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Glass cruet stand. 216 

Fnmitnre, and Olijeots of Oeneral TTse 
in Constmotion and in Dwellings. 

80 Provincial Commission, Province of 
a Tables of cocoanut and carrob-tree 

wood. 2X7 

b Wooden cups, silver pitchers. 218 

82 Gimenez, Luis, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Combined writing-desk, wash- 
stand, etc. 217 

88 Galeano, Salvador, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Venetian blinds. 217 

84 Molinari, Joaquin, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Carved arm chair. 217 

85 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Catamarca. — Cups made of Retamo wood, 
silver drinking-tubes. 218 

87 Ladies* Commission, Province of 

San Luis. — Plain and carved cups. ai% 

68 Provincial Commission, Province of 

Tucuman.— Ccbil wood cups. aift 

69 GUemca, 

70 Provincial Commission, Province of 

Salta. — Goblets and cup of palo santo 
wood. 218 

71 Azzimonte, Luis, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Silver drinking-cup and 
tube. 2x8 

IXa Martinez, Antonio Souza, Province 
of Salta. — Stone cup. 218 

72 Escobar, Juan D., Province of San 

a Wooden dish and soup ladle. 234 

3 Wooden washing-tub. 225 

Yarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

74 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Mendoza. — Mat made by prisoners in the 

penitentiary. 229 

75 Benevolent Society, Province of 

Buenos Ayres. — Hemp mat. 229 

76 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Corrientes. — Cotton counterpanes; spun 
cotton. 230 

77 Sotomayor, Pretrona, Province of 
Corrientes. — Cotton counterpane. 230 

78 Mantilla, Concepcion, Province of 
Corrientes. — Cotton counterpane; spun 
cotton fabrics. 230 

79 Sub-Commission of Bella Vista, 
Province of Corrientes. — Cotton thread. 


80 Llanos, Joree R. de. Province of 
Salta. — Poncho, a national garment. 230 

81 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Salta. — Embroidered towel. 230 

82 Zorilla, Benjamin, Province of Salta. 
—Hammock; poncho, a national gar- 
ment. 230 

83 Provincial Commission, Province of 
La Rioja.— Cotton shawl, table cloth, and 
carpet. 230 

84 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Catamarca. — Cotton napkins and table 
cloth. 230 

85 Ponce, Delfina, Province of CaU- 

marca. — Table cloth. 230 

86 Government of the Province of Ca- 
tamarca. — Cotton table doth, napkins. 
handkerchief, and counterpane. 33c 

86a Burgos, Josefa, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Table cloth. 230 

87 Echevarria, Cecilio, Province of 
Santa F6.— White cotton from the Prov- 
ince of Corrientes. 230 

88 Silva, Florentino, Province of Coi^ 
rientes.— Cotton from Gayasta. 230 

89 Commission of the Province of San- 
tiago del Estero. — Cotton counter* 
pane. ,30 

90 Provincial Commission, Province of 
T u c u m a n.— Poncho, a national gar- 
ment. 930 

91 Commission of the Province of C6r- 
doba. — White counterpanes. 230 

92 Roibon, Pederico, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Fabric made by Indians from a 
native plant. 233 

^^ B«tievo\«tvl Society of the ParaoA, 

^, , -, Domiofo, Province of 
i>alta. — Cup of palo santo wood. ax* 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end oi wnta\«»»%«ftO»s.%\^c»Jew«.»v^. v|-«ft 



Woven and Felted Goods, Clothing. 

96 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Salta. — Cuirass made of cnaguar grass. 


Woven and Felted Goodi of Wool, etc. 

96 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Salta. 

a Woolen fabrics, saddle bags, cloth, etc. 

b Vicuoa cloak. 340 

97 Provincial Commission, Province 

of Jujui. 
a Woolen fabrics, ropes and slings, saddle 

bags. 235 

b Blanket. 237 

98 Palacios, Prudencio, Province of 
Salta. — Woolen fabrics. 235 

99 Diaz, Julia, Province of Catamar- 
ca. — Dyed woolen counterpane. 235 

100 Lrafone Quevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. 

a Dyed poncho. 235. 

b Vicuna cloak, without seam, handker- 
chief and garment. 240 

101 Carranza, Adolfo £., Province of 
Catamarca. — Woolen counterpane. 335 

102 Government of the Province of 

a Woolen articles. 235 

b Vicuna blankets. 237 

c Vicuna scarf, cloak, handkerchief, and 

quilt. 240 

103 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tucuman. 

a Manufactures of wool. 235 

b Vicuna cloak. 240 

104 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Corrientes. — Yarns stnd woolen 
goods. 235 

104'! Devotee, A., Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Ponchos, saddle cloth, and gar- 
ters. 235 

1043 Campos, Julio, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Pampa girdle. 235 

105 Sub-Commission of Bella Vista, 
Province of Corrientes. — Dyed woolen 
yarns. 235 

1 06 Commission of the Province of 

a Woolen yams and fabrics. 335 

b Tulumba blankets. 237 

c Carpets. 239 

d Vicuna counterpane. 240 

107 Industrial Society of Rio de la 
Plata, Province of Buenos Ayres. — Cloth. 


108 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Fabrics made by the 
Pampas Indians. 235 

109 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Santiago del Estero. — Woolen counter- 
panes. 237 

110 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Luis. — Woolen mattress, saddle 
bags, quilt, blanket. 237 

111 Provincial Commission, Province 
of La Rioja. 

a Quilt, boa, etc. 237 

b Vicuiia cloak and shawl. 240 

114 Bustamente. Abdon, Province of 
C6rdoba. — Blanket. 237 

120 Carreras, Rosaura C. de. Province 
of Mendoza. — Ladies' head-dress, collars, 
bracelets, and gloves made of bris- 
tles. 240 

121 Franco. Luis A., Province of Cata- 
msu-ca. — Vicuna cloak. 240 

123 Schikendantz, Maria, Province of 
Catamarca. — Vicuna quilt. 240 

125 Ocampo, Vicente, Province of Cat- 
amarca. — Vicuiia shawl and coverlet. 240 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

138 Muntaner & Bermud6z, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Shirts. 250 

139 Donato, Fortunate, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Child's suit. 250 

140 Videla, Juan, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Leggings worn by the Argentine 
army. 250 

141 Maduef^o, Jova, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Vicuna handkerchief, neckties, 
gloves, etc. 251 

142 Buasso, Lorenzo, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Boots and shoes made 

of domestic material. 

112 Provinciai Comminnlon, Province 

of San Juan. 
a Woolen doaks, blankets. 8-37 , 

^ VicuSa doak and gbawl. 2^ I 

For classes of exi^bitt:^ indicated by numbcre 

142^ Carneiro, Serafin A., Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Vicuna hats. 251 

143 Rodriguez ft Sangronis, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Boots. 251 

144 Bufifeti & Maya, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Hats. 251 

146 Heully, Marie, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Bonnets. 251 

146 Valdes, Emiliano & Cipriano, Pro- 
vince of Buenos Ayres. — Boots. 251 

146<z Tramon, T., Province of Santa 
Fe. — Boots. 251 

147 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tucuman. 

a Boots and shoes ; hats. 251 

b Towels, tuckers for chemises. 252 

148 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Corrientes. 

a Palm-leaf hats. 251 

b Embroideries, laces, trimmings, etc. 252 

149 Nicolas, Francisco, Province of 
Corrientes. — Boots made of snake 
skin. 25X 

150 Provincial Commission, Produce 
of Cdrdoba. 

a Shoes and kid boots. 251 

b Embroidered saddle bags, tuckers, tow- 
els, pillow case, and insertions. 252 
c Ostrich feather dusters, silver tinder 
box. 254 

151 Machado, Ruben, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Aibe straw hat. 251 

152 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Juan. — Wool hats. 251 

153 Boullet, Lewis, & Isodoro Ibarre, 
Province of Santa Fe. — Fur hats. 251 

164 BateWi , Ytatvcvac^ , &. ^otv^'^xq.niVw:.^ 
of Santa Ye.— ^Eiooxs . '^'a*' 

166 Treo\at,Gu\\\e;Tmo ^^-'?'^'^^^^'=^5:'L 
I La RVoia.-?>\voes >hottv \.>j K.x«^v>xv^^ 

I miners, 

at end of entTxes, *ee C\ass\^ct^xKoTv, V^?• -^n-*^ 




Clothing and Fancy Articles. 

156 Provincial Commission, Province 

a Boots, gaiters, cloth for hats, and Vicuna 

wool hats. 251 

h Embroidered North American flags. 252 
c Ostrich feather dusters. 254 

d Leather bags. 255 

157 Provincial Commission, Province 

of Jujui. 
a Wool hats. 251 

b Leather traveling bag. 255 

158 Provincial Commission, Province 

of San Luis. 
a Straw hats. 251 

b Laces, embroidered underwear, church 

carpet, and other needle work. 252 

160 Cabral, Juana T., Province of Cor- 

rientes. — Embroidered tidies, doylies. 252 

161 Silva, Mercedes, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Embroidered cloth, napkins, 
handkerchiefs, and chemises. 252 

162 Pampin^ Carmen, Province of Cor- 
ricntes. — Kmbroidered cloth. 252 

163 Colodrero, M. Cabral de. Province 
of Corrientes. — Crochet tray cloth, table 
cloth. 252 

164 Lagrafia, Sinforosa, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered shawls. 252 

166 Torrent, Eloiza G. de. Province of 
Corrientes. — Embioidered chemise and 
handkerchief. 252 

166 Anzotegui, Escolastica S. de, 

Province of Corrientes. — Embroidered 
towel. 252 

167 Pujol, Leonor, Province of Corri- 
entes. — Embroidered chemises and 
towels. 252 

168 Parras, Angela E. de. Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered cloth. 252 

169 Mantilla, Pilar, Province of Corri- 
entes. — Embroidered shirts. 252 

170 Mantilla, Francisca, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered shirts. 252 

171 Enriguez, Anastasia Gonzalez de. 
Province of Corrientes.— Embroidered 
(juilt. 252 

172 Perichon, Telesfora, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered fabric. 252 

173 Mantilla, Concepcion, Province of 
Corrientes. — Shawls, thread lace table 
covers. 252 

174 General Ferrfe's "Widow, Province 
of Corrientes. — Embroidered cotton 
shirts. 252 

176 Arguello, Esequiel, Province of 
€6rdoba. — Feather mats. 252 

181 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Catainarca. 

a Crotchet quilt and towels. 252 

b Raw hide trunks. 255 

182 Avellaneda, Nicomeden, Province 
of Calamarca.-- Emhrc.i U led towel. 252 

183 Caballi, Cristobal, Province of San 
Juan. — Chasuble einhrc tiered in col- 
ors. 252 

184 Klappenbach, Sofia de. Province 
of San Juan. — Embroidered handker- 
chief. 252 

186 Tello, Juana, Province of San Juan. 
— Embroidered handkerchief. as'i 

186 Provincial Commission, Prov- 
ince of Santa F6. — Embroidered 
towel. asa 

188 Provincial Commission, Province 

of La Rioja. 

a Crochet and lace work, ornamental 
watch cases, embroidered tuckers, pillow 
cases, and napkins. 252 

b Hair watch chain, screen. 354 

189^ Lillo, Tomasa, Province of Tucu- 
man. — Towels and tuckers, for chemises. 


189^ Santillan, J. C, Province of Tucn- 
man. — Cuffs. 253 

190 Commission of the Chaco Argen- 
tino Territory. — Embroidered cloth. 252 

191 Provincial Commission^ Province 
of Santiago del Estero. — Kmbroidered 
counterpanes, netted towels, liuen towels, 

and tuckers. 252 

191« Irygoyen, Carmen O. de, Province 

of Salta. — Worked mat. 252 

193 Bustos, Mariano, Province of San 
Luis. — Religious pictures embroidered in 
silk. 252 

194 Videla, Rosa, Province of San 
Luis. — Embroidered paper case. 252 

196 Public School of ** Las Conchas," 

Province of liuenos Ayres. — Embroidered 
pillow and child's shirt, made by the 
Scholars. 252 

196 Gimenez,Jose, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Silk sash, with the Argentine 
and American colors. 252 

197 Balugera, Angela, Province of En- 

tre-Rios. — Gold and silk embroidered 
writing-case. 252 

197^ Sinion Bros., Province of Buenos 

Ayres.— Embroidered picture. 252 

198 Balugera, Elena. Province of Entre* 
Rios. — Embroidered velvet pillow. 252 

199 Benevolent Society of ParanA, 
Province of Entre-Rios. — Crochet coun- 
terpane; tucker; embroidered handker* 
chief. 253 

200 Etcheveherre, G.. Province of En- 
tre - Rios. — Embroidered handkerchief, 
dedicated to the President of the United 
States, 2>: 

202 Clarke, Roberto, Province of Spn 
Luis. — Silver rings made by the Vi- 
dians. :-^ 

203 Grande, Rosario, Province of 
r.iicnos Ayres. — Gold necklace and rc- 
dallion, representing the fourteen Arj^a- 
tine Provinces. :=:ji 

204 Lopez, Feliciano. — Cocoanut rings 
made of Mabocaya palm, by the In- 
dians. 353 

206 Pujol, Leonor, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Flower made of hair. 254 

208rt Alegrec, lohn. Province of Cor- 
rientes. — W(>rk box. 254 

206 Gonzalez, Damiana, Province of 
Corrientes. — Artificial flower wreath. 254 

206rt Websterj Stephen, Province of 
C6rdoba. — Tippet made of feathers. 254 

207 Etcheveh6re, Irene, Province of 
Entre-Rios. — Artificial flowers. 254 

^(ita Co\oA.T«o y Pedrm, Maria del 


For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbet* «Lt etvd o^ exvx.x\e*,»ftfeC\«»\%.«»!&Mi,'«^.'iit*^ 



Fancy Goods, Stationery, Medicines, Harness. 

207^ Mullan. Ciriaca de la Elruera, 
Province of Buenos Ayrcs. — Hair flowers. 


208 Bourgeois, N., Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Hair picture. 254 

210<» Robion, Julian, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.— ^air flowers. 254 

211 FerrcXt Eleucadia, Province of C6r- 

doba. — Flowers made of seeds. 254 

212 Sub-Commission of Andaleala, 

Province of Catamarca. — Artificial flow- 
ers. 254 

213 Guntsche, J., & Schroeder, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Trunks. 255 

214 Mattaldi, Eueenio, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Trunk which can be 
transformed into a sofa, with writing- 
desk, etc. 255 

215 Grest, M., & Co., Province of Santa 
Fe. — Trunk. 255 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

216 Benelische, Federico, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Blank books, diaries, 
and bindings. 261 

217 Piciueras, Cus<pinera, & Co.. 

Province of Buenos Ayres.— Books bound 
by hand. 261 

Medicine, Snrgery, Frothesis. 

232 Provincial Commission, Province 

of Catamarca. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

233 Provincial Commission & D. 
Abraham Lemos, Province of Mendoza. 
— Herbarium of the officinal flora of the 
province. 272 

234 Roman, Medardo, Province of Men- 
doza. — Wild fennel. 272 

235 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Luis. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

236 Molina, Ang^ela, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Sudorific and digestive sub- 
stances ; cedron de puna, for affections 
of the lungs. 272 

237 Iturbe, Fidel, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Pharmaceutical preparations. 


238 Castelo, Guadalupe, Province of 
Catamarca. — Medicinal herbs and 
plants. 272 

239 Hurley, Tomas, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

240 L-afone Quevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

241 ^ViirflFbain, Gustavo, & the Pro- 
vincial Commission, Province of La Rioja. 
— Herbarium composed of herbs and 
medicinal plants. 272 

241^ Schickendantz, Frederick, Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

242 Gonzalez, Joaquin, Province of La 
Rioja. — Medicinal plants and herbs. 272 

243 Gelos, Martin, Province of La 
Rioja. — Spurge, from which castor oil is 
extracted. 272 

245 Justice of the Peace of Ense- 
nada. Province of Buenos Ayres. — Sarsa- 
parilla, etc. 272 

247 ValdeZf E. & C, Province of Bue- 
Dos Ayrcs. — Chamomile, borage, sponge, 
ssusaparilU, sage, etc. 272 

248 Gonzales, Juan, Province of Bue- 
fios Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

249 lAiguez, Dalmira, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

250 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Buenos Ayrcs. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

250<x Oliden, Tomas, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 272 

2503 Gache, Manuel^ Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Te pampa. 272 

251 Ferrer, Vicente, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Medicinal herbs. 372 

252 Roibon, Enrique, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Herbarium. 272 

253 Sub-Commission of Bella Vista, 
Province of Corrientes. — Tartago seed, 
chamico, etc. 27a 

255 Provincial Commission, & Sola, 
luan. Province of Salta. — Medicinal 
nerbs. 27a 

256 Provincial Commission, Province 
of C6rdoba. — Medicinal herbs and 
plants. 272 

257 Pontes, Vicente Martinez. Pro- 
vince of Entre-Rios. — Medicinal herbs. 


259 Berdie, M., Province of Entre-Rios. 
— Medicinal water. 272 

260 Commission of Paran&, Province 
of Entre-Rios. — Berros waters and medi- 
cinal herbs. 272 

261 Rodriguez, Victor, Province of San 
Juan. — Saffron, flax seed. 272 

263 Rodrieuez, Severo, Province of San 
Juan. — Mustard. 272 

266 Poblete, Tiburcio, Province of San 
Juan.— Medicinal seeds, herbs, and 
plants. 272 

267 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Santiago del Estero. — Medicinal 
herbs. 272 

268 Lacour, Guillermo, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Orthopedic appara- 
tus. 276 

269 Newbery, Rodolfo, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Artificial teeth. 277 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

271 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Salta. — Brooms from Totora. 2B6 

Carriages, YeMcles, and Accessories. 

272 Balvidares, Victorino, Province of 
Buenos Ayrcs. — Horse-hair whip. 296 

273 Pefialva, Benito, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Horse belt. 296 

274 Videla, Juan, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Harness. 296 

275 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Silver spurs. 296 

276 Guntsche, J., & Schroeder, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Saddles. 296 

27 6« Valdes, Honorio, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Plaited lasso. 296 

277 MattaVdv, E-w^tmci, ^tQ,Nvt^^^ ^"v 

I 21% Prov\tic\aL\ Commv^^Ko;^ H^^'^'^^ 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end oi etiu\e& %fet Oa&sv^'^^>^^^»V^- '*^-'«'^ 



Harness, Ornaments. 

279 Tirapeguif Ramon, Province of San 
Juan. — Mexican saddle, siimips, bridles, 
etc. ^ 296 

280 Rodriguez, Victor, Province of San 
Juan. — Harness and stirrups. 296 

281 Rodriguez, Severo, Province of 
San Juan. — Spurs and horse cloth. 396 

282 Crest, M., & Co., Province of Santa 
Fc. — Pack saddle used by the army, 
leather girih, etc. 296 

288 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Santa Fe.— Horse cloths, tapir leather 
reins and surcingle. 296 

284 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tucuman. — Leather caparisons, sad- 
dlery, lassoes, etc. 396 

285 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Cordoba. — Harness, saddlery, horse 
cloth, etc. S96 

286 Provincial Commission, Province 

of San Luis. —Bristle horse cloth, ostrich 

feather and other caparisons. 296 

For classes of exhibMis, indicated by number:* 

287 Escobar, Juan de D., Province of 
San Luis. — Stirrups, braided shackles, 
girth, and reins. 296 

288 Sosa, Ra£ael, Province of San Luis. 

— Ostrich feather caparison. 296 

289 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Salta. — Pack-saddle, girth, straps, 
head stall, tapir leather reins, caparisons, 
lassos, etc. 296 

290 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Catamarca. — Vizcacha leather capari- 
son, and braided lasso. 296 

291 Andalgal& Commission, Province 
of Catamarca. — Horse doth, harness, 
girths, reins, bridles, etc. 296 

292 Gigena, Justiniano, Province of 
Catamarca. — Horse cloth. 296 

293 Gonzalez, Daniel. Province of 
Mcndoza. — Horse cloths. 296 

295 Provincial Commission, Province 

of Jujui.— Tapir leather reins, bridle, 
etc. 296 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 




{South of Nave, Columns 3 ioS») 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art. 

Ghemioal Mannfaotureg. 

1 S alee do. L., Bogota, Columbia.— 
Oil of wood, for medicinal purposes, aoz 

2 Campora Brothers, Department of 
Santiago, Province of Santiago. — Olive 
oil. aoi 

3 Celedonia. Diaz de la Vega, Valpa- 
raiso. — Perfumes, etc. 203 

Ceramios— Pottery, Porcelain, Olass, 

4 Escndero, R., Santiago.— Samples 
of enameled tiles for flooring. 308 

Furniture and Objects of Oeneral Use 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

5 Dell, Aquila A., Santiago.— Ala- 
baster table tops. 217 

Woven and Felted Ooods of Wool, etc. 

6 School for Poor Girls, Molina, De- 
partment of Lontue. — Assorted worsteds. 


Clothing, Jewelry, Ornaments, and 
Traveling equipments. 

7 School for Poor Girls, Molina, De- 
partment of Lontue. 

a Knitted spread and afghan. 

i Sofa^pillows of satin and lace; hand-i 

lace, crochet and lace tidies, bed covers, 
embroidered tapestry rug, and silk para- 
sol embroidered with tatting. 25a 

8 Astudillo, J. M., Santiago.— Leather 
and sillc boots and shoes. 251 

9 Monastery, of the Good Shepherd, 
- Santiago. — Embroidered handkerchief. 


10 Cadiz, Jos 6, Gabriel, Santiago.— 
Gypsum ornaments. 254 

11 Schrebler, Federico, Santiago.— 
Card baskets. 254 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

12 Shrebler, Federico, Santiago.— 

I31ank books : samples of printing, lith- 
ography, and binding. 261 

13 "Mercurio" Printing & Binding 
Office. — Specimens of printing and bind- 
ing. 26X 

Medicine, Surgery, Prothesis. 

14 Celedonia. Diaz de la Veg^a, Valpa- 
raiso. — " Wine of life/' jnedicinal. 37a 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

16 Waddinartonf Wm., Department of 

Limache, Provmcc of Valparaiso. — Straw, 

brooms, and brushes. 


16 Osthaus, Luis, Department of Li- 
mache, Province of Valparaiso. — Rope 

and cordage. 
17 Reich, Fede