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a45s(^-n£2J^ooA .,^oq-^ 




From the collection of the 







t P 

San Francisco, California 







Copyright 1922 



PRICE $10.00 

'SAX FRAXriHCo" '■':'■. 

■ / U. S. A. 

iNTi'iKN' ATI. I'oi, !(•]•: \- i»i:'i'K("ri\i-: DiiU'jr'i'oK'i 


From our timid debut in 19 21 we are now in the full limelight of 1922, 
and we have come to say we will not weary the reader with a detail of our 
trials or our work, but will say that everything has been done in a thorough, 
systematic manner- — sufficient to make this volume lust what it was intended 
for — an unerring guide for those who follow the line of investigation the 
world over. "Fools only make no mistakes" — and as we don't l)9long in 
that class, mistakes may be found in our publication. But we will ask the 
critic "to not tell other people BUT TO TELL VS, and we will thank them 
for so doing. 

Many detective agencies have merged; some have disl)anded, and many 
changes have taken place — but we have endeavored to keep pace, and our 
lists are as accurate as the authenticity of the data submitted to us by 
those in position to know, would permit. 


We will say that to the best of our ability, the long list of individuals 
singly and collectively mentioned in this book are of the best — we will have 
nothing to do with one that isn't, if we know it — but at the same time we 
advise our patrons to use the same business acumen they would in any other 
line — make inquiries first. Human nature is varying all the time. 

We have a word of thaiiks for those patrons who saw the possibilities 
of this book and helped by th«^ir efforts t(i bring it from the critical, experi- 
mental stage into w.hat. it now <s, an indisfeivsable adjunct to those whose 
duty is the suppression of vice. 

Some liave stood back; some have covertly sneered — hut criticisms have 
been few. We say,.h(>^'ever, it's your boo.k-^-te',11 as what you want and we 
will try and make it to auit YOF; '.: ■, 

We invite criticism and desire your early co-operation for all data, etc., 
that can be supplied to make the 1923 edition exactly what you would 
wish it to be. 


We are ardent advocates of co-operation and we direct the attentio.i 
ol" our patrons to the ample list we have of detectives and finger-print and 
- other experts listed in this book. 

These are graduates from the best institutions of learning and are in 
every way worthy of your patronage and support, and as they have placed 
. their name where you can see it give them a call. It is our idea to ^et 
people in touch. 



are listed according to location and not alphabetically, as such an anaiiKe- 
-ment would necessitate a costly index of 20 or more pages, wliich is (luite 
an item in expense when the whole world, let alone the l'. S. is considered. 

Some people tliiiik we e.xaggerate when we say "around the world." 

But to these we will say that a fugitive who has committed murder in a 
little shack in the wilds of Arkansas, we will say. flees (it don't niattet* 
where) our agents will get him on some of our routes — Honolulu. Manila, 
Shanghai, Hongkong, Natal, Durban, London or Paris — it doesn't matter 
where — we are in touch with men who are willing to co-operate. Race and 
language are no ])arriers. 


You can facilitate matters pertaining to hearty co-operation by sending 
in any data on corrections or ideas on design immediately on receipt of thi.-^ 
volume, while they are fresh in your mind. This is youi- book and we are 
trying to please you. 



To tlu" profession everywhere, and to the general 
pul>lio, such as is interested in the subject of invest ij^-a- 
tion, this vohinte is respectfully dedicated. If it proves 
an aid on the weary routes of the long trail, then its 
conception is amply verified. 

- «? 

- -' ' 



4 yj^^^ 


H^ M ^^^Hp^ 


^^l^k' 'm^^^^^^^^^ 









From the lone operator in some obscure country- 
roads crossing to the manager of some large secret 
service bureau, it is designed to aft'ord a bond of unity, 
a harmonizing phase of co-operation, in its full entirety. 

The work is as complete as the war-wrecked world 
would allow. We have approa<'h«'d the threshold of the 
lawless realm of human tiibes as closely as possible in 
the search for data. In the issuance of this Directory 
for 1022 our ardent wish for the success of one and all 
goes witli it. 

(;k.m<:kai. khkktkxcy (ompwv. 

K. A. Cooke, Pr«'sid<'nt. 



The young detective, just starting out, is in u quandary. 
He knows he has studied the game thoroughly, l)ut he gets 
the mistal<:en idea that the College, or some Agency, should 
give him a job immediately — and he runs into snags, and 
hinders what might be a promising career, because he don't 
know who to appeal to for advice, and whom he can implicitly 
trust. Th's is a time "when a feller needs a friend." 


has l)een "stung" and ridiculed, and his rosy dreams, 
been shattered, uiitrl life looks like a drearv waste. 

We receive letters from tliese young "Hawks" daily, and 
we never fail to point out where the difficulty is and start 
them right, as many of our operators today can testify. 

Many Agencies and Private Detectives could l)e kept off 
the rocks l)y a little sound advice, at the proper juncture — so 
we have decided in the future to open a Bureau of Information 
for those who need or feel the aid of one, whether it be those 
wMo have the yearning, which almost every human has at 
some time or another, to become a detective, a student, a 
graduate, or even a professional — who might desire consulta- 
tion, or possibly an agency that is a))Out to go under — when 
possil)ly some sound advice might alter their prospects entirely.., 

A few letters don't amount to much, as a matter of fact, 
l)ut the amount we receive daily forces us to charge at least 
$1.00 per letter for such services, where details are gone into, 
and a personal letter has to be written to fit each case. 

Rememl)er, all inquiries are held strictly confidential. 


136 McAllister street 
San Francisco, Cal. 


m L 1 1 1 1 1 1 L rrmi 1 1 1 ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : t nrrriTi g 



Phone Main 385.' 



o52 Munsey Biiikliiig' 
Washington, D. C. 

Established 8 years by direct authority of Congress 

We specialize iu all kinds ol' detective work. We will investigate 
your representatives in Washington. References and rates liy request. 

General Manager 

QI uiuuiJiiui iiiiiiiTnTrrr nM in mil Mi i iiii i i iiiii inTnTTnn minT^ 'itHrjS 

Assistant Manager 

Phone 1884 - 


J. C. SOUSA. Manager ! 

Collections of every nature everywhere; Territory of Hawaii special j 

Xo. 4 Brewer Buildinj> | 

Cor. P^ort and Merchant Sts. P. O. Box 666 HONOLriA', T. 11. j 


Expert Examiner and Photographer 

(^ ioiied tSi.unnturt's. Krasiii-cs 
llandwritiuu' and Typewi-itiiii:- 






The DETECTIVE ^ ^ ,^ ^ 

Is the one publication that should be on 
file in all detective agencies, should be read 
by all men engaged in the agency business. 
Established in 1888, it is the official organ 
of the International Association of Chiefs 
of Police— 

The official organ of the Inter-State Asso- 
ciation of Sheriffs — 

The International Association for Identi- 
fication — 

The National Bureau of Criminal Identi- 
fication — 

The Railway Special Agents of the United 
States and Canada, and the — 
Official Organ of the International Secret 
Service Association. 


Publishes pages of fugitive advertisements, 
page after page of "pick-ups" with photo- 
graphs and descriptions, including Bertil- 
lon measurements and finger prmts, and it 
Advocates the enactment of laws extend- 
ing police power, agitates the universal 
adoption of finger prints, and is ever on 
the alert to protect the rights of detective 

Subscribe for The DETECTIVE. It will 
cost you but $2.00 per year to keep posted 
in all that transpires relative to your pro- 

If you would be right up to the minute all 
the time— if you would know everything 
that pertains to the work you have set out 
to do— send in your subscription to 




iiiinn ^ii|!'^OTg 

\V. .1. 'ITUXKr:. <!en. .Mur. 

I.. ('. HILLOCK, Sec'y-Ti-eas. 

International Secret Service Ass'n 
Chicago Association of Commerce 
Illinois Association of Detectives 


Licensed and Bonded Agency 



Eif;hth Floor, Delaware Building; 

36 West Randolph Street, Corner Deaiboni 



n PTumiTiT m'/.-ijig/fS^m nm' m-UUJj iiniiiTTr mmjjminii i iL ni i iiminii TTTm n iiii ii i iii i nn!^ 

iiiroi)[ '''.i,"u-n 


lOslalilished 188.j 


Careful and Prompt Attention Given to All Detective Work. 
Consultation Free. Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Correspondents in all the Principal Cities in the World. 


Supt. of the H. C. Webster Detective Agency and Superintendent of 
Protective Department of Indiana Bankers Association 

Suite 814, Hume-Mansur Bldg-. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Tel. Main ^BIT). XikIU 'IVl. I'l-ospect 440!» 



Many hundreds of letters received by us from every quarter 
of the compass, written by every varying degree of known detective 
extant, convinces us still of the want of some book bearing on 
this interesting subject. There is still something wanting — and 
we are going to try and fill that want in the coming volume of 


It is written by plain matter-of-fact detectives who are not 
"has-beens," but who are in the game every minute, and the 
reader can judge for himself or herself of the value thereof. 
To the student who is fired with the wonderful results oljtained 
by our own home-made government .secret service men, way in 
the dim and distant background, before the advent of Burns and 
the Pinkertons, but who starts out with a woefully deficient 
knowledge of "how to go about it" — for these this book is espe- 
cially adapted. On the other hand, it is to l)e presumed that for 
"the guy >vho always was" and knows it all, the material 
in this book would he of no more than passing interest. 

We will not weary the reader with "Al)struse Deductions of 
Criminalistic Syllogisms" or "Craniological Anthropologists" or 
"Psychopathology" or other kindred alienist specialties. l)ut on 
the other hand we will advise five-eighths of the average run of 
detectives to patronize some well founded school of penmanship 
and spelling — for they need it to begin with. 

In addition we will take up the hunt in its natural order. 
Train the sleuth hound how to hunt; show him what his quarry 
looks like and how to follow it to the end of the trail, and the 
most approved forms of trailing and stalking en route. Also, we 
take all those interested into the laboratory, as it were, where 
from a few jars of simple essences are evolved the wonderful, 
magical compounds liy which an unsophisticated, uneducated indi- 
vidual is NOT made into a well matured detective after a few 
applications — over night. But in other words, we show that he 
who runs may read, or he may read while running. Anyhow, he 
can get some help in his chosen profession. 

We are not tied down by what has been, or what someone else 
may do. but are handling the subject in our own particular way. 

SECRET SERVICE will be replete at every turn with some- 
thing to hold the reader and the subject will be placed in such a. 
light as to attract his attention sufficiently long to stamp the main 
issue indelilily upon his mind. 


Will Be Out In Julv, 19-22 
PRICE, $5.00 



136 McAllister Street :: :: San Francisco. Cal. 





UesVl 'I'r.ulf-.Mark, U.S.A. 




No 58 

fl Tiade-MaiK V. S. .\. 



200 Varieties 

The genuine "Acme Thunderer" 
Whistles. In demand througli- 
out the world for railways, 
tramways and all public serv- 

The original and only genuine 
"Metropolitan" hold a world- 
wide reputation and are in gen- 
eral use in police forces fire 
brigades, etc. 




Tom Shaw's System, which has for ten years been taught New York 
policemen and detectives, making the police department of that city 
the greatest in the world, imparting perfection in a wonderful 
method of attack and defense easily acquired liy small men. medium 
sized men and large men, is now available for everybody. 


I'nderstandable l)Ook revealing and explaining for the first time 
the secret tricks and stunts used by the men who compose the 
Greater New York police department, each memlier of which is a 
terror to desperate gangsters, gunmen, Idack-.lackers. stick-up men. 
ycggmen, cut-throats. Imllies and obnoxious bad men. will he sent, 
free for examination. 


Tom Shaw is the man who was for ten years and still is chief 
instructor of attack and defense for the entire police force of New 
York. He has invented and taught policemen and detectives hun- 
dreds of tricks and stunts by which they quickly and without in.iur\ 
to prisoners, or danger to themselves, subdue ugly and combative 
disorderlies. He has at last been given official permission to give 
to everybody the secret of his 1)affling methods. 


Explanatory Hook and Eleven 
Lessons foi- Thi«'e Days' 


If you decide, after reading the 
explanatory book and studying the 
first eleven lessons, you want to 
take the course, send us $fi.00 
cash in advance — Save $1.00. If 
you prefer the deferred pay.nent 
plan, send $1.00 cash in advan-'e 
and then $1.00 eacli week until 
you have paid $7.00. 

Tiiin Shaw Instil iilt'. 

IX'pt. A 126, l'J(l!l S. \\;tli:isli \\v.. 
Cliicag'n, III. 

Mail nie your l)ook, "JIo'a- lo Hainllf 
lloiii^h .Vecks." toiietlicr witli t-leveii nf 
Tom Sliaw's lessons in the art of 
l>eleiise aiuT Attack, for three da.vs' 
free examination. If 1 l<eeii the lessons 
I will take the full conrse and pay 
.■fS 0(t cash in advanre or $1 on down and 
$1 00 a week until I have i)ald ?7.0o. 







I K. A. MOlifiAX. MAXAdlOR 


I Intelligent Investigations Directed by Former Specijil Agent, Bureau 

i of Investigation, United States Department of Justice 

! AH (l^lasses of Investigations iSiiecessfully Handled by I'rainert Operatives 

I Special Attention Given to Divorce Matters at Reno, Xevada 

S«'lf«'t Your Dctcc'livf' as You AVonld Your Plijsioiaii or Lawyer 


Suite 545-546 San Fernando IJiiikling 
3Vaiii at Foiirtli Street 

Los Angeles, Calif. 

Telejilioiies — J)siy (illst; >'ig'lit and (Sundays 75446 

Twenty Years Successful Experience 
P. W. MOHAN, Principal 

Formerly Manager Wm. J. Bums Detective Agency, Los Angeles, 
Calit'., and Houston, Tex. Late Supt. of Investigation American Pro- 
tective League, Stockton, Calif. Banking References. 

Direct Connections with All Principal Cities of the World 

We Do a (General Detective Business in All Its \'arious Branch<\s 

Thoroughly Reliable and Efficient 



Superintendent City and County Bureau of Identification. State 
Supt. International Bureau for Personal Identification (Guardian 
Bureaux). Representative International Secret Service Association. 

Office: Residence: 

Court House, Phone 90 607 Shields St., Phone 152 


S^')ti( fltaf mi i ii iiiiii ii i 



1 I 



Midnight! A lonely country road! A man and his sweetheart, 
driving home, are murdered and thrown into the ditch l)y two 
strangers whom they had given a lift. The car is found wrecked, 
miles away. But no trace of the criminals! 

These are the facts that confronted and completely liaffled the 
detectives. Then a trained finger print expert was called in. He 
photographed the finger prints on steering wheel and door, and 
located the criminals in New Yqrk's underworld. One of them is 
now in Sing Sing, another awaits trial. 

Finger print science brought them to justice! And the man 
who trapped them was a finger print expert! 

You Can Win Fame and Money in This 
Fascinating Profession 

You can do what this man did. Vou can be a scientific detective, 
mingle with big people, experience thrilling adventure, travel every- 
where, win thousands of dollars in rewards — fame — admiration! 


This liig special offer can't l)e held open long. Write quick, 

before it expires. Send the coupon tmlay and get all the details. 

Our Advisory Council is Coinpo.sert of Five of tlx' 

World's Most l^'amous Experts. 

Insiifftor Thomas .T. Tiuuiey. .New 
York ("ity, liead of Boml) and 
Xeutrality Squad, attached to War 
Department duruig' the Woild War. 

.\. .1. Hence, Special Agent in ('barge, 
United States Department of .lu.'!- 
tice Bureau of Criminal Identifica- 
tion. Leavenworth, Kansas, Peni- 

Send Today for 
Free Illustrated Book 

.losepli .\. Faurot, Deputy Police 
Commissioner of X'ew Yoik City. 

Kugene Van Busltirk, Superinten- 
dent National Bureau of Criininal 
Identification, Washington, D. C. 

Fredei'ick Kubne, head of .\lkuma 
Bureau of Investigation and Per- 
sonal Identification, and noted 
author and lecturer on fingerprints. 

Be a Finger Print Expert! 

All you need is training' — a little. 

simple, easv spare time study at 

, . Diinliip S<'li(M>l iti Finseriiriiils. 

home. Always a big demand tor Dcpt. ll.".. lOiii s. waita>li Am-.. 

finger print experts in detective , j,,,!,!,',';;:.',';:::^',!;, „„,, ,,,„i „,, kukk 

agencies, corporations, lianks, your illustrated Ijooklet and full infor- 

, „ , , i. .. mation about Finger Print Course and 

police departments, federal, state Finger Print outfit given free This does 

and municipal governments — posi- \ "^-f obligate me in any way. 

tions that pay good salaries — the .\'ame 

rewards ;ire all extra! Addiess 





Criminal and General High Class Investigations. Personal Identifi- 
cation by Finger Prints, 'etc. U. S. M. S. Deserters File. 
Pe )ple wanted located. Business solicited from responsible channels 

Main Headquaitcis: 4th Floor, Conroy Bltlg., 
Cable Address: 'Ada" SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 

^^Jgif^Jii TFiTiiiinim 




Meml)er of International Chiefs of Police 

International Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association 

International Association for Identification 

Business Men's Kiwanis Club 

Chamber of Commerce 

Correspondents in all principal cities in V. S. and Canada 

Organized and Incorporated March 12. 191(5 

(ieneral Offices: 219-220-221-222 Iowa Hiiihllnji " 

Bo.\ 1724 

FOSTER N. BURNS, President and General Manaser 
T L L S A - - - - OKr..\HOM\ 




Investigations Carried on All Over the World 
At Any Time — At Any Place 



We Locate Missing- People Anywhere on the Globe 

We have an efficient corps of highly trained oper- 
atives, who are at your disposal, day or night, in all 
cases requiring skill, confidence, diplomacy and secrecy. 
We serve and solicit the l)usiness of Banks. Corporations. 
Merchants, Department Stores, Hotels and Individuals. 

We have Ijoth sexes at our command, chosen for 
their integrity — capable of filling any assignment^ 
executive, social, or common employments. 

I'niformed Patrol Service furnished on demand. 
Guards, Etc. 

("onfidential Affairs Are As Safe With Is As Voiir 
Famil.v Physician or Yoiu- Attorney. 


136 McAllister street 


L\tKllNAT L I'OLH'i': & UETECTIVE UlliEC'l'Ult Y 


Kx-lS<'o«'«'t Service (Mtieer of the Goveinnieiit aiul Secretary 
of Social AAorks 
K.\-Pre>ident of tlie Policemen's Corporation 

2, PI a CO Pe]>iiiot 
Lausamie, Switzerland 

Cable Address: JSAL LACSAXXE 
Established April 1. 1916 



Correspondents in all countries 



European Manager 

General Effieioncy Company 

(San Francisco, California, U. S. A.) 
Publishers and Owners 

International Police and Detective Directories 


Geo. H. Bodeker, President 

nan. A. Bodeker. Ti-easinci 

Fred .1. Bodeker. Secretary 


(Incorporated) (Established l!il4) 

SriTK 2(l!l. 10-11-12 BROAVX..M.4RX BT'ILDING. BIR.^II NOTI \:\I. VI, A » A \l A 

Telephone.s — Main 2:^41 and 18'i7 

NKIKKI SKKVKh; «(>KK 1^ <JK HANKS. HOTKI.S. ( () UFO l{ .V TIO \ S. 

Both Criminal and Civil Cases — Finest Dictasraph Service in the South 
Refei-ence.s — Any Bank or Business House in Birminsham. Alabama 


International Association of Chiefs of Police 

Internationa! Sheriffs" .Association 

International Secret Sei-vice Association 

Inteiiiational Association for ldenlificatii>n 
Leavenworth. Kansas 

Xational Bureau of Criminal ' Idi-ni ili<;itinii 
WashinRton. D. ('. 




(Jharlotte. X. C— 416-418 Realt.v BuildiuL; 

Chattanoosa. Tenn. — 331-333 Volunteer State Life Bids. 

.Tacksonville. Fla.— 202 Bisbee Buildinsi. 

jNIontfiomery, Ala. — 222 Bell Biiildin.ii 

Mobile. .Ala. — 22fi I'ity Bank Buildinii 

^ umiimiin iiiiii n iiii i i rTTTT iiiiiii ii i iiiiniiiiii i iim i in ii i i H i ii iiii i i ii ii]iiigg ))t(?^5 


The power of hundreds of keys concentrated in siv >v<inilerf ill 
"M.ASTER SKELETON KEYS"; only set of its kind in the world. They ia- 
sin-e your safety : handy in emergencies : prevent soriow and loss : open and 
test thousands of different door locks and jjadlocks : eliminate w oi'ry : assure 
security ; a convenience and necessity. Invaluable to ever.vone havins locks 
of any kind to test and open ; lost keys may occur at any time ; replace hun- 
dreds of keys and will last a lifetime. They have satisfied thousauds of pui- 
chasers all over the world and are used and reconmiendi'd by F(di<'t' (►fticer*;. 
Detectives, SlierilYs. Constables. Wutcliiiieii. Fireiiu'ii. I.ocksinltlis. .laiiitors 
and Real Estate .Men. Xo key user should be without them and no home is 
complete ynless a set of these indispensible ".Al ASTER SKELKTOX KEYS'' 
are kept toi' unexpected emergencies. 

We will .send a complete set of SIX IMHYIDCAI. AIASTKR SKEI.KTOX 
KEYS, including a novel key ring and a real leathei- pocket carrying (.'as''. 
with any name and initial, hand stamijed theieon in gold letters, on leceipi ,>) 
.f2.0n, nostage prepaid and safe arrival guaranteed. Order a sel (mhiy. 

When sending money orders ]ilease make payable to 
(JLOBE XOYELTY CO.MPAXY. 50 (Jcdden tJate .Vve.. San Kraiicisc.i, (a!, 






J5KK 1 1 i>i,<>> .vi; K A> n fix(;f. r{-PRixT K\ri;K'i 
1 X \' E S T I (i A T I O X S 

KiiiiHT-l'riiitiim Done for Police Kfpiirliiieiits. l>ftpcti\ <■ Riircaiis. ISaiiks, 

Hospitals, liistitulioiis. Etc. 


.Member of International Association tor Identification and Intenatioiial 
Society for Personal Identification 


Hell Plione— Helinoiif s241.K 



SI. I, oris. MissoiKi 

Plionc <»li»c :t.s!»:. 



>ii>rEi{!S' BAXK Bi ii.mxi; 

Telephone 161 


•>-2:\ EXCHANOE BANK BM»(i. 

Phone Main li:i<iT 

Retail Credit Men's Xational Association 
nternational Association for Identification 
International Secret Service Association 


A Bureau of High Grade, 
Efficient Serr<'t Sei-vice for 
Corporations, A 1 1 o r n e y s , 
Mercantile itutions, 
Industrial Work and 
Private Parties, Both 
Criminal and Civil Cases. 

Representative Connection 
in all Principal Cities of 
the United States, Cana<hi 
and Eurf>pe. All Business 
Strictly Con f idential. 
Dictagraph Service. : : : : 









Detec-tive Agencies 
Police Offifials 
Sheriffs .. 

District Attorneys 

United States Marslials 

State Institutions 

Private Detectives 
Identification Bureaus 



Detective Agencies 

I'olice Officials 

Sheriffs . ... 

United States Marshals 

State Institutions ....: 

Identification Bureaus 

Detective Agencies 

Police Officials 

Sheriffs , , 

United States Marshals 
State Institutions 
Private Detectives 
Identification Bureaus 
Attorneys at Law 

Police Officials . .■ 

United States Marshals 
Private Detectives 
Federal Institutions 
\T LAW of the World 

Algeria ... 

Detective Agencies 



Australia Detective Agencies ;■ vi^,; 

Australia (South) (Commissioners of Police 


Detective Agencies 

Identification Department 




Police r:)epartnient 

AXA Private Detectives 
Thief of I'olice 

ITivate Detectives 



Detective Agencies _ 
Police Chiefs— Constables 


District Attorneys -^ 
P^nited States Marshals 
State Institutions 
Identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 

Detective Agencies 

Police Chiefs 

Sheriffs -^ 

United States Marshals 
State Institutions 
Identification Bureaus 






17 tl 



4 3 


2!) -2 


. 356-35'.t 

















;::.. 457-458 







1 59 



As the special representative of this System you can be assured 
of a steady and reliable income throughout the year. 

If it is your desire to increase .your income, our practical plan 
will cnal)le you to achieve your purpose — in whatever time you have 
to spare. Its success has l)een proved by tlie actual experience of 
thousands of Ijusy men and women. 

No experience is necessary. We teach you how to start and co- 
operate with you at all times. All particulars and supplies will l,e 
furnished absolutely free of charge. Simply write TODAY to 

The Continental Secret Service System 

Waukegan, Illinois 


ICmerpency Phone Montgomery 1247 S. .1. M ULRICA, 

Hudson County Detective Bureau or Ag-ency, Inc. 

H2 Kverett Face. K;is1 UntiHiford, >'. J. 
.">:« .Nt'wark Aw., .Tersej City. N. ,1. Passaif. N. J. 

This bureau, with correspondents in all parts of the world, is prepared' K) 
undertake all legitmiate detective business for corporations lawvers or pri- 
vate mdividuals. Investigations (civil or criminal), divorce cases." shadowing 
evidence, adju.stment of labor difficulties, sign protection, service for busT- 
iiesses. stores or factories, burglar alarms, dictograph, system etc 
We execute warrants in any pai't of the state, as we have' power of constable 

1 emplo.v all known scientiflc methods and use all modern detective appli- 
ances m collecting evidence and information. Competent staff of male and 
lemale detectives. Missing people located. Consultation bv appointment Out 
of state clients may write or wire. Rates. $12 to $25 per'dav of eight hours 


I Fit Your Person and Youi- Purse 
28 Sucraniento Sti-eet : : : : 


San Francisco, Cal. j 





Detective Agencies 

Police Chiefs 


District Attorneys .. . 
United States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 








1 .");i 



Detective Agencies iofi_iii7 

Police Chiefs 9^2 -Vrl 

Sheriffs S^il^r.T 

Private Detectives . T^s 

Identification Bureaus .... 154 

Chief Constables Association ''41-'>4fi 

Penetentiaries " J^- 

Detective A^-encies 

United States Marshals .. 
Private Detectives 
Federal Institutions 
Colon — Chief of Police 

Private Detectives 
Police Department 

Consultation and Advice 


<'HI\A Chiefs of Police 


Detective Agencies 
Police Chiefs 









Sheriffs ^80-is"i 

United States Marshals ...■...'.. ?fii 


State Institutions 


State Institutions 

U. S. Secret Service ... . 

United States Marshals 


DETECTIVE AGENCY Exchang-e Rate Code 




Detective Agencies 108-1 lo 

Chief Constables, England. Wales, Scotland 215-230 

Officials 234-"^35 

Government Institutions -'37-240 

International Sheriffs & Peace Officers Ass'n ' 371 

(.^onvict Prison .. 485-487 

EtrYPT Detective Agencies ' ii-. 

Equipment .. ' ' ' .J^^-^ 

European Attorneys at Law... oii_9v» 

ESTHONT.V '''.!-"-"''"'"'"'''";'!;";';; ' "f;4 

Detective Agencies y\ 

^;?i'^e Chiefs ; :..;.; . sii, 

Sheriffs^ 381-382 

Fl{ ANCK- 



United States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 

Private Detectives 

FINL.\X1) Detective A.ijencies 







I>eteiti\e Agencies 113-117 

Police Department 265- ''66 

fi>(;ku-pui-\t experts ur,-h:i 

Federal Institutions — C S, i;>(;_]|i7 

Detective Agencies ,^4 

l^olice Chiefs '''^^^-.Z^^''^^^.^'^^^^Z310-n^ 

Sheriffs 382-385 

I'nited States Marshals 361 

.State Institutions .....173-174 

Private Detectives 130-131 

Detective Agencies 






Business Strictly Contldentiul 

728 Galle Zaeateros 
Santa Cruz, Manila, P. I. 

A Competent Detective Service — Both Sexes 

Correspondence in Great Britain. Australia and the Cnited States 

We Are Prepared to Render Aid in Any Legitimate Investigations 
Confidential Reports Made with Care and Diligence 

We Give You the Information as We Find It. or We Do Not 
Give It to You at All 

Watchman Furnished 

Photographing Checks, Documents, Individuals, Finger Prints, 
Foot Prints. Dead Bodies, Scenes of Crimes and Acci- 
dents. Articles for Evidence, and Foot Print Casts 

Lessons in Tracking and Tracing Criminals 
Evidence. Investigations, Statements, Search Warrants 

Success requires constant vliffilance — Keep posted, it pays 


General Efficiency Company 

(San Francisco, California, I'. S. A.) 
Publishers and Owners 

International Police and Detective Directoric 

^^■^iij^^mi^\jmmmr:iL! i=ninm n \ u\nm \ \ iimimxmmiiii iii in ii n iii i' . ^ iyiTfS 


Kepublic it;? 

OKEECE, Police Business "'67 

GUIANA PARAMARIBO, Police Officials hi 


Detective Agencies •. .-,4 

Private Detectives ],;,S 

Federal Institutions {1,- 

Sheriffs ^sk 


HONDURAS, Police Officials ' ■■■■•" " os; 



HUNGARY, Sketch Hr- 

International S. S. Association : ;n-4'' 

i I) .V H O — • ~ 

Private Detective Agencies .,,% 

Police Chiefs ' ■ 311-jr' 

Sheriffs Z"";;";i''386^387 

District Attorneys -. , 4g(, 

United States Marshals .....; :',i>-' 

State Institutions 174 

Identification Bureaus ......../.........,!.. i.','.i 

Association of I>etectives .jG-.')? 

Detective Agencies 58-l!l 


Police Chiefs 




Sheriffs .;''''" I^ .^SST-Ssii 

District Attorneys 461-^6' 

I'nited States Marshals ytj'' 

State Institutions ....174-\~:, 

Identification Bureaus .,154-lo6-I.");i 

I'rivate Detectives 131 

Detective Agencies 61-6'' 

Sheriffs 38;i-3!)T 

United States Marshals 362 

State Institutions ITi'j-lTf; 

Identification Bureaus i{j(i 

Private Detectives 131-i:!2 

Detective Agencies ... (;)_(;•) 

Police Chiefs " ^' 

3 !i 2-3 it 4 




United States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 

Private Detectives 1 , , 

ITALY— Detective Agencies ,04 

INDIA — Detective Agencies I^l 

International Association for Identification i4-,_i4o 

Instructions .,^? 

International A.ssociation of Police Women 914 

IRELAND — Constabulary Inspectors •7-ji 

Ireland Magistrate. Police ',%■} 

International Association of Chiefs of Police ooll 

Jl^l^TTi'?."^'.,'^^^,''''^-'' '^"'' Peace OfBcers Association— r. s :j«ii-37(i 
ICELAM), Sketch "Aj. 

ITALY— Police Departments .7«« 

ISLE OF PINES— The Alcalde T,,^. 

JAPAN— Detective Agencies i',! 

JAMAICA, Constahularv . .,,7,, 

JUGO-SL.\TI.\ ". . r':,- 

KANSAS— -•'•' 

Detective Agencies tj; 

Police Chiefs .317-31^ 

hherirfs 3'i4-3')7 

District Attorneys 463-464 

United States Marshals : 36> 

Identification Bureaus jyn 

Private Detectives "!!!.!!.!!"..! 13-' 

Detective Agencies ; i;-; 

Police Chiefs -'{^ 

Sheriffs " ■; ;:::::::::;;.;;3!i7-4ou 

District Attorneys 468-46'! 

United States Marshals . 36-) 

Private Detectives .... -i-iZ 

KEY AM) T1:LE(JRAPH (ODE . 4!)8-4!t!) 



Detective ,\.gencics 


IN'rKKNA'l' L FUlACbj ^ UE'l'EC'i'l V h: IJI lihlCJOU ^ 

Day 4140 — PHONES — Night 22 24 
Post Office Box 1582 



Licensed and Bonded 


Civil and Criminal Investigations for Banks, Railroads, Factories, 

Corporations, Attorneys and Individuals 

All Investigations Confidentially Conducted Under the Personal 

Supervision of Fred Thomas, formerly Chief of 

Detectives, Tampa, Florida 

Correspondents in All Principal Cities of the United States 

Offices in Campbell Bids. Franklin Cor. Lafayette St, 

Tibhets Corner TAMPA, FLA. 

2 5 Years' Experience in Detective Work 

Night or Day 
X-51 — Phones — 1102 


W. RAY HEINRICH, Principal 


Only Legitimate Investigations Solicited 

Lock Box 272 

Mound Valk'v, Kans. 

Attorneys Secured and Recommended 
Correspondents in All Principal Cities 

Dietofiraph Lawyers' Service Protection Commercial In(iuiiie« | 
Strictly Secret Service — Highest Ktticien<y — Botli Civil and Criminal j| 



Police Chiefs 318-31!i 

Si^eriffs 400-40' 

United States Marshals U~i 

State Institutions 177-178 

Private Detectives \-i- 

1-T XEMBOrRii, Identification Bureau .".."V.. -fa], 


3iiNNi;soTA_^'^^'^"' ^"'^^''^^ Detectives ..:.;:;::;:::::;;:::::::::;;:::::;:: ,;.s 

Detective Asencies 70 

Police Chiefs 


District Attorneys _. 

United States Marshals _' 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 
MISSISSIPPI- ^"^'"'^ Detectives 

Police Chiefs 


United States Marshals . 
State Institutions .... 
Mounted State Police Force 


Detective Agencies 
Police Chiefs . .. 


District Attorneys 

United States Marshals 

State Institutions . 

Identification Bureaus 



Detective Agencies 

Police Chiefs 


United States Marshals 

State Institutions .. 

Identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 











3 2 6 





















-41 t 







I>etective Agencies . 7- 

Police Chiefs 3'7-3->8 

Sheriffs 114-415 

District Attorneys 47(1 

United States Marshals ;jy4 

State Institutions j^j 

Identification Bureaus luf 

Private Detectives 



State Detective Association 65-67 

Detective Agencies 57 

Police Chiefs "......" sifi 

Sheriffs '...' 40'>_4oa 

United States Marshals " 333 

State Institutions ]7j| 

Detective Agencies 

Police Chiefs 

Sheriffs ZZI403-404 

District Attorneys " 4^4 

United States Marshals '. ! :u]:', 

State Institutions 17S-17;t 

Detective Agenci'^s 6S-7ii 

I'olice Chiefs .. 3'u-32'' 

Sheriff's ' " 404 

United States Marshals 363 

State Institutions .179-180 

Identification Bureaus igii 

Private Detectives ! ' 133 

Detective Agencies 76-77 

Police Chiefs ::2;i-33i 

Sheriffs 420 

District Attorneys 171 

United States Marshals . .jg;, 

State Institutions iS4 


giJ IlL'lJTrnnniniTTnf'i[[rTpiHiiiiTiTiiniiiiiTirriiiiiiTriiiMrniTinii!rniiii(cJ ))^ 



Greetings for 1922 

Next to a good lover, the world at large loves a good secret 
agent — that suave, polished gentleman who arrives in the nick of 
time to make things bad for the ugly villain — and popular opinion 
puts him in a niche, with other heroes, where he justly belongs. 

We wish to state that we staunchly uphold these traditions — 
that we are the l)arricade which strives to preserve our society 
immune from the minions of evil who would seek its disintegration. 


Covering All Hi«' I'l-incipal Points on the Anieiican 
('ontiiient, and Ramifies .Around tlie \Voi'l<l. 

It )-epresents and protects millions of invested capital, employs 
thousands of qualified men and women investigators, has a central 
oflice for the rapid dissemination of information and lousiness. It has 
a governing board composed of men of world-wide experience, wit'i 
the most acute perception and scintillating array of faculties that it 
is possil)le to obtain, to devise ways and means to keep our organiza- 
tion up to its high standard of efficiency, so that you can approach 
any member of the I. S. S. A. in full confidence that you will secure 
the best talent possible on earth, and at the lowest reasonalile cost. 

We solicit l)usiness from large associations, such as Bankers, 
Insurance Companies, Railroads and Steamship Lines. You can 
order an investigation in any office of a member of the I, S. S. .A., 
and in a few minutes your work will l)e under way in New York, 
Chicago, San Francisco, Canada, or anywhere in the known world. 


•lohn II. Taylor, ProsidenJ Pliilacleiphia, l*a. 

I Supt. Philadpli)hia Police for 2.3 Years) 

.\. (i. Il<»ake, Firs! Yice-I'resident Toronto, Canada 

( Pres. Toronto Detective Agency. Ltd. ) 

<Iao. E. Ferris, Second \'ic«'-President Milwaukee, Wis. 

(Formerly U. S. Justice & Military Intelligence Bureau) 

Jas, F. Qiiigley, Treasurer Indianapolis, Ind. 

(Formerly Chief of Police. Indianapolis, Ind.) 
F. H. Smiley, Secretary Chicago, III. 





Identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 








- 36o 

.185-1 « 



Detective Agencies ()(, 

Police Chiefs •}•}•> ■>';■> 

bneriffs 49q_4'>7 

United States Marshals .. " 

State Institutions 

Private Detectives 

Detectives Agencies 

Police Chiefs 


United States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus .. 
Private Detectives 


Detective Agencies 7- 

Chiefs of Police ."""..."..3""..... 328-3"!) 

"■^ ""'""" "'I""""""";";;4] 6-417 


United States Marshals 
State Institutions 
Identification Bureaus 

Detective Agencies 
Chiefs of Police ... 


United States Marshals 




State Institutions .... 100 

Private Detectives 



Detective Agencies 
Chiefs of Police .. 

District Attorneys 47, 

United States Marshals Ul 

State Institutions 11-, 



Identification Bureaus tci 

A LAX I)— Detective Aeenci^s \.-.- 


Detective Agencies '.'.".".'.'.'."'."".'.""'' ..125-126 

. " "' 271 


■ 126 

-Detective Agencies 
New Zealand, Sheriffs 
Netherlands, Chiefs of Police 
N ICARAGUA — Detective Agencies 
NORTH DAKOTA^-'"^'"'-^^'^^^*^'^ Agencies' ..•::. 

]:)etective Agencies ... 
Chiefs of Police . . 
District Attorneys 
United States Marshals 

State Institutions 10- 

NEW MEXICO- ^"^'"'^ Detectives 

Detective Agencies 

Chiefs of Police .. 


District Attorneys 
^.,,, ., . State Institutions . 

NORWAY— Chiefs of Police 
Number Code 




27* I 

:, 1 X 

Detective Agencies . 
Chiefs of Police 

Sheriffs .. 

United States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 


Private Detectives - -''^'^'.'^^''''^Z"!''';;!!!;!; 134 





Detective Agencies 


District Attorneys 
United States Marshals 
State Institutions 
Identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 







■ 13.-, 




101 St. Vincent St. GJ.ASGOW 

For Private Inquiries, Secret Watchings, Procuring of Evidence for 

llivorce. Workmen's Compensation, etc., etc.. this Agency Stands 

Facile Princeps for Ability in Conducting Intricate Matters 

The Agency is Well Recognized by the Legal Profession 

References Furnished 

Agents in all principal towns and cities throughout the world 


Telephone: 2779 Central Telegrams: "Detect, " Glasgow 

Thirty-five Years' Experience in Successful Detective Work 

Member: — Illinois State Association for Identification; Illinois 
Association of Detectives; International Secret Service Association: 
International Association for Identification; International Society 
for Personal Identification. 

GEORGE E. HARGRAVE, (Jeiu-ial >Ian;;sor 



Randolph Bids. 

145 N. CLARK ST. 

Phone State 7047 

Victoria Bldfj;. 
8TH & LO( rST STS. 
Phone Olive 2992 

A High Class Detective Service in All Its Branches 


Palmerston Buildings, 47 (^uoon St., Auckland, New Zealand 

Established over Quartor i-entury. Business undertaken for whole of 
]r)ominion of Xew Zealand and Australia, Fiji, Samoa, and other Soutnern 
Pacific Islands if necessary. All legitimate detective work undertaken. 
Male and female operatives. Amei'ican, English and Continental Secret 
Service experience. 

HERBERT MARSHALL BROOKS, Principal, Sheriff's Officer 

Exchange Rate — $8 to $10, Current Exchange. Ref.: Bank of N. Z. 

TIio only firm in the Southern Hemisphere using' the "Dictograph" 

Telegraph Address "WATCHM.VX" 




Detective Agencies 

Chiefs of Police 


District Attorneys 

United States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 

Private Detectives 

Coast Detective Bureau for Asiatic People 

Detective Agencies 

Chiefs of Police 


Pnited States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus . 
Private Detectives 


Federal Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 
Detective Agencies 

PEUr — Detective Agencies 

POHTI'(JAL — Detective Agencies 

Portugal. Police Service 

POLAND — Detective Agencies 

Poland. I'olice Service 


Federal Institutions 

United States Marshals 
Police Officers 



Panama. Chiefs of Police, Balboa and Ciislobal 

Detective Agencies 

Chiefs of Police 


United States Marshals 

State Institutions 

KKPrHlilC OF F.AN.^.MA — Detective Agencies . 

ROr.M.VMA — Detective A.i;eiu-ies - - 

Koumania. Note 

RUSSI.V— Note 



Detective .Agencies 


SEUVIA — Detective Agencies 

S W I T Z E R L AN D — Detective A gencies 

SPAIN — Detectivi? Agencies 

Spain. Xote 

Police and Secret Service 

Chiefs of Police 


ITnited States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Private Detectives 


Chiefs of T'olice 

Sheriffs . 

District Attorneys 

United States Marshals . 

State Ihstitutions 

Private Detectives 

Special Agents and Chiefs of I'olice — P. 11. 

SOITH A.MERIC.\ — Attorneys at Law 


SWEDEN — Commissioners of Police 

SWITZERLAND — Police Department 

SYRIA — Chief of Police 

SITUATIONS WANTED — Finger-Print Kxperts. 
SITI^XTIOXS WAXTRD-=-Private Detectives . 


Detective Agencies \ 
Chiefs of Police 

Sheriffs ... 









.. 1)5-1 UO 













■ llt8 











. • 13.7 












K. D. KIXC, Tieas 

WI\f. .1. KIXC, T'lvs. 






Tel. 32 77. Cable Address: Wilkliig 


Des Aloines 

J>on('oTi, Eng-. 




Ma iison 

lleno. X'ev. 


Durban, Xatal 

Manila. 1'. I. 

Salt Dake City 




Shanghai. China 

Capetown. S. 

\. Kl Paso 

M ilu aukee 

St. Louis 

(Silicas o 






.\ew Vork 

Tokio, Japan 


Hong- Konu. China 

.■^'agisaka, Japan 




Oklalioma City 







Kansas City 

I'ari-'. Ki-ance 

Washington. D. ( 


I^iverpool, I'^ni;. 


^'<)l\ollanla. .la [tan 

Address all remittances and tcmiinunicatinns to lliis agenc.\'. 

Correspondents in all iiarts of tlie \\ti;-ld 

l^^\.pert Male and Female Opeiati\'cs of all Xationalities and Trades 

Suito 312 


p. (). Box 1274 


Januarj- 1, 19 2 2. 
To the 
Slieriffs, Police and Detective Agencies in All Part.s of tlie World. 


The William J. King International Detective 
Agency takes this method of letting yon know that Mr. King is back 
in harness once more and with over two hundred operatives scat- 
tered all over the world, are ready to take any class of legitimate 
detective work in any part of the world or is prepared to make trans- 
lations to or from any any written language to English. 

If at any time you wish the services of a bonded operative any- 
where we will be pleased to send you the address of a bonded man 
that will get results and report the case to you as he finds it. 

We use only bonded men and solicit the work of attorneys, banks. 
corporations, mercantile houses, railroads and private individuals, 
but do not engage in divorce cases or work for rewards. 

Yours very truly, 
W. J. KING, Principal 


District Attorneys 
United States Marshals 

State Institutions . 

Identification Bureaus . 
Private Detectives 





A Ell MONT— 

Detective Agencies 

Chiefs of Police 

Sheriffs ■ 

rnited States Marshals 
State Institutions 
r'rivate Detectives 

Detective Agencies 
Minister of Foreign Aftair 



Detective Agencies 


Chiefs of Police 

Sheriffs ■, • •• 

[Tnited States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 
Xote - 

netective Agencies 
Chiefs of Police 


District Attorneys 
United States Marshals 
State Institutions 
Private Detectives 

Chiefs of Police 


United States Marshals 
State Institutions 



Detective Agencies . ., .•,■ .■ 

National Bureau nf Crmunal Ident ificalion 

Detective Agencies 
Chiefs of Police 


District Attorneys 
United States Marshals 
State Institutions 
identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 



Detective Agencies 
Chiefs of Police 


United States Marshals 
State Institutions 
Private Detectives 

Detective Agencies 

Chiefs of Police 


District Attorneys 

United States Marshals 

State Institutions 

Identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 

Detective Agencies 
Chiefs of Police 


United States Marshals 
State Institutions 
Identification Bureaus 
Private Detectives 

">V\IiES — Detective Agencies 

AVEST INDIES — Atlorneys at Law 
State Institutions 
Detective Agencies 





i;»2 !!•?. 












16 t 













Copyright, 1922 

36 McAllister St. San Francisco, Cal. 







J'ul>lio announcement is nuule that this organization stands back of 
eacli member whose name is listed in these columns, and that it will guar- 
antee good, clean, legitimate detective work in all cases. The officers of the 
Association will appreciate notice of any instance in which indifferent or 
inc()m])etent service is furnished by any member affiliated with it. . 




Philadelphia, Pa. 



'■-. mmmm (/) 




Indianapolis, Ind. 

A. G. BOAKE zlS^ 
Toronto, Canada »* A ; 
Second Vice-President '^ %J^ 
Milwaukee, Wis. ^ 






Chicago, 111. 

JACOB MINTZ, C'lalrman 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Altoona, Pa. 

Toledo, Ohio 

Pittsliurgh, Pa. 


New Orleans, La. 


Cleveland, Ohio 


New York City 


Denvei', Colo. 


Birmingham. Ala. 


{ t. Louis. -Mo. 

3 2 






209-212 Brown-Marx Building 

Birmingham, Alabama 






200 Riegler Building 
Little Rofk, Ark. 








314 Ta jo Building 
Los Angeles, Calif. 



309-12 Pantages Building 

Oakland, Calif. 


60 2 California Street 
San Francisco, Calif. 

F. A. CfK)KE 

1112 Market Street 
San Francisco, Cal. 




Monadnook Building 
San Francisco, Cal. 



524 Gas Building 
Denver, Colorado 




Citizens Bank Building 
Tampa, Florida 



P. O. Box 427 

Daytona, Fla. 




39 First National Bank Building 

Davenport, Iowa 




Peoples Bank Building 

Indianapolis, Ind. 














812 Otis Buildins 
Chicago, Illinois 






ED. J. har(;rave 


812 Otis Building 
Chicago, Illinois 


Security Building 
Chicago. Illinois 



.30 No. La Salle Street 

Chicago, Illinois 



Delaware Building. 36 W. Randolph Street 

Chicago. Illinois 


DAN 8. liEHOxN 

300 Canal Street 
New Orleans. La. 





100 Boyleston Street 
Boston, Mass. 




Dime Bank BuildinK 
Detroit, Mich. 


HARRY N. iaL>L\X, Jr. 

Title Building 
Baltimore, Md. 



American Railway Express Co. 

P. O. Box 249 

Cumberland. Md. 




405-408 Oppenheim Building 

St. Paul, Minn. 



Audrus Building 

Minneapolis, Minn. 











IX'I'ERXAT'L \'C)]A('K .^- I )1<:TI<;( 'Tl VK DIKKCTORY 









<;. W . DISHEll 


(^"entr;il National Bank Building 

St.. I.ouis, Mo. 

\v. Si. li.vrciiiLix 


New Yoi'k Lilt' Building 

Kansas City, Mo. 

< .\rr\i.\ wxi/iKit wniTSETT 

4(12 Hall Building 
Kansas City. M(j. 



St. Ijouis, Mo. 

I*, s. (i^:Klil.^(;s 


B.,O..Bo.\ 91:! 

jjewi.stown, Montana, 




7!i9 Broadway, at Uth Street 

XVw York City, X. V. 



l\ J. F.\HLE<:V 


1416 Lroiulway 
New Yorl;: City, N. V. 




:U9 Main Street 

Buffa'.o, N. Y. 




lG-18 Exclianga Plare 

New York, N. Y. 



2 Rector Street 
New York C!ity, N. Y. 



AV, K. Ill STKI> 


410-11 Syracuse Savings Bank Building 

Syracuse, N. Y. 



311 State Street 
Schenectady, N. Y. 






1123-1125 Cham1)er of Commerce 

RochestPr, N. Y. 



WM. M. H \l f;HKV, Sr. 


l-2-n-4, 1 S. Tennessee Avenue 

Atlantic City. N. J. 

jiiji s m;i,so\ 


307 Washington Street 
Ho'ioken. X. J. 





( HAHr.KS .1. (C)S(;R<)VE 

SG Park Place «., 

Newark. X. J. 




2 2 6-2l'S Iowa BuiUlin.i? 

Tulsa. Okhihoma 



Bliss Building 

Tuls:i, Okahonia 




:tu;;-l2 First National Bank Building 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 



Tradesman Bank Building 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 







30 East Broad Street 
Columbu.s, Ohio 




417-19 Schofield Building 
Cleveland, Ohio 




3 2 Carew Building 

Cincinnati, Ohio 



W.M. .1. KING 

2 07 Comstock Building 
Columbus, Ohio 




IXTKIiXAT'L ]'C)IACK K- I )I'7J'J'J( 'T I V'JO I )1 UHC'lf JlO 


.urns J. K.WK 


320 Dollar Baiik Building 

Young.stowu, Ohio 



Cuyahoga Building 

Cleveland, Ohio 



40T Commercial Building 

(^olumbus. Ohio 



J. H. gLl\N 


P. O. Box 687 
Akion, Ohio 

li. li. SE( OU 


-lOG-7 SfH'Oiid National Bank Building 
Toledo Ohi() 




P.IKN \KI> >I. (;()!. DOW SKY 


4!) WestniinstPr Sti'eet 

I'i'ovideiico., 11. 1. 




H. H. FI.K( K 


Central TruKt Building; 

Altoona, Pa. 



:'.:'. 6 Fourth Avenue 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 



410 Berger Building 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

M. A. KAl TEH 


?,04 Connell Building 

Scrauton, T'a. 



Baxter Building. So. Penn Sq. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 








First Wisconsin National Bank Building 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 










70 Victoria Street 
Toronto. Canada 












179 St. James Street 
Montreal, Canada 




P. O. Box 1156 

Manila. Philippine Islands 




89. Rue Ampere 

Paris. France 




2, Place Pepinet 
Lausanne, Switzerland 



One Line Listings are loi- .\.i;<'ncies not sendiuj;' in proper data. 


J. T. Holladay. 131 F Street, Anniston, Alabama. 


Bodeker's National Detective Agency, Inc. Home Office, 209-10 Brown-Mark 
Bldg., Birmingham, Alamaba. Phone Main 2241. Rate $10 to $15 (B-10> 
(8-10) 1913. G. H. Bodeker, Pres.; 


Bodeker's National Detective Agency, Inc., 222 Bell Bldg., Montgomery. 
Alabama. Phone 836. Rate $10 to $15. 

\V. W. Morgan, Box 1212, Montgomery, Alabama. 


Bodeker's National Detective Agency, Inc., City Bank Bldg., Mobile, 




Griff is Detective Bureau, 24 East Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona. 


1^. G. Moore, Lock Box S, Tucson, Arizona. 


Fort Smith 

National Protective Association, 720 First National Bank Building, Fort 
Smith, Arkansas. I. J. Friedman (Attorney), Principal. 

Hot Springs 

The Eureka Detective Agency, Citizens Nt'l Bank Bldg., Hot Springs, Ark. 
Rate $10 (B) 1917, L. B. Rose G. Bauer, Principal, 


Little Rock 

I'KCK \ATION.AL DETECTIVE BUREAU, 223 Exchange Bank Builrting. 
Little Rock, Arkansas. Phone Main 9207. Rate .$10 (B) (8). R. M. 
Peck, Principal; N. H. Peck, Secretary and Treasnrer; H. P. Bahb, 
District Superint<^ndent. 

(Sec Advertisement on Pase Hi.) 

Rembrandt's National Detective Agency, 30-32 Urquhart Bldg., Little Rock, 
Arkansas. Phone Main 3982. Rate $10 (B). J. Rembrandt, Principal. 

The Vick & Clay Detective Agency, Inc., 200-1-2 Reigler Bldg., Little Rock, 
Arkansas. Phone 2403. Rate $10 (B) (12) 1900. W. A. Clay, Supt. 


One Line liistings are for .Agencies not sending in |»r(>i)('r data. 

All Detective Agencies in California must be Licensed and Bonded. 


Robert R. H'^^gins, 24 Redlicks Building. Bakersfield, California. 
E. A. Cook, Detective. P, O. Box 13, Bakersfield, California. 


C. C. Wliite (Private Detective), Clovis, California. 


Eagle Rock 

Krviiie iJiiiRle, 221 East Adams Street. Eagle Rock. California. 


Variiain Detective Agency. 210 Trust Btiilding. Fresno, California. 

The Ward J. Lee Detective Service, 411 Bank of Italy Building, Fresm> 
California. Rate $12 (B) (12) 1921. Ward J. Lee, Principal. 

L. L. Scott, 17 First National Bank Building, Fresno, California. 
Harry .J. Shepherd, 'Ml Cory Building. F'resno, California. 


T. Leslie De Cew, 1645 San Fernando Boulevard, Glendale, California. 

-\. O. Martin. Glendale, California. 

Lamanda Park 

Mrs. L. L. Bricker Private Detective Agency, 2870 Nina Street, Lamanda Park, 
Calif. General Investigations. Mrs. L. L. Bricker, Principal. 


Los Angeles 

p. W. 3IOHAN DETECTIVE AGENCY, 545-546 San Fernando Buildini-, 
Main at I'ourth Street, Los Angeles, California. Rate $10 plus expenses. 
Corresponrl* Hts (B). P. W. Mohan, Principal, formerly manager Wm. 
J. Burns International Detective Agency, Inc., Los Angeles, California, 
and Houston, Texas. Late Superintendent Ameiican Protective League, 
Stockton, California. Direct connections throughout the world. AVe do 
a general detective business in all its various branches. Banking refer- 
ences. Reliable and efficient. Select your detective as you would your 
physician or lawyer. Phone, Day 61184; Nights and Sundays, 75446. 
(See Advertisement on Page 10.) 

The J. B. Armstrong Detective Service, 318 Bryson Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Phone 66319. Rate $10 (B) 1919. J. B. Armstrong, Principal. 

Automobile Theft Bureau, 1344 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California. 

Blairs Detectives, 124 West Fourth Street, Los Angeles, Calif. Phone Main 
9165. Rate $10 (B) (12) 1900. Paul Blair, Principal. 

The Belger Detective Agency, 414-15 Fay Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. Phone 
11999. Rate $10 (B). General Investigations. L. E. Belger, Principal. 

R. G. Boyd, 4015 West Third Street, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Charles H. Bartholomew, L W. Hellman Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Charles R. Burge, 301 American Bank Building, Los Angeles. California. 

Herbert S. Comings, Special Investigations, 418 Wright & Callender Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Calif. Rates $10 to $25 (B) (12) 1917. H. S. Comings, 

J. Harry Clement, 726 San Fernando Building, Los Angeles, California. 
A. J. Cody. 1212 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California. 

Louis A. Duni, Washington Bldg., Los Angeles, ^alif. 

M. E, Firman Detective Sei-vice, 208-12 American Bank Bldg., Los Angele.s, 
Calif. Phone 13465. Exchange Rate (B). M. E. Firman, Principal. 

Hughes Garr, 213 Stimaon Building, Los Angeles, California. 

Bert H. Franklin Detective Agency, Chamber of Commerce Bldg.. Los Angeles, 

Fletcher E. Felts, Califomia Bids-., T^^s Anpclcs, Calif. 

Xifk Harris Detectives, Pantages Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 


l-.l <iK.\K 1'. SWEEXKV, I'riviJti' Detectives. Civil ami Criminal liivestiga- 
(iuii.<i. An I'.vperf in every branch of the profession. Twenty-three years 
xvith the leadinjj as:<'"ci<"s of America, l^ate manager of Wm. J. Burns 
International IJelectiv** Agency, Denver, Colorado. See me for youi- 
secret Sci vice work in any line. Bradbury Building, 304 South Broad- 
way. Los Angeles, California. Lic«'nsed and bonded. Member of Los 
Angeles Clianiber of Commerce. 

Millijr's lJ(;lei:tive Servifo. :',o-j. Mason (Ji>era House Building, Los Angeles. 


Malcolm McLaren Iiive.stigat iiig Bureau. ;J 1 4 Tajo Building, Los Angele>, 

C. Oliver, :!7S Wilcox Building, Los Angeles. California. 

.Join Powell, 3123 V2 West Third Street, Los Angeles, California. 
Specializing, Auto Tiiefts and Insurance Investigations. 

Win. J. Savage Detective Agency, 704 South Main Street, Los Aageles, Calif. 
Phone 10184, Day and exchange rate not given. Wm. J. Savage, Principal. 

A. E. Smith, 41o Union League Club Building, Los Angeles, California. 
Ki'-iiaid Taylor, ."jU2 International Bank Building, Los Angeles, California. 
Chailes I,., :!0<) Wall Street, Los Angeles. Calif. 

Long Heach 

Murpliy's Private Detective & Information Bureau, 532 Markwell Bldg., Long 
Beach, Calif. Phone Home 284. $10 (B) (10) 1910. IvI. J. Murphy. 

Y. A. Pearl Detectives, 224 First Xt'l Bank Bldg., Long Beach, California. 
Plione Home 244. Rate $10 (P) 1918. V. A. Pearl, Principal, 

Williau! llagelsiel), :U,5 First National Bank Building, Long Beach, California. 


G. F. Houston. Box 472 Madera, Calif. 


INTKHNAT I- I'OI.K'K (^- 1 )1':TK( "fl V K I )l RECTOK V 


Building, Oaklaml, Calit'oi-uia. Estahlisln-d over qiiaitei* of century. 
I'ndei'tiikes all h'gitmiatr casrs intriist«-d to it by ("orpoi-alions, At- 
torneys and Individuals, Hijih class male and female operatives. Mem- 
ber of the International Association f«)r Identification and member of 
the Interaational Secret Service Association. Con-espondents every- 
where. Licensefl and bonde<l. Phone Lakeside 5140. 

Annie F.. Logan, General Investigations, 446 Alcatraz Ave., Oakland, Calif. 
Phone Piedmont 2973-W. Rate $10 (B) 1918. Licensed and Bonded. 

E. Bennett, 209 Bank of Italy Bldg., Oakland, Calif. 

Morris Eugene Brazil!, Blake Block, Oakland. Califoiniu. 

E. M. Cook, 4060 East Eleventh Street, Oakland. California. 

(llobe Inspection Co., 412 Eastern Bldg., Oakland, Calif. 
A. Matthiesen, 402 Twelfth Street, Oakland, California. 

John H. Muller, RooniH 1 and 2, Bacon Block, Oakland, Caliloi'uia . 

F. C. Schwarting, .56y Sixth Street. Oakland, (^ilifornia. 


J. M. Chubbuck, Oroville, Calif. 


W. Wray Freeman Detective Agency, :J69 Oak Knoll .Avenue, Pasaden. 


Ella A. Le.'^ter, 210 North Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach, Calif. 

Santa Barbara 

A. V. Tomkins, Private Detective Agencv, .'523 San Marcos Bldg., Santa Bar- 
bara, California. Phone 6811 Rate $8 (16). A. F. Tomkins, Principal. 


San Bernardino 

(\:;irlcri F. Ward, :',60 E. Street, Sun Bernardino. California. 

San Bci'nardino Merchants Patrol iv Detective Service, San Bernardino, Calif. 
IJate $10 (B). Phono T'acific 1252. W. M. Jeffery, Principal. 

San Diego 

.MfTke's Detective Agency and Commercial Collections, oil Bancroft Build 
ing, San Diego, Californa. Rate ?10 (R) (8) 1920. F. O. Merki.\ 

San Diego Detective Agency, Suite 205 Timken Bldg-., San Diego, Calif. 
Rate $10 (B) 1910. Wallis Gregory, Manager. 

San Francisco 

'! nry Ehmi, ISll Le-;ven\vorlh Street. Sa i I^^ranci.sco, California. 

Curt's Benton. 722 Pacific Build ng, San Francisco. California. 

C. V. Biown Detective Agency, Sprcckel.'^ Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 
F. S. Clark, 2iiO-A Lick Building. San Francisco, California. 

John K. Cleary Detective & Patrol Scvice, ;;81 Bush St., San Franci.sco, Calif. 
\V. H. Field Detective Bureau, Monadnock Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

C.eneral Service Corps. Hughes Building, itii.'i Market Street, San Francis'O. 
CrvMfornJa. Plione Garfield 1359. Richard L. Dinley, Principal 

General Efl'iciency Company, 1112 Market Street, San Francisco, Calif., Silitv' 
110-14. Telephone Park 32H. Open Day and Night. Specializing in 
l.()CAT!\(; .MISSING PfliM'LE.any^'i'^ijrV in^the World. Representatives 
in all parts of the VV/jrid. , PuWishiels' of. a" Mo'^Vihly Missing People Bul- 
letin and the Internat-ional Detective, Police and Identification Directory 
(this book). We also do a General Detective Business, being Licensed and 
Bonded by the State for that purpose. Reliable Escorts Furnished. In- 
f<»rniation on file in on- oO'ice^ regardvrg i:atfc, ieliability and resi>onsihil- 
i(y (tf most of the .Agencies of" the :W(»rld which will be freely given to 
Inquiring Clients, Police Authorities and .\.gencies. F. A. Cooke, President 
and General Manager; AV. W. Ke('v«'s, St-cretary and .\ssistant Manager: 
A. E. Cooke, Treasurer. 


Gignac Secret Service Bureau, 209 Monadnock Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 
Established 1908. C. H. Pohlman. Supt.; L. K. Gignac, Principal. 

Edwin E. Grant, Monadnock BIdg., San Francisco, Calif. 

William Hart Investigating Bureau, 114 Sansonie Streat, San Francisco. 

Alfr;'(l Hollirlay, 218 Hearst Building, San Francisco, California. 
John E. Hines, 445 Fifteenth Avenue, San Franc'sco. California. 
H. Dorothy Irv-ng, 401 Sheldon Build'ng, San Francisco. California. 
Jerome Detective Service Co.. 321 Bush Street, San Francisco, Calii'. 
A. J. Kane Detective Agency, Flat Iron Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 
Hariy lAibbock Detective Agency, Phelan BIdg., San Francisco, Calif. 
F. B. McAtee, 336 Mills Building, San Francisco, California. 

R. X. McChesney Univer.^al Detective Service, 501-25 Sheldon Building, San 
Francisco, California. Rate $8 (L) (9) 1919. R. N. McChesney, Mgr. 

-lolm F. McCarthy, 46 Keainy Street, San Franci.sco, Calif. 

O. R. Matte. 643-A Minna Street, San Francisco, California. 

Morse Detective & Patrol Sei-vice, 602 California Street, San Francisco, Calif. 
W. A. Mundell, 620 Mills Building, San Francisco, California. 

William J. Otts, Registered and Bonded International Detectives, 
New Call Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

The Pacific Detective Bureau, Monadnock Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

Retail Credit Co., 504 Insurance -Esf^ha^ge-.^^uilding, San Francisco, Calif. 

John P. Rasmussen, ,40'i ;'^^feidbii[ li'u'i'iding',"^y|^,^i'g,.Ucisco, California. 

West Coast Detective Agency, Pacific yi^j^?., San Francisco, Calif. 
I'elor W. D. Wphb. Bii) CrJiifr.rnia Street, Sa.i FraiicTscd, Calif. 

San Pedro 

Scott's Detective Agency, 28 7 West 9th Street, San Pedro, California. 
Telephone San Pedro 731-W. Rate ifS. S. G. Scott, Principal. 



Ktaii!; H. liriai-c. 227 West I'opular Street, Stockton, (.'alitornia. 

Stanlfv E. Halsted, -0:* ("lark-Henry Building. Stockton, California. 

San .loaiiuin reti'ct'v.'^ P.ur^an. S2S Van Buren Street, Stockton, California. 

Haniian Detective Agency, 122 East ^lain Street, Stockton, Calif. 

San Jose 

Jolni {'o.-^thnnia, 202 George Street, San Jose, California. 


W. A. Wolf, Biyth B!fl«-., Sacramento, Calif. 


.J. X. I'.vles Detectivo .\gency. Anderson Hotel Building. Taft, Californi-.v 
Rate $lii (H) (S) IftlT. .J. N. Pyles. Principal. 

Yuba City 
M. .\. Carpenter', .^16 Sutter Street, Yuba City, California. 

One Line Listing.s are lor .\}»encie.s not sending in proper data. 


Colorado Protective Buieau, 619-2'] U. S. Nat'l Bank Bldg., Denver, Colorado, 
rhone Main 6(i71. Rate $10 (B) (8) 1017. Walter Belk, Manager. 

Globe Inspection Co., 711 Colorado Bldg'., Denver, Colorado. 

Leonard DeLue's Detective Agency, 524 Gas Bldg., Denver, Colorado. Phone 
Main 722. Rate $10 (B). Leonard DeLue, Principal; A. W. Brown, Supt. 

Parks Detective Agencv, 529 Mining Exchange Bldg., Denver, Colorado. Phone 
Campa 2653. Rate $10 (10) (8) 1910. L. S. Parks, General Manager. 


The Great Western Detective Association, Opra Block, Pueblo, Colorado. Phone 
504. Rate $10 (B) (10) 1919. A. W. Gray, Superintendent. 



One Line Fiistings are tor Agencies not sendinj; in jnoper data. 


I'liited Secret Service Detective Bureau, 1185 Broad Street, Bridgeport, 
Conn. liate $10 IB). N. E. IVIcx^_o ;, Priiieiiuu 


Aetna Bureau of Investigation, 35 Mulberry Street. Hartford, Conn. Rat'i 
$1(1 (Bi (10) If) 19. C. W. Cl.pfel, Principal. 

New Haven 

Denney's Detective Bureau, Inc., 67 Church Street, New. Haven, Conn. Phone 
Colony 4780. Rate $8 (C) (8) 1901. John J. Denny, President. 

Elm City Detective Agency, 607 Chapel Street, New Haven, Connecticut. 

Sposa's National Detective Agencv, 17 Church Street, New Haven, Conn. Phone 
Liberty 2459-2. Rate UO (11) (8) 1911. Frank Sposu, President. 


.loseph Foley, '2'J. Williams Street, Stamford, Connecticut. 

II. Hefferniaii, 1 ."j Washington Street, Stamford, Connecticut. 


W. .1. Ilegney. 1 1 1 \\'hs1 Main Street, Waterljury, Connecticut. 


Hamilton's Detective Agency. 915 Market Street. Wilmington, Delaware. 
Hate $10 (B) (12) 1921. Kuss^^ll H. Hamilton. Principal. 


Jack Watt's American Private Detective Aj-ency, 002 Munsev Bldg., Washins"- 
ton, D. C. Phone M. :^.855. Rate §8 (B) (8) 191M. J. F." Watts, Gen. Mgr. 
(.Se<» A<lv<'rtisenient on i*af;e 4.) 

O'Dea Detective Bureau, Continental Trust Building, Washington. D. C. 
Rate $10 (B) f9) 1896. L. A. O'Dea, Principal. 

I ) i; 'I' K ( "11 V K A I ; K N' C I E s 



One Line Listiiijis arc lor Ajit'iicies not sending, in proper data. 


Rast Coast Detective Service, P. O. Box 427. Daytona, Florida. Jos. Oe- 
ijoriie, Principal. 


lUxieki'i'.s National Detective Atjoncv, Inc., 20.'5 Bisbee Bldg-., Jacksonville, 
Floiida. Phone 19:!3. Rate $10 (B) (8). 

Lake Alfred 

Ululxi National Detective Agency. Simmons Hotel Building, P. O. Box S-S. 
Rate $10 iB) (9) 1915. J. E. Simmons. Principal. 


liishop & Peaic-e Detective Agency. 8 Harlin Building. Miami. Florida. ,1 
W. Bishop and E. W. Pierce. Principals. 


I'KKJ) THO.M.^S .N.ATIO.VAL DKTFrTIVE ACiENCV. The largest and best 
in the South. Oil res in Cjjinpbell lUiildino. Tibbett.s Corner, Tampa, 
llorida. J'el.p' one, Day 41-iO, Ni^ht 2224. Fred Thomas, Principal, 
lorineilv ("hiel ol' Detectives, Tampa, Florida. All investigations coii- 
fi<l«>nliall.\ conducted under the personal supervision of Fred Thomas. 
Expert. efl«ient sti-ret service for Banks, Railroads, Factories, ("orpora- 
lions. .\ttorneys ;:nd Individuals. Correspondents in all principal 
cities. If you ev<M- need detectives, it pays to obtain the l)est. Licensed 
and bonded. 

(See .\<lvertisement on Page 22.) 

The Southern Detective Agency, Citizens Bank Bldg., Tampa, Florida. Plione 
2811. Rate $10 (B) (10) 1910. W. Anderson, Principal. 

54 INTERiNATL POLH'K ,>v: l)\<:'[\.<:r:[-lV E iJiKKCTOliV 

One Line Listings are for Agencies « ho have not sent in Listing Data. 



Adams National Detective Aseuc\, Burfen Buihliii;:;. .xTlaiita, (JhoikI. 
Rate $10 (B) 1915. W. R. Adiuiis, Priiuipa 1. 

The International Detective Agency, :'.<i7 ChainiK-i' of Comiuerce Bnildin'^ 
Atlanta, Georgia. 

Lanfo.rd Burnett Detective AgeiU'V. Auslfl Building. Atlanta. Ceoi'Kia. 


Day's National Detective BiU'eau, Montgojuery BMa;., Au^usla, (Jcorjiia. I 'hone 
" ;1642. Rate $10 (B) (10), 1917. Henry J. Day, Principal. 


E. L. Fost-^i- Detective Agency, lit .hi'iufs Building, Alacon, Ceoi-gia. 


Wall DctccLixr A.uer:(\-. Lih^'Kv Bank t'i 'i'l' lildx-, Savannah, (leorj^'ia. 



InvestigatV'ns and ("ollections 

4 Brewer Building 

Honolulu, Hawaii 
(See Advert iseinent on l*nu«' <!•) 





::;:; "st.:;:;";."„;:rr""" ^^,""°'-"- «'■-■'' ■--- -™ tr; 


Sone 1^76-j'^- itlf/^Tf ""p^ Identifications. Montp 
1 nune Kb J-.,, hate $6. A. Lee Romero, Principal. 


THE UKSTKKX STATES IX VESTIGATING lUREAl , V....,., i„.,„, ra.os „„ ....uest. Robert Foote, Principal. 


llevelere International Secret Service. 401-3 Carlson Building Pocate'lo 
"^aho. Rate .$12 (B) 1914. L. S. May. President. ^"^-"^Jo, 

Twin Falls 

'•"«: Ul STEHX STATES iX VESTI(;AT1XG HI REAr, Twin Falls W ,ho 
SlHOal on .v,„.st. Kche.t Koofo, Principal. 


^PMiaJ iMi's „-, r,.,_,n. t. Rolu-, t Fnofc, Principal. 




36 West Randolph Street 
Chicago, Illinoi.s 
C. T. Haas, President VV. J. Turner, Viee-Pr( s dert 

L. C. Hillock, Secretary P, S. Lynch, Treasurer 


F. H. Smiley R. Blumenfeld R.W.Stanley .1. (). Austin 

W. .1. O'Brien L. Alexander 1". H. Avery W. E. Green 

E. .1. Hargrave C. M. Stra: er H. E. Reed 

The I'oiiowinR- ARcncics are .^Icmhers (if this Association: 

Ale\;in(l('i''s Detective Agency, 179 W. Wasliinj^lon Street, Chicaf>Q^ HI. 
Austin Special Service, Marquette Cldg., Chicago, 111. 
Thc_ Hall Detective Service, 506 West 69th Street, Chicago, 111. 
Mniployeis IM'otective Service, 601 Marcjuette Bldg., Chicago, 111 
Fingerhute Detective Agency, 1410 N. Clark Street, Chicago, 111. 
Cort(Mi N'atl. Detective Agency, Crilly IJldg., Chicago, 111. 

W. E. Green Detective Agency, 190 North State Street, Chicago. III. Phone 
Central 5718. Rate .$10 1898. Specialty, Store Work. W. E. Creen. Princ. 

Hass Detective Agency, 180 Noi'th Deaiborn St., Chicago, 111. Phone 17:18 
Central. General Detective business transacted. Chas. T. Haas, Principal. 

Hunter's Secret Service of Illinois, 10 South La Salle Street, Chic.igo. 111. 
.Jones, Inc.. Webster Building, Chicago, Illinois. 



,HI M)\V\K1) .1. HAR«R\VK SE( llET SERVICE, 203-203-500-51)7 Han- 
<i,>ll)h Buil.Hnj; 1 15 North Clark Street, Chicaso, Illinois. EdAvard J. 
H r-rave Principal; (ieorge E. Hargrave, General Manager. 35 jear. 
sucrrssfui (let«(tive work. Branch Offices, 922-923-924 Vietoria Builrt- 
iiiji, Si. Louis, MisM)iiri. Rate $10.00 (B). 

(J^^.^. Advertisement on Page 26.) 

Lyndi Secret Service, 2!) South La Salle Street, Chicago, 111. 

Mutual ludustral Service, 80.5 West Madison Street, Chicago, 111. 

O'Brien Secret Service, 17 North La Salle Street, Chicago, 111. 

Peei-less Secret Service, 455.5 Prairie Avenue, Chicago, IlL 

Sunlev's Natl. Secret Service, 1311 Security Bldg Chicago, 111. Phone Frank- 
lin 1652. Rate .$10 (B) 1912. Frank H. Smiley, Principal. 

Stanley Detective Agency, Tacoma Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

W iUiam I Turner Detective Agency, 8th Floor, Delaware Bldg., 36 West 
Randolph Stroet Chicago. 111. Phone Majestic 7314. General Detective 
business transacied. Plant protection. Factory investigation. Patent m- 
fringements. Established 6 years. Dictograph service. Wilham J. Turner, 
General Manager; L. C. Hillock, Secretary and Treasurer. 
(See Advertisement on Page 6.) 

Taylor Detective Service. 2742 No. Clark St.eet, Chicago, 111. 
Willmarcl.s Service, Crilly Building, Chicago, 111. 

co-Mpi^ii:tj.: as.sociatiox membkrs 



America,, Detec..:ve Service, 6257 E„er„a,.a Avenue., Chic.o, „„„„„ 

<l.-y. Sec,-eta,-y. '"""""^''=°"' V.ce-Pre3.<le„, and Tre,.,„,.o,.: H, E. La,,- 
C. C!.,-!, An,er.s 165 We.t Washington Street, Chicago. I,„„„.. 
AW>„lls, I„c., OS S. ^e,-:„,.„ street, Cl-icao-o III 

Be , Secret Service. 5 North La Salle Street. Chicago. lUino:. ^ ' 

'•-'-'•■^ I'ark Nio-ht Patrol, W48 Dakin Street, Chicag-o, 111. 

< OM IVExr.AL SK( RET SERVK E SYSTEM Eh." t El. .. . 

!5oulcva,cI. Chkaso, IIIi„oKs. ' ^ ' ""*"• -*' ''^'^^ Jack,..,, 

(S(M- Adverti eni.iit on |>aoe 18 ) 
<'e,-,,n„ Detective Agency, l;,<, North Car,, st,.ee,. chicag,,. „„„„„ 

'''■"'iTi<"-t^^'¥r£h[^-b;;i^:"y=^^%h;LJ^-c5^sr- !i!„o ^-- -'- 

Ma,garc, ,., nav,,, 5006 Sheridan Road, c:,icag„, ,„i„„i, 

Dol,.,::n« * .^,ch„,. Detective Agency, ,18 N„,,„ ,., g,,,, ,„,^._^ ^,,^,,.,_^.^^ ,,^ 

The Detective Publishint' To •in9o q ^jr u i » 

Hson 1465. ManuJ^^errSScT'jo^rSfl^ief j;S?He^!'- ^^'^^ "- 

W. C. Dannenburg-, 111 West Monroe Street, Chicago, III. 

Ka.ste.- Industrial Service, 22 Quincy Street, Chicago 111 

Fidelity Secret Service Bureau. 25 North Dearhorn Street, Chicago. I„i„oi. 

General Service Co.. 140 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, lUinois. 

»avid s. Groh. 68 West Wa.shington Street. Chicago. IHinois. 

aie MO (B) 1899. Edward J. Hargrave. Principal. 
Joseph J. Han-ison, 60'! Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

''^^'n-icnvi: ACENcn-s 


j"A. 1.5 Clan. St;ect Lt'^^rfir.'""-^"' ^^"'^^^'^^ «"'"^- 
Gemnal Misnoo... r. ^ '"tago, Illinois, Eduat-.i t it 

Street Railway, lacking. ^tj'r"' I>-Partmonts. R.i„,:,j; 
-Hi Adjustments. ()ffi.^ " f. """^ E^PlO-Vment, Efficient 

mg, Toronto, Canada. Telephone- rh '**' '''"* ^^« Kent Buil.i. 

^:f';^^^^y 542. TeleplK,,;: " V , orot,''''^^^' ^''*-^'' "^«*^ ^«^- 
, «1 16. Telephone: Xew Vo.k OIk's /;"';' '^"^'" ^^^^ -«^> ^eu- 
f'-.onto Offices, Main 2824. ' * ^^^''''''^al 7362. Telephom-, 

Hoffman Detective Service, 1108 Geor<.e Stre.f r, • 

I i 'j<-"ige otieet, ChicaL>o III 

international Detective Ag-ency 440 S Dp . c 

J-terstate Detective Ao ' '" ^''^^'' ^'^^^^^•«' ^i'" 

'''''^^'^S*^"^-^'' 440 South Dearborn Street Chi.. ,p 

lllmois Detective Bureau i--.. u^ ""t-et, Chicago, 111. 

Monroe 10n4. Rat^^lo^rB, f^f^.^Madison St^-ee^^^^ ,, p,^^^^^ 

Hie lane i--ervicP ^^Q^^ .. ''^- ^- ^"i^^hart, Principal. 

Kevst . ' ^""'^^'^^^^'-^•^^^^--. IlHnois. 

^-ejstone National CetPftivo v 

'""" "elective Agency, 3,, no,,,,, , 

^leQuec,,,., .„ve.,i,a. ,„ 4 '"'• '^'''"=''"'"- "-' " » 

ill » ^.riijgai n? Ag:enr-v i oo ttt ^ > 

^^to no to $15 <B, 18?5 Ja' H M^S ^^""^ ''^'^^^' ^=^^-^«- I- 
.. r. ■ McQueeny, Principal 

-\ <& White Detective Agencv '^R ^ h t. 

:i-"- ..e« p_«„„ 0., .. s. .e....„ ::::':^::\:^--' '"■ 

•^'"ional r„lo„ Detective Ageucv lis w , c 

'B' -U.., Roirt' Bu'.L:..';^;;;^?^ '' '""^^^ """-^■ 

p" ^. Pec„,. ,.3 we. „.h™„ st,ee,, ™c=„, „,„„,, 
mkc, ten's rntionni Detective A^encv 1-1 q »• „ „, 
'■'i™.. Secret Scvi ,. "'■ '■■'•^- "ells Street. Chicngo, III. 

--0 --'■-.^a''r?;';,f':.'T,;?c"ng^„--,t-i'--^' --^■'• 



(Member ot Intornational Detective K.vchaujic and the Society of Ap- 
plied Detective Science and Cidminolojiy-) Temporary office ad(h*<'ss 
;?10 K. IMace 55th St., Cliicago, 111. K,\e S. I.yu, l*i incipal. 

Soule Secret Service, 135 North Clark Street, ('hicago. Illino:s. 

Cora M. Stayer, 4111 Grand Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. 

G. A. Seagrove Secret Service Co., 38 South Dearliorn Street, Chicago, Illinos. 

Thoma.s J. Sheahan Agency, 1:^8 N. Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois. 

A. C. Stewart & Co., 17.5 West Mad son Stieit, Chicago, Illinois. 

Shippy, Hunt International Detective Asjcncv, I'i!) No. Clark Street, Chicago, 
111. Phone Randolph 3599. (10) (9) 19.10. Nicholos Hunt, Principal. 

I'hank P. Tyrrell, l.']9 N. Clark Street, Chicago, 111. 
The Thiel Detective Sei-vice Co., Monadnock Bldg., Chicag«o, 111. 
Mrs. F. Jas. Tefft, 5006 Sher:dan Road, Chicago, Illinois, 
rtility Intelligenc3 Syndicate, Inc., 190 North Stat;' Street. Chicago, Illinois 
C. T. Wallace, 140 South D8ar!>orn Street, C.iicago. Illinois. 
Weil Detective Agency, 19 South La Salle Street, Chicago. Illinois. 


Hall's Detective Agency, 18 VL' East MaLi Street, Danville, Illinois. 


H. E. Armstrong Agency, 1237 South Traver Street, Decatur, Illinois. 

East St. Lojis 

The Grig-sby Detective Agency, 120 N. Main Street. East St. Louis, Mo. Phont 
Bell 118. Rate $12 (R) (8). Lester J. Grigsby, Principal. 


Eai-l C. Lu;/, Detective Agency, 21 Sh?rnian Strte'., l'"reepoit. 111. i'lion(> Whi'c 
1240. Rate -SIO (B) (9), "1919. Earl C. Lutz. Principal. 


General Lct'ctiv(" Service. Lock Box 475, (icorgetown, 111. 


i\lii)i)liy c': Wocd, 210 Allen Lldg., Joliet, 111. 
Edward G. I'oweu^ ()2 Young Bldg., Joliet, 111, 


Howard J. Bnrgren Detective Agency, GIS Ashton I'.iiilding, Rockford, Hi 
Rate $10 I Hi (S) 1919. Howard S. Bargren, I'linciital. 


Rock Island 

Walter F'lauigcin. Centra! Trust Building. Rock Island. Illinois. 
.ATarcus Hrougli. lioliinson Building, Rock Island. Illinois. 


C (I C. Iison, Fergu.soii Building, Springfield, Illinois. 

J. L. P'ost;'r. I'ur, i-o South Sixth Street. S::)ringfield, Illinois. 


C(/iit n; ntal Secret Service System, Waukegan, Illinois. Walter C. Englis 

(Sec Ai'.vci tiscHicjit on Payc 18.) 


Lyons Detective Ajicncy, 107 S. CJrecn Street, Crawford-sville, Ind. 


Davis-Houghland Detective Service Co., P'uniiture Bldg., Evansville, Ind. 
X; tional Detei'tive Agency, 328 Main Street, Evansville. Indiana. 

Fori Wayne 

Fort Wayne Secret Service Bureau, 509 Shoaft Building, Fort Wayne. Ind. 
F. H. Wilmoth. 4l:M4 Xoll Block, Fovt Wayne, Ind. 


T]v' United State-: Detective Agencv, 218 Knatts Bldg., 700 Broadway, Gary, 
Ind. Phone iss. Ri;te $10 ( B)" ( 12), 1!)02. J. T. Simms, Principal. 


E. C. Reed, Detective Agency. Huntington, Ind. 


F. E. Millei', I7,ii-l Alprtl'ants Bunk ]5uilding. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Nafonal Detect've Bureau Co , 1010 Odd Fellows Building, Indianapolis, Ind 
O'Neil Secret Service, i^Mi West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 

i''2 INTEUXAT L POLICE <s:- DETECTl V E I )1 KKC "I'oit V 

Quigley Hyland Agency, Inc., 526-28 Law Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. Phon ■ 
Main 2902. (B). Civil and Criminal Investigations. J. F. Quigley, Principal. 

The H. C. Webster Detective Agency, 814 Hume-Mansur Bldg., Indianapolis, 
Ind. Phone Main 2615. Rate $8 (L) (10), 1884. H. C. Webstei, Principal. 


Weinhardt Secret Service Bureau, 525'-.' Columbia Street, Lafayette, Ind. 


J. W. Miller & Co., Inc., 65 S. Main St., Martinsville, Ind. Phone H. L5!) L. 
General Detective Work, 1!)00. John W. Miller, Principal. 


II. Quire. 701 South Monroe Street, Munele, Ind. 

South Bend 

Kuespert & Franz Secret Service, Suite 2, Odd Fellows' Bldg., Soutli 15end, hul. 
Phone Main 5140. Kate $<). (L) (8), 1918. F. C. Franz, President. 

Des Moines 

Oust J. Petek Deteciive Service, .'ilT Mulherry Building, Des Moiues, Iowa. 
Iowa National Detective Bureau, Kratt BuildiuK. Des Moines, Iowa. 
International Star Detective .\Kenty, Mondamin Huildinj.',. Hes Moines, Io\\;i. 
J. E. Jacobs & Co., 410 Craft Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa. 


Tlie Quad City Detective Bureau, G.S-(;9 First National Bank Buildins. Daven- 
port, Iowa. r;/.c ''. I'l iH) (S) ll'lid. .\ S I'-iish. Prrsdeit. 

Iowa City 

The American Detective Agencv, ■'(){) Johnson County Bank 151(lg., Iowa City, lo. 
Rate !i> 1.1 I I-O) i 1 \i ) . O. F. (\irroll, Principal. 


Interstate Bureau of Investigatio.i and Iilentiiicat ion, llOS East Seconi: 
Street, Muscatine, Iowa. 


Sioux City 

Nat'onal Detective & Piotective Bureau, 239 Frances Bldg., Sioux City, lo. 
Nuss Detective Agency, 306 Io\va Bldg., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Kansas City 

Hyines Inteniatioiuil Detective Agency, 624 Minn. Ave.. Kansas City, Kansas 


Glynn's Detective Service, 311 Chestnut Street, Leavenworth, Kansas. Phone 
1362. Rate .$9 (B) (10), 1904. John T. Glynn, Principal. 

Mound Valley 

W. Ray Heinrich, Confidential Investigator. Lock Box 272, Mound Valley, 
Kansas. Phone 1102. Rate $9 (J) (12), 1915. W. R. Heinrich, Manager. 
(S<H' Advertisement on Page 22.) 


Hays National Detective Agency, 321-29 Union National Bank Building. 
Wichita. Kansas. ( Has the largest rogues gallery in Kansas.) Jack 
Hays, President. 

Kansas National Detective Bureau. 425 I'nion National Bank Building, Wich- 
ita, Kansas. 

Wesley Detective Agency (colored), 312 Murdock Avenue, Wichita, Kansas. 
Rate $5 ( <S hours). D. J. Wesley, President; R. Austin, Manager. 



T. Lewis Detective Agency, Hazard, Ky. Rate $8 (C) (8) 1921. 


Harding Detective Agency. Courier-Journal Building. Louisville, Kentucky. 

Rate $8 (S) (10) 1908. W. G. Harding, Principal. 
W. A. Smith Organization Secret Service, 208 West Main Street. Louisville. 

Kentucky. (B) (10) 1916. W. A. Smith, Principal. 

Standard Detective Agency, 233 S. Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. Phone Main 
1719. Licensed and Bonded. J. H. Haager, President. 




New Orleans 

IJoylau's Detective Agency &. Protection Police, 606 Gravier St., N. Orleans, La. 

The Dan S. Lehon Detective Agency, Inc., COO Canal Street, New Orlean.s, La. 
Phone 1116. Patrol Service (B). Dan S. Lehon, Director. 

Dixie Protection Service, 400 1/2 Fulton Street, New Orleans, La. 
Fleming Protective Patrol^ :i412 Chippewa Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 
.'elican Protection <fe Inv. Bureau, Godchaux Block, New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Piaggio & Co., 7?,0 Gravier Street New Orleans. Louisiana. 

Peadloton-Stillson Bureau of Investigation, Whitney Annex, New Orleans, 

Smith's Detective Agency, Board of Trade Building, New Orleans, Louisiana. 
Rate $10 (B) (12) 1893. Frank W. Smith, Supt. 


he Wni. E. Cutrer Detective Agencv, Kittrell Bldg., Shreveport, La. Phone 
Cumberland ;]446. Rate .$10 (B) (10), 1919. Wm. E. Cutrer, Principal. 

E. R. Chisliolm Private Detective Agency, 604 Lake Street, Shreveport, La. 
Rate .$6.50 (8) 1917. . E. R. Chisholm, Principal. 

Lucar's Detective Agencv, 1120 Busbv Street, Shreveport, La. Phone 1879 Old. 
Rate $10 (LJO), 191f5. F. H. Lucar, Principal. 





The Maine State Detective Association was organized at Hallowell. 
Maine, on April 8th, 1901. The following gentlemen were present: 

Frederick L. Odlin Lewiston, Maine 

E. E. Norton •- Gardner, Maui 

George W. Ross - Vanceboro, Ma iie 

A. P. Bassett - 1 Norway, Maine 

Fred A. Porter Rumford Falls, Maim 

Ira M. True --- Hallowell, Mainn 

Chas. A. Maxwell Portland. Main- 

Chas. A. Maxwell called the meeting to order for the i)urpose of 
organizing and the following officers were elected, pro tern.: 

Chas. A. Maxwell Portland Cliairman 

Frederick L. Odlin Lewiston Secretar\ 

At the clo«e of thi.s preliminary gathering, the permanent officers were 
elected as follows: 

Frederick L. Odlin Lewiston Chief 

Chas. A. Maxwell Portland Deputy Chief 

A. P. Bassett Norway .Sec'y & Treasure) 


Fred A. Porter Rumford Falls, Maine 

Ira M. True Hallowell, Main- 

Willard F. Fritt.. Portland, Maine 

Jos?ph H, Cote Biddeford, Main*- 

George W. Ross , Vanceboro. Maine 

At the annual meeting in 1903 the following officers were elected: 

Chas. A. Maxwell Portland Chief 

Fred A. Porter Rumford Falls Deputy Chief 

A. P. Bassett Norway ... ..Sec'y & Treasurer 

Each held office for 1 :; years with the exception of Fred A. Porter, 
who died in office. 

In 1916 Louis O. Chabot, Lewiston. became Chief. Chas. A: Maxwell. 
Portland, Secretai-v and Treasurer. 


The above are now holding the same office. We have detectives in 
the following cities and towns: 

No. 1. Chas. A. Maxwell Sec"y & Treasurer Portland 

No. 2. A. P. Bassett.. -.... Norway 

No. 3. Louis A. Chabot Chief Lnviston 

No. 4. Thomas F. Allen Bayou 

No. 5. M. Beaulieu -- Levistou 

Nore. Wm. A. Jack Bath 

No. 7. Frank M. Douglas. Bangor 

No. 8. George E. Her:nan.. Westl)rook 

No. rt. Charles Murray Bangoi- 

No. 10. J. F. Valley .. Bangor 

No. 11. Charles Wnitvva'.th Sacri 

No. 12. Lindley M. Watkins Cornish 

No. 13. Geo. W. ROvSS . Vaiicehoro 

No. 14. Thomas F. Rankin .. Alfred 

No. 15. Mrs. Han-iet B. Tingley New Portland 

No. 16. Albert Follette PorUami 

No. 17. Arthur J. Landry Kumford Falls 

No. IS. Ceo. H. Simpson Waterville 

No, 1!). John J. Cassidy Hallowell 

No. •_'!). Morbert J. Pearson — .^..... Auburn 

No. 21. Andrew O. Donahue Portlanci 

No. 22. Joseph Lagree Lewiston 

No. 23. Philip W. Wh'^-'-- Portland 

No. 24. John J IvIcNrtt ;..........': Portland 

No. 25. Lawrence J. Coglan Augusta 

No. 26. Henry W. Rowe .\nViurn 

No. 27. Stillman E. Woodman ,.. Macl-ias 

No. 28. Max Cohen Banior 

No. 29. M. P. Oakes .. '- Ban-or 

No. 30. Fred .\. Tarbox Biddeford 

No. 31. George F. Preble -. ... York 

No. 32. Wm. H. Kalloch , Rockland 

No. 33. W. H. Puffer Bar Harbor 

No. 34. Ed. H. Emery Sanford 

No. 35. P^ed J. Whecher Kennebunk 

No. 36. Chas. H. Russell Exeter 



Louis O. Chaliot Chief Lewistoii 

Wm. A. Jack Deputy Chief Bath 

c;ias. A. Maxwell Sec'y & Treasurer Portland 


Thomas F. Rankin .. Alfred 

Herbert J. Pearson Aul)urn 

('has. Whitwaith Saco 

Chas. Murray Bangor 

John J. McNeil Portland 

.-Vniiual moefngs are held in Septemljer of each yrar. 


Thomas J. Leddy Detective Service, 62 P^ree Street, Portland, Maine. Phone 
82528. Rate $10 (B) (8), 1910. Thomas J. Leddy, Principal. 



American Investigating- Ag-encv, -'iiy E(iuitable Bldg., Baltimore, Md. Phone 
St. Paul 5070. Pvate $10 (B), 1900. Chas. Kohlmann, Manaer. 

Baltimore Detective Agency, lo2:J Fidelity Bldg-., Baltimore, Md. Phone St. 
Paul 894. (B) Isaac Spandauer, Principal. 

Harry N. Kilman Jr., 35:J Title Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 

National Detective Agency, Suite 55:3 Title Bldg., Baltimore, Md. Phono St. 
Paul 1005. Harry N. Kilman Jr., Principal. 


Turner's Detective Agency, ( c-o Am. Ry. Ex. i Cumberland. Maryland. 




American National Investigating Agency, 249 W. Washington Street, Boston. 

Automobile Underwriters Detective Agency, 112 Water Street, Boston, Mass. 
Boylston Detective Agency, 100 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. Phone Beach 
356. Rate $10 (B) (10), 1909. F. M. Herrold, Manager, 

Bonded Investigation Bureau, Inc., 27 School Street, Boston, 

P. J. Burke, National Detective Agency, 665 Washington Street. Phone Beacli 
1461. Rate $8 (C) (10), 1915. P. .J. Burke, President. 

A. H. Barrett, 3G Hancock Street, Boston. Mass. Dot (tive Bureau, 1 Beacon Street. Boston. Mass. 

Commonwealth Secret Service, 20 Pemberton Square, Boston, Mass. 

(.barter Oak Detective Service. 31 State Street. Phone Main 827. Boston. 
Mass. Rate $10 (B) (8), 1912. ..(L.B.) J. A. Reid, General Manager. 

Callaghan International Investigation Agency, 110 State Street, Boston, Mass. 

S. N. Cohen. 17 /" hl)ott, Eo-'.o:i, Mass. 

Geo. C. Drew, 67 Brighton Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Davis Secret Sei-vice Bui^eau, 43 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. 

Duren Detective Agency, 7 Water Street, Boston, Mass. Phone Fort Hill 1801. 
Rate $10 (?)(?) iy09. J. H. Wilson. Manager. 

Franklin Detective Agency, 262 Washington Street, Bosto», Mass. 

A. L. Ferris, 6 Winthrop Block, Boston, Mass. 

C!l;:M)re Detective Bureau, 28 School Street, Boston, MasK. 

N. S Cohlbcrg, 2."i I'ark Vale Avenue, Boston, Mass. 

Ma'i .!u:l(l Detective Bureau, 626 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 

Jo:,ei);i Mattoy. ] 7 Tremont Street, Boston. Mass. 

Morgan Detective A^encv, 120 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass. i'hone IJcach 
1717. Rate .$10 (B) "(12), 1904. H. W. Morgan, Principal. 

C. L. Cake's Eetective Agency, 4.') Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. 


i>p:tecti\1': .\gencip:s 



Smithsf):iian Detect ve Service, 43 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. 

Scott Detective Service, 202 Washington Sti-eet, Boston, Mass. 

Veader Detective Agency, 294 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 

Watts' Detective Agency, Inc., Scollary Bldg., Boston, Mass. Phone Foi't Hill 
n54.'5. (B) Wm. B. Watts, President; G. Clifton Watts, Superintendent. 

Weisman Detective Agency, 60 State Street, Boston, Mass. Phone Main 4182. 
Criminal and Industrial Investigations. A. Weisman, Manager. 

Wolf Secret Service Bureau, 12 W^est Street, Boston, Mass. Rate $10 ( 1! > 
(I-O) 1020. Morris Wolf, Manager. 

Willinark Service System. 7 7 Summer Street, Boston, Mass. 

James R. Wood Detective Agency, Inc., 61 Court Street, Boston, Mass. Phoiu- 
Fort Hill 2022. James R. Wood, President. 

Edward P. Wish Service, Inc., 181 State Street, Boston, Mass. 

Feri Felix Weiss, 7 Water Street, Boston, Mass. 


Strong Seciet Service Bureau, Rogers Block, Beverly, Mass. 


James H. Grace, 6 6 5 Warren Avenue, Brockton, Mass. 

Fall River 

Dolan IMartin, 24 Bordan Bik., Fall River, Mass. 

William S. Shaugheussy, Grant Building, Fall River, Mass. 


Paul Copola, 103 Merrimack Street, Haverhill, Mass. 

10 INTEHXAT'L I'(jL1(']% A.- Dl/rECTIVE lJlJM':("r()K V 

I o well 

James F. Drury, 13 Merrimack Square, Lowell, Mass. 
George H. Wood, 135 Central Street, Lowell, Mass. 


Strong Secret Service, 23 Central Ave., Lynn, Mass. 


New England Detective Bureau, 31 Elm Street. Springfield, Mass. 


Adams Detective Agency, 507 Main Street, Worcester, Mass. 
United Detective Service, Park Bids., Worchester, Mass. 

Ann Arbor 

Katti's Private Detective Ag-encv, P. O. Box !)9 Ann Arbor, Alicii. Phone 734-M. 
Halo ."plO. (B) (S). .James J. l^atti, I'riucipal. 

Rattle Crjek 

Inter-Sta'c Service Company. Lock 13ox 268, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Wiard's National Detective Bureau, ll'l Post Bld.R-., Battle Creek, Midi. Phone 
Bell 1S17. Owen Orson Wiard, General Superintendent. 


""h irles AMiott, IBO.'J Broadway, Detroit, Michigan. 
Walter J. Burns, Inc., 212 Hammond Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Torporation Service Bureau, Inc., 10.''>8 Dime Bank Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Phone 
Cadillac 145. Pate $15 (B), 1915. J. G. Hodgins, General Manager. 

Dunn's National Detective Agency, 2:iS W. Lafayette Street, Di'troit, Mich. 
Detective Merchants Patrol, 1304 Elm Street. Detroit, Micliigan. 
General Service Bureau, 317 I^ark Building, Detroit, Mich. 
Ideal Secret Servcie Bureau, 42 ]\lc(iraw Street, Detroit, Mich. 
.Metropolitan Detective, 205 Lincoln Bldg., Detroit, ]\iich. 
JNIurphy Secret Service, 1104-05 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit, Midi. Phone .Main 
611 Kate $12 (B) (8), VAWk Edward H. Murphy, Manager. 

O'NVil Secret Service, 428-31 i;o;)k Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 


Uir'ted Bureau of Investigation, Inc., 603 Old Whitney Bldg-., Detroit, Mich. 

Watts & Whelan, i)OS Peter Smith Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Phone Main 2704. 
Gim lai Detective W'oik. Frank B. Watts, President. 


ri'iu : akci- S nret Service. 5ol'/2 S Saginaw Street. Flint, Mich. 

Grand Rapids 

Halloran'.s National J^etective Agencv, 606-07 Grand Rapids Savings Bunk Bldu. 
Phone City 1328, Main 46. (LB), 1910. A. C. Cox, Manager. 


Michigan State Detective Agency, Suite 3, Webb Block, Jackson, Mich. Phone 
Citizen 62. Pvate .$8 (J), 1895. George E. Green. 

Fred McCJuown, 62.") Union Street, Jackson, Mich. 


George J. Stoll detective Agency. 205 Pratt Building, Kalamazoo, Mich. 


Lansing Detective Service, 112 Michigan Avenue, Lansing, Mich. 


The Standard Detective Bureau Co.. Rosen Block, Muskegon, Mich. Rar^' 
$10 iB) (8) 1903. William Goldblatt, General Manager. 

Daniel Flanery, Detective Service, Rich Block, N. Jefferson Ave., Saginaw, Mich. 
Kain & Baines, Seci-et S(Mvice, 118 S. Franklin Street, Saginaw, Mich. 


J. D. Cook, Detective. Watersmeet, Michigan. 


\V; yiic County Detective Agency, Wyandotte Michigan. 



National Detective Agency, 302-5 l^yceui.i Bu'ldiiig, Duliith. Minn. 

Phone Melrose 295. Rate $10 (B) (8), li)17. C. V. Richardson, Supt. 
Business Men's Detective Bureau, Columbia Building. Duluth. Minn. 


h. W. Boyce, S04 New York Life Building, Minneapolis, M n i. 

.^ rchie A. Buck Detective Service, 632 Andrus Building. Minnpai)ol'"s, Miini. 

Business Mans Detective Bureau, 700 Plymouth Building. M nneapolis, Minn. 

Hannons Detective Agency, 530 First National Soo Line Bldg , Minneapolis. 

Hoy Detective Bureau. 414 Phoenix Building. Minneapolis, Minn. 

I'elly Gleason Detective Agency. 216 McKniglit Bldg.. Minneapolis. Minn. 

King Detective and Secret Service, Inc., 220 McKiiight Building, Minneapolis, 
Minn. Kate $10. ( B) (12) W. W. King. President. 

Madison Detective Serv.'ce. 321 Aiidrns Building, Minneapols. Minn. 

.N'orthcrn Inforniation Bureau, New York Life Bldg.. Minneapolis, Minn. 

X. W. Plione Nicollet :'.7i»!). L. W. Boyce, General Manager. 

''ortliwpst Detective .\ge:icy. 4 25 Palace Building, Minneapolis. Minn. 

Pionec r Nal'onal Detective Huicau, Security Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Special S; rvice Bureau, !I4 7 Plymouth Building, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Sweeney Detective Detect \e Bureau, Inc., 844 Security Bldg.. Minneapolis. 
I "roller Detective Bureau, Anduras Bldg., Minncajjolis, Minn. 

St. Paul 

Baldwin-.Andi ev\ s Detect've Service, 1427 Merchants National Bank Bldg., 
St. Paul. M nil. Rate $10 (B) U»i'l. 11. H. Baldwin, C. M.; F. M. 
.Andrews. Field Manager. 

Fnii)loye)-s' Detective Service, 405 Op])enheini Bldg. Phone Cedai- 2871. Rate 
.$:)". Kxchange Rate (B). H. J. Carln.u', General Manager. 

lillot: H. Jones Detective Agency, 1018 Pioneei- Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

Cr.le .X'alional Detective Service, 405 F.xchange iilock Bldg., St. Paul, iMinn. 

J ( sv,;,hl Jo 1 s Detective Ag.mcy, 421 Merchants .Vat'l Bank Bldg. St. Paul. 

1 erst Invc stealing Bureau. 21S Globe Building. St. Paul. Minn. 

Merchants ""'alional Detective Bureau, (J.'U) Bremer Ai'cade, St. Paul, Minn. 
I'lione Gelai- .')0.",8. Rate $7.50 (C-JO) (12), li)()8. A. (ilen Peterson, Mgr. 

Steen & Wood i'rotective Bureau, 2().S Baltimore Bldg.. St. Paul. Minn. 




•KCK NATIONAL DKTFX'TIVP: HI KKAU, 304 ^liners Bank HuildinK, Jop- 
lin, Missouri. Phon*- 101. Kato .1«10 to $15 (B-10). R. M. rVtk, IViii- 
cipal; N. H. IVK"k, S<'< r«'(;ir.v an<l Treasurer; K. H. Mc\orI.v, Distrii-I 

Kansas City 

Soutli Side Protertive Patrol, 1244 Topping Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. 
(Charles H. Burke, Principal. 

Tl;o National Dotrictive AK'iicy, 43l'-4 New York Life Building. Kansas City. 
M ssonii. W. B. McLaughlin, President. 

The Hartley National Detective ARency, Inc., 1102 Central Street, Kansas City, 
Mo. liicen «(l and Bonded. Kate .<j?K.<M» (<) (10) 191(>. Branch Of- 
fir<s, St. .fos«'j li, Mo and Oinalia, \eb. We pu]>lisli a Montlily Bulletin 
of over 10,(KM> cirrulaJion. Sul)seription'<, $2.00 p<r year. H. .A. Hart- 
l«'y, President. 

Frame Detective Afjency, 4.32-5:5 Sheidley Bldg., Citv, Mo. Phone I\L 
6194. Rate .$10 (B) (8), 1916. R. D. Frame, Principal. " 

IMidwest Secret Service, Inc., Sterling- Bldg., Kansas Citv, Mo. Phone Main 
6912. Rate $10 to $12 (LSO) (12), 1918. Dan B. Hen-ing, Vice-President. 

St. .Joseph 

Central Detective Agency, 6th and Fdmond Streets, Commercial Bldg., St. 
Joseph, Mo. 

The Hartley National Detective Agency, Inc., American Electric Bldg., St. 
Joseph, Mo. Licensed and Bonded, $10,000. Rate $7 (C) (9), 1912. Special 
and Expert Detective Service. R. A. Hartley, Chief; P. G. Mast, Secretary. 


St. Louis 

THi; l-DWAKI) J. HARGRAVK SECRET SERVICE, J)22!)2;J-!)24 \ it ««>i i.<. 
liluildin^, Eighth and Locust Streets, St. Louis, Mis'onii. Edwaid .8. 
Harsiave, Principal; Geoijic E. Hargiavc, General Manajix-r; Ho!)<>rf 
li. \oonan, Manager St. Ijouis ()f?iccs. ;i5 years' evpeiienee in sucees.:- 
ful detective uork. Rate $10.00 (IJ). (ieneial (Ulces, Kandolpii 
I'uihlin^, Chicago, Illinois. 

(See Advertisement on Tajic 20.) 

I'KCK NATIOXAL DETECTIVE HI REAL . I!oni«> Office, Suite .•>;{. Com- 
mercial Huilding;, St. Ijouis, Missouri. Phone Olive .*J80r>. Rates $10 
to $15 (H-10) (8-10). R. .M. Peck, Principal; \. H. Peck, Secretary 
and Treasurer; William 1*. \olan. Superintendent. 
(See Adv<'rtisement on Pajie ■ ti ) 

American Foreign Detective Agency. 306-8 Frisco HIdg., St. I.oiiis. Mo. (Jeneral 

Detective Business. Correspondents in all the larger cities of the I'nited 

States and Foreign Countries. Representatives throughout the smaller 

cities and towns in the I'nited States and Canada. The World Our Field. 

IJen Applegate, Principal. 

Dishei's Detective Agencv, Central National Bank Bldg., St. Louis, :\Io. rhono 
Central 886. Rate $10 (L) (12), 1915. G. W. Disher, Principal. 

Inter-State Syndicate, 310 Frisco Building, St. Louis. Missouri. 

St. LoTiis Business M"n'.s Protective Association, Odd Fellows' Biiilding, St. 
r.,<)uis. Missouri. 


Al. F'. S^mpey, 826 South Campbell Street, Springfield, Missouri. 





.Shield Str('<'t, F.rwistown, Montana. Kate $8 (B) (8). P. S. Gerlinj-s, 

(See A<lvertisei'.:<iit on Pa;»e iO.) 

Great Falls 

W. fi. Sphm, 17(1:") Fist Avenue, Great Falls. Montana. 


Walter Detective .\gency. Helena, Montana. 


Nebraska National Detective Bureau, 204 S. 11th Street, Lincoln, Neb. 


Allen Detective .\.t?enc.v. ?,1\ Neville Street, Omaha, Nebra^ska. 

Hartley National Detective Agency, Inc., 202 Bushman Building, Omaha, 
Neb. Rate $S (Cl (10) 1912. R. A. Hartley, President. 

William B. Long, Private Detective Service, 2.517 Lake Street, Omaha. Neb 

Pipkin's National Detective Agency, Inc., Arlington Bldg., Omaha, Neb. Phone 
Douglas 1107. Rate $12.50 (B) (10), 1920. W. L. Bugbee, Chief. 


E. H. Hunter Agency, Carona Chambers, Elm Street, Manchester, New Hanin 
shire. Rate $10 (B) (10). 





XcviifUi Detective AKenry, 46J Nev;i(hi Streat, lleiio. Nevndii. I'hone Main 
i;!08-K, Ii;itp ?10 (B) (N) 1!)17. Fninry A. IMorKan. T'liiicipal. 

Atlantic City 

rboipt' J)ett>fti\<' Arciicv, Sheen Bide, loSG Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City, New 
Jersey. Day and Siffht Phones 113). Rate SI 2 to $2r» (B) (8). and 
necessary expenses in the V. S. and Canada. I'oreiun Exchange rat<s 
(IS). Civil. Criminal and Commercial Investigations. Collections and 
Adjustments. Correspondents in all the principal cities. Licensed and 
lionded. Established 1916. (Eighteen years' experience.) Male and 
Female Operatives. Dictograph and Auto Service. .lames A. Thorpe, l*res. 


OiUral n:tective Agency, 60:! S. Third Street, ("anulen. New .Jersey. 

.Miller's State Detective Service, 44:'. Broadwav. Camden, New .Jersey. Plione 
Camden 14;;4. Rate $10 (B) (8). Frank" H. Miller, Principal. 

East Eutherford 

Hudson County Detective Agency, 142 Everett Place, East Rutherford. N. .T 


The Xelson Detective Service, 95 Washington, St., Hoboken, N. .1. 
Captain .Julius Nelson, State Detective, 307 Washington, St.. Hoboken, N. J. 
("oridon Detective Agency, 68 Hudson Street, Hol.oken, New ,Jersev. 

Jersey City 

Hudson County Detective Agency, Hudson Building, Jersey City, New Jersev 
Rate $12 (P) (9) 1900. S. J. Mnllica, Chief. 

(Soe Artvertis«'nH'nt on l*a<i(> IS.) 

i)i/rK('Ti\'i: ac;ex(mes 77 

Haugheys Nal'oiiul Secret Service, Suite 21-22 Segal Building. Atlantic City. 
New Jersey. Kate $10 (B) (8) 1915. William M. Haughey, Sr., Chief. 

I'nion Detect ve .\geiicy, CuuiherlaiKl Trust Building. Jersey C'.ly . X. .'. 
Rate $10 (in lJ»n«(. Kdward A. Ransom, Manager. 


Tolmie's State Detective Service, 828 Broad Street, Newark, N. J. Phone 
Market '.915. Rate $12 (P) (8» 1917. P. C. Tolmie. Princ pal. 


Hudson County Detective Agency. G88 Main Avenue. Passaic. New Jersey. 


Wi :iuni X. Have is. .")S Helaware View Ave., Trenton. N. J. 
Wlliam X. Coop.M\ .'! 6 East Stale St.. Trenton. New Jersey. 


Humphreys Central Detective Corporation, Albany. New York. 
Re ds Detect' ve Agency. 4 67 Bioadway. Al!)any. New York. 
Manzei- Detective Service Bureau. 17 Steuhen Bldg.. Alliany. N. Y. 

Manzer Detective Service Bureau, 17 Steuben Bldg., Albany, X. Y. 
('ent)'al Detective Coiporation, r)62 Bi-oadway, Koom 26, Albany, X. Y, 
Sam E. Gibbons Detective Bureau, 4 Clinton Ave., Albany, X. Y. 
United Detective Agency, 90 South Hawk Street, Albany, X. Y. 
Humphreys Central Detective Corporation, Albany, X. Y. 



Hamburger Detective Bureau, ?)71 Fulton Street, Hrooklyii, N. Y. 

Kings County Detective Bureau, 50 Couit Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Phone 
Main 615. Rate $10 (L) (8), i;)15. Louib Cohen, Principal. 

Wallace T. Macrery, 44 Court St.. Riooklyn, N. Y. 

Neuberger Detective Bureau, 321 Stanliope St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Kate SS 
(L) (8) 1917. Joseph Neuberger, I'rincipal. 

Buffalo Detective Agency, 11-14 Dun BUIk-, Buffalo. N. Y. 
Erie County Detective Agency, 12 Mutual Life Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Gorman Detective Bureau, 'M'.', Mutual I^ife I'.hlg.. Buffalo, N. Y. 

International Detective Service, 108 Law Exchange Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Jordans Detective Service. :;i!> Main Sinet, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Newtons Detective Agency, 300 Law E.xchango Bldg.. Buffalo, New York. 

O'Grady Detective Agency, 'VZ4 Chamber of Commerce, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Regan Police Detective Agency, 587 Ellicott Square, Buffalo, N. Y. 

VVm. H. (!c Thos. S. Watts Buffalo Detective Agency, Dun Bldg., Buffalo, X. Y. 
(B). General Investigations. Licen.^ed. Wni. H. & Thos. S. Watts, Prin. 

Was'.!;n?;ton detective Bureau, 42 Builders' Exchange, Buffalo, New York. 

Ballston Spa 

The James O'Brien Detective Agency. Ballston Spa. New York. 



New York City 

Aetna Detective Agency, 116 Nassau Street, New York City. 
Active Detective Bureau, 299 Broadway, New York City. 
All)erts Detective Agency, 1393 Broadway, New York City. 
Alnigren Detective Agency, 200 West 113th St.. New York City. 
Geo. F. Anderson, 309 Broadway, New York City. 

Atlas Detective Bureau, 1663 Avenue A, New York City. 

Acme Central Detective Agency, 148 Col Ave., New York City, N. Y. 

.\scher Detective Agency & N. W. Harbor Patrol, 1440 Broadway, New York 

Aster Detective Service, 108 W. 45th Street, New York City, N. Y. Phone 
Bryant 5240. Rate $10 (LJO) (9), 1917. 

Wi.liani J. Burns International Detective Agency, Woolworth Building, New 
York City. Branches in prircipal cities of the world. 

Hankers and Brokers Investigating and Reporting Agency. 200 Broad Street. 
New York City. 

Hraun National Detective Bureau, 5 Beekman Street, New York Citv, N. Y. 
Phone Cortlandt 7844. Rate $10 (10) (8), 1916. Julius B. Braun, Principal. 

Bernstein Lehman Detective Service. Inc., 110 West 40th St., New York City 

Bergoff Bros. H: Waddell, Inc., 70 East 45th St., New York City. 

.lames Boland. 280 Broadway. New York City. 

George D. Barnitz, 6 8 William Street, New York City. 

Jacob E. Bah, 320 Broadway, New York City. 

Baker Detective Bureau, 632 Eighth Avenue, New York City. 

Bendon Detective Agency, 1974 Broadway, New York City. 


Bernie Detective Agency, 5 Columbus Circle, New York City. 

Bowen-Brush Co., 206 Broadway, New York City. 

Bowen.s Detective Service, 116 Na.ssau Street, New Vork City. 

John 11. Boyle, 216 West 18th Street, New York City. 

M. Brick. 309 East Fourth Street, New York City. 

liiowiie-Rykert Detective Service, Inc.. 1400 Broadway, New York (Mty. 

Lryans Detective Agency, 154 Nassau Street. New Voik City. 

lUickbees Detective Service. 2 Rector Street, New York City. 

Butler's Detective Service, Marbridge Building. New York City. 

("apitol Detective Bureau, Fitzgerald Building, New Yoik City. Rate $10 
(B) (8) 1919. Louis Taubenfeld. Principal. 

Cooper Detective Agency. 47 West 4l'nd Stiejt, New York Ciy . Phone Mur- 
ray Hill 44:^0. .\. G. McMann, Manager. 

Conmiercial Detective Bureau & Detective Service. :'>4?> East IStli Street, New 
York City. Rate $25 (8) 1890. Charles Schneider. Chief. 

Albert :\I. Cody, 1482 Broadway, New Vork City, N. Y. 

Converbe-Driscoll. Inc. Inve.'^tigators. lo2S Broadway. New Voi-k City. iP 
Licensed and lio.ided. (". L. Conveise. President; M. J. Dris.'oll, Treas- 

Confidential Deteili\f Service, 171 Broadway. New York City. 

Casassa & McKeiina National Detective AgeTicy, 40 Exchange Place, New 
York City. 

\V liani J. Casey. 47 West :i4th Street, New York City. 
II. i). Cliristian .Agency, 220 Broadway, New York City. 
,' i Cohen. ] S 1 !) liroadway, New York CMly. 
S. I!. ConiioiK. Inc., 2.S75 Broadway, New York City. 


.lijs i:, (\)inlen;i r.ftMakl^iiLarie. New Yorlt City. 

T II. f"i(!ss Ii}vpst>;at'iig BTireau, 1265 Broadway, NewYofk City. '.., 

.vlart'n J. CutT Detertive Ageucy. 125 East 34th Street. New York CUy. 

Czechoslovak Deted've Bureau, 1S19 Broadway, New York City. Brjair 
I:J.:;.S. Rnt.; ? 1 (IviIOi'D. Fred P. Deisler, President. - ■■■■ 

Dcisler i'> Snowdcn, Inc., ion West 40th Street, New York City, N.' Y. PhbiYe 

' 'oi'K'iorly's Detective lUirt-au, Varick Building, New York City. 'Rate"$ro 
I 1-0) HtOl. Harry V. ,and George S. Dougherty, Principals. 

i''i'lix B. De iMartini, "> Beeknian Street, New York City. 

I'anio'd Detective Agency, 15 Park Row, New York City.. 

I i Bri'-iizas Detective .Agency. 25 Beaver Street, New York City. 

Dunn &: Jewesson, Inc., 150 Nassau Street, New York City, N. Y. Phone 
Beekman 5470. Rate $10 (B) (S), 1895. Frederick N. Dunn, Sec. & Treas. 

Patrick H. Donnelly, 1 Madi.'^on Ave., New York City, N. Y. 

Drunimonds Detective Agency, 13 Park Row, New York City, N. Y. 

•James E. Dillon. Inc.. 152 West 42nd Street. New York City. 

\V. ('. Dodge. 205 West 2.']rd Street. New York City. 
Henry L. Dcdirety & Co., 60 Wall Street, New York City. 

Kagle Detective Agency, 1542 Broadway. New York City. Phone Bryant 
!)745-f)17. Rate $10 (B) (S) L. B. L. B. 1900. M. Sherwood, Chief. 

Edmonds National Detective Agency, 154 5 Broadway, New York City. 
Ilfnry Eidwartls, 148 Columbus Avenue. New York City. 
Jo n W. England. ?,'M East 14fnh Street. New York City. 
.Martin I-'. Fay, :]91 East 149th Street, New York City, N. Y. 


I'arley Detective Bureau, llKj Broadway, New York City, X. Y. Phone Bryant 
4066. Rate $10 and $12 (B) (12), 1919. Francis 4. Farley, Principal. 

William J. Flynn, Inc.. 1457 Broadway, New York City. <B) (S). Formerly 
Chief i:. S. Secret Service, William J. Flynn, President. 

Xorman J. Fitzsimmont* Detective Agency, 27 William Street, New York City. 
Ait'iur F. Fagan Detective Bureau. 1133 Broadway. New York City. 
FarrelTs Detective Agency, I'OO Broadway, Now York C ty. 
r^ldelity Detective Bureau, 39 East :J7tli Street, New York City. 
John J. Fogarty, 5 Beekman Street, New York City. 

Fox Detective Bureau, 1493 Broadway, New York City. 
H. Milton Vox Detective Bureau, S50 Beekman Street. New York City. 
Fasanella's Eastern Detective Bureau ,.'584 5th Ave., New York City, N. Y. 
Fenton Detective Bureau, 240 West ootli Street, New Yoik City. 
Perrons Detective Agency, 1482 Broadway, New York City, N. Y. 
Foster's Industrial & Detective Bureau, 286 5th Ave., New York City, N. Y. 

Groom Detective Agency, Park Row Building, New York City. Rate $10 (Bi 
(10) 1919. Leo G. Groom, Principal. 

Gins'ierg Franklin Detective Agency, 141 Attorney Street, New York City 
Rate .$10 (B) (S) 1920. Ginsberg and Franklin, Priiic-pals. 

Michael Gilles, 31S Broadway, New York City. 

Glolie Detective .Xgency, ys.'i Broolv Avenue, New Yoi-k City. 

ijowers Detective Bureau, .503 Fifth Avenue. New York City. 

Greater New York Detective Agency, 5 Beekman Street, New York City. 

(juardian Bureaus, Inc., 309 Broadway New York City. 


Co.'; ran Ice Ueteotivo Bureau, 317 Broadway, New York City. 
t:arri>tt 'H Detective Bureau, 134 West 40th Street, New York City. 

C. I'V Uoodapecd, 81!» Woolworth Building, New York City. Kate |S (B) 
10) .!)20. Bo.ijamin Hass, Principal. 

The I!. Ha.-s Detective Bureau, 10 East 43rd Street, New York City, X. Y. 

Holdohoi j;, Detective Agency, 239 Broadway, New York City. 

Huj,'ho.s Detective Service, 30 Broad Street, New York City, N. Y. 

Holmes Xatioiiai Detective Agency, Inc., 200 Broadway, Now York City. 
Rale .510 (L) 1910. Fred P. Holmes, President. 

.] .1. Ilanii; n. t;()('>4 Broadway, New York City. 

Ilart's D(>t('ctive Bureau, 87 Nassau Street, New York (!ity. 

IhMKlUs Detective Bureau. 116 Nassau Street, New York City. 

Ludwi;^ Ilernnaim Detective Agency, 1819 Broadway, New York City. 

E. F. Ileznere, .t11 West 172nd Street, New York City. 

Hooks Detective Agency. 285 Lenox Avenue, New York City. 

Iiiterliorough Detective Agency, Inc.. 133 West 129th Street, New York City. 

International Detective Agency, 112 East 23rd Street, New York City. 

Ilerniaii Itzkowitz, 213 West 213th Street, New York City. 

William A. Jones, Inc., 5 Beekman Street, New York City. 

Knickerbocker Detective Bureau, Putnam Building, New York City. Rate 
$8 (L) (12) 1910. Roberta. Griffo, Principal. 

Telly Detective Agency, 461 Eighth Avenue, New York City. 

Ivciiniore Detective Agency, Inc., 321 West 11th Street, New York City. 

Capt. Bernard Keleher Detective Bureau, 115 Broadway, New Y'ork City, N. Y. 


Harold Levin, iV Beekman Street; New York City.' 

I> iico'n Interriational Detectlvfe Bufeaii, iiC) 1 Hroadway, New Vorlc City. 

i.uisi Investigation Co.. 1 6 Exclianig^e Place, New York 'City. 

]J1) rty Dctertivp Agency, 1570 Broadway. New Voi'k C.ty. 

Lanyons Detective Agency, 2oi) Broadway, New York City, X. Y. 
Lawrence Detective Agency, 1 Madison Ave., New York City, N. V. 
Lehman National Detective Agency, 156 5th Ave., New York Gity, N. Y. 

•May Detective Agency, 5 ColiunliUH Circle, New York ("ity; Kate $in (B) 
(10) 1921. Edward J. May, Principal. 

McCurdy Detective Service, Potter Building, New Vork City. Phone Cort 
landt 1921. Established 1921. W. K. McCurdy, Principal. 

McKay Detectivt' Service, 53 Park Row, New York City. 

Mains Bron.x Detective Agency, 951 Washington Ave., New York City. 

1). J. Mallen. 12 West 10 2nd Street, New York City. 

Manhattan Detective Agency, 24 Stone Street, New York City. 

Manufacturers Confidential Service, Inc., 74 Cortlandt Street. New York 

A. C. Mathewson, 53 Park Row, New York City. ^ 

McCarthy's Detective Bureau, 400 West 23r(l Street, New York City. 

J. E. McKenna, 5 Beekman Street, New York City. 

McLaughlin's Detective Agency, 2 Rector Street, New York City. 

W. .J. McRoherts Detective Agency, Inc., 4 3 Whitehall Street, New York City. 

Mealli's Detective Service, 97 Warren Street, New York City. 

John G. .Meeiian, 156 Broadway, New Vork City. 

William II. Moore, 150 Nassau Street, New York. 


Captain D. F. O'Brien's International Detective Agensf^, 112 East 23rd Streft, 
New York City. Phone Gramercy 0081 and 0082. Rate $8 (C) & (.1) (8). 
1899. Captain Daniel F. O'Brien, Principal. 

Mooney-Bokind-Sutlierland Cori)oration. 280 Broadway. New York City. 
Merchants Confidential Service Bureau. 1265 Broadway. New York City. 
Mjrchants Industrial Association. 212 West 30th Street, New York City. 

E. F. Mallen, 302 Broadway, New York City, N. Y. 

McLellan's lietective Agency, 265 West 23rd Street, New York City, N, Y. 
Mcllwraith Detective Agency, 2 Rector Street, New York City, N. Y'. 
Metropolitan Detective Agency, 128 Mulberry Street, New York City, N. Y. 
H. Meyer, 2842 Zuellette Ave., New York City, N. Y. 
Nat'onal Detective Ap,ency, 40 Exchange Place. New York City. 

Nafonal Investigating Service, ?,\ I'nion Square, New York City. 

Nortli Western Detective Agency. 6;U West 207th Street. New York City. 

O'Dea Detective Bureau, If) Park Row. New York (Mty. 

Val OFarrell, 500 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

(Jld Colony Detective Bureau, 125 Sherman Avenue, New York City. 

Olvanys Detective Bureau. 45 West r!4th Street, New York City. 

Osbornes International Detective Agency. 139 Maiden Lane. New York City. 

Ostro Bureau. It2 Lafayette Street. New York City. 

Val O'Toole Detective Agency. 752 Broadway, New York City. 

Bilgers Detective Agency. Morton Building. New York City. Rate $10 (L,JO) 
(S) 1921. Frederick J. Pilger. Principal. 

Petersons Detective Bureau, 280 Broadway, New York City. 

Pinkertons National Detective Agency, 154 Nassau Street, New York City. 

Pioneer Industrial Seivice. 39 East 27tli Street, New York (Mty. 


John J. Quinn, 219 West Houston Street. New York City. 

Doniinick G. Riley Detective Bureau, Inc., 225 Fifth Avenue, New York (";i .-. 
Dominick G. Riley and G. J. Riley, Principals. 

Reference Investigation Co., 9 6 Warren Street, New York City. 

Michael J. Reidy, 17 Battery Place, New Y'ork City. 

Serguis M. Riis, 13 Park Row, New York City. 

D. L. Raine, 46 Cedar Street, New^ York City, N. Y. 

1. A. Sherman, :'.9 East 27th Street, New York City. 

ICrvin J. Smith. 7 99 Broadway, New York VAty. 

Sam wick's Investigation Bureau, 15 Park Row, New York City. 

Scalfa Detective Agency, 1 1 Stone Street, New York City. 

Sc'.;i:uller, Inc., 14Ii Broadway, New York ('ity. 

M. Schlansky. 154 2 Broadway, New York City. 

Schmittherger's Detective Bureau. Inc., 1545 Broadway, New York City. 

Sheldon Detective Bureau, ?,?,4 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

S(iuare Detective Ag< ncy. ::!26 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York City. 

IloliiM't C S' erai'.l. J.'iO Nai sau Stresjt. New York City. 

\;ni 1'. S..tT da::. 126 Li'ierty Street. X-w York City. 

Sherman <^ Coirigan. Inc., 1 :! 1 1) Lexingt<m .Avenue, New York City. 

Jas. Edward Smith, I'.O Churcli Street, New York City. 

William .1. Sutherland. 280 Broadway, New York City. 

M. Hantaniello, 5 Center Market Place, New York City, N .Y. 

<'liarh's Schneider, ;!4.'5 E. 18th Street, New York City, N. Y. Phone Graniercy 
400. General Investigation. Charles Schneider, Principal. 

l>(;u:s Schultz, TD-'S Broadway, New York City, N. Y. 


S(mes Detective Bureau. Inc., 1-5 rroachvav, New York City. X. Y. Phone 
Kector 6595. Rate $10 (LO) (8), 1<)14.* Anthony Senes, Chief. 

.1. A. Silveniiim. 108 West .'Mth S*reet. New York City. X. Y. 

Stnjidard Investigation Buerau, 1400 Broadway, New York City. X. Y. Plioiu' 
Fitzi'oy 1267. General Investigation. F. D. Ungei', General Mana;ior. 

Wni. Tivoli, 108 45th Street, New York City, X. Y. 

Travers Detective Agency, 46 Cedai' Street (Room 607), Xew Yoik City, X\ Y. 

Walter S. Tienken, 170 Hioadway, New York City. 

Thomas J. Tuniiey International Detcct've AgeiK-y. Inc.. ♦JS Willian Stre'^t. 
New York City. 

J. C. Twitty, liSO 15r()ii(iw:iy. .Xew York City. 

I'liited Detective liar an. T.'iJ) IJroadway. .Xew York City. 

Jolm F. X'ickery. 1 S ] !i Inroad way. New York City. 
William Yon Fricken, ;i 1 I'nion Square, New York City. 
KrneKt C. Wagenfulir, 2S0 Broadway. New York City. 

Daniel Wolf V. S. and Foreign Detective Bureau. Inc.. Fiiuitable Trust BUIk-. 
New York City. Rate .$1() (Bl (S) 192U. Daniel Wolf. President. 

A. Weinberg, 6;!1 West 207th Stieet, New York City, N. Y. 

Wilsen's Detective Agency. 116 Nassau Street, Xew York Citv, X. Y. Phono 
Beekman 2862. Rate $10 (B) (10), 1004. George E. WiLsen, Principal. 

Edward P. Wish Service, Inc., Park Row Bldg., Xew York City, N. Y. 
Walden Detective Agency. Inc.. 29 Broadway, New York City. 
Washington Detective Bureau, 1819 Broadway. New York City. 
A. E. Westlotorn, (520 Lexington Avenue, New York City. 



"i OuriK's Detective Agency, 1 East 4 2iul Street, New York City. I'lionc Mm 
ray Hill 1.510. Geo. H. Young, Principal: .1. .1. Ki^lly, .ManaKni-. 

Niagara Falls 

Washington Detective Bureau, Gluck Bldg., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 


Lawrence O'Hrieii, 1 (i State Street, Rocliester, New York. 

Jo. ill A. Doyle Detective Agency, Chanil)er of Coininerce Hldg., Rochester 
N. Y. 

J. C. Hayden Detective Agency, 894 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Rat> 
$1.5 II-O) (81 19 1:^ C'las. .J. Hayden. Principal. 

Willis A. Wright. :!:;7 Power BUlg., Rochcsts^r, N. V. 

American Secret Sei-vicc i^ Patro! System. Mi Stalest., Rochester, N. Y. 

Loomis Dc^tective Agency, 1 U 7 Man attan St., Rochester, N. V. 

New York State Detective Bureau. 210 Livinj^ston Bldg., Rochester, N. Y, 
Phone Stone 2992. Rate (.S10; (B) (8), 191.-). Emil Haiiser, Principal. 

The Whalev-Doyle Detective Buicau, Inc., 112:1 Chambei- of Commerce Bldg. 
Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Whalcy, Pres.; J. W. A. Doyle, Sec. & Treas. 

American Secret Seivice & Patrol System, Inc., l(i State St., Rochester, N. Y. 
J. C. Hyden Detective Agency, 214 Wilder Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 
I.oomis Detective Agency, 27 ]\lanhattan Street, Rochester, N. Y. 
Willis A. Wright, .•',.'^7 Powers Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. 


Jackson Detective Agency, 311 State Street, Schenectady, New York, Kate 
i:;iO iin ( ll' ) 18»5. L. B. W. H. Jackson. Principal. 



THK HVKM rSK DETECTIVE AGENCY, INC., 410-411 SyratiLsc Savinji- 
Hank IJuiWHiij', SyraciLse, New York. Fifty-five years* <>.vperi<Mice. 
Teloi)li<)m% Jamc^s 3451. Xi^ht Telephones, Wan-en 1000 ami Jamt"^ 
2480. Kat«' ,$1000 (B) (10). WUUam O'Brien, Principal; William 
F. Husi«Ml, TiiM^uri'f and General Manager. 

Orth Detertive Ageiicj. :J09 Eckel Theater Bldg., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Adirondack Detective Bureau, Procters Bldg., Troy, New Vork. 
Fred Tnmor, 271 Kiver Street, Troy, N. Y. 


I'.ariy's Detective Agency, 52 U.C.N.B. Bldg., Utica, N. Y. 
Wrifthts Detective Bureau, 55 Gardner Bldg., Utica, N. Y. 
Shays Detective Bureau, 25 ]\Iartin Bldg., Utica, N. Y. 
Ct-ntral l~>etective Corporation, 72:'. South Street, Utica, N. Y. 
National Detective Agency, 102:! BrinckerofF Bldg., Utica, N. Y. 


CJoss Detective Huieau, 40.") Trocters Bldg., Yonkers, New York. 



I';<1\vard R. Belton, ]Mt. Airy, N'orth Cavolina. General Detective Work. 


'Ih ■ New Age Detective Agency, 1'. O. Box :'.<». Allieniarle. North Carolina. 
(). I). Blake, Principal. 


Xoi-th Carolina Detective and Collecting- Co., l(;-24 Kcvel] VAd^., A.'^heville, N. C. 


Dodeker's National Detective Agency, Inc , 416-418 Realty Buildng. Char- 
lotte, North Carolina. 


.Southern Detective Agency, i^umsdeii Building, Raleigh, North Carolina. 
Rale $10 to $15 (B) (10) 190). Robert L. launsden. Chief. 


Tlie Thonii)S()n Detective Agency. In*-.. Cor. .^)th and Trade Streets, Wiiiston- 
Saleni, North Carolina. 



Central Union Detective Agency, Walsh Bldg., Akron, Ohio. 
.J. H. Quinn, P. O. Box fi87, Akron. Ohio. 

A. F'. Owen, Clark Building. .A.kron. Ohio. 




Associated Detective Service. 112 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati. Ohio. 
A. I). T. Protective Service. 18 West Seventh Street, ('incinnati. Ohio 
Acme Secret Service Ass'n, N.W. Corner 6th and Vine Sts., Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Cal Crim Detective Bureau Co., Traction Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Wni. H. Jackson Detective P>ureau, Suite 3o, Carew Bldg:.. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Phone Main 1428 (P>). Win. H. Jackson, Prin. (Formerly Chief of Police). 

John Kut'/. Deteit've .Xk'U'.v. -620 Hackl>erry Street, (-incinnati. Ohio. 
MtTc^.ants Pol'ci- ("o , 17 iCast Third Street. Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Harry O. Milhr I )ct ccti v.- Jiureau. 104 Hell Hlock. Cincinnati. Ohio. 


The Cleveland Detective .Xssociation. 6:i:!7 Hinde Avenue. Cleveland. Ohio. 
II. Clay Folger Detective Hureau, Schofield Building, Cleveland, Ohio. 
II. J. Coach «S^- Co.. Leader News Building. Cleveland. Ohio. 
Citizens Detective Agency, 2o7 Colonial Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Corporation Sei-vice Bureau, Inc., New Guaidian Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Creditors Detective Bureau, 807 Cayahoga Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Cleveland Guardant Time Lock Co., 504 Cayahoga Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Cranston Detective Agency, 289 Colonial Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio. 

The Employers Service Company, 220-21 Erie Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. Phone 
Prospect 1604. 1910. R. P. Scott, President. 

IL A. Gaede, Inc., Superior Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Goldsmith Secret Sei-A'ice, 914 Schofield Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Rex. L. Hilderbrand, 'US Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 



The Mintz Detective Agency. Cuyahoga Building, ail Ruperior Strof^t. Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Jacob Mintz, Manager. 

Metropolitan Detective Agency, 5 23 Standard Part Building, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Rate $8 (C) (8) 1912. M. P. Eekelman, President. 

Kerv-Baiiey Co., 958 Leader-News Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio, 
lludolph A. Goede, 317 Superior Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Manufacturers Service Co., 516 Schofield Bldji., Cleveland, Ohio. 

The M. M. Detective Agency, 3.325 E. 49th Street, S. E.. Cleveland, Ohio. Phone 
0. S. Union 1070-W. Josepli A. Mirous, Manager. 

Municipal Detective Agency, 417 Schofield Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Standai'd Protection Co., 816 Columbia Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Charles Woodward Co., 1900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Comstock Builfliiig. Columlni,';, Ohio. P. O. Ilox 127!. T«leplione :$277, 
Rat<> (?) (B) (8) 1018. William J. KiiiR, Pte-idont. 
(Sco Adverti.senieiit on Page 28.) 

('has. E. McCannon Secret Service Bureau, 407 Commerce Building. Colum- 
lius, Ohio. Rate $8 up (B) (8( 1913. Chas. E. McGannon. Principal. 

.John .1. Mahoney Detective Agency, 304 Schultz Building, Columbus, Ohio. 
Licensed and bonded. Established 1S74. John J. Mahoney, President. 

The .Vat'oiial Detective Bureau Co.. Inc.. 503-4 Schultz B\iildiiig. Columbus. 
Oliio. Rate $10 (Bl (8) lft20. T. C. Jacolis, I'resident. 

The .\ational Detective Bureau Co., 503 Schultz Bldg., Columbus, Ohio. Phone 
North 1075. A. M. Smith, Manager. 



L. M. Nesmith, Custar, Ohio. 


Ceo. R. Boval Detective Agency, 407 Callahan Building, Dayton. Ohio. 

r.I.Le.i.i Socret Service, :;24 Dayton Savings & Trust Building. Dayton, Ohi-.'. 
Late $8 (B) (8). A. R. McLean, Principal. 

Risicr Secret Service, (ill Mutual Home Building. Dayton, Ohio. 


Ciuzcn cV: Lyle National Detective Co.. Inc., 202 Spitzer Bld^. Thone M. 4960. 

IJate SIO (1!) (S) (L), ISiK). Toledo. Ohio. .Robert S. Ciuzen, :\IgT. 

Continental Seciet Service Bureau, 401 Bank of Commerce Bldg., Toledo, Ohio, 
rhone Adams 4060. Kate $8 (LJO) (8), 1918. H. E. Harris, President. 

C'JOi'er"s National Detective Agency, 703-1 Spitzer Building, Toledo, Ohi<' 
Rate .nu (B) (10) 1918. C>3Cil L. Cooper, Principal. 

Morphis Secret Sei-xice Bureau, 221 Nasbv Bldg., Toledo, Ohio. Phone Main 
6619. Rate $12 (B) (8), 1917. Louis Morphis, Principal. 

The Secor & Mauley Co., 406 Second National Bank Building. Toledo, Ohio. 


Kane Merchants Police and Investigating Agency. 320 Dollar Bank Buildinti. 
Youngstown. Ohio. John J. Kane, Principal. 

McDowell Detective Agency, 208 K. of C. Bldg., Youngstown, Ohio. 

Steel City Detective & Investigation Co, Box .518, Youngstown. Ohio. 



Oklahoma Cilv 

Bays Detective Agency, 301 Barnes Building, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Rate .?10 (B) (8) 1913. E. A. Maloney, Proprietor. 

Dyer Detective Agency, 207 Baltimore Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. I'hone 
Walnut 1740. John Bocock, Manager. 

Chailes McCloud. 1304 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. Phone Wal- 
nut 407. Eate $15 (B) (10), 1008. Charles McCloud, Manager. 

Western Detective Agency. 416-17-18 Herskowitz Building. Oklahoma City, 
Oklahoma. Rate $10 (B) (12) 190G. Jno. F. Bufford, Manager. 

Taylor's Detective Bureau. Inc.. GO:! Ti-adesnien's National Bank Build'nJi-. 
Cklahonui City. Okla Rate s ] f| (Bl. II. C. Taylor. President a-i ! 

-M lift k Ogee 

Anti-Automobile Thief A.-^eociation of America. Xewkirlc. Olda. Piotcction to 
Automobiles apainst theft. Paul M. ]\Iead, Manager. 


The Foster N. Burns Detective Agency, Inc., 226 Iowa Bldg., Tulsa, Okla. Phone 
Osage 5S74. Rate $10 (B) (lOK Foster N. Burns, Manager. 
(See .\dv«'ftisein«'nt on Pjige 12.) 

11:K .J.NO. .\. (;i S'l.XFSO.N I)P:TECTIVI: .\(;I;N< v. IJlis^ IJuilding, Tulsa, 
Oklahoma. Phone Osage 2227- Rate $10 (H) 1017. Jno. .\. (Justaf- 
son. Principal. 

h ulk National Detective Bureau, 408 Daniel Building. Tulsa. Oklahoma 
liate $10 ( P< ) 1!»1!). A. J. Johnson. Superintendent. 



Slate Auto Theft & Investigation Bureau, 914 C. of C Portland, Ore. 
Stanley Detective Agency, Railway Exc'iange Building. Portland. Oregon. 

Rate $10 (B) (S) 1911'. R. W. Stanley, Brincipal. 
Merchants Patrol. ;^07 Eleventh Street. Portland. Oregon. 

-N . II. Mlley, Yeon Building, Portland, Oregon. 

Jas. M. Riley, Northwest Bank Bldg., Portland, Oregon. 


standard Detective Agencv, Central Trust Bldg., Altoona, Pa. Piione Bell 1717. 
Rate $1j: (10) 1013'. H. H. Fleck, General Manager. 


L. II. Schweitzer, 487 Linden Street, Bethlehem. Pa. 


Heyhurn Detective Agency, 501 Crozior Building, Chester, Pa. 


R. H. Atkinson, 18o5 State Street, Erie, Pa. 


Keystone Detective Agency, 201 Arcade Building. Harrisliurg, Pa. 

White Detective Agency. 8 N. Market Square, Harri.^burg, Pa. Phone Bel' 
4.''.f)9. Experienced Operators Furnished. H. C. White, Superintendent. 


Arthur Titus, Box 444, Kittaning. Pa. 



Broome's Detective Agencj', 22 South Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa. Rate -V 
(L> 1894. Licensed and bonded. Charles E. Broonie. PrincpaL 


Jas. Ackers, 1414 Lombard Street, Philadelpaia, Pa. 

Warren A. Addis. :{4 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bauer's Detective Agency. 908 Walnut Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Bryant Detective Service, 21 North Juniper Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Albert G. Briggs, ;>2 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Central Detective Agency. 15 North 10th Street, Philadelpliia. Pa. 

Commercial Detective Service, GOG-11 Liberty Building, Philadelphia, Pa 
Rate $10 (Bl (Id) 1910. Harry J. Ne!)inger. Principal and Manager. 

Crawford-Hopkins National Di'lective Agency, 1003 Reyl)urn-Baily Building. 
Philadelphia. Pa. Rate .*!-' (L) (24 1 1889. C. G. Crawford, General 

Creveling Detective Agency, 2700 Gtn. Street. Philadelphia, Pa. 

A. P. Cirllen Detective Agency, 3 8 North .'.Ist Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Robert D. Cameron. 122 South 13th Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Thomas Donato, 1410 Tasker Street. Philadelph'a, Pa. 

J>c Orio Prof ers. 413 Nortli (;3rd Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Di Marzo Salvatore. 1230 South 11th Street, Philadelpliia, Pa. 

Earj'e Detective Agency, 310-16 Drexel Building. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Rate $10 (L) t8) 1917. Julius Blumenthal. Manager. 


Elliott Dciective Agency. 2402 Columbia Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Farson, Bulletin Block. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Benjainhi Franklii Detective Agency, Liberty Block. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Gavins Detective Agency. 1237 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Clol'e retective Service, 1470 West Columbia St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Mattl.ew Crillin Co.. 1530 O.estnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walter F. Geb Secret Service Bureau, 1211 West Hilton St., Philadelphi;*. 
Pa.; $8 (C) (12) 1918. Walter F. Geib, Principal. 

Glas.s Detective Service, nOii Lincoln Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Julius Goldschild, 842 North 5th St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Ric'iard Grcar, 2530 North 22nd St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
John Grispon. 4 241 Ridge St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

ThoH. G. Hanson Secret Service Bureau, 901 Bulletin Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa 

Rate 18 (C) 1910. Thos. G. Hansen, Principal. 

Frank Henry, llli East Mermaid St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas Hutchinson. 857 North 27th St.. Philadelphia, Pa. Survey & Protective Service, 3619 N. Gratz St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Irvine's Secret Service, Penfield Block, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Industrial Protective Association, Real Estate, T. Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jones' National Detective Agency, 1211 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kane's Secret Service Bureau. Stock Exchange Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

F. I. Keizer. 18th & Market Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Keystone Detective Service, 113 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Kravers Bureau of Secret Service, 618 Real Estate Trust Bldg., Philadelphia. 
Pa. Rate .$10 (B) (10) 1909. Jay A. Kraver Principal. 


Legal Investigating Bureau, Heerl Building, Philadelphia. Pa. 

I.onp:'.'^ Detective Agency, Real Estate Trust Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
.\ndre\v A. McHugh. Penfield Bldg.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
(jcoige T. McNulty. Bulletin Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 
C. V. Mallet. 900 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
George Manuel, 1214 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

II. Q. Morse Detective Service, 645 Smithfield St., Philadelphia, Pa. Rate 
$12 (B) 1915. H. Q. Morse. Principal. 

Ihirry W. Nagle, 538 West 10th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harry J. Nil)inger, Liberty Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 

I'enn. Nat'l Hotcctive Agency. Bulletin Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Will'ani C. Pennock, Lincoln Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 
11. F. Patterson, Jr.. Bulletin Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa. 
P. W. Phillips, ftOO Walnut Street. Philadelphia, Pa. 

George L. Pox'ter Detective Agency, 1430 South Pennsylvania Sq., Phila., Pa. 

Reliable Detective Agency, 842 No. 5th St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Rigors Secret Service, Penfield Block, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Samuel Ross, Lincoln Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smith's Detective Bureau, Robert Norris Bldg.. Philadeli)hia, Pa. 

Stalil's Secret Service, Penfield Bldg.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Standard Detertive Bureau, Kii:] Chestnut Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Stillings Detective Service, 5933 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Shirley Scott, 1514 French St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Geo. Scurria, 918 South 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Standard Secret Service, 16V'> Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Phone Spruce 
4W)!». Established 188S. A. L. Millard, Chief. 

Sailf"^ I >('!(■(■( ;-sc r.n lean, 7()(i Empire Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa. 

'I'alc's Detective Ditreaii. L'.Dlh N'. l-'Jth Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Triplelt. Detective Agency. 120 Soutli Fourtli Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

1 avior iNational Detective Apjencv, Baxter Bldg.. S. Penn. Square, I'hiladel- 

phia. Pa. Bel! Phone Spruce 4259. Rate $10 (B) (8) (LB), 1912. .lohii 
B. 'J'ayior, President (P'ormer Superintendent of Police). 

United Detective Service, Inc., Lincoln Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Watson National Detective Agency, 10 South 52nd Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 
Rate $9 (B) 1S04. .John J. Watson, Principal. 

•Jo 11 II. Wilson. 10 South Fourth Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Clias. Wasner. 1318 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

?vl. Winokiir, li'O Moore Street. Philadelphia, Pa. 

I'obort Winters. :'.r, ifl North Gratz Street. Philadelphia. Pa. 


Perkins Detetcive Service, 331 4th .\ve., Pittsburg, Pa. Phone C<jurt 200. 
General Detective Work. Harry H. Perkins, General Manager. 

McGovern Detective Service. Schmidt Building. 339 Fifth Avenue, Pitts- 
liurgh. Pa. Charles C. McGovern, Superintendent. 

'I'lie Leo A. lliordan Detective Agency, 410 Berger Bldg., Pittsburgh. Pa. Phone 
Court llKi. Pate i?10 (B) (10), 1917. Leo A. Riordan, Principal. 


Pvafter Detective Agency, 623 Connell Bldg., Scranton, Pa. Phone 1060. Kate 
$10. M. C. Rafter, Principal. 




The H. M. Nagle Detective Agency, 609 Wasj.ington St.. Rfading, Pa. Ratr; 
$8. H. M. Nagle. Princpal. 

West Homestead 

AN'at .1. Dean (Bonded and Licensed Detect^'e), 808 Sarah St., West Home- 
stead, Pa. 



Downey Detective Bureau, 212 Union Street, Providence, T'. L 
National Detective Agency, 49 Westniinstei- Street, Providence, \l. I. 
United Detective Service, Turks Head Bldg., Providence, R. I. 


Fry Detective Agency, Lock Box 3:^9. Burkburnett, Texas. 


Connor Detective Service, 204 Sam Houston Life Bldg., Dallas. Texas. Rate 
$8 to $10 (B) (10) 1921. T. J. Connor, Chief. 

Tnrley & Moffitt, Detectives, 208 Andrews Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 
Smith Detective Agency, Busch Bldg., Dallas, Texas. 


American Secret Service Bureau, 630 East Woodard St., Dcn'son. Texas. 
Special rates upon request. J. F. Hawkins, Principal. 

El Paso 

The Ben Williams Detective Agency, El Paso, Texas. 


Fort Worth 

Shelton Detective Agency, 416 Dan Waggoner Bldg., Fort Worth. Texas. 
Rate .$10 (B) 1921. Ira Shelton. Principal. 

l<'ort Worth Detective Agency, 211 Texas State Bank Bldg., Fort Worth, 'lexa.?. 
Southwestern Detective Agency, 213 Moore Bldg.. Fort Worth. Te.xas. 


Furlongs Secret Service Co. 406 Kiam Bldg., Houston, Texas. 

McCane's National Detective Agency, 101?. Texas Avenue, Houston, Texas. 
IJate $10. (B). General Detective Business. James McCane, Principal. 

F. O. Simon. Secret Service, Box 14P.1. Houston, Texas. General Detective 
Business in All its Blanches. F. O. Simon, Principal. 

San Antonio 

The America Detectives A.'^s'n, 503 Conroy Bldg.. San Antonio, Texas. Phone 
Tr. 4(J67. High Class Investigafons. S. Lucero. Secretary. 
(See .\(Iv«'i'ti.seiuent on Paite 13.) 


Hodeker's National Detective Agency, Inc., 331 Volunteer State Life Hidji 
Chattanooga, Tenn. Phone Main 3877. 

Phipp's Detective Agency, l-",!-. E. 8th Street. Chattanooga, lenn. 


National Detective Agency, Holston Bank Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn. 


O'Havers Detective Agency, N. jMemphis Savings Bank Bldg., ^lemphi.'^, 'lenn. 
Reliable Detective Agency, North jNIemphis Savings Bank Bldg., ^Memphis, Tenn. 




Newport News 

N'^rfulk &■ Rush'ell Detec't've Agency, C'o:nniunity Center Bldg.. Newport 
News, Vii-ginia. 


EturKill Detective Agency, Kilgore-Aston Bldg.. Norton. \irgin';i. Prices 
Reasonalile. John B. Sturgill, Gonoral Manager. 


Phitopoulos National Detect've Afoncv, 21!) Granby Stieet, Noi'folk, Va. riiono 
26857. Rate $10 (B) (8), 1005. L. C. Hani.s, Mana.tjer. 

Dun()ar Detective Agency (Colored). 924 Church St.. Norfolk. Virginia. 


Amei-ican Bureau of Investigation, 106 E. Tazewell Street, Portsniouth, Va. 
Norfolk Detective A.cency, 201 E. City Hal! Ave, Port.'^nioulh, Va. 


rnrp'e"n Detract i^■e .'^(^ency, 224 East Broad St., Riclunond. ^'il■ginia. 
\"y in'a Dctcc'ive Bureau, 12 N. 5)th Street, Richinond, \'a. 


Paidw'n-Fets Detectives, Inc., Roanoke, \'a. W. G. Baldwin, Mgi 



\<)i'k Ulock, Seattle, Washington. Rates reasonable. Twenty years' 
sTvice; 10 in Seattle. Repoi'ts swoin to by attidavit. Mail to P. <). 
??o\ «J>;?. Teh'-iiains to !02(> First Avenue. Ray K. N'ard, Principal. 

M.7rc ants" i'atrol ('(>., G17i/^ Piko Street, Seattle, Washington. 

Merchants' Puget Suiuul Police Patrol, H''ckney Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Pacific Coast Detective Agency, 320 Seaboard Bldg-., Seattle Wash. Phone 
Elliott 1653. (B). 1913. A. .J. Batt, Principal. 

Revelare International Secret Service, 415-421 Lyon Bldg-., Seattle Wash, 
Rato H;12 (B) (8) 191:]. L. S. Mny, President 

The Standard Detective Corporation, 408-9 Mutual Life Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Phone Elliott 3637. Rate $10 (L) (8). C. P. Bailey, Principal. 

The F. H. Suiry Agency, 3070 Arcade Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 


Expert Secret Service, 311-12 The Rookery Building, Spokane, Wash. Rate 
$lf) (B) (10) 1920. L. B. Thos. E. Heddle, Manager. 

Spokane Detective Agency & Merchants' Police, Inc., Old National Bank 
Bldg., Spokane, Washington. 

The Swain Interntaional Detective Agency, Empire State Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 


International Detective Agency, Perkins Bldg., Tacoma, Washington. 
National International Detective Agency, Realty Bldg., Tacoma, Wash. 

Northwest Detective Agency, 605 Beinice Building, Tacoma, Wash. Phone 
Main 3427. Rate $10 (B). W. W. Wingard, Manager. 

Walla Walla 

Michael Davis, 66 Quinn Bldg., Walla Walla, Wash. 


V:5 mGINiv\ 

C adeston 

("lend nen Detective Service. 801 Kan;nvlia St , Charleston, W. Va. 

li. C. Smith Detective Bureau, 211/2 Capitol St., Charleston, W. Va. 

H. H. Haines, 51012 Virginia Street, Charleston, West Virginia. Telephone 
Capitol 5210. Rate $12 (li). Confidential Investigations for Attorneys, 
Banks, Corporations and Individuals Finger Prints Taken. H. H. Haines, 

H . H. Haines, 510% Virginia St., Charleston, West Virginia, has spent 
considerable time In Honduras, South America, and has established a 
Branch Office there. He is prepared to undertake any Criminal or 
Commercial Invesfgations in that country. 

Bond Detective Agency, Siers Building, Clarksburg, W. Va. 


The Sam Davis Detective Agency, Cornwall Bldg., Huntington, W. Va. 



Gordon Detective Bureau, Suite 400, Majestic Building, 221 Grand Avenue, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Telephone Grand 921. Rate $10 (B) (10), 1906 
(LB). Expert Dictograph Service. Special and Expert Secret Service. 

l.K'KVKl'l) .\.\1) l-O.NDFD FiV Ti;?-] STATE OF WISCONSIN' 
Representatives in All Parts of the VA'orld. F. P. Gordon, Principal; E. R. 
Lavalle, Secretary. 

John E. Ferris Intelligence Service, ;101 1st Wis. Nat'l Bank Bldg., Milwaukee, 
Wis. Phone Bdy. 1800. Pvate $10 (B) (8), 1916. J. E. Ferris, Principal. 

Sullivan's Detective Agency. olT) Fu'.st Wisconsin Nat'l Bank Bldg.. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Rate $10 (B) 19l'1. John T. Sullvan, Sec'y-Tr ;•- 

Eau Claire 

•'I'hn Sather Collection and Detective Agencv, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Phone 
\l 1715. Pate $8. Outside $10. John Sather, Pi-incipal. 




Bruce Hodge, Detective and Secret Service Agent, Buffalo, Wyo. Phone 190- W. 
Rate $10 (B) (12), 1919. Bruce H^dge ,Principal. 


Cheyenne Detective Buieau. 215 E. 20"^ Street, Chevenne, Wyoming. Phone 
1751. Rate $10 (L) (10), 1919. Thurman Wilsey, Manager. 


Philippine National Detective Agency, 728 Calle Zacateros, Santa Cruz, Manila. 
Philippine Islands. General Detective Investigations. Rate $10 (B). Cor- 
rosi)ondenct' Great Britain, Australia, and U. S. J. P. Watson, Principal 

NOTE' — Mr. Watson of the P'li'^ppine National Det©ctive Agency is 
representing The General Efficiency Company in compiling data for the 
1922 International Police and D'^tective Directory; also all orders for 
the Directory should be made to Mr. Watson, who will have a supply 
on hand and will promptly fill orders in the Orient. 

The Detective. Official Organ: International Association Chiefs of Police, 
Interstate Association of Sheriffs, International Association for Identifica- 
tion, National Bureau of Criminal Identification, Railway Special Agents 
«f the United States and Canada. See Advertisement on Page 2. 
(8c*< Advprtls<'ment on Page 5.) 





Dominion Detective Agency, 6 Bradburn-Thonison Block, Edmonton, Aib3rta, 
Canada. Phone 2542. Licensed and Registered. C. H. Caldwell, Gen'l Mgr. 

Internaiional Detective i^gency, 441 Teller Bldg , Edmonton, Al!)erta, Can- 
ada. Rate $10 (B) (10) 1918. J. E Al;r.oncl, Manager. 

Noi'th West Detective Agency, 610 Teglcr r.kl";., Ednionton, AlbcTta, C.mada. 
Phone '47.39. Exchange Rate (C). Enr)-crly N.W.jM.P. R. I). IIowcll. :.Ip;r. 


International Detective Agency, G12 Maclean Bldg., Calgar\-, .AJhci-la, ("insula. 
Phone M. !>()44. General Detective Investigation. Raymond Thiemi, Mgr. 

IMcDonald Detective Agency, Ltd., 702 Herald Bid;;-., Calgaiy, Albcita, Canada. 



.lohnt.on's Secret Service Intelligerce Burrau, Dominion Bank BUbr., Vancouver, 
British Cctliinibia, Canada, Phone Sevnor 2.'>97. Night Phone Sevnior 
923() "Y." Rate $10 (B) (8). Establishei S'l Years. Expert in Con.'i.Ien- 
tial investigations. Strict'-st Secrecy. Irforir.ation most successfuUv ob- 
tained. Long experience has taught the best, safest and least expensive 
method of investigation. Arrears of Rent Collected. Reliable P^videncc 
obtained for all legal Specializing in Divorce, Locating Missing 
People, etc. .Joshua .Johnston, 3Ianager. 


Chatterson Patrol System, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 


Dominoin Secret- Service ('omiianV; (W.i Builders Exchange Kldg;, Wriinijieg, 

Manitoba. Canada. Rate $10 (B) (10) 1913... .J. C. Poggi, I'rincipal. 
McDonald Detective Agency, 302 Birks Bldg., Winnipeg, Manitol)a, Canada. 




Canadian Maritime Investigation Agency, 91-93 Hollis Street, Halifax, Nova 
Scotia, Canada. Colonel J. H. I. Brown, Managing: Director. 


A. J. Ouellett, Private Secret Service Agent, Authorized by Law. Lock Box 
256. Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada. Civil, Criminal, Industrial, Cor- 
])oration and Private Work. Direct Connectloua with Reliable Agencies 
in r. S. ;md Cniiada. Finger Prints. Efficient Secret Service. 

,. ONTARIO, ,..::,..,::; ^.,r,<::i^:^.^::: .^r.^r 

Toronto' ■■■■■■"'. " "i-''^ i^^';^^; ""' ' 

Kniploycrs Detective Agcncv, Ltd.. Sun Life Bldg., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Phone Main :17!)4. Pate .$8 (L) (10), 1918. W. N. Simpson, President. 
Rate $10 (B) A. G. Boake, President. F. D. Burgar, Vice-Presidant. 



Toronto Detective Agency, 70 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada! 

Betts' Detective Bureau, Reg'd, 212 Park Ave., Montreal, Quebec, Canada:' = 

The .T. P.i-odcrick Sej-vice, 170 St. Janres Street, Montreal, Quebec,- Canada; 

Canadian Detective Bureau, 263 St. James Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Elmor R. Carrigton, 145 St. James St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Dominion Detective Agency, Ltd., 224 St. James St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Employers Detective Agencv, Ottawa Bldg., JVIontreal, Quebec, Caiikda. Plfi'oiie 
Main 68. Rate $8. (L) (10), 1013. C. M. Simp.son, Asst. General Manager. 

Frank G. Robinson, Room 110, 14.'i St. James Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 




Arthur .•''oulds, 7 King's Parade, Fallowfield, England. 


Arrows Detective Agency, Rolls Chambers, 89 Chancery Lane, London, W. C. 2. 
(Director, Charles Arrow, Late Chief Inspeclpor C.I.D., New Scotland Yd.) 

Athertons, 147 Strand, London, W. C. 2, England. 

Charles Brown, 13 Oxford Street, London, England. 

Uurns International Detective Agency, 5 Regent Street. London, England. 

John Conquest, 36 Great James Sti-eet, Bedford Row, London, England, W. C. 1. 
(Pensioned Chief Detective Inspector, Scotland Yard.) 

William Chamberlain, 48 Strand, London, England. 

Justin Chevasse, 24 Berlford Street, London, England. 

John Clements, 65 A HoII)orn Viaduct, E. C. I., London, E.iglancl. 

Henry John Derby, 415 Oxford Street, London, England. 

Dews Detective Agency, 50 Buckingham Palace, London, England. 

William and Oscar Darling, 5 Henrietta Street, London, England. 

Leonard Jolly Death, 12 Burnford Avenue, Fulham, S. W., London, England. 

Emile Delvaux, 5 Green Street, Leicester Square, London, England. 

Frederick Downess, 16 Basinghall Street, E. C, London. England. 

Edward Drew. 64 Victoria Street, London, England. 

Miss Kate Ea.'^iton. 10 Warwick Street, W. C.. London, England. 


John Geddfts, '.\ Lower Street, W., London, England. T 

Oliver Herbert. 4 8 Dover Street, London, England. 

L .ixjC'i GBNCiL.S l^y 

George Jerome Harasby & Co , 4 Lamljs Conduit Street, W. C . London. 

Douglas; I!-- ntf^r, SifH'an House, Sic i an ^ venue, W. C, London, England. 

Ilan? & Cole, nan, 55 and 56 .Avpnue Chambers, Vernon Place, \V. C, Londoi. 
England. Erewster Kemp, Scilian House, Sicilian Avenue, W. C, Londo . 

Jolm Gfiorge Littlechild, 51 Warwick Street, W., London, England. 

AlauricM Moser, 9 Bridge Street, S. W., London, England. 

13. 0\\e\ & Co., 41 High Street, Bristol, England. 

H Sv.xeney, 5 Resent Street, S. W.. London. England. 

Harry Sniale, 11 Bucking".. am Street. Strand W., London, England. 

■John Sweeney, 5 Regent Street, London, S. W. L., England. (Ex-Detective. 
In.spector, New Scotland Yard.) 
(Late of Detective Department of City of London Police.) 

Simmonds Detective Agency, .'54 King Street, Cheapside, London, E. C. 2, Eng. 

Sweeney & Marshall. 5 Regent Street, London, England. 

Walsh & Storkley. S John Street, Adelphi, W. C, London, England. 

Miss Maud West, 59 A New Oxford Street, London, England. 

Edwin Alliert Will'ams, 49 Queen N'ictoria Street, London, England. 

Edwin Williams. Albert Bldg., 49 Queen Victoria Street, London, E. C. 4, Eng. 

Ward's Agency, 4 Douglas Street, London, S. E. 8,. England. Phone Xew^ Cress 
:j4(). Established 14 years. Investigating all matters. Wm. Hayward, Prop. 

Wright's Detective Agency, 6.3 Moorgate Street, London. E. C. 2, England. 
Phone London Wall 8977. Rate $12 (B) (8), 1897. Edgar Wright, Mgr. 



Patiick F. GafTney, 66 Deansgate, Manchestei', England. 


G. Watts, Esq., Detective Inquiry Agent, 22 South View Tenace, I'lyinouth, 

West of England Private Investigation Bureau, 8 TJasket St., Plymouth, Eng. 

West of England Private Investigation Agency, 22 S. View Ten'aoe, Plymouth, 



Stewart's Detective Agency, 10 St. Vincent Street, Ghisgow, Scotland. Ii;-'! 
class male and female detectives Alfred Stewart, f^rincipal. 
(So<» .Advert i.s<nne;!t on Pagi' 2(>.) 


John Gillett (Detective Agency), IVToigan Arcade, Cardiff, Walc'^.^ 



Patrick B. Tieniey ( Investigations 1 , 15 Kildare Street, Duliliii, Ireland. 

Limerick * 

Micliiiel CoD'ns ( Investigalions ) , 42 Clare Street, Limerick. Ii-clami. 



n. L. Cvvy, ('omission and Entiuiry .Agent, 40-41, SO-.'il I'irie ChamlirM-s, { 
I'irie S'.i:- t, Adelaide, Australia. II. L. Grey, Principal- ' j 



Jos. Colbrpti Detective Agency, 372-4 Queen Street, Brisbane. Auslralin 
Absolutely private, ronfidential and reliable. 


('ook's Detective Agency. Victoria Arcade, Eliza lieth Strt^et. Sydney, Aus- 

Wien (Vienna) 

Leo Bolini. Wien VIII. Kochgasse 2S- 

Detektiv Institut ""Helios." Wien I. Braunerstrasse 3 2. 
Dekt. Instut Pelzel, Wien I. Singerstrasse 13. 
Detektive Institut ""Apollo."' JordaJigasse 9. 
Sinison Rosenberg. Wien II. Zirkusgasse 3. 
Leopold Schnatilegger. Wien XIIL Beckmannstrasse 28. 

Moriz Fischer, L Georg- Cochplatz Nr, ']; Wien (Vienna), Austria. 

S. Goldberg-er, Konzessioniertes Privatdetektivinstitut, Wien (Vienna), L Neuv 
Markt 14. 

Josef Osternig, XVII. Ottakringerstrasse X. 64. 



Agence Generale de Renseignements, 17, Boulevard, Maurice Lemonnier, Brus- 
sells, Belgium. 

Office J. R. S., 59 Boulevard du Midi, Brussels, Belgium. 
Surete General. 21. Rue de Rouleau. Brussels. Belgium. 

112 L\ii'jii.\AJ' h i'()Li(i<: .V- iJi'/j i<;(ri \ I', diki'.c ihim 


Maison Evrard, 2, Rue St. Adalbert, Liege, Belgium. 


There are no Detective Agencies in Bulgaria. 

Tlie best known Iiuiuiry Offices of this country are: 


D. K. Karatcheff, rue Lom.ska, Sofia. 

Esra M. Koundoff, rue Klementine 23. Sofia. 

Spolnka C. Tchochadjieff, rue Bratia Miladinovi 34. Sofia 



Gustave Chiro. Normande 23) 1, Santiago. Chile. 



Socpte Nationale des Renseigncmeiits gtMicranx, 13 Sharia Ahon 101 Sel)aii 
Cairo. Egyi)t. A. Moustafa, Director. 



Knl)Pi-g-I\()SKinen Detective Ofiice. Dcdsinki-Delsingfors I"inl;inil 




GtRce Deleitivp Internaticnial, C Rue Sadie Carnot, Alger, France. 


Caliiiiei Lux, !* i'hue Uirhelieu, Pjordeaiix. F'raiice. 


lj'(,t!i(e des Reclicrchas llM) Rue des Postes, Lille. Xord, France. 

Harris Detectives, 41 Rue des Taiineui's, Lille. P"'rance. A. Louis, (ex-Chier 
of Police). Mana,?er. 


Control:- Olli'.c, CJuai du Retz, '.\r>. L.vons, France. 

Agenco Me.iean <*c Co . G Place des Terreaux. L.vons. France. 

Centi-al Detecti\e. ?,0 Rue Centrale, Lyons, P^rance. 

Cesar, ;!() Rue des Cai)ucines, Lyons. France. 

Central Detective, oO Rue Centrale, Lyons, Fiance. 

Controle Ofl'ice, 25 Quai de Tletz, Lyons, France. 

Cesar, .■!2 Rue Childebert, Lyons, France. 

Oirice Univei'sal, ')4 Rue de la Republique, Ly'ons, France. 


.J. Pau. Cours Devilliers 8. Marseille, France. 

Ernest Gevaudan. Rue St. Ferrol 54, Marseille, France. 

F. Leoni. 6 2 Rue de la Republique. Marseille, France. 

Ma ga:.elli. Boulevard Gazzino 16, Marseille, France. 

L. Melchior, .5 Rue Vacon. Marseille. France. 

.V. Souc'ion. !i Quai des Beiges, Marseille. France. 

.V. T.ri-usse, 10 Rue Adoljihe Thiers, INIarseille. France. 


Agence de Renseigiienients, Confidentiels, 62 Rue de la Republique, Marseilles, 
France. F. A. Leoni, Principal. 

T.. Argus Policier, 16 Boulevard Gassino, Marseilles, France. 

L. Melchior, 50, Rue Vacon, Marseilles, France. 


Detective Office — IBEREGIO — 2 bis, Rue des Prisons Militaires, Metz. Lor- 
raine, France. 


J. I), Haliiigero, 4 Rue Emma, Nice, Fram-e. 


Administiation de Police Privee, 26, rue P^eydeau, Paris. 
A. Desverliine. Rue du Bac. Paris. France. 

A. Brebant. ft Rue Git-le-Couer, Paris, France. 

A. Guavrard-Baux. 1 and M Rue Montesquiem, Paris, France. 

AuKuste Bailly. 5 Rue du Louvre, Paris, France. 

Barre, 62 Rue Caumartiii, Paris, France. 

Victor Blin, 41 Rue Washington, Paris, France. 

Cabinet Constant, 10 Rue Poissonniere, Paris, F'rance. 

Calclias & Debishop. 1.5-17 Rue Auber, Paris, France. 

Casselari, 4 4 Rue T(iitl)Out, Paris, France. 

Ch. Petit, .5 Rue Provence, Paris. France. 

Cabinet Rivoli, 80 Rue de Rivoli. Paris, France. 

Cabinet Gerson, 6 Rue de Havre, Paris, France. 

Clievassu, 14 Bid. du Temple, Paris, France. 


Duplaix, I! 151(1. Uoniie Moiiceau, Paris, France. 

De Lanclausse, 18 Rue Vavin, Paris, France. 

Alfred Dupaix, 18 Rue des Romains, Bois-Colombes. Paris, France. 

Fabry, .33 Rue de Dragon, Paris, France. 

Fastinger, 16 Boulevard St. Denis. Paris, France. 

Faulte Constant, 95 Rue Monceau, Paris. France. 

Frank, 103 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris. France. 

P. Joul)ert, 102 Boulevard Sel)astopol, Paris, France. 

F. Bonhote, 3 5 Rue St. Marc, Paris, France. 

Cabinet P. Leroy, 41, rue de Liege, Paris. 

J. Garnier, 67, lue de Rivoli, Paris. 

J. Gautier, 51, rue Vivienne, Paris. 

Jean Garrere, Avenue des Goheline 5t, Paris. France. 

Goron. S Rue de Berry, Paris, France. 
Godefroy, 2 6 Rue Feydau, Paris, France. 

International Detective Agency, 89 Rue Ampere Place Perene, Paris, France. 
Cable Address: Neeloni. Leon Leoni, Principal. 

Institut European, 9 2 Rue St. Lazare, Paris, France. 

Louis Imbert, 124 Rue de Rivoli, Paris. France. 

L'Oeil du Maitre, 31 Boulevard Sebastopol, Paris, France. 

L"Indication, S l)is Cite Trevise, Paris, France. 

La Surete, Privee, 41 Chaussee d'Antin. Paris, France. 

L. Guillaume, 58 bis rue de la Chaussee d'Antin, Paris. 
Mansire, 14 Villa Coeur de Vey, Paris, France. 
Miscouleaud. .5 4 Rue N. D. des \'ictories, Paris, Franco. 

1 llj 


Moi'pan, (i:5 \inn do Sovros. ['iiris. l^^-imcc. 
Noblet, 100 Rue St. Lazare, Paris, France. 

Office Mondial de Tolice Privee, 55, rue St-Lazare, Paris. 
Office Darljel, 11 Rue Mogador, Paris, France. 
P'cliard, Rue de Gergovie, (>:'., Paris, France. 
Poussin, 13:5 Boulevard de Sebastopol, Pars, France. 
Puthoid. Notaire, 2 Rue (J retry, Paris, France. 
Ragoueaux A., 41 Rue de la Victorie. Paris. France. 
{la,\nal. 54 Rue Richer, 1'aris, France. 

Reiiauld, Gal Vivienne 13, Paris, France. 

Pascal, 20 Boulevard Rochechouart, Par's, France 

Richon, 9ter, Rue Alhouy, Paris, France. 

Sautareau, 10 Ru(> de Hanovi'e, Paris, France. 

3?rvent ,lean. Rue l^ugene Sue, Paris, Francs'. 

Souvras, 17 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, France. 

Sutly. Fauborg IVlontniartre 17, Paris, Iterance. 

E. Villiod, o7, Boulevard ]\laloshei'bes, Paris. 
Vzi|uiei-(io Gr., 1 ."i P.ue di> I'mvcnce. Fiiris, France. 

Saint-Etienne (Loire) 

Monsieur J. INlourlon, 12, Place de 1 Ho'.cl de Ville, St. Ktienne, France. 



Altona a. E. 

B. Dahelstein, Holsteiistrasse 64. Altona a. E.. Gei-inany. 

G. K!pe. Am Brunnenhot 'A?,, Altona a. E., Germany. 

Paul Lanse. Kl. Gartnersti-asse 125. Altona a. E.. Gei-many. 


Arguy. G. m. b. H.. W. Joachimsthalerstr. :'5. Berlin. Germany. 

W. Behrens, W 57 Bnlowstrasse 50, Berlin. Germany. 

Von Bredow & Dane, C 19 Jerusalemerstrasse '22. Berlin. Germany. 

Detektei /ukunft. G. m. h. H.. W 50, Kurfurstendamm 16. Berlin. German}' 

Buchwalds Detektlve, SW 6 8, Friedriclistrasse, Berlin, Germany. 

Detektei Fortuna, S. W. GS, Friedriclistrasse, Berlin. Germany. 

Caspaii-Both. Foffi & Pelzer. W. 66 Leipzigerstrasse. Berlin. Gei'many. 

Detektei Klante, Cliarl. Suarezstrasse, 17 Berlin, Germany. 

Die Detektei, SW. 6S, P"'riedrichstrasse. Berlin, Germany. 

Detektei Dinger, C, Prenzlauerstrasse, Berlin. Germany. 

Grae.ger. Kriminalbeamter a. D., W. {> Llnkstrasse 2_ Berlin. Germany. 

(ireir. Max Koeschke. W. S. Friedriclistrasse 7o, Berlin. (lerniany. 

llausc'.iild PolizeiwHchtmeister. W. S. Friederichstrasse 188, Berlin. Germai:;. 

Fritz Jordan. \\'. 11 5, Lutzowstrasse -9, Berlin. Germany. 

"Ju:^" Detektei. W. 35. Schonebergerufer 2:!. Bei-iin. Germany. 

Otto Lange, S. 42, Oranienstrasse 145, Berlin, Germany. 

Detektei Institut Westen, Wilni Bal)elsliergerstr. 31, Berlin. Germany. 

Xahert, Krim. Waclitmstr. a. D.. W. Potsdamerstrasse 141 Berlin. German;- 

Opitz Detective. \V. ti, Kotlienerstrasse 45. Berlin. Germany. 

1 IS 


Krl. Resi Pfeiffer, W, 07 Bulov\ stiasse 8ii, LiiM-liii, GeruKiii\ . 
Kox Dptektiv Institute. W. 57. Potsdanierstrasse 96, Berlin, Germany. 
Detektie Rucks, W. 35, Potsdanierstrasse 12o a, Berlin, Germany. 
O. Raschke, Detektei. S. W. 11. Koniggratzerstr. 42. Berlin. Germany. 
Solilochhauer & Co., C. 2, Eiergasse 2, Berlin, Germany. 
Rud. Staschel, N. W. 39, Chausseestrasse 77, Berlin, Germany, 
von Treskow & Co., W 9, Potsdanierstrasse 17-cS, Berlin. Germany. 
•Wit" Detektei. W. 30. Motzstrasse 16, Berlin, Germany. 
,1. /ippi^l. W. 30, Golzstrasse 36, Berlin, Germany. 
Criminalia Detektive, W. 6 2, Lutherstrasse 5, Berlin, Germany. 
"Favorite" Paul Neumann, O. 112. Frankfurterallee 74, Berlin, Germany 
Welt Detektiv, W. 62, Kleistrasse 36, Berlin, Germany. 

Brelefeld *■ 

Emil Kuhlmann, Niederwall 15 a, Bielefeld, Germany. 
Carl Pieper. Friedriclistrasse 59, Bielefeld, Germany. 


Detektiv X'olgelsang. Buokehurgerstrasse. Bremen. Germany. 
Detektivliuro Fuchs, Geeren 39, Bremen, Germany. 

Detektivliuro '"Bohlen," Wilhelmshavenrstrasse 34, Bremen. Germany. 
Reinhold Boltzek. .Mterwall 4. Bremen, (lermany. 


L. Braun. Blucherstrasse 2 7, Breslau, Germany 
J. IMciieit, Gartenstrasse 31, Breslau, Germany. 


Detektiv Grosser, Grateiistrasse 58, T r slau, Germany. 

Detectivbnro Courier, Sclnveidnitzerstrasse 27, Breslau, Germany. 

Detectivburo Donibrowski, Neue Tasc.ienstrasse 6, Breslau, Germany. 

M. Gutsche, Herrenstrasse 6, Breslau, Germany. 

AHred Jenderkow, Preiburgerstrasse 3, Breslau, Germany. 

H. Raulfs, Ernstrasse 8, Breslau, Germany. 

Dr. Weiss, Neue Schweidnltzerstr. 12, Breslau, Germany. 


"Argus" Petecktiv, Konigstrasse 1, Chemnitz, Germany. 
Detectiv Greif, Marktgaschen 3, Chemnitz, Germany. 
"Lux" Detectiv, Kanzlerstrasse 60, Chemnitz, Germany. 
Van Thiel, Kronenstrasse 2, Chemnitz, Germany. 


L. Breiuheidt, Kaiserstrasse 1, Dorthmund, Germany. 
Detektivburo Metus, Westenliellweg 13, Dortmund, Germany. 


Aar. Detectei. OpcHstrasse 4S, Dresden, Germany. 
Argus-Creif, M;'.rt. l^utherplatz 12, Dresden, Germany. 
Auskunftei Meteor, Albrechtstrasse 22, Dresden, Germany. 
Curt Soemann, A. Freidurgerstrass 130, Dresden, Germany. 
DetRttivhuro Dimnirotli, Ringstrasse 14, Dresden, Germany. 
Detectivliiiro "Gerniania," A. Janhstrasse 6, Dresden, Germany 



Carl Eckhardt, Wilsdrufferstrusse 2S, Drosden, Germany. 

Detectiv llansa, Seestrasse 2. Dresden. Gei-niuny. 

("arl Jahjike, Schlosstrasse 10, Dresden, Gprniany. 

i'r. IMejssiier <fe Go., WilsdrutT;^rs(rasse 31, Dresden. G(^rnuuiy 

liraun <fe Koiiig, flerzoKstrasse 51. Dusseldorf, Germany. 

1{()I). Bremer, Bunsenstrasse It, Dusseldorf, (Jermany. 

Max Futterer, Aderstrasse 55, Dusseldorf, Germany. 

\\'illy Kothe, Schadowstrasse 60, Dusseldorf, Germany. 

II. Wiedemeyer, Konigsalle 108, Dusseldorf. Germany. 


'Ars'us" Internationaler Detektiv, Essen. Hermann Ley Essen. General De- 
tective Business transacted. Missing People Located. Handeksgerichti, 
eingetr, Firma. Essen, Germany. 


Merm Hildeidirandt, Shalif zerstrasse 75, Krfurt, Germany 

Carl Grul)er, Ivartauserring ], Krfurl, Germany. 

Wilh. /elle, Reglerring 8, Erfurt, Germany. 

A. Schnellhardt, Kiampferstrasse 11. 'i, Erfurt, Germany. 

Frankfurt a. M. 

Henri Stieglitz. Schoi)enhauerstrasse 10. Frankfurt. (Jermanv. 
"D. tectiv" G. m. 1). II., Sal/.haus 6, Frankfurt a. M., Germany. 
Detfi tiv Iiistilut Trailing, Villielerstrasse 34, Frankfurt, Germany 
J./';;n;i iarn. Langest rass!^ 3S. l<"'ra!)kfurt. Germany. 


Hagen, I. W. 

K. El)l)?rs. Ko iierstrusse 1 7 a, IlaKPn i. w.. Germany. 
"Ly." Iieiiiitze]str;issc 10, HeRcn i. w.. Germany. 

Halle a. S. 

Beyrisch & Greve, Gr. Steinstrasse 31, Halle a. S., Germany. 

Ilerm. Pretscli. Trothe. Motzllschestrasse, Halle a. S., Germany. 

Detectivlmid Ilarnisch. Gr. Steinstrasse 71, Halle a. S., Germany, 

('. Harrig, Friesenstrasse HG. Halle a. S., Germany. 

\V. Hess, Annalstrasse 7, Halle a. S., Germany. 

M. Sommer, Prinzeiistrasse 8, Halle a. S., Germany. 


Fried. Witte. Steindamm 4 9. Hamluirg, Germany. 

I)etect'vl)ur() (V'lilral, (Jlockengirss, rwall '2:]. Hamburg, Germany. 

I 'etel.t'vl)uio i.ux. Stcphansplatz 4. Hamlmrg, Germany. 

I>3te('.tivl)uro Sonne, Gansemarkt 4") a, Hambui-g. Germany. 

Heh. Voss, Gr. JUirstah 1<», Hamburg, Germany. 

Greif Detectivbnro, Esplanade 46, Hamburg, Germany. 

Will.. Hagg, Eimsbutteler Cluiussee 41, Hamburg Germany. 

Hotopf <t- Go., Fulisbuttelerstrasse 2, Haml)urg, Germany. 

\'oss & Kollerbohm. Eimsbuttelerstrasse 26. Hamlmrg, Germany. 

Hob Xoack, Gi-. Hleichen 70. Haml)urg. Germany. 


Uhenania, Luisci'strasse 5, Hannov(M-. Germany. 

Paul Sabastian, Friesenstrasse 21, Hannover, Germanv. 


&<inne, Bahnhofstrasse 6-7, Hannover, Germany. 

rr tectiv Buro Dwasa, Thielenplatz 2, Hannover, Germany. 

r^etectiv Bnro Grief, Luisenstrasse 12, Hanover, Germany. 

Kduard Schmidt, Heiligestrasse 4, Hannover, Germany. 

Veritas Iiiternat. Detectiv, Hersohelstrasse 2, Hannover, Germany. 


lierm. Anno, Benesistrasse 55, Koeln, Germany. 
Ctto Fehlow, Breitestrasse 38, Koeln, Germany. 
Institut Pascher, Ehrenstrasse 79, Koeln, Germany. 
Hfh. Nessen, Breitestrasse 147-9, Koeln, Germany. 
O. Wessel, Aachnerstrasse 45, Koeln, Germany. 


Emil Kichliorn, Barfussgaaschen 10, Leipzig, Germany. 

Janus Detectivburo. Quesstrasse 6, Leipzig, Germany. 

Dtsch. I'inkerton, G. M. h, M.. TaucMerstrasse 11, Leipzig, Germany. 

Emil Kalepp, Grimaiscliestrasse 27, Leipzig, Germaiiy. 

Detektiv Kapphan, Sudstra.sse 68, Leipzig, Germany. 

Kochan.s Detectiv Buro, Hain.strasse 6, Leipzig, Germany. 

Leipz. Detectiv Zentrale "Helios," Grimmai.schestrasse, Leipzig, Germany, 
F. C. IWartin & Co., Katharienstrasse 5, Leipzig, Germany. 
Detektiv Mauksch, Thalstrasse 1, Leipzig, Germany. 
Nigilanz Detective, Hainstrasse 25, Leipzig, Germany. 


Detective Morton, Keiserstrasse 46, Magdeburg, Germany. 
.\lh. Ilubscher. Georgeustrasse !', Mngde'mrg, Geniiany. 


Carl Ro! de, Ho'liggeistrasse 5. Magdeburg, Germany. 
Franz Lt>hjrann, Hreitorweg 226. Magdeburg, Germany. 


A. Maier <fe Co.. G. m. ii. H.. O. 66, Mannheim, Germany. 
Detectivzentrale C. L. Dosch, H. 2.5, Mannheim, Germany. 
Detectiv Institut f>ux G. m. b. H.. P. 3. 1, Mannheim, Germany 


Gottfried Dotterl)ack, F'arbergraben 7, Munchen, Germany. 

Detectiv Gottfr. DotteilH^rk. Inform. Office, Fa., "Ariston" Furbergrabeii 
Munchei. Germany. 

Observat ons, Recherch. Commercial and Private Informations. 1-a Ref. 
I. c!. oflice. Munchen. Germany. 

(a/; Prizelius. Theatiiierstrasse 'M , Munchen, Germany. 

Carl Seitz, Einlass o. Muncheji, Germany. 
Fr. Tierbacher. Dionerstrasse 8-11, Munchen, Germany. 
Detective Institut I'liion, Altheimreck 9, Munchen, Germany. 
Franz Wurmann, lestalozzistra.'^ 20, Munchen, Germany. 


G. Blank, Gr. Wollweberstrasse, Stettin, Germany. 

Detektiv Institut Rintz, Stoltingerstrasse 9, Stettin, Germany 

Hugo Zimmei'mann, Dindenstrasse 16, Stettin, Germany. 


.\tlas Detectiv Inst., Rotestrasse S, Stuttgart, Germany. 
Haul)er & Eisele, Kronprinzstrasse 3, Stuttgart, Germany. 
Eugen Traub, INTarienstrasse 3 6. Stuttgart, Germany. 



Dotertiv Kosiiios. Lu'senstra^se 2 2, Wiesbaden, Gernuiny. 
I', n, Walter, LaiiSK^'^se 4, W'ieshaclen, Germany. 


Ist'tuto (li Tutela Privata, Cuniicto il Lungo, 29-2. Genova. lalty. 


La DifGsa Civile,. Via Serl)elloni 9. M'lano, Italy. 

La Lince Loml)arda, Via Mont'orte 40, Milano, Italy. 

Detectives Office, Via Sant-Antonio 4, Milano, Italy, 

Dejatta RatTaele, Cordo Buenos-Aire.s 18, Milano, Italy. 

Detectives Istituto "'Sherlock Holmes." Via Durini ,5, Milano, Italy 

Istituto Sonne, \'ia Carlo Alberto, Milano, Italy. 



Burma Private Detective Bureau, Post Box 39 6, Rangoon, India. Phone 
No. 690. Established 6 years, high class references. J. \A'. Atkinson. 


,Jin,ii, 17, Yunii-cho, Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Higlily reconi 
mended. Correspondence should be in Japanese to secure results. 

Iwia Private Detective Agency, 22 Goro Beicho, Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 
I'^or legal matters in Japan we recommend the followin'g law fii-nis; 
\V. A. De Ilaviland, 2 and -i Mitsu Buihling, Yaesucho, Tokyo. Japan. 

Wclvor. Kauffman. Smith <SL- Yamamoto, 42 Yamashita-cho, Yokohama.. 




Brooks Detective Agency, Palmerston Bldffs., 49 Queen Street, Autkland, New 
Zealand. American, English, Continental Secret Service Experience. Pri- 
vate Commissions of all kinds and Special Family ^Matters dealt with, and 
Absolute Secrecy Guaranteed. Experienced ^Nlale and Female Operatives. 
Bank References. All Communications Private and Confidential. Herbert 
M .Brooks, Principal. 

(Sec Advertisement on I*aj;«' 2(>.) 


Mr. Walter Diiinie. Private hKiuiry Agent, Lamhton Quay, Welliiigtun. New 



Detective Bureau Koer & Co., Rozengracht SS, Amsterdam, Netherland. 

Ferste New-Yorksche Detective Bureau, Prinsengraoht 7S9, Amsterdam. 

E. C. Hauer, Roelof Hartplein 21, Amsterdam, Netherland. 

International Detective Bureau. Ceint'.iurliaaii 19:'.. Amsterdam, Netherland. 

Iseger, Heerengracht 33, 451, Amsterdam, Netherland. 

P. Jochum, Bosl)oom Toussaiiistraat 33, Amsterdam, Netherland. 

Ludo Keegel. Jr.. Nassaukade 129, Amst^^rdam, Netherland. 

M. .J, Visser. Bilderdykkade 2.5, Amsterdam. Netherland. 

L. We:s?nhorn, Reinwardstraat .51, Amsterdam, Netherland. 


The Fague 

ijin-jau voor Recherclie en laturrati^, Stationsweg 149. The Hague, Nelne';- 

P. H. Dewald, Nieiiwe Schoolstraat 93, The Hague, Nelherland. 

G. Haj-es, Frans Hallstraat 182, The Hague, Netherland. 

Informatie Bureau de Jong en Co., Lange Poten 7, The Hague, Netherlaial. 

P. Rietdijk, le va de Boschstraat 121, The Hague, Netherland. 

A. Snatager en Co., Stationsweg 14 9, The Hague, Netherland. 


Nederlandsche Maatschappjj tot Algemeen Dienstverriehting. Afd. Recherrh^'. 
Wijnhaven 71, Rotterdam, Netherland. 

Vrolijk's Particuliere Recherche, Groote Markt 4 2 1), Rotterdam, Netherlai.iV 



S. Calout, Quede de Cd. Ate. SS. Bluefields. Nicaragua. S. A. 



II. Degerud, Ovre Voldgate, 12, Christiania. Norway. 
J ropsland, Mollergt 4;^.. C!iri.stiania, Norway. 


Am- lio i: Bermudez (Detective), Panama City, R. de Panama. Finger 
Frnt Identifications and Investigations. Exchange rate (B). 




Zenoliio Hinojosa Astete, La Victoria Avda. Sta. Feresa 13fS. Lima. Peru, 
is a Special Fiepresentative of -The General Efficiency Co. and is pro 
pared to undertake confidential investigations. Correspondence can h.j 
carried on in English, as Mr. Zenohio Hinojosa Astete has spent a yea:' 
in the I'nited States under instruction of the G. E. Co. 



B. John, tua dos Fanqueiros odOO. Lislionne, Portugal. 
Policia Particular, Cai.xa Postal 174, Lisbonne. Portugal. 



Hieroniin Heynian (Attorney at Law). Niecalastreet No. 14, Warsaw. P( 
land, will undertake any legitimate investigation. Phone ISH-SO. 


Detectivul Bucarest, Str. Academiei No. 5, Bucarest. Roumania. 



Air \'asa Lazarovitch. Inspecteur du Min'stere de I'lnterieur and Police jir 
Belgrade, Serl)ia, can lie consulted for official and i)rivate affairs, as tlieii- 
are no detective agencies. 



.J. .Sclinell-Aubcrson, 2, Place Pci)inct, Lausarme, Switzerland. Ex-Seciet Ser- 
vice Oiricer and Secretary of Social Works. Established Api-il 1, ]i)16. 
Agent for Legal, Commercial and Private Affairs. Information and Tn- 
<]uiries. Phone 8108. Hate $8 to .$16 (B-IO). J. Schnell-Auberson, Props. 

Eui'()])ean Managei- 

(iciici'al l^]f'li(,'i('ii('y Coinpaiiy 

I San Fi'aiu-isc;),' Californin. l". S. A.i 
I'uhrshiMs and Owners 

hitci-uat ioiial Police and I ).'1 c/l ivc I )i!-c( torics 

(S (' .^(]\<iti <'ni:>nt in !*a';e 14.) 


Veritas (I'ri'-i''^ i'''t"ct"ve A'^cncy). Direc'oi', K. Dubelly, Pont-d'Arve. 
(Jeneva, Switzerland. 



Antonio Tresols. Pi'ivate Pobce Agency. ( f"oi-merl\ Official i'olice Inspectoi.) 
Barcelona, Spain. 

.'■raerican Office, Ro'a, Capuchinos :',4, Barcelona, Spain. 

D,,(c lives Office Co.. Kds. ^.an Pedro :ifi. Barcelona, Spain. 

Ins:'( t! Mei-cantil Int( i-na( ional. S. .\. IM. I'niversidad 1. Barcelona. Spain. 

Sun. S .\. Verg:ir;i I, Barcelona. Si)ain. 



Ceiitro de Pf)lic!a Particu'a. Preciados 64, Madrid. Spain. 
Detective Iiit<'nia(ional, Barrelona 2, Madrid, Spain. 



•Mr. Kiazim i)P.v ("aourzade, Dircctcur de I'lnstitut General Orienta, Rue Javr: 
Socak. Saloniik Haii, Galata, Constantinople, Turkey. 


The I'liion Detective Bureau, 2 5 Hollander's Building, Field Street, Durbaii. 
Natal. Union of South Africa. Highly recommended. Charles Warren. 


Lane's Private Incjuiry Agency, No. 40 Permanent Buildings, Johamieslmr?. 



Alaska: Juneau. Alex SokolofT. Inve'-tij;-ations carefully handled. I meet a\\ 

Alahaina: CWrard. J. M. Rail. Address: P. O. Box 10. I am prepared to 
undertake all kinds of Investig'ations. 

Aikansas: Kosborn. J. R. Ward, P. O. Box 114. Private De'ect've and ]"in- 
Print Expert. 

California: Oakland. Annie E. Log-an- 446 Alcatraz Avenue. Licensed and 
Ponded. Also Deputy Sheriff. High Class Investigations. 

California: Fillmore. Owen Miller, Box 14. Locator of IMissin?^- People. 
(Seven years detective experience.) 

California: Sacramento. Winifred Dona'd?on, 203 '2 J Street. Experienced 

Colorado: Red Cliff. Emil Moser, P. O. Box 144. Four years' experience in 
Detective Sei-vice. and can handle any Investigation. 

Florida: Hasford. Willis E. Pope. Private Detective. General Investigations. 
P. O. Box 27. Rate $5 p«r day 8 hours service. 

Florida: Lake City. Lemeul Shade. Post Office Box 195. Private Investiga- 
tions promptly attended to. 

Florida: Lakeland. Robert M. Spearman, 103 East Magnolia Street. Private 
Detective. Confidential Investigations. 

Florida, St. Augustine. Roscoe Hot'statter, 12 Fort Marion Circle. Experi- 
enced Private Detective. Send me your investigations. 

(^leorgia: Columbus. Ollie B. Biooks, .",140 Third Ave. Private Detective. Con- 
fidential Investigations. 


Georgia: Savannah. Joseph O. Reeves, 629 Mercer Street. Private Detective 
and Investigator. 

Illinois: Aurora. John Stornebrink, 3.37 Rosewood Ave. Rate $10.00 expenses 
12 hours. Understand Finger Prints and Investig-ations. 

Illinois, Huml)olfU W. 1'. ^V'i Is. llouto No. 1. I am a graduate detective 
tind reidy Id ma" e a ly investigat'on des'red in my locality. 

Illinois, C' icago. ]!. Sevi^'iing^miis, General Delivery. I am an experienced 
Investigator and know how to make good reports. Try me. 

Illinois, Chicago. Gust Pappas, i22 S. Halsted Street. Rate $6, 8 hours. 
Qualified as a Private Detective. See me for results. 

Illinois, Forest City. Billy Korte, Private Detective. All matters entrusted 
to my care will receive prompt attention. Confidential. 

Illinois: Paris. O. F. Claybaugh, West Court St. Rate $4.00 per day. I have 
had considerable experience, and know my subject. 

Illinois: Chicago. Chas. RI. Hines, 144 West 31st Street. Private Detective. 
Confident' a] Investigations. 

Illinois, Leland. George R. Wright, P. O. Box 195. Expert on Identification 
and Investigation. Prompt Service. 

Illinois: Spriiv^field. C. B. Crabtree, 1(505 North 9th Street. Private Detective. 

Illinois: Urbana. J. H. Eaton, 1416 West Fade Street. Public or Private De- 
tective. Prompt Service. 

Indiana: Coyuga. John B. VVeii-, P. O. Box 371. Private Detective. Prompt, 
F]fFicient, Reliable Service. 

Ind'ana: Indianapolis. Cornelius E. Vance (Colored), 2037 Yandes Street. 
Phone Auto. 42574. Special Investigations. 

Indiana: Fort Wayne. George J. Tegeden, 3105 Lafayette Street. I am 
prepared to take care of any Investigation in my locality. 


Indiana: Indianapolis. Frank Johnson, 1621 Carnell Ave. Rate $4.00. I am 
experienced in any kind of detective investigations. 

Iowa: Stoinn Lake. Ray McLain, 808 Erie Street. Rate $10.00 10 hours. 
Experienced in all lines of Detective work. 

louai Cieston. S. J. Hovious, 600 South Birch St. Rate $10.00. Reliable 
Alarm and Signal Systems Installed. Investigations. 

[o\v;i. : Kiron. C. A. Da'k. TnvestigRtor, Adjuster and Fin'^-er Print Expert. 

Kansas: Concordia. Charles McDonald, ^29 East Sixth Street. Investigations. 
Locating- and Tracing and Collections. Experienced. 

Kani's: M'lberj'y. Edgar R. Manley, Box :18.5. Graduate Detective and Finger 
I'fin^ Export. 

Kansas- Pittsburp-. P. T,. ^Virsner, MOD Sou^h Locust Ave. Confidential In- 
vestigators. Rate $6 per day. 

Kentucky: Wm. Rene Davis, Marrowbone. Box Nc. 5. Rate $6.00. I am an 
expei'ienced detective. All business stiictly confidential. 

Kentucky: Fleming. R^y Wilder- P. O. Box 208. Rate $5.00 8 hours. Try me 
on your investigations in this locality. 

Louisiana: Baton Rouge. A. A. Diez, 319 Europe Street. Thoroughly trained 
and capable of handling any investigations. Give me a trial. 

Louisiana: Baton Rouge. Frank F. Bonn, 109 Liberty Street. Ten months 
practical experience in detective woi'k. 

Louisiana: Shreveport. Ei"ving Joyner, 1047 V- Carter Ave. Rate $10.00. I 
an; (lua'ilicd to undertake Inve^-tigations of any kind. 



Massachusetts: New Bedford. Bartholomew ^I. Baptiste, P. O. Box 10. 
Shadowing-. Iiivostigatinj>- and Fini>ei- Prints. 

Massachusetts: Springfield. Leon E. Sudsbury (G. D.). Private Detective. 
Confidential Investiji'ations. 

Massachusetts: Taunton. Alfred J. Gadwav, No. 9 Agricultural Ave. Phone 
<i01-W. Rate $7. (Private Detective.) ' 

Missouri: Senath. A. D. Mon^^j^omei'v, Box No. l.';3. Investigations turned 
over to me will receive prompt attention. 

Missouii: Huntsville. Arthur Reed. Private Detective and Investigator, ^^'rite 
me vour troubles. 

Missouri: IMansfield. Roe Strong (City Marshal). I do all kinds of Investiga- 
tions and Special Work. 

Missouri: Mindenniines. Pyroii E. Roberts. Phone 1.56. Confidential Investi- 
uatois and Identifications. 

^Missouri: St. Louis. W. VV. Walker, 1416 Chestnut Street. Private Detective. 
Investigations promptly attended to. 

Minnesota: Austin. T. M. White, 710 East Bridge St. Rate .$8.00. Send ni. 
vour Investigations in this locality. Prompt attention. 

Missouri: Reed Springs. Frank Plummer. Piivate Detective Investigations. 
Strictly Confidential. 

•Montana: Helena. Frank C. Lavigne (Detective), State Capital Bldg. Twenty 
years experience. Thorough and Accurate. 

Xew Hampshire: Portsmouth. C. N. Seeger. Secret Seivice Investigation^ 
Do not work for rewards. 


New Jersey: Garfield. Albeit W. Kish, 210 Wessin^^ton Sti-eet. Hate $0.00 
Shadowino-, Indiistrial Work and jack of yl) ti'ades. 

N'ew Jersey: Patterson. Chai'lcs D. Struck, P. O. Box IToO. All Legitimate 
Investig-atioiLS Solicited. 

New York: New York City. Williaip P. Schweivitfeger, Rooms 414-410 
Nassau Street. High Class Confidential Investig-ation.^. 

New York: Etna. Fdward C. Welser, P. 0. P>ox 165. Experienced Investigator. 
Transactions Coniidential. Rate $7. 

New York: Mountaindale. Harry A. Boi-tz. Investigations. Prompt, Efficient 
and Confidential. 

North Carolina. I'olkton. B. A. Caulde, P. O. Box .5 2. Private Detective. 
Send me your investigations in this locality. I know liow. 

North Carolina, Campl)ell. W. E. Nickelston, Private Detective. If in need 
of careful investigations and get in touch witli me. 

North Carolina: Shelby. Jim Rosebors. Bex 2(^1. Rjite $8.00. I have had 
Police Force Experience and am a practical Investigator. 

North Carolina: Shelby. John Byei-s. I have had twelve years' experience 
as a private detective, also a law student. 

Noi-th Dakota: Fessenden. Dewey Lacy. Rate $8.00. I can handle most any 
investigation and am a practical finger print expert. 

North Dakota: Enderlin. Joseph Rlecha, P. O. Box 4ri. Private Detective and 
I'in.ger Print Expert. Investigations Confidential, 

C)li;(): Cleveland. Burton U. Slocuni, 10.522 Clair Doan Ave. I am an experi- 
(.Mi 1 (i shaddwer, collector nnd Locator of missing; people. 


Ohio: Uhvichsville. Philip Wright, P. 0. Box 762. I am a coloied man aiv 
have had experitmce a-^ a detective. T)-y n.e for result?. 

Ohio: Alliance. J. W. Myei?, Lock Box 2U. Oiierativc Ohio Detective Bureau, 
investig-ations and Fingei- Print..'^. 

Ohio: Cleveland. Frank A. Andcr.-on, ^'^0^^ Cherry Street. Pi-ivate Detective. 
Confidential Investigations. 

Ohio: Cleveland. Frank H. Clark, 1850 East 75th Street. Telephone Rosedale , 
o():'.H-li. Rate $8. Shadowing and Investigating. 

Ohio: Cleveland. R. V. Davison, 2558 Fast 40th Street. Phone Ro.^edale 245S-J. 
Private Detective. 

Oklahoma: Tulsa. Harry E. Stege, 509 Bliss Bldg., or R. R. Box No. 61. 
17 years public and private detective. Finger Print Expert. 

Oklahoma: Valliant. iNIar^hall Cole. Rate .$10.00 I am qualilied and capable 
oi' taking charge of anv Investigation. 

(^khihoina: Tulsa. John A. ^IcMurtrey. P. O. Box :'.5:5. Phone Osage 7:'.60. 
Investigations; strictly conlidential and leliable. 

(ikhdidira: Tuttle. J. R. Stephens, P. O. Box 75. Private Detective and Iji- 
vestigator. Business Conlidential. 

Oregon: Portland. Albert !•". Root. ■".72 'l> Hawthoine Ave. I am a practical 
InvestigcUor and would like to heai- fi'om parties interested. 

IVnnsylvania: Fallsington. Eugene B. Thalwitzer. Investigations and i<"inger 
I'l-int Identifications. 

South Caiolina, Columbia. lienry Bowman, oTHt Maine Street. Rate $(j. 
Three years' experience as a Pi'ivate Detective. 


South Dakota: Revillo. B. A. Wyckolf. Private Detective Investigations. 
Hate $7, 10 hours. 

Tennessee: Memphis. Cromwell Battles, 678 Pennsylvania Street. Rate $5.00. 
I am a coloied man, but considereil an efficient, practical detective. 

Tennessee: East Chattanooga. Miller Hamic, 1204 lioanoke Ave. Phone Hem- 
lock i)(y'). Rate $7. General Investigations. 

Texas: Dallas. Aithur B. Peai-son, 201 Gould Street. I \\ill undeitake In- 
vestigations and Special Work ol' any kind. 

Texas: Weatherford. C I-:. Rookstool, (510 Spring Street. P.ate -i^lO.OO. I am 
a piacticaj Inve.-tig:it<;r. Si.'n(\ ine your work. 

Texas: Arneckeville. Conrad Weaver. P)-ivate Detective and Investigator. 
Rate $8 per day. 

Tcxa^: Coni' orco I,. B. \'o\'les. Private Detective. Expeiienced Investigator. 
All Business Confidential. 

Texas: Dallas. Jaires Davis, (i:'.") Haines Street. Pi-ivate Investigator. All 
Transactions Con (1 dent 'al. 

Texas: TiMiell. I,. H. S iiith. P. 0. Box ."wS. Private Detective. Civil and 

('I'iminal Investigations. 
Utah: Salt Lake C'ty. H. J. Hanson, 12!) West Third Street North. Private 

Detective and l^'ingei- Print Investigations. 

Virgiri;. Onaneock. Harold I.,. Taylor. I'rivate Detective. Exjjert in investi- 
gations and finger i)rint identitications. 



Virginia: Brooke. Lewis George Stewart. Rate $4.00. I have had State and 
Private Agency Experience and solicit your investigations. 

Virginia: Norfolk. Fred M. Hall, 411 Terminal Bldg. Rate $8. Private Investi- 
gator. All Classes Confidential Work. 

Washington, Yakima. H. M. Merrifiekl. Private Detective and finger print 
expert. See me aliout investigations in this locality. 

AVashington: Puyallup. Edward J. Proff. Rate $5.00. I can handle most any 
investigation; prefer Industrial work. 

West Virginia: Wheeling. Steve Vallis, 2;io0 Market Street. I have had six 
months' experience and have the best of references. 

West Viiginia: Williamson. Konh H. Roberts. 610 East Moore Street. Uate 
$10. Guaianteed best si'i-vic' at any time. 

Wisconsin: Gi'oen llay. Matthew ,1. Wignan, 11.5 South Van P>uren St root. 
T'lione MDTS. Investigator and Finger Print Expert. 

Wisionsin. Hayward. Chnide DdvIh. I am an experienced investigator. Send 
\ our detective work to me. 

Wisconsin: Manitowoc. Charles Allger. 710 Chicago Sti-eet. Rate $10. 10 
hours, ("ontidential Investigators. 

Wisconsin: Uacine. Jos. T. Smader .Jr., 12l:! Schuller Street. Private Detective. 

Wyoming: Casper. Frank Koudela, P. O. Box ^4. Rate .$6. Private Detective. 
Accurate. Reliable Service. 



Canada: Jogg-ins, Nova Scotia. A. J. Ouellett, Lock Box 256. Private Secret 
Service Agent. Finger Print System. Rates Reasonable. Experienced 
in Civil, Criminal, Industrial, Corporation, Private work. Drect connec- 
tions with Agencies all over the U. S. and Canada. 

Canada: Windsor, Ontario Province. G. E. Head, 918 Hall Avenue. I am an 
experienced detective and strictly confidential. 

Canada: Medicine Hat, Alberta Province. Anders E. Norum. I am a Finger 
Print Expert and was formerly employed by the Department of Police at 
Christiana, Norway. Investigations solicited. 

Ontario: Port Hope, Canada. Frcd'-Tick C. Jackson, Wallon Strot. Phono 119. 
Rate $10. Criminal Investigations. 

Ontario: St. Catherines, Canada. Allen A. Bell, No. IT.'J Welland Ave. Private 
Detective and Finger Print Expert. 

Sa'^katchewan: P. O., St. Benedikt, Canada. Leu's Strasscr. Private Detective. 
Confidential Investigations. 


Honolulu, T. H.: Jo.shau E. Chu, P. O. Box 1066. 


Canal Zone, Ancon: Walter C. Backus, P. O. Box 581. 


Mexico: Necoxa, Pueblo. Charles Alberici, c o Mexican Light & Power Co. 
New Zealand: Lower Moutere, S. I. Harold Limmer. 


British Guiana: Georgetown, Demerara. John Gonsalves, No. 17 Station St. 

Cuba: Oriente, Autilla. William R. Gall. 


P.rilish West Indies: Trinidad, Port of Spain. Erroll G. Parkinson, 102 Duke St. 





The William J. K'nq, International Iletective Ae-eney, Columbus, Ohio 

Al;i^:unn: nirnvd. .lanie.s M. Ball Box M) 

Alabapia: Mobile. Miss Map-fyip Copland 22^2 South Ro\'al Stre'-t 

Alahaiiia: Birniing'hain. John L. Holt 5!15 Avenup V,. 

Alabama: Mobile. Alfred Marcet P. O. Box 817 

Alabama: Albany. E. L. Stnrriivant 1028 Jackson St. 

Alabama: Dolmar. James W. West 

Arkansas- AlmcMid. T'^mo'^t V. Jackson . 

Arkansas: Gale. J. W. Kilpatrick Route On'^ 

Arkansas: Wesson. Thomas A. Jenkins 

Arizona: Winslow. John W. Byrd General T^elivevv 

Arizona: No^rales. J. H. Blackburn , Box 761 

Arizona: Tucson. L. J. Brink 229 East 8th St. 

Conn.: Norwicli. Albert White Nor. State Hospital 

Calif.: Big- Creek. T aul T.ehmau . . 

Calif. :• T-'ingerboard. Caut. H. Thompson Plumas County 

Calif.: San Krancisco. B. A. Watson 1742 Steinpi' St. 

Calif.: Redlands. C. W. Woitke .?22 Columbia St. 

Calif.: Santa Paula. Frank A. Henry Box A6'A 

Colorado: Red Ciiff. Emil Moser 

Florida: Perry. H. G. Tixiesdell. 

Georgia: Rome. Martin G. Caldwell 802 South Broad St. 

Iowa: Atlantic. R. F. Parvott Box 182 

Iowa: Athelston. Lonnie G. Gavin.... 

Iowa: Marshallton. L. C. Thorsbakken c/o Thompson Hotel 

Iowa: Storm Lake. Ray .McClain 808 Erie Streoi 

Iowa: Kensett. Alfred Thompson 

Iowa: Charles Citv. Wm. R. Hilss ..l.'^iOl Grand Ave. 

Iowa: Creston. S. J. Hovious 600 Birch Street 

Idaho: Weiser. John D. Evans c/o E. R. Evans 

Idaho: Twin Falls. John L. Boehm General Delivery 

Idaho: St. Anthony. George F. Chase Box 864 


MclM-an: Howell. Mrs. ^.v^v ^.vc 622 N. Bf^viuird St. 

M■cbi^■an: Grand Rapid'^. .Tospf -Tohnson Genci-al Dclivery 

Michif>an: Clear Lake. C. R. Irolan 

Michigan: East Tawas. VV. H. Hcmpel G15 Locke St. 

Michigan: Harrisville. Howard W. Good Routo '. 

Michigan: Muskeogan. Joseph D. Et:i]iler - ^,4 Rcqua Ave. 

Michigan: Detroit. John Rrunecki 4664 Thh-tv-fifth St. 

Michigan: Escanalia. W. W. Whittke ...1106 So. Fiist Avo. 

Michigan: Flint. M. M. Whittbrodt 520 Rix St. 

Michigan r Decker. S. J. Schultz.. Box 45 

Michigan: Detroit. Anthony Pochmara 2804 Smith Ave. 

Michigan: Tustin. Joe H. Parker Box 166 

Miini.: Austin. T. M. WhHe 719 Brid-e St. 

Minn.: Stillwater. K. A. Culbertson l.']2n N. Fir,4 St. 

Minn.: Minneapolis. J. B. Ringwelski 618 Twentieth Ave. 

Min.: Heiining. C. F. Hicltness Route No. '^ 

Montana: Helena. John I'. Cihler 56^ Third St. 

Montana: Billings. Chas. L. Sutton.. . c/o Harvard Hotel 

'Miss.: Scott. Mike Tribich 

Miss.: Tunica. W, G. Bvers 

Miss.: Beloxi. Joseph V. Wood. 128 Magnolia St. 

Mi.s.s.: Braxton. John F McKinle. .. 

.Missouri: Kansas City. C. W. Henry .. 4024 Haines St. 

Missouri: Minnith. B. F. Siebert 

Missouri: Lexington. W. J. I.eftridge '^- ■ 

Missouri: Spring'ield. J W. T^'^onard .2232 Jefferson St. 

Missouri: Senath. A. D. Montgnmer\ 

Mi.s.souri: St. Louis. A. V. Burnlev 6039 Hancock St. 

Missouri: St. Louis. S. Beifienri 1730 Olive St. 

.\ehiaska: Dnltor.. Felix M. Murphy P. O. Box 212 

.\ohraska: Schuvler. Fred Sladek : Box 494 

X'chra.ska: Grand Lsland. F. B. Fi-ikson. . G. D. 

Nevada: Mina. Fred M. Blakfoid P. O. Box 117 

Now Jer.sev: ^'e -ai-lc Vvt'd C. Hidvev 45 E. Kinney St. 

New Jersey: Garfield. Albeit W. Kish 20 Main St. 

New Jersey: Newark. M. L. Garcia 15 John St. 

New Jersey: Cranford. John F. Peyer 38 High St. 

New Jersey: Bi'ooktieid. Frank Williams 7 Ferrand St. 

\rw York: Middletown. E. Harnes Jr 16 Franklin St. 

\'cw York: Rochester. Herman Kachel -280 West Ave. 

\i'w York: Philmont. W. L. Kellerhouse Box 198 

Now York: Olean. H. A. Osgood 1415 Vo W. State St. 

New York: Poit Jervis. C. J. Foss 74 Pike St. 

New York: Ossining. C. L. 0.«lund 22 Belle Ave. 



• 4 1 

Indiana: Tene Haul.-. Onicr Shuev 531 North Fourth St. 

Indiana: Fort Wayre. G. J. Tegeder 3105 Lafayette St. 

Indiana: English Lako. E. S. Spoor L. Box 58 

Indiana: i'ranrisco. James W. Stiles R, R. No. 1 

Indiana: Yoder. Virgil .J. Sparks Box 43 

Indiana: Terre Haute. A^a E. Hadley 454 South 13th St. 

Indiana: Laurel. G. D. Hoffman Lock Box 216 

}rH ana: Indianapolis. J. J. McCollum 961 Haugh St. 

Indiana: Auroa, Dewey B. Day 600 R. R. St. 

Indiana: Gai-y. M. Franl'ovich Gen. Deliver) 

Illinois: Sherrard. Carl L. Chelin 

Illinois: l^ellevillo. C. K. Dalzell 100 So. Illinois St. 

Illinois: Stifutor. (ieo. V. Da\vson 215 Water St. 

I'l.nos: Hillslx)io. SiKis B. Dean 233 W. B. St. 

Illinois: Harrisburg-. Rov Dorris Route 3 

Illinois: Joliet. John E. Frew 119 Jefferson St. 

Illinois: E. Molin-. H. T. Hunt 1231 Tliirteenth St. 

Illinois: Alliance. Courtn</v' Moore 

Illinois: Chicago. O-scar Randall 4627 Federal St. 

Illinois: Olney. Otto P. Tungate c/o J. Deitch, R. R. 2 

Illinois: Elgin. Wn;. J. Melansun _ 506 Barrett St. 

Illinoi.'-': Joliet. R. E. Thompson 305 Webster St. 

Illinois: Hunil.olt. Wni. P.. \\'il1is R. F. D. No. 1 

Kentucky: I'aivin. J. 'P. Herryman 

Kentucky: Kimhr-ll. O. D. Cottman 

Kentucky: Hazavri T. Lewis 

Kentucky: Princeton. V. E. Ci-cekmur , 400 Market St. 

Kentucky: liarliourvillo. Havvey W. Baker 

Kr.nsas: Co]uni!nis. G. J. Paimenter 523 Walnut Si. 

Kansa'--: Tojx'ka. T. E. Hug-ho.<.. Route N 

Louisian;'.: i'.aton IJc.i!j;e Fi-ank F. Conn lOi) Liberty St. 

I.oi'i: a":i : Sliicv(^i'(<rt. Ervim;' Joyner. 1047V2 Carter Ave 

Louisiana: Forest. Heniy T. Kent Box .-> 

Louisiana: \ew OrL-ans. Chas. W. Malone 623 N. Carlton Ave. 

Louisiana: \ebo. Wni. E. Warwick 

Louisiana- Raceland. Henry Ftirst R. F. D. No. 2 

Maine: Sanfoid. J. C. Po.sohcirv.. 6 Moulton Yard 

Maryland: Spaiks. C. A. Skipper ; 

]\lass.: Newburypcrt. Leandei' Carey ....26 Johnson St. 

V:^ s.: T owdl. Jo^c M. iVToverir. ' 57 Hanover St. 

Mass.: So. Carver. Angel Hantjacos 1204 Main St. 

Mass.: New Bedford. Anto L. Duarte 110 Front St. 

Mass.: Peabody. J. E. Clements 23 Northend St. 

Mass.: Lynn. I. M. Thurston ...77 Neptune St. 

Michigan: Port Huron. H. C. Phui^iate R. R., Y. M. C. a' 


Now York: Yonkers. C. W. wSto.sch 202 Warbuiton Aw. 

New York: Rochester. E. Wickenden Jr -..■ 55 Wright St. 

New York: Schenectady. C. L. Westcott Jr ,..1015 Broad>vay 

North Carolina: Bladenboro. Neal A. Shaw. • Box 125 

North Carolina: Boonville. L. C. Willard Route No. 2 

North Dakota: Beulah. Daniel J. Kuchn .......'. ; .,;...... 

Nortli Dakota: Mandon. Ernedt Schillinti- '. : ;: 

Oliio: Lima. H. L. Niereugarten 712 W. Elm St. 

I i^io: I a^t Carev. W. T. Vinglng 421- Frederick St. 

Ohio: Junction City. P. A. Teegardin .., .' ;' ...GaragL' 

Ohio.; Cleveland. Walter Alzner. .' 4214- Arcltwood- Ave. 

Ohio: Barberton. W. H. Beckley ;.;:;...... .r.'l:!-'! Rarige St. 

Ohio: Sunbury. Clyde T. Gosnell ,;..:.-: ..: 

Ohio: Peebles. Veinon F. Hoop ...,: Route-One 

Ohio: Delphos. A. F. Pearce ,., 308 S. Franklin St. 

Oho: Mendon. Howard C. Hover .• •. : 

Ohio: Mansfield. Theodore Laseu 191 N. Diamond St. 

Obio: Zanesville. J. J. Log.sdon 10 Ball St. 

Ohio: Cleveland. William Lewi? 2582 4!)th St. 

Ohio: Alliance. Je.sse W. Myers Box 21'] 

Ohio: Arcuna. Elmer Moigan 

Oklahoma: Sapula. Lee Ice ; Box 4(i". 

Oldalioma: Okay. John E. Bush 

Oregon: Portland. Albert F. Root 380 East Eighth St. 

Pennsylvania: Joffre. Joseph I'. Shanty Bo.x 15 

Pennsylvania: Gilberton. Anthony Gigrosky Box 356 

I'cnnsN Ivania: Blandburg. B. E. Landrus 

I 'cm -\lvan'a: Hanisbui-g. Jai- cs L Rhea 1438 Derrv St. 

Pennsylvania: Wilkes-Barre. Peter D. Smith P. O. Box 201 

1 '( iinsylvania: Doinsife. J. R. Sincuvage 

i'enns\lvania: John 1own. M ^Ivin Trover 214 Bond St. 

Pennsylvania: Littletov.n. Ralph S. Tagg P. O. Box 3:JT 

['•mnsylvania: Johi\' town. 1']. I.. Hah'i 1189 Fi'ankKn St. 

Pennsylvania: Mt. Union. Steve IMiller P. O. liox 692 

I'ennsylvania: Allentown. C. L Amici 1223 Main St. 

Pennsylvania: Nazareth. E. J. Messinger Union St. 

Pennsylvania: Wilkinsburg. E. F. Pease 304 Colonial Apts. 

I'('nns\lvania: Duryea. John Standish i:!6 Ann St. 

i'cnn ^';: : Owcnsdale. Jo v]ih Cole 

r. n \ ylvania: llrie. Mario Dor-giovanni Lawrence Park 

Soulh (^arolina: Columbia. S. W. Nicliolson 172;: l.auiel St. 

Scnitli C/ii-oJina: New Brooklyn. A. L. iUdl' Box 301 

Sou^h Carolina: Spartenburg. Carl EiiK'Son... : 

South Dakota: Desmet. Jack Hallowell 

Sciil'i l);il-ota: Freeman. George Hafner , 

South Dakota: Bellefourche. p]dgar Southmayd Box 291 



'i'(MMiosscc': Knoxvillr. ].. W. Wil.y 922 Hannah Ave. 

Tojint'=sf"o: T'oavdcn. (]. J. B'ankenbeckler c/o State Hospital 

Tennessee: Chattanooga. W. C. Williams 15 Helen St. 

Tennessee: Ea-t Chntianoogu. C. C. Hainrnontree ....11 Byrd St. 

Tennessee: Manring- L. I>. Lambert 

Tenr.e oe: ,^obnsoii City. W. A. Maupin R. 5 Box 171 

Teiines. ee: ColuniMa. ]\I. ]M. Po'ts _ Route No. o 

Texas: Weather 'ord. C. E. Rock-'ool. . 610 Spring St. 

Texas: Denison. J. F. Hawkins 680 Woodard St. 

Texas: Dallas. A. 1]. Teaison 2101 Gould St. 

Texas: San Antonio. R. A. A^ers , 327 Alvarez Place 

Texas: Galveston. Claude Clarke 713 Thirty-third St. 

Texas: Cameron. W. S. Ford ; Route No. 1 

Texas: Bryan. O. P. Seeman R. One, Box 35 

Texas: Anson. Waltei' H. Webb Box 14 

Texas: P.renham. J. F. S. Pruill 707 K. Academy St. 

Vii'uinia: Lynehbuig. Angel Hantjacos 1204 Main St. 

Virginia: Newport News. J. A. Edmonds .1709 Ivy Ave. 

Virginia: Danville. ]l. A. Brumfield 1202 Myrtle Ave. 

Virginia: Norfolk. L. W. P.oykin 314 Franklin Ave. 

Viiginia: Pocahonta-. Hampton Hoyyey P. 0. Box 263 

\'irginia: (^ore<lo. RoViort M. Kidd 

Virginia: Parrott. H. M. McCov •. Box 51 

Virginia: Chula. S. V. Morefield Route One 

Virginia: T.ynchburg. Peo Schaefer 1421 Clay St. 

Virg'n'a: Hn riscmburg. W. A. Sponaugle 339 West Biiice St. 

Virginia: Schoolfield. J. E. Howard ; 25 Wash. Ave. 

West Virginia: Huntinuton. A. B. Allphin 822 Seventh Ave. 

West Virginia: Packsville. Linzie Ballard .". 

West Vi)ginia: Fort S])rings. John D. Falls 

*■■.■ t Virgnia: Wlneliiig. Steve Vallis .- 2330 Market St. 

Wisconsin: A])pleton. John W. Doyle 1026 Third St. 

Wisconsin: Washbui'n. J. E. Sutton 405 West Fourth St. 

Wisconsin: Reeseville. J. F. Metzger Route L, Box 36 

Wisconsin: Brantwood. Geo. Kiankala Box 3,7 

WisconsMi: Edgerton. A. L. Larson 315 W^. P^ulton St. 

Wyoming: Basin. Clarence Jenkins ; 

Canada: Toronto, Ont. Cliiford A. Bender 92 Kcnilwoith St. 

Canada: Thamesville, Ont. . Mervin Everitt. R. R. No. 6 

Canada: Rockland, Ont. Ernest J. Pitre '. 101 Laurier St. 

Canada: Biantford. Ont. Aithur L. Rowley *P. O. Box 184 

Canada: Sii^coe, Ont. N. E. McAinsh 274 Robinson St. 

r'an-da: Orillia. Ont. M. A. McDonald 212 John St. 

Canada: Hamilton, Ont. Leo Martin ...9 Brittania St. 




|{().\KI) OK <;0\ KHXOHS 

Jos. M. Quigley, Chairman .Rocliester. N. Y 

Michael Regan. Vice-Chainnaii Buffalo. N. Y. 

E. Van Bnskirk, Secretary-Treasurer & Superintendent Washington. D. C. 

Michael l^ong Newark. N. J. 


William A. Pinkerton 

.Chicago. 111. 

William Co])elan 

Cincinnati, Oliio 

Richanl S\l\e^tpr 

.Wilmington De 

1.. Cpsfoi'd 

Washington. I). C 

Marfn O'P.riHii 

St. i.onis. .Mo. 

.lohii T. .lanssen 

Mil\vank(M\ W's. 

Roi' r\ I). Carter 

-Hallimore, Md. 

.lohn .J. Currv 

.\iagara Falls. N. ■>■ 



thp: international association for identification 


Tliis Organization sluill be composed of white persons, shall be known as 
lornicd for the following purposes: 

1. To associate persons who are actively engaged in the business of iden- 
tilioation and investigation into an organized body, so that the business in ail 
its branches may be standardized and more efficiently and scientifically ad- 


2. By co-operation between the several States of this countiy and in 
I'oroign lands, the work of the identification expert may become more effective 
;ind the advance in science and research in one locality be disseminated in other 
places thiough the medium of its delegates in convention assembled and by 
ether means of communication. 

;>. To use the full power of this Association to induce all Bureaus of Iden- 
tification and Investigation to adopt modern methods. 

4. To endeavoi' to elevate the personnel of the members in this Associa- 
ion, inspire a just pride in the work, and by their united efforts reduce crime 
Hy making identification certain and to aid society generally. 


President A." J. Renoe, Leavenworth, Kansas 

Vice-President Irvin P. Jones, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Secretary- Treasurer Fred Sandberg, Washington, D. C. 

Editor Al Dunlap, Chicago, III. 

Sergeant-at-Amis John M. Shea, St. Louis, Missouri 





Paul N. Waggoner Memphis, Tennesee 

G. A. Benson Waupun, Wisconsin 

Lei'oy Goodwin , Youngstown, Ohio 

Charles Carmody Detroit, Michigan 

T. G. Cooke Chicago, Illinois 


Committee on Science and Practice of Finger Prints 

WHEREAS, the past growth and present progress of the science of finger- 
print identification indicate that, within the next few years, there, will be an 
enormous increase in the scope and social usefulness of the science, not only 
as the best means of social protection through the detection of crime, but as 
an accessory to modern business; and 

WHEREAS, within a sort period, governmental and industrial bureaus will 
be reciuired to handle millions of prints, where now only thousands are classi- 
fied, filed and searched, and, wnth the same ease, accuracy and swiftness as at 
present; and 

WHEREAS, there are certain prints which are subject to argument, dis- 
cussion and difference of personal opinion, and which are not treated alike by 
all buieaus, as thore is no general authority which is recognized by the whole 
finger print i^rofession; and as this leads to diflference of classification, result- 
ing in confusion in the interchange of prints and formulas; therefore be it 

RESOLVED, that the International Association for Identification, as- 
sembled in its Seventh Annuar Convention, at Washington, District of Colum- 
bia, this twenty-first day of September, in the year of Our Lord, 1921, hereby 
go on record as favoring the appointment of a standing committee of nationally 
known finger print experts, to pcss upon all matters in regai'd to the practise 
and theory of finger prints and to decide authoritatively on the classification of 
doubtful prints, such decisions to be the accepted guide for all members of the 
linger piint profession; and be it further 

RESOLVED, that this committee be representative of the whole field of 
frnger print identification, criminal, governmental, commercial and individual, 
and that it contain in its personnel members of all organizations concenred 
with finger print identification; and be it further 



RESOLVED, That this coinmitteo he empowered to add to its number an\ 
suitable person, providing that this addition to the committee be approved by 
vote of the majority of s;iid commitee; and be it further 

RESOLVED, that this committee shall meet during this Convention, if pos- 
sible, to decide on certain doubtful prints pi'esented by the Secretary, and 
such other matters as may demand their decision; and that, through corres- 
pondence with the Secretary of this Committee and with each other, they shall 
act in the future as a final board on all questions concerning the science and 
practise of finger prints that may come before them; and be it further 

RESOLVED, that, in case of a difference of opinion among the members 
of the comTnittee, the matters in question be resubmitted to them, accom- 
panied by the comment and criticism of the various members of the commit- 
tee; and that, after this second survey, a decision of the majority of the whole 
committee be considered as final; and be it further' 

RESOLVED, that the Secretary-Trrasurer of the International Association 
for Identification is hereby authorized to have photographic cuts made of such 
prints as are of the gi'eatest interest to finger print workers, and to have such 
photgraphs and the decision?* of the committee incorporated in the Annual 
ReiJOT-t of the Association, and otherwise given publicity. 


Frederick Kuhne, Chairman New York, N. Y. 

A. J. Renoe, Secretary ■. .Leavenworth, Kansas 

Bert Wentworth Dover, N. H. 

August Vollmer....... , ....'-. Berkeley, Calif. 

Harry M. Smith •. Tacoma, Wash. 

Charles M. Stone ..: ..-. Bakersfield, Calif. 

G. T. Mairs.. ...Brooklyn, N. Y. 

J. H. Taylor ....L;.....: Washington, D. C. 

Walter S. Kaye :.. ....:. Washington, D. C. 

A. C. Fredericks ....: Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harry Caldwell ':::::...:. .....! Oakland, Calif. 



State Vice-I'residents 

Benche, (". S., Charleston, S. C. 

Maurice O'Neil, New Orleans, La. 

J. A. Casey, Baltimore, Maryland 

Bennett, R. D. S., Springfield, Mo. 

Browne, James P., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Clay, Walter A., Cumberland, Md. 

Duncan, J. G., McAlester, Okla. 

I'^erry, Wm. S. Bismarck, N. Dakota. 

Forrest, Robt. C, Pensacola, Fla. 

(loodwin, Leioy, Youngstown, Ohio. 

Hansen, Charles W., Mincola, 
Long Island, New York 

Hummel. Fi'ed, Denver, Colorado 

Jones, livin P. Miniu-apolis. Minn. 

I;ake, Daniel W., Booklyn, N. Y. 

Lumsden, Robt. L., Raleigh, N. C. 

McQueen, W. O., Sioux F'alls, S. D. 

Morgarid'vo, F. R., New York Ci.y 

Murphv, Joe, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Nickelson, D. E., Walla Walla, Wash. 

Overton. Walker W.. Fort Worth, Tex. 

Reillev, T. R., Rawlins, Wyoming 

Rotenberry, Burl C, Little' Rock. Ark. 

Tobin. John S. Newport, Rhode Ls. 

Trump, L. A. Sioux City, Iowa 

Wentwoith, Bert, Dover, New Hamp- 
shire . 

Williams, Joseph H., Butte, Montana. 

Bendixsen, M., Pocatello, Idaho 

Brown, H. B., Birmingham, Alabama 

Can.ody, Charles C, Detroit, Mich. 

IHiTan. P. J., Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Felts, Thomas L., Bluefield, West Va. 

Ford, E. W., Hutchinson, Kansas 

C. S. Morrill, Sacramento, Calif. 
W. J. Hughes, Dayton, Ohio 
Garrett, J. Farrell, Hartfoid, Conn. 
Griffin, W. T., Memphis, Tenn. 
Hunter, James M., Portland, Osokoi 
Juel, Adolph O., San Francisco, ("alif. 
Lamon, O. M., Elko, Nev. 
McKenty, James W., Philadelphia, I'a. 
Metcalf," Frank R., Holyoke, Mas ^ 
Mounts, C. R., Menard, 111. 
Neilson, H. J., Omaha, Neb. 
Norris, John I*'., New Orleans, La. 
Parks, Geo. B., Jeirersonvillc, Ind. 
T^igney, John J. Bavonne, N. J. 
Storrs, Geo. A., Salt Lake City, Utah 
Toler, Wm. A., Richmond, Va. 
Vitelli, Alfred, Wilmington, Delaware 
Wigman, Matthew J., Green Bay, Wis. 
Young, D. M., Frankfort, Ky. 
Whiteside, Oscar W., V. P., Tenitoiy 

of Alaska, Juneau. 
Sanberg, Fred, V. P., Washington, 

District of Columbia. 
E. Foster, V. P., Ottawa, Ontario, 

Goodmurphv, Robt., V. P., Vancouver, 

B. C, Canada. 
Lane, Earl C, V. P., Edmunton. Al- 
berta, Canada. 
Linto, Geo. A., Jr., V. P., Republic 

of Cuba, Manati. 
Aurelio E. Bermudez, V. P., Republic 

of Panama, Colon. 




of the 



This Or.uanizatii-n shall he known as the Califoi-nia State Division of the 
I III 1 rnat idual Association foi- Identification. 

1. 'I'o associate pei'sons who are actively engaged in the business of Iden- 
tification and Investigation into an oiganized body, so that the business in all 
its branches may be standardized and more efficiently and scientifically ad- 

2. liy co-opei-ation between the several States of this country and foreign 

lands, the work of the Identification expert may become more effective and the 

advance in science and research in one locality be disseminated in other places 

through the medium of its delegates in convention assembled and by other 

nu-ans of communication. 


.">. To use full power of this Association to induce all Bureaus of Identifica- 
(ion and Investigation to adopt modern methods. 

4. To endeavor to elevate the personnel of the members in this Associa- 
tion, inspire a just pride in the work, and by their united efforts, reduce crime, 
by making identification cei'tain, and to aid society generally. 


Section 1. The m.embership of this Association shall consist of Chiefs of 
B rolice, Su]ierintendents of Buieau of Identification and Investigation, Sheriff's, 

■ and all other jjeisons actually engaged in the business of Identification and. 

■ Inve^igat i(ui. Onlv white nei-sons ai'e eligible to membership. 





I're-ulcnt :. C. S. Morrili 

Supt. State I5iii't'au of Criiiin;il Identitication, Siu-i-unento 


Cliio^ of rolicc, Salinas 

O. 1\I. Hrsi'iinaii 

Sccrclai\-Ti(-'asurer - H. H. Caldwell 

Inspector Bureau erf Identifiertkin, Police Dept., Oakland 

.\:^s's!anL S-cretai'V-- -- -- .- _ Cha^. N. Watkins 

Tl^.iel r>etective Sei'vice, San I'^i-ancisco 

S('ru.eant-it-Arins {i'u VV. IMcLendon 

Chief of Police, Lon^' Beach 


.1. C. Byers SheiilT, San Diet^o 

Kivd B. Kut7 Sui)t. Bureau of Identification, P. !)., i.on.u- lieach 

Win. Al. Veale . Undei' Sherilf, I\lai'tin<'Z 

.1. H. l>eri\v Supt. County P.iu'cau of I '■■n' ilication. San Bornardin'i 

Claicnce H. Tlouscr Supt. C'^unty Bui' 'au of Identification, Fresno 


Abbot, Carl, Maishai, King- City, Calif. 

Adams, S. J., Specir! Agent, Dcpt. of Justice, San I'ranrisco, Calif. 

Alexander, W. M., Under Sheriff, Oroville, Calif. 

Armstrong-, J. B., Priva'e Detective. ;"1S Bryson Bldg., Lt)s Anueles. Calif. 

I'.a.rnet, Frank, Sheriff, Oakland. Calif. 

Ba.shline, S. T., Deputy Sheriff, Sprockels, Calif. 

P.eckei-, Chas. A., Sergeant of I'olice, Berkeley, Calif. 

Becker, Bui-ton F., Chief of Police, I'ledmont, Calif. 

Beevers, L. A., Con.'Jtable, Salinas, Calif. 

Berry, J. H., Supt. County Bureau of Idei^^ ideation. San B.-rnai-diiid, C.-ilif. 

Black, Ceo. H., Guard, San Quentin, Calif. 

Black, John N., Chief of Police, San Jose, Calif. 

Blum, Geo. W., Police Photographer, San Francisco, Calif. 

l^oren, Will A., Deputy Sheriff, Quincv, Calif. 

I'.radley. J. P.. Deputy Sheriff, Weed, Calif. 



Burchain, A. A., Chief of Police, San Bernardino, Calif. 

Buttertield, J. J., Long Beach, Calif. 

Byers, James C, Sheriff, San Diego, Calif. 

Caldwell, H. H., Inspector in Charge Bureau of Identification, Oakland, Calif. 

Carey, E. J., Marshal, ICmeryville. 

Carlson, Milton, Handwriting Expert, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Cabalier, L. A., City Marshal, Burlingame, Calif. 

Cline, J. W., Supt. Bureau of Identification, Los Angeles, Calif. 

(.k)ley, V. J., Inspector of Police, Oakland, Calif. 

Conant, Bert H., Detective Sergeant, Alameda, Calif. 

Conoms, Paul Lieutenant of Police, San Diego, Calif. 

Corey, I. H., Special Agency National Board Fire Underwriters, S. F., Calif. 

Craig- D. J., Special Agent Santa Fe R. R. Fresno- Calif. 

Crawley, M. F., House Detective Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Calif. 

Crowell- Harry L., Police Department, San Diego, Calif. 

Currie, John- Deputy Sheriff, Salinas, Calif. 

Cummings, E. E., De])utv Sheriff"- FA Centro, Calif. 

Dallas, Robert L.- Sheriff, Modesto, Calif. 

Elasho- Harry F., Traffic Officer, Salinas, Calif. 

Eldridge, J. D.- Chief of Police, San Bernardino, Calif. 

Engram, R. L.. Special Agent A. T. S. F. Rv.- San Bernardino, Calif. 

Evans, J. P.- City Maishal, Pacific Grove, Calif. 

Field- W. H., Detective Agency, San Francisco, Calif. 

Geauque, P. E., Supt. Pinkerton's, San Francisco. Calif. 

Gilroy, Geo. T., Police Department- San Diego, Calif. 

Gompert, Frank B., F. P. Expert, Naval Air, San Diego, Calif. 

Gorman, J. W., Y. (Sr E. Rep.- Long Beach, Calif. 

Guest, Thos.- Bureau of Identification, Police Depailment, San Francisco- Calif. 

Hannah, F. K., Chief of Police- Santa Cruz, Calif. 

Hansen, J. P., Constable. Soledad, Calif. 

Hardy, W. 0., Marshal- Ontario, Calif. 

Hart, Wm., Detective Buiiau- 227 Pine St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Hax- Neil, Supt. Bureau of Identification, Pasadena, Calif. 

Heeie. Fred W.- Bureau of Identification, Police Dept., Piedmont, Calif. 

Heiniich, E. O., Consulting Criminologist- Berkelev, Calif. 

Henry, E. L. R., Deputv Sheriff- Bureau of Identification, Red Bluff, Calif. 

Hirschev- C. M., Chief of Police, Hillsborough, Calif. 

Hiserman, O. M.- Chief of Police. Salinas. Calif. 

Houser, C. H., Bureau of Identification, Sheriff's Office- Fresno, Calif. 

Holbrook, Chas. A.- F. P. Clerk, State Bureau, Sacramento. Calif. 


"raiu-ii-ci)' Calif. 
, Calif. 

liiKOrsoll, V. 1,., Jiuirau oi Idcnt., TJicft iUiicau I^icific 

wi-itcr.s- C()nror<'i)c<\ (\ulif. 
.Iacl<:on, C. E.- Shrriil, Santa Ana, Calif. 

Ji'lFin-ey, Walter .M.. Alotchants Patro', San I'^iancisco- Calif. 
Jcnninff.s. Ed., Police Deinirtnient- Ilichinoiid, Calif. 
.Johnson, Fred, Sneeial AKont A. T. S. K., San Bei-nardino, Calif. 
John -on' Russell J.. Supt. I'urean of Ident.. Police Dept.- Santa B 
John.'^on, T. C. Police Dept., Oakland, Calif. 
Jones, W. F.- Shei'ift, Fresno- Calif. 

Juel, A. O., Buieau of Identihcatior,. T olice Dept., San Francisco- 
Keatint^-, J. J.- Shci-iff, San P.afacl- Calif. 
Kiny. Tom. House Detective, Cipwells. Oakland- Calif. 
Kirk, K. D.- Dept. nf Justice Affeiit, l?-2.!2 Califoi'nia St. 
Kutz. Fred B.. Police Depailnienl. Lony Beach, Calif. 
Lampkin, H. W.. Un<'.er SheriflF, Pvodwcjod Cit> , Calif 
Lawrence L. J., ConstalJe, Watsonvillo, Calif. 
Lawson, E. E. House Detective- Faiivumil. Sail 1 
' Ce, C. D., Su):t. Rrcoi'd-, Police Dept.- Beikelev 
Lemon- W. E., Traffic Officer. \V:itsr.nvil!.'. ( idif. 
Lynch- W. O., Elks' Club, Valleio. Calif. 
Lvter. A. VV.. Ch'ef of Police. Pomona Calif. 
McAtee, F. B., Mills Blfi«-., San Francisco- Ca'iL 
McCartv. 1. H- i^f-'Ms PuiVUng' San Francisco, Calif. 
McCay, B. W., Chief Invest. P.C.A.U.C, -'Mo Pine St., San Francih 
McDonald, J. J • S''e-"<f". 1 air(ir>id, Calif. 
Mclntvre, W. S., Pas- len\ Calif 

McLendon- Ben W.. C'lief of Police. Loivv Beach- Calif. 
Macy, W. J., Supt. Bn-'-iu of Tdc^flication, Police Dept., San Diet 
Mack, T. A., Sheriff- M v-el. Calif. 

.Vfaderia. Wm. L, Post O'TL-o In^pectoi'. San Fiancirco, Calif.. 
Man ford- B. B.- SherliX, Vnl,a Citv. Calif., Wiley. Marshal. Ch'no. Calif. 
.Alc'ikc. Win. A., Police Depart"ient- San D'e^-o. c'alif. 
Mils. J. P.. Justice of Peace. Soledad. Calif.' 
Mnnroe- J. W.- Sheriff. Woodland. Calif. 
Moore. F. H., Con;tab'e, Santa Cruz. Calif. 

Mo>rill, C. S., Supt. State P.u'-e-Hi Identification- Sacramento- Cali 
Mulhall, T. F., Arson Board Nat'l Board Fire Underwi-tiers. San Fr 
Murd-clc D. G.- Deputy Shtr'ff, San Bernardino. Calif. 
Murnh^-, H. A., Police Sergeant, Pasadena, Calif. 
NefV1pr!"»n. Henry Chp. Traffic Dent., Police Dept. Oakland Cali 
Nesbit, W. J., Sheriff, Salinas. Calif. 

.Auto Under- 

ii-bai'a, C'alif. 
San Francisco, (^alif. 

CO. < 'alif. 

■o- Calif. 


ancisco. Cii] 



San P"'rancisco Calif. 

Xowell. D. Boono- Sheriff', Bakersfield, Calif. 

Xuttail, C. S., Denuty Sheriff, Salinas, Calif. 

Over, W. A., Under Sheriff- Salinas- Calif. 

rktrick. J., Chief ol Police, San Diego, Calif. 

Pihl- John- Deputy Constable, Gonzales, Calif. 

I'oore, J. F., Sheriff, Altui'as, Calif. 

Putzker, Oscar E., Sergeant Police- IJerkelev- Calif. 

iiadclift, H. K., Tnvestisator, P.C.A.U.C, ^^ Pine St. 

Fleno, A. J., Dept. of Justice- Ler-venwoith- Kansas. 

PJiodes, Welton C, Under Sheriff, Madera, Calif. 

i{()l)in;-,<)n- J. H.- Deputy Sheriff, Salinas, Calif. 

Ross, A. J., Invpstijrator. City Nnt'l Bank Bidg., Lo? Angeles, Calif. 

Poss, J.- Sheriff"- Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Salituri, I. B., F. P. Expert. El Cerito, Calif. 

Sawyer, J. F.- Marshal- Upland, Calif. 

Schi'ader, H., Jr., F. T>. S: H. W. Expert, Calif. State Bui-eau of Identification. 

Sacramento- CaPf. 
Scully- J. P., Bureau of Ideiitiliciition, Police Department, Vallejo, Calif. 
Shay, W. A.. Sheriff"- '^.^^^^^ B^rir^idino, Calif. 

Shirley. B. V., Bureau of Identification, l^olice Dept.- Richmond, Calif. 
Sked- Wni. B., F. P. Expert, State Bureau Identification- Sacramento, Calif. 
Sinilev. -T. W., Sheriff's Off'ice. Martinez, Calif. 
Smith- C. Sheriff". Visalia. 

Smith- Lee E., Chief of Police. Modesto, Calif. 
Stanford, W. T., Chief of Police, Valleio; Calif. 
Stanley, James O., Constable, Jelon- Calif. 
Stanton- C. D.. Sheriff. Colusa. Calif. 
"<aii-e- T. J., Sergeant Police, San Bernardino, Calif. 
Siiith. Ches>r A. Ch-rf ni" I'oiice. Marvsvilie Calif. 
Stewart R. G.. Under Sheriff, Colusa. 
Stone, Chas. H.- Chief of Police- Bakersfield, Calif. 
Taylor, C. J.. Sheriff. San Luis Obi.spo, Calif. 
Trafton. H. V.- Sheriff"- Santa Cruz. 
Truax, Frank. Chief of Police, Fresno, Calif. 
Veale, R. R., Sheriff, Martinez, Calif. 

Vollmer. Fred- Aft. A.T.S.F.- 371 Lucas, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Wahnuith. Wm. H., Chief of Police, Alameda. Calif. 
Wall. \V. J.- Chief of Police, Santa Barbara- Calif. 
Waterburv. F. L.. Police Depailment, Berkeley, Calif. 

Watkins- Chas. N., Asst. Genl. Mgr. Thiel Detective Service Co.- S. F.. Calif. 
VVhitsitt, S., Chief of Police, Watsonville. Calif. 
Wittmann Bias, Constable- San Ardo, Calif. 



was organized at Peoria- 111., Friday, December 16, 1921. The name adopted 

On this auspices occasion weie present men from all walks of life who were 
experts in Dactyloscopy — City, State and Railway officials, Commercial and 
Private Finger Print Experts and Students- and men from other Identification 
Bureaus. E. A. Duke of Peoria acted as temporary chairman and S. A. Dickson 
of Chicago acted as temporary secretary. Permanent officers were elected as 

President Edward J. Hargrave, Chicago, 111. 

Vice-President M. W. McClaughry, Joliet, 111. 

Secretary-Treasurer ..W. D. Milnor- E. St. Louis, 111. 

Editor Al. Dunlap, Chicago- 111. 

Sei"geant-at-Arms Edward S. Arentz, Chicago, 111. 

Directors — E. A. Duke, Peoria, 111. 

A. O. Ely, National City, 111. 
Fred W. Licht, Forest Park. 111. 
Guy R. Williams- Lewistown, 111. 
Mrs. M. W. McClaughry, Joliet, 111. 

Letters were received from prominent Police and Special Agents all over 
the country signifying their intention of becoming members. Among the aims 
of the organization are to work for the Universal adoption of the Finger Print 
Identification System in place of all others, and to co-operate with all allied 
organizations, public- private and commercial identification departments and 

Among those present were: 

Mr. W. McClaughrv. Joliet, Supt. of Identification. 

Scott A. Dickson. Chicago, Special Agent for C. & N.W.R.R. 

Philip Reitz, Joliet, Chief of Special Agents. E.J. & E.R.R. 

G. H. Miller, Chicago, Secty-Treas, Chicago Railroad Special Agents and Police 

John M. Shea, E. St. Louis- Supt. of Bureau of Identification. 
A. T>. Funlap. Chicago, Editor "The Detective." 
F. L. Mather, Chicago. Member State Police AuxilUary. 
Edward J. Hargrave, Chicago, Hargrave Secret Service. 
Edward S. Amtz Chicago, Mgr. Protective Dept. Illinois Bankers' Association. 


A. M. De Voumey, Chicago, Mgr. Criminal Dept. of Wm. J. Burns Inter- 
national Detective Agency. 

C. C. Jones, Pontiac, Bureau of Identification at State Reformatory. 

Bliss W. Boering, Chicago, State Police Auxiliary. 

Stephen L. Wood, Decatur, Desk Sergeant of Police Department. 

W. K. Pentosky. Joliet, Keeper State Prison, and many others. 

This organization should be proud of the untiring zeal exhibited by its 
President, Edward J. Hargrave, to whom in a large measure this meeting was 
due, and its eflficent corps of Charter Members agument well for the work 
ahead of it. 


:M. W. McClaughry. Supt. of Identification, 111. State Penitentiary, Joliet 111. 

Scott A. Dickson, Special Agent C. & N.W. Ry., Chicago, 111. 

G. H. Miller, Secty. & Treas. C.R.R.S.A. & Police Assn.. Chicago, 111. 

Philip Reitz, Chief Special Agent E.J. & E. Ry. Co.. Joliet, 111. 

John M. Shea, Supt. Bureau of Identification, Police Dept., St. Louis- Mo. 

Al Dunlap, Editor of "The Detective," Chicago- 111. 

Femand P. Phillippe, Finger Print Expert, Lexington, 111. 

John A. Wingate, Finger Print Expert, Sesser, 111. 

Fred G. Buerke, Patrolman, Peoria Police Dept.- Peoi'ia, III. 

R. Sparks, Finger Print Expert, Chicago- 111. 

I. L. Ray, Finger Print Expert, Abingdon, 111. 

Charles Kleca, Finger Print Expert, Chicago- 111. 

Elvem Reed, Finger Print Expert, Litchfield- 111. 

F. L. Mather, State Police Auxiliary Committee, Chicago. 111. 

Edward J. Hargrave, The Edward J. Hargrave Secret Secrive, Chicago- 111. 

Edward S. Arentz, Mgr. Protective Dept. Illinois Bankers' Assn., Chicago. 111. 

A. M. DeVouney, Mgr. Criminal Dept. of Wm. J. Bums International Detective 
Agency, Chicago- 111. 


C. C. Jones, Bureau of Identification Illinois State Reformatoi*y, PontiaC' III. 
ISliss W. Boering-, State Police Auxiliary Committee, Chicago, 111. 
Stephen L. Wood, Desk Sergeant, Police Department, Decatur, III. 

E. B. Wolfe, Finger Print Expert, Champaign, 111. 

W. K. Pentosky, Keeper Illinois State Penitentiai-y, Joliet- 111. 

A. E. Duke, Deputy Sheinff- Peoria, 111. 

Fred W. Licht, Chief of Police. Forest Park. 111. 

Walter E. Ganschew, Captain of Police, Oak Park, 111. 

F. J. Goukl P. O. Inspector, Peoria- 111. 

A. O. Ely, ex-Chief of Police, National Stock Yards, National City, 111. 

.Jean B. Kopf, Finger Print Expert. Peoria, III. 

W. D. Wilner, Chief of Police, Swift & Co., East St. Louis, 111. 

L. F. Gumburt Banker. Macomb. III. 

Guy E. Holmes, Sheriff, Fulton County, Levvistown, 111. 

Mont E. Penniwell, Decatur, 111. 

Mrs. B. C. McClaughry- Asst. Supt. of Identification III. State Penitentiary, 

Joliet, 111. 
C. C. Palmer, Chief of Police, Canton, 111. 
J. F. Rossiter, Chief Special Aeent. C.R.I. & P. Rv. 
J. E. Martin. Chief of Police. Peoria, 111. 
Ruter, P. O. Inspector, East St. Louis, III. 
HitchcocW. P. O. Inspector- Mt. Vernon, III. 
Germer, P. O. Inspector, Chicago, 111. 
F. G. Allen, Chief of Police, Decatur, 111. 

V. A. P.ittprle. Snecial Agent American Ry. Ex. Co., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Floyd Mudham. Finger Print Expert, Decatur, 111. 
F. R. Hillver, Suvit. Bureau of Identification, Police Dept., Peoria, 111. 
Wm. C. O'Reilly Finger Print Expert, Chicago. 111. 

Next Annual Meeting to be held at Joliet, Illinois, October, 192;*. 



PATRICi<: RVAX. Chairman 157 East SStli Street. Xr-w York Citv 


FREDERICK KCHXE. President 1S33 79th St.. Brooklyn. Xew York City 

BERT WEXTWORTH First Vice-President 

PERCY C. TOLMIE. Second Vice-Presideiu 

HE!{BERT LAXG Third Vice-President 


AGXES A. STEIN Recording Secretary 

FRAXK OCHS Corresponding Secretary 

LEAH G. LOEB Editor 


Cal.ioi-n a : Xew York: 


Colorado: FRANK A. BYRNE 


Connecticut: WILLIAM B. CCRTIS 


District of Columbia: ARTHUR E. Dl'LFER 






Indiana: D.V.VIl) A SCOTT 



WILLIAM O. RAXSOM Xort.: Carolina: 


T. J. Lanahan Ohio: 


JOHX A. CASEY Pea:isylyania : 

Massachusetts: E L. SIMMERS 

EDWIX F. .IOHXS(JN R::o;!o Is and: 

Michigan: JOHX E. MURR.\Y 

HARLEY C. I'LREY South Carolina: 

Minnesota: E. R. MEDD 



CHAS. H. KORTE SR. Virc^'in'a: 


P. S. GERLIXGS V.'asl! iic,non: 


PETER JOHNSTONE Vv'isco^^sin : 

New Jersey: LOUIS S. BRADY 

JOH.X J. RIGNEY Wyoiiiin,?: 

' •'■'. MARSHALL 
.Allierta. Canada: Shanghai. China: 


Ontario. Canada: Cuba: * 


.Manitoba. Canada: Panama: 


Hankow. China: 




Arizona: Phoenix. Arizona State Identification Bureau. U. T. Bledsoe, Supt. 


Bodeker's National Detective Agency, Inc., 209-10 Brown-Marx Bldg., Birniing- 
haiii, Alabama. Finger Print Identification Department. 


The Vick & Clay Detective Agency, Inc., 200-1-2 Reigler Bldg., Little Rock, 
Arkansas. Finger Print Identification Dept. W. A. Clay, Supt. No. 358. 


Office: Gormley Building-, 912 Eighth Street, Sacramento. 

The J. B. Armstrong- Detective Service, ;]18 Bryson Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Finger Print Identification Department. J. B. Armstrong, Principal. 

The Belgcr Detective Agency, 415 Fay Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. Finger Print 
Identification Department. L. E. Belger, Manager. 

Murphy's Private Detective & Information Bureau, 'y.]2-?,'A Markwell Bldg., 
Long- Beach, Calif. Finger Print Identification Dept. M. J. Murphy, Princ. 

V. A. Pearl Detectives, 224 First Xt'l Bank Bldg., Long- Beach, California. 
Finger Print Identification Department. V. A. Pearl, Principal. 

lUireau of Identification, Sherifl^'s Office, Madera, Calif. W. C. Rhodes, Supt. 

llifclicock Patrol and Detective»Service, 309-12 Pantages Bldg., Oakland, Calif. 
l''inger Print Identification Department. C. E. Hitchcock, Manager. 

Fdv ard Oscar Heinrich, B. S. Fing-er Print Identification in connection with 
legal evidence. 742-720 New Call Bldg., 
tool Oxford Sti-cot. Berkeley, Telephone Berkeley 5565-W. 
J. 1\ lV:!dlp\', I'ureau of Identification, Weed, Siskiyou County, Calif. 



Colorado: Pueblo. Police Department Identification Bureau. W. L. McDonald, 

Colorado: Canon City. Colorado State Buieau of Criminal Identification. C. 
L. Enos, Superintendent. 


Connecticut: Hartfoi'd. Aetna Ruieau of Identification, 35 Mulberry Street. 
Camille W. Clipfel- Principal. Established 19.19. 


Florida: Pensacola. Bureau of Identification, County Jail. R. C. Forrest, Supt. 


Idaho: Boise. Idaho State Division of Identification. W. H. Hiatt, Director. 


TH!: KDW.MJ;) .3. UAHdliW K SKCRET SKIl\ K'K, 2!>2-2(>;J-r><H}-r>:)7 H;m- 
(I<)li»I» EJuildinii, IJ."> \()it]» <'I;uk Street, Chicaiio, Illinois. i:<l\var<l .7. 
Iiainr;'\<', l'iinci|);il ; (ieoijic K. Matiirav*', (iesicval Manaiifr. I'I\(«KII 
IMil.NT IIH<;\Tn IC.VnON I)KI».\HT>1K\'I . "Membei of Illinois Stale 
Associatioij ior Id'^iit ificat ion, Infcinat ional Association for Identifica- 
tion and Inlci'nat ion: I Society for I'er-ona! ident ificat i«>n. 

Shippy, Hunt, Int. Detective Agency, l;'.9 No. Clark Street, Chicago, 111. Phone 
Randolph ."5!)9. Finger Print Identification Department. N. Hunt, Principal. 

William J. Turner Detective Agency, 36 West Randolph Street, Chicago, III. 
Finger Print Identification Department. L. C. Hillock, Manager. 

Illinois State Penitentiary, Identification Department, Joliet, 111. E. J. Murphy, 
Warden; M. W. McClaughry, F. P. Identification Officer (formerly Special 
Agent-in-Charge of the United States Bureau of Ci'iminal Identification 
at Leavenworth, Kansas). 

IlHnois: Chicago. Personal Identification Fing:er Print Bureau, 742 Diversey 
Parkway. A. G. Olson, Principal. 

Illinois: Pontiac. Private Finger Print Bureau, 1201 N. Mills Street. L. A. 
Norlund- Owner and Manager. 

Illinois: Chicago. International Bureau for Personal Identification, Chicago 
Branch. C. Waranius, Superintendent. 

Illinois: Chicago. Private Finger Print Bureau, 3431 Harrison St. R. Sparks, 
Owner and Manager. 


1NTK1{NATL I'dl.rCK ^.- I )KTi:rTI \' i: 1 )1 H Hr'TOH V 


I<nva: Di-s jMoines. Iowa State nuiTau of l(lt'nti(ication. Hairy J. Passno, 
F. P. K., Suix^rintendeiit. 

Iowa: Mescaline. Interstate Bureau for Identification and Investigation, llOS 
East Second Street. E. Blakenship- F.P.E., Principal. 

Tlu' American Detective A<.':ency, ."UJO Johnson County Bank Bld^., Iowa City, lo. 
Finder Print Identification Department. E. O. Can-oll, Principal. 


Indiana: .Jeflersonville. Indiana Reformatory Bureau of Identification. A. F 
Dowd, State Agent and Superintendent. 

Central Fiii;;er Print Liui'eau, IG I'ciulirol^p Ai'cnde. IiHliiiiiapnlis, liid. 


(Jlynn's Detective Service. :!11 C!:c's'iuit Strcrt. Leavenworth. Kansas, l-'inger 
Print Ident'tication Department. Joh.n T. Glynn, Pi'incipal. 

\V. Pay Hcinrich, Contident-'al Investi?i,atoi'. Pock P.ox 272, .Mound \'alley, 
Kansas. Innger Print Identification Department and IJloodhound Sei-vice. 


Pay Detective Agency and ^lerchants Secret Service. 100 Boylston Street. Bos- 
ton Mass. Fin,",ei' Print Ident'ficaticn Department. 

Chaiter Oak Detective Sei'vice, :;] State Street. Boston, ;\Iass. Finger Print 
Identification. Experts in chiU'.ge. 


Ali(h'"an: Mai'duette. Rouse of Correction Ikireau of Identihcation. Hugo E. 
Ericson, Superintendent. 

Michigan: Detroit. Police Dei)artm"nt JUneau of Idcntitication, Earl O. 
Stephens, Assistant Superintendent. 

I'inger Print Identification Department. Sheriff's Olfice, Delta (>)unty. .Mien. 
?]dward L. Gervais, Finger Piint Expert in Charge. 



Minnesota: Minneapolis. Private Finger Print Bureau, 722 South Ninth St. 

George W. Shoutz, Owner and Manager. 
Minnesota: St. Paul. Police Department Bureau of Identification. John J. 

Tiemey, Assistant Sup>erintendent. 


THK EDWARll J. HARGRAVE SECRET SERVICE, 922-923-924 Victoii.i 
I^uilding;, Eighth and liOcust Streets, St, liOuLs, Missouri. Edward .1. 
Hargrave, l*rincipal; George E. Hai-gi-ave, General Manager; Robori 
L. Noonan, Manjiger St. Louis Offices. PIXGER PRINT II>ENTIFICA- 
TION DEPARTMENT. General Offices, 202-203-506-507 Randolp.'i 
liuilding, Chicago, Illinois. 




Superintendent City and County Bureau of Identification. State 
S pt. Internat onal Bureau for Personal Identification (Guardian 
Bureaux). Representative International Secret Service Association. 

Office: Re.sideuce: 

< ourt House. Thone 90 607 Shields St., Phone l.~>2 

(S<H' Advertisement on Piige 10.) 

IMontana: Lewistown. City and County Identification Bureau. Police Depart- 
ment, City Hall. P. S. Gerlings, Superintendent. 

Montana: Great Falls. City and County Bureau of Identification, Police De- 
partment. Ray S. Gaunt, Inspector in Charge. 

Montana: Butte, City Bureau of Identification, Police Department. Bernard 
King, Superintendent. 


Nebraska: Lincoln. Bureau of Identification, Police Department. Victor 0. 
Seeck, Superintendent. 


Nevada State Prison, Carson City. Nev. Finger Print Identification Depart- 
ment. Otto Benham, Finger Print Expert, Officer in Charge. 
Reno, Nevada, Police Dept. Identification Bureau. C. R. Hillhouse. E.xpert. 



1 L'lugliey'.s r^'ational Secret J'><'i'v ice Euroau, 10 S. Tenn. Ave., Atlantic City, 
New Jeisey. Finger Print Identification Dept. Wni. H. HauThey, I'res. 

I'hc Thorire Detective Af^ency, Sheen Bklrv-. At'antic City. > ew .Jcr -oy. Fin'^;M- 
Print Identification Derartment. A. Tliorpe, [^resident. 

Tnlmie's State Detective Service, 828 Broad Strret, Mewark, New Jersey. 
Finger Print Identifica' -en Departr cnt. P. C. Toln-'e, Pr'ncipa^. 


New York: Albany. P>urran of Iden^'ifiration. Albany County Penitentiary. 
William J. Halloran, Superintendent. 

New Yoi-k City: New York Kegistering- Co.. 112.". P.roadway. 

New Yoik City: National Key Register Co., 708 Broadway. 

New York City: Hotel Credit Letter Co., 1305 Fifth Avenue. 

New York City: Falk iMngei' Print System, 9,') IJbertj' Street. 

New Yoi-k City: Federal Identification Bureau, 175 Fifth Avenue. 

New York City: Baudei Idetitification Co., ,")01 First Avenue. 

New York City: National Pei sonal Identification Bureau, 22l:i Ludlow Ave. 

New York: Schenectady. Buvciu if IdenMfication, Police Department. Ser- 
geant James P. Browne, Sui)erintendent. 

Braun National Detective Bureau, 5 Beekman Stieet, New York Ci^'y. N. Y. 
Finger Print Identification Department. Julius B. Braun, Principal. 

Kings County Detective Bureau, 50 Court Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Finger Print 
Identification Department. Louis Cohen, Principal. 

Senes Detective Bureau, Inc., 135 Broadway, New York City, N. Y. Finger 
Print Identification Department. Anthony Senes, Chief. 

National Bureau of Investigation and Personal Identification. Inc. .'105 Broad- 
way, New York City. Branch Offices in Ohio and New Jersey. 

Wilson's Detective Agency, ll(i Nassau Street, New York City, N. Y. Finger 
Print Identification Department. George E. Wilsen, Principal. 




Oliio: Columbus. Bureau of Criminal Identification- Police Department. 
Thomas A. Scully- Superintendent. 

Ohio; Columbus. The National Detective Bureau Co., Inc. R. I. Miles, Super- 
intendent, Identification Department. 

Ohio: Arkon. Private Finger Print Bureau. George Piper, Owner. 

Ohio: Cleveland. Piivate Finger Print Bureau, 141 Euclid Avenue. C. W. 
Ewing, Owaei- and Manager. 


Olclahoina: Tulsa. P>uroau of Identification. Joe E. Duran- Supt. 


'Ihe Southern Oresou Identification Bureau, Jackson and Douglas Counties, 
Oregon. Pe-sora! and Criir.inal Identificaf on. R. J. Schrader, F.P.E.^ -'I'r •• 


Phili])pine National Detective Agency, 728 Calle Zacateros, Santa Cruz,, IMavla. 
Philippine Islands. Finger Print Identification. J. P. Watson, President. 


Pennsylvania: Wilkes Ban-e. Bureau of Identification- State Police. Edw. E. 
Beisel, Superintendent. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia. Kearney's Identification Bureau, 6031 Lansdowne 
Avenue. Al J. Kearny, Manager. 

(Ssv .ta\rr,is«'Mient (/ii !*;tg • Hi.) 

Taylor National Detective Agency, Baxter Bldg., 414 S. Penn. Square, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Finger Print Identification Depaitment. J. B. Taylor, Pros. 


Texas: Gainesville. Ikireau of Identification. Cecil J. Burch, Superintendent. 
Texas: Houston. Bureau of Identification, Police Department. C. G. McGraw- 

Assistaiit Superintendent. 
Texas: Galveston. Buieau of Identification- Police Department, Dave Henry, 

Texas: El Paso. F>ureau of Identification, Police Department. Captain John 

Wood, Superintendent. 


Utah: Ogden. Bureau of Identification, Police Department. R. H. Wootton- 



Wiishinerton: Walla Walla. S^ate Bureau of Identification, State Penitentiai-j-. 
K. W. Roberts, Superintendent. 

International Detective Agency, 623 Perkins Bldg., Seattle, Wash. Finger 
Print Identification Department. P. H. Howell, Manager. 

Spokane, Washington, Police Department, Identification Bui-eau, W. H. Turner, 
Finger Print Expert, Officer in Charge. 


Boloit, Wisconsin, Police Department Identification Bureau. Sergeant B. F 
Lamphear, Finger Print Expert, Officer in Charge. 


Bruce Hodge Detective and Secret Servant Agent, Buffalo, Wyo. Finger Priiii. 
Identification Bureau. Bruce Hodge, Principal. 


Miss M. Bartholmew, Finger Print Expert, Police Dept.. Victoria, B. C. C'lnula. 
Canada: Calgary, Alberta. Bureau of Identification, Police Department. 
Oscar Woodhouse, Superintendent. 

Cuba: Havana. Bureau of Identification, Police Department. Wilfred de 
Goicouria, Superintendent. 

\'iigin Islands: St. Thomas. Private Finger Print Bureau. J. Mena, Owner 
and Manager. 

China: Hongkong. Bureau of Identification, Police Department. W. A. Rus.sell, 
F. P. E. 



Aiizona: Jerome. Darron L. Betts, Box 1753. 

Arizona: (llobe. Mrs. Wm. Wallace, F.P.E., Sheviflr'<- Office. ' 

Aikan.'^as: Little Pvock. S^t. T. Tatuin. F.P.E., Police Department. 

California: San Bernardino. J. H. BeiTV. F.P.E., Sheriff's Office. 

California: San Bernardino. M. F. Moya. F.P.E., 1246 Fussel St. 

California: San Bernardino. W. A. Boren, F.P.E., Deputy Sheriff. 

California: Los Angeles. Ralph C. DouRherty, F.P.E., 2489 West Ifyth St. 

California: Los Angeles. A. A. Jeese, F.P.E., 2043 West 41st St. 

California: Los AnKfles. .^L (J. Weybrij?ht. F.P.E., 814y2 So. Broadway. 

California: Santa .4na. Herman J. Zabel, F.P.E. 

Caliofrnia: Richmond. M. R. Sprague. F.P.E., 1106 McDonald Avenue. 

California: Stagg. D. G. Murdock, F.P.E. , Constable. 

California: Alhambra. M. R. Spencer. F.P.E.. 128 South Palm Avenue. 

California: San Franci:-;co. M. F. Jo>ce, F.P.E., 1050 Oak St. 

California: San Francisco. \V. W. Reeves, 1112 .AL'Jrket St. 

California: Long Beach. Fred E. Cooper. F.P.E., 625 E. Sth St. 

Califoi-nia: Weed. J. P. B)adley, F.P.E., Weed Lbr. Co. 

California: San Diego. H. 1". Stewart, F.P.E., I'oom 11 Court House. 

California: Alameda. Beit H. Conant, F.P.E., Police DepartnK-nt. 

California: San FJenito. G. T. Williams, F.P.E., Under Sheriff. 

Califoinia: Bakerstield. Geo. Lawson, F.P.E., Shei'iff's Office. 

California: San Jose. John Lansoni, l'\P.E., Sheriff's Office. 

Color-do: Red Cliff. Solon D. Ackley, F.P.E. and Sheriff. 

(\ nnecticut: Hartford. Artlni)' P. la Fever, F.P.E.. 47 Mullx^rrv St. 
C„nn<>cliciir: Naugatuck. G. F. Hohlock, F.P.E., 2fr3 High St. ' 
Connecticut: Torrington. John V. Ryan, F.P.E.. Police Department. 

Distiict of Columbia: Washington. D. C. Walter F. Barch, F.P.E.. with Armv 
Dept. U. S. Government. 511 Tenth St. X. W. 

I'loiida: West Palm Beach. C. B. OL^on. I-'.P.E.. Box 777. 
Florida: :\Iiami. J. W. Bishop, F.P.E., Sheriff's Office. 

Idaho: Idaho Falls. C. E. Criddle. F.P.E., Sheriff's Office. 
Idaho: Caldwell. Robert Foote, F.P.E. Detective Agency. 

niinois: East Moline. Rav Bessmei-. F.P.E.. Police Department 

Illinois: Peoria. A. E. Duke, F.P.E., 211 Monroe St. 

Illinois: Ottawa. Maurice Hart. F.P.E.. Captain of Police. 

Illinois: Moline. John H. King, F.P.E., 1404 Thirteenth St. 

] r^c, 


Illinois: Lexin^-lon. Fei'iiand V. T^hillippe, F.P.E. 

Illinois: Sesser. John A. Winaate, F.P.E. 

Illinois: Chicago. R. Sparks, F.P.E. 

Illinois: Abingdon. I. L. Rav, F.P.E. 

Illinois: Litchfield. Elvcin Rccd, F.P.E. 

Illinois: Pontiac. C. C. Jones. F.P.E.. State Reformatory Iden. Bureau. 

Illinois: Decatur. Floyd Mudham, F.P.E. 

Illinois: Peoria. F. R. Hillver. F.P.P]., Supt. Bureau Iden.. Police Department. 

Illinois: Great Lakes. Earl F. Allendorph, F.P.E., 1.5th Regiin(-nt. 

Illinois: Chicago. Harry J. Burns. F.P.E.. Detective Sergeant. 

Illinois: Picknevville. I. P. Kendziora, F.P.E., 108 E. Chester St. 

Illinois: Danville. Geo. B. Woodworth, F.P.E. 

Illinois: Danville. Mike Boblin F.P.E.. 00x20. 

Pl'nois: Pontiac. Louis Morland, F.P.E., Sherin"3 Office. 

Illinois: Decatur. Stephen L. M^ood, F.P.E., Police Depai'tment. 

Indiana: Crown Point. Thos. A. Piatt, F.P.E., Deputy Sheiilf. 

Iowa: Muscatine. E. Blankenship, F.P.E.. 1108 East 2nd St. 

Iowa: Burlington. William 0. Ransom, ]'\P.E., Police De])artnient. 

Iowa: Souix City. L. A. Trump, F.P.E., Police Department. 

Kansas: Kansas Citv. J. B. ^Maccv. F.P.E., S.'M Scon Avenue. 
Kansas: Wichita. Dan Hasmer, F.P.E., Sherill's Office. 
Kansas: Larned. J. V. Mvers, F.P.E. and Chief of Police. 

Kentuckv: Casevville. F. Mesinger, F.P.E., Box 28. 
Kentucky: Maylield. R. E. Michaux, F.P.E., Box 22. 

]\Iaine: .\uluiin. Ileniy E. W'oixi, 1".P.E., Police De])artinent. 
Aiaiylaiid: nalliiiort'. IJi'doljih K. Doiigla'^', I'.P.E., Police Department. 

Massachusetts: I'.o dn. II. I!, ll.-utung. ^\ I).. F.I\E., Police Department. 

Massachusetts: Worcr- ter. I 'en H err lan, F.P.E.. Sergeant of I'olice. 

Massachusetts: Fall !?iv( r. .lo,^( i ji .lette. Jr.. I'\P.E.. r)ll Howard St. 

Massachusetts: Havei-lMM. Civd J. S- ith K.P.F., 24 Plea-ant St. 

IMichigan: Grand Rapids, l-'rcd W. \V"her, l'\P.E., Police Department. 
Michigan: Ludington. Lars len.sen, hM'.E., .'^Jl Melindv St. 
INlichigJn: East Lan.-;ing. I. H. MarpM)n F.P.E., Ca])taiii State Police. 
Michigan: Escanaba. Edwai'd Gervais. F.P.E., Deputv Sheriff. 
]\.I-'hgan: Adrain. H. C. Ulrey, F.P.E., (527 So. Center St. 

IM'-nesota: Minneapolis. Claude M. Chaffee, F.P.E., 1211 W. :;nrd St. 
]\Iirne-ota: Minneapolis. L. J. Boi'then, F.P.E. , 2;':M 29th Ave. S. 
Mini>\^ota: St. Paul. W. F. Hallowell, F.P.E.. 28:1 Sherburn Avenue. 
IMinnesota: St. Peter. E. F. Hedeen, F.P.E., Box 16:;. 
Minnesota: Hallock. John G. Anderson, F.P.E., Box 502. 




.Minnesota: Viiiiinia. rot<'rK<K-«'Vnr, F.I'.E.. I'.ox 752. 

Missouri: St. Louis. John ]\I. Shea, P'.P.E., Supt. Police Department Bureau. 

Mont^ma: Plciityvvofl. I.. IV Finnci'ook. F.P.F?.. lender Sheriff. 
Montana: Ana<-on(la. H. A Itc-'usoleil. K.P.F. Polico Department. 
Montana: Warm Sprin^.s. H. W. Green, F.P.E., Deputy Sheriff. 
.Montana: Deei- Lodge. S. D. Pownnan, F.P.E., Box 536. 

Xebraska: Omaha. Mrs. Rufl'nev. F.P.E., Police Department. 
Nebraska- Hastin<2:.«. C. W. Wilson, F.P.E.. Sheriff'? Office. 
Nevada: KIko. O. M. Lamon. F.P.E., Sheriff'^ Office. 
Nevada: Hawthorne. C. L. Dimock. F.P.E., Sheriff's Office, C. D. 
Nevada: Reno. Cha'-'. R. Hillhouse, P\P.E., Police Department. 
New Jersey: Woolbridgre. A. H. Ludwi^sen, F.P.E., Box 236. 
New Jersey: Patei^son. Win. J, Netzhimer, F.P.E., 2'> N. Main St. 
New Jei'sey: Bound Brook. Stanley B. Brampton. 

Now Hampshire: Concord. J. Edwriid Silva. F.P.E.. Police Department. 

New York: Ballston Springs. William B. Daviv. F.P.H. Sheriff".^ Office. 

>Jew York: Rome. Albert B. Healh. F.P.E., Police Department. 

New York: White Plains. Ravinond Hill. F.P.E.. Sheriff's Office. 

New York: Kinqston. J. Allen Wood. F.P.E., Chief of Police. 

New- Yoj-k: Kingston. Wm. F. Hanlev. F.P.P^., Segeant of Police. 

Now York: Riveihead. Chas. Wenzel, F.P.E.. Sheriff's Office. 

Now YoHs City: Jose])h B. Wong. F.P.E., Captain O'Brien's D. A., 4 Pell St. 

N(nv York: Schenectady. G. D. Flanlnirgli. F.P.E.. Police Department. 

New Yo7-k: Schenectady. Jas H. Kennodv, F.P.E., Police Department. 

New York: Fort Ann. G. A. Vaughn, F.P.E., Catherine St. 

Now Yoik: Yonkors. H. E. Storm, F.P.E.. Box 167. 

New Yoi'k: Jamestown. Samuel Amatuzzo, F.P.E., 68 Water St. 

Xow ^'ork: Brooklyn. H. R. Leabv, F.P.E., Amer. Grapho Co., Supt. P. P. 

X(>w Yoi-k: Tarrytown. S. J. Moass, F.P.E., 144 :Main St., Special Officer. 

New York: Ossining-. !Tohn Cuthhert, F.P.E., Officer Sinu' Sing Prison. 

N<-\\- York: Syracuse. Wm. D. Mulheim, F.P.E., Sgt. N.Y.C.R.R., Police Dept. 

North Carolina: Fayetteville. G. W. Haitlev, F.P.E., Box 741. 

North Dakota: Faigo. Carl D. Thompson, F.P.E.. Police Department. 

)hio: Cleveland. Chas. Bound, ]-\P.E., :1345 West 63rd St. 

)hio: Cincinnati. 7ach B. Hathnway, F.P.E.. l.")04 Linn St. 

)hio: Cincinnati. Otto C. KouKa. K.P E.. 1005 Euiton Avenue. 

)hio: Dayton. J. L. Jones. F.P.E. . 1520 East Third St. 

)hio: Dayton. J. W. Wilcox. F.P.E.. Police Department. 

)hio: Noiwood. A. E. Lijitjliard, F.P.E., 5240 Hunter Ave. 

)hio: Norwood. Albert Roth, F.P.E.. 1915 Crown Avenue. 

)hio: Sanduskv. John B. Taylor, F.P.E., Sheriff's Office. 


Ohio: Toronto, riiarlfs R. :\I:!\\ T-".r.K.. 810 Wes-t .Main St. 
"hi(i: "NOnntrstown. <\ [,. Snyclc)-. I-M'.K., lU So. Lane Ave. 

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City. Lre Mullenix, F.P.E., Supt. Irlen. Hu.. Police Dept. 
Oklahoma: Arapaho. V. ('. Koyston, F.P.E.. Sheriffs Ofi'ice. 
Oklahoma: Pen-y. A. H. Hovey, F.P.K., Police Department. 

Oi(.,o(,n: [Vndloton. .1. ('. :\Iarin. V.WK., Sheriff.^ Office. 

Oieuon: Ashland. IJ. .J. .Schi-acler. F.P.E., Police Department. 

Oregon: Xorth P.end. J. E. P^dnuindsi E.P.E., V. S. Government Olficer. 

Penn.sylvania: Philadelphia. F. J. Dunn, F.P.E., 1950 Harlin St. 

Pen'-^svlvania: Phi!adcl]ihia. .-'* ' J. Fearnv. F.P.E.. GO^'-I Lan'^downe Avenue. 

T>,„ns;-iv: nia: P^tt'dui ' li. ,T. H. Ski'corn". F.P.E.. 421 a2nd St. .' 

IV'iuisylvania: Pitt'^bur.czh. Timothv Scan'on. F.P.E., 507 Edgrard St. 

Pennsylvania: Epton. Andrew H. Kulik', F.P.E, 

Pennsylvania: McKnitihtstown. .John H. Keller, F. P. E. 

PiMinsylvania: Williani.'-]ioit. Orcste Ccyilo, F.P.E. I'olice De])aitment. 

Phode bland: yex' .lanies.I. I'aln-ei', I<'.P.E., Police: Dejjai-tmenl. 

South Carolina: Greenville. Cai'l A. Xeves. 1-".P.E. 

Tennessee: Nashville. P. !!. Cuniniin^^s. k'.P.E., Police Depaitment. 

Texas: El Paso. T. Tieei)ers<>ns. I'.I'.E.. Police Dei)t.. Asst. Superintendent. 

Texas: Kl Paso. C. \V. Adams, F.P.E., Box 61. 

Texas: \'ictoiia. .). D. h.l'.E., Special A^eiit S.P.Pv.P.. 

Utah: Ojiden. K. H. Wootlon. h'.P.E., Police Dejjartment. 
Ctah: Payson. Jusiin ].. Hunt, F.P.E. 
Utah: .Manti. (Wnrav H. 1- islier. F.P.E.. SheiilFs Olfice. 
Utah: 0,i4(ien. \Vil]oi<l \oun^', I'M'.E., Shenfr's OfVice. 

\'irginia: Norfolk. C. 11. I lurch. I'M'.F., Police Department. 

Vii'g-inia: Newport News. A. A. iMcI'hei'son, F.P.E., Police Depaitment. 

Washington: Walla W.dla. P. i:. Macoiuber, l-M'.E., R. 2, Box i:-!2. 

Washington: Spi-ague. C. 11. Ilvans. I'.P.E., ISox KiO. 

Washing-ton: P'verett. A. C. Posenfeldt, F.P.E., Police Department. 

W .ishington: P. de (iialfenrieil. F.P.E.. P.ox 1562. 

Wa: hington: Aheideeii. P. I-:. Taggart. I'\P.p]., Sei-geant, Police Department. 

W . si \'iiginia: .Maitiiisiuirg. K. C. ;\las()n, l''.P.E., 5(il N. OJueen St. 
We.l \'irginia: Hurtin-ion. < ;. INise. i-'.P.i;., Police Depa.rtment. 

W'isconsin: Beloit. P. F. Lanpheai, ]-".P.E., Police Department. 
Wiscon in: :\Ianitov.(,c. Wm. Christiansen. F.P.E., Police Depaitment. .■Manitowoc. H, A. Parson, l'\P.E.. .'.2fi N. fith St. 



Wisconsin: Milwaukee. R. Kuehn, F.P.K., 491 olst Avenue. 
Wi.sconsin: Wausan. Hany S. Neuister, F.P.E., Police Department. 

Canada: Vancouver, B. C. T. J. Doherty. F.P.E., Special Agent C. N. Ry. 
Canada: Vancouver, B. C. H. J. McDougall, PM*.E., Police Department. 
Canada: Brandon, Man. H. G. Phillips, F.P.E., Police Department. 
Canada: Moose Jaw, Sask. S. R. McClure, F.P.E., Police Department. 
Canada: Ottawa, Ont. J. P. Thomson. F.P.E., Police Department. 
(Canada, Vancouver, B. C. S. A. P.rockman, F.P.E., N.W.M.P. 
Canada: Calgar\ , Alb. D. E. Keri', F.P.E., Police Department. 
Canada: Dorchp^ter, N. B. C. L. Elsdon, F.P.E., Deputv Warden. 
Canada: Lauzon Levis., Q. R. St. Laurent. F.P.E.. Chief D.S.B. Co. 
Cnada: Winnineg, Man. Leon Lambert, F.P.E., Box 1092. 
Canada: St. John, N. B. Fred L. Griffin, F.P.E., 79 Broad St. 
<'anada: Hope, B. C. Wm. Greemwood, F.P.E., Provincial Constable. 
Canada: Dorcher.ter. N. B. W. P. De Varrene, F.P.E., Special Officer. 
Canada: Coleman, Alb. C. H. Robin.son, F.P.E., Police Department. 
Canada: Medicine Hat, Alta. Robert Ay ton, F.P.E.. Police Department. 
Canada: Brandon, Man. Harry Barlow, F.P.E., Police Department. 
Canada: Prince Rupert, B.C. A. H. Bailey, Sergeant, Police Department. 
Canada: Montreal: Eng Laflanime, F.P.E.', Police Department. 
Canada: Montreal, Q. J. E. Gauthier, F.P.E., 338 Mentana St. 
Canada: Turtleford, Sask. W. M. Jennings, F.P.E., Provincial Police. 

Canal Zone: Balboa. 
Canal Zone: Balboa. 

M. C. Shaffer, F.P.E., Police Department, 
C. C. Jones, F.P.E., Police Department. 

Philippine Islands: Manila. 
Philippine Islands, Manila. 

Anton Simkus, F.P.E, 
James P. Watson. F.P.E. 


U. S. 


1. Alabama Insane Hospital (the Bryce Hospital): Tuscaloosa, Alabama. W. 

O. Partiow, Superintendent. 

2. Alabama Insane Hospital (for Negroes): Mount Vernon, Alabama. E. 1^. 

McCafferty, Assistant Superintendent. 
."I. Alabama Reform School for Juvenile Negro Lawbreakers: Mount Meigs, 

Alabama. A. Simms, Superintendent, 
4. Boys' Industrial School: East Lake, Alabama. D. M. Weakley, Superin- 
"). State Training School for Girls: Mount Pinson, Alabama. Ophelia L. Amigh, 

6. Stnt;^ Tubprculo?!^; Hospital for Convicts: Wetumpka. Alabama. E. P. 

Moon, M. D., Physician in Charge. 
8. Alabama School for the Blind: Talladega, Alabama. F. H. Manning, Pi-in- 
](». Ah^bama School for Negro Deaf and Blind: Talladega, Alabama. F. H. 

Manning, Principal. 
11. Alabama School for the Deaf: Talladega, Alabama. F. H. Manning, Prin- 
1:2. Confederate Soldiers' Home of Alabama: Mountain Creek, Alabama. Dr. J. 

T. Fowler, Commandant, 
l;;. State Penitential y: Wetumpha, Alabama. W. E. Mathews, Warden. 


1. Arizona State Hospital for the Insane: Phoenix, Arizona. T. J. Cummins, 

M. D., Medical Superintendent. 

2. Arizona State Prison: Florence, Arizona. C. G. Powell, Superintendent. 
'■',. State Industrial School: Fort Grant. J. H. Larson, Superintendent. 

4. Arizona School for the Deaf: Tucson, Arizona. Howard Griffin, Piincipal. 
•">. Home for Aged and Infirm Arizona Pioneers: Prescott, Arizona. G. A. 
Shea, Superintendent. 



!. State Hospital for Nei-vous Diseases: Little Rock, Arkansas. C. C. Kirk, 
M. D., Superintendent. 

i. Arkansas State Penitentiary: Little Rock, Arkansas: J. V. Fei-guson, War- 

'■). State Reform School: Little Rock, Arkansas. W. N". Deaton, Principal. 

4. Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium: Booneville, Arkansas. John Stuart, 
M. D., Medical Superintendent. 

'). Arkansas School tor the Blind: Little, Rock, Arkansas. G. L. Thornberg, 

(i. Arkansas Deaf-Mute Listitute: Little Rock, Arkansas. L B. Gardner, 

7. Arkansas Confederate Home: Little Rock, Arkansas. R. G. McDaniel, 


1. Sonoma Stute Home: Eldridge, California. F. O. Butler. Medical Superin- 


2. Mendocino State Hospital: Talmage, California. Donald R. Smith. M. D., 

Medical Superintendent. 
'■'.. Agnew State Hospital: Agnew, California. Leonaixl Stocking, M. D., 

Medical Superintendent. 
1. Southeni California State Hospital: Patton, California. .J. A. Reily, M. D., 

Medical Superintendent, 
o. Stockton Sta*^e Hospital: Stockton, California. F. P. Clark, M. D.. Medical 

i;. Napa State Hospital: Napa, Califomia. A. C. Matthews, M. D., Medical 


7. Norwalk State Hospital: Noi-\valk, California. C. F. Applegate, Medical 


8. State Prison at Folsom: Repi'esa, California. J. J. Smith, Warden. 

9. State Pnson at San Quentin: San Quentin, California. J. A. .Johnston, 


10. Preston School of Industry: lone, California. O. H. Close, Superintendent. 

11. California School for Girls: Ventura, California. Olive P. Walton, M. D., 


12. Whittier State School: Whittier, California. F. C. Nelles, Supenntendent. 
i::. Industrial Home for the Adult Blind: Oakland, Calif. Douglas Keith, 


14. California School for the Deaf and Blind: Bei'keley, Califomia. L. E. 

Milligan, Principal. 

15. Veterans' Home: Veterans' Home, California. J. P. Edmunds, Commandant. 

16. Woman's Relief Corps Home: San Jose, California. Mar>' A. Arthur, 


17. Industrial Farm for Women: Sonoma, California. Miss Blanche Morse, 




1. Colorado State Home and Training School for Mental Defectives: Ridge, 

Colorado. A. P.Busey, M. D., Superintendent. 

2. Colorado State Hospital: Pueblo, Colorado. H. A. La Moure, M. D., Supei- 


:;. Colorado State Penitentiary: Canon City, Colorado. T. J. Tynan, Warden. 

!. State Reformatory: Buena Vista, Colorado. M. P. Capp, Warden. 

."). State Induptrial School for Boys: Golden, Colorado. Chas. Hoscher, Super- 

<;. State Industrial School for Girls: Morrison, Colorado. Elizabeth Purcell. 

7. Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind: Colorado Springs, Colorado. W. 
K. Argo, Supeiintendent. 

S. State Home for Dependent and Neglected Children: Denvei-, Colorado. C. 
A. Donnelly, Superintendent. 

'.). Soldiers' and Sailors' Home: Monte Vista, Colorado. Col. John Conkie, 


1. Connecticut Training School for Feeble-minded: Lakeville, Connecticut. 

2. Norwich State Hospital for Insane: Nonvich, Connecticut. F. L. Wilcox, 

M. D., Superintendent. 
'■'>. Connecticut Hospital for Insane: Middletown: C. F. Haviland, M. D., Super- 

4. Connecticut State Prison: Wethersfield, Connecticut. Ward A. Garner. 


5. Connecticut Reformatory: Cheshire, Connecticut. G. E. Ei-skine, Superin- 

G. Connecticut School for Boys: Meriden, Connecticut. C. M. Williams, Super- 

7. Connecticut Colony for Epileptics: Mansfield Depot, Connecticut. C. T. La 

Moure, M. D., Superintendent. 

8. Haitfoi'd State Tuberculosis Sanatorium: Hartford, Connecticut, J. E. 

Strobel, M. D., Superintendent. 

9. Meriden State Sanatorium: Meriden, Connecticut. J. B. Dinnaa, :M. D., 


10. Shelton State Sanatorium: Shelton, Connecticut. E. J. Lynch, M. D., Super- 


11. Norwich State Sanatorium: Norwich, Connecticut. H. B. Campbell, M. D., 


12. Fitch's Home for Soldiers: Noroton Heights, Connecticut. E. F. Pelton, 

Acting Superintendent. 





]. l>.'l:;\varp Statt.' Hospital at ■ l''ai'nhiivst : Faf'nhin>-t. Delaware. AVni. H. 
Hanckef, M. 1)., Siiix'7-intt'ndent. ' 


1. l)i -liic't of Columbia Workhouse: Ofcof|uan, Va., District of Columbia. C. 

C. l'"()sU'r, Superintendent. 

2. nistrict of Columbia Reformatory: Lorton, Va., District of Columbia. C. 

C. Foster, Superintendent. 
• '. Xalional Trainin}>- <^chool foi- Gii-Is: Washinjrton, District nf Columbia. 

.Icnnic A. (Jriffith, Superintendent. 
1. Tuberculosis Hosjiital: Washington, District of Columbia. W. I). Tewks- 

luiiy, ;\I. D., Supeiintendent. 
■'>. Ilojiie for Ajied and Inlii'pi: Washin.u'ton, District of Columbia. W. J. Fay, 

<!. Indu^'trial Home School: Washington, District of Columbia. (_\ W. Skinner, 

7. lihinstiial I'oni' Schcol for Colort'd Children: Washinj^ton, Disti'ict of 

Cohiniliia. F. F. I'eiry, Superintendent. 


!. M.spital f(n' th.e Insane: Chattahoochee. Floi'ida. H. y\. Smith. M. D., 

'-. i 1(" id;i Inihisli'al School i'or iloys: INIarianna, Flo)-i(ia. !•'. F. McC'laiie, 
.M. I).. Su))e)'inten(ient. 

•".. Florida Indu~tii;il School for Cirls: Ocala, Florida. Lumie B. Davis, Super- 

■1. r.iaiiroid I-'arms (State Prison I-\ii'm): Raiford, Florida. J. S Blitch, 

T). l-'hM da School for Ihe Deaf and the Blind: St. Auji'ustine. A. H. NN'alker, 
i^ esident. 


1. (icdr.u'ia State Sanilaiium: .Millod.u'eville. ( leoiiria. ].. M. Jones, M. ])., 


2. State Penitentiary: Milleilgeville, Georgia. J. M. Burke, Superintendent. 
'>. Ceorijfia State Reformatory: Milledgeville, Georgia. J. L. Smith. Super- 



1. (i<'or}>ia Training School for Girls: Atlantii, Ct'otj;ia. Cynthia H. Embree, 

;». State Tuberculosis Sanatorium: Alto, (Jeorgia. E.W. (^lidden, M. I)., 

C. Academy 1'or 1 he I'.iind: Macon. d'eor.U'ia. <I. V. Oliphant, Superintendent. 

7. State S<'hool for the l)e:if: Cave Spring-. (Jeoj-^na. J. C. Harris. Principal. 

s. ('onfederate Soldiers" Home of Georgia: Atlanta, Georgia. W. F. McAllis- 
ter, Superintendent. 


'2. Idaho Insane A.sylum: niackfoot, Idaho. C. A. Hoover, M. D., Medical 

■J. Northern Idaho Insane Asylum: Orofino, Idaho. ..J. W. (livens. .M. !>., 

Medical Superintendent. 
1. Idaho State r<^i<itentiary: Itoise. Idaho. W. L. Cuddy. Waiden. 
'). Industrial Tiaininii' School: St. Anthony, Idaho. .J. I'". Williams. Super- 
0. State School for the Di'af and the lUind: Gooding-, Idaho. W. K. Taylor, 

7. Soldiers' Home: Uoise, Ichrho. ,T. C. Reynolds, Commandant. 


L Lincoln State School and Colony: Lincoln, Illinois. T. H. Leonard. ^L D., 

■2. Anna State Hospital: Anna, Illinois. C. 11. Anderson, M. D., Superin- 

;■;. i''."oria State llospit;i': l\M)ri;i, Illinois. K. A. Goodncr, 'SI. D., Superin- 

4. Kankakee State Hi-':;|,ita! : ■ Kanl<al:ee, Illinois. Eus'ene Cohn, INI. D., 


5. El«in State Hosjiital: Ll.uin. Illinois. 11. T. Hinton, .AL D.. Supeiivdendenl. 
H. Alton State Ho.pital: Alton, Illinois. G. A. Zeller, M. D., Managing 


7. Watertown State Hospital: Wateitown. Illinois. M. C. Hawley, M. D.. 


8. .lack.sonville State Hospital: .lacksonville. Illinois. E. L. Hill, .M. 1)., Super- 

;). Cliicago State Hospital: Dunning. Illinois. C. V. Read, M. D., Supei'in- 

TO. Chester State Hosj^ilal: IMenard, Illinois. F. A. StuhhleMeld, M. D.. Super- 

n. St'"_liern Illinois Penitentiary: Alenard, Ulinoi-'. .1. A. White. \\'ard('n. 

12. niiiMus State Penitentiary: .j'oliet, Illinois. E. J. Murphy. Warden. 

l:;. illino's State Reformaloiy : Pontiac. lllitiois. .1. I-'. Scoullei. (General Super- 


14. St. Charlt's' Si-bool for I^oys: St. CharU's. llliuoi.'^. C. li. Adams, Manag- 

ing: OHioor. 

15. State Traininj!!: School loi dirls: Geneva, Illinois. Clara Hayes. M. D., 


17. Illinois School for the Blind: Jacksonville. Illinois. R. W. Woolston, Man- 

aging-ing Officer. 

18. Illinois Industnal Home for the Blind: Chicago, Illinois. H. O. Hilton, 

Managing Officer. 
10. Illinois School for the l>eaf: Jacksonville, Illinois. H. T. White, Managing 

20. Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home: Quincy. Illinois: J. W. Reis, Superin- 


21. Soldiers' Widows' Home: Wilniington, Illinoi.s. Nettie M. McGowan, Super- 


22. Illinois Soldiers' Orphans' Home: Normal, Illinois. J. W. Kodgcrs. .*>\jper- 



1. Indiana School For Feehle-minded Youth: Fort Wayne. Indiana, (i. S. 

Blis.-. M. I'.. Superintendent, 
t^ ('ential Indiana Hospital for the Insane: Indianapolis. Indiana. G. F. Kden- 

harter. M. D.. Superintendent. 
;!. Southeastern Indiana Hospital for the Insane: North .Madison, Indiana. 

J. W. Milligan. M. D.. Medical Superintendent, 
I. Fastern Indiana Hospital for the Insane: Kiohrnond, Indiana. S. K. Smith, 

M. D., ;\Iedical Superintendmt. 
1. Southern Indiana Hospital for the In.-ane: Evan.-ville, Indiana. C. E. 

l.aughiin, M. D., .Medical Sup<M intendent. 
•;. Xorthern Indiana Hosi)ital for the Insan'-: I.ogansiK>i-t, inrlinna. I'aul 

1 lowers. M. £>.. Medical Supeiintendent. 
7. Indiana State Piis(»n: Michigan City, Indiana. K. J. l-"ogart\ , Wanlen. 
S. Indiana Woman's Prison: Indianajjolis. Indiana. .Margaret M. Elliott, 

U. Indiana Beformatoi-y : JcfVcr.-onvilk', Infliana. C. A. H. Shidclt-r, (Iciuual 

.'^njH'ri'iti'nde: t 
HI. Indiana Boys' School: I'lainfield. ('. A. McGon.aglo, Superintendent. 
11. Indiana Girls' School: Indi;innpolis, Indiana. Kenosha Sessions y\. ])., 

\'?.. Imliana State Farm: Putnamvillf, Indiana. <". F. Talkington, Superin 

PI. Indiana Village for Fnileptic.-: X«'w Castle, Indiana. \\'. C. \':iii Nuys, 1\L 

I)., Superintendent. 
'I lndian;i State Sanatorium: Pockvilh . IridiaTia. P. B. T. Sweany, M. I)., 

Vi. Indiana School loi- tlic Bliivl: lndi:inai)o]is. Indiana. C. S. \\'iison. Super- 
f;. Indian;'. State S."lv.'o! I'c r tlie I'e;;!': Ind'anajKili.-, Indiana. R. O. .lohnson, 

17. Indiana State Soldier-' Home, Lafayette. Indiana. D. B. Kehkr, Com- 
ii,;iii<iai t. 



IN. liili;;na Sol'lifi's' :;n(i Sailor-' O : ]i!ian-;' ITohic: Kiiio'lil stown, . Tixliana. 
I.utlicr Short, SupeiintcMili'n; . 



iii^iitution I'oi- IVciili^-iniiidi (I < 'liildrcn : (il'iiwood, Iowa. (Ico. .Moj^tIiIi;*', 

!\i. 1)., Superintendeiu. 
Clarinda State Hospital: Claiinda, Iowa. .M. E. Witte. M. D., Superin- 
< "lierokee State Ho.-pitai: ( 'inTiikt'C. Iowa. (Jcorjie Donohoe, M. D.. Sii])er- 

I iiilcpendence State Hospital: ]n(l('|)en(leiiec, Iowa. R. A. Stewart. SupiT 

\|niiiit PJeai-ant; Stat'.' IIo^i)ilal: .\i(. 11111 I'lea.-ant. Iowa. M. <■'. .Maekiii, 

Iowa State Penitentiary: l''orl \[ai!i,-on, Iowa. T. P. Hollowell, Wai-tK'ii. 
Men's Reformatory: Anaii:<i.^a. Iowa. ,). X.. i;a.urnel. Waiden. 
'I'l .. inini:;' School for IJoys: liMoia. Iowa. W. P. Kiisei-. Stiperintendenl . 
Tr.ain'r.^' Sch.ool lor (lirl.-: .A! itclu'ljvi'le, Iowa. I.iiey M. Sickels, Su])er- 

The Vv'oincn's Reforinatoi y : PoekweH City. Iowa. Pena i\L Peach. .M. ]),, 

Stale }-Fo.s])ital amil Colony Hir Epilejitics: Woodwai'd. Iowa. ,\i. N. V0I- 

i''nj;-. M.iperin;':'ni']ent. 
Slate Hosi)ital for [rieh!'ia!<'s: Kiuiwille, Iowa. M. C. i\iackin, M. D., 

.'-^l.alc Saraioi'iva ' foi- t!ic Tr- ■.iir.en' ol' Tuhereulosis: Oakdale. Iowa. IP 

\'. Scarhoroii.u'h. ,\!. D.. '-^•_'po>'iMi''n(i;r.t. 
Iowa Co'lejje for the I'.'ind: N'iiiton, Iowa (!. D. l-'aton. Superintendent. 
Iowa Scl 00] fo:- the Leaf: Council Pdufls. Iowa. H. W. Rolheil, Super 

intr nd-'u1. 
Sold'er ' C: ph .,.-' Hoc: I )a\enport , Iowa. P. S. Treat, Superintendent. 
Iowa Soldie': ' Ilo; e: .Mar.-lialllow n, Iowa. P>. C. Whitehill, Commandant.. 


1. Slate Ti-aininj4 Sch(M)l: Winfield, Kansas. W. \V. Cook. Superintendent. 

'i. Osawatomie State Hosjiital for Insane: Osawatoniie. Kansa-. I''. A. Car- 

I'ichael. >P P.. Sui)erintendc!r>. 
'• Topeka State Ilosjiital: Topeka. Kansas. .\l. P. Pen\', M. D.. Superin- 
tendent. . 
h Pai'ned State Ho-pital: Pai'iied, Kansas. P. M. Sidlers, :M. !>., Suporin 

."'. K'iin.^as State P( ii;tenti:u-\- :,,e. Iv';;iisa.-. .P K. Codilin.i;-. Waiden. 

>';. Kansas State ln:)u-ti'ial l>ror';'atf)iy . Hutchinson. Kansas. A. S. Riyelow, 

7. Px^' ■' Inrlustrial School: Top.eka. Kansas. \\'. P. :\]cPean. Su|)erinf cndenl 


,•■'. State Inda.stiial School for Giris: Beloic, Kansas. Etta Joe McCoy, Supei- 

•>. S'.ate Ho~pilai Tor iLpileptic;;: rjn-.-on.-, Kansas. O. S. Hubbard, M. I). 

:(i. State Sanatorium for Tuuerculosirf: Norton, Kansas. C. S. Kenney, INT. I). 

11. School for the Blind: Kansas City, Kansas. Lee Harrison, Super 

..i. Kansas School for the Deaf: Olathe, Kansas. Kate S. Herman, Super 

!-. State Sokh'ers' Home: Fort Dodge, Kansas. S. S. Martin, Commandant. 
!4. State Orphans-' Home: Atchison, Kansas. E. C. Willis, Superintendent. 
^T). Mother Bickerdyke Home* Ellsworth, Kansas. A. R. Kyle, Commandant. 


1 'i'la iiiny' School I'or tlie Feeble-minded: {'"rankforl, Kentucky. G. W. Amies, 
M. D., Superintendent. 

l. Eastern State Hospital: Lexington, Kentucky. J. A. Goodson, M. D., 

'■'. Ccn'ial State Lo;pta!: I akeiand, Kentucky. T. L. Peddicord, M. D., 

'. Western State Hos]iital: Hopkinsville, Kentucky. E. G. La Rue, Super- 

>. 1\' iilucl'.v re-iiteiitiary: Eddyville, Kentucky. J. B. Chilton, Warden. 

(!. Kenti'ckv Stte Reformatory: Frankfort, Kentucky. H. V. Bostin, Super- 

7. Kentucky Houses of Reform: Greendale, Kentucky, H. B. Hickman, Super- 

s. Kentucky School for the Blind: Louisville, Kentucky. Susan B. Merwin. 

'.'. Kentucky School for the Deaf: Danville, Kentucky. Augustus Rogers, 
in. Kentucky Horne Society for Colored Children: Louisville, Kentucky. C. H. 

T'airish. Pi-esident. 
1L Iventucky Cor.federatc Home: Pewee Valley, Kentucky. C. L. Daughtry, 

1'-. Kentucky Institution foi' I't-ehle-minded Children: Frankfort, Kentucky. 

H. G. Sanders, M. D., Su])erintendent. 
'.'■'<. I'eehle-niim'o d Institute: Frankfoit. Kentucky. T. L. Taylor, Suj)erin- 


L Louisiana Hosjiital foi' the In.-ane: Pineville. Louisiana. J. N. Thomas, 

M. D., Superintendent. 
■-'. East Louisiana H(.s])ital 1"or the Insane: Jacksonville, Louisiana. Clarence 

Pier-on, "SI. W. Suiierintenden.t. 


n. Louisiana State rptiittMitiaiy: Baton RouRe, Louisiana. H. L. Fuqua, 
General Manager. 

4. Louisiana Training Institute: Monroe, Louisiana. H. W. Moore, Superin- 

h Lepers' Home: Carville, Louisiana. Sister Benedicta, Superintendent. 
<). Louisiana State School for the Blind: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. W. W. 

Bynum, Superintendent. 
7. Louisiana State School for the Deaf: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. G. C. 

Huckabv, Superintendent. 

5. Soldiers' Home of Louisiana: New Orleans, Louisiana. J. W'. Noyes, Treas- 



L Maine School for lYeble-minded: West Pownal, Maine. C. J. Hedin, Tsi, D. 

:l. Auuusta State Hos))itaI: Augusta, Maine. F. C. Tyson, M. D., Superin- 

.'!. Bangor State Hospital: i'angor, Maine. P. T. Haskell, M. D., Superin- 

4. Maine State Prison: Thomast^cn, Maine. F. .J. Hani, \\'arden. 

5. St 'e School for Roys: South I'orthnxl. Mniiie. Cliarles Dunn, Jr., Super- 

C\ St;'.te School for Girls: Hallowell, Manie. (Jertiude I-. McDonald, Super- 

7. Western Maine Sanatorium: Hebron, Maine. O. S. Pettingill, ^M. D.. Super- 


8. Centi-al Maine Sanatorium: Fairfield, Maine. J. F. Shaw. Saperinteiident. 
!). Maine School for the Deaf: Portland, Maine. Elizabeth R. Tavlor, Principal. 

10. Bath Military and Naval Orphan Asylum: Hath, Maine. Elizabeth T.Brown. 


1. Rosewood State Training School: Owings Mills. Maryland. F. W. Keat- 

ing, M. D., Superintendent. 

2. Springfield State Hospital: Sykesville. Maryland. J. C. Clark, M. D., Super- 

.!. Spring Grove State Hospital: Cantonsville. Maryland. J. P. Wade, IVI. D., 

I. Crownsville State Hospital: Crownsville, Maryland. R. P. Winterode. M. 

D., Superintendent. 
.^. Eastern Shore State Hospital: Cambridge, Maryland: C. J. Carey, M. D.. 

«. Maryland Penitentiary: Baltimore, Maryland. J. F. Leonard. Warden. 
7. Maryland House of Correction: Jessups, Maryland. W. E. Lankford. 



s. Maryland Tub'Mculosis Sanatorium: State Sanatorium, Maryland. V. V 

Cullen, M. D.. Superintendent. 
!». Pine Bluff Sanaiorium: Salisbury, IMaryland. G. W. Todd, M. D., Super 

lU. Maryland State School for the Deaf: Frederick, Maryland. Ignatius Bjov 

lee, Principal. 


1. Massachusetts School for the Feeble-minded: Waverly, Massachusetts. W. 

E. Fernald, M. D., Superintendent. 

2. Wrenlham State School: Wrentham, Massachusettst. G. L. Wallace, Super- 

■ ''. Psychopathic Depaitment, Boston Slate Hospital: Boston, Massachusetts. 

A. P. Noyos, M. D., Chief PLxecutive Officer. 
1. Northampton State Hospital: Northampton, Massachusetts. .J. A. Houston, 

M. D., Superintendent. 
... Medfield State Hospital: Harding, Massachusetts. E. H. Cahoon. M. D., 

(!. Worcester State Hospital: Worcester, Massachusetts. B. H. Mason, M. D.. 

Acting' Superintendent. 
7. Grafton State Hospital: Woicester, Massachusetts. H. L. Horsman, M. D., 

Acting- Supei'intendent. 
s. Boston State Hospital: Doi Chester Center, Massachusetts. J. V. May, 

;>. Taunton State Hospital: Taunton, Massachusetts. A. V. Goss, M. D., 

'n. Danvers Stste Hospital: Hathorne, Massachusetts. J. B. MacDonald. M. D., 


11. Westborough State Hospital: Westborough, Massachusetts. W. E. Lang, 

M. D., Superintendent. 

12. Gardner S'a*^e Colonv: East Gardner, Massachusetts. C. E. Thompson, 

M. D., Superintendent. 

1".. I-'oyboMHicb State Hospital: Fo.xborough, Massachusetts. A. C. Thomas, 
M. D., Superintendent. 

14. State Pr'son: Charlestown, Massachusetts. E. E. Shattuck, Warden. 

i.'>. I^-isrn Ca' p and Hos-pital: W.est Rutland, Massachusetts. W. J. Turner, 

H!. State Fann: State Farm, Massachusetts: H. M. Blackston, Superintendent. 

IT. Massachusetts Reforniatoiy: Concord Junction, Massachusetts. Chas. J. 
Judge. Superintendent. 

IX. Industrial School for Boys: Shiiley, Ma.ssachusetts. G. P. Campbell, Super- 

1!). I/yp^an School for Boys: Westborough: C. A. Keeler, Superintendent. 

:'0. TJ<>f()rmatorv for Women: South Framingham, Massachusetts. Jessie D. 
Hodder, Superintendent. 

21. Industrial School for Girls: Lancaster, Massachusetts. Amy F. Everall, 


22. Mo!T:on State Hospital: Palmer. Massachusetts. Everett Flood. M. D., 



2'S. Norfolk State Hospital: rondvilie, Massachusetts. I. H. Neff, M. D., 

24. North Reading State Sanatorium: North Wilmington, Massachusetts. C. 

C. MacCorison, M. D., Superintendent. 
:?.'k Lakeville State Sanatoiium: Middleborou^-h, Massachusetts. Sumner 

Coolidge, M. D., Superintendent. 

26. Rutland State Sanatorium: Rutland, Massachusetts. E. B. Emerson, M. D., 


27. We tile Id State Sanatorium: Westfield, Massachusetts. H. D. Chadwick. 

M. D., Superintendent. 

28. FcMiikese Hospital: Penikese, Massachusetts. F. H. Parker, M. D., Super- 

2!). Massachusetts Hospital School: Canton, Massachusetts. J. E. Fish, M. D., 

oO. Str.te Infirmary: Tewkesbury, Ma-^saclvasetr?. J. M. Niciiols, M. D., Super- 


1. ;\Iichig-an Hone and Training- School: Lapeer, Michigan. H. A. Haynes, 

M. D., Superin^^endent. 

2. Kalamazoo State Hospital: Kalamazoo, Michigan. Herman Ostrander, M. 

D., Medical Superintendent. 
?>. Traverse City State Hospital: Traverse City, Michigan. J. D. Munson, 

M. D., Medical Superintendent. 
1. Ionia State Hospital: Ionia, Michigan. R. H. Haskell, M. D., Medical 

."). Pontiac State Hospital : Pontiac, Michigan. E. A. Christian, M. D., Medical 

<;. State Psychopathic Hospital: Ann Arbor, Michigan. A. M. Barrett, M. D., 

Medical Director. 

7. Newberry State Hospital: Newberry, Michigan. E. H. Campbell, M. D., 

Medical Superintendent. 

8. Michigan State Prison: Jackson, Michigan. H. L. Hulbert, Warden. 

1>. State House of Coriection and Branch Prison: Marquette, Michigan. James 
Russell, Warden. 

10. Michigan Reformatory: Ionia, Michigan. Robt. H. Marsh, Warden. 

11. Industrial School for Boys: Lansing, Michigan. J. M. Frost, Superin- 


12. State Industrial Home for Girls: Adrian, Michigan. Delphine D. Ashbaugh, 

Acting Superintendent. 

13. Michigan Farm Colony for Epileptics: Wahjamega, Michigan. R. L. Dixon, 

INI. D., Medical Superintendent. 

14. State Sanatorium: Howell. Michigan. E. B. Pierce, M. D., Superintendent. 

15. Michigan School for tlie Blind: Lansing, Michigan. C. E. Holp.ies, Super- 


16. Michigan Emi)]oypH'nt Institution foi' the Blind: Saginaw, MicilXiga.n. F. G, 

Putnam, Superintendent. ', ■ 

17. Michigan Scliool for the Deaf: Flint, ^Michigan. L. L. Wright, Superin- 




18. :\IichiAaii Slate Tublic School: Coldwatci', :\Iit'hig-an. J. B. Montg-omery, 

lf». .\I chigan Soldiers' Hoir.o: Ci-and Rapid'--. Michigan: \\". T. ]\[c(ui)rin, Con)- 



.Minnesota School lor Feeblo-niinded and Colony I'oi' Epileptics: Faribault, 
Aiinnjsota. G. C. Ha.nna, Superintendent. 

Rochester Sta^e Horpital : Rochester, Minnesota. A. !•". Kilbourne. M. D., 

1 ergus lalls State Hospital: Feigus Falls, Minnesota. G. O. Welch, M. D., 

Anoka State Asylum: Anoka, Minnesota. John Coleman, Superintendent. 

Hastings State Asvlum: Hastings, ]\Hnnesota. W. J. Yanz. Superintendent. 

St. Peter State Hospital: St. Peter, Minnesota. K. M. Phelps. M. D., 

Minnesota State Prison: Stillwater, Minnesota. J. J. Sullivan, Warden. 

.Minnesota Stite Reformatory: St. Cloud, Minnesota. Chas. E. Vasaly, 

Minne ota State Training School foi' Uoys: Red Wing, Minnesota. J. T. 
I niton, Suiieiintendent. 

Minnesota Hon.e School for (iirls: Sauk Centei-, Minnesota. Fannie F. 
MorM', Superintendent. 

Hos]) tal 1^'ari.i tor Inebriates:, .Minnesota. G. H. Fieeman, M. D., 

-Minr.esota State Sanatorium: State .Sanatorium, ^Hnnesota. P. M. Hall, 
M. D., Superintendent. 

.Minnesota Schno' foi' Ihr- I'lind: l'\-ii'ibault, ^Minnesota. .J. J. Dow, Super- 

.Minnesota Sclioel for tlv Deaf: [■'aribault, Minnesota. J. N. Tate, Super- 

State Hospital for Indigent Ciip])led ami ]>efo)'med Children: St. Paul, Min- 
ne^oti\ I'ilizabe^h iMcGregor, Su])crinterdent. 

State Public School: Ovatonna, Minnesota. G. A. Merrill, Superintendent. 

3,linncsota Soldiers' Home: .Minneapolis, Minnesota. W. H. Harris, Com- 


1- Fast ?>l!?sissippi Insane Hospital: Meridian, [Mississippi. iM. J. L. Hoye, 
M. D., Superintendent. 

:'. .''"t'te In.sane Hesin'td: Asylum, ^lississijjpi. C. D. Mitchell, M. D., Super- 

'■'■ iM's?is. ippi State Penitentiary: Perchmann, ^Mississippi. J. M. Williamson, 

1S2 iNTEitNATL POLicK iV- im<:tective nillh:rT(JUV 

4. Instituic iv;r the Blind: Jjickson, Mississippi. M. L. Flatson. M. D.. Super- 

r>. Institute for the Deaf and Dumb: Jackson. Mississippi. Wirt Scott. Super- 

t). .Jefferson Davis Beauvoir Soldiers' Home: Gulfport, Mississippi. Elnathan 
Tartt, Superintendent. 


1. Missouri Colony for Feeble-minded and Epileptic: Marshall, Missouri. R. 

P. C. Wilson, M. D., Superintendent. 
'_'. State Hospital No. 1: Fulton, Missouri. M. O. Biggs, M. D., Superintendent. 
:;. State Hor^pii:;. NO. J: Si. .Joseiih. ^Missouri. i'orter Williams, M. D., 

I. Stae llo^j.itiil .so. ■■': Xcv.-h!;;. .Missouri. W. T. Bra.Uev, M. D.. Supcr- 

.<. .s,;tt(' llispilal Xo. 1: l";ii ininuti n. Mis.-oui i. .J. L. Eaton. M. D., Sujier- 

il;t .l.iUMi.. 
»;. .M.sMUii Slate IVnitcntiary : JoU'ei-son City, Missouri. G. R. Gilvin, Warden. 
7. .Mis'<(ui)i Kef(>rinalo)'y: Boonville, .Missouri. A. G. Blakey. Superintendent. 
>. State Industrial Home t'oi' Gills: Chillicothe, Missouii. Miss Franklin 

Wilson, Siip'^intendent. 
;>. State IikUu trial Home 1'or Ne,iii'() Girls: Tipton, Missouii. Dollie Stevens, 

IC. .Mis-duri State Saiialoiluni : .Mounl Vornoii. Missouri. S. A. Xewmaii. 

-M. 1).. SuiiiTintender.t. 

11. .Missouri School for Ihe liliixl: St. l.ouis, Missouri. S. .M. (Jieen. Su}>erin'- 


12. .Missouri School foi the Pcif: i'lillon, Missouri. .J. S. .Morrison, Superir;- 

1('ii(l< nl. 
1.".. ('onrcdcralc Hope ol' .Mi souii: 11 i.L;-.uinsvilIe, Missouri. G. P. Gross, 

14. Federal Soldiers' Home of Missouri: St. .lames, Missouii. .Jere Mikkelson, 



1. Montana School for Deaf, Blind, and i-'eehlc-minded Children: Boulder. 

Montana. H. .1. Menzemer., President. 

2. Montana State Ho.spitul for Insane : Warm Siiiinjrs, .Montana. J. .M. Scan- 

land, M. D., Superintendent. 

;!. Montana State riison: Deer Lodife. .Montana, l-'rank Conley. Wai(l(>n. 

4. .Montana State Im'us^ri :1 School: .Milo City, .Alontana. A. C. Dorr. Presi- 

r>. .Montana State TufeKn'osis Sanitarium: Peei- I.odu'c. .Montana. C. F. K. 
Vidal, M. D., Presicient. 

(>. .AJontana Soldiers' Home: Columiiia Falls. Montana. J. S. A.xtell. Coni- 

7. Howe for Dependent and .Xej^lected Children: Twin Di-idjics, .Montana. 
Waller Shobe, Presidt nt. 



1. Xebra.'^ka Institution for Feeble-minded Youth: Beatiice, Nebraska. D. G. 

Ciiiffits, ]\I. D., Supei'intendent. 

2. Hospital lor the Insane of Nebraska: Norfolk, Nebraska. G. E, Charlton, 

M. D.. Superintendent. 

.!. In.ijliside Hospital for the Insane: In}?l«?f:-ide, Nebraska. W. S. Fast, M. D., 

4. Xehias!:,; Hospital foi the Insane: Lincoln, Nebraska. J. D. Case, M. D., 
Supei intendent. 

r>. rt i1t l'(n^t'n*inry: Lincoln. Nebraska. W. T. Fenton, Warden. 

(i. ijt-it') Industrial School: Kearney, Nebraska. R. V. Clark, Superintendent. 

7. ?"elna.-^l.r Industral Home: IMilford. Nebraska. Lena E. Ward. Superin- 

.s. dill ' Indus' rir:l School: Geneva, Nebra.'^ka. P. S. McAulay. Superin- 

M. Ilos)iital for Tuberculos's: Kearney. Nebraska. L. T. Sidwell, M. I).. 

10. Nebraska School foi th- Blind: Nobiaska City, Nebraska. N. C. Abbott. 

1L Neliia>ka School for the Deaf: Omaha, Nebraska. F. W. Booth, Superin- 

12. 0)1 I )(('■(■ ITos])itiil: Lincoln. Nebiaska. B. A. h'inkle, M. D., Superin- 

1."'.. Xi'ln a;-l .•■ Home for Dependent Children: Lincoln, Nebraska. Amy V. 

J^'tc en •. Superintendent. 

11. S<<l('-ei' ' .•mm! .'-'ailors' Hon e: .Milfoid, Nebmska. W. N. Hensley, Com- 

i ;.' dant 
l.'i. Xch' ■ ' ;■ S' '''■<Ts' and Sailois' Home: Burkett, Nebraska. S. B. Jones, 


1. Nevada Hos]iital for Mental Diseases: F{eno, Nevada. J. J. Sullivan, M. D.. 

'1. Nevada State Prison: Car.son City. Nevada. R. B. Henrichs, Warden. 
.".. Nevada School of Industry: Elko, Nevada. E. J. Miline, Superintendent. 
4. Nevaila State Or])hans' Home: r'arson City. Nevada. G. W. Cowing. 



1. New Hami)shire School for the I'eeble-minded : Laconia, New Hampshiie. 

B. W. Bakei-, M. 1)., Superintendent. 

2. Xfw Hampshiie State Hospita.l: C(Uico)d, Xew Hampshire. C. H. Dollofr". 

-M. I--.. Supeiintendent. 
". X'ew H;.m))' hiic St:;tf> Prison: Cnncoi' !. Xew Hampshire. F. ^L Cofiswell. 
.M. I)., Superintendent. 

184 IN'l'ERXATL FOLICK .<: [)KTiOCTl\' K I )| 1{ K( "TolO 

4. 1 tuhi.-^lriiM School: .Maiic-lu-sler. Xew HaniiishiiT Vcfnon llackus, M. !>.. 

."). XC,\ Hanijishire Stati^ Sanatorium: C'.etK-liff, Now Hampshire. J ..M. Wi^f, 

M. I).. Superintendent. 
(). Soldiers' Home: Tilton: Xe\a(la. W. H. Tjickev. Coinmandanl. 


1. Xew Jci.'-ey State Institution for Feeble-minded Women: Vineland, Xew 

Jeisey. Madeline A. Hallowell, M, D., Superintendent. 

2. State Colony for Feeble-minded Males: Xew Lisbon, New Jersey. J. F. 

Macombei-, Superintendent. 
:'.. >.e\v Jerrey State Hosjtital at Moiris Plains: Cireystonc Park. B. D. Evans, 
M. D., Superintendent. 

4. State Ho.^jiital .-.t Tieiittm: Trenton. Xew Jersey. H. A. Cotton, ^I. D., 

r>. Xew Jei'.-ey State Piison: Trentrn, Xew Jersey. J. H. Mulheron, Principal 

(). Xew Jci'S'.'y Pefom at^ry : II h way, Xew Jersey Frank INIooi-e, Sui)erin- 

7. State I'oi; e lor Boys: Jamcsbmi:-, X'^'w J"r.ey. J. M. McCallie. M. D., 

Actin.u' Superintendent. 

5. New Jei'sey Stae Iv( lorn :itory for Women: Clinton, Xew Jei'sey. ^lay 

Robsori, Acting Su))ei-inten(lent. 
!». State Hon^e for Girls: Trento:i, Xew Jeisex'. liutli Hilliard, M. D., Super- 

10. New Jei'sey S'ate Villaj^e ''or Fpileptics: Skillman, Xew Jersey. D. !■". 

Weeks, M. )).. Superintendi'nt. 

11. Xew Jersey Sanatorium for Tuberculous Diseases: Clen Gardner, Xew 

Jersey. S. B. Knu-lisli. M. 1)., Superintendent. 

12. Xew Jersey School for the Fi(::if: Trenton, Xew Jersey. A. E. Pope, Super- 

1'). Xew J<r.-ey Hoii e foi- Disalihd Sfddiers: Ivearny. Xew Jei-sey. G. C. 

Cii nd'e'', Actirj.'- Sujiointende'ni. 
14. Xew J(^)sey Home Im I.'jsabled Soldiers. Sailoi's, Mai-ines and their Wives 

and Widows: \inel;;nd. New Jeise\ . W' . S. Jones, M. D., Superintendent. 


1. Xew Mexico Insane A^vlum: Fast I, as Vey-as, .New Mexico. \V. K. Tip- 

ton, M. P., Su)K'rintendent. 

2. New Mexico State Penitentiaiy : Santa Fe. Xew Mexico. J. B. Mc.Maniis. 

:!. Xew Mexico Refoi-m School: S))rinyer. .New .Mexico. J. D. .AlcPike, Su))er- 

4. In t:tute foi' the lolind: Alamojroido, Xew ;Mexico. P. P. Pratt, Superin- 


5. Asylum for Deaf and Dumb: Santa l-'e. .\ew .Mexico. W. O. Connor, Jr., 

Su])e -iiitendent. 



1. I etchwcrth Village: ThieHs, New York. C. S. Little, M. D., Superintendent. 

2. Koiie State Custodial Asylum: Rome, New Y'ork. Charles Bernstein, M. D., 


:;. State Cuistodian Asylum for Feeble-minded Women: Newark, New Y^ork. 
E. A. Nevin, M. D., Superintendent. 

1. Sviacuse Sta^e Institution for Feeble-minded Children: Syracuse. New 
■ Yoik. O. H. Cobb, M. D., Superintendent. 

... Ali'nhaitan State Hospital: New York City, New Y'ork. M. B. Heyman, 
.M. D., Superintendent. 

i;. Hudson River Stfte Hospital: Poufthkeepsie, New Y'ork. W. G. Ryon, M. 
IX, Superintendent 

7. null'alo State Ho.,pital: BufTalo, New Y'ork. A. W. Hurd, M. D., Superin- 

s. Rochester State Hospital: Rochester. New Y'ork. E. H. Howard, M. D., 

'.I. r.iooklyn State Hospital: Hrooklyn, New Y'ork. I. G. Harris, M. D., Super- 

10, St. Lawrence State Hospital: OMdenshurg, New York. A. G. Lane, M. D., 


11. IMifideltown State Homeopathic Hospital: Middletown, New York. M. C. 

Ashl^ev, M. D., Superintendent. 

1:;. Cnitiai I.-lip State IIos})it.'l: Cent-al Islip, New Y'ork. G. A. Smith, M. D., 

i::. Kini;s Park State Ho pi'al: Kings Park, New York. W. C. Garvin. M. D., 

M. Willard State Hospital: Wil'ard, New York. R. M. Elliott, M. D., Super- 

]'\ Ciowanda State Homeopathic Hospital: Collin.'-. New York. C. A. Potter, 
M. D., Superintendent. 

h;. Utica Slate Hcsp.tal: Utica. New York. R. H. Hutchings, M. D., Super- 

IT. P>ing'hamton State Ho.pital: ]'>inghamton. New Y'ork. C. G. Wagner, M. D., 

IS. Matteawan Stale Hn.-;pital: Beacon, New Y'ork. R. F. C. Kieb, M. D.. 

1!>. Dannemora State Hospital: D:innemora, New York. J. R. Ross, ]M. D., 

M). S'np; Sing Prison: O.'sining, New Y'ork. Lewis E. Lawes, Warden. 

-1. Clinton Prison: Dannemora. New Y'ork. H. M. Kaiser, Agent and Warden. 

22. Great Meadow Prison: Comstock. New Y'ork. Wm. Hunt, Agent and 

:!•'!. New Y'ork State Reformatory: Elmira, New Y'ork. F. L. Christian, Super- 

24. Eastern New Y'oik Reformatory: Napanoch, New Y'ork. F. L. Christian, 

2."). State Agricultuial and Industi-iol School: Industry, New Y'ork. David 


Bruce, Superintendent. 
'.^(5. State Fnvm for Women: Valatie, New York. 

27. New Yoric State Reformatory for Women: Bedford Hill.s, New York. Helen 

A. Cobb, Superintendent. 

28. We tern Hou' e nf Refuge for Women: Albion, New York. Flora P. Daniels, 


29. New York State Training- School for GirLs: Hudson, New Y'ork. Horlense 

V. Bruce, M. D., Supeiintendent. 
.■')0. Auburn State Priron: Auburn, New Y^ork. E. S. Jennings, Agent and 

.SI. State Prison for Women: Auburn, New Yoi'k. K. S, Jennings, Agent and 

.'>2. Craig Colony for Eijileptics: Sonyea, New York. W. T. Shanahan, ^ledical 

:"!.■?. New York State Hospital for Treatment of Incipient Pulmonary Tubei'- 

culosis: Ray Brook, New York. A. H. Garvin, M. D., Superintendent. 
;!4. New York State School for the Blind: Batavia, New York. C. A. Hamilton, 

:!5. Nev- York State Hospital for the Care of Crinuled and T)eforn-ed Ch'ldi-.m: 

West Haverstraw, New York. J. J. Nutt, M. D., Superin'.endent. 
:'.6. New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home: Bath, New Y'ork. S. :SL 

Morgan, Commandant. 
.•;?. Nc^" Vork Stale Wo"\-n'R Rel'cf Corps Home: Oxford, New York. -1. S. 

Graham, Superintendent. 


1. ('as- el! Trainiii-'- School: Kinston, North Carolina. C. P>. I\U'>rairy. M. D., 

Physician and Surgeon. 

2. State Hcspitpl for t'e Insane- Morgan'on, North Caroliin. .luli i .\lc- 

Cv.^• rbell, M. D., Superintendent. 
•'!. S'ate Fo n'tal for the Colored Insane, Goldsboro, North Carolina. W". W. 

I'aison, M. D., Superintendent. 
4. St't" Hos^^ital for the Insane: Raleigh, North Carolina. Albert Anderson, 

M. D., Superintendent. 
f). rtPt^'s Pvi on: Ra'ei":h. North Carolina. J. R. Collie, Superintendent. 
•". St^n'^ fi'l Jackson i\l"nnal Training and Industiial School: Concord, North 

Cn-'^'-'na. C. E. Boger, Supei'intendent. 

7. State Home and Industrial School for Girl.'- and Wo ^en (Samaicmd 

]\inror): Sanvarcand, North Carolina. Agnes McNaughton. 

8. North Carolina Sanatoi-ium for the Treatment of Tuberculosis: Sanatoiium, 

North Carolina. L. B. McBrayer, M. D., Superintendent. 
!). Stnte School' for ti>e Blind and the Deaf: Raleigh, North Caiolina. G. E. 

Lineben-y, Superintendent. 
10. NoHh Cfirolir>n School for the Deaf: Morganton, North Carolina. E. IVIcK. 

Goodwin, Superintendent. 
1'. PolrlV'--;' For '^: Raleigh. North Carolina. D. H. Milton. Superintendent. 
12. C-^-frrl-vptf^ Woiren's Home: Fayetteville, North Carolina. Mrs. H. G. 
Smith, Manager. 




liistiUi'e for Feeiik'-niiiuled: Grafton, North Dakota. A. K. T. VVylif. M. 
])., Superintendent. 

State H'-'sp tal for tlie Insane: Jair.e:~to\vn, North Dakota. W. IVI. Hotdi- 
kiss, M. D., Superintendent. 

Nnr^h ^a^-'^'n Ttr.te Penitential y: Bismarck, North Dakota. L. L. Stair. 
Actin?; Warden. 

State Hefoi-ni School: IMandan, North Dakota. J. M. Devine, Superin- 

North Dakota State Tuherculosi.s Sanatorium: Dun.seith, North Dakota. 
.1. G. Lamon':, M. D., Superinteniknt. 

Sin- Sdool for Ihe Blind: Bathgate, North Dakota. B. P. Chappie, Super- 

Xo'th Dako'a Schoo' for the Deaf: Devils Lake. North Dakota. Frank 
Pead, -Jr., Superintendent. 

North Di'kota Soldiers' Home: Lisbon, North Dakota. .J. W. Carroll, Cnin- 







Imlitiiion for Feeble-minded: Columbus, Ohio. E. J. Knu'iick, M. P.. 

Liira State Hospital: Lima, Ohio. C. H. Clark, IVL D., Superintendent. 

AlhLMis State Hospital: Athens, Ohio. O. O. Fordyce, M. D., Superintendent. 

Massillon State Hospital: Massillon, Ohio. A. G. Hyde, M. D., Sui)ei-in- 

Dayton State Hospital: Dayton, Ohio. E. A. Babor, M. D., Superintendent. 

Lonj;vie\v Hospital: Cincinnati, Ohio. E. A. North. M. D., Sunerinteiident. 

Cl(«v(.l;i»-d State Hospital: Cleveland, Ohio. G. H. Williams, M. I)., Supei- 

Colur bus State Hospital: Columbus, Ohio. W. H. Pritchard, ^L D., Sui)er- 

T.>lrdo State Hospital: Toledo, Ohio. G. R. Love, M. D., Supermtendenl. 

Ohio Pr n'tentiaiy: Columbus, Ohio. P. E. Thomas. Warden. 

Ohio State Reformatory: Manstield, Ohio. T. C. Jenkins, Superintendent. 

Oh'o T'efo]-matory for Women: Marysville, Ohio. Loui.-fe M. Mittendorf, 
Sup.M intendent. 

Boys' Industrial School: Lancaster, Ohio. R. U. Hastings, Superintendent. 

Gills' Industrial School: Delaware, Ohio. Marg-aret E. McNamara, Chief 

Ohio Hosi)ital for Epileptics: Gallipolis, Ohio. C. G. Kineon, Superin- 

Ohio State Sanatorium: Mount Vernon, Ohio. S. A. Douglas, Superin- 


17. State Scl-ool lov tlo r,linJ: Columbus, Ohio. C. F. F. Campbell, Superin- 
IS. State School foj- ilu" l\-:if: Columbus, Ohio. J. W. Jones, Suuerintetulent, 

19. Ohio SoldJ'^rs' an! Sailors' Home: Sandusky, Ohio. W. R. Burnett, Com- 


20. Mad'son Hone: Madison, Ohio. J. W. Morris, Supeiintendent. 

L'l. Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home: Xenia, Ohio. J. P. Eiton, Super- 


1. Oklahoina Institute for the Feeble-minded: Enid, Oklahoma. C. C. Childers, 


2. Oklahoma Hospital for the Insane: Supply, Oklahoma. C. B. Hill, M. D., 

o. Ea^t Oklahoma Hospital for the In.^'ane: Vinita, Oklahoma. T. M. Adams, 
M. D., Superintendent. 

4. Oklahoma State Hospital: Norman, Oklahoma. D. W. Gi'iffin, Superin- 


5. Oklahoma State Penitentiary: McAlester, Oklahoma. F. C. Switzer, 

b. State ref'^rmatory: Gran'te. Okiahomri Geo. A. Water.-. Warden. 

7. S^ate Training School: Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. A. K. Gossom, Superin- 


8. State Industrial School for Girls: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mrs. M. B. 

Conklinp-. Superintendent. 

10. School for the Blind: Mnskog-ee, Oklahoma. O. W. Stewart, Superintendent. 

11. Institute for the Deaf. Bl-'nd, and Onihans of the Colored Race: Taft, Okla- 

hon-.a. ,T. W. Blattner, Superintendent. 

12. Olclrhot^^a School for the Deaf and Dumb: Sulphur, Oklahoma. J. R. John- 

'^on. Superintendent. 
1.'!. Oklahon^a State Home: Prvor, Oklahoma. N. B. Gardner, Superintendent. 
1''. State Confederate Home: Aidmore, Oklahoma. 


1. State Institution foi- Feeble-minded: Salem, Oregon. J. N. Smith, M. D., 

'I. Oregon State Hospital: Salem, Oregon. R. E. Steiner, M. D., Superin- 

.!. Eastern Oi-egon State Hospital: Pendleton, Oregon. W. D. McNary, M. D., 

4. Oregon State Penitentiary: Salem, Oregon. Louis H. Compton, Warden. 

■'■>. State Training School: Salem, Oregon. L. M. Gilbert, Superintendent. 

G. Oiegon State Indu.^-trial School for Girls: Salem, Oregon. Clara C. Patter- 
son, Superintendent. 



7. ('K'.i^on Staty Tube) culosis Hospital: Salem, Oregon. G. C. Bellingei-, M. 

iJ., Superintendent. 
S. Oieg-on State School foi' the Blind: Salein, Oregon. May Moores, Super- 

'.). r)regon State School for the Deiif: Salem, Oregon. E. S. Tillinghast, 

1(1,' Oregon State Soldiers' Home: Roseburg. Oregon. J. P. Shaw, Commandant. 
I. ;■' •' •"' ■ • ' 


Slate Institution for Feeble-minded of Western Penn.-ylvania: Polk, Penn- 
sylvania. J. M. Mu'.dock, M. D., Superintendent. 

State Institution for the 1- eeble-nnnded of Eastern Pennsylvania: Spring- 
City, I'ennsylvania. O. E. I'hompson, Superintendent. 

State Hospital for Insane: Warren. Penmylvania. H. W. Mitchell, M. D.. 
; ■uiirniitendeiil. 

Hdineopalhic State Hos])ital foi' Insane: Rittersville, Pennsylvania. H. 1. 
Kloj)p, ^!. 1)., Superintendent. 

Sl:iti' ll(>s[)ital foi Ine iiisane: .soi'ristown, Pennsylvania. O. L. Schwartz, 

Stale AsylvDU for Chronic Insam : Wernersvilje, Pennsylvania. S. H. Hill, 
-M. 1)., Supeiintehdent. 

Slate Hospital for tn<- Insane: Danville, Pennsylvania. H. P>. Meredith, 
M. D., buperintendenl. 

Stale lAinalic Hospital: Hani^buig, Pennsylvania. E. .M. Creen. -M. D., 
Sii|i( linteiidenl. 

Slate Hosi)ilal ior Ci'iminal Insane: Fairview, Pennsylvania. William 
l,\nch, M. D., Superintendent. 

Ea>urn Slite I'enitenliar.x : I'hilaiieliihia, Pennsylvania. P. J. McKentj , 

Western Penitentiary: Piltsbuig, Pennsylvania. John Franceis, Warden. 

I'inn<ylvani:i Industrial Refoi'matory : Huntin.gdon, Pennsylvania. T. B. 
Patton, Geneial Sujierinlendent. 

I'liuisylvania Tiaining School: Moiganza, Pennsylvania. W. F. Penn, 

Pennsylvania State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis No. 1: Mont Alto, Penn- 
sylvania. F. C. Johnson. Medical Director. 

Pennsylvania State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis No. 2: Cresson. IVnn- 
s> IvaTiia. W. A. Tinmbull, ]\I. D., Director. 

Pennsylvania State Sanatorium for Tuberculosis No. .". : Hambuig, Penn- 
sylvania. T. H. A. Stiles, ]\[edical Director. 

Nome I'oi- Traini)ig in Speech of Deaf Children BeforeThey Are of School 
.Agi>: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. iMary S. Garrett, Principal. 

Pennsylvania State Oial Scb.onj foi- l!ie Deaf: Scianton, Pennsylvania. Kate 
H. i-i; h, Directo)'. 

Pennsylvania Soldiers' and Sailors' Home: Erie. Pennsylvania. S. H. Mar- 
tin, Commander. 

Soldiers" ())'phans' Industrial Sclvol; Scotland, Pennsylvania. W. H. Stew- 
art, Su])e)-intendcnt. 

I!t0 I.VfEltXAT L POLICK .(. DICTKCTtNK r >IUK-('T( »l( 1 

i:i[Olli: IS!. AND 

1. I ■ cttv SriK.c!: S'oc u . llhcrM' lsl;;n(l. .|. H. I.«(!<1. M. h., SuiK-rintrndont. 
•\ S:ilo Hdsi ifiil ior Ali'iitril lUsc.-istv : HowjimI. IHiodt- Island. A. ]\. Harrinj,^- 

fon. ]\I. ))., Sufiffintt'ii lent. 
■;. Khodo Ij^land State Pjiron air' 1 ••.iv;d( r^ce I'ounlx' Jail: Hovvai'il. Rhode 

I 'land. C. K. Linsc-ott, Warden. 
I. WOi khoiise and House of ("oncct'dn : Hi)\vard. Rhode l.sland. I. K. Hi.i;- 

U' ii.s, Supei'intemlent. 
r>. Soc-kano.' sft Sehool for I'.oy.s: Sockano.-set, Rhode ls!an;l. Donald North. 

Superintcndf nt. 
(1. Oaklawn S<-honl for Cirls: Oaklawii. Rhode Island. Kate l>. KolxdsperK'er, 

7. Slate SaiinloriniM: Watliiiti <•. Rhode Island. H. I>. Haiau-s. .M. 1)., Super- 
N. K'hode l-laiid In.-titute I'or tiie Deif: riovldc nre. Rhode Isl md. .\nna C. 

Hurd, Piin('ii)al. 
!>. State Infi)a> aiy: Howaid. Rhode I-land. H. A. Jones. M. I)., Sui)erinteiKient 
It*. Slate Hon-e and School I'nr nepeiideid and \'..u-l'c1ed Children: I'rovidcn -e. 

Rhode 1 Mil'. 1 A. Wliijip'e. .'^uperintenrlent. 
11. K'hode Island SoUiieis" llo!,,e: Rii-tcd, Rhode Is'and. :M. ( '. .McKen''.ie. 



1. Slat" Trriiiiin.L;,' SrJTool foi- tl<' I'eehle-niinded: Clinton, South Carolina. W. 

(). Whitten. M. !>., Superintendent. 

2. State Hospital for In an ■: C( lur-.hia. South Carolina. C. K. Williams, W. 

D.. Superintendent. 
'.',. State Peniteiitia' : : C(dni'd»ia. South Caiolina. A. K. Sanders, Superir- 

4. South Carolina Imlnstii'l School loi Roys: l'"loi'(^nee, South Cai'olina. H. 

W. iMoore, S.ui)ei'inten(lent. 

5. State Reforn at<.r\- for >'( v to Roys: Columbia South Carolina. S. A. 

l.indsey. Superintendent. 

(). Si. te lii'histrial School for (lirls: ('aini)ol)ello. South Carolina. Ella C. 
Rerry. Supei intendeiit. 

7. South ('aiolina Sanatoiiuni : Colund)ia, South Cai'olina. K'aiest Cooper. 

S. South Carolina School for the Deaf and lilind: Cedar Spiin<:. South Caro- 
lina. N. F. Walker, Supei-intendent. 

!). ("(.•" ''ederate In'imary: Columhia. South Carolina. J. R. Warrllow. Su)>ei'- 



1. State School and Honip foi the Feeble-minded: Redfield. South Dakota. 

J. K., M. D., Superintendent. 

2. Yankton State Hoppitnl: Y:ink-ton. South Dakota. L. C. Mead, M. D., 

:i. South Dakota }'enitentiary: Sioux Falls, South Dakota. G. C, RedfieUt, 

4. South Dakota Traininji School: Plankinton, South Dakota. A. R, Schlosser, 

r>. State Siinitarium for T'uberculosi.s: CuPter, South Dakota. R. E. Wood- 

wojth, M. D., Siiporintendent. 
0. South I'akota S<-hool loi- the Blind: Gary, South Dakota. O. O. Rule, 

7. South Dakota Si-hool for the Deaf: Sioux Falls. South Dakotii. H. W . 

Simpson, Superintendent. 
N. State Soklieiv' Home: Hot Spiini^s, South T^akota. K. P. Fair. Superin- 


1. Fastf!)) State Hospital: Bearden. Tenne.~se«j. K. F.. Smith, Vl. D.. Super- 


2. Westera State Hospital: Bolivar, X»"m»e.«Ke( . E. W. Cocke, M. D., Super- 

:;. Central Stiite Hof^pital: Nashville. Tenne.ssee. VV. S. Planner, M. D., Super- 
I. Tennessee Statu Peniieiitiaty: Nashville. Tennessee. C. L. Shaw, Warden. 
r>. Brushy Mountain Penitentiary: Petros, tenne.ssee. W. H. Nelson. Warden. 
• I. Stiite Training and Agricultural School for Boys: Nashville. Tennessee. 

W. M. Hard, Supeiintendent. 
7. TeiuH'S! ee Voc-ational School for (iirls: Tullahoma, Tennessee. Mis. R. C. 

S. T«'iiins-e Industrial School: Nashville. Tennes.see. .J. H. Bayei', Superin 

'.'. Tennessee School for the Blind: Nashville. Tennessee. I. S. Wampler, 

It). 'I'ennessee School for the Deaf and Dumb: Knoxville, Tennessee. H. E. 

Walker, Superintendent. 
W. ('onfederatc Soldier.'^' Home: Hermitat^e, Tennessee. J. D. Hays, Superin- 




•?.. N'nrlh Texas Hospital for In-aiie: Terrell. Texas. G. F. Towell. M. D.. 

1. Southwestern Insane Asylum: San Antonio. Texas. W. T. Voun.u'. ^1- H.. 

1. State Lunatic A.sykim: Austin. Texas. J. I'leston, I\I. D., Superintendent. 
'. State Juvenile Traininj;: Sch'^flt Gatesville. Texas. C. E. KinK. Superin- 
tendent. ..,.,.,..., 
'J.MjirN' Training School: Clainf-^ville," Texas. Carrie A. Smith. Superint«'ndent. 
i". Texas Prison System: 

:i. Penitential'^- (head(|uarteis) : Hnnts-ville, Texas. ■. D.E. TeaRiu*, Warden. 
h. Penitentiary: Rush. Texa-. W. M. Ellis, Vv^arden. 
«*.•■ Harlem State P'aJ-m: Kichmtind. Texa';. T. C. Blakely, .Manager... .. 
<i. Cleuien^ State Farm: Perry Landing-. Texas. F. L.: Gentry, ■Manrf.ger. 
e.' Imperial State Farmv ^artaitia, Texas. R. K. Addison, Manager. 

f. Ramsey State Farm: Otey. Texas. P; J. Worrall, Manager. 

g. \Vynn<' State Farm: • Hunts-ville.- 'rexas,- T.d. Walker, Manager. 
Ii. Corre Stati' Farm- Hunt=vi!ir-. Tc-xas. J. F. StancHey, Manager., 
i. Shaw State Farm: De Ka'b.. J. E; Fraz'er. .ALinagPV. 

j. ICasthain State Far)n: Weldon. Texas. ,T.-G'. :M:.;. Kerr, Manager, 
k. Ferguson Statd Farmf: Midway. T'-xas. E. A. Hering, Manager.- 
I. Trammel' I-'arm. Angleton, lexJi^. .J. H Weems, Manager.- 
m. Bassett-lilakely I'arm: Fulshe;..!-. Texas. R. J. Flanagan. ^Fanager. 
n. Rogers Farjn: Allent'arm, Texas. C. L. Jones, Manager, 
o. Westbi-ook FiM'm: Hearne, Texas. Dan Crowe. Manage)-. 
1). Blue liidge Farm: Missouri Cit\-, Tex.^f. V»'. G. Prior, .Manager. 
'^. Slate F!)ile).1ic Colonv A])i!ene, Texas. T. B. Bass, M. D., Superintendent. 
;». State Ti:b"rcu!osis S.-iratorium : Carl-ba'i. Texas. J. P.. McKniglit, Supor 
1(1. State School for the \V.hv]: .A.istJ!-,, Tex;is. K. K. P.ram'ette Superintendent. 
'I. D.'.-tr. htindi. .-Mid l;lin»' .Asyhim !'oi- Coir.r,..- N/ciitli-: .\u^tin. Texas. J. J. 

D(,viai('-;'in. '~^nne:-'nt'^ndent. 
1'2. Asylum for the Deaf and DnmV : Au.-^tin. Tex i-. G. 1-". Uibantke. Supeiin- 

tendent. , . 

l:;. Slate TI.,-))ital f^.v Crii-})led and Deformed Children: Galveston. Texas. C 

I.. ShacktoiM. .^l. I)., '^'iiperinteTrdent. ■. 

1..|. Texas ("onfeder-'t" Home: Au-tin, Texas. A. ('. Olivei-. M. ]).. Superin 

15. Confederate Woman's Home: .Au.--tin. Texa.-. Katie DaJfan. Sujx )inteMdent. 
I(>. State Orph.ins" ilo"-'- C(M---ic;ina. Texas.- V.. I'. Bai-nctt, Sniiei-inteiident 


1. Slate Mental Ho;=pital : Provo, Utah. G. E. Hyde. M. D.. Superintendent. 

2. I tail State Pi-ismi- Salt Lake Citv. Utah. G. A. Storrs, Warden. 

IS. >^1ate Indu.-trial School of Utah: Ogden, Utah. E. S. Hinckley. Superin- 

-1. rta.h Sch'Md for the Blind and the Deaf: Ogden, Utah. F. M. Driggs, 



1. St;iio School for tho l-"eeble-min'U'd: IJrandon, Viraiont. T. J. Allen, M. p.. 
iNIedical Superintendenf . 

'I. Vermont State Hospital for the Insane: Waterbury, Vermont. E. A. Stan- 
ley, I\r. D., SuiJerint'jndent. 

.'5. Vermont State Prison: Windsor, Vermont. R. H. Walker, Superintendent 

I. Veipiont House of Correction: Rutland, Vermont. M. H. Loukes, Superin 

'. ^'el•!"!^ont Indu^^trial Scliool: Verg-ennes, Verinont. C. W. Wilson, Superin 


I. Vii-.uiifa Suite P^piicptic Colony: IMadhson Heig'ht.s, Virginia. A. S. Priddy. 

:'. Central Sta'e Hosjit: 1: Peterf-burg'. Vir;;inia. W. F. Dewey, Superintendent. 

.'.. Ka-tei'n Sia'c- Hospital: Williamsburg, Virginia. G. W. Brown, Superin- 

!. Southwestern St ii(> Hosj)ital: Marion, Virginia. E. H. Henderson, Super- 

.">. Wc'tern State Hospital: Stavinton, Virginia. J. S. De Jarnette, Superin- 

(>. Virg-ini'i T*(>nitpntiavv: Richniond, Vir<.'-inia. J. B. Wood, Superintendent. 

V-. State Fa.i'in : La.s^iter. Virginia. Edmund Ruffin, Superintendent. 

8. Virein"a Home and Industrial School for Girls: Bon Air, Virginia. Anna 

M. I'etersen, Superintendent. 

9. Catawba Sanatorium: Cat;iwba Sanatorium, Virginia. A. L. Martin, 

nes<--- Manager. 

10. Piedmont Sanaldriiiin : IJurkeville, Virginia. H. G. Carte)-, M. D., Superin- 


11. Viieinia School for the Deaf and tne Blind: Staunton, Virginia, H. M. 

AlcManaway, Sujiei-T'tendent. 
]\1. Vii'pa'nia State School for the Colored Deaf and Blind: Newport News, Vir- 
ginia. W. C. RittrM-. Snpei'intendent. 


1. State Custodial Sr-hool: Medical Lake, Washington*. S. C. Woodruff, Supei- 

■2. Northern State Ho.s])ital: Sedro-Woolley. Washington. J. W. Doughty, M. 

1)., Superintendent. 
• i. Ea.stern State Ho pitai: Medical T,ake. Wa.*hington. A. S. Oliver. Jr., 



I. Western State Hospital: Fort Steilacooni, VVasIiinp,ton. W. N. Keller, M. D., 

5. State Penitentiary: Walla Walla, Washington. W. C. Potts, Superinten- 
dent and Warden. 

<;. Washington State Reformatory: Monroe, Washington. C. B. Roe, Super- 

7, State Training School for Boys: Chehalis, Washington. T. P. Horn, Super- 

S!. State School for Girls: Grand Mound, Washington: Maiy Canijibell, Super- 

I). State School for the Blind: Vancouver, WashingtoJi. Sadie E. Hall, Super- 

10. State School for the Deaf: Vancouver, Washington. W. M. Kilpatrick, 


11. State Soldiers' Home: Orting, Washington. E. C. Warner, Superintendent. 

12. Washington Veterans' Home: Retsil, Washington. J. ,T. Lee, Superintendent. 


1. Huntington State Hospital: Huntington, West Virginia. L. V. Guthrie, 

M. I)., Superintendent. 
'2. Spencer State Hospital: Spencer, West Virginia. S. K. Holroyd, M. D.. 

.'!. Weston State Hospital: Weston, West Virginia. C. E. White, M. D.. Sui)er- 

'I. West Virginia Penitentiary: Moundsville, West Virginia. i\[. Z. White, 

r.. West Virginia Industrial School for Boys: Grafton. West Virginia. H. E. 

Flesher, Superintendent. 
(5 West Virginia Industrial Home for Girls: Industrial, West Virginia. Jennir 

F. Sutton, Superintendent. 
7. Stute Tuberculosis Sanatorium: Terra Alta. West Virginia. E. E. Clovis, 

M. I\. Superintendent. 
S. State Colored Tuberculosis Sanatorium: Denmar, West Virginia. B. A. 

C rich low. Superintendent. 
I>. West Vircin'a Schools for the Deaf and Blind: Ronmey, West Virginia. 

F. L. Burdette, Superintendent. 

10. West VMiginia Children's Home: Elkins, West Virginia. Ernestine Har- 

rison, Superintendent. 

11. West Virginia Colored Orphans' Home: Huntington, West Virginia. -T. L. 

Hill, Superintendent. 



1. Wisconsin iloim- for I'coblc-ininded: ('hippewa Falls, Wisconsin. A. ^\ . 

Wilniarth. M. 1)., rfu))Printendent. 
'2. Southern VVi.-:consin Homo for Feeble-minded and Epileptic: Union Grove. 

Wiscon.sin. H. C. Werner, M. D., Superintendent. 
".. Wisconsin State Hospital for Insane: Mendota, Wisconsin. F. I. Drako. 

M. D., Superintendent. 
1. Northern Hospital for the Insane: Winnebago, Wi.sconsin. Adin Sherman. 

.1. Central State Hospital for the Insane: Waupun, Wisconsin. J. F. I>ro\\n. 

M. D., Superintendent. 
(>. Wisconsin State Piison: Waupun, Wisconsin. Henry Town, Warden. 
7. Wisconsin State Reformatory: Green Bay, Wi.sconsin. R. M. Coles, Super- 
S. Wisconsin Industrial Scliool foi' IJoys: Waukesha, Wisconsin. Oscar Leo, 

It>. Wisconsin Industrial School for (iirls: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mary J. 

Berry, Superintendent. 
11. Wisconsin State Tuberculosis Sanatorium: Statesan, Wisconsin. R. L. Wil- 
liams, M. D., Superintendent. 
1:!. Tomahawk Lake Camp for Tubeiculosis: Tomahawk Lake, Wisconsin. F. 

A. Reich, Superintendent. 
I".. Wisconsin School for the Blind: Janesviile, Wisconsin. J. T. Hooper, Super- 
1 I. Wisconsin School for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb: Delavan, Wis- 
consin. T. E. Bray, Superintendent. 
!'>. State Public School: Spaita, Wisconsin. L. C. Price, M. D., Superintendent. 
16. Wisconsin Veterans' Home: Wisconsin Veterans' Home, Wisconsin. F. S. 
Veeder, Commandant. 


1. Wyotning- State School for Defectives: Lander, Wyoming. C. E. Lane. M. 

I).. Supei-intendent. 

2. WyoiTiing State Hospital for the Insane: Evanston, Wyoming. C. H. Solier. 

M. D., Superintendent. 
:".. Wyoming State Penitentiary: Rawlins, Wyoming. F. A. Hadsell, Warden, 
4. Wyoming Industrial Institute: Worland, Wyoming. -William Moncur, 

•'». Wyoming Soldiers' and Sailors' Home: Buffalo, Wyoming. W. G. Angu'. 




1. St. Klizabeth's Hospital: Washington, D. C. W. A. White, M. L)., Supeiin- 

:'.. Government Asylum Hospital for Insane' Indians: Canton,' South Dakota. 
H. R. Hummer, M. D., Superintendent. 

;••. United States Penitentiary: Atlanta, Georgia. F. G. Zerbst, Warden. 

■i. Un'.ted States Penitentiary: Leavenworth, Kansas. A. V. Anderson, Warden. 

"). United States Penitentiary: McNeil Island, W^ashington. Thos. Maloney, 

<). National Training School for P)0ys: Washington, I). C. G. A. Stirling, 

7. Fort Lapwai Indian Sanatorium for Tuberculous Indians: Lapwai, Idaho. 
Jacob Breid, M. D., Superintendent, 

S. Sac and Fox Sanatorium for Tuberculous Indians: Toledo, Iowa. M. L. 
Russell, M. D., Superintendent and Physician. 

9. East Farm Sanatorium for Tuberculous Indians; Phoenix, Arizona. J. B. 
Brown, Superintendent. 

Il>. Laguna Sanatorium for Tuberculous Indians: iiaguna. New Mexico. V. T. 
Lonergan, Superintendent. 

IL Blackfeet Sanatorium for Tuberculous Indians: Browning, Montana. 11. G. 
Wilson, Superintendent. 

l',». Columbia Institution for the Deaf: Washington, D. C. Pcrcival Hall. M. A., 

''>. Marion Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteei- Soldiei-s: 
National Military Home, Indiana. Col. A. B. Crampton, Governoi-. 

''A. Southern Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers- 
National Soldiers' Home, Virginia. J. S. Smith, Governoi'. 

22. Mountain Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers' 
National Soldiers' Home, Tennessee. R. B. Cooke, Governor. 

2:]. Central Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers: 
National Military Home, Ohio. W. J. White, Governor. '- • i , 

.! 1. Eastern Branch of the National Home for Disabled Voiunt^.eir Soldiers; 
National Soldiers' Home, Maine. Col. W. P.- Hurley, GGVetrnor.:..»W ' 

2:'). Western Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers: 
National Military Home, Kansas. S. G. Cooke, GoVk.'rnor. ^.-v:.. ■-• 

2<i. Northwestern Branch of the National Home for Disabled VbVuntee;' Sol- 
diers: Milwaukee.. Wisconsin. ,J. E. Grain, Governor. 



c. 1 . 









•••.nville Branch of the Xational Ho)->if for Di.-abled Volunteer Soldiers: 

Danville, 111. H. K. Rives, Governor, 
fu'ific Uranch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers- 

Santa 31onica, Califoinia. Gen ]'. H. Harry, Governor. 
attie ^Mountain Sanitarium (National Kornc for Disabled Volunteer Sol- 

fiiers): Hot S].), South Dak.)ta. J. A. Mattison. M. D., (Governor and 

nited States Soldiers' HoiiK': .Wa^hinjiton, D. C. Jjeut. (ien. S.. B. M. 

Youn^j'. (Jovern'jr.' ; ; -i ■ ■ 

nited States- Naval Home- T'niladeli)hia, IViinsylvanja. .:T.,p,-., Griff in, 
. GoYCiTipr. ■• ■...,-. : ■■■ -z-. . 


I. -Aiaska Pioneer Homo: Sitk:i. .\laska. A. G. Shoup, Suiierintendent. 


1. Corc^za! Hosjiital: Corojcaj.' Canal . Zone. Louis Wende)-, >L D.. Superin- 


2. Canal Zone Penitentiary: Gamboa. Canal Zone. Guy Johannes, Warden. 

•'1. Palo Seco.Lcnei- Asyluiri: I'alo Sefo. Canal Zone. F. D. TncT<er. Superin- 
U'nd(''nt. • . . : ■ 


C)ahu Insane Asylum: Honolulu. Hawaii. W. A. Schwaliic. M. ]>.. Supeiin 

Boys' Industrial School: \\ uialce, Hawaii. Geo. A. Wesson. Superintendent. 

(ijrls' Industrial School: Honolulu. Hawaii. Sadie C. Sterritt. Superinten- 

territorial Prison: Honolulu. Hawaii. W. P. Jariett, Warden. 

Puumaile Home: Hilo. Hawaii. D. S. Bowerman, Chief Sanitary Inspector. 

Leper Settlenient: Kaiaur.av;:!. Hawaii. .J. D. McVeigh. Superintendent. 

Kalihi Hospital (Leper Receiving- Station): Honolulu. Hawaii. I.. K. Ka-ne, 

Kalihi Boys' Home: H(mio1u1u. Hawaii. Bessie Clinton. Matron. 

Kupiolani Girls' Hoivk-: Honolulu. Hav.aii. Si.«ter M. Helena, Mation and 



1. San Lazai-o Hospital: Manilla: I'hilippino Islands. A. P. Goft', M. D., Chief. 
■J. Iwahifc' Penal Colony: I\u'rto Princpsa. Philippine Islandf^. J. W. Quillen, 

■;. llilibid Pnson: Ma.nila, Philippine Island?. Ramon Victoi-io, Superintendent. 
4. San Pamon Penal Farm: San Ramon, Philippine Islands. Philip A. Stover, 

Ac-ting' Superintendent. 
."». Culion Leper Colony : Culion, Philippine Islands. O. E. Denney, M. D., 

♦ ;. Sciiool for Dea^f and Blind Children: Manila, Philippine Islands. Delight 

U. Wrbl>er, Principal. 
7. Covernment Oi-phanay*': San Pedro Makati. Philippine Islands. Jose 

Fahella, M. I).. Director. 


1. Insane Asyluni: S:in .Juan. Pcilo Rico. ( "'.'-^ai- Jordan, M. !>., Superintendent. 

2. Penitentiary: San Juan, Poito Rico. Alvaro Padial. Waiden. 

-■'.. Wards of the San Juan and Arecibo Jails annexed to the Penitential^-: 
San Juan, Porto Rico. Xepoinuceiio Flore.^, Jailer. 

4. Reform School: ]\lnyai.'T.iez, Poito Rico. Manuel Gotay. Suyierintendent. 

.'». Leper Colony, San Jnan. Porto R'co. Jo-T- P. Rubin. Manager. 

(i. Girls' Charity School: Srn Juan, Porto Rico. Anji-ela Sr.ntnella, Superin- 

7. B<i\s' Charity ScIkkiI; ^';■r .'iian. I'oi-:o Rico. C;irlos del Rosario. Super- 


sPKc lAL A(;i:Nrs and chiefs of polk e k. k. 

I". S. AlliMidcr. 742 Frisco VMiX-. St. Foiiis, Mo., bVi.-co R. K. 
r. ('. Alien, 1047 lly., St. Louis, Mo., Missouii-Pacitic R. K. 
.1. (\ Av«'ia. Augusta SoiithiMii I J. II.. Xaslivillo, (la. 

\\in. r.iiuRS, Hiicf oi' Police. Vmn. Liiu-s West II. IJ., Pittsbuix- '':>• 

(,'. A. Ih-oker, Chief of Police, Washinj^toii Terminal K. R., WashinRton, I). C. 

i. I' 'loivl. Chief of i'olice, WCsteiii Maryland R. R., Haltiniore. Md. 

Al. J. Uooth. Chief of Police. Lei^h Valley R. R., Pier 8 N. R.. N. Y. City, N. 

C. M. P,arber, Chief Special Auent, Texas & Pacitic R. R., Dallas. Texas. 

W. G. Baldwin, Chief Special Agent, Norfolk & Western R. R., Roanoke, Va. 

1. H. Ruinelt. Special Agent, C. R. 1. & Pacific R. R., EI Reno, Okla. 

I''. K. P.rown, Chief S])ecial Auent. Toledo, Peoria & Western. l'eo)-i;i. 111. 

Iv'oy Pendure. c o U. P. R. R., Omaha, Neb. 

F. A. I>ittti le. Special .\.iient, American Ry. Ex. Co., Tei-re Haute, Ind. 

W. S. Cain. Special Agent, C. i^-. A. R. R., Chicago, III. 

A. ] Caswell. Si)ecial, liangor & Aroostook R. R., Pangor. Maine. 

W. S. Cain, Chief Special Agent, Peoria R. R. Terminal, Chicago, 111. 

K. R. Churnlev, Chief Special Agent, Chicago, Terre Haute & Southeastern 

R. R., Terre Haute, Ind. 
A. F. Cannaday, Chief Special Agent, llichmont, Fiedericksburg & Patomic. 
Maurice C-'tturri, C'Wef Sjiecial AgtMit, S. P. Lines, Portland, Ore. 

F. R. Cami'hell. Chief S])ecial Agent, St. L. & Southwestern, Tylei-. Tex. 

G. A. Collins, Chief of Police. N. Y. Central Lines, N. Y. City. N. Y. 
J. V. Connolly. Chief of Police, Southern Ry. Lines, Charlotte. N. C. 

Homer A. Chambers, Chief of Police, American Steel & Wire Co., Donor;i, Pa. 

W. B. Daniel, Chief Special Agent. Kansas City Southei-n, Shreveport, La. 
Wm. T. Dineen, Chirr Sjierial Agent, Chicago Northwestein R. R., Chicago, 111. 
J. A. Dundon, Chief Special Agent, Spokane, Portland & Seattle, R. R.. Port- 
land, Ore. 
H. L. Denton, Supt. of Police, B. & O. Lines, Baltimore, Md. 
Scott A. Dickson, Special Agent, C. & N. W. Ry., Chicago, Illinois. . 

200 IXTKKNAT L I'OLICK .v I ) I"!' i-:("r I \' !■: 1 ) I K K( ••I'OKN 

\l. J. KclKOworth, Chief Spooial A.L'ent, Chica,!2,o Junction R. R.. Chicago, 111. 
J. C. Yielding-, Chief Special Agent, Belt R. R. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 
i . R. Flanagan, Chief Special Agent, Chicago Great Western, Chicago, 111. 
.J. F. r^olev, Chief of Police, Grand Tiamk Western Lines, Chicago, 111. 
G. F.'Fro'm, Chief of Police, Wheeling & Lake Erie R. R., Canton, Ohio. 
f. Ii(/.patrick, Chief of N. C. ct St. L. R. R. Police, Nashville, Tenn. 

T. R. Gr'ffen, Chief of Police, Southern liailwav Lines. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

.1. Giav. Chief of Police, Central R. R. of N. J.,' Jersey City, N. J. 

'\ K. Gerdman, Chief of Police, Lake Erie & Western R. R., Tipton, Ind. 

A. R. Griffin, Chief Special Agent, Mobile & Ohio, Meridian, Miss. 

iJ. A. Gracie, Special Agent, Salto Steatnpacket Line, lialtinioi'e, Md. 

Eniniett Greg'g, Supt. Special Service, Santa Fe R. R., Topeka, Kas. 

( ;. Grae.;lev, Special Agent, Denver & Rio Grande R. R., benver, Colo. 

J. C. Gale," Chief Special Auent, Union Pac. R. R., Omaha, Neb. 

.1. l;. Gray, Thief of C. P. R. of N. J. Police, Jersey City, N. Y. 

F. C. Hmi-icksnn, Chief Special Agent, Alton Oc Southern, Fast St. I.oiiis, 111. 
K. R. Hine-;, Chief Special Ag'ent, Terminal Railway .\ssn., St. Louis, Mo. 
Grant Hale, Chief Special Agent, Santa Fe R. R., .4nianIlo, Tex. 

C. \'. Hattie, Chief Special Agent, L. A. <^- S. L. R. R., Los Angeles. Calif. 
.1 ('. Iuir])er, Supt. P. R. R. Police, Philadelphia. Pa. 

I'. Iv. [looks, Ch.ef Siiecial Agent, Flojida c^- Fist ('omsI, Jacksonville, Ma. 

E. E. Helin, Chief Special Agent. Minneapcdis (<: St Louis R. R., .Alinneapolis, 

H. J. Higgins, c/o Mo. Pac, R. R., St, Louis, Mo, 

P. i\I, Henry. Cn et of I'olice. Fl I'aso Terminal A-^sn.. Fl Paso, Tex, 
■]. r>. Harlin, Cliief of P'olice, Louisville & Nashville R, R.. Louisville, Ky. 

.]. K. .leiisen, Ch'< I of Police, pejaware c»>;- MinNoii R. R., Albany, N. Y, 

"i;i1li:iii Kohiit, Sup., o'' (('ice, lUillalo, iJdclH'^lei' tV: Pittsbuig R. R.. Puiinsu- 

liiwney. Pn. 
''. I". Kemp, 'Niief Sp-c' 1 Agcn., \'irgini;ni \l. \l . Norfolk, Va, 
J. W. King, Chief Special Ayent, Chesapeake & Ohio, Richmond, Va. 
T. T. Keliner, Chief of Police, Illinois Central R. R., Chicago, III. 

W . J, Love, Chief N, \. (", R. R. Police < 'iucinnati, Ohio. 
.1, Al. l.iiKs, Chief Sp'_'ci;«l Agent, Crcal Norlliei-n \l. R,, St, Paul, .Minn. 
Glen S. I.ocker, Chi'd Special Ag<Tii, l)uluth K- Iron Range R. R.. Two Har- 
bors, M nn. 
J. IL l-ambcison. Chief of Police, iii ic R. R.. Youngston, Ohio. 

D. M. Lay, Chief S()ecial Agent, Kan as City Southi rn \l. R., Pittsburg, Kan. 

R. S. MHchell, Chief Spec'a! Agent, Mo. Pac. R. R., St. Louis, Mo. 

J.J, iMclluuh. Chief Ml lo' e, .Michiuan Central U. R„ Detroit, .Mich. 

M. J. Murphy, Sui)t. of Police, Statcn Island Rapid Transit, N, Y. City. N. Y. 

G. iMamii'.eii, Chief of Police, Long Island R. P.. Jan:aica, L, L, N, ^'. 

R, (;, Murray, ('hi<"f S|)ecial Agent, Waterloo, Cedar falls A- N'orlliern, W.alei- 
loo. Iowa. 


W. J. i\IcFet!-idg-?, Chief Spec'al Agent, Northern Pacific, St. Paul, Minn. 

.i. II. IMrDonnld, Ch'^f Special Agent, Chicago & Westeni Ind., Chicago, 111. 

•v. AV. Mnrri en, Ch'e^" of Police, Atlantic Coast Line, Wilmington, N. C. 

M. M MfGinnis, Chie" of Police, Toledo Terminal R. R., Toledo, Ohio. 

V. -L IM Irs. Chief rf Police, Nevv' York Central Lines R. R., New Yoik City, N. Y. 

.1. Pv. MrMahon, Chief of Police, N. Y., New Haven & Hartford R. Pv., New 

ITavon, Cr>rn. 
W. l\To iPg\-n. Spe."'a' A .ent, P'lttcburg. &. W. Va R. R., Pittsburg, Penn. 
W. 1 '. IMcCrfTcrty, Ch'ef Special Agent, Denver & Rio Grande R. R. Pueblo, 

• Colo. 
.\I. Mov -cfscr, Gei. Tn -p. Police Service, C. R. I. & Pacific R. R., Chicago. 111. 
\','. S. Mullen, Special Ag-nt, Cum.berland Valley R. R., Chambersburg. Pa. 

"Ik"^. T. T;'icl^o';i~, Chief Special Agent, Louisville, Hendei'.son & St. Loui.- 
Louisville, Kv. 

l-.-uilel O'Connell, Chief Special Agent. S. P. R. R., San Franci.sco. Calif. 
T. O'i.cary, Supt.'al Service, Santa Fe R. R., La Junta, Colo. 

A. IMnkerton. Chief Special Agent, Detroit & ALicknec R. R., Detroit, :\licli. 

G. K. Penwell, Chief of Police. Philadelphia & Reading R. R., Philadelphia, Pa. 

.'ohn P;'v]%Tir., Special i^gent, Box 604 Ft. Scott, 

.). L. Pettus, Chief of Police, Norfolk Southern R. R., Norfolk, Va. 

W. .1. Poole, Chief of Police, Central of Georgia R. R.. Macon, Ga. 

iMlwin Pe'.tis, Chief of Police, Pete Marquette R. R., Detroit, Mich. 

n. R. Rapireau, Chief of Police, N. Y., Chicago & St. Loui.s R. R., CIcvehuKl 

C. B. Rhinehardy, Chief of Police. Minneapolis, St. Paul & Saulte Ste. Marie 

R. R., Minneapolis, Minn. 
P. Reitz, Chief Special Agent, PJlgin. Joliet & Eastein R. R.. Joliet. III. 
^. K. Rossiter, Dist. Special Agent, C. R. I. & Gulf R. R., Des Moines, Iowa. 
< '. B. Reardan, Special Agent, Western Pacific R. R., Sacramento, Calif. 
T. N. Rencau, Chief Special Agent, Gulf Coast Lines, Houston, Tex. 
<'. S. Reifsmider. Chief of Police, Ann Arbor R. R., Toledo, Ohio. 
.Mark Robbins, Chief of Police, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis R. R., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
W. J. Redman. Chief of Police, Erie R. R.. Youngston, Ohio. 
H. A. Russell, Chief of Police, Maine Central R. R., Portland, Me. 
\'. P. Smith, Chief of Police, Union R. R., Memphis, Tenn. 

•1. M. Sullivan, Chief of Police, Kentuckv & Indiana Terminal, Louisville, Ky. 
W. P. Smith. Chief of Police, Budge & terminal R. R.. Memphis, Tenn. 
W. W. Stigall, Chief of Police. Toledo. St. Louis & Western R. R., Frankfort, 


102 ixtf:rn.\t'i. i>olice <;:- detectivk DiiiiocTom 

.\l M'k A. Ship'ev, Spocial Ay-ent, St. Louis, Mo. 

(k'o. L. Sirith, Chief Special Agent, L, &. N. E. R. R., Bethlehem, Ta. 

N. D. Smith, c/o Mo. Pac. R. R., Coffeyville, Kas. 

\\m. Skenyou, Chief of Police, Hockinj^- Valley R. R., Columbus, Ohio. 

A. H. Schofield, Chief of Police, Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville IJ. \l.. 
Lafayette, Ind. 

B. C. Sanderson, Chief Special Agent, Kansas City Terminal, K. C, INIo. 
S. L. Steward, Chief Special Agent, Mo-., Kas. & Tex., Dallas, Tex. 

F. H. Schofield, Chief Special Agent, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. R-, 

Scranton, Pa. 
M. O. Sargent, Chief Special Agent, Boston & Maine, Boston, Mass. 
J. S. Stith, Special Agent, Western Pac. R. R., Elko, Nev. 
B. C. Sanderson, Chief Special Agent, Kansas City Terminal, K. C, Mo. 
H. M. Sullivan, Chief Special Agent, Des Moines Terminal. Des Moines, Iowa. 
W. B. Sloan, Supt. of Police, Chicago & Eastern 111. R. R.. Danville. 111. 
O. Silvei' ', 8uDt. Srocial Service, Santa Fe R. R., Los Angeles, Calif. 
\Vr-, A ^vhr.'l '"N<f Prrrir-i Acent, C, M. & St. Paul R. R., Chicago, 111. 

\l. H. Taylor, Chief Special Agent, C, M. <&- St, Paul R R., Chicago, 111. 

R. H. Taylor, Chief Special Agent, Gulf & Ship Island R. R., Hattiesburg, Miss. 

R. Toussoint, Chief of Police, Lake Erie & Eastern R. R., Pittsburg, Pa. 

M. G. Turnev, Inspector P. R. R. Police, Harrisburg, Pa. 

\Vm. Tiiylor, Chief of Police, Toledo & Ohio Central R. R., Columbus, Ohio. 

Andrew C. Ure, Chief of Police, Oregon Short Lines, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

G. C. Vorous. Limit of Police, Bessemer & Lake Erie R. R., Butter, Pa. 

F. H. Watcrhouse, Chief of Police, Grand Trunk Lines in Xew England, Port- 
land, Maine. 

J. A. Wilson, Chief of Police, Detroit, Toledo & Ironton R. R., Springlield, 

G. R. Wil.-on, Chief of Police, N. Y., Ontario & Western, Middletown, X. Y. 
,1. A. Wilson, Chief of Police, Rutland R. R., Rutland, Va. 

C. S. Ward, Chief Special Agent, Wabash R. R., St. Louis, Mo. 

i'"uller Williamson, Chief Special Agent, Great Noi'thoi'u R. R., Palestine, Texas. 

■I. S. Webster, Chief Special Agpnt, Tex. Pac. Lines, Houston, Texas. 

Sten Wcihlstron, Chief SpecialAgent, Duluth, Missabe & Northern R. R., Proc- 
tor, Minn. 

K. 15. Wood, Chief Special Agent, Oregon, Washington Navigation Lines, Port- 
land, Oi'e. 

M. Wilson, Chief Special Agent, Seaboard Air Line, Norfolk. \';i. 

H. F. Wood, 204 Court House, Des Moines, Iowa. 

F, J. Young, Chief of R. R. Police, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
N. J. York, Palestine, Texas. 

[ l.\ N 1 )-\V 11 IT I XG EXPERTS 


•i C3 A-^p-ei'^s 

M'LIV'N CARLSON, HANDWRITING EXPERT. International Bank Buiidina, 
Los Angeles, California. Telephcne Main 3939. 

national Bank Buildinj;, Los Angeles, Calif. Telephone Main 3939. 

Bank Building, Los Angeles, Calif. Telephone .Alain 3939. 

San Francisco 

IN DISPUTE: Hotel Registers; Marriage certificates, etc.; hand-written, 
printed, typewritten, engraved, fotografed, etc. "Handwriting expert." 20 
. years successful Court exncrience. Satisfactory References respectina- 
INTEGRITY as well as SKILL. Scientific FOTOS by Camera and MICRO- 
SCOPE. Offices Hearst Building, San Francisco, Calif. 

Translations in German. French and many other Languages. 3Ir. Geffeney 
resided for a number of years in .Japan and is familiar with conditions 
there and is soon to return and will look after any confidential business. 
Residence 931 Clayton .Street, San Francisco, California. 

Blanch Holmes, Handwriting Expert and Analyst. 10 California Street, Siin 
Francisco, California. Telephone Douglas 1473. 

E.lwaid Cscr.r Heinrich. B. S.. 742-726 New Call Bldg. San Francisco, Calif. 
Mail and Telephone 

Address: 1001 Oxford Street, Berkeley, Calif. Telephone Berkeley, 5665-W. 
Exani'iiaton and exposition of doubtful documents, ciphers, handwriting, 
typewriting, ink, paper, etc. 



Fourth Floor Carlson Bldg., Pocatello, Idaho. 



TIONED DOCUMENTS, 819 O.C.L. Building, 166 West Jackson Bouievard, 
Chicago, ill. 

II. A. Rounds, Handwriting Expert, 1602 W. Randolph St., Chicago, 111. 

.Joseph D. O'Donnell, Handwriting Expert, 154 W. Randolph St., Chicago. 


OITESTIONED Signatures, Erasures, Handwriting and Typewriting, 61 
Hanover Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 

(See Atlvei'tist'nient on I*ago 4.) 

Bennett Davenport, Handwriting Expert, 20 Summit Road, Boston, Mass. 

William E. Kingston, Handwriting Expert, 10 State St., Boston, IMass. 

Dishler, Ohio. 


TYPEWRITING, Enlarged and Special Document Photogranhs Made. 
Offices 2264-6 Woolworth Building, 233 Broadway, New York Citv. 


Eibridge W. Stein, Handwriting Expert, De Long Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Webster A. Melcher, L. Webster Melcher. Examiner of Questioned Documents 
and Writings. 1124-25 Stephen Girard Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Homer A. Chambers, Donova, Pa. Investigator of Crimes. Characteis. Finger 
Print Identification. Established 16 years. H. A. Chambers, Criminologist; 


Chas. D. Struck, Private Investigator and Crimionlogist. P. O. Box IToO, 
Patterson, New Jersey. 


419 Lyon Building, Seattle Washington. 

Anton Simkus, Handwriting Expert, Manila, Philippine Islands. 

James P. Watson, Handwriting Expert, Manila, Philippine Islands. 




The 'ACME SIREN" whistles are universally known as the only efficient 
and reliable SIRENS on the wovlcVs market. They are guaranteed to 
I'e of the hest workmanship and finish. The genuine ■"Acme Thunderer" 
Whistles are in demand throughout the world for railways and all 
pulslio services. The "Metropolitan" Whistle holds a world record 
and reputation and are in general use in Folu-o Forces and Fire 
Brigades. See our advertisement on Page 8. J. HUDSON & CO- 

S. J. llovins. Secret Investigator. Reliable alarm and signal systems 
(lOd South Hirca St.. Creston. Iowa. Telei)honp !•<;;•! 1 :! or 771. 


BE A FINGER-PRINT EXPERT — You can win ianie and money in tiii^ 
tasc nating prof(ss;on. All you need is training, a little spare tinn^ 
study at liOme See our advertis?ment on' Page 11. 

HOW TO HAXnUE ROUC HNECKS--By Tom Shaw, the greatest instructoi 
of Attack and Defense, can teach you at home — quickly and easily. 
No strength or weight needed — you are master of men twice your size. 
See advei'tisemcnt on Page 9. 


BUREAU OF INFORMATION — A place where one can be sure of getting 
.iust what he asks for — and get it nuick. You want to get started. 
You can't connect. What is wrong? How would you i)roceed in sucli 
and such a case? We can hel]) you in all these-predicaments. What 
is the I'imson I cannot get a .iob? Would you advise me to stai't an 
agency? Give tis the facts — we can then tell you. See our advei-tisc- 
ment on page :i. 

20f. INTEUXAT'L I'OLICI': .v I ) KTi-:i ■'l' | N' I-: I ) I K Ki "rolM 


THE DETECTIVE has l)een edited for and circulated among the police 
authorities, detective Imreaus. agencies and sheriffs of the United 
States. Canada and the greater part of Europe for 35 years. It serves 
as a clearing house for the aprpehension and identification of criminals. 
It is to lie found on file in police department offices all over the civilized 
world. "The Detective " is used and endorsed by all leading detective 
agencies and criminologists. It renders an exclusive and indispensable 
service and is regarded as a necessary part of police efiuipment. It is 
tlic only official rogues" gallei-y pul)lished in America. The merits, of 
"The Detective" are not only appreciated and taken advantage of l>y 
jieace ofticeis. but it alsn goes into the offices of many of the leading 
liaiiks. liote's. iiisur;i;iie conipaiiies. iiuiustn'al institutions and boiuling 
conci. I'lis. in fact w Li ruvci' liiisn ss I n: s liiid tlunnselvcs subject to 
rb.e operations oT cr.niinals. 

( S. (• .\ (Ivcil !• c.ii Hi on P;':.ic .">.) 

SIi:CRET SER\'ICE-CK1.ML\.\L EXC^TLOl^EDI .\ Educative Trcatis. 
Price. $10.00. Addi-ess S. Lucero, San Antonio, Texas. See adverttsi, on Page 12. 

SECRET SP>RV1CP] — A ))iactical book on this fascinating subject in i)huii 
language, particularly adapted for the amateur, the student, or anyone 
following the lin.e of investigation. Detectives don"t grow on l.uslits 
i,,.i are made by hard, patient study, and "Secret Service" is designed 
b, ( .-qierts who know the business, to fill a long-felt want. See adver- 
t.s.s.icnt on page 7. 



\> M/rEK & ^^(^LF, LA\VY]:KS. ir.4(i Equitable Builclins. 120 Broadway, New 
Vcik Cilv. I);iv Phone Kett(»r 8928; Ni^lit Michvoc»d 7883 and Lafavette 

JOHN M. PHKLAN. ATTORNEY VT LAW, Allenton. Sf. Louis County. INlis- 
MHiii. I elephones Kinloch and BelL 

l.i:i{()^ B. WALL. ATTORNEY AND (. OUNSELLOR AT LAW. Oflice over 
i;in.ont 1 heatre. 413 Liberty Street, Winston-Salem. North Carolina. 

Al;il);im:i: IJinniiiKliam. Wood & Piitcl\ard, First National IrJank Bldg-. 

Alaska: I-airbanks. John A. Clark. 

Aikansas: Little Rock. John F. Clittord. 

C:ililo) Ilia: S:in Francisco. J. T. SLiinniervilU', 1112 Market St. 

Califoinia: San Francisco. R. E. Ragland, i:!() McAllister St. 

California: Los An^^eles. Noel C. Edwards. Wi'ijrht & Callender Bldg". 

Colorado: Clippie CJreek. Hildreth Frost. 

jlelawaie: Dover. W. W. Harrington. 

Disli-ict of Columbia: Washington. John E. Taylor. Woodwairl Bldg. 

Moi-ida: Miami. A. B. & C. C. Small. 

Ceorgia: Augusta. Henry S. Jones. 

Hawaii: Honolulu. Thom)>'^on, Cathcart & Lewis. 

Idahii: Twin I'^alls. Turner K. Hackman. 

Illinois: Chicago. Frank L. Boyd, 17 N. La Salle St. lndiana])olis. .Newbei'ger, Simon <*;• Davis. Kahn Bldg. 

jo ;i: lie^ iloinos. J. Howard Henry. Youngfemian Bldg. 

Kansas: Topeka. J. U. Larimer, Mulvane Bldg. 


Kentucky: Louisville. J. S. McEIroy, Jr., Keller Bkl^. 

Louisiana: New Orleans. Arthur J. Peters. 211 Masonic Temple. 

■Maine: Portland. Veiill, Hale, Booth & Ive. 

Maryland: Baltimore. Albert S. J. Owens, Fidelity Bldy. 

Massachusetts: Boston. Iku'ouRhs & r>earborn, 429-.".2 Kiniball Bldg. 

MichiKJin: Detroit. Henry C. Walters, !)17-20 Ford. Bldg-. 

iMinnesota: Minneapolis. Anthony M. Bayei', Oneida Bldg-. 

Mississippi: Jackson. Chambers <fc Tienholm. 
Mis.sissippi: Allenton. John M. Phelan. 

Missouri: St. Louis. Hugh K. Wagner, Calumet Bldg. 

Montana: Helena. James A, Walsh. 

Ncbiaska: Lincoln. Roy H. Wal1'o)(l. 

Nevada: Reno. Ayeis A: Gardim>r. 

New Hampshiie: Dover. Hughes <t- Doe. 

New Jersey: Newark. Henry V. Jacob^son. 207 Phuket St. 

New Mexico: Santa Fe. Frank B. Clancy. 

New Yoi-k: New Voik City. Walter & Wolf, 120 Broadway. 

Noi'th Carolina: Wiiiston-Salcni. LeRoy V,. Wall. 41:1 Liberty St. 

Noi-th Dakota: Janu'sto\\n. Ru.-sfll D. Chase. 

Ohio: Cleveland. 31. S., .Jr.. Knginei'rs P>ldg. 

Oklahoma: Muskogee. George Miller, Jr. 

Oregon: Pendleton. Will M. Patterson. 

Pennsylvania: Phila(lel))hi;i. Saniiu-l W. Salus, 1421 Chestnut St. 

Philippine Islands: Ililo. lilock, Johnston S: (ireenbaum. 

Rhode Island: Bristol. WHliain T. O Donnell. 

South Carolina: Marion. M. C. Woods. 

South Dakota: Aberdeen. W. F. Mason. 

Tennessee: Jeffeison City. (J.A. Bales. •• 

ATTOKN E VS- AT-L A \V 20 !i 

Texas: Foi-t Worth. John W. Stitt. • 

Utah: Suit Lake City. D. L. Oleson, Utah Sav. & Trust Bldg. 

Vetniont: Burlington. Theo E.' Hopkins; 

Virginia: Norfolk. A. B. Seldner, Dickson Bldg. 

VVash-ngton: Seattle. F. C. Hackinan, 8ir> Second Ave. 

West Virginia: Wayne. Elba J. Wilcox. 

Wi.sconsin: Milwaukee. Churchill, Bennet «S: Chui'-chill. 

Wyoming: Buffalo. Hill & Griggs. 

Canada — . • 

Alberta: Edmonton. Edward Bryce, 9945 Ja.sper Ave. 
Winnipeg: Manitoba. Hull, Sparling & Sparling. .''.2.") Main St. 
Ontario: Toronto. Gilchrist <fe Walsli, "Jll Manning Chambers. 
N. F.: St. Johns. Leslie Roy Curtis. 

Sask.: Regina. Turnbull (?- Kinsman, Western Trust Bldg. 
N. S.: Halifax. Murray, Mackinnon & Daley. 

Afi'ica — 

Algiers: Algeria. Louis Gouttebaron. 

Egypt: Cairo. Robert L. Devonshire. 

The Azores: St. Michael. Dr. Aristides M. da Motta. 

Canary Islands: Teneriffe, Santa Cruz. Augustin R. Perez. 

Natal: Durban. Alexander Ward Airth. 

Tunis: Tunis, Me. Ben Attar. 

Zanzibar: Zanzibar. H. Lascari, B. A. 

Cape of Good Hope: Cape Town. J. & H. Reid. 



Orange Free State: Bloeml'ontein. Goodrick & Franklin. 
Transvaal: Jbhannesbui-p-'. W. A. MorT-iaon Abel, Victoria Bldg, 


(!hina: Hon^konK". Deacon & Harston. 

China: Shanghai. White, Cooper, Master & Harris. 

. Japan: Tokio. W. A. I)e Haviland, Bldg., Yaesucho. 
Japan: Yokohonia. J. E. De Becker, Board of Trade lUdfi'. 
Ceylon: Colombo. R. L. Mack. 
India: Bombay. Little & Co 
Calcutta: Oir, Dignam & Co. 
Rangoon: \V. Okeden. 
Siberia: Vladivostok. J. Fischmann. 
S' raits Settlements: Singapore. Allen & Cledhill. 

Aiisti'niia — 

New South Wales: Sydney. Alien, Allen & Hemsley. 
Queensland: Brisbane. Chambers, McNab & McNab. 

South Australia: Adelaide. San ford & Limbert. 
Tasmania: Hobart. Butler, Mclntyre & Butler. 
Victoria: Melbourne. Lynch & MacDonald. 
Western Australia: Peilh. Nicholson & Heiusman. 
New Zealand: Wellington. Martin & Martin. 


( '■••'It r;il A'::('ricn — 

i'.ri i;h Honduia.: UeJize. l\. Towrey Piice. 
''('m1;! I''i(a: Siui .]<v^r Don Luis Anf]<>rson. 

r:ui:n.:a: (a->]oi!. I'^df^-ar A. Reid 

PaniUTUi: Panama. Felix Porter. 

(h'i»tHniala: l^r. FrodenVo Sa<?nz d-e Tejada. 

Honduras: Tr(;uc!^alpa. Licenciado Don Roniulo E. Ihinin. 

Salvador: San Salva<lor. Ricardo Moreira, 


Austri;i,: Vienna. Mr. Max Braum. 

r.elu'ium: I'uissels. Edward Bai'clay, 4 Rue Mayerbeer, Paris. 

Czeoho-Slovaki : Prague. Dr. Frederich Dub. 

IVMiniark: C()i)enhagen. K. M. Bernth. 

Fnu'lrnd: I^ciiulon. Rubinstein, Nash & Co., Grays Inn, W. C. 

leaner: I'aiis. Coudert Bros., P^armers Loan & Tru.^t Co. 

Ceiiiianx': Berlin. Jas. H. Vickery. .')0 Friedrich 

("iieece: Salonita. .Jean D. Rhally. 

Holland: Rotterdam. C. H. Huberich. 

Hungary: Budapest. Dr. Alexander Torok. 

Ireland: Cork. Jame.s McAullifte. 

Ireland: Dublin. Thomas J. McGrath, 15 Kildare St. 

Italy: Rome. H. S. Cavanaugh, 14 Via Bocca di Leone. 

Norway: Christiana. Alexander Nansen. 

Portugal: Lisbon. J. S. Borges de Castro. 

flussia: Moscow. INIichael Imchanitzky. 

Scotland: P]dinlKU-gh. Hutton, Jack & Crawford, -56 George St. 

Scotland: Glasgow. Digby, Brown & Co., 116 Hope St. 


Spain: M.uli-id. Alfonso Kodenas, 
Sweden: Stockholm. John Lodon. 
Switzerland: Geneva. Lachenal, Hudiy &.Dutoit.. 
Turkey: Constantinople. Alfred Cuchet. ... 

Wales: Havfii'oidwest. Willian^ T). Georgv. 

Mexico — .. '•■..: 

Mexico City: Harvey A. Bashani, Apordado 218. 

South America — 

Argentina: Buenos Ayres. Aldao, Campos & del Valle. 

Bolivia: La Paz. Dr. Carlos Calvo. 

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro. Dr. Herbert Moses, 

British Guiana: Georgetown. Joseph A. King. 

Chile: Valparaiso. Lastanis Bros., P. O. Box l.'iGS. 

Colombia: Bogota. Jose Joaquin Perez, Apartado 99. 

Ecuador: Guayaquil. Dr. A. B. Serrano. 

French Guiana: Cayenne. M. E. Devez. 

Paraguay: Asuncion. Francisco Chaves. 

Peru: Lima. Dr. Albert Solomon. 

UiTiguay: Montevideo. William Wilson. 

N'enezuela: Caracas. J. B. Bance. 

F;ist Indies — • 
. Java: Batavia. Schouttndorp & Henry. 

ATT(JR.\EYS-.\T-LA\V 2 1 

West Lndies — 

Ilahama: Nassau. Malcobii Harcourt. 

I'.aibados: I'ndgctown. C"aiTini;ton & Sealy. 

i!i-rmu(ta: Hamilton. G. C. G. Montagu. 

ruracoa: Cuiacoa. C. H. Jonekheor. 

('uba: Havana. R. R. ^'iulrun. 

Guadeloupe: St. Eai'tlielcniy. .M. Dupiat. Grt'ffier-Notaire. 

Hayti: Port au Prince. M. Louis Borno. 

Jamaica: King-ston. Manton & Hart. 

ivipublica Dominica: lioseau. H. A. A. Nicholls. 

Leeward Islands: Antigua. Hon. A. C. Vincent Prior. 

Martini(|ue: Fort de F^ ranee. G. Clarac. 

Trinidad: Port of Spain. SeDier & Co. 




President Mrs. Min;i C. Van Winkle 

(l»iirclor, Wonian'h IJureau), Molioiiolitan Police nei)t., Wasliinjitoii, 1). C. 

\' ice- President Miss Annas Sonnedeckor 

(Policewoman. Police Department), Kalamazoo, Michijran 

St'( ittaiy Miss Clara llurnside 

(Supervisor o1' Woman'.s Bureau, Police l>e))artinent), Indianapolis, Indiana 

■i'reasurer..... .- Miss Nellie .McKlioy 

(Policewoman, Police Dei-art ment ). RocheslfM'. N. Y. 

Till' Association is in such a (onr.-itive stiite and there are ^o many new 
rolicewd'iien I'eitr;- ajijviiuled (•(in-'^taiit '\' in \';\iious cities all ovei' the ceuiUfN' 
Mia! ;"ny li^i u'' iiiei,;l>er< at jiresent woiiM lie incornplett". 

The ambition ol' the Association is to establish ;iinis. metluxls and jielicies, 
■•Vi\ uniform r. (oril ke"i)in.!V ot I olCe .voineu all <>vei' the woi'ld. 

'I'h(» Associrition has i's .-imuial mee!iii';- as a s'ttion of llv National ("'Ui- 
I'Teiice of Social W'erlc. 

It is expected that the 1!I2:; International Police t^- Detective Directory will 
'■ent-iin a (o,,,)i'cie list et I 'elic woum n all e\-ei- the world. 




Kiii.t: GoorKe V.: Hoir Apparent. Edward Albert. I'riiice o)' Wah's; I'riiiK 
Minister. Lloyd George. 


The object in numbering' each name i? to save words. In sending ;i 
telegram, in.'^t< ad ot ,t;ivinj>' the name and address of the send<'r, the number 
<>|)po.-)te his nami' will bo sufficient, a-< on reference to thislist the number 
-t;i,('rl will indicitc the name of the sender. 


1. Hi (Is: Lieut. -Coi 1". A. E). Stevens. C. B. E., D. L.. Bedfoid. 

2. jierks: Lieut. -Col. A. F. Poulton, C. P.. K., Keadinj.-. 
:;. Hucks: Ma.ioi Ol-way Mayne, O. B. E., .^ylesbun.. 

4. Cambridge: Wm. Varnev Webb. 

."). Chester: Lieut. -Col. Malcolm, M. V. O.. i;. S. 0.. Chester. 

(i. Cornwall: Lieut. -Col. H. B. P. Smith. O. P.. E.. Bodmin. 

7. Cumberland: Lieut-Col. H. S. Turnbull. Penrith. 

N. Derby: Major F. R. Anley, Derby. 

!l. Devon: Cajjt. H. P. Vvvvaii. Exetei'. 

10. Doiset: Cai>l. Dennis 'C.ranville, O. B. K., M. V. O. 

11. Durham: William G. Morant, O. B. E., D. L., Durham. 

12. Essex: Capt. J. A. Unett, D. S. O., Chelmsford. 

PI. (Gloucester: Majoi- F. L. Stanlev Clarke. Cheltenliam. 

14. Hants: Majoi- St. A. B. Wai'de". Winchester. 

1.'). Herefoid: Capt. the Hon. E. S. Stanhope, D. !,., Hei-etoid. 

Ifi. Herts: Lieut. -Col. A. L. Law, Hatfield. 

17. Huntinu'don: Lieut. -Col. A. Chicl;ester, D. L., Huntingdon. 

IN. 1-le of>]lv: Major W. R. Hartcup, O. B. E. 

1!>. Ken': Licut.-Col. H. M. A. Wnrde, C. B. E., Maidstone. 

20. Lancaster: H. P. P. Lane, C. B. E.. .\L V. O.. Preston. 

21. Lancaster: Wilfred Trubshaw, O. B. E., A.'-sistant Chief Constable, Preston. 

22. Leicestej-: Edward Holmes, Leicester. 

2:'.. Lincoln: Capt. Cecil Mitchell-Innes, C. B. E., Lincoln. 

24. .Aliddlesex: Brig.-Cen. W. ^r. F. Hovwood, C. B., D. S. 0., New ScollanI 
Yard. S. W. 1. 


•25. Middlesex: Sir Basil H. Thomson. K. C. B. 

26. Middlesex: Hon. F. T. Bingham, C. B., New Scotland Yard, S. VV. 1. 

27. Middlesex: V. L. D. Elliott, C. B., New Scotland Yord, S. VV. 1. 

28. ^Middlesex: James W. Olive, C. B. E., New Scotland Yard, S. W. 1. 

29. Monmouth: V. i- . Bosancjuet, Abeigavenny. 

:;(). Norfolk: Capt. -J. H. INIande)-, 0. B. E., Norwich. 

:;]. Northampton: Lieut. J. 1^. Kellie MacCailam, D. L.. 0.1^. E., Xoriha; 

".2. Northumberland: Capl. F. James, O. B. E., Morpeth. 
:;:!. Notts: Sir William Tomasson, K. B. E., M. V. 0.. Nottingham. 
:;4. Oxford: 

■").">. Rutland: William Wilson, Oakham. 
.".(). Salop: Major J. Becke, Shrewsbury. 

.•57. Somerso'^- ' imit.-Cnl. H. C. Metcalfe. D. S. O., Taunton. 
:]y. '"1:-rfor(l: I 'miI.-CoI. The Hon. G. A. Anson, M. V. O., StaCford. 
:;! . ; iilt'olk, ];.;st: Capt. J. G. .Mayne^ U. L. E., li)s\v;ci\ 

40. Suli'olk, West: Major E. i\ ire.^, Bury St. Edmunds. 

41. Surrey: Capt. M. L. Sant, Guildford. 

42. Sussex, East: Lieut. -Col. G. M. Omerod, D. S. O., Lewes. 
4.'!. Sussex, West: A. S. Williams, Horsham. 

44. Warwick: Capt. J. T. Brinkler, Warwick. 

45. Westmoreland: Lieut.-Col. H. S. TurnbuU, Penrith. 

U>. Wight, Lsle of: Cnpt. H. G. Adams-Connor, M. V. O., D. L., Newjiort: 
17. Wilts: Lieut.-Col. Hoel Llewellyn, D. S. O., Devizes. 
IS. Worcester: Lieut.-Col. H. Sutherland Walker, C. B. E., Worcester. 
41). York, E. R.: Major W. H. Duniop, D. L., Beverlev. 

50. York, N. R.: Maior R. L. Bov.-er, C. M. G.. C. B. E.. Noi-thallai-ton. 

51. York, W. R.: Col. J. d'E. Col e, C. M. G., Wakefield. 


52. Anglesey: R. H. Prothevo. Holyhead. 

58. Brecon:" Lieut. -Col. C. G. Cole-Htimilton, C. M. G., D. S. O.. Brecon. 

54. Cardig'an: E. Williams, Abo-ystv yth. 

55. Carmaithen: W. P. Phillii)p-, Idandilo. 
5<i. Carnirvon: Jo!-!ii Grifiith, Carnarvon. 

57. henbigh: Edv. ard J(^n-s, Wiexham. 

58. Flint: R. Yarncll Davies, M. B. E., .Alold. 

59. Glamorgan: Capt. I.. A. 1 indi :iy. O. B. E., M. V. O., C.-ndirf. 
GO. Merioneth: Richf.rd Jones, Holgelley. 

Gl. Montgomery: W. J. Holhind, Xev. town. 
(;2. Pembroke: F. T. B. Su.aiiHM-^. Haverfordwest. ' 
H'-'. Rr.d-.or: Richa'd Jones, L'. n ii'ir.(l(..; Well:^ 

S( O'lLAND. 

64. Aberdeen: John Gauld. Abei-dcen. 

65. Argyll: Major W. D. .\llan, O. B. E.. Lochhgilphoad. 

66. Ayr: Major E. R. Cockburn. O. B. E.. Avr. 

67. Banff: William Hope, Banff . 
G8. Berwick: John Morren, Duns. 

(il). Bute: Charles Harding, Rothesa>'. 

70. Caithness: W. K. Cormack, Wick. 

7L Clackmannan: John Scott, Alloa. 

72. Dumbarton: Noil M'T^ennan, Dumbarton. 

7.'!. Dumfries: W. (iordon, Durn fries. 


74. Elgin: John B. Mail, 0. C. E.. M. V. 0., Elgin. 

75. Fife: James Tennant Gordon, O. B. E., Cupar, 

76. Forfar: Robert T. Birnie, Forfar. 

77. Inverness: Major A. C. McLean, Castle, Invernes.-^. 

78. Kincardine: Charles Georpre, Stonehaven. 

79. Kinro's: James Tennant Gordon, O. B. E., Cupar. 
SO. Kirkcudbright: A. Donald, Kirkcudbright. 

81. Lanark: Capt. H. J. Despard, Hamilton. 

82. Eps*^ Toth'.T-'- Ma'ov S. W. Douqlas, D. S. O., Haddington. 
S;!. Midlothian: Major S. W. Douglas, D. S. O., Edinburgh. 
84. West Lothian: Major S: W. Douglas, D. S. O., Linlithgow. 

83. Nairn: John Bruce, Nairn. 

86. Orkney: Robert Wood, Kirkwall. 

87. Peeblesshire: Major S. W. Douglas, D. S. O., Peebles. 

88. Perthshire: Matthew J. Martin, Perth. 

89. Renfrew: Charles Harding, Paisley. 

90. Ros'^ and Cror^art^'-shirer C- nt. D. Finlay.son. Dingwall. 
!)1. Roxburgh: John Morten, Jedburgh. 

!)2. Selkirk: John Morren, Selkirk. 

9:1. Shetland: Giffoid Grav, Lerwick. 

'>4. Stirlin":: Charles Middleton. Stirling. 

9r>. Sn'herland: H. Chisholm, Dornoch. 

I>6. Wigtown: l>rooke S. Cunliffe, Wigtown. 


'.<~. Douglas: Lieut. -Col. Henry William Madoc, C. B. E., M. V. O. 



!»(^. Accrington, Lancastc-i : G. Sinclair. 
90. Ashton-under-Lyne. :;r:cast'r- Hy. A. Tolson. 
too. Bacup, Lancaster: Erne.'^t W. Stu)-t. 

101. Banhurv, Oxford: Fred Wilson. 

102. Barn.sley, York. W. R.: G. H. Butler. 
10:;. Bain.^taple, Devon: Ri^'hai;! S. Fdd\-. 

104. Barrow-in-Furness. Lancaster: John I!err^\ 

105. Bath, Somei'£et: J. V. Phillipps. 

106. Bedford, Bed.-.; P'rancis Timlsrell. 

'•'7. Beverley, York, E. R.: James E. Carpenter. 

108. Bii'kenhead, Che.ste)': Fdward Parker. 

109. Birmin- ' r. . Wa^ ic'; • Ciai'es H. Ratter, C. B. E. 
1.10. Blackbuin, I ancaster: C. Hodson. 


1 M. E31acl<i)ool, Lancaster: H. E. Doihani. 
112. Bolton, Lancaster: F. W. Mullineux, 
ll?>, Bootle. Lancaster: Philip T. B. Frow-ne, 

114. Boston, Lincoln: Joseph A. Burnet. 

115. Bradford, York, W. R.: Joseph Farndale, O. B. E. 

116. Bridftwatcr, Somerset: W. J. Davey. 

117. Brighton, Sussex: Charles Griffin." 

118. Bristol, Gloucester; J. H. Vatson, O. B. E. 

119. Burnley, Lancaster: V/. H. Smith. 

120. Cambridge. Cambridge: Robert John Pearson. 

121. Canterbury, Kent: B. H. A. Carlton. 

122. Carlisle. Cumberland: E. H. Spence. 

123. Cheppint>- or High Wycombe, IJucKs: W. T. Jones. 

124. Chester. Chester: T. C. Griffiths. 
\'^r->. Chesterfield, Derby: R. Kilpatrick. 

126. Clitheroe, Lancaster; John C. Huxtahle. 

127. Colchester, Essex: Major H. C. Stockwell. O. B. E. 

128. Congleton, Chester: Thomas Nuttall. 

129. Coventry, Wanvick; Williaiii Imber. 

130. Derby, Derbv: Oapt. H. M. Haywood. 

131. Dewsbury, York, W. R.: Sam Bai'raclough. 

132. Doncastei', York: W. Adams. 

133. Dover, Kent: Charles Green. 

134. Dudley, Worcester: Jas. Niven Campbell. 

135. Durham, Durham; W. W. Dunn. 

136. Faftbourne, Sussex, East: Wni. Hy. Smith. 

137. Exeter, Devon: Arthur F. Nicholson. 

138. Folkestone, Kent: Harry Reeve. 

139. Gateshead, Durham: Richard Ogle. ^ 

140. Glossop, Derby: John G. Hodgson. 

141. Grantham, Lincoln: J R. Casburn. 

142. (ivave-cnd, Kent: Henry F. Thurley. 

143. Great Grimsby. Lincoln: J. Stii'ling. 

iy4. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: Ben. W. Smith. 
llf). Guildford, Surrey: W. V. Nicholas. 

146. Halifax, York. W. R.- ]\'-V) A. H. Richardson. 

147. Hartlepool, Durham; All e- f- Wntei'bo'toni. 0. B. F. 

148. Hastings, Sussex; Frederick Jaines. 

149. Hereford, Herefoi'd: Thon^as Rav.sou. 
'r-.0. Hovo. Sussex: William C. Hilliei'. 

151. Huddersfield, York. W. R.; C'pt. J. V\ . Moore. 

152. Hvde. Chester: J. W. A. Danl.y. 

153. Ipswich, Suffolk: Capt. A. T. .Schreiber. 

154. Kendal, Westmoreland: Jo epi; Smith. 

155. Kidderminster. Worcester- Fredk. Gray. 
1;"6. King's Lvnn, Norfolk: Chas. Hunt. 

157. Kingston-upon-Hull, Yoj-k, F. R.; Geore.e Moilev, C. B F., B. C. L 


158. Lancaster, Lancaster; Chas. F. Harriss. 

159. Leanuno-ton, Warwick: T. T. Earnshaw. 

160. Leeds, York, W. R.: Lieut.-Col. F. J. Lemon, D. S. 0. 
-161. Lrico ter. Leicester; Herbc: t .-'' Ik-n. 


.'j;j. I.il3erty of roierboioug'li, Xov.hanipton: Lieut. J. D. K. MacCullum, O. V>. K 
16."5. Lincoln, Lincoln: William S. Hufthes. 

164. Uvei-poo!, Lancaster: P. Caldwell. C. B. E., M. V. 0. 

165. Livei-pool, Lancaster: Asst. L. D. L. Everett. 

166. London, JVliddlesex: Sir W. Nott-Bower, K. C V. 0. 

167. London, Middlesex: Capt. Donald Bremner. 

168. London, Middlesex: John Stai-k, 0. B. E. 

169. Luton, Beds.: Albert Scott. 

170. iua^<•i, Siie d. Henry Sheasby. 

171. Maidstone, Kent: Anf-us C Mackintosh. 

172. Manchestei-, Laiicaster: Sir Robeit Peacock, M. V. O. 
17". Maig-jite, Kent: A. Appleyard. 

174. Middlesborough, Yoik, N. li.: Henry IJiches, O. B. E. 
]7r). Newark, Nott.'?: Albert Wright. 

176. Newcastlo-on-Tyne, Noithum bin-land: J. B. Wright, C. B. E., LL. J) 
17 (. iNewcastle-on-lyne, Staffs.: Wm. Forstei*. 

175. Ne\vpo)'t, Monnioutli: Chas. E. Gower. 

]7!>. Xorthamptor.. Northampton: F. H. Mardlin. 

180. Nottingham, Nots.: Lieut. -Col. Frank Brook, D. S. O., M. C. 

181. Norwich, Norfolk: J. H. Dain. 

182 Oldham, Lancaster: Arthur Killick Mayall. 

183. Oxford, Oxford: Or.n-ald Cole. 

184. Penzance, Cornwall: H. Kenyon. 

185. Peterborough, Northampton: Thos, Danby. 
m86. liymouth. uf^-on- H. h. Sau'er.^-. 

187. Portsmouth, Hants: Thomas Daviesi. 

188. Preston, Lancaster: J. P. K. Watson. 

189. Ramso-ate. KoM: S, F. Rntler. 

190. Reading,, Berks.: Capt. J. S. Henderson. 

191. Reigate, Surrey: J as. iVietcalte. 

192. Rochade, Lancaster: Henry Howarth. 
19;;. Rochester, Kent: A 

194. Rotherham, York, W. R • R. W.-atherhog-. 

195. Ryde, isle of Wight: C. Clicfnslicet. 

"H). Sairmd, Lancaster: Major C. V. Godfrey. 

197. Salisbury, Wilts.: Frank Richardson. 

198. Scarborough, York, N. R. * Henry Windsor. 

199. Shotfiold, York, W R.: Lieut.-Col. John Hall-Dahvood. 
2'JJ, :Jhre\vsbury, Salop: F. Davies. 

-ui. foouthampton, Hants; W. Edward Jones. 
. boul loiid-on-Sea. i<]sh;ex: H. M. Kerslake. 
203. Southuort, Lancaster: IVIajor M. J. Egan. 
0-. ^^---^^'c^i^-lds. Durham: Wm. Scott, O. B. E. 

205. Stalvbiidge, Cheshire: Capt. J. Bates. 

206. St. Albans, Herts: John E. Harrison. 

207. St. Helens, I^ancaster: A. R. P"!lleringLon. 

208. Stockport, Chester: F. Brindlev. 

209. Stoke-cn-Trent, Stafford: R. J. Carter. 

210. Sunderland, Durham: I'". J. Crawley. 

211. Tivei'ton, Devon: Thos. IMercer. 

212. Truro, Cornwall: Frank P.'aroe. 

213. Tunbiidge WpIIs, Kent: Charles Prior. 

214. Tvne River, Nortlivin^beiland: ^L Jamieson. 


•■ir>. Tynenioutli, North anibpv1''n<': T. Tllackburn. 

:i\(i. Wakefield, York, W. R.: R. Yrlloly. 

217. Walla^rv, ChoPtcr: P. L. Barry, 

•its. Walsall," Stafford: Alex. Tliomson. 

219. WariinfTton, Lancaster: Martin Nicholls. 

220. Weymouth. Dorset (Vacant). 

221. Wigan. Lancaster: J. S. Percival. 

222. Winchester, Hants: -John Sim. O. B. E. 

223. Windsor. Berks: James T. Carter. 

224. WolvcrhDnipton, Stafford: D. Webster. 

225. Worcester. Worcester: Thos. W. Byrne. 

226. York, York: Henry Woolnough. 


227. Cardiff, Glamoigan: J. A. Wilson. 

228. Carmai-then, Carmarthen: AV. H. Evans. 

229. Merthyr Tydlil, Glamor^'an: D. M. Davies. 
2'M). Neath! Claiv.orj^an. vViJliam HiKgina. 

2.S1. Swansea, Glamorgan: Capt. A. H. Thomas 


:!.')2. Aberdeen, Aberd^^en: William Anderson. 

233. Airdrie. Lanark: A. W. Christie. 

234. Alloa, Clackmannan: John Johnston. 
'.135. Arbroath, Forfar: J. Macdonald. 

236. Ayr, Ayr: James Lowdon. 

237. Brechin, Foifar: Robert Bvucc. 

238. CoatbridR-e, Lanaik: \V. Macdonald. 

239. Dumbarton, Dumbarton: A. Cruikshank. 
i-MO. Dumfries. IHimfries: William Black. 

241. Dundee, Forfar: John Carmichael. 

242. Dunfermline, Fife: Georf^e l>ruce, M. B. E. 

243. FdinburRh, l-^dinhiiruh : Roderick Ros.->, L. B. E.. .M. \ . O.. 0. (' 

244. Forfar, Forfar; Capt. James Thomson. 
:;4rv Galashiels. Selk-rlc: Alexander Noble. 

246. Glasgow. Lanark: J. V. Stevenson, C. B. E., M. V. O. 

247. Greenock, Renfrew: James Christie. 

248. H:imilton, Lanark: John Clark. 

' i!>. Hawick, Roxburgh: David Thom. 
•*.")(). Inverness, Inverness: John McXaug-hton. 
2r)l. Johnstone, Renfrew: Charles Forbes. 
2r)2. Kilmarnock, -\vr: Angus Cameron. 


2");!. Kirkcaldy, Fifo: David Gatherum. 

254. Lerwick. iSlietland: Gordon Emslie. 

255., Foifar: A. ^hui-. 

256. Paisley, Renfrew : William Duncan. 

257. IVrtii. Peith: John Scott. 

258. Rcnfi-ew, Renfrew: Wjlliain Robb. 

259. Rothesay, Bute: William McKay. 

260. Stirling', Stirling: Geo. Nicol. 

ijst of si i'khintfndlnts of divisions of counties in 
knclam). wales, and scoiland , with their stations. 


261. Abei'gavenny, ]\lonmfuth: Tom Jones. 

262. Abergavenny, Monmouth: John Thomas. 
26;i. Abertilieiv, Monmouth: H. Lewi.s, D. C. C. 

264. Abingdon.' Berks: W. T. Foster. 

265. Aldershot, Hants: W. Davis. 

266. .A,lfieton Dciby: George l-'ennell. 

267. Alnwick, Northumberland: T. Bolton. 

268. Alton, Hants: F. Reuben. 
26f). Altrincham, Chester: J. Lees. 

270. Amesbury, Wilts: A. S. Buchanan. 

271. Amphill, Beds: F. J. Underwood. 

272. Andover, Hants: J. L. Cox. 

27.">. Appleby, Westmoreland: E. Dickinson. 

274. Arrington, Cambs: John Salmon. 

275. Arundel, West Sussex: F. J. Peel. 

276. Ashbourne, Derby: D. Davies. 

277. Ashby-de-Ia-Zouche, Leicester: W. Lockton. 

278. Ashford, Kent: W. G. Paramour. 
27'.). Aylesbury, Bucks: Henrv Wootton. 

280. Avlesburv, Bucks: Charles Pollard, D. C. C. 

281. Bakewell, Derby: C. A. Stone. 

282. Barnstaple, Devon: Major R. Halford-Thompson. 
28:;. Barnsley. Yoik, W. R.: J. McDonald. 

284. P>arton-on-Hun:ber, Lines.: Aithur Johnson, 

285. Ra-^ingstoke, Hants: W. F. Jacobs. 

286. Battle, Sussex, East: H. Braine. 

287. Beaminster, Doiset: Arthur Beck. 

288. Bed fold, Beds: W. G. Purser. 

289. Berwick, Northumberl'ind: P. Halliday. 

290. Beverley, York, F. R.: J. Ciisp, D. C, C. 

INTKltXAT L I'Ul.lCK A, t )KTivCTl\'l-: I )1 1{E('T()I{ V 

":)1. r,c.vliill-on-St'a, SusscN. E.: \\\ Wliitl(,ck. 

:".»2. l]ic'0.stcr, Oxford: Geo. Adams. 

2^X\. Rifrgleswade. Beds: J. W. Nicholson. 

■:^I)4. Uihton, Stafford: V. Tuckoi'. 

•J'.>r>. l^irkcnhoad, Thef^ter: T. Knnion. 

2l^(>. F{i,«]iop Auckland, Diirham: F.. Hoailcn. 

L*l)7 l^i'liop's Stortford, Herts: J. Sullivan. 

JMS. IJlackbuni, Lancapttr; J. S. .McKeard. 

•JUil. lilandford. Horset: Ernest Thomas. 

'■)0(K Itlyth, Xorthumbf rland: D. Hvitchr'son. 

:'.01 Ikxlinin, Cornwall: K. Banfic'xi, I). C. C. 

.".02. liolton, Lancaster: James Wilson. 

:'(>:^. )5ourne, Lincoln: \Vm. Good. 

.■;04. IJouinemouth. Hant.s: S. Gaiiett. 

'!0r). r.oxi'ord, SuffVlk: H. Keevc. 

:H»f;. Bradford, York: S. Olive?'. 

;'.07. Braintree. Ei;se\: T. A. Joyce. 

■■(IS. i;ia'i.).ton. Cumberland: E. Whitesid(\ 

.".09. Brentwood. LsJiex: J. E. Boye<'. 

■'.10. Bridunoilh. Salop: M. L Phillip'-. 

:!i1. I'.rM'^svali'r. S.v t'r><'I • A. S1e'\art. 

■ ■12. Br (liinu.ton, York, E. B.: J. W. Bobson. 

;;B{. r.r;«Ml(y Hill. Staffoid: J. Rov.botham. 

"14. Bron.Egrove, Worcester: C. Bu<lnick. 

>. t^tDii.vHrd. Hereford: J. Groves, Broucrh. York. E. B.: H. Huddleston. 

"17. liroxton. ('licstcr: Joseph Yaie. 

:'.1N. Buckin-t'Hi^ Bucks: W. Bunker. 

.;l;). Burton-on-Trent, Staflord: B. Heath. 

"20. Bury, Lancastei': S. l^ickerinR-. 

'':ll. Bury St. Edmunds, Sufi'olk: 1'. Brunniny. 

:V22. Buxton, Deiby: John D. Brad\ . 

"2."'. Camboi'nc, Coi'nwall: S. Si^nile. 

"24. Cambridge. CambiMu'c- A. I'. .Allen. 

r.2."'>. Cannock, Staffs: J. :\lorrey. 

826. Canterbury, Kent: C. A. Hrani. 

;J27. Carlisle, Cumberland: Jas. Witch. 

o28. Castle Edoi, Dui'ham: J. Thom]>son. 

n29. Chapel-le-Erith, Dobv: J. Dui'Iian. 

V,m. Chatham, Kent: W. H. Hawvaid. 

.'^;^1. Chelmsfo)d, Essex: C. A. Harwood. 

"32. Cheltenham, Gloucester: E. Cooke. 

83o. Cheltenham, Gloucestt-i-: Thos. Griffin. 

;>34. Chepi)ii\)4' or Hifih Wvcombe, liucks- '^I. Kiibv. 

.S.%. Chertsev, Surrey: AJfied Dass. 

336. Che.^ham, Bucks: A\'. Field. 

337. Chester. Cliesn'v WilliaiVi Leah, 1). C. C. 

338. Chestcn;eld. f< 1 • r-, Kaulkner, D. C. C. 

339. Chester le SticCL, j i. am: W . D. Barlow. 

340. Chichester. Suss-^- \\\, -■ Walter H. Rieit. 

341. Chippenham, \Mlts: H. F. Wells. 

342. Chipjiinv; C.''.m<len, ( jIoiu e-1er: K. A. li>nikei-. 


84;^ Chipping Norton and Banbury, Oxford: 

P)44. William Page. 

;i45. Chipping' Sodbiuy. Gloucester- W. J. Lane. 

:;46. Chorley, Lancaster: J. Mar.-;hall. 

:!47. Chud'!oii>-li, Devon: C. E. Carey. 

;US. Church, near Acciingron. Lancaster: J. T. Turner. 

I'A'.i. ('irtiHcstei, Clouccster: Pxlward Selwood. 

.'!50. Clacton-on-Sea, Essex: G. E. Phillibrown. 

:^51. Clare. Suffolk: (Vacant). 

:;i)2. Cockerirouth, CumbeViand: .John Masson. 

35". Consett, Durham: J. Drydon. 

:.;)4. Cninlnook, Kent: J. \V. Cliee^eman. 

.",55. Crediton. Devon: Michael Egan. 

'.'f)(). Crewe, Chester: A. Owen. 

;'.57. Cullompton, Devon: J. Joslin. 

']bS. Darlington, Durhjim: H. Diyden. 

.".iVJ. Lartfoid, Kent: T. W. Fowle. 

.'U)0. iJaventiy, Northampton: H. Tebbey 

:'.()L Dciby, l">erby: T. F. Richar(lsf>n. 

;:G2. Dcr.s.ngham, Norfolk- W. Maiie.-. 

'■(.>'■'•. J cvi:'e,-:, Wilts: Alfred Fore. nan. 

.'104. Dewsbury, York, W. R.: H. Barraclough. 

VS'k i oiKMster, York. W. R.: A. .1. Minty. 

."(Wl. 1 oichetter, Dorset: Richard Hussey. 

■ ICn. 1 orl:.!!'--, Sujiey: R. G. liarnaid. 

.'HiS. lownhiim Market, Norfolk: L- Cha))man. 

"CM. 1 rili eld. York. E. R.: G. Wain I. 

:;70. Duk infield, Chester: T. Butler. 

:>71. Dunster. Somerset: William Perrv. 

.'572. Durham. Durham: .[ohii Waller, D. C. C. 

.'{7'!. Dursley, Gloucestei-: .John p]vans. 

o74. Eai-tleigh, Hauls: Wm. Deacon. 

875. East Dereham. Norfolk: John Mann. 

:'.76. East Grinstead, Sussex. East: W. Edgeley. 

377. East Pvetford, Notts: H. Godfrey. 

378. Ely, L'-lc of Ely: H. Roythorne, D. C. C. 

379. Epping, Essex: Allen Ellis. 
"i^'O. Ei)\vortli. Lines: J. Weston. 

381. Evesham. Worcester: H. Pegg. 

382. Exeter, Devon; Capt. E. K. Aibuthnot. D. C. C. 

383. Eye. Suffolk, East: W. Pvuffles. 

384. Falmouth. Cornwall: Thonias Nicholls. 
■•Sr> Fai-eham. Hant'^: R. Knux. 

386. Faringdon, Beik--; Thomas Grant. 

387. Farnham. Surity: Arthur Siminonds. 

388. Faver.«ham, Kent: W. H. Lawrence. 
."•8!). Felling, Durham: A. Gargate. 

3.00. Fisberton, Salisbury. Wilts: F. Cowdrey. 
391. Flax Pouvton, Somerset: Geo. Pitman. 
392 Fleetwood, Lancaster: Wm. Thompson. 

393. Forebi-idge. Stafford: R. Pilliner. 

394. F^ojue. Somerset: J. H. Gilbanks. 

395. Gainsborough, Lincoln: John Weston. 


:'!)G. (iarstar,^- (Bowgrave), Lancaster: B. Canton. 

.■'!)7. (Tastonbury, Somerset: H. Sparkes. 

r.<)8. Cloucester, CHoucestev: A. W. Hopkins:, D. C. C. 

•■;;>!). Cioiialming, Suri-ey: H. J. Jennings. 

400. Goole, Yo]k, W. R.: John Budge. 

401. Gosforth, Newcastle. Northumberland: J. Irving. 
-102. Go port, Har.tE: John Abel. 

10.'5. Grays, Essex: A. C. Cowell. 

i()4. Great Grimshv, L.incoln: Thns, Sindall. 

405. Great Torrington. Devon: K. Shutler. 

406. Guildford, Surrey: H. J. Page, D. C. C. 

407. Guishovongh. York. N. R.: John Rose. 

408. Hallsham, Sussex, East: A. Willard. 

409. Halesowen, Woree.?ter: Thos. Lewis. 

410. Halesvv-orth, Suffolk: A. Cooper. 

411. Halifax, York, W. R.: Wm. Peokitt. 
.■>12. Harleston, Norfolk: L^^aiah Fullei-. 
418. Hatfield. Herts: G. Knighl, D, C. C. 

414. Hayv.ards Heath, Sussex, East: A. Anscombe. 

415. Hazel Grove, Stooknort, Cl-Cster: A. J. Putton. 

416. Hemel Hempstead, 'Herts: V/. V. Hagger. 

417. Henley, Oxford: Ralph Wa.-tie. 

418. Hereford, Hereford: 1^. Lewis. 

419. Hereford and Abbey iJoie, Heiefoid: A. Weaver. D. C. C. 

420. Her.-^ham, Surrev: W. Gallowav, 

421. Hertford. Herts: W. Ebling. 

422. Heworth,' York, N. R.: J. Welford. 

423. Hexharn, Northnmbeiland: R. H. Taylor. 

424. High Wyconibe, Bucks: G. Kirby.' 

425. Hincklev, Leicester: vV. C. Rigbv. 

426. Hitchin, Herts: F. W. ^^'arren. 
4:.!7. Holsworthv. Devon: H. BoutJield. 
428. Holt. Norfolk: L. Collver. 

■4:^!>. Honiton, Devon: N. I']. Praddell. 

4.")0. Horsham, Sussex, Vv^e^-t: ('lenient Bristow. 

431. Hougbton-le-Spring, Durham: W. Lawson. 

432. Hudderslield, York, W. R.: G. A. McDowell. 

433. Huntingdon, Huntingdon: W. Elwood, D. C. C. 

434. Hurst Brook, A.'-hton-under-Jjvne, Lancas+^er- Alfred Proffitt. 
4:',.5. Ikeston, Derby: C. Walker. 

436. Hminster, Sojnerset: J. Chapman. 

43.7. Ipswich, Suffolk: G. Staunton, M. P. E., D. C. C. 

438. Jarrow, Dni'ham: Thos. Hammond. 

439. Keighley, York, W. R.: J. S. Slack. 

440. Kendnl, Westmoreland: R. Dev, hurst. 

441. Kettering, Northampion: W. G. Hooper, D. C. C. 

442. Kingsclere, H.ants: E. Sackley. 

44R. Knaresboruugh, Yo)-k, W. R.: John Beaton. 

444. Launceston. Cornwall: Alfred Webber. 

445. Ledbury, Hereford: J. H. Williams. 

446. Leeds, York. W. R.: C. Woodcock. 

447. Leek, Stafford: S. Hicklin. 

448. Leicester, Leicester: Levi P>0A,lev. 


•14!). Leigh, near iManches'^ei', Laiicaster: H. Whitehead. 

450. Leigliton Burzaid, Ceds: K. Matthews. 

\IA. Leoir.instev, Heiefoid; C. IvOoke. 

IT/. Lewes, Sussex, A. Wag-horn, D. C. C. 

lu.>. Levbuin, York, A. R.: George Bovnton. 

ir,l. Liehfield, Staifs: W. Mns^. 

■l.Or). Liskeard, Cornwall: William Gard. 

456. Long-lord, \\i.i-wick: W. Drakelev. 

l.')7. Louuhbovoug-I'. Lei-esiei.- I". G. Smith. 

458. Louth, Lines: R. Fal^r.te. 

ir,i). Lowfslott, Suffolk: W. A. Newscr.. 

460. Ludlow, Salop: D. Williams. 

461. Luton, Beds: C. Panter. 

Ui'Z. Luttei worth, Leicestei-: W. K. Holland. 

16'!. l.ydney, GlouceKler: F. Honeybone. 

164. Lvndhurst, Tlant.^: F. G. Jones. 
46.S. Macclet field, Chester- E. Hindley. 

166. Mai''enhead, Berks: James Davis. 

467. Maidstone. Kent: iMajor H. E. Chapman, i). C. C. 

KiS. Maidstone. Kent: W. Mepsted. 

46!). Malme-b'irv, \Mlts: F. Maidment. 

!,0. M Iton, \ork, R. N.: G. Craven. 

471. Malvei-n, Woi-cestershire: V^ Sheriff. 

I7l\ Manchester, Lancaster (Ship Canal): H. Clarke. 

17:!. Mani field, No'.t.-: F. Rodgers, D. C. C 

iM. March, Isle oi' Fly: Cn.''.f]os Jacobs. 
47ri. Market Raser,, Lincoln: Ste])hen Page. 

!76. :\larlbo'ough, Wilts: Alex. ^Jackie. 

477. .Marke*: H'i}-borough, Leice.-ter- T. Robertson 

478. Matlock, Derby: J. Claike. 

47!). Melton Mow'orav, Leicester: A. Smith. 

480. Middk'wicli. Che'<ter: J. J. Cash. 


481. :\laior E. M. Lafone. 
i8-_'. :\lai(.'r M. H. Tomlin. 

48!!. H. D. iMorpan. 
484. James I'illings. 

MF:TR()POLrrAN POLICE mSIRICT— Superintendents. 
48.^) A— W. J. Hopkins, Cannon Row, Whitehall. 

486 P. — Ernest Bacchus, Walton Street, Biompton. 

487 C— Chas. Bastable, 10 Wno Sh-eet, Piccadillv, W. 

488 D— Charles Glass., Maiylebone Lsne, W. 

489 E — James Cameron, Bow Sti'eet. 

4i)0 F — J. Shoit, Paddingvon Green, Paddington. 

4!)1 Ci — Albert Davis. King's Cross Road, Clerkenwell, E. C. 

492 H — Francis Mackav, Leman Street, Whitechapel, E. 

493 J— J. Best Lower CL^.pton Road, Hackney. 

494 K — Wm. MaclMillan, West India Dock Road, Limehouse, E. 

495 L — Edwin liewis, Lowei- Kenning'ton Lane, Surrey, S. E. 

496 M— Arthur Hammett, •12:-! Borough High Street, Southwark, S. E., Surrey 

497 N — William Parker, High Street, Stoke Newington, N. 

498 P — Jas. Anderson, Police Station, High Street, Peckham, Surrey. 
4'.)!i R — l'"rancis Pratt, Blackheath Road, Greenwich, S. E., Kent. 


500 S— T. Williams, 104 Albany Street, Eegent's Park, N. W. 

501 T — W. Newman, Queen Street. Hammersmith. 

r,02 V— Alfred Eoxbali. West H'll, Wandsworth, S. W.. Surrey. 
TiO;! \\'- E. West, Brixton Road, Surrey, S. W. 

504 X — Thomas Landon, Earrow Road, W. 

505 Y— John Evans, Kentish Town, N. W. 

506. H. W. G. Milnuin, Wt. Smithfield, London. 

507. Charles Clark, Thames Div., Wapping", K. 

508. K. C. S. Baker. London and India Docks. 
: 09. Midhurst. Sussex, West: Alfred lennicott. 

510. Mildenhall, Suffolk: Charles H. Heigham, D. C. C. 

511. Monmouth. Monmouth: W. Bullock. 

512. Morpeth, Northumberland: J. A. T. Wight. 
51o. Nantwich, Chester: John Sutton. 

514. Newark, Notts: John I,ucas. 

515. Newbuvv, Bei'ks: Joseph Maunders. 

516. Newcastle, Staffs: John Hall. 

517. J ewmarket, Cambridge: W. Winter, D. C. C. 

518. Newport PagneM, Bucks: E. J^ibben. 

519. Newport, Isle of Wight: J. H. Gallaway, D. C. C. 
._.:;0. Noithallerton, York, N. R.: John Walker. 

o21. Noi-thampton: H. Tebbey. 

522. Noilhlcach, Gloucester: John Dennis. 

520. Northwich, Chester: R. F. Richardson. 

524. Northwich, Oakmere, Chester: H. Mighall. 

525. North Walshan:. Norfolk: H. Carter. 

526. Norwich, No. folk: W. H?g;',er 

527. Nottingham. Notts: H. R'climond. 

528. Nuneaton. Warwick; William Spencei'. 
539. Oldbury, Woi'cester: Wm. J". ^lilsoni. 

530. Oswestry, Shropshire: A. K. Taylor. 

531. Old Trafford, Manchestei', Lancaster: W. Keys. 

532. Ormskirk, Lancaster: Fiinu-is IL dapper. 

533. Otley, York, W. R.: W. 1 Slacker. 

534. Oundle, Northanipton: A. Osborn. 

535. Oxted, Surrey: Edwin West. 

536. Penrith. Cumberland: Jos. Bai'ron. D. C. C. 

537. Peterfield. Hants: W. T. Jones. 

538. Petworth, Sussex, West: S. G. Alee. 

539. Pickering. York, N. R.; T. Calvert. 

540. Plympton Earle, Devon: W. H. Chammings. 

541. Pockington, Y'ork, E. II.: J. Sweeney. 

542. Poole, Dorset: Ernest Sprackling. 

543. Pontefract, York, W. R.: J. Fairbairn. 

544. Pontesbury, Salop: P. Harrison. 

545. Pontypool, Mon)nouth: J. Barrv. 

546. Portland, Dorset: William Miller. 

547. Prescot, Lancaster: J. Garvcy. 

548. Rawtenstall, Lancaster: H. Li.n-'^ker. 

549. Reading, Berks: Tom Randall. 

.550. Reading, Berks: A. J. Hedges. D. C. C. 

551. Redditch, Worcester: S. Davies. 

552. Reedley, Lancaster: James H. Cleal. 


r)5o. Renshaw, Chesterfield, Derby: F. J. Andrew. 
ri54. Richmond, York, N. R.: \\'. F. Brough. 
555. Ringwood, Hants: E. G. Hall. 
i<'i> Ri"ca, ^loniiioiKh: W. Poitei'. 
."i57. Rochiiale, Lanci',> ter : R. Jiui p. 

558. Ronitord, Lssex: \V. J. T. Hoxv'.ett. 

559. Romsey, Hants: W. 

560. Ross, Hereford: J. Broad. 

5{)l. Rotherham, York, W. R. Thomas Horton. 

562. Rugby, Warwick; E. J. Clarke. 

563. Runcorn, Chester: A. Sudlow. 

564. Saddleworth, Oldham, York, W. R.: Gilbert A. McDowal 
;)65. baff'.on W'alden. Essex: F. C. Flack. 

566. Sandwich, Kent: W. .J. Barton. 

567. Scunthorue, Lincoln: M. Holmes. 

568. Seabrook* Hythe, Kent: C. Castle. 

569. Seaforth, Lancaster: Joseph Wilcork. 
.70. Selby, York, W. R.: F. Siafford. 

571. Se'tle, York. W. R.: W. Burgin. 

572. Sevenoaks, Kent: E. Fowle. 

573. Sheffield, York, W. R.: J. Somerset. 

574. Sherborne, Dorset: A. Bai*rett. 

575. Sittingbourne, Kent: E. Crowhur^t. 

576. Skerton, Lancaster: .J. Jackson. 

577. Skipton, York. W. R.: E. ViUighan. 

578. Skirbeck Quartei, Lincoln: F. Epton. 
589. Sleaford, Lincoln: Arthur Duffin. 
580. Slough, r.uckin ;hain : Janies Pearce. 
.--81. Smethwick, Stafford: J. R. Needham. 
582. Solihull, Warwick: William Carbis. 
5S;5. Soil erton, Soireiset' H. M. Attwood. 
-.84. South Bank, York?. N. R.: A. Walker. 
585. South Molton. Devon: J. Newbery. 
•'i86. Spalding, [j'ncoin: Orion Woolnough. 
587. Splisbv, Lincoln: John Rawding. 

5S8. St. Ives, Huntingdon: C. Gale. 

5S0. St. Xeots, Huntingilon: W. Stoi-ey. 

."'90. Stangroiuid, Hunts.: (]. Wilson. 

r>!)L Staii'e Hill. Gloucester; Alfred Cooke. 

• '92. Steyning, West .Sussex: A. Gibbons. 
59,".. Stockton, Durham: K. S. James. 
r.!>4. Stone, Stafford: J. W. Turner. 

595. Stourbi-idge, Worcester: T. W. Hill. 
•'96. Stourport, Worcester: Alfred Pass. 

• '97. Stratford, Wai-wick: Thomas Lee. 

598. Stroud, Gloucester: R. H. Hojikins. 

599. Sutton Coldtleld. Warwick: William J. Lambourne. 
(^OO. Swaffliam, Norfolk: A. r.a.rett. 

m\. Swindon rP.oroL Wilts- 'ri>o-,-i P.arrett. 
602. Swindon (County), Wilts: G. Millard. 
60r.. Tadcaster, York, W. R.: J. Ramsey. 

604. Taunton, Somer.set: E. Young. 

605. Taunton, Somei.set: Tom Brown, D. C. C. 


006. Tavistock, Devon: Capt. W. J. Goixlon. 

(507. Tettenhall, Wolvei'hampton, Stafford: John Higgs. 

(;08. Thornaby-on-Tees, York. N. R.: Procter Alexander, 

rA,\). Tonbridge, Kent: J. Neaves. 

(ilO. Todmorden, York, W. R.: Wm. Peckitt. 

(ill. Torquav. Devon: H. Crooke. 

(;12. Totnes," Devon: C. Hulland. 

(>13. Towcester, Nottingha.m : E. Dunn. 

(514. Tredegar, Monmouth: James Wilson. 

()15. Trowbridge, Wilts: Alfred Underwood. 

616. Truio, Cornwall: Albert J. Davies. 

(;17. Uckficld, Sussex, East: Isaac Budgen. 

(i.18. Ulverston, Lancaster: Jumes Yates. 

(519. Ulioxeter, Stafford: J. Hodkinson. 

620. Wakefield, York, W. R.: A. Hoyle. 

021. Wallsend, Northumberland: W. Metcalf. 

622. Wantage, Berks: Geo. Gibbs. 

623. Ware, Herts: C. H. Handky. 

624. Warehani, Dorset: Henry Toop. 

625. Warminster, Wilts: W. T. Brooks. 

626. Warwick, Warwick: J. Ravenhall, D. C. C. 

627. Watford. Herts: J. W. Moles. 

628. Wednesbury, Stafforfl: Thos. Salt. 

629. Well'ngborougii, iMorthai pton: H. D. INIacieod. 

630. Wellington, Salop: J. I^lcher, D. C. C. 

631. Weoblev, Hereford: T. Wright. 

632. West Biomwich, Stafford: John Spendlove. 

633. West Hartlepool. Durham: T. McDonald. 

634. West Mailing, Kent: Edwiii Ford. 

635. Weston, Somer^ W. Jennings. 

636. Wei-ton-super-Mare, Somerset: A. Richardson. 

637. Whitby, York, N. R.r Tom Robinson. 

638. Whitechurch, .Salop: T. Jones. 

639. Whitehaven, Cumberland: C. F. Melville. 

640. Widnes, Lancaster: Wm. Kenyon. 

641. Wigan, Lancaster: W. Banister. 

642. Wigton, Cumberland: W. Thwaite. 
()43. Wimboine, Dorset: J. Sims. 

(;44. Wincanton, Someivset: G. Coombes. 

645. Winchester, Hants: .Robert Smith. 

646. Windsor, Berks: H. Jannaway. 

647. Wisbeck, Isle of Elv: Ernest Roythorne. 
048. Withernsea, York, E. R,: W. Mitchell. 
649. Witney, Oxford: Francis Day. 

()50. Wiveliscombe, Somerset: D. Hallett. 

651. Wokingham, Borks: C. C.oddard. 

652. Woking, Surrey: W. R. Lucas. 

653. Woodville, Burton-on-Trent, Derby: W. J. Badger. 

654. Woolwich. Kent: J. Devine. 

655. Worcester, Worrestei': James Wasley, D. C. C, 

656. Wokington, Cumbeilann: W. J Hutchinson. 

657. Worksop, Notts: Samuel Meakin. 

658. Worlhinc-, Sus=px. We-t: Frank Avis. 

659. Wyniondham, Norfolk: W. Roy. 

660. Yeovil, Somerset: W. H. Williams. 




(J«)l. Ahcracle, Glamorgan: E. Rees. 

(J()2. Aberystwyth, Cardigan: D. Phillip?. 

()6;!. IJarrv Dock, Gla;norgan: D. Morris. 

()(J4. iiala; Merioneth: D. t. Morgan, D. C. C. 

(565. Bangor, Carnarvon: T. J. Pritchard. 

666. Brecon, Brecon: Steven Jones, D. C. C. 

()67. Biidgend, Glamorgan: W. Davies. 

(568. Brynmawr, Brecon: W. Williams. 

t;61). Canton. (il'Jmorgan: \V. Jones. 

'570. Cannatthen. Carmarthen: John E. Jones. 

(571. Carnarvon, Carnarvon: E. Williams. 

(572. Cohvvn Bav, Denbigh- T. Reresfoid. 

67.'}. Conway. Carnarvon: G. T, Guest, D. C. C. 

(574. Denhigli, Denbigh: K. Jone.s. 

(i76. Ki.sbguard, I'embroke: William Evans. 

G7r>. Goweiton, GlamorgaTi: CoL.F. W. Smith, D. S. 0. 

(i77. Haverfordwest, Pembroke: John James, D. C. C. 

(578. Holyhead, Anglesey : H. Williams, D. C. C. 

67!). Llandilo, Carmarthen: John I\vans, D. C. C. 

680. IJandrindod Wells, Radnor: W. Button. 

681. Llandvssul, Cardigan: D. Williams, D. C. C. 

682. Llanelly, Carmarthen: S. Jones 
(5S:5. Mold, Klint: J. Connah. 

(584. .Xeath, Glamorgan: Ben Evans. 
,('8.'). Newtown, Montgonierv: W. R. Williams, D. C. C. 
1686. Pembrnko Dock, Pejnbroke: W. G. Thomas, 
;(587. Pwllheli, Carnarvon: G. J. Griffith. 

(588. Pontvpridd, Glamoiiran: John Williams. D. C. C. 

6Si). RhAl, Flint: A. E. Lindsay, D. C. C. 

(51)0. Treharris, Glamorgan: T. Williams. 

(501. Ten Pcntre, Glamorgan:' T. Edwards. 

(5!)2. Denbigh: .lohn Tipretl. D. C. C. 


69o. Aberdeen, Aberdeen: James Middleton, D. C. C. 
(504. Airdrie, Lanark, Matt. McCuUoch. 
695. Avr, Ayr: John Forbes. 
606. P.anff, Banff: Geo. Slorach. D. C. C. 
697. Campeltown, Argyll: Colin Paterson. 
-698. Clydebank, Dumbarton: D. McLean. 

699. Cupar, Fife- Peter Morton, D. C. C. 

700. Dingwall, Ross: John Ro'-'s, D. C. C. 

701. Dornoch. Sutherland: Wm. Thornton. D. C. C. 

702. Dumbarton. W. Grasswick, D. C. C. 

70P,. Dumfries, Dumfi'ies: J. Fleming, D. C. C. 
704. Dunblane, Perth: J. Kidd. 
705. Dun iVi inline, Fife: D. Ciimming. 


Tin'}. T/unoon, Arg\l!: John MacKpnzic. 1). C C. 
TOT. Duns, Berwick: John Georf^e. D. C. C. 
,(S. Kdinhnriih, Midlothian: ]l. Krase) , I>. C. C. 
,'(*!». K'Igin, Elgin: D. Came)on, D. C. C. 
TiO. l-'alkirk, Htiviin-: L. Cifonhill. 
Til. KorFar, Forfar: A. T. Cook. D. C. C. 
712. Giffnock, Kenfrew: J. Tosh. 
TK!. Glasgow, Lanark: H. E]aston. 

714. Hamilton, Lanark: John Morrison, D. C. C. 

715. Hamilton, Lanark: A. Taylor. 

71(1. Haddington, East Lothian: J. Snowie D. C. C. 

'IT. fklensburg, Dumbarton: Sinclair Mackay. 

7 IS. hivcj-ness, Inverness: E. Macdonald, D. C. C. 

TM). Irvine, Ayr: David Happell. 

7-.>0. Jedburgh", Roxburgh: D. W. S. Urown, D. C. C. 

721. Kilmarnock, Ayr: G. Baibour. 

,22. Kimos.'--. Kinioss: Robert Stewart, D. C. C. 

72.".. Kirkcudbrigt. Kirkcudbrijrt: R. Robertson. 

724. Kirkintilloch, Dumbarton: John McLeod. 

72.">. Lanark, Lanark: J. D. (iracie. 

" n. l,in'i'hgo\v, Linlithgow: IT. Robinson, D. C. C. 

727. Motherw-eli, Lanark: C. Walker. 

728. Motho'well. Lan:irk: Andrew Ross. 

720. M'ls f^lbni-eh. Midlothian: Donald l'7indlay. 
T'lO. Nairn. Njiirn: Alex. Roljert'^on, D. C. C. 
7:n. PaisVv, RenfreA-: D. M'Lernan, I>. C. C. 
"•'2. reebVs, Peeb'es: U Dickson, D. C. C. 
T.VA. Perlh. Perth: '). Macpherson, D. C C. 
7?>4. Peterhead, Aberdeen: J. Marshall. 
7:^ri. Rothesay. Pnte: A. Stew.^.rt. D. C. C. 
7o6. Saltcoats. A\r: John Anderson. 
7.S7. Selkirk, Selkirk: Jchn Johnston, !). C. C. 
7:18. Stirling, Stifling- A. Sutherland, D. C. C. 
7.">t>. Stonohavon, Kini-ardine: J. Tait, D. C. C. 
740. Stornowav, Ros;: R. Alexanler. 
74'. Stv.-P'raor, Wigtown: A. Ross. D. C. C. 
742. \Vicl:, Caithness: N. Mackenzie. D. C. C. 


744. Doug-las: Richard I hike. 






ln-"])cctor-General (Vacant), Constabulary Office, Dublin Castle. 

Ucimtv Inspectoi-General, Charles A. Walsh, Esq., Constabulary Office, Dublin 

Assistant Inspector-General, E. M. Clayton, Esq., and Lieut. -Col. L H. Price, 
D. S. O., Constabulary Office, Dublin Castle. 

I'rivalc Secretary to Inspector-General, I. C. L. Silcock (District Insp.), Con- 
stabuhiry Office, Dublin Castle. 

rrincipal Staff Officer, Hugh M. Metcalfe, Esq., Constabulary Office, Dublin 

Clerk in Charge of Accounts, Georce JMcConkey, Esq., Constabulary Office, 
Dublin Castle. 


Head (Quarters: Charles, Dublin Castle. 
Antrim: V. A. Vritten, Lisburn. 
irniaKh: A. M. P. Dobbyn. Ainiayli. 
arlow: K. L. Su]3ple, Naas. 
■Cavan: Philip McDonagh (temi>orary), Cayan. 
Clare: Major C. F. F. Daviea (temporary), Ennis. 
Cork, K. R.: P. A. .Ahuhlen, Cork. ' 
Coi-k, W. R.: G. R. W. Patrick, Bandon. 
Donofial: ,J. Hughes, Lett'^)-kenny. 
Down: J. McNally (temporary), Downpatrick. 
l^Ml>liii: H. M. Lowndes, Howth. 
i'Vrmanagh: F. R. St. L. Tyrrell, Enniskillen. 
Gal way, E. P.: H. F. Taylour, Ballinasloe. 
Galway. W. R.: P. F. R. Cruise, Gal way. 
Kerry: Major W. Blayney, Tralee. 
Kildare: K. L. Su])ple. Naas. 
Kilkenny: V. J. Hetrecd, Kilkenny. 
Kin.u's: G. Ross (temporary), Tullamore. 
Leifrim: Major G. D'U. Rodwell, Carrick-on-Shannon. 
Limerick: Cai)tain .J. M. Regan (temporary). Limerick. 
I.ondondf^n y: V. R. T. GrcR-ory. Londonderry. 
Lonu'ford: .t. E. H. Richardson ( temporary), Longford. 
Louth : G. W. F. Craig, Dundalk. 
I\layo: D. A. Steadman, Castlebar. 


Mcath: G. A. Movant (teniporaiy). Navan. 
Monaghan (Vacant), Monaghan. 
(^Hiern's: Major J. B. Bird, Maryborough. 
Iloscoininon: Majoi- V. H. Scotl (temporary), Roscoiumon. 
Slig'o: T. Neylon, Sligo. 
'ri)»pcvary, N. R.: R. Dunlop, Nenagh. 
rippe)ary, S. R.: W. H. Langhorno. Clonmel. 
Tyrone: G. L. Hildobrand, Omagh. 
\Vato)ford: R. J. Maunf-oll, Waterfoi'd. 

\Vt\stiiieath: Capbiin J. J. T. ('arroll (temporary), Muliingar. 
W'oxlord: H. C. Greer, Wexford. 
Wick low: C. H. O'Hara, Wicklow. 


Comniissionei': J. 1^". Golston Ilelfast. D'strict lns])ectors: Cork, J. T. Heggart 
and Patrick Iliordan; Drogheda, Mereditli J. Egan; Galway. George 
Williams; Kilkennv, V. i. W^yte: [Jmerick, W. R. V. Gregory; London- 
dv'i-ry (Vacant): Watorfoi-d, Captain C. O'Reirne. 


l)ul)lin: Chief Comr^ip-'ion^r, Lieut.-Colonel Walter Kdgeworth-Johnstone, C. R. 
Assistant Ci)n"iri^i> sinner. Denis IJarrett. 
Secveta-v. W. A. M.i.cil. V>. A., Dublin Castle. 


i ieuienant-Governor, His Ivxcellencv .Ma jor-G'-neial Siir William Fry, K. C. 
V. O., C. R. 

Government Secretaiy and Tieasiircr. R. E> Saigeaunt, Esc]., M. V. O., O. B. E. 
l^rivate Secretary to Lieut. -< Inv.MiKir. H. :\I. Rogers, Esq., M. P.. E. 

cor NCI L 

Lord Bishop of Sodoi' ppd ?T;in, The Right Rev. James Denton Thompson. D. D. 
His Majesty's ,h;<l<?-es, His Honour Stewart Stevenson :\Ioore, P^'irst Deemster 

and Clerk of tl^e Pvolls: His Honour C. T. C. Cillow, Second Deemster. 
His Majesty's Atto -ney-General: (Vacant). 
Two Members nominated by the Lieutenant-Governor. 
Four Members Elected bv the House of Keys. 



High Bailiff of Douglas and Castletown, Reginald D. Favrant, Escj. 
Vfxh Bailiff of Ramsey an-l T't-!, Frcdorick Malcolm La Mothe. Esq. 


:(■!" Cci-st l''(< of the lsl;«nd (j^onglas), Lieut.-Col. Henw ^^■i!!ialll IMadoc. 

C. B. E.. M. V. 0. Appointed July l?t, 1911. 
^it. Supt. L'^land and Douglas Division. Richard Duke, 
'"..sp. of I ho Raiiisey Division, William King. 
11 p. of the CaF^letown Division, Robort Kelly, 
nsp. of the Peel Division. Edward Hue'h Corkill. 
II ^p. of the Douglas Division. William Fargher. 

Laxev. Sergt., Ernest Cale. 

Kirk Michael. Acting Sergt., T. F. Cregeen. 

St. John's. Acting Sergt., E. Contain. 


I'nu'.'las Division. — 1 Puivrintcndent, 1 Inspector, 8 Sergeants, and nr-> C'»n- 

R'msey Division — 1 IriSV)ettor and 9 Constables. 
Cnstletown I)ivision — 1 Inspector and 6 Constables. 
Peel Division* — 1 Inspector and 5 Constables. 
Total. — 1 Chief Constable, 1 Snnerintendent, 4 Inspectors, 8 Sergeants, 55 Con- 

s^tahlcs— Hi); and 4 C^idet Constables (one for each Division) enlisted for 

f)-aining pur))oses. 

Public Analyst, A. Fyffo. 

In'^p. of Weights and Measures, Chief Constable. 

Chief Insp. undeer Food and Drui's Acts and Explosives, Chief Constable. 

Chief J-^anitary Insp., E. H. Fa)-agher. 

ChioC Tnsn. Prevention Cixielty to Animals. William Adamson. 

C'i'ef Tn=n. P<-evention T'lneltv to Children Thomas Arthur Corlett. 


Caolei- of l>ie of Man Pii-on. Dn-.r-his, Mr. Robert Callin 
Police Suriieon. Dr. Henry T'aird, Douglas. 
Prison Chaplain, Rev. R. Wakeford. 



HOME OFFICE— Whitehall. S. W. 

Secretary of State, Rt. Hon. Edward Shortt, K. C, M. P. 

Permanent Under Secretaiy of State, Sir Edward Troup, K. C. B., K. C. V. O. 

rarliamen'arv TTr,.lc!' Secretary of State, Major Sir J. L. Baird, Bart., C. M. G., 
D. S. O.. M. P. 

Ar-i -n' Under Srerot.irirs o^■ St itr^ Su- Ern'ey Blackwell, K. C. U. (le,:>ai). 
Sir Malcolm Delevingne, K. C. B. 

Assistant Secretaries, H. B. Sin.pFon, C. B.; Sir John Pedder, K. B. E., C. B.; 
A. J. Eag-leston: R. R. Banantvne, C. B.; S. W. Harris. C. B., C. V. 0.; 
A. L. Dixon, C. B. E. 

H. M. Chief Inspector of Factories. R. E. Graves. C. B. E. 

H. ;\I. Chief In.spector of Explosives, Majo)- Aston !McX'-'ill C. Cooper-Key, C. B. 

11. I\l. Ch-ef lii«i)ector of Mines, W. Walker, C. B. E. 

H. M. Chief In-.pector of Reformatorv and Indu.'^^ti-ial Schools, A. H. Norris, 
M. C, M. R. C. S., L. R. C. P., D.'P. H. 

H. M. Inspectois of ''onstahularv. Sir Leoir.ivd Dunning-, and I\Iajor-Genevai 
L. W. Atcherley, C. M. G., C." V. O. 

W.\R OFFICE— Whitehall, S. W. 

Secretary of State for War. The ]U. Hon. W inston S. Churchill, M. P. 

Chief of the Tmnerial General Staff, Field-Marshal Sir Henrv H. Wil^tMi. 
G. C. B., D. S'. O. 

Adjutant-General to the Forces. Lieut. -General Sir George M. W. Macdonogh., 
■ K. C. B., K. C. M. G. 

Quarter-Master-General to the Fo.ices. Lieut.-Geneial Sii- Travers p]. Clarlsc. 
K. C. B., K. C. M. G. 

]\Iaster-General of the Ordnance, Lieut. -General Sir J. I*. Du Cane, K. C. B. 

Deputy Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Lieut. -General Sir W. Philip, Bart., 
K. C. B., K. C. M. G., D. S. O. 

Under Secretaiy of State for War, The Rt. Hon W. R W. Viscount Peel, G. B. E. 


I'inancial rcciTtniy. P',",-h' Hon. Sir AirtvLald Willianson, I'art., M. l\ 

D'lvcloi- of Movo!-rnt^ and '"'uai toi-inv, Major-Geeneral R. S. Mav, C. 1". 
C. :\i. G., D. S. O 

Suvvi'yof-Genc'ai of Hnpp'y. S'r Jaivs Stevenson, Bt. 

^Vc'-e'aiy, Sii' f^e- Hrvi J. r- of ,.Iv. K. ('. V... C. V. O. 

ADMIFJA^/rV— Wh-'tehall, S. W. 

Fiist Lord, Rt. Hon. Waltrr Humo I.on.u', M. P. 
Pariiainenta'v Secretai'v. Si)- Janie.'^ Ci-aig-, M. P. 
Sccretaiy, Sir O^wyn A. R. I\Iurra>'. K. C. P.. 




Pre-idenl: V. Caldw^'l. C. P.. K . :\L V. O., Head Constable, Liver])ool. 

Vice-President: J. H. Watson, O. P.. E.. Ciiief Constable, Bristol . 

Hon. Treasurci : i\?arlin Nic'v)ll>. Chief Constable, Warrington. 

Hon. Secretary; Henry Riclies, O. B. E.. Chief Constable, Middlesbrough 

Assistant Hon. Seci-etaiy: William Eorster, Chief Constable, Newcastle-under- 

LONDON (City of). 

Lord Mayor, The PJght Hon. James Roll. 

Sheriffs: R. Newton Knights, Esi)., !\L P., INI. B. E ; Col. Sidney Wishart. 
V. D., D. L., J. P. 

Clerk to the Peace: Herbert .Austin. Esq., Sessions House, Old Bailey, E. C. 

Commissioner of Police: Sir AMlliam Nott-Bower, K C. V. O. (Tel. Nos. 
301, .302 and 303, Central.) 


Assista)it Coniini>!sionor: Cupt. Donalrl Bremner. 

Chief Clerk and Supt: John Stark, O, B. E. 

Supt. (Executive Dept.): Richard J. Halford. Chief Offi<-e, 26 Old Je,vrv, 
E. C. 2. 

Supt. (Pctectivp Dopt): Ernest Thomjison. Chief Office, 26 Old Jewrv. 
E. C. 2. 

Poh'ce con" puinical ions should be addressed to "The Commissioner of Police 
for the City of London, Chief Office, 26 Old Jewry, E. C. 2." 

CITY OF LONDON POLICE COL^KTS. held daily at the Mansion House and 

Chief Clerk at Mansion House: Silvester Richards, Escj. 

Ch-eC Clerk at Guildhall: Herbert George Savill, Esq. 

relty Sessions for City of London: Mansion House (Daily), Guildhall (Daily). 


Tie Metropolitan Police District includes the whole of the Administrative 
CiHinty of Tjon'lon, whic^'" comprises the following Boroughs: 

1 — Battersea. 2— IVrtrondsey. 3 — Bethnal Green. 4 — Camberwell. 
f)— Che'sea. 6 — Peutford. ^ — Finsbury. 8 — Fulham. 9 — Greenwich. 

10 — Hackney. 11 — Hanmers'^iiMi. i '^— =-Hampstead. V^ — Holborn. 14 — Isling- 
ton. 15 — Kensington. if; — La^-^be'li. 17 — Lewisham. 18 — Paddington. 
ID- -Poplar. 20— St. ]Marvlebone. 21— S\ Pancias. 22— Shoreditch. 28— South- 
wark. 24 — Stermev. 25 — Stoke Newington. 26 — Wandsworth. 27 — West- 
minster. 28 — Woolwich. 

The Metropolitan l^ilire District also include'^ the whole of the Admin- 
^s^i-ative County of MicMlesex, :nid part- of the Countie'; of Surrey, Kent. Essex, 
and Herts, 1o" ether v.ith the imdermentioned Boroughs: 

1 — West Ham f^Essex). 2 — Crovdon (Surrev). '?, — Richmond (Surrey). 
4— Kin-ston-on-T'^ames (Surrey). 5— Ealing (Middlesex). 6— Bronlev (Kent). 
7 — Hornsey (Middlesex). 8 — East Ham (Essex). — Wimbledon (SnrreyL 
Commissioner: Brigadier-General W'. T. Y . Horwood, C. B.. D. S. O., New Scot- 
lan.l Yard. S. W. 1. 

Private Secretary: G. Rivers Bodilly. Es(|. 
Assistant Commissioners: Sir Basil H. Thomson, K. C. B.. Hon. Ti-evor Bigham, 

C. B., Frank L. D. Elliott, Esq.. C. B., James W. Olive. Esq., C. B. E., 
New Scotland Yaid. S. W. 1 

Deputy Assistant Commissioners: N. Kendal, Esq., Lieut. -Col. P. R. Laurie, 

D. S. O. 

S%>.-.<'f;i ry W. H. Kendall Eso.. O. B. E.. New .Scotland Yard, S. W. 1. 
Chie+" Constables: Major E. M. Lafone, Major Maurice H. Tomlin, H. D. 

Morgan, Esq., James Billings, Esq. 
Superintendents: Fredei jfk W. Abbott (Acting), Albert Gooding. John 

Pai'S(>ns, .\)-thur Bas^om, O. B. E. 

C'HIEP" CJNSTABLlilb - 23' 

Superintendents of the Criminal Investigation Department: Albert Law- 
rence, Fredoiick Thomas, Charles Collins, James McBrien, Frederick 
Wenslev. M. r>. V., Albert Hawkins, M. B. E., FYancis Carlin, Arthur 


Counties. United Counties and Boroughs, Where Situate, and Superin- 

l<*ndents and Medical Officers: 

''erks, Criminal Lunatic Avslum: Broadmoor, Crowthorne, Berks; W. C. Sulli- 
van (M. D.). 



Counties, I'niied Counties and Boioughs, Where Situate, and Superin- 
tendents and Medical Officers: 

lieds, Herts, and Hunts: Arlese\', near Hitchin; L. 0. Fuller. 
Berks (County): Moulsford, near Wallingford; W. W. Read (M. D.). 
Birmingham: Winson Green; C. B. Roscrow. 

Birmingham: Rubery Hill, near Bii-mingham; T. C. Graves (M. D.). 
Bercori and Radnor: Talgarth, Bercon; R. Pugh, (M. D.). 
Brentwood: Bicntwood; G. Fvans. 
Brighton- Ha\'\vatd's Kcath; Charles Flniick. 
Mristo!: l<i.shi)onds: J. V. P.lachCord (M D./. 
Bucks: Stone, ii-^ar A.yle.shiiry; Hugh KeT. 
''sunbridgc.'Vidjic r.viro'iLr'i, Isle o!' !"|\ : ! 'iill)oui'ii, Cambridge; M. A. 

Aicbdale (M. B.). 
<:anterbuvy: St. Martin's Hill; Ki-nest F. Sail. 
Cardiff: Whitchurch, Giamorgj'n; Lieut. -Col. Fdwin Goodall. 
Carmarthen, Cardigan and Pembroke: Carmarthen; John Richards, 
''hrddlcton: Near Leek; W. F. Menzies (Dr.). 
(■hester Courity: f'm'kside, noai' Macclesfield; R. D. Cormac. 
Chester: Fpton. near Chester; C. H. Grills, 
'^ornwall: Bodmin; I'l'ancis Dudley. 
Croydon: Warlingham, Suirey; Edwin S. Pasmore. 
Cumberland and Westmoreland: Carlisle; W. F. Farquharson (Dr.). 
Denbigh, Anglesey, Carnarvon, Flint, and Merioneth: Denbigh; F. G. Jones 

(M. B.). 
Derby: Rowditch; John Bain (M. B.). 

Derby (County): Mickleover, Derby; M. L. Rowan (M. D.). 
Devon: Exminster; A. N. Davii? (L. R. C. P. Ed.). 
Dorset: Dorchester; G. F. Poacheli (M. D.). 


Diu-hiini County: Winterton, Ferryhill; H. G. Cribb. 

Essex, West Ham Borough: Gooclmaves; J. C. Shaw. 

I'-^sox: S-veralls. Colchester; IJ. C. Turnbali CM. D.), Su}3t. 

Exeter: Digbys; G. N. Bartlett (M. B.). 

''!xeter, Wonforcl House Hosr-it.Ti: W, B. Morton. 

Gateshead: Stanington, Newcastle-on-Tyno; Lieut.-Co!. J. V. G. B. Tighe (M.P..). 

G'jiinoigan: Bridgend; D. ]*"inlay. 

Gloucester: BarnAood House, Gloucesler; A. A. D. Townsend (M. D.). 

(ilrucester, County and City: Gloucester; J. Marnan (M. B.). 

ICnts: Knowie, Farehaiu; Henry K. Abbott (Dr.). 

Hereford, County and City: BurghjU, Hereford; J. G. fiinith. 

Herts County: Hill End, St. Albans; A. N. Boycott.' • 

Hull: Willerby; J. Mei-son (M. ]).). 

Ipswich: Wm. Mitchell Ogilvie. 

I«le of Wight: Newport; W. .1. A. Erskine (M. D.). 

Kent: Bairniing Heath, near Maidstone; H. WoKelev-Lewis (Dr.). 

K(-nt: Chartnam. Canterburv; E.-eut.-Col. M. A. Collin^ (M. D.). 

Cnncaster, all the County Borough and Stocki)ort (part C. B.): Lancaster; D. 

M. Cassidy (L. R. C. B. and S. Ed.: M-. D., Montreal). 
Lancaster: Prestwich, near Manchester; F. Percival (M. R. C. S.). 
' nncaster: Painhill, near LiveriM-o'; Thonas P. Cowen. 
Lancaster: Whittingham, Preston; R. M. Claik (M. B.). 
Lancaster: Winwick, Wanington; A. Simpson (M. D.). 
' .'Mcestci': V/est Humber-I^one; J. Franc's Dixon. 

Leicester and Rutland: Narborough, Leicester; R. C. Stewart (M. R. C. S.). 
I ,'ncoln, Kesteyen: Sleafoi-d; .T. Alfi'ed Ewan (M. D.). 
Lincoln, The LaAvn Hosi)ital : A. P. Russell. 

Lindsey, S^c, District: Bracebridge, near Lincoln; '1. L. Johnston. 
London (Bethlem RoyaD : T,ambeth Road, S. E.; J. G. Porter Philliiis. 
L<mdon, City ol: Stone, Dartford: P. H. Steen (M. P.). 
L(Mulon: Bexlev. Kent; T. E, ''. Stansf>el<l (M. P,.L 

london: Cane Hill, Coulsdon. Sur)'ey; Lieut. -Col. S. C. Elgee, L. P.. C. P. L 
London: Claybury. Woodford P.ridge. Essex; C. V. Bavliani C\l. D.). 
L(.n,l(.n: Colney Hatch. N. II; S. J. Gilfillnii. 
1 -nd. n- Hanwell, W. 7; A. W. Daniel (M. D.). 
1 oiK^m (Epileptic Colony): Ewell. S\u'i'o\-. 
London: Banstead, Surrey; Pri-cy C Si ark (Dr.). 
i-ondou: Horton, Epsom; Lieut. -Co! .lohii R. Lord. 
London, Long Groye: Epsom; Dayid CoJiyy. 

Manchester, Royal Lunatic Ho.sp.: Che:ulle; Cheshiie; J. SulcliCCe (I\LR.C. S.). 
Manor Asylum: Epson, Surrey; E. S. Littleiohn (^L D.). 
Middlesbrough County ''.orough: Cleyeland. Middlesbrough; ,L W. Geddes. 
Middlesex: Napsburv', Herts; L. W. Rolleston. 
Middlesex: Wandsworth. S. W.; R. Worth. 
Monmouth: Abei'gavennv; N. R. Phillips. 
Newcastle-on-Tyne: Go- forth; H. D. MacPhad (INI. D.). 
Xewpoi't Borough: Carr^'-ori. Mon.; W. V. Nelis. 
Xot folk: Thoire, near yovxv-ich; D. G. Thomson (Di'L 
Noithampton Coun<-v Be'-v Wood, Northampton; W. Harding (Dr.). 
Noi'thanipton, St. Andrew's Hosp.: F. Rambaut. 
Koi'thumberland: Cottingwood, near ]\Iorpeth; G. R. E:ist (i\L I\L 
No)wich. n.'thel Hosiiital: P.ethel Street; S. J. Fielding (Dr.). 
Norwich: Hellesdon; Dayid Rice. 


':ol'i'n,i;hani: Mapporley Hill; E. Powell (Surg.). 

\'o'.t'ii!4ham County: Radcliffe-on-Trent; S. Lloyd Jones. 

l^'No'f.n'^ham: The Coppice^ D. Hunter. 

(WConl County: Littlemore, Oxford; T. S. Good (Dr.). 

Oxford (The Warneford): A. W. Neill (M. D.). 

riyi-outh: Blackadon, Ivybridfte; W. Starkey (M. B.). 

I I rt I outh- Milton, I'ortsp-ouh; H. Devine. 

■ :■''.)) Countv and We-.^crk P>orouj',''i : Bicton. Sbrewsburv; W. 8. Hughes. 

Somerset and Bath: Well?, Somerset; J. E. P. Shera (M. D. Brux.). 

Somerset: Cotford, near Taunton; H. T. S. Aveline (M. D.). 

ririrrdic'. Co-on H^Il Ho;M)ital: Stafford; R. W. HewTOOn. 

.'Ir'ffoiii: Burutwood. near I.iehfieUi; J. B. Spence (Dr.). 

Stafford County: Stafford; B. H. Shaw (M. D.). 

^•p.fColk (F. ml \V.>: MoUnn. Suffolk: J. R. Whitwell (M. B.). 

■'■rn'ei'land: Ryhope; .L Aliddlemasp ( E. R. C. P.). 

Sill rev County: P.rookvood, Wokinj;-; J. A. Lowtv. 

■i,vv,.; • ^-.'h'ln-. Coulsdon; P. C. Coombe.s (M.'R. C. S.). 
^'\-'-vt\-. n(d'() ..av Sanatorium: St. Ann's Heath, Virginia Watei*; \V. D. Moore 

< M. T\V 
Sussex (East): Hellingly S. O., Sussex; E. R. P. Taylor (M. D.). 
Sp sr- (West): Chiehester; H. A. Kidd (M. R. C. S.). 

Wnrv ek County and Borough and Coventry: Hatton, neai- Warwick; A. Miller 
(M. B.). 

■ M • lV^■•-e ; Svdney -J. Cole. 
WoMe-iersliire: Barnsley Hall, Bromsgrove. 
\\(>vr-- (>'■ Count': and City Lunatic: Powick. Worcester; H. l-\ Eenton (M. B. 

r.i y 
N ok (V. n.): Beverley; E. S. Simpson (M. D.). 
^ or'-. City: The Reti-eat; l^edford Pierce. 
V,,-'-. C-'\--- I'lilford. near York; C. L. Hopkins (M. B.). 
^■ork. Pootham Paik Hosnital: Yo]-k; G. R. Jeffrey. 
Vork (N. R.>: Clifton, York; A. J. Eade.s. 
\nv' IW P ): :\Ien'--ton. T,eeds- S. Edperley. 
^'ork (W. R.): Wadslev, Sheffield; W. J. N. Vincent. 
York (W. R.): Wakefield; J. S. Bolton. 

^ork MV. P.>: Scalebor Park, Burlev-in-Wharfedale; J. R. Gilmour (M, B.L 
\ovk ( W. R.): Storthes Hall, Kirkburton, near Huddersfield: T. S. Adair (M.D.). 


Counties, United Countie.- and Boroutihs, Where Situate, and Superin- 
'endcnts and Medical Officers: 

M)(M(le(^n City Di--1 lict .A-sylum: Kingseat, Newmachar; H. de M. Alexander 

M. D.). 
Mu'riieen Rdyal Lunatic A.-;ylum: Aberdeen; R. Dods Brown (M. D.). 
^rgvll ;nid Bute Distiict Lunatic Asylum: Lochhgilphead; Donald Ross (M. B., 

C. A., B.). 
Ayr Div-tvict Asylun.: Ayr; (,. Douglas McRae (M. D.). 


naUlovan AkvUiih for Imbecile Children: Near Dundee; W. B. Druniniond 

(M. B.). ' 
llnnl'f District Asylum: T.adysbridt!;-c and Vvoodpark; John Chisholm. 
I'nmfries, Crichton Royal Institution: Dumfries; C. C. Easterbvook (M. D.). 
iHindee District Asylum: We?tgreen; W. Tuach-Mackenzie (I\i. D.)- 
ihindre Hoyal Lunatic Asylum: Dundee; Miss M. Whyte. 
r.-'s" Lothian District A.sylum: Haddington; Miss J. Sinclair. 
IMinburfth Royal Asylum: Morning-side; G. M. Robertson (M. D.). 
rife and Kinross District Asylum: Cupar, Fife; J. H. Skeen (M. B.). 
Clasgow District A.sylums — 

Woodilee Asylum: Lenzie. by Glasg:ow; Henry Carre (L. R. C. P. and S. I.). 

Cartloch Asylum and Hospital for the Insane: Gartloch; W. A. Parker 
(M. B., C. M.). 
Glasgow. Kirkland Asylum: Bothwell; W. M. Buchanan (M. D.)- 
(ilasRow Royal Asylum: Gartnavel; L. R. Oswald (M. B.). 
Govrr District Asylum: Crookston, Cardonald, bv Glasgow; J. H. McDonald 

(M. D.). 
Crovan, Lunatic Wards of Poorhouse: Merryflatf, Govan; John Thomson. 
Greenock Parochial Asylum: Sinithston; G. Gibson, 
invrrnoss DistricT Asylum: Inverness; T. C. Mackenzie (M. P..). 
1 anark District A.-vhim: Hartwood; N. T. Kerr (M. D.). 
1 aibort, "Stirling-shire — 

Si-()tti?;h Xational Tns^^itution for the Education of Imbecile I'hildren: L;;!-- 
bert; U. 1\ Clarkson {M. ]).). 
r\Iidlothian and Peebles District Ai\-liim: Ifosslvnlee, Kosslyn Castle; J. H. ('. 

Orr (M. D.). 
Tdorayshire District Asylum: Elg'n: INIiss Kinloch. 
.Montrose Roval Lun'?*:c Asylum: Sunnyside; Chas. J. Shaw (M. D.). 
Paisley District Asylum: Craw Road; Hugh Black. 
Paislev Parochial Ap%dur^: Piccart'-b;>r, Paisley; Mr. Pine. 
Pe7i;h District Ai^vlum: Murthlv; 1 , C. P.ruoe (M. D.). 
Perth, James Murray's Royal Asylum: Perth; W. D. Chambers {M. D.). 
Roxburgh, Berwick and Stlk-ii'; District Asylum: Melrose; P. Steele (M. i^.l 
Stirling District Asvhim: [.arltert; !;. H. C-.iniil el^ {aL D.). 


Oovernor-(Jeneral, Baroii FrcdiM-ic Cliejnisrord. Legislative authority 
vested in a council of sixty-eight meinliers. thirty-six lieing official and thii-ty- 
two non-official. 


The Canadian Parliament consists of eighty-seven life senators and a 
House of ('omnions of 221 members, there being one representative for every 
25,367 of population, liased upon the census of l!tol. 




OKFKKRS KOH 1!)21-1{>22 

F:<>si(Icni I). Tli.snipson, Clih'f Constablr, Windsor, Out. 

\ ;cc 5-i-;' ii'.ont I*. HeUiii}><'i-. Chiof Constabh-, Montreal, (^lu-. 

S <<)ii(l \i<<'-I'r(\si(l(>ii( ('. H. \«'\vt(»!i. Chief Const^iblc, VVinnipej;, Maii> 

S('<>< ('t<;i'.v-'! rrasunT (ha-. Sh'Hiin, Chi*'!' Constahh', liiaiitt'ord, Out. 


.\ihci(a W. <". Kryaii, Siij)t. of I'roviiuial Polite, Caliiary, Aita. 

I?iitis!i Coluinhia -I. liy, Chief Consta!»le, \ icioria, li. C. 

-ManiCoba Col. Rattray, < oiii. of Provincial l*oli<(% Winnipeji, >Iaii. 

New Hiunswick !.. S. nutchinoii, Chief (\)n-t;!bh-, >Ion(toii, N. 55. 

Nova Seotia C Haniahan, Cliief Constabh", Halifax, .\. S. 

Ontario.. W. \\ha(l<-y. Chief Constable, Hamilton, Cnl. 

<ji, lu'e E. TiiKh'l, Cl)ief Constable, Quebec, Que. 

Saskatchewan \. Hiuton, Chi«-f Constable, R<'gina. Sask. 



Sir Hugh John McDonald Police Maj-istrato. WiiiniiM's, Man. 

Col. (i. T. Dcnison - . - Police Majiistrati', Toronto, (an. 

Huftii Seniple. - - K<'coi(]ev, Montreal, <^:ic. 

\\ . Whatley ( liiel, !l;i iiilton, l<.)2i)-'2i 


Colonel Gia.sett, C.M.G., Toronto, 190r)-fi. 

Chief Campeau, Montreal, l*!07-8. 

Chief Rozel, PeterborouKh, lf!C8-0. 

Chief Triidel, Quebec. U)09-10 

Chief Clark, St. John, 1910-11. 

Major Chamberlain, Vancouver, 1911-12. 

Chief Car?ientor, Edmonton, 1912-13. 

Chief WiUiams, London, 1913-14. 

Col. Sir Percv Sherwood, Ottawa, 1911-1.") 

Chief Alfred Cuddy, Calvary, 191.5-1(5. 

Major J. E. Rogers, Toronto, 1916-17. 

Chief Rideout, Moncton, N. B., 1917-18. 

Chief Charles Slemin, Brantford, 1918-19. 

Chief Martin Bruton, Reshia, Sask., 1919-20. 

Chief Hamilton, Ont. W. Whatlev 1920-21 


Acton West, Ont. — John Lawson, Chief Constable. 
Alexandria, Ont.— M. C. Seger, Chief Constable. 
Almonte, Ont. — Thos. Lowry, Chief Constable. 
Amque, Que. — Alfred Guay, Chief Constable. 
xAniherst, N. S. — J. A. Pickren, Chief Constable. 
Antigonish, N. S. — Colin McLean. Chief Constable. 
Arnprior, Ont. — J. W. Hunt, Chief Constable. 
Arnistiong-, B. C. — A. E. Warner, Chief Cons*^able. 
Ashcroft, B. C— R. W. Bowen, Chief Constable. 
Athens, Ont. — Francis Blancher, Chief Constable. 
Aultsville, Ont.— A. E. Fetterly, Chief Constable. 


Aurora, Out. — Duncan Cram, Chief Constable., Ont.— J. F. Peters, Chief Constable. 

Avlmcr, (^ue.— Elic Pcirier, Chief Constable. 

Ayr, GnL.— John H. Little, Chief Constable. 
xBathurst, N. B.— W. O. Chamberlain, Chief Constable. 

Banff, Alta. — B. W. Collison, Commissioner Dominion Police. 

Banff, Alta.— Policed by R.N.W. Mounted Police. 
xBarrie, Ont. — R. King-, Chief Constable. 

Bala, Ont.— S. E. McElwain, Chief Constable. 

Belleville, Ont. — Alex. Kidd, Chief Constable. 

Belleville, Ont. — John Newton, Life Member. 

Beamsville, Ont.— E. J. .Juhlke, Chief Constable. 

Biggar, Sask. — J. W. Wilson, Chief Constable. 

Blenheim, Ont. — Solomon P'agar, Chief Constable. 

Blind River, Ont. — P. Lynutt, Chief Constable. 
xBowmanville, Ont. — R. Jarvis, Chief Constable. 

Bolton, Ont.— J. Gould, Chief Constable. 

Brantford, Ont. (Brant) — Wm. F. Kerr, High Constable. 
xBrantford, Ont. — Charles Slemin, Chief Constable. 

Brampton, Ont. (Peel) — Geo. Broddy, High Constable. 

Brampton, Ont. — A. Herkes, Chief Constable. 

Brockville, Ont. — Wm. Burke, Chief Constable. 

Bi'andon, Man. — J. Esselmont, Chief Constable. 

Brighton, Ont. — R. McLaren, Chief Constable. 

Braeside, Ont. — R. Thomlinson, Chief Constable. 

Bracebiidge, Ont. — W. McConnell, Chief Constable. 

Bridgetown, N. S. — John Eggleshaw, Chief Constable. 

Bridgeport. N. S.— R. M. W. L^aac, Chief Constable. 

i'raclford, Ont. — J. W. Sin>])kins, Chief Constable. 

Burnahy. B. C. — Wm. Parkinson, Chief Constable. 

Burlington, Ont. — Lee J. Sinith, Chief Constable. 

Buckingham, Que. — Frank Kearman, Chief Constable. 

Calgary, Alta. — W. Brankloy, Inspector Provincial Police. 
xCalgarv, Alta. — David Ritchie, Chief Constable. 

Camphellton. N. B — S. T. Raine, Chief Constable. 

Charlottletown, P. E. L — Chas. Cameron, Chief Constable. 
xCarleton Place, Out.— Hugh McC. Wilson, Chief Constable. 

Canso, N. S.— John E. Hurst, Chief Constable. 

Caledonia, Ont. — R. Taggart, Chief Constable. 

Caiaquet, N. B.— D. D. Landry, Chief Constable. 

Callandei-, Ont. — J. A. Tichburn, Chief Constable. 

Cedars, Que. — Ferdinald Lerouz, Chief Constable. 
xChicoutimi, Que. — E. Blackburn, Chief Constable. 
xChatham, N. B.— Peter Coughlan, Chief Constable. 
xChatham, Ont. (Kent) — Thomas Groves, Chief Constable. 
xChatham, Ont. (Kent) — Geo. Peters, High Constable. 

Charleswood, Man. — A. McCharlcs, Chief Constable. 

Charleswood, Man. — (Rural District) — Montague Vialoux, Chief 


Charlottlttown, P. E. I. — Chas. Cameron, Chief Constable. 


Chilliwack, B. C— D. Richardson, Chief Constable. 
Chestei'snlle, Ont. — Jas. McAroy, Chief Constablf. 
Chapleaii, Ont — W. Lyness, C let Constable. 

Clark's Harbor, N. S.— John G. Nirkerson, Chief Constable. 

Clinton, Ot.— Jos. Wheatlev, Chief Constable. 

Clinton, B. C— Frank F. Aiken, Chief Constable. 
xCobalt, Ont.— F. H. Boneville, Chief Constable. 

Cobalt, Ont. — A. T. Rowell, Inspector Ontario Provincial Police. 
xCollingwood, Ont. — Jas. Johnson, Chief Constable. 
xCornwall, Ont. — R. Smyth, Chief Constable. 
xCobourg, Ont. — J. C. Ruse, Chief Constable. 

Coquitian. B. C. — E. Pare, Chief Constable. 

xCopper Cliff, Ont.— R. K. Moffett, Chief Copper Cliff Mining- Co. Police. 

Coaticook, Que.-^T. E. Garceau, Chief Constable. 

Corinth, Ont. — R. Donaldson, Chief Constable. 
xCopper Cliff, Ont.— Wni. Clark, Chief Constable. 

Cochrane, Ont. — J. A. Crawford, Chief Constable. 

Cranbrook, B. C. —David Halcrow, Chief Constable. 

Crowland, Ont. — H. Jones, Chief Constable. 

Dawson City, Yukon— J. D. Modie. Supt. R.N.W. Mounted Police. 
X Dauphin, Man. — Thos. Brklte, Chief Con-Stable. 

Dartmouth, N. S.— W. McKenzie, Chief Constable. 

Danville, Que. — L. Hannan, Chief Constable. 

Dalhousie, N. B.— Walter Dickson, Chief Constable. 

Daysland, Alta. — James Berry, Chief Constable. 

Delhi, Ont.— Elias Clarkson, Chief Constable. 

Descronto, Ont. — Wm. Donaldson. Chief Constable. 

Dig-by, N. S.— Boyd A. r'r-hon, Cliief Cons'able, 

Dominion, N. S. — V'c'or Gou^hero, Chief Constable. 
xDrommondville, Que. — Victor F. Demci's, Chief Constable. 

Dresden, Ont. — John Jack.'-on, Chief Constable. 

Dundas, Ont. — J. Clark, Chief Constable. 

Dundalk, Ont.— Jos. Hemphill, Chief Constable. 

Durham, Ont. — Geo. Arrowsmith, Chief Constable. 

Dunvillc, Ont.— S. F. Ackerman, Chief Constable. 
xDrumbo, Ont.— Wm. A. Marklc, Chief Constable. 

p]ast Kildonan, Man. — Thos. Radley, Chief Constable. 

p]dmonton, Alta. — D. G. Fishei-, Inspector Provincial Police. 
xEdmonton, Alta.— A. G. Shute, Chief Constable. 
xf]dmonton, Atla. — Lt.-Col. W. C. Bryan, Supt. Provincial Police, 
xfxlmonton, Alta. — Alfred Cuddy, Commissioner Provincial Police. 

F]dmonton, Alta. — J. S. Piper, Asst. Supt. Provincial Police. 

Eganville, Ont. — Anzicus Wilson, Chief Constable. 

Elkhorn, Man.— Arthur B. Statham, Chief Constable. 

Flora, Ont.— John Ritchie, Chief Constable. 

Emard, Que. — Louis Desrosiers, Chief Constable. 

Esquimalt, B. C. — James Palmer, Chief Constable. 

Everett, Ont.— J. S. Custin, Chief Constable. 

Farnham, Que. — Alph. Brazeau, Chief Constable. 

Fernie, B. C— G. Wesley, Chief Constable. 



Fort William, Ont. — G. McCurdy, Inspector Provincial Police. 
xFoit William, Ont.— Wm. J. Dodds, Chief Constable. 

Fort Frances, Ont. — Capt. W. H. Readman, Chief Constable. 

Ford City, Ont.— Ed. Moiand, Chief Constable. 
xFrcdericton, N. B.— W. H. Finley, Chief Constable. 

Frazerville, Que. — N. Theriault, Chief Constable. 

Fort St. John B. C— Harry Taylor, Chief Constable. 

Freli)jhsburg-, Que.- C. B. Vaiiantweip, Chief Constable. 
xGalt, Ont.— James Gorman, Chief Constable. 

Gananoque, Ont. — Wm. Chevis, Chief Con.^table. 

Geor.a:etown, Ont. — A. McDonald, Chief Constable. 

Glace Bay, N. S.— Geo. A. Cosiey, Chief Constable. 

Glcichen, Alta.^John Roberts, Chief Constable. 

Goderich, Ont.— R. C. Posthlewaite, Chief Constable. 

Goodwood, Ont. — Wm. Whittleton. Chief Constable. 

Gooderham, Ont. — R. Harland, Chief Constable. 

Gordon River, Ont. — Thos. Thibault. Chief Constable. 

Granby, Que. — Chas. N. Guertin, Chief Constable. 

Giavenhurst, Ont. — A. Sloan, Chief Constable. 

Grand Mere, Que.— R. A. Bilodeau, Chief Constable. 

Grand Forks, B. C— A. E. Savage, Chief Constable. 
xGrimsby, Ont. — J. O. Roukle, Chief Constable. 

Greenwood, B. C— A. D. Hallett, Chief Constable. 

Guelph, Ont. — J. A. Rae, Chief ConstaVtle. 

Golden, B. C— R. J. Sutherland, Chief Constable. 
xHamilton, Ont.^W. Whatley, Chief Constable. 

Hamilton, Ont. — D. Coulter, Deputy Chief Constable. 
xHalifax, N. S.- — F. Hanrahan, Chief Constable. 
xHalifax, N. S.— B. D. LaNauze, Inspector R.C.M.P. 

Hagersville, Ont. — Chas. Nichols, Chief Constable. 

Havelock, Ont. — Jas. Brill, Chief Constable. 

Harrow, Ont.— T. R. Qr.eck, Ch'of Constable. 

Hazelton, B. C— John Kelly. Chief Constable. 

Harrowsmith, Ont. — Thos. Dowker, Chief Constable. 

llaileyl)ury. Ont — J T. Morton. Chief Consta!)le. 

Hanna, Alta.— S. T. Graball, Chief Constable. 

Hawkesburv, Onfe. — A. Fauvel, Chief Constable. 
xHespeler, Ont.— Thos. Wilson, Chief Constable. 

Hanover, Ont. — Wm. Beamish, Chief Constable. 

High River, Alta. — Wm. Dawes, Chief Constable. 

Holland Landing, Ont. — Robert Longhurst, Chief Constable. 

Hull, Que. — Jos. Groulx, Chief Constable. 

Huntsville, Ont. — John G. Watson, Chief Constable. 
::lngersoll, Ont.— W. Holmes, Chief Constable. 

Inverness, N. S. — A. D. Eraser, Chief Constable. 
xIro(|uois Falls, Ont. — R. Morbey, Chief Constable. 

I)'0(|uois, Ont. — Alton Locke, Chief Constable. 

Jarvis, Ont.— Alfred Underbill, Chief Constable. 

Joliette, Que. — James Leduc, Chief Constable. 

Joggins Mines, N. S. — Stephen Leduc, Chief Constable. 
Jonciuiers, Que. — Alodphe Cleveau, Chief Constable. 


Kamloops, B. C. — F. Edens. Chief Cons'ab'o. 

Kcnoia, Ont. — A. Gordon, Chief Constable. 

ICcntvillc, Ont. — V. Lanping-, Chief Constable. 

Kcn-risdale, B. C. — Huprh J. Sinproii, Ch'ef Constable, Point Grey. 

Kitchener, Ont. — Geo. O'Neill, Chief Constable. 
xKitchenei', Ont. (Waterloo) — Chas. Huber, Hi«h Constable. 
xKin^slon, Ont. -B. ,1. Bobinson, Ch'ef Constable. 

Kincardine, Ont. — John Leithead, Chief Constable. 

Kitscoty, Alta.— J. W. Umbel, Chief Constable. 

Kinmount, Alta. — A. N. Wilson, Chief Constable. 

I\in'>sville, Ont. — Jas. O. Brown, Chief Constable. 

I-'nowiton, Que. — H. W. Crimson, Chief Constable. 

I.achine, Quo.— Georj>e Durocher, Chief Constable. 

I. a Tuque, Que. — L. Bineault, Chief Con'^tablc. 

Lancaster, Ont.— J. D. McDonald, Chief Constable. 

Lanark, Ont.— Thos. A. Mason, Chef Constable. 

Ladysmith, B. C— Chas. Allen, Chief Cons' able. 

Levis, Que. — R. St. Laurent, Chi"f Consta!)le. 

I>eaininftton, Ont. — John La Marsh. Chief Constable. 
Libeitv, Sask.— D. Kerr, Chief Constable. 
Liverpool, N. S.— P. B. McAulilf, Chief Con-table. 
London, Ont.— Robert Birrell. Chief Con'^^table. 
Lower Nicols, B. C— W. C. Winkell. Chief Constable. 
Louisville, Que. — C. E. Deslairicrs, Chief Cons' able. 
\l.anzon, Levis. Que. — R. St. Lauieant, Chief Constable, 
l.ucan, Ont.— Alex. Keith, Chief Cons' able. 
1 rnenberR-. N. S.---Jolin H. Creighto'''. Ch'cf Con table. 
Lynn Valley, B. C— D. Lifton, Chief Cm -'able. North X'ancouver Disi, 
Lytton, B. "C— A. Grundy. Cliief Constabl ■ 
Louisburg- — Daniel McNeil, Chief Constable. "* 

I.ethbrid-e, Alta.— Wm. Hardy, Chief Constal)!--. 
Lcthbridue, Alta. — R. G. Mundv, Inspector Piovincial Police. 
! -idsay, Ont.— John Sbort, Chief Constable. 

IMwInr. Ont — rii-i,: Qt rh.^,^■]r.„ r.h\,,f Totistable. 

'lontreal. Que. — J. Tici- bley. Commi'sionc i- of ruijlic Safely. 
Mag'og- — J. L. Der CIS. Chief Constable 
Manitowaninji', Ont — James Holmes, (.'hii'f Constable. 
Maitland, Ont. — E. Jackson, Chief Con liable. 
Massev, Ont. — Enice Ch u hers ("hief Corslable. 
M:i!'l;'Vdville. B. C— 1^. '.-■(•. Chief C-n' table. 
Mellville, Sask — W. T. B ilev. Chief Constable. 
xIMcd'cine Hat, Alta.— J. Tavlor, Chief Constable. 
M T-'tt, B. C— J. W. Wili'foos'-. Chief Constable. 
M r-'-n, Ont.— Sai-'l Mofl'a'. Cliief Cons'able. 
Merf vd. Ont.— Eved Clarke, Chief Con.-table. 
Mid! 1 1, Ont. — Jos. Cowan, Chief Constable. 
Mi'c' ( "'. On\— J. Hodges. Chief Constable. 
Middlesex C<.unty. Ont.— J. A. Hughes, Chief ('onstai)le. 
Minnedosa, Man.— Chas. Law, Chief Constiilile. 
Milton, Ont.— A. W. Chapman, Chief Constable. 
Middleton. N. B.— IL Palmeter, Chief Constable. 


Moiitical, Que. — A. St. Mars, High Constable. 
xMontreal, Que.— Mai. R. G. Chamberlain, Chief C.r.R. InvesJh.ciil iKp 
xMontrcal, Que.— L. C. Boisjoly, Deputy Chief C.N.R. 
xMontreal, Que. — P. Belanger, Chief Constable. 

Mont]oal, Que. — Baxter Clegg, Chief Harbor Police. 

Moatreai. v^.ie — C'las. I'lume. 

Montreal, Que. -II. J. Cowan, /.sst. Chief Detectives. 

Mntr a'.. Que — E. A .Willams, Cliief Harbor Polica. 

Montr al, Que — I'bald \' llcne.ive, Chief Constable. 

MoiiuerLl. Que --Hug i Se.r.ple, Record r 
xMontreal, Que. — D. D. Lorrain, Chief Provincial Detectives. 
xMontreal, Que. — L. A. LePage, Chief of Detectives, 
xMoose Jaw, Sask. — W. P. Johnston, Chief Constable. 
xMoncton, N. B. — G. R. Ritlcout, Chief Constable. 

.Mui.ctou, N. ii.- — L. S. Hutch nson, C ief Constable. 

Mo (ton. N. B — A. J Tiiigbey, Deputy Chief C. N. R. 
MoiKton, Out — Go. 11. Ridout, Life Me iber. 

xMoncton, N. B.— A. H. Paige, Chief Constable, C.N.R. 

Moirisburg, Ont— M. Cas,':^el, Chief Constable. 

Morsf-, Sask.— J. R. Taylor, Chief Constable. 

McI>eoel, Alta.— S. O. Lawson, Chief Constable. 

N.-maimo. 1^. (.\,h Neen. Chief Constable. 

Napance, Ont.— T. W. Barrett, Chi"f Constable. 
xNew Waterfo)d, B. C— J. McVarish, Chief Constable. 

New Westminster, P>. C— G. T. Bradshaw, Chief Constable. 

Newcastle, Ont. — V. Lucas, Town Marshal. 

Newcastle, Ont. — Thos. Barrie, Chief Constable. 

Nelson. B. C— J. MacDonall, Chief Constable. 

Nanaimo, B. C. — A. T. Stephenson, ('hief Constable. 

Nelson. B. C. — Thos. H. Long, Chief Constable. 

New Liskeaid. Out.— Chas. E. Watter.s, Chief Constable. 

New Hambui'g, Ont. — John Wing, Chit f Constable. 

New Glasgow, N. S. — Joseph Fi'ancis, Chief Constable. 

Newmarket, Ont. — P. J. Andei'son, Chief Constable. 

Nee])awa. Man. — Thos. Donaldson, Chief Constable. 
x.Niagai'a Falls, Ont.— Stephen Welch, Chief Constable. 

Niagara Falls, Ont. — W. H. Mains, Inspector Ontario Provincial Polic< 

Niagara-on-the-Lake. Ont. — A. V.. SlierJock. Chief Constable. 

Ni))igon, Ont. — E. Kirkpatrick, Chief Constable. 

North Vancouver C ty. B. C. - Peter Ste.vart, Chief Constable. 

North Vancouver District, B. C— O. Lifton, Chief District Police. 
Northv Bav, Ont.— W. Ravne}-, Chief Constable. 
North Sydney, B. C— H. W. McNeil, Chief Constable. 
Norwich, Ont. — Jas. H. Entwhistle, Chief Constable. 
North Battleford, Sask.— D. H. Felker, Chief Constable. 
xOak Bay, B. C— John Syme, Chief Constable. 
(Jakville, Out — David Iverr. Chief Constal)le. 

O'l.eayr Station, P. E. I.— Albert Oakee, Chief Constable. 
Orangeville, Ont. (DufTerin) — J. H. Hughes, High Constable. 


Orangeville, Ont. — Wni. Marshall, Chief Constable. 
Orilla, Ont.— J. R. Reid, Chief Constable. 
xOttawa, Ont. — Commissioner Perry, Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
Oskawa, Ont. — Owen D. Friend, Chief Constai)!e. 

xOttawa, Ont.— Col. Sii- Percy Sherwood, K.C.M.G., Honoiary Member. 
xOttawa, Ont. — A. J. Cawdron, Supt. Crim. Invest. Dept., R.C.M.P. 

Ottawa, Ont.— A. M. Ross, Chief Constable 

Ottawa, Ont. — Wm. P. Archibald, Parole Officer, Dept. of Justice. 

Ottawa, Ont. — James Parkinson, Inspector Dominion Police. 
xOttawa, Ont. — J. P^oster, Inspector R.C.M.P. 

Ottawa, Ont.— Comptioller A. A. McLean, R.N.W.M.P. 

Ottei-ville, Ont.— Morris R. Hooker, Chief Constable. 
xOutremont, Que. — G. B. P.aker, Chief Constable. 
xOwen Sound, Ont. — Wm. O. Foster, Chief Constable. 

Oxford, N. S.— Wm. W. Thompson, Chief Constable. 

Oil Springs, Ont. — Robert McFadden, Chief Constable. • , 

Ojibway, Ont. — Mark Long-, Chief Constable. 

Paris, Ont. — J. S. Green, Chief Constable. 

Parry Sound, Ont. — D. Spencer. Chief Constable. 

Palmerston, Ont.— ^P. Hammond, Chief Constable: 
Parrsboro, N. S.— P. Gilbeit, Chief Constable. 
Pakenhani, Ont. — John Cornbie, Chief Constable. 
Pembroke, Ont. — H. Carroll, Chief Constable. 
Peterboro, Ont. — S. Newhall, Chief Constable. 

Perth, Ont.— J. R. Giiffith. Chief Constable. 
Petrolia, Ont. — J. W. Ferguson, Chief Constable. 
Peel, N. B.— G. Broddy, Chief Con.stable. 
Penticton, B. C. — H. V. Af»hew, Chief Constable. 
Penetens'uishene, Ont. — W. R. Parker, Chief Constable. 
Penoka, Alta.— J. W. Woods, Chief Constable. 
Picton, Ont.— Thomas Portland, Chief Constable. 
Picton, N. S.— P. O. Cairoll, Chief Constable. 
Port Arthur. Out. — George Taylor, Chief Constable. 

Portage la Prairie, Man.— W. J. Mclntyie, Chief Constable. 
xPort Hope, Ont.— Waher J. Colwill. Chief Constable. 
Point Gray, B. C. — H. J. Simpson. Chief Constable. 
Port Hood, N. S.— K. L. Smith. Chief Con.stable. 
Port Morien, N. S.— John McDonald, Chief Constable. 
Porcupine (South), Ont. — E. A. Roy, Chief Constable. 
Port Moody, B. C— C. A. Mills, Chief Constable. 
Port Perry, Ont.— W. Nesbitt, Chief Constable. 

Peace River, Alta. — A. H C. McDonnell. Inspectoi- Provincial Police. 
Port Colborne, Ont. — F. E. Reavley, Chief Constable. 
Port Dalhousie, Ont. — Chas. Howe, Chief Constable. 
Port Rowan, Ont. — Archie Thompson, Chief Constable. 
Powasson, Ont. — J. A. Lang, Chief Constable. 
Port Hammond, B. C— E. Pope, Chief Constable. 
Port Bui-well, Ont.— O. E. Light, Chief Constable. 
Prince Albert, Sask. — A. E. Dabny, Chief Constable. 
Prince Rupert, B. C. — Wm. H. Vickers. Chief Constable. 



Prince Kupert, B. C— A. Minty, Chief Constable. 

Preston, Ont. — D. Crawford, Chief Constable. 

Prescott. Ont. — Jas. Mooney, Chief Constable. 

Prince George, B. C— P. Dolan, Chief Constable. 

Peace River Crossing, Alta. — W. A. McBrayne, Insp. Provincial Police 

Quebec, Que. — Alfred Roussin, Spec. Agent, Govt. Railway. 
xQuebec, Que. — Captain E. Trudel, Chief Constable. 
xQuebec, Que.— T. Walsh, Inspector of Detectives. 

Quebec, Que. — J. B. Carbonneau, Governor of Gaol. 

Quebec, One. — T. M. Houghton, High Constable. 

Quebec, Que — D. D. Lorrain, Provincial Detective. 

Rapid City, Man.— H. Gardner, Chief Constable. 

Paji-t'es D- s .Joa'-hins, Oue. — N. C. McDonald, Chief Constable. 

Renfrew, Ont.— H. T. Firth, Chief Constable. 
xRed Deer, Alta. — C. Anderson, Chief Constable. 

Red Deer, Alta. — J. B. Risk, Inspector Provincial Police. 
xRegina, Sask. — Martin Bruton, Chief Constable. 

Regina, Sask. — C. A. Mahonv, Supt. Provincial Police. 

Revelstoke, B. C— J. Cleland, Chief Constable. 

Resei-ve Mines, B. C— Geo. Nicholson, Chief Constable. 
xRimouski, Que. — J. CJ. Gauvreau, Chief Constable. 

Ridgctown, Ont.— Chas. Tve, Chief Constable. 

Uichnond. Que.— P. B. Chartr.'nd. Chief Constable. 

Rouleau, Sask. — Alex. Philpott, Chief Constable. 

Rockwood, Ont. — Geo. H. Pearen, Chief Constable. 
xRimouski, P. E. I. — F. C. Gavereaux, Chief of Detectives. 

Saskville, N. B.— Wni. J. Sullivan, Chief Constable. 

Sault Ste. :Maric. Ont.— Hugh B. Graham, Chief Lake Superior Corp 
xSaskatoon, Sa'-k.^Geo. M. Donald, Chief Constable. 

Saskatoon, Sask. — C. M. Smith. Inspector Park Police, Saskatoon. 

Sarnla, Ont.-— W. J. Lanniu, Chief Constable. 

Salmon, Arm, B. C. — J. Brown, Chief Constable. 

Schumacher, Ont. — A. E. Roy, Chief Constable.. 
xSelkirk, Man.— Wm. A. J. Baker, Chief Constable. 

Selton. Ont.— J. C. Hogg, Chief Constable. 

Seabright, N. S.— Wm. Hublev, Chief Constable. 

South Bathurst, N. B.— J. D. Melauson. Chief Constable. 

Schreiber, Ont.— W. E. Cowley, Chief Constable. 

St. Agathe, Que. — L. Gravel, Chief Constable. 

Summerside, P. E. I. — Albert Oakes, Chief Constable. 

Shelburne, N. S.— J. A. Miller, Chief Constable. 

Shawinigan Falls, Ont. — J. N. Longvall, Chief Constable. 

Sherbrooke. Que. — A. Z. Coutroul, Chief Constable. 

Shelburne, Ont. — J. Bundige, Chief Constable. 
Shediac, N. B. — Wm. Gunn, Chief Constable. 
Simcoe, Ont. — Chas. Canning, Chief Constable. 
Simcoe County, Ont. — J. Rogers, Chief Constable. 
Smith's Falls,' Ont.— G. A. Phillips, Chief Constable. 
South Vancouver, B. C. — Wm. Bramwell, Chief Constable. 
Sorel, Que. — A. Guay, Chief Constable. 
Souris, ^lan. — Wm. Collier, Chief Constable. 


South Porcupine, Ont.— E. A. Roy, Chief Constable. 
Springhill, N. S.— G. L. Smith, Chief Constable. 
Spencer's Bridge, B. C— Angus McEgo, Chief Constable. 
St. Largent, Que. — N. Grovel, Chief Constable. 

St. Thomas, Ont.— Wm. Armstrong, Chief Constable. 

St. Thomas (Elgin) — John Hopkins, Hi-h Constable. 
xSt. Catharines, Ont. (Lincoln)— R. T. Boyle, High Constable. 
xSt. Catharines, Ont.— H. H. Green, Chief Constable. 

St. Johns, Que. — Joseph Daniels, Chief Const-able. 

St. Hyachithe, Que. — A. Bourgeois, Chief Constable. 

xSt. John, N. B.— J. J. Smith, Chief Constable. 
St. Boniface, Man. — Leo Marcil, Chief Constable. 
St. James, Man. — Herbert Walton, Chief Constable. 
St. Albert, Alta. — David Joyal, Chief Constable. 
St. Davids, Ont.— D. W. Woodruff, Chief Constable. 
St. Cesaire; Ont.— J. B. Dulude, Chief Constable. 
St. Pierre de Sorel, Que.— N. Capelette, Chief Constable. 
St. Stephen, N. B.— Jno. A. Gibson, Chief Constable. 
St. Vital, Man. — II. K. Rose. Chief Constable. 
Steelton, Ont. — J. Harrington, Chief Constable. 
Stratford, Ont. — J. L. Broadley. Chief Constable. 

Stettler, Alta.— Robt. Hoe, Chief Constable. 

Strathrov, Ont.— A. F. Wilson, Chief Constable. 

StouflFvilie, Ont.— E. Pennock, Chief Constable. 
xStellarton, N. S.— Ja.s. Watters, Chief Constable. 

Sturgeon Falls, Ont. — Alois Leblane, Chief Constable. 
xSudbury, Ont.— F. Fryvie, Chief Constable. 

Sudbury, Ont. — A. E. Storie, Inspector Ontario Provincial Police. 

Sutton, Que. — J. Stowell, Chief Constable. 

Sutherland, Sask.- — John Hadden, Chief Constable. 

Sussex, N. B.— Wm, G. Asdell, Chief Constable. 
xSwift Current, Sask.— E. B. Borthwick, Chief Constable. 

Sweetsburg, Que.— J. A. Boesvert, Chief Constable. 
xSydney, N. S.— J. B. McCormick, Chief Constable. 
xSydney, N. S. — Capt. D. A. Noble, Chief Dominion Steel Co. Police 

South *Fort George, B. C— S. W. S. Parsons, Chief Constable. 

Sydney Mines, N. S.— Vincent Hall, Chief Constable. 
xSt. Thomas, Ont.— T. A. Hare, Special Agent, Pere Marquette Tly. 

Steterton, N. S. — James Waters, Chief Constable. 

Tabar, Alta.— A. L Campbell, Chief Constable. 

Terrebone, Que. — O. Poirier, Chief Constable. 
xThree Rivers, Que. — E. Berthiaume, Chief Constable. 

Thetford Mines, Que. — A. Letournoau, Chief Constable. 

Thunder Bay, Ont.— Alex. M. Thompson, Chief Constable. 

Thessalon, Ont.— J. C. Purdv, Chief Constable. 
xTillsonburg, Ont.— G. W. Potteii, Chief Constable. 

Timmins, Cnt. — S. R. Kraft. Chief Constable. 

Toronto, Ont. — Samuel Dickson, Chief Constal)Ie. 

Toronto, Ont. — L. R. Geddes, Deputy Chief Constable. 
Toronto, Ont. — D. .Archibald, I^ife Member. 


x'Toronto, Out. — R. Gregoiy, Staff Inspector. 
Toronto, Qnt. — J. Hcdje, Chief Grand Trunk Railway Folice. 
Toronto, 6nt. — Wm. E. Johnron, Chief Canadian Northern Ry. Policv 
Toronto. Ont — Col. H. J. Grasett, C. M. G., Life Member. 

Toronto, Cnt. — H. J. Page, Special Agent C. N. Ry. 
Toronto, Ont. — George Kennedy, Inspector of Detectives. 
Toronto. Ont — G. Guthrie, Inspector Detectives. 
Toronto. Ont. -W. Wallace, Asst. Inspector Detectives? 
Toronto, Out. — David McKinney, Inspector. 

xToronto, Ont. — R. McClelland, Chief Inspector (Honorary Member). 
Toronto, Ont. — Col. G. T. Dennison, Police Magistrate. 

Toronto, Ont. — Major J. E. Rogers, Supt. Ontario Provincial Police. 
xToronto, Cnt.— R. Flinn, Deputy Chief Constable C.N.R. 
Trenton. Ont — William Bain, Chief Constal)le. 

Truro, N. S. — John Eraser, Chief Constable. 
Trail, B. C— B. Dovvnes, Chief Constable. 
Trenton, N. S.— Norman McDonald, Chief Constable. 
Trascona, Man. — B. Woods, Chief Constable. 
Thorold. Ont.— Alf. Pelly, Chief Constable. 
xVancouver, B. C. — Wni. McRae, Chief Constable. 
Vancouver, I>. C. — T. G. Winn, Inspector Provincial Police. 
Vancouver, B. C. — W. D. Dunwoody, Chief Provincial Police. 
Valleyfield, Que. — W. F. Lemieux, Chief Constable. 
Vernon, B. C. — J. A. Eraser, Chief Provincial Police. 
Vernon, B. C— R. M. Clarke, Chief Constable. 
Verdun, Man. — A. Dubeau, Chief Constable. 

Victoria, B. C. — Colin S. Camijbell, Chief Provincial Police. 

Victoria, B. C. — John M. Langley, Chief Constable. 

Victoria, B. C. — W. G. McMynn, Warden Provincial Jail. 

Victoria, B C. — John Fry, Chief Constable. 

Victoria, B. C. — Thomas Palmei-, Deputy Chief Constable. 
Victoria Mines, Ont. — O. Goudreault, Chief Constable. 
Victoria Harbor, Ont. — Eelix Labatte, Chief Constable. 
Waterloo, Out.- S. Elynn, Chief Constable. 
Walkerville, Ont. — J. P. Snu't'i, Chief Constable. 

Wallaceburg, Ont.— J. B. Cousins, Chief Constable. 

W^atertown, Sask. — J. Baxter, Chief Constable. 

Waterloo County, Ont.— C. Huber. High Constable. 

Walkeiton, Ont. — R. B. Ferguson, Chief Constable. 

Waubaushcne, Ont. — H. E. Parkham, Chief Constable. 

Wainwright, Alta. — E. P. Lewis, Chief Constable. 

Watious, Sask.— T. Filleul, Chief Con.stable. 

Westboro, Ont. (Carlton)— W. H. Hamilton, High Constable. 
xWestniount. Que. — Thos. Moffett, Chief Constable. 

Westmount. Que.— E. K. Hort. Deputy Chief Constable. 
xWestmount, Que. — Wm. Wren, Insi)ector of Police. 

Welland, Ont. — W. C. Crabh, Chief Constable. 

Westville, N. S. — Geo. Munro, Chief Constable. 
Weyburn, Sask. — W. Blackie, Chief Constable. 


Weston, Ont. — Wm. Campbell, Chief Constable. 
Wetaskiwin, Alta. — John James, Chief Constable. 
Whitby, Ont. (Ontario) — Wm. Calverlev, Hip,-h Constable. 
Whitby, Ont.— C. F. MacGrotty. Chief Constable. 
Winnipeg-, Man. — J. E. Elliott, Supt. Manitoba Piovincial Polico, 
Winnipeg-, Man.- C. H. Newton. Chief Cons' able". • 
Winnipeg-, Man. — J. McKenzie, Deputy Supt. Provincial Police. 
Winnipeg, Man.— Major W. McLeod, Asst. Chief C.P.P. Police. 
Winnipeg, Man. — J. G. Rattray, Comni, Provincial Police. 
Winnipeg. Man. — W. M. Bannetman, C. P. R. 
Winnipeg, Man. — Hon. Sir Hugh John McDonald, Police Magistrate. 

Wiarton, Ont.— Robert Ward, Chief Constable. 
Wiarton, Ont. (Bruce) — Robert Ward, High Constable. 
Windsor, Ont. — D. Thompson, Chief Constable. 

Wingham, Ont. — Geo. Allan, Chief Constable. 
Windsor, N. S.— Saml. McDonald, Chief Constable. 
Woodstock, Ont. (Oxford)~Fred S. Hill, High Constable. 
Woodstock. Ont. — A. T. Moore, Chief Constable. 

Woodstock, N. B.— 0. Kelly, Chief Constable. 
Yannouth, N. S.— Chas. H. Babine, Chief Constable. 
Yorkton, Sask. — T. Zeates, Chief Constable. 


Secretary-Treasurer, Brantford. Ontario. 

vocation Name Oflice 

Anna))olis, N. S.. Canada.. Daniel T'arkcr '"' '-'■ of Polu-*- 

.Kinistrong. B. C Bernard Forwood Chief Constable 

Arichat, N. S., Canada James D. Power (",--<■ ,^^• police 

Arnprior, Ont., Canada.. ..C-co. A. .Iactucau)ii Chief of Police 

Alberta, Alberta, Canada. .Joseph Gillespie '"vrf of Police 

Alice Arm, B. C, Canada..R. Webster Constable 

Aiiyox. p.. C, Canada C. V. Brt'wei- Constable 

Barrie, Ont R. King . . Chief of Police . 

P.olleville, Ont., Canada Alexander Kidd Chief of Police 

Bari'ie, Ontario, Canada. ...B. W. Smith Deputy Shei-ifl' 

Bi-andon, Manitoba, Can Jo.seph B. Hardy Chief of Police 


Delia Coola, B. C, Canada. .F. Broughton Constable 

nv.ivloto, B. C, Canada.. -.B. P. Ponder Constable 

Dawson, Yukon Territory. I'^ajor R. E. Tucker Co"imanding Officer 

Porchcster, N. B., Canada.. "^V. E. Lawrence ..Chief of Police 

Edmonton, Alberta, Can. ..A. G. Shute Constable 

(iuclph, Ont., Canada J. A. Rae Chief of Police 

Granby, Quebec, Canada....F. A. Daniel :.. Chief of Police 

Hull. Quebec, Canada M. Josepii Henri ,:..Chief of Police 

Hartlan.d, N. B., Canada....'^ lb on Ji. Foster......... High Sheriff 

Hazelton, B. C, Canada. ..P. C. Brice ..,.. ......Corppral 

Kt-nora, Ont., Canada ......IJ. P. Lyic '. ...Chief of Police 

Kamloop.s, B. C, Canada..?^. C. Summons Chief of Police 

Kamloops, B. C, Canada. .Geo. H. Adam Provincial Constable 

Kamloops, B. C, Canada. .Wm. L. Femir ...Inspector Police 

Liverpool, N. S., Canada. ...John Payzant Chief of Police 

Lockeport, N. S., Canada. .George Wright Chief of Police 

Lauzon-Lewis, Que R. St. Laurent Chief of Police 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. .Perry Belanger Supt. of Police 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Wm. Leggett Asst. Supt. of Police 

Moncton, N. B., Canada. ..l>. S. Hutchinson Chief of Police 

Massett Queen, B.C., Can...R. P. Ponder Constable 

No. Vancouver, B. C. Can.. .P. Stewart ..,., Chief Constable 

North Bay, Ont., Canada. ...Wm. Rayner Chief of Police 

North Bay, Ont., Canada... Louis Cisson Deputy Chief of Police 

.North Bay. Ont., Canada... F. Michaud Constable 

North Bay, Ont., Canada... J. P. Grant Constable 

North Bay, Ont., Canada.. ..Wm. McKenzie Constable 

North Bay, Ont., Canada. ...Fred Lefebvi-e Ontaiio Police 

North Sydney, N. S. Can. ..Daniel A. Cowans Chief of Police 

Ocean Falls, B. C, Can R. A. Beavan Constable 

Ocean Falls, B. C, Can G. C. Sharpe Special Constable 

Oceon Falls, B. C, Can R. W. Clearwater Corporal 

Prince Rupert, B. C Wm. A. Vickers Chief of Police .: 

Port Essington, B.C., Can...R. Gibson Constable 

Prince Rupert, B. C, Can... A. Saint Constable 

Prince George, B. C, Can...R. McLeod Staff Sergeant 

Peterborough, Ont., Can S. New Hall Chief of Police 

Parry Sound, Ont., Can Thomas Spencer Chief of Police 

Pairv Sound, Ont., Can Charles H. Knight Provincial Constable 

Pt. Call)Ourne, Ont F. E. Reaveley Chief of Police 

Quebec, Quebec, Canada... Fniile Tiudel Chief of Police 

Quebec, Quebec, Canada.. ..M W. Burke Deputy Chief of Police 

Rivers Inlet, B. C, Can D. S. Cameron Constable 

Riviere Du Loup, Q., Can. ..J. A. Marquis Chief of Police 

Regina, Sask. Martin J. Burton. Chief of Police 

Shelburne, N. S., Canada..Loche Chief of Police 

Sherwood, Quebec, Can Alfred Zefirin Chief of Police 

St. Hyacinthe, Que., Can... A. Bourgeois Chief of Police 


^'t. 'I'hoinas, Ont., Canada. .Win. Ai-mstroiig Chief oi' J'olit(; 

.-■■lickv, lie, N. B., Canada. ...Clarence Buib n, Chief ot ril;cf 

.N . John, N. B., Canada Anion A. Wilson High Sher.H 

Stewart, B. C, Canada J. P. Scarlett Constable 

Stewart, B. C, Canada P. Bowler Constable 

'iO)onto, Ont., Canada John Dickson Chief of Police 

Tcnace, B. C, Canada A. VV. Stone Constable 

Vancouver, B. C, Canada. .James Anderson Chief of Police 

Vancouver, B. C, Canada. .H. M. Cruickshank Chief Provincial Police 

Vancouver, B. C, Canada.. \V. M. VVroughton lioval Mounted Police 

Welland. Ont. W. C. Crabb Chief of Police 

Winnipeg, Mail Chris 11. Newton ..Chief of Police 

Whitehorsc, Yukon Terty...W. J. Moorehead Conunanding- Officer 

W. Vancouver, I!. ('., Can. .15. Stiuires Chief Con.stalilc 

Yarmouth, N. S., Canada..... ... Chief of Police 



<.'ourrty — County Seat Sheriff 

Athabasca: Edi, 'mLor. Peter Gunn 

Hassano A. A. McGregor 

('algary: Calgary F. M. Graham 

Edmonton: Edmonton : John Rae 

Lethbridge: LethbridL'e M. Young 

-McLeod: McLeod A. B. McDonald 

Medicine Hat E. H. Chudleigh 

Ked River: Red River John McPherson 

Slettler , : J. McBrine 

Taber W. Westlake 

P. S. — Athabasc;? and Edi ciiton both have their head(|uarters at Edmon- 
ton. Bas-ano and Taber ;n-e Svi1,-,Iik! cial 1 i.'^trict with Deputy Sheriffs in 
charge with |)ow(rs of Sheriff. 


County — Countv Seat Sheriff 

Atlin: Prince Rujte t John Shirk'\ 

Cariboo: Quesnell. llrnest S. Peters 

Nanaimo: Victoria ('. A. 'j'l-auloid 




X. E. Kootcnay: GoWon ;... H. C. Moor. 

.X. W. Kooten;'.y: >lei>elFtoke Wni. J. Law 

S. Koctenay: Nelson J. H. Doyk' 

V'ancouvcr: Varscouvrr Chas. McDonald 

Victoria: Victoria .., F, G. Richards 

Wostmin.ster: X. W«>.'^tniinster ..............H. P. McMartiri 

Yale: Grtuitl Fork« H. C. Kennon 

Yale; Kaniloops ......,,..W. F. Wood 


■;:Cmmty-^.C>ounty Scat .Sheriff:: 

>.'.,■■ " ■ .' ■ .■' ' V .,.,,,'. 1 

JC^Mtriil Judicial Di-tiict: r(>r:at':e la Prain'c R. H. Home 

1> up]) n Judicial Di.-trict: Dauphin.... John Watson 

Fastern Judicial District: Winnipeg ...Col. Inkst€v 

X'orthern Judicial District: Minnedosa W. A. Smith 

Western Judicial District: Brandon W. Henderson 


County Sheriff 

Annapolis Edwin Gates 

Antjoonish Dun D. Chisholm 

Cape Breton Geo. B. Ingrahani 

Colchc- ter I. O. B. Mackini 

(■uniberland R. B. H. Davison 

Digby H. A. P. Smith 

(Juvsboro... A. J. 0. Mas>uir<" 

Halifax James Hal! 

Hants - - - John D. Currie 

Inverness : .- J. D. Doiicet 

Kings F. J. Porter 

Lunenberg John H. Creighton 

I'iotou J- Simpson Harris 

Queens I- W. Drew 

Richmond James D. Power 

Shelburne & Barrington C. W. McLean 

Victoria M. F. McKay 

^■:.llV(Ulth Geo. H. Guest 

256 INTl'^UNAT L 1'(;1J('J: A- Di.TKCTIVK DULKC TOli 


County — County Scat Sheriff 

Alcona: Saulte Ste. Marie W. H. Carney 

til ant: Drantford - W. W. llos^ 

Bruce: Walkerton - C. M. .Jenny. n 

Carleton: Ottawa G. C. Richardeon 

DuflVrin: Orangeville Tlios. Bowles 

Elgin : St. Thomas iJug-ald McColi 

Kssex: Sandwich .-.. I..:..: J. E. D'Avig'non 

1 jontenac: Kingston Thos. Dawson 

Gicy: Owen Sound C. H. Moore 

Ifaldimand: Cayuga M. McConnell 

llrJton: Milton Samuel Webstec 

lia tings: Belleville M. B. Moirison 

Hi ion: Goderich R. G. RejTiold^ 

t.< liora: Kenora J. W. Humble 

! < It- Chatam , : i.. ,.....: J. R. Genimili 

r .•■; 1 ton: Sarnia ■. James Flintofr 

I : 11 rl,: Perth D. G. McMartin 

Lrcd i': Grenville: Brockville Geo. A. Dana 

Lennox &. Addington: Napanee Geo. D. Hawley 

l.iiK'ohT St. Catherines T. C. Daw.son 

Maniloulin: Gore Bay J. H. Fell 

Middlesex: London D. M. Cameron 

Muskota: I'racebridge D. E. Ba?tido 

Ni})issinf;: North Bay H. C. Varin 

j\oi I'olk: Sin.coe Fred S. Snide.f 

■"'orthumherland & Durham: Cobourg : I. O. Procter 

Ontaro: Whitby :. J. F. Paxton 

(>\ri»'l: WoodstoiK" James Bi-ady 

Lai- y Sound: Parry Sound S. Armstrong 

I'cc] : Lrampton Robert Broddy 

Perth: Stratfoi-d Thomas ^lagwood 

Peterboro: Peterboro J:is. A. Ma!' 

Preseott i^- Russell: L'O'iuinal .....A. Hogar 

'nco Edward: Picton Jas. Gibson 

''• n- River: Ft. Frances Wm. A. Baker 

I'c ijv: Pembroke Alex Morris 

jj. ,,.,,>: P.arr'e W. M. Harvoy 

Slornionl. T^undas & Glengary: Cornwall W. R. Mick 

.Sudbuvy: Suf'biu'y Alexander Irvinj.'; 

'I hundei- Ba •: Port Ailhiu A. W. Thompson 

Toronto C't F. Mowat 

Victoi-i'i: 1,; ' ay J. McLennan 

Wateilc ()• r 'in John Met/ 

Welland: Welland Jas. Smith 

Wellington: Guelph A. S. Allen 

Wentwoi-th: Hamilton J. T. Middleton 

York: Toronto F. T. Daville 



County — County Seat Sheriff 

Mhabaska: Athaba.^ka J. E. Girouard 

Hauce: St. Joseph de Blanca G. Garant 

'^auhornois : Valleyfiekl L. 0. Thisdalo 

r.'Hlfoid: Svvcetsburg: C. B. Jameson 

'"h''"out"i m: Chicoutimi ......'....L. Alain 

' aspe- Pe-ce J. T. Tuzo 

'-^rvUe" St Jean - Arthur Lanier 

^o'iette: Jolictte A. M. Rivard 

Can^ouraska: Fraserville J. O. Girard 

Mon'^magny: Montmagny A. Bernatchez 

xlrn*^veal : Montreal J, J. Lemieux 

Ottawa: Hull „ , C. M. Wright 

Pon*^iac : Bryson B. T. Sloan 

'■>nf>brr: Qiehec C. Blouit^ 

iJicheliew: Sorel J. G. Lariviere 

R'r^ouski: Pi'^iouski , C. D'Anjou 

Saauenay: Malbaie ." E. Maltais 

^■t. FTunro)^ • Sherbi-ooke A. Laguex 

St. Havcipt'^'^- St. Haycinthe J. L. Cornier 

Terrebonne : Scholastique J. W. Cyr 

Trois-Riviei'os: Trois-Rivieres Chas. Dumoulin 


(/Oun*v — County Seat Sheriff 

I'.attleford: Battleford W. R. Riddington 

C-^pn'n^ton: Areola Jas. McEwen 

<'vnre.s^: Sh-iunavon W. J. Smith 

K.stevan: Estevan W. H. Nichol 

(J'av^lhnure- Gravelbourg A. Charlebois 

Humboldt : Humboldt^ E. T. Wallnco 

!>'<" lohe't' KeiTobort J. E. Rodney 

Kinde>•sle^': Kindersley W. R. Gorden 

Melville: Melville A. B. A. Cunningham 

Moo e Jaw: Moose Jaw J. Rutherford 

Moosomin : Moosomin G. B. Mui^phy 

Prinre Albert: Prince Albert David Seath 

Re-^'nfi : Re'-'na A. P>. Cooke 

Sa'^^Va^^oon : Saskatoon : , : L. G. Calder 

Scott: Scott L. A. Ramsav 

S-i^t Currp"t- Swift Current W. Milburn 

Weyburn: Weyburn ....^. P. Stewaii 

Wynvard : W\-nyard .~7.^ B. D. Branscomb 

Yorkton: Yorkton Y. H. Christoi)he^- 


County— County Seat Sheriff 

Yukon Territory: Dawson R. J. Eilbeck 



July 9, 1900, the British Parliament passed an act empowering the six 
provinces of Australia to form a federal union and on January I, 1901, the 
new commonwealth was proclaimed at Sydney. N. S. W. 



Commissioner of Police, Raymond L. Leane. 

Superintendent of Foot Police, Edward W. Priest. \^ 

Inspector of Mounted Police, James A. Pyne. 

Sul)-Inspector of Detectives, James O'Sullivan. 

The State of South Australia does not i)Ossess any regulai' Detective 
Agencies, Secret Service Bureaus, Finger-Print or Identification Hureaus. 
except those of the Police Department. 

There is a next-of-kin inquiry office known as Lloys Chancery and 
liulaimed Money Agency, R. J. Telfer, Manager. 2 2 Citizens Building, Iving 
William Street, Adelaide." 

R. G. Dun & Co. Mercantile Agency for the promotion and protection of 
trade; Brookmans Bldg., 35, Grenfell St., Adelaide, and the Mercantile^ 
Trade Protection Association of South .Australia. Ltd.: Alfrrnl Scott. 
Managing Director; Ware Chamlters, 112 l\ing William St.. .\deiaide 
I'rivate inquiries are undertaken 1>^ Hurtle L Gray J^rivate Inquiry 
Agent, fiO-.^l Pirie St.. .\delaide. 



It appears like an endless task to list the Police (Chiefs) Authorities^ of 
many Foreign Countries. We no sooner have a list about completed when we 
receive infonnation that many changes have been made. We would suggest 
that in all countries not speaking the English language that the office be ad- 
dressed and not the name of the incumbent. 


Albania, l>efore the Great War, was an autonomous kingdom created at 
a conference of ambassadors in London, May 30. 1913, as a result of th*> 
Balkan wars. Its territory formerly compri.sed the Turkish provinces of 
S<*utari and Yanlna. 


The various states composing the former Austro-Hungarian Empire at 
the conclusion of the war broke away from tlie union and declared themselves 
independent of the mother country, each l)ecoming a republic in form. Aus- 
tria herself was proclaimed a republic on November 12, 191S. 
Lower Austria (Niederostorreich) — Address: an die Landesregierung fur 

OberosteiTeich-Land, in W'ien I. Herrengasse 11. 
Ul)per Austria (Oberostei reich) — Address: an die Landesregierung fur 

Oberosterreich in Linz. 
Vov Salzburg — Addi*ess: an die Landesriegerung in Salzburg. 
For Tirol — Address: an die Landesregiei'ung fur Tirol in Jnnsbruck. 


Premier and Minister of Finance. M. Delacroix; Foreign Affairs, Paul 
Hyman; Interior, .1. Renkin ; War, P. E. Janson; Justice. E. Vandervelde: 
Agriculture, Baron A. Ruzette; Industry and Labor. M. Wauters; Colonies. 
M. Franck; Railways, Marine Posts and Telegraph, P. Poullet; Economic Af- 
fairs. H. Jasper; Public Works. E. Anseele. The legislative power is ve.sted 
in the King. Senate and Chamber of Representatives. The Senate has 1L'<> 
members and the Chamlier 18(5. or one for every 40,000. 



A central identification service attached to the LIclRian Depaitnicnt of Justice 
is located at 45, Boulevard du Tle^'ent, Biusels. Aii Identification Bulletin con- 
cerning- felons is published by the saire department. A law, April 7, 1919, 
created a judiciary police, which i< attached to public prosecutor. In order to 
l)rocure the aid of this service, it is necessary to apply to the 'Trocurjiir dn 
\loi," a number of whom are located in each province. 


Chief of Police: ; : .:.....:..:.:.:.:. :.: :.: v.. M. Collel 

Chief of Staff of the Chief of Police..- ,.: ....: =.. -.. M. Henreaux 

Department of Public Safety (Detective Sei-vice) M. Bosny and M. Gillard 

Department of Public Order M. Maubeufi'e 

Traffic Department M. Hainaux 

Department for Control of Foreigners M. Beguin 

Lost and Fou-nd Department.. M. Latour 

Motion Picture Control Department ! M. Sand 

Department of Police Inspection M. Serry and M. Jacob 

Public Prosecutor's Office M. Laurent 


Georgetown, Demerara — Major C. Hampden Kine is Actiny Inspectoi-CJcneial 
of Police. 


King Boris IIL The e.xecutive power i.s vested in a couiic;! of miiiisters 
and the legislative power in a soliranje or national assemlily. 

The Police organization of this country is under the supervi.sion i>f the 
Chief of the Administrative and Police Division. ^Ministry of the Interior, Sofia 
( Le Chef de Bureau de I'administi'ation ct de i)olice, Ministere de iTnterieur, 
Sofia, Bulgarie). Subordinate to him are the Prefects of Police (Prcfet do 
Police of the cities and counties of Bulgaria). Each important city has a Pre- 
fect for the city alone, while each county has also a prefect whose jurisdiction 
is separate and distinct from that of the city Prefect. officials may be 
addressed by their titles. 


In luJdit.'on to tin" i)()Iico oi'ganization, there is a detective organization, un- 
(kr the supervision of the Chief of the Bureau of Public Safety, Ministiy of 
the Int rioi', Sofia ( Le Chef du Bureau de la surete publique). 

In case correspondence is desired with any of the above mentioned officials 
tun] \\u are unable to do so in the Bulgarian language, it is suggested that 
]"rrn(b le used, which is far inoie widely understood than English. 


"Ih" ofic-'a! in lb- lial-.a as a', the head of the Police force is the Com- 
1 andant of lulice, The liarracUs, .Ni Krau, '1 he Bahamas. There is no Secret 

■ Scrvic*' od'cia! 'n the Colony, nur arc 'here individuals or firms acting as private 

■ in«;uii'\' ajie.'i 5. • • .._.■• • , , . i 


'lb( Colony of Trhiidad and Tobago has well equipped Constabulary and 
Police forces-, under coir tj and of Colonel George H. May. V.D., In pector- 
Cif H lal. a> well as also Commander of the Military Foices of this Colony, and 
al io Inspector of Prisons, Reformatories, and Indus'. rial Schools. The Detective 
L'ejait! ent of tlie Constabulary is under charge of Mr. Matthew Costelloe. 
Pe'ect ve In.spector, who has a well-trained detective staff, the members of 
which are instructed in the finger-print system of identification and all modem 
and Ip'ri till) ate methods of tracking and tracing criminals, and are always 

ro:d\" and willing to make and answer all legitimate inquiri's no "-' ' •■ •'!■> 

what s(»urce they come. There are no private detective agc.-.v^Ie; oi bui>'aus in 

('/K( H<)-SI.()VAKI.\ 

( '/erlio-Slovakia announced her independence October IS. 191S. aid ()!i 
Xovemtfer 15 of the same year the Czecho-Slovak national asse nl)ly declare] 
tile stiite to l)e a repulilic. with Prof. T. G. Masaryk as its first prr'sidcnt. 



.Iiiiii:- S' xsoii Chief of Police 

Ia'c (;• *' Sin Chief of Police, 1st District 

Lock I'ook Chaw .Chief of Police, 2nd District 

Pong (Jook Sahn Chief of Police, .".rd District 

(iooey .jow Jung Chief of Police, 4th District 

Shucic (ire Ying Chief of Police, 5 h Distr'ct 

Wong Gee Jaw Chief Detective 

.lung Ming Gook - Assistant Chief Detective 


Honj? Kong 

Hdwavd D. C. WoH'e Captain Supcrintrndent of Police 

I'hilip P. J. Wodehouse..,...;. ....„...;....... ; Ixputy Superintondeht of Polict' 

James Kerr :. '. Chief Inspector 

Willia)!] Murison Chief Detective Inspectuc 

Ilarbin, China 

[The present head of the police in this district is Tung- Sihi En, Director of 
"Police, Harbin, China. All correspondence in regard to police and detective 
matters should be addressed to him. ' • 


King Christian X; Heir Apparent, Prince Christian Frederick; Premit^r 
;ind M nlster of Finance, Niels Neergaard. 

Kopenhagen (Kobenhavn) 

Outside of Copenhagen there is no Special Detective Department under the 
Police, but each City and County has a Chief of Police, called "Politimester." 

Besides the local police, there is in Denmark a department called "Stats- 
politi" for the whole country, whose title is "Chefen for Statspolitict." Ad- 
dress: Copenhagen. Following is a list v.ritteii in Danii^h (on an American 
typewriter) : 

I Kob:nhavn cr bocnde 

Chefen for Statspolitiet. \'al(lcm:!r H. [Vlensen. 

Politidirektoren i Kobenhavn, Th. I)yh(Ial. 

Samme Sted Findes: Centralbureauet for Identifikation, samt Pa'daktioniMi :if 

"Kanske Politiefterretninger." 
Desuden er Landet inddelt i 72 Politikredsc, hver mrd sin Politimestor nemlig. 

paa Sjaelland 

Politikreds Politimester 

Nr. 1— Frederieksheig Birk Parker, Kobenhavn 

Nr. 2 — KobenhaMi.-. Amts Nordre Birk Gemzoe, Kobenhavns 

Nr. 3 — Kobenhavn Amts Sondre Harpoth, Kobenhavn 



\'i'. 4 — Ro.kilcle Kobstad m.v Fabricius, Hansen 

Xr. 5 — Kogo Kobstad m.v. Ritzen 

\i'. 6 — Helsingor Kobstad m.v .' Petri 

Nr. 7 — Hillerod Kobstad m.v. (est.) Kampmann 

Nr. 8 P'lederikssund Kobstad m.v E. B. Larsen (Bopael Fr. Vaerk) 

Nr. , 9 Holbaek Kobstad m.v Rogen 

Nr. 10 — Kallundborg Kobstad m.v Fabricius 

Nr. 11 — Slagelso Kobstad m.v Bursch 

Nr, 12 — Korsor Kobstad m.v Tyge Lind (Bopael Skelsker) 

Nr. 13 — Ringsted Kobstad m.v Hjelmer 

Nr. 14 — Naestved Kobstad m.v Schmidt 

Nr. 15 — Stoi-ehedinge Kobstad ni.v Hansen Ravn 

Nr. 16 — i'raesto Kobstad m.v, Langsted 

Nr. 17 — Vordingboig Kobstad m.v Meyer 

paa Bornholm 

Nr. 18 — Ronno Kobstad m.v Fogh 

paa Falster 

Xi-. ID — Xylvohini^- K. Kobstjul m.v. Grum-Schwensen 

paa LoIIand 

Xr. 20— Saxkobing- Kobstad m.v Poulsen 

Nr. 21 — Rlaribo Kobstad m.v A. H. Jorgensen (Bopael Rodby) 

Nr. 22 — Kakskov Kobstad m.v BredsdorflF Bechei 

paa Fyn 

Ni'. 2;'— Xyborg Kobstad m.v Harhorn 

Nr. 24— Svendboig Kobstad m.v Karup 

Nr. 2i> — Aeroskobing, Kobstad m.v Bjerregaard (Bopael Rudkobing) 

Nr. 2G— Faborg- Kobstad m.v - - Rafael 

Nr. 27— Odtiise Kobstad m.v Seldorf 

Nr. 28— Odi'iiso Henvd - Aagaard (Bopael 

Nr. 29 — Kertc'ininde Kobstad m.v WoU 

Nr. 30 — IJogense Kobstad m.v Wegener 

Nr, :U — Assens Kobstad m.v Vilh. Jensen 

Nr. .32— Middelfart Kobstad m.v Galschiot 

i .lylland 

Nr. 38— Fredericia Kobstad m.v Simonsen 

Nr. 34— Kolding- Kobstad m.v Thalbitzer 

Nr.- 85— Vejle Kobstad m.v Kjorboe 

Nr. 36 — Horsens Kobstad m.v Knutzen 

Nr. 87 — Voer og Nim Herieder m.v Borchorst (Bopael Horsens) 


Nr. 08 — Silkeborg- Kobstad m.v N. P. Nielsen 

Xo. .'JO — Hasle, Vester Lisbjerg m fl. Hcrrcder 

Hoogh-Gulberg- (Bopaol Odder) 

Nr. 40 — Ning-Hads Herreder Hutzen (Bopael Odder) 

Nr. 41 — Aarhus Kobstad .— , Kiorboe 

Nr. 42 — Grenaa Kobstad m.v ;. Malte Caspersen 

Nr. 43^ — Roug-so Herred m.v .Colind <Bopael (Randers) 

Nr. 44 — Randers Kobstad m.v ; , Seidenfaden 

Nr. 45 — Mariager m.v Sven Bo Lassen (Bopael Rander.-?) 

Nr. 46 — Hobro m.v. (est.) .............:...:..,.. .......,..' ...Araskov 

Nr. 47 — Logstor m.v Russel Leevy (Bopael Nibe) 

Nr. 48 — Aalborg m.v '. Buch-Petersen 

Nr. 49 — Norre Sundy m.v Mangov 

Ni-. 50 — Saeby m.v ..J A. H. de Fine Licht 

Nr. 51 — Frederikshavn m.v Folden 

Nr. 52 — Hjorring m.v Funch 

Nr. 53 — Thisted m.v Rosenorn 

Nr. 54 — Hassing-Refs Herreder P. d'Auchamp 

Nr. 55 — Nqkobing Mors Kobstad m.v Blitger 

Nr. 56^Skive Kobstad m.v , Volkersen 

Nr. 57 — Viborg Kobstad m.v Tvermoes 

Nr. 58 — Fjends Norlyng Herreder Vest (Bopael Viborg) 

Nr. 59 — Hevning Kobstad m.v P. Hansen 

Nr. fiO — Kolstebro Kobstad v.m Ramsgaard 

Nr. 61 — Lemvig Kobstad m.v ; Neergaard 

Nr. 62 — Ringkobing Kobstad m.v H. Jensen 

Nr. 63 — Varde Kobstad m.v Osv. Petersen 

Nr. 64. — E.sbjerg Kobstad m.v Fritsche 

Nr. 65 — Ribe Kobstad m.v ..Strobech 

i Sonderjylland 

Nr. 6Q — Hadersley Kobs'ad m.v. (est.) Rendal 

Nr. 67 — lottluncl (est.) Wittrup 

Nr. 68— Aabenraa Kobstad n.v. (est.) Fribert 

Nr. 69 — Nybol Hcried m.v. (est.) F. Jacobsen 

Nr. 70 — Sondorbovg Kobftad i i.v. (est.) ■. Cortsen 

Nr. 71— Logumkloster (est.) Vilstrup 

Nr. 72 — Tonder Kobstad m.v. (est.) '. Voxlev 


Esthonia is one of the provinces of the former Russian empire in the 
Baltic region. It is an independent republic and is ruled l)y a constitutional 
assembly. JM-c^sidcni, August Rei. 




President, Alexandre Millerand; term expires 1927; Premier and Min 
ister of Foreign Affairs, Georges Leygues. 

• All comniunications relating- to Police affairs should be addressed to the 
offices of the Chief of Police Officials as follows: 

Monsieur le Prefet de Police, Prefecture de Police, Boulevard du Palais, Paris. 
Monsieur le Directeur de la Surete Gencvale, Ministere de I'lnterieiir, Paris. 

M. Roht. Leullier. Chief 
M. .\. Liarrt. General Secretary 
M. L. Marlier, Director Cabinet 

Coiiinioii Folic*' Court 

M. Poncet 

>luiiicii)al Pulic<' ('(nirt 

M. Paul Guichard 

Gt'iM'ral In.spoctor 

M. Xavler Guichard 

Judiciiil Police Coui't 

M. Ducrocq 

(jiencral I*oli<"«' Court 

M. Dumas 


The Chief of Police is M. A. Renaudin, in charge of the "Commissaire Cen- 
tral de la Ville de Rouen et de I'Arrondissement de Rouen." His office address 
is "Place de 1 'Hotel de Ville, Rouen." The Chief of the Secret Service is M. 
Xebout, "Chef de la Surete." Addi-ess: 33, Rue Bourg I'Abbe, Rouen. 

There are no Private Detective Agencies in the city of Rouen. 



Le Commissaire Central de Police, Hotel de Ville, La Rochelle, Fiance. 
Le Commissaire Special de Police, a la Gare de la Rochelle, France. 
The first is the Chief of the Municipal Police, and the other Chief of the 
Secret Service. 


Chief of Police — Title: Monsieur le Commissaire Central de Police. Address: 

Hotel de la Police, Marseilles, France. 
Chief of Detectives — Title: Monsieur le Chef de la Surete. Address: Hotel de 

hi Police. Marsielles. France. 
Chief of Immiffiation and Port Polic? — Title: Monsieur le Comr.ii::sa're Special 

Prcf'c'ure, Marseilles, France. 


Monsieur Gonnard Chief de la Surete, Lyon 

M. Naud Commissaire, Sous-Chef de la Surete, Lyon 

M. Fabiani Commissaire, Adjoint Sous-Chef de la Surete, Lyon 


The Police and SeciTt Seivir-e •li-'t'e'- of Pvest are performed by the two 
administrations headed by (1) M. Thruvenot, Commissaire Central de I'olice, 
and (2) M. Menessiei-, Conunis.-aire Special de Police. ^ 


Tlie principal officers of Dunlc^'r^-ue pre as follows: 
Monsier le Commissaire C-'ntral — A. Lafosse. 
Monsieur le Commissaire Special — Martin. 
Monsieur le Commissaire Baert. 
Monsieur le Commissaire Saugrain 
Monsieur le Commissaire Solasol. 
M. Delmas, Chief of Police. 


Finland was proclaimed an independent state July 20. 1917, and a re- 
l)ul)lic on Oct. 7 of the same year. Organization was delayed on account of 
war between the Red Guards of the Russian Bolsheviki and the White Guards 
under General Mannerheini. but the independence of the country was pre- 
served and on .lulv 2.5. 




In Noveml)er, 191S. a revolution occurred in Germany as a result of the 
defeat of her armies by the Allies. Emperor William II was forced to abdi- 
cat3 and his cabinet was dispersed. In January, 1919, a national assembly 
was elected and on February 6 this body met at Weimar. On February 11. 
1919, it elected Friedrich Ebert as the first president of the German republic. 


Noveml)er 20, 192(1, Regent, Queen Mother Olga. 
Advices from Saloniki, Greece, are that all police business should bo ;itl 
dressed to Governor-Cieneral of Macedonia Galoniki, Greece. 
Other districts not heard from in time to publish, 

Paramaribo, Guiana 

[he Chief of Police of this country is J. F, Morren. The Detective Department 
consists of himself and 4 Policemen, 1 Sergeant-Major, o Sergeants, 1 

The Police Department consists of 1 Chief Inspector, 3 Inspectors, 7 Sub- 
inspectors, 18 Sergeant-Majors, :J7 Sergeants, 74 Corporals, 74 Lance-Cor- 
porals, and 48 Approbationers. 


Hungary was proclaimed an independent republic November 16, 191 S. 
Jwith Count Michael Karolyi as provisional president, and a provisional as- 
3eml)ly as the source of legislative power. On March 22. 1919, when the 
Tarolyi cabinet resigned and was succeeded by a Bolshevist cabinet under 
Jela Kun, there was much rioting and blood shed in Budapest and no ma- 
terial progress towards stability was made. Early in August Bela Kun was 
forced to flee the country and then the Roumanians, who had been fightijig 
Fthe Hungarian Bolsheviki, came in and took possession of Budapest. Though 
[ordered l)y the peace council in Paris to leave Hungary, the Roumanians re- 
Imained. A cal)inet under Jules Peidll was in power a short time, when it 
ivas overthrown by Archduke Joseph, who estal)lished a new ministry. This 
lasted only about two weeks. In March, 1920, Admiral Nicholas von Horthy 
[was elected Regent, with Dr. Ale.xander Simonyi Semadan as Prime Minister 
land Count Paul Telel)i as Minister of Foreign Affairs. 



Since December 1, 1918, Iceland has been recognized as an independent 
state, united to Denmark chiefly through having the same King, Christian X. 
Legislative power is vested jointly in the King and the althing or parlia*nent, 
the meml)ers of which are elected I)y universal suffrage, all men and women 
born in Iceland and over 2 5 years of age having the franchise. 


King Victor Emanuel III; heir to the crown, his son, Humbert, Pr'nce 
of Piedmont,- l)orn September 16, 1904. 

Ufficiali Delia Regia Questura Di Torino 

Carrassi Alarico cav. uff. Questore 

Tabusso Tciesio cav. aw Vice-Questore 


Covelli cav. dott. Achille Commissario 

Calasso cav. Pietvo Commissario 

Norcia dott. cav. Mariano Comnussario 

Torchio dott. Franc Vice-Commissaiio 

Brunetti dott. Guido Vice-Commissario 

Lizza Ermenegildo Segrctario 

Moreno Felice Vice-Segretario 

Kamella dott. Franc. Vice-Conunissario 


Palma dott. cav. Amedeo Commissario 

Bandiera cav. Gug-lielmo Vice-Commissario 

Failla Giovanni Batt Vice-Commissario 

Sigismondi dott. Giov : Vice-Commissaro 

Maroneio Michele - Segvetario 

De Roma dott. Nicolo Vice-Segretario 


Alloati dott. Luigi Vice-Corn missaiio 

Guerrera dott. Gaetano Vice-Commissario 

T,o(iui Emilio '. 


Lombardi dott. Franc Comnv'ssario 

Zaccardi Gerardo Vice-Commissario 

Panvini Rosati cav. Giulio Segretario 

■Comiti Ambrogio Vice-Segretario 

Salvo Biagio Vice-Segretario 

CHIEFS OF police: 26 9 


There are no Seci'et Service Officials on this island, but there are two bodies 
of Police: the Municipal Police and the Rural Guard. The Chief of the Muni- 
cipal Police is the Mayor "alcalde" in Spanish), Ramon Llorca Soto. The 
officei' commanding' the Rural Guard is Lieutenant Vicente Pino. The address 
of both these officials is Nueva Gerona, Isle of Pines. 


Jamaica Constabulary 

Inspoctor-Geneial ; •. '. .' William Eden Clark 

Deputy Inspector-General Thomas J. Hozlett 

Detective Inspector Henry M. King 

Inspector (Chief Clerk Headquarters Office)!; W. P. C. Adam 


King, Peter I; Karageorgevitch, heir apparent. Prince Alexander has 
lieon acting as regent for some years. Premier, M. Vesnitch. Legislative 
authoi-ity is vested in a single thanil)er of 160 selected members. It is offi- 
cially known as the Kingdom of Serljia, Croats and Slovenes. 


The Chiefs of Police in Luxemburg- are Messrs. Rupprecht and Ettinger, both 

residing' in the city of Luxemburg. 
There are no Private Detective Agencies in the city of Luxemburg nor the 

Grand Duchy. 
There is one Finger Print Bureau, at the State Prison, in the city of Luxem- 

buig', whose director is Mr. Bruck. This Finger Print Bureau has been 

established bv the Bertillion Office in Paris. 
Don Justo Cabiera : Chief of Police 

The Chief of the Police System is the Ministro de Gobernacion at Mangua 
(December 28, 1920), Venacio Montalvan. The Chiefs of Police in the differ- 
ent toY^ns are appointed by the Central Government for political reasons, and 
change often. 


Latvia consi.sts of the termer .Russian province of Courland and parts 
of tlip old province of Livonia and Vitel)sk. It became an independent state 
in Novi mlier 1!) IS 


LITHl \N1 A 

Lithuania, one of the former provinces of the Russian Empire, was pro- 
cainied a repulilic Noveml)er 30, 1918. 


I\inK, N oholas I. 

\K\VK<)r.M>L.\M> .\M) L.ABRADOK 

British ('olony administered by a Governor, an Executive (.'ouncil, i 
Legislative Council and an elected House of Assembly. Governor and Com- 
mander in Chief. Sir C. A. Harris: Prime Minister. R. A. Squires. 


The Dominion of New Zealand is divideil into IS Sheriffs' Districts, and the 
Sheriff holds office during plea.sure. 

The following- compri.^-'e the Sheriffs' District.^ i'or New Zealand: 


District Location Sherifl' 

Auckland Auckland A. Stuiihs 

Hamilton Hamilton H. J. Dixon 

Taranaki Xow Plymouth J. Jordan 

Poverty Bay Cisborne J. S. l^aiton 

Hawke's Bay .....?'a))ier ;\L F'oley 

Wanganui and nan,'>itiki....V>'.>noanui F. W. Hart 

Manawatu Palmerston North K. W. H. Cave 

Wairarai)a Mtisteiton J. jNIiller 

Wellington Wellington W. A. Hawkins 


District Local i("- Sheriff 

Nelson 2'cison J. C. ]\Ialfroy 

Marlborough Blenheim V\". Heaps 

Westland North < snx r'- A. F. Bent 

Westland Central Creymouth W. D. Wallace 

Westland Hokitika Vacant at Present 


Ciinterbury Christchuich Vacant at Present 

Timaru Timaru A. H. Holmes 

Otago Dunedin E. D. Mosley 

Southland Invercargill R.P.Ward 

The Sheriffs for New Zealand are all ( flficers in the Supreme Court. Any 
correspondence to the Sheriff of the Sheriff's Distr'ct, addressed as follows: "The 
Sheriff, Supreme Court (Christchurch), New Zealand," will reach him safely. 


irirp;. Ilnakon VII: Crown rrinoe, Olaf. 


Air. Chr. Grundt, Chief of Police, should be addressed as 

Herr Politimester Chr. Grundt. 
Mr. Tollak Andersen, Chief of Detectives, should be addressed 

Herr Tollak Andeisen, Chef for Opdagelsespolitier. 


Queen. Wilhelmina : Prince Consort, Henry of Meckleninirg-Schweriri : 
Heir Princess. Juliana. 

Advices from Amsterdam Commi.^sioiur of Police are that ".Secret Police 
Services in Holland are everywhere under direction of Local Chief of Police. 
.<o that in all cases one only has to apply to this authoiity, without mention of 
the ii.niuc of the chief. 

"Fin.iier Pinnts are only allowed to be taken in ])ri.«ons from persons con- 
(l<nnned to six months or longer. The slips (records) are filed at the Ministcrie 
van Justitie at the Hague. 


Captain Guy .Johannes Chief of Police 


Captain L. C. Callaway Chief of Police 

San .Juan, P. R. 

The Police of Porto Rico is what might be called State Police. It is a whole 
body under one head, assisted by subaltern officers, for all the island. The 
supreme authority in respect to its direction is vested in the Governor of Poitu 
R;co, hut the force is umler the immediate command of the Chief of Police. 


The island consists of 75 municipalities, each of which has ils independent 
local g-overnment, council, sanitary and charity departments, etc., but the 
judicial and police powers depend directly from the Insular Government. 

The Police Department is maintained from the Insular Budg-et or general 
appropriations, and consists of ihe following personnel: Colonel and Chief of 
the Insular Police, 1 Adjutant, 1 Inspector and Chief of Information, 1 Chief 
of Detectives, 1 Secretary to the Chief, 1 Voucher Clerk, 1 Typewriter and 
Translator, 1 Assistant File Clerk, 1 Chauffeur and Mechanic, 1 Clerk, 68 Dis- 
trict Chiefs, 14 Sergeants, 34 Corporals, 23 Detectives and 577 Patrolmen, or 
729 men. There is also a body of three prbminent persons, residents of the 
island, which form the Insular Police Commission. They discharge their duties 
without compensation. 

The island has a population of little more than 1,.300,000. As to police, it is 
divided into 75 district, each being supplied with a District Chief or Sergeant 
and a number of patrolr.icn, the non-com)nissibned officers being the assistants 
of the chiefs, and when the local chief is absent assume the duties of the chief. 
District Chiefs leport all business to Headquarters, -San Juan, P. R., and re- 
ceive most of the instructions from Ihe Chief of Insular Polic:», to whom they 
are held responsible for :iffairs in their respective districts. These chiefs are 
of various ranks — first, recond, thiid, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth 
class, the highest being those of the firs*- clats. De'ectives are aho of three 
classes — first, second and th'rd. Their salaries are graded, according to ranks. 

The department is also furnished with automobiles, horses and bicycles. 




Colonel Geo. R. Shanton Chief of the Insular Police, P. R., San Juan 

J. Judice Susoni Adju'ant, Insular Police, P. R., San Juan, H<i. 

Walter F. Doby Inspector and Chi^f Bureau of Information, San Juan 

Juan Quinones Chid" of Detectives, Insular Police, San Juan 

Adjuntas M. M. Haddock, D. C 

Aguada Antolno Diaz. D. C 

Aguadilla '■'. Quinones, D. C L.C. 

Aguaf, liucna ■ F. G. Davila, D. C 

Aibonito :\lanuel Ferrer, D. C 

Anasco Pedio Rosado, D. C 

Arecibo Rafael B. Diaz, D. C 

Arroyo Ramon E. Fernades, D. C... 

Barceloneta R. P. Martinez, D. C 














I5arranquitas R. C. Hernandez, Corp 2 

Carros T^amon Rivera, D. C 2 

Bayamon R. Igaravidez, D. C 3 25 

F^>ayamon (Catano) Felipe Olnio, D. C 

Cabo Rojo V. Rodriguez, D. C 5 

(vaguas Julio Santiago, D. C (Corpl.) 2 10 

Camuy Ramon Guanill, D. C (Corpl.) 19 

(":arolina J. Castilla, D. C 2 

Cavev J. Q. Rivera, D. C 4 

Oiba R. A. Colon (Corporal) .... 3 

'"ales Flias L. Lopez 3 

r'-dra S. Rosa Velez (Sgt.) 2 

(^-amo V C: C-ballos, D. C ' 3 

Corrierio J. C. Olivieri (Corporal) .. 3 

("nvozal '^a; on Agueros, D. C 2 

01 ado Juan R. Torres (Sgt.) 3 

I'ajavdo M. '\-rve'Ta-Ta, D. C (Corpl.) 1 10 

C.uanica D. R'jniamino. D. C (Corpl.') 1 1 

Cuavania S. (;. Lopez, D. C (1 Sg.IC) 2 15 

Non- Patrol- Detcc- 

Districts Commanding Officers Corns, men tives 

'luii-'-anilla Pini- undo Pagan, D. C 3 

(uiavanabo Manuel Aviles, L. (Corp.).. 2 

Curabo Rar. on T. Qu'jano, I). C 3 

llatillo T. M. Izquierdo. D. C 3 

Mormigueros Carlos Muxo, D. C. (Corpl.) 12 

Humacao ...: -L So^o Rodriguez, D. C (Corpl.) 19 

Isabela J. Acaron Correa, D. C 2 

•Tayuya Manuel Serrano, D. C 2 

•'nana T^iaz C. Louez Cepero, D. C 2 

.luncos Luis Echevarria, D. C (Corpl.) 18 

I.ajas Pedro Martinez, D. C 6 

Lares Candido Lopez, D. C 2 

Las Maria Adolfo O. Babilonia, D. C... 3 

Las Piedras Rafaol Alarron, Corp. 2 

Loiza Angel Rios Canillo,D. C. L.C.I 4 

lauiuillo F. S. Maldonado, D. C 2 

Manati n. Rivera Cabrpra, D. C 1 Sg. 10) 2 8 

''aiicao J. L. Ramos, Torres, D. C... 2 

Mavaguez "\ Martinez Chapel, D. C... (Corpl.) 3 29 1 

?Ioca T;-pn sulsona, D. C. 2 

riorovis Jose Gallardo 2 

Xaguabo : T. V. Lizarri, D. C 6 

'aranjito T. V. Gonzales 0., D. C 2 

Patillas Pedro J. Coll 4 

Penuelas R. Rentas Correa, D. C 2 

Ponce M. Huitado, D. C (1 S 2 C) 3 40 

I'once (Plava) B. Ca.sanovas, D. C 


Quebradillas Alber'o Pardo, D. C 

Tlincon Felipe Ortiz, D. C 

liio Grande Alfonso Ceballos, D. C 

Rio Piedras Manuel Cq^arros, D. C 

Sabana Grande D. Quevedo Bacz, L). C .... 

Salinas Gullcr.'o Arroyo, D. C. .. 

San Juan "co. Schettini, D. C 

San Juan I. Martinez, D. C 

San German -'n- P, anco, D. C 

San Loienzo :..Fidel Echevarria, D. C. -.— 

S. Sansebastian ina ) oirary, D. C 

Santa Isabel ''v.c.n Soltero, D. C 

Toa Alta '"a. en Aypunia, D. C. . . 

Toa Baja M. Ve;Ta Puollano, I). C 

Trujillo Alto Pedro C. Santaliz, D. C 

Utado Loicnzo Nunez, U. C 

Vega Alta Carmelo Correa (Sgt.) 

Vega Baja A. Ramii:ez Rivera, D. C. .. 

Vieques Manuel K. lz(iuicrdo, D. C. 

Villalba o a.5 I. ,loiens (Sgt.)... 

Yabucoa Castor Motta, D. C 

Yauco Jaime Gonzales, D. C (Corpl.) 1 

San Juan — A. Monteseiin Detective-Sergeant 




L. C. 2 



f Corpl.) 2 


n,S7C) 10 














>l) 1 





-I.) 1 




Headquarters: Oriente Building, Manila 

Manila, P. I Brig.-General R. Crame ..Chief 

Manila, P. I Col. C. E. Nathorst Assistant to Chief 

Manila, P. I Maj. J. Dominguez Inteligence Officer 

Manila, P. I Maj. R. A. Gilmore Mil. Intel. Officer 

Manila, P. I Capt. C. J. Allen Prov. Marshal 

Manila, P. I Vacant Chief of Police 

Manila, P. I Geo. R. Hartpence Chief S. S. Bureau 

Albay, Province Capt. M. M. Velasco Prov. Commander 

Alhay, City Mariano A. Cerdon Chief of Police 

A. Camarines, Province... Capt. B. Sison Prov. Commander 

N'aga Leon Pabilena Chief of Police 

.\ntique. Province "apt. L. Ramos Prov. Commander 



Ikxn Jose Everlsto ViKavert Chef 

Hataan, Province Capt. 11. S. Tison Prov. 

yia'angi .....Pedro Saldana Chief 

Hivtanges, Province Capt. G. B. Francisco Prov. 

r.a'angas Gavino Ro?al Chief 

f'.obol. Province Capt. E. Tanedo Prov. 

Tagbilaran Juan Kapirig Chief 

l.uiacan, Province ...-(3apt. F. G. Oboza Prov. 

AF'Jolos Daniel Tantoco Chief 

Ca.'^fayan S: Batanes, P Capt. B. Nicolas ...Prov. 

''.a;>ayaii & Batanes, P Lt. E. Lonumtad Asst. 

''"uguegarao Mariano Battling' Chief 

Capiz, Province ...„ Capt. Manuel Roxas Prov. 

<;apiz Matias Alba Chief 

Cavite, Province Capt. H. Garma Prov. 

Iiiius - Eugenio de Guzman Chief 

C'^bu, Province Capt. J. P. de Tagle Prov. 

(.'cbu Tomas Bagyo Chief 

lloco.s Norte, Province Capt. M. Oupus Prov. 

' aoag .Andres V. Hernando Chief 

Ilocos Sur & Abra, Prov...Maj. U. Banez Prov. 

Vigan Tose Singson Chief 

Tioilo, Province Capt. J. A. Green Prov. 

isabela, Province Capt. A. Cnsologo Prov. 

llagan Isidro de Leon Chief 

' aguna. Province Capt. A. Mansueto Prov. 

Santa Cniz Pedro Calvelo Chief 

la Un'on, Province Capt. M. S. Palma Prov, 

' 'nto. Province Capt. L. E. Quintero Prov. 

Tacloban Marcos Francisco Chief 

Mindoeo, Pi-ovince Mai. L. G. Babiera Prov. 

Culapan Andres Amparo Chief 

of Police 


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Prov. Commander 

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Apayao, Province Capt. C. B. Lizardo Prov. Commander 

Apayao Langanay Amogong Chief of Police 

I'enguet, Province Maj. C. C. Cerquella Prov. Commander 

15enguet Pablo Sanchez Chief of Police 

Hontoc. Province Capt. A. Ramirez Prov. Commander 

Hontoc Jerry Calaoit Chief of Police 

Ifugao, Province Maj. W. E. Dosser Prov. Commander 

Ifugao Luis Duludul - Chief of Police 

' ulinga. Province Capt. J. P. Misa Prov. Commander 

Neg. Occidental, Prov Capt. J. Gayoso Prov. CommuTrd^r 

n^colod Gorgonio Escarilla Chief of Police 

Neg. Oriental, Province ..Capt. B. Soledad Prov. Commander 


DuDiaRuete ^mgo M. Saavedra Chief of Police 

Mva. Ecija, Province 1. hi. A. Orlinio (Act.) Prov. Commander 

Cabanatuan Valentine Solis Chief of Police 

Nva. Vizcaya, Province ....Capt. V. Flores Prov. Commander 

Bayombong" Pomingo Serizo Chief of Police 

Palawan Province Cant. P. Changco Prov. Commander 

Puerto Prlncesa Eulogio Basaya Chief of Police 

Pampanga, Province Capt. A. Gomez Prov. Commander 

San Fernando Zacarias Nuguid Chief of Police 

Pangasinan, Province Mai. R. L. Llorente Prov. Commander 

lii'ngayen Fortunate David Chief of Police 

Rizal, Province Capt. A. Valdes Prov. Commander 

Piisig .....Tuan Sanchez Chief of Police 

T?omblom, Province Capt. J. C. Quimbo ^im^. Co'-'imander 

1'omblom Vicente F. Montiel Chief of Police 

Samar, Province Capt. A. Acuna Prov. Commander 

Catbalogan Lorenzo A. Reago Chief of Police 

Sorj^ogon, Province ^...Cant. A. P. Capadocia.. Prov. Commander 

Tirlac, Province .-.-1. Lst. E. Rellosa (Act.).... Pi'ov. Commander 

Tnrhic Pedro N. Yumul Chief of Police 

Tayabas, Province C.mnt. E. A. Baja Prov. Commander 

Lucena Saturnino Evangelista ...Ch^'ef of Police 

'''jinibales, Province Capt. T. Coronado r^ov. Co^m-'ander 

Iba :: Tgnacio Butaran C'TJef of Police 


Agu.-;an, Province Capt. D. Leonor Prov. Commander 

Butuan Leonardo Evanoso ...Chief of Police 

Bukidnon, Province Capt. R. de Padua Prov. Commander 

Malaybalay yVntonino Torres Chief of Police 

Cot'dbato, Province Capt. D. Guiterrez P)-ov. Commander 

Hpvao, Province Capt. B. D. Valeriano Pvov. Commander 

Davao t, Fern-inde-'; Chief of Police 

I anao. Province Capt. P. Santos :....Prov. Commander 

D'nsalan Cornelio Molo Chief of Police 

.Mif-amis, Province Capt. P. Coleto ...Prov. Commander 

Cagayan ; Taal Cruz Chief of Police 

Sai-aiieani, Province '^nnt. A. F. Pence Prov. Commander 

Sulu, Province Capt. M. Nicdao Prov. Commander 

Jolo Andres Guenero Chief of Police 

'/aniboanga, Province Capt. P. Tangco Prov. Commandei- 

Zamboanga Toaquin Cortez Chief of Police 

Surigao, Province Capt. V. S. Juan Prov. Commander 

Sur'gao Victor Caba Chief of Police 



President. Antonio Jose de Almeida. 

Oporto, Portugal, advises there are two branches of Police Service in that 
District. The Policia Civil, charged with general police service, and the Policia 
do Investigacao Criminal. Address: Lago de Santa Clara, Oporto, Portugal. 


l^oland is a republic in which legislative power is vested in a national 
assemlily elected l)y men and women, all over the age of 21 years, having 
{he rigTit to vote. The e.xecutive power is exercised by a president and cabi- 
net. The president in 1919 was Joseph Pilsudski. 


King. Ferdinand; Crown Prince. Carol. 


Russia, since November. 1917, has been ruled nominally by a Soviet or 
council of soldiers, workmen and peasants. The government has Iteen dic- 
tatorship e.xerclsed iiy the following men, who called themselves "peoples' 
commissioners": President of the Council, Vladimir Hitch Ulianoy Lenin: 
Commissioner for Foreign Affairs. M. Tchitcherin; Commissioner for Military 
Affairs and Navy. Leon Trotsky. 


King, Alfonso XIII; Heir Apparent. Prince Alfonso. 


Sr. Don Jose Pui Chief of Secret Service 

(Address: "El Gobierno Civil, Huelva) 

Sr. Don Augustin Manzonedo Chief of Police 

(Address: "La Jefatura de Policia, Huelva) 



Pedro P'rancisco Coll Chief of Police 

(Address: "Comisario Jtfc de i olicia de la Provincia") 

The Police and Secret Service of Spain is undej- the authority of the Min- 
ihtio de la Cobernador, at Madrid, who is lepresented in the Provinces by the 
(lobernador Civil, who has command of al! the Police Foices of the Province. 

The personnel of these offices is frequently changed, and it is advisable to 
address the office title. 


Spitzbergen, which has an area of about 25,0U0 square miles and a pop- 
ulation of a few hundreds of coal miners and sailors, was placed under the 
reign of Norway l>y the peace conference, September 29. 1019. 


King. Gustaf V ; Crown Prince, Crusty f .\dolph. 


E. Hallgren Commissioner of Police 

The Third Assistant Commissioner of Police is the Chief of the Criminal 
Investigation here. Kacli of the different towns and distiicts of the kingdom 
has a police of il.s own. 

A Central Kingi i- J'l'iiit Oll'ice common to the whole countiy has been estab- 
lished in Stockholm, and is under the liiglu'.-t lead of the Commissionei' of 
Police here. 

Detective Agencies do not cxi^t heic. 

Lucerne, Switzerland 

Mr. H. Waither, Chief of Police. 
Dr. K. Criveilli, Chief Assistant. 

President of P^'ederal Council. l!»:i(i, Giuseppe .Moltii; Vice-President, Ed- 
mund Schultliess. Les'slative authority is vested in a state and a national 


Head of the Department — ,Tac(iues Rutty, Connselloi- of State, Hue Piene-Fatio. 
27, Geneva. 



Secretary Goncral — Arthui- Guilleiniet, 111. Rue de Lausanne, Geneva. 
Assistant JSecretarj- — ("harli's Vettiner, 3, Rue de I'Aubepine, Geneva. 
General Director of Police — Kugene Perrier, Quai des l^ergues, 25, Geneva. 
S'crelaiies — Krnest Corboz, l(j, Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve, Geneva. 

Kdouard Majinin. Troinex, Geneva. 
Polce Masistiates: — Mariu.^ Sessler, Chene-Bougeries, Geneva. 

Felix Vibcit, Carouge, Geneva. 
Chief of the Secret Service — Mr. Antoine Vettiner, 20, Cours de Rive, Geneva. 
Assist.:int ("hirfs — Mr. (iriot, 79, Blvd. de la Cluse, Geneva. 

Koklenberger, 85, Rue de Lausanne, Geneva. 

A. Chappuis, Rue de I'Aubepine, 2, Geneva. 

(Printed in German) 

Stadt St. Gallon — Hirr Polizoi-In.spektor C. Kappeler. 

Kanton St. Gallen — Herr Landjagerhauptmann J. Thomas Graf. 

Kanton Thui-gau — Herr Rogierungsrat Dr. Paul Altwegg. 

Kanton Graubunden — Herr Polizeihauptmann Toggweiler. 

Kanton Appenzoll A.Rh. — Herr Verhoiiichtor Zuberbuhler in Tiogen. 

Kanton Appoir/.ell I.Rh. — Hei-r Dr. A. Rochsteiner, in Appenzell. 


Twefik Boy Hyani , Chief of Police 


Sultan. Mohammed VL; Grand N'izier and Minister of F^oreign Afta'.i-: 
Daniud P^orid Pasha. 


The 'Tkrainian Peoples" Republic " was proclaimed November 21, 11*17. 
Since that time it has been the scene of constant changes of government, 
passing liack and forth between the Bolshevik! and the enemies of Soviet 




Ameer, Anianullah Khan. 


The Armenian repuldic was constituted in May. 1918. 


Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. 


Ameer, Sayid; Mir .Mini Kjan: Heir. Sayid Mir Ibi-ahim. 


Preside t and \'ice-Pres!dt nt ;ire lioth elected for a term of five years 


Georgia is a repulilic. ('ai)ital is Tiflis. 


Hed.iaz is an independent kingdom. 


Government, l^^mperor; I're iiier. Kei Hara; Justice. Count Enkiehi Oki. 
Kishichiro Oka, Insi)eclnr Gen' ral of I^olice and Secret Service of Japan. 
nead(iuarters. Tokyo. J;:i)an. .\s ti e Gen(M-al is constantly traveling, it 
is advisable to address all co:nmiinications to the otiice. as i)ersonal com- 
munications are not opene.l and held until the (Jeneral's return. 

Nasami Sato. Nihonltashi, Tokyo. .Japan. 

Takeo Goto. Kiobaslii, Tcjkyo. Japan. 

Minamimichi Edotori. Nishaku, Asaka. Japan. 

Nasanoski Oseki. Kiobaschi. Higashiku, Asaka. Jajian. 

Motoyoshi Makino, Kitachama Higachiku. Asaka. Jai)aii. 



Khan, Seyid Asfendiar Khan; Heir Apparent, Na.syr Tyeuara. 


ralcstine is administered Ity Great Britain under a mandate from the 
supreme council of the allied powers. 


Shah or Ercperor, Sultan Ahmad Shah. 


King. Chowfa Malia Vajirvndh. 



Syria is an independent state under France. 



Empress, Waizeru /auditu. 


.VK^eria is a colony of F'rance. 


Sultan. Prince Ahmud Fuad; British High Commisioner, Field Marshal 
\'iscount Allenliy. 


Kongo was made a Belgian colony in 190S. 



Daker, Senegal 

There are no private detectives or detective agencies operating in this 
colony. Communications regarding police matters should be directed to 
Monsieur le Prefet de Police, Dakar, Senegal, in the French language. 


President, C. B. King; Vice-President, S. A. Ross. 


Governor-General, M. Garbit. This is a French colony governed by n 
council of administration. 


Sultan, Mulai Youssef. Morocco is a French protectorate. 


Bey, Sidi Mohammed; Heir Presumptive, Sidi Mohammed Ben Mamoun 
Bey. Tunis is under the protectorate of France. 


September 29, 1909, the British Parliament passed an act empowering 
the four self-governing colonies of South Africa — Cape of Good Hope, Natal, 
Transvaal and Orange Free State — to form a federal government to be known 
as the Union of South Africa. This was proclaimed May :]1. 1910, at Pretoria. 


Criminal Investigation Department, British South African Police, Bu!u- 
wayo. The Criminal Investigation Department of the British South Africa 
Police in Southern Rhodesia consists of a centralized organization which 
investigates all matters requiring expert police attention. The department 
has branches throughout the territory with headquarters at Bulawayo. The 
special and associated branches of the Criminal Investigation are: 
CENTRAL FINGER PRINT BUREAU — A central clearing bureau for all 
matters relating to criminal linger-print work in Southern and North- 
ern Rhodesia. 
IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT — Controlling all matters pertaining to immi- 
dealing with all matters concerning the registration liy finger-prints 
of alien natives in Southern Rhodesia. 

At present there are no private detective agencies, linger-print or 
inquiry Imreaus established in Southern or Northern Rliodesia. 




T. G. Cruter, Col. Commissoner, South xVfrioau Police, Palace of Justice. 

H. C. Bredell, Lt. Col. Deputy Commssioner South African Police. Palace 

of Justice, Pretoria. 
'Si. S. Du Toit, Lt. Col. Deputy Commissioner, South African Police. Central 

Pol:c9 Stat "on, Pretoria. 
G. D. Gray, Lt. Col. Deputy Commissioner. Criminal Inve-stigation Dept.. 

Palace of Justice, Pretoria. 
J. S. G. Douglas, Lt. CoL Deputy Commissioner, South African Polic3. 

Marshall Square, Johannesburg. 
.\. E. Trigger. Ma.ior. Inspector, Criminal Investigation Dept., Marshall 

Square, Johannesburg. 
C. G. Macpherson, Lieutenant, Officer-in-(;harge. Central Identittcaf.on 

Bureau, "Kya Rosa," Pretoria. 
G. S. Beer, Lt. Col., Deputy Commissionrr, South African Police, Bloem- 

J. F. Hunt, Major. Inspoctor-in-Charge, Criminal Investigation Dept . Bloeni- 

J. Kennedy Clark. Captain. Inspector South African Police, Pretoria. 
J. M. L. Fulford, Captain. Inspector, South African Police, Boksburg. 
J. McCarthy. Captain. Inspector, South African Police, Krugersdorp. 
J. H. Irvine, Captain, Inspector South African Police, Potchefstroom. 
C. S. Fall, Captain, Inspector, South African Police, Heidelberg. 
S. J. H. Brink. Captain. Chief Inspector. Criminal Investigation Dept.. Law 

Courts. Johannesljurg. 


Administration of Xorthern Rhodesia. Cr.'minal Investigation Depart iient. 

Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia. 
Northern Rhodesia Police, headquarters. Livingstone; Col. H. M. Stennet. 

D. S. O., Commandant. 
Criminal Investigation Department, Northern Rhodesia Police, headquarters 

at Livingstone: Chief Detective Inspector. Thomas Hamilton. 
Telegraphic Address, Sentinel, Livingstone, Central Finger-Prlnt Bureau for 

Northern Rhodesia. 




President, Hipolito IroKoven. Capital, Buenos Ayres. 


President, Gutierrez Guerra. Capital. Sucre. 


President. Epitacio Pessoa. Capital, Rio de Janeiro. 


President, Juan Luis Santuente. Capital. Santiago. 


President. Marco F. Suarez. Capital, Bogota. 



There are no private detective agencies in this city. A Finjier Print Bureau 
is now being conducted, under the charge of the Chief of Police. You are ad- 
vised to correspond directly with him in the Spanish language. 

Gerenime Martinez A Gobernador del Departainente 

E. A. Gomez Perez Secretario de Gobernador 

R. Alvarado Secretarie de Hacienda 

Francisco Cruz Director de Instruction Publica 

C. M. Cespedes Precurader Fiscal 

Jose Calve Teserere General Uepartaniental 

B. Mendez P Admintrader de Aduana 

Abel Arrazola Comandante del Puorte 

Luis Henriquez V Jefe de Policia 

(These names have been furnished by the Amei'ican Consul at Caitagena, 
Colombia. American Considar Officers at any foreign city will furnish such 
names directly to any American tirm or individual addressing them.) 



President. Jose Luis Tamajo. Capital, Quito. 


President. Manuel A. Gondra. Capital, Asuncion. 


President, Senor Leguia. Capital, Lima. 



Advices from this country are that should anyone have occasion to make 
any investigation (Police) in Peru it would be best to get in touch with the 
Piefecto de Lima or the Prefecto de Callao. In the past year there have been 
made three or four changes, and it is not advisable to print names as changes 
are taking place, due to politics. 


President. Baltasar Brum. Capital. Montevideo. 


The title of the Chief of Police of Montevido, Uruguay is "Senor Jefe de 
Policia de Montevideo." 

There is a very efficient police system in that country. 


President. General Juan Vicente Gomez. Capital, Caracas. 

All Criminal and other Police Activities of Venezuela are handled by the 
Chief of Police of the several districts. The Central Authority is General 
Pedro Jose Garcia, L., who is "Jefe del Cuerpo de Policia," Caracas, Venezuela." 

On arriving in Venezuela one must register, and in proceeding from town to 
town he nmst register when leaving one place and arriving in another, and, as 
the population is lather small, it is very easy for the police authorities to locate 
a person when wanted. 




Governineut: President, General Alvara Obregon. The republic of 
Mexico Is divided into twenty-seven states, three territories and one federal 
district, each with a local government, but all subject to the federal consti- 


('(WT\ KI( A 

President, Don Julio Acosta. ('apital, San Jose. 


The Police forces are directly under control of Don Jose Lujan, Governor 
of the Province of San Jose. The Secret Service is headed by Colonel Jose 
Maria Pinaud. You may correspond with them, addressing at San 

The principal Police and Secret Service officials of this city and province 

Luis Felipe Badoll. Jefe do la Policia Municipal, Santiago do Cuba. 
Emilio Soto, Jefe de la Policia Secreta Del (lobernador. Santiago de Cuba. officials may be changed in a slio'1 time. It is best to direct com- 
munications to tliem by title, and not by nanii'. 

(il ATK.M ALA 

President, Carlos Herrera. ('ai)ita!. CuatiMnaladc Nueva. 


Guatemala City 

Miguel Maitin Naivae/., Diicctor de Policia, Urbana Chief of Police 

Marcial Prem, Jr Sub-Director de Policia (Assistant Chief of Police) 

Max M. Schaumbur.ucr....Jefe de Policia de Seguridad (Chief of Secret Service) 
The men filling these position are frequently cliangcd, and, as a rule^ the 
office, and not the incumbent, should be addiessod. 



PiPAdeiit. (jJeneral Rafael Lopez Guiterrez. Capital, Tegucigalpa. 

TcTUcigalpa— General Zeferino Delgado Chief of Police 

Ce'ba — Fernando Gomez Director of Police 

Tela — Antonio Rios Director of Police 

Tela — Col. Arturo Matute Governor and Military Commander 

The Governor of each Province is the active head of Police Authority, and 
- hould be addressed as Governoi- and Commandate de Armos, at the place in- 
(juiry is to be made. 

There ai'e no Private Detective Agencies, nor does the Government main- 
lain a Finger Print Department. 


I'rcsiilent. General Einiliano Chamorro. Capital. Managua. 


i'l-esideiit, Ei-iiest Lefevri'. Independence of Panama declared Nov. 
!t (I :. . 


Captain Thomas Armuelles '. Commanding Police 

Lieutenant Aurelio E. Bermudez Chief of Detectives 


t'lesident. Don Jorge Melendez. Capital. San Salvador. 

El Salvador 

Fred, rioo G. Kreitz Chief of Police 

(Title: Dii-ector General de Policia) 

Biij2adier-Genera! Francisco Calvo Chief of Constabulary 

(Director de la Guardia Nacional) 

288 INTEIiNAT'L I'Ol.ICE .Si IJKTiCCTU'K ()l|{^:(■T()lt^ 


President, Alfredo Zayas. 

The following- list composes -the Police Forces of the Republic of Cuba. 
These forces are paid by the Government and do duty in the larg-e cities and 
also in the rural sections. Many small towns have their own officers of the 
law and can be reached by addressing the Chief of Police: 
Policia Nacional (National Police). 
Cuerpo de Orden Publico (Rural Police, Military). 
Policia de Gobernacion (Similar to Secret Service). 
Policia Secreta (Secret Service). 
These forces can be reached by addressing them to Havana, Cuba. 


The Chief of the Municipal Police (Jefe de la Policia INIunicipal) is Captain 
Tomas Cabrera, San Fernando, 106, Cienfueg'os; the Chief of the Harbor Police 
(.lefe de Inspectors de Aduana) is Jose M. Feminias, Mary Santa Isabel, Cien- 
fueg-os; the Chief of the Rural Police (Jefe de la Guardia Rural) is Captain 
Candido Alfonso, Concordia y Union, Cienfuegos; and the Chief of the Secret 
Police (Jefe de la Policia Secreta) is Jose Ruiz, San Feinando y Tacon, Cien- 
fuegos. Both of the last two are officials of the Government of the Province at 
Santa Clara. 

While these are the present incumbents, some of these officials will probably 
soon be changed, in view of the change of administration as a result of tlie 
recent elections. 


President, Sudre Dartiguenave. 

President, Frederico H. Carva.jal. 

Roseau, Fort Young 

Captain P. Ruane. Chief of Police 


Santo Domingo — ]\Ir. Armando Gil Chief of Police 

Puerto Plata — Jose Vila Reyes Chief of Police 

San Pedro de Macoiis — Fernando Chief of Police 




]'io:-idc'nt August Vollmer 

(Chief of Police), Berkeley, California 


A. H. Leslie (Ex-Supt. of Police) Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

Maior Richard Sylvester (Supt. Prot. du Pont Co.) Wilmington, Del. 

Michael Regan (Ex-Chief of Police) Buffalo, New York 

Michael T. Long (Chief of Police) Newark, New Jersey 

Joseph M. Quigley (Chief of Police) Rochester, New York 

(leorge Black (Supt. of Police), Secretary Wilmington, Delaware 

Patiick S. Kelly (Chief of Police) Plainfield, New Jersey 


l-'^rst Vice-President Philip T, Smith 

(Chief of Police), New Haven, Connecticut 

Second Vice-President William P. Rutledge 

(Chief of Police), Detroit, Michigan 

Third Vice-President J. M. Broughton 

(Chief of Police), Portsmouth, Virginia 

I'oiiith Vice-President Albert A. Carroll 

(Supt. of Police). Grand Rapids, Michigan 

liflh Vice-President S. J. Dickson 

(Chief Constable), Toronto, Canada 

S(.')-Roant-at-Arms Lona I>. Day 

(Chief of Police), Scranton, Pennsylvania 


Miss Elizabeth Rutledge Detroit, Michigan 

Miss Maiy Fritch St. Louis, Missouri 

Miss CaUi'erane I'atrick San Diego, California 


Will bo lu'ld in San Francisco, California, in June, 1922. Every Chief of Police 
11h> world over should attend this Convention, as it is expected to be the most 
important ever held, and our Worthy Chief of Police, Daniel J. O'Brien, will 
be pleased to advise you as to Rates, Accommodations and your Entertainment 
if you will write to him. 




Like the Canadian Constabulary, many of our States have a State Police 
{•'orce. There ai-e at least twelve. West Virginia, New York, New Mexico, 
Michigan, Texas, Tennessee and Nevada have State Police forces, similar to 
the Pennsylvania Constabulary. 

Massachusetts, Connecticut, South Dakota and Idaho and Pennsylvania 
l.ave such forces also. 

The Canadian- Mounted Police, organized in 187o, seems to have been the 
original model. From the rural constabulaiy Of England, or the Australian 
Trooper Police, established in 1825, and the British South African Police, or- 
ganized in 1897, may have come ideas, but the Pennsylvania State Police was 
modeled from the Canadian pattern and is the basis or model for all the 
other States that have adopted a State Constabulary. . . 

Organized on a military basis, the Pennsylvania force is composed of about 
415 officers and privates, subdivided into five troops, and assigned to posts 
in various parts of the State, and these troopers patrol the roads, and keep in 
touch with each other by telephone or other communications. Whenever pos- 
sible, the State Police co-operates with local authorities in the suppression of 
crime. Its membei's also act as game, fire and fish and forest wardens, and 
have full police powers. 

South Dakota uses her Sheriffs, Deputies and Special Agents for this pur- 
pose. Not more than three Special Agents may be employed at any one timo 
i)y the State Sheriff, but additional Deputies may be appointed in emergencies. 

The Massachusetts District Police, created in 1865, reorganized in 1879, is 
not so strong; only includes about one hundred and twenty-five men, appointed 
by the Government to help mounted State Police P"'orce m preserving order, 
to assist local States Attorneys in preserving order, to report on fires, to en- 
foice State laws on fishing, motor boat equipment, etc., to inspect moving 
picture houses, steam boilers, etc., and Connecticut has a force somewhat 

In Idaho all tiie state, county and municipal peace officers aie included in 
the State Con.stabuIary, and, in addition. State Policement may be appointed 
to enforce the law. 

Usually from five to ten men are so employed. 

The Texas rangers made an immortal name for themselves and any of our 
large cities finest mounted police is but a modern adaptation of those old, 
grizzled ranger^, no matter where ^rom. 





>n!vston, Ala G. W. Rutled^e Chief of Police 

Alabama City, Ala Geo. D. Harris Chief of Police 

Attalla, Ala J. H. Taylor Chief of Police 

Albany, Ala J. N. Hendrix Chief of Police 

Dessemer, Ahi .R. Randall Chief of Po'ico 

Birminghani, Ala. ..■..;.'::. T. J. Shirley.. Chief of Police 

Bridgeport, Ala.'. S. M. Glouer:..;.... Chief of Police 

Binninghani. Ala .John H. Taylor Com. Pub. Safety 

D catur. Ala. C M. Riogsbee Chief of Police 

Dothan. Ala '"'. R. McBryde Chief of Police 

DoDiopolis, Ala ". G. Raley Chief of Police 

Kufaula, Ala T. M. Brannon Chief of Police 

Ilorence, Ala n. F. Eastep Chief of Police 

Gadsden. Ala Win. Chandler Chief of Police 

Greenville, Ala J. R. Porterfield Chief of Police 

•Jacksonville, Ala W. A. Venable Chief of Police 

Lanett, Alabama W. A. Yates Chief of Police 

Lanett, Ala W. A. Yates Chief of Police 

Livino-ston, Ala. Peter Holt Chief of Police 

Mobile, Ala P. J. O'Shaughnessy Chief of Police 

^Mobile. Ala C. K. Berge Capt. of Detectives 

Montgomery, Ala W. H. Taylor Chief of Police 

Piedmont, Ala John H. Morgan Jr Chief of Police 

Phoenix City, Ala W. J. Golden '. .Chief of Police 

Russellville, Ala H. B. Rollins Chief of Police 

Selma, Ala J. P. Doherty Chief of Police 

Talladega, Ala George W. Burk Chief of Police 

Tuskegee, Ala C. H. Thrasher Chief of Police 

Tuscaloosa, Ala A. L. McDuff Chief of Police 



Crossett, Ark N. L. Blackwell Chi- f of Police 

Helena, Ark Ra- Austin c:-^-f of Police 

Hot Springs, Ark D. S. Bray Chief of Police 

T,i>tle Rock. Ark B. C. Rotenberry Chipf of Police 

Little Rock, Ark J. A. Pitcock Chief of Detectives 

Maiianna, Ark Dave Shea Chief of Police 

Morrilton, Aik T. R. Wells Chief of Police 

Paragould, Ark T. R. Allen Chief of Police 

Pine Bluff, Ark J. Frank Stewart Chief of Police 

Pine Bluff W. T. Pete Chief of Detectives 

Roger, Ai-k T. C. McSpadden Marshal 

Stamps, Ark E. Mitchell Chief of Police 


?]'sbee. Ariz. ]\Liishal 

Clifton, Ariz Joe F. Deck Marshal 

Douglas, Ariz Percy Bowden Chief of Polic^ 

Magstaff, Ariz Wni. A. Campbell Chief of Pol'cp 

Globe, Ariz R. L. Pinyan Chief of Police 

Jerome, Ariz J. G. Crowley Cliief of Police 

Morenci, Ariz Allen Hightower Chief of Police 

Mesa, Ariz a Edward J. Warren Chief of Police 

Nogales, Ariz T. T. Lowe Chief of Police 

Phoenix, Ariz Geo. O. Brisbois Chief of Police 

Tucson, Ariz Dallas S. Ford Cliief of Police 

Williams, Ariz Robt. Burns Chief of Police , 



Arbuckel, Calif 0. F. Ho-vnlein Constable 

Aitois, Calif Sklward Rchse Constable 

An.ciel's Camp. Calif ..d. W. Pat'crson C ty Marshal 

Antioc-h, Calif. C. A. Sv/eonev Marshal 

Ai ador, Calif 'V" B^anch-tti Marshal 

Allairbia, Calif J. B. Elliott Chief of Police 

/'^ahrii, Calif N. F. Steadman Chief of Police 

AlaniPda, Calif. ..,.;... .;.W lliam H. Wahniuth Chief of Police 

Alameda, Calif. ., Charles Dueser Constable 

Alamrda. Calif Charles Porep Constable 

.' uhiirn, Calif A. S. Waldo City Marshal 

r.akersiield, Calii" P. E. Munsey Chief of Police 

Ikuliiifiame, Calif L. A. Cavalier Chief of Police 

lierkeley, Calif August Vollmer Chief of Police 

Biggs. Calif B. J. Bemes Chief of Police 

Butte City, Calif M. E. Miller Constable 

Byron, Calif A. J. LeGrand Constable 

Bay I'oint, Calif Wm. Ludricks Constable 

Brentwood, Calif G. H. Shaffer Constable 

I>ijou. Calif. - C. R. Young Constable 

Chico. Calif. J. A. Peck City Marshal 

Chico. Calif H. L. Guerin Constable 

Cliico, Calif J. W. Benner Constable 

Coalinga, Calif T. J. Peterson City Marshal 

Colnia, Calif S. A. Landini Constable 

Glarksville, Calif Eugene Walker —..Constable 

Crescent City, Calif G. W. Manly , Marshal 

Crescent City, Calif E. Jones ...Constable 

Clayton, Calif G. R. Trette ..Constable • 

Crockett, Calif J. J. Fox Constable 

Concord, Calif H. F. Ivey ..Marshal 

Concord, Calif John Ott Constable 

Colusa, Calif. J. X. Scoggins Marshal 

Colusa, Calif W. W". Walker Constable 

Copperopolis, Calif J. J. McCormack Constable 

Campo Seco, Calif Phil Ortz Constable 

Centerville, Calif Thomas Silve Constable 

Carpintera, Calif C. A. Talmadge .Constable 

Casmalia, Calif Frank E. Ellis Constable 

Campbell, Calif T. L. Sharp Constable 

Coite .Madera, Calif M. M. Narnara Marshal 

Covelo, Calif W. R. Ries Constable 


Cc';luivil]e, Calif Henry Harrington Constable 

f 'anby, Calif J. M. Kane Constable 

t'olvillc, Calif T. F. Hardy Constable 

C^astioville, Calif. John A. Jordan Constable 

Calistoga, Calif Hari-y Van Arx Marshal 

Calistoga, Calif t). E. Power Constable 

Colfax, Calif D. J. McGraw Constable 

(Hipper Mills, Calif Paris Bean Constable 

Camptonville, Calif M. G. Calvin Constable 

('-res, Calif T. F. Perron Marshal 

Coming, Calif J. G. Gundle Constable 

(/oltonwood, Calif John E. Longcor Constable 

Columbia, Calif Owen H. Doyle Constable 

Camarillo, Calif M. T. Richardson Constable 

Capey, Calif C. A. Hubbard Constable 

Clarksburg, Calif Frank S. King Constable 

Clovis, Calif C. H. Clifford Constable 

Ciovis, Calif R. W. Ellis Marshal 

Cosumnes, Calif Henry Neff Constable 

Calipatria, Calif A. Starrett Constable 

Calexico, Calif E. S. Boucher Marshal 

Calexico, Calif E. W. Crane Constable 

Corcoran, Calif D. J. Leaiy Constable 

Craighill, Calif Geo. Earnhart Constable 

Calabasas, Calif W. F. Gates Constable 

("aaipton, Calif Charles G. Davidson Marshal 

Compton, Calif Vv'. J. Davis Constable 

Covina, Calif R. M. Bowman Marshal 

Covina, Calif. J. J. Saunders Constable 

Culver City, Calif Charles M. Spranklin (^hiof of Police 

Chowchilla, Calif R. A. Marsh Constable 

Coram, Calif. Frank H. Buick ('onstable 

Cottonwood, Calif T. C. Lynch Constable 

("llahan, Calif F. A. Haydcn Constable 

(^)rdelia. Calif Ed. Hyatt Constable 

< ' llinsville, Calif M. J. Talbot Constable 

Cotati, Calif C. W.. Nelson Constable 

Cloverdale, Calif F. P. Connor Chief of Police 

Cloverdale, Calif T. P. Wilson Constable 

Corona, Calif F. K. Redans Marshal 

Corona, Calif C. i". Larab^o Constable 

Coachella, Calif John Vrn liader Constable 

Clay, Calif B. T. Whifeaiore Constable 

Chino, Calif Wiley Maish Constable 

Chino, Calif W. J. Tebo Constable 

Cima, Calif P. Lawrence Constable 

Colton, Calif A. W. U'Ren Constable 

Cucamonga, Calif. Walter Hirst Constable 

Chula Vista, Calif F. H. Schraeder Marshal 

Coronado, Calif J. H. O'Donnell Marshal 

Cambrai, Calif J. H. Eubanks Constable 

Creston, Calif R. W. Ferrari Constable 


Dunlap, Calif J. R. Waller Constable 

I !v!vn-\ Calif G. C. Ricketts Constable 

nn-'illo, Calif 0. F. Olsson Constable 

!"os Palos. Calif Mike Jones Constable 

' elano, Calif A. T. Wiles Marshal 

' elano, Calif John Upton Constable 

Del Sur, Calif F. Price Constable 

'N)\vney, Calif B. F. Whitherspoon Constable 

Porris, Calif A. Evans Marshal 

F")oiris, Calif R. L. Varnum Constable 

IXmsmuir, Calif S. H. Fisk Marshal 

Piiiismuir, Calif ...R. Callick .., Constable 

Denvci-ton. Calif N. Moitensen '. Constable 

l)i>:on. Calif : H. C. Groves Marshal 

Dixon. Calif F. B. Newbv Constable 

Pel Pa^o H-iirhls, Calif...K. H. Lee Constable'^'t. Calif J. W. Everett Constable 

I'alv (Vtv. Calif S A. Lan I'ni Constable 

" .'i!y Ci'y, Calif Henry. Toft Marshal 

' 0': Palos. Calif Guv Arbuthnot Constable 

" avi-- C-p-l'. Calif R. M. Taylor Con'^table 

Davis, Calif E. Glocker Marshal 

Davis. Calif S. W. Lillard Constable 

■ UMn'8-an. Calif W. F. Stetson Constable 

PobbMis. Cslif P. B. Ruth Constable 

D!r.uba, Calif. n. P. Hill Constable 

Dir.uba, Calif ^mtcI Jnrr~tt Marshal 

Davenport, Calif ^f'tc Garavcn^-o Deputy Sheritl" 

Enterprise, Calif Geo. ^lartin Constable 

El Dorado, Calif "arvey White Constable 

1^1 Coirito, Calif Curtis Johnslon Marshal 

II C-^rrito, Calif . K. Conlon .^ Constable 

Elk Creek, Calif Perrv Mulforrl . . .Constable 

Eureka, Calif Edward Corant Chief of Police 

Eureka, Calif J, A. Montgomery.... Constable 

El Centro, Calif. C. C. Toney Marshal Bakersfield, Calif Roland Metzner Constable 

V\ Monte, Calif L. C. Burdick Constable 

Etna Mills, Calif L. A. Moxley Marshal 

Etna Mills, Calif C. D. Quigley Constable 

Elniira, Calif Roy Cripps .Constable 

EPsinore, Calif C. A. Townsend.. Constable 

Elk Grove, Calif R. T. Houskins ...Constable 

Etiwanda, Calif Geo. E. Frost Constable 

Kl Caion. Calif L. J. Palmteere .Marshal 

El Caion, Calif M. B. Bliss Constable 

Escondido, Calif G. B. Rice Marshal 


KsQondido, Calif Frank Styles Constable 

Elk, Calif C. J. Buchanan Jr Constable 

I aftleville, Calif P. K. Heard Constable 

East Auburn, Calif A. S. Waldo : Constable 

Esparto, Calif W. H. Akers Constable 

Exeter, Calif E. V. Cook Marshal 

Exeter, Calif. C. E. Mackey Constable 

I'meryville, Calif E. J. Carey ''ity Marshall 

lowler, Calif J. W. Ford Constable 

Folsoni, Calif B. Darrini>ton Constable 

Fresno, Calif G. E. Machen Constable 

Fresno, Calif. Charles B. Harkness Constable 

I'^orbestown, Calif 0. C. Cantram Constable 

Ferndale, Calif G. P. Havwood Constable 

I'erndale, Calif Geo. I. Collins -Mar: hal 

Field=; Landin.u', Calif Albert Gray Cor.s able 

l^'cilows, Calif John Chauva! Cons able- 
Fall River Mills, Calif E. Lansing- Cons able 

French Gulch, Cilif L. Foster Cons'able 

Fort Jonco, Ciilif T. J. Wayne Marshal 

l"or': ^one^; Calif W. Miller Constable 

Fairiield, Calif Wm. McCarron Marshal 

1 air Oaks, Calif J. P. Jones Constable 

Trankl n, Calif C. E. Schoech Constable 

I'resno, Calif Frank Truax .• Chef of Police 

Folsom, Calif P. F. Donnelly Constable 

Fort Bragg, Calif. Joseph Jackson Marshal 

Fo]t Bidwell, Calif Toreph Card Cons'able 

FuUerton, Calif Vernon Myers Marshal 

Fullerton, Calif C. H. Youn-;- Cons'able 

Forest Hill, Calif C. Burner Constable 

I'illmore, Calif A. James Mai'shal 

F:llmore, Calif J. A. Casner Constable 

Gilroy, Calif '-■'■. Fn stc/n Marshal 

Grass Valley, Calif ;'o1mi .'\orlh\vay <'h r'' of Police 

Glendale, Calif Jo>n P. Lainpcrt Maishal 

Georg'eto'vn, Calif. Jai ■ s J-'lvnn Constable 

Grimes, Calif G. H. A;n:>-er Constable 

Greenwood, Calif Wm. Per;';. Constable 

Gridlev, Calif Charle;^ Mdier Constable. 

Garbeiville, Calif E. L. Parker : Constable 

Glenville, Calif C. J. Eraser Constable 

Glendale, Calif John P. Lainpjrt Chief of Police 

Glendale, Calif H. C. Puirier Constable 

Gardena, Calif \V. J. Balmer Constable 

Greenview, Calif M. G. Whipple Con.stable 

Glenn Ellen, Calif J. Pencrozzi Constable 

Geysei-ville, Calif P. V. Sharp Constable 

Guerneville, Calif Clyde Ayers > .iibh' 


IJalt, Calif R. H. Brewster Constable 

Coleta. Calif John B. Pico Constable 

Guadaloupe, Calif R. L. Camp Marshal 

Gilvoy, Calif Geo. Easton ■. Constable 

Gihoy, Calif J. E. White Constable 

^a -tine, Calif Oliver F. Carey Constable 

Gonzales, Calif L. P. Smith Constable 

Grass Valley, Calif John Northway Chief of Police 

v.ras; Valley, Calif John T. Leatham Constable 

Garden Grove, Calif J. M. Clark Constable 

Gold Run, Calif A. J. Wall Constable 

Guinda, Calif S. T. Clark Constable 

Gi-ovcland, Calif Wm. Schmidt Chief of Police 

Hanford, Calif Geo. T. Howard Chief of Police 

Hanford, Calif E. Alvah Clow Constable 

Hanford, Calif W. R. Dalby Marshal 

Holtville, Calif C. L. Gillett Marshal 

Holtville, Calif A. R. Underwood Constable 

Hayward, Calif Charles Schilling Constable 

Hay\vai-d, Calif A. J. T-a Cunha Constable 

Hayward, Calif W. J. Ramage Constable 

Honcut, Calif C. W. Simpson Constable 

Hamilton City, Calif J. O. Johnson Constable 

Hammonton, Calif S. M. Norton Constable 

Hollister, Calif F. A. Earle Marshal 

Hollister, Calif Geo. Austin Constable 

Huntington Beach, Calif. ..G. S. Bergey Constable 

Hopland, Calif A. H. Adams Constable 

H'ornitos, Calif Richard Morrissey Jr Constable 

Hickman, Calif A. L. Knowles Constable 

Havfork, Calif W. T. Shock Constable 

Hillsboro, Calif C. N. Hirschey Constable 

Half Moon Bay, Calif Fred Simmons Marshal 

Hoghland, Calif J. E. Williams Constable 

Hesperia, Calif E. J. Billings Constable 

Halleck, Calif J. T. Bennette Constable 

High Grove, Calif J. O. Pingre Constable 

Hilts, Calif Theo. L. Hunt Constable 

Happv Camp, Calif W. E. Wright. Marshal 

Hennosa Beach, Calif W. W. Gibson Marshal 

Huntington Park, Calif J. H. Pinkham Constable 

Huntington Park, Calif G. Moirison .Constable 

Hornbrook, Calif J. F. Casson Chief of Police 

Healdsburg, Calif James Mason Constable 

Healdsburg, Calif W. O. Bledsoe Constable 

Healdsburg, Calif 0. T. Tellefson Constable 

Hemet, Calif L. Parks Constable 

Hemet, Calif , H. A. Walkei- Maishal 


lone, Calif. Tracy Clifton Constable 

I.oleta, Calif John P. Holt Constable 

Imperial, Calif L. A. Parish Marsha! 

Imperial, Calif J. J. Robertson Constable 

Isabella, Calif C. J. Pascoe Constable 

Inglewood, Calif M. B. Mosher Constable 

Indio, Calif J. F. Boatwright Constable 

Isk'ton, Calif P. A. Fitch Constable 

Idria, Calif J. Altamirano Constable 

Jackson, Calif H. E. Kay Maishal 

Jackson, Calif Emile Marcucci Constable 

Jolon, Calif James Stanley Constable 

Jamestown, Calif S. P. Condron Constable 

Kingsburg-, Calif Geo. W. Boyle Constable 

Kingsburg, Calif Harold Morrison Marshal 

Kerman, Calif S. B. Walters..: Constable 

Kelsevville, Calif D. E. Reader Constable 

Kennett, Calif :...;.....D. H. Raglan.. Chief of Police 

Kninott, Calif J..::i:..l:F. R. Green.......; ; .Marshal 

Kennett, Calif ....:N. Linibaugh '. Constable 

Knob, Calif F. M. Shelton. Constable 

Kellog, Calif C. Tamagni ........: Constable 

King City, Calif ..,.....:.Carl Abbott ." Marshal 

King City, Calif .....;.. .John H. Leonard Constable 

Lockeford, Calif :.J. D. Parker :;.. Constable 

Linden, Calif W. J. Fanning Constable 

r.a Mira, Calif , ...W. A. Magill Marshal 

f.andfar, Calif ;.j S. Heronimous Constable 

1 oyalon, Calif ,...F. L. Squires Marshal 

Long Beach, Calif J. S. Yancy Acting Chief of Police 

Long Beach, Calif Geo. E. Austin Constable 

Long Beach, Calif W. L. Hawkins Constable 

Lomita, Calif .E. . Voris Constable 

Lankershim, Calif .D. R. Fullerton Constable 

La Verne, Calif Wm. Morrow Marshal 

Lancaster, Calif D. E. Hunter ^Constable 

Los Angeles, Calif. James W. Everington , Chief of Police 

Los Angeles, Calif D. S. Larimer Supt. Constable 

Los Angeles, Calif. ..'. ..Henry Hayes Constable 

Los Angeles, Calif. George Lyons Constable 

Los Angeles, Calif Charles Thomas Con.stable 

Los Angeles, Calif W. Y. Ballinger Constable 

Lower Lake, Calif S. J. Shaul Constable 

Lost Hills, Calif Robert Hampton Constable 

Loraine, Calif T. H. Reed Constable 

Livermore, Calif H. R. Seeband Constable 


Laton, Calif Roy Hedrick Constable 

:,ii3 Plumas, Calif D. R. Johnson Constable 

Lodi. Calif R. B. McClure Chief of Police 

I.Qdi, Calif H. B. Coleman Marshal 

I.odi, Calif B. F. Acker Constable 

LoK.poc, Calif W. S." Bland Marshal 

!,o; .poc, Calif W. L. Talbot Constable 

J 03 Alamos, Calif E. A. Robbins Constable 

!,os Gatos, Calif J. Barber Constable 

i>GS Gatos, Calif Frank H. Lobdell Constable 

-,o!j Gatos, Calif Joseph Gorman Constable R. D. 

Larkspur, Calif F. J. Hurst.... Marshal 

I-atonville, Calif J. S. Dranscomb Constable 

La Grande, Calif W. C. Wilson Constable 

Los Banos, Calif .....G. W. Partin Marshal 

Los Banos, Calif C. M. Watkins Constable 

Livingston, Calif \. E. Warn Constable 

Lake City, Calif W. A. Odbert Constable 

Los Alamitos, Calif J. H. Murillo Constable 

La Habra, Ca4if H. F. Ashley Constable 

' .'^.'^,un 1 Beach, Calif G. W. Jubo Constable 

Lincoln, Calif T. H. McKenna Marshal 

l/ncoln, Calif Elmer Beermarin Constable 

Loomis, Calif Patrick Dunn '. Constable 

'a Grantee, Calif .....P. J. Roquet Constable 

!.'-..^ Oak, Calif ....W. B. McSwain Constable 

[.or. Molinos, Calif....... ....F. N. Pugh Constable 

Lemon Cove, Calif W. K. Clarkson Constable 

l/ndsey, Calif ;...0. C. Rhine .Constable 

:.akeport, Calif Emmet M. Lea Constable 

I.Ci ooie, Calif J. S. Dixon .Chief of Police 

Liveiniore, Calif D. Y. Bernal Marshal 

Maxwell, Calif W. J. Ortner.. Constable 

^luiphy, Calif .....L. D. Keene Constable 

:\Iart'nez, Calif C. H. Palmer Marshal 

Martinez, Calif J. T. IVIorley Constable 

.^lount Aukum, Calif.... .......N. Morey Constable 

Milton, Calif .........T. J. Eproson Constable 

:\Iol:elunine Hill, Calif L. C. Ratto Constable 

Maricopa, Calif L. F. Stebbins Marshal 

Maricopa, Calif John Bowen Constable 

McKittrick, Calif. E. O. Grandv Marshal 

McKittrick, Calif R. C. McLaughlin Constable 

Majave ,Calif Truman Hamilton Constable 

M'ddletown, Calif E. E. Noyes Constable 

-Manhattan, Calif .B. F. Jackson Marshal 

-Monrovia, Calif E. A. Bovee Chief of Police 

Monrovia, Calif L K. Quiggle...- Con.stable 

:MontebelIo, Calif :... L. G. Herr Cliir-f of Police 

Madera, Calif A. W. Clark Marshal 


Madera, Calif A. J. Russell Cons^^jible 

Millville, Calif J. N. Darrah Constable 

Macdoel, Calif E, O. Bissel Constable 

McCloud, Calif II F. Kuc': Constable 

Montague, Calif 0. T. Whitsitt Constable 

Montague, Calif H. French Marsha! 

Moreno, Calif E. V ..McKay Constable 

Mecca, Calif Ralph Waito Constable 

Murr'etta, Calif -T. E. Roripau^h Constable 

Manteca, Calif F. M. Round^.ree Marshal 

Manteca, Calif J. W. Graves Constable 

Morro, Calif Iver M. Holdt Constable 

Menlo Rark, Calif M. H. Walsh Cons able 

.Mavfield, Calif P. A. Crowley Marshal 

-Mavfield, Calif John K. Albee Cons' able 

M'l'pitas, Calif J. H. Costigan Cons'able 

Morgan Hill. Calif Lucas Patron Cons'able 

Mountain View. Calif F. L. Peterson ConsUble 

Mill Valley, Calif E. B. Thorndyke Marshal 

Mist. Calif E. S. C. S;nith Constable 

Mendocino. Calif A. L. Patton Constable 

Merced, Calif Frank J. Duncan Marshal 

Merced. Calif. J. H. McNamara Constable 

Mono Lake, Calif .John Dondero Constable 

Monterey, Calif W. J. Thompson Chief of Police 

Monterey, Calif Mike Noon Constable 

Monticello, Calif Clifford Clark Constable 

Madipon. Calif Geo. F. Tilly Constable 

Marvsville, Calif C. A. Smith Chief of Police 

Marysville, Calif T. J. Tyrrell Constable 

Modesto, Calif L. E. Smith Chief of Police 

Modesto, Calif T. J. Carmichael Constable 

Windsor, Calif R. G. Shane Constable 

Manton. Calif W. J. DeLashmutt Constable 

Moore Park, Calif D. L. Gilliand Constable 

Niland, Calif M. C. Harris Constable 

Newhall, Calif Carl N. Sischo Constable 

:'eedles, Calif J. M. West Constable 

>'ational City. Calif P. H. Evans Marshal 

Nipomo, Calif William Cotter Constable 

Novate, Calif F. De Lucchie Constable 

Niles, Calif Frank Rose Constable 

Newville, Calif G. E. Perry Constable 

New Pine Creek, Calif John Larkin Constable 

Napa, Calif C. F. Otter.son Chief of Police 

Napa, Calif Geo. W. Allen Constable 

Napa, Calif Percy P. Payne Constable 

Nevada Citv, Calif H. D. Shearer INIarshal 

Nevada City, Calif T. H. Waters Constable 

Newpoit Beach, Calif James A. Porter Constable 


Xewpoit Beach, Calif J. R. Porter Marshal 

Xewcastle, Calif Geo. A. Cohvell Constable 

Xewiiian, Calif R. S. K'rnaham Marshal 

Newman, Calif J. E. Newson Constable 

Nicolaus, Calif J. B. Thompson Constable 

Oakley, Calif J. A. Jesse Constable 

Orland Citv, Calif C. M. Harleson Marshal 

Orland Citv, Calif W. E. Hicks Constable 

Oakland, Calif James T. Drew Chief of Police 

Oakland, Calif Walter Taylor Constable 

Oakland, Calif T. H. Hempstead Constable 

Oakland, Calif. Thomas D. Carroll Constable 

Oakland, Calif : Alex. Frandsen Constable 

Oroville, Calif Patrick Curian Marshal 

Oroville, Calif J. A. Toland Constable 

Orleans, Calif S. M. Taylor Constable 

Oil Center, Calif W. E. Snell Constable 

Ono. Calif Fred L. Long Constable 

Ontario, Calif W. O. Hardv Constable 

Oceanside, Calif J. B. DeBord Constable 

Orcutt, Calif R. O. Walker Constable 

O'Neals, Calif Neil McDougald Constable 

Oranu't'. Calif Henry Warner Marshal 

Orange. Calif W. A. Holt Constable 

Orejion House, Calif Wm. T. Mullen Constable 

Cakdale, Calif E. C. Wood Marshal 

Oakdale. Calif A. T. Corrigan Constable 

Orosi. Calif J. W. Brooks Constable 

Ojai. Calif A. A. Vancuren Constable 

Oknard, Calif A. J. Murray Chief of Police 

Oxnard, Calif C. E. Webb... Constable 

Pinole. Calif Arthur McDonald Constable 

Port Costa, Calif James Ahevn Constable 

Pittsbuisi-, Calif W. W. Westover Chief of Police 

Pittsbuig, Calif W. J. McDermott Constable 

Princeton, Calif. L. A. Thompson Constable 

Parlier, Calif I. D. Sayre Constable 

PlacerviJIe, Calif P. J. Hall Marshal 

ilacerville, Calif C. F. O'Neil Constable 

Piedmont, Calif B. F. Becker Chief of Police 

Pleasanton, Calif Frank Nevis IMaishal 

Pleasan'on, Calif Larkin Locke Constable 

Plymouth, Calif .Wm. Ninnis Marshal 

Plymouth, Calif John Tibbitts Constable 

Petrolia, Calif James R. Lawson Constable 

Pasadena, Calif Frank B. Higgins Chief of Police 

Pasadena, Calif J. C. Sosey Constable 




Pomona, Calif A. W. Lyter Chief of Police 

Pomona, Calif F. O. Sianker Constable 

i'liente, Calif G. Bidavt Constable 

Pike, Calif W. O. Chatfield Constable 

Pctaluma, Calif M. Flohr Chief of Police 

Petaluma, Calif R. L. Rassumussen Constable 

Perris, Calif A. F. Hardy Marshal 

Peiris, Calif J. F. Williams Constable 

Perkins, Calif H. L. Murphy Constable 

Paso Robles, Calif Walter H. Hughes Marshal 

Paso Robles, Calif W. H. Evans Constable 

I'ozo, Calif Fred W. Kelley Constable 

Pescadero, Calif Heiman Frey Constable 

Palo Alto, Calif Chester F. Noble Chief of Police 

Palo Alto, Calif H. N. Vand^rvoort Constable 

Pjilo, Calif. Geo. E. Reilly Constable 

Pt. Arena, Calif W. A. Kirkland Constable 

Potter Valley, Calif Grover King Constable 

Pacific Giove, Calif J. P. Evans Marshal 

Pacific Grove, Calif Frank B. Wilconen Constable 

Parkfield, Calif G. S. Redmond Constable 

Placentia, Calif A. O. Nelson Constable 

Petaluma, Calif J. B. Sullivan Constable 

Plantation. Calif V. E. Van Arx Constable 

Patterson, Calif M. H. Litten Constable 

I'askenta. Calif E. W. Brown Constable 

Pixley, Calif D. O. Howard Constable 

Porterville, Calif E. B. Isham Marshal 

Portervillc, Calif W. E. Masten Constable 

Piru, Calif L. B. Mavfield Constable 

'Hiincy, Calif. 

-Chas. Schneider 


liiverdale, Calif V\hv. Henton Constable 

riiclii; ond, Calif A. Ahtrom .". Constable 

Richvale, Calif A. J. S'pes '. Constable 

Reedley, Calif Anton Hansen Constable 

Rohnerville, Calif A. S. Barnes Const, bie 

Randsburg, Calif M. J. Lovett Constable 

Red Rock, Calif Ira Evans Constable 

Redondo, Calif J. A. Perduo Chief of Police 

Redondo, Calif J. V. Henry Constable 

Redding, Calif Albert M. "Cochran Marshal 

Redding, Calif Dickinson Constable 

Redding, Calif E. E. T^eighton . Constable 

Round Mountain, Calif C. R. Kenyon.... Con -table 

Rio Vista, Calif iMurphy Marshal 

Red Bluff, Calif W. F. Montgomery City Marshal 

Richmond, Calif W. H. Wood Chief of Police 

Riverside, Calif E. S. Deiss Chief of Police 

Rio Vista, Calif Geo. Adcock Constable 


Riverside, Calif E. S. Diess Chief of Police 

Riverside, Calif W. W. Squires Constable 

Riverside, Calif C. II. Kirkpatrick Constable 

Redlands, Calif Geo. Larmore Chief of Police 

Redlands, Calif J. A. Rivera Constable 

Rialto, Calif T. C. McDonald Constable 

Ramona, Calif W. Theron Gibbs Constable 

Ripon, Calif F. Hutchison Constable 

Redwood City, Calif J. P. Coleman Chief of Police 

Redwood City, Calif C. L. Collins Marshal 

Templeton, Calif C. W. Peterson Constable 

Raymond, Calif Thomas H. Leonard Constable 

Ross, Calif H. C. Rodgers Marshal 

Roseville, Calif J. E. Beckwith Marshal 

Rosevillc, Calif James Moran Constable 

Riverbank, Calif A. E. Perrin Constable 

Red Bluff, Calif W. F. Montgomerv Chief of Police 

Red Bluff, Calif H. W. McGovern Constable 

Ruth, Calif H. C. Hutchins Constable 

Swayne, Calif S. E. Blair Constable 

San Andreas, Calif Heniy Swinge Constable 

Stirling City, Calif W. C. Ware Constable 

Stonvford, Calif G. L. Mason Constable 

Selm'a, Calif H. B. Staley Constable 

Selma, Calif Pete Lohman Marshal 

Sanger, Calif Frank Taylor Constable 

Sangci-, Calif Geoige Rodgers Marshal 

San Pablo, Calif B. Montoya Constable 

Smith Rive!', Calif Lewis Bean Constable 

Slatington, Calif Frank Lawyer Constable 

Stony l-'ord, Calif John Morris Constable 

Sutter Cieek, Calif John Bernardis Constable 

Seelev, Calif F. E. Masick Constable 

Susanvillc, Calif - T. A. Massey Marshal 

Susanville, Calif ........Wm. T. Stearns Constable • 

San Dinas, Calif F. E. Funkhauser ...Constable 

San Fernando, Calif J. E. Street Marshal 

San Gabriel, Calif F. S. Daken Chief of Police 

Santa Monica, Calif S. L. Berkley Chief of Police 

Santa Monica, Calif S. H. Jackson Constable 

Sawtelle, Calif Joseph E. Bond Constable 

Sherman, Calif O. B. Moore....: Constable 

Sierra Madre, Calif A. M. Udell Marshal 

South Pasadena, Calif Frank Higgins Marshal 

South Pasadena, Calif W. H. Johnson Constable 

Shasta, Calif G. A. Schi-oter Constable 

Shingletown. Calif E. D. Null Constable 

Scott Bar, Calif Myron Hoover Constable 

Sawvers Bar, Calif J. Woodfill Constable 


Sisson, Calif Heniv Schne\'l?r Constable 

Somes Bar, Calif Geo. W. Tripp .Constable 

Suisun, Calif L. J. Chrysler Marshal 

Suisiiii, Calif Geo. Kinlock Constable 

Santa Rosa, Calif G. W. Matth2\vs Chief of Police 

Santa Rosa, Calif O. F. Mat hews Constable 

Santa Rosa, Calif J. W. Pemberton Constable 

San Jacinto, Calif R. E. S'^rout Marshal 

San Jacinto, Calif C. E. Chambers Constable 

Sacjamento, Ca'if I. M. Conran Chief of Police 

.'"acramento, Calif T. B. Hat>erty Constable 

Sacramento, Cal'f E. J. Chenev Constable 

Sacramento, Calif H. C. Slight Constable R. D. " 

Sacramento, CaUf E. A. Savoie Constable R. D. 1 

'"•'cramento, Calif J. Garibaldi Constable R. D. 1 

Slouc'house, Calif William Fey Constable 

San Benito, Calif J. W. Prater •' Constable 

Snn Juan Baulista, Calif.. .E. Zanetto Constable 

San Br-rnardino, Calif A. A. Burcham .Chief of Police 

San Bernardino. Calif W. B. Reeves Constable 

Silver Lake. Calif J. Meyer Constable 

Slas"-, Calif D. G. Murdock Constable 

San Diego, Cali^' James Patrick Chief of Police 

San Diego, Calif H. E. Webber Constable 

San Diego, Ca'if G. H. Cooley ;..ChiGf of Police 

San Francisco, Calif D. J. O'Brien Constable 

San Francisco, Calif Duncan Matheson Chief of Detectives 

Stockton, Calif W. M. Simpson Chief of Police 

Stockton, Calif J. A. Norwood Probation Officer 

Stockton, Calif J. E. McFarland Constable 

Stockton, Calif W. J. Perryman ('onst:ible 

Stockton, Calif E. L. BalJew C^nst^ible 

Stockton, Calif ' -^ Hansen Constable 

San Luis Obispo, Calif W. F. Cook Chief of Police 

San Luis Obispo, Calif R. R. Hankerson Constable 

San Miguel, Calif Lewis J. demons Constable 

Santa Margarita, Calif Cha«. J. Freeboin Constable 

San Bruno, Calif A. G. Meehan Marshal 

San Mateo, C-)lif E. W. Fo ter Chief of Police 

San Mateo, Calif Maurice Poland C'onstable 

South San Francisco. Cal...C. C. Conrad Chief of Police 

Soutli San l-'rancisco. Cal...J. C. Wallace Constable 

Santa Barbara, Calif Wm. James Wall Chief of Police 

Santa Barbara, Calif Thomas Poole Constable 

Santa Barbara, Calif t\ Storni Constable 

Sant Maria, Calif A. C. Ramsey Chief of Police 

Sant Maria, Calif J. B. Armstrong Marshal 

Sant Maria, Calif H. L. Cole Constable 

Santa Ynez. Calif Alonzo Crabb Constable 

San Jose, Calif I.N. Black Chief of Police 

San Jose, Calif M. F. Marshall Constabh 

San Jose, Calif J. F. Shannon Constable 


Santa Clara. Calif William Eniig Marshal 

Santa Clara, Calif George P. Fallon Constable 

Santa Clara, Calif Thomas Maloney Constable 

Saratoga, Calif E. C. Stamper Constable 

San Rafael, Calif Peter O'Brien Chief of Police 

San Rafael, Calif John Healy Marshal 

San Rafael, Calif H. A. Crane Constable 

San Rafael, Calif Geo. Agnew Constable 

San Rafael, Calif Thomas O'Connor Probation Officer 

San Anselmo, Calif C. A. Macombei* Marshal 

Sausalito, Calif J. A. Hannon Marshal 

Sausalito, Calif. Ed. Fought Constable 

Sausalito, Calif Paul Troutte Constable 

Snelling, Calif Edgar Latour Constable 

Straw, Calif M. E. Smith Constable 

Salinas, Calif O. M. Hiseman Chief of Police 

Salinas, Calif L. A. Beevers Constable 

San Lucas, Calif John P. McKeon Constable 

San Ardo, Calif B. Witman Constable 

St. Helena, Calif Win W. Powers Marshal 

St. Helena, Calif C. C. Johnson Constable 

Santa Ana, Calif Samuel B. Jernigan Chief of Police 

Santa Ana, Calif W. N. Carter Constable 

Santa Ana, Calif. Jesse L. Elliot Constable 

San Juan Capi.^trano, Cal...Geo. A. Clark Constable 

Seal Beach, Calif Hari-y B. Mayer Constable 

Stanton, Calif James C. Whalley Constable 

Smartville, Calif J. H. Warne Constable 

Sebastopol, Calif. C. C. Stevens Chief of Police 

Sebastopol, Calif F. Ames Constable 

oonoma, Calif J. H. Murray Constable 

Sutter City, Calif N. E. Haines Constable 

Springville, Calif . C. L. Simpson Constable 

Slrathmore, Calif A. P. Churchill Constable 

Sonora, Calif T. P. Doyle Marshal 

Sonora, Calif ..Walter E. Hoskin Constable 

Santa Paula, Calif Chas. Millard Marshal 

Santa Paula. Calif J. W. Messer Constable 

San Pedro, Calif W. L. Spellman Captain of Police 

oan Leandro, Calif J. F. Peralta City Marshal 

Santa Cruz, Calif Frank H. Hahlan Chief of Police 

r.anta Cruz, Calif J. H. Carney Constable 

rianta Cruz, Calif. F. H. Moore Constable 

IJunnyvale, Calif W. B. McNeil :. Marshal 

Sunnyvale, Calif M. J. McGinnis Constable 

Sutter Creek, Calif T. W. Trudgen City Marshal 

Toll House, Calif Wm. Hawkins Constable 

Trinidad, Calif Arthur B. Gilmore Marshal 

Trinidad, Calif James Underwood Constable 

Taft, Calif A. M. Bell Marshal 


Taft, Calif Ed. Milligin Constable 

Tehachappi, Calif ^j. Boden Marshal 

Tehachappi. Calif R. F. Glenn Constable 

Torrance, Calif Cyrus Maxwell Marshal 

Thermal, Calif A. B. Martin... Constah'e 

Tres Pinos, Calif John Ludwig ..ConstaVe 

Trona, Calif H. Litton Constable 

Thornton, Calif. Steve Lucas Constable 

Tracy, Cal'f .....W. L. Laniijkey Marshal 

Tracy, Calif ^. Gieseke Co'^stablc 

'i'ruckee, Calif Wm. Bottcher Constable 

Tustin, Calif ....'. A Cilnian Conr;rablc 

Turlock. Calif ' ■ . M ^cvans Marshal 

Turlock. Calif W. H. Dickin -on Constable 

'! udor. CaMf V/. D. Butle.- Constable 

Tehama, Calif A,..os C Smith Constable 

Tipton, Calif H. N. Evans Constable 

Tulaie, Cal'f. J. N. Allen.. : ....Chief of Police 

Tulare, Calif. Jennincfs Marshal 

Terra Bella. Calif E. A. Crail : Constable 

'I'uolumn-^, Calif Eail Kin-iball ...Constable 

Upper Lake, Calif 'V. O. Ruddick ("ons^able 

Upland, Calif T. F. Sawyer Constable 

Ukiah, Calif '\ M, Cleland Chief of Polico 

TIkiah, Calif 'L W. Dart ..Marshal 

Ukiah, Calif Tosej^h Weselsky Constable 

Valley Sprinp:s. Calif C D. Nuner Cons' able 

Volcano, Calif Tames Gianinni r^^ns'abb 

Venice, Calif Harry Raymond Chief of Polici' 

Venice, Calif '*'. J. Barton Constable 

Vernon, Calif ..^'"red Hariis Chief of Police 

Vallejo, Calif W. T. Sanford Chief of Police 

Vallejo, Calif Gus Umland Constable 

Vallejo, Calif Tames Ward Constable 

Vacaville, Calif Toe Stadfelt Constable 

Victorville. Calif T. S. Weeks Constable 

Vidal. Calif I. N. Wilson Constable 

Vina, Calif S. R. Pritchet Constable 

Visalia, Calif C. E. Rowland Marshal 

Visalia, Calif T. M. Collins : Constable 

Ventura, Calif L. M. Wilson Chief of Police 

Ventura, Calif R. E. Brakey Marshal 

Ventura, Calif E. Fordyce Constable 

Williams, Calif O. P. Lamover Constable 

Willows, Calif E. H. Rhodes Marshal 

Willows, Calif J. M. Reidv Constable 

Walnut Creek, Calif H. F. Frver Marshal 

Walnut Creek, Calif H. M. Stow Constable 



West I'oint -,., T^obrrt S:' ith- '. Constable 

Weitchpcc, Calif J. Lewis ('onstable 

^Villt(M•h:lven, Calif. '' . H. Fritz Constable 

Wasco, Calif W. W. Wiles Constable 

Westwood, Calif James G. Small Constable 

Watts, Calif J. B. Lucas. Chief of Police 

Whittier. Calif ,.E. L. Essley :. Chief of Police 

V.'eed. Calif ...J. M. Locklear Constable 

Walker, Calif Elmer E. Quigiey Constable 

Winchester, Calif A. G. Hall Constable 

Willits, Calif A. J. Janes j\Larshal 

Wiilitrf, Calif J. M. Whitcomb '. Constable 

Westport, Calif A. B. Snvder Constable 

I'sonville, CaTf. .; S. WhitsHt ■. Ch'cf of Police 

V/atsonville, Calif. .;.....• L. A. Lawrence ...: Con'^table 

Winters, Calif J. F. Wolfskill Constable 

Xv'inteis, Calif Ch-^s. Norton Marshal 

v,'if a'land, Calif L. B. Anderson Constable 

\Micatland, Calif J: E. Hollingshead Cons'able 

Woodland, Calif ^L F: Packer Marshal 

Woodland, Calif L Clover Constable 

Vreka, Calif C. D. DouKett Marshal 

Vreka, Calif B. H. Fairchilds Constable 

Yermo, Calif R. A. Bright Constable 

^ ucaipa. Calif A. B. Ward Constable 

Yountville, Calif A. B. Patton Constable 

Yolo, Calif T. F. Murphy Constable 

Yuba City, Calif. J. F. Jones Constab'e 

Zaniora, Calif D. F. Houx Constable 


Cripple Creek, Colo E. W. Servis Chief of Police 

Canon City, Colo. Chas. F. Skinner Chief of Police 

Colorado Springs, Colo Hugh Harper Chief of Police 

Delta, Colo Ralph Willis City Marshal 

Durango, Colo W. G. Clucas Chief of Police 

Denver, Colo H. R. Williams Chief of Police 

Englewood, Colo J. A. Skerritt L.. Chief of Police 

Fort [Morgan, Colo F. W. Quackenbush Chief of Police 

Fort Collins, Colo A. C. Baker Chief of Police 

Grand Junction, Colo Win. C. Herman Chief of Police 

Glenwood Springs, Colo B. L. Nichols Chief of Police 

Gieeley, Colo l^. H. Florance Chief of Police 


l>as Animas Carl F. Holmes Chef ol" Police 

I.oveland, Colo C. F. Head C'li-roC I'o'ice 

Longmont, Colo J. R. Calloway Cliicf of Police 

Montrose, Colo Roy UtI Chief of Police 

Pueblo, Colo J. M. Daly Chief of Police 

Sterling, Colo T. S. Emery Chief of Police 

Salida, Colo Fred Hampe Chief of Police 

Trinidad. Colo Chas. E. Smith Chief of Police 

Walsenburg, Colo S. Martinez Chief of Police 


Ansonia, Conn David O'Donnell Chief of Police 

Bridgeport, Conn Patrick Flanagan Chief of Police 

Bristol. Conn Ernest T. Belden Chief of Police 

Branford, Conn Wm. J. McKee Constable 

Oerbv. Conn Daniel O'Dell Chief of Police 

Danbuiy, Conn D. N. Bradley Capt. of Police 

FInfield. Conn P. J. Rogers Chief of Police 

East Hartford, Conn William J. McKee Chief of Police 

Fairfield, Conn Wm. H. Gould Chief of Police 

(ireenwich. Conn Andrew J. Talbot Chief of Police 

Hartford, Conn Garrett J. Farrell Chief of Police 

Hartford, Conn Thomas F. Egan Supt. State Police 

Milford, Conn James M. Maher Chief of Police 

Meridian, Conn J. J. Landvigan Chief of Police 

Middleton, Conn A. W. Inglis Chief of Police 

North Grosvenor, Conn Neri Coderre Chief of Police 

Norwich, Conn George Linton Chief of Police 

New Britain, Conn William J. Rawlings Chief of Police 

New Haven, Conn :...Philip T. Smith Chief of Police 

New London, Conn Charles A. Pinney Chief of Police 

Putnam, Conn J. H. Bulger Captain of Police 

Putnam, Conn J. H. Bulger Chief of Police 


llockville, Conn S. J. Tobin Chief of Police 

Stonington, Conn C. O'Connell Chief of Poh'ce 

SouJiington, Conn Jame.-- McCabe Chief of Police 

Suffield, Conn Thos. B. Cooney Chief of Police 

Stratford, Conn William B. Nichols Chief of Police 

Stamford, Conn William H. Brennan Chief of Police 

Torrhigton, Conn William E. Nevin Chief of Police 

Thoii-.aston-, Conn Harry ^luir Chief of Police 

Windsor, Conn Edson A. Welch Constable 

Windsor, Conn Maurice Kennedy Constable 

City of Willimantic, Conn. .Daniel Killourey Chief of Police 

Watcrbury, Conn George ;M. Beach Chief of Police 

Winchester, Conn John H. Slocuni Superintendent 


Dover. Delawaie .Philip S. Hurd Chief of Police 

Laurel, Del Oscar E. James Chief of Police 

Milford. Del James T. Courtney Chief of Police 

Smyrna, Delaware Joshua Lewis Chief of Police 

Wilmington, Del George Black Supt. of Police 

Wilmington, Del Robert J. Benson Capt. of Detectives 

Wilmington, Del Richard Sylvester Supt. P. duPont Co. 


vVasliington, D. C Wm. J. Burns Chief U. S. S. S. 

Wasliington, D. C Wm. L. Hurley Chief of State Dept. Det. 

Washington, D. C E. A. Van Buskirk Ch'cf Bu. Crim. Iden. 

Washing-ton, D. C. R. W. Pullman Chief of Police 




B}edento\vn, Florida W. M. Joyner Chief 

Deland, Florida J. R. Tanner Chief 

Fernandina, Florida Joe Hendricks Chief 

Fort Meyers, Florida C. C. Jones Chief 

Gainesville, Florida A. R. Perry Chief 

Jarksonville, Florida A. J. Roberts Chief 

Kissimmee, Florida 
Key West, Florida . 

.C. F. Tison Chief 

.W. J. Gardner Chief 

Lake City, Florida H. A. Revels Chief 

Miami, Florida R. M. Dillon .■ Chief 

Ocala, Florida S. C. M. Thomas Chief 

Tensacola, Florida Milton B. Frank Chief 

Palatka, Florida C. M. Livingston Chief 

Panama City, Florida O. W. Tedford Chief 

St. Petersburg, Florida ... Edwin J. Bidaman Chief 

St. Augustine, Florida G. D. Coxe Chief 

Tampa, Florida F. M. Williams Chief 

West Palm Beach, Florida..F. H. Matthews Chief 

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Atlanta, Ga G. L. Beavess Chief of Police 

Ameiicas, Georgia , J. T. Bragg Chief of Police 

Auburn, Ga W. 0. H.iwthorn? Chief of Police 

Augusta, Ga S. E. Grubbs Chief of Police 

Athrna, Ga H. W. Beusse Chief of Police 

Blaclcsheai, Ga .H. L. Ri'Viins Chief of Police 

Barnsvillc, Ga W. S. Rivicro Chief of Police 

Brunswick, Ga ..J. K. Register Chief of Police 

Crowley, Ga ...L'clix Lina Chief of Police 

Coidele, Ga \.'. L. Sheppard Chief of Police 

Commerce, Ga C. M. Almond Caief of I'olice 

Columbia, Ga J. T. Moore Chief of Police 

Cuthbert, Ga J. P. Gormley Chief of Police 


lubKn, Ga J. J. Flanders Chief of Policy 

r.alton, Ga R. L. Bates Chief of Police 

Dou-Ias, Ga C. J. Luke Chief of Policu 

Elbeiton, Ga W. H. Irvine -Chief of Police 

Forsyth, Ga T. S. Holland Chief of Police 

Gainesville, Ga H. L. Smith Chief of Police 

Griffin, Ga L. L. Stanley : Chief of Police 

Greensboro, Ga E. M. Brooks Chief of Police 

Haw kinsville, Ga A. S. Doster Chief of Police 

Hartwell, Ga W. H. Locke Chief of Police 

T.a Grange, Ga F. T. Reed Chief of Police 

Moultri, Ga W. M. Phillips Cnief of Police 

Rlacon, (ia M. J. Thompson Chief of Police 

Newman, Ga W. E. Askew Chief of Police 

Ocilla, Ga C. M. Smith Chief of Police 

Quitman, Ga ...G. A. Clanton Chief of Police 

Rome, Ga Chas. I. Harris Chief of Police 

Savannah, Ga. .- J. A. Woods Chief of Police 

Tallapoosa, Ga. ... ...B. A. Murphy Chief of Police 

Thomasville, Ga A. B. Milton Marshal 

Toccoa, Ga E. L. McConnell Chief of Police 

Valdostr., Ga W. P. Kendall Chief of Police 

Wavcross, Ga J. W. Collev Chief of Police 

Winder, Ga E. O. McElroy Chief of Police 


Boise City, Idaho Edwin McDermott Chief of Police 

Blackfoot, Idaho I. H. White Chief of Police 

Idaho Falls, Idaho C. A. Carlson Cliief of Police 

Lewiston, Idaho EuRene Gasser Chief of Police 


Pocatello, Idaho M IJexd'xseii Chief of Police 

Pfcaleilo, Idaho Geo. Vv'. Smith Capt. of Police 

Salmon, Idaho T. P. Dunlap Ch.ef of iolioe 

Srii Point, Idrh ) Iran'- Pvatton C'licf of Police 

Twin Falls, l.'lahv) L5cn J. Krown Chief of Police 


< 'ajitain lloniei- Uead. of Rockford, 111., \va? re-elected jji'esident of the 
Illinois Police Association, at its 24th annual convention, held recently. Other 
nfficers elected were: Vice i)res!dent, Wilbur Moriis, chief of police, Spring- 
Held; secretary, Fiank Claik, patiolinan, Chicago, and treasui'cr, Samuel 
]5eals, patrolman. 

Alexandria, 111 D. H. Benedict Chief of Police 

Alton, III Peter Fitzgerald Chief of Police 

Aurora, 111 Chas. S. Greene Chief of Police 

Beardstown, III J. D. Patterson Chief of Police 

Bridgeport, 111 L. B. Flanders Chief of Police 

llatavia, 111 T. T. Urch Chief of Police 

liloomington. 111 J. J. Jones Chief of Police 

Uelleville, 111 Joseph Rodenmeyer Chief of Police 

v" ir.erville, 111 Roy McGowan Chief of Police 

Chicago Heights, 111 Thomas F. Stone Chief of Police 

Coal City, 111 Stanley Planeta Chief of Police 

Chester, 111 Wm. Herberts Chief of Police 

Columbia, 111 Charles L. Kern Chief of Police 

Clinton, 111 H. A. C unpbell Chief of Police 

Cicero, 111 Albert Valecka Chief of Police 

Cai-lhage, 111 C. E. Allen Chief of Police 

Canton, 111 C. C. Palmer Chief of Police 

Chicago, 111. Chas. C. Fitzmorris Chief of Policr 

Chicago, 111 S. B. Wood 1st Deputy Supt. of Pol 

Chicago, 111 J. L. Hogan Capt. of Police 

Chicago, 111 M. P. Evans Chief Iden. Bureau 

Charleston, Hi T. I. Sanders Chief of Police 

Mt. Cainiell, 111 E. D. Anthis Chief of Police 

Centralia, 111 Edwin Kaelin Chief of Police 

Cairo, 111 Jas. Higlen Ci-.icf o.' Police 


Dccauir, 111 E. G. Allen Chief of Police 

Decatur, 111.. J. Cline Assistant Chief 

DeKalb, 111 F. W. Riddell Chief of Police 

Dixon, 111 F. D. Van Bibber Chief of Police 

Dundee, 111 F. M. Rausch Chief of Police 

East St. Louis, 111 Wni. A. Mulconnery Chief of Police 

l>ast St. Louis, 111 James Neville Chief of Detectives 

Effingham, 111 W. C. Myers Chief of Police 

Evanston, 111 C. W. Leggett Chief of Police 

East Moline, 111 T. J. Schafer Chief of Police 

i'^airbury, 111 Grant Duzenberry Chief of Police 

i'armington, 111 VVeslev Settles Chief of Police 

Forest Park, 111 Fred W. Licht Chief of Police 

Granite City, 111 Roy B. Clark -Chief of Police 

Galva, 111 Chas. Hilton •. Chief of Police 

Gillespie, 111 Andrew McCabe Chief of Police 

Galesburg. Ill Fred R. Hinman Chief of Police 

Geneseo. Ill Henry Satto City Marshal 

Galena. Ill Richard Dwyer Chief of Police 

Harvey, 111 James E. Tomlinson Chief of Police 

Havana, 111 Denis A. Thomson Chief of Police 

Hinsdale, 111 J. W. Nicholson Chief of Police 

Harrisburg. 111. George Stiff Chief of Police 

Joliet, 111 James E. Corcoran Chief of Police 

Kewance, 111 J. C. Ashley Chief of Police 

Lake Forest, 111 James Gordon Chief of Police 

Lockport, 111 Henrv Woock Chief of Police 

La Grange, 111 L. G." Matthews Chief of Police 

Melrose Park, 111 Ben Barscma Chief of Police 

Morris, 111 Sam Belt Chief of Police 

Marissa, 111 Geo. W. Morgenthaler Chief of Police 

Marseilles, 111 H. J. LeRette Chief of Police 

Murphysboro, 111 O. T. Caywood Chief of Police 

Marion, 111 Geo. Vinson Chief of Police 

Macomb, 111. ..._ Benjamin De Jaeger Chief of Police 

Moline, 111 B. De Jager Chief of Police 

Mattoon, 111 R. F.Johnson Chief of Police 

National City, HI A. O. Ely Chief of Police 

Newton, 111 Daniel Miller Chief of Police 

Ottawa, 111 James Crowe .Chief of Police 

Oak Park, 111 Peter H. Ripke Chief of Police 

Ptkin, 111 G. W. LaBrier. Chief of Police 

i'rinceton. 111 O. H. Skoglund Chief of Police 


Paxtoji, 111 P. W. Johnson Chief of Police 

Peru, 111 Joseph Potthoff Chief of Police 

Paris, 111. Edgar Morton Chief of Police 

IVoria, 111 I'd. Martin Chief of Police 

Quincy, 111 Thos. D. Ryan Chief of Police 

Pviver Forest, 111 F. W. Laatz Chief of Police 

Pvock Island, 111 Tom Cox Chief of Police 

Rock Falls, 111 Harry Presbrey Chief of Police 

Rochelle, 111 A. D. Hodg-es Chief of Police 

Rock Island, 111 Thomas Cox Chief of Police 

Rockford, 111 A. E. Bargren Chief of Police 

Rushville, 111 Andy Logsdon Chief of Police 

Sandwich, 111 B. L. Hickey Chief of Police 

Sparta. Ill E. L. Darner Chief of Police 

Springfield, 111 W. F. Morris Chief of Police 

Streator, 111. John L. Hopkins Chief of Police 

Sycamore, 111 F. C. Poust Chief of Police 

Steger, 111 Frank Glasgow Chief of Police 

Staunton, 111 Tony Safko Chief of Police 

St. Charles, 111 Walter Gillion Chief of Police 

Toluca, 111 C. Flaminio Chief of Police 

Tuscola, 111 S. E. Huber Chief of Police 

Venice, 111 M. A. Clifford Chief of Police 

Virden, 111 Andrew Archibald Chief of Police 

Wilmette, 111 E. G. Sieber Chief of Police 

Woodstock, 111. S. James Ogle Chief of Police 

Winnetka, 111 W. M. Peterson Chief of Police 

Zion, 111 T. R. Becker Chief of Police 


Boonville, Ind John Vincent Chief of Police 

Bluffton, Ind John Crosbile Chief of Police 

Bicknell, Ind Frank S. Meade Chief of Police 

Batesville, Ind Harry Weruke Chief of Police 

Bedford, Ind J. V.'Stapp Chief of Police 


Covington, Ind Chas. P. Lyons Chief of Police 

Connersville, Ind Geo. Koch Chief of Police 

Crown Point, Ind Hiram D. Fuller Chief of Police 

Columbus, Ind Stanley J. Cooper Chief of Police 

Evansville, Ind Ira C. Wiltshii*e Chief of Police 

Edinburg, Ind Geo. Snyder Marshal 

Elkhart, Ind A. Elmer Manning Chief of Police 

Ehvood, Ind Max Hughes Chief of Police 

Fairmount, Ind A. M. Seright Marshal 

Frankfort, Ind Hai ly W. Bury ...Chief of Police 

Franklin, Ind C. C. Hari-ison Chief of Police 

Fort Wayne, Ind .'. Dayton F. Abbott Chief of Police 

Gilbertvilie, Ind Fred E. Crawford Chief of Police 

Goshen, Ind. John E. Rigney Chief of Police 

Greenwood, Ind Richard Miller Marshal 

Gary, Ind W. A. Forbis Chief of Police 

Hammond, Ind Peter Austgen Chief of Police 

Huntingburg, Ind A. B. Wendholt Marshal 

Huntington, Ind C. G. Payne Chief of Police 

Indianapolis, Ind Jeremiah E. Kinney Chief of Police 

Knightstown, Ind Ernest W. Bradway Marshal 

Kokomo, Ind Melvin Gross Chief of Police 

Kendallville, Ind Alvin S. Harr Chief of Police 

Lawrence, Ind Anthony Schwarz Chief of Police 

Lebanon, Ind J. H. Dale Chief of Police 

Linton, Ind Thomas Shouse Chief of Police 

Loogootee, Ind Ben Acton Chief of Police * 

Lafayette, Ind -..Wm. G. Scherer Chief of Police 

Marion, Ind Ben Phillips Chief of Police 

Monticello, Ind John Luse Chief of Police 

Michigan City, Ind Edward C. Haller Chief of Police 

^Montpelier, Ind H. G. Dragoo Chief of Police 

Mt. Vernon, Ind Frank Smith Chief of Police 

Muncie, Ind W. A. Mcllvanine Supt. of Police 

Muncie, Ind John E. Carey Supt. of Police 

New Castle, Ind Wm. Williams Chief of Police 

Nappanee, Ind William 0. Miller Chief of Police 

Xow Albany, Ind G. W. McCuUoch Chief of Police 

Plymouth, Ind L. D. Espick Chief of Police 

Petersburg, Ind Jesse Wabson Chief of Police 

Princeton, Ind James H. Guthrie Chief of Police 

Peru, Ind Albert Potter Chief of Police 

Rochester, Ind Bruce Love Chief of Police 

Richmond, Ind R. M. Wenger Chief of Police 

;iG i;\ 1 KliiNA J I. ruLlLli. i\. L>ii.'l J'.criV h I'IKhCI (JIM 

South Bend, Ind. Peter Kline Chief of Police 

Sullivan, Ind. W. A. Murray Chief of Police 

Terre Haute, Ind Jack Beattie Chief of Police 

Tipton, Ind W. E. May Chief of Police 

Vincennes, Ind Thomas M. Martin Chief of Police 

Washington, Ind E. Allen Chief of Police 

West Lafayette, Ind. John H. Julius Chief of Police 

Whiting-. Ind Clay C. Collins Chief of Police 

Wabash, Ind Charles D. Bolte Chief of Police 

Winchester, Ind J. M. Eletcher Chief of Police 

Warsaw, Ind C. W. Douglass Chief of Police 


Anamosa, Iowa W. F. Hathaway Chief of Police 

Ames. Iowa W. J. Cure Chief of Police 

Atlantic, Iowa Sam Berry '. Chief of Police 

Burlington, Iowa C. H. Mull Capt. of Police 

Burlington, Iowa H. H. Schwenker Chief of Police 

Boone, Iowa James B. Reid Chief of Police 

Belle Plaine, Iowa O. A. Rucker Chief of Police 

Cherokee, Iowa A. Stiner Chief of Police 

Cedar Falls, Iowa Nate Enlow Chief of Police 

Clinton, Iowa Walter H. McKinley Chief of Police 

Council Bluffs, Iowa Jas. C. Nicoll Chief of Police 

Clear Lake, Iowa E. C. Waller Chief of Police 

Cresco, Iowa F. C. Flick City Marshal 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa L. S. Morrison Chief of Police 

Centerville, Iowa John Quigley Chief of Police 

Davenport, Iowa Chas. Boettcher Chief of Police 

Des Moines, Iowa R. C. Saunders Chief of Police 

Des Moines J. A. Newell Asst. Chief of Police 

Dubuciue, Iowa_ J. W. Giellis Chief of Police 

Dcnison, Iowa Ed. Flahive Chief of Police 

Estherville, Iowa G. R. Connelly Chief of Police 

Eldora, Iowa Chas. J. McMillan Chief of Police 

Fort Dodge, Iowa E. M. Flat:erv Chief of Police 

Fairfield, Iowa J. D. Mitchell Chief of Police 

Glenwood, Iowa W. S. DeMoss Constable 

Grinnell, Iowa Grabt Keeton Chief of Police 


Humboldt, Iowa J. H. Sheldon Chief of Police 

llai Lirdcn, Iowa . Geo. W. Veairier Marshal 

Ida Grove, Iowa P. D. Van Wagoner Chief of Police 

Iowa City, Iowa M. D. Malone Chief of Police 

Keokuk, Iowa E. C. McPhcrson City Marshal 

Le Mars, Iowa J. W. Tucker Chief of Police 

Lake City, Iowa Sam Redenius Chief of Police 

Mason City, Iowa Thomas Lack Chief of Police 

Marshalltown, Iowa F. J. Campbell Chief of Police 

Marenco. Iowa T^aniol ' • ^'er Chief of Police 

Mount Pleasant, Iowa F. H. Feldman Chief of Police 

PoUa, Iowa C. W.Dennis Ch" f of Polic-- 

Rock Rapids. Iowa I-'rcd Self Marshal 

Sloiiu Lal:e, Iowa J. J. Carey C'^'of of Police 

Spencer, Iowa L. IM. Baldwin Chief of Police 

Sac City, Iowa Wm. Weldon City Marshal 

Sheldon, Iowa J. E. Rider Chief of Police 

Sioux City, Iowa Eail E. Morgan Chief of Police 

Sioux City, Iowa G. A. Danielson Chief of Detectives 

Tipton, Iowa J. R. Smith Chief of Police 

\'illisca, Iowa W. D. Washburn Chief of Police 

|. Washington, Iowa W. J. Little Marshal 

Waterloo, Iowa H. H. Young Chief of Police 

Winterset, Iowa Martin Casteel Chief of Police 


Atchison, Kansas Fred C. Snyder Chief of Police 

Augusta, Kansas C. C. W^heat Chief of Police 

Belleville, Kansas T. Ingham Chief of Police 

Cherr>^ale, Kansas ..Bert Grig Chief of Police 

Cofl'eeville, Kansas ...Floyd Higgins Chief of Police 

Columbus, Kansas E. A. Albin Chief of Police 

Concordia, Kansas F. J. Swafford Chief of Police 

Emporia, Kansas O. K. Fuller Chief of Police 

Fort Scott, Kansas Chris J. Hoy Chief of Police 

Horton, Kansas S. G. Mills Chief of Police 

Hiawatha, Kansas Simon Eraser Marshal 


Hoisington, Kansas J. W. Moore Chief of Police 

l:ays, Kansas Jolm Troth Chief of Police 

lola, Kansas Tom I. Christy Chief of PoKce 

Junction, Kansas N. H. Nicholson Chief of Polce 

Kingman, Kansas J. W. IMcCallom Chief of Police 

Lawrence, Kansas C. I\L Fisher Chief of Police 

Larned, Kanasas J. V. Myers Chief of Polce 

Liberal, Kansas P. P. Swartz Chief of Pol'ce 

Leavenworth, Kansas J. T. Glynn Chief of Police 

McPhcrson, Kansas A. Ransirom Marshal 

]\Iarysville, Kansas Pa r:,ck Hayes Marshal 

[Manhattan, Kansas Burton Fro-.t C'i f of PolLe 

Xowton, Kansas William Brown Chief of Police 

Oswatomie, Kansas 7). \V. Howcl! Chief of Police 

Ottawa, Kansas F. T. Bruner Chief of Police 

Cswc.n'o. Kan as . J. W. Burnet ?.Ln shal 

Sharon Springs, Kansas. ...W. 0. Cooper ..Chief of Police 

R(scda!e, Kansas M. E. Havada Ch!tf oT i'oiice 

Scammon, Kansas F. E. Rowe ('i': f o'' Po'V e 

Wichit.i, Kanfias ' ' '. Zickcrfoose.. Chief of Police 

Welling-lon, Kansas A. A. Dillon Chi:f of Police 


Bowling- Gre:n roati!cl;y..Paii.l W. Pembeiton Chief of Police 

Dayton, Kentuclcy Frank Ostlirb Chief of Police 

Lexington, Kentucky J. J. Reagan Chief of Police 

Louisville, Kentucky ..Wm. H. De Forrester Chief of Police 

' udlow, Kentucky Pobet E. Callahan Chief of Police 

Maysville. Kentucky .H. A. Ait Chief of Police 

Nicholasville, Kentucky ....JrrKs R. Chambers Chief of Police 

Paducha, Kentucky Henly Franklin Chief of Police 

Paris, Kentucky ..." W. F. Link Chief of Police 

Pineville, Kcntucl^N .\. R. Robeits Chief of Police 


Donaldsonvillc. La Robert E. Dill Cliief of Police 

Kentwood, La. Clay Shaw Chief of Police 

Lake Charles, La J. A. Lyons Chief of Police 

Lafayette, La Edwin Chargois Chief of Police 

CfllEFS OF I'OLICE :;19 

Mor:?an City, La 0^- Budfi-e ..Chief of PoWrc 

^Monroe. La R. E. Heap Inspector of Police 

.MiiKkn, La T. F. Green City Marshal 

Xew Orleans, La Cuy R. Jlo'.ony C:er of Police 

Opeloiisas, La. W. L. Prudhomme Chief of Police 

Paterson, La E. P. Wadsworth Chief of Police „ 

Shrevcport, La D. D. Baz^r ....Chief of Police 


Auburn, Maine Roy B. Mower Chief of Police 

Banjior, Maine L. W. Oilman Chief of Police 

Brunswick, Maine William B. Edwards Chief of Police 

Bath, IMaine Samuel P. Lakin Chief of Police 

Biddeford, Maine Thomas Stone Chief of Police 

Bar Harbor, Maine F. H. Gerry Chief of Police 

Brewer, Maine Charles E. Lunt Chief of Police 

Caribou, Maine Harper H. Noiles Chief of Police 

Calais, Maine Robert C. Kerr Chief of Police 

Dexter, Maine M. A. Ellis Constable 

Ellsworth, Maine John A. Stewart Chief of Police 

Eastport, Maine James A. Cummings Chief of Police 

Gorham, Mairie Charles W. Chaplin Chief of Police 

Kcnnebunk- Poi't, Maine Abner F. Chick Chief of Police 

Plettciy, Maine J. K. Boardman Chief of Police 

Madison, Maino Malon Cavanaugh Chief of Police 

:\Iillinocket. Maine Fred M. Gates Chief of Police 

01(1 Town, Maine James A. McNaughton .City Marshal 

Portland, Maine I. S. Watts Chief of Police 

Rockland, IMaine George E. Gillchrest Chief of Police 

Rumford, Maine John H. Dennis Chief of Police 

Van Buien, IMaine Abel E. Violette Chief of Police 

Waterville, Maine William H. Murray Marshal 

Waldoboro, Maine Fred E. Jackson Chief of Police 



Aniiai)olis, Md Charles Obery Chief of Police 

Daltimore, Md Charles D. Gaither Chief of Police 

Ualtimore, Md J. J. McGovern Capt. of Detectives 

Cumbeiland, Md Oscar A. Eyerman Chief of Police 

Elkton, Md George M. Potts Chief of Police 

Havre de Grace, Md. Wm. M. Fadelev Chief of Pol'ce 

Hagerstown, Md Thos. PL Barb-r Chief of Police 

Princess Anne, Md Deivick K. Lawon Chief of Pol-ce 

Sparrows Point, Md James N. Robb Chief of Poi'ce 

Wcslniinsler, Md John M. I'.aile Chief of Police 


Adams, Mass. ...John Hodecker Chief of Police 

'\'.;-a\van, Mas •; (I i\\\] S ('innbr Chief of Police 

A" riburv, M^r;.; ' MMa H '\) -^v- Chief of Police 

^vrn-:ion, Ma .s Thoiras O. I). Ur(uhnr:....C''cf of Police 

^t'^oU Mas^ Patrick J. Mniphy C'-of of Police 

^ttk'boro, M.iss .Edniond H. Gins-vas cyvcf of Police 

IJarie, Mass Daniel H. Rice Chief of Police 

Belmont, Mass ..John Argy Chief of Police 

Belchertown, Mass < ir C. .'vllen Jr Chief of Police 

Beverly, Mas^ E. V. Joh ison Chief of Police 

Boston, Mass H. W. Foote Com'r of Public Safety 

Boston, Ma -,3 Michael IL Cvowley Chief of Police 

I5)ooI:line, ?Iasr> H. A. Kutlicrford ..." Chief of Police 

Canton, Mass John H. haloed Chief of Polxe 

Cambridge, Mass John J. McHrM Chief of Polico 

Charlton, Mass Fa+rick A. Dn'cy. Constable 

Chiconee, Mass Frnnk O'Callahan Marshal 

Clinton, Ma;;. Jo^n F. McGee Chief of Police 

Concord, Ma ;s. William Craig .CMiief of Police 

Danvers, Mas.s. Timothy J. Connors Chief of Police 

Dudley, Mass. ....Jhank P. Brezniak Chief of Police 


E. Hampton, Mass Geo. B. Cook Chief of Police 

East Weymouth, Mass Arthur H. Pratt Chief of Police 

Everett, Mass William E. Hill Chief of Police 

Fairhaven, Mass Walter H. Fi-ancis Constable 

Fairhaven, Mass A. C. Aiken Constable 

Fall River, Mass Martin Feeney Chief of Police 

Fitchburg, Mass Thomas J. Godley Chief of Police 

Foxborough, Mass Ernest A. White Chief of Police 

Franklin, Mass F. G. Knowlton Chief of Police 

Grafton, Mass Wm. C. Fletcher Constable 

Great Barrington, ]\Iass William J. Oschman Chief of Police 

Gieenfield, Mass Thomas ]Manning Chief of Police 

Hadley, Mass W^m. L. Keefe Constable 

Hanovei' Center, Mass Peicy W. Dwelley Chief of Police 

Haverhill, Mass Akleii M. Worcester Marshal 

Holden, Mass ...L. Hubbard Chief of Polic 

Holyoke, Mass Wm. D. Nolan Chief of Police 

Hopedale, Mass "^amuel E. Kellogg Chief of Police 

Hudson, Mass Charles H. Richardsor Chief of Police 

Hull, Mass P>ank M. Reynolds Chief of Police 

Kingston, Mass Howard L. Rushton Constable 

Lancaster, Mass George A. Sampson Chief of Police 

Lawrence, Mass Timothy J. O'Brien Chief of Police 

Lawrence, Mass J. O'Brien Marshal 

Leominster, Mass M. T. Conlon Marshal 

Lexington, Mass Patrick J. McGuire Marshal 

Long Meadow, Mass Richard Warme Chief of Police 

Lowell, Mass Redmond Welch Chief of Police 

Marblehead, Mass Fred Trasher Chief of Police 

:\Ianchester, Mass Wm. H. Sullivan Chief of Police 

Melrose, Mass George E. Kerr Chief of Police 

Methuen, Mass Harry Nimmo Chief of Police 

]Milfoid, ass Jeremiah T. Murphy Chief of Police 

Millville, Mass Patrick Britt Chief of Police 

Medford, Mass John F. Welch Chief of Police 

.Monson, :Mass H. A. Aldrich : Chief of Police 

Neeham, INIass Norman Mackenzie Chief of Police 

New Bedford, Mass Edward P. Doherty Chief of Police 

Newton, :\rass Frederic :\I. Mitchell Chief of Police 

North Adams, Mass William F. Dinneen Chief of Police 

Northampton, Mass George W. Gilbert Chief of Police 

North Andover, Mass Wallace E.- Towne Chief of Police 

North Brookfields, Mass...Stephen Quill Chief of Police 

Noith Plymouth, Mass Louis F. Bartz Constable 

Orange. Mass Wm. F. Adams Chief of Police 


Peabody. Mass M. H. Grady Chief of Police 

Pepperell, Mass Perley R. Dexter Chief of Police 

Pittsfield, Mass John *L. Suliivan Chief of Police 

Plymouth, Mass John Armstrong Chief of Police 

Juincy, Mass Albert W. Goodhue Chief of Police 

Peading', Mass Jeremiah Cullinane Chief of Police 

Ilevere, Mass John J. Dyer Chief of Police 

Randolph, Mass John P. Hanley Chief of Police 

Saugus, Mass Roland L. Mansfield Chief of Police 

Somei'ville, Mass Charles A. Kendall Chief of Police 

Southbridge, Mass Uliic Brauit Chief of Police 

South Hadlcy Falls, Mass..Daniel O'Connell Chief of Police 

Springfield. Mass Wm. J. Quilty Chief of Police 

Stoneham, Mass Sumner H. Gi-een Chief of Police 

Somerset, Mass George A. Staples Chief of Police 

Stoughton, Mass Richard Vanston Chief of Police 

Swampscott, Mass U. M. Corson Chief of Police 

Summit, Mass Enos E. Blount Chief of Police 

Taunton, Mass James P. Crowley Chief of Police 

Uxbridge, Mass James Fishei' Chief of Police 

Wakefield, Mass James J. Pollard Chief of Police 

Walpole, Mass Thomas P. Leonard Chief of Police 

Waltham, Mass James H. McKenna Chief of Police 

Ware, Mass B. W. Buckley Chief of Police 

Watertown, Mass John F. Milmore .-. Chief of Police 

Webster, Mass Patrick F. Canty Chief of Police 

Wellesley, Mass Harry M. Kingsbury Chief of Police 

Weston, Mass Patrick J. McAuliffe Chief of Police 

West Springfield, Mass Marshall A. Belmer Chief of Police 

vVeymouth, Mass Arthur H. Pratt Chief of Police 

Wh'itinsville, Mass John McCarthy Chief of Police 

Whitman, Mass Leroy L. Phmney Chief of Police 

Williamstown, Mass Thomas Dunfi'ey Chief of Police 

Wilmington, Mass Walter A. Hill..." Chief of Police 

Winchendon, Mass Robert Callahan Chief of Police 

Winchester, Mass Wm. R. Mcintosh Chief of Police 

Winthrop, Mass William A. McNeil Chief of Police 

Woburn, Mass T. Mulkeen Chief of Police 

Worchester, Mass George H. Hill Chief of Police 

West Bridgewater, Mass.. .Henry 0. Davenport Chief of Police 



Adrian, Mich Wm. F. Shepherd Chief of Police 

Albion, Mich Clyde Stoddard Chief of Police 

Allegan, Mich. Lewis Sprague Chief of Police 

Alma, Mich. Oscar Vibber Chief of Police 

Alpena, Mich Dougall Mackenzie Chief of Police 

Ann Harbor, Mich. Thos. O'Brien Chief of Police 

Bay City, Mich George V. Davis Chief of Police 

Benton Harbor, Mich Chas. Johnson Chief of Police 

Bessemer, Mich Leo Isdebski Marshal 

Big Rapids, Mich Dan H. Vincent Chief of Police 

Boyne, Mich Dave Vaughn Chief of Police 

Battle Creek, Mich R. L. Day Chief of Police 

Cheboygan, Mich Edmond Joseph Michelin.. Chief of Police 

Crystal Falls, Mich William Broad Chief of Police 

Detroit, Mich W. P. Rutledge Supt. of Police 

Detroit, Mich E. H. Fox Chief of Detectives 

Detroit, Mich Thomas O'Grady Chief Insp. of Police 

Detroit, Mich '. James Sprott Asst. Supt. of Police 

Detroit, Mich James W. Inches Commissioner of Police 

Dowagiac, Mich Wm. C. INIcGowan Chief of Police 

East Jordan, Mich Henrv Cook Chief of Police 

Escanaba, Mich J. J. Tolan Chief of Police 

Flint, Mich James P. Cole Chief of Police 

Flint, Mich Oscar Reeves DuPont Co. Police - 

Fremont, Mich Amos F. Bacon Chief of Police 

Grand Haven, Mich Anthony Pippel Chief of Police 

Grand Rapids, Mich Albert A. Carroll Chief of Police 

Greenville, Mich Wm. Shephard Chief of Police 

Hancock, Mich Chas. F. Rogers Chief of Police 

Hamtramck, Mich MarK Berlinger Chief of Police 

Hastings, Mich H. A. Newton Chief of Police 

Highland Paik, Mich Chas. VV. Seymour Chief of Police 

Hiil.sdale, Mich F. A. Wagner Chief of Police 

Holland, Mich Fran Van Ry Chief of Police 

lona, Mich Earl Alexander Chief of Police 

Iron Mountain, Mich Alphonse Gibeault Chief of Police 

Iron River, Mich Jesse Allen Chief of Police 

Ishpeming, Mich W. N. Trevarrow Chief of Police 


.I.-ickson. Mich Jolm Hudson Chief of I'olicu 

Kalamazoo, Mich B. F. Taffec Chief of Police 

Lansing, Mich Alfred Seymour Chief of Police 

Laurium, Mich John H. Hunt Chief of Police 

Manistee, Mich Thomas Grady Chief of Police 

IMai'inc City, iMich John V. Arnold Chief of Police 

Marciuette, ]\Iich Martin Ford Chief of Police 

Menominee, ]\Iich John Riedy Chief of Police 

Midland, Mich Earl Krake Chief of Police 

IMount Clemens, Mich Alan G. Sti-aight Chief of Police 

Munising, Mich Albert Jasper Chief of Police 

Muskegon, INIich Peter Hansen Chief of Police 

Mt. Clemens, Mich A. G. Straight Chief of Police 

Xegaunee, Mich John A. Wasmuth Chief of Police 

.\iles, Mich. George I'lancis Chief of Police 

.Noiway, ;Mich Margedo Handbcrg Chief of Police 

Otsego, Mich O. G. Bacon Chief of Police 

Owosso, Mich George J. Denyes Chief of Police 

Pontiac, Mich R. Kent Chief of Police 

Port Huron, Mich G. C. Chambers Chief of Police 

lioyal Oak, Mich P. H. Beauvais Chief of Police 

Saginaw, Mich T. H. McCoy Chief of Police 

St. Joseph, Mich Fred Alden Chief of Police 

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich M. H. Mitchell Chief of Police 

South Haven, Mich W. E. Stufflebeam Chief of Police 

Sturgts, Mich A. M. Smiley Chief of Police 

Travers City, Mich John M. Blacken Chief of Police 

Westboro, Mich Thonias W. Humpher Chief of Police 

Wyandote, Mich John A. D^n n:;n Chief of Police 

'^'lisilanti, Mich Jolm F. Connors ..Chief of Police 


Alexandria, Minn J. O. Watters Chief of Police 

Anoka, Minn James D. Halev Chief of Police 

Austin. Minn W. H. Teeter...'. Chief of Police 

Brainerd. :\Iinn Chas. H. Varner Chief of Police 


Chisholm, Minn Ed. Cloutier Chief of Police 

Ci ookston, Minn Bert Cahute Chief of Police 

Duluth, Minn Major Warren E. Pug'h Chief of Police 

E. (irand Forks, Minn Harry Gregg Chief of Police 

Ely. Minn Bartli, Coffey Chief of Police 

Flveleth, ^linn John Glade , Chief of Police 

I'ainiiont. Minn H. A. Serle Chief of Police 

{'"aiibault, Minn Wm. Geiger Chief of Police 

Hailland, Minn John G. Husser...! Chief of Police 

Hastings, Minn Oscar Stormberg Chief of Police 

Hibhing, Minn Daniel B. Hayes Chief of Police 

Hopkin.-^, Minn A. W. Cooper Chief of Police 

Little Falls, Minn Herald G. Clai'k CMcf of PoIh'o 

Mankota, Minn ...Phil Lundmark Chief of Police 

Marshall, Minn H. 0. Clark Chief of Police 

Melrose, Minn Frank Morehouse Chief of Police 

Minneapolis, Minn A. C. Jensen Supt. of Police 

Mooihead, Minn J. B. Erickson Chief of Police 

NashA-auk, Minn .Phirp Griffin Chief of Police 

Xew Ulni, ;\Iinn. Alwin Harniening Chief of Police 

Owalunna, Minn. Thomas Dunigan Chief of Police 

lied Wings, Minn. ... Andrew G. Jackson Cnief of Police 

Rochester, Minn Earle T. Parker Chief of Police 

St. Paul, Minn H. T. Crepean.. Chief of Police ' 

St Paul, Minn Geo. W. Wells Chief of Detectives 

St. Cloud, Minn . Fdwavd J. Brick... Chief of Police 

St. Peter, Minn F. K. EriclcGon Chief of Police 

Shakopee, Minn J. R. Ring Chief of Police 

Stillwater, Minn W; i. E 3fc\aughlon Chief of Police 

Thief River Falls, Minn E. O. Erickson Chief of Police 

Two Harbors, Minn. A'cc. F. Ringdor.. Chief of Police 

Virginia, Minn. . 1\ C. WitLe . Chief of Police 

Winona, Minn H. C. Riebau Chief of Police 

Woi-iirliigton. Minn John W. Baker Chief of Police 



Aberdeen, Miss T. M. McDuffie C'-'ef of ro'ice 

P.iloxi, Miss Geo Bills Chief of Police 

Ih-ookhaven, Miss J. H. Case (-'I'e"' of Police 

Canton, Miss A. Eldredge Chief of Police 

Clarksdale, Miss Frank Harris Chief of Police 

Columbus, Miss M. F. Cook Chief of Police 

Corinth, Miss J. C. Daniel Chief of Police 

Gulfport, Miss C. W. Byrd Chief of Police 

Hattiesburg', Miss John F. Bennett Chief of Police 

HazleluuTt, Miss Phil Massa Chief of Police 

Pauix'l, Miss J. E. Brown Chief of Police 

Natchez, Miss M. P. Ryan Chief of Pol-cc 

Natchez, Miss M. Ryan Marshal 

Okolona, Miss W. P. Knox Chief of Police 

Pascagoula, Miss A. W. Ezell Chief of Police 

Sunirall, Miss A. L. Hcn'rin ^Marshal 

Vicksburg, Miss W. L. Tucker Chief of Police 

Water Valley, Miss Chas. T. Doyle Chief of Police 

West Point, Miss W. B. Cromwell Chief of Police 


Aurora, Mo. . W. L. Haymaker Chief of Police 

Canton, Mo .'Alex. A. Stewart Chief of Police 

Chillicothe, Mo Maurice Dornev Chief of Police 

Car)-ollton, Mo James O. Curtis Chief of Police 

Carthage, Mo Taspei- J. Hawkins. Chief of Police 

Farming-ton, Mo John E. Hough Marshal 

Fulton, Mo 0. H. Rogers Chief of Police 

Granby, Mo C. E. Gribble Marshal 


Hannibal, Mo H. R. Harris Chief of rolicc 

Han. sville, Mo Steve W. Jones Ch'ef of Police 

Independence, Mo N. A. Harris Chef of Police 

Joplin, Mo Jos. H. Myers Chief of Police 

Kansas City, Mo Chas. Edwards Chief of Police 

k'pnnett. Mo H. M. Chapman Chief of Police 

Kirksville, Mo S. C. Willis Chief of Police 

Kirkwood, Mo Frank G. Weiss Chief of Police 

i>:iniar, Mo M. W. Wakeman Chief of Police 

Lebanon, Mo Ellis Maish Marshal 

iJberty, Mo W. P. Ligon Chief of Police 

Louisiana, Mo E. O. Roberts Marshal 

Manstield, Mo Roe Strong Chief of Police 

.Maiden, Mo Rom. Hunter Chief of Police 

Alajilewood, Mo Thos. R. Brown Chief of Police 

.Maishall, Mo C. E. Maddox Chief of Police 

.Maivville, Mo E. E. Tilton Chief of Police 

Alobcrly, Mo J. P. Mize.... Chief of Police 

.Monott, Mo Joe A. Jackson Chief of Police 

Xeosho, Mo B. J. Pearnian Chief of Police 

Nevada, iMo. P'rank Elliot Marshal 

Pierce Citv, Mo J. M. Hickev Chief of Police 

Poplai' Bluff, Mo D. W. Carter Chief of Police 

St. Joseph, Mo Clay C. McDonald Chief of Police 

,St. Joscpli, Mo T. A. Johnson Chief of Detectives 

St. Louis, Mo Martin O'Brien Chief of Police 

St. Louis, Mo .:. E. W. Hoagland Chief of Detectives 

Sodalia, Mo John Kai.ser Chief of Police 

Springfield, Mo D. C. Welch Chief of Police 

Stoelville, Mo ; W. L. Clinton Chief of Police 

Unionville, Mo Henry Faudree Chief of Police 

Webb Citv, Mo C. P. Kinney Marshal 

Wost Plains, Mo F. M. Lane. Chief of Police 

Wind or, Mo John B. Gorrell Chief of Police 


.•\naconda, ^lont Thos. O'Brien Chief of Police 

Billings, Mont Bert Talgo Chief of Police 

Bozenian, IMont John Robertson Chief of Police 

Butte. Mont Jerry J. Murphy Chief of Police 


(Ircat Falls, Mont Marcus Andcvson Chief of Police 

Helena, Mont ...Fiank C. Lavigne Chief of Police 

Hamilton, Mont James M. Higgins Chief of Police 

Havre, Mont I. E. Sanford Chief of Police 

Kalispell, Mont E. W. Ray Chief of Police 

Lowistown, Mont Tavid E. Osborne Chief of Police 

^Missoula, Mont William J. Moore Chief of Police 

Walkerville, Mont John J. Doidgc ..Chief of Police 


Aurora, Neb. John F. Powell Chief of Police 

I'.oatrice, Neb E. M. D How Chief of Police 

('hadron. Neb J. E. Rf^edy Chief of Police 

Chadron, Neb J. P. Book '.' ief of Police 

Crete, Neb Ed. B. Camphe'! Chief of Police 

Fairburv, Neb Charles W. Purs ll Chief of Police 

Falls City, Meb A. E. Duff Chief of Police 

I'lemont, Neb Edward Brenner Chief of Police 

Cordon, Neb Chas. Clark Chief of Police 

Crand Island, I'eb T'^rcd R. Mandoville Chief of Police 

Hastings, Neb Raymond L. Crosion C'-'pf of Police 

Holdrege, Neb. Roy P. Herndon Chief of Police 

Kearney, Neb J. P. Morris Chief of Police 

Lexington, Neb O. P. :Mason Chief of Police 

Lincoln, Neb , Peter Johnstone Chief of Police 

Macock, Neb Geo. Traphagan Chief of Police 

Nebraska Citv. Neb Wm. J. Gunn Chief of Police 

North Platte, Neb John Jones Chief of Police 

Omaha, Neb ;\l. F. Dempsey Chief of Police 

Plattsmouth, ::c!) E. Manspeaker Chief of Police 

Rushville, Neb Chris Ziegler Chief of Police 

Schuyler, Neb M. D. McKenzie Chief of Police 

Superior, Neb James Phillipps Chief of I'olne 


York, Neb 15. Carey Chief of Police 


Ah^ha, N. J C. M. Rhen Cliief of Police 

Atlantic City, N. J Robert C. Miller Chief of Police 

Atlantic City, N. J lanu-s A. Thorpe Constable 

Ashbury, N. J H. L. Byram ...Chief of Police 

Audubon, N. J W. Sands Chief of Police 

iiayonne, N. J John O. Devlin Director Public Safety 

Havonne, N. J Michael F. Reilly Chief of Police 

Kefleville, N. J .....Michael Flynn "Chief of Police 

IJogota, N. J Charles W. Winters Chief of Police 

IJoonton, N. J James Gilmartin Chief of Police 

Boi'dentown, N. J. Amos. P. Thorn Chief of Police 

Bridgetown, N. J Howard L. Tyler Chief of Police 

Burlington, N. J E. Ellsworth" Mount Chief of Police 

Clifton, N. J W. J. Coughlin Chief of Police 

Camden, N. J E. A. Gravenor Chief of Police 

("arlsiadt, N. J If. P. Beilerheim Chief of Police 

Chatham, N. J Joseph H. Conklin..... Chief of Police 

Deal, N. J. Frank Rogers Chief of Police 

Dover, N. J. Wm. Lindberg Chief of Police 

East Orant>e, N. J William H. O'Neil Chief of Police 

E. Rutherford, N. J Geo. McClelland Chief of Police 

Edgewater, N. J John J. O'Brien Chief of Police 

■"gg Harbor, N. J Philip J. Reubhardt Marshal 

I'lhV.abeth, N. J .1. A. Galatian Chief County Detective 

Elizabeth, N. J. ....Michael J. Mulcahy Chief of Police 

Englewood, N. J. John J. Pye Chief of Police 

Flemington. N. J Rynian Herr Chief of Police 

l>eehold, N. J John Gravatt Chief of Police 

I'ranklin, N. J Plorbort C. Irons Chief of Police 

Garfield, N. J.. .". John A. Forss Chief of Police 

ITacken.'^ack, N. J P. J. Siccardi Chief of Police 

Ilackettstown, N. J Luther C. White Chief of Police 

Haddon Heights, N. J Joseph W. Van Lier Chief of Police 

Hammonton, N. J Harrv P. Mattola Chief of Police 

Harrison, N. J A. .l". Walsh Chief of Police 

Highland Paik, N. J Geo. C. Bedford Chief of Police 

Hoboken, N. J Patrick Haves Chief of Police 

liohoken, N. J P. J. Krilly .- Capt. of Detectives 

Iivinglon, N.J Alexander S. Green Chief of Police 


Jersey City. N.J Richard T. Dattor.iby Chief of Police 

Jersey City, N. J W. J. Doughty Chief HiulFon Co. Del. 

Jers-;ey Citv, N. J Adolph Asmus .....Chief Drt. Sheriff's OiVioo 

.Ici'sey City, N. J. VV. F. Cla?sey Cf. Hudson Co. Blvd. Police 

Kearny, N. J Walter Oliver Chief of Police 

Lakewood, N. J P. S. Christiansen Chief of Police 

Linden, N.J S. A. Pickel Chief of Police 

Long' Branch, N. J. Wni. D. Walling Chief of Police 

l.vndhurst, N. J Thomas Landers Chief of Police 

Leonia, N. J Robert B. Beck Chief of Police 

Lodi, N. J Hc-ry Witte Chief of Police 

Madison, N. J Fred R. Johnson Chief of Police 

IMaplewood, N.J '. I^ Helf <;iiief of Police 

Morristown, N. J T. T. Morr'son (-hief of Police 

MountcJair, N. J Harry Gallagher Chief of Police 

iVlerchantville, N. J W. H. Linderman Chi<'f of Police 

Millburn, N. J G. Howard Wilson Chief of Police 

Mt. Holly, N. J Sarnuol K. Casldll Chief of Police 

Newark, N. J Michael T. Long.. ...Chief of Police 

Newark, N.J .Wm. A. Carroll (^apt. of Detectives 

Newaik, N. J ..Frederick Weimer (~!hief Essex Co. Det. 

Newark, N. J Chas. F. Humell Ch. Inst. Sheriff's Office 

Newton. N. J Chas. M. Marion Chief of Police 

New Brunswick, N. J Michael O'Connell Chief of Police 

Nutley. N. J : Wright SnMiffe Chief of Police 

North Arlington, N. J Joseph A. Klitch Chief of Police 

North Berg-en, N. J L. P. Marcy Chief of Police 

Ocran Citv, N. J Howard Johnson Chief of Police 

Orange, N. J Jo.scph McConnell Chief of Police 

i'a!-:>aic, N. J Benj. Turner Capt. of Detectives 

Passaic, U. J Gustav Schmidt Chief of Police 

Patorson, N. J John M. Tracev Chief of Police 

JVrth Amboy, N. J P. J. Buike Chief of Police 

Phillipsburg. N.J Edw. B. Gorgas Chief of Police 

Pitman, N. J Mathias Troutt Marshal 

Plainfield, N. J P. S. Kielv Chief of Police 

Pleasantville, N. J Robert Marshall Chief of Police 

Princeton, N. J., William Kilfoil Chief of Police 

Prospect Park, N. J James Rooze ..Chief of Police 

Rahway, N. J David H. Ramsey Chief of Police 

Raritan, N. J Joseph Navatto Chief of Police 

Red Bank, N. J Harry H. Clavton Chief of Police 

!\' ' - vood, :i. J Fred J. Black -haw Supt. Police Dept. 

T'" -crlon, N. J V7m. N. Mattir Chief of Police 

Roselle Park, N. J S. Bcrmingham Chief of Police 

Roosevelt, N. J Rcnrv J. Harrington Chief of Police 

Rutherford, N. J C(>o. E. Barnham Chief of PoKce 


South Amboy, N. J James E. McDonnell Chief of Police 

South Oranse, N. J Jacob R. Helf Chief of Police 

South River, N. J Charles Eberwein Chief of Police 

Suiiiinit, N. J G. W. Brown Chief of Police 

SoDioiville, N. J George D. Totten County Detective 

^'••naflv, X. J Grorsre McLaughlin Chief of Police 

Trenton, N. J William Dettmer Chief of Police 

'■■ron, X. J Fred Menge Chief of Police 

\'(ntor City, X. J. Harry Frings Chief of Police 

Wcstfield, X. J John C. Rosecrans Chief of Police 

^■■o^t Hoboken, N. J Ceor^- C. Rohrback Chief of Police 

West Orange, X'. J Pa'rick J. McDonouoh Chief of Police 

Wi]d^-ood. X. J .^lb"rt L. Sherlock... Chief of Police 

Wo.-dbvido,c. X. J Patrick W. Mu'phy Chief of Police 

^v'nr^-1hll■v. V. J '"'■cf.or E. Kuoler Chief of Police 

\\'opha\vken, N. J August Klassen Chief of Police 



Berlin, X. H O. R. Stewart Chief of Police 

C.aremont, X. H Daniel E. White Chief of Police 

Concord, X. H ., Geo. A. S. Kimball Chief of Police 

Dover, X. H T. G. Wilkinson Marshal 

Dover, X. H Thomas VV. Wilkinson Chief of Police 

Keene, X. H W. H. Philbrick Constable 

Keene, X. H Carl Swanstrom Constable 

Keene, X. H H. F. Buckminster Constable 

Manchester, X. H M. J. Healy ..- Chief of Police 

Milford, X. H John J. Montieth Chief of Police 

Xashua, X. H Irving F. Goodwin Chief of Police 

Xewmarket, X. H George M. Mathes Chief of Police 

Portsmouth, X. H Michael Hurley Chief of Police 

Rochester, X. H Wm. S. Davis Marshal 

Somersworth, X. H ..Charles L. Estes Marshal 



Alainogordo, N. j\f C. H. Havnes Chief of Policf 

Albuquerque, N. M J. R. Cakishn Chief of Police 

Artesia, N. M Bob Cp.ra' -ay Chief of Police 

Carlsbad, N. M W. C. Reid C^^ief of Police 

Clovis, N. M I). L. Moye Chief of Police 

Deming, N. M. J. A. Kealy Chief of Police 

Gallup, N. M J. P. Turner Clii"f of I'dhn. 

Melrose, N. M M, R. Rolston Chief of Police 

P.aton, N. M Chas. P. Taffe C^^-nf o^ PolVe 


.MV-ernvarle. N. C J. D. Love: ^h'-^" o^ -PolV.o 

.^sheville, N. C W. D.Taylor ChVf of Pol"ro 

Concord, N. C C. A. Robinson Ch^cf of Pol'co 

Charlotte, N. C W. B. Orr .• Chief of Porco 

I^irhain, N. C G. W. Proctor Chief of Police 

iMlonton, N. C. J. H. Roberson Chief of Police 

i'ayettcville, N. C J. T. Kelly Chief of Police 

Graham, N. C B. R. Trolinger Chief of Police 

Gastonia, N. C J. E. Orr Chief of Police 

(;oldsboro, N. C E. J. Tew Chief of Police 

Gieenwood, S. C." M. B. Chandler Chief of Police 

Greenville, N. C Lester Jones Chief of Police 

Hamlet, N. C J. S. Braswell Chief of Police' 

T^enderson. N. C A. S. Penn Chief of Police 

High Point. N. C W. H. Welch Chief of Police 

Kings Mountain, N. C S. Poston Chief of Police 

Kingston, N. C B. F. Bursell Chief of Police 

Lexington, N. C W. F. Thomason Chief of Police 

r,aurinburg, N. C D. B. Brown Chief of Police 

i.umberton, N. C D. M. Barker Chief of Police 

(.MIIKKS Olv- I'OLICh. ; . ■ 33; 

^[<u)i<hrafl City, N. C E. S. Nelson Chief of Police 

.\c w Bern, N. C C. Lupton Chief of Police 

1 lyinouth, N. C A. F. Arnold Chief of Police 

r.edsvilie, \. C C. W. Jackson...; Chief of Police 

IJockv Mount, N, C O. P. Hedgepeth Chief of Police 

Rakish, N. C A. E. Glenn Chief of Police 

IJoclviiiKliain, N. C S. E. Covington Chief of Police 

Slu'lbv, N. C B. O. Hamiick Chief of Police 

State^villo, N. C T. R. Kerr. Chief of Police 

Salisbury, N. C J. W. Kesler Chief of Police 

S.mfoid, N. C John T. McKernan Chief of Police 

'i loMiasville, N. C J. E. Tavlor Chief of Police 

T: rlioro, .\. C Berry J. Leais Chief of Police 

9 Wa.hiii.ttlon, X. C J. T. Gray Chief of ^oKce 

1\.in.'^i.on-.Saleni, .\'. C J. A. Thomas Ch'ef of PoTce 
\,'ih;iingtun, N. C. N. J. Williams Chief of Police 

liisniark, N. D. C. J. Martinson Chief of Police 

Crosby, N. D Orlando Henderson Chief of Police 

Dickinson. N. 1) VV. L. Nichols Chief of Police 

Devils l.ake. N. D P. G. Timboe Chief of Police 

Kllcndale, N. D. Matt Heckelsmiller Chief of Police 

i;n!.;o, N. D. Louis Dahlgren ; .Chief of Police 

(irand Forks, N. D J. W. Lowe Chief of Police 

High Point, N. D Orlando Henderson Chief of Police 

Hebron, N. 1) Fred Klein Chief of Police 

.lanu'stowii, N. D Lawrence Oberniiller Chief of Police 

ICcnmai-e. N. D J. W. Kinser Chief of Police 

i.a Moure. X. D J. H. Gallagher. Chief of Police 

Lisbon, X. D Louis Halvorson Chief of Police 

Langdon, N. D M. K. Peny Chief of Police 

1. rrvmorc. N. D W. J. Davis Chief of Police 

Lidui-rwood. X. I) F. L. Gofl' Chief of Police 


Mandan, N. D Charles Reynolds Chief of Police 

;\fayville, N. D Carl Verke Chief of Police 

Miiiot, N. 1). Georse McDonald Chief of Police 

X(>\v IJockCord, N. D E. D. Reynolds Chief of Police 

Ru.u))y, N. D O. M. Rohrer Chief of Police 

Silver Creek, N. D Ernest L. Rix Chief of Police 

Vallcv Citv. X. 1) E. H. Swanson'f of Police 


Chief of Police James W. Higg'ins, of Buffalo, N. Y., was elected presi- 
dent of the New Y'ork State Police (Chiefs' Association at the recent conven- 
tion held in Endicott. Other officers elected wei-e: Vice^ piesident, Daniel 
Frutiger, Endicott; secretary-treasurer, James E. Hyatt, Albany, and sergeant- 
at-arins, W. J. Bronnei', Mohawk. Ne\\- York City has been selected as the 
l!»l!2 convention citv. 

Albany, N. Y James E. Hyatt Chief of Police 

Auburn, N. Y Wm. C. Bell cnief of Police 

Amsterdam, N. Y Andrew J. Burns Chief of Police 

Alexandria Bay, I;. Y Fred Bowker Chief of Police 

Avon, N. Y' James McHugh Chief of Police 

Balls'.on Spa, N. Y Jas. J. O'Brien Chief of Police 

Binghamton, N. Y Cornelius P. Cronin Chief of Police 

Beacon, N. Y Theodore Moi Ii Chief of Police 

Buffalo, N. Y puioj.intj \,i ui[0|Chief of Police 

Batavia, N. Y Edwin Crawford Chief of Police 

Clyde, N. Y Henry E. Seigel..... Chief of Police 

Cornith, N. Y Andro\,' McCullcv Chief of Police 

Cortland, N. Y Wili'rcd Woodhcad Chief of Police 

Canton, N. Y Boyd A. ,brid .■(.> ....' .- Chief of Police 

Canajoharie, N. Y ...Wm. H. Lungdon Chief of Police 

Cedarhurst, N. Y Chai'les Hamner Chief of Police 

Coi'ning, N. Y John E. Burke Chief of Police 

Cohoes, N. Y Patrick Costclio Chief of Police 

Canastoto, N. Y Frank C. Butler Chief of Police 

Dausville, N. Y VV. P. Finn Chief of Police 

Dolgeville, N. Y Andrew Murray Chief of Police 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y Linn H. Babcock Chief of Police 

Dunkirk, N. Y J. W. Parsons C iiief of Police 



1 I'enville, N. Y Edward C. Morford Chief of Police 

East Hampton, N. Y Elvin D. Weaver Chief of Police 

Elmira, N. Y James Crabb Chief of Police 

P^ndicott, N. Y D.iniel Frutiger Chief of Police 

Fishkill, N. Y James Massey Chief of Police 

Falconer, N. Y T. J. Kelly Chief of Police 

J'ranklinville, N. Y John A. Beebe Chief of Police 

Fredonia, N. Y Wm. E. Stoyle Chief of Police 

Frankfort, N. Y Frank H. Perrv Chief of Police 

Grandville, N. Y. T. W. Murrey Chief of Police 

Gold Spring, N. Y Robert M. Fleming Chief of Police 

Gowanda, N. Y H. J. Ritz Chief of Police 

Glensfalls, N. Y F. G. Jenkins Chief of Police 

Green Island, N. Y Orlando Elliot Chief of Police 

Greenpoi-t, N. Y. Theodore B. Howard Chief of Police 

Geneva, N. Y Daniel Kane Chief of Police 

Gouverneur, N. Y Frank C. Carman Chief of Police 

Gloversville, N. Y George R. Smith Chief of Police 

Haverstraw, N. Y Michael Ford Chief of Police 

Hamburg, N. Y. i red Weiss Chief of Police 

Hempstead, N. Y Robert Vandewater Chief of Police 

n(rk:n:tr, N. Y John T. Manion Chief of Police 

Ha:i ilton, N. Y H. C. Williamson Chief of Police 

Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.. William Cronell Chief of Police 

Highland, X. Y Chis. Collins Constable 

Highland, N. Y B. Eldred Constable 

Highland, X. Y WaltcM- Roe Constable 

Highland, X. Y Harry Elliot Constable 

Hudson, X. Y 'ohn Cruise Jr. Chief of Police 

Hornell, X. Y C. Bailey Chief of Police 

Huntington, N. Y' Cliarles Wenzel Constable 

Ithica. X. Y William Barshall Chief of Police 

Jan:estowii, X. Y Fi'ank A. Johnson Chief of Police 

Johnstown, X. Y' Peter Joyce Chief of Police 

Kingston. X. Y J. Allan Wood —.. Chief of Police 

Lancaster, X. Y' George Nichter Chief of Police 

Liberty, X. Y' Harrv Svenson Chief of Police 

La Safle, N. Y A. h. Grose Chief of Police 

Larchmont, N. Y' Wm. M. Hynds Chief of Police 

Lawrence, X. Y' Wm. Ryan Chief of Police 

Lyons. N. Y' Ralph Strait Chief of Police 

Little Falls, N. Y James J. Long Chief of Police 

Lockport, X. Y Thomas F. Moran Chief of Police 

Little Falls, N. Y' James J. Long Chief of Police 

Lackawanna, N. Y' James G. Burke Chief of Police 

Laroh7r;ont, X. Y Wm. M. Hynde Chief of Police 


Massena, N. Y U. J. Demo Chief of Police 

Mamai'oneck, N. Y James O'Neill Chief of Police 

Mt. Morris, N. Y Wm. F. Seith Chief of Police 

Mechanicville, N. Y William B. Davry Chief of Police 

.Medina, N. Y J. S. Brainard.. .' Chief of Police 

Mohawk. N. Y Walter Bronner : Chief of Police 

Mount Vernon, N. Y Geo. G. Atwell Chief of Police 

Middletown, N. Y ....John D. McCoach Chief of Police 

Malone, N. Y George Badore Chief of Police 

New York City, N. Y Richard E. Enright Com. of Police 

New York City, N. Y Douglas I. McKay Special Dep. Commissionoj 

New Y'ork City, N. Y. John Daley Chief Inspector 

New York City, N. Y Thomas J. Tunney Inspector of Police 

New Rochelle, N. Y ,... Frank Cody Chief of Police 

Niagara Falls, N. Y John A. Cui'ry Sept. of Police 

Miagara Falls, N. Y. Thos. H. Lyons Lieut, of Police 

]";orwich, N. Y Alvin Strouse Chief of Police 

Nyack, N. Y Michael Furev Chief of Police 

Xorthport, N. Y Wm. E. Call Chief of Police 

North Tonawanda, N. \'...John F. Ryan Chief of Police 

Newburgh, N. Y Fred G. Brown Chief of Police 

Niagara Falls, N. Y John A. Curry Chief of Police 

Oneida, N. Y Henry Smith Chief of Police 

Oswego, N. Y Thomas Mowatt Ch^ef of Police 

Owego, N. Y Archie N. Searles Ch'ei' of Police 

Olean, N. Y John C. Dempsey Chief of Police 

Oneonta, N. Y Frank N. Horton Chief of Police 

Ossining, N. Y Frank Minnerly Chief of Police 

Pen y, N. Y F. C. Butler Chief of Police 

I'hilmont, N. Y J. P. Lasher Chief of Police 

Potsdam, N. Y W. D. Stone Chief of Police 

riattsburg, N. Y Eli Senecal Chief of Police 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y' Chas. J. McCabe Chief of Police 

Port Chester, N. Y James Donovan Chief of Police 

Peekskill, N. Y Henry J. Burke Chief of Police 

Renneselar, N. Y Thomas Fahey Chief of Police 

Rye, New York Wm. H. Balls Chief of Police 

Rochester, N. Y' Joseph M. Quigley Chief of Police 

Rochester, N. Y W. H. Whaley . Capt. of Detectives 

Rome, N. Y AV. J. Keating Chief of Police 

Schenectady, N. Y James W. Rynex Chief of Police 

SprinTville! N. Y S. A. Mcintosh Chief of Police 

Salan.anca, N. Y Walter J. Fellows Chief of Police 

Syracuse, N. Y Martin L. Cadin Chief of Police 

Saranac Lake, N. Y Matthew M. Jones Chief of Police 

Schenectady, N. Y James W. Rynex Chief of Police 

St. Johnsviilo, N. Y Clifford Hall Chief of Police 


Suffern, N. Y 'ohn R, Hunter Chief of Police 

Saugerties, N, Y A. W. Richter Chief of Police 

Scarsdale, N. Y Stephen Smith Chief of Police 

Sidney, N. Y B. M. Betts Chief of Police 

Solvay, N. Y H. J. Hunt Chief of Police 

Sclienectady, N. Y l.-niies VV. Rynes Chief of Police 

Seneca Fa'ls, N. Y Lewis J. Avery Chief of Po'ire 

Saratoga Sprin-'s, ;\'. Y Thoi^ias Sullivan Chief of Pol'ce 

Tonawanda, N. Y Arthur V. Elliott Chief of Police 

O. Bush Chief of Police 

.l-s Chief of Police 

(ioerold Cluef of Police 

['lanagan C'liief of Detectives 

Utica, N. Y. r. I>. McCarthy Chief of Police 

Watertown. N. Y, E. J. Sintrleton Chief of Police 

Warwick. N. Y G. WilHa-i Clark Chief of Police 

Whitehall, N. Y George Belle^ade Chief of Police 

Watei-ville, N. Y M. E. Corbett Chief of Police 

Walden, N. Y. George M. Ronk Chief of Police 

White Plain'--, N. Y John H. Harmon Chief of Police 

')'uxedo Park, N. Y'. 

Tarrvtown. N. Y 

'I^rov", N. Y. 


'"-. Bo^ 

Chas. A. 

Troy, N. Y 



Carson Citv, Xev J. H. Stern Chief of Police 

Goldfield, Nev ,. V. IniAalls Chief of Police 

Hawthorne, Nev. F. B. Balzar Chief of Police 

Las Vegas, Nev. Arthur Busch Chief of Police 

Reno, Nev. J. M. Kirkley Chief of Police 

Winnemucca, Nev John R. Nelson Chief of Police 




Chief Frank Smith, of Clovelnnd, vas elected over E. G. Ki-aus?. Easl 
Clevel.nnd Chief, as president of the Ohio Police Association at the closing- 
session at Cedar Point, on the 18th. 

Chief pounds, of Nile?, -^vas chosen vice president, and Chief Jackson, of 
Cincinnati detective force. <^econd vice president. The new board of directors 
consists of Chief Weingates, Sanduskv; Chief Trautman, Bucynis; Chief 
Oillian. Warren; Chief Jackson. Cincinnati; Chief McCliire. SheU)y: C^hief 
luiiTv, Youngstown. and Chief O'Brien, Springfield. They also comprise the 
legislative committee. 

The association voted to meet again al Cedar Point the third Tuesday in 
July. Captain of Detectives Motowitz, Cleveland, was elected an honorary 
member. . 

President Smitli appointed Chief King-, Lorain; Chief Krauss, East Cleve- 
land; Chief Barron, Cleveland Heights, as a committee to see that Chi'ef 
Morrow, of Conneaut, is retired on the pension. He was a member of that 
))o!ice force for twenty-five years. 

Alliance, Ohio J. E. Benson Dir. of Public Safety 

Alliance, Ohio J. M. Elliott Chief of Police 

^i-'ron, Ohio John Durkin C>«ief of Police 

Akron, Ohio fFarry Welch Chief of Detectives 

Ashtabula, Ohio A. J. Kane Chief of Police 

Arberst, Ohio Wm. Miller Chief of Police 

Ashland, Ohio Myron N. Sprinkle Chief of Police 

r.ellaire, Ohio A. S. Mahone Chief of Police 

Byesville. Ohio Wni. Egnot Chief of Police 

I>ucyrus, Ohio Philip Trautman Chief of Police 

'"^f'l'efontaine. Ohio John F. Lamboi-n Chief of Police 

I'arnesville, Ohio John Vandvne Chief of Police 

r.inan. Oh'o Chas. Grim' Chief of Police 

r.rllevue, Ohio W' >. M-iHison Chief of Police 

(Cincinnati, Ohio VVm. Copelan Chief of Police 

('incinnati, Ohio C. C. Baldwin In.spector of Police 

• Cincinnati, Ohio Wni. H. Jackson Chief of Detectives 

Ci(>v('lan<l, Oliio Frank W. Smith Chief of Police 

('■mton, Ohio "^Villiam I'. Cauchat Chief of Police 

r.]v,]c, Ohio Alva Walde-i Chief of Police 

Carey, Ohio '''a-. 'SI. Brov/n Chief of I'olico 



('oiincault, Oliio B. E. Beardsley Chief of Police 

<'oliimbus, Ohio HaiTy E. Fi'cnch Chief of Police 

Danville, Ohio John Kelley Chief of Police 

Delawaie, Ohio James Spaulding Chief of Police 

Dennison, Ohio A. S. Maxwell Chief of Police 

DelphoK. Ohio Louis Oelbeig Chief of Police 

Dayton, Ohio J. N. Allaback Chief of Police 

f;ast Youn^stown, Ohio . ..Kiank Cnnningham Chief of Police 

Klyiia, Ohio K. J. Stankard Chief of Police 

East Cleveland, Ohio E. G. Krauss Chief of Police 

Fremont, Ohio Henrv Klopfer Chief of Police 

Findlay, Ohio J. H. Crawford Chief of Police 

Calion, Ohio C. D. Riblet Chief of Police 

Calllpoiis, Ohio W. H. Belcher Chief of Police 

Callipolis, Ohio W. H. Belcher Chief of Police 

(Jjouster, Ohio Henry Williams Chief of Police 

llicksvilio, Ohio I). M. D)ive Chief of Police 

lionton, Ohio W. E. Massie Chief of Police 

.lacKson, Ohio C. W. Jacobs Chief of Police 

ICenton, Ohio L. A. Pugh Chief of Police 

Kent, Ohio L'. G. Crites =.. ..Chief of Police 

l.orain, Oliio Theo. Walker Chief of Police 

l.cbanton, Ohio Ihos. D. P>aser Chief of Police 

kill a, Ohio O. J. Koush Chief of Police 

Lakewood, Oliio Peter S. Christensen Chief of Police 

Medina, Ohio Stowe White Chief of Police 

Massillon, Ohio G. Dommer Chief of Police 

: lar.etta, Ohio R. G. Putnam Chief of Police 

Manslield, Ohio Herbert E. McClure Chief of Police 

:.IiddUport, Ohio John R. Hawkins Chief of Police 

.M amishurg, Ohio Janes Kinderdine Chief of Police 

ilauivce, Ohio Charles iMason Chief of Police 

ilillevfbury, Ohio John A. Stevens Chief of Police 

M'ddletawn, Ohio Frank Byid Chief of Police 

:^>w Philadelnhia, Ohio ..A. L. Esp'ch Chief of Police 

"^^apoluon. Ohio Clark Teeple Chief of Police 

Norwood, Ohio Andrew Hart Chief of Police 

Xorwalk. Ohio I'. R. Remington Chief of Police 

"•:iles, Ohio C. 1'. Rounds Chief of Police 

Newcomerstown, Ohio J. F. Fisher Chief of Police 

North Baltimoi e, Ohio M. F. Foster Chief of Police 

Oxford, Ohio John Shoard Chief of Police 

Ottawa, Ohio Henry Heringhaus Chief of Police 


romeroy, Ohio . George Schaaf Chief of Police 

Painesville, Ohio P. J. Appleton Chief of Police 

Roseville, Ohio Charles Ov/rns Ci^cf o !'?:■>]■(• - 

Heading-, Ohio Herman L. Dietrich Marshal 

Havenna, Ohio ; J. C. Gooder!oa,'>-h Chief of Police 

Sidney, Ohio William O'l^eary Chief of Pol'c'' 

St. Bernard, Ohio Michael Cnnn?ighton Chief of Police 

Spi-in.';field, Ohio R. E. O'Brien ..'. Chief of Police 

Sehring, Ohio Charles Baumgartnf'r Chief of Police 

Straitsville, Ohio J. W. Dennis Chief of Police 

Sanduskv, Ohio C. A. Weingates Chief of Police 

Shelby, Oh-o I. E. V. Tucker Chief of Police 

Toledo, Ohio Henry J. Herbert Chief of Police 

Troy, Ohio John Sharrits Chief of Pol'ce 

Tippecanoe City, Ohio H. J. Fuffman Chief of Police 

Urbana, Ohio John J. Powers Chief of Polic(> 

Van Wert, Ohio W. E. Jackson Chief of Police 

Willon^-hhv. Ohio James M. Maloney Chief of Pol'"ce 

Wellston. Ohio A. D. Ward Chief of PoPco 

Warr >n, Ohio B. J. Gillen Chief of PoVe • 

Wapakoneta, Ohio Ja'-^ .C. A^ue Chief of Police 

Woop.ter, Ohio Henrv T.einer Chief of Poh'cr^ 

War)en. Ohio B. J. Gill-n Chief of Pol-Vo 

Wau con. Ohio Robert Sweeny Chief of Polic;- 

Wad',\vorth, Ohio Thoivas Lucas Chief of Polic-' 

Youngstown, Ohio Tames Watkins Chief of Polic<^ 

Zanesville, Ohio ^ohn Arter Chief of Police 


Ada, Okla. J. P. Gotcher -.... Chinf of Police 

Alva, Okla. ..!... Chas. L. Reid.., .....i- Chief of Police 

Bartleysville, Okla L. V. Gaston Chief of Police 

Clinton, Okla A. J. Davis Chief of Police 

Claremore, Okla John A. Thurman Chief of Police 

Chicka.sha> Okla O. G. Linn Chief of Police 

Durant, Okla Jim Keirsey , : Chief of Police 

(:inri:KS of police ;ui 

El Reno, Okla John W. Laird Chief of Police 

Eik City, Okla B. H. Russell Chief of Police 

Frederick, Okla T. S. Akin Chief of Police 

Hartshorne, Okla J. R. Berrv Chief of Police 

Hobart, Okla C. S. Olney Chief of Police 

Hugo, Okla -M. S. Watson Chief of Police 

Kingfisher, Okla. . . . B. K. Drewe ...Chief of Police 

Mangum, Okla. 
Muskogee, Okla. 
McAlester, Okla. 
Miami, Okla 

Nowata, Okla. 

R. B. Pitts Chiei oT : ol-ce 

E. A. Maloney Chief of Police 

J. O. Peters..! : Chief of Police 

(leo. O. Gibson Chief of Police 

W. F. Davis Chief of Police' 

Oklahoma City, Okla. . .C. T. Linville Chief of Pol'ce 

Okmulgee, Okla Dick Farr Chief of Police 

Pawhuska, Okla J. E. Cates Chief of Police 

Perry, Okla Ed. G. Steinbeck Chief of Police 

Stillwater, Okla J. R. Bourdette Chief of Police 

Sapulpa, Okla Jack Wisdom Chief of Police 

Tulsa, Okla John A. Gustafson Chief of Police 

Vinita, Okla U. L. Baxley Chief of Police 

Wilburton, Okla W. K. Edge Chief of Police 

Wagoner, Okla. Clay Flowers Chief of Police 

Weatheiford, Okla E. C. Daves Chief of Police 


All)any, Ore J. W. Hatcher Chief of Police 

Ashlaiid, Ore J. W. Hatcher „ Chief of Police 

Ashland, Ore ...Tom Roberts Asst. Chief of Police 

Astoria, Ore E. L. Carlson Chief of Police 

Baker, Ore W. E. Palmer Chief of Police 

Coivallis, Oie , H. M. Robinson Chief of Police 

Eugene, Ore :........C. B. Christensen Chief of Police 

Grants Pass. Ore. .-.;.....:.. C. E. McLane Chief of Police 


Hood River, Ore W. E. Hart Chief of Police 

La Grande, Ore Roy Flexer Chief of Police 

Bedford, Ore Geo. C. Timothy Chief of Police 

XewberR, Ore C. C. Ferguson Chief of Police 

Xoilh Hend, Ore. A. R. Smith Chief of Police 

Orefton City, Ore J. L. Hadley Chief of Police 

Portland, Ore L. V. Jenkins C^i'ef of PoVce 

Pendleton, Ore W. R. Taylor Chivf of Police 

Roseburg-, Ore D. R. Shambrook Chief of Pol'cc 

Salem, Ore V. M. Mollitt C'-ef of PoKce 

The Dalles, Ore I'rank Heater Chief of Pol'cc 


im':n\svlvania chiefs aieet. 

At the annual irceting- of the Pennsylvania Chiefs' Association, Chief of 
Police Fred W. Tepel. of Williamsj)ort, \vas re-elected pi-esident of the associa- 
lion and will serve for another year. The other officers of the association were 
lOtU'cted as follows: Vice-president, L. S. Ptcher, chief of police of Wilkes- 
IJarre, and secretary-ti'easurer William B. Thomas, chief of police of Jenken- 
town . Two new members were elected to executive committee, while one mem- 
ber was re-electd. The new monbei's are Robeil H. I^raun, chief of police of 
Reading.. The retiring members aie: Edward T. Hallissev, chief of police of 
Haverford towTiship, and Garcot P. Rouch, chief of police Rethlehem Steel 
Comi)any, Bethlehem. C. N. P>ooth, chief of police Ivehigh Valley Coal Com- 
jiany, Wilkes-B^'.rre. was re-elected a member of the executive committee. 
Charles W. Rhoads, chief of police of Northumberland, was elected sergeant- 
iit-arms, to succeed Harvev Wands, chief of ixdice of T\r(in<'. 

Ardmore, Penn James I. Donaghy Chief of Police 

Allentown, Penn Milton H. Bernhaid Chief of Police 

Ashland, Penn Fred Smith ("!hief of Police 

Avoca, Penn Patrick L. Farrell Chief of Police 

Altoona, Penn J. N. Tillard Chief of Police 

c:hiefs of police 

Berwick, Penri A. M. Bason Chief of Police 

Cutler, I'enn E. L. Shultz .- Clvcf of Police 

Pe hlyhcm, Penn C. A. Davies ....Chief of Police 

Bethlehem Steel Co., Penn. C. P. Roach Chief of Police 

Boyertown, Penn Henry B. Gruber Chief of Police 

Bradford, Penn J. H. Howe Chief of Police 

Brownsville, Penn A. C. Patterson Chief of Police 

Bedford, Penn Samuel F. Stiver Chief of Police 

Bloomsburg-, Penn W. J. Brobst Chief of Police 

l>iaddock, Penn l-'red Seims Chief of Police 

Bristol, Penn Jas. E. Sackville Chief of Police 

IJraver Falls, Penn Ed. O. Brovvn Chief of Police 

Boswell, Penn J; C. Bentley ! Chief of Police 

Canonsburg, Penn. Edward Corbett Chief of Police 

C!arlisle, Penn. H. L. Bowman Chief of Police 

(California, Penn H. B. Lake Chief of Police 

Connellsville, Penn Thomas McDonald Chief of Police 

Carbondale, Penn Harry Kagler .....Chief of Police 

Coaldale, Penn. Jas. L. Gallagher Chief of Police 

('ainegie, Penn Geo. E. Foster Chief of Police 

Chester, Penn J. H. Davenport Chief of Police 

('lifton Heights, Penn. John McCJowan Chief of Police 

Columbia, Penn Harry F. Hartman Chief of Polic« 

Curwensville, Penn Guy B. Clark Chief of Police 

Claiiton, Penn. Fred Young Chief of Police 

Clear Field, Penn P. A. Hitt Chief of Police 

C<)iao))olis, Penn John T. Minchor Chief of Police 

Chaniliersburg, Penn Harry S. Byers Chief of Police 

Corry, Penn H. A. Frank Chief of Police 

Connellsville, Penn 'Ihonias McDonald Chief of Police 

l)<)r)anceton, Penn L. S. Peese Chief of Police 

Fllswoi th, Penn John Docktor Chief of Police 

K. SLi-oudsburg, Penn Howard Keyhart Chief of Police 

I'h-ie, Penn Wm. F. Detzel Chief of Police 

Export, Penn C. (i. Stevicks Chief of Police 

I'^.u-'^ton, Penn Jacob Jacoby Chief of Police 

Kllwood City, Penn C. J. CUirke Chief of Police 

Erie. Penn. '..: Win. ]■'. Detzel ...Chief of Police 

I%mi)(n-iuni, Penn James Wiight Chief of Police 

!■!■( e])()i't, Penn A. H. Simons Chief of Police 

I'oity Fort, Penn Frank Jones Chief of Police 

Frackville, Penn Joseph Zeigler Chief of Police 

Fredericksbuig, Penn. S. B. Perry... Chief of Police 

Farrell, Penn Carl ]\IcCartney Chief of Police 

Fowanda, Penn Arthur P. Watson Chief of Police 

Greenville, Pcnii W. B. Gano ...Chief of Police 

Gii'aiilviilc. Penn John Purcell Chief of Police 


fivove City, Penn Charles Ray Chief of Police 

Glaasport, Penn C. O. Nolder Chief of Police 

Haverford, Penn J. H. Scanlin Chief of Police 

Hawiey, Penn. E. J. Richardson Chief of Police 

Homestead, Penn W. H. Davis Chief of Police 

Huntingdon, Penn :. Orlando G. Garner Chief of Police 

Ilar.olton, Penn Cu'ovgc W. Bronson Chief of Police 

Hollidaysburg, Penn ' Bo— an Chief of Police 

llarrisburg-, Penn J. P. Trompson Chief of Police 

Hastings, Penn ^?obert Hindn-arsh ..,.., .Chief of Police 

Ingram, Penn ■. Joseph F. Bannon...—.-,— .Chief of Police 

Ind'ana, Penn (I! r M. H.;r s Chief of Police 

Jenkintown, Penn Wm. B. Thomas Chief of Police 

Josephine, Penn Harry Mc(Jau-.h?y .., Chief of Police 

.lohnstown, Penn C. K. Brhiey.: - .- Chief of Police 

Johnsonburg, Penn. J. A. O'Donnell ., Chief of Police 

Kickson City, Penn William Smcdlcy -:--.Ch'cf of Police 

l\ennett Squai'c, P^mn: Wm. F. Leonard : Chief of Police 

Kane, Penn V/i-. H Mdler Chief of Police 

Kingston, Penn L. S. Reese Chief of Police 

Luzerne, Penn Thomas Ford Chief of 

Lititz, Penn Clarence Krcider Chief of 

l>atrobe, Penn Joseph W. Stahl Chief of 

Lansdale, Penn Chas. Kulp Chief of 

Lancaster, Penn VVa'tcr G. Bushon-v Chief of 

Lansford, Penn John N. CuUen Chief of 


Manch Chuma, Fcnn George Brown .... Chief of Police 

Miilersburg, Penn William J. Baker Chief of Police 

iVioiuit Pleasant, Penn Robert R. Smith... Chief of Police 

.Manheim, Penn Roy Hunchberger Chief of Police 

.Mount Union, Penn Clnis. E. McConanghy C'liief of Police 

Mount Carmel, Penn. Abe Morgan Chief of Police 

Media, Penn. I'^red T. Cooper ('liicf of Police 

Minnersvillc, Penn Ldgar Lewis Chief of Police 

Myersdale, Penn Ja cs .A.. Chambers Chief of Police 

McKees] ort, Penn James T. Reddington Chief of Police 

Munhall. Penn. Griffiths Williams Chief of Police 

Northumberland, Penn Chas. W. Rhodes Chief of Police 

Nazareth, Penn John P. Macey Chief of Police 

Northampton, Penn Frank T. Thomas Chief of Police 

Ne\'.- Ca-Lle. Penn T. E. Elder Chief of Police 

Nanticoke, P^nn -Tohn H. Boyse Chief of Police 

New Brighton "^.-nn Walter Moore (^hief of Police 

Norristown, Pen , Charles L. A. Eiler Chief of Police 

Natrona, Penn Arthur Welser Chief of Police 

New Kensington, Penn Daniel J. Zeloyle Chief of Police 


'^Id Foi-'2,o. Penn Cai'niel Splendered ri-^ief of Police 

Oakmont. Penn E. E. Plummer Chief of Police 

ORontz. Penn Theo. H. Hallowell Chief of Police 

I^itton, Penn. Wm. J. Gill Chief of Police 

Pottsville, Penn : James W. Hoepstine Chief of Police 

Parsons, Ponn James Jackson Chief of Police 

I'ittsbuig, Penn ^? J. Aleidice Chief of Police 

I'eckville, Penn AVm. Tavlor Chief of Police 

Philadelphia, Penn. Wm. B. Mills Supt. of Police 

Phoenixville, Penn Walter W. Williams Chief of Police 

()uakerto\vn, Penn Harry Rhodes Chief of Police 

iioyersford, Penn TT. H. B?ideman Chief of Police 

I'ochester, Penn John Curry Chief of Police 

Ucnova, Penn James M. Kyler Chief of Police 

Kankin, Penn. Thos. Cain Chief of Poh'ce 

Reading, Penn. Harry H. Stroble Chief of Police 

Scranton, Penn L. B. Day Chief of Police 

Simpson, Penn Frederick Ledger Chief of Police 

Sugar Notch, Penn Philip DuflPy Chief of Police 

Susquehanna, Penn Watson Graves Chief of Police 

Schuylkill Haven, Penn John Butz Chief of Po'ice 

Shamokin, Penn ^Villiam Jackman Chief of Police 

Strelton, Penn. Hiram P. Longnaker Chief of Police 

Sunbury, Penn William J. Smith Chief of Police 

Sharon, Penn S. H. Lansdowne Chief of Police 

South Fork. Penn Chas. B. Sakkeld Chief of Police 

Somerton, Penn Joseph W. Seibert Chief of Police 

South Bro\\Tisville, Penn...E. R. Wonsetler Chief of Police 

Slatington, Penn Jackson W. Ult Chief of Police 

Scottdale, Penn Frank INIcCudden Chief of Police 

Sharpsburg, Penn Lawrence J. Blasser Chief of Police 

Towanda, Penn Arthur P. Watson Chief of Police 

Tyione, Penn Hariv H. Wands Chief of Police 

Turtle Creek, Penn Wm.'j. Whalen Chief of Police 

Throop, Penn Fred C. Barreti Chief of Police 

L'niontown. Penn John Eckert Chief of Police 

Union City, Penn Frank P. Kennedy Chief of Police 

Vv'ilkes Barre, Penn Leon E. Pitcher Chief of Police 

Wellsboro, Penn E. A. Wilcox Chief of Police 

Wayne, Penn Edward J. Sweeney Chief of Police 

Wilkinsburg, Penn Wallace R. Bishop Chief of Police 

Williamsport, Penn Fred W. Tepel Chief of Police 

Wiightsville, Penn Thos. Harris Chief of Police 

Wilkes Barre, Penn Leon S. Pitcher Chief of Police 

Windber, Penn S. W. McMullen Chief of Police 

West Homestead, Penn. ..Nat J. Dean Chief of Police 


Williamsport, Penn C. W. Bathhurst Inspr. of P. R. Police- 

L. V. Coal Co C. N. Booth Chief of Police 

West Chester, Penn. John E. Enrekin Chief of Police 

West Chester, Penn William Mullen County Detective 

Woodlan, Penn M. J. Kane Chief of Police 

York, Penn John Buttorff Chief of Police 

York, Penn C. S. White Chief of Detective? 

Yatesbovo, Penn J. C. Rupp Chief of Police 


Arctic, Rh. I Josaphat Hebert Chief of Police 

Barrington, Rh. I Thos. E. Robbins Chief of Police 

Central Falls, Rh. I James McCarthy Chief of Police 

Cranston, Rh. I James E. Cuff Chief of Police 

East Providence, Rh. L ...Everett W. Adams Chief of Police 

Newport, Rh. I John S. Tobin Chief of Police 

Olneyville Station, Rh. L.. James E. Cuff Chief of Police 

Pawtucket, Rh. I Charles E. Hill Chief of Police 

Portsmouth, Rh. I Walter F. Dyer Sergeant 

Pi'ovidence, Rh. I Peter F. Gilmartin Supt. of Police 

Tiverton, P.h. I George W. Potter Chief of Police 

Warwick, Rh. I Ellis A. Cranston Chief of Police 

Westerly, Rh. I Thomas E. Brown Chief of Police 

Warren," Rh. I Robert Walsh Chief of Police 


Aiken, S. C E. B. Gunter Sr Chief of Police 

Anderson, S. C W. A. Clamp Chief of Police 

Bennetsville, S. C T. J. Cunningham Chief of Police 

Beaufoit, S. C L. B. Simpson Chief of Police 

Charleston, S. C James R. Cantwell Chief of Police 


Clinton, S. C D. W. Mason Chief of Police 

Colombia, S. C F. S. Strickland Chief of Police 

Kasley, S. C W. C. Holcombe Chief of Police 

Georgetown, S. C L. R. Ambroce Chief of Police 

Hartsville, S. C J. K. Brand Chief of Police 

Laurens, S. C J. T. Crewes Chief of Police 

Clarion, S. C I.. B. Blackburn Chief of Police 

Newberry, S. C E. L. Rodelspeiger Chief of Police 

Orangeburg, S. C G. S. Kirkland Chief of Police 

Sunimerville, S. C T. R. Waring Chief of Police 

Spartanburg, S. C J. H. Hill..... Chief of Police 

Suintcr, S. C T. M. Barwick Chief of Police 

Union, S. C Jno. T. Mosely Chief of Police 


Aberdeen, S. D Tohn Anderson Chief of Police 

Bellefourche, S. D H. C. Hantz Chief of Police 

Hrookings, S. D A. B. Chase Chief of Police 

Camden, S. D A. G. Whitaker Chief of Police 

Claik, S. D Archie Dunlop Chief of Police 

Centerville, S. D Jas. A. Mitchell Chief of Police 

Canton, S. D M. A. Johnson Chief of Police 

Desmet, S. D H. W. Montross..... Chief of Police 

KIk Point, S. D Claude Hinman Chief of Police 

l'"Iandreau, S. D Geo. Schonock Chief of Police 

Groton, S. D John Frommel Chief of Police 

Huron, S. D Tom Johnson Chief of Police 

Howard, S. D James Sheely Chief of Police 

:Mitchell, S. D E. E. Owens Chief of Police 

Parkston, S. D Chas. H. Reuland Chief of Police 

Redfield, S. D Phil Tyrrell Chief of Police 

Rapid City, S. D W. P. Baken Chief of Police 


Scotland, S. D George Eisenmann Chief of Police 

Sisseton, S. D W. E. Bollenbeck Chief of Pol 'ce 

Vermillion, S. D Henry A. Walz Chief of Police 

Watertown, S. D 0. J. Opheim Chief of Police 

Webster, S. D F. E. Long Chief of Police 

Yankton, S. D W. J. Thomas Chief of Police 


Albord, Texas S. Yale Mar-hal 

Amavillo, Texas J. W. Keeton Chief of Police 

Bryan, Texas W. S. Martin C'-'ief of Police 

Brownsville, Texas Roy Weller Chief of ^olice 

Brownwood, Texas J. M. Fox Chief of Police 

Beeville, Texas Pat P^adden Chief of Police 

Belton, Texas D. R. Utley Chief of Police 

Beaumont, Texas B. B. Johnson Chief of Police 

Bio- Springs, Texas J. H. Fefiey Marshal 

Brenham, Texas S. S. King Chief of Police 

P.iady, Texas L. J. Wood Chief of Police 

Corsicana, Texas Will S. Knight Chief of Police 

Canyon, Texas J. B. Hensloy Maishjl 

Corpus Chvisti, Texas D. S. Wright Chief of Police 

Crockett, Texas : J. D. Sexton Chief of Police 

Dallas, Texas Elmo Strait Chief of Police" 

Dalhart, Texas Everett E. Batis Chief of Police 

Del Rio, Texas J. H. King Chief of Police 

Eagle Pass, Texas H. H. Robinson Chief of Police 

El Paso, Texas Peyton J. Edwards Chief of Police 

l'o]-l Worth, Texas Harry Hamilton Chief of Police 

(ialveston, Texas W. J. Sedgwick Chief of Police 

(liddings, Texas J. T. Robinson Constable 

(ieorgetovvn, Texas C. J. Brady Marshal 

Houston, Te.xas G. Murphy Chief of Police 

Hillsboro, Texas J. D. Clifton Chief of Police 

Longview, Texas Martin Hays Chief of Police 

Marlin, Texas W. C. Brack Marshal 

Mineral Wells, Texas W. B. Chandler Chief of Police 

New Braunfels, Texas Ed. Mailer Chief of Police 

Orange, Texas R. F. Cromley Chief of Police 


['aris, Texas E. F. Harrell Marshal 

I'lainview, Texas Charles Wilson Chief of Police 

Porth Arthur, Texas W. B. Word Chief of Police 

Palestine, Texas Dave Reagan Chief of Police 

Kockwood, Texas W. S. Edde Chief of Police 

Scguin, Texas Henry Permeuter Marshal 

Stamford, Texas A. G. Sanders Chief of Police 

San Marcos, Tex S. H. Perkins Chief of Police 

Smithville, Texas Hailey Ray : Chief of Police 

So)ne}'ville, Texas W. H. Lynch Chief of Police 

San Antonio, Texas A. S. Mussey Chief of Police 

San Angelo, Texas Geo. W. Cunningham Chief of Police 

Sherman, Texas Frank Reece Chief of Police 

Snyder, Texas O. P. Wolf Marshal 

Tyler, Texas L J. Ray , Chief of Police 

Teague, Texas J. R. Dailey Marshal 

Temple, Texas Wiley Fisher Chief of Police 

Victoria, Texas D. Holzheuser Mnrshnl 

Wichita Falls, Texas Lee Huff Chief of Police 

Waco, Texas Lee Jenkins Chief of Police 

Weatherford, Texas B. R. Barker Chief of Police 

Yoakum, Texas J. S. Schrimscher Chief of Police 


Athens, Tonn S. O. Welch Chief of Police 

Bristol, Tenn R. L. Morton Chief of Police 

Coluinbia, Tenn Bailey Peyton Chief of Police 

Cleveland, Tenn H. C. Simpson Chief of Police 

(Jh.ittanooga, Tenn W. H. Hackett.._ Chief of Police 

Ciialtanooga, Tenn. N. P. Bush Capt. of Detectives 

Clarksville, Tenn ^. F. Robinson Chief of Police 

Dyersburg, Tenn J. G. Finney Chief of Police 

Flizabeth, Tenn William L. Bowers Chief of Police 

i-'ianklin, Tenn D. Farr Chief of Police 

Gallatin, Tenn Bert Wallace ..Marshal 

Hai riman, Tenn. W. W. Roberts Chief of Police 

Jackson, Tenn W. A. Stegall Chief of Police 

Knoxville, Tenn Ed. M. Haynes Chief of Police 

Lenoir City, Tenn J. H. Nichols Chief of Police 

Lewistov.n, Tenn H. D. Yeaman Chief of Police 

La Follettee, Tenn J. F.Russell Chief of Police 

Lynchburg, Tenn J. S. Bedford Chief of Police 


Maryville, Tenn N. L. Brewer Chief of Police 

Mur'freesboro, Tenn E. B. Hunt Chief of Police 

Memphis, Tenn J. B. Burney Chief of Police 

Memphis, Tenn W. T. Griffin Chief of Detectives 

Martin, Tenn T. H. Carney Chief of Police 

Newport, Tenn J. A. Melton Chief of Police 

Nashville, Tenn J. W. Smith Chief of Police 

Nashville, Tenn Robert Sidebottom Chief of Detectives 

Paris, Tenn J. D. Phillips ...Chief of Police 

Savannah, Tenn A. K. Guinn Chief of Police 

Shelbyville, Tenn P.. C. Osteen Chief of Police 

Union City, Tenn T. P. Noah Chief of Police 

Trenton, Tenn J. M. Alexander Chief of Police 


Biigham City, Utah W. N. Lee Chief of Police 

Bingham Canyon, Utah ...W. F. Thompson Chief of Police 

Eureka, Utah D. B. Cunin Chief of Police 

Ephraim, Utah J. F. Anderson Marshal 

Manti, Utah G. W. Sidwell Chief of Police 

Mt. Pleasant, Utah Peter H. Madsen Chief of Police 

Ofi'den, Utah Jonathan Jones Chief of Police 

Ou'den, Utali Robert Burk Chief of Detectives 

Payson, Utah J. A. Betts Chief of Police 

Salt Lake Citv, Utah Jos. E. Burbidge Chief of Police 

Spanish Fork, Utah Joseph G. McKell Chief of Police 


Bavre, Voi-mont James W. Sullivan Chief of Police 

Bennington, Vermont Patrick Brazell Chief of Police 

Burlington, Vermont P. J. Russell Chief of Police 


jNIontpelier, Vermont P. J. Connolly Chief of Police 

Rutland, Vermont Bert S. Hyland Chief of Police 

Sp)inRlield, Vermont E. R. Purdy Chief of Police 

Saint Johnsbury, Vt John Furley Chief of Police 

St. Albans, Vt ...Geo. P. Catlin Chief of Police 

VVinooski, Vermont C. A. Barber Chief of Police 

Whito River Jet.. \t I'atriok O'Keefe Chief of Police 


Biadford, Va J. P. Marshall Chief of Police 

Bri.stol, Va David L. Beaderlin Chief of Police 

Clifton Forge, Va W. S. Cochran Ch'cf of Police 

Charlottesville', Va. /. I.. Dainion Chief of Police 

I']ast Radford, Xa C. M. Camper Chief of Police 

I'ai-nivillo, Va E. D. Lipscomb Chief of Police 

l-'redevicksbur,!.;-, \'a. S. B. Perry .Chief of Polici 

Norfolk, Va T. J. Petty Chief of Detectives 

Harrisonburg, \'a 1". L. Dovcl Chief of Police 

Lynchburg-, Va J. M. Seay Chief of i»oiici> 

Xortlifork, W. Va George Mays Chief of Police 

Newport News, Va. C. M. Campbell Chief of Policj 

Hampton, Va Eugene C. Caton Chief of Police 

Norfolk, Va C. B. Borland Chief of Police 

Pulaski, Va J. L Carper Chief of Police 

Portsmouth, Va J. M. Broughton. Chief of Polic.> 

Pocahontas, Va. Patrick H. O'Connor Chief of Police 

Roanoke, Va W. J. Rignoy .Chief of Police 

Richmond, Va C. A. Sherry Chief of Police 

Suffolk, Va. A. J. Powell Chief of Police 

Salem, Va W. A. West : Chief of Police 

Williamstown, Va Fred Reisig Chief of Police 

Wvtheville, \'a . .T. L. Movers Chief of Police 

WiiH-hoster. Va. M. A. Doian .....Chief of Police 



Aberdeen, Wash George S. Dean Chief of Police 

Aberdeen, Wash F. A. O'Brien Capt. of Police 

Anacortes, Wash Clias. Fleiriinj>- Chief of Police 

Hellingham, Wash Jock W. Yoes Chief of Police 

iJelling-ham, Wash Geo. R. Ames Chief of Detectives 

Centralia, Wash A. C. Hughes Chief of Police 

i-;!ioiisburg-, VVa.-ii Alva Tucker Chief of Police 

Kverett, Wash Chas. A. Turner Chief of Police 

Ho(iuiam, Wash William A. Thompson Chief of Police 

Kalama, Wash A. P. Cammaclc Marshal 

Kelso, Wash Carl T. Riley Chief of Police 

Puyallup, Wash W. L. Holstin Chief of Police 

Spokane, \Vac>li \V. J. Weir Chief of Police 

Seattle, Wash W. H. Searing Chief of Police 

Seattle, Wash Louis M. Long Chief S. H. Police 

Tacoma, Wash Hairy M. Smith Chief of Police 

Wenalchee, W:. C. T. Peterson Chief of I'olice 

Walla Walla, \,ash Chas. J. Springer Chief of Police 

'i akima, VVa.^li. u. G. Smith Chief of I'olice 


Beckley, W. Va John Williaius Chief of Police 

Charleston, W. V. Clyde H. Smith Chief of Detectives 

('harleston, W. Vn. Win. Thomas Constable 

Charleston, W. V. R. C. I.anh mi Special Officer 

I"'airniont, W. \ a ..L. I). Snider Chief of Police 

Huntington, \\'. \'a John Coon ('hief of Police 

Monongah, W. \' ,. Sam Cornell Chief of Police 

Maybeury, W. V:i R. D. Gibson Chief of Police 

.AlcMeachen, W. \ a C. H. Logsdon Chief of Police 


Xewpoit News, W. Va C. M. Campbell Chief of Police 

?{oundsvilIe, W. Va C. A. Moore Chief of Police 

::e\v Martinsville, W. Va...N. S. Postlethwait Chief of Police 

Parkersburg, W. Va W. A. Smith Chief of Police 

Princeton, W. Va L. N. Lambert Chief of Police 

Point Pleasant, W. Va Grover C. Hite Chief of Police 

Salem, W. Va Lloyd Cottril Chief of Police 

Wheeling, W. Va Fred Frazier Chief of Police 

Weston, W. Va George L. Skinner Chief of Police 

Wonifrede, W. Va W. H. Mason Chief of Police 

Wellsburg, W. Va Geo. E. Porter Chief of Police 

Williamson, W. Va J. T. Stevens Chief of Police 



Newly elected oflicois of the Wisconsin Association of Chiefs of Police are: 
Chief of' Police Richard H. McC'aity cf So. Kaukauna, Wis., president; O. K 
^fnnn of Ocoiiomowoc, vice piosidcnt; Don ^McKay of Waukesha, secretary, and 
Thomas Cadlev, sfri^oant-at-arnis. 

Ashland, Wis W. T. Blair Chief of Police 

Antigo, Wis William E. Coblentz Chief of Police 

Appleton, Wis Geo. T. Prim Chief of Police 

I leaver Dam, Wis George Groling Chief of Police 

l^araboo. Wis S. A. Pelton Chief of Police 

Perlin, Wis Adam Czinsky Chief of Police 

Beloit, Wis Charles Qualman Chief of Police 

Charlotte, Wis Frank Paine Chief of Police 

Cudahy, Wis John C. i\Iedio\v. ...Chief of Pol-'ce 

Cortage, Wis Thos. F. Curry Chief of Police 

■ lelavan, Wis (i. H. Fleining Chief of Police 

rdq-erton. Wis B. J. Springer. Chief of Police 

Fau Claire, Wis Elmer R. Sundby Chief of Police 

Fvansville, Wis. F. W. Gillman Chief of Police 

Fvansville, Wash A. E. Blunt Capt. of Police 

r'lorence, Wis Fn.iil V. Bergsten Chief of Police 

I ort Atkinson, Wis August T. Hansen Chief of Police 


Hartford, Wis C. V. Cook Chii.f of I'olc- 

Jefferson, Wis Ed. J. Bienfaiu? Chitf of VoVcr 

Janesville, Wis Chas. Newman Cliief cf l'olic(• 
Kenosha, Wis. Thad Logan C -Mef of Pol 'oo 

Kaukauna, Wis P.. H. McCarty C'^ef o'" ro^co 

Kenosha, Wi? '^- -en O'Ha-c Chief oi Police 

Lancaster, Wis John Peterson Chief of Police 

La Crosse, Wis T. B. Webbor Chief of Police 

Lake Geneva, Wis.......... James H. C onin Cliicf of Police 

Mineral Point, Wis G. W. Holmes Chief of Police 

Milwaukee, Wis Tohn T. Janssen Chief of Police 

Merrill, Wis Thomas Calder Chief of Police 

Marinette. Wis Frank M. Dalton... Chief of Police 

Monroe, Wis N. B. Mackey Chief of P( lice 

Manitowoc. Wis Anton Trochlell . .C'lief of Police 

Madison, Wis Thomas Shaughnessy Chief of Po'ice 

Nenomonee,*^Vis Ceo. R. Cook Chief of Police 

New London, Wis. Andrew Lueck Chief of Police 

Neenah, Wis. Chas. Watts Chief of Poli.^e 

National H6me, Wis Charles Haring Chief of Poli« e 

Ocononomowoc, Wis Orville K. Mann Chief of Polic3 

Oshkosh, Wis IL F. Dov.ling Chief of Polic- 

Portage, Wis Thos. F. Curry Chief of Police 

Prairie du Chien, Wis John Muller Chirf of Police 

Port Washington, Wis A. G. Sievers Chief of Police 

llacine. Wis H. C. Baker ...Chief of Police 

Reedsburg. Wis. Mayor Any. S=efest Chief of Police 

Richland Center, Wis Emmet J. Gault Chief of Police 

Riceland, Wis Chas. H. Cieorge Chief of Police 

Rhnelander, Wis Maurice Straub Chief of Police 

llacine. Wis Chris Loursen Chief of Police 

S OLighton, Wis Paul J. Hanson Chief of Police 

Sheboygan, Wis Robert Flood Chief of Police 

Superior, Wis Louis S. Osborn Chief "f Police 

Siiawano. Wis Wm. A. McDonald Chief of Police 

Sparta, Wis Geo. Manuel Chief of Police 

Sturgeon Bay, Wis Thomas Halstead Chief of Police 

Two Rivers, Wis Ferdinand Schroodcr Chief of Police 

Viroqua, Wis Luther M. Roseland Chief of Police 


Wausaii. Wis Thos. R. Malone .....Chief of Police 

Waukesha, Wis Donald McKay Chief of Police 

Wal-itown, Wis Charles Pieritz Chief of Police 

A\a ijjaca, Wis Wm. Ware Chief of Police 

Wh^t.'wa+er, Wis John Cuiran Chief of Police 

Wi.-^consin Rapids, Wis R. S. Payne Chief of Police 

Wtuipun, Wis Chas. Clover Chief of Police 

West r.cnd, Wis Theodore Berend Chief of Police 

Wausaiu Wi.s Thos. R. Malone Chief of Police 

Wost Allis. Wis .Sain'l A. Minturn Chief of Police 


P.uffalo. Wyo Frank Coffey Chief of Police 

Ca.spoi-, Wyo J. E. Lynch Chief of Police 

Dianiondville, Wyo P. G. Kirkwood Chief of Police 

Keiiimercr, Wyo Alex Scott Marshal 

Laramie, Wyo J. W. Sigman Marshal 

Lander. Wyo Thos. J. Terell Marshal 

Rawlins, Wyo W. J. Hayes Marshal 

Superior, Wyo Joseph Henry Sharp Chief of Police 

Sheridan, Wyo W. S. McPherrin Chief of Police 

Thennopolis, Wyo J. Horsley Chief of Police 




Juneau, Alaska J. M. Turner 

Nome, Alaska Emmet R. Jordan 

Valdez, Alaska '. Franklin R. Brcnnenian 

Fairbanks, Alaska Lewis T. Erwin 


Juneau, Alaska William W. Casey, Jr. 

Juneau, Alaska N. O. Hardy 

Craigr, Alaska John K. Smith 

Douglas, Ala?ka CieorR-e L. Johnson 

Haines, Alaska John W. Comh^' 

Ilyder, Alaska J. K. Green 

lloonah, Alaska C. H. Passels 

Skauway, Alaska Noah Howell 

Petersburg, Alaska Fred E. Tanner 

,«itka, Alaska Henry L. Bahrt 


Teriakf-e, Alaska John J. Egan 

Wiangcll, Alaska 'I'homns Ihilgity 

Juneau, Alaska Albeit E. Lucy 

Nome, Alaska Adrain B. Miller 

Candle, Alaska Roi)eit H. Hunter 

Nome, Alaska Elnier Reed 

Nome, Alaska Charles F. Sanford 

Koituna Ledj!;e, Alaska .. Thomas W. Coady 

''oinu'il, Alaska . J'jic Johnson 

St. Michael, Alaska Jam<'s K. Proctor 

Nome, Alaska '"alu'iinr A. Anpher 

VaKlcz, Alaska ]«)l:n H. 1). House 

Aiichoi-aye, Ahska Clarence W. JMossman 

Deadiiorsc, \huka .. iacoh C. Heptinger 

]\Iatamiska. Alaska \. !•". llo!Tmrin 

Valdez, Alaska S. O. Casler 

Valdoz. Alaska A. C. Dowling 

l.ntour'h.', Alaska 11. M. Conrad 

:<e\var(l, Alaska lJai])l! Uced 

""hitinii. A];;ska W- J- Feaster 

Cordova. Alaska Wili-am I., l-'ursman 



Sc'ldovia, Alaska . (^ynis W. Han ington 

McCarthy, Aiapkn H. C. Kavanauffh 

Valdoz, Alaska Jc'in A. Roscen 

Unya, Alaska Charles A. McCallum 

Dillinj^h.'.m, Alaska W. F. Lows 

Kodika, Alaska Kail Arinstn 

Unlaska. Alnslca 

I'airbanks, \laska . 
!'"aivbank?, Alaska . 
Fail-bank'-, Ala-^kj. . 
l-'aii-banks, Al.-.^!ca . 
r'aii-ltrinks, Ala 'ra . 
I'ni chinks, Alaska. . 
Xi'oaiia. Alaska 

Flat, Alaska 

Rnhy City. Alaska. 
Taiiana, Alaska 
Wis<>man, Alaska ... 
Nenana. Alaska 
Circle, Alaska 

Paul !hu'kl('>' 

•To-oph H. MiTfi- 
.M. O. Cai-lson 

l''mil\' Towpscnd 

.h^hn C. Wood 

'ii'm J. i'>iic)<!('\' 

I'd-.-r H. Popi.ol 

.laivf's H;i}it'ti 

C.!\ (".. C<.Ma.<;hty 

riu.r-as II. l.onu- 

(". I.. \'a\vtor 
. )'!(l\vari! D. Hoppciislal 
Vvivi .Mc-.MkIUmi 
Chr'stfM- T. spencer 




Tanana, Alaska William Brown 

l!i(>()k.s, Alaska Martin F. Miiller 

I'oit Yukon. Alaska Vacant 

I'ia^k". Alaska John B. Powers 

Hot Sprin}>s, Alaska J. L. Anders 


i'anana, Alaska -. George E. Boulter 

Llianmi, Alaska Joseph L. Brown 

L\oashik, Alaska W. A. Wilson 

Tatitlek, Alaska Chesley W. Cook 

Tyonek, Alaska Charles M. Robinson 

St. .Micliael, Alaska Walter E. Cochran 

Motlakathla, Alaska Charles D. Johnes 

Juneau, Alaska William G. Beatie 


Montgomery, Alabama 
Mobile. Alabama 

:\IcDuffie Cain 
('luiso})her C. Gewin 



PIicxMiix, Ariizona Josoph P. Dillon 


Little Rock, Arkansns . ' AiTlrew Jaokso'ii Wall.*; 
I'^)it Smith, Ai'kansas John H. Paikor 


San Francisco, Califoinia James B. Hololian 

Lor Anj^eles, ('aliloi'iiia Chavlos T. Walton 


Ancon, Canal Zoni' Migiiol Antonio Otei'O 

Denver, Colorado Samuel J. Puri'is 



Xcw H'lven, Connecticut William R. Palmer 


Wilmington, Dclawaro Mai tin !'. I'any 


\Vri^hiri->ton, D. C Man i ice Splain 

1 l>ORIDA 

IVii^acola. Floi'ida . James B. Perkins 

.Facksonville, Floiida ..^ . Nathan H. Boswell 


Atlanta. Georgia Claude Bond 

:\Facoii, Georgia Joseph S. Davis 


Monolulu, Hawaii Jerome J. Smiddy 



I5oisf, Idaho T.olloy C. .loncv 


Chi<-a!.'o, Illinois .'oliii J. niadloy 

Sprin-ifit'ld. Illinois Vincent Y. Dallmar 


Danvilk'. Indi^'na ('(M)|tor Stout 

Indianapolis, Indiana IMavk Stovcn 

low A 

Dubuque, Iowa - E. R. Mooro 

Ottuniwa, Iowa Nicholas F. Reed 


Topeka, Kansas Olho T. Wood 


Covington, Kentucky Henry M. Cox 

Louisville, Kentucky Edgar H. James 




N'r ".v Ovioans, Louisiana Frank M. Miller 

Slircveport, Louisi;ina John H. Kirkparick 


I'ditland. :Maine John S. P. H. Wilson 


T;;iHinM)ro. Maryland William W. Stockhain 


I'.'i-ton. ^las^acluist'tts . Patrick J. Duane 


Detroit, Michijian . .. -Henry Behrendt 

(irand Rapids, Michigan Herman O'Connor 


St. Paul, Minnesota Joseph A. Wessel 

: ! 6 4 



Oxford, Mississippi , ..Bruce Alexander 

Jackson, Mississippi Floyd Loper 


f^t. Louis, MisKoiiri William A. Sheltnn 

Kansas City, Missouri John E. r>ynch 


Helena, Montana Jos''pli L. Asbrid<>e 


Omaha, Nebraska Jatno.s C. Dahlman 


Carson City, Nevada Thomas Pickett 


Concoid, New Hampshire William Murchie 

i:. S MARSHALS :^,65 


rj'cnt'ni. New Jersey Albert Jlollschweiler 

'nint;-. I'"e. New .Mexico Andrew H. Hiulspetb 


New York City Thomas D. McCarthy 

Ih-oolclyn, New York : James M. Power 

Uochester, New Yoik John D. Lynn 


VVilniiiij'ton. Noi'th Carolina George H Bellamy 

Aslu'villc. North Carolina Charles A. Wehb 


Farj.'.o, Noi'th Dakota Stephen J. Doyle 


Clcvelaiici. Ohio t^harles W. Lapp 

Cincinnati, Ohio - jMichael Devanney 



Muskogee, Oklahoma U. A. F:nIoe, Jr. 

Oklahoma City. Oklahoma John Q. Newell 


I'orlland, Oregon Geoife F Alexande- 


I'liihuk'lphia, rennsylvania I'rank J. Noonan 

i i(tsbiii-j.'.h, I\'iins\lvani:: Jolui 1''. Short 

I'ouro Huo 

S-u' Juan, I'orio i'jco William R. IJciinott 


Proviflrnre, Phode Island .''>l'n J. Pilchards 


Charleston, Soull: Carolina... James L. Sims 

Greenville, South Cn-olina C. J. L\'on 




Souix I"alls, Soulli Dakota. William Mickey 


K'loxvillt, Teiinossee ,! . Parks \\ Orlfy 

NasliviHc, Tennessee Kdwarcl Albright 

UoMlihis. Tennessee Stanley H. Tr<^zevant 


Dallas, Texas ! las. A. Ba.c.uett 

Hdustoii, Texas Jacob A. Heriini^ 

TcNarkaiia, Texas Wilkeiis IJ. Hai-pcr 

Austin. Texas John IT. llodgeis 


S:iil Lake City, Utah Aciuila Xebt'ker 


Kutlaii'l. Vv'niont .. Aitluif P. rai-])e)ilei 




iiii-liii'Dnd, Viri^'inia John D. Sauntlcrs 

]Mai'ti'>?ville, Virivinia T. (1. ijincli 


SpKkaiif, Washinj^ton ^ Jaivc- K. .McCovei'ii 

Tacoir.a, Washinj-'tun ^^ hn .M. l]ov!e 

wr<:sT viR(;iNiA 

Chai'l^'stoii, VVc-st \'i)yinia William O-hoiiie 


AIilv,a.nkfi>, Wiscoii'^in . Samuel \\'. Ran(lo!))h 

Madison, Wisconsin •".•!nl< O'Coiim-r 


Che.\onnc', W\dming iJa^icl F. Hudson 

This list of U. S. Marshals was the last obiainablt- i)rinte(l List and there 
have been but few changes in the personnel. 





Suniuel E. Allender, President St. Louis, Missouri 

W. A. (Ironeweg, Vice-President Council Bluffs, Iowa 

William A. Gerber, Secretaiy and Treasurer St. Paul, Minnesota 


State and City 


Alabama: Montgfomeiy John L. Scoggins 

Arizona: Phoenix J. W. Montgomery 

Ai'kansas: Marion W. L. Fish 

California: Martinez R. R. Veale 

Colorado: Denvei- F. M. Downer 

Connecticut: New Haven T. L. Reilly 

Delaware: Dover J. Evans Cook 

I'lorida : Jacksonville W. H. Dowling 

( loorftia : Columbus J. A. Beard 

Idaho: Coeur d' Alene T. L. Quaries 

Illinois: Dixon F. A. Schoenholz 

Indiana: South Bend Louis B. Duck 

Iowa: Marengo Ira J. Reed 

Kansas: Fort Scott, Box 604 Jno. Parhani 

Kentucky: Frankfort Bain Moore 

i .ouisiana : Winnsboro.. J- S. Gilbert 

Maine : Poi-tland. P. W. Wheeler 


Marylaiul: Annapolis T. S. Dove 

Massachusetts: Boston John A. Kelihev 

Michigan: Pt. Huron - Chief G. C. Cha nbers 

Minnesota: New Ulm W. J. Julius 

Mississippi: Jackson L. B. Williairs 

Missouri: St. Louis, c/o M.P.R.R H. J. Hig^yin-, 

Montana: iUitte • L-rry Duggan 

Nebraska: Omaha ^^- L- Clark 

Nevada: Reno J- ^- Hillbouse 

Now Hamir'hire: Manchester J. T. O'Dowd 

New Jersey: Trenton J. W. FleTiin:;' 

New Mexico: Roswell J. C. Peck 

New Yoik: Fonda Seeley Hodge 

North Carolina: Monroe . C. Fo\vl(>r 

North Dakota: Devil's Lake ...: Ed. ElUott 

Ohio: Troy C. B. Hen- 
Oklahoma: Tulsa ■. ....Foster N. Burn^ 

Oregon: Portland T. M. Hurlburt 

I'ennsylvania: T^ewistown M. A. Davi-^ 

Rhode Lsland: Providence . J. Andre ,vs 

South Carolina: Darlington E. W. Reg'slev 

South Dakota: Sisseton. H. H. Bakei- 

Tennessee: Nashville. :.... Joe W. Wright 

Texas: Ochiltree J. S. Talley 

Utah: Salt Lake City .; John S. Corless 

Virginia: Covington E. B. Butler 

Washington: Seattle M. Starwicii 

West Virginia: Sutton J. B. Hutchinson 

Wisconsin: Green Bay N. M. Ryan 

Wyoming: Douglas C. W. Messenger 




Albeita: CalR-ai y F. M. Graham 

llritsli Coliiiiihi;! : Virlovia F. G. Richards 

Nova Srotia: Pictou J. Simpson Han-is 

Ontario: Toronto F. T. Davilk- 

Quebec: Hull ...Chas. M. Wright 

Saskatchewan: Saskatoon ....: L. G. Calder 

Yukon Tcnitoiy: Dawson . R. j. Filbcck 

Plymouth: l-'. Desborough Road. 


Craift- H. ['.lake 



Population 15(20 — 2.347,295. 

State Capital — Montgomery. 

Governor — Hon. Tlios. E. Kilby. 

l/eutenant Governor — N. L. Miller. 

Secretary of State— Wm. P. Coi)l). 

State Auditor — H. Fitzhugh Lee. 

State Treasurer — K. L. Bradley. 

Attorney General — Harwell Uavis. 

Next Election — November 7th. 1922. 

Sheriff's Term — 4 years. January. l!>l!t to January. 192: 



t«»""«y County Seat SliorilV 

Autauga Pi-altville Goo. P. Walls 

Raldwin Bay Minette W. Ti. Stuart 

I'.arbour Clayton John V. Las-tov 

''''>*5 Centreville Iloniv Wood 

'•'ount Oneonta ("has. S. Nations 

''""'>f'< Union Spring's W I'. Pickett 

Butler Greenville It. K. Murphv 

Calhoun Anniston W. i: Parker 

Chambers la Fayette .lohn W. Lane 

Cherokee Centre .lof S. I )aiiiel 

'^biiton Clanton .1. t. Con- 

Choctaw Butler '). i:. ChiisliMilicr 

<*'arke Grove Hili C. \:. <'ox 

Clay Ashland .T. M: ITa-nHn 

Cleburne Helfin M. F. Al^^Whort-r 

Coffee Elba .1. L. Stewart 

'^""leif Tuscunibia T. P. Miller 

Conecuh Kver.^reen I:. G. Kendall 

Coosa Porkford G.-o. P. Mr-nonaUl 

Covington Andalusia H. P.. Gantt 

<''ullman Cullman -T. W. l.a-nliert 

Crenshaw Luverne P. -T. .Imi. s 

Oallas Selma X. r.. Staniill 

Hale Ozark W. !•: (!;i'i,l)!,> 

OeKalb . Fort Payne .'I'. G. ll;nii-< 

|f;imore Wetumpka .lolni II. Si icni^th 

I'iscambia Bi-ewton K. .\. St i out;- 

i''towah Gadsden Win. i 'hand 'or 

I''ayette Fayette i:. A. Pmrows 

!'''i-anklin P^i'ssellville ' hIIhi- Todil 

<!eneva Geneva .1. .\. I m ivii- 

Greene rOutaw i:. C. :Mii ,il itii 

Hale Greensboro Win. .Mart in 

Ifenry ^..Abbeville .1. X. Cmbitt 

tlouslon Dothan Vlix. May 

■lackson Scottsboio .\Iarl< ( ', Thomas 

■lel'ferson Birmingham i.'hri.^. 1 la ri sli.dd 

Lamar Vernon Kobcit. 1 1. .\ii(U i son. 

•-:iii.U idah' Florence G. AW Mitdudl 

Pawrcnc'c .Moulton I. T. .\la st nson 

I -ee 0|)el ika W . .\ . I :<■ ii s 

Limestone .\thens i:. I'. I'mx car 


Low inl<s I l;i\ iit'sville P. C. Herbert 

Maioii Tuskesee W. r. Oaniel 

Mndlsiiii Huntsville loiiii C. l^owe -.. 

Alar.'iii'.o Linden Jtobt. L. Loftin 

.\.a: iuii Hamilton H. M. Coucli 

Alarshall I .i.lcrsville 1. 1!. Jlyde 

Afoljiir Mobile W . IJ. Holirombe, Jr. 

Mill,. (M- Monroeville '1'. W. liussetl 

Aloiii ii.iiiiir.x- Montgomery lohii L. Soogin.... 

Alur^aii ! Hecalur .). \. May 

I'err.N .vlai ion (.!. t'. Uicharcison 

I'll U. IIS ("arrollton II. J. Scott 

I I lie Troy S. M. I'eeves 

i;aiiii(ii|iM Wedowee G. N. Cotield 

Un^is.II Seale II. T. Kaglaud 

.•-^lullix- Columbiana 1. A. .Jackson 

.~^l. I '.ail- \sb\ille (Jco. \V. Treece 

•"^iiniier Livingston l)avid D. Davis — 

'I'ai:a(iej4a Talladega I. C Cornelt 

Tallajioosa Dadeville -J. Kyle Young... 

i I .s. a!oo.«:L , Tuscaloosa I*. B. Hughes 

Walkii- Jasper Claude Guttory 

\\ a.'- liiigton .^(.'hatani Wni. II. Long 

W ill (i\ ("amden \V. .\. McLean 

Wii.'^ioii lioubU' Sprinn.s I. v\'. Kobinson 



Poptilatioii lit 20 — 1.7 50.9 95. 
State Capital — Little Rock. 
Governor — Thos. ('. McRae. 
Lieutenant Governor — President of Senate. 
Secretary of State — Ira C. Cooper. 
State Treasurer — J. Ferguson. 
State Atiditor — Jas. Guv Tucker. 


Attorney General — J. S. Utley. 

Next Election — September 11th. I!l2:i. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January, Ht21 to January. 1923. 

CoiiiitU-.<< (_'«nint.v Sir- Slierill' 

Arkansas I>eWitt and Stuit,n;iri II. 10. Elliott -..:.. 

Ashley HamtauiH" - W. H. Chavis. 

Baxter Mountain Home It. S. Hurst 

IJenton - nentonvillo Sid Jackson 

I'oone Harrison .1. S. .lolinson 

Jiradloy \Vairen I >. G. Wilfong 

Calhoun Hampton c. I. .Mjljott 

("airoll - - B'r>ville& IOure'.;;i S|ii ,i; ;s. .1. i;. .lohnson 

Cliic'ot Lake Village - 'a'nu.s Morritt 

Chirlv \i-kdeli)liia tl. Tt. (Jolden 

Clay r'isg'ott and Coi.iiiiL;-. I'o k Al(ililf.\- 

("U-liniiio Heber Spring.s . .1. W. Duke 

I'ltvcland Itison 1. 10. S:iiii>i 

I'oluinl'ia Magnolia I'.. 10. Cretr 

Ciiiiuay Morrlltoii .1. .\1. <;()r(7c)n 

( 'rai.arhead - loiuslioi o W. W. r..\ rd 

Crawford \:n\ liuien " >'. IiNiI.-^ih; 

Crittenden -.Marion Win. L. I'i.sli ^^ 

Cross Wsiiiio I;. A. .Martin 

Dallas l<\)rdyce W . \l. Heiiloii 

I)eslia \rkaiisas C\ty ..C. i;. Lacx' 

l>rc\\ ._. Moiiticello .1. W. Whit.' 

I'^aulkufi- f'(tn\va.\' ' \ .M. Iliadx- 

l"iaiiklin ()/.ark and oil - -- C llaiaian 

l-'rllori Salem -. . I.. Ashley 

Garland lint Sinings I ;. ' •, Smith 

Grant Shnidan I. I !. Slaughtfr 

Greene I'aiagonld K. L. lOlmore 

Hempstead ■ AN'ashington It. I-. Keel 

Hot Spring- .Malveiii I'. S. i;ia\- 

Howard Xashville \U<\ Milwee - 

Independence Iiat e.'^vil l< .\'. 1'. Ilairis 

Izard AlellK.uini' W. 'I'. <'laiii 

.Taek.'^on ! Newiunt I. M. \\y 

.IrtliiSdn I'iiir lIliilT <". M. Xieieil 

Jolm.son Clarksvillo I >. I!. Hartlelt 

Lafayette Lewisville I... I >. Ilo.gers 

Lawrence . .I'owhatan & Walnut Itiilge .1. ( '. Hall 

Lee .\laiianna \ it hur Cotter 

Lincoln Star i'il.\ .1. i '. McClain 



( oiiiity 

( oil II I. > Si-.-|( 

LitUe r»iv(-. Ashdown J. R. Pierce 

Logan Paris and BooneviUe A. B. Hardwicke 

l-oiioko Lonoke ti. \\. r>i!riiar.i 

Madison Iluntsville SniiLii Pennington 

Alarion YeUville A. G. Flippin 

-Miller Texarkana A. J. Gurley 

Mississippi Osceola and BIytheville D. H. BUikwood 

Monroe Clarendon T. T. Maione 

Montgomery Mount Ida O. M. Radford 

Nevada Prescott L. C. Steele 

Newton Jasper G. F. Carlton 

Ouachita Camden Ed. Harper 

Perry Perryville N. C. Harris : 

Phillips Helena F. F. Kitchen 

I'ike Muifieesboro T. W. Stewart 

Poinnoit Ilariisburg' W. D. Shelton 

Polk Mena I. A. Thornton 

Poi)o Russellville W. T. Chambers.... 

Prairio Des Arc and DeValls Bin It. J. F. Sims _ 

Pulaski Little Rock W. K. Taylor 

hiandolpli Pocahontas W. A. Jackson 

Saliii. Benton J. J. Crow 

S(ott Waldron Omei Bird 

Soaii V Marshall C. .\. Watts 

i^chjsstian Greenwood & Fort Smith. ...C. Tliompson 

Sevi. ! ne Queen W. F. Thomas 

Sharp Kvening Shade and Hardy.. I'. Hallibm ton 

St. Fi a lie is Forrest City T. V. McDougal 

Ston. Mountain View los. Storey 

rriicM Kl Dorado l>"iiiii ("raig- 

YiV. lUuen Clinton 1. L. Kidd 

Wa.siiiriistoii Kayetteville H. K. Jackson 

Wnit.' : ...Searcy T. C. Plant 

WonirulT Augusta and Cotton PIant..R. K. L. Spreadlinf 

Veil Danville and Dardanelle \. N. rjeor.:;^ 


Population 1020 — .13:1.273. 
State Capital — Phoenix. 


Governor — Thos. E. Campbell. 

Secretary of State — Ernest Tall. 

State Treasurer — Raymond Earhardt. 

State Auditor — Chas. Fairfield. 

Attorney General -J. W. Gall)raith 

Ne.xt Election — November 7th. l!»2:i. 

Sheriff's Term — '2 years, January. l!»L'l to .laiuiaiy. ID: 

.\|)aelie St. Johns lolin !•;. Imager 

"'oc'hise Tombstone I. !■:. IIooil 

Coconino FlaastafC W. .\. Campbell 

<!ila Globe .I'ol Kiiisey 

Craham Safford I. I >. Ska.yj^s 

Croeiileo Clifton loliii 15. Bradbcriw 

iMaricopa IMioenix . ..Idlm .Moiitgointi-.v 

Moliave ICiiiginaii .'A'. I'. Malioiiey 

Navajo ;lolbi-ook K. L. Xewinan 

1 'inia Tuc'^ou 'en Oaniels 

I'iiial l''loiviK-e nis 'Pluirinaii 

.<:inta Ciuz .\'(iKa!es ileo. .1. White 

\ ivaiiai I'lisiott Warren G. Davis 

■> i.iii;i ^ iiiii.i - .Jim Polhamus 


rcp'-iation 11)20 — :!.426.ri:!G. 
Stal ' Cai''tal Sa"ramento. 
Covfr or- William I). Stephens. 
Lie il nant Govei'nor — C. C. VonnK- 
Seci'tary of State — Frank C. Jordan. 
State Treasurer — F. W Richardson. 


State Controller — John S. Chambers. 

Attorney General — U. S. Webl). 

Next Election — November 7th, 1922. 

Sheriff's Term — 4 years, January, 1919 to January, 1923. 

County t«)iiii(> Scat SIutiIV 

A laineda Oakland Frank Barnet 

Alpine Markleeville Chas. W. Barrett 

.\maflor lackson Geo. W. Lucot 

Ttutte Oroville J. .B Webber 

<'alaveras -^an .Andreas .Tohn Cosgrove 

<'olusa ( C. D. Stanton 

I'ontra Costa Vlaitine/. R. R. Veale 

Ool Norte "lescpnt City John R. Breen 

101 Dorado f^icorville - Chas. K. Hand 

I'-resno i-'e.sno W. F. Jones 

(ileiin ■- Willows Newt. I'owers 

lliirnholdt i:iiifka Arthur .V. Ross 

Imperial '' OiMitro C. M. Applestill 

I nyo 'jMli'inndence .....Krank Losan 

Kein 'iMkcrsfu'ld P. B. Newell 

Kinss ll.inlord W. .1. Hinie 

1-ake .....I akeport B. F. Shaul 

Lassen -\!sanville -T. S. Church 

l.os Anselos Los .Vni^eles W. I. Traeger 

Madera Madera - - John H. Barnett 

Marin ^an Itafael T- J- Keating 

Mariposa >'aiiposa A- B- Turner 

Mendocino iTkiah R- R- Byrne.s 

Merced Xferced T. A. Mack 

Modo.' \ltura.s J. F. Roore 

.Mono nridseport - A. E. Dolan 

Monterey ^-alinas City -- W. J- Neshitt 

N'apa . N'ai)a Joseph R. Harris 

.Nevada Vevada City John R. .Martin 

Orange '^anta .Vna C. E. Jackson 

riacer Vuburn Elmer Gunn 

T'lumas Quincy R- ^^- TJraden 

Riverside Iliverside Frank R. Wilson 

Sacramento Sacramento ICllis W. .lones 

San Benito Ilollister _-..J. J. Croxon 

San Bernardino San Bernardino ^V'. A. Shay 

San IMej^o San Diego - J- C. Byers 

San P'rancisco San I'"'rancisco - Tlios. F. Finn 

San .Toaquiji Stockton Wm. If. Riecks 

San t.uis Obisim San I-uis Obispo Chas. .1. Tayk>r 

San Mateo Bedvvood City - M. Slieehaii 

Santa V.arbara Santa Barbara - James Ross 

Santa Clara ^'.'ni .lose - Geo. AV. T.yle 


."^anta Cvuz Santa Cruz Howard \'. Tiaftoii 

Sliasta Redding- Jas. L. Kichanlsoii 

Siet-ia Downieville .Uilius .Uiluison 

Siskiyou Yreka A. S. Ca'kiiis 

Solano Fairfield -T. •). McDonain 

Sonoma Santa Rosa = .lolm AI. liovis 

Stanislaus Modesto R. b. I>all:i'^ 

Sutter Ynba City B. R. Maiifoid 

Teliama Tied BUiff M. O. Balla 

'rriiiity Weaverville W. R. Bisclow 

Till are Visalia Court Smith 

Tuolumne Ronora William S\vo(Mn\v 

X'cnlut a San nn(Miaventui a 

\ olo Woodland T. ^^'. Monroe 

\\i!.a Marysvillc (^lias. .T. MeCoy 


Population 1920 — 939,376. 

State Capital- -Denver. 

Governor — Oliver H. Shoup. 

Lieutenant Governor — Earl Cooley. 

Secretary of State — C. S. Milliken. 

State Treasurer — A. M. Strong. 

State Auditor — H. E. Muliiix. 

Attorney General — V. E. Keyes. 

Next Election — Noveml)er Ttli, 1922. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January. 1921 to January, 111: 

<'»>""«.'» < oiliiO .Sf.-it Slier ill' 

■■;'-^"^s liriHlUon : K. a. <!.,rm!ev 

v .".'., Vt?^i^ A^lamosa ...John l?aumaster 

' .^,»^ Of.,- .ittleton Robt. O. McNamara 

Aicluileta ....rag-osa Springs : _..Geo. A. Dutton 

J^'.^?- ...Spring-field Chas. A. Roweth 

I^^"L:" - L'-^s Animas ; Richard Thaxson 

J^pul^er .Boulder R. L. Kuler 

^ '''^"^ee Ruina Vista ..: J. M. ilutchinson 


< <niii«.v (oiiiit.v Scat Sheriff 

Clieyeniie - Chi-\enne Wells ..-.Art. Brown 

clear Crpek Geoig-etown Wm. J. Harvey 

• 'oiiejos ';;one:;os Senon Maestas 

(■oS3tilla .San I^uis J. C. I^obato 

( "rowley Orel way Lewis Worker 

I 'lister Silver Cliffs Mel H. Manning- 

l>elta 'ella n. B. Wilson 

I lenver — i'<siv er P'rank M. Downer 

I )o!ore.s iUc«i Harry Barnes 

Douglas 'anllt- rioik George Nickson 

\::i'i e - 't<'^l Cliff R. D. Ackley 

rihiil - Kiowa O. R. Brown 

1:1 Paso - 'o'orado Springs - John H. Weir 

|i'i-emont Canon City i. .W. S. Fullierson 

Garfield ...'^Tlenwood Spr'cgs ...H. C. .les-up 

liilpin Central City TwUssell A. Bass 

c.rand Mot Siiljihur Spi ing-s I*. L. West 

Gunnison - <}iinnison Pat TIa iihm 

Hinsdale liakc Cit.\- Ben F. Flunt 

Huerfano Walseiibutg Harrv .T. Capps 

lackson _\VaIden Henry Hay Riddle 

lefferson c.oldon Gary C. Kerr 

Iviowa lOads W. S. MeCracken 

Kit Carson Tinrlington R. Lee Worley 

r.ake Leadville Harry Schraeder 

I«a Plata IMirango George A. Rowe 

r^arimer ''""ort Collins Frank Smith 

Las Animas Ti-inidad John J. Marty 

I incoln ...• Hugo T. If. Williains 

Logan Sterling J. Frank Whittier 

Mesa Grand Junction I'^rank Du Cray 

Mineral (^r- '-de S. F. Pollock 

Moffat Craig l'''ran(is l.i. Hain[)toii 

Monte:?uma Corfez Frank A. Wheatland 

Montrose Monti oso ly. F. Dorsey 

Morgan Cort .Morgan Erne -V. Morse 

iitcio r^a Junta Chas. D. Steward 

' Mirav Ouray Roy Laird 

I'aik . I-'airpljiy D. W. Denny 

Tliilliiis Holxoke I'^d. W. .lames 

I'itkin \ppen Frank Bruin 

Prowers fjamar John .V. Simpson 

Pi'ehlo Pueblo Sam. E. Thomas 

Rio P.lanco Meekler Samuel P. Wear 

"i.o Grande Del Xorte Edw. S. -Abernatliy 

Ttoutt 'Steamboat Springs ...Chas. W. Neiman 

Saguache '^agunche Ed. Paul 

San Juan Sil\erton Alva Keaney 

Sjiji Miguel Telluride \.V. Geo. G. Wagner 

Sedgwick Jule."burg O. S. Huinbe}"stoiie 

Summit ''nckenridge ...J. G. Detwiler 

'I'eller Crl!>ple Creek Henry von Phiil 

Wasliiiigton Greele\- ...J. Camden Metz 

^Ve!d \kroii F'rank N. Hall 

^'utna \\'ra\ W. H. Hitchcoclc 


Population 1920^1.380.585. 



State Capital — Hartford. 
Governor -E. J. Lake. 
Ijieutenant Governor — C. A. Templet on. 
Secretary of State — Donald T. Warner. 
State Treasurer — G. H. Gilli)atrick 
Attorney General — Frank G. Healy. 
Ne.xt Election — Noveml^er 7th, 19:i2. 
Sheriff's Term — 4 years, June, 191!t to 192'!. 


f'«>uiil.> St'sit 


I larit'iMii Hartford (i(i.ri;i' I I. ( ;;ilil, 

New Haven Waterberry 'riKnniis L. llvill.v 

New London New London Sidnc.x .\. P.iown 

Fairfield - Danbviry SiiiKcin l'i:isc 

Windham I'utiiam Cliurlis A. Cids 

Litchfield Litchfiihl Frank II. Tu ik in.nt oi, 

Middlesex lluddam ...Bert G. TlioiiipRon 

'I'olland .'. A'ciiioii I'^red O. Vinton 


Population 1920 — 223.003. 
State Capital -Dover. 
Governor — William D. Denney. 
Lieutenant Governor — J. D. Bush. 
Secretary of State — A. R. Benson. 
State Treasurer — Geo. M. F"'isher. 
State Auditor — Daniel Thompson. 



Attorney General — Sylvester D. Townsend, Jr. 

Next Election — November 4th, 1924. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January, 1920 to 1922. 

County t'uunry H^iti 

New Castle _ vVinnlngton 

Kent _ -. jover 

Sussex :. _(jeora6Ct>«a 


.loscph H. Gould — 

Cliarlea W. Graham ... 
William L. Mcllvalne.. 


Population l!ilM) -9(16, 2D6. 

State Capital — Tallahassee. 

Governor — Cary A. Hardee. 

Secretary of State — H. C. Crawford. 

State Treasurer — J. C. Lunig. 

Attorney General — R. H. Buford. 

Next Election — November 4th. 19 24. 

Sheriff's Term- 4 years, January, 1921 to 1925. 

< On II I y 

Ciiiiiit.t' Seat 

Ala(')iu;i Guincsvillt- .-.. I'. (J. Ilamst-y 

Bakor Alacclenny 1). V. Selph 

I Bay Panama City Cari S. Russ 

■Brailford Starke - W. .1. lOpperson 

Brevard Titusville I>. W. Doolittle 

Broward Fort Lauderdale \. ^V. Turner 

Calhoun Blountstown C. t). Clark 

Citrus Inverness ..— B. O. Bowden 

Clay Green Cove Springs R.J. Weeks 

^Columbia Lake City ...W. B. Douglass 

)aclc Miami .'- Louis .\. Allen 

>eSotn \icadia - loeL. Hampton 

nui\-al laeksonville W. H. I 'owl in, t;' 


(oiiiity Cuiiii(> Sc.-it Slirrill 

l*'scainl)ia TVnsacola \. Cai y KUis 

Klas'loi- Bunnell 10. W. Johnston 

I'-rankliii Apalachicola >. S. Hose 

(iadsflen Quincy i!. Scott Greg-ory .... 

Hamilton lasper \. F. Hancock 

lleinandon Biooksville \V. E. Law 

Hillslioronsli Tampa VVm. C. Spencer 

Holmes Bonifay T. W. Johnson 

.fackson Marianna .V. J. Lewis 

.leffeison Monticello ...G. (^. Allman 

t.aFavettc vlayo W. 10. Muriay 

Lake T: >aies '^ .V. Cassady 

Lee '•\)'t Myers Frank B. Tippins 

Leon Tallahas-see I. It. Jones 

Levy Hionson E. Walker 

Liberty Bristol 1'^. -\. Chestang- 

.Madison Madison M. A. Parker 

.Manatee Uradentown 1 eon (5. ^\'ins■at^• 

Marion Oiala S. ('. M. Thomas 

.Monroe Key West Roland CJurr.x- 

.Vassaii l'"ernaiiilin:i J. M. Adams 

Okaloosa "lestview J. M. Summerlin 

< tkeechohi'c . ( )kee'>lu)bce VVm. Collins 

Oi'anso i)r!atido Frank Karel 

< »se<'Ola 'v'ssimniee L. R. l''arnier 

I'alm Reach \V(st Pat m '^m-' ...T. C. I'.ikei- 

I'asco >ad(- f'ity B. 1). Sturkie 

I'inellas "i-i-watc' . William S. !.,inds(\ 

Polk I'arlow John IjOgan 

rnlnam I'a'alka P M. Hasan 

Santa Ro:-:i iliDii . Henj'y Clay Mit<h.ll 

Hiininolc ..Saiilord C. M. Hand 

St. John's St. .VliK'is'i"' E. E. Boyce 

St. Lncie I'-oit Pier... W. R. Monroe 

Stiniter I'.ushnell ^ T ("oleinan 

Suwannee r..ive Oak W. H. Lyle 

Taylor reiry '•'. L Lipscumh 

\'oinsia '"errand Lc .Mmiis 

Wakulla < 'raufoidsv iilr .\nnus Morrison 

Walton M.FuiiiaK Sp-ini;-; Tlia.l Kell 

W:isliinu:l<in \'.i nun G. W. .lulmson 


l'()l)iil;iti()n Ht-'O — 2.S!I4.(;,S:!. 
State Captal — At. a .ta. 
Governor — Thos. W. Hardwick. 
Secretary of State — S. G. McLendou. 
Stale 'i'reasurer — W. J. Speer. General — Geo. N. Napier. 


Next Election — November 7th. 1921'. 

Sheriffs' Term — 4 .years, January. 1921 to 1925. 

< "tiiU.v ( oitiK.v Si-.-it SliorilV 

ApI'l'iiJ^' i;u\ley L. D. Carter 

Alkir.Ron I'carsoii K. D. Leggett 

iin^-on Vlma J. w. Googe 

''••''<'''■ Xowton' Toe L. Jones 

i':iMuiri MilledKPvillo I. ('. Cooper 

"•■•ii'^« Homer j. S. Whelchol 

I';ir!<)\v Cai'tersvillf \V. 10. Pueket 

>!;h-io\v •VindtT II. O. Camp 

I'.-'ii Hill '■■il/K«M-:ild K. II. Dormin.v 

K.'iii.n Xas'Millo I. V. Xix 

KiM. \ .....M;,:con .1. II. llicks. .Ir. ... 

l!P<kI..y Cochran W. M. .Ton. .s 

I'.iantlcy ITobokon W. H. Howaid 

Hiooks Qiiilman C. K. Claiituii 

Bryan Clyde .1. C. Bell 

Bulloch -"latesboro. B. .Afallai-.l 

Burke Waynesboro !■'. W. lluist 

Bntts Jackson W. I >. I'op'- — 

Calli()U)i Morgan T. 1 1. I'luwdiii 

Ciimden St. Mar.vs W. I >. .lohnsoii 

Campbell Kaitb\irn <!. 10. .Jenkins ...... 

Candid- Mettei- II. T. Flynt 

Cairoll CarrolUon NV. A. Garrett 

Catoosa lUnsgold Ji. -Af. Black 

Charlton I'olkston W. H. Mizell 

Chatham Pavannab M. AA'. I'i.von 

Chattiihoocliee Cnsseta J- "• -McOlann ..... 

Chattooga Summerville I'rnnk Thomason 

Cherokee Canton "■ M. Blaekwell . 

Clarke Athen.s Walter 10. .Tackso 

Clay Ft. Gaines '■■ •'• Uobbs^ 

("lavlon .Jonesboro ?-• l'-- Bea.gan 

Clinch Hr niMville ''■ r:. I^ee 

Cobb Marietta \\'- I'-- ^^wanson ... 

Coffee J Doiiglas .'\"- -M- Tanner 

Colriuitt Moultrie '''• "^'^ Bi-aid 

CoPnnbia ...'. .-.■. \ppling - ''• -\- Ci-awford — 

Cook .\del ^\- '■ I'aughtiey . 

Cow. la ,.,-.. Xewnan •'■ l^- Brewster 

crriwford - Ivnoxville '• '^- Giles 

i'risi) Cordele ' '• •'• Xoble 

Hade ^Trenton '- X. Holmes 

Mriwson 1 l>a\vsonviIle -A. I.. Roper 

I'.catui- Bainbridge !-^. W- Martin 

DeKalb Hecatur '■ ■\. McCiirdy 

Dodge ; lOastman ' .■■^■. -Muliis...- 


Comity <'oiiii<> Sent Slifi-il)' 

Dooly ^'ienna Cast- \'iiisoi 

I )ou,2rl!«it.\- - Albany ( ). h\ Tarvei- 

Iioiiyla.s Douj^lasville V S. Bag:sett 

I';a!iy . Blakeley T. .T. Mowell. Sr 

lOclio'.s Statenvillf W. W. Pouh i n:;i t)M 

I'Mr'n'^ham Springfield ; \V. A. Jaudoii . . 

p:ihorL KlbertO'i lack Haley 

R manual Swaii s'kjio (Jt is Coleman ..-. 

ICvaTis Claxtoii f^ss Li. DeL'iacli 

Fannin Hlie IMl'jc ITcnry Stuart 

l'';iyf'tto i»"'ayettfviile T. M. Kerlin 

Floyd Home it. E. Wilso.i 

I<'orsytli Ciininiin.L; Lee Holbroo' s 

I'lanklin . Carnes- ill,' T. H. Moss 

I'^ulton Atlanta J. I. I.o\vry 

Ciljuoi- Elli.lay U. L. Milton 

(I'ascoik Gibson F. J. Killobrcw 

(Jlynn Hiui]sv.'"k U.S. I's'les --. . 

(Gordon Cali-.oi i, .. 10. I.. .Afeddoi s 

(iiady Caiio I >. 1 >. Peiki s 

(Iicene -... Gri'oni .-'ur o 10. (". Mixon 

Gwinnett Lawro-' <'\ i 'k- 10 S. Gavncr 

I lab(Msiian) Clfi ;kt s ■ I'c .. ' <" <;anl :.. 

Mall T. Ga'nes i"c W. .\. Grow 

Hancock Sparta J. \I. .la-^kson 

Harralson ..- r.uclia-"" G. H. Kichaids 

Ilanis I'anit .G. II. William^ ._ 

Ilait llartw '! !!. U. lirown 

Heard FrankMii S. Y. Miller 

Henry McDono '.i;li W. A. Ward 

Houston Perry T. S. Gliapman 

Irwin Irwin\ille W. 10. Tyler 

■Tackson ieCter.'-o ^ I?, fl. Collier 

.rasper .Montif <)'n \V. K. Parsons 

Jeff Davis Hazelburst D. L. Evai(S 

•Icfferson Ijouisyille T). C. Thomas 

.Fenkins Millen E. A. Marbacb 

Johnson WrishtsiTc L. Flavls 

.Fones Gra.v . . J. C. Roberts 

Lamar Barnesviii '<. T. Elliott 

F.anior Milltow:^ 10. Tucker 

Laurens - Dublin . . . '-■ F- Watson 

Lee F-eesbu''; . ''. C Coxwell 

Liberty 1 1 iiiesvi'c J. D. Stafford 

Lincoln l.iucolii' mi . \\'. S. Harrison 

Liong F.udow ■ i .. . W. R. Wilkinson 

r^owndes Vab'o-l' ... •. E. crornto 

I.jumpkin l>ii liloin'ra J. M. Davis 

Macon OsU.t Ium' .■ . J. O. L. Jolly 

Madison Daniels ille W. H. Hall 

Marion Puena \'is;i .W. I'". Miers 

Mcl>uffie Tliomsoii A. 1>. AJkins 

Mclntosli Darien A. S. I'oppell 

-Meriwether Greenvill<> J. B. Jarrell 

Mil'er Colquitt 15. E. Houston 

Milton \lpharetta A. W. Smith 

Mitchell Camilla C. 1). (Mow 

Monroe Forsyth U. C. Bittick 

Montgomery Mt. Vernon E. E. Burch 

.Morg-an Madison C S. Baldwin 

Murraj Siuiiiffplace B. H. Wilbanks 


County Coiiiily ^r.-it SluTillf 

Insos'tf ; olumbus J. A. Beard 

Nfwloii ovingrton B. L. Johnson 

■ >coiii(' Watkinsville - C. T. Maxey 

ogrlethorpe Lexington T. E. Watkins 

I'aiililins' Dallas J. B. Graham 

I'ickeiis asper D. P. I'oole 

I'itrct' Hlackshear J. W. Robinson... 

rike /ebulon W. M. Marsh 

I'olk Cedartown T. P. Lyon 

Pulaski . ITawkinsville P. K. Ridley 

Putnam Katonton A. J. Walton 

Quitman Brooks L. M. Maddox 

Babun Clayton L. F. Rickman 

Randolph Cuthb.rt AV. E. Taylor 

Richmond Augusta .J. T. Plunkett 

Bockdale L. I. Cowan 

Schley Ellaville R. E. Battle 

Screven Sylvania -J. -T. Griffin 

Seminole Oonalsonville J. M. Richardson.. 

S| aii'.ing Griffin W. T. Freeman 

Stephens Toccoa W. A. Stowe 

Stewart Lumpkin W. K. Johnston .... 

Sumter Vmericus Lucius Harvey .- 

Talbot Talbotton ?J. W. Watkins 

Taliaferro f "i awfordville W. J. Sturdivant. 

Tattnall lU'idsville - J. A. Kennedy 

Taylor ^. I'.iuli'r J. R. Beeland 

Telfair AfcRae J. O. Williams 

Terrell Dawson - E. T. Woods 

Thomas Thoma.sville Gordon E. Davis. 

Tift Tift on - J. M. Shaw 

Toombs Lyons C. W. Culpepper... 

Towns Iliauassee - J. E. Barnard 

Tieutlen Soperton - .M. B. Ware — 

Troup LaGransc - - J. F. Carley...- 

Turner \shburn - O. B. Jar man 

Twigss .leffersonville ..— — — E. J. Griffin 

Union P.lairsville -—A. C. Collins 

I'pson Thomaston - J. S. Howell 

Walker ..La Fayette - -- A. G. Catron 

Walton .Monioo -T. M- Riley 

Ware Waycioss - H. J. Sweat 

Warren Warrenton - G. T. Hogan 

\^■ashin^■ton . -and-isville P- A. English 

Wayne .lesup - L. W. Rogers 

Webster i'reslon - C. M. Christian ... 

Wheeler Alamo A. F. Cox 

White '. Cleveland - - AV. A. Jackson 

Whitfield - ....Dalton T. X. Peeples 

Wilcox \bbeville <>• ^'•- Smith 

Wilkes Washington G. M. Walton 

Wilkinson frwinton L. P. Player 

W-crth Sylvester 1- N- Sumner 




Honolulu, T. H W. P. Jarrett Hij-h SheriH 

Honolulu, T. H P. Gleascn Deputy High ShcrifT 


Population 1920 — 431,826. 

State Capital — Boise City. 

Governor — D. W. Davis. 

Lieutenant Governor — C. C. Moore. 

Secretary of State — Rol)ert O. Jones. 

State Treasurer — Jno. W. Eagleson. 

State Auditor — Edward G. Gallet. 

Attorney General — Roy L. Black. 

Next Election — November Ttli. 1922. ** 

Sheriff's Term — 4 years, January. 1921 to 1925. 

Coiiiity foiml.v Si'jit Slu-rilt' 

Ada Uoise - J. 1 >. Agnew 

Adams Council V. V. Zink 

Uannock Pocatello Geo. E. Mataey 

Bear Lake Paris : \i thnr P.iid.sre -- 

H.-iiewah St. Mnvics P. C. Wolfe 

I'.iiisluun I ;i;til< I or t ..\. II. Simmons 

I'Uuiie llailcy \. flciionts 

I oise lilalio C\ty J;al|ph I'^islu'i- 

I'oDnor SaiMlpoint '. W. K irkjiat lii 1< .. 

r.oonevill.' Idalin Falls R. S. 0\oy 

r<>undar.\ Bonners Ferry O. H. Campbell .. 

i;utte M lo VV. S. WiiKhton- 

lamas Fairfield Sis Moriell 

(•■in.\oii Caldwell R. AV. Kinney 

I aiUKHi Hoda Springs P. -\. McConlvie.... 

Cassia Rurley R. H. Smith 

C'ark Dubois Harry Rayner .... 

ilearvvaler Orotino P. R. Shea 

( usler Challis F. W. Cummins .. 

l-;inior.' Mountain llonir .A. .\. .'^t.-\rii.'< . . 


l'> i!\klin Preston A. O. Beckstead 

iVomont St. Anthony O. Kparkman 

Cem Knimett L. M. Noland 

rioodino: flooding: r>aln Tady 

Idaho (Jianseville ....J. G. Rimers 

.Toft'orson llipby Geo. T. Lufkin 

.Tpiome Jerome .'....K. I!. White 

Kootenai Coeiir d'Alone T. Jj. Quarles - 

I.afah Moscow John L. Woody .... 

r,emhi Salmon T. J. Stroud 

Levels Nezperce W. T. Smith 

T^incoln Shoshone ;.. Clarence Wheeler 

MndiFson ...Rexburff H". A. Munns 

Tilinidoka Rnjiert E. T. Hollenbeck .. 

Xez Peree Lewiston Geo. W. Welker.... 

Oneida Ma lad .T. J. Evans 

Owyhee Silver City L. R. Pearman 

Payette Payette J. T. .Teffries 

T'ower -American Falls Geo. FT. Hanson 

Shoshone Wallace Jesse Freeman 

Teton Pris-H:s S. Tl. Fairbank,'^ 

Twin Falls Twin Falls ~ E. R. Sherman 

Valley .'. Cascade F. T.. Dig-.srs 

W.ishing'ton Welsoi- ... IF. F. ^icKee 


Population lfl20 — 6,485,098. 
State Capital — Springfield. 
Governor — Len Small. 
Lieutenant (governor- -P^red E. Sterling. 
Secretary of State — Louis L. Emnierson. 
State Treasurer — Edward E. Miller. 
State Auditor — Endrew Russell. 
Attorney General — Edward J. Brundage. 


Xpxt Election — November 4tli, 19:^4. 

Sheriff's Term — 4 years, January, 1919 to 19: 

<'*>iii><y County Scat Sluiil? 

Adiinis (juincy E. J. Simmons 

Alexander _Cairo Jesse K. Miller 

liond ^CJreeiiville John \V. Wilson 

ISoone ^('.elvidere JCduiird J. Haucli 

HJrown Alt. Slerliiijj C. \V. Cory 

fSnreau rrincetoii Len Spaulding 

c:alhoun ^1 lai din P. A. Gotway 

^'nrroll Mt. Carroll Henry S. Wise 

< ass _\'ii ginia , George W. Farrar 

Champaign -L'rbana George W. Davis 

Chtislian Taylorville 1 >. L. Dunbar 

< "lai k Mai shall VV. A. Byram 

Glay ,bouisville .11. N. .McElyea 

Clinton Carlyle John Knies 

Coles Charleston Vincent Aye 

Cook Chicago Charles W. Peters 

Crawford llobinson H. E. Parker 

Cumberland Toledo Klias Jobe 

DoKalb Sycamore Uilliam Henry Decker. 

1 'e Witt Clinton J. W. Pearsons 

Douglas Tuscola l" !■;. I'arker 

DiiPage Wheaton Geoigc F. Leineke 

lOdgar Paris Oda M. Sizeniore 

lOdwards Albion .Clyde Roosevelt 

lOlTingham Fffingham ... . Jaines D. Marshall 

I''ayette Vandalia L. J. Browning 

l''ord Pa.xton A. T. Carlson 

Franklin Hen to i: Robert S. Watkins 

I'-ulton T-euiston Gu\ P. Williams 

Gallatin Shawneetown A. Barnett 

Gi-eene ....Carrol Iton W. A. Holmes 

<;ruiidy 'Torris James Mack 

Hamilton McLeansboro ...W. J. Campbell 

Hancock Carthage J. Xorman Bennett 

Hardin Elizabethtown D. N. Cox 

Henderson Oiiuawka Pobeit T. McDill 

I ienry ..Caml>ridge .'. Samuel Wilson 

I rofiuois Watseka George P. Heikes 

■lai-kson \Tuil)hysboro J as. W. Gibson 

• Insper .Vewton James A. Eaton 

Jefferson Mt. Vernon Grant Holcomb 

Jersey Jeiseyville James Catt 

Jo Daviess Galena W'. J. Shipton 

.lolmson Vienna John L. Veach 

Kane Geneva Claude Poole 

Kankakee Kankakee Win. J. Riley 

Kendall Yorkville Martin N. Hextell 

Knox Galesburg James T. Wheeler 

Dake Waukegan Elmer J. Green 

I-aSalle Ottawa C. S. Ayros 

Lawrence ..Ijawrenceville Wm. H. Stivers 

I,ee Dixon Frank C. Sclioenholz 

TJvingston Pontiac ..P. T. fJoi-man. 

Logan Lincoln A. G. Alberts — 

Macon Decatur Mont E. Peni»\.ll 

Macoupin Carlinville William E. Morris 


''l:i'l •'"'■' l\v:i;dsvillo Geo. E. Little 

■^1^" '"•' "ultin Lucian Beasley 

^':i>s^i;i!' Laroii William f?. Riddell 

\l;isoii lavaiia Geo. W. White 

\l:'J^''<ac Vfetropolis «iscar Miller 

" I l>o!ioiish Uironib E. L. Sapp 

'■■■> •■ni> Wooiistock .-Roy .T. Stewart — . 

' ' 'an '.looinington - Ralith Spafford 

•^'•■■••■1 '■<! 'ftersbuif? Harry Granstaff 

^'< i''ei- - \edo John P. Flemin.i^- 

'l'>i'ioe Waterloo — Ernst W. Loehr 

Moiitgoiiniy Hboro lO. T. Marshall 

.\loigan lafksonville \V. H. W^eatherford..... 

Moultrie -lullivan Charles Lansden 

I'f^io iicRon ; George D. Banning 

i'eoria "ooria I^ewis M. Hines 

reriy ' ■■( 1< ne\ ville Thos. II. Thimmig 

I'iatt 'onticello i:. li. Gale 

I'ike "ittslield John H. Davis 

roi>e ..■ olronda .- 11. G. MoCormick 

I' lonnd Tity Itnon A. Bankson 

Putnam 'cnnepin Chauncx' D. Maulfair. 

i;andGl))h "'ester .1. If. MeGuire 

If iililand ' )!iiey h'rank Crai.g 

Ilcck Island "ock Is'and lohn G. Miller 

S'aline ' 'atr isimrg lolm I), (^ummins priimlield Henry H. Mester 

Scliuyler 'tusliville I'M ward Lash brooks . 

Scott Winchester [•'ritz L. Haskell 

Shelby Shelby ville AVilliam T. Biggs 

Stark Toulon Grant G. Kilgore... 

St. t^lair Belleville Rdward P. Petri 

Stei)henson Freeport John G. Hayes 

Ta'ewell Pekin \. S. Whit more 

I'nion .-..lonesboro .lolm J. Tygett — 

\'ermi!lion Danville ("has. N. Knox , 

WabasI) Mt. Carmel J. S. Rigg 

Warren Monmoutli A. M. Hicks 

Washin.gton Nashville Henry Klosterhoff 

Wavne Fairfield G. H. Anderson 

White Carmi Charles D. Gibbs 

Whiteside Morrison P. A. Whitney 

Will Toliet James R. Newkirk 

Williamson Marion Melvin Thaxton 

Winnebago Rockford Harry H. Baldwin 

Woodfonl i:ureka : George W. Tegard 


Population 19 20 — 2.9 30,5 4 4. 
State Capital — Indianapolis. 


Governor — Warren T. McCray. 
Lieutenant Governor — E. F. Branch. 

SeciHtary of State — Ed. Johnson. 

State Ti-easurer — Ora J. Davies. 

State Auditor — William G. Oliver. 

Next Election for Governor — Noveni1)er 4th, 1924. 
Election for other State Ofhc.'als — Novenilter 7th, 192. 

S'.:ei- ff's Term — 2 years, J;inuaiy, 1921 to January, 192: 

\'<>iiii1.\ ('<>iiiil> Sciil Sli«'rill° 

.\.l;i ins I >i-cat v.v SepLus Mficlii 

.Mien '. I'^t. Wayiu' ■. ....All)rrt A. AM.oit 

liarlliolomew (,'oluinlius )ohii W. I'hillip.s 

lK'iil(jn Kowler lolin H. I.,euiianl 

I'.lacklord Hartford Cit.v \. 10. Sutton 

I '.done - Lebannon Joe V. Cain 

i!;()\vn N'ashyillc Clint Moore 

< aiioll I >el]i]ii .Willis F. Munimeit l.<)siansi)ort - Cliai'les A. Grant 

Clark lel't'ersonville Harry Hugan 

.Clav :....- I'lazil William Wallace 

Clinton '•''i a ''kfort M. 11. Allen 

Crawford En.^li.sli S.'hani 

Daviess Washington Hu.yh C. Faith 

V)earborn I^awrenceburg .Iiiliiis G. Schuiui;' 

Decatur ....Greensiuir.^ — Harr>' W. Rradeii 

DeKalb Auburn T. L. lloodelniier 

Delaware MuTiice ... T. Hialt 

|)ul)ois Jasper .... K(>l)ert NordholT 

JOlkhart Goslien \rthur W. Fonda 

Favette ■ onnei sville lanies 10. Steele 

Floyd -Vi w Albany Edward H. Ma.ver 

I'ouiitain Co\injAton Ambrose 15a nta 

Fianklin " 'lokville William Van Cauip 

Fulton . I'.dchtster Samuel A. Arter 

Gibson . I'rineeton D. J. Flowers 

Grant \lai ion AH)ert l'"owler 

Greene Hloomti.^ld Isaac M. Wines 

Jlaniilton .Xolielsville - l''rank .\. Sherritk 

ll;incOCk Greenlield t'laiuir XeW 



li;nris(in Coiydon Isaac K. Orwick 

Hfi (Iricks Danville Charels T. Clark 

IUmuv New Castle Ralph W. Yost 

I lo^\ ard Kokomo Oia Butler 

lluiilinslon Huntington '-■ • Wni. K .Payne 

.Tae!<son - Brownstone j Otis Hays 

•'asi>er Rensselear -jkines W. Badders 

.l.lTorson Madison _ G. Dihammer 

.lenning-s Vernon Albert Wilds 

•lolinson Frankhn Strotliei' Yandiviev 

Knox Vincannes .• Harrv C. Adams 

Kosciusko Warsaw diaries B. Moon 

l.aGrande Tjadrande llarlev J. Tlern 

l-ake Crown Point Willlain TT. Olds 

r^a Bote Laporte WiUiam A. Anstiss 

Lawrence Bedford M'illiam R. Owen 

Madison Anderson Wililani F. Moreland 

iVlarion ..-. Indianapolis Ceorse Snyder 

Marshall I'lyniouth w. IT. Fianklin 

^lartin Shoales .Tohn R. Buness 

i^Tiami Peru 1 Tomer Renters 

Monroe Bloom inst on "Waltei- Peterson 

Montsonierx- . .Crawfordsville • Tra T. T^uddineton 

i^Tol■,^a^ ..Martinsville r^al'ayette Seott 

Newton .TCentland I'ail B. Gardner 

Noble .\lbion _ Oeorse Pope 

«^liio Flising- Sun William C. McCartv 

Orange Paoli Cliarles Black 

<^\ven Si)eneer — Pai Canahlin 

Park Pioekville William J. Peare 

1 < rry ...Caiinelton ]■: A. Hemphill 

I'ike .- Petersburg- Wavne Brvan 

I'orter Valparaiso WiUiam Penninntou 

I'osey Mt. Vernon _ Walter Ilinklev 

I'nlaski ^^'inamac Fiank .T. Kopkey 

I Ml t nam Green castle T,;i\\i(Mice Sears 

'■■Tndolph Winchester Banda ^f. Fisher 

Kililey Versailles Thomas Harper 

llnsh Rushville B. M. Jones 

Scott .....Scottsber^ -— .-Billard Bobbins 

Shelby Shelbyville Ray Sexton 

Sneneer J Rockport _ jXlbert C. TTargis 

Starke Knox Otis F. German 

SI. .Toseiili South Bend - Louis B. Buck 

Stuben .\ngola Frank B. Adams 

Si'llivan Sullivan Rd. Douthitt 

Switzerland \'evay George Stewart 

'rini)ecanoe Lafayette M'. W. Weinhardt 

Tipton - Tipton Joseph A. Innis 

Pniou : Liberty - Frank G. Craft 

Vanderburgh Rvansville Herbert Males 

^'ermilion Newport Louis S. Sweet 

Vigo .._ Terre Haute W. .\. Mitchell 

AX'abash Wabash Elmer Vrooman 

W.nren Williamsport O. L. Stewart 

Warrick ". Booiiville Luthei- Stambush 

Washington - Salem John C. Weir 

Wa\ nc Richmond Carl Wad man 

Wells Bluffton Henrv Gebrett 

Whit.' Moiiticello B. F. Price. Jr. 

Whitlcv _ _._ f'dlumbia City .- Leon H. Ruplev 

3 92 

INTERNATL I'OI.ICE c\v Dl-.TECTI V K I )l |{ K('T< )i; N 


Population 19 20 — 2,1') 3, (;:;() 

State Capital — Des Moines. 

Clovernor — N. E. Kendall. 

Lieutenant Governor — John HaMiniill. 

S cretary of State--\V. CI. Kamsev, 

S:;.te Treasurer — W. J. i;nrli;uik. 

State Auditor — Glenn ('. Ilavnes. 

Attorney General — Ben J. Gilison. 

Next Election — Noveiuhv-r Tt!i, 1922 

Sheriff's Term — 2 \eais, Ja;iua;y. 11121 to .January, 192: 

Cull 11 1 

( .>]i!i(.»- Sc;i< 

-\clair Gi't'onfickl 

Adams Corning 

Allamakee M''aukon 

Appanoose Centervil le 

Audubon Audubon 

Benton A'inton 

Black Hawk Waterloo 

Boone Boone 

Br em er Waverly 

Buchann n I ndependence 

Bueiia Vista Storm I^ake 

S her ill' 

W. A. Sprague 

.T. S. Coakley 

Ben L. Martindaie .-.. 

George Elg-in 

Andrew Jorgensen ... 
I'hillip W. McKevitt. 

11. T. Wagner 

P. F. Hanson 

.1. .\. Krause... 

. I'\ T. Bushhy 

.\Iei-ritt N. Hoffman _. 



f'.utler Allison 

t'alhoun IJoi-kwfll Cit.\ 

Carroll _ Carroll 

Cass Atlajitic 

('edar TilUon 

t'erro Gordo -Mason City 

< 'herokee Cherokee 

('hickasaw \'e\v Hampton 

I 'larke !. ..Osceola 

( 'lay ....Spencer 

< 'layton lOIUader 

Clinton — ....(^linton 

Crawford : I 'enison 

1 >allas , , ,...,. ...\del 

Pa vis '. ., , 131 oo 11 field 

I >ecatiir :.. .....LeRoy 

I >ela ware ■ .!. ■.:.... '.."....Manchester 

Des Moines .:....'.'.■. .;■... .Bnrling'ton 

nickinson ;.':..;I: ...:.. .Mi I ford 

I >iibuque ■..:...... ...1 ^i-....l~)iibuqiie 

i;inmet -...■.;....,-. I'"stherville 

I'ayette ,.,.,...■..,..: ;...West Union 

I'loyd ..... : Charles Cit.\ 

I "rank 1 in Hampton 

I'remont '...., ....Sidney 

« iipcne ..;.■.'-'.: ....'. !".... .Jefferson 

< liuiid.v ...:'..■; iJrundy Center 

< Uithrie ...,.•.!.; .;... ( Jntlirie Center 

I taniilton ■:... .....Webster City 

I lancock ...: .„....; Garner 

Hardin Rldora 

1 larrison Losan 

I lenry Mt. Pleasant 

I loward Cresco 

Humboldt Dakota City 

Ma Ida Grove 

Iowa ^larenso 

.lackson .Maqi'oketa 

• lasper Newton 

■lofferson Fairfield 

• lijhnson Iowa Cit.v 

■I ones Anamosa 

Keokuk Sig'ourney 

Kossutli .Mftona 

I.e»- Ft. Madison 

I .inn Mai ion 

I ouisa Wapello 

I. Ilea s Chariton 

I.yon . .\lvord 

.Madison Winterset 

Mahaska Oskaloosa 

Mai- ion Knoxvllle 

.Marsliall Marsliallton .... 

.Mills Glenwood 

•Mitchell Osage 

Monona ..Onawa 

.Monroe .Mbia 

.\!bcrt T. Martin... 

S. G. Fowlie 

11. v. Janssen 

W. A. McKee 

B. F. Barclay 

Fred F. Marsh 

L. fl. Sang-win 

John Tietjen 

i:. J. West 

.lohn M. Lid man 

George Loseh 

C. L. llamsey 

.■\. C. Greene 

J. VV. Stacy 

C. U. Baird 

Kay Scott 

L. F. Pride 

C. G. Farnest 

101 lis T. Rute 

1\ .T. Kennedy 

Thomas Nivison .. 

C. C. Wright 

C. G. Gray 

-\. n. .\tkinson 

.\. J. Jorgenson ... 

•T. Ti. (iuinlan 

William Bockes .. 
Chas. C. Kenned.v.. 
William Meekiiis 

M P. Hanson 

1>. F. Strickler 

W. n. .Milliman . ... 
•Tames Shepherd .. 
.Tohn C. Ebert ..... 

^V. P. Hansen 

C. H. Oalquist 

Ira J. Beed 

John Oallager 

Ivan B. .Vtwood... 
Walter Harris .... 

Fvan Rowland 

W. W. Bray 

Harrison Sliavtji . 
Geo. F. Hacknian. 

J. B. Watkins 

Thomas .Vvery ... 
Fred T. Schwob ... 

C. C. I,yman 

.\. W. Ripley 

W. H. Wright 

O. F. Henley 

.Iiilm •!. Clarke 

....r. U. .Meekins 

.\. S. Fdwards 

.\. L,. Hungerford. 

1 fenry Harlow 

C^ B. Dearinger 

:;9 4 


Montgomery Red Oak 

Muscatine Muscatine 

O'Brien , Primghar 

Osceola — 1 . Sibley 

Page - — Clarinda 

Palo Alto .—.... ..-. , ...Emmetsburg 

Plj'inouth Lemars 

Pocahontas ...Pocahontas 

Polk Des Moines 

Pottawattamie ...Council lUufTs 

roweshick , Montezuma 

Ringgold — Mt. Ayr 

Sac Sac City 

Scott Ha veil port 

Shelby Harlan 

Sioux Orange City 

Story ..Nevada 

Tama Toledo 

Taylor Bedford 

Union .Creston 

\'an Buren Keosauqua 

Wapello '>ttuniwa 

Warren Indianola 

Washington Washington 

Wayne ..''orydon 

Webster Ft. Dodge 

Winnebago — .[-"orest City 

Winneshiek .Decorah 

Woodbury Sioux City 

Worth North wood 

Wright Clarion 

C. E. Peterson 

J. R. Wiley 

H. W. Geister 

.G. F. Lowry 

Harry W. Borland. 

J. W. Jackson 

Hugli Maxwell 

R. H. Wincgarden.-- 

W. E. Robh 

.W. A. Gronew eg..... 

D. Gregson 

H. "W. Terrell 

J. H. StOfKT 

William Ciehmer ... 

Oscar Hanson 

Hugo Synhorst 

W. A. RickettB 

W. C. Harrison 

W. M. Parrieh 

Fred Collins _. 

M. F. Kinsey 

George Giltner 

H. S. Hartzler 

Charles M. Dcnison.. 

J. D. Clayton 

George S. Basaett.... 

Ole Osmundaon 

O. O. Elllngson 

W. H. Jones 

II. A. GulUckson 

fjcrt Fisher 


Population 1920 — 1,769,257. 

State Capital — Topeka. 

Governor — Henry J. Allen. 

Lieutenant Governor — Chas. S. HulTinan. 


Se leti.ry of State — L. J. Pettijohn. 

Stat ^ TreasurtT: — E. T. Thompson. 

State Auditor — Norton A. Turner. 

Attorney General — Richard J. Hopkins. 

Next Election — November 7th, 1922. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January. 1921 to January, 1923. 

Ntinie of Coiint.v ( oiint.t Sent Sheriff 

Allen lola Ed. P. Sutherland... 

Anderson Garnett Ira D. Hawthorne 

Atchison Atchi.son W. P .Ham 

Uarber Medicine Lodge E. G. Shell 

Uaiton Great Bend Sam P. Hill 

Hourbon Fort Scott : C. M. Armour 

IJrown Hiawatha Sam C. Miller 

'Sutler Eldorado Newt Purcell 

• 'base Cottonwood Falls John Dunkin 

»'hautauqua Sedan H. W. Powell 

• 'htTokee Columbu.'^ , ...William Harvey — 

(^hevenne St. Fiancis Ira S. Stevens 

(Mark Ashland W. B. Rankin 

Clay Clay Center T. D. Hinshaw 

Cloud Concordia Carl Moore 

Coffey P.urlins-ton Wm. Utesler 

Comanche Coldwater L. D. Haydock 

Cowley Winfleld - C. N. Goldsmith 

<'rawford Girard Milt Gould 

Decatur Oberlin George Gardner ... 

Dickinson _ .Abilene G. A. Sherman 

Doniphan Troy - W. L. Privett 

Douglas Lawrence Will Johns 

lOdwards Kinsley -Roy Q. Hatfield 

101k Howard - - H. A. Warner 

•101 lis Hays Frank r>oreditseh 


Fnisworth l<:ils\vorth R. D. Thomas 

Finney Garden City ...Lee Iliohardson 

Ford Dodge City Louis Converth 

Franklin Ottawa Elvie AHison 

Geary lunction Citv M. D. IVeso 

Gove Gove City H. A. Cook 

Graham Hill City Cail T, Peterson... 

Grant "Cew Ulysses Clias I.. Walker... 

Gray 'Mmarron C. B. Anderson 

Greeley Tribune H. C. Smith 

Greenwood Kureka T. P. Colvin 

Hamilton Syracuse O. T. Jones 

rJarper Anthony G. G. Garver 

Harvey Newton Will Patton 

"askell Sublette Geo. M Lindeman 

Hodg-eman Jet more F. S. Haun 

Jackson Holton Chas. O. Frazev ... 

Jefferson Oskaloosa M. 1^. Rindom 

Jpwell Mankato J. A. Cole 

Johnson Olathe J. S. Steed..... 

Kearny Lakin .1. L. Hillyard 

Kins-man Kin,a:man At. F. Fisher 

Kiowa Greensburg- C. A. Stei)lienson-.- 

Labette Oswego Jolin W. Bray 

I'line iMghton C. F. TIermon 

r.oavenworth Leavenworth Puss Wil.«on 

P'Ufoln Lincoln S. H. Hoover... 

T'inn Mound City .A. J. lOllington 

f''>arai Pussell Springs Pavid Rimhorg 

Lyon Emporia ..f'lns. S. Gibson ... 

.Marion Marion .1. C. Hannaman 

Marshall Marysville Thomas Blodgett... 

McPherson McPherson .,1. A. Morine 

Meade Meade ...Biother Buis 

Miami Pao1a G. A. Lamm 

Mitchell Beloit Ralph VV. Evans.. 

Montgomery Independence W. F. Troutman 

Morris Council Grove — - Fred T. Brown 

Morton .Pachfleld A. A. Davis 

Xemaha Seneca .....Allen Coles 

Xeosho Erie W. E. PeynoUls 

Ness Ness City Chas. I''. l)uhl)S 

-Vorton Norton Lyman .\. Graves... 

')sage Lyndon E. P. Lyncli 

Osborne Csborne Harvey Bottorff 

Ottawa Minneapolis Marshall Si)ivey — 

Pawnee Larned .". Herbert Dextei- 

Phillips Pliillipsburg J. O. McKenzie 

Pottawatomie •. Westmoreland ...Albert E. Mayer... 

Pratt Pratt J. H. McCool 

Rawlins Atwood B. M. Hotchkiss 

Keno Hutchinson W. T. Clark 

Bepublic Belleville lohh H. Griffin 

Rice Lyons Geo. Fox 

Riley Manhattan R. C Boyle 

Rooks Stockton M. F. Hindman 

Rush La Crosse J. P. Wolfe 

Russell Russell W. H. Sellens 

Saline Salina G. W. Sandberg 

Scott Scott J. P. Neal 

Sedgwick Wichita D. C. Simmons 

Seward Liberal W. O. Nelson 

Shawnee Topeka Robert Miler 




-Itoxie Pete -C. Anrteison 

-Uoodland C. R. Teeteis 

.Smitli Center \'2. W. Agnew 

-St. .John P. J. McCormick 

.Jolinson Orvan B. Josserand. 

.Hugotoii \V. S. Morgan 

Sin- I'll la 11 - 

S. .•■!■. nail 


.Stall o:il 

.-■ lanlcMi 

titov tll.S 

Suninei- Wellington John Lingenfelter 

Tliomas Colby John W. Mai lory... 

Ti ego - W'akeeney James Glenn 

Wabaunsee Alma Fred Bakei' - 

Wallace tiliaron Si)rings - W. O. Cooper — 

Washington Washington ...Connie Collins 

Wichita Leoli Hugh Glenn 

Wilson Kredonia A. K. Brewster 

Woodson ^■a^es Center S. H. Shelton 

'\ \aiiilolte Ivansas City Wm. Wright. Jr. ... 


Population 19 20 — 2.416.013. 
State ("apital — Frankfort. 
Governor — Edwin P. Morrow. 
I,ieutenant Governor — TI:i:r!-:ton Ballard. 
Secretary of State — Fred A. Vaughn. 
State Treasurer — James A. Wallace. 

State Atiditor — John J. Craig. 
Attorney General — Chas. I. Dawson. 


Next Election — November 6th, 192:;. 

Sheriff's Term — 4 years, January, 1922 to 1926, 

(.'Oliiity <'oiiii4.v Si>:it Slu'rill 

Ailuir < 'oluniliia (jordon Momgomevy 

.Mien Siottsvillc Marshall Meador 

Anderson bawi encetiurg- Oscar Mayes 

li.ilhird Wiiklifle L. E. Bradley 

i;;u-ren -• (Glasgow C. E. Shaw 

i;;itli Owingsville — ..S. M. Estill 

I 'oil Pineville , Martin Green 

Hoone Liurling-ton H. B. Hume 

I'ourbon Taris M. Peale Collier 

I'.oyd Catlettsbnrg- H. D. Clark 

r.oylc Hanville W. L.og'an Wood 

rii:i(U<>n - Hrooksville : .' lOverett Moore 

I'.reatliitt Tackson .Tno. L. Candill 

lireckenridge Hardinsburg- W. C. Pate 

r.nllitt Shepherdsville A. L. Koby . 

I'.ntlcr Morg'antown Herman HanWiers ... 

( a Idwell Pi-incoton ....] lenry Towery 

falloway Murray Frank Pool 

• 'ampbell Alexandria ..'. L. B. Tieman .-... 

Carlisle Bardvvell H. M. Kirby 

<":nroll Carrollton B. T. Robertson 

''alter CJrayson \V. .\. Burcliett 

Cases' IJbci'l y Chas. Wesley 

'Miristian 1 lopk i nsvillc Oscar M. Wilson 

I'lark WIncliestcr .1. D. Bush 

Clay .Manclicster . 1 >. \V. White 

Clinton v l,.v>v I. W. Felkins 

Crittenden 'lin:! ilas. T. Wright 

Cumberland lii'rki'-villo ...i -T. A. T^ee 

Pavioss Owersboro .idm I >. Ifoward 

I'Mmonson i'.i-nw'<;v'1ie I >•. W. Alexander 

i:ili(ill Oidir.arv .._. .1. K. 1 Hi'kerson. Jr. 

i:sim Irvirc I'. .\. Wol tinbarger . 

l'":i\'ette'y ingf on I'dwcll H(j.s\vorth 

I'lcniing- !■"'(' II ingslniru I'lai-k (.)verton 

l"l(i\d I 'risl onsbuig M. \'. Allen 

I'ranklin '•'lankfort lobn Lucas 

Fulton . '^iknian ). (). West 

Gallatin Warsaw \',. V. Heall 

Garrard Lancaster lanie.s Robinson 

Grant Willianistown 11. r,. Kilson 

Craves May Held T. T. Roach 

Grayson . ,. ' .'ii rhiiebl l.'i.b.Tt Kond _ _... 



F. DeBorde 

B. Dunn 

R. Bruce 

A. Murray 

C con Greensburg .T. M. Howell 

I ri.'nup Greenup Vernon Callihan ... 

';i"fOfl< Hawesville Joe Douthitt 

J'.iiilin i/Hbet!ito\vn G. B. Fife 

Ilarlnii IFarlan J. H. Blair 

Ilai'tison ('\iilliiana John Ingles 

Kart Mvinfordville 1. 'I'. Crutclier 

UTeiuli-i son I't^rieison Otis A. Benton 

Hoiux Newcastle .Ino. O. Knight 

Hick, nan Clinton Wash Kimball .... 

Hoi)kiiis AlacliKonvi'le L. 11. May 

.Uu'ksoii McKee L.. Lainhart 

.Itncison Louisville Henry O. Gray 

.ropsamino Nioliolasville Jos. Keefe 

.lohnson I'aint.sville Grant Daniel 

Kenton Kilangt'i- ^ Peter C. Thiel , 

Knott Iliixlman D. W. Hays 

KnoK Harbouiville James M. Games . 

Larue llodgenville James U. Howell 

Laiirol lAindon I. E. Stringer 

Lawronre '<."is.i J. Walter Young . 

he«' neattyville Ben F. Kincaid ... 

l>es!i(' Hyden Jesse Maggard 

I. etcher Whitesburg las. Combs 

TiCwis Vanceburg S. F. L.vkins 

liiucoln .S!tanforr1 G. 

hi\"ingston Sni it bland B. 

1 ognn rtiissellville J. 

by on I{:dd\-ville N. 

Madison Uii'limond Rimer Deathrage ... 

Alagoffin f^al.versville i ..,'...< ifir.u-:nii 

Marion Lebanon C. C. Si)alding 

Marshall Benton .loe Darnell -...- 

Mailin Inez J. C. Fletcher 

Mason Mavsville C. M. DeVore 

Mc(^racken Paducab Roy Stewart — 

MiOreary Whitley City Thos. S. Davis 

.McLean Calhoun Clayton U Roberts 

Meade I'.randenburg H. H. Lusk 

Menifee Frenchburg Ben Wells _ 

Mercer ITarrodsburg Walter Kennedy .... 

Metcalfe '. Kdmonton P. D. Harvey 

Monroe Tomiikinsville Barlow Bryant 

Montgomery Mt. Sterling Lindsey Douglas .... 

Morgan West Liberty D. H. Perry 

Mnhlenber.g Greenville W. S. Mathis 

Nelson Bardstown Ben F. Irvine 

Nicholas Carlisle Jas. F. Gannel 

Ohio Hartford G. A. Ralph — - 

(Oldham LaGiange R. H. Voiers 

Owen - Owenton Addie Coats 

Owsley -. Booneville G. B. Smith 

Pendleton Falmouth C. B. Peoples 

I'l iiy Hazard Tolbert Holliday .... 

I'ike Pikeville J. M. Johnson 

I 'o well Stanton Marion Welch _. 

Pulaski Somerset Chas. I. Ross _... 

Robertson .Mt. Olivet A. V. .Mc(^onnell 

Pnckcasrlo Mt. Vernon D. G. Clark 


Rowan Morelioad P. T. Rolieits 

Russell laiTif'Sl()V\ii 1<^. E. U rnard 

Soott Ceorst'town Ollie McFarland . 

Slielby - Whelbyville 1*. (). Flobei'ts 

Simiison Franklin R. F. Neely 

Spencor Tayloisvil ,e \V. IS. Goodwin ... 

Taylor Campbdlsviile .- lohn A. Peterson 

Todd - lOlkton R. T. Kirkman ... 

Ti-ig-g- Cadiz W. C. Broad bent 

Trimble Rodfo-d V. R. Miles. 

TTnion Morgan field A. \V. Clements... 

Warren BowHn.i;- Cieen ....K. D. Thomas 

Washington Sprinfiild W. M. Sandeis 

Wayne Monti'.ello Geo. K. Ryan 

Webster Dixon . Carrol E. Withers 

Whitley ^Villianlsl>llr^;■ H. M. Youns' 

Wolfe . ("anipton M. S. Campbell .... 

Woodford . riiK-k.i .-.l h'raiik lUihanon .. 

Lorrs! ' :;.\ 

Population 1920- -1 ,7!t7, 798. 

rtalc Capital — Baton Rou'Te 

CJovenior — John M Pari;.- r 

Lieu tenant Governor — I'ewitl Ponuancliaud. 

Fecr.^tary of Statp- .Im'vcs .1 Pniley. 

State Treasurer — Howell Morsan. 

"tate Auditor — Paul Capdeville. 

Attorney General- — A. V. Coco. 



N-xt Kk-cfon — April 15th, 1!)24 

■"■^ -n — 4 years. June. I9.'0 to l^l'l 




Aoailia - ' I ()\\1(.\\' 

Allen - - >berlin 

Ascension oraldsonvillti 

.\.<?sumption .-. Xapoleonvillc 

Avoyelles Iarks\ille 

I tcau.regaid ■ leTiidder 

liienville \icailia 

l!ossier 'enton 

<'addo Shreveport 

I "alcasieu '..ake (,'liailes 

( 'aldwell Columbia 

( 'anieron anieron 

t 'atahoula 'ariisonbin t;- 

t "laiborne — _ ' lonier 

( 'onoordia — \"idalia 

1 >f Soto .ansfield Baton Rouge aton Itouye 

ICast Carroll ake frovidence 

lOast Feliciana I'linton 

lOvang'eline 'ille Platte 

l'''ranklin -Vinnsboi o 

Grant 'olfax 

Iberia -ew Iberia 

I berville 'laqueniine 

•lark. "-oil onesboio 

.JotToi son .-- Iretna 

•lelTerson Davis lenniniis 

Lafayette ala.xelte 

Lafourche Tliibodaux • 

h-d Salle lena 

iiincoln ^ 'lUston 

Livingston •^'prinjiville 

"^ladison 'allulah 

Morehouse 'a.stroj) 

Xatchiotoches '".'atchitoches 

Oilcans ^ 'e\v Oi-leans 

fn'achita ^fonroe 

IVaquemines ointe^a-lsi-lfaclie 

Pointe Coupee "evv Tioads ' ' 

Uanids ; Mexandria 

Ped FUvor '"oushatta 

llicliland 'layville 

.•^.■ibjne ^Tany 

."-'t. Bernard "^t. Bernard 

St. Charles 'nihnville 

St. Helena ' Jieensburg- 

St. .Tam-'S , i"on\ent 

< <»ini(.> >i :ir 

l..ouis Foutenot 

P.. K. Oden 

Geo. If. Richard 

Abel Landry 

Amet Guillot 

J. I>. Frazer 

J. R. Currie 

.L F. Adair 

T. P. Hushes 

J. Horace Lyons 

.). (". McClanahan 

1). TI. Crain 

C. C. Finlay 

.Tohn AV. Coleman 

10. P. Campbell 

C. P. U'illiams 

Robert B. Day 

•John C. Bass 

J. D. Hubbs 

R. L. Wiggins 

J. S. Gilbert 

I.,. O. Clinton.. 
P. A. Landry. 

A\'. A. Hollowa\ 

^V. S. Jones 

J. B. Dauenhauer, Jr. 

Isaac P'ontenot 

F. >I. Latiolals 

i^r. Thomas Stark 

J. P. Peyton 

A. J. Thigpen 

T..<>uis R. Kimball 

A. .1. Sevier 

■T. Fred Carpenter 

J. W. Payne 

P^ter .r. .McGoev 

T. A. Grant 

Ernest Alberti 

L. Bonanchard 

F. i:. David 

W. H. Elliott 

Mai-k .\. Cooper 

J. D. T)arbv 

Albert Fstopinal, Jr. 

Leon C. Vial 

AA'. M. Nettles 

Jos. n. I)()iniei' 


Si. John the Baptist lOdg-ard lOiniU- A. Tii-ou 

St. Landry Opelousas Charles Thibodaux 

St. Martin St. IMartinville A. J. Chamimprne 

St. >rai-.v Franklin Charles T^ecot 

S1 'l':inini,iii.N- Coving'ton Walter Galatas 

Tangipahoa Amite Ij. H. Bowden 

TiMif^^i.s St. Joseph Jolin Hughes 

Terrebonne Douma E. A. Dupont 

Uni'ii Farmerville A. L. Stancil 

Vfrinilion \bbeville Adam Boudieaux ... 

Voriiori Leesville D. F. Turner 

W a.shinf^ton FranUlinton J. E. Bateman 

VVehsiei JVIinden Octave H. Levert 

West Baton Rouge Port Allen A. H. Phillips 

AA'csl Carroll Oak Grove R. F. Cummings 

West Feliciana St. Francisville Fred C. Wilcox 

Vviiin AN'innfleld W. T. Heflin 


Population 1920 — 768,014. 

State Capital — Augusta. 

Governor — Percival P. Baxter. 

Secretary of State — Frank W. Ball. 

State Treasurer — Wm. L. Bonney. 

State Auditor — Roy I.. Wardell. 

Attorney General — Ransford W. Shaw. 

Ne.\t Election — September 11th, 1922. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January, 1921 to January, 19 23. 

<'<niiil.v Cniinty i-rnt Jslierilf 

Aiidroscoggin Lewiston Ferdinand E. Stevens 

Atoo.stook Houlton Edmund W, Grant 

Cumberland _ Portland King F. Graham 

l''ranklin Farmington W. Burton Small 

Hancock Ellsworth Ward W. Westcott 



ICoiini'btc , Viiyi'irta I'alw. 1'. llarwooJ 

Kr.oK Rockland Uayino id !•-. Thurston. 

I^iiicolii Wise-asset Forrest H. Bond 

Oxford Paris Harry D. Cole 

I'fiiobatot Bangor > Orman B. Fernandez 

IMscataiiuis Dover Roscoe INI. Macomber... 

Sagadahoc Bath \Vill)ur C. Oliver 

Somerset Skowhegan John A. Mooers 

Waldo Belfast Frank A. Littlefleld 

Washington Machias Ivan Q. Tuell 

York Alfred ^.. Haven A. Roberts 


Population 1920 — 1,499,610. 

State Capital — Annapolis. 

Governor— Albert C. Ritchie. 

Secretary of State — ^P. B. Perlmau. 

State Treasurer — William P. Jackson. 

State Auditor— William A. Gillipsie. 

Attorney General — Alexander Armstrong. 

Next Election — November 6th, 19 23. 

Sheriffs Term — 2 years. Novemlier. 1919 to 1921. 


t'oiijity Seat 


AUegany Cumberland Peter McFarland 

Anne Arundel \iiiiapolis Harry T. Levely 

Baltimore Towson j. Carroll Ensor 

Baltimore City Baltimore City Thomas F. McNulty 

Calvert .Upper Marlboro Ernest W. Rawlings 

Caroline Centerville William C. Andrews 

Carroll Prince Frederick E. Edward Martin ... . 

Ccoil Denton Kirk E .GifEord 

Charles Westminster John N. Simms _. 

Oorchester ..Elkton Ira Y. Wheatley 

Fi ederick ~ .^a Plata - James A. Jones 

Garrett -.Cambridge .Jesse J. Ashby, Jr 

llii rford Fr< (It liik "R. C. Sheridan 


ll"W:ir.l oaklaml j^ A. Brosenno 

K.nt Belair j t. Hadawav 

Mfintsomery I'^llicott. Alvie A. Moxley 

I Mince George's Cliestertovvn j. a. Sweeney 

i)iiopn Annes "ockville Sanford E. Spry ... 

St. Mar.vs Leonardtown w. K. Clarke 

Somerset Piiiicess Anne Chailes S. Dryden 

Talbot I'^aston Ira K. Caulk 

Wi'shington J :'s?erstovvn S. McC. Kline 

Wicomico Sali.sbmy John H. Farlo^v 

Worcester S"o\v Hill William O. Shockl< 


Population 1920 — 3,852,356. 

State Capital — Boston. 

Governor — Channing L. Cox. 

Lieutenant Governor — A. T. Fuller. 

Secretary of State — Frederick Cook. 

Attorney General — J. Weston Allen. 

Next Election — November, 1922. 

Sheriffs Term — 6 years, January. 1921 to 1927. 

C'oiiinr (otiTity '■-nt Slwiiir 

Barnstable . .Barnstal)!. Ileniy Jf. Porcival 

P.erl<shire Pittsfield .;filiii Nicliol.'^on 

Bristol Taunton -u:ir K. Willotts 

Dukes Ed.a'artown waiter II. Iloniai 

Rssex _L.ynn : iVrthur G. Wells 

Prankliji Greenfield James B. Brid-'. 

Uampden SiirinarfieUl Kmhiiry P. Clark 

Hampshire , - Northampton Ma.ior Albert G. r.eckman 

Middlesex Lowell Georgre H. Stevens 

Nantucket Nantucket : J. -V. Johnson, .Jr. 

Norfolk Dedbam .:... Samuel H. Capcn 

Plymouth Plymouth ..Karl Blake 

Sijffolk ,.Boston .lolin A. Kelirier 

Worcester Worcester .Mbort P. Uichard.<^oii 



I'oicilatioii l!i-0 — :;,668,412. 

Slati Capital — Laiis'.ug. 

(lovernor — Alexander G. Groes!>Rck 

Lieutenant Governor — T'los. Read. 

Seci'etary of State ('. J. DeLand. 

Stata Treasurer — Frank E. Gorman. 

State Auditor — Oramel B. Fuller. 

.Attorney General — Merlin Wiley. 

Next Election — Novemlyer 7th. 1922. 

S.ieritt's Term — 2 years. January, 1921 to January, 1923. 

i'oiiiilie.s County ^<':it SlicrilVs 

.\koiKi --- - I l;ii risville \iidrt'\v .J. Freer 

.Mger - Miinising- ..-George F. Scliilliiis .... 

.Mlegan ....Allegan -. ..Leo C. Hare 

.Mpena - Alpena James MacArtliur 

.\nlrini Bellaire Andrew .L Dunsmore 

Arenac Standish Jc/.ii Loiiiielly 

I'.aragra L'Anse - V.ichairl O. Kotila 

r..ii rv - Hastings Walter H. Bind 

l!a.v ' ; Bay City Theodore Triidell 

lieir/.ii" - Beiilah Kstella-S. Gates 

lleirien St. Joseph George C. Bridgman.. 

Ilramh .'". — Coldwater Henry S. Kaiser 

Calhoun - Marshall Henry E. Lucas 

(ass ChassopoHs - Slierinan P. AVyman 

Charlevoix Chai-'.evoix (Jeorge W. \Vea\-er 

( iichoygan Gheboy.gan Otto H. Gebhar-dt 

ChipiMWa - Saiiit Sic. Marie Arza M. Swart : 

Clare . Hairisoii - ... Jcseiih Hoag" 

Clinton St. Johns John S. Barnes 

Crawtnid Grayling- Ernest P. Richardson.. 

Hella -I'sranaba ^lavien 0'r')ess 

l>ickinson Iron Mountain \rcliibaM P. Farrell.... 


Kalon • 'hai lott.' ..-CIcnii P Dillcv 

i:.i-ii.i I'l'toskvy Will S. I'lirple 

' I'Mi'sic I''liiit Home A'ette 

1 1 lailw ill ( iladwin Charles Baumsardner 

' :<' Bessemer — Thomas Koskie 

111!. 'I'laveise Traverse Citv Chas. E. Tavlor 

'.raiot Ilhaca Alfred T. Willert 

Hillsdale Hillsdale Wm. Henry Bates 

Houghton Houghton Joseph G. Ko'.illiaas... 

Huion Bad Axe Donald Me.Vulay 

In;;ham Ma!<on Hug-h W. Silsby 

I'liiia Ionia , Mark Hoppoufih 

los^'o Tawas Citv Willard J. Robinson . 

lion ('r>stal Kails Thad R. Waite 

l-abella .Alt. Pleasant Palmer Uindon 

•laekson lack son Edwin Larrabee 

Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Fred C. Putnam 

Kalkaska ., Kalkaska Harry R. Sherwood 

K'fiil , — ; (Jiand Rapids Peter Vieigevei' 

Ki wiinaw l^a^le River William O'Briim 

Lake Bal Win William Burnett 

1-apeer l.apeer Ray Baker 

Leelanau .....Reland . ...Walter Steimel 

Leinawee A<lrian Ford Van Dusen 

Livingston Howell Fred J. Teeple 

Luee Newberry John T. Turnbull 

.Maokinae St. Ignaee Thomas A. Taylor 

-Maeomb Mt. Clemens John M. Spaller 

Manistee Manistee lOniest M. Hallock 

AIai-i|uetle Maniuette \ion .loll n son 

Mason Taidingtoii Geoi'ge L. Colyer 

Mecosta Big Raiiids George E. Huist 

-Mi-nominee Xei-iiominee .lule Diuiualiie 

Mi.lland .Midland Martin H. Ryan , 

.Missaukee \ nkr C\{y lacob K. Seatuse 

.Monroe Aloiu oe Frank J. G.essner. 

-Aontcalm Slantoii Fred E. Cuitis 

.Montinoi eii'jy \llaiita Wm. M. Headman 

'^['iskegon Mrskegon A\'illiam ( ). Mathews .. 

.Viwaygo White Cloud , Noble McKinley 

<)akland Pontiac '. James S. Butler 

Oceana Hart . Frank Demmon 

Ogemaw Wc .si l!:aiu-h Horatio G. :\Ierrill 

Ontonagon ( mt una -;(m James Fyfe 

Osceola Il(-se>- William H. Echlin 

Oscoda Mio Hugh Galbraith 

Otsego Gavlord Charles M. Menzies. 

Ottawa Grand llav(Mi Delbert Fortney 

PieS(|ue Isle Bogers Anthony Kovvalski 

Roscommon , Uosconniiiiii .lane Johnsion 

Saginaw Saginaw Za<di Bas'<iii 

Sanilar Saiidrskv Charles McC,uiness ... 

Schoolcraft : ''anstiiim' Fred R. (iiifin 

Shiawassee .( 'oriiniia Joseph ! I. Sji. oule 

St. Clair Prr t Huron Harrison V^'. Maines.... 

St. Joseph '■(■ lieville William \\. Goodrich. 

Tuscola ("aro William M. A.orris . 

Van Buren Paw Paw Dwiglit (. Baiker... 

Washtenaw Ann Arbor Ambrose (". Pack 

Wayne Detroit Irving J. Cotliii 

AVexford Cadillac Charles H. Nixon 




I'opulution I'.tliO — 2,887,125. 

Stale ('apital — St. Paul. 

(Governor — Jacol) A. (). Preii.^. 

Lieutenant Governor — L. L. Collins. 

Secretary of State — Mike Holm. 

State Treasurer — Henry Rines. 

State Auditor — Ray P. Chase. 

Attorney General — C. L. Hilton. 

Ne.xt Election — November 7th. 1922. 

Sheriffs' Term — 4 years, January litlJt to January 1!)23. 

<'4»iiiil,v <'»iiiit.v Seut Slii'rilT 

.\itl<«ii Aitkin I. bZ. Boekenoogen 

.\noka Anoka U. S. Pratt 

I'.tHktT Detroit Edward Swan son 

lU'ltrami Bemidji Andrew John.son 

r.eiitoii I-'oIey D. H. Craig 

liiS' Stone Ortonville lohn Oowaii 

r.liu- lOarth Mankato Anton Osten 

llrowii New Ulm W. .T. .fnlius 

Carlton Carlton II. W. McKinnon 

<';uv. 1 Ohaska G. A. Gatz 

< ';iss Walker Mack Kennedy 

I 'lii]iiii-\v.i Montevideo Ole Borgendalf 

i'liis;ii;o Center City - John -A. Johnson 

cia.v Moorhead Dan W. McDonald 

<'l.:n water Barley K. D. Harness 

Cool< Grand Marais L. H. Lein 

Cutiniiwooil Windom O. G. Peterson 

408 intp:rnatl 1'olicp: & detective nniECToin 

<'iii\v WiiiK ("oiinty nt-aincrd ('lans A. TlU'oiiii 

l>;il\ota - Ilastiims James J. Dunn 

I •<)(l.^•o Mantoiville Sovoit L. Oilderlms 

I ><>n.irlas Alexandfia T. .1. "N'iclcorinan 

l-'ai-ibault ]?luo lOarth Uiha A. liaclitl.- 

l^'illinore Proston ('. 15 (.'hiislciiann 

l''i<'«>born Albert J>oa I'ctcr I<'osfio 

<;oo<lhuo - Kc'd WiiiLC .- lohn A. AmltMsoii 

ilrajit lOIliow I.akr '>--rar II. }lanson 

I li'iinepin M innoaj olis l~arlc lUoun 

Houston ("a'((?onia Win. li. .\bbotls 

irnbbard T'.i'K- Itanbls I>aiii(>! I'li'lrio 

Is.ant i - < 'a iiil>riil.i;i' "'.i i s M. .lr>)insot- 

Ilasca - ilia'd Uaiiids "<]. Car.son 

Jackson lackson .' ' >. C. l.i.,» 

Kanabec Mo; a -lobn Sellsieilt 

Kandiyobi Willmar Peter Bondo 

Is it I. son Ilallock (). J. Anderson 

Is iiiKlu(!bing Tnlernat ioiial I'^alLs ;i. \'an Ktten 

I,ac <^)iii Parle Madipon 't. !•;. Sinaa.£?aard 

Lake - Two Jlarliors lOinil Nelson 

lii' Sueur Le Sueur Cent<>r Hus'o Police 

Lincoln Ivanboe ("!bas. 11. Cuitis 

Lyon Marsball ..John iNIunroe 

MeLeod Olencoe Vrank Klaus 

.Ma bnoinen !\labnoinen .lose])!) .1. I'rnc.s-- 

IMaisball , W'aircn II. <V llausnn 

Martin . I''airi.i()nt W. S. t '.a in'ci- 

Aleck. T .- -.- I.itditicid - \Lk.' Kouslak 

Millc Lars ... ...Milaca I'arrv- Sliorkl,-\ 

MMii^snn T.ittle Falls l'ai;l Ke!ix 

.\l(,\\.r \nstin X. Nicbolsen 

.Mill ray Sla^■ton lanits Lowr 

.\icollct St. IV'ter ('has. .1. .Xorinan 

Nobles Wni I hin.qton I esse K. I'Mwards 

Norman Ada lobn 1'. Nys:aard .... 

Olmsted Kmhester William II. Mit< h. 11 

i)||er T.-iil l''(iKiis l'".ills -. - .1. S. Pillin.^-s 

reiinint;t(in Thief Kivei- Falls W. J. I^a Pree 

Line ('iiuiil> I'ine Cil.v 'I. -1. Ila\\l<'.\ 

I'ilieslone I'ipest<iiie 'i. S. S!ieldn-rd 

Polk Crookston , O. K. Bolstad 

Pope (llenwood Henry Ness 

Uamsey -^l I'.iul Jolni Wasener 

Red r^ake Uid Lake Falls ''has. l'\Mlinan 

Redwood itedwood Falls L. J. Kise 

Renville iiivia . ' >. T. Siinde 

Pice Laribault ""has. At. Livingston 



K.ick T^uveinc ....Frank \Vii;i;iiis 

IJoseau Roseau O. A. Rico 

St. Louis Dulutli Frank L,. .Ma.siie 

Scott Shakopee C. M. Koiii* 

Sherburne Elk River M. K. Ilifl" 

Sibley Gaylord F. \V. 5^atli:nias 

Stearns St. Cloud Bernan) 10. Scliocuer 

Steele Owatonna William T.cchy 

Stevens Morris F. A. Zabl 

Swift County Benson Gilbert Bilberlson 

'IV.dd - Long Prairie Anton Johnson 

Traverse Wheaton - \lbcrt F. Johnson 

Wabasha Wabasha Ed. Fitzgerald 

Wadena Wadena A. L. Irwin 

Waseca Waseca Bern hard Fischer 

AVashington Stillwater Tho."?. H. Maher 

Watonwan St. James Jos. C. Bermel 

Wilkin Breckenridge James Fitzgerald 

Winona Winona Geo. Huck 

\V right ...- ISulTalo John C. Nugent 

V(■llo^v Medicine Grrinitf Falls G. <> llninine 


Poiniltitioii 1920 -1.7S9.3S4. 

State Capital — Jackson. 

Lieutenant Governor — H. H. Castell. 

Secretary of State — Jos. W. Power. 

State Treasurer — Dr. Wm. Murrah. 

State Auditor — J. W. Miller. 

Attornev General — S. \'. Rolierson. 


Next Election — November 6th. 1923. 

Sheriff's Term — 4 years. Jiuiuary, 1920 to 1924. 

County <<>iiiit.v .Scat 

Adams Natcho/. 

Alcorn Corinth 

\ mite Liberty 

Attala Kosciusko 

Iltnton Ashland 

IJolivar Cleveland 

( \nlhoun rittsboro 

I ^irroll Carrollton 

(^hickasavv Houston 

t^hoctaw Acker man 

Clairborne Port Gibson 

Clarke Quitman 

Clay West Point 

Coahoma Clarksdale 

Copiah Hazlehurst 

Covinston Collins 

OeSoto Hernando 

l''orrest Hattiosbur^ 

I<^ranklin Mead vi lie 

Ceorge Lucedale 

rjreene - Leakcsville 

Crenada Grenada 

Hancock Bay St. Louis 

I 'ai risoii Gulfport 

I i ml - Jackson 

I lolmcs Lexington 

I I iimphries P.elzoni 

l-saquena Mayersville 

I t;i wamba Fulton 

.l.iiksoii Pascagoula 

.lMSi>er Bay Springs 

.Itirerson l''ayette 

.blTerson r>avis Prentiss 

•lones - Laurel 

Kemper DcKalb 

Lafayette Oxford 

i ,amar Purvis 

t/;uulerdale Meridian 

I .-.{ wreiKC Mont ieello 


P. NV. -AlulvihiU. .fr. 

I>ee Gra.v 

.1. K. Harvey 

II. H. Gilliland 

W. T. Craft 

E. H. Wray 

C. R. Young 

Vi'. J. Roscoe 

J. C. Beasley 

W. K. Crismond 

S. H. Bagnall 

.Tas. B. Evans 

.H. J. Kernegay 

N. A. Cartledge 

H. K. Ilamsey 

Mack Graham 

E. S. Nichols 

W. ^I. Edmonson 

A. n. Moore 

A. E. Dean 

Webb Walley 

D. W. Beck 

E. Van Whitfield 

.Toseph W. Havens . 

T^fwis AVilliams 

D. .1. Crawford 

O. J. Turner 

.T. R. Clark.. 

B. M. Pearce 

H. D. Cudabac 

D. H. Lee 

O. E. Hammett 

R. C. l>al.- 

W. 10. Welch 

M. M. Oden 

.T. C. Hartsfield 

.\. M. AX'illiamson ... 

.Jno. M. Martin 

W. .1. Bourn 


4J I 

l.c.tUc - ..<'ai thaye 

I. CO 'I'upelo 

l,(>tloip Gil cnw ood 

I iiicolii Bi nokliaven 

! owndfs Colunibiis 

Martison Canton 

Marion roUimbia 

Marshall 1 lolly .Si)riiii;s 

Monioc Aberdeen 

Montg'oinery Winona 

\( shoba Philadelpbia 

N'cwton 1 )ooatur 

N'oxubee Macon 

f>ktibbeba Starkville 

I'anola Pard'S 

fcarl Uiver Poidarville 

I 'orry .....Xcw A u.mista 

I 'ike Alagnolia 

' 'ontotoi' ....; Pontotoc 

I 'lentiss Booneville 

'Uiitmaii Marks 

tJankin Brandon 

Scott I'orest 

iPharkey Foi-k 

[fiimpson ....florid en hall 

I Hmith Raleigh 

f^tone TN'iygins 

Sunflower I mi ia iiola 

Tallahatchie <^luu lesion 

Tate Senatobia 

tTippah Ripley 

pTishominaro luka 

Tunica Tunica 

I'nion Xevv Albany 

Walthall Tylertown 

Warren Vicksburg' 

Washington Greene ville 

Wayne Waynesboro 

, Webster :... Walthall 

,'VVilkinson .Wood ville 

[Winston Louisville 

IValobiisha Water Valley 

li'/.oo Yazoo City 

I'. L HarwicU 

Will liirnon 

W. S. Vardatnan ...- 
i;. C. Applewhite.... 

C. W. West 

Frank P. Smith 

<). .1. Foxworth 

L. n. Slayden 

.r. P.. Lewis 

Uube M. Smith 

M C. Posey 

W. C. Mabry 

W. P. Farrar 

W. W. Hastings 

.r. A, Carter 

.lohn T. Poyd 

(Jeo. T. Dennis 

W. W. LesTfrett 

W. R. Blaylock 

S. F. Windham 

C. C. Barringer 

G. A. Harrison 

Prank F. Mize 

II. J. Wriffht 

n. W. Duckworth. 

M. W. Dixon 

J. C. Locke.. 

A. C. Cox 

H. K. Tansil 

n. T>. Williams 

Frank Rogers 

N. L. Phillips 

J. Mack Cox 

Rad Riddell 

B. B. Breeland 

B. H. Shannon 

L. M. Nicholson 

A. T.,. Crosby 

E. O. Foard 

L. C. Miller 

Coonior Mc.Xeal 

W. N. Frost 

. H. Reagan 



Population 1S20 — 3,403,547. 
State Capital — Jefferson City. 
Governor — Arthur M. Hyde. 
Lieutenant Governor — H. Lloyd. 
Secretary of State — Chas. Becker 
Slate Treasurer — L. D. Thompson. 
State Auditor — George E. Hackmann. 

Attorney General — Jesse W. Barrett. 
Next Election — November 4th, 1924. 
Sheriffs Term — 4 years, January, 1921 to 19 2.'.. 

County Couiitj' Seat .sImtHT 

\(lair Kiilvsvillc Kmcrv I >. W'adilil 1 

.\ndrew Savannah E. P. l';vans 

\tchison R()cki)ort L. I.,. Ohastain 

Audrain Mexico C. U I'.iuni 

Harry Cas.sville Ed. Itobertt^ . 

Marlon Tjamar W. H. Noble 

I'.ates Uuthi- I. .\. Vetty 

I '.cut on Warsaw Garret t ( irootiii-r 

f.ollinger larbli- I Mil ..v A. .T. Uakci- 

IV)one ("oluml)ia P. C. Hiown 

f.uchanan ^l- losei)!! , Wni. H. Kueker... 

i;utlor Poplar Bluff Janus K. llo{:rK 

1 aldweil Kingston : i: S. O. StubblclH-bl 

I'allawav Fulton C. .1. Hisho|) 

lainden Linn (^rc«;k John 1>. Kudst- 

Cape Girardeau lackson Wn>. P.rovvning 

(•;,,roll Cairollton F. \V. Gibson 

I'arler Van Buren J. 10. Oliver 

lass...... llarrisonville ., O. I >. Dutio 

(-..(jjij. -lockton »'. 'I'. <'hiii(h 

Chariton K.y I .-.svilb- .^ Wilks 



CiirisfMn - - O/.ark K. AF. Bishop 

1 ;.rk - - Kiihokii Paul Lakin 

(•i;i\ Liberty Josepii :M. Elsin 

("int. in ; Plattsburg- R. I^. Thurman 

Colo iflVerson Citv Frank Gretlein 

Coopoi- Hoonville Charles Hull 

Crawford '^tcelville - W. L. Clinton 

Diide ';r..nliel(l - B. Cagle 

Dallas P.ulfalo S. T. (.iowei 

Daviess . c,;iiiatin J- Fratikliii Gildoii 

I »..kall> '. Mavsville F- Smith 

Dent „ '-::iUnn W. M. Schafer 

Douylas \va W. F. Oivans 

Dunklin .: K..nnttt J- W. Timberman 

I'lauklin Cuion L- TT. Gehlert 

c.asoonade Hermann J- \V underlicn 

C.'iitrv Albanv Dale Brown 

Creen' luinsHeld T. J Harris 

Crundv Trenton g- f- Kavanaug-h ... 

Harrison n.thany -KT'^'^ J^J^^^^ 

I'enrv -liMlon -^^'''M'^- ,'}.". ?,'?'^'' 

Hickory M-Mmitase J^f- ^- J''^''^"''' 

Alljert W . Seeinaii 

W. N. Chipley 

J. B. Aldrioh 

.Jo • I iirshall 

.irpendenee zz:::::::::":^ ^-"^ •^, iti;'iia^(if^<"i 

Hairx- .1. Mead 


I If) ward 
How. '11 . 



... \ 


.'H.^ - 

•I I 'la ins 

:i I'l i'aii'e 

•rt'ersoM - ' I il Islioro 


J. Li. Forsha 
■R. C. :\rcCorkhill 
"Geo. W. Smith 
■li. K. Mitchell 

•C. K. Hart . 

■Pu.^R Diehl 
".Tesse D. Slaxens 
"William Banta 

H. L. Howell 

Ra.vmon.l H. Bi'a.lx- 

lohi-son ,:s;.urK- :z:::::z:::::::::":^j^'iv^''^ 

K.u.x 10.1 i, , a ^- T. Norris 

Haeleuo ■ .hanon -To';" ^j '^one^ 

r.,afayette ' cxinston 

Lawrence Ml. ^'ernon 

Lewis - ...Mont icfUo 

Lincoln — . Troy 

I. inn Tiinneus 

Livingston ' "h illicothe 

Mr Donald Pineville 

Ma.on la. on 

•^I'-^ilison , Fredericktown ^;,^.,^ ^^ ,^^,,,,. 

^|«n^'^ - -.^ ";nna Samuel A. Cupton 

^.^'■'"" Palmyra p, A. Brummett 

^'f;7«^'- ; rinceton ^ ,,„ Ki„,i^,. 

^j!"*^'- ; : luscumbu, ^. p .lackson 

Mississippi I Muiilestnwn g Hol/er 

Moniteau California Karrv L. Burton 

Monroe Pans P Haight 

.Mont.nomei-y Montgomery City — \V J Williams 

^Tor,^an Versailles A. Kerr 

Now Madrid .• ..- New Madrid (ica W S'aVVon 

Newton Neosho Steve Roa.'h 

Nodaway _Marysvil]e j_ p Millsap 

OroRon - Alton j] .\'. Fergu.son 

Osage Linn G. .\. 

Ozark Gainesville .-W. P. Rob.Mtson 

Pemiscot Caruthersville - -M. A. Nelson 

Perry Perryville "W. H. Fewell 

Pettis Sedalia -... .....f. Warren 

Phelps Rolla - —Oharles T. Mooi e 

Pike Bowling Green ...F. M. Hulett 

Platte Platte City W. T. Pursslley 

Polk ..-. Bolivar H. L. Mitchell 

Pulaski Waynesville — PI, Robinson 

Putnam Unionville E. S. Holt 

Ralls. New London R. .\. Buin.'tt 

Randolph . .: Huntsville . .C. W. Higdon 

Rav Richmond A. T. Shv 


U.-\n()lds CciiUivillf — (J. F. SaiUT 

Ijinley I»oiiiiili;ui ■• .loliii A. LoKsiioii 

upline : . Almsluvll G. F. Saner 

Schuyler - ...l.ancjislor - \V. N. Piles 

i-'c'otland Alcini'tiis - W. M. Ivirkciidall 

Scolt - liiiiloti A. K. Akei's 

Sliannon lOmiiience R. F. Walker — -- 

She'Hv - - Sh(>ll>.\ville (4. l'"ujrene Tui^j^le 

St Charles St. (^liailos ; ; — L. C. Jackson 

St! Clair t».sct^ola -- J. C Hunt .. 

St l""'rancois l-'acinitiiitoii . .,..,.. Lawr. I. Siebi-rt 

Sle. Genevieve Ste. Genevieve .1. F. Willman 

St. Louis , ' a\ Ion 

St Louis Cltv oC St. Louis -.T. B. Cox 

Sloihlard IJIootnli.'l.i -W. K K. lifiu 

Stone • <;aliiia Neal House 

Sullivan M'lati -N. I X Lal'H 

Taney l-'oisvth ..Harry Kellv 

Texas ' : HousOH ,-.- . ..W.W.Marshall 

Vernon •- .\"<>\aila W. G. Shaw 

Warren Waritntun - C. G. Richeson 

VVa'ihinRtoii .t'oto.^^i — Lyman D. Wilcox 

Wavno (ireeiivillo T. L. Edmonds 

Web.ster ^Mars'ifi.'ld -V^. N. Barber 

Voith „.'5iaiii City Vj. C. Hake 

\\-,j,riit ....Ilart\ ille Georse P. W.'iiibreiiii. 


i'()i>uiatM)ii iDi'c— r. iT.r.itn. 

state Capital -Helena. 
Governor — Josejih M. Dixon. 
Lieutenant Cov! rnor X. Story. 
Secretaiy of State — C'.ia.s. T. Stewart. 
State Treas,ii-er -J. W. Walker. 
State .Auditor — George P. Porter. 
Attorney General — Wellington D Rankin. 


Next Election — November 4th, 1924. 

Sheriff's Term— :i years, January. 1922 to 1924. 

<'i>iiii<.t' (Oiiril.v S<-:ir SlicrilV 

I'.fii vorliead liilloii D. F. Mooiiey 

I!ij4 Horn HjiicHii John MacLeod 

Blainf ("hiiiook Harry F. Becker ... 

Uroadwater Townsend C. B. Doggctt 

i":ul)on lied Lodsc T. W. Smith 

Carter Fkahika Geo. S. Bog-gs 

Cascade Circat Falls Rob Gordon 

"^liouteau ''"'ort Benton IT. W. Hainmaker. 

C\ister Miles City Hi Farnum 

I'aniel.s Seobey D. .1. Martin 

l»a\\son Glendivc A. H. Helland 

I'cci- Lodge Anaconda C. L. Bcal 

I'allon 'iaker -. F. F. Ivelling 

I'ngus Tewiston W. R. Woods. Ji-. . 

I'lathoad Kali.siiell U'. R. Martin 

• i.illat in Hozeman C. t^. Rsgar 

Ciarfield Jordan H. F. Myers 

Cljicier '^ut Bank ^ P. .\. Davis 

Coldcii Valley Uyegate Jesse Garlield 

Ciaiiitc l.Pliillilisburg- Fred C. Burks 

1 1 ill Havre H. F. Scliwai tx. 

I' iVcrson Boulder T. I... Locker 

.Iiidith Basin Stanford C. H. Kelly 

l.cwis and Claik Helena Thos. H. Spratt 

l.ilMit.\- Chester ...John H. Morgan 

l.iin-oln 1 ibb>- Frank R. Baney 

A 1 1 Cone Circle Floyd Davis 

Madison \'iiginia City C. \\'. 1 1 ungerford. 

.\lcMi;-hcr ...;. - White Sulphur Springs E. .1. Butler 

Aliiiei'al SuiJerior Wm. La Com be 

Alis.soula Missoula G. A. Cole _ 

.Mn.sru'lshell Roundup Chris. H. Rusch 

I'nrk .^Livingston Tames McClarty ... 

I'liillips , Malta Thos. S. .lolinson... 

I'ondera Conrad Frank Stocke 

Powder River P.roadus ..W. K. Sutter 

rovvell I~)eer Lodge .1. F. Neville 

I'l-iiiie Terry = E. H. Brooks 

li.ivilla Hamilton C. E. Ilogue 

Ilichland Sidney I'^red Sulli\:in 

T!oosevelt Poplar P. J. Nacey 

lidscbud ...Forsyth C. E. Thompson ... 

Sanders Tliompson Falls ;... 1. L. Hartman 

Sliciidan Plentywood O. ,T. Collins 

Silver Bow Butte Larry 'Duagan 

Stillwater Columbus E. B. Fellows 

S« iM'tgfass Big Timber G. B. Long 

I'lton Choteau I. S. Martine 

'l'<>oh> Shelby J. S. .Msup 

'I'reasure Hysham T. .1. Cunningham. 

^'alley Glasgow Chas. Hall 

Wheatland Harlowton L. W. Clark 

Wibaux Wibaux ...A. Barclay 

V. llowslone I'.illihgs F. M. Birelv 



Population 1!)20 — 1,295.502. 

itat) Cap ta! — Linco'ii. 

Governor — Samuel R. McKelvie. 

L'eutenaut Goveiiior P. A. Barrows. 

Secretary of State- -A. M. Anislierry. 

State Treasurer — I). B. Cropsey. 

Slat • \u(litor--Goo. W. Marsh. 

Atto'rjiey deneral — Clarence A. Dav.s. 

Ne.vl i-^iCjlion — November 7th. 11*22. 

Si.eivlT's Term — 2 years. January. I'.i21 to January, l!t23. 

CoMiil.t t.'«niii(> .•«o;it SluTlir 

.\<l.inii3 ll;tsliii;;s . .. - \V. A. Colo (U) 

AMlelul)C .Noliyll . I. A. Sulloii (li ) 

Arthur County Artliur Chas. Berryman 

B.'inner iiaii isbur.^; I'ulrick O'tJrady 

lUaino iliowster ll. S. Yost ( U) 

l!oone Ml.'ou F. F. Willott (R) 

Box Butte x.iiaiui' ). VV. Miller (K) 

Boyd lauu- Frank Heenaii (!>) 

Brown \ii,s>\ miii John VV. ijloneckei- (i)> 

Buffalo Kiaimy ... . ..i,.. ..>/ 

Burt Tekainah liaii s^iiuineM (In 

Butler J»avi.i i'ii.\ i. .i. West tU) 

Cass l'laiisiiiui,i u i". IJ. tiiihiioii (I;; 

Cedar tlai l iii;4i "ii -. J'avid 10. AlcFadil.'ii (l>» 

(Miase Iniixrial K. Ahilcolm <K) 

Cluirv Valentine : .1. U'. O'Kourke 

Chevi'iine Sidney C. M. Halm 

Clay «May Center ). s\ . -Md )aiiiels ilM 

Colfax Sohuyler Uh.n \V. Seiord (1>) 

Cumins? \\ « St Point -los. K. Harlunek (i>) 

Ouster Kiuken Bow Arthur G. Sexton (D) 

Dakota inuvota City Ceo. Cain 

Dawes Chadron \- c. 'Palhot <K) 

Dawson Lexington \ rt CanneUi (l>) 

Denel Chappell 1''. <5. Hiiiton 

Dixon I'onca .Aii.licw P.^t.-rson (K) 



1 'odf^ro l'"re'nont A. H. Maskell 

I'oiiiAius Omahii W. C. Condit (U) 

I'liiio.N - Benkelman -Mike Ckirk (ID 

1 illinoie JenevH A. H. SneJekei- (Ki 

I i.tMM.ii Rloomington (;;, J. ^V'arnel• i U) 

I'rontier -toc-kville R. F. Walker (I)) 

I'urnas Beaver City C. A. Hudson 

iJa^e Beatrice W. T. Ceilings (K) 

Garden Oshkosh J. L. Schick (i:) 

Carfield Burwell R. H. Smith 

<Josper Elwood F. M. King 

'Miini Hyannia G. W. Woolard OO 

• ireeley Greelev Center Albert Metcalf (U) 

luui Grand Island '. J. L,. Gallagher (D) 

Hamilton Aurora John E. McCutchan (TI) 

llailan Alma G. A. Starkev (II) 

M.iyos Hayes Center J. R. West (R) 

llilclicock Tienton M. N. liiennan (R) 

i.olt O'Neill Relor W. Lniftv il>) 

llcoker Mullen jj. L. Dution (K) 

I uwanl St. i'aul \\\ H. Atv\oo<l (K) 

'.>"crson Fairbury — !•'. M. 1'i|ii>iti (\\) 

lohrson 'recumsch lOhner Xt-lson i K) 

i\'(>anie,\ Mitiden C. A. Wilson ( D » 

K'i'ith Offallala Geo. N. Ikisct (Im 

'soya Paha 'nrinerview Frank Stanleton (li) 

Kimball Kimball O. E. Forsling- 

Knox '"enter Chas. R. Hart (K> 

Kaiicaster f inooln Ira Miller 

Lincoln North Platte A. J. Salisl)ur\- (U) 

l.o-aii Gaiidv E. IT. Potter (D) 

I iui|) -Taylor W. G. llelmkanip (R) 

McPherson Tryon Court Cash (R) 

Madison Madison C. S. Smith 

Merrick 'entra! City C. E. riark 

''(M'ril "^J' i(1«»'i>ort ...- Koy Neuman 

Xance I'^iillerton Chas. 10. Peterson (R) 

.Vomaha Vuhurn Chas. H. Davis (Rt 

Nuckolls Nelson C. C. Gate.'^ (P) 

itoe ^'ebraska City - - E. H. Fischer ( PD 

I'awnee ''awnoc City .Tobii C. McCluns (lit 

I'orkins Grant Luther McCorniiclc ( Ki 

['helps MriMrodne G. .\. .Vuderson ( K) 

IMerce Pierce E. A. Kinkaid (R) 

I'latte Columbus D. C. Kavanaush {!">) 

I'liik Osceola Pavid S. Potter (R) 

i;cd Willow -McCook Ed. Flitcraft (R) 

Kicbardson .Falls City R. R. .\rcNulty (R^ 

Tiock Passett J. R. Leonard (Rt 

Saline Wilbur H. A. Greer (D) 

.^aipy Papillion S. Peters 

--auiiders ....Wahoo Jerry Dai ley (D) 

.^( ott's Bluff GorinpT P. H. Koenig (R') 

^-'(■ward Seward Louis W. Richmond (R> 

Slieridan ..Rushville R. M. Ri-uce (R) 

Slierman T,oup City L. A. Williams 

Sioux Harrison Geo. W. Hill (lo 

Stanton Stanton ...Eli Best (R) 

Thayer Hebron Wm. R. Hall (R) 

Thomas ...Thedford Nick Shriner (D) 

■Phurston Pender Fhas. W. RutleilKe 

\'allev Ord Geo. S. Rounds 

WashinjETton ...Blair Maurice Mehren.'; rD~» 

Wavne Wavne O. C. Lewis (R) 

Webster Red Cloud Frank Huffer (D) 

Wheeler Bartlett •.... los. .\. Kinney 

York Vork Ia\ «". Miller (R) 



Population 192!) -77,407. 

State Capital — Carson City. 

Governor — Emmitt D. Boyle. 

Lieutenant Governor — Maurice J. Sullivan. 

Secretary of State — George Brodigan 

State Treasurer — Ed. Malley. 
State Auditor — Geo. A. Cole. 
• Attorney General — Leonard B. Fowler. 
Next Election — November 7th, 1922. 
Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January, 1921 to January, 192; 

Coiiiltieiii Coiiiit.v !S4>iit.<< Slierilf 

(Miuicliill -Kallon Janics Smith 

Clark —Las Veyas Sam Cay 

Douglas -.-.Mind en Chris. NieKsfii 

KIko Elko J. C. Hani.s 

lOsmeralda GoMflelil W. A. Ingalls 

lOuielia Eureka Martin Malionc.N- 

Ifumboldt .Winnemucca Geo. W. Brady 

r.andor .Austin J. A. Parker 

l.iKoln Piotho Chas. CulVerwell 

I.<yon _.,Yering-ton - D. P. Randall 

Mineral -...Hawthorne Fred B. Balzar 

Nye Tonoi>ali W. H. Thoma.s 

( »rmsby „.,. Carson City Jos. H. Stern 

Pershing Lovelock .1 1. A. Juisenson 

Storey \irginia City Thos. J. Hurley 

Washoe Reno .Tohn D. Hillhouse 

White Pine Ely H. C. Nicholson 


4 I 'I 

m:\\ h\mi»shihk 

I'opulation 19 2(1 — 4 4:5.08;j 

State Capital — Concord. 

Governor — Alvert O. Brown. 

Secretary of State — E. C. Bean. 

Treasurer — John W. Plm 

Attorney General — O. S. Young. 

Next Election — November 7th, llt22. 

Slieriff"s Term — ■' vpsrt; T-iiiiin.-i- i(i-)i * t 

_ \eais. jcinuaiy. 1!>21 to January, 1923. 


<-'«»iiiity Scat 

l^elknap Laconia 

^arroll Ossipee ... 

Cheshire Kftne 

;>oi [.ancaster 

t'rf/ton WoodviUo 

Ilillsboro Nashua 




Strafford Dover ii®'i°?, '^j 

Sullivan V^wl ,.,r ^J,t^ ^- ^ 

-^" " ' '" t .....Albert J. 


P'rfflfii.k I). Klliott. 
.Edwin l'". Leavitt 
KdwarrJ H. Lord 
George W. Brown.... 
Claude AI. Murray 

John T. ODowd '. 

George A. Wooster .... 

Cey^on^ Spinney 



4 20 



Population 1920 — 3,155,374. 

State Capital — Trenton. 
Governor — Edward I. Edwards. 

Secretary of State — T. F. Martin. 
State Treasurer — Wm. F. Read. 
Comptroller — Newton A. K. Bughee. 
Attorney General — Thos. F. McCran. 
Next Election — November 7th, 1!>22. 

Sheriff's Term — 3 years, elected different times. 

( oiiiity t«>iiiit.\ 

Atlantic Ma.v.s LiiiKtiui, 

I'.ergen r^Hck^•ll.s;.( k 

I'.urlinpton Alount 1 lolly 

Camden Camden 

Cape May ''ape .Ma\- ('(..I 

Cnmborland I'.iiil;;vi ..n 

i:.sscx Newark 

(llnucestpr Wood I) my 

1 hi.Lsi.ii Jersey Cay 

1 1 mil el-. Ion - Fl.'Miin^;loii 

.\l(Mi(.r Trenton 

Middlesex N'.w l;itins\\ i. 

ATonmouth l''ieohoUl 

^Tnl■l■is MoriisToan 

( ncan Toiiia l!iver 

rassaie ralerson 

Salem Saloiii 

Somerset Soine!\il!e 

sn.s.ssex - Newton 

t'nion I'lli/.abcth 

\\ ai Ti'ii r.i-lvtdero 

siioi iir 

-Malr.ihn I ;. W , ,(i,! i ii it' 

.!■ s,|ih Kin/.l.-y. .J i 

lO.lwai.l II. I'laui;-, .Ir. 

Isaiah S. Ilal.'h 

.Mead Tcnlln 

.liiScph S. 'riirnei- 

Sanuii-1 1'". Wilson 

Scalah T. Clark , 

'riiiiinas .\Faili.^an 

.\rlluir W. lOn.Liiaiid.... 

Wallt-r l'"irth. Sr 

i:inicr i:. \\'.\rkoir 

W.ilt.r II. Ci avail 

I'll lifllicrt l!.\iam .... 

Harold ('hafe>- 

.loll 11 Mel 'iilcheon 

.Mirt-d I\. nrandriff 

I'.osart T. Conkling- 

Llnii.s I',. I-ittoH 

Ccol-Kc 11. .l(.lilisloM...., 
Thomas II. Ha\-.-s 



i'opnhit on 1 !i2(» — 260,24 7. 
State Capital — Santa Fe. 
Ctjvernor — Merrill ('. Mechem. 
Lieutenant Governor -W. H. Duckworlli. 
Secretary of State — M. Martinez. 
State Treasurer Clias. I'. Strong. 
Stat3 Auditor — Edward L. SalTord. 
Attorney General — Harry S. Bowman. 
Next Election — Novemlier 4th, 1924. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years. January, lit 21 to January, 1H2 

(')Miiil,v <'«Miiil.t Scat Slifi'iir 

Ueinalilo Mbuquerque \iitoiiio C Urti/. 

Chave.s tioswell John C. Peck 

t.'olfax - Katon Aht; Hixenbaiigh 

Curry Clovis S. i). Dean 

De Baca Ft. Sumner J. C. Dunlap 

iJona Ana ' as Ci'uces Joso H. Lucero 

Eddy Carlsbad George \V. Bat I on 

Grant HiUer City John E. Casey 

Guadalupe Santa Uosa Juan Sena 

flidalgo Lordsbuig Osiar Allen 

Lea — Lovingtoii R. F. Love 

Lincoln Carrizozo Ed. W. Harris 

Luna Diniing- P. L. Smyer 

McKinley Gallup J. H. McCamant 

Mora .Mora Sabino Lopez 

Otei-o .-Mamog'ordo Howard Beachain 

Qua.v Tucumcari Ernest Simpson 

Itio Arriba Titira Amarilla Manuel A. Gallegos 

Hoosovell - - I'oitalcs - Jess McCoimack 

Saiidoxal Bernalilo Mariano G. Montoya 

San Juan Aztec J. C. Wynn 

San MIg'uel Las \'ej<as Secundiiio Romero 

Santa l''e Santa Fe John Shoemaker 

Si(M ra Hil'lsboro Neil Sullivan 

Socorro -.. -..•. Socorio V. V. Tafoya 

'I'aos Taos Manuel O. Tru.iillo 

'I'di-rani-f Estancia Jolin Block 

In ion Clayton Daniel T. Ttoberts 

\;i'iii.i;i ......Los Faunas .Jnscpii P. Tondre 



\K\V ^OKK 

ropulation 1920 — 10,384,829. 

State C'apital — Albany. 
Governor — Nathan L. Miller. 
Lieutenant Governor — J. Wood. 
Secretary of State — J. J. Lyons. 
State Treasurer — N. M. Marshall. 
State Auditor — James Wendall. 
Attorney General — Chas. D. Newton. 
Next Pjlection — Novemlicr. 1!>22. 
Sheriff's Term — 2, :! and t years. 


mil t : 



-Mtiany VUkiiin - l''i;mk Coss 

Allfg'any llchiHint .Kdolpli BUiestone 

Hroome' I !i ii,L;lia :nl o;i ..(i.o. VV. I'<.iiiu" 

Uronx ■- Tliomas 11. ()'Keil 

t'attaraugus Lit He \ 

Cayuga \viliin n 

Chautauqua Ma.vvil'c 

Chemung - lOlmira 

Chenango .Voi \\ i( ■ 

Clinton I'laltsli iru 

Columbia lluilson 

Coi tland "ortlan 1 

l)eliiware Oellii 

Outcliess I'Ollgllkecpsio 

Krio I >c;f\v 

lOssi'N ...; : I li/al)<■tllto^\•n l''irMl l>ashnaw 

Kiankiin ' ni'' Frank S. Steeiibeige 

I-^ultnn ....".!!!"!"""""" (. 1 stdii - Lee H. Ingram 

Genesee : iv'a Daniel I... ICliott 

Greene ..ZZ"!"!"!^ ' -.iskill ..!...; tMui-L.^ \\ ;is<)orn 

Hamilton: l-ake Pleasant Ileniy I >. Kellogg 

Herkimer Ileikimer '■ - '-'"i 'i .V,'*^'^'^ 

.lefferson W .-il ertowii '■ rmsi S (..Melle 

Kings ''.looklyn o'ni i Mesfher 

J ,e w is I ." \\ \ i I le 

11(1 I . .Miiliery 

I'.anU W. Il.iidrick 

.Ihi>. .s McCallum 

l'\ 10. Houts 

II. Fred Hovey 

\. ili.;iiii I I Coifoy 

■■"■ • ■'. 1 ''I; '■.I'tpi-. ,lr. 

Uollin K. Wright 

l.ii e L. \ a n Ueriiia i 
IS I", ^ll1 ■house 

William F. Waldoiv 

■ 11 Uo' 



l/viii,^slon <ieneseo William Mann 

.»!:i(lisaii \\aini>sville lOrwin K. Cumining's 

.\io:iioi' - Wotliester Fi-ederick S. Couchman. 

.\k,iimo nor\- '.'"onda Seely Hodge 

Xas.-au - iinooia Oliai-lftS VV. Smith 

Xc'W Voik - Xivv York i:)a\id IJ. Knott 

Niagara I.ockport A. C. Bigelow 

(int'ida Utica A. W. I'ickard 

Onondaga ^^.\ lacuse Edward Ten l''k 

Ontario <;'anandaigua Oeoige K. Clohecy 

Orange (Joshen ..- ..William M. Leonanl 

Orleans \lbion J- Scott Porter 

Osweg-o Oswego, Pulaski Hicliard W. Sluil/, 

Otsego Cooperstown Fred S. Williams 

r'utnam (\vrmel Henry B. Stepliens 

Queens Jamaica John Wagner 

Rensselaer Troy -.John H. Mclntyre 

Richmond Richinond ..William K. Walsh 

Rockland New City Alexander H. Merritt 

Saratoga Ballston Spa Daniel D. Snell 

Schenectady ,«,Schenectady Daniel Manning 

Schoharie Schoharie Wm. Granby 

Scliuyler Watkins Louis K. Kenyon 

Seneca Waterloo Charles P. Seely 

Steuben liath Frank L. Nolton 

St. Jjawronce Canton Lawrence Fish beck 

SullVilk ilivcrhcad John F. Kelly 

Sulli\an Monticello George D. Pelton 

TiuKa - OWfgo Arthur E. Hunt 

'I'o.'iij.kins - Ithaca Fay Skilling 

Ulster —.Kingston Win. H. KoUc 

Warren Lake George Richard J. P.oltun 

Washington Hudson Falls Fred A. Browp 

Wayne Lyons lohn Newman 

Wcstihester - White Plains George .1. \\\iiier 

Wyoming Warsaw , ..Nathaniel M. (.^onger 

■^'alc-H Penn Yan Case W. Blodgett 


Poi)ulalion 19 20 — 2,5 56.4 8 6. 

State Capital — Raleigh. 

Governor — Cameron Morrison. 

Lieutenant Governor -W. B. Cooper. 

Secretary ol State — J. B. Grimes. 



State Treasurer — B. II. Lacey. 

State Aud tor — Baxter Durham. 

Attorney General — James S. Manning 

Next Elect 0:1 — November 4th, 1!)24. 

Sheriff's Term — 


<'<Miiii.> Sfjir 


Alamiince (Jraham ('. I >. Story 

Alexander Tayloi'sville AV'. 11. Car.sou 

Alleghany : Sparta J. R. Grouse 

Anson Waclesboro W. S. Braswoll 

.\.she Icfl'orson J. W. Hampton 

.\v('ry Nowlanrl J. D. Braswell 

I'.iaufoit VA'ashington lames H. Harris 

It.itio VViiiflsoi- .1. \\'. Cooper 

Hladon lOlizabeth to \vn J. M. Clark 

I'l luiswick Sun I h poit I'\ I.iiindon Lewis 

lUinconibe -... \slir\ilU- .lolin A. Lyerley 

r.iirki' . Morganton Dixn .\. .Tohnson 

'jiliaini.s Concord (^. I,. Spears 

t'aMw.ll .: L.'noir J. .\. Triplett 

I'anuliii Camden W, IM. I'^orlies 

(^iitenl l!i-:nifint T. I\l. 'I'lioinas. .1 1-. 

Caswell ...- ^■:l IV «■> vil k' I. H. (Junn 

<'atawba Xcwton .Iiio. VV. Alanser 

Chatham rinslxtro .. O. W. Blair 

Cherokee \Inr|ili\- W. I'. Odom 

Chowan lOilcnloii (!. W. Coodwin 

Clay I l;i\ . sville lOd. Kitfliens 

Cleveland Sli.n,.\ II. A. Logan 

Columbus - \\ h ii i-\ill.' I. < >. .\inin(in.'^ 

Craven .\'i w ii. in .las. I >. Williams 

Cumberland - I'a v .11 .v il !,■ . N. II. .Mi-Ceai-h.v 

dirrltuck ''iiiiluck M. K. I-'loia 

I >ate Manici) L. O. I'^arrow 

l'a\idson Icxin.g'ton I'hed C. Sink 

Davie .Mo;-U sville G. I'\ \\'in<M<)tT 

Duplin K'e!iaiisville Clias. M. Ingiaiu 

Durham Mnihani John F. IIar\\,.oil 

]-Ml"ecombe I'.irlnnr) .lessc \\'. Tlioniis 




County Seat 



• Jastoii .. 

• iraham 

.Winston-Salem George W. Flynt 

.Louisburg- H. A. Kearney 

.Gastonia J. W. Carroll 

.Gatesville C M. Lawrence 

,i;obbinsville G. W. Shuler 

'Jranvillo .Oxford E. I>. Hunt 

'Sreenc , Snow Hill J. E. Herring 

''lUilford Greensboro David B. Staffoi.l 

Halifax Halivas J. A. House 

Harnett Lillington J. W. McArtan 

Haywood Waynesville J. F. Cabe 

Henderson Hendersonville V. E. Grant 

Hertford Winton B. Scull 

Hake Raeford Edgar Hall 

Hyde Statesville Harry O'Neal 

Iredell tatesville M. P. Alexander 

Jackson Webster E. L. Wilson 

.lohnstoii Smithfield W. J. Massey 

.tones Trenton J. R. \Vesthionl< 

hee Sanford L. C. Rossor 

Lenoir Kinston A. W. Taylor 

r.incoln Lincolnton \V. B. Abenu'lliv 

-McDowell Marion .1. K Xicliols 

Macon Franklin Alex. Moore 

Madison Aliirshall J. -T. Baley 

Martin William.ston H. T. Robeisnn 

.MeL'kleiiburg Charlotte .....W. O. Cochrane 

Mitchell .nakci-svillf f. (". Pritchard 

Montgomery .Troy - G. W. Stuart 

.Moore Carthage ...D. Al. Blue 

Nash X.ishville — J. L.. Cornwell 

New Hanover ^ Wilmington Geo. C. Jackson 

Northampton Jackson H. L.. Joyner 

Onslow lacksonville J. R. Gurganus 

f>range Hillsboro L.. Bun Lloyd 

Pamlico Payboio -— W. H. Pickles 

T'asfiuotank lOli/abcth City Charles Reld 

Pender Btirgaw ...]\. T. Murray 

Perquimans Hertford Whit G. Wright 

Person Roxboro .T. M. O'Briant 

Pitt - Cifonville ..E. R. Dudley 

I'd Ik Columbus ; I'rank .Tack son 

l;;niiloli)h Ashboro J. A. Brady 

P.ichmond Rockingham R. L. McI>onald 

Uobt'son ...Lumbfi-ton ....R. K. Lewis 

Rockingliam — AA'ont wortli A. P. Sands 

Rowan Salisbury .....T. II. Kridcr 

Rutherford - Ruthcifordton J. W. Bcason 

Sampson C:iinton N. .\. Williams 

Scotland Lanrinburg W. D. McLaurin 

Stanl>- \lbemarle J. .J. Morton 

Siokos Danbury E. O. Shelton 


Siirrv -...Dobson •.: W. Tv. .\ll)city 

SvvaTn ..". ..-. Brvson City W. M. Iiriliiii 

Transylvania Hi ovarr) ....:.»•."..;.:. 1 't-i !a ( i i I'lisiiaw c 

Tyrell Columbia ..., ..-..• lo.s. !■]. KexnoWis 

I'nion Monroe .... , ' "lifoi i1 l-'ow h r 

Vance , : I'enderson ,.,; ..:-'. l. S. KoxsUm- 

^Vake IJaleigh It. Bryant ITairis< 

Wai-ren AN'arrcnton .....:.. It. K. l^avis 

Washinisrton IMymouth .1. i;. Iti.ui 

Watausa Boone J. JO. Young- 
Wayne Goldsboro \V. D. Grant 

Wilkes Wilkesboro W. O. Woodrnrt' 

Wilson Wilson B. v:. Howard 

Yadkin Yadkinville C. E. .Moxley 

Yanc-o\' Burnsville ^. S. Roland 


Population 1920 — 645,730. 
State Capital — Bismarck. 
Governor — Lynn J. Frazier. 
Lieutenant Governor — Howard R. Wood. 
Secretary of State — T. Hall. 
State Treasurer — John Steen. 
State Auditor — D. C. Poindexter. 
Attorney General — W^ni. Lemke. 
Next Election — November 7th, 19 22. 
Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January. 1921 to January. 192:i, 

County Comity Sosit ShcrilK 

•\''ains Hettinger (. .). Solem 

Barnes Valley City lin.^ebret Lai-son 

Benson Minnewaukon John l". Tlandall 

•killings Medora T. G. Krklund 

Bottineau Bottineau Thos. Ilennessi^\- 

Bowman •. Bowman C. E. .Toyoe 

'•'"fl^f Bow be lis .Andrew Nelson 



nurlei.^rli Bismarck .TloHn Welch 

< ass — Fargo J''red A. ICramtr 

<'avali('r Laiigdon 1ori-.\- Kclland 

Mickey Kllendale ':. Geor.g-e W. Sears 

I )ivide Crosby Olto i'ctci son 

I >nnn Manning John Brown 

Iddy - N>w Rockford Ole :Mattson 

lOmmons ...L.inton ^ Kdw". Miller 

I'oster Carrington Allen R. Mall 

<!olden Valley Beach Leonard Stock wdl 

Oiand Forks Grand Forks :....C. C. Stewart 

("ii ant Car>"on , 1 >on Stevenson 

firing's '-ooperptown JCniil Nelson 

lU-ttinger Mott ,, Gustav A. Buehler 

K'idder Steele :.. Olaf Lindseth 

T.aMoure LaMoure '. IC. \V. Christ 

T,og-an Vapoleon Andreas Baltzer 

McHenry Towner John \V. Colby 

Mcintosh Ashley Wni. .1. Pudwill 

McKenzie Sehafer S. A. ThoiTii)son 

IMcLean Washburn Ole H. Stetferud 

.Mercer Stanton b^dw. Walbauin 

Morton Man dan John Brady 

Mountrail Stanley Forrest Rice 

Xelson Lakota I. on is Bakke 

I diver Center Henry Cordes 

I'embina Cavalier F. F. Hamiltoe. 

Pierce Rug-by C. E. Harnit 

Kanisey Devils Lake Kd. Elliott 

I lansoin Lisbon Peder Hill 

Itenville Mohall lames McKeclui'e 

rtichland U'ahpeton Gust Selland 

Rolette Rolla T. L, Marcotte 

Sargent Forman O. H. Flodos 

Sheridan McCUisky ..Ernst Siegele 

Sioux l^ort Yates Chas. B. Gayton 

Slope Amidon A. C. Slade 

Stark _nickin3on Geo. J. Brown 

Steele Finley Albert Sparrow 

SI utsman Jamestown Dana Wright 

'I'owner Cando Vhom Oakland 

Trail Hillsboro Car] So rum 

Walsh Grafton F. A. Mach 

Ward Minot '.A. P. Scofield 

Wells ICssenden W. E. .Takle 

Williams ^^■illiston C. C. Mackenrj T 


Population lit 20 — 5.75f).?,6S. 

State Capital — Colunihus. 

Governor — Harry L. Davis. 


Lieutenant Governor — Clarence J. Brown. 
Secretary of State — Harvey C. Smith. 

State Treasurer— R. W. Archer. 

State Auditor — Joseph T. Tracy. 

Attorney General — John G. Price. 

Next Election — November 7th, 19 22. 

Sheriffs Term — 2 years, January, 1921 to January, 19 23. 

County C'oiiiit.v Sent Sheriff 

Ailaiiis Union Chas. C. Tettit 

Allen Lima Charles W. Baxter 

Ashland - .\shland Charles Barr 

Ashtabula - Icfferson R. C. Eldred 

Athens \thens Herb .1. Parker 

Auglaize VVapahoneta Robert Ewig 

Belmont St. Clairsville R. T. Lynch 

Brown • Geoigetown Eclg^er H. Neu 

Butler Hamilton 1J. r.niiliiich 

■Carroll Carrollton It. M. Haye.s 

■Champaig-n I'rbana Irving JMt- Robert a 

Clark Stuingfleld David T. .Jones 

Clermont Ratavia lohn H. Rapp 

Clinton 1 Wilmington A\'ill Kirk 

Columbiana Lisbon Conur Ticwis 

Coshocton Coshocton lOi-nost l>arr 

Crawford" Bucyrus '"'-. ■L Knappenberger 

■Cuyahog'a Cleveland C. ]'.. Saiinard 

Darks Greenville Tod Wagner 

Defiance Defiance ' 'hailos Zosche 

Delaware Delaware V. I,. .Mkire 

i;rie Sandusky loliii B. Taylor 

I'air field - liancaster Cliarlcs .1. Spicrky 

I ayotte Washington \'. B. Hall 

("tankliii Columbus !''i;iiU L. Holj-cross ... 

I'm Hon Wai'seoii 'tflx it t'ord 

■C,allia C'lallipolis <'. If. Swan son 

Ceauga Chaidon Wn). II. Radcliff 

>< 1 reene '. Xenia I-. r^undei-V/r.'f jr 

•I itiernsc.v Cambridg-e ". -M. Mi'vodith 

I la mil ton Cincinnati P'ri-d BadtT 

llancocU I'indlay t>'rank 10. Hoy 

I lardin Kenton Klnu-r 10. .lolmson 

Harrison Cadiz < ). K. Martin 

Jlenry Napoleon Marry I.,(nvr.v — 



Highland Hillsboro R. C. Chweinsbersei" 

Hof kiii^ T^og^an Chas. E. Larimer 

Holmes Milleisburg: Robert Henderson ..- 

Huron Xoiwalk Reese 

Jackson _.Jackson W. G. Davis 

.loirerson ateubenville E. D. Lucas 

Knox Mount Vernon Burr H. Lytle 

Lake Painesville Ora M. Spink 

Lawrence Ironton C. W. Dement 

Licking: iNevvarlt , B. A. Bryan 

l.)ffan _Bellefontaine Homer O. Kennedx 

Lorain >Elyria _ N. D. Backus 

Lucas Toledo John T. Taylor 

Madison .London L. E. Robisen 

Alalionin.^- Young'stown Benjamin F. Moitib 

Alarioii Marion Frank A. Washburn 

AL'dina Medina P. C. Bieelow 

Ahi^^s Pomeroy Wilber A. Reeves 

All rcer Celina Geo. M. Belz 

Aliami - Troy C. B. llerr 

Alonroo Woodsfield Clias. D. Barker 

A Ontsoniory Dayton Jaims i;. l'kmcK 

Aloigan MiConnolsville W. i;. Slal i.-^uiitii 

Alorrow Mt. Gilead , Win. I; '.'oiw m 

Aluskiiiijruin Zanesvllle Harry (Jarrett 

.\<il»lo Caldwell Ttile Groves 

i>lta\va Port Clinton (). J. .Siaikloff 

I'luldiiis' F'aulding ('. E. Huglies 

I''ir.\- Now Lexington Robf. Minsluill 

I 'iikaway I'ircleville loe West 

I'ik.- Waverly ('. A. McUley 

I'liriuKo Ilavenna J. W. Stevens 

ri.lilc iLaton Gt'oryc W. Jones 

I 'lit nam Ottawa , \V. .T. Lainmers 

Kiclilaiiil .- Alauslield Clias, Colliua-. 

Koss Cliillicotlie Alfred Immell. Jr. .. 

."^.induskx- Friunont — C> C Ballaivl 

Siioto Portsmoutli Isrnest E. Rickey .. 

Hcn.oa TilTin loseph W. Parks 

Slulliv .S;ilii.'d !•". W- Clalk 

SI ark Canton Milo W. Cathon 

.Suiiinui \kion P. ^^. Hutch i)i£?o:i 

'rrunitiuU Warren Evan E 'I'liomius 

'ruscarawas Now Philadelpliia Geo. W. Shonk 

r nil 111 Marysville t'^rank Collier 

Van Writ •- \'an Wort T. C. Sells 

\infon All-Arthur : Henry Sockel 

\\ ai i( 11 Lebannon Morrow Brant 

\\'as!iiii:;ton Marietta A. E. Roberts 

Wa.N n.- - AA'ooster .: Geo. Lautzenheiser 

Williams P.i yan Lewis T. Perkins ... . 

Wood Lowling Green .John B. Shoecraft .. 

Wyandot — Sandusky John H. Swarts 

j:;() INTEKNATL I'Ol.lCK & DLTECTIVK 1)! RK('T( )i; V 

OKI.\HU>3 ^ 

I'opulation 1920 — 2,027,564 

State Capital — Oklahoma City 
Governor — J. B. A. Roliinson. 
Lieutenant Governor — M E. Tiapp. 
Secretary of State — Joe L. Morris. 
State Treasurer -/. N. Leecratt. 
■ State Auditor — Frank Carter. 
Attorney General — S. P. Freeling. 
Next Election — November 7th, 1922. 
Slieriff's Term — 2 years, .January, 1921 to January, 1928. 

Coiiiit.v f'oiinty Sent ShcrilV 

Ailaii- - Stillwell \k-s Tiiulle 

AUalfa Cherokee J. It. McCrady 

Atoka Atoka - I. W. Phillips 

r.cuver Heaver - H. K. Bricls'e^vatei 

Beckham Sayre . < '. II. Coiie 

Blaine VVatonK-i Cec). Massie 

Bryan Ourant lluel Taylor 

Caddo «- AnailaiU. .loshua Cox- 
Canadian Kl IveiK. Jack Pmith 

Carter ArUnioii' UicK (Jarrett 

Cherokee - Tahlequah . C.eorse K. Gourd 

Choctaw Hugo K. B. FitzserakI 

Ciniairon Boise Cii\ i'\ A. Soutar 

Cleveland Norman W. H. Newhlock 

Coal Coalgat( \. >\'. Ki e.-man 

Comanche Lawton Ci-o. 11. l<"rainiitoii 

Cotton Walter I. D. Kerr 

Ciaii;- Vinita - Sam Hidenour 

Creek Sapulpa I >. B. IJviiij,'-ston 

Custer \rapaho ben H. Monroe 

Delaware Jay _ Ken 1<\ yautli 

P)ewey Taloga C. C. .loiies 

Ellis" Arnett James Haslem 

Garfield . Fnid t'- F. Pewins' 

Garvin ... Pauls A^alley .. <". 1''. ^Vo!iey 


Oiadv Chickasha Matt Saiikev 

Oraiit - Ml fHord W. Baty 

OreiT ATans'iin -.. A\'. M. 'I'liton 

llarmnii , Hollis \ A ll-.ilon 

Harper Buffalo SIum-ii Co-krell 

Haskell Stigler <-'.i<\ W. Wyers 

Hughes Holdenville -'a -i B. 'l'i;rner 

Jackson Altus I. L. I-Jnslish 

.Tefferson -. "Waurika A\'. -J. Ballard 

.lohiiston Tishoming'o T. R. Oibson 

Kay „ Newkirk Dan A. Bain 

K iii^HsluM' ;-- - King'fisher John O. Mize 

K'owa "'chart C. K. Lee 

Latimer \i!burton 1 \V. S. Klliott 

r,e Flore ''oteau .lolm Hunt , 

'/in<oln ''handler H. Ij. T:?iov\'n 

Losan .. ^(ithrie Kd. flobertson 

Love ... Vlarietta F. N. Smith 

MeCiaiii Puroell .loirtnie E. Ratliff 

AlePurtai' Ulabel A. \V. Kelker 

■•' I'ltos'i '•■:• frill la • . M. B. Aloure 

M'lio?- '•''a'rv'ew John I. Horn 

\Ta:s''an Madill Julin Glenn 

Mayes I'ryor . ■ >i .'\ I I'-fhfield 

■^'t'ira.\' Sulphur ... C. H. I'aiks 

Muskopree Mi'skopree J. l>. Bobbins 

\nhip I'erry Wni. Kicker 

Xnwafa ^'osyata N. !■'. Glllespey 

Okfuskee Okemah L. M. Collier 

Oklahoma <>klahoma Cit\- .. Ben Hansey 

Okmulg-ee '^>kmulsree Lon Kuhn 

Osa.^e Pawhuska Harve Fi-eas 

Ottawa Miami Keil Harr 

Pawnee Pawnee C. W. Scott 

Payne Stillwater O. R. Lilley 

PittshursT - McAlester W. S. Sanders 

Pong-otoc Ada Bob Duncan 

Pottawatomie ". Tecumseh G. C. Butler 

Pushmataha .Antlers Neyins Kirkpatrick 

Uoger Mills Cheyenne Bob Brown 

Rogers Claremore John M'. Green 

Seminole W'ewoka Cbafley Brown 

Soiiuo>;',!i "-'alisa.v C.^Nf. Gay 

Stephens Duncan E. H. Rhyne 

Texas Guymon C. A. Leeman 

Tillman Frederick E. J. May 

Tulsa Tulsa Wm. McCullough 

AWi.goner Wagoner _ J. M. Corgan 

Washington Bartlesville Andrew Henderson 

AVashita Cordell W. H. Dean 

Woods AUa H. H. Hodgson 

Woodward A^'oodward H. M. Bowers 



Population 1920 — 783,389. 

State Capital — Salem. 

Governor — Ben W. Olcott. 

Lieutenant Governor — President of Senate. 

Secretary of State & Auditor — S. A. Kozer. 

State Treasurer — ;0. P. Hoff. 

Attorney General — I. H. \'an Winkle. 

Next Election — Noveml)er 7th, 19 22. 

Rlu rill's Term — 2 years, January. 1921 to January, 1923. 

(oiiiiO Sc:it 






Columbia — . 




Deschutes .. 





ITood River 


.U-fferson .-. 
.Insephine - 
Klamath .... 



...I'.akii- Gio. A. Herbert .. 

...('orv;illis P. N. Warfleld 

...< >rtSon Cit.N' VVm. .T. Wilson .... 

...Astoria Ole Nelson 

...St. Helens .T. H. Wellington 

...Coquille K. P. KllinKsiii .. 

...T^rinoville Olie H. Olson 

...Gold Beach F. .T. Huntley 

...I'.end S. E. Roberts .... 

...Kosel)Ui-K- S. W. Starmci- 

...Condon Elmer Montague 

-..Can.x'on Cit.N' C. .T. Bingha:n .... 

..I'.iirns - W. .\. Goodman.. 

MimmI Ki\-.i- T, I"'. .Tohnsoii .... -UsonvilU" C. 10. Terrill 

....Madias H. C. Toppiiif;- .... 

...Grants Pass Geo. W. Lewis.... 

..K'laniath trails F.loyd Ti. Low 

...l.:ikivie\\ R. E. Woodcock.. 

...!■; II Lie lie - F. G. SticKlcs .. 


1 iu' olii Toledo - Mrs. M. Simpson. 

Liiiii - Mbaiiy C. M. Kendall 

Mallioui- Vale H. Lee Noe 

Maiion Salem O. I>. Bower 

Moi low - Heiipner Geo. McDuft'ee ... 

.Vliiitnomah Portland T. M. Hurlburt ... 

I'olk Dalla.s John W. Orr 

Slier man More Hugh Chris man 

iM'lamook Tillamook ^.John Ascliim 

I'uiatilla I'endeleton Zoeth Houser 

Ilniiin , ba Grande Lee Warick 

Wal'owa Knterprise F. D. Rinehart ... 

Wasco The T^alles Levi Chrisman ... 

\\asliin«ton Ilillsboro Geo. Alexander . 

W hce'er I'Vissil Oscar Kelsay 

^.^nhill .McMinnville F. B. Fevsusoii . 



Population 1!I20 — S.7l'9,9 17. 

Stat(^ Capita!- —Harrisliurg. 

Governor — William ('. Sproul. 

Lieuteniint Governor — Edward E. Beidleman. 

Secretary of Commonwealth — Cyrus E. Woods. 

State Treasurer — Chas. A. Snyder. 

Attorney General — -George E. Alter. 

Auditor General — Samuel S. Lewis. 

Next Election — November 7th, 1922. 

Sheriff's Term — 4 years. 

(oiiiit.v Seals CoiiiH i«'.s Slu-riOs 

A lams ., Gettysburg- lohn W. Ilartman 

Pittsburgh Mlesrheny William S. Haddock 

Kittaniiing \rmstrons- , -.- Charles V. Ding-er 

P.r-aver ..P.eaver .: Charles P.. Anderson 


Bedford Bedford - •' -M- Kink 

Heading- Berks Kdvvfud H. Deem 

llolidaysbury B'.air ..- WiHiaTn ]{. Ort- 

'I'owanda Bradford ^harles K. Drake 

Doylestown Bucks Harvey D. Hunsbii-.i;ir 

Dutler Butler Cnoigi' \V. Stoner 

i;beiisburg Cambria Roscoe O. Custer 

I'Imporium .. — Cameron -f B. Tilburg 

Maucli Chun :< Carbon lOiiner S. Levan 

Bellefonte Centre I arr.\- Diikenian 

West Chestt'i -^ Chester ..loh'i U. Pechin 

Clai-ion Clarion II. f^ees Carson 

Clearfield ..- Clearfield V M. Gorman 

Lock Haven Clinton Tom Johnston 

Bloomsburg -.. Columbia Joseph W. Hidlay 

Meadville Crawfoid James A. Snodgiass 

Carlisle Cumberland l-'phraim L. Adams 

Harrisburg Dauphin George W. Karmany 

Media Delaware \lbert R. Granger 

lUdgvvay Klk William Simons 

\')rio Erie Guy H. Fox 

I'niontown Fayette I. 1. Shaw 

Tionesta Forest D. H. Blum 

< "hambersbui g Franklin Jacob H. Mayer 

McConnollsburg Fulton A. D. Hohman 

VVaynesburg- Greene J. E. Adamson 

Huntingdon — Huntingdon John A. Steele 

Indiana Indiana -— J. R. Richards 

r.rookville Jefferson Samuel G. Lowry 

iVlifflintown Juniata John M. Cargill 

Scranton Lackawanna Jacob I{. Schlager 

Liancaster Lancaster C. F. Ilonisher 

iVow Pastle Lawrence Joseph H. Boyd 

I .ebanon Lebanon William L. Brunner 

AllentowMi Lehigh William F. Clauss 

\, ilkes-Barre _ Luzerne John AfacCIuskie 

\ illiamsport Lycoming- Thomas M. Gray 

ethport McKean Joseph h\ Robinson 

per Mercer David J. Jarrett 

Lfwisto-vvri Mifflin Merril A. Davis 

Stroudsburg Monroe William E. Detrick 

Norristown Montgomery Jacob Hamilton 

Danville Montour Harvey G. Wagn<T 

TOaston Northampton William H. Best 

Sunbury Northumberland C. K. Martz 

New Bloomfiei'd Perry P. R. Fhnie 

Pliiladelphia Philadelphia Robert L lamb, i-lon 

Milford . ...Pike Ernest C. ^^ ood 

Coudersport Potter Ned P. Clark 

Pottsville Schuylkill Joseph W yatt 

Middleburg Snyder J. Frank T;{eitz 

Somerset ..Somerset John \\ . Griffith 

Laporte - " Sullivan George r>etrick 

f -Hose Susquehanna Girton M. Darrow 

Wellsboro .'...'.'. Tioga ^Y^'<^^- ^^}^^},*''^ 

I ewisburg Union Charles M. Renner 

I'ranklin Venango Carl W. McNaugliton 

Warren * Warren W. W. Muir 

Washington .Washington Alexandei- B. Gray 

Ilonesdale Wayne Thomas Y. Boyd 

Greensburg Westmoreland John Black, Jr. 

'rnnkhannock Wyoming p. L. Howell 

yj^,.|- York .lomit li;i n !!. Gross 




ropulation 1920 — 604,397. 

State Capital — Providence. 

Governor — Emery J. San Souci. 

Lieuteaaiit Governor^ H. J. Gross. 

Secretary of State- — J. F. Parker. 

State Treasurer — Richard W. Jennings. 

-Vttorney General — Herl)ert A. Itice. 

Ne.>vt Election — Noveml)er 7th, 1922. 

Sheriff's Term — 3 years, January, 1920 to January, 19: 


Comity St-nt 


Ncu iioit - Newport laaics Aiiihony 

I'lovidenre N. Providence /. Andrews 

Washington Kingston John P. Wilcox 

Bristol Bristol Philo V. Cady 

Kiiit .1''. <5i oen wicli ^tichael B. Tjvncli 


Population 1920 — 1.683.662. 
State Capital — Columlua. 
Governor — Robert A. Cooper. 
Lieutenant Governor— -W. G. Harvey. 
Secretary of State — W. Banks Dove. 
State Treasurer — S. T. Carter. 
Comptroller General — Walter E. Duncan. 


Attorney General — Samuel M. Wolfe. 
Next Election — November 7th, 19 22. 
Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January, 1921 to January, 192' 

I'oHiit.v Comity Sc:it SliorilT 

.\bbeville Abbeville V. I?. .\ULane 

.\ikeii Ailsen H. H. Howard 

Anderson - Anderson '. O. Marett 

Bamberg Bambtr.t;- S. G. Ray , 

lUirnwell )'.:un\vcll C Keys Sanders 

Ueaufort Beaufort J. H. Bailey 

Berkley 'fouiks Corner \y. H. Dennis 

Calhoun «t. Matthews V. F. Hill 

Charleston Ci^arleston. J. i'^lmore Martin 

< iierokee Cnfney ..W. W. Thomas 

• Miester Chester I). fJ. Anderson 

Cliesterfleld Chesterfield — - T. T. Grant 

Clarendon Manning J. lOdward Gamble 

''"lloton .' Waltersboro VV. B. Ackerman 

i arlins-toii Darlington Kli W. Uegister 

Dillon Dillon S. C. Bethea 

Dorc-hester St. George — O. 15. Limohousc 

ICdgefield Edgefield W. B. Swearington . 

Fairfield A\'innsboro .laiucs Macife 

l<"lorence Florence -. Tlioina- S. Bui-di 

C.torgetown Georgetown H. H. Ward 

Greeneville Greenville .Cai los A. Rector 

(ireenwood Greenwood E. M. White 

Hampton Hampton C V. Thomas 

Horry Conway J. A. Lewis 

.rasper Uidgeland G. L. I.,angford 

Kershaw Camden G. C. Welsh 

[iancaster Lancaster Jolin I'. Hunter 

Laurens Laurens S. C Reid 

Lee Bishopville ,.^.-S. J. Scarborough ... 

Lexington Lexington E. Austin Roof 

Marion Marion J. V. Rowell 

McCormick McCormick Milton R. LeRoy - 

Marlboro Bennettsville J. A. Weatherby 

Newberry Newberry C. G. Blease 

Gconee Walhalla ......AV. M. Alexander 

.(>r:uigebui-g Orangeburg -— — :. I'^ulton Dukes 


I'ickens Pickens ■. R. R. Roark 

Richland Columbia T. Alex T^Teise 

Saluda Saluda '. B. F. Sample 

Spartenburt;- "-'paitenburg- Sam K. iMiller 

SiinUer Sumter C. M. Hurst 

Union Union T. Hay Fant 

William.sburg- Kir.gstree Renry S. Gamble 

York Yorkville T. E. Quinn 




Population 1920 — 635,839. 
State Capital — Pierre. 
Governor — W. H. McMaster. 

Lieutenant Governor — Carl Gunderson. 
Secretary of State— C. A. Burkliardt. 

State Treasurer — W. S. O'Brien. 
State Auditor — Jay E. Reeves. 
Attorney General — Byron S. Payne. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years. January. 1921 to January. 192: 

Ne.\t Election — November 7th, 1922. 

CoiiiU.v CtMiiit.> Sosit Slu'PilV.s 

-Auioi'a I'liinkinton I. !•". l>i)nct;;ni 

r.eadle Union V. ('. Miller 

I'.ennetl .. Martin Sctli Austin 

I'un Homme - . Tyndall D. .\. Tiiinstia 

I'.iookings - - , Inookins's I. 1'. .NOlan 

I'.rown Mitidet-ii H. L. Klliutt 

IJnib' Chamberlain .- J. F. II. I'eteiRen 

I'.urt'alo ...(jaim Valley F. Menriclisen 

Itultf I'.cllf Furclie \rtlinr UnFois 


i^impbell -'1n'^■■r^ r\^^■ '^ r T.if>(1i<> 

• Miarles Mix .....T.aVp Amies .Tas. Dermorly 

("lark - '^''nrk — t^. M. Steen 

Clav 'V'prmillion Opo K. TConuikfi- 

♦^odins-ton ^■^''ntfr+nwn Willinni Olson 

Tor-non - Mcintosh A C. Streg-el 

Custer ■. Ouster ..Thos, J. Fenwick 

Davison - ^I it oh ell — Tlov Lang'ley 

L>ay - :Webster T V Martin 

Deuel Clear Lake cif. Rushland 

Dewey Timber Lake - Tr"rpfi Gl(>niiy 

Dou .arias \T-iTiour Al. OrFint 

Fdmunds Tnswioh D. E Smitli 

Fall River ^^ot Snrins-s r>. K. Ti'i t .-Iirlni- 

Faulk T;^«'ilkton M. H. Doni-ias 

Ci-ant ""TnTimik Manlev F. Ow< n 

liren'ory ^nii-fax '^red fTnston 

ITaakon Tiiiilin l-^rank SloiMnn 

if.-inilin Havti i-. F Oropnry 

|i;ind -':i1pi- .. "^Telvin J. P.nte 

ITanson ...... Movjindria . Tims. Ooidon 

riarding ^'iffalo K. .T. Dohlinsrer 

T'li^-bes t^Sqvvp Win. A. Drobin.q- 

I'litollinson Olivet Karl Sclimidt 

TTvde TTishmore 

Jackson '^'•ir'okf ITarold Solon 

.leraiild T\-os<5 f!prin.!2s IT. C. Lvle 

.Tones ■^Tiirrlo T. C. Babcook ^ 

Kinsrsbnry . Oo Smet TT O. TTazcl 

Tv:ke '*''Ron Walter Dvoe 

rypwrenee "^enriwood ..- .To'lm T. Dntey 

f-innoin '^nnton Cbas. TCindert 

T.vnian '"^-.T^oma F. M. Fcan 

''T''C»ok Oaiem John ATeMahon 

' ■Pherpon T.pola John Star>k 

' M-'^hall . P-ritton D. Cbvistenpen 

I. ode "^^turaris John I'^norson 

MfUptte .... "'bite "River Chris "Riuim 

ATiner '^Tnwarrl C Tliomnson 

^Tinnehaha ■•-Mnx- Falls . . . D. Wansrsness 

■vfoodv ""^landrean . Arthur Whealy 

Ponninarton . .Papid City . ^'"i- A. ATackrill 

P(^fkins Pison Ceo. Phelp 

lotter Cottvsbura: . ' F. A. TTartman 

!.'obprts .... ^issoton ..i D. H. Paker 

■ynnborn .... "^Voon^orkot A. F. Knhorn 

^-■'Mnk Pedfield ^''-^o. Wilbelm 

stnnley ^-"ort Pierre . TVm. S. Samis 

c!iiiiy o>ir.ida Chas. Pharis 

'i''i'ip ......... ."!!!!!!. [""'inner . .. Tlios. Coleman 

Tuiner On-ker '.. ' T. H. Oallas-her 

T'nion Flk Point ^- "f^- Sherman 

AValworth Selbv Cbas. "U^ Hooper 

""'nnkton .,1..^.., II. IT. iVTiltoii 

Ziebach .' ■■r • ^ F. .Tolmson 


4. -.a 


I'opulat^on H»2(l - 2,837. 83!>. 

State Capital — Nas'iville. 

Governor — A. A. Taylor. 

Secretary of State — E. N. Hastou. 

State Treasurer —Hill McAlister. 

State Auditor — T. W. Wade. 

Attorney Ge.ieral — Frank M. Thompson. 

Next Election — November 7th, 1922. 

Sherifl's Term — 2 years, Septeml)er, 19 20 to 19 2 2. 

< Oiiiily 

<'<>iiiil.^ S«':ii 


Anderson ('li'iton 11. U. <'ox 

Hedfoid ^lielb>ville K. L. Baton 

Henton ("amden E. L. Barnes...- 

Bledsoe I'ikeville .\. F. Goforth 

Blount Vlaryville M. H. Edniondson 

Bradley .- I'levt-land I. L. Smith 

Campbell lacksboro It. M. Harmon 

Cannon Woodbury D. Shirley 

Carter ....Kllzabethton Sam J. Garden 

Carroll llunting^don S. G. -Vden 

Cheatham \shland City I. T. Felts 

Chester Hendeison Chester Freeman . 

Claiborne Tazewell I. N. Mink 

Clay Colina T. IT. Hampton 

Cocke .Wwport Tohn Holt 

Cc!ft'ee Mancliester - T. It. Holmes 

Crockett .\lamo Jno. T. Connell 

Cumberland Crossville Geo. W. Walkei' 

Iiavidsoii - -.. Xashville Louis Camp 

Heiatur Decaturville E. H. Beard 

DeKalb Sniithville - A. B. Frazier 

Dickson charlotte - J. T. Petty 

Dyer .. Dyerville H. P. Bryant 

Fayette Somerville T. M. Ross 

Fentress Jamestown,.... G. B. Hill 

Franklin Winchester H. L. Stewart 

(Tibson Trenton L. M. Log'an 

Giles Pulaski Glen Nelson 

Grainger Uutledge J. A. Clifton 

Greene Cieenville -.- W. H. Greenway ... 


< ;riind.\- Altamont Ike Sai'tin 

Humlilen Morristown VV. C. Carrig'er 

Hamilton Chattanooga '. N. P. Busby 

llaiiiock Siieertville L. P. Johnson 

Ilaidiiiian Bolivar f. TT. Doyle 

Ilardiii Savannah \. Ij. Story ....' 

Hawkins -.. liOgersville U. ( '. Armstrong- 

1 laNvvood Brownsville K. r>. Drake 

Iloiiderson ^ exinpton W. It. Wright 

II(iir\ Paris ..A. f.,. Story 

llicknnm Centerville C. 1>. Spence 

Houston Erin — R. E. Roby 

Ilumiihreys Waverly \V. B. Bryant 

•laekson Gainesboro T. N". Spurlock 

.lolferson Dandrige M. Mills 

.lolmson — Mountain TMty R. W. Greer 

ICiiox Knoxville W. T. Gate 

\jh\<(> Tiptonville Ci. C. Thomas 

I^auderdale Ripley I. T. Coughlan 

Lawrence : Lawrenceburj? Prank Curtis 

Lewis Hohenwald J. L. Nichols 

Linroln Payetteville Jno. M. Newman .... 

luoudon Loudon H. C. Oreenway 

.VIcMinu - Athens W. (r. Slioemaker .. 

McNairy Selmer — T, P. Dillon 

Macon , LaPavette A\'. \\'. lilankensliii) 

Madison laekson M. A. Manord 

Marion lasiier ('>. W. Coppins'ev — . 

Marshall '.ewishurg' ...E. Ij. McMalion 

Maury '^olumbia G. K. Houser 

Meigs - , - I )e(.atui- Ed. Miller 

Monroe Madisonville >T. T. Tallent 

\[ontgomery Clarksville Oscar D. .Tolmson -. 

Moore Lvneliburg .....I. S. Bedford 

Morgan Warthurg ..- T. Tj. Scott 

Oliion TTiiioti City Watt Cherr.v 

(Vverton Livingston . J. O. Matthews 

Peiry Linden ....Woods Hinson 

I'iekott .- Byrdstown P. M. Upchureli . .... 

Polk Benton H. N. Bell -<Hi. 

I'ntnnm CookeviUe Morgan Stout 

Ulii'a Ha.Nton Cain Burnett 

lIonMo Kin.gston T. C. Whitlock. .Ii'. 

Udliiftson S|)i'ingfield \. L. Jett 

lUUhcrl'ord - Mui freeslxiro C. W. I.,enoir 

Seott 'funlsvillr K. M. I'hillii s 

Sequatchie ....Hnnlap 

Sevier Si\it rvilie M. L. Rolen 

Shelby Memphis O. TI. Perry . . 

Smith Caitliage J. X. (Sains 

Stewart Pover S. .\. l'hii)pe:i 

Sullivan r.'niint vi jl.- I. S. Peoples 

Sumnei- 'Jallatiu W. It. Brown 

Tipton Coxington C. N. ^'oI>! 

'I'lousdale . llartsville A. U. Parkhurst 

Unicoi lOrwin S. .\. Corn 

Union .\la.\'nardville A. A. Sexton 

Van Buren Spencei- I. P. Grissoni 

Warren MeMinnville J. B. McAlee 

Washington . .Iimesboro D. M. Walters 

Wax ne \\'a\ iiesboro W. -1. Burnett 

Weakley .Hi-.sden B. B. P.uUofk 

While ...Spaifa G. W. Bussell 

Williamson laMk-lin ; W. W. Crockett 

Wilson '..•Iianun E. S. B<iwrs 



Populaton 1920 — 4,663.228. 

State Capital — Austin 

Governor — Pat M. Neff. 
Lieutenant Governor — L. Davidson. 
S-:cretary of State — S. 1^. Staples. 
State Treasurer — John W. Baker. 
OoniptroUer -Lon A. Smith. 
Attorney General--C. M. Cureton. 

Next Election — November 7th, 1!I22. 

Sheriffs Term — 2 years. January, 1921 to January, 192 

Coiiiily <'<>iiiit.v S«-:it Slu'rilT 

.\ndersoii Pak-sline AV. G. Itogers 

.Andrews .\ndrews Jno. Speed 

-Angelina Lulkin R. V. Watts 

.\ransas Hock Port J. A. Brundrett 

.\rrher Archer City Joe McDonald 

Armstrong- _ Claude F. H. L\nch 

.\tascosa Jourdanton Ij. O. Mc.\da 

.\ iistin Bellville Albert Remmertt 

I'-ailey Mulesboe H. .K. I>ouKlass 

I'andera Bandei'a Henr.v Stevens 

lUistrop Bastrop TO. H. Perkins 

Haylor Se.\ninur J. B. Self 

1 'i-c Beeville -.., — ..Walter Malone 

1:<11 Belton ....A. W. Bond 

1' -xar ,., San Antonio I. W. Tobin 

i;ianco .lolinsoii City \. .1. Wagrier 

i;i>rdeii Gail - J. Y. Kverett 

lo.miue : .' :Meridan W. \V. Wrisrlit 

I owio ,.;.-. Bos'on G. .\. Ricbardson 

lira/oria \ngleton L. R. Johnson 

Brazos , _. .i5i.\aii I... K. Morelicad 

r.rowsler- -Midne - 10. 10. Town.'seiul 

I'.'iscdo .'^ilverton Minor Ci-awford 

4 42 



roiinty Sc:i< 


Flrooks Palfiirias L. N. Porter 

Ktown Brownwood R. B. Push 

rJurleson Caldwell E. A. Ellis 

'•"'■net Burnet Frank Critendf-n 

Caldwell Lofkhart VV. M. Ellison 

I'alhoun Port Lavaca M. Rawlins 

I'allahan Baird G. H. Corn 

Cameron Brownsville VV. T. Vann 

•'Hint Pittsburg J. E. Lawrence 

Carson Panhandle J. H. Cone 

^'ass Linden V. A. Wallace 

''astro Dimmitt J. A Johnson 

Chambers \>ahLac W. 11. Sherman 

Cherokee Risk Forrest Reagan 

''bildress Childress J. L. Crane 

•'lav Henrietta G. P. Jones 

Cochran Unorganized 

<^'oke Robert Lee W. B. Hamilton 

• oleman '"oleman ^\'. R. Hamilton 

ollin McKinney Ed. Blakeman 

V. Lang-ford 
F. WegenhofI 
N'o\v()tn>'. .1 1-. 
!•'. Marsiiell 
M. AlilhM- 

* ollingsworth Wellington J. 

I'o'orado (^olumbus J. 

' omal New Biaunlels — P. 

1 'onianche ...Comanche L. 

'oncho Paint Rock R. 

<^'ooke Gainesville Tom Ford 

Coryell Gatesville F. W. I lollingsw o 

Cottle Paducah Morgan Wright 

C'rane ITnorgani/:e<l 

Crockett 0/,ona .Win. H. Augustine 

'"losby , Crosbyton B. \V. Mitchell 

^nlbei-son Van Horn C. X. Cummings 

"a Ham Dalhart ■V^^ T. Farr 

I 'alias Dallas Dan Flarston 

l>awson Lamesa J. W. Russell 

l>caf Smith Heieford C. S. Purcell 

Cflta — Cooper C. AT. Fieeman 

'••Miton Denton Jas. H. (3ood 

I ewitt Cueio Jno. M. Pace 

Dickens Dickens G. L. Barber 

Dimmit <'ari7//o Springs R. T. Tlall 

I'onle.N Claiendon J. H. Rut li.i ford 

Duval '-'an Diego Jesus r)|iveria 

I'astland I>"astland S. K. NoHey 

llctor Odessa Jj. 10. Johnson 

C<lvvards Cock Sjirings J'M. Custei- 

i:ilis Waxahachie G. C. SweaC 

I'M Paso ]•]] Paso Seth B. OrndolV 

I'rath Ste|)lienvine -Tno. W. Wright 

l''alls - Marlin C. D. Moor(> 

'■■annin Bonham ; J. K. Whitle.\' 

l''ayette l.a Grange C. E. Girml)t 

I'Msher Roby A. M. Landers 

I'loyd Floydada J. A. Grigsby 

I'oard Crowell L. D. Camp 

I'ort Bend Richmond H. W. Collins 

I'ranklin Mt. Vernon J. Alal Moore 

I'reestone Fairfield H. N. Mayo 

l''rio Pearshall J. E. Weathers 

< laines Seminole Cleve Cobb 

< ialveston Galveston Henry Thomas 

Garza Post Will < "rav.\- 

^'.illcspic l''r(tlci'ickHburg \. I. Pctnieckv' 


County Cuiint.v Soat SlieriU' 

(ilasscock Garden City W. L. LeTiions 

•Goliad Goliad B. H. Haynes 

(ionzales Lofers B. Neig-hbois 

<;iay Gonzales E. S. Graves 

tJi'ayson Sherman W. B. Craig 

LJi'SS Lonsview J. R. Garner 

('limes Anderson — - .— J. s. Stewart 

I'll aila.iipe Seguin VVm. Nelihaiier 

liaie Plainview J. C. Terry 

Mall Memphis J. A. Pressley 

ilaniilton Hamilton > — i <^ ■ noi's 

llatisford Spearman H. L. Wilbanks 

1 lardeman Quanah Gus Gober 

llatdin , Kountze VV. L. Nelson 

Harris Houston _ T. H. Pinfold 

i.airison Marshall J. C. Saunders 

liaitley Channing- VV. ^V. Ganel 

1 laskell Haskell - A. Goiisiiis 

liays San Marcos Geo. M. .Mien 

Vemphill Canadian H. H. Stiekley 

)!enderson Athens \V. .1. Gentry 

Hidalgo Edinburg --A. Y. Baker 

Hill - - Tlill.xboro J. r. Mcnaniel 

Hockley Unorganized 

I'ood Granbury A. P. Lowe 

Hopkins Sulpliur Springs K. M. Binsiiani 

Houston Gi'ockett O. B. Hale 

Howard Big Spiings J. W. McCutcheon 

Hunt - Gieenville H. E. Hicks 

JIutchinson - Plenions W. S. Christian 

Hion Sherwood Frank Emerick 

•lack laeksboro Sam J. Rogers 

.Jackson lOdna E. M. Davenport 

l;«sper lasper B. Bishop 

.left" Davis Kt. Davis p. L. Sproul 

.UlTerson Beaumont T. H. Garner 

litn Hogg lleb)>ronville p. Craighead 

• litn Wells \lice c. W. Price 

• inlinson Cleburn W. M. Miller 

■loues Anson T. P. Hudson 

K.nnes Kaiius City J. E. Brown 

K.I nf man Kaufman B. Rutledge 

K' udall r.oerne E. Riersohwele 

I cut (Maiiemont R. I. Goodall 

l^'ii' Kerrville j. T. Moore 

'-.iinble lunction City W. W. Taylor 

'^i"g Gutliiie G. W. Moore 

1 itiney Hracketville R. S. Salmon 

Kleberg Kingsville J. S. Scarbrougli 

Xi^ox I'.eu.iamin W. S. Britton 

li'uar Paris E. Clarkson 

Kiinib oiton E. G. Courtney .... 

Lampasas Lampasas A. R. Mace 

Kasalle Cotulla T. H. Poole 

I.ivaca Ilalb^tsville E. H. Houcliins .... 

K'e I. 'I Cai'isle 

K''>n Centerville W. P.. Cobb 

1. berty Liberty C. W. Carlisle 

! iniestone Groesbeck W. S. Loper 

I ii'scomb Lipscomb P. Goetts<rbe 

K ve Oak Makville C. L. Tullis 

K';ino Kbino \lbn S. .lobuson 


County <'<»!Hit>' Seat SlieriiJ 

T-oving- Unorganized 

Lubbock Lubbock J. T. Longbotham . 

Lynn Tahoka C. A. Ilalcoinb 

McCuUoch ".rady S. W. Sanfoid 

McLennan _- Waco J. C. Wall 

ATcMullen Til den Bob Buchanan 

Madison "Tadisonvillc W. S. Goff 

Marion left'eison W. S. Terrv 

Martin tanton B. V. Sadler 

Mason 'Tason Chas Les'ie 

Matagorda •.av Citv Frank Caik 

Maverick ag-'e I'ass -— J. H. Williams - 

Medina ''ondo J. F. Bader 

Menard Menard F. M. Slaua;htcr 

Midland Midland W. A. Bradford 

Milam Cameron L. L. Blalock 

Mills (^oldtlnvaite J. Everett Evans 

Mitchell : Colorado W. J. Chesney 

Montague Montague H. J. Walker 

Montgomery Conroe Ben Hicks 

Moore Oumas J. C Geary 

Morris Daingorf leld J. B. Ponder 

>'otley Matador J. E. Russell 

Nacogdoches 'ncogdoches C. W. L. Woodland 

Navarro Corsicana Walter Hayes 

Newton ■- ^'cvvton J. B. Rogers 

Nolan -Sweetwater D. E. Bardwell 

Nueces Cornus Christi F. C. Robinson 

Ochiltree - Ochiltree S. J. Tally 

Oldham Vega Jno. Haliburton 

<)range Orange J. W. Holton 

I'alo Pinto Palo Pinto W. O. Abernathy 

I'anola Carthage M'. H Matthews 

Parkei' Weatherfoid Jno. R. Brown 

Parmer n'arweil .T. 11. Ahlridge 

Pecos Fort Stockton !'■ S. lUuker 

Polk ,' ivington .....Ino. McLeod 

Potter Nmarillo B. Roach 

I'residio Marfa J. E. Vaughn 

K'ains '•:morv P. H. Olivei- 

Randall Canyon W. C. Black 

Ueagan Stiles L. M. Rankin 

Real Loakv M. M. Casey 

i!fd River f^larUsvillc Enos Elder 

Reeves Pecos E. P.. Riser 

Itefngio Refugio C. P. Fox 

Roberts Miami L. A. Coffee 

IJobertson Fianklin W. lO. Tliompson 

Rockwall Rockwall E. W. Hall 

llunnels Ballinger J- T. Flint 

Uusk Henderson Joel N. Hale 

Sabine TTcmphill G. W, .\lford 

San Augustine "^an Augustine J' ■'• \Vilk-inson 

San Jacinto : Cold Sjirings '^. T. Koss 

San Patricio ._ Sintoii J.. Tl. E. Moore 

San Saba San Saba Edgar T. Neil 

Schleicher F.l.iorado A. h\ Luedecke 

Scurrv «>'vdcr :...: J- H. Byrd 

Shackelford Albany W. M. Piggs 

Slielbv Center :.. J- N. Smith 

Sherman Stratford - A. W. Allen 

Smith 'lAIer P. C, sikes 

Somervell Glen Rose T. W. Davis 

Starr Bio Grande <>■ -^^ C.u.rra 

Stephens Breckenridge L. I >. I lead 


Sterling ^^terling- City P.. P. Iloherts 

Stonewall „Aspermont T. T. Ginn 

Sutton Sonora — K. W. HiitiliorsMn 

Swisher „rulia R. G. Porter 

Tarrant .''^ortli Wortli taii ^^iniui 

Taylor Abilene John Bond 

Terrell Sanderson Jno. M. Edwards 

Terry -Biownfield VV. 10. Johnson 

Throckmorton Throckmoiton J. H. Darden 

Titus Mt. Pleasant .....Jno. J. Reeves 

Tom Green San Angelo F. M. Duckwortli 

Travis Austin W. D. Miller 

Trinit.v Groveton Wm. Davis 

Tyler Woodville AN'. ". Crawford 

I pshur Gilmer J. W. Brice 

Upton Uankin J. W. Garner 

Uvalde Uvalde G. H. Johnson 

Valverde Del Rio .M. L. Whistler 

Van Zandt Canton O. Osburon 

Victoria Victoria L. O. Hudler 

Walker Hunts\ ille T. R. King- 
Waller Hemiistead K. M. Castle 

Ward Barstow H. J. Wade 

Washingfton Bienham B. Parker 

Wo))b Laredo A. Sal i mas 

Wharton Wharton C. D. Kemp 

Wheeler Wheeler W. B. Wofford 

Wichita Wichita Falls Fred K. Smith 

Will>arger Vernon W. A. Ish 

Willacy Sarita Jno. H. Cardw.y 

Williamson Georgetown Lee O. Allen 

Wilson Floresville A. D. Karnes 

Winkler Kermit W. -A. Priest 

Wise Decatur W. M. ^lalone 

\A'ood Quitman A. IT. Jolley 

Yoakum Plains J. C. Keller 

Youns' Graham 1 Inc. W. Saye 

/apata Zapata — A. M. Cuellor 

Zav:illa - Clirystal City R. A. Xa.'th 


Population 1920 — 449,446. 
State Capital — Salt Lake City. 
Governor — Charles R. Mabey. 
Secretary ol" State — H. E. (^rockett. 


INTERNAT'L POl.lCK i^- I)1<:TE('TI VK 1)1 i{ KC'I'nlM 

State Treasurer- -W. D. Sal to: 

State Auditor — Mike Tuttle. 

Attorney General — Harvey Cluli. 

Next Election — Noveml)er 4th, 1924. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January, 1921 to January, 19 23. 


Box Elder ... 




Davis .-.. 








Millar. 1 




San .Juan 

Salt Lake ... 












Beaver City 

Brigham City 













. . ...Morgan 

Piute .Juiutioii 



i^alt Lake Cit.\ 







Ilclier City 

.St. George 




.\. L. l'"olhevin.£;haMi 

•Ice Welling 

.1. II. Barker 

V. F. Kelter 

.lohn S. Bennett 

,l('s l>. Burnett 

t'harlcs R. Barton .. 

.Vloroui Nielson 

.Vlelt Hatch 

.lolm B. Skewes 

.1. T. I.,eigh s«» - 

l>aii Martin 

Walter E. Hanibliu . 

I'^rank Black 

r.. \. Itobison 

Win. F. Carson 

^a^le^• N. Hodges 

\l. L. Hyde 

(". I'^rank Emery 

.fames H. Sanderson 

.\. .T. Fillmore 

.1. O. Clark 

A. O. Evans 

L. Richardson 

.T. n. Boyd 

E. O. l>urnell 

Wilfoid (Jol'f 

Btii r.i-inkerhoff 

Kichai-d 1). Pincock... 




Population 19 20 — 3 52,421. 
State Capital — Montpelier. 
Governor — James Hartness. 
Lieutenant Governor — A. W. Foote. 
Secretary of State -H. A. Black. 
State Treasurer — Walter F. Scott. 
State Auditor — Ben.)amin Gates. 

-Attorney General — P^rank ('. .\rohil)al(l. 
Next Election — November 7th, 19 22. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January, 1921 to January, 192: 



CoilUly S<Mlt 

Addison iJeorge S. Farr Ciistol 

lienninmon Perry B. Gardner Bennington 

Caledonia Wilbur H. Worthen '....St. Johnabury 

Oliittenden Henry Todd Burlington 

t'.ssex - liichard Beat tie Maidstone 

l''ranl<liii George P. Catlin St. Albans City 

Cirand isle Micajah T. Mott .41 burgh 

Lamoille lonas T. Stevens Hyde'Park 

Orango George A. Tracy Chelsea 

firleans F.verett .T. Hill Newport City 

Rutland TTenry R. Adams Ttutland City 

Washington Frank H. Tracy Montpelier 

Windham Frank L. Well man Brattleboro 

Windsor Wallis K Fairbanks Springtteld 



Population 19 20 — 2, 3 6,:; 61. 
State Capital — Richmond. 
Governor —E. Lee Trinkle. 
Lieutenant Governor — J. E. West. 
Secretary of Commonwealth— B. O. James. 

State Treasurer — Chas. A. Johnston. 

State Auditor — C. Lee Moore. 
Attorney General — J. R. Saunders. 

Next Election — Novemlier 7th, i;»22. 

Sl'erjfl's Term — 4 years. 

fount..' Coniiti Scjil SlicrifV 

-Acfomac Xccoinac P. T. Melscm 

Albeiiiarlf Charlottesville C. M. Thomas 

Allegliany -Coving-ton E. B. Butler 

.\nielia Tetersville W. J. Elani 

Amherst Randidges A. D. Watts 

.\ppomattoN Appomattox H. W. McKinni> 

Arlington . Clarendon A. C. Clemenis 

.\ugusta Staunton Jno. F. Taxlm- 

•atli .-.Warm Springs C. A. Gum 

'.edford - Bedford P. L. Huddl. .s!,,ii 

!land Ceres W. A. Waddh' 

lototourt Buchanan B. P. Obens!i:iin 

n-uiiswick Lawrenceville R. B. Turnlnill 

!urlianan (Jrundy Ben RatlilT. 

Uickinshaiii l")illwyn W. T. Snodil.v 

'ampbell . liustbui'g R. Ij. Perrow 

'aroline Bowling Green . T. B. Gill 

'arroll Tlillsville Geo. K. Edwanls 

'liarles Cit.v . diaries Cit.v E, TT. Major 

'hai-lotte Ke\-sville Coleman l'riil<l.\ 

•hcsterfield Beach Wm. C. Gill 

'larke Berryville W. W. Smallwnoil 

'raig- Newcastle B. K. Carper 

'nlpepei- Culpoiier .T. -T. Nash 

'nmberland Cuml>.iiaiid -. TT. K. .\dains 


I'ickeiKson - C'inchco C. P. Fleming 

'>i' w (Idio Dinwiddle B. L. Boisseau 

';i' al)otli City Hampton Chas. C. Curtis 

I'ssex Tappahannock R. J. Duke 

■■"'aiifax Fairfax J. R. Allison 

I'auquier ^'arrenton W. S. Woolf 

Kloyd Floyd J. W. Bramnici' 

i-lmanna ^'- il'ninsrton L. P. Campbell 

I'Kanklin """o^kv Mount J. P. Hodges 

I'rederiok Wincliester -.utlier Pannett 

I riles I'earisburg Wm. H. Thompson 

I'llniicester ^(I'oucester Geo. B. Field 

(ioochland Fife A. W. James 

<'.ia.vson Galax A. S. Lawson 

i;ioene sta"dardsville R. A. Melone 

''■reensville ^^orth Empoiia J. W. Saunders 

Halifax _TToiiston li. W. Rice 

Ifanover •. ___„'^aiiovei- A. B. Hall 

llcnriio Ricliniond W. Webb Sydnor 

Henry Martinsville B. F. Stultz 

Highland "Titerev W. N. Bird 

l«l.^ of Wight Isle of Wright R. A. Edwards 

.l.inios City Toano L. P. Trice 

i-'ing George — King George T. C. Payne 

ICing and Queen King and Quccn W. H. Fnbank 

King William Mantrohick J. T. Mitchell 

I>ancaster Lancaster J. H Pinckard 

Lee _ .Tonesville F. C. Courtney 

Loudoun _T..eesburg Thos. W. Kd wards 

I ouisa ^I'Ple Grove -\. M. Wash 

Lunenburg- „"^'i'^toria A. B. Shackelton 

Madison Madison Jno. T. Hall 

Mathews "^Tatbews A. F. Thurston 

Afpcklenburg Po\-dton W. R. Beales 

Middlesex Snluda R. B. Segar 

IMontgomery Blackshurg C. L. Hutton 

Xansemond Suffolk E. B. Rawls 

N'llson Elmington W. H. Wheeler 

Xi \v Kent Providence Forge E. F. Gill 

Xoifolk Portsmouth A. A. Wendel 

.Vol thaniptoi! Franktown ...C. M. Lankford 

Xortliumberlar.d Callao L. W. Headley 

Nottoway - Blackstone .R. L. Sullivan 

' irange Orange '. W. C. Bond 

I age Luray E. L. Lucas 

la trick Stuart F. D. Mays 

Pittsylvania Chatham J. A. Ilodnetl 

I'owhatan Belona ...-. F. A. Baugh 

I'rinr.' Edwai-d Farniville Jno. A. Clark 

rrimc fJoorge Prince George ....W. E. Boisseau 

I'rincess Anne Back Bay P. W. Ackiss 

I'rince William Manassas .....Charles .\. Barbee 

IMilaski Pulaski C. E. Bones 

I '.appall an nock Washington Hubert Ke.\'son 

liichniond Naylor's C. H. Lumpkin 

Itoanoke Saiem C. L. Hatcher, .\\ . 

lUxkbi-idge Lexington J. L. Parreiit 

INickiiigliam llariisonlniig W. L. Dillard 


Uussell Lebanon .il. II. ("ouch 

Scott Gate City Creed Fiaziei- 

Slienandoah Woodstock E. E. Sine 

Smyth Marion S. V. Dillard 

Southampton Coiirtland C. L. C.ri/.zanl 

Sr otsylvania Spotsylvania C. .\. i";irnt r 

Stafford Fredericksburg- W. K. ("utti.s 

Surry Surry P.. I'. IM wa nls 

Sussex =5ui-sox ....W. i;. Ilal.' 

Tazewell Tazewell S. S. l'\ llarniati 

Warren Front lloyal M. I". ('(.Ilins 

Warwick Denbigh S. S. Curtis 

Washington \bing-don Tno. :M. T.ittnu 

Westmoreland Hague '...F. S. Crilfith 

\\ise : Norton .A. L. P. Corder 

Wythe Wytheville W. II. Slattr 

Vork Jeffs W. F. Lawson 


I'ni)uliitioii i;i20 — 1.:;.") 6,621. 
State Capital — Olyiupia. 
Governor — Louis F. Hart. 
Lieutenant Governor Wni. J. Coyle. 
Sec^retary of State — J. G. llinkle. 

State Treasurer — W. \V. Sherman. 
State Auditor — C. W. Clausen. 
Attorney General — L. L. Thompson. 
Ne.\t Ele<'tion — November 4th, 1924 


Shoriff's Term — 2 years, January. 1921 to January. 192; 

C'«nii«t.v Connfy Seat SlnTiiV 

Adams Ritzville K. T. Rider 

.V^otin \sotin <-. E. Wallace 

P.eiiton r^rosser L. C Ilolph 

'"lif'ian - Wenatchee - E. Q. Forsyth 

tMallam Port Ang:eles Win. A. Nelson 

I "'arke : Vancouver Wm. Thomi>.'!on 

i'< li'nibia' I^ayton -■.!. F. Gemmell 

'■(>\vli'7. 'I'a-na I. 'W. Hossatt 

Doiifilas Walefville A H. Davis 

I'li-iv ■•e'l'b'ic ...: Thos. J. Barker 

I'r.-mklin ''n.s"o .....Jas. S. Hays 

I ;.•■ rfi<'l(l 'o^'e'oy ..-....•.. W. H. Dixon 

<;i-ant 'Sphrata Mack Deycuns 

I hays Harbor 'ontesano Elmer Gibson 

'.s'ancl Coupeville Wm. F. Gookii.s 

.''■Tevson Port Townsend Phil Cha.'se 

Ki";;: Seattle Matt Starwicb 

K'itsap Port Orchard Fied W. Fein 

l-r'tt'tas - '■'liensbnrs' •'• W. Thomas 

KMckitat Goldeiidale M. M. Warner 

'.-•uis Chehalis F. M. Pvobeits 

Lincoln Davenport F. P.. Uennie 

^•ason Pheton R. W. Potts 

'■'-.inoKan Okanosran ■. E. .1. "Wilson 

laciflc Fonth Bend A. B. McDonald 

I'.iid d'Oriellc .....Ne\v port L. S. Everett 

lierce Tacoma Thos. X. Mori is 

>:in Juan ''"riday Harbor C. E. Hackett 

.-1 ai;it Mt. Vernon Geo. Reay 

^k.i mania Pteven.-on J. F. Sweeney 

."^nolioniish E\erett Win. W. West 

Spokane Ppokane C. C. Lons" 

>~i evens . r-olville W. H. Graham 

''■'iiiston ..- Dlxinpia .'. Rov C. Hoase 

W.ibkiakum (""a'thlamet M. A. Eddy 

Walla Walla WaUa Walla C. J. Springer 

Wiiatrom Pellin.arham A. L. Callahan 

Whitmnn Colfax Wm. Cole 

>;ikiina Xoitli Vakiina P. R. Bear 


Population 1920 — 1,463.701. 

State C'apital -Charleston. 
Governor — E. F. Morgan. 
Secretary of State — H. G. Young. 



Stato Auditor — John C. Bond. 

Attorney General — E. T. England. 

Next Election — November 4th, 1923. 

Sheriff's Term — 4 year.s, January, 1921 to January, 1925. 

Count. V 

<'o!i!i<.v Sesit 



-.Toseuli X. Foiem;)!!. 
.W'm. Dean 
-\'. N. Griffith 
J H. Hutchinson 
.H. H. Duvall 
-VV. A. Williams 

naibour ...I'h ilii.pi 

r.erkeley ^laI t insburs- 

1 ".oone ]\radison 

I '.raxton Sutton 

r.rooke Wellsburg- 

< 'abcll Hunting-ton 

Calhoun „ Grantsville Geo. .A. Ilichards .. 

• nay Clay P. S. Young- 

I )()ddi-icig-e West Union Jt. K. .\llon 

['■"avette ...Fayetteville ''. A. f'onlev 

Gihner ...Glenville I. H. Hall 

• Jrant Petersburg J A. Kimble 

Greenbrier Lewisbuig 1... I.. Gra\-beal 

Hampshire Romney . ..J. B. - Kavillo 

Mnncock Mew Cumberland I S. ( i. \[(M-tei- 

Hardy Mooreefield •. W. A. .\l'on 

llaiM-iPon Cla-ksburg Laco T.. Young- 

.laokson liijiley jr. C. Tliomas 

Jefferson Charles Town W. O. MacoughfW 

1-C^anawha Charle.ston Hciuy A. Walker 

Lewis ^^'e'Jton Oliver I". White 

r.incoln Hamlin i»;in Pi.-is 

Logan Logan I ><>n < ''i'in 

.\IcOowell Welch A\' -1. Ilalfiohl 

Mario:i , Fairmont I. (i. Charlton 

\farFliall Moundsville lohii Hazlett 

1--.SOM I'liint I'leasant lohn !•'. Lontis 

Mei-cer r'rinccton H. V!. Hunt 

Miiicial Keyser C. K. Nethken 

Mingo Williamson C A. Tinson 

Monogalia Morgantown Wm. McK. Yost 

.Monroe Union .....It. K. Smith 

.Morgan Berki^ley Springs A. n. Dyche 

Vicholas Summersville A. fi. II inkle 

()),i() Wheeling- Harry F, Clouse 

Pendleton Franklin I. N. Ruddle 

I'loasants St. Marys Chas. F. Rutteneutter 

Pocahontas Mailinton ?-,^- ,^^^5;'''^' 

ficston Kingwood -lohn I*. Copeman 

Putnam Winfield — - :-.C. A. Campbell 

liaU-igh Recklcy ^- 1-- Blankenship 

Kandolph Randolph '^V. H. Kein 

Kitchie HarrisvlUe -..-It- 1"'- Maple 

Koane Spencer ^• C. Hinzman 

Siiminer.« llintf>n • '. r.. Foster 


'i'a\ lor Grafton W. J. Mays 

riicktr Parsons Jas. B. Close — 

T\M^er Middlebourne C. H. Watson 

t'pshur Buckhannon H. A. Zockel'oose 

Wayne - Wayne .....Boss C. Brumfield 

Weijster Webster Springs AV. R. Woods 

Wetzel New Martinsville D. C. Bennett 

Wirt Elizabeth Earl Lockhart 

Wood I'arkesburg Wm. T. Cochran 

Wyomina- I'ineville Hiram Sizemore Mullens 


Population 1920 — 2,631,839. 
State Capital — Madison. 

Governor — John J. Blaine. 

Lieutenant Governor — Geo. H. Comings. 

Secretary of State & Auditor — Elmer S. Hall. 

Attorney General — William J. Morgan. 

Ne.xt Election — November 7th, 19 22. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January, 1921 to January. 1923. 

County (oiiiity .*»«>!it Slierilt 

.\dams - I'^rieiidsliip :,- losciih \V. JToard 

.\shlaiul — Ashland ...C. Tj. Kleinsteiker 

RaiToii Barron - - John H. .Tohnson 

I '.ay fie Id - Washburn Andy Murray 

llrowii (Jreen Bay Nicholas M. Ryan ... 

Uuflalo - \liTia ,- Theodore Sharr 

1 '.urn (It c;i aiilshurji: Leonard LuudMir- 


i.^alumet ("liilton Henry M. Ortl .li .. 

I'hipnewa Vliiiijiewa Falls S. J. Melville 

Clark Xeilsville lOrlward Kutohei a - . 

Columbia I'ortage G. W. Dempsey 

Crawford Prairie clu Chicn John V. HeroUl 

Dane - Madison W. M. McCormack.... 

Dodge Iiinoau Geoi'ge F. Hall 

Door Sturgeon Bay Eli Stegman 

Douglas Stii)erior A. IC. Buchanan 

Dunn Menomonie Charles J. Owen 

li^au Claire I'^au Claire George Garman 

Florence Florence Stanley Bud7,ak 

I'^ond'du Lac I<"'ond du Lac T. K. Wotthin^; 

I'-orest Crandon Poheit II. Milln- 

(Jrant Lancaster 11. P. Holmes 

(Jreen Monroe \. F,. Mitchell 

Green I^ake flieen Lake H. V. Wilke 

Iowa - J'odgeville i". M. Hillary 

Iron Murley .lolui A. Morris 

.lackson .^Va^k River I'^alls 1. S Ho'lenbeck. Jr. 

.fefferson lefl'erson A. M. Woelffer 

•luneau - Mauston C. G. Rabcock 

Kenosha - Kenosha William liauen 

Kewaunee -.. Kewaunee Frank J. Shimek 

La Crosse - a ''rosse - Ed. C. Miller 

Lafayette -. Darlington Prank H. Webster .. 

DMUgladc - \nligo Edward F. Buchen .. 

Lincoln Vlairill Otto F. Nienow 

.Manitowoc .Manitowoc' - Charles Bchiiette 

.VInrathon W'ausau Fred E. Schroeder .. 

Marinette .Marinette John Doberstein 

.Vlar(iuette Montello Theo. Bertin 

Mi'vvaukee Milwaukee -...P. McManus 

;Moni-()c - Sparta Chas. Torrence 

i)i'()n(() Oconto ---■. John W. Reynolds . 

( iiu-il;i _ Tlhinelander — Hans Rodd ^ 

iiulagainie .-. Aiiploton Peter G. Schwartz . 

Maiikic . "ovt Washington . .Too Retzer 

renin I>urand -. ^^'. K. Paul 

I'ieice lOllsworth Ra*' !1 Hyatt 

Rolk 'iaslani Lake _. O H. Peterson 

Portage 'Elevens I'.oint . ..—John A. Berry 

Rrice Rliillips Nick J BeV 

Racine Itacine - Nate W. James 

Richland 'tichland Center Geo. Reaty 

Rock . lanesville Cash Whipple 

Rusk ndvsmith Gerald C. Maloney . 

St. Croix Hndson August Larson 

Sauk 'I'aboo Herman C. Neitzel . 

Sawyer Hayward F. L. Olark 

Shawano -haVano Herman Schultz 

Sheboygan - Shelioygan Chas. Koehn 

Taylor Medford .. T. H. Fredericks 

Trempealeau Wliiteliall Ed. Erickson 

Vernon Viroqua Samuel Gorslino 

Vilas Eagle River P. J. Gaffnev ... 

Walworth .... ''Vk Horn Edwin .T. White 

Washburn .... Shell Lake ...J. A. Johnson 

Washington . ^'est Bend Wm. S. Olwin 

Waukesha Waukesha Clarence Keeblor ... 

Waupaca ....^..Waupaca M''illiam Toepke 

Waushara Wautoma , Lewis Protheroe 

Winnebago Oshkosh William Golz 

Wood ^■^'-■consin Rapids .n'.illei- C. Mueller... 




Population 1920 — 194,402. 

StJite Capital — Cheyenne. 

Governor — R. D. Carey. 

Secretary of State — W. E. Chaplin. 

State Treasurer — A. D. Hoskins. 

State Auditor — I. C. Jefferies. 

Attorney General — W. E. Walls. 

Xext Election — November 4th, 19 24. 

Sheriff's Term — 2 years, January. 1921 to January. 192: 


<'oiiiit.v Seat 

«> lie rill 

Al'^any T.aianiie Heo. \V. Trabiiv^ 

Hishorn -Basin B. F. Wickwire 

(-"ainphell Gillette Ko.v S. HarUy 

Carbon Rawlins A. S. Sanders 

Converse l>ougias C. \V. Messengers .... 

(."rook - Sundance J. C. Hurlt 

l'"i eniont Lander W. S. Buicli 

Ucslieii Torrinpton Oliver J. Colyer 

Hot ,jprings Theimopolis II. 11. lloMrciie 

.Johnson Buffalo Jno. W. Stevenson.... 

Laramie Che\'enne .Geo. J. Caiioll 

Lincoln Kemmerer D. C. Oakley 

Natrona Casper .J. L. Marquis 

Niobrara Lusk Chriss .loss 

Pafk Cody C. A. Davis 

Platte AVheatland Homer Payne 

Sheridan Sheridan U. -A. C. Tlioiiias 

Sweetwater .- Green River A. G. Jlorioii 

Unita Evanston Louis D. Cli tistcnsen 

Washakie Worland B. V. Kouni/ 

Weston ....: Newcastle ("has. .\. flowell 

Yellowstone .\at I I'aik _ 

156 INTEllNAt'li POJ.K'K <t I)1':TK('TI VK l)lRE(rr(JKV 


County County Seat ('oniity Solicitor 

Autauga I'rattville Guy Rice 

Jtaldwin Buy Minette 'lenry L). Moorer 

LSaibour Clayton W. H. Merrill 

]',it)b Centrevill6 \V. W. Lavender 

mount Oneonta G. W. Darden 

P.nlloc-k -Union Springs K. E. L. Cope 

Butler Greenville O. A. Lane 

Calhoun Anniston las. F. Mattliews 

iMianibers La Fayette C. S. Moon 

Cherokee Centre C. B. Sims 

Chilton CI ant on G. C. Walker 

Choctaw Butler J. D. Lindsey 

t:'larke Grove Hili Jesse \'. Boyles 

Clay Ashland E. Preston Gay... 

Cleburne Helfin I. R. Barker 

C'offee Elba C. W. Simmons 

I 'olbert - Tuscumbia W. H. Shaw 

Conecuh ICvergreen — J. S. Stearns 

Coosa Itockford —..Felix L. Smith, Jr 

Covington Andalusia 

Cullman Cullman ; A. A. Griffith 

Crenshaw Luverne Chas. L. Kettler 

Hal las Selma '. R. H. Mangum 

Dale Ozark O. K. Weed 

l>eKalb Fort Payne : J. A. Johnson 

Elmore Wetumpka F. H. Moore 

Escambia ....Brewton H. C. Rankin 

Etowah : Gadsden G. C. Allen 

b'ayette P"'ayette W. W. Monroe 

Franklin Russellville las. L. Orman 

Geneva _ Geneva J. N. Mullens 

tireene Eutaw Wm. llawkens 

Hale Greensboro T. E. Knight 

J lenry Abbeville E. C. Glover 

Houston Dothan H. K. Martin 

Jackson Scot I shore 

.leffei'son _ Jirmln.gham 

Lamar \'ernon R. G. Redden 

Lauderdale Florence J. C. Roberts 

Lawrence \loulton C. M. Slierrod 

Lee Opelika C. A. L. Samford 

Limestone Athens J. G. Rankin 

Lowndes - Haynesville R. L. Goldsmith 

Macon Tuskegee A. B. Paine 

Madison Huntsville las. H. Pride 

Marengo Linden - 

.\l;irion Hamilton Fred Jones 

.Marshall Guntersville H. G. Bailey 

.Mobile Mobile R. E. Gordon 

.Monroe .Monroeville M. R. Sowell 

.Montgomery Montgomery 

Morgan 7 Decatur T. C. Almon 

I'errv Marion W. L. Hogue 

I'ick'ens _ Carrollton Jack M. Pratt 

Pike Tro>- C. C. Bran n en 



Itandolph Wedowee 

Russell Seale U. deG. Waddell— . 

Shelby Columbiana P. O. Luck , 

St. Clair .'. Ashville J. P. Montgomery.. 

Sumter Livingston Jas. A. ;Mitchell.... 

'Palladeg-a — Talladega G. T. Welch 

Tallapoosa Uadeville G. .1. Sorrell 

Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa S. Moore 

Walker Jasper Chas. K. Wiggins., 

Washington ^Chatam \V. P. Pruitt 

Wilco.x Camden John Miller 

Winston Double Springs Chester Tubb 


County County Seat OiNtrlot Ittoriioy 

Alameda Oakland Kz:ra Decoto 

Alpine - Markleeville O. K. Grau 

Amador Jackson T. G. Negrich 

Butte Oroville f. U. Robinson 

Calaveras San Andreas ciuis. P. Snyder 

Colusa Colusa Seth Millington. Sr. .. 

Contra Costa Martinez .V. B. Tinning 

Del Norte Crescent Citv iJollin Laird 

El Dorado - Placerville \bc Darlington 

Fresno Fresno C. K. Beaumont 

Clenn Willows I It^niy W. McGowan 

Humboldt Kureka \rthur W. Hill 

]mi)ci-ial El Centro '•:>n<'St U. Simon 

Invo lndei)endence Ii'.«!s Hessioii 

Kern P.akersfield -.*. i. H. Dorsey 

Kings - Hanford I. W. Ferguson 

Lake ..— Lakeport 1 1. P.. Churchill 

Lassen Susanville -...I. -\. Pardee 

Los Angeles Los Angeles Thns. Lee Woolwine. 

Madera Madera "^1 anley Murray 

Marin San Uafael '■. 1. P-utler 

Mariposa .-... Mariposa Louis T. Milburn 

Mendocino- Ukiah ":i'e McCowen, Jr. . 

Merced :\Ierced C W. Croop 

Modoc Alturas Ueuel A. Laird 

Mono P.ridgeport O. L. Hayes 



.\hinlr.|-o.V SaliiiiiS City Walter 10. Xori-is 

.\a pa Naiia Chut-iue N. liiyjiiiis 

-N'evada Nevada City 10. H. Armstrong' 

Orange Santa Ana L,. A. West 

I'iarer Auburn J. P.. Ijandis 

I'luiuas (Juinc>- L,. H. Hughes 

IJiverside Iii\erside Loyal C. Kelley 

.'■aci auiento Sacianionto Hugh B. Bradford ..- 

San Benito I lol lister Geo. H. Moore .- 

San Bernardino San I'.trnarclino T. W. Duckworth 

San Diego San Diego H. S. Utley 

San Francisco San Francisco ..-.Matthew Brady 

San Joaquin Stockton Clias. Light 

San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo M. R. Van Wormer ... 

San Mateo Redwood City I'^ranklin Swart 

Santa Barbara Santa Barbara T. R. I<''inley 

Santa Clara San .lose C. C. Coolidge 

Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Ivalph II. Smith 

Shasta Itedding lesse W. Carter 

Sierra Downieville Henry B. Neville 

Siskiyou Yi-eku James M. Allen 

Solano Fairfield Arthur Lindauer 

Sonoma Santa Rosa Oeo. W. Hoyle 

Stanislaus Modesto W. J. I3rown 

Sutter Yuba Citv \rthur Coats 

Tehama Red Bluff M. .J. Cheatham 

Tiinity \\ eaverville H. R. Given 

Tulare Visalia Frfd C. Scott 

Tuolumne Sonora Rowan Hardin 

Ventura San Buenaventura Don G. Bowker 

Yolo vV oodland I'. C. M 'Donald 

Vuba Marysville Ray Manwell 


County < <iiiii4> Si'Sit Distriot \(((ii-ii< .> 

•^ilains . ..liriKiiton W. I^. i:oatrij;lit 

Alamosa Manioaa I. lOh/.ia Jolin-sion 

Araphoe .ittleton W. I,. Boatright 

Archuleta Pagosa Springs Geo. W. Lane 

Baca Springfield Joseph \V. I law lev 

Bent . — „ _ Las Animas J. W. Hawlev 

Boulder .Boulder Louis B. Iteed • 

Chaffee Buena Vista T. l,ee Wilclier 

Cheyenne Cheyenne Wells Willis L. Siraclian 

Clear Creek Georgetown W^ L. Boatiiglit 

Conejos Conejo.'; I. lOlx.ia Johnston 

Costilla ..San Luis f. lOlzia Johnston 

Crowley Ordwav Chas. B. lluglies 

Custer Silver Cliffs T. Lee Witcliei 


Delta -Delta L. D. Ijuigess 

Denver l>enver P. T. \a.n Cisq 

Dolores J^ico George W. Lune 

Douglas .Castle Rock W. L. 8tracluiii 

Kagie ited Cliff W. H. Luby 

Klbert Kiowa Willis L. Sti-achaii 

El Paso <"oiotado Springs Willis L. Struchan 

Fiemont Canon City T. Lee Witilxi- 

Garrteld Glenwood Spr-cgs Frank Delanev- 

Gilpin Central City Wm. L. IJoatrji^lil 

Grand Hot Sulphur Springs W. L. Boatright 

Gunnison Gunnison Lee Burgess 

>linsdale Lake City Joseph W. Hawhy 

Huerfano Wal.senburg Lee W. Burgess 

Jackson -Waldeii Louis B. Keed 

Jefferson tiolden C. B. Hughes 

Kiowa lOads W. I^. Boatright 

Kit Carson Burlington Willis L. Stracliau 

Lake -Leadville William H. Luby 

La T^lata Duiaiigo George W. Laiu- 

Larimer Fort Colliue Louis B. Ueed 

Las Animas Trinidad Joseph W. Haw ley 

Lincoln Hugo Willis L. Str;u-han 

Logan Sterling Roy T. Johnson 

Mesa „...Grand Junction Lee W. Burgess 

Mineral Crcede J. lOlzia Jolinstoii 

.Moffat Craig Frank 1 "elaney 

Montezuma Corfez George W. Lane 

Montrose -Montrose Lee W. Burgess 

.Morgan Fort Morgan Hoy T. Johnson 

Oieio - Xa Junta C. B. Hughes 

( )urav Ourav Lee Burgess 

I'iiik' Fairplay T. Lee \Vitcher 

Phillips Holyoke , Roy T. Johnson 

I Ml kin Vspen Prank Delan.-y 

I "rowers Lamar Joseph W. Hawhy 

I'u.-blo Pueblo Charles B. Huglxs 

Kio I'.lanco Meekler Frank Delaney 

Uio Grande Del Norte J. Elzia Johnston 

Uoutt Steamboat Springs Frank Delaney 

Saguache -Saguache J. Elzia Johnston 

San Juan Silverton George W. Lane 

San Miguel Telluride Lee W. Burgess 

.Netlgwick Juicsburg Roy T. Johnson 

Summit I'.reckenridge William 11. Lul),\- 

Teller Cripple Creek Willis L. Stracliau 

Wasiiingion Greeley Roy C. Jolmsun 

Weld ...Akron Louis P.. Ketd 

Yuma ^\'^av Roy T. Joluison 



c<»»iiit.v (.oiiii(> Sr:i( Attorney 

Ada - Boise :.; , ;-.:.- 

Adams -■. Cou'ncfl- :.-;..-— ...: ■..-, E. S. Delana 

Bannock Pocatello. ■■—:.: :— : ......B. .T. Diiloii 

Bear Lake Paris .::...:'..........::...... I. E. McDougall 

Benewah I. St. Marie^^s..; .■.■.. -- .......D. C. Kunz 

Bing-ham :.'- Blackfocrt ■. K. li. -Mcl-'arlaiid 

Blaine- Hailey li. Wrigiit 

Boise — Idaho City'- John M. Boyle 

Bonn^T '.. Sandjioint' ........... :.:.:.-... .^ohn H. Alyer 

Booneville ■— ■"— rdaho Kails ...::. •;.■.;..:.•.: Alien P. Asher 

Bdiindarv j-.Honncrs Fri-i \- -"^ ' < '. R. C'rowley ■■ 

I'.utte -." Arco 'M.' Wilson ■ ••• 

("amas ..'.:..— Fairfudd ..•.. 1. (>. Martin- ' -•% ■ 

Canyon ...l "aldwell ..;.;;■.: Frank M. Davis • 

Caribou Soda Springs ...--.-•..•-■-■- - Clarence Hill 

Cassia - Burlev :.—....;..■.— "—;..:.•...- X. E. Snell 

Clark „ -...Dubois .;.;..■,.. T. T. Morris 

Clearwater '.'. Orofino -..l"...:'.'. _ 

Custer ....Challis P. E. Smitii 

Elmore .."'ountairi Home .."- M. A. Brown 

Franklin Preston ;;.....l....... V. L. Taylor 

Fremont St. Anthony :...' P. M. Condie 

Gem ..-.. iirnu'tt -',-—. ir. W. Soule 

(loodins: ; ......:....;... ..■..■. J. P. Reed 

Idaho ilian^eville .'. .' 11. A. Pads'l'^m 

.Tofferson Iiif,'ljy : ,.:— - B. Auprer 

.Terome Jerome .— _ A. E. Later 

Kootenai .' Coeur d'Alene- .-- K. Ferg-uson 

l.atah Moscow ..-...;.•..:..■. R. O. Wearne 

Lcnihi Salmon .■."..;..•.;. John Nisbet 

l.ewla .N'ezperce .--.-: IT. J. Burleigh 

Lincoln Shoshone ..:.:.....-..... -G. C. Pennell 

.Madison Rexburg : : Paul S. Haddock 

Minidoka Rupert : ;.-,--- Hugh A. Baker 

Xp/ Perce _Lew1ston - Leo McCarty 

Oneida Malad -...:•: T. E. Ray 

I uv-vhee Silver Citv .: :.:: W. A. Stacy 

Pavette Payette ....:-' R. E. Hayiics 

I'ownr ..American Falls :... C. T. Cotant 

Shoshone Wallace '. : J. H. McEvers 

■lelon Origgs : R. S. Wiikie 

Twin Falls Twin Falls ............."..■ F. 1^. bteptiun 

Valley Cascade ....•—..-.:.... F. M. Kerliy 

\\ ashington Weiser H. McAuaiiia 



County Coiiiify S«':it StsiU-'s Atloi-iioy 

Adams _Quincy .Jolm F. Garner 

A Icxander _Cairo I^eslie L. Wilbourn 

Uond „Ureenville 1. H. Allio - 

lloone ^Belvidere Frank A. Oakley 

Urovvn All. tJtcrlinjr O. T. Briggs 

1 iiireau rrincelon C. R. Johnson 

Calhoun -I lardin C. C. Worth.\- 

- aiioll --- Mt. Carroll John K. Connell 

Cass ^ -\n ginia Lloyd M. MrClure 

Champaign ™Jrbana Roy R. Cline 

ClirisLian Taylorville Edward F. Powell 

Clark Alai shall Everett Connelly 

Cla.\' , Louisville Alsie X. Tolliver 

CI inton Jarlyle Hugh V. Murray 

('oles Cluirleston Ch;iiios Tl. l-'letcJier 

( <)ok 'h i(. ago Robert K. Crowe 

. lawford rtohinson Chas. !•'. Jones 

( 11 nilierland Toledo Charles C. Fggleston... 

i >i'Kull) Sycamore Cassius I'oust 

,\\ itt i'iinton William F. Smith 

Pouglas Tuscola Robert F. Cotton ..— 

I III I'age \Vheaton Charles \V. IJadley..-..— 

i;dgar Paris George liristow 

I';dvvards Albion -Allen E. Walker 

lOri'ingham ;';t'l"ingliam Paul Ta>'lor 

I''a>eite Vandalia Will P. Welker j. 

|i"ord I'axton C. M. Swanson 

l''i anklin Benton - Roy C. Martin 

h'li Iton Lewiston Flo\-d F. Putnam 

t lallatin .-. Shawneetown Joseph L. P>artley 

(ireeiie .....Carrol Iton T. 1. McKnight 

Griuid.v -Vlorris Frank L. Flood 

llamilton AliLeansboro Wliitson W. Oaily 

I lancoik Carthage Lee Siebenborn — 

Hardin Eli/.abethtown Clarence 10. Soward ... 

I len<lerson Oi|ua\vka Michael E. Xolan 

I lenry Cambridge Carl .August Melin 

1 i(ii|uois Watseka Elmer A. Taylor 

Ja-kson Mnrphysboro Jolui 1 1. Searing 

.1 aspei- Xewton .-.. William K. Isle\' 

.iel'fei-son Mt. \'ernon I-^rank C. Thompson 

.1 iMsey Jei seyville P. M. 1 lamilton 

Ill Daviess Galena Harry C. Tear 

i:.hi>sou Vienna Chas. J. Huffman 

Kane Geneva Chailes [>. .Vbbott 

Kanl<akee Kankakee Anker C. .lensen 

Kendall Vorkville Richard O. Leitch 

Iv nox Galesburg .Addison J. Boutelle 

Lake Waukega'n \shbel V. Smith 

LaSalle Ottawa 1 ITarry F. Kelly 

Lawi-ence _La\vrenceville O. W. Longnecker 

i,ee Dixon Mark C. Keller 

Livingston Poiitiac I. H. AIcFadden 

Lognn Lincoln „ Evan Worth 

Macon ' )ecatur Chas. F. Evans 

v'a o.ipin Carlinville L. M. Harlan 

Madison Fdwardsville Jos. P. Strenber 

AlarioM Saleni (/harles F. Di-ew 


Marshall Lacon Bavarrl W. Wright 

, -\Iason Havana Scott W. Lucas 

Alassac Metropolis Walter Roberts 

AlcDonoug-h Macomb Vndrew L. Hainline 

AlcUenry Woodstock Vincent S. Lumlev 

McLean Bloominffton Lester H. Martin 

-Menard _ Petersburg Heni'v E. Pond 

^fercer Aledo Paul J. Graham 

Monroe Waterloo Rov E. Gauen 

Montgomery llillshoro I<^rank M. Ramey 

Morgan „ lacksonville Carl E. Robinson 

Moultrie : Sullivan Merrill F. WehmholT 

' 'Sle Oiegon lames L. Afcl "owell 

Peoria Peori;t ICiiiest .1. Galbraith 

Perry Pinckneyville Judson E. Harriss 

Piatt -.. Monticello Burl Edie 

IMke Pittsfield Barry Mumford 

Pope Golconda Claience O. Conlev 

I'ulaski Mound Citv C. S. Miller.. 

Putnam Hennepin Micliael .1. Faletti 

Randolph Chester Logan Hachman 

Richland Olney S. C. Lewis 

Rock Island Rock Island Beniamin S. Bell 

Saline Harrisburg '""hHrlos 11. Thompson 

Sangamon Springfield C. Ered Mortimer 

Schuyler Rushville Paul W. Mourning 

i^cott Winchester Loval A. Mehrhoff 

Slielby Shelbyville Robert L. Pugh 

Staik Toulon E. B. Brian 

St. Clair Belleville :...(Tubert E. SchaumKlTi-l. 

Stei)lienson L>'reeport Charles 11. Green 

Ta/ewell r>ekin Edward E. Black 

I^nion louesboro R. Wallace Karrak. i 

Vermillion Danville lohn H. Lewman 

Wabash Mt. Carmel Ben H. Townsend . 

Warren Monmouth Chailes E. Lauder.. . 

Washington Nashville H. II. House 

Wayne Fairfield Roscoe Forth 

White '"armi Charles T. Randolpi . 

Whiteside .Morrison Robert W. Besse 

Will loliet Robeit W. Martin 

Williamson Marion Delos L. Dutv 

Winnebago I lock ford William .lolinson 

Wooiirord i':uieka •;) lu si .1. Henderson 



Annie of <'uiiii(> « oiiiit.t S«-:it <°oiiii(y Atturnoy 

Allen lola John W. Brown 

Anderson Garnett DeWitt M. Stilc-s 

Atchison Atchison Maurice P. OKeefe 

Barber Medicine Lodge R. W. MacGregor 

Barton Great Bend W. J. Weber 

Bourbon Fort Scott Harry Warren 

Brown Hiawatha W. P. Means 

Butler Eldorado Arch F. Williams 

Chase Cottonwood P'alls ^F. A. Meckel 

Chautauqua Sedan Ralph K. Rader 

Cherokee _..''oluinbus Leo Armstrong- 

('liejeune St. Francis L. D. Dowling 

•lark _.\shland J. B. Haves 

Cla.\ Clay Center AVm. M. Beall 

I 'loud Concoi-xlia Olin Hunter 

• 'olfey F.urlinston E. J. Crego 

(.."omanche Coldwater C. E. Baker 

Cowley W infield Ellis Fink 

("lawt'ord -Ciiraid C. A. Buinett 

Decatur Oberlin A. C. T. Geiger 

Dickinson _ _ \bilene S. S. Sniitli 

Doniphan Troy J. J. Baker 

Douglas Lawrence A. B. Mitchell 

Edwards Kinsley W. R. Bioadie 

Elk Howard Clifford Sullivan 

Ellis Hays Jacob M. Woisner 

Ellsworth ICIlsworth Geo. \V. McCov 

Finney Garden Citv \V. C. Pearce 

Ford Dodge City W. C. Guld 

l-^ranklin Ottawa R. It. Jtcilnioiul 

Geary Junction Cit.y Lawrence M. Mon is 

Gove (Jove City R. H. Tliomp.son 

Graham Flill City James i ). .Mi \'e.\ 

Grant Xew T^l.vsses Israel Moore 

Gray Cimairon Harry Br ice 

Greeley Tiibune ; Geo. L. Ueid 

Gieenwood Eureka Joseph A. I'uller 

Hamilton Syracuse George Gett.\- 

1 lai'per \ntlion.\ Vernon I )a.\ 

Harvey Xewton A. E. Morgan 

Haskell Sublette Geo. J. Little 

Hodgeman .letmore B. H. Aslier 

.lackson Holton Floyd \V. Hohbs 

.lefferson Oskaloosa Oscar T'. Ma\ 

•Icwell Mankato R. C. Postlethwaite 

.lohnson Olathe F. R. Ogg 

Kearny Lakin E. R. Thorpe 

Kingman Kingman Chas. C. Calkins 

Kiowa Greensburg ...J. D. Beck 

Labette Oswego C. J Taylor 

Lane Dighton J. E. Mowbery 

Leavenworth Leavenworth Duke W. Hooper 

Lincoln Lincoln E. A. JMcFaiianri 

Linn Mound City John O. Morse 

Logan Rusi^ell Springs W. H. Wagner 

L\ on Emporia Roland E. Boy n ton 

.■Marion Maiion John E. Wheeler 

.Marshall Marysville W. T. Gritfin 

.McPiierson McPherson Alex. S. Hendrv 

Meade Meade C. C. AVilson 

Miami Paola Rov S. Lowe 

Mitchell Beloit R. L. Hamilton 

Montgomery Independence Alfred (\. Arinstn,: .^ 

■^lorris Council Grove Harry E. Snvder 

Moi-ton Richfield ...G. Porter Ciaddo; k 

'I (i 1 


Xciniiha Seneca '. R. M. Emery, Jr. 

Xooslio Erie T. F. INIorrison 

Ness Xess City Lorin T. Peters 

Norton Norton A. L. Drummonii 

Osage Lyndon C. G. Messerley 

Osborne Osborne Omar D. Gregoiy 

Ottawa Minneapolis Errett G. Smitl\ 

Pawnee Larned H. S. Itog'ers 

I'll i Hips Pliillipsburg- Dan Hopson 

I 'cittawatomie Westmoreland E. C. Brookens 

I'rutt Pratt D. E. McCrory 

I lawlins At wood Herbert Howiand 

Keno Hutchinson Wm. H. Burnett 

Ueimblic Belleville E. S. Nelson 

I ; ice Lyons Ben Jones 

Uiley Manhattan A. M. Johnston 

Ituoks Stockton P. E. Young- 

Uusli .' La Crosse ..-Henry F. Heirman 

Uussell Russell J. G. Vogiegesang 

Haline Salina Frank C. Norton 

Scott Scott , Ed. R. Bane 

Sedg-wick Wichita J. A. Conley 

Seward ;Lil3eral E. W. Davis 

Sliawnee Toi3eka T ink ham Veale 

Sheridan Hoxie W. H. Clark 

Sherman Goodland Frank J. Ilorton 

Smith Smith Center Miles Elson 

Stafford St. Jolin Ray Beals 

Stanton Johnson R. J. Shetlar 

Stevens Hugoton C. T. Parker 

Sumner Wellington James Lawience 

Tliomas Colby .....E. F. Beckner 

'l^rego Wakeeney John R. Parsons 

Watiaunsee Alma J. E. Martin 

Wallace Sharon Springs W. E. Ward 

Washinarton Washington Frank C. Baldin 

Wichita Leoti : W. C. Dickey 

Wilson Fredonia J. E. McCray 

Woodson Yates Center E. E. Lamb 

Wyandotte Kansas City E. A. Enright 



Coiiiit.v Sesit 


Allegany Cumberland Fuller Barnard, Jr. -. 

Anne Arundel \niiapolis James M. Munroe .... 

l:!altimore Towson H. C. Janifer 

Baltimore City Baltimore City Robert F. Leach. Jr. 

(Hlvcit Upper Marlboro - Arthur W. Dowell ... 

Caroline Centerville W. Brewster Deen .... 

Carroll Prince Frederick Theodore F. Brown . 

Cecil Denton H. A. Warburton 

Charles Westminster p. c. Cooksey - 

Dorchester Elkton A. S. Marine 

Fredei-ick ^a Plata Aaron R. Anders 

Garrett .Cambridge William R. Offutt 

Ha.iford Frederick Walter R. McComas. 

Howaid (/»akland James Clark 

Kent P.elaii- S. Scott Beck 

Montgomery Ellicott Thomas D. Dawson.... 

Pi ince George's Chesteitown J. AVilson Ryon 

Oiieen Annes Itockville Charles B. Tucker 

St. Mar.^s Leonardtown J. H. T. Briscoe 

Somerset Princess Anne L, C. Beauchamp 

Talbot JOaston Charles J. Butler 

Wasliington Ilageistown D. A. Wolflng:er 

Wicomico Salisbury C. W. Long 

W Dicester Snow Hill William O. Kerbin... 




! Otiilt ICS 

Comity S«>:it 

AlLOiKi Hai risvilK 

Alger -IMunising- 

Allegan _AllegaH .. 

Aljjena xVlpena .— 

Antrim ; Bellaire 

Prosoeiitiii^' .\tt<>riio>» 

..Herman Dehnke 

• iJavid E. Simmons 
.-Ira C. Montague 
...James Collins 

-Homer E. Wellman 

.Vienac - Standish ; Sanford K. Hayes 

Baraga «L'Anse _ Hubert .\. Brennan 

Burr.\- ^Hastings John M. Gould 

Bay Ba\- City William A. Collins 

Benzie - Beulah — Walter E. Daines 

berrieii „ St. .Joseph Charles W. Core 

Brancli 1 Coldwater Stanley B. Weage 

Callioiin .Vlai shall Jame.s Cleary 

Cass , Chassopolis Carl D. Mosier 

Charlevoix Charlevoi.K E. A. Kuegsegger 

Cheboygan "IU'l)oy.gan Ward 1. Waller 

Cnij'l't-\va Sault Sle. Marie Albert E. Sharpe 

Clare ."..Harrison Carlos A. Reading 

Clinton S[. Johns Oliver Spaulding 

Crawford i}ra>ling Homer L. Fitch 

l.eita Escanaba Torval E. Strom 

l>ickinson iron Mountain - J. Chester Kniglit 

Eaton iMiarlotte Claude J. Marshall 

.'laiinet Petoskey Charles J. 1 'ailthorp 

(.Jenesee I'lint Harry G. Gaiilt 

Gladwin Gladwin — John C. Shaft er 

Gogebic Bessemer Harold J. Waples 

Gd. Travel se Traverse City Jno. U. Duncan 

tiratiot Ithaca O. L.. Smith 

Hillsdale Hillsdale .Wilbur D. Grommon 

liouglUon - Houghton i John 1). Kerr 

Huiou - Bad A.Ke .Vlfred H. Sauer 

Ingiiam Ma.-on J. Arthur Boice 

Ionia Ionia Harry IJ. Gemuend 

Iosco Tawas City John A. Stewart 

Iron Crvstal Falls August J. Walten 

I:-abella Mt. Pleasant Virgil W. McClintic 

Jackson Jackson M. Grove Hatch 

Kalamazoo Kalatna/.oo — Stephen H. Waltlcs 

Kalkaska Kalkaska -' Joshua E. Boyd 

Kent - - Grand Uapids Cornelius lloH'iiis 

Kewcciiaw Eagle Hiver Nels .\. lUionavaara 

Lake - - Balwin Wilber B. Pool 

Lapeer Lapeer A. H. L'erkins 

Ivcelanau Leland - Clinton L. Oayton 

Lomawee Adrian — Leland F. Bean 

Livingston Howell - Glenn C. Yelland 

Luce Xewberiy ...\le.\ander L. Sayles 

Mackinac St. Ignace Prentiss .M. Brown 

-Macomb , Mt. Clemens Lynn :M. Jolmslou 

Manistee Manistee Harrx- F. J little 

Marquette Marquette Micliael J. Kennedy 

Mason Ludington - Robt. J. Quail 

Mecosta 1 Big Rapids Fred li. Everett 

Menominee Xeenominee Kenneth O. Doyle 

Midland Midland Chester E. Morris 

M'ssaukee Lake City Henry -Miltner 

Monroe Monroe William F. Ilaa.'^ 

A.ontcahn Stanton Frank A. .Miller 

1 (} G 


.Mont moi >Mi'.'y — At hiiitu Lewis \V. » ist i;i inlc 

T'lskr.yon ..-- Muskeson Han\- W. .lacksn 

Xowayso White Cloud William .f. I'.ransl 

OaklaVd Pontiac - A. l-'loyd BUiK-cs'i 

Oceana Hart Earl C. I'uss'iv 

Ogemaw West Braiu-h lames B Boss 

< )ntonai^oii Ontonason Tolin Jones 

Osceola TIeisey Robert I!. S;i\ il ■•• 

Oscoda Mio Merle F. Nellisi 

Otseg'o - Gaylord Willis L. T >\vii.s.m 

Ottawa - Grand Haven Fred T. MiKs 

Pres<|\ie Isle Rogers A. W. Wiko.' 

Roscominon Roscommon Hiram R. Snrtli 

Sas:inaw Saginaw Riley L. Cram 

Sanilac Sandusky Robert J. Wesi 

Srliool'i-aft Manisti(iue Virsil T. HInsoi. 

Shiawassee Corunna Roy D. :\lattln\\^ 

St. Clair Port Huron fTenty Raiid 

St. Joseph Centreville ....Dwisht ^] I'.ri'i,, 

Tuscola Caro Henry H. Siiiiiii. 

Van Pviien Paw Paw lames '' fi"' 

Washtenaw Ann Arbor Jacob F. F.iluTi.r 

Wavne I>etroit Paul AV. \'ooi!ii.s 

Wexf.iKl Cadillac - William II. \(Mr:i 


< 'on II i y 

Coiiiit.v Sosit 


AilUcii Aitkin E. H. Kiel wit' 

Vnoka Vnoka • W. A. HIancliaiHl 

Ilcckei- Detroit A. O. Sletvold 

IJc'trami Remidji Graham M. Torrance 

Benton [•"'ole.v E. W. Swenson 

Big- Stone Oitonville R. G. Farrington 

Blue Farth '. Mankato Charles F. FMi il 1 ips... 

liT-own New Plni W. T. Kckstein 

Carlton t 'ariton H. 

Carver Chaska W 

Cass ; : Walker E. 

t^hippewa Montevideo A. 

Chisago Center City S. 

Clay Moorhead Garfield TI. Rustad 

Clearwater Bagle\- .. Wm. A. McGlennai 

Cook Grand Marais S. C. Murphy 

Cottonwood Windoni O. .1. Finstad 

Crow Wing Coiintv Brainerd S. F. .-Mderman 

Dakota Hastings Alfred E. Rietz 

Dodge Mantoiville Geo. R. Little 

I >ong'as Alexandria Walter f L Jacks 

I'^aribault Klue l^aitli Henry J. Frundt 

(■"•illn'orc ; Preston S. C. Pattridg'e 

l'"iccb()T-n .Albert I^ea I. O. Peterson 

'I'.o.lhne Red Win.g- Arthur R. Arntson. 

S. Lotd 

F. Odell 

L. Rogers 

E. Kief 

Bei'nhard Wennerberi 


'Jiiiiit ■......-. K 1 bo n- Lake It. .1. StronuH,- 

I riiiH'pin - - Minneapolis Wni. X. Nash 

Iloisloii Caledonia Wni. !•'. l-'lynn 

liubbaui Paik Rapids 11. O. Webster 

I.«anti Canibiidge Godfrey G. Goodwin. 

liasia Grand Rapids Ralpli .\. Stone 

.Jackson Jackson E. H. Nicholas 

Kanabec Mora P. S. Dlsen 

Kandivohi Willmar Chailes John.son 

Kittson Hallock R. V. Blethen 

Koochiching: International Falls Franz .levne 

Lac Qui I'arle Madison N. F. Soderberg 

Lake ■. -. Two Harbors B. F. Fowler 

Le Sueur Le Sueur Center L. W. Prendergast ... 

Lincoln Ivaiihoe A. K. Stauning' 

Lyon Marshall Ftolland Mathews 

Mcl.eod Glencoe .; '. 

Alahnonien Mahnomen Clayton C. Cooper ... 

.\lni shall - AVarren A. N. Eckstroin 

Mart ill - Fairmont I'aul Cooper 

.Meeker Litchfield Kav H. Dart 

.Mllle Lacs iVIilaca VV. C. Doane 

Morrison - Little I'^alls D. M. Cameron 

Mower Austin Otto Baudler 

-Murra.v Sla>ton A. W. Tierney 

.\'ii ollet St. Peter Geo. T. Olsen 

Nobles Worthins'ton John l'"". l-'lynn 

.Vnrnian Ada M. A. Brattland 

oiiiisteil ..- Jtochester Oscar C. Ronken 

I'ltf- Tail l'\'is:iis I'^alls Anton Thonijison 

I'eiming'ton Thief River Falls Theo. Quale 

i'inc ("ouuly Pine City VV. S. Eivin 

Pipestone .Pipestone Chas. Dealy 

Polk Crookston I. E. Montag-ue 

Pope - Glenwood C. O. Ofsthun 

Ramsey St. Paul Richard H. O'Brien... 

Ked Lake - Red Lake Falls Fred L. Farley 

Redwood Redwood Falls \lbert H. I'^nersen 

Renville Oivia Harold Baker 

Fiice Faribault Lucius A. Smith 

Rock Luverne E. H. Canfleld 

Roseau Roseau Ale.xander Fosmark . 

St. Louis Duluth Warren E. Greene 

Scott Shakopee Geo. F. Sullivan 

Sherburne Elk River Geo. H. Tyler 

Sibley Gaylord C. H. MacKenzie 

Stearns St. Cloud Paul Ahles 

Steele Owatonna F. A. Alexander 

Stevens Morris W. H. Cherry 

Swift County Benson John I. Davis 

Todd Long- Prairie Wm. M. Wood 

Traverse Wheaton W. B. Milton 

Wabasha Wabasha John R. Foley 

AVadena Wadena John H. Mark 

SVaseca Waseca H. M. Gallaglier 

Washing'ton _Stillwater Reuben G. Thoreen... 

Watonwan St. James J. L. Lobben 

Wilkin Breckenridge E. H. Elwin 

Winona Winona Earl Simpson 

Wi-ight Buffalo Stephen A. Johnson... 

■S'ello'.v Medicine „ Granite Falls Paul D. Stratton 



County County Sojit Coiiiilv Attorney 

Ailair Columbia Gordon Alontgomery .. 

.Allen StoUsviile - - 

Anderson L,a\vrenceburg \V. A. Coffey 

i.allard Wiekliffe A. H. Oliver 

1 ;a nen CHasgow L. W. McKee 

r.ath UwiiiKsville liay Holmes 

I If 11 1'incville Paul Greer 

IJoone - LJuilington U. W. Doggeci 

i;ourbon Tans T. G. Anderson 

Uovd ■ Catlettsburg- t!. H. itne.^ 

Bovle Danville David D. Cline 

Drafken Brooksville Joe M. Spears 

i'.ieathitt Jackson tneniw .)a, r>. o.i 

Dreckenridge Hardinsburg- Silas Jacobs 

I'.iiUitt Shcpherdsville Kash C. Williams 

lUitler Morgantown -• A. 11. Kincheloe 

Caldwell Trinceton 'i'- C. Carroii 

Callowav - Murray A. J. Bratcher 

(/uinpbeil - .-..Alexandria ^- 1^- Dodge 

Carlisle Bardwell Hall Hood 

Carroll Carrollloa ^- G- Matz 

( 'alter Grayson 

uo.\ ;il. a.ieiiJi. 

Casey i:"!;:;;":;::";""!!: liberty i ^' •v'^^^'f"" 

Christian Hopkinsville ^- >;•• i^ittleton 

Clark Winchester ^- C. Moore 

Clav Manchester )) • P- Soyers 

H. 11. Moore 
'A. D. Hall 

■J. (J. Snith .*^. 

'E. D. Stone 

Clinton Albany 

Crittenden .Marion 

Cumberland Burkcsville 

Daviess Owcnsboro , ,, 

lAlmonson Brownsville V^v.,!^-.. ^'^ \ 

Kenton Ordinary „ 

lOlllott Irvine 

lOstill Lexington 

I'^avette Flemingsburg 

'•'">'l Frankfoit ^^,_ p_ ^.^^}^ ■ ^■ 

Wilbur K. Miller . 

"Geo. McCombs 

"W. E. Moblev '.. 

John W. Walker... 

Spense S. Carrick 

l^ranklin Hickman (-h-irlos S Morris' 

Fulton W arsa w Loi Uliu'ns " 

Gallatin Lancaster \v"d Yea-er 

Garrard Williamstown a' J LlndeA^Lod ■;:: 

Grant Ma. 'udd - j^ jyj Ackman 

G''aves l.eilchheld , ^ „ Brooks 

Grayson Greensburg ,^j,p„ p cubbage . 

Green Greenup ., ,| woodward ... 

Greenup Hawesville Glenn E. Miller 

Hancock !-J ix.abetlilown Henry Mason 

Hardin Harlan c. E." Morgan 

Harlan (\vnthiana John B. Carter 

Hariison Munfordville Manville G. Land . 

Hart Hendoison w. H". Strange 

Henderson Newcastle A. Leo King 

Henry (""linton A\'. ( ». Jackson ....... 

Hickman Madi-soiiville Jno. B. lOvans 

Hopkins .McKoe : Chas. G. Franklin 

Jackson Louisville :. J. 1. i:»avis 

Jefferson Nicholasville I. M. Chilton 

Jessamine Paintsyille Tv. 1j. BronaugMi ... 

Jidmson Erlanger .-^ani Siai'ieion 


Knott Hiiidnian Ed. J. Tracy 

Kiiux Barbourville ]i. H. Amburgy 

i^iiruo Hodgenville P. L,. Senters 

l-;iLirol : London Edward \V. Oreal. 

Lawrence Louisa ), K. Lewis 

Lee : Beattyville ,....<;. W. Cadtle 

Leslie Hyden H. T. Beatty 

LetcUei* ^ , V^iiitesburg Wm. C. Hoskiiis . 

Lewis - ...— Vancebiirg K. Blair 

Ijintoln ,-- Stanlord J. P. Strother 

Livingston Smithland Kelly Francis 

Logan lUissellville J. K. Wells , 

Lyon Kddyville A. H. Brown 

.Madison Kiclimond C. C. Molloy 

.Magoliin ■. Salyersville J. P. Chenault .... 

Marion Lebanon T. J. -X^rnett 

Mai shall Benton H. S. McElroy 

Martin Inez W. W. English .... 

Mason vlaysville Jasper H. Prince 

McCracken Paducah W. H. Rees 

.McOrearv Whitlev City F. E. Graves 

McLean Calhoun <J- W. Stephens .... 

.Meade Brandenburg- K- Alexander 

Menifee ....' Frenchburg W. D. Ashcraft .... 

Mercer Karrodsburg fj- H. Pieratt 

.vletcalfe '. ..J":dmoriton ','■■ ^- Black 

Monroe Tompkinsville .lames Taylor 

Montgomery .Vlt. Sterling- V,v • V . '^'■®®, 

Morgan West Libertv )^ "i- "V; ^J^Pl^^^^- 

Muhlenberg Greenville „5'"". ;, Wells 

Nelson Bard St own 

Nicholas Carlisle 

Ohio Hartford 

Oldham , LaGrange 

Owen i Owenton „ ^ -t- n j- .. 

Owsley Booneville ?• ^9" ^ al andingham 

"W. O. Smith 
'Ernest N'. Fulton. 
•F. Y. Co-x 

■Otto C. Martin ... 
M. Ballard Clark... 

Pendleton ' Falmouth 

Perry Hazard -.. 

Pike .- Pikeville 

Powell Stanton . 

J. K. Gabbard 
A. H. Barker... 
Chas. Wooten 
W. P. Hughes 
.\. T. Stewart 

I'lil-'ts^ki Somerset Chris L Tarter 

li-'^^'t^"" - :f!- 0"^-^t ^^;^/| Th,^ckmorion 

I Uickcasrle '-..— -^'t. Vernon 

Ko wan .-..Morehead .. 

■G. M. Ballard 
-T. W. Rose 

Russell Jamestown p/ -g. Ljovd 

Scott ; Georgetown r' q Eord 

■:''e"^>- - ^lelbyville C.' G." Barrackman' 

Simpson ,.. Pranklin ^y p> Peebles 

L'Pe'ic-ei- Taylorsville Thad ' Cheatham";:: 

laylor ' ampbellsvule Fred Faulkner 

I'odd , l<:ikion w B. Reeves. Jr:::: 

Ti-igfT _Cadiz John T. King 

Trimble .., I^edford e. W. Tandy 

Union Uorganfield L. C. Flourn'ov, Jr. 

Warren iowMng Green .A.lex M. Cheeney 

Washington •-'prinfteld Joe Pol in 

Wayne 'Jonti'ello J. C. Davis 

Webster Dixon ...W. E. Bourland .... 

Whitley _ Williamsburg R. C. Browning '.... 

\^'oIfe Cami)ton Lubern -Allen 

NA'DodToi-d ..'........... I "-in el< a rd ....Will I). Jesse 



County County Seat Attorney 

Lieaverhead Dillon T. E. Gilbert 

Hig- Horn Hardin L. E. Haven 

Ijlaine Chinook D. L. Blackstone ... 

Broadwater Townsend H. H. Hollovvay 

Carbon lied Lodge C. C. Rowan 

Carter Ekalaka Ft. Nelstead 

Cascade Great Falls H. G. Bennet 

Cliouteau Fort Benton H. F. Jliller 

Custer Miles City R. B. Hayes . 

haniels Scobey J. S. Nyquist 

Dawson Glendive F. S. P. Foss 

Deer Lodge Anaconda J. B. C. Knight 

Kallon Baker D. R. Young 

I'ergus Lewiston E. J. Baker 

I'Mathead Kalispell Dean King 

Gallatin Bozeman E. F. Bunker 

Garfield Jordan J. J. Cavan 

Glacier Cut Bank ^ W. J. Shannon 

Golden Valley Ryegate C. N. Noyes 

Granite Phillipsburg VV. L. Brown, Jr. . 

Hill „...Havre 3Iax P. Kuhr 

Joflerson Boulder J. E. Kelly 

Judith Basin Stanford John B. Muzzy 

Lewis and Clark Helena J. R. Wine 

Liberty Chester B. R. McCabe 

Lincoln _Libby W. H. Gray 

McCone Circle IL A. Hoover 

Madison Virginia City Edgar J'. Reid 

Meagher White Sulphur Springs Chas. H. Tyman .... 

Mineral Superior W. L. Hyde :... 

Missoula Missoula J. L. Campbell 

Musselshell Roundup C. F. Maris 

Park ..Livingston E. F. Allen 

Phillips Malta B. P. Sandlie 

Pondera Conrad W. L. Bullock 

Powder River Broadus N. A. Burkey 

l\)\vell Deer Lodge E. J. Cummins 

I'lairie Terry Jos. C. Tope. 

llavilla Hamilton J. D. Taylor 

Iti.'lilaiid Sidney L. V. Ketter 

Iloosevelt _Poplar Frank M. Catlin .. 

rtosebud „Forsyth I. S. Crawford 

.'Zanders Thompson Falls A. A. Alvord 

Slicridan „Plentywood A. C. Erickson 

Silver Bow Butte Geo. Bourquin 

Stillwater Columbus M. L. Parcells 

Sweotgrass Big Timber H. S. Davis 

Peton Choteau G. W. Magee 

Toolo Shelby J. S. McClory 

Treasure Kystham E. D. Gerye 

Vallev Glasgow L. M'crking 

Wheatland Harlowton W. C. Husband 

Wibaux _Wibaux Wlmer \v . t^'o wee . 

Vollowstone Billings E. E. Collins 


4 71 



Coiiiity S«':it!<i 


ChUichill -Fallon Chas. E. Howard 

Clark _ _! as Vegas Florence Dolierty 

Douglas -Mindon H. C. Jepson 

Elko .Elko Mattie J. Keith 

ICsineralda Goldfield H. C. Roberson 

Eureka Eureka R. McCharles 

Humboldt Winnemucca J. W. Davey 

Lander — .Austin Lena R. Streshley 

Li)icoln Piofhe Eva S. Dolan 

I^yon .Verins'ton Ruel E. Lothrop 

Mineral Hawthorne S. T. Kelso 

Xye Tonojiali Lawrence K. Glass 

'>rmsby V';uson Cit>- T. AV. Lesate 

Pershing Lovelock T. H. Pauslcn 

Storey X'irshi'a City C. S. Young 

Washoe Iteno E. H. Reemer 

White I'ine i:iv F. n. Oldfield 


County Cuiinty Sent 

.Atlantic Mays LandiiiJi 

Bel gen Huckensack 

liurlington Mount lioll.v 

Catnden Camden 

Cape May I'ape Ma.\- Court IIm 

I 'u inberlaud 'jild^cluu 

I'.ssex - N'ewarK 

Gloucester Woodtiuty 

Hudson leisev' *..icy 

Hunterdon hMeniinj^toi; 

Mercer Trenton 

.Middlesex Xt-w lii-unswick 

Alonmouth Fi ei.lioid 

iVlorris .\ior;;i-toi\ :i 

Ocean l o;i;a iliVtr 

I'assaic I'atcibun 

Salem Salon; 

Somerset -Sunicrvil lo 

Susse.K - Xewton 

Union Elizaoeth 

Waiion Llvl V laere 


Edmund C. Gaskill. Jr. 

.\.rchibald C. Hart 

Jonathan H. Kelse>- ... 
Charles -A. Wolverton 

I'Uigene C. Cole .-. 

Itoscoe C. Ward 

.1. Henr\- Hai-rison 

(iscai- H. Fledrow 

I'ierre I'. Garven 

Harry .1. Able 

.\. Dayton Oliphant ... 

Joseph E. Strieker 

Charles F. Se.xton 

John M. Mills 

Kichai'd C. Plumer 

J. Willard DeVoe 

Daniel W. Beckle.x' 

.\zariab M. Beekman ... 

Lewis A'an Blai'com 

Walt.'r L. HetHeld. Jr. 
S.\ Ivfstcr <". Smith, Jr. 

472 INTEliNATl. I'OLICE ,\i IJET1C( :T1 VK DlliECroKI 

NEW :\IKXT('(> 


First Judicial District Alexander Read, Santa I'c 

Second Judicial District Ei-iiest B. Garcia, Alburueriiuu 

Tliird Judic'al Distr ct. J. Benson Newell, Alai:iuj'.orUti 

Fourth Judicial District Luis E. Armijo, Las V eyas 

l'"il'th Judicial Distiict C. M. Compton, Portales 

Fifth Judicial Distiict Diliard H. VVyatt, Roswell 

Sixth Judicial District Forrest Plelder, Deming 

Seventh Judicial Di t c. Fred G. Nicholas, Socorro 

Eijjhth Judicial District Hugh B. Woodward, Clayto:. ■ 


< oiiiHy I'oiiiity Sc'sit SCitc's \(t<>iiu' 

Adams ' ', 1 1 i lapv M. E. Remmcn _^ 

Barnes Valley City L. S. B. Ritchie ^ 

Benson Minnewaiikon W. O. McDonald 

Billings JMedora W. J. Ray 

Bottineau Bottineau I. J. Weeks 

Bowman Bowman W. A. FJeniing 

Buike Bowbells H. A. Hanson 

Burleip:h H'sniarck F. 10. McCurdy 

Cass Fargo \Vm. C. Green 

Cavalier Liangdon G. Grimson 

Dickey lOUendale T. ]>. Brouilla'.t! 

Divide Crosby Olaf Biaatolien 

Dunn ';itiiiin«- T. H. II. Thonscii 

Fddy New Rockford James A. Maiil.\ 

Fmmons Linton Chas. Co vent i> 

("'oster Can inKton lames Morris 

iJnldfti \'alley Beacli C. .1. Oiipe^'^ard 

Grand Forks Giaml Forks T. B. Kltou 

Giant Cai'son ^■in(■on t 1 1 oiiuii 

GriRs-s ('oojierstown John Sad 

Mettinser Mott I. K. .Murray 

Kidder Steele C. O. Seagn-n 

DaMoure '^aMoure Eucrenc T. Coyne 

I^osah Vapoleon Aithur B. Atkins 

.MeHenr>- Towner J. II. Clsrud 

Mcintosh \shle.\' Franx Shu beck 

Mclvenzie Schafer L. M. Burkey 

McLean Washburn M. Tellefson 

Mercer Stanton John Moses 

Morton JIaiidan L. IT. Connelly 

Mountrail Staiile\- R. 10. Sweii.seid 

Nelson akota nstnaii Swiiiland 


Oliver Ct'iiter K(.lM'rt Miniii 

Pembina Cavalit-r Harold V. Tliomsoii 

i'leice Ktugby Harold B. Nelson 

Ramsey Devils Lake -ivei't ^^■. Thompson 

Kansoiii l^isbon Martin O. Thompson 

Uen\ille Alohall -. 1'. S. Crewe 

Kichlaiul A\'ahi)eton ' \V. L. Divet 

Roleiie lioUa John A. Stormon 

Saigent Korman S. A. Sueetman 

SiioiHlan - McClusky I'eier A. Winter 

Sruix Foit Yates Kdward S. Johnson 

Slope \midon C. 1*. Hrownlee 

btai Iv _l>ickinson ...: I. P. Cain 

r>l.ceie Finle.v P. O. Sathre 

Stutsman .Jamestown L. G. Tellner 

Towiiei- ("ando W. T. Mosele.v 

'J rail Hillshoro Iver A. Acker 

\\ aish (^iiafton John 13. Xevin 

W aid IMinot '.(). V.. Uerisstad 

W'els l-:ssenilen H. V. Whipple 

\\ illiaiiis ^^'illiston I-'. W. MeGuiness 


county County Seat C<niiify Viioniox 

Adair Slillwell G. O. Grant 

Alfalfa Cherokee J. Wilford Hill 

AioKa Atoka Ira J. Banta 

Beavei' Heaver Ed. Gaidner 

Uet-kham Sayre Oscar Speed — 

Blaine - W a tonga Ben Smith 

I'.iyan Durant V. C. Phillips 

Caddo -^ Anadarko M. Bristow -^ 

I'nnadian J'-l Reno S. T. Robersen 

I'artei- Aidmore Jas. H. Mathers 

I'heiokee .- Tahle(iuah Asbury Burkhead 

Coda w Hugo J. O. :MeClary 

Cinianon Boise City I. E. Hill 

Cleveland - Norman J. D. Holland 

( 'oal -■ <;oalgate K. X. Holland 

( •omaiiche L.a vvton Fletcher Tiile.\- 

( 'dUoii Walter ...: Fred Hansen --. 

I' ;ii'4 \'iiiita less L. Ballard 

("ri id< Sapnliia John Hill 

Custer - — -- -\rapaho Sam L. l»arrah 

I )ela\vaie Jay .....W. W. Miller 

I )e\ve.\ - Taloga Emerson Bloomer 

I'llis ' \rnett H. C. Brownlee— -- 

Garfield — I'^nid C. B. Wilson 

(iarvin Pauls \'alley Mac Q. Williamson 

( ; rail \ '. 'h iekasha Ben Goff 

i;i;r I - Medl'ord A. C. Glenn 

C eel Mangnm M. H. Mills 

Ill I nu.i. Hollis H. N. Gambill 

I :ii|i. r Buffalo - - 1). P. Parker 

llasK-c II Stigler - A. U. Davidson 

1 lULAiies , . I lold.'iivllle - Hugh. A. White 


Jackson - Altus L. A. Pelley 

.Teft'erson VVaiiiika - Robert N. Dunn 

.lolmston Tishomingo W. D. French 

I\a\- Newkirk Howard P. Wilson 

Kinstisliei- Kingfisher W. A. McCartney 

l\.io\va Hobart Geo. Martin 

Latimer Williurton Claud Briggs 

he Flore I'otpau D. C. McCurtain 

Lincoln _Phandler — Thomas G. Andrews .... 

Logan (iiitlirio A. V. Dinwiddie 

J>ove Marietta Earl A. Brown 

McClain I^nrccll W. C. Madison 

McCurtain [dabel C. D. Wilkinson 

.Mcintosh lOn r'.i iila W. L. McPherson 

Major ['"'airview A. O. Manning 

Marshall .Madill 1 Geo. L. Sneed 

.Mayes Fryor J. M. Hill 

Murray ^uiljiiur E. W. Fagan 

Muskogee .Muskogee P. E. Gumm 

\oble iViry H. E. St. Clair , 

Nowafa Vowata James Nairn 

( ikf uslcee Okemah Tom Huser 

^_M^lallomH Oklahoma City Forest Hughes 

UKmulgee '>kmulgee James Hepburn 

I )^-uMc Mawluiska C. K. Templeton 

iiuawa Miami O. F. Mason 

I awnee Pawnee John Strosnider 

ra\ ne Stil Iwater J. F. Vaughn 

I'ittsburg .Mc A tester Carl Monk 

I'ongotoc Vda A. Wayne W^adlington 

Pottawatomie Tecumseh Claude Hendon 

Pushmatalia .\ntlers S. B. Hackett 

Itoger Mills Cheyenne W. W. Peterson 

I ;ugers 'Jlaremore Edgar Anderson 

Seminole Wewoka L. O. Gilstrap 

St'iiuoyah 'alisa>- .W. A. Carlile 

S^tephens „Duncan P. L). Sullivan 

Ti'.xas iuymon Mark H. .\dams4|^ 

Tillman "^rederick F. H. Hurst 

Tnlsa ....Tulsa W. F. Seavers 

^^'agoner Wagoner John S. Moss 

Washington Bartlesville H. C. Farrell 

Washita Cordell .....J. G. Springer 

Woods .\l\a L. Z. Lasley 

Woodward Woodward L. A. Foster 


County County Sent .\ttorney 

Baker Baker _ 

Benton (.'orvallis '. Geo. W'. Donman 

Clackamas Oregon City L. Stipp 

Clatsop \storia .-.-J- O. Erickson 

Columbia St. Helens .lohn L. Foote 

Coos Co(|uiMe Ben S. Fisher 

Crook PrineviMe Willard H. AVirtz 

Currv Gold Boacli -I. C. Steains. Jr. 


lifsehules Bend A. J. Moore 

Doujjias Roseburti- Gf'o. Xeuiu-r. Jr. 

(".illiam ("ondon T. A. Weinke 

r.rant Canvon City R- ^'- Appliny 

Marney Burns Geo. S. Sizemoi e 

Hood River Hood lUver - John Baker 

•lackson Jacksonville 5^^'^^^ Moore 

Jefferson Madias ....- 2 C Boylan 

Josephine Grants I'ass - -■^•T. Miller 

Klamath Klamath Kails - ^- ^- ,^r?jy^'" 

Lake Lakeview T. S McKmney 

Lane - C. N. Johnston 

Lincoln Toledo — G. B. McCluskey 

Linn Mbaiiv - ^- ^- Llewellint^: 

Malheur Vale ?°?,'^-^^^- Lv^'*' 

Marion .'.I.iili.'salem J- "■ Larson 

Morrow Heppner S E- ^otso" 

Multnomah Portland ?^^^^X "• ^-'^■'^"s 

Polk ^)alla^ •'• ^- Helgersou 

Sherman"":::::::::::::::: i^lol-o S, m. Huddieston 

Tillamook :.:Tillamook !!? ^- ^^7.?'"'' 

Umatilla Pendeleton i' V' t^^' f ' 

Union l^a Grandt 

R. I. Keator 

Wallowa Enterprise -vy g Burleich 

T\ asco The Dalles iv",7'^,, *' 

\Vhee er .Hsboro E. B. Tongue 

y./^^u f/^ ■"«»■' -v;- W. G. Trill 

^ ''■"'''" - McMmnviile r. l. Connor 


County Cuiiiit>' Soat Coiintj' Attoruey 

Aurora Plankimon D. K. Barrett 

lieadle Huron C W. Warren , 

Bennett Martin James Ryan 

I'on Homme .. Tyndall C. C. Puckett 

Brookings ;irookin'-:s C. O. Tryg-stad 

Brown \bei dieii R- F. Williamson 

Brule Cliamborlain Eugene J. Wix 

Buffalo Gann Vallev E. E. Sullivan 

Butte Belle Furelie John S. Pyle 

Campbell Mound Citv .\lbert H. Wells 

Charles Mix Lak<- Andes Roy E. Willy 

Clark Clark ^^■atson (". Browei- 

Clay : ' :.:.Vermillion W. U. Cleland 

Codington .Waterlown L). K. Loucks 

Corson Mcintosh C. E. Stltcliff 

Custer Custer Fred 'W. Sellers 

Davison ".Mitchell - Roscoe Sutterlee ...., 

Dav Webster I- S. Coomes 

Deuel Clear Lake W. W. Knight 

Dewey Timber Dake - •- George H. I'uder -.. 

Douglas A;mour Zenas R. Gurley 


I'diiiuuds Ipswicli , R. M. Henderson 

Fall Riv.T Hut Rpiiiifts C. A. Wilson -... 

I'";uilk Faulkton Rov A. Nord 

';i:int \Iilbank Thad L. Fuller 

• !ii'j;ory Fairfax J. P. Frame 

llaakon Pliillp H. L. Brown 

Hamlin Hayti H. A. Linstrom 

I land Miller John Pusey 

Hanson \lexandria William R. Danforth 

Hardinsf Buffalo W. M. Bennett 

Hni;lics Pierre Hairy Fi. Hornei- 

Ilntihinson Olivet J. C. Grober 

Hyde Hlg-hmore M. C. Cunning-ham .-. 

Jackson Kadoka Flag^g P. Carlisle , 

.lerauld Wess. Spring's .\lden Cutler 

Jones Murdo M. T^. Parish 

Kinssbury He Smet E. 1^. Wilmartli 

L::ke Madison H. TT. Holdridse 

Lawienee Headwood James W. Fowler 

liincoln 'Canton H. J. Brown 

l>vman Oacoma J. \V. Jackson 

McCook Salem R. M. Shield 

.Alcl'heison Leola H. O. Hepperle 

Alarshall Britton '^le'i V Jones 

.Meade Stursis A. W. W. Hevers 

Mellette White River C. E. Kell 

Miner Howard .Tames A. Lyons 

.Minnehaha '^ioux Falls L. E. Wag-sroner 

Moody Fiandreau Geo. A. Mice 

I'enning'ton FJajjid City Flton W. Stanley 

I'l-rkins Bison R. F. Drevvry 

1 otter Oettyshur.a: T. F. .\uldridge 

Icoherts Sisseton l-'rank M. McKenna... 

Sanborn Woonsocket " '5. Palmei' 

Spink Redfieid H. G. Warnock 

Stanlev Fort Pierre .las. F. Callahan 

Sully Oneida C. .1. Grandall. .Ir. ... 

'ri-il>p \\'inner Claude Maole 

Turnei- Parker A. S. Rogue .^.... 

Union 'O'k Point R. \V. l^llis 

Walworth Selbv P. C. Hvistendahl 

Nankton Vankton t inward Warren 

'/.iebach Dupree Thos. R. N'elson 


Miiiiy ('oiiii<.'>' S<':it Coinn.v Allorin-.v 

.\nderson Palestine O. J. .\ddington .. 

.\ndrews \ndre\\ s 

.\ngelina 1 ufkin C. K. Brazil 

.\ ransas llock Port 

.Vicher V'chfi- Cit.v U. < Morrison .... 

.\rm.strong _ Claude Q. Moore 

.Mascosa louidanton ^\'alter .lones 

.\nstin Bellville W. I. Glenn 

P.ailey Muleshoe Max Miller 

Pandera liandera 

Past roil Bastrop . R. B. .VIexander. 


l;a\ lor ScNiiioui- lOiiiest Tibhets ... 

Bee Beevillc W. G. Gayle 

Bell Belton F. Brewstei- 

Be.sur 1 San Antonio T. J. Newton 

Blanco I oil n son City 

iiorden Gail 

Bosiiue Mei'idan J. P. Word 

Bowie Boston J. H. Henry 

Brazoria Ang'leton J. S. Jackson 

Biazos Br>an J. G. Minkei't 

Brewster Alpine 1. L. Martin. Jr. ... 

Briscoe Si'.verton W. H. BrimbeiTy. 

Broolis Falt'uria.s 

Brown I'.rownwood A. E. Wilson 

Burleson Caldwell H. Bo.\'ers 

Burnet Burnet V. A. Ramsover . 

('aid well - r^orkluut F. L. Blundell 

•^"alhoun I'ort Lavaca C. Legrgett 

I'allahan Baird L. W. Green 

(Jamei-on Brownsville A. M. Kent 

('aint ;.....„ ;. Pittsburg- Erin \Villis 

Carson I 'an handle 

("ass Linden O. N. Hlnes 

('astro Dimmitt M. Cowsert 

Chaniliers Aualuiac M. R. Cain 

CMierokee Husk M. C. Chiles. Jr. . 

Cliildres.s Childress R. Brumbalow 

Clay Henrietta V. Stine 


Coke ; Robert Lee 

Coleman , <'oleinan D. I>. Snodsress... 

Collin .\k'I\inne.\- A. M. Wolford 

Collingsworth Wellington J. C. Mahan 

Colorado Columbus Tohn llastedt 

Comal Xew Braunfels Martin Faust 

Comanche Comanche R. F. Holloway ... 

Concho -■- I'aim Rock Roy Hill 

C<H)ke Gainesville J. L. Gettvs 

Coryell -..- Gatesville T. L. Robinson ... 

Cottle Paducali C Graves 

Crane Houston Smith ... 

Crockett Ozona 

<'rosby Crosby ton 

Culberson Van Horn Burck Carson 

I>al!am Dalhart A. Schlofman 

I>allas Dallas M. F. Hughes 

Dawson r.amesa W. P. Robinson ... 

Deaf Smith Hereford - W. E. Dameioii... 

I >e!ta Cooper B. Boyd ...: 

I'euton Denton Tom Cheatham ... 

I»ewiu Cuero R. L. Bass 

1 >ickciis 1 )ickens 

Dimmit Carizzo Springs C. F. Thompson . 

Donl.-\ Clarendon L. E. Clark 

Duval San Diego W. V. Dunnam 

10a si la 11(1 10a st land Walter .\nderson 

iOctor — Odessa .T. E. Friestman ... 

lOrtwarits ; flock Siirings Henry Tirey 

lOllis Waxahachie W. TL Pelphrev . 

101 Paso 101 Paso S. M. Russell 

lOi'atli ; Stei)henville H. O. Jennings ... 

I'alls Marl in O. L. Conch 

i''annin Bonham :..-C. E. Xesrsta 

i'^ayette ....La Grang'e Tl. V. Fot-mway ... 

I'Mshei- riob\' \. T. McKinnon ... 

I'loxd Flovdada G. W. Walthall ... 


I'unKl Ciowfll VV. L. Davidson 

Vurl IJend Kielimond B. O. ShurtlotT 

!• ranklin Mt. Vernon J .E. Woods 

I'leestone Fairfield - Thos. H. Ward 

j'lio Pearshall - A. Li. Duff 

Haines t^eminolo 

Galveston Galveston A. R. Anderson 

Liarza Post J. T. Estill 

liillespie e"'redericksburg Jeff Parker 

I, uisscock Jarden City -.1. G. Fatten 

(ioUad Goliad B. Duncan Davis 

uon/.ales Lofers _ C. C. Cook 

(jiay ionzaies Hubert Bookout 

Lii-ayson -ihernian J. T. Buckley 

oiejio Lons'VieAV J. G. Lyles 

(jiiiiies Anderson Rudolph A. Weinert 

. aduiupe ^Seg-uin M. J. Baird - 

liiL.i- Plainview \V. J. Bragg- 

Mall Memphis I^owesro Biann 

iiamillon Hamilton C. D. Words 

laiKstord Spearman R. D. Oswalt 

Ilaide.iian Quanah B. F. Creel 

Iiaulin Kouuf/e E. T. Branch 

Han is Houston F. M. Scott 

Harrison Mars ha 1 1 T. Collins 

Hartley Channing- J. E. Wilfong 

i.askefl Haskell D. D. Hill 

lia.\s San Marcos Will Crow 

Heini>hill Canadian H. A. Justice 

1 1 cnderson Athens J. C. Epperson 

Hidalgo Edinbui-g Will M. Martin 

I nil .^ Hillsboro 

Hockley J. R. Dennis 

1 lood Granbury 

Hopkins Sulphur Springs E. P. Adams sk..... 

Houston Crockett C. E. Thomas 

Howard - - P.ig Springs J. W. Bassett 

Hunt - Greenville 

I lulchinson Plcmons 

Irion Sheiwood ]. P. Simpson 

Jack Jacksboro W. T. Vance 

Jackson l^ldna A. S. McKee 

Jasper Jasper 

Jeff Davis !''t. Ihivis Marvin Scurlock 

Jefferson Beaumont 

Jim Hogg- Hebbionville C. C. Forry 

Jim Wells Vlice J. R. Keith 

Johnson - Cleburn T. J. Sanders 

Jones Anson I, O. (''ailli 

Kaines Karnes City H. R. Young 

Kaufman Kaufman F.. W. Sehwejiiie 

Kendall r.oeriie J. Ij. Wohlford 

K( 111 Clairemont W. G. Garrett. Sr 

Kcii Ki'irville Robert I. Wilson 

K iiiihlc Junction Cit v 

King Gutlirie T. M. Slator. Jr 

Kinntn- I'.rackct ville G. L. Ko\volsk\- 

Kleberg Kiiigsville P.. D. Bell 

Knox ".en.iamin R. E. Eubank 

Lamar Paris .H. S. Shepi)ard 

Lamb _...OUon H. F. Eewis 

Lampasas Lami>asas 

Lasalle Cotnlla J. F. Bozka 

Lavaca Hallctsville J. N. Story 

).,<-c i-iddings T. H. Adkisson 

Leon Centerville P. C. Mathews 


Liberty Liberty I-. 10. Kuhanks 

Limestone Groesbeck ~ 

Lipscomb Lii)scomb K. W . S.nitli 

Live Oak Oakville H. il. Mt-lnnis 

Llano Llano -- 

1..0Ving I. It. .MoCJee 

Lubbock Lubbock B. P. Maddox 

Lynn Tahoka K. 1'. Lee 

McCulloch Brady Kiank B. Tiiey 

McLennan Waco 

McMullen Tilden 1. E. Webb 

Madison Madisonville ^. G. Sch Inter 

Marion Jefferson Oliver Fannin 

Martin Stanton ...Roscoe Range .... 

Mason Mason W. E. Davant 

Matagorda Bay CMty D. E. Hume 

Maverick Kagle Pass David C. Brown 

Medina Hondo 

Menard Menard B. Frank Haag 

Midland Midland A. J. Lewis 

Milam Cameron A. T. Pribble 

Mills Goldthwaite T. R. Smith 

Mitchell Colorado Herbert S. Calovvay 

Montague Montague N'- H. Davis 

Montgomery Con roe 

Moore Dumas L\od K. Priee 

Morris Daingerfield J. F- Pen 

Motley Matador 

Xacogdoches Xacogdoches W. A. Tarver 

Xavarro Corsicana W. II. Ilall 

Newton Newton -W. K. I'onder 

Nolan -Sweetwater iJelina.s <:-i\t-is 

Xueces Coiinis Christi S. Z. Allen 

Ochiltree Ocliiltree Charles Ingram .„. 

Oldham Vega Lee R. Davis 

Orange Orange I. C. McConnell .... 

Palo Pinto Palo Pinto -....\. D. Nelson 

Panola _,Carthage J. L. McCall 

Parker Weatherford E. F. Lokey 

Parmer .-.Farwell W. A. Hadden 

Pecos Fort Stockton J. L. Pitts 

Polk Livington ...P. R. Underwood - 

Potter \marillo J. C. Fuller 

Presidio Marfa T. R. Potts 

Rains I'Omory R. L. Lester ...•. 

Randall Canyon .-.. - 

Keagan Stiles K. F. Vanderbilt.... 

Real - Leaky Lewis B. Reed 

Red River Clarksville C. C. Calhoun 

Reeves Pecos - — 

lU'fugio Uifugio W. II. Barnes -.. 

Roberts Miami B. L. Parten 

Robertson « Franklin H. -M. \\'acle-.- 

Rockwall Rockwall C. P. Sliepherd 

Runnels P.allinger .1. C. Gra.\- 

Rusk Hendeison T. B. Hamilton 

Sabine IIem]ihill .1. R. Bogard 

San Augustine San .\ugustine Wm. McMurry 

San Jacinto Cold SI>rings J. C. Russell 

San Patricio ._ Sjnton 

San Saba San Saba .....A. Woods 

Schleiclier 101 dorado — 

Scurry Snyder M. S. Long 

Shackelford Albany L. 1 >. .lohnsoM . . 

Shelby Center , _ 


Sheriuaii _<l i-al I'oril - S. 10. Cooiis .._ 

Sniilli _r.\hr B. P. Gentry 

Somervell _' ileii I lose 

Starr ....^^tio Grande 

Stephens ^Hi eckenrirlge S. W. Davis 

Sterling '.-^Sterling: C'il.v - 

Stonewall \^l ernioiii H. F. Grindstaff 

Sutton Sonora 

Swislier ^.-.rulia Henry L. Jordan 

'Panant _~.l'"oitli Worth J. M. Brown 

'ra>'lor __AI>ilone Carlos D. Speck 

Terrell _Sandeison J. Calvin Stansel! 

Terry __Ui ownheld - R. L. Graves 

Tlirockmoi'ton i hrorkniorton T. R. Odell 

Titus _\lt. I'leasant Allen lieed 

Tom Green _^Saii An^elo E. E. Murphy 

Tiuvis _'. iiHiin - T. W. Hornsby 

Tiinitv '4roveton W. F. Lewis -.- 

Tyler '. .Woodville Clyde E. Smith 

^ pshiir Gilmer H. V. Davis 

npton Rankin ." 

tJvalde Uvalde K. K. Woodley 

\'alverde Del Rio W. K. Jones 

\"aii Zandt Canton A. A. Dawson 

\ietoria Victoria J. V. Vanden verge. -Ir 

Walker Hiintsville E. R. Berry 

Waller Hemjjstead R. E. Tompkins 

Ward Barstovv Birge Holt 

Washington Brenhani W. H. Bouldin 

Wel)h Laredo C. A. McLane 

Wharton Wharton -,B. S. Wrisht 

Wheeler Wheeler D. G. Re\nolds 

Wiohita Wichita Falls J. Davinport 

Williarqer Vernon J. A. Storey ,. 

Willacv Sarita .— 

Winiairison Georgetown ..D. Moody 

W'ilson I'^loi esville C. L. Patterson^ 

Winkler Kermit !^ 

Wise Decatur J. V. Patterson 

Wood Quitman B. G. Mansell 

"i" oak inn Plains 

>oiins' Graham F. V. Hinson 

Zapata Zapata 

Zavalla ('hr>stal City M. L. Harkev , 


Coiiiil.v d>iiiil> S«':i( Alloi-iM'V 

Artomac Accomao Roy D. White ..- 

Albemarle. Charlottesville R. T. W. Duke. .Ir. 

.Mleghany Covington R. B. Stephen.son .. 

.Vmelia Jetersville Geo. K. Taylor. Jr. 

.\mlierst Sandidges Edward Meeks 

Appomatto.K .Appomattox loel W. Flood 

.Vrlin^ton ("'laicndon l''rank L. Itail 


Au.t;usta Staunton lluyh H. Kerr 

Hath W'aiin Sin-inss .-.. John \V. Stephenson, Jr. 

Hedford Bodt'oid Lundon Lowry 

Bland .-. _Ceres S. W. Williams, Jr 

Hotetourt Buchanan H.* S. Reid 

Brunswick Lawrenceville B. A. Lewis 

Buchanan Grundy .J. Glenn ItatlitT 

Hucking'ham l>illw.\n K. W. Hubard 

Camiibell Uistburg' \. H. Liylit 

Gaioline Bowling- Green U'illing' Bowie 

Carroll ITillsville W. Glenn Edwards 

Charles City Charles City B. M. Xance 

Charlotte Ke.\ sville Thos. K. VVatkins 

Chesterfield Beach 1 1 ask ins llobsoii 

Clai'ke Berr\'ville W. T. Lewis 

Craig- Newcastle .lulian Bryant 

Culpeper ("uliieper Ji. A. Bickers 

Cumberland ■ 'umbt^rland \V. M. Smith 

Dickenson Clinchco I. C. Sniitli 

I)inwi(ldie Dinwiddle Morton G. Goode 

Elizabeth City Hampton Sidney .1. Dudley 

I sse\ .• Tapi)ahannock James M. Lewis 

I'-airfax i-'airfax C. Vernon Kord 

I<"'au(iuier "Wairentou W'ni. Morgan 

Floyd Floyd B. S. Bedigo ^ 

[•'luvanna Wilmington I'emliioke I'el t it 

Franklin 'Jock.x- Mount John I'. lice 

Frederick \^'inch ester T. Russell Catlier 

(Jiles Bearisburg I). .1. Chapman 

i^Boucester ^Gloucester Jas. I... Taliaferio 

Goochland Fife A. X. Monterio 

(Grayson Galax II. P. Burnett 

(jreene ,....-^tandardsville Jolin S. Chapman 

Greensville Voith Emr'oria S. V. Southall 

Halifax Moiiston ; las. S. Easley •. 

Hanover Hanover A. ,1. Ellis 

Hcniico Uichmond W. W. Beverley 

Ilenr.v .Martinsville I. R. Taylor 

I'igliland Monterey i Andrew L. Jones 

Isle of Wight Isle of Wright Geo. F. AVhitely 

.lames City ....Toano .A.'-ihtfJn Dovell 

King Georg-e _King George Jos. A. Billingsley 

King and Queen. _.King and Queen .1. W. Fleet 

King William Mangohick ...Heibert T. Lewis 

Lancaster Lancaster Wm. B. Sanders ; 

Lee lonesville J. C. Xoel 

Loudoun _Leesburg Cecil Connor 

I.onisa _..\pple Grove W. C. Bibb 

Lunenburg _Victoria X. S. Turnbull, Jr , 

.Madison Madison N'. G. Payne 

Mathews Mathews ....' T. Boyd Sears 

Mecklenburg- Boydton C. T. Baskerville 

.Middlesex Saluda T>«-\\ is .Tones 

.Montgomery Blacksburg R. I. Roop 

Xansemond ..- Suffolk ,S. i:. lOverett 

Xelson Elmin.gton S. B. Whitehad 

.New Kent Piovidence Forge .\l. II. iiarnes 

.Norfolk :...Portsmouth \. P., Carney 

.Northampton Frank town 'I' ho mas 11. Xottingham... 

.Noithumberland Callao ..C. S. Towles 

.Nottoway I'.lackstone , H. E. Lee 

< ) Orange Vlex. T. Browning- 

Page Lurav R. S. Parks 

Pairick Stuart .: R. E. Woolwine 

Pittsylvania Chatham J. T. Clement 

Powliatan Bflona Milton I*. P>onifant 

Prini-c Eilward Farmville A. P. AVatkins 



Comity Count J- Seat -Attorney 

Ailanis Uitzville \V. O. Miller 

Asol ill Asotin Klniei- E. Ilalsey 

I'Piilon - Prosser G. \V. Hainillon 

("helan Wenatcliee Sam R. Suiiitier 

<'lallam Port Angeles \V. B. Ritchie 

I'larke Vancouver .-- los. K. Hall 

<'()liunl)ia Dayton A. F. Applelon 

("owl it 7. Kalania _ \Vm. Stuart 

Donnlas Waterville Sam M. Driver 

Fenj- Republic Clias. P. Bennett 

Franklin Pasco C. AI. O'Brien 

'iarfitld Pomeroy C. A. McCabe 

<Trant Ephrata C. (i. .Tetters 

<;ra.\s Harbor Montesano Geo. Acret 

Island Coupeville lohn Richards 

.Tefferson Port Townsend V. T>. Gnagey 

Kin^- Seattle ^Malcolm Douslas 

Kitsap Port Orchard R. R. Greenwood 

Kittitas [<:i]enshurs- C. R. Hadlev 

Klickitat — Goldendale C. W. Ramsey 

Lewis Chehalis Herman .Vllen 

Lincoln Davenport Roy C. Fox 

Mason Shelton Chas. R. Lewis 

Prince George Prince George Timothj- Rives 

Princess Anne Back Bay E. .1. Smith 

Prince William INIanassas Thomas IT. Lion 

Pulaski Pulaski F. VV. Morton 

Pappahannock Washington \^'. F. Moifett 

Richmond Xaylor's .A.. X. Welll'oi-d 

Koanoke Salem It. T. Hubard 

Rockbridge Lexington R. R. Dnft' 

Rockingham Harrisonburg D. W. Earman 

Russell Lebanon S. B. Quillcn 

Scott Gate City H. C. L. Richmond . 

Shenandoah \'\'oodstock Gilbert E. Pence ... 

Smyth Marion las. W. ShetTey 

Southanijiton Pourtland R. E. L. Watkins ... 

S' otsylvanla Spotsylvania S. P. Powell 

Stafford Fredericksburg F. P. Moncure 

Surry Surry W. Stanley Burt 

Sussex Su.'^sex Thos. H. Howerton. 

Tazewell Tazewell R. L. Spratt 

Warren Front Roval W. H. Turner 

Warwick Denbigh P. St. Geo. Willcox. 

Washington \hingdon '. R. J. Summei's 

Westmoreland Hague C. Conwav Baker ... 

N\Mse Xorton C. R. McCorkie 

Wythe Wvtheville H. M. lleuser 

YoiU lohs W. i:. Hogg 



( ikanosrtii - ' >kanosHn 'has. A. .loliiisnii 

i'acilic - Sou til Ueiid llfiinaii Murra \ 

Pend d'Orielle Ne\\ poi t I. A. Uochford 

Pierce Tacoma ...'. J. AV. Seidell 

San Juan Friday Harbor Saml. R. Buck 

Skagit-- Mt. Vernon \V. L. Biickey 

Skamania Stevenson Raj'mond C. Sly 

Snohomish Everett — Thos. A. Stiger 

Spokane Spokane \Vm. C. Meyer 

Stevens Colville O. W. Noble 

T'anrston 01>mpia II. Fullerton 

Wahkiakum Catblamet J. C. McFadden 

Walla Walla Walla Walla E. W. Benson 

Wliatcom Bellingham L.'Baldrey 

Whitman Colfax Geo. A. >\'eldon 

Vakima - . North Vakima Sidnc\- Livcscv 


<'<iiiiity (')iaiit>' >><':it l)istri<-t \lloi-ii<>.% 

Adams Friendship Clias. .\. N'tt-di-r : 

.\shlaiid - Asliland Geo. V. .\leirill 

Barron Barron .loliii W. SodiM-herg 

Ba\ field AYashburn Charles F. Morris 

Brown , Green Bay - Carl F. Young 

Butialo Alma Peter H. Frness 

Burnett Giantsburg Olive J. Strang 

Calumet Chilton Helmuth F. Arjjs 

chipiievva .— Chippewa Falls Orrin H. Lairabee 

Clark - Neilsville Frank A. .Jackson 

Columbia Portage l'eir>- C. Stroud -. 

Crawford Prairie du Chien Vlviii B. Pelcison 

Dane Aladison Tlieo. E. Lows 

I lodge Juneau Geor,ge A. I lait man 

I'oor - Sturgeon Bay C. M. Stapletoa - 

1 louglas - Sui)erior Archibald -McKa.v 

Dunn Menomonie Denr,\- W. Pudow - 

Kau Claire J'^au Claire A'ictor M. Stolts 

Florence Florence PTdward Flmei - 

Fond (lu Lac Fond du Lac - James Murray - 

I'-orest — Crandon O. H. Dawson 

Grant Lancaster (Jeorge B. Clementsoii 

Green Monroe • 11. N. B. Caiadine 

Green Lake Green Lake M. I. Paul 

Iowa - : Dodgeville P. T. Jackson — . 

Iron Hurley JYai ren B. Foster — 

.lacksoii Black Piver Falls J-'. S. Jedne>- 

Jefferson .Jefferson Ray C. Twining 

.1 "iieau vlauston Robert ..P. Clark 

Kenoslia Kenosl'.a Peter Fisher. .Ir. - 

Kewaunee Kewaunee L. W. Bruemmer - 

La (^rosse '^a Crosse l.,ncii'ii T. Ilcid 


L.iil'a.\ette Uail iimlon lolin J. 1jO.\ Ic -. 

I/an.nlude \ntigo Theodore J. Reinert ,.. 

Liiu'olii V[ai rill Rali)h E. Smith 

Manitowoc .Manitowoc; Chai-les E. Biad>' 

Ahitathon Wausau Geo. J. Leicht 

;\1aiint'tte .Marinette Arnold F. Murphy 

Mar(|ucttc \ioiitello Vincent McNauuiia .--. 

Milwaukee Milwauliee ^Vinf^eld C. Zabel 

Monroe Sjiarta Wm. >I. Gleiss 

t iconto I tconto Irvin O. Breakstone.... 

Oneida iJhinelander A. J. O'Melia 

Oiitasaniie >\i)]ileton Fred' V. He in em an 

O/.ankee I^ort AVashinyton Peter M. Huiras 

I'l'liin !...IDnrand ^.C. A. Ingram 

riiicc Rl Is worth Winifred G. Tladdow.. 

I'olk Haslain Eake G. B. W. Ryckman 

I'oitaRe Stevens I^oint Byron J. Carpenter 

Price Philli|)s Charles E. Lovett 

lUicine Itacine Thorwald M. Beck 

Pichland Itichland Center O. D. Black 

Tiock Tanesville Stanley G. Dunwiddle 

Rusk l,adysmith O. J. Falge 

St. (^roix Kudson Lynn H. Ashley 

Sauk Baraboo Henry J. Bohn 

Sawyer Hay ward J. C. Davis 

Shawano Shawano Louis J. Brunner 

Sheboygan Sheltoygan Charles ^'oigt 

Taylor .Medford T. W. Andresen 

Trempealeau Whitehall Ole J. Eggum 

\'ernon Viroijua Adolph Heinz 

Vilas I'^agle River Geo. E. O'Connor 

Walworth Elk Horn Easton Johnson 

Washburn Siiell Lake William E. Pars 

Washington West Rend Henry R. Sclimidt 

Waukesha Waukesha Allen I). Young 

Waupaca Waupaca Otto L. Olen 

Waushara Wautoma Gad. Jones ^. 

W'innebago Oshkosh David K. Allen ..^.. 

\Vood Wisconsin Rapids Frank 'W. Calkins 



ALBERTA — Alteita renitentiarv, Edmonton, Alberta. 

BRITISH COLUMBIA— British Columbia Penitentiaiy, New Westminster, B. C. 

MANITOBA— :\Ianitoba Penitentiary, Stony Point, Manitoba. 

NEW BRU.NSWICK — Dorchester Penitentiary, Dorchester, New Brunswick. 

ONTARIO — Kingston Penitent ary, Kingston, Ontario. 

QUEBEC— St. Vincent de I'aul i'enitentiarv, Montreal, Canada. 

SASKATCHEWAN— Saskatchewan Penitentiary. Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. 

Convict Prisons 

England and Wales 

Camp Hill, Isle of Wight (Pi-eventivo Detention)- — Governor, F. E. Wintle, Es(|.; 

Chief Warder, Mr. R. Sparrow. 
Dartmoor — Governor, Major T. E. M. Wisden; Chief Warder, 'Sir. G. H. Miller. 
Liverpool (Female) — Staff same as at Liverpool Local Prison. 
Maidstone — Governor, E. L. F. Cavendish, Esq.; Chief Warden. Mi'. J. Hill. 
Parkhurst— Governor, Capt. R. H. D'Aeth; Chief Warder, Mr. W. Barnes. 
Portland, Dorset — Governor, H. G. Supple, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. H. Mayes. 

Bodfoi'd, Bedfordshire — Governor, W. Dobson, Esq.; Chief Warder, E. G. Powell. 

Biriniiigham, Warwickshire— Governor, Major E. H. Goldie, Taubman; Chief 
Warder, Mr. H. Pickerin. 

Bristol, Gloucestershire — Governoi', R. Kemp, Esq.; Chief Warder, 'Sir. J. Good- 

Brixton, Surrey — Governor, Capt. C. Haynes; Chief Warder, Mr. H. J. Bell. 

Canterburv, Kent — Governor, Capt. F. H. L. Stevenson; Chief Warder, Mr. T. 
H. Down. 

Cardiff, Glamorganshire — Governor. H. T. Pearce, Esci.; Chief Warder, ]Mr. W. 


Cai'lislo, Cuinl)ei'lan(l-^Govc'iiioi' H. Collinson, Ks(|.; Cliiff Wai'dci', iMr. TT. 

Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire — Governor, D. Johns, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. 
T. Turner. 

Carnarvonshire — Governor, T. Fisher, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. A. Haslop. 

Dorchester, Dorsetshire — Governor H. J. Evans, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. U. 

Durham, Durham— Governor, Col. H. M. A. Hales; Chief Warder, Mr. J. L. 

Exeter, Devonshire — Governor, Major II. A. Marrott, D. S. 0.; Chief Warder, 
Mr. J. Talbot. 

Gloucester, Gloucestershire — Governor, H. Whvte, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. J. 
C. H. Lack. 

Holloway, Middlesex — Governor and Medical Officer, R. N. Patron, Esq.; Chief 
Warder, Lady Superintendent, Miss E. W. Cronin. 

Hull — Yorkshire — Governor, Commander R. IM. Tabuteau, R. N.; Chief Warder. 
Mr. J. E. Pead. 

Ipswich, Suffolk — Governor, S. Gorsuch, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. R. Cragg. 

Leeds, Yorkshire — Governor, J. Finn, Esq.; Chief Warder. Mv. A. A. Covell. 

Leicester, Leicestershire — Governor, J. Felmingham. Esq.; Chief Warder, Mi-. 
C. Gavins. 

Lincoln, Lincolnshire — Governor, R. M. Waikinshaw, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. 
A. Wilby. 

Liverpool, Lancashire — Governoi', H. J. Hellier, Es(i.; Chief Wai-dor, Mr. J. 

Maidstone, Kent — Goveinor, E. L. F. Cavendish, Es(i.; Chief Warder, Mr. J. Hill. 

Manchester. Lancashire — Governor, Major the Hon. H. K. Fitz-Clarence, M. C; 
Chief Warder, Mr. W. Jacob. 

Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland — Chief Warder, Mr. J. Hallsey. 


Northallerton, Yorkshire — Goveinor, J. Fitch, Es<i.; Chief Warder, Mr. J. 

Northampton, Northamptonshire — Governor, F. T. Reynolds, Esq.; Chief War- 
der, Mr. W. Hunt. 

Norwich, Norfolk— Governor, W. J. Hine, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. H. Wall. 
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire — Governor (Vacant); Chief Warder, F. J. Beer. 
Oxford, Oxfordshire — Governor, W. Brown, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. J. Taylor. 

Pentonville, INIiddlesex — Governor, Major I*'. W. H. Blake; Chief Warder, .Air. 
G. W. M. Lenthall. 

Plymouth, Devonshire — Governor, J. T. Bassett, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. B. P. 

Portsmouth, Hampshire — Governor, E. T. Hall, Esq.; Chief Warder, Mr. W. E. 
Lux ton, 

Preston, Lancashire — Governoi-, Major N. Burrows; Chief Warder, yir. ]\L 

Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire — Governor, W. p]vans. Es(|.; Chief Warder, ]Mr. 
R. Benyon. 

Shrewsbury, Shropshire— Governor, Major M, H. M. Lamb, M. C, O.B.E.; Chief 
Warder, Mr. W. Saville. 

Swansea, Glamorganshii-e-- Governor, S. N. Roberts, Esq.; Chief Warder, \Mr. 
J. White. 

Usk, Monmouthshire — Chief Warder, I\Ir. G. Sheeler. 

Wandsworth, Surrey — Governor, Major E. R. Reade; Chief Warder, Mr. R. J. 

Winchester, Hampshire — Governor, Major H. C. MacTier; Chief Warder, Mr. 
F. Lomer. 

Worcester, Worcestershire — Governor, W. Young-, Escj.; Chief Warder, W. Rob- 

Wormwood Scrubs — Governor, Major A. V. Briscoe; Chief Warden, Mr. J. 



Offices: 11 Paitland Square, Edinburgh 

The Hon. Walter G. Scott, Master of Polwarth, Chairman. 
Dr. James Devon. 
The Sheriff of Perthshire, 
The Crown Agent for Scotland, 

David Crombio. Esq., Secretary and Inspector. 

Prisons. Governor or Officer in Charge 

-\bordeen Major R. I. Forbes 

■^.^ r Peter Arnott, Head Warder in chaige 

Dumfries and Jessiefield Inst D. Gardner 

"iiiidee David Duncan 

Edinburgh ^ Major R. P. H. Monro 

Glasgow, Barlinnie \V. B. Buglass 

I>P. Gov., Major R. E. VV. Baird 

Ghisgow (Duke Street) A. D. Drysdale 

Greenock John Seaton 

Inveiness John Nicol 

Kirkwall AV. C. Allan (1st Class Wardei- in charge) 

Detwirk John Scott (1st Class Warder in charge) 

1 '•■nh [Vacant] 

I'orth (Lunatic Dept.) II. P'erguson Watson (Medical Supt.) 

Portli (State Inebriate Reformatory).... 

I'eierhead J. Stewart 

i'ohnont Institution li. I^lack, Governor 

Sloinnway W. Finlayson ( 1st Class Warder in chai-ge) 


Licensed Cells ('ouiit>- Where Situated Officer of Constalnilary 

in Charge 

Alloa Clackmannan 

Banff Banff Ar lluir Michie 

Campbeltown Argyll \lexander McCalman 

I >ingwall Ross John Grant 

Dunblane , Perthshire James Kidd 

]>unfermline (Co.) .'. Fife W. Beveridge 

Dunfermline (Bur.) Fife George A. Aitken 

Dunoon ■. Argyll Donald Calder 

i luns Berwick _ William Allan 

IClgin Elgin Allan Meston 

Falkirk Stirling Duncan McRae 

Forfar Forfar William Shepherd 

Fort William Inverness Robert Mackay 

Galashiels Roxburgh 

Haddington Haddington A. Gallic 

Hawick Roxburgh William Scott 

Huntl\- \berdeen 

1 II veraiav Argyll Peter McKinnon 

Ji'dburgli Tioxburgh W illiam Brown 

ICinro.'is Kinross 

K irkcaldv Fife David Keith 

Lochgilphead Argyll Angus McDIarmid 

1 ochmaddv Inverness ; J. Mackay 

.\1 (lilt rose ! Forfar James Peebles 

()l)an A rgyll Jas. Martin 

I'ort Ellen .Aigyll Alexander Maclean 

Portree Inverness Peter Eraser 

Stirling Stilling Andrew Whitton 

Stonehaven K'ncardine .lames Gibson 

Thurso Caithness R. Sinclair 

Wigtown Wigtown William Ewing 

I'^d ill burgh I'l, ;nburgli 





Fins:t'r-Pi*int Expert now employed in Eastern States. Connected witli I'olice 
DepartJnent eleven years. Desi:*es to locate in California, Orej-on or 
Washington. Would like to hear from Police Department, Sheriff, 
Warden or State's Attorney. Address A. F., care P. (). Ho\ 482, San 
Francisco, California. 

Colorado: Colorado Springs. Ernest K. Kelly, 726 N. Corona Street. Gradu- 
ate Finger Print Expert. I am looking for a position. Go anywhere. 

Idaho. Rexl)urg. C. L. Hillman. F. \\ E.. Sheriff's Office. 

Illinois, Genoa — J. W. Sharp, Box 151. Finger Print Expert and Detective. 
Investigations and situation wanted. 

Ma.ssachusetts, Fall River — Joseph Jette, Jr., 51 Huard St. Expeiienced Finger 
Print Expert. Police Department and New York experience. 

IMicliigan, T'ort Huron — H. C. Shumate, Care R. P.. Y. M. C. A. Experience in 
shadowing, roping, collecting and Finger Prints. 

IMinnesota, Minneapolis — Claude M. Chaffee, 1'211 West "ord Street. Ex- 
peiicncr'd Special Agents Dept. P. P, and Finger Prints. 

^linnesota, Stillwater — EliMor A. Culbeitson, 1323 N. Fii-st Street. Experienced 
Detective and Finger Print Expert. Wants position. 

North Dakota, Fessend'^i — Dewey Lacy. Have had considerable experience iind 
am now completing a coui'se in Finger Prints. Position wanted. 


reiui^ylvaniii, Pittsburg — Arthui H. Utlunan, 1404 Carton St. Wantt-d, 
tion as Finger Print Expert or tile clerk. Graduate of University of 
Applied Science. Wii'c or write nie if you have a position fcr a Rood man. 

South Dakota, Faith — Edw. E. Beels, Box 401. Position wanted. Fully in 
structed in Dotcctiveism and learning Finger Prints. 

Texas, Palestine — Nonnan J. York. Lock Box 2?.5. Finger Print Expert. 
Looking for a position. 

Virginia, Onancock— Harold L. Tavlor. 1 am a graduate Detective and Fingei 
Print Expert. Looking for a position. 

(."anada, Albci'ta, Lelhlii'idge— W. Drummond, Finger Print Expert, ?, years' 
experirnco, taking and classifying of linger prints, photographing, de- 
veloping, i)rinting. tiling, correspondence and bookkeeping. Now connected 
with Police Department. Desires a change. If you need a good man get 
in touch with me. 

Virginia, OnaTjcock. Harold L. Taylor, F. P. E. Situation wanted. 

Massachusetts. Fall River. Joseph Jette, Jr., F. P. E.. 51 Huard Stre?t 

South Dakota, Faith. Edwin E. beels. F. V. K.. P. O. Box 40 1 

Washington, Yakima— H. M. Merrylield. Finger Print Expert and investiga- 
tor. Desires position or investigations. 

Minnesota, Stiinvaler. Elmer A. (:ull)ertson, F. P. E.. 1328 N. First Stre 't 
I am looking for a position as Detective. 

California, San Diego. Will (graduate F. P. K.). P O. Box r.oii 




Alaska. .luiicau — Adolpli Soholoti', wants position as an Investiga^Ol•; knows 
Alaska, and can a:o anvwhero. 

Alabaina, (.iirard — J. "M. Dall, P. O. IJox iL>. Graduate Detective from Train- 
ing' School. Seeks Position or Investigations. 

Arizona, Sonierton — Cliarlie Miller, Box ol2. I am seeking- a ])osition a- 
Operative with some Ag-ency or will look after Investig^ations hei'e. 

California, San Francisco. L. S. Thompson, Deputy Sheriff. P, O. Box 4S2. 
I successfully locate skips and missing people. Try me if you want 
results. Confidential inquiries. 

Calirornia, Anheim — Moses Och^a. 1 am looking tor a position a.s Private 
Detective or Eeprefentative of some Reliable Agency. 

California. Colnia — George M. Callen. Ca.stle Street. Have had two year:-.' 
.'""xperience recovering .-stolen automobiles. Looking for a position. 

California, Fillmore— -Owen Miller. P. O. Box 14. I am an exiicrienced Private- 
Detective and lo,;king foi- a good position. 

California. Oakland — Annie Pogan, 446 Alcatraz Ave. I am Licensed and 
Bonded by the State of California as a Private Detective. 

California, Redlands— Charles W. Woitha, 822 Columbia Street. I have com- 
pleted two coni'se.5 of Detective Training and seek a position. 

California, San Francisco — H. Mentor, P. 0. Box 1(37. I am an experienced 
Invest'gator. Looking foi- Work. Ti v me for results. 


California, San Francisco — Andrew Stveiff, 62 Pleasant Street. 

California, San Diego — William Prather, P. 0. Box 502. Experienced Investi- 
gator seeks a position with some well known Agency. 

California, Sacramento — Winifred Gwinn. Experienced Operative seeks posi- 
tion and well acquainted in Sacramento Valley. 

Colorado, Eed Cliff — Emil Moser. P. O. Box 144. Three Years' Detective 
Service and 4 years' Investigations. Try me. 

Isn<>land, Swindon (Wilts) — Edward O. May, 1 Fair View St. Experienced 
graduate Detective. Get in touch with me. 

Florida, St. Augustine — lioscoe Hofstatter, Box 655. I have had plenty of 
expeiience as a Private Detective and seek further connections. 

Illinois, Aurora — John Stomebrink. .ioT Rosewood Ave. I have had two 
years' experience as a private investigator. Send me your work. 

Illinois, Chicago — Jos. A. Paskonka, 4449 S. Wood Street. I am looking for 
a position as an Operative for some Agency. I have experience. 

Illinois, Chicago — Gust Pappas, 422 South Halsted Street. I can handle any 
secret service investigation with the best of results. 

Illinois, Chicago — Chas. M. Hines, 2825 State Street. Pi-ivate Detective, ex- 
perienced. Phone Victory 4258. 

Illinois, Chicago Heights. Michael Ciavarella, 141 East 23rd Streot. Oriulu- 
ate Detective, looking for a position. 

Illinois, Forest City — Billy Korto. If you are in need of a good detective it 
would pay you to turn your Investigation over to mc. 

Illinois, Humboldt — W. B. Willis, Route No. 1. I am a graduate of a Detective 
Training School and capable of good detective work. 

Illinois, Paris — 0. F. Clajbaugh. Wost Court Street. I am open for any 
propo.sition to better my condition. 



Illinois: Sherrard. Carl L. Chilin. I ;im looking for a position as an Investi- 
gator. Experienced. Or send me your Investigations and they will be 
taken care of promptly. 

Iowa, Creston — S. J. Hoviouj, fiOO South Birch Street. If you want a g-ood 
detective get in touch with nic. 

Iowa, Storm Lake — lJa\- McLain, 808 Jlrie Stivet. I am expei-ienced in all tin- 
different lines of detective work. 

Indiana, Foit Wayne — George J. Te;.',eder, ;'>105 Lafayette Street. I am an 
experienced detective and lo )king for a good position. 

Indiana, Indianapoli.'; — James Banks, ]01 East 14th Street. Five years as a 
Private Detective. I know the w nrk. What have you for a good man ? 

Indiana, Indianapolis — Frank .lohnson. 1621 Carnell Ave. I am an experienced 
detective and looking foi- an opening. 

gaBAuij B lUB I -^s sj;osai[3tj3o«i\i ;;^(ii. 'qojAOJtuiM^,{ i.)v;L{.)ij\r — X.xuq 'BUinpuj 
Detective speaking several langucge;. Want Position. 

Kansas, Concordia— I^olard Ed Gosi-elin, 121 West 7th St. . But little experience, 

but seek position as Detective. 
Kentucky, Marrowbone — Wm. Rene Davis. All business strictly confident!;:!. 
I solicit correspondence for investigations. 

Kentucky, Fleming — Roy Wilder, P. O. Box 208. I have no experience, bu: 
! am a real live young man looking for a position. 

Louisiani', Baton Rouge — A. A. Die-/.. 219 Europe Street. Experienced aii<! 
looking for Inve'^tigatioiis or a position with some Agency. 

Louisiana, Baton Rouge — Frank F Bonn, 109 Liberty Street. 1 have ton 
montiis' practical (^Nperie?ice as Detective. Want a positio;:. 

Louisiana. Shreveport — Erving Joyner, 1041V2 Cartel' As'e. Anyone needing 
ilie services; of a good man get in touch with ir.e. 

^Michigan. Ludington— Lars Jensen, 311 INIelindy Street. I am a Graduate 
Derective and looking for a nosition. 


Minnesota, Au^tiJl— -T. ^1. V.liite, 71!' K. liridgc Street. Seven months' ex- 
perience and wish to connect with some Agency or Company. 

Mississippi. Louisville — J. M. Lundy, P. 0. Box 273, Two years' Experience. 
Desire R. R. or City Detective position; ^o anywhere. Have the best of 
references. \^ you ai'C' in need ul a j;oocl man y;et in touch with me. 

Mississippi, Water Valley — Sam Herron, Graduate Detective (colored). R. 3, 
Box My. Wanted, position as Detective. 

Missouri. Spr'ngfie'.d. John William Leonard, 223 2 North Jefferson Street. 
I am capable of handling investigations quietly. Situation wanted. 

Missouri, Gold-n City — J. G. Morris. Gradu -te of Detective training school. 
also Govemment experience in plain clothes. Position wanted. 

Missouri, La P)elk' — C. U. Stone. Box 15. T a^i experienced in most any kind 
of detective investi<4-ations and lookini;- for a position. 

New Jer?ey, Garfield — .\lbert W. Kish, 210 Wessington Ave. Experienced 
Shadower and all aiound Industrial Worker. Position wanted. 

New Jersey, Paterson — Arthur Renken, P. O Box 1425. I am a Gi'adualo 
Training Schof^l Detective and looking for a position. 

New Jersey, Singac — Box No. 7. Roslyn Romaine. I am a Finger Print Exiioii 
and experienced Detective. Looking for a position. 

New York: Rochester. Herman Kaehal, 280 West Avenue. I am an experi- 
enced Detective, familiar with Industrial Investigations, and efficient. 

North Carolina, Campbell — ^^W. E, Nickelston. I have experience and t'eol 
capable of iruking good. Have you a pos'tion for me? 

North Carolina Folkton. 13. A. Caulde. P. O. Box .5 2. I am a Private 
Detective and looking for a position w:th some Agency. 

North Carolina, Shelby — Jim Roseboio, Box 261. T. have had two years' cn- 
perience as di tective and am looking f'?r a ])Osition. What have you? 

North Carolina, Chelby — John Byers, P. O. Box 113. Twelve years' experienc 
as Private Detective (Law Student). What have you? 


Ohio, Cleveland. Willie Lee Williams, 13304 Forest Hill Ave. 1 am a 
Graduate Detective with but little experience, but desire a position. 
Age 2 4 years. 

Ohio, Cleveland — Burton U. Slocum, 10522 Clair Dean Ave. Experienced 
sh;!do\ver, locatoi', collector and tracer. Position wanted. 

Ohio, UhrichsviUf — I'hilip Wright, P. O. Box 762 (colored). Some experience 
in Detective Work and looking- for such a pcsition. 

Oklahoma, West Tulsa — J. A. ilcMurtrey, P. 0. Box 353. Investigations. 
Oklahoma, Tulsa- Hairy K. Stege, R. R. No. 3, Box 61 (Flat Rock). 

Oklahoma, Valliant — .Alarsi-i.-^ll Cole. A reliable Investigator, 

Oregon. Portland- Albert F. Root. .■'.72 '2 Hawthorne Ave. Some experioni-i 
and familiar with the lumber industry. Looking for a position. 

Pennsylvania, Coiol — Joseph >Shrimps, Jr. I am seeking a position as 

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia — Janies Nocito, 711 S. Mildred Street. ■\Iy business 
is that of Detective and prize fighter. Position wanted. 

South Carolina, Charleston. Geo. A. Anderson. Office. 69 Cooper Ave. 
Investigation Service Bureau. Undertakes any class of detective work. 

•-^outh Cai-clina, Columbi;'. — Henry Bowman, 3719 Maine Sreet. Three years' 
experience. Agencies and others write me. Position wanted. 

'i'enne.--see, [Memphis — Ci-omwell Battles, Pennsylvania Street. [More than thre. 
years' exiJorienct, age 39 (colored). 

Texas, Dallas — Arthur B. Pearson, 2101 Gould Street. Experienced in detective- 
work v.nd looking- for a position. 

Tex;,s, Palestine. Norman J. York, Lock Box 23 5. Experienced Private De- 
tective with l»est references. 


Texas, Quaiiah. Lou E. Owens. I am just starting in as a I'rivate Detective 
and looking for a position or experience. 

Texas, Weatherford — C. F.. Bookstool, 610 Spring St. Investigations. 

\'irginia, Brooke — Lewis George Stewart. I have been representing several 
Agencies and am experienced. Position wanted. 

Virginia, Roanoke — V/illiam H. Davis, Jr., 308 Fifth Ave. N. W. (colored) 
Some experience as a detective, i'osition wanted. 

\'irginia, Ringgold — Richard A. Brum field. I have no experience as a Detec- 
tive, but want to learn and connect with some Agency. 

Washington, Puyallu]) — Kldward John Proff. Some experience. Served in U. S. 
Marine Corps. Prefer Industrial Investigations. Position wanted. 

\Vet;t Virginia, Wheeling — Steve Vallis, 2330 Market Street. I have six months 
experience and would like a position as detective. 

Wisconsin, Hayward — Claude Boyle. I am an experienced investigator. Send 
your detective work to me. 

Canada, Joggins, N. S. — A. J. Ouellett, Lock Box 256. Experienced Private 
Secret Service Agent. Authorized by law. investigations. 

Canada, Windsor, Ont. — G. E. Head, 918 Hall Avenue. I am an experienced 
detective, handle any investigation. Position wanted. 

Canada, Mill Cove, N. S. — P>ruce M. Jollymore. I have had two years' ex- 
perience and can handle most any investigation. Position wanted. 

Canada, Medicine Hat, Alberta — Anders E. Noiaim, 147 Fifth St. Formerly 
connected with Dept. Police, Christiania, Norway. Position wanted. 

Canada, Ont., Barrie — William Green, Bex 605. I am an experienced detective. 
Handle any inve:^tigation. Also position wanted. 


Washing-ton, D. C. — Heiman B. Rein, 2521 Minn, and Pa. Ave., S. E. Tel. Lin. 
5S14-W. I am a graduate Detective and have had considerable experience. 
Am looking- for a position as an investigator. 1 can go anywhere or handle 
any investig-ation in this localitv. See me for results. 

Canada, Lardois, N. S. — Michael Francis Egan. Private Detective. Investiga- 
tions and position wanted. Experienced. 

Canada, Mill Cove, N. S. Bruce M. Jollymore. Rate $4. S hours. I have 
had two years' experience in private investigations. 


The Federated Bureau for Personal Identification. 12.1 Ninth Street. Minne- 
apolis. Minnesota. Geo. W. Shoutz. Director. 

Hohloch's Identification Bureau, 45 Benedict Building. S'2 Church Street, 
New Haven, Connecticut. G. E. Hohlocli, Princi])al. 

Canada, Regina. Sask. Insp. D. McDougall. F. P. E., l^olice Department. 

Cuba, Havana . Wilfrid de Goicouria, F. P. E., Supt. Police Department I. B. 

Wisconsin. Juneau. George F. Hall, F. P. E.. Sheriff's Ottice. 

Michingan, Flint. Police Department Identification Bureau. John McXame:-. 




Stands lor the first nine Figures, a Cipher and a Dollar Mark 



Stands for the First Eleven Letters of the Alphabet 

Coding NUMBERS the word "YOU" is the code for "NUMBER" 
and must precede any coded number. If vou desire to code the 
Number 743 it will be "YOURTL" 

Before starting any Message that is to be spelled out by letter (CODE; 
the word "FOX" must precede and be added to the tiist word. The word "FOX" 
indicates that the message is to be coded by letters, but if the word "FOX" pre- 
cedes-and-is-attached to any letters in the body of the message, it indicates that 
the one word alone is coded in the message. Each individual word coded must 
he preceded by the word (and attached) "FOX," unless the message is started 
by the word "FOX" preceding and attached to first word. Uncoded words in 
coded messag-e must have the letter "J" attached to them at the end of the 

The following message will be coded in two ways: 

(Message) "Arrest and detain R. M. Getaway, now at Butler Hotel. War- 
rant here. Felony." 

(arrest) (and) (detain) (R. M.) (Getaway) 

(now) (at) (Butler) (Hotel) (Warrant) (here) (Felony) 

The same message could be vi'ritten by using "general code" and ccxiing 
names of party to be arrested and hotel name, as follows: 

(R.M.) (Getaway) 

Look for the words "WIPE" and "MOOR" undei- code "Arrest." The woid* 
"Butler" is not coded. For any word not coded add the letter "J." 

2 C's (CC) stand for Period. 

2 B's (BB) stand for Comma. 

2 H's (HH) stand for Interrogation Point. 

2 U's (UU) stand for Hyphen 




























__, R 

























.. Y 






Arrest 501 

Assault ^ 501 

Ari'ival 501 

Arrangements 501 

Abandonment 501 

Accidents 502 

Alibi 502 

Automobiles 502 

Bunco 502 

Burglary and Housebreaking.... 503 

Bribes 503 

Bigamy 503 

Convicts 503 

Corruption 503 

Counterfeiting 503 

Confession 503 

Dates 510 

Detective Agency 514-515 

Description 504 

Direction 504 

Death 504 

Drugs 504 

Documents 504 

Disturbance 504 

Elections 505 

Evidence 505 

Escape 505 

Extortion 505 

Explosions 505 

Frauds 506 

Forging 506 

Fine 506 


F'elony 506 

F^alsifying .• 50G 

Homicide 507 

Information .-. 506 

Jewelry | 507 

Kidnaping 507 

Libel 507 

Larceny 507 

Missing 507 

Money , 508 

Murder 508 

Mayhem 508 

Mutilating 508 

Miscellaneous .-. 509 

Numbers 510 

Officers 510 

Prisoners 511 

Poison 511 

Physical Defects 511 

Prostitution 511 

People 512 

Perjury 512 

Railroads ; 512 

Ilobl)ery 512 

Records 512 

Released 512 

Rescues 513 

Rape 513 

Suicide 513 

Sentence 513 

Train Wrecking 513 





Wake — Delay to take arrested poison 
before a magistrate. 

Wjiit — Delayed in taking an arrested 
person before a magistrate. 

AVjiist — Arrest without lawful author- 

\\ aKoii — Look for weapon when ar- 

Wases — 1 will be responsible. Airest. 

Wajter — Arrest, liold, and wire. 

Wafi'i — Arrest: 1 hold warrant for fel- 

I>r:iK' — -\rrest; 1 hold wair;iiit Misde- 
meanor Bail.' 

\\a«lf— An est; bail fixed at 

\ oiicli — Uefuses to arrest without war- 
ra n t. 

\o<t' — -Cannot arrest without warrant. 
\ oi4 — W as ariestcd by citizen. 

\'<»ife — Cauglit in the act and arrested. 

\'<>fal — Had to use force in- arresting. 

Viviil — Don't need a warrant; he is an 

\ ilal Take disposition befjp.r6 release. 

\ if<<:!- AVill be dismissedV, Have you 
anotlier chargtj? , Send war- 

\ isi« — I (old anyone who visits part>', 
except attorney. 

Wall .\riist. Violated patrol. 

\ iiie — I'id not arrest your party. 

Villa — Located youi- party. Send officer. 

\ ile — .\rrest on suspicion. 

X'lJtof — .\i-rest for vagrancy. We have 
jilenty of evidejico. 

\ if^v — :\Iake arrest if necessary; use 
good, judgment, 

\ i«'f — Arrest for. 

\'«'<o — Arrest uiJon arvival arid: -wire me. 

\'i'.st — Wired us to ai-rest on- charge of 

\ erso — Arrested without autbority. 

\ fi-Ko — Was arrested h.ere iii 

\ orb — We have arrested. 

\ ciir.s — Ari-est all suspicious characters. 

\i i)>« — .\nt!-'t the iiatt.v whose name is 
coded after the word "Wipe." 
I liold feionx' waruint. Wire 
nie and we will send for 

Xoi-c An est the party whose name is 
eoded after tht^ >vord "More." 
I licfid itiisdemea'nbr warrant. 
Wire me and we will send 
for party. 

\;<>r:il I'arty whose name is coded af- 
ter the word "normal" is sup- 
posed to be at 

>l«»<>< — 'I'hi stieet number is. anil we 
think the partv can be found 

lloor- Is s'lpnosed to be stopping at the 


Twin — Assault by officer. 

Twioe — Assault the officer. 

Twig — -Assault with intent to kill. 

TiiNk — Assault with intent to commit 

'i'lirii — Assault and battery. 
'I'lirk — .\ssauU with intent to comniil 

'i'liiu' — .\ssault with deadly weapon. 
'i'lirf — Assault with intent to commit 

T:tMp — Assault with caustic elu'micals. 
'i'm-k — .\ssauU and battei-y. 

VUKIV.M w \i/r/ 

Tenor — Can you give better address of 

'I'enjl — Address me after this at 

'I'omut — How long shall I remain here? 

Tciiipn — Am going to 

Tell — Send messages and mail care of 

'I'oaeli — Conditions such as may demand 

your immediate return. Where 

will wire reach you? 
'i'ear — What is your present address 
.Inst — .Ai-rived safely; no trouble. 
.•nry — Address communications care of 
.Inror — Delivered in i)erson; had no 

.Inntu — .\rrived here O.K.; leaving for 
.Inno — Be at piei- when steamer docks. 
Jnnk — .\ri-iving here, changed route, 

.\m leaving at once foi- 
.Inno — .Arrived, and arrested party on 

.InnilMt — Shall I wait for arrival of 
.Innip — ^Vhen will you arrive? 
.lalop — When will they arrive? 
.lnio>' — Send me \-oui- instructions: am 


\KT« \\<;i:iii:>is — \ <»i m; 

TaM<« — Send oi' arrange for my ret inn 
t ransT)ortation. 

'i'ask — .\rrangements changed: prisoner 
secured; consul fighting ex- 

Tart — Will arrange for your return. 

\i»\\nO\MK.\T — VIEI-O 

Mi«i-«> — Wanted for non -siiiM <)i t : war- 
i-ant issued. 

>Ii1e — Has imt up suret>- for support. 

Mist — Have i)roof of abandonment. — Wanted for child desertion: war- 
rant issued. 

^lirdi — l_)eserled a minor child.. 

>lli-«> — Causing the diild lo;- ( 
to suffer. 

>linx — Child not to be conflnel. 

:>IinnN — Sending minors to imnijral 

>lint — Indecent exi)osure in iireseace of 

.Minor — Does not furnish food or shelter 

Mink — Have proof of- marriage. 

>liFM'r--\\ hei e.Tbouts unknown. 

.^line — Knows where parly is: .von't tell 


i.\"ri;u.\AT I. I'oi. 



ilown \' jct im (lid 

l.owl.v — After strikini 
not stop. 

I.ouei- — [)river appeared to lie intoxi- 

l.oijM- — Driver aiij.eared to l>e inexperi- 

l-ov« — Appeared to be an unavoidable 

l.oii« — Was badly injured. 

l.oiis.v — Was only slightly bruised. 

J-oiio — Held on charg-e of battery. 

l><»Ui.s — Held on a charge of manslaugii- 

I, otto — Keleased on bail. 

l-otc- -Accidentally discharged the gun 

liOs» — Holdin.g for investigation. — (Maimed it was accidental. 

L.OSV — Looks like criminal carelessness 

l.oi-.v — Will hold the parties for 24 hours 


.liiiso — Claimed to have been elsewhere 

at tiine crime committed. 
JiM — Ajjpears to have coniplele .-ilibi. 
.Jill — Says can |)rove alibi. 
.lowcl — Says stranger in town, and iusi 

•fvHy — Demands immediate hearing, as 

claims can in-ove alibi. 
•tvst — Send someone to identify. 
.loss — Prisoner secured attorney. Ex- 
pect habus corpus unless vou 
send evidence to hold. 
.l«-lly — \^'e can prove he was there, re- of parties alibi. 
.l<-«'r — I^ooks like party has a good alibi 
tliat will stand. 

I if!!. so 


!-«•:) <l — 




—In the automobile. 
-Traveling at a high late of sji 
-A Ford. 
A Dodge. 
—A Cadillac. 
-.\ Studebaker 
A Stephens. 
An Kssex. 
A Hudson. 
-An Apperson 
V Cole. 

::-d I 

-.\ Regal. 
A Velio. 

A IVIaxwell. 
l-!iva — A White. 
I.aii;;h — An Overland. 
I. ami -A Stearns- Knigli I 
l..-i<!ii -A Willvs-Kniglit 
l>atlie — A Chevrolet. 
l-ath — A Grant. 
Katili- A H. C. S. Motor C-^r 
L:iJ«' -.V Franklin. — .V Briscoe. — A Tulsa. 
I. ass - .V I'aige. 
I.i»sli -A Sedan. 
l,ai-\ :i -A lUiiek. 
I. ark — A McLaughlin, 

l.arlio — A Hupmobile. 
[ I'aiise — A Gardnei-. 
Lapp — A Peerless. 
1-ank — A Chalmers. 
I-aiiil — .\ Nash. 
Kaiu' — .\n f)akland. 
j l,ani'«---An Oldsmobllc. 
I l.aiiip — An Auburn. 
; l.aiu-h- -.V Chandler 
i l-ai:«'l — A Cleveland.<-Ii--A ('unniiighaiu 

l-earn — A Daniels. 

I'caNli — .\ lioii'is. 

Iie«l«.^ — A Dupont. 

lioer — An Elgin. 

l.«M>s — A Ferris 
' l.e.-<— .V Fiat. 

I.oiiuir— .V Ila.Niies. 

l-i'st — .V .Jackson. 

l/i<'f — A .Jordan. 

I'ikcii — A Kissel. 

l,ii!!lio- -A T.,afaye||. . 

Minn — A Leach. 
; l-iiu'i- — A Lexington. 

liiiik.s — .\ Loc-oniobile. 

Litlio — .V Libert>-. 

I.i<r<> - .\ Lin' olii. 
i l>lania — .\ Maiunon 

l,<.bo--A Maxwell. 

l-«cal — .V Mercer. 

l-«»l<.v — A Mitchell. 

l-ojiif — A Moon. 

I<<>iii — A N'asli. 

l,on« .V National. 

lioont — .\ Pierce-. \ri o\\ . 
: l.orry — .\ Premier. 

liOii.s* A n. iVr V. Kniglii, 

l.iiral — A Koamer. 
I. fish— A Sheridan. 
li." OH — A Stevens-l)ui\ ca. 
l-yie — A Templar. 
I'jist> — A Westcotl. 
I.iipin — .V Wiiiton. 
l-aiiu' — A Hoailster. 
Lamli — A Touring (^ar. 
l-ako — A I'Mve-I'asenger. 
I.amta — A Seven -Passenger 
l-air — A Closed Car. 
liairri — A Liimousinc. 
l-ad.v — A I^unabout. 
Ladoii — A Truck. 
1,-Hle — A Trailer. 
l/a«'k — A Motorcycle. 
l-a<-<- — .\ Side Cai'. 
I.altur — A Bic.Ncle. 
I.aliel — .\n .\eroi)laiio. 

IM xro — HK1,I« 

'roiicli — Was hiMieo.Ml out of 
Trailo — Wei-e two bunco men. 
'I'oJal — Pulled off the usual trick, 
Toii-li — Got a\va>- with 
'I'oiK Complaining wiin.-ss 

'r«nvii — Pest we can do is vagran 

Track — Do >du know ilu- picture. 
Traro- r>o .\-ou w:nil liiin or them. 



\:iil — Gave bribe to judge. 

.>I.vtIi — Gave bribe to witness. 

3Iute — Gave bribe to complainins- wil- 

M.Ksty-Ga"^e' bribe to attorney. ottV'r\*one'?ermer''''^^- 

Must— Gave bribe to clerk. Ji^fu t ? vt t 'mtV 

.MnsU— gave bribe to police oriicer. H-lft— ^.tliid tenner 

M"1*'-r.\ye bHbe to f^u"^'' H;m-Looks' and^'act's " like an e.v-con. 

M,— Gave br be to .a.loi. Ilal.a— Acciuainted wUh convicts. 

J "'*r~R'y,fi, i ^.'^nl^J.-^r,— .\ssociates with convicts. 

M.iHi— Bribing supervisor ll.-.U- - r naut hori/.ed connnunica i i..n 
MiiiniiN — niibing- public ollicials. ^^m^ vonvict. 

id i:*;i.\!M AM) IIOl SKIIKK VKI\(; — 
\\ KI.ST 

>lori-> — Knlerod with intent to coinniil 

IK'tit larcen.v. 
^irrk — 11oiiS(" ^\as entered during nif^'lit. 
>l«>rit — Owner was out of town. 
>l<'re — Was a dayliglit job. 
>l<'rey — Hurglar an ested on premises. 
.lU'iiil — Burj?!ar i)icked up on street bj- 


:tl<>loti — ]?iirgla!' arrested trying to I-ore — Counterfeiting trade marks. 

pawn stolen ai tides. liOrd — -Selling goods whicli bear coun- 
ll<-«>< — Rurglar arrested bas confessed terfeit trade marks. 

Vlofk — Susjiect ari(>sted is a dope fiend Loot — Making counterfeit money. 

.^I<M'«I — Susiiect was identified by witness » — A counterfeiter's den. 

>U'«lif — Susiiect was identified by iden- l,<»o|i — Counterfeiting coin or currency. 

(ilication record. i.ooii — Ilcoeiving counterfeit coin ni- 
>l('«l:il — Made good liis eseai>e. currency. 

Moat — Made Ills escape but left loot. Look — Making or possessing countcr- 
>l«>aii — Uecovered loot in rooms. feit dies, plates. 

>Ioal.v — Suspect arrested liad lot of Loof — Counterfeit railroad ticket.s. 

lUJIItiOS — \\ltO.\<; Lon;t — Counterfeit steamship tickets. 

jcwelrv-; tliink lie must be L<»ll — Kestoring cancelled ti<"kets. 

>our man. L«»n — Wlien arrested had counterfeit 
Moail — Was armed wlien arrested; put money. 

up figlit. LoilKP — I^ocated their lieadquarters. 

M:t.u — Have located loot as described in Lo«l« — Found complete counterfeiting 

your communication. Send outfit. 

someone to identify same. Lorji.s — Notify the Federal authorities. 

>l:ixion -Silverware was taken. Loi-k — Will raid the place tonight. 

1L-II1VO — Some jewelry taken. Lolihj — Send some deputies to help 
^laior — Cairied stuff olf in suit case. make said 

described as follows: Loath — Served time foi- shoving the 
>l:r/..> -Owner is a\vay; cannot check U|> gueer. 

until he returns. Loam — Counterfeiting coins. 
y.r:il -Suspect inside job. 
^l:itsii-^]<Ceci> watch on servants. 
^Satiii — Ovei-head plans for robbin.g. 
>l:i(iii- Ovcrlu-ard plans for robbing. 

corxTERr»'a'ri\<; — >\ r»» \i) 


CO \ FKS S I < » V 1 1 l< R 

-■•n- it - -^';irri<'d the husband of anolhei 

-iitiar- -.Man ied tlie wife of another. 

.•m.pv — ..\n incestuous marriage. .Imly — Arrested part\-: the\' ha\i- con- 

,j:::;i> — I'erfoinied cercmon.\- before -fessed. 

license issued. .Iiid^c — Confession came volunlaril.v. 

,nl' — I'"a'se lecoid of marriage. Jowl — Confessed witho\it much trouble. 

,!ilV — A fake wedding. Joss — Confessed whf>n confronted with 
,,,,.,., — Certificate of marriage. record. 

,t[e! y — Was not autliori/ced to nuiris'. Jolt — Refuses to make statcuicnl. 

.ink — Was under age. .loke — \XiU not confess. IjuI a|i|ii:iis 1o 
.if.-'.tt -Man icil without iiaicnts' con- have knowledge of crini.-. 

Sent. .lokcr — Party ivnows and could In- liiade 

.!M't .>'ade falsi- oatli to secure license to tell. 

.>.i:!! I.doks lilvi- lnuli committed big Joist — The confession will not hold: it 

amy. does not check u|i true. 



l>i:S(Hll"i'U>NS — M IMv 

S|i<i«iii — Married. 
Spoki- — Sintrlc-. 
S|M»il — Divorced. 
Split — Widower. 
.Spite — Divorcee. 
Spill — Widow. 
Spin — Cliildren. 
Spike — Boy. 
Spicy — Girl. 
Spend — Grandfather. 
Spell — Grandmother. 
Speed — Aunt. 
Spook — Uncle. 
.*^l»o:ik — Father. 
Si»:it — Mother. 
Spark — Son. 
Spar — Daug-hter. 
Span — -Cousin. 
Spado — Niece. 
Spaoo — In-T.,aw. 
S«uir — Eyes. 
Soiii> — Ears. 
Sound — Noise. 
Soul — Moutll. 
Soro — Hair. 
Soon — Teeth. 
SonK — Clot lies. 
Souse — Black. 
Solve — Blue. 
Sold — Red. 
Soil — Green. 
Soft — White. 
Sofa — Tan. 
S<Mla — Blown. 
Sock — Silk. 
Sober — Cotton. 
Soap — Wool. 
SnuR- — Velvet. 
Smart — Coat. 
Small — Hat. 
Slnm — Trousers. 
SUiK' — Shoes. 
Slow — Shirt. 
Slip — Underclothes. 
Slab — Waist. 
Sknll — Skirt. 
Skirt — Overcoat. 
Skip — Cape. 
Skill — Scarf. 
Skiff — Nose glasses. 
Skid — Hook glasses. 
Skate — Colored glasses. 
Size — Age. 
Sink — Height. 
SinK' — Weight. 
Sill — Color. 
Si^n — Short. 
Siiilil — I<"at. 
Sift — Slim. 
Side- l':r.Tt. 
Sick— Stooper. 
Slint -.Active. 
Slum Sluggish. 
SliruK' — Idiot. 
Sliov4> — Thinker. 
siiout — Talker. 
Sliot — Radical. 
Sli<»rt — Ignorant. 
Sliore — Common education. 
•*lM>t -W(>11 educated. 

Sboot — Poor writer. 
Slu>e — Poor talker. 
Shod— Dark. 
Shook — Yellow. 
Skirt — D(>af one ear. 
.Skip — .Vlhion. 
Skinny — Blonde. 
Shell — Bi-unette. 
Sheet — C r oss- e y ed . 
Shoal" — Sandv. 
Shawl — Feet. 
Sliiive — Inches. 
Shark — Pounds. 
Sable — Feet. 
Sjibot — Foot. 
Sabre — Ankle. 
Sadl.v — Calf of leg. 
Saan — Knee. 
Sahib — Thigh. 
Salad — Waist. 
Sale — Breast. 
Salio — Neck. 
Sail.v — Head. 

% en 
\ o — 
te — 


—1 1 cadin.M — going Soutli. 

1 1 lading — going North. 

-I leading — going West. 

-Heading — .going lOast. 

-— iOast. 
-North -East. 
— Soutli- West. 

HKI,! nro ATH 


-Taking opium into .iails. 

A dealer in narcotics. 

—A dope fiend. 

•.\ hop head. 

-Administering drugs to produce 

AYas labeled wron.g. 
— I^abeled vvi'ong iutentionall.v. 
— In(iuii'ed different poisons and 

-Have no record of purchase. 
-Search poison records for sale to 
— Search poison records of sale of 
Report results quickl>-. 

>\ oiM'if — nor I \iK\'rs 

DIS'I'I KU WCK — l-O \V 

liOaf — Was a riot. 

Ijoad — TTnlawf 111 asseiuMy. 

I<ivid — Dist nrljiiig the jieace. 

I<i\er — Refused to disperse. 

Live — Exhilutin.g deadl.N' \vea]M)ii in 
rude manner. 

I.ltho — Using deadly weapon. 

lAfit — ForcibK- entered without author- 

I.isp — -Created .■( disturbance and tlieii 
resi.stiul .Hirest. 


I'aiii — 






Mate — Obtained sig-nature by means of 

'I'oss — Violating' election law. 

Torch — Fraudulent registration. 

'I'opie — Fraudulent voting-. 

Toper — Forging or altering returns. 

'Vtfpsiv. — Del lauding- electors. 

Tooth — Offering- bribes to legislators. 

Tool — Disturbing- peace at booth. 

Tonic — Have officer at each booth. 

Tons'."* — Look out for ballot box. 

Tone — -Disturbing- peace at meeting. 


S«-eet^-Escape froni penitentiary. 

Sweep — Escaped from count>- jail. 

Sweile — lOscajio from cit>' .iail. 

Sweat — lOscape from shoi'iff. 

Swear — -lOscape from officer. 

Swa.> — Fscape while in custod\-. 

S»vani — Escayie from train. 

S^vainp — Kscape from auto. 

Surf — Fscaped on horse. 

Sure — Escaped on bicycle. 

Siiiiii.v — i'J.s( ajied in auto. 

St:nu — Escaped on engine. 

Sunk — Epcaped on I"'reight Train No. 

Sulk — !'jscai)ed on Passenger Tiain Xo. 

Suit — Escaped bound AVest. 

Sustar — Escaped bound East. 

SjhIs — Esi-aiied bound North. 

St.tSe — Escaiied bound South. 

Stunt- — .Vtlompt to escape. 

Stni»,«i- — .Assisting to escape. 

Stun — Woman assisted to escape. 

Stnnip — Man assisted to escai>e. 

StiilV — A fugitive from justice. 

Sturtj- — Ueward for apprehension. 

Stinl — An escaped prisoner heading for 
>-our city: charge felony. 

Stuck — Escaped from cliain gang; head- 
ing your way. 

Stub — Escaped: think he will head back 
to your city. 

Strop — Described as follows: 


■^liful — Ofl-ering false evidence. 

>lince — Deceiving- a \vltness. 

>liiia — Preparing false evidence. 

II! M — r>esti"o.\ing- evidence. 

Mil'i — Pri-vetiting- witness attending. 

liilUj -l'\-idonc(' seenis insufficient ;nid 
look for dismissal: if \-oii 
want defendant, better send 
oH'icer with warrant. 

Milt — Subornation of perjury. 

^Jile — It is good evidence. 

li;i(! — Have suflicient evidence. 

>!i'il!« — Wo need more evidence. 

>l!<l,si — See if \-ou cannot secure more 

>!!<■;.'-;— Case will fail for lack of evidence 

^liea — Tjook up past record in your city. 
^A■'G need some character evid- 

Meifc — '=-'eiure all the witnesses possible 

Met! — There sliould be more witnesses. 

Iletal — Send vour witness over to the 

>fess — Have witness identify. 

:<lc-si! — Indisi)Utable evidence. 


"Plater — Sent letter demanding hush 

>Iatcli — Sent communication demanding 

money or exposure. 
.'>Iast — Threatened with injury unless 

paid. — Trying to lilackmail. 

i':\iM,<)si\ i;s — MFE 

Lift — ^A liomb exiiloded injuring many. 

l.ien — .V bomb explosion; onl\- a few in- 

Lieu — A bomb exploded: nobody hurt. 

KicKe — A bomb exjiloded: only damaged 

L.iek — Some dynamite was stolen from 

ijihra — Has dynamite in possession. 

Liar — \A"as transporting dynamite. 

hewrt — Had nitro -glycerine. 

Kevy — Evidently expert witli powder. 

Lever — Was an>-one injured 1).\- explo- 

licvel — What extent of damage by ex- 

licvee — Known as dynamiters. 

l-ethe — Found some souji in jail aftei- 

Lee.s — Have found a clue to explosion. 

l-eplier — Suggest you come or send 
someone familial' with explo- 

i-eiit — Found an explosive bomb. 

l..ens — Officer arrested sus|)ect in bomb 

Lent — Several suspicious characters ar- 
rested immediately after ex- 

Lemon — A\'as heard to express himself 
as being familiar vrith explo- 

I-eaer — No record was kept of sale. 

Left — Record states it was pui-ehased 

Leeeli — Malicious use of e.xplosives. 

l/e«lv.e — How much reward offered fur 
the dynamiters'.' 


Kiue — AVas given to deliver and disap- 

Kiln — Collected money and skipped. 

Kill — Messenger disappeared with funds 

Kick — Ajipears to be fake holdup. 

Kihe — AVanted for falsifying books. 

Klian — Trusted with jewelry: skipped. 

Khaki — Skii)ped with" collections. 

Ketch — -Was collector and skipi>ed with 

Kern — IMortgaged lu'operty: then sold it. 

Keep — Makes a business of defrauding 

Ki.ser — Considei'ed ;i slick article. 



FK \l l)S — AVITTY 

Otln-r — False lu' to birth of in- 

Opera — Substituting- cliiltl for another. 

OlU'ii — Impersonating' another and ol)- 
taiiiins- valuables. 

Ilsilf- - Tried to impersonate aiiotlier. 

Ii:ill — .\l isi-epresented the facts. 

Halo — Obtained credit under false i)re- 

II:iii<1 — Is a fraud of worst kind. 

Ilaii^' — Think he is a fraud. 

Ha|ii»> — Think she is a fi-aud. 

Om-e — Concealing' their propei'ty. • 

Oiler — Conceal ingr his proi^erty. 

\iirs«' — Concealing- her property. 

Null — Fi-audu]entl\- conceal ing propert.v 

-\iifle — His property. 

\«Mel — Her i)ropert\'. 

\oiiii — Kmbez/.lement and falsiric;i I ion 
of accounts. 

\ole — I )bstruct ing' officer collecting 

\(»toli — Made false statement of taxes. 

Aortli — Uefused to .give nann' of eni- 

\orse — Carr.ving' on 1)usiness without 

Xoose — Arson. 

.\ooii — I'^raudulent desti'uct ion ol" in- 
sured proi)ert\- 

.Nook — Set fire with intent to destroy. 

\oiie — Eire was discovei-ed aftir mid- 

\oixe — TS'hei'e was owner at time of 

\ohle — Tliink it was foi' revenue. 

\i(r<» — It is a mystei'.\'. 

FOR<ii\(; — Avoitn 

.^lasli — Forging' revenue stamps. 
.>lart — Forg'ed will. 
.^larsli — Forged contract. 
>larr.v — Forged passport. 
>larl— Forged documents. 
>l:irl> — Made false entries. 
.>lark — Forged telegrajJli message. 
Ilsire — Passing' foi'ged notes, checks. 
Vlarse — Passing fictitious bills. 
MAroli — Issued check with intent to de- 
Maple — Attempting to pass foi'ged check 
Many — Had different kinds of blank 

Manx — Had checks sigrned; not filled in. 
Manse — Passed forged checks mr.n.\' 

Manor — Has a record; served time for 

forger. v. 
Mantisi— Passed checks here; heading 

your way. 
:>Iaiis'j- — Is an old offender. 
Msinft'o— iJescribed as wel l-maiiiU'ied 

and dressed. 
:>laiie — Notif>' baiiks to keep walcli. 
.Mamma — Was a bank forgery. 
■^lalt — Call in handwriting' expert. 
>l.voi».v — Caught in the act of copyin.g 

\^ heel — Mutilating. 

ll.\ilt — F^IJVE 

HE:e:D — FEL.01VY 

F \L,SIFV1XG — wool. 

>i.-iM — Married under false pretenses. 

^I-<r — Personating' another. 

>l:il.e — -Iteceived money in false charac- 

Make — Tleccived money in false charcter 

M:ty or — Fraudulent conveyance. 

■^fisiKe — Obtained money under false 

■^Jnfni — Obtained property under false 

Hl!:i3«l — Made false statenienl. 

M.MSie — Sold the land twice. 

^!-!«l;ii6i — Was a mock auction. 

Ilriee — Defrai'ded the i)roprietor. 

l<ys<»l — Defrauded inn-keeper. 

I,yrie — Received deposits; bank insnl 

li.viix — Fictitious bill of lading. 

i>yiieli — Wires are topper. 

I.ynipli — Checked up on everxt hing tUr 
party said and all statements 
were fals •. 

i\i'M>it:»i.vTioAr — ivoi{\ 

JU'iH — Keep still; ^vvill exjilain soon. 

Holiy — Furthei' information in mail. 

Hell — No information available. Not 

l.s.Hiie — More information wanted. Kusili- 

l.slt't — Have been informed that 

IkI:iiii — Your information is correct. 

Iroii.'t — \AM11 send corrected Information 

Iron — Information does not co\er. Make 
further investigation. 

irid — Information not sulTicleilt, and 
only i)art can be used. 

irjide — You have made a good investi- 

Ira(t — Return. Y'.our work is satisfac- 

lota — Kee]) information strict l,v confi- 

Intirn — Other parties are invest i.gating 

Into — -Get birth and marriage records 
if possible. 

Inter — (^onsult neigliboi's for infdi'm.'i- 

Imh't — Secuie affidax'ils if possible. 

Inla.>- — Secure photo if possibli". 

Inlve> — Shadow, ami I'cpoil i-\'fi-.\' ino\i'- 

Ingot — .-\nsvviT a fool as to his follx'. 

Inure — l'''ollow each lead, no matter how- 
trivial. U'e ne(»d more evid- 

Letters — Infer. 

Inert — Await letter; full ex plainit ion. 

liKlne — Await letter for inst rui't ions. 

Incur — ."-^end iri.g money b\' mail. 

Inane — I'orward my mall. 

Ini|>l.« — ^^'ill send i)apeis as soon a- 
made onl. Working on Iht-n 

Iiniiii.v — Write full particulars. 

iniinit — Somedoby Is getting tlie ]iarliis 



UK W'V — i^KMliCIDF: 


Star — Diamonds, % Carat. 
Stand — Diamonds. Y2 Carat. 
Stamp — Diamonds, ^i Carat. 
Stain — Diamonds. 1 Carat. 
Stasf — Diamonds, 2 Carats. 
Stas' — Diamonds. ?, Carats. 
•Statr — Diamonds. 4 Carats. 
.Stock — r)iainonds. ."1 Carats. 
st;il> — I »iamoii(ls, C, Carats. 
s<(ii:nv — Diamonds, 7 Carats. 
S<(ti:)l> — I^iamonds, S ("arals. 
."^imrt — Diamonds, !i Carats. 
S|uirn — Diamonds. 10 Carats. 
.*<l»nr — Emerald. 
Spnnk — Uuby. 
Spntl — Pearls. 
Spot — .Tade. 

Sport — Paste Diamonds. 
Stsnn- — Ptifk ]'in. 
Still — Piim-. 
Stitr — Broacli. 
Stick — Davalier. 
St<Mv — Neck lace. 

"P — Hairpin. 
Ston; — Bufkle. 
Stf^r — PUlMl. 
«<»'«'! — T->'.aiavc(l. 
Stt'a->»» — Co'd, 
S<««:m1 — Plat inntn. 
stay — Silver 
Stave — Tmitat ion. 
State — Co 11 per. 
Start — Brass. 
Stare — Class. 

I'sirt — Was kidnapped and forced to 

Pansy — Enticed away with intent to de- 

H e«ls e — Ma y h e m . 

Heavy — Homicide. 


'I'rain — Threatening- to publish libel. 
'I'ramp — Offers to prevent publication; 

intention to extort. 
Trail — Injurious and malicious jiublica- 


I, Aitt l^\^ — \\ll(»MO 

.'•■■""<' — 'destruction of records. 

'la i I. V- -Offered false or forced instru- 
ments for record. 

'I'-ilk — Falsefyins .iiiry lists. 

'I'ake — Adding" names to jurv lists. 

Tail — disposal of found property 

Taet — Dog- was stolen by 

Taek — Ueceiviiig- stolen goods. 

Tahle — TTad i)roperty stolen In vf)Ui 

^ vriip — Stealing watei-. 

S«or«l — Stealing electricit.x'. 

Swoop — .\uto was stolent ifrom — Motorcycle was stolen from 

Swire — Disposed of moitgaged jnopertv 

Swine — Led a\va>- h.\- 

Swill — It was petit larceny. 

Swift — It was .grand larcenv. 

Swept — Cattle rustlin.g. 

•«\»<.ll — Horse stealing. 

>iissix<; — u ifriK 

Kii)\ \i'i'i\«; — « ii>K 

I'ink — The child was stolen at 
I'ine — AN'ere in an automobile. 
rineit — Believed to be the husband. 
I'ill — Believed to be the wife. 
i j!i — Sa\-s it was the father of child. 
f ie«'e — Sa.vs it was the mothei- of child. 
I' — By parties unknown. 
l'<Tt — Does not know who would do it. 
!'i--jal — 'rhe.\- went North. 
I'elf — 'nie.\ W(Mit South. 
I'eer — They went West. 
• 'eep — They went East. 
t'eef — They took train Xo. 
i'eek — N'(j \isible clues. 
le.-irl — Xo one sa\\- them. 
loar— ^lay be lost. 

I'ersl— -^!ay have ran awa\- fiom home. 
Teai-li — May be deianged in mind. 
! <-;ue — \^■as worried considerable. 
law?! — Was despondent <^c melancholy. 
r:i!r>»e- -May ha\-e killed themself. 
I afch — 'teward offered. 
r:isie- — V.' ire an\- information collect. 
Tass - Was taken h,\- fnri-i- against their 
^\• i 1 1 . 

'I'oinh — Was inclined to he wild. 

Toll — Liked to keeji bad compan.w 

'I'oken — Morally was a .good per.son. 

Todd.v — Looks like case of kidnapidng. 

't'oh.* — Disappeared. 

Toad — Sound of body and mind. 

TitU' — Finances in good condition. 

Tire — Seemed worried over business af- 
fairs. — Health not the best. 

Tin.> — Had domestic troubles. 

Timid — Had trouble with associates. 

Time — ^A'as very hot tempered. 

Tilt — Had business troubles. 

'I'ile — In poor health-: despondent. 

Tiser — Had lapse of memory-. 

Tier — Disappeared before: gone- several 

Tid.v — Was confined in sanitarium. 

Tide — Was confined in as.vlum: cured, 

Tick^Thinks may be in 

Thriimp — Has scar on 

ThuK' — Was hurt in 

Thud — Was on wa.v to school and dis 

Throw — Was on wa\- to store anil dis- 


Itnoe — Was shot down — murdered. 'I'liorii — W'iis \'erj' pretty girl. 

Qiiiy. — Found dead with bullet holes in 'I'lioiiii — Blond type. 

<liii< — Discovered murdered with knife. 'I'liink — \\'as jninished; evidently ran 

(liiilt — A ease of manslaugiiter. awa.v. 

(tiiill — Killed in quarrel. 'I'liiii — Parents offer reward of 

(liiit't — Seriously wounded: ma\- die. 'I'liigli — Had a lot of mone,\': suspect 

• liieor — Murdered: no clue. foul play. 

((iiet'ii — Murdered while makins' arrest. 'I'hief — Was very fond of opposite se.\. 

(Imiil — Murdered while assist ins' office!-. 'I'liiok — Family troubles at bottom of it. 

<lii:ick — Murdei'ed and bod>- thrown in 'l'li:i>v — i5runette type. 

lake. 'liinnk — May have sone to relatives. 

riitt.> — Murdered and body thrown in Text — See it at this address. 

sewer. Test — Notify officers at railroad sta- 
Piirse — Murdered and body thrown in tlons to look for runaway 

bay. boarding trains. 

I'lirr — Murdered and body buried. Term — Had less than $100. 

I'liiul — Murdered and body cut up. Tepid — Had more than $100. 

I'liiu-li — Murdered and body shipped in Tent— Had less than $50. 

trunk. ; Tense — Mother dying-; make extra ef- 

riiniii — Strang-led with towel or rope. forts. 

IMilst — Sliot down in cold blood. 
I'lill — Shot in liaek and killed. 
IMilV — Killed by burg:lar. 
I'riide — Killed by robber. 

I'roiMl — Shot and killed 1)>- a woman. >IO\KV WISH 

I'rint — Shot and killed by a man. 

I'riine — Olubbed to death. Strip — Gold, $5.00. 

I'riile- Stabbed: died of wounds. .Strsiw — Gold, $10.00. 

rrioe — Killed defendinpr liis home (hiu- -Strap- -Gold, $20.00. 

home). Spool — I'enn.v. 

Sto^v — Silver. 5c. 
Siove — Silvei-. 10c. 
Sltmt- — Silver, 2ijc. 

iiir<i^<-i> iitv'iiir'tf Story — Silver, 50c. 

IIKIM.I MAWIKM S<oi in— Silver. $100. 

\\ iri:i:i, — >ii tii-\'I"i\<; 


stork — $1.00 bill. 

Store — $;!.00 bill. 

Stop — $5.00 bill. 

Stoop — $10.00 bill. 

Stool — $20.00 bill. 

Stone — $50.00 bill. 

Stock— $100.00 bill. 

Stir— $1,000.00 bill. 

.Stall — ^Libertv Bonds. 

Stalk— Bonds. 

Stake — Government Bonds. 

Stair — Secui-it ies. 


Il:ill.> — Mui'tler with malice afore- 
Itake — Premeditated muidcr. 
Kaise — Tortured and murdered. 
Rain — Killed with jioison. 
Rail — Laid in waiting antl killeil. 
Rail! — Killed while resisting- robbers. 
Rase — Was assaulted and killed. 
Raft — Was raped and murdered. 
Racy — Killed by a burg-lar. 
Raek — Says killed because unfaithful 


lllSiJ'M.l-A.VKorS — IIVI'O llosc — Advise fully if unable to follow 

Iloi-Ke — What have \ou to sugg-est? 
Horn — Act as you think best. 
Iforiu'.v — Proceed cautiously. 

llyNoii — Kcc|i (lilt ol' sivrhl of Korde — Consult les:^' advise if neces- 

Hyniii — Brins' that part^' witli you. sar\'. 

Hjiiieii — T do not advise it. lloral — .Attend to the matter at once 

Hyena — Alter plans if necessar.\'. and report by mail. 

Hydra — Will attend to matter at once. Hopo — Fteturn to the office on 

HuKza — Will arrange as you sujisesl. Hout — Agree to their plans and report. 

Hufoli — Kverythins" arranged ,<<atisfac- Hoop — Now proceeding under legal ad- 

tory. \ice.— Nothing doing todav. Hooky— Meet me at 

__ , XT t » , ,^ 1 * i * ,,,.,. Hook — will spend another day on case 

Husky— Not today: attend to ,) tomoi - ^^ i^ jg necessary to clean up. 

^'^^'^- Hoof — Advise me what to do. — ATnst wait until Sunday. Hood — Met with an accident: delayed. 

Hu.sli — ATiist wait until Monda.x'. Honor — Slightb': not hurt. 

Hurt — ]\TuRt wait until Tuesday. Honey — Are you following our instrnc- 

Hnrry — ^lust wait until Wednesdax'. tions? 

Hiirl — Tilu.ct wait until Thinsda\'. Hone — Do you need assistance? 

Hniirty — IMust wait until Friday. Homy — You must be positive about it. 

Hunt — IMust wait until Saturda.N'. Homer — Arrangements are satisfactory. 

Htinks — Cannot answer positively at IJonie — Not satisfied with arrangement.«i 

present. Holy — .Just as soon as I learn an\thlng 

. ..,' , , will report. 

Hnnk— Impossible to carry out your m- H„„j._Be sure and locat.- 

structions. Holm — See if anythiiLg has happened to 

Hun;;' — Alu'^t make some inoiiiiies In- our subject. 

fore reporting fully. Hole — Sent you full particulars. 

Hiimn.s — Whv do thev assume such :in Hold — Investigated thoroughly ami lind 

attitude. that 

,, , Ti, . ^ , , T Hoist — What arrangements have voii 

Hiinipli — There is no way to g(d around made'' 

Hoss — How long l)eforf a decision V 
Hump Suggest -^'ou come herr^ as soon Hock — How long have tliey bee:' miss- 
as iiossible. ing? 
Iliiiiiior -AA'nit for \nv letter about it be- llo«>o — Look up insurance and report. 

fore becoming excited. Hobby — Keep down your expenses. 

,, ., ,,., . • ., ji Hoji-v — Keep us informed evcr\- niovi' 

HnmMl-W hat is the new address. „'^^^^ Report dally. ' 

Hniiii* Lri\- oil until m>- letter reaches Hoar> — This is strictly confidential. 

you. Hoar — Nothing new. Will keep .\oii 

H"."an — Thincrs coming our wav. posted by wire if necessary. 

Hiili.v — ATeeting plent\- of opiiosition. . "ive — Conditions have changed. 

Ifiiil — Pecided against us. HitcJi — Circumstances have altered case 

l^-ilk — De.-idPd in our favor. Hist — Proceeding along new lines. 

!».i.-»- Will start nt onre. Hiss — I'arties named in this lelegi-am 

H<i«»"v — N'ot decided vet. have been arrested. 

IfiifV ;^rore delay. litre — Parties whose names' are spelled 

IMk'U-^ 7t is imiio'rtant. backward in this letter are in 

,, ■ ,-. 1- ,■ 1 • trouble with Ux'al :i iit iioril ies, 

Ho»vl -( omohcalions have arisen: HhH— Take such sle|.s as will pi'otee, 

awa.t advice. „^„. ^,1^^^ 

llovei — Has made a lot of trouble. Ilin^'e — This is very imi>oi-tant. 

Ifo'ii- - Tt 's absolutelv necessaiv lor liind — Too late to make a change. 

yaw to nut — .Act for us. ConHimat ion in mail. 

,, , n t. ■ -.1 i <» 1 •• Hill — \A'hat are \our intentions? Wire 

Hound — Peport is witliout foundation. replv 

llon;vl) — Follow instructions: use good Hik«' — Have a tip from prisoner t hat 

judgment. Histli — Prisoner confessed \v;is on \\':i>' 

Motel- -Tf \-oii do "ot roi'o"' i'lst met io'nf, to rob 

von will be held i-esjionsible. Hilly — Will you ascertain (iuii-tl,\' iT 

party named herein lives ai 

Host — Consult original instructions foi' the address also gi\en? 

guidance. Heron — Look for 




I se Morcl 

•VOL" before sisij tuiiiilM' 
l<f> «»«»«le<l. 

M >IHEU— ^ IM 

Veil— l/:i 
>ea — 1/3 
Vsiiii — 1/4 
Wiul — 1/5 
Wry — 2/3 
Wit — 2/4 
Will — 2/4 
Will — 3/4 
Why — 3/5 
Who— 4/5 

S\ — 10 
s\.\ — 100 
S\ N-\ — 1,000 
S\.\.\\ — 10,000 
S\NN.N\ — 100,000 
S%N\\\\ — 1,000,000 

Soil — moo 
Sly — lyoi 

Six— 1U02 

Sit — iyo3 

Sir — 1904 
Sin — 1905 
Sill — 1906 
Sill — 1907 
Shy — 1908 
Se\A— 1909 
Set — 1910 
Sex — 1911 
See — 1912 
Sat — 1913 
Sjip — 1914 
Sail — 1915 
Uiit — 19x6 
Rum — 19 1; 
Run — 1918 
Rue — 1919 
Riih — 1920 
RoAv — 1921 
Rot — 1922 


Wee — Today 

Weil — ToniK'it. 

X\ !iy — Morning. 

W ax — Noon. 

\i as — Afternoon. 

\\:n- — Night. 

Uaii — Midnight. 

Wo« — C^uarler after (15 iniiuitv.s). 

\ ie — Mall-past (30 minutes). 

\ ia — Three-Quai'ters after (45 tninnli 

\aii — 1 o'clock. 

\ a^- — 2 o'clock. 

I .xie — 3 o'clock. 

Tiif — 4 o'clock. 

Tun — 5 o'clock. 

Tow — (J o'clock 

Toi> — 7 o'clock. 


-S o'clock. 


—9 o'clock. 


— 10 o'clock. 


-11 o'clock. 


-12 o'clock. 



T he- 


re 11- 








la IV 

— Sunday. 
















— August. 










\"ii»ny — .\cting without authority. 
\iiie — Asking: for bribes. 
N'iRlit — Receiving bribes. 
Msh — Resisting officer. 
Nieee — Extortion by officer. 
Xiek — Fraudulently presenting hills. 
Xielie — Buying appointment. 
l\ioe — Taking rewards. 

Aext — Exercising functions wrongful Ir, 
.News — (jiving bribes. 

-Never — Improper attempts to inf\urnc(-. 
\est — Misconduct of officer. 
.\estle- — Refused to arrest. 
\i>rve — Make arrest without authority. 
.\eedy — Refused to aid. 
\eek — Refusing to aid arresting olfiftr. 
iVeat — Will send an officer to help. 
Near — Will .von send an olTicer (>\i'r'. 
Naze— Sheriff. 
%av> — t^hief of T'olice. 
Nave — Deputy. 
\as«>' — Jailor. 
NaJal — Ratrolnian. 
Nard — <''ai)tain. 
Nape — TJoutenant. 
Xaiiie — Sergeant. 
XaKeil — Corporal. 
Hard — Foreign police officer. 
Hare — (Ictective. 
Ilareiii — He is from 



I'll ISO WAt S — \MOIO f 

\ eiil — liiliuinanitj- to prisoners. 

\eiii — Was ralsel.s' imprisoned. 

Veil — Destro.ved the jail. 

\'aiiU — In.iurod the jail. 

V'sise — Alob released prisoner. 

X'sipor — Mob took away prisoner and 
hanged him. 

Viiiie — We were overpowered by mob. 

Vamii — Mob is assailing" jail. Send belli. 

Valve — Mob demands iiri.'-ioner. Looks 
serious. Send reinforcements. 

Value — Have in solitary confinement. 

\'ain — Use extra precautions: is dan- 

I'slier — Transferied to count \- jail. 

L'lion — Was sent to the i)en. 

L'nlte — Now serving time. 

Union — Very unruly and surly prisoner. 

Undo — Yes, he is a prisoner here. 

Under — Talk of lynching the prisoner. 

I'nele — Emplo.y extra guards. 

L'nbar — Think he is innocent. 

L'leer — Look out for visitors. 

'I'ype — Is wanted in 

Twist — Positively identified. 


'I'l-iUli - .Vtlminlstering poison with in- 
tent to kill. 
Trust — Wilfully iioisoning food. 
Truss — AVilfully poisoning water. 
Trunk — Wilfully poisoning medicine. 
Trniu|i — Poisoned cattle. 
Truly — Poisoned sheep. 
Truek — Poisoned horses. 
Truee — Poisoned dogs. 
'i'ro.v — Had poison when ari'ested. 
Trout — Looks lilie a case of poisoning 
Trot — Bought poison at 
Troop — Tried to Icill self with poison. 
'I'rip — Ts authorit>' on poisons. 

I'H Y .SICAL DKFPX'IX — \Vh:.\ \ IC 

.Sake — Pight arm shriveled and bent; 

cannot use; carries arm 

.Saint — Left arm shi'iveled ami bent : 

cannot use; carries arm limp- 
Sail — Has foolish expression on face. 
SaKO — Stutters and spits, 
SsiKe — Is deaf and dumb. 
Safe — Is very deaf. 
Saek — Ls dumb, but can liear. 
Rusty — Eyesight had; wears heav.\- 

Hush — l';\'csight bad; wears colored 

Itural — Is completely bald. 
Uuler — has sores on face. 
Kuiu — Xevy weak and thin; looks like 

Hiide — Aluiost bent dovibU- from I'lieu- 
niat ism. 

Kuli.v — Ts vi'vy stooped. 

Kove — Hands diseased. 

Kover — A 1) normal head. 

Itos.v — Has syphilis. 

Share — Ijame right leg. 

Shape — Lame left leg. 

Slisiine — Loth legs off. 

Siiake — Light leg out'off at 

Shade — Left leg cut off at 

Seiver — Bow-legged, 

Sever — Knock-kneed. 

Sense — Pigeon-toed. 

Self — Stifi; right leg. 

Seem — Stiff left leg. 

Seed -Weais cork leg. 

Sedan — Wears peg-leg. 

Seal — iiight arm off at 

Seiini — lie ft arm off at 

Seuh — Humpback. 

Scrub — Burn scar on 

Serew — Birth mai'k on 

Ser«»j;- — Has a scar on 

Seout- -Poc marked. 

Seour — Nose broken; hunipid. 

Seorn — Nose broken; bent lo li.gbt. 

Seore — Nose broken: bent to left. 

Seoop — Kight eje glass. 

Seold — i^eft eye glass. 

Seotl" — -Blind right eye. 

Scarf — Blind left eye. 

Scare — Finger is off at 

Scar — Kinger is broken. 

Scant— Has a mole on 

.Scale — ILts several moles on 

Scalli — Has dimple in 

Scab — Walks with cane. 

Sauce — Walks with cintcli. 

Sand — lUght ear cut. 

Sambo — Left ear cut. 

Salt — Left ear caulillower. 

Salep — Right ear cauliflower. 


.Mound — Compelled her to be a prosti- 

.>Iouit — Knticed to have illicit carnal 
conn,ection with 

Mould — Took her for iiuri)ose of prosti- 

■>Iotto — Made her rustle for him. 

Moth — He was her pimp, 

^lot«' — He is her pimj), 

->Iorse — She is procuring gii-Js for pros- 

^los( — He is procniing girls for prosti- 

>loie — Seduced under promise of mar- 

>loil — Married to escape prosecution. 

MoKiie — I,.ivin.g in state of adulter,\'. 

Model — Inmate of house of prostitution, 

:»lode — Was arrested and con\ieted for 

Mock — Was arrested as prostitute: re- 

>loat — Well-known prostitute. 

>loan — Has a criminal record also. 
Mitt — Livin.g off of iiroslit llles. 



I'looi'Mo — u loi.n 

>?<>iiuli — American. 

Hope — Canadian. 

Hoot — Mexican. 

Houiii — Indian. 

Hoof — South American. 

Hose — Eng'lish. 

Hoiiinii — French. 

Itoll — Spanish. 

Hoek — Portugueso. 

Holiiii — German. 

HoatI — Austrian. 

Hoaeli — Italian. 

Hive* — TUlssian. 

Hiver — 

Itival — Greek. 

IUnIv — Turk. 

Hise — .\rmenian. 

Hipe — Chinese. — Japanese. 

Hin;; — Hindoo. 

Hinlit — Dane. 

HilVIe — ]'hilii)pino. 

Hiil«e — Kanacka. 

Hider — Eskimo. 

Hide — Albion. 

Hieli — Negro. 

Hiee — Korean. 

Hest — Baby. 

Iteset — :Man. 

Hexiii — Boy. 

Hopl.v — Woman. 

Hepel — Girl. 

Kepsiy— Old man. 

Heef — old woman. 

Hol.> — Young- man. 

HeK'al — Young- woman. 

Iteed — :Midd!e-aged man. 

H ehel — Mid d 1 e -a.g ed woman. 


■>lass — False affidavits. 

^Ia!«oii — Statement not true. — Punishment for perjury. 

Milt — Subornation of perjury. 

Masliy— Evidence framed; swore falsely 

Wave — Coi-ruption. 

H \ 1 1, It O ADS — KOI>.\K 


Press — Was held up and rolibeil 1).\' 

I'ost — Recognized tlie robbers as 

Pose — Says could identify robbers. 

Port — Amount taken was 

Prtreli— Are armed with automatics. 

Pope — ^Robber. 


Pool — .\cted as if experienced. 

P«ni,>- — Beat up the victim. 

Pomp — Wore mask over face. 

PolUa — Sliot and tall. 

i'ole — Old and young. 

Poke — Well dressed. 

Point — Poorly dressed. 

IMiiiiie — Watch was open face; gold. 

IMsi.> — Watch was open face; silver. 

Plum — Watch was hunting case; gold. 

Pence — Watch was hunting case; silver, 

Pin;;- — Watch number is 

Pliiek — Case number is 

Plot — Cu irency. 

Plov — I)iamond stick pin. 

Plaali — Oiamond ring. 

)'l:iiie — \A'as seen to run 

riai-e — Drove off in automobile. 

Pit> — Was described as follows: 

Piteli — Hold for robbery. 

IMiit — Held over for robbery. 

Hell — Death. 

Hair — Fine. 

Heed — Felony. 


I-.vinsr — Have you a record of ^ 

Lute — Have you his picture? 

l/iist — We have a record of 

liiirke — Was mugged here in 

liure — Sending you his record. 

r.nreli — Have Bertillion. but no finger- 

liiipiis — Confessed when identified b\- 

liiiiiR- — Could not dodge his record. 

l/iiiiK'e — Send someone to take prints. 

liiine — Was inquiring about the record 
of some part>'. 

W'ortli — T>ocuments. 

Know — Caught tampering witli air 

Knont — Trespassing- on railroad prop- 

Knot — Tampering with switches. 

Knop — Pilfering freight cars. 

Knoll — Robbing warehouse. 

Knoek — Breaking seals. 

Knob — Seals broken. 

Knit — Evidently used- triuk. 

Knife — Suspect inside job. 

Kneel — See special agent. 

Kneed — Turn in report. 

Knee — Put a check on the 


I Knap — Pardoned by Governor of 

Knau — Out on probation. 
i Kliok — Received a suspended sentence. 

Kett.v — Was paroled from 
' Kite — Completed sentence; time allowed 
for good behavior. 
Kiss — Will be released. 
' Kirk — We had no authority to hold. 
Kink — Your warrant arrived too late; 
you should have notified us 
in time. 



'rriiii — JiitfiidiiiR- to wreck iiass.imci 

Tri«- — Iiileiidiiit; to wreck freight train. 

. Tr:iok — I'lact-d obstruction on ti-ack. 

Sliirkj- — Accessory to crime of i-ajje. 'I'l-ihe — Train was wrecked 

-Mural— The sirl raped was under is Trie*— Was seen near .scene of 

n^,^^^'"?■. * ■ . . .1, 'I'l-ial—Know soinethinf^- al.out tlie 

:>liniiiii — The sirl was not "isht mentally wreck 

«"lv~?^^''''*''^ after being drusged. 'ri-t-nd — Was put' ..If train near scene of' 

Mull — Force and violence was used. wi-eck 

Miulily— Was threatened witli dealli it Tro.- -I iidicat ions it was d.-lili,-r 

resisted. ate 

.>lHck — Was unconscious at the time. in-m -Looks lik,. ii niav Inv,- 1m-. 11 
.Much — Enticed into a room or building. bo'.vs 

Hove — Assault with intent to commit Ti-.-shI — Several killed and iniured. 

c, '^'■'^,' *• * 'i'r.-iv* Did yon niakt^ aiiv an.-sisV 

lloiitli— i^erved time for rape. Trsiy— Seen around iust befor.- 

>l«— Was forced against her will. Ti-jih— Send \our best man to inv.sii- 
Mourn — \\ as enticed into house of pros- gate 

.Blount — Was forced to go with them. 

'I'l-nit — Si-iid N'our S|)ci-ial Agnit 

w ARR AVT — <;vrsi 

liesit— Sentence. i)ox^ er— .\Ilsdeni.anoi-. Warrant iss i-d. 

i>.M»ii -l.'ciony. Warrant issued. 

'*<>»» II.* — Xo bail rtx^d 
WAXV— RESCl ES i)o«i-j -^Warrant to be applie.l for. 

Hoycn — Warrant will be issued in .\. .\l. 

I>€>y-€' — Warrant will be applied for Alon- 
HEAT — SEXTE\«E 'l-'O. 

Ilr:il> Wanant will b.- aiipli.-d for to- 

Dr.-if* — Warrant issued. 

Ili-JIK- — Warrant issued, .\iresl. hoi 1 and 

Ilrsiiii --.\l)ply for \sarrant. Voiir pa 1 i y 
held on suspicion. 

Di-iike- -Holding on cliajge of vagrancv. 

I)i-:iiii- Atlorne.\- ver,\- aitive. Secni-e 


lAnt — Aiding in suicide. 

liink — It was plainl\- a case of suicide. 11,..,,,,.. \u,Lt '.i ">.... ., 1 

Mnss-Had made threats of suicide. '" •''i^sUdlmmediateiv^ ""''^'"^ 

Ling— Was not considered ser.ousb. l),-a..k— Warrant in this office now. 

L nen— A case ot suicide. Drape— WMII send officer with warrant 

l..„e— Left note saying was going to n.-ove- Warrant now in mail. 

kill self. 

Ilraw — Has the warrant. 

Mnij— Clutched revolver in hand when Dra.vl— Tell vour partv to ap|.lv for 

,., t°y"7- , .. . , , , warrant. 

I.iiiip — < utched kiiifi- 111 hand w u-ii u..... w<^ i,„,- .,., . 1 

found '*ra.'» — We lia\e arrested .\-oiir iraliw 

lamo-Clutched' rax.or in hand wh.-n m^n"''""*^'^ "'""■ """"'^ ^'"'' """ 

l,i...l.-riu[ched'bottl- poison in hand •>■•<•=""— \;^;i;^<'> «aut ion in s.rv i ng wa 

when found. 
liilt — Heard shot: luokc d<ioi-: foil ml 

nregs — Considered a bad man. Will 

1. ^°^y- . — Do not take chances. Had p.oid 

'!'*rr' .''''^ TiM^' r'^- ■ -1 X- .-,• •>•• I— Infold without warrant. 

I..KI..— It was deliberate sunid,-. Notily |),.,.„— Hold for identillca t ion 

par y ai address given tha Orift-Send list of loot recover,.,! 
party here killed sell, ot prisoner 

exposure. nrill-Cet a search warrant. 

AV.VRT — 'I'R E A S()\ 

Draily— Cannot act without s.arcli war- 
Ilrink — Seaiidi wa riant. 




l);ii-< — Client. IJoft — ^Seiirch all leading hotels and try 

l):i«'f — Spot. and locate the pai-ty whose 

l>:i<lo — Sliadow. name is coded in this mes- 

IJsit'l — Hope. sage. Report arrival, room, 

l):iii«» — Keport. companion and any infornui- 

lt:iil.v — Subject. tion, being' careful not to 

i;:,i,., — Spot sliadow and irpori. arouse suspicion of subject. 

D.-iis— I'^or instructions repoi t to ' Report findings immediately. 

Dai.s.v — Vou will lal<e your orders from , apcl await further instruc- 

iiall.v — Shadow subject and reiiorl oltt'u i tions. 

,. ^ ■ ,. , , l>«'i<.v — Scaich all hospitals for ijartv 
l,:ii.u'--Assigi, two operator.s to ca.^^, . ,.^^^,,,, .^^ j,^.g ..^^ggj^g.^ j^„Vl re- 
double shado\\ . ,,t May be under another 
I, :....!.— Hours will be con.^Hlcre.l a ,^.^,,,p ^^^^^ suffering with 
• . ,. '^^ ^ u oi K. DvKsi — There is a woman in tlie case. 
n:imii— Mo not d.scont uiu.. unl 1 1 > on i,,.,„i,_There is a man in Ihe case. 

, ^l'^ relieveci. ,,,. ,._|;£,po,.t up„„ ,.i,arartcr and 

H.-..M'o— Ins ructions are to slmd„w mn reputation. 

,. , ,,^ ^^".,^' f , I HJoiitoii — Ueputation was not considered 

l):iii<l.^ — IHscribe parties met and re- good 

l.ori conversations. Deny— Reputation waS considered bad. 

I):i:n--d)o not lake any <diances ot gel- Dent— Passed worthless checks. 

ling in l)ad 
O.-iiik — ir .\ou are in doubt, eonsull II 

Depot — Secured money under false pre- 

, ,,.-,i y°' 4- . 1 *, , Dept — Is trying to blackmail our client 

>:.rk— Will expect you lo be t'lere at i}..,-,..— Storv sounds verv tishy. 

l).-..-M--nave o^/ 'ny subject. What ...-si.—TTa- been arrested several t line.- 

,. , ,, snail i CO. Deter — Evidently an ex-convict. 

I):.r(— (,o back to stai-Ung poinl ;n,.l ,,,.,51— A case of extortion. 

wait lor Dike — Held for ransom 

1!"''-^''"'m''''"''5 1° client by leb-pbone Dime— Client has not much nionev. 

I):i« I.eimrt to client pei'sonaliy lui Di,„.^irinances in poor condit ion. 

.. . Ar i"stiuctions. DiuKo — Yon are authorized to work on. 
I>:iiil> — You are instructed to lure an ^^y 

. auto if necessar.v Di.ij;y— You are authorized lo work : 

Dsiiiiit — If sub.iect leaves the cit.\ .\(mi "^^ days 

.. -. Tr "^V^t f°- ^°°- ., , ,. Dint— You are authorized to work : 

l):nit — If sub.ieci leaves city, report 1( 

instructions. ,,j,.j — y^,,,. ^^.^ authorized lo woil 

l>:itvii — Send a cop>' of tlie ori.ginal com 

plaint. Dirty — You 


Dsiy.e — Send a cop>' of the last wil 



Deart— Does the part.v claim relation- Dirk— You are autnorized to won 
ship? What? days 













Deaf— It looks like an inside job. iHrl^Xou aVe authorized to work 1 

■Deal — It looks like an outside job. week. 

Dean — 1 tliink the proprietor knows »'«•« — You are authoiized to work Id 

something about this. i days. 

Deatli — Has made threats to get even. Deek — You are authorized to work I 

Dei»or — No one knows of anv enemies. ^ month. 

,„..,_ , ^, . ^, , , Deevy — Continue on case until mstnu-t 

Debit — Search the premises thoroughl,\-. ^.^ ip discontinue 

Debt — Interview everyone connected l)ea«l — Discontinue oiierations. A\'ait 

with it. orders. 

Debut— What was the value of Deep— l~)iscontinue op. 'i;! t ions. S.n.l in 

,. , , . , report and bill. 

Deea.v— .Tust as soon as .•onvenieni i ,■ - ,,j::ij--ln .-.nle is the train number; 

port by wue. fi,„p ^f arrival your city. FSe 

l>«'«'<>.i — Co to Ihe street address ami .at dejiot and shadow part.x' 

numbers coded in this mes (codedl that .g.ds off Ih.' 

sa.!:e and inquire for ami train. He sure and describe 

report what part>- interview- party with tliem, if an.N', who 

ed knows about meets I hem: ^vh.'re the.v go, 

,, . ,, /^., , ., 1 , ■ and where stopping at. and re- 

Deeiii — Co to the City .Tail and :is.-.mI ai n ^ ,,^. ^.i,,^ ,„. p,,f,ne as soon 

wh-il char,ges tlie party whos. j^g possible 

name is coded in this mes- Dill— Continue to shadow until arrival 

sage was arrested upon: how ^f Client or Representative, 

serious it may be. Interview rp,,^,^ eo-operate with them to 

the arresting officer and mak.^ ,,^,j,f advantage. T'se own 

;i lull report of all the facts. jud.g-ment, and avoid troub!.. 



DUoli — Client reports that there is a 
thief in his establishment and 
orders us to malie tests upon 
a certain employee and 
shadow said employee after 
he leaves place of employ- 
ment, reporting- all his ac- 
tions, associates, expcKdi- 
tures, habits and general con- 
duct. Following- in code is 
the name of establishment, 
name of clerk, and <lciiai-t- 
menl eniiiloyed in. 

'>itt«» — Vou will i-eport to a iiart>- at 
place and time designated in 
code in this message, and saia 
part>- will arrange to give 
.vou spot upon the subject to 
•l)e shadowed. Itopoi-t your 
pro.gross as oft en as it is con- 

Deer — Case is discontinued. Client sat- 

Deign — Evidence is sufficient. r)iscon- 

I> — Send in review report and state- 

IJefer — There is a reward offered for 

Dflsiy-^Kend in statement at once. 

0<>vo — Paity here claims to be the legal 
heir to estate and says part.x- 
in possession of estate must 
be imposter. and desires us 
to make a full investigation. 
Detail a good, clever opera- 
tive on the case, to start at 
once (exchange rate and ex- 
penses). More details in mail. 
Name of estate, location, and 
deceased heio coded. Wire 
receipt of message if O. K. 

Doii.sf — Youi- instinct ions are to shadow 
subject da\- and night and to 
go \\ith him no matter whore 
lie goes. Wire us for fun<ls 
when needed. .\lso send re- 
]iort as often as is convenient 

Ooiigii — lOnclosed >on will find a photo- 
graph of party that we have 
under investigation, and ^\•e 
believe you may ha\'e his mug 
and record. Would you kindl>- 
make search and let us know 
at once? 

l)oiil>( I'a I t.v whose name and address 
is coded in this has 
received several tlireatening 
communications, and the>" 
\vere marked from your cit.x'. 
Our client sxispects a party 
^vhose name and address is 
coileil rollowing the client's 
name. You are authorized to 
make an investigation of the 
suspect. Ii.-iving .vour opera- 
tive make daily reports through 
>()u to oui- olTice. Will advise 
when to discontinue. Retain- 
ing fee check in mail. 

l)lf./..> ---Our instructions are to watch 
both entrances. 

Ui/cn-Will get in touch with our 
client. Call again at 




—Leaving this port on day and 
time (coded) was a passengef 
named (coded). Make ar- 
rangements to meet vessel 
upon arrival, and keep under 
constant surveillance th.e said 
pai'ty until advised definitel>- 
b\- us. Have daily report 
sent us. Check in mail. -Ac- 
knowledge receipt. 

This is a case for the Federal 
authorities. Huggest >ou .get 
in touch with them and have 
their operative meet me here. 

-Keceived >onr Your 
part.v is known about town 
and does not ha\e a ver.v good 
i-eputation. althougli we nev- 
er had part>- in custod.\'. 

-Deceived your message. We have 
no record of the party. 

Your message received. We have 
a record of >oui- part>' here. 
He has been in trouble, but 
.got out of it. Was charged 


'i'our inessag( 
party has 
Served tini 
-Your niessag 


y o u r 


II know 11 hei 
ood leputation. 









Do l»- 



— lla\'e .\-ou an.\- other instructions 
for me. 

—Have the Polii'c Department co- 
operate with you. Tell them 
the circumstances, but keep 
oui- client's name out, if pos- 

-.\dvise the SherilT's OlTice about 
it and ask their co-operation. 
Tlie\- should be interested. 

-Call on District Attoiiiex- and lay 
the facts before hi in and seek 
his co-operation. 

— 1)0 you know a, .good law.xei- in 
>-our city — one we can deiiend 
upon? If so. send us his name 
and address. 

We want a Criminal l.iawyer. 

-We want a Civil Court Lawyer. 

— Cet actpiainted with the olTicer 
on that beat and tip hi,in off 
what you are doing, for, un- 
der the circumstances, he 
would be glad to know about 
the subject and would assist 

—If there is an\' ciout)t have the 
l)arty call us up or call on tis. 

-The.\- think the subject is iiisauc. 

:i — AVas confined in an as.vlum at 
one time. 

-It aijpears to be a crooked joint. 

■It ap|)ears to be a hang-out for 
hop head,s and ex-convicts. 

— Sa\s a woman robbed him. and, 
from what I can learn, her 
name is 

-Appears the client was druggel. 

-On a hot trail. \Yill repoit as 
soon as get a chance. 

K; INTKIiXAT'l. I'itLK'K i: DETK( "IMVK I >l liE('T( )}; V 


3 E 

4 H 

5 J 

6 C 

7 L 

8 B 

9 P 


BUREAUS. CHIEF CONSTABLES and others interested in apprehending' Criminals 

The General Efficiency Company has a Mailing List of about 10.000 active corres- 
pondents (representatives) scattered over the World. They are searching for MISS- 
ING PEOPLE, reporting MISSING PEOPLE and observing anyone in their locality 
that acts suspiciously such as new arrivals, strangers, etc. We receive inquiries from 
them, asking if we have anyone on our list of WANTED or MISSING people by names 
and descriptions to lit the party they have under obsei-vation. Sometimes we have 
such records of the party WANTED or MISSING as some of you Chiefs of Police and 
Sheriffs know for we have been the mear.s of apprehending people you WANTED. 

PUT US ON YOUR MAILING LISTS for pictures and descriptions of WANTED or 
MISSING PEOPLE, that we may have a record of them here. We will find many more 
for you. 

We are very anxious to know of all Unidentified Dead or of people suffering from 
amnesis or loss of memory who cannot be identified. Send us pictures and descript- 
ions. We will help to find and locate. 

10,000 to 20,000 a month. If any of you would like to have circulated thousands of 
copies of pictures and descriptions of WANTED «r M7SSING persons we can take care 
of it for you at a very rasonable cost., ' Ad\/ertising also a.eirepted for Bulletin. 

We are LOCATING PEOPLE, because once we take a case the search is kept up until 
we have something tangible toitTOrt. We have had records of having sent out over 
200.000 pictures and descriptions be/cre locating our party. The cost is reasonable. 
We work upon an endless chain, new clients:, always seveial cases on hand and con- 
stantly LOCATING PEOPLE. We have our own: Print Shop. 

Being SPECIALISTS in our particular line of LOCATING MISSING PEOPLE. 
HEIRS AND ESTATES we are establishing an International Reputation as SUCCESS- 

General Efficiency Company 

























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