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Full text of "The International genealogical directory : official organ of the "Convention internationale d'héraldique""

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Price 10s. 9</. ($2.75), post free. 

The International 

Genealogical Directory 

(Second Edition) 


Edited by 

Member of the Societe Jersiaise, 
Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 

Verein Herold, Surrey Archaeological Society, 

Bucks. Parish Register Society, Dublin Parish Register Society, 

Convention Internationale d'Heraldique, etc. 



Cbc Grcsbam 






I am so glad you are reading this Preface. With the exception of the advertisements, it is the 

only part of the work which is meant to be read right through, and I am quite 

On reading certain you will understand the Directory much better if you have the patience to 

Prefaces, read these pages. Please do not misunderstand me ; your contribution to the book 

is very interesting, but none will find the text of the Directory of such absorbing 

interest that he will read the whole of this book from cover to cover. At least, I hope not, or, like 

myself at the present moment, he will probably find that genealogy begins to lose its interest. I 

have been obliged to read and re-read every word of the Directory, but you are spared that torture, 

so pray be long-suffering with my garrulity in this Preface and my inevitable mistakes in the Text 

and Index. 

Allow me to harp once again on the wisdom of reading prefaces, also, incidentally, of not 
replying to an invitation to join a scheme like that contained in this book, until you have had the 
time to master the rudiments of what is required. You took the trouble to discover what was 
required, but what do you think of the following letter which I received after the publication of 
the First Edition from a contributor to it : 

I am very much disappointed in the pamphlet, as it simply gives a list of names and no 
information whatever. Had I known this I should, of course, not have subscribed to it. I 
fail to see the use of it to anyone. 

Is it not delightful ? Now, had that contributor taken the trouble to read the blank form, or 

even the Preface to the book itself, what a blunder might have been saved. 

On the change Probably the contributor who omits reading these pages will make a similar 

in the blunder by writing to me to complain that the present work is not divided into 

arrangement " Parts " as foreshadowed in the circular letter he received several weeks or 

of the months ago. 

material. The history of its change into a solid whole with an elaborate Index will 

perhaps be interesting as showing how even the most obstinate of editors is bound 
eventually to defer to the general wish. 

After posting several thousand copies of the circular letter (to one of which you replied) I was 
p inundated by letters pointing out the advantages of abandoning the arrangement 

r 8 - into Parts. This is briefly what they said : 

1. It is necessary for the searcher to see at a glance all the genealogical interests of the 
contributors. This would lead to more information being exchanged than was possible 
under the old arrangement. 

For instance, A. sends B. useful information about the B. family. B. is grateful and, before replying, 
would like to know what other families A. is interested in. If he could see at a glance that A. wants 
data about the C. family, B. would look through his manuscript and printed collections for some notes 
about C. to send to A. in return for A.'s courtesy in writing about the B. family. 

With the First Edition several hours of searching through Part II. would be necessary to find all the 
entries with A.'s number against them. Those who remember the dark-type reference numbers in that 
Part will understand the grumble of one contributor who told me that he had carefully searched Part II. 
to discover in what way he could repay his correspondent for information received, and had then retired 
to his couch to dream of small-pox ! '< 

2. Whilst appreciating the care with which the full names of the contributors were arranged 

in their proper envelope-order in Part I., in order to facilitate the addressing of a letter to 
the contributor with whom it was desired to correspond, many thought that there should 
also be an Index to the contributors' own surnames, so that one might readily discover 
who among one's friends were co-operating in the scheme. 

The present Index of Surnames includes such an Index, and in it hyphenated surnames will be found 

under each of their component parts. This was not feasible with the strictly alphabetical arrangement 

of Part I. in the First Edition. 

3. It was pointed out that, if I abandoned the alphabetical arrangement of Part I., it would not 

be necessary to wait with the compiling until the last moment, and that, by indexing the 
material as it came to hand (an impossibility under the old system owing to the numbers 
in Part I. being undecided until everybody's contribution was received), the risk of error 
in the reference numbers would be minimised. 



4. The absence of a General Index to the whole work was regrettable as it necessitated 
frequent and irritating cross-references from one part to another. 

Many of these correspondents I answered, and I am sorry to say that the underlying note of 
my replies was that I knew better, though certainly I was not rude enough to express my meaning 
quite so crudely. 

r The chief reasons, apart from obstinacy, which deterred me from agreeing with 

Cons. them at once were : 

1. As is stated already above, I had issued several thousand copies of a circular letter in which it 

was implied that the arrangement of the Second Edition would be the same as that of the 
First. Some of the contributors might feel aggrieved if I made a change without first 
consulting them. 

On the other hand, nobody has a right to complain if he is given more than was promised, also 
it was not feasible to consult all the contributors (some of whom live at the Antipodes) before making the 

2. The abandonment of the alphabetical arrangement of the names of the contributors may 

inconvenience some, especially those who (for circularising purposes) wish to compare the 
list of the contributors to the Second Edition with that in the First. 

But it will be only a slight inconvenience as the dark-type entries in the Index will supply at a glance 
the alphabetical arrangement in another form. 

3. The book is costing much more to produce owing to all the surnames appearing twice in it 

(viz., in the Text and again in the Index) instead of only once (in Part II.) as in the First 

Against this, the cost of printing and paper is only a tithe of the cost of producing a work of this 
nature, and, all said and done, this is a matter which affects only one contributor to the book, i.e., No. 671. 

Therefore, after consulting a few of the leading British genealogists, I decided to make the 
change of arrangement which you will notice as soon as you open this book ; and I feel that all 
who take the trouble to compare the two methods will agree with me in thinking that I acted in 
the interests of the majority in making the change, and consequently it is unlikely that any but 
the superficial will complain, unless they belong to that numerous class the born grumblers. 

There are just a few other points upon which it is necessary to touch before your patience is 

The names of the contributors are still arranged in their correct envelope-order. Most of us 

consider it preferable to find a contributor's name entered as " Sir John Smith, Baronet, F.S.A.," 

instead of as the hopelessly absurd and irritating u Smith, Sir John, Baronet, F.S.A." 

The Names Placing the surname in dark type leaves no doubt as to which part of the name is 

of the surname, and, apart from this, there is now even less reason for the latter of the 

Contributors, above forms because of the existence of an Index ; and, yet, a few will certainly 

write asking why the surnames are not " properly arranged, as in the Post Office 

London Directory." 

" Mr." and " Esq." are again, as in the First Edition, left to the imagination. Many Americans 
appear to prefer the former ; on the other hand, many British people undoubtedly resent the 
absence of the latter on letters addressed to them. An erratic minority (which includes myself) 
infinitely prefers the absence of both. 

The name of none has been included in the Text of this work without a written request having 
been received from him or her. 

One American wrote (I quote from memory) that " Phila., Pa., U.S.A.," lacked dignity and 
savoured of a tradesman's catalogue. He wanted to see " Philadelphia, Pennsyl- 
Addresses vania, United States of America," written in full. This again is a matter of opinion. 
of the The form he suggests is undoubtedly elegant, but it would irritate many besides the 
Contributors, over- worked Editor and really be a gross waste of space. I think his chief grievance 
(most courteously expressed in a charmingly sympathetic letter) was that, unthink- 
ingly, I had in the First Edition omitted "England" after absurd little places like "Walton-on- 
Thames," though I had insulted the intelligence of the public by adding " 111., U.S.A.," after 
" Chicago." What will he think when now he finds the name of the country after every place 
except a few like London ? 


The First Edition had 1,387 contributors ; this Edition has approximately the same number, 
Statistics but ther6 is a great difference between the two works. Out of the 1,387 in 1907, 
the names of 561 will be found in the present work, and the remaining 826 can be 
divided roughly into four classes : 

A. About 500 who consider that the entry of their requirements in the First Edition is so 

recent that it is unnecessary for them to appear again in the Second Edition. Many of 
these, however, have subscribed for a copy of the present work, so fresh contributors 
may expect to receive correspondence from them. 

B. About 240 who have written to say either that they are now too old or too busy, or have 

lost interest in genealogy, or have found, by means of the First Edition, all that they 
wanted to discover. In this class there are also, regrettably, several who have died. 

C. Approximately 70 " undesirables," about whom I would rather say nothing, except that they 

have not been invited to contribute to this Edition. 

D. About a dozen who were disappointed in the First Edition, or had bad experiences 

as a result of the inclusion of the above-mentioned " undesirables." 

Without having made a count, I should imagine that there are several thousand surnames of 

C It th ^ ami ^ es in tne Fu ~ st Edition which do not appear in this Edition, and I should there- 

F* t Ed't" f re stron S 1 y recommend those who have a copy of the First Edition to keep it by 

, ' * them for reference, though the present work is the better because it is unlikely 

that any but the most ardent of genealogists took the trouble to master the 

intentionally complicated instructions for co-operating which were issued. 

Parts IV., V., 

and VI. of the In the First Edition, Parts IV., V., and VI. were respectively: 
First Edition. 

A List of Societies, etc., whose Objects or Publications are of Interest to Genealogists. 

An Authors' Exchange. 

Family Histories, Pedigrees, etc., recently printed for private circulation. 

Reluctantly I have been compelled to exclude these from the present Edition. It has already 
Supplements grown too bulky. The Supplements to the Directory will perhaps afford the 

to the opportunity of bringing up to date the information contained in these 

Second Edition, three omitted Parts. 

Reference has just been made to the Supplements to the Directory. As these form a new 
departure a few words about them may be acceptable. 

As soon as the student begins to search among original documents he will find that the tendency 

is for them to be arranged territorially. Topography and genealogy are really 

The First inseparable, as some knowledge of the history of the place in which a family lived 

Supplement is indispensable to the successful pursuit of the study of the history of the family. 

An Index An Index of Places, therefore, arranged territorially, is necessary to serve the prime 

of Places, object of this Directory, the solution of problems. Let us take a concrete example 

or two. You trace back to a family resident in the seventeenth century at, say, 

Drayton in Berkshire ; and perhaps you are peculiarly conversant with Drayton records and 

families, having long noted anything you can find concerning them, in the hope of getting more 

light on your own special family and those families which intermarried with it. You consult the 

First Supplement, which is an Index of Places mentioned against the families enumerated in this 

Directory, and possibly find not only a reference to someone inteiested in a family of that place, of 

whom you never before heard, but you also see at a glance all the places and families in the 

immediate vicinity of Drayton concerning which active investigations are at this present time 

proceeding. The value of this information is apparent, considering the tendency of local families 

to intermarry. Another example : someone proposes to attack a certain set of records for Berkshire, 

or even Drayton, material, or intends to print local matter, genealogical or topographical. The 

Directory, with the assistance of the Index of Places, tells him at once who can help him, and 

suggests answers to the questions; is it worth doing ? Has it been done before ? On another 

occasion your researches may take you temporarily into, say, Oxfordshire, where, at Bampton, a 


marriage took place between an ancestor of yours and a person of a common name concerning 
whom you want to know more. You turn to the Index of Places under " Oxfordshire " and find, 
perhaps, not at Bampton, but at some place near by, someone interested in that common surname, 
who may prove a very useful correspondent. Probably you would never have looked up, on the 
off-chance, all the many references to that common name in the Directory. 

The pleasure of receiving information is only excelled by the pleasure of giving it. How often 
it happens that one meets with a name a friend is looking for, or a to him unknown document or set 
of records concerning a place, but one feels a little hazy in one's memory as to the exact place 
whether, for instance, it was Richmond in Yorks. or Richmond in Surrey. The First Supplement to 
the Directory should soon prove its value in this connection. Frankly, it was too difficult a task for 
me to undertake, so I placed it in the experienced hands of my friend, Mr. Sherwood, to whom is 
due all the credit for the idea and the method in which it is being carried out. It would be included 
as a part of this Directory and not issued as a Supplement were it not that it would delay the 
appearance of this work and considerably increase its cost ; also there may be some who would not 
know how to value it, and before such I should not care to cast such a valuable appendix to the 

_,, o i Late in the Summer, or early in the Autumn, of 1909, I hope to publish 

I he oecond ano t ner Supplement. Experience proves that it will be necessary. It will 
Supplement. CQntain ._ 

1. Contributions which come to hand too late for inclusion in this present work. 

During the printing of the First Edition of the Directory, and for some months after its publication, 
many contributions arrived. The information they contained would have been of great value to many 
of those already in the book, but in the absence of a Supplement, it was impossible to place it at their 

2. Corrections of mistakes which have been made in the contributions which have been 

included, whether caused by : 


The lack of infallibility on the part of the printers, or 

The illegibility of the contributor's handwriting. 

3. Changes of Address and Obituary Notices. 

4. Additions to the contributions already included. 

Many have written already that they forgot to include some query or statement of interest. 

5. Reviews of any new genealogical works (family histories, parish registers, etc.) which may 

be sent to me for this purpose. 

6. Notices of Societies, whose objects or publications are of interest to genealogists. 

7. Correspondence from contributors on subjects of general interest. 

8. Editorial Notes and Index. 

Further particulars will be sent later to every subscriber to the present work, but I should be 
glad to receive now promises of support to enable me to estimate soon the scale on which this 
Supplement can be produced. 

Probably further Supplements will appear from time to time, as I do not at present see my way 
to producing a Third Edition of this Directory for several years. 

To return to the subject of the present Edition. 

It should be noted that not every professional genealogist has elected to place the word 

11 Professional " after his or her name. It will be remembered that this was left 

Professional entirely to their discretion on the " blank forms " which were issued for the present 

Genealogists. Edition. In this connection, I wish to point out that the remarks I made about 

professional genealogists in the Preface to the former Directory were meant as a 

token of esteem for the professional element among us, and by no means as "the deadly insult to 

all professional genealogists " which, I am told, one Mr. H. considered them to be. I have too many 



good friends among professional genealogists to wish to go out of my way to annoy them. I there- 
fore repeat the paragraphs to which Mr. H. took exception, and beg him to read them again 
slowly and carefully, should a copy of this book come into his hands : 

" Some of my correspondents have expressed the wish that a distinctive mark should be placed against the 
names of professional genealogists. One amateur even wrote that he feared that a professional might lure him 
into a friendly correspondence about his family, and then send in a bill ! 

" My reply to this was that I had never met a professional genealogist who would take such a course, and 
even if any were capable of it (which I could not for a moment believe), I understood that the etiquette of the 
profession calls for all fees and oui-of-pockct expenses to be prepaid. 

"In spite of this, and in order to allay any nervousness which amateur genealogists may feel on this account, 
I hereby notify all the professional genealogists who have been kind enough to complete forms for, and to subscribe 
for a copy of, this book, that when they correspond with any other contributor to it, using the name of the 
" Directory " as an introduction, it must be on the clear understanding that they abide by the etiquette of their 
profession, as expressed above, unless they notify such correspondents to the contrary before any fees are incurred. 
To my mind, a distinctive mark would be very unfair, because practically every professional genealogist is interested 
in a non-professional manner in families with which he is connected. A distinctive mark would probably deter 
fellow-contributors from entering into a 'friendly correspondence' with him about such families." 

Please do not feel disappointed if, on turning to the Index, you find only your own reference 
number against the surnames of the families in which you are interested. I can 
Do not be assure you that some of the best results were obtained from such single-reference 
disappointed, entries in the First Edition. It by no means follows that nobody else is in- 
terested in your families. Many of us have inserted only the principal families 
in which we take an interest, but that will not deter us from consulting the Index under all our 
surnames, so a single-reference number in many cases will mean only that sooner or later cor- 
respondence will reach the contributor bearing that number instead of being initiated by him. 

Before entering into correspondence with any other contributors whose numbers you find 
against the families in which you are interested, please carefully check your entries 
Mistakes, both as regards the Text and the Index, and let me know promptly should you find 
any mistakes. To those who point out " mistakes" in other contributors' contribu- 
tions I would say that no notice can be taken of their letters, as what a contributor does not point 
out himself is probably intentional and no mistake. 

Is yours one of the contributions which it was necessary heavily to edit to bring it into line 

with the general scope of the book ? If so, I am sorry. All editing has been 

Editing. done as leniently as possible. It is those contributors who endeavoured to work in 

an advertisement of themselves or their wares who will discover the strongest trace 

of the editorial blue pencil. 

And yet I was myself tempted in this manner by a contributor and, I blush to confess it, I 

have fallen. Evidence of my crime will be found in the last three lines of the 

A contribution from No. 594 ; but I plead the First Offenders' Act and extenuating 

Confession, circumstances, for how many of us can boast of having been beguiled from the 

path of virtue by a Judge, who has paid per word, perhaps for the pleasure 

of seeing a fellow-mortal fall into the errors of self-advertisement ? And I did "tone it down," 

for the written words were : " Are there any works helpful in tracing genealogies (other than 

nobility) in Germany, even faintly resembling in merit Bernau's Pocket Library ?" I am afraid I have 

made it rather worse now by mentioning this in the Preface, but let it stand. 

In conclusion, everyone who has the welfare of this scheme at heart may feel thankful that 

all those who rendered such splendid assistance in 1907 have again helped to 

In make the work a success, and that, in particular, one energetic fresh helper has 

Conclusion, done her utmost to make the appearance of my name on the title-page an even 

greater farce than it was in 1907. 

Yours faithfully, 


2Oth March, 1909. 

The Officers of Arms for the United Kingdom. 

College of Arms, 





Garter (Principal King of Arms) . . *Sir Alfred Scott Scott-Gatty, Knt., C.V.O., F.S.A. 
Clarenceux ...... George Edward Cokayne, M.A., F.S.A. 

Norroy .,..,.. William Henry Weldon, C.V.O., F.S.A. 


Chester ....... Henry Murray Lane. 

Lancaster ...... Edward Bellasis. 

Somerset ...... Henry Farnham Burke, C.V.O., F.S.A. 

Richmond Charles Harold Athill, F.S.A. 

Windsor Wm. Alex. Lindsay, K.C., M.A., F.S.A. 

York . . . . . . . Gordon Ambrose de Lisle Lee. 


Rouge Dragon Everard Green, F.S.A. 

Portcullis Thomas Morgan Joseph-Watkin, F.S.A. 

Rouge Croix Arthur William Steuart Cochrane. 

Bluemantle Gerald Woods Wollaston, M.V.O. 

Earl Marshal's Secretary .... William H. Weldon, C.V.O., F.S.A. 

Registrar . . . . . . H. Farnham Burke, C.V.O., F.S.A. 

Librarian ...... Charles Harold Athill, F.S.A. 

Lyon Court of Arms. 


*SiR JAMES BALFOUR PAUL, LL.D., F.S.A. Scot., Advocate. 

Albany ....... Robert Spence Livingstone. 

Ross ....... Andrew Ross, S.S.C. 

Rothesay ...... Francis James Grant, W.S., F.S.A.Scot. 

Carrick ....... William Rae Macdonald, F.S.A.Scot. 

March Capt. Geo. Sitwell Campbell-Swinton, F.S.A.Scot. 

Unicorn. ...... John Home Stevenson, M.A., F.S.A.Scot., Advocate. 

Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records . Francis James Grant, W.S. 
Procurator-Fiscal ..... David Scott-Moncrieff, W.S. 
Herald Painter ..... Graham Johnston. 

Office of Arms, Dublin Castle. 



Dublin Guillamore O'Grady, M.A. 

Cork ....... Peirce Gun Mahony, M.R.I.A. 

Athlone George Dames Burtchaell, M. A., LL.B., M.R.I.A. 

* We are indebted to Garter, Lyon and Ulster Kings of Arms for their courtesy in correcting this List. 

1 A. J. Christopher Guimaraens, 115, The Grove, Ealing, London, W., is interested in HODGKINSON, 

Mattersey and East Retford, Notts, and Derbyshire f^ETTLESHiP, Mattersey, Notts. \ 
and of Yorkshire. 

2 John Dymond Crosfield, Durley House, Savernake Forest, Marlborough, England, is interested in 

3 Rhys P. Allaway, Llanbedr, S.O., Merionethshire, Wales, is interested in ALLAWAY, before 1800 
DANA, before 1640 BROOKS-KING. 

4 Thomas Stanley Clack, Blackheath, Kent, and Bank of England, London, E.G., is interested in 

CLACK, Berks., Oxon., Devon, Lines., and Wilts. COTTINGHAM, any, SADLER, Garsington, 
nr. Oxford MASERA (Count M., of Italy, d. abt. 1848) STABLE, Jamaica, W. Indies, &c. 
Wanted antecedents of Thomas CLACK, of Wallingford, Co. Berks., and any references to the 
family between noo and 1500. 

5 Col. F. W. T. Attree, F.S.A., late R.E., 53, Albert Bridge Road, London, S.W., is interested 

in East Sussex families, also in CROSSLEY, Halifax, Bradford HARDING, Cleveland, Yorks. 
TOWN, Thornton-in-Craven. 

6 Count C. Augustin Ehrensvard, Liatorp, Helsingborg, Sweden, is interested in SCOTT, Rothie- 

may, Banffshire DAVEY, Devonshire ? GORTON ROSS-LEWIN SCOTT, James, R.N. 
Col. Surgeon, Tasmania, d. 1837. His mother a WALKER from Yorkshire. His ancestors ? 
DAVEY, Thomas, Second Governor, Tasmania, d. 1823 ; md. GORTON, Margaret, b. 1767 ? 
d. 1827. Their ancestors ? Harriet ROSS-LEWIN, d. 1870, md. Major William DE GILLERN, 
of Hobart. Her ancestors ? 

7 Louis M. Howland, 32, rue de la Victoire, Paris, is interested in English HOWLAND families up 

to 1700. Wanted information about brothers, Humphrey, Arthur, George, John, Henry 
HOWLAND and another brother name not known ; sister Margaret PHILIPS living in the 
I7th cent, in or near London. 

8 Prof. Frank Dempster Sherman, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., U.S.A. 

9 Hon. Francis E. Woodruff, 9, James Street, Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.A., is interested in 

t WOODRUFF (WOODROVE, WODEROFE, &c.), Woolley, England, before 1508. In the records 
of the WOODROVE of Woolley family mentioned on p. 26 of the " Pedigree of WOODROOFE," 
by S. M. Woodruff, can there be found a Thomas WOODROVE who would have been already 
an adult in 1508 and who does not appear in these records after that date ? If so, what is 
known of him ? (Information could be on a business footing.) 

10 Rene Droz, Vice-Chancelier de la " Convention Internationale d'Heraldique," c/o Sous-Direction 

de la Societe Generate Alsacienne de Banque, Frankfort o/M., Germany, is interested in 
BOMAN, Stockholm DROZ, Franche-Comte, Lorraine especially wants information about 
arms of these two families, and would be interested in the formation of a British Heraldic 

11 J. G. V. Wakerley, 26, Milner Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, England, is interested in WAKERLEY 


12 Miss E. C. Abraham, Riverham, Grassendale Park, Liverpool, England, is interested in ASKEW, 

Marsh Grange, Furness, Lanes., before 1650 NEWCOMBE, formerly of Leir, Co. Leicester, 
after 1787 Descendants wanted of John NEWCOMBE, of Leir, clerk (dead 1772), and wife 
Gulielma-Maria- Frances (nee FELL), great-grand-daughter of William PENN. Issue : 
John-Springett, William-Hawkins, Gulielma-Maria, Susanna-Margaretta (md. Richard 
CROMPTON, Gent.), Philadelphia (md. Thomas BROOKHOLDING, of Worcester). 

13 C. T. Tallent-Bateman, Solicitor, 40, Brazenose Street, Manchester, England, is interested in 

ALDERSLEY, before 1600 BATEMAN, West Riding, Yorks., before 1600 TALLENTS, Derby- 
shire, before 1780 TUXFORD, Lincolnshire WEBSTER, Derbyshire, before 1600. 

ix B 


14 R. H. Ernest Hill, 60, Chancery Lane, London, W.C., is interested in HILL, Moretonhampstead, 

Devon, i6th cent., and Falmouth, Cornwall, iyth cent. 

15 St. David M. Kemeys-Tynte, Bath and County Club, Bath, England, is interested in TYNTE 

HALSWELL HASSELL JOHNSON, Rutland and Surrey. Wanted name of first wife of 
Colonel John TYNTE, of Chelvey, Somerset, who d. 1670 ; she is said to have been " a lady 
frof Devon." His second wife was Jane HALSWELL, and his third Frances TRENCHARD. 

16 Ernest Axon, Lightcliffe, Hatherlow, near Stockport, England, is interested in BASNETT, 

Cheshire CROPPER, Lancashire NICHOLSON, Dumfriesshire, before 1720 TURNER, Lan- 
cashire, I7th cent. YATES, Lancashire, I7th cent. Proof wanted of parentage of 
Matthew NICHOLSON, b. at Blackshaw, Caerlaverock, Dumfriesshire, 1677, ^- at Liverpool, 

17 Theodore Gregory, J.P., 3, York Street, Manchester, England, is interested in GREGORY, Somerset- 

shire, after 1742 ; Gloucestershire, before 1742. Wanted information of William GREGORY, 
of Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire, md. Mary BOULTON, of Urcot, Gloucestershire, 30 April, 
1709. Ancestors wanted. 

18 W.m. James Stracey-Clitherow, Boston House, Brentford, Middlesex, England, is interested in 

CLITHEROW pedigree. Brass in Ash Church, Kent, 1403, md. daughter of Sir John OLD- 
CASTLE. Also BOURCHIER pedigree. 

19 George Cad bury, Manor House, Northfield, Worcestershire, England. 

20 William Turner Brendon, Whistley, Yelverton, S. Devon, England. 

21 J. G. OdencrantS, Framnas, Wimmerby, Sweden. 

22 Jonkheer E. K. G. Faick, The Hague, Holland. 

23 John W. Linzee, Jr., 96, Charles Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in all LINDSAY, 

LINDSEY, &c., families, but especially desires the ancestry of LINZEE, of Portsea and Ports- 
mouth, Hampshire, England, also of Dorset and London, Middlesex Ralph INMAN, who 
came to Cambridge, Mass., and d. 1788 William SPEARMAN, who came to Boston, Mass., 
and d. 1748 Hannah HACKEREL, wife of last-named Rose GUISAGE, wife of John LINZEE, 
of Portsmouth, England, 1740 Rebecca GOVEN, wife of John LINZEE, of Portsmouth, 
England, 1716 Mary ALBECK, wife of Thomas LINZEE, of Portsmouth, England, 1690. 

24 Dr. W. Sohier Bryant, 57, West 53rd Street, New York City, U.S.A., is interested in BRYANT, 

Boston, Mass., U.S.A. ; Barbados, W.I., Devon, England. Descents wanted, Sampson 
STODDARD, Boston, Mass., U.S.A., d. 1710 ; Elizabeth LAMBERT, md. William DAVIES, 1762, 
daughter Thomas LAMBERT and Elizabeth NICHOLS. William DAVIES, b. 1719, Honiton, 
Devon, of Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

25 Ottmar von Mohl, Dr. juris, Kammerherr S. M. des deutschen Kaisers, Kbnigs von Preussen, 

Wirkl. Geh. Legationsrat, Mitglied der internationalen Schulden-Commission in Cairo, 

Egypt ; Gezireh, Cairo, und Schloss Arnshaugk, bei Neustadt an der Orla, Thiiringen, 


26 Leo Culleton (professional), 92, Piccadilly, London. 

27 W. Harold Maxwell, 156, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, London, S.E., wants marriage of Solomon FISHER 

with Ann HILL, probably Gloucestershire, about 1780 ; marriage of James BUTT with 
Elizabeth WARE, about 1780 ; marriage of Thomas WHITTARD with Sarah MIDDLEMORE, 
iSth cent. ; marriage of Thomas Frederick SALTER with Susan EWINGTON, beginning of 
I9th cent. ; marriage of Alexander MAXWELL with Elizabeth MANLEY, about 1770 ; 
marriage of Charles ELLIOT with Lydia BAILEY, about 1770. 

28 George F. T. Sherwood (professional), 50, Beecroft Road, Brockley, London, S.E., is interested 

in Berkshire families, also MOORE, Burgh, near Aylsham, Norfolk COSTAR PLEASANT 

29 Percy C. Rushen, 7, Warwick Mansions, 10, Warwick Court, High Holborn, London, W.C., is 

interested in NAUNTON, principally Suffolk. Information wanted about Isaac JOHNSON, 
of Alderton and Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1780-1835, Antiquarian Artist. Baptism wanted of 
Thomas NAUNTON, of S.E. Suffolk, about 1740 to 1760. Probably son of William. 

30 Arno Boetticher, Amtsgerichtsrat, Frankfurt a/Oder, Lessingstrasse 6, Deutschland, wiinscht 

Nachrichten iiber Oberstleutnant OSWALD (Mitvertreter Englands auf dem Wiener Congress,. 
1815) und dessen Familie und Wappen. 


31 Francis Rooksby Rushton, The Holmes, Betchworth, Surrey, England, is interested in GOOD, 

Wilts., Dorset, before 1650 RUSHTON, Westmorland, before 1780. 

32 William Maxwell Batten, 339, Victoria Park Road, South Hackney, London, N.E., is interested 

in pedigrees of Cornwall, Devon and Lincolnshire families, and in BATTEN. 

33 T. K. Crossfield, 8, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London, W.C., is interested in West Suffolk. 

34 Arthur Edmund Gamier, 53, Priory Avenue, Hastings, Sussex, England, is interested in the 

GARNIER family of Vitry le Fra^ois, Champagne, France, Huguenot refugees, 1684 f Frances 
HOPKINS (or Gamier), d. 1819 |Eh'nor WYNNE (or Gamier), d. 1735 f Frances SOPER 
(or Gamier), living 1739. She re-married Philip HUBERT, Esq., after 1739 PARRY 
NIER, who md. Thomas Chambers CECIL, Marquess of EXETER, the latter d. 14 August, 
1773 (vide Burke's Peerage). 

35 Thomas Henry Harvey, Blackbrook Grove, Fareham, Hants., England, is interested in Devon, 

Cornwall, and Hants. 

36 Otto G'son Nordenstierna, Kammarskrifvare, Helsingborg, Sweden, is interested in FUST, 

Swedish and German lines COSTER, COSTER, and COESTER, Swedish, German, Dutch. 

37 A. P. M. A. Storm de Grave, Lieut. Hussars, Deventer, Holland, is interested in STORM, Sweden, 

before 1750. 

38 Mrs. Fannie J. Platt Scott, 20, Thayer Street, Rochester, New York, U.S.A., is interested in all 

Huguenot refugee families, also BARDWELL, Suffolk BOOTH, Shrubland Hall, Suffolk 
CAGE, Pakenham, Suffolk -CROFTS, Norfolk and Suffolk GLENHAM, Suffolk Hoo, Norfolk 
and Suffolk LITTLE, Shrubland Hall, Suffolk THORP, Norfolk and Suffolk TILLOTS, 
Norfolk and Suffolk QUAPLADDE Nicholas BACON, 1590-1658 ; Shrubland Hall, Suffolk ; 
md. Martha, daughter of Sir Richard BINGHAM, Marshal of Ireland. Descendants wanted. 

39 Samuel T. Morrison, Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A., is interested in CRAWFORD, Ireland, before 1792 

WORK, Scotland, before 1750 POOLE, England, before 1750 JAMES, England, before 1794 
BURGESS, Truro County ; Wales before 1700 WARFIELD, Berkshire, England, before 
1700 JONES, Baltimore County, Maryland, U.S.A., before 1750 John S. MORRISON, 
ancestors wanted, migrated from Londonderry, Ireland, 1792, to Franklin County, Penn., 
U.S.A., md. Anne GILFILLAN. 

40 A. H. Arkle, Elmhurst, Oxton, Birkenhead, England, is interested in ARKLE, South Scotland, 

especially Lanarkshire, 1500 to 1750 WILCOX, Liverpool or Essex, early i8th cent. 
John ARKLE, md. at Roberton, Lanarkshire, 1705, parentage wanted Capt. Daniel WILCOX, 
md. Liverpool, 1765, parentage wanted, perhaps Essex. 

41 John Amphlett, Clent, Stourbridge, England, is interested in AMPHLETT, any SPARRY, Staffs. 

and Wore., before 1650. 

42 Rev. F. G. Ackerley, Grindleton Vicarage, Clitheroe, England, is interested in ACKERLEY, 

Cheshire HODGSON BIGLANDS TALBOT LEWIS. Wanted Welsh lineage of Sarah 
(? LEWIS), wife of John HODGSON, of Shrewsbury, b. about 1813. 

43 Charles Edward Baker, Mapperley Rise, Sherwood, Nottingham, England, is interested in BAKER 

TEESDALE. Books, book-plates, autographs, medals, manuscripts, tokens, portraits, tracts, 
curiosities, by or relating to BAKER families wanted to purchase. 

44 Charles Hall Crouch, 48, Nelson Road, Stroud Green, London, N., is interested in CROUCH 

ASHBURNER OLD NINO HALL, Oughtibridge, nr. Sheffield, Yorks. RUTLEDGE SAN- 

45 Henry Swainson Cowper, Loddenden Manor, Staplehurst, Kent, England, is interested in USBORN 

Loddenden, Staplehurst, and elsewhere in Kent COWPER, Aldingham and Urswick, Lanes., 
before 1550. 

46 John William Brown, Crynllys, Buarth Road, Aberystwyth, Wales, is interested in BROWN, 

Dundee, before 1768 HEATH, Warwickshire, Staffs., Worcs., Salop, 1623 to 1721 ; later 

parish of St. Luke, Cripplegate, London HOLM, Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark, about 1762 

John BROWN, how related to MACKENZIE family ? Job HEATH, how related to GROSVENOR 

family ? Job HEATH, how related to MONCK (MONK) family ? 

47 John Handley, Hanna Bank, Sedbergh, England. 



48 Sir Alfred Edward Pease, Baronet, Pinchinthorpe House, Guisborough, Yorkshire, England, 

is interested in Yorkshire and Durham Quaker families, also PEASE, West Riding, Yorks., 
and Essex before 1700 GURNEY, East Anglia, before 1700 COLDWELL, Yorkshire, before 
1700 RICHARDSON, Hall, before 1700 RICHARDSON, Cleveland, before 1700 WHITWELL, 
Westmorland, Cumberland, before 1750 Wanted date of birth and parents' names of 
_ Joseph PEASE, Pease Hall, Shafton, West Riding, who md. 3 Sept., 1706, Ann COULDWELL. 

49 L. O. Eagleton, Warrin Wood, Bexley Heath, Kent, England, is interested in EAGLETON, Kent 
_ and Bucks., before 1650 DE RIPPE, before 1700. _ 

50 G. Arthur W. Booth, Hoe Place, Woking Village, Surrey, England, is interested in BOOTH. 

Information desired as to George BOOTH, Rector of Huntingfield, Suffolk, about 1570-1621, 
? from Cheshire. Also Henry BOOTH, of Bruisyard, Suffolk, whose children were baptized 
there from 1586 onwards. Also family and ? male descendants of BOOTH of Shrubland Hall, 
_ nr. Ipswich, Suffolk, early i5th cent., about 1538. _ 

51 G. N. J. Llliequist, hofrattsaktuarie, Stockholm, Sweden, is interested in ZAPFF, a German family. 

52 Reinhart Freiherr Bachofen von Echt, Schloss Murstaetten bei Lebring Steiermark, Austria, 
_ is interested in BACHOFEN VON ECHT and related families. _ 

53 Morgan Bunting, Darby, Delaware County, Penna., U.S.A., is interested in early Quaker migration 

to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, also BUNTING BLUNSTON BARTRAM CADWALLADER 
WALLADER (to Penna. from Wales), the Quaker preacher, who d. at Tortola, West Indies, 
_ 1742, aged near 66. _ ___ 

54 Henry Wyckoff Belknap, 31, Warren Street, Salem, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in BELKNAP. 

Wants information especially relating to Abraham BELKNAP and his wife, Mary --- (?), 
_ who settled in Lynn, Mass., in 1637. _ 

55 Direktor Kurt Liefeld, Friedrichswalde, b. Pirna a.E., Deutschland, interessiren Heraldik, 

Genealogie, Burgen betreffende Literatur, Urkunden und Antiquitaten 

_ _ 

56 Frederick A. Edwards, F.R.G.S., 39, Agate Road, Hammersmith, London, W., is interested in 

BEAUCHAMP, any, especially Somerset Biss or BISSE, Somerset, especially Bath EDWARDS, 

Cornwall PASSMORE, Devon John BEAUCHAMP, of Burnham or Burrington, Somerset, 

_ d. 1637- _ 

57 Gerald Fothergill (professional), n, Brussels Road, New Wandsworth, London, is interested in 

American and London families, also FOTHERGILL WILLEY PAGE, Nottingham and 
Leicester Wanted baptism of Richard, son of Henry FOTHERGILL, b. nr. Kendal, 1763. 

58 W. B. Gerish (Hon. Sec. East Herts Archaeological Society), Ivy Lodge, Bishop's Stortford, 

England, is interested in the lesser Hertfordshire families, also GERRISH, Wilts., Somerset, 
_ &c. BLYTH, Norfolk and Suffolk. _ 

59 Richard Hewlett, F.S.A., Park House, Walton-on-Thames, England, has notes on the HOWLETT 


60 Wm. Thos. Knight, Canok Lodge, Walton Park, Clevedon, Somerset, England, is interested in 

ADDERLEY, North Staffs., i7th cent. BUNNELL, North Staffs., I7th cent. SUTHERLAND, 
_ Sutherland and Caithness, I7th cent. PAUL, Perth, i8th cent. _ 

61 .-3 William Thomas Freemantle, Barbot Hill, Rotherham, England, is interested in FREEMANTLE 

SIMMONS, Booksellers, Printers, of London, Kidderminster, and Sheffield. 

62 Harry Athill-Cruttwell, M.D., &c., Hunmanby House, Bagshot, Surrey, England, is interested in 

England, before 1660, of Antigua, W.I., after that date CATANIA, H.E.I.C.S., i8th and 
I9th centuries ; ? origin Malta CANNING, date of marriage of Mary Anne REDDISH 
(formerly CANNING, mother of Rt. Hon. George Canning), nee COSTELLOE, to - - HUNN, 
about 1780-90, probably in West of England. Wanted origin of CRUTWELL arms given in 
_ Burke, " Family Crests, ' Berry, and other authorities (early igth cent, publications). 

63 William Gemmell, M.B., C.M., D.P.H., Avoca, Victoria Drive, Scotstounhill, Glasgow, Scotland, 

is interested in GAMEL, GEMMEL, GAMBLE, GAMLING, GEMBLING, and any other variation of 
the name especially interested in Sir Francis GAMUL, Mayor of Chester temp. Carolus /. 
Wanted information as to descent of John MONTGOMERIE from the House of Eglinton. 
His lawful son, Patrick, by Janet GRAY, was b. 29 Dec., 1723, at Kilbirnie, Ayrshire. 


64 J. C. Groome, 24, Ewell Road, Surbiton, England, is interested in JACKSON, Mark Lane, London 

and Swine Gate in York, about 1783 BURCHAM, Cornhill, London, and Suffolk, before 

65 Dr. H. M. Chester, Poyle, Tongham, Surrey, England, is interested in CHESTER, Suffolk, Cam- 

bridgeshire,*Herts, Essex, Surrey, before 1800 Was THOMAS, of Deptford, Kent, in 

the i8th cent, entitled to bear arms ? 

66 Emil Laftman, Nora, Sweden. 

67 H. J. Hansen, Realskolelaerer, Kjoge, Denmark, is interested in Danish and Swedish nobility 
of the Middle Ages, also TROLLE. 

68 Thomas A. Wood, Aernesholt, Wayne, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., is interested in WOOD, Hunslet, 

Leeds, Yorks., before 1830 CROWTHER-OGDEN, Hunslet, Leeds, Yorks., before 1830 
PENMAN, McTuRK and GLENDENNING, all three of Parton, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, before 
1830 McCAA, Parish Balmaghie, Scotland, before 1816 McMENzms and McMiNis, both 
of Parish Orr, Scotland, before 1800 PENMAN, John, b. Parish Parton, Kirkcudbright, 
Scotland, about 1792 ; mother, Margaret-McTurk- Penman GLENDENNING ; Further 
particulars of family desired WOOD, Thomas, md. Hannah Crowther (OGDEN) at Rothwell, 
near Leeds, Oct. 1813. Further particulars of family desired McCAA, William, Parish 
Balmaghie, Scotland, b. 25 May, 1757, d. 13 July, 1816, md. Elizabeth MCMENZIES (or 
McMiNis), Parish of Orr, Scotland. Further particulars of family desired. 

69 V. C. Sanborn, Kenilworth, Illinois, U.S.A., is interested in BACHILER, Hants, or Berks., before 

1700 BLAKE and HILLIARD, both Norfolk or Suffolk HUSSEY, Hants. KIRTLAND, Bucks. 
LEVETT, Lines, or Yorks. SAMBORNE, any TOWLE, Lines. YENDELL Stephen 
BACHILER, St. John's, Oxford, 1586. Ejected 1605 from Vicarage of Wherwell, Hants. Came 
to New England, 1632. Returned to England, 1654, with grandson Stephen SAMBORNE. 

70 Heinrich Wilh. Wallau, Mainz, Taunusstr. 51, Germany, is interested in DE LUCHET DUBOIS DE 


71 W. McB. and F. Marcham, 69, Beechwood Road, Hornsey, London, N., are interested in Horn- 

sey and Tottenham topography and genealogy CHOLMELEY, London and Middlesex, i6th 

and i7th centuries ROWE, from 1475 SKEFFINGTON, 1400-1650 SPENCER, I5th and 

i6th centuries all four families of London and Middlesex Owen ROWE (regicide) and 

Nicholas ROWE (poet), grandfathers wanted. __ 

72 Mrs. E. H. Martin, The Cottage, Westhope, Craven Arms, Shropshire, England, is interested in 

DYER, 1500-1666 Wanted baptismal certificate of George DYER, of Heytesbury, and the 
wills of his two wives, Sara, daughter of Thomas ROLFE, of Endford, Wilts., and Constance, 
daughter of Rev. William MERVYN, Rector of Boyton, Wilts. ; George Dyer md. first 1616 ; 
also his parents wanted. 

73 Edward Milward Seede Parker, Welford House, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, is 

interested in PASTON, Norfolk and Midland Counties ROGERS, Bristol and Ireland 
ROSE WELL, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire RAWLINS, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire 
MANSEL Certified evidence required of relationship (if any) existing between John PASTON, 
of Norfolk (1421-1466), husband of Margaret MAUTEBY, or of any descendant of theirs, 
and either of the following Nicholas PASTON, King Swinford, Stafford, 1603-1621 ; John, 
same place, d. 1636 ; W T illiam, living at Hales Owen, Shropshire, 1607 ; Edward, of Hales 
Owen, son of John, d. 1697 ; John, his son, Welford-on-Avon, Glouc. ; d. 1689. No fee 
above a total of 5 will be paid for this evidence. 

74 Mrs. Marshall Rigby, White Knowle, Buxton, England, is interested in ABERCROMBY, Falkirk, 

i8th cent. BROWN, Falkirk, London, Shropshire ROSE, York, Sevenoaks, Seal, London, 
& c< GORDON DICKENSON, Shropshire and Staffordshire YORK, Shropshire BETTS, 
Northamptonshire, Bucks, London WALL, Northamptonshire, &c. LONSDALE, Kent 
Mrs. Elizabeth ROSE, buried at Seal, 1783. Wanted information of her marriage, &c. 
ABERCROMBY, wanted marriage with GORDON, i8th cent. 

75 John Cudworth Whitebrook (professional), Palseographist and Record Agent, 32, Upper Park 

Road, New Southgate, London, N., is interested in CUDWORTH WHITEBROOK WASE 
PRICE, Radnorshire, i8th cent. PATTERSON, Alnwick Wanted places and dates of birth, 
marriage and death of Wyan and William CUDWORTH (b. about 1720), probably in West- 



76 Alfred Denton Cheney, F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S., &c., 23, Billiter Street, London, E.C., is interested 
in CHENEY and DENTON families. 

77 K. Baker, 35, Duke Street, St. James, London, S.W., is interested in KINGTON, Wilts, and 

Somerset BARTON, Wilts. BAKER, Surrey and Hants, (neighbourhood of Guildford and 
Alton) KINGTON, wanted information connecting Anthony of Upton Scudamore, Atworth, 
Corsham, Wilts, and Beckington, Somerset ; md. 1656, d. 1712 ; brother Richard ; with 
Lawrence of Fovant, Wilts. ; d. 1670 ; and with Lawrence of Upton Scudamore, Corsham, 
Beckington and Atworth ; md. 1608, d. 1636 ; Children Lawrence, Anthony, Richard and 
daughters ; and with William, of Atworth and Upton Scudamore, d. 1546 ; Children 
Richard (of Jaggards ?), William, Lawrence, John, Anthony and Elizabeth. 

78 Robert Gray, F.R.C.P., 4, Charlemont Place, The Mall, Armagh, Ireland, is interested in the 

Scottish GRAY family of latter end of the I7th cent, of Edinburgh ; information 

(especially birthplace) wanted about three brothers, John, Richard and James, who came 

to Ireland about 1696, settled in Enagh, Armagh, said to have been born near Edinburgh 

in middle of I7th cent. 

79 Henry Adams, 60, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.G., and The Cedars, Brockley View, Forest 

Hill, London, S.E., is interested in the family of ADAMS, East Anglia, before 1800 Place 

and date of marriage wanted of JOHN ADAMS, of Tooley Street, London, formerly of Great 

Yarmouth, about 1790. 

80 Reginald Boucher, Kempsey House, near Worcester, England, is interested in BOUCHER 

(or BOUCHIER), especially Wilts, and Oxfordshire BUTCHER, Wiltshire, before 1800. 

81 Johannes Rudbeck, Stockholm, Sweden. 

82 Valentine HllSSey- Walsh, 16, Avenue du Trocadero, Paris, is interested in WALSH, Mount Talbot, 

Roscommon, before 1787, Cranagh, Rcscommon, before 1700 HENLEY (or HANLEY), 
Malahide before 1810, Co. Tipperary O'CONNOR, Castleruby and Tuomona, Co. Roscommon ; 
Sellihane, Co. Galway HINDRY (or HENDRY), Cratloe and Feenagh, Co. Clare Wanted 
information about Michael HENLEY, of La Mamba, Co. Dublin (1761-1825), son of Henry 
Henley, of Malahide, d. 1810 Malachy O'CONNOR, of Sellihane, Co. Galway, living in Tuam, 
1641, d. 1680 Hugh O'CONNOR, freeman of City of London (1730-1801), son of Dominick 
O'C., of Ballintubber, Co. Roscommon. 

83 Theodore S. Lazell, 184, East 52nd Street, Chicago, 111., U.S.A. 

84 Heinrich Ewald Buchholz, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. 

85 Karl Kiefer (beraflich = professional), Frankfurt a. Main Sa., Schulstr. 10, Deutschland. 

86 Rev. F. H. Weston, Lastingham Vicarage, Sinnington, R.S.O., Yorks., England, is interested in 

WESTON, Berks., Bucks., Oxfordshire, Northants., 1600-1700 Bishop Stephen WESTON 
of Exeter, b. at Famborough, Berks., 1664 ; what relations had he ? Also parentage 
wanted of John Weston, probably b. at Oxford or neighbourhood about 1690. 

87 Frank Ward, 38, Wordsworth Road, Small Heath, England, is interested in WARD, Staffs., 

Derbyshire and Notts. POLE WRIGHT, Lichfield HOBBINS Anne POLE, great-grand- 
daughter of George, Duke of Clarence, md. about 1550 Thos. HILDERSHAM. Information 
wanted as to her second marriage to W T ARD, supposed to have lived at Burton-on-Trent. 

88 Francis J. Cade, Mosborough, The Park, Cheltenham, England, is interested in CADE, especially 

Scarsdale Hundred of Derbyshire, before 1750 ANTILL, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, 
before 1750 Ancestry and date of birth wanted of John CADE, Master of Free School, 
Quarndon, Derby, d. August 1779, greatly advanced in years. 

89 Lieut.-Col. Fynmore, J.P., Wykeham House, Sandgate, Kent, England, is interested in Officers 

of Sandgate Castle, 1539-1851 ; also in KEYES, Brockley, Greenwich, Folkestone, 1528-74 

REAH, Jamaica, 1750-90 PATTEN, Oxford, 1700-50 MASON, Reading, Oxford, 1585- 

1620 STUBBS, Basingstoke, 1775-1814 Wanted name of first wife of Thomas KEYES. 

His second wife was Lady Mary GREY, sister to Lady Jane. He d. 1571. 

90 Hardinge F. Giffard, F.S.A., Lunacy Commission, 66, Victoria Street, London, S.W., is interested 

in GIFFARD (or GIFFORD) SCOTT, Essex, and branches in Herts., London and Norfolk " 
FITZWARINE, any, especially Brightleigh HILL, on ? counterchanged field a lion passant 
CHAMBERS (or DE LA CHAMBERS), Sussex, present representatives. 

91 J. Nesbitt Dowling, 67, Douglas Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, England. 



32 H. C. Fanshawe, 72, Philbeach Gardens, London, S.W., is interested in MILDMAY, Chelmsford 

BOURCHIER, Barnesley, Gloucs. HARRISON, Lanes. SWELLING, London LE GRYS, 

_ Norfolk. _ 

93 Hellier Gosselin-Grimshawe, Errwood Hall, Buxton, England, is interested in FEERY, Edworth, 

Beds. GOSSELIN, Jersey, 1339-1400 HADSLEY, any HADSLIE, any HUMBERSTONE, 
Herts, and Essex LAWRENCE, Herts., 1680-1750 MANNISON, Edworth, Beds., 1690-1790 
RAYMENT, Barkway and Bennington, Herts., 1600-1760. 

94 Lieut.-Col. W. O. Cavenagh, The Red House, St. Margarets-at-Cliffe, Dover, England, is in- 

terested in KAVANAGH (or CAVENAGH), Leinster, 1600-1750 ODIARNE, Isle of Oxney, 
_ Kent. _ 

95 Miss O. M. Heath, Albury, Guildford, Surrey, England, is interested in fSLOMAN, London, i8th 

cent. t^KENHEAD, Newcastlc-on-Tyne, before 1790 fFASSON, before 1750 fDrxoN, 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, before 1759 Ancestors wanted of James BARCLAY, of Dalkeith, 
schoolmaster, d. about 1769 Parents wanted of John-Fenn HALFORD and Thomas 
HALFORD, ? brothers, ? b. about 1750. 

96 Rev. Arthur Hillersdon Snowden, Ketton Vicarage, Stamford, England, is interested in SNOW- 

DEN, before 1733, when family was living in or near Ripon, especially wants information 
about ancestors of George SNOWDEN, b. 1733 at or near Ripon, also Arms and Crest. 

97 Count Eugene von Rosen, Orbyhus Castle, Sweden, is interested in VON ROSEN. 

' 98 Jhr. W. A. BeelaertS van Btokland, Koninginnegracht 62, The Hague, Holland. _ 

99 Arthur F. Bardwell, 91, Woodside Terrace, Springfield, Mass., U.S.A. _ 

100 Mrs. Mary Stevens Beall, 1643, Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. _ 

101 Dr. phil. Philipp Losch, Kgl. Bibliothekar, Steglitz, Berlin, Kaiser Wilhelmstr. 21, Deutschland. 

102 John Hobson Matthews (professional), Somerset House, Monmouth, is interested in MATTHEWS, 

Norfolk and Cornwall, i8th cent. HOBSON, North Lincolnshire, before 1800 LEMAL, 
France, Cornwall, before 1750 COLE, Bristol, about 1820 ROSE WALL Wanted informa- 
tion as to the arms : " Sable, a chevron between three escallops argent," ascribed to 
MATHEWS by Gwillim in 1780 ; also information of Sir Cornelius COLE who md. Rachel 
_ REED of Tenby, 1827. _ ____^_ _ 

103 F. S. Snell, The Ferns, Burroughs, Hendon, London, N.W., is interested in SNELL, Berks, 
_ Bucks., Oxon PILE, Wilts. _ __ _ 

104 William Brad brook, M.R.C.S., Bletchley, Bucks., England, is interested in Huguenot genealogy 

(French) and in Worcestershire families, also in BRADBROOK(E) and BRAYBROOK(E), before 
_ 1800 HOOD, Norfolk and Suffolk, 1600-1800. _ _^___ __ 

105 Rev. Edward Cookson, 34, Warrington Road, Ipswich, England, is interested in CHORLEY, 

Somerset COOKSON, Yorks. HILL, Yorks. 

106 Joseph Joshua Green, 182, Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells, England, is interested in 

Quaker and Flemish Huguenot families to 1800, also in DOLEING (or DOLLING), Bristol 
i7th cent. RUDDLE, Bristol and District, I7th cent. DRAKE, Clifton and Liversedge, 
Yorks, 1550-1660 GURNELL, Spooner's Close, Cartmel Fell, 1550-1750 ILBERRY, Berks., 
1600-1700 MARKES, Gayton and Pattishall, Northants., 1570-1750 TUBE, Bath, 1650- 
1800 WILMER, Co. Warwick, especially Sherborne WELFOOT, St. Helens Auckland 
ALCHORNE, Sussex Wanted i7th cent, marriages family of MARKES, Gayton, Northants. 
Wanted parentage of Ann COLDWELL, wife of Joseph PEASE, of Felkirk, Yorks. _ 

107 Henry Hutchins French, Sutton, Surrey, England, is interested in FRENCH, Essex, Suffolk, 
_ Cambs. _ ___ _ 

108 Herbert Druitt, Christchurch, Hants., England, is interested in DRUITT, any BRACEBRIDGE, 

Southampton, since beginning I7th cent. TORY, Lincolnshire and Dorset GOLDWYER, 
Somerford, Hants. BUGG, Dorset HARVEY, Hemsworth, Dorset. 

109 Joseph Hambley Rowe, M.B., C.M., 88, Horton Grange Road, Bradford, Yorks., England, 

is interested in all Cornish families, Men of Genius, Airedale and Wharfedale families, also 
in BRANWELL, Cornwall BRONTE (or PRUNTY) BOLLAND, Wharfedale HAMBLEY (or 
HAMLY) HARVEY, Cornwall POLGLASE ROWE, Cornwall LEYL AND, Wharfedale WADE, 
Skipton WRATHALL, Wharfedale. 



110 Henry Hartopp, 81, Barclay Street, Narborough Road, Leicester, England, is interested in 
HARTOPP (or HORTOPP), Kent, before 1530. 

111 E. Dwelly, " Ardmor," Hill Crest, Herne Bay, Kent, England, is especially interested in Somer- 

setshire, Devon and Dorset families, also fSwEET, Devon, before 1784 tDEAN, Salop, 
before 1804 fHiLL, Bucks, before 1761 fDoRRELL, Devon, before 1760 fLucAS, before 
1804 fCAMBERS, Hampton, Middlesex, before 1805 DWELLY DE WELLES WELLES 
fWiLLiAMS, Salop, especially Shrewsbury, before 1805 John DWELLY, who d. at Kelston, 
Somerset, 1792, was living there 1744. Wanted place and date of birth of himself and 
wife Ann (d. Kelston, aged 87, 1805), also her maiden name and both their mothers' maiden 
names, also any data about J. D.'s ancestors. 

112 Colonel J. V. V. Baker, Provis, Batcombe, Evercreech, Bath, England, is interested in all 

Huguenot refugee families, also in VASHON, London and Waterford, 1685-1739 fVoLANT 
BAKER, Bristol, i8th cent. Descendants wanted of Peter VASHON, Sheriff of Water- 
ford, Ireland, 1735, and of SIMON VASHON, junior, who was mayor three times. 

113 Govert Indebetou, Linnegatan, 81, Stockholm, Sweden, is interested in IN DE BETOU INDE- 


114 Th. R. Valck Lucassen, 42, Koninginnegracht, The Hague, Holland, is interested in MORRIS, 

Monmouths., Wales, before 1660, afterwards of Morrisania, N.Y., U.S.A., and Holland 
Ancestors wanted of James GRAHAM, Attorney-General of the province of New York about 
1690 ; his daughter, Isabella, md. Lewis MORRIS, of Morrisania, Governor of New Jersey 
Wanted information about Mary WALTON, wife of General Lewis MORRIS, signer of the 
Declaration of Independence, U.S.A., and her family. 

115 Geo. W. Chamberlain, 29, Hillside Ave., Maiden, Mass., U.S.A. 

116 C. G. Hubbard, M.D., Hovnell, New York, U.S.A. ~ 

117 John T. Kemp, Silver Birches, Gotham Grove, Bristol, England, is interested in KEMP, Essex 
TABOR, any. 

118 Henry R. Leighton, F.R.Hist.S., East Boldon, R.S.O., Co. Durham, England, is interested 

in Durham and South Northumbrian (Tyne Valley) families, also in LEIGHTON BATES, 
Holywell, Prudhoe, Northumb. THOMPSON, Guisborough, Upleatham, Yorks. HIND- 
MARSH, Wallsend, Benton, Northumb. EWBANKE, any before 1700 BRAITHWAITE, Dar- 
lington SCARTH, Cleveland, Yorks. FRENCH, Ryton, Durham FITZWARINE, before 1200 
GREEN, Corbridge, Bywell, Northumb., before 1800 Information relative to Richard 
THOMPSON, R.N., about 1790 desired. 

119 Vere L. Oliver, Whitmore Lodge, Sunninghill, England, is interested in all West Indian families, 

also in ADEY, Co. Glouc. BENETT, Co. Wilts. BROWN, Leesthorpe, Co. Leic. LANGFORD, 
Cos. Somerset, Wilts., Dorset NASH, Portugal OLIVER, Bristol and Malmesbury chiefly 
Information desired about Jonas LANGFORD, a Quaker, who emigrated to the West Indies 
in 1660. 

120 W. G. Richards, " Holywell," Combe-in-Teignhead, Teignmouth, Devon, England, is interested 


121 J. W. FawCCtt, Satley, Tow Law, Co. Durham, England, is interested in pedigrees belonging to 

the County of Durham, of which he has over 5,000, also in ASKELL, Durham, Yorks. 
CHARLTON, Tyneside FAWCETT, Corbridge, Northumb. 

122 Leonard Morgan May, 60, Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, Kent, England, is interested in 

VAUX family, especially wishes to know from whom Robert W., of Harefield, Middlesex, i8th 
cent., is descended BARNARD family, and from whom is Francis B., of London, Doctor, 
about 1800, descended ? GAMES family, and from whom is William-Langhorne G., of 
Hampstead, d. 1732, descended ? Information wanted about any RICHARDS families 
except those contained in " Berry," especially the Irish branch. 

123 Rev. W. E. Bartlam, Christ Church Vicarage, Wakefield, England, is interested in BARTLAM 

(or BERTRAM, the earlier name), of Northumb. before 1290, after that date settled at Shell, 
Worcestershire, and in Warwickshire Information wanted connecting Robert BERTRAM, 
"Miles de Beauchamp " (vide Chron. of time Edward II.), killed at Bannockburn, and 
Richard BERTRAM, Shell, Worcestershire, 1292. 



124 T. Hoffmann-Baginski, Hauptmann a.D., Burg Berwartstein-Erlenbach bei Dahn, Pfalz, 


125 F. W. Baker, P.O. Box 256, Bridgeport, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in BAKER pedigrees before 

1650 fBAKER, of the Weald of Kent before 1660 Antecedents wanted of the brothers, 
Thomas and Richard BAKER, who, with their nephew John, and their niece Katherine, 
left England for America about 1640. They were from the Weald of Kent. 

126 Rev. Wm. Doveton Keith-Steele, St. Jude's Vicarage, Mildmay Park, London, N., is interested 

in STEELE, Cumberland (Bewcastle and Carlisle district), " from Cheshire " originally, about 
1700-1750 WHITFIEI.D, Fck. or Fck. P(arry), son of Thos. and Jane Whitfield, Whixall ? 
or Threapwod, Shropshire ; wanted data birth about 7 January, 1827, and other parental 

127 Count Carl Trolle-Bonde, Trolleholm, Sweden. 

128 Friherre Fredrik Magnus Stackelberg (professional), Wiborg, Finland. 

129 Silas Carmi Wheat, 987, Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A., wishes to trace the ancestors 

of Joshua Wheat, aged 17 in 1635 ; certificate from the minister of St. Saviour's, South- 
wark ; returned 1640 to father, then living ; his brother, Moses, remained in America. 

130 Wm. Byron Handy (professional), 585, Tremont Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

131 Oskar von Koscielski, Oberleutnant im Infanterie Regiment, No. 31, Wielandstr. 29', Altona 
bei Hamburg, Deutschland. 

132 Harry Speight, Priestthorpe, Bingley, Yorks., England (author of Yorkshire books), is interested 

in all Yorkshire families, also in SPEIGHT, Yorks. (wants connection with " Thomas SPIGHT 
of Yorkshire," Visit, of London, 1634) CURRER, Yorks., I7th century SUGDEN, Yorks. 
(Lord St. Leonard's branch) MOORHOUSE, Craven, Yorks. Wants proof of parentage of 
Thomas HARDCASTLE, who settled at Bolton-le-Moors, Lanes., in or before 1799. 

133 Bernard P. Scatter good, M.A., 7, Cookridge Street, Leeds, England, is interested in KIMBERLEY, 

Bromsgrove, Wore. PAGE, Stockton-on-Tees, 1650-1900 WHARTON, Descendants of 
Thomas, second son of Thomas, second Lord W. SCATTERGOOD, any, English or American 
GILBERT, London, i8th cent. KEMP, London, end of i8th cent. AISLABIE, any 
JARVIS (or JERVIS, &c.), London, i7th cent. BURNISTON, Cheshire and East Indies, 
I7th cent. Five guineas reward offered for the birth or baptism of Thomas SCATTER- 
GOOD, who md. Hannah KIMBERLEY at Bromsgrove, Wore., in 1735. The same for any 
proof of connection between S. family and Bromsgrove or neighbourhood before that date. 
The same for the marriage of Thomas S. and Elizabeth JARVIS ( JERVIS, &c.), probably in 
London about 1667 ; perhaps a Quaker marriage. Two guineas reward for the marriage of 
Matthias S. and Judith NORTH, in London, about 1655. One guinea for birth or baptism 
of any of their children. John BURNISTON was Deputy Governor of Bombay at the end 
of the i7th cent. (d. 1704) ; wanted his parentage, arms, and any information about 
him or his family. There is reason to think that he had two daughters, Arabella (md. 

firstly FORBE, md. secondly John SCATTERGOOD), and Sarah, md. William POWNALL, 

father of Governor Pownall. Proof is required. 

134 Percy A. Bowyer, A.C.A., 3, Eastcheap, London, E.G., is interested in BOWYER PAGET, Kent 

and Surrey LUXFORD, Sussex. Wanted marriage of Thomas BOWYER and Margaret, 
daughter of Richard LUXFORD, of East Grinstead, Sussex, in 1666. 

135 Raymond Tinne Berthon, c/o Mr. T. W. Ellis, Treglow Villa, The Lizard, Cornwall, England, 

is interested in DAVAL, St, Anne's, Blackfriars, and Covent Garden, London fGELSKERK, 
The Hague HARRISON, Limehouse, Stepney LYON, Liverpool and Thingwall, Lanes. 
PARK, Water and Dale Streets, Liverpool PARR, Westleigh, Lanes. Wanted maiden 
name of Ellen BIRCH, of Liverpool, widow, md. Chester, 1706, to John PARK, of Liverpool 
Wanted first wife of Peter DAVAL, of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Gent., md. secondly 1695 
Priscilla Burges Wanted maiden name of Mary, Mrs. John LYON, of Liverpool and Thing- 
wall, md. before 1713 Identification of Arms : Or, a fesse chequy Argent and Azure, 
between in chief three cross-crosslets and in base a covered cup with handles Gules. Is 
"~ this a STEWART or BURGES coat ? 

136 Rev. Reginald Illingworth Woodhouse, The Rectory, Merstham, is interested in ILLINGWORTH, 

Bradford, Yorks. HALL, Wilts. Wanted information about James WOODHOUSE, of 
Rowley Regis, b. 1735, d. 1820, and kindred relations. 


137 Ralph J. Beevor, Reymerston, Manor Road, St. Albans, England, is interested in AYTON, 

Norfolk and Suffolk BEEVER, Penistone, Yorks. GRIFFIN, Westminster and London 
LUBBOCK POSTLE Wanted evidence of marriage of Abraham BEEVER and Elizabeth 
(? SAVILE), about 1650-57, probably in West Riding. 

138 Rev. F. J. BadCOCk, St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, England, is interested in BADCOCK, 

Ashbury and Pyrton, before 1750 WEST, Hythe, before 1800 RICHARDS, Berks., before 
1700 BRADSHAW, Windrush and Kelmscott, before 1700 SMITH, Minster Lovell, before 
1750 HATHERWAY, Filkins, Oxon., before 1750 AYLMER, Bp. of London, i6th cent. 
SILVESTER, Berks., before 1700 BROOKES, Hanney, Berks., before 1700 DEANE, Hamble- 
don, before 1750 Wanted information about Mary IREMONGER, who md. Charles MAY, 
of Burghfield, in 1741. 

139 J. Pim Strangman, 9, Clydesdale Road, Netting Hill, London, W., is interested in STRANGMAN, 

1581-1610 Robert and Thomas STRANGMAN, of Hadleigh Castle, Essex, 1581, of Chilton 

and Liston, Suffolk, 1610 ; Robert S. md. Susan FORDE, widow of FORDE, of Stam- 

bridge, Essex ; Thomas S. md. Dorothy ; dates of their marriages ? ; wanted also infor- 
mation concerning Michael S., of Canterbury, 1160-1180 ; Michael S. is mentioned in the 
STRANGMAN pedigree compiled about 1612 by Augustine Vincent, Deputy Keeper of Records 
in the Tower and subsequently Windsor Herald. This pedigree was deposited in the 
Heralds' College about 1626. The Strangman pedigree has since been completed up to 
the present time by this contributor and it has been duly recorded in the Heralds' College. 

140 Miss Lilian Dean, 29, Craven Hill Gardens, London, W., is interested in DEANE, Weare, 

Somerset, before 1640 BEAKMAN (or BEATMAN ?) FINLAY, Canada, especially before 
1796 ROSSER W'anted connection of Robert DEANE, of Weare, Somerset, b. 1640, d. 1711, 
with the DEANE family of Dromore. 

141 Walter Markby, 24, Westbourne Terrace Road, London, W., is interested in MARKBY MORLEY, 

1675 to 1775 Wanted birthplace of William MARKBY, of Cambridge md. Elizabeth 
MORLEY, at Cambridge 1715, and d. at Cambridge 1760. 

142 Ph. von Platen, Ystad, Sweden. 

143 J. J. Reddingius, LL.D., Zutphen, Holland, is interested in fREDDiNG(ius), England, West- 

falen, before 1615. The family is said to have had an English origin. S. Leigh's "Supple- 
menta Critica " is said to include a reference to an author named REDDING or REDDINGIUS. 
The family has been traced back to Jodocus REDDINCK, b. in 1566 on Schultenhause 
" Reddingeshove " ? (nr. Hamm, Westfalen ? ; Osnabriick ?) His first wife of three before 
1615 ? Since 1603 until the present the family has always been represented among the 
Dutch clergy. Coat of Arms : A chevron between three cramps (? azure and argent). 
Are these Arms known ? 

144 Frank Barnum Culver, 1501, Linden Ave., Baltimore, Md., U.S.A. 

145 Bernard A. Leonard, De Pere, Brown County, Wisconsin, U.S.A., is interested in families of 

the following : Roger AMMIDOUN, Salem, Mass., before 1637 J onn DEIGHTON, Gloucester, 
England, md. Jane BASSETT Richard ELLIS, Dedham, Mass., before 1636 Solomon 
LEONARD, Monmouthshire, England, and Leyden, Holland Peter NOYES, Penton, South- 
ampton, England, 1638 William ORCUTT, Scituate, Mass., before 1667 John ROPER, 
New Bucknam, England, before 1637 Who was Sarah, the first wife of Roger AMMIDOUN ; 
any information about him wanted. Who was the father of Solomon LEONARD, the earliest 
settler in America ? 

146 Otto Katlffmann, Fabrikant, Hildastrasse 15, Mannheim-on-the-Rhein, Germany. 

147 Conway Dighton, (professional), 2, Blenheim Terrace, Cheltenham, England, is interested 

in fHoPKiNS, Llanfihangel, Mon., Newland, Glouc. jHowELL, Pembroke, I7th cent. 
fKEYT, Alcester, i6th cent. fLiSTER, Old Ford, Middlesex, I7th cent. fMsiN, 
Madras, 1795-1810 *NASON, Stratford-on-Avon and Warwick *PEMBRIDGE (or PEMBRUGE) 
Heref. and Glouc. Peds. 1569-1683 with cont. fWHEAT, Coventry and Walsall, i6th 
cent. Sam. ALLEN, Senior, Lisconnan, Dervock, Antrim, d. 1820 ; wanted wife's name, 
surname and connection with ADAIR family of Loughanmore, Park Gate, Belfast Rich. 
BAYLY, Presid. St. John's, Oxon; wanted kinship to Archbishop LAUD (Walker, Suff. Cler.). 

148 Lieut.-Colonel Fishwick, F.S.A., The Heights, Rochdale, England. 

149 j.Rev. Allen Stewart Hartigan, 56, South Parade, Banbury, Oxon, England. 



150 Rev. H. L. L. Denny, M.A., Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, London, S.W., is interested in ALEN, 

Kildare CONINGSBY, Herefordshire DAY, especially Kerry DENNY, especially Essex, 
Herts., Norfolk and Kerry FOREST, especially Hunts. LAW, Scotland and Ireland 
LIMRICK, especially Ireland LYSTER (or LISTER), Roscommon MAYNARD especially 
London and Cork, before 1700 ROPER (Viscounts BALTINGLASS, &c.) TROUTBECK, 
Cheshire, before 1550 Did Ruth, daughter of Christopher ROPER (brother of the last 
Viscount BALTINGLASS) and wife of Thomas LANGLEY, leave descendants ? 

151 Charles Reginald Haines, Skeyne House, Pulborough, Sussex, England, is interested in all 

Baptist literature before 1700, also in HAINES, Sussex, before 1550 HAINES, HAYNES, &c., 
London and Home Counties before 1780 MOLINE, London, before 1700 (? French or Dutch) 
PRICHARD, Herefordshire and Wales, before 1650 HOOK (or HOOKE), Charleston, So. 
Carolina, before 1719 Peter MOLINE, b. about 1673, London. Will Dec. 1719, sealed with 
Earl's coronet and monogram, A at back D.C. and H. interlocked. 

152 Edwin Richards, J.P., Heathfield, Nantyderry, Abergavenny, Wales, is interested in all 

PERROTT families of Breconshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, also in JONES, Cadoxton 
juxta Neath WILLIAMS, Bedwellty. 

153 Rev. M. B. Wynne, West Allington Rectory, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England, is interested 

in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Middlesex families, also in WYNNE, STARKEE, BACON, 
CRYMES, BOVINGTON, all in i8th cent. 205. Reward will be given by him for the baptism 
of Peter WYNNE, and Elinor his sister. He was b. in 1684 ! a ^ so IOs - Reward for the baptism 
of PETER WYNNE, son of the above, b. 1713. He had an elder sister Sarah, b. about 1710, 
and another, Jane. Mother's name believed to have been Gertrude (nee STARKEY). Also 
los. Reward for marriage of Peter WYNNE about 1707. It is believed the above were 
baptized in Kent or Sussex. Information about the parentage of Gertrude STARKEY is also 
wanted, and place of burial, probably Kent or Middlesex between 1718 and 1724. 

154 Colonel Edmund Cresswell Peele, Cyngfeld, Shrewsbury, England, is interested in PEELE, 

and especially wants information about Joseph P., whose daughter Dorothy md. John 
COPPENGER of Lincoln's Inn, London (d. Nov. 1758), and Joshua P. (son of Joseph), solicitor, 
member of the firm of " Wilson & Peele," London. 

155 Guy E. Winthrop, 42, Fitzgeorge Avenue, Kensington, London, W., is interested in WINTHROP, 

and especially wants proof that Stephen W., who d. 1685, was son of Joshua W., of 
Michells, near Bandon, Co. Cork, also name of Joshua's wife, date of Stephen's birth, likewise 
Joshua's, and pedigree before 1498. 

156 Colonel F. A. H. Lambert, United Service Club, Pall Mall, London, and Woodmansterne, 

near Epsom, is interested in WILMOT, Surrey, Oxon, London THORNHILL, Notts., Lincoln, 
Wilts., Kent, Barbados. 

157 Fil. Kand. Vilhelm Ljungfors, (professional), Lund, Sweden, Editor of " Svenska Slakter " 

(= Swedish Families), is interested in Walloon families, also in CLERCK (or KLERCK), 
Scotland (particularly before 1600), England, America, South Africa BILLING (or BILLINGS), 
America, Germany (Elsass), France AHSBERG, Germany (Wismar) A(A)GA(A)RD, 
Denmark, Germany WULFF, Denmark, Germany MODEE (or MODEER), America 
i SCHREIL, America HENCKEL, Germany, Denmark. 

158 R. Mahon, Simla, India, is interested in MAHON, Barbados, and especially wants information 

about Michael M., who d. in the Island of Barbados in 1744, and is buried in St. John's 

159 Hon. Charles TubbS, Osceola. TiogaCo., Pa., U.S.A., is interested in early New England families 

settled in Northern Pennsylvania, also in TUBES, Cambridge, England, before 1635 
WARREN, Weymouth, Mass., 1638 BACON, Roxbury, Mass., 1665 GLEASON, Charlestown, 
Mass., 1653 Wanted maiden name of Mercy, who md. Samuel TUBES. He was b. 1699, 
Lyme, Ct. Wanted maiden name and residence after marriage of Mary, who md. Joseph 
BACON. He was b. 1731, Woodstock, Ct. Wanted maiden name of Catherine, who md. 
John WARREN. He was b. 1745, Plainfield, Ct. 

160 Walter von St. Paul Illaire, Kaiserl. Bezirks Amtmann a. D., Berlin, W. 9, Potsdamerstr. 10^11, 

is interested in VON ST. PAUL (DE SAINT PAUL). 

161 William Louis King, 6, Mill Street, Maidstone, England, is interested in HENHAM, East Anglia 

and Kent, before 1600 IDEN, Kent. 


162 Horace Ludington, M.D., Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A., is interested in LUDINGTON fLuDDiNGTON, 

1500-1637, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, England PAGANS fHiGGiNS fEGGLESTON 
fPiERSON, 1700-1800, Connecticut, Massachusetts From what port, on what vessel, did 
William LUDINGTON (b. about 1608, md. Helen ), sail for America about 1636 ? 

163 Colonel H. W. Pook, 121, Hither Green Lane, Lewisham, London, S.E., is interested in Nevis 

and St. Kitts families, also in BLOOD fBuRGES (or BURGESS), East Sussex BURT, EARLE, 
JULIUS, all of Leeward Islands fP ECKHAM > East Sussex fPrccHER, St. Clement Danes, 
London SHARRY, St. Kitts, iSth cent. fSnERRY VAN POUCKE, Low Countries, i7th 
cent. John LUCAS, of Dublin, will 1579 '> ^ wo sons, Peter and Silvester ; their children ? 
Richard PILKINGTON, b. Lanes, about 1635 '> parentage ? John POOKE, md. Susanna 
about 1720 ; their son John md. Sarah about 1755 ; marriages in or near Devon ; wives' 
names ? Garrett TYRRELL, of Kildangan, md. a daughter of John GIFFARD, of Castle 
Jordan, about 1678 ; which daughter ? Johannes VAN POUCKE md. Maria DERVEAU, 
Dutch Church, Austin Friars, 1688 ; children ? 

164 Bellingham A. Somerville, Clermont, Rathnew, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, is interested in 
f& SOMERVILLE. ,______ 1 ___ 

165 George Brownen, Talnas, Grove Road,tChristchurch, Hants., England, is interested in BROWNEN 

(or BROWNING), West of England, chiefly Hants, and Wilts, to Devon. 

166 H. J. B. Clements, Killadoon, Celbridge, Ireland, is interested in CLEMENTS (or CLEMENT) 

Cardigan, Kent, Somerset, Devon, Dorset Rev. William MOORE, Rector of Kilternel and 
Liskenpere, Diocese of Ferns, Prebendary of Clone, 1694, md. firstly Elizabeth MASTERSON, 
widow, secondly Alice, daughter of Henry MARTIN and widow of Thomas WHITFIELD, 
d. intestate, 1705. Parentage wanted. 

167 William M. Tapp, LL.D., F.S.A., 57, St. James Street, Piccadilly, London, S.W., is interested 

168 Honble. Lady Leighton Warren, Tabley House, Knutsford, Cheshire, England. 

169 George Percy Townend, 39, Heidelberg Road, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, is interested 

in JOWETT HOLDEN TOWNEND. Wishes to obtain particulars of the family of Richard 
TOWNEND, Town Clerk of York in 1820, and of his brothers' families. 

170 Henry Elliot Maiden, 7, South Square, Gray's Inn, London, W.C., is interested in any Surrey 

Landholders and in MALDEN, Essex BETHUNE, Fife WHATMAN HARRIS, Papermaker, of 

Kent Wanted names of parents of James WHATMAN, surgeon, Maidstone Three sisters 

md. John DAY, of Antigua, John TADDY and Richard HARRIS (of Maidstone), 1734. Surname 


171 Mrs. Vincent Wortley Corbett, Chilton Moor, Fence Houses, Co. Durham, England, is interested 

in SWANN, Hull and York, i7th cent. BRITTON, Forest Hill, Kent ERNST CASE, 
Great Fransham, Norfolk Descendants wanted of John Swann, of Hull, merchant, d. 1638. 
Also parentage of Thomas S., of York, b. 1700, ancestor of SWANN of York and of Askham 
Hall. Also ancestors of General DE HANN. 

172 Lieutenant Lennart Be If rage, 34, Norr Malnrstrand, Stockholm, Sweden, is interested in 

BELFRAGE, England, Scotland and Sweden. BEAUFOY, Normandy and England Wanted 
information about William BELFRAGE, of Pennington and Tulliochi, in Scotland, md. 
Margareta, daughter of Lorence MERCER, of Aldrie ; his grandson, Henry B., of Pennington, 
md. Joneta, daughter of Jacob BALRAM, Baron of Balram, and Lady Elizabeth STEWART of 
Buckleve ; their son, Hans, b. in Culross, 1614, settled with his mother in Sweden, 1624. 
Present owners and situation of Pennington and Tulliochi ? 

173 Major H. F. Walters, I24th D.C.O. Baluchistan Infy., Loralai, Baluchistan, India, is interested 

in BUDD, Bishops Waltham, Hants., 1750 FLAMSTEAD (or FLAMSTEED) LANSDALL, 
Collingham ROLLE- WALTER VODIN, Gosport, Hants., 1695-1758, and Guernsey WALTER, 
Stalbridge and Blandford, Dorset, before 1745 ; Worcester Park, Surrey, before 1745 ; 
Westminster ; Thingden, Northants., before 1515 ; *Crawdon ; *Barbados ; *Salisbury 
*Sarsden ; *Glamorgan ; *Devon ; *Pembroke ; *Condell, Yorks. ; *Wimbledon 
WALTERS, Dorset, Hants. Peter WALTER, of Stalbridge Park, Dorset, 1663-1746, and 
John W., of Worcester Park, Surrey, d. 1745 ; wanted any information concerning ancestry 

and near relations of above John WALTERS, b. about 1670, md. Sarah , both of 

Blandford, Dorset, moved about 1700 to Portsmouth ; wanted any information. 



174 Mortimer A. Allen, 2640, Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111., U.S.A. 

175 Charles T. Caldwell, M.D., 1309, Ninth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 

176 Edward Conder, F.S.A., J.P., The Conigree Court, Newent, Gloucestershire, England. 

177 Lieut. -Colonel G. S. Parry, 18, Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne, England, is interested in 

PARRY PERRY HARVEY, Essex, London Daniel HARVEY, R.N., </.[at Wivenhoe, 1793, 
aged 71, md. about 1775, Elizabeth . Wanted his father and hers. 

178 C. Davies Sherborn, 49, Peterborough Road, Fulham, London, S.W., is interested in SHERBORN 

SHIRBURNE Wanted any SHERBORN information, from MS. sources, not included in 
" Family of Sherborn," 1901. 

179 Wm. Dickinson Keep, 431, Pacific Street, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A. 

180 Francis H. Relton, 9, Broughton Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, England, is interested in 

AUDLEY, especially Norfolk fCnuRCH, any pedigrees before 1750 DETHICK, especially 
NORFOLK RUGGE, Staffs., before 1335 -{TANNER, Market Lavington, Wilts., before 1650 
(Bishop Tanner's family) fTiLL, any before 1800 fGiLBERT, Herts., before 1800 
'KEBBEL, Kilby, Leicester, before 1800 fGoDDARD CARTER, Alverscot, Oxon, before 1700 
WYNNE, Ancestry Richard W., Bailiff, Shrewsbury, 1616 Ancestry of Joan AUDLEY, md. 
Philip DETHICK, I5th cent., also his mother's name? Connection between Staffordshire 
and Norfolk families of RUGGE ? 

181 Arthur Ridgway Denton, 22, Richmond Terrace, Whitchurch, Salop, England, is interested in 

all DENTON families, but especially in those of Oxfordshire ; Cardew, Cumberland ; Leighton, 
Cheshire ; Kent, about 1600 ; Suffolk, about 1600 DAVIES, Bronington, Flint, about 
1750 DAVIES, Lord Mayor of London, 1677 ; HUGHES, Coidiog, Denbighs., 1760 COLLEY, 
Cuddington, Malpas, 1600 COLLEY, Ebnal, Malpas, 1600 RENSHAW, Timperley, Cheshire, 
1683 Captain Arthur DENTON, buried Church Coppenhall, 1658 Lancelot COLLEY, 
Cuddington, Cheshire, buried Malpas, 1602 Arthur DENTON, son of William D. and Anna, 
daughter of Walter, second son of Baron WINDSOR, b. 1590-1610. 

182 Francis Darwin Swift, Denstone College, Staffs., England, is interested in SWIFT, Monmouth- 

shire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire ; 1725-1800 Hezekiah SWIFT (b. 1776 at English 
Bicknor), son of Timothy S., md. Mary DUKES at Newland or Coleford 1805, d. at Mon- 
mouth 10 May 1835 '> wanted information as to Timothy and his ancestors. 

183 Edward Kettle, Coningsby Villa, Meopham Kent, England, is interested in fCoNiNGSBY 


was the father of Edward CONINGSBY (schoolmaster), who md. at Meldreth, Cambs., lived 
there about 1730 ? He was not a native of the place. 

184 Basil King, 90, Cannon Street, London, E.C., is interested in KING, Suffolk, 1550 to 1650 

SHAW, Mortlake, 1730 to 1800 HILL, Newent, 1700 to 1780 UPTON, Putney, 1720 to 
1780 Where did Henry SHAW marry Dorothy HILL, 1730-50 ? Where did John UPTON 
marry Elizabeth HILL, 1730-50 ? Who were the parents of John HILL, Rector of Monning- 
ton, 1760 to 1776 ? 

185 Baron Harald Fleetwood, Mansbo, Goteborg, Sweden, is interested in the FLEETWOOD family. 

186 Lieut. -Colonel Alfred Horsford Bingley, Simla, India, is interested in BINGLEY, Broughton, 

Flint ; Blyth, Notts. ; Yorks. ; Co. Down ; Middlesex ; London -fGREGORY, London 
fPniLPOT, Kent AUSTEN, Surrey BINGLEY, wanted information about medical man this 
name who was practising at East Retford, Notts., first half of iSth cent. Also about 
BINGLEY family of Blyth, Notts., with which he was probably connected, and BINGLEY, 
of Broughton, Flint, from whom the Blyth family was derived Wanted information about 
family of John Wentworth GREGORY, of London (son of Rev. Thomas G. by Helena, 
daughter of John THOMSON, ist Lord HAVERSHAM), whose daughter Frances md. Robert 
AUSTEN, of Shalford, Surrey, in 1772 -Wanted information regarding family of Frances 
ALLEN, wife of John Wentworth GREGORY, of London. She is stated to have been a 
descendant of patriot HAMPDEN. Alive about 1770 Wanted information regarding parent- 
age of Lieut. -General Philip PHILPOT (1770-1843). He served in India in the 76th Foot 
and 24th Light Dragoons and took part in the Mysore, Mahratta and Pindari Wars. 
Believed to have belonged to a Kentish family. 

187 Harlow Lindley, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, U.S.A. 


188 Colonel William Francis Prideaux, C.S.I., I, West Cliff Terrace, Ramsgate, Kent, England, is 

interested in HAWKINS, Kingsbridge, Devon ELFORD, South Devon CHADDER, Totnes, 
South Devon JAGO, Dartmouth, Devon DOTTIN, South Devon PEARSE, South Devon 
BETHUNE, Skye MACOUEEN, Skye TONDECLAIR (? Huguenot) PRIOR, Gloucestershire 
Sampson WYSE, Dittisham, South Devon, parentage and wife's name, with any particulars 
of family and ancestry wanted. 

189 George West Maffet, Lawrence, Kansas U.S.A. 

190 Freiherr von Hodenberg, Major a.D., Hannover, Meterstr. 8, Deutschland. Interesse fur 

eigene Familie, Freiherr VON HODENBERG, (i) Erbittet Ahnentafeln der angeheirateten 
Gemahlinnen (2) Erbittet Nachrichten liber ausgestorbene Familie VON HODENBERG 
in Flandern (3) Erbittet Nachrichten iiber seine Familie. 

191 Sir Charles H. S. Rich, Baronet of Shirley, F.S.A., Devizes Castle, Wiltshire, England, is 

interested in RICH, Essex, Norf., Suff., Hants., Middx., London and Bullhouse (Yorks.) 
ST. LIZE called LE RICHE, Earls of HUNTINGDON and NORTHAMPTON, about 1070 LE 
RICHE of Riche's Place, Hants., about 1270 RICH, Archbishop of Canterbury, about 1230 
BOSTOCK, Bostock, Cheshire Wanted pedigree of Rev. John BOSTOCK, Canon of 
Windsor, 1757, md. heiress of John HOPSON, of Beenham, Berks. 

192 Ernest G. Stackhouse Apedaile, Sullyngton Cottage, Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, Sussex, 

England, is interested in APEDAILE, any before 1767 STACKHOUSE, especially Northumb., 
Durham HUTCHINSON, Yorks., Staffs. BURRELL, Cornwall. 

193 Doctor William Scot (of Somerset East, Cape Colony), c/o G. M. Stewart, Talnotrie, Woking, 

t Surrey, England, is interested in STEWART, Wigtownshire, Scotland, and North of Ireland, 
I7th cent, and beginning of i8th Wanted parentage and information concerning Anthony 
STEWART, in Craighdow Farm, near Whithorn, Co. Wigtown, Scotland, say 1714-1721; 
believed to have been formerly (1683) in Carleton Farm adjoining ; possibly from North 
of Ireland, and of Garlics stock ; his wife's name was Barbara MACKINLEY; his children 
were (i) James, in Craiglemine Farm, Glasserton parish, 1722-1754, md. Margaret MILLIGAN; 
removed 1754 to Boreland of Kirkcowan, and d. there. (2) Patrick, (3) Margaret, md. 
July 1727 Alexander ROXBURGH, (4) Jannet md. April 1740 Baillie Anthony HOUSTON, of 
Whithorn, (5) Andrew, (6) John, in Bailliewhirr, (7) Robert. Wanted also any informa- 
tion as to James STEWART, in Balliquhair, or Anthony STEWART, of Balsmith (sasine thereof, 
1687), parish of Whithorn, or their descendants. The above were sons of Alexander 
STEWART of Physgill, who d. 1653. Also as to Anthony, Andrew and Archibald STEWART, 
sons of John Stewart Younger of Physgill by a daughter of Captain Stewart, of Ballymoran, 
Co. Down, see McKerlie's " Lands and Their Owners." Also as to any connection of the 
above Anthony STEWART, in Craighdow, with Stewarts in the North of Ireland Also as 
to Hugh MILLER, who d. in London 13 February, 1762 ; especially parentage (probably 
near Glasgow) ; burial place (probably London) ; he was Past Master, Blandford Lodge 
82 of Freemasons, Scottish Constitution, in "Virginia" ; wanted name of his Mother Lodge 
in Scotland or Virginia Also parentage wanted of John BAILLIE, merchant, Whithorn, 
1691-1758 And parentage of Elizabeth CROWE, wife of another John BAILLIE, merchant, 
Ramsey, Isle of Man, whose daughter Elizabeth, b. 1762, md. a Captain John BAILLIE, 
Liverpool ; the Captain d. March, 1796. aged 70. 

194 John B. Wainewright, 23, Dryden Chambers, 119, Oxford Street, London, W., is interested 
in WAINEWRIGHT, London, before 1750 ; Ferrybridge, Yorks. 

195 Rev. J. Harvey Bloom, (professional), Whitchurch Rectory, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, 

in interested in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire families. Wanted any 
information about the family of BLOOM of Wells-next-the-Sea and the East Coast. 

196 F. R. Gurney, 86, High Street, Hoddesdon, Herts., England. 

197 William F. Reynolds, " Rosemount," Andersonstown, Belfast, Ireland, is interested in all 

REYNOLDS, especially the following : REYNOLDS, Counties : Antrim, Down, Tyrone, 
Donegall, Londonderry ; Towns : Castlefinn, Magherafelt, Moneymore. Townlands : 
Drumrott, Derryloran, Annahavil. REYNOLDS, English settlers in Ireland i6th and I7th 
centuries. Wanted information of ancestors of James REYNOLDS, b. 1698, d. 1758, son of 
John, of Magherafelt, b. 1649 ; also of ancestors and descendants of James, who d. at 
Annahavil, Co. Londonderry, 1796 ; also of his son, James, who emigrated to America, 
probably New York, between 1796 and 1821, with his family. 



198 Thomas William Stratford, "The Bungalow," Cole Park Road, Twickenham, England, is 

interested in STAFFORD, of Botham Hall, Mellor, Derbyshire Are there any descendants 
alive of Richard, John and Joseph STAFFORD, sons of John S. of Winchester, who d. in 1784 ? 

199 Major George Trevor Harley Thomas, F.S.A., F.R.C.S. Ed., 73, Harcourt Terrace, South 

Kensington, London, S.W., is interested in THOMAS, Breconshire, South Wales fCniTTY, 
Leatherhead and Farnham, Surrey Wanted information about the father of John THOMAS, 
of Castle Street, Brecon (Statuary). John was b. in June, 1793. 

200 Miss A. E. Ridley, 31, Daleham Gardens, Hampstead, London, is interested in RIDLEY 

Wanted burial-place of Cuthbert RIDLEY, of Mickley-on-Tyne, d. about 1750. 

201 Mountague Charles Owen, 9, South Street, Manchester, England, is interested in BURLEIGH 


202 Count Reinhold G. E. M. von Rosen, 48, Ostermalmsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden, is interested in 

ROSEN and VON ROSEN, Sweden, Russia, Bohemia, Germany, France and Denmark 
MOORE and JESSUP, both of Philadelphia, Penna., U.S.A. 

203 Rev. Frank D. Newham, Chief Inspector of Schools, English School, Nicosia, Cyprus, is inter- 

ested in NEWHAM, Derbyshire, and branch Dumbartonshire DARVALL, Huguenot origin 
desired, before 1750 Wanted to establish connection between Ralph and Thomas NEWHAM 
of Castleton, Derbyshire, mentioned in County History as entitled to bear arms about 
1438 and Roger NEWHAM, Rector of Stavely, Chesterfield, 1642, and other Derbyshire 

204 Miss M. C. Smith, 4109, Pine Street, Philadelphia, Penna, U.S.A., is interested in English settlers 

in the "Three Lower Counties," Penna., U.S.A., before 1700; also in BATES, American 
Revolution BRINCKLE (any spelling), England, " Three Lower Counties," Penna., before 
1780 CUBI.EY, before 1683 CURTICE, Phila., Penna., before 1687 CURTIS, "Three Lower 
Counties," Penna., Penn's Council, 1689-90 and 1697-8 GREGORY, Penna., before 1780 
SMITH, London. 1793 ; Baltimore, Md., U.S.A., 1795 MANLOVE THIBAULT, France, 
St. Domingo Wanted ancestry (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware), descendants and death 
of Elizabeth MANLOVE, who ntd. 1747 Peter BRINCKLE, Kent Co., Delaware, U.S.A. 
Wanted ancestry (any date) of Frangois Adrien THIBAULT, of France, refugee from St. 
Domingo, 1792. 

205 Henry B. BettS, R.D. No. 23, Danbury, Conn., U.S.A. 

206 Karl Georg Wentzel, Rittergutsbesitzer, Kemnitz, Oberlausitz, Dexitschland (vom i April, 

1909, Rentier in Leipzig, Livia Strasse, 5), interessiert sich fur WENTZEL STEPHAN 

WERTHER KRIENER Nachkommen cles Elias WENTZEL gesucht, welcher 1745 auf Veran- 

lassung Friedrichs des Grossen von Gross-Schonau nach Schlesien zog. 

207 E. Thirkell-Pearce, 27, Pennard Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W. 

208 J. A. L. Beasley, Friar Lane, Leicester, England. 

209 R. Freeman Billlen, Bow Library, London, E. 

210 Miss M. Dryden, Canons Ashby, Byfield, Northants., England, is interested in ^KEARNEY 

especially K. of Cashill, Rector of Loughgilly, Co. Armagh, d. 1771, aged 90 tL RD > especi- 
ally of York Buildings, London, about 1700 JMARTYN, especially M., grocer, King Street, 
Westminster, about 1629. ^ 

211 Rev. W. G. D. Fletcher, M.A., F.S.A., Oxon Vicarage, Shrewsbury, England, is interested 

in Shropshire and Leicestershire families generally, also in ALPORT, Staffs., 1500-1700 
ARROWSMITH, Gloucs. DARWALL, Cheshire and Staffs. DIMOCK, Gloucs. CHANDLER, 
Essex, &c.,before 1830 FLETCHER, Staffs., 1500-1700 JEVON, Staffs., 1600-1800 KEELING, 
Staffs., i7th cent. RUSSELL, Staffs., Wednesbury, &c., i8th cent. SCARTH, Yorks., 
&c. Richard CHANDLER, of Essex, d. about 1825 ; his ancestry wanted Also wants 
ancestry of Thomas BROUGHTON, " Oxford Methodist," d. 1777. 

212 Rev. W. E. Layton, Newbold House, Tennyson Road, Worthing, England, is interested in 

LAYTON, especially of Cambs. fMARTiN, especially of Babraham, Cambs. GRIFFIN ^Amelia 
GRIFFIN md. Charles MILLER. She was b. in 1764. Information wanted about her family. 

213 Herbert E. Newman, Carisbrooke, Dynas Powis, Glamorgan, Wales, is interested in NEWMAN- 

CAMBRIDGE RADNALL Wanted names of parents, and dates of birth and death of Thomas 
; NEWMAN, of Mangotsfield, alive 1747, md. Martha . 



214 Rev. Edwin J. Marriner, Ardvoulan, Tor, Torquay, England, is interested in Old Noblesse 

families Normandy, e.g., LE MARINIER, Marquis DE CANY, extinct 1730, and in descendants 
of old English families in U.S.A. and Canada, see names below ALLEN, BENNETT and 
CANNON, all three families from 1450, especially Hampshire and U.S.A. CHANDLER, from 
1450, Winchester, Wilts., London and U.S.A. HACKETT, from 1450, especially Hampshire, 
Ireland and U.S.A. KELSEY, Hampshire, Kent, Sussex, London, France and U.S.A. 
MARTIN (or MARTYN), Edenbridge, Westerham, Kent, and U.S.A., 1470-1558 John CHAT- 
TERTON, Governor of Portsmouth, 1545, Hampshire, Sussex, Lanes., and U.S.A., 1490- 
!556 FLESHER md. MARRINER, whose arms indicate the family MARINIER, Lyonnais, date 
not known. Or, three anchors posees two and one in a sea, Sa. ; Crest : Greyhound, ppr., 
gorged Or Also FLESHER, U.S.A. LE MARINER (MARYNER, MARRINER) of Westerham, 
Kent (from 1200 to 1530), where old Mansion still called " Mariners" ; wanted information 
from any source MYLLE (or MILLS), Southampton, 1470-1558 ; intermarried with John 
CHATTERTON, Governor of Portsmouth, 1545. Also MYLLE (or MILLS), U.S.A. 

215 John Wilson, 241, Pall Mall, Chorley, Lanes., England, is interested in all concerning the 

CHORLEY and STANDISH families. Also in DUXBURY, of Duxbury TOOTELLS, Lower and 
Higher Healey CHARNOCKS, Charnock and Astley WHITE, Chorley, 1300-1500 RIGBY, 
Burgh and Layton GILLIBRAND, Chorley, Lanes. TRIGGE, Trigge Hall, Chorley 
HAWLIE, I4th and I5th centuries WHITE ? , Arms, 1300-1500, Gules, three boars' heads 
couped Argent, tusked Or, in engrailed bordure of the second, Chorley, Lanes. 

216 Miss A. L. Webb, 33, Havelock Street, Sheffield, England, is interested in WEBB, before 1640 

(Ireland) LEWER, before 1800 Her ancestor, George LEWER, md. at Widley, Hants., 
Nov. 1794, Martha SIBLEY, widow. Maiden name wanted. 

217 Col. George D. Stawell, c/o Messrs. Cox and Co., 16, Charing Cross, London, S.W., is interested 

in *STAWELL (or STOWELL), Cothelstone, Somerset, and Devon, before 1700. Wanted 
descent from Stawells of Cothelstone, Somerset, of Thomas STAWELL (STOWELL) of 
Hatherleigh, Devon, d. 1516. Inquisition post-mortem 1532 ; and of Rev. Thomas STAWELL, 
of Luccombe, Somerset, d. 1732. 

218 W. Schove, Clevelands, 9, Eldon Park, South Norwood, London, S.E., is interested in PEWTRESS 

fScHOVE fP EACH > Northampton, about 1800 tScHOOF, (and the like). Information 
wanted about Thomas PEWTRESS, d. 15 January, 1777, at Radley, near Warden (?), Berks, 
age 92 ; and Benjamin Pewtress, d. 13 January, 1780, at Northampton. 

219 Rev. F. W. Ragg, M.A., F.R.Hist.S., The Manor House, Lower Boddington, Byfield, R.S.O., 

England, is interested in all old Cumberland, Westmorland and North Lancashire families, 
also in HAMMOND, Notts, before 1800 RAGG (or WRAGG), Derbyshire, Leicestershire, 
Notts, and London before 1760 NEWSHAM, before 1760 BALME, Notts., before 1700 
OSGATHORPE, Sheffield, before 1700 ASH, Staffs., before 1790 -BRUDENELL, Leicestershire, 
before 1700 BOARDMAN, Norfolk, before 1800 EDWARDS, Northowram, Halifax, Yorks., 
before 1760 CLIBURN, before 1750. Wanted record of marriage of Thomas CLEBURNE 
(CLIBURN, CLIBRON or CLIBRAN) and (?) Isabel - , about 1680. 

220 M. Sahlstrom, (Arkivforskare = professional), Liljeholmen, near Stockholm, Sweden, Specialitet : 

Arfs- & Slaktforskningar ; SAHLSTROM (or SALSTROM). 

221 His Honour F. S. Udal, Chief Justice's Chambers, Antigua, West Indies, is interested in UDAL 

(or UDALL), before 1750, Dorset .UVEDALE, after 1650, Dorset SYMONDS, Somerset and 
Dorset, before 1750 PITFIELD, Dorset, before 1750 ROUTH, Dorset and Yorks. 

222 Director C. V. E. Bjdrkman (beruflich= professional), Prakt. Handelsinstitut, Liibeck, 

Germany. Spezialitat : genealogische Forschungen betreffs deutscher, danischer, schwe- 
discher, norwegischer und finnischer Familien. Er interessiert sich f iir BJORKMAN, Gestrik- 
land und Upland DIERCKS, Herzogtum Liineburg MARBURG, Herzogtum Liineburg 


STRAND (W T IKSTRAND) WiTTFOOT, Kreis Lauenburg und Hamburg Was Anders Hansson 

BJORKMAN, " klockare " in Ofvansjo till 1747, a son of Hans Andersson i Bjorke, " Lans- 

man " in Hille 1685 ? 

223 Rev. S. L. Ollard, St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, England, is interested in OLLARD, Cambs. and 

Norfolk ; possibly Derbyshire NICHOLLS, Cambs. FARMERY, Bolsover, Derbyshire 
Wanted information as to John OLLARD living in St. James' Parish, Westminster, London, 
and his son John, Vicar of Monmouth, 1728-1732. 


224 Prof. Dr. jur. Michael Baron Taube, n Mytny Quai, St. Petersburg, Russia, interessiert sich 

fiir alle Immigranten-familien in Alt-Zivland (Mittelalter) auch fur TAUBE TUVE DUVE 

225 W. Towers Mynors, Berry Hill, Tixall, near Stafford, England, is interested in MINORS (or 

MYNORS), Staffs. (Blakenhall, 1190-1700 ; Lichfield, 1620-1720 ; Uttoxeter, 1250-1908), 
Herts., London, Kent, Army, Naval and East India Company Services, 1580-1700. Wanted 

maiden name of Margaret , who married (probably Home Counties) William MINORS 

(Captain East India Co.) before 1634. Her father's Arms, Chevron between three martlets. 

226 Th. de Mare, Colonel of Horse, Eksjo, Sweden, is interested in the ancestry of Jacques Le Bel 

DE MARE, who came to Sweden, 1644, from France (possibly Cambrai). 

227 Miss Eveline Mellor, Bayswater, Umbilo, Natal, South Africa, is interested in MELLOR, any, 

other than from Glover's Derbyshire. 

228 Leopold Emmrich von Kleist, Hauptmann im Grossen Generalstabe, Berlin, N.W., 40, Roon- 

strasse, 2, Deutschland, interessiert sich fiir fvoN FAVRAT, JACQUIER DEBERNAY Geburts- 
tag und Geburtsort von Andreas VON FAVRAT, JACQUIER BE BERNAY, zuletzt Preus. General 
der Infanterie, Gouverneur von Glatz, Ritter des Schwarzen Adler-Ordens, geboren 1730 ? 
in Savoien ? 

229 Thomas Wm. Marley, Marton Grove, Darlington, England, is interested in MARLEY, any 

Co. Durham DE WARRENNE, (early) MORGAN, Milnhouses MIDDLETON, Tees Valley before 
1750 UMFREVILLE (early). Wanted particulars about wife's name and family in each of 
the following marriages : George and Grace MARLEY, md. before 1656 Edward and 
Elizabeth MARLEY, md. before 1636 William and Anne RAINE (or RAYNE), md. before 
1695 William and Elizabeth RAINE (or RAYNE), md. before 1737. Both these are South 
Durham families. 

230 Perceval Lucas, (professional), 188, Marylebone Road, London, N.W., is interested in many 

Quaker families in Sussex and Northants, also in DREWETT GORHAM GRAY HORNE 
VERRALL. Wanted any information about HULBERT of Corsham, Wilts. 

231 Rev. John Hastings Lloyd, Hartford House, Winchfield, Hants., England, is interested in 

HASTINGS, Oxfordshire and Worcs. FERRERS, Bashall, Yorks., and Warws. WOODYATT, 
Herefordshire and Worcs. TOWNSHEND, any THOMPSON, Plymouth, before 1800, and 
Deal, Kent WILLIAMS, Flintshire, and Thame, Oxfordshire SALT, North Staffs. ST. 
LEGER, Kent, and Annery, Devon BELLINGHAM, Sussex, before 1660 WHITE, Yorks., 
Derbyshire and Dorset Wanted ancestry of Rowland GRAHAM, of Glorum, Northumb., 
about 1730 ; and of Weyman LEE, of Middle Temple, London, Barrister-at-law, about 

232 H>almar von Wernstedt, Captain R. Navy, Karlskrona, Sweden, is interested in VON WARN- 

WARENSTEDT, any fCooMEY, Ireland fRiCE, Ireland Who was the German mother 
" Walborg " of Lucretia, daughter of Prince Magnus of Sweden, married to Christopher 
VON WARNSTEDT in 1585 ? 

233 Samuel Henry Good, care of " The Advertiser " Offices, Adelaide, South Australia, is interested 

234 Gustav H. Lucas, Wiesbaden, Kellerstrasse, 15, Deutschland, interessiert sich fiir LUCAS, in 

und aus Elberfeld, friiher Duisburg BOEDDINGHAUS TUNG, in und aus dem Siegerland ; 
1500 in Zurich, Schweiz HARTKOP (oder HARTKOPF) STRUCKER. 

235 Dr. Albert Brown Lyons, 72, Brainard Street, Detroit, Mich., U.S.A., is interested in all LYON 

immigrants to America, also in LYON, England 1575-1625 What part of England 

did Henry, Thomas and Richard LYON come from ? ; they settled in Fairfield Co., Conn., 

U.S.A., about 1648. 

236 Charles H. Chandler, New Ipswich, New Hampshire, U.S.A., is interested in CHANDLER, before 

1635 SHANESBURY (or SHANESBERG), before 1700 Wanted information about Roger 

CHANDLER and his ancestors, of Colchester, Essex, (or Rochester), who md. in Holland, 


237 E. N. Ratcliffe Jarrett, 22, Somerset Road, Southsea, England. 


238 F. Vine Rainsford, 66, Oseney Crescent, London, N.W., is interested in RAINSFORD Wanted 

descendants of Thomas RAINSFORD, elder son of Charles R., of Clifford Chambers, apparently 
disinherited in 1568 also descendants of Irish branch. 

239 Rev. T. Whitton, Caswell, Towcester, England, is interested in WHITTON, any, especially 

Shropshire (i^ih-iyth cent.), Northants. (i6th cent.) and Bucks. (i8th cent.) PINCKARD 
Wanted origin of John WHITTON and Reynes (or Regnes, Latin Reina) his wife, who settled 
at Helmdon, Northants, about 1570. Any instances of REYNES used as Christian name, 
i6th cent. ? Descendants of Robert WHITTON, Chipping Wycombe, d. 1712. 

240 Lieut. J. D. Fredrik at Sandeberg, Venersborg, Sweden. 

241 W. Wijnaendts van Resandt, Captain of Cavalry, War Office, Batavia, Dutch East Indies. 

242 Arthur Dimpfel, Leipzig, Nordstrasse, 21, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur DIMPFEL SIEBERT 

HOELDER VILLFORTH Wo befindet sich das Original des Wappenbriefes (ausgestellt 
14 . Januar 1556 durch Kaiser Karl V.) fiir Hans DIMPFEL, Burger in Regensburg ? 

243 H. S. Tabor, Fennes, Braintree, England. 

244 Llewellyn Lloyd Simpson, Brookfields, Littleover, Derby, England, is interested in SIMPSON, 

before i7th cent. ANTILL, Derbyshire and Leics. LLOYD, Northants. CADE, before 
i8th cent. DAKIN (DAKEYNE), before 1700. 

245 Miss C. D. Honison Craufurd, Craufurdland Castle, Kilmarnock, Scotland, is interested in 

BLACKWOOD, (merchant), Ayr, about 1670 DOUGLAS of Orbiston ELPHINSTONE of Calder- 
hall, about 1680 FERGUSSON of Castlehill, Ayr, about 1691 FLETCHER of New Cranstoun, 
Midlothian, 1670 HAY JOHNSTON of Monkton, 1689, and of RANNES, 1810 KERR of 
Morriston, about 1670 MILLER of Barskinime, Ayrshire, about 1660 MITCHELL of Alder- 
stone, Midlothian, 1707 and before MURRAY of Blackbarony, about 1685 and before 
ORR of Barrowfield, Renfrewshire, 1760 VEITCH of Dawick, before 1800 WHYTE of New- 
mains, bef. 1808 YOUNG of Craigleith, before 1664 Wanted mother of Janet BLACKWOOD, 
md. Robert HAMILTON of Glengall 1670 and of Ann ELPHINSTONE, of Calderhall, md. 
Thomas GORDON, 1680-1690 and of Mark KERR, of Morriston, md. Grizel COCHRANE, 
about 1670 and of Margaret MITCHELL, of Alderstone, Midlothian, md. William HONISON, 
of Braehead, 1707 Wanted parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of Janet ORR, 
of Barrowfield and Grugar, Renfrewshire, md. John CRAUFURD, second son of Matthew C., 
and Esther FLETCHER, of New Cranstoun, his wife. 

246 W. Kemohan, M.A., 115, Park Road, Ballynafeigh, Belfast, Ireland, in interested in Ulster 

and Scotch-Irish families. Also in KERNOHAN, chiefly Antrim and Scotland HILTON, 
Derry, Antrim and America GETTY, Ulster, Scotland and America HAMILL, Antrim 
STEWART, Antrim DICKSON, Down, Antrim and America MCCALMONT, Antrim CHURCH, 
Derry Wanted ancestors of KERNOHAN (CAIRNOCHAN) family near Ballymena, Antrim, 
Ireland ; HILTON family, of Derry and Antrim, Ireland ; DICKSON, Samuel, emigrated 
I79 - 

247 Tonnes Algren, professional, Torstensonsgatan, n, Stockholm, Sweden. 

248 Paul G. de Gore (de la Goire-Leoa) Attache au Ministere de Justice, Juge Honoraire, President 

du Comite Imperial des Archives de Bessarabie, Delegue" de la Noblesse de Bessarabie, 
etc., Kischineff, Bessarabie, Russie Meridionale. 

249 Kammerherr und Oberstleutnant von Enckevort, Almerswind bei Schalkau, Thiiringen, Deutsch- 

land, interessiert sich fiir aus Holland nach Brandenburg ausgewanderte Evangelische, 1600 
auch fiir fvoN ENCKEVORT, Niederlande u. Belgien bis 1500 MICHIELSEN, Gerard, echevin, 
Herzogenbusch, 1537 SHOOTERS, Peter Mathies, Herzogenbusch, 1537 LOMBAERTS, Jean, 
Herzogenbusch, >{< 15 . April, 1533 BLOEYMAN, Joseph, Herzogenbusch, etwa 1550 
fENCKEVORT, Zeger, canonicus, St. Jean, Herzogenbusch, 1507 fSTORBECK, Brandenburg 
und Prag in 1600 fvow ENCKEVORT, Georg und Daniel, 1647, Officiere in Hessen-Cassel 
fENCKEVORT, Franciscus, pastor, 1707 Erbeten Nachrichten iiber Arnold VON ENCKEVORT, 
chevalier sous Henry I., Due de Brabant, 1210 ; Gerhard, 1301 ; Henry, 1340 ; Godefroy, 
Daniel, Henry, 1380 ; Henry, Flobergus, 1435 ; Daniel, 1466 ; Jean, Pierre, Daniel, 1476 ; 
David, Wilhelm, 1420 ; Pierre, 1568. 

250 Col. W. F. N. Noel, The Great House, North Nibley, Dursley, Gloucestershire, England, is inter- 
ested in VERNATTI DE ST. CROIX. ^ _ 

251 George Rickword, F.R.Hist.S., 38, Wellesley Road, Colchester, England. 


252 Mrs. Carrie Lucile Janeway-Monnette, 911, Western Avenue, Los Angeles, Cal., U.S.A., is 

interested in JANEWAY and RUSSELL, both London to America about 1800 SHARON, EATON, 
and ALLEN, all Penna., U.S.A., before 1775 WOOD, Va., U.S.A., before 1800 POCAHONTAS. 
descendants of, Va., U.S.A. Wanted ancestry of James JANEWAY, b. London, 1795 and 
of Caroline RUSSELL, b. London, 1792. 

253 Mrs. William Theobald Butler, 75, Kensington Gardens Square, London, W., is interested in 

BRICKENDEN, Herts., before 1500, Kent 1500-1600. and Berks. 1580-1779. Wanted 
marriage of * BRICKENDEN and Orby HUNTER, about 1729. Also ancestry of Anne 
PECKHAM, md. BRICKENDEN, in Bath, 1767. Her mother's surname was WILLING. 

254 Arthur Vere Woodman, Crafton, Boscombe, Hants., England, is interested in WOODMAN, 

Bucks, and adjoining counties. Wanted information as to Arms of WOODMAN family of 

255 R. Morris Richardson, Cathedral Buildings, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, is interested in 

HUTTON, Sunderland, about 1840, Cleveland, North Yorks., before 1750 RICHARDSON, 
Appleby, Pooley Bridge, and Hackthorpe, Westmorland, before 1800 ; Bolton ; went to 

256 Harald A. F. von Wachenfelt, Upsala, Sweden, is interested in FLEETWOOD VON WACHENFELT 


257 H. W. von Sandick, barrister, Jan van Nassaustraat, 101, The Hague, Holland. 

258 Adam, Comte Lewenhaupt, Stockholm, Suede Toutes families de noblesse Suedoise, sp6ciale- 


259 Charles Edward Lamb, Kettering, Northants, England, is interested in LAMB, Ely, Cambs., 

and neighbouring counties before 1800 HUTCHINSON, Hunts HOLDEN, Ely, Cambs., 
about 1754 Wanted parentage of Elizabeth LAMB (md. John WATSON) ; of John and Joseph 
L., Ely ; and of William L., Bungay, b. about 1700-1714 Also parentage of Rev. Benjamin 
HUTCHINSON, of Kimbolton, about 1770. 

260 Mark W. BuHen, 38, Mount Park Crescent, Ealing, London, W. 

261 Reginald Stewart Boddington, 60, High Street, Worthing, England. 

262 Harry W. Teed, 158, Camberwell Grove, Denmark Hill, London, is interested in BASTARD 

GARWOOD LITHERLAND PERCY, (allied with Garwood family), end i8th cent. REES, 
Carnarvon TEED WILLIAMS, (descended from Oliver CROMWELL) WILLIAMSON, Liverpool 
and Ripon Wanted ancestors of Peter LITHERLAND, 1756-1804 and of WILLIAMSON, 
Daniel (Artist), 1724-1796 Also ancestors and Arms of Richard TEED (R.N.), b. about 1755. 

263 Lionel Babington Ravenscroft, Perth, Western Australia, is interested in all branches of the 

RAVENSCROFT family, particularly those living in the North of Ireland before 1800 In- 
formation wanted about the ancestors of Richard RAVENSCROFT of Drumnabreeze, Maghara- 
lin, Co. Down, and of Ballinderry, Co. Antrim, b. 1731, d. 1770 ; about the descendants 
of sons of George R. of Bretton in Flint, living 1580, especially of son William, of Lincoln's 
Inn, who d. about 1629 ; about the ancestors of Varin DE BIVELIE, alias BYVELE, alias 
BYLEGH, alias RAVENESCROFT, who granted lands to Dieulacres Abbey, temp Hen. III. 

264 Heinrich Freiherr Droste ZU Huelshoff, Schloss Hamborn bei Paderborn,Westfalen, Deutschland, 

interessiert sich fur alle adeligen Familien Westfalens auch fur Freiherr DROSTE zu 
LAERE Margarethe DROSTE zu UHLENBROCK heiratet um 1600 einen schottischen Kapitain 
KILPATRICK oder KIRPATRICK, (wahrscheinlich KIRKPATRICK) ; Vorfahren dieses Kapitains 
sowie Nachkommen aus dieser Ehe. 

265 Edward H. Williams, Jr., Woodstock, Vt., U.S.A., is interested in fWiLLiAMS, Flint, Lincoln 

and Norfolk, before 1600 Wanted continuation of WILLIAMS (Co. Flint) lines of WILLIAMS- 
MATHEW pedigree, Arms, Sable, a lion ramp. Argent, armed and langued Gules, given in 
Thoresby's " Ducatus," to 1600, and especially to connect with this family Elizabeth 
WILLIAMS, sole daughter and heir of Richard Williams, who bore same arms quartered with 
ANDERSON, and also Robert WILLIAMS of Yarmouth and Norwich, Norf., and Roxbury, 
Mass., U.S.A. (1608-93), son of Stephen, whose immediate descendants bore same arms. 



266 Stanley Austin, 43, Darenth Road, Stamford Hill, London, N., is interested in AUSTIN, Oundle 

and district, Northants., before 1800 GILL, London, about 1800 WRIGHT, Kelvedon 
Mill, Essex, about 1800 Wanted parentage, etc., of William GILL, who was on board 
H.M.S. Royal George when she sank. 

267 Lieutenant Carl Rhedin, Rviberg, Gothenburg, Sweden. 

268 Henry Byron Phillips, 1311, Grove Street, Berkeley, Cal., U.S.A., is interested in PEMBERTON, 

St. Albans and York before 1600 MAYHEW CALVERLY, emigrant to America 1635 
RICE, emigrant to America 1635 WILLIAMS, first Governor Rhode Island, U.S.A. 
PHELIPE (or FELIPE), Newport, R.I., U.S.A., 1665 and before HOLDEN, b. 1612, emigrant to 
R.I., U.S.A. LATHAM, England CHASE, emigrant to America SEARLE Wanted name 
and parentage of wife of Ephraim WILLIAMS, of Johnton, R.I., U.S.A., eldest son of 
Robert Williams, md. 1760. 

269 Miss Matilda I. Warren-Jenkins, Bianopa, Rose Bay, Sydney, N.S. Wales, Australia. 

270 Carl Welcker, Oberleutnant a.D., Diisseldorf, Scheibenstrasse, 23*, Deutschland (beruflich 

= professional), interessiert sich f iir WELCKER, aus Hessen fWELCKER, aus Alsfeld, vor 
1563 ; aus Treysa, vor 1490 ; aus Butzbach, vor 1600 ; aus Schliichtern, vor 1500 
fWELKER, aus Wetzlar, 1400-1500 fWELCKER, aus Kleinern, vor 1725 ; aus Neuwied, 
vor 1668 ; aus Naumburg, vor 1698 ; im Auslande ; aus Giessen, vor 1576 Er interessiert 
sich fur alle Familien WELCKER (oder WELKER), aus Hessen und Nachbargebieten, haupt- 
sachlich Treysa a.d. Schwalm und Alsfeld, etc., vor dem Jahre 1500. 

271 Carl Johan Ulrich, Floragatan, 14, Stockholm, 6, Sweden. 

272 Miss O. M. Unwin, Town House, Haslemere, Surrey, England, is interested in fUNWiN, before 

1566, Essex and Flanders fPEYTE, from 1800, Warwickshire and Essex. 

273 Mary Kathleen Richardson, Moyallon, Co. Down, Ireland, is interested in GOFFE, Common- 

wealth period and before RICHARDSON, Warmington, Warwickshire, and Mollington, 
Oxon. before 1600 WAKEFIELD Wanted information of ancestry and end of life of William 
GOFFE, Major-General of Cromwell and Regicide also ancestors of RICHARDSON, (con- 
tributor's ancestor) who was Vicar of Warmington, Warwickshire, before 1600. 

274 Frank Leaman Rawlins, Rhyl, N. Wales, is interested in CHAMPION, Croydon, b. 1725, M.P. 

Liskeard Thomas LEAMAN, Hexworthy, Devon, d. 1710 RAWLINS, Cheshunt, before 1750 
Is Thomas RAWLINS, Gent., Hanslop, Bucks., who gave evidence at trial of Charles L, 
identical with the Captain Rawlins referred to in Cromwell's letter to Fairfax, 16 June, 

275 Richard Parsons, 68, Harold Road, Upper Norwood, London, S.E., is interested in PARSONS, 

Cavan and Co. Down, 1700 Wanted information as to parentage or descent of Thomas 
PARSONS, of " Parsons Lodge," Co. Down, Ireland, d. 1715 and Joseph PARSONS, of 
Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan. Ireland, d. 1747. 

276 W. D. Gainsford, Skendleby Hall, Spilsby, Lines., England, is interested in history of Catholic 

families in Hereford and Monmouth after 1580 and specially interested in the following 
families only between 1600 and 1750 : GAINSFORD BRYDGES PHILPOTT GWYLLIM of 
Tregate POWELL of Usk Evidence wanted of the marriage of Edward GAINSFORD and 
Mary PHILPOTT, both Popish recusants, md. shortly before 1690. 

277 Mrs. Percy J. Mitchell, St. Expedit, au Rocher, St. Servan, France, is interested in MINOT, 

Archbishop Dublin, 1363 MINNITT KENT, Pollrone, Co. Kilkenny TUTHILL, Co. Limerick 

278 Kurt Benekendorff, (Herausgeber des "Archiv Benkendorp "), Berlin, W. 30, Barbarossa-Strasse, 

51, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur BENCKENDORFF BENEKENDORFF BENKENDORF 
BENNECKENDORFFS) gesucht, die ausserhalb Europas und besonders in America leben 
oder lebten. 

279 Joshua J. Foster, F.S.A., Offa House, Upper Tooting, London, S.W. 

280 Mrs. George Fursdon, 13, Denbigh Road, West Ealing, London, is interested in DEVON, 

Rackenford WILLIS, London HUME, Charlton, Kent BARTHORP, Suffolk Wanted > 
ancestry and descendants of Joseph MALPAS, of Ranelagh, about 1760 ; md. Amy WHITTON, 
nee POTTER. 


281 John Stuart, Secretaire general de 1'ordre de la Noblesse Suedoise, Riddarrhuset, Stockholm, 
Sweden, is interested in all families of the nobility in Sweden. 

282 John F. Curwen, F.S.A., Heversham, Milnthorpe, England, is interested in old Cumberland 

and Westmorland families Specially interested in CURWEN YEO, Totnes and Newton 
Abbot, 1617-1699 BROWN, Honiton, Devon, 1750 John CHEROWIN, constable of 
Porchester Castle, d. 1441 ; effigy in armour at Brading Church, a CURWEN, but how 
connected ? 

283 F. C. Beazley, F.S.A., Fern-Hill, Oxton, Birkenhead, England, is interested in Lancashire and 

Cheshire families specially in PICKANCE, Lanes, and Cheshire, before 1700 Wanted informa- 
tion regarding John LITTON, curate of Snelston, 1654 Samuel BEAZLEY, of Ryde, md. 
Jane , about 1754 Also baptism (about 1675) of John LITTON, of Ashbourne, Derby- 

284 E. Phelps Leach, East Highgate, Vt., U.S.A., is interested in descendants of Lawrence LEACH, 


285 Prof. Christopher Johnston, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., U.S.A., is interested in 

Dumfriesshire, especially Wamphray Parish also in JOHNSTON and CORRIE, Dumfries- 
shire Wanted information about Christopher JOHNSTON (1664-1724) of Hazlebank, Wam- 
phray, Dumfriesshire ; md. Elizabeth CORRIE. 

286 Rev. Philip De Lande Falkner, St. Patrick's Mission, Bloemfontein, Orange River Colony, 

South Africa, is interested in DE LANDE, South of France LONG, Harwich, Suff., i8th 


TODDINGTON Wanted pedigree of Rev. William FALKNER, D.D., Licensed Preacher of 

Lynn Regis, who d. 1682. 

287 Colonel Ch. M. Victor Rehbinder, Westervik, Sweden, is interested in REHBINDER VON 


information about VON NEUBURG, who md. in I7th cent. Field-Marshal Baron Otto 

Bernhard REHBINDER, and about his daughter. 

288 Joseph Coleman, Rowntree & Co.'s Agency, 529 A, Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia, is 

interested in COLEMAN, Puckeridge, Herts., early i8th cent. COLEMAN (or COLMAN), Brent 
Eleigh MORRIS, Ampthill FOWLER, Tamworth and ? Ampthill Hannah ENGLAND, 

Tamworth, md. FOWLER DECKA, Poplar, Middx. COURTHOPE, Kent, Quaker branch 

FLOAT, West Dean, Sussex GATES, Alton, Hants. TILNEY (or TYLNEY), Essex, Quaker 
family Wanted proof of descent of Elizabeth TWISDEN, of Folkestone (md. Stephen MARSH, 
1624) ; supposed daughter of Thomas T., Wye, Kent. Can help inquirers about families 
permanently settled in South Australia and about nearly all Quaker families or individuals 
who have lived in any of the Australian Colonies. 

289 R. W. Twigge, F.S.A., Reform Club, London, is interested in MACMAHON, Co. Clare and 
France MACNAMARA, Co. Clare and America O'BRIEN. 

290 Miss Mary H. Gosset, The Grey Friars, Chichester, England, is interested in GOSSET. 

291 Rev. C. Moor, D.D., Apley Rise, Westgate-on-Sea, England, is interested in GRIMSTON FREWEN 

origin and connections of John TOWNSEND, of Oxford, architect, about 1750 Ancestors 
of William TINNEY, of Gillingham and Salisbury, d. 1801 Descendants of John KNIGHT, 
of Ridge, Herts., d. 1807. 

292 Thomas Johnson Westropp, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, Ireland, is interested in BERKELEY, 

Croom, Limerick, 1400-1550 BROWN, Clanmaurice, Kerry, 1300-1550 O'BRIEN, Carrigo- 
gunnell, Limerick, after 1660 WESTROPP, Yorks., 1500-1700 STAMER, Rottendean, Essex, 
1500-1640 DE BURGO, Limerick, 1400-1600 Wanted information about Thomas, Edward 
and Montifort WESTROPP, of Stainesbye and Brompton, York ; 1638-1668. Especially 
about Edward. 

293 A. J. Underwood, 71, Cambridge Street, Eccleston Square, London, S.W., is interested in 

UNDERWOOD, Bletchley, Bucks., and neighbourhood, also Weston, Herts., before 1579 
DURAND, Huguenots, settled in Switzerland, after 1685 Particulars wanted of DURAND 
Arms ; also all Arms of UNDERWOOD. 

294 Leonhard von Roth, Rittergutsbesitzer, Rittergut Waimel-Neuhof per Werro, Livland, Russia, 


295 Karl Karlsson Leijonhufvud, Aangen, Hallsta, Sweden, is interested in LEIJONHUFVUD 

ONGERSTEIN Wanted information about Erik LEIJONHUFVUD, who came to England about 
1820 and d. about 1835, a military man. 

296 Gerald John Montgomery Hamilton, Agent Bank of Upper India, Ltd., Allahabad, India, is 

interested in the HAMILTON families of Dublin, about 1700 to 1810. " Francies " HAMILTON 
(who md. CONNELL) had three brothers : William Dudley H. (d.s.p.) ; Joseph H., b. Dublin, 
1786 (in which Dublin parish was he baptized ?) ; and Tom H. Required Christian name or 
names of their father. Required relationship or connection between the following: (a) Joseph 
HAMILTON (Junior) & Co., Merchants of Lurgan Street, Dublin, 1805-1806, (b) Joseph Gust 
HAMILTON, Linen-factor in Linenhall Street, Dublin, 1797-1810, (c) Joseph HAMILTON, 
merchant, in Linenhall Street, Dublin, 1803-1804. Had linen-factors or linen-merchants 
in Dublin any particular crests, marks, used to designate their business ? Had any of the 
above-mentioned HAMILTONS any crests, and, if so, what were they ? 

297 Josiah Newman, F.R.Hist.S., Oristano, Hatch End, Middlesex, England, is interested in the 

ancestry of the early Quaker families before 1650, and specially interested in BAKER, 
Birmingham, before 1750 COOKE, Worcs., before 1600 NEWMAN, Cambs., Gloucs., 
Northants. and Kent, before 1650 PUMPHREY (or POMFREYJ, Gloucs., before 1600 
RUSSELL, Warwick before 1650 SOMERFORD, Staffs., before 1650 SHATTERTHAITE, 
Gloucs. before 1700 STANLEY, Warws. and Staffs., before 1600 WESTCOMBE, Devon and 
Cornwall, before 1600 WILDE, Worcs., before 1650 Wanted information as to the ances- 
try of Cardinal NEWMAN, and any NEWMANS using the mermaid and swallow crests before 

298 J. L. Glasscock, 20, Grange Road, Bishop's Stortford, England, is interested in any Bishop's 
Stortford families Also in GLASSCOCK ARMES LAYBANK. 

299 William Asheton Tonge, Staneclyffe, Disley, Cheshire, England, is interested in all Lancashire 

families also in TONG, (TONGE, TONGUE, TANG) SLADEN, Yorks. DUNN, Hunmanby, 
Yorks. CRITCHLEY, CROUCHLEY, etc., Lanes. LANCASHIRE, Lanes., London DACRE, 
Cumberland BLAIN, Cumberland SOTHERN, Lanes. RADCLIFFE, Middleton and Prest- 
wich, Lanes. HILTON (HULTON), Middleton, Lanes. Wanted marriage entry of Sarah 
GREGGE (baptized 1691), daughter of Joseph GREGGE, of Chamber Hall, Oldham, Lanes., 
with Amos OGDEN, probably md. 1712-1714 ; also baptism and burial of son Thomas, d 
before 14 March, 1723-4. 

300 Alfred Stapf, Regierungsbaumeister, Berlin, W., 35, Liitzow-Strasse, 62, Deutschland, interes- 
siert sich fiir STAFF. ^ 

301 Carl von Bardeleben, Generalleutnant z. D. und Vorsitzender des Vereins Herold, Berlin, W. 
50, Kurfiirstendamm, 240", Deutschland. 

302 Bertha M. B. Taylor, (Mrs. M. Stanton Taylor), 4417, Baltimore Avenue, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., 

is interested in WAINWRIGHT, Lanes., Cheshire, Derbyshire, Co. Armagh LANSDALE 
(LANSDELL), Lanes. WEST, Londonderry, Co. Armagh, Co. Down, Cambridge and Lanes. 
HEATHWOOD, Co. Armagh, Co. Tyrone, Cheshire, Lanes. REED (REID), Co. Louth, Ireland, 
Boston, Lines. BAKER, Lanes, before 1700 HARDMAN, Lanes, before 1700 FROGGATT, 
Manchester, i8th cent. RADCLIFFE, Lanes., Cheshire, before 1700 Wanted information 
about Richard WAINWRIGHT, of Swinton and Monton, Lanes., md -(i) Martha LEIGH ; 
(2) Martha Moss; (3) 1774, Betty LANSDALE (or LANSDELL), daughter of Robert LANSDALE, 
of Drywood and Swinton Also of John REED (REID), b. 1788 (?), Collon, Co. Louth, Ireland 
(Family of Lines.), md. (1813, Liverpool) Hannah, daughter of Richard WAINWRIGHT ; 
in Phila., U.S.A., 1822 ; d. in Montreal, Canada Also ancestral data of Samuel WEST, 
b. 1790, Newtown -Hamilton, Armagh, Ireland ; md. Ann HEATHWOOD, daughter of William 
(?),by his first wife. Wests went to Londonderry from England over two hundred years 
ago Henry and Margaret -Hardman BAKER with James and Mary RADCLIFFE migrated 
Lanes, to Penna. about 1683. Last-named (previously Widow RAWSTHORNE) md. thirdly 
in Penna., 1692, Henry BAKER. 

303 Alfred Brooks Merriam, 55 West 44th Street, New York City, U.S.A. 

304 T. Tindall Wildridge, Islip, Oxford, England, wants unprinted details of Mayors, Sheriffs, etc., 

of Hull, all dates and is interested in TOMLINSON, Queen's Town to Canada, about 1857 
WILDRIDGE, Whitby, Orkney, etc. (Whale Fishery) about 1770 Wants information concern- 
ing Leonard WILLAN, the friend of SHAKESPEARE. 



305 Werner Freiherr von Mandelsloh, k.k. Oberst a.D., Freiburg i.B., Marienstrasse, 2, Deutsch- 

land, wiinscht ungedrucktes Material zur Geschichte und Genealogie der VON MANDELSLOH 
Daenischen, Englischen, Franzosischen, Polnischen, Hollaendischen, Schwedischen und 
Spanischen Diensten, speziell iiber den Feldmarschall Ernst v. Mandelsloh (1522-1602) 
unter den Konigen Heinrich II., III., IV. und Karl IX. von Frankreich sowie dem Prinzen 
Wilhelm v. Oranien. 

306 Mrs. A. A. Snowden, 15, Mount Avenue, Ealing, London, W., is interested in SNOWDEN, Carlisle 

and Stroud Wanted descent of Dr. Samuel SNOWDEN, of Stroud, (d. 1822), from Robert 
SNOWDEN, Bishop of Carlisle, 1616-21. 

307 Georgina King Lewis, (nee Stoughton), Stoughton House, Stanhope Road, Croydon, England, 

is interested in STOUGHTON Information wanted concerning Thomas STOUGHTON, buried 
in Wells churchyard ; John DE STOUGHTON (1351) of Guildford is an ancestor. 

308 Mrs. RidOUt, Condercum, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. 

309 Thomas Gurney, 79, St. Helen's Gardens, London, W., is interested in all South Bucks, and West 

Middlesex families especially in GURNEY, South Bucks, and Middlesex before 1800 

310 C. F. Egerton Allen, Hill Cottage, Tenby, England, is interested in any Pembrokeshire, Car- 

marthenshire or Cardiganshire families, 1600-1800. 

311 Maximilian Reichsfreiherr Raitz von Frentz, Godesberg, Rhein, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur 


312 W. Graham BOSS, 16, Union Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested in all descendants of the 

Scotch family Boss especially in descendants anywhere of Boss, (DE BOYS, Boiss, etc.), 
Fifeshire and Lothians, Scotland, from early I3th cent, onwards. Some have taken the 
names BOSWELL BOYCE ; others probably BOWSIE BOOSIE BUIST also in BOSWELLS 
of Scottish descent who have tradition of change of name (" thereby hangs a tale ") 
Wanted any descendants of James Boss, hatter, Dunfermline, Scotland, who removed 
to England about 1775-95 also parentage of brothers Geoffrey and Reginald DE Bois 
(DUBOSC), both of Norman Exchequer about 1190-1205. Geoffrey was a distinguished 
Crusader companion of Richard I., held in Delce, Kent ; in Bucks. ; in Lothingland Manor, 
Suffolk (forfeited 1204) ; in Normandy ; probably in Scotland. Reginald held in Mutford, 
Suffolk (forfeited 1204) ; in Normandy ; in Scotland. They married the sisters Petronilla 
and Matilda DE CAILLY, co-heirs of Cailly near Rouen. Are the seals of Geoffrey and Petronilla 
known ? Also wanted the descent of David GRAHAM (farmer), Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland, 
about 1760-1820 ; he is said to be descended from a leading family, father probably James. 

313 Lewis A. Weyburn, Rockford, 111., U.S.A. ~ 

314 Frank Fetter, Huntington, Ind., U.S.A. 

315 Hauptmann Otto Benkendorff, Glogau, Viktoriastr., 2 1 , Schlesien, Deutschland, interessiert 

sich fur Namenstrager zu alien Zeiten und an alien Orten (VoN) BEN(EC)KENDORFF 


Bartholomaeus BENCKENDORFF, 1580 Pfarrer in Radun bei Arnswalde, studiert 1546 in 

Frankfurt a.O., aus Salzwedel ; wer waren die Eltern.? 

316 Miss Margaret Wrigley, Croft House, Netherton, Huddersfield, England, is interested in 

317 Frederick W. Ryan, Barrister-at-law, 13, Clyde Road, Dublin, Ireland, is interested in families 

from Malta and Tipperary also in TAGLIAFERRO, of Genoa, before 1820 especially *MAMO 
*RYAN DOUBLET fHiLL, of Madeley and Newcastle, Staffs. Who is the present owner 
of the former feudal fief of Ronco Campo Cane, near Parma ? 

318 Richard J. Kelly, J.P., Barrister-at-law, Vice-President of Galway Co. Antiquarian and 

Archaeological Society, 10, Mountjoy Square, Dublin, Ireland. 

319 J. H. Tyrrell, Castleknock, Twickenham, England, is interested in all TYRRELL families, particu- 

larly the Irish branches, and also in DELAHYDE, Meath, Ireland DOWDALL, Meath, Ireland 
VERE, Addington, Northants Information wanted concerning the Irish baronetcy of 
TYRRELL (1686) the children and wife of Sir Edward TYRRELL (second Bart.) who was 
killed at Cassano, Italy, in the i8th cent. and TYRRELL first settlers in U.S.A. 


320 Lt.-Col. John Glas Sandeman, M.V.O., F.S.A., Whin-Hurst, Hayling Island, Havant, England, 
is interested in GLAS (or GLASS) SANDEMAN 

321 Thomas U. Sadleir, M.A., Barrister-at-law, 9, Gardiner's Place, Dublin, Ireland. 

322 Major Oscar de Lome de Saint Ange, Metz in Lothringen, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur 

DE LORNE DE SAINT ANGE, Familie LORNE soil aus Schottland stammen und etwa 1600 
nach Frankreich gekommen sein Wer waren die Eltern von Francois LORNE, n6 1616, 
secretaire du roi au parlement de Bretagne 1702 ? Wer kann ihm sagen wo dessen Bruder 
Pierre und wann er geboren ist ? 

323 Rev. Lawrence John Chaitlberlen, Duntisbourne Abbots Rectory, Cirencester, England, is inter- 

324 W. A. James, i, Fleet Street, London, is interested in MOORCROFT, Windsor and Kingham, 

Oxon. HUNTER, Yorks., I7th cent. TODD, Whorlton, Yorks. 

325 Charles R. Byram, Medford, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in BYRAM (BYROM), Kent, England, 

before 1634 Wanted information about Nicholas BYRAM (BYROM), and his ancestors ; 
he was b. in Kent, England, and settled in Weymouth, Mass., U.S.A., 1634. 

326 Rev. John Elliot Bowman, Ferrisburg, Addison Co., Vt, U.S.A. 

327 Rev. John Wylde, St. Saviour's Vicarage, Leeds, England, is interested in MASON, Derby, 

before 1700 PHILPOTT, Blockley, Worcs., before 1650 Wanted ancestry and marriage 
of Roger PHIPPS, of Hants. (?), once of Roehampton ; d. 1787 ; also marriage of Henry 
VAUGHAN, of Hergest ; d. 1720. 

328 Charles Brightwen Rowntree, Hazelwood, Saffron Walden, Essex, England, is interested in 

ROWNTREE, any before 1750, especially Yorks. ROWNTREE, Ireland, Yorkshire Dales, 
Cumb., Westmorland, Lanes. BRIGHTWEN and DE HORNE, Eastern Counties and Kent ; 
any who emigrated from Holland Wanted name of publication containing genealogy 
of Irish ROWNTREE clan, published probably about 20 years ago. Also information about 
this Irish clan. 

329 Miss Jaqueline Hope, 56, Oakley Street, Chelsea Embankment, London, is interested in 

TROUBRIDGE, London, Devon, or elsewhere, i7th cent. CHENEY, Hackney, before 1750 
NORTHALL, i7th and i8th cents. DAVIS, Ham, Richmond, before 1780 TAYLOR, Jamaica, 
before 1780 BUCHANON, Silverbank, before 1760 BRUCE, Kennet, before 1700 CARR, Etal, 
before 1780 SCOLLAY and IRVINE, Shetland Islands, before 1800 Wanted information 
about ancestors of John DE HOPE, who came to Scotland in train of Madeleine of France, 
Queen of James V., 1537. 

330 W. M. Hunnybun, 62. Oakley Street, Chelsea, London, S.W.,is interested in HUNNYBUN before i8oa 

331 Arthur Reginald Welchman, 16, Carlton Road, Putney Hill, London, S.W., is interested in 

WELCHMAN, Banbury, North Oxon., 1638, and Warws., 1750 WELCH, Warws., 1760 
HILL, Banbury, 1670 MAUND, North Oxon., 1593 COKER, London, 1790 LOWTON, 
Middlesex, 1800 Wanted information about Edward WELCHMAN, of Banbury, a baker, 
originator of Banbury cakes, 1638 (?), his father (?), wife (?), of Deddington. 

332 Edwin Dodds, Home House, Low Fell, Gateshead, England, is interested in BELLEW BRYHAM 

Christian name of Dr. PODS, of Bath, about 1750. 

333 Lieut. -Col. George H. Johnston, Kilmore, Richhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland, is interested in 

CHENEY, Co. Kildare, 1700 KENNEDY, Killarne, Co. Down, 1630 MELVILLE, Isle a Kail, 
Co. Down, 1600 Wanted the pedigree and relations by marriage of General Sir Adam 
WILLIAMSON (72nd Highlanders), Avebury House, Wilts., son of General George W. (Royal 

334 John Langhorne, Watson Villa, Dean, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested in LaNGHORNE 

LONG, Cambs. and Suffolk BRIDGE, Cambs. PROCTER, Long Preston COTTON, King's 
Lynn Wanted information about Rev. Joseph LANGHORNE, Schoolmaster, Winton, West- 
morland, d. 1739 ; about Richard L., apothecary, Lincoln, I7th cent., and about Thomas L., 
Citizen and Skinner, London, 1655. 

335 Henry Gawtftrop, 516 Bourse, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., is interested in GAWTHROP THOMPSON 



336 George F. Newcomb, 90, York Square, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A. 

337 William Shackleton, 5, Clarence Terrace, Pudsey, England, is interested in Quaker families of 

Craven, Yorks., and especially in SHACKLETON, Craven, Yorks., before 1780, and West 
Riding, Yorks. ^BRADLEY, (Quakers) Craven, Yorks. before 1760 HUNTER, (Quakers) 
North Riding, Yorks., before 1780 and Durham before 1790 Wanted parentage and birth- 
place of Roger SHACKLETON, Lord Mayor of York 1698, md. Annabella TEMPEST, of Tong 
also parentage of Jonathan SHACKLETON, Rilston, Craven, living 1720. 

338 Wright Wilson, Cottesbrook, Yardley Road, Acocks Green, near Birmingham, England, is 

interested in WILSON, Northants. WAYMAN, Suffolk. 

339 Lt.-Col. H. S. Jeudwine, c/o Messrs. Cox and Co., 16, Charing Cross, London, S.W., is inter- 

ested in Huguenot refugee families also in JEUDWINE JUDUIN JOUDOUIN JEDWIN 
JEDUIN Wanted information about the family of JOUDOUYN QUDUIN), in La Rochelle or 
neighbourhood or in Hanover and North Germany about 1700. 

340 Charles S. Romanes, C.A., 3, Abbotsford Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested in 

ROMANES, ROLMANHOUSE, or similar surnames. 

341 Reginald Peacock, 47, West Sunniside, Sunderland, England, is interested in BLIGH, Devon 

and Cornwall ANDERSON, Northumberland and Durham HAWKINS, Norfolk DAILLY, 
London BUCKTROUT, Yorks. Connection wanted between BLIGH families of Botathan, 
Bodmin and Holsworthy. Also ancestry of Thomas HAWKINS, King's Lynn (d. 1789), 
and his wife Sarah, daughter of Samuel DAILLY. 

342 George Minns, Norwich House, Ely, Cambs., England, is interested in all AUCOCK, ORTON, 

STUBBS, WAGSTAFF, and WALTON families also in ACKROYD, Sheffield or neighbourhood, 
before 1770 MINNS, Norfolk, before 1800 AMATT, Derby or Notts, before 1800 DIMOND 
and RANDALL, Somerset or adjoining counties, before 1800 STOCKDALE, Ireland, before 
1800 ARTHUR, Surrey, before 1800 CORBRIDGE, N. England, before 1800 HEMSLEY, 
Sussex, before 1800 VIPAN, before 1800. 

343 Mrs. E. Egerton Leigh, Broadwell Manor House, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England, 

is interested in HODGES, Shackerston, Leicestershire, about 1640, Stow-on-the-Wold, Swell, 
and Broadwell, Gloucs., and of Broadway, Worcs. DOUGHTY, St. Giles-in-the- Fields, 
London CHADWELL, Broadwell, Gloucs. DONNE MARTYN, St. Giles-in-the-Fields, London 
Wanted information about wife, father's name, and descendants of Rev. John HODGES, 
Vicar of Shaxton (Thackerston or Shackerston), Lines., 1630-1649. 

344 Dr. W. D. Fales, 78, T Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., U.S.A., is interested in BRILLINGS 

Haverhill, Mass., 1730 Wanted parents of William Clem HOUSE, b. 1805, Brunswick 
Co., Va. 

345 James Russell Gibson, National Bank of Commerce in St. Louis, U.S.A. 

346 H. J. Godbold, 6, Loris Road, West Kensington Park, London, W., is interested in East Anglian 

and Sussex families also in GODBOLD, East Anglia and elsewhere EYLES, Wilts. 
CROWLEY CROSS, (road and canal contractors), Staffs. (?) BURSLEM, Cheshire RUMNEY 
DREDGE, Wilts. MC!NTOSH, (canal and railway contractors), Staffs. (?) Wanted parent- 
age of Hugh Mclntosh CROSS, b. 1801 and of Thomas CROWLEY, (Surgeon), md. before 
1777 ; was then in Jamaica or America. 

347 Rev. Henry Falkner Allison, Scothorne Vicarage, Lincoln, England, is interested in ALLISON, 
Lines., and possibly Leeds, before 1720. 

348 Alfred Newdigate, 27, Clarendon Square, Leamington, England. 

349 John Northmore, 4, Abbey Mead, Tavistock, England. 

350 John Morley Jeggo Dacombe, 27, Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, England, is interested in 

DACOMBE, (DACKHAM, DACOM), with any variation of spelling MORLEY, Essex JEGGO 
Information wanted (other than that appearing in Wimborne Registers, Somerset House 
Wills, Winchester and Blandford), of the DACOMBE family, at Wimborne, Dorset. 

351 H. Houston Ball, 27, Glenmore Road, Haverstock Hill, London, N.W., is interested in dormant 

or extinct baronetcies also in ANTRAM BALL LANGDON REEKS ROCHESTER SYDNOR 
Wanted correct ancestry of William SMYTH, of Dundrum, Co. Down, temp. James I. 
from Lastingham, Yorks., or neighbourhood. 


352 Frederick Arthur Crisp, F.S.A., " Grove Park Press," 270,|Walworth Road, London, S.E., is 
interested in CRISP SOUTH, Essex GOFFE WITHYPOLE KNOWLES, Northants. 

353 Rev. Arthur E. Aldworth, Milford, Salisbury, England, is interested in ALDWORTH ALDER 

Wanted marriage of Robert ALDWORTH to Elizabeth , (1640-1646) and baptism of their 

children, Robert, Elizabeth, Joan, Anne, before 1660. 

354 Stephen Francis Balcom, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.A. 

355 Isaac H. Gary, 200, Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in the genealogy (in 

England) before and after 1700, of the CARY family. Jonathan and James C., migrated as 
young men (about 1723), to Charlestown (now Boston), Mass., from Bristol or adjoining 
county ; were boat-builders in America. 

356 Rev. E. D. Shaw, The Vicarage, High Wycombe, England. 

357 Rev. George Byrom ShallcrOSS, East Harptree Rectory, Bristol, England. 

358 Major H. F. Webb Poppelwell, The Willows, Ideford, S. Devon, England. 

359 Ronald Dixon, (professional), F.G.S., F.R.G.S., 46, Marlborough Avenue, Hull, England. 

360 Col. John Parker, F.S.A., Browsholme Hall, Clitheroe, Lanes., England, is interested in all 

Yorks. and Lanes, families also in BLAKEY CHADDERTON GOULBORNE PARKER 

361 Alfred Ridley Bax, F.S.A., Ivy Bank, Hampstead, London, N.W., is interested in BAX, any 

tLEMAN, (or LEMMON), MARTIN, (MARTYN, MARTEN), especially Surrey, Sussex, Kent 
Wanted descendants and present representatives of Col. Henry NEEDLER, of Horley, 
" Holyland," and of Henry N., who d. Dec. 1718, buried at Frindsbury, nr. Rochester. 

362 R. Sydney Falkner, 38, Chaworth Road, West Bridgford, Notts., England, is interested in 

FALKNER REDDING, Lines. TULLY, Conningsby, Lines. COOK, Ashfield-cum-Thorpe, 
Suffolk DUNNINGHAM, Ipswich, Suffolk DE LANDE, about 1688 DE MASSAC, about 
1700 COMBETES, (Huguenot), Milan, 1650 TODDINGTON, Leics. TRUEMAN, London 
Information wanted about Bishop GARNER (or GARDNER), of Ireland also parents of Albert 
COMBETES, (Sieur de Lande), b. Milan, 16 October, 1661. 

363 Wm. M. Myddelton, Spencer House, St. Albans, England, is interested in MIDDLETON, Church- 

stoke, 1560-1650 CUPPER, Llantisilio, in Yale. 

364 Spencer P. Mead, LL.B., 113, W T est 43 Street, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in all 

families of Greenwich, Conn., and vicinity before 1750 especially in the following AVERY 

365 Charles Sidney Ensign, Newton, Mass., U.S.A. 

366 Patrick Gray, 5, Blackness Avenue, Dundee, Scotland. 

367 Mrs. H. E. Maiden, The Beacon, St. Catherines, Guildford, England. 

368 Miss Constance Pitcairn, Eccleslea, Haslemere, Surrey, England. 

369 R. Tristram Harper, Church Hill House, Merstham, Surrey, England, is interested in ACLAND 

WILLIAMS, Dorset HARPER, London, i6th and I7th cents., Worcs. and Gosport, Hants., 
Winchester Information wanted about John HARPER, Sheriff and Alderman's Deputy 
for Bread Street Ward, London ; arms confirmed Visit, of London, 1634. 

370 Wm. Jaggard, 139, Canning Street, Liverpool, England. 

371 Aleyn Lyell Reade, Park Corner, Blundellsands, near Liverpool, England, is interested in 

families associated with Dr. JOHNSON at Lichfield, etc. also in JOHNSON, Cubley, Lichfield, 
Coventry, etc. FORD, Birmingham and district CHAMBERS, Kings Norton CROWLEY, 
Stourbridge. etc. DITCHER, Bath LEAKE, London, Bath READE, Horton, Staffs. 
Offley, etc. PORTER, Birmingham, etc. DESMOULINS JERVIS, Peatling, Leics. WILLIAMS, 
Rhosmarket TRE LEAVEN, Cornwall HICKMAN, Stourbridge. 

372 Edward Alex. Fry, 124, Chancery Lane, London, \V.C., is interested in FRY BLAGRAVE. 


373 J. Paul RylandS, F.S.A., Highfields, Bidston Road, Birkenhead, England, wants parentage and 

burial-place of Joseph PALMER, London, (probably of Irish family), who was King's 
Messenger in 1714 ; d. London, December, 1759. 

374 Mrs. George N. Clouse, 403, Henry Street, Geneseo, 111., U.S.A., is interested in DIGBY, I5th, 

i6th and I7th cents. BYERS, Penna., U.S.A., (Origin of family) CLOUSE (or KLAUS), 
Alsace, about 1780 STAMM, Canton Schaffhausen, I7th cent. What ground for the opinion 
that certain members of the DIGBY family emigrated to Massachusetts Bay Colony about 
1640 and reverted to use of their ancient patronymic of " TILTON" ?, e.g., u Peter Tilton, 
who did shelter for years, in defiance of Charles II. 'the Regicides,' Goffe and Whalley, at 
Hadley, Mass." Under what circumstances did Peter Tilton (or Digby) leave England ? 

375 S. Fletcher Weyburn, P.O. Box 494, Scranton, Pa., U.S.A., interested in fWEYBURN, 

(WIBURN, WIBORNE, WYBORN, WYBOURNE), Tendcrden, Kent, before 1638 ; Conn., U.S.A., 
after 1690 ; and Pa., U.S.A., before 1776 Information wanted about ancestors of Thomas 
WEYBURN, Tenderden, Kent, who settled in U.S.A. in 1638. 

376 Michael Forbes Tweedie, F.S.A., Rawlinson, Rolvenden, Kent, England. 

377 H. S. Saunders, Kingswood, Weybridge. 

378 Dr. George C. Peachey, na, Oxford and Cambridge Mansions, Hyde Park, London, is interested 

in LE GRICE (LE GRYS and variants) PEACHEY COLE, Beds., i8th cent. 

379 Rev. Hugo Richard Huband, Kimsbury House, Gloucester, England, is interested in HUBAND 

HIBBOTT Wanted information about the father of Thomas HUBAND (or HIBBOTTS), of 
Inkberrow ; Thomas H., was father of Sir Thomas Huband (about 1600), who was knighted 
in Ireland. 

380 Lady Elizabeth ClJSt, 13, Eccleston Square, London, S.W., is interested in fFiSHER and 

fBANKES, London. 

381 Rev. H. A. Hartley, Staveley Rectory, Knaresborough, England. 

382 Rev. H. R. B. Gillespie, The Cottage, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, is interested in 

GILLESPIE, North of Ireland, Scotland, before 1650. 

383 Dr. John BeddOC, The Chantry, Bradford-on-Avon, England. 

384 Hon. Edwin H. Terrell, 108, Soledad Street, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A., is interested in 

TERRELL, Va., U.S.A., TYRRELL, Essex, Bucks, and Suffolk Information wanted as to 

the English ancestry and place of origin of family of TERRELL (or TYRRELL) , established in 

Va., U.S.A., by Thomas, James, Richmond and William T., between 1638 and 1667. Said 

to be of Essex or Bucks. 

385 Miss Emily Wilder Leavitt, (professional), 18, Somerset Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

386 Miss F. Mary Marlande, St. Augustine, East Molesey, Surrey, England, is interested in 

Huguenot refugee families in Ireland Especially interested in MARLANDE fDE LA COUR, 
IRELAND, from 1700 fSEGUiN, Ireland |BLANQUIERE, i8th cent. MANSEL, Wales 
tWniTRED Information wanted about Jean MARLANDE, ? from Bordeaux ; b. Weissem- 
bourg, 1708, ? relatives, Ireland, 1730 Marie DE LA COUR, ? md. Jean MARLANDE, ? family, 
? in Ireland, ? Guy pensioner to 1730 Sir John BLANQUIERE ; why did he give pension to 
Jean MARLANDE, of Dublin, in 1760 ? 

387 Dr. H. M. Prins, London County Asylum, Colney Hatch, London, N., is interested in Dutch 

East India Co. in Batavia and Ceylon also in PRINS, Holland, Batavia and Ceylon 
Wanted information about Cornelis Arnoldus PRINS, (Justice at Trincomalee), supposed 
to have been born at Haarlem, about 1680. 

388 R. F. Scott, The Master's Lodge, St. John's College, Cambridge, England, is interested in al 

members of St. John's College, Cambridge. 

389 Henry Rigg, 3, Madeley Road, Ealing, London, W., is interested in FAULDER, (FALDER, 

FOLDER), Cumberland, from 1500 FELL, Cumberland, from 1500 KENDRICK, KENRICK, 
KENWRICK, Lanes., Salop, etc., from 1500 RIGG, (RIGGE), Cumberland, Lines, from 1500 
RIGGS, Hants., Sussex, from 1500. 

390 William John Mercer, J.P., F.R.Hist.S., 12, Marine Terrace, Margate, England, is interested 

391 R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A., Carpenter's Hill, Pulborongh, Sussex, England. 



392 Mrs. Coreita R. Davis, Dover, Delaware, U.S.A. 

393 Miss Mary Kingsbury Talcott, 135, Sigourney Street, Hartford, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in 

V SEYMOUR, Devon and Wilts. lyth cent. YORKE, Northants, before 1620 FIENNES (or 
FYNIS), Sussex, 1450-1530 DUDLEY, Northants, and London, before 1620 GAGER, 
Suffolk, lefore 1630 KINGSBURY, Suffolk, before 1640 BROWNE, Sussex, before 1630 
DOWNING, of Suffolk, before 1630 WOODBRIDGE, Oxford and Wilts., before 1620 
WARHAM, Dorset, before 1630 Wanted parentage of Rev. Joseph BROWNE, Rector of 
Rusper, Sussex, 1590-1633. Also the maiden name of his wife. 

394 Roland Quinneli, Dewbrook, Blackboys, Sussex, England, is interested in QUINNELL (QUENNELL), 

Herts, before 1500, Surrey after 1650 Information wanted about Captain Peter QUYNNELL, 
Surrey, 1695 ; John QUENYLD, M.P., Herts., 1380 ; and QUIVILL, Bishop of Exeter, 1280. 

395 Alfred Ransford, Lynwood, Wisbech, England, is interested in all members of the RANSFORD 

family and alliances and also in LATHOM STANLEY DANVERS WILLCOTS EAMES 

RAINSFORD, Clifford, Gloucs., (b. 1540), md. , and John RANFORD, Ashleworth, Gloucs., 

b. 1578, Clifford, Gloucs. ; d. 1634, Ashleworth. __^ 

396 Arthur E. Stedman, Dagmar Lodge, Watford, England, is interested in STEDMAN, Cambs., 

and Suffolk HASSELL, any Information wanted of place of marriage, parentage and 
ancestry of John Mills HASSELL, (Architect), d. 1821 at Canterbury ; md. Mary HOSKING. 

397 John Venn, Sc.D., Vicarsbrook, Chaucer Road, Cambridge, England, is interested in VENN, 

Devon and Somerset, before 1600 ASHTON, Penketh, Lanes., iyth cent. BISHOP, Lincoln, 
and Lines., I7th cent. FRIELL, Ireland, i8th cent. 

398 Rev. Algernon CurtOIS, 3, Monks Leys Terrace, Lincoln, England. 

399 T. A. Vaughton, Livery Street, Birmingham, England, is interested in ASTLEY, Tamhorn near 

Tamworth, 1600-1700 HARM AN and VESEY, Warws., and Staffs., 1500-1650 VOUGHTON (or 

VAUGHTON) ,Warws. , and Staffs. ,1450-1660 Information wanted about Walter ASTLEY, (Senior 

_ and Junior), of Tamhorn and Whittington, Staffs. Living in 1689. Who were their wives r ? 

400 Selah B. Strong, The Cedars, Setanket, Long Island, New York, U.S.A., desires information 

about William SMITH, Governor of Tangier, 1675 ; his grandfather, Max CONSTANET ; and 
his father-in-law, Henry TUNSTALL. 

401 Dr. Joseph N. LeConte, Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A., is interested in LE CONTE DE NONANT, Normandy, 

before 1700 VALLEAU, Martinique, W.I., about 1700 NISBET, Co. Loudon, Scotland, 
before 1720 EATTON, England (probably Kent), before 1685 COOPER, England TRIMBLE, 
England and Ireland before 1725 NELSON, Rawley, Yorks., before 1640 The following 
Coat-of-Arms was brought to America about 1698 by a French Huguenot, who taking his 
mother's name, called himself Guillaume LECONTE (DE NONANT) Quarterly ; i, Argent, a 
lion rampant, Gules, within a bordure bezantee, of the last. 2, Impaled ist, or, three 

torteaux, Gules ; 2nd, azure, three fleurs de lis, or, within a bordure engrailed (?) ; 

3rd, barry of eight, argent and Gules ; 4th, Azure, a chevron, Argent, in base 3 bezants, 
or, i and 2. Upon all, Azure, a chevron, vert, between ten cinqfoils, - (?), placed 4 
and 2 in chief and 1-2-1 in base. The helmet, in profile, has five bars, and the crest is a 
plume of three feathers. To what French family does this coat belong ? Information also 
wanted of the family of Thomas JONES, Oxon., England, before 1640. 

402 Christopher Frederick Hilton, 16, South Avenue, Exeter, England, is interested in HILTON 
(or HYI.TON), Durham, Northumb., Yorks., Leics. 

403 Miss J. QTarrell, (professional), 81, Morehampton Road, Dublin, Ireland. 

404 F. G. Chandler, Jesus College, Cambridge, and Sutton, Surrey, England, is interested in 

CHANDLER, Melksham, Wilts., prior to 1780 Wants information about any existing pedigrees 
of any family of CHANDLER in Wilts. 

405 W. H. Bramwell, Bow, Durham, England, is interested in BRAMWELL, esp. Cumb., Westmor- 

land, Lanes., and Cheshire, i8th cent, and before Record of marriage wanted of George 
BRAMWELL, and Elizabeth Martha, his wife, in 1807 or a little earlier. Probably in London. 

406 G. T. Windyer Morris, Ryde House, Bisterne Avenue, Upper Walthamstow, London, N.E., 

is interested in DILLINGTON, Dillington, Norfolk FORDER, Hursley, Hants. KNOTT, 
Winchester and Sussex MORRIS, Topsham, Devon MINTER HART, Rotherhithe, 
Surrey SMITH, Hursley and Southampton Information wanted as to parentage of Ann 
Minter HART, md. at ? St. Mary, Rotherhithe, to William MORRIS, Master R.N. 


407 Capt. Erskine Eyre West, 32, Crosthwaite Park, Kingstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland, is interested 

in Anglo-Irish, Scotch, Huguenot, and Jamaican families and especially in EYRE, Wilts., 
Ireland WEST, Dela-Warr, Yorks., London, Ireland ERSKINE, Forfarshire, North of 
Ireland BRISSETT, Jamaica, (said to be descended from DE BRISAC) MOTTE, (or DE LA 
MOTTE), South Carolina, Ireland, Holland, France TURNBULL, Stracathro, Montrose, 
Forfarshire HUDDART, Cumberland, Caernarvon MAGNIAC, France, England KEYS, (or 
KEYES), North of Ireland. 

408 R. D. Radcllffe, Old Swan, Liverpool, England. 

409 Mrs. Ida Murphy Shirk, 439, N. Penn Street, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.A., is interested in MERRY- 

Richard EWIN, 1649 Md., U.S.A., wife, Sophia; children, Elizabeth, Richard, John, Susanna, 
and Ann Richard TALBOTT, Md., U.S.A., 1652 Robert HOUSTON, (widower), Md., U.S.A., 
1714, minor sons, Robert and John John MORRISON, (wife Margaret DOWNEY), emigrated 
Ayrshire, Scotland, 1800 James MURPHY, (wife, Nora MALONE, daughter of Bartholomew), 
emigrated Dublin, 1774, their son (Bartholomew Murphy M.), b. on voyage to Phila., 1774 
Mrs. Parthenia PHILLIPS, (English doctress), Friderick, Md., 1760. 

410 Lt.-Col. Francis Lithgow Payson, Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A., is interested in PAWSON (PAYSON), 

Essex and Yorks. before 1700 DABNEY, (descendants Theo. Agrippa D'AUBIGNE) before 
1750 LITHGOW, Ulster and Scotland, before 1730 FARQUHAR, Aberdeenshire, before 1770 
STUART, Inverness, before 1720 FOOTE, Cornwall, before 1700 STEWART, Ulster, before 
1720 WINTER, Devon, before 1700 Wanted ancestry of Edward PAYSON, Nazeing, 
Essex, b. 1603 of John D'AUBIGNE, Huguenot emigrant to Va., U.S.A., about 1700 and 
of STUART, who md. Lucy, daughter of Sir David ERSKINE of Dun, about 1690. 

411 Mrs. Eleanor Carter, 7, Marlborough Buildings, Bath, England, is interested inFREWEN HAY 
of Hopes CARUS-WILSON Information wanted about John HAY, who was out in the '45. 

412 James Liddon Smithett, J.P., 45, Highbury Hill, London, is interested in SMETHCOT (or 

SMYTHCOT), Salop and Kent, about 1180 to 1523 SMYTHEOT (SMITHETT), Kent, 1326 to 
1871 Wanted parentage of Bartholomew SMYTHEOT, of Buckland by Dover, Newington, 
and River ; d. 1522. 

413 Mrs. Edward M. E. Welby, Norton House, Norton, Sheffield, England, is interested in EVERARD, 

(EVERED, EVERETT, and EVERITT), Lincoln, Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk,' Essex, 1500- 
1600 Information wanted about John EVERRARD, who according to the Fines list 
10 Henry VIII., was then holding land in Ingoldsby, Lines. and about John EVERED, 
d. 1541 ; in his I.P.M. of 35 Henry VIII., is then said to have had " Manor of Ingelsby " ; 
also about the parentage of Henry EVERARD, whose son was Thomas E., of Canfield, Essex 
(md. Margaret WISEMAN) ; Thomas mentions his father, Henry, in his will of date 1551, 
proved 1552. 

414 Francis Edmund R ad ley, The Woodlands, Gospel End, Sedgley, Staffs., England. 

415 Rev. John George Gibson, B.D., LL.D., The Rectory, Westwood House, Ebchester, S.O., Co. 

Durham, England (via Newcastle-on-Tyne), is interested in GIBSON ROSSITER fMEANOCK 
fCoxoN fCHARLTON Information wanted about George GIBSON, (probably of Jarrow- 
on-Tyne), md. Miss COXON, (probably of Gateshead), about 1825-1830 and about William 
ROSSITER, who settled in Northumb., about 1790, from Topsham. 

416 Chas. Chambers, 63, Rotterdam Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, is interested in all families 

belonging to Lowestoft or district Especially in CHAMBERS, Lowestoft and district 
INCLOSE, Ashby, near Lowestoft Wanted information about John CHAMBERS, (son of 
Samuel, son of Nathaniel), migrated about 1843 to Canada ; said to have lived in Hamilton 

417 Mrs. Sarah Drury Rice, no, High Street, Florence, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in RICE, Berk- 

hamstead, England, and Sudbury, Mass., 1638-1800 DRURY, London, England, and 
Sudbury, Mass., 1640-1800 STONE, Nayland, or London, England, and Watertown, Mass., 
1635-1800 BALL, England, and Watertown, Concord, Mass., 1630-1800 Wanted informa- 
tion about Robert YOUNG, b. Scotland, lived in Ireland; migrated to Mass., U.S.A., about 
1716 ; his brothers David and William settled respectively in New York State, and near 
Boston, Mass. Wants English ancestors and American descendants of Hugh DRURY and 
Simon STONE, i6th and i7th cents. 



418 Lionel Cress well, Barrister-at-law, Wood Hall, Calverley, Yorks., England, is interested in 

ALSTON CRESSWELL, all, including Colonies and U.S.A. CROPPENBERGH, London, 
Holland, 1600-1700 EVELYN ROSE, Surrey, 1700 1800, ? Kent, Sussex VERMUYDEN, 
London, Holland, 1600-1700 WEARRE (or WE ARE), Surrey, 1750-1800 NOTT (or NOTTE), 
Long Ditton, Surrey, 1500-1600 SMYTHE, Thames Ditton, 1500-1600 STANFORD, Kent, 
1700-1800, ? Surrey, Sussex BRISTER, Surrey, 1700-1800, ? Kent, Sussex Wanted parentage 
of Sarah the wife of Sir Evelyn ALSTON, (5th Bart.), of Chelsea ; she was buried 17 August, 
1764, at Reigate, Surrey. In Collin's "Baronetage," (1741), vol. 3, pt. 2, p. 699, Sir 

Evelyn is described as having married and having two sons (Evelyn and William), 

and one daughter. 

419 Edwin Langdale Christie, Charlton Horethorne House, Sherborne, Dorset, England. 

420 Daniel Brittain Ely, Montclair, N.J., U.S.A. 

421 George Parker, M.D., 14, Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol, England, is interested in PARKER, 

Madeley, Salop, Worcs., and Staffs, before 1750 BICKERSTAFF, Clapham, Settle, Yorks. 
HUMPHREYS, Berriew, Montgomery, before 1709 Wanted information about Walter 
PARKER, md. 1737 at Madeley, Salop, b. 1715 (?) either there or near Stourbridge or New- 
castle, Staffs. ; has he descendants in America ? also about Richard P., living at Hagley, 
1632 and Anthony P. (Author of " Literary Miscellanies ") d, 1621 and Richard P., 
(d. 1685), a worker under George Fox Also information wanted of Christopher PRITCHARD, 
living at Pool Quay, Montgomery, about 1690. 

422 William Downing, Aldine Cottage, Olton, Birmingham, England. 

423 C. H. Jenkinson, Hon. Sec. Surrey Archaeological Society, 122, Palace Road, Tulse Hill, London, 

S.W., is interested in all Surrey families, and wants information about Martha HENN 
(b. 1723, d. 1783) and family, Northampton and London. 

424 Charles Thornton Libby, Portland, Me., U.S.A., is interested in LIBBY, (LYBBE), before 1700 

LITHIBY (LETHEBY), before 1700 LARRABEE, England and France before 1700 FURBER, 
before 1700 GLANFIELD, and PURCHASE, emigrants to New England TETHERLY, West 
emigrants to New England Information wanted of John LIBBY (LYBBE, LITHIBY?) and his 
son John, who was b. about 1636 ; the father sailed in that year from Plymouth to U.S.A., 
and had been in Mr. John SPARKE'S service of Richard HUBBARD, of Salisbury, 
Mass., (adult 1666), ancestor of Hon. Thomas, treasurer of Harvard College, Hon. John, 
Governor of Maine, Governors LANGDON and GOODWIN of New Hampshire, etc. of that 
HUTCHINSON, whose widow, Anne, md. Adam HAWKS, b. 1608, of Lynn, Mass. ; Hutchinson 
children named Francis, Samuel, Edward, Thomas, Elizabeth of Robert and William 
BRADFORD, of Beverly, Mass., b. 1626-1639, apparently not related to earlier Bradford 
emigrants. Robert was dead 1706, leaving brother William only surviving relative in 
equal degree. Robert's wife, Hannah. William md., in Beverly, Rachel RAYMENT 
Relationship wanted of Leah KNIGHT, of Dover (wife of John K., who d. 1694, leaving sister, 
Joanne), Leah NEWT, ("Cousin" of John K.), and Leah who md. Jethro FURBER and 
Hatevil NUTTER also (if any), of Joseph LANCASTER, of Amesbury, Mass., (adult 1666), 
to Henry LANGSTAFF, of Dover, N.H., d. 1705, centenarian. Said by Rev. D. Lancaster to be 
father and son Wanted place of origin of Mr. John SPARKE, (apparently merchant), 
1636, who released John LIBBY and Nicholas WHITE from service to indenture them- 
selves to Mr. TRELAWNY, of Plymouth. Is the name LYBBE, (from Devon, settled in Oxon.), 
pronounced in one or two syllables ? Was there such a similarly pronounced place as 
Broadstairs in Cornwall or Devon ? " Hist, of Scarborough, Me.," calls John LIBBY from 
Broadstairs, Kent, but its author, in old age, had forgotten authority, probably tradition. 
Col. Chester pronounced statement erroneous. Libby sailed from Plymouth, 1636 Are 
the names LARRABEE, LARRABY, LETHEBY, LITHIBY, LYBBE, LIBBY all one and of what 
origin ? In America, LARRABEE or LARRABY (by tradition French) was pronounced and 
often spelt, LETHERBY. In Cornwall LIBBY is said to be a corruption of Lithiby, (Western 
Antiquary," vol. 9, p. 15). Dr. H. LETHEBY descended from Brittany emigrant LE TEBE, 
(Lower, p. 193). 

425 W. P. W. Phillimore, 124, Chancery Lane, London, is interested in PHILLIMORE, FINNIMORE, 
etc., especially of Gloucs., Wilts., and Oxon. before 1500 Wanted parentage of John 
DUGARD, of Hopton Wafers Court, Salop, who d. about 1747 ; his wife Elizabeth d. 1763. 



426 Philip H. Lawson, St. Eilian, Newton, Chester, England, is interested in ANWYL (ANWILL), 

and all families descending from it flMPETT, London and Kent LAWSON, any, especi- 
ally neighbourhood of Whitby, Yorks. -- LEIGH, Siddington, Cheshire, before 1680 
MINSHULL, Chester, Hawarden and district, before 1700 RE ADMAN, Egton, Yorks., before 
1770 tR OK (RooKE), Cromer, before 1800 SMITH, Egton, Yorks., before 1600 
VAVASOUR, York, 1640-1690 fWATTERSON, Isle of Man WHITE, Egton, Yorks., before 
1770 STORM, Robin Hood's Bay Wanted descendants of Henry LAWSON, of London, 
who left Whitby, Yorks., about 1810 of William L., of City of York, Esquire, 1717 
also of Wm. L., son of Philip L., of Egton, Yorks., b. 1760-1770, d. about 1830 of Thomas 
TURNBULL, of Whitby, Yorks. ; b. about 1754, ? Northumb. or Durham. 

427 Rev. Henry Paton, M.A., (professional searcher of Scottish records), 184, Mayfield Road, 
Edinburgh, Scotland. 

428 Hugh Wilson Holltian, 4, Lloyds Avenue, London, E.G., is interested in Topsham (S. Devon) 

families also wants the birthplace and particulars of Soloman HOLMAN who migrated 
to the U.S.A. about 1650. 

429 Richard Heape, Healey Hall, Rochdale, England. 

430 Ervine Denison York, Attorney- at- Law, Flushing, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in YORK and 

DENISON, any American or emigrants to America MAGNON, France or Louisiana Wanted 
English origin of James YORK, who settled in Braintree, Mass., before 1640 also origin of 
Bordeaux family of MAGNON, 1700-1800. 

431 Cuthbert Harrison Surtees, Burn Hills, Blaydon-on-Tyne, England, is interested in SURTEES. 

432 John A. R. Thynne, Fort Augustus, Scotland, is interested in English descents from Crusader 

princes also in HELON PEMBRIDGE WEBB Wanted pedigree and Arms of wife (WEBB) 
of 8th Duke of SOMERSET Arms of wife (BONNELL), of loth Duke of Somerset Pedigree 
of Sir Richard PEMBRIDGE, K.G., and descent to Gatacre. Particulars of HELON family, 
whose Arms are quartered by SEYMOUR after MACMURROUGH. 

433 Campbell M. E. Wynne, 67, Torrington Square, London, W.C., is interested in WYNNE 

PARRY, Tywyssog. Information wanted about the family of WYNNE of Melai, Co. Denbigh, 
and of Maenan Abbey, Co. Carnarvon. 

434 Miss Rita Wisdom, c/o R. H. C. O. Wisdom, Esq., Bridge House, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, 

England, is interested in WISDOM, especially of North Ireland or South Devon. 

435 Harry A. Cockburn, 37, Royal Avenue, Chelsea, London, S.W., is interested in COCKBURN 

DEWAR MACDOWALL RANNIE, (RENNIE) Wanted proof of the marriage (probably in 

August, 1782), of James MACDOWALL and Margaret JAMIESON, possibly New York or some- 

where in Va. ^__^__ 

436 Capt. Bertram Mordaunt Chambers, R.N., F.R.G.S., Monkwearmouth House, Clarence Square, 

Gosport, Hants., England, is interested in CHAMBERS, Cleadon and Whitburn, Durham 
WILSON, Ballymagowan and Londonderry FELTON, Northumb. and Suffolk BERTRAND, 
Montpellier, Geneva and Dominica D'ANGELBERNE (or D'ANGELBERMES), France, Marti- 
nique, and Dominica Information wanted about the ancestry of John Peter D'ANGELBERNE, 
a French soldier from Martinique who settled in Dominica about 1800 What Arms were 
borne by the D'Angelberne family ? 

437 George W. Younger, 195, Amhurst Road, Hackney Downs, London, N.E., is interested in 

438 William Saunders, i, Summerbank, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

439 James Tyson, 1506, Spruce Street, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., desires information about Corneles 

TEISEN (Cornelius TYSON), who emigrated from Crefeld on the lower Rhine to Germantown, 
Phila., between 1683 and 1703. 

440 George W. Price, Salem, N.J., U.S.A. 

441 Miss Morgan, 2, Buckingham Place, Brecon, South Wales. 

442 Mrs. M. Gamble, 283, Belgrave Gate, Leicester, England, is interested in all descendants 

of Mary STUART also in GAMBLE, Cold Ashby DAVENPORT, Wigston, Leicester 
THOMPSON, Houghton-on-the-Hill fWARD, 1700 ? Information wanted about the family 
of GAMBLE (or STUART-GAMBLE), of Willoughby Waterless, Leics., 1700 and after. 


443 MissC. A. BorlaSC, Castle Horneck.Penzance, England, is interested in PETERS,Sussex,before 1800. 

444 Henry Ince Anderton, Huntroyde, Padiham, Lanes., England, is interested in Lancashire 

families and especially in ANDERTON fAsHTON, Lanes., i6th cent. fBARDSEA |CLAYTON 
Clayton and Whittle-le-Woods, Lanes., before 1600 f CROOK, of Whittle-le- Woods, Lanes., 
before 1700 fHANCOCK, and fHEATON, Lanes., before 1700 INCE fScARiSBRiCK, Lanes. 
|STARKiE -^THOMPSON, Esholt, Yorks. Proof of ancestry wanted of Christopher 
ANDERTON, of Lostock, Lanes., md., about 1556, Dorothy, dau. of Peter ANDERTON, of 
Anderton, and d. 1592. Father was Lawrence A., ? of Chorley, said to descend from 
younger son of ANDERTON, of Anderton. 

445 Miss Edith Eliot, Shenstone Lodge, Codrington Hill, Forest Hill, London. 

446 John W. Standerwick, Broadway, Ilminster, England, is interested in MALHERBIE STANDER- 


447 Henry M. Sanderson, Slack House, Grange-over-Sands, England. 

448 Rev. T. C. Dale, 115, London Road, Croydon, London, is interested in DALE, Co. Durham, 

1600-1800 GAUNT, N.E. Yorks., and London before 1800 LYE, Somerset and London, 
before 1800 TETHERINGTON, Dublin and London, i8th cent. MADGWICK, Sussex, Hants, 
and Dorset STOCKDALE, Berrow, Somerset, i8th cent. WITTY, Hull One guinea reward 
offered for baptism of William DALE, son of Thomas D., b. 1765 (or 1756), in Durham, 
Northumb., London, or suburbs los. 6d. reward for any William Dale b. in said years 
in said places 55. reward for any William Dale b. anywhere, 1760-1770. (Some instances 
of last two are already known) Parentage wanted of John GAUNT, of Goldsborough, near 
Knaresborough, d. 1757 also of Francis Draper LYE, b. before 1757 Baptism and other 
information of John TETHERINGTON, " Son of James Tetherington late of the City of 
Dublin, Esq." (So entered at Lincoln's Inn, 1777). 

449 Dr. Clifford S. Chapin, Gt. Barrington, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in fNELSON, Ireland, 

1600-1700 CUSHMAN, England, 1500-1600 BURT, England, 1600 LYMAN, High Ongar, 
England, 1580 ALLERTON, London, 1583 Information wanted of ancestry of Dea. Samuel 
CHAPIN, who migrated to America from England, about 1638-9 ; md. Cicely . 

450 A. C. Mackintosh Wall, (Mrs. B. C. Wall), Arlington Heights, North Augusta, S.C., U.S.A., 

is interested in HEARD, Ireland to Hanover County, Va., U.S.A., 1720 MACKINTOSH, Clan 
Chattanof U.S.A. and Scotland MACPHERSON, marriages with Mackintosh family about 
1700-1750 DARDEN, in Va., about 1776 and before. Wanted to know if John HEARD, who 
came to America about 1720, was Earl of TYRONE also who was the wife of George 
DARDEN, of Va., in 1776; wasshe related to the families of WASHINGTON, LEE, and FAIRFAX ? 

451 Col. J. B. Irving of Bonshaw, Bonshaw Tower, Ecclefechan, Scotland, is interested in IRVING 

(IRWIN, IRVINE, IRVIN, ERWIN, etc.), any. 

452 Frederick A. Black, F.R.S.E., Solicitor, 59, Academy Street, Inverness, Scotland. 

453 J. Kingsley Martin, The Vicarage, Stockton-on-Tees, England, is interested in MARTIN, 

Rockford, Co. Cork, before 1750, after at Killaloe KINGSLEY, England and Tipperary 
.YORK (or YORKE), Warbleton, Sussex, in 1798 LUNN GRAY, Yorks. and U.S.A. 
CRAVEN, High Lofthouse, Yorks. W'anted connection between the KINGSLEY who settled 
in Tipperary about 1690-1700 and the family of that name of Canterbury and Herts. 
also information about the GRAY family. Lewis G. travelled frequently between U.S.A. 
and (?) had something to do with the constitution of Mass., U.S.A. also about the family 
of Rev. James MARTIN, of Killaloe, about 1780, and James M., of Rockford, Co. Cork, 
d. 1782. Were they related to Martin family of Ross ? 

454 A. Percy Smith, F.I.C. (professional), 36, Goodge Street, London, W., is interested in LATON, 

West Layton, Ebor, time Henry I. to about 1400 SMITH, Sneinton, Ebor, before 1450 
MALIE, (Nismes), before 1685 and St. Giles Parish 1700-1740 MALABAR, Staffs., and 
St. James, Clerkenwell, 1690-1750 WALMESLEY, Clerkenwell, 1750 ELWELL, Salop 
*BARTON, Coleshill, Warws. Information wanted of connection between PERRIER, St. 
Giles, 1600, with Breton family also about MALIE, Bernis, Languedoc, before 1685 
and BAUGHAN, Long Compton, Warws. 

455 George Rutter Fletcher, 22, Causton Road, Highgate, London, N., is interested in RUTTER, 

Kingsley, Cheshire, I4th cent., and North Wales FLETCHER, Abingdon, 1650-1720 
Wanted information about the children of Captain Reynold RUTTER, Royalist, who 
attempted recovery of Denbigh Castle ; d. 1675 ; his wife, Blanch, d. 1693. 

I ieuf HL J y 1 t^^TR^: Bourne Cottage, Bexley, England, .s mterestea m 





Notts, and Lines. LANGLEY, Notts. __ - . , fTI 

Staffs, (cf. "MisceUanea Genealogica, Third L Series ^^1. ", ^ t 2 ' 8) _ JoHNSONj Ches ter, 

I 8oo; his darter, Etabeth. 
. Thomas Needham WILSON. 3rd King's Own Dragoons^ 


ma Inomas i\eeauaiii wn^-^, o*_-' " - TTr : r ; , 

arc: .. ..^.. K, H.~ ..* aggrSi^ASrsa; 

SSi ysJ6?!?*BS: 

London, middle i;th " 


about 1677 ; and = 

_ aSS:, ,,...K t .M ; ,..t^J ? ^^3gJ^i^^^ 

Miss Fannv B. Hunter, Alexandria, Va., U.b.A., i. LC __ ,- DT T ..nrl BURROUGH. 


470iatth^Tn^aIwiSS^^ mte 



472 Leonard S. Ravenscroft, Selwyn House, Selwyn Avenue, Richmond-on-Thames, England, is 

interested in SKINNER, London, 1601 HERRING, London, 1679 WALDO, London, 1702 
STYLE, London, 1684 NURSE, London, 1678 SMITHE, London, 1595 PECK, Norfolk,i68o 
PARIS, Norfolk, 1664 HILL, London and Marlborough, 1699 BOYCOTT, Wrexham, 1793 
RAVENSCROFT, Davenham, 1776, and London 1760 DOWELL, Barnet, 1630 HOUSE, 
Reading, 1663 STEVENS, Northampton, 1630 Information wanted about the family of 
Thomas RAVENSCROFT, 1726, maker of Perukes immediate descendants wanted of George 
and Thomas Ravenscroft, 1630-1790 (about) also information as to which branch of the 
Ravenscroft family entered business in London about 1700. 

473 Wm. Ridley Richardson, M.A., (Trin. Coll. Cambs.), Ravensfell, Bromley, Kent, England, 

is interested in COSENS, Botley and Southampton, 1600-1800 RICHARDSON, Lascelles 
Hall, Kirkheaton, and Sheriff-Hutton, Yorks. RIDLEY, Eastern Counties, after 1500 
TWEEDY, Essex and Yorks., i7th cent. Wanted marriage of Rev. Chris. RICHARDSON, 

M.A., (Scholar Trin. Coll., Camb., 1618-1698), and Elizabeth before 1656 (" Dicty. 

National Biography."). 

474 Frederick L. H. Morrice, Brampton Hall, Wangford, Suffolk, England. 

475 Henry Howard, Stone House, Stone, near Kidderminster, England,desir es birth certificate of 

Stanley HOWARD, d. 1735 in Southwark, aged about 59. 

476 William Farrer, Litt.D., Hall Garth, Carnforth, England, is interested in all Lanes, and early 

feudal Yorks. families, especially in ACKROYD, Yorks., before 1600, and Lanes, after 1500 
BACKHOUSE, Lanes, and Westmorland FARRER, Westmorland and Ewcross Wapentake 
of Yorks. Information wanted relating to any Lanes, family of any period, and any 
Yorks. family from 1086 to temp. Edward II. 

477 Mrs. John P. Victory, 129, Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A., is interested in W T ALES 

and WRIGHT, England VICTORY, Leinster, Ireland. 

478 James Ogilvy Fairlie, Myres Castle, Dunshelt, Fife, Scotland, is interested in Scottish Heraldry. 

479 Rev.W T . F. D. Curtoys,Cromhall Rectory, Charfield, Gloucs., England, is interested in CURTOYS, 
any DAVIS, London HUNT, Wilts. TWEED, Essex. 

480 Rev. D. H. S. Cranage, 8, Park Terrace, Cambridge, England, is interested in CRANAGE. 

481 H. D. Baskerville, 4, Marlborough Villas, Gillingham, Kent, England, is interested in 

BASKERVILLE, Devon, especially Plymouth, before 1800 -Wanted information (especially 
of the ancestors) of John Bowyer BASKERVILLE, b. 1767; d. 10 June, 1823, at Plymouth (?), 
leaving several sons. 

482 W. C. D. Whetham, F.R.S., Upwater Lodge, Cambridge, England, is interested in WHETHAM 

DAMPIER (or DAMPORT) BIDE (or BYDE) LANGLEY, Southwark Wanted connection 
between BYDE family of Herts, and London, and William and Frederick BIDE, at Yeovil, 
Somerset, about 1800 also marriage certificate of Stephen WHETHAM, with Frances or 
Fanny about 1770. 

483 Rev. W. J. Stavert, M.A., F.S.A., Burnsall Rectory, Skipton-in-Craven, England, is interested 

in CRAVEN, Appletreewick, W.R. Yorks. RIGBY, Harrock, Lanes. BROWNELL, Coventry, 
and later, Cheshire. 

484 Alan Stepney-Gulston, Derwydd, Llandebie, Carmarthenshire, Wales, is interested in STEPNEY, 

(especially George Stepney, 1663-1707, Poet and Ambassador) GULSTON, Ealing Grove, 
Middlesex, before 1800 WARREN, Shepperton, Middlesex. 

485 Capt. Alexander Graham Shortt, The Red House, Bramerton, Norwich, England, is interested 

in EWART of Dumfriesshire, i8th cent. BELL of Dumfriesshire, i8th cent. SCHORTE 

of Cambusbarron, Stirling, i6th cent. REYNOLDS, Milford, Hants., I7th cent. SHORTT, 

New South Wales. 

486 Miss H. K. Morton, 1342, Spruce Street, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., is interested in MORTON, (MORETON), 

Queen's Co., Ireland, and Chesh. COATE, PARSONS, and POLE, Somerset, England 
KIRKBRIDE, Cumberland, England, before 1700 WEST, Bristol, England, before 1700 
BUDD, Somerset, England SIMMONS, Isle of Man, Dublin, and Queen's Co., Ireland 
PEARSALL, Long Island, U.S.A., before 1649 RICE, Dublin, before 1750 Wanted in- 
formation about antecedents and family of Rev. Thomas BUDD, Martock, Somerset, England, 
who became a Quaker, and d. in Ilchester Jail, 1670. 



487 Mrs. George Frederick Ralph, 5, Plant Street, Utica, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in RALPH, 

and COLDBROOK, Kent, England MORE, Ireland, probably Dublin KENNEDY, Westchester 
Co., New York Wanted particulars of birth and ancestry of Thomas BARNES, of New 
Haven, and Middletown, Conn., U.S.A., (signed Connecticut Colony Constitution, 1644), 
whose will was recorded 7 September, 1693 also facts concerning death of John Barnes, 
b. East Haven, Conn., 28 January, 1746 ; lived in Freehold, New York, 1798. 

488 Joseph Edmund Woolley, The Vines, Syston, Leics., England, is interested in anything bearing 

upon the history of the Derbyshire family of WOOLLEY, especially the Mars ton-on- Dove 
and Marston Montgomery branches Information wanted about tWooLLEY, particularly 
the father (1650-1700), of Joseph and Margaret Woolley, of Marston Montgomery, Derby- 

489 Eugene E. Street, F.S.A., St. Martin's House, Chichester, England, is interested in FARINGTON, 

Worden, Lines., and Chichester fSxREET, Warws. 

490 Stephen Robert Steventon, 4, New Parks Crescent, Scarborough, England, is interested in 

STEVENTON SIMMONS, Kiiworth, Co. Cork, and Devon GORDON, Island Magee |LEEDLE 
UOHNSON, Castle Raw, Co. Armagh Information wanted about Thomas STEVENTON, 
b. at Trench, near Wellington, Salop, about 1800 also about William (?) SIMMONS, b. at 
Kiiworth, Co. Cork, about 1786 ; md. Mary, daughter of Captain CUDDY, R.N. 

491 Richard Beaumont Astle Ruth, 63, Hollybank Road, Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland, is inter- 

ested in RUTH (RoTHE), Co. Louth, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, and Russia fSTROGEN, 
Ireland ASTLE, Fauld, Staffs. BERKELEY, Co. Carlow, Ireland, 1650-1780. 

492 John Alfred Laycock, L.R.C.P.L, and L.M., The Holme, Sabden, near Blackburn, England, 

is interested in all North East Lanes, families and in LAYCOCK, Kildwick and Keighley, 

493 William Gilbert, 8, Prospect Road, Walthamstow, Essex, England, is interested in all Essex 


particulars of baptism of Josiah SHALCROSS, b. in London, 1771-2 ; his father's name 

supposed to be Philip ; marriage, etc., of last-named wanted. 

494 Henry John Manning, Beechfield, Watford, England, is interested in MANNING. 

495 Mrs. E. Maynicke Stillman (professional genealogist and herald), Washington, D.C., U.S.A., 

is interested in all Huguenot refugee families also in STILLMAN (STYLLMAN) MAYNICKE, 

of French descent, Huguenot refugees ; inter-married in Germany with the Family MEINECKE; 

these are two distinct families, the original spelling of the first name being MANIQUET 

BODENDICK, Germany. 

496 Fred H. Benson, 1526, South State Street, Syracuse, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in BENSON, 

Hingham, Hull, Scituate and Rochester, Mass., since 1638 PATRICK, Stillwater, Saratoga 
Co., N.Y., and Litchfield Co., Conn., before 1760 IVES, Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N.Y., 
before 1781 WOODWORTH, Salsbury, Conn., and Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N.Y., before 
1755 HUNT, Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N.Y., before 1773 CAMPBELL, Litchfield Co., Conn., 
before 1750 Wanted early information about Ephraim WOODWORTH, probably b. at Salsbury, 
Conn., lived Stillwater, N.Y., before Revolution ; Captain at battle of Saratoga. 

497 Thos. Gurney Stedman, (Solicitor), 108, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, England, is 

interested in BROMLEY, Yorks. BROWNE, Norwich, before 1826 DEWDNEY, before 1780 
GURNEY PARSONS, Sussex, before 1750 SHOOSMITH SONE STEDMAN, with variations 
of spelling VIANETTI WHITE, Northants. and Yorks. before 1800 Wanted ancestors and 
baptisms of Thomas STEDMAN, (b. 1738, md. Sarah PARSONS, of Itchingfield, Sussex), and 
John S., (buried Itchingfield, 1823, aged 79) ; also Arms of STEDMAN, Surrey and Sussex. 

498 Donald T. Mackay, United Free Church Minister, Tiree, Scotland. 

499 Thos. Middlemore, Melsetter, Orkney, Scotland, is interested in MIDDLEMORE Evidence 

wanted showing parentage of (i) Blessed Humphrey MIDDLEMORE, Carthusian Monk, 
martyred 1535 ; (2) The Franciscan Father, Lewis MIDDLEMORE of Douai, flourished 
1734-1746 ; (3) Barbara AMERONGER, who md. 1722 Robert MIDDLEMORE, of Birmingham. 

500 Arthur Hearne Tweedy, Widmore Lodge, Widmore, Bromley, Kent, England, is interested in 

NEWMAN, Bucks, and Oxon, 1600-1800 TURPIN, Leics., Cambs., London, 1600-1800. 

501 Rev. James IVIidgley, M.A. Cantab., Wood Cottage, Todmorden, England. 



502 Mrs. Treffry, (born Henrietta Geldart Kingsley), Place, Fowey, Cornwall, England, is interested 

in KINGSLEY, especially early settlers in Ireland LEONARD, Ireland MELSOP TOLER, 
especially i8th cent. KEARNEY (or O'KEARNEY), Cashel NELIGAN TUTHILL RUTLEDGE, 
BELL and MATHEW, Ireland Wanted children's names of John (or James) KINGSLEY, md. 
1743 to Eleanor, daughter of Nicholas TOLER, of Graigne, Co. Tipperary name and descent 
of MELSOP, who md. 25 January, 1780, James KINGSLEY, b. 1756 parentage, date and 
place of marriage (presumably Ireland), of Rebecca, (nee KINGSLEY), wife of George 
BURLEIGH, M.D., d. in Ceylon, 21 November, 1855, aged 78 Particulars of James NELIGAN, 
(rector of Kilmactigue, Co. Clare, 1802-1835), and his wife, Dorinda (nee RUTLEDGE). 
Margaret LEONARD, daughter of Godfrey L., of Bellpark and Bellgrove, Co. Tipperary, 
and Rushy Park, Co. Kerry, md. 1805-1815 Charles KINGSLEY, Major Royal African Corps ; 
wanted dates and particulars. 

503 Bower Marsh, 73, York Mansions, Battersea Park, London, S.W., is interested in HOLROYDI 
Leeds JALLAND WOODTHORPE, Essex and Suffolk. 

504 Miss Clara Wooster Abbie Blackman, 25, Sherburne Avenue, St. Paul, Minn., U.S.A., is inter- 

ested in BLACKMAN (BLAKEMAN), Staffs., before 1650, Conn, and New York, U.S.A., after 
that date BLAKEMAN, (BLACKMAN), Leics., and Derbyshire before 1650 McKiLLiPS, 
Down, Ireland, before 1820 PATTERSON, Down, Ireland, before 1820 FAWCETT and RIGNEY 
Bath Co., Va., before 1840 WOOSTER, Conn., U.S.A., and Derbyshire, England Wanted 
ancestors and descendants of Rev. Adam BLAKEMAN (BLACKMAN), who emigrated from 
England to America, 1638 ; settled at Stratford, Conn. 

505 Miss Caroline Ford Lowery, 1604, S. Grand Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A., is interested in 

FORD (FOARD, FOARDE) family of New England and New Jersey Wanted information 
of Andrew FORD, Weymouth, Mass., before 1650. 

506 Samuel Gurney, 6, Albemarle Street, London, W., is interested in GURNEY, any KERRISON, 

Norfolk MATTHEWS, Norwich DYBALL, Norfolk ONLEY, any DAVIS, Honington, 
Suffolk PEARSE, Norfolk and Suffolk SHEPPARD, Dorset and West Ham WISEMAN, Diss 
HARVEY, Norfolk Wanted proof that John GURNEY of Norwich, who d. loth month, 
I2th day, 1721, in his 66th yeai" (from whom the Gurneys of Norfolk descend), was the 
same person as John, b. 7 October, 1655, son of Francis Gurney of Maldon, Essex. 

507 Col. Francis R. Twemlow, D.S.O., Peatswood, Market Drayton, England, is interested in 

TWEMLOW, East Cheshire and North Staffs. LINGARD (or LINGEN), East Cheshire, I5th 
and i6th cents. WILBRAHAM, Cheshire LEWIS (or LLEWELLYN), Glamorganshire. 

508 H. C. Lukach, 7, Cleveland Row, St. James, London, S.W., is interested in von ZANDER 

509 The Lady Carbery, Castle Freke, Co. Cork, Ireland, is interested in EVANS, Wales, 1500-1600 

FREKE, England, before 1750 Wanted to identify the father and grandfather of John 
and Robert EVANS, who came to Ireland, temp. James I. They were possibly grandsons 
of Rev. Jevan DAVID, Rector of Briddell, 1591, and sons of David EVANS, attorney, 
Cwmdwr. John Evans was living in Limerick, 1628. His son, Col. Evans of Ballygrenane 
__. Castle, bore the Arms of Elystan Gloddryd, from whom the family claim descent. 

510 Wilfrid Gutch, Holgate Lodge, York, England. 

511 Henry Ashwell, 117, Waterloo Crescent, Forest, Nottingham, England, is interested in all 

families named ASHWELL Information wanted about Edward ASHWELL (and wife, Mary ?), 
of Shelf ord, Notts., whose daughter, Elizabeth, was baptized Shelf ord, May, 1687, and 
buried there, March, 1708. 

512_Josiah Clement Wedgwood, M.P., Moddershall, Stone, Staffs., England, is interested only in 
those members of the following families who lived in North Staffs, before 1600 

513 Col. Henry Gordon Watson, Wheaton Aston Hall, near Stafford, England, is interested 

in WATSON, Carlisle, before 1550 ; Stone Raize, Cumberland, 1630 ; Va., U.S.A., 1740 ; 

Suffolk, 1770 ; Hants., 1706 HARTLEY, Hunslet, Yorks. POOLE, Hursley, Hants., 

-.before 1750 SKYNNER, Ledbury STEVENSON, Douglas, Isle of Man WOOD, Swanwick, 

Derbyshire, before 1720 Wanted information about Jonathan WATSON, who lived in Va., 

U.S.A., about 1740 also residence of - - Watson, J.P. for Hants., 1706. 

514 Knud Melf Hansen, 416, Livernois Avenue, Detroit, Mich., U.S.A. 



515 George B. Lane, Security Bank Building, Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. _ 

516 George H Rowbotham, n, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, England, 

is interested in ARCHER, any, but especially Cumberland, Westmorland, or Durham 
WHITFIELD South Tynedale BELL, Alston, Cumberland TINNISWOOD, Alston, Cumber- 
land SAMUELS, before 1800 Wanted surname before marriage of Isabella, wile of Joseph 
_ ARCHER, of Alston, Cumberland ; b, 168- ; d. 1732. _ _ __ 

517 W B Lee, LP- Chantry, Frome, Somerset, England, is interested in LEE, Salop from about 

' 1150; Virginia from about 1640; Wilts, from 1690; and Bucks, from 1653 Wanted 
descendants of William LONG of Stratton, Somerset, living 1623 or of Lislebone LONG, 
M.P., Somerset, 1656. 

, _ _____ _ . 

518 Rev. Edmund H. FellOWCS, The Cloisters, Windsor Castle, England, is interested in 

PACKE TRENCH, Gressenhall and Hackney HODGES, Stanwell, i8th cent. Wanted 
particulars of marriage (about 1772), of James HODGES, of Masutipatam, second son of bir 
James H., Town Clerk of London. He died 1794. Ann, his widow, .11 November, 
1823. He had three daughters, co-heiresses : Mary Ann, md. 1789, Lord William MURRAY ; 
Eliza, md. James DANIELL, of Carshalton ; Aurora, md. Kennard SMITH. _ 

519 Rev. Hubert H. M. Bartleet, Hallow Vicarage, Worcester, England, is interested in BARTLEET 

(or BARTLETT), Worcs., i6th to i8th cents. _ _ _ _ _ 

520 Thos. Archer Windsor Other, (solicitor), 108, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, England. 

521 Percy B Gregson, J.P., Brownlow, Mayfield Road, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, is in- 

terested in GREGSON, Whalley and Preston districts, Manchester and Lancaster, before 1700. 

522 George Richard Trait, Sackville House, Victoria Road, Bridgwater, England. _ 

523 H. Murray Lane, (Chester Herald), St. Anthony's, Weybridge, Surrey England is interested 

in BEST, Hornby Castle, I 7 th cent.-WiGHTWiCK, Coventry, i6th centWanted rela- 
tionship of Penelope LANE of Whittington, Staffs., aunt of Lucy BURNABY, (nee DYOTT), 
_ Freeford, Lichfield, to Jane Lane, Lady FISHER. ___ _ _ , 

524 Rev. Roselle Theodore Cross, Ft. Collins, Colorado, U.S.A., is interested in CROSS and 

MURDOCK, Eastern Mass., i 7 th cent.-GRAVES and BURBANK, Eastern Mass., before 
1708 HYDE, Eastern Mass., before 1725 BROWN, Eastern Mass., before 1729 MURDOCH, 
Scotland, before 1685 HARMON. Mass., before 1732 PERRY, Rehoboth, Mass., befor< 
I75 9_SLACK and BUTTON, Mass, I7th cent. BILLINGS, Mass., and Conn., Ijth cent. 
Wanted ancestry of Ruth BROWN, md. Samuel READ, Uxbridge, Mass., 1729^50 of 1 
GATES, md. Ephraim HUBBARD, Rutland, Mass., 1740- _ . __ . - 

525 John S. Lawrence, Grand Rapids, Mich., U.S.A., desires information about all the foxing : 

. , , 

Lionel UDALL, Innholder at Exeter about i 7 oo-John BAKER, 

PORTER, Felsted, Essex, md. Anna WHITE, 1620, at Messing, Essex- 

and Shalford, Essex, d. i6i 7 -Elizabeth GOODALE, whose will was proved at 

Suffolk, in 1602-Wffliam' ALLGAR, Shalford, Essex d. 1575-Henry KELLAM, whose 

will was proved at Dennington, Suffolk, in 1631 William and Robert ALIEN b. at 

Manchester about i6oo-Ralph DAYE, Abbot's Langley, Herts about ^5^ 

SHEPARD, King's Maiden, Beds., about i 5 8o-Mary MEADE, wife of Thomas 

of London and Hitchin, Herts., d. 1614. ___ _ __ - 

526 Miss Ethel Lega-Weekes, Sunny Nook, Rugby Mansions, West Kensington, London, W. - 

527 Frederick William Bull, Risdene, Kettering, England, is interested in BULL Rushden, Higham 

Ferrers, and Irthlingborough, Northants., before i 75 o-SA W YER, Ket , te " n - L is 
Kettering branch, before ^-Information wanted about ancestors ^ 
WiUiam BULL, Rushden, Northants., who d. 159?-*** also as to whereabouts 
Court Rolls before 17 so. _ _ _ 

528 Miss D. Stanton, 58, Elm Park Gardens, London, S.W i^e^edjn 


. , , , , 

-fRoBERTSON, St. John's, Lake Champlam, about 1775-^ 
Enniscorthy tKiNG, Quebec, Canada, before 1800 fDRUM, before 
-$^-WMted pontage of Samuel and Robert S*A^, to- 
1738, perhaps in America-also descendants of John STANTON, md. before : 1690, son of 
Nathaniel, citizen of London-also name and parentage of - ' ^^JL^ 
daughter by Thomas BUCK was b. 1734 in Merrion Square. Dublin, and christened Anne. 
529 James Hewat Craw, W. Foulden, Berwick-on-Tweed, England. 


530 Rev. Thomas Teed-Heaver, 35, Wellington Road, Brighton, England, is interested in many old 

Devon families, especially in TEED JENKINS HAYNE NORTHCOTE, (The Artists) 

531 Harold Arthur Whitcombe, Garth, Wylde Green, near Birmingham, England, is interested in 

CAM (or CAMME), Somerset (Hen. III.) CORNFORTH DICKIN, Salop, to iyth cent. 
EYSAM (or ISHAM), Salop HASSALL, Salop, to iyth cent. MALVEYSIN (MALVOISIN), England 
and France MAUVEYSIN (MAUVOISIN), England and France NORCOP POOLE, Oakley 
Park, Salop, to iyth cent. TYLER, Hardwick, Salop, to 1600 WHITCOMBE (WHIT- 
nection of ASTLEY of Astley and Nordley Regis, Salop, and ACTON of Acton Reyner, 
Salop, with MAUVEYSIN, also connection between KYN ASTON and MAUVEYSIN, Salop 
also arms of MINTON (or MUNETON), Salop. 

532 Mrs. Walter Gurney, Mangreen Hall, Norwich, England, is interested in SHAW, Mosshead, 

Ayr, i8th cent. WOODBURN, i8th cent. NISBET, Dean, iyth cent. RUMBOLD, before 
1728 BACON, Staward, iyth cent. FREAME, London, about 1650 Wanted parentage of 
Sir Andrew MYRTON of Gogar, Bart., i7th cent. 

533 Oliver GaggS, The Roost, Urmston, Manchester, England, is interested in GAGGS, Pontefract, 

Yorks., 1400-1700 Wanted information about any variant of the name Gaggs, and 
to know whether it is originally Danish. 

534 Rev. J. Wallace Taylor, LL.D., Errigal Glebe, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, Ireland, is interested 

in TAYLOR, WALLACE, DAWSON, all of Co. Monaghan. 

535 Mrs. John Scott, Jr., The Gladstone, nth and Pine Streets, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., is interested 

in ROBERTS, Warws. before 1677 OLIVE (OLAVE), London, before 1677 PEIRSON, 
Mowthorpe, Parish Hutton, before 1616 FERRE (FERRIE, FIRRIE, FERRY), French 
Huguenots, who emigrated from Steinweiler, Bittingheim, in Palatinate, via England to 
America in 1708 FULTON and HARRIS, Rathmelton, Ireland, 1767 or before Information 
wanted about Ann PEIRSON, who md. Edmund MAUBOERER, at Kirby, Grindalythe, Parish 
Hutton, near Scarborough 1616 at Friends' Meeting about Elizabeth HARRIS, who md. 
John FULTON, Rathmelton, Ireland, 1767 about the family of John ROBERTS, who migrated 
to America in ship " Kent " 1677 and about the family of William REYNOLDS, who 
migrated to America from Kilgrath, Ireland, in 1760 MAULEVERER, N. Engl., bef. 1325. 

536 A. S. Abbott, Bethel, Ohio, U.S.A. 

537 John Hewetson, 32, Cornwall Road, Bayswater, London, W., is interested in HEWSON, 

(HEWSONNE), City and County of York HEWETSON, (HUTSON), Westmorland, Lanes., 
Ireland HEWSON, Ireland, Kent, Wales HUSON, Kent, Holland, all 1450-1600 
Wanted to know whether Col. John HEWSON (the Regicide) had any descendants, 1662 
particulars of marriages and issue of Robert, George, " Franncis," Nicholas, and Anne 
HEWSONNE, (children of John H., York, and Margaret LAMBARTE, Calton, (Glover's " Visita- 
tion," 1585, enlarged by W. Smith). 

538 John Walton Robinson, Brokenheugh, Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, England, is inter- 

ested in GOWLAND, Wrekenton, Durham, 1600-1900 JOWSEY, QOYSEY or JOICEY), 

Earsdon, Northumberland, 1600-1900 RIPPON, Lanchester, Durham, 1600-1900 

ROBINSON, Stanhope, Durham, 1600-1900 WALTON, Alston, Cumb., 1600-1900. 

539 Eugene F. McPike, i, Park Row, Chicago, 111., U.S.A., is interested in DENTON, Beverley, 

Yorks., London, Folkestone and Chicago HALLEY, Derbyshire, Northants., London, Green- 
wich, Kent HAWLEY, Derbyshire, Northants., before 1650 MCDONALD, associated with 
Halley, McPike, Stewart McPiKE, England, Scotland, Ireland, U.S.A. PARRY, Greenwich, 
Kent, 1740-1825 PIKE, (PYKE), associated with Halley, McDonald, Stewart STEWART, 
(STUART), associated with Halley, McDonald, McPike WARD, and WRIGHT, associated with 
Halley, 1650-1725 McPiKE, (formerly PIKE, PYKE) Tradition says one McPiKE, (an 
educated Scotchman, linen merchant), md. about 1750, Miss STEWART, of Edinburgh, or 
Miss HALLEY, of London, and had one son, James McPike, b. about 1751 ; James received 
a military education and migrated to Baltimore, Md., about 1772, serving in the war of 
American Revolution, and subsequently md. Martha MOUNTAIN ; he had a sister who md. 
MCDONALD, of Ireland ; Further facts wanted. 

540 John Norrie Anderson, J.P., (Solicitor), Stornaway, Scotland, is interested in all Huguenot 

refugee families, especially those of NORRIE and DOWNIE also in ANDERSON PEAKE. 



541 Peirce Gun Mahony, M.R.I.A., Cork Herald of Arms, Office of Arms Dublin Ireland, is inter- 
ested S many Irish families and especially those of Kerry Cork, and Limenck-Also m 
COLLIS, Kerry, before i 7 oo-GuN, Kerry, before i66o-MARTiN Tullyvm Co Cavan, 
before i8oo-MAHONY (or 6 MAHONY), Cork, Kerry and Limerick, any before 1800 and 
especially i 55 o-i68o-MoNTGOMERY, any before 1800, especially Cavan 1700-1770 and see 
be?ow-SEA 5 LY, Kerry, before i 7 6o-KENiFECK, Cork before 1800, Wales before ^1720- 
SHERARD, Nottinghamshire, before ISOO-CROPPENBURGH-RAYMOND Dublin Kerry Cork 
and Essex, beforl i 7 oo-VERMUDEN-LACY (or DE LACY), Limerick any before 1800- 
MACINTOSH, Scotland, any before iSoo-Information wanted as to who was ; the husband of 
Mary CROPPENBURGH, who d. 1652. See " Notes and Queries 10 S., Vol. 8, Page 
and 112 ; and The Genealogist," Vol. 24, Part I, page 72, July 1907-^ to who was the 
father of John and Mary VERMUDEN ; see reference to" Notes and Queries ' and Genealo- 
Sst" in previous query.-WRiGHT, See "Notes and Queries," 10 S Vol. 7 page 48- 
fnfonnation wanted S to who are the present representatives of James JACKSON of 
17 F^nivals Inn, London, (Attorney), who rf. or retired from practice in 1779 I he acted for 
the MOLYNEUX and SHERARD families-6 MAHONY, See "Notes and Queries/' 10 S 
Vol 8 page 148 ; and the "Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials 
o^f the Dead ir Ireland," Vol. 7, No. 2 of Part i, (1907), page 222. -MAHONY See 
"Journa^of the Cork Historical a ? nd Archaeological Society," Second Series Vol No. 79, 
Pace i6 (Sept. 1908). Information wanted as to parentage of Dan el DUGGAN, ot 
xS&eS&K* who md. Ellen (or Ellinor), daughter of Corne lus MAHONY of 
Knockavonv Co Kerry; See " MisceUanea Genealogica et Heraldica," Fourth Series, Vol. 2, 
PaS 7 page 294, (September I 9 o 7 )-also as to the parentage of William MONTGOMERY, 
whomd Jane PATTERSON ; theirsecond son, Nathaniel, md. 1769 IsabeUa LOVE, and^. 
1810, aged 68 years. _ _ _ . _ ___ - 

542 Misses A. and C. Bishop, 15. Granville Road, Pokesdown, Bournemouth, England. _ 

Eliza Woodroffe, 15, Tower Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, England. 

HAMILTON. Lanarkshire. 

Pine Street Phila., Pa., 

Mrs. T. Hudson Rteh. 


ij * ri5 SK^ 

lAncestVdesred I of :S the following: John ALDEN, of ^'^^J^S^ 5 ^ 
James BROWN, . about i6 74 -TheophUus EATON, Senr. of New Haven-John ^V 
Frances, and children John, James, Ann, Sarah and Elizabeth-Giles ^ S> I f^j^ 
baptized 1785 ; lived near Leavington St. Mary's, Somerset Wii lam j , p am ;j v o f 
of Col John J., the Regicide Wanted detailed pedigree of descent ire m IUUUK i y 
Bishop George' LLOYD, of Chester Wanted information about ^"^.f^^^jja and 
from place unknown to Dorking, about 1617 ; his children, l J 086 ^^ 1 T,', Soke Bay " 
Sarah who md BLUNDENInformation about Jonathan STOKES, o 

(perhaps STOKEBY) and Isaiah WOOD. 

interested in BELL, Essex and Glos. 

or any other particulars relating to the Arms of SODEY. 

Ul ctliy UUld po.1 ti^uJ-cii^ i< ***o 

549 Rev. George T. Shettle, St. Paul's Rectory, 10, Albyn Place, Aberdeen, Scotland. 


550 Rev. W. Arthur Westley, 251, Apsley Terrace, Seedley, Manchester, England, is interested 

in BAKER and BARNES, Norfolk, i8th cent, BRADFIELD and CUDBIRD, Norfolk, early i8th 
cent. HEDGE, and TATE, Northants., iyth and i8th cents. WESTLEY, Northants., before 
1750 WILLS, Northants., early i8th cent. Wanted ancestors of Thomas WESTLEY, (con- 
tributor's Great-great-great-grandfather), of Roade, Northants., b. about 1700 ; md. about 
1726 Mary - . 

551 W. Morton Philips, Weeping Cross, Stafford, England, is interested in PHILIPS, Staffs., Warws., 

Kent, Radnor, etc. 

552 Henry Swann Sanders, 46, Amerland Road, Wandsworth, London, S.W. 

553 Rev. R. B. Dawson, M.A. (Oxon), 9, Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

554 Col. Henry L. Pilkington, C.B., Tore, Tyrrell's Pass, Ireland, is interested in PILKINGTON, 

and desires information about history of Thomas (b. 1605), and James Pilkington, sons of 
Joseph P., of Middleton, d. 1632. 

555 Mrs. Michel M. Le Brun, Montclair, N.J., U.S.A., is interested in SELDEN, any, also wants any 

information concerning men of the name of SELDEN, between 1550 and 1750, either in 
England or America. 

556 James Hendley Simpson, Columbus, Texas, U.S.A., is interested in SIMPSON, Va., U.S.A., before 

1775 HARBERT, Western Va. DYE, N.J., U.S.A., before 1800 VINSON, North Carolina, 
U.S.A. HIXSON, NJ. and Va., U.S.A., before 1800 JOHNSON, N.J., 1709-1769 ISH 
CROCKETT, Western Va., U.S.A. KING, Loudoun Co., Va., U.S.A. MOORE, Loudoun Co., Va., 
U.S.A. Information wanted about Rut JOHNSON, who migrated from Holland to America, 
before 1709 about Peter ISH, who migrated from Germany to Penna. 1749 also about 
Friench SIMPSON, America about 1760. 

557 Alfred A. Mumford, M.D., Firbeck, 46, Wilmslow Road, Willington, England, is interested 

in MUMFORD and LANGLEY, Northants. RYLAND, London and Provinces SUTTON, 
Dorset TOLLER, Huntingdon and Bedford PHILPOT, Bucks, MAYHEW, Cambs. In- 
formation wanted about Samuel and William HOLLAND, (in London, 1729-30), paying 
interest on money to persons unknown (probably RYLANDS) ; also of John RYLAND, 
" oylman," of St. Sepulchre's, London, 1749-1774 also of maternal relative of Dorset 
clergyman named SUTTON. 

558 C. George Lennox, Longford, Barcombe, England. 

559 W. G. Ferrar, Mem. Inst. C.E., St. Philip's Vicarage, Bethnal Green, London, N.E. 

560 Hylton B. Dale, 46, Harcourt Terrace, Redcliffe Square, London, S.W., is interested in DALE, 

all, especially early N. R. Yorks. fSTEELE, 1750-1800 fDuRHAM, South Shields and 
.Scotland Wanted marriage of Thomas DAIL and Elizabeth STEELE, about 1790. 

561 R. W. Oldnall, Portswood, Walliscote Road, Weston-super-Mare, England, is interested in 

Wanted connection between OLDNALL family of Warws. and that of Worcs. 

562 Dr. Herbert Junius Hardwicke, Southfield Mount, Bohemia Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea, 


563 Rev. Basil Graham Bourchier, 2, Soho Square, London, W., is interested in SCROPE RODNEY 


564 Ralph Nevill, F.S.A., Castle Hill, Guildford, England, is interested in NEVILL, all, especially 

Eastern Counties TWEED ORIDGE, Tickhill, Yorks. PECKOVER, Wisbeach, and later 
London TARRATT, Derbyshire and Leics. Wanted marriage and particulars of James 
SHINER, brother-in-law of Edward NEVILL, (of Wyston, Suffolk, and Boreham, etc., Essex ; 
d. 1598). 

565 Henry Newbolt, Netherhampton House, Salisbury, England, is interested in NEWBOLT 

CRESWELL, i8th cent. STUBBS, Staffs, before 1600 AUDLEY, I3th and I4th cents. 
Information wanted about Frances Estcourt CRESWELL, md. at Ealing to William HALL, 
1790 also origin of Francis STUBBS of Hatherton and Huntington, Staffs., 1631. 

566 Chas. Heape, High Lane, Cheshire, England, is interested in SLEATH, Leics., before 1620 

DAWSON, Butterworth Hall, near Rochdale, before 1600. 

567 Robert Nesbitt, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts., England. 



568 Major R. R. G. Crookshank, Sloperton, Kingstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland, is interested in 

HOUGHTON, Kilthorpe, Rutland, and Kingscliffe, Northants., before 1580 MORRIS, Mountjoy 
and Gortneglogh, Tyrone, before 1660 HARDY, Ipswich, Suffolk, before 1780 KENNEDY, 
Ballymagowan and Londonderry, before 1680 MAXWELL, Strabane, Tyrone, before 1690 
CROOKSHANK, Dublin, before 1690, Londonderry, in Scotland before 1630 JONES, 
Dublin and Louth, before 1680 DOBBIN, Duneane, Antrim, before 1670 BORR, Borrmount, 
Wexford, from Utrecht about 1670 Wanted parentage and birthplace of Hugh GILLESPIE 
who md. Hon. Susanna, daughter of Andrew, third Lord ROLLO, about 1709. Settled 
in Co. Down, Ireland, about 1715 also parentage, etc., of Owen SWINY (SWEENY, etc.), 
Kinsale, living 1650 ; ancestor of SWINY, Ballytiege, Wexford. 

569 Rev. Harold A. Harris, Thorndon Rectory, Eye, Suffolk, England, is interested in all families 

formerly resident in Thorndon, Suffolk also in HARRIS, Cambs. COOPER, Suffolk and 
Norfolk SUMPTER. 

570 Charles Dickens, New Oxford Street, Swansea, S. Wales, is interested in fDiCKENS, Kent, and 

vicinity, 1800 and before Wanted particulars of birth and marriage of PCharles DICKENS, 
of Ainsford, Kent, about 1800. 

571 Rev. Philip E. Browne, 35, Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, England, is interested in BROWNE 

RAVENSCROFT Wanted information about John YEATS of Dorset, who md. about 1780 
Elizabeth ? WILLIAMS also about the father of William RAVENSCROFT, of Hedgerle)', 
Bucks., md. before 1748 also concerning descendants of John BROWNE, of Westport, 
1590, whose uncle, John, was murdered in 1589. 

572 Mrs. Eva Scott F6nyes, 170, North Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, Cal., U.S.A., is interested 

in ancestors of the following American families : BRIGGS, Newport, R.I., before 1638 
BURLING, Flushing, N.Y., before 1680 FEAK, Mass., before 1635 BECKET, Penn.. before 
1682 THURSTON, Newport, R.I., before 1655 MOTT, Boston, Mass., before 1635 SMITH, 
Smithtown, L.I., before 1643 BRUYN, Fordham, N.Y., before 1711 ODELL, Concord, Mass., 
before 1635 VOWLES, Fairneld, Conn., before 1656 WARREN, of the " Mayflower," 1620 
WILCOX and COOKE, Tiverton, R.I., 1661 FISHER, Portsmouth, R.I., 1638 SHERBURNE, 
Portsmouth, N.H., 1631 GILES, Casco Bay, Maine GIBBONS, N.H. JORDAN and 
BEAMSLEY, Ipswich, Mass. MUSE, Westmoreland, Va., 1729 BALL, KERR, HARRISON and 
DICKINSON, Talbot Co., Md. LEEDS, Jamestown, Va., 1607 SULIVANE and ENNALS, 
Dorchester Co., Md. LOCKKRMAN, Governor of Md. BOYMAN and HOOPER, Md. 
HEUSTIS, Fairneld, Conn., 1665 HUNT, Newtown, L.I. BURROUGHS, Salem, Mass., 1637 
FERRIS, Flushing, L.I., 1688 SLOCUMB, Portsmouth, R.I., 1637 DEVOE, New Rochelle, 
N.Y., 1743 VERMILYE, 1662, and WALDRON, 1657, both New York DE TOURNEUR, 
Flatbach, N.Y., 1654 SCOTT, 1714, and MOSES, 1639, both Portsmouth, N.H. PERRY, 
Maine, 1743 BROOKS and WOOLFORD, Dorchester Co., Md. HIGGINS, MESSIT, and CLARK, 
Dry Brook, N.Y. also in CURTIN, Listowel, Kerry, Ireland ROBERTES, St. Albans, Herts., 
1586 FOWNES, Saxby (Saphy), Worcs., 1400 Ancestors wanted of WM. LAWRENCE, 
of St. Albans, and his wife, Katerine BEAUMONT, md. 1559 of Eleanor PERCY, of North- 
umberland, md. Captain BECKET, whose daughter, Mary, accompanied Penn to America 
of Joane BURTON, who md. Adam WINTHROP, Lavenham, Suffolk, 1460 of Elizabeth 
NEVILLE, md. William CURTIN, Listowel, Ireland, lived in Liverpool about 1825 of Thomas 
BOWNE, baptized 25 May, 1595, Matlock, Derbyshire of Agnes SHARPE, (b. 1506), who md. 
Adam WINTHROP, of Lavenham, (daughter of Robert) of Jane and Walter ANTROBUS, 
whose daughter, Joane, md. Thos. LAWRENCE of St. Albans, 23 October, 1609 of Walter 
ANTROBUS, (see last query) , who md. Jane ARNOLDS of Sir Robert HYELTON, whose daughter 

md. Wm. FONES, of Saxby, about 1460 of MILBRANCK, of Malpas, whose daughter md. 

George FONES, of Saxby, son of William F. of JELHAM, whose daughter md-. William 

FONES, of Saxby, son of George F. of LEWELL, of Lewell, whose daughter md. 

John FONES, of Dadford, parish of Barnsgrove, Worcs. also wanted to find the wife of 
Thomas FONES, Mayor of Plymouth before 1604 ; their son, Thomas, md. Anne, sister of 
Governor WINTHROP, of Mass., U.S.A. also the wife of Joseph LAWRENCE, son of Elizabeth 
SMITH-LAWRENCE, (Cartaret.Townley) . 

573 Mrs. Ernest Williams, Thorpe End, Salisbury, England, is interested in Cornish names also in 

SMEATON, 1553-1670 VESSEY (VESEY or DEVESCI), Lines., 1300-1500 A'GLOw(orU'GLow), 
Cornwall, before 1750 BATCHELOR, before 1706 WEST, Ireland, before 1730 Information 
wanted about the name A'GLOW in or near St. Austell, or borders of Devon and Cornwall. 

xl : x 


574 Jennie T. Lane, M D., 23, Hudson Street, Worcester, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in CUNNINGHAM, 

Spencer and Brookfield, Mass., U.S.A., after 1717 Wanted ancestry of Prudence SPELMAN 
who md. (i)-William WRIGHT, and (a)-Joseph WOODRUFF, Mass, and Conn. 1800 also of 
Joseph WOODRUFF, who md. Prudence (SPELMAN) WRIGHT, Granville, Mass., about 1810 
also ancestry and all descendants of Robert CUNNINGHAM, (b. Coleraine, Co. London- 
derry, Ireland, 1677), and his brother Hugh, (b. in Scotland, about 1675) ; both came to 
Mass., U.S.A., in 1717. 

575 Chas. W. Pidduck, Glebelands, Bowdon, near Manchester, England, is interested in BICKERTON, 

Cheshire and Salop Wanted information about John PIDDOCK of Kidderminster, yeoman, 
who md. Catherine WATKINS, 1702, and d. 1718, or any relative. 

576 Frank T. Gent, 27, Portman Street, Whalley Range, Manchester, England. 

577 Joseph Carter Eisdell, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, England. 

578 Edward Hughes, J.P., Glyndwr, Wrexham, Wales, is interested in pedigrees of Welsh families 

especially in HUGHES, Llansilin, Denbighshire RICHARDS, Montgomeryshire. 

579 Win. George Fernie, Wood Thorpe, Osterley Park Road, Southall, London, W., is interested 

580 W. C. Jackson, Woodcote End House, Epsom, England, desires information about the descen- 

dants of Alexander and Archibald ERSKINE, younger sons of George E., (d. 1647), of 
Kirkbuddo, and of Elizabeth, daughter of David GUTHRIE, of Kincaldrum, both of Co. 
Forfar also descendants of David, Archibald, Patrick and Alexander ERSKINE, younger 
sons of David E., (d. 1690), of Kirkbuddo, and Elizabeth, daughter of Sir James OGILVY 
of New Grange in same county also descendants of Sir Francis OGILVY of New Grange, 
living in 1703 ; his grandchildren David, James and Jean were minors in 1703. It is 
believed that a family SKENE-OGILVY were descended. 

581 Mrs. Montgomery, Benvarden, Dervock, Co. Antrim, Ireland, is interested in NEWLAND. 

582 John Stillwell Applegate, Red Bank, New Jersey, U.S.A., is interested in founders of Monmouth- 

shire, N.J., U.S.A., also in APPLEGATE, N.J., U.S.A. BRAY Ancestry wanted of John 

BRAY, Monmouthshire, N.J., 1688, emigrated from England also of Thomas APPLEGATE, 

Weymouth, Mass., 1635 ; md. Elizabeth SMITH ; with Massachusetts Bay Colony ; he is 

supposed to have emigrated from England. 

583 Dr. Herman S. Davis, Dover, Delaware. U.S.A. 

584 Richard B. Crosse, 52nd Light Infantry, c/o Messrs. Cox and Co., 16, Charing Cross, London, 
S.W., is interested in fBRADDOCK, Styperson Park, near Bollington, Cheshire. 

585 Rev. B. Barrett, Braunston Vicarage, Oakham, England, is interested in BARRET, Norfolk, East 

Suffolk, 1600-60. 

586 Richard W. Read Reeve, 2, Nene Parade, Wisbech, England, is interested in all REEVE 

genealogia also in fGLADWYN, Moor Mill, Ross, nr. Hereford, about 1800 tREDDiNGTON, 

Sawbridgeworth, Essex, and -{-JENNINGS, both related to Sarah, Duchess of MARLBOROUGH 

fDAWELL, living in Essex about 1800 Wanted parentage of John REEVE, (wife, Rose), 

who lived at Mellis, Suffolk, 1642, and owned lands called Tripps. 

587 W. Blair-McGuffie, Ash Lawn, Leamington, England, is interested in BLAiR-McGuFFiE 


588 Miss Sherard, Eastholme, Wantage, Berks., England, is interested in all members of the 

SHERARD family, Notts., especially Car Colston, 1700-1800 Information wanted to prove 
that Denton SHERARD of Car Colston, d. (1767) unmarried ; his niece, Margaret MOLYNEUX, 
widow of James More M., of Losely, Surrey, survived him. 

589 Howard Meuric Lloyd, Delfryn, Llanwrda, S.O., Carmarthenshire, Wales, is interested in LLOYD, 

Ffos-y-Bleiddied, Cardiganshire, Pound, nr. Tavistock, Devon, and Danyrallt, Carmarthen- 
shire, before 1825 LONGLEY, Kent ATKINS, Portsmouth, 1691-1784 SARLE (or SEARLE), 
Falmouth, 1787 and before Wanted earlier personal history of John LLOYD, Clerk of 
Survey 1755-1762, also of Cheque 1755-1801 at Plymouth ; latterly of Pound, Tavistock, 
Devon also of Charles SARLE (or SEARL), md. 9 April, 1787, Patience ROGERS at Falmouth 
Parish Church. 

590 W. Braithwaite, The Hill Top, Meanwood, Leeds, England. 


591 Raymond Gorges, 15, Royal Terrace East, Kingstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland, is interested in 

GORGES KELLY (O'KELLY), Cargins, and Turrock, Co. Roscommon. 

592 Mrs. A. Stuart, Lochrin House, Craiglockhart Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested in all 

STEWART (or STUART) pedigrees also in ATKINSON, York, before 1750 CAMPBELL of Lix 
BRADESTONE HAIG of Bemersyde, and cadets HEPBURN of Wauchton MACDOUGAL 
of Makerstoun, before 1600 PRICE of Trengwainton, before 1655 RYDER, Reigate, before 
1760 SMITH, York, before 1700 STEWART, round Lochearn, Callander, Doune Wanted 
any information about John COSSINS, architect, Brompton, Yorks., 1708-1743 also about 
Richard FRANKLAND, M.A., Yorks., I7th cent. also names of wife and family (if any), of 
Alexander STEWART, fifth son of the first Lord DOUNE. 

593 Mrs. J. Clarke Brush, (professional), Box 246, Danbury, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in CLARKE, 

and allied families BLACKMAN, and allied families BLAKEMAN., Staffs., any before 1650 
NORTHROP, any ADAMS, 1600-1800 SEELEY, any BRUSH, N.Y., U.S.A., i7th cent, and 
and Coat-of-Arms of James CLARKE, first settler (1639) New Haven, Conn., U.S.A. 

594 Jacob C. Ruppenthal, Judge, 23rd Judicial District, Russell, Kansas, U.S.A., is interested in 

RUPPENTHAL, between River Rhine and France IMMENDORF, Thuringen and Hessen, 
Germany WENCK, Hessen, Germany SPALDING MYERS, North Carolina, before 1825 
WHITAKER BARTON also wants information about ancestry of Samuel Engle Oak- 
ford WILSON, Md., U.S.A., before 1835 and James JORDAN, Rockbridge Co., Va., about 
1800 and Hannah LEE, 1778, Patrick (later Henry), county, Va., U.S.A. also wanted to 
know what works are helpful in tracing genealogies (other than those of nobility) in Germany, 
say somewhat after the style of the "Genealogist's Pocket Library." 

595 Rev. Joseph Meehan, C.C., Kilmore, Co. Cavan, Ireland, is interested in all Leitrim families 

and especially in O'ROURKE, REYNOLDS, and *MEEHAN, Leitrim HAMILTON, Leitrim, 
I7th cent. 

596 G. I. H. Lloyd, 8, Claremont Place, Sheffield, England, is interested in DILLWORTH, Lancaster, 

before 1750 FUNSTONE, Mile End, London, i8th cent. PARKES, Wednesbury, i8th cent. 

RIGGE, Kendal, before 1750 SANDERSON, S. Yorks., i8th cent. Parentage wanted 

of John SANDERSON, of the Old Jewry, London, b. at Armthorpe, near Doncaster, 16 of 3rd 

mo. 1749. Belonged to S. Yorks. family. 

597 W. J. Gadsden, Senr., 17, Mannock Road, Westbury Avenue, Wood Green, London, N., is inter- 

ested in Dormant Chancery Suits and Genealogy connected therewith also in GADSDEN, 
England and U.S.A. 

598 The O'Conor Don, H.M.L., (Denis Charles Joseph 0' Conor), Clonalis, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, 

599 J. H. Montgomery, Dolier Chambers, Dolier Street, Dublin, Ireland. 

600 A. M. Mackintosh, The Hermitage, Nairn, Scotland, is interested in MACKINTOSH SHAW, 


601 Chas. M. Drury, Barraderry, Kittegan, Ireland. 

602 Robert Marshman Wattson, 32, St. Andrew's Road, Stoke Newington, London, N., is inter- 

ested in MARSHMAN, Wilts, and Somerset, before 1750 WATTSON, any (with two T's), 
before 1750. 

603 D. T. Newton Wade, Solicitor, Newport. Mon., England, is interested in WADE, Gloucester, 

Somerset, 1560-1800 LANE, Gloucester, Bristol, 1580-1680 ROGERS, Bristol, and Lota, 
Ireland CROMWELL, any, 1500-1700 LLOYD, Cardiff, Bristol, 1600-1800 NEWTON, Barrs 
Court, Glos. CHILD, Gloucester, Bristol, i8th cent. SHORT, Bitton, Gloucester, i8th cent. 
WHITING, Somerset, Bristol, 1650-1750 CARELESS, Gloucester, Bristol, 1600-1750 
Genealogical particulars wanted of Captain Woodes ROGERS, Bristol ; will proved 1732 
also of Francis ROGERS, of Lota, Cork, 1657 (see Burke) also of Robert Rogers, Mayor of 
Bristol, 1621. 

604 A. Albert Campbell, Solicitor, 4, Waring Street, Belfast, Ireland, is interested in all Co. Tyrone 

families also in CAMPBELL,Tyrone and Derry McFARLAND, Badoney, Co. Tyrone MOORE, 
Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone. 

605 Sidney S. Carr, M.A., Tynemouth, Northumberland, England. 



606 Edward Tylce, The Chantry, near Frome, Somerset, England, is interested in DE TILLI, TYLLY, 

Wanted information about ancestors of John TYLEE, of Roade, Somerset, andMartha, his wife, 
md. 1660; their son, John, (of Lincombe and Widcombe, Somerset), md. Ann BARTHOLOMEW. 

607 W. Edmd. Beale, Folkington, Polegate, Sussex, England, is interested in TEKELL (TEAKELL, 

TEAKLE) BERRIMAN Wanted Coat-of-Arms and Crest of the TEKELL family. 

608 Rev. D. R. Pelly, Buckley Vicarage, Chester, England, is interested in LARKINS, before 1720, 

DOUGLAS, Dumfriesshire PELLY, Dorset LE PELLEY, Guernsey HERBERT BLAKE, 
Watcombe, Devon Wanted descendants and collaterals of Rev. George HERBERT, Poet 
also father and mother (Lady Mary DOUGLAS ?), of Isabella DOUGLAS of Penpont, Dumfries, 
who md. Robert CARNACHAN in 1800 and d. about 1852 also connection with Admiral 
BLAKE with Blake, of Watcombe, Devon. 

609 Alfred Molony, 48, Dartmouth Park Hill, London, N.W., is interested in families of Cos. Clare 

and Limerick and in MOLONY, Co. Clare from 1600 Wanted particulars of the descendants 
of John, Thomas, and Ralph, younger sons of William CHARTRES, Mayor of Cork, 1692. 

610 Sir John Brickwood, Brankesmere, Southsea, England, is interested in BRICKWOOD also wants 

date and place of birth of William BRICKWOOD, who md. Ann WALLER, at St. Nicholas, 
Guildford, 1706. 

611 Benj. J. Wattson, Clairville, 22, St. Kilda's Road, Stoke Newington, London, N., is interested 

in fWATTSON, any, (with two T's) , before 1576 Information wanted about Thomas WATTSON 
Milton Manor, Whiston, Penkridge, Staffs., 1576-1613. (John and Elizabeth CLEAVES, 
servants to Mr. WATTSON, of Whiston, were buried November i and 2 respectively, 1613) 
also about Rowland WATTSON, of Whitwell's parish, Enfield, Middlesex, (Bar.-at-Law and 
Clerk of the Crown), Lord of Pattingham, 1591-1595 Information also wanted of the 
WATTSON (WATSON) family, Pattingham branch ; the last Lord of Pattingham was William, 
second son of Francis, Lord of Pattingham ; the Manor was sold to Sir John ASTLEY, 
Bart., of Patteshall, 1732. Both the one and two T's were used in this family, notably by 
Rowland. (See " Genealogist," January, 1896). 

612 Miss Margaret R. Musgrave, Duncow, Dumfries, Scotland. 

613 T. Griffiths Jones, Cyffin, Llansantffraid, near Oswestry, England, is interested in Montgomery- 

shire borderland families and in GRIFFITHS, Llanfyllin, Llanfechain, Llandisilio, Meifod, 
before 1800 EDWARDS, Hendre Hen, Burgedin, Mont., before 1760 JONES, Clarach, 
Aberystwyth, Meifod, Llanfyllin, before 1800 HUGHES, W T aenfawr, Carnarvonshire 
MORGAN, Bishop of St. Asaph LEE, New York, U.S.A. KYFFIN, any OWEN, Llan- 
blodwel, Bath DAVIES, Mathrafal, Trewylan, New York Information wanted about the 
family of PRYCE (or PRYS), of Guilsfield, Meifod and Burgedin, Montgomeryshire and of 
Beddgelert, Carnarvonshire, before 1760. 

614 James Archibald Campbell, Barbreck, Loch Gilp Head, Argyllshire, Scotland, is interested in 

all Highland genealogies, especially in CAMPBELL of Loch Nell CAMPBELL of Achan- 
duim Information wanted about John Chancellor HYDE, about 1725, (md. Anne 
HEIGHTON) b. Ireland ; he was engaged in the Rebellion, 1745, received a pardon, left 
Ireland and settled in Aberdeen about 1750 also about Richard HYDE, b. about 1750, 
Aberdeen ; md. Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. Dr. BARTLETT, Aberdeen. 

615 Gabriel OConnell Redmond, M.R. C.P.I., etc., Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, Ireland, is interested 

in all Norman families in England and Ireland, and in REDMOND REMON REDMAN 



616 Rev. Canon Bean lands, The Rectory, Victoria, B.C., is interested in BENELANDES, Yorks., 

Norfolk, Monmouth, I4th, 15th, and i6th cents. SWILLINGTON, Yorks., Norfolk, I3th and 
I4th cents. PEMBERTON, Lanes., and Ireland, i7th and i8th cents. Wanted information 
about John BENLANDES, of Yorks., " gentilman," 1418 ; son or grandson of Robert B., 
the only one of the name in Yorks. tax, 1378 also about Robert BENLANDE, 1390-1400, 
holding a manor in Rockland, Norfolk, half fee, of the heirs of the Countess of Pembroke 
also about John BENLANDE, esquire, son of Matthew B., holding Porskewet, one fee. of the 
heirs of the Countess of Pembroke, 1422-1430. 

617 James Watts, Abney Hall, Cheadle, Cheshire, England. 



618 Francis R. N. Haswell, J.P., Monkseaton, Northumberland, England, is interested in HASWELL, 

Durham, Northumb., and South of Scotland BRAMWELL, Cumberland, Westmorland, and 

619 Charles E. B. Bowles, Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England, is interested in BOWLES, Kent and 

Essex, before 1630 HUXLEY, Cheshire and Middlesex, before 1630 DOCURA, Herts, and 
London Wanted information and parentage of John DOCKREY, citizen and armourer 
of London, (parish of St. Olave's, Old Jewry), d. 1650. 

620 Mrs. George Hough Appleton, 1303, Church Street, Lynchburgh, Va., U.S.A., is interested in 

ARCHER CALLAWAY, Va., before 1750 HART, Edward, Col. of the "Jersey Blues" HOUGH, 
Sir Francis, Burgess, 1634 PUSEY, Caleb, Delaware, iyth cent. WADE, Armiger, Burgess, 
Va., 1657 Wanted Coats-of-Arms of Daniel ALLEN, Scotland and of Jacob GILES, Maryland 
relatives of Thomas CLIFFORD, Cowgills, Blackshaws wife's name of Lt. John LANGHORNE 
also information about John SCARSBRICKE, Va., 1658, officer in Colonial army ; wife 
probably Mary, daughter of Captain MARTIAN ; children, Jane Mountfort, Elizabeth, 
Martha, Mary, John. 

621 Alan Stewart, 23, Wilh'ngdon Road, Eastbourne, Sussex, England, is interested in MADAN, 

any, especially before 1710 Information wanted as to the parentage and ancestry of Martin 
MADAN, who was living in Nevis, Leeward Islands, in 1698 ; md. (Pdate) Penelope, daughter 
of Sir James RUSSELL, Governor of Nevis, and d. in London, March, 1704, leaving four 
children (i) Martin, Col. Royal Horse Guards, and M.P. for Bridport md. Judith, daughter 
of Sir Spencer COWPER, a Judge of the Common Pleas, and niece of Lord Chancellor Cowper ; 
d. at Bath, 1756. Dr. Sp. Madan, Bishop of Peterborough, was his second son. (2) James 
Russell, Col. R.H.G. d. 1788. (3) Richard. (4) Penelope, wife of Baron SCHUTZ, of 
Shotover, Oxon. In his will he refers to his brother Robert Madan, and his sisters 
" Giraldine in Dublin " and Margaret. His descendants have always borne Arms : Sa. a 
falcon, or, trussing a duck, arg: on a chief, or, a cross botonne, gu. Was this family connected 
with the Irish family of MADDEN, or O'MADDEN ? And, if so, how ? To whom were these 
Arms granted originally ? And when ? 

622 Mrs. G. E. Chester-Master, Knole Park, Almondsbury, Bristol, England, is interested in MASTER 

CHESTER EGERTON CANN KIRKE also desires information about Robert KIRKE of 

Eastham, Essex, chosen Principal of 1773. appointed agent and Consul general at 

Algiers, 14 December 1764 about Sir William FLETCHER, i8th cent. about Antoine 
(1725-1811) and Charles Benjamin SALADIN, of Crans, Geneva ; the latter md. 1783 ? about 
Lord BERKELEY of Stratton about CANN, Bart, of Compton Green, Glos., and Brislington, 
and Bream, Somerset and about Ann EGERTON of Frogmore. 

623 A. C. S. Christopher, 94, Piccadilly, London, W., is interested in CHRISTOPHER, any, but especially 

of Co. Durham, Lines., and Worcs. ASHINGTON, Kent. 

624 Noel Brooks Livingston, (Solicitor), 68, Harbour Street, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I., is inter- 

ested in HARRIS, BROOKS, and WALLIS connecting with families of same name in Jamaica 


Standish, Lanes., about 1820. 

625 Samuel Warburton, Egerton Lodge, Bury Old Road, Manchester, England. 

626 Miss Gertrude Williford Wright, Campfield House, Malton, Yorks., England, is interested in 

WRIGHT, Notts., before 1800 Wanted information as to parentage of Philip WRIGHT, 
6. about 1759 ; had brother Robert b. about 1764, and is believed to have had two other 
brothers, John and George ; all believed to have been born in Notts. 

627 Robert Randal MontSCirat, c/o S. P. Wilmot, Esq., i and 2, Foster Place, Dublin, Ireland. 

628 Miss Marion Sedgwick, Grantham House, Grantham, England, is interested in SEDGWICK, 
Bucks., I7th cent. and wants parentage of John SEDGWICK, md. at Chalfont St. Giles in 1653. 

629 Gilbert Cope, West Chester, Pa., U.S.A., is interested in the migration of Quaker families to 

America also in EAVENSON, Over Peover?, Cheshire GILBERT, Dewloe parish, Cornwall 
HAINES, Harwell, Berks. MALIN, Great Barrow, Cheshire NOOKES, Bromsgrove, Worcs. 
TAYLOR, Little Leigh, Cheshire and Didcot, Berks. TRUMAN, Salisbury, Wilts. 
WALMSLEY, Wadington Eaves, Yorks. WALTON, Ochill, Warws. Wanted ancestry of 
James DILLWORTH, of Bradley Hall, Chipping parish, Lanes., and Ann WALN, spinster, 
md. 5 Mo. 9, 1680, at Nicholas Wain's house, Chappellcroft. 



630 Mrs. Reynolds, The Mullens, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, Ireland, is interested in fDEVEREUX, 

Norwich, before 1780 fLAMBERT, Northumberland early ; Pinchbeck, Lines., 1600- 
1700 ; Newbrough, 1700-1800 fSMYTH, Tyrone, Fermanagh, 1700 tWmTFiELD, Northum- 
berland fREYNOLDS, Castlefinn and Donegal about 1600, or when first in Co. Donegal 
also wanted ancestry of Francis DEVEREUX, of Norwich ; md. Bridget TILLS ; daughter 
Elizabeth b. 1784, md. Mark LAMBERT ; son Francis, d. unmarried any particulars of 
Daniel ECCLES, whose daughter, Mary Jenny, (b. 1746), d. America Origin of ancient 
Barony of LOUVAINE derivation of the Clan RANNALL, Scotland Ancestry of Robert 
REYNOLDS, 1660 ; William ; Colonel Francis and of William, Capt. Gen. Abercorn's foot, 
abouti76o ancestry of Edward Reynolds, Bishop of Norwich, 1661 ; Richard R., Bishop of 
Lincoln, 1723 Ancestry of John SMYTH, who md. Margaret ECCLES, Ecclesville, Co. Tyrone, 
1755 And ancestry of Richard LAMBERT, of Newbrough, Northumberland. 

631 Wm. R. Stackhouse, Moorestown, Burlington Co., N.J., U.S.A., is interested in HASTINGS, 

any STACKHOUSE, any fGiBSON, Scotland and Ireland Information desired and offered 
about Joshua HASTINGS, of Swerford, Oxon., and his wife, Elizabeth, Quaker ; went to Penna. 
before 1683, and died there. 

632 H. J. T. Wood, 32, Clanricarde Gardens, London, W., is interested in Breconshire families 

also in WOOD, Fulbourn, Cambs., before 1500. 

633 John 6 Mahony, Brosna, Co. Kerry, Ireland, is interested in all branches of the MAHONY or 

6 MAHONY family, especially of Brosna, Kerry, 1720-1830 Information wanted as to the 
names of the nine members of the MAHONY family mentioned in the Census of 1659 as being 
of the principal family in parish of Brosna, Co. Kerry also the name of the wife and children 
of Denis Mahony, junior also the name of the wife of David Mahony, of Derra, Brosna, 
Co. Kerry, 

634 John Nicholson Br am well, St. Helens, Lanes., England, is interested in f RHODES, Gomersal, 

Yorks., to 1797 BILLINGE, Billinge, Lanes., to 1830 fBLiNKHORN, Bolton and St. Helens, 
Lanes., to 1850 tMARSH, Deane, (Bolton), Lanes., to 1830 Wanted pedigree of Zekaniah 

RHODES, merchant, 1797, Gomersal, Yorks. father's name of BILLINGE, of Billinge, 

Lanes., who md. William BLINKHORN about 1830 information wanted concerning the 
, marriage of a descendant of George MARSH, (martyr 1555), with NICHOLSON, of Bolton. 

635 E. H. Myddelton-Gavey, M.R.C.S., Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, Sussex, England, is interested in 

MYDDELTON, Gwaenynog, Denbigh GAVEY, Jersey. 

636 Thomas A. J. Pile, 55, Holland Park Avenue, London, W., is interested in BLACKALL, 1680- 

1800 CHILDE, 1700-1820 FRENCH, England, 1680-1810 GWYNN, Berks., London, Salop, 
1660-1860 PILE (PYLE), any PIPER, Berks., Culliton, Devon, 1660-1780 ROGERS, 
Hants, from \Vilts., 1700-1860 Wanted evidence showing identity of families variously 
spelt, e.g., PILE POYLE POOLE PUILLE, etc., with or without " de la " prefixed. 

637 Rev. J. A. Halloran, Eastwell Rectory, Boughton Lees, Ashford, Kent, England, is interested 

in Huguenot, Canadian, West Indian, Devon and Irish families especially in BOUTCHER, 
Devon and Somerset, before 1750 HALLARAN, West Indies, Canada, and Ireland before 
1770 PEARCE, Devon and Cornwall, before 1780 WINTER, Devon SLADE, Devon, 
Somerset and Dorset, before 1780 GRIGG, Devon and Cornwall, before 1780 HUGGINS, 
Devon and Somerset PEDDLE, Somerset and Dorset WIPPELL and TREMLETT, Devon. 

638 Rev. R. E. Broughton, Prestbury Vicarage, Macclesfield, England, is interested in BROUGH- 
TON, Staffs, and Berks., i8th cent. 

639 Mrs. Bennett, 134, Elm Park Mansions, London, S.W., is interested in ROMNEY (RUMNEY) Colby 

Appleby, Cromwell and before ABBOT (ABBOTT), Kendal, 1730 and before LEWTHWAITE, 
Broadgate, Furness and Cumberland, I7th and i8th cents. KENNAL, Kendal and Colton, 
latter end i8th cent. ROMNEY, any, especially Ireland (William III. and later), from West- 
morland; andTetbury, 1400-1600 earlier and later ORDE, Longridge, Norham, Northumber- 
land DEALTRY, Edmonton, 1780 and before BENNETT, Bridport, I7th cent. Who was 
Lady Alice ROMNEY of "Boradall Manor," Cumberland, (22 Elizabeth) Lancelot Romney 
of Yanwath, Westmorland, i6th cent. Lucas DE RUMARE, I3th cent. and Baldwin DE 
ROMENEY and Alan de Romeney's heir ? 

640 John Ronald Moreton Macdonald, Largie Castle, Tayinloan, Argyll, Scotland, is interested in 

tTEWES, Aix la Chappelle fPuRVis, Shepton Mallet HUME MACNEILL of Arichonan 

and Gallochoille tPRESTWiCK. 



641 Thomas Chamberlin Tims, 6, Pare Bean Terrace, St. Ives, Cornwall, England, is interested 

Wanted parentage and ancestry of Hugh CHAMBERLIN, who d. at Redhill, Ratcliffe-on- 
Soar, Notts., in 1709, aged 70. 

642 Francis P. Leyburn Yarker, 67, Hills Road, Cambridge, England, is interested in MANGLES, 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, Wapping, Surrey, before 1787 CAMDEN TULLY, and KIRWAN, Co. 
Galway WHEELER, Hungerford, Berks. 

643 Alfred W. Johnston, F.S.A. Scot., 59, Oakley Street, Chelsea, London, S.W., is interested in 

Orkney, Shetland, and Caithness families, especially in JOHNSTON, Orkney HALCRO 
BEATTON, Orkney CRAFTS, London, i7th cent. TAYLOR, Quebec, i8th cent. BOSWELL, 
GORDON, and ROBERTSON, Orkney BLACK, Orkney, i7th cent. SANDISON, Aire and 
Orkney Wanted parentage of David BOSWELL, burgess, Kinghorn, (wife Marjory GORDON), 

whose daughter md. BEATTON, Orkney, whose daughter md. 1666, HALCRO, 

^ Houton, Orkney. 

644 W. Sandford Cottrill, Athenaeum Club, Johannesburg, S. Africa, is interested in COTTRILL 

(COTTRELL, COTTERELL), Norfolk, 1500-1600 ; Worcs., 1600-1800 PIGEON, Norfolk, 1600- 
1700 WITHAM, Great Camfield, Kent ?, 1750-1850. 

645 Rev. William Alexander Fleming, B.A. (Dublin), Buslingthorpe Vicarage, Leeds, England, is 

interested in Ulster FLEMING families and their collaterals also in ADAMS, Cavan and 
Monaghan, 1700-1795 ARMSTRONG, Monaghan, 1750-1800 BLACKLEY, Monaghan, 1710- 
1800 BURSTEARD, Deny, 1700-1750 CRAWFORD, Tyrone, Monaghan, Fermanagh, 1760 
CHARLTON, Ulster, Dublin, 1750-1830 DARROCH, Monaghan, 1680-1730 DOIG, Dublin, 
Limerick, and Australia, 1800-1850 FIXTER, Monaghan and Tyrone, 1560-1750 FORE- 
SYTH, Aughnacloy and Monaghan, 1700-1765 SCOTT, Monaghan and Tyrone, 1700-1770 
STEWART, Davogh, 1740-1760 HAMILTON (or D ACRE-HAMILTON), Monaghan, 1680-1730 
IRWIN, Monaghan and Tyrone, 1750-1800 McCLURE, Monaghan and Dublin, 1710-1800 
MCDOWELL, Monaghan and Cavan, 1700-1800 MONTGOMERY, FORESYTH maternally, 1754 
MITCHELL, Drumreaske, Tuninvinrey, Co. Monaghan RICHARDSON, Carrickmacross, 
Co. Monaghan, and Tyrone, 1700-1820 ROBERTS, Cavan, and Blessmount, Monaghan, 
1709-1800 Ross, Monaghan, 1750-1880 REILLY (or O'REILLY), Cavan, 1709-1800 
WILDRIDGE, Cavan and Monaghan, 1730-1795 WELD, Ulster, 1750-1810 WRIGHT, Mona- 
ghan, 1690-1750 Contributor's great-great-great-grandfather was Rev. Alexander FLEMING, 
Drumcrue, Co. Monaghan, and Cootehill, Co. Cavan ; md. 1709 Margaret, daughter and co- 
heir of Samuel FIXTER, Esq., Corick, Co. Tyrone ; information wanted re the parents of 
Alexander (probably son or grandson of Alexander, fourth son of ist Earl of WIGTOWN) . 

646 Henry Thomas Crofton, Oldfield, Maidenhead, Berks., England, is interested in CROFTON, 

Cumberland, Ireland, commonwealth and before CRIRIE, Lanes, and elsewhere 
STRATFORD, London, 1770, and before. 

647 William Edward Robinson, Tithebarn Street, Poulton-le-Fylde, England, is interested in any 

family of FYLDE. 

648 Mrs. Orville Dwight Baldwin, 1000, Green Street, San Francisco, Cal., U.S.A., is interested 

in BALDWIN, Dundridge ROHE, Alsatian family VON GLODE, Prussia PARMELEE 
STANLEY Ancestry wanted of Sir John BALDWIN, and his father William, temp. Henry VII. 

649 Professor T. W. Edmondson, B.A., Ph.D., University Heights, New York, U.S.A., is interested 


650 Miss S. I. A. Hammond, Central Hall, Philpot Street, Commercial Road, London, E., is interested 

in SAVAGE, 1450 onward BUNYARD, Kent, 1750-1830 HAMMOND, Kent, 1750 onward. 

651 Joseph TorbOCk, Crakenthorpe Hall, near Appleby, Westmorland, England, desires informa- 

tion of the TORBOCK family, Lanes., 1704-1798, and especially the marriage of John and 
Hannah T., about 1797. 

652 Henry C. Dann, The Beeches, Stroud, Glos., England, is interested in DAN, DANN, DANY, DENE, 

DE DENE, DE DEN, DE DAN, DANNY, DANE, DANNE, all East Grinstead, East Sussex 
also wants descendants of Robert DE DENE, Buckhurst, 1066, and Hamo DAN, East 
Grinstead, East Sussex, 1319. 

653 -Rev. Herbert E. D. BlaklSton, P.P., President of Trinity College, Oxford, England. 

654 Miss Lament, Knockdow, Toward, Argyllshire, Scotland. 



655 Edward Arthur Hardwicke, L.R.C.P., etc., J.P., Havermere, Howick Falls, Natal, S. Africa, 

is interested in HARDWICKE, Staffs., temp. Edward II. , and after, and Derbyshire before 
temp. Elizabeth PERTON, Staffs., after Richard II. FEWTRELL, Salop CALVERT, Craven, 
Yorks. PITCHFORD, Salop. _ ._ _ 

656 Rev. Edmund Nevill, (professional), 43, High Street, Salisbury, England, is interested in NEVILL, 

Somerset, Dorset, Hants, and Wilts. Wanted origin or locality of Nevill Coat of 3 bustards. 
i. az. rising, or, (Notts.) 2. az. flying, arg. 3. az. rising, arg. 4. gu. chevron bet. 3, rising arg. 

657 A. W. Gray Buchanan, Parkhill, Polmont, Stirlingshire, Scotland, is interested in 

Cumberland BOGLE, West of Scotland BUCHANAN, any CUNYNGHAME, Lanarkshire 
fFoxcROFT, Notts. GIBSON, GOVAN, GRAY and HAMILTON, West of Scotland KINCAID, 
any PARKES, Warws. and Worcs. RAMSAY, Perthshire and Stirlingshire ROWAND 
(ROWAN), any fTuRTON, Staffs. Parentage wanted of William CRAWFORD, merchant, 
Glasgow, md. 1699 Mary GOVAN, and d. 1734 also of Samuel WILSON, merchant, Hatton 
Garden, London, d. 1769, founder of Wilson's Bequest (see " Gentleman's Magazine," 

_ _____ 

658 George Alder Bliimer, M.D., Duncan Lodge, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A., is interested 

BLUMER Wanted information about James BREAKENRIDGE, b. 1696, who sailed from 
Ireland, 16 July, 1727, as one of a company of emigrants, to take up land on the Elbow 
Tract, (now Palmer), Mass., under claim of Joshua LAMB, of Boston. 

659 E. M. Blake, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A., is interested in FEARMAN, Norwich, 

England, before 1800 LEADBETTER, early New England FIRTH and VICERY, New England, 
early WITTICHEN, REYNAUD, NICOLA, and LE JEUNE, any B ROUGH, Shelton, Notts., 
before 1700 MURDOCH, Armagh, Ireland, before 1736 Wanted to verify tradition that 
Cornelius SWEERS, was in the British Army, about 1770 also information about Mary 
HAMMOND, (md. William MURDOCH), Phila., 1740, cousin of British Minister, George 

660 Henry Tod, W. S., 45, North Castle Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested in BANKS, BLYTH, 

and RAIT, Scotland BARTLETT, Aberdeen TOD, Scotland, especially Lothians and Fife- 
shire WALKER, Kincardineshire and West Indies WILLIAMSON, Kincardineshire Wanted 
descendants of Henrie TOD, " Factor," Dieppe, France, 1540 and of - WALKER, captain 
of a ship wrecked near Aberdeen 1600-1700. 

661 Norman Lament, M.P., 4, Queen Street, Mayfair, London, is interested in LAMONT (LAMOND) 

DENYS FULLARTON, Greenhall, Argyllshire CAMPBELL of Inverliver, Argyllshire 
STEWART of Ascog, Buteshire STEWART of Kelspoke, Buteshire CHRYSTIE of Balchrystie, 
Fife Wanted arms of CAMPBELL of Inverliver. 

662 George Edward Roebuck, Central Library, Walthamstow, Essex, England, is interested in 

ROEBUCK, any, especially Sheffield, Doncaster, Mexborough, since 1750. 

663 Mrs. J. H. Sladdin, Manor Drive, Halifax, Yorks., England, is interested in BOWES, Durham 

(City and County), Yorks., Skipton, 1650-1750 Wanted ancestry of George BOWES, 
Attorney-at-Law, Westminster, 1718. 

664 S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S., Matai-Moana, New Plymouth, New Zealand, is interested in BARLOW, 

Lines., or Huntington STEPHENSON, Holland, Lines. Wanted parentage of Elizabeth 
BARLOW, who md. Thomas SMITH, of Waddington, Lines., about 1763 also of John 
STEPHENSON, of Brothertoft Hall, near Boston, Lines., b. 1743 ; d. 1812. 

665 Mrs. W. C. D. Whetham, Upwater Lodge, Cambridge, England, is interested in DURNING (or 

DORNING), Lanes. HOLT, Lanes. POTTER, Tadcaster ORMEROD, Rossendale 
_ HEYWORTH, Bacup, and Mackery End, Herts. SEDDON, Prestolee and Bakewell. _ 

666 Percy S. Godman, Muntham, Horsham, England, is interested in GODMAN, Sussex, Norfolk, 

Suffolk, before 1590. 

667 Rev. Reginald C. Dudding, Saleby Rectory, Alford, Lines., England, is interested in all 

Lincolnshire families, especially PASTON, Norf., after 1674 BUTTERVANT (or BUTTER- 
_ FIELD). Norf. COLEPEPER, Kent and Exton, Rutland HARRINGTON. 

668 Orrin Peer Allen, Palmer, Mass., U.S.A. 

669 Mrs. John Baird Clotworthy, Hillman, Taliaferro Co., Ga., U.S.A. 



670 Charles Fortescue Osmond, Hem, Thicket Road. Sutton, Surrey, England, is interested in 

DACRES, Leatherhead, Surrey FOULKES. Medland, Devon OSMOND, Halberton, Tiverton, 
and Morebath, Devon, before 1800 WISE, Woolston, Loddiswell, Devon Ancestry wanted 
of Stephen WESTON, D.D., Bishop of Exeter, 1724-42 also ancestry and descendants of 
Phillip DACRES, who presented a book of hours to the Parish Church, Leatherhead. 

671 Chas. A. Bemau, Walton-on-Thames, England, is anxious to correspond with an amateur or 

professional genealogist living in or near Stolp, Pomerania is interested in BERNAU, any, 
but especially those of Stolp wants parentage of (i) Elizabeth CRUEGER, b. about 1691 ; 
md. in or before 1713, Samuel Bernau ; d. at Stolp, 1763 ; (2) of Maria HOEFT, b. about 
1715 ; md. at Stolp, 1738, Samuel Bernau ; (3) of Maria -Dorothea BESCH, b. about 1783 ; 
md. at Stolp, 1802, J. J. Bernau Rietstap ("Armorial General") gives the arms of the 
Barons Bernau of Switzerland and of Bernau of Castellet, wanted any information about 
these families Wanted names and addresses of any Bernaus mentioned in current Directories 
of places in U.S.A. Is also interested in any of the names PASCHE, VON DER OHE, BENEST, 
MILLAIS and LE GEYT, living or dead Wants ancestry of William MATTHEWS and of 
Mary LUCE, his wife, their daughter, Sarah-Mary M., md. John Millais, of Jersey, grand- 
father of the late Sir John E. Millais, Baronet and P.R.A. Ancestry also wanted of Sarah 
DENTON, Isaac CHANVAL-^-PELIER, and Gabriel -Antoine PELIER, Huguenot refugees 
from Conde-sur-Noireau to Jersey, probably related to each other ; Isaac's daughter, 

Anne, md. ASSELIN, and settled in London ; are any of her descendants living ? 

Wanted a modern description of, and an early reference to, the village of Benest, depart- 
ment of Charente, (ten miles West of Confolens), France The MOULE family (that of the 
present Bishop of Durham) quarters the arms of BLACKETT and VANNECK ; is any connection 
known between these families ? Is interested in the genealogy and topography of Walton- 

672 Mrs. Dowdall Cooke, Cappagh House, Ballinagrane, Askeaton, R.S.O., Co. Limerick, Ireland, 

is interested in the PEPPARD, STUKELEY, DOWDALL and PACKE families. Peppard family 
said by Sir William Betham to have been founded in Ireland by Sir Philip D'ANGULO, other- 
wise PEPPARD, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in nth cent. Wanted connecting link between 
him and Philip DE PEPPARD, who md. Ellen LUTTRILL and had issue (besides two daughters) 
three sons : John, Patrick and Richard. Said Patrick md. about 1400 Ca .erine RUSSELL, 
and had issue Walter P., who md. Elizabeth STUKELEY, of an old English family. Patrick 
P., grandson of the last-named Walter, granted lands (called Peppard's Castle) in Co.Wexford 
his wife's name wanted ; his son md. Catherine DOWDALL, of Cappagh House. Wanted 
maiden name of Margaret " Lady Dowdall," mentioned in the will (dated 1604, proved 1613) 
of Sir John DOWDALL, "Queen Elizabeth's Captain," her husband. The PACKE family 
inquired about is that of Sir Christopher P., Lord Mayor of London, 1654-5, member of 
Cromwell's other house of parliament, ancestor of contributor's mother, Mrs. Peppard, 
nee Packe. 

673 Paul Georg Baron Liittwitz, Kais. Deutscher Legationsrat a. D., Herischdorf, Schlesien, 

Deutschland, interessiert sich fur alle Seitenlinien der CAMPBELLS of Cawdor und die 
Familien SIMSON und COGHILL. 

674 William Braylesford Bunting, The Courses, Chapel-en-le-Frith, near Stockport, England, is 

interested in High Peak families, especially those of Chapel-en-le-Frith, also in BRAILS- 
FORD, (BRAYLESFORD, etc.), Derbyshire, I5th-i8th cents. BUNTING, Ashover, Derbyshire 
DETHICK, New Hall and Hartshorn, Derbyshire, I7th and i8th cents. 

675 Commander M. J. Harrison, R.N., Temple Elfande, Capel, Surrey, England, is interested in 

HARRISON, Lanes, before 1600 also desires information about Laurence MARSHALL, whose 
daughter, Grace, was in 1526 the wife of George HARRISON, Lanes. also maiden name of 
Bridget, wife of Richard HARRISON, of Freckleton, Lanes., about 1620. 

676 Arthur L. Cooper, 17, Friar Street, Reading, England, is interested in COOPER, Maidenhead, 

Bray, Oxon., before 1750 HOBSON, Northants. before 1750 MOXON, Fishlake, York, 
before 1700. 

677 Alexander Wedderburn, The Hoo, Willingdon, Sussex, England, is interested in MELVILL of 

Caskerdo, Ceres, Fife SCRYMGEOUR of Balmakewan, Aberdeenshire SCRYMGEOUR of 
Sonahard, Aberdeenshire, esp. David SCRYMGEOUR, of (a) Balmakewan (b) Sonahard, 
about 1450. 

Ivii E 


678 Richard Hawke, u, Rue des Ruisseaux, Laval, Mayenne, France, is interested in HAWKE, any 

PORTER and HOWE, Newport, Isle of Wight, i8th cent. FINCH, (FYNCH, FFYNCH), 
Havant, Hants., i8th cent. Information wanted about John HAWKE, b. at Havant ?, 
Hants., or neighbourhood, about 1759; described as son of Edward ? Hawke, and S. 
FINCH (? Sophia) ; his baptism wanted, also marriage of parents and information about 

679 Dr. Joseph C. Bridge, M.A., F.S.A., Christ Church Vicarage, Chester, England. 

680 Charles Reginald Byrom, The Laurels, Langland Bay, South Wales. 

681 Miss Helen Gurney, Eaton, Norwich, England, is interested in YEAMANS, Antigua BACON, 

Staward FREAME, London Bankers BELL, Cockermouth, 1653 COLLINSON, Westmorland, 
1600 S WANTON, Grundisborough, 1615 BOURNE, Lines., 1600 Information wanted about 
John COOK, the Regicide ; and Roger POPE, Oswestry, 1680. 

682 Rev. J. P. Day, St. Cuthbert's Vicarage, Durham, England. 

683 Lieut. Col. E. V. D. Pears?, Hurstbourne Priors, Whitchurch, Hants., England, is interested 

in PEARSE SWANTON, i7th and i8th cents. fBuTLER, Eastern Counties, I7th and i8th 
cents. Information wanted about Thomas SWANTON, M.P., Comptroller of the Navy, 
d. 1723 ; and James PEARSE, Surgeon General, surgeon to Charles II. 

684 George B. Louis Arner, Ph.D., 24, Chambers Street, Princeton, N.J., U.S.A., is interested 

685 Howard Macklin Askew, 78, South Pryor Street, Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A., is interested in ASKEW, 

CONNEL, DICKINSON, Va. and N.C. HARRISON, Stafford and Prince William, Va. 

LUNDIE, Va. and England MACLIN, Scotland and Va. PENDER, N.C. SHORT, SIMMS, 

YATES, Va. Information wanted concerning ancestry of Thomas LUNDIE, who became 

pastor of Brunswick and St. Andrew's Parish, Va., in 1773. 

686 Edwin Bruce Story, Northampton, Mass., U.S.A. 

687 Stephen Simpson, M.A., Parkside, Preston, Lanes., England, is interested in SIMPSON, of any 

spelling also in SIMPSON, Yorks., HESKETH, Ringey, Hale and Morley, Cheshire, I7th 
cent. IRVING, Dalreogh, Dunning, Scotland, and Walton, Cumb., i8th cent. GREGSON, 
Liverpool BARNS, Lanes. Information wanted as to the ancestry of John SYMSONE, 
otherwise JENKINE, of Mearesicke, Gisburne, Yorks., husbandman, whose will was proved 
at York, 1586. 

688 Lady Chapman, Beech Hurst, Lingfield, Surrey, England, is interested in BELL, Cockermouth, 

I7th cent. CRUSH, Essex, especially Felsted TEMPLE of Temple Sowerby, Westmorland 
CORNWALL, Hull, early i8th cent. WILSON, Bonhill, nr. Glasgow, early i8th cent. 
CHAPMAN, Whitby or Sneton, before 1600 Ancestry wanted of John GUMMING, Fairfreed, 
near Glasgow ; b. 1714 ; md. 1746 Janet WILSON, of Bonhill. 

689 Col. Charles Edward Yate, C.S.I., C.M.G., 17, Prince of Wales Terrace, Kensington, London, 

W., is interested in all families of YATE or YATES, especially of Berks., Oxon., Kent, 
London, etc., 1500-1700, and more especially Cuxham, Oxon., 1608-1662 ; Gravesend, 
Kent, 1660-1708 ; Rotherhithe, Surrey, 1734-1760 ; St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, i8th cent. 
Information wanted regarding parentage, marriage, place of death or burial, of William 
YATE, chirurgeon, Mayor of Gravesend, Kent, 1667, 1676, 1693, and 1703 ; d. 1707-8. 

690 Edward Lyon Taylor, Clifton, Falinge Road, Rochdale, England, is interested in CHADERTON, 

Lees, Oldham, Lanes., 1500-1700 DENTON and PLUMPTON, Lees, Oldham, Lanes., i7th 
cent. Wanted ancestors and collaterals of Brion (Bryan) LYON, Prescot, Lanes., i6th cent. 

691 Dr. Stephan Kekule von Stradonitz, (beruflich = professional), Marienstrasse, 16, Gross-Lichter- 

felde, near Berlin, undertakes genealogical work, claims to titles in Germany and Austria, 

etc., is interested in fDRORY, 1600-1800 and fDRURY, Ireland, same period. Baptism 

wanted of Leonard DRORY (or DRURY), b. probably in Ireland, d. in London, 30 April 1815, 

aged 38. ^ 

692 Miss A. F. Jocelyn Ffoulkes, St. Melange!!, Rhyl, N. Wales, is interested in SALUSBURY, Petrual, 

Denbighshire fPowELL, Llanfairfechan, Carnarvonshire f(DE) CHAPPELLIN, Huguenot 
family now extinct, where resident ? CONWAY, Ystrad, Denbighshire, early igth cent. 
Wanted descent of Thomas SALUSBURY of Petrual from Llewenni family; his daughter 
md. before 1614 POWELL of Llanfairfechan, about which family further data is required. 



693 Abel Bridge, J.P., 82, Greengate Street, Oldham, Manchester, England. 

694 Rev. Evelyn Young, Fen Drayton, Cambridge, England, is interested in BRECKNOCK 

CRAYLE, Newark, Notts., London, Lines. DODSLEY, Notts. FLAMSTEAD HOBMAN, Notts, 
and Lines. LANSDALL, Collingham, Notts., Lines. fLEY, Mayfield, Staffs. RASTALL, 
Notts, and Lines. -J-TEMPLER YOUNG, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs. Mrs. Elizabeth 
TEMPLER and Mr. John FLAMSTEED, of Little Hallam, md. 1701 ; registered at Ilkeston, 
Derbyshire ; who was she ? 

695 R. H. St. Maur, Stover, Newton Abbot, Devon, England, is interested in fWiLLiAMS, Bristol, 

before 1485 JKILLEGREW, Cornwall, before 1603 fBoNNELL, Stanton Harcourt, Oxford, 
before 1730 fWEBB, Monkton Farleigh ; and Seend, nr. Devizes, both before 1730 
fBROCKBURY, Hereford, before 1360 SEYMOUR, 1640 fRASHLEiGH, 1640 JPOPHAM, 
Littlecote, before 1740 fWALE, before 1707 fWALSH, before 1590 fCoKER, Laurence 
Lydiard, Somerset, before 1472 Wanted pedigree of Dorothy KILLIGREW, md. a Sir Ed: 
SEYMOUR of Berry Pomeroy, 1603 Anns of T. BONNELL of Stanton Harcourt, Oxford ; 
formerly a London merchant ; 1730 pedigree and arms of WEBB of Monkton Farleigh, son 
of Daniel W., of Seend, nr. Devizes ; 1730 any information concerning Richard SEYMOUR, 
fourth son of Sir E. SEYMOUR of Berry Pomeroy, who md. Mary RASHLEIGH (a Cornish 
family) and is believed to have gone with her to Conn., U.S.A., about 1640, though most 
books mention him as having died in Devon in 1640 pedigree of Sir Francis POPHAM, 
of Littlecote, 1730 pedigree and arms of a Sir William WALE, before 1700 pedigree of 
John W T ALSH, a Justice of the Common Pleas, 1580 pedigree of Sir Robert COKER, of 
Laurence Lydiard, Somerset, 1460 pedigree of Mark WILLIAMS of Bristol, 1420 pedigree 
and arms of Simon DE BROCKBURY of Hereford, about 1360. 

696 S. H. Scott, M.A., (Oriel College, Oxford), The Yews, Windermere, England, is interested in 

SCHOTT, Braunfels and other places in Hesse, before 1700 fWiLMOT, Baronets, of Chaddes- 
den, before 1660 |KiNDER, Cheshire and Derbyshire fHoLT, Mottram-in-Longdendale, 
Cheshire Information required about Johann SCHOTT, of Braunfels, Archer of the Guard 
at Nancy in Lorraine, ennobled 1570, afterwards of Hadonville near Metz; particularly 
original of pedigree entered 1570 as printed in Pelletier's " Nobiliaire de Lorraine," see 
" Ancestor," 5, 169. 

697 Harry Shelmire Hopper, 611, Weightman Building, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., in interested in 

HOPPER, Co. Durham, before 1700 COFFEE, Ireland, before 1760 COLLINS, Ireland, 
before 1750 HUDSON, Sheffield, before 1770 FETTER, Germany, before 1750 CART, 
KEHRT, Bavaria, before 1750 MYERS, Hanover, Germany, before 1776 Wanted ancestors 
of John HOPPER, Co. Durham, migrated to New York, about 1675 Ancestors and 
marriage of Thomas GARWOOD, lived in Acton, Suffolk, 1680 Ancestors and 
family of Richard HANCOCK, upholsterer, of Bromley, nr. Bow, Middlesex, who went 
to N.J., U.S.A., about 1675 Ancestors and family of John DENN, turner, migrated from 
London to Salem, N.J., U.S.A., about 1678 William GARWOOD, son of Thomas G., mariner, 
lived at Chalmondiston, Suffolk, 1680 ; his second wife was Jane STEVENS ; who was his 
first wife by whom he had sons Thomas and John ? 

698 Major William Eliot Fumess, 883, Evanston Ave., Chicago, 111., U.S.A., is interested in ELIOT 

family of FURNESS before 1730 and in London after 1776. 

699 Carlos Parsons Darling, Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., Pa., U.S.A. 

700 Herm. Friedr. Macco, Humboldtstr. 2, Steglitz-Berlin, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur 

Aachener und aus Aachen stammende Familien, auch fur MACCO (oder MACKUY), vor 1600 
Rudolf MACKUY, 1594, prot. Emigrant in Schrozberg (Wttbg.), Herkunft unbekannt. 

701 Lieut. General Sir Reginald Hart, c/o Messrs. Cox and Co., 16. Charing Cross, London, is inter- 

ested in HART, Dorset, 1500-1600, Somerset 1500-1600 Wanted dates of birth, marriage and 

death of Elizabeth HOOD, b. about 1743, Dorset ; md. Hart also of Richard HART, 

living near Beaminster, 1601. 

702 B. Courtenay G id ley, Seymour Lodge, Totnes, Devon, England. 

703 Colonel Henry R. Lloyd Howard, C.B., Wygfair, St. Asaph, North Wales, is interested in 

HOWARD, Croglin, Cumberland, after about 1640 Wanted whereabouts of Henry or other 
sons of Sir Charles HOWARD, of Croglin, Cumberland, after about 1640. 



704 Rev. Francis A. Haines, M.A., West Itchenor Rectory, Chichester, England. 

705 Ernest Francis, Fir Croft, Southcote Road West, Reading, England, is interested in WINCH, 

Berks, Bucks., Essex, and Middlesex Rous, Berks., Essex, Middlesex, before 1650 ADAMS 
and NELSON, Bray and Cookham, Berks., i8th cent. FRANCIS, Southern Counties Richard 

WINCH of Maidenhead, md. about 1770 CARR ; where ? She is said to have been the 

daughter of a Scotch naval officer. 

706 J. H. Mayne Campbell, 24, King Street West, Toronto, Canada, is interested in CAMPBELL, 

Perthshire (Murthlie, Edramuckie, Easter Shian, Garrows) CARGILL, co. Perth MAYNE, 
cos. Stirling and Clackmannan FISHER, cos. Perth and Aberdeen McDuFF, Ballinloan, 
Perthshire BACHOPE, in Stirling DON of Seabegs, co. Stirling KEAY of Kincairnie, co. 
Perth STEWART of Arnagag, co. Perth Ancestry wanted of John BROUN, merchant in 
Glasgow, md. Jean MAYNE, before 1760 and of both Rev. John DRUMMOND, St. Madoes 
and Crieff, 1677-1754, and his wife Rev. John STARK, Lecropt, Stirlingshire. 

707 Richard F. E. Ferrier, Hemsby Lodge, Norfolk, and 33, Hall Plain, Great Yarmouth, England, 

and John A. H. Ferrier, 33, Hall Plain, Great Yarmouth, are interested in FERRIER (FERRER 
or FERROUR), Norfolk, particularly Norwich, Yarmouth, Rollesby and country district 
adjacent DAVY, Rollesby, Burgh and Flegg district, 1450-1550 GOURNAY (GURNEY), 
Norfolk, before 1690 ; in addition to information given in " The Records of the House of 
Gurney " Particulars wanted showing that DAVY of Eston, Norfolk, and Davy, Burgh, 
Norfolk, were the same family Information wanted showing additional connection between 
the Norwich family of FERRIER (FERROUR, FERRIOR, FERRER), and branches settled in 
Yarmouth, and Flegg Hundreds, in addition to that between Robert Ferrier, Sheriff of 
Norwich, 1507, and Mayor 1526, 1536, and the Yarmouth family ; it is believed that several 
members of the Norwich branch settled in Yarmouth, see local records, 1450-1550 also 
information about Thomas LADD, mentioned in will of Henry Ferrier, of Yarmouth, proved 
29 May, 1573, as " My Godson Thomas Ladd " and about Ann LADD, who md. Robert 
FERRIER of Norwich at St. Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, 19 November, 1617 ; par- 
ticularly desired to know what was the relationship between her and Thomas LADD 
Also information wanted about John FERRIER (FERROR or FERROUR) of Drayton, whose Will 
was proved 6 May, 1517. 

708 M. Graham Coitart, 21, Lynedoch Street, Glasgow, W., Scotland, is interested in ADAMSON, 

Perth 1540, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, 1580 COLTART, Kirkcudbrightshire, 1720 
CAMPBELL, Kirkcudbrightshire, 1750 GILLESPIE, Edinburgh, 1645 GODFREY, Edmond- 
bury, London, Romsey GRAHAM, relations of CLAVERHOUSE, 1700 HAY, Linplum and 
Tallo, i6th cent. IRVINE and REID, Kirkcudbrightshire, 1700 LAWSON, PORTERFIELD 
and PRENTICE, Glasgow, 1700 SIMSON, Perth, 1540, London, 1760-1820, West Indies, 1770, 
and Coventry 1800 WALKDEN, Rochdale, Lanes., 1770-1790 Wanted parentage of Robert 
COLTART, Laggan, Parton Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire, d. 1724 information about Robert 
GRAHAM (otherwise MAC GREGOR), a relation of CLAVERHOUSE, hence change of name, md. 
in Partick, 1705, second wife Jean KEGO ; had four sons by first wife, John in Dumbreck ; 
William in Eastwood ; Alexander in Little Finnick ; and Allan in Glasgow also about 

HAY, of Linplum and Tallo, father of Andrew of Renfrew, and George of Eddleston, 

i6th cent. and about Robert SIMSON, Vicar of St. Michael's, Coventry, d. 1846 ; and 
Patrick, Surgeon, Fillougley, and Thomas, his brothers, and their descendants. 

709 Rev. John Everard, P.P., Ballyporeen, Tipperary, Ireland, is interested in *VERARD, co. 

Tipperary, 1356, descended from Everard who accompanied Prince John *Everard, who 
fought at Agincourt, 1415 *Everard, Knt., the judge, 1607, a recusant *Everard, Bart., 
1650, who fought Cromwell *Everard, Glin, Co. Waterford, 1643 *Everard, captain 
in army of James II. *Everard, Bart., captain of horse, fought on Irish side and 
killed at Aighrim, 1691 *Everard, Bart., a protestant and ardent supporter of James III. 
*Everard, Archbishop of Cashel, 1821 *Everard, Carrigmore, 1755 Desires to know 
which is the best source of information about those who fought at Agincourt also if English 
State papers make any reference to the Irish judge, Sir John EVERARD, who lost his seat on 
the Bench, time James I., for refusing to take the oath of supremacy also why did the 
Bishop of Rochester, Dr. ATTERBURY, speak of Sir Redmond Everard, Bart., as the 
" Knight Chanton," when he was, in reality, the Knight of Chanton ? also is there any trace 
of the will of Archbishop Everard, d. 1821. 

710 Walter Nelson Capen, 15, Whitehall Street, New York City, N.Y., U.S.A. 



711 Edson Salisbury Jones, Greenwich, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in many Society of Friends 

families before 1700 especially in PARKHURST, any before 1600 and in the following 
sixteen families, all before 1700 : EVES, CORE and JENCKES, London, etc., SALISBURY, 
England, Wales WESTCOTT, Somerset, etc., WALMSLEY, Settle neighbourhood, 
York WOOD, Bury neighbourhood, Lanes. PAXSON, Marsh Gibbon, Bucks. 
PENINGTON, Furness, Lanes. HACKNEY, Northants., etc. HALL, Furness, Lancsi 
HODGES, Banbury neighbourhood, Oxon. ADISON, Furness, Lanes. NICHOLSON, 
Wiseton, Notts. ROBERTS, Overston, Northants. TYLER, Walton, Somerset, 
Wanted ancestry of Thomas ARNOLD, migrated to New England about 1635 ; d. there 
1674 ; had brother, Richard, of Killingworth, Warwick (sons of Richard, deceased), or 
brother, Richard, of Kelsale, Suffolk (sons of William, deceased), per will, 1644, of Thomas's 

first cousin, Richard, London, goldsmith, son of ARNOLD. Ancestry of Jonah (or 

Jonas), AUSTIN (AUSTEN), and wife, Constance , Tenterden, Kent migrated to New 

England, 1634, with four children ; she d. 1667 ; he in 1683 ; had son Jonah ancestry of 

John BROWN and wife Dorothy ; migrated to New England by 1635 ; he d. there 1662 ; 

she in 1673 ; he visited England, and was Steward for Sir Henry VANE, Raby, 1656-1660 
they had issue John, James, Mary, b. England ancestry of William EDDY (ADY), md. 1697 
Hannah SMITH, Bristol, Rhode Island ; he d. by 1710 ; issue, Joseph, William, Elizabeth, 
John, born Bristol Ancestry wanted of William EVANS, South Newington, Oxford, and of his 
wife, Jane HODGES, md. 1663 in Banbury Meeting (Friends), migrated to New Jersey 
about 1683 he d. 1688, she 1697 ; issue, Thomas, (b. 1664), William ancestry of Henri 
CACHET, Huguenot ; shipwright ; migrated to New England, md. there 1697 ; 
d. 1738 ; issue, Daniel, Sarah, Abigail, Mercy, Hannah, Martha, Elizabeth, 

Susanna ; brother David. In 1711, his mother, , wrote him from La Rochelle ancestry 

of Elizabeth GROOME (GROME), ? Lavenham, Suffolk, md. Edward SCOTT, about 1570 ; (see 
Scott) ancestry of James GROVER, Gravesend, Long Island, 1646 ; New Jersey, 1667 ; d. 
1685 ; issue, James, Joseph, Safety, Abigail, Hannah ; who was Abigail's mother ? 

ancestry of Obadiah HOLMES (HOLME, HULME), and wife, Catherine ; he was b. about 

1607 (? Preston, Lanes.), migrated to New England by 1639 ; d. 1682 ; issue, Mary, Martha, 
Samuel, Obadiah, Lydia, Jonathan, Hopestill ; brother Robert ; three brothers at Oxford 
University ; ? sisters in Manchester ancestry of Walter HUMPHRIES, (otherwise POWELL), 
Pains wick, Gloucester, weaver, (? Member of Nailsworth Quarterly Meeting), and wife 

; he migrated to New Jersey by 1694 ; d. there 1698 ; issue, Mary, Joshua ; sister 

Martha HARBOARD ; "kinsman, John LOYD, of Eislenton" ancestry of Cornelius JONES, 
Taunton, Dighton, Berkley, Mass., shipwright ; d. 1747 ; wife Abigail ; issue, Priscilla, 
Henry, Cornelius, Elijah, Jacob, Charles, Abigail, Benjamin, Sylvester, Priscilla, Bethany, 
b. 1719-1744 ancestry of John KINGSLEY, migrated to New England by 1636 ; d. 1678 ; 

first wife ? Elizabeth ; issue, Eldad, Renewed, Enos, b. in Mass. ancestry of John 

HOLLINSHEAD, and wife, Grace ; Friends, of Devonshire House Meeting, London ; 

migrated to New Jersey by 1680 ; he d. 1699 ; issue, William, John, Hugh, Charles, b. 

1670 7-1677 ancestry of Jan LUCKEN (LUYCKEN) and wife ? Mary , Crefeld, Rhenish 

Prussia ; ? Mennonites ; migrated to Penna. 1683 ; he d. 1744 ; issue, Elizabeth, Alice 
William, Sarah, John, Mary, Peter, Hannah, Mathias, Abraham, Joseph, b. 1684-1705 , 

ancestry of John PARKHURST, and wife Sarah ; Ipswich, Suffolk, clothier ; he d. 1611 ; 

issue, George, John, Thamar, Helen, Sarah ; " cousin " Nicholas BABBE of Needham Market 
ancestry of George RUGGLES, ? Sudbury, Suffolk, migrated to New England by 1633; 

wife Elizabeth ; he d. 1669 ; she, 1679 ; issue, Elizabeth, Mary, John, George, Rachel, 

Sarah, Samuel, Mehitable, b. 1633-1650 ancestry of Edward SCOTT, Glemsford, Suffolk, 
clothier ; d. 1627 ; wife, Elizabeth GROOME ; issue, Mary, Edward, Elizabeth, Richard, 
Francis, Faith, b. 1571-1587 ; brother John ; "kin ": Thomas WARREN, Edward Warren, 
William CAGE, Ann, wife of William TURNER ; Alice, wife of John HAYWARD ; Mary, wife 
of John EVERED ; Tabitha, wife of Richard FINCH ancestry of Stephen TRACY, and wife 

Triphosa ; md. 1621, Leyden, Holland ; migrated to New England 1623 ; he returned 

to England and was of Great Yarmouth 1655 ; issue, Sarah, Rebecca, John, Ruth, ? Mary 

ancestry of Reinhard THEISEN (Reynier TYSON), and wife, , Crefeld, Rhenish Prussia ; 

? Mennonites ; migrated to Penna. 1683 ; he d. 1745 ; issue, Mathias, Isaac, Elizabeth, 

John, Abraham, Derrick, Sarah, Peter, Henry, b. 1686-1702 true ancestry of Lawrence 

WILKINSON, alleged son of William, son of Lawrence, Lanchester, Durham ; migrated 

to New England by 1658 ; d. 1692 ; issue, Samuel, John, Joanna, Josias, Susannah. 

712 J. B. de Vincheles Payen-Payne, 45, Nevern Square, London, S.W. 



713 Samuel Morgan Alvord, 254, Ashley Street, Hartford, Conn., U.S.A. 

714 Henry Fitzgerald Reynolds, 92, Denbigh Street, London, S.W., is collecting materials for history 

of all Irish REYNOLDS families is interested in BYRNE, Ballynakenny, co. Roscommon 
COYNE and DELAMAR, cos. Roscommon and Westmeath FITZGERALD > Kilmead and 
Geraldine, co. Kildare HAMILTON, Fintragh, co. Donegal, before 1820 KEON, Keonbrook, 
Moreagh, Newbrook, and Brendrum, co.Leitrim, and Dublin LACY and O'REILLY, Dublin, 
REYNOLDS, cos. Leitrim, Roscommon, Westmeath, Longford, and Dublin WITHERINGTON, 
Dublin COYNE-NUGENT, co. Kildare MANTLE, Hull and Patrington THOMPSON, Stockton 
about 1720 information wanted about Thomas FITZGERALD, who d. at Kilmead, co. Kildare, 
March 1762, said to be regular descendant of eleventh Earl of Kildare ancestors wanted 
of James HAMILTON, of Fintragh, near Killybegs, co. Donegal ; b. 1802, son of Richard H., 
son of James H., of Fintragh, who died about 1815, aged about 95 also ancestors of Francis 
LACY, of Inn's Quay, Dublin, b. 1688, d. July 1766 also ancestors of William MANTLE, 
Sheriff of Hull, 1723 also ancestors of Margaret REYNOLDS (nee LACY), who md. Thomas 
'R., of Dublin, about 1698 ; and of Johanna (who d. about 1780, buried at St. Doulagh's, 
near Dublin), wife of Thomas Reynolds, of Dublin, son of above Thomas and Margaret R. 
descendants wanted of Joseph Sandford THOMPSON, of St. Stephan's Parish, South Carolina, 
U.S.A., brother of Caius Thompson, who was Sheriff of Hull, 1773 ; they were sons of the 
Rev. Caius T. and his wife Anne (ne'e SANDFORD) also ancestors of William WITHERING- 
TON, of Dublin, d. about 1800 information wanted about the Book of Loughscur which was 
heard of a few years ago near Keshcarrigan, co. Leitrim, and which contains an account 
of the Reynolds family of Loughscur. 

715 Mrs. St. Hill, 25, Eaton Mansions, Eaton Square, London, S.W., is interested in FITZ JOHN, 

Herts, and Essex, i6th and I7th cent. PYKARELL, Norfolk, i8th cent. HARBERT (or 
HERBERT), Berks., i8th cent. CANTELO, Isle of Wight, i8th cent. PONTIN, i8th cent. 
JACKSON, Surrey, i8th cent. SHARPE, Jamaica, and Bath, i8th cent. SMITH, Belfast, i8th 
cent. Twiss, i8th cent. SMYTHE, Chichester, i8th cent. Wanted to know whom 
Alexander WELLER, of Romford, md. about 1700 also whom William HUTCHINSON of 
Uckfield, Sussex, md. in 1690 also wanted the parentage of the wife of Wellington's General 
INGOLDSBY ; her maiden name was SAINTHILL, and she d. in 1802. 

716 F. Elrington Ball, 6, Wilton Place, Dublin, Ireland, is interested in County Dublin families 


717 Alexander S. Carter, 2, Upper Woburn Place, Tavistock Square, London, W.C., is interested in 

CARTER, PHILLIPS, and MAY, Essex and Suffolk in general (and Colchester in particular 
as regards the two former) WALTON, Chelsea, London, i8th cent. 

718 G. P. Cardell, Parkhurst, Bolton, England, is interested in CARDELL, England and Ireland, 

before 1720 and wishes for any information which will lead to the discovery of earliest 
date of any CARDELL living in Cornwall. ^^^_^ 

719 Wilhelm de Joncheere, Cleve a/Niederrhein, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur DE JONCHEERE, 

speziell vor 1650 auch ahnl. geschrieben LUPS, speziell vor 1700 auch ahnl. geschrieben 
vor 1600 VEREEM, (Familie ; VEREEM-VAN DEYL) STRUUK (oder STRUYCK), Familie ; 


chout," legte 1632, 30 October, Biirgereid zu Maastricht ab ; verheiratet mit Elisabeth 
van Amstel VAN MYNDEN. Seine Eltern Jan de Joncheere und Elisabeth VAN ELST. Wo 
wohnten diese ? 

720 Mrs. Robins Bolitho, Trengwainton, Heamoor, R.S.O., Cornwall, England, is interested in 

BOLITHO WILSON, Cliffe Hall, near Darlington, Yorks. FITZ GERALD, of Inchoreagh, co. 
Clare, Ireland. 

721 Rev. Thomas Stephens, Horsley Vicarage, Otterburn, R.S.O., Northumberland, England, 

is interested in REED, Troughend and North Shields, Northumb. HEWSON, Whitburn, 
Durham, and North Shields, Northumb. FALL, Northumberland. 

722 Guillamore 6 Grady, M.A., Dublin Herald of Arms, Office of Arms, Dublin, Ireland, is interested 

in many Irish families, especially those of cos. Clare and Limerick and more especially 
in O GRADY, Limerick, 1300-1500. 

723 James Broadhead, 15, Langholm Crescent, Darlington, England. 



724 The Rev. The O'Hanlon, M.A., The Rectory, Innishannon, co. Cork, Ireland, is interested in 

Kent WREN, Kent GRANGE (LA GRANGE) GODFREY LOWTHER, Dublin Wanted pedi- 
gree, relationship to Sir Walter RALEIGH, and wife's name of Joseph ASHBURY, 1638-1720, 
actor pedigree of Colonel Josias CAMPBELL of Mount CampbeD, Drumsna, end of iyth 
cent. parents' pedigrees of Bridget DEYANNEY, who md. Joseph DAVEY ; her mother 
was an O'CoNOR pedigree of Guiseppe DIODERICI, officer in the Austrian army, who 
fought at the Boyne pedigree of Valentine GREATRAKES, 1628-1683, "The Stroker" 
pedigree of Julian LE GRAND, native of Baillieu, Flanders, whose son (of Kent) md. 1640 
pedigree of Quintan OSBORNE, M.D., beginning of i8th cent. pedigree and wife's name 
of Thomas SCOT, Regicide. 

725 Miss Victoria Garwood Peacock, 2466, Ontario Road, N.W., Washington, D.C., U.S.A., is 

interested in LE MESURIER, Channel Islands, 1800 MOLLET, Sark, 1800 DOR, Guernsey, 
before 1800 PEACOCK, Southern Scotland, 1700 GARWOOD, Suffolk, England, 1680 
BROOKS, New Jersey, 1750 PHILIPS, New Jersey, 1730 PAINE, Delaware, 1780 TATNALL, 
English Quakers, 1715 PENNOCK, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, 1676 Wanted maiden name 
and date of marriage of Ruth, wife of John COLLINS, of New Jersey, and mother of Susannah, 
b. 1718. 

726 Prof. S. F. Peckhaitl, 127, Franklin Street, New York City, U.S.A., is interested in WILLIAMS 


1650 DAKERS (D' ACRES, D ACRES), before 1650 BADGER, Winchester, before 1650 SCOTT, 

Scott's Hall WARDELS, Salisbury Wanted any information about families involved in 

Wyatt's Rebellion. 

727 Prof. James W. Moore, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa., U.S.A., is interested in BETTS, Herts., 

before 1600 BOYSE, Yorks., before 1600 DOUGHTY, Gloucs., before 1634 ELY, Notts., 
about 1685 EMLEY, Nottingham, before 1634 JONES, Salop, about 1700 PHILLIPS, 
Norfolk, before 1560 PRUDDEN, before 1600, and WHITEHEAD, before 1660, both Yorks. 

728 Eugen B. Jantzen, Schiffbau-Ingenieur, Vulkan-Werft, Bredow, Oberhof, Stettin i. Pommern, 

Deutschland, interessiert sich fur Danziger, Elbinger, Thorner, iiberhaupt norddeutsche 
und hollandische Burger- und Adelsgeschlechter, vom 13. Jahrh. 

729 C. M. Tenison, Carisbrook, West Byfleet, Surrey, England, is interested in TENISON, Carrickfer- 

gus, co. Antrim, 1642 FACE, London, about 1660 SEARLE, Cambs., i7th cent. MAC CARTHY 
Spring House, Tipperary, 1750-1820 ELLET, Norfolk, 1670. 

730 Canon C. W. Foster, M.A., Timberland Vicarage, Lincoln, England, is interested in Lincolnshire 

topography and genealogy. 

731 Norman Penney, Devonshire House, 12, Bishopsgate Without, London, E.G., is interested in 

HORNE, Sussex PENNEY, South-west of England NORMAN, Dorset and Devon I'ANSON, 
Durham and Yorks. 

732 Wm. F. Carter, 33, Waterloo Street, Birmingham, England, is interested in Staffs., Warws., 

and Worcs. families also in CARTER CHATTOCK COURTNEY, Plymouth, iSth and igth 
cents. FOWLER HALLILEY HAYES, Staffs., i7th and i8th cents. HEVENINGHAM 
MAIN Information wanted about Jeremiah CARTER, of Penna., 1682 ; his descendants 
lately published a "memorial" also about Nathaniel Carter, b. 1674, a wealthy London 

733 John William Swinglthlirst, 32, Cliffe Street, Nelson, Lanes., England, is interested in SWINGLE- 

HURST (SWINDLEHURST), any of Lanes, or Yorks. and wants information of parentage 
and date of birth of William SWINDLEHURST, md. Betty SEGAR, of Simonstone, 1793. 

734 R. Frederic RingWOOd, M.A., LL.B., University Club, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland, 

is interested in RINGWOOD and desires information about the first English settlers of 
RINGWOOD family and their descendants (1550-1700), in Ireland, especially in Cos. Cork, 
Dublin, Kilkenny, Queen's Co., Waterford, Wexford, and Wicklow ; they probably sold 
Manor of Whelpley, Hants., in 1589 (see pedigree Berry's "Hampshire"), and crossed 
with RALEIGH also particulars of ? John, ? Arthur, RINGWOOD, oilcloth manufacturer, 
Dublin, 1750-1800. 

735 I. Walter Basye, Bowling Green, Mo., U.S.A. 



736 Marinus Godefridus Wildeman, (keeper of ancient records), 2d Sweelinckstreet 80, The Hague, 
Holland, is interested in all Huguenot refugee families. 

737 Lt. Col. E. F. Jemmett Browne, 6, Neville Street, South Kensington, London, S.W., is interested 

in BLENNERHASSETT, Cumb. BROWNE, South Weald and Abbotts Roding, Essex 
EARBERRY, Cork JEMMETT, North of Ireland WATERHOUSE, Cork Wanted any informa- 
tion subsequent to Heralds' Visitations about BROWNE family of Abbotts Roding and 
South Weald, Essex any information about BROWNE family, West of England (probably 
Devon), about 1427 ; Arms : Gules, a chevron between 3 lions gamb. argent, within 
bordure of second pedigree of Mathias EARBERRY, Shan Langon, Cork ; will proved 1730 
parentage of Warham JEMMETT, Collector of Deny at siege, 1668 ; and any information 
of Jemmett family of North of Ireland pedigree of Thomas WATERHOUSE of Cork, whose 
daughter, Alice, md. 1723, Jemmett BROWNE, Bishop of Cork ; she was related to Peter 
BROWNE, Bishop of Cork Wanted to know who Richard BROWNE (father of Peter^B., 
Bishop of Cork) was ; to what family he belonged ; and who was the wife of Peter. : 

738 James Berry, 21, Wimpole Street, London, W., is interested in BERRY, Herts, and Lines., 1600- 

1700 also desires information about date and place of birth, of marriage, and maiden 

name of wife, Mary, of the Major-General of Cromwell, James BERRY, who d. 1691 ; also 

information about his son, John B., merchant, of Philpot Lane, London, who md. Anne, 

daughter of Sir Chas. WOLSELEY, of Staffs. 

739 G. E. Congdon, Waterman, 111., U.S.A., is interested in CONGDON, any YORK, Stonington, 

Conn. BROCK, TABER and GREENWOOD, New England BOIES (BOISE), Blandford, Mass. 

Wanted particulars and record of descendants of CONDON, of Wellerby, Yorks., 

to whom arms were granted on 22 June, 1627. 

740 Wm. Austin Macy, M.D.. Kings Park, Suffolk Co., N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in STANTON 

(STAUNTON), Jamaica, West Indies, 1680-1698, probably of Lines, or Lanes., England ; 
in State of New York since about 1698 BYRNE (BYRNES, O'BYRNE), Co. Wicklow, possibly 
Co. Dublin, Ireland ; most probably of the town and county of Wicklow about 1700-1720 
Wanted information about anyone bearing name STANTON known to have settled in New 
York State about 1700-1740. 

741 Edgar Powell, Upper Cross, Reading, Berks., England, is interested in ToPHAM,W T indsor, London, 

Yorks., i7th cent. PARKER, Altrincham, Cheshire, i7th cent. POWELL, East Anglia 
BUXTON, Essex, i6th and early i7th cents. CORRIE, Dumfriesshire, i7th cent. STEVENS, 
Henley-on-Thames and Drayton, I5th and i6th cents. KIPLING BYROM Wanted infor- 
mation about Laetitia, (probably nee MAIN), wife of Chas. KIPLING, of Stepney in 1680, 
and md. 1701, Simon KNIGHT of Stepney ; she was buried in St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, 
1707, aged 52. 

742 Rev. W. B. Vaillant, St. Cross, Weybridge, Surrey, England, is interested in BELIN, London, 

1680-1750 ANGLE, Middlesex, 1680-1750 PREVOST (or PROVO), Middlesex, 1670-1750 
MARCHANT, London, 1675-1750 WHICHCOTT, Middlesex, before 1760 HAWTAYNE, Oxon. 
before 1700 MERCIER, London, 1680-1750 WHITFIELD, Plymouth, before 1750 BLAKE, 
Devon, before 1800 PEARSON, London, before 1700 BALCHIN, any before 1800 OGILVY, 
London, 1750-1830 Wanted baptism and parents' marriage of Theodosia WHICHCOTT 
(or WISHCOTT), b. about 1735 ; her mother's maiden name is said to have been SYDENHAM. 

743 Percy Maylam, Solicitor, 32, Watling Street, Canterbury, England, is interested in MAYLAM, 

especially of Kent, before 1700 and desires the baptism of Thomas MAYLAM, about 1623 
also any information about American branches of the MAYLAM family. 

744 H. Griffin, c/o Messrs. Stokes and Cox, Lincoln Chambers, 75, Chancery Lane, London, W.C., 

is interested in GRIFFIN, particularly London, Hereford, Cheshire and Radnorshire, i6th, 
I7th and i8th cents. Wanted place of birth and marriage and maiden name of wife, Jane, 
of William GRIFFIN, of Presteigne, Radnorshire, 1673-1700 ; b. probably between 1630 
and 1655 also wanted address of persons claiming descent from GRIFFIN family of 
Batherton and Burland, near Nantwich, Cheshire, or familiar with that pedigree. 

745 Fraulein Helene Motherby, Arnsberg bei Tharau, Ost-Preussen, Deutschland, is interested in 

MOTHERBY and HOTHAM wants marriage between George MOTHERBY and Anne HOTHAM, 
probably 1718-24, also her ancestry wants connection with the now existing branches 
of the MOTHERBY family in England, etc. wants marriage, children and death of Robert 
MOTHERBY, who removed from Petersburg to Hull about 1840. 



746 Charles Partridge, jun., M.A., F.S.A., F.R.G.S., District Commissioner in Southern Nigeria ; 

Stowmarket, Suffolk, England, and Lagos, Southern Nigeria, compiles a history of, and 
invites correspondence on, Shelley parish, Suffolk also interested in MANN, Ipswich, 
Suffolk, 1600-1700 PARTRIDGE, Suffolk and Essex Mary MANN, b. 1627-51, daughter of 
Edward M., Esq., St. Mary Quay, Ipswich, whose second wife, Dorothy MANNOCK, d. 
1629 ; wanted Edward's later marriages and Mary's baptism and maternity. 

747 Rev. A. T. Michel I, Sheriff hales, Newport, Shropshire, England, is interested in BAKER, Devon, 

1600-1680 NOSWORTHY, Devon, 1600-1650 PITMAN, Devon, 1680-1750 VINECOMBE 
Devon, 1600-1700 ALLEN, Greenwich, 1700-1800. 

748 J. C. Parker, Keverne, High Wycombe, England, is interested in PARKER, Bucks, before 1790. 

749 A. Shaw Mellor, 14, West bourne Street, Hyde Park, London, W., is interested in Shetland 

and Lanes, families before 1800 also in SHAW, Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows, before 
1730 MELLOR, Failsworth, Oldham, Lanes., before 1800 MOSELEY, Peckham Rye, Surrey 
tLATHAM, Lanes, before 1800 fMiTCHELL, Leicester before 1800. 

750 J. Oglander, Nunwell, Brading, Isle of Wight, is interested in OGLANDER (DOGLAUNDRE) Isle of 

Wight, before 1300 GLYNN of Glynn, Cornwall, before 1500. 

751 James Gilbert Langdon, 7, Water Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A., is interested especially in the 

origin of the LANGDON family also in LANGDON, any, especially those who came to 
America 1600-1700 -\Sir Lizard DE BERE fWoRLANGDON |OVERELANGDONE Informa- 
tion wanted about John LIZARD, called LANGDON, son of Lizard DE W T ORLANGDON, 

son of Sir Lizard DE BERE, of Langdon in Jacobstow and Keverell in St. Martins-by-Looe, 
Cornwall also about Hugh DE LANGDON of Exeter, Devon also about Thomas LANGDON, 
Chard, Somerset, and Tobias L., Cornwall, Devon, or perhaps Somerset. 

752 Frederick W T illiam Gookin, 20, Walton Place, Chicago, 111., U.S.A., is interested in BYRD, (BIRD, 

BURD, BARD, etc.), Walden, etc., Essex; Epworth and Tevelbie, Lines., also Northants., 
1450-1650 fDoLLiNG GOOKIN (GOKIN, GOKEINE) f SALMON SMYTH, Withcote, Leics., 
and Rathcoursey, Co. Cork WOOD (ATWOOD) , Hollingborne, Kent Wanted data concerning 
parentage of Mary DOLLING, who md. Daniel GOOKIN, in November 1639 ; she was then of 
St. Dunstan's in the West, London, " spinster, aged about 21, whose parents were dead' ' 
also to know what arms were borne, if any, by James SALMON, Glandore, Co. Cork, I7th 
cent, came from Greeting or Barking, Suffolk also to know what arms were borne by 
family of WOOD (ATWOOD), of Hollingborne, Kent, I7th cent. 

753 Louis Stoughton Drake, Auburndale, Newton, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in all DRAKE 

families originating in New England States also in DRAKE, New England and neighbouring 
States before 1800 Information wanted of the descendants of John DRAKE, of Windsor, 
Conn., and Samuel D., of Fairfield, Conn., who moved away from Conn, before 1800. 

754 Alexander Ritter von Chylinski, Grassalkovich platz 4, Porsony, Ungarn, interessiert sich fur 
Thomas O'NAGHTEN, Thovn und Dublin O'KELLY. 

755 Edward Filliter, 3, Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead, London, N.W., is interested in FILLASTRE and 
FILLATRE, France. 

756 G. N. Hooker, M.A., (Camb.), Westbere, near Canterbury, England, is interested in HOOKER 

757 Miss G. Lhresey, Imperial Colonial Club, Piccadilly, London, is interested in any families 

marshalling the LIVESEY arms at any period ; arg. a lion ramp, gules between 3 trefoils 
slipped vert. also in LIVESEY, Blackburn, Lanes., 1600-1800 ^ANASTRE, Walton, Lanes., 
about 1640 tR-^wsTORNE. Haslingden, Lanes., about 1650 fEowARDS, Wexford, any 
fFiTZ HENRY, Kilkevan Castle fO'BRiEN, Co. Wexford fMiLES, Ireland, 1500 and after 
Desires to know who bore the following arms : A chevron between 3 leopards pass, 
guardant (impaled with Livesey). Lozengey gules and or, a chief azure. Vert, 6 besants, 
3, 2, i. Azure, perbend argent six escallop shells. Gules, a chevron between 10 cinque- 
foils, argent. Azure, a fess between 3 chess-rooks, or. 

758 Rev. Henry Edgeworth Bicknell Arnold, Ecclesden, Steyning, Sussex, is interested in ARNOLD, 

Surrey and Sussex BICKNELL, Somerset, and Farnham, Surrey JERVIS, Putney, family 
from St. Gervais, Brittany MADDOCK, Kingscliffe, Northants., 1750 Information desired 
about the supposed origin of the Arnold family, query from Flemings in England, reign of 
Edward III. 



759 Mrs. S. A. Westmoreland, 122, Highgate, Kendal, England, is interested in CHAMBERLAIN 

fBRETT, 1600-1700 fCLiFFORD, Leics., 1650-1750 PiGOTT, i6oo-i7oo Information 
wanted about Hugh CHAMBERLAIN, of Redhill, Ratcliffe-on-Soar, before 1700. 

760 Colonel J. H. Rivett-Carnac, C.I.E., F.S.A., (late Aide-de-Camp to Queen Victoria), Chateau 

de Rougemont, Switzerland, is interested in the family of REVETT, RYVET, or RIVETT, 

761 J. Storer Clouston, Smoogro House, Orkney, Scotland, is interested in CLOUSTON 

Orkney, Shetland, Caithness, before 1800 |MouLTHROP, U.S.A., and Denmark STORER, 
U.S.A. Information wanted about the career and ancestry of Captain MOWAT, R.N., of 
Stromness or Hoy, Orkney, about middle i8th cent. 

762 Gerald E. Puckle, Cranbrook House, Great Grennell, Sutton, Surrey, England, is interested in 

PUCKLE, London, about 1500 ; Lewes, about 1593 ; Lowestoft, 1596 ; and Norwich, 1636 
Information wanted about the ancestry of Robert PUCKLE (d. before 1605), and his father 
John P., of London (b. about 1500), and his father, William P., (b. about 1425). 

763 Mrs. Grafton-Wignall, 10, Pagoda Avenue, Richmond, Surrey, England, is interested in VIBART, 

Somerset, temp. George I. WIGNALL, living near Birmingham, early igth cent. Informa- 
tion wanted about the VIBART family before ? Colonel VIBART was in the suite of 
George I. also about ancestry of a member of the WIGNALL family who was the inventor 
of special machinery, and lived near Birmingham last cent. 

764 Arthure Benedict Edward Hillas, 8, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, Ireland, is interested 


765 Wilson Miles Day, 1937, East 69th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. 

766 A. Trego Shertzer, M.D., 25, W. Preston Street, Baltimore, Md., U.S.A., is interested in TREGO. 

767 Eben Putnam, Wellesley Farms, Norf. Co., Mass., U.S.A., is interested in PUTTENHAM (PUTNAM) 

family before 1640, and in N.E. emigrants generally is the compiler of the Putnam lineage, 
1907, which contains the following English lines of early date : SPIGORNELL WARBLE- 


b. 1612 HIGGINSON, before 1630 EDMANDS, Yarmouth, 1600 DAMMARTIN, England and 
France, early JOYCE, Co. Kilkenny TAPLEY, Devon, before 1640 Any information 
wanted about Walter EDMANDS, probably from Yarmouth, b. about 1600, distiller, emigrated 
with family 1639 about Henry PUTTENHAM (PUTNAM), younger brother of John P., of 
Penne, Bucks., named in his will but not in Vis. and about Morris TUCKER, probably from 
Devon, b. about 1640. 

768 John Livesey, Springwood Lodge, Aughton, Ormskirk, Lanes., England, is interested in 

LIVESEY, Berkhill (or Rockhill), Middleton, and Little Bolton, Lanes., before 1650 
BROOKE, Little Bolton, Lanes., before 1650 HEATH, Acton, Nantwich, Cheshire, before 
1750 GARRATT and fRiCE, both of W T renbury, Cheshire, before 1800 Wanted to know 
what were the arms of the HEATH family of Bruera (Church en Heath), and of Hall O' Heath, 
_ Sandbach, Cheshire, in i4th cent. _ 

769 Mrs. Pearson Hayward, Dalkeith, Teignmouth, Devon, England, is interested in all Huguenot 

refugee families also in DELAFONS, London, Jersey, W. Indies, and America RYAN, 
France and Channel Islands KNIGHT, London before 1790 and Somerset before 1800 
BRAND, before 1820 JACOBSON, LE MAISTRE and MEAJOR, London and St. Helier's, Jersey 
BARRAR, Somerset and Dorset ARUNDELL BREWER, Wilts. Wanted to know if 
Somerset House is the only place where the wills of persons dying in London can be found. 

770 F. Gelderd Somervell, Haseley Manor, Wallingford, England, is interested in SOMERVILLE, 

Lanarks. and Tweedside, 1600-1800 -CHURCHILL, Deddington, Oxon. Information wanted 
about Rev. David SOMERVILLE, who migrated 1790 to Scotch Church in Charlestown, S. 
Carolina, U.S.A., (d. 1793), or his descendants in America. 

771 H. A. Pitman, 65, Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, London, W., is interested in PITMAN, any 

before 1800 TAIT, Aberdeenshire COBBE, Hants, and Ireland STRENGTHFIELD, about 
1700 HAY of Monkton, about 1650 Wanted ancestry of Frederick Cobbe PITMAN, ensign 
in the gth Foot, 1744-51. 

772 Bodo Ebhardt, Architekt, Grunewald bei Berlin, Jagostr. 28, Deutschland, interessiert sich 

fur EBHARDT und alle Verwandten dieser Familie. 



TTST^Rev. Herbert E. Gunson, M.A., Middlesex Hospital, London, is interested in PHILLIPS, St. 
Catherine Cree, London, and Birmingham ROBINSON, Greenhithe, London, about 1790 
GUNSON, South wark, 1700-1800 GONSON, Kingston-on-Thames. 1630-1700 JUDDERY, 
Channel Islands and London GIBBONS, Staffs. 1590 Information wanted about Robert 
GUNSON, of Southwark, d. 1779 ; had sons, Robert and Stephen ; nieces, ROBINSON,* of 
Greenhithe. *$ 

774 George Probart MedliCOtt, The Chestnuts, Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales. 

775 Wilson Marriage, Dilbridge Hall, Colchester, Essex, England. 

776 Stouppe McCance, Primrose Club, St. James's, London, S.W., is interested in North of Ireland, 

Highland, and Western Islands families also in McCANCE, any MACAULAY, any LAW 
and STOUPPE, both North of Ireland. 

777 Guy E. H. Reid, Spurriers, Horsell, Woking, England, is interested in Scotch families of REID, 

RAE REID, and Ross also in DAVIDSON and REID, Dumfries WHITEHEAD and ARCHBOLD, 
Northumb. CLOUGH, Yorks. FORRESTER, Wenlock WICKER, Sussex RIDGE, Hants. 
BURT, London VAN HEMMERT (VAN HEMMAT), Dutch origin Wanted parentage of John 
REID, civil engineer, Dulwich, d. 1847, buried Tooting pedigree and wife's pedigree of 

J CLOUGH, Proctor York Cathedral pedigree of Dorothy, wife of Edward ARCHBOLD, 

Alnwick ; she d. 1769 ; her husband in 1764 pedigree and wife's pedigree of John WICKER, 
Horsham pedigree and wife's pedigree of George RIDGE, Kilmiston, Hants. pedigree and 
wife's pedigree of Charles Pym BURT, London. 

778 William F. R*d, 915, F. Street, N.E., Washington, D.C., U.S.A 

779 Charles Nutt, (professional), 7, Monroe Avenue, Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. 

780 Col. Warren Scott Dungan, 338, Grand Street, Chariton, la., U.S.A., is interested in DUNCAN 

MCFARREN SCOTT DAVIS SAMPSON PROCTER also desires information about David 
DAVIS of Phila., Pa. (?) and ancestors of Captain Caleb PROCTER, New Bedford, Mass., son of 
Samuel P. 

781 Hermann Gutbiar, Berlin, W. 50, Ansbacherstrasse 36, Deutschland, interessiert sich fiir 

seine Familie, GUTBIER, und fiir Sachsisch-Thiiringische Famih'en, auch fiir BERLEPSCH 


782 George Harvey Johnston, 22, Garscube Terrace, Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested 

in JOHNSTON KEISH, Ravelston, Co. Edinburgh RAMSAY, Barnton, Co. Edinburgh 

783 Andrew Alexander H until", The College, Cheltenham, England, is interested in HUNTER. 

784 John W. Howarth, Public Library, Chelmsford, Essex, England, is interested in WORSLEY 

and all Essex families. 

785 Miss E. H. Fairbrother, c/o The Manager, London and Provincial Bank Ltd., Paddington 

Branch, London, W., is interested in HART, Uphaie, Axminster, 1500 ; Highgate, Middlesex, 
1530 ; Harford, South Devon, 1660 ; Walpole, Norfolk, 1573-1673 ; Westhorpe, Suffolk, 
1536-1636 also wishes to know to which family of HART the Rev. Wm. H. belonged ; he 
d. 1633, and his portrait hangs in Merchant Adventurers' Hall, York also desires marriages 
of John HART, with (i) Frances PEYTON, about 1564 ; (2) Bridget ASHFIELD, 1570 and 
Eustace HART with Lady Mary WILLOUGHBY, about 1602-1624 a ^ so wno were the grand 
parents of Betty PATTERSON, who md. Jerome BONAPARTE, 1803, and to what place in Co. 
Donegal, Ireland, did they belong. 

786 Percy Musgrave, Brookland, Bolton, Lanes., England, is interested in fMusGRAVE, Yorks., 

Northumb., Lines., and Somerset and wants information about the MUSGRAVE family 

of Leeds district, I4th and I5th cents., and their connection with those of Westmorland 

' and Somerset. 

787 Charles Cervin, 9, Villagatan, Stockholm, Sweden, is interested in all Swedish and Danish 

families also in CERVIN, any CERVINI, Siena, Italy CERVON, Bretagne DICKSON, 
Kelso, Montrose DUDGEON, any HIORT, Denmark. 

788 Gerald Sylvestre Sichel, F.R.C.S., late R.N., The Vine House, Sevenoaks, Kent, England, 

is interested in fSiCHEL and fSYLVESTRE, Frankfort o/M, Germany KERSHAW, Staley 
Woods, Cheshire tCHARMAN, Middlesex and PSurrey Wanted to know whether there 
is any SICHEL coat-of-arms, crest or motto. 



789 Rev. E. S. Prideaux-Brune, Rowner Rectory, Gosport, Hants., England, is interested in 

PRIDEAUX BRUNE GRANT, Portsmouth, bankers, especially before 1660. 

790 Amand Routh, M.D., 140., Manchester Square, London, W., is interested in ROUTH, Yorks., 

Bristol, Poole, before 1750 ; Thorpefield, before 1663 also wants information about ancestors 
of Richard ROUTH, of Poole, Chief Justice of Newfoundland ; b. Yorks., November, 1749, 
migrated from Bristol to America 1764, returned England, 1778 ; d. at sea, 1800 ; will dated 
1792 ; proved 1802 also date of birth and ancestors of John Routh, of Thorpefield, who 
d. testate as appears from son's will (1725) ; the son was John, b. Sowerby, 1663 ; d. 1726. 

791 William Alexander Mackintosh, M.B., C.M., 3, Park Terrace, Stirling, Scotland, is interested in 

MACKINTOSH, from Inverness-shire or Morayshire, settling in Fife 1745-1800 KEITH, in Kin- 
cardineshire, Dunottar Parish, 1715-1800, or earlier. 

792 Albert Commons, Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A., is interested in COMMON, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, 

before 1750 wanted ancestry and wife's maiden name of Richard CROSBY, who emigrated 
from Cheshire, England, to Penna. in 1682 ; his wife's Christian name was Eleanor, and 
they had a son, John, b. 8 August, 1672 further information about General MAXWELL, 
London, a cousin of Daniel FOE (DEFOE) the noted writer, whose sister he married before 
1700 ; their daughter, Elizabeth, went to America about 1718, and settled in Cecil Co., 
Md. ; General Maxwell was an officer under Cromwell. 

793 Judge Abram W. Foote, (professional), Middlebury, Vt., U.S.A. 

794 Dr. W. W. StOCkberger, 529, Cedar Street, Takoma Park, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. ~ 

795 Arthur William Gould, Staverton, Briar Walk, Putney Park Lane, London, S.W., is interested 

in GOULD, Dorchester, Dorset, 1600-1653 SCUTT, Dorset, 1704-1740 SHAKESHAFT, 
Bishopsgate Street, London, 1770 Wanted date of birth (about 1630), and marriage 
(about 1653), of Gabriel GOULD, master of Trinity School, Dorchester, 1668 also marriage 
of his son, Gabriel G., about 1719, probably Dorset and marriage of his grandson, 

James, citizen and fruiterer, with Grace , about 1752, probably London also date of 

marriage or death of Jonathan SCUTT, 1704-1740, Dorset. 

796 S. Thornely, Hatfield, Norton, near Worcester, England, is interested in THORNELY, East 

Cheshire, particularly Stockport parish (Hyde and Werneth), before 1730 ; Lanes., and 
Derbyshire (The Peak) BRANDRETH, Cheshire, (Middlewich and Frodsham) ; Staffs., 
and Kent BURGESS, Tarporley and Frodsham, Cheshire CRESWELL, Derbyshire (Edale 
and Idridgehay) ; Yorks. and Northumb. 

797 Captain G. A. Royston-Pigott, Army and Navy Club, London, is interested in PIGOT, (variously 

spelt), Yorks., Bucks., before 1700 also wants information about PIGOT family of Blunsdon, 
Wilts., later than 1670 also about descendants of John Pigot, d. 1768, West Challow, 

798 Miss L. E. Moriarty, 35, Manor Park, Lee, London, S.E., is interested in any Kerry families 

who intermarried with that of MORIARTY also in MORIARTY, any TRANT, any STACK, 
Cork or Kerry, about 1800 Wants ancestors and relations of Thomas Moriarty, of PTralee, 
and Eleanor Trant, who md. 1772, and had two sons, Stephen and James. 

799 D. A. Boyd, St. Clair, Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland, is interested in MILLER, West Kilbride, 

Saltcoats, Kil winning, Stewarton, Ayrshire also wants descendants of John CLARK and 
Janet DOUGLAS, Glendaruel, Argyllshire, about 1765 also information about descendants at 

New York, Cazenove, and Albany, of MALCOLM, who md. Elizabeth BOYD, Port 


800 Georg Alfred Dauch, Oberleutnant, Kamenz i.Sa., Deutschland, interessiert sich fur DAUCH, 

London, 1850-1900. 

801 John Carmichael-Ferrall, J.P., D.L., Augher Castle, Augher, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, is interested 

in Scotch, Scoto-Irish and West British familes also in CARMICHAEL and wants parentage 
of Andrew CARMICHAEL, Provost of Dungannon, 1720-1, who md. Anne MONTGOMERY 
in 1701. 

802 Major H. de L. Walters, R.A., L'Eree, Guernsey, Channel Islands, is interested in WALTERS, 

St. Athan's and West Abertawe, Glam. and wants information about ancestors of Robert 
WALTERS, of West Abertawe, Glam., b. 1752. 

803 Major Latham C. M. Blacker, late R.A., Claremont, Cambridge, England. 



804 Colonel R. H. L. Brickenden, Albany, Piccadilly, London, W., is interested in WESSENHAM, 

1350-1480 FOLYILLE, 1450-1500 HUNGERFORD, Black Bourton wanted date of marriage 
of Catherine COTTON (daughter of Thomas C., of Conington, 1570-1631), with Thomas 
COLWELL, and particulars of their issue. 

805 Watson Herbert Harwood, M.D., Chasm Falls, Malone, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in HARWOOD, 

particularly of Devon, who migrated to New England 1620-1650 CLOGSTON, Scotland, 
North Ireland, emigrants to New England COMBES, Huguenot emigrants to New England 
Wanted any information of English home, ancestry, wife, and children of Andrew 
HARWOOD, living in Boston, Mass., 1643. 

8C6 George Dimmock, Ph.D., Springfield, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in DIMMOCK, SIKES and 
SYKES, especially American and wants parentage and marriage of Thomas DIMMOCK, 
who migrated from England to Dorchester (now part of Boston), Mass., U.S.A., about 1635 
also parentage of his wife, Anne. 

807 Henry Sewall Webster, Gardiner, Maine, U.S.A., is interested in HUSSEY SEVVALL SHEWELL, 

about 1540 also wants to know ancestry of Richard and Jane HUSSEY, husband and wife, 
who migrated to America, probabty from Ireland, before 1690 also ancestry of William 
SHEWELL, who md. Matilda HORNE, about 1540. 

808 Dr. phil. Hans Kellinghusen, Bergedorf bei Hamburg, Wentorferstr. 23, Deutschland, interessiert 

sich fur KELLINGHUSEN, Hamburg, Flensburg, Scotland LAMPRECHT, Aschersleben vor 
1650, Riga nach 1700, Norkoping um 1700. 

809 Mrs. E. L. Hignett, 140, Aigburth Road, Liverpool, England, is interested in HAYNES HEARD 

tion regarding an Englishman of the name of HAYNES, who migrated to Ireland time of 
William III. 

810 E. Reginald McC. Dix, 17, Kildare Street, Dublin, Ireland, wants information about Ebenezer 

Dix, of Chester and Mary, his wife (nee DAVIES, of Ross), who went to Ireland about 1779. 

811 Thos. Henry Baker, 91, Brown Street, Salisbury, England. 

812 Arthur Hill, M.A., Nethooks, Cadnam, near Southampton, England, is interested in HILL, 

Hacketstown, Co. Carlow, about 1648 HUTCHINSON, Carrickfergus, 1765-1845 VAILLANT 
(VALIANT), any before 1800 VALLIANT, Md., 1650-1750 GIBSON and BARDSWELL, Liver- 
pool, before 1858 BARDWELL, Norfolk and Suffolk, before 1800 CONGER, any, before 1700 
BIGGS, Staffs., Worcs., Warvvs., and Salop, before 1750 SYDENHAM, Middlesex, before 
1775 Three pounds reward will be paid for satisfactory proof of the parentage of Thomas 
BIGGS, who d. at Pedmore, Worcs., in 1778 ; in July, 1737, he md. Elizabeth PEARPOINT, 
at Hartlebury, and his marriage allegations describe him as of Stourbridge and about 37 
years old. 

813 Arthur Egerton Heckford, Birmingham, England, is interested in HECKFORD, HICKFORD, 

HACKFORD and wants particulars of the parentage of Nathaniel HECKFORD (his great- 
great-grandfather), of Kennington Green, Lambeth, Surrey, d. 1818, aged 91 ; buried 
" family grave St. Mary, Rotherhithe" also any reference to the HECKFORD arms " chequy 
or and vert." (other than mentioned in Blomefield's "History of Norfolk," and Harleian and 
Cotton MSS.), as borne by Sir William DE HACKFORD, Kt., time Henry III., and those over 
the tomb of William HECKFORD in Thaxted Church, Essex ; d. 1739 also wanted to trace 
the will of Daniel HECKFORD, Vicar of Gt. Cornard, Suffolk, d. 1726. 

814 Henry J. Scharp, 98, Johannes Verhulststraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands, is interested in all 

Scotch families also in SHARP, Scotland, Sweden, Holland SHAIRP, Scotland, KIRKPAT- 
RICK, Closebum, Nithsdale, Annandale ERSKINE, Cambo, Fife CUNINGHAME, Barns, 
Fife LESLIE, Kininvie, Aberdeen GRIERSON, Dumfries MONCRIEF, Randerston informa- 
tion wanted about the ancestry of Simon SHARP, lieutenant Scots Brigade Holland about 
1760-80, his wife was Hester FERRIE. 

815 Joseph BOX, 33, Gordon Road, Ealing, London, W., is interested in all Yorks. families of Box, 

especially of Barnborough, Doncaster, Hull, Thornhill, Pontefract, Wakefield, in that 
county, 1430-1530 also wants information about George Box of Wakefield, especially his 
wife's name and their children ; about 1460 and wants Christian name of father of 
Ezabell-Thomas, Sir James Box of Barnborough, about 1500. 



816 Roger Edward Fitzgerald- Lombard, Lismoy, Temple Gardens, Palmerston Road, Dublin, 

Ireland, is interested in all BARRY, HARDMAN, and LOMBARD families, but especially in 
LOMBARD, Cork and Kerry, before 1800 BARRY, Cork, before 1800, especially those of 
Glandore HARDMAN, Liverpool and Manchester, prior to Richard H., of Great Lever, 
about 1590, and Samuel H., Presbyterian Minister, who lived about 1740, the parentage 

of both of whom is required Parentage also wanted of DILLON, who md. James 

LOMBARD, ? of Woodville, Co. Kerry, before 1790 ; also name of father of - - BARRY, 
land agent, George's Quay, Cork, in 1821, (believed to have been one of the BARRY family 
of Glandore), whose mother was a Miss MCCARTHY, also her parentage. 

817 Rev. I. Clifford Wall, Kelmarsh Rectory, Northampton, and Mere House, Baschurch, Salop, 

England, is interested in WALL, Faintree and Ford, Salop, before 1760. 

818 William Mortlock Palmer, M.D., Linton, Cambs., England. 

819 Howard C. Myers, 191, Parsons Street, Brighton, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in English emi- 

gration to Connecticut during i7th cent. also in ATWATER, Kent, before 1630 BOLES, 
Clonmel, Ireland, before 1825 HAWKINS, Windsor, Conn., before 1640 LEE, Conn., 1635- 
1700 LOTHROP, Yorks., before 1640 Moss, Conn., before 1800 MYERS, any ROYCE, 
England, before 1640 RYLAND, Clonmel, Ireland, before 1825 SIMPSON, Thurso, Caith- 
ness, before 1800 Hon. Wm. JONES, lawyer from London, Deputy Governor New Haven 
Colony, md. in London, 4 July, 1659, (as second wife), Hannah, daughter of Governor 
Theophilus EATON, founder of New Haven Colony ; in his marriage licence Mr. Jones is 
described as of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Middlesex, and his bride of St. Andrew, " Hoi- 
bourne," London ; the names of the parents and first wife of Governor Jones are desired. 

820 Percy L. Ricker, 3740, Oliver Street, Chevy Chase, D.C., U.S.A., in interested in LUNT, Sweden, 

England, U.S.A. RICARD, France, Channel Islands, England, before 1750 RICHER, 
France, Channel Islands, North America RICHART, Germany, Holland, Belgium, U.S.A. 
fRiJKER, Holland, before 1700 RIKER RICHER fRiECKER and fRuCKER, Germany 
and U.S.A. fVoN RYCKEN, Germany or Holland, before 1700 Ancestors wanted of 
Philip PINEL, of Jersey, b. 1627, and Ann LE MONTAIS, his wife also the name of wife 
and her ancestors, of William WENTWORTH, b. Alvord, England, 1615-16 ; and ancestors 
of his mother, Susan CARTER. 

821 Prof. Wm. Romaine Newbold, University of Penna., Phila., Pa., U.S.A., is interested in NEW- 

BOLD (NEWBOULD), Scarsdale Hundred, Derbyshire, and Sheffield and neighbourhood, 
Yorks. POLE, Somerset ancestry wanted of Thomas NEWBOULD, of Handsworth Wood- 
house, Yorks., d. 1654 ancestry of Edward and Mary POLE, " originally of Wales, but 
late of Buttlebury near Wivellscombe, Somerset " (from mem. dated 1752) ancestry of 
Benjamin ALLIBONE, d. Bucks. Co., Pa., 1752 also ancestry of Edmund HOBART, in Hingham, 
Mass., about 1632. 

822 J. C. ROSS, The Cottage, Great Ness, near Baschurch, England, is interested in -J-BECCONSALL, 

Becconsall, Lanes. BRADSHAIGH, Haigh, Lanes., before 1460 -{-CLAYTON, Fulwood, Lanes., 
before 1618 I^ORE, Altcar, Lanes., before 1700 -{-LAURENCE, Ribbleton, Lanes., before 
1400 fPRESTON, Holker, Lanes., before 1600 RADCLIFFE, Chadderton, Lanes., before 
1430 -J-REDMAYNE. Harewood, Yorks., before 1500 fW'ooLFALL, Woolfall, Lanes., before 
1635 Parentage wanted of Elizabeth BREREWOOD, Chester, b. 1724 ; md. Edward, son of 
Rev. Jas. HOLME, of Garston, 1746, at Childwall also of Alice FAZAKERLEY, Fazakerley, 
who md. Thomas MAGHULL, about 1540 also of Roger SCARISBRICK, son of William S., 
of Roby, buried at Walton, 1813, aged 46 also wanted to know how family of HOLLAND, 
Halewood, is connected with BAILEY or SWIFT, iSth cent. and that of NORRIS, Speke, 
with GORE or HOLME, i7th or i8th cent. 

823 J. G. Prentice, 20, Chapel Street, Liverpool, England. 

824 Austin Eastwood, Fairfield, Manchester, England. 

825 Lieut. -Colonel P. B. Tuthill, 22, Clarendon Villas, Hove, Sussex, England, is interested in 

PAUMIER, connection with Dublin family CLIFFORD, Dublin, 1595-1660 Information 
wanted about Cornet Richard HAWFORD, Cromwellian officer, who went to Ireland ; md. 
Alice CHANDLER, and had issue, Frances, who md. Richard KING, of Kilpeacon, Co. Limerick. 

826 Thomas Hunt, M.D., York House, Heywood, Lanes., England, is interested in HUNT, Norfolk 

and Suffolk, before 1710. 



827 Paul Leidner, Lehrer, Windischleuba S.A., Deutschland, interessiert sich fiir LEIDNER, 

Weisswasser, Bohmen, vor 1625 RUGEMER, Frankfurt a.M., Wiirzburg, vor 1800 
fSusEWiND und IARBAUER, Frankfurt a.M. 

828 J. W. Disney Thorp, Norton Hall, near Sheffield, England, is interested in THORP, Nottingham 

or Blidworth, 1670 ROBINSON, Lichfield, 1797 PENNY, East Coker, Dorset, 1621 FIRTH, 
Sheffield, 1800 ENGLAND, Hindringham, Norfolk Ancestors wanted of William THORP, of 
Nottingham, who md. Frances, daughter of Sir William BOOTHBY, Bart., of Ashbourne Hall, 
Derbyshire, 1715. 

829 Oswald Greenwaye Knapp, M.A., Hillside, Castle Hill, Maidenhead, England, is interested in 

COOPER, South Weston, Oxon. CRANSTOUN, Crailing, Roxburgh fDuNCAN, Northumb. 
and Ayr FRENCH, Pershore, Worcs. GIFFORD, Weston-sub-Edge, Gloucs., and Itchell, 
Hants. fHuMBLE, Yorks. KNAPP LEIGHTON, Northumb. and the Border fNEWTON, 
Co. Durham WALTERS, Herefordshire Wanted place of marriage of George KNAPP, Eyn- 
sham, Oxon., with Sarah SMART, (1673?), and Mary BOLTON, of Wootton, (1683 ?) and 
information about KNAPP family, Guernsey, 1700-1800 and about John Knapp, son of 
Richard K., of Havant, Hants., legatee of land at Blendworth, 1762 descendants wanted 
(for two generations), of Sir Robert LYTTON, of Knebworth and Frances CAVALLER, d. 1585. 

830 Edmond C. Far ran, Knocklyon House, Templeogue, Co. Dublin, Ireland, is interested in FARRAN 

LAMBERT, Co. Wicklow CHOMLEY, Ireland. 

831 Sir George Makgill, Baronet, Yaxley Hall, Eye, Suffolk, England, is interested in Scottish 

genealogy as well as general family history also in MACGILL GRANT, Auchindoun, near 
Nairn, 1700-1800 RUTHERFURD, Bowland, Roxburghshire, 1700-1800 SCHAW, Wilming- 
ton, U.S.A., i8th cent. STRETTELL UTTERSON, Milland House, Surrey INNES, Leith 
and Gifford, i8th cent. LAW, Pittillock, Fifeshire NAIRN, Baldovan, Fifeshire 
Descendants wanted of Robert SHAW, md. daughter of George HOOPER, Wilmington, N.C., 

U.S.A. pedigree (i8th cent.), of John UTTERSON, Milland House, Surrey, md. ROWE 

information about Frances HOVENDEN (? or GORDON), who md. Governor JOHNSTON, 
of N.C., U.S.A., about 1755. 

832 William Abbatt, 141, E. 25th Street, N.Y., U.S.A., desires any information about the following 

families : ABBATT, (various spellings), DEAN, (various spellings) SHIPLEY, I7th and 
i8th cents, probably most were, as in U.S.A., Quakers. 

833 Rodney P. Wright, 47, Granite Street, Cambridge A., Mass., U.S.A., is interested in WRIGHT, 

South Weald, Essex, 1540-1640 LOVELL, Weymouth, Dorset, 1620-1640 Wanted parent- 
age, record of marriage, and baptism of children in England, of Samuel WRIGHT, who md. 

Margaret , migrated to America, and settled in Springfield, Mass., 1638 ancestry of 

Abel WRIGHT, b. England, 1631 ; migrated to America and d. in Springfield, Mass., 1725. 

834 Miss Elizabeth French, (professional), 123, Pall Mall, London, England, and 18, Somerset Street, 

Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

835 Artur Freiherr von During, Major, Dresden, N., Radebergerstrasse 49, interessiert sich fur 

bremischen Adel, besonders ARENTSCHILD und DC-RING. 

836 Rev. Albert Goldlbrough, M.A., Pickering, Yorks., England, is interested in GOLDSBROUGH, 

Wilts., Somerset, Dorset, etc. GOLDISBOROUGH, GOLDESBROUGH, Yorks., Lines., Longford, 

837 Miss Mary E. Mu (caster, Benwell Park, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, is interested in 

MULCASTER Wanted to know whereabouts of portrait of Richard MULCASTER, Head Master 
of Merchant Taylor's School, 1561 ; it was at one time over Bishop Andrewe's study door 
addresses of any descendants of above Richard Mulcaster, and James, his brother, or of 
other sons of William M., Cumberland ; had he any other sons besides these two and 
George ; both Richard and James were at Eton as boys, and Richard was vicar of 
Stanford Rivers, Essex, in 1598 name of church containing mural tablet to General? 
MULCASTER ; in London, probably W.C. 

838 Frederick Leyland Mawdesley, Fulford Cottage, Dormans Park, Surrey, England, is interested 

in MAWDESLEY, Parbold and Newburgh, Lanes., Mawdesley both I7th and i8th cents. 

839 James Rennit, 89, Mount Pleasant Lane, Clapton, London, N.E., is interested in RENIE, RENNIE, 

RAINIE, various spellings, any and desires information about the RAINIE family who was 
settled on East Coast of Scotland early in I7th cent., and its origin. 



840 F. L. G. D'Aumerie, Pieter Bothstraat 65, The Hague, Holland, is interested in D'AUMERIE, 

DAMERIES, D'AYMERIES, Hainaut, before 1400 D'AUMARY, Dorchester, Bradley, York 
tLiGNE, Hainaut, before 1300 fGRAY, Creech. Skibo Castle, Scotland BADHAM THORNHILL 

CAMPBELL Information wanted about James BADHAM THORNHILL, 6. 1785, at , 

d> Nice, 22 November, 1845 ; he was a major in the West Indian army and md. at Barbados, 
Isabella MULZAINE, whose daughter, Georgianne, was b. 1816 in Suriname also about 
Hughes CAMPBELL, d. 1865 in Berbice, coming from Glasgow ; he md. Anne Maria GOLTSEE 
in Suriname, (d. April 1846), and had three children 

841 F. M. R. Holworthy, Elsworth, Tweedy Road, Bromley, Kent, England, is interested in 

HOLWORTHY, any HADDOCK, Leigh, Essex, naval family DESBOROUGH, any HAWKES, 
Co. Cork, Ireland ARCHBELL, PYorks. FLEETWOOD and CHURCHILL, Bolnhurst, Beds. 
J-HOLSWORTHY, Holsworthy Manor, Devon fTuRNER, Tatton, Norfolk Information 
wanted about James HOLWORTHY, artist, d. 1841 and about Nicholas Haddock HOL- 
WORTHY, R.N., d. 4 February, 1843, at St. Omer. 

842 Ninian Lowis Elliot, Craigievar Castle, Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is interested in 

AMYAND, surgeon to George II. LAPEYRE, Gascony HERON, pilot, East Indies, 6. 1646 

843 John Eyre Sparrow, Ashford, Talybont-on-Usk, Wales, is interested in any information con- 

necting the EYRE family of Coventry with those of Derbyshire or Wilts. 

844 Elisha S. Loom is, Ph.D., (professional), Box 625, Berea, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in all CHAUNCEY 

antecedents before 1650 also in ALGAR, Shalford, England WAIT, Northampton, Mass. 
WHITE, Shalford, Essex DART, Conn., before 1760 HALTEMAN, Montgomery Co., Pa. 
and in the following persons: Thomas SCOTT, Hartford, Conn. Jared SPENCER, England 
Hans BAUER, Berks Co., Pa. and desires antecedents of Jacob RENNINGER, Berks Co., 
Pa. Mary Gilbert RENNINGER and Mary, wife of Thomas HUNGERFORD, who, (Thomas) 
was b. Hartford, Conn., about 1648 ; d. Lyme, Conn., after 1714. 

845 Mrs. Grace Moffett Lansing, Watertown, New York, U.S.A. 

846 Truman Coates, M.D., Oxford, Chester Co., Pa., U.S.A. 

847 Miss Pauline Willis, 3, Kensington Gate, London, W., is interested in WILLIS PHILLIPS MAY 


848 Rev. Stephen Ree, Boharm, Mulben S.O., Banffshire, Scotland, is interested in DOUGLAS, 

Pittendreich, Elgin LESLIE, Aikenway, Banffshire STEUART, Tanachie, Banffshire. 

849 Lieut.-Colonel Edward Nash, Naval and Military Club, 94, Piccadilly, London, W., is interested 

in NASH, Cos. Cork and Limerick 1600-1800, and previously said to be of Almon Hall, 
Gloucester WEBB, Cos. Cork and Limerick, 1600-1800 Frances CARR, widow of Capt. 
Phineas PETT, killed 1666 on board the " Tyger" Man-of-war, remarried "RocH in Ireland." 
Wanted Christian name and residence of this ROCH, and information as to Frances and 
Anne PETT, daughters of Capt. Phineas by Frances CARR. 

850 F. Hyde Maberly, M.D., 2, Kensington Place, Royal Park, Clifton, Bristol, England, is interested 

in fBooTE, Bermondsey, about 1768 fKiMPTON, Cambs. MABERLY, South of England 
and Russia. 

851 Herbert Forbes Kemshead, 12, Glasslyn Road, Crouch End, London, N., is interested in 

KEMSHEAD, Wollaston, and/or Wymington, 1669 RUSSELL, Walsall, 1811 FORBES, 
Haddington, 1811 SCOTT, Renfrew, 1745. 

852 Ferdinand Loevenich, Kreisausschusssekretar, Geilenkirchen-Hiinshoven, Deutschland, interes- 



853 Miss H. M. Auden, Alderdene, Church Stretton, Salop, England, is interested in early Huguenot 

refugee families also in AUDEN and wants information about the parentage of Thomas 
HOPKINS, who occurs as holding land at Anslow, Staffs., in 1665. 

854 Miss Mary A. Rudd, Woodlands, Bussage, Stroud, Gloucs., England, is interested in RUDD, 

especially of Yorks. and wants information connecting John RUDD (b. at Wensley, 1579), 
and Simon RUDD, of Askrigg (b. 1645 ; d. 1713), and Thomas RUDD, of Apleton, (md. Jane 
ROBINSON), living 1665, Richmondshire, Yorks. 



Edward Caspar BOX, Oak Cottage, St. Botolph's Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, England, is interested 
in Box, any before 1700 DE PARUIT, France, Belgium, any DE RUDECOUR, France, any 
GARNIER, France (Orleans, Angers, Nantes). Wanted connection between Patrick Box, chap- 
lain Winchester College 1693, and the following persons of the same name : -- Box, 
of Buckingham; Thomas Box, who managed the Duke of Buckingham's Irish estates about 
1600 ; Philip, (son or brother of last-mentioned), md. in Co. Carlow ; Box, Witney, Oxon ; 
and William Box, sheriff of London, 1570 name of Irish husband (about 1800-), of Adele 
DE RUDECOUR ancestry of --- DE RUDECOUR, Colonel de I'Artillerie Royale, md. Mdlle. 
DE PARUIT, Versailles, 1816, and died of wounds received at the assault of the Trocadero 
Fort, Cadiz, 1823 parentage (perhaps Belgian or Luxemburg), of Frangois DE PARUIT, 
Paymaster-General, 22nd Military Division, French Army, at battle of Toulouse, 1814 
ancestry of - GARNIER, living Orleans, 1772, in prison with wife at Nantes, 1794, perhaps 
also Paris ; acquitted on death of Robespierre ; thought to have escaped in English ship 
which foundered ; daughters md. Comte DE SAINT-MARIE and DE PARUIT. 

Frederic Turner, Osmond, Egham, Surrey, England, is interested in all families connected 
with Egham and Thorpe, especially in FOSTER, Egham and Jamaica WOLLEY, Thorpe 

BREMBRE, London and Egham MAYNE, Egham, I7th cent. DENHAM, Thorpe, i6th 
cent. KELLIFET, Egham and Richmond MIDDLETON, Egham, i4th cent. Information 
wanted connecting the FOSTER family of Egham with that of Jamaica, W.I. 

Mrs. Frances Harrison Corbin, 1000, Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in 
CORBIN, Warwick, 1600, Va., U.S.A., 1655 HARRISON, W T est Kirby, Cheshire, Eng. 1630 
LINSLEY, South West London, 1630, Conn,, U.S.A., 1640 Information wanted about iden- 
tity of George CORBIN of Northampton Co., Va., U.S.A., b. 1655, who md. Grace SAVAGE. 

Charles Elihu S locum, M.D., Defiance, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in BASS, any SLOCOMBE, 
SLOCUM, any VIALL, any Further information (particularly of parentage) desired about 
Anthony SLOCOMBE (SLOCUM), b. England about 1590, was among the first purchasers of 
Taunton, New Plymouth, North America, in 1637 ; d. 1689-90, as a Lord Deputy Proprietor 
of Carolina. 

Alfred Seelye Roe, M.A., Station A., Worcester, Mass, U.S.A. _ _ 

Gustav Fremerey, Corvetten-Kapitan a.D., Gengenbach, Baden, Deutschland, interessiert 
sich fur FREMEREY, Holland, Lothringen, 14. und 15. Jahrhundert, auch fiir FREMERY 


Colonel J. Grove White, Kilbyrne, Doneraile, Co. Cork, Ireland, is interested in WHITE, Co. 
Waterford, who were settled at or near Dromana, Barony Diecies, in i6th and I7th cents. 

Rev. Thomas W. Hutchinson, Great Wilbraham Vicarage, Cambridge, England, is interested in 
members of St. John's College, Cambridge also in HUTCHINSON, before 1800 LANCASTER, 
Cheshire, Lanes., Sussex, before 1800 Ancestry wanted of John HUTCHINSON, Collector of 
Lincoln, md. Amy POWNALL (Will, 1801, Somerset House). 

Edward Henry Dobr6e, Udney Hall, Lower Teddington, England, is interested in DOBREE 
or DAUBRAY, before 1600. 

Miss Dorothy O. ShiltOil, 10, Kemplay Road, Hampstead, London, N.W. _ 

Arthur J. Jewers, 10, Kemplay Road, Hampstead, London, N.W., is interested in JEWER 

866 George James Lind, F.S.A. Scot., Rua do Golgotha, 121, Oporto, Portugal, is interested in those 

concerned in Scotch Rebellion, 1745 also in fCuMMiNGS-LiND COMYNS, CUMMINS 
*LiND UDNY TATE, Worthing, Sussex and Scotland, 1700-1800 GEARY, Markfield, Leics. 
BROADBENT, Leics. Wanted date and birthplace (Scotland, Aberdeenshire ?), of Charles 
LIND or UDNY, 1756-1758 also to know whether a peerage of CUMMINGS-LIND ever existed 
_ in Scotland. _ _ 

867 Miss Gertrude Thrift, 79, Grosvenor Square, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland (professional, makes 

genealogical researches at Public Record Office, Dublin, and elsewhere), is interested in 
THRIFT, any, especially Sussex and Kent. _ 

868 Leonard James Hodson, The Mill House, Robertsbridge, Sussex, England, is interested in 

history of families connected with East Sussex also in HODSON, any, especially Sussex, 
Hants., Staffs., Bucks., and London HENLEY, Sussex and Kent STONHAM, any, especi- 
ally Sussex and Kent ELLIS, Sussex DULVEY, any, especially Sussex. 

Ixxiii F 


869 Hubert G. Archer, 29, Sussex Gardens. Hyde Park, London, W M is interested in ARCHER, 

SILYARD, YARNER, Cos. Wicklow, Dublin, Wexford and Meath, 1600-1800. 

870 W. H. Delamont, 7, Rodwell Street, Weymouth, England. 

871 Burton J. Ashley, 6515, Normal Boulevard, Chicago, 111., U.S.A., is interested in English origin 

of ASHLEY family and desires information about Joseph ASHLEY; of Rochester, Mass., 
(living 1757), of English origin, descended from Thomas A., who was one of three brothers, 
who had three thousand acres of land along Merrimac River, granted by the King of 
England, and about Joseph's ancestors. 

872 Harry Clifford Campion, Jr., 511, So. Orange Ave., Media, Delaware Co., Pa., U.S.A., is inter- 

ested in REEVE, Long Island, New Jersey, U.S.A., and England, 1600-1700 GRAVE (GREAVE, 
GREAVES), Delaware, Mass., and England, 1600-1700 BOUTCHER (BUTCHER), America and 
England, 1600-1700 HALL, Westminster Parish, London, 1700-1800 CAMPION, New Jersey, 
U.S.A., Yorks. and Leics., England, 1650-1775 SLEEPER, New Hampshire, New York, 
New Jersey, U.S.A., and England, 1600-1800 EVES, New Jersey, U.S.A., and England, 
1600-1800 SHEPARD, Mass., U.S.A., 1600-1850 BUNN, New Jersey, U.S.A., 1600-1800 
information wanted about the parentage and place of birth of John CAMPION, b. 1710-1720, 
and his brother, Richard, 6. 1733, who are said to have gone from Yorks., to New Jersey, 
the first before 1738 and the latter before 1752. 

873 P. Hildreth Parker, 752, Mammoth Road, Dracut, Mass., U.S.A. 

874 Wm. U. Reynell-Upham, 13, Savernake Road, Hampstead, London, N.W., is interested in all 

West of England and emigrant families, especially in BUCKNOLL, DRAKE, FORD, GORE, 
GUPPY, LEE, MARTIN, Devon EDWARDS, Staffs., Warws., and Wilts, before 1800 ROWE, 
Devon and Somerset SLADE, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset. 

875 Mrs. Emerson, Foxwold, Southbourne, Christchurch, Hants., England. 

876 John William Reid, St. Croix, Holly Walk, Leamington Spa, England, is interested in BOGLE, 

Bogleshole, West of Scotland REID, Colliston, Aberdeenshire, or neighbouring counties 
Wanted parents' names, other ancestry, birthplace and any information about Rev. William 
REID, minister of Stevenston, Ayrshire, 1700-1742 also wanted to know the connection 
between " REID of Colliston" and " REID of Birnies," descended from " REID of Pitfoddels," 
as suggested by identity of Crest (hand holding book expanded), and Motto (Pro Virtute). 

877 Dr. P. H. Emerson, Foxwold, Southbourne-on-Sea, near Christchurch, Hants., England. 

878 G. M. G. Woodgate, Tydd St. Giles Rectory, Wisbech, England. 

879 B. von Zweydorff, Kaiserl. Rechnungsrat, Charlottenburg-Berlin, Nehringstr. 5, Deutschland. 

880 Commander Arthur Havergal, R.N., 5, South Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, England, is interested in 

HAVERGAL (formerly HAVERGILL) and desires to know from what county the family originates. 

881 Rev. J. H. W. Lewis, Crostwight Rectory, Norwich, England, is interested in LEWIS, Rowley 

Regis, Staffs., Worcs., Glam. BISSELL, Halesowen, Worcs. HAYLES, THURLBURNE, 
Cambridge SHELDON, GAUNT, Rowley Regis, Staffs. MURDEN, Twyford, Hants. GOSLING, 
Cradley, Staffs. Information wanted about family of LEWIS of Wigmore, Tipton, Staffs., 
and afterwards of Rowley Regis, before 1700. 

882 George Wharton Robinson, 35, Waverley Road, Southsea, England, is interested in Cumber- 

land and Westmorland families also in BREFFNITIERNAN, Ireland. 

883 Havelock Ellis, Carbis Bay, Cornwall, England, is interested in ELLIS, Sudbury, Suffolk, I7th 

and i8th cents. PEPPEN, Suffolk. 

884 Carll A. Lewis, Guilford, Conn., U.S.A. ~ 

885 Adelbert C. Wendell, Exchange Clerk P.O., Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A., is interested in 


886 Lyon Weyburn, 84, State Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

887 E. C. Harte, Wells, Somerset, England, is interested in HART, Leinster, Munster, 1600-1750 

FARRAN, Ireland, 1600-1750 DAWSON, Jamaica and Ireland PARFITT MALTBY wanted 
baptism and Marriage Licence Bonds, Philip HART, (HARTT), also Edward H., and Mary, 
(nee FARRAN ?) HART(T), before 1748, Queen's Co. or neighbouring county also will of 
Philip H., living Dublin, 1769 particulars of persons of HART family (any spelling), serving 
in the Army, 1600-1700, especially in Ireland. 



888 Max. von Burkersroda, Erfurt, Elisabethstr. 7, Deutschland, interessiert sich fiir VON BURKERS- 


889 A. H. Johnson, 122, Leadenhall Street, London, E.G., is interested in HANCHETT, Cambs., 

1200-1380, Herts, and Essex, 1400-1700, and Cambs., 1700-1850 ELSLEY, Yorks. 

890 Arthur Edward Blacker, 20, Victoria Square, Clifton, Bristol, England, is interested in BLACKER, 

any DEW, Coleford, Glos., before 1800 VAUGHAN, Bristol district, before 1800 RENNIE, 
Kilsyth, Scotland, before 1800 wanted baptism of Abraham BLACKER, about 1721. 

891 R. C. } . Lyons, Mona House, Rugeley, Staffs., England, is interested in FOSTER, Belfast, Ireland, 

before 1800 LYONS, Antrim, Down, and U.S.A. BRISTOW, Yorks. before 1700. 

892 Ferdinand Charles Koechlln, Rijswijk, near The Hague, Netherlands. 

893 Henry W. Ogle, Dysart House, Killucan, Westmeath, Ireland, is interested in OGLE, who had 

members come to Ireland, I7th cent. 

894 J. Penberthy, Newnham, Glos., England, is interested in BOSCAWEN, BESKAWIN, BESKOEN 

FAULKNER WILD, Manchester, 1750-1830, merchant TREMBETHOW, LORY, Cornwall 
Information wanted about Henry PENBERTHY, ordained priest at Clyst, 1417 and Walter 
ENDERBY, Sheriff, Cornwall, 1494. 

895 W. H. Brayden, Oaklands, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland. 

896 Mrs. Sarah D. Cropley, Marblehead, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in fCROPLEY, Cambs., Middle- 

sex, Norfolk fDuRLAND, Scotland DE MOTTE fLYLE, Hamilton, Scotland -{-SPINNEY, 

Lanes., fSTALKER, Scotland Information wanted of fHAWKESWORTH, in 1763 at 

Cosford, Yorks., md. Elizabeth WEDGEWOOD and of John and Gaim LYLE, b. in Hamilton, 
Scotland, about 1750 and 1755 respectively ; their sister, Margaret, md. John MARTIN ; 
they were all in New York State during Revolution. 

897 Lewis H. Clement, 313, Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y., U.S.A. "~ 

898 Prof. Willard Winfield Rowlee, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., U.S.A. 

899 Frederick G. Gurney, Wing, near Leighton Buzzard, Beds., England, is interested in GURNEY, 

Bucks, or any except Norfolk or West Country tSpRANGE, any BRIGHTWELL, Chearsley, 
Bucks., and Oxon. SINCLAIR, Stone, Bucks., and Kent., I4th cent. -J-PLATT, Lines, and 
Oxford Wanted maiden name, etc., of Alice BRADSHAWE, wife of William B., of Wendover, 
Bucks., he d. 4 October, 1537 ; she after 1553 also parents' names and birthplace (? Lines.), 
of Robert PLATT, who md. Mary Alethea SIMONDS, of Mursley, Bucks., after 1790 ; living 
in High Street, Oxford, before 1808. 

909 James Beavan Welson, 97, Kyverdale Road, Stamford Hill, London, N. 

901 Lieut. W. P. Pakenham-Walsh, R.E. (India), Crinken House, ShankiU, Co. Dublin, Ireland, is 

interested in Irish families generally especially in HACKETT MASON, Ireland, Hants., 
fPoPE, Cork, Ireland *MONCK, Devon and Ireland BOYLE, Hereford and Ireland 
Wanted parentage of Christopher MASON, Captain in Col. Washington's Regt., settled in 
Waterford, first half I7th cent. ; a reputed relative of Sir John MASON, Sion, Middlesex. 

902 Samuel Trant McCarthy, Srugrena Abbey, Cahirciveen. Co. Kerry, Ireland, is interested in 

TRANT, Kerry, etc., 1700-1900 SPOTSWOOD, Kerry, etc., 1600-1800 SEGERSON, Kerry, 
etc., 1600-1900 FOLEY, Kerry from 1750 McCROHAN, and FERRITER, Kerry from 1600 
MAHONY, Cappanagroun, Kerry, before 1800 and desires information about the origin of 
the MCCARTHY Garaloch family of Glenarough and of the MCCARTHY family of Kilfadamore, 
Co. Kerry. 

903 J. James Kttts, F.S.A.A., 9, Elmwood Street, Sunderland, England, is interested in Barons of Hoo. 

904 Oskar Roick, (beraflich = professional), Berlin, W. 30, Lindauerstr. 5, Deutschland. 

905 Richard Henry Hamilton Spratt, 215, Malmesbury Park Road, Bournemouth, England. 

906 Frank H. Perrycoste, J.P., B.Sc., Polperro, R.S.O., Cornwall, England, is interested in BARKER- 

BELL, and allies of second half of i8th cent. PERRY, Aston, Birmingham, first half 
i8th cent. also wants to know where and when (later than 1813), did Sampson PERRY 
marry Barbara LINDLEY, who was born 1784 ? Where ? 



907 Sydney Gordon Roberts, I.C.S., c/o Messrs. Henry S. King and Co., 9, Pall Mall, London, 

is interested in all friends and relations of Horace WALPOLE, also in f ROBERTS, Cardi- 
ganshire, and in and near Welshpool fToRiANO fP RTER I^EPP, Suffolk, Essex and 
Italy f ARMSTRONG, Scottish Border Wanted complete pedigree of Sir Richard ARMSTRONG, 
Royal Regt., who fought in the Peninsular War, and whose daughter and co-heir md. Chas. 
ROBERTS, H.E.I.C.S., Madras ; Sir Richard d. on return voyage after commanding Madras 
Army, 1851 also information about wife of the above, a Quakeress, of Bristol Wanted data 
and correct arms and crest of Peter Nathan ROBERTS, Recorder of the City of London, 
father of Chas. R., who joined H.E.I.C.S. Madras in season 1806 also further information 
about Peter Nathan Roberts' wife, a TORIANO. 

908 J. P. E. Falconer, 32, Upper Park Road, Haverstock Hill, London, N.W., is interested in cadet 
branches of FALCONER of Halkerton, Scotland. 

909 Julius W. Lilly, (professional), 65, West I43rd Street, New York, U.S.A., is interested in LILLIE, 

before 1658 HEARD, before 1719 DYER, any FAULKNER FITZPATRICK BLAIR CUN- 
NINGHAM ALDERMAN Wanted Scotch ancestry of George LILLIE (contributor's ancestor), 
who settled in Reading, Mass., U.S.A., 1658 ancestry of ? John HEARD, from Co. Tyrone, 
Ireland, 1719 to Hanover Co., Va., grandson of an English Earl ? O'NEILL ? Estates in 
both England and Ireland. 

910 Herbert Joseph Harwood, A.B., Littleton, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in GREEN, England and 

New England, before 1634 HARTWELL, Kent, i6th and i7th cents. HARWOOD, London 
and Boston, I7th cent. Wanted parentage of John HARWOOD, merchant, of London, will 
proved 22 June, 1685, his brothers Robert, Nathaniel, and Thomas and sister, Hannah, 
(who md. WHEELER) all came to Boston and John returned to London. 

911 Iliff Conger, Sewanee, Tenn., U.S.A., is interested in CONGER BEALL ^NORTON fMooRES 

fDE SIGNEY, France, Holland, before 1670 and wants information about the MOORES 
families in the Carolinas before 1800. 

912 Horst Thamerus, Pirna a.E., Sachsen, Deutschland. 

91 3 Miss Margaret F. M. G id ley, Hoopern House, Exeter, England, is interested in all Huguenot refugee 

families also in LOCKYER and TAUNTON, Somerset and Dorset, before 1800 HYNES, 
Ireland, before 1780 GREGORY, Canada, before 1780 COLLINGS, especially Harson Collings, 
Bristol and near Plymouth, before 1800 ENGLAND, Somerset, Dorset, Wilts., before 1828 
CLEEVES and MITCHELL, Somerset, Dorset, Wilts., before 1785 MINTERNE, Somerset, Dorset, 
Wilts., before 1750 SEALEY, Somerset, Dorset, Wilts., before 1700 also wants to know 
where records of marriages which took place in St. Helier's, Jersey, before 1800, can be found. 

914 E. P. Richardson, Deep Dene, Torrington Park, North Finchley, London, N., is interested in 

BOYS, East Kent COLEMAN, Kent Information wanted as to any portraits of Sir John 
BOYS, or any other members of this Kentish family. 

915 W. de Courcy Prideaux, 12, Frederick Place, Weymouth, England, is interested in PRIDEAUX, 
any LUDLOW, Somerset, Wilts., Hants., originally Salop. 

916 William F. Miller, Sunny Brae, Winscombe, Somerset, England, is interested in any Quakers 

living in Scotland, 1660-1800 also desires information about the descendants of Charles 
and Euphan (MILLER) MACKIE, of Ormiston, from about 1750 and the descendants of 
William MILLER, b. Hamilton about 1756, afterwards of the Abbey, Edinburgh also wants 
date of death of Thomas ARESKINE, brewer, and Quaker preacher, Edinburgh, 176 and of 
May DRUMMOND, Quaker preacher, Edinburgh, 1772. 

917 Rev. J. A. Messervy, (professional), 2, Rose Bank, St. Saviour's Road, Jersey, Channel Islands. 

918 Henry James Johnston-LaviS, Villa Lavis, Beaulieu, Alpes Maritimes, France. 

919 Hugh Alexander Law, Marble Hill, Ballymore, Co. Donegal, Ireland, is interested in LAW 

Galloway and Ayrshire, before 1680 ; subsequently North of Ireland, chiefly Co. Down 
WHITE, Ancestors of Whites Barons Annaly before 1800. 

920 Thomas Bertie Selby, n, Ynys Street, Port Talbot, S. Wales. 

921 Henry Ernest Cound, 29, Sea View Terrace, Aberavon, S. Wales, is interested in COUND, any, 

particularly Salop HERBERT, Neath, Glam. Information wanted about ancestors of John 
COUND. believed to have resided at Cound Hall, Condover, Salop, about 1800. 

922 Frank Hodges Dorsett, Brookdale, Stourport, Worcs., England. 



923 M. Ray San born, Yale University Library, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in SAM- 

BORNE, before 1650 GATE, GATES, CATT, all MERCER, Huguenot refugee family from 

Tournai MERCIER, Ireland COCQUIEL, of Tournai Any information wanted about 

Stephen BACHILER, clergyman, Hants., b. 1560, graduate Oxford, 1586, removed to America, 

1632 ; returned 1654, d. Hackney, 1660. 

924 Samuel N. RhoadS, Haddonfield, New Jersey, U.S.A., is interested in all Gloucester Co., Vt., 

N. Jersey Colonial emigrant families also in RHOADS HADDON, HOPKINS, GILL, England, 
especially London and Southwark, becoming Quakers 1650 and after NICHOLSON, First 
Quakers of Notts., 1650 ? and after ESTAUGH, Sussex, England, or Ireland, about 1650 
Wanted parentage and wife's parentage (also grandparents) of John RHOADS, of Ripley, 

Derbyshire, md. Elizabeth ; migrated to Penna. 1698 also parentage of John HADDON, 

anchorsmith, Southwark. 

925 Rev. Ezekiel Wilson Mundy, Public Library, Syracuse, New York, U.S.A., is interested in 

MUNDY, especially of Cornwall, i6th cent. and wants information about Nicholas MUNDY, 
who appeared in New Jersey shortly before 1670, and called himself " yeoman " ; he took up 
land and appears to have been also a blacksmith. 

926 A. W. Crawley-Boevey, 24, Sloane Court, Chelsea, London, S.W., is interested in BARROW 

(BERROW), Awre, Gloucs., iyth cent. PHAIRE (FAIR), Cork, time Cromwell PAGE, Fillong- 
ley, Warws., before 1700 Wanted parentage of Thomas BARROW (BEREWE), of Awre, 
" living 1641," and names of his 2 wives also parentage of Col. Robert PHAIRE, governor of 
Cork, 1650, and the name of his first wife also parentage of James PAGE, who md. Sarah 
HYDE, 1700. 

927 A. S. Lamprey, Kenmore, Maidstone, England, is interested in LAMPREY, N. America and West 

Indies Dublin before 1685, also Devon Wanted descendants of Thomas SANDERS, of 
Caldwell, Derby, d. 1548 information about Arthur BULKELEY, Ardee, Co. Louth, b. 1623 
also name and history of the ninth son of Collingwood SANDERS and his wife, Eliza SLEIGH, 
of Caldwell, Derby, 1600. 

928 S. S. Hasluck, 89, Ladbroke Grove, London, W., is interested in HASLUCK ASLAC ASLAKE 

HASLOCK HASELOCK Wanted the name of father Thomas, Samuel, Sarah and John 
HASLUCK or HASLOCK, b. in Birmingham or neighbourhood, 1730-1741. 

929 Henry S. Guinness, Burton Hah 1 , Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland, is interested in DARLEY, 

Newtownards, Co. Down, 1650-1750 GUINNESS (GENNIS, GENNYS, GINNIS), Cornwall, 

Dublin, Tralee, 1600-1750 JAGO, Cornwall and Ireland, 1600-1750 SEYMOUR, Limerick, 


930 George Charles Williamson, Litt.D., Burgh House, Hampstead, London, N.W., is interested in 

WILLIAMSON, especially of Surrey and London LETHBRIDGE, especially Devon CLEEVE, 

931 Joachim von Levetzow, Hauptmann a.D., Sielbeck, Post : Holsteinische Schweiz, Bez : Kiel, 


932 Cuthbert Becher Pigot, Colman Road, Eaton, Norwich, England, is interested in PIGOT, 

Somerford-Radnor, Cheshire, and Notts. HOLLIS, any MELVILLE, Notts. ANDREWES, 
Southwell, Notts. 

933 W. H. Mason, Morton Hall, East Retford, England, is interested in MASON and desires in- 

formation about Paul MASON, who lived at Eaton, Notts., 1653-1696 also about William 
MASON, of Egmanton, Notts., who d. 1582, and his son, Thomas, of Gray's Inn, London, 
who was b. 1580 and was living in 1635. 

934 James G. Commin, 230, High Street, Exeter, England. 

935 George Thomas Hart, Providence, R.I., U.S.A. 

936 Very Rev. A. St. John Chambre, D.D., Rector of St. Anne's Church, Lowell, Mass., Dean of 

Eastern Convocation, Diocese of Mass., President Lowell Institution for Savings, etc., etc., 
Lowell, Mass., U.S.A., desires information about George C. CHAMBRE, of Ireland ; he had a 
son, Albert, b. in Cork, 1803, and entered " Trinity," Dublin, 1829 ? 

937 Charles E. Lart, Charmouth, Dorset, England, is interested in LART GARDNER, London, Dorset 

TAYLOR, FLOYER, and HAWYS, all London Wanted marriage FLOYER and HAWYS, 
before or about 1750 ; believed to be in London. 



938 Henry L. Rowland, Waterbury, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in ROWLAND, SHERWOOD, THORP, 

ANDREWS, BURR, HULL, all these families settled Fairneld, about 1639-1650 also wants 

parentage of Henry ROWLAND or ROLAND who owned land in Fairneld, Connecticut Colony, 

1639 ; d. 169- ; his wife was Rebecca. 

939 Normann Victor Treusch von Buttlar Brandenfels, Breslau, Wilhelmsufer 6, Deutschland. 

940 Ernest B. Vignoles, Acton Lane Works, Chiswick, London, W., is interested in Huguenot families 

(1650-1750 chiefly) also in VIGNOLES de VILLENEUYE DE LA BALME DE COSNE 
DE CHAVERNAY Information wanted about parentage of Francis la Balme DE VIGNOLES, 
killed at Alicante, 1709 ; will, dated 1706, at Somerset House. 

941 Major-Gen. R. C. B. Pemberton, C.B., C.S.I, (late R.E.), 13, CressweU Gardens, South Ken- 

sington, London, S.W., is interested in PEMBERTON Information wanted about the supposed 
emigration to Nevis, W. Indies, probably about 1684, of Robert PEMBERTON, second son of 
Robert P., and Cecilia (ne'e TREVELYAN of Yarnscomb, Devon) ; Robert P., the father, 
was Clerk or Steward to the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough and d. 1695 ; monument 
in Cathedral. 

942 William Beale Cole, 62, Grosvenor Road, Canonbury, London, N., is interested in all branches of 

the BEALE family, especially Gloucs. and Kent and wishes to know the connection (if any) 
between BEALE family of Gloucs. and those of London and Kent. 

943 Miss Tyler, Newton Court, Monmouth, England, is interested in GRIFFIN, HUDSON and JACKSON, 

Cumberland, I7th cent. SMITH, Isle of Wight, I7th cent. MOULA, Filiastre, Vivarais, 

I7th cent. COOPER, Sussex, I7th and i8th cents. DIXON, Cumberland, early i8th cent. 

W'anted information about Margaret, widow of Timothy DONOVAN of Jamaica, who md. 

Admiral Sir William BURNABY early in i8th cent. 

944 Lieut.-Colonel L. Edye, Stanley Court, Stanley Street, Montreal, Canada, is interested in Hather- 

leigh (Devon) families before 1800 also in EDYE (DEY, EDDYE, EDIE, etc.), Somerset, 
Devon and Cornwall, 1500-1800 ; Bucks., and Northants., 1300-1700 Wanted surname of 
Grace, who md. Leonard EDYE (bapt. 1631), and place of their marriage (somewhere in Devon) ; 
their eldest child was born 1659 a l so one guinea reward for marriage of Sibella with 
Bartholomew EDYE, (bapt. Devon) ; she d. 1725 ; one guinea will also be given for baptism 
of above Bartholomew. 

945 Jukes Coulson, c/o M.H.P.C., 41, Chatsworth Road, Brondesbury, London, is interested in 

COULSON, (COLESON, COLSON, COULSTON, COLSTON), all counties, especially the following : 
Worcs. (Halesowen), Salop, Gloucs., Warws., Staffs. (Walsall), Derbyshire, London JUKES, 
Salop (Bridgnorth), Worcs. (Halesowen), Suffolk, Kent (Bromley), London BARFOOT, Rut- 
land and Leics. tR UNCHMA N, any SHERGOLD, all counties, and especially Brighton j London, 
Surrey MORETON, Staffs, and London fLANE, any FFORTH, Suffolk and London |SMITH, 
Uttoxeter -J-BETTESWORTH, Sussex and London -J-HARRYMAN, any -J-HARRIMAN, any 
fPRiCHARD, before 1800 one pound reward for correct proof of baptism of John COLSON, 
b. about 1685, '86, '87 ; he md. at Halesowen, Worcs., Sarah JUKES, (licence granted Wor- 
cester, ii February, 1709) John COULSON, of parish of St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, 
md. Anna Catherine LANE of same parish (licence Vicar General's office 26 April, 1749), 
wanted entry and place of marriage, also Anna Catherine Lane's ancestry ; one guinea 

reward for each correct entry HARRYMAN md. Sarah COLSON (bapt. 1715) daughter 

of John COULSON or COLSON, of Walsall, Staffs., wanted entry and place of marriage 
(about 1749), also baptism of William Harryman, their son, b. about 1749, and who d. at 
Highbury Place, Islington, London, 1824 ; one guinea for each correct entry Thomas 
FFORTH of London, brewer, Commissioner of Excise, (brother of Dannett FFORTH, Sheriff 
of London), baptized Nettlestead, 21 February, 1629 ; alive 1699 ; wanted name of wife and 
ancestry, also entry of marriage ; one guinea reward for each correct entry John BARFOOT, 
of Rutland, b. 28 January, 1788 ; wanted baptism, also entry of marriage to Mary RUNCHMAN 
about 1817 ; one guinea reward for each correct entry information wanted about Richard 
CAPEL, surgeon, of Bermondsey about 1760. 

946 K. S. M. Scott, Harden House, Long Benton, Northumb., England, is interested in all SCOTT 

families descended from Scott of Murthockstoun, who d. about 1820 also in SCOTT, North 

of England, with Scotch ancestry and wants particulars of Thomas SCOTT, who d. Morpeth, 

Northumb., 1799, aged 56. 

947 George RuddOCk, Red Hill, Denbigh Gardens, Richmond, Surrey, England. 



^tg^rbetr^^^Sformation & Zadoc^ BoswoRTH, Sen- and wife 

Joseph WELD, Roxbury Mass., , l6 35-Gov. Thorny v^ LKES l6 , 8 __f hn WHITMORE, 

^X^l^^^^^^' wo - 

Lisburn, Ireland, 10 GRIFF] ra, waieb wwi ' 



b. Lisburn, Ireland, 

Eleanor STOUT, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Shaftesbury Avenue, 
August Freihe^iJTMinnlgerede-Allerturg. 

- ieutenant Royal Marines, 

ced descent from PRCE family of Newtown, Montgomery. 


959 Theodore J. Preston, 16, St. John's Park, Blackheath, London, S.E., is interested in PRESTON, 

Norfolk, before 1600. 

960 Joseph H. Woollan, 19, Deerbrook Road, Tulse Hill, London, S.E., is interested in Recusant 

families of Sussex and South of England also in MINORS WOOLLAN READY, Sussex 
SAWYER, Sussex fRoGERS, Lymington. 

961 Arthur Reeve, 198, Derby Street, Burton-on-Trent, England, is interested in FOSTER, Kettering, 

about 1700 HOUSTON, London, about 1700 BECKWITH. about 1730 FRY, Tunbridge 
Wells, about 1780 REEVE, Booking Wanted relationship of Sarah NEVILL, md. Thomas 
BURKITT in 1683, with Bridget FLEETWOOD (CROMWELL), and with Lord LATIMER who d. 

962 R. Henry W. Dwight, 67, Franklin Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in DWIGHT 

and wants to connect the first John DWIGHT who went to America, 1635, with his ancestry 

in England ; probably with John Dwight of Fulham, who was the originator of pottery 

works in England. 

963 Mrs. Robert A. Molyneux, 1206, South Salina Street, Syracuse, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in 

964 John M. Hawks, 16, Newhall Street, Lynn, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in HAWK and wants 

any ancestors of David HAWK, of Dunstable, Mass., who md. Sarah COLBURN, of Dracut, 
Mass., 24 January, 1770. 

965 George Baron von Metzsch, Dresden-Altstadt, Strehlenerstrasse 12", Deutschland. 

966 Mrs. R. B. Townshend, 117, Banbury Road, Oxford, England, is interested in TOWNSEND, 

TOWNSHEND and desires information of birthplace and ancestors of Richard TOWNESEND, 
b. 1618 or 1619 an officer in the Parliamentary army and bore arms of TOWNSHEND family of 
Norfolk and about Sampson BAKER, 1610, of London or Norwich ; Arms : A goat passant. 

967 Captain J. Carlisle Spedding, Gudrune, Alexandra Road, S. Farnborough, Hants., England, 

is interested in all families allied by marriage to SPEDDING family also in f ADAMSON, 
Ireland BROWNRIGG, Cumberland fBuCKLEY, Ireland CARLISLE, Scotland *BARTON, 
Northampton and Hants. BENN, Cumberland f CROWE, Norfolk f CUNNINGHAM, Randals- 
town, Co. Antrim, and North Ireland DEEY FROUDE fJoHN fLANGTON fLiVESLY 
fToDD wanted parentage of Lucy FITZ GERALD, believed to have been of Co. Kildare, 
Ireland, who md. Henry SPEDDING about 1750 information about the CUNNINGHAM family 
of Raridalstown, Co. Antrim, and the parents of Thomas Cunningham, who md. Marianne 
NEESON in 1827 parentage of Dr. Horace NEESON of Neilsbrooke, Randalstown, Co. Antrim ; 
and of his wife Rachel LOGAN, md. about 1803 ; also arms used by both families. 

968 Henry Perrin, 23, Holland Villas Road. London, W., is interested in fPERRiN, Wilts, origin 
fPEARCE, Bishop Zacchary P. f R BINS - 

969 Miss Emily Malone, 13, Eaton Square, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland, is interested 


970 W. T. T. Elliott, c/o Messrs. Macneill and Co., Calcutta, India. 

971 Herbert F. Roe, Smewins House, Shottesbrooke, Maidenhead, England, is interested in BASSETT, 

Chichester, Winchester, before 1750 WHITE, Winchester, St. Cross, before 1720 HEYNO, 
Stenbury, I. of Wight, before 1500 Parentage wanted of Henry ROE, of Portsmouth, 
Hants., b. about 1729 ; his brothers and sisters were William, Susannah, Elizabeth, Thomas, 
Richard and Edward, and he was the youngest child ; his baptism is probably recorded in 
Parish Register in a Southern County. 

972 Robert B. Cook, (professional), 44, St. John's Street, York, England. 

973 Captain C. Ferrers, Sturt Cottage, Holyport, Berks., England, desires information about 

Thomas FERRERS, Sheriff of London, 1539 (Stowe) also about William Ferrers, of Taplow 

Court, 1538-1554 (College of Arms Visitations) and about Thomas and John TURNER, 

of Cookham Manor, 1589-1634 and Robert Turner, of Shottesbrook Park. 

974 Frank Ernest Woodward, 93, Rockland Avenue, Maiden, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in WOOD- 

WARD, England, before 1800 ERSKINE, Scotland and Ireland before 1800 and wants 
information about ancestors of any WOODWARD who went to America before 1800. 



975 Mrs. Clarence Verrill, Bagdad-Chase, Gold Mining Co., SoulsbyviUe, Tuolumne Co., Cal., U.S.A., 

is interested in MALTBY, all, especially English VERRILL (VARREL), England, before 1750 
MOREHOUSE (MOORHOUSE), England, i6th and iyth cents. LORD, England, i6th and 
I7th cents. BROWN, Yorks. ?, England, about 1600 LOCKWOOD, England, about 1600 
CRAIG, London, about 1600 BRENTON, Hammersmith, Herts. LAW, North of England 
LOTHROP, (LATHROP), Lowthropp, East Riding, Yorks. Any information wanted about 
William MALTBY, " Esquire " ; b. (according to tombstone), in 1645 ; possibly he is the same 
William whose birth is recorded in East Retford, Notts., " March 16, 1644 5, son of John 
MALTBY " ; this Notts, family had near relatives at Bawtry, Yorks. John Maltby's will 
shows that he left property " houses in Briggate, East Retford, Carr Lane, close in Little 
Gringley in Clarborough ; lands in Sorringthorpe and Little Corringham ; Co. Lincoln " ; 
persons mentioned in wills are Mrs. Anne MASON, godmother ; sister Ellin CHATTERTON ; 
friends McDiCKENE of Saundley ; Beaumont SUTTON of E. Retford, gent. ; William 
MORHOUSE ; cousin John CHATTOR; cousin "Ratchell" WILLIAMSON; sister Mary LONG; 
cousin Robert HINDMARSH, also William and Richard STOKEHAM ; Mrs. Margaret 
CORDINGLEY ; Capt. Benjamin MARCHALL of Doncaster ; John THOMPSON ; "cozen" John 
HALLIFAX ; Mr. MIDWINTER and u cozen " Jane TURNELL. 

976 Hon. H. F. Andrews, (professional), Exira, Iowa, U.S.A., is interested in ANDREWS BURNHAM 

fFiCKETT BIDDINGS HAMLIN JORDAN STEARNS and desires ancestry of the 
following persons, all Englishmen : John ANDREWS, b. Norfolk? 1621 Robert BURNHAM, 
b. Norwich, 1585 ; wife, Mary ANDREWS John BIGELOW, son of Randall B., b. Brentham, 
16 February, 1616 Gov. John CARVER, pilgrim John CHIPMAN, b. Dorchester, 1621 
Augustine BEARSE, b. 1618 ; Barnstable, Mass., 1639 Henry COBB, Plymouth, Mass., 
1632 Dolar DAVIS, b. Bennefield ?, Cambridge, Mass., 1635 John DUNHAM, Plymouth, 
Mass., 1628 John FICKETT, Scarborough, Me., 1663 George GIDDINGS, Great St. Albans, 
wife, Jane LAWRENCE, 1635 James HAMLIN, wife, Anne, St. Lawrence, Berks., 1630-6 
Samuel HINCKLEY, Scituate, Mass., 1635 John HOWLAND, pilgrim, son of Humphrey, 
London, b. 1593 John JENKINS, b. 1609; Plymouth, Mass., 1635 Edward JOHNSON, of 
Hornhill, son of William ; baptized Canterbury, September 16/17, 1598 Stephen JORDAN. 
Wilts. ; Boston, Mass., 1634 Robert LINNELL, Scituate, Mass., 1638 Isaac MIXER, 6: 
1603; Watertown, Mass. Francis PEABODY ; Mass., 1635 William REED, 6. 1587; 
Dorchester, Mass. John SPOFFORD, son of John, vicar of Silkeston, York, b. 1612 John 
and Thomas STANFORD ; Falmouth (Portland), Me., 1658 Isaac STEARNS, Nayland, 
Suffolk, wife Mary ; Watertown, Mass., 1630 John TILLEY, pilgrim Samuel WALKER ; 
Lynn, Mass., 1630 Richard WALKER, b. 1593; Lynn, Mass., 1630 John WARREN, b. 1585 ; 
Watertown, Mass., 1630 Thomas WISWALL, Mass., 1635. 

977 G. M. Fraser, Librarian, Public Library, Aberdeen, Scotland, is interested in genealogy generally, 

and especially in Scotch families. 

978 E. Montague Arnold, Burton Joyce, Sidcup, Kent, England. 

979 Maurice Everett Unwin, n, HaU Royd, Shipley, Yorks., England, is interested in EVERETT, 
Heytesbury and Warminster, Wilts., before 1850 ; and Canada, after 1800. 

980 Bernard Thistlethwaite, Great Ayton, Yorks., England, is interested in THISTLETHWAITE 



Hertford or neighbourhood ancestry wanted of Thomas PAYNE, grazier, of Marston Biggott, 

Somerset, who md., about 1770-80, Hannah HUNT, of Hertford. 

981 Wilhelm von TresckOW, Hauptmann, Suedende bei Berlin, Deutschland, giebt Auskunft iiber 
Genealogie der Familie VON TRESCKOW. 

982 A. M. B. Irwin, C.S.I., 5, Raglan Road, Dublin, Ireland, is interested in STANDISH, Co. Limerick 

BULTEEL, Derryvakeney, Co. Cavan FRENCH, Galway DRURY, Shankill parish, Co. 

Roscommon wanted ancestors of Benjamin HINDE, Director or Manager of Royal Canal, 

Dublin, in i8th cent, md. Frances Amelia BOMFORD. 

983 Edward M. F.-G. Boyle, Gorteen, Limavady, Co. Londonderry, Ireland, is interested in North 

of Ireland families also in BOYLE, and OGILBY, Ireland BOYLE, Kelburne, Ayrshire 
OGILBY or OGILVIE, Aberdeenshire PLUMMER, Co. Limerick. 

984 Rev. R. C. MacLeod; Mitford Vicarage, Morpeth, England, is interested in MAC LEOD, Skye and 

the Lewis. 



985 William Edwards George, J.P., Downside, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, England, is interested in 

PARFITT, Newbury, Wells and Bristol ANDREWES, Charwelton Manor, Northants., Hares- 
field Park, Glos., and Bristol GEORGE, GEORGES wanted information about Samuel 
GEORGES, Esq., b. at Cirencester 1597, brother of John GEORGES, Esq., M.P. 

986 R. Vaughan Gower, F.R.G.S., F.R.Met.S., Ferndale Lodge, Tunbridge Wells, England, 

is interested in GOWER, Worcs. and Kent FAGG, FAGGE, Kent WILLS, Crewkerne and 
Seaborough, Somerset LEE, Cheshire and Devon. 

987 B. Lake Noyes, M.D., Stonington, Me., U.S.A., has much information to interest all LAKE 

family descendants also is interested in LAK LAKE LACK LEAK LEEK and wants 
information about Robert HOWARD of Lynn, Mass., 1641 also English ancestry of emigrant 
pioneers, Henry LAKE of Salem and Tapsfield Thomas Lake of Dorchester, Mass. David 
Lake of Rhode Island Thomas Lake of Stratford, Ct., John Lake of Gravesend, New 
York, and all others of Lake family who migrated to America. 

988 Mrs. Walter Damon Mansfield, Hotel Rafael, San Rafael, Cal., U.S.A., or 1212, Merchants 

Exchange Bldg., San Francisco, Cal., U.S.A., is interested in STANBOROUGH, STANBURY, 
STANSBURY, Ashby Commons, Northampton and Banbury, Oxon., 1640 GRANSDEN 
HAND, Kent, 1636 RAYNSFORD, Northampton and Oxford, 1637-40 RAVEN, Va., U.S.A., 
and Md., 1658-70 Wanted parentage of Tobias STANBOROUGH, living 1640 birthplace 
and date of Josiah Stanborough, who md. Frances GRA.NSDEN, of Kent, before 1637 
mother's name of above Josiah Stanborough, who was the son of William S., of Northamp- 
ton and Oxford. 

989 Byron Barnes Norton, Sheffield, Pa., U.S.A., is interested in HORTON, Mowsley, Leics., before 

1600 BARNES, Eastwinch, Norfolk, early I7th cent. EDDY, Cranbrook, Kent, iyth cent. 
HOLLIDAY, HALLIDAY, Co. Armagh, Ireland, i8th cent. STEWART, Kilmarnock, Scotland 
and Antrim, Ireland, i8th cent. Ancestry wanted of Barnabas HORTON, b. 1600 in 
Mowsley, Leics. ; d. 13 July, 1680, at Southold, Long Island, New York, U.S.A. ; he 
migrated to America about 1640 and his sons Joseph and Benjamin were b. in England. 

990 Herbert von Westernhagen, Leutnant I.R. 31, Altona, Elbe, Stormstr. 3, Deutschland. 

991 William A. Cad bury, Wast Hills, King's Norton, England, is interested in fRuDD, Herts., before 

1700 tBREWSTER, Beccles, Suffolk, before 1700 fSAMPSON, Blackwell, before 1750 
HEAD, Suffolk, before 1700 TAPPER, Exeter, before 1700 MOON, Bristol, before 1700 
ASHLIN, Houndslow, before 1730 fBERRY, and fSniTH, Coventry, etc. 

992 Henry C. Drury, M.D., 48, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, Ireland, is interested in all DRURY 

families also in DRURY, Ireland and wants reference to any DRURY coming to Ireland 

from England before 1700 also information about Henry ? DRURY, Government map- 

maker, London, 1790-1800. 

993 Clement Francis Worsley, 7, Rylett Crescent, Ravenscourt Park, London, W., is interested in 

WORSLEY HOOKE, Hants. BARKER, Chiswick, Middlesex, and Sonning, Berks. ROBERTS, 
Isle of Wight WOOD, Grantham, Lines. f^NEYD, Ireland, from Keele, Staffs. fSHAPTER, 
Exeter fGoucn, Bucks. fBoYS or BOYCE, Hants. GOTHER, Isle of Wight. 

994 Willingham F. Reynolds, 2, Clive Ghat Street, Calcutta, India, is interested in REYNOLDS, 
Somerset, about 1600 WILLINGHAM. 

995 H. D. Hearn, 66, Lanercost Road, Tulse Hill Park, London, W. 

996 Everard Hamilton, Ballinteer Lodge, Dundrum, Co. Dublin, Ireland. 

997 Hon. Cecil Lowry-Corry, Castle Coole, Enniskillen, Ireland, is interested in fCoRRiE, Dum- 

friesshire, before 1656 tDiCKSON, Co. Limerick and Berwickshire, 1600-1780 fHAMiLTON, 
Bangor, Co. Down, I7th cent. fHAYES, Cahir, Guillamore, Co. Limerick, before 1760 
fLAURiE, Scotland, any, before 1668 f^EiLSON, Scotland, any, especially Craigcaffie, 
Wigtownshire, and Springfield, 1600-1800 fNoRREYS. Rycote, Oxon., afterwards of Ireland, 
after 1600 fNoRRis, Limerick (city), 1600-1800 fSHEPHERD, Cheshunt, Herts., and 
Bunhill Row, London, before 1765 fW HITE > Whitehall, Co. Antrim Wanted name of 
wife of Hon. Thomas CAREY, son of first Earl of Monmouth also identity of Colin 
MACKENZIE, Bailee of Ding wall, who md. Anne, daughter of Kennith MACKENZIE of 
Torriden, living 1745. 

998 Mrs. A. S. Wilkinson, 18, Ormond Road, Rathmines, Co. Dublin, Ireland. 


999 Wallace Hugh Cathcart, 633, Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in data 

concerning the CATHCART family living in vScotland, Ireland and America, especially Robert 
or Gershom CATHCART, who left for America about 1660-80. 

1000 Douglas Merritt, Rhinebeck, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in DOUGLAS, before 1640 MERRITT, 

before 1670 SCOTT, before 1720 SUTHERLAND, before 1720 also wants names of descend- 
ants of Thomas MERRETT of Stanlinck, Wilts., 1418 also crest of MERIET or MERRETT 
family of Somerset. 

1001 Malcolm D. Rudd, Lakeville, Litchfield Co., Conn., U.S.A., is interested in RUDD HOLLY 

HOLLEY COFFING, England and New York, i8th cent. LENDALL, Scotland (possibly 
Glasgow) and wants information about John HOLLY, b. 1618 in South of England or Wales ; 
migrated to New England before 1642 ; traditionally connected with ancestors of Edmond 
HALLEY the astronomer also about Jonathan RUDD, supposed native of Notts., &. about 
1620, migrated to New England about 1637. 

1002 Cecil H. Sp. Perceval, Longwitton Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, England, is interested in 

PERCEVAL (PERCYVAL, PERCIVAL), Beds., Huntingdonshire, i2th cent. ; Coedcantas, 
Pembrokeshire, i6th cent. ; and Yorks. and North of England, I7th cent. ; (Sir Anthony 
P., of Dover, Kent). -(TREVELYAN (TREVILIAN) Kruscomb, Somerset, Devon or Cornwall 
(see " Note Book of Tristram Risdon, 1608-1628," p. 47, publ. 1897). 

1003 John Foster, Dowk Ghyll, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Settle, Yorks., England, is interested in 

INGILBY, INGLEBY BOND, St. Edmundsbury, from 1715 ESTCOURT, Cowitch, Bremilham, 
from 1715 FELL, apothecary in London, from 1700 GOLDING, Colston Bassett, before 

1004 George Barlow, 12, St. Gabriel's Road, Cricklewood, London, N.W., is interested in BARLOW 

and wants date and place of birth of Leicester BARLOW, buried 12 December, 1691 
also his father's name, and date of birth and death. 

1005 Messrs. Stokes and Cox, 75, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. 

1006 Colonel Walter Howard, Ellerslie, Guildford, Surrey, England, is interested in HOWARD, Portsea 

MOTTLEY, London BUDD, Waterford and Kilkenny BOULANGER, Berlin or elsewhere 
Wanted name of wife and father of Daniel HOWARD, Portsea, 1727-1783 descendants of 
John MOTTLEY, dramatist, of London, 1692-1750 any information about Tobias BUDD, 

Waterford, 1777-1832 about BUDD, Dunkit, Co. Kilkenny, from Black Torrington, 

Devon, with Cromwell's army and about Madame BOULANGER, ne BERNARD, maid-of- 
honour to Queen of Prussia. 

1007 Rev. C. P. Shipton, Halsham Rectory, Ottringham, Hull, England, is interested in SHIPTON, 
Shawe, Berks., i6th cent, and Andover, Hants., I7th cent. ___ 

1008 C. W. Ruston- Harrison, 8, Eden Terrace, Stanwix, Carlisle, England, is interested in tCumber- 

land families generally especially in RUSTON, anywhere, but especially Cumberland 
marriages SEYMOUR, SEWELL, and fBowMAN, Cumberland wanted identity and date of 
marriage of a Cumberland FLETCHER and RUSTON who intermarried. 

1009 Henry Cairnes Lawlor, Killyfaddy, Windsor Avenue, Belfast, Ireland, is interested in 


1010 Orra Eugene Monnette, Suite 406, Merchants Trust Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal., U.S.A., is inter- 

ested in investigating Huguenot emigrants America, especially MONET PILLE STELLE 
RENEAU PYATT also interested in .BONHAM FULLER MONET (MONNET), Ancient 
Poitou, London, 1688, and Md. HILLARY, SPRIGG, CRABB, and YOUNG, all England and Md., 
before 1700 NUTHALL, London, Md., Va., before 1700 MARIARTE and WILLIAMS, both 
Md. before 1700 HULL, New England, 1635 CLARK, Conn., 1639 SCRIVENER (SCRIBNER), 
New Hampshire, before 1660 KENDALL, Mass., 1630 WILSON, Mass., before 1700 
CHAPMAN and WADE, Conn., before 1700 BUGBEE, Conn, and Mass., before 1700 BURNHAM, 
New Hampshire, before 1700 BURRELL, Md. before 1700 WEBSTER and SEVERANCE, 
New England, before 1700 RUSSELL, Mass., before 1700 Information wanted about Isaac 
and Pierre MONET, Huguenots, naturalised in London, 1688, emigrants to America, and 
their ancestral lines. 

1011 Edward Valentine McCarthy, J.P. for Co. Cork, Ardmanagh House, Glenbrook, Co. Cork, 




1012 William B. Mount, 904, South 47th Street, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., is interested in MOUNT. New 

Jersey, before 1750 BAYLES, in America, before 1750 Wanted ancestry of Alexander 
COLHOUN, b. North Ireland, 1739 ; d. Trenton, New Jersey ancestry of Thomas NORRIS, 
d. Princeton, New Jersey, 1783 ancestry of John COLLEY, of St. Saviour's, Southwark, 
London, who went to Phila., Pa., 1683 ancestry of John KENDALL, in Limerick, Pa., 
1719 and ancestry of George Michael KUNTZ (KOONS), went to Phila., Pa., from 
Germany, 1727. 

101 3 Mrs. Mary Duston Page Watson, Deny Village, Box 75, New Hampshire, U.S. A., wants ancestry of 

Thomas DURSTON, (descendants spell surname variously but chiefly DUSTON and DUSTEN), 
who migrated from England to America in 1632. He was in the company of John WINTER, 
agent for Robert TRELAWNEY, who had a grant of land in Kittery, Me. Thomas and his 
wife, Elizabeth, (doubtful whether md. England or America), were parents of Elizabeth 
and Thomas. Wife of last-named was taken captive by Indians, but, with aid of 
nurse and a boy, killed ten and escaped, but infant killed and house burned, 1697. Governor 
NICHOLSON of Md. presented her, Hannah Webster Emerson DUSTON, with tankard in apprecia- 
tion of her heroism. 

1014 Carl A. von Frankenberg, Oberleutnant, Breslau, Friedrich Wilhelmstr. 23, Deutschland. 

1015 R. G. C. Livett, 2, Essex Court, Temple, London, E.G., is interested in CHAPLIN, East Anglia, 

London HANCOCK, Fulbourne, Cambs. HALLOWS, Hertford and Bennington, Herts. 
LIVETT, Beds, and Hunts. 

1016 Captain B. J. Jones, ist Leinster Regt., Lisna willy, Dundalk, Ireland, is interested in JONES, 

of Glam. in i6th cent., Headfort, Co. Leitrim, from 1622 onwards. Arms : Gules, two 

lioncels rampant gardant or, armed and langued azure and wants information about 

William DOBBS, Surgeon-General to the Army in Ireland, whose daughter, Eliza, md. the 

Rev. James JONES in 1745. 

1017 Rev. E. Jermyn, Croughton Rectory, Brackley, England, is interested in BECK, TURENNE and 

1018 Arthur Hill, B.E., Douglas Road, Cork, Ireland, is interested in MACNAUGHTON, Clackmannan, 

1600-1800 ; Liverpool, 1775-1825 TREAHY and wants information about Alex. STTLLAS, 
of Dublin, md. Margaret HILL, 1782 and John HILL, town clerk of Athy, early i8th cent. 

1019 R. van Beuningen Van Helsdingen, M.D., Billiton, Dutch East Indies, is interested in VAN 


1020 C. H. C. Pirie-Gordon, B.A., Gwernvale, Crickhowel, S. Wales, is interested in DE BOSCH- 

BARCLAY, Cairness, Aberdeenshire, before 1800 COLLINGWOOD, Morpeth, Unthank, and 
Little Ryle, before 1800 GORDON, Buthlaw, Aberdeenshire, before 1800 HANDLEY, 
Muskham, Notts. LAING, Aberdeenshire, before 1750 MAIR, in Mill of Dumbreck, Aber- 
deenshire, before 1700 LOGIE, Middlefield, Aberdeenshire, and Kincardineshire MARSHALL, 
Pickering, Yorks., before 1750 MICHELL, Glassel, Kincardineshire, and Forcett, Rich- 
mondshire PIRIE, Aberdeenshire, before 1800 SniTH.-Waterton, Aberdeenshire, before 1800 
TOULMIN, Clapton, Canada and New York Information wanted about John UDNY, of 
Newtyle, M.P. for Kintore 1681-6, his mother and his wife information about Elizabeth 
FARQUHARSON, who md. 28 November, 1720, John FORBES, younger of Craigievar, and 
her parents parentage of Frances PRESTON, who md. (i), Oct. 1751, William JERMY, and 
(2), May 1754, John MICHELL of Glassel ; she was b. Dec. 1724 and d. November 1794 
also parentage of Rev. William LESLIE, minister of Kemnay, 1699-1707 ; chapel of 
Garioch, 1707-1718 ; d. January, 1729. 

1021 Major A. R. Lloyd, Clos Rosier, La Tour, Vevey, Switzerland, is interested in fCLiFFORD, 

Dublin and Cork, before 1700 and wants parentage and arms of Robert LLOYD, vicar of 
\ Wrexham, 1598; Prebendaty of Meliden, 1624; Treasurer of St. Asaph Cathedral, 1624. 

1022 James M. KeiT, Counselor, 54-56, McAllister Street, San Francisco, Cal., U.S.A., is interested 

in KERR or CARR, Camden, NJ. ; and Phila., Pa. ; before 1764 Wants ancestry and con- 
nection (? via Londonderry) with Roxburghshire, Scotland, of Matthew KERR (otherwise 
KEAR and CARR), in Phila., Pa., 1764. 

1023 Mrs. Emma Kirtland Nine, Poland, Mahoming Co., Ohio, U.S.A., wishes to trace the following 

families to the countries from which they originally came and to obtain particulars of their 



1024 Willard S. Morse, Seaford, Delaware, U.S.A., is interested in CONEY, Lines., before 1650 

SOUTHGATE, Suffolk, before 1730 STEWARD, BENNET, How, and JOWER, all Suffolk, 
before 1700 HAWKRIDGE and TUCKNEY, Lines., before 1650. 

1025 Miss Ada L. BindlOSS, c/o Messrs. Lancashire and Humphreys, 2, John Dalton Street, Man- 

chester, England, is interested in BINDLOSS and wants surname of Annes who md. 

Sir Christopher BINDLOSS, d. July 31, 1591, and was buried Kendal Church also the 
marriage of their son, Christopher, wanted. 

1026 S. Hyde Turner, 69, Aldermanbury, London, E.G., is interested in MOTTLEY, before 1750 
'RUDD, Westmorland and Durham, before 1750 TURNER, Salisbury, Wilts., before 1750. 

1027 J. B. Pennington, West Dene, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England, is interested in PENNINGTON, 

Kendal between 1525 when Adam PENNYNGTON, of Boston, Lines., founded the Grammar 
School, and 1738 when William PENNINGTON md. Bridget HODGSON. 

1028 Mrs. William Stuart, Mountearl, BaUyclare, Co. Antrim, Ireland, is interested in aU STEWART 

families (any spelling) of Ireland especially in Stewart of Ballmtoy Stewart of Killy- 
moon _Stewart of BaUydrain Stewart of Antrim Stewart of Cairncastle and in HARVEY, 
Dunmore Co. Donegal, about 1650 also wants descent and family of Henry STEWART, 
of Clogh, Co. Galway, (which he rented from Rev. Peter MAHON of Cavetowne, Co. Ros- 
common), 1709-21. _ , 

1029 Edward Bowles Driffield, Escrick, Formby, England, is interested in DRIFFIELD. 

1030 Theodor Bienert, Dresden, Dresden-Plauen, Altplauen 21. Deutschland. 

1031 J. G. Bradford, i, Blandford Villas, Queen's Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England, is interested 
in BRADFORD, any. _ . . 

1032 Gerald E. C. Clayton, Penarwel, Llanbedrog, N. Wales, is interested in CLAYTON, Walton-le- 

dale before 1767 WILSON, Clayton's Bank, Preston CRIRIE, any, but especially before 1800 
tLow Preston and neighbourhood Wanted information about ancestors of Edward 
CLAYTON, of Bamber Bridge, Lanes., cotton printer, who d. 1767 also ancestry of John 
CRIRIE, of Blackburn and Manchester, merchant, who d. 1802. 

1033 Fred B. Penfold, 30, York Street, Portman Square, London, W., is interested in many West 

Sussex yeoman families Also in PENFOLD BLUNDEN OLLIVER GRATWICKE X>UKE- 
MARCHANT-LASHMAR GOBLE, all of West Sussex JOHNSON and HEARN, both Hackney, 
London and CRACE, Long Acre, London wanted marriage of Olliver PENFOLD, of Ang- 

mering, Sussex, 1620-1669, with Joane ; and marriage of Richard PENFOLD, o 

borough, 1520-1550, with Agnes - . _ 

1034 Joseph F. A. NitSChke, 1102, South Topeka Avenue, Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A., is interested in 

catalogues of German genealogical publishers and booksellers also interested m AHLERS, 
Harsefeld, Hanover, Germany CHENAULT and KNOTT, Guildford Co., N.C. CHITWOOD, 
Revolutionary War period, U.S.A. FOERST, LEISTNER, TECKLENBURG and SCHMAUSS, Drue- 
gendorf , Bavaria, Germany KROOSS and TECKLENBURG, Bederkesa and Tecklenburg, Ger- 
many PERGEAT, Goessweinstein, Bavaria, Germany Wanted ancestry of Peter Gottlieb 
LEMCKE, b. 1740 ; d. 1810 ; lived Harsefeld, Hanover, Germany ; md. AHLERS. 

1035 Hon. Chas. L. Conger, Citizen's Bank of Mclntosh, Mclntosh, Minn., U.S.A. 

1036 Dr. Arthur Adams, Rev. Prof., Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in ADAMS, 

Conn., New Jersey BALLINGER, Gloucs., England, before 1700; New Jersey BARRETT 
and CASTO, New Jersey fDENN, England and Salem, N.J., before 1700 ENGLISH Gloucs., 
England, and Burlington, N.J. HANCOCK, Middlesex and Somerset, England^ and Salem 
N T JACKAWAY, N.J. LAKE, Long Island and N.J. SOMERS, Warws England, and 
N.T. STEELMAN, New York City and N.J. Information wanted about Jeremy ADAMS, 
b. 1607, presumably Essex, England parentage of Richard HANCOCK, Bromley Middlesex, 
before 1675 parentage of William LAKE, b. before 1700 probably Long Island, U.b.A. 
parentage of James STEELMAN, who appeared in New Jersey, before 1695. 

1037 Wilhelm Geelen, Beigeordneter der Stadt Bonn, Bonn a. Rhein, Rittershausstrasse 21, 

Deutschland. . . . - : . 

1038 H. Tapley-Sopcr, Hon. Sec. and General Editor, Devon and Cornwall Record Society ; Joint 

Editor Devon Notes and Queries, Royal Albert Memorial University College, Museum, 
and Public Library, Exeter,' England, is interested in all Devon families before 1800 als 



1039 Alfred Stapleton, 39, Burford Road, Nottingham, England, is interested in STAPLETON, Greasley, 

Notts., and district, any date FLINT, Wensley, Derbyshire Information wanted about 

Edward STAPLETON, merchant, of Martinique, buried at Antigua, 1817 ; retired ensign 

of nth late West India Regt. 

1040 Robert Noyes Fairbanks, Oaken Eaves, Hornsey Lane, London, N., is interested in FAIR- 

BANKS, before 1650 NOYES (DE LA NOYE), before 1700 AIKEN, before 1750, (Samuel A., 
emigrant to America, about 1700) Information wanted about Edmund FAIRBANKS, 
Kendal ; John, Gilbert, and George F., Sowerby ; John F., Thornton-in-Craven ; and George 
F., Halifax, of whom the contributor already has wills, all before 1600. 

1 041 Edgar Francis BriggS, Holm wood, Monument Hill, Weybridge, Surrey, England, is interested 

in BRIGGS, BRIGG, BRYGGES, otherwise DE PONTE and ATTEBRYGGE, Norfolk and Westmor- 
land, before 1600 BREMRIDGE, Devon and London, any HOOK, HOOKE, Hants, and 
Norfolk, before 1780 ROLLS, ROLLES, Oxon. and Surrey, before 1800 BOOTY, Isle of 
Wight, Essex, Suffolk, before 1800 BRISTOW, BRISTOWE, London, Surrey, Sussex, before 

1042 Sir William Bull, M.P., 474, Uxbridge Road, London, W., has a large collection of many BULL 

pedigrees, English, American, and New Zealand and is interested in LEONARD, alleged 
to be descended from the Tudors HOWARD, Hants. BULL, Sussex and Cornwall BRANDON, 
Jews of Dutch and Spanish descent Wanted baptismal certificates of Simeon Thomas BULL, 
b. 1750 of Peter Bull, his brother, b. 1756 also of Daniel HOWARD, 1727, and names of 
his two wives. 

1043 Charles Michie, 32, Judge's Court Road, Alipore, Calcutta, India, is interested in MICHIE 

and desires information about Hon. James MICHIE, Charlestown, S.C., U.S.A., whose 

daughter, Martha, md. Henry HOWORTH, Radnor ; she d. 1772, and is buried Wimborne 


1044 Allan Rowntree, Westwood, Scarborough, England, is interested inRowNTREE STICKNEY 

and wants ancestors of Ambrose STICKNEY, b. 1694 ; li ved at Ridgmont, Holderness, supposed 
to be descendant of William STICKNEY, whose baptism is registered at Frampton, Lincoln, 
in 1558 and whose son, William, sailed for America in 1637 (baptized 1592). 

1045 Ronald Stewart-Brown, M.A., Fairoaks, Bromborough, Cheshire, England, is interested in 

Lanes, and Cheshire -families also in BROWN, Co. Antrim and U.S.A. HARM AN, Phila. 
ABBOTT BIRKETT, Cumberland PURNELL JAMES, Abergavenny, i7th cent. ST. JOHN 
LAWES Wanted parentage of William BROWN, (1715-1778), Co. Antrim, ancestor of 
BROWN family of Brown, Shipley and Co., and Brown Bros. 

1046 Joseph Cecil Bull, The Lodge, Wiveton, Cley-next-Sea, Norfolk, England, is interested in BULL, 

GREETHAM, any VEALL, any BUTLER, Northants. and Oxon. Correct links wanted 
between Joseph BULL of Daventry (will proved, Northampton, 2 February, 1770), and his 
son, William, Daventry (will proved 10 December, 1787), and 1-Alban Bull, Halse, Northants. 
(will proved 13 November, 1679) 2-Joseph Bull, Williamscote, (will proved 8 June, 1675) ; 
3-William Bull, Radstone, (will proved 16 April, 1617) ; 4-Richard Bull, Nethercot, 
Banbury, (will proved 27 January, 1583/4) ; (all refer to lands at Williamscote, in parish 
of Wardenton, Cropredy, and at Coates or Coton) ; 5-Sir Richard Bull, Paulispery, 
Northants. (will proved n September, 1517, P.C.C.), and 6-any prior ancestors. 

1047 William Harold Chippindall, 5, Linden Road, Bedford, England, is interested in CHIPPINDALE 

BAYNES, Westmorland LANGTON, Cumberland HOUSMAN, Lanes, and Yorks. GUNSON, 
Ulpha, Cumberland BROWN, Brynsop, Lanes. GLEDHILL and HORNE, Wakefield, Yorks. 
HIGGIN, Marsden, Lanes. Wanted place and date of marriage of William CHIPPINGDALE, 
with a daughter of one HOMERSLEY of Staffs., which probably took place 1630-35 ; also 
baptisms of his children. 

1048 J. E. Bull, Orangeburg, South Carolina, U.S.A., wants any information about genealogy of 

Thomas BULL, who sailed from London for America, nth September, 1635, in ship ' ' Hope- 
well," Thomas BABB, master. 

1049 Olaf TrivCSS, 19, Flaxley Road, Selby, Yorks., England, is interested in Norman and Russian 

GORTSCHAKOFF and MURAVIEFF, Russia, TRAVERS mentioned in list of Norman conquerors 
1066-7 TRAVERS referred to in " Roll of Battle Abbey ' ' (by Duchess of Cleveland). 



1050 William T. Dewey, Montpelier, Vt., U.S.A., is interested in DEWEY, Windsor, Conn. CARRIER, 

Andover, Mass. EDSON, Bridgewater, Mass. ELMORE, Hartford, Conn. FRENCH, Bramtree, 
Mass. GOLDSBURY, Brookfield, Mass. HOLLISTER, Hartford, Conn. LUND, Dunstable, 
N .H. TALCOTT, Hartford, Conn. YEMANS, ToUand, Conn. Wanted parentage of Thomas 
DEWEY, b. England, before 1615 of John FRENCH, S r - b. England, about 1612 and of 
John TARBOX, d. May 26, 1674. 

1051 W. P. Applegate, Branch Hill, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in APPLEGATE ancestry of Norfolk, 

England also in APPLEGATE, Hants., before 1635 PERRINE, French refugee Huguenots to 
New Jersey fPATRiCK, Gravesend, Long Island, 1650 fWiGGiNS, New England 1740 
tLiNDSAY Kentucky, 1788 EMERY, New Jersey, 1750 Wanted ancestry of Henry 
APPLEGATE, b. N.J., 1729 of Ebenezer Applegate, md. Mary JOULEY, 1743 of Thomas 
Applegate, Norfolk, England, 1630. migrated to Mass, 1634. 

1052 William Boxer Mayne, Svvindon, Wilts., England. 

1053 S. Philip Uiiwin, Hall Royd, Shipley, Yorks., England. 

1054 Rev H. J. Dukinfield Astley, M.A., Litt.D., etc., East Rudham Vicarage, King's Lynn, England, 

is interested in any Norfolk and Suffolk families also in ASTLEY, Norfolk, Warws., 
Cheshire; Wem, Salop, i8th cent. BRETT, any SEYMOUR, any DUKINFIELD, Cheshire 
DANIELL, any. . . 

1055 Major Terence J. B. Dunne, Toutley Hall, Wokingham, Berks., England. _ 

1056 Dr. Paul Eisermann, Rechtsanwalt, Berlin, S.W. 29, Gneisenaustrasse 91, Deutschland. 

1057 J Bolam Johnson, 12, Granby Road, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested in BAILES, and BOLAM 

Northumb. and Co. Durham BENNETT, Wilts. CARSE, Northumb. before 1730 DAVISON, 
Northumb before 1720 DUNN, Northumb. and South of Scotland JOHNSON, Cambs. 
MAUGHAN, Northumb. and Co. Durham fMEDLEY, Yorks. MUNDAY and MUSSILL, Writs. 
PEARSON, Yorks. PROCTOR, Co. Durham -JTAYLOR, Yorks. and neighbourhood- 
Wanted marriage of Thomas BENNETT and Sarah about 1782, Wilts, or neighbourhood 

also information about Gustavus HORNWELL, of Calcutta, 1800. 

1058 Walter C L. Floyd, 13, Miles Road, Clifton, Bristol, England, is interested in FLOYD, Salop 

and U.S.A. and wants ancestry of John Floyd, Captain-Lieutenant ist Dragoon Guards, 
(who d. Germany, 1759) and of Stainbank Floyd, a partisan of Prince Charles Edward (who 
d, 1782) also information about a brother of these two, who went to America. 

1059 Walter Barrow, 13, Ampton Road, Birmingham, England, is interested in BARROW and 

WAITHMAN, North Lanes. HARRISON, DODGSON, and ELLWOOD, Kendal and district 
KING Kenton, near Newcastle-on-Tyne BREWSTER, Beccles PURDOM, Cumberland 
all 17th and i8th cents. Wanted information of parentage of Julius PALMER, Fellow o 
Magdalen College, Oxford, burnt at the stake at Newbury in Manan persecutions, (se 
Foxe's " Book of Martyrs "). . , 

1060 Joseph F. Turtle, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, is interested in -{TURTLE, Co Antrim, 

before 1750 fHAYDOCK, Lanes, before 1700 fBELL, Co. Down, i8th cent, and before. 

1061 Miss Clara Eugenia Ball, Hanover, New Jersey, U.S.A., is interested in BALL, any, Wilts.- 

and wants information about her ancestor, William BALL, of Wilts., whose six sons went 1 
New England between 1630-40. 

1062 Miss Emma Elliott Johnstone, 8 55 , Park Avenue, Baltimore Md., U.S.A is ****&** 


1680 tSMiTH, 1680 fMooRE, 1700 fYEAMANS, 1675 RUTLEDGE, I 7 3> *&j* Carolina 
US A. at date mentioned also BARNWELL, Ireland and America and wants parents of 
Archibald JOHNSTON, md. Esther ALSTON ; had a brother, Andrew both d. Carolina, iTtgr- 
also parents of Thomas SMITH, Exeter, England? ; Landgrave and Governor of Care la, 
1693! also name of his first wife and parents of James MOORE, Governor of Carolina, 
1700; md. Margaret, daughter Sir John YEAMANS. 

1063 Mrs. Wykeham Uigh-Pembcrton, Abbots Leigh, Wivelsfield, Haywards Heath, Sussex, England 

is interested in all Pembertons, especially PEMBERTON, Pemberton Manor and Hall a 
Halsnaed Manor,Lancs.-GRAHAM of Tamrawer,Stirlingshire-NoBLE, Bristol and Leckhamp- 
stead, Berks. wanted father's name of John PEMBERTON, of Billmge, kinsman of Pemberton 
family of Halsnaed Manor, Lanes., md. Anne SEPHTON, widow of Thomas BisPHAM.of m, 

in 1713. 



1064 Miss Lillian Adelaide Norton, 1949, Biltmore Street, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., is interested in 

.NORTON, Herts, and Yorks., before 1640 WILLIAMS, New England, i7th cent. HILLIARD, 
"New Hampshire, i8th cent. LOOK, Mass., I7th cent. MARSHALL, Mass, and New Hamp- 
shire, lyth and i8th cents. WATERHOUSE (WATROUS), New England WARD, New 
England, lyth and i8th cents. BUTLER, MOORE, both Mass., i8th cent. Wanted ancestry 
of Jane MONTGOMERY, of Londonderry, Ireland, who eloped with and md. Stephen RICHARD- 
SON, about 1729, and went to America (Gloucester, Mass.), October, 1738. 

1065 C. H. Arthur Finster, Kaiserlicher Konsularbeamter a. D., Oberleutnant d. R. , Diisseldorf- 
Obercassel, Deutschland. 

1066 Walter H. L. Shadwell, Trewollack, Bodmin, Cornwall, England, is interested in any family of 
Northolt, Middlesex. 

1067 Maurice E. Wingfield, Cranleigh House, Addlestone, Surrey, England, is interested in fMuxLOE, 
Leics. fGARENCiERES, i8th cent. -fCox, i8th cent. fWALEs, Lines. __ 

1068 George S. S. Strode, Newnham Park, Plympton, S. Devon, England, is interested in most families 

in four western counties of England also in STRODE HILL, Salop LOWE, Worcs. 

1069 Edward Maurice Greenway, Greenway, near Honiton, Devon, England, is interested in WALWYN 

know if the Gryphon or Griffin on a shield has a Royal or Saxon origin. 

1070 Fitzherbert Bullen, Victoria, B.C., is interested in BULLEN, Norfolk and Dorset. 

1071 Martin Bloxsom, Hazelwood, Crumpsall Green, Manchester, England, is interested in DARCY, 

Leics., i5th cent. DEAN, Towcester, i8th cent. HARRIS, Leics., i6th cent. PALMER, 
Coventry, 1620-1670 PLAYER, Leics., 1640-1670 ROSE, Marylebone, Middlesex, 1800 
SAWBRIDGE, Dean of Ferns, Ireland, 1728 SHELDON, London, 1708 SYSSEN, Leics., 
I5th cent. Information wanted about the Rectors of several Leicestershire parishes between 
1679 and 1717, who bore the name of SAWBRIDGE. 

1072 Rev. A. W. Stote, Holy Trinity Vicarage, Trowbridge, Wilts., England, is interested in STOTE, 

Breamore, Lyndhurst, New Forest, Hants., 1500-1750 ; and Newcastle-on-Tyne, before 
1550 BLANDY, Berks, before 1550 Wanted origin of Thomas STOTE of Breamore, Hants., 
living 1542 also connection between Richard and John STOTE, of Lyndhurst, Hants., 
living 1580 and 1640 respectively also traces of George Stote in Jamaica before 1774. 

1073 Charles Hofman, 16, Grosvenor Street, London, W. 

1074 C. Walton Rippon, The Brewery, St. Helens, Lanes., England, is interested in RIPPON,WALTON, 

and HODGSON, all Co. Durham, before 1750. 

1075 Mrs. Natalie R. Fernald, 217, West Utica Street, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A., is interested in 

SKINNER MERCER, before 1786 CHANDLER, Kent, England, before 1714 STORM, New 
Jersey, before 1829 MANSON, before 1800 WORCESTER, Maine, U.S.A., before 1741 
HARVEY, New Hampshire, U.S.A., before 1742 CROSS, Mass., U.S.A., before 1780 
COEYMANS, before 1814 BERDON, BERDAN, before 1825 Wanted to know the heirs of 
Robert MERCER, who left New York City, 1786-7, for England, and who held a great many 
leaseholds in New York. 

1076 Franklin Cogswell Prindle, U.S. Navy (Rear- Admiral, retired), author of PRINDLE genealogy, 

c/o Navy Dept, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., is interested in PRINGLE, near Edinburgh, 
i6th cent. KNIBLOE, near Edinburgh, i7th cent. DESBOROUGH, DISBURROW, before 
1655 Wanted birthplace and ancestry of Rev. Ebenezer KNIBLOE, baptized, Old Church, 
Edinburgh, October, 1729 ; migrated to America, about 1746 ; md. New Haven, Conn., 
1758, Betty PRINDLE ; d. 1785 birthplace and parentage of William PRINGLE (PRINDLE), 
b. near Edinburgh ? ; migrated to America (ran away, tradition) before 1653 ; md. New 
Haven, Conn., 1655, Mary DESBOROUGH (DISBURROW), d. 1690 ; progenitor of Prindle 
family in America also information of ancestry or descendants of John PRINGLE (PRINDLE), 
an " after planter," Milford, Conn., 1645 ; supposed to be of Scotch descent. 

1077 Mrs. Henrietta Potter James, Bonaparte House, 260, South Ninth Street, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., 

is interested in POTTER, James P., and wife, who lived Coventry, 1796 THORROCK 

MOORE INSKEEP VIGORS *CARDWELL wanted English information about John, Richard, 

Cheslyn James, and Samuel, four sons of POTTER, who settled in America about 1790. 

1078 Miss Hill, The Ashes, Hothfield, Ashford, Kent. 



1079 W. J. W. Easterbrook, Winchester House, London, E.C., is interested in EASTERBROOK 

1080 Major R. G. S. Moriarty, The Royal Irish Regt., c/o Messrs. Cox and Co., 16, Charing Cross, 

London, S.W., is interested in MORIARTY and wants information about John and Martin 
HINTON, Captains in R.N., 1790 and about FERRITER of Dumerlin Dingle. 

1081 Walter E. R. Crofts, 2, Granville Road, North Finchley, London, N., is interested in CROFTS, 
CROFTES *JORDAN, 1700-1900. 

1082 Frederic De Hochepied-Larpent, 36, Crystal Palace Park, Sydenham, London, S.E., is interested 


1083 Lorenz M. Rheude, Miinchen, Zieblandstrasse I 1 , Deutschland. 

1084 Francis W. Pixley, Conservative Club, St. James's Street, London, S.W., is interested in PIXLEY, 

any and wants marriage certificate of William and Dorothy PIXLEY, 1697 or earlier ; William 
and Elizabeth Pixley, 1758 ; and Thomas and Mary Pixley, 1722. 

1085 Horace Frere, Darenth House, Bath Road, Slough, England, is interested in BLOMERFIELD, 

Fersfield KEENE, Barbados, before 1676 STONE, Suffolk WALLIS, Fersfield BRITTON, 
Elvedon, Suffolk, before 1691 wanted marriage of Edmund WALLIS, of Fersfield, Norfolk, 
with Bridget BLOMEFIELD, about 1580, and names of their children marriage of - 
STONE with Bridget WALLIS of Fersfield, Norfolk, about 1590, and names of their children 
marriage of Anne STONE, daughter of Roger S., of Eye, Suffolk, to Thomas Frere, before 1654. 

1086 A. T. Butler, 26, Ulleswater Road, Southgate, Middlesex, England, is interested in history of 

families residing in neighbourhood of Bromsgrove, Worcs., before 1760 and in SPILSBURY, 

1087 C. Holmes Denham, 67, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland, is interested in Irish Presby- 

terians in rebellion of 1798 also in ANYAN, Dublin, 1700 DENHAM, Ireland, I7th cent. 

HOLMES, Donegal Information wanted about DENHAM, doctor, held command in army 

in Ireland, 1649 about James Denham who md. Eliza MARTIN and had a son, Joseph, 
about 1727 ; the son md. Eliza TODD. 

1088 Dr. George L. Parmele, 36, Pearl Street, Hartford, Conn., U.S.A. 

1089 John C. Smock, Trenton, N.J., U.S.A., is interested in fSMOCK, Huguenot refugee family, 

Canterbury, I7th cent. 

1090 George William Lemcke, 711, East Bailey Street, Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. 

1091 Georg Conrad, Amtsgerichtsrat, Berlin, N.W., 87, Wullenweberstrasse 6, Deutschland. 

1092 Basil Oxenden, 10, Wilbraham Place, London, S.W., requires information about antecedents 

of Charles GODFREY, 1648-1714, md. Arabella CHURCHILL of William HARVEY, whose 
daughter, Elizabeth, md. Heneage, Earl of NOTTINGHAM of Anna FETTYPLACE, who md. 
Sir Edmund DUNCH, Kt. of Alice BARTON, who md. Edward OXENDEN, of Dene, Kent, 
early i6th cent. 

1093 Thurstan Matthews, 26, John Dalton Street, Manchester, England, is interested in FISHER, 

Drury Lane and Ireland GOSLING, West Midlands JACKSON, ryth cent. MATTHEWS, 
Welsh border NICKLIN. 

1094 T. Ashley Crook, Balliol College, Oxford, England, is interested in CROOK ECROYD, before 

1650 FLEETWOOD, before 1750 TIPPING, Dockber, Sawley, about 1680 Wanted informa- 
tion about parentage of Sarah FLEETWOOD, md. Preston, Lanes., 1745, R. LIVESAY. 

1095 Edward Guy Dru Drury, M.D., Grahamstown, Cape Colony, South Africa, is interested in 

DRURY, Rougham, Fincham, and Elsworth. 

1096 Sir Thomas H. C. TfOU bridge, Baronet, 66, Gloucester Gardens, Hyde Park, London, W., is 

interested in TROBRIDGE, Trobridge, Devon DAVIS, Richmond, Surrey SQUINCH 
PRINSEP and wants parentage and birth date of Andrew TROUBRIDGE, living Westminster, 
1701 ; children baptized St. Margaret's, Westminster. 

1097 Major George H. Lawrence, Merlswood, Eastbourne, England, is interested in LAWRENCE, 

LAWRANCE, LAURENCE and wants descendants of three brothers, Adam, Richard and John 
LAWRENCE, of Co. Londonderry, who migrated to America about 1775 also of LAWRENCE 
family of Magherafelt, Co. Londonderry. 

Ixxxix G 


1098 Rev. Herbert H. Flower, Pittodrie House. Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested 

in FLOWER, Potterne, and Chetterne, Wilts. ERSKINE, all branches. 

1099 Miss Williamson, 2, Park Avenue, Dover, England, is interested in families of Royal descent, 

especially Plantagenet also in CHARNOCK, before 1700 HARRISON, Ripon TRITTON, 
Hythe LISTER, Coverham Abbey, Yorks. HINDE, Co. Durham SALVIN, Newbiggin 
STAVELEY, before 1690 wanted marriage certificate of Charles HARRISON and Mary EST- 
COURT, md. about 1735. 

1100 Edward Judson Brockett, author, East Orange, N.J., U.S.A., is interested in BROCKETT, 1600- 

1680 also wants parentage of John BROCKETT, who went from England to Boston, 1637, 
and became one of the founders of New Haven Colony, U.S.A. 

1101 Albert Rogers Crandall, Ph.D., Milton College, Milton, Wis., U.S.A., is interested in CRANDALL, 

in Great Britain before 1640 ; since then of America WELLS SAUNDERS, in England 
before 1635. 

1102 Albert H. Lamson, (Secretary Piscatoqua Pioneers, Portsmouth, N.H.), Elkins, N.H., U.S.A., 

is interested in DAM LAMSON and wants information about John DAM, possibly of Dam's 
Crofts ; of Dover, N.H., U.S.A., combination, 1640. 

1103 Henry F. Berry, 51, Waterloo Road, Dublin, Ireland, is interested in ALLEY, Bucks, and 

Devon, before 1700 BERRY, Somerset or Dorset before 1710. 

1104 S. S. de Knevett, (professional), 121/3, Birkbeck Buildings, Holborn, London, W.C., is interested 

in all KNYVET references KNEVETT (various spellings), Ealing, Middlesex, before 1708 
also wants information about Jonathan KNEVETT, whose children were baptized St. Mary's, 
Ealing, from 1709 ; he paid first parish rates in 1708. 

1105 Miss Jessie A. Smith, c/o The Union of London and Smith's Bank, Argyll Place, London, 

W., is interested in AGNEAU, France, before 1782 AGNEW, Antrim, before 1782 SMITH, 
Belgrave, before 1800 THOMSON, Corkerhill, Renfrewshire, before 1750 wanted marriage 

of John AGNEW, and Anne STAVELEY, Co. Antrim, 1762-1780 also marriage of 

LASCELLES, and Mrs. STAVELEY, about 1630. 

1106 William Elkins-Green, 3, Grange Terrace, Sunderland, England, is interested in ELKINS 

1107 O. R. A. von Saldern, Brallentin in Pommern, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur VON SALDERN 


1108 W. Roberts Crow, Camelot, Park Hill Road, Wallington, Surrey, England, is interested in 

CROWE (CROW), East Bilney, Norfolk and elsewhere ROBERTS, ? Preston, Lanes., i8th 
cent. MERRITT, London and Gloucs. HOLBROOK LEVER, Lanes. (? Cheadle) HIGGINS, 
Higginsbrook, Trim, Co. Meath, i8th cent. BATTERSBY, Dublin, i8th cent. GARMAN, 
igth cent. LOCK, London and Maidenhead, igth cent. MORGAN, Tredegar and Grays 
Thurrock, i8th cent. LEARMONTH (? LAMONT), Scottish Lowlands SUCKLING, East 
Anglia, 1700-1900 ENSOR, i8th cent. ACHESON, (AITCHISON), any, especially Donegal, 
Fermanagh, Scotland, and America BLAKE, Padnoller, Somerset 1600-1800 GOMIDE, 
Brazil wanted parentage and birthplace of William Harmer CROWE, b. 1746, and William 
C., d. 1765 ; both of Felbrigg, Norfolk also descendants of Colonel Basil HAMILTON, 
Baldoon, Kirkcudbright, d. 1743. 

1109 J. P. Emslie, 50, Kestrel Avenue, Herne Hill, London, S.E., is interested in EMSLIE, EMSLEY 

ELMSLIE, ELMSLEY, Aberdeen, 1697-1820 information wanted about William EMSLIE, of 
Aberdeen, who, before 1781, came to London with a friend, John REED ; William EMSLIE 
md. Frances Coo ? and d. Hoxton, 1818, buried St. Michael's, Shoreditch. 

1110 Albert E. Rhodes, 6, Beacon Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in AVERILL, ELDREDGE, 

EMMONS, and FLETCHER, all Maine, U.S.A. PECK, Boston, Mass. RHODES and SHACKLEY, 
Maine, U.S.A. wanted ancestry of Thomas BOOTHBY, migrated " Magwater," Ireland to 
America, 1720 of Rev. William EDDY, Cranbrook, Kent, 1597 of Thomas FRY, b. 1632, 
father of Deputy Governor FRY, of Rhode Island, U.S.A. of Thomas PRENCE, Governor 
Plymouth Colony, 1634 ; b. Glos., 1600 of Rev. Joseph HULL, b. 1594, Somerset ; rector 
Northleigh, Devon, 1621 of John RICHMOND, b. 1594 ; migrated from Ashton Keynes, 
Wilts., to America, about 1635 of William WARNER, Boxted, Essex; his daughter, Abigail, 
md. Thomas WELLS, Colchester, Essex, 1630 ; went to America, 1637 of Thomas WELLS, 
baptized n December, 1605, Colchester, Essex ; settled Ipswich, Mass., U.S.A. 



1111 Lieut.-Colonel A. C. Painter, R.E., St. Mary's Barracks, Chatham, England, is interested in 

PAINTER, Glos., before 1700 CHARLTON, Boughton Monchelsea, East Sutton and Boxley, 
Kent TURNER, connecting link between Salop and Dublin families PURSER, Moreston, 
Pembrokeshire, before 1800 NICHOLS (or NICHOLAS), Glos., before 1630 MUSTOE, Glos., 
before 1703 COWLEY, Glos., before 1750 CLARKE, Yorks. and London, before 1800 
WILLIAMS, near Pembroke, before 1800 FERRIER (or FERRIOR), Pearston, Pembrokeshire. 
Wanted ancestry, descendants, and arms of Admiral Sir Edward SPRAGGE, temp. Charles II. 
also parentage of John Alden CLARKE, London, banker, d. 1833. 

1112 Tohn Hoblyn Mann, 41, Grange Road, Ealing, London, W., is interested in MANN, Devon, 

Dorset, Glos., before 1784 also wants marriages of John MANN, Ilsmgton, Devon, to 

Elizabeth , about 1660 ; of Peter Mann, Ilsington, Devon, to Richaurd , about 

1713 ; of William Mann, Bickington, Devon, to Susanna ROWELL, about 1780 ; and of 
Joseph Mann, Bickington, Devon, to Mary Ann LETHBRIDGE, about 1812. 

1113 Tames Montgomery Rice, Peoria, 111., U.S.A., wants information about Thomas RICE and 

wife Mary probably from Bristol, England, to Va. about 1685 about Thomas Rice, of 
North Carolina, about 1770 of David, William, Shadrach, and Mirajah, sons of William 
RICE who d. 1733, Hanover Co., Va. also of John MONTGOMERY, and wife, Margaret, 
perhaps son of Major John M., near Lifford, Ireland, came to Delaware, 1722 and of John 
Montgomery, Augusta Co., Va., 1740, md. Esther HOUSTON. 

1114 William A. Otis, 175, Dearborn Street, Chicago, 111., U.S.A., is interested in OTIS, GATES, 

OATTES and wants information about descendants of Thomas OATTES, Glastonbury, 
supposed to have migrated to Ireland about 1600, later to America. 

1115 W. Mosby Williams, LL.M., Columbian Bldg., Washington, D.C., U.S.A., is interested in 

WALTER, WALTERS, any SHANKS and LOVE, in Md., U.S.A., before 1800 WILLIAMS, 
Frederick Co., Va., before 1827 GRUBBS REVELL, Md. and Va., before 1830 SAFFELL, 
anv SMOOT, JOHN, and LEACH, U.S.A. also wants ancestors of Noah WILLIAMS, who served 
in "War of 1812 (between America and Great Britain), from Frederick Co., Va., where he 
d 1827 he left a widow Harriet (nee SHANKS), and three children also (at Zanesville, 
Ohio) a' brother, George, and two sisters, Elizabeth and Sarah A. Williams also ancestors 
of John WALTER, and wife, Ann ; he d. 1760 is St. Mary's Co., Md., leaving children, William 
(eldest), Rebecca, Richard, Lawrence, and James (youngest) ; said Richard is traditionally 
supposed to have been in the Navy, and James in American Revolution ; William s 
descendants are known to the inquirer. 

1 116 Max A WeiSZker, Referendar und Oberleutnant der Landwehr a. D., Langebriick bei Dresden, 

Sachsen, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur BEISZGER, PEISZKER, PITZKER, vor 1650 

1117 Sir Anthony A. Weldon, Bart., D.S.O., Kilmorony, Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland, is interested in 

WELDON, Ralimderry and Kilmorony, 1600-1907 ; fWELDON, Northumberland, 1066-1700 ; 
Staffs., before 1700 ; Kent, Berks., before 1700 fRvDER, RIDER, Cheshire, any date 
tBAMBRiCK or BAMBRIDGE, Apeley, Cumberland, any date also wants any information about 
? Thomas WELDON of Weldon, Staffs.?, possibly Northants. or Northumberland, whose 
four sons, (i), Walter, M.P. for Athy, 1613, md. Jane, daughter of John RYDER, Bishop of 
Killaloe; (2), William, md. ? Jane, daughter of John BOLTON, Great Fenton, Staffs.; 
(3), Robert, md. 1616, St. Mary-le-Strand, London, Katherine BAMBRIDGE (BAINBRIDGE or 

BAMBRICK), Apeley?, Cumberland; (4), Thomas, md. Anne, daughter of BLOOD, 

Dunbryn, Co. Meath. They settled in Ireland towards the end of i6th cent. 

1118 John Kelsall, The Cottage, East Sheen, London, S.W., is interested in KELSALL, Tarvm, 

Cheadle, and West Cheshire generally SEDDON, Prestolee and S. Lanes. 

1119 Miss R. R. McGilchrist-GilChrist, 4, Queen Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, is interested in BANNA- 

TYNE of Kames, Kerrylamont, and Kellie ; Bute and Renfrewshire until extinction 
BOYLE of Ballochmartin, Bute, until extinction CLAY of Bridgehouses, Hallamshire, 
until 1720 DUFF of Torrysoul, Drummuir, Baid, Ardrone, Drumbalge, Clunybeg, Muldavit, 
etc FEARN Pitcullen, Tarlogie, etc., Ross-shire, Scotland, and London HANDS, Proctors 
of Lichfield Cathedral, before 1680 LAUDER of The Bass, before 1550 McGiLCHRisx 
(GiLCHRisx), Loch Lomond, Lennox, Renfrew, Bute, lona, Scotland generally MIDDLETON, 
Scotland STRACHAN, (Scotch), Kincardineshire, Aberdeen, Forfar, Banff, London, Exete 
etc. STRATTON, Kincardineshire. 



1120 Jas. Clegg, 115, The Crescent, Rochdale, Lanes., England. 

1121 Rev. Lawrence Buckley Thomas, D.D., St. George's Rectory, Nevis, British West Indies, is 

interested in early Maryland, U.S.A., families also in THOMAS BUCKLEY, New York, 
possibly from Lanes. CHEW HUTCHINS, of Md., before 1700 LAWRENCE, St. Albans, 
Herts. McCoBB, Me., U.S.A., and Aberdeen, Scotland RUTLAND SCUDAMORE, Kent- 
church, Hereford, before 1600 SNOWDEN, Md., and Wales also wants any engraved por- 
traits of CHEW family any engraved portraits (even newspaper cuts), and Coats of Arms of 
THOMAS family two guineas reward for proof of ancestry of Philip THOMAS, who d. Mary- 
land, 1675 ; he owned two houses in Bristol, England, and was a merchant there until 1651, 
when he migrated ; he is said to have md. Sarah HARRISON, before 1645, and had issue Philip, 
Sarah and Elizabeth at time of migration also wants information about Sir Rhys AP THOMAS, 
K.G., d. 1525 and any additions or corrections to the "THOMAS Book," New York, 1896. 

1122 Frederick U. Walford, (professional) 62, Chancery Lane, London, W.C., is interested in 

WALFORD, Essex, 1700-1800 GREELE, East Anglia, before 1650 NEWLIN, Ireland, 1620-70. 

1123 S. S. McDowall, Freugh, Herne Hill, London, S.E., is interested in COBB, Kent COLTMAN, 

London or Leicester MERRIFIELD, Dorset, Hants., or London wanted ancestry of William 
COBB, Margate, of whom the earliest authentic record is M/L, 16 January, 1720 ancestry 
of George COLTMAN, Controller of Stamp Duties, Holborn, London ; d. June, 1770 also of 
Thomas MERRIFIELD, Master's Clerk Exchequer, b. Christchurch, Hants., April, 1733 and of 
McDowALL families, Irish. 

1124 Albert Brooking, 52, Osborne Road, Southsea, Hants., England, is interested in fBROOKiNG, 

Devon, Cornwall, Co. Cork fEDWARDS, Devon, Cornwall fRowE, Devon fSMiTH, 
Laxfield, Suffolk tTRiMBLE and f THOMAS, Cornwall Wanted paternal grandfather and 
grandmother of fSir Horace JONES, Kt., P.R.I. B.A., d. about 1887. 

1125 Vernet E. Cleveland, (professional), 154, Vermont Street, Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. 

1126 Mrs. Elizabeth Mathews- Richardson, 43, St. James Street, Roxbury, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

1127 James A. Ferguson, Duluth, Minn., U.S.A., is interested in FERGUSON, Auchentiber, Stewarton, 

Scotland WILLIS, Newcastle-on-Tyne GILL, Penna., U.S.A. Wanted information about 
and ancestry of John WILLIS, who, with wife, two daughters, and son left Newcastle-on- 
Tyne about 1827, for New Brunswick, Canada also antecedents of William Van Ransaler 
GILL, left Penna. about middle last cent. 

1128 Hon. Elroy M. Avery, Ph.D., LL.D., 2831, Woodhill Road, S.E., Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., 

is interested in the AVERY family in England and wants ancestry of Christopher AVERY, 
supposed to have md. Margery STEVENS at Ipplepen, Devon, about 26 August, 1616 ; he 
migrated to America (Mass.) accompanied by his son James, between 1630 and 1642. 

1129 Paul Poesch, Heilstatten Beelitz i/ Mark, Verwaltungs Gebaude, Deutschland. 

1130 Rev. George Israel Browne, M.A., 319, West Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pa., U.S.A. 

1131 Robert O. Bascom, Fort Edward, New York, U.S.A. 

1132 Dr. jur Dr. phil. Eicflhorst, Berlin, Steglitzerstrasse 51, Deutschland. 

1133 Dr. William Evelyn St. Lawrence Finny, J.P., Mayor of Kingston-upon-Thames, Tamesa, 

Kingston Hill, Surrey, England, is interested in FINNY, Ireland LESLIE, Co. Monaghan, 
Ireland MATURIN, Irish Huguenots TENCH, Co. Wexford CLIFFE, Bellevue, Co. Wexford, 
Ireland HIGGINSON, North of Ireland WARNER, Balsham, Cambridge TURVEY, Walcote, 
Worcs., and Ireland MOORE, Eglantine and Bowley, Ireland (sister md. Lord ANNESLEY) 
COTTER, South of Ireland. 

1134 Edmond Fernand de Werpe, Secretaire, Agence Consulaire de France, Sunderland, England, 

is interested in DE WERPE, Saxony, Brunswick, Schaumberg-Lippe, Prussia DE LIBOUTTON, 
Belgium DE DERVAL, Brittany, France DE FREMERY, Nord France BRASSEUR, Belgium. 

1135 William Henry Bailey, Town Clerk's Office, Derby, England. 

1136 Ralphe Ogle, Abshields, Longhorsley, R.S.O., Northumberland, England, is interested in 

OGLE family of Abshields Farm (near Morpeth) , of which members of this family have been 
tenants for about three centuries. 

1137 W. L. May, Sandford, Tasmania, is interested in MAY, Berks., before 1700 and wants in- 

formation about and ancestors of Edward MAY, Drayton, Berks., d. 1740, and sealed his will 
with, the leopard's head of the MAY family of Sussex. 



1138 Mrs. Chas. A. Bernau, Pendeen, Bowes Road, Walton-on-Thames, England, is interested in 

TRIST, any TRUNDLE, any especially Norfolk STRACHAN, Plymouth, Exeter and Bristol 
desires to exchange information with any members of the BENNION family in Great Britain 
or America, especially wishes to know name and ancestry of BENNION, (said to have been 
buried with his wife at Wolstanton, Staffs.), the father of three sons (i) Owen, b. about 1790, 
d. 1874, md. about 1809 Ann BENNET ; (ii) Samuel, b. about 1791, d. 1835, md. Louisa- 
Maria FAWCETT ; (iii) Ralph, said to have d. unmd. in Radnorshire. Above-mentioned Owen 
B. had a son, Ralph, b. Doddlespool, Cheshire, 1828, baptized at Barthomley, Cheshire, 
d. 1889, buried at Much Marche, Gloucs., md. Sarah Bo WEN, of Hereford, and had issue two 
sons and two daughters, both sons md. and had children, wanted their present address. 
Above-mentioned Samuel B. won a law-suit about land '' tried at Chester Assizes about 1817- 
18-19," further particulars about this law-suit wanted Thomas FAWCETT, b. 1751, '52 or 
'53, baptism wanted. He md. about 1770-1775, Elizabeth - - (maiden name wanted), 
who was b. about 1755 or 1756. Their children were baptized at Richmond, Surrey, 1775 
to 1788. FIVE GUINEAS REWARD offered for marriage of Thomas and Elizabeth, provided 
that it can be proved to refer to these two. Thomas had a sister, Martha, b. about 1764 
or 1765. (Two GUINEAS REWARD for baptisms of both a Thomas and an Elizabeth, 
provided they occur in the same register under years above mentioned and are children of the 
same parents). Martha md. 1783-1795, Henry HICKMAN, and settled at Colnbrook, Bucks. 
ONE GUINEA for their marriage. Their children lived at Colnbrook and Langley, Bucks. 
The last of the family (their son HENRY) d. unmd. at Colnbrook, 1870. Correspondence 
desired with anyone who knew him intimately. James STRACHAN, son of James S. and of 

Elizabeth (maiden name desired), was b. 1734. He md. on Oct. 15, 1761, Jane - 

(maiden name desired). John ROBERTS, (ancestry wanted), and wife, Ann - - (maiden 
name wanted), parents of John and Mary (both baptized St. Margaret's, King's Lynn, 27 June, 
1792, John then two years old). John, sen., said to have d. before birth of Mary. What 
became of John, jun. ? Mary was brought up by a friend (who ?) of the parents. He left 
her .300. She md. 6 April, 1815, by licence, at St. Margaret's, King's Lynn, James TRUNDLE, 
and d. Ipswich, 1853, being buried at Swaffham. 

1139 Captain H. A. L. Hepper, R.E., Beryl House, Wodehouse Road, Bombay, India, is interested 


1140 Miss Helen K. Pumphrey, Mayfield, Sunderland, England, is interested in I7th cent. Quaker 

families, and their ancestors also in FEATHERSTONE, Featherstone, Northumb., 1700 
and before STANLEY, Worcs. HALL, Broughton, Cumberland, 1660 and before SOMER- 
FORD, Somerford, Staffs., 1700 and before PALMER, Bridgenorth, 1680 and before ; also 
Coventry, 1554 PUMPHREY, any RUSSELL, Warws., 1700 and before SPARKES, Gloucester 
and Devon WILSON, Westmorland, 1700 and before PERRY and TRUSLADE, any HARRIS, 
Warws. PRYOR, any information wanted about Richard STANLEY, d. Tardebigge, Worcs., 
1588 also ancestors of Rowland WILSON, lived Great Strickland, Westmorland ; 
Quaker in 1665. 

1141 Cornelius McKean, 908, Park Street, Perry, Iowa, U.S.A. 

1142 George Ancestry, (professional), Box 219, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., is interested in BEEBE, 

New London, Conn. BETTS, Norwalk, Conn., and Newtown, Long Island, N.Y. BRUSH, 
New York and Conn. BUFFINGTON CRESSY, CRISSEY DEAN, Stamford, Conn., and 
WELDEN, WHELDON Wanted descendants, parentage, and maiden name of wife of 
Richard BERRY, of Yarmouth, Mass., 1650 ; wife, Alice ; n children. Also descendants 
and parentage of William RUNDALL (RUNDLE), of Greenwich, Conn. 

1143 Hans Gustav von Levetzow, Major a. D., Ostorf bei Schwerin i/Ul., Regentenstr. 12, Deutsch- 

land, interessiert sich fur VON LEVETZOW. 

1144 Henry Nevill, Caixa 176, Pernambuco, Brazil, S. America, is interested in NEVILL, especially 

East Grinstead, and Titchfield, Hants. and wants news of Charles NEVILL, of Waverley, 

1145 Josiah Wood, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada, is interested in Josiah WOOD, Lebanon, 

Conn., 1767-1790 and wants information about ancestry and descendants of Thomas 
WOOD, Rowley, Mass , 1654 al 50 in descendants of Betsy and Eunice, daughters of Josiah 
WOOD, of Lebanon, Conn. ; Betsy md. Loring PARSONS, and they were of Montgomery Co., 
New York 1800 ; Eunice was of Norwich, Conn., 1802. 



1146 James R. Clark, Maunie, White Co., 111., U.S.A. 

1147 Robert George Maunsell, 71, South Mall, Cork, Ireland, desires find marriage settlement and 

probate of will of Richard MAUNSELL, md. 5 August, 1535, Margaret, widow of William 
SAYRE, of Worsall, and second daughter of Sir Thomas FAIRFAX, of Walton and Gilling 
Castle, Yorks. He (Richard M.) d. 6 November, 1559, at Chicheley, Bucks. 

1148 L. E. Holden, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in HOLDEN STEARNS BULKLEY 

and allied families, America and England also wishes to know identity of Anna, wife of 
Samuel HOLDEN, Groton and Stonham, Mass. also identity of SALLY, wife of John STEARNS, 
Billricka, Mass., and Lovel, Maine also to what branch of the English HOLDEN family did 
Richard and Justinian H. belong ? They sailed from England, 1634, from Ipswich, on 
ship " Francis " (Capt. CUTTING). From what place in England did they come ? 

1149 Mrs. J. R. Miller, 4224, Spruce Street, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., is interested in CRESWELL, Maryland, 

before 1747 TINKEY (or TINKER), Washington Co., New York, 1760 also wants ancestors 
of James KING, b. Glasgow ?, 1754 of George TELFORD, b. Scotland, 1728 of Samuel 
MCCARRELL, Co. Armagh, Ireland, whose son, Thomas, went to America, about 1760 of 
James STEVENSON, b. Ayrshire, Scotland, 1710 of Daniel SMITH, mariner, Argyllshire, 
Scotland ; who was in New York, 1765 and of Anthony DE HOOGES, who arrived New 
York, 1641. 

1150 D. G. van Epen, Director Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie en Heraldiek, 'S-Gravenhage, 

Adelheidstraat 188, The Hague, is interested in all Dutch families all Huguenot refugee 

1151 J. H. W. Palthe Wesenhagen, Bootenmakersstraat 86, Zaandam, Holland, is interested in 

WESENHAGEN, any, Harderwijk, Middelburg, Vilvorde PALTHE, Elspeet, Gelderland, before 
1670 BATHANS THORNHILL, any, Castle Kerin, Ireland. 

1152 Joseph Cowie Nichols, Kuriheka, Maheno, Otago, New Zealand, is interested in NICHOLS, 

London, Essex or Cornwall, before 1765 ; U.S.A., after 1809 and wants place of birth, 
marriage, and burial of Samuel NICHOLS, b. 18 April, 1765 ; md. Ann PALMER, 26 August, 
J 795 '> d. London, 3 May, 1840 also information about issue of James NICHOLS, son of 
above, b. 12 December, 1809 ; went to America. 

1153 Mrs. Edwin W. Vosburgh, 432, West Cedar Street, Kalamazoo, Mich., U.S.A., is interested in 

VAIL GILDERSLEEVE, America, before 1700 VOSBURGH, New York, before 1700 RIGGS, 
America, before 1735 BREESE, Shrewsbury, England, 1735 CONKLING, Notts., Salem, 
Mass., 1640 MCCONNELL, Scotland and Ireland, before 1795 BRUSH, Southold, Long Island 
1653-63 FERGUSON, Westchester Co., New York, before 1700 HOBART, Long Island, 
before 1682 Also wants ancestry and descendants of Thomas VAIL, Long Island, U.S.A., 
1649 ancestry of Jeremiah HOBART (HUBBARD ?), Jamaica, L.I., 1682 and any information 
bout Rev. Samuel ? BREESE, Shrewsbury, England, md. SIDNEY, before 1712. 

1154 Mrs. George Clinton Purdue, 1103, N. Topeka Avenue, Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A., is interested 

in GARWOOD WOOLSEY PERDUE STOKES INSKEEP Wanted information about Thomas 

GARWOOD, of Acton, Suffolk, England, of William Garwood, Stepney, Middlesex and the 

PERDUE family of France. 

1155 James Boyd Gibson, 4514, Gibson Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A. 

1156 Francis Beresford Wright, Wootton Court, Warwick, England. 

1157 David Emory Holman, M.D., Attleboro', Mass., U.S.A., is interested in HOLMAN, any, Europe 

and America especially in Solamon Holman, b. 1671-2, England or Wales Thomas 
Holman, in Va.. U.S.A., 1635 Hugh Holman, &. Southampton, England, 1702 William 
Holman, b. 1594, Northampton, England Thomas Holman, Surrey Co., N.C., U.S.A. 
David Holman, Clayville, New York, U.S.A. George Holman, Indiana, b. n February, 
1762, in Md., U.S.A. also information about Alexander BALCOM, Banfield CAPRON, and 
George MOREY, all about 1630-40. 

1158 James Knox Blish, Kewanee, 111., U.S.A., is interested in BLISH, Devon, England, before 

1637 BONAR, England, before 1700 LOTHROP, England, before 1637 HULL, England, 
before 1637 GILLETTE, Huguenot refugees BLISH, any in America RHODES, England, 
before 1640 wants information about ancestors of Abraham BLISH, Duxbury, Mass., 
U.S.A., supposed to be from Barnstaple, England and about members of BONAR family 
who went to America and settled in N.J., and Pa., in I7th cent. 



1159 Harry Kerby Pott, The Cedars, Sunninghill, Ascot, England, is interested in POTT, Cheshire 

and Derbyshire, and wants information about John POTT, a leatherdresser of Horsleydown, 
about 1620. 

1160 Edwy G. Clayton, Glengariff, Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey, England, is interested in Sussex, 

Bucks., Berks., Oxon., and Northants. families also in ANSELL, any, especially Oxon., 
Berks., and Bucks. BADCOCK and BLACKALL, any, especially Oxon. and Berks. BLAKE, any, 
especially Essex, Surrey, and Kent BOWER, any BRADSHAW, any, especially Oxon. 
BYRN (BYRNE), any, especially Essex, Surrey, and Kent CLAYTON, any, especially Sussex, 
Northants., and Bucks. CONNELL, any CORNISH, any, especially Essex, Kent, and Devon 
ELLISTON. any PENN, any REDHEAD, any TILBURY, any, especially Bucks., Herts., 
Middlesex, Essex, and Surrey Wanted connection between Admiral BLAKE and Captain 
Robert Blake, of Westminster, 1780-90 and parentage and ancestry of Richard CLAYTON, 
Portreeve, of Chichester, 1741 Wanted parentage and ancestry of Henry ANSELL, of 
Watlington, Oxon, b. 1761 Wanted connection between John BRADSHAW, President of the 
High Court, 1649, an ^ Edward B., b. 1613, Windrush, Glos., buried 1684, Kelmscott, Oxon. 

1161 Elijah F. Woodman, Jr., Carlinville, 111., U.S.A., is interested in ancestry of Edward WOODMAN, 

Corsham or Malmesbury, Wilts., migrated to Newbury, Mass., 1635 wishes for Coat of 

Arms of WOODMAN family in Surrey to hear from all Woodmans in U.S.A. to know the 

_ origin of Woodman family. _ 

1162 Leon Brooks Bacon, B.A., LL.B., member New York Historical Society, 41, Windermere 

Street, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in genealogy of descendants of Michael BACON, 
Dedham, Mass., New England and wants information about ancestry, date and place 
(Suffolk, about 1579), of birth of this Michael B., who lived in Dublin, Ireland, 1639, an< ^ 
settled in Dedham, Mass., 1640 also name and date and place of birth of his father. 

1163 Joseph George Clippies, Monmouth Court and Carlton Path, Brookline, Massachusetts, 

U.S.A., is interested in CUPPLES, any, especially England, Scotland, Ulster, West Indies, 
North Carolina, and Virginia, early. 

1164 Charles Sumner Pierce, 97, Lincoln Avenue, Detroit, Mich., U.S.A., is interested in PIERCE, 

Royalston, Mass., 1740-1850 fSTEVENS, Wilson, New York, before 1816 *LEAVENS, 
Roxbury, Mass., settled 1632 f^RAY, Campbeltown, Scotland, 1790-1832 *SIBLEY, 
Royalston, Mass., about 1785 Wanted information about Adam STEVENS, Dutchess Co., 
New York ; md. Polly GROSSMAN, 25 April, 1757 ; he d. 1819, at Wilson, New York. 

1165 Miss M. E. Briscoe, Neach Hill, Shifnal, England, is interested in BRISCOE, and wants par- 

ticulars of ancestry of William Briscoe, described in 1740 as of Apley Castle, Wellington, 

Salop, Gent. also particulars of ancestry of Benjamin Briscoe, Surgeon, Stourbridge, 

_ who md. 1724, at which date he was " aged 24, or thereabouts." _ ___ 

1166 William W. Wight, 1020, WeUs Building, Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.A., is interested in WIGHT 
_ and wants information about origin and parentage of Thomas WIGHT, in Mass, in 1635. 

1167 Miss Emma J. Foster, Carmel, Putnam Co., New York, U.S.A. _ __ 

1168 Miss Catharine Caryl, (until May, 1909, at 5804, Rosalie Court, Chicago, 111., U.S.A., afterwards 

at: ) Groton, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in YOUNG, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, before 1700 
CARYL, CARRILL, CARRELL, London, and America, before 1700 CAREL, France DAKIN, 
Liverpool, before 1800 KIP, KYPE, Holland DE MARNEIL, Holland or France, before 
1600 DE FOREST, Leyden, Holland, and France, before 1626 Wanted lists of descendants 
of following members of CARRILL family : Thomas, of Ochecote, d. 1546 Robert, George 
and Thomas, b. before 1623, sons of Sir John C., and Jane READ William d. Warnham 
1656 Thomas, chaplain to Archbishop of Canterbury, 1623 John, William, and Raffe, 
sons of John C., of Tangley, and Letitia John, b. 1615, and Simon, b. 1619, sons of Simon 
C., of Tangley, and Elizabeth Malbon, of Chatteris, md. Sarah HART, 1681 Kings- 
borough and Philip, brothers, of Thorpe Rev. Joseph, nonconformist Paul, Wapping, 
Middlesex, md. at St. Dunstan and any other London Caryls also ancestry and descendants 
of Nathaniel CARYL (CARRILL, CARRELL), born about 1638, and of Benjamin C., md. at Trinity 
the Less, 7 June, 1626 also information of ancestry of any CARYL before 1500, and informa- 
tion about any member of the family who left England for America before 1700 also 
ancestry of Thomas DAKIN, d. Liverpool, about 1796 and record of his marriage at " Hope 
Chapel," (where ?), about 1763, with Elizabeth MIDDLETON, u aunt to Bishop Middleton of 
Calcutta " also ancestry of said Elizabeth Middleton or of Bishop Middleton. 



1169 Miss Fanny Pomeroy Brown, 10, Library Place, Danbury, Conn., U.S.A. 

1170 Major-General Henry Leslie Grove, 62, West Cromwell Road, London, S.W., is interested in 

GROVE, and especially in the connection between Jon GROVE also Barbara G., who went 
from Hendon, Middlesex, and settled at Cahirduggan, Co. Cork, Ireland, 1603, and the 
Grove family of Donegal and English families of GROVE. . 

1171 Isaac Hull Platt, M.D., Runnemede, Wallingford, Penna., U.S.A., is interested in HULL, 

England, about 1599 WHEELER, WHELER, Kent, 1598 FULLER, England, 1611 CLARKE, 
England, 1599 (Mate of the u Mayflower ") NICHOLS, England, 1595 PLATT, England, 
about 1550 WARNER LAURENCE, England, about 1550 and wants information about 
Richard PLATT, who went to Mass., about 1637 and about Richard HULL, who went to 
Mass., about 1635 also about Anne WARD who md. Caleb NICHOLS ; their daughter, Sarah, 
md. Moses WHEELER, about middle iyth cent, and went to Mass. 

1172 Fred O. Hopkins, 39, City Councillors Street, Montreal, Canada, is interested in BEAUMONT, 

Essex BRUSH, Cornwall BUSBY, Essex, Middlesex GUMLEY, Cheshire, Middlesex 

HOPKINS, Essex, Gloucs., Middlesex, Pembrokeshire, Salop, Staffs., Somerset, Warws., and 

Ulster MANSON, Scotland PRIOR, Essex, Middlesex SMITH, Lanes., before 1814 TILLEY, 

Flintshire WOOD, Middlesex, Worcs., and Warws. WORRALL, Cheshire, Middlesex. 

1173 Miss Anna Virginia Dickinson, 100, Greenwood Avenue, Trenton, N.J., U.S.A., is interested in 

DICKINSON, any STANDLEY, (STANLEY), England, America, before 1750 fWooD, and 
COCK, England, previous to migration to America, 1680 FLAGG, New Jersey, before 1748 
PACKER, New Jersey, before 1775 VAN DEN BERGH, New Jersey, before 1750 Wanted 
parentage of brothers, Jonathan, b. 1785, and Samuel, DICKINSON, b. probably Mass., 
U.S.A. ; Jonathan md. Abigail Cox, 1822, in New Jersey; Samuel md. and settled in Alabama, 
1820 ; descendants of Samuel wanted. 

1174 Mrs. William Gerry Slade, 332, W. 87th Street, N.Y. City, U.S.A., is interested in Descendants 

of armigerous families who emigrated to America, also in John SLADE, Bridport, England 
Thomas HARDY, Ipswich, Mass. John HYDE, England, 1561 marriage of Katherine 
POLE Nicholas STREET, Henry BODWELL, Edward CLARK, and John GAGE, all of Mass. 
William THORP, Conn. Margaret NORMAN, Little Halsted, England. 

1175 William A. Eardeley, M.A., (occasionally does work professionally), P.O. Box 91, Brooklyn, 

New York, U.S.A., has complete abstracts of several early volumes of wills at Poughkeepsie, 
N.Y., (1750-1800) ; White Plains, (1786-1800) ; New York ; Fairfield, Conn., (1660-1750) ; 
and Stamford, Conn., (1728-1800) also complete copies of many Church Records in Conn, 
and New York, as well as of many cemeteries interested in all families of Bedford, N.Y., 
Greenwich and Stamford, Conn., and New Fairfield, Conn. f APPLEBY (APPLEBIE) 
CHASE, CHACE, especially Aquila C., Newbury, Mass., 1646 ; John C., Providence, R.I., 
1715 ; Richard C., Md., 1730 ; Thomas C., Hampton, N.H., 1648 ; William C., Yarmouth, 
Mass., 1639 t^ARDELEY, YARDLEY, Staffs, and America FOUNTAIN, FONTAINE, FONTEYN 


WATERBERRY CLARK, Bedford, Westchester Co., N.Y. CLOCK, New York and Conn. 
GRIFFEN, GRIFFIN ORSOR, etc., family originated in America with AERT Willemzen, then 
became successively AF.RTZEN ; ARTSE ; ARSER ; ORSER ; ORSOR Wanted ancestry of Rev. 
William APPLEBY, (wife, Jane HICKS), Armagh, Ireland, to St. Davids, Wales also 
ancestry of John EARDELEY and wife, ? Grace, (nee TILLENSOR), of Staffs. ; their son, 
Daniel, b. 1813, md. Sophia APPLEBY ; he went from St. Davids, Wales, to New York 
also interested in Francis BAKER, Yarmouth, Cape Cod, Mass. 

1176 Rev. W. R. Westropp Roberts, F.T.C.D., Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, is interested in all 

Co. Cork families. 


1177 Fred G. McKean, 1220, N.H. Avenue, Washington, B.C., U.S.A., is interested in MACIAN- 

MACDONALD CAREY McKEON O'MEALY and wants to know if Christopher CAREY of 
Dublin ?, Ireland, (a literary man, b. 1721, and father of Matthew C., of Phila., U.S.A.), 
was related to the Careys of Bristol, England, 1572, 1611, 1685, etc. ; and, if so, are the 
Bristol Careys related to the CAREW family of England and Ireland, 1518, 1557, etc. 
also is anything known of ancestors of Michael McKEON, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, tanner, 
d. 1791 ; and were they related to the MAC IAN-MAC DONALDS of Ardnamurchan or Glencoe, 
Scotland also wishes for information about ancestors of Michael O'MEALY, believed to have 
been in Bombay Cavalry, (H.E.I.C.S.), about 1835 Contributor is the compiler (1906) of 
" McKEAN Historical Notes," being Quotations from Historical and other ^Records relating 
chiefly to MAC IAIN-MAC DONALDS, (and particularly those of Ardnamurchan and Glencoe), 
many calling themselves McCAiN, McCANE, MCAN, MAC!AN, MC!AN, McKEAN, 
MACKANE, McKANE, McKEEN, etc. (with illustrations, genealogical charts, maps, tartan, 
signatures, portraits, glossary, music, arms, crests, etc., cloth, 250 pp.), of which he has 
copies for exchange or otherwise to Societies, Libraries, or particularly interested 

1178 Stanlev Lane-POOle, M.A., Litt.D., Dunganstown Castle, Wicklow, Ireland, is interested in 

POOLE, Poole Hall, Hundred of Wirrall, Cheshire LANE, Ryelands, Hereford HAYDEN, 
Kilmc Oliver, Co. Kilkenny HUNT, Jerpoint, Kilkenny HUSSEY, Mulhussey, Co. Meath, 
and Donore, Co. Kildare KIRKPATRICK, Co. Antrim, and Closeburn, Scotland WILSON, 
Skerries, Co. Antrim CHESNEY, Packolet, Co. Down. 

1179 Leonard BdlSChe, Oberstleutnant z. P., Berlin W. 15, Janisarstrasse 9 iii. Deutschland. 

1180 Edmund Walsh Kelly, 19, Beresford Street, Waterford, Ireland, is interested in South-East of 

Ireland families also' in DOWER HART KELLY LANE WALSH. 

1181 Edward K. Elliott, 193, Narborough Road, Leicester, England. 

1182 Alfred A. Bethune-Baker, F.S.A., 23, Old Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London, is interestedjin 

counties, before 1650 PRATT, Scotch Lowlands, i8th cent. RICHARDSON, Scotch Lowlands 

wants ancestry of Jasper MOULD, Warws., about 1620 and of John BETHUNE, 6. High- 

lands about 1775- 

1183 Mrs. Alice L. Mostyn, 6, Prince of Wales Terrace, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 

1184 Dr. jur. R. Bfrlnguler, Berlin W. 62, Nettelbeck-Strasse 21, Deutschland. 

1185 S. Waldo Forbes, Bristol, Conn., U.S.A. 

1186 Charles E. Dusenberry, Troy, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in fDusENBERRY, Long Island, N.Y., 

1700-1730 and wants name of wife of Moses DUSENBERRY (who was son of Moses D. and 
Elizabeth MUDGE), md. about 1720. 

1187 Tenison Groves, Record Agent, 33, Mount Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland. 

1188 Mrs. Sitgreaves Adams. 13, Colville Houses, London, W. 

1189 Herbert Maxwell Wood, B.A., 5, The Grove, Sunderland, England, is interested in members of 

Durham and Northumberland families whose names occur in parish registers, etc., in other 
counties also in BUCKLEY, London READE, Shipton, W. Oxon. SANDERS, Bndgend, 
Glamorgan MAXWELL, Cambs. and Northants. DAGNIA, Durham and Northumb. 
ALEXANDER, Bath and London SHERARD WOOD, Whitby, Yorks. information wanted 
about John BUCKLEY, and wife Christian, md. before 1796 ; had an only child, Mary Anne, 
b. 1796 ; living at High Street, Shadwell, London, until 1813. 

1190 Frank Brusn, 218, Main Street, Bristol, Conn., U.S.A., is compiling a genealogy of the descen- 

dants of Obadiah BRUEN, 1606-1681, with notes on the family, 1230 to its extinction at 
Bruen-Stapleford also wants surname of Margaret, third wife of John BRUEN, b. 1560 ; 
d. 1625 ; of Bruen-Stapleford, near Tarvin, England and of Sarah, wife of Obadiah 
BRUEN, 1606-1681, (son of above John B.) ; also date on which he sailed for America (1639- 
1640). __ . , 

1191 Mrs. Harry Castell Damant, Lammas, East Cowes, I. of Wight, England, is interested in 

DAMANT, Suffolk, 1490 ; Eye district to 1900 CHESNEY, Cos. Tyrone and Antrim, Ireland, 
1641 HAYDEN, Cos. Tipperary, Kilkenny, and Waterford, Ireland, 1571 CASTELL, Raven- 
ingham and Norwich, after 1680. 



1192 Mrs. H. P. Gibbons, St. Brelade's, Winchester Road, Walton-on-Thames, England, is interested 

in the family of Richard ROFFEY, of Reigate and Kennington, whose youngest daughter, 
Emma, md. on 15 June, 1835, at St. Mark's, Kennington, John GIBBONS, of West Green Lodge, 
Tottenham, a widower ; wanted the name of first wife of John GIBBONS, and present 
address of his descendants by her wanted information about the parentage and marriages 
of Thomas James WATSON, Principal of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Gloucester Place, 
Id Kent Road, London, in 1843 and of John WHITE, architect, who was of i, Devonshire 
Place North, New Road, Regent's Park, in 1843, and of Westbourne Green, Harrow Road, 
Paddington, in 1848 ; the father of Arthur WHITE, of H.M. Customs, London, b. 1809. 

1193 Mrs. Lucius M. BoltwOOd, 65, Morris Avenue, Grand Rapids, Mich., U.S.A., is interested in 

the families of the following individuals all li ving in America : Robert BOLTWOOD, 1648 
Robert FENTON, 1688 Robert HASKINS, 1729 Samuel HINCKLEY, 1635 Thomas MAKE- 
PEACE, 1637 Thomas NOBLE, 1653 Thomas SHEPARD, 1632 John WEBSTER, 1635 
George WEEKS, 1635 Samuel WRIGHT, 1638 Wanted ancestry of Emmanuel WILLIAMS, 
Taunton, Mass., md. 10 June, 1703, Abigail, daughter of William and Abigail (TISDAIL) 
MAKEPEACE, Freetown, Mass. 

1194 Othomar von Gdtze, Kgl. Sachs. Oberleutnant, Dresden N. 15, Deutschland, interessiert sich 

fur die Grafen u. Herren VON GOTZE(N), auch fur VON HUNECKE, 1650-1750 VON BEYM, 
1800 VON BROESIGKE, 1600-1700 VON NECKER, vor 1500 VON OTTERSTEDT, 1400-1500. 

1195 John Lincoln Dickey, 225, East Madison Avenue, Springfield, Ohio, U.S.A. 

1196 B. F. Johnson, Box 24, Richmond, Va., U.S.A., desires information about the JOHNSON family 

of Scotland. 

1197 Ludwig Freiherr von Nordeck zur Rabenau, Kammerjunker, Schloss Buseck, Hessen, Deutsch- 

land, interessiert sich fiir alt-hessische Adels Familien und deren Wappenkunde auch 
fur HULDENBERGHE VAN DER BORCH, in und aus Briiges (Niederlande) GROTH VON GROOTE 
(DE GROOTH) VON WELSER, in Schwaben. 

1198 Edward E. Cornwall, 1239, Pacific Street, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., is interested in 

CORNWALL, CORNWELL, Essex, Herts., Middlesex, before 1633 WEST, Salisbury, before 1633 
STOCKING, STOCKEN, any before 1633 a ls wants information about William CORNWALL, 
who went to New England, about 1633 possibly from Herts., Essex or Middlesex and about 
Francis WEST, who went to New England from Salisbury, about 1633. 

1199 Charles S. Smith, (professional), 92, Ashley Street, Hartford, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in 

SMITH STONE HOOKER NEWTON and desires information about the following persons : 
George SMITH, New Haven, 1639 John and William STONE, Guilford, Conn. Rev. Thomas 
HOOKER, Hartford, Conn. Rev. Roger NEWTON, and John SMITH, Milford, Conn. 

1200 Gustav von Schnehen, Kgl. Preuss. Rittmeister a. D., Kiitzkow bei Pritzerbe, Provinz Branden- 

burg, Preussen, Deutschland, interessiert sich fiir Uradel Niedersachsens, in Sonderheit 
fur die eigene Familie, VON SCHNEBEN RIEME VON DER ALLERBURG (ausgestorben) 
VON TUNE (ausgestorben) VOM HAGEN (Wappen: zwei Angelhaken) VON ESPLINGERODE 

1201 Mrs. Bazely, the Ladies' Athenaeum Club, 31, Dover Street, London, is interested in the 

families of BAZELY BOOTHBY, and CORSE-SCOTT of Synton. BAZELY : Information wanted 
as to where this family (formerly spelt Baseleye) came from previous to their settlement in 
Dover ; the first authentic record of their existence in that town is to be found in 1574 in 
the parish registers of St. Mary's, Dover. Their pedigree subsequent to that date is recorded 
at the Herald's College. BOOTHBY: Wanted the link connecting the Lincolnshire Boothbys, 
i.e., the de Bobis, de Bothebys, whose history is written by Bishop Saunderson 1632, one 
time Rector of Boothby Pagnell, with those Boothbys settled at Marchington, Staffordshire, 
from whom the present Baronet is descended. It appears there was a Thomas Botheby, 
lord of Botheby Welton, Lincolnshire, in 1386, as well as a Thomas Botheby at Marching- 
ton, Staffordshire, who held land there in 1388 which also was held by a Thomas Botheby 
in 1558. CORSE-SCOTT of Synton : Information wanted as to the ancestry of the Corses of 
Carmyle, Lanarkshire, whose descendant John Corse of Bughtrig, Berwickshire, a cadet 
of the family, married i8th March, 1800, Catherine Scott, heiress of Alexander Scott of 
Synton, and assumed the name and arms of Scott of Synton, in addition to his own in conse- 
quence of the settlement made by his wife's grandfather John Scott of Synton. 


1202 Charles Kilborn Williams, Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A., is interested in fWARHAM, Dorset, 

Devon, and Hants., before 1630 *WARHAM, Conn., 1635 STALHAM, Norfolk, before 
1630 DAVISON, Antigua, St. Kitts, and Long Island, N.Y., before 1755 LANGTON and 
BEDELL, emigrants to America before 1645 DENTON, York, before 1640 MATHER and 
HOULT, Lancaster, before 1640 Wanted parentage of Rev. John WARHAM, Oxonian, 
emigrant 1630 ; incumbent of Silverton ? or Witheridge, Devon ; was he related to 
Archbishop Warham ? 

1203 Adelbert D. Houston, 28, E. 28th Street, New York City, U.S.A., is interested in HUSTON, 
HOUSTON, and EATON, France, Holland, Scotland, Ireland, and America. 

1204 Miss Sarah Fiske Lee, New Ipswich, New Hampshire, U.S.A., is interested in LEE 

WESTWOOD and wants parentage of John LEE, b. 1620, Essex, England also wife of 
William WESTWOOD, b. 1606, Essex, England ; in America, 1632, and whether he was related 
to John Lee. 

1205 Frederic Penfield Goodsell, 137, Converse Avenue, Meriden, Conn., U.S.A. 

1206 George Lewis, Camden, Cavendish Avenue, Church End, Finchley, London, N., is interested 

1207 W. B. Leach, Brooklands, Riverhead, Kent, England, is interested in LEACH, South West 

England, before 1700 SNOAD, Kent, before 1700 wanted parentage of John LEACH, d. 

16 February, 1628, buried at Odcombe also father of William SNODE, buried at Brenzett, 

1761. __ 

1208 J. W. Phillips, Tower Hill, Haverfordwest, Wales, is interested in all Pembrokeshire families 

especially in PHILLIPS, Pembrokeshire, before 1650 SMITH, Jeffreyston, Pembrokeshire 
also in WILSON, Isle of Man MARTIN, Bristol and Va. PHELPS, Wilts. 

1209 Mrs. G. W. Van Zandt. 938, West Monroe Street, Chicago, 111., U.S.A. ~ 

1210 D. C. Lloyd Owen, 41, Newhall Street, Birmingham, England, is interested in genealogies of 

families in Montgomeryshire, Monmouthshire, and Cardiganshire. 

1211 R. Murdoch Lawrance, 71, Bon- Accord Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, is interested in jBRODiE 

(BRODY), North of Scotland, 1580-1743 JLAWRANCE (LAWRENCE), Aberdeenshire, before 
1690 f MURDOCH (MURDO), Aberdeenshire, before 1750. ^ 

1212 Rev. Arthur James Hook, 16, Lambrook Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, England. 

1213 John L. My res, The University, Liverpool, England. 

1214 Samuel Forrest Pottinger, Hyattsville, Md., U.S.A. 

1215 William Fitzhale Abbot, 38, William Street, Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. 

1216 Miss Mary E. Cardwill, (professional), 318, East Fifth Street, New Albany, Ind., U.S.A., is 

interested in MONTGOMERY, BORLAND, and MACNEIL, New York, and Ireland BOCHER, 

Penna., U.S.A. DAVIES, Delaware CARDWELL,England DANiEL,Penna. PAUL LANIER 

WISE and wants wife's name of William MONTGOMERY, Orange Co., New York, (Ulster 

Co.), perhaps New York City at time of revolution. 

1217 Mrs. M. C. Murray Hyde, 127, East 93rd Street, New York City, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in 

^Colonial families of New Jersey, U.S. A., especially in CRAWFORD, COOPER, GORDON, MURRAY, 
PATTERSON, all of Monmouth, N.J. also wants to know from which branch of CRAWFORD 
family (Ayrshire, Scotland) did John C. come ; he settled in N.J., U.S.A., 1673. 

1218 Mrs. Edward McClure Peters, 520, East 2ist Street, Flatbush, New York, U.S.A., is interested 

in PEETERS, England, before 1659 BRADLEY, London and East Riding, Yorks., before 1662 
CUMMINGS, England, before 1635. DYER, England, before 1684 MCCLURE, McC-LiNTOCK, 
HUNTER, KENNEDY, and MOREHEAD, all North of Ireland, before 1719 WEIR, North of 
Ireland, before 1765 also wants ancestry of Andrew PEETERS, b. 1634-1636 ; was in Boston, 
U.S.A., 1659 and of Daniel BRADLEY, Rowley, Mass., 1662. 

1213 Lieut. Col. John Pilkington, F.S.A., Sandown Lane, near Liverpool, England, (author of 
' ' History of the Pilkington Family, and branches, 1066-1600' ' ; third edition shortly), 
is interested in PILKINGTON and branches, Lanes. also wants ancestry of Oliver PILKING- 
TON (" son of Oliver "), of Aintree, b. about 1653 ; md. and buried Sefton, Lanes. also of 
George P., of Dublin, sometime Comptroller of Post Office ; b. about 1760, d. 1805 ; said 
to have run away from home and destroyed clue to parentage. 



1220 Rev. John Cornell, Cornell Farm, Newport, R.I., U.S.A., is interested in CORNELL, any 

and wants information about Thomas CORNELL, of Essex, who went to Boston, Mass., about 

1638 ; md. Rebecca BRIGGS ; children, Thomas, Richard, John, Samuel, Joshua. Sarah, 

Rebecca, Elizabeth and Mary. 

1221 William B. Parrnelee, North 48th Avenue, near Wabansia Avenue, Chicago, 111., U.S.A., is 

interested in PARMELEE, PERMERLY, PIMARLY, any, everywhere ROYCE, Claremont, New 
Hampshire, before 1782 also the following families of Conn., U.S.A. : tSTEVENS, before 
1800 fKELSEY, before 1750 fWARD and fFRENCH, before 1700 tI' EETE > before 1770 
fSouTHWORTH, before 1775 also fBuTTON, and -{-HARRIS, ? Conn., before 1700 fBEBEE, 
and tAsH, ? Conn., before i68q fToMLiN, ? Conn., before 1700 fWAY, ? Conn., before 
1750 -J-CROCKER, ? Conn., before 1770 also wants ancestry of Thomas JONES, ensign 
American Revolution, and Hannah GARDNER, his wife, whose father came from Wales 
of William HOLT, b. 1609-11 also W'illiam NEAL, b. Conn., 1767 ; was in Oneida Co., New 
York, 1799, and in Tallmadge, Ohio, 1808 ; he d. 1 845. 

1222 William Weed van Baun, 1404, Spruce Street, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., is interested in BLYDEN, 

Sandy Point, St. Kitts, B.W.I., before 1725 ELLIS, New York City, and Sheffield, England, 
before 1800 FAIRWEATHER, Norwalk, Conn., before 1800 VAN BAUN, St. Eustatius, 
Dutch W.I., and Tortola, B.W.I., before 1800 WEED, Stamford, Conn., and Northants., 
England, before 1630 also wants information about John BLYDEN and his wife Mary, 
of Sandy Point, St. Kitts, B.W.I., before 1725 about William ELLIS and his wife, Mary 
WILKINSON and their families ; md. 1760 in Sheffield, went to New York, 1770 also about 
Sarah FAIRWEATHER and her family ; she md. Ebenezer WEED, 25 December, 1769, Norwalk, 
Conn. also about Thomas (William) VAN BAUN and his family ; he md. Catharine, daughter 
of Peter Zeagers BLYDEN and Elizabeth WARNER; b. St. Eustatius, Dutch W.I., 1775 
also about Jonas WEED, of Stanwick, Northants., and his family ; he settled in Mass., in 

1223 Mrs. Rosa M. Gilbert-Cunningham, 23, Hudson Street, Worcester, Mass., U.S.A. 

1224 Pierson Worrall Banning, c/o Banning and Banning, Marquette Building, Chicago, 111., U.S.A. 

1225 Frederick Raimes, Hart burn Lodge, Stockton-on-Tees, England, is interested in BOLAM, 

Northumb.,Wheldrake, Yorks., and Acaster Malbis, Yorks. RAYMES, REYMES, any locality 
WELTON, WELDON, Northumb., Yorks., i6th cent. also wants information about 
Simon WELDON, vicar of Wheldrake, Yorks., 1514-1537 also about George RAYMES, 
Wheldrake, Yorks., 1545. 

1226 Mrs. Lewis B. Brown, c/o Mr. Giles Potter, 723, Elm Street, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A., 

ANDERSON ALVORD HILLS also wants information about John CARSON, first settler 
of Francestown, New Hampshire parents of Abigail PACKER, of Groton, Conn. and parents 
of William GODDARD, Newport, Rhode Island, before 1780. 

1227 O. P. Clinton, Waukesha, Wis., U.S.A., is interested in CLINTON and wants information 

about ancestors of Shubael and Lawrence CLINTON, before about 1700. 

1228 Thomas M. Blagg, F.S.A., Newark-upon-Trent, England, is interested in South Notts, families 

also in BLAGG, any HERRING, Notts., Lines., or Glos. WOWIN, any. 

1229 Dr. Justin E. Emerson, 128, Henry Street, Detroit, Mich., U.S.A., is interested in EMERSON, 

any, especially of Haverhill, Mass. WEBSTER, Ipswich, Mass. DAY, Haverhill, Mass. 
HAWKINS, Farmington, Conn. also wants information about ancestry of Michael EMERSON, 
Haverhill, Mass., 1655 information about Thomas WEBSTER, Ipswich, Mass., 1640 
Hannah DAY, Haverhill, Mass., 1699 Anthony HAWKINS, Farmington, Conn., 1645. 

1230 Charles Tallmadge Conover, 203, New York Building, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., is inter- 

ested in CONOVER VAN COUWENHOVEN, before 1630 TALLMADGE also in the following 
persons: Andrew BAIRD, Middletown, N.J., d. 1806 Nicholas BAKER, Conn., d. 1632 
Richard HARRISON, d. Branford, Conn., 1653 Edward FRISBIE, New Haven, Conn., 1645 
Benjamin FENN, Dorchester, 1637 John BROWN, Plymouth, 1636 Thankful PENNEY, 
Fredericksburg, N.Y., 1782 John HAUGHTON, Conn., 1774 Ellen MOLLATTE, Montgomery 
Co., N.Y., 1775 and desires information of ancestry of Mary HILTON, b. Albany, N.Y., 
3 July, 1753 ; md. Samuel TALLMADGE, at Kinderhook, N.Y., d. Charleston, Montgomery 
Co., N.Y., 28 April, 1825. 


1231 William J. Chadwick Bartle, 30, Nelson Street, Willington Quay-on-Tyne, England, is inter- 

ested in CHADWICK and wants marriage and burial of William CHADWICK, b. 1673 ; d. 
? 1748, who was brother of Sir Andrew Chadwick. 

1232 Civil Engineer C. W. Parks, U.S. Navy, U.S. Naval Station, Honolulu, is interested 

in BAKER, Mass., 1630-1660 BOSTON, Mass., 1630-1700 MARTIN, Mass., 1630-1660 
PEDERICK, Mass., 1630-1700 WAGET, Mass., 1630-1700 also wants parentage and informa- 
tion of Richard PARKS, and his wife, Mary, in Cambridge, 1678 ; Sherborn, 1686 ; Concord, 
Mass., 1711. 

1233 Miss R. R. Cox, 208, Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey, England, is interested in Cox RAN YARD 


1234 Charles A. F. Radcliffe, Tigh Kilchuiman, Fort Augustus, Scotland, is interested in PICKFORD, 

Macclesfield, Ashton-under-Lyne LISTER, Burwall Park, Louth, Lines. 

1235 Miss Lucy H. Southall, Parkfields, near Ross, Herefordshire, England, is interested in 

PRICHARD, PICARD, 1500-1700. 

1236 Mrs. Boswell Tucker, 51, Belsize Park Gardens, London, N.W., is interested in TUCKER, 

Throwleigh, Devon, before 1560 BAKER, York, before 1750 BAILDON, BAYLDON, Royston 
and Earls Heaton, Yorks., before 1590 LEES, Friarmere, Saddleworth, Yorks., before 
1600 LINTHWAITE, LYNTHWAYTE, Saddleworth and Linthwaite, near Huddersfield, Yorks., 
about or before 1600. 

1237 Walter S. Booth, Boonville, Oneida Co., New York, U.S.A. 

1238 John Calvin Crane, West Millbury, Mass,, U.S.A. 

1239 Rev. Thomas Gogarty, C.C., Termonfeckin, Drogheda, Ireland, is interested in BRABAZON 

PLUNKET, TAAFE, and DOWDALL, Louth and Meath. 

1240 Rev. Oswald J. Reichel, A la Ronde House, Lympstone, R.S.O., Devon, England. 

1241 J. A. Teit, Spences Bridge, British Columbia. 

1242 Prof. Samuel C. Derby, i5th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in DARBY, DERBY, 

South of England, especially Devon, Dorset, Middlesex, Kent, Somerset, before 1680 also 
wants information about Christopher DARBY, d. 1639, buried at Shipton, his ancestry and 
descendants, who were emigrants to North America. 

1243 Joseph Foster, Pay Director (Rear-Admiral), U.S. Navy Retired, Portsmouth, N.H., U.S.A., 

is interested in fCouES, Parish of St. Peter's, Jersey, before 1735 f^ARNE and | WILLS, of 
" Endelha," before 1686 fDENT, Maddox Street, Hanover Square, (parish of St. George's), 
London, before 1737 also wants ancestry of "Peter Cow" (CODES), St. Peter's, Jersey, 
1735 of George CARNE and Ursula W'ILLS, md. at " Endelha," 29 December, 1686 and 
of Captain Digby DENT, R.N., of St. George's, Hanover Square, London, (son of Robert 
D.), d. 1737 ; he md. Ursula, daughter of George and Ursula CARNE, 20 June, 1704, perhaps 
at Plympton or Plymouth, England. 

1244 George F. Shedd, 91, Walnut Street, Nashua, N.H., U.S.A., is interested in SHED, England or 

Wales and wants information about ? Daniel SHED, Braintree, Mass., 1642, supposed 
to have come from Lines., Devon or Essex, England. 

1245 Alexander M. Munro, Town House, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

1246 S. V. Coote, Burley Manor, Ringwood, England, is interested in COOTE, Norfolk and Ireland 

STANLEY PARRY * VAVASOUR TAYLOR, Lanes., and Lincoln wanted parents and 
grandparents of John RIGBY, of Atherton, Lanes. ; b. 1720 ; d. 1793. 

1247 W. E. R. Gumey, Stoke St. Gregory, Taunt on, England, is interested in GURNEY, Kendall 

and Devon fLANGTON, Slough, Bucks., i8th cent. fViNiNG and fMAYO, Somerset and 
Wilts fPniLLiPS, London, i8th cent. 

1248 Major John Clarkson Ogilvie Mack, Headquarters, Eastern Ontario Command, Kingston, 

Canada, is interested in Scottish arms before commencement of Lyon Register also in 
ATTHILL, Norfolk BEGBIE and BICKERTON, Scotland, especially Fife BLENNERHASSETT, 
Co. Kerry CLARKSON IRELAND, Scotland, especially Fife LOMBE, Norfolk LOVELACE, 
England and Boston, U.S.A., before 1800 MACK SCOTT, Halbeath, Fife ; Rockhill Lodge 
and Penge Place, Kent also wants information about Ruth LOVELACE, Boston, U.S.A., who 
came to England and md. John SCOTT, of Halbeath, about 1790. 


1249 Daniel Quimby Woodruff, St. Johnsbury Center, Vt., U.S.A., wants ancestors of Thomas BARNARD, 

at Salisbury, Mass., in 1640 ; b. about 1612 of Captain (and " Mr.") Thomas BRADBURY, 
1634 a ^ York, Me., 1640 at Salisbury, Mass. ancestors, and information before 1800, of 
Eunice CRANE, b. 14 September, 1778, at Hardwick, Mass. ancestors of John CURTIS, 
first settler, Farmington, Conn. ancestors, and information before 1687, of Mary 
CUTTING, early settler, Newbury, Mass. ; md. Nicholas NOYES, father of Rev. Nicholas 
NOYES, Salem ancestors, and descendants to 1775, in N.H., U.S.A., of Edward FRENCH, 
Salisbury, Mass., in 1640 ancestors of Andrew GREELEY, Salisbury, Mass., in 1640 ; b. 
about 1620 ancestors of Daniel LADD, Salisbury, Mass., and Haverhill, in 1640 ; went to 
America in ship " Mary and John," of London, 1633 ancestry before 1800 of Hannah 
MILLER, b. 26 September, 1782, at Reheboth, Mass. ; md. Lot P. WOODRUFF ancestry 
before 1675 of Joseph MOYCE, Salisbury, Mass., in 1640 ancestry of Thomas NEWELL, 
first settled Hartford and Farmington, Conn., before 1643 ; said to have come from Herts., 
England ; he md. " Rebeckah" OLMSTEAD information before 1687 of Nicholas NOYES ; md. 
Mary CUTTING, Newbury ancestors of John PERKINS, Ipswich, Mass., before 1631 ; went 
to America in ship " Lyon " with Roger WILLIAMS in 1631 ; b. about 1590 ancestors of John 
PIKE, before 1635 ; went from Langford, England, in ship " James," to Newbury, Mass., 
in 1635 ancestors of Robert PORTER, Farmington, Conn., 1640 or 1644 information 
about Thomas SCOTT, b. England, 1744 ; of Conn., U.S.A. ; 6 or 8 years old when kidnapped 
and brought to America ancestry before 1688 of Thomas SLEEPER, Hampton and Salisbury, 
Mass. ancestors of John STEVENS, Salisbury, Mass., in 1640 ; b. about 1611 ; Serg. of 
Salisbury ancestors of Henry TRUE, at Salisbury, 1657 ; Salem, Mass., before 1644 
ancestors of Stephen WATKINS, b. 18 July, 1765, at Hardwick, Mass., probably removed to 
Wendell ; his father was Darius W., of Hardwick information about Samuel WINSLEY 
or WINSLOW, 1638 or 1640 at Salisbmy, Mass., one of the 12 who obtained the grant "to 
begin a plantation at Merrimack in 1638 " (Merrimack later called Salisbury) ancestors 
of Matthew WOODRUFF, 1640 or 1643 at Farmington, Conn. ancestry before 1687 of 

CUTTING, Amesbury, Mass. information about Rebecca OLMSTEAD, who went to Mass. 

16 September, 1632, in ship u Lion," from London, England ; she was a sister of Richard 
and John O., who came over with their uncle, James OLMSTEAD. 

1250 Walter Hermann von Mach, Hauptmann a. D, Zoppot, Westpreussen, Deutschland, interessiert 

sich fur Nachkommen JakobiDE LUBLOWE, 1310 Dirschau's Castellan BIRLEY, Manchester, 
Preston BRIDGE, Harwich, 1791, later London, earlier Holland fDEAN, connected with 
BRIDGE (see previous name) about 1788 VON DOMBROWSKI, Anton, geb. 1833, Ordensbruder, 
Detroit, U.S.A. VON MACH, London about 1860-70 VON MACHOW VON MACHOWSKI 
Katharina, md. VON MACH, 1730-1790 and desires information about Sarah Eliza BRIDGE, 

(contributor's grandmother), 1791-1852, md. BOGEN, later VON WESTERNHAGEN, 

and her family. 

1251 Roland St. Glair, Auckland City, New Zealand. 

1252 James M. A. Wood, 31, Beechgrove Avenue, Aberdeen, Scotland, is interested in WOOD, 

Scottish families ANDERSON, Fraserburgh and adjoining parishes also wants parentage of 
Rev. Alexander WOOD, d. 1710 ; was minister of Scottish parishes of Wamphray, Kirkin- 
tilloch and Cockpen successively. 

1253 Captain J. C. May, Sunnyside, Earley, Berks., England, is interested in fMAY, Sussex and 

wants information about Thomas MAY, b. Northamptonshire, 1643, md. Sarah BISACRE, 
daughter of Richard B., about 1683 ; d. 1721. 

1254 Rev. J. Leonard, 23, Lydon Road, Clapham, London, S.W., is interested in MUSGRAVE, any 

HUDSON, any DANKS, Knaresborough ACLAND, Devon DAVIES, Lampeter also wants 
information about Agnes MUSGRAVE, who wrote " Edmund of the Forest," 1797, and u Cicely, 
or the Rose of Raby," 1796. 

1255 Major Frederick L. A. Packman, The Barracks, Kingston-on-Thames, England, is interested 

in ALDERSEY, London, Berks., and Bucks., about 1700 PACKMAN, Kent, Newington, Sitting- 
bourne, about 1700 HAYDON, London, Berks, and Bucks., about 1700 also wants ancestors 
of Joseph ALDERSEY, who md. Ann, sister of Thomas SUFFIELD, of Evesham, Worcs. ; 
living Chandos (or Shandos) Street, 1724-1730 also ancestors of John PACKMAN, b. 1745, 
of Newington, Kent ; md. Ann KELSEY ancestors of Daniel HAYDON, of Woburn, Bucks., 
about 1700. 


1256 P. Montfort, c/o The Mercantile Bank of London, Ltd., King's House, King Street, 

Cheapside, London, E.G. 

1257 Rev. J. L. E. Hooppell, St. Peter's Vicarage, 10, Hoxton Square, London, N., is interested 

in London and Devon families also in HOOPPELL, HOWPILL, etc., any TOMBS, any 
also wants descendants of Edmond TOMBS, baptized 1731 at St. Mary, Monmouth and 
of William and Joan HOWPILL, md. about 1600 in London. 

1258 Miss Emma Fleming Williams, 10, Black Friars, Chester, England. 

1259 Lloyd Christian, Royal Bank House, Arran Quay, Dublin, Ireland. 

1260 Mrs. Mary M. Gibney Hurlin, Antrim, N.H., U.S.A. 

1261 Mrs. C. Louise Pratt White, Antrim, N.H., U.S.A. HHH 

1262 Miss Mary L. Carpenter, 140, Millville Avenue, Nangatuck, Conn., U.S.A., wants ancestry 

of David BURROUGHS, Windsor, Conn., who d. about 1747 and ancestry of William 
DRINKWATER, Ridgefield, Conn., md. 1728. 

1263 W. R. Bowman, Waverly, Bremer Co., Iowa, U.S.A., is interested in BOWMAN LOWRY 

BLAIR and EASTER also desires information about Sir Stephen BOWMAN and his son, 
Robert Seymour B. and wants ancestors of James LOWRY, of Billinagary, Ireland 
and of Rev. Arthur BLAIR, Carrone, Ireland. 

1264 T. J. Hamilton Gorringe, Birklands, Hornsey Lane, Highgate, London, N., is interested in 

GORRINGE, West and East Sussex POUND and PENNINGTON, Sussex. 

1265 George Farquhar Jones King, 43, Waterman Street, Providence, R.I., U.S.A., is interested in 

KING, Purleigh, Stow Maris, East and West Cannon, Cold Norton, Woodham Mortimer, 
all Essex, England, before 1700 also wants parentage and ancestry of George KING and 
wife, Joanna ; they had seven children b. at Cold Norton, Essex, between January, 1600, 
and February, 1613. His will dated Woodham Mortymer, Essex, 14 October, 1625 > proved 
17 December, 1625, by son-in-law, William VASSALL, husband of Anne KINGE. Had 
brother, Christopher KYNGE, "Clerk" A.M., who had children Susan and James. George 
K.'s first wife was Margaret . 

1266 Edward Leodore Smith, 19, Garrison Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in BrowN 

HICKMAN HORTON MoRECOCK WARREN and desires information about Captain 
Nicholas MORECOCK and wife, Audry ; she md. secondly, Thomas WHITTON, before 1635. 
Perhaps of Benenden, Kent. 

1267 George T. Fish (professional), 9, Beckley Street, Rochester, New York, U.S.A. 

1268 J. Henry Lea, South Freeport, Me., U.S.A., is interested in DELAFIELD. 

1269 Henry Mason Bompas, K.C., Temple, London, E.C., is interested in ALDERSEY BOMPAS 

GWINNETT MASON TOMKINS and wants father of Joseph ALDERSEY of St. Paul's, Co vent 
Garden, who d. 1764 also father of and any information about George BOMPAS, Breadon, 
Worcs. ; md. 1758 Elizabeth BATCHELOR, Upton-on-Severn also father, and relationship to 
Queen Henrietta Maria's Secretary, of Benjamin TOMKINS, Abingdon, 1660-1732. 

1270 F. Arthur Wadsworth, 15, Weekday Cross, Nottingham, England, is interested in WADS- 

WORTH BAINBRIDGE, Notts. and wants information about John WADSWORTH who md. 
Ann LOWSON, 1702, at Claypole, Lines. and about Rev. Francis BAINBRIDGE, Vicar of 
Stoke, Notts., 1718-1751. 

1271 William Humble Johnson, Rath Lee, Sunday's Well, Cork, Ireland, is interested in BRITTAIN, 

Dublin and Cheshire HUMBLE, Co. Durham JOHNSON, Beverley, Yorks. WRIGHT, 
Chester, 1750. 

1272 T. Geo. H. Green, Lisnegar, Temple Gardens, Dublinjreland, is interested in Gloucestershire and 

Somerset families which settled in South of Ireland in I7th cent. also in BOLES, BOWLES, 
Co. Cork GREEN, Youghal, Co. Cork WIDDENHAM, Cos. Cork and Limerick HENNIS 
fWATHEN, Stroud, and Kings Stanley, Glos., i8th cent. NORFORD CLARE, Dublin and 
Leixlip, Co. Kildare, i8th cent. SPOTSWOOD and BENGER, Ireland also wants reference to 
any Dorset family of BOLES whose members settled in Co. Cork before 1641 also parentage 
of Captain John HALL, 46th Foot ; md. Miss DWYER, 1772 ; was M.P. Borough of 
Jamestown (Co. Leitrim), 1780 also parentage of Janet CHISHOLM, second wife of Alexander 
BAILLIE, of Dochfour (whose cousin she was) ; d. at Bath, 1799. 



1273 Henry Waite BigelOW, 77, Linden Street, Allston, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in PUTNAM 


1274 Theodore Maxwell, M.D., 29, Woolwich Common, Kent, England, is interested in ORWELL, 

Ipswich, i8th cent. TAPSON and FISHER, Stepney, i8th cent. ASHBY, Hackney and 
wants information about Richard ASHBY, (buried St. Pancras, London, 1789, aged 60), 
Eagle Street, Piccadilly, said to be an unbeneficed clergyman and to have been disinherited 
for joining Roman Church ; he is apparently not identical with the Richard ASHBY whose 
children were baptized at the Portuguese and Spanish legations, 1759-1767 and who was 
probably a timber merchant in Oxford Street ; he d. 1768 there was a Richard ASHBY 
baptized Northampton, 1730 Information also wanted about Samuel MARSTON, b. 1789 
? Birmingham, went to India, 1810 and about Major Joseph ROBINSON, 6oth Regt., 
b. about 1800, son of a West Indian Planter, md. a Miss BOWLES Parentage wanted of Frances 
FISHER, who md. Thomas TAPSON at Stepney, 1757 and of Elizabeth (or Betty) PERCY, 
also of her husband Rev. William NICHOLSON, who went to Ireland, 1588. 

1275 Mrs. T. Le Hunte Ward, 54, Queen's Gate, London, S.W., is interested in LEGGE, Tipperary 

and Wychwood Forest, Oxon, I7th cent. and wants names of sons of Captain John LEGGE, 
supposed father of Francis LEGGE, Cappagh, Tipperary, who was father of Alice LE HUNTE. 

1276 Frank B. Hicks, Macedon Center, N.Y., U.S.A. ZHHHHZI 

1277 Charles Hutchinson Thompson, Lansing, Mich., U.S.A. 

1278 James W. Husted, Peekskill, New York, U.S A., is interested in HUSTED LEEDS WHITING 

about ancestry of Robert HUSTED and wife Elizabeth ; he sailed for New England on ship 
. leaving Weymouth, England, 20 March, 1635-36. 

1279 A. S. Van Benthuysen, 12, Clifford Place, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. 

1280 Herbert E. Thayer, 77, Garfield Street, Springfield, Mass., U.S.A. 

1281 George Austin Morrison, Jr., 43, Cedar Street, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in KING, 

any, especially of Herts., Bucks., Oxon., Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, Essex and Warwick, before 
1700, and wants information about Ralph KING, Watford, Herts., 1600 Andrew K., Mesen- 
den, Herts., 1550 Matthew K., Barley, Herts., 1575 Maurice K., Watford, 1597 JohnK., 
Cleydon, Bucks., 1550 Andrew K., Wraysbury, Bucks., 1625 John K., Iver, Bucks., 
1600 John K., Thame, Oxon., 1475 John K., Althorne, Essex, 1575 Henry K., 
London, girdler, who md. Margaret GRESHAM, 1540. 

1282 Mrs. Katharine B. McLellan Lewis, South Berwick, Me., U.S.A., is interested in the family of 


1283 Mrs. Whelan, Kilbride Rectory, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, is interested in WHELAN - 

CARNEGIE, Forfarshire and Kingslaw, before 1800 and wants information about Richard 
WHELAN, Carlow, md. Anne, daughter of Thomas CARPENTER, Co. Carlow ; had two sons, 
Thomas, who md. Mary WHITE, Ballybrophy ; and Robert, who md. Elizabeth BUTLER, 
Maryborough, before 1800 and about Robert CARNEGIE, Forfarshire, and his son, John, 
Kingslaw, who md. Helen DALRYMPLE, Dysart, middle iSth cent. 

1284 Leon Clark Hills, c/o Otis Elevator Company, 17, Battery Place, New York City, U.S.A., 

is interested in HILLS, Essex, England, before 1600 CLARK, E. Windsor, Conn., before 1800 
BOWNS, Farmington, Conn., about 1770 HOSMER, Farmington, Conn. SON and 
COONS, Columbia Co., N.Y., before 1800 RIFENBURG and KING, Columbia Co., N.Y., 
before 1800 SOPER, New York State, before 1825 COVELL, Columbia Co., N.Y., 1700- 
1800 and wants descendants of Robert WILLIAMS, Flushing, L.I., U.S.A., 1653 of Philip 
COONS, Taghkanic Col. Co., N.Y., 1720 and of Solomon CLARK, Jr., Bloomfield, Conn., 
md. Anne ASHLEY, 1747 also information about William ALLEN, merchant, Philadelphia, 
who d. 1725 also parentage of Wilson WILLIAMS, near Flushing, L.I., and the date of his 
marriage with Margaret HICKS, about 1774. 

1285 Dr. George W. Osborn, Bridgeport, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in OSBORN BANKS HULL 

BETTS BOYNTON fCHADBOURNE and wants English ancestry of Richard OSBORN, 
who sailed from London, England, to U.S.A. in ship " Hopewell," bound for Barbados, 
17 February, 1634, a ^ so his wife's name English ancestry of John BANKS, lawyer, one of the 
first settlers of Windsor, Conn., where he was Town Clerk in 1643 also wants Coat of 
Arms of OSBORN and BANKS families. 



1286 Robert J. Banning, M.D., Helidon, Shoeburyness, Essex, England. 

1287 Miss Helen D. McLean, 3, Cottage Place, White Plains, Westchester Co., New York, U.S.A. 

1288 John R. Blake, 44, Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook, Co. Dublin, Ireland, is interested in Heraldry, 

and Co. Galway and Co. Tipperary families especially in LANE, Co. Tipperary BLAKE, 
Co. Galway fGRANDisoN fGiBBS t GILVIE - 

1289 William Pretyman, Richmond Lodge, Bournemouth, England, is interested in TINDAL, 

TINDALL REMINGTON John REMINGTON and wife, Elizabeth, arrived Newbury, Mass., 
U.S.A., May, 1637 ; what was his county in England and from what port did he sail ? 

1290 Lt.Col. T. A. Harrison, Maydeken, Barham, Kent, England, is interested in HARRISON, Denne 

Hill, Kent, i8th cent. HARRISON, Reisby Burton Stath, Lincoln, i6th cent. and 
wants information about ancestors of HARRISON family, Denne Hill, Kent and descendants 
of Harrison family of Reisby Burton Stath, Lincoln. 

1291 J. Drought, F.C.S., A.Inst.M.M., Mt. Lundiana Estate, Molo, British East Africa, is interested 

1292 Leonard James Maton, 15, Cornwall Gardens, Kensington, London, is interested in PITT, 

HAMPTON, NEWTON, and MATON, all Wilts, families. 

1293 Miss Juliet Porter, 37, Dean Street, Station A., Worcester, Mass., U.S.A., is interested 

in fErasmus CARLETON, St. Bartholomew's, London ancestors of emigrant f Allen PERLEY 

and wants information about Edward CARLETON and wife, Ellen, who returned to England 
about 1657 ; also of their children, Edward, Mary and Elizabeth also information of the 
family of fGeorge CLIFFORD, Arnold Village, Notts., who migrated to America about 1644 
also of the family of John PORTER, who migrated to America with wife, Mary, and two 
sons, John and Samuel, about 1635. 

1294 Mrs. Sarah E. Townsend, (if in Europe, as until about July, 1909 : ) c/o Morgan Hayes & Co., 31, 

Boulevard Haussmann, Paris ; (if in America : ) Oyster Bay, New York, U.S.A., is interested 
in HINMAN, 1600-1700 SLARK, after 1750 WARD SEARLE, emigrant to America 
Wanted parentage of an Abigail LYAL, who migrated with parents to U.S.A. about 1700- 
1750 Wanted baptismal name of the father of Morris GWINN, between 1650 and 1750 
Wanted the names of all the sons of Robert WARD by Margaret, daughter of Giles CAPEL ; 
did one of them, named Thomas, marry the daughter of John HARE, D.C.L., and what 
was her name ? _ 

1295 Mrs. M. L. Sanders, Parkholme, Elm Park Gardens, London, S.W., is interested in BROOKING, 

Devon, before 1756 DOLLING, Devon SANDERS, Tavistock, before 1705 JOHNSON, Horse 
Hill, 1644 and before Wanted the Christian name of - BROOKING, who md. Elizabeth, 
"daughter of the Richard FOWELL who died 1669 When did the BROOKING family first use 
a scallop shell as crest instead of that on tomb in St. Mary Arches, Exeter ? Wanted 
to find Sergeant Edward HINMAN as an armiger, temp. Car. I. SLARK, any after 1750 
HINMAN, any Wanted data about a SEARLE or SEARL, between 1590 and 1690, father of 
John and Joanna ; last-named md. William WARRINER, and was the mother of Hannah, 
b. in America 1643. 

1296 Rev. Chas. H. W. Stocking, D.D., Langhorne, Pa., U.S.A. 

1297 Walter E. Dewey, 207, Walnut Place, Phila., Pa., U.S.A., is interested in plans for stimulating 

genealogical activity and for assuring perpetuation to collected data. He desires corres- 
pondence with any genealogists (amateur or professional) who may be interested in these 
objects, or to whom his advice on such subjects may be of assistance is also interested in 
BRADLEY, before 1790 ; OWEN, before 1760 ; TAYLOR, before 1730 ; KELLOGG, before 
1715 ; and ASHLEY, before 1700 ; all Mass., U.S.A. ORTON , before 1660 ; PELL, before 
1650 ; BURTON, before 1790 ; ROWELL and ROGERS, before 1780 ; all New England, U.S.A., 

CLARK and DEWEY, England, before 1640- NOE, Homburg, Germany DRAKE, Mass., 
U.S.A., before 1815 GLASGOW, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, before 1820 and Scotland, before 
1800 WILLIAMS, Somerset, England, before 1800 SMITH, Mass., U.S.A., before 1800 
also wants ancestry of Samuel Mathew GLASGOW, b. Cookestown, Ireland, 1816 ; his 
father b. Scotland ; mother b. England also ancestry of Thomas DEWEY, who migrated 
from Sandwich, Kent, England, about 1630 also wife and ancestry of David BURTON, 
Andover, Vt., U.S.A., 6. 1750-1770. 


1298 Mrs. Ella M. Gorham (professional), 55, Barnett Street, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A., and 

1299 John T. Newton, (professional), 2018, Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A., are both 

interested in all Pilgrim and Puritan families also in NEWTON, ? England, before 1645 HART, 
Braintree, England, before 1605 THOMAS, Wolcott, Conn., U.S.A., before 1774 WARNER, 
Waterbury, Conn., before 1682 WARNER and BARNES, New Haven, Conn., before 1700 
MILES, Milford, Conn., before 1639 FORD, Milford, Conn., before 1662 also want ancestry of 
Rev. Roger Newton, probably of England, who md. before 1645, Mary, daughter of Rev. 
Thomas HOOKER, Hartford, Conn. ancestry of Thomas FORD, Milford, Conn., who d. 
before 1662 ancestry and wife of Stephen HART, Braintree, England ancestry before 
1774 of James THOMAS, Wolcott, Conn. wife and ancestry of Thomas WARNER, Water- 
bury, Conn. ancestry and wife of Benjamin WARNER, New Haven, Conn. 

1300 William Henry Harrison Tainter (professional), 6141, McPherson Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 

U.S.A., is interested in TAINTER, TAINTOR, TAYNTER, TAYNTOR, any in England or Wales 
before 1638 ; any in U.S.A. after 1638 WILLIS, before 1635 ; DEAN, before 1638 ; and 
COOKE, before 1620 ; all English families LAWRENCE, New Bedford, Mass., 1776 ERSKINE, 
Kirkcudbright, Scotland HOSKINS, England, before 1620 GUY, England, before 1638 
also wants ancestors of Joseph TAINTER (TAINTOR), who sailed from England to New 
England, 1638 English ancestry of John WILLIS, who settled in New England, 1635 
ancestors of Elizabeth HOSKINS, who md. (i) William PALMER, and (2) John WILLIS, Ply- 
mouth Colony, New England, before 1650 also ancestry of John LAWRENCE, in New 
Bedford, Mass., 1776 and Yates County, New York, 1789. 

1301 Charles W. Spalding, 501, Byron Street, Chicago, 111., U.S.A., wants addresses of any members 

of SPALDING or SPAULDING family, or descendants in America also interested in fERviN, 
Va., U.S.A. -J-BERRY, Mason Co. Ky. (Henry Baber BERRY, d. 1838) tFARWELL, Barre, 
Vt., 1814 t^DSON, Bartonsville, Vt., 1811 and wants information about Edward 
SPALDING and wife, Margaret, who sailed from Bristol, England, to Va., about 1619, and 
his ancestors. 

1302 Hon. Orlando John Hodge, 4120, Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. 

1303 Nathan H. Jones, Poultney, Vt., U.S.A. 

1304 Charles B. Whittelsey, Hartford, Conn., U.S.A. 

1305 Miss Mary L. Whitman (professional), West Hartford, Conn., U.S.A. 

1306 N. De La Lynde, 70, Lord Street, Liverpool, England. 

1307 Frederick Banister, Fairfield, Epsom, England, is interested in BANISTER, before 1717 

and wants ancestors of the BANISTER family who were resident at Sittingbourne, Kent, 
throughout the i8th century. 

1308 G. F. Tracy Beale, J.P., Cott Court, Biddenden, Kent, England, is interested in all Clothiers 

(Cloth-Weaving) families originally of Kent also in BEALE, BEALDE, BEI.E, BEAWLE, 
BOONE, BOWNE, and BLEWETT, Kent, before 1610 HINNEKER, Kent CHEESEMAN, Kent 
WILLIAMS, Melton St. Michaels, Norfolk, about 1674 Wanted ancestry of - - BEALE, 6. 

1541, Secretary to Queen Elizabeth and M.P. for Totnes also of BEALE, d. 1660, Clerk of 

Signet ; Lord of Walton Manor ; a small fee will be paid. 

1309 Mrs. Grafton C. Kennedy, Duncarrick, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in locating Huguenot 

refugees between France and Rotterdam also in SHERWOOD, England, before 1634 
CLAGGETT, England, before 1775 WOODBRIDGE, England, before 1613 f HOSMER, tMARViN, 
fJuDD, fWAKEMAN, all England, before 1634 {PLUMMER, Wales, before 1634 fPmLBERT, 
France, before 1737 D'ACHE, de Beuzeral, Normandy, France, before 1423 and wants 
ancestry of Thomas SHERWOOD, who md. Alice SEABROOK and of General Wiseman 
CLAGGETT, and his descent from Bishop Nicholas C., Bury St. Edmunds. 

1310 George W. Wagen seller, A.M., Middleburgh, Pa., U.S.A., is interested in fWAGENSEiL, Ger- 

many WAGENSELLER, DERR and HAAG, Montgomery Co., Pa., U.S.A. and desires 
information about FORRY, FORRER, Europe and America and ZERBY, ZERBE, Europe 
and America. 

1311 F. W. Thompson, 30, Carrig Avenue, Kingstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland, wants names, data, etc., 

about parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents of Harry THOMPSON, of firm of Messrs. T., 
Wine Merchants, Rotherham, Yorks , and ? Oporto ; died Rotherham, 1827. Kilham ancestry. 



1312 Tolman Ihomas Gelder, (until August, 1909, at 220, S. 3$th Street Phila Pa US \ 

afterwards) :-at Virden 111., U.S.A., is interested in GELDER, Yorkshire," before 1800'-' 
Holland, before 1600 SHE ARBURN, SHERBORNE, and QUARTON, Yorkshire, before 1800 
1 01 MAN, and BOSWORTH, England, before 1630 LORTON, Ireland, before 1750 GANA- 
WAY, Wales, before 1760 also wants ancestry of John GELDER, who md. Elizabeth SHEAR- 
BURN, 16 November, 1805, at Kellington, Whitley Bridge, Yorks. also ancestry of the 
following persons :William BARLOW, b. 1753 Sarah ATKINSON, b. 1751 ; she md a 
BARLOW Ann ARTHUR, md. Richard QUARTON, about 1780 and Mary BAXTER md a 
BARLOW, about 1750. 

1313 Mrs. Osborn Nickerson, Chathamport, Barnstaple Co., Mass., U.S.A., is interested in NICKER- 

N BUSBY RYDER DODGE, all living before 1640. 

1314 Mrs. John S. West-Thatcher, 403, Commonwealth Avenue, Detroit, Mich., U.S.A. 

1315 Arnold Gindrat Talbot, Hearthside, Lincoln, R.I., U.S.A., is interested in Heraldry-also 

m IALBOT England, Ireland, before 1664 MARTIN, England, America. 1663 GINDRAT 
Iramelan, Berne, Switzerland, 1800 DE PEYSTER, French Belgium border, 1650 ANGELL' 
iLngland, 1630 GORTON, Manchester, England, 1637 MACDONALD, Drogheda, Meath' 
Ireland, 1655 SMITH, Glasslough, Co. Monaghan, Ireland, 1678 MONAGHAN, Enniskillen 
fr an i V5 7 ~D RLAMB ' Durham ' England, 1700 STREEPER, Kalderkerchen, Dukedom 
01 Lrulick Co., Brugen, 1683 also wants parentage and ancestry of Jared TALBOT Taunton 
Mass., 1664 ; possibly a grandson of Thomas TALBOT DE MALAHIDE, Ireland or of the 
Shrewsbury line, England. 

1316 Walter Chauncey Shute, South Hingham, Mass., U.S.A. 

1317 John A. Holmes, Lyons, Wayne Co., New York, U.S.A. 

1318 Dr Edgar E Gelder, 705, Main Street, Peoria, IU., U.S.A., is interested in KING, New 

England, before 1710 NANCE, before 1800 ; HANKS, before 1780 ; both Va USA 
also m the following English families : GATES, before 1650 ; GILMAN, before 1620 ; SHAW 
before 1650 ; CLARK, before 1620 ; BYRAM, before 1620 ; DOWNER, before 1650 ; and 
WHITMAN, before 1630 FORD, before 1620; POND, before 1620; WATERMAN, before 
1050 ; BALL, before 1650 ; JOHNSON, before 1620 ; BOURNE, before 1650 ; SNOW before 
TILSON, before 1660; STURTEVANT, before 1660; HOSKINS, before 1650- and 
LEAVITT, before 1670 also CIAPP, Devon, before 1620 LAZELL, before 1700 also wants 
information about Mercy KING, who md. Eleazor SNOW, n July, 1728, at Bridgewater 
Mass., and d. 29 March, 1789. 

1319 William Alonzo Wilcox, Lawyer, Scranton, Pa., U.S.A., is interested in WILCOX, Rhode Island, 

U.S. A LITTLE, Marshfield, Mass. NORTON BIRGE, Dorchester, Mass. JENKINS (Quaker 
family), Sandwich PIERSON, Yorks. HARLAKENDEN KNOX and WYLLIS, Conn., U.SA. 
RIGGS and wants ancestors of Sarah NORTON, b. Windsor, Vt., 1779 and information 
about Rev. Wyllis PIERSON, Basking Ridge, N.J., and his connection with the Revolutionary 

1320 Miss Charlotte Derbyshire Knox, 17, South Division Street, Peekskill, N.Y., U.S.A.,is inter- 

ested un fKNox, Co. Antrim, Ireland, prior to, and including 1732 fBEAL, Forhoe 
Hundred, Norfolk, England, before 1638 fHAYWARD, HAVARD, HAWERD, Phila., Pa., 
Ub.A., before 1786 also wants information about ancestry of David KNOX, who migrated 
to America with son, Andrew (4 years old), 1728 also of Martha BEAL or BEALE, 
who md .Robert WHITE in First Presbyterian Church, Phila., Pa., 24 June, 1731 

also of Elizabeth HAYWARD (HAVARD, HAWERD), md. ist JUSTIS, 2nd John SOBER 

Gentleman of Kensington, Phila., Pa. ; children were Catherine, b. 1754 ; Elizabeth ? " 
and George ? 

1321 Rodney Keene Shaw, Marietta, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in SHAW KEENE BYRAM 

especially in ancestry of Abraham SHAW, md., Halifax, England, 1616 ; also the date and 
place of his birth the birthplace of Nicholas B? RAM and the ancestry of the KEENE 
family, London. 

1322 Rev. Calbraith Bourn Perry, D.D., Cambridge, New York, U.S.A., is interested in PERRY 

Devon ?, before 1690 BOURN, BOURNE, before 1650 ALEXANDER, North Ireland or 
Scotland also wants information about ancestry of Edward Ezra PERRY, Sandwich, 
Plymouth Colony, about 1625 ; probably from Devon. 



1323 Mrs. Andrew M. Joys, 419, Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.A., is interested in BRYAN, 

Aston Clinton, Bucks., 1638 PERRY, London, 1620 CRANE, Suffolk, 1630 PORTER, 
Kenilworth, Warws., 1630 JOYS, London JUDSON, Kirby Moor, North Riding, Yorks. 
CANFIELD, Herts. CROWELL, probably Bucks., 1638 MERWINT, Wales (probably Swan- 
sea), 1625 NETTLETON, probably Bucks., England, 1639 also wants ancestry and arms 
of Sarah BRYAN, who md. Sylvester BALDWIN, Jr., and sailed on ship ' ' Martin," to America, 
1638 Christian name, children and ancestry of Captain PERRY, of the Hon. Art. Co., 
London, about 1600 Henry CRANE and son, John, early settlers of Roxbury, Mass., 1637 
sons, Henry and Benjamin ; wanted names of other children and other information 
also ancestry and arms of John PORTER, who md., 18 October, 1620, Anna WHITE, Messing, 
Essex also family name of Elishua, wife of John CROWELL or CROWE information about 
Miles MERWIN, and Mrs. Elizabeth M., who went to Dorchester, Mass., on ship " John," 
of London, 1635 ancestry, arms, and other information of William JUDSON information 
about John JOYS, b. near London, I January, 1757 ; went to Calcutta in ship " Portland," 

1324 Daniel Kent, Court House, Worcester, Mass., U.S.A., is interested in GROSVENOR KENT 

SNOWDEN WARBURTON WATSON WILLIAMS and wants place of birth, date and an- 
cestry of John GROSVENOR, who d. Roxbury, Mass., 1691, aged 49 ; coat of arms on grave- 
stone shows close connection with Grosvenor family of Cheshire, England. John G. came 
from England to New England, before 1671, when he md. His children were William, 
John, Leicester, Susanna, Ebenezer, Thomas, Joseph also place and date of birth, and 
ancestry of John KENT, who went from England to New England, 1645 ; his brothers were 
Joshua and Joseph any information of a Robert Henry SNOWDEN, about 1800-1850, who 
md. Maria Elizabeth NEWTON (?), of Manchester (?), England ; had daughter, Henrietta, b. 
Isle of Wight (?) about 1830-33 any information about Major WARBURTON, who lived 
Sackville Street, Dublin, Ireland, about 1835-50, and md. Miss NEWTON any information 
about Stephen WATSON, who md. Susan WILLIAMS ; (their children were Christopher, 
William, Henry and others), lived near Carlow, Ireland, 1840 ? any information of Chris- 
topher WILLIAMS, who lived near Dungarven or Dunraven, Ireland, about 1840-50. 

1325 Joseph Addison Kingsbury, 511, Coal Street, Wilkinsburg Sta., Pittsburg, Pa., U.S.A., 

is interested in KINGSBURY, any. 

1326 Gilbert Edgerton Hall, Fremont, Sandusky Co., Ohio, U.S.A., is interested in SCUDDER 

John LATHAM, Norwalk, Conn. and wants ancestors of Samuel DAVIS, bought land on 
French River, 1715, d. 1727. 

1327 P. K. Roots, Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A., is interested in ROOT, ROOTE, ROOTS, ROOTES, 

settled in New England, early i7th century HOLT, BLAKESLEE, JUDD, all settled in New- 
England, early i7th century ANGEL HALL, originally from Scotland HUMPHREY 
McCooK, members of family had prominent part in U.S. Civil War, 1861-1865 PHILP, 
settled Nova Scotia, Canada KIMZEY. 

1328 Stephen Walkley, Plantsville, Conn., U.S.A., wants information about family of Richard 

WALKLEY, who was " made free before the court ' ' at Hartford, 21 May, 1657 ; his wife's 
name was Rebecca, and he was said to have come from Edinburgh, Scotland. 

1329 Arthur Edmund Ironside, 59, High Street, Fulham, London, S.W., is interested in IRONSIDE, 

any, especially of Banff, N.B., before 1800. 

1330 Philip T. Gardner, Conington Hall, Cambridge, England, is interested in GARDINER, GARDNER, 

Cambs., Lines., Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex, 1550-1750 and wants descendants of Henry 
GARDNER, Kirton in Lindsay, who md. about 1560, Joan, daughter of Peter FLUSHER, Lewes 
also descendants of Humfrey GARDINER, Histon, Cambs., d. 1681 also of Samuel 
GARDINER, Rector of Eckington, Derbyshire, who d. 1721. 

1331 Walter Chitty, The Cot, Wilcot, Pewsey, Wilts., is interested in BATHURST, pedigree of Sir 

Francis B. CECIL, representative of Cecil of Birmingham PEACOCK, representative of 
Peacock of Chawley LONG, pedigree of Herodias Long, Wilts. TIDCOMBE, place of Hope 
Long Tidcombe's death also wants a full pedigree of family of ASKELL or ASKULL also 
any writings or pedigrees formerly in possession of Walter HOWARD (the mysterious heir), or 
any article that belonged to him also the names of all persons of the name of HOWARD 
who have lived in Herefordshire since 1700. 



1332 Levi Holbrook, P.O. Box, 536, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., is interested in pedigrees of the 

following families before 1650 : FAIRBANK, Sovverby, Yorks. FISHER, Syleham Suffolk 
WARNER, Boxted, Essex WELLS, Colchester, Essex also wants English ancestry of 
Thomas HOLBROOKE having apparently brothers, Robert, Richard, John, Daniel all in 
America, about 1645. 

1333 Galusha B. Balch, M.D., Yonkers, N.Y., U.S.A., is compiling the genealogy of the BALCH family 

in America and is interested in all of the name in Europe before 1623, especially in John 
B., who came to America in 1623 from Somerset, England. 

1334 Mrs. Harriet A. Mills, 1701, Hawthorn Ave., Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A., is interested 

in ROGERS WoLCOTTBuRNHAM NORTH MILLS also wants to know if William 
ROGERS (Cornwall, Conn., U.S.A.) was the son of Thomas R., who went to America in the 
" Mayflower," and grandson of the martyr John R., of Smithfield, in 1555. 

1335 Dr. HerauCOUrt, Oberstabsarzt im 2 Hannov. Infant. Regim. No. 77, Celle i/Hannover, 

Deutschland, interessiert sich fur HERAUCOURT ; sucht nach Hugenotten-Vorfahren und 
aUen Tragern des Namens iiberhaupt ; Familie von 1700 in Rheinpfalz, vorher in Frank- 

1336 Mrs. Sara M. Libbey Haley, South Lee, New Hampshire, U.S.A., is interested in 

HOUGHTON WILDER HALEY DEANE SIMMONS also in the foUowing individuals : 
Robert ADAMS John PARLIN (Earls of LENNOX) John LIBBEY Thomas GARDNER 
Richard PARKE Robert DRAKE. 

1337 Henry Cole Quinby, 5, Nassau Street, N.Y. City, U.S.A., is interested in QUINBY, QUIMBY, 


1338 W. J. J. C. Bijleveld, 2nd archivist to the City of Leyden, de Sleutel, Voorschoten, 

Holland, is interested in patrician or noble families in the Netherlands till 1500, and can 
give information about the Dutch families which were admitted to the nobility after 1814, 
and about families which held magisterial offices during the period 1570-1814 and later 
also wants exact date of birth of Elizabeth RICHARDS (of Rathaspeck), b. Stratford-on- 
Avon, about 1779 ; she md. at Wexford, 15 April, 1802, Count VAN LIMBURG STIRUM ; also 
the names and complete dates of her parents and grandparents. 

1339 Captain Gustaf Henrik Wilhelm Planting-GyllenbOga, (professional), Remmingstorp, Axvall, 

-VoN GOLDACKER VON MAijDEL VON BRUNKHOFF Wants early information about the 
families of Martha, daughter of Hans VON MAIJDEL, Mecklenburg? and Helena VON 
BRUNKHOFF, first and second wives of Joen PLANTING, possibly from Prague, settled in 
Sweden (Uppland) towards the close of i6th cent. 

1340 William Clement Kendall, 15, Heworth Green, York, and 8, Bective Road, Kirkby Lonsdale, 

Westmorland, England, is interested in KENDALL, West Riding Yorks., before 1700. 

1341 Oberleutnant Hans Von WllSSOW, Goldap, Ostpreussen, Deutschland, interessiert sich fur 

pommersche und preussische Adelsgeschichte auch fur fBROWNE, Sligo, Ireland VON 


1342 Rev. Arthur Henry Talbot, Edgmond Rectory, Newport, Shropshire, England, is interested 

in MASTERMAN, Hull, up to 1850. 

1343 George Pearson, 19, Marsden Square, Manchester, England, wants marriage register (in or 

near Bedford), of his ancestor, Isaac Louis DE GIBERNE, md. 29 May, 1725, Catherine 
DEWBERY of or near Bedford. 

1344 John D. Mersereau, 449, North Madison Ave., Pasadena, Cal., U.S.A., is interested in 

Huguenot and Pilgrim ancestors especially in ALDEN, BRADFORD, "Mayflower" pilgrims 
MULLINS, MOLINES, French Huguenot MERSEREAU, MERCEREAU, French Huguenots 
also wants crest and ancestral lines of MERSEREAU (MERCEREAU) family who left France 
about 1686 ; Paul M., settled in England, the rest in New York. 


Phillip Stevens Merrill, Merchants Bank Building, Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A., is interested in 
FOOTWHEELWRIGHT PIKE ALDEN also wants connection between Thomas BLAN- 
CHARD, Andover, England, about 1600 with Adain BLANCHERT, Rouen, France, 1400. 



1346 Miss Minnie Fogel Mickley, (professional), Mickleys, R.D., Allentown, Pa., U.S.A., is inter- 

ested in KERN, Holland. 

1347 Rev. Joseph Brown Turner, 62, State Street, Dover, Delaware, U.S.A., is interested in 

ASKEW, Cumberland, 1700 BANCROFT, Chester and Lancaster BONSALL, Derby, before 
1700 BRAILSFORD, Derby before 1650 COWGILL, Yorks.; GODDARD, Wilts.; and HADFIELD, 
Yorks., all before 1700 MAIR, Scotland, before 1750 MOHUN, Northampton, before 
1600 RANDALL, Wilts., before 1750 SOMERVILLE, Scotland, before 1750 also wants 
parentage of Josiah ROBARTS, banker in London, d. 1796 ancestors of Walter MOHUN, 
Wollaston, Northants., about 1500 parentage of Hawise, (supposed to have been daughter 
of Saher ST. Liz), who md. Roger D'OYLEY, Eston, Oxon, about 1131 also parentage of 
Eleanor (supposed daughter of Walter FITZ WALTER), who md. William D'OYLEY, Eweden, 
Bucks., about 1425. 

1348 fMajor Tankerville James Chamberlayne, c/o Messrs. Holt and Co., 3, Whitehall Place, London, 

S.W., is interested in CADDAN CHAMBERLAYNE IRWIN, IRVING, IRWING, Ireland, chiefly 
Sligo or connected therewith BOYD, Roslare, Ireland, or connected therewith WEBBER, 
Cork, Sligo, West of England JANS, Cornwall and Ireland MORE, Athboy, i6th cent, 
and earlier CORBETT, Corbettstown, Westmeath, i6th cent, and before CUSACKE, 
Barnewalls, Rathgar, 1703-4 SHERIDAN, Ballynegall, Westmeath, 1735 WOGAN, France 
and Ireland, i8th cent. HELLY, SUVINY, Brittany, (Marie, daughter of Jean HELLY 
and Ele"onore SUVINY, md. 15 November, 1734, Edward CHAMBERLAYNE, who d. at Nantes 
s.p.s. 28 March, 1756 ; she was at Dinan 1759) PIPARD, Drogheda, Meath also offers 
IDS. reward for date of birth or baptism of William Tankerville Chamberlain, b. in or near 
Dublin between 1750-1753, son of Michaell CHAMBERLAIN, Esq., by Miss Deborah ROBERTS 
(md. 1742) los. reward for date and place of death of the above-mentioned Michaell 
Chamberlain, Esq., between 16 November, 1771, and May, 1773 ; it might have been at 
Tralee, Co. Sligo, or in France ; if France, probably at Nantes or Dinan On n November, 
1718, Judge Michael CHAMBERLAYNE (grandfather of the above Michael CHAMBERLAINE) 
died under attainder in Coole Street, Dublin ; his younger son, Edward, who was a recusant 
Papist, went to France, taking his father's commission signed by James II., his portrait, 
and some plate, including two silver candlesticks ; Edward md. 1735 Marie HELLY, whose 
mother was a SUVINY. After his death she lived at Dinan. These articles, or some of 
them, were there in 1759. 5 reward offered for the commission, and 5 for the portrait 
on due authentication Suitable rewards will be paid for any papers connected with these 
five members of the family, viz., Michaell, Edward, Michael and William Tankerville or 
Christopher, eldest son of the first, and father of the second Michael. Such papers might 
(of Swords) , or PRESTON families. ^ 

1349 Miss May Mermod Scott, B.A., 1274, Summit Street, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., is interested 


following individuals : Pardon Tillinghast, b. 1622, Beachy Head, Sussex ; settled Provi- 
dence, R.I., U.S.A., 19 November, 1643, and English branches John Rathbone, of 
England, settled New Shoreham, Block Island, R.I., U.S.A., and was living there April, 
1661, and English branches Andrew Borland, son of Matthew B., b. Co. Antrim, Ireland, 
22 December, 1748, and Irish and Scotch (Ayrshire) branches Peter and Reynolde Neill, 
of North Ireland, in Washington Co., Pa., U.S.A., before 1804 David SCOTT, b. Scotland ; in 
Va., U.S.A., in i8th cent. also wants to know how the Fighting McCooKS of Ohio, U.S.A., 
of Civil War fame, are related to John SCOTT, son of Robert Gregg Scott, of Hollidaysburgh, 
Pa., U.S.A., son of David Scott, of Scotland and Virginia also to know when David Scott 
migrated to U.S.A. Wanted any information about JENKINS family, in Bridgeton, N.J., 
U.S.A., before 1776. 

1350 Mrs. E. H. Merritt, 225, W. Woodland Avenue, Fort Wayne, Ind., U.S.A., is interested in 
HOVER family which left Scotland for America, via Holland also MERRITT, France. 

1351 Herbert Waddington, 13, Prince's Road, Middlesbrough, England. 

1352 Rev. S. Cornish Watkins, The Vicarage, Staunton-on- Arrow, Herefordshire, England, is inter- 

ested in WATKINS, Rhiwyrychen, Capel Taffvechan, Brecon, before 1689 CORNISH, Devon, 
before 1678 GIDLEY, Devon, before 1574 also wants ancestors of Philip WATKINS, Rhi- 
wyrychen, Brecon, 1689-1764 also of Nicholas CORNISH, St. David's, Exeter, d. 1678. 



1353 Herbert Addington Rigg, K.C., Wallhurst Manor, Cowfold, Horsham, Sussex, England, is 

interested in GOAD, London and Clapham, 1750-1830 ADDINGTON, Relatives of the Prime 

Minister also desires information about parentage of Sarah ADDINGTON, who md. William 

Thomas GOAD, about 1810-1820. 

1354 Eberhard Graf Schweinitz, Hergenrath, (Kr. Eupen), Deutschland, interessiert sich fur Grafen 

Freiherrn, Herrn VON SCHWEINITZ ; fiir erscheinendes Portraetwerk auch Nachricht iiber 
Portraets in Privatbesitz erwuenscht. 

1355 Lester Card, Ansonia, Conn., U.S.A., is interested in CARD, any especially Maine, Rhode 

Island, Nova Scotia, and Ontario and all female lines of Card families also wants infor- 
mation about the following individuals : John CARD, York, Maine, 1669 Richard Card, 
Newport, R.I., 1653 and Richard Card, Hants Co., Nova Scotia. 

1356 Frederick Barnard Richards, Glens Falls, New York, U.S.A., is interested in family of William 

RICHARDS, who came from South Wales to Springfield, Mass., about 1775. 

1357 R. F. Skiff, Iowa Falls, Iowa, U.S.A. 

1358 Miss M. J. Atkinson, (professional), n, Hardenbergh Street, New Brunswick, N.J., U.S.A. 

1359 Dr. phil. Hans F. Helmolt, Dresden 16, Schumannstrasse, A., 15, Deutschland, interessiert 
jjij sich fiir VON HELMOLT RANKE Due D'ORLEANS, 1650-1730 PFALZ-SIMMERN, 1650- 

1360 Allen V. Reed, 6, Iowa Circle, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., is interested in MITCHELSON 

fDE MUND REED, ALLEN, Conn, and Mass. BISHOP, Stamford, Conn. fCROWE, 
{SEYMOUR, Conn. VALENTINE, MEAD, Westchester Co., New York LEAKE, Scotland : 
settled New York or N.J. before 1770 also desires information about parentage of Joseph 
REED who md. Abigail HUNTTING about 1780 also of Andrew LEAKE who md. Susan DE 

1361 George William Hill, Junior Constitutional Club, London, W., is interested in HILL, Wilts. 

and Pall Mall, London, i8th century ARNOTT, Co. Durham BUTLER, Cumberland anc 
America, i8th century f TROTTER, Marylebone, London, i8th century fGooDRiCH, Gloucs 
fMAUND, fPARTON, Herefordshire fHEWLiNS, Gloucs. also desires information aboui 
Thomas BUTLER, Cumberland, said to be natural son of the Duke of ORMOND, and to have 
md. Janet BELL, also to be a brother of the BUTLER who migrated to Phila. also furthei 
particulars of the family of Thomas Haggerston ARNOTT, son of Thomas A., Sunderland 
1811. " 

1362 Dr. Heinrich Kelleter, (beruflich = professional) historian and genealogist employed ii 

Western parts of Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, Neuss a/Rh., Deutschland. 

1363 Miss Alice Harford, Blaise Castle, Henbury, Bristol, England, is interested in HARFORD. 

1364 Ed. de Lorme, Hannover, Spittastrasse 28 1 , Deutschland. 

1365 Georg Thierer, Ulm a/Donau, Blaubeurerstrasse 18, Deutschland. 

1366 Richard Benyon Croft, Fanhams Hall, Ware, England, is interested in CROFT, Herefordshire 

any ; Sutton under Brayles and Eatington, Warws., from 1564 : Warwick, 1783 to presen 
day also wants information about Griffin CROFT, about 1600. 

1367 Dr. phil. Franz Schacht, Elmshorn, Holstein, Scheelstrasse 62 1 , interessiert sich fiir die Adres 
sen aller jetzt lebenden SCHACHTS SCHACHT. 

1368 Arthur V. Gough, Chilton Moor, Fence Houses, Co. Durham, England, is interested in GOUGH 

North Shropshire DICKEN, Frees, Shropshire PURCELL, Westminster, iTth century- 
VALENTINE, Eccles, Lanes. 

1369 Miss Lilias E. Cotesworth, 45, Westminster Mansions, Great Smith Street, London, S.W. 
is interested in ROEBUCK HIETT HARPER. 

1370 W. P. JobSOn, 23, Great St. Helens, London, E.C., is interested in JOBSON, any before 1650 
especially Kingston-upon-Hull and vicinity ; also Lines, and Wilts. 

1371 Thomas Forster, 9, Jewel Road, W 7 althamstow, Essex, England, is interested in GILBERT 
Essex or Eastern England LEMAN, ANDERSON, FORSTER, Lines. 

1372 John J. Howe, Probate Registry, Durham, England, is interested in various Durham am 

Northumberland families. 



1373 Mrs. Jane Ellison (Ware) Martin, 112, I4th Street, Columbus, Georgia, U.S.A. _ 

1374 John H. Swainson, c/o Miss Swainson, Frenchwood, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, 

1375 G. H. WarlQW, 15, Highlands Gardens, Ilford, England. 

1376 John Malcolm BuiiOCh, 118, Pall Mall, London, S.W., is interested in GORDON BULLOCH. 

1377 Reginald A. Ledgard, 14, Balfour Road, Birkenhead, England, is interested in LEDGARD, 
various spellings, any HANCHETT, any. 

1378 Wilhelm Genest, Leutnant, Braunschweig, Husaren Rgt. 17, Deutschland, interessiert sich 

fiir GENET GENEE fWEiNMANN -J-ROEDENBECK und sucht Nachrichten und Wappen 
der Familien GENEE und GENET aus Schweiz und Siidfrankreich vor dem Jahre 1680. 

1379 Mrs. Green-Thompson, Bridekirk, Cockermouth, England, is interested in ORTON, i6th cent 

COSTER, i6th cent. GOULD, i5th cent. BURNLEY, any in America BROWN, Carsluith 
and Trinidad BERRY, i6th cent. GREEN, Cockermouth, i6th cent. THOMPSON, 
Cheltenham, lyth cent. MERRY, I5th cent. and desires information about James 
HUME, who d. 1792 and was page to Queen Anne. 

1380 Donald D. Burrell, Cerrig, Oxton, Birkenhead, England, is interested in BURRELL, any. 

1381 Miss Phoebe M. Mason-Cox, Otterton, Alverstoke, Hants., England, is interested in COXE, 

Clent, Old Slymforde, Worcs. DENNYS, Whymple, Shete Rawleigh, Devon MASON, 
Stapleton, Gloucs., Delamere, Herefordshire BOMPAS, Worcestershire and Caen, Normandy 
COCKS, Crowle, Worcs. Especially wants information as to crests used by various branches 
of COCKS and Cox, Bart., Dumbleton ; COXE, Wiltshire ; date of grant. 



No. 122, line 2 ... . For " Robert W." read " Robert V." 

No. 180, line 3 . . . . For " NORFOLK " read " Norfolk " 

No. 224, line 2 .... For " Zivland " read " Livland." 

No. 245, line 4 .... For " RANNES " read " Rannes." 

No. 334, line i . . . . For " LaNGHORNE " read " LANGHORNE." 

No. 386, line 3 .... For " IRELAND " read " Ireland." 

No. 388, line i . . . . For " al " read " all." 

No. 421, line 2 .... Madeley is in Staffs, not Salop. 

No. 450, line 3 . . . . For " Chattanof " read " Chattan of." 

No. 450, line 6 .... For " wasshe " read " was she." 

No. 465 ...... On the i3th January, 1909, at The Elms, Morden, Frederick Clayton 

died in his 85th year. 

No. 469, line 2 .... For " Berks." read " Bucks." 
No. 475, line i . . . . For " desir es " read " desires " 
No. 518, line 3 .... For " Masutipatam " read " Masulipatam." 
No. 535, lines 3, 6 and|7. . " parish of Hutton " is evidently intended. 
No. 546, last line ... For " STOKEBY " read " Stokeby." 
No. 570, line 3 . ..." Eynsford " may be intended. 
No. 572, line 4 from end . For " Dadford " and " Barnsgrove " read " Dodford " and " Broms- 


No. 639, line 2 .... After " Appleby " insert " temp." 
No. 644, line 3 . . . . " Great Canfield, Essex," may be the place intended. 
No. 645, line 13 . . . .For " 1800 Ross " read " 1800 ; Ross." 
No. 676, line 2 .... After " Bray " read " and." 
No. 705, line i . . . . For " WiNCH " read " WINCH." 
No. 708, last line . . . Read " Fillongley." 
No. 728, line 3 . . . . For " Burger- " read " Burger- " 
No. 757, line 8 . . . . For " perbend " read " per bend." 
No. 828, line 2 .... East Coker is in Somerset, not Dorset as stated. 
No. 839, line 2 . . . . For " who " read " which." 
No. 927 ...... On I2th March, 1909, A. S. Lamprey notified change of address to 

" The Grammar School, Ashford, Kent, England." 

No. 951, lines 3 and 5 . . Read " Fauquier." 

No. 975, line 5 . . . . For " Herts." read esex. 

No. 975, line 13 .... For " Saundley " read " Saundby, Notts." 

No. 976, line 9 .... Query, insert " Waltham " before " St. Lawren 

No. 976, line 12 .... Query, for " Hornhill " read " Hernhill, Kent." 

No. 980, line 4 . . . . For " Biggott " read " Bigott." 

No. 1002, line 4 .... Query, for "Kruscomb 

No. 1138, line 9 .... After " Much Marche, Gl 

No. 1173, line 5 .... Delete the comma after 

No. 1192, line 7 . . . . For " Id Kent Road " re 


for " Kruscomb " read " Corscombe." 
After " Much Marche, Gloucs." insert " (PMuch Marcle, Hereford)." 


Id Kent Road " read " Old Kent Road." 
Von Schneben " read " Von Schnehen." 

. , . . . . or 

No. 1200, line 3 . . . . For 

No. 1266, line i . . . . For " BrowN " read " BROWN." 

No. 1269 ...... On the 5th March, 1909, at 4, Phillimore Gardens,^ Kensington, W., 

died in his 73rd year, Henry Mason Bompas, K.C., J.P., late 
County Court Judge, youngest son of Charles Carpenter Bompas, 
Ser j eant-at-Law. 

No. 1281, line 3 .... Query, for " Mesenden " read " Missenden, in the parish of Hitchin." 




II a ete forme sous le nom de Convention Interna- 
tionale d' Heraldique, une Association qui a pour 
objet : 

i De developper 1'etude du Blason, particuliere- 
ment au double point de vue theorique et inter- 

2 De servir de lien et de trait d'union 
entre les divers Corps et Societes heraldiques 

La " Convention " se propose d'atteindre son but 
par la discussion, entre ses membres, des questions 
que le Comite jugera utile de soumettre aux 

Les Associations armoriales en relations avec la 
" Convention Heraldique " seront invitees a prendre 
part aux debats. 

Afin ,? e g^neraliser et d'amplifier ceux-ci, la 
"C.I.H." utilisera autant que possible, pour ses 
communications, les organes de ces Societes et les 
revues heraldiques paraissant dans les differents 

Parmi les sujets susceptibles d'etre proposes aux 
deliberations de la "Convention," mentionnon les 
suivants : 

A.) Elaboration d'un Code heraldique inter- 
national destine a : 

i Arreter, preciser et completer les lois armoriales 
en tenant compte des exigences resultant de 1'usage 
moderne et toujours croissant des armoiries. 

2 Regler tout ce qui concerne le Blason, quant a 
I'uniformite de ses principes fondamentaux et 
generaux, scientifiques-techniques. 

B.) Examen de la possibilite et de 1'opportunite 
de la formation d'une instance et autorite heraldique 
arbitrate superieure, centrale et internationale, pou- 
vant servir d'intermediaire entre les Chancelleries 
armoriales officielles et les societes cultivant le Noble 

La "Convention Heraldique" a commence ses 
travaux par un essai de fixer definitivement les regies 
armoriales, et, a cet effet, elle a ouvert le debat sur 
les " Lois Heraldiques " etablies par P.-B. Gheusi 
dans son " Blason Heraldique." (Paris, 1892). 

Les membres de la " Convention " ont ete pries de 
faire savoir s'ils acceptaient tant en la forme que 
quant au fond la teneur de ces regies, ou s'ils 
avaient des remarques a formuler et des modifica- 
tions a suggerer. 

Le Comite accueillera de meme avec plaisir les 
observations que toutes les personnes interessees a 
1'art heraldique pourront lui envoyer sur le sujet. 

Les reponses doivent etre adressees au Vice- 
Chancelier, M. RENE DROZ a Francfort s.M. 

Le Comite fondateur de la " Convention Interna- 
tionale d' Heraldique" constitue 1631 decembre, 1907, 
se compose actuellement comme suit : 

President : 

Comte de COLLEVILLE, President du Conseil He- 
raldique de France, Camerier secret de cape et 
d'epee de S. S., Delegue General en France du 
Patriarcat latin de Jerusalem, et Bailli-Grand-Croix 
de 1'Ordre du Saint-Sepulcre. Paris. 

i er Vice-President : 

Membre du Conseil Heraldique de France et Con- 
seiller General. Paris. 

Vice-Presidents : 

BETHENCOURT, Chambellan de S. M. Catholique, 
Senateur du Royaume d'Espagne, Membre de 1' Aca- 
demic Royale d'Histoire. Madrid. 

Prpfesseur AD. M. HILDEBRANDT, Membre de la 
Societe "Herold" et Redacteur de sa Revue " Der 
Deutsche Herold." Berlin. 

Officier du Secretariat General des Bibliotheques et 
Archives nattonales. Lisbonne. 

M. JEAN GRELLET, President de la Societe Suisse 
d' Heraldique. St-Gall. 

Commandeur Emmanuel PORTAL, Officier de Tins. 
Publique, Rome. 

REUIL, Membre des Societies Historique et Archeo- 
logique de Tournai, et d'Etudes Historiques de Cam- 
brai, de 1' Association Genealogique et Heraldique 
" De Nederlandsche Leeuw," chateau de Kain (Bel- 

Secretaire general : 

Comte de BREMOND D'ARS, Membre du Conseil 
Heraldique de France. Chateau de Guilly, Finistere. 

i Vice-Secretaire : 

YVES DE COLLEVILLE, Camerier secret de S. S., 
Membre du Conseil Heraldique de France, Comm . 
du Saint-Sepulcre. Paris. 

2 nd Vice-Secretaire : 

FRITZ DE ZEPELIN, chevalier de 1'Ordre du Saint- 
Sepulcre. Paris. 

Chancelier : 

Baron du ROURE DE PAULIN, Membre du Conseil 
Heraldique de France et Secretaire de la Societe 
Francaise des Collectionneurs d'Ex-Libris et de 
Reliures Historiques. Paris. 

Vice-Chancelier ; 

Rene DROZ, Membre du Conseil Heraldique de 
France, du "Collegio Araldico" de Rome, de la 
Societe Suisse d'Heraldique, de 1' " Ex-Libris Socie- 
ty" de Londres, des Societes " Herold" de Berlin et 
"St. Michael" (de Wurtemberg), de la Societe 
Imperiale Royale Heraldique d'Autriche "Adler," 
etc. Francfort s.M. (p.a. Societe Generale Alsacienne 
de Banque). 




AACHEN, siehe " Aix-la-Chapelle." 
ADELS-FAMILIEN, siehe " Nobility." 
AGINCOURT, those who fought at, 709. 
AIREDALE families, 109. 
AIX-LA-CHAPELLE (Germany) families, 700. 

American families, 57. 
Old English families in U.S.A., 214. 
Migration of Quakers to A., 53, 629. 
Postal Directories of places in U.S.A., 671. 
Huguenot emigrants to A., 1010. 
Descendants of armigerous families who migrated 
to A., 1174. 

ANGLO-IRISH families, 407. 

ARMS, Identification of, 135, 215, 225, 401, 621, 

757, 1069. 

AUSTRALIAN families, 288. 
AUSTRIA, claims to titles in, 691. 

BAPTIST literature (before 1700), 151. 
BARONETCIES, dormant or extinct, 351. 
BATAVIA, Dutch East India Co. in, 387. 
BEDFORD (New York) families, 1175. 
BERKSHIRE families, 28, 1160. 
BISHOP STORTFORD (Herts.) families, 298. 
BOOKSELLERS, catalogues of German genealogi- 
cal, 1034. 
BRANDENBURG (Germany) ; Aus Holland nach 

B. ausgewanderte Evangelische (1600), 249. 
BRECONSHIRE families, 632. 
BREMEN (Germany) ; bremischer Adel, 835. 

Formation of a B. Heraldic Society, 10. 
West B. families, 801. 

BROMSGROVE (Wore.) families residing in neigh- 
bourhood (before 1760), 1086. 

Bucks, families, 1160. 
South Bucks, families, 309. 

BURGEN betreffende Literatur, u.s.w., 55. 
BURGERGESCHLECHTER, siehe " Danzig," " El- 

bing," " Germany," " Holland," und 

" Thorn." 

CAITHNESS families, 643. 
CAMBRIDGE, see " St. John's College." 

Canadian families, 637. 

Old English families in C., 214. 

CARDIGANSHIRE families, 310, 1210. 
CARMARTHENSHIRE families, 310. 

CATALOGUES, see " Booksellers " and " Pub- 

CATHOLIC families in Hereford and Monmouth, 

CEYLON, Dutch East India Co. in, 387. 

CHANCERY SUITS, dormant, 597. 

CHAPEL EN LE FRITH (Derbyshire) families, 674. 

CHESHIRE families, 283, 1045. 

CLARE : County C. families, 609, 722. 

CLOTHIERS (CLOTH- WEAVING) families, originally 
of Kent, 1308. 


English emigration to C. (during I7th century), 

See also "Greenwich," "New Fairfield," and 

" Stamford." 


Cornwall, 35. 

Cornwall families, 32, 109. 

Cornish names, 573. 

CORK : County C. families, 541, 1176. 
CRAVEN (Yorks.), Quaker families of, 337. 
CRUSADER PRINCES, English Descents from, 432. 
CUMBERLAND families, 219, 282, 882, 1008. 

DANZIG (Germany), Biirger- u. Adelsgeschlechter, 


Danish families, 222, 787. 

Danish nobility of the Middle Ages, 67. 

DERBYSHIRE, see " Chapel en le Frith " and 

" High Peak." 

Devon, 35. 

Devon families, 32, in, 530, 637, 1038, 1257. 

See also ' ' Hatherleigh, ' ' and ' ' Topsham. ' ' 

DIRECTORIES of places in U.S.A., 671. 
DORSET families, in. 

County D. families, 716. 
Linen-factors in D., 296. 


D. families, 118, 121, 1189, 137-- 
D. Quaker families, 48. 

DUTCH, see " Holland." 


EAST ANGLIAN families, 346. 
EGHAM (Surrey) families, 856. 
ELBING (Germany), Burger- u. Adelsgeschlech- 
ter, 728. 



Emigrant families, 874. 

Immigranten-familien in Alt-Livland (Mittel- 

alter), 224. 
Aus Holland nach Brandenburg ausgewanderte 

Evangelische (1600), 249. 

Migration of Quaker families to America, 629. 
New Jersey Colonial Emigrant families, 924. 
Descendants of armigerous families who emigrated 

to America, 1174. 
See also " Huguenots," " ' Mayflower ' Passengers," 

and " Pilgrims." 


Norman families in England, 615. 

English descents from Crusader Princes, 432. 

West of England families, 120, 874, 1068. 

East Anglian families, 346. 

Recusant families of South of England, 960. 

English emigration to Conn. (U.S.A.) during 

1 7th Century, 819. 
Descendants of old English families in U.S.A. 

and Canada, 214. 
Anglo-Irish families, 407. 


E. families, 493, 784. 
See also " Langham." 

EVANGELISCHE, siehe " Emigrants." 

FINLAND families, 222. 
FLEMISH Huguenots (before 1800), 106. 
FRANCE, see " Huguenots." 
FRIENDS, Society of, see " Quaker." 

GALWAY : County G. families, 1288. 
GENIUS, Men of, 109. 

German families, 222. 

Works helpful in tracing genealogies in G., 594. 

Claims to titles in G., 691. 

Norddeutsche Burger- u. Adelsgeschlechter, 728. 

German genealogical publishers and booksellers, 

See also ' ' Aix-la-Chapelle, " " Brandenburg, ' ' 
" Bremen," " Danzig," " Ebling," 
" Hesse," " Pomerania," " Prussia," 
' ' Saxony, " " Thorn, ' ' and ' ' West- 
phalia. ' ' 

GLOUCESTER Co. (U.S.A.), Colonial emigrant 

families, 924. 

G. families, 195. 

G. families settled in South of Ireland in i7th 
Century, 1272. 

GREENWICH (Conn., U.S.A.) : families, 364, 1175. 


HATHERLEIGH (Devon) families, 944. 


Heraldry, 55, 1288, 1315. 

Formation of a British Heraldic Society, 10. 

Scottish Heraldry, 478, 1248. 

Descendants of armigerous families who migrated 

to America, 1174. 
Alt-hessische Adels-Familien u. deren Wappen- 

kunde, 1197. 
See also " Arms." 

HEREFORD, Catholic families in, 276. 
HERTFORDSHIRE, see " Bishop Stortford." 

HESSE (Germany) : Alt-hessische Adels-Fami- 
lien u. deren Wappenkunde, 1197. 
HIGHLANDS, see " Scotland." 
HIGH PEAK (Derbyshire) families, 674. 

Dutch families, 728, 1150, 1338. 

Aus Holland nach Brandenburg ausgewanderte 

Evangelische (1600), 249. 
See ' ' Netherlands. ' ' 

HORNSEY (London) topography and genealogy, 


H. families, 38, 112, 339, 407, 495, 540, 637, 736, 

769, 853. 913. 94, 115. 1344- 

French H. families, 104. 

Flemish H. families, 106. 

H. refugee families in Ireland, 386. 

H. emigrants to America, 1010. 

Locating H. refugees between France and Rotter- 
dam, 1309. 

HULL, Mayors, Sheriffs, etc., of, 304. 

Irish families, 541, 637, 722, 901. 
North of I. families, 776, 983. 
South-East of I. families, 1180. 
Norman families in I., 615. 
Anglo-Irish families, 407. 
Scoto-Irish families, 246, 80 1. 
Huguenot refugee families in I., 386. 
Irish Presbyterians in Rebellion (1798), 1087. 
Gloucestershire and Somerset families which 
settled in South of I. in I7th Century, 1272. 

JAMAICA (West Indies) : Jamaican families, 407. 
JOHNSON, Dr. : Families associated with him 
at Lichfield (Staffs.), etc., 371. 


K. families, 153. 

Clothiers (Cloth-Weaving) families originally of 

K., 1308. 
See also ' ' Sandgate Castle. ' ' 

KERRY families, 541, 798. 

LANARKSHIRE families, 544. 

L. families, 219, 283, 299, 360, 444, 476, 749, 1045. 
North-East L. families, 492. 

LANDHOLDERS, see " Surrey." 

LANGHAM (Essex) and district, 462. 

LEICESTERSHIRE families, 211. 

LEITRIM families, 595. 

LICHFIELD (Staffs.), see " Johnson, Dr." 

LIMERICK : County L. families, 541, 609, 722. 


L. families, 32, 667. 

L. topography and genealogy, 730. 

LINEN-FACTORS, see "Dublin." 

Burgen betreffende Literatur, 55. 

Baptist Literature (before 1700), 151. 

Works helpful in tracing genealogies in Germany, 

Catalogues of German genealogical publishers 

and booksellers, 1034. 



LFVLAND (Russia), Immigrant en-familien in 

Alt-Livland (Mittelalter), 224. 

L. families, 57, 1257. 

See also " Hornsey " and "^Tottenham." 

LOWESTOFT (Suffolk) or district, families of, 416. 

MALTA, families from, 317. 

MARYLAND (U.S.A.) : Early M. families, 1121. 


MAYORS, see " Hull." 


M. families, 153. 

West M. families, 309. 

See also ' ' London ' ' and ' ' Northolt. ' ' 


M. families, 1210. 

Catholic families in Monmouth, 276. 

MONMOUTHSHIRE (New Jersey, U.S.A.), 

Founders of, 582. 
MONTGOMERYSHIRE families, 613, 1210. 

NAMES, see " Cornwall." 

Patrician and noble families in the N. (till 1500), 

See " Holland." 

NEVIS (West Indies) families, 163. 

NEW ENGLAND (U.S.A.) : early N.E. families 

settled in N. Penna., 159. 
NEW FAIRFIELD (Conn., U.S.A.) families, 1175. 

Colonial families, 924, 1217. 

See also " Monmouthshire, N.J." 

NEW YORK, see " Bedford." 

Bremen, 835. 
Danzig, 728. 
Denmark, 67. 
Elbing, 728. 
Germany, 728. 
Hesse, 1197. 
Holland, 728, 1338. 
Netherlands, 1338. 
Normandy, 214. 
Pomerania, 1341. 
Prussia, 1341. 
Saxony, 1200. 
Sweden, 67, 258, 281. 
Thorn, 728. 
Westphalia, 264. 

NORFOLK families, 1054. 

N. families, 1049. 

Old Noblesse families, Normandy, 214. 

N. families in England and Ireland, 615. 

NORTHOLT (Middlesex) families, 1066. 

N. Families, 1160. 

Quaker families in N., 230. 


N. families, 1189, 1372. 

South Northumbrian (Tyne Valley) families, 118. 

NORWEGIAN families, 222. 

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE ; families of South N., 1228. 

ORKNEY families, 643. 
OXFORDSHIRE families, 1160. 

PEMBROKESHIRE families, 310, 1208. 

Early New England families settled in Northern 

P., 159. 
English settlers in the ' ' Three Lower Counties ' ' 

of P., 204. 

PERPETUATION of genealogical data, 1297. 

P. families, 1298, 1299, 1344. 

See also " ' Mayflower ' Passengers." 

PLANTAGENET Royal Descents, 1099. 
POCAHONTAS, Descendants of, 252. 
POMERANIA (Germany) : 

Address of a genealogist in or near Stolp wanted, 

Pouimersche Adelsgeschichte, 1341. 

PRESBYTERIANS ; Irish P. in the Rebellion 
(1798), 1087. 

PRUSSIA (Germany) ; preussische Adelsge- 
schichte, 1341. 

PUBLISHERS, Catalogues of German genea- 
logical, 1034. 

PURITAN families, 1298, 1299. 


Q. families, 106, 711, 1140. 
Ancestry of early Q. families, 297, 1140. 
Yorkshire and Durham Q. families, 48. 
Q. families of Craven, Yorks., 337. 
Q. families in Sussex and Northants, 230. 
Quakers living in Scotland, 916. 
Migration of Q. families to America, 53, 629. 
Q. families or individuals who have lived in 
Australia, 288. 

RECUSANT families of Sussex and South of 

England, 960. 

ROTTERDAM, see " Huguenots." 
ROYAL DESCENTS, 442, 1099. 

Russian families, 1049. 
See also ' ' Livland. ' ' 

ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE (Cambridge), members of, 

388, 862. 

ST. KITTS (West Indies) families, 163. 
SANDGATE CASTLE (Kent), Officers of, 89. 
SAXONY (Germany) : 

Uradel Niedersachsens, 1200. 
Sachsisch-Thuringische Familien, 781. 


Scotch families, 407, 801, 814, 831, 977. 

Highland families, 614, 776. 

Western Island families, 776. 

Quakers living in Scotland (1600-1800), 916. 

Those concerned in Scotch Rebellion ( 1 745 ), 866. 

Scottish Heraldry, 478, 1248. 

Scoto-Irish families, 246, 80 1. 




SHELLEY (Suffolk) parish, 746. 
SHERIFFS, see " Hull." 
SHETLAND families, 643, 749. 
SHROPSHIRE families, 211. 

S. families, in. 

S. families which settled in South of Ireland, 
1 7th Century, 1272. 


S. families, 732. 

See also " Johnson, Dr." 
STAMFORD (Conn., U.S.A.) families, 1175- 
STOLP (Germany), see " Pomerania." 

S. families, 1054. 
West S., 33. 

See also ' ' Lowestof t, " " Shelley, ' 
don " and " Waldingfield. " 


S. families, 153, 423. 
S. Landholders, 170. 

See also " Egham," " Thorpe " and " Walton- 
on-Thames. ' ' 


S. families, 153, 346, 1160. 
East S. families, 5, 868. 
West S. yeoman families, 1033. 
Quaker families, in S., 230. 
Recusant families of S., 960. 


Swedish families, 222, 787. 
Swedish nobility, 67, 258, 281. 

THORN (Germany), Burger- u. Adelsgeschlech- 

ter, 728. 

THORNDON (Suffolk) families, 569. 
THORPE (Surrey) families, 856. 
THURINGEN, see " Saxony." 
TIPPERARY : County T. families, 317, 1288. 
TITLES, Claims to T. in Germany and Austria, 691 . 
TOPSHAM (S. Devon) families, 428. 

TOTTENHAM (London) topography and genea- 
logy, 71. 

TYNE VALLEY, see " Northumberland." 
TYRONE ; County T. families, 604. 

ULSTER families, 246. 


VERMONT (U.S.A.), 924. 

WALDINGFIELD (Suffolk) and district, 462. 

WALES ; Welsh families, 578. 

WALLOON families, 157. 

WALPOLE, Horace, his friends and relations, 907. 

WALTON-ON-THAMES (Surrey) genealogy and 

topography, 671. 

WAMPHRAY (Dumfriesshire) parish, 285. 
WAPPENKUNDE, siehe " Heraldry." 
WARWICKSHIRE families, 195, 732. 
WEAVING, see " Clothiers." 
WESTERN ISLAND families, see " Scotland." 

Families, 119, 637. 

See also ' ' Jamaica, " " Nevis ' ' and ' ' St. Kitts. ' ' 

WESTMORLAND families, 219, 282, 882. 
WESTPHALIA (Germany) ; adelige Familien 

Westfalens, 264. 

WHARFEDALE (Yorks.) families, 109. 

W. families, 104, 195, 732. 
See also ' ' Bromsgrove. ' ' 

WYATT'S REBELLION, families involved in, 726. 

YEOMAN families, see " Sussex." 

Y. families, 132, 360, 476. 
Y. Quaker families, 48. 
See also ' ' Wharfedale. ' ' 




In the Index : 

Surnames commencing with d' (de, de la, de St., di, du), Fitz, I', La (Le), Mac (M' , Me), O' (0), U' 
van (vont, von), zu (zur), &c., will be found under D, F, I, L, M, O, U, V, Z, &c. 

All M' and Me surnames are arranged as if written Mac. 

Hyphenated and Continental compound (not hyphenated) names are arranged under the initial 
letter of each surname, e.g., " John Dunn-Smith " would be indexed under D as " Dunn- 
Smith ' ' and under 5 as " [Smith] . ' ' 

Surnames commencing with St. will be found under Saint. 

Following the example of the Post Office London Directory, names containing modified vowels 
are arranged as if the vowel were not modified, e.g., " During ' ' will be found under ' ' Dur- ' ' 
and not under " Due-," as is usual in Continental works of reference. 

Dark-type entries refer to the contributors' own surnames ; ordinary-type entries refer to the 
families in which the contributors are interested. 

In the Text : 

The * before a surname is an indication that the genealogist has requested that it should be noted 

that he possesses information which he is willing to impart, but that he does not wish for 

further data. 
The f before a surname is an indication that the genealogist has requested that it should be noted 

that he desires information about the family, without being able to impart much or any. 
The absence of both the * and the f indicates that the genealogist has made no such request, and 

that therefore he both possesses information about the family named and also desires to add 

to his data. 
Any rewards offered by contributors are payable by them to the first finder only, and all such offers 

expire one year after the date of publication. 
The Editor accepts no responsibility of any kind, either as Editor or Publisher, in connection with 

rewards offered. 

A(a)ga(a)rd, 157 

Abbatt, 832 

Abbatt, 832 

Abbot, 1215 

Abbot, 639 

Abbott, 536 

Abbott, 639, 1045 

Abell, 950 

Abercromby, 74 

Abraham, 12 

Abraham, 967 

Acheson, 1108 

Ackerley, 42 

Ackerley, 42 

Ackroyd, 342, 476 

Acland, 369, 1254 

Acton, 531 

Adair, 147 

Adams, 79, 1036, 1188 

Adams, 79, 593, 645, 705, 950, 

1036, I33 6 
Adamson, 708, 967 
Adderley, 60 
Addington, 1353 
Adey, 119, 958 
Adison, 711 
Ady, 711 
Aert, 1175 
Aertzen, 1175 
af Sandeberg, 240 

Aga(a)rd, 157 

A'Glow, 573 

Agneau, 1105 

Agnew, 1105 

Ahlers, 1034 

Ahsberg, 157 

Aiken, 1040 

Aislabie, 133 

Aitchison, 1108 

Akenhead, 95 

Albeck, 23 

Alchorne, 106 

Aldborough, 561 

Alden, 546, 1344, 1345 

Alder.. 353, 658 

Alderman, 909 

Aldersey, 1255, 1269 

Aldersley, 13 

Aldworth, 353 

Aid worth, 353 

Alen, 150 

Alexander, 1189, 1322 

Algar, 844 

Algren, 247 

Allaway, 3 

Allaway, 3 

Allen, 174, 310, 668 

Allen, 147, 186, 214, 252, 

620, 747, 1284, 1360 
[Allerburg], 957 

Allerton, 449 

Alley, 1103 

Allgar, 525 

Allibone, 821 

Allison, 347 

Allison, 347 

Alport, 211 

Alricks, 252 

Alston, 418, 1062 

Alvord, 713 

Alvord, 1226 

Amatt, 342 

Ameronger, 499 

Ammidoun, 145 

Amphlett, 41 

Amphlett, 41 

Amyand, 842 

Ancestry, 1142 

Anderson, 540 

Anderson, 265, 341, 540, 1226, 

1252, 1371 
Anderton, 444 
Anderton, 444 
Andrewes, 932, 985 
Andrews, 976 
Andrews, 938, 976 
Angel, 1327 
525, Angell, 1315 
Angle, 742 
Ann, 120 


Anne, 120 
Annesley, 1133 
Ansell, 1160 
Antill, 88, 244 
Antram, 351 
Antrim, 951 
Antrobus, 572 
AnwHl, 426 
Anwyl, 426 
Anyan, 1087 
Apedaile, 192 
Apedaile, 192 
Applebie, 1175 
Appleby, 1175 
Applegate, 582, 1051 
Applegate, 582, 1051 
Appleton, 620 
ap Thomas, 1121 
Apuldrefield, 767 
Arbauer, 827 
Archbell, 841 
Archbold, 777 
Archer, 869 
Archer, 516, 620, 869 
Arentschild, 835 
Areskine, 916 
Arkle, 40 
Arkle, 40 
Armes, 298 
Armitage, 1182 
Armstrong, 645, 907 
Arner, 684 
Arner, 684 
Arnold, 758, 978 
Arnold, 711, 758 
Arnolde, 572 
Arnott, 1361 
Arrowsmith, 211 
Arser, 1175 
Arthur, 342, 1312 
Artse, 1175 
Arundell, 769 
Ash, 219, 1221 
Ashburner, 44 
Ashbury, 724 
Ashby, 1274 
Ashfield, 785 
Ashington, 623 
Ashley, 871 

Ashley, 871, 1284, 1297 
Ashlin, 991 
Ashton, 397, 444 
Ash well, 511 
Ashwell, 511 
Ashworth, 2 
Askell, 121, 1331 
Askew, 685 
Askew, 12, 685, 1347 
Askull, 1331 
Aslac, 928 

Aslake, 928 

Asselin, 671 

Astle, 491 

Astley, 1054 

Astley, 399, 531. 611, 1054 

Aston, 390 

Athill-Cruttwell, 62 

Atkins, 589 

Atkinson, 1358 

Atkinson, 592, 1312 

Attebrygge, 1041 

Atterbury, 709 

Atthill, 1248 

Attree, 5 

Atwater, 819 

Atwood, 752 

Aucock, 342 

Auden, 853 

Auden, 853 

Audley, 180, 565 

Austen, 186, 462, 711 

Austin, 266 

Austin, 266, 462, 711 

Averill, mo 

A very, 1128 

Avery, 120, 364, 1079, 1128 

Axon, 16 

Aylesbury, 767 

Aylmer, 138 

Ayrey, 948 

Ayton, 137 

Babb, 1048 


Babington, 724 

Bachiler, 69, 923 

Bachofen von Echt, 52 

Bachofen von Echt, 52 

Bachope, 706 

Backhouse, 476 

Bacon, 1162 

Bacon, 38, 153, 159, 532, 681, 


Badcock, 138 
Badcock, 138, 1160 
Badger, 726 
Badham Thornhill, 840 
[Bagiriski], 124 
Baildon, 1236 
Bailes, 1057 
Bailey, 1135 
Bailey, 27, 822 
Baillie, 953 

Baillie, 193, 953, 1272 
Bainbridge, 1117, 1270 
Baird, 842, 1230 
Baker, 43, 77, 112, 125, 811 

[Baker], 1182 

Baker, 43, 77, 112, 125, 297, 
302, 525, 550, 747, 966, 
1175, 1182, 1230, 1232,11236 

Balch, 1333 

Balch, 1333 . 

Balchin, 742 

Balcom, 354 

Balcom, 1157 

Baldwin, 648 

Baldwin, 648, 1323 

Ball, 351, 716, 1061 

Ball, 351, 417, 572, 1061, 1318 

Ballard, 656 

Ballinger, 1036 

Balme, 219 

Balram, 172 

Baltinglass, 150 

Bambrick, 1117 

Bambridge, 1117 

Banastre, 757 

Bancroft, 969, 1347 

Banister, 1307 

Banister, 1307 

Bankes, 380 

Banks, 660, 1285 

Bannatyne, 1119 

Bannerman, 724 

Banning, 1224, 1286 

Barclay, 95, 1020 

Bard, 752 

Bardsea, 444 

Bardswell, 812 

Bardwell, 99 

Bardwell, 38, 812 

Barefoot, 1345 

Barfoot, 945 

Barker, 993 

Barker-Bell, 906 

Barlow, 1004 

Barlow, 664, 1004. 1312 

Barnard, 122, 1249 

Barnes, 459, 487, 550, 948, 989, 


Barnewall, 1348 
Barns, 687 
Barnwell, 1062 
Barrar, 769 
Barret, 585 
Barrett, 585 
Barrett, 1036 
Barrington, 969 
Barrow, 1059 
Barrow, 926, 1059 
Barry, 816 
Bartholomew, 606 
Barthorp, 280 
Bart (am, 123 
Bartlam, 123 
Bartle, 1231 


Bartleei, 519 

Bartleet, 519 

Bartlett, 519, 614, 660 

Barton, 77, 454, 594, 967, 1092 

Bartram, 53 

Bascom, 1131 

Baskerville, 481 

Baskerville, 481 

Basnett, 16 

Bass, 858 

Bassett, 145, 971 

Bastard, 262 

Basye, 735 

Batchelor, 573, 1269 

[Bateman], 13 

Bateman, 13 

Bates, 118, 204 

Bathans Thornhill, 1151 

Bathurst, 1331 

Batten, 32 

Batten, 32 

Battersby, 1108 

Bauer, 844 

Baughan, 454 

Bax, 361 

Bax, 361 

Baxter, 1312 

Bayldon, 1236 

Bayles, 1012 

Bayley, 948 

Baylis, 951 

Bayly, 147, 948 

Baynes, 1047 

Bazely, 1201 

Bazely, 1201 

Beakman, 140 

Beal, 1320 

Bealde, 1308 

Beale, 607, 1308 

Beale, 942, 1308, 1320 

Bead, 100 

Beall, 911, 1308 

Beamsley, 572 

Beanlands, 616 

Bearse, 976 

Beasley, 208 

Beatman, 140 

Beaton, 1182 

Beatton, 643 

Beauchamp, 56 

Beaufoy, 172 

Beaumont, 572, 1172 

Beawle, 1308 

Beazley, 283 

Beazley, 283 

Bebee, 1221 

Becconsall, 822 

Becford, 456 

Beck, 657, 1017 

Becket, 572 

Beckwith, 961 

Beddoe, 383 

Bedell, 1202 

Beebe, 1142 

Beel, 1308 

Beelaerts van Blokland, 98 

Beever, 137 

Beevor, 137 

Begbie, 1248 

Behnkendorf, 315 

Beiszger, 1116 

Bele, 1308 

Belfrage, 172 

Belfrage, 172 

Belin, 742 

Belknap, 54 

Belknap, 54 
Bell, 548 

Bell, 485, 502, 516, 548, 681, 

688, 1060, 1361 
[Bell], 906 
Bellew, 332 
Bellewe, 1348 
Bellingham, 231 
Benckendorff, 278, 315 
Beneckendorff, 315 
Benekendorff, 278 
Benekendorff 278 
Benelandes, 616 
Benest, 671 
Benett, 119 
Benger, 1272 
Benkendorf, 278 
Benkendorff, 315 
Benkendorff, 278, 315 
Benlande, 616 
Benlandes, 616 
Benn, 967 
Benneckendorff, 278 
Bennet, 1024, 1138 
Bennett, 639 
Bennett, 214, 639, 1057 
Bennion, 1138 
Benson, 496 
Benson, 496 
Bent, 459 
Berdan, 1075 
Berdon, 1075 
[Beresford], 954 
Bere\ve, 926 
Beringuier, 1184 
Berkeley, 292, 491, 622 
Berlepsch, 781 
Bernard, 1006 
Bernau, 671, 1138 
Bernau, 671 
Berners, 563 
Berriman, 607 
Berrow, 926 
Berry, 738, 1103 

Berry, 738, 991, 1103, 1142, 1301, 

Berthon, 135 

Bertram, 123 

Bertrand, 436 

Besch, 671 

Beskawin, 894 

Beskoen, 894 

Best, 523, 1182 

Bethune, 459 

Bethune, 170, 188, 459, 1182 

Bethune-Baker, 1182 

Bettesworth, 945 

Betts, 205 

Betts, 74, 364, 727, 1142, 1285 

Bickerstaff, 421 

Bickerton, 575, 1248 

Bicknell, 758 

Bide, 482 

Bidik, 44 

Bienert, 1030 

Bigelow, 1273 

Bigelow, 976, 1273 

Biggs, 812 

Biglands, 42 

Bijleveld, 1338 

Billing, 157 

Billinge, 634 

Billings, 157, 524 

Bind loss, 1025 

Bindloss, 1025 

Bingham, 38 

Bingley, 186 

Bingley, 186 

Birbeck, 464 

Birch, 135 

Bird, 752 

Birge, 1319 

Birkett, 1045 

Birley, 1250 

Bisacre, 1253 

Bishop, 542 

Bishop, 397, 1360 

Bispham, 1063 

Biss, 56 

Bisse, ^6 

BisselC 881 

Bjorkman, 222 

Bjorkman, 222 

Black, 452 

Black, 643 

Blackall, 636, 1160 

Blackburn, 756, 951 

Blacker, 803, 890 

Blacker, 890 

Blackett, 671 

Blackley, 645 

Blackman, 504 

Blackman, 504 

Blackwood, 245 



Blagg, 1228 

Blagg, 1228 

Blagrave, 372 

Blain, 299 

Blair, 909, 1263 

Blair-McGuffie, 587 

Blair-McGuffie, 587 

Blake, 659, 1288 

Blake, 69, 608, 742, 1108, 1160, 


Blakeman, 504, 593 
Blakeslee, 1327 
Blakeway, 2 
Blakey, 360 
Blakiston, 653 
Blanchard, 459, 1345 
Blanchert, 1345 
Blandy, 1072 
Blanquiere, 386 
Blencow, 466 
Blennerhassett, 737, 1248 
Blewett, 1308 
Bligh, 341 
Blinkhorn, 634 
Blish, 1158 
Blish, 1158 
Bliss, 950 
Bloch, 315 
Bloeyman, 249 
Blomefield, 1085 
Blomerfield, 1085 
Blood, 163, 284, 1117 
Bloom, 195 
Bloom, 195 
Blow, 469 
Bloxsom, 1071 
Blumer, 658 
Blumer, 658 
Blunden, 546, 1033 
Blunston, 53 
Blyden, 1222 
Blyth, 58, 660 
Boardman, 219 
Bocher, 1216 
Boddington, 261 
Bodenctick, 495 
Bodwell, 1174 
Boeddinghaus, 234 
Boel, 1046 
Boetticher, 30 
[Boevey], 926 
Bogen, 1250 
Bogle, 657, 876 
Boies, 739 
Boise, 739 
Boiss, 312 
Bolam, 1057, 1225 
Bolde, 842 
Boles, 819, 1272 
Bolitho, 720 

Bolitho, 720 

Bolland, 109 

Bolle, 1046 

Bdlsche, 1179 

Bolton, 829, 1117 

Boltwood, 1193 

Bolt wood, 1193 

Boman, 10 

Bomford, 982 

Bommerle, 315 

Bompas, 1269, see p. cxiii 

Bompas, 1269, 1381 

Bonaparte, 785 

Bonar, 1158 

Bond, 1003 

[Bonde], 127 

Bone, 658 

Bonham, 1010 

Bonnell, 432, 695 

Bonsall, 53, 1347 

Boone, 1226, 1308 

Boosie, 312 

Boote, 850 

Booth, 50, 950, 1237 

Booth, 38, 50, 950 

Boothby, 828, mo, 1201 

Booty, 1041 

Borland, 1216, 1349 

Borlase 443 

Borr, 568 

Bosanquet, 457 

Bosanquet, 457 

Boscawen, 894 

Bosleey, 409 

Boss, 312 

Boss, 312 

Bostock, 191 

Boston, 1232 

Boswell, 312, 643 

Bosworth, 949, 1312 

Boucher, 80 

Boucher 80 

Bouchier, 80 

Boul, 1046 

Boulanger, 1006 

Boulton, 17 

Bourchier, 563 

Bourchier, 18, 92 

Bourn, 1322 

Bourne, 681, 1318, 1322 

Boutcher, 637, 872 

Bovington, 153 

Bowen, 409, 1138 

Bower, 544, 948, 1160 

Bowes, 663 

Bowles, 619 

Bowles, 619, 1272, 1274 

Bowman, 326, 1263 

Bowman, 1008, 1263 

Bowne, 572, 1308 


Bowns, 1284 

Bowsie, 312 

Bowyer, 134 

Bowyer, 134, 512 

Box, 815, 855 

Box, 815, 855 

Boyce, 312, 993 

Boycott, 472 

Boyd, 799 

Boyd, 799, 1348 

Boyle, 983 

Boyle, 901, 983, 1119 

Boyman, 572 

Boynton, 1285 

Boys, 914, 993 

Boyse, 727 

Brabazon, 1239 

Bracebridge, 108 

Bradbrook, 104 

Bradbrook(e), 104 

Bradbury, 1249 

Braddock, 584 

Bradestone, 592 

Bradfield, 550 

Bradford, 1031 

Bradford, 424, 658, 1031, 1344 

Bradley, 337, 1218, 1297 

Bradshaigh, 822 

Bradshaw, 138, 1160 

Bradshawe, 899 

Brady, 409 

Brailsford, 674, 1347 

Braithwaite, 590 

Braithwaite, 118 

Bramwell, 405, 634 

Bramwell, 405, 618 

Brand, 769 

[Brandenfels], 939 

Brandon, 1042 

Brandreth, 796 

Branson, 951 

Branwell, 109 

Brasseur, 1134 

Brawn, 43 

Bray, 582 

Braybrook(e), 104 

Brayden, 895 

Braylesford, 674 

Breakenridge, 658 

Brecknock, 694 

Breese, 1153 

Brefmitiernan, 882 

Brembre, 856 

Bremridge, 1041 

Brendon, 20 

Brenton, 975 

Brerewood, 822 

Brett, 759, 1054 

Brewer, 769 

Brewster, 991, 1059 


Brickenden, 804 

Brickenden, 253 
Brick wood, 610 
Brickwood, 610 
Bridge, 679, 693 

Bridge 334, 1250 

Brightwell, 899 

Brightwen, 328 

Brigg, 1041 

Briggs, 1041 

Briggs, 572, 1041, 1220 

Brillings, 344 

Brinckle, 204 

Brintnall, 344 

Briscoe, 1165 

Briscoe, 1165 

Brissett, 407 

Brister, 418 

Bristow, 891, 1041, 1291 

Bristowe, 1041 

Brittain, 1271 

Britten, 233 

Britton, 171, 1085 

Broadbent, 866 

Broadhead, 723 

Broadhead, 1345 

Brocas, 767 

Brock, 739 

Brockbury. 695 

Brocket!, 1100 

Brockett, noo 

Brodbelt, 624 

Brodie, 1211 

Brody, 1211 

Broke, 395 

Bromley, 497 

Bronte, 109 

Brooke, 768, 1046 

Brookes, 138 

Brookholding, 12 

Brooking, 1124 

Brooking, 548, 1124, 1295 

Brooks, 572, 624, 725 

Brooks-King, 3 

Brough, 659 

Broughton, 638 

Broughton, 211, 638 

Broun, 706 

Brown, 46, 1169, 1226 

[Brown], 1045 

Brown, 146, 74, 119, 282, 292, 364, 
1047, 1230, 1266, 1273, 1379 

Browne, 571, 737, 1130 

Browne, 393, 497, 571, 737, 134* 

Brownell, 483 

Brownen, 165 

Brownen, 165 

Browning, 165, 724 

Brownrigg, 967 

Bruce, 329, 684 

Brudenell, 219 

Bruen, 1190 

Bruen, 1190 

Brundage, 364 

[Brune], 789 

Brune, 789 

Brush, 593 

Brush, 593, 1142, 1153, 1172 

Bruyn, 572 

Bryan, 1323 

Bryant, 24 

Bryant, 24 

Brydges, 276 

Brygges, 1041 

Bryharn, 332 

Buchanan, 657 

Buchanan, 657 

Buchanon, 329 

Buchholz, 84 

Buck, 528 

Buckley, 967, 1121, 1189 

Buckmaster, 952 

Buckmaster, 952 

Buckminster, 952 

Bucknoll, 874 

Bucktrout, 341 

Budd, 173, 486, 1006 

Buffington, 1142 

Bugbee, 1010 

Bugg, 108 

Buist, 312 

Bulkeley, 927 

Bulkley, 1148 

Bull, 527, 1042, 1046, 1048 

Bull, 527, 1042, 1046, 1048 

Bullen, 209, 260, 1070 

Bullen, 1070 

Bui loch, 1376 

Bulloch, 1376 

Bulteel, 982 

Bunn, 872 

Bunnell, 60 

Bunting, 53, 674 

Bunting, 53, 674 

Bunyard, 650 

Burbank, 524 

Burcham, 64 

Burd, 752 

Burges, 135, 163 

Burgess, 39, 163, 796 

Burkitt, 961 

Burleigh, 201, 502 

Burley, 364 

Burling, 572 

Burnaby, 523, 943 

Burnham, 976, 1010, 1334 

Burniston, 133 

Burnley, 1379 

Burr, 938 


Burrell, 1380 

Burrell, 192, 980, 1010, 1380 

Burrough, 469 

Burroughs, 572, 1262 

Burslem, 346, 512 

Burst eard, 645 

Burt, 163, 449, 777, 950 

Burton, 572, 1297 

Busby, 1172, 1313 

Butcher, 80, 872 

Butler, 253, 1086 

Butler, 683, 1046, 1064, 1283, 


Butt, 27 
Butterfield, 667 
Buttervant, 667 
Button, 1221 
Buxton, 741 
Byde, 482 
Bydyk, 44 
Byers.. 374 
Bylegh, 263 
Byram, 325 

Byram, 325, 1318, 1321 
Byrd, 752 
Byrn, 1160 
Byrne, 714, 740, 1160 
Byrnes, 740 
Byrom, 680 
Byrom, 325, 741 
Byvele, 263 

Cadbury, 19, 991 

Caddan, 1348 
Cade, 88 

Cade, 88, 244 
Cadwallader, 53]- 
Cage, 38, 711 
Cairnes, 1009 
Cairnochan, 246 
Cairns, 1009 
Caldwetl, 175 
Callavvay, 620 
Caltard, 120 
Calverly, 268 
Calvert, 655 
Cam, 531 
Cambers, in 
Cambridge, 213 
Camden, 642 
Camm, 469 
Camme, 531 
Campbell, 604, 614, 706 
Campbell, 496, 592, 604, 614, 
661, 673, 706, 708, 724, 840 
Campion, 872 
Campion, 872 
Canfield, 1323 


Cann, 622 

Canning, 62 

Cannon, 214 

Cantelo, 715 

Capel, 945, 1294 

Capen, 710 

Capron, 1157 

Capstick, 980 

Carbery, 509 

Card, 1355 

Card, 1355 

Cardell, 718 

Cardell, 718 

Cardwell, 1077, 1216 

Card will, 1216 

Carel, 1168 

Careless, 603 

Carew, 1177 

Carey, 997, 1177 

Cargill, 706 

Carleton, 1293 

Carlisle, 967 

Carmichael, 801 

Carmichael-Ferrall, 801 

> Carnac], 760 

Carnachan, 608 

Carne, 1243 

Carnegie, 1283 

Carpenter, 1262 

Carpenter, 624, 1283 

Carr, 605 

Carr, 43, 329, 705, 849, 1022 

Carrell, 1168 

Carrier, 1050 

Carrill, 1168 

Carse, 1057 

Carson, 1226 

Cart, 697 

Carter, 411, 717, 732 

Carter, 717, 732, 820 

[Carter], 180 

Carus-Wilson, 411 

Carver, 976 

Gary, 355 

Cary, 355 

Caryl, 1168 

Caryl, 1168 

Case 171 

Cassatt, 468 

Cast ell, 1191 

Casto, 1036 

Catania, 62 

Gate, 923 

Gates, 923 

Cathcart, 999 

Cathcart, 999 

Catt, 923 

Cavalier, 829 

Cavenagh, 94 

Cavenagh, 94 

Cavers wall, 512 

Cawood, 332 

Cecil, 34, 1331 

Cervin, 787 

Cervin, 787 

Cervini, 787 

Cervon, 787 

Chace, 1175 

Chadbourne, 1285 

Chadder, 188 

Chadderton, 360 

Chaderton, 690 

Chadwell, 343 

Chadwick, 395, 1231 

Chalker, 724 

Challenor, 183 

Chamberlain, 115 

Chamberlain, 759, 1348 

Chamberlaine, 1348 

Chamberlayne, 1348 

Chamberlayne, 1348 

Chamberlen, 323 

Chamberlen, 323, 641 

Chamberlin, 641 

Chambers, 416, 436 

Chambers, 90, 371, 416, 436 

Chambre, 936 

Chambre, 936 

Champion, 274 

Chandler, 236, 404 

Chandler, 211, 214, 236, 404, 

825, 950, 1075 
Chanval-dtf-Pelier, 671 
Chapin, 449 
Chapin, 449 
Chaplin, 1015 
Chapman, 688 
Chapman, 469, 688, 1010 
Chappellin, 692 
Chardin, 456 

Charlton, 121, 415, 645, mi 
Charman, 788 
Charnock, 1099 
Charnocks, 215 
Chart res, 609 
Chase, 268, 1175 
Chatterton, 214, 975 
Chattock, 73*2 
Chattor, 975 
Chauncey, 844 
Checker, 958 
Cheeseman, 1308 
Chenault, 1034 
Cheney, 76 
Cheney, 76, 329, 333 
Chequer, 958 
Cherowin, 282 
Chesney, 1178, 1191 
Chester, 65 
Chester, 65, 622 

Chester-Master, 622 

Chew, i 121 

Child, 603 

Childe, 636 

Chipman, 976 

Chippindale, 1047 

Chippindall, 1047 

Chippingdale, 1047 

Chisholm, 1272 

Chitty, 1331 

Chitty, 199 

Chitwood, 1034 

Choice, 547 

Cholmeley, 71 

Cholwich, 1068 

Chomley, 830 

Chorley, 2, 105, 215 

Christian, 1259 

Christie, 419 

Christopher, 623 

Christopher, 623 

Chrystie, 661 

Chunn, 951 

Church, 180, 246 

Churchill, 770, 841, 1092 

Clack, 4 

Clack, 4 

Claggett, 1309 

Clapp, 1318 

Clare, 1272 

Clark, 949, 1146 

Clark, 572, 799, 949, luro, 1174, 

1175, 1284, 1297, 1318 
Clarke, 201, 593, mi, 1171 
Clarkson, 1248 
Claverhouse, 708 
Clay, 1119 
Clayton, 465 (see p. cxiii), 1032, 

Clayton, 444, 465, 822, 1032, 


Cleaves, 611 
Cleburne, 219 
Cleeve, 930 
Cleeves, 913 
Clegg, 1120 
Clem, 344 
Clement, 897 
Clement, 166 
Clements, 166 
Clements, 166 
Clenmor, 456 
Clerck, 157 
Cleveland, 1125 
Clibran, 219 
Clibron, 219 
Cliburn, 219 
Cliffe, 1133 
Clifford, 620, 641, 759, 825, 1021, 




Clinton, 1227 

Clinton, 1227 
[Clltherow], 18 

Clitherow, 18 
Clock, 1175 
Clogston, 805 
Close, 364, 1175 
Clotworthy, 669 
Clough, 777 
Clouse, 374 
Clouse, 374 
(Houston, 761 
Clouston, 761 
Coate, 486 
Coates, 846 
Coates, 980 
Cobb, 976, 1123 
Cobbe, 771 
Cochrane, 245 
Cock, 1173 
Cockburn, 435 
Cockburn, 435 
Cocks, 1381 
Cocquiel, 923 
Coester, 36 
Coeymans, 1075 
Coffee, 697 
Coffing, looi 
Coghill, 673 
Coker, 331, 695 
Colburn, 964 
Colclough, 512 
Coldbrook, 487 
Cold well, 48, 106 
Cole, 942 
Cole, 102, 378 
Coleman, 288 
Coleman, 288, 914 
Colepeper, 667 
Coleson, 945 
Colhoun, 1012 

Collard, 120 

Colley, 181, 1012 

Ceilings, 913 

Collingwood, 1020 

Collins, 697, 725 

Collinson, 681 

Collis, 541 

Colman, 288 

Colson, 945 

Colston, 945 

Coltart, 708 

Coltart, 708 

Coltman, 1123 

Colville, 658 

Colwell, 804 

Combes, 805 

Combetes, 362 

Commin, 934 

Common, 792 

Commons, 792 

Comyns, 866 

Conder, 176 

Condon, 739 

Coney, 1024 

Congdon, 739 

Congdon, 739 

Conger, 911, 1035 

Conger, 812, 911 

Coning, 980 

Coningsby, 150, 183 

Conkling, 1153 

Connah, 316 

Connel, 685 

Connell, 296, 1160 

Conover, 1230 

Conover, 1230 

Conrad, 1091 

Constammet, 545 

Const anet, 400 

Conway, 692 

Coo, 1109 

Coomey, 232 

Cook, 972 

Cook, 286, 362, 469, 681 

Cooke, 672 

Cooke, 297, 572, 1300 

Cookson, 105 

Cookson, 105 

Coons, 1284 

Cooper, 676 

Cooper, 401, 569, 676, 829, 943, 


Coote, 1246 
Coote, 1246 
Cope, 629 
Coppenger, 154 
Corbett, 171 

Corbett, 1348, 
Corbin, 857 

Corbin, 857 

Corbridge, 342 

Cordingley, 975 

Core, 711 

Cornell, 1220 

Cornell, 1220 

Cornforth, 531 

Cornish, 1160, 1352 

Cornwall, 1198 

Cornwall, 688, 950, 1198 

Corn well, 1198 

Corrie, 285, 741, 997 

[Corry], 997 

Corse, 1201 

Corse-Scott, 1201 

Cosens, 473 

Cossard, 468 

Cossins, 592 

Costar, 28 

Costelloe, 62 

Coster, 36, 1379 
Coster, 36 
Cosworth, 390 
Cotesworth, 1369 
Cotter, 1133 
Cotterell, 644 
Cottingham, 4 
Cotton, 334, 804 
Cottrell, 644 
Cottrill, 644 
Cottrill, 644 
Coues, 1243 
Couldwell, 48 
Coulson, 945 
Coulson, 945 
Coulston, 945 
Cound, 921 
Cound, 921 
Courthope, 288 
Courtney, 732 
Co veil, 1284 
Cow, 1243 
Cowgill, 1347 
Cowley, mi 
Cowper, 45 
Cowper, 45, 621 
Cox, 1233 

[Coxl, 1005, 1381 

Cox, 1067, 1173, 1233^ 1381 

Coxe, 1381 

Coxhed, 1069 

Coxon, 415 

Coyne, 714 

Coyne-Nugent, 714^ 

Cozad, 468 

Cozart, 468 

Crabb, 1010 

Crabtree, 466 

Grace, 1033 

Cracroft, 1082 

Crafts, 643 

Craig, 951, 975 

Cranage, 480 

Cranage, 480 

Crandall, 1101 

Crandall, 1101 

Crane, 1238 

Crane, 1249, 1323 

Cranstoun, 829 

Craufurd, 245 

Craufurd, 245 

Craven, 483 

Craw, 529 

Crawford, 39, 645, 657, 1217 

Crawley-Bocvey, 926 

Crayle, 694 

Cress well, 418 

Cresswell, 418 

Cressy, 1142 

Creswell, 565, 796, 1149 


Cririe, 646, 1032 
Crisp, 352 

Crisp, 352 

Crissey, 1142 

Critchley, 299 

Crocker, 1221 

Crockett, 556 

Croft, 1366 

Croft, 1366 

Croftes, 1081 

Crofton, 646 

Crofton, 646 

Crofts, 1081 

Crofts, 38, 1081 

Crompton, 12 

Cromwell, 262, 603, 955, 961 

Crook, 1094 

Crook, 444, 1094 

Crookshank, 568 

Crookshank, 568 

Cropley, 896 

Cropley, 896 

Croppenbergh, 418 

Croppenburgh, 541 

Cropper, 16 

Crosby, 593, 792 

Crosfield, 2 

Crosfield, 2 

Cross, 524 

Cross, 346, 524, 1075 

Crosse, 584 

Crossfield, 33 

Crossley, 5 

Grossman, 1164 

Crotoll, 62 

Crouch, 44 

Crouch, 44 

Crouchley, 299 

Crougey, 233 

Crow, 1108 

Crow, 1108 

Crowe, 193, 967, 1108, 1323, 


Crowell, 1323 
Crowley, 346, 371 
Crowther-Ogden, 68 
Crueger, 671 
Crush, 688 
Cruttoll, 62 
[Cruttwell], 62 
Cratwell, 62 
Crymes, 153 
Cubley, 204 
Cudbird, 550 
Cuddy, 490 
Cudworth, 75 
Culleton, 26 
Culver, 144 
Cumming, 688 
Cummings, 1218 

Cummings-Lind, 866 

Cummins, 866 

Cuninghame, 814 

[Cunningham], 1223 

Cunningham, 574, 764, 909, 967 

Cunynghame, 657 

Cupper, 363 

Cupples, 1163 

Cupples, 1163 

Currer, 132 

Curtice, 204 

Curtin, 572 

Curtis, 204, 364, 1249 

Curtois, 398 

Curtoys, 479 

Curtoys, 479 

Curwen, 282, 456 

Curwen, 282 

Cusacke, 1348 

Cushman, 449 

Cust, 380 

Cutting, 1148, 1249 

Dabney, 410 
d'Ache, 1309 
Dackham, 350 
Dacom, 350 
Dacombe, 350 
Dacombe, 350 
Dacre, 299 
Dacre-Hamilton, 645 
Dacres, 670, 726 
d'Acres, 726 
Dagnia, 1189 
Dail, 560 
Dailly, 341 
Dakers, 726 
Dakeyne, 244 
Dakin, 244, 1168 
Dale, 448, 560 
Dale, 448, 560 
Dalrymple, 1283 
Dam, 1102 
Damant, 1191 

Damant, 1191 
Dameries, 840 
Dammartin, 767 
Dampier, 482 
Damport, 482 
Dan, 652 
Dana, 3 
Dance, 323 
Dane, 652 
Dangar, 120 
d'Angelbermes, 436 
d'Angelberne, 436 
d'Angulo, 672 
Daniel, 1216 

Daniell, 518, 1054 

Daniels, 949 

Danks, 1254 

Dann, 652 

Dann, 652 

Danne, 652 

Danny, 652 

Danvers, 395 

Dany, 652 

Darby, 1242 

Darcy, 1071 

Darden, 450 

Darley, 929 

Darling, 699 

Darroch, 645 

Dart, 844 

Darvall, 203 

Darwall, 211 

d'Aubigne, 410 

d'Aubois, 1082 

Daubray, 863 

Daubuz, 1082 

Dauch, 800 

Dauch, 800 

d'Aumary, 840 

d'Aumerie, 840 

d'Aumerie, 840 

Daval, 135 

Davenport, 442 

Davey, 6, 724 

David, 509 

Davidson, 600, 777 

Davies, 24, 181, 613, 810, 1216 

Davis, 392, 583 

Davis, 329, 364, 479, 506, 780, 

976, 1096, 1254, 1326 
Davison, 1057, I202 
Davy, 707 
Dawell, 586 
Dawes, 698 
Dawson, 553 
Dawson, 534, 566, 887 
Day, 682, 765 
Day, 150, 170, 950, 1229 
Daye, 525 
d'Aymeries, 840 
Dayton, 364 
Dealtry, 639 
Dean, 140 
Dean, in, 832, 1071, 1142, 1250, 


Deane, 138, 140, 1336 
de Bedyk, 44 
de Bere, 751 
de Bie, 44 
de Bivelie, 263 
de Bois, 312 
de Bosch, 1020 
de Boys, 312 
de Brisac, 407 



de Brockbury, 695 

de Burgo, 292 

de Cailly, 312 

de Cany, 214 

de Chappellin, 692 

de Chavernay, 940 

Decka, 288 

de Constance, 615 

de Cosne, 940 

de Cossard, 468 

de Coutances, 615 

de Dan, 652 

de Den, 652 

de Dene, 652 

de Derval, 1134 

Deey, 967 

Defoe, 792 

de Forest, 1168 

de Fremery, 1134 

de Giberne, 1343 

de Gillern, 6 

de Gore, 248 

[de Grave], 37 

de Grooth, 1197 

de Hackford, 813 

de Hann, 171 

de Hochepied-Larpent, 1082 

de Hooges, 1149 

de Hope, 329 

de Home, 328 

Deighton, 145 

de Joncheere, 719 

de Joncheere, 719 

de Knevett, 1104 

de la Balme, 940 

de la Chambers, 90 

de la Cour, 386 

de Lacy, 541 

Delafield, 1268 

Delafons, 769 

Delahyde, 319 

de la Lynde, 1306 

Delamar, 714 

Delamont, 870 

de la Motte, 407 

de Lande, 286, 362 

de Langdon, 751 

de la Noye, 1040 

de Lardiniere, 456 

Delavan, 1175 

de Liboutton, 1134 

Dellarivers, 842 

de Lorme, 1364 

de Lome de Saint Ange, 322 

de Lome de Saint Ange, 322 

de Lublowe, 1250 

de Luchet, 70 

[de Malahide], 1315 

de Mar, 226 

de Mare, 226 

de Marneil, 1168 

de Massac, 362 

de Merlay, 229 

de Mill, 1175 

de Milt, 1175 

Deming, 950 

de Motte,' 896 

de Mund, 1360 

Dene, 652 

Denham, 1087 

Denham, 856, 1087 

Denison, 430 

Denn, 697, 1036 

Denny, 150 

Denny, 150 

Dennys, 1381 

de Nonant, 401 

Dent, 1243 

Den ton, 181 

Denton, 76, 181, 364, 539, 690, 


Denys, 661 
de Paruit, 855 
de Peppard, 672 
de Pew, 1175 
de Peyster, 1315 
de Ponte, 1041 
de Pue, 1175 
Derby, 1242 
Derby, 1242 
de Rippe, 49 
de Romeney, 639 
Derr, 1310 
de Rudecour, 855 
de Rumare, 639 
Derveau, 163 
[de Saint Ange], 322 
de St. Croix, 250 
de Saint-Marie, 855 
de Saint Paul, 160 
Desborongh, 841, 1076 
de Signey, 911 
Desmoulins, 371 
de Stoughton, 307 
Dethick, 180, 674 
de Tilli, 606 
de Tilly, 606 
de Tourneur, 572 
Devanney 724 
Devereux, 956 
Devereux, 630 
de Vesci, 573 
de Vignoles, 940 
de Villeneuye, 940 
Devoe, 572 
Devon, 280 
Dew, 890 
Dewar, 435 
de Warrenne, 229 
Dewbery, 1343 

Dewdney, 497 

de Welles, in 

de Werpe, 1134 

de Werpe, 1134 

Dewey, 1050, 1297 

Dewey, 1050, 1297 

de Worlangdon, 751 

Dicken, 1368 

Dickens, 570 

Dickens, 570 

Dickenson, 74 

Dickey, 1195 

Dickin, 531 

Dickinson, 1173 

Dickinson. 120, 572, 685, 950, 


Dickson, 246, 787, 997 
Diercks, 222 
Digby, 374 
Dighton, 147 
Dillington, 406 
Dillon, 816 
Dillworth, 596, 629 
Dimmock, 806 
Dimmock, 806 
Dimock, 211 
Dimond, 342 
Dimpfel, 242 
Dimpfel, 242 
Dioderici, 724 
di Piossasco, 287 
Disburrow, 1076 
Ditcher, 371 
Dix, 810 
Dix, 810 
Dixon, 359 
Dixon, 95, 943 
Dobbin, 568 
Dobbs, 1016 
Dobree, 863 
Dobree, 863 
Dockrey, 619 
Docura, 619 
Dodds, 332 
Dodds, 332 
Dodge, 950, 1313 
Dodgson, 1059 
Dods, 332 
Dodsley, 694 
Doglaundre, 750 
Doig, 645 
Doleing, 106 
Dolling, 106, 752, 1295 
Don, 706 
Donne, 343 
Donovan, 943 
Dore, 725 

d'Orleans, (Due), 1359 
Doming, 665 
Dorrell, in 



Dorsett, 922 

Dottin, 188 

Doublet, 317 

Doughty, 343, 727 

Douglas, 245, 608, 799, 848, 1000 

Doune, 592 

Dove, 224 

Dowdall, 319, 672, 1239 

Dowell, 472 

Dower, 1180 

Dowling, 91 

Downer, 1318 

Downey, 409 

Downie, 540 

Downing, 422 

Downing, 393, 724 

d'Oyley, 1347 

Drake, 753 

Drake, 106, 753, 874, 1297, 1336 

Draycot, 512 

Draycott, 1257 

Dredge, 346 

Drew, 469 

Drewett, 230 

Driffield, 1029 

Driffield, 1029 

Drinkwater, 1262 

Drory, 691 

Droste zu Huelshoff, 264 

Droste zu Huelshoff, 264 

Droste zu Mcllenbeck, 264 

Droste zu Uhlenbrock, 264 

Drought, 1291 

Drought, 1291 

Droz, 10 

Droz, 10 

Druitt, 108 

Druitt, 108 

Drum, 528 

Drummond, 706, 916 

Drury, 601, 992, 1095 

Drury, 417, 691, 982, 992, 1095 

Dry den, 210 

Dubois de Luchet, 70 

Dubosc, 312 

Duclos, 277 

Dudding, 667 

Dudgeon, 787 

Dudley, 393 

Duff, 1119 

Dugard, 425 

Duggan, 541 

Duke, 1033 

Dukes, 182 

Dukinfield, 1054 

Dulvey, 868 

Duncan, 829 

Dunch, 1092 

Dungan, 780 

Dungan, 780 

Dunham, 976 
Dunkerly, 323 
Dunn, 299, 1057 
Dunne, 1055 
Dunningham, 286, 362 
Dupuy, 1175 
Durand, 293 
Durham, 560 
During, 835 
Durland, 896 
Durning, 665 
Durston, 1013 
Dusen berry, 1186 
Dusenberry, 1186 
Dusten, 1013 
Duston, 1013 
du Tfflet, 606 
Duve, 224 
Duxbury, 215 
Dwelly, 111 
D welly, in 
Dwight, 962 
D wight, 962 
Dwyer, 1272 
Dyball, 506 
Dye, 556 

Dyer, 72, 909, 1218 
Dymond, 2 
Dyott, 523 

Eagleton, 49 

Eagleton, 49 

Eales, 548 

Eames, 395 

Earberry, 737 

Eardeley, 1175 

Eardeley, 1175 

Eardley-Wilmot, 34 

Earle, 163 

Easter, 1263 

Easter brook, 1079 

Easterbrook, 1079 

Eastwood, 824 

Eaton, 252, 546, 819, 963, 

Eatton, 401 

Eavenson, 629 

Ebhardt, 772 

Ebhardt, 772 

Eccles, 630 

Ecroyd, 1094 

Eddy, 711, 989, mo 

Eddye, 944 

Edey, 944 

Edie, 944 

Edmands, 767 

Edmondson, 649 

Edmondson, 649 

Edson, 1050, 1301 


Edwards, 56 

Edwards, 56, 219, 613, 757, 

874, 1124 
Edye, 944 
Edye, 944 
Egerton, 512, 622 
Eggleston, 162 
Ehrensvard, 6 
Eichhorst, 1132 
Ejsdell, 577 
Eisermann, 1056 
Elcock, 952 
Eldredge, mo 
Elford, 188 
Eliot, 445 
Eliot, 698 
Ellet, 729 
Elkins, 1106 
Ei kins-Green, 1106 
Elliot, 842 
Elliot, 27 
Elliott, 970, 1181 
Elliott, 1062 
Ellis, 883 

EUis, 145, 868, 883, 1222 
Elliston, 1160 
Ellwood, 1059 
Elmore, 1050 
Elmsley, 1109 
Elmslie, 1109 
Elphinstone, 245 
Elrick, 252 
Elrington, 716 
Elsley, 889 
El well, 454 
Ely, 420 
Ely, 727 
Embleton, 332 
Emerson, 875, 877, 1229 
Emerson, 1229 
Emery, 1051 
Emley, 727 
Emmons, mo 
Emsley, 1109 
Emslie, 1109 
1203 Emslie, 1109 

Enckevort, 249 

Enderby, 894 

Endicott, 767 

Endon, 371 

England, 288, 828, 913 

English, 1036 

Ennals, 572 

Ennor, 1079 

Ensign, 365 

Ensor, 1108 

Ernst, 171 

Erskine, 407, 410, 580, 814, 974, 

1098, 1300 
Ervin, 1301 


Erwin, 451 
Estaugh, 924 
Estcourt, 1003, 1099 
Eustace, 530 
Evans, 509, 711 
Evelyn, 418 
Everard, 709 
Everard, 413, 709 
Evered, 413, 711 
Everett, 413, 979 
Everitt, 413 
Everrard, 413 
Eves, 711, 872 
Ewart, 485 
Ewbanke, 118 
Ewin, 409 
Ewington, 27 
Exeter, 34 
Eyles, 346 
Eyre, 407, 843 
Eysam, 531 

Page, 729 
Fagg, 986 
Fagge, 986 
Fair, 926 
Fairbank, 1332 
Fairbanks, 1040 
Fairbanks, 1040 
Fail-brother, 785 
Fairfax, 450, 1147 
Fairfield, 698 
Fairlamb, 1315 
Fairiie, 478 
Fairweather, 1222 
Falck, 22 
Falconer, 908 
Falconer, 908 
Falder, 389 
Fales, 344 
Fales, 344 
Falkner, 286, 362 
Falkner, 286, 362 
Fall, 721 
Fanshawe, 92 
Farington, 489 
Farmery, 223 
Farquhar, 410 
Farquharson, 600, 1020 
Farr, 1175 
Farran, 830 
Farran, 830, 887 
Fairer, 476 
Farrer, 476 
Farwell, 1301 
Fasson, 95 
Faulder, 389 
Faulkner, 894, 909 

Fawcett, 121 

Fawcett, 121, 504, 951, 1138 

Fazakerley, 822 

Feak, 572 

Fearman, 659 

Fearn, 1119 

Fearne, 53 

Featherstone, 1140 

Feery, 93 

Felipe, 268 

Fell, 12, 389, 1003 

Fellowes, 518 

Fellowes, 518 

Felter, 314 

Felton, 436 

Fendall, 842 

Fenn, 1230 

Fenton, 1193 

Fenyes, 572 

Ferguson, 1127 

Ferguson, 1127, 1153 

Fergusson, 245 

Fern aid, 1075 

Fernie, 579 

Fernie, 579 

L Ferrall], 801 

Ferrar, 559 

Ferre, 535 

Ferrer, 707 

Ferrers, 973 

Ferrers, 231, 973 

Ferric, 814 

Ferric, 535 

Ferrier, 707 

Ferrier, 707, mi 

Ferrior, 707, mi 

Ferris, 364, 572, 1175 

Ferriter, 902, 1080 

Ferror, 707 

Ferrour, 707 

Ferry, 535 

Fetherstonhalgh, 229 

Fetter, 697 

Fettyplace, 1092 

Fewtrell, 655 

Fforth, 945 

Ffoulkes, 692 

Ffynch, 678 

Fickett, 976 

Fiennes, 393 

Fillastre, 755 

Fillatre, 755 

Fillingham, 464 

Fillingham, 464 

Filliter, 755 

Finch, 364, 678, 711, 1175 

Finlay, 140 

Finnimore, 425 

Finny, 1133 

Finny, 1133 


Finster, 1065 

Firrie, 535 

Firth, 659, 828 

Fish, 1267 

Fisher, 27, 380, 523, 572, 706, 

1093, 1274, 1332 
Fishwick, 148 
Fiske, 950 
Fitch, 364, 1278 
Fitchew, 1233 
FitzGerald, 720, 967 
Fitzgerald, 528, 615, 714 
Fitzgerald-Lombard, 816 
Fitz Henry, 757 
Fitz John, 715 
Fitzpatrick, 909 
Fitz Raymond, 615 
Fitz Redmond, 615 
Fitz Simon, 615 
Fitz Walter, 1347 
Fitz Warine, 118 
Fitzvvarine, 90 
Fixter, 645 
Flagg, 1173 
Flamstead, 173, 694 
Flamsteed, 173, 694 
Fleet wood, 185 
Fleet wood, 185, 256, 841, 961, 


Fleming, 645 
Fleming, 645 
Flesher, 214 
Fletcher, 211, 455 
Fletcher, 211, 245, 455, 622, 

1008, i no 
Flint, 1039 
Float, 288 
Flower, 1098 
Flower, 656, 1098 
Floyd, 1058 
Floyd, 1058 
Floyer, 937 
Flusher, 1330 
Foard, 505 
Foarde, 505 
Foe, 792 
Foerst, 1034 
Folder, 389 
Foley, 902 
Folville, 804 
Fones, 572 
Fontaine, 1175 
Fonteyn, 1175 
Foote, 793 
Foote, 410, 950 
Forbe, 133 
Forbes, 1185 
Forbes, 851, 1020 
Ford, 371, 505, 874, 1299, 1318 
Forde, 139, 461 


Forder, 406 

Forest, 150 

Foresyth, 645 

Forrer, 1310 

Forrester, 777 

Forry, 1310 

Forster, 1371 

Forster, 1371 

Foster, 279, 730, 1003, 1167, 


Foster, 856, 891, 961 
Fothergili, 57 
Fothergill, 57 
Foulkes, 670 
Fountain, 1175 
Fowell, 1295 
Fowler, 288, 593, 732 
Fownes, 572 
Fox, 980 

Foxcroft, 657, 847 
Foxle, 767 
Frame, 1023 
Francis, 705 
Francis, 705 
Frankland, 592 
Fraser, 977 
Freame, 532, 681 
Freemantle, 61 
Freemantle, 61 
Freke, 509 
Fremeaux, 1082 
Fremerey, 860 
Fremerey, 860 
French, 107, 834 
French, 107, 118, 636, 829, 

982, 1050, 1221, 1249, 


Frere, 1085 
Frere, 1085 
Frewen, 291, 411 
Freyenmoet, 726 
Friell, 397 
Frisbie, 1230 
Froggatt, 302 
Froude, 967 
Fry, 372 

Fry, 372, 961, mo 
Fullarton, 661 
Fuller, 1010, 1171 
Fulton, 535 
Funstone, 596 
Furber, 424 
Furness, 698 
Furness, 698 
Furnival, 461 
Fursdon, 280 
Fust, 36 
Fylde, 647 
Fynch, 678 
Fynis, 393 

Fynmore, 89 

Fynnes, 395 

Cachet, 711 
Gadsden, 597 

Gadsden, 597 

Gage, 1174 

Gager, 393 

Gaggs, 533 

Gaggs, 533 

Gainsford, 276 

Gainsford, 276 

Gamble, 442 

Gamble, 63, 442 

Gamel, 63 

Games, 122 

Gamling, 63 

Gamul, 63 

Ganaway, 1312 

Gardiner, 1330 

Gardner, 1330 

Gardner, 362, 937, 1221, 1330, 


Garencieres, 1067 
Garford, 458 
Garford, 458 
Garforth, 458 
Garman, 1108 
Garner, 362 
Gamier, 34 
Gamier, 34, 855 
Garratt, 768 

Garwood, 262, 697, 725, 1154 
Gates, 288, 524, 1318 
Gaudy, 462 
Gaunt, 448, 881 
[Gavey], 635 
Gavey, 635 
Gawthrop, 335 
Gawthrop, 335 
Geary, 866 
Geelen, 1037 
Gelder, 1312, 1318 
Gelder, 1312 
Gelskerk, 135 
Gembling, 63 
Gemmel, 63 
Gemmell, 63 
Genee, 1378 
Genest, 1378 
Genet, 1378 
Genet, 1378 
Gennis, 929 
Gennys, 929 
Gent, 576 
George, 985 
George(s), 985 
Gepp, 907 

Gerish, 58 

Gerrish, 58 

Getty, 246 

Gibbons, 1192 

Gibbons, 572, 773, 1192 

Gibbs, 1278, 1288 

Gibson, 345, 415, 1155 

Gibson, 415, 631, 657, 812 

Giddings, 976 

Gidley, 702, 913 

Gidley, 1352 

Giffard, 90 

Giffard, 90, 163 

Gifford, 90, 767, 829, 1326 

Gilberd, 493 

Gilbert, 493 

Gilbert, 133, 180, 493, 629, 1371 

Gilbert-Cunningham, 1223 

[Gilchrist], 1119 

Gilchrist, 1119, 1175 

Gildersleeve, 1153 

Giles, 572, 620 

Gilfillan, 39 

Gill, 252, 266, 924, 1127 

Gillespie, 382 

Gillespie, 382, 568, 708 

Gillette, 1158 

Gillibrand, 215 

Gilman, 1318 

Gilmour, 544 

Gindrat, 1315 

Ginnis, 929 

Gladvvyn, 586 

Glanfield, 424 

Glanville, 120 

Glas, 320 

Glasgow, 1297 

Glass, 320 

Glasscock, 298 

Glasscock, 298 

Gleason, 159 

Gledhill, 1047 

Glendenning. 68 

Glenham, 38 

Glynn, 750 

Goad, 1353 

Goble, 1033 

Godbold, 346 

Godbold, 346 

Goddard, 1226, 1347 

Goddard Carter, 180 

Godfrey, 708, 724, 1062, 1092 

Go- man, 666 

Godman, 666 

Goffe, 273, 352 

Gogarty, 1239 

Gokeine, 752 

Gokm, 752 

Goldacker, 781 

Goldermann, 852 



Goldesbrough, 836 

Golding, 1003 

Goldisborough, 836 

Goldsbrough, 836 

Goldsbrough, 836 

Goldsbury, 1050 

Goldwyer, 108, 948 

Goltsee, 840 

Gomide, 1108 

Gonson, 773 

Good, 233 

Good 31, 233 

Goodale, 525 

Goodrich, 1361 

Goodsell, 1205 

Goodwin, 424, 050 

Gookin, 752 

Gookin, 752 

[Gordon], 1020 

Gordon 74, 245, 490, 643, 831, 

1020, 1217, 1376 
Gore, 822, 874 
Gorges, 591 
Gorges, 591 
Gorham, 1298 
Gorham, 230, 847, 949 
Gorringe, 1264 
Gorringe, 1264 
Gorton, 6, 1315 
Gortschakoff, 1049 
Gosling, 881, 1093 
Gossard, 468 
Gosselin, 93 
Gosselin-Grimshawe 93 
Gossef, 290 
Gosset, 290 
Got her, 993 
Gough, 1368 
Gough, 993, 1368 
Goulborne, 360 
Gould, 795 
Gould, 795, 1379 
Goulding, 949 
Gournay, 707 
Govan, 657 
Goven, 23 
Gower, 986 
Gower, 986 
Gowland, 538 
Grafton-Wignall, 763 
Graham, 114, 231, 312, 708, 


Grandison, 1288 
Grange, 724 
Gransden, 988 
Grant, 789, 831 
Gratwicke, 1033 
Grave, 872 
Graves, 524 
Gray, 78, 366 

Gray, 63, 78, 230, 453, 657, 840, 


Greatrakes, 724 
Greave, 872 
Greaves, 872 
Greele, 1122 
Greeley, 1249 
Green, 106, 1272 
[Green], 1106 
Green, 118, 364, 910, 1046, 1106, 

1272, 1379 
Greenleaf, 698 
Greenman, 1142 
Green-Thompson, 1379 
Gresnway, 1069 
Green way, 1069 
Greenwood, 739 
Greetham, 1046 
Gregge, 299 
Gregory, 17 

Gregory, 17, 43, 186, 204, 913 
Gregson, 521 
Gregson, 521, 687 
Gresham, 1281 
Greville, 395 
Grey, 89 
Grierson, 814 
Griffen, 1175 
Griffin, 744 

Griffin, 137, 212, 744, 943, 1175 
Griffith, 951 
Griffiths, 613 
Grigg, 637 
[Grimshawe], 93 
Grimston, 291 
Grimwood, 167 
Grome, 711 
Grooms, 64 
GroDme, 711 
Grosvenor, 46, 1324 
Groth von Groote, 1197 
Grout, 1332 
Grovs, 1170 
Grove, 1170 
Grover, 711 
Groves, 1187 
Grubbs, 1115 
Gschwind, 315 
Guicherd, 1017 
Guimaraens, 1 
Guinness, 929 
Guinness, 929 
Guisage, 23 
[Gulsion], 484 
Gulston.. 484 
Gumley, 1172 
Gun, 541 
Gunson, 773 
Gunson, 773, 1047 
Gunthorpe, 62 

Guppy, 874 
Gurnell, 106 

Gurney, 196, 309, 506, 532, 681, 
899, 1247 

Gurney, 48, 309, 497, 506. 707, 

899, 1247 
Gutbier, 781 
Gutbier, 781 
Gutch, 510 
Guthrie, 580 
Guy. 1300 
Guy dickens, 62 
Gwinn, 1294 
Gwinnett, 1269 
Gwyllim, 276 
Gwynn, 636 
[Gyllenboga], 1339 

Haag, 1310 

Hackerel, 23 

Hackett, 214, 901 

Hackford, 813 

Hackney, 711 

Haddock, 841 

Haddon, 924 

Hadfield, 1347 

Hadsley, 93 

Hadslie, 93 

Had wen, 2 

Hagans, 162 

Haig, 592 

Haines, 151, 704 

Haines, 151, 629 

Hakewill, 120 

Halcro, 643 

Haley, 1336 

Haley, 1336 

Halford, 95 

Hall, 1326 

Hall, 44, 136, 565, 711, 872, 

1140, 1272, 1327 
Hallaran, 637 
Halley, 539, 1001 
Halliday, 989 
Hallifax, 975 
Halliley, 732 
Halloran 637 
Hallows, 1015 
Halswell, 15 
Halteman, 844 
Hambley, 109 
Hamill, 246 
Hamilton, 296, 996 
Hamilton, 245, 296, 544, 595, 

645> 657, 714, 997, 1108 
Hamlin, 976 
Hamly, 109 
Hammond, 650 



Hammond, 219, 650, 659 
Hampden, 186, 767 
Hampton, 1292 
Hanchett, 889, 1377 
Hancock, 332, 444, 697, 1015, 


Hand, 988 
Handley, 47 
Handley, 1020 
Hands, 1119 
Handy, 130 
Hanks, 1318 
Hanley, 82 
Hansen, 67, 514 
Harbert, 556, 715 
Harboard, 711 
Hardcastle, 132, 865 
Harding, 5 
Hardman, 302, 816 
Hardwicke, 562, 655 
Hardwicke, 655 
Hardy, 568, 1174 
Hare, 1294 
Harford, 1363 
Harford, 1363 
Harlakenden, 1319 
Harman, 399, 1045 
Harmon, 524 
Harper, 369 
Harper, 369, 1369 
Harriman, 945 
Harrington, 667 
Harris, 569 
Harris, 170, 535, 569, 624, 950, 

1071, 1140, 1221 
Harrison, 675, 1290 
[Harrison], 1008 
Harrison, 92, 135, 572, 675, 

685, 857, 1059, I0 99> II2I > 

1230, 1290 
Harryman, 945 
Hart, 701, 935 
Hart, 406, 620, 656, 701, 785, 

887, 1168, 1180, 1299 
Hartas, 980 
Harte, 887 
Hartigan, 149 
Hartkop, 234 
Hartkopf, 234 
Hartley, 381 
Hartley, 513 
Hartopp, 110 
Hartopp, no 
Hartt, 887 
Hartwell, 910 
Harvey, 35 
Harvey, 108, 109, 177, 506, 948, 

1028, 1075, 1092 
Harwood, 805, 910 
Harwood, 805, 910 

Haselock, 928 

Haskins, 1193, 1326 

Hasluck, 928 

Hasluck, 928 

Haslock, 928 

Hassall, 531 

Hassell, 15, 396 

Hastilow, 332 

Hastings, 231, 631 

Haswell, 618 

Haswell, 618 

Hatherway, 138 

Haughton, 1230 

Hausnode, 1308 

Havard, 1320 

Havergal, 880 

Havergal, 880 

Havergill, 880 

Haversham, 186 

Hawerd, 1320 

Havvford, 825 

Hawk, 964 

Hawke, 678 

Hawke, 678 

Hawkes, 841 

Hawkesworth, 896 

Hawkins, 188, 341, 819, 1229 

Hawkridge, 1024 

Hawks, 964 

Hawks, 424 

Hawley, 284, 539 

Hawlie, 215 

Hawtayne, 742 

Hawys, 937 

Hay, 411, 708, 771 

Hayden, 1178, 1191 

Haydock, 1060 

Haydon, 1255 

Hayes, 732, 997 

Hay Johnston, 245 

Hayles, 881 

Hayne, 530 

Haynes, 151, 809, 1106 

Hays, 364 

Hayward, 769 

Hayward, 711, 1320 

Head, 991 

Heale, 344 

Heape, 429, 566 

Heard, 450, 809, 909 

Hearn, 995 

Hearn, 1033 

Heath, 95 

Heath, 46, 768 

Heathwood, 302 

Heaton, 444 

[Heaver], 530 

Heckford 813 

Heckford, 813 

Hedge, 550 

Hedley, 183 

Heighten, 614 

Helly, 1348 

Helmoit, 1359 

Helon, 432 

Hemsley, 342 

Henckel, 157 

Henderson, 658 

Hendry, 82 

Henham, 161 

Heningham, 732 

Henley, 82, 868 

Henn, 423 

Hennis, 1272 

Henry, 950 

Henzell, 332 

Hepburn, 592 

Hepper, 1139 

Hepper, 1139 

Hetaucourt, 1335 

Heraucourt, 1335 

Herbert, 608, 715, 921 

Heron, 842 

Herring, 472, 1228 

Hesketh, 687 

Heusted, 1175 

Heustis, 572, 1175 

Heveningham, 732 

Hewetson, 537 

Hewetson, 537 

Hewlins, 1361 

Hewson, 537, 721 

Hewsonne, 537 

Heyno, 971 

Heyworth, 665 

Hibbard, 364 

Hibbott, 379 

Hibbotts, 379 

Hickford, 813 

Hickman, 371, 1138, 1266 

Hicks, 1276 

Hicks, 1175, 1284 

[Kidding], 719 

Hiett, 1369 

Higgin, 1047 

Higgins, 162, 572, noS 

Higginson, 767, 1133 

Hignett, 809 

Hildersham, 87 

Hilditch, 575 

Hill, 14, 546, 812, 1018, 1078, 

Hill, 14, 27, 90, 105, in, 184, 

317. 33L 472, 546, 812, 

1018, 1068, 1361 
Hillary, 1010 
Hillas, 764 
Hillas, 764 
Hilliard, 69, 1064 
Hillier, 34 



Hills, 1284 

Hills, 1226, 1284 
Hilton, 402 

Hilton, 246, 299, 402, 1230 

Hinckley, 976, 1193 

Hinde, 982, 1099 

Hindmarsh, 118, 975 

Hindry, 82 

Hine, 1023 

Hine, 1023 

Hinman, 1294, 1295 

Hinneker, 1308 

Hinton, 1080 

Hiort, 787 

Hitchcock, 364 

Hixson, 556 

Hoare, 369 

Hobart, 821, 1153 

Hobbie, 1175 

Hobbins, 87 

Hobby, 1175 

Hobhouse, 34 

Hobman, 694 

Hobson, 102, 676 

Hodge, 1302 

Hodges, 343, 518, 546, 711 

Hodgkinson, i 

Hodgson, 42, 1027, 1074 

Hodson, 868 

Hodson, 868 

Hoeft, 671 

Hoelder, 242 

Hoffmann-Bagiriskl, 124 

Hot man, 1073 

Hogeboom, 726 

Hogue, 951 

Hoi brook, 1332 

Holbrook, 1108 

Holbrooke, 1332 

Holden, 1148 

Holden, 169, 259, 268, 767, 


Holl, 545 
Holland, 557, 822 
Holley, 1001, 1175 
Holliday, 989 
Hollinshead, 711 
Hollis, 932 
Hollister, 1050 
Holly, 364, 1001, 1175 
Holm, 46 

Holman, 428, 1157 
Holman, 428, 1157 
Holme, 711, 822 
Holmes, 1317 

Holmes, 364, 711, 1087, 1175 
Holms, 1175 
Holroyd, 503 
Holsworthy, 841 
Holt, 665, 696, 1221, 1327 

Holworthy, 841 

Holworthy, 841 

Homersley, 1047 

Homes, 1175 

Honeywell, 1175 

Honison, 245 

Hont, 1308 

Hoo, 38, 903 

Hood, 104, 701 

Hook, 1212 

Hook, 151, 1041 

Hooke, 151, 993, 1041 

Hooker, 756 

Hooker, 756, 1199, 1299 

Hooper, 572. 831 

Hooppell, 1257 

Hooppell, 1257 

Hoowee, 969 

Hope, 329 

Hopffgarten, 781 

Hopkins, 1172 

Hopkins, 34, 147, 641, 853, 924, 


Hopper, 697 
Hopper, 697 
Hoppner, 641 
Hopson, 191 

Home, 230, 731, 807, 1047 
Hornwell, 1057 
Morton, 989 
Horton, 989, 1266 
Hortopp, no 
Horwood, 1069 
Hosking, 396 
Hoskins, 1300, 1318 
Hosmer, 1284, 1309 
Hotham, 745 
Hough, 620 
Houghton, 568, 1336 
Hoult, 1202 
House, 344, 472 
Housman, 1047 
Houston, 1203 
Houston, 193, 409, 961, 1113, 


Hovenden, 831 
Hover, 1350 
How, 1024 

Howard, 475, 703, 1006 
Howard, 475, 703, 987, 1006, 

1042, 1331 
Howarth, 784 
Howe, 1372 
Howe, 678 
Ho well, 147 
Howland, 7 
Howland, 7, 976 
Hewlett, 59 
Hewlett, 59 
Howorth, 1043 

Howpill, 1257 
Huband, 379 

Huband, 379 
Hubbard, 116 
Hubbard, 364, 424, 524, 1153, 


Hubert, 34 
Huddart, 407 
Hudson, 697, 943, 1254 
Huestead, 1175 
Huestis, 1175 
Huggins, 637 
Hughes, 578 
Hughes, 181, 578, 613 
Hughstead, 1175 
Hulbert, 230 
Huldenberghe van der Borch, 

Hull, 656, 938, 1010, mo, 1158, 

1171, 1285 
Hulme, 711 
Hulton, 299 
Humberstone, 93 
Humble, 829, 1271 
Hume, 280, 640, 1379 
Humphrey, 1327 
Humphreys, 421 
Humphries, 711 
Hungerford, 284, 804, 844 
Hunn, 62 
Hunnybun, 330 
Hunnybun, 330 
Hunt, 826 
Hunt, 53, 479, 496, 572, 826, 

980, 1178, 1308 
Hunter, 469, 783 
Hunter, 253, 324, 337, 469, 783, 


Huntingdon, 191 
Huntting, 1360 
Hurlin, 1260 
Huson, 537 
Hussey, 69, 807, 1178 
Hussey-Walsh, 82 
Husted, 1278 
Husted, 364, 1175, 1278 
Hustis, 1175 
Huston, 1203 
Hutchins, 1121 
Hutch inson, 862 
Hutchinson, 192, 259, 424, 715, 

812, 862 
Hutson, 537 
Hutton, 255 
Huxley, 619 

Hyde, 524, 614, 926, 950, 1174 
Hyelton, 572 
Hylton, 402 
Hynes, 913 



I'Anson, 731 
Iden, 161 
Ifield, 767 
Ilberry, 106 
[IllaireJ, 160 
Illingworth, 136 
Immendorf, 594 
Impett, 426 
Ince, 444 
Indebetou, 113 
Indebetou, 113 
In De Betou, 113 
In De Betouw, 113 
Ingersoll, 364 
Ingilby, 1003 
Ingleby, 1003 
Inglose, 416 
Ingoldsby, 715 
In graham, 344 
Inman, 23 
Innes, 831 
Inskeep, 1077, 1154 
Ireland, 1248 
Iremonger, 138 
Ironside, 1329 
Ironside, 1329 
Irvin, 451 

Irvine, 329, 451, 708 
Irving, 451 

Irving, 451, 687, 1348 
Irwin, 982 

Irwin, 451, 645, 1348 
Irwing, 1348 
Ish, 556 
Isham, 531 
Iver, 865' 
Ives, 496 

Jackaway, 1036 

Jackson, 580 

Jackson, 64, 541, 715, 943, 1093 

Jacobson, 769 

Jacquier de Bernay, 228 

Jaggard, 370 

Jago, 188, 929 

Jalland, 503 

James, 324, 1077 

James, 39, 1045 

Jamieson, 435 

Janeway, 252 

Janeway-Monnette, 252 

Jans, 1348 

Jantzen, 728 

Jarrett, 237 

Jarvis, 133 

Jaudain, 1175 

Jeduin, 339 

Jedwin, 339 

Jeffrey, 545 

Jeggo, 350 

Jelham, 572 

Jemmett, 737 

Jenckes, 711 

Jenkine, 687 

[Jenkins], 269 

Jenkins, 530, 976, 1319, 1349 

Jenkinson, 423 

Jennings, 586 

Jermy, 1020 

Jermyn, 1017 

Jervis, 133, 371, 758 

Jessup, 202, 364 

Jeudwine, 339 

Jeudwine, 339 

Jevon, 211 

Jewer, 865 

Jewers, 865 

Jobson, 1370 

Jobson, 1370 

John, 967, 1115 

Johnson, 889, 1057, 1196, 1271 

Johnson, 15, 29, 371, 461, 490, 

556, 976, 1033, 1057, JI 9 6 . 

1271, 1295, 1318 
Johnston, 285/333, 643, 782 
Johnston, 285, 643, 782, 831, 


[Johnston], 245 
Johnstone, 1062 
Johnston-Lavis, 918 
Joicey, 538 

Jones, 613, 711, 1016, 1303 
Jones, 39, 152, 401, 546, 568, 

613, 711, 727, 819, 1016, 

1124, 1221 

Jordan, 572, 594, 976, 1081, 1175, 


Joudouin, 339 
Joudouyn, 339 
Jouley, 1051 
Jourdain, 1175 
Jower, 865, 1024 
Jowett, 169 
Jowsey, 538 
Joyce, 767 
Joys, 1323 
Joys, 1323 
Joysey, 538 
Judd, 950, 1309, 1327 
Juddery, 773 
Judson, 1323 
Juduin, 339 
Juer, 865 
Jukes, 945 
Julius, 163 
June, 1175 
Jurden, f i3oS 
Justis, 1320 


Kauffmann, 146 

Kavanagh, 94 

Rear, 1022 

Kearney, 210, 502 

Keay ; 706 

Kebbel, 180 

Keeler, 593 

Keeling, 211 

Keene, 1085, 1321 

Keep, 179 

Keezel, 468 

Kego, 708 

Kehrt, 697 

Keish, 782 

Keith, 791 

Keith-Steele, 126 

Kekule von Stradonitz, 691 

Kekwick, 732 

Kellam, 525 

Kelleter, 1362 

Kelley, 1142 

Kellifet, 856 

Kellinghusen, 808 

Kellinghusen, 808 

Kellogg,* 1 297 

Kelly, 318, 1180 

Kelly, 591, 1142, 1180 

Kelsall, 1118 

Kelsall, 1118 

Kelsey, 214, 1221, 1255. 

Kemeys-Tynte, 15 

Kemp, 117 

Kemp, 117, 133 

Kemshead, 851 

Kemshead, 851 

Kendall, 1340 

Kendall, 1010, 1012, 1340 

Kendrick, 389 

Kenifeck, 541 

Kennal, 639 

Kennedy, 1309 

Kennedy, 333, 487, 568, I2I& 

Kenrick, 389, 732 

Kent, 1324 

Kent, 277, 1324 

Kenwrick, 389 

Keon, 714 

Kern, 1346 

Kernohan, 246 

Kernohan, 246 

Kerr, 1022 

Kerr, 245, 572, 1022. 

Kerrison, 506 

Kershaw, 788 

Kettle, 183 

Keyes, 89, 407 

Keys, 407 

Keyt, 147 

[Keyzer], 719 

Kiefer, 85 


Kilham, 1311 
Killegrew, 695 
Killigrew, 695 
Kilpatrick, 264 
Kimberley, 133 
Kimpton, 850 
Kimzey, 1327 
Kincaid, 657 
Kinder, 696 
King, 161, 184, 1265 
King, 184, 528, 556, 825, 1059, 
1149, 1265, 1281, 1284, 1318 
[King], 3 
Kinge, 1265 
Kingsbury, 1325 
Kingsbury, 393, 1325 
Kingsley, 453, 502, 711 
Kington, 77 
Kinneg, 1326 
Kip, 1168 
Kipling, 741 
Kirkbride. 486 
Kirke, 622 
Kirkland, 1023 
Kirkpatrick, 264, 814, 1178 
Kirpatrick, 264 
Kirtland, 69, 1023 
Kirwan, 642 
Kitts, 903 
Klaus, 374 
Klerck, 157 
Knapp, 829 
Knapp, 364, 829, 1175 
Knevett, 395, 1104 
Knibloe, 1076 
Knight, 60 

Knight, 291, 424, 741, 769 
Knowler, 724 
Knowles, 352 
Knott, 406, 1034 
Knox, 1320 
Knox, 1319, 1320 
Knyvet, 1104 
Koechlin, 892 
Koons, 1012 
Kriener, 206 
Krooss, 1034 
Kiintz.. 1012 
Kyffin, 613 
Kynaston, 531 
Kynge, 1265 
Kype, 1168 

Lack, 987 
Lacy, 541, 714 
Ladd, 707, 1249 
Liftman, 66 

La Grange, 724 

Laing, 1020 

Lak, 987 

Lake, 987, 1036 

Lamb, 259 

Lamb, 259, 658 

Lambarte, 537 

Lambert, 156 

Lambert, 24, 630, 830 

Lamond, 661 

Lament, 654, 661 

Lament, 661, 1108 

Lamprecht, 808 

Lamprey, 927 (see p. cxiii) 

Lamprey, 927 

Lamson, 1102 

Lamson, 1102 

Lancashire, 299 

Lancaster, 424, 862 

Lane, 515, 523, 574 

Lane, 371, 523, 603, 945, 1178, 

1180, 1288 
Lane- Poo le, 1178 
Langdon, 751 
Langdon, 351, 424, 751 
Langford, 119 
Langhorne, 334 
Langhorne, 334, 620 
Langley, 460 

Langley, 150, 460, 482, 557 
Langstaff, 424 

Langton, 967, 1047, 1202, 1247 
Lanier, 1216 
Lansdale, 302 
Lansdall, 173, 694 
Lansdell, 302 
Lansing, 845 
Lapeyre, 842 
Larkins, 608 
Laroque, 1082 
[Larpent], 1082 
Larpent, 1082 
Larrabee, 424 
Larraby, 424 
Lart, 937 
Lart, 937 
Lascelles, 1105 
[Lashmar], 1033 
Laslett, 43 

Latham, 268, 749, 1326 
Lathom, 395 
Lathrop, 975 
Latimer, 961 
Laton, 291, 454 
Laud, 147 
Lauder, 1119 
Laurence, 822, 1097, 1171 
Laurie, 997 
[Lavfs], 918 
Law, 919 
Law, 150, 776, 831, 919, 975 

Lawes, 1045 

Law lor, 1009 

Lawlor, 1009 

Lawrance, 1211 

Lavvrance, 1097, 1211 

Lawrence, 525, 1097 

Lawrence, 93, 284, 572, 976, 

1097, 1121, 1211, 1300, 1332 
Lawson, 426 
Lawson, 426, 708 
Laybank, 298 
Laycock, 492 
Laycock, 492 
Lay ton, 212 
Lavton, 212, 316 
Lazell, 83 
La^eD, 1318 
Lea, 1268 
Leach, 284, 1207 
Leach, 284, 1115, 1175, 1207 
Leadbeater, 969 
Leadbetter, 659 
Leads, 1175 
Leak, 987 
Leake, 371, 1360 
Leaman, 274 
Lear, 1068 
Learmonth, 1108 
Leavens, 1164 
Leavitt, 385 
Leavitt, 1318 
Le Brun, 555 
Le Conte, 401 
Le Conte, 401 
Le Conte de Nonant, 401 
Ledgard, 1377 
Ledgard, 1377 
Lee, 517, 1204 
Lee, 231, 450, 466, 517, 528, 

594, 613, 819, 874, 986,. 


Leech, 1175 
Leedle, 490 
Leeds, 572, 1175, 1278 
Leek, 987 
Lee>, 1236 
Leete, 1221 
Lega-Weekes, 526 
Le Geyt, 671 
Legge, 1275 
Le Grand, 724 
Le Grice, 378 
Le Grys, 92, 378 
Le Hunte, 1275 
Leidner, 827 
Leidner, 827 
Leigh, 343 
Leigh, 302, 426 
Leigh- Pern berton, 1065 
Leigh ton, 118 



Leighton, 118, 829 

Leijonhufvud, 295 

Leijonhufvud, 295 

Leistner, 1034 

Le Jeune, 659 

Le Jour, 865 

Le Maistre, 769 

Lemal, 102 

Leman, 361, 1371 

Le Mariner, 214 

Lemcke, 1090 

Lemcke, 1034 

Le Mesurier, 725 

Lemmon, 361 

Le Mentals, 820 

Lendall, 1001 

Lennox, 558 

Lennox, 1336 

Leonard, 145, 1254 

Leonard, 145, 502, 1042 

Le Pelley, 608 

Le Picard, 311 

Le Riche, 191 

Leslie, 814, 848, 1020, 1133 

Le Tebe, 424 

Lethbridge, 930, 1112 

Letheby, 424 

Letherby, 424 

Lever, 1108 

Le Vesconte, 437 

Levett, 69 

Lewell, 572 

Lewenhaupt, 258 

Lewenhaupt, 258 

Lewer, 216 

[Lewin], 6 

Lewis, 307, 881, 884, 1206, 1282 

Lewis, 42, 507, 881, 950 

Lewthwaite, 639 

Ley, 694 

Leyland, 109 

Libbey, 1336 

Libby, 424 

Libby, 424 

Liefeld, 55 

Liefeld, 55 

Ligne, 840 

Liliequist, 51 

Lillie, 909 

Lilly, 909 

Limrick, 150 

Lind, 866 

Lind, 866 

{Lind], 866 

Lindley, 187 

Lindley, 906 

Lindsay, 23, 1051 

Lindsey, 23 

Lingard, 507 

Lingen, 507 

Linnell, 976 

Linsley, 857 

Linthwaite, 1236 

Llnzee, 23 

Linzee, 23 

Lister, 147, 150, 1099, 1234 

Litherland, 262 

Lithgow, 410 

Lithiby, 424 

Little," 38, 1319 

Litton, 283 

Livesay, 1094 

Livesey, 757, 768 

Livesey, 757, 768 

Livesly, 967 

Livett, 1015 

Livett, 1015 

Livingston, 624 

Livingston, 624 

Lizard, 751 

Lizy, 724 

Ljungfors, 157 

Llewellyn, 507 

Lloyd, 231, 589, 596, 1021 

Lloyd, 244, 546, 589, 603, 1021 

Lock, 1 1 08 

Lockerman, 572 

Lockwood, 975 

Lockyer, 913 

Lodge, 183 

Loevenlch, 852 

Loevenich, 852 

Logan, 967 

Logic, 1020 

Lombaerts, 249^ 

[Lombard], 816' 

Lombard, 816 

Lombe, 1248 

Long, 334, 286, 517, 975, 1331 

Longley, 589 

Lonsdale, 74 

Look, 1064 

Loomls, 844 

Lord, 210, 975 

Lome, 322 

Lorton, 1312 

Lory, 894 

Losch, 101 

Lothrop, 819, 975, 1158 

Lounsberry, 1175 

Lounsbury, 1175 

Louvaine, 630 

Love, 541, 1115 

Lovelace, 1248 

Lovell, 833 

Lovibond, 624 

Low, 1032 

Lowe, 1068 

Lowery, 505 

Lownsborough, 1175' 


Lowry, 1263 
Lowry-Corry, 997 

Lowson, 1270 
Lowther, 724 
Lowton, 331 
Loyd, 711 
Lubbock, 137 
Lucas, 230, 234 
Lucas, in, 163, 234 
Lucassen, 114 
Luce, 671 
Lucken, 711 
Luddington, 162, 545 
Ludington, 162 
Ludington, 162 
Ludlam, 649 
Ludlow, 915 
Lukach, 508 
Lund, 1050 / 
Lundie, 685 
Lunn, 453 
Lunt, 820 
Liips, 719 
Luttrill, 672 
Luttwitz, 673 
Luxford, 134 
Luycken, 711 
Lyal, 1294 
Lybbe, 424 
Lye, 448 
Lyle, 896 
Lyman, 449 
Lynthwayte, 1236 
Lyon, 135, 235, 690 
Lyons, 235, 891 
Lyons, 891 
Lyster, 150 
Lytton, 829 

Maberly, 850 

Maberly, 850 
Macaulay, 776 
Macbean, 600 
McCaa, 68 
McCabe, 967 
McCain, 1177 
McCalmont, 246 
McCance, 776 
McCance, 776 
McCane, 1177 
McCarrell, 1149 
MacCarthy, 729 
McCarthy, 902, 1011 
McCarthy, 816, 902 
McClintock, 1218 
McClure, 645, 1218 
Macco, 700 
Macco, 700 



MacComish, 948 

McConnell, 1153 

McCook, 1327, 1349 

McCrohan, 902 

McDickene, 975 

Macdonald, 640 

Macdonald, 1315 

[Macdonald], 1177 

[MacDonald], 1177 

McDonald, 539, 842 

Macdougal, 592 

Macdowall, 435 

McDowall, 1123 

McDowall, 1123 

McDowell, 645 

McDuff, 706 

McEan, 1177 

McFarland, 604 

McFarren, 780 

McGilchrist, 1119 

McGilchrist-Gilchrist, 1119 

Macgill, 831 

Macgillivray, 600 

MacGregor, 708 

[McGuffie], 587 

McGuffie, 587 

McGuffock, 587 

MacIain-MacDonald, 1177 

Maclan, 1177 

Mclan, 1177 

Macian-Macdonald, 1177 

MacIan-MacDonald, 1177 

Macintosh, 541 

Mclntosh, 346 

Mack, 1248 

Mack, 1248 

Mackane, 1177 
McKane, 1177 
Mackay, 498 
Mackay, 364 
McKean, 1141, 1177 
McKean, 1177 
McKeen, 1177 
Mackenzie, 46, 997 
McKeon, 1177 
Mackie, 916 
McKillips, 504 
MacKinley, 193 
Mackintosh, 600, 791 
Mackintosh, 450, 600, 791 
Mackuy, 700 
Maclean, 600 
McLean, 1287 
McLellan, 1282 
MacLeod, 984 
MacLeod, 984 
Maclin, 685 
Macmahon, 289 
McMenzies, 68 

McMinis, 68 
Macmurrough, 432 
Macnamara, 289 
Macnaughton, 1018 
Macneil, 1216 
MacNeill, 640 
Macor, 1142 
Macphail, 600 
Macpherson, 450, 600 
McPike, 539 
McPike, 539 
Macqueen, 188, 600 
McTurk, 68 
McWilliams, 252 
Macy, 740 
Madan, 621 
Madden, 621 
Maddock, 120, 758 
Madgwick, 448 
Maffet, 189 
Maghull, 822 
Magniac, 407 
Magnon, 430 
Mahon, 158 
Mahon, 158, 1028 
Mahony, 541 
Mahony, 541, 633, 902 
Main, 741 
Mair, 1020, 1347 
Makepeace, 1193 
Maker, 1142 
Makgill, 831 
Malabar, 454 
Malcolm, 799 
Maiden, 170, 367 
Maiden, 170 
Malherbie, 446 
Malie, 454 
Malin, 629 
Malone, 969 
Malone, 409, 
Malpas, 280 
Maltbie, 1175 
Maltby, 887, 975, 1175 
Malveysin, 531 
Malvoisin, 531 
Mamo, 317 
Mandelschloh, 305 
Mandelslow, 305 
Mandesle, 305 
Mangles, 642, 842 
Maniquet, 495 
Manley, 27 
Manliffe, 969 
Manlove, 204 
Manly, 969 
Mann, 1112 
Mann, 746, 1112 
Manning, 494 
Manning, 494 


Mannison, 93 

Mannock, 746 

Mansel, 73, 386 

Mansfield, 988 

Manslo, 305 

Manson, 1075, 1172 

Manston, 530 

Mantle, 714 

Marburg, 222 

Marchall, 975 

Marcham, 71 

Marchant, 742 

Marchant-Lashmar, 1033 

Mariartre, 1010 

Markby, 141 

Markby, 141 

Markes, 106 

Markham, 950 

Marlande, 386 

Marlande, 386 

Marlborough, 586 

Marley, 229 

Marley, 229 

Marriage, 775 

Marriner, 214 

Marriner, 214 

Marsh, 503 

Marsh, 288, 634, 1023 

Marshall, 364, 675, 1020, 1064 

Marshman, 602. 724 

Marston, 1274 

Martian, 620 

Marten, 361 

Martin, 72, 453, 1373 

Martin, 166, 212, 214, 361, 453, 
541, 874, 896, 1087, 1208, 
1232, 1315 ' 

Martyn, 210, 214, 343, 361 

Marvin, 1309 

Maryner, 214 
Masera, 4 

Mason, 933 

Mason, 89, 327, 469, 545, 901, 
933. 975, 980, 1269, 1381 

Mason-Cox, 1381 

Master, 622 

Masterman, 1342 

Masters, 809 

Masterson, 166 

Mather, 1202 

Mat hew, 502 

[MathewJ, 265 

Mathews, 102 

Mathews- Richardson, 1126 

Maton, 1292 

Maton, 1292 

Matson, 1273 

Matthews, 102, 1093 

Matthews, 102, 506, 671, 1093 

Maturin, 1133 


Mauboerer, 535 

Maughan, 1057 

Mauleverer, 535 

Maund, 331, 1361 

Maunsell, 1147 

Maunsell, 1147 

Mauteby, 73 

Mauveysin, 531 

Mauvoisin, 531 

Mawdesley, 838 

Mawdesley, 838 

Mawson, 332 

Maxwell, 27, 1274 

Maxwell, 27, 568, 792, 1189 

May, 122, 1137, 1253 

May, 138, 717, 847, 1137, 1253 

Mayhew, 268, 557 

Maylam, 743 

Maylam, 743 

Maynard, 150 

Mayne, 1052 

Mayne, 706, 856 

Maynicke, 495 

Mayo, 1247 

Mayor, 955 

Mayor, 955 

Meacham, 949 

Mead, 364 

Mead, 1175, 1360 

Meade, 525 

Meajor, 769 

Meanock, 415 

Medley, 1057 

Medlicott, 774 

Meed, 1175 

Meehan, 595 

Meehan, 595 

Meet, 1175 

Mein, 147 

Meinecke, 495 

Mellard, 371 

Mellor, 227, 749 

Mellor, 227, 749 

Melsop, 502 

Melvill, 677 

Melville, 333, 932 

Mercer, 390 

Mercer, 172, 390, 923, 1075 

Mercereau, 1344 

Mercier, 742, 923 

Meriet, 1000 

Merrett, 1000 

Merriam, 303 

Merrifield, 1123 

Merrill, 1345 

Merrill, 1345 

Merritt, 1000, 1350 

Merritt, 364, 1000, no8 ; 1350 

Merry, 1379 

Merryman, 409 

Mersereau, 1344 

Mersereau, 1344 

Mervyn, 72 

Merwin, 1323 

Merwint, 1323 

Messervy, 917 

Messit, 572 

Meyer, 641 

Michell, 747 

Michell, 1020 

Michie, 1043 

Michie, 1043 

Michielsen, 249 

Mickley, 1346 

Middlemore, 499 

Middlemore, 27, 499 

Middleton, 229, 363, 856, 1119 


Midgley, 501 
Midwinter, 975 
Milbranck, 572 
Mildmajr, 92 
Miles, 757, 1299 
Millais, 671 
Miller, 467, 916, 1149 
Miller, 34, 193, 212, 245, 799, 

916, 1175, 1249 
Milligan, 193 
Mills, 1334 

Mills, 214, 1175, 1334 
Mingay, 952, 1017 
Minnitt, 277 
Minns, 342 
Minns, 342 
Minors, 225, 960 
Minot, 277 
Minshull, 426 
Minter, 406 
Minterne, 913 
Minton, 531 
Mitchell, 277 

Mitchell, 245, 468, 645, 749, 913 
Mitchelson, 1360 
Mixer, 976 
Modee, 157 
Modeer, 157 
Mohun, 1347 
Moline, 151 
Molines, 1344 
Mollatte, 1230 
Mollet, 725 
Molony, 609 
Molony, 609 
Molyneux, 963 
Molyneux, 541, 588, 963 
Monaghan, 1315 
Monck, 46, 901 
Moncrief, 814 
Monet, 1010 
Monk, 46 

Monnet, 1010 
Monnette, 1010 
[Monnette], 252 
Montfort, 1256 

Montgomerie, 63 
Montgomery, 581, 599 

Montgomery, 541, 645, 801, 
1009, 1064, 1113, 1216 

Montserrat, 627 

Moon, 991 

Moor, 291 

Moor, 291 

Moorcroft, 324 

Moore, 727 

Moore, 28, 166, 202, 556, 604, 
1062, 1064, 1077, 1133 

Moores, 911 

Moorhouse, 132, 975 

More, 487, 1348 

Morecock, 1266 

Morehead, 1218 

Morehouse, 975 

Moreton, 486, 945 

Morey, 1157 

Morgan, 441 

Morgan, 53, 229, 613, 1108 

Morhouse, 975 

Moriarty, 798, 1080 

Moriarty, 798, 967, 1080 

Morley, 141, 350 

Morrice, 474 

Morris, 406 

Morris, 114, 288, 406, 456, 568 

Morrison, 39, 1281 

Morrison, 39, 409 

Morse, 1024 

Morse, 885, 1332 

Morton, 486 

Morton, 486 

Moseley, 749 

Moses, 572 

Mosier, 1175 

Moss, 302, 819 

Mosse, 901 

Mostyn, 1183 

Motherby, 745 

Motherby, 745 

Mott, 572 

Motte, 407 

Mottley, 1006, 1026 

Moula, 943 

Mould, 1182 

Moule, 671 

Moulthrop, 761 

Mount, 1012 

Mount, 1012 

Mountain, 539 

Mowat, 761 

Moxon, 676 

Moyce, 1249 


Mudge, 1186 
Mulcaster, 837 
Mulcaster, 837 
Mullins, 546, 1344 
Mulzaine, 840 
Mumford, 557 
Mumford, 557 
Munday, 1057 
Mundy, 925 
Mundy, 925 
Muneton, 531 
Munn, 949 
Munro, 1245 
Muravieff, 1049 
Murden, 881 
Murdo, 121 1 
Murdoch, 659, 1211 
Murdock, 524 
Murphy, 409 
Murray, 245, 518, 1217 
Muse, 572 
Musgrave, 612, 786 
Musgrave, 786, 1254 
Mussill, 1057 
Mustoe, 1 1 ir 
Muxloe, 1067 
Myddelton, 363 
Myddelton, 635 
Myddelton-Gavey, 635 
Myers, 819 

Myers, 594, 697, 819 
Mylle, 214 
Mynors, 225 
Mynors, 225 
Myres, 1213 
Myrton, 532 

Nairn, 831 
Nance, 1318 
Nash, 849 

Nash, 119, 364, 849 

Nason, 147 

Naunton, 29 

Neal, 1221 

Nedham, 201 

Needier, 361 

Neeson, 967 

Neighbour, 309 

Neill, 1349 

Neilson, 997 

Neligan, 502 

Nelson, 401, 449, 705 

Nesbitt, 567 

Nethersole, 756 

Nettleship, i 

Nettleton, 1323 

Nevill, 564, 656, 1144 

Nevill, 564, 656, 961, 1144 

Neville, 572 

Nevins, 969 

Newbold, 821 

Newbold, 821 

Newbolt, 565 

Newbolt, 565 

Newbould, 821 

Newcomb, 336 

Newcombe, 12 

Newdigate, 348 

Newell, 1249 

Newham, 203 

Nevvham, 203 

Newland, 581 

Newlin, 335, 1122 

Newman, 213, 297 

Newman, 213, 230, 297, 500, 


Newnham, 230 
Newsham, 219 
Newt, 424 
Newton, 1299 
Newton, 460, 603, 829, 1199, 

1292, 1299, I 324 
Nicholas, mi 
Nicholls, 223 
Nichols, 1152 
Nichols, 24, 344, 809, mi, 

1152, 1171 
Nicholson, 16, 634, 711, 924, 

1013, 1274 
Nickerson, 1313 
Nickerson, 1313 
Nicklin, 1093 
Nicola, 659 
Nielson, 724 
Nind, 44 
Nisbet, 401, 532 
Nitschke, 1034 
Noble, 1063, 1193 
Noe, 1297 
Noel, 250 
Nookes, 629 
Norcop, 531 
Nordenstierna, 36 
Norford, 1272 
Norman, 731, 1038, 1174 
Norreys, 997 
Norrie, 540 
Norris, 822, 997, 1012 
North, 34, 133, 1334 
Northall, 329 
Northam, 950 
Northampton, 191 
Northcote, 530 
Northmore, 349 
Northrop, 593 
Norton, 470, 1064 
Norton, 911, 950, 1064, 1319 
"Nosworthy, 747 


Nott, 418 

Notte, 418 

Nottingham, 1092 

Noyes, 987 

Noyes, 145, 1040, 1249 

[Nugent], 714 

Nurse, 472 

Nut hall, 1010 

Nutt, 779 

Nuttall, 466 

Nutter, 424 

Gates, 1114 

Oattes, 1114 

O'Brien, 201, 289, 292, 757 

O'Byrne, 740 

O'Connor, 82 

O'Conor, 724 

O'Conor Don, 598 

Odell, 572, 593 

Odencrants, 21 

Odiarne, 94 

0' Parrel I, 403 

Ogden, 68, 299 

[Ogden], 68 

Ogilby, 983 

Ogilvie, 983, 1288 

Ogilvy, 580, 742 

Oglander, 750 

Oglander, 750 

Ogle, 893, 1136 

Ogle, 893, 1136 

Grady, 722 

OGrady, 722 

O'Hanlon, 724 

O'Kearney, 502 

O'Kelley, 1142 

O'Kelly, 59L 754 

Olave, 535 

Old, 44 

Oldcastle, 18 

Oldnall, 561 

Oldnall, 561 

Olive, 535 

Oliver, 119 

Oliver, 119 

Ollard, 223 

Ollard, 223 

Olliver, 1033 

Olmstead, 1249 

O'Madden, 621 

Mahony, 633 

OMahony, 541, 633 

O'Mealy, 1177 

Ommanney, 1082 

O'Naghten, 754 

O'Neill, 909 

Ongerstein, 295 


Onley, 506 
Orcutt, 145 
Orde, 639 
O'Reilly, 645, 714 
Oridge, 564 
Oriel, 528 
Ormerod, 43, 665 
Ormond, 1361 
O'Rourke, 595 
Orr, 245 
Orrett, 624 
Orser, 1175 
Orsor, 1175 

Orton, 342, 1297, 1379 
Orwell, 1274 
Osbora, 1285 
Osborn, 1285 
Osborne, 724, 809 
Osgathorpe, 219 
Osmond, 670 
Osmond, 670 
Osmund, 951 
Oswald, 30 
Other, 520 
Otis, 1114 
Otis, 1114 
Overelangdone, 751 
Owen, 201, 1210 
Owen, 613, 1297 
Owens, 409 
Oxenden, 1092 
Oxenden, 1092 

Pack, 954 
Pack-Beresford, 954 

Packe, 518, 672 

Packer, 1173, 1226 

Packman, 1255 

Packman, 1255 

Pagan, 470 

Page, 57, 133, 462. 926 

Paget, 134 

Paine, 725 

Painter, 1111 

Painter, mi 

Pakenham, 901 

Pakenham-Walsh, 901 

Palmer, 818 

Palmer, 364, 373, 530, 1059, 

1071, 1140, 1152, 1300 
Palthe, 1151 

Palthe Wesenhagen, 1151 
Parfitt, 887, 985 
Paris, 472 
Park, 135 
Parke, 950, 1336 
Parker, 73, 360, 421, 748, 873 
Parker, 360, 421, 615, 741, 748 

Parkes, 596, 657 

Parkhurst, 711 

Parks, 1232 

Parks, 1232 

Parlin, 1336 

Parmele, 1088 

Parmelee, 1221 

Parmelee, 648, 1221 

Parr, 135 

Parry, 177 

Parry, 34, 177, 433, 539. 

Parsons, 275 

Parsons, 275, 486, 497, 1145 

Parton, 1361 

Partridge, 746 

Partridge, 746 

Pasche, 671 

Passmore, 56 

Paston, 73, 667 

Paton, 427 

Patrick, 496, 1051 

Patten, 89 

.Patterson, 75, 504, 541, 785, 


Patton, 456 
Paul, 60, 1216 
Paull, 656 
Paumier, 716, 825 
Pawson, 410 
Paxson, 711 
Payen-Payne, 712 
[Payne], 712 
Payne, 980 
Payson, 410 
Payson, 410 
Payzant, 1082 
Peabody, 976. 1326 
Peach, 218 
Peachey, 378 
Peachey, 378 
Peacock, 341, 725 
Peacock, 725, 1331 
Peake, 540 
[Pearce], 207 
Pearce, 637, 968 
Pearpoint, 812 
Pearsall, 486 
Pearse, 683 
Pearse, 188, 506, 683 
Pearson, 1343 
Pearson, 469, 742, 1057 
Peary, 1175 
Pease, 48 
Pease, 48, 106 
Peasnal, 323 
Peck, 364, 472, mo 
Peckham, 726 
Peckham, 163, 253 
Peckover, 564 
Peddle, 637 


Pederick, 1232 
Peele, 154 

Peele, 154 
Peeters, 1218 
Peirson, 535 
Peiszker, 1116 
Pelier, 671 
Pell, 1297 
Pells, 1175 
Pelly, 608 
Pelly, 608 
Pelts, 1175 
Pemberton, 941 
Pemberton], 1063 
Pemberton, 268, 616, 941, 1063 
Pembridge, 147, 432 
Pembruge, 147 
Penberthy, 894 
Penberthy, 894 
Pender, 685 
Penfold, 1033 
Penfold, 1033 
Penington, 711 
Penkendorf, 278 
Penman, 68 
Penn, 12, 1160 
Penneckendorf, 278 
Penney, 731 
Penney, 731, 1230 
Pennington, 1027 
Pennington, 1027, 1264 
Pennock, 725 
Penny, 828 
Pennyngton, 1027 
Penrose, 969 
Peppard, 672 
Peppen, 883 
Perceval, 1002 
Perceval, 1002 
Percival, 1002 
Percy, 262, 572, 1274 
Percyval, 1002 
Perdue, 1154 
Perfect, 656 
Pergeat, 1034 
Perkins, 1249 
Perley, 1293 
Permerly, 1221 
Pern, 291 
Perrie, 1175 
Perrier, 454 
Perrin, 968 
Perrin, 968 
Perrine, 1051 
Perris, 958 
Perrott, 152 
Perry, 1322 
Perry, 177, 524, 572, 906, n 4o 

1175, 1322, 1323^ 
Perrycoste, 906 


Perton, 655 
Peters, 1218 

Peters, 443 

Pett, 849 

Petyt, 649 

Pewtress, 218 

Peyte, 272 

Peyton, 785 

Pfalz-Simmern, 1359 

Phaire, 926 

Phelipe, 268 

Phelps, 284, 1208 

Philbert, 1309 

Philip, 726 

Philips, 551 

Philips. 7, 551, 725 

Phillimore, 425 

Phillimore, 425 

Phillips, 268, 1208 

Phillips, 409, 717, 727, 847, 

1208, 1247 
Philp, 842, 1327 
Philpot, 186, 557 
Philpott, 276, 327 
Phipps, 327 
Phripp, 469 
Picard, 1235 
Pickance, 283 
Pickford, 1234 
Piddock, 575 
Piddocke, 575 
Pidduck, 575 
Pidduck, 575 
Pierce, 1164 
Pierce, 1164 
Pierson, 162, 1319 
Pigeon, 644 
Pigot, 932 
Pigot, 797, 932 
[Pigott], 797 
Pigott, 759 
Pike, 539, 1249, *345 
Pile, 636 
Pile, 103, 636 
Pilkington, 554, 1219 
Pilkington, 163, 554, 1219 
Pille, 1010 
Pimarly, 1221 
Pinckard, 239 
Pinel, 820 
Pioter, 1082 
Pipard, 1348 
Piper, 636 
Pippard, 1348 
Pirie, 1020 
Pirie-Gordon, 1020 
Pitcairn, 368 
Pitcher, 163 
Pitchford, 183, 655 
Pitfield, 221 

Pitman, 771 

Pitman, 747, 771 

Pitt, 1292 

Pitzker, 1116 

Pixley, 1084 

Pixley, 1084 

Planta, 1339 

Plantagenet, 1339 

Planting, 1339 

Planting-Gyllenboga, 1339 

Platt, 1171 

Platt, 899, 1171 

Player, 1071 

Pleasant, 28 

Pletts, 649 

Plomer, 470 

Plummer, 983. 1309 

Plumpton, 690 

Plunket, 1239 

Poesch, 1129 

Poisket, 315 

Pole, 87, 486, 821, 1174 

Polglase, 109 

Pomfrey, 297 

Pond, 1318 

Pontin, 715 

Pook, 163 

Pooke, 163 

[PooleJ, 1178 

Poole, 39, 513, 531, 636, 1178 

Pope, 681, 901 

Popham, 695 

Poppelwell, 358 

Porte Laroque, 1082 

Porter, 1293 

Porter, 371, 525, 593, 678, 907, 
950, 1249, 1293, 1323 

Porterfield, 708 

Postle, 137 

Pott, 1159 

Pott, 1159 

Potter, 280, 665, 1023, 1077 

Pottinger, 1214 

Pound, 1264 

Powell, 741 

Powell, 276, 692, 711, 741 

Pownall, 133, 862 

Poyle, 636 

Pratt, 1182 

Prence, mo 

Prentice, 823 

Prentice, 708 

Preston, 959 

Preston, 822, 959, 1020, 1348 

Prestwick, 640 

Pretyman, 1289 

Prevost. 742 

Price, 440 

Price, 75, 592 
Prichard, 151, 945, 1235 


Prideaux, 188, 915 

Prideaux, 789, 915 
Prideaux-Brune, 789 
Prindle, 1076 

Prindle, 1076 
Pringle, 724, 1076 
PrSns, 387 
Prins, 387 
Prinsep, 1096 
Prior, 188, 949, 
Pritchard, 421 
Procter, 334, 78 
Proctor, 1057 
Provo, 742 
Prudden, 727 
Prunty, 109 
Pryce, 958 
Pryce, 613, 958 
Pryor, 1140 
Prys, 613 
Puckle, 762 
Puckle, 762 
Puddicombe, 732 
Pugsley, 1175 
Puille, 636 
Pumphrey, 1140 
Pumphrey, 297, 1140 
Purcell, 1368 
Purchase, 424 
Purdie, 1175 
Purdom, 1059 
Purdue, 1154 
Purdy, 364, 1175 
Purnell, 1045 
Purser, mi 
Purvis, 640 
Pusey, 620 
Putnam, 767 
Putnam, 767, 1273 
Puttenham, 767 
Pyatt, 1010 
Pych, 183 
Pykarell, 715 
Pyke, 539 
Pyle, 636 

Quapladde, 38 
Quartermain, 732 
Quarton, 1312 
Quennell, 394 
Quenniborough, 1337 
Quenyld, 394 
Quimby, 1337 
Quinan, 43 
Quinby, 1337 
Quinby, 1337 
Quinlan, 615 
Quinneborough, 1337 


Quinnell, 394 

Quinnell, 394 
Quintard, 1175 
Quivill, 394 
Quynnell, 394 

Radcliffe, 408, 1234 

Radcliffe, 299, 302, 822 
Radley, 414 
Radnall, 213 
Rae Reid, 777 
Ragg, 219 
Ragg, 219 
Raimes, 1225 
Raine, 229 
Rainie, 839 
Rainsford, 238 
Rainsford, 238, 395 
Rait, 660 

Raitz von Frentz, 311 
Raitz von Frentz, 311 
Raleigh, 724, 734 
Ralph, 487 
Ralph, 487 
Ramsay, 657, 782 
Ramsey, 252 
Randall, 342, 1347 
Ranford, 395 
Ranke, 1359 
Rannall, 630 
Rannie, 435 
Ransford, 395 
Ransford, 395 
Ranyard, 1233 
Rashleigh, 695 
Rastall, 694 
Rathbone, 1349 
Raven, 988 
Ravenescroft, 263 
Ravenscroft, 263, 472 
Ravenscroft, 263, 472, 571 
Ravires, 719 
Rawlins, 274 
Rawlins, 73, 274 
Rawsthorne, 302 
Rawstorne, 757 
Rayment, 93, 424 
Raymes, 1225 
Raymond, 541, 615, 1278 
Rayne, 229 
Raynsford, 988 
Read, 524, 1168 
Reade, 371 
Reade, 371, 1189 
Reading, 286 
Readman, 426 
Ready, 960 
Reah, 89 

Reddick, 1349 

Reddinck, 143 

Redding, 143, 362 

Reddingius, 143 

Reddingius, 143 

Reddington, 586 

Reddish, 62 

Redhead, 1160 

Redman, 183, 360, 615 

Redmayne, 822 

Redmond, 615 

Redmond, 615 

Ree, 848 

Reed, 778, 1360 

Reed, 102, 302, 721, 976, 1109, 


Reeks, 351 
Rees, 262 
Reeve, 586, 961 
Reeve, 586, 872, 961 
Reeves, 1082 
Rehbinder, 287 
Rehbinder, 287 
Reichel, 1240 
Reid, 777, 876 
Reid, 302, 708, 777, 876 
Reilly, 645 
Relton, 180 
Remington, 1289 
Remon, 615 
Reneau, 1010 
Renie, 839 
Rennie, 839 
Rennie, 435, 839, 890 
Renninger, 844 
Renshaw, 181 
Revell, 1115 
Revett, 760 
Reymes, 1225 
Reynaud, 659 
Reynell-Upham, 874 
Reynolds, 197, 630, 714, 994 
Reynolds, 197, 485, 535, 595, 

630, 714, 994, 1175, 1345,1 
Rhedin, 267 
Rheude, 1083 
Rhoads, 924 
Rhoads, 924 
Rhodes, 1110 
Rhodes, 634, mo, 1158 
Ricard, 820 
Rice, 391,417, 1113 
Rice, 232, 268, 417, 486, 768, 

963, 1113 
Rich, 191, 545 
Rich, 191 

Richards, 120, 152, 1356 
Richards, 120, 122, 138, 578, 

1338, 1356 
Richardson, 255, 273, 473, 914 


[Richardson], 1126 

Richardson, 48, 255, 273, 371, 

473, 645, 967, 1064, 1182 
Richart, 820 
Richer, 820 
Richmond, mo 
Ricker, 820 
Ricker, 820 
Rickman, 230 
Rickword, 251 
Rider, 1117 
Ridge, 777 
Ridley, 200 
Ridley, 200, 473 
Ridout, 308 
Riecker, 820 

Rieme von der Allerburg, 1200 
Rifenburg, 1284 
Rigby, 74 

Rigby, 34, 215, 483, 1246 
Rigg, 389, 1353 
Rigg, 389, 980 
Rigge, 389, 596 
Riggs, 389, 1153, 1319 
Rigney, 504 
Rijker, 820 
Riker, 820 
Ringwood, 734 
Ringwood, 734 
Rippon, 1074 
Rippon, 538, 1074 
Rivett, 760 
Rivett-Carnac, 760 
Robarts, 1347 
Robertes, 572 
Roberts, 907, 1176 
Roberts, 535, 645, 711, 809, 907, 

993, 1108, 1138, 1348 
Robertson, 528, 643 
Robins, 968 

Robinson, 538, 647, 882 
Robinson, 538, 773, 828, 854, 


Roch, 849 
Rochester, 351 
Rodney, 563 
Roe, 859, 971 
Roe, 971 
Roebuck, 662 
Roebuck, 662, 1369 
Roedenbeck, 1378 
Roffey, 1192 
Rogers, 73, 589, 603, 636, 960, 

1297, 1334 
Rohe, 648 
Roick, 904 
Roland, 938 
Rolfe, 72 
Rolles, 1041 
Rolle-Walter, 173 


Rollo, 568 

Rolls, 641, 1041 

Rolmanhouse, 340 

Romanes, 340 

Romanes, 340 

Romney, 639 

Rook, 426 

Rooke, 426, 969 

Root, 1327 

Roote, 1327 

Rootes, 1327 

Roots, 1327 

Roots, 1327 

Roper, 145, 150 

Rose, 74, 418, 1071 

Rosen, 202 

Rosewall, 102 

Rosewell, 73 

Ross, 822 

Ross, 462, 645, 777 

Rosser, 140 

Rossiter, 415 

Ross-Lewin, 6 

Rothe, 491 

Rothoff, 222 

Rounthvvaite, 332 

Rons, 705 

Routh, 790 

Routh, 221, 790 

Rowan, 657 

Rowand, 657 

Rowbotham, 516 

Rowe, 109 

Rowe, 71, 109, 831, 874, 1124 

Rowell, iii2, 1297 

Rowland, 938 

Rowland, 938 

Rowlee, 898 

Rowntree, 328, 1044 

Rowntree, 328, 1044 

Roxburgh, 193 

Royce, 819, 1221 

Royston-Pigott, 797 

Riicker, 820 

Ruda, 222 

Rudbeck, 81 

Rudd, 854, 1001 

Rudd, 854.. 991, 1001, 1026 

Ruddle, 106 

Ruddock, 947 

Ruffhead, 809 

Ruffin, 469 

Riigemer, 827 

Rugge, 180 

Ruggles, 711 

Rumbold, 532 

Rumney, 346, 639 

Runchman, 945 

Rundall, 1142 

Rundle, 364, 548, 1142 

Ruppenthal, 594 

Ruppenthal, 594 
Rushen, 29 
Rushton, 31 

Rushton, 31 

Russell, 211, 252, 297, 

672, 851, 1010, 1140 
Ruston, 1008 
Ruston- Harrison, 1008 
Ruth, 491 
Ruth, 491 
Rutherfurd, 831 
Rutland, 1121 
Rutledge, 44, 502, 1062 
Rutter, 455, 948 
Ryan, 317 
Ryan, 317, 769 
Ryder, 592, 1117, 1313 
Ryland, 557, 819 
Rylands, 373 
Ryvet, 760 

Saccerley, 894 
Sadlefr, 321 

Sadler, 4 
Saffell, 1115 
Sage, 950 
Sahlstrbm, 220 
Sahlstrom, 220 
St. Clair, 1251 
St Hill, 715 
Sainthill, 715 
St. John, 1045 
St. Leger, 231 
St. Leonard, 132 
St. Lize. 191 
St. Maur, 695 
Saladin, 622 
Salder, 1107 
Salisbury, 711 
Sallern, 1107 
Sally, 1148 
Salmon, 752 
Salstrom, 220 
Salt, 231 
Salter, 27 
Salusbury, 692 
Salvin, 1099 
Samborne, 69, 923 
Sambourne, 726 
Sampson, 545, 780, 991 
Samuels, 516 
Sanborn, 69, 923 
Sandeman, 320 
Sandeman, 320 
Sander, 508 
Sanders, 552, 1295 
Sanders, 927, 1189, 1295 


Sanderson, 447 

Sanderson, 44, 596, 809 
Sandford, 714 
Sandison, 643 
Sargent, 1082 
621, Sarle, 589 

Saunders, 377, 438 

Saunders, 323, 1101 

Saunderson, 44 

Savage, 650, 857 

Savile, 137 

Sawbridge, 1071 

Sawyer, 527, 960 

Sayre, 1147 

Scarisbrick, 444, 822 

Scarsbricke, 620 

Scarth, 118, 211 

Scattergood, 133 

Scattergood, 133 

Schacht, 1367 

Schacht, 1367 

Scharp, 814 

Schaw, 831 

Schlickau, 222 

Schlieckau, 222 

Schlikau, 222 

Schmauss, 1034 

Schonmeyr, 287 

Schoof, 218 

Schorte, 485 

Schott, 696 

Schove, 218 

Schove, 218 

Schreil, 157 

Schutz, 621 

Schweinitz, 1354 

Scofield, 1175 

Scollay, 329 

Scot, 193 

Scot, 724 

Scott, 38, 388, 535, 696, 946, 

Scott, 6, 90, 572, 645, 711, 726, 

780, 844, 851, 946, 1000, 

1248, 1249, 1349 

[Scott], 1201 

Scotton, 1046 
Scribner, 1010 
Scrivener, 1010 
Scrope, 563 
Scrymgeour, 677 
Scudamore, 1017, 1121 
Scudder, 1326 
Scutt, 795 
Seabrook, 1309 
Sealey, 913 
Sealy, 541 
Searl, 589, 1295 
Searle, 120, 268, 589, 729. 1294, 


Seddon, 665, 1118 
Sedgwick, 628 

Sedgwick, 628 

Seebach, 781 

Seeley, 593 

Segar, 733 

Segerson, 902 

Seguin, 386 

Selby, 920 

Selden, 555 

Sellers, 53 

Sephton, 1063 

Sergeant, 463 

Severance, 1010 

Sewall, 807 

Seward, 724 

Sewell, 201, 1008 

Sexton, 950 

Seymour^ 393, 432, 695, 929, 
1008, 1054, 1278, 1360 

Shackleton, 337 

Shackleton, 337 

Shackley, mo 

Shadweli, 1066 

Shairp, 814 

Shakerley, 894 

Shakeshaft, 795 

Shakespeare, 304 

Shalcross, 493 

Shallcrass, 493 

Shallcross, 357 

Shanesberg, 236 

Shanesbury, 236 

Shanks, 1115 

Shapleigh, 1345 

Shapter, 993 

Sharon, 252 

Sharp, 814 

Sharpe, 572, 715 

Sharpies, 1049 

Sharry, 163 

Shatterthaite, 297 

Shattuck, 284 

Shaw, 356, 1321 

Shaw, 184, 532, 600, 749, 831, 

949, 1318, 1321 
Shawcross, 493 
Shearburn, 1312 
Shed, 1244 
Shedd, 1244 
Sheldon, 881, 1071 
Shepard, 525, 872, 1193 
Shepherd, 997 
Sheppard, 506 
Sherard, 588 
Sherard, 541, 588, 1189 
Sherborn, 178 
Sherborn, 178 
Sherborne, 1312 
Sherburne, 572 

Shergold, 945 

Sheridan, 1348 

Sherman, 8 

Sherman, 593 

Sherry, 163 

Shertzer, 766 

Sherwood, 28 

Sherwood, 28, 364, 938, 1309 

Shettle, 549 

Shewell, 807 

Shilton, 864 

Shiner, 564 

Shipley, 832 

Shipton, 1007 

Shipton, 1007 

Shirburne, 178 

Shirk, 409 

Shoosmith, 497 

Shooters, 249 

Short, 603,685 

Shortt, 485 

Shortt, 485 

Shove, 1175 

Shute, 1316 

Sibley, 216, 1164 

Sichel, 788 

Sichel, 788 

Sidney, 1153 

Siebert, 242 

Sikes, 806 

Silkman, 1175 

Silvester, 138 

Silyard, 869 

[Simmern], 1359 

Simmons, 61, 486, 490, 1336 

Simms, 685 

Simonds, 899 

Simpson, 244, 556, 687 

Simpson, 244, 556, 687, 819 

Simson, 673, 708 

Sinclair, 899 

Skeffington, 71, 332 

Skene-Ogilvy, 580 

Skiff, 1357 

Skinner, 472, 1023, 1075 

Skrymsher, 371 

Skynner, 513 

Slack, 524 

Sladdin, 663 

Slade, 1174 

Slade, 637, 874, 1174, 1175 

Sladen, 299 

Slark, 1294, 1295 

Slauson, 1175 

Slawson, 1175 

Sleath, 566 

Sleeper, 872, 1249 

Sleigh, 927 

Slocombe, 858 

Slocum, 858 


Slocum, 858 

Slocumb, 572 

Sloman, 95 

Sluman, 950 

Smart, 829 

Smeaton, 573 

Smerdon, 43 

Smethcot, 412 

Smiley, 252 

Smith, 204, 454, 664, 1 1 05, 1 1 99, 

Smith, 138, 204, 344, 400, 406, 
426, 454, 518, 545, 572, 
582, 592, 664, 711, 715, 
991, 943, 945, 1020, 1062, 
1105, 1124, 1149, 1172, 
1199, 1208, 1297, 1315 

Smithe, 472 

Smithett, 412 

Smithett, 412 

Smith-Lawrence, 572 

Smock, 1089 

Smock, 1089 

Smoot, 1115 

Smoult, 332 

Smyth, 351, 630, 752 

Smythcot, 412 

Smythe, 418, 715 

Smytheot, 412 
Snell, 103 

Snell, 103 

Snelling, 92 

Sneyd, 993 

Snoad, 1207 
Snode, 1207 

Snow, 641, 1318 

Snowden, 96, 306 

Snowden, 96, 306, 1121, 1324 

Soady, 548 

Sober, 1320 

Sodey, 548 

Somerford, 297, 1140 

Somers, 1036 

Somerset, 432 

Somervell, 770 

Somerville, 164 

Somerville, 164, 770, 1347 

Son, 1284 

Sone, 497 

[Soper], 1038 

Soper, 34, 1038, 1284 

Sothern, 299 

South, 352 

Southall, 1235 

Southard, 1175, 1278 

Southerden, 230 

Southgate, 1024 

Southward, 1175 

Southworth, 1221 

Spalding, 1301 


Spalding, 594, 1301 

Sparke, 424 

Sparkes, 1140 

Sparman, 222 

Sparrman, 222 

Sparrow, 843 

Sparry, 41 

Spaulding, 1301 

Speakman, 23 

Spedding, 967 

Spedding, 967 

Speight, 132 

Speight, 132 

Spelman, 574 

Spencer, 71, 844, 950 

Spens, 256 

Sperrey, n 

Spicer, 530 

Spight, 132 

Spigornell, 767 

Spilsbury, 1086 

Spinney, 896 

Spofford, 976 

Spotswood. 902, 1272 

Spragge, mi 

Sprange, 899 

Spratt, 905 

Sprigg, 1010 

Spriggs, 658 

Spring, 462 

Squinch, 1096 

Stable, 4 

Stack, 798 

Stackelberg, 128 

Stackhouse, 631 

Stackhouse, 192, 631, 980 

Stafford, 198 

Staines, 865 

Stalham, 1202 

Stalker, 896 

Stamer, 292 

Stamm, 374 

Stanborough, 988 

Stanbury, 988 

Standerwick, 446 

Standerwick, 446 

Standish, 215, 982 

Standley, 1173 

Stanes, 865 

Stanford, 418, 976 

Stanley, 297, 395, 648, 950, 

1140, 1173, 1246 
Stansbury, 988 
Stanton, 528 
Stanton, 528, 740 
Stapf, 300 
Stapf, 300 
Stapleton, 1039 
Stapleton, 1039 
Stark, 706 

Starkee, 153 

Starkey, 153 

Starkie, 444 

Starr, 950 

Staude, 278 

Staunton, 528, 740 

Staveley, 1099, 1105 

Stavert, 483 

Stawell, 217 

Staweli, 217 

Staynes, 545 

Stearns, 976, 1148 

Stebbins, 949, 950 

Stedman, 396, 497 

Stedman, 396, 497 

[Steele], 126 

Steele, 126, 560 

Steelman, 1036 

Steinbuesch, 852 

Steinbusch, 852 

Stelle, 1010 

Stephan, 206 

Stephens, 721 

Stephens, 969 

Stephenson, 664 

Stepney, 484 

Stepney-Gulston, 484 

Steuart, 848 

Stevens, 291, 472, 697, 741, 

1128, 1164, 1221, 1249 
Stevenson, 513, 1149 
Steventon, 490 
Steventon, 490 
Steward. 1024 
Stewart, 621 
Stewart, 135, 172, 193, 246, 

4 IO < 539' 59 2 6 45. 661, 

706, 989, 1028 
Stewart-Brown, 1045 
Stickney, 1044 
Stillas, 1018 
Stillman, 495 
Stillman, 495 
[Stirum], 1338 
Stockberger, 794 
Stockdale, 342, 448 
Stocken, 1198 
Stocking, 1296 
Stocking, 1198 
Stoddard, 24 
Stokeham, 975 
Stokes, 546, 1154 
Stokes and Cox, 1005 
Stone, 409, 417, 950, 1085, 1199 
Stonham, 868 
Storbeck, 249 
Storer, 761 
Storm, 37, 426, 1075 
Storm de Grave, 37 
Story, 686 


Stote, 1072 

Stote, 1072 
Stoughton, 307 
Stouppe, 776 
Stourton, 1257 
Stout, 953 
Stowell, 217 
Stracey-Clitherow, 18 
Strachan, 1119, 1138 
Strachey, 369 
Stratford, 198 
Strangman, 139 
Strangman, 139 
Stratford, 561, 646 
Stratton, 1119 
Streeper, 1315 
Street, 489 
Street, 489, 1174 
Strengthfield, 771 
Strettell 831 
Strode, 1068 
Strode, 1068 
Strogen, 491 
Strong, 400 
Striicker, 234 
Struuk, 719 
Struyck, 719 
Struyck-Hidding, 719 
Stuart, 281, 592, 1028 
Stuart, 410, 442, 539, 592 
Stuart-Gamble, 442 
Stubbs, 89, 342, 565 
Studwell, 364 
Stukeley, 672 
Sturtevant, 1318 
Style, 472 
Styllman, 495 
Suckling, 1108 
Sumeld, 1255 
Sugden, 132 
Sulivane, 572 
Sullivan, 954 
Sumpter, 569 
Surtees, 431 
Surtees, 431 
Susewind, 827 
Sutherland, 60, 364, 1000 
Sutton, 524, 557. 975. 1257 
Suviny, 1348 
Swainson, 463, 1374 
Svvann, 171 
Swanton, 681. 683 
Swanwick, 332, 575 
Sweeny, 568 
Sweers, 659 
Sweet, in 
Swift, 182 
Swift, 182, 822 
Swillington, 616 
Swinburn, 980 


Swinburne, 980 
Swindlehurst, 733 
Swinglehurst, 733 

Swinglehurst, 733 
Swiny, 568 
Sydenham, 742, 812 
Sydnor, 351 
Sykes, 806 
SyJvestre, 788 
Symonds, 221 
Symsone, 687 
Syssen, 1071 

Taafe, 1239 

Taber, 739 

Tabor, 243 

Tabor, 117 

Taddy, 170 

Taggart, 335 

Tagh'aferro, 317 

Tainter, 1300, 1342 

Tainter, 1300 

Taintor, 1300 

Tait, 771 

Talbot, 1315, 1342 

Talbot, 42, 1315 

Talbot de Malahide, 1315 

Talbott, 409 

Talcott, 393 

Talcott, 1050 

Tallent-Bateman, 13 

Tallents, 13 

Tallmadge, 1230 

Tang, 299 

Tanner, 180 

Tapley, 767, 1038 

Tapley-Soper, 1038 

Tapp, 167 

Tapp, 167 

Tapper, 991 

Tapson, 1274 

Tarbox, 1050 

Tarratt, 564 

Tate, 550, 866 

Tatnall, 725 

Taube, 224 

Taube, 224 

Taunton, 913 

Tayler, 1348 

Tayleur, 43 

Taylor, 302, 534, 690 . 

Taylor, 53, 329, 534, 629, 643, 

937, 1057, 1246, 1297 
Taynter, 1300 
Tayntor, 1300 
Teakell, 607 
Teakle, 607 
Tecklenburg, 1034 

Teed, 262 

Teed, 262, 530 
Teed-Heaver, 530 

Teesdale, 43 

Teisen, 439 

Teit, 1241 

Tekell, 607 

Telford, 1149 

Tempest, 337 

Temple, 332, 688 

Templer, 694 

Tench, 1133 

Tenison, 729 

Tenison, 729 

Terrell, 384 

Terrell, 384 

Tetherington, 448 

Tetherly, 424 

Tewes, 640 

Thamerus, 912 

[Thatcher], 1314 

Thayer, 1280 

Theisen, 711 

Thibault, 204 

Thierer, 1365 

Thirkell-Pearce, 207 

Thirlby, 894 

Thistlethwaite, 980 

Thistlethwaite, 980 

Thistlethwayte, 980 

Thomas, 199, 1121 

Thomas, 2, 65, 199, 332, 1121, 

1124, 1299 

Thompson, 1277, 1311 
Thompson, 118, 231, 335, 442, 

444, 714, 950, 975, 1311, 


Thomson, 186, 1105 
Thoren, 852 
Thornborough, 561 
Thornely, 796 
Thornely, 796 
Thornhill, 156 
[Thornhill], 840, 1151 
Thorp, 828 

Thorp, 38, 828, 938, 1174 
Thorrock, 1077 
Thriepland, 782 
Thrift, 867 
Thrift, 867 
Tlmr, 852 
Thuren, 852 
Thurlaby, 894 
Thurlburne, 881 
Thurn, 852 
Thurston, 572 
Thwing, 698 
Thynne, 432 
Tidcombe, 1331 
Tilbury, 1160 


Tiley, 606 

Till, 180 

TiUbrook, 183 

Tillensor, 1175 

Tilley, 545, 606, 976, 1172 

Tillinghast, 1349 

Tillots, 38 

Tills, 630 

Tilly, 606 

Tilney, 288 

Tilsenor, 1175 

Tilson, 1318 

Tilton, 374 

Tily, 606 

Tims, 641 

Tincombe, 120 

Tindal, 1289 

Tindall, 1289 

Tinker, 1149 

Tinkey, 1149 

Tinney, 291 

Tinniswood, 516 

Tippetts, 958 

Tipping, 1094 

Tisdail, 1193 

Tod, 660 

Tod, 660 

Todd, 324, 967, 1087 

Toddington, 286, 362 

Toler, 502 

Toller, 557 

Tolman, 1312 

Tolson, 466 

Tolson, 466 

Tombs, 1257 

Tomkins, 1269 

Tomlin, 1221 

Tomlinson, 304 

Tompson, 424 

Tondeclair, 188 

Tong, 299 

Tonge, 299 

Tonge, 299 

Tongue, 299 

Tootells, 215 

Topham, 741 

Torbock, 651 

Torbock, 651 

Toriano, 907 

Tory, 108 

Tottleben, 781 

Toulmin, 1020 

Tounson, 466 

Towell, 1038 

Towle, 69 

Town, 5 

Townend, 169 

Townend, 169 

Townesend, 966 

Townsend, 1294 


Townsend, 291, 966 
Townshend, 966 

Townshend, 231, 966 

Tracy, 711 

Trant, 798, 902 

Tratt, 522 

Travers, 1049 

Treahy, 1018 

Treffry, 502 

Trego, 766 

Trelawney, 1013 

Trelawny, 424 

Treleaven, 371 

Trembethow, 894 

Tremlett, 637 

Trench, 291, 518 

Trenchard, 15 

Treusch von Buttlar Branden- 

fels, 939 

Trevelyan, 941, 1002 
Trevers, 1049 
Trevethan, 469 
Trevilian, 1002 
Trevis, 1049 
Trigge, 215 
Trimble, 401, 1124 
Trist, 1138 
Tristram, 456 
Tritton, 1099 
Trivers, 1049 
Trivess, 1049 
Trivess, 1049 
Trobridge, 1096 
Trolle, 67 
Trolle-Bonde, 127 
Trotter, 1361 
Troubridge, 1096 
Troubridge, 329, 1096 
Troutbeck, 150 
True, 1249 
Trueman, 286, 362 
Truman, 629 
Trundle, 1138 
Truslade, 1140 
Tubb, 106 
Tubbs, 159 
Tubbs, 159 
Tucker, 1236 
Tucker, 767, 1236 
Tuckney, 1024 
Tudor, 28, 546 
Tully, 286, 362, 642 
Tung, 234 
Tunstall, 400, 545 
Turenne, 1017 
Turnbull, 407, 426 
Turnell, 975 
Turner, 856, 1026, 1347 
Turner, 16, 711, 841, 951, 973, 
1026, mi, 1257 

Turpin, 500 
Turtle, 1060 
Turtle, 1060 
Turton, 657 
Turvey, 1133 
Tuthill, 825 
Tuthill, 277, 502 
Tuve, 224 
Tuxford, 13 
Tweed, 479, 564 
Tweedie, 376 
Tweedy, 500 
Tweedy, 473 
Twemlow, 507 
Twemlow, 507 
Twigge, 289 
Twisden, 288 
Twiss, 715 
Tylee, 606 
Tylee, 606 
Tyler, 943 
Tyler, 531, 711 
Tyley, 606 
Tylley, 606 
TyUy, 606 
Tylney, 288, 1069 
Tyly, 606 
[Tynte], 15 
Tynte, 15 
Tyrone, 450 
Tyrrell, 319 
Tyrrell, 163, 319, 384 
Tyson, 439 
Tyson, 439, 711 

Udal, 221 

Udal, 221 

Udall, 221, 525, 684 
Udell, 684 
Udny, 866, 1020 
U'Glow, 573 
Ulrich, 271 
Umfreville, 229 
Underwood, 293 
Underwood, 293, 1332 
Unwin, 272, 979, 1053 
Unwin, 272 
[Upham], 874 
Upton, 184 
Urmston, 120 
Usborn, 45 
Utterson. 831 
Uvedale, 221 

Vail, 1153, 1175 
Vaillant, 742 

Vaillant, 812 
Vale, 1175 

Valentine, 1360, 1368 
Valiant, 812 
Valleau, 401 
Valliant, 812 
van Alen, 726 

van Baun, 1222 

van Baun, 1222 
van Benthuysen, 1279 

van Beuningen, 1019 
[van Blokland], 98 

van Couwenhoven, 1230 

van den Bergh, 1173 

[van der Borch], 1197 

[van Deyl], 719 

Vane, 711 

van Elst, 719 

van Epen, 1150 

van Gils, 852 

Vangils, 852 

Vangilse, 852 

Vangisse, 852 

Vanguils, 852 

[van Haeftenj, 719 

van Helsdingen, 1019 

van Helsdingen, 1019 

van Hemmat, 777 

van Hemmert, 777 

van Limburg Stirum, 1338 

van Mynden, 719 

Vanneck, 671 

van Poucke, 163 

van Resandt, 241 

van Son, 719 

van Son-Keyzer-van Haeften- 

van Wezel, 719 
van Vyrmerey, 860 
van Wassenaer, 1009 
[van WezelJ, 719 
van Zandt, 1209 
Varnham, 230 
Varrel, 975 
Vashon, 112 
Vassall, 1265 
Vaughan, 327, 890 
Yaughton, 399 
Vaughton, 399 
Vaux, 122 

Vavasour, 426, 1246, 1257 
Veal, 1175 
Veall, 1046 
Veitch. 245 
Venn, 397 
Venn, 397 
Vere, 319 
Vereem, 719 
Vereem-van Deyl, 719 
Verling, 615 
Vermilye, 572 



Vermuden, 541 
Vermuyden, 418 
Vernatti, 250 
Verrall, 230 
Verrill, 975 
Verrill, 975 
Vesey, 399, 573 
Vessey, 573 
Viall, 858 
Vianetti, 497 
Vibart, 763 
Vicery, 659 
Vickers, 316 
Victory, 477 
Victory, 477 
Vignoles, 940 
Vignoles, 940 
Vigors, 1077 
Villforth, 242 
Villiers, 563 
Vinecombe, 747 
Vining, 1247 
Vinson, 556 
Vipan, 342 
Virgo, 624 
Vodin, 173 
Volant, 112 
vom Hagen, 1200 
von Bardeleben, 301 
von Ben(ec)kendorff, 315 
von Beym, 1194 
von Bourscheidt, 311 
von Broesigke, 1194 
von Brunkhoff, 1339 
von Burkersroda, 888 
von Burkersroda, 888 
[von Buttlar], 939 
von Chylinski, 754 
von Dekenbrock, 264 
[von der Allerburg], 1200 
von der Ohe, 671 
von Dombrowski, 1250 
von DUring, 835 
[von Echt], 52 
[von Echt], 52 
von Enckevort, 249 
von Enckevort, 249 
von Esplingerode, 1200 
von Favrat, 228 
von Fermerey, 860 
von Frankenberg, 1014 
von Fremery, 860 
[von Frentzj, 311 
von Gadow, 1339 
von Glode, 648 
von Goldacker, 1339 
von Gb'tze, 1194 
von Gotze(n), 1194 
von Grandry, 311 
[von Groote], 1197 

von Helmolt, 1359 

von Hodenberg, 190 

von Hodenberg, 190 

von Hiinecke, 1194 

von Ketteler, 264 

von Ketteslaere, 264 

von Kettler, 264 

von Kleist, 228 

von Koscielski, 131 

von Levetzow, 931, 1143 

von Levetzow, 1143 

von Mach, 1250 

von Mach, 1250 

von Machow, 1250 

von Machowski, 1250 

von Maijdel, 1339 

von Mandelsloh, 305 

von Mandelsloh, 305 

von Metzerode, 1339 

von Metzsch, 965 

von Minnigerode-Allerburg, 957 

von Mohl, 25 

von Muellenheim, 1341 

von Necker, 1194 

von Nordeck zur Rabenau, 1197 

von Neuburg, 287 

von Otterstedt, 1194 

von Platen, 142 

von Puch, 1341 

von Rosen, 97, 202 

von Rosen, 97, 202 

von Roth, 294 

von Rycken, 820 

von St. Paul, 160 

von St. Paul Illaire, 160 

von Saldern, 1107 

von Saldern, 1107 

von Sandick, 257 

von Schnehen, 1200 

von Schnehen, 1200 

von Schweinitz, 1354 

von Sluszewski, 1250 

[von Stradonitz], 691 

von Tresckow, 981 

von Tresckow, 981 

von Tune, 1200 

von Uexkull, 287 

von Vietinghoff, 287 

von Wachenfelt, 256 

von Wachenfelt, 256 

von Warenstedt, 232 

von Warnstedt, 232 

von Welser, 1197 

von Wernstedt, 232 

von Wernstedt, 232 

von Westernhagen, 990 

von \Vesternhagen, 1250 

wm Winckler, 1250 

von W T cernstedt, 232 

von Wussow, 1341 


von Wussow, 1341 
von Zander, 508 
von Zweydorff, 879 
Vosburgh, 1153 

Vosburgh, 1153 
Voughton, 399 
Vowles, 572 

Wachenhausen, 256 
Wachenhusen, 256 
Waddington, 1351 
Wade, 603 

Wade, 109, 603, 620, 1010 
Wadsworth, 1270 

Wadsworth, 698, 1270 

Wagenseil, 1310 

Wagenseller, 1310 

Wagenseller, 1310 

Waget, 1232 

Wagstaff, 342 

Wainewright, 194 

Wainewright, 194 

Wainwright, 302 

Wait, 844 

Waite, 1273 

Waithman, 1059 

Wakefield, 273 

Wakeman, 1309 

Wakerley, 11 

Wakerley, u 

Waldo, 472 

Waldron, 572 

Wale, 695 

Wales, 477, 1067 

Walford, 1122 

Walford, 1122 

Walkden, 708 

Walker, 6, 660, 976 

Walkley, 1328 

Walkley, 1328 

Wall, 450, 817 

Wall, 74, 817 

Wallace, 534 

Wallau, 70 

Waller, 469, 610 

Wallis, 527, 624, 1085 

Walmesley, 454 

Walmsley, 629, 711 

Wain, 629 

Walpole, 907 

[Walsh], 82, 901 

Walsh, 82, 695, 901, 1180 

Walter, 120, 173, 1115 

Walters, 173, 802 

Walters, 173, 802, 829, 1115 

Walton, 114, 342, 538, 629, 

717, 1074 
Walwyn, 1069 


Wanser, 1175 

Wanzer, 1175 

Warbleton, 767 

Warburton, 625 

Warburton, 1324 

Ward, 87, 1275 

Ward, 87, 442, 539, 1064. 1171, 

1221, 1294 
Warde, 466 
Wardels, 726 
Ware, 1373 
Ware, 27 
Warfield, 39 
Warham, 393, 1202 
War low, 1375 
Warner, mo, 1133, 1171, 1222, 

1299, 1332 
Warren, 168 
Warren, 159, 484, 572, 711, 

976, 1266 

Warren-Jenkins, 269 
Warriner, 950, 1295 
Wase, 75 
Washington, 450 
Water, 437 
Water berry, 1175 
Waterbury, 1175 
Waterhouse, 737, 1064 
Waterman, 1318 
Waters, 409, 615 
Wathen, 1272 
Watkins, 1352 
Watkins, 575, 1249, *352 
Watrous, 1064 
Watterson, 426 
Watson, 513, 1013 
Watson, 259, 513, 611, 1192, 


Watts, 617 
Wattson, 602, 611 

Wattson, 602, 611 

Waugh, 44 

Way, 1221 

\Vayman, 338 

Weare, 418 

Wearre, 418 

Webb, 216 

Webb, 216, 432, 695, 849, 950, 


Webber, 1348 
Webster, 807 

Webster, 13, 1610, 1193, 1229 
Weddell, 369 
Wedderburn, 677 
Wedgeborough, 1206 
Wedgebrough, 1206 
Wedgewood, 896 
Wedgwood, 512 
Wedgwood, 512 
Weed, 1222 

Weedon, 309 
[Weekes], 526 
Weeks, 1193 
Weinmann, 1378 
Weir, 1218 
Weiszker, 1116 
Weiszker, 1116 
Welby, 413 
Welch, 331 
Welchman, 331 
Welchman, 331 
Welcker, 270 
Welcker, 270 
Weld, 645, 950 
Welden, 1142 
Weldon, 1117 
Weldon, 1117, 1225^ 
Welfoot, 106 
Welker, 270 
\Veller, 715 
Welles, in, 950 
Wells, IIQI, mo, 1332 
Welson, 900 
Welton, 1225 
Wenck, 594 
Wendell, 885 
Wendell, 885 
Wentworth, 820 
Wentzel, 206 
Wentzel, 206 
Wernstedt, 232 
Werrey, 1079 
Werther, 206 
Wescoat, 1175 
[Wesenhagen], 1151 
Wesenhagen, 1151 
Wessenham, 804 
West, 407 
West, 138, 302, 407, 486, 


W T estcombe, 297 
Westcott, 711, 1175 
Westenra, 1009 
Westley, 550 , 
Westley, 550 
Westmoreland, 759 
Weston, 86 
Weston, 86, 670 
Westropp, 292 
Westropp, 292 
West-Thatcher, 1314 
West wood, 1204 
Weyburn, 313, 375, 886 
Weyburn, 375 
Whalesboro, 767 
Wharton, 133 
Whatman, 170 
Wheat, 129 
Wheat, 129, 147 
Wheeler, 642, 910, 1171 


Wheelwright, 1345 
Whelan, 1283 

Whelan, 1049, 1283 

Wheldon, 1142 

Wheler, 1171 

Whetcombe, 531 

Whetham, 482, 665 

Whetham, 482 

Whichcott, 742 

Whitaker, 594, 1069, 1226 

Whitcomb, 531 

Whitcombe, 531 

Whitcombe, 531 

White, 861, 1261 

White, 215, 231, 284, 424, 426, 
497. 525, 844, 861, 919, 950, 
971, 997, 1192, 1283, 1320, 

Whitebrook, 75 

Whitebrook, 75 

Whitehead, 727, 777 

Whitfield, 126, 166, 516, 630, 742 

Whiting, 603, 1278 

Whitman, 1305 

Whitman, 1318 

Whitmore, 950 

Whitred, 386 

Whittard, 27 

Whittelsey, 1304 

Whittemore, 525 

Whittingham, 901 

Whitton, 239 

Whitton, 239, 280, 1266 

WhitweU, 48 

Whorwood, 1069 

Whyte, 245 

Wiborne, 375 

Wibiirn, 375 
573 Wicker, 777 

Wickson, 1175 

Widcombe, 531 

Widdenham, 1272 

Wiggin, 1345 

Wiggins, 1051 

Wigham, 471 

Wigham, 471 

Wight, 1166 

Wight, 1166 

Wight wick, 523 

[Wignall], 763 

Wignall, 763 

Wigtown, 645 

Wijkstrand, 222 

Wikstrand, 222 

Wilbraham, 507 

Wilcox, 1319 

Wilcox, 40, 572, 1319 

Wild, 894 

Wilde, 297 

Wildeman, 736 


Wilder, 1291, 1336 

Wilders, 1291 

Wildman, 1175 

Wildridge, 304 

Wildridge, 304, 645 

Wileman, 1175 

Wilkey, 2 

Wilkinson, 998 

Wilkinson, 711, 1222 

Willan, 304 

Willcots, 395 

Willey, 57 

Williams, 265, 573, 1115, 1202, 

Williams, in, 152, 231, 262, 
265, 268, 369, 371, 548, 571, 
695, 726, 1010, 1064, mi, 
1115, 1193, 1249, 1284,1297, 
1308, 1324 

[Williams], 561 

Williams-Mathew, 265 

Williamson, 930, 1099 

Williamson, 262, 309, 333, 660, 

930, 975 
Willing, 253 
Willingham, 994 
Willis, 847 

Willis, 280, 847, 1127, 1300 
Willoughby, 785 
Wills, 550, 986, 1243 
Wilmer, 106 
Wilmot, 156, 696 
[Wilmot], 34 
Wilson, 215, 338, 461 
Wilson, 338, 369, 436, 461, 594, 

657, 688, 720 , 1010, 1032, 

1140, 1178, 1208 
Winch, 705 
Windsor, 181 
Wing, 323 
Winget, 1079 
Wingfield, 1067 
Winsley, 1249 
Winsiow, 1249 
Wintan, 1175 
Winter, 410, 637, 1013 
Winthrop, 155 
Winthrop, 155, 572, 901 
Winton, 1175 
Wippell, 637 
Wisdom, 434 
Wisdom, 434 
Wise, 670 
Wiseman, 413, 506 

Wishcott, 742 

Wisker, 1116 

Wiswall, 976 

Witcombe, 531 

Witham, 644 

Witherington, 714 

Withington, 950 

Withypole, 352 

Wittfoot, 222 

Wittichen, 659 

Witty, 448 

Wixon, 1175 

Wixson, 1175 

Woderofe, 9 

Wogan, 1348 

Wolcott, 1334 

Wolley, 856 

Wolseley, 738 

Wood, 68, 632, 1145, 1189, 1252 

Wood, 68, 252, 513, 546, 632, 
711, 752, 950, 993, 1145, 
1172, 1173, 1189, 1252 

Woodbridge, 393, 1309 

Woodburn, 532 

Woodgate, 878 

Woodhouse, 136 

Woodhouse, 136 

Woodman, 254, 1161 

Woodman, 254, 1161 

Woodroffe, 543 

Woodroofe, 9 

Woodrove, 9 

Woodruff, 9, 1249 

Woodruff, 9, 574, 1249 

Woodthorpe, 437, 503 

Woodward, 974 

Woodward, 974, 1062 

Woodworth, 496 

Woodyatt, 231 

\Vooldridge, 369 

Woolfall, 822 

Woollan, 960 

Woollan, 960 

Woolley, 488 

Woolley, 488 

Woolford, 572 

Woolsey, 1154 

Wooster, 504 

Worcester, 1075 

Worden, 364 

Work, 39 

Worlangdon, 751 

Worrall, 1172 

Worsley, 993 

Worsley, 784, 993 

Worth, 437, 894 

Wowin, 1228 

Wragg, 219 

Wrathall, 109 

Wren, 724 

Wrey, 563 

Wright, 626, 833, 1156 

Wright, 87, 266, 469, 477, 539, 

541, 574, 626, 645, 833, 

1193, 1226, 1271 
Wrigley, 316 
Wrigley, 316 
Wulff, 157 
Wyborn, 375 
Wybourne, 375 
Wydcombe, 531 
Wylde, 327 
Wyllis, 1319 
Wyncoll, 462 
Wyncoll, 462 
Wynne, 153, 433 
Wynne, 34, 153, 180, 433 
Wyse, 188 

Yardley, 1175 
Yarker, 642 

Yarner, 869 
Yate, 689 

Yate, 689 

Yates, 16, 685, 689 

Yeamans, 68 1, 1062 

Yeats, 571 

Yemans, 1050 

Yendell, 69 

Yeo, 282 

York, 430 

York, 74, 430, 739 

Yorke, 393, 453 

Young, 694 

Young, 245, 417, 694, 1010, 1168 

Younger, 437 

Younger, 437 

Zalder, 1107 

Zapff, 51 

Zerbe, 1310 

Zerby, 1310 

[zu HuelshofF], 264 

[zur Rabenau], 1197 



CDc Association for tfte Preservation of Memorials 

of tlK Dead in Ireland. 



The Most Reverend NICHOLAS DONNELLY, D.D., M.R.I.A., 

Lord Bishop of Canea. 

The Reverend Canon J. F. M. FFRENCH, M.R.I.A. 
Lord WALTER FITZGERALD, M.R.I.A., Honorary Editor. 
The Reverend E. OLEARY, P.P., M.R.S.A. 
PEIRCE GUN MAHONY, M.R.I.A., Cork Herald of Arms. 
E. R. M'CLINTOCK Dix, M.R.I.A., Honorary Treasurer, 

17, Kildare Street, Dublin. 

The yearly Journal of the Association (issued to Members only) contains inscriptions from 
Tombstones and Tablets from all parts of Ireland, with illustrations of the more important ones. 
Descriptions are given and frequently illustrations of all Arms inscribed, amplified by notes from 
Wills, Funeral Entries, and other records, and there are in addition Notes and Queries relating to 
Genealogy and Arms. 

The Funeral Entries (or Certificates) of Ireland, 1621-1729 (transcribed from the originals), 
are now appearing in the Journal. 

MEMBERSHIP is open to all who take an interest in the objects of the Association. 
Proposals of Membership to be addressed to the Hon. Treasurer. 
Annual Subscription, 10s. Life Composition, 7. 


to prove 





The Influence of 




The Pedigree Register. 


Edited by 


Price 2s.6d.; by post, 2s. 7jd. IDS. 6d. per annum, post free. 

"Documents to prove." 


Published by the Editor, 
227, STRAND, W.C, (by TEMPLE BAR.) 



to prove 


The Right to 








as well as of People. 










England and Wales, 


Pedigrees. MR. LEO CULLETON (Member of 
English and Foreign Antiquarian Societies) 
makes researches among all classes of Public 
Records, and furnishes Copies, Abstracts, or 
Translations of Documents for purposes of 
Family History. Mr. Culleton's collections are 
worth consulting for clues. 

Armorial Bearings. Information upon all 
matters connected with Heraldry, English and 

Heraldic Painting and Engraving, with 
special attention to accuracy of detail and artistic 
treatment. Price list. 

LEO CULLETON, 92, Piccadilly, LONDON. 



THE purpose of this Society, approved by the Master of the Rolls in Ireland, is to supply the genealogist, 
and local and family historian with printed copies of the more important and older surviving Registers; 
beginning with those of Dublin, more especially those not deposited in the Record Office. 

The Registers of the City of Dublin, besides containing the descent of the many old City families, are of 
great importance to all investigating the history of scattered branches of English families, and the origins of 
American and Colonial settlers. During the unsettled times of the seventeenth century, numerous cadets of 
old English houses came to Ireland, and many of these resided, at least temporarily, in Dublin. 

The works printed by the Society are issued to subscribers only. They are printed on hand-made paper, and 
the issue is strictly limited. 

The following volumes have been issued. The Registers of S. John the Evangelist, Dublin, 1619-1699 ; 
S. Patrick's Cathedral, 1677-1800 ; S. Michan's, Dublin, 1636-1685 ; S. Catherine's, Dublin, 1636-1715, &c., while 
that for the Union of Monkstown, 1669-1800, is in the press. Amongst the editors are the Dean of S. Patrick's ; 
James Mills, I.S.O. ; Rev. J. H. Lawlor, D.D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History, T.C.D., and Henry F. Berry, 
I.S.O., Litt.D. All information can be obtained from the Secretary, Herbert Wood, M.R.I.A., 6, Clarinda Park 
East, Kingstown, Co. Dublin. 






Irish Record Series. 

Edited by W. P. W. PHILLIMORE, M.A., B.C.L. 

In this Series are now being printed Calendars of Irish 
Wills, to range in size with the publications of the British 
Record Society and Scottish Record Society. 

VOLUME I., now in the press, royal 8vo, bound in 
cloth, price 10. 6d. net, will contain : 

Calendars of Wills for OSSORY (1536), FERNS (1601), 
LEIGHLIN (1652), and KILDARE (1661). 

VOLUME II., containing CORK and Ross (1548). * nd 
CLOYNE (1621), is in preparation. 

Other Dioceses will follow in due course at short 

Subscribers' names should be sent in at once. 

County Pedigrees. 

A New Series in which the Pedigrees will be printed 
in separate volumes for each County. The Pedigrees 
will be traced back as far as possible, but short ones 
going back to the grandfather or great-grandfather only 
will be included. Families of any rank will be eligible, 
and it has been decided to interpret the term " COUNTY 
PEDIGREES" in no narrow fashion. The Series will 
form a convenient means of recording Pedigrees in more 
detail than is possible in the ordinary genealogical works 
of reference. The first County to be issued is 


The Series, which will be illustrated, will appear in 
demy 4to, in Quarterly Parts, price 5s. each net. 

PART I. is now in the Press. 

The Editor will be glad to receive Pedigrees belonging 
to any County for publication in the appropriate volume. 
Particulars, with forms, will be sent upon application. 


A Volume of Blank Forms for Current Family History. 
Arranged by Sir WILLIAM BULL, M.P. 

Contains Tabular Pedigrees, Ancestral Tablet Forms, 
Forms for Biographies, Family Calendar, &c. Folio, on 
ruled writing paper. 

Price 7s. 6d. net ; by post, 8s. 


Pedigree Work. 

A Guide for the Genealogist, detailing the methods 
of compiling Family Histories with particulars as to the 
principal sources of information, with Regnal Date Book. 
Price Is. net ; by post, Is. Id. 

Law and Practice of Grants of Arms 

and Registration of Pedigrees in England, Scotland and 

Ireland. Precedents are given and table of fees payable. 

Price Is. net ; by post, Is. Id. 

Coats of Arms 

Price Is. net ; by post, 

Heralds' College and 

regarded from a Legal aspect. 

Is. Id. 

The Law and Practice of Change of Name. 

In this pamphlet the Legal aspects and procedure of 
change of name are fully dealt with. Precedents and 
cases are given, as also tables of fees and stamp duties. 
Price Is. net ; by post, Is. Id. 

The Parish Historian. 

An Elementary Guide for writing and printing Parish 
Histories. Price Is. net ; by post, Is. Id. 

The Family Charter Chest. 

This contains suggestions for preserving and calen- 
dering Ancient Family Records. Price 6d. net; by post, 7d. 


Parish Register Series. 

Over One Hundred Volumes Issued. 

These volumes, demy 8vo, cloth gilt, are supplied to 
Subscribers only. Price 10s. 6d. each net. Only 150 
printed. An absolute necessity for all Genealogists and 
Reference Libraries. 

Seven new Counties now in the Press : Cheshire, 
Devon, Essex, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk. 
Others in progress. 

NOTE. If every Genealogist, English or American, 
would make a point of subscribing to the Parish Registers 
of one County only, the problem of rendering these 
Records generally available would be speedily solved. 
It is the only way to preserve the information they 
contain . 

Particulars and Lists post free upon application. 

Pedigree Forms. 

Lists of these, both 8vo. and foolscap, sent upon 
application post free. 




(Under the supervision of the Committee of the Bucks. Architectural and Archceological Society.') 

This Society was founded in 1902, subscription 10/6 per annum, due ist July in 
each year, and has so far issued ten volumes to subscribers only, viz.: 
Walton (Bletchley), Thornton, Woughton, and parts of Great Marlow, 
Chesham, Olney, Stoke Poges, etc. 

Information and details can be obtained from the Hon. General Secretary, 




A very few spare copies of each of the above-named volumes are for sale separately. 

Prices on application. 


Consulting Genealogist and Record Searcher, 

Member of the Essex Archaeological Society, Corresponding Member 
of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, &c., &c. 

Parish Registers, Wills, and other Evidences inspected in all parts of the Country at a very 
moderate charge. Antiquarian Notes contributed to Parish Magazines, &c. 

I possess a quantity of Original Manor Rolls and Deeds, also Complete Indexes to THIRTY UNPUBLISHED 
ESSEX MARRIAGE REGISTERS, comprising about FIFTY THOUSAND names. The importance and value of 
these Indexes, not only to Essex families, but also to all others, cannot be overestimated. They have been successfully 
consulted on a number of occasions. Full particulars on application. 

I have the Largest Collection of " Gilbert " Notes (Wills, Register Extracts, Original Deeds, &c.), in existence. 

Should you be interested m any English family I shall be pleased to send you my circular, free of charge, on 
receipt of stamped envelope. References (by kind consent) to those for whom I have worked in England, America, 
and on the Continent. Correspondence desired with Searchers at Provincial Probate Registries. 

Just published, " SHALLCROSS PEDIGREES,** by the Revd. W. H. Shawcross, F.R,Hist.S.,, 
and William Gilbert. A Large and Important Volume dealing with the descendants of this 
Ancient Family in all pa.*ts of the World. Forty copies only left for disposal. Prospectus, &c., free. 


Vol. XV. just issued ; Vol. XVI. now in the Press. 




"BOUNDED in 1893 by the late Dr. Howard (Maltravers Herald Extraordinary) 
^ and Mr. F. A. Crisp, as a register for recording in as complete a manner as 
possible Modern Pedigrees. Approved Pedigrees are included without charge, and 
the attention of all interested in their family history is called to this means of 
preserving the results of their labours. 

Five hundred copies only of each volume are printed, each copy being numbered and signed ; 

Subscription Price, ONE GUINEA. 

For detailed Prospectus apply to the Editor, to whom all orders should be sent, " Grove Park Press,' 

270, Walworth Road, London, S.E. 

MR. PERCEVAL LUCAS, author of Seize Quartiers and 

Ascending Pedigrees," undertakes the entire Tracing of Pedigrees or Specific 
Genealogical Commissions. 



Mr. Lucas advises as to the Suitability of Genealogical MSS. for 
Printing. He also undertakes the Preparation for the Press, and Super- 
vision During Printing, of Pedigrees, and of Family and Local Histories, 

etc., thus relieving clients of the trouble and worry this work entails. 

1 8 8, ^Marylebone 



Parish Registers before 1837. 


In order to overcome the difficulty of finding records of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials* 
unknown, STOKES & Cox are preparing a General Index of Entries in English Parish Registers 
prior to 1837, to be consulted on similar lines to those of the Registrar General. 

This Index now comprises over three million entries from 700 Parishes, including many 
London Churches, and such transcripts as exist of many lost Registers. Full particulars and List 
of Parishes on receipt of One Shilling. 

STOKES & COX, Record Agents, 75, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. 

ALL AMERICANS seeking for the English Ancestry of Early 
Settlers should consult MR. GERALD FOTHERGILL'S 
collections of those who went or may have gone to America. Fee, Five 
Dollars. Advice given free on all matters of English and American 
Pedigrees. Records Searched for, Translated, Copied or Abstracted. 
Inclusive terms quoted. Index to 60,000 Chancery Defendants Searched 
for 7/6, A few copies of "A List of Emigrant Ministers to America " 



E legitimate successor of the old Magasine of A merican History (1877-1893), with which the name of 
. MRS. MARTHA J. LAMB is inseparably connected as editor. 

It begins its fifth year with this January, and is in every way a worthy successor of the old magazine. In 
size and appearance it is an exact copy, and is the only historical publication in the United States which is a 
monthly, and which covers the whole field, as distinguished from local publications. 


It duplicates in form and character of contents its prototype, which for so many years was one of the most 
interesting of American magazines. C. S. BRIGHAM, Librarian R. I. Historical Society. 

I am delighted with it, and think in arrangement, in well-sustained interest, and in appearance it is worthy 
of all praise. THOMAS L. MONTGOMERY, State Librarian of Pennsylvania. 

I may say that the new magazine surpasses the old, particularly from an historical point of view. N. E. 
DIONNE, LL.D., Librarian of the Legislative Library, Quebec. 

I am very much pleased with its appearance. JAMES BAIN, Chief Librarian, Toronto Public Library. 

In no other publication of the same nature can so large and varied an amount of historical matter be 
found. To all interested in American history, the magazine should be welcome while to libraries it should be 
indispensable. A specimen copy will be sent on receipt of fifty cents, or 2/-, (returnable if no subscription ensues). 

Back numbers can also be supplied from 1905. 

Subscription, $5.00 for current year $5.50 for past years (postage extra abroad). 



WILLIAM ABBATT, Publisher, 141 East 25th Street, New York. 





(Member of the British Record, Catholic Record, and Manorial, Societies, &c.), 

Undertakes Researches for Legal, Genealogical, Topo- 
graphical, and General Literary Purposes. 


THE GRAFTON PRESS, Incorporated, 

Printers and Publishers of Historical and Genealogical Books. 


Published Quarterly, $2,00 a Year. 


and Terms 

As we do no research work, we solicit information from experts the world over as to their qualifications, field, etc., in 
order that we may recommend them to inquirers for researches. ^^^ 


SOLICITOR (July, 1889), 

RECORD-SEARCHER, for nine years salaried Archivist to the Corporation 
of Cardiff and Editor of " Cardiff Records," and since similarly engaged 
for the County and Borough Councils of Monmouthshire, personally 
undertakes Genealogical Investigations among Ancient Documents in 
London and the Country. Twenty-five years' experience at the Record 
Office. Testimonials and References. 
Address c/o VIVIAN MATTHEWS, Esq., B.L., 70, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.G. 


Printers and Publishers of Genealogical 

and Archaeological Works, =^=^=^== 


Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldioa. A Quarterly Journal devoted to the publication of Pedigrees, Parish 

Registers, and other data of use to Genealogists, and illustrated by Coats of Arms, Armorial Bookplates, etc. 

Established 40 years ago by the late Dr. Howard (Maltravers Herald Extraordinary). In Four Series. Annual 

Subscription, IDS. 6d. post free. 
New Series, Volumes I. to IV., 4 or 21 - each, comprising Memoranda relating to more than 1000 families, 

illustrated with upward of 500 Bookplates, Engravings of Arms, Autographs Seals, etc. 

Second Series, Volumes I. to V., 5 10s. or 25;'- each. Title contents, and Index to each Volume, 

Third Series, Volumes I. to V., 5 10s. or 25/- each. separate, in paper cover, price St. 

Fourth Series, Volumes I. & II., 25 - each. Vol. III. in progress. 



Eighth Edition. 1 [7/i the Press. 





Booksellers, Publishers, and public (libraries tbrougbout tbe World. 



Publisher: a A IVIES CLEGG, Aldine Press, Rochdale, ENGLAND. 


SPECIAL LINES: Americana, Economics, GENEALOGY; History 
and Sources of History and Literature, of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Great 
Britain, and the United Kingdom, from the earliest times ; Law ; Political and 
Social Economy ; Topography ; and Miscellaneous. 


GEORGE HARDING, Dealer in Old and Modem Books, 

64, Great Russell Street, London, W.C. 


Yorkshire, have been printed from 1541 to 1711, and the two volumes contain 21,212 
entries, all numbered and indexed. 

Kirk Burton was the Mother Church of a parish that covered nearly 20,000 acres, and 
included the populous district of Holmfirth. The second volume, besides Registers, also 
contains 45 Family Histories, including those of Armitage and Beaumont, the latter family 
having been taken back by careful research to Saxon times. 

Price of each volume, One Guinea. 
Copies can be procured from 

H. COOK, H,ta., Market Place, 


Compiled from the Public Records, together with Genealogical Notes on the following Families connected with the 
place : Blount, Congreve, Conyers, Craggs, Cunningham, Douglas, Ducie, Frazer, Gossett, Hisfop, 
Langhorne, Middleton, Moffatt, Morden. Newton, Parker, Perceval, Richards, Wilson, Vere, and with 
Full and Complete Copies of all Inscriptions, both in the Church and the Churchyard, and Plan of the Churchyard, 
with all the Tombs numbered thereon, together with an accurate account of all the Heraldry on the Tombs, etc. 

no and yii pages, including Indexes, etc. 
Compiled by LEONARD MORGAN MAY (Member of the Royal Archaeological Institute). 

The following Names, among many others, occur upon the Tombs : Beardmore, Chambelayne, Crickett, 

Crofton, Dalgety, Fyers, Hamilton, Hoste, Husband, Hutton, Kidd, Lawes, Majendie, Maude, 

McCleverty, Roupell, Russell, Sherman, Snodgrass, Staunton, Trevelyan, Wallop, Welladvice, 

Weller, Yeatherd. Price Ten Shillings and Sixpence. 








METHOD which dispenses with investment risk in 
Printers' " copy," Type-setting, Proof-reading, Paper, 
Printing and Binding for FAMILY HISTORIES ; 
offers stronger inducements for patronage ; fits the 
p* subscription to the purse (latitude $3 to $65), and 
circumvents the "Dead Heads" by compelling 
the patronage of every member benefited. 



is not patented, and may be 
employed independent of the 

For full particulars address 







The "Ancestor" Vol. I. (pub. 5s.), 
Moule, "Heraldry of Fish"(l Is.), 
History of the Baronetage, 
Maxwell's House of Douglas ( ^ U 2s.) 

and a few others (all out of print), new 
and unopened ; would exchange for 
MSS. concerning Dwelly or Dewelles, 
visitations, printed wills, registers, Harleian 
publications, Roll of Blood Royal, &c. 


In 3 Vols., 666 pages. Price 2 2s. net. 



This is one of the most interesting Registers printed, 
containing full extracts (often personal details and in 
some cases biographical notices) of all Baptisms, 
Marriages and Deaths from 1559 to 1812. 

The Registers contain information concerning the 
Families of Selioke, Fretchville, Blyth, Kirk, Fanshawe, 
Morewood, Bagshawe, Parker and other numerous 
Families, and as a work of reference cannot be superseded. 

Only 50 copies printed ; a few remain which can be 
had on application to Mr. L. Lloyd Simpson, Littleover, 



(No. 105) 

Is open to undertake PARISH REGISTER 
SEARCHES for genealogical work. 

Fees moderate in excess of out-of-pocket expenses. 


Together with a little of other peoples', 

Containing half-a-century's original investigations 
in mattets generally unknown concerning the 


The book is now ready, and contains authentic and startling 
pedigrees connected with the above families, entirely unknown to 
the readers of Burke and Debrett, as well as the general public. 
The book has been specially illustrated, and contains much biography 
of a startling nature connected with 


Typewritten copies (price IDS. 6d. each) may be obtained 
from the author, 






It is a record-system arranged in an adjustable volume, and 
comprises a cleverly arranged system of pages with printed 
headlines and reference numbers, whih will enable any person 
to keep in a handwritten or type-written form, a complete 
family record for any number of years, and intrust it in 
succession to the next of kin (an heirloom), with ample pages 
on which to continue the records for generations. It consists 
of unlimited pages on " Brown's Heavy Ledger Paper." 

Our 24 page set of leaves, showing the complete system, size 
9^ x 12 in., furnished at $1.10 post paid. 

Additional leaves Three Cents each and $2.50 per 100. 

Suitable Loose Leaf Bindings to order. Write for circular. 



And Other Records. 


9, Tottenham Terrace, White Hart Lane, Tottenham, N. 



To be published in April, 1909. 

Price 3/10 (95 cents), post free. 
This work, it should be clearly understood, is 
not of the slightest use to anyone who has not 
already a copy of the Second Edition of the 
International Genealogical Directory, but, to all 
those who have, it should prove of the greatest assistance. 
It consists of a complete Index, carefully classified, of all 
the Places mentioned against the families enumerated in 
this work. For further particulars see Preface to the 

the SECOND EDITION of the 

To be published in the Summer or Early Autumn of 
1909. Price 3/10 (95 cents), post free. 

It will contain contributions received too late 
for inclusion (as well as corrections of, and additions 
to, the contributions already included) in the Second 
Edition of the International Genealogical Directory. 
There will also be found in it many other matters of in- 
terest to the genealogical public, e.g., Reviews of recently 
published genealogical works, Correspondence from 
contributors to the Directory, etc. 





Your attention is drawn to the following particulars of a Series of small books now 
being issued under the above general title. 


The volumes in this Series are all written by experts, of whom each is a master of 
the special branch of the subject on which he writes and about which he has 
fresh information to impart. 


They are of a convenient pocket size, neatly bound in cloth, and containing each 
about 96 pages, with separate indexes of the places and surnames mentioned. 

They are being issued at about the rate of three or four per annum. 

EOT On the following pages will be found particulars of those Volumes which are now ready. 


The purchase of one volume of this Series does not entail any obligation to subscribe 
for other volumes. Each book is complete in itself. 


The whole Series should prove of value to those who are interested in the study of 
family history. The books will be found readable and will enable every 
genealogical student to benefit by the experience of men who have specialised 
in all the varied fields of genealogical research. 


The price of each volume is 2/6 net, or 2/8 post-free in Great Britain, and 
65 cents post-free to America. 

General Editor and Publisher :- 

Charles A. Bernau, 





2/8 (65 cents), post free. 


is the title of the first volume of "The Genealogist's Pocket Library." It contains 

three chapters: 




SUB-HEADINGS : Americans and Genealogy . . . The First Step . . . Custom House 
Records . . . Licences to pass beyond the Seas . . . Passenger Lists ... The 
Ship Money Tax . . . The Court of Star Chamber . . . High Commission Court . . . 
Recusants and Nonconformists . . . England to America via West Indies . . . Continental 
Emigrants to America . . . Old Handwritings . . . Wills . . . District Registries . . . 
Parish Registers . . . Marriage Licences . . . Other Parish Records . . . Records of the 
Transfer of Land . . . Manor Court Rolls . . . Chancery Proceedings . . . Court of 
Exchequer . . . Other Records. 




SUB-HEADINGS : Early Records of Births, Marriages and Deaths . . . Effect of the 
Registration Act of 1837 . . . Index to Births, Marriages and Deaths . . . Index Kept 
Up-to-Date . . . List of the Registers . . . Importance of Consulting the Original Record 
. . . Marriage Certificates replete with " Clues "... Parentage of the Early Friends 
. . . Minute Books . . . Sufferings Books . . . The Friend^ Reference Library . . . 
Quaker Literature. 




SUB-HEADINGS : " Many a good cow hath an ill calf" . . . " In great pedigrees there 
are Governors and Chandlers" . . . Princes and Paupers . . . Rummaging in a 
Vicarage . . . Paupers and the Law . . . Bonds to Secure Parish against Charges . . . 
Certificates to Prevent Settlement . . . Removal Orders . . . Examinations . . . Affiliation 
Orders . . . Apprenticeship Indentures . . . Bonds from Masters . . . Various 
Poor Law Records. 





a/8 (65 cents), post free. 
The second volume of "The Genealogist's Pocket Library": 



contains three chapters : 



SUB-HEADINGS : Jarndyce v. Jarndyce . . . The Jennens Case . . . The Harrison 
Estates . . . Distinction between Real Estate and Personalty . . . Paternal and Maternal 
Ancestors . . . False Claims . . . Carlyle and Cromwell . . . Parliamentary Papers . . . 
Chancery Funds . . . The Longest Suit on Record . . . A Chancery Suit for Threepence 
. . . British Museum MSS. . . . Shape and Appearance of " Pleadings" . . . A Gold 
Mine . . . A Word of Warning . . . Where these Records are . . . Procedure in a 
Cause . . . Tracking t/ie Documents . . . Condition of Indexes . . . Definition of Terms 
. . . The Six Clerks . . . Suitor Funds . . . Unclaimed Moneys . . . Advice to all 
Would-be Claimants . . . Next-of-Kin Advertisements. 



SUB-HEADINGS: An Early Monumental Inscription, A.D. 1417 . . . Books in the 
Year 1444 . . . An Old Soldier's Troubles, circa 1450 . . . A Berkshire Abduction . . . 
Foreshore Rights . . . Clerks Making Merry . . . When Calais was English . . . Sureties 
. . . Queen Elizabeth, James I. and Charles /. . . . Four Operations . . . WJiere Wills 
and Visitations Fail . . . The Civil War . . . Personalities . . . " A Most Pernicious 
Fellow" . . . A Remarkable Pedigree . . . A Good Example of Genealogical Evidence 
. . . Evidence of Descent of Real Estate in a Family, A.D. 1460-1744 . . . Settlement 
of New Jersey. 



SUB-HEADINGS : Lists, Calendars and Indexes . . . Pleadings, in Eight Groups . . . 
Depositions . . . Accountant-General* s Certificates . . . Affidavits . . . Awards and 
Agreements . . . Bills and Answers . . . Cause Books . . . Chancery Master? 
Documents . . . Sorting Them . . . Specimen of the Schedule . . . Clerk in Court* 3 
Books . . . Commissions of Partition . . . Decrees and Orders . . . Decree Rolls . . . 
Law Reports . . . Petition Books . . . Private Indexes . . . Reports and Certificates 
. . . Registrar? Court, or Minute Books . . . Suitor? Funds. 





2/8 (65 cents), post free. 



is the title of the third volume of "The Genealogist's Pocket Library." 
It contains two Chapters: 





SUB-HEADINGS: Most families have Royal Ancestry . . . Why Royal Descents are 
worth tracing . . . The Blood Royal . . . How and When Royal Descents Became Possible 
. . . The Twelve "Leakages" of the Royal Blood . . . The Ancestry implied by a Royal 
Descent . . . Eleanor de Montfort . . . Edmund Crouchback . . . Eleanor de Bar . . . 
Joane of Acre . . . Elizabeth de Bohun . . . Thomas of Brotherton . . . Edmund of 
Woodstock . . . Lionel of Antwerp . . . John of Gaunt . . . Edmund of Langley . . . 
Thomas of Woodstock . . . Mary Brandon . . . Unbroken Male Descents from Royal 
Personages . . . The first steps to take . . . The Clue to follow . . . The Secret of Success 
. . . Helpful Books . . . Inaccurate Royal Descents . . . Different Strains of Royal 
Blood permeate different Counties . . . Sources of Information for some of the Counties . . . 
Extraordinary Descents . . . A useful method of work . . . Quartering the Royal Arms 
. . . Cab-drivers, Plumbers and other cousins of Royalty . . . The 60,000 Descendants of 
Edward III. . . . The Reward of Success. 




SUB-HEADINGS: History . . . Sasine Records . . . Record of Retours . . . 
Commissary Courts . . . Muster Rolls . . . Charity Rolls . . . Records connected with 
Estates Forfeited by the Rebellions of 171$ and 1745 . . . Record of Taxations . . . 
Notarial Protocol Books . . . Register of Tailzies or Entails . . . The Scotch Rolls . . . 
Oaths of Allegiance and Declarations of Assurance to -various Sovereigns, &c. ... Records 
of the Lord Lyon Office . . . Records of Regality, Sheriff and Baron Courts . . . Births, 
Deaths, and Marriages . . . Great Seal Records . . . Princes Seal Records . . . Privy 
Seal Records . . . Exchequer Records . . . Books of Council and Session . . . Ecclesiastical 
Records . . . Printed Books, &c. 





2,8 (65 cents), post free. 



is the title of the fourth volume of "The Genealogist's Pocket Library." 
It contains three Chapters: 



SUB HEADINGS : The Destruction of Irreplaceable Records . . . The Loss to Middle- 
class Families . . . The Need of Systematic Rescue-work . . . An Interesting Hobby open 
to all . . . Its Utility . . . Its Expense . . . Its Pecuniary Profit . . . Conditions, Ideal 
and Otherwise . . . The Time Required . . . Preliminary Arrangements . . . A Warning 
. . . The Choice of a System . . . Method Indispensable . . . How to Transcribe . . . 
Position of the Inscriptions . . . The Character of the Memorial . . . Its Material . . . 
Early Stones . . . Nonconformist Burial-grounds . . . Quaker Burial-grounds . . . Rarities 
. . . Notorious Epitaphs . . . Inscriptions to Celebrities . . . Tombstones as Evidence of 
Family's Status . . . Erratic Spelling . . . Some other Variations . . . On Making a Fair 
Copy . . . On Annotating the Transcript . . . Final Arrangement . . . What to do with the 
Completed Transcript. 




SUB-HEADINGS : Cause of Illegibility . . . Eclipsed Inscriptions . . . Sunken Stones 
. . . Moss-grown Stones . . . Ivy-grown Stones . . . Smoke-begrimed Stones in Town Church- 
yards . . . How to Decipher Figures . . . Use of Inference . . . Perseverance Necessary . . . 
Accuracy of Prime Importance . . . How far to go. 



SUB-HEADINGS : Genealogical Epitaphs . . . Tantalising Memorials . . . Precise 
Date of Birth Stated . . . Age Given in Rhymes . . . Duration of Wedded Life Stated . . . 
Number of Children Stated . . . Indication of Change of Residence . . . References to 
Surviving Relatives . . . Length of Service . . . Mention of Illness . . . Sudden Death 
. . . Inscriptions Written by Mourning Lovers . . . Deaths of those Recently Married . . . 
Stories of Betrayal . . . Additions to Local History . . . Humour, Unconscious and 
Otherwise . . . Enmity beyond the Grave . . . A Bachelor's Tombstone . . . Arrange- 
ment of Rhyming Epitaphs . . . Inscriptions to Strangers . . . Epitaphs on Soldiers . . . 
Masonic Tombstones . . . Murder . . . Philosophic Resignation . . . Quaint or Curious 





28 (65 cents), post free. 



is the title of the fifth volume of "The Genealogist's Pocket Library." 

It contains three Chapters: 




SUB-HEADINGS : Rich in Genealogical Evidence . . . Invaluable to Parish Historians 
. . . Neglected Records . . . Treasurer? Rolls . . . Passes for Vagrants . . . " Moved on" along 
the Great Main Roads . . . The Cripple Contractor . . . Supplementing the Parish 
Registers . . . The Transport of Troops . . . Soldiers in a Pedigree . . . Support for the 
Families of Militiamen . . . Passes for Soldiers and their Families . . . The Social Sinner? 
Metamorphosis . . . Records of the County Jail . . . Surgeon? Bills . . . The Jailer and 
Genealogy . . . Intruders . . . Coroner? Inquests . . . County Children . . Certificates of 
Conformity . . . An Assault . . . Need of Calendars. 




SUB-HEADINGS : Definition . . . The Science of Heredity . . . Eugenics . . . Continental 
v. English Heraldry . . . "Trente deux" . . . "Seize Quar tiers" . . . Intermarriage . . . Father 
and Son . . . Mother and Daughter . . . Marriage Notices . . . Monumental Inscriptions . . . 
Impalements . . . Wills . . . Will Calendars . . . Peculiar Courts . . . Surnames used 
as Baptismal Names . . . Parish Registers . . . Marriage Licences . . . Quakers . . . 
Chancery Proceedings . . . Genealogical Co-operation . . . Genealogy v. Heraldry . . . The 
Continental Test applied to our Dukes . . . The Escutcheon of Pretence . . . Quartering . . . 
Quartering Quarterly Coats . . . Heiresses . . . Methods of Display . . . The Series of 
Sheets . . . Ancestral Tablets . . . The " Wheel" or " Target" . . . Concentric Squares . . . 
The " Tree" 



By PERCY C. RUSHEN, Chartered Patent Agent. 

SUB-HEADINGS: Value of the Records . . . Historical . . . Patent Office Library . . . 
The Records . . . Name Index . . . Specifications . . . Subject Matter Index . . . Grants 
Prior to idij . . . The Locality Return . . Instances Showing Value . . . Technical 
Works . . . Indices to Works . . . Hereditary Tendencies. 




MAK 9 1989