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Full text of "International Exchange List of the Smithsonian Institution: Corrected to July 1897"

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H^arbarlj College l^ibrars. 






/ — ■ '-^ < , V-;. 




Smithsonian Institution 

^OKRHCTlil) TO JULY, 1807 





— io8i— 




Smithsonian Institution 



LS©e H^%rl.^<^'^ 


From the 
U. S. Government. 

PRK88 or 






Tlie following publication is a list of the establishments ab 

-wltli vrhich the Smithsonian Institution is at the present tim 

relation, through its system of international exchanges. Sin 

lists liave been printed from time to time, the present one b 

corrected to July 1, 1897. 

There is prefaced to the list a statement of the rules goven 

the transmission of publications and the names of correspond 

who receive publications for transmission to the United Sti 

The Institution desires to receive corrections to the list, chang< 

titles, and the names of new establishments. 

S. P. Langley, 



1. Transmissions through the Smithsonian Institution must be 
confined exclusively to books, pamphlets, charts, and other printed 
matter sent as donations or exchanges. 

2. Neither the Institution nor its agents will knowingly receive 
for any address purchased books, apparatus, or instruments. 
Specimens of natural history will only be received when special 
permission from the Institution has been obtained. 

3. Before transmitting packages to the United States, an invoice 
should be mailed to the Institution mentioning the name of the 
contributor and giving an abstract of all addresses appearing on 
the corresponding packages. When forwarding exchanges to the 
Institution from any point in the United States for distribution 
abroad, a detailed invoice is not required, although in every 
instance a letter of advice should be immediately mailed to the 
Institution stating the number of cases forwarded, manner of 
shipping, etc. 

4. Packages must be legibly addressed, using .the language of the 
country for which they are intended when practicable, and avoid- 
ing all abbreviations. When parcels are intended for societies, 
institutions, etc., names of individuals should be omitted from 
labels in order to avoid any possible dispute as to ownership. To 
obtain the best results, the name of the contributor should be 
endorsed on each package. 

5. Packages must be securely wrapped in stout paper and when 
necessary tied with strong twine. 

6. No package to a single address should exceed one-half of one 
cubic foot. 


7. Letters or other written matter are not permitted in exchange 

8. Exchanges must be delivered to the Smithsonian Institution 
or its foreign agents free of expense. 

9. If donors desire acknowledgments for their own files, each 
package should contain a blank receipt to be signed and returned 
by the party addressed; and if publications are desired in exchange, 
the fact should be explicitly stated on the packages. 

10. Each package forwarded through the Exchange Bureau of 
the Smithsonian Institution contains a blank receipt card, which 
should be dated, signed, and returned by mail without delay. 

11. The Institution assumes no responsibility in the transmission 
of packages, and does not solicit contributions for its correspond- 


ents, but at all times uses its best endeavors to promptly forward 
to destination all exchanges entrusted to its care. 

Correspondents abroad receiving publications for transmission to^ 
and distributing publications sent from, the Smithsonian Institution: 

Algeria: Bureau Frangais des Echanges Internationaux, Paris, France. 

Argentine Bepublic: Museo Nacional, Buenos Aires. 

Austria-Hungary: Dr. Felix Fliigel, Schenkendorf Strasse No. 9, Leip- 
zig, Germany. 

Brazil: Bibliotheca Nacional, Rio de Janeiro. 

Belgium: Ck>mmission des Echanges Internationaux, Rue du Mus6e, No. 
5, Brussels. 

Bolivia: University, Chuquisaca. 

British America: Packages sent by mail. 

British Colonies: Crown Agents for the Colonies, London, England. 

British Guiana. (See British Colonies.) 

Cape Colony: Colonial Secretary, Cape Town. 

Chile: UniTersidad de Chile, Santiago. 

China: Zi-ka-wei Obserratory, Shanghai. 

Colombia (U. S. of): National Library, Bogota. 

Costa Rica: Oficina de Deposito, Reparto y Canje Internacional, San 

Denmark ^.Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab, Copenhagen. 

I>utch Guiana: Surinaamsche Koloniale Bibliotheek, Paramaribo. 

£ast India: Director-General of Stores, India Office, London. 

Ecuador: Obser\'atorio del Colegio Nacional, Quito. 

Egypt: Soci^te Kh^diviale de Geographic, Cairo. 

France: Bureau Frangais des Echanges Internationaux, Paris. 

Germany: Dr. Felix Fliigel, Schenkendorf Strasse No. 9, Leipzig. 

Great Britain and Ireland: William Wesley & Son, 28 Essex street, 
Strand, London. 

Guadeloupe. (See France.) 

Guatemala: Instituto Nacional de Guatemala, Guatemala. 

Haiti: Secretaire d*Etat des Relations ExtSrieures, Port-au-Prince. 

Honduras: Biblioteca Nacional, Tegucigalpa. 

Iceland. (See Denmark.) 

Italy: Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele, Rome. 

Japan: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo. 

Java. (See Netherlands.) 

Xiberia: Liberia College, Monrovia. 

Madeira. (See Portugal.) 

Malta. (See British Colonies.) 

Mauritius. (See British Colonies.) 


Mexico: Packages sent by mail. 

Mozambique: Sociedade de Oeographia^ Mozambique. 

Netherlands: Bureau Scientifique Central N^erlandais, Den Helder. 

Newfoundland: Exchanges sent direct by mail. 

New South Wales: Government Board for International Exchanges, 
Free Public Library, Sydney. 

New Zealand: Colonial Museum, Wellington. 

Nicaragua: Ministerio de relaciones exteriores, Managua. 

Norway: Kongelige Norske Frederiks Universitet, Christiania. 

Paraguay: Government, Asuncion. 

Peru: Biblioteca Nacional, Lima. 

Philippine Islands. (See Spain.) 

Polynesia: Department of Foreign Affairs, Honolulu. 

Portugal: Bibliotheca Nacional, Lisbon. 

Queensland: Registrar General for Queensland, Brisbane. 

Roumania. (See Germany.) 

Russia: Commission Russe des Echanges Intemationaux, Bibliothdque 
Imperiale Publique, St. Petersburg. 

St. Helena. (See British Colonies.) 

San Salvador: Museo Nacional, San Salvador. 

Servia. (See Germany.) 

South Australia: Astronomical Observatory, Adelaide. 

Spain: R. Academia de Ciencias, Madrid. 

Sweden: Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps Akademien, Stockholm. 

Switzerland: Bibliothdque F6d6rale, Berne. 

Tasmania: Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobarton. 

Turkey: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Uruguay: Oficina de Dep6sito, Reparto y Canje Jnternacional, Monte- 

Venezuela: Museo Nacional, Caracas. 

Victoria: Public Librarj', Museum and National Gallery, Melbourne. 

West Australia: Agent General, London, England. 




Algeria 1 

Angola 1 

Azores 2 

Canary Islands 2 

Cape Colony 2 

Egypt 3 

Lagos 4 

Liberia 4 

Madagascar 4 

Madeira 4 

Mauritius 4 

Mozambique 5 

Natal 5 

Reunion 5 

Saint Helena 5 

Sierra Leone 5 

South African Republic 5 

Tunis 6 

AlfEBICA (Nobth). 

Canada 6 

Central America 13 

Greenland 15 

Mexico 16 

Newfoundland 20 

St. Pierre and Miquelon 20 

West Indies 20 

Am£bica (South). 

Argentine Republic 24 

Bolivia 27 

Brazil 27 

British Guiana 30 

Chile 30 

Colombia 32 

Dutch Guiana 33 

Ecuador 33 

Paraguay 34 

Peru 34 

Uruguay 35 

Venezuela 36 


British Burmah 36 

Ceylon 37 

China 37 

^ Cochin China 38 

Corea 38 

Cyprus 39 

French East Indies 39 


Hong Kong 39 

India » 39 

Japan 45 

Netherlands Indies 47 

Persia 48 

Philippine Islands 48 

Portuguese India 48 

Siam 49 

Straits Settlements 49 


New South Wales 49 

New Zealand 51 

Queensland 53 

South Australia 54 

Tasmania 55 

Victoria 55 

Western Australia 58 


Austria Hungary 58 

Belgium 78 

Bulgaria ...*. 87 

Denmark 87 

France 90 

Germany 137 

Great Britain and Ireland. . .205 

England 205 

Ireland 247 

Scotland 251 

Wales 256 

Greece 257 

Iceland 258 

Italy 259 

Luxemburg 278 

Malta 279 

Netherlands 279 

Norway 286 

Portugal 289 

Roumania 291 

Russia 292 

Servia 309 

Spain 310 

Sweden 314 

Switzerland 320 

Turkey 329 

Hawaiian Islands 330 

International 331 




1. Acad6mie d^ Alger. 

2. ^' Alger MMical.'' 

3. Association Scientifique. 

4. Bibliothique de la Ville. 

6. Cornice Agricole de Medeah. 

6. Eeole de M6decine et de Pharmacie d' Alger. 

7. Ecole Sup^rieure des Sciences. 

8. Faculty d'Alger. 

9. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

10. Jardin du Hamma. 

11. Journal de MMecine et de Pharmacie d^Alg^rie. 

12. Observatoire National. 

13. Service M6t6orologique Alg^rien. 

14. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture d' Alger. 

[Soci6t6 Alg6rienne de Climatologie, Sciences Physiques 
et Naturelles. (Dissolved.)] 

15. Soci6t6 de Olographic. 

[Soci6t6 Historique Alg^rienne. (Dissolved.)] 

16. Station Agronomique. 

17. Syndicat des Viticulteurs du D^partement d' Alger. 
[University. (See Acad6mie d' Alger.)] 


18. Academic d'Hippone. Soci4t6 de Becherche Scientif- 

ique et d'Acclimatation. 


19. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique de la Province de Gonstantine. 


20. Cornice Agricole de MM6a. 

Oban. ^ 

21. College. 

22. Soci^t^ de Geographic d^Oran. 


Saint Paul de Loanda. 

23. Colonial Meteorological Observatory. 



Ile Tebceira. 

24. Observatoire M6t6orologique. 

PoNTA Delgada. 

25. " Archivo dos Agores.^' 

26. Maritime Laboratory. 



27. Jardin Botanico. 


Cape Town. 

28. Agricultural Society. 

29. Argus [The] Printing and Publishing Company. 
[Botanic Gardens. (See Cape Government Her- 

30. Cape Government Herbarium. (Formerly Botanic Gar- 


31. '' Cape Times." 

32. Catholic School for the Deaf. 

33. Colonial Secretary. 

[Commissioners of Crown Lands and Public Works. 
(See Secretary for Lands, Mines and Agriculture.)] 

34. Convent School for the Deaf and Dumb. 

35. Deaf Department of St. Bridget's Roman Catholic 

[Department of Agriculture. (See Secretary for Lands, 
Mines and Agriculture.)] 

36. Folklore Journal. 

[Folklore Society. (Dissolved.)] 

37. General Manager of Eaihvays. 

38. Geological Survey of the Colony. 

39. Government OflBce. 

40. Meteorological Commission. 

41. Royal Observatory. 

42. Royal Society. 

43. Secretary for Lands, Mines and Agriculture. 

44. Sir George Grey's Library. 

45. South African College. 

46. South African Museum. 

47. South African Philosophical Society. 

48. " South African Pioneer." 

49. South African Public Library. 

EI. TauTfjrr i i- ^r 

Grahams Town. 

53. Albany MusennL 

54. Botanical Garden. 

55. Cape LaF JournaL 

King Wn.i.uTS T'.t^. 

56. Deaf aini I*:^- 



57- B.ra3K: Garcb. 

^^Nt*. *"irwi 

— l:i C'f 'ii*r Cur\*rir. Xuv^ivt 




et B-o- 






Caibo. — Continued. 

74. Institut Egyptien. 
76. Ministdre de la Guerre. 

76. Ministdre de ^Instruction Publique. 

77. Minist^re de Plnt^rieur. 

78. Musee des Antiquit6s. (Formerly Mus^e de Boulacq, 

and later Mus6e de Guizeh.) 

79. Mu86e National de TArt Arabe. 

80. Observatoire Kh6divial. 

[Soci6t6 Egyptienne. (Dissolved.)] 

81. Soci^t^ Kh^diviale de G6ographie. 
[Topographical Office. War Department. (Abolished.)] 


82. School for the Deaf. 



83. Botanical Station. 

84. Wesleyan College. 


85. Government Library. 

86. Liberia College. 



87. Observatoire de Madagascar. 



88. Institut M6t6orologique. 

89. Observatoire M6teorologique. 



90. Royal Botanical Gardens. 

PoBT Louis. 

91. Botanical Garden. 

92. Library of Port Louis. 

93. Meteorological Society of Mauritius. 

94. Boyal Alfred Observatory. 

95. Soci6t6 d'Acclimatation. 

96. Soci6t6 d'Histoire Naturelle. 


PoBT Louis. — Continued. 

97. Soci6t6 Royale des Arts et des Sciences. 

98. Superintendent of Schools. 



[Sociedade de Geographia. (Dissolved*)] 



99. American Zulu Mission. 

100. Botanical Garden. 

101. Ealing House School for the Deaf. 

102. Herbarium of the Botanical Garden. 

103. Inspector of Schools. 

104. Natal Observatory. 


105. Botanical Garden. 


St. Denis. 

106. Botanic Garden. 


St. Helena. 

107. Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory. 

108. St. Helena Library. 


109. Fourah Bay College. 


110. Association of Mines. 

111. Geological Society of South Africa. 

112. South African Association of Engineers and Architects. 

113. " Witwaterssand Mining and Metallurgical Eeview.^' 


114. De Beers Consolidated Diamond Mines. 

[South African and International Ex]>osition 1892. 


115. Staats Bibliotheek. 

116. Surveyor General of the South African Republic. 




117. Association Tunisienne des Lettres, Sciences et Arts. 

118. Institut de Carthage. 

119. Mus^e Alaoui. 

120. Station Agronomique. 



Antigonish {Nova Scotia). 

121. St. Francis Xavier's College. 

Baddece {Cape Breton^ Nova Scotia). 

122. Free Public Beading Boom. 

Bbeton {Ontario). 

[Canadian Bee Journal. (Now in Brantford.)] 

123. Canadian Poultry Journal and Pigeon Fancier. 

Belleville {Ontario). 

124. " Canadian Mute.'' 

125. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 

126. Murchison Scientific Society. 

Beblin {Ontario). 

127. "Journal." 

Brantpobd {Ontario). 

128. Canadian Bee Journal. 

129. Public Library. 

Cape Rouge {Quebec). 

[Le Naturaliste Canadien. (See in Chicoutimi.)] 

Cedar Dale {Ontario). 

130. library of Thomas Conant. 

Charlottetown {Prince Edward Island). 

131. Legislative Library. 

Chicoutimi {Quebec). 

132. " Naturaliste Canadien (Le)." 

133. S6ininaire de Chicoutimi. 


Cliptok (Ontario). 

• 134. Toronto News Company. 

135. Victoria University. 

CoBXTBG (Ontario). 

[Victoria University. (Now in Toronto.)] 

Fbedbricton (New Brunswick). 

[Commissioner of Patents. (Sec Patent Office, Ottawa.)] 

136. Department of Agriculture of the Province of New 


137. Predericton Institute for the Education of the Deaf and 


138. Legislative Library. 

139. Mechanics' Institute. 

140. University of New Brunswick. 

Grimsby (Ontario). 

141. " Canadian Horticulturist." 

GiJELPH (Ontario). 

142. Ontario Agricultural College. 

Halifax (Nova Scotia). 

143. Botanical Society of Canada. 

144. Dalhousie College. 

145. Depaitment of Agriculture. 

146. Department of Mines. 

147. Education Office. 

148. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 
[Kings County Library. (Does not exist.)] 

149. Legislative Library. 
160. Mayor of Halifax. 

151. Nova Scotia Historical Society. 

[Nova Scotia Medical Society. (See Provincial Medical 

Board of Nova Scotia.)] 
[Nova Scotian Agricultural Bureau. (See Depari;ment 

of Agriculture.)] 

152. Nova Scotian Institute of Science. 

153. Provincial Medical Board of Nova Scotia. 

154. University of Halifax. 

Hamilton (Ontario). 

155. Hamilton Association. 

156. Hamilton Public Library. 

IxGERSOLL ^Ontario). 

157. Imperial Federation League, IngersoU Branch. 


Kamloops (British Columbia). 

158. '' Kamloops Wawa.'' • 

Kingston (Ontario). 

159. Botanical Society of Canada. 

160. Observatory. 

161. Queen's University. 

162. Eoyal Military College. 

163. School of Mining. 

Lennoxville (Quebec). 

164. Bishop's College. 

London (Ontario). 

165. ^^ Canadian Entomologist." (Published by Entomolog- 

ical Society.) 

166. Entomological Society of Ontario. 

167. Western University. 

MacLeod (Alberta). 

168. MacLeod Historical Society. 

Matapbdia (Quebec). 

169. "Canadiana." 

170. Ristigouche Salmon Club. 

Mile-End (near Montreal). 

[L^Institution des Sourds-Muets. (See in Montreal.)] 

Montreal (Quebec). 

171. Acad6mie Commerciale Catholique. 
[" Arcadia." (Discontinued.)] 

172. ^'Canada Citizen." 

173. " Canadian Antiquarian and Numismatic Chronicle." 

174. " Canadian Engineer." 

[Canadian Geological Society. (See Ottawa, Geological 
and Natural History Survey.)] 

175. Canadian Medical Association. 

176. " Canadian Medical and Surgical Journal." 

[" Canadian Naturalist and Geologist." (Succeeded by 
Canadian Record of Science.)] 

177. " Canadian Record of Science." 

178. Canadian Society of Civil Engineering. 

179. Catholic Institute for the Deaf. 

180. College of St. Laurent. 

181. Conseil d'HygiSne de la Province de Qu6bec. 
[Depaii;ment of Public Instruction. (See Quebec.)] 


Montreal (Quebec), — Continued. 

182. Ecole Normale Jacques Cartier. 

[" Educational Record.^* (See in Quebec.)] 

183. Eraser Institute. 

184. " Gazette Medicale de Montreal.'* 

185. Institution des Sourds-Muets (P'emale Department). 

186. Institution des Sourds-Muets (Male Department). 

187. " Journal de I'Instruction Publique.'^ 

[Legislative Library of the Province of Quebec. (See 

188. McGill College Medical Library. 

189. McGill College Observatory. 

190. McGill University Library. 

191. Mackay Institution for Protestant Deaf-Mutes and the 


192. Mayor of Montreal. 

193. Mechanics^ Institute. 

194. Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal. 

195. Montreal Botanic Garden. 

196. Montreal Horticultural Society. 

197. Montreal Microscopical Society. 

198. Natural History Society. 

199. Numismatic and Antiquarian Society. 

200. Peter Sedpath Museum. 

201. "Bevue Legale." 

[Royal Society of Canada. (See Ottawa.)] 

202. Seminaire de Nicolet. 

203. Society Historique de Montreal. 

204. Society Nationale Suisse. 

205. Union Medicale du Canada. 

206. United Service Institute. 

Napanee (Ontario), 

207. Collegiate Institute. 

New Glasgow (Nova Scotia). 

208. High School. 

New Westminster '(Sn7M Columbia), 

209. New Westminster Public Library. 

Ottawa (Ontario), 

210. Bureau of Statistics, Department of Agriculture. 

211. Canadian Department of Marine and Fisheries. 

212. Department of Agriculture. 

213. Department of Indian AflPairs. 

214. Department of the Interior. 


OTTAWA (Ontario). — Continued. 

216. Department of the Interior, Technical Branch. 

216. Department of Justice. 

217. Department of Militia and Defence. 

218. Experimental Farms. 

219. Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada. 

220. Institut Canadien Frangais. 

221. Library of Parliament. 

222. Literary and Scientific Society. 

223. Ottawa Field Nafuralists' Club. 

224. " Ottawa Naturalist.'* 

225. Patent Office. 

226. Postmaster General. 

227. Boyal Society of Canada. 

228. Technical Listitute. 

229. Topographical Survey of Canada. 

230. Young Men's Christian Association. 

PiOTOu {Nova Scotia). 

231. Pictou Academy. 

PoBT Hope (Ontario), 

232. Trinity College School. 

Pkincb Albert (SasJcatcliewan). 

233. Saskatchewan Institute. 

Quebec (Quebec). 

234. " Courrier du Livre; Revue Mensuelle de Bibliophilie." 

235. Department of Agriculture. 

236. Department of Public Instruction. 

237. "Educational Record." 

238. Entomological Society of Canada. 

239. Geographical Society of Quebec. 

240. Legislative Library. 

241. Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. 

[Literary and Philosophical Society. (See Literary and 
Historical Society.)] 

242. Mayor of Quebec. 

243. Observatory. 

244. Soci6t6 d'Hygi^ne. 

245. University Laval. 

Regina (Assiniioia). 

246. Government House. 

247. " Northwest Territories' Gazette.'' 

Saokville (New Brunswick). 

248. Mount Allison College. 


St. Catherine (Ontario). 

[Fruit Growers' and Forestry Association. (Formerly 
in Toronto, now in Grimsby.)] 

St. Hyacinthe (Quebec). 

249. Seminary of St. Hyacinthe. 

St. John (New Brunswick). 

250. Free Public Library. 

251. Natural History Society of New Brunswick. 

252. Observatory. 

St. Thomas (Ontario). 

263. Elgin Historical and Scientific Institute. 

Sherbrooke (Quebec). 

254. Sherbrooke Free Reading Room. 

Toronto (Ontario). 

255. Astronomical and Physical Society. 

256. Biological Society of Ontario. 

257. Board of Health. 

258. " Canadian Bookseller." 

259. Canadian Educational Monthly Publishing Company. 

260. Canadian Institute. 

261. " Canadian Journal of Science." 

262. '' Canadian Lancet." 

263. " Canadian Law Times." 

264. " Canadian Practitioner." ' 

265. Department of Education. 

266. " Educational Journal." 

267. Engineering Society of the School of Practical Science. 
[Entomological Society of Ontario. (See in London.)] 
[Government of Canada. (See in Ottawa.)] 
[Imperial Federation. (See Hamilton Public Library.)] 

268. Legislative Library. 

269. Literary aind Historical Society. 

270. Literary and Philosophical Society. 

271. McMaster University. 

272. Magnetic Observatory. 

273. Mayor of Toronto. 

274. Meteorological Office of the Dominion of Canada. 

275. Natural History Society of Toronto. 

276. Ontario Archaeological Museum. 

277. Ontario Bureau of Mines. 

278. Ontario Department of Agriculture. 

279. Ontario Medical Library Association. 


ToBONTO {Ontario). — Continued. 

280. Ontario School of Pedagogy. 

281. Pioneer and Historical Association of the Province of 


282. Public Library. 

283. Public School Board. 

284. Royal Commission on the Resource?, of Ontario. 

285. School of Practical Science. 

286. " Tibetan (The).'' 

287. Toronto Baptist College. 

288. Toronto General Hospital. 

289. " Toronto Globe.'' 

290. Toronto Museum. 

291. Toronto School of Medicine Medical Society. 

292. Trinity College. 

293. University of Toronto. 

294. Victoria University of Canada. 

Tbenton (Ontario). 

295. Trenton Natural History Society. 

Victoria (British Columbia). 

296. British Columbia Institute of Architects. 

297. " British Columbia Mining Record." 

298. Department of Agriculture of British Columbia. 

299. Library of the Legislative Assembly. 

300. Natural History Society of British Columbia. 

301. Provincial Museum. 

Windsor (Nova Scotia). 

302. King's College. 

Windsor (Ontario). 

303. Windsor Public Library. 

Winnipeg (Manitoba). 

304. Board of Trade. 

305. Department of Agriculture, Statistics and Health. 

306. Department of Public Works. 

307. Government Inspector of Public Instruction. 

308. Institute of Prince Rupert's Land. 

309. Manitoba Historical and Scientific Society. 

310. Manitoba Institute for the Education of the Deaf. 

311. Provincial Library. 

312. St. John's College. 

313. University of Manitoba. 

314. Winnipeg Scientific Society. 


WoLPViLLB (Nova Scotia). 

315. Acadia College. 

316. Acadian Science Club. 

317. Canadian Postal College of the Natural Sciences. 

318. Nova Scotia Fruit Growers' Association. 

319. Nova Scotia School of Horticulture. 

Yakmouth (Nova Scotia), 

320. Milton library. 



321. Botanical Station. 

322. Colonial Library. 

323. Meteorological Station, Public Hospital. 


San Jose. 

[" Artesano (El)." (Discontinued.)] 

324. Biblioteca Nacional. 

326. " Boletin de las Escuelas Primeras." 

326. Colegio de Abogados. 

327. Comit* d'Education. 

328. " Costa Rica Hlustrada." 

329. Escuela Nueva (La). 

330. "QacetaOficial." 

331. Inspeccion General de Ensenanza. 

332. Instituto Fisico-Oeografico Nacional. 

333. Listituto Meteorologico Nacional. 

334. Junta de Caridad. 

335. Junta de Educacion. 

336. Liceo de Costa Bica. 

337. "Maestro (El)." 

338. Ministerio de Belaciones Exteriores. 

339. Museo Nacional. 

340. Observatorio. 

341. Oficina de Deposito y Canje de Publicaciones. (Ex- 

change Office.) 

342. Oficina de Estadistica. 

343. " Prensa Libre (La)." 

344. Secretaria de Gobemacion, Policia y Fomento. 

345. Sociedad " El Porvenir." 

[University of Costa Bica. (Closed. Beplaced by Bib- 
lioteca Nacional.)] 




346. Institute Nacional Chiquimula. 


347. Accadeinia Central de Maestro. 

348. '' Agricultura (La).'' 

349. '^ Anales Estadisticas de la Republica." 

350. Biblioteea Nacional Central. 

351. "BienPublico.^' 

352. " Diario de Centro-Am6rica." 

353. Direceion General de Estadistiea. 

354. Direceion General de Instruccion Publica. 

355. Direceion 6 Inspeccion de Arqueologia. 

356. Escuela Central de Artes y Oficios. 

357. Escuela de Derecho. 

358. Escuela de Ingenieria. 

359. Escuela de Medicina. 

360. Escuela Normal Central. 

361. Facultad de Derecho y Xotarado del Centro. 

362. Gobiemo de la Republica. 

363. Instituto Central Senoritas. 

364. Instituto Central Varones. 

365. Instituto Nacional de Guatemala. 

366. Instituto Nacional Senoritas. 

367. Jardin Botanico. 

368. " Medico Cirujano Centro- Americano." 

369. " Monitor Escolar (El).'' 

370. Museo de Historia 5^atural. 

371. Museo Zoologico. 

372. " Nueva Era (La)." 

373. Observatorio Meteorologico. 

374. " Eepublica (La)." 

375. Secretaria de Fomento. 

376. Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores. 

377. Sociedad Economica. 

378. Sociedad Gautemalteca de Ciencias. 

379. Universidad. 


380. Instituto Nacional. 

381. Instituto Nacional Senoritas. 


382. Ministerio de Instruccion Publica. 



383. Botanic Garden. 


384. Biblioteca Nacional. 

385. Direccion General de Estadistica. 

386. Direction G^n^ral de nnstmction Primaire. 

387. Honduras Government Mining Bureau. 
["Honduras Progress.^* (Now called "Mining Jour- 


388. " Mining Journal.'' 



389. Granada College. 

390. Sociedad de Ciencias. 


391. Instituto de Leon. 


392. Biblioteca Nacional. 

393. Department of the Interior. 

394. " Gaceta Oficial.'' 

395. Government of Nicaragua. 

396. Ministerio de Instruccion Publica. 

397. Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores. 


398. Victoria Institute. 


San Salvadok. 

399. Academia de Ciencias y Bellas Letras. 

400. Biblioteca Nacional. 

401. Government of San Salvador. 

402. Instituto Nacional Central. 

403. "Lempa(El).^' 

404. Ministerio de Instruccion Publica. 

405. Museo Nacional. 

406. Observatorio Meteorol6gico y Astrondmico. 

407. XJniversidad Nacional. 



408. Nordgronlands Inspektorat (Royal Inspector of Nori;h 




409. Sydgronlandfi Inspektorat. (Royal Inspector of South 


AoUA8CALiENT£8 (Aguogcaltenies). 

410. Academia de San Agustin. 

411. Institiito de Ciencias del Estado. 

412. ** Instructor (El).'' 


[Observatorio Astronomico Nacional. (See Tacubaya.)] 

Chihuahva (Chihuahua). 

413. Academia de San Agustin. 

CoRDOYA (Vera Cruz), 

414. Museo Nacional de Ciencias. 

CuEKNAVACA (Morelos). 

415. "ElEco.^ 


416. Biblioteca Publica. 

417. Consejo Superior de Salubridad de Guadalajara. 

418. " Gazeta del Hospital Militar." 

419. Instituto de Ciencia. 

420. " Libre y Accepto Mason." 

421. Sociedad de Ingenieros de Jalisco. 

422. Sociedad M^dica de Guadalajara. 

423. Sociedad HMico-Farmaceutico Pablo Gutierrez. 

Guanajuato (Guanajuato). 

424. Colegio del Estado. 

425. Observatorio Meteorologico del Colegio del Estado. 

GuATMAS (Sonara). 

426. " Instruccion Publica (La)." 

427. Junta de Instruccion Publica. 

Jalapa (Vera Cruz). 

428. Observatorio Meteorologico Central del Estado de Vera 


La Paz (Lower California). 

429. " La Fratemidad." 

Leon (Guanajuato). 

430. Observatorio Meteorologico. (La Escuela de Instruccion 



Matamoras {Tamavlipas). 

431. Benito Juarez Library. 

Mazatlan (Cinaha). 

432. Observatorio Meteorologieo. 

Mebida (Yiu^atan), 

433. "Emulacion(La).'' 

434. Institute Literario de Yucatan. 

435. Begistro Civil del Estado de Yucatan. 

436. Scientific Alliance. 

437. Sociedad M6dica Farmaceutica. 

438. " Yucate Eegister.'* 


439. Academia de Ciencias. 

440. Academia de Medicina. 

441. Academia de Profeeores. 

442. Asociacion de Ingenieros y Arquitectos. 
[Asociacion M6dica " Pedro Escobedo.*' (See Sociedad 

M6dica Pedro Escobedo.)] 
[Asociacion Medico-Quirurgica " Larrey." (Discon- 

443. Biblioteca del Cinco de Mayo. 

444. Biblioteca Nacional. 

445. " Boletin de Agricoltura, Mineria e Industria." 

446. " Boletin Bibliografico.'' 

[Bureau M6t6orologique. (See Observatorio Meteorolo- 
gieo Central.)] 

447. Chamber of Commerce. 

448. City Council. 

449. Colegio de Mineria. 

450. Comision Geografico-Exploradora. 

451. Consejo Superior de Salubridad. 

452. "Cosmos.^' 

[Deutscher Wissenschaftlicher Verein. (Dissolved.)] 

453. " Deutsche Zeitung von Mexico.^^ 

454. " Diario Oficial.^' 

455. Direccion General de Estadistica. 

456. " Eco Pedagogico.'' 

457. Escuela de Agricultura. 

458. Escuela de Bellas Artes. 

459. Escuela de Medicina. 

460. Escuela de las Minas. 

461. Escuela Nacional de Ingenieros. 

462. Escuela Nacional Preparatoria. 


Mexico. — Continued. 

463. Escuela Nacional de Sordo-Mudos. 

464. Escuela Normal para Prof esores. 

465. " Qaceta Medica de Mexico.*^ (Published by Academia 

de Medicina.) 

466. " Gaceta M6dico MiUtar.^' 

467. Institute de Geografia. 

468. Institute M6dieo Nacional. 

469. Junta Directiva de Instruccion Publica. 

471. Lyc6e Foumier. 

472. " Medicina Cientifica (La)." 

473. Mexican Government. 

474. Monsieur le Maire. 

475. Museo Nacional. 

476. " Observador M6dico.'' 

[Observatorio Astronomico Central. (See Tacubaya.)] 

477. Observatorio Meteorologico Magnetico Central. 

[" Eevista Cientifica Mexicana." (Discontinued.)] 

478. Schweizer Schiitzen Verein. 

479. Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Obras Publicas. 

480. Secretaria de Fomento, Colonizacion, e Industria. 

481. Secretaria de Hacienda y Cr6dito Publico. 

482. Secretaria de Justicia e Instruccion Publica. 

483. Sociedad Agricola Mexicana. 

[Sociedad " Andres del Rio." (Ceased to exist.)] 

484. Sociedad Cientifica *^ Antonio Alzate." 

485. Sociedad Cuauhtimoctzin. 

486. Sociedad Farmaceutica Mexicana. 

487. Sociedad Filoiatrica y de Beneficencia de los Alumnos 

de la Escuela de Medicina. 

488. Sociedad Fotografia Mexicana. 
[Sociedad " Humboldt." (Dissolved.)] 

489. Sociedad Medica " Pedro Escobedo." 

490. Sociedad Mexicana de Geografia y Estadistica. 

491. Sociedad Mexicana de Historia Natural. 

492. Sociedad Minera Mexicana. 

[University of Mexico. (See Museo Nacional.)] 


493. " Gaceta Oficial." 

494. " Monitor Medico-Farmaceutico 6 Industrial." 

495. Museo Michoacano. 

Oaxaoa (Oaxaca). 

497. Institute de Oaxaca. 

498. Museo Oaxaqueno. 

499. Observatorio Meteorologico del Estado. 


Okizaba (Vera Cruz), 

600. Sociedad " Sanchez Ocopesa.^' 

Pubbla (Fueila). 

501. Biblioteca Nacional. 

502. Colegio Cat61ico. 

503. Colegio del Estado. 

504. Direccion General de Estadistica. 

505. Ecole dee Arts. 

506. Qobiemo del Estado. 

507. Observatorio Meteorologieo del Colegio Catolico. 

508. Sociedad Central de Profesores del Estado. 

509. Sociedad de Ingenieros. 
[University. (See Colegio del Estado.)] 

Saltillo (Cohahuila). 

510. Observatorio Meteorologieo. 

San Jacinto (Lower California). 

511. Escuela Nacional de Agricnltura y Veterinaria. 

San Jxtan Baxttista (Tabasco). 

512. Institute. 

San Luis Potosi (8 an Luis Potosi). 

513. Inspeccion General de Salnbridad Publica. 

514. Institute Cientifico y Literario. 

515. Observatorio del Institute Cientifico y Literario. 

516. Sociedad M6dica. 


517. Biblioteca Publica. 

[" Boletin Bibliografico y Escolar/^ (See Mexico.)] 

518. Observatorio Astronomico Nacional. 

519. Sociedad Pedag6gica. 


520. " Boletin de Higiene." 

521. Institute Cientifico y Literario. 

TopoLO Campo. 

522. Sociedad de Historia Natural. 

Veba Cbuz (Vera Cruz). 

523. Administrador de la Aduana Maritima. 

524. Biblioteca del Pueblo. 


Vbba Cruz (Vera Cruz). — Continued. 
526. Instituto de Vera Cruz. 

[Obseiratorio Meteorologieo Central del Eetado de Vera 
Cruz. (See Jalapa.)] 

526. Schweizer Verein. 

Zacategas (Zacaiecas). 

527. Instituto de Ciencias deLEstado de Zacatecas. 

528. Observatorio Astronomico Meteorologieo. 


St. John's. 

529. Board of Works. 

530. General Post Office. 

531. Geological Survey of Newfoundland. 

532. Gh)ulds Agricultural Society. 

533. Legislative Library. 

534. Newfoundland Fisheries Commission. 

535. ''North Star.'' 

536. St. Bonaventura College. 

537. St. John's Athenaeum. 


St. Fiebbb. 

538. Marine Hospital. 


St. John's. 

539. Botanical Garden. 

540. Commissioner of Patents. 

541. Department of Agriculture. 


Nassau (New Providence). 

542. Bahama Biological Station. 

543. Nassau Library. 



544. Barbados General Agricultural Society. 

545. Botanical Garden. 

546. Codrington College. 

547. Government Meteorological Office. 

St, Phillip. 

r^iH. Botanical station. 




549. Bermuda Library. 


Habana (Havana). 

550. Academia de Ciencias M^dicas, Fisicas, y Natiirales de 

la Habana. 

551. Academia Elemental de Ciencias y Letras de la Habana. 

552. Acclimatation Station. 

553. Administracion General de Comunicaciones de la Isla de 


554. Administracion General de Correos de la Isla de Cuba. 

(Post Office Department.) 

555. " Archivos de la Policlinica.*' 

556. Bar Association. 

557. Biblioteca PubUca. 

558. Botanical Garden. 

559. " Cronica M6dico-quirurgica de la Habana.*' 

560. Escuela M6dico-Dental. 

561. Escuela de Sordo Mudos y Ciegos. 

562. Facultad de Medicina. 

563. '' Havana Weekly Report.'' 

[Inspeccion General de Telegrafos. (See Administra- 
cion General de Comunicaciones de la Isla de 

564. Instituto de Segenada Ensenanza de la Habana. 

565. Libreria Especial Pedagogica. 

566. Marine Meteorological Service. 

567. "Minerva." 

568. " Miscelanico (El)." 

569. Museo de Histbria Natural. 

570. Observatorio Fisico-Meteorologico de la Habana. 

571. Observatorio Naval. 

572. Observatorio del Real Colegio de Belen. 

573. " Progreso M6dico (El)." 

574. Real Sociedad Econ6mica de la Habana. 

575. Real Universidad de la Habana. 

576. " Revista de Ciencias M^dicas." 

577. " Revista del Foro." 

578. " Revista General de Comunicaciones." 

579. Sociedad Antropologica de la Isla de Cuba. 

580. Sociedad M6dico-quirurgica de la Habana. 

Santa Claba. 

581. Estacion Agronomica. 

22 smithsonian intebnational exohanqe list. 

Santiago de Cuba. 

582. " Cuba MasoDica." 



583. Botanical Garden. 



584. Botanical Garden. 


585. Chambre d* Agriculture. 

586. Mus^ I'Herminier. 


587. Ecole de Medecine. 

588. Minist&re de Flnstruction Publique. 

589. Observatoire M^t^orologique. 

690. Secretaire d'Etat des Relations Ext6rieures. 

591. Society de Sciences et de Geographic. 



592. Botanic Garden. 

GoBDON Town. 

593. Public Gardens and Plantations. 


594. Observatory of Maxwell Hall. 

King's House. 

595. Botanic Garden. 


Government House. (Packages thus addressed should 
be sent to the Public Library, Kingston, and pack- 
ages intended for the Botanical Department should 
be sent to the Public Gardens and Plantations, 
Gordon Town.) 

596. Institute of Jamaica. 

Meteorological Reporter. (See Weather Office.) 

597. Mico Institution. 


Kingston. — Continued. 

598. MnBeum of the Institute. 

599. Public Library. 

[Eoyal Society of Jamaica. (Dissolved.)] 

600. Victoria Institute. 

601. Weather Office. 


St. Piebbe. 

602. Botanical Garden. 


St. Kitt's or St. Christopher. 

603. Botanical Garden. 


St. Vincent. 

604. Botanical Station. 


San Dokingo. 

605. Cathedral Library. 

606. Government of San Domingo. 


Santa Critz. 

607. Observatory. 

St. Litcia. 

608. Botanical Garden. 



609. " Agricultural Record." 

610. Agricultural Society of Trinidad. 

611. Botanic Garden. 

612. Commissioner of Patents. 

[Scientific Society of Trinidad. (Amalgamated with 
the Victoria Institute.)] 

613. Superintendent of Agriculture. 

614. Superintendent of Education. 

615. Trinidad Field Naturalists' Club. 

616. Victoria Institute. 


Grand Turk. 

' 617. Public Library of Turk's and Caicos Islands. 




618. Sociedad Suiza de Socorros Mutuos. 


619. Sociedad Suiza. 

Buenos Aires. 

620. Academia Xaval Argentina. 
631. " Argentinisches Wochenblatt.'^ 

[Asociacion M^diea BonaerenBe. (Dissolved in 1880.)] 

622. Biblioteca Nacional. 

[Biblioteca PAblica. (Tdentieai with Biblioteca Na- 

623. Botanic Garden. 

624. " Circulo Medico Argentino."' 

625. Colegio Nacional. 

626. Consejo Nacional de Educacion. 

627. " Courrier Suisse du Rio de la Plata/' 

628. Departamento General de Inmigraeion. 

629. Departamento Nacional de Agricultura. 

630. Departamento Nacional de Estadistica. 

631. Departamento Nacional de Higiene. 

632. Departamento Nacional de Minas y Geol6gia. 

633. Direccion General d^ Correos y Telegrafos. 

634. Direccion General de Estadistica Municipal. 

635. Direccion de Tierras, Colonias y Agricultura. 
.636. "Echo Suisse." 

637. Escuela Naval Militar. 

638. Facultad de Ciencias Fisico-Matematicas. 

639. Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales. 

640. Facultad de Medicina. 

641. Government of the Argentine Bepublic. 

642. Government of Buenos Aires. 

643. Hijos de la Helvetia. 

644. " Ingeniero Civil." 

645. Instituto Agron6mico y Veterinario. 
'646. Instituto Geografico Argentino. 

[Instituto Historico-Geogrdfico del Eio de La Plata. 
(Identical with Instituto Geografico Argentino.)] 

647. Instituto Nacional de Sordo-Mudos. 

648. Intendente de la Capital. 

[" Investigador (El)." (Discontinued.)] 


Buenos Aibes. — Continued. 

649. Ministfere de rinWrieur. 

650. Ministerio de Instmeeion Publica. 

651. Ministerio de Belaciones Exteriores. 

652. " Monitor de la Edncacion Comun." 

653. Museo Botanieo de la Universidad. 

654. Mnseo Nacional de Buenos Aires. 

655. Museo de Productos Argentinos. 

656. Observatorio de la Academia Naval Argentina. 

657. Observatorio Meteorol6gieo. 

658. Ofieina Central del Censo. 

659. Ofieina de Dep6sito y Reparto de Publieaciones. 
[Ofieina Naeional de Estadistica Comercial de la Be- 

publica Argentina. (See Departamento Nacional 
de Estadistica.)] 

660. Patent Office. 

[Postmaster General. (See Direccion General de Cor- 
reos y Telegrafos.)] 

661. " Beview of the Biver Plate.'' 

662. " Bevista Argentina de Ciencias Medicas.*' 

663. '^ Bevista Argentina de Historia Natural." 

664. "Bevista Medico-Quinirgica." 

[" Bevista Policia de la Capital." (No longer exists.)] 

665. " Biver Plate Sport and Pastime." 

666. " St. Andrews Gazette." 

667. Schweizerhaus. t 

668. Schweizer Mannerchor. 

669. Schweizer Schlitzen Verein. 

670. Schweizer Turn Verein. 

671. " Semana Bural (La)." 

672. Sistema de Medidas y Pesas de la Bepublica Argentina. 

673. Sociedad Cientifica Argentina. 

674. Sociedad Entomologica Argentina. 

[Sociedad Geografica Argentina. (Same as Instituto 

Geogrdfico Argentino.)] 
[Sociedad Paleontol6gica de Buenos Aires. (Dissolved 

in 1864.)] 

675. Sociedad Bural Argentina. 

676. Sociedad de Socorros Mutuos Helvetia. 

677. Sociedad Suiza de Beneficencia. 

678. Sociedad Zool6gica Argentina. 

679. Society Helv^tique. 

680. Soci6t6 Philanthropique. 

681. Soci6te des Sciences Naturelles. 

[Statistical Bureau. (See Departamento Nacional de 


Buenos Aibes. — Continued. 

682. Subsecretario de Marina. 

683. ^' Union Industrial Argentina.*^ 

684. Union SuLise. 

685. Universidad NTacional. 


686. Academia Nacional de Ciencias. 

687. Museo Politicnico. 

688. Observatorio Nacional Argentino. 

689. Oficina Meteorol6gica Argentina. 
[Periodieo Zool6gico. (Discontinued.)] 

690. Universidad Nacional. 


691. Allgemeine Krankenkasse Schweizerhaus. 

692. Schweizer Hiilfsverein Wilhelm Tell. 


693. Escuela Normal. 


• 694. Escuela Normal. 


695. Schweizer Verein. 

La Plata. * 

696. Biblioteca Ptiblica. 

697. Direccion General de Estadistica de la Provincia de 

Buenos Aires. 

698. Facultad de Agronomia y Veterinaria. 

699. Museo de La Plata. 

700. Observatorio Astronomico de La Plata. 


701. Bureau de Statistique G^n6rale Entre Bios. 

702. Observatorio Astron6mico y Meteorol6gico. 


703. Schweizer Verein. 


704. Bureau de Statistique de la Province de Santa FL 

705. Schweizer Turn Verein. 

San Gebonimo. 

706. Schweizer Gesangs Verein. 

707. Schweizer Musik Gesellschaft. 

south amebica. 27 

Sak Juan. 

708. Schweizer Verein. 

Santa Catalina. 

[Instituto Agron6mico-Veterinario de la Provincia de 
Buenos Aires. (See Buenos Aires.)] 

Santa Fe. 

709. Consejo de Educacion. 

710. Oefe de la Estadistica Municipal. 

711. Schweizer Verein Winkelried. 


712. " Boletin de la Oficina Quimica." 



713. Minist^re du Oouyemement et de la Colonisation. 

714. Universidad. 

La Paz. 

715. Biblioteca de La Paz. 

716. Facultad de Medicina de La Paz. 

717. Ministerio de Instruccion Publica. 

718. Soci^tt Suisse de Bienfaisance. 


71^. Ministerio de Instruccion Publica. 


720. Director of the Mint. 



721. Bahia Medico-Legal Society. 

722. Belgian Consulate. 

723. Faculdade de Medicina. 

724. " Gazeta Medica da Bahia." 

725. Listituto Geographico e Historico da Bahia. 


726. Listituto Agronomico do Estado de Sfio Paulo. 

FoBTALEZA (Ceard). 

727. Bibliotheca. 


728. Observatory of Dr. Alves da Cunha. 

28 smithsonian intebnational exchangb list. 


729. Instituto Archeologico e Geographico Alagoano. 


730. Museu Botanico. 


731. Inspector Geral da Instruccao Publica. 

OuRO Preto. 

732. Escola de Minas de Ouro Preto. 

733. Snperintendente dos Trabalhos Publicos. 


734. Bibliotheca Publica. 

735. Museu Paraense de Historia Natural e Ethnographia. 


736. Faculdade de Direito da Universidade. 

737. " Eevista do Instituto Archeologico e Geogriphico.** 

738. Universidade. 


739. Escola Agronomica de Piracicaba. 

740. Inspector Geral da Instruccfto Publica. 

Planalto Central do Brazil. 

741. Commissfio de Estudos para a Nova Capital da Unijlo. 

Porto Alegre. 

742. Observatorio Meteorologico. 

743. " Von Kosseritz Deutsche Zeitung.'^ 

Rio Claro. 

744. Schweizer Verein " Eintracht." 

Eio DE Janeiro. 

745. Academia Nacional de Medicina. 

746. " Annaes Brazileiros de Medicina." 

747. " Auxiliador da Industria Nacional." 

748. Bibliotheca da Marinha. 

749. Bibliotheca Nacional. 

750. " Brasile (II)." 

751. " Brazilian Biographical Annual." 

752. British Library. 

753. " Bulletin Astronomique et Meteorologique." 

754. Central Meteorological Department. 

755. Club de Engenharia. 


Bio de Janeiro. — Continued. 

766. Commissfio Central Brazileira de Permutacoes Interna- 
cionaes. (Exchange Bureau.) 

757. Commissao Geologiea do Brazil.- 

758. Conflelho Municipal. 

759. '' Deutsche Post." 

760. '' Deutsche Zeitung." 

761. Director do Archivo Publico Nacional. 

762. Director Geral da Reparticao Hydrographica. 

763. Director Geral dos Telegraphos. 

764. Directoria Geral de Estadistica. 

765. Escola Normal da Corte. 

766. Escola Polytechnica. 

767. Faculdade de Medicina. 

768. " Gazeta Medica." 

769. Government of Brazil. 

770. Instituto Fluminense de Agricultura. 

771. Instituto Historico, Geographico y Ethnographico. 

772. Instituto da Ordem dos Avogados. 

773. Instituto de Sordo-Mudos. 

774. Jardim Botanico. 

[Minist^re des Travaux, Publics, du Commerce et de 
TAgriculture. (See Secretaria d'Estado dos Nego- 
cios da Agricultura, Commercio e Obras Publicas.)] 

775. Ministerio da Industria. 

776. Ministerio da Instruccao Publica. 

777. Ministerio da Marinha. 

778. Ministerio dos Negocios Estrangeiros. 

779. Museu Botanico do Amazonas. 

780. Museu Nacional. 

781. Museu Secolar Nacional. 

782. Naval Club. 

783. Observatorio. 

784. Observatorio Meteorologico; Reparticao dos Telegraphos. 

785. Palaestra Scientific Society. 

786. Repari;icao da Cari» Maritima. 

787. " Revista dos Cursos Practicos e Teoreticos." 

788. '' Revista de Engenharia.'' 

789. " Revista do Observatorio.'' 

790. " Revista Pedagogica." 

791. Seccion de la Sociedade de Geographia de Lisboa. 

792. Secretaria d'Estado dos Negocios da Agricultura, Com- 

mercio e Obras Publicas. 

793. Sociedade Auxiliadora da Industria Nacional. 

794. Sociedade de Geographia. 

795. Sociedade Geologiea do Rio de Janeiro. 


Eio DE Janeiro. — ^Continued. 

796. Sociedade de Med^cina e Chinirgia. 

797. Sociedade Philantropica Suissa. 

798. Uniao Medica. 

799. Universidade do Eio de Janeiro. 

San Paulo. 

800. CommiBsao Geographica e Geologica. 

801. Estacao Penologica. 

802. Inspector Geral da Instruccao Publica. 

803. Morton College. 

804. Municipal Chamber. 

805. Museu Panlista. 

806. Eepartigao de Estadistica e do Archivo do Estado de 

S. Paulo. 

807. Schweizer Hiilfs Gesellschaft. 

808. Sociedade de Medicina e Chirnrgia de Sao Paulo. 



809. " Asylum Journal.'* 

810. Botanical Garden. 


811. Botanical Garden. 

812. British Guiana Museum. 

813. Colonial Museum. 

814. " Garden, Field and Forest." 

815. Geological Sun^ey of British Guiana. 

816. Government Laboratory. 

[Observatory. (Now Government Laboratory.)] 

817. Patent Office. 

818. Queen's College. 

819. Boyal Agricultural Society of British Guiana. 

820. " Timehri." (Published by the Boyal Agricultural and 

Commercial Society.) 




Biblioteca del Liceo. 


Colegio Americano. 



Schweizer Verein Helvetia. 


Soci6t6 Suisse de Secours Mutuel 



Liceo de Iquique. 

south amektca. 31 

La Serina. 

826. Biblioteca del Liceo. 

PuNTA Akenas. 

827. Observatorio Meteorologico. 

San Febnando. 

828. Institute y ObseiTatorio de Marina. 


829. Academia Militar. 

830. ^^ Anales de la Soeiedad de Farmacia." 

831. Biblioteca del Congreso Naeional. 

832. Biblioteca del Instituto. 
883. Biblioteca Nacional. 

834. " Boletin de Medicina.'' 

[Bureau de Statistique. (See Oficina Central de Esta- 

835. " Circulo Militar.'^ 

836. Club Helv6tique. 

837. Comision Central Meteorologica. 

838. Comision Intemacional dos Limites. 

839. Deutscher Wissenschaftlicher Verein. 

840. " Diario Oficial de la Eepublica de Chile.'' 

841. Government of Chile. 

842. Inspeccion General de Instruccion Primaria. 

843. Instituto de Higiene. 

844. Instituto de Ingenieros. 

845. Instituto ISTacional. 

846. Instituto de Sordo-Mudos. 

847. Jardin Botanico. 

848. Minist^re de I'lnterieur. 

849. Ministerio de Industria y Obras Publicas. 

850. Ministerio de Justicia 6 Instruccion Piablica. 

851. Museo Nacional. 

[National Exposition. (Closed in 1888.)] 

852. Observatorio Nacional. 

853. Oficina Central de Estadistica. 

854. Oficina Central Meteorologica. 

855. Oficina Hidrogrdfica de Chile. 

856. Piano Topografico. (A section of the Oficina Central 

de Estadistica.) 

857. " Eevista de Ciencias Naturales.'' 

858. " Eevista Forense Chilena." 

859. " Eevista de Instruccion Primaria.'' 

860. "Eevista Militar." 


Santiago. — Continued. 

861. Santiago College. 

862. Seminario Coneiliar. 

863. Sociedad Cientifica de Chile. 

[Sociedad Cientifica Alemana. (Identical with Dent- 
scher Wissenschaftlicher Verein.)] 

864. Sociedad de Historia Natural. 

865. Sociedad Medica. 

866. Sociedad Nacional de Agricnltura. 

867. Sociedad Nacional de Mineria. 

868. Sociedad " Pedro E. Videla." 

869. Sociedad del Progreso. 

870. Sociedad Suiza de Beneficencia. 

872. Union Catolica. 

873. Union Helvetia. 

874. Universidad de Chile. 


875. Liceo de Talca. 


876. Soci6t6 Suisse de Bienfaisance. 


877. Biblioteca del Liceo. 

878. Biblioteca Publica. 

879. Direction de la Statistique du Commerce. 

880. Instituto Nacional de Sordo-Mudos. 

881. Soci6t6 Suisse de Bienfaisance. 


882. Schweizer Hiilfs-Verein. 



883. Academia Nacional de Medicina. 

884. "Anales de la Instruccion Publica en los Estados de 


885. Biblioteca Xacional. 

886. Bureau of Statistics. 

887. Central Commission of Exchange, National Library. 

888. Government of Colombia. 

889. Minist^re de I'lnt^rieur. 

890. Ministerio de Instruccion Publica. 

891. Museo Nacional. 

892. Observatorio Astronomico Nacional. 

893. Obserratorio Flammarion. 


Bogota. — Continued. 

894. Oficina Meteorologica. 

895. '' Eevista Medica de Bogot4." 

896. Secretaire des Travaux Publics et des Postes. 

897. Sociedad Cientifica Flammarion. 

898. Sociedad Economica. 

899. Sociedad de Estadistica y Geografia de Colombia. 

900. Sociedad de Medicina y Ciencias Naturales. 

901. Sociedad de Naturalistas Colombianos. 

902. TJniversidad Nacional. 


903. Sociedad de Medicina. 


904. Biblioteca " Fernandez de Madrid." 


905. Inspector General de Instruccion. 

906. TJniversidad de Antioquia. 


907. Administrador de la Aduana. 

908. " Gazeta Oficial de Panama." 

Santa Marta. 

909. Departamento del Magdalena. 



910. Superintendent of Education. 

911. Surinaamsche Koloniale Bibliotheek. 



912. Biblioteca Municipal. 

913. Observatorio. 


914. Biblioteca Nacional. 

915. Chamber of Commerce. 

916. Jardin Botanico. 

917. Ministere des Finances et des Travaux Publics. 

918. Ministere de Tlnstruction Publique. 

919. Ministere de I'lnt^rieur. 

[Observatorio Astronomico del Colegio Nacional. 

920. Observatorio Astronomico y Meteorologico de Quito. 



Quito. — Continued. 

921. Oficina General de Estadistica. 

922. Universidad. 


923. Chamber of Commerce. 

[Comisaria General de Inmigraeion. (See Oficina Gen- 
eral de Informaciones, etc.)] 

924. "DiarioOficial.^^ 

925. Ministerio de Eelaciones Exteriores. 

926. Oficina General de Estadistica. 

927. Oficina General de Informaciones y Canjes y Comisaria 

General de Inmigraci6n. 

928. " Revue du Paraguay." 

929. Superintendente de Instruccion Publica. 

930. United States Consulate. 


931. Harvard College Observatory. 

932. Universidad. 


933. Academia de Ciencias Naturales. 

934. Academia Libre de Medicina. 

935. Ateneo de Lima. 

936. Biblioteca Nacional. 

937. " Cr6nica M6dica (La).'' 

938. Cuerpo de Ingenieros del Peru. 

939. Eseuela Especial de Ingenieros. 

940. Eseuela de Minas. 

941. Facultad de Medicina. 

942. " Gaceta Cientifica." 

943. Jardin Botanico. 

944. Minister of the Interior. 

945. Ministerio de Guerra. 

946. Ministerio de Justicia, Culto, Instruccion y Benefi- 


947. Ministerio de Eelaciones Exteriores. 

948. " Monitor M6dico (El).'' 

949. Permanent Exposition. 

950. Sociedad Amantes de la Ciencia. 

951. Sociedad Geografica. 

952. Sociedad Medica " Union Fernandina.'' 

953. Sociedad Suiza Helvetia. 


LncA. — Continued. 

954. Statistical Bureau. 

955. Universidad Mayor de San Marcos. 


956. National College. 


957. Asociacion Bural del Uruguay. 

958. Ateneo del Uruguay. 

959. Biblioteca y Museo Pedagogicos. 

960. Biblioteca Nacional. 

961. " Boletin de Ensefianza Primaria.*^ 

962. Censo General de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay. 

963. Club Suizo. 

964. Comandancia General de Marina. 

965. Comision Central de Agricultura. 

966. "Debates (Los)." 

967. Department of the Interior. 

968. Direccion de Estadistica General. 

969. Direccion General del Registro del Estado Civil. 
[Exchange Office. (See Oficino de Dep6sito, Beparto y 

Canje Intemacional.)] 

970. Government of Uruguay. 

971. Ingeniero Adjunto al Ministerio de Guerra y Marina. 

972. Ministerio de Guerra. 

973. Ministerio de Hacienda (Minist^re de Finance). 

974. Ministerio de Justicia, Culto 6 Instruccion Publica. 

975. Museo Nacional. 

976. Observatorio Meteorologico del Colegio Pio de Villa 


977. Oficina de Dep6sito, Repari:o y Canje Intemacional de 


978. Oficina Particular de Informaciones. 
[Public Library. (See Biblioteca Nacional.)] 

979. Sociedad de Geografia. 

980. Sociedad de Medicina. 

981. Sociedad Meteorologica Uruguaya. 

982. Sociedad Suiza de Socorro Mutuo. 

983. United States Consulate. 

984. Universidad de Montevideo. 


985. Sociedad Suiza de Socorros Mutuos. 



986. Academia Nacional de Historia. 

987. Academia Venezolana. 

988. Biblioteca Nacional. 

989. " Clinica de los Minos Pobres." 

[Department of Foreign Affairs. (See Ministerio de 
Kelaeiones Exteriores.)] 

990. Escuela Medica. 

[" Gaeeta Cientifica.^' (Ceased to exist.)] 

991. '' Gaeeta Oficial." 

992. " Gaeeta de Venezuela." 

993. Ministerio de Fomento. 

994. Ministerio de Instruccion Publica. 

995. Ministerio de Belaciones Exteriores. 

996. Museo Naeional. 

997. Observatorio Astronomico. 

998. Oficina de Estadistica. 

999. " Revista de la Liga Patriotica de Ensenanza." 

1000. Sociedad de Ciencias Fisicas y Naturales. 

1001. Sociedad Economica de Amigos del Pais. 

1002. ^* Union M6dica." Organo del Gremio Medico de Vene- 


1003. TJniversidad de Caracas. 


1004. Biblioteca del Colegio. 


1005. TJniversidad de Los Andes. 



Fort St. George. 

1006. Director of Agriculture. 

MoRVi Kathiawar. 

1007. Superintendent, State Gardens. 


1008. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

1009. Botanical Garden. 

1010. Chief Engineer, Public Works Depariment. 

1011. Director of Public Instruction. 

ASIA. 37 



1012. Botanical Gardens. 


1013. Botanical Gardens. 


1014. Botanic Garden. 

1015. Colombo Musenm. 

1016. Government of Ceylon. 

1017. Observatory of Mr. Green. 

1018. OfiBce of the Meteorological System. 

1019. Public Works Department (Irrigation Branch). 

1020. Royal Asiatic Society, Ceylon Branch. 

1021. Surgeon Generars Office. 

1022. " Tropical Agriculturist.'' 


1023. Eichmond College. 


1024. Botanical Gardens. 


1025. Botanical Garden. 


1026. Jaffna College. 


1027. '' OrientaUst (The).'' 

1028. United Service Library. 


1029. Botanical Garden. 


1030. " Canton Daily News." 

1031. Deputy of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs. 


1032. School for the Deaf. 


1033. Emperor of China. 

1034. American Mission College. 
103.5. Imperial Russian Observatory. 


Pekin. — Continued. 

1036. Imperial Tungii^en College. 

1037. Knng-Pu (Board of Works). 

1038. Minister of War. 

1039. Pekin Oriental Society. 

1040. Pekin University. 

[Royal Asiatic Society. (Does not exist.)] 


1041. Anglo-Chinese College. 

[Chinese Educational Mission School. (Does not 

1042. Chinese Government Department for the Translation of 

Foreign Scientific Books. 

1043. Chinese Polytechnic Institution and Reading Room. 

1044. *^ Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal." 

1045. " Chinese Scientific and Industrial Magazine." 

1046. Compagnie de J6sus. 

1047. Imperial Chinese Maritime Customs, Engineer's Office. 
[Kwong-Ea-Chin. (See Deputy of the Bureau of For- 
eign Aflfairs in Canton.)] 

1048. Literary and Debating Society. 

1049. Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory of the Imper- 

ial Russian Legation. 

1050. " Noriih China Daily News." 

1051. Ost Asiatischer Lloyd. 

1052. Royal Asiatic Society, China Branch. 

1053. St. John's College. 

[Scientific Society. (Does not exist.)] 

1054. Shanghai Library and Museum. 

1055. Shanghai Meteorological Society. 

1056. Statistical Depari;ment of Inspector-General of Customs. 

1057. Zi-Ka-wei Observatory. 


1058. American Missionary Board. 

1059. Imperial Tientsin University. 

Saigon {Cochin China), 

1060. Botanical Garden. 

1061. Government of Cochin China. 

1062. Observatoire. 

1063. Society des Etudes Indo-Chinoises de Saigon. 



1064. " Korean Repository." 

ASIA. 39 



1065. Board of Agriculture. 

1066. " Journal of Cyprian Studies." 


1067. Botanical Garden. 


1068. Botanical Garden. 

1069. Colonial Secretary. 

1070. " Government Gazette." 

1071. Hong-Kong Daily Press. 

1072. Meteorological Observatory. 


1073. Botanical Garden. 


1074. Depari;inent of Land Records and Agriculture, N". W. 

Provinces and Oudh. 

1075. Government of the North-western Provinces. 

1076. Kushu Garden. 

1077. Meteorological Reporter to the Government. 

1078. Public Works Depari;ment. 


10:9. Botanical Garden. 

1080. Commissioner of Education. 



1081. Observatory. 

1082. Sanscrit College. 


1083. Agricultural Department of the Bombay Presidency. 

1084. Anthropological Society. 

1085. Bishop Meurin's School for the Deaf. 

[Bombay Geographical Society. (Amalgamated with 
Royal Asiatic Society, Bombay Branch.)] 

1086. Bombay Government. 

1087. Bombay Historical Society. 

1088. Botanical Garden. 


Bombay. — Continued. 

1089. "Culture.'^ 

1090. Department of Public Instruction. 

1091. Elphinstone College. 

[Elphinstone College Observatory. (See Observatory at 

1092. Geological Society. 

[Government Central Museum. (Now Victoria and Al- 
bert Museum.)] 

[Government College. (Formerly Bombay University, 
now Elphinstone College.)] 

1093. Government Observatory, Colaba. 

1094. " Indian Antiquary (The).^' 

1095. Indian Medico-Chirurgical Eeview. 

1096. Inspector General of Civil Hospitals. 

1097. Khandesh Experimental Farm. 

[Literar}^ Society of Bombay. (Original name of Eoyal 
Asiatic Society, Bombay Branch.)] 

1098. Medico-Physical Society. 

1099. Meteorological OflBce. 

1100. Meteorological Reporter. 

1101. Native General Library. 

1102. Royal Asiatic Society, Bombay Branch. 

1103. Sanitary Commission for the Government of Bombay. 

1104. Sassoon Mechanics' Institute. 

1105. Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy Translation Fund. 

1106. Society for the Propagation of Knowledge. 

1107. Survey Commissioner and Director of Land Records 

and Agriculture. 
[" Theosophist (The).'' (See Madras.)] 

1108. Under Secretary to the Government, Finance and Gen- 

eral Departments. 

1109. Victoria and Albert Museum. 

1110. Victoria Natural History Institute. 

1111. " Voice of India (The)."" 


1112. Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India. 

1113. Archaeological Surs'ey of India. 

1114. Army Medical Department of India. 
[" Ara." (See under Chogda.)] 

1115. Asiatic Society of Bengal. 

[Botanical Garden. (See Royal Botanic Garden.)] 

1116. Botanical Survey of India. 

1117. Buddhist Text Society of India. 

1118. Calcutta ^fedical College. 

ASIA. 41 

Calcutta. — Continued. 

1119. Calcutta Beading Boom and Literary Institute. 

1120. Chamber of Commerce. 

1121. Department of Finance and Commerce of the Govern- 

ment of East India. 

1122. Department of Public Works. 

1123. Geological Survey of India. 

1124. " Government of India Beview." 

1125. Government School for the Deaf. 

1126. Health Office. 

1127. His Highness the Viceroy of India. 

[Imperial Indian Museum. (See Indian Museum.)] 

1128. " Indian Agriculturist." 

1129. Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. 

1130. " Indian Engineer (The)." 

1131. " Indian Engineering." 

1132. "Indian Medical Gazette." 

1133. Indian Museum. 

1134. Inspector General of Civil Hospitals. 

1135. Irrigation Department of the Government of Bengal. 

1136. "Mahabharata." 

1137. Maha-Bodhi Society. 

1138. Mahomedan Literary Society. 

[Medical and Physical Society. (See Bombay.)] 

1139. Meteorological Office. 

1140. Meteorological Beporter to the Government of Bombay. 

1141. Microscopical Society. 

1142. Port Officers. 

1143. Presidency College. 

1144. Public Library. 

1145. Bevenue and Agricultural Department. 

1146. Boyal Botanic Garden. (Sibpur near Calcutta.) 

1147. St. Xavier's College. 

1148. St. Xavier's College Meteorological Observatory. 

1149. School for the Deaf. 

1150. Surgeon General's Office. 

1151. Survey of India Department. 

[Surveyor General's Office. (See Survey of India De- 

1152. " Tatwobidhiri Patriki." (Journal of Communication 

and Knowledge.) 

1153. Under Secretary to Government of Bengal. 

1154. University of Calcutta. 


1155. Botanical Garden. 

1156. Experiment Station. 

42 smithsonean inteknational exchange list. 


1157. Conservator of Forests. 


1158. '^ Ara ": A Journal of Literature and of Armenian Poli- 

tics and History. 


1159. Botanical Garden. 


1160. '' Indian Forester (The)." 

1161. Observatory. 

1162. Trigonometrical Branch, Survey of India. 

FoBT George. 

[Commissioner of Eevenue Settlement and Director of 
the Department of Land Records and Agriculture. 
(See Madras, Board of Revenue Settlement, etc.)] 

[Director of Agriculture. (See Madras, Board of Reve- 
nue Settlement, etc.)] 


1163. Botanical Garden. 


1164. Botanical Garden. 


1165. Superintendent of State Gardens. 


1166. Botanical Garden. 

1167. Department of Land Records. 

1168. Government of Kurrachee. 

1169. Marine Survey of India. 

1170. Municipal Library. 

1171. Victoria Museum. 


1172. Government Agri-Horticultural Gardens. 

1173. Public Works Department, Irrigation Branch. 

1174. Punjab Government. 

1175. Punjab University. 


1176. Botanical Garden. 

1177. Christian College. 

ASIA. 43 

LucKNOw. — Continued. 

1178. Government Horticultural Gardens. 

1179. Lucknow, Northwestern Provinces and Oudh Provincial 


1180. Observatory. 

1181. OflSce of Director of Land Records and Agriculture of 

Northwest Provinces and Oudh. 

1182. Agricultural and Horticultural Society. 

1183. Archaeological Survey of Southern India. 

1184. Assistant Commissioner of Land Becords and Agricul- 


1185. Board of Bevenue Settlement, Land Becords and Agri- 


1186. Botanical Garden. 

[Eastt India Company^s Observatory. (See Government 

1187. East India Company's Office. 

1188. Government Central Museum and Library. 

1189. Government of Madras. 

1190. Government Observatory. 

1191. Hydrographic Office. 

1192. *' Indian Journal of Education." 

1193. Inspector General of Civil Hospitals. 

1194. Literary Society. 

1195. " Madras Journal of Literature and Science." 

1196. " Madras Law Journal." 

1197. Madras Medical College. 

[Madras Observatory. (See Government Observatory.)] 

1198. Meteorological Office. 

1199. Presidency College. 

1200. Public Works Department. 

1201. " Theosophist." 

1202. University. 

Maxdavi (Bombay), 

1203. "Bene Israelite (The)." 

MoNi Kathiawab. 

1204. State Gardens. 


1205. Chinchona Plantation. 


1206. "Indian Forester (The)." 

44 smithsonian international exchange list. 


1207. HorticTdtnral Garden. 

1208. Xagpur Experimental Farm. 


1209. Public Library. 


1210. Botanical Garden. 


1211. Pasiunalei C'olle^'e. 


1212. Botanic Garden. 

[Civil Engineering College. (Xow College of Science.)] 

1213. College of Science. 

1214. Director of Public Instruction. 

[" English Opinion on India." (Discontinued.)] 

1215. Observatory, College of Science. 


1216. Thomason College of Civil Engineering. 


1217. Botanical Department of Xorthern India. 

1218. Government Botanical Gardens. 



[Botanical Garden. (Same as Royal Botanic Garden, 


[Royal Botanic Garden. (See Calcutta.)] 


1219. Director of Land Records and Agriculture. 


1220. Annandale Gardens. 

1221. Meteorological Oifice. 

1222. Meteorological Reporter to the Government of India. 
[Public Works Department, Irrigation Branch. — ^Ad- 
dress: Secretary to the Government of India, Public 
Works Depari;ment with the Supreme Govern- 

1223. Revenue and Agricultural Department, Government of 


ASIA. 45 

Simla . — ^Continued. 

1224. Secretary to the Government of India, Public Works 

Department with the Supreme Government. 

1225. Surgeon General of India. 

[Surs'eyor General of India. (See Calcutta.)] 

1226. United Service Institution of India. 


1227. Observatory of His Highness the Rajah of Travancore. 

1228. Trevandrum Museum. 


1229. G. V. Juggarow Observatory. 



1230. Agricultural Experiment Station. 


1231. Commercial Museum. 

[Museum of Natural History. (Now called Commercial 


1232. Chamber of Commerce. 

1233. Doshisha Political Science School. 

1234. Harris School of Science. 

1235. Imperial School for the Deaf and Dumb. (Kvoto-Moa- 


1236. ''Nippo." 


1237. Chamber of Commerce. 

1238. " Hioga News.'' 


[Agricultural College. (See Imperial College of Agri- 
culture, Tokyo.)] 


1239. Gobleigh Seminary. 


1240. Daigaku Bunko. 


1241. Agricultural College. 

1242. Haitakushi Shiba Collection. 

1243. Kwan-sei-gaku-im. 


Sappoko. — Continued. 

1244. Northern Fisheries Society. 

1245. Sapporo Museum. 

1246. Emperor of Japan. 

1247. Agricultural Chemical Laboratory. 

1248. Anthropological Society. 

1249. Asiatic Society of Japan. 

1250. Astronomical Observatory. 

1251. Botanical Garden. 

1252. Botanical Laboratory of the University. 

1253. Bureau of Commerce and Industries. 

1254. Bureau of Records. 

1255. Central Sanitary Bureau. 

1256. College of Engineering. (Koka-Daigaku.) 

1257. College of Law. (Hoka-Daigaku.) 

1258. CoUege of Literature. (Bunka-Daigaku.) 

1259. College of Medicine. (Ika-Daigaku.) 

1260. College of Science. (Rika-Daigaku.) 

1261. Customs Department. 

1262. Department of Agriculture and Commerce. 

1263. Department of Foreign AfEairs. 

1264. Department of Public Instruction. 

1265. Department of War. 

1266. Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Xatur- und Volkerkunde Ost- 


1267. Educational Society of Japan. 

1268. Fishery Society. (Suisankwai.) 

1269. Fishing Bureau. 

1270. Geographical Bureau. 

1271. Geographical Society. (Chi-ga-ku-kio-kuwai.) 

1272. Geological Society of Japan. 

1273. Hydrographic Office. 

1274. Imperial Academy of Sciences. 

1275. Imperial College of Agriculture. 

1276. Imperial Geological Survey. (Chi-shi-tsu-kio-ku.) 
[Imperial Japanese Commission to the World's Colum- 
bian Exposition. (Dissolved.)] 

1277. Imperial University of Japan. (Teikoku-Daigaku.) 

1278. Japanese Horticultural Society. 

1279. Japanese Society of Health. 

1280. Mathematical and Physical Society. 

1281. Medical Society and Museum. 

1282. Meteorological Observatory. 

1283. Meteorological and Trigonometrical Survey Depart- 

ment. (Chirikioku.) 

4ST4. 47 

Tokyo. — Coiitiniied. 

1284. Minmg Office, Department of Pablic Works. 
[Mambusho Mnsemn. (Same as Tokyo Educational 


1285. XsTal ObeenratoiT. 

1286. Patent Office. 

1287. Bed Ctoes HoepitaL 

1288. Bnsoan Ecclesiastical Mission. 

1289. SanitaiT Bureau. Home Department. 

1290. Seismological Society of Japan. 

1291. Society for the AdTancement of Medical Science. (Sei- 


1292. Society of Health. 

1293. Society for the Translation of Japanese in Boman Let- 

ters. (Boma-Ji-Kwai.) 

1294. Statistical Bnrean. 

1295. " Snn (The).'' 

1296. " Tokyo Botanical Magazine.'' 

1297. Tokyo Botanical Society. 

1298. Tokyo Chemical Society. (Tokyo Ewagaknkwai.) 
[Tokyo-Daigaku. (See Imperial Universily of Japan.)] 

1299. Tokyo Educational Museum. (Kiyoiku Hakubutsuk- 


1300. Tokyo Library. (Tokyo Dzushokwan.) 

1301. To^o Medical Library. 

1302. Trinity Theological School. 

1303. Zoological Laboratory. 

1304. Zoological Magazine. 

1305. Zoological Society of Tokyo. 


1306. Agricultural School. 


[Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Xaturwissenschaft und 
Heilkunde. (See Tokyo, Deutsche Gresellschaft fur 
Xatur- und Volkerkunde.)] 

1307. Imperial College. 

1308. "Japan Herald." 

1309. "Japan Mail." 

1310. Japanese Gazette. 

1311. Normal School. (Kanagawa Kan.) 

Batavia {Java). 

1312. Bataviaasche Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenscliap- 



Batavia (Java), — Continued. 

1313. Bibliotheque Publique. 

[Qeneeskundig Vereeniging in Nederlandsch-Indie. 
(See Vereeniging tot Bevordering der Geneeskun- 
dige Wetensehappen in Nederlandsch-Indie.)] 

1314. Koninklijke Naturkundige Vereeniging in Neder- 


1315. Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory. 

1316. Nederlandsch-Indische Maatschappij van Nijverheid en 


1317. "Tijdschrift for Indische Taal-, Land- en Volken- 

[" Tijdschrift for Nederlandsch-Indie." (Unknown.)] 

1318. Vereeniging tot Bevordering der Geneeskundige Weten- 

sehappen in Nederlandsch-Indie. 

BuiTENZORG (Java). 

1319. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

1320. Botanischer Garten, ('s Lands Plantentuin.) 

1321. Geological Survey. 

Kagok-Tegal (Java). 

1322. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

Passoeroean (Java), 

1323. Agricultural Experiment Station. 


[Indisch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap. (Dissolved.)] 


1324. Library of the College. 



1325. Hori;o Botanico Manilensis. (Botanical Garden.) 

1326. Inspeccion General de Minas. 

1327. Museo y Biblioteca de las Filipinas. 

1328. Observatorio Meteorologico de Manila. 

1329. Boyal Economical Society. 

1330. Boyal and Pontificial University of St. Thomas. 


1331. Escola Medico-Cirurgica. 




1332. Chief Commissioner of Education for Siam. 

1333. English Schools in Siam. 

1334. Foreign Office. 



[Botanical Garden. (Abolished in 1894.)] 


1335. Botanical Garden. 


1336. " Perak Government Gazette.'' 

1337. Perak Government Museum. 


1338. Botanic Garden. 

1339. Convict Jail Hospital. 

1340. Gardens and Forest Department. 

1341. Kandag Kerban Hospital Observatory. 

1342. Baffles Library and Museum. 

1343. Royal Asiatic Society. 


[''Perak Government Gazette." (See Perak.)] 




1344. St. Stanislaus' College. 

Bboken Hill. 

1345. Technical College and School of Mines. 


1346. School of Arts. 


1347. Observatory. 


1348. Agricultural Society of New South Wales. 

1349. Anthropological Society of Australasia. 


Sydney. — Continued. 

1350. " Australian Anthropological Journal.'' 

1351. Australian Association for the Advancement of Science. 

1352. Australian Economic Association. 

1363. " Australian Medical Gazette.'' 

1364. " Australian Mining Standard." 

1355. Australian Museum. 

["Australian Practitioner." (Now "Australian Medi- 
cal Gazette.")] 

1356. Board of Health. 

1357. Board of Technical Education. 

1358. Botanical Garden. 

1359. Corporation of the City of Sydney. 

[Council of Education. (See Department of Public 

1360. Department of Agriculture. 

1361. Department of Labor and Industry. 

1362. Department of Lands. 

1363. Department of Public Instruction. 

1364. " Deutsche Australische Post." 

1365. Director of Agriculture, Colonial Secretary's Office. 

1366. Engineering Society of New South Wales. 

1367. Free Public Library. 

1368. Geographical Institute. 

1369. Geographical Society of Australasia. (New South 

Wales Branch.) 

1370. Geological Surrey of New South Wales. 

1371. Government Astronomer. 

1372. Government Asylum Branch. 

1373. Government Geologist. 

1374. Government of New South Wales. 
1376. Government Observatory. 

1376. Government Statistician. 

1377. Institute of Architects. 

1378. " Kosmopolan." 

1379. Linnean Society of New South Wales. 

1380. Marine Board of New South Wales. 

1381. Mechanics' School of Arts. 

1382. Mining Department. 

1383. Natural History Association of New South Wales. 

1384. New South Wales Government Board for International 


1385. New South Wales Zoological Society. 

1386. Parliamentary Library. 

1387. Patent Office. 

1388. Postmaster General. 


Sydney. — Continued. 

1389. Boyal Society of New South Wales. 

1390. School for the Deaf. 

1391. State Children's Belief Department. 

1392. " Storekeeper (The).'' 

1393. Superintendent of Technical Instruction. 

1394. Sydney College Library. 

1395. Technical and Working Men's College. 

1396. Technological, Industrial, and Sanitary Museum of 

Xew South Wales. 

1397. Under Secretary for Mines and Agriculture. 

1398. United Service Institution. 

1399. University of Sydney. 

[Zoological Society. (See New South Wales Zoological 


1400. Private Observatory of John Tebbutt. 

new zealand. 

1401. Auckland Free Public Library. 

1402. Auckland Institute. 

[Auckland Museum. (Same as Auckland Institute.)] 

1403. Botanical Garden. 

1404. Meteorological Observatory. 

1405. " New Zealand Farmer." 

1406. University College. 


1407. Botanical Garden. 

1408. Canterbury Acclimatization Society. 

1409. Canterbury Agricultural College. 

1410. Canterbury College. 

1411. Canterbury Fruit Growers' Association. 

1412. Canterbury Museum. 

1413. Christchurch Public Library. 

[Geological Survey of the Province of Canterbury. 
(Has been wound up.)] 

1414. " New Zealand Schoolmaster." 

1415. Philosophical Institute of Canterbury. 


1416. Botanic Gardens. 

[^^New Zealand Journal of Science.'' (Ceased to 

1417. " New Zealand Medical Journal." 


DuNEDiN. — Continued. 

1418. Otago Institute. 

1419. Otago Museum. 

1420. Otago University. 


1421. School of Mines. 


1422. School of Mines. 

1423. Westland Acclimatization Society. 

1424. Westland Institute. 


1425. Southland Institute. 


1426. Botanic Garden. 


[Nelson Association for the Promotion of Science and 
Industry. (Merged into the Nelson Philosophical 

1427. Nelson Institute. 

1428. Nelson Philosophical Society. 

1429. School of Mines. 


1430. Christchurch School for the Deaf. 


1431. Puhlic Museum. 


1432. Bureau of Industry. 

1433. Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures. 

1434. Colonial Botanic Garden. 

1435. Colonial Laboratory. 

1436. Colonial Museum and Geological Survey Department. 

1437. Colonial Observatory. 

1438. Colonial Secretary. 

1439. Department of Agriculture. 

1440. Department of Labor. 

1441. General Assembly Library. 

1442. Geological Survey of New Zealand. 

1443. Government Geologist. 

1444. Government of New Zealand. 

[Government Observatory. (See Colonial Observa- 


Wellington. — Continued. 

1445. Government Printing OfBce. 

1446. Marine Department. 

1447. Meteorological and Weather Department. 

1448. Minister of Mines. 

1449. Xew Zealand Institnte. 

1450. Xew Zealand Public library. 

[Parliamentaiy Library. (See General Assembly Li- 

1451. Patent Office Library. 

1452. Polynesian Society. 

1453. Post Office and Telegraph Department. 

1454. Printing and Stationery Department. 

1455. Begistrar-General of Xew Zealand. 

1456. UniTersily of Xew Zealand. 

1457. Wellington Acclimatization Society. 

1458. Wellington Philosophical Society. 

[Wellington Public Libraiy. (See Xew Zealand Public 



1459. Acclimatization Society of Queensland. 

1460. Botanic Garden. 

1461. Colonial Botanist. 

1462. Colonial Secretary's Office. 

1463. Department of Agriculture. 

1464. Department of Ports and Harbors. 

1465. Free Public Library. 

1466. Geographical Society of Australasia, Queensland 


1467. Geological Survey of Queensland. 

1468. Government Geologise. 

1469. Grovemment Meteorological Observatoiy. 

1470. Government Meteorologist. 

[€U>vemment of Queensland. (See Colonial Secretary's 

1471. Inspector General of Schools. 

1472. Minister of Mines. 

1473. *'Nord AustraKsche Zeitung.'' 

1474. Parliamentary Library. 

1475. Patent Office. 

1476. Post and Telegraph Department. 

1477. Queensland Blind, and Deaf and Dumb Institution. 

1478. " Queensland Government Gazette/' 

1479. Queensland Museum of Natural History. 


Brisbane. — Continued. 

1480. Begistrar-General. 

1481. Royal Society of Queensland. 

1482. Surveyor General's OflSce. 

1483. University. 

1484. Water Supply Department. 

1485. Weather Bureau. 


1486. Botanical Garden. 


[Geological Survey of Queensland. (Now in Brisbane.)] 


1487. Adelaide Philosophical Society. 

1488. Agricultural Bureau. 

1489. Astronomical Observatory. 

1490. " Australische Zeitung." 

[Botanical Garden. (See Government Botanic Gar- 

1491. Chamber of Manufactures. 

1492. Commissioner of Patents. 

1493. Conservator of Forests. 

1494. " Garden and Field." 

1495. General Post Office. 

1496. Geological Survey of South Australia. 

1497. Government Astronomer. 

1498. Government Botanic Garden. 

1499. Government Geologist. 

1500. Government of South Australia. 

1501. Government Statistician. 

1502. Inspector-General of Schools. 

1503. Marine Board. 

1504. Pariiamentary Library. 

1505. Public Library, Museum, and Ari: Gallery of South 


1506. Registrar General. 

1507. Roseworthy Agricultural College. 

1508. Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society. 

1509. Royal Geographical Society. 

1510. Royal Society of South Australia. 

1511. School of Mines and Industries. 

1512. South Australia Institute. 

1513. South Australian Museum. 


Adelaide. — Continued. 

1614. South Australian Zoological and Acclimatization So- 
1516. University of Adelaide. 
1516. Woods and Forest Department. 

1617. Zoological Gardens. 


1618. School for the Deaf. 

PoBT Dakwin {North Australia), 

1619. Botanical Gkirden. 


1620. Botanical Garden. 

1621. Department of Agriculture. 

1522. Government Statistician and Registrar General. 

1623. Government of Tasmania. 

1624. Imperial Institute. 

1525. Library of Parliament. 

1526. Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory. 
[Mechanics' Institute. (Closed.)] 

1627. Museum of the Eoyal Society of Tasmania and Her- 
barium and Botanical Department. 

1528. Royal Society of Tasmania. 

1529. Society of Natural Science. 

1530. Tasmania Public Library. 

1531. " Webster's Agriculturist.'' 


1532. " Launceston Examiner." 

[Launceston Public Library. (Now Mechanics' Insti- 
tute and Public Library.)] 
1633. Mechanics' Institute and Public Library. 

[Mechanics' Institute and School of Arts. (Now Me- 
chanics' Institute and Public Library.)] 


1534. Fish Acclimatization. Society. 

1535. School of Mines. 


[Field Naturalist's Club of Victoria. (Docs not exist.)] 

Emehald Hill. 

[Mechanics' Institute. (See South Melbourne Mechan- 
ics' Institute.)] 

66 smithsonian international exchange list. 


1536. Amateur Photographic Association. 

1537. Botanical Garden. 

1538. Geelong Field Naturalists' Club. 

1539. " Geelong Naturalist.^' 

[Gordon College Field Naturalists' and Science Asso- 
ciation. (See Geelong Field Naturalists' Club.)] 

1540. Gordon Technical College. 

1541. " The Wombat.'' 


1542. Botanic Garden. 


1543. " Australian Ironmonger." 

1544. *' Australian Law Times." 

1545. *' Australian Medical Journal." 

1546. Australian Wine Association of Victoria. 

1547. Board of Viticulture for Victoria. 

1548. Botanic Garden. 

1549. " Building and Engineering Journal." 

1550. Chamber of Commerce. 

1551. Chamber of Manufactures. 

1552. Charity Organization Society. 

1553. " Chemist and Druggist." 

1554. Commissioner of Trade and Customs. 

1555. Corporation of the City of Melbourne. 

1556. Department of Agriculture. 

1557. Department of Mines and Water Supply. 

1558. Department of Neglected Children and Reformatory 


1559. Department of Victorian Water-Supply. 

1560. Eclectic Association of Victoria. 

1561. Education Department. 

1562. " Farmer and Grazier." 

1563. Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria. 

[Geographical Society. (See Royal Geographical So- 
ciety, etc.)1 

1564. Geological Society of Australasia. 

1565. Geological Survey of Victoria. 

1566. Government Astronomer. 

1567. Government Botanist. 

1568. Government Statistical Bureau. 

1569. Government of Victoria. 

1570. Intercolonial Medical Congress of Australasia. 

1571. Medical School of the University. 

1572. Medical Society of Victoria. 


Melbourne. — Continued. 

1573. Melbourne Museum. 

1574. Melbourne Observatory. 

1575. Microscopical Club. 

[Mining Department. (See Department of Mines and 

1576. Mining Registrar. 

1577. National Museum of Victoria. 

1578. Natural History Society. 

1579. Noxious Fumes Board. 

1580. Ormond College. 

1581. Parliamentary Library. 

1582. Patents, Trade-Marks and Copyright Office. 

1583. Philosophical Institute of Victoria. 

1584. Phytologic Museum of Melbourne. 

1585. Premier's Office. 

1586. Public Library, Museums, and National Gallery. 

1587. Boyal British Branch Mint. 

1588. Boyal Commission of Agricultural Products. 

[Royal Philosophical Society of Victoria. (Amalga- 
mated with the Royal Society of Victoria.)] 

1589. Royal Qeographical Society of Australasia, Victorian 


1590. Royal Society of Medicine. 

1591. Royal Society of Victoria. 

1592. Royal Victorian Institute of Architects. 

[School for the Deaf and Dumb. (Identical with Vic- 
toria Deaf and Dumb Institution.)] 

1593. South Melbourne Free Library. 

1594. South Melbourne Mechanics' Institute. 

1595. *' Southern Science Record." 

1596. Swiss Society of Victoria. 

1597. Treasury Gardens. 

1598. University of Melbourne. 

1599. Victoria Deaf and Dumb Institution. 

1600. " Victoria Farmers' Gazette." 

1601. " Victoria Government Gazette." 

1602. Victoria Institute. 

1603. Victoria Institute of Engineers. 

1604. " Victorian Naturalist." 

1605. ^'Vigneron (The)." 

1606. Zoological and Acclimatization Society. 

1607. Zoological Gardens. 


1608. ^'Mildura Cultivator." 

1609. " Mildura Irrigationist." 

58 smithsonian intebnational exchange list. 


1610. School of Mines and Technical College. 

1611. " Technics.^' 


1612. Observatory. 


1613. Bureau of Agriculture. 

1614. Colonial Secretary's Office. 

1616. Geological Department of West Australia. 

1616. Government Statistician. 

1617. Meteorological Superiiitendent. 

1618. Perth Observatory. 

1619. Eegistrar-General. 

1620. Surveyor Geperal. 

1621. Victoria Public Library. 



Agram [Zagreb] (Croatia). 

1622. Botanischer Garten. (Botanicko-Fiziolozki Zavod Kr. 

[Gesellschaft fiir Siidslavische Alterthiimer. (See 
Kroatische Archaologisbhe Gesellschaft.)] 

1623. " Gospodarski List.'' 

1624. Handels- und Gewerbe-Kammer. (Trgovacko Obrtnicka 


1625. Kroatische Archaologische Gesellschaft. (Arh'eolosko 


1626. Kroatisch-Slavonische Landwirthschafts-Gesellschaft. 

1627. " Landwirthschaftliche Zeitung.'' 
[Mineralogisches und Geologisches Museum. "(Identical 

with Zool. National Museum.)] 

1628. Soci6t6 d'Histoire Naturelle Croate k Zagreb. 

1629. Siidslavische Akademie der Wissenschaften und Kiinste. 

(Jugoslavenska Akademija Znanosti i Umjetnosti.) 

1630. Universitats-Bibliothek. (Kr. Sveucilistna Biblioteka.) 

1631. Zoologisches National-Museum. 


Altenbxtbo (Hungary). 

1632. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

1633. M. Kir. Gazd Akademia Igazgat6saga. (R. Hungar. 

Academy of Sciences.) 

1634. Seed Control Station. 

1636. Station for the Testing of Agricultural Implements. 

Arab (Hungary). 

1636. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

AszoD (Hungary). 

1637. Kis-Kartal Stemwarte. 

Anssio (Bohemia). 

1638. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

BiSTRiTz (Transylvania). 

1639. Gewerbeschule. 

Breoenz (Tyrol). 

1640. Landes-Ausschuss fiir A^orarlberg. 

1641. Vorarlberger Museums- Verein. 

BRtTNN (Moravia). 

1642. " Deutsches Blatt." 

1643. Handels und Gewerbekammer. 

1644. K. K. Mahrisch Landwirthscliafts-Gesellschaft. 

1645. K. K. Technische Hochschule. 

1646. Land-improvement Society. 

1647. Mahrisch-Schlesisches Blinden-Erziehungs-Institut. 

1648. Mahrisch-Schlesisches Taubstnmmen Institut. 

1649. Museum Francisceum. 

1650. Naturforschender Verein. 

1651. Scientific Society. 

Budapest (Hungary). 

1652. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

1653. Anthropologische Gesellschaft. 

1654. Anthropologisches Museum der Universitat. 

1655. Botanischer Garten. 

1656. Congrds Mill6naire des Mines^ etc. 

1657. FovAros Statisztikai Hivatala. (Statistical Bureau.) 

1658. Frimsche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

[Geographische Gesellschaft fiir Ungam. (Same as 
Magyar Foldrajzi Tarsasag.)] 

1659. Geologische Gesellschaft fur Ungarn. (Magyarhoni 

Foldtani T&rsulat.) 


Budapest (Hungary). — Continued. 

1660. Gesellschaft fiir die Volkerkunde UngamB. 

1661. Gninfeldeche Taubstummen Anstalt. 

1662. Handels-Akademie. 

1663. Handels- und Gewerbe-Kammer. 

1664. Hungarian Archaeological Society. 

[Hungarian Bureau of Ornithological Observations. 
(See Magyar Omithologiai Kozpont.)] 

1665. Hungarian Chamber of Magnates. 

1666. Industrielle Gesellschaft. (Orszdgos Iparegyesiilet.) 

1667. Israelitische Landes Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

1668. Izelt Siketnemakorszint6zete. 

1669. K. Egyetem Kathol. Fogymnasium. (I. R. Catholic 


1670. Kiralyi Jozsefmiiegyetem. (Royal Polytechnic School.) 

1671. Kiralyi Jozsef-Muegyetem Geodeziai Tansz6ke. (Geo- 

datisches Observatorium des Konigl. Ungar. 
Josephs-Polytechnikums.) (Observatoire G6od68- 
ique de TEcole Royale Polytechnique.) 

1672. K. Magyar Term^szettudomanyi Tarsulat. (R. Hun- 

garian Society of Natural Sciences.) 

1673. K. Magyar Tudomdnyos Egyetem. (R. Hungarian Uni- 


1674. K. Geographisches Institut. 
1676. K. Ober-Gymnasium. 

1676. K. Ober-Realschule. 

1677. Konigliches Statistisches Offiz. 
[Konigliche Sternwarte. (Closed.)] 

1679. K. Ungar. Central-Anstalt fiir Meteorologie und Erd- 

magnetismus. (Kir. Meteorologiai Kozponti Int6- 

1680. K. Ungar. Geologische Anstalt. (Magyar Kiralyi Fold- 

tani Int^zet.) 

1681. K. Ungar. Ministerium fiir Ackerbau, Gewerbe und 


1682. K. Ungar. Ministerium fur Kultus und Unterricht. 

1683. Lebens-Versicherungs Gesellschaft "Anker" 

1684. Lehr und Erziehungs- Anstalt fiir Taubstummen. 

1685. Magyar Foldrajzi Tdrsasag. (Hungar. Geographical So- 


1686. Mag}'ar Mernok- ^s Epitesz-Egylet. (Hungar. Engineer 

and Architect Society.) 

1687. Magyar Xemzeti Museum. (Hungarian National Mu- 


1688. Magyar Omithologiai Kozpont. (Hungarian Central 

Bureau for Ornitholofry.) 


Budapest (Hungary). — Contiimed. 

1689. Magyar TudomAnyos Akademia. (Hungarian Academy 

of Sciences.) 

1690. Mining and Geological Millennial Congress. 

1691. Ministerium fiir Agricultur und Industrie. 

1692. National Bibliothek. 

[Naturforschender Verein. (See K. Magyar Term^s- 
zettudomanyi Tarsulat.)] 

1693. Oesterreich-Ungarische Staats-Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft. 

1694. Orszdgos Magyar 6azdas4gi Egyesiilet. (National Agri- 

cultural Society.) 

1695. Orszagos Tanszer-Museum. (National Educational 

[Pestvaros Statisztikai Hivatal. (Statistical Bureau of 
the City.) (See Foviros Statisztikai Hivatal.)] 

1696. Polytechnische Schule. 

1697. Prasidium des Koniglich Ungarischen Ministeriums. 

1698. Seed Control Station. 

1699. Szechenyische Landes Bibliothek. 

[Ungarisches Central Biireau fiir Omithologische Beob- 
achtungen. (See Magyar Omithologiai Kozpont.)] 

1700. Zoologisch-Zootomisches Institut. 


1701. A Kalauz Szerkesztos^ge £s Kiad6 Hivatala. 

1702. Archaeologiai Ertesito. 

1703. Budapester Tagblatt. 

1704. "Erdeszeti Lapok" Orszagos erdeszeti az egyesiilet 


1705. Ethnologische Mittheilungen aus Ungam. 

1706. Gyakorlo Orvos. (Medical Practitioner.) 
["Kalauz." (See A Kalauz Szerkesztos6ge 6s Kiad6- 


1707. Orvosi Hetilap. 

1708. Pester Medicinisch-Chirurgische Presse. 

[" Siketn6m4k Kozlonye." (Discontinued.)] 

1709. " Term68zetrajzi Fuzetek." (Natural History Journal, 

published by the Hungarian National Museum.) 

1710. Ungarische Medizinische Presse. 
[TJngarische Revue. (Discontinued.)] 
[Ungarische Schulbote. (Discontinued.)] 
[Zeitschrift fiir die Gesammte Omithologie. (Discon- 

1713. Zeitschrift fiir die Volkskunde der Bewohner Ungams 
und seiner Nebenlander. 


BuDWEis (Bohemia), 

1714. Bischofliche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

1715. Bundesleituiig des Deutschen Bohmerwaldes. 

Cablsburg {Transylvania), 

1716. Sternwarte. 

Chrudim (Bohemia), 

1717. Agricultural Laboratory. 

CiPi (Bohemia). 

1718. Nordbohmischer Exkursions Club. 

CzBRNOWiTZ (Bukowina). 

1719. Botanischer Garten. 

1720. K. K. Universitats BibUothek. 

1721. Physikalisches Institut der TJniversitat. 

1722. Statistisches Bureau. 

1723. Verein fiir Landeskultur und Landeskunde im Herzog- 

thume Bukowina. 

1724. Zoologisches Institut. 

Dbbbeczin (Hungary), 

1725. K. Landwirthschaftliche Lehranstalt. (Debreczeni M. 

Kir. Gazdas^gi Tanint&et.) 

1726. Seed Control Station. 

Dellaoh (Carinthia), 

1727. Freie Vereinigung Tiroler Botaniker. 

Dobling (hei Wien) (Lower Austria). 

1728. Niederosterreichische Landes Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

DuBLANY (Oalicia), 

1729. Agricultural College. 

1730. Samen Control-Station. 

EiBENSCHiTZ (Moravia), 

1731. Landes Taubstummen Anstalt. (Moravsky Zemsky 

Ustav pro Hluchonem6.) 

Erlau (Hungary). 

1732. Erzbischofliche Rechts-Akademie. 

1733. Sternwarte. 

FiUME (Illyria), 

1734. K. K. Marine Akademie. 

FuNFKiRCHEN (Hungary), 

1735. Bischofliche Beichs Akademie. 


GoRZ (Illyria). 

1736. K. K. Ackerbau-Gesellschaft. 

1737. K. K. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

1738. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

1739. Station Bacologique. 

Gkaz (Siyria). 

1740. Akademie fiir Handel nnd Industrie. 

1741. Botanischer Garten. 

1742. Central-Ansschuss des Deutschen nnd Oesterreichischen 


1743. Historischer Verein fiir Steiennark. 

1744. K. K. Erstes Staats-Gymnasium. 

1745. K. K. Gartenban Gesellschaft in Steiennark. 

1746. K. K. Steiermarkisehe Landwirthsehafts Gesellschaft. 

1747. K. K. Technische Hochschule. 

1748. K. K. Universitat. 

1749. Landes-Bibliothek am Steiermark. Landschaftlichen 


1750. Landes Taubstnmmen-Anstalt. 

1751. Mineralogisches Institnt der Universitat. 

1752. Mineralogisches Musenm des Steiermarkischen Land- 

schaftliclien Joannenms. 

1753. ^* Mittheilungen ans dem Botanischen Institut.*' 

1754. Natnrwissenschaftlicher Verein fnr Steiennark. 

1755. Observatory of E. Mathey-Gnenat. 

1756. Pennanente Schnlausstellnng. 

1757. Physikalisches Institnt der Universitat. 

1758. Physiologisehes Institnt der Universitat. 

1759. Pomologisehe Station. 

1760. Statistisches Bureau fiir Steiennark. 

1761. Steiennarkischer Industrie und Gewerbe Verein. 

1762. Steiennarkische Landes-Ober-Realschule. 
[Steiennarkisches Landschlaftliches Joannenm. (See 

Landes Bibliothek^ &e.)] 
. 1763. " Tagespost.'^ 

1764. Universitats Stemwarte. 

1765. Verein der Aerzte in Steiennark. 

1766. "Volapiikabled." 

1767. Zoologisch-Zootomisches Institnt der Universitat. 

Qbosswakdein (Hungary), 

1768. " Gyorsirok Lapja." 

1769. J6gakademie. 

Hall {Tyrol). 

1770. Verein zur Geologischen Durchforaehung Tirols und 



Hallein (Salzburg). 

1771. Comite fiir Ornithologische Beobachtungs-Stationen in 


1772. " Omithologisches Jahrbuch.'^ 

Hereny (Hungary). 

1773. Astro-Physikalisches Observatoriiim. 

Hermannstadt (Transylvania). 

1774. Siebenbiirgischer Karpathen Verein. 

1775. Siebenbiirgischer Verein fiir Xatnrwissenschaften. 

1776. Verein fiir Siebenbiirgische Landes-Kunde. 

Innbbruok (Tyrol). 

1777. Botanischer Garten. 

[Ferdinandeum. (See Tiroler Landes-Museiim Ferdi- 

1778. K. K. Nord-Tirolische Landwirthschaft Gesellschaft. 

1779. Natnrwissenschaftlich-Medizinischer Verein. 

1780. Physikalisches Institut der Universitat. 

1781. Tiroler Landes-Museum Ferdinandeum. 

1782. Universitats Bibliothek. 

1783. " Zeitschrift fur Katholisehe Theologie." 

1784. Zoologisches Institut der Universitat. 

Kalocsa (Hungary). 

1785. Erzbischof Haynald's Observatorium. 

[Stemwarte. (See Erzbischof Haynald's Observa- 

Kaposvab (Hungary). 

1786. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Kaschau or Kassa (Hungary). 

1787. Chemical Experiment Station. 

1788. K. Reichs-Akademie. (Jogakademia.) 

1789. Samen Control-Station. 

Kesthkly (Hungary). 

1790. Chemical Experiment Station. 

1791. Koniglich Ungarische Hohere Ijandwirthschaftliche 


Kis-Kartal (Hungary). 

[Stemwarte des Barons von Podmaniczky. (See 


Klagexfurth (Carinthia), 

1792. Botanischer Garten. 

1793. "Freie Stimmen." 

1794. Geschichts-Verein fiir Karnten. 

1795. Handels- und Gewerbe-Kammer. 

1796. Kamtnerischer Gartenbau-Verein. 

1797. KamtneriBcher Industrie- und Gewerbe-Verein. 

1798. K. K. Landwirthschafts-Gesellschaft. 

1799. K. K. Studien-Bibliothek. 

1800. Naturhistorisches Landes-Museum in Kamten. 

1801. Sektion Klagenfurt des Berg- und Hiittenmannischen 

Vereines fiir Steiermark und Kamten. 
1808. Taubstummen-Anstalt fiir Karnten. 

Klausexbtjro ( Transylvania) . 

[Agricultural Department of the University. (See 
Botanisches Institut der Universitat.)] 

1803. Botanischer Garten. 

1804. Botanisches Institut der Universitat. 

1805. Chemical Experiment Station. 

1806. Erdelyi Museum Egylet. (Transylvanian Museum So- 


1807. "Ertesito.^^ 

1808. Koniglicher Botanischer Garten. 

1809. Koniglich Ungarische Universitat. 

1810. Magyar Novenytani Lapok. 

1811. Medicinische Naturwissenschaftliche Section des Sie- 

benbiirgischen Museum Vereins. 

1812. Orvo-Term6szettudomAnyi Tarsulat. (Society of Nat- 

lu-al Sciences.) 

1813. Sternwarte. 

1814. Taubstummen Institut. 

1815. Zoologisches Institut. 

Kloster-Neuburo (Lower Austria). 

1816. K. K. Chemisch-Physiologische Versuchs-Station fiir 

Wein und Obstbau. 

1817. " Eevue Antiphyllox6ique." 

KoLOzs-Moxos roR (Hungary) . 

1818. Magyar Kirdlyi Gazdasdgi Tanintezet. (Royal Hunga- 

rian Agricultural Institute.) 

1819. Samen Control-Station. 

KoxiGGRATZ (Bohemia). 

1820. Diocesen Taubstummen Institut. 


Krakau (Galicia). 

1821. Akademija Umiejetnosci. (Academy of Sciences.) 

1822. Botanischer Gkirten. 

[Galizischer Fischerei-Verein. (Dissolved.)] 

1823. K. K. Universitats Stemwarte. 

1824. Medizinische Gesellschaft. 

1825. " Przeglad CkarsM.^' 

1826. Soci6te des Naturalistes de rUniversite Imp6riale. 

1827. Statistisches Bureau. 

1828. Universitet Jagiellonski. 

1829. Zootomisches Museum. 

Kbemsmunster (Upper Austria). 

1830. Stemwarte. 

Kronstadt (Transylvania), 

1831. Handels- und Gewerbekammer. 

Laibach (Camiola), 

1832. Historiseher Verein fiir Ejain. 

1833. Juristische Gesellschaft. 

1834. K. K. Landwirthschafts Gesellschaft. (Kranjska Ces. 

Kr. Kmelijska Druzba v Ljubljani.) 

1835. K. K. Studien Bibliothek. 

1836. Krainsches Landesmuseum Budolfinum. 

[Landes Museum. (Correct name: Krainsches Landes- 
museum Budolfinum.)] 

1837. Matica Slovenska. 

1838. Musealverein fiir Krain. 

Leipa (Bohemia). 

1839. Nord Bohmischer Excursions-Club. 

Leipnik (Moravia). 

1840. Landes Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Leitmeritz (Bohemia). 

1841. Diocesan Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Lemberg (Galicia). 

1842. Akademie der Wissenschaften. 

1843. Botanischer Garten. 

1844. Franzens XJniversitat. 

1845. Israelitische Taubstummen Anstalt. 

1846. K. K. Technische Hochschule. 

1847. Landes Taubstummen-Anstalt fiir Galizien. 

1848. Naturwissenschaftliche Commission der Akademie der 



Lembebg (Galicia). — Continued. 

1849. Phyeikalisches Institnt der K. K. Universitat. 

1850. Taubstunmien-Anstalt zur Allerheiligsten Dreifaltig- 


1851. Zaklad Narodowy Imienia Ossolinkich. (National In- 


1852. Zoologisches Museum. 

Leoben (Styria). v 

1853. K. K. Berg-Akademie. 

1854. " Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fiir das Berg- und Hiitten- 


Lbtjtschau or Loose (Hungary). 

1855. Hohere Eeal-Schule. 

1856. TJngarischer Karpathen Verein. (Magyarorszdgi Kar- 

p&tegy Esiilet.) 

LiNZ (Upper Atistria). 

1857. Handels- und Gewerbe-Kammer Oberosterreichs. 

1858. K. K. Landwirthschafts Gesellschaft. 

1859. K. K. offentliche Studien-Bibliothek. 

1860. Landes Taubstummen Anstalt. 

1861. Museum Franeisco-Carolinum. 

1862. Verein fiir Naturkunde. 

LoBOSiTZ (Bohemia), 

1863. Agricultural Station. 

1864. Chemical Experiment Station. 

LussiNPiccoLO (Dalmaiia). 

1865. Manora Stemwarte. 

Mebax (Tyrol), 

1866. Astro-physikalisches Observatorium. 

Mies (Bohemia), 

1867. Landes Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

MiTBOWiTZ (Slavonia), 

1868. Peterswardeiner District Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Nagyvabad. (See Grosswardein.) 

Neusatz (Hungary), 

1869. Berencz Privatanstalt fiir Taubstummen. 

JTbutitschein (Moravia), 

1870. Landwirthschaftlicher Verein. 

1871. Mahrische Landes Samen-Control-Station. 



1872. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

O'Gyalla (Hungary), 

1873. Astro-physikalisches Observatorium. 

Olmutz (Moravia), 

1874. K, K. Deutsches Gymnasium. 

1875. K. K. Ober-Eealschule. 

1876. K. K. Studien-Bibliothek. 

1877. K. K. TheologiBche Fakultat. 


[Von Kuffner'sche Stern warte. (See Wien.)] 

Pabenzo (I stria), 

1878. " Nautiflche Astronomisehe Ifachrichten." 

1879. Sternwarte des 6. Mayer. 

1880. Vitieultur Station. 

Pola (Istria), 

1881. Hydrographisches Amt. 

1882. Observatorium. 

Pbag (Bohemia), 

[Aerztlieher Bericht aus dem K. K. AUgemeinen Kran- 
kenhause. (See K. K. Krankenhaus.)] 

1883. " Archiv der Naturwissenschaften." 

1884. Astronomicky Ustav C. K. Ceske University. (Astron- 

omical Institute of the Bohemian University.) 

1885. Bohmische Chemische Gesellschaft. (Spolek Ceskych 

[Bohmischer Gewerbe-Verein. (See Verein zur Ermun- 
terung, etc.)] 

1886. Botanischer Garten. 

1887. Botanisches Institut der K. K. Deutschen Universitat. 

1888. " Casopis Ceskyck Zahradinska.'' 

1889. 'I Casopis pro Prumysl Chemicky." 

1890. Ceska Akademie Cisafe Frantiska Josefa pro Vedy, 

Slovesnost a Umeni. (Francis Joseph Bohemian 
Academy of Sciences, Literature and Avi.) 

1891. 'I Cesky Lid.'^' 

1892. Ceske Prumyslov^ Museum. (Bohemian Industrial Mu- 


1893. Comit6 fiir Naturwissenschaftliche Ijandesdurchfor- 


1894. Czechoslavisches Ethnographisches Museum. 

1895. Deutscher Polytechnischer Verein. 


Prag (Bohsmia). — Continued. 

1896. Experimental Station fiir die Distillerie-Indiistrie. 

1897. Gesellschaft Bohmischer Studenten. 

1898. Gesellschaft zur Forderung Deutseher Wissenschaft, 

Knnst nnd Ldteratiir in Bohmen. 

1899. Gesellschaft fiir Physiokratie. 

1900. Jednota Ceskych Filologn. (Society of Bohemian Philo- 


1901. Jednota Ceskych Mathematiku. (Bohemian Mathema- 

tical Society.) 

1902. K. Bohmische Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. (Kr&l. 

Cesk6 Spolecnosti Nauk.) 

1903. K. Bohmisches Museum. 

[K. K. Bohmische Carl-Ferdinand XJniversitat. (See 
K. K. Universitats-Bibliothek.)] 

1904. K. K. Bohmische Technische Hochschule. 

[K. K. Deutsche Carl Ferdinand Universitats-Biblio- 
thek. (See K. K. TTniversitats-Bibliothek.)] 

1905. K. K. Deutsche Technische Hochschule. 

1906. K. K. Krankenhaus. 

1907. K. K. TTniversitats-Bibliothek. 

1908. K. K. Universitats-Stemwarte. 

1909. Landwirthschaftlich-Chemische Versuchs-Station. 

1910. Magistrat der K, Hauptstadt. 

1911. Medizinische Facultat. 

1912. Mineralogisches Institut der TJniversitat. 

1913. Museum imd Bibliothek Vojta Naprstek. 

1914. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein " Lotos." 

1915. Pamdtky Archaeologick6 a Mistopisme. 

1916. Pathologisch-Anatomisches Institut. 

[Prag Library. (Same as K. K. Universitata-Biblio- 

1917. " Prager Medicinische Wochenschrift.*' 

1918. Prasidium des Landes-Kultur-Rathes. (Zemedelsldl 

Bada pro KrAlovstvi Cesk6.) 

1919. Privat Taubstummen Institut. 

1920. Samen Control-Station. 

1921. Schaafziichter-Verein fiir Bohmen. 

1922. Stadtisches Statistisches Bureau. 

1923. Statistisches Handbuch der Konigl. Hauptstadt. 

1924. Sternwarte des Professors A. Safarik. 

1925. ''Tagblatt.^^ 

1926. " Technische Blatter.^' 

1927. Verein zur Ermunterung des Gewerbegeistes in Boh- 

men. (Jednota ku Povzbuzeni Prfimyslu v 


Pkag (Bohemia), — Continued. 

1928. Verein f iir die Geschichte der Deutschen in Bohmen. 

1929. Vereins Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

1930. Zoologisches Cabinet. 

Prerau (Moravia). 

1931. Landes Samencontrolstation. 

Fresbubg (Hungary). 

1932. Chemische Versuchs Station. 

1933. Handels- und Gewerbe-Kammer. 

1934. Beichs Akademie. (Jogakademie.) 

1935. Verein fiir Naturkunde. 

Pkibbak (Bohemia). 

1936. K. K. Berg-Direction. 

Haab (Hungary). 

1937. Beichs Akademie. (Jogakademie.) 

• 1938. Samen Control-Station. 

Baudnitz (Bohemia). 

1939. Agricultur Laboratorium. 

Bbichenbebg (Bohemia). 

1940. Verein der Naturfreunde. 

Bovebbto (Tyrol). 

1941. I. B. Accademia degli Agiati (or Accademia Boveretana 

di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti). 

1942. I. B. Scuola Elisabettina. 

[Societi degli Alpinisti Tridentini. (In Trent.)] 

Salzbtjbg (Salzburg). 

[Dentscher- imd Oesterreichischer Alpen- Verein. (See 

1943. K. K. Botanischer Garten. 

1944. K. K. Landwirthschafts-G^sellschaft. 

1945. K. K. Studien-Bibliothek. 

1946. K. K. Theologische Facultat. 

1947. Stadtisches Museum Carolino-Augusteum. 

1948. "Volksblatt." 

St. Michele. 

1949. Agricultur Station. 

St. POlten (Lower Austria). 

1950. Bischofliche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

1951. Nieder-Oester. Landes-Ober-Bealschule. 


Sarajevo (Bosnia). 

1952. K. u. K. Statthalterei. 

1953. Statistisches Departement der Landes-Eegierung. 

ScHASSBXTBO (Transylvanid) . 

1954. Oymnasium. 

ScHBMNiTZ or Selmecz-Banya (Hungary). 

1955. Botanischer Garten. 

1956. K. Ungar. Akademie. 

SchOkbero (Moravia), 

1957. Naturhistorischer Verein '^ Kosmos." 

Stbin-am- Anger (Hungary). 

1958. Observatorium. 

Tabor (Bohemia). 

1959. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchsstation. 

Temesvar (Hungary). 

1960. " Neue Temesvarer Zeitung." 

1961. Stadtische Taubstummen-AnBtalt. 

1962. Siidungarische Gesellschaft der Naturwissenschaften. 


1963. Agricultur Laboratorium. 

Trencsin (Hungary). 

1964. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein des Trencsiner Comi- 


Trent (TyroT). 

[Oesterreichischer Alpen- Verein. (See Graz, Central- 
Ansschuss des Deutschen und Oesterreichischen 
Alpen Vereins.)] 

1965. E. Istituto Industriale e Professionale. 

1966. Society degli Alpinisti Tridentini. 

Trieste (Istria). 

[Astronomisches und Meteorologisches Observatorium 
der Nautischen Akademie. (Now K. K. Astron- 
omisch-Meteorologisehes Observatorium.) ] 

1967. Civieo UfBcio Statistico-Anagrafico. 

1968. Evangelische Schule. 

1969. Flirstbischofliches Institut fiir Taubstumme. 

1970. Gartenbau-Gesellschaft. 

1971. " Gazetta del Tribunale.'' 

1972. Hydrographisches Amt der K. K. Seebehorde. 


Trieste (Istria), — Continued. 

1973. K. K. Afltronomisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium. j 

(I. E. Osservatorio Marittimo.) ' 

1974. K. K. Handels- und Nautische Akademie. (I. E. Acca- ' 

demia di Commercio e Nautica.) I 

[Marine Biological Station. (Same as Zoologisch- I 

zootomisehe Uebungsstation.)] I 

1975. Mnseo Civieo di Storia Naturale. i 

1976. Orto Botanico. i 

1977. " Ortolano (Ly (Giomale Popolare d'Orticoltura.) , 

1978. SocietA Adriatica di Scienze Naturali. i 

1979. Societa Agraria* (Ackerbau-Gesellschaft.) 

1980. SocietA Alpina delle Giulie. 

1981. Society per la Lettura Popolare. 

1982. SocietA Scientifica Letteraria della Minerva. 

1983. Zoologisch-Zootomische TJebnngsstation. 

Wahring (hex Wien). 

[" Jahresbericht liber Thier-Chemie." (See Wien.)] 

1984. Staats Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Waitzen (Hungary), 

1985. K. Landes Taubstiiininen-Anstalt. 

1986. Kalauz a Siketn6mAk Okat&sa es Nevel^seteren. 

Wien (Lower Austria). 

[Seiner Kaiserlich-Koniglichen Majestat Privat Biblio- 
thek. (See K. K. Familien Fideicommiss Biblio- 

1987. Abgeordneten Hans. 

1988. Afrikanische Gesellschaft. 

1989. Akademischer Verein Deutscher Historiker. 

1990. AUgemeiner Oesterr*. Apotheker Verein. 

1991. AUgemeine Oesterreichische Israelitische Tanbstum- 


1992. Alterthums Verein. 

1993. Anatomisehes Institut der Universitat. 

1994. Anthropologisch-Ethnographische Abtheilung des K. 

K. Naturhistorischen Hof-Mnseums. 

1995. Anthropologische Gesellschaft. 

1996. Bibliothek des Eeichsrathes. 

1997. BotaniBche Abtheilung des K. K. Natiirhistorischen 


1998. Botanischer Garten, Hofburg. 

1 999. Botanischer Garten nnd Museum der K. K. Universitat. 
[Central- Ausschuss des Deutschen und Oesterreich- 

ischen Alpen Vereins. (See in Graz.)] 


WiEX {Lower Austria). — Continued. 

2000. Chef des Militair-Aerztlichen OflBcier-Corps. 

2001. Chemico-Technische Versuchsstation des Centralver- 

eines fiir Riibenzucker-Industrie in der Oesterr. 
Ungar. Monarchic. 

2002. Chemisch-metallurgisches Laboratorinm. (RasumoflFs- 

kigasse 3.) 

2003. Chemisch-Physikalische Gesellschaft. 

2004. Club der Miinz- und Mcdaillenfreunde. 

2005. Congres International d'Hygiene et de Demographic. 

2006. Elektrotechnischer Verein. 

2007. Entomologiseher Verein. 

2008. Fiirstlich Liechtensteinische Bibliothek. 

2009. Geograpysches Institut der Universitat. 

2010. Geologisch-PalaontologiBche Abtheilung des K. K. 

Naturhistorischen Hof-Museums. 

2011. Geologisehes Institut der Universitat. 

2012. Government of Austria. 

2013. Handels- und Gewerbe Kammer fiir Oesterreich unter 

der Enns. 

2014. Hygienisches Institut der Universitat. 

2015. Israelitisches Taubstummen Institut. 

2016. Kaiserliehe Akademie der Wissensehaften. 

2017. Kaiserliehe Horticultur Gesellschaft. 

2018. K. K. Ackerbau Ministerium. 

2019. K. K. Akademie fiir Bildende Kiinste. 

[K. K. Artillerie und Ingenieur Schule. (Now K. K. 
Technische Militair Akademie.)] 

2020. K.K.Bergamt. 

[K. K. Botanisches Hof -Cabinet. (See Botanische Ab- 
theilung, K. K. Hof-Museum.)] 

2021. K. K. Central- Anstalt fiir Meteorologic und Erd-Magne- 


2022. K. K. Central-Kommission zur Erforschung und Erhal- 

tung der Kunst- und Historischen Denkmale. 

2023. K. K. Familien Fideicommiss Bibliothek. 

2024. K. K. Gartenbau Gesellschaft. 

2025. K. K. Garten. (Laxenburg.) 

2026. K.K.Garten. (Schonbronnen.) 

2027. K. K. General-Direction der Oester. Staatsbahnen. 

2028. K. K. General Probier-Amt. 

2029. K. K. General-Stabs-Schule. 

2030. K. K. Geographische Gesellschaft. 

2031. K. K. Geologische Reichsanstalt. 

2032. K. K. Gesellschaft der Aerzte. 

2033. K. K. Gradmessungs-Bureau. 


WiEN (Lower Atistria). — Continued. 

2034. K. K. Handelfi-Ministerium. 

2035. K. K. Handels-Musemn. 

2036. K. K. Hochschule fiir Bodencultur. 

2037. K. K. Hof-BibUothek. 

2038. K. K. Hof- und Staats-Druckerei. 

2039. K. K. Hydrographisches Central Bureau. 

2040. K. K. Kranken Anstalt Rudolph Stiftung. 

2041. K. K. Krankenhaus. 

2042. K. K. Kriegs-Ministerium. 

2043. K. K. Landes-Vertheidigungs Ministerium. 

2044. K. K. Marine Ober-Kommando. 

2045. K. K. Militair-Geographisches Institut. 

[K. K. Mineralogisehes Hof-Cabinet. (See Mineralo- 
gisch-Petrographische Abtheilung, K. K. Naturhis- 
tor. Hof Museum.)] 

[K. K. Ministerium des Aeussem. (See K. K. Minis- 
terium des Kaiserlichen Hauses und des Aeussem.)] 

2046. K. K. Ministerium fiir Cultus und Unterricht. 

2047. K. K. Ministerium des Innem. 

2048. K. K. Ministerium des Kaiserlichen Hauses und des 


2049. K. K. Naturhistorisches Hof Museum. 
2060. K. K. Ober-Gymnasium zu den Schotten. 

2051. K. K. Obersthofmeister-Amt. 

2052. K. K. Oeffentliche Lehranstalt fiir Orientalisehe Spra- 


2053. K. K. Oesterr. Museum fiir Kunst und Industrie. 

[K. K. Physikalisch-Astronomisches Hof-Cabinet. 
(Ceased to exist.)] 

2054. K. K. Reichs-Landwirthschafts Gesellsehaft. 

2055. K. K. Schottenfelder Ober-Bealschule. 

2056. K. K. Staats Real- und Gewerbliche Fortbildungs- 


2057. K. K. Staats Taubstummen- Anstalt. 

2058. K. K. Statistische Central-Kommission. 

2059. K. K. Sterawarte. 

2060. K. K. Technische Hoehschule. 

2061. K. K. Technische Militair Akademie. 

2062. K. K. Technisches und Administratives Militar-Comitfi. 

2063. K. K. Technologisches Gewerbe-Museum. 

2064. K. K. Topographische Gesellsehaft. 

2065. K. K. Fniversitats Bibliothek. 

[K. K. TJniversitats Botanischer Garten. (See Botan- 
ischer Garten.)] 

2066. K. K. Waffensammlung. 


WiEX (Lower AiLstria). — Continued. 

2067. K. K. Zoologisch-Botanische Gesellschaft. X 
[K. K. Zoologisches Hof-Cabinet. (See Zoologische 

Abtheilung des K. K. Naturhistorischen Hof-Mu- 

2068. von Kuflfner'sche Stemwarte. 

2069. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

2070. Magistrat der Hauptstadt. 

2071. Marine Section des K. K. Heichs-Kriegs-MinisteriumB. 

2072. Medieinische Facultat. 

2073. Militar-Wissenschaftlicher Verein. 

2074. Mineralogisch-Petrographische Abtheilung des K. K. 

KTaturhistorischen fiof-Museums. 
* 2075. KTaturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

2076. Niederosterreichischer Forst- Verein. 

2077. Niederosterreichiseher Gewerbe- Verein. 

2078. Nieder Oesterreichisehe Landes Taubstummen Anstalt. 

2079. Numismatische Gesellschaft. 

2080. Oeflfentliche XJnterrichts-Abtheilung fiir Taubstumme 

und Schulpflichtige Kinder. 

2081. Oesteixeichischer Alpen Verein. 

2082. Oesterreichischer Fischerei- Verein. 

2083. Oesterreichisehe Gesellschaft fiir Meteorologie. 

2084. Oesterreichischer Ingenieur- und Architecten Verein. 

2085. Oesterreichischer Beichs-Forst- Verein. 

2086. Oesterreichischer Touristen-Club. 

2087. Oesterreichisehe Versuchs-Station und Academic fiir 


2088. Orientalische Akademie. 

2089. Orientalisches Institut der Universitat. 
[Orientalisches Museum. (See K. K. Handels-Mu- 


2090. Omithologischer Verein. 

2091. Palaontologische Sammlung der Universitat. 
[Patent Office. (See Privilegien Departement, &c.)] 

2092. Pathologisch-Anatomisches Museum. 
[Permanentes Internationales Omithologisches Comit6. 

(See Braunschweig, Germany.)] 

2093. Pharmaceutische Gesellschaft. 

2094. Philologisches Seminar der TJniversitat. 

2095. Photographische Gesellschaft. . 

2096. Physik.-Chemisches Institut der Universitat. 

2097. Physiologisches Institut der Universitat. 
[Polyteclinische Gesellschaft. (See K. K. Teehnische 


2098. Private Taubstummen Schule. 


WiBN (Lower AiLstria). — Contmued. 

2099. Privilegien Departement des K. K. Handels-Minister- 


2100. Privilegirte Oesterreich-TJngarische Staats-Eisenbahn- 


2101. Protestantisch Theologische Facultat. 

2102. Samen Controlstation. 

2103. Section fiir Naturkunde des Oesterreichischen Touristen 


2104. Sonnbliek-Verein. 

2105. Stadt-Verwaltung. 

2106. Sternwarte des Barons A. Rothschild. 

2107. Sternwarte des Herm W. Biela. 

2108. Sternwarte des Herm K. Fritsch. • 

2109. Sternwarte des Herm L. Knrzmayer. 

2110. Sternwarte der K. K. Technischen Hochschule. 

2111. Technologisches Gewerbe-Museum. 

2112. Unterricht-Verband der Arbeitervereine Niederoster- 


2113. Verein zur Fordening des Landwirthschaftlichen Ver- 


2114. Verein der Geographen an der K. K. Universitat. 

2115. Verein der K. K. Autor. nnd Beeideten Civil-Ingenieure 

tind Architekten. 

2116. Verein der LiteratTirfreunde. 

2117. Verein der Montan nnd Eisen-Indiistriellen. 

2118. Verein Oesterreichischer Taubstnmmenlehrer. 

2119. Verein fiir Psychiatric und Forensische Psychologic. 

2120. Verein zur Verbreitung Naturwissenschaftlicher Kennt- 


2121. Verein znr Versorgung und Beschaftigung Erwachsener 


2122. Versammlung Deutscher Jfaturforscher und Aerzte. 

2123. Wiener Flugtechnischer Verein. 

2124. Wiener Frucht- und Mehlborse. 

2125. Wiener General Hospital. 

2126. Wiener Handels-Akademie. 

2127. Wiener Juristische Gesellschaft. 

2128. Wiener Padagogische Gesellschaft. 

2129. Wiener Thierschutz- Verein. 

2130. Wiener Unterstiitzungs- Verein fiir Entlassene Straf- 

linge, sowie fiir Hilf- und Schuldlose Familien von 

2131. Wissenschaftlicher Verein. 

2132. Wissenschaftlicher Verein der Militar-Aerzte der Wiener 



WiEX (Lower Austria). — Continued. 

2133. Zoologische AbtheUung des K. K. Naturhistorischen 


2134. Zoologisch-Anatomisches Institut der K. K. Universitat. 

2135. Zootomisches Institut der K. K. Universitat. 


2136. Allgemeine Oesterreichische Chemiker und Techniker- 


2137. Allgemeine Oesterreichische Gerichtliche Zeitung. 

2138. Allgemeine Wiener Medicinische Zeitung. 

2139. Archiv fiir Oesterreichische Geschichte. 

2140. Biirgerschule (Die). 

2141. Deutsche Ruifdschau fiir Geographie und Statistik. 

2142. Deutsche Worte. 

2143. Electro-Techniker (Der). 

2144. Gartenfreund (Der). 

2145. Ulustrirte Zeitschrift Amerika. 

2146. Industria Harinesa (La). 

2147. Jahrbiicher fiir Psychiatric. 

2148. Jahresberichte iiber Thier-Chemie. 

2149. Juristische Blatter. ^ 

2150. Medicinisch-Chirurgisches Centralblatt. 

2151. Meteorologische Zeitschrift. 

2152. Mittheilungen des Instituts fiir Oesterreichische Ge- 

schichtsforschung in der Wiener Universitat. 

2153. Nautische Rundschau. 

2154. Neue Freie Presse. 

2155. KTeue Revue. 

2156. Neue Wiener Journal. 

2157. Neuesten (Die) Erfindungen im Gebiete der Landwirth- 


2158. Numismatische Zeitschrift. (Formerly Monatshefte.) 

2159. Oesterreichische Berg- und Huttenmannische Zeitung. 

2160. Oesterreichische Botanische Zeitschrift. 

2161. Oesterreichischer Schulbote. 

2162. Oesterreichische Schul-Zeitung. 

2163. Oesterreichische Touristen-Zeitung. 

2164. Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fiir Verwaltung. 

2165: Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fur Wissenschaftliche Vete- 
[Oesterr.-Ungar. Fischerei-Zeitung. (Defunct.)] 

2166. Oesterr.-Ungar. Sparkassen Zeitung. 

2167. Omithologisches Jahrbuch. 

2168. Padagogische Blatter. 

2169. Padagogische Rundschau. 


WiEN {Lower Austria), — Continued. 

2170. Photographische Correspondenz. 

2171. Post und Telegraph. 

2172. Statistische Monatsschrift. 

2173. TaubstummGn-Courier. 

2175. Universal Index. 

[TJrquell (Der), Monatschrift fiir Volkskunde. (See 
Leiden, Netherlands.)] 

2176. Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Dermatologie und Syphilis. 

2177. Volksschule (Die). 

2178. Welt-Post. 

2179. Wiener Entomologische Zeitung. 

2180. Wiener lUustrirte Garten-Zeitung. 

2181. Wiener Klinische Bundschau. 

2182. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift. 

2183. Wiener Medicinisehe Blatter. 

2184. Wiener Medicinisehe Presse. 

2185. Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift. 

[Wiener Numismatische Monatshefte. (See Numisma- 

tische Zeitschrift.)] 
[Wiener Obst- und Garten Zeitung. (See Wiener lUus- 
^ trirte Garten Zeitung.)] 

2186. Wiener Tagblatt. 

2187. Zeitschrift fiir Nahrungsmittel-Untersuchung, Hygiene 

und Warenkunde. 

2188. Zeitschrift fiir die Oesterreichischen Gymnasien. 

2189. Zeitschrift fiir Privat- und Oeffentliches Eecht. 

2190. Zeitschrift fiir Therapie. 

Zara (Dalmatia). 

2191. Society Economica di Dalmazia. 


Anvers (Antwerp), 

2192. Academic d^Arch6ologie de Belgique. 

2193. Academic Royale des Beaux- Arts. 

2194. Administration Communale. 

2195. Biblioth^que Publique de la Ville. 

2196. Cercle Artistique, Litteraire et Scientifique d' Anvers. 

2197. Congr^s des Sciences Atmospheriques. 

2198. Institut des Sourds-Muets. (Gesticht voor Doofstom- 


2199. Institut des Sourdes-Muettes. 

2200. Jardin Botanique. 

2201. Laboratoire d' Analyses de TEtat. 


AxvEBS (Antwerp), — Continued. 

2202. Observatoire. 

2203. Obfiervatoire de A. de Boe. 

2204. Soci6t6 Chorale Dramatique et Litt^raire De Vlaamsehe 


2205. Soei6t6 d^Etudes Scientifiques d'Anvers. 

2206. Soci6t6 de M6decine. 

2207. Soci6t6 M6dico-CMnirgicale. 

2208. Soei6t6 de Olytak. 

2209. Soci6t6 de Pharmacie. 

2210. Soci6t6 Eoyale ponr TEncouragement des Beaux-Arts. 

2211. Soci6t6 Eoyale de 66ographie. 

2212. Soeiit6 Eoyale d'Horticulture et d' Agriculture. 

2213. Soci6t6 Eoyale de Zoologie. 

2214. Union Internationale de Photographie. 

2215. "Volkfikunde.^' 


2216. Biblioth^que Publique. 

2217. Institut Arch6ologique du Luxembourg. 

2218. Soci6t6 ArcWologique. 


2219. BibliothSque Publique. 


2220. Bibliotheque Publique. 


2221. " Moniteur du Praticien.'' 


2222. Administration Communale. 

2223. Bibliotheque Publique. 

2224. Cercle Artistique et Litt^raire. 

2225. Soci6t6 d^Horticulture et de Botanique. 

2226. Soci6t6 M6dico-Chirurgieale de Bruges. 

Bruxelles (Brussels). 

2227. The King of Belgium. 

2228. Acad6mie Eoyale de M6decine. 

2229. Acad6mie Eoyale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux- 

Arts de Belgique. 
[Administration de la Marine. (See imder Ministere 

des Travaux Publics.)] 
[Association Internationale pour ^Exploration et la 

Civilisation de TAfrique Central. (Now called 

Etat Ind^pendant du Congo, D6partement de I'ln- 



Bruxelles (Brussels), — Continued. 

2230. Biblioth^que de la Chambre des Bepr^sentants. 

2231. Bibliotheque Boyale de Belgique. 

2232. Bibliotheque de rUniverait^. 

[Bureau de Statistique. (See Commission Centrale de 

2233. Cercle Artistique et Litt6raire. 

[Commission Administrative du Mus^e Royal de Tln- 
dustrie. (See Ecole Industrielle.)] 

2234. Commission des Annales des Travaux Publics de Bel- 


2235. Commission Beige des Echanges Intemationaux. 

2236. Commission Centrale de Statistique. 

2237. Commission de Controle de la Carte G6ologique de Bel- 


2238. Commission pour la Publication des Anciennes Lois et 

Ordonnances de la Belgique. 

2239. Commission Royale d'Art et d'Archeologie. 

2240. Commission Royale d'Histoire de Belgique. 

2241. Conference Bibliographique Internationale. 

2242. Congi-^s d' Anthropologic Criminelle. 

2243. Congr^s International Pharmaceutique. 

2244. Direction 66n6rale des Mines de Belgique. 

2245. Ecole Industrielle, Bibliotheque Technologique. 

2246. Etat Ind6pendant du Congo, Departement de Flnterieur. 

2247. Faculty de M6decine. 

2248. F6d6ration des Soci6t68 d'Horticulture. 

2249. Gouvemement de la Belgique. 

2250. ^Horticulture Internationale. (Society Anonyme.) 

2251. Inspecteur G6n^ral du Service de Sant^ de TArm^e. 

2252. Institut Agricole de I'Etat Beige. 

2253. Institut Cartographique Militaire. 

2254. Institut de Droit International. 

[Institut G6ographique de Bruxelles. (See Institut 
National de Geographic.)] 

2255. Institut National de Geographic. 

2256. Institut Royal des Sourds-Muets. 

2257. International Customs Bureau. 

2258. Jardin Botanique de TEtat. 

2259. Minist^re des Affaires Etrangeres. 

2260. Minist^re de 1' Agriculture. 

2261. Minist^re des Chemins de Fer, Postes et Tel^graphes. 

2262. Minist^re de Finance. 

2263. Minist^re de la Guerre. 

2264. Minist^re de Tlndustrie et du Travail. 

2265. Minist^re de I'Interieur et de rinstniction Publique. 



(See Soci6t6 des Elec- 


BuuxELLES (Brussels), — Continued. 

2266. Miniature des Travaux Publics^ Administration de la 


2267. Mus6e Eoyal d'Antiquit6s, d'Armiires et d'Artillerie. 

2268. Mus^e Boyal d'Histoire Natnrelle de Belgique. 

2269. Mus6e Boyal de Tlndustrie. 

2270. Mus^e Scolaire National. 

[Observatoire de C. Montigny. (Ceased to exist.)] 

2271. Observatoire Eoyal. 

2272. OflSce International de Bibliographie. 

[Patent Office. (See Mus^e Boyal de I'lndustrie.)] 

2273. Society Anatomo-Pathologique. 

2274. Society d'Anthropologie de Bruxelles. 

2275. Soci6te d'Arch6ologie. 

2276. Soci6t6 Beige d'Astronomie. 
[Soci6t6 Beige d'Electriciens. 

triciens de Belgique.)] 

Soci6t6 Beige de Geographic. 

Soci6t6 Beige de Giologie. 

Soei6t6 Beige de Librairie. 

[Soci6t6 Beige de M^decine Homoeopathique. (Dis- 

2280. Society Beige de Microseopie. 

2281. Soci6t6 Centrale d' Agriculture de Belgique. 

2282. Soci^t6 Centrale Forestifere. 
Soci6t6 Centrale des Instituteurs Beiges. 
Soci6t6 des Electriciens de Belgique. 
Soci6te Entomologique de Belgique. 
Society des Etudes Sociales et Politiques. 
[Soci6ti d'Histoire et d'Arch6ologie. 


2287. Society Malacologique de Belgique. 

2288. Soci6t6 M6dico-L6gale. 
Soci6t6 Pal6ologique. 
[Soci6t6 Boyale Beige de Geographic. 

Beige de Geographic.)] 
Society Boyale de Botanique de Belgique. 

2291. Society Boyale de Flore. 

2292. Society Boyale Linn6enne de Bruxelles. 

2293. Society Boyale de M6decine Publique. 

2294. Soci6te Boyale de Numismatique Beige. 

2295. Society Boyale de Pharmacie de Bruxelles. 

2296. Society Boyale Protectrice des Animaux. 

2297. Soei6t6 Boyale des Sciences Medicales et Naturelles. 

2298. Soci6t6 Scientifique de Bruxelles. 

2299. Society Scientifique Flammarion d'lxellcs. 




(See Society 

(See Society 


Bbuxellbs (Brussels). — Continued. 

2300. Soci^ti V&alienne. 

[University. (See Bibliothfeque de rUniversit^.)] 

2301. University Libre de Bruxelles^ Laboratoire de Min6r- 

alogie et de G^ologie. 

Journals and Periodicals. 

2302. Archives M^cales. 

['' Ath6n6e Beige.'' (Discontinued.)] 

2303. Bibliographia Sociologica. 

2304. Ciel et Terre. 

2305. Congo Illustr^ (Le). 

2306. Gazette Numismatique. 

2307. Helios Illustr6; Revue Internationale de Photographie 


2308. Illustration Horticole. 

2309. Industrie Modeme (U). 

2310. Journal de M6decine, de Chirurgie et de Phannacologie. 

2311. Journal des Orchid^es. 

2312. Lindenia. 

2313. Moniteur du Praticien. 

2314. Mouvement Antiesclavagiste (Le). 

2315. Mouvement G6ographique (Le). 

2316. Presse M6dicale (La). 

2317. Revue de Droit International. 

2318. Revue Horticole. 

2319. Revue Tlnd^pendance Beige. 

2320. Revue Mensuelle de la Gymnastique Scolaire. 

2321. Revue Militaire Beige. 

2322. Revue P6dagogique Beige. 

2323. Revue Sociale et Politique. 

2324. Revue de TUniversite de Bruxelles. 

2325. Sommaire P6riodique des Revues de Droit. 


2326. Association des Maitres des Forges de Charleroi. 

2327. Biblioth^que Publique. 

2328. Laboratoire Agricole. 

2329. Soci6t6 de M6decine Legale. 

2330. Soci6t6 Pal^ontologique et Arch6ologique de TArron- 


2331. The Vieille Montagne Zinc Co. 


2332. Biblioth^que Publique. 

2333. Laboratoire Communal de Chimie Agricole et Indus- 



Din ANT. 

[Society des Naturalistes Dinantines. (Does not exist.)] 


2334. Cercle Arch^ologique. 


2335. Agricultural and Horticultural Union. 


2336. Bibliothfeque Publique. 

Gand {Ghent). 

[Botanical Society of Dodonaea. (See Kruidkundig 
Genootschap, &c.)] 

2337. '' Bulletin d'Arboriculture." 

2338. '' Flore des Serres." 

2339. " Illustration Horticole.'' 

2340. Institut St. Gregoire pour Sourds-Muets. 

2341. Jardin Botanique. 

2342. Bjniidkundig Genootschap " Dodonaea.'* 

2343. Laboratoire d' Analyses de TEtat. 

2344. Maatschappij van Nederlandsche Letterkunde en Ge- 


2345. " Matli6sis/* Receuil Matli6niatique. 

2346. Mus6e Zoologique. 

2347. " Bevue et Archives de Droit International et de Legis- 

lation Comparee." 

2348. " Revue de THorticulture Beige et Etrang^re. 

2349. Soci^t6 d'Histoire Naturelle. 

2350. Soci6t6 de M6decine. 

2351. Soci6t6 de M^decine Mentale de Belgique. 

2352. Society des Sciences Naturelles. 

2353. Soci6t6 "Het Willems-fonds.** 

2354. Soci6t6 Lib6rale pour FEtude des Sciences et des 

Oeuvres Sociales. 

2355. Soci6t^ Royale d' Agriculture et de Botanique. 
[Soci6t6 Royale des Beaux-Arts et de Litterature. 


2356. Union Internationale de Photographie. 

2357. Universite. 

Gbmbloux. • 

2358. Association des Anciens Eleves de I'lnstitut Agricole. 

2359. Ecole d' Agriculture. 

2360. Jardin Botanique. , 

2361. Laboratoire d' Analyses de FEtat. 

2362. Station Agronomique. 

84 smithsonian international exchange list. 


[Bibliothique Comnmnale. (Same as Biblioth^que 

2363. Biblioth^que Publique. 

2364. Laboratoire d' Analyses de TEtat. 

2365. Soci6t6 des Melophiles. 


2366. Cercle des Sciences et des Beaux-Arts. 


2367. Cooperative Society. 


2368. Academic Boyale. 

2369. " Archives de Biologic." 

2370. Association des Ingenieurs sortis de TEcole de Li^ge. 

2371. " Belgique Horticole (La)." 

2372. Comit6 du Cercle Industriel. 

2373. Conseil de Salubrit6 Publique de la Province de Li^ge. 

2374. Ecole des Mines. 

2375. F6d^ration des Soci6t^s d'Horticulture de Belgique. 

2376. Institut Arch6ologique Li6geois. 

2377. Institut Astronomique de rUniversit^. 

2378. Institut Boyal des Sourds-Muets et des Aveugles. 

2379. Jardin Botanique. 

2380. Laboratoire d'Analyses de TEtat. 

2381. Mus4e et Laboratoire de Zoologie et d' Anatomic Com- 


2382. Observatoire. 

2383. "Revue XJniverselle des Mines, de la M6tallurgie, des 

Travaux Publics, &c." 

2384. Soci6t6 G6ologique de Belgique. 

2385. Soci6t6 Libre d'Emulation pour TEncouragement des 

Lettres et des Beaux-Arts. 

2386. Soci6t6 Li6geoise de Littirature Wallone. 

[Soci6t6 de M6decine. (Identical with Societe MMico- 

2387. Society M6dico-Chirurgicale de Liege. 

2388. Soci6t6 Boyale d'Horticulture. 

[Societe Royale Malacologique de Belgique. . (See Brux- 

2389. Soci6t6 Royale des Sciences. 

2390. Society des Sciences Naturelles. 

2391. University de TEtat. 



2392. Bibliotheque Publique. 


2393. " Athen^e Oriental." 

[BibliotWque Publique. (Does not exist.)] 

2394. " Cellule (La)." 

2395. Institut Agronomique. 

2396. Institut MierograpMque. 

2397. Institut de Philosophie. 

2398. Institut de Physiologie. 

2399. Laboratoire d' Analyses de TEtat. 

2400. " Le Mu86on." (Revue Internationale.) . 

2401. Observatoire du College de la Compagnie de J^sus. 

2402. Observatoire de M. le Dr. Francois Terby. 

2403. " Revue N6o-Seolastique." 

2404. Soci6ti des Lettres et des Sciences. 

2405. Soci^t6 Litt6raire de FUniversit^ Catholique. 

2406. Soci6t6 Philosophique de Louvain. 

2407. Studenten Genootschap der Katholische Hoogesohool. 

2408. Univer8it6 Catholique. 

Melle {near Ohent), 

[Ethnographical or Geographical Museum. (Part of 

Maison de Melle.)] 
[Institution Litt^raire, Scientifique, Commerciale et In- 

dustrielle. (Now called Maison (or Institution) de 


2409. Maison (or Institution) de Melle. 

[Museum Commercial et Industriel. (Part of Maison 

de Melle.)] 
[Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. (Part of Maison de 


MONS. . 

2410. Bibliotheque Publique. 

2411. Cercle Arch^ologique. 

2412. Ecole de Tlndustrie et des Mines. 

2413. Laboratoire d' Analyses de FEtat. 

[Soci6t6 des Anciens El^ves de I'Ecole des Mines du 
Hainaut. (Same as No. 2415.)] 

2414. Soci6t6 des Bibliophiles Beiges. 

2415. Soci6t6 des Ingenieurs sortis de FEcole des Mines du 


2416. Soci6t6 des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres du Hainaut. 

86 smithsonian international exchange list. 


2417. Biblioth^ue Publique. 

2418. Cercle Artistique et Litt6raire. 

2519. Soci^te Agricole et Foresti^re de la Province de Namur. 

2420. Soei6t6 AreWologique. 


2421. Biblioth^que Publique. 


2422. Institut Astronomique de rUniversit6. 


2423. Cercle Arch^ologique du Pays de Waas. 

St. Nicolas. 

2424. Administration Communale. 

2425. Bibliotheque Publique. 

2426. Cercle Arch^ologique du Pays de Waas. 

SiNT Truiden. 

2427. '' Gazette van Sint Truiden.^' 


[Bibliotheque Publique de la Ville de Termonde. 
(Identical with Bibliotheque Sp6ciale Termon- 

2428. Bibliotheque Spiciale Termondoise. 

2429. Cercle Arch6ologique de la Ville et de TAncien Pays de 


2430. Bibliotheque Publique. 


2431. Societe Scientifique et Litteraire du Limbourg. 


2432. Bibliotheque Publique. 

2433. Societe Historique et Litteraire de Toumay. 

2434. Societe Royale d^Horticulture et d' Agriculture. 


2435. Bibliotheque Communale. 

2436. Chambre de Commerce de Verviers. 

2437. Conseil Communal. 

2438. Societe Arch6ologique de Verviers. 

2439. Societe Industrielle et Commerciale. 

2440. Societe Royale d' Agriculture et de Botanique. 

2441. Societe Eoyale d'Horticulture. 



2442. Biblioth^qne Publique. 

2443. Soci6t6 Historique, Arch4ologique, et Litt^raire de la 

Ville d'Ypres et de TAncienne West-Flandre. 



2444. Experiment Station, Agricultural School. 


2445. Experiment Station, Agrieiiltnral School. 


2446. Experiment Station, Agricultural School. 


2447. American Collegiate and Theological Institute. 


2448. Bibliothek Seiner Koniglichen Hoheit des Fursten von 


2449. Bulgarian Government. 

2450. Bureau G6ologique. 

2451. Bureau de Statiatique. 

2452. Department of Public Instruction. 

2453. National Library. 

2454. Station Centrale M^t^orologique de Bulgarie. 

2455. Wische Utschilische W Sofija. 



2456. Samlinger til Jydsk Historic. 


2457. Danish Geodetic Commission. 


2458. Kongelige Dovstum Institut. 

Kjobenhavn (Copenhagen). 

2459. His Majesty the King of Denmark. 

2460. Anatomical Museum. 

2461. Bibliothek for L«ger. 

2462. Botanisk Forening. 

2463. Botanisk Have. 

2464. Botanisk Museum. 

2465. Carlsberg Laboratoriet. 


Kjobenhavn (Copenhagen), — Continued. 

2466. Chefen for Almskolevaesnet, 

[Comity du Laboratoire de Carlsberg. (See Carlsberg 

2467. Commissionen for Ledelsen af de Geologiske og Geogra- 

phiske Undersogelse i Gronland. 

2468. Commissioner of Patents, Department of the Interior. 

2469. Danske Biologiske Station. 

2470. Dansk Fiskeriforening. 

2471. Danske Gradmaalings-Kommission. 

2472. Danske Meteorologiske Institut. 

2473. Direktoratet for den kgl. Gronlandske Handel. 

2474. Entomologisk Forening. 

[Foreningen til Fiskeriernes Fremme i Danmark og 
Bilande. (Now Dansk Fiskeriforening.)] 

2475. Fyxinspectoren. 

2476. Genealogisk Institut. 

[Geografisk Selskab. (See Kongelige Danske Geogra- 

fiske Selskab.)] 
[Greenlanders Home. (See Direktoratet for den kgl. 
Gronlandske Handel.)] 

2477. Historisk Selskab. 

2478. Indenrigsministeriets Forstanstaltning. 

2479. Islandiske Littersere Selskab. 

2480. Kellers School for the Deaf. 

2481. Kongelige Danske Geografiske Selskab. 

2482. Kongelige Danske Landhusholdnings Selskab. (Royal 

Danish Agricultural Society.) 

2483. Kongelige Danske Selskab for Faedrelandets Historic og 


2484. Kongelige Danske Videnskabemes Selskab. 

2485. Kongelige Dovstum Institut. 

2486. Kongelige Geheime Archivet. 

2487. Kongelige Medicinske Selskab. 

2488. Kongelige Museum for de Nordiske Oldsager. (Royal 

Museum of Nori:hem Antiquities.) 

2489. Kongelige Nordiske Oldskrift Selskab. 

2490. Kongelige Statistiske Bureau. 

2491. Kongelige Sundheds Kollegium. 

2492. Kongelige Veterinair og Landbo-Hoiskole. 

2493. Laboratorium for Landekonomiske Forsog. 

2494. Lserde-Skoler. 

2495. Marine Ministeriet. 

2496. Medical Officer of Health. 

2497. Medicinalberetning for Kongeriget Danmark. 

2498. Ministere de la Guerre. 


KjObbxhavn {Copenhagen). — Continued. 

2499. Ministerium for det Indre. 

2500. Ministerium for Kirke og Undervisning. (Department 

of Worship and Instruction.) 

2501. Miss Hvids School for the Deaf. 

2502. Miss Mathiesens School for the Deaf. 

2503. Naturhistorisk Forening. 

2504. Polytechnisk Lare-Anstalt. 

2505. Koyal Museum of Ethnography. 

[Samfundet til den Danske Literature Frerame. (Ex- 

2506. Seed Control-Station. 

2507. Sokaart Archivet. 

2508. Store Kongelige Bibliotheket. 

2509. Topographical Bureau. 

2510. Universitets Astronomiske Observatorium. 

2511. Universitets Bibliotheket. 

2512. Universitets Botaniske Have. 

2513. Universitets Mineralogisk-Geologiske Museum. 

2514. Universitets Zoologiske Museum. 
[VeterinsBr Selskab. (Dissolved.)] 

2515. Zoologisch-Botanische Gesellschaft. 

2516. Zoologisk Have. 

Journals axd Periodicals. 

[Botanisk Tidsskrift. (Published by the Botanisk 

[Bulletin M6teorologique du Nord. (Published by the 

Danske Meteorologiske Institut.)] 

2517. " Dania." Tidsskrift for Folkntal og Folkekunde. 

2518. Faengsels Tidende. (Prison Review.) 

[Fiskeri Tidende. (Formerly Nordisk Tidsskrift for 

Fiskeri.) Discontinued. ] 
[Historisk Tidsskrift. (Published by the Historisk 


2519. Hospitals-Tidende. 

2520. Hygiea. 

[Mathematiske Tidsskrift. (See IsTyt Tidsskrift for 

2521. National Oekonomiske Tidsskrift. 
[Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift. (Discontinued.)] 
[Nordisk Aarskrift for Fiskeri. (Discontinued.)] 
[Nordisk Tidsskrift for Fiskeri. (See Fiskeri Tidende.)] 

2522. Nyt Tidsskrift for Mathematik. 

2523. Smaalblad for Dovstumme. 

2524. Tidsskrift for Landbrugets Plan tea vl. 



KjObenhavn (Copenhagen). — Continued. 

2525. Tidsskrift for Philologi og Paedagogik. 

2526. Tidsskrift for Physik og Chemie. 

2527. Tidsskrift for Populaere Fremstillinger af Naturvidens- 


2528. Tidsskrift for Sovesen. 

2529. Tidsskrift for Simdhedspleie. 

2530. Tidsskrift for Veterinaerer. 

2531. Ugeskrift for L»ger. 

2532. " Vor Ungdom.'' Tidsskrift for Opdragelse og Under- 


2533. Danmarks Apotheker Forening. 

2534. Samlinger til Fyens Historie. 


2535. Kongelige Dovstum Institut. 

2536. " Nordisk Tidsskrift for Fiskeri." 


Abbeville (Somme). 

2537. Soci6t6 d'Emulation d' Abbeville. 

[Soci6t6 Liim6eime du Nord de la France. (See 

Agen (Lot-et-Oaronne). 

2538. Bibliotheque Coxnmunale. 

2539. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture, Sciences et Arts d'Agen. 

Aix (Bouches du Rhone). 

2540. Academic des Sciences, Agriculture, Arts, et Belles- 


2541. Facultes d'Aix. 

2542. Eevue Sextienne. (Soci6te des Gens de Lettres.) 

2543. Soci6t6 Historique de Provence.* 

2544. University. 

Ajaccio {Corsica). 

2545. Bibliotheque de la Ville. 

Alais {Card). 

2546. Soci6t6 Scientifique et Litt6raire. 

Axbi (Tarn). 

2547. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2548. Soci6t6 des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts du Tarn. 


Albncox (Ome). 

2549. Institution des Soiirds-Muets. 

2550. Soci6t6 Historiqne et Arch6ologique. 

2551. Soci6t6 Philologique. 

Alfobt (Seine). 

2552. Jardin Botaniqne. 

Amiens (Samme). 

2553. Academic des Sciences, Lettres, et Arts d' Amiens. 

2554. Bibliothiqne Communale de la Ville d' Amiens. 
[Conftrence Litt6raire et Scientifique de Picardie. 

(Ceased to exist.)] 

2555. Laboratoire Zoologique de FUniversit6. 
['' Le Phosphate." (See Paris.)] 

2556. Soci6t6 des Antiquaires de Picardie. 

2557. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture de Picardie. 

2558. Soci6t6 Industrielle d' Amiens. 

2559. Society linneenne du Nord de la France. 

2560. Station Agronomiqne. 

2561. Union Scientifique (U). 

AxoEBS (Maine-^t'Loire). 

2562. Academic des Sciences et Belles-Lettres. 

2563. Biblioth^qne Communale. 

2564. Comity Historique et Artistique de I'Ouest. 

2565. D6partement de G6ologie et de Min6ralogie, Facultis 

Catholiques Libres. 

2566. Faculty Catholiques Libres. 

2567. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2568. Jardin des Plantes. 

2569. Soci6t6 d'Agriculture, Sciences, et Arts. 

2570. Soci6t6 des Etudes Scientifiques. 

2571. Soci6t6 Industrielle et Agricole. 

2572. Soci6t6 Linn6enne de Maine-et-Loire. 

ANOOULiftME (Charente). 

2573. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2574. Soci^t6 d' Agriculture, Sciences, Arts et Commerce de 

la Charente. 

2575. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique et Historique de la Charente. 

Annect {Haute-Savaie). 

2576. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2577. Mu86e d*Ann6cy. 

2578. '* Bevue Savoisienne." 

2579. Soci£t6 Florimontane. 


Annonay (Ardeches). 

2580. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes). 

2581. Station de Physiologic V6g6tale. 

Apt (VaucliLse), 

2582. Soci6t6 Litt6raire, Scientifique et Artistique d'Apt. 

Arcachon (Gironde), 

2583. Station Zoologique. 

Arcis-sur-Aube (Auhe). 

[" La G6ographie." (See Paris.)] 

Argent AN (Orne), 

2584. Soci6t6 Scientifique Flammarion. 

Argenteuil {Seine-eUOise). 

2585. " Le Jardin.'' 

2586. " Orchidophile (Uy 

2587. Society d'Horticultnre, d' Arboriculture et de Viticul- 


Argenton-sur-Creuse (Indre). 

2588. Soci6t6 Ph&nnaceutique du D^partement de I'lndre. 

Arlanc {Puy-de-Dome), 

2589. Institut des Sourds-Huets de Chaumont. 

Arles (BoucheS'dU'Rhone). 

2590. Commission Archeologique. 

Arras (Pas-de-Calais). 

2591. Academic (des Sciences, Lettres, et Arts) d' Arras. 

2592. Commission des Monuments Historiques et des Anti- 

quit^s du Departement de Pas-de-Calais. 

2593. Ecole des Ingcnieurs. 

2594. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2595. Station d' Agriculture. 

2596. Station Agronomique. 

AsNiERES (Seine). 

2597. Institut Departemental des Sourds-Muets. 

AucH (Oers). 

[Societe Frangaise de Botanique. (See Toulouse.)] 

2598. Societe Historique de Gascogne. 


AuBAY (Morbihan), , 

2599. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

ArKiLLAC (CantaT), 

2600. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2601. '^ L'Autunois.'^ 

2602. Soei6te Academique. 

ArTUX (Saone'et-Loire), 

2603. Soci6t6 Eduenne (des Lettres, Sciences, et Arts). 

2604. Soci6t6 d'Histoire Naturelle. 

AuxERKB (Yonne). 

2605. Societe M6dicale de FYonne. 

2606. Soci6t6 pour la Propagation de Flnstruction Populaire. 

2607. Soci6t6 des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de 


2608. Station Agronomique. 

AvALLON (Tonne), 

2609. Soci6t6 d'Etudes d'Avallon. 

AvESNES (Nord). 

2610. Societe Archeologique de TArrondissement d'Avesnes. 

Avignon (Vaucluse). 

2611. Academic de Vaucluse. 

2612. Commission Meteorologique de Vaucluse. 

2613. Ecole Normale. 

2614. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Filles.) 

2615. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Gargons.) 

2616. Mus6e Calvet de la Ville d' Avignon. 

2617. Soci6t6 Archeologique. 

AvRANCHES (Manche), 

2618. Soci6t6 Academique. 

2619. Soci6t6 d^rch6ologie, Litterature, Sciences et Arts 


Bagneres-de-Bigobre (Hautes-Pyrenees). 

2620. Observatoire Physique du Pic du Midi. 

2621. Soci6t6 Bamond. 

B anyuls-sur-Mer {Pyrenees-Orientales) . 

2622. Arago Biological Laboratory. 

2623. Station Zoologique. 


Bab-le-Duc (Meiise). 

2624. Bibliothfeque Municipale. 

2625. Soci6t6 de G6ographie de TEst. 

2626. Soci^t^ des Lettres, Sciences et Arts (de Bar-le-Duc). 
[Soci6t6 du Miis^e. (Ceased to exist.)] 

Bastia (Corsica). 

2627. Soci6t6 des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de la 


Bateux (Calvados). 

2628. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture, Sciences, Arts et Belles-Lettres. 

2629. Soci^te d'Horticulture et de Botanique du Centre de la 


Batonne (Basses-Pyrenees). 

2630. Chambre de Commerce. 

2631. Observatoire de M. I^Abbadie. 
Soci6t6 des Sciences et Arts. 

Beaune (Cote-d'Or). 

2633. Soci6t6 d'Arch^ologie, d'Histoire, et de Litteraturo de 

FArrondissement de Beaune. 

Beauvais (Oise). 

2634. Ath6n6e du Beauvaisis. 

2635. Comit6 Archtologique, ou Commission Arch6ologique 

du Diocese de Beauvais. 

2636. Laboratoire Agricole. 

2637. Soci6t6 Acad^mique, d'Arch^ologie, Sciences, et Arts du 

Departement de FOise. 

2638. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture et de Botanique de Beauvais. 

2639. Soci6te Medicale et Pharmaceutique des Arrondisse- 

ments de Beauvais et de Clermont. 

Belfort (Haut-Rhin). 

2640. Academic de Besangon — Inspection de Belfort. 

2641. Soci6t6 Belfortaine d'Emulation. 

Bebgues (Nord). 

2642. Societe de I'Histoire et des Beaux-Arts de la Flandre 


Besan^on (Daubs). 

2643. Acad6inie des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts. 

2644. Biblioth^que de la Yille. 

2645. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 


Besancon (Doubs), — Continued. 

2646. Jardin Botanique. 

2647. Observatoire National. 

2648. Soci6te des Amis des Beaux- Arts. 

2649. Society d'Emidation du Doubs. 

2650. Soci6t6 d'Horticnltnre du Doubs. 

2651. TJniversite. 

Bethune (Pas-de-Calais), 

2652. Laboratoire Agrieole. 

Bbziebs (Heravlt). 

2653. Soci6t6 Areheologique, Scientifique et littiraire de 


2654. Soci^t6 d^Etude des Sciences Naturelles de B^ziers. 

BiABBiTZ (Basses-Pyrenees), 

2655. Biarritz Association. (Soci6t6 ^es Sciences, Lettres et 


Blois (Loir-et'Cher). 

2656. Soci6t6 des Sciences et Lettres de Loir-et-Cher. 

2657. Station Agronomique. 

BoBDEAUX (Gironde). 

[Academic Ethnographique de la Gironde. (Ceased to 

2658. Academic Rationale des Belles-Lettres, Sciences et Arts. 

2659. Archives Cliniques de Bordeaux. 

[Association Bastiat. (See Soci6t6 d'Economie Polit- 

2660. Biblioth^ue de la Ville. 

2661. Chambre de Commerce. 

2662. Club Alpin Frangais. 

2663. Commission M6t6orologique de la Gironde. 

2664. Commission des Monuments et Documents Historiques. 

2665. Conseil d^Hygitoe Publique et de Salubrity du D6parte- 

ment de la Gironde. 

2666. Faculty de Medecine et de Pharmacie. 

2667. Faculty des Sciences. 

2668. Facult6s de Bordeaux. 

2669. " Gazette Hebdomadaire des Sciences M6dicales de Bor- 

[Institut Confucius de France. (Discontinued.)] 

2670. Institution Rationale des Sourdes-Muettes. (Filles.) 

2671. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Gargons.) 

2672. " Journal d' Agriculture et d'Horticulture/' 

2673. " Journal des Chemins-de-Fer et des Mines." 


BoEDEAUX (Oironde), — Continued. 

2674. " Journal d'Histoire Naturelle." 

2675. "Journal de M6decine de Bordeaux." 

2676. Laboratoire de Chimie Industrielle. 

2677. Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. 

2678. Museum Pr6historique de Bordeaux. 

2679. Observatoire. 

2680. " Eevue d'Eeonomie Politique.'' 

2681. " Bevue de Laryngologie, d'Otologie, et de Rhinologie." 

2682. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture de la Gironde. 

2683. Society d'Anatomie et de Physiologie. 

2684. Soci6t6 d' Apiculture. 

2686. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique de la Gironde. 

2686. Soci6t6 des Archives Historiques du Departement de la 


2687. Soci6t6 Bibliographique; Comit6 de Bordeaux. 

2688. Soci6te des Bibliophiles de Guyenne. 

2689. Society d'Economie Politique. 

2690. Soci6t6 de Geographic Commerciale. 

2691. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture de la Gironde. 

2692. Society Humanitaire et Scientifique du Sud-Ouest de 

la France. 

2693. Soci6t6 Linn6enne de Bordeaux. 

[Soci6t6 de M6decine de Bordeaux. (Identical with 
No. 2694.)] 

2694. Society de M6decine et de Chirurgie de Bordeaux. 
[Soci6t6 M6dico-Chirurgicale des Hopitaux et Hospices 

de Bordeaux. (Identical with No. 2694.)] 

2695. Society de Pharmacie. 

2696. Soci^te Philomathique de Bordeaux. 

2697. Soci6t6 des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles. 

2698. Station Agronomique. 

2699. IJniversite. 

Boulogne-sub-Mer {PaS'de-Calais) . 

2700. Society Academique. 

2701. Societe d' Agriculture, Sciences et Arts de Boulogne- 


2702. Station Agronomique. 

BouEG (Ain). 

2703. Institut Napoleon pour Sourdes-Muettes. (Filles). 

2704. Institution du Bel-Air des Sourds-Muets. (Gargons.) 

2705. Institution de Bron des Sourdes-Muettes. (Filles.) 

2706. Laboratoire Agricole. 

2707. Societe d'Emulation, Agriculture, Sciences, Ijettres et 

Arts de f Ain. 


BouKG (.4m). — Continued. 

2708. Soci6t6 de Geographic de TAin. 

2709. Soci6te Litt6raire, Historique et Archeologique du D6- 

partement de I'Ain. 

Boukg-la-Keine (Seine). 

2710. Institution des Sourdes-Mnettes. (Filles.) 

BouRGES (Cher). 

2711. Artillery Commission. 

2712. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture du D6partement du Cher. 

2713. Society des Antiquaires du Centre. 

2714. Soci6t6 Historique, Litt6raire et Scientifique du D6- 

partement du Cher. 

2715. Sod6t6 d'Horticulture et Viticulture du Cher. 

2716. Station Agronomique. 


27 17. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Bbest (Finisiere). 

2718. Biblioth^que de la Marine Rationale. 

2719. Ecole de M6decine Navale. 
^720. Observatoire de la Marine. 

2721. Soci6t6 Acad6mique de Brest. 

2722. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture de Brest*. 

Briey (Meufihe-et-Moselle). 

[Society Archeologique et Historique. (Has been 
transferred to Metz, Germany.)] 

Caex (Calvados). 

2723. Academic Rationale des Sciences, Arts et Belles-Lettres. 
[Association d' Agriculture et d^Horticulture des Insti- 

tuts de la Zone Campandri-Valcongrain. (Dis- 

2724. Association Xormande pour les Progr^s de T Agricul- 

ture, de rindustrie et des Arts. 
. [" Botaniste (Le)." (In Poitiers.)] 

2725. Faculty de Caen. 

2726. Faculte des Sciences de Caen. 

2727. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2728. Institution des Sourdes-Muettes. (P'illes.) 

2729. Jardin Botanique. 

2730. Laboratoire de G6ologie de la Faculte des Sciences. 

2731. Mus^e d'Histoire Naturelle. 

2732. Soci6t6 d'Agriculture et de Commerce de Caen. 

2733. Soci6te des Antiquaires de Normandie. 


Caex (Calvados), — Continued. 

2734. Societe des Beaux-Arts. 

2735. Societe Centrale d^Horticulture. 

[Society Frangaise d'Archdologie pour la Conservation 
et la Description des Monuments Historiques. (See 

2736. Society FTangaise d'Entomologie. 

2737. Society Geologique de Nonnandie. 

2738. Societe Linneenne de Xormandie. 

2739. Soci6t6 de Medecine de Caen et du Calvados. 

2740. Societe des Pharmaciens du Calvados. 

2741. Society Philomathique du Calvados. 

2742. Station Agronomique. 

2743. IJniver8it6. 

Cahors (Lot), 

2744. Societe des Etudes Litt^raires, Scientifiques et Artis- 

tiques du Lot. 

Cambrai (Nord), 

2745. Societe d'Emulation. 

Caxxes (Var). 

[Academic Nationale des Sciences. (Does not exist.)] 

2746. Bibliotheque et Musee. 

2747. Jardin Botanique. 

[Societe des Sciences Naturelles, des Lettres et des 
Beaux- Arts, &c. (Dissolved.)] 

Cappelle-par-Templeure (Nord), 

2748. Station Experimentale Agricole. 

Carcassonne (Aude). 

2749. Societe des Arts et Sciences. 

Castres (Tarn), 

2750. Commission des Antiquites de la Ville de Castres et du 

Departement du Tarn. 
[Societe Scientifique et Litteraire de Castres. . (United 
with the Commission des Antiquites, &c.)] 

Chalons-sur-Marne (Marne), 

2751. Societe d' Agriculture, Commerce, Sciences et Arts du 

Departement de la Marne. 

Chalon-sur-SaOxe (Saove'et'Loire). 

[" Egyptiologie.'^ (Discontinued.)] 

2752. Laboratoire Agricole. 

2753. Soci6t6 d'Histoire et d'Arch6ologie de Chalon. 

2754. Societe des Sciences Naturelles de Saone-et-Loire. 


Chamalierks (Puy'de-Ddme). 

2755. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Chambery (Savoie). 

2756. Acad6mie des Sciences, Lettres et Arts de Savoie. 

2757. Institution Rationale des Sourds-Muets. 

2758. Societe Acad^mique de Savoie. 

2759. Soci6t6 d'Histoire Naturelle de Savoie. 

2760. Soci6t6 Medicale. 

2761. Soci^t6 Savoisienne d'Histoire et d*Arch6ologie. 

2762. Soci6t6 des Sciences, Lettres et Arts de Savoie. 

Charleville (Ardennes), 

2763. Ecole Normale. 

2764. Soci6t6 d'Histoire Naturelle. 

Chartres (Eure'et-Loir). 

2765. Soci6t6 Arch^ologique d'Eure-et-Loir. 

2766. Societe d'Horticulture et de Viticulture d'Eure-et-Loir. 

2767. Station Agronomique. 


2768. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Chateaudun (Eure-et'Loir). 

2769. Soci6t6 Dunoise. (Arch6ologie, Histoire, Sciences et 


Chateauroux (Indre), 

2770. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture de I'lndre. 

2771. Station Agronomique. 

Chateau-Thierry (Aisne). 

2772. Societe Historique et Archeologique de Chateau- 


2773. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Chauny (Aisne). 

2774. Societe de Pomologie et d' Arboriculture de Chauny. 

2775. Soci6te Begionale d'Hori:iculture dont Chauny est le 


Cherbourg (Manche). 

2776. Jardin Botanique. 

2777. Observatoire de la Marine. 

2778. Soci6t6 Academique de Cherbourg. 

2779. Soci6t6 Rationale des Sciences Naturelles et Malh^mat- 

iques de Cherbourg. 

2780. Society Scientifique. 


Clamecy (Niivre). 

2781. Soci6t6 Scientifique et Artistique. 

Clbbmont (Oise). 

2782. Facult^s de Clermont. 

2783. Soci6t6 d'Agriculture de Clermont-Oise. 

2784. Soei^t6 d'Horticulture de Clermont-Oise. 

2785. Station Agronomique. 

Clermont-Fekkand (Puy'de'Dome), 

2786. Acad^mie des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts. 

2787. Faculte des Sciences. 

2788. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Filles.) 

2789. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Gargons.) 

2790. Jardin Botanique. 

[Soci6t6 des Amis des Arts de I'Auvergne. (Discon- 

2791. Soci6te d'Emulation de TAuvergne. 

2792. Society d'Horticulture et de Viticulture. 

2793. Station Agronomique. 

2794. Univer8it6 de France — Faculte des Lettres. 

Cluny {Sdone-et'Loire), 

2795. Station Agronomique. 

Cognac (Charente), 

2796. Laboratoire Public de Chimie Agricole et Industrielle. 

2797. Station Viticole. 

CoMPiEGNE (Oise). 

[Musee Kohmer. (Transferred to the Museum Troca- 
d^ro, Paris.)] 

2798. Soci6te Frangaise d'Arch^ologie pour la Conservation et 

la Description des Monuments Plistoriques. 

2799. Socift^ Historique de Compiegne. 

CouLOMMiEBS (Seine-^t-Martie). 

2800. Societe d'Horticulture de TArrondissement de Coulom- 



[Society Frangaise de Botanique. (See under Tou- 

CouTANCES (Manche), 

2801. Societe Acad^mique du Cotentin, 


2802. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

EUROPE. 101 

Dax (Landes), 

2803. Societe de Borda. 


2804. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Deols (Indre). 

2805. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

DiGNE (BasseS'Alpes). 

2806. Biblioth^que Municipale. 

2807. Soci6t6 Scientifique et Litt6raire des Basses- Alpes. 

Dijox (Cote-d'Or). 

2808. Acad6mie des Sciences, Arts et Belles-Lettres de Dijon. 

2809. Biblioth^ue de njniversite. 

2810. Comit6 Central d' Agriculture de la C6te-d'0r. 

2811. Commission des Antiquit^s (Arch6ologique) de la C6te- 


2812. Facult68 de Dijon. 

2813. Jardin Botanique. 

[Journal d'Agriculture de la C6te-d^0r. (Does not 
exist.)] . 

2814. Mus6e d'Histoire Naturelle. 

2815. Society d'Agricidture et d'Industrie Agricole du Di- 

partement de la Cdte-d^Or. 

2816. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture de la Cate-d'Or. 

2817. Station Agronomique. 

DouAi (Nord), 

2818. Association V6terinaire des Departements du Nord et 

du Pas-de-Calais. 

2819. Bibliotheque Publique Communale. 

2820. Ecole de la Timbrologie. 

2821. Mus^e d'Histoire Naturelle. 

[RecteuT de TAcad^mie. (Transferred to Lille in 1888. 
See No. 2904.)] 

2822. Society d' Agriculture, Sciences et Arts de Douai. 

2823. Union 66ographique du Nord de la Prance. 

Draguignan (Var). 

2824. Soci6t6 d^ Agriculture, de Commerce et de I'Industrie du 

Departement du Var. 

2825. Soci6t6 des Etudes Scientifiques et Archeologiques. 

DuNKERQUE {Nord). 

2826. Comit6 Plamand de Prance. 

2827. Soci6t6 Dimkerquoise pour ^Encouragement des 

Sciences, des Lettres et des Arts. 


EcuLLY {Rhone). 

2828. Institut d' Agriculture du Rhone. 

2829. " Vigne (La) Am6ricaine." 

Elbeuf {Seine-Inferieure). 

2830. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2831. Societ6 d^Enseignement Mutuel des Sciences Naturelles. 

2832. Soci6t6 Industrielle d'Elbeuf. 

Epinal (Yosges). 

2833. College d'Epinal. 

2834. Society d'Emulation du D6partement des Vosges. 

2835. Soci6t6 de Geographic de FEst. 


2836. Laboratoire de Zoologie. 

EvREUX (Eure). 

2837. Soci6t6 Libre d' Agriculture, Sciences, Arts et Belles- 

Lettres du D6partement de TEure. 

Flers (Orne). 

2838. Soci6t6 Industrielle de I'Orne. 

Foix {Arisge). 

2839. Laboratoire Agricole. 

Fontainebleau {Seine'et'Marne), 

2840. Ecole d^Application d^Artillerie et du Genio. 


2841. Inspecteur G6n6ral de TEducation Piibliqiie. 

Fontenay-le-Comte (Vendee). 

2842. '' Revue du Bas-Poitou." 

2843. Soci6t6 d'Hori:iculture. 

FoRCALQUiER (Bosses-Alpes). 

2844. " Athen6e (U)." 

Gannat (AlUer). 

2845. Society des Sciences Medicales de Giiniiat. 

Gap {HauteS'Alpes). 

2846. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Garcons.) 

Gramat (Lot). 

2847. Institution des Sourdes-Muettes. (Filles.) 

Granville (Manche). 

2848. Laboratoire Agricole. 

EUROPE. 103 

(tRexoble (I sere), 

2849. Aead6inie Delphinale. 

2850. " Annales de FEnseignement Sup6rieiir." 

2851. Faculte dee Sciences. 

2852. Faciilt68 de Grenoble. 

2853. Jardin Botanique. 

2854. Laboratoire de Geologic de la Faculty des Sciences. 

2855. Societe d'Agriculture et d'Horticulture de Grenoble. 

2856. Soci6t6 de M^decine et de Pharmacie de Tlsere. 
'^S57. Soci6t6 de Statistique de I'ls^re. 

•^S58. Society des Touristes du Dauphine. 

(IRIGXON (C6te-(F0r). 

"2859. Observatoire an Prieur^ de St. Jean. 

2860. Station Agronomique. 

2861. Station d'Essais de Machines Agricoles. 

GuERET (C reuse). 

2862. Soci6t6 des Sciences Naturelles et Arcli6ologique8 de la 


Hteres {Var). 

2863. Societ6 d'Horticulture et d'Agriculture d'Hy^res. 

Jointille (Eaute-Mame), 

2864. Laboratoire de Physiologic Animale. 


2865. Observatory of C. Flammarion. 

La Fleche (Sarthe). 

2866. Soci6t6 des Sciences et Arts de La Fleche. 

Langres (Haute-Mame). 

2867. Societe Historique et Arch6ologique. 

Laox (Aisne). 

2868. Listitution N6tre-Dame des Sourds-Muets. 

2869. Society Acad6niique de Laon. 

2870. Station Agronomique. 


2871. Institution des Sourds-Muets et des Jeunes Aveugles. 

La Eochellb {Charente-Inferieure). 

2872. Academic des Belles-Lettres, Sciences et Arts de La 


2873. Society des Amis des Arts. 

2874. Soci6t6 de Botanique. 


La Roohelle {Charente Inferieure). — Continued. 

2875. Soci6t6 de M6decine et de Chiriirgie de La Rochelle. 
[Soci6t6 dee Sciences Naturelles. (Part of Academic 

des Belles-Lettres, Sciences et Arts.)] 

La Roche-sctr-Yonne (Vendee). 

2876. Laboratoire Agricole D^partemental. 

2877. Soci6t6 d'Emulation de la Vendue. 

2878. Station Agronomique. 

Laval (Mayenne). 

2879. Commission Historique et Archeologique de la Mayenne. 

2880. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

2881. Laboratoire Agricole. 

2882. Musee d'Histoire Naturelle. 

2883. Soci^t^ de Tlndustrie, Manufacture, Agriculture, 

Sciences et Arts de la Mayenne. 

Le Havre {Seine-Inferieure). 

2884. Biblioth^que Municipale. 

2285. Bureau Municipal d^Hygifene de la Ville. 

2886. Chambre de Commerce. 

2887. Societe de G6ographie Commerciale du Havre. 

2888. Society Geologique de Normandie. 

2889. Soci6te d'Horticulture et de Botanique. 

2890. Soci6t6 Rationale Havraise des Etudes Diverses. 

2891. Soci6t6 de Pharmacie du Havre. 

[Soci6t6 des Sciences et Arts Agricoles et Horticoles du 
Havre. (Now Soci6t6 d'Horticulture et de Botan- 

Le Mans (Sarthe). 

2892. Academic du Maine. 

2893. " Monde (Le) des Plantes.'^ 

2894. Soci6t6 d* Agriculture, Sciences et Arts de la Sarthe. 

2895. Soci6t6 Historique et x\rch6ologique du Maine. 

2896. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture de la Sarthe. 

2897. Society du Material Agricole de la Sarthe. 

2898. Society de M6decine du D6partement de la Sarthe. 
[Soci6t6 Philotechnique du Maine. (Dissolved.)] 

Le Pry (Eauie-Loire), 

2899.. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Filles.) 

2900. Lastitution des Sourds-Muets. (Gargons.) 

2901. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture, Sciences, Arts et Commerce. 

Les Vans (Ardeche), 

2902. Soci^t6 Historique et Archeologique du Canton des 


EUROPE. 105 


[Station Agronomique. (See Quimperle.)] 

Lille (Nord), 

2903. " Archives Botaniques du Nord de la France." 

2904. Biblioth^ue Universitaire. 

2905. Bibliotheque de la Ville. 

2906. " Bulletin Medical du Nord.'' 

[" Bulletin Scientifique du Departement du Nord.'' (In 

2907. Cercle Horticole du Nord. 

2908. Comite Agricole du Nord. 

2909. Commission Historique du D6partement du Nord. 
'^910. Conseil Central d'Hygiene et de Salubrite. 

2911. Departement de Mineralogie, Facultes Libres. 

2912. " Engrais (L')." 

2913. Faculty Libre de M6decine et de Pharmacie. 

2914. Faculte Libre des Sciences. 

2915. Faculty de M6decine et de Pharmacie. 
2916 Facult6 des Sciences. 

2917. Facultes Libres. 

[Facultes de Lille. (See No. 2904.)] 

2918. Institut Zoologique. 

2919. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Filles.) 

2920. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Gargons.) 

2921. Jardin Botanique. 

2922. Laboratoire de Botanique, Faculte des Sciences. 

2923. Mus^e d'Histoire Naturelle. 

2924. " Hevue Biologique du Nord de la France." 

2925. " Hevue de la Legislation des Mines." 

2926. Soci6t6 des Architectes du Departement du Nord. 

2927. Society Centrale de Medecine du Nord de la France. 

2928. Societe de G6ographie. 

2929. Societe Oeologique du Nord. 

2930. Societe Industrielle du Nord de la France. 

2931. Societe des Sciences, de I'Agriculture et des Arts. 

2932. Societe Scientifique du Departement du Nord. 

2933. Station Agronomique. 

[Universite de Lille. (See No. 2904.)] 

Limoges (Hauie-Vienne), 

2934. Commission Meteorologique de la Haute- Vienne. 

2935. Ecole Preparatoire de Medecine et de Pharmacie. 

2936. Ecole des Sourds-Muets. 

2937. " Eevue Scientifique du Limousin." 

2938.. Societe d'Agriculture, des Sciences et Arts de la Haute- 


Limoges (Hauie-Vienne). — Continued. 

2939. Society Arch^ologique et Historique du Limousin. 

2940. Society de Medecine et de Pharmacie de la Haute- 


LisiEUX {Calvados). 

2941. Soci6t6 d'Agrieulture du Centre de la Normandie. 

2942. Soei6t^ d'Emulation de Lisieux. 

2943. Soci6t6 d^Horticulture et de Botanique du Centre de la 


Loxs-le-Saulniek (Jura). 

2944. Soei6t6 d'Emulation du Jura. 

2945. Soci^t^ Pomologique de France. 

Loriext (Morbihan), 

2946. Observatoire. 

2947. Soei^te Bretonne de Geographie. 

Lyox (Rhone). 

2948. Academie des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts de Lyon. 

2949. Association Lyonnaise des Amis des Sciences Xaturelles. 

2950. Association pour la Propagation de la Foi. 

2951. Bibliotheque TJniveraitaire. 

2952. Bibliotheque de la Ville. 

2953. Chambre de Commerce. 

[Commission Hydrometrique de Lyon. (Identical with 
Commission M^teorologique du Rhone.)] 

2954. Commission M6t6orologique du Bhone. 

2955. Conseil G^n6ral des Facultes de Lyon. 

2956. Ecole La Salle. 

2957. Faculty de Droit de I'Universite. 

2958. Faculty des Lettres de rUniversite. 

2959. Faculty de Medecine et de Pharmacie de FUniversit^. 

2960. Faculty des Sciences de rUniversite. 

2961. Facultes Catholiques de Lyon. 

2962. Institution des Sourds-Muets et des Aveugles. 

2964. Jardin et Collections Botaniques. 
[Mus^e Guimet. (Now in Paris.)] 

2965. Musee d'Histoire Naturelle de Lyon. 

2966. Observatoire. 

2967. Soci6t6 Academique d' Architecture de Lyon. 
[Societe d'Agrieulture, Histoire Xaturelle et Arts Utiles 

de Lyon. (Combined with Societe des Sciences 

2968. Societe des Amis des Arts. 


Lyon (Rhone). — Continued. 

2969. Sociit^ d* Anthropologic de Lyon. 

2970. Soci6t6 Astronomique du Rhdne. 

2971. Soci6t6 Botanique de Lyon. 

2972. Soei6t6 d'Economie Politique. 

2973. Soei*t6 d'Education de Lyon. 

2974. Soci6t6 dTEnseignement Professionel du Bhone. 
[Soci6t6 d^Etudes Scientifiques. (Now merged into 

Soci6t6 Linn^enne de Lyon.)] 

2975. Soci6t6 de G6ographie. 

2976. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture Pratique du Ehone. 

2977. Soci6t£ Linn^enne de Lyon. 

2978. Soci6t^ Litt6raire, Historique et Arch6ologique. 

2979. Soci6t6 Nationale de Medeeine de Lyon. 

2980. Soci6ti Pomologique de France. 

2981. Soci6t6 dee Sciences InduBtrielles. 

2982. Soci6t6 des Sciences M6dicales de Lyon. 

2983. Station Agronomique. 

[University. (See Bibliotheque Universitaire.)] 

Journals and Periodicals. 

2984. Annales de la Propagation de la Foi. 

2985. Annales de TUniversite de Lyon. 

2986. Archives de TAnthropologie Criminelle et des Sciences 


2987. Bulletin des Soies et des Soieries. 
29.88. Bulletin des Travaux de rUniversite. 

2989. Echange (U). 

2990. Echo (U) Kneipp. 

2991. Echo (U) Vinicole. 

2992. Lyon Horticole. 

2993. Lyon Medical. 

2994. Missions Catholiques (Les). 

2995. Moniteur Bibliographique. 

2996. Moniteur des Soies. 

2997. Progrts (Le) Medicale. 

2998. Eevue de Medeeine. 

Macon {Saone-eULoire), 

2999. Academic des Sciences, Arts, Belles-Lettres et Geogra- 

phic. (Formerly Academic de Mficon — Society des 
Arts, Belles-Lettres et Agriculture.) 

3000. " La Vigne Americaine." 

Magxt-bn-Vexin {Seine-et'Oise), 

3001. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture et d'Horticulture. 


Maleux. (See Morlaix.) 


3002. Institution des Sourds-Mnets de TEst. 

Mamirolle (Dovis). 

3003. Eeole Rationale d'lndustrie Laitiere. 

3004. Station Galactologique. 

Mantes (Seine-et-Oise). 

3005. Soci6t6 Agrieole et Horticole de rArrondissement de 


Marseille (BotLches-du-Rhone). 

3006. Acad^mie des Sciences, Lettres et Arts. 

3007. Association Horticole Marseillaise. 

3008. Bibliothdque de Marseille. 

3009. Bureau de la Statistique. 

3010. Comit6 Medical des Bouches-du-Eh8ne. 

3011. Commission M6t6orologique. 

3012. Ecole des Beaux- Arts et Bibliothfeque de la Ville. 

3013. Ecole de Plein Exercise de M6decine et Pharmacie. 

3014. Facult6 des Sciences de Marseille. (Biblioth^que.) 

3015. '' Gazette des Champs." 

3016. Institut Botanico-Gtelogique Colonial. 

3017. Institut Colonial. 

3018. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

3019. Laboratoire de Zoologie Marine. 

3020. " Marseille Medical." 

3021. Museum d'Histoire ITaturelle. 

3022. Observatoire. 

3023. Society d'Agriculture du D6partement des Bouches-du- 


3024. Society des Amis des Arts. 

[Soci6t6 d'Emulation de la Provence. (Discontinued.)] 

3025. Soci6t6 d'P^tude des Sciences Naturelles. 

3026. Society de Geographic. 

3027. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture et de Botanique. 

3028. Soci6t6 de M6decine. 

3029. Society M6dico-Chirurgicale des Hopitaux. 

3030. Soci6te Scientifique Flammarion. 

3031. Soci6t6 Scientifique Industrielle. 

3032. Soci6t6 de Statistique de Marseille. 

3033. Soci6t6 pour la Vulgarisation des Plantes Exotiques. 

3034. Station Agronomique. 

3035. Station d'Essais pour les Corps Gras. 

EUKOPE. 109 

Mabseille (BoucheS'dU'RhSne), — Continued. 

3036. Station Zoologique. 

3037. Union des Arts. 

ilAYENNE (Mayenne). 

3038. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture de rAirondissement de la May- 


3039. Soci6t^ d'Arch6ologie, Sciences, Arts et Belles-Lettres 

de la Mayenne. 

Meaux {Sein&-et'Mame). 

3040. Societe d'Arch6ologie, Sciences, Lettres et Arts du D6- 

partement de Seine-et-Marae. 

3041. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture de I'Arrondissement de Meaux. 

]^Ielux (Seine-^'Mame). 

3042. Soci6t6 d*Arch6ologie, Sciences, Lettres et Arts de 


3043. Station Agronomique. 

Mende (Lazere), 

3044. Societe d' Agriculture, Industrie, Sciences et Arts du 

D6partement de la Loz^re. 

Mettray (Indre-et'Loire). 

3045. Colonie Agricole de Mettray. 

3046. Direction de la Colonic Penitentiaire. 

Meudon (Seine-et'Oise). 

3047. Observatoire d* Astronomic Physique de Meudon. 

3048. Station de Chimie Veg6tale. 

Mibecoubt (Vosges). 

3049. Soci6t^ Agricole, Horticole et Viticole de rAirondisse- 

ment de Mirecouri;. 


3050. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

MoNNAiB {Indre-et-Loire). 

3051. Soci6t6 des Antiquaires. 

MoNTAUBAN (Tarn-et-Garontie), 

3052. Academic des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts du De- 

partement de Tarn-et-6aronne. 

3053. " Bevue Tli6ologique." 

3054. Soci^t4 ArcWologique de Tam-et-Garonne. 

[Soci6t6 des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts du D6parte- 
ment de Tam-et-Garonne. (Now Academic des 
Sciences, &c.)] 



3055. Soci^t^ d'Emulation. 

MoNTBRisoN (Loire). 

3056: La Diana; Societe Historique et Arch6ologique du 

MoNTELiMAR (Drdme). 

3057. " Miscellanea Entomologiea.^^ 

MoNTPELLiER (Herault). 

[Academie de Montpellier. (See Biblioth^ue XJniver- 

[Academic de Montpellier — ^Faeult6 de MMecine. (See 

Faculty de Medecine.)] 

3058. Academie des Sciences et Lettres de Montpellier. 

3059. Association 66n6rale des Etudiants. 

3060. Biblioth^ue TJniversitaire. 

[Bibliotheque TJniversitaire — Section de AI6decine. 
(See Faculty de M6decine.)] 

3061. Commission M6t6orologique du D^partement de TH^r- 


3062. Ecole d'Agriculture. 

3063. Ecole Sup6rieure de Pharmacie. 

3064. Faculty de Medecine. 

[Facult6s de Montpellier. (See Bibliotheque TJniversi- 

3065. " Gazette Hebdomadaire des Sciences Medicales.'' 

3066. Institut de Zoologie. 

3067. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

3068. Jardin Botanique. 

3069. Laboratoire de Viticulture. 

3070. " Messager Agricole." 

3071. " Montpellier Medical." 

3072. " Progres Agricole." 

" Revue des Sciences ITaturelles." (Discontinued.)] 

3073. Society Archeologique de Montpellier. 

3074. Society Centrale d'Agriculture du D6partement de 

[Soci6te de Geographic. (Identical with Society Lan- 
guedocienne de Geographic.)] 

3075. Societe pour TEtude des Langucs Romanes. 

3076. Societe d'Horticulture et d'Histoire Naturelle de 


3077. Societe Languedocienne de Geographic. 

3078. Societe Sericicole de Montpellier. 


MoxTPELLiER (HevauU). — Continued. 

3079. Station Agronomique. 

3080. Station S^ricole. 

[Universite. (See Biblioth^que Universitaire.)] 

MoRLAix (Finistere). 

3081. Laboratoire Agrieole. 

3082. Society dee Etudes Scientifiques du Finistere. 

MorLiNS {Allier). 

3083. " Eevue Scientifique du Bourbonnais/' 

3084. Society d'Emulation et des Beaux-Aiti^. 

3085. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture de I'Allier. 

MouTiERS (Savoie). 

3086. Acad6mie de la Val de Tlsere. 

Nancy {Meuthe-ei'Moselle). 

3087. Academie de Stanislas. 

[" Annales de la Science Agronomique." (See Paris.)] 
3088.*Bibliotli6que Universitaire — Section de Medecine. 

3089. Ecole Foresti^re. 

3090. Ecole de M6decine et de Pharmacie. 

3091. Faculty de Medecine. 

3092. Faculte des Sciences. 

3093. Facult^s de N^ancy. 

3094. " Immeuble (L') et la Construction dans I'Est.'' 

3095. Institut Anatomique. 

3096. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

3097. Jardin Botanique. 

3098. " Revue M6dicale de TEst." 

3099. Society d'Arch6ologie Lorraine et Mus^e Historique 


3100. Soci6t6 Centrale d' Agriculture. 

3101. Soci6t6 de Geographic de I'Est. 

3102. Society de Medecine. 

3103. Society R6gionale des Architectes de FEst de la France. 

3104. Soci6t6 des Sciences de Nancy. 

3105. Station Agronomique. 

Nantes (Loire-Inferieure). 

3106. Comice Agrieole Central du Depart ement de la Loire- 


3107. Ecole Libre de Droit. 

3108. Ecole de Plein Exercise de M6decine et Pharmacie. 

3109. " Gazette M6dicale de Nantes.'' 

3110. Listitution des Sourds-Muets. 

3111. Jardin Botanique. 


Nantes (Loire'Inferieure) . — Continued. 

3112. Museum Arch6ologique. 

3113. Museum de Nantes. 

3114. Observatoire. 

3115. Society Acad^mique de la Loire-Inf6rieure. 

3116. Societe Archeologique de Nantes. 

3117. Soci6t6 Astronomique. 

3118. Societ6 des Beaux- Arts. 

3119. Soci6t6 des Bibliophiles Bretons. 

3120. Soci6t6 de Q^ographie Commerciale de Nantes. 
[Soci6t€ d'Histoire Naturelle. (Identical with Soci6t6 

Academique de la Lioire-Inf6rieure.)] 

3121. Soci6t6 Nantaise d'Horticulture. 

3122. Soci6t6 des Sciences Naturelles de TEst. 

3123. Station Agronomique. 

Narbonnb (Aude), 

3124. Commission Archeologique et Litt^raire de TArrondisse- 

ment de la Narbonne. 

3125. Institut Depart emental de Sourds-Muets. (In Asnieres, 

No. 2597.) 

Nevebs (Nievre), 

3126. Laboratoire Agricole. 

3127. Societe Nivernaise des Lettres, Sciences et Arts. 

Nice (^4 Ipes-Maritimes) . 

3128. Club Alpin Fran^ais. 

3129. Laboratoire de Zoologie. 

3130. Mus4e d'Histoire Naturelle. 

3131. Observatoire. 

3132. Soci6te des Architectes des Alpes-Maritimes. 

3133. Soci6t6 Centrale d' Agriculture, d'Horticulture et d'Ac- 


3134. Societe des Lettres, Sciences et Arts des Alpes-Mari- 

3136. Societe Nigoise des Sciences Naturelles et Historiqucs. 

3136. Station Agronomique. 

NiMES (Oard). 

3137. Academic de Nimes. 

3138. Ecole Pratique d'Industrie et de Commerce. 

3139. Societe d^ Agriculture du Qard. 

3140. Societe d'Etudes des Sciences Naturelles. 

[Societe d'Horticulture et de Botanique du Gard. (Cor- 
rect name: Soci6t6 d' Agriculture du Gard.)] 

3141. Station Agronomique. 

EUROPE. 113 

XioBT (DeitX'Sevres). 

3142. Bibliothdque Scientifique de TOuest. 

3143. Society d' Agriculture, d'Arboricultiire et de Viticulture 

dee Deux-S6vres. 
[Soci6t6 des Arts, Sciences et Belles-Lettres. (Discon- 
tinued.)] , 

3144. Soci^t^ de Medecine de Niort. 

3145. Soci^te de Statistique, Sciences (Belles-Lettres) et Arts 

(du Departement) des Deux-Sevres. 

XooEXT-LE-EoTROU (Eure-et-Loir), 

3146. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

XoYON (Oise). 

3147. Comit6 Historique et Arch6ologique de Noyon. 


3148. Ecole Nationale d' Agriculture. 

Olorox {Charente'Inferieure). 

3149. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Orleans (Lairet). 

3150. Academic de Sainte-Croix. 

3151. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Filles.) 

3152. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Gar^ons.) 

3153. Jardin Botanique. 

3154. Laboratoire Agricole. 

3155. Soci6te d' Agriculture, Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts 


3156. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique et Historique de TOrleanais. 

3157. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture d^Orleans. 

Parc Saint Maub (Seine). 

3158. Observatoire du Parc Saint Maur. 


3159. Monsieur le Pr68ident de la E6publique Frangaise. 

3160. Academic d' Aerostation M6teorologique. 

3161. Academie des Beaux-Arts. (Institut de France.) 

3162. Academic Frangaise. (Institut de France.) 

3163. Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. (Institut 

de Prance.) 

3164. Academie de M6decine. 

3165. Academie Nationale Agricole, Manufacturiere et Com- 


3166. Academie des Sciences. (Institut de France.) 


Paris. — Continued. 

3167. Academic dee Sciences Morales et Politiques. (Institut 

de France.) 
[Administration des Lignes T616graphiques. (See Min- 
ist^re des Postes et T^16graphes-)] 

3168. Administration des Messageries Nationales. 

3169. Alliance Isra61ite Universelle. 

3170. American Chamber of Commerce. 

[American Exchange in Europe. (Discontinued.)] 

3171. Anglo-American Banking Company. 

3172. Association des Chimistes de Sucrerie et de Distillerie. 

3173. Association pour TEncouragement des Etudes Grecques 

en France. 

3174. Association Frangaise pour PAvancement des Sciences. 

3175. Association Litt^raire et Ari;istique Internationale. 

3176. Association Nationale de la Meunerie Frangaise. 

3177. Association Polytechnique. 

[Association Scientifique de France. (See Association 
pour FAvancement des Sciences.)] 

3178. Association Valentin Haliy. 

3179. Bibliothfeque de TArsenal. 

3180. BibUothfeque du D(§p6t de I'Etat Major-G6n6ral. 

3181. Bibliothique Mazarine. 

3182. Bibliotheque Municipale du Seizieme Arrondissement. 

3183. Bibliotheque Nationale. 

[Bibliotheque Polonaise Historique Litt6raire. (Now 
Station Scientifique Polonaise.)] 

3184. Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevifeve. 

3186. Bibliotheque des Sciences et de Tlndustrie. 

3186. Bibliotheque Universelle. 

3187. Bibliotheque de PUniversite de France. 

3188. Bibliotheque de la Ville. 

3189. Bibliotheque Zoologique. 

3190. Bourse du Travail. 

3191. Bureau des Cartes et Plans, Ministere des Travaux Pub- 


3192. Bureau Central M6teorologique. 

3193. Bureau Frangais des Echanges Internationaux — ^au Min- 

istere de rinstruction Publique et des Beaux-Arts. 

3194. Bureau dllydrographie. 

[Bureau International des Poids et Mesures. (In 

3195. Bureau des Longitudes. 

3196. Bureau de la Propriety Industrielle, Ministere du Com- 

merce. (Patent OflBce.) 

3197. Bureau de Statistique. 

EUROPE. 115 

Paris. — Continued. 

3iJ98. Cabinet du Directeur de 1' Administration Q6n6rale de 
TAssistanee Publique. 

3199. Cabinet du Directeur, 7® Direction, Ministere de la 


3200. Caisse de Defense Mutuelle des Architectes. 

3201. Chambre de Commerce. 

3202. Chambre des D6put68. 

3203. Chambre des Imprimeurs-Typographes. 

3204. Charge d'Affaires de Hawaii. 

3205. Club Alpin Frangais. 

3206. College de France. (Place des Ecoles.) 

3207. College Sainte Barbe. 

3208. Comit6 Central des Houilleres de Prance. 

3209. Comite des Forges de France. 

3210. Comite International Permanent pour TKx^cution de la 

Carte Photographiciue du Ciel. 

3211. Comit6 de Legislation Etrang^re. 

3212. Commission du Cap Horn. 

[Commission de la Carte G^ologique de France. (See 
Service de la Carte, &c.)] 

3213. Compagnie Commerciale Frangaise. 

3214. Comptoir Q^ologique de France. 

3215. Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers. 

3216. Conservatoire National de Musique. (Bibliotheque.) 

3217. Corps des Ponts et Chauss^es. 

3218. Depdt des Cartes et Plans de la Marine. 

[D6p6t de la Guerre. (See Service Geographique de 

3219. Direction Gen^rale des Douanes. 

3220. Ecole d' Anthropologic. 

[Ecole d'Application d'Artillerie et du G^nie. (See 

[Ecole d'Application d'Etat-Major. (See Fontaine- 
bleau, Ecole d' Application d^Artillerie et du 

3221. Ecole des Arts et Manufactures. 

3222. Ecole (Blanchet) des Sourds-Muets. 

3223. Ecole Boule. 

3224. Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures. 

3225. Ecole Diderot. 

3226. Ecole Frangaise d'Athfenes. 

3227. Fxjole Frangaise de Eome. 

3228. Ecole Libre des Hautes-Etudes Scientifiques et Iitt6r- 


3229. Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques. 


Paris. — Continued. 

3230. Ecole du Louvre. 

3231. Ecole de Medecine. 

3232. Ecole de Medecine Militaire du Val-de-6racc. 

3233. Ecole Nationale des Chartes. 

3234. Ecole Rationale de Dessins et de Mathematiques pour 

TApplication des Beaux- Arts a I'Indiistrie. 

3235. Ecole Nationale des Mines. 

3236. Ecole Nationale des Fonts et Chaussees. 

3237. Ecole Nationale et Sp6ciale des Beaux- Arts. 

3238. Ecole Normale d'Instituteurs de la Seine. 

3239. Ecole Nonnale Sup6rieure. 

3240. Ecole Polytechnique. 

3241. Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes. (En Sorbonne.) 

3242. Ecole St. Nicholas. 

3243. Ecole Sp6ciale d' Architecture. 

3244. Ecole Sp6ciale des Langues Orientales Vivantes. 

3245. Ecole Superieure. 

3246. Ecole Sup6rieure de Guerre. 

[Ecole Sup6rieure des Langues Orientales Vivantes. 
(See No. 3244.) 

3247. Ecole Superieure de Pharmacie. 

[Ecole de la Timbrologie. (In Doiiai.)] 

3248. Enfants Sourds-Muets 616ves dans les Ecoles Primaires, 

[Exposition Universelle Internationale de 1889 — Direc- 
tion 66n6rale. (Closed.)] 

3249. Faculty de Droit. (Place du Pantheon.) 

3250. Faculty des Lettres. (A la Sorbonne.) 

3251. Faculty de Medecine. (Place de I'Ecole de Medecine.) 

3252. Faculty des Sciences. (A la Sorbonne.) 

3253. Facult6 de Th6ologie Protestante. (Boulevard Arago 


3254. Faculty Libre de Droit. 

3255. Faculty Libre de Theologie. 

3256. Facult68 Libres. (Rue de Vaugirard 74.) 

3257. Fr^res des Ecoles Chretiennes. 

3258. Hopital Saint Louis. (Bibliotheque Medicale.) 

3259. Hotchkiss Ordnance Company. 

3260. Imprimerie Nationale. 

3261. Inspecteur de rEnseignement Agrieole. 

3262. Inspecteur de REnseignement Primaire. 

3263. Inspecteur General des Etablissements de Bienfaisance. 

3264. Inspecteur G6n6ral de Tlnstruction Publique. 

3265. Inspecteur General des Ponts et Chaussees. 

3266. Institut de France. 

EUROPE. 117 

Pabis. — Continued. 

3267. Institut International de Bibliographic Scientifique. 

(14 Boul. St. Germain.) 

3268. Institut International Scientifique, Ldtt6raire at Artis- 


3269. Institut National Agronomique. 

3270. Institut Pasteur. 

3271. Institution Ethnographique. 

3272. Institution Horticole. 

3273. Institution Houdin. 

3274. Institution Rationale des Sourds-Muets. 

3275. Institution des Sourds-Mucts. 

3276. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Gargons.) 

3277. Jardin des Plantes, Biblioth^ue. 

3278. Laboratoire Arago. 

3279. Laboratoire de Botanique au Museum d'Histoire Natur- 

elle. (Jardin des Plantes.) 

3280. Laboratoire Central Agricole. 

3281. Laboratoire des Fermentations. 

3282. Laboratoire de Geologic — Facult6 des Sciences. (A la 


3283. Laboratoire Municipal de Chimie. 

3284. Laboratoire de Pathologic V6g6tale. 

3285. Laboratoire de Recherches sur les Insectes. 

3286. Ligue de rEnseignement. 

3287. Ligue Frangaise de rEnseignement. 

3288. Minist^re des Affaires Etrang^res. 

3289. MinistSre de TAgriculture. 

3290. Ministfere du Commerce. 

3291. Ministdre des Finances. 

3292. Ministdre de la Guerre. 

3293. Ministere de Tlnstruction Publique et des Beaux-Arts. 

3294. Ministere de PInterieur. 

3295. Ministere de la Marine et des Colonies. 

3296. Ministere des Postes et Tel6graphes. 

3297. Ministere des Travaux Publics. 

3298. Mus^e Dupuytren. (A TEcole de M6decine.) 

3299. Musee d'Ethnographie. (Trocad^ro.) 

3300. Mu86e Guimet. 

3301. Musee d'Histoire Naturelle. 

3302. Mus^e du Louvre. 

3303. Musee du Luxembourg. 

3304. Mus^e Pedagogique et BibliotWque Centrale de rEn- 

seignement Primaire. 

3305. Musee de Sculpture Compar^e. 

3306. Musee Social. 


Pakis. — Continued. 

3307. Mus6e des Sourds-Muets, Institut National. 

3308. *Mus6e des Thermes et de rHdtel de Cluny. 

[Nouvelle Acad^mie Fran^aise. (See Societe Philolo- 
gique Frangaise.)] 

3309. Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salpetriere. 
[Observatoire d' Astronomic. (In Meudon.)] 

3310. Observatoire Meteorologique Municipale de Montsouris. 

3311. Observatoire National. 

3312. Observatoire de la Tour Saint Jacques. 

3313. Prefecture de la Seine, Second Bureau du Cabinet. 
[Saint Genevieve Hospital. (See Bibliotheque Sainte- 


3314. Salle des D^pSches de la Mordaine Modcrne. 
.•}31o. Service de la Carte G6ologique de France. 

3316. Service 66ographique de TArmee. 

[Service Geographique au Ministere de la Guerre. (See 
No. 3316.)] 

3317. Service Hydrographique. 

3318. Service Hydrom^trique du Bassin de la Seine. 

3319. Service Meteorologique Municipale. 

3320. Sociedad Latino-Americana Biblioteea Bolivar. 

3321. Soci6t6 centre FAbus du Tabac. 

3322. Soci6t6 Academique Indo-Chinoise. 

3323. Society d'Acclimatation. 

3324. Soci6t6 Africaine de France. 
3326. Soci6t6 des Agriculteurs de France. 

{Soci6t6 d' Agriculture. (See Soci6te Nationale d' Agri- 
culture de France.)] 

3326. Soci^t^ Americaine de France. 

3327. Soci6t6 Anatomique. 

3328. Soci6t4 Anonyme. 

3329. ^oci6t6 d' Anthropologic. 

3330. Soci6t6 Asiatique. 

3331. Soci6t6 d' Astronomic. 

3332. Soci6t6 Astronomique de France. 

3333. Society de Biologic. 

3334. Soci6t6 Botanique de France. 

3335. Soci6t6 Centrale d' Apiculture et dlnsectolo^ie. 

3336. Society Centrale d'Aquicultiire de France. (7 Rue des 

Grands Augustins.) 

3337. Soci6t6 Centrale des Architectes. 

3338. Soci6te Centrale d'Education et d' Assistance pour les 

Sourds-Muets en France. 

3339. Societe Centrale de M^decine V6terinaire. 

3340. Societe Chimique de Paris. 

EUBOPE. 119 

Paris. — Continued. 

3341. Soci6te de Chirurgie de Prance. 
[Soci6t6 Cuvi^rienne. (Dissolved.)] 

3342. Soci6t6 de FEcole des Chartes. 

3343. Soci^te d'Economie Sociale. 

3344. Soci6t6 d^Enconragement pour Tlndustrie Nationale. 

3345. Soci6t6 pour TEnseignement Professionel des Femmes. 

3346. Soci6t6 Entomologique de France. 

3347. Soci^te d'Ethnographie. 

[Soci6t6 d^Ethnologie. (Dissolved.)] 

3348. Soci^t^ pour TEtude des Questions de TP^nseignement 


3349. Soci6t6 des Etudes Coloniales et Maritimes. 

3350. Soci6t6 des Etudes Historiques. 

3351. Soci^te des Etudes Japonaises^ Chinoises, Tartares et 


3352. Soci6t6 des Etudes Juives. 

3353. Soci^t^ d^Etudes Philosophiques et Sociales. 

3354. Soci6t6 d'Etudes Scientifiques. 

[Soci6t6 Frangaise d'Archeologie et de Numismatique. 
(Now Soci6t6 Frangaise de Numismatique.)] 

3356. Soci6t6 Frangaise de Navigation A6rienne. 

3355. Soci6t6 Frangaise d'Hygi^ne. 

3357. Soci6t6 Frangaise de Numismatique. 

3358. Soci6t6 Frangaise de Photographie. 

3359. Soci6t6 Frangaise de Physique. 

3360. Soci^t^ Frangaise de Statistique Universelle. 
33(31. Soci6t6 Frangaise de Temperance. 

3362. Society Franklin pour la Propagation des Biblioth^ues 


3363. Soci6t6 G6n6rale des Prisons. 

3364. Soci6t6 G6nerale de Protection pour TEnfance Aban- 

donee ou Coupable. 

3365. Society des Oens de Lettres. 

3366. Soci6t6 de Geographic. 

3367. Soci6t6 de Geographic Commcrciale. 

3368. Societe Geologique de France. 

3369. Societe de THistoirc de France. 

3370. Societe de THistoire Naturelle. 

3371. Societe de THistoire du Proteatantisnie Frangais. 

3372. Societe Historique et Cercle Saint-Simon. 

3373. Societe des Ingenieurs Civils. 

3374. Societe des Institutions de Prevoyanee. 

3375. Societe pour I'lnstruction Eiementaire. 

3376. Societe Internationale des Electriciens. 

3377. Societe de Legislation Comparee. , 



Pabis. — Continued. 

3378. Society de Linguistique de Paris. 

3379. Society Linneenne. 

3380. Soci6t6 des Lunettiers. 
[Soci6t6 Malacologique. (Dissolved.)] 

3381. Soci6t6 de Math^matique. 

3382. Societe de M6decine Legale de Paris. 

3383. Society de M6decine Pratique. 

3384. Societe Medicale Homoeopathique. 

3385. Society M6dieale des Hopitaux de Paris. 

3386. Soci6t6 M6dico-Chinirgicale. 
[Society Medieo-L6gale de Paris. (See Societe de Mede- 

cine Legale.)] 

3387. Soci6t6 M^dico-Psycologique. 

3388. Soci6t6 M^teorologique de France. 

3389. Soci6t6 Min6ralogique de France. , 

3390. Soci6t6 Mycologique de France. I 

3391. Soci6t6 Nationale d' Agriculture de France. i 

3392. Soci^t^ Nationale des Antiquaires de France. 

3393. Soci6t6 Nationale d'Horticulture de Paris. 

3394. Soci6t6 Nationale des Sciences Naturelles. 

3395. Society Nationale de Topographic Pratique. 

[Soci6t6 Nouvelle des Forges et Chantiers de la M6diter- 
ran^e. (See Toulon.)] 

3396. Societe Orientale de France. 

3397. Soci6t6 de Peche et de Pisciculture. 

3398. Soci6t6 de Phaxmacie. 

3399. Soci^t6 Philologique de Paris. 

3400. Societe Philomathique. 

3401. Soci^t^ Philotechnique. 

3402. Societe Photographique. 

3403. Soci6t6 de Pilotage Aeronautique. 

3404. Society Polytechnique. 

3405. Soci6t6 Protectrice des Animaux. 

3406. Societe de Psychologic Physiologique. 

[Societe Ramond. (See at Bagneres-de-Bigorre.)] 

3407. Society Sinigo-Japonaise. 

3408. Society de Sp616ologie. 

3409. Societe de Statistique de Paris. 

3410. Societe de Th^rapeutique. 

3411. Societe de Topographic. 

3412. Society des Traditions Populaires. 

[Societe de Typographic. (See Chambre des Impri- 

3413. Society Zoologique de France. 

[Sorbonne (La). (See Bibliotheque de TUniversit^.)] 

EUROPE. 121 

Pabis. — Continued. 

3414. Station Agronomique. 

3415. Station d'Essais de Semences. 

3416. Station Scientifique Polonaise. 

3417. Station Viticole. 

3418. Statistique Munieipale. 

3419. Superintendente Geral d^mmigrac^ao para o Brazil. 

3420. Towarzystwa Historyczns Literaekiego W. Paryzu. 

3421. Union Cooperative des Soeietes Frangaises de Consom- 

[Universite. (See Biblioth^qiie de TUniversite.)] 

Journals and Periodicals. 

[Abeille (L'). (Ceased to exist.)] 

3422. Acclimatation (L'). 

3423. A^ronaute, (K). 

3424. A^rophile (L'). 

[Aerostat (L'). (See La France Aerienne.)] 

3425. Alliance {U) Israelite Universelle. 

3426. Aluminium (L'). 

3427. Amateur (L') Photographe. 

3428. Americana. 

3429. Ami (W) de rEnfance. 

3430. Annales Agronomiques. 

[Annales de TExtr^me Orient et de TAfrique. (Discon- 

3431. Annales de Geographic. 

[Annales Geologiques Universelles. (See Annuaire 
G^ologique Universel.)] 

3432. Annales de Gynecologic et d^Obstetrique. 

3433. Annales d'Hygiene et de Medecine-Legale. 

3434. Annales d^Hygi^ne et de Neurologic. 

3435. Annales M6dico-psycologiques. 

3436. Annales des Mines. 

3437. Annales d'Oculistique. 

3438. Annales d'Orthop6die. 

3439. Annales de Physique et Chimie. 

3440. Annales des Ponts et Chaussees. 

3441. Annales de la Science Agronomique. 

3442. Annales des Sciences Geologiques. 

3443. Annales des Sciences Naturelles. 

3444. Annales des Sciences Physiques. 
34-i5. Annales des Sciences Psychiques. 

3446. Annales Tel6graphiques. 

3447. Annee (U) Scientifique et Industrielle. 

3448. Annee (U) Scientifique et Litteraire. 


Paris. — Continued. 

3449. Annuaire de TEconomie politique et de la Statistique. 

3450. Annuaire G^ologique Universel. 

3451. Anthropologie (U). 
3462. Architecture (U). 

3453. Archives de TAnthropologie Criminelle. 

3454. Archives de Botanique. 

3455. Archives G6nerales de M6decine. 

3456. Archives de M^decine Navale. 

3457. Archives de M6decine et de Pharmacie MilitAires. 

3458. Archives de Neurologic. 

[Archives de Pharmacie. (See Repertoire et Archives 
de Pharmacie.)] 

3459. Archives de Physiologic Normale et Pathologique. 

3460. Archives de Psychiatric et d'Hypnologie. 

3461. Archives Roumaines de M6dccine et de Chirurgie. 
[Archives Slaves de Biologic. (Discontinued.)] 

3462. Archives de Tocologie et de Gynecologic. 

3463. Art (L'). 

3464. Art Dentaire. 

3465. Art (L') Musical. 

3466. Astronomic (U): 

3467. Ath6n6e (U) Oriental. 

3468. Batiment (Le). 

3469. Bibliographic Anatomiquc. 

3470. Bibliophile (Le). 

3471. Brebissonia. 

3472. Br6sil (Le). 

3473. Brevets d^nvention. (Ministdre de TAgriculture et du 


3474. Bulletin Aeronautique. 

3475. Bulletin de T Association des Cliimistes. 

3476. Bulletin Astronomique. 

3477. Bulletin du Canal Interoceanique. 

3478. Bulletin du Cercle Saint-Simon. 

3479. Bulletin du Comity de TAfrique Frangaise. 

3480. Bulletin G^neralc de Th6rapeutique. 

3481. Bulletin des Halles. 

3482. Bulletin Hebdomadaire de TAssociation Scientifique de 


3483. Bulletin d^Insectologie Agricole. 

3484. Bulletin International de TElectricite. 

3485. Bulletin Mensuel de TAssociation Polytechnique. 

3486. Bulletin des Musses. 

3487. Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques et Astronomiques. 

3488. Bulletin Scientifique de la France et de la Belgique. 

EUROPE. 123 

Paris. — Continued. 

3489. Bulletin de la Soci6t6 Chimique. 

3490. Bulletin des Sommaires. 

3491. Bulletin des Travaux de Chimie. 

3492. Capitale (La). (Discontinued.) 

3493. Chasse lUustr^e (La). 

3494. Chronique Industrielle (La). 

3495. Cotnptes Sendus des Stances de TAcad^mie des Sciences. 

3496. Connaissance des Temps. (Bureau des Longitudes.) 

3497. Construction Modeme. 

3498. Correspondance Parisienne. 

3499. Cosmos. 

3500. Counier de I'Art. 

3501. Curiosity (La) Universelle. 

3502. Diatomiste (Le). 

:^"03. Droit Industriel (Le), Revue Mensuelle de Doctrine, 
Jurisprudence et Legislation. (7 B** Saint-Denis.) 

3504. Echo (L') Polyglotte. 

3505. Economic Sociale. 

3506. Economiste (L^) Frangais. 

3507. Education (U), 

3508. Education (L') Nationale. 

3509. Electricien (L'). 

[Electricity (L'). (Discontinued.)] 

[Enc^phale. (Does not exist.)] 

[Enseignement (L') Biblique, (Ceased to exist.)] 

3510. Enseignement (L') Primaire de la Seine. 

3511. Enseignement (L') Sup6rieure. 

3512. Etangs et Rivieres. 

3513. Etranger (L'). 

3514. Etudes Ecclesiastiques. 

3515. Etudes Beligieuses, Philosophiques, Historiques et Lit- 


3516. Exploration (U). 

3517. Feuilles des Jeunes Naturalistes. 

3518. Figaro (Le) lUustrt. 

3519. France (La). 

3520. France (La) A6rienne. 
.3521. France (La) MMicale. 

3522. Franco-Am6ricain (Le). 

3523. GaUl^e (Le). 

3524. Gazette des Beaux-Arts. 

3525. Gazette G^ographique et Exploration. Bevue Heb- 

domadaire. . 

3526. Gazette de Gynecologic. 

3527. Gazette Hebdomadaire de Medecine et de Chirurgie. 


Paris. — Continued. 

3528. Gazette des Hopitaux. 

3529. Gazette M^dicale de Paris. 

3530. G^nie (Le) Civil. 

3531. G6nie Industriel (I^). 

3532. Geographic (La). 

[Gervais Journal de Zoologie. (Ceased to exist.)] 

3533. Infonnateur Commercial. 
[Institut (U). (Ceased to exist.)] 

3534. Interm^diaire (U). 

3535. Interm6diaire des Math6maticiens. 

3536. Intransigeant (L'). 

3537. Investigateur. 

3538. Jardin (Le). 

3539. Journal de rAgriculture. 

3540. Journal d* Agriculture Pratique. 

3541. Journal de TAnatomie et de la Physiologic. 

[Journal Asiatique. (Journal of the Soci6t6 Asiat- 

3542. Journal de Botanique. 

3543. Journal des Chemins de Fer, des Mines, et des Travaux 


3544. Journal du Ciel. 

3545. Journal de Conchyliologie. 

3546. Journal des Connaissances M^dicales Pratiques et de 


3547. Journal des D6bats. 

3548. Journal du Droit International Priv6. 

3549. Journal de TEclairage au Gaz. 

3550. Journal General de I'lnstruction Publique. 

3551. Journal de THorticulture Pratique. 

3552. Journal d'Hygiene. 

3553. Journal Illustr6. 

3554. Journal des Maladies Cutanees et Syphilitiqucs. 

3555. Journal de la Marine, " Le Yacht.'' 

3556. Journal du Matelot. 

3557. Journal de Math^matiquc. 

3558. Journal de Math^matique E16mentairc. 

3559. Journal de M6decine et de Chirurgie Pratiques. 

3560. Journal Mensucl des Travaux de TAcademie Rationale. 

3561. Journal de Micrographie. 

[Journal de Microscopic. (Discontinued.)] 

3562. Journal Officiel de la Republique Frangaise. 

3563. Journal de Pharmacie et de Chimie. 

3564. Journal de Physique, de Chimie, et d'Histoire Naturellc. 

3565. Journal de Physique Th6orique et Appliqu6e. 

EUROPE. 125 

Pabis. — Continued. 

3566. Journal des Hoses. 

3567. Journal des Savants. 

3568. Journal de Zoologie. 

3569. Livre (Le). 

3570. Lumifere (La). 

3571. Lumi^re Electrique (La). 

3572. Magasin Litt6raire, Bevue Illustr6e. 

3573. Magasin Pittoresque. 

3574. Manuel G^n^ral de TListruetion Primaire. 

3575. Mareh6 (Le) Frangais. 

3576. Mat^riaux pour PHistoire de rHomme. 

3577. MMecine (La) Hypodermique, 

3578. M61uBine. 

3579. Messager (Le) Franco- Am6ricain. 

3580. Micrographe Pr^parateur (Le). 

3581. Missions Scientifiques. 

3582. Mois(Les). 

3583. Monde (Le) Economique. 

3584. Monde Modeme (Le). 

3585. Mondes (Les). 

3586. Moniteur Industrielle. 

3587. Moniteur de Photographie. 

[Moniteur du Praticien. (See Braine TAUeud, Bel- 

3588. Moniteur des Produits Chimiques. 

3589. Moniteur Seientifique (Le). 

3590. Moniteur Seientifique. (Quesneville.) 

3591. Moniteur de la Teinture. 

3592. Monographic Phanerogamarum. 
[Mus^on (Le). (See in Louvain, Belgium.)] 

3593. Naturaliste (Le). 

3594. Nature (La). 

3595. Normandie Monumentale (La). 

3596. Notes d'Art et d'ArcWologie. 

3597. Nouveau-Monde (Le). 

3598. Nouvelle Bevue Historique de Droit Francjais. 

3599. Nouvelles Annales de la Construction. 

3600. Nouvelles Archives d'Obstetrique et de Gynecologic. 

3601. Nouvelles G^ographiques. 

3602. Orient.(L0. 

3603. P§cheur (Le). 

[Petit Etranger (Le). (Discontinued.)] 

3604. Petit Frangais (Le). 

3605. Petit Frangais Illustr6 (Le). 

[Petites Nouvelles Entomologiques. (Ceased to exist.)] 


Paris. — Continued. 

3606. Phosphate (Le). 

3607. Photographie Frangaise (La). 

3608. Photo-Journal. 

3609. Pisciculture (La). 

3610. " Polybiblion." Eevue Bibliographique Universelle. 

3611. Portefeuille Economique des Machines. 

3612. Progr^B M6dical. 

3613. Eeceuil des Lois et Actes. 

3614. Beceuil d'Ophthalmologie. 
3(515. R6forme Sociale. 

3616. R6pertoire et Archives de Pharmacie. 

3617. Repertoire Bibliographique des Sciences Math^matiques. 

3618. Reveil (Le) de la Gaule. 

3619. Revue de TA^ronautique. 

3620. Revue Am6ricaine. 

[Revue d* Anthropologic. (See Anthropologic (L').)] 

3621. Revue Arch6ologique. 

3622. Revue des Arts D6coratifs. 

3623. Revue des Biblioth^ques. 

3624. Revue Botanique. 

3625. Revue du Cercle Militaire. 

3626. Revue de Chimie Industrielle. 

3627. Revue de Chirurgie. 

3628. Revue Chretienne. 

[Revue des Cours Litt^raires. (Discontinued.)] 
[Revue des Cours Scientifiques. (Discontinued.)] 

3629. Revue Critique. 

3630. Revue Critique de Paliozoologie. 

3631. Revue des Deux Mondes. 

[Revue de TEcole d' Anthropologic. (See Ecole d' An- 

3632. Revue d'Ethnographie. 

3633. Revue des Etudes Juives. 

[Revue Frangaise de TEtranger et des Colonies. (See 
Gazette Geographique et Exploration.)] 

[Revue Fran^aise et Exploration. (See Gazette Geo- 
graphique et Exploration.)] 

3634. Revue 66n6rale de Droit International Public. 

3635. Revue G6nerale des Sciences Pures et Appliquees. 

3636. Revue de Geographic. 

3637. Revue G6ographique Internationale. 
[Revue de Geologic. (Discontinued.)] 

3638. Revue Guinzen-Medicale. 

3639. Revue Historique. 

3640. Revue Horticole. 

EUBOPE. 127 

Paris. — Continued. 

3641. Eevne d'Hygiene et de Police Sanitaire. 
304?. Revue de rHypnotisme. 

3643. Bevue lUustr^e. 

3644. Eevue Industrielle. 

[Revue Internationale de Bibliographie. (See in 
Beirut, Syria.)] 

3645. Revue Internationale de rElectrieit^. 

3646. Revue Internationale de TElectrotherapie. 

3647. Revue Internationale de TEnseignement. 

3648. Revue Internationale de TEnseignement des Sourds- 


3649. Revue Internationale de Rhinologie et d'Otologie. 

3650. Revue Internationale des Sciences. 

3651. Revue de Linguistique. 

3652. Revue de Linguistique et de Philologie Compar6e. 

3653. Revue des Livres et de la Presee. 

[Revue et Magasin de Zoologie. (Discontinued.)] 

3654. Revue Maritime et Coloniale. 

3655. Revue de MWecine. 

3656. Revue M6dicale. 

3657. Revue M6dico-Phannaceutique. 

3658. Revue Mensuelle d* Astronomic Populaire. 

[Revue MenBuell,e de TEcole d' Anthropologic. (See 
Ecole d' Anthropologic.)] 

3659. Revue du Monde Catholique. 

3660. Revue de Mycologie. 

3661. Revue Numismatique. , 

3662. Revue d'Orthop6die. 

3663. Revue P^dagogique. 

3664. Revue de Philologie Frangaise et Provengale. 

3665. Revue de Philologie, de Litt6rature et d'Histoire An- 


3666. Revue Philosophique de France. 

3667. Revue Politique et Litt6raire. 

3668. Revue Politique et Parlementaire. 

3669. Revue Pratique de Droit Frangais. 
36T0. Re\Tie des Questions Uistoriques. 
3671. Revue des Questions Scientifiques. 
n672. Revue de la R6forme Judiciaire. 

3673. Revue des Religions. 

3674. Revue des Revues, 

3675. Revue des Sciences Medicales en France et a I'Etranger. 

3676. Revue des Sciences Xaturelles de TOuest. 

3677. Revue Scientifique. 

[Revue de Sericiculture Comparee. (Discontinued,)] 


Paris. — Continued. 

3678. Revue Soeialiste. 

3679. Revue des Societes Savantes. 

3680. Revue Spirite. 

3681. Revue Sud-Americaine. 

3682. Revue Technique. 

3683. Revue de la Tuberculose. 

3684. Revue Universelle. 

3685. Revue Universelle des Inventions Nouvelles. 

3686. Revue Vinicole. 

3687. Science en Famille. 

3688. Science Moderne (La). 

3689. Science et Nature. 

[Science et Progr^s. (See Revue Universelle des In- 
ventions Nouvelles.)] 

3690. Science Sociale. 

3691. Sciences (Les) Populaires. 

3692. Semaine (La) du Batiment. 

3693. Semaine (La) des Constructeurs. 

3694. Semaine (La) Medicale. 

3695. Sucrerie Indigene et Coloniale. 

3696. Technologique (Le). 

3697. Temps (Le). 

3698. Th6rapeutique Contemporaine. 

3699. Tour du Monde. 

3700. Tradition (La). 

3701. Traitements (Les) Naturelles et le Systeme Kneipp. 

3702. Travaux Officiels. 

3703. Tribune du Temple. 

3704. Union (L') Medicale. 

3705. Vie Contemporaine (La). 

3706. Voleur lUustre (Le). 

["Yacht (Le)." (See Journal de la Marine, "Le 

Pau (Basses-Pyrenees), 

3707. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

3708. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Gargons.) 

3709. Soci6t6 d'Education et d'Instruction Populaire des 


3710. Soci6te des Sciences, Lettres et Arts (de Pau). 

Pebigueux (Dordogne). 

3711. Societe d' Agriculture, Sciences, et Arts de la Dordogne. 

3712. Societe Historique et Archeologique du Perigord. 

EUROPE. 129 

I'EBPIONAN (PyreneeS'Orientales), 

3713. Observatoire. 

3714. Soci6t6 Agricole, Scientifique et Litteraire des Pyr6n6e8- 


3715. Institution des Sourds-Muets de Besangon. 


3716. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 


[Observatoire. (See Bagn^res-de-Bigorre.)l 

Poitiers (Vienne). 

3717. Aead6mie. 

3718. Biblioth^ue de la Ville de* Poitiers. 

3719. " Botaniste (Le)." 

3720. Faculte des Sciences. 

3721. Facult^s de Poitiers. 

3722. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

3723. Laboratoire Agricole. 

[Recteur de TAcad^mie. (See Academie.)] 

3724. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture, Belles-Lettres, Sciences et Arts. 

3725. Soci6t6 des Antiquaires de FOuest. 

3726. Soci^te des Archives Historiques. 

3727. Soci6t6 de M6decine de Poitiers. 

3728. Station Agronomique. 

PoLiGNY (Jura). 

3729. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture, Sciences et Arts de Poligny. 


3730. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

PoxTOiSE (Seine-et'Oise), 

3731. Societe Historique et Archeologique de Pontoise et du 



3732. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Privas (Ardeche), 

3733. Societe des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de 


PuY-DE-DoMB {Puy-de-Ddme), 

3734. Observatoire Meteorologique. 

QuiMPER (Finistere), 

3735. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique du Finistfere. 


OuiMPERLE (Finistere). 

3736. Station Agronomique. 

Rambotjillet (Seine-et'Oise). 

3737. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique. 

Reims (Mame). 

3738. Acad^mie Nationale de Reims. 

3739. Ecole Pr^paratoire de M6decine et de Pharmacie. 
[Mu86e d'Histoire Natiirelle de Reims. (Ceased to 


3740. Soei6t6 Industrielle de Reims. 

3741. Soci6t6 MMicale. 

3742. Soci^t^ des Sciences Natnrelles. 

Rbmirbmont (Vosges). 

3743. Laboratoire Agricole. 

Rennes (Ilk-et'Vilaine), 

3744. Bibliothdque de Rennes. 

3745. Ecole Primaire Supirieure d'Apprentissage. 

3746. Faculty des Sciences. 

3747. Laboratoire Zoologique. 

3748. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique du D6partement d'lUe-et-Vilaine. 
[Soci6t6 des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles. (Dis- 

3749. Soci6t6 Scientifique et M6dicale. 

3750. Station Agronomique. 

3751. Syndicat Pomologique de France. 

3752. University de France — Academic de Rennes — Biblioth- 

eque Universitaire. 


3753. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

RiOM (Puy'de'Dome). 

3754. Societe du Mus6e (de Riom). 

RoOHECHOUAKT {Haute'Vienne). 

3755. Soci6t6 des Amis des Sciences et Arts. 

RocHEFORT (Charenie-Inferieure). 
3766. Jardin Botanique. 

3757. Observatoire de la Marine. 

[Soci6t6 d' Agriculture, Belles-Lettres, Sciences et Arts 
de Rochefort. (Now Societe de Geographic de 

3758. Soci^t^ de Geographic de Rochefort. (Agriculture, 

Lettres, Sciences et Arts.) 

BUBOPE. 131 

RoDEZ (Aveyron), 

3759. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

3760. Soci6t6 des Lettres, Sciences et Arts de TAveyron. 

Romans (Drome). 

3761. " Bulletin d'Histoire Ecclfeiastique et d'Arch6ologie Re- 


RoscoFP (Finistere). 

3762. Laboratoire Biologique. 
376^. Station Zoologique. 

RoTTBAix (Nord). 

3764. Cercle Horticole. 

3765. Society d'EmuIation de Roubaix. 

Rouen {Seins-Inferieurt), 

3766. Academic des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts de Rouen. 

3767. Fibliothdque de la ViUe. 

3768. Chambre de Commerce. 

3769. Commission des Antiquit^Ei de la Seine-InfMeure. 

3770. Conseil Central d'Hygidne Publique et de Salubrite. 

3771. Ecole Sup6rieure Professionelle. 

3772. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

3773. Jardin Botanique. 

3774. Laboratoire R6gionale d'Entomologie Agricole., 
3776. Soci^t^ des Amis des Sciences Naturelles (de Rouen). 

3776. Soci6t6 des Bibliophiles Normandes. 

3777. Society Centrale d'Horticulture de la Seine-Inf6rieure. 

3778. Soci6t6 d'Histoire de Normandie. 

3779. SociitA Industrielle de Rouen. 

3780. Soci^t6 libre d'EmuIation du Commerce et de Tlndus- 

trie de la Seine-Inf6rieure. 

3781. Soci6t6 de M6decine. 

3782. Soci£t6 Normande de 66ographie. 

3783. Station Agronomique. 

Royan-leb-Bains (Charente'Infirieure). 

3784. Academic des Muses Saintonges. 

3785. Institut St. Anne. 

3786. Soci6t6 Linn^enne de la Charente-Inf6rieure. 

RuEiL (Seine-et'Oise). 

3787. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Saint-Brieuo (CoteS'dU'Nord). 

3788. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

3789. Soci6t6 Arcli6ologique et Historique des Cotes-du-Nord. 

3790. Soci6t6 d'EmuIation des C6tes-du-Nord. 


Saint-Chamond (Loire), 

3791. Ecole d'Apprentissage. 

Saint-Cyb (Seine-et-Oise), 

3792. Ecole Speciale Militaire. (Formerly Ecole des Affaires 

Militaires Sp^ciales.) 

Saint-Die (Vosges). 

3793. Soci6t6 Philomatique Vosgienne. 

Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne). 

3794. "L'Ancre.^^ 

3795. Soci6t6 des Lettres, Sciences, Arts, Agriculture et In- 


Saint-Etienne (Loire), 

3796. Ecole des Mines. 

3797. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Filles.) 

3798. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Garcons.) 

3799. " La Loire M6dicale." 

3800. Merlin Formad Hospital. 

3801. Soci^t6 d' Agriculture, Industrie, Sciences, Arts et 

Belles-Lettres du D6partement de la Loire. 

3802. Society de I'Industrie Min6rale. 

3803. Soci6t6 de Medecine. 

3804. Station Agronomique. 

Saint-6ebmain-en-Laye (Seine-eUOise). 

3805. Mus^e de St. Germain. 

3806. Society d'Horticulture de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. 
[Soci6t6 Malacologique de France. (Dissolved.)] 

Saint Hippolyte du Fort. 

3807. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

S AiNT- Je an-d' Anoely (Charente-Inferieure) . 

[Academic des Muses Santones. (See Royan-les- 

3808. Society d' Agriculture de TArrondissement de Saint- 

[Society Historique et Scientitique. (Has united with 

Societe Linneenne de la Charente-Inferieure, at 

Royan-les-Bains.) ] 
[Society Linneenne de la Charente-Inferieure. (See 


Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (Saioie). 

3809. Societe d'Histoire et d'Archeologie de Maurienne. 

EUROPE. 133 

Sa INT-Laurent. 

3810. Ecole St. Bruno. 

3811. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

Saint-LO (Manche). 

3812. Societe d' Agriculture, d'Archeologie et d'Histoire 

Xaturelle de la Manche. 

Saint-Maixent (DeuX'Sevres). 

[Soci6t6 de Statistique, Sciences et Arts des Deux- 
Sfevres. (See Niort.)] 


3813. Observatoire. 

Saint-Maur (Seine). 

[Observatoire. (See Pare Saint Maur.)] 

Saint Maur des Fosses (Seine). 

3814. Society D6parteinentale d^Horticulture de la Seine. 

St. Medard. 

3815. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Filles.) 

3816. Institution des Sourds-Muets. (Qargons.) 

Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Inferieure). 

3817. Societe de Oeographie et Mus^e Commercial de Saint- 


Saint-Omer (Pas-de-Calais). 

3818. Soci6t6 des Antiquaires de la Morinie. 

Saint-Quentin (Aisne). 

3819. Jardin Botanique. 

3820. Societe Academique des Sciences, Arts, Belles-Lettres^ 

Agriculture et Industrie. 

3821. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture de Saint-Quentin. 

3822. Soci6t6 Industrielle de Saint-Quentin et de TAisne. 

Saintes (Charente-Inferieure). 

3823. Commission des Arts et des Monuments Historiques de 

la Charente-Inf^rieure. 

3824. Society des Archives Historiques de la Saintonge et de 

[Societe des Arts, Sciences et Belles-Lettres. (Dis- 

Saixt-Valery-au-Caux (Seine-Inferieure). 

3825. Soci^ti de Geographic. 


ScEAUX (Seine). 

3826. " La M6decme Hypodermique." 

Semxtk-en-Axjxois (Cote^Or). 

3827. Soci^t6 des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de Semiir. 

Senlis (Oise). 

3828. Comity Arch6ologique de Senlis. 

3829. Soci6t6 d^Horticulture de TArrondissement de Senlis. 

Sens (Yonne). 

3830. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique. 

Sevbes (Seine-et'Oise), 

3831. Bureau International des Poids et Mesures. 

3832. Ecole Normale Sup6rieure. 

SiSTERON (BasseS'Alpes), 

3833. Biblioth^que Municipale. 

SoiSBONS (Aisne). 

3834. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique, Historique et Seientifique de 

[Soci6t6 des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts. (Dis- 

SoLESMES (Nord). 

3836. '' Paltographie Musicale." 

Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrenies), 

3836. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

[Soci6t6 Acad6inique des Hautes-Pyrenees. (Dis- 

Toulon (Var). 

3837. Jardin Botanique. 

3838. Observatoire. 

3839. Soci6t6 Acad6inique du Var. 

3840. Society Nouvelle des Forges et Chantiers de la Medi- 


Toulouse (HatUe-Oaronne), 

3841. Acadimie des Jeux Floraux. 

3842. Academic de Legislation. 

3843. Acad^mie des Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres de 


3844. Association Pyr6n6enne et Union des Soci^tes Savantes 

du Midi. 
3846. Biblioth^que Publique. 

EUBOPE. 135 

Toulouse (Eaui&-Garonne). — Continued. 

3846. Ecole Pr6paratoire de M6decine. 

3847. Faculty des Sciences. 

3848. Institution des Sonrds-Muets. 

3849. Institution des Sourdes-Mnettes. 

3850. Jardin Botanique. 

3851. Laboratoire d* Anthropologic. 

3852. "Mat^riaux pour THistoire Primitive et Naturelle de 


3853. Mus6um d'Histoire Naturelle. 

3854. *' Nouvelle Agricole.'' 

3855. Observatoire. 

3856. " Bevue Botanique." 

3857. " Bevue M6dicale de Toulouse." 

3858. Bevue Mycologique. 

3859. Soci6t6 Acad6mique Franco-Hispano-Portugaise. 

3860. Soci6t6 d^ Agriculture de la Haute-Garonne et de 


3861. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique du Midi de la France. 

3862. Soci^ti Frangaise de Botanique. 

3863. Soci6t6 de Geographic. 

3864. Soci6t6 d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse. 

3865. Soci6t6 Nationale de M6decine, Chirurgie et Pharmacie 

de Toulouse. 

3866. Society des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles. 

3867. University. 

Tours (Indre-et'Loire). 

3868. Congris Arch6ologique de France. 

3869. Ecole Pr6paratoire de M6decine et de Pharmacie. 

3870. Ecole Primaire. 

3871. Jardin Botanique. 

3872. Laboratoire Agricole. 

3873. Observatoire. 

3874. '' Polyeucte." 

3875. Societ6 d'Agriculture, Sciences, Arts et Belles-Lettres. 

3876. Soci6t6 Arch6ologique de Touraine. 

[Soci6t6 Frangaise d*Arch6ologie pour la Conservation 
et la Description des Monuments Historiques. 
(See Compi^gne.)] 

3877. Soci6t6 de Geographic. 

3878. Soci6t6 de M^decine du D6partement d*Indre-et-Loire. 

Tboyes (AtLbe). 

3879. Soci6t6 Academique d^ Agriculture, Sciences, Arts et 

Belles-Lettres de TAube. 

3880. Soci^te Horticole, Vigneronne et Forestiere de Troyes. 


Tulle (Correze). 

3881. Soci6t6 des Lettres, Sciences et Arts de la Correze. 

Valence (Drome). 

3883. "Bulletin d^Histoire Eccl6siastiqiie et d'Arch6ologie 

Religieuse dee Dioceses de Valence." 
3383. Societe Departementale d^ Agriculture de la Drome. 

3884. Soci6t6 Departementale d*Arch6ologie et de Statistique 

de la Dr6me. 

Valenciennes (Nord), 

3885. " Eevue Agricole, Industrielle, Litteraire, et Artistique." 

3886. Society d^ Agriculture, Sciences et Arts de FArrondisse- 

ment de Valenciennes. 

Vannes (Morbihan). 

3887. Soci6t6 Polymathique du Morbihan. 

Vend(5me (Loir-et'Cher), 

3888. Soci6t6 ArcWologique, Scientifique et Litteraire du 


Verdun (Meuse), 

3889. Soci6t6 Philomatique. 

Versailles (Seine-et'Oise). 

3890. Commission des Antiquit6s de Seine-et-Oise. 

3891. Laboratoire Agricole. 

3892. Mus6e de Versailles. 

3893. Observatoire. 

3894. Soci6t6 d' Agriculture et des Arts (de Seine-et-Oise). 

3895. Soci6t6 des Amis des Arts. 

3896. Soci6t6 d'Horticulture du Departement de Seine-et-Oise. 

3897. Soci6t6 des Sciences Morales, des Lettres et des Arts de 


3898. Society des Sciences Naturelles et MMicales de Seine- 


Vesoul {Haute-Sadne). 

3899. Commission Arch6ologique de la Haute-Saone. 

3900. Institut des Sourds-Muets. . 

3901. Soci6te d' Agriculture, Sciences et Arts de la Haute- 



3902. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 

EUROPE. 137 

ViLLAFRANCA or Villefranche-sur-Mer (AIpes-Mariftmes), 

[Laboratoire Busse. (Same as Laboratoire de Zoolo- 


3903. Laboratoire de Zoologie. 

3904. Marine Biological Laboratory. 

3905. Station Viticole. 

ViRE (Calvados). • 

[Soci6te Viroise d'Emulation pour le Developpement 
des Belles-Lettres, Sciences, Arts et de Tlndustrie. 

Vitry-le-Francois (Mame). 

3906. Soci6t6 des Sciences et Arts de Vitry-le-Francois. 

Viviers (Ardeche). 

[Bulletin d^Histoire Eccl&iastique et d'Arch6ologie Re- 
ligieuse. (See Valence.)] 

3907. Observatoire. 

Volone (BasseS'Alpes). 

[Soci6t6 Scientifique et Litt6raire des Basses- Alpes. (At 

3908. Station Agronomique. 


3909. Laboratoire de Zoologie. 

Aachex (Prussia). 

3910. Aachener Qeschichts-Verein. 

3911. Botanischer Garten. 

3912. " Farber-Zeitung." 

3913. Konigliche Technische Hochschule. (Formerly Konig- 

liche Westfalische Polytechnische Hochschule^ 
later Konigliches Polytechnikum.) 

3914. Meteorologische Station. 

3915. Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft. 

3916. Stadt-BibUothek. 

3917. Vereins Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

3918. " Volksfreund (Der)." 


[Botanischer Garten. (See Aachen.)] 

Alfeld (Prussia). 

3919. Lehrer Seminar. 


Allenbubg (Prussia). 

[Gesannnt-Verein der Deutschen Geschichts- und Alter- 
thums-Vereine. (See Berlin.)] 

Altdobf (Bavaria). 

3920. Kxeis Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Altena (Prussia). 

3921. Verein fiir Orts- und Heimath-Kunde im Siiderlande. 

Altenburg (Saxe-Weimar). 

[Agricultur Station. (Ceaaed to exist.)] 

3922. " Altenburger Zeitung fiir Stadt und Land.'' 

3923. Bienenwirthschaftlicher Verein. 

3924. Dentscher Geometer-Verein. 

3926. Geschichts und Alterthumsforschende Geselkchaft des 

3926. Landwirthschaftliche Schule. 
[Landwirthschaftlicher Verein. (Ceased to exist.)] 

3927. Naturforschende GeseUschaft des Osterlandes. 

3928. Pomologische GeseUschaft. 

Altona (Prussia). 

3929. Konigliches Kommerz-KoUegium. 

3930. Koniglich Preussische Navigations-Schule. 

3931. Statistisches Bureau der Stadt Altona. 

• [Stemwarte. (See Konigliche Sternwarte, Kiel.)] 

3932. Thierschutz- Verein. 

Ambebg (Bavaria). 

3933. Konigliche Provincial Bibliothek. 

Anqebbxtbg (Prussia). 

3934. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Annabbbg (Saxony). 

3986. Annaberg-Buchholzer Verein fiir Naturkunde. 

Ansbaoh (Bavaria). 

3936. Historischer Verein in Mittelfranken. 

3937. Stadt-Taubstummen Anstalt. 

3938. Stadt Taubstummen-Schule. 

Apolda (Saxe-Weimar). 

3939. Grossherzogliche Zimmermann'sche Bealschule. 

Abnenosee (Saxony). 

[Control-Station. (See Tharand, Samen Control-Sta- 

EUBOPE. 139 

Arxsbebo {Prussia). 

3940. Hifitorischer Verein fiir das Herzogthum Westfalen. 

3941. Landes-Kultur-Oesellschaft fiir den Regierungsbezirk 


Arnstadt (SchwarzburgSondershausen), 

3942. BotaniBcher Verein *' Irmisehia." 

3943. " Deutsche Botanische Monataschrift." 

3944. Purstliches Gymnasium. 

Abolsen (Waldeck). 

3945. Landes-Direktor der Fiirstenthiimer Waldeek und 


3946. Landwirthsehaftlicher Verein im Fiirstenthum Wal- 


AscHA]?FENBUBG (BavaHa), 

[" Hedwigia." (See Berlin.)] 

3947. Konigliche Bayerisehe Forst Lehr-Anstalt. 
[Konigliehe Forst-Akademie. (See K. B. Forst Lehr- 

3948. Konigliche Hof-Bibliothek. 

3949. Universitat. 

AuosBUBO (Bavaria), 

[Deutscher Apotheker- Verein. (See Rostock.)] 

3950. Historischer Verein von Schwaben und Neuburg. 

3951. Kreis- \md Stadtbibliothek. 

3952. Kreis Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

3953. Landes A^ersuchs-Station. 

3954. Landwirthsehaftlicher Verein fiir Schwaben und Neu- 

[Naturhistorischer Verein. (See Naturwissenschaft- 
licher Verein.)] 

3955. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein fur Schwaben und Neu- 


3956. " Neue Augsburger Zeitung.*' 

3957. " Seifensieder-Zeitung.'' 

3958. " Wochenblatt fur das Christliche Volk/' 

3959. " Wochenschrift fiir Thierheilkunde und Viehzncht." 

AuBiCH (Prussia), 

3960. Lehrer-Seminar. 

Baden-Badex (Baden). 

3961. Grossherzogliche Hohere Madchenschiile. 


Bamberg {Bavaria). 

3962. Botanischer Garten. 

3963. Gewerbe Verein. 

3964. Historischer Verein zu Bamberg. 

3965. Konigliehe Bibliothek. 

3966. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

3967. Sternwarte. 

3968. Vereins Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Bautzen (Saxony). 

3969. " Macica Serbska.^' 

Bayreuth (Bavaria). 

3970. Historischer Verein fiir Oberfranken. 

3971. Kreis Taubstitmmen Anstalt. 

3972. Polytechnische Gesellschaft. 

3973. Versuchs Station. 

Bendorf [bei Koblenz] (Prussia). 

[Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Psychiatrie und Gerichtliche 
Psychologic. (Defunct.)] 

Benshbim (Hesse). 

3974. Grosh. Hess. Taubstummen Institut. 

Berlin (Prussia). 

[Seine Majestat der Kaiser von Deutschland, Konig^ 
von Preussen. (See Konigliehe Haus-Bibliothek.)] 

[Academia Litterarum Begise Borussicae. (See Konig- 
liehe Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften.)] 

[Afrikanische Gesellschaft. (Defunct.)] 

3975. Akademischer Verein fiir Astronomie und Physik. 
[Akklimatisations Verein. (Dissolved.)] 

3976. Allgemeine Deutsche Ornithologische Gesellschaft. 

3977. Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschaft. 

3978. Anatomisch-Zootomische Sammlung der Universitiit. 

3979. Archaologische Gesellschaft. 

3980. Architekten Verein. 

3981. Berliner Apotheker Verein. 

3982. Berliner Aquarium. 

3983. Berliner Entomologischer Verein. 

3984. Berliner Frobel Verein. 

3985. Berliner Gesellschaft fiir Anthropologic, Ethnologie 

imd Urgeschichte. 

3986. Berliner Gesellschaft fiir Deutsche Sprache. 

3987. Berliner Gesellschaft fiir Deutsche Sprache und Alter- 


EUROPE. 141 

Berlin (Prussia). — Continued. 

'3988. Berliner Gesellschaft fiir das Studiura der Neueren 

3989. Berliner Herbarium. 

3990. Berliner Klinstler Verein. 

3991. Berliner Medizinische Gesellschaft. 

3992. Berliner Militararztliche Gesellschaft. 

3993. Berliner Stadtisches Krankenhaus. 

3994. Berliner Verein Homoopatischer Aerzte. 

3995. Berliner Zahnarztlicher Verein. 

3996. Berliner Zweig- Verein der Deutschen Meteorologischen 


3997. Beuth-Schinckel Museum. 

3998. Bibliographisches Bureau zu Berlin. 

3999. Bibliotheca Philologica Classica. 

4000. Bibliothek des Hauses der Abgeordneten. 

4001. Bildungs- Verein. 

4002. Botanischer Garten der Universitat. 

4003. Botanisches Institut der Universitat. 

4004. Botanisches Museum der Universitat. 

4005. Botanischer Verein der Provinz Brandenburg. 

4006. Bureau fiir Praktische Geologic. (22 Schiller Strasse, 

[Burgomeister. (See Magistrat der Hauptstadt.)] 

4007. Central-Ausschuss der Berliner Aerztlichen Bezirks 

[Central-Ausschuss des Deutschen und Oesterreich- 

ischen Alpen Vereins. (See Graz, Austria.)] 
[Centralbureau der Internationalen Erdraessung. (In 


4008. Central-Bureau fiir den Weltverkehr. 

4009. Central-Directfon der Monumente Germanice. 

4010. Central-Institut fiir Akklimatisation in Deutschland. 

4011. Central-Komit6 des Deutschen Vereins vom Eothen 


4012. Central- Verband der Kaufleute Deutschlands. 

4013. Central- Verein fiir Handels-Geographie und Forderung 

der Interessen Deutschlands im Auslande. 

4014. Central- Verein fur das Wohl der Arbeitenden Klassen. 

4015. Charity Krankenhaus. 

[Charlottenburg Polytechnikum. (See Koniglich 
. Preussische Technische Hochschule.)] 

4016. Chemisches Laboratorium der Universitat. 

4017. Chirurgische Klinik der Universitat. 

4018. Christlich-Archaologische Kunst-Sammlung der Uni- • 




Beklin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4019. Commission fiir die Beobachtang des Venus-Durch- 


4020. " Cypria " Verein der Gefliigelfrennde in Berlin. 

4021. Deutscher Akademischer Verein fiir Harmonische 


4022. Deutsche Bolanische G^ellschaft. 

4023. Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft. 

[Deutsche Edison Gesellschaft. (Now AUgemeine 
Elektricitats Gesellschaft.)] 

4024. Deutsche Entomologische Gesellschaft. 

[Deutscher Entomologischer Verein. (See Deutsche 
Entomologische Gesellschaft and Berliner Entomo- 
logischer Verein.)] 

4025. Deutscher Ethnologischer Verein. 

4026. Deutscher Fischerei-Verein. 

4027. Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft. 

4028. Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Chirurgie. 

4029. Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Erforschung Aequatorial 


4030. Deutsche G^ellschaft zur Hebung des Flachsbaues. 

4031. Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Mechanik und Optik. 

4032. Deutsche Gesellschaft fiirOeffentlicheGesundheitspflege. 

4033. Deutscher Handels-Vereini 

4034. Deutscher Juristentag. 

4035. Deutscher Kolonial Gesellschaft. 

4036. Deutsche Landwirthschaftliche Gesellschaft. 

4037. Deutscher Landwirthschaftsrath. 

4038. Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft. 

4039. Deutscher \md Oesterreichischer Alpen-Verein — Sec- 

tion Berlin. ^^ 

4040. Deutsche Orientalische (Jesellschaft. 

[Deutsche Omithologische Gesellschaft. (See AUge- 
meine Deutsche Omithologische G^esellschaft.)] 

4041. Deutscher Patent-Schutz- Verein. 

4042. Deutsche Beichstags Bibliothek. 
4(43. Deutsche Schiller Gesellschaft. 
4^ •44. Deutsches Sehulmuseum. 

[ Deutscher Seefischerei Verein. (See Hannover.)] 
rr^eutsche Shakspeare Gesellschaft. (See Weimar.)] 
4^^: I^ut**c'he Treuhand Gesellschaft. 
•—• *i 3»er»t-cher Yerein zur Forderung von Luftsehifffahrt. 
— !' l^emscher Terein fur Medizinische Statist ik. 
•vK l»ei:»fC!i€r Terein zum Schutze der Vogelwelt. 

L»€::«-^t!^ Terein ftir Vogelzucht imd Akklimatisation. 
•• Aenntha/') 

• EUROPE. 143 

Berlin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4049b. Deutsche Zoologische Oesellschaft. 

4050. Direction der Technischen Staatslehranstalten. 

4051. Elektrotechnischer Verein. 

[Entomologischer Verein.. (See Berliner Entomolog- 
ischer Verein.)] 

4052. Evangelisches Missionshaus. 

[Faculty de M^decine. (See Medizinische Facultat.)] 

4053. Falls's Bealgymnaaium. 

4054. Federated Chamber of Commerce of Germany. 

4055. Frauen-Klinik der XJniversitat. ^ 

4056. Freihandelfi Verein. 

4057. Geburtfihiilfliche \md Gynakologische Klinik der XJni- 


4058. General- Verwaltung der Koniglichen Museen. 

4059. Geographisch-Statistische Abtheilung des General-Stabes. 

4060. Gesanmit- Verein der Deutschen Geschichts- und Alter- 

thums Vereine. 

4061. Gesellschaft der Charity Aerzte. 

4062. Gesellschaft fiir Deutsche Philologie. 
^ 4063. Gesellschaft fiir Erdkunde. 

4064. Gesellschaft fiir Experimental Psychologic. 

4065. Gesellschaft der Gartenfreunde Berlins. 

4066. Gesellschaft fiir Geburtshiilfe und Gynakologie. 

4067. Gesellschaft fiir Heilkunde. 

[Gesellschaft fiir Mikroskopie. (Unknown to the Gen- 
eral Post Office.)] 

4068. Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde. 
4069! Gesellschaft Urania. 

4070. Gresellschaft fiir Verbreitxmg von Volksbildung. 

4071. Gymnasiallehrer- und Realschullehrer Verein. 

4072. Hauptbibliothek des Reichs-Marine-Amts. 

4073. *' Herold '^ Verein fiir Siegel und Wappenkimde. 

4074. Historische Gesellschaft. 

4076. Historisches Museum. (HohenzoUem Museum.) 

[Horticultur Gesellschaft. (See Verein zur Beford- 
erung des Gartenbaues in den K. Pr. Staaten.)] 

4076. Hufelandische Medizinische Gesellschaft. 
[Hydrographisches Amt des Eeichs-Marine-Amts. (See 

Nautische Abtheilung des Eeichs-Marine-Amts.)] 

4077. Institut fiir Pathologische Anatomic. (Universitat.) 

4078. Juristen Gesellschaft. 

4079. Kaiser und Kaiserin Friedrich Kinder-Krankenhaus. 
[Kaiserliche Admiralitats Haupt-Bibliothek. (See Xo. 

[Kaiserliches Admiralitats-Hydrographiscli es Amt . 
(See No. 4173.)] 


Berlin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4080. Kaiserliches Answartiges Amt. 

4081. Kaiserliches Bundes-Amt fiir das Heimathswesen. 

4082. Kaiserliches Gesundheits-Amt. 

4083. Kaiserliche Normal-Aichungs-Kominission. 

4084. Kaiserliches Ober-See-Amt, 

4085. Kaiserliches Patent-Amt. 

4086. Kaiserliches Reichs-Amt des Innern. 

[Kaiserliche Reichs-Commission fiir die Welt-Ausstel- 
lung in Chicago, 1893. (Dissolved.)] 

4087. Kaiserliche Reichs-Druckerei. 

4088. Kaiserliches Reichs-Eisenbahn-Amt. 

4089. Kaiserliches Reichs-Justiz-Amt. 

4090. Kaiserliches Reichs-Marine-Amt. 

4091. Kaiserliches Reichs-Post-Amt. 

[Kaiserliches Reichs-Schatz-Amt. (Does not wish to 
receive publications.)] 

4092. Kaiserliche Reichs-Schul-Kommission. 

4093. Kaiserliches Statistisches Amt. 

4094. Kaiserliche Technische Kommission fiir Seeschifffahrt. 

4095. Kindergarten Anstalt fiir Taubstummen. 

4096. Klinik fiir Chirurgie. (Universitat.) 

4097. Klinik fur Kinderkrankheiten. (Universitat.) 

4098. Klinik fiir Nerven und Psyehische Krankheiten. (Uni- 


4099. Klinik und Poliklinik fiir Augenkrankheiten. (l-ni- 


4100. Klinik und Poliklinik fur Ohrenkrankheiten. (Uni- 


4101. Klinik fiir Syphilis und Haut-Krankheiten. (Univer- 


4102. Kongress Deutscher Landwirthe. 

4103. Konigliche Artillerie und Ingenieur Schule. (Charlot- 


4104. Konigliche Bibliothek. 

[Konigliche Blinden-Anstalt. (See Steglitz.)] 

4105. Koniglicher Botanischer Garten. 

4106. Konigliches Botanisches Museum. 

4107. Konigliche Chemisch-Technische Versuchs-Anstalt. 

4108. Konigliche Haus-Bibliothek. 

4109. Konigliches Kunst-Gewerbe Museum. 

4110. Konigliche Landwirthschaftliche Hochschule. 
[Konigliche Museen. (See General-Verwaltung, etc.)] 

4111. Konigliches Museum fiir Naturkunde. 

4112. Konigliches Museum fiir Volkerkimde. 

4113. Koniglich Preussische Akademie des Bauwesens. 

EUBOPE. 145 

Eerlix (Prussia), — Continued. 

4114. Koniglich PreuBsische Akademie der Kiinste. 

4115. Koniglich Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften. 

4116. Koniglich Preussische Artillerie-Priifungs-Kommission. 

4117. Koniglich Preussisches Pinanz-Ministerinm. 

4118. Koniglich Preussischer Qeneral-Stab der Armee. 
[Koniglich Preussisches Geodatisches Institut. (See 


4119. Koniglich Preussische Geologische Landes-Anstalt und 


4120. Koniglich Preussisches Gesetz-Sammlungs-Amt. 

4121. Koniglich Preussisches Herrenhaus. 

4122. Koniglich Preussisches Justiz-Minieterium. 

4123. Koniglich Preussische Ejiegs-Akademie. 

4124. Koniglich Preussisches Kriegs-Ministerium. 

4125. Koniglich Preussische Landes-Aufnahme. 

4126. Koniglich Preussisches Landes-Oekonomie KoUegium. 

4127. Koniglich Preussische Landes-Vertheidigungs-Kommis- 


4128. Koniglich Preussische Mechanisch Teclmische Ver- 


4129. Koniglich Preussisches Meteorologisches Institut. 

4130. Koniglich Preussisches Ministerium der Auswartigen 


4131. Koniglich Preussisches Ministerium der Geistlichen-, 

Unterrichts-, und Medicinal-Angelegenheiten. 

4132. Koniglich Preussisches Ministerium fiir Handel und 


4133. Koniglich Preussisches Ministerium des Innem. 

4134. Koniglich Preussisches Ministerium des Koniglichen 


4135. Koniglich Preussisches Ministerium fiir Jjandwirth- 

schaft, Domanen und Forsten. 

4136. Koniglich Preussisches Ministerium fiir Oeffentliche 


4137. Koniglich Preussische Miinze. 

4138. Koniglich Preussisches Ober-Berg-Amt. 

4139. Koniglich Preussische Staats-Archive. 

4140. Koniglich Preussisches Staats Ministerium. 

4141. Koniglich Preussisches Statistisches Bureau. 

4142. Koniglich Preussische Statistische Central Kommission. 

4143. Koniglich Preussisches Strafgefangniss am Plotzensee. 

4144. Koniglich Preussisches Topographisches Bureau im 

Grossen General Stab. 

4145. Konigliche Sternwarte. 

4146. Konigliche Taubstummen Anstalt. 


Beblin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4147. Konigliche Technische Hochschnle. 

4148. KonigUche Thierarztliche Hochschnle. 

4149. Konigliche XJniversitats-Bibliothek. 

4150. Eoiegsgeschichtliche Abtheilnng im Grossen General- 


4151. Landwirthschaftlicher Club. 
[Landwirthschaftliche Hochschule. (See Konigliche 

Landwirthschaftliche Hochschule.)] 

4152. Landwirthschaftlicher Verein der Provinz Branden- 


4153. Lehrer-Seminar. 

4154. Lehrerinnen-Seminar. 

4155. Linnaea, Naturhistorisches Institut. 

4156. Literarischer Club. 

4157. Luftschiflfer-Abtheilxmg der Annee. 

4158. Magistrat der Hauptstadt. 

4159. Markisches Provinzial Museum. 

4160. Mathematischer Verein der Koniglichen Universitat. 
[Medical Library of Berlin. (See Berliner Medicinische 


4161. Medizinische Abtheilung im K. Pr. Kriegs-Ministerium. 

4162. Medizinisch-Chirurgische Akademie fiir das Militar. 

4163. Medizinisch-Chirurgisches Priedrich-Wilhelms Institut. 

4164. Medizinisch-Chirurgische Gesellschaft. 

4165. Medicinische Facultat der Universitat. 

4166. Medizinische Klinik der Universitat. 

4167. Medizinisch-Padagogischer Verein. 

4168. Militarische Gesellschaft. 

4169. Mineralien Kabinet der Universitat. 

4170. Mineralogisch-Petrographisches Institut. 

4171. Nachrichten Bureau des Grossen General-Stabs. 

4172. National Gallerie. 

4173. Nautische Abtheilung des Reichs-Marine-Amts. 

4174. Numismatische Gesellschaft. 

4175. "Ornis," Gesellschaft fiir Vogel-Kunde und Liebha- 


4176. Pflanzen Physiologisches Institut der Universitat. 

4177. Pharmakologisches Institut der Universitat. 

4178. Philologischer Verein. 
41T9. Philosophische Gesellschaft. 

4180. Photographischer Verein zu Berlin. 

4181. Physikalische Gesellschaft. 

4182. Physikalisches Institut der Universitat. 

4183. Physikalisch-Technische Eeichs-Anstalt. 

4184. Physiologische Gesellschaft. 

EUKOPE. 147 

Berlin (Prussia), — Continued. 

4185. Physiologisches Institut der Uiiiversitat. 

4186. Poliklinik der Universitat. 

4187. Polytechnische Gesellschaft. 

4188. PreusBlsche Haupt Bibel-Oesellschaft. 

4189. Psychiatrischer Verein. 

4190. Ranch Mnsenm. 

4191. Recheninstitnt der Koniglichen Stemwarte. 

4192. Schule des General-Stabs der Koniglich Preussischen 

[Soeietat fiir Psychiatrie. (See Verein fiir Psychiatrie.)] 

4193. Staatswissenschaftlieh-Statistisehes Seminar der Uni- 


4194. Stadt Bibliothek. 

4195. Stadt Volksbibliothek. 

• 4196. Stadtisches Krankenhaus Moabit. 

4197. Stadtische Taubstummen Anstalt. 

4198. Statistisches Amt der Stadt Berlin. 

4199. Stenograpbischer Verein. 

4200. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4201. Technische Deputation fiir Gewerbe. 

4202. Technologisches Institut. 

4203. Thierarztlicher Verein der Mark Brandenburg. 

4204. Thierschutz Verein. 

4205. Union International de Droit P6nal. 

4206. United States Consul General. 

4207. United States Embassy. 

4208. Verband Deutscher Arehitekten- und Ingenieur Ver- 


4209. Verein der Aerzte und Wundarzte. 

4210. Verein zur Beforderung des Gartenbaues in den Konig- 

lich PreuBsischen Staaten. 

4211. Verein zur Beforderung des Gewerbefleisses. 

4212. Verein Berliner Buchhandler. 

4213. Verein Deutscher Eisenbahn-Verwaltungen. 

4214. Verein Deutscher Ingenieure. 

4215. Verein der Deutschen Irrenarzte. 

4216. Verein fiir die Deutsche literatur. 

4217. Verein Deutscher Maschinen-Ingenieure. 
[Verein fiir Deutsche Statistik. (Defunct.)J 

4218. Verein fiir Deutsche Volkwirthschaft. 

4219. Verein fiir Eisenbahnkunde. 

4220. Verein fiir Feuerbestattung. 

4221. Verein zur Forderung der Handelsfreiheit. 

4222. Verein zur Forderung der Moorkultur im Deutschen 



Beblin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4223. Verein zur Fordening der Photographic. 

4224. Verein fur die Geschichte Berlins. 

4225. Verein fiir die Geschichte der Mark Brandenburg. 

4226. Verein fiir Innere Medizin. 

4227. Verein fiir Praktische Thierarzte. 

4228. Verein der Preussischen Rechts-Anwiilte. 

4229. Verein fiir Psychiatric. 

4230. Verein fur Religiose Kunst in der Evangelischen 


4231. Verein fiir die Riibenzucker Industrie des Deutsehen 


4232. Verein der Spiiitus-Fabrikanten in Deutschland. 

4233. Verein fiir Vereinigte Berliner Kaufleute und Indus- 


4234. Verein fiir Volkskunde. 

4235. Vereinigung von Freunden der Astronomic und Kos- 

mischen Physik. 

4236. Versuchs- und Lehranstalt fiir Brauerei in Berlin. 

4237. Volkswirthschaftliche Gesellschaft. 

4238. Volkswirthschafts-Rath. 

4239. Wisscnschaftlichcr Central Verein. 

4240. Zicglcr und Kalkbrenner Verein. 

4241. Zoologischer Garten. 

4242. Zoologisches Museum der ITniversitat. 

Journals and Periodicals. 

4243. AUgemeine Deutsche TJniversitats-Zeitung. 

4244. AUgemeine Medizinische Central Zeitung. 

4245. AUgemeine Zeitschrift fur Psychiatric und Psychiat- 

risch-Gcrichtlichc Medizin. 
[Annalen fiir die Hydrographie. (See Nautisehe Ab- 
theilung des Reichs-Marine-Amts.)] 

4246. Apotheker-Zeitung. 

4247. Arbeiterfreund. 

4248. Archaologische Zeitschrift. 

4249. Archiv fur die Artillerie- und Ingenieur Officiere des 

Deutsehen Reichsheeres. 

4250. Archiv fiir Christliche Kunst. 

4251. Archiv des Deutsehen Landwirthschaftsraths. 

4252. Archiv fiir Eisenbahnweson. 

4253. Archiv fiir Gynakologie. 

4254. Archiv fiir Kinderheilkunde. 

[Archiv fiir Kirchliohe Kunst. (Ceased to exist.)] 

4255. Archiv fiir Klinische Chirurgie. 

4256. Archiv fiir Mathematik. 

EUROPE. 149 

Berlin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4257. Archiv fiir Natnrgeschichte. 

4258. Archiv fiir Neuere Sprachen. 

4259. Archiv fiir Pathologische Anatomic. 

4260. Archiv der Pharmacie. 

4261. Archiv fiir Psychiatric und Nervenkrankheiten. 

4262. Archiv fiir Slavische Philologie. 

4263. Archiv fiir Soziale Gesetzgebung iind Statistik. 

4264. Archiv fur Syphilis und Hautkrankheiten. 

4265. Archiv fiir Theorie und Praxis des Handelsrechts. 

4266. Archiv fiir Wissenschaftliche und Praktische Thierheil- 

[Aus Allen Zeiten und Landen. (Discontinued.)] 

4267. Bank- und Handels-Zeitung. 

4268. Berg- und Hiittenmannische Zeitung. 
* 4269. Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch. 

4270. Berliner Blatter fiir Naturgemasse Lebensweise. 

4271. Berliner Entomologische Zeitschrift. 

4272. Berliner Klinik. 

4273. Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift. 

4274. Berliner Missions-Berichte. 

4275. Berliner Miinzblatter. 

4276. Berliner Philologische Wochenschrift. 
[" Berliner Presse." (Ceased to exist.)] 

4277. Berliner Tagsblatt. 

4278. Biologisches Central-Blatt. 

4279. Blatter fiir Taubstummenbildung. 

[Botanischer Jahresbericht. (See Jahrbuch fur Wis- 
senschaftliche Botanik.)] 

4280. Botanischer Jahresbericht fiir Systematik der Pflanzen- 

geschichte und Pflanzengeographie. 

4281. Botanische Zeitung. 

4282. Buchgewerbe (Das). (Berliner Blatter fiir den Graphi- 

schen Weltverkehr.) 

4283. Centralblatt (Der). 

4284. Central-Blatt fiir Chirurgie. 

4285. Central-Blatt fiir die Gesammte Unterrichts V'erwaltung 

in Preussen. 

4286. Central-Blatt fiir Klinische Medicin. 

4287. Central-Blatt fiir die Medizinische Wissenschaft. 

4288. Central-Blatt der Orthopadischen Chirurgie. 

4289. Central-Blatt fiir Physiologic. 

4290. Central-Blatt fiir W. Stoltze's Stenographic. 

4291. Chemiker-Kalender. 

4292. Chemische Industrie. 

4293. Chemisch-Technisches Wochenbktt. 


Bbblin (Prussia), — Continued. 

4294. Commiinal-Blatt fiir die Haupt- iind Eesidenz-Stadt 


4295. Deutsche Bauzeitung. 

4296. Deutsche Blatter fiir Stenographie. 

4297. Deutsche Chemiker-Zeitung. 

4298. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift. 

4299. Deutsche Fischerei Zeitung. 

4300. Deutsche Gemeinde-Zeitung. 

4301. Deutsche Gerber-Zeitung. 

4302. Deutsches Handels-Archiv. 

4303. Deutscher Handelstag. 

4304. Deutsche Heeres Zeitung. 

4305. Deutsche Herald (Der). 

4306. Deutsche Konsulats Zeitung. 

4307. Deutsche Landwirthschaftliche Presse. 

4308. Deutsche Lehrer Zeitung. 

4309. Deutsche Litteratur-Zeitung. 

4310. Deutsche Medizinal Zeitung. 

4311. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift. 

4312. Deutsche Militararztliche Zeitung. 

4313. Deutsche Molkerei-Zeitung. 

4314. Deutscher Reichs- und Koniglich-Preussischer Staats- 


4315. Deutsche Revue. 

4316. Deutsche Rundschau. 

4317. Deutsche Schulmann (Der). 

4318. Deutsche Schulzeitung. 

4319. Deutsche Thierschutz Zeitung. 

4320. Deutsche Topfer- und Ziegler-Zeitung. 

4321. Deutsche Uhrmacher-Zeitung. 

4322. Deutsche Zuckerindustrie. 

4323. Eisen Zeitung. 

4324. Elektrotechnischer Anzeiger. 

4325. Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift. 

4326. Entomologische Nachrichten. 

4327. Ethnologisches Notizblatt. 

4328. Export {Der). 
[Farben-Industrie. (Ceased to exist.)] 

4329. Forstwissenschaftliches Central-Blatt. 

4330. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Chemie der N"ah- 

rungs- und Genussmittel. 

4331. Fortschritte der Industrie. 

4332. Fortschritte der Medicin. 

4333. Fortschritte der Physik. 

4334. Freisinnige Zeitung. 

EUROPE. 151 

Beblin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4335. Qartenflora. 

4336. Gefiederte Welt. 

4337. Gegenwart (Die). 

4338. Gesetz-Sammlung fiir die Koniglieh Preussischen 


4339. Glasers Annalen fiir (Jewerbe und PJauwesen. 

4340. Globus. 

4341. [von] Graefe's Archiv fiir Ophthalmologic. 

4342. Gninert Archiv fiir die Mathematik. 

4343. Hebraische Bibliographic. 

4344. Hedwigia. 

4345. Hermes Zeitschrift fiir Klassische Philologie. 

4346. Himmel und Erde. 

4347. Hintz' Modeme Hauser. 

4348. Ulustrirtc Fraucn-Zeitung. 

4349. Ulustrirtc Roman-Zcitung. 

4350. Industrie Blatter. 

4351. Internationalcr Wisscnschaftlicher Litterarischer Mon- 


4352. "Isis," Zeitschrift fiir alle Naturwissenschaftlichc 


4353. Jahrbuch fiir die Deutsche Armec und Marine. 

4354. Jahrbuch uber den Fortschritt der Klassischen Alter- 


4355. Jahrbuch iiber die Fortschritte der Mathematik. 

4356. Jahrbuch iiber die Germanische Philologie. 

4357. Jahrbuch des Koniglichen Botanischen Gartens. 

4358. Jahrbuch der Koniglichen Kunstsammlimgen. 

4359. Jahrbuch fur Praktische Aerzte. 

4360. Jahrbuch fiir Wissenschaftliche Botanik. 

4361. Jahresbericht iiber den Fortschritt auf dem Gebiete der 

Gesammten Agriculturchemie. 

4362. Jahresbericht der Geschichts-Wissenschaft. 

4363. Jahresberichte uber die Leistungen und Fortschritte in 

der Anatomic und Physiologic. 

4364. Jahresberichte uber die Leistungen der Gesammten 

[Jahresberichte der Physiologic. (See Jahresberichte 
liber die Leistungen und Fortschritte in der Ana- 
tomic und Physiologic.)] 

4365. Jahres-Rundschau fiir Chemische Industrie. 
[Journal of Medical Jurisprudence. (Vierteljahrs- 

schrift fur Gerichtliche Medizin, etc.)] 

4366. Journal fur Omithologie. 

4367. Journal fiir die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik. 


Berlin (Prussia), — Continued. 

4368. Jnristische Wochenschrift. 

4369. Landwirthschaftliche Jahrbiicher. 

4370. Linnaea. 

4371. Magazin fiir die Jiidische Geschichte und Literatur. 

4372. Magazin fiir Litterattir. 

4373. Magazin fiir Stenographie. 

4374. Mechaniker (Der). 

4375. Medizinisch-Padagogische Monatsehrift fiir Spraeh- 


4376. Meteorologische Zeitschrift. 

4377. Militar Wochenblatt. 

[Molkerei-Zeitung. (See Deutsche Molkerei Zeitung.)} 

4378. Monatsclirift fiir Kakteenkunde. 

4379. Monatsehrift fur Ohrenheilkunde. 

4380. Nachriehten fiir Seefahrer. 

4381. Nation. 

4382. Naturae Novitates. 

[Naturforseher (Der). (See Naturwissenschaftliche 
Wochenschrift.) ] 

4383. Naturwissenschaftliche Bundschau. 

4384. Naturwissenschaftliche Wochenschrift. 

4385. Nautisches Jahrbuch. 

4386. Neue Aera. 

4387. Neue Deutsche Schul Zeitung. 

[Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Geologic und Pal- 
aontologie. (In Stuttgart.)] 

4388. Neue Zeitschrift fur Eiibenzucker-Industrie. 

4389. Oriftitalische Bibliographic. 

4390. Ornithologische Monatsberichte. 

4391. Padagogischer Anzeiger. 

4392. Padagogisches Archiv. 

4393. Padagogisches Intelligenz-Blatt. 

4394. Padagogische Zeitung. 

4395. Papier Zeitung. 

4396. Patent-Blatt. 

4397. Polytechnisches Centralblatt. 

4398. Preussische Jahrbiicher. 

4399. Prometheus. 

4400. Provinzial Correspondenz. 

4401. Eomen's Journal fiir Textil-Industrie. 

4402. Rothe Kreuz (Das). 

4403. Rund urn die Welt. 

4404. Sammler (Der). 

4405. Seifenfabrikant. 

4406. Selbstverwaltung (Die). 

EUROPE. I :i;i 

Berlin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4407. Sozialpolitisches Centralblati. 

4408. Statistische Correspondenz. 

4409. Taubstummenfreund. 

4410. Technisches-Chemifiches Jahrbuch. 

4411. Therapeutische Monatschrift. 

4412. Universal Market. 

4413. VeAandlungen fiir Gewerbefleiss. 

4414. Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Gerichtliche Medizin und 

Oeflfentliehes Sanitatswesen. 

4415. Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Heraldik, Si)hragistik iind Gen- 

[Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Volkswirthscliaft und Kul- 

turgeschichte. (Ceased to exist.)] 
[Vortrage uber Gesundheitspflege und Rettungswesen. 


4416. Wassersport. 

[Wiedemann's Annalen der Physik und Chemie. (Now 

in Erlangen.)] 
[Wissenschaftliche Wochenschrift. (Identical with 

Naturwissenschaftliche Wochenschrift.)] 

4417. Wissenschaftlich-Litterarischer Monatsbericht. 
[Zeitschrift fiir Allgemeine Erdkunde. (Now Zeit- 

schrift der Gesellschaft fiir Erdkunde.)] 

4418. Zeitschrift fiir Angewandte Chemie. 

4419. Zeitschrift fiir das Bauwesen. 

4420. Zeitschrift fur Beleuchtungswesen. 

4421. Zeitschrift fiir das Berg-, Hiitten- und Salinenwesen. 

4422. Zeitschrift fiir Deutsches Alterthum und Deutsche 


4423. Zeitschrift fiir Ethnologic. 

4424. Zeitschrift fiir Gartenbau und Gartenkunst. 
[Zeitschrift fiir die Gesammten Naturwissenschaften. 

(In Halle.)] 

4425. Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft fiir Erdkunde. 

4426. Zeitschrift fiir Instrumentenkunde. 

4427. Zeitschrift fiir Klinische Medizin. 

4428. Zeitschrift fiir Luftschifffahrt und Physik der Atmos- 

4129. Zeitschrift fiir Mikroskopie. 

4430. Zeitschrift fiir Mikroskopie und Fleischschau. 

4431. Zeitschrift fiir Numismatik. 

4432. Zeitschrift fiir Oologie. 

4433. Zeitschrift fiir den Physikalischen und Chemischen 


4434. Zeitschrift fiir Praktische Geologic. 


Berlin (Prussia). — Continued. 

4435. Zeitschrift fiir Psychiatrie. 

4436. Zeitschrift der Savigny Stiftung fiir Rechtsgeschichte. 

4437. Zeitschrift fiir Spiritusindustrie. 

4438. Zeitschrift des Vereins Deutscher Ingenieure. 

4439. Zeitschrift fiir Vergleichende Sprachforschimg. 

4440. Zeitschrift fiir Wissenschaftliche Landwirthschaft. 

4441. Zukunft (Die). 

Bernburo (AnhaU). 

4442. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

Beuthen (Prussia). 

4443. " Beuthener Zeitung." 

Bielepeld (Prussia). 

4444. Historischer Verein fiir die Grafschaft Ravensberg. 

Blankenbtjrg (Prussia). 

[Natnrwissenschaftlicher Verein des Harzes. (Super- 
seded by Grafliche Oeflfentliche Bibliothek, Werni- 

Blasewitz [bei Dresden] (Saxony). 

[Museum Ludwig Salvator. (In Meissen.)] 

Bonn (Prussia). 

4445. "Archiv fiir die Gesammte Physiologic des Menschen 

und der Thiere." 

4446. Bergischer Geschichts Verein. 

4447. Botanischer Garten. 

4448. '' Bronn's Thier Reich." 

4449. " Centralblatt fiir Allgemeine Gesundheitspflege." 
4460. " General Anzeiger." 

4451. Gorres Gesellschaft zur Pflege der Wissenschaft im 

Katholischen Deutschland. 
[" Hansa." (See Hamburg.)] 
[Historischer Verein fiir den Niederrhein. (In Koln.)] 

4452. Konigliches Gymnasium. 

4453. Konigliches Preussisches Ober-Berg-Amt. 

4454. Landwirthschaftlicher Central Verein fiir Rhein-Preus- 


4455. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

4456. Mineralogisches Museum und Institut der Universitat. 
4467. Mineralogisches und Palaontologisches Comptoir. 
4458. Naturhistorischer Verein der Preussischen Rheinlande, 

Westfalens und des Regierungsbezirks Osnabiiick. 
[Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. (See Naturhistor- 
ischer Verein, &c.)] 

EUROPE. 155 

Berlix (Pnissia). — Continued. 

4459. Niederrheinische Gesellschaft fiir Natur- imd Heil- 


4460. Niederrheinischer Verein fiir Oeffentliche Gesundheits- 


4461. Photometrisches Observatorium. 

4462. Physiologisches Institut der TJniversitat. 

4463. Rheinisches Mineralien Contor. 

4464. Societa Philologa. 

4465. Universitats Bibliothek. 

4466. Universitats Stemwarte. 

4467. Verband der Aerztlichen Vereine im Rheinland, Nassau, 

Westfalen und Lothringen. 

4468. Verein von Alterthumsfreunden im Rheinlande. 

4469. Zoologisches Museum und Institut der TJniversitat. 

BoNNiGHEDC (Wurtemberg). 

["Archiv fiir Anthropologic." (In Miinchen.)] 

4470. Konigliche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

BooTHCAMP [near Kiel] (Prussia). 

4471. Stemwarte. 

Braxdenbtjrg a. Havel (Prussia). 

[Botanischer Verein. (See Berlin, Botaniseher Verein 
der Provinz Brandenburg.)] 

4472. Historischer Verein. 

Braunsbbro (Prussia). 

4473. Historischer Verein fiir Ennland. 

4474. Konigliehes Lyceum Hosianum. 

4475. " Vereinigte Frauendorfer Blatter." 

Braunschweig (Brunswick). 

4476. " Archiv fiir Anthropologie.^' 

4477. "Archiv fiir das Studium der Neueren Sprachen und 


4478. Botanischer Garten. 

4479. Braunschweiger Thierschutz Verein. 

4480. " Braunschweigisches Schulblatt." 

4481. Deutsche Gesellschaft fiir Anthropologie, Ethnologic 

und XJrgeschichte. 

4482. Deutsche Ornithologische Gesellschaft. 

4483. " Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Oeffentliche Gosund- 

[Gartenbau Gesellschaft. (See Land^virthschaftlicher 
Central Verein des Herzogthums.)] 

4484. " Globus.'' 

4486. Herzogliches Naturhistorisches Museum. 


Braunschweig (Brunswick) . — Continued. 

4486. Herzogliche Ober-Schul CommisBion. 

4487. Herzogliche Technieche Hoehschule. 

4488. Landwirthschaftlicher Central- Verein des Herzog- 


4489. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs Station. 

4490. Ortsverein flir Geschichte und Alterthumsknnde. 

4491. Pennanentes Internationales Omithologisches Comity. 

4492. Stadt-Archiv. 

4493. Stadt Bibliothek. 

4494. Stadt Realschule. 

4495. Stadtische Madchenschule und Lehrerinnen Bildungs 


4496. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4497. Universitat. 

4498. Verein fiir Naturwissenschaften. 

4499. Verein fiir OeflEentliche Gesundheitspflege. 

4500. " Westennann's Illustrirte Deutsche Monatshefte." 


4501. Bibliothek des Museums. 

4502. Bremer Regierung. 

4503. Bureau fiir Bremische Statistik. 

4504. Gartenbau Verein fiir Bremen. 

4505. Geographische Gesellschaft. 

4506. Handels-Kammer. 

4507. Historische Gesellschaft des Kiinstler Vereins. 

4508. Landwirthschafts- Verein. 

4509. Meteorologisches Observatorium der Freien Hansestadt 


4510. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

4511. Nord-Deutscher Lloyd Dampfschiff Gesellschaft. 

4512. Observatorium der Navigations-Schule. 

4513. Preussische Moor Versuchs-Station. 

4514. Senats-Commission fiir das Unterrichtswesen. 

4515. Stadt Bibliothek. 

4516. Stadtisches Museum fiir Natur-, Volker- imd Handels- 


4517. Sternwarte des Herm Gibers. 

4518. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Bremervorde (Prussia), 

4519. Samen Kontroll Station. 

Breslau (Prussia). 

4520. Agricultur-botanische Versuchs Station. 

4521. Anatomisches Institut der Universitat. 

4522. '^ Beitrage zur Biologic der Pflanzen." 

EUHOPE. 157 

Breslau (Prussia), — Continued. 

4523. Blinden Anstalt. 

4524. " Botanisches Centralblatt." 

4525. Botanischer Garten. 

4526. Breslauer Dichterschule. 

4527. " Breslauer Morgen-Zeitung fur Breslau und Schlesien." 

4528. Centralblatt fur Anthropologie. 

4529. Deutscher und Oesterreichischer Alpen-Verein, Section 

4530. Koniglich Preussisches Ober-Berg-Amt. 

4531. Landwirthschaftlicher Central- Verein flir Schlesien. 

4532. Landwirthschaftlich Technologisches Institut der 

Koniglichen Universitat. 

4533. Lehrer-Seminar. 

4534. Physikalischer Verein. 

4535. Physiologisches Institut. 

4536. Sealgymnasium zum Heil. 

4537. Sehlesischer Central-Gewerbe-Verein. 

4538. Sehlesischer Forst- Verein. 

4539. Schlesische Gesellschaft fiir Vaterlandische Kultur. 

4540. " Schlesische Schul Zeitung." 

4541. Statistisches Amt der Stadt Breslau. 

4542. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4543. Thier Chemisches Institut. 

4544. Universitats Bibliothek. 

4545. Uniyersitats Sternwarte. 

4546. Verein Deutscher Studenten. 

4547. Verein fiir Geschichte und Alterthiinier Schlesiens. 

4548. Verein fur Geschichte der Bildenden Kunst. 

4549. Verein fiir das Museum Sehlesischer Alterthiimer. 

4550. Verein fiir Schlesische Insektenkunde. 

4551. Verein fur Unterricht und Erziehung von Taubstum- 

[Vereins-Taubstummen-Anstalt. (See Taubstummen- 

4552. Veterinarisches Institut der Universitat. 

4553. '' Zeitschrift fur Entomologie." 

4554. Zoologisches Museum. der Universitat. 

Brieo (Prussia). 

4555. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

Bhombbbg (Prussia). 

4566. Landwirthschaftlicher Central-A^erein fiir den Netze 

4557. Lehrer-Seminar. 

4558. Provinzial Taubstummen- Anstalt. 


Bruhl (Prussia). 

4559. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

BuDiNGEN (Hesse). 

4560. Verein fiir Naiurfrennde. 

BiJHL (Baden). 

4561. " Badische Schul Zeitung." 

BuREN (PriLSsia). 

4562. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Camberg, Bezirk Wiesbaden (Prussia). 

4563. Taubstummen-Institut. 

Cannstadt (Wilrtemherg). 

4564. " Wiirtembergischer Schul Anzeiger." 

Celle (Prussia). 

4565. " Journal fiir die Landwirthschaft." 

[Konigliche Landwirthschaft^-Gesellschaft. (See Han- 

Charlottenburg. (See Berlin.) 

Chemnitz (Saxony). 

4566. '' Deutsche Industrie Zeitung." 

4567. Handwerker- Verein. 

4568. Koniglich Sachsisches Meteorologisches Institut. 

4569. Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft. 

4570. "NeusteNachrichten.^' 

4571. Oeffentliche Handels-Lehr-Anstalt. 

[Sachsischer Ingenieur- und Architekten- Verein. (A 
branch of the " Dresden ^' Society.)] 

4572. Statistisches Bureau. 

4573. " Tageblatt Anzeiger." 

4574. Technische Staats-Lehr-Anstalt. 

4575. Verein fiir Chemnitzer Gesehichte. 

CoBURG (Coburg). 

4576. Landwirthschaftlicher Verein. 

CoLLN [bei Meissen] (Saxony), 

[Museum Ludwig Salvator. (In Meissen.) 

CoLMAR (Alsace). 

4577. Naturhistorische Gesellschaft. (Soci^te d'Histoire 


4578. Stadt Bibliothek. 

EUROPE. 159 

CoTHEX {Anhalt). 

4579. " Chemiker-Zeitung.'' 

Dahme (Prussia). 

4580. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

Dahkenwukth [bei Lunden] (Prussia). 

4581. "AmUrquell.'^ 

Danzig (Prussia). 

4582. Central- Verein West-Preussischer Landwirthe. 

4583. " Danziger Neuste Nachrichten." 

4584. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

4585. Natnrforschende Gesellschaft. 

4586. " Prenssisches Schnlblatt.'' 

[Seed Control Station. (See Landwirthschaftliche Ver- 

4587. Stadtische Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4588. Stemwarte der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft. 

4589. Taubstummen Anstalt von Jackel. 

4590. West-Preussischer Botanisch-Zoologischer Verein. 

4591. West-Preussischer Geschichts Verein. 

4592. West-Preussisches Provinzial Museum. 

Dabhstadt (Hesse). 

4593. Botanischer Garten. 

4594. Gartenbau- Verein. 

4595. Grossherzogliche Central-Stelle fiir die Gewerbe. 

4596. Grossherzogliche Central-Stelle fiir die Landes-Statistik. 

4597. Grossherzogliche Geologische Anstalt. 
[Grossherzoglich Hessischer Gewerbe- Verein. (Identi- 
cal with No. 4595.)] 

4598. Grossherzoglich Hessisches Eataster Amt. 

4599. Grossherzoglich Hessisches Ministerium des Innem und 

der Justiz. 

4600. Grossherzoglich Hessisches Ministerium des Innem und 

der Justiz, Abtheilung fur Oeffentliche Gesund- 

4601. Grossherzoglich Hessisches Ministerium des Innern und 

der Justiz, Abtheilung fiir Schulangelegenheiten. 

4602. Grossherzogliche Hof-Bibliothek. 

4603. Grossherzogliche Kreisgesundheitsamter. 

4604. Grossherzogliches Ministerium des Aeussem. 

4605. Grossherzogliches Museum. 

4606. Grossherzogliche Technische Hochschule. 

4607. Historischer Verein fiir das Grossherzogthum Hessen. 


Dabmstadt (Hesse), — Continued. 

4608. " Jahresberichte f iir Beine Chemie." 

4609. Landwirthschaftliche Vereuchs-Station fiir das Gross- 

herzogthum Hessen. 

4610. Mittelrheinischer Geologischer Yerein. 

4611. Polytechniches Arbeits-Institut. 

4612. Universitat. 

4613. Verein fiir Erdkunde. 

Desbatj (Anhalt). 

4614. " Anhalt Staats-Anzeiger." 

4615. Herzogliche Bibliothek. 

4616. Natnrhistorischer Verein. 

4617. Verein fiir Anhaltische Gesehiehte und Alterthums- 


Detmold (Lippe). 

4618. '^ Lippische Landes-Zeitung.'* 

4619. Staats-Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Deutz (Prussia). 

4620. Observatory of E. Mengering. 


4621. Lehrer-Seminar. 

DiLLiNGEN (Bavaria). 

4622. Historischer Verein. 

4623. Kreis Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

DiNGLiNOBN [bei Lahr] (Baden), 

4624. Kreis Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

DoBELN (Saxony). 

4625. Agricultural-Chemical Laboratory. 


4626. Grossherzogliches Progymnasium. 

4627. Furstlich FUrstenbergische Hof -Bibliothek. 

4628. Verein fiir Gesehiehte und Naturgeschichte der Baar. 

Donauw6bth (Bavaria), 

4629. Katholische Schulmuseum. 

Dobtmund (Prussia). 

4630. " General Anzeiger fiir Dortmund und Westfalen.'' 

4631. Historischer Verein fiir Dortmund und die Grafschaft 


4632. Stadt Gymnasium. 

EUROPE. 161 

Dbssden (Saxony). 

4633. Seine Majestat der Konig von Saehsen. 
[Afrikanische Gesellscbaft. (Defunct.)] 

4634. " Archiv f iir Sachsische Geschiehte.^' 

4635. Bezirto-Verein zur Fiirsorge fiir die aus Straf- und Be- 

strafungB-Anstalten Entlassenen. 

4636. "Blatter fiir Gefliigelzucht." 

4637. " Centralblatt fiir die Deutsche Spiiitusfabrikation." 
[City Statistical Office. (See Statistisches Ami der 

Stadt Dresden.)] 

4638. Deutscher und Oesterreichischer Alpen-Verein, Section 


4639. " Dresdner Nachrichten." 

4640. Dresdner Verein zum Schutz der Thiere. 

4641. Entomologischer Verein " Iris.^' 

4642. Europaische Gradmessungen des Konigreichs Sachsens. 

4643. Flora: Gesellscbaft fiir Botanik und Gartenbau. 

4644. (Jebirgs- Verein fiir die Sachsisch-Bobmische Scbweiz. 
4646. " General Anzeiger." 

4646. General-Direction der Eoniglicb Sachsischen Staats* 


4647. General-Direction der Koniglicben Sammlungen fiir 

Kunst und Wissenscbaft. 
[Gesellscbaft fiir Botanik und Zoologie. (Defunct.)] 

4648. Gesellscbaft fiir Natur- und Heilkunde. 

4649. Gesellscbaft fiir Sacbsiscbe Kircbengescbicbte. 

4650. " Gewerbescbau.'* (Gewerbe-Zeitung.) 

4651. Gewerbe- Verein. 

[" Hedwigia." (Xow in Berlin.)] 

4652. Koniglicber Botaniscber Garten und Herbarium. 

4653. Koniglicbes Historiscbes Museum. 

4654. Koniglicbe Landes-Blinden-Anstalt. 

4655. Koniglicber Matbematiscber Salon. 

4656. Koniglicbes Mineralogiscb-Geologiscb- und Prabistor- 

iscbes Museum. 
[Koniglicbes Mineralogiscb und Naturbistoriscbes 
Museum. (Same as No. 4656.)] 

4657. Koniglicbes Ministerium des Aeussern. 

4658. Koniglicbes Ministerium fiir Cultus und TJnterricbt. 

4659. Koniglicbe Oeffentlicbe Bibliotbek. 

4660. Koniglicbe Oekonomie Gesellscbaft im Konigreicb 

[Koniglicbes Polytecbnikum. (See No. 4663.)] 

4661. Koniglicb Sacbsiscber Altertbums- Verein. 

4662. Koniglicb Sacbsiscbes Finanz-Ministerium. 


Dbbsden (Saxony), — Continued. 

4663. Koniglich Sachsische Technische Hochschule. 

4664. Konigliche Sanitats Direktion. 

4665. Konigliche Staats Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4666. Konigliches Statistisches Bureau. 

4667. Konigliches Stenographisches Institut. 

4668. Konigliche Thierarztliche Hochschule. 

4669. Konigliches Topographisches Bureau. 

4670. Konigliches Zoologisches und Anthropologisch-Ethno- 

graphisches Museum. 
['^Kosmos." (In Berlin.)] 

4671. Landes-Medicinal-Collegium. 

4672. '^ Leopoldina.'' 

[^'Magazin fiir die Litteratur des In- und Auslandes. 
(See Magazin fiir Litteratur, Berlin.)] 

4673. Ministerium des Koniglichen Hauses. 

4674. Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft " Isis." 

4675. "Neues Archiv fur Sachsische Geschichte und Alter- 


4676. " Neuste Nachrichten." 

4677. Numismatische Gesellschaft. 

4678. Observatorium des Barons von Engelhardt. 

4679. Observatorium des Herm Guericke. 

4680. Oeffentliche Handels-Lehr-Anstalt der Dresdener Kauf- 


4681. " Padagogische Studien.'' 

4682. " Pharmaceutische Centralhalle.'' 

4683. Photographische Gesellschaft. 

4684. Prinzliche Secundogenitur Bibliothek. 

4685. Sachsischer Fischerei Verein. 

4686. Sachsischer Ingenieur- und Architecten- Verein. 

4687. " SchiflE (Das)." 

4688. Verein fiir Erdkunde. 

4689. Verein fiir Geschichte und Topographic Dresdens und 

seiner XJmgebung. 

4690. Versuchs-Station fiir Pflanzenkultur. 

DiJBKHEiM (Bavaria). 

4691. " PoUichia " Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein der Rhein- 


DtrssELDORF (Prussia). 

4692. Diisseldorf Bildungs Verein. 

4693. Diisseldorfer Geschichts Verein. 

4694. Handelskammer. 

4695. " Katholische Zeitung fiir Erziehung und Unterricht." 

4696. Konigliche-Landesbibliothek. 

EUBOPE. 163 

DusBELDOBF (Prussia). — Continued. 

4697. Natnrwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

4698. Niederrheinisclier Verein fiir Oeffentliche Gesundheita- 


4699. " Photographisches Arehiv.'' 

4700. Rheinisch-Westfalische Gefangniss Gesellschaft. 

4701. Rheinlandischer Natnr- Verein. 

4702. " Stahl und Eiaen.^' 

4703. Sternwarte. 

4704. Taubstiunmen-Anstalt. 

4705. Verein zur Wahmng der Gemeinsamen Wirthschaft- 

liehen Interessen im Hheinlande und in Westfalen. 

4706. Zweig- Verein des Deutschen Colonial- Vereins in Frank- 



4707. Konigliche Forst-Akademie. 

4708. " Zeitschrift fiir Forst- und Jagdwesen." 

Ebstobf (Prussia). 

4709. Landwirthschaftlich-Chemische Controlstation. 


4710. Lehrer-Seminar. 

Eisenach (Saxe-Weimar). 

4711. Forstlehranstalt. 

4712. Grossherzogliches Carl-Friedrichs-Gymnasium. 

4713. Beal-Gynmasium. 

4714. Thiiringer Wald Verein. 

EiSFELD (Saxe-Meiningen). 

[Chemische Versuchs-Station. (Discontinued.)] 

EiSLEBBN {Prussia). 

4715. Lehrer-Seminar. 

4716. Mansfeldsche Kupferschieferbauende Gewerksehaft. 

4717. Verein fiir Gesehichte und Alterthlimer der Grafschaft 


Elbebpeld (Prussia). 

4718. Bergischer Gesehichts- Verein. 

4719. "Elberfelder Zeitung.^' 

4720. Naturwissenschaftlieher Verein von Elberfeld und Bar- 


4721. Provinzial Taubstummen Anstalt. 

4722. Stadt Bibliothek. 

Elbino (Prussia). 

4723. Stadt Taubstummen Anstalt. 


Eldexa [bei Greifswald] (Prussia). 

472i. Gartenbaa Yerein fur XeaTorpommem und Bagen. 

[Landwirthfichaftliche Control-Station. (Dificontin- 

[Landwirthschafts-Schnle. (Closed.)] 

Elbfleth (Oldenburg). 

4725. Grofisherzogl. Oldenbnrg. Xarigations-Schnle. 

4726. Stemwarte der XaTigations-Schnle. 

Emdex (Prussia). 

4727. Gesellfichaft fur Bildende Kiinste nnd Yaterlandische 


4728. yatnrforschende Gesellschaft. 

4729. Xarigations-Schnle. 

4730. TaubBtummen-Anstalt. 

EiocENBiXGEX (Baden). 

4731. Erste Deutsche Bamie Gesellschaft. 

Ems (Prussia). 

[" Balneologisehe Zeitung." (Discontinued.)] 

Ebbach (Hesse). 

4733. Odenwald CTub. 

Ebfubt (Prussia). 

4734. Akademie Gemeinniitziger Wissenschaften. 

4735. Allgemeiner Aerztlicher Yerein von Thiiringen. 

4736. "Allgemeiner Anzeiger*'; Amtliches Organ fiir den 

Stadtkreis Erfurt. 

4737. "Deutsche Garten-Zeitung." 

4738. Gartenbau Verein. 

4739. Gewerbe Verein. 

4740. Konigliche Oeffentliche Bibliothek. 

4741. Lehrer-Seminar. 

4742. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4743. Trommsdorf's Chemische Fabrik. 

4744. Yerein fiir Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. 

Erlangen (Bavaria). 

4745. " Acta Seminarii." 

4746. " Biologisches Central-Blatt." 

4747. Botanischer Garten. 

4748. " Frommels Jahresberieht." 

4749. " Jahresbericht der Agricultur Chemie." 

4750. Physikalisch-Medicinische Societat, 

EUROPE. 165 

Erlangex (Bavaria), — Continued. 

4751. Physiologisches Institut, 

4752. XJniversitats Bibliothek. 

[" Vierteljahrsschrift iiber die Fortschritte auf dem 
Gebiete der Chemie der Nahrungs- und Genuss- 
mittel.^' (In Berlin.)] 

[" Wiedemann's Annalen.*' (In Leipzig.)] 

4753. Zoologisch-Zootomisches Institut. 

Essex a. d. Euhb (Prussia). 

4754. Feldmesser-Verein. 

4755. Historischer Verein fiir Stadt und Stift Essen. 

4756. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4757. Bedaction des " Gliickauf .'* Berg- und Hiittenmann- 

ische Woehenschrift. 

4758. Verein fiir Thierschutz und Gefliigelzueht. 

EssuxoEN (Wiirteniberg). 

4759. Koniglieher Aerztlieher Bezirksverein. 

4760. "Der Schulfreund." Siiddeutsche Blatter fiir Erzie- 

hung und XJnterricht. (Padagogische Anzeiger.) 

4761. " Schwabisclies Sonntagsblatt." 

EuTiN (Oldenburg). 

4762. "Milch-Zeitung.^' 

Flensbtjrg (Skswick). 

4763. " Nachrichten.'^ 

Fbansenthal (Rhenish Bavaria). 

4764. Kreis Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Frankfurt-am-Main (Prussia). 

[Allgemeine Deutsche Patent- und Musterschutz Aus- 

stellung. (Discontinued.)] 
[American Publig Library. (Closed.)] 

4765. Botanischer Garten. 

4766. Deutsche! Kolonial- Verein. 

4767. Deutsche Malakozoologische Gesellschaft. 

4768. " Elektrotechnische Rundschau.'' 

4769. " Frankfurter Zeitung." 

4770. Freies Deutsches Hochstift. 

4771. Gartenbau Gesellschaft " Flora." 

4772. " General Anzeiger." 

[" Helios." (In Frankfurt a. d. Oder.)] 

4773. Juristische Gesellschaft. 

4774. Konigliche Eisenbahn Direktion. (Sachsenhausen.) 

4775. Neue Zoologische Gesellschaft. 


Feankfurt-am-Main {Prussia) . — Continued. 

4776. Observatory of Dr. T. Epstein. 

4777. Physikalischer und Aerztlicher Verein. 

4778. Eheinisehes Museum fiir Philologie. 

4779. "Rosen-Zeitung." 

4780. Senckenbergische Bibliothek. 

4781. Senckenbergisches Museum. 

4782. Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

4783. Stadt-Bibliothek. 

4784. Stadtische Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4785. Statistisches Amt der Stadt Frankfurt. 

4786. Taunus Club. 

4787. " TJmschau (Die).'' 

4788. Verband Deutscher Touristen-Vereine. 

4789. Verein fiir Geographic und Statistik. 

4790. Verein fiir Qeschichte und Alterthumskunde. • 

4791. " Zoologischer Garten." 

Frankfurt-an-der-Oder (Prussia), 

4792. Handels-Kammer. 

4793. "Helios." 

4794. Historisch-Statistischer Verein. 

4795. " Monatliche Mittheilungen." 

4796. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

4797. " Societatum LitteraB " (Redaction der). 


4798. Lehrer-Seminar. 

Freiberg (Saxony), 

4799. Aerztlicher Verein. 

4800. Anglo-American Club. 

4801. Bergmannischer Verein. 

4802. Botanischer Verein. 

[Freiberger Alterthums-Verein. (Dissolved.)] 

4804. Koniglich Sachsische Berg-Akademie. 

Freiburg-im-Breisgau (Baden), 

[" Archiv fiir Anthropologic." (See Miinchen.)] 

4805. Blinden-Beschaftigungs-Anstalt. 

4806. Botanischer Garten. 

4807. Botanischer Verein. 

4808. Breisgau- Verein " Schau in's Land." 

4809. " Breisgauer Zeitung." 

4810. " Centralblatt fiir Allgemeine Pathologic und Patholo- 

gische Anatomic." 

4811. Geologisch-Mineralogisches Institut der TJniversitat. 

EUROPE. 167 

Fbeiburo-im-Bbeisgau (Baden) . — Continued. 

4812. Gesellschaft zur Beforderung der Geschichts-, Alter- 
thums- und Volkskimde von Freiburg, dem Breis- 
gau, und den angrenzenden Landsehaften. 
[G^ellschaft zur Beforderung der Naturwissenschaften. 
(See Naturforschende Qesellschaft.)] 
4814. *' Jahrbuch der Naturwissenschaften," 
4816. Kirchlich-Historischer Verein der Erzdiocese Freiburg. 

4816. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

4817. TJniversitats-Bibliothek. 

4818. Verein der Freiburger Aerzte. 

4819. Zoologisches Museum. 

Freising (Bavaria). 

4820. Koniglich-Bayerische Landwirthschaftliche Central- 

Schule " Weihenstephan." 

Fbiedbero (Hesse), 

4821. Blinden-Anstalt. 

4822. Grossherzogliche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4823. Oberhessischer Obstbau- Verein. 


4824. Provinzial Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Fbiedbichshapen (Wiirtemberg). 

4825. Verein fiir die Geschichte des Bodensee's und seiner 


FuLDA (Prussia), 

4826. Rhon Club. 

4827. Verein fiir Naturkunde. (Does not wish to receive any 


FuBTH (Bavaria), 

4828. Gewerbe- Verein. 

4829. *' Nordbayerische Zeitung." 

4830. Stadtische Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Gebweiler (Alsace). 

4831. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Geisenheim (Prussia). 

4832. Koniglich Preussische Lehranstalt fur Obst-, Wein- und 


4833. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

4834. Monrepps Observatory. 


Gera (Reuss). 

, 4835. " Fiirstliche Beuss Geraer Zeitimg/' 

4836. Piirstlich-Eeussische Landes-Eegierung. 

4837. Gesellschaft der Freiinde der Naturwissenschaften. 

4838. " Lehrer (Die) im Schule und Hans.*' 

Gbblachsheim (Wurteniberg). 

4839. Grossherzogliche Staats-Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Giessen (Hesse). 

4840. Aerztlicher Verein der Provinz Oberhessen. 

4841. Botanischer Garten. 

[" Jahresberichte iiber die Fortschritte der Reinen 
Chemie.** (See Marburg.)] 

4842. Mineralogisehes Institut der Universitat Giessen. 

4843. Oberhessische Gesellschaft fiir Natur- nnd Heilkunde. 

4844. Oberhessischer Verein fiir Localgesehichte. 

4845. " Schulbote fiir Hessen." 

4846. TJniversitats-Bibliothek. 

[Zoologisches Musenm. (See Zoologisch-Zootomischea 
Institnt der Universitat.)] 

4847. Zoologisch-Zootomisehes Institut der Universitat. 

GMtJND (Wurteniberg). 

4848. Katholische Filial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4849. Konigliehe Taubstnmmen- und Blinden-Anstalt. 

Gnadau (Prussia). 

4850. Unitats-Buchhandlung. 
[Universitat. (Does not exist.)] 


[Observatory of August Auerbach. (Closed.)] 

4851. Observatory of W. Winkler. 

(JoBLiTZ (Prussia). 

4852. Botanischer Garten. 

4853. Gartenbau- Verein fiir die Ober-Lausitz. 

4854. Gesellschaft fiir Anthropologic und Urgeschichte zu 


4855. Gewerbe- Verein. 

4856. KTaturforschende Gesellschaft. 

4857. " Neuer Gorlitzer Anzeiger." 

4858. Oberlausitzer Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. 

4859. Verein fiir Gefliigelzucht. 

Goth A (Saxe-Cohurg). 

4860. " Almanach de Gotha." 

4861. Geographische Anstalt (von Justus Perthes). 

EUBOPE. 169 

GoTHA (Saxe-Coburg), — Continued, 

4862. " Geographisches Jahrbuch." 

4863. " Gothaisches Tageblatt." 

4864. Herzogliche Bibliothek der Friedenstein^schen Samm- 


4865. " Neue Philologische Eundschau.'' 

4866. " Padagogische Blatter.'' 

4867. " Padagogische Blatter fiir Lehrerbildung." 

4868. Sternwarte. 

4869. "Tageblatt." 

4870. Thiiringer Gartenbau-Verein. 

QoTTiNGEN (Prussia). 

[Agricultur-Chemisches Laboratorium. (See Land- 
wirthschaf tlich-Chemisches Laboratorium.) ] 

4871. " Allgemeine Sammler-Zeitung.'' 

4872. Anthropologiseher Verein. 

4873. "Beitrage zur Kunde der Indo-Gennanischen Spra- 

[Biblioteca-Mechanico-Teehnologica. (Ceased to exist.)] 

4874. " Botanisches Centralblatt." 

4875. Botanischer Garten. 

4876. Chemisches Laboratorium der TJniversitat. 

4877. Control Station fiir Dlinger imd Futterstoflfe. 

4878. Control Station des Landwirthschaftlichen Listituts. 
[Faculty de M6decine. (See Medizinische Faeultat.)] 

4879. Gauss Erdmagnetisches Observatorium. 

4880. Geognostisehes Institut. 

4881. Geographische Bibliothek. 

4882. Geologisehes Museum der TJniversitat. 

4883. Gesellschaft fiir Kirch enrechtswissenschaft. 

4884. Institut fiir Medizinische Chemie und Hygiene. 

4885. " Journal fiir Landwirthschaft." 

4886. Konigliche Societat der Wissenschaften. 

4887. Konigliche Sternwarte. 

4888. Landwirthschaftliche Akademie. 

4889. Landwirthschaitlich-Chemisches Laboratorium. 

4890. Landwirthschaftliche Gesellschaft. 

4891. Landwirthschaftliches Institut der TJniversitat. 

4892. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

4893. Medicinisch-chirurgisch-ophthalmologisch-geburtshiilf- 

liche Klinik. 

4894. Medizinische Faeultat. 

4895. Mineralbgisches Institut der TJniversitat. 

4896. " Neues Jahrbuch der Mineralogie.'' 

4897. Palaontologisches Institut der TJniversitat. 


GOttingen (Prussia). — Continued. 

4898. PharmaceutiBches Institnt der TJniversitat. 

4899. " Philologificher Anzeiger.'' 

4900. "Philologus.^^ 

4901. FhyBikalisches Institnt der Universitat. 

4902. Physiologisches Institnt der TJniversitat. 

4903. TJniversitats Bibliothek. 

4904. " Zeitschrift fur Wissenschaftliche Mikroskopie." 

4905. " Zeitschrift fiir Wissenschaftliche Zoologie.*' 

4906. Zoologisches Museum. 

4907. Zoologisch-Zootomisches Institnt der TJniversitat. 

Gkabow-bei-Stettin (Prussia). 

4908. Navigationsschule. 

Gbaxtdenz (Prussia). 

4909. Lehrer-Seminar. 

Gbeifbnbbbo-in-Pommbbn (Prussia). 

[Pommersche Oekonomische Gesellschaft. (See Stolp.)] 

Gbbipswald (Prussia). 

4910. Anatomisches Institnt der KoDiglichen TJniversitat. 

4911. Baltischer Central- Verein zur Beforderung der Land- 


4912. Botanischer Garten. 

4913. Geographische Gesellschaft. 

4914. Gesellschaft fiir Pommersche Geschichte und Alter- 


4915. Mineralogisches Institnt. 

4916. KTaturwissenschaftlicher Verein von Neuvorpommern 

und Eiigen. 

4917. Physiologisches Institut der Universitat. 

4918. TJniversitats-Bibliothek. 

Gbeiz (Reuss). 

4919. Piirstlich Eeuss'sche Landesregierung. 

Grunbebo (Silesia). 

4920. Zeitschrift " Das Deutsche WoUen-Gewerbe." 

Grtjnendeich (Prussia). 

4921. Konigliche Preussische Navigations-Schule. 

Guben (Prussia). 

4922. Lausitzer Gewerbe Verein. 

4923. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Gumbinnen (Prussia). 

[Landwirthschaftlicher Central- Verein fiir Littauen 
und Masuren. (See Insterburg.)] 

EUBOPE. 171 

GU8TH0W {Mecklenburg). 

[Verein der Freunde der Naturgeschichte in Mecklen- 
burg. (Now in Hostock.)] 

OuTBBSLOH {Prussia). 

4925. '^ Evangelisches Sehulblatt tind Deutsche Schulzei- 


4926. '' Zeitschrift fiir Vergleichende Sprachf orschnng." 

Halbbbstadt {Prussia), 

4927. " Evangelisches Schnlblatt nnd Deutsche Schulzei- 


4928. Koniglich Preussisches Lehrer-Seminar. 

4929. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Hall-am-Kocher [Schwabisch Hall] iyfurtemberg), 

4930. Hifitorischer Verein fiir das Wiirtembergische Franken. 

Halle-an-dbr-Saale {Prussia), 

4931. " Archiv der Pharmacie." 

[" Aufl Allen Weltteilen." (See Leipzig.)] 

4932. Botanischer Garten. 
["Botanische Zeitung." (Unknown.)] 

4933. Buchdruckerei des Waisenhauses. 
[Deutscher Apotheker Verein. (See Rostock.)] 

4936. Deutsche Morgenlandische Gesellschaft. 

4936. Deutscher Verein zum Schutz der Vogelwelt. 

4937. Geschichtlicher Verein der Provinz Sachseo. 

4938. Gynmasien und Bealschule. 

4939. Kaiserliche Leopoldimsch-Carolinische Deutsche Akad- 

emie der Naturf orscher. 

4940. Koniglich Preussisches Oberbergamt. 
[Konigliches Sachsisches Meteorologisches Institut. 

(See Chemnitz.)] 

4941. Konigliche Universitats-Bibliothek. 

4942. Landwirthschaftlicher Central- Verein fur die Provinz 


4943. Landwirthschaftliches Institut der TJniversitat. 

4944. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

4945. " Liebig's Annalen der Chemie." 

4946. ''Natur(Die)." 

4947. KTaturforschende Gesellschaft. 

4948. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein fiir Sachsen und Thiir- 


4949. Omithologischer Central- Verein fiir Sachsen und Thiir- 



Halle-an-der-Saale (Prussia). — Continued. 

4950. Pathologisches Institut der Universitat. 

4951. Physiologisches Institut der Universitat. 
[Politisch-Oekonomisclies Seminar der Universitat. 

(See Staatswissenschaftliches Seminar.)] 

4952. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4953. Staatswissenschaftliches Seminar. 

4954. Thiiringisch-Sachsischer Geschichts- und Alterthums- 


4955. Universitats Sternwarte. 

4956. Verein der Aerzte im Eegierungsbezirk Merseburg und 

in dem Herzogthum Anhalt. 

4957. Verein fiir Erdkunde. 

4958. Verein fiir Reformations-Geschichte. 

4959. Versuchs-Station fiir Nematoden-Vertilgung. 

4960. " Zeitschrift fiir Deutsche Philologie." 

4961. "Zeitschrift fiir die Gesammten Naturwissenschaften.'* 

4962. Zoologisches Museum. 


4963. Alsterdorf Institute for Demented Children. 

4964. Anthropologische Gesellschaft. 

[" Aus Allen Welttheilen." (See Leipzig.)] 

4965. Blinden-Anstalt. 

4966. Botanischer Garten. 

4967. Botanisches Museum. 

4968. Commerz-Bibliothek. 

4969. Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft. 

4970. "Exporteur." 

4971. Geburtshiilfliche Gesellschaft. 

4972. Geographische Gesellschaft. 

4973. Gesellschaft fiir Botanik. 

4974. Gesellschaft von Freunden der Geographic. 

4975. '' Hamburg Xachrichten.'^ 

4976. " Hamburger Borsen-Halle." 

4977. " Hamburger Garten- und Blumen-Zeitung.'* 

4978. Hamburger Sternwarte. 

4979. Handels-Kammer. 

4980. Handelsstatistisches Bureau. 

4981. " Hansa," Zeitschrift fiir Seewesen. 

4982. Hygienisches Institut. 

4983. " Jahrbuch der Hamburgischen Wissenschaftlichen An- 


4984. Johanneum. 

4985. Mathematische Gesellschaft. 

[Medicinal Bureau. (See Medicinal Collegium.)] 

EUROPE. 173 

Bjlmbubo. — Continued. 

4986. Medicinal-Collegium. 

4987. Medicinal Inspectorat der Stadt Hamburg. 

4988. " Monatschrif t f iir Praktische Dermatologie." 
[Museum Godeffroy. (Ceased to exist.)] 
[Naturforschende Gesellschaft. (See Naturwissen- 

schaftlicher Verein.)] 

4989. Naturhistorisches Museum. 

4990. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

4991. Navigationsschule. 

4992. Nord-Deutsche Seewarte. (Xow Deutsche Seewarte.) 

4993. Oberschulbehorde. 

4994. Padagogische Abtheilung der Stadtbibliothek. 

4995. Physikalisches Ccibinet. 

4996. Physikalisches Staats-Laboratorium. 

4997. " Sozial-Politische Blatter." 

4998. Staats-Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

4999. Stadt-Bibliothek. 
6000. Thierschutz-Verein. 

5001. Verein fiir Hamburgische Geschichte. 
[Verein fiir Handelsfreiheit. (Dissolved.)] 

5002. Verein fur Jfaturwissenschaftliche Unterhaltung. 

5003. Verein fiir Niederdeutsche Sprachforschung. 

5004. Verein fiir Oeffentliche Gesundheitspflege. 

5005. Versuchs-Station des Landwirthschaftlichen Instituts. 

5006. Versuchs-Station fiir Nematoden-Vertilgung. 

[" Zeitschrift fiir Anorganische Chemie." (See Miin- 

5007. "Zeitschrift fiir Psychologic und Physiologic der Sin- 


5008. Zoologische Gesellschaft. 

Hamm {Prussia). 

5009. Konigliches Gymnasium. 

Hanatj (Hesse).. 

5010. Hanauer Bezirks- Verein fiir Hessische Geschichte und 

6011. Wetterauische Gesellschaft fiir die Gesammte Natur- 

Haxnovek (Prussia). 

5012. Architekten- und Ingenieur- Verein. 
6013. ^'Centralblatt fiir Elektrotechnik." 

5014. Central Miinzforscher Verein. 

[Deutscher Geometer Verein. (See Koburg.)] 

5015. Deutscher Seefischerei-Verein. 


Hannoveb (Prussia). — Continued. 

5016. Geographische Gesellschaft. 

[Gesammt-Verein der Deutschen Geschichts- und Alter- 

thums-Vereine. (See Berlin.)] 
[Gesellschaft fiir Aeltere Deutsche Geschichtskunde. 

(See Berlin.)] 
[Gesellschaft fur Mikroskopie. (Ceased to exist.)] 

5017. (Jewerbe-Verein fiir die Provinz Hannover. 

5018. Hahn^sche Buchhandlung. 

5019. /' Hannoverischer Anzeiger.*' 

5020. Historischer Verein fiir Niedersachsen. 
6021. Konigliche Landwirthschafts Gesellschaft. 

5022. Konigliche Oeffentliche Bibliothek. 

5023. Konigliche Technische Hochschule. 

5024. " Kunst im Gewerbe.*' 

5025. Landes-Direktion. 

5026. Lehrer-Seminar. 

5027. "Linguist.^' 

5028. Naturhistorische Gesellschaft. 

5029. !N'aturhistorisches Museum. 
[KTaturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft. (See Naturhis- 

torische Gesellschaft.)] 

5030. Niedersachsischer Aerzte-Vereins-Bund. 

5031. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5032. Verein Analytischer Chemiker in Deutschland. 

5033. Verein fiir Oeffentliche Gesundheitspflege. 

Heibelbebo (Baden). 

5034. Anatomisches Institut der Universitat. 
[Astronomische Gesellschaft. (See Leipzig.)] 

5035. Botanischer Garten. 

5036. " Centralblatt fiir Kechtswissenschaft.'' 

5037. " Friend of the Insane." 

[" Globus." (See Braunschweig.)] 

5038. Grossherzoglich Badische Geologische Landesanstalt. 

5039. Grossherzogliche Sternwarte. 

5040. Gymnasium. 

5041. " Heidelberger Tageblatt." 

5042. Historisch-Philosophischer Verein. 

5043. Landwirthschaftlicher Bezirks- Verein. 

5044. Naturhistorisch-Medicinischer Verein. 

[" Neues Jahrbuch fiir Mineralog^e, Geologic und Pal- 
aontologie." (See Stuttgart.)] 

[Observatory of Dr. Wolf. (See Grossherzogliche Stern- 

5045. Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft. 

EUBOPB. 175 

Heidelberg (Baden), — Continued. 

5046. Pathologisch-Anatomisches Institut der Universitat. 

5047. PhysiologiBches Institut der Universitat. 

5048. TJniversitats-Bibliothek. 

5049. Zoologisches Museum und Institut. 

5060. Zootomisch-Anatomisches Institut der Universitat. 

Hbilbbonn (Wurtemberg). 

5051. " Allgemeiner Sonntags Anzeiger." 

5052. Historischer Verein. 

5053. ^'Irrenfreund.^' 

5054. " Memorabilien.'* 


5055. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 


5056. Konigliehe Biologische Anstalt. 

Hbbknhut (Saxony), 

[Hermhuter Briider-Gemeinschaft. (Same as Unitats- 

5057. Unitats-Bibliothek. 

HiLDBXJBOHAUSEN (Saxc-Meiningen). 

5058. Staats Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

HiLDESHEiH (Prussia). 

5059. Landwirthschaftliche Versuehs-Station. 

5060. "Molkerei-Zeitung.'^ 

5061. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5062. Boemer Museum. 

5063. Verein fiir Kunde der Natur und der Kunst im Fiirs- 

tenthum Hildesheim und in der Stadt Goslar. 

HoHENHEiM {Wurtemberg), 

5064. Koniglich Wiirttembergische Land- und Forstwirth- 

schaftliehe Akademie. 

5065. Koniglich Wurttembergische Landwirthschaftliche Ver- 


5066. Samen-Priifungs-Anstalt. 

HoHBNLEUBEN (Saxony). 

5067. Voigtiandischer Alterthumsforschender Verein. 


5068. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 


5069. Lehrer-Seminar. 

5070. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 


HoMBUBG-voB-DEB-HoHE (Prussia). 

6071. Verein fiir Geschichte und Alterthmnskimde. 

Immenstadt {Bavaria). 

[Alpen Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. (Does 
not exist.)] 

Ingolstadt (Bavaria). 

5072. Hifitorischer Verein. 

Instebbubq (Prussia). 

6073. Alterthmns-Gesellschaft. 

6074. Landwirthschaftlicher Central- Verein fiir Littauen und 

6076. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 


6076. Katholische Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Jatjee (Prussia). 

5077. Oekonomisch-Patriotische Gesellschaft fiir das Fiirst- 

enthum Schweidnitz und Jauer. 

Jena (Saxe-Weimar). 

5078. Allgemeiner Deutscher Apotheker Verein. 

6079. " Anatomischer Anzeiger.^^ 

6080. Anatomisches Institut der TJniversitat. 
["Archiv der Pharmacie." (See Berlin.)] 

6081. *' AthenaBum " Monatsschrift fiir Anthropologic. 
5082. Botanischer Garten. 

6083. Botanischer Verein. 

6084. " Centralblatt fiir AUgemeine Pathologic." 
6086. Geographische Gesellschaft fiir Thiiringen. 
6086. Geologisches Museum der Universitat. 

5087. Grossherzoglich Sachsisches Mineralogisches Museum. 

5088. Irren-Anstalt. 

6089. "Jenaische Zeitschrift fiir Medicin und Naturwissen- 


6090. Landwirthschaftliches Institut. 

5091. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

6092. " Lehrerzeitung fiir Thiiringen und Mitteldeutschland." 

5093. Medicinisch-I^aturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft. 

6094. Padagogisches Seminar. 

5095. Pharmaceutisch-Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

6096. Physiologisches Institut. 

[Privat-Anstalt fiir Schwerhorige imd Ertaubte. (See 

[Statistisches Bureau der Vereinigten Thuringischen 
Staaten. (See Weimar.)] 

EUROPE. 177 

Jena (Saxe-Weimar), — Continued. 
6097. Stemwarte. 

5098. Thiiringer Fischerei Verein. 

5099. Universitats-Bibliothek. 

5100. Verein fiir Thiiringische Gesehichte nnd Alterthnms- 


5101. '' Zeitschrift fiir Deutsche Landwirthe." 
6102. " Zoologiflche Jahrbiicher.'' 

5103. Zoologisches Institnt der Universitat. 

Kahla (Saxe-Altenburg). 

6104. Geschichts- nnd Alterthumsforsehender Verein zu 
Kahla nnd Boda. 

Eamhix (Prussia). 

5105. Lehrer-Seminar. 

Kaisekslautern (Bavaria), 

5106. Verein Pfalziseher Aerzte. 

Karlsruhe (Baden), 

5107. " Aerztliche Mittheilungen aus Baden." 

5108. " AUgemeine Botanische Zeitschrift." 

5109. Allgemeiner Landes- Verein der Badischen Aerzte. 

5110. Badische Geographische Gesellschaft. 

5111. " Badische Presse." 

[Bibliothek der Technischen Hochschule. (See No. 

5112. Botanischer Garten. 

[" Botanischer Jahresbericht.'' (See Berlin, "Jahr- 
buch fiir Wissenschaftliche Botanik.")] 

5113. Botanische Versuchs-Station. 

5114. Central-Bureau fiir Meteorologie und Hydrographie. 

5115. Gewerbe- Verein. 

5116. Grossherzogliche Badische Geologische Landesanstalt. 

5117. Grossherzoglich Badische Oberdirection des Wasser und 


5118. Grossherzogliches Badisches Statistisches Bureau. 

5119. Grossherzoglich Badische Technische Hochschule. 

5120. Grossherzogliche Central-Stelle fiir die Landwirth- 


5121. Grossherzogliches Conservatorium der Alterthiimer. 

5122. Grossherzogliches Gymnasium. 

5123. Grossherzogliche Hof- und Landes-Bibliothek. 

6124. Grossherzogliches Ministerium des Grossherzoglichen 

Hauses und der Auswartigen Angelegenlieiten. 
5125. Grossherzogliches Ministerium des Innern. 


Kablsbuhe (Baden). — Continued. 

5126. Grossherzogliches Ministerium der Jnstiz^ des Kultus, 

nnd Unterrichts. 

5127. Grossherzoglicher Ober-Schulrath. 

5128. Grossherzogliche Pflanzen-Physiologische Versuchs- 

[Grossherzogliche Polyteehnisehe Schnle. (See No. 

5129. Grossherzogliche Eegiemng. 

5130. Grossherzogliches Staats-Ministerium. 
[Grossherzogliche Stemwarte. (Moved to Heidelberg 

in 1896.)] 

5131. Grossherzogliches Topographisches Bureau. 
[Grossherzogliche Universitat. (See Freiburg i. B.)] 

5132. Handels-Kammer fiir die Kreise Karlsruhe und Baden. 
6133. Landwirthschaftlich-Chemische Versuchs-Anstalt. 

5134. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 
[Polytechnicum. (See No. 5119.)] 

5135. Verein Badischer Thierarzte. 

6136. Wissenschaftlicher Prediger Verein des Evangelischen 
Geistlichkeit Badens. 
['* Zeitschrift fiir Wissenschaftliche Gteographie.*' 
(See Weimar.)] 

Kassel (Prussia), 

5137. Bibliotheca Botanica. 

5138. " Botanisches Central-Blatt." 

5139. " Centralblatt fiir Bacteriologie und Parasitenkunde.^* 

5140. " Erziehung der Gegenwart/* 

5141. "Franco-GalUa.^^ 

5142. " Hessische Schulzeitung.'' 

5143. Kasseler Geometer- Verein. 

5144. Konigliches Friedrichs-Gymnasium. 

5145. Konigliches Wilhelms-Gymnasium. 

5146. Landwirthschaftlicher Central- Verein. 

[^' Malacozoologische Blatter." (See Ochsenfurt.)] 
['' Paleontographica." (See Stuttgart.)] 
6147. Realschule. 

5148. Standische Landes Bibliothek. 

5149. Taubstummen-Anstalten. 

5150. Verein fiir Erdkunde. 

5151. Verein fiir Hessische Geschichte und Landeskunde. 

5152. Verein fiir Naturkunde. 

Kattowitz (Prussia). 

5153. Oberschlesischer Berg- und Hiittenmannischer Verein. 

EUBOPE. 179* 

Eempen {Rhenish Prussia). 

6154. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

5155. Provinzial Taubstiimmen-Anstalt. 

KiBL (Prussia). 

5156. AntBropologischer Verein in Schleswig-Holstein. 

5157. " Astronomische Nachrichten.*' 

5158. Botanischer Garten. 

5159. Botanisches Institut der Universitat. 

5160. Chronometer Observatorium der K. Marine. 

5161. Dentscher Milehwirthschaftlieher Verein. 

5162. Deutscher Samariter Verein. 

5163. Gesellsehaft fiir Eieler Stadtgeschiehte. 

5164. Gesellsehaft fiir Sehleswig-Holstein-Lanenbnrgische 


5165. Kaiserliche Marine-Akademie und Schule. 

5166. Konigliehe Stemwarte. 

5167. Landes-Direetion der Provinz Schleswig-Holstein. 

5168. Landwirthsehaftliehes Institut der Universitat. 

5169. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

5170. Meteorologisches System fiir Schleswig-Holstein. 

5171. Mineralogisches Institut der Universitat. 

5172. Ministerial Kommission zur Wissenschaftlichen Unter- 

suchung der Deutschen Meere. 

5173. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein fiir Schleswig-Holstein. 

5174. Provinzial Blinden-Anstalt fiir Schleswig-Holstein. 

5175. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5176. Samen Control-Station. 

5177. Schleswig-Holsteinscher Landwirthschaftlicher General- 


5178. Schleswig-Holsteinsches Museum Vateriandischer Alter- 


5179. '* Schulzeitung.^' 

5180. Universitats Bibliothek. 

[Verein fiir Geographic und Naturwissenschaften. 
(Amalgamated with No. 5173 in 1872.)] 

5181. Verein Schleswig-Holsteinscher Aerzte. 

[" Zeitschrift fiir Praktische Geologic." (See Berlin.)] 

5182. Zoologisches Institut der Universitat. 

Klausthal (Prussia). 

5183. Berg-Akademie. 

5184. Berg- und Hiittenmannischer Verein " Maja.** 

Koblenz (Prussia), 

5185. " Centralblatt fiir Nervenheilkunde und Psychiatric.'* 

5186. " General Anzeiger.'' 


Koblenz (Prussia). — Continued. 

5187. Konigliches Katholisches Gymnasiuin. 

5188. Eonigliche Staats Taubstummen-Anstalt. 
6189. Landwirthschaftlicher Verein. 

[KTatnrhistorischer Verein. (See Naturwissenschaft- 
licher Verein.)] 

5190. KTaturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

KoBUKO {Saxt-Coburg-Ooiha), 

5191. Anthropologiseher Verein. 

5192. Dentscher Geometer- Verein. 

5193. Knnst- nnd Gewerbe Verein. 

5194. Staats Taubstummen-Anstalt. 
5196. Verein fur Wetterkunde. 

KoLN {Prussia), 

5196. Architekten- und Ingenieur- Verein fiir den Niederrhein 

und Westfalen. 

5197. Botanischer Garten. 

5198. '* Correspondenz-Blatt des Niederrheinischen Vereins 

fiir OeflEentliche Gesundheitspflege." 

5199. " Gaea. Natur und Leben.'' 

5200. Gartenbau-Gesellschaft "Flora.'' (Actien-Gesellsehaft 

" Flora.'') 

6201. Gesellschaft fur Eheinische Geschichtskunde. 
[Gorres Gesellschaft. (See Bonn.)] 

6202. Historischer Verein fiir den Niederrhein. 

5203. " Kolner Tageblatt." 

5204. " Kolnische Zeitung." 

5205. Selenographisches Observatorium. 

5206. " Sirius." 

6207. Stadt-Bibliothek. 
5208. Statistisches Bureau. 

6209. Stemwarte. 

6210. Vereins Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

6211. " Westdeutscher Lehrer Zeitung." 

6212. " Wochensehrift fiir Astronomic und Meteorologie." 

KoNiosBERG {Prussia), 

6213. " AUgemeine Zeitung." 

6214. Altcrthums Gesellschaft " Prussia." 

["Beitrage zur Kunde der Indo-Germanischen Spra- 
chen." (See Gottingen.) 

6215. Blinden-Unterrichts-Anstalt. 

6216. Botanischer Garten. 
5217. Botanischer Verein. 

[" Bronn's Thierreich." (See Heidelberg.)] 

EUBOPE. 181 

KoNiosBERG (Prussia). — Continued. 

5218. Fischerei-Verein fiir die Provinz Ostpreussen. 
6219. Geographische Gesellschaft. 

5220. Konigliehe Physikalisch-Oekonomische Gesellschaft. 

5221. " Land- und Forstwirthsehaftliche Zeitnng/' 

5222. Landwirthschaftlich-Chemisches Laboratorium. 

5223. Landwirthsehaftliehe Versuchs-Station. 

5224. Lehranstalt fiir Taubstumme Kinder. 

5225. Lehrer-Seminar. 

5226. Milchwirthschaftliches Laboratorium der Universitat. 

5227. '' Orientalische Bibliographie.'' 

5228. Ostpreussiseher Landwirthschaftlicher Central- Verein. 

5229. Padagogisches Museum. 

5230. Physiologisches Laboratorium der Universitat. 

5231. Preussischer Provinzial- Verein fiir den Blinden-Unter- 


5232. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5233. Taubstummen Anstalt von Stoekhausen. 

5234. Universitats-Bibliothek. 

5235. Universitats-Stemwarte. 

5236. Verein fiir die Geschiehte von Ost- und West-Preussen. 

5237. Vereins Taubstummen Anstalt. 

5238. Zoologisehes Museum. 

EoKSTANZ (Baden), 

5239. " Konstanzer Zeitung." 

5240. Miinsterbau- Verein. 

5241. Vereins Taubstummen Anstalt. 

5242. Vincent* sche Sammlungen. 

[" Volapiikabled." (See Weltsprache Zentralbiiro.)] 

5243. Weltsprache Zentralbiiro. 

5244. Wessenberg Bibliothek. 

KoRNiK or KuBNiK (Prussia). 

5245. Biblioteca K6migka. 

KosLiN (Prussia). 

5246. Landwirthsehaftliehe Versuchs-Station. 

5247. Lehrer-Seminar. 

5248. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Kbefeld (Prussia). 

5249. " General Anzeiger fiir Krefeld und Umgebung.*' 

5250. Stadt-Bibliothek. 

Lake (Baden). 

5251. Gesellschaft fur Erdkunde. 

5252. " Zeitschrift fiir Geographic.'' 


Landshut (Bavaria), 

5253. Botanischer Verein. 

5254. Historischer Verein fiir Niederbayem. 

5255. Mineralogischer Verein. 

Langenhobst (Prussia), 

5256. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Langensalza (Prussia), 

5257. " Deutsche Blatter fiir Erziehenden Unterricht." 

Lauingen (Bavaria). 

[Verein fiir Natnrwissensehaftliche Zwecke. (Dis- 

Leipzig (Saxony). 

5259. Dr. Felix Fliigel. 

5260. Astronomische Gesellsehaft. 

5261. Bibliographisches Institut. 

5262. Bibliothek des Beichsgerichts. 

5263. Borsen- Verein der Deutsehen Buchhandler. 

5264. Botanischer Garten. 

[Bureau fiir Wetter-Prognose. (Ceased to exist.)] 

5265. Central- Verein Deutscher Zahnarzte. 

5266'. Central-Verein fiir Homoopathische Aerzte Deutsch- 
[Comenius-Stiftung. (See Padagogische Centralbiblio- 

5267. Deutsche Gesellsehaft fur Erforschung Vaterlandischer 

Sprache und Allerthiimer. 

5268. Deutscher und Oesterreichischer Alpen Verein, Section 


6269. Deutscher Verein zur Erforschung Palestina's. 

5270. Fiirstlich Jablonowski'sche Gesellsehaft der Wissen- 
' schaften. 

5271. Geologische Landes-Untersuchung von Sachsen. 

5272. Gesellsehaft fiir Geburtshiilfe. 

5273. Gesellsehaft fiir Psych ologische Forschung. 

5274. Handels-Kammer. 

5275. Hygienisches Institut. 

5276. Koniglich Sachsische Gesellsehaft der Wissenschaften. 

5277. Landwirthschaftliches Institut der Universitat. 

5278. Landwirthschaftlicher Kreis- Verein. 

[Leipziger Zweigverein der Gesellsehaft fiir Verbrei- 
tung von Volksbildung. (See Verein fiir Volks- 

5279. Medicinische Gesellsehaft. 

5280. Mineralogisches Museum. 

EUBOPE. 183 

Leipzig (Saxony). — Continued. 

5281. Museum fur Yolkerkunde. 

5282. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

5283. Oeffentliehe Handels-Lehr-Anstalt. 

5284. Padagogische Centralbibliothek. 

5285. Palaontologifiches Institut. 

5286. Physiologische Anstalt. 

5287. Polytechnisehe Gesellsehaft. 

5288. Bath der Stadt Leipzig. 

5289. Beal Gymnasium. 

[Rheinisches Museum fiir Philologie. (See Frankfurt 
a. M.)] 

5290. Sachsischer Ingenieur- und Arehitekten-Yerein. 

(Branch of Dresden Society.) 

5291. Staatswissenschaftliches Seminar der Universitat. 

5292. Stadt Bibliothek. 

[Stadtische Beal-Schule. (See Beal Gymnasium.)] 

5293. Statifitisches Amt der Stadt Leipzig. 
[Stemwarte von Dr. B. Engelmann. (Closed.)] 

5294. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5295. Thomas-Gymnasium. 

5296. Universitats-Bibliothek. 

5297. Universitats Stemwarte. 

5298. Verein fiir Anthropologic. 

5299. Verein der Buchhandler. 

5300. Verein fiir Erdkunde. 

5301. Verein fiir die Geschichte Leipzig's. 

5302. Verein fiir Naturkunde. 

5303. Verein fiir Volkskindergarten. 

5304. Verein fiir Volkswohl. 

5305. Zoologisches Institut der Universitat. 


5306. Aerztliches Vereins-Blatt fur Dcutschland. 

5307. Allgemeine Deutsche Lehrer-Zeitung. 

5308. Anglia. 

[Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie. (See Liebig's 
Annalen^ Halle a. S.)] 

5309. Annalen des Deutschen Beichs. 

5310. Archiv fiir Anatomic, Physiologic und Wissenschaft- 

liche Medicin. 

5311. Archiv der Mathematik und Physik. 

5312. Archiv fiir Sachsische Geschichte. 
6313. Aus Allen Welttheilen. 

[Berg- und Hiittenmannische Zeitung. (See imder Ber- 


Leipzig (Saxony), — Continued. 

6314. Bibliographischer Monatsbericht. 

5315. Botanische Zeitxmg. 

5316. Buchgewerbeblatt. 

5317. Centralblatt fiir Bibliothekswesen. 

5318. Centralblatt fiir Klinisehe Mediein. 

5319. Centralblatt fiir Nervenheilkunde und Psyehiatrie. 

5320. Central-Zeitting fiir Optik nnd Meehanik. 

5321. Chemisch-TechniBeher Central-Anzeiger. 

5322. Cornelia; Deutsche Elten Zeitung. 

5323. Daheim. 

5324. Deutsches Archiv fiir Klinisehe Mediein. 

5325. Deutsche Monatsschrift fiir Zahnheilkunde. 

5326. Deutsche Schulpraxis. 

5327. Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Zahnheilkunde. 

5328. Deutsche Volkschule. 

5329. Deutsche Zeitschrift fiir Auslandisches Unterrichts- 


5330. Deutsche Zeitschrift fiir Chirurgie. 

5331. Export Journal. 

[Gaea, Natur und Leben. (See in Koln.)] 

5332. Gartenlaube (Die). 

5333. General Anzeiger. 

5334. Geographische Zeitschrift. 

5335. Granit-Industrie der Neuzeit. 

5336. Illustrirte Zeitung. 

5337. Intelligenzblatt zu den Jahrbiichern der In- und Aus- 

landischen Gesammten Mediein. 
[Internationale Zeitschrift fur Allgemeine Sprachwis- 
senschaf t . (Discontinued.) ] 

5338. Jahrbuch fiir Gesetzgebung. 

5339. Jahrbuch fiir Eanderheilkimde. 

5340. Jahrbiicher fiir Classische Philologie. 

[Jahrbiicher fur Philologie und Padagogik. (See Neue 

Jahrbiicher fiir, &c.)] 
[Jahrbiicher fiir Wissenschaftliche Botanik. (See Ber- 
• lin.)] 

5341. Journal fiir Praktische Chemie. 

[**Ko8mos." Zeitschrift fiir Natun\ns8enschaft. (See 

5342. Leipziger Lehrer Zeitung. 

5343. Leipziger Tageblatt und Anzeiger. 

5344. Literarisches Centralblatt fur Deutschland. 
[Magazin fiir die Literatur des Auslands. (See Maga- 

zin fiir Litteratur, Berlin.)] 

5345. Morphologisches Jahrbuch. 

EUROPE. 185 

Leipzig (Saxony). — Continued. 

5346. KTeue Deutsche Grewerbe-Zeitung. 

5347. KTeue Jahrbucher fiir Philologie und Padagogik. 

5348. Neurologisches Central-Blatt. 
6349. Orgel (Die). 

5350. Padagogischer Jahresbericht. 
[Padagogium. (Discontinued.) ] 

5351. Praktischer Maschinen-Constructeur. 

5352. Praktische Schulmann (Der). 

5353. Seichs Medicinal Anzeiger. 

5354. Bepertorium fur Meteorologie. 

[Repertorium der Technischen, Mathematischen und 
Naturwissenschaftlichen Literatur. (Discontinued.) ] 

5355. Sachsische Schulzeitung. 

5356. Schmidfs Jahrbiicher der In- und Auslandischen 6e- 

sammten Medicin. 
[Sirius. (See Koln.)] 

5357. Theologisches Litteraturblatt. 

5358. XJhland's Technische Eundschau. 

5359. Zeitschrift fur Aegyptische Sprach- und Alterthums- 


5360. Zeitschrift fiir Angewandte Mikroskopie. 

5361. Zeitschrift fiir Anorganische Chemie. 

5362. Zeitschrift fiir Drechsler, Holzbildhauer, etc, 
[Zeitschrift fur Krystallographie und Mineralogie. (See 


5363. Zeitschrift fiir Naturwissenschaft. 

5364. Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie, Stochiometrie und 

[Zeitschrift fiir Volkerpsychologie und Sprachwissen- 
schaft. (Discontinued.)] 

5365. Zeitschrift fiir Volkskunde. 

[Zeitschrift fiir Wissenschaftliche Zoologie. (See Got- 

5366. Zeitschrift fiir Xylographen. 

[Zeitung fiir das Hohere Unterrichtswesen. (Discon- 

5367. Zoologischer Anzeiger. 

Leibnig (Saxony). 

5368. Geschichts- und Alterthums-Verein. 

Legpoldshall [bei Stassfurt] (Prussia). 

[Verkaufs-Syndikat der Kaliwerke. (See Stassfurt.)] 

LiEONiTZ (Prussia). 

5369. Landwirthschaftlicher Verein. 


LiEGNiTZ*(Prt««ia) . — Continued. 
5370. Lehrer Seminar. 
6371. '' liegnitzer Tageblatt.*' 

5372. PreuBBische Sehul-Zeitung. 

5373. Yereins Tanbstummen Anstalt. 

LiNNiOH (Prussia). 

5374. Lehrer Seminar. 


6375. Berend Schrodersche Sehule. 

5376. '^ General- Anzeiger fiir die Freie und Hansestadt 

5377. Oeographische Gesellschaft. 

5378. Gesellschaft znr Beforderung Gemeinniitziger Thatig- 


6379. Hansischer Geschichts-Verein. 

6380. Medicinal Collegium. 
5381. NaturhiBtorisehes Museum. 
6382. Navigations-Sehule. 
5383. Oberschulbehorde. 

6384. Stadt-Bibliothek. 

5385. Stemwarte der Navigations-Schule. 

5386. Taubfitummen-AnBtalt. 

5387. Verein fiir Liibeckische GeBchichte und Alterthums- 


LuDWiGSHAPEN {Bavarxo), 

5388. " Neuer Pfalzischer Kurier.'' 

LuDWiGSLUST (Mecklenburg'Schwerin). 

6389. Taubstummen Anstalt. 

LuNDEN. (See Dahrenwurth.) 

LiTNEBUBG (Prussia). 

6390. " Faxma '' Verein Luxemburger Naturfreunde. 

6391. Museums- Verein fiir das Fiirstentum Liineburg. 

5392. Naturwissenschaftlieher Verein. 

Magdebubg (Prussia). 

5393. " Centralblatt fiir Innere Medizin." 

6394. " General Anzeiger.'' 

6395. " Jahrbuch der Meteorologischen Beobachtungen." 

6396. Landwirthschaftliehe Versuchs-Station. 

5397. Naturwissenschaftlieher Verein. 

5398. " Neue Padagogische Zeitung." 
6399. '^PraktischePhysik/' 

5400. Statistisches Amt der Stadt. 

EUBOPE. 187 

Magdebubg (Prussia). — Continued. 

5401. Verein fiir die Geschichte nnd Alterthumsknnde des 

Herzogthmns irnd Erzstif ts Magdeburg. 

5402. Verein fiir Landwirthschaftliche Wetterkunde in der 

Provinz Sachsen, den Sachsischen Grossherzog-, 
Herzog- und Fiirstenthiimem, den Herzogthiimem 
Anhalt und Braunschweig, und der Uekennark. 

5403. Verein fiir OeflEentliche Gesundheitspflege. 

5404. Wetterwarte der Magdeburgischen Zeitung. 

Mainz (Hesse). 

5405. Grossherzogliche Handels-Kanuner. 

5406. " Hessische Sehulblatter." 

5407. " Mainzer Anzeiger.'' 

5408. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

5409. Stadt-Bibliothek. 

5410. Verein zur Erforschung der Rheinischen Geschichte 

und Alterthiimer. 

Mannheim (Baden). 

5411. " Badischer General Anzeiger." 

5412. Grossherzogliches G}Tnnasium. 

5413. Mannheimer Alterthums- Verein. 

5414. '' Neue Badischer Schul Zeitung." 

5415. Oeffentliche Bibliothek. 

5416. Verein fiir Naturkunde. 

Mabburg (Prussia). 

5417. Botanischer Garten. 

5418. ** Jahresbericht iiber die Fortschritte der Beinen 

['' Flora." (See Regensburg.)] 

5419. Gesellschaft zur Beforderung der Gresammten Naturwis- 


5420. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

5421. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

5422. "Neueren Sprachen (Die)." (Phonetische Studien.) 

5423. Stemwarte. 

5424. Universitats Bibliothek. 

5425. Verein Kurhessischer Thierarzte. 

5426. Zoologisches Institut der Universitat. 

Mabienbubg (Prussia). 

5427. Historischer Verein fiir den Regienings-Bezirk Marien- 

6428. Lehrer-Seminar. 
5429. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 


Mayence. (See Mainz.) 

Meebsbubg (Baden). 

5430. Grossherzoglich Badische Allgemeine Taubstummen- 


Meiningen (Saxe-Meiningen), 

5431. Hennebergischer Alterthumsforschender Verein. 

5432. Herzogliche Schloss-Bibliothek. 

5433. Herzogliehes Staatsministerium. 

5434. Herzogliehes Statistisches Bureau. 

5435. Landwirthschaftlieher Verein. 

5436. " Meininger Werra Zeitung." 

5437. Stadt-Bibliothek. 

5438. Verein fiir Pomologie und Gartenbau. 

Meissen (Saxony). 

5439. Fiirsten- xmd Landessehule St. Afra. 

5440. GeseUschaft " Isis." 

5441. Museum Ludwig Salvator. 

5442. Verein fiir die Geschichte der Stadt Meissen. 

Merseburg (Prussia). 

5443. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Mettmann (Prussia). 

5444. Lehrer Seminar. 

Metz (Lorraine). 

5445. Acad6mie de Metz. 

5446. Biblioth^que de Metz. 

5447. GeseUschaft fiir Lothringisehe Geschichte und Alter- 

thumskunde. (Soci6t6 d'Arch6ologie et d'Histoire.) 

5448. Societe d^Histoire Naturelle de Metz. 

5449. Soci6t6 des Sciences Medicales du D6partement de la 


5450. Staats Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5451. Verein fiir Erdkunde. 


5452. Versorgungs-Anstalt fiir Weibliche Taubstumme. 

Mockebn (Prussia). 

5453. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 


5454. Lehrer-Seminar. 

EUBOPE. 189 

MoLLN (Lauenburg, Prussia). 

6455. Verein fiir die Geschichte des Herzogthums Lauenburg. 

MiJLHAUSBN (Alsace). 

6466. " Feuerbestattimg." 

6457. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

6468. Soci6t^ Industrielle. 

MiJNCHEBEBG (Prussia). 

6459. Verein fiir Heimathskunde. 

MuNCHEN (Bavaria). 

6460. Aerztlicher Verein. 

6461. Agrieultur-Physikalisches Laboratorium. 

6462. Alterthmns- Verein. . 

6463. Anstalt der Geognostischen Untersuchung des Konig- 

liehen Bayerisehen Oberbergamtes. 

6464. BayeriBche Botanische Gesellschaft. 
6466. BayeriBche Gartenbau Gesellschaft. 

6466. Bayerischer Kunst-Gewerbe Verein. 

6467. Bayerischer Landes-Fischerei- Verein. 

6468. Bayerische Numismatische Gesellschaft. 

6469. Dentscher Geometer Verein. 

6470. Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Beforderung Eationeller Mal- 


6471. Dentscher und Oesterreichischer Alpen- Verein, Section 


6472. Enropaischer Botanischer Taiisch-Verein. 

6473. Forstbotanisches Institut zu Miinchen. 
[Geognostische Abtheilung des K. B. Oberbergamts. 

(See Anstalt der Geognostischen Untersuchungen, 

5474. Geographische Gesellschaft. 

5475. Gesellschaft fiir Morphologic und Physiologic. 

6476. Haupt-Conservatorium der Armee: Central-Bibliothek 

des Heeres. 

6477. Heilanstalt fur Sprachkranke. 

6478. Historischer Verein fiir Oberbayem. 

6479. Koniglich Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften. 

6480. Koniglich Bayerische Meteorologische Central-Station. 

6481. Eonigliche Bayerische Oberbergamt. 

6482. Koniglich Bayerisches Statistisches Bureau. 

6483. Koniglich Bayerische Technische Hochschule. 

6484. Koniglicher Botanischer Garten. 

6485. Konigliche Commission fur die Internationale Erdmes- 



MtJNCHEN (Bavana) .-^Continued. 

5486. EoniglicheB Ethnographisches Museum. 
6487. Koniglicher General-Quartier-Meister-Stab. 

5488. Eonigliche Hof- und Staats-Bibliothek. 

5489. Konigliches Ministerium fiir Kirchen- und Schulangele- 


5490. Konigliches Ministerium des Oeffentliehen XJnterrichts. 

5491. Eonigliehes Staats-Herbarium. 

5492. Konigliches Staats-Ministerium. 

5493. Konigliche Stemwarte. 

5494. Konigliche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5495. Konigliches Topographisches Bureau. 

6496. Landwirthschaftliche Abtheilxmg der K. Technischen 

5497. Landwirthschaftliche Central Versuchs-Station. 

5498. Landwirthschaftlicher Yerein. 

5499. Miinchener Qesellschaft fiir Anthropologic^ Ethnologie» 

und Urgeschichte. 
6500. Poiytechnischer Verein. 

[Soci6t6 Botanique Bavaroise. (See Bayerischer Botan- 

ischer Verein.)] 
5501. Staatwirtschaftliches Seminar der Universitat Miin- 

5602. Universitats-Bibliothek. 
5503. Wissenschaftliche Station fiir Brauerei. 
6504. Zoologisch-Zootomische und Vergleichende Anatomische 


Journals and Periodicals. 

5505. Akademische Monatshefte. 

5506. Akademische Bevue. 

5507. AUgemeine Fischerei-Zeitung. 

5508. Archiv fiir Anthropologic. 

5509. Archiv fiir Hygiene. 

[Aule (Die); Wochenblatt fiir die Gebildeten Stande. 

[Ausland (Das). (Ceased to exist.)] 

5510. Bayerisches Industrie und Gewerbe-Blatt. 

5511. Deutsches Archiv fiir Klinische Medicin. 

6512. Deutsche Rundschau fur Geographic und Statistik. 
5513. Forschungen iiber Agrikultur-Physik. 
5614. Forstwissenschaftliches Central-Blatt. 

6615. Gerichtsaal (Der). 

6616. Hochschul-Nachrichten. 
6517. lUustrirte Monatshefte. 

6618. Journal fiir Gasbeleuchtung und Wasserversorgung. 

EUROPE. 191 

MtJNCHEN (Bavaria). — Continued. 

6619. Kjiabenhort (Der). 

6620. Miinchener Medizinifiche Wochenschrift. 

6621. Nenberf 8 Oarten-Magazin. 

6622. Nenste Nachrichten. 

6623. Prahistorische Blatter. 

6624. Technische Mittheilungen ftir Malerei. 
6626. Zeitschrift fur Anorganisehe Chemie. 

6626. Zeitschrift fiir Biologie. 

6627. Zeitschrift fiir die Gesammte Kalte-Indnstrie. 

6628. Zeitschrift fiir Erystallographie nnd Mineralogie. 

MUNDBN {Prussia). 

6629. Botanischer Garten. 

6630. Koniglich Prenssische Forst-Akademie. 

MiJNSTEB (Westphalia). 

6631. Agriculturchemische Yersuchs-Station. 

6632. Botanischer Garten. 

6633. Konigliches Gymnasium. 

6634. Konigliche Paulinische Bibliothek. 

[Konigliche Prenssische Akademie. (See Konigliche 
Paulinische Bibliothek.)] 

6635. Konigliche Theologische und Philosophische Akademie. 

6636. Landwirthschaftlicher Provinzial Verein fur Westfalen 

imd Lippe. 
[Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. (See KTo. 

6637. Lehrerinnen-Seminar. 

6638. Mineralogisch-Palaontologisches Museum der Konig* 

lichen Akademie. 
[Polytechnischer Verein. (Ceased to exist.)] 

6639. Provinzial- Verein fiir Wissenschaft und Knnst. 

6640. Stemwarte. 

5641. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

[Universitat. See Konigliche Paulinische Bibliothek.] 

6642. Verein fiir die Geschichte und Alterthiimer Westfalens. 

6643. " WestfaUscher Merkur." 

[Westfalischer Provinzial- Verein fiir Naturwissen- 
schaften. (See No. 5639.)] 

Naoold (Wuriemherg). 

6644. Konigliche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 


[Nassauischer Verein. (Does not exist.)] 


Neissb (Prussia). 

5545. Katholisches Gymiiasiiiiii. 

5546. Beal (Schule) Gymnasium. 

6547. Wissenschaftliche Oesellscbaft " Philomatie.'' 

Neu BBANDBNBrRG (MeckUnJmrg). 

[Verein der Freunde der KTaturgeschichte in Mecklen- 
burg. (See Giistrow.)] 

Neudaioc (Prussia). 

5548. " Zeitschiift fiir Gartenbau und Gartenkunst/' 

Neu-Buppin (Prussia). 

5549. Lehrer Seminar. 

Neustadt-Ebebswalde (Prussia). 

[Konigliche Forst-Akademie. (See Eberswalde.)] 

Neu Tbbptow. 

["Jahrbuch fiir Gartenkunde und Botanik.*' (See 

Neuwied (Rhenish Prussia). 

5550. Lehrer-Seminar. 

5551. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

KToBDHAUSEN (Prussia). 

5552. Wissenschaftlicher Verein. 

NuBNBEBQ (Bavaria). 

5663. Bayerisches Gewerbe Museum. 
6664. " Bayerische Lehrer Zeitung.^^ 
6656. Botaniseher Verein. 

6666. Deutsche Anthropologische Gesellschaft. 

6667. '' Prankischer Kurier." 

6668. " Priedrich's Blatter fiir Gerichtliche Medicin/' 

6669. Germanisches Museum. 

6660. Gewerbe- Verein. 

6661. Historischer Verein. 

6662. Naturhistorische Gesellsthaft. 

6663. Stadtische Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

6664. Verein fiir die Geschichte der Stadt Niirnberg. 

NuBTiNGEN (Wiirtemberg), 

5665. Konigliche Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Ober-Lahnstbin (Prussia). 

5566. Lahnsteiner Alterthums- Verein. 

BUBOPB. . 193 

OcHSENFUBT {Bavario). 

6567. " Malakozoologische Blatter." 

Offenbach (Baden). 

5568. Grossherzogliche Handels-Kammer. 

5569. Verein fur Naturkunde. 

Oldenbubg (Oldenburg). 

5570. Gewerbe- iind Handels- Verein. 

5571. GroBsherzogliche Bibliothek. 

5572. Grossherzogliches Statistisches Bureau. 

5573. Landwirthschaftlicb-Chemische Control-Station. 

5574. " Nachriehten fiir Stadt und Land." 

5575. Oldenburger Landesverein fiir Alterthumskunde. 

5576. " OldenburgiBcher Schulblatt." 

Osnabbxjck (Prussia). 

5577. Historischer Verein. 

5578. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

5579. ProTinzial Taubstummen-Anfltalt. 


5580. "Hephata." 

5581. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

OsTEBWiCK (Prussia). 

5582. *' Padagogisches Archiv." 

Padebbobn (Prussia). 

5583. Konigliches Gymnasium. 

Passau (Bavaria). 

5584. Naturhistorischer Verein. 

[Praktische Gartenbau-Gesellschaft in Bayem. (Dis- 

Petebshagen (Prussia). 

5585. Lehrer Seminar. 

5586. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Pfobzhbim (Baden). 

5587. " Pforzheimer Anzeiger." 


5588. Lehrer-Seminar. 

Plauen (Saxony). 

6589. Filial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5590. Gymnasium und Realschule. 

5591. Verein fiir Natur- und Heilkunde. 


Ploen (Prussia). 

5592. Biologische Station. 

PoMMRiTZ (Saxony). 

5593. Agriculturchemische Verauchs-Station fiir die Konigl. 

Sachsische Oberlausitz. 

POPPELSDOBF (Rhenish Prussia). 

5594. " Biedennann's Central-Blatt fiir Agricultur-Chemie.** 

5595. Konigliche Landwirthschaftliche Akademie. 

5596. Versuchs-Station der Landwirthschaftlichen Akademie. 

PosBN (Prussia). 

5597. Gesellschaft der Freunde der Wiseenschaften. 

5598. Historische Gesellschaft fiir die Provinz Posen. 

5599. Landes-Bibliothek. 

5600. Landwirthschaftlicher Provinzial-Verein. 

5601. Landwirthscfaaftliehe Versuchs-Station. 

5602. Lehrerinnen-Seminar. 

5603. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

5604. ^' Posener Lehrer Zeitung.'* 

5605. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5606. Stadtische Bealschule. 

Potsdam (Prussia). 

5607. "Ahoi.'' 

5608. Astro-Physikalisches Observatorinm. 

5609. Botanischer Garten. 

5610. Central Bureau der Internationalen Erdmessung. 

5611. Konigliches Preussisches Geodatisches Institnt. 

5612. Landwirthschaftlicher Provinzial- Verein fiir die Mark 

Brandenburg iind die Nieder-Lansitz. 

5613. Magnetisch-Meteorologisches Observatorinni. 

5614. Markischer Forst-Verein. 

5615. Oberlinhaus. 

5616. Verein znr Beforderung des Seidenbanes in der Mark 

Brandenburg und der Nieder-Lausitz. 

Pkoskau (Prussia). 

[Agricultural Gardens. (Closed.)] 
[Landwirthschaftliche Akademie. (Closed.)] 

5617. Milchwirthschaftliches Institut. 

5618. Pflanzenphysiologische Versuchs-Station. 

QuEDLiNBURG (Prussid). 

['^ Allgemeine Berg- und Huttenmannische Zeitung.*' 
(N*ow in Berlin.)] 

BUBOPE. 195 

Ragnit (Prussia). 

5619. Lehrer Seminar. 

Bastadt (Baden). 

5620. Grossherzogliches Gymnasium. 

Ratibob (Prussia). 

5621. " Oberschlesischer Anzeiger." 

5622. Vereins Taubstnmmen-Anstalt. 

Bayensbubg (Wiirtemberg). 

5623. Obstban-Verein. 

Begeksbubg (Bavaria). 

5624. "Flora.'' 

5625. Historischer Verein fiir die Oberpfalz. 

5626. Koniglieh Bayerischer Apotheker- Verein. 

5627. Koniglieh Bayerische Botanische Gesellsehaft. 

5628. Koniglieh Bayerisehe Gesellsehaft der Wissenschaften. 

5629. Kreis Taubstnmmen Anstalt. 

5630. Natnrwissenschaftlicher Verein. 
[Zoologisch-Mineralogischer Verein. (See Natnrwis- 

senschaftlicher Verein.)] 

Begenwalde (Prussia). 

5631. Landwixthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

Beichenbebg (Saxony). 

5632. " Freie Schulzeitung." 

5633. Voigtlandischer Verein fiir Naturkunde. 

Eeutlingen (Wiirtemberg). 

5634. Deutscher Pomologen- Verein. 

5635. " General Anzeiger." 

5636. Pomologisches Institut. 

5637. " Pomologische Monatsschrift.'' 

BoDA (Saxe-Altenburg). 

[Thiiringer Fischerei- Verein. (Same as 'So. 5098.)] 

BossEL (Prussia). 

5638. Provinzial Taubstnmmen-Anstalt. 

BosTOCK (Mecklenburg). 

5639. Botanischer Garten. 

5640. Deutscher Apotheker- Verein. 

5641. Grossherzogliche Mecklenburgische Gteologische liandes- 



Rostock (Meclelehburg), — Continued. 

5642. Landwirthschaftliche Yersuchs-Station. 

5643. Mecklenbnrgiflcher Patriotischer Verein. 

5644. MecklenbnrgB SchubnuBeum. 

5645. " Rostocker Zeitung." 

5646. TJniversitats-Bibliothek. 

5647. Verein der Preunde der Naturgeschichte in Mecklen- 


5648. Verein Tanbstnmmen Anstalt. 

5649. Zoologisches Institnt. 

RuFACH {Alsace-Lorraine). 

5650. E[aiserliche Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station fiir 


RiTNGSDOBF (bci Bonn). 

5651. Observatoriiiin des Barons C. yon Camphaxisen. 

RuPBECHTSAU. (See Strassbnrg, Alsace.) 

Saabbbucken {Prussia). 

5652. " Bergmannsfreund (Der).'' 

5653. Konigliche Bergwerks Direction. 

Sanct Ludwio {Alsace). 

5654. Eaiserliche Fischzucht-Anstalt bei Hiiningen. 

Sangbbhausbn {Prussia). 

5655. Geschichtlich-Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein fiir Sang- 

ershansen nnd Umgegend. 

5656. Verein fur Geschichte nnd Alterthumskunde. 

SoHLEiz {Reuss). 

5657. Staats-Taubstnmmen-Anstalt. 

ScHLESWiG {Prussia). 

[" Hephata." (MoTed to Osterbnrg.)] 
' 5658. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Sohlettstadt {Elsass). 

5659. Stadt-Bibliothek. 

ScHLOCHAU {Prussia). 

5660. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

SoHNEiDEMUHL {Prussia). 

5661. Provinzial Taubstummen Anstalt. 

ScHWEiNFUBT {Bavaria). 

5662. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

BUBOPE. • 197 

ScHWEBiN (Mecklenburg). 

5663. GeodatlBches Obeeiratoriuin. 

5664. GroBsherzogliche Begierungs-Bibliothek. 

5665. Orossherzogllches Statistisches Bureau. 

5666. Verein fiir Mecklenburgische Geschichte iind Alter- 


Seoebebg (Prussia). 

5667. '' Hohenzollernsche Volks Zeitung.'' 

5668. Lehrer-Seminar: 


5669. Lehrer Seminar. 

Sigxabingbn (Prussia). 

5670. Gentral-Stelle dee Yereins zur Beforderung der Land- 

wirthschaft iind der Gewerbe in HohenzoUem. 

Soest (Prussia). 

5671. Lehrer-Seminar. 

5672. Proyinzial Taubstiunmen-Anstalt. 

Sondebshausek (Schwarzburg). 

[Botaniflcher Verein fiir das Nordliche Thiiringen. (See 
Thiiringiache Botaniache Gteselkehaft.)] 

5673. *^ Deutsche Botanische Monatsschrift.*' 

5674. Piirstliches Gymnasium. 

5675. Fiirstliche Bealschulc. 

5676. Fiirstlich Schwarzburgisehe Ministerial-Canzlei. 

5677. Thiiringische Botanische Gesellschaft " Irmischia.** 

5678. Verein zur Beforderung der Landwirthschaft. 

Spbteb (Bavaria). 

5679. Historischer Verein der Pfalz. 

[Historischer Verein fiir Rheinbayem. (See Histor- 
ischer Verein der Pfalz.)] 

5680. Landwirthschaftliche Kreis-Versuchs-Station. 

5681. Stemwarte des Koniglichen Lyceums. 

Stade (Prussia). 

5682. Lehrer-Seminar. 

5683. Proyinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 
6684. Verein fiir Geschichte und Alterthumer. 

Stabsftjbt (Prussia). 

5685. Verkaufs-Syndikat der Kaliwerke zu Leopoldshall. 

Steglitz (bei Berlin). 

5686. Eonigliehe Blinden-Anstalt. 


Stettin (Prussia). 

5687. " Blatter fiir Pommersche Volkskunde." 

5688. " Deutsche Kscherei Zeitung.'' 

5689. Entomologischer Verein. 

5690. " Entomologische Zeitung." 

5691. " General Anzeiger.'' 

5692. Gesellschaft fiir Pommersche Geschichte und Alter- 

[Navigationsschule. (See Grabow.)] 

5693. " Padagogisches Archiv." 

5694. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5695. Verein fiir Erdkunde. 

Stolp (Prussia). 

5696. Pommersche Oekonomische Gesellschaft. 

Stbalsund (Prussia). 

5697. Baths Bibliothek. 

5698. Stadtische Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Stbassbubo (Ahace). 

5699. Anatomisches Institut der Uniyersitat. 

5700. ^'Antiqua." 

5701. " Antiquitaten Zeitschrift." 
[Astronomische Gesellschaft. (See Leipzig.)] 

5702. Botanischer Garten. 

5703. " Botanische Zeitung." 

[Central Amt des Meteorologischen Beobachtungs-Sys- 
tems des Beichslandes. (See Meteorologischer 

5704. " Elsass-Lothringenisches Schulblatt.'' 

[Faculty de M6decine. (See Medicinische Facultat.)] 

5705. " Gazette Medicale de Strassbourg." 

5706. Jacautot Taubstummen Anstalt. 

5707. Kaiserliche Universitats- und Landes-Bibliothek. 

5708. Katholische Taubstummen Anstalt zu Buprechtsau. 

5709. Kommission fiir die Geologische Landes-Untersuchung 

von Elsass-Lothringen. 

5710. Medicinische Facultat. 

5711. Meteorologischer Landesdienst in Elsass-Lothringen. 

5712. Naturhistorisches Museum. (Mus6e d'Histoire Natur- 


5713. Oberrheinischer Verein fiir Luftschiffahrt. 

5714. Protestantische Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5715. Society pour la Conservation des Monuments Histor- 

iques d' Alsace. 
[Society d'Histoire Naturelle. (Dissolved.)] 

EUBOPE. 199 

Stkassbubg (Alsace), — Continued. 
5716. Soci^W de M6decine. 

6717. Soci6t6 des Sciences, Agriculture et Arts de la Basse 

[Soci6te des Sciences Naturelles. (Dissolved.)] 

6718. Soci6t6 V6t6rinaire d' Alsace-Lorraine. 

6719. Stadt-Bibliothek. 

6720. Stemwarte der Kaiserlichen Universitat. 

6721. " Strassburgische Neueste Nachrichten, General-An- 

zeiger fur Elsass-Lothringen, Volksblatt." 

6722. Zoologisches Institut der Universitat. 

Stbaubing (Bavaria). 

6723. Niederbayerische Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

6724. " Schulanzeiger fiir Niederbayern." 

Stbelitz (Mecklenhurg-Streliiz). 

5725. " Mecklenburg-StreUtz Landes-Zeitung." 

[Verein der Freunde der Naturgeschichte. (See Giis- 

Stuttgabt (Witrteniberg), 

5726. Seine Majestat der Konig von Wtirttemberg. 
[American Public Library. (Transferred to Frankfurt 

a. M.)] 
[Anthropologische Gesellschaft. (See Gesellschaft fiir 
Anthropologic, &c.)] 

5727. Central-Leitung des Wohlthatigkeits-Vereins fur Wiirt- 


6728. Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt. 

6729. Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium. 
[Gartenbau-Gesellschaft " Flora." (Ceased to exist.)] 

6730. Gesellschaft fiir Anthropologic, Ethnographic und Al- 


6731. Gesellschaft fiir die Weinverbesserung in Wiirttemberg. 
5732. Gewerbe- Verein. 

6733. Handels- und Gewerbe-Kammer. 

6734. Heilgymnastisches Institut. 

6735. Konigliche Central Stelle fur Gewerbe und Handel. 

5736. Konigliche Central-SteUe fiir die Landwirthschaft. 

5737. Konigliches Finanz-Ministerium. 

6738. Konigliche Forst Direction. 

6739. Konigliches Haus- und Staats-Archiv. 
5740. Konigliches Justiz Ministerium. 

6741. Konigliche Kommission fiir Erziehungshauser. 

[Konigliche Meteorologische Central-Station. (See 
Meteorologisches System fiir Wiirttemberg.)] 


Stuttgabt (Wiirtemberg), — Continued. 

5742. Konigliches Ministerium der Answartigen Angelegen- 


5743. Konigliches Ministerium des Innern. 

5744. Konigliches Ministerium des Elirchen- und Schulwesens. 

5745. Konigliches Naturalien Kabinet. 

5746. Konigliche Oeffentliche Bibliothek. 

[Konigliches Polytechnikum. (See K. Technische 

[Konigliches Staats Archiy. (See Konigliches Haus- 

imd Staats Archiv.)] 

5747. Konigliches Statistisches Landes Amt. 

5748. Konigliche Technische Hochschule. 

5749. Konigliche Wiirttembergische Commission fiir die 

Europaische Gradmessung. 
. 5750. Ludwigs Spital " Charlottenhilfe.^' 

5751. Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

5752. Meteorologisches System fiir Wiirttemberg. 

5753. Permanente Schulausstellung. 

5754. Statistisches Amt der Stadt Stuttgart. 

5755. Stuttgarter Aerztlicher Verein. 

[Verein zur Forderung der Deutschen Cultur-Mission 
im Ausland. (Dissolved.)] 

5766. Verein zur Fiirsorge Entlassener Strafgefangener. 

5767. Verein fiir Mineralogie, Geologic und Paliiontologie. 
6768. Verein fiir Vaterlandische Naturkimde in Wiirttemberg. 

5759. Wiirttembergischer Aerztlicher Verein. 

5760. Wiirttembergischer Alterthums Verein. 

5761. Wiirttembergischer Gartenbau Verein. 

5762. Wiirttembergischer Thierarztlicher Verein. 

5763. Wiirttembergischer Thierschutz Verein. 

6764. Wiirttembergischer Verein fiir Handels (Jeographie. 

Journals and PEBioniCiLs. 

[Archiv fiir Kinderheilkunde. (See Berlin.)] 
[Ausland (Bas). (Discontinued.)] 
5766. Deutsche Illustrirte Gewerbe Zeitung. 

5766. Deutsche Revue. 

5767. Dingler's Polytechnisches Journal. 

5768. niustrirte Welt. 

' 5769. Katholisches Sonntagsblatt. 

5770. KosmoB. 

5771. Neues Jahrbuch fiir Mineralogie, Geologic und Palaon- 


5772. Palaeontographica. 

[Polytechnisches Journal. (See Dingler's Polytechni- 
' sches Journal.)] 

EUBOPE. 201 

Stuttgabt (Wuriemberg). — Continued. 
5773. Schwabischer Merknr. 
6774. Siiddeutsche Industrie. 

5775. Ueber Land und Meer. 

5776. Vom Fels zum Meer. 

5777. Weltbote (Der). 

5778. Wiirttembergiflche Vierteljahrshefte fiir Landesgesch- 


5779. Zeitschrift fiir Geburtshiilfe und Gynakologie. 

5780. Zeitschrift fiir Handelsrecht. 

[Zeitschrift fiir Yermessungswesen. (See Koburg, 
Deutscher Geometer Verein.)] 

Thahand (Saxony). 

5781. Botanischer Garten. 

5782. Konigl. Fflanzenphysiologische Yersuchs- und Samen* 


5783. Konigliche Sachsische Akademie fur Land und Forst- 


Thobn (Prussia). 

5784. Copernicus Yerein fiir Wissenschaft und Kunst. 

TiLBiT (Prussia). 

5785. Yorschule zur Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

TimiEL (Prussia). 

5786. Koniglich Preussische Navigations-Schule. 

Tbeptow (bei Berlin). 

["Jahrbuch fiir Gartenkunde und Botanik." (See 
Zeitschrift fur Gartenbau und Gartenkunst, Ber- 

Triek (Prussia). 

5787. Eifel-Yerein. 

5788. Gesellschaft fiir Niitzliche Forschungen. 

5789. Lehrerinnen-Seminar. 

5790. "Paullnusblatt." 

5791. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

5792. Stadt Bibliothek. 

Tbiesdobp (Bavaria). 

5793. Landwirthschaftliche Yersuchs-Station fiir Mittcl- 


Tbotha (Pru^ia). 

5794. Grabau Aluminium Werke. 


Tubingen (Wurtemberg), 

5795. " Archiv fiir Christliche Kunst." 

5796. '' Archiv fur CivilistiBche Praxis.'' 

6797. " Archiv fiir Soziale (Jesetzgebung und Statistik." 

5798. Botanischer Garten. 

5799. Botanisches Institut. 

5800. Chemisches Haupt-Laboratorium der Universitat. 

5801. " Jahresbericht fiir Ophthalmologie.'' 

5802. Konigliche Universitats Bibliothek. 

5803. Landwirthschaftlicher Verein. 

[" Naturforscher (Der).'* (See Berlin.)] 

5804. " Philologus.'' 

5805. " Zeitschrift fiir die Gesammten Staats-Wissenschaften.'' 

5806. Zoologische Anstalt der Universitat. 

Ulm (Wurtemberg). 

[Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft. (See Verein fiir 
Mathematik nnd Naturwissenschaften.)] 

5807. Stadt-BibUothek. 
6808. ^'Ulmer Tageblatt." 

5809. Verein fiir Kunst nnd Alterthum in Oberschwaben. 

5810. Verein fiir Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften. 


5811. Versorgungs-Anstalt fiir Mannliche Taubstumme. 

Waldau (Prussia), 

5812. Lehrer-Seminar. 

Waben (Mecklenburg). 

5813. Von Maltzan'sches Naturhistorisches Museum. 

Weihenstephan (Bavaria). 

[Agricultural Academy. (See Freising.)] 

5814. Chemische Station fiir Brauerei. 

Weilbubo (Prussia). 

5815. Verein Nassauischer Aerzte. 

Weimab (Saxe-Weimar). 

5816. Bibliothek der Deutschen Shakspeare Gesellschaft. 

5817. Botanischer Verein fiir das Gesammte Thiiringen. 

5818. "Deutschland.^' 

, 5819. Geographisches Institut, 

5820. Gewerbe Kammer fiir das Grossherzogthum Sachsen- 

Weimar-Eisenach . 

5821. Gothe Gesellschaft. 

EUBOPE. ' 203 

Weimab {Saxe-Weimar). — Continued. 
6822. Grossherzogliche Bibliothek. 
5823. Grossherzogliche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

6824. " Litterarischer Merkur." 
[Medicinisch-Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. (In 


6825. " Palaontologische Abhandlungen." 

5826. Statistisches Bureau der Vereinigten Thiiringischen 

6827. Verein flir Blumistik und Gartenbau. 

[" Zeitschrift fiir Wissenschaftliche Geographic." (Dis- 

Weinsbero (Wiirtemberg). 

[Historischer Verein fiir das Wiirttembergische 
Franken. (See Hall-am-Kocher.)] 

Weissexfels {Prussia). 

5828. Provinzial Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Weissensee (Prussia). 

5829. Israelitische Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Wenioex-Jena (Saxe-Weimar), 

5830. Privat-Anstalt fiir Schwerhorige und Ertaubte. 

Wernioebode (Prussia). 

5831. Grafliche Oeffentliche Bibliothek. 

5832. Harz Verein fiir Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. 

5833. Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. 

Wesel (Prussia). 

5834. " General Anzeiger." 

Wetzlar (Prussia). 

['' Zeitschrift fiir Praktische Geologic." (See Berlin.)] 

Wiesbaden (Prussia). 

[Chemisches Haupt Laboratorium der Universitat. 
(Identical with No. 5835.)] 

5835. Chemisches Laboratorium des Professor Doctor R. 


6836. Congress fiir Innere Medicin. 

6837. Deutscher Weinbau- Verein. 

5838. Gewerbe- Verein fiir Nassau. 

5839. Konigliche Landes-Bibliothek. 

5840. Landwirthschaftliche Versuchs-Station. 

5841. Naturhistorischer Verein. 


Wiesbaden (Prussia), — Continued. 

5842. " Neue Bahnen.^' 
[TaubBtummen-Infltitut. (See under Camberg.)] 

5843. Verein fiir Nassauische Geschichte nnd Alterthums- 


5844. Verein Nassauischer Land nnd Forstwirthe. 

5845. Verein fiir Natnrknnde. 

5846. " Zeitechrift fiir Analytische Chemie.'* 

Wildeshausen (Oldenburg). 

5847. Grossherzogliche Taubstnmmen-Anstalt. 


5848. Zeiglersehe Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Wilhelmshafen (Prussia). 

5849. Kaiserliches Observatorinm. 

Winnenden (Wiirteniberg). 

5850. Grossherzogliche Taubstnmmen-Anstalt. 

WiNZiG (Prussia). 

5851. Observatoire de L. de Wutschichowsky. 


5852. Herzogliche Bibliothek. 

WoBMS (Hesse). 

5853. Grossherzogliches Gymnasium. 

5854. Grossherzpglich Hessisehe Handels-Kammer. 

5855. " Schnlbote fiir Hessen.'^ 

Wbiezen (Brandenburg). 

5856. Wilhelm-Augusta-Stift; Taubstummen Anstalt der 

Provinz Brandenburg. 

WuBZBUBG (Bavaria). 

5857. Botanischer Garten. 

5858. Botanisches Institut. 

5859. " Finanz-Archiv.^' 

5860. Historischer Verein von TJnterfranken und Aschaffen- 


5861. K. B. Taubstummen Institut. 

5862. Landwirthschaf tliehe "Kreis- Versuehsstation. 

5863. Medicinische Facultat der Universitat. 

5864. Medicinische Klinik zu Wiirzburg. 

5865. Physikalisch-Medizinische Gesellschaft. 

5866. Polytechnischer Central- Verein. 

5867. Universitats Bibliothek. 

EUROPE. 205 

WtBZBUBG (Bavaria), — Continued. 

5868. Unterfrankischer Kreis Pischerei Verein. 
[Weinbau-Versuchs, xind Lebensmittel Untersuchung 

Comit6. (See Landwirthschaftliche Kreis-Ver- 

5869. ** Wurzburger General Anzeiger." 

Zeitz (Prussia), 

5870. *' Saehsische ProTinzial Zeitung." 

Zell (Eysolden) (Bavaria). 

5871. Privat Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

Zerbsx (AnhdU), 

5872. Tanbstummen Anstalt ftir das Herzogthum Anhalt. 

5873. Vorschule fiir die Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

ZiTTATJ (Saxony). 

5874. Gewerbe Verein. 

ZwEiBRtrcKBN (Bavario). 

5875. Naturhistorischer Verein. 

Zwickau (Saxony). 

5876. Alterthums- Verein. 

[Saehsischer Ingenieur und Architekten Verein. (See 

5877. " Tageblatt und Anzeiger." 

5878. Verein fiir Naturkunde. 



5879. "Jottings.*' 


5880. Aldershot Military Society. 


5881. Berwickshire Naturalists' Club. 


[Free Library. (New title: Heginbottom Free Lib- 

5882. Haydock Lodge Retreat. 

5883. Heginbottom Free Library. 

5884. Mechanics' Institute. 



[Observatory. (Closed.)] 

Aston (Warwickshire). 

5885. Public Library Department. 


5886. Buckinghamshire Architectural and Arch»ological So- 


5887. Banbury Municipal School. 


5888. Midland Institute of Mining, Civil, and Mechanical En- 


5889. Arkley House Observatory. 

Barrow-in-Ftjrness (Lancashire). 

5890. Free Public Library and Museum. 

5891. NaturaUsts' Field Club. 


[Agricultural Society. (Identical with Bath and West 
of England Society, &c.)] 

5892. Bath Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club. 

5893. Bath Boyal Literary and Philosophical Society. 

5894. Bath and West of England Society and Southern Coun- 

ties Association. 
[Geological Record. (Discontinued.)] 

5895. Institution for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb. 

5896. "International (The) Journal of Microscopy and Nat- 

ural Science." 

5897. Postal Microscopical Society. 

5898. Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. 

5899. " Scientific Enquirer (The)." 

5900. Selbome Society, Bath Branch. 


[Battersea Public Library. (See London.)] 


5901. Bedfordshire Architectural and Archeeological Society. 

5902. Observatory. 


5903. Private Oral School for the Deaf. 

EUKOPB. 207 


5904. Public Library. 


5905. Liverpool Observatory. 


5906. Free Public Library. 

5907. Literary and Scientific Society. 


5908. " Bible Advocate.'' 

5909. Birmingham Association of Engineers. 

5910. Birmingham Botanical and Horticultural Society. 

5911. Birmingham Free Libraries. 

5912. Birmingham Medical Institute. 

5913. " Birmingham Medical Review." 

5914. Birmingham and Midland Institute. 
[Birmingham Natural History and Microscopical So- 
ciety. (Now No. 5915.)] 

5915. Birmingham Natural History and Philosophical So- 


5916. Birmingham Trades Council. 

5917. Botanical Garden. 

5918. Exchange Library. 

[Institute of Mechanical Engineers. (See Birmingham 
Association of Engineers.)] 

5919. Institute of Scientific Besearch. 

5920. " Iron Trade Circular.'' 

["Journal of Conchology." (Now called Journal of 

5921. " Journal of Malacology." 

5922. Mason College. 

5923. Medical Library and Institute. 

5924. " Midland Naturalist (The)." 

5925. Miss Rutherford's School for the Deaf. 

5926. " One and All." 

5927. " Petit Etranger (Le)." 

5928. "Post (The)." 

5929. Queen's College. 

5930. Eoyal Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 

5931. "Rural World." 


5932. Public Library and Museum. 
[Stonyhurst College. (See Whalley.)] 

208 smithsonian international exchange list. 

Blenhedc Pabk. 

5933. Observatory. 


5934. *' British Deaf-Mute.'* 

5935. Chadwick Museum. 

5936. Equitable Co-operative Society. 

5937. Free Library. 

5938. Operative Cotton Spinners' Provincial Association. 


5939. Free Public Library and Museum. 

Boston (Lincolnshtre), 

5940. John of Beverly Institute for the Deaf and Dumb. 

5941. Workingmen's College. 


5942. Bournemouth Public Library. 

5943. Bournemouth Society of Natural Science. 


5944. Adult Deaf and Dumb Institute. 

5945. Bradford Free Public Library. 

5946. Bradford Philosophical Society. 

5947. Public Art Museum. 

5948. School Board Class for the Deaf. 

5949. Society of Dyers and Colourists. 

[''Yorkshire Notes and Queries.*' (Now called York- 
shire County Magazine. See Idle Bradlord.)] 


5950. Public Library. 

Brierlet Hill. 

5951. Free Library. 

[South Staffordshire Institute of Iron and Steel Works 
Managers. (In Dudley.)] 


6952. Brighton Aquarium. 

6953. Brighton Institute for the Instruction of Deaf and 

Dumb Children. 

5954. Brighton Public Museum. 

5955. Brighton and Sussex Natural History Society. 

5956. Free Public Library. 

5957. '' Universal Republic (The).*' 

EUBOPE. 209 


5958. Bristol City Library. 

5959. Bristol Deaf-Mute Institution. 

5960. Bristol Medical Library. 

5961. " Bristol Medico-Chinirgical Journal." 

5962. Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Society. 

5963. Bristol Microscopical Society. 

5964. Bristol Museum and Library. 

5965. Bristol Naturalists' Society. 

5966. British Astronomical Association. 

5967. " Gloucestershire Notes and Queries.'* 

5968. Literary and Philosophical Club. 

5969. School Board Deaf Class. 

5970. School for the Deaf. 

5971. United States Considate. 

5972. University College. 

Bboadheath {near Manchester). 

5973. " Mechanical Progress.'* 

Bbomley (Kent). 

5974. Public Library. 

BucKHUBST Hill. 

[Essex Field Club. (See London.)] 


5975. Burnley Mechanics' Institution. 

BuBT St. Edmunds. 

5976. Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History. 

BusHEY Heath. 

5977. Observatory. 


5978. Royal MiUtary College. 

Cambobne (Cornwall). 

5979. Mining Association and Institute of Cornwall. (For- 

merly Miners' Association of Cornwall and Devon.) 


5980. Balfour Library. 

5981. Botanical Garden. 

5982. Cambridge Antiquarian Society. 

5983. Cambridge Free library. 

5984. Cambridge Observatory. 


Cambridge. — Continued. 

5985. Cambridge Philological Society. 

5986. Cambridge Philosophical Society. 

5987. Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company. 

5988. Cambridge University Association of Brass Collectors. 

5989. Cambridge University Museum. 

5990. Cambridge University Beporter. 

5991. Clerk Maxwell Memorial Committee. 

5992. Corpus Christi College. 

['* East Anglian.^' (See in London.)] 

5993. Fitzwilliam Museum. 

5994. Girton College Libraiy. 

5995. Herbarium of the University. 

5996. *' Journal of Anatomy and Physiology.'^ 

5997. " Journal of Microscopy.** 

5998. " Journal of Philology." 

5999. King's College Library. 

6000. Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Lreland. 

6001. Monumental Brass Society. 

6002. Morphological Laboratory, New Museums. 

6003. Museum of Classical Archseology. 

6004. Museum and Lecture Rooms Syndicate. 

6005. Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy. 

6006. Newnhara College Library. 

6007. " Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin Messenger of Mathe- 


6008. St. John's College. 

6009. Society of Psychological Besearch. 

6010. Syndics of the Cambridge Press. 

6011. Trinity College. 

6012. University Library. • 

6013. Woodwardian Museum. 


6014. East Kent Natural History Society. 

6015. " South-Eastem Naturalist (The)." 


6016. Cumberland and Westmoreland Association for the Ad- 

vancement of Literature and Science. 

6017. Public Library, Museum and School of Art. 


6018. Boyal Engineers* Institute. 

6019. School of Military Engineering. 

EUROPE. 211 


6020. Cheltenham Library. 

[" Geological Eeeord.'^ (Discontinued.)] 

6021. Ladies' College Library. 

6022. Modem Languages Association. 


6023. Cathedral Library. 

6024. Chester and Cheshire Architectural and Archaeological 


6025. Chester Natural Science Society. 

6026. Free Library. 

6027. Grosvenor Museum.^ 


6028. Chesterfield and Midland Counties Institution of Engi- 

neers. (Formerly Chesterfield and Derbyshire In- 
stitute of Mining Engineers.) 

6029. " Santa Lucia.'' 


6030. Botanical Garden. 

6031. Chiswick Free Public Library. 


6032. " Agricultural Students' Gazette.'' 

6033. Royal Agricultural College. 


6034. Fairview School for Deaf. 

Coopers Hill. 

6035. Forest Academy. 


[Coteswold Naturalists' Field Club. (In Gloucester.)] 


6036. Coventry Technical Institute. 

6037. Coventry and Warwickshire Pharmaceutical Association. 

6038. '' CycUst (The)." 

6039. Free Library. 


6040. London and Northwestern Railway Company. 


6041^ Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory. 

j812 smithsonian international exchange list. 


6042. Croyden Microscopical Club. 

6043. Free Public Idbraries. 

6044. Home for Cure of Intemperance. 


6045. Observatory of G. Knott. 


[Darlington Free Town Library. (Now called Edward 
Pease Public Library.)] 

6046. Darlington Training College Library. 

6047. Edward Pease Public Library. 

6048. Observatory of the Liverpool Astronomical Society. 


6049. Public Library. 


6060. Derbyshire Cotmty Lunatic Asylum. 

6051. Free Library. 

6052. Midland Deaf and Dumb Institute. 

6053. " Our Deaf and Dumb." 


6054. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. 


[Rousdon Observatory. (See in Lyme Regis.)] 


6055. Free Library. 


6056. Free Library. 

6057. Yorkshire Listitution for the Deaf and Dumb. 

Douglas {Isle of Man). 

[Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society. 
(See Eamsey.)] 


[East Kent Natural History Society. (Now in Canter- 



6058. Wilts and Hants Agricultural College. 

EUROPE. 213 


6059. Dudley and Midland Geological and Scientific Society 

and Field Club. 

6060. South Staffordshire Institute of Iron and Steel Works 


6061. South Staffordshire and Worcestershire Institute of 

Mining Engineers. 

6062. " Reliquary.^' 


6063. Dulwich College Science Society. 


6064. Durham University. 

6065. Observatory. 


6066. Natural History Society. 


[Epping Forest and County of Sussex Naturalists' Field 
Club. (See Essex Field Club, London.)] 

6067. Eaton College. 


6068. Devon and Exeter Albert Memorial Museum, School of 

Science and Art, and Free Library. 

6069. Devon and Exeter Institution. 

6070. Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, 

Literature, and Art. 

6071. Free Library. 

["Notes and Gleanings.^' (Discontinued.)] 

6072. Teign Naturalists' Field Club. 

6073. West of England Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 


6074. Theological Seminary. 


6075. Falmouth Naturalists' Society. 

60'Z6. Miners' Association of Cornwall and Devon. 

6077. Observatory. 

6078. Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society. 

Fabkbobough Station (Hants). 

[Eoyal Staff (Military) College. (See Camberley.)] 

214 smithsonian international exchange list. 


6079. Free Public Library. 

6080. Natural History Society. 


6081. Cathedral Library. 

6082. Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club. 

6083. " Painswick Annual Register.'* 


6084. Gosport and Alverstoke Free Public Library. 
Greenwich. (See London.) 


6085. Marine Fisheries Society. 

Guernsey {Channel Islands), 

6086. Guernsey Society of Natural Science and Local Re- 

search, Guille AU^s Librar}\ 
[Guille AUes Librar}' and Museum. (See Guernsey So- 
ciety of Natural Science, &c.)] 


6087. Observatory of J. Rand Capron. 


6088. Bermerside Observatory. (Mr. Crossley's.) 

6089. Free Library. 

6090. Halifax Scientific Society. 

6091. Mechanics' Institution. 

6092. Yorkshire Geological and Polytechnical Society. 


6093. Public Library. 


6094. Observatory of Colonel Tupman. 

6095. School (Vaughn) Library. 


6096. " British Naturalist (The)." 


6097. " Naturalists' Journal.^' 


6098. Medical Psychiatric Association. 

EUROPE. 215 


6099. Free Library. 

6100. Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club. 


6101. Haileybury College. 

[Hertfordshire Natural History Society and Field Club. 
(See Watford.)] 


6102. Wensleydale Long-Wool Sheep Breeders' Association 

and Flock Book Society. 


6103. Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Associa- 



6104. Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Institution for 

the Deaf and Dumb. 

6105. Hull Literary and Philosophical Society. 

6106. Hull Public Libraries. 

6107. Hidl Subscription Library. 

6108. James Reckitt Public Library. 

6109. Young People's Christian and Literary Institute. 


6110. Public Library. 

Idle Bradlord. 

6111. "Yorkshire County Magazine." 


6112. " East Anglian Daily Times.'' 
[Orwell Park Observatory. (Closed.)] 

6113. School of Science and Art. 

6114. Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History. 

Isle of Man. 

[Natural History and Antiquarian Society. (See in 

Jersey {Channel Islands), 

6115. Jersey Biological Station. 

6116. " Journal of Marine Zoology and Microscopy." 
[Victoria College. (Unknown.)] 


6117. Keighley Agricultural Society. 

216 smithsonian intebnational exchange list. 


[Kew Observatory. (Richmond, Surrey.)] 

6118. Meteorological Office. 

6119. Boyal Botanic Gardens. 

6120. Boyal Herbarium. 


[Free Public Library. (See London.)] 


6121. Philosophical Society. 


6122. Free Public Library. 


6123. Boys' School. (Fulnes.) 

6124. " British Deaf-Mute and Deaf Chronicle.'' 

6126. Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 

6126. " Deaf Chronicle (The)." 

6127. " Deaf and Dumb Times.'' 

[Geological and Polytechnical Society. (Now in Hal- 

6128. Girls' High School. 

6129. Leeds Geological Association. 

6130. Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society. 

6131. Leeds Public Library. 

6132. Leeds School for Deaf. 

6133. '' Naturalist (The)." 

[Quarterly Journal of Conchology. (See Manchester.)] 

6134. .Yorkshire College. 

6135. Yorkshire Naturalists' Union. 


6136. Elbow Lane Board School Deaf Class. 

6137. Leicester Free Library. 

6138. Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society. 

6139. Leicester School Board. 

6140. Leicester Town Museum. 

6141. Permanent Library. 

6142. " Peterborough Diocesan Magazine." 

6143. " Provincial Medical Journal." 

6144. Willow Street Board School Deaf Class. 


6145. Literary Society. 

StJBOPE. 217 


6146. Literary Society. 

6147. Sussex Archfieologieal Society. 

Lbtton (Ussex), 

6148. Private Observatory of Joseph 6. Barclay. 


6149. Anthropological Society. 

6150. Botanical Garden. 

6151. Bowes Mnsenm of Japanese Art Work. 

6152. Chamber of Commerce. 

6153. " Com Trade News." 

6154. ''Daily Mercury." 

6155. Derby Museum. 

6156. Director of Museums. 

6157. "Discovery." 

6158. " Financial Bef ormer." 

6159. Free Public Library. 

[" Geological Magazine." (See London.)] 

6160. Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. 

6161. " Journal of Commerce." 

6162. Literary and Philosophical Society. 

6163. Liverpool Architectural Society. 

6164. Liverpool Art Club. 

6165. Liverpool Astronomical Society. 

6166. Liverpool Biological Society. 

6167. Liverpool Chemists* Association. 

6168. Liverpool Cotton Association. 

6169. " Liverpool Courier." 

6170. Liverpool Engineers* Society. 

6171. Liverpool Geographical Society. 

6172. Liverpool Geological Association. (Free Public Lib- 


6173. Liverpool Geological Society. (Boyal Institution.) 

6174. Liverpool Library. 

6175. Liverpool Marine Biological Station. 

6176. Liverpool Medical Listitution. 

6177. "Liverpool Medico-Chirurgical Journal.'* 

6178. Liverpool Microscopical Society. 

6179. Liverpool Naturalists' Field Club. 
[Liverpool Observatory. (See Bidston.)] 

6180. Liverpool Physical Society. 

6181. Liverpool Polytechnic Society. 

6182. " Liverpool Review." 

6183. Liverpool Royal Infirmary. 


Liverpool. — Continued. 

6184. Liverpool School Board. 

6185. Liverpool School for the Deaf and Dumb. 

6186. Liverpool Underwritere' Association. 

6187. Liverpool Welsh National Society. 

6188. Mayer Museum. 

6189. Mercantile Marine Service Association. 

6190. Mersey Docks and Harbor Board. 

6191. Observatory of W. B. Hutchinson. 

6192. "Besearch.^^ 

6193. Boyal Institution. 

6194. Typographical Society. 

6195. University College. 

6196. Zoological Station. 


6197. Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. 

6198. William Wesley & Son. (Agents of the Smithsonian 


6199. Aborigines Protection Society. 
[Advocates^ Library. (In Edinburgh.)] 

6200. Aeronautical Society of Great Britain. 

6201. Agent General for Cape Colony. 

6202. Agent General for Natal. 

6203. Agent General for New South Wales. 

6204. Agent General for New Zealand. 

6205. Agent General for Niger Territory. 

6206. Agent General for Queensland. 

6207. Agent General for Tasmania. 

6208. Agent General for Victoria. 

6209. Agent General for Western Australia. 

6210. Alpine Club. 

6211. American Colonization Society. 

6212. American Exchange in Europe. 

6213. Anglo-American Agency. 

6214. Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. 

6215. Anthropological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 

6216. Architectural Association. 

6217. Architectural Publication Society. 

6218. Aristotelian Society. 

6219. Art Union of London. 

6220. Arundel Society. 

6221. Associated Chambers of Commerce of the United King- 


6222. Association of American Physicians in Great Britain. 

EUROPE. 219 

London. — Continued. 

6ISIS3. Association for the Oral Instruction of the Deaf and 

6224. Astronomer Boyal. 

6226. Athenaeum Club. 

6227. Autocopyist Company. 

6228. Ballad Society. 

6229. Bar Library, Royal Court of Justice. 

6230. Barber's Private School for the Deaf. 

6231. Battersea Public Library. 

[Biological Society, University College. (No longer 

6233. Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution. 

6234. Board of Admiralty. 

6235. Board of Agriculture. 

6236. Board of Inland Revenue. 

6237. Board of Trade. 

6238. Botanical Laboratory, School of Science. 

6239. Boyle Fiber Syndicate. 

6240. British Archaeological Association. 

6241. British Association for the Advancement of Science. 

6242. British Astronomical Association. 

6243. British Asylum for Deaf and Dumb Females. 

6244. British and Foreign Bible Society. 

6245. British and Foreign School Society. 

6246. British Homeopathic Society. 

6247. British Horological Institute. 

6248. British Institute of Preventive Medicine. 

6249. British Institute of Public Health. 

6250. British Iron Trade Association. 

6251. British Medical Association. 

6252. British Medico-Psychological Association. 

[British Meteorological Society. (See Royal Meteorolo- 
gical Society.)] 

6253. British Museum. 

6254. British Museum, Botanical Department. 

6255. British Museum, Geological Division. 

6256. British Museum, Natural History Division. 

6257. British Museum, Zoological Department. 

[British Pharmaceutical Conference. (Has no library 
except books of reference.)] 

6258. Cambrian Archaeological Association. 

6259. Camden Society. (Possesses no library and makes no 


6260. Central Chamber of Agriculture. 


London. — Continued. 

6261. Chapter Idbraiy, WestminBter. 

6262. Chelsea Botanical Gardens. 

6263. Chelsea Public Libraries. 

6264. Chemical Society of London. 

6265. Chinese Customs Office. 

[Chronological Listitute. (See Horological Institute.)] 

6266. Church Missionary Society. 

6267. City and Guild of London Institute for the Advance- 

ment of Technical Education. 

6268. City of London College. 

6269. Civil and llechanical Engineers' Society. 

6270. Civil Service Commission. 

6271. Clerkenwell Public Library. 

6272. Clinical Society. 

6273. Cobden Club. 

6274. College of Preceptors. 

6275. College of State Medicine. 

6276. Coif s Arms Company. 

6277. Commissioner of Labor. 

6278. Commissioners in Lunacy. 

6279. Committee on Solar Physics of the Lords of the Com- 

mittee of Council on Education. 
[Compendium Publishing Co. (Same as *' Architects' 

6280. Comptroller General. 

6281. Cooperative Union of Great Britain. 

[Corps of Eoyal Engineers. (See Chatham.)] 

6282. County of Middlesex Natural History and Science So- 


6283. Crown Agents for the Colonies. 

6284. Crystallogical Society. 

6285. Death's Fiber Machine Company. 

6286. Department of Agricidture. 

6287. Department of Practical Art. 

6288. Deputy Director of Works of Fortifications. 

6289. Director of Artillery. 

6290. Director General of the Medical Department of the 


6291. Duke of Northumberland. 

6292. Dyce and Forster Libraries. 

6293. Eariy English Text Society. 

6294. East India Association. 

6295. East London Institute for Home and Foreign Missions. 

6296. Educational Library. 

EUBOPB. 21^1 

London. — Continued. 

• 6297. Egypt Exploration Fund. 

6298. English Education Department. 

6299. English and Foreign Electrotype Agency. 

6300. Entomological Society. 

6301. Epidemiological Society. 

6302. Essex Field Club. 

[Ethnological Society. (Identical with Anthropologi- 
cal Institute.)] 

6303. Fabian Society. 

6304. Fishery Department, Home Office. 

6305. Fishmongers' Company (The). 

6306. Folk Lore Society. 

6307. Free Public Library of St. Margaret and St. John. 
[General Board of Ltmacy. (Same as Con^nissioners in 


6308. General Medical Council. 

6309. Geographical Department^ India Office. 

[Geological Association. (Identical with Geologists' 

6310. Geological Department, Home Office. 

6311. Geological Society of London. 

6312. Geological Survey of Great Britain. 

6313. Geologists' Association. 

[Gladstone Library of the National Liberal Club. (See 
National Liberal Club.)] 

6314. Gold Standard Defense Association. 
6316. Gray's Inn libraiy. 

[Great Seal Patent Office. (See Patent Office Library.)] 

6316. Gresham Angling Society. 

6317. Gresham College. 

6318. Guildhall Library. 

[Guy's Hospital Physical Society. (See Museum of 
Guy's Hospital.)] 

6319. Hakluyt Society. 

6320. Hampstead Subscription Library. 

6321. Harleian Society. 

6322. Harveian Medical Society of London. 

6323. H. M. Inspector of Training College. 

6324. Hibbert Trustees. 

6325. Historical Society. 

6326. Holbom Public Library. 

6327. Home Office. 

6328. Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. 

6329. Homiman Museum. 


London. — Continued. 

6330. Horological Institute. 

6331. Howard Association. 

6332. Hudson^s Bay Company^s Library. 

6333. Huguenot Society of London. 

6334. Hunterian Society. 

6335. Hydrographic OflBce of the Admiralty. 

6336. Imperial Institute of the United Kingdom, the Colo- 

nies^ and India. 
[Imperial Museum for India and the Colonies. (See 
India Office Library.)] 

6337. Incorporated Law Society. 

6338. Index Society. 

6339. India Office Library. 

6340. Inner Temple Library. 

6341. Inspector General of Fortifications. 

6342. Institute of Actuaries of Great Britain and Ireland. 

6343. Institute of Bankers. 

6344. Institution of Civil Engineers. 

6345. Institution of Electrical Engineers. 

[Institution of Hydronomical and Nautical Engineers. 

6346. Institution of Junior Engineers. 

6347. Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 

6348. Institution of Naval Architects. 

6349. Intelligence Division, War Office. 

6350. International Health Exhibition Library. 

6351. International Meteorological Committee. 

6352. Iron and Steel Institute. 

6353. Japan Society. 

6354. Japanese Fine Art Association. 

6355. Jewish Historical Society of England. 

6356. Jews' College. 

6357. Jews' Deaf and Dumb Home. 

6358. Kensington Free Public Library. 

6359. Kensington Observatory. 

6360. Kilbum Public Library. 

6361. Labor Association. 

6362. Lambeth Free Library and Reading Room. 

6363. Lewisham Public Libraries. 

6364. Library Association of the United Kingdom. 
[Library of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade. 

(See Board of Trade.)] 
[Library of the Corporation of the City of London. 
(See Guildhall Library.)] 

EUROPE. 223 

London. — Continued. 

6365. Library of the Foreign Office. 

6366. Library of the House of Commons. 

6367. Library of the House of Lords. 

6368. Library of King's College. 

[Library of the Secretary of State for India. (See 
India Office library.)] 

6369. Lincoln's Inn Library. 

6370. Linnean Society of London. 

6371. Local Government Board. 

6372. London Board School for the Deaf, Boundary Lane, 


6373. London Board School for the Deaf, Capland Street, Lis- 

son Grove, N. W. 

6374. London Board School for the Deaf, Summerford Street, 

Bethnal Green, E. 

6375. London Board School for Deaf Children, Clerkenwell, 

Finsbury, E. C. 

6376. London Chamber of Commerce. 

6377. London Hospital. 

6378. London Institution. 

6379. London Library. 

6380. London Mathematical Society, 

[London Mechanics' Institution, (Closed.)] 

6381. London and Middlesex Archaeological Society. 

6382. London Missionary Society. 

6383. London School Board Deaf and Dumb Class. (Fins- 


6384. London School of Economics and Politics. 

6385. London Society for Promoting Christianity among the 


6386. London University. 

6387. Lord Lindsay's Observatory. (Parcels should be sent 

to the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, F. R. S. 
(formerly Lord Lindsay), 2 Cavendish Square, 
London, W.) 

6388. Lord Mayor of London. 

6389. Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. 

6390. Lords of Her Majesty^s Treasury. 

6391. Low's Exchange. 

6392. Mark Lane Express. 

6393. Medical and Chirurgical Society. 

6394. Medical Society of London. 

6395. Merchants Banking Company. 

6396. Merchant Taylors' Company. 

6397. Meteorological Council of the Eoyal Society of London. 


London, — Continued. 

6398. Meteorological Library of Symons' British Rainfall Sys- 


6399. Meteorological Office. 

[Meteorological Society. (See lloyal Meteorological 

6400. Metropolitan Asylum Board. 

6401. Middlesex Hospital. 

6402. Middle Temple Library. 

6403. Midland Counties Fish Culture Establishment. 

6404. Mill Hill School. 

6406. Mineralogical Department, Boyal College of Science. 
[Mineralogical Society of Great Britain. (See Cam- 

6406. Missionary Conference. 

6407. Moravian Mission Agency. 

6408. Museum of Qu/s Hospital. 

6409. Museum of Practical Greology. 

[National Association for the Promotion of Social 
Science. (Dissolved.) ] 

6410. [(National Education Association. 

6411. National Fish Culture Association. 

6412. National Indian Association in Aid of Social Progress 

and Female Education in India. 

6413. National Liberal Club. 

6414. Natural History Society. 

6415. Nautical Almanac Office. 

6416. Neurological Society of London. 

6417. New Sydenham Society. 

6418. North London or University College Hospital. 
[North Biding of Yorkshire Eecord Society. (Dis- 

6419. Numismatic Society of London. 

6420. Obstetrical Society of London. 

6421. Odontological Society of Qreat Britain. 

6422. Paleontographical Society. 

[Paleontological Society. (Identical with Paleonto- 
graphical Society.)] 

6423. Palestine Exploration Fund. 

6424. Parkes Museum. 
6426. Patent Office Library. 

6426. Pathological Society. 

6427. Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. 

6428. Philological Society. 

[Philosophical Society of Great Britain. CSee Victoria 

EUROPE. 226 

London. — Continued. 

6429. Physical Society of London. 

6430. Post Office Library and Literary Association. 

6431. Professor Scott School of Science. 

6432. Putney Free Public Library. 

6433. Quekett Microscopical Club. 

[Queensland Government Agency. (Same as Agent 
General for Queensland.)] 

6434. Bay Society. 

[Record OflBce, India Office. (See India Office Library.)] 

6435. Reform Club. 

6436. Regent's Park Botanical Garden. 

6437. Registrar General. 

6438. Religious Tract Society. 

6439. Richmond Consolidated Mining Company. 

6440. Rotherhithe Public Library. 

6441. Royal Agricultural Society of England. 

6442. Royal Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and 


6443. Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. 

6444. Royal Association in Aid of the Deaf and Dumb. 

6445. Royal Astronomical Society. 

6446. Royal Botanic Society. 

6447. Royal College of Physicians of London. 

6448. Royal College of Surgeons of England. 

6449. Royal Colonial Institute. 

6450. Royal Commission for the Colonial and Indian Exhibit. 

6451. Royal Commission of the Deaf and Dumb. 

[Royal Engineers' Headquarters Library. (See Royal 
Engineers' Institute, Chatham.) | 

6452. Royal Geographical Society of Ijondon. 

[Royal Geological Society. (Identical with Geological 

6453. Royal Historical Society. 

6454. Royal Horticultural Society. 

6455. Royal Humane Society. 

6456. Royal Institute of British Architects, 

6457. Royal Institution of Great Britain. 

6458. Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital. 

6459. Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society. 

6460. Royal Meteorological Society. 

6461. Royal Microscopical Society. 

[Royal Military College. (See Cam])erley.)] 

6462. Royal National Life-Boat Institution. 

6463. Royal Naval College. 


London. — Continued. 

6464. Royal Observatory. (Greenwich.) 

6465. Boyal Philosophical Society. 

6466. Boyal Photographic Society. 

6467. Royal School of Mines and Normal School of Science. 

6468. Royal Society of Literature. 

6469. Royal Society of London. 

6470. Royal United Service Institution. 

6471. Royal Veterinary College. 

6472. Saint Batholomew's Hospital. 

6473. Saint George, Hanover Square, Public I^ibraries. 

6474. Saint George^s Hospital. 

6476. St. John's Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. 

6476. St. Mark's Training College. 

6477. St. Martin in the Fields Free Public Library. 

6478. St. Paul's Cathedral. 

6479. Saint Paul's Ecclesiological Society. 

6480. Saint Thomas's Hospital. 

6481. Salmon Fishery Office. 

6482. Sanitary Institute of Great Britain. 

[School Board Deaf Class. (See School Board for Lon- 

6483. School Board for London. 

6484. School for the Deaf. 

6485. School of Modem Oriental Languages. 

6486. Science and Art Department of the Committee of Coun- 

cil on Education. 

6487. Science Society of King's College. 
[Scientific Club. (Dissolved.)] 

6488. Scotch Education Department. 

6489. Selden Society. 

[Selenographic Society. (Dissolved.)] 

6490. Shorthand Writers' Association. 

[Silk Supply Association. (Discontinued.)] 

6491. Sion College. 

[Social Science Association. (Dissolved.)] 

6492. Society of Antiquaries of London. 

6493. Society of Apothecaries of London. 

6494. Society of Biblical Archeology. 

6495. Society of Chemical Industry. 

[Society of Cymmrodorion. (See Honourable Society 
of Cymmrodorion.)] 

6496. Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures,. 

and Commerce. 

6497. Society of Engineers. 

EUKOPB. 227 

London. — Continued. 

6498. Society of Medical Officers of Health. 

6499. Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge. 

6500. Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies. 

6501. Society for the Propagation of the Qospel in Foreign 


6502. Society for the'Protection of Animals from Vivisection. 

6503. Society for Psychical Besearch. 

6504. Society of Public Analysts. 

6505. Society of Science, Letters and Art, of London. 

6506. Sociely for Study and Cure of Inebriety. 

[Society of Telegraph Engineers, (Now Institution of 
Electrical Engineers.)] 

6507. South Kensington Educational Library. 

6508. South Kensington Museum. 

6509. Southwark Free Library. 

6510. Stationery Office. 

[Statistical Society, King's College. (Identical with 
Statistical Society of London.)] 

6511. Statistical Society of London. 

6513. Students' Free Library. 

6514. Sunday School Association. 

6515. Surrey Archseological Society. 

[Syrio-Egyptian Society. (Merged into Society of Bib- 
lical ArchsBology.)] 

6516. Tate Central Library. 

6517. Teachers' Guild of Great Britain and Ireland. 

6518. Training College for Teachers of the Deaf and Dumb. 

6519. Training College for Teachers of the Deaf, Ealing. 

6520. Trawling Commission. 

6521. Trinity College Library. 

6522. Triniiy House. 

6523. Tulse Hill Observatory. 

6524. Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. 
[United Parishes of St. Margaret and St. John the Evan- 
gelist. (See Free Public Library of St. Margaret 
and St. John.)] 

6525. United States Despatch Agency. 

6526. United States Embassy. 

6527. University College. 

6528. University of London. 

6529. Victoria Institute (or Philosophical Society of Great 


6530. Wandsworth Public Library. 

6531. War Department. 


London. — Continued. 

G532. Wesleyan Mission House. 

6533. West Ham Public Libraries. 

6534. West London Medico-Chirurgieal Society. 
[Westminster Free Public Library. (See Free Public 

Library of St. Margaret and St. John.)] 

6535. Westminster Hospital. 

[Willughby Society for the Reprinting of Scarce Ornith- 
ological Works. (Dissolved.)] 

6536. Woman's Industrial Council. 

6537. Woman's University Settlement. 

6538. Working Men's Club and Institute Union. 

6539. Working Women's College. 

6540. Worid's Geographical Congress. (London, 1895.) 

6541. Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. 

6542. Zetetic Society. 

[Zoological Depaitment of the British Museum. (See 
No. 6257.)] 

6543. Zoological Society of London. 

Journals and Periodicals. 

6544. Academy. 

6545. Aerial Locomotion. 

6546. Aerial News. 

6547. Aerial Worid. 

6548. Agricultural Gazette. 

6549. Amateur (The). 

6550. Amateur Photographer. 

6551. Analyst (The). 

6552. Animals' Guardian. 

6553. Annals of British Geology. 

6554. Annals and Magazine of Natiu'al History. 

6555. Antiquary. 

6556. Aquarium (The). 

6557. Archa?ologia Cambrensis. 

6558. Archaeological Journal (Organ of the Royal Archaeolog- 

ical Institute.) 

6559. Archtrological Review (The). 

6560. Architects' Compendium. 

6561. Army and Navy Gazette. 

6562. Art Decorator. 

6563. Asclepiad. 

6564. Astronomical Register. 

6565. Athenaeum. 

6566. Australasian Pastoralists' Review. 

EUROPE. 229 

London. — Continued. . 

6567. Autocar (The). • 

6568. Babylonian and Oriental Record. 

6569. Bakers' Record. 

6570. Bell's Weekly Messenger and Fanners' Journal. 

6571. Bookseller. 

[Book- World. (Ceased to exist.)] 

6572. Borderland. 

6573. Botanical Gazette. 

[Botanical Journal. (Ceased to exist.)] 

6574. Botanical Magazine. 

6575. Brain. 

6576. Brief (The). 

6577. British Gynecological Journal. 

6578. British Journal of Photography. 

6579. British Medical Journal. 

6580. British Merchant Service Journal. 

6581. British Quarteriy. 

6582. British Trade Journal. 

6583. Broad Arrow and Naval and Military Gazette. 

6584. Builder (The). 

6585. Building Xews (The). 

6586. Calcutta Review. 

6587. Canadian Gazette. 

6588. Chambers' Journal. 

6589. Charity Organization Review. 

6590. Chemical News. 

6591. Chemist and Druggist. 

6592. Colburn's United Service Magazine. 

6593. Colliery Guardian (The) and Journal of the Coal and 

Iron Trades. 

6594. Colliery Manager. 

6595. Colonies (The) and India. 

6596. Commerce. 

6597. Commercial Gazette. 

6598. Contemporary Review. 

6599. Cornhill Magazine. 

6600. Cosmos. 

6601. Cyclist (The) and Bicycling and Tricycling Trades Re- 


6602. Daily Chronicle (The). 

6603. Daily News, Shipping and Mercantile Gazette. 

6604. Daily Telegraph. 

6605. Darkest Russia. 

6606. Diplomatic Fly-Sheets. 


London. — Continued. 

6607. Diplomatic Beview. 
[Discovery. (See Liverpool.)] 

6608. Dog Owners' Annual. 

6609. East Anglian. 

6610. Ecclesiastical Gazette. 

6611. Economist (The). 

6612. Edinburgh Eeview (The). 

6613. Educational Review. 

6614. Educational Times. 

6615. Electrical Discovery. 

6616. Electrical Engineer. 

6617. Electrical Plant and Electrical Industry. 

[Electrical Beview. (Same as Electrical Beview and 
Telegraphic Journal.)] 

6618. Electrical Beview (The) and Telegraphic Journal. 

6619. Electrician (The). 

6620. Engineer (The). 

6621. Engineering. 

6622. Engineering Beview. 

[Engineers' Gazette. (Discontinued.)] 

6623. English Mechanic and World of Science. 

6624. Entomologist. 

6625. Entomologists' Monthly Magazine. 

6626. Entomologist's Becord. 

6627. Ephhata. 

6628. Ethnological Journal. (Journal of the Anthropological 


6629. European Mail. 

6630. European Trade Mail. 

6631. Evening News and Post. 

6632. Expositor (The). 

6633. Fallowfield's Photographic Remembrancer. 

6634. Family Doctor (The). 

6635. Farmers' Advocate and Home Magazine. 

6636. Farming World. 

6637. Field (The). 

6638. Financial Times. 

6639. Fishing Gazette. 

6640. Fish Trades Gazette. 

6641. Folk Lore Journal. 

6642. Fortnightly Beview. 

6643. Freemason (The). 

[French and German Echoes. (Beplaced by " Modern 

EUBOPE. 231 

London. — Continued. 

6644. Garden (The). 

6645. Gku*den Annual. 

6646. Garden and Farm. 

6647. Garden Work. 

6648. Gardeners' Chronicle. 

6649. Gardeners' Magazine. 

6650. Gas World (The). 

6651. Genealogical Queries and Memoranda. 

6652. Genealogist (The). 

6653. Gentleman's Magazine. 
.6654. Geographical Journal. 

[Geographical Magazine. (Now Journal of the Royal 
Geographical Society.)] 

6655. Geological Magazine. 

[Geological Record. (Discontinued.)] 

6656. Globe (The). 

6657. Gloucestershire Notes and Queries. 
[Greater Britain. (Unknown.)] 

6658. Grevillea. 

[Gymnast and Athletic Review. (See Manchester.)] 

6659. Hairdressers^ Chronicle. 

[Hardwicke's Science Gossip. (See Science Gossip.)] 

6660. Hatters' Chronicle. 

6661. Headmaster's Guide. 

6662. Health. 

6663. Herald of Peace. 

6664. Horticultural Times. 

6665. Hospital (The). 

6666. Humanitarian. 

6667. Humming Bird. 

6668. Ibis (The). 

6669. Idler. 

[Illustrated Archaeologist. (Same as Reliquary and 
Illustrated Archaeologist.)] 

6670. Illustrated London News. 

6671. Illustrated Medical News. 

6672. Implement and Machinery Review. 
[Industrial Review. (Ceased to exist.)] 
[Industries, (Now Industries and Iron.)] 

6673. Industries and Iron. 

6674. Insurance Spectator (The). 

6675. Invention. 

6676. Inventors' Review. 

[Iron. (Amalgamated with Industries and Iron.)] 


London. — Continued. 

6677. Iron and Coal Trades Review (The). 

6678. Ironmonger. 

6679. Jewish Chronicle. 

6680. Jewish Quarterly Review. 

6681. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology. 

6682. Journal of Botany. 

6683. Journal of British and Foreign Health Resorts. 
[Journal of Conehology. (See Quarterly Journal of 

Conchology, Manchester.)] 

6684. Journal of Domestic Appliances. 

6685. Journal of Education. 

6686. Journal of Federated Institutes of Brewing. 

6687. Journal of Gas Lighting. 

6688. Journal of Mental Science. 

6689. Journal of Microscopy. 

[Journal of Philology. (See Cambridge.)] 

[Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society. (See Royal 

Agricultural Society.)] 
[Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society. (See 

Royal Anthropological Institute.)] 

6690. Journal of the Royal Geographical Society. 

[Journal of Science and Annals of Astronomy, Biology, 
Geology, Industrial Arts, Manufactures and Tech- 
nology. (Ceased to exist.)] 

[Journal Society of Arts. (The organ of the Society 
for the Encouragement of Art, Manufactures, and 

6691. Jurist (The). 

6692. Knowledge. 

6693. Lancet (The). 

6694. Land and Water. 

6695. Languages. 

6696. Law Journal. 

6697. Law Notes. 

6698. Law Quarterly Review. 

6699. I^aw Students' Journal. 

6700. Law Times. 

6701. Leisure Hour. 

[Life Boat. (The Organ of the Royal National Life 

Boat Association.)] 
[Life-Lore. (Ceased to exist.)] 

6702. Light. 

6703. Lithographer (The). 

6704. Live Stock Journal. 

EUROPE. 233 

LoxBON. — Continued. 

6705. Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper. 
GT06. London and China Express. 
G707. London and China Telegraph. 

6708. London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Maga- 


6709. London Graphic. 

6710. London Illustrated News. 

()711. London Journal of Natural Science. 

6712. London Law Magazine and Review. 

6713. Longman's Magazine. 

6714. Machinery and Iron and Steel Trades Review. 

6715. Machinery Market. 

6716. Macmillan's Magazine. 

6T17. ^fanufacturer and Inventor (The). 

6718. Manufacturers' Engineering and Export Journal. 

6719. Manufacturing Chemist. 

6720. Marine (The). 

6721. Marine Engineer (The). 
[Mechanic. (Discontinued.)] 

[Mechanical Progress. (Now in Br.oadheatli, near Man- 
chester.) I 

6722. Medical Magazine. 

6723. Medical Press and (^ircular. 

6724. Medical Record. 

[Medical Times. (Discontinued.)] 
[Meteorological Magazine. (See Symons' Monthly 
Meteorological Magazine.)] 

6725. Meteorological Record. 

6726. Miller (The). 

6727. MTnd. 

6728. Mineralogical Magazine. 

6729. Mining Journal. 

6730. Mining World. 

[Modern Language Monthly. (Replaced by French 
and German Echoes, which in turn is replaced by 
" Modern Languages.'')] 

6731. Modern languages. 

6732. Musical News. 

6733. Musical Times. 

6734. National Review. 

6735. Natural Science. 

6736. Naturalists' Journal. 

6737. Nature. 

6738. Nature Notes. 


London. — Continued. 

6739. Nautical Gazette. 

6740. Nautical Magazine. 

6741. New Review. 

6742. News (The). 

6743. Nineteenth Century. 

6744. Notes and Queries. 

[Numismatic Chronicle. (Organ of the Numismatic 

6745. Nursing Eecord. 

6746. Observatory. 

6747. Oil and Colorman^s Journal. 

6748. Oil and General Stores Trade Circular. 

6749. Oils, Colours and Drysalteries. 

6750. Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic En- 

G751. Optician (The). 

6752. Orchid Album. 

6753. Orchid Review. 

[Oriental (The). (Ceased to exist.)] 

6754. Pall Mall. Budget. 

6755. Pall Mall Gazette. 

6756. Pantobiblion. 

6757. Personal Rights. 

[Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions. (Organ of 
the Pharmaceutical Society.)] 
• 6758. Philatelic Journal of Great Britain. 

6759. Philosophical Magazine. 

6760. Phonetic Journal. 

6761. Photogram (The). 

6762. Photographic Dealer and Optical and Scientific Appa- 

ratus Trades Journal. 

6763. Photographic News. 

6764. Phbtographic Scraps. 

6765. Photographic Work. 

6766. Photography. 

6767. Physique. 

6768. Poetry and Prose. 

[Popular Science Review. (Discontinued.)] 

6769. Portefolio. 

6770. Pottery Gazette (The). 

6771. Practitioner (The). 

6772. Printers' Register. 

[Printing Times and Lithographer. (See Lithographer 

[Provincial Medical Journal. (See Leicester.)] 

EUROPE. 235 

London. — Continued. 

6773. Public Health. 

6774. Publishers' Circular and Booksellers' Record of British 

and Foreign Literature. 

6775. Pump Court. 

6776. Quarterly Archaeological Journal and Review. 

6777. Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science. 
[Quarterly Journal of Science. (Discontinued.)] 

6778. Quarterly Review. 

6779. Quarterly Review of Deaf-Mute Education. 

6780. Railway Engineer (The). 

6781. Railway News. 

6782. Railway World. 

[Reliquary. (Same as Reliquary and Illustrated Archae- 

6783. Reliquary and Illustrated Archaeologist. 

6784. Retrospect of Medicine. 

6785. Review of Reviews. 

[River Plate Sport and Pastime. (See Buenos Aires, 

Argentine Republic.)] 
[Sanitary Journal. (See Glasgow.)] 

6786. Sanitary Record. 

6787. Saturday Review. 

6788. School Board Chronicle. 

6789. School Guardian (The). 

6790. Schoolmaster and Teachers' Aid. 

6791. Science for All. 

6792. Science and Art. 

6793. Science Gossip. 

6794. Science Progress. 

[Scientific News. (Discontinufd.)] 
[Scientific Opinion. (Same as English Mechanic and 
World of Science.)] 

6795. Scientific Roll. 

6796. Shipping World and Herald of Commerce. 

6797. Sketch (The). 

6798. Social Demokratisches Partei-Archiv. 

6799. South American Journal. 

6800. Speaker (The). 

6801. Spectator (The). 

6802. Sphinx. 

6803. Standard (The). 

6804. Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal. 

6805. Statesman's Yearbook (The). 

6806. Stationer, Printer, and Fancy Trades Register. 


London. — Continued. 

6807. Statist (The). 

6808. Statistical Intelligence. 
[Statistics. (Unknown.)] 

6809. Strand Magazine (The). 

6810. Sugar. 

6811. Sunday Magazine. 

6812. Symons' Meteorological Magazine. 

[Telegraphic Journal. (See P^leetrical Review and Tel- 
egraph Journal.)] 

6813. Temple Bar. 

6814. Textile Syndicate (The). 

6815. Times (The). 

6816. Torch (The). 

6817. Trade Marks Journal. 

6818. Transport. 

[Triibner's Record. (Ceased to exist.)] 

6819. United Service Gazette. 

6820. Vegetarian. 

6821. Veterinarian (The). 

6822. Veterinary Journal. 

[Warehouse and Drapers' Trade Journal. (Same as 
" Draper (The).'')] 

6823. Watchmaker, Jeweller and Silversmith (The). 

6824. West Indian and Commercial Advertiser. 
[Westminster Journal. (Discontinued.)] 

6825. Westminster Review. 

6826. Whitehall Review. 

6827. Wiltshire Notes and Queries. 

6828. Woman (The) at Home. 

6829. Work. 

6830. Young Women. 

6831. Zoological Record. 

6832. Zoologist. 

6833. Zoophilist. 


6834. Public Free Library. 


[Xorfolk and SuiTolk Fish Acclimatization Society. 
(Ceased to exist.)] 

Lyme Regis (Dorset). 

6835. Observatory of C. E. Peek. 

6836. Rousden Observatory. 

EUROPE. 237 


G837. Free Public Library. 

G838. Macclesfield Scientific Association. 

[Macclesfield Society for Acquiring Useful Knowledge. 
(See Macclesfield Scientific Association.)] 


<j839. Kent Archseologieal Society. 
G840. Museum and Public Library. 


♦)841. Athenaeum Library. 

G842. Bimetallic League. 

G843. Biological Laboratory. 

6844. Botanical Garden. 

6845. " British Warehouseman." 

6846. Chamber of Commerce. 

6847. " Chemical Trade Journal." 

6848. Chetham's Library. 

6849. " Christian Worker and Cry of the Children." 

6850. Cooperative Union. 

6851. Co-operative Wholesale Society. 

6852. " Field Naturalist and Scientific Student." 

6853. "Guardian (The)." 

6854. " Gymnast and Athletic Review." 

[" Health Journal." (Discontinued.)] 

6855. Health Office. 

6856. Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. 

6857. Lancashire Independent College. 

6858. Literary and Philosophical Society. 

6859. Manchester Association of Employers, Foremen, and 


6860. " Manchester City News." 

6861. Manchester Conch ological Society. 

6862. Manchester Field Naturalists' and Archaeologists' So- 


6863. Manchester Geographical Society. 

6864. Manchester Geological Society. 

6865. Manchester Grammar School Library. 

6866. Manchester Literary Club. 

[Manchester Medical Library. (See Manchester Medi- 
cal Society.)] 

6867. Manchester Medical Society. 

6868. Manchester Microscopical Society. 

6869. Manchester Museum. 

6870. Manchester New College. 


Manchestek. — Continued. 

6871. Manchester Pathological Society. 

6872. Manchester Public Free Libraries. 

6873. Manchester and Salford Boys^ and Girls' Befuges and 

Homes and Children's Aid Society. 

6874. Manchester Schools for the Deaf and Dumb, Old Traf- 

[Manchester Scientific Students' Association. (Ceased 
to exist.)] 

6875. Manchester Statistical Society. 

6876. Manchester Steam Users' Association^ 

6877. Manchester Technical School Library. 

[" Mechanical Progress." (See Broadheath.)] 

6878. '' Mechanical World and Steam Users' Journal." 

6879. "Medical Chronicle." 
[Numismatic Society. (Dissolved.)] 

[Old TrafEord School for the Deaf and Dumb. (See 
Manchester Schools, etc.)] 

6880. Owens College. 

6881. " Practical Engineer (The)." 

6882. " Quarterly Journal of Conchology." 

6883. Salford Koyal Museum and Free Library. 

6884. School Board. 

6886. Select Oral School for the Deaf. 

[Society of Chemical Industry. (See London.)] 

6886. " Sugar Cane (The)." 

6887. Town Council of Salford. 

[" Universal Engineer." (Discontinued.)] 

6888. Vegetarian Society. 

6889. Victoria University. 

[Working Men's College, Salford. (Unknown.)] 

Mahgate {Kent), 

Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb. 

6890. Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076. 


6891. Marlborough College Natural History Society. 


6892. Free Public Library. 


6893. Army Medical School. 


6894. Newbury District Field Club. 

EUKOPB. . 239 

Newcastle {Staffordshire), 

6895. North Staffordshire Naturalists' Field Club and Arch- 

aeological Society. 


[Antiquarian Society. (See Society of Antiquaries.)] 

6896. Central Exchange, News Boom, Art Gallery, and Indus- 

trial Exhibition. 

6897. College of Medicine. 

6898. Durham College of Science. (Formeriy College of Phy- 

sical Science.) 

6899. Durham University. 

6900. Literary and Philosophical Society. 

6901. Museum. 

6902. Natural History 'Society of Northumberland, Durham, 

and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

6903. North-East Coast Institution of Engineers and Ship- 


6904. North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical 

[North Staffordshire Naturalists' Field Club. (See 
Newcastle, Staffordshire.)] 

6905. Northern Counties Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 

6906. Public Library. 

6907. Koyal Infirmary. 

6908. Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

6909. Society of Chemical Industry. 

6910. Tyneside Geographical Society. 

6911. Tyneside Naturalists' Field Club. 

Newport {Isle of Wight). 

6912. Free Library. 

6913. " Seismological Journal." 


6914. Museum, Free Library and Seading Boom. 

6915. Northampton Natural History Society and Field Club. 

6916. St. Andrew^s Hospital for Mental Diseases. 

6917. School Board Deaf Mute Class. 

6918. University College Library. 

NoBTH Shields. 

6919. Free Library. 


6920. Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society. 

6921. Norfolk and Norwich Museum. 


Norwich. — Continued. 

6922. Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society. 

6923. Norwich Free Library. 

6924. Norwich Geological Society. 


6925. Director of Technical Instruction. 

6926. Free Pul)lic Library. 

6927. Natural History Museum. 

6928. Nottingham Literary and Philosophical Society. 

6929. Nottingham Mechanics' Institution. 

6930. Nottingham School of Art. 

6931. Observator}^ of Thos. W. Bush. 

6932. School Board Deaf-Mute Class. 

6933. United Lunatic Asylum. 

6934. University College. 


6935. Compton Co-operative Society. 

6936. Free Public Libraries, Museum, and Art Gallery. 


6937. Oscolt College, Erdington, Birmingham. 

6938. St. Mary's College. 


6939. " Bye Gones." 


6940. All Souls College. 

6941. '* Annals of Botany.'' 

6942. Ashmolean Museum (Archaeology). 

6943. Ashmolean Society. 

6944. Bodleian Librar}'. 

6945. Botanic Garden. 

6946. Christ Church College. 

6947. Clarendon Press. 

6948. Corpus Christi College Library. 

6949. " Indian Appeal." 

6950. Indian Institute. 

[Museum of Natural History. (See University 

6951. Magdalen College. 

6952. Merton College. 

6953. Mineralogical De])artment of the University. 

6954. Oriel College. 

6955. Oxford Architectural and Historical Society. 

6956. Oxford Free Library. 

EUBOPE. 241 

Oxford. — Continued. 

6957. Oxford Historical Society. 

6958. " Oxford, &c.. Messenger of Mathematics." 

6959. Oxford University Entomological Society. 

6960. " Oxford University Gazette." 

6961. Oxford University Herbarium. 

. [Oxford University Library. (Same as Bodleian Li- 

6962. Oxford University Museum. 

6963. Oxford University Obser\'atory. 

6964. Pembroke College. 

6965. Queen's College Library. 

6966. Badcliffe Library. 

6967. Radcliffe Museum. 

6968. Radcliflfe Observatory. 

[Savilian Observatory. (Same as Oxford University 

6969. Radcliffe Trustees. 

6970. School Board Class for Deaf and Dumb Children. 

6971. Sibthorpian Library. 

6972. Society of Medical Phonographers. 

6973. Somerville Hall for Ladies. 

6974. Taylor Institution. (Modern Languages.) 

6975. University Press. 

6976. Worcester College. 

6977. Zoological Department of the University. 


6978. Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian Society. 

6979. Penzance Public Library. 

[Boyal Geographical Society of C-ornwall. (See Royal 
Geological Society.)] 

6980. Royal Geological Society of Cornwall. 

6981. Royal Society of Cornwall. 


[Devonshire Association for the Advancement of 

Science, Literature, and Arts. (See Exeter.)] 
[Laboratory. (See Marine Biological Association.)] 

6982. Marine Biological Association. 

6983. Plymouth Athenaeum. 

6984. Plymouth Free Public Library and News Rooms. 

6985. Plymouth Institution and Devon and Cornwall Natural 

History Society. 

6986. Pljrmouth Proprietary Library. 

6987. Science and Art, and Technical Schools. 

6988. " Western AntiqUarj'.'* 

242 smithsonian international exchange list. 


6989. Public Library. 


6990. Central Library. 

6991. Royal Naval College. 


6992. Cross Deaf and Dumb School. 

6993. Literary and Philosophical Institute. 

6994. Preston Free Library. 

6995. Preston Scientific Society. 

Ramsey {Isle of Man). 

6996. Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society. 


6997. Lady Judith Montefiore College. 


6998. Free Public Library. 

6999. University Extension College. 


[Mining Association and Institute of Cornwall. (See 
Camborne, Cornwall.)] 

Richmond (Surrey). 

7000. Free Public Library. 

7001. Kew Observatory. 

Richmond (YorJcshire). 

7002. Free Library. 

7003. Richmond and North Riding Naturalists' Field Club. 


7004. Free Public Library. 

Rotherhithe or Redrifp. 

[Rotherhithe Public Library. (See London.)] 


[Agricultural Experiment Station. (See St. Albans.)] 


[Observatory of Rugby School. (See Temple Observa- 

7005. Rugby School Natural History Society. 

7006. Temple Observatory. 

EUBOPE. 243 

Rydb (Isle of Wight). 

7007. Philosophical and Scientific Society. 

St. Albans. 

7008. Agricultural Experiment Station. (Rothamsted, Har- 


7009. St. Albans^ Architectural and Archaeological Society. 

St. Helieb (Jersey). 

7010. Observatoire St. Louis. 

Salfobd. (See Manchester.) 


7011. Blackmore Museum. 

7012. College of Agriculture. 

7013. " Philatelic Journal of Great Britain.^' 


[Eoyal Military College. (See Camberiey.)] 
[Royal Staff College. (See Camberiey.)] 


7014. Observatory Wigglesworth. 


7015. Botanical Garden. 

7016. Firi;h College. 

7017. Literary and Philosophical Society. 

7018. " Quarteriy Medical Journal.'^ 

7019. School Board Deaf and Dumb School. 

7020. School of Medicine of Oxford University. 

7021. Sheffield Naturalists' Club. 

7022. Sheffield Public Library. 

7023. Sheffield Public Museum. 

7024. Technical School of Oxford University. 


[Society of Dyers and Colourists. (See Bradford.)] 


7025. Free Library. 

7026. School Library. 

7027. Shropshire Archaeological and Natural Ilistor}* Society. 


7028. Observatory. 

244 smithsonian ixteknational exchange list. 


7029. Hampshire Meld Club. 

7030. Hartley Institution. 

7031. Ordnance Trigonometrical Survey of Great Britain and 


7032. South of England Literary and Philosophical Society. 

South Kilworth. 

7033. Observatory. 


7034. Aquarium. 

7035. Atkinson Free library. 

7036. Birkdale Observatory. 

[Free Public Library. (See Atkinson Free Iiibrary.)J 

7037. Soutbport Society of Natural Sciences. 

South Shields. 

7038. Public Library. 


7039. Royal India Engineering College. 


7040. Public Library. 


7041. Observatory. 


7042. Public Library. 


7043. Co-operative Industrial Society. 


7044. Free Library and Museum. (Formerly Athenaeum.) 

7045. N'orth Staffordshire Institute of Mining and Mechanical 


7046. Xorth Staffordshire Naturalists' Field Club. 


[South Staffordshire Institute of Iron and Steel Works 
Managers. (See Dudley.)] 

[West Ham Publicf Libraries. (See London.)] 


7047. Corporation Free Library. 

7048. West Hendon House Observatory. 

EUKOPE. 245 


7049. Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History So- 



7050. Public Library. 


7051. Free Library. 

[Teign NaturaUsts' Field Club. (See Exeter.)] 


7052. Public Library. 


7053. Chaucer Society. 

7054. Torquay Natural History Society. 


7055. " Novitates Zoologicae." 

7056. Zoological Museum. 


[Miners' Association, &c. (See Camborne.)] 
[Mineralogical Magazine. (See London.)] 
[Mineralogical Society. (See London.)] 

7057. Royal Institution of Cornwall. 


7058. Free Public Library. 

7059. Observatory. 

7060. Twickenham Economic Society. 


7061. Observatory of Captain W. Noble. 

Wallasey (near Liverpool). 

7062. Labour Annual (The): A Year-Book of Social, Eco- 

nomic and Political Reform. 

7063. Free Library, Museum, and Art Gallery. 


[Wandsworth Public Library. (See London.)] 

Wanstead (Essex). 

7064. School Board Offices. 


7065. St. Edmunds College Library. 

246 smithsonian xntebnational exchange list. 


7066. " British Naturalist." 

7067. Free Library. 

7068. Warrington Museum. 


7069. Warwickshire Field Club. 

7070. Warwickshire Natural History and Archsological So- 


7071. Hertfordshire Natural History Society and Field Club. 

Wellington College, S. E. K. 

7072. Wellington College Natural History Society. 

West Bromwich. 

7073. Free Library. 

West Moseley (Surrey). 

7074. Hurtside Observatory. 

Whalley (Lancashire). 

7075. Stonyhurst College. 

7076. Stonyhurst College Observatory. 


[Literary and Philosophical Society Museum. (Ceased 
to exist.)] 

7077. Free Public Library. 

7078. Mining School. 


7079. Winchester College Natural History Society. 
[Winchester and Hampshire Scientific and Literary So- 
ciety. (Dissolved.)] 


[Eton College. (See Eton.)] 

7080. " Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Eeview." 

7081. Royal Library. 


7082. Oriental Institute. 


[Wellington College Natural History Society. (See 
Wellington College.)] 

EUBOPE. 247 


7083. Observatory of the Liverpool Astronomical Society. 

7084. Observatory of T. E. Espin. 

7085. Observatory of W. H. Gage. 


7086. Association of Chemists and Druggists. 

7087. Free Library. 

WooLHOPE (Herefordshire). 

7088. Woolhope Naturalists' Field Cli.b. 


7089. Artillery Committee. 

7090. Boyal Arsenal Co-operative Society. 

7091. Royal Artillery Institution. 

7092. Boyal Military Academy. 


7093. Free Library. 

Wycombe (Buckinghamshire). 

[High Wycombe Natural History Society. (Dissolved.)] 


7094. South Eastern Agricultural College. 


7095. Free Library. 


7096. Museum. 

7097. Public Library. 

7098. Yorkshire Philosophical Society. 



7099. Observatory. 

7100. Public Library. 


7101. Belfast Institution. 

7102. Belfast Linen Hall Library. 

7103. Belfast Naturalists' Field Club. 

7104. Belfast Eopewalk Co. 

7105. Botanical Garden. 

7106- Chemico-Agricultural Society of Ulster. 
7107. Flax Supply Association. 


Belfast. — Continued. 

7108. Institute for Deaf and Dumb. 

7109. Natural History and Philosophical Society. 

7110. Northeast Agricultural Association. 

7111. Public Library. 

7112. Queen's College. 

7113. Queen's College Observatory. 

7114. " Silent Messenger.'^ 

7115. '' Ulster Agriculturist.'^ 


7116. Markree Observatory. 


7117. Botanical Garden. 

7118. Chamber of Commerce. 

7119. Christian Schools. 

7120. '' Cork Examiner.'^ 

7121. Cork Mission to Adult Deaf and Dumb of Ireland. 
[Cuvierian and Archaeological Society. (Dissolved.) ^ 

7122. Free Public Library. 

7123. Observatory of Queen's College. 

7124. Queen's College Library. 

[Boyal Cork Institution. (No longer exists.)] 

7125. Academy of Medicine in Ireland. 

7126. Albert Agricultural Institution. (Glasnevin.) 

7127. Blackrock College. 

7128. Board of Lunacy Commissioners for Ireland. 
[Botanical Garden. (See Royal Botanic Gardens.)] 

7129. Catholic University. 

[Chemical Society of Dublin. (Ceased to exist.)] 

7130. Commissioners of National Education in Ireland. 

[" Copernicus." International Journal of Astronomy. 

[Deaf and Dumb Institution of Cabra. (See St. 
Joseph's Institution (for Males) and St. Mary's In- 
stitution (for Females).)] 

7131. " Dublin Figaro." 

[Dublin Geological Society. (See Royal Geological So- 
ciety of Ireland.)] 

7132. " Dublin Journal of Medical Science." 
[Dublin Library. (Closed.)] 

[" Dublin Quarteriy Journal of Science." (Discon- 
[Dublin Society of Natural History. (Ceased to exist.)] 
[Dublin L^niversity. (See Trinity College Library.)] 

EUROPE. 249 

Dublin. — Continued. 

7133. Dublin University Biological Association. 

7134. Dublin University Experimental Science Association. 

7135. Dublin University Philosophical Association. 
[Dublin University Zoological Botanical Association. 


7136. " Farmers' Gazette." 

7137. Free Library. 

7138. '* Freeman's Journal." 

7139. General Register Office. 

7140. Geological Survey of Ireland. 

[Glasnevin Agricultural College. (See Albert Agricul- 
tural Institution.) 

7141. " Hemathena.^' (Care of Trinity College.) 
[Historical and Archaeological Association. (See Royal 

Society of Antiquaries.)] 
[Inspector of Irish Fisheries. (See Office of Irish Fish- 

7142. Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland. 

7143. Institution for Deaf and Dumb. (Claremont, Glasne- 


7144. Irish Archaeological and Celtic Association. 

7145. " Irish Catholic and Natioli." 

7146. " Irish Figaro." 

[Irish Fisheries Commission. (See Office of Irish Fish- 

7147. " Irish Law Times." 

7148. Irish Lights Office. 

[Irish Medical Association. (No longer exists.)] 

7149. " Irish Military Guide." 

7150. " Irish Monthly." 

7151. " Irish Naturalist." 

7152. " Irish Society." 

7153. Local Government Board for Ireland. 

7154. Lord Mayor of Dublin. 

7155. Mechanics' Institute. 

7156. '' Medical Press and Circular." 

7157. Museum of Dublin University. 

[National Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. (See 
Institution for Deaf and Dumb.)] 

7158. National Library of Ireland. 

7159. Observatory of Trinity College. 

7160. Office of Irish Fisheries. 

7161. Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland. 

7162. Pori^s and Dock Office. 


Dublin. — Continued. 

7163. Boyal Academy of Medicine. 

[Royal Agricultural Society. (Merged with Royal Dub- 
lin Society.)] 

7164. Royal Botanic Gardens. (Glasnevin.) 

7165. Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. 
7166.* Royal College of Science. 

7167. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. 

7168. Royal Dublin Society. 

[Royal Geographical Society. (Ceased to exist.)] 
[Royal Geological Society of Ireland. (Dissolved and 
its library deposited in Trinity College.)] 

7169. Royal Horticultural Society. 

7170. Royal Irish Academy. 

7171. Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. 

7172. Royal University of Ireland. 

7173. Royal Zoological Society of Ireland. (Has no library.) 

7174. St. Joseph^s Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 


7175. St. Mary's Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. (Cabra.) 

7176. Science and Art Museum. 

7177. Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland. 

7178. Trinity College Botanical Gardens. 

7179. Trinity College Library. 

[University of Dublin. (See Trinity College Library.)] 


7180. Observatory. 

7181. " Urania." International Journal of Astronomy. 


[Public Library. (Unknown.)] 


7182. Queen's College Library. 

Glasnevin. (See Dublin.) 


[Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ire- 
land. (See Dublin, Royal Society of Antiquaries 
of Ireland.)] 


7183. Meteorological Society. 


7184. Magee College. 

EUKOPE. 261 


[Observatory. (See Parsonstown, Lord Rosse's Obser- 

7185. Observatory of Col. E. H. Cooper. 


7186. St. Patrick's College. 


7187. Free Library. 


7188. Free Public Library. 


7189. Lord Kosse's Observatory. 


7190. Observatory of W. E. Wilson, 


7191. Observatory of the London Meteorological Office. 



7192. Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society. 

7193. Aberdeen Natural History Society. 

7194. Aberdeen Philosophical Society. 

[Dun Echt Observatory. (Discontinued. Packages 
should be sent to the Royal Observatory, Edin- 

7195. Haddo House Library. 

7196. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 

[Mechanics' Institution. (Now merged in the Public 

7197. Museum of Aberdeen University. 

7198. Public Library. 

7199. " Scottish Notes and Queries." 

7200. University of Aberdeen. 


7201. Society of Natural Science and Archaeology. 


7202. Public Library. 


7203. Banffshire Field Club. 

252 smithsonian international exchange list. 


7204. Dumbarton Free Public Library. 


7205. Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Anti- 

quarian Society. 

7206. Marine Biological Laboratory. 


7207. Association of Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

7208. Dundee Institute of Architecture. 

7209. Dundee Naturalists' Society. 

7210. Dundee Oral School for the Deaf and Dumb. 

7211. East of Scotland Union of Naturalists' Societies. 

7212. Free Library and Museum. 

7213. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 

7214. " People's Friend.^' 

7215. University College. 


7216. Free Library. 


7217. Advocates' Library. 

7218. " Annals of Scottish Natural History." 

7219. Arizona Copper Company. 

7220. Ben Nevis Observator}\ * 

7221. Board of Northern Lighthouses. 

[Botanic Garden. (See Royal Botanic Garden of Edin- 

7222. Botanical Society. (Has no library; gives books to 

Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh.) 

7223. Caledonian Horticultural Society. 

7224. Challenger Expedition Office. 

7225. " Chambers' Journal." 

[(Clarendon Historical Society. (Unknown.)] 

7226. " Critical Review of Theological and Philosophical Lit- 


7227. Dalmeny Park Library. 

7 '^28. Donaldson's Hospital for the Deaf. 

7229. Edinburgh Architectural Association. 

7230. Edinburgh Deaf and Dumb Institution. 

7231. Edinburgh Geological Society. 

7232. Edinburgli Matliematical Society. 

7233. *' Edinburgh Medical Journal." 

[Edinburgh ^[useinu. (See Museum of Science and 


EUROPE. 253 

Edinburgh. — Continued. 

7234. Edinburgh Naturalists' Field Club. 

[Edinburgh Watt Institution and School of Arts. (Now 
called Heriot-Watt College.)] 

7235. " Educational News." 

• 7236. '' Encyclopaedia Britannica." 

7237. '' Farming World." 

7238. Fishery Board for Scotland. 

7239. General Board of Lunacy. 

7240. Geological Survey of Scotland. 
[Gypsy Lore Society. (Dissolved.)] 

7241. H. M. Chief Inspector of Schools. 

7242. Heriot-Watt College. 

7243. Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland. 

7244. Horological Society of Edinburgh. 

7245. "Igdrasil." 

7246. "Journal of Jurisprudence and Scottish Law Maga- 


7247. " Judicial Review." 

7248. Ladies' College (The). 

7249. Marine Biological Laboratory. 

7250. Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh. 

7251. Meteorological Society of Scotland. 

7252. Museum of Science and Art. 

7253. National Museum of Antiquities. 

7254. Obstetrical Society of Edinburgh. 

7255. Pharmaceutical Society. (North British Branch.) 

7256. Philosophical Institute. 

7257. Public Library. 

7258. Registrar General for Scotland. 

7259. Research Laboratory of the Royal College of Physicians. 

7260. Royal Asylum. 

7261. Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh. 

7262. Royal College of Physicians. 

7263. Royal College of Surgeons of Scotland. 

7264. Royal Institution for the Encouragement of Fine Arts 

in Scotland. 

7265. Royal Observatory. 

7266. Royal Physical Society. 

7267. Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society. 

7268. Royal Scottish Geographical Society. 

7269. Royal Scottish Society of Arts. 

7270. Royal Society of Antiquaries in Scotland. 

7271. Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

7272. " Scots Law Times." 


Edinburgh. — Continued. 

7273. " Scotsman '^ (The). 

' 7274. Scottish Fisheries Improvement Association. 

7275. " Scottish Geographical Magazine.^^ 

7276. Scottish Meteorological Office. 

7277. Scottish Meteorological Society. * 

7278. Scottish Microscopical Society. 

7279. Scottish Natural History Society. 

["Scottish Naturalist (The)." (Incorporated with 
"Annals of Scottish Natural History/' Edin- 

7280. Society of Writers to H. M. Signet. 

7281. Solicitors' Supreme Court Library. 
[" Steamship (The)." (See Leith.)] 
[University Fleming. (Defunct.)] 

7282. University Library. 

7283. University Museum. 

7284. Victoria Hospital for Consumption. 

[Watt Institution and School of Art. (See Heriot-Watt 

7285. "World-Literature.'V 


7286. Andersonian Naturalists' Society. 

[Anderson's College. (Now called Glasgow and West 
of Scotland Technical College.)] 

7287. Anderson's College Medical School. 

7288. Athenaeum. 

7289. Baillies Institution. 

7290. Botanical Garden. 

7291. City Chamberiain's Office. 

[Corporation Galleries of Ari;. (See Kelvingrove Mu- 
seum, &c.)] 

7292. Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. (For- 

meriy Glasgow and West of Scotland Medical Asso- 

7293. First Lancashire Engineer A^olunteers. 

7294. General Board of Lunacy. 

7295. Glasgow Archaeological Society. 

7296. Glasgow Geological Society. 

7297. " Glasgow Herald." 

7298. " Glasgow Medical Journal." 

7299. Glasgow Observatory. 

7300. Glasgow Pathological and Clinical Society. 

7301. Glasgow University. 

EUROPE. 255 

Glasgow. — Continued. 

7302. Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College. 

7303. Govan Parish Deaf-Mute Class. 

7304. " Guide (The).'^ 

7305. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb at Langride. 

7306. Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland. 

7307. Kelvingrove Museum and Corporation Galleries of Art. 

7308. Lord Provost of Glasgow. 

7309. Mechanics' Institute. 

7310. Mitchell Library. 

7311. Museum of the University of Glasgow. 

7312. Natural History Society of Glasgow. 

7313. Philosophical Society of frlasgow. 

7314. Physical Laboratory of the University of Glasgow. 
[Public Library of the City of Glasgow. (Identical 

with Mitchell Library.)] 

7315. Queen's College. 

7316. " Sanitary Journal.'^ 

7317. School for the Deaf. 

["Scottish Journal of Natural History." (Ceased to 

7318. " Scottish Law Eeview." 

7319. Scottish Society of Literature and Art. 

7320. .Stirling's Library. 


7321. Scottish Marine Station. 


7322. Oral School for the Deaf. 

7323. Greenock Free Library. 


7324. Mining Institution of Scotland. 


7325. Public Library. 


7326. " Celtic Magazine." 

7327. "Scottish Highlander." 


7328. Kelso Ladies' College. 


7329. Observatory. 

256 smithsonian international exchange li8t. 


7330. Museum Association. 


7331. Smyllum Institution. 


7332. " Steamship (The)." 


7333. Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society. 


7334. Observatory of I. Coate. 

7335. Paisley Free Library and Museum. 


7336. Chambers Institution. 


7337. Murray Royal Institution. 

7338. Perthshire Society of Natural Science. 

[" Scottish Naturalist." (See Edinburgh, " Annals of 
Scottish Natural History.")] 

St. Andrews. 

[^^ Conchologist (The)." (See Journal of Malacology, 

7339. Marine Biological Laboratory. 

7340. University Library. 


7341. Natural History and Archaeological Society. 


7342. Public Library. 


[South Wales Institute of Engineers. (See Cardiff.)] 


7343. University College. 


7344. Public Library. 

7345. University College of North Wales. 

€ A doxton-Barry. 

7346. Barry Dock Tide Table and Year-Book. 

EUROPE. 257 


734r7. Astronomical Society of Wales. 

7348. Cardiff Naturalists' Society. 

7349. Free Library and Museum. 

7350. Llandaif Deaf and Dumb School. 

7351. Private Observatory of Arthur Mee. 

7352. South Wales Institute of Engineers. 

7353. University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire. 


7354. St. David's College. 


[School for the Deaf and Dumb. (See Llandaff Deaf 
and Dumb School, Cardiff.)] 

7355. " Carmarthenshire Miscellany." (Formerly " Notes and 


7356. Llanelly School for the Deaf and Dumb. 

[Private Observatory of Arthur Mee. (See Cardiff.)] 


7357. Public Library. 

St. Asaph. 

7358. Observatory of St. Benno's College. 

7359. St. Benno's College. 


7360. Cambrian Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. 

7361. Boyal Institution of South Wales. 

[South Wales Institute of Engineers. (In CardiflF.)] 

7362. Swansea District Society of Mining and Metallurgical 


7363. Swansea Public Library. 


[Cambrian Archaeological Association. (In London.)] 


7364. Powys-land Club. 

[Powys-land Museum and Library. (United with 
Welchpool Free Public Library.)] 

7365. Welchpool Free Public Library. 



7366. American School of Classical Studies. 

7367. Botanical Garden. 


Athens. — Continued. 

7368. Bureau of Statistics. 

7369. Cerele Litt^raire " Byron." 

7370. Ecole Frangaise d^Ath^nes. 

7371. Ecole Polyteehnique. 

7372. Ethnic Library of Greece. 

7373. " Galenos." (Medical Journal.) 

7374. German Archseological Institute. 

7375. Government of Greece. 

7376. Greek Teaching Association. 

7377. Hellenikos Didaskalikos Syllogos. 

7378. Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece. 

7379. Hygienic Society. 

7380. Inspecteur G6n6ral de la Flotte. 

7381. Institut Arch6ologique. 

7382. Library of His Majesty the King. 

7383. Ministere de ^Agriculture. 

7384. Miniature de FListruction Publique. 

7385. Ministere de rint6rieur. 

7386. Ministere de la Marine. 

7387. Mus^e Botanique de rUniversit^ Nationale. 

7388. Mus6€ Central. 

7389. Mus6e Ethnologique. 

7390. National Library. 

7391. National Numismatic Museum. 

7392. National University. 

7393. Natural History Museum. 

7394. "Nature.^' 

7395. Observatory. 

7396. Society Arch6ologique d'Athtoes. 

7397. Society Litteraire " Le Parnasse." 

7398. Soci^te Medicale. 

7399. Soci6t6 Philekpedeutique. 



7400. Northern Provincial Library. 


7401. Technical School. 


7402. B6kasafn Althingis. (Legislative Library.) 

7403. Divinity School. 

7404. Hinn Laerdi Skoli i Reykjavik. (College of Reykjavik.) 

7405. Icelandic Natural History Society. 

EUROPE. 259 

Reykjavik. — Continued. 

7406. Island's Stipti8b6kasafn. (Library of the Iceland Dio- 


7407. Islenzkt B6knientaf61ag. (Literary Society of Iceland.) 

7408. Islenzkt Fomleifaf61ag. (Icelandic Archaological So- 


7409. Islenzkt Studentaf61ag. (Students' Library.) 

7410. Landsb6ka8afn Islands. (National Library of Iceland.) 

7411. Medical School. 

7412. Natural History Museum of the College. 

7413. Pj6dvinaf61ag. (Society of Friends of the People.) 

7414. Scientific Association of Iceland. 


7415. Western Provincial Library. 


7416. Accademia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti degli Zelanti. 

7417. Istituto Santa Bosalia per Tlstruzione dei Sordo-Muti. 

7418. Eassegna della Letteratura Siciliana. 

[Society Italiana dei Microscopisti. (Amalgamated 
with Accademia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti.)] 


7419. Osservatorio del Seminario Vescovile. 


7420. ." Le Vald6tain '' Journal Politique Hebdomadaire. 


7421. Eegia Accademia Petrarca. (Formerly Accademia Val- 

darnese del Poggio.) 
[R. Accademia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. (Same as 
Accademia Petrarca.)] 

7422. Convitto Serafico dei Sordo-Muti e Ciechi. 


7423. Station On6ologique. 


7424. Scuola Enologica. 


7425. " La Puglia Medica.^' 


7426. Istituto pei Sordomuti. 

260 smithsonian international exchange list. 


7427. Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti. 

7428. Ateneo di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti di Bergamo. 

7429. Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche. 

7430. Istituto dei Sordo-Muti. 

7431. Munieipio di Bergamo. 

7432. Soeieta Industriale Bergamasca. 


7433. Accademia delle Scienze deir Istituto di Bologna. 

7434. Archivos per la Zoologia, TAnatomia, e la Fisiologia. 

7435. Biblioteca Municipale. 

7436. " Bullettino delle Scienze Mediche." 

7437. Facolta di Medicina delF University. 

7438. Gabinetto di Anatomia dell' University. 

7439. Istituto Gualandi pei Sordomuti d'Ambo i Sessi. 

7440. Istituto delle Sordomute. 

7441. Miiseo Civico di Archeologia. 

7442. Museo di Geologia delF Universita. 

7443. Orto Botanico. 

7444. Osservatorio Astronomico. 

7445. Reale Deputazione di Storia Patria per le Provincie di 


7446. " Repertorio Italiano per la Storia Naturale/' 

[" Repertorium Italianum di Bianconi." (Defunct.)] 

7447. " Rivista Chimica di Bologna." 

7448. " Rivista Giuridica.'' 

7449. " Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia." 

7450. Scuola Anatomica di Bologna. 

7451. Soeieta Agraria della Provincia di Bologna. 

7452. Soeieta Medico-Chirurgica. 

7453. Stazione Agraria Sperimentale. 

7454. Universita di Bologna. 


7455. Accademia Gioenia di Scienze Naturali. 

7456. Ateneo di Brescia. 

7457. Bibloteca Civico Queriniana. 

7458. Istituto Canosiano per le Sordomute. 

7459. Pio Istituto Pavoni dei Sordo-Muti. 

7460. Reale Istituto Tecnico. 


7461. Istituto Convitto pei Sordo-Muti. 

7462. Orto Botanico. 

7463. University di Cagliari. 

EUROPE. 261 


[Fondazione Scientifioa. (See Milan.)] 
[TJniversita. (See Cainerino.)] 


7464. Scuola di Agricoltnra. 


7465. " Biillettino Numismatico e Sfragistico." 

7466. R. University. 


7467. Istituto Provinciale pei Sordo-Muti. 


7468. Aeeademia Beale di Belle Arti. 


7469. Cultivatore di Casale. 


7470. Laboratorio di Chiniica Agraria. 

7471. Orto Botanieo. 


7472. Ra Casa delle Sordo-Mute. 


7473. Aeeademia Dante Alighieri. 

7474. Aeeademia Gioenia di Scienze Natnrali. 

7475. " Antologia Giuridica." 

7476. Direzione dell^ Agricoltura. 

7477. Orto Botanieo. 

7478. Osservatorio Astrofisico. . 

7479. Regia University. 

7480. Scuola dei Sordo-Mnti. 


7481. Biblioteca Malatestiana. 

7482. Comizio Agrario del Circondario. 


7483. Istituto Assarotti pei Sordo-Muti. 

7484. Society Economica. 


7485. Collegio Gallio. 

7486. Convitto pei Sordo-Muti ed Istituto di Canossiana. 

7487. Societa Storica Comente. 

2g2 smithsonian international exchange list. 


7488. Istituto pei Sordo-Muti diretto delle Figlie della Carita. 


7489. Biblioteca Governativa. 

7490. Istituto Privato delle Sordo-Mute. 


7491. Biblioteca Comunale. 

7492. Circolante di Portomaggiore. 

7493. Consociazione Mutua Operaia Ferrarese. 

7494. Gabinetto di Storia Naturale. 

7495. Orto Botanico. 

7496. University. 

FiRBNZE (Florence). 

7497. Accademia Olympiea. 

7498. "Annali di Giurisprudenza." 

7499. '' Archivio Storieo Italiano." 
7600. Biblioteca Marucelliana. 

7501. Biblioteca Xazionale Centrale. 

7502. Biblioteca Biccardiana. 

7603. Biblioteca di Sua Maesta il Re dltalia. 

7504. Circolo Filologico di Firenze. 

7505. " Florence Gazette (The).'' 

7506. Giomale Medico Lo Sperimentale. 

7507. Istituto Convitto pei Sordo-Muti. 

7508. Istituto Geografico Militare. 

[Istituto Topografico Militare. (Same as Istituto Geo- 
grafico Militare.)] 

7509. " Monitore Zoologico Italiano.'' 
7610. Museo Botanico. , 

7511. Museo di Geologia e Paleontologia del K. Istituto di 

Studi Superiori. 

7512. Museo Nazionale d'Antropologia e di Etnologia. 

7513. " Nuovo Giornale Botanico Italiano." 

7514. "Opinione." 

7515. Observatory of San Giovanni. (Ximenien.) 

7516. Orto Botanico. 

7517. " Pratico Giomale Quindicinale peA Medici Chirurghi 

Pratici, Farmacisti e Levatrici." 

7518. Beale Accademia della Crusca. 

7519. Beale Accademia Economico-Agraria dei Georgofili. 

7520. Reale Accademia delle Scienze. 

7521. R. Biblioteca Mediceo-Laurenziana. 

7522. Reale Deputazione di Storia Patria per le Provincie della 

Toscana, dell' Umbria e delle Marche. 

EUBOPE. 263 

FiRENZE (Florence). — Continued. 

7623. Reale Istituto di Studi Superiori. 

7524. Heale Mnseo di Fisica e Storia Naturale. 

7525. Heale Osservatorio Astronomico di Firenze. 

7526. Heale Osseiratorio del Museo. 

7527. Heale Societi ToBcana d^Horticultura. 
7628. " Hevue Internationale.'^ 

[Hoyal Italian Geological Commission. (Now Rome, H. 
Comitato Geologieo d'ltalia.)] 
7529. Scuola Agraria di Seandieei. 

7630. Scuola d'Anatomia Patologica. 

7631. SocietA Africana d'ltalia. (Sezione Fiorentina.) 

7632. Society Asiatica Italiana. 

7633. Society Botanica Italiana. 
7534. Society Entomologica Italiana. 
7536. Society Fiorentina d'Igiene. 

7536. Societji Italiana di Antropologia, Etnologia e Psicologia 

7637. Society Malacologica Italiana. 
7538. Stazione Agricola Sperimentale. 
7639. Stazione di Entomologia Agraria di Firenze. 

7540. Succursale delF Istituto Gualandi di Bologna. 


7541. Biblioteca Municipale. 

[" Giomale Agrario Italiano.*' (Unknown.)] 
[" Industriale Italiana." (Discontinued.)] 

7542. Stazione Sperimentale Agraria. 

Gexota (Oenoa). 

[Accademia Medico-Chirurgia. (See No. 7555.)] 

7544. Accademia delle Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. 

7545. Assessore Anziano, Ufficio di Polizia Municipale. 

7546. Ateneo Ligure. 

7647. Biblioteca della Missione Urbana di San Carlo. 

7548. Church of the Holy Ghost. 

7549. Cantabemio d'Albertis per le Sordomute. 

[" Qiornale della Societi di Letture.^' (Send to Societi 
di Letture, etc.)] 

7550. Istituto Botanico della H. University. 

7551. Museo Civico di Storia Naturale. 

7552. Museo di Zoologia ed Anatomia Comparata delF Uni- 


7553. Orto Botanico. 

7554. Osservatorio Meteorologico della Heale Universiti. 

7555. Heale Accademia Medica di Genova. 


Genova (Oenoa). — Continued. 

7556. Beale Istituto Tecnico e di Marina. 

[Reale Scuola di Marina. (See Begio Accademia 
Xavale, Livomo.)] 

7557. R. Scuola Superiore d'Applicazione per gli Studi Com- 


7558. Reale Scuola Superiore Navale. 

7559. Reale University. 

7560. Regio Istituto dei Sordomuti. 

7561. "Rivista Critica Mensile di Opere di Filosofia Scien- 


7562. Society di Letture e Conversazione Scientifiche. 

7563. Societa Ligure di Storia Patria. 

7564. SocietA Ligustica di Scienze Naturali e Geografiche. 

7565. Society dei Naturalisti. 

7566. " Temi Genovese." 

7567. Ufficio Idrografico della Regia Marina. 


7568. Comizio Agrario Circondariale ed Accademia Agrario- 

Industriale della Provincia di Ancona. 


7569. Pio Istituto pelle Sordo-Mute. 

LivoRNO (Leghorn). 

7570. Biblioteca Labronica. 

7571. "Pratica Legale." 

7572. Regia Accademia Navale. 


7573. Istituto delle Sordo-Mute presso le Suore Canossiane. 

7574. Istituto pei Sordo-Muti. 

7575. Reale Stazione Sperimentale di Caseificio. 


7576. Biblioteca Pubblica. 

7577. Orto Botanico. 

7578. Beale Accademia Lucchese di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. 


7579. B. University. 


7580. Biblioteca Comunale. 

7581. Istituto Privato delle Sordo-Mute. 

7582. Beale Accademia Virgiliana. 

EUROPE. 265 


7583. " Agricoltore (U) Messinese." 

7584. Marine Biological Laboratory. 

7585. Orto Botanico. 

7586. Reale Accademia Carolina. 

7587. B. Universita. 

[" Scienza Contemporanea.^^ (Ceased to exist.)] 


[Accademia Fisico-Medico-Statistica di Milano. (Dis- 

7588. Accademia Scientifico-Litteraria. 

7589. Accademia Storico-Archeologica. 

7590. Associazione Italiana per le Osservazioni delle Meteore 


7591. Associazione Medico Lombardo. 

7592. Biblioteca Ambrosiana. 

7593. Biblioteca G. Meiners e Figlio. 

7594. Biblioteca Nazionale di Brera. 

[CoUegio degli Avvocati. (See Consiglio dell' Ordine 
degli Avvocati.)] 

7595. Comitato Esecutivo per la Esposizione Internat. di 


7596. Consiglio degli Ingegneri ed Architetti. 

7597. Consiglio degli Istituti Ospitalieri. 

7598. Consiglio delF Ordine degli Avvocati. 
[Faculty of Medicine. (Does not exist.)] 

7599. Fondazione Scientifica Cagnola. (Branch of the R. Isti- 

tuto Lombardo.) 

7600. Giunta Municipale di Milano. 

7601. Istituto dei Sordo-Miiti Poveri di Campa. 

7602. Municipio di Milano. 

7603. Museo Civico di Storia Naturale. 

7604. Miiseo Patrio di Archeologia. 

[Mnseo di Storia Xaturale dei Fratelli Villa. (Same as 
No. 7603.)] 

7606. Orto Botanico. 

7607. Ospitale Maggiore di Milano. 

7608. R. Accademia di Belle Arti. 

7609. R. Accademia dei Lincei. 

7610. R. Istitnto Lombardo di Scienze e Lettere. 

7611. R. Istituto pei Sordo-Muti. 

7612. R. Istituto Tecnico-Superiore. 

7613. R. Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera. 

7614. R. Scuola Superiore di Agricoltura. 

7615. R. Scuola Superiore di Medicina Veterinaria. 


MiLANO. — Continued. 

7616. H Sindaco, Municipio di Milano. 

7617. Societi Agraria di Lombardia. * 

7618. Society Crittogamologica Italiana. 

7619. Societi d'Esplorazione Commerciale in Africa. 
[Societi di Freniatria. (Dissolved.)] 

7620. Societi Generale degli Agricolturi Ttaliani. 

7621. Societi Geologica. 

7622. Societi d'Incoraggiamento di Arti e Mestieri. 
[Societi d'lndustriali Italiani. (Does not exist.)] 

7623. Societi Italiana d'Igiene. 

7624. Societi Italiana di Scienze ISTaturali. 
[Societi Mineralogica. (Does not exist.)] 

7625. Societi Numismatica Italiana. 

7626. Societi Patriotica. 

76^7. Societi Storica Archeologica. 

7628. Societi Storica Lombarda. 

7629. Stazione Sperimentale Agraria. 

7630. TJlrico Hoepli. (Bookseller.) 


7631. Aeronautica (U), Bivista Mensile d'Aeronautica, 

7632. Annali di Matematica Pura e Applicata. 

7633. Annali TJniversali di Medicina e Chinifgia. 

7634. Apicoltore (U). 

[Archivio Italiano per le Malattie Nervosi. (Ceased tq 

7635. Archivio di Ortopedia air Istitiito Rachitici. 

7636. Archivio Storico Lombaxdo. 
[BuUettino Scientifico. (Discontinued.)] 

7637. Bullettino di Sericoltura. 

7638. Cultura (La). 

7639. Elettriciti (L'). 

7640. Gazetta Agricolo-Settimanale. 

7641. Gazetta Medica Lombarda. 

7642. Gazetta degli Ospitali. 

7643. Gazetta del Villaggio. 

[Italia Agricola. (See Piacenza.)] 

7644. Monitore del Tribunale. 
[Natura. (Discontinued.) ] 

7645. Xunal Nulik. 

[Nuovo Risorgimento (II). (See Torino.)] 
[Rivista di Filosofia Scientifica. (Now Genova, Rivista 
Critica, &c.)] 

7646. Sordomuto (II). 

EUROPE. 267 


7647. Comizio Agrario. 

7648. " Educatorio dei Sordo-Muti." 

7649. Istituto delle Figlie della Providenza pelle Sordo-Mute. 

7650. Orto Botanico. 
7661. Osservatorio. 

7652. *' Raflsegna di Scienze Mediche." 

7653. H. Accademia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. 

7654. R. Biblioteca Estense. 

7655. H. Stazione Agraria Sperimentale. 
7666. B. TJniversita. 

7657. Society Malacologica Italiana. 

7658. SocietA Medico-Chirurgica. 

[SocietA Meteorologica Italiana. (See Monealieri.)] 

7659. Societi di Naturalist! in Modena. 


[Osservatorio Meteorologico. (Closed.)] 

7660. R. Istituto Teenieo di Modiea. 


7661. Casa delle Sordo-Mute. 

7662. Pia Casa dei Sordo-Muti. 


7663. Osservatorio del R. Collegio Carlo Alberto. 

7664. Societi Meteorologica Italiana. 


7665. " La Calabria," Rivista di Litteratura Populare. 


7666. R. Accademia Valdamese del Poggio. 

Napoli (Naples). 

7667. Accademia degli Aspiranti Naturalisti. 

7668. Accademia Pontaniana. 

[Accademia delle Scienze. (See R. Accademia di 
Scienze Fisiche e Matematici.)] 

7669. Associazione Italiana della Croce Rossa. 

7670. Biblioteca Nazionale. 

7671. Biblioteca Provinziale. 

[Club Africana. (See Society Africana d'ltalia.)] 

7672. FacoltA di Medicina. 

7673. Istituto di Belle Arti di Napoli. 

7674. Museo Mineralogico della R. TJniversita. 

7675. Museo Nazionale. 

7676. Museo Nazionale di Archeologia, Lettere e Belle Arti. 


Napoli (Naples). — Continued. 

7677. Ospedale della S. S. TriniU. 

7678. B. Accademia Ercolanese di Archeologia. 

7679. R. Accademia Medieo-Chirurgica. 

7680. E. Accademia delle Scienze e Belle Lettere. 

7681. E. Accademia di Scienze Fisiche e Matematiche. 

7682. E. Accademia di Scienze Morali e Politiche. 

7683. B. Istituto d'Incoraggiamento delle Scienze Naturali, 

Economiche e Tecnologiche. 

7684. E. Orto Botanico. 

7685. E. Osservatorio Astronomico di Capo di Monte. 

7686. E. Osservatorio Meteorologico Vesuviano. 

7687. B. Scuola Superiore di Medicina Veterinaria. 

7688. E. Universiti. 

7689. Eegio Istituto Orientale. 

7690. Eegio Istituto Sordomuti. 

7691. Societa Africana d'ltalia. 

[Societtt Americana d'ltalia presso il Club Anglo- Ameri- 
cano. (Discontinued.)] 
[Societa Asiatica Italiana. (See Florence.)] 

7692. Society Italiana delle Scienze. 

7693. Societtt Napolitana di Storia Patria. 

7694. Societa di Naturalisti. 

7695. Society Beale di Napoli. 

7696. Soci6t6 Helv6tique de Bienfaisance. 

7697. Stazione Zoologica di Napoli. 

Journals and Periodicals. 

7698. Amico della Giustizia. 

7699. Annali Clinici. (Direzione degli.) 

7700. Anomalo (L'). 

7701. Archivio Italiano di Laringologia. 

7702. Archivio Storico per le Provincie Napoletane. 
[Esplorazione (L'). (Discontinued.)] 

7703. Fauna und Flora.des Golfes von Neapel. 

7704. Gazetta del Procuratore. 

7705. Giornale di Clinica, Terapia e Medicina Pubblica. 

7706. Giornale Internazionale delle Scienze Mediche. 

7707. IlMorgagni. 

7708. Xuova Bassegna delF Economia Sociale e Finanze. 

7709. Psichiatria (La) e la Neuropatologia. 

7710. Eiforma Medica (La). 

[Bivista L'Orientale. (Published by Eegio Istituto 

7711. "Tilangeieri (II)." Bivista Juridica Italiana. 

7712. Zoologisches Jahrbuch. 

EUROPE. 269 


7713. Biblioteca Civica. 


7714. E. Istituto dei Sordomuti. 


7715. Museo Etrusco Faina. 

Padova (Padua). 

7716. Biblioteca Civica. 

[" Oazzetta Medica Italiana." (Ceased to exist.)] 
[Museo. (Does not exist.)] 

7717. *' Nuova Notarisia.^^ 

7718. Orto Botanico. 

7719. Osservatorio Astronomico dell' University. 

7720. Physiological Institute of the University. 

7721. E. Accadcmia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti di Padova. 

7722. E. Universita di Padova. 

7723. Eegia Stazione Bacologica. 

7724. " Bivista di Mineralogia e Cristallografia Italiana." 

7725. "Eivista di Studi Psichici." 

7726. Seminario Vescovile. 

7727. Societal d'Incoraggiamento per FAgricoltura e Tlndus- 

tria nella Provincia di Padova, e Gabinetto di Let- 

7728. Societa Veneto-Trentina di Scienze Natural i. 


7729. '* Annales de Geologic et de Paleontologie." 

7730. " Archivio (L') per lo Studio delle Tradizioni Popular!." 

7731. " Archivio delle Tradizioni Populari." 

7732. Associazione dei Benemeriti Italiani. 

7733. " Avvenire Educativo." 

7734. Biblioteca Nazionale. 

7735. Circolo Giuridico. 

7736. Circolo Matematico di Palermo. 

7737. CoUegio degli Ingegneri ed Architetti. 

7738. " Oazzetta Chimica Italiana." 

7739. "Naturalista Sicilian© (II).'' 

7740. Orto Botanico. 

7741. Osservatore Navale. 

7742. "Pisani (II)" Manicomio di Palermo. 

7743. " Bassegna Navale." 

7744. B. Aecademia Palermitana di Scienze, Lettere e Belle- 


7745. E. Istituto pei Sordo-Muti. 


Palermo. — Continued. 

7746. E. Istituto Tecnico. 

7747. E. Osservatorio. 

7748. E. University degli Studi di Palermo. 

7749. SociettL d^Acclimazione e di Agricoltura in Sicilia. 

7750. Societtt di Scienze Naturali ed Eeonomiehe. 

7751. Soeieta Siciliana per la Storia Patria. 

7752. Stazione Chimieo-Agraria Sperimentale di Palermo. 


7753. " Bullettino di Paletnologia Italiana." 
7764. Museo di Storia Naturale. 

7755. " Nuova Notarisia.^' 

[" Nuovo Eisorgimento (II)." (See Torino.)] 

7756. E. Biblioteca Palatina, 

7757. E. Deputazione di Storia Patria. 

7758. E. Ori;o Botanico. 

7759. E. Osservatorio Astronomico. 

7760. TJniversiti di Parma. 


7761. Accademia Malaspina. 

7762. '' Bullettino Seientifieo." 

7763. Central Physical Observatory. 

7764. Cryptogamie Laboratory. 

7765. " Giomale di Mineralogia e Cristallografia Italiana." 

7766. Istituto Anatomico della E. TJniversiti. 

7767. Istituto Botanico della E. Universiti. 

7768. Istituto Fisiologico della E. Universiti. 

7769. Orto Botenico. 

7770. Pio Istituto dei Sordomuti. 

7771. E. Museo. 

7772. E. Universiti. 

7773. " Selmi (II)." 


7774. Accademia Chirurgica. 

7775. Facolti di Giurisprudenza delF Universiti. 

7776. Facolta di Medicina e Chirurgia della Universiti. 

7777. Laboratorio Chimico-Agrario delF Universiti di Per- 


7778. Orto Botanico. 

7779. Universiti di Perugia. 


7780. Accademia Agraria di Pesaro. 

7781. Laboratorio di Chimica Agraria. 

•7782. Osservatorio Meteorologico e Magnetico Valerio. 

EUROPE. 271 


7783. Biblioteca Comunale Passerini-Landi. 

7784. " Italia (U) Agricola." Giornale di Agricoltura. 

7785. Istituto pei Sordomuti. 


7786. " Archivio Giuridico." 

7787. " Diritto Commerciale, Rivista Periodica." 
7788! " II Niiovo Cimento." 

7789. " ITuovo Giornale Botanico Italiano.'* 

7790. Orto Botanico. 

7791. Osservatorio. 

7792. R. Scuola Nonnale Superiore. 

7793. Societa Malacologica It^liana. 

7794. Societa Toscana di Scienze Naturali. 

7795. Universiti. 


[R. Accademia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arte. (No longer 


7796. Orto Botanico. 

7797. R. Scnola Superiore d" Agricoltura. 

7798. " Rivista di Patologia Vegetale e Timologia.'* 

PoRTO Maurizio. 

7799. Associazione Scientifica Ligure. 


7800. Accademia di Belle Arti. 

7801. Biblioteca Comunale Classense. 

7802. Society Ravennata. 


7803. Biblioteca Municipale. 

["Rivista Sperimentale di Medicina Legale." '(Ceased 
to exist.)] 


7804. Direzione della Sicilia Vinicola. 


7805. Accademia dell' Arcadia d'Archeologia e dei Nuovi 


7806. Accademia Intemazionale per gli Studi Spiritici e Mag- 


7807. Accademia Pontificia dei Nuovi Lincei. 

7808. Accademia Romana di Archeologia. 


Roma. — Continued. 

7809. Accademia L'Unione Universale di Lettere, Scienze ed 


7810. American College. 

7811. American School of Classical Studies. 

7812. Amministrazione Generale delle Ferrovie Italiane. 

7813. Asilo pei Piccoli Sordomuti. 

7814. Associazione fra le Banche Popolari Italiane. 

7815. Associazione Medica Italiana. 

7816. Biblioteca Alessandrina. 

7817. Biblioteca Apostolica Yaticana. 

7818. Biblioteca Casanatense. 

7819. Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio P^maniiele. 

7820. British Academy of Fine Arts. 

7821. British and American Archaeological Society. 

7822. Camera dei Deputati. 

7823. Clinica Dermosifilopatica. 

7824. Comitato d'Artiglieria ed Ingegneri. 

7825. Commissione Archeologica Commimale. 

7826. Commissione Geodetica Italiana per la Misiira di Gradi 

in Europa. 

7827. Commissione Speciale d'Igiene del Municipio. 

7828. Congresso Geografico Italiano. 

7829. Direzione Generale del Debito Pubblico. 

7830. Direzione Generale della Statistica. 

7831. Direzione Stato Civile della Citt^ di Roma. 

7832. FacoM di Medicina. 

7833. Gabinetto di Antropologia. 

7834. Inspection Royale des Mines. 

7835. Institnt International de Statistiqne. 

7836. Institutum Archseologiciim Imperii Germanici. 

7837. Istituto di Anatomia Patologica. 

7838. Istituto Cartografico Italiano. 

[Istituto di Corrispondenza Archeplogica. (Now Insti- 
tutum Archaeologicum Imperii Germanici.)] 

7839. Istituto d'Igiene Sperimentale delF Universita di Roma. 

7840. Istituto Scientifico della R. Universita. 

7841. Istituto Storico Italiano. 

7842. Italian Tariff Revision Committee. 

7843. Ministero degli Affari Esteri. 

7844. Ministero di Agricoltura, Industria, e Commercio. 

7845. Ministero delle Finanze. 

7846. ^linistero della Guerra. 

7847. Ministero dell' Interno. 

7848. Ministero dell' Istruzione Pubblica. 

EUBOPE. 273 


Roma. — Continued. 

7849. Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici. 

7850. Ministero della Marina. 

7851. Ministero del Tesoro. 

7852. Mnseo Copemieano ed Astronomico. 

7853. Museo Preistorieo-Etnografieo. 

[North American College. (Identical with American 

7854. Orto Botanico. 

7855. Ospedali. 

7856. Osservatorio del P. S. Ferrari. 

[Osservatorio Vaticano. (See Specula Vaticana.)] 

7857. Piccola Missione ai Sordomuti Abbandonati. 

7858. R. Accademia dei Lincei. 

7859. R. Accademia Medica. 

7860. R. Comitato Geologico d'ltalia. 

7861. R. Corpo delle Miniere. 

7862. R. Istituto Botanico. 

7863. R. Istituto Fisico-Patologico di Roma. 

7864. R. Istituto dei Sordo-Muti. 

7865. R. Mineria. 

7866. R. Museo Industriale Italiano. 

7867. R. Orto Botanico. 

7868. R. Osservatorio Astronomico del Colegio Romano. 

7869. R. Osservatorio deir Campidoglio. 

7870. R. Scuola d^Applicazione per gV Ingegneri. 
[R. Society Didascalica Italiana. (Dissolved.)] 

7871. R. Stazione Chimico Agraria. 

[R. Universita. (See Biblioteca Alessandrina.)] 
[Royal Patent Office. (See TJfficio degli Privative In- 

7872. Service de la Carte G6ologique d^Italie. 
[Societi Asiatica Italiana. (See Florence.)] 

7873. Societi Geografica Italiana. 

7874. Societa Geologica Italiana. 

7875. Societi degli Ingegneri e degli Architetti Italian!. 

7876. Societi Italiana delle Scienze. 

7877. Societi Italiana di Storia ed Archeologia. 

7878. Societi Meteorologica Italiana. 

7879. Societi Romana di Antropologia. 

7880. Societi Romana di Storia Patria. 

7881. Societa Romana per gli Studi Zoologici. 
* 7882. Societa degli Spettroscopisti Italiani. 

7883. Studi e Document! di Storia del Diritto. 

7884. Succursale delF Istituto Gualandi di Bologna di Sordo- 



BoMA. — Continued. 

7885. Ufi&cio Centrale Meteorologico e Geodinamico. 

7886. Ufficio Idrografico della E. Marina. 

7887. XJflBcio degli Privative Industriali. 

7888. UflBcio degli Scambi Internazionali. (Biblioteca Na- 

zionale Vittorio Emannele.) 
[UfBcio di Statistica Generale. See Direzione, etc.)] 

Journals and Periodicals. 

7889. '' Annali di Statistica.'^ 

7890. " Ateneo Italiano." 

7891. Bullettino Ampelografico. 

[Biillettino di Bibliografia e di Storia delle Scienze 
Matematiche e Fisiche. (Discontinued.)] 

7892. Bullettino Consolare. 

7893. Bullettino deir Istituto di Diritto Romano. 

7894. Bullettino della R. Accademia di Medicina. 
[Corrispondenza Scientifica in Roma. (Discontinued.)] 

7896. Educazione Nazionale. 

7896. Foro Italiano. 

7897. Gazetta Medica di Roma. 

7898. Gazetta degli Ospitali. 

7899. Giomale degli Economisti. 

7900. Giornale del Genio Civile (Direzzione del). 

7901. Giornale Medico del R. Esercito e della R. Marina. 

7902. Giurisprudenza Italiana. 

7903. Legge (La). 

7904. Lux. 

7905. Minerva. 

7906. Xuova Antologia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti (Direzzione 


7907. Nuovo Educatore (II). 

[Periodico di ITumismatica e Sfragistica per la Storia 
d'ltalia (Direzzione del). (See Camerino, Bullet- 
tino Xumismatico e Sfrag^stico.)] 

7908. Policlinico (II). 

7909. Rassegna delle Scienze Geologiche in Italia. 

7910. Rassegna Settimanale Universale. 

7911. Revue Internationale. 

7912. Rivista di Artiglieria e Genio. 

7913. Rivista di Discipline Carcerarie. 

[Rivista di Filologia Romana. (Ceased to exist.)] 

7914. Rivista Cieografica Italiana. 

7915. Rivista Italiana per le Scienze Giuridiche. 

7916. Rivista Marittima. 

BUBOPB. 275 

Roma. — Continued. 

7917. Eivista Universale di Ginrisprudenza e Dottrina. 

7918. Roman Herald. 

7919. Sfinge (La). 

7920. Sinossi Giuridica. 

7921. Specula Vaticana. 

San Babtolombo (Spezia). 

[Direzione delle Torpedini e del Materiale Elettrieo. 
(See No. 7939.)] 

San Marino. 

7923. Museum of Antiquities. 

San Severo. 

7924. Seuola Comunale dei Sordomuti. 


7925. " Ricevitore del Registro.'' 


7926. Istituto e Convitto Sordomuti. 

7927. Regia Universiti. 


[Direzzione d'Artiglieria e Torpedini. (See Spezia.)] 

7928. Gabinetto di Zoologia ed Anatomia Comparata. 

7929. Istituto Pendola pei Sordo-Muti. 

7930. Laboratorio Chimieo Agrario. 

7931. Orto Botanieo. 

7932. Osservatorio deir University. 

7933. R. Accademia dei Fisiocritiei. 

7934. " Rivista Italiana di Scienze Naturali." 

7935. Society fra i Cultori delle Scienze Mediche. 

7936. '' Studi Senesi." 

7937. University. 


7938. Osservatorio di Siracusa. 


7939. Direzione delle Torpidini e del Materiale Elettrieo, San 


ToDi {Umhria), 

7940. "Nuova Scienza.'' 

Torino (Turin), 

7941. Accademia Reale di Agricoltura. 

7942. Accademia Reale Medico-Chirurgica. 


ToBiNO {Turin). — Continued. 

7943. Accademia Beale delle Scienze. 

7944. Asilo pei Piccoli Sordomuti. 

7945. Biblioteca Miinicipale. 

7946. Biblioteca Xazionale. 

7947. Biblioteca delle Scuole Classiche. 
[Circolo Qeografico Italiano. (Closed.)] 

7948. Club Alpino Italiano, Sezione di Torino. 

7949. Commifisione d'Artiglieria. 

7950. Ecole de TEtat-Major. 

7951. Facolti di Medicina. 

7952. Istituto Psichiatrico della B. University. 

7953. Laboratorio di Materia Medica. 

7954. Museo Bacologico. 

7955. Museo Mineralogico di Torino. 

7956. Museo di Zoologia e di Anatomia Comparata della R. 


7957. Orto Botanico. 

7958. B. Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti. 

7959. R. Accademia di Medicina. 

^ 7960. B. Deputazione di Storia Patria. 
*7961. B. Istituto dei Sordo-Muti. 

7962. E. Museo Geologico di Torino. 

7963. B. Museo Industriale Italiano di Torino. 

7964. B. Museo di Storia Naturale. 

[B. Museo Zoologico di Torino. (See Museo di Zoolo- 
gia e di Anatomia Comparata.)] 

7965. B. Osservatorio deir University. 

7966. B. Scuola d'Applicazione per gU Ingegneri. 

7967. B. Scuola Superiore di Medicina Veterinaria. 

7968. Scuola di Guerra. 

7969. Scuola del Stato Maggiore. 

7970. Societa di Geografia ed Etnografia. 

7971. Societa degli Ingegneri e degli Architetti. 

7972. Society Meteorologica Italiana. 

7973. Stazione Sperimentale Agraria. 

7974. Ufficio d'Igiene della Citik di Torino. 

7975. University. 

Journals and Periodicals. 

7976. Archives Italiennes de Biologic. 

7977. Archives de Psychiatric. 

7978. Archivio di Litteratura Biblica ed Orientale. 

7979. Archivio per le Scienze Mediche. 

7980. BuUettino dell' Osservatorio Centrale. 
[BuUettino Scientifico. (Does not exist.)] 

EUROPE. 277 

Torino (Turin), — Continued. 

7981. Cosmos (Direzzione di). 

7982. Educatorio per le Sordo-Muti Poveri. 

7983. Encielopedia di Chimica. 

7984. Gazetta Mediea di Torino. 

7985. Giomale della Indnstria Serica. 

7986. Giomale della E. Aeeademia di Medicina. 

7987. Guida del Maestro Elementare Italiano e dell' Educatore. 
[Istruzione Seeondaria. (Does not exist.)] 
[Maestro Elementare Italiano. (Ceased to exist.)] 

7988. Nuovo Bisorgimento (II). 

7989. Orticoltura (U). 

7990. Rassegna di Diritto Commerciale Italiano e Straniero. 

7991. Bivista Amministrativa. 

[Bivista di Filosofia Seientifica. (See Genova, " Bivista 
Critica Mensile di Opere di Filosofia Seientifica.'')] 

7992. Bivista di Matematica. 

7993. Bivista di Medicina Legale. 

7994. Bivista di Ostetricia e Ginecologia. 

7995. Bivista Pedagogica Italiana. 

7996. Bivista Penale. 

7997. Bivista Storica Italiana. 

7998. Scuola Nazionale (La). 


7999. Istituto Privato de Grazio Grasso pei Sordomnti. 


8000. Biblioteca Commnnale. 

8001. Contadino di Treviso. 

8002. B. Istituto Tecnico. 


8003. Aeeademia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. 

8004. Associazione Agraria Friulana. 

8005. B. Istituto Tecnico. 

8006. Stazione Sperimentale Agraria. 


8007. Osservatorio Meteorologico. 

8008. University. 

Vallee di Pompei. 

8009. " II Bosario e La Nuova Pompei." 

8010. Osservatorio Meteorologico-Geodinamico-Vulcanologico. 

8011. "Vallee di Pompei." 


Venezia (Venice). 

8012. Accademia Olimpica. 

8013. Associazione Veneta di TJtiliti Pubblica. 

8014. Ateneo Veneto. 

8015. Biblioteca della Fondazione Querini Stampalia. 
[Biblioteca Marciana. (Same as Biblioteca Nazionale 

di San Marco.)] 

8016. Biblioteca Nazionale di San Marco. 
[Botanical Garden. (Does not exist.)] 

8017. CoUegio Parina Casa Centrale. 

8018. Istituto Armeno dei Mechitaristi. 

8019. Istituto delle Piglie della Carita in S. Alvise. 

8020. Museo Civico. 

8021. '' Neptunia.^' 

8022. " Notarisia.'^ 

8023. Observatory of the Naval Institute. 

8024. Observatory of the Parochial Seminary. 

8025. Osservatorio Patriarcale di Venezia. 

8026. R. Accademia di Belle Arti. 

8027. Eegio Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. 

8028. Seminario Patriarcale. 

8029. Sezione dei Sordomuti nell' Orfanotrofio Maschile. 

8030. Society Veneto-Trentina di Scienze Naturali. 

8031. " Tend Veneta." 


8032. Accademia d'Agricoltura, Commercio ed Arti di Verona. 

8033. Biblioteca ed Archivi Communali. 

8034. Istituto dei Sordomuti. 

8035. Municipio di Verona. 

8036. Osservatorio. 

8037. Societa Italiana delle Scienze. 


8038. Accademia Olimpica di Agricoltura, Scienze, Ijettere ed 


8039. Biblioteca Pubblica. 

8040. Istituto S. Dorotea. 


8041. Bibliotheque de Luxembourg. 

8042. Grossherzogliche Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

8043. Institut Arch^ologique de Luxembourg. 

8044. Institut Luxembourgeois, Section Historique. 

EUROPE. 279 

LtrxEHBURG. — Continued. 

8045. Institut Luxembourgeois, Section der Sciences Natur- 


8046. Soci6t6 de Botanique du 6rand-Duch6 de Luxembourg. 

8047. Soci^te des Sciences Medicales. 


Island of Gozo. 

8048. Meteorological Observatory. 


8049. Botanic Gardens. 

8050. Senate of the University. 

St. Julians. 

8051. " Mediterranean Naturalist." (Care of John H. Cooke, 

123 Monks Road, Lincoln, England.) 


8052. Botanical Garden. 

8053. Director of Education. 

8054. Malta Society of Natural Science. 
8056. Public Library. 

8056. University. 



8057. Bureau Semestrielle des Publications Mathematiques. 

8058. Chamber of Coijimerce. 

8059. Commission voor de Geologische Kaart van Nederland. 

8060. Genootschap ter Bevordering van Xatuur-, Genees- en 


8061. Gronewegen Sempervirens. 

8062. " Handboek voor Cultuur en Handelsondernemingen in 


8063. "Handels-Blad.^' 

8064. " Indische Mercuur (De)." 

8065. Institut de Statistique. 

8066. "Janus." 

8067. Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen. (Royal 

Academy of Sciences.) 

[Koninklijk Genootschap van Natuurkundige Weten- 
schappen. (See Genootschap ter Bevordering der 
Natuur-, Genees- en Heelkunde.)] 

[Koninklijke Instituut. (See Koninklijke Akademie 
van Wetenschappen.)] 


Amstebdah. — Continued. 

8068. Koninklijk iNTederlandsch Aardrijkskiindig (lenoot- 

schap. (Eoyal Dutch Geographical Society.) 

8069. Koninklijke Zoologische Genootschap "Natura Artis 


8070. Landbouwproefstation. (Agricultural Experiment Sta- 

[Landkundig Genootschap. (See Koninklijk Neder- 
landsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap.)] 

8071. Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Bouwkunst. (Society 

for the Advancement of Architecture.) 

8072. Maatschappij tot Nut van't Algemeen. 

8073. *' Maandblad voor Naturwetenschappen." 

8074. " Maandblad voor Telegraphic." 

8075. Medical Service of the Netherlands Boyal Navy. 

8076. Museum Vrolik. 

8077. " Nederlandsche Financier." 

8078. Nederlandsche Koloniale Vereeniging. 

8079. "Nederlandsche Kruidkundig Archief." ("Dutch Bo- 

tanical Archives.") 

8080. Nederlandsche Maatschappij ter Bevordering der Phar- 


8081. " Nieuwe Archief voor Wiskunde." 

8082. ^' Nieuwe Bidragen voor Kechtsgeleerdheid." 

8083. " Nieuwe Schoolblad (Het)." 

8084. Pedagogical Museum and Library. 

8085. Phj'topathologisch Laboratorium. (Willie Commelin 

[" Bevue Coloniale Internationale." (Discontinued.)] 

8086. " Bevue Internationale des Falsifications." 

8087. Rijks Akademie van Beeldende Kunsten. (Eoyal Acad- 

emy of Plastic Arts.) 

8088. Boyal Geological Society, 

8089. Boyal Society of Physical Science. 

8090. Soci6t6 Math6matique d' Amsterdam. 

8091. Society Philhell6nique. 

[Stads Bibliotheek. (See Universiteits Bibliotheek.)] 
[Statistisch Instituut in Nederland. (See Institut de 

8092. Universiteits Bibliotheek. 

8093. Vereeniging tot Bevordering der Zoetwatervischerij in 


8094. Vereeniging voor de Flora van Nederland. 
8096. Vereeniging voor Statistiek. • 

[Vereeninging voor Volksvlijt. (Ceased to exist.) j 

EUROPE. 281 

Ambtekdam. — Continued. 

8096. " Volksvlijt ": TijdschriJt voor Nijverheid, Landbouw, 

Handel en Scheepvaart. 

8097. Wiskundig Genootschap: " Onvermoeide Arbeid Komt 

alles te boven.^' 

8098. Zoologisches Museum und Laboratorium. 


8099. Natuurkundig Genootschap: "Tot Nut en Vergenoe- 

8100 Openbare Bibliotheek. 


8101. Meerenberg Gesticht voor Krankzinnigen. 


[Soei6t6 des Arts et Sciences. (See at ^S Hertogen* 


8102. Koninklijke Militaire Akademie. 

8103. Landbouwproefstation. (Agricultural Experiment Sta- 


8104. Commission Geod6sique Neerlandaise. 

8105. Polytechnische School. 


8106. Openbare Bibliotheek. 

ExAETEN (near Boermond). 

8107. " Stimmen aus Maria Laach." 


8108. Instituut voor Doofstummen. 

'a Gbavenhage. 

8109. Afdeling Hydrographie vat het Ministerie van Marine. 

8110. Bibliotheek van de 2* Kamer der Staten-Generaal. 
[Board of Fisheries. (See College voor de Zee^isscher- 

ijen, Leiden.)] 

8111. Bureau voor den Industrieelen Eigendom, (Patent 


8112. Centrale Commissie voor de Statistiek. 

[Chief Medical Officer, Medical Service of the Nether- 
lands Eoyal Navy. (See Medical Service, etc., Am- 

[Commission Geodesique N6erlandaise. (In Delft.)] 


's Gravenhage. — Continued. 

8113. Geneeskundig Dienst der Landmacht. 

8114. Haagsch Genootschap tot Verdediging van de Christ- 

lijke Godsdienst. 

8115. " Ingenieur (De).'' 

8116. Koninkliike Bibliotheek. 

8117. Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs. 

8118. Koninklijk Instituut voor de Taal-. Land- en Volken- 

kunde van Nederlandseh Indie. 

8119. Koninklijk Zoologisch-Botanisch Genootschap. 

8120. Minist^re des Colonies. 

8121. Ministfere des Finances. 

8122. Ministfere de la Guerre. 

8123. Ministfere de Tlnstruction Publique. 

8124. Minist^re de I'lnt^rieur. 

8125. Ministfere de la Marine. 

8126. Ministry of the Waterstaat, Commerce and Industry. 
[Nederlandsche Entomologische Vereeniging. (See 


8127. Nederlandsche Regeering. 

8128. Rijks Commission voor Gradmeting en Waterpassing, 

8129. Soci6t^ Nouvelle Litt6raire. 

8130. Society de Statistique des Pays-Bas. 

8131. "Themis.'' 

8132. Topographische Inrichting. 


8133. Bijks Landbouwproefstation. 


[Academia Groningana. (See Eijks TJniversiteit.)] 

8134. Botanical Garden. 

8135. Genootschap ter Bevordering der Natuurkundige Wet- 


8136. Genootschap pro Excolendo Jure Patrio. 

8137. Instituut voor Doofstommen. 

8138. Natuurkundig Genootschap. 

8139. Eijks Landbouwproefstation. (Royal Agricultural Ex- 

periment Station.) 

8140. Rijks Universiteit. 


8141. " Album der Natuur." 

8142. " Archives N6erlandais." 

[Bataviaasch Genootschap. (Ceased to exist.)] 
[Biblioth^que du Mus6e. (Same as Fondation de P. 
Teyler van der Hulst.)] 

EUROPE. 283 

Haarlem. — Continued. 

8143. Fondation de P. Teyler van der Hulst. (Teyler Stich- 


8144. Hollandsche Maatschappij van Wetenschappen. 

8145. Koloniaal Museum. 

8146. Nederlandsche Maatschappij ter Bevordering van Nij- 

[Openbare Bibliotheek. (See Stads Bibliotheek.)] 

8147. " Eegts Geleerd." 

[Soci6t6 N^erlandaise des Sciences Naturelles. (Iden- 
tical with Hollandsche Maatschappij van Weten- 

8148. Stads Bibliotheek. 


8149. Bureau Scientifique Central N^erlandais. 

8150. Zoologisch Station. 

'8 Hertogenbosch. 

8151. Provinciaal Genootschap van Kunsten en AVetenschap- 

pen in Noord Braband. 


8152. Government Agricultural Experiment Station. 
[Societas Medico-Physica Homana. (Exists no longer.)] 


8153. Friessch Genootschap voor Geschied-, Oudheid en Taal- 



[Academia Lugduno-Batava. (See Rijks Universiteit.)] 

8154. "Archives Internationales d'Ethnographie.'' 

8155. Botanical Garden. 

[Bureau Scientifique Central Neerlandais. (In Helder.)] 

8156. College voor de Zeevisscherijen. (Board of Fisheries.) 

8157. Maatschappij van Nederlandsche Letterkunde. 

8158. "Mnemosyne." 

[Mus6e de Geologic et de Min6ralogie de TEtat. (See 
Eijks Geologisch en Mineralogisch Museum.)] 

8159. Nederlandsche Botanische Vereeniging. 

8160. Nederlandsche Dierkundige Vereeniging. (Netherland 

Zoological Society.) 

8161. Nederlandsche Entomologische Vereeniging. 

8162. Nederlandsch Natuur- en Geneeskundig Congress. 

8163. Physical Laboratory of the University. 

8164. " Beceuil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays-Bas.'' 


Leiden. — Continued. 

8165. Bijks Ethnographisch Museum. 

8166. Bijks Geologisch en Mineralogisch Museum. 

8167. Riiks Herbarium. 

8168. Rijks Museum van Natuurlijke Historie. 

8169. Bijks Museum van Oudheden. 

8170. Bijks Observatorium. 

8171. Bijks Universiteit. 

[Sixi^me Congr^s International des Orientalistes. 

8172. Stolpiaanseh Legaat. 

8173. " Theologiseh Tijdschrift.'^ 

8174. " Tijdschrift voor Entomologie.'' 

[Universitas Lugduno-Batava. (See Bijks TJniver- 

8175. " Urquell (Der)." Monatschrift fiir Volkskunde. (Edi- 

tor: Dr. F. S. Krauss, Neustiftgasse 12, Wien VII. 

2, Austria.) 
[Zoologisch Museum. (Same as Bijks Museum van 

Natuuriijke Historie.)] 
[Zoologisch Station der Nederiandsche Dierkundige 

Vereeniging. (See Helder.)] 

8176. Mu86e Ubaghs. 

8177. Provinciaal Bureau van Statistiek. 

8178. Vereeniging ter Bevordering van Tuin en Landbouw. 


8179. Societe Psychiatrique N"6eriandaise. 


8180. Provinciale Bibliotheek. 

8181. Zeeuwsch Genootschap van Wetensehappen. 


[Nederiandsche Botanische Vereeniging. (In Leiden.)] 


[" Stimmen aus Maria Laach." (See Exaeten.)] 


[Netheriands Society of Psychiatry. (See Soci6t6 Psy- 
chiatrique, Medemblik.)] 

8182. Bataafsch Genootschap voor Physika. 

8183. Bataafsch Genootschap der Proefondervindelijke Wijs- 

begeeiie. (Batavian Society of Experimental Phil- 

EUBOPE. 285 

Rotterdam. — Continued. 

8184. Inrigting voor Doofstommen. 

8185. Lees Kabinet. 

8186. Botterdam Municipal Library. 

[Soci6te N6erlandai8e de Zoologie. (See Leiden, Neder- 
landsche Dierkundige Vereeniging.)] 

8187. "Zee(De)." 

St. Michels. 

8188. Institut voor Doofstommen. 


8189. Natuurkundige Vereeniging " Martinet." 


[Academia Bheno-Trajectina. (See Bijks TJniver- 

8190. "Archiv fiir Hollandische Beitrage zur Natur- und 


8191. Botanical Garden. 

8192. Historisch Genootschap. 

8193. Koninklijk Nederlandsche Meteorologisch Instituut. 

8194. Observatorium. (Astronomical Observatory.) 

8195. Physiologisch Laboratorium. 

8196. Provinciaal TJtrechtsch Genootschap van Kunsten en 


8197. Bijks Universiteit. 

8198. Bijks Veeartsenijschool. (Boyal Veterinary School.) 
rUtrechtsche Hoogeschool. (See Bijks Universiteit.)] 

8199. Zoologisch-Zootomisches Museum und Laboratorium. 


8200. Observatory of Ignatius College. 


8201. Botanical Garden. 

8202. Landbouw School. 

8203. Bijks Landbouwproefstation. 

8204. Universiteit. 


8205. " Maandblad voor den Nederiandschen Landbouwer.** 

8206. Overijsselsche Vereeniging tot Ontwikkeling van Pro- 

vinciale Welvaari;. 

8207. Vereeniging tot Beoefening van»Overijsselsch Begt en 

Geschiedenis. (Society for the Study of Overyssel 
Law and History.) 

8208. " Vriend van den Landman.'' 




f Arendals Museum. (See Arenda]s Skoles Offentlige 
Bibliothek eg Museum.)] 

8209. Arendals Skoles Offentlige Bibliothek og Museum. 


["Archiv for Mathematik og Naturvidenskab." (In 

8210. Bergens Biologiske Station. 

8211. Bergens Kathedralskole. 

8212. Bergens Museum. 

8213. Bergens Offentlige Bibliothek. 

[Lserde Skoles Bibliothek. (See Bergens Kathedral- 

8214. " Medicinsk Eevue.'' 

8215. "Naturen." 

8216. Observatoriet. 

8217. Selskabet for de Norske Fiskeriers Fremme. 

8218. Selskabet for Videnskabemes Fremme. 

8219. Waage's School for the Deaf. 


[Afdeling for Geologiske Undersogelse. (See Norges 
Geologiske Undersogelse.)] 

8220. Anatomical Institute of the University. 

8221. " Archiv for Mathematik og Naturvidenskab." 

[" Archiv for Nordisk Filologie." (Ceased to exist.)] 
[Association 66od6sique Internationale. (See Norske 
Gradmaalings Kommission.)] 

8222. Astronomical Observatory of the University. 

8223. Balchen's School for the Deaf . 

[" Biologiske Meddelelser." (Discontinued.)] 

8224. Botanical Garden. 

8225. Botanical Museum of the Royal University. 

8226. Chemical Laboratory of the Royal University. 

8227. Christiania Magistrat. 

8228. Collection of Coins and Medals of the Royal University. 

8229. Departementet for det Indre. 

8230. Departementet for- Norges Fiskerier. 

8231. Ethnographical Museum of the Royal University. 

8232. Foreign Office. 

8233. Forening for Dialekter og Folketraditioner. 

8234. Forening til Norske Fortidsmindesmflerkers Bevaring. 

(Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Anti- 

EUROPE. 5507 

Christiania. — Contiuued. 

8235. Fyrdirektoren. 

8236. Generalfelttojmestern. 

[Geographical Institute of the General Staff. (See 
Xorgee Geografiske Opmaaling.)] 

8237. Hoiere Landbnigsskole i Aas. 

8238. Hydrographie Section of the Geographical Institute. 

8239. Institut Scientifique. 

8240. Internationale Polarforschung. 

8241. Kemiske Kontrolstation. 

8242. Eirke og Undervisnings Departementet. 

8243. Kongelige Bibliothek. 

8244. Kongelige Norske Frederiks Universitet. 

8245. Kongelige Selskab for Norges Vel. 

8246. Kristiania Blinde Institut. 

8247. Madame nosing's School for the Deaf. 

8248. Marine Ministerium. 

fMedicinske Selskab. (See Norske Medicinske Sels- 

8249. Metallurgical Laboratory of the Royal University. 

8250. MilitflBre Samfund. 

8251. Mineralogical Collections of the Royal University. 

8252. Museum of Northern Antiquities of the Royal Univer- 

r" Naturen.'' (In Bergen.)] 

8253. Naturhistorisk Forening. 

8254. Xordhavs Expeditionens Redactions Comite. 

8255. Norges Civil Medicinal vtesen. 

8256. Norges Geografiske Opmaaling. 

8257. Norges Geologiske Undersogelse. 

8258. " Norges Statskalender." 

8259. Norske Forstforening. 

8260. Norske Geografiske Selskab. 

8261. Norske Gradmaalings Commission. 

8262. Norske Historiske Forening. 

8263. Norske Ingenior og Architekt Forening. 

8264. " Norsk Landmandsblad.'^ 

8265. " Norske Magazin for Laegevidenskaben." 

8266. Norske Medicinske Selskab. 

8267. Norske Meteorologiske Institut. 

8268. Norske Oldskrift Selskab. 

8269. " Norsk Retstidende.'' 

8270. Norske Sagforer Forening. (Norwegian Lawyers' So- 


8271. Norske Samlag. (Norse Association.) 


Christiania. — Continued. 

8272. Norske Turist Forening. 

8273. Nonvegian Polar Station. 

8274. ".Nyt Magazin for Xaturvidenskaberne." 

8275. Offentlige Foranstaltninger til Landbnigets Fremme. 
[Parliamentary Library. (See Storthingets Biblio- 


8276. Patentkommissionen, 
[Physiologisk Forening. (Dissolved.)] 

8277. Polytekniske Forening. 

8278. " Rigsarkivet.^' 

8279. Rigshospitalet. 

8280. Selskabet for Folkeoplysningens Fremme. 
fSelskabet for de Norske Fiskeriers Fremme. (See 


8281. Selskab for Videnskabemes Fremme. 

8282. Skandinaviske Natorforskeres Seldkab. 

8283. Skandinaviske Natorforskeres Tiende Mode. 

8284. " Social Demokraten.'^ 

8285. Statistiske Centralbureau. 

8286. Storthingets Bibliothek. 

8287. Theologiske Forening. 

8288. " Theologisk Tidsskrift.^' 

8289. " Tidsskrift for det Norske Landbrug." 

8290. " Tidsskrift for Praktisk Medicin." 

[Topografiske og Hydrografiske Afdeling. (See Norges 
Geografiske Opmaaling.)] 

8291. Topographical Bureau of the General Staff. 
[XJniversitets Anatomiske Institut. (See Anatomical 

Institute of the University.)] 
[Universitets Mineralogiske Samlung. (See Mineralog- 
ical Collections, &c.)] 

8292. Veterinaer Laboratoriet. 

8293. Videnskabs Selskab. 

8294. Zoological Museum of the Eoyal University. 


8295. Kathedralskolens Offentlige Bibliothek. 

8296. Seed Control Station. 


8297. Biologiske Station. 


8298. Frederikshald Stadshibliothek. 

EUROPE. 289 


8299. Hofgaard's School for the Deaf. 

8300. " Norsk Skoletidende.'' 


8301. Somilitsere Samfund. 


8302. Norske Missions Selskab. 

8303. Stavanger Kommune Bibliothek. 

8304. Stavanger Museum. 


8305. Kongelige Norske Videnskabernes Selskab. 

8306. Lyng's School for the Deaf. 

8307. Museum of Natural History. 

8308. Nordenf jeldske Kunstindustrimuseum. 

8309. Observatory. 

8310. Offentlige Dovstuminstitut. 

8311. Tekniske Laereanstalt, 


8312. Tromso Kommunale Bibliothek. 

8313. Tromso Museum. 



8314. Effemerides Astronomicas. 

8315. Faculdade de Medicina. 

8316. Instituto de Coimbra. 

8317. Jardim Botanico. 

8318. " Jomal de Sciencias Mathematicas e Astronomicas.'' 

8319. Museu de Historia Natural. 

8320. Observatorio Astronomico da TJniversidade. 

8321. Observatorio Magnetico-Meteorologico da Universidade 

de Coimbra. 

8322. Sociedade Broteriana. 

8323. Universidade. 


8324. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

8325. Bibliotheca Publica. 


[" Annaes de Sciencias Naturaes." (See Oporto.)] 


LiSBOA (Lisbon). 

8326. Academia das Bellas Artes. 

8327. Academia Real das Seiencias. 

8328. A^icultural Experiment Station. 

8329. Assoeiagfio dos Engenheiros Civis Portuguezes. 

8330. Bibliotheca Nacional. 

[Bureau Central de Statistique. (See Beparti^fto de 
Estadistica Oeral.)] 

8331. Colonial Department of the Navy Department. 
[Commissao Central Permanente de Geographia. (In- 
corporated with Sociedade de Geographia.)] 

8332. Commissiio dos Trabalhos Geologicos de Portugal. 

8333. " Correio da Manha,'' 

8334. " Correio Medico de Lisboa." 

[Direcgfto Geral dos Trabalhos Geologicos. (See Com- 
missfio dos Trabalhos Geologicos.)] 
8336. Direcg^o dos Trabalhos da Carta Agricola. 

8336. Direcgko dos Trabalhos Geodesicos, Topographicos e 


8337. Escola da Exercito. 

8338. Escola Medico-Chirurgica. 

8339. Escola Nacional de Surdo-Mudos. 

8340. Escola Naval. 

8341. Escola Polytechnica. 

8342. Faculdade de Medicina. 

8343. " Gazeta de Portugal." 

8344. Government. 

8345. Inspec^ao Geral das Bibliothecas e Archivos Publicos. 

8346. Instituto Industrial de Lisboa. 

8347. Instituto Municipal de Surdomudos. 

8348. Instituto Real de Agricultura. 

8349. Instituto de Surdo-Mudos. 

8350. Jardim Botanico. 

8351. Ministerio de Agricultura. 

8352. Ministerio de Guerra. 

8353. Ministerio de Instrucgao Publica. 

8354. Ministerio de Justices. 

8355. Ministerio de Marinha. 

8356. Ministerio de Negocios Estrangeiros. 

8357. Ministerio das Obras Publicas, Commercio e Industria. 

8358. Museu Colonial de Lisboa. 

8359. Museu de Lisboa. 

83(>0. Museu Pedagogic© Municipal. 

8361. Observatorio Astronomico na Escola Polytechnica. 

8362. Observatorio da Escola Naval. 

EUROPE. 291 

LiSBOA {Lisbon), — Continued. 

8363. Observatorio Meteorologico do Infante I)om Luiz na 

Escola Polytechnica. 

8364. Beal Academia de la Historia. 

8365. Real Associag&o Central de Agricnltura Portngueza. 

8366. Beal Conservatorio de Musica. 

8367. Real Observatorio Astronomico de Lisboa. (Tapada.) 

8368. Reparti^fio de Estadistica Geral; Ministerio das Obras 

Publicas, Commercio e Induetria. 

8369. " Revista de Educagfto e Ensino.'' 

8370. " Revista de Neurologia e Psychologia.** 

8371. "Revue du Portugal et de ses Colonies.'* 

8372. Servigo de PermutagSes Intemacionaes. 

8373. Sociedade Archeologica de Lisboa. 

8374. Sociedade dos Architectos e Archeologos. 

8375. Sociedade de Geographia. 

8376. Sociedade Pharmaceutica Lusitana. 

8377. Sociedade Promotora da Industria Falevil. 

8378. Sociedade das Sciencias Medicas de Lisboa. 


8379. Academia Polytechnica. 

8380. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

8381. " Annaes de Sciencias Naturaes." 

8382. " Centro Pharmaceutico Pori;uguez." 

8383. Escola Medico-Chirurgica. 

8384. Faculdade de Medicina. 

8385. Instituto Industrial. 

8386. Instituto de Surdo-Mudos. 

8387. Jardim Botanico. 

8388. " Jornal de Horticultura Practica." 

8389. Museu Municipal do Porto. 

8390. " Novidades Medico-Pharmaceutic8B." 

8391. " Pharmacia Pori:ugueza (A)." 

8392. Real Bibliotheca Publica do Porto. 

8393. " Revista de Sciencias Naturaes e Sociaes.'* 

8394. Sociedade Carios Ribeiro. 

8395. Sociedade de Geographia Commercial do Porto. 

8396. Sociedade de Instnicc^fio do Porto. 

8397. Sociedade Portngueza de Geographia. 


8398. Academia Eomftna. 

8399. Botanical Garden. 


BuKAREST. — Continued. 

8400. " Buletinul Societath de Sciinte Fizice.'' 

8401. '' Clinica." 

8402. Directiimea Biuroului Geologicu. 

8403. Directiunea Museului de Istoria Naturals diu Bucaresci. 

8404. Directiunea Statisticei Generale. 

8405. Eeole Superieure de Medeeine Veterinaire. 

8406. Experiment Station for Tobacco Culture. 

8407. Institutul Meteorologic al Romftniei. 

8408. Minister of Public Instruction and Cult. 

8409. Minister of War. 

8410. Observatory. 

8411. Societe de Medeeine. 

[Societe Roumaine d' Agriculture. (Does not exist.)] 

8412. Society Roumaine de 66ographie. 

8413. Statiunea Agronomica. 

8414. Topographic Bureau. 

8415. Universitats Sternwarte. 

8416. University. 


8417. Elizabethe Institut de Sourds-Muets et Orphelins. 


8418. Commission Europeenne du Danube. 


8419. Botanical Garden. 

8420. Museum of Natural Sciences. 

8421. University. 




8422. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station. 

8423. Imperial School for the Deaf. 

8424. Observatory. 


8425. Flotskaia Biblioteka. (Naval Library.) 


8426. Ecole des Sourds-Muets. 


8427. Meteorologicheskaia Observatoria. 


8428. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station. 

EUROPE. 293 


8429. School for the Deaf. 

Derpt (Dorpai), 

8430. " Archiv fiir die Natiirkiinde Livlands. Est lands und 


8431. Botanischer Garten. 

8432. Derptskoie Obshchestvo lestestvo Ispytatelei. (Dorpat 

Society of Naturalists.) 

8433. Farmatsevticheskoie Obshchestvo. (Pharmaceutical So- 


8434. Imper. Astronomicheskaia Observatoria. 

8435. Imper. Universitet. 

8436. Kaiserliche Livlandische Oekonomische Gesellschaft. 

8437. Meteorologieheskaia Observatoria. 

8438. Mineralogisches Museum. 

8439. Statistisches Bureau der Universitat. 

8440. Uchonoie Estonskoie Obshchestvo. (Esthonian Scien- 

tific Society.) 

8441. Veterinarnyi Institut. (Veterinary Institute.) 

8442. Zoologisches Museum. 


8443. Dairy Station. 


8444. Meteorologieheskaia Observatoria. 

8445. Museum der Xaturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft. 

8446. Societe Ouralienne de Medecine. 

8447. Uralskoie Obshchestvo Lubitelei lestestvoznania. (Ura- 

lian Society of Friends of Natural Science.) 


8448. Meteorological Station. 


8449. Taubstummen Anstalt. 


8450. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station. 

8451. Astronomical Observatory of the Imper. Alexander Uni- 


8452. Botanischer Garten. 

8453. Bureau Central de Statistique de la Finlande. 
[Finnische Akademie der Wissenschaften. (Same as 

Finska Uchonoie Obshchestvo.)] 

8454. Finska Fornminnesforeningen (Suomen Muinaismuisto 

Yhdistys). (Finnish Antiquarian Society.) 


Helsingfors. — Continued. 

8455. Finska Forstforeningen. 

[Finska Geologiska Undersokningen (Geological Survey 
of Finland). (Now Geologiska Commissionen i 

8456. Finska Litteratur-Sallskapet (Society of Finnish Liter- 

ature). (Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura.) 
[Finska Vetenskaps Societet. (See Finskoie Uchonoie 

8457. Finskoie Uchonoie Obshchestvo (Societas Scientiarum 

Fennica). (Finska Vetenskaps Societet). (Fin- 
nish Scientific Society.) 

8458. '' Fiskeritidskrift for Finland." 

8459. Folkupplysnings-Sallskapet. (Rausauvalietus-Seura.) 

8460. Geografiska Foreningen i Finland (Suomen Maanticesl- 

linen Seura). (Society de Geographic de Finlande.) 

8461. Geologiska Commissionen i Finland. 

8462. Herbarium Musei Fennici. 

8463. Kejserliga Alexanders-Universitet i Finland. 
[Magnitnaia 1 Meteorologicheskaia Observatoria. (See 

Meteorologiska Central Anstalt.)] 

8464. Meteorologiska Central Anstalt. 

8465. Obshchestvo Finlandskih Vrachei (Finska Lakare Salls- 

kapet). (Society of Physicians of Finland.) 

8466. Ofverstyrelsen for Lots och Fyrinrattningen. 

8467. Pedagogiska Foreningen i Finland. 

8468. Pedagogiska Lasesalen och Biblioteket. 

8469. Polytekniska Institut. 

8470. Sallskapet pro Fauna et Flora Fennica. 

[Societas Scientiarum Fennica. (See Finska L^chonoie 

[Soci6t6 Finlandaise d'Arch^ologie. (See Finska Forn- 

minnesf oreningen.) ] 

8471. Soci6t6 Finno-Ougrienne. (Suomalaisugrilainen Seura.) 
[Soci6t6 Zoologique et Botanique. (Same as Sallskapet 

pro Fauna et Flora Fennica.)] 
[" Sporten." (Name changed to " Tidskrift for Jagare 
och Fiskare.")] 

8472. " Tidskrift for Jagare och Fiskare." 

8473. Zoological Museum. 


8474. Ingelius School for the Deaf. 

Iaroblavl (Farostev). 

8475. Demidofskii luridicheskii Litsei. (Demidof Juridical 


EUROPE. 295 

Iaboslavl (Yaroslav), — Continued. 

8476. Obshchestvo dla Izsledovania laroslafskoie Gubernii v 

lestestvennoistoricheskom Otnoshenii. (Society for 
Investigating the Natural History of the Jaroslavl 

Irkutsk (Siberia). 

8477. Magnetic-Meteorological Observatory. 

8478. Vostochno-Sibirskii Otdiel Imper Russkavo Geografi- 

cheskavo Obshchestva. (East Siberian Section of 
the Imper. Russian Geographical Society.) 


8479. Dofstumskolan. (School for Deaf ilutes.) 


8480. Taubstummen Anstalt. 


8481. Aetronomicheskaia Observatoria Imperatorskago Kazan- 

skago Universiteta. 

8482. Botanischer Garten. 

8483. Imper. Kazanskoie Ekonomicheskoie Obshchestvo. 

(Imp. Economical Society of Kazan.) 

8484. Imp. Kazanskii Universitet. 

8485. Kazanskoie Obshchestvo Vrachei. (Society of Physi- 

cians of Kazan.) 

8486. Obshchestvo lestestvo-Ispytalelei pri Imper. Kazanskom 

Universitetie. (Society of Naturalists of the Imp. 
University of Kazan.) 

8487. Soci^te de M6decine de Kazan. 


8488. Acad^mie des Sciences. 

8489. " Archives de Psychiatric, Neurologic, &c." 

8490. Botanical Garden. 

8491. Imp. Kharkof skii Universitet. 

8492. Mathematische Gesellschaft der Universitat. 
849a Observatoria. 

8494. Obshchestvo Ispytatelei Prirody pri Imper. Kharkofs- 

kom Universitetie. (Society of Naturalists at the 
Imperial University of Kharkof.) 

8495. Section M6dicale de la Soci6t6 des Sciences Exp6rimen- 


8496. Society des Sciences Exp6rimentales. 

8497. Veterinarnoie Uchilishche. (Veterinary School.) 

8498. Zoological Museum. 

296 8miths0xiax international exchange list. 


8499. Agricultural Society. 

8500. " Engineer (The)." 

8501. Imper. Universitet Sviatovo Vladimira. (Imp. St. 

Vladimir University). 

8502. Kiefskoie Obshchestvo lestestvo-Ispytatelei. (Kief So- 

ciety of Naturalists.) 

8503. Observatoria. 

8504. Societe des Chroniques Nestor, 

[" Vratch " (The Physician). Published in St. Peters- 

8505. Zoologico-Zootomical Museum. 


8506. Society d'Agriculture. 

Kronshtat (Cronstadt), 

[Kompasnaia Observatoria. (Same as Naval Observa- 

8507. Kronshtatskaia Morskaia Biblioteka. (Naval Library 

of Cronstadt.) 

8508. Morskaia Astronomicheskaia Observatoria. (Naval As- 

tronomical Observatory.) 

8509. Obshchestvo Morskih Vrachei. (Society of Naval Phy- 


Kuopio (Finland). 

8510. Inspector General of Schools. 

8511. TJchilishche Gluho-Niemyh. (Deaf and Dumb Institu- 


Lebedian (District of Tambof). 

8512. Lebedianskoie Obshchestvo Selskovo Hoziaistva. (Lebe- 

dian Society of Rural Economy.) 

Lug an (District of Ekaierinoslav), 

8513. Meteorologicheskaia Observatoria. 


8514. Museum. 

MiTAVA (Mitau), 

8515. Kurlandskoie Obshchestvo Literatury i Iskusstv. (Cour- 

land Society of Literature and Art.) 

8516. Uchilishche Gluho-Niemyh. (Deaf and Dumb Institu- 


EUROPE. 297 

Moskva {Moscow). 

8517. Botanical Garden. 

8518. Botanical Section of the Society of Acclimatization of 


8519. Cabinet de Geographic de TUniversite de Moscoii. 

8520. Chertkofskaia Publichnaia Biblioteka. (Chertkof Pub- 

lic Library.) 

8521. Comite de la Sericulture. 

8522. Ecole Imp^riale Technique de Moscou. 
[Etnograficheskii Muzei. (See Moskofskii Publichnyi i 

Rumiantsefskii Muzei.)] 

8523. Fiziko-Meditsinskoie Obshchestvo. (Physico-Medical 


8524. Geological Museum of the University. 

8525. Government of Moscow. 

8526. Imper. Moskofskoie Obshchestvo lestestvo-Ispytatelei. 

(Imp. Moscow Society of Naturalists.) 

8527. Imper. Moskofskoie Obshchestvo Selskovo Hoziaistva. 

(Imp. Moscow Society of Bural Economy.) 

8528. Imper. Moskofskii Universitet. 

8529. Imper. Obshchestvo Istorii i Drevnostei Rossiiskih pri 

Moskofskom Universitetie. (Imp. Society of Rus- 
sian History and Antiquities at the University of 

8530. Imper. Obshchestvo Lubitelei lestestvoznania, Antro- 

pologii i Etnografii, (Imp. Society of Friends of 
Xatural Science, Anthropology and Ethnography.) 

8531. Imper. Rossijskii Istoriceskii Muzei. 

8532. Imp. Uchilishche Gluho-Niemyh. (Imp. Institution 

for the Deaf and Dumb.) 

8533. Imper. Zemledielcheskoie Obshchestvo v Moskvie. 

(Imp. Agricultural Society of Moscow.) 

8534. Inspecteur Medical en Chef de la Marine. 
8535! Institut Agronomique. 

8536. luridicheskoie Obshchestvo. (Juridical Society.) 

8537. Kommercheskaia Akademia. (Commercial Academy.) 

8538. Lazarefskii Institut Vostochnyh lazykof. (Lazaref In- 

stitute of Oriental Languages.) 

8539. Meteorological Observatory of the Agricultural Acad- 

85-10. Meteorologisches Observatorium des Konstantinoffschen 
Feldmesser-Instituts. (Meteorological Observatory 
of the Konstantinof Surveyor's Institute.) 

8541. Moscow Polytechnic Museum. 

8542. Moskofskoie Archeologicheskoe Obshchestvo. (Moscow 

Archaeological Society.) 


Moskva (Moscow). — Continued. 

8543. Moekofskoie Matematicheskoie Obshchestvo. (Moscow 

Mathematical Society.) 

8544. Moskofskii Publichnyi i Bumiantsefskii Muzei. (Mos- 

cow Public and Bumiantsef Museums.) 

8545. Moskofskaia Synodalnaia Biblioteka. Moscow Synodal 

[Muzei Kniazia Sergeia Mihailovicha Galitsyna. (Prince 
Sergius Galitsyn's Museum.) (Closed.)] 

8546. Observatoria. 

8547. Obshchestvo Akklimatizatsii Bastenii i Zhivotnyh. (So- 

ciety for the Acclimatization of Plants and Ani- 

8548. Obshchestvo Drevne-Busskavo Iskusstva pri Moskofs- 

kom Publichnom i Bumiantsefskom Museiah. (So- 
ciety of Old Bussian Art at the Moscow Public and 
Bumiantsef Museums.) 

8549. Obshchestvo Lubitelei Hudozhestv. (Society of Friends 

of the Fine Arts.) 

8550. Obshchestvo Lubitelei Bossiiskoi Slovesnosti. (Society 

of Friends of Bussian Literature.) 

8551. Petrofskaia Zemledielcheskaia i Lesnaia Akademia. 

(Petrovsky Bural Economy Academy.) 

8552. Busskoie Obshchestvo Lubitelei Sadovodstva. (Bussian 

Society of Friends of Literature.) 
[Slavianskii Komitet. (Closed.)] 

8553. Soci6t6 Imp6riale Technique. 

8554. State School for the Deaf. 

8555. Statistical Bureau of the City of Moscow. 

8556. "Voprosii Philosophii i Psychologii.*' (Philosophical 

and Psychological Questions.) 

8557. Botanical Garden. 


8558. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station. 


8559. Narvskoie Archeologicheskoie Obshchestvo. (Archaeo- 

logical Society of Narva.) 


[Meteorologicheskaia Observatoria. (See Magnetic- 
Meteorological Observatory, Irkutsk.)] 


8560. Istoriko-Filologicheskii Institut. (Formerly Litsei 

Grafa Bezborodko.) 

EUROPE. 299 


8561. Cercle des Amateurs de Physique et d'Astronomie. 


8562. Biblioteka TJsine Demidoff. 


8563. Botanical Garden. 


8564. Observatoria. 


8565. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station. 

8566. ^* Annuaire Geologique et Min6ralogique de la Russie." 

8567. Institut Selskovo Hoziaistva i Lesovodstva. (Agricul- 

tural and Forest Institute.) 


8568. Ecole des Sourds-Muete prfes de I'Asyle d'Enfants. 


8569. Botanical Garden. 

8570. Club Alpin de Crim6e. 

8571. "Gazette Hebdomadaire Medicale de la Russie Meri- 


8572. Gorodskaia Publichnaia Biblioteka. (Public City Lib- 


8573. Imper. Novo Rossiiskii Universitet. (Imp. New Rus- 

sian University.) 

8574. Imper. Obshchestvo Selskova Hoziaistva luzhnoi Rossii. 

(Imp. Society of Rural Economy of Southern 

8575. Marine Observatory. 

8576. Mathematical Society. 

8577. Municipality de la Ville d'Odessa. 

8578. Museum der Alterthiimer. 

8579. Novo-Rossiiskoie Obshchestvo lestestvo-Ispytatelei. 

(New Russian Society of Naturalists.) 

8580. Observatory. 

8581. Odesskoie Obshchestvo Istorii i Drevnostei. (Histori- 

cal and Antiquarian Society of Odessa.) 
[Publichnaia Biblioteka. (See Gorodskaia Publichnaia 

8582. ," Revue M6teorologique.'' 

8583. Soci6t6 de M6decine d'Odessa. 

8584. Sternwarte des Herrn L. Hildesheimer. 


Odessa. — Continued. 

8585. Uchilishche Gluho Niemyh. (Deaf and Dumb Institu- 


8586. Vjestnik Opytnoj Fiziki Elementamoj Matematiki. 

8587. Zoological Museum and Laboratory. 

8588. Zootomical Cabinet. 


8589. Agricultural Elxperiment Station. 

Omsk (Siberia). 

8590. East-Siberian Section of the Imperial Eussian Geogra- 

phical Society. 

8591. Obshchestvo Izsledovatelei Zapadnoi SiBiri. (Society 

of Explorers of Western Siberia.) 

8592. Botanical Garden. 


8593. Botanical Garden. 


8594. Orenburgskii Otdiel Imper. Busskavo Geograficheskavo 

Obshchestva. (Oremburg Section of the Imperial 
Bussian Geographical Society.) 

Pavlopsk (near St Petersburg). 

8595. Library of the Meteorological and Magnetic Station. 
[Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory. (See TSo, 



8596. Uchilishche Gluho-Niemyh. (Deaf and Dumb Institu- 



8597. Botanical Garden. 

Petrowskoye-Basumowskoe (near Moscow). 

[Land- und Forstwissenschaftliche Akaderaie. (See 
Petrovsky Bural Economy Academy,.Moscow.)] 

Plonsk (Poland). 

8598. Observatory of Dr. Jedrzcjewicz. 


8599. Meteorological and Magnetical Station. 


8600. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

EUROPE. 301 

PuLKOVO (Poulkova). 

8601. Nikolaiefskaia Glavnaia Observatoria. (Nicholas Chief 

Bevel (Reval), 

8G02. Estlandskoie Literaturnoie Obshchestvo. (Esthonian 
Literary Society.) 


[Publichnaia Biblioteka. (Ceased to exist.)] 

8603. " Baltische Monatsschrift." 

8604. " Deenas Lapas.'' (Daily Paper.) 

8605. Gartenbau Verein. 

8606. Lettisch-Literarische Gesellschaft. (Society of Lettic 


8607. Muzei. (Museum.) 

8608. Obshchestvo lestestvo-Ispytatelei. (Society of Natural- 


8609. Obshchestvo Istorii i Drevnostei Russkih Pribaltiiskih 

Provintsii. (Historical and Antiquarian Society of 
the Baltic Provinces.) 

8610. Obshchestvo Prakticheskih Vrachei. (Society of Prac- 

ticing Physicians.) 

8611. Polytechnische Schule. 

8612. Station des Recherches de Chimie Agricole. 

8613. Statistisches Bureau des Livlandischen Landraths Colle- 


8614. Technicheskoie Obshchestvo. (Technical Society.) 

8615. TJchilishche Gluho Niemyh. (Deaf and Dumb Institu- 


8616. Wissenschaftliche Commission. 

St. Michel. 

8617. Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Sankt-Peterburg (St, Petersburg), 

8618. levo Velichestvo Imperator Vserossiiskii. (His Majesty 

the Emperor of All the Russians.) 

8619. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station. 

8620. Archeograficheskaia Kommissia pri Ministerstvie Nar- 

odnavo Prosvieshchenia. (Archaeological Commis- 
sion of the Ministry of Public Instruction.) 

8621. Artillery Department. 

8622. Association Russe pour I'Avancement des Sciences Phi- 

sico-Chimiques, Naturelles, et Biologiques. 

8623. Bibliothek der Evangelischen Gemeinden in St. Peters- 

burg. (Library of the Protestant Congregations of 
St. Petersburg.) 


Sankt-Pbterbukg (St. Petersburg). — Continued. 

8624. Botanical Garden of the University. 

8625. Cabinet der Physikalischen Geographic der Kaiserlichen 

Universitat. ' 
[Chief Medical Inspector of the Imper. Russian Navy. 
(See Service Sanitaire de la Marine Imp6riale.)] 

8626. Comity Scientifique des Mines. 

8627. Commission pour fixer les Mesures et les Poids de TEm- 

pire de Bussie. 

8628. Commission Busse des Echanges Intemationaux, Biblio- 

thfeque Imp6riale Publique. (Exchange Bureau.) 

8629. Customs Department of the Imperial Ministry of Fi- 

[D6partement des Contributions Directes, Section de 
Statistique. (See Section de Statistique du De- 
partement des Contributions Directes.)] 

8630. Department of Telegraphs. 

8631. Faculty des Langues Orientales de rXJniversit^ Lnper- 


8632. Filologicheskoie Obshchestvo pri Sankt-Peterburgskom 

Universitete. (Philological Society of the Univer- 
sity of St. Petersburg.) 

8633. Geologicheskii Komitet. (Geological Committee.) 

8634. Glavnaia Fizicheskaia Observatoria. (Central Physical 

8636. Glavnoie Hidrograficheskoie TJpravlenie. (Central Hy- 
drographic Office.) 

8636. Glavnoie Voienno-Meditsinskoie Upravlenie. (Army 

Medical Department.) 

8637. Gomaia Akademia. (Mining Academy.) 

[Gornyi Departament Ministerstva Gosudarstvennyh 
Imushchestv. (Mining Department of the Ministry 
of State Domains.) (Correct name: Comit6 Scien- 
tifique des Mines.)] 

8638. Gosudarstvennaia Kommissia Pogashenia Dolgof. 

(Imp. Commission of Amortizement.) 
[Hidrograficheskii Departament Morskovo Ministerstva. 
(Hydrographic Department of the KTavy.) (See 
Glavnoie Hidrograficheskoie Upravlenie.)] 

8639. Imper. Akademia Nauk. (Imperial Academy of 


8640. Imper. Aleksandrofskii Litsei. (Imp. Alexander Ly- 


8641. Imper. Archeologicheskaia Kommissia. (Imperial 

Archaeological Commission.) 

EUROPE. 303 

Sankt-Peterburg (8L Petersburg). — Continued. 

' 8642. Imper. Farmatsefticheskoie Obshchestvo. (Imp. Phar- 
maceutical Society.) 

8643. Imper. letoriko-Filologicheskii Institut. (Imp. Histor- 

ico-Philological Institute.) 

8644. Imper. Mediko-Chirurgicheskaia Akademia. 

8645. Imper. Mihailofskaia Artillehiskaia Akademia. (Imp. 

Michael Artillery Academy.) 

8646. Imperial Military Medical Academy. 

8647. Imper. Xikolaiefskaia Inzhenemaia Akademia. (Imp. 

Nicholas Engineering Academy.) 

8648. Imp. Xikolaiefskaia Voiennaia Akademia. (Imp. Nich- 

olas Military Academy.) 

8649. Imper. Publichnaia Biblioteka. (Imp. Public Library.) 

8650. Imper. Rossiiskoie Obshchestvo Sadovodstva v Sankt 

Peterburgie. (Imp. Russian Horticultural Society.) 

8651. Imper. Russkoie Archeologicheskoie Obshchestvo. 

(Imp. Russian Archaeological Society.) 

8652. Imper. Russkoie Astronomicheskoie Obshchestvo. (Imp. 

Russian Astronomical Society.) 

8653. Imper. Russkoie Geograficheskoie Obshchestvo. (Imp. 

Russian Geographical Society.) 

8654. Imper. Russkoie Istoricheskoie Obshchestvo. (Imp. 

Russian Historical Society.) 

8655. Imper. Russkoie Tehnicheskoie Obshchestvo. (Imp. 

Russian Technical Society.) 

8656. Imper. Sankt-Peterburgskaia Akademia Hudozhestv. 

(Imp. Academy of Fine Arts.) 

8657. Imper. Sankt-Peterburgskii Botanicheskii Sad. (Im- 

perial Botanical Garden.) 

8658. Imper. Sankt-Petersburgskoie ^Mineralogicheskoie Obsh- 

chestvo. (Imp. Mineralogical Society.) 

8659. Imper. Sankt-Peterburgskii Universitet. (Imp. Univer- 


8660. Imper. Tehnologicheskii Institut. (Imp. Technological 


8661. Imper. Uchilishche Gluho-Niemyh. (Imp. Deaf and 

Dumb Institute.) 

8662. Imper. Uchilishche Pravoviedenia. (Imp. Law School.) 

8663. Imper. Volhoie Ekonomicheskoie Obshchestvo. (Imp. 

Free Economical Society.) 

8664. Institut Imperial de M^decine Experimentale. 

8665. Institut Korpusa Putei Soobshchenia. (Institute of 

Engineers of Ways of Communication.) 

8666. Institut des Mines. 


Sankt-Feterburg {St. Petersburg),— Continxied. 

8667. Institut Slepyh. (Institution for the Blind.) 

8668. Laboratoire Biologique. 

[Lesnaia Akademia. (See Sankt Peterburgskii Lesnoi 

8669. Magistrat der Hauptstadt. 

8670. Medical Department of the Ministry of the Interior. 

8671. Meditsinskii Departament Morskovo Ministerstvo. 

(Medical Department of the Ministry of Marine.) 

8672. Military Topographical School. 

8673. Minister of Agriculture. 

8674. Ministerium der Volksaufklarung. 

8675. Ministerstvo Finansof. (Ministry of Finance.) 

8676. Ministerstvo Gosudarstvennyh Imushchestv. (Ministry 

of State Domains.) 

8677. Ministerstvo Narodnavo Prosvieshchenia. (Department 

of Public Instruction.) 

8678. Ministerstvo Putei Soobshchenia. (Ministry of Ways 

of Communication.) 

8679. Ministerstvo Vnutrennih Diel. (Ministry of the Inte- 


8680. Morskaia Akademia. (Naval Academy.) 

8681. Morskoie Ministerstvo. (Ministry of Marine.) 

8682. Morskoi Muzei. (Xaval Museum.) 

8683. Morskoi Uchonyi Komitet. (Scientific Committee of 

the Navy.) 

8684. Musee Geologique de I'TJniversite. 

[Mus^e Imperial Agronomique. (See Zemledielcheskii 

8685. Mus^e Min^ralogique de rAcademie Imperiale des 


8686. Mus6e Pedagogique. 

8687. Muzei Grecheskih i Rimskih Drevnostei. (Museum of 

Greek and Roman Antiquities.) 

8688. Muzei Imper. Akademii Nauk. (Museum of the Impe- 

rial Academy of Sciences.) 

8689. Muzei Imper. Ermitazha. (Museum of the Imper. Her- 


8690. Muzei Instituta Korpusa Gornyh Inzhenerof. (Museum 

of the Corps of Mining Engineers.) 

8691. Nikolaiefskaia Akademia Generalnavo Shtaba. (Nich- 

olas Academy of the General Staff.) 

8692. Observatoria Astronomicheskaia pri Imper. Akademii 

Nauk. (Astronomical Observatory of the Imperial 
Academv of Sciences.) 

EUROPE. 305 

Sankt-Petebburg {St. Petersburg), — Continued. 

8693. Observatoria pri Imper. Univeraitete. (Observatory of 

the Imper. University.) 
[Obshehestvo Estestvo-Ispytateley pro Sankt Peter- 
burgskom XJniversitete. (See Sankt Peterbnrgskoie 
Obshehestvo lestestvo-Ispytatelei.)] 

8694. Obshehestvo Morskih Vrachei. (Society of Naval Phy- 

[Pedagogicheskoie Obshehestvo. (Pedagogical Society.) 

8695. Russian Society of Fish and Fisheries. 

8696. Russkoie Antropologicheskoie Obshehestvo. (Russian 

Anthropological Society.) 

8697. Russkoie Entomologicheskoie Obshehestvo. (Russian 

Entomological Society.) 

8698. Russkoie Fisiko-Chimicheskoie Obshehestvo pri Sankt- 

Petersburgskom TJniversitetie. (Russian Physico- 
Chemical Society of the University.) 

8699. Russkoie Obshehestvo Knigoprodavtsev i Izdatelei. 

(Russian Society of Booksellers and Publishers.) 

8700. Sankt-Peterburgskaia Gorodskaia Duma. (City Coun- 


8701. Sankt Peterburgskii Lesnoi Institut. (St. Petersburg 

Academy of Forestry.) 

8702. Sankt Peterbnrgskoie Obshehestvo lestestvo-Ispytatelei. >f 

(St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists.) 
[Sankt-Peterburgskii Otdiel Slavianskavo Komiteta. 
(St. Petersburg Section of the Slavic Committee.) 

8703. Sankt Peterbnrgskoie Slavianskoie Blagotvoritelnoie 

Obshehestvo. (Slavic Benevolent Society.) 

8704. Section Geologique du Cabinet de sa Majeste TEmper- 


8705. Section Geologique de la Soci6t6 des Naturalistes de 

rUniversite Imperiale. 

8706. Section de Statistique du D6partement des Contribu- 

tions Directes. 

8707. Selsko-hoziaistvennyi Muzei. (Museum of Rural Econ- 


8708. Service Sanitaire de la Marine Imp6riale. 

8709. Service de Sant6 de TArmee. 

8710. Shtab Korpusa Gomyh Inzhenerof. (StaflF of the 

Corps of Mining Engineers.) 

8711. Soci6te de Psychiatric. 

8712. Statistical Department of the Society of Law. 


Sankt-Peterburg {St Petersburg). — Continued. 

8713. Topograficheskoie Bnro Voiennavo Ministerstva. (Topo- 

graphical Bureau of the Ministry of War.) 
[Tsentralnaia Fizicheskaia Observatoria. (See Glavnaia 
Fizicheskaia Observatoria.)] 

8714. Tsentralnyi Statisticheskii Komitet Ministerstva Vnu- 

trennih Diel. (Central Statistical Committee of 
the Department of the Interior.) 

8715. Uchebnoie Otdielenie Vostochnyh lasykof Aziatskavo 

Depari;amenta Ministerstva Inostrannyh Diel. (Lx- 
stitute of Oriental Languages in the Asiatic De- 
partment of the Foreign Office.) 

8716. Uchonyi Komitet Ministerstva Gosudarstvennyh Imush- 

chestv. (Scientific Committee of the Ministry of 
State Domains.) 

8717. Voiennoie Ministerstvo. (Ministry of War.) 
[Zemledielcheskii Institut. (Agronomical Institute.) 


[Zemledielcheskii Muzei Ministerstva Gosudarstvennyh 
Imushchestv. (Agricultural Museum of the Min- 
istry of State Domains.) (Closed.)] 

[Zoological Museum of the Imperial Academy of 
Sciences. (See Muzei Imper. Akademii Nauk.)] 

8718. Zootoraisches Kabinet der Universitat. 

Journals and Periodicals. 

[Acti Horti Petropolitani. (See Imper. Sankt-Peter- 
burgskii Botanicheskii Sad.)] 

8719. Annuaire du Journal des Mines de Russie. 

8720. Archives des Sciences Biologiques. 

8721. Ariiilleriskii Journal. 

8722. Bibliograf. 

8723. Electricite Russe (U). 

8724. Elektrichestvo. 

8725. Gornii Journal. (Mining Journal.) 

8726. Journal of Legal and Clinical Psychiatry and Neuro- 


8727. Journal of Legal Medicine and Public Hygiene. (Pub- 

lished by the Medical Department of the Ministry 
of Marine.) 

8728. Journal Russe de Chimie M^dicale et de Pharmacie. 

8729. Journal de St. P^tersbourg. 

8730. Medicinische Wochenschrift. (Medical Weekly.) 

8731. Melanges Math^raatiques et Astronomiques. 

8732. Messenger of Finance, Industry and Trade. 

EUROPE. 307 

Sankt-Peterburg (St. Petersburg), — Continued, 

8733. Messenger of Neurology and Forensic Psycopathology. 

8734. Niwa. 

8735. Pantobiblion. 

[Russisehe Bevue. (Discontinued.)] 

8736. Busskii Natchalnii Utchitel. (Russian Elementary 

[St. Petersburger Medizinische Wochenschrift. (See 
Medizinische Wochenschrift.)] 

8737. Semia i Skola. (Household and School.) 

8738. Voienno-Meditsinskii Zhumal. (Military Medical Jour- 


8739. Vratsch. (The Physician.) 


8740. Biological Station. 


8741. Gesellschaft fiir Fischerei und Fischzucht. 

8742. Marine Biological Station. 


8743. Ecole des Sourds-Muets. 

Tashkent (Turkestan). 

8744. Magnitnaia i Meteorologicheskaia Observatoria. 

TcHiTA (Siberia), 

8745. Transbaikalian Section of the Imperial Russian Geo- 

graphical Society. 


8746. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station. 

8747. Botanical Garden. 

8748. Imper. Kavkazskoie Meditsinskoie Obshchestvo. (Cau- 

casian Medical Society.) 

8749. Kavkazokii Muzei. (Caucasian Museum.) 

8750. Kavkazskii Otdiel Imper. Russkavo Geograficheskavo 

Obshchestva. (Caucasian Section of the Imperial 
Russian Geographical Society.) 

8751. Kavkazskoie Obshchestvo Selskovo Hoziaistva. (Cau- 

casian Society of Rural Economy.) 

8752. Magnitnaia i Meteorologicheskaia Observatoria. (Mag- 

netic and Meteorological (Physical) Observatory.) 

8753. Publichnaia Biblioteka. (Public Library.) 

8754. Station S6ricicole du Caucase. 

[Tiflis Physikalisches Observatorium. (See Magnitnaia 
i Meteorologicheskaia Observatoria.) 


TiFLis. — Continued. 

8755. Upravlenie Gomoiu Chastiu na Klavkazie i za Kavkazom. 

(Administration of Caucasian and Trans-caucasian 

8756. Upravlenie Kavkazskago Utchebnago Okruga. (Arron- 

dissement Seolaire du Caucase.) 

Tomsk (Siberia). 

8757. Botanical Garden. 

8758. " Gold Mining Courier." 

8759. " Mining Journal." 

8760. Universitet. 

Troitskosavsk (Transbaikalia). 

8761. Troitskosavsk-Kiachta Section of the Imperial Russian 

Geographical Society. 


8762. Publichnaia Biblioteka. (Public Library.) 

8763. Statisticheskii Komitet. (Statistical Committee.) 

Uleaborg (Finland). 

8764. Finska Forstforeningens Meddelanden. 

Uman (District of Kief). 

8765. Umanskoie Uchilishche Zemledielia i Sadovodstva. 

(Agricultural and Horticultural School.) 

Varshava (Warsaw). 

8766. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

8767. " Annuaire G6ologique et Min6ralogique de la Eussie." 

8768. Astronomicheskaia Observatoria. 

8769. Botanical Garden. 

8770. " Gazeta L^karska.^' (Medical Journal.) 

8771. " Gazety Polskiej." 

8772. Imper. Varshafskii Universitet. (Imp. University of 


8773. Kijserliga Uchilishche Gluho-Xiemyh. (Imperial 

School for the Deaf and Dumb.) 

8774. Mediko-Chirurgicheskaia Akademia. (Medico-Chirur- 

gical Academy.) 
8776. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

8776. Obsh chest vo Pooshchrenia Hudozhestv v Tsarstvie Pols- 

kum. (Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts 
in Poland.) 

8777. " Ogrodnik Poski." 

8778. Physiographische Commission. 

8779. Prace Matematyczno-fizyezne. 

EUBOPE. 309 

Varshava (Warsaw). — Continued. 

8780. Przeglad Pedagogiczny. 

8781. Seed Control Station. 

[Soci6t6 d'Encouragement de rindnstrie. (See No. 

8782. Stacya Meteorolocizna prmy Mnzeiun Przemyseu. 
[Towarzystwo Bolnicze Kr61e8twa Polskiego. (Agri- 

cidtiaral Society.) (Dissolved.)] 

8783. Warszawikiego Oddziatu Towarzystwa Popievania Prz- 

emystu i Handlu. (Society for the Encouragement 
of Commerce and Industry.) 

8784. " Wisla.'' 

8785. '^Zdrowie.^' 

8786. Zoological Museum. 

8787. Zootomical Collection. 


8788. Arrondissement Scolaire de Vilna. 

8789. Commission Arch6ographique de Vilna. 

8790. Imper. Vilenskoie Meditsinskoie Obshchestvo. (Impe- 

rial Medical Society.) 
[Muzei Drevnostei. (Museum of Antiquities.) (See 
Vilenskaia Publichnaia Biblioteka, &c.)] 

8791. Sieverozapadnyi Otdiel Imper. Busskavo Geografiches- 

kavo Obshchestva. (Northwestern Section of the 
Imp. Russian Geographical Society.) 

8792. Vilenskaia Arkeograficheskaia Kommissia. (Archaeolo- 

gical Commission.) 
[Vilenskaia Astronomicheskaia Observatoria. (Closed.)] 

8793. Vilenskaia Publichnaia Biblioteka i Muzei Drevnostei. 

(Vilna Public Library and Museum of Antiquities.) 

[Imperial School of Marine Jurisprudence. (Closed.)] 


8794. Agricultural Experiment Station. 


8795. Uchilishche Gluho-Niemyh. (Deaf and Dumb Institu- 



8796. Botanical Garden. 


8797. " Annales Geologiques de la P6ninsule Balkanique.'* 

8798. Archaeological Society. 


Belgrade. — Continued. 

8799. Botanical Garden. 

8800. Division de Statistique, Miniet^re du Commerce, Agri- 

cidture et de rindustrie. 
[Dnishtvo Srbske Sloveesnosti. (Society of Senrian 
Literature. Incorporated with the Boyal Academy 
of Sciences.)] 

8801. Institut 66ologique. 

8802. Konigliche Hochschule. 

8803. " Messenger of Public Instruction." 

8804. Minist&re de Tlnstruction Publique. 

8805. Praviteljstvena Biblioteka. 

8806. Boyal Academy of Sciences. 

8807. Serbska Kraljevska Valika Skola. 

8808. Servian National Museum. 

8809. Servian Scientific Society. 

8810. " Starinar." 

8811. University. 



8812. El Folk Lore Botico Extreme. 


8813. Asociacion de Excursiones. 

8814. Asociacion de Ingenieros Industriales. 

8815. Biblioteca-Museo-Balaguer. 

8816. " Cronica Cientlfica." 

8817. " Economista Espanol (El)." 

8818. " Electricidad." 

8819. " Electricidad M6dica." 

8820. Escuela Municipal de Ciegos y de Sordo-Mudos. 

8821. Faculdad de Medicina. 

8822. " Gaceta M6dica Catalana." 

8823. " Gaceta Sanitaria de Barcelona." 

8824. " Industria 6 Invenciones." 

8825. Institute Agricola Catalan de San Isidro. 

8826. Museo Martorell. 

8827. Observatorio Meteorologico. 

8828. Real Academia de Buenas Letras de Barcelona. 

8829. Real Academia de Ciencias y Artes. 

8830. " Resumen de Agricultura." 

8831. " Trabajo Nacional." 

8832. Universidad. 

EUROPE. 311 


8833. Escuela de Artes y Oficios. 

8834. Observatorio Meteorol6gico. 

8835. Santa Caza de Misericordia. (Board of Charity.) 


8836. CoUegio de Sordo Mudos y Ciegos. 

8837. Observatorio MeteoroWgieo. 


8838. Facultad de Medieima. 

8839. " Independencia M6dica." 

8840. Instituto Provincial de la Segunda Ensenanza. 
[Naval Observatory. (See Instituto y Observatorio de 

Marina, San Fernando.)] 

8841. Provincial Museum of Archaeology. 

8842. " Bevista Horticola Andaluza.'' 

8843. Sociedad Econ6mica Qaditana de Amigos del Pais. 

8844. Sociedad Protectora de los Animales y las Plantas. 


8845. Academia de Ciencias. 


8846. Instituto de la Coruna. 


8847. Facultad de Medicina. 

8848. Union Hispano-Mauritanica. 

8849. Universidad de Granada. 


[Flammarion Scientific Society. (See in Xaen.)] 

8850. Academia Especial de Ingenieros. 

8851. Academia de las tres Nobles Artes de San Fernando. 

8852. Asociacion para la Ensenanza. 

8853. " Ateneo Cientifico, Literario y Artistico." 

8854. Biblioteca Nacional. 

8855. Chief of Artillery, War Department. 

8856. Colegio Nacional de Sordo-Mudos y de Ciegos. 
[Colonial Department. (See Ministerio de las Colo- 


8857. Comision del Mapa Geol6gico de Espana. 

8858. Direccion General de Aduanas. 

8859. Direccion de Hydrografia. 

8860. Escuela de Agricultura. 


Madrid. — Continued. 

8861. Escuela de Ingenieros de CaminoSy Canales^ y Puertos. 

8862. Eetacion Agronomico. 

8863. Facultad de Cieneias de la Universidad Central. 

8864. Facultad de Medieina. 

8865. Government of Spain. 

[Hydrographic Office. (See Direccion de Hydrografia.) ] 

8866. Ins])ector General de Ensenanza. 

8867. Institucion Libre de Ensenanza. 

8868. Instituto Central Meteorol6gico. 

8869. Instituto Geogrdfico y Estadlstico. 

8870. Jardin Botanico. 

8871. Junta de Aranceles y Valoraciones. 
[Junta Estadlstica. (No longer exists.)] 

8872. "La Espana Agricola*': Asociacion General de I^bra- 


8873. Ministerio de las Colonias. 

8874. Ministerio de Fomento. Direccion General de Instmc- 

cion Publica. 
8876. Ministerio cte la Gobemacion. Direccion General de 
Beneficencia y Sanidad. 

8876. Ministerio de la Guerra. 

8877. Ministerio de Hacienda de Espana. 

8878. Ministerio de Marina. 

8879. Ministerio de Belaciones Exteriores. 

8880. Museo Arqueol6gico Nacional. 

8881. Museo de Artilleria. 

8882. Museo de Ingenieros. ^Ministerio de la Guerra.) 

8883. Museo Naval. 

8884. Museo Pedag6gico Nacional. 

8885. Observatorio de Madrid. 

8886. Real Academia de Cieneias Exactas, Fisicas y Natiiralea. 

8887. Real Academia de Cieneias Morales y PoUticas. 

[Real Academia Espanola Arqueologica y G^ogrdfica. 

8888. Real Academia de la Historia. 

8889. Servicio Estadlstico Minero. 

8890. Sociedad de Antropol6gia de Madrid. 

8891. Sociedad Central de Arquitectos. 

8892. Sociedad Espanola de Geografia Comercial. 

8893. Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural. 

8894. Sociedad Geogrdfica de Madrid. 

8895. Sociedad (leoWgica de Madrid. 

8896. Station for Vegetable Pathology. 

8897. Union Ibero- Americana. 

8898. Universidad de Madrid. 

EUROPE. 313 

Madrid. — Continued. 

Journals and Periodicals. 

8899. AnaleB de la Seal Academia de Medicina. 

8900. Boletin de la Libreria. 

[Boletin de Medicina y Cirnrgia. (See Revista de Med- 
icina y Cirnrgia Practicas.)] 

8901. Boletin Meteorologico. 

8902. Correspondencia de Espana. 

8903. Dia (El). 

8904. Escuela Moderna (La). 

8905. Feutes y Copdeville. 

[Folk Lore Botico Extremo (El). (See Badajos.)] 
[Gazeta del Constructor y Eevista de la Arquitectura 

Nacional y Estranjera. (Now called Gazeta de 

Obras Publicas.)] 

8906. Gazeta de Madrid. 

8907. Gazeta de Obras Publicas. 

8908. Gazeta de Sanidad Militar. 

8909. Iberia (La). 

8910. Magisterio Espanol (El). 

8911. Memorial de Artilleria. 

8912. Naturalisa (La). 

[Eevista de los Antropologia Criminal y Ciencias Med- 
ico-Legales. (Discontinued.)] 

8913. Eevista de la Arquitectura. 

8914. Eevista Critica de Historia y Literatura Espanola. 

8915. Eevista General de Legislacion. 

8916. Eevista de Instruccion Publica. 

8917. Eevista de Medicina y Cirnrgia Practicas. 

8918. Eevista Minera y Metallurgica. 

/ 8919. Eevista de los Progresos de las Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas 
y Naturales. 

8920. Eevista de Telegrafos. 

8921. Siglo Medico (El). 


8922. Observatorio Meteorol6gico. 


8923. Instituto Provincial de Oviedo. 

8924. Universidad. 


8925. Universidad. 

San Fernando. 

8926. Instituto y Observatorio de Marina. . 

8927. Eeal Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. 

314 smithsonian international exchange list. 


8928. Observatorio Meteorologico. 

8929. Universidad. 


8930. Museo de Historia Natural. 

8931. Universidad. 


8932. Institute Provincial de Toledo. 


8933. Institute de Valencia. 

8934. Jardin Botanico. 

8935. Eeal Sociedad Economica. 

8936. Universidad. 


8937. Universidad. 


8938. " Atmosfera (La)." 

8939. Observatori Meteorologich. 

ViscAYA (Biscay), 

8940. Institute Provincial de Viscaya. 


8941. Flammarion Scientific Society. 


8942. Collegio de Sordo Mudos y Ciegos. 

8943. Universidad Literaria de Zaragoza. 



8944. Kemiska Stationen. 


8945. Alnarps Landtbruks Institut. 


8946. Dofstum Anstalt. 

8947. Sjette Distriktets Dofstumskola. (6th District ' School 

for the Deaf.) 


8948. Frokontrollanstalten. (Seed Control Station.) 

EUROPE. 315 


[Bergschule. (Closed. Now Mining School, Stock- 

8949. Dofstumskolan. 

8950. ProkontroUstation. 


8951. FrokontroUstation. 


8952. Biologiska Station. 

[" Bohuslanske Fiskeritidskrift." (See Tjorn.)] 

8953. Botanical Garden. 

[Pjerde Distriktets Dofstumskola. (4th District School 
for the Deaf.) (See Venersborg.)] 

8954. Goteborgs Museum. 

8955. Goteborgs Stadsbibliothek. 

8956. G<)teborgs Tradg&dsforening. (Botanical Society.) 

8957. Hogskola. 

8958. Kongliga Vetenskaps och Vitterhets Samhallet. (Royal 

Society of Sciences and Belles-Lettres.) 
[Sallskapet Sm&foglamas Vanner. (Discontinued.)] 

8959. Zoologico-Zootomical Museum. 


8960. Femte Distriktets Dofstumskola. (Fifth District School 

for the Deaf.) 

8961. Kemiska Stationen. 


8962. Kemiska Stationen. 

8963. Sjunde Distriktets Dofstumskola. (Seventh District 

School for the Deaf.) 

8964. Andra Distriktets Dofstumskola. (Second District 

School for the Deaf.) 


8965. FrokontroUstation. 

8966. Kemiska Stationen. 


8967. Kemiska Stationen. 


8968. Tredje Distriktets Dofstumskola. (Third District 

School for the Deaf.) 

316 smithsonian inteknational exchange list. 


8969. Frokontrollstation. 


8970. Forsta Distriktets Dofstumskola. 

8971. Ostgota Fomminnes ForeniBg. 

8972. Frokontrollstation. 


8973. Frokontrollstation. (Seed Control Station.) 


8974. Anatomical Museum. 

8975. Astronomiska Observatoriet. 
. 8976. Botanical Garden. 

8977. " Botaniska Notiser.^' 

8978. KongUga Fysiografiska Sallskapet. 

8979. Kongliga Universitetet. 

8980. Lunds Historisk-Ethnografiska Museum. 
[^'Nordisk Tidsskrift for Politik, Ekonomie, och Lit- 

teratur.^* (Discontinued.)] 

8981. Seed Control Station. (Frokontrollanstalten.) 

8982. Tredje Distriktets Dofstumskola. 

8983. Zoological Museum. 


8984. Forsta Distriktets Dofstumskola. 


[Fjerde Distriktets Dofstumskola. (Closed.)] 

Naas-Floda Station. ' 

8985. '^ Slojdundeirisningsblad." 


8986. Boyal Agricultural Society Nerike. 


8987. Frokontrollstation. 


8988. Femte Distriktets Dofstumskola. 

8989. Frokontrollstation. 

8990. Kemiska Stationen. 

8991. '' Pedagogisk Tidskrift." 


8992. Jemtlands Lans Fomminnesforening. 

EUKOPE. 317 


Andra Distriktets Dofstumskola. 



Kemiska Stationen. 


Dofstum Skolan. 


8996. " Acta Mathematica." 

8997. Astronomic and Geodetic Branch of the General StaflE. 

8998. Bergeansh Botaniska Tradgird. 

8999. Biologiska Forening. 

9000. Botanical Garden, Academy of Agriculture. 

9001. Botanical Garden. (Haga.) 

9002. Botanical Garden, Society of Horticulture. 

9003. Botaniska Sektionen af Naturvetenskapeliga Student- 

[Bureau M6t6orologique de la Marine. (See Nautisk 
Meteorologiska Byran.)] 

9004. City Council. 

9005. Departementet for Fiekeri. 

9006. Department of Foreign Affairs. 

9007. Department of Marine. 

9008. Department of War. 

9009. " Eira." (Medical Journal.) 

9010. Entomologiska Forening. 

9011. " Entomologiska Tidskrift." 

9012. Frokontrollstation. 

9013. Fysiologiska Laboratorium af Karolinska Mediko-Kirur- 

giska Institutet. 

9014. Generalstabens Topografiska Afdeling. 
[Geographical Society. (See Svenska Sallskapet for 

Antropologie och Geografie.)] 
[Geological Survey. (See Geologiska Byran.)] 

9015. Geologiska Byran. 

9016. Geologiska Foreningen. 

9017. Historiska Museum. 

9018. Hogre Lararinne Seminarium och Statens Normalskola 

for Flicker. 

9019. Hogskolans Bibliotheket. 

9020. Hydrographic Office. 

9021. "Hygiea.^' 

9022. Institutet for Dofstumma i Manilla. 

9023. Institut Royal de la Su^de. 

9024. Jernkontoret. 

9025. Kongliga Biblioteket. 


Stockholm. — Continued. 

9026. Kongliga Ecklesiastik Departement. 

9027. Kongliga Gymnastiska Central-Institut. 

9028. Kongliga Karolinska Mediko-Kirurgiska Institut. 

9029. Kongliga Kommerz Kollegium. 

9030. Kongliga Landtbruks-Akademien. 

9031. Kongliga Landtbruksstyrelsen. (Royal Board of Agri- 


9032. Kongliga Patent Byran. 

9033. Kongliga Sjokarteverket. 

9034. Kongliga Sundhets Kollegium. 

9035. Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps Akademien. 

9036. Kongliga Tekniska Hogskolan. 

9037. Kongliga Vitterhets, Historic och Antiquitets Akade- 

[" Land och Folk.'' (Discontinued.)] 

9038. Meteorologiska Central Anstalten. 

9039. Mineralogisch-geologisches Institut der Hochschule. 

9040. Mining School. 

9041. Nationalekonomiska Forening. 

9042. Naturhistoriska Eiksmuseum. 

9043. Nautisk Meteorologiska Byran. 

9044. " Nordiskt Mediciniskt Arkiv.'' 

9045. Nordiska Museet. 

9046. Observatoriet. 

9047. Pedagogiska Biblioteket. 

[Polytechnikum. (See Kongliga Tekniska Hogskolan.)] 

9048. Eoyal Fields of Agriculture. 

9049. Skandinavisk Naturforskares Forsamling. 

9050. Slojdskolan. (Industrial School.) 

9051. Station for Vegetable Pathology. 

9052. Statistiska Central Bryan. 

9053. Svenska Akademien. 

9054. Svenska Bokforlaggare Forening. (Swedish Publishers' 


9055. Svenska Fornminnes Forening. (Swedish Antiquarian 


9056. " Svensk Kemisk Tidskrift." 

9057. Svenska Lakare Sallskapet. (Society of Swedish Physi- 


9058. Svenska Sallskapet for Antropologi och Geografi. 
[Technological Institute. (See Kongliga Tekniska 


9059. " Tidskrift for Folkundervisningen." 

9060. " Tidskrift i Militar Helsovard." 

EUROPE. 31^ 


9061. FrokontrollBtation. 


9062. " Bohuslansk Fiskeritidskrift.'' 


9063. Dofstumskola. 


9064. Ultuna Landtbruksinstitut. 


9065. Botanical Garden. 

9066. Faculty of Medicine. 

9067. FrokontrollBtation. 

[Geological Museum of the University. (See Upsala 
Universitet Mineral.-Geolog. Institutionen.)] 

9068. Hogskolans Biblioteket. 

9069. Kemiska Stationen. 

9070. Kongliga Universitetet. 

9071. Kongliga Vetenskaps Societeten. 

9072. '' Lingo Intemacia.^' 

9073. Literary Society. 

9074. Meteorologiska Observatorium. 
[Pedagogisk Tidskrift. (In Orebro.)] 

9075. Sjatte Distriktets Dofstumskola. (Sixth District School 

for the Deaf.) 

9076. TJniversitets Astronomiska Observatoriet. 

9077. Upsala Lakareforening. (Society of Physicians.) 

9078. Upsala Universitet Mineralogisk-Geologiak Institu- 


9079. "Verdandi." 

9080. Zoological Museum. 

9081. Zootomical Laboratory. 


9082. Fjarde Distriktets Dofstumskola. (Fourth District 

School for the Deaf.) 

9083. " Tidskrift for Dofstumskolan.'^ 


[Elementar Laroverkets Biblioteket. (Xow Vesteras 
Allmanna Laroverk.)] 

9084. Lakare Siillskapet. 

9085. Vesteras Allmanna Laroverks Bibliotek. 




9086. Dofstumskolan. 


9087. Dofstumskola. 




9088. Schweizerischer Forst-Verein. 

9089. Sehweizerische Palaontologische Gesellschaft. 

9090. Schweizerischer Verein fiir Straf- und Gefangnisswesen. 
[Societe Helvetique des Sciences Naturelles. (See 

Bern, Sehweizerische Naturforschende Gesell- 

[Blinden und Taubstummen Institut. (See Lauden- 

Kantons Bibliothek. 

Mittelschweizerische Geographisch-Commercielle Gesell- 

9093. jS'atnrforschende Gesellschaft. 

9094. Statistisches Bureau des Kantons Aargau. 


9095. Societe Botanique Murithienne. 


9096. Taubstummen Anstalt. 


1)097. Astronomisch-Meteorologische Anstalt im Bernoul- 

9098. " Easier Xachrichten.'* 

9099. " Ribliographie de la Suisse." 

9100. Botanischer Garten. 

9101. " Correspondenzblatt fair Schweizer Aerate." 

9102. Frauenarbeitsschule. 

9103. Gesellschaft zur Beforderung des Guten und Gemein- 


9104. Gewerbe Museum, AUgemeine Gerwerbeschule. 

9105. Gewerbe-Schule. 

9106. Historische und Antiquarische Gesellschaft. 

9107. Kinder-Spital. 

9108. " National Zeitung." 

9109. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

9110. Naturhistorisches Museum. 

9111. Omithologischo Gesellschaft. 

EUROPE. 321 

Basel. — Continued. 

9112. Palaontologische Gesellschaft. 

9113. Physikalische Anstalt im BemouUiannm. 

9114. *^ Schweizer Blatter fiir Wirtschaft und Socialpolitik." 

9115. Schweizerische Museum fair Volkerkunde und Urgesch- 


9116. Soci^t6 d'Astronomie Populaire. 

[Society Botanique Suisse. (See Schweiz. Botanische 
Gesellschaft, Ziirich.)] 

9117. Taubstummen Anetalt. 

9118. Universitats Bibliothek. 

9119. Verein Sehweizerischer Gymnasiallehrer. 

9120. Vergleichend Anatomische Anstalt der Universitat. 

9121. Zoologische Anstalt der Universitat. 


9122. Club Alpino Ticinece. 


9123. Administration des Alcools. 

[Allgemeine Schweizerische Gesellschaft fiir die Ge- 
sammten Naturwissenschaften. (See Schweizer- 
ische Naturforschende Gesellschaft.)] 

[Allgemeine Schweizerische Naturforschende Gesell- 
schaft. (See Schweizerische Naturforschende Ge- 

9124. " Archiv fiir Geschichte der Philologie.'' 

9125. " Band (Der).'' 

[Bernische Naturforschende Gesellschaft. (Soci6t6 
Bernoise des Sciences Naturelles.) (See Naturfor- 
schende Gesellschaft.)] 

9126. " Bernisches Stadtarchiv." 

9127. Bibliotheque Federale. 

9128. Botanischer Garten. 

[Bureau Federal des Assurances. (See Eidgenossen- 
sches Versichefungs-Amt.)] 

9129. Bureau F^d^ral de la Propri6te Intellectuelle. 

9130. Bureau International des Administrations T61egraph- 


9131. Bureau International de TUnion Postale TJniverselle. 

9132. Bureau International de TUnion de la Propriety Indus- 


9133. Bureau Sanitaire Federal. (Schweizerisches Gesund- 


9134. Bureau Topographique Federal. 


Bebn. — Continued. 

9135. Bureau de FUnion Internationale Litt^raire et Artis- 

[Cantonal Department of Education. (See Erziehunga 
Direction des Kanton Bern.)] 

9136. Centralkommission fiir Schweizerische Landeskunde. 

9137. Commission Centrale de Bibliographie Suisse. 
[Commission G^ologique Suisse. (See Zurich.)] 

9138. "Droit d'Auteur (Le).'' 

9139. Eidgenossensche Bundes-Kanzlei. 
[Eidgenossensche Central Bibliothek. (See Biblio- 

th^que Fed^rale.)] 

9140. Eidgenossensches Departement fiir Finanzen und ZoUe. 

9141. Eidgenossensches Departement fiir Industrie und Agri- 


9142. Eidgenossensches Departement des Innem. 
[Eidgenossenscher Inspector der Ootthard Eisenbahn. 

(See Inspectorat Technique des Chemins de Fer 

9143. Eidgenossensches Kriegs Ministerium. 

9144. Eidgenossensches Statistisches Bureau. 

9145. Eidgenossensches Versicherungs-Amt. 

9146. Erziehungs Direction des Kanton Bern. 

9147. Geographische Gesellschaft. 

[Hochschule Bibliothek. (Same as TJniversitats Bib- 

9148. " Illustrirte Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Aerztliche Polytech- 


9149. Inspectorat Technique des Chemins de Fer Suisses. 
[Institut Geographique International. (Closed.) ] 

9150. Jenner'sches Kinderspital. 

9151. "Journal Telegraphique de Berne." 

9152. Kantons Schule. 

9153. Mus6um d'Histoire Naturelle. 

9154. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. (Society des Sciences 


9155. " Neuer Hausfreund.'' 

9156. Oekonomische und Gemeinniitzigo Gesellschaft des 

Kanton Bern. 
[Patent Amt. (See Nos. 9129 and 9132.)] 
9167. "Pionier(Der)." 
9158. " Propri6te Industrielle (La)." 

[Schweizerischer Alpen Club. (See Schweizer Alpen 

Club, Ziirich.)] 
[Schweizerische Botanische Gesellschaft. (See Zurich.)] 


Bebk. — Continued. 

9159. Schweizerische EntomologiRche Gesellschaft. 

9160. Schweizerische Gemeinniitzige Gesellschaft. 

9161. Schweizerische Historische Gesellschaft. 

9162. Schweizerischer Lehrer-Verein. 

9163. Schweizerische Naturforschende Gesellschaft. (Society 

Helv6tiqne des Sciences Naturelles.) 

9164. Schweizerische Permanente Schulausstellimg. 

9165. Section Hydrom^trique de Tlnspectorat F6d6rale des 

Travaux Publics. 

9166. Soci6t6 Geologique Suisse. 

9167. Soci6t6 des Sciences. 

9168. Stemwari;e. 

9169. Taubstummen Anstalt " Hephata." 

9170. Taubstummen Anstalt fiir Madchen. 

9171. Tellurisches Observatorium. 

[Union Postale. (See Bureau International de I'Union 
Postale Universelle.)] 

9172. Universitats-Bibliothek. 

9173. " Zeitschrift fiir Schweizerische Statistik.'' 

9174. " Zeitschrift fiir Schweizerisches Strafrecht.*^ 

9175. Zoologisches Museum. 


9176. Taubstummen Anstalt. 

Chambesy (pres Oenive), 

9177. Herbier Boissier. 


9178. " Freie Bhatier (Der)." 

9179. Naturforschende Gesellschaft Graubiindens. 


9180. " Seminarblatter.^' 


9181. Soci6t6 Jurassienne d'Emulation. 


9182. Historischer Verein. 


9183. Thurgauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 


9184. Biblioth^ue du College. 

9185. Katholische Universitat. 


Fkibourg. — Continued. 

9186. Mu86e Pedagogique. 

9187. Soci6t6 FriboTirgeoise des Sciences Naturelles. 

9188. Soci6t6 d'Histoire du Canton de Fribourg. 


9189. " Archives des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles." 

9190. Association pour la Protection des Plantes. 
[Association Zoologique du Leman. (Dissolved.)] 

9191. Bibliotheque Publique. 

[" Bibliotheque Universelle et Revue Suisse." (See 

9192. " Bulletin de la Classe d'Industrie." 

9193. " Bulletin International des Societes de Secours aux 

Militaires Bless68." 

9194. Comit6 International de la Croix Eouge. 

9195. "Echo (U) des Alpes." 

9196. Ecole des Sourds-Muets. 

9197. " Entomologiste (L')." 

9198. " Globe (Le)." (Organ of the Societe de Geogi-aphie.) 

9199. Institut National Genevois. 

9200. Institution des Sourds-Muets, Petit Saconnex. 

9201. Jardin Botanique. 

9202. " Journal Suisse d'Horlogerie." 

9203. Kantonale Taubstummen Anstalt. 

9204. " Linnsea (La).'' 

9205. Mus6e d'Ethnologie. 

9206. Mus^e d'Histoire Naturelle de Gendve. 
[Mus^e de la Ville. (Closed.)] 

9207. Observatoire de Geneve. 

9208. " Eevue Geologique Suisse." 

9209. " Eevue Medicale de la Suisse Eomande." 

9210. " Revue Suisse de Topographic." 

9211. "Eevue Universelle Internationale Illustr6o." 
[Sections Eomandes du Club Alpin Suisse. (See 

Ziirich, Schweizer Alpen Club.)] 

9212. Society des Arts de Geneve. 

9213. Soci6t6 Botanique de Geneve. 

9214. Societ6 Genevoise d'Utilite Publique. 

9215. Soci6t6 de Geographic. 

9216. Society d'Histoire et d'Archeologie de Geneve. 

9217. Society de Lecture. 

9218. Societe Medicale. 

[Society Ornithologique Suisse. (Dissolved.)] 

9219. Society de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle. 

9220. Societ6 Suisse de Topographic et d'Arpentage. 

9221. University de Geneve. 

EUROPE. 325 


9222. Institut Cantonal de Sourds-Muets. 


[Schweizer Alpen Club. (See Zurich.)] 

Grand St. Bernard. 

9223. Hospice du Grand Saint Bernard. 


9224. Taubstummen Anstalt. 


9225. Taubstummen Anstalt. 

La Chaux-de-Fonds. 

9226. "Educateur(L')." 

Laudenhof {bei Aarau). 

9227. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 


9228. Agricultural Experiment Station. 

9229. Asile des Aveugles de Lausanne. 

9230. Biblioth^que Cantonale et Universitaire. 

9231. " Bibliotheque Universelle et Revue Suisse." 

9232. Dairy Station of the Agricultural Institute. 

9233. " Ecole (U)/' Receuil Pedagogique et Litteraire. 

9234. Institut Agricole. 

9235. Mus^e d'Histoire Naturelle. 

9236. Soci6te d' Agriculture de la Suisse Roinande. 
[Soci6te Geologique Suisse. (See Bern.)] 

9237. Soci6t6 d'Histoire de la Suisse Eomande. 
[Society Industrielle d'Horlogerie. (Dissolved.)] 

9238. Societe Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles. 

9239. Station Viticole Champs de TAir. 

[University. (See Bibliotheque Cantonale et Univer- 
Le Locle. 

9240. Ecole d'Horlogerie et de M6canique. 

[Societe Neuchftteloise de Geographic. (See Neucha- 

9241. Taubstummen Anstalt. 


9242. Direktion der Gothard Eisenbahn. 

9243. Historischer Yerein der Fiinf Orte Luzern, Ury, Schwyz, 

Unterwalden, und Zug. 


LuzERN. — Continued. 

9244. Hohere Lehranstalt. 

9245. Kantons Bibliothek. 

9246. Kantons-Schule. (Gymnasium und Lyceum.) 

9247. Landwirthschaftliche Sehule des Kantons Luzem. 
[Schweizerische Naturforsehende Gesellschaft. (See 


9248. Station of the Agricultural Institute. 


9249. Institution des Sourds-Muets. 


9250. Kantonale Taubstummen Anstalt. 


9251. Academic de Neuchsltel. 

9252. Commission P6nitentiaire Internationale. 

9253. Conseil Municipal. 

9254. " Educateur (Uy 

9255. Mus6e Zoologique. 

9256. Observatoire Cantonal. 

[Schweizerische Naturforschende Qesellschaft. (See 

9257. Soci6t6 Neuch&teloise de Geographic. 

9258. Society des Sciences Naturelles. 

NETJMXJNSTER-ZtrRiCH. (See Ziirich.) 


9259. " Eevue Internationale d^Apiculture.^^ 


[Naturforschende Gesellschaft Graiibiindens. (See 


9260. Ecole d'Horlogerie. 

9261. Soci6t6 Jurassienne d'Emulation. 


9262. Mu86e National Polonais. 


9263. Naturhistorische Gesellschaft. 


9264. Taubstummen Anstalt. 

EUROPE. 3^7 


9265. Taubstummen Anstalt. 

St. Gall. 

[Concordia Institute. (See Ziirich.)] 

9266. Kantonal Taubstummen Anstalt. 

9267. Katholische Stiftsbibliothek. 

9268. Naturhistorisehe Gesellschaft. 

9269. Naturhistorisches Museum. 

9270. Naturwissensehaftliche Gesellschaft. 

9271. " Mittheilungen der Ostschweizerischen Geographisch- 

Commerciellen Gesellschaft." 

9272. Omithologische Gesellschaft. 

St. Imieb. 

9273. Ecole d'Horlogerie. 

St. Pierbe-en-Valais. 

9274. Jardin Botanique Alpin de la Linnsea. 


[" Mittheilungen der Schweizer Entomologischen Ge- 
sellschaft." (See Schweiz. Entomologische Ge- 
sellschaft, Bern.)] 

9275. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. (Soci6t6 des Sciences 



9276. " Bote der Urschweiz." 


9277. Soci6t6 Murithienne du Valais. 

[Soci6t6 Valaisanne des Sciences Naturelles. (See So- 
ciete Murithienne de Valais.)] 

9278. Botanischer Garten. 

9279. Ecole d'Horlogerie. 

9280. " Fortbildungsschule." 

9281. Kantonschule. 

9282. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 


9283. Taubstummen Anstalt. 


[Hospice du Grand St. Bernard. (See Grand St. Ber- 

9284. Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

328 smithsonian international exchange list. 


9285. Horticultur Station. 


9286. Webeschule. 


[Institution des Sonrds-Mnets k Yverdon. (See Mou- 

9287. Taubstummen Anstalt. 


9288. Vereins Taubstummen Anstalt. 


9289. " Padagogische Blatter." 


9290. Agricultural Chemical Station. 

9291. Allgemeine Geschichtsforschende Gesellschaft. 

9292. "Antiqua." 

9293. Antiquarische Gesellschaft. 

9294. " Anzeiger f iir die Schweizerische Buchhandlung.'' 

9295. Art Institute of Orell Fiissli. 

9296. " Astronomische Mittheilungen." 

9297. Blinden und Taubstummen Anstalt. 

9298. Botanischer Garten. 

9299. Cantonale Taubstummen-Anstalt. 

9300. Commission Geologique Suisse, Ecole Polytechnique. 

9301. " Concilium Bibliographicum." 

9302. Concordia Institute. 

9303. Consortium Schweizerischer Alterthumsfreunde. 

9304. D^partement de Tlnstruction Publique du Canton de 


9305. Eidgenossensche Polytechnische Schule. 

9306. Hochschule. 

9307. International Bibliographical Bureau. 

9308. International Entomological Society. 

9309. Karten-Verein. 

9310. Medicinische Facultat. 

9311. Naturforschende Gesellschaft. 

9312. " Neue Ziiricher Zeitung." 

9313. Observatorium des Herm F. Schinz. 

9314. Pestalozzianum. 

9315. " Pestalozziblatter.'' . 

9316. Schweizer Alpen-Club. 


Zurich. — Continued. 

9317. " Schweizer Archiv fiir Thierheilkunde." 

9318. Schweizerischer Apotheker-Verein. 

9319. Schweizerische Botanische Gesellschaft. 

9320. Schweizerischer Forst-Verein. 

9321. " Schweizerische Gartenbau (Der).'' 

9322. Schweizerische Geodatische Kommission. 

9323. " Schweizerische Idiotenknnde." 

9324. " Schweizerische Lehrerzeitung nnd Padagogische Zeit- 


9325. Schweizerische Meteorologische Central Anstalt. 

9326. Schweizerische Permanente Schnlausstellung. 

9327. Schweizerische Samen-Kontrol-Station. 

9328. " Schweizerisches Schularchiv.'' 

9329. " Schweizerische Zeitschrift fiir das Forstwesen." 

9330. " Social-Demokratisches Pari;ei-Archiv.'' 

9331. " Societas Entomologica." 

9332. Society de Medecine. 

9333. Soci6t6 des Sciences Physiques et Xaturelles. 

9334. Station for Brewery. 

9335. Statistisches Bureau, Depari;ement des Innern. 

9336. Statistisches Bureau der Stadt Ziirich. 

9337. " Stem^s Litterarisches Bulletin der Schweiz.^^ 

9338. Sternwari;e. 

9339. XJniversitats- und Kantons-Bibliothek. 

9340. Verein fiir Landwirthschaft und Gariienbau. 

9341. " Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Wissenschaftliche Philoso- 


9342. Zoologische Sammlung. 

9343. Zoologisches Museum. 

9344. " Zuricher Stadtarchiv." 

AiNTAB {Syria), 

9345. Central Turkey College. 

Beirut (Syria). 

9346. Lee Observatory. 

9347. "Revue Internationale de Bibliographic Medicale^ 

Pharmaceutique et V6t6rinaire." 

9348. Syrian Protestant College. 


9349. His Imperial Majesty the Sultan. 

9350. Administration Gen^rale des Phares de I'Empire. 

9351. Administration Sanitaire de ^Empire Ottoman. 
[American College. (See Robert College.)] 


Constantinople. — Continued. 

9352. American Mission Library. 

9353. Anatolia College. 

9354. Anjuman i Danish. (Society for the Advancement of 

Turkish Literature.) 

9355. Biblioth^que 66n6rale Ottomane. 

9356. Bureau de Statistique. 

9357. " Gazette M6dicale de I'Orient." 

9358. Hellenic Literary Syllogog. 

9359. Hellenic Philological Society. 

9360. Imperial Meteorological Observatory. 

9361. Imperial Ottoman Museum. 

9362. Jemiyet Hamiyet Osmoniyet. (Ottoman Scientific So- 

[Library of the American Missionary Society. (See 
American Mission Library.)] 

9363. Minist^re des Affaires Etrangeres. 

9364. Minist^re de I'lnstruction Publique. 

9365. Eobeit College. 

9366. Soci6t6 Imp6riale de M6decine. 

9367. Society Orientale de Constantinople. 

9368. Soci6t6 de Pharmacie de Constantinople. 


9369. Abarbanel Library. 




9370. Bernice Panahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnol- 

ogy and Natural History. 

9371. Botanical Station. 

9372. Department of Education. 

9373. Depari;ment of Foreign Affairs. 

9374. Depari;ment of the Interior. 

9375. Government Geological Survey. 

9376. " Hawaiian Gazette." 

[Hawaiian Government Library. (Closed and its books 
distributed among other libraries in Honolulu.)] 

9377. Hawaiian Historical Society. 

9378. Honolulu Library Association. 

9379. Oahu College. 

9380. " Paradise of the Pacific." 


Honolulu. — Continued. 

9381. " Planters' Monthly." 

[Eoyal Agricultural Society. (Has turned over its 

books to the Hawaiian Government Library.)] 
[Scientific Society. (Dissolved.)] 

9382. Supreme Court Library. 

9383. Surveyor General's OflBce. 


9384. AUgemeiner Deutsche! Bergmannstag. 

9385. Association Internationale du Congo. (Berlin, 1884.) 

9386. Congres International des Am6ricaiiiste8. (Tours, 

France, 1883. Madrid, 1881.) 

9387. Congres International des Botanistes, d'Horticulteurs, 

de Xegociants et des Fabricants de Produits du 
Regne Veg^tale. (Leiden, 1879.) 

9388. Congres International de Navigation Int6rieure. 

9389. Congres International de la Propri6t6 Artistique. 

(Paris, 1878.) 

9390. Congres International des Sciences G6ographiques. 

9391. Congres International des Sciences G^ologiques. (Ber- 

lin, 1884-5, London, 1888.) 

9392. Congres International de Zoologie. 

9393. International Agricultural and Forestry Congress. 

9394. International Benevolent Congress. 

9395. International Committee of Weights and Measures. 

9396. International Congress of Commercial (Jeography. 

9397. Internationa] Congress of Grains and Flours. 

9398. International Congress of Orientalists. 

9399. International Congress of Prehistoric Anthropology 

and Archaeology. 
9-iOO. International Geodesic Association. 

9401. International Maritime Congress. 

9402. International Medical Congress. 

9403. International Meteorological Committee. (Ijondon.) 

9404. International Meteorological Congress. 

9405. International Meter Commission. 

9406. International Ornithological Congress. 

9407. International Pharmaceutical Congress. 

9408. International Polar Conference. 

9409. International Pomological Congress. 

9410. International Sanitary Conference. 

9411. International Silk-Culturists' Congress. 

9412. International Statistical Congress. 

9413. International Telegraphic Convention. 

9414. Internationaler Congress f iir Hygiene und Demographic. 


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