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G \ 

Inventory of Unpublished Material for American 

Religious History in Protestant Church 

Archives and Other Repositories 

Proftuer of BecUtUutieal Httlory, Colgau ThtotogUai Smnttiary 


Pdiliilied by the Carnegie Inililulioa of Wathin«too 



Publication No. 137 

Papers of the Department of Historical Research 

|. Franklin Jameson, Editor 

: -• .• 

*. • • 

• •• • • 

•- • • • 
% • • • • 

• • • • 

• • 

BAXffOIOBI, MD., V. 1. A. 



How little has been done to make more widely known the manuscript 
sources for American religious history is very apparent to any one who will 
run through such attempts as have been made at the compilation of either 
general or specific bibliographies for the history of the religious organizations 
and movements in America. In the thirteen volumes which comprise the 
American Church History Series, some twenty separate bibliographies are 
given, but in only five is there any reference to manuscript material ; here the 
data are for the most part general rather than detailed in the information they 
contain and as they total only about sixty printed lines it is obvious how 
meagre they are. In his monumental work entitled The Congregationalism 
of the Last Three Hundred Years as seen in its Literature, Dr. Henry M. 
Dexter printed the results of his exhaustive bibliographical researches upon 
that subject, yet his list of over seven thousand titles contained only two 
somewhat closely printed pages devoted to the brief account of the manuscript 
sources for Congregational history. In some other individual works, espe- 
cially in recent monographs, a few occasional notes are to be found referring 
to manuscript documents. Some of the more noteworthy manuscript collec- 
tions have been printed, and as it has been natural to point to these published 
volumes, as more generally accessible and also more convenient for ordinary 
use, this may in part account for the relatively few references in print to the 
underlying sources. 

The present Inventory does not profess to be more than a contribution to 
the knowledge of the manuscript materials for American religious history ; 
it does not attempt to bring together in a systematic way the materials relating 
to the history of any particular denomination or religious movement. Manu- 
scripts still in private possession have been passed by, but such as are deposited 
with any of tfie collections examined and are likely to remain permanently 
in their present locations, have been included, though they may still be the 
property of individual owners. The general scope of the Inventory might be 
shown more clearly if its title were expanded into the form, Inventory of the 
Unpublished Material for American Religious History to be Found in Various: 
Repositories in the United States, Especially in the Archives of the Governing^ 
Bodies of the Various Protestant Churches and of their Missionary Societies 
and in the Libraries of their Theological Seminaries, Colleges, and Histor- 
ical Societies. It is a list of material to be found in definite t3rpes of ar- 
chives, libraries, and historical collections ; its purpose is to show what may^ 

be found at the various places from which information has been obtained by* 


iv Introduction 

personal visitation or by the returns to a questionary ; its usefulness may con- 
sist in part in indicating where historical material is not to be found, thus 
restraining some needless correspondence and travel on the part of investi- 
gators. Many of the collections are constantly growing, so that this negative 
service of the Inventory may be relied upon only with caution. 

While the attempt has been made to gain definite information concerning 
all the collections which would fall within the general scope of the present 
enterprise, for all points south of Maryland and Kentucky and west of the 
Mississif^i River a questionary has been employed. In addition to an intro- 
ductory note, explaining the purpose of the Inventory, the following specific 
information was asked for : 

1. Name and address of the Library, Historical Society, etc. 

2. Has it any special collection of manuscript (unprinted) material re- 

lating to any portion of American religious history ? 

3. Can you furnish a brief statement of the history of any such collection ? 

4. Docs your library contain, whether in a special collection or otherwise, 

manuscript material belonging to any of the following classes 
or in any way related to American religious history : 

a. Records of churches or other local religious bodies ? 

b. Records of associations, conventions, synods, assemblies, etc. ? 

c. Records of ecclesiastical trials ? 

d. Records of Sunday Schools, Young People's Societies, etc. ? 

e. Statistics of churches or other religious bodies ? 

f. Historical sketches of churches, historical sermons and addresses ? 

g. Journals, diaries, note-books, and correspondence of ministers or 

other religious workers ? 
h. Biographic^ or autobiographical material concerning the same? 
i. Sermons .or sermon-notes ? 
j. Any other material bearing upon American religious history? 

These questions were intended to cover all the kinds of material which 
had been found in the collections personally visited and they indicate definitely 
the nature of almost all the items listed in this Inventory. 

The results gained from the questionary were not altogether satisfactory. 
For obvious reasons, the hearts of librarians and archivists do not warm up 
to the reception of a printed list of questions as they do to the living investi- 
gator in search of historical data. Some of the returns were detailed in the 
character of the information they contained ; some were satisfactory for the 
purpose of the Inventory when a simple " No " was placed after some or even 
all of the questions. Quite different was it, however, when the only informa- 
tion vouchsafed was a simple " Yes ", although in most cases it was probably 
warrantable to assume that such material as gave the basis for this simple 
affirmative answer was of local importance only. 

The question which perhaps arose first in the mind of the compiler of this 
inventory, as he began his task of examining the various collections of manu- 
scripts, was, What is to be considered as material for American religious 

Introduction v 

history? To a very large extent, however, the nature of the collections them- 
selves determined the practical answer to be given to the question. Certain 
types of material in printed works which suggested difficulties on the border 
line between the religious and the secular, as a matter of fact did not present 
themselves in the manuscript material actually examined. Periiaps the most 
serious form of the question arose in connection with biographical material 
and the writings of some individuals ; but as a large part of the historical work 
in the held of American religious movements will probably be done by those 
who are following out biographical lines of investigation, it has seemed at 
least useful, if not scientifically consistent, to include some personal material 
not in itself of a religious character, but connected with some man or woman 
whose career will most likely be approached from an interest in his or her 
religious activities. The very fact that this material has come into collections 
of the types included in the scheme of the Inventory has some bearing upon 
the answer to the original question as to whether particular material was 
pertinent to this catalogue, and, after all, only a few items are included which 
could have their presence challenged even by a relatively narrow interpre- 
tation of the term " religious ". All material which reveals the vital interest 
of the organized religious forces in social activities, such as education and 
philanthropy, has been, we believe, rightly included. 

It will be observed that some public (non-ecclesiastical) libraries have been 
included, some of them having been visited, and questic»iaries having been 
sent to those likely to have material relating to American religious history. 

The nature of most of the material listed is such that it would be almost 
impossible to give any critical estimate of its intrinsic value for historical pur- 
poses. While these manuscripts have not been printed — for only in excep- 
tional cases does the Inventory include any published material — ^some of them 
have been worked through by historical writers and perhaps the most important 
data utilized in biographical or historical works. Even in these cases, how- 
ever, there will be some profitable gleanings, especially when the reworicing 
is carried along by some other motive and in relation to some other point of 
interest than those maintained in the previous use of the same documents. 
On the whole the compiler has been somewhat surprised that the libraries and 
archives visited did not contain more systematic collections of such types as 
the Wheelock and Backus Collections and the Hawks Transcripts. Most of 
the collections are mere accumulations rather than the result of definite effort 
to secure and preserve the correspondence and other papers of the men whose 
careers have been closely interwoven with the religious history of America. 
So far as official records are concerned, in very -few cases do we find anything 
like complete sets of the manuscripts which antedate the time when the printed 
copies of the official proceedings made the preservation of the original records 
less important. This is particularly true of those ecclesiastical bodies which 
are more loosely organized and which have left their records largely to the 

vi Introduction 

private care of local clerks. Many of the books have perished in fires, while 
at least one listed herein served as a family scrap-book before it found its 
way into the archives where it really belonged. 

While we regret that more of the records of the past have not been pre- 
served, historical learning of all future time will owe a debt of gratitude to 
the many individuals, and especially the librarians and other custodians of 
the collections both large and small, who with almost no financial support have 
been the means of the preservation of a large part of that which has come 
down to us ; and some of these faithful servants of History are still watching 
over her interests with a devotion which deserves the reward which most of 
all they themselves would ask for — a wider recognition of the importance of 
the work they are doing. This would lead, they believe, to a more ade- 
quate financial support of the historical collections and to their more general 

The present safety of many of the manuscripts listed in this volume is de- 
cidedly questionable. The most imminent peril is from fire. One valuable 
collection is in a fire-proof vault, but the method of lighting the latter en- 
dangers its contents and perhaps even the life of any one who attempts to 
work within it. Over against this situation may be placed that of another 
vault, large, well lighted, probably absolutely fire-proof, planned especially 
for the preservation of historical records, but without a page of manuscript 
or other historical material within it. In this Inventory the fact is usually 
stated when the manuscript collections are given special protection against 
fire ; in too many instances valuable collections are so exposed to danger from 
this arch-foe of historical material that one would hesitate to expose additional 
manuscripts to the same peril. The security of what is already possessed should 
be assured before making much effort to enlarge the collections themselves. 

The compiler of the Inventory feels that a word of apology is due because 
of the lapse of time since he began the work. The task was assumed with 
the understanding that his regular duties in connection with his college posi- 
tion were to take precedence, and this has made it necessary to relegate most 
of the work, especially that of the examination of the collections themselves, 
to the vacation seasons. When most of the archives and libraries had been 
visited and the work of arranging the items for publication was well started, 
the compiler accepted a new position which involved labors that made it nec- 
essary to leave the Inventory practically untouched for an entire academic 
year. There have been some difficulties in gaining access to some of the 
collections, which would have delayed the undertaking beyond the first ex- 
pectations ; most of these delays came not from any lack of co-operation on 
the part of the various archivists and librarians, but quite to the contrary ; 
they arose from a desire that the examination of the materials might be made 
with these experts at hand, so that the compiler of the Inventory might have 
the advantage of their wide and accurate learning. In spite of this co-opera- 

Introduction vii 

tion, however, the compiler can not hope to have his work free from all inac- 
curacies. To a very large extent the materials listed have local bearings that 
make them extremely difficult to arrange without a full knowledge of local 
names, both of places and individuals. Doubtless, in spite of much care, some 
names have been confused and other inaccuracies may be found such as are 
almost inevitable unless one is thoroughly conversant with the local history 
and geogn^hy. Probably no single archivist or librarian would have handled 
the material of his own collection in just the way it is listed here, but it has 
seemed wise to adopt a general scheme, not to be followed slavishly where 
tiiat would mean confusion, but likely to make the information in this Inven- 
tory more readily accessible to those who might wish to consult it in a search, 
in all the collections listed, for particular classes of material. While the local 
collection is the basis of the arrangement of the Inventory, the latter is in- 
tended to serve the historical worker at large rather than the local collection 
itself. The order is alphabetical, by state, town, and repository or institution. 
The compiler wishes to extend his cordial thanks for the ready assistance 
and coK)peration which have been so freely g^ven during the last four years 
by those in charge of the various collections visited and to those who have so 
kindly replied to the questionary and to other inquiries made from time to time. 

" » • 

• ••• 


California Hall, Berkeley, California. 

This society has an exceedingly important coIIecti(Hi of manuscript material 
for the history of the Roman Catholic missions in Mexico, the Southwest, and 
California, with less important material for Protestant missions in Oregon and 
adjacent parts. The collection also contains originals or copies of some of 
the mission books and copies of the archives of the Bishop of San Francisco. 


San Anselmo, California. 

As this is a Presbyterian institution most of the manuscript material here 
is connected with the history of that denomination. Most of it is undassiiied 
as yet, but it is supposed to contain much important material for the history 
of Presbyterianism in California and on the Pacific Coast. The librarian re- 
ports a considerable number of manuscripts of the Rev. Drs. William A. Scott, 
Henry A. Boardman, George Burrowes, William Alexander, and other pio- 
neers of the Presbyterian Church in California. He also reports complete 
records of the S3mods of the Pacific Coast, some historical sketches, journals, 
diaries, biographical data, sermons, etc., widi a number of letters of the 
founders of the seminary. 


Hartford, Connecticut. 

Henry Wolcott, jr. Notes in cipher of sermcms and lectures by Mr. 
Warham and Mr. Huit of Windsor, and Mr. Hooker and Mr. Stone, 
at Hartford, from April 19, 1638, to April 29, 1641, in regular course. 
(The volume is briefly described and two of the abstracts of Hooker's 
sermons are printed in Conn. Hist. Soc. Collections, I.) 
Separate Church Papers. 3 vols. 

Volume I. consists of 199 doctmients (as numbered, two separate parts 
of one document sometimes being numbered as two documents) , per- 
taining to Separate churches, especially to that in Canterbiu'y, Con- 
necticut. 1 733- 1 772. 

Volume II. consists of 209 documents of the same general character as 
the preceding. 1772-1815. 

Volume III. consists of 93 documents, including the records of the Gen- 
eral Meeting of the Strict Congregation^ Churches, 1782-1795, 
1798, 1799, 1801-1811. 



• .••• 

• • 



» • •- 

Connecticut: Hartford 

• • 


•/-•. Hartford, Connecticut. 

*• •The archives of the state of Connecticut comprise a large number of docu- 
'*'.ments in manuscript, most of which have come into the possession of the 
/,'j-.. •public authorities because of the close relation of Church and State in Con- 
'yl''' necticut before 1818. The papers since 1789 have not as yet been classified 
and were not accessible for examination, nor are they likely to be until some 
time after the State Library is established in its new home, the comer-stone 
of which was laid in May, 1909. The earlier manuscripts, dating from 1659 
to 1789, have been bound in fifteen volumes and are known as the " Ecclesi- 
astical Papers ". Witfi the exception of a few misplacements, these manu- 
scripts are arranged in chronological order, numbered consecutively in each 
volume, the sum total of these numbers being 5138. A few inserts (indicated 
by letters, e. g,, 10, io», 11) will bring the number well up to 5200. Each 
volume contains a topical index of its contents. 

As it is hoped that the state of Connecticut will soon complete the organiza^ 
tion of the remaining ecclesiastical papers in its archives and that an adequate 
calendar of the complete collection will be prepared, it has seemed unwise to 
attempt any description of the individual manuscripts, save as illustrations of 
the general description here given. 

A large number of the papers are concerned with local ecclesiastical affairs, 
such as the organization of parishes, de novo, by division, or by union ; the 
building or repairing of meeting-houses, the location often involving disputes ; 
the levying of rates either in connection with these enterprises or in general 
for the support of the religious establishment. In many cases there are peti- 
tions to the General Court and orders of the Court which supplement the 
records of that legislative body, throwing considerable light upon the broad 
activities of the latter in connection with religious and ecclesiastical affairs. 
There are many papers which are the direct antecedents of colonial statutes, 
while it is probable that certain processes of legislation in Connecticut can be 
traced only through these papers and the endorsements upon them. Some 
of the papers are concerned with church quarrels, the holding of councils, 
the decision of ethical questions confronting colonial society. Of special im- 
portance and interest are the large number of manuscripts bearing upon the 
question of religious liberty, including petitions against rates, and for the 
privileges guaranteed by the English Toleration Act, together with general 
declarations in favor of liberty of conscience. Through the indexes there is 
ready access to much information concerning the local churches. 

A few specific items are listed here, in part illustrative of the general de- 
scription just given, in part supplementary to it. 

Petition of members of the Church of England in regard to the baptism 
of their children, 1664. Also an address of 636 members of the 
Church of England to the General Assembly claiming equal^ privi- 
leges with the established church in Connecticut, 1738. 

Connecticut: Hartford 8 

Letter from Jchn Allen, secretary of Connecticut, to Gov. Bellingham and 
the General Court of Massachusetts about a synod, and the reply, 
1667. Also other intercolonial correspondence. 

Letter relating to an injunction from the governor and council in regard 
to church matters at Milford. 1675/6. 

Six papers relating to the Baptists at New London, 1695, including a 
declaration of four signers in favor of liberty of conscience, the pro- 
ceedings of the New London Court thereupon, the plea of three of 
the above signers to an indictment, extract from the county court re- 
cords, and " A Breviary of the Grounds of Appeal " from the county 
court to the Court of Assistants, with petition to the latter body. 

Order that the proclamation of the king to prevent irreligion be read four 
times a year in the congfregations. 1702. 

Letter of London Quakers to Gov. Winthrop, 1705, with copy of petition 
of English Quakers to the queen in behalf of the Quakers in Con- 
necticut and New England. 

Order in regard to the manner of collecting ministers' rates. 1708. 

Order of the General Assembly for a meeting of ministers and messen- 
gers. 1708. (This meeting was the Saybrook Synod.) 

Order of the General Court forbidding vessels to sail on the Connecticut 
River on the Sabbath. 1715. 

Resolution about " gospelizing " the Indians, 1717, and other papers re- 
lating to Indian missions. 

Commitment papers for non-attendance at public worship, 1725. Also a 
formal complaint for similar offense, 1732. 

Petition for setting aside judgment against Joseph Hawley of Farming- 
ton, an opponent of innovation in psalm-singing. 1725. 

A few papers relating to the Great Awakening, including the petition of 
President Clap of Yale and others to the General Assembly that a 
general consociation be summoned. 1741. 

Papers relating to Thomas Gold of Reading and his Sandemanian prin- 

Miscellaneous Papers. 

The Robert C. Winthrop Collection of Connecticut Manuscripts, 1631- 
1794 (3 vols., with index), contains a few items bearing upon re- 
ligious history. 

Minutes of Windsor Circuit (Methodist). 1829-1865. 

Records of the New Fairfield South Congregational Church, 1742-1870, 
and Society, 1755- 1900. 2 vols. 


Hartford, Connecticut. 

The archives of this society, which was organized in 1798, are located in the 
Memorial Hall of the General Omference of the Congregational Churches of 
Connecticut, at 426 Asylum Street, where a fire-proof vault affords adequate 
protection to the papers and books in the collection. The material, almost 
without exception, is connected with the history of Congregationalism in Con- 

4 Connecticut: Hartford 

necticut, the vault being used as a depository for the records of some churches, 
associations, and societies. No attempt is made in the following list to dis- 
tinguish between these and the archives proper. 


Records of the Missionary Society of Connecticut, vus.: 
First bode of records of the Trustees of the Missionary Society of Con- 
necticut. 1798-1802. 
Second book. 1 802- 1 822. 

Third book of records of the Missionary Society of Connecticut. 1822- 

The archives contain a file of miscellaneous letters, statistical and financial 
reports, as also the minutes of many ecclesiastical councils held in 
Connecticut, 1879 fF. Also a file of letters to Rev. W. H. Moore, 
secretary of the society, 1864-1898, from pastors and members of 
local churches, with data concerning the condition of the latter. 

Records of the Directors of the Domestic Missionary Society for Con- 
necticut and its vicinity. 1816-1880. 

Records of the Committee on Fellowship and Work of the General Con- 
ference of the Congregational Churches of Connecticut. 1875- 1892. 

Records of the Connecticut Branch of the American Education Society. 

Fairfield County: 

" A Book of Records for the Venerable the Eastern Consociation of the 
County of Fairfield." The first entry is that of a council at Danbury, 
March 9, 1735/6. The bocrfc contains the records of the consociation 
from June 8, 1736 (when it is formed by dividing the Consociation of 
Fairfield), to June 29, 1813. The same volume (reverse) is "A 
Book of Records for the Rev** the East Association in the County of 
Fairfield ", 1734-1813. 

Records of the Elastem Consociation of Fairfield County, 1813-1831. 
(Reverse) Record of the Association, 1814-1831. 

Records of the Eastern Consociation of Fairfield County, 1832-1859. 
(Reverse) Records of the Association, 1832-1859. 

Records of the Fairfield West Consociation, I78i-i8<^. (Reverse) Re- 
cords of the Fairfield West Association, 1779-1808. (The earlier 
records, 1734- 1779, were burnt.) 

Records of the Consociation, 1809-1834. (Reverse) Records of the As- 
sociation, 1809-1834. 

Records of the Consociation, 1834-1864. (Reverse) Records of the As- 
sociation, 1834-1864. 

Records of the Auxiliary Education Society of the Western District of 
Fairfield County, containing statement of origin. (Reverse) Re- 
cords of the Foreign Missionary Society of the Western District of 
Fairfield County, 1812-1867. 

Hartford County: 

Records of the North Consociation of Hartford County. 1802-1844. 
The register of the rules and resolves of the North Association of the 
County of Hartford. 1708- 1866. 3 vols. 

Connecticut: Hartford 6 

Records of the South Association of Hartford County, to 1894. 3 vols. 
(The first volume contains records, partly original and partly copied, 
" from original minutes on file " both of meetings of the association 
as such and as a council for ordination. The second volume contains 
the records of some ecclesiastical councils in addition to records of 
the association.) 

Records of the Hartford Fourth Association. 1852-1866. 

Constitution and records of the Southern Auxiliary Foreign Missionary 
Society of Hartford County. 1834-1862. 

Litchfield County: 

Records of the Home Mission Society of Litchfield County. 1851-1878. 
Records of the Foreign Mission Society for the County of Litchfield. 

1812-1879. 2 vols. 
Records of the North Consociation of Litchfield County. 3 vols. (Vol. I., 

1816-1866; vol. IL, 1752-1792. Copied from original records of the 

Consociation of Litchfield County, which was divided by vote of 1791. 

Vol. IIL, 1866.1881.) 

Tolland County: 

" Records of Consociation in Tolland County Extracted from the Asso- 
ciation Register and Other Documents. A. D. 1817." (This con- 
tains the records of the consociation as gleaned from the records of 
the association, 1789-1811, and the records of the consociation, 1817- 

Records of the Consociation. 1848-1875. 

Raster of the Association, including its records as a council. 1789- 

Miscellaneous documents of Tolland Association, including the minutes 
of its annual meetings, 1847-1853 ; 1855-1860 ; i862-i8ro ; 1868-1869. 

Minutes of over seventy councils in the Association. 1850-1874. 

Records of the Ministers' Meeting. 1851-1875. 

Protest of certain members of the Association against the action of the 
Association in reference to Dr. Bushnell and his book, God in Christ, 
with report of the committee to which the Protest was sent. 

Copy of memorial sent by the Association to the legislature on the new 
law of marriage. 1855. 

Constitution and treasurer's account of the Tolland County Female Soci- 
ety for i^-omoting Revivals of Religion. 1823-1827. 

Loc<d Churches: 

Records of Bozrahville Church. 1828- 1862. 

Records and statistics of Bozrahville Church. 1864-1890. 

Records of Bozrahville Ecclesiastical Society. 1880-1886. 

Records of the church in New Hartford. 1794-1851. 

Documents relating to the case of Roswell G. Benham, New Hartford. 

Papers relating to the Norwich churches, including two communications 
of Rev. John Ellis to the Second Society, 1754, 1755 ; also a warrant 
issued by the sheriff of the county of New London for the arrest of 
Irene Crocker, Lucy Pettes, and Rachel Tracy for profaning the 
Lord's Day and disturbing the congregation at Norwich, May 8, 
1 761. Endorsement of omstable who served the warrant, and bill 
of costs affixed. 


Connecticut: Hartford 

Records of the North Goshen Church. 1828-1847. 

A collection of historical sermons, sketches, etc., delivered in 1876, re- 
lating to the history of the following Congregational churches in 


Fair Haven. 




North Canaan. 












Rocky Hill. 




Park St. 







Pearl St. 




South Glastonbury 

Center Brook. 



Central Village. 









Coventry. Second. 



Danbury. Second. 






Durham Center. 



East Avon. 


West Hartford. 

East Granby. 


West Hartland. 

East Hartford. 

Mystic Bridge. 


East Lyme. 

New Canaan. 

West Woodstock. 


New Haven. 



College St. 


Howard Ave. 





Journal of Rev. W. H. Moore, state missionary. 1862-1865. 


MroDLETowN, Connecticut. 

These archives are located in the library of Berkeley Divinity School, where 
a fire-proof vault gives adequate protection. 


Historical sketches of many parishes, often in the form of letters to Rev. 

E. E. Beardsley, who used much of the data in his History of the 

Protestant Episcopal Church in Connecticut. 
Records of the parish of Barkhamsted. 
Records of St. Thomas's, Canterbury. 1819-1828. 
Register of St. Paul's, Central Village. 1857-1874. 
Records and register of St. John's, Essex. 

Connecticut: New Haven 7 

Records and register of the parish of New Cambridge (later Bristol). 

Documents relating to St Andrew's, North Bloomfield, and Bishop Gris- 

Records of the second parish in Northbury (later St. Matthew's, East 

Plymouth). 1791-1877. 
Records of St. John's, North Haven. 2 vols. 
Records of St. Peter's, Oxford. 1769-1899. 
Records of Grace Church, Saybrook. 



Copy of journal of Bishop Seabury. May 29, 1791-Nov. 4, 1795. 

" Itinerary " : diary of Bishop Brownell while travelling in the South. 

Journal of Rev. Harry Croswell at General Conventions. 1838-1856. 
Diary of clerical services of Rev. Roger Searle. 1807-1817. 


Copy of letter of Roger Viets to Rev. Dr. Samuel Parker. 1787. 
Two letters to Dr. Parker. 1796, 1797. 

Copies of letters of Rev. Seth Hart to his wife on his journey from Al- 
bany to Geveland and return. 1797. 
Five letters from Bishop Hobart to Rev. Dr. Croswell. 1819. 
Copies of letters of Rev. Samuel Peters (from England). 
Miscellaneous letters collected by Rev. John C. Rudd, Auburn, N. Y. 

Personal Miscellanies. 
Inventory of the estate of Bishop Seabury. 


Sermon of Rev. Daniel Bruhans. 1796. 
Two sermons of Rev. Seth Hart. 
Sermon of Rev. Samuel Johnson. 1727. 
Sermon of Bishop Seabury. 1792. 
Sermon of Rev. Henry Van Dyke, c, 1790. 


New Haven, Connecticut. 

Papers of the New Haven East (East Haven) Association, 1706-1850, 
including records, 1731 fF. 

The Stiles Papers. These are briefly described in the bibliography pub- 
lished in Dr. Henry M. Dexter's The Congregationalism of the Last 
Three Huftdred Years, app., p. 288. Some of the manuscripts are 
copies of earlier printed books. The most important of the papers 
are the " Literary Diary '\ 1769-1795 (15 vols.), the essential parts 
of which have been published under the title The Literary Diary of 
Ezra Stiles, and Dr. Stiles's " Itineraries and Memoirs , May 23, 
1760-N0V. 8, 1794 (6 vols.). 

8 Connecticut: New Haven 

The Trumbull Collection, being the material collected by Benjamin Trum- 
bull for his History of Connecticut. The most important part of the 
contents of this collection accordingly has been used in that work. 


Atlanta, Georgia. 

The librarian reports that this library possesses some manuscript material 
bearing upon the history of negro Baptists in Georgia but does not specify its 
nature in detail. 


Oxford, Newton County, Georgia. 

Such little material as is located in this library relates to the Methodist 
Episcopal Church, South. Probably the only item of special historical interest 
is a letter written by one of the North Georgia Conference delegates to the 
General Conference giving a rather detailed account of the famous debate 
on the case of Bishop J. O. Andrew which resulted in the withdrawal of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, South, from the Methodist Episcopal Church. 



Chicago, Illinois. 

Papers relating to Mormons in Illinois. 

Records of the Baptist Theological Union. 1861-1865. 5 vols. 


Chicago, Illinois. 

Records of the Chicago Baptist Ministers' Conference. June, 1889-Sept., 
1890; Oct., iSgo-Sept, 1895; Mar., 1896-Mar., 1899; Oct., 1901- 
Sept., 1906. 4 vols. 


Evanston, Illinois. 

The president of Garrett Biblical Institute has furnished the following data 
concerning the Garrett Biblical Institute Collection of Manuscripts. 

Manuscript Journals. 

Thomas Rankin. Journal, extracts of which have been published, nar- 
rating his experiences and observations in the colonies from 1773 
to 1776. 

Richard Whatcoat. Journal. 

John Smith. Journal, giving a striking picture of the labors of a Meth- 
odist preacher in the later years of the eighteenth century. 

Ezekiel Cooper. Journal, with a fragment of his autobiography. 

William Colbert. Journal. 

Iowa: Iowa City 9 

Tlie Stephenson CoDection. This was made by a noted Methodist writer 
in London, and contains letters of all the presidents of the British 
Methodist Conference, beginning with John Wesley. The first let- 
ter, one from John Wesley to Qiarles Wesley, Savannah, Georgia, 
Mar. 28, 1736, is the only one bearing particularly upon the career 
of the Wesleys in America. 

The Cooper Collection. This is a large and rich collection, containing 
letters from Wesley, Coke, Asbury, John Dickens, and Jesse Lee, 
with copies of Cooper's own letters to his correspondents. There 
are also copies of other letters, including a letter of Dr. Coke to the 
General Conference of 1808. 

The Morrett Collection, This contains some twenty letters addressed to 
Capt Thomas Morrell, an early Methodist preacher who was inti- 
mate with Bishop Asbury. Some of Asbury's letters in this col- 
lection have been printed, but widi startling omissions. Besides the 
Asbury letters there are important letters from other prominent 

The Davies Collection. This collection, of which there is a complete in- 
dex, contains letters from the Wesleys, Whitefield, Coke, the Count- 
ess of Huntingdon, and other prominent English Methodists, with 
important letters from prominent American Methodist clergymen. 

Ezekiel Cooper Papers, These consist of unpublished papers of Ezekiel 
Cooper and documents collected by him, relating to the controversies 
about episcopacy, the presiding eldership, lay delegation, and other 
phases of Methodism in the beginning of the nineteenth century. 

There are also numerous letters and unpublished documents bearing upon 
the spread and character of Methodism in the Middle West. 


Jacksonville, Ilunois. 

This library reports a few biographical miscellanies and some correspond- 
ence, including some letters and papers of the Yale Band, a religious-educa- 
tional organization that founded this college in 1829. 


GuNNELL, Iowa. 

This library reports only material relating to Rev. Julius A. Reed, a pioneer 
preacher of Davenport, Iowa. It consists of diaries, correspondence, ad- 
dresses, and a biography. 


lowA City, Iowa. 

The only material for religious history reported as belonging to tiie collection 
of this society is the record-book of the Universalist Church of Iowa City. 

10 Kanscu: Topeka 


Topeka, Kansas. 

The detailed list of manuscript material in the collection of the Kansas 
State Historical Society which its librarian sent in response to the questionary 
is presented here in condensed form. 


Records of the Kansas Methodist Episcopal Church Conference. 1856- 

1874. 3 vols, and 719 papers. 
Records of the Kansas Methodist Episcopal Conference. 1873-1881. 
Records of the South Kansas Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

1873-1884. 3 vols. 
Record of moneys furnished home mission churches (Congregational) 

in Kansas. 1873-1882. 
History of the First Presb)rterian Church, Topeka. 
History of the Central Congregational Church, Topeka. 
Rev. J. S. Griffing. Reminiscences of the early Kansas M. E. Con- 
Rev. J. T. Peery. Letter relative to Methodist missions among the Kaw 

W. Rankin. History of the missions of the Foreign Board of Missions 

of the Presbyterian Church among the Indians in Kansas. 1898. 
Rev. Harvey D. Rice. Reminiscences read before the Congregational 

Pioneer Society of Topeka. 


Anderson Peepers: 

Correspondence of Rev. John Anderson of Western Pennsylvania. 1805- 

Correspondence of Rev. Dr. William C. Anderson of Washington County, 

Pennsylvania, San Francisco, California, and Manhattan, Kansas. 


Correspondence of Rev. John A. Anderson, member of Congress. 1857- 


Bodwell Papers: 

Diary of Rev. Lewis Bodwell, and letters. 1856-1866. 
Records of some Kansas churches and ministers. 

Hyatt Papers: 

Sixty letters of Thaddeus Hyatt from Kansas, including data concerning 
relief work in i860. 

McCoy Papers: 

Journals of Rev. Isaac McCoy. 1814-1841. (Partly copies.) 

1460 letters, reports, and other papers, chiefly written by Rev. Isaac 

McCoy or addressed to him. 1808-1848. 
1 165 papers containing much material relating to the immigrant tribes 
of Indians who were transferred from the older states to the terri- 
tory within the limits of Kansas. 1828-1854. 

Kentucky: Louisville 11 

McKinney Papers: 

Six papers of Rev. Ed. McKinney, relating to the Iowa, Otoe, and Omaha 
Indians, and Indian missions. 1846-1853. 

Meeker Papers: 

Journals of Rev. Jotham Meeker, missionary to the Indians in Michigan 
and Kansas. 1832-1855. 3 vols. 

Shawnee Mission Papers: 

Letters and copies of letters relating to the Shawnee Mission. 1842-1854. 
Records of the Shawnee Baptist Mission Church. 1844-1854. 

Simmerwell Papers: 

Papers and letters of Rev. Robert Simmerwell. 1822-1866. 
Journals. 1824-1837. 7 vols. 

Book of travelling expenses and other personal accounts. 
Parchment certificate of naturalization. 1824. 

Church-book of branch of Pottawatomie Baptist Church, 1840-1844, with 
three books of records. 


TopEKA, Kansas. 

This library reports only some sermons by Rev. Richard Cordley of Law- 
rence, Kansas. 


Louisville, Kentucky. 

Original minutes of the Cumberland Presbytery, first eight sessions. 

Apr. 5, 1803-Oct. 7, 1806. 
Records of the Synod of Kentucky. Oct., 1802- Apr., 1883. 9 vols. 
Records of the Bowling Green Presbytery. Oct., 1845-Sept., 1847. 
Records of the Muhlenberg Presbytery. Sept., 1832-Apr., 1870. 5 vols. 

(numbered III.-VIL). 
Records of the Paducah Presbytery. Apr., 1854-Oct., 1870. 
Records of Olivet Presbyterian Church and its predecessors, BuUskin 

and Fox Run. Mar., 1819-Mar., 1862. 2 vols. 
Records of Danville Theological Seminary. Apr., 1888-May, 1901. (In 

latter year this seminary was consolidated with the Presbyterian 

Theological Seminary of Kentucky.) 


Biographical sketches of ministers, members of the S)mod of Kentucky. 
Notes taken by John Young of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, of the lectures 

on philosophy and theology by Dr. Charles Nesbit, president of 

Dickinson College. 1787-1791. 8 vols. 

12 Kentucky: Louisville 


Louisville, Kentucky. 

Letter-books of the Bible Revision Association, 1856- 1862. 5 vols. Also 

cash account-book, 1856- 1861. 
Correspondence of the secretary of the Baptist World Congress, with 

printed miscellanies, as programmes, announcements, etc. 1904- 



Rev. E. B. Teague. " An Outline Picture of the Baptist denomination in 
Alabama in former times and incidentally in other states ; consisting 
of sketches, pastoral and ministerial experience, and variform mis- 


Kentucky General Association. Records of the Board of Managers. 
1853-1895. 2 vols. 

Records of the Elkhom Baptist Association, 1785-1826; 1830-1832; 
1834-1835; 1845-1876; 1877-1890. A supplementary volume con- 
tains the records of 1814, 1816, 1827-1829, 1833, 1836-1845. 

Records of tiie Salem Baptist Association, in part transcribed. 181 1- 

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: 

Record-book of the Andrew Fuller Society. 1859-1876. 
Statistical reports of religious conditions in the colleges, gathered by the 
Society for Missionary Enquiry. 1870-1873. 

Local Churches: 

Records of Glens' Creek Baptist Church, Woodford County, with articles 

of faith and church rules. 1851-1868. 
Records of the Hillgrove United Baptist Church of Christ. 1822-1892. 

2 vols. 
Records of the Jeffersontown Baptist Church. 1845-1896. 3 vols. 
History of the ML Vernon Baptist Church. 
Records of the New Liberty Baptist Church (earlier Baptist Church on 

the Twins). 1801-1894. 3 vols. 
Records of the Church of Christ meeting at Nolin and Lovcrins Valley. 

1787-1803. (Loose pages, in badly damaged condition.) 
Records of Severn's Valley Baptist Church. 1845-1884. 
Records of Silas Baptist Church. 1830-1867. 
Records of the Valley Creek United Baptist Church. 1803-1845. 
Records of Zion Church, Ohio County. 1853-1878. 2 vols. 


Rev. Dr. T. T. Eaton. Biographical sketch of Rev. James M. Pendleton. 

Maryland: Baltimore 18 

Miscellaneous Writings. 

Robert Carter. Queries to Y. B. C. and part of answers. 1788. 
W. J. McGlothlin. Books by Kentucky Baptists. 
John L. Waller. Six polemical discourses on baptism ; outlines of ser- 
mons and other writings. 


Brunswick, MainEw 

The librarian reports the following manuscript material : 

The Wheeler Collection consists of something less than fifty items col- 
lected by Rev. A. D. Wheeler of Topsham, relating to the history of 
Unitarianism in Maine. 

Copy of the first book of records of the church in Pepperrellborough 
(Saco and Biddeford). 1762-1781. 

Records of the " Praying Circle ", a religious association of the students 
of Bowdoin College. 18 12- 1883. 

Miscellaneous manuscripts, including sermons, of Rev. Jesse Aj^leton, 
Rev. Edward C. Guild, and Rev. Elijah Kellogg. 

A large amount of biographical and autobiographiod material in refer- 
ence to alumni of the college. 


Lewiston, Maine. 

Records of the Society of Theological Research, New Hampton, New 
Hampshire, 1855-1864. Also account-book of the treasurer, 1855- 


Watervillb, Maine. 

The librarian reports a few records of small country churches, now ex- 


1 106 Madison Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland. 

The nucleus of this collection of books was the private library of the late 
William R. Whittingham, fourth bishop of Maryland. The manuscript ma- 
terial here belongs for the most part to the archives of the Diocese of Mary- 
land of the Protestant Episcopal Church ; it is kept in the security of a fire- 
proof vault. 


Records of the Committee of Missions. 1850 ff. 2 vols. 
Official acts of the bishops of Maryland. 1840 to present date. 2 vols. 
Official journals of the bishops of Maryland. 1840 to present. 35 vds. 
Records of confirmations. 1817-1827 (Bishop Kemp) ; 1840 to present. 
32 vols. 

14 Maryland: Baltimore 

Records of Standing Committee of the Diocese. 1804 to present 
Qerical records. 1793 to present. (Data concerning ordinations, cler- 
ical careers, etc.) 
Book of Metes and Bounds. (Boundaries of parishes.) 
Miscellaneous papers relating to the Diocese of Maryland. 1742-c. 1775. 

(Bound volume.) 
Papers relating to clerical trials. 

Records of the Board of Managers of the Maryland Missionary Society. 


Afme Arundel County: 

All Hallows'. Records. 1693-1857. 2 vols. 

Vestry proceedings, with cash-book. 1761-1845. 
St. Anne's, Annapolis. Account-bode for building. 
St. James's. Records. 1692- 1865. 
St. Margaret's. Records. 1687-1870. 
Westminster. Register. 
Queen Caroline Parish. Historical sketch by Ethan Allen. 

Baltimore County: 

St. Andrew's. Vestry proceedings. 1860-1880. 
St. James's. Historical sketch bv Ethan Allen. 
St. Paul's. 

List of communicants. 181 3, 1814. 

Sunday School records. 1817-1827. 
St. Stephen's. Records. 1857-1892. 
St. Thomas's. Register. 

Vestry proceedings. 1879-1904. 

Register. 1805-1903. 
Western Run (St. John's) Parish. Records. 1820-1890. 

Baltimore and Harford Counties: 

St. James's. Marriage register. 1819-1861. 
St John's (Joppa). 

Vestry proceedmgs. 1 735-1 783. 

Register. 1700-1861. 
King and Queen Parish. Records. 

Calvert County: 

All Saints'. Vestry proceedings. 1720-1753. 
Oirist Church. Registers. 1^7-1847; 1731-1813. 

Charles County (Diocese of Washington) : 
Durham. Cash-book. 1774-1824. 


Vestry proceedings. 1750-1856. 

Dorchester County (Diocese of Easton) : 

Dorchester. Registers. 1743-1770; 1819-1853. 
Somerset. Cash-book. 1818-1820. 

Maryland: Baltimore 15 

Harford County: 
St. George's. 
Vestry proceedings. 1718-1850. 
Raster. 1681-1798. 

Montgomery County (Diocese of Washington) : 
Prince George Parish. 
Register. 1792-1845. 
Vestry proceedings. 1727-1771. 

Prince George County (Diocese of Washington) : 

Queen Anne Parish. Records. 1705-1773. 
St. John's. 

Vestry proceedings. 1697-1823. 

St. Paul's. Vestry proceedings. 1733-1819. 

St. Marys County: 
All Faith Parish. 
Vestry proceedings. 1692-1821. 


Diary of Rev. William Duke. 1774-1825. (2 files.) 

Miscellaneous papers of Henry Callister. 1742-1786. 

Id. of Bishop James Kemp. 1797-1827. 

Miscellanies relating to the History of the [Protestant Episcopal] Church 
in Maryland, collected by Rev. Dr. Ethan Allen. 4 vols. 

Miscellaneous correspondence of the diocese and elsewhere. 1753- 
c. 1850. 21 vols. (This includes letters of various early bishops, 
includin|f Bishops Seabury, White, Smith, and Qaggett.) 

Letters to Bishop Whittingham. (8 files.) 

Bishop Whittingham's notes on meetings of General Convention. 1832 S. 

Sermons of Bishop Whittingham. 8 vols. 


Park Avenue Meeting-house, corner Laurens Street, 

Baltimore, Maryland. 

These archives contain most of the records of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting 
and its subordinate meetings known to be extant which come from the period 
before the Separation of 1828. In several cases the records listed below are 
continued up to date in volumes still in use, some of which are in the hands 
of the appropriate clerks while some are kept in the archives for convenience 
or safety. 


Advices from London Yearly Meeting. 1672-1752. 
Epistles of London Yearly Meeting. 1675- 1759. 
Christian Advices (Discipline) of Yearly Meeting for Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey. 1681-1777. 

16 Maryland: Baltimore 


Map of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, by Robert R. Moore. 1882. 
Discipline of Yearly Meeting. 1759. '(Oddest of this Meeting known 

to be extant.) 
Minutes of the General " Half Yearly " and " Yearly Meeting " (earlier 

known as Maryland Yearly Meeting and later as Baltimore Yearly 

Meeting). 1677-1894. 7 vols. 
Rough draft of Minutes of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. 1813-1816 ; 1845- 

1850; 186^1875. 3 vols. 
Extracts of matters of importance from the minutes. 1677 ff- 
Treasurer's books. 1778 ff. 4 vols. 
Trust record. 1830. 

Memorials of deceased Friends (still in use). 1786 ff. 
Minutes of WcMnen's Meeting, 17901882; 1884-1895 (2 vols.) ; rough 

minutes, 1873-1882 ; 1898. 
Treasurer's book (Women's Meeting). 1806-1880. 
Minutes of the Meeting for Sufferings, later Representative 0)mmittee, 

1778-1891 (2 vols.). Rough minutes, 1802-1812; 1831-1866. 
Minutes of Committee on the Indian Concerns. 1795-1877. 4 vols. 
Treasurer's book (above committee). 1861 ff. 
Minutes of Committee on Education. 1875- 1880. 
Minutes of Committee on the Disbursement of the Fair Hill School Fund. 

1868 ff. 
Minutes concerning the Fair Hill School. 181 5-1825. 
Minutes of Visiting Committee. 1819-1825. 
Minutes of First Day School Association. 1868-1886. 2 vols. 
Minutes, with constitution and by-laws, of Baltimore Society for the 

Protection of Free People of Color. 1827-1829. 

Baltimore Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting, 1822-1895 (2 vols.). Also rough draft, 

Minutes of Women's Meeting, 1807-1893. Also rough draft, 1775-1805. 
Minutes of Quarterly Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1759-1826. 

2 vols. 

Baltimore Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1792-1819 (Eastern District after 1807). 

4 vols. Also rough draft of Minutes, 1804-1808. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1792-1819 (Eastern District after 1807) . 

3 vols. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting, 1807-1890 (4 vols.). Also rough draft, 

1824-1838 ; 1844-1876. 5 vols. 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1807-1881 (Western District until 1819). 

10 vols. 
Certificates of removal. 1792-1807. 
W., Eastern District 1807-1819. 
Id., Western District. 1807-1848. 
Treasurer's account, Eastern District. 1807-1810. 
List of members. 1793-1819 (Eastern District after 1807). 2 vols. 
List of members. Western District. 1807-1882. 4 vols. 

Maryland: Baltimore 17 

Minutes of Men's Meeting, Western District. 1807-1906. 7 vds. 
Marriage certificates. Western District. 1807-1898. 2 vols. 
List of minors, of whom one parent was a member. 1876 S, 
Minutes of Friends' Association in aid of Freedmen. 1864-1867. 

Baltimore Preparative Meeting: 

Mbutes. 1796-1800; 1803-1806; 1809-1822; 1875-1892. 5 vols. 

Minutes, Eastern District. 1822-1874. 3 vols. 

Minutes, Western District until 1819. 1813-1875. 3 vols. 

Minutes of Patapsco Preparative Meeting, 1776-1781. Same volume 
contains minutes of Baltimore Preparative Meeting, 1781-1807, and 
(Eastern District) 1807-1822. 

Treasurer's account. 1800-1812 ; 1829-1877. 2 vols. 

Account of Committee to aid indigent Friends. 1809- 1819 (Eastern Dis- 

Minutes of Preparative Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1828-1868. 
3 vols. 

Cecil Monthly Meeting (Kent County, Maryland) : 
Rough draft of minutes. 1795-1799. 
Minutes of Chester Preparative Meeting. 1801-1811. 

Gunpowder Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1739-1871. (Five vols., of which the first 

also contains marriage certificates, 1757-1779O 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1742-1819. 6 vols. 
Register. [1716-1859.] 

Indian Spring Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Montnly Meeting at Cliffs, Herring Creek, West River, and 

Indian Spring. 1677-1771. 
Minutes (Indian Spring), 1772-1817. Rough draft, 1778-1782; 1821- 

1845. 3 vols. 

Indian Spring and Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting: 
(See also West River.) 
Minutes. 1817-1846 (Indian Spring) ; 1846-1867 (Sandy Spring). 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1776-1860. 2 vols. 

Little Falls Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1815-1866 ; 1880-1899. 4 vols. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1815-1862 ; 1882-1899. 5 vols. 

Membership record, certificates, etc. 4 vols. 

Minutes of the Men's Preparative Meeting. 1846-1872. 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Women's Preparative Meeting. 1839-1851. 

Minutes of the Preparative Meeting, Ministers and Elders. 181 5-1878. 

3 vols. 
Minutes of Forest Preparative Meeting. 1851-1863. 

Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes. 1772-1889 (3 vols.). Rough draft, i8i(>-i8i7. 
Raster of births, marriages, marriage certificates. 1773-1895. 

Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting: 
(See also Indian Spring.) 
Register of births and deaths. 1758-1795. 

JVest River Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes. 1698-1759. 

18 Maryland: Baltimore 

Rough minutes of Monthly Meeting held at West River, Herring Creek, 

and Indian Spring. 1771-1778. 
Marriage certificates of same. 1682-1824. 
Register of births, deaths, and burials. 1674-1809. 

Miscellaneous Meetings. 

Minutes of Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Yearly Meeting at West River. 

Minutes of a Four Monthly Meeting at Richard Harrison's. 1699-1716. 
Register of births and deaths, of QijBFs, Joppa, Deer Creek, Patuxent, 

Herring Creek, and West River. 1662-1782. 

Centre Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes. 1835-1872. 

West Branch Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1833-1883. 

Fairfax Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1787-1850. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1787-1857. 3 vols. Rough draft, 1793- 

Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1820-1827; 1845- 1856; 1861-1882. 

Alexandria Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes. 1802-1873. 2 vols. 
List of membership. 1823-1881. 
Marriage certificates and removals. 1803-1879. 

Minutes of Washington, D. C, Women's Preparative Meeting. 1822- 

Crooked Run Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1782-1784. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1782-1789. 

Raster of births and deaths ; marriage certificates. 1783-1803. 

Certificates of removal. 1 783-1807. 

Fairfax Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1746-1845. 3 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1745- 1864. 4 vols. 
Raster of births and deaths ; marriage certificates. 

Goose Creek Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1785-1846. 2 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1 785-1 879. 2 vols. 
Register of births and deaths; certificates of marriage and removal. 
1785 ff. 

Hopewell Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1759-1851. 4 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1829-1835. 
Certificates of removal. 1778-1805. 
Minutes of Preparative Meeting. 1832-1849. 

Maryland: Baltimore 19 

Herring Creek Quarterly MEETiNa 
Minutes. 1682-1822. 2 vols. 

Nottingham Quarterly Meeting. 

James Trimble. " Notes and Reminiscences of Nottingham." 

Deer Creek Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes. 1760-1881. 5 vols. 
Register of births and deaths ; marriage certificates. 1760-r. 1823. 

Little Britain Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1804-1901. 3 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1857-1893. 
Register of births and burials. [1805-1881.] 

Nottingham Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1730-1879. 7 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1730- 1892. 4 vols. 
Certificates of removal. 1764-1855. 

Warrington Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes. 1813-1870. (See Warrington and Fairfax, below.) 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1806-1829. 

Warrington and Fairfax Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes, 1776- 1787. In same book, minutes of Warrington Quarterly 

Meeting, 1787-1801. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1776-1813. 
Rough draft of minutes of Quarterly Meeting. 1776-1787. 


Friends' Meeting-house, Eutaw and Monument Streets, 

Baltimore, Maryland. 

Most of the records of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting and subordinate meet- 
ings for the period before the Separation of 1828 are in the possession of the 
other branch of Friends and are at the Park Avenue Meeting-house. In 1844 
the Virginia Yearly Meeting was laid down and united with the Baltimore 
Yearly Meeting (Orthodox) ; there had been no separation in the Virginia 
Yearly Meeting. The records of the Virginia Yearly Meeting and its sub- 
ordinate meetings were transferred to the custody of this Baltimore Yearly 
Meeting and are listed below. 


Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1828-1868. 

Minutes of the Half- Yearly Women's Meeting (Maryland), 1677-1684. 

In same volume, minutes of Women's Meeting, 1684-1789. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1828-1837 ; 1839-1854 ; 1855-1875 ; 1877- 

1891. 4 vols. 

20 Maryland: Baltimore 

Minutes of Meeting for Sufferings. 1829-1877. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1829-1882. 

Testimonials. 17^1842. 

Minutes of Committee on Indian Concerns. 1796-1842. 

Minutes of Pastoral Committee. 1881-1885 ; 1894-1902. 

Minutes of Executive Committee of Pastoral Committee. 1886-1888. 

Minutes of Young Friend Christian Fellowship Union. 1889-1893. 

Miscellaneous Material: 

Bundle of letters relating to slavery and an account of imfMisonment of 

Friends in Winchester, Virginia, in 1777. 
Letter-books of Friends' North Carolina Relief Association. 1868-1881. 
Bamaby Nixon. " A Serious Call." 1814. 
Harley Crew. " The Knowledge of Good and Evil." 1804. 

Baltimore Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1856-1899. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1703-1774 (Maryland) ; 1807-1823 ; 1828- 

1887 (Baltimore). 4 vols. 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1852-1876. 

Baltimore Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1792-1814 (copy) ; 1863-1902. 4 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1814-1818 ; 1828-1899. 7 vols. 
Minutes of Pastoral Committee. 1893- 1901. 
Record of removals. 1829-1867. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1793-1809. 
Minutes of Men's Preparative Meeting. 1854-1872. 
Minutes of Women's Preparative Meeting. 1854-1873. 
Minutes of Preparative Meeting of Ministry and Oversight. 1877-1904. 
2 vols. 

Deer Creek Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1819-1843 ; 1871-1891. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1828-1852 ; 1837-1853 ; 1884- 1902. 3 vols. 
Minutes of Preparative Meeting on Ministry and Oversight 1893-1903. 
Minutes of Pastoral Committee. 1903-1906. 

Hopewell Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1830-1834 ; 1853-1863. 2 vols. 

Lincoln Monthly Meeting (Virginia) : 
Minutes. 1894-1899. 

Richmond Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1846- 1847. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1874-1891. 

Indian Spring Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes. 1829-1839. 

DuNNiNGS Creek Quarterly Meeting (Pennsylvania). 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1844- 1876. 

Maryland: Baltimore 21 

Preparative Meeting (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania). 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1841-1857; 1863-1896. 
3 vols. 

Virginia Half-Yearly MEETiNa 

Minutes. 1844-1878. 

Minutes of the Select Half-Yearly Meeting. 1854- 1859. 

(See introductory note above.) 

Minutes. 1702-1833 ; (Wayne Oak) 1811-1814; 1838-1842. 3 vols. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1763-1825. 

Epistles. 1796-1828 ; 1829-1840. 2 vols. 

Minutes of Meeting for Sufferings. 181 1-1819 ; 1822-1835. 2 vols. 

Cedar Creek Quarterly MEsriNa 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1837- 1841 . 
Minutes of School Committee. 17901799. 

Upper Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1783-1818 ; 1839-1844. 2 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1786-1817. 

Western Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1797-1817. 
Minutes of Women's Meetings. 1797-1817. 

Black Water Monthly Meeting: 

(See also Pagan Creek, etc., below.) 
Minutes. 1765-1777; 1796-1807. 3 vols. 

Burleigh Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes. 1779-1795. 
Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting;: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1739-1773 (containing also Camp Credc 
raster, 1747-1753) ; I77S-I794; I797-I798; 1811-1868. 5 vols. 

Minutes of Select Monthly Meeting. 1800-1807. 

Minutes of Select Preparative Meeting. 1807-1813 ; 1833-1837. 2 vols. 

Cedar Creek and Caroline County Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1 754-1816. 

Goose Creek {Bedford County) Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1794-1814. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1794-1814. 
Book of removals, record of marriages. 1795-1813. 

Gravelly Run Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes. 1760-1610; 1819-1832. 2 vols. 

Henrico Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1699-1756 ; 1781-1805 (White Oak Swamp). 

S2 Maryland: Baltimore 

Hopewell Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes. 1834- 1856. 
Register. 1&8-1894. 

Lower Virginia Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes. 1673- 1727. (Also typewritten copy of the same.) 

Pagan Creek, Black Waiter, and Burleigh Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1738-1775 ; 1792-1803. 2 vols. 

South River Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1757-1797; 1797-1823; 1820-1825; 1832- 

1839. 4 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1763-1820. 2 vols. 
Register. 1757-1838 (with a few later entries). 

Upper Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1800-1819. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1800-1832. 

Wayne Oak Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1824, 1828, 1836. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1826- 1832. 

Western Branch Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1767-1771 ; 1806-1833. 2 vols. 

White Oak Swamp Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1762- 1801. 

White Oak Swamp and Wayne Oak Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1805- 1824. 
Register. 1792- 1837. 

Richmond Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes. 1815-1818. 

Record-book of various Virginia Monthly Meetings. 1779-1899. 
Letters written by Robert Pleasants to various Friends. I754-I797- 


Amherst, Massachusetts. 
The librarian reports some records of Amherst churches and a few sermons. 


Andover, Massachusetts. 

The records of Andover Theological Seminary are kept in the office of the 
treasurer of the seminary. As will be seen from the items listed below, the 
material in the library consists almost entirely of papers concerning the semi- 
nary itself, especially the organized missionary activity among the students, 
and the valuable collection known as the Edwards Manuscripts, consisting of 
letters by Jonathan Edwards and to him, other writings by Jonathan Edwards, 
and papers relating to him or to the Edwards family. 

Massachusetts: Andover 28 


Documents relating to the organization of the church in the Theological 

Seminary in Andover, viz.: 
" Minutes respecting a Chh in Theolc^. Inst", Andover, 1816." 

Letter of Rev. A. Holmes. 1816. 

Rough draft of plan for rules of the church. 
Records of the Bradford Association of Ministers. 1719-1773. 
Records of the Wilmington Association. 1792- 1797. 
Records of the Andover Association. 1797-1822. (The above three 

items are contained in a single volume.) 
Records of the Andover Association of Ministers. 1822-1863. 2 vols. 


The Brethren " Papers. 

" The Brethren " was a secret society of missionary inquiry organized at 
Williams College in the spring of 1808, but transferred later to Andover 
Theological Seminary. 

Constitution of the society, in cipher, with names of early members. 
Records of the society, with lists of members. 1808-1870. (Contains 

historical sketch by Rev. Pliny Fisk.) 
Professor Calvin Montague Clark. " The Brethren : a Chapter in the 

History of American Missions" (an historical sketch). 
Biographical data and autobiographical sketches of members. 
General correspondence and miscellaneous papers of the Society. 
Correspondence with " Brethren " in Auburn and Princeton Theological 

Letters from " Brethren " giving their reasons for not going on a mission. 
Samuel J. Mills. Two letters to Robert C. Robbins. 1809. 
Ezra Fisk. Two letters to Rev. Elijah C. Bridgman. 1829. 
Constitution and records of " The Brethren's Society of Lane Seminary ". 

Papers of the Society of Inquiry respecting Missions. 

Some of this material appears in the Memoirs of American Missionaries 
formerly connected with the Society of Inquiry respecting Missions in th^ 
Andover Theological Seminary, embracing a History of the Society, etc. (Bos- 
ton, 1833.) 

Constitution, by-laws, and records of the society. 1811-1823. 

Records of the society. 181 5- 1827; 1844-1872. 3 vols. (Volume II., 

probably 1827-1844, is lost.) 
Catalogue of the library of the society. 
Subjects of discussion by the society. 1811-1841. 
Journal of the Pecuniary Committee. 1814-1828. 
Treasurer's accounts. 1821-1846. 

Records of the Committee on Domestic Missions. 1826-1847. 
Records of the Committee on Foreign Missions. 1828-1847. 
Records of the Seamen's Committee. 1829-1842. 
Records of the Committee on Investigation concerning Revivals. 1831- 

Records of the Committee on Nominal Christendom. 1841-1842. 

24 Massachusetts: Andover 

Regulations and records of the Foreign Evangelical Qnnmittee. Mar.- 
July, 1847. 

Report respecting the Western Indians. 

Miscellaneous correspondence of the society. 

Biographical sketch of Gordon HalL 1899. 

Laird Wingate Snell. " Some Facts concerning the Early Years of the 
Society of Inquiry." 

Hyde and Carter. History of the Society of Inquiry. 

Narrative of the Religious State of the Counties of West Chester, Put- 
nam, and Dutchess in the State of New York. 1814, 1815. 


Some of this material is printed; some consists of copies possibly from 
printed writings not readily located. 

Letters of Jonathan Edwards. 

Twelve letters (some copies) to Rev. John Erskine. 1748-1757. 
Copies of ten letters to the following: 

Rev. Benjamin Colman. 1735. 

Rev. Isaac Hollis. 1752. 

Hon. Josiah Willard, secretary of the province of Massachusetts. 1752, 

Joshua Paine, esq., London. 1752. 

Sir William Pepperrell. 1753. 

Andrew Oliver, esq., secretary of the Commissioners. 1753. 

Hon. [Edward ?] Bromfield. 1753. 

Rev. Thomas Gillespie, Camack, Scotland. 

Timothy Edwards. 

Rough draft of letter to Hon. Thomas Hubbard. 1753. 

Miscellaneous Writings of Jonathan Edwards. 

" Prophecies of the Messiah." (4 parts.) 

" The Book of Nature and of Common Providence. Shadows of Divine 

Theological disquisition. 

Sermons, sermon plans, and lectures. 1733, 1737, 1746. 

Copies of fifty-two sermons, including fifteen sermons on I. Cor. 13 : i-io. 

Miscellaneous memoranda. 

Statement (in handwriting of Jonathan Edwards) of complaints of In- 
dian pupils at Stockbridge of their treatment under the care of Capt 

Letters by Others. 

Thirty-three letters (autog^ph copies) of President Aaron Burr. 1751- 
1754. (Several undated. Letter 16, to Rev. Thomas Foxcroft, Mar. 
14, 1753, refers to the designs against Jonathan Edwards at Stock- 

Massachusetts: Boston 25 

Three letters (copies) of Jonadian Edwards, the younger. 1765, I77[ ?], 


Letter (copy) of John Ballantine to Mrs. Esther Hopkins. 1758. (In- 
forms her of the death of Edwards.) 

Two letters of Rev. Thomas Foxcroft to Timothy Dwight, esq. 1752. 

Letter of Rev. Samuel Langdon. 

Two letters of Mrs. Abigail Metcalfe. 

Letter (copy) of Rev. Gilbert Tennent to Jonathan Edwards. 1741 [ ?] . 

Letter of Rev. J. Willison, Dundee, Scotland, to Jonathan Edwards. 1749. 

Letter of to Col. Dwight, Northampton. (In favor of installing 

Jonathan Edwards as pastor of another church in Northampton.) 

Some other correspondence between members of the Edwards family. 

Miscellaneous Papers. 

Memoranda regarding an ecclesiastical council held Sept. 5-7, 1738. 

Fragment relating to the settlement of Jonathan Edwards in Northamp- 

Fragmentary paper relating to difficulties in the First Church, Northamp- 
ton, after the dismission of Edwards. 

PStper addressed to " aggrieved Brethren ", signed by a committee of the 
First Church, Northampton. Mar. 5, 1752. (Probably a reply to 
the preceding.) 

Letter from the Church in Hadley Second Precinct to an " Ecclesiastical 
Council ". Sept. 18, 174 1. 

Sermons of Rev. James Pierpont of New Haven. 1685-1713. 

Sermons of Rev. Solomon Stoddard. 1719, 1725, 1727. 

Sermons and sacramental lectures of Rev. Abel Stiles, Woodstock, Con- 
necticut. 1740-1759. 

Divinity lectures of James Pierpont, jr., tutor at Yale College. 1722- 

Samuel Grant. Relation of religious experience and request for admis- 
sion to communion. East Windsor, Connecticut. 

Account by Rev. Thomas Qap, Rector of Yale College, of his controversy 
with Edwards concerning Whitefield. 


Ford Building, Ashburton Place, Boston, Massachusetts. 

This missionary organization, through which the Northern Baptists have 
carried on most of their foreign missionary work and which had an active 
part in the organizing of missionary efforts in the early part of the nineteenth 
century, possesses a library of missionary literature. It has lost considerable 
historical material through fires which have destroyed Tremont Temple, long 
the headquarters of the Missionary Union. The archives of the Society which 
are now located in a fire-proof vault in the Ford Building, contain a large 
number of letters from early missionaries on the fields and other miscellaneous 
correspondence ; there are also files of correspondence, largely administrative 
or else reports from the foreign fields, much of which has been printed in the 
Baptist Missionary Magazine and in the annual reports ; also copies of letters 


26 Massachusetts: Boston 

of the Home and Foreign secretaries, and papers relative to applicants for 
appointment as missionaries. Some local religious conditions are reflected 
in some of this correspondence, but otherwise little concerning American re- 
ligious history. The records which have some bearing upon the history of 
this missionary org^ization are listed below: 

Records of " The General Missionary Convention of the Baptist Denomi- 
nation in the United States of America, for Foreign Missions ", with 
records of the Board of Managers. 1814-1820. (These are gen- 
erally printed, though not always in complete form.) 

Records of the Board of Managers of the Baptist General Convention. 

Records of the Baptist General Convention ; also of the Executive Com- 
mittee and of the Board. 1835- 1843. 

Records of the " Acting Board ". 1843-1847. (The General Convention 
became the American Baptist Missionary Union by accepting a new 
act of incorporation. May 19, 1846.) 

Records of the Executive Committee. May 26, 1846, to current records. 


Congregational House, Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 

Four lejter-books containing copies of " Letters to the Indian Missions ; 
also other letters having reference to Indian Missions and properly 
within that Department ". 1818-1820; 1832-1836. 

Twenty-eight letter-books containing copies of letters from the secretaries 
in regard to Indian missions, 1836- 1883, at which latter date the work 
amon^ the Indians was transferred to the American Missionary As- 

224 letter-books containing copies of letters to foreign missionaries and 
about foreign missions, but containing some reflection of domestic 
religious conditions. Mar. 7, 1836, to current files. 

Forty-two letter-books, in part hand copies of letters in the previous 
series that are faint, with some additional letters. 1838-1875. 


Congregational House, Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 

A society " for the establishment of a Congregational Library, and the culti- 
vation of theological science " was organized in Boston in 185 1 and reorganized 
in 1853. The following year it was incorporated by act of the General Court 
under " the name of the CongregaticHial Library Association, at Boston, for 
the purpose of establishing and perpetuating a library of the religious his- 
tory and literature of New England ". In 1864, by act of the General 
Court, approved May 10 by the governor, the name was changed to the 
American Congregational Association and the functions of the society were 
somewhat increased. The constitution of the Association states among its 
objects, " to found and perpetuate a library of books, pamphlets, and manu- 

Massachusetts: Boston 27 

scripts, and a collection of portraits and relics of the past ; and to do what- 
ever else . . . shall serve to illustrate Congregational history, and promote the 
general interests of the Congregational churches ". To promote this object, 
constant efforts have been made to gather a comprehensive collection of Con- 
gregational historical material, until, according to the latest statistics furnished 
by the librarian, in October, 1909, there is a collection of 57,185 volumes, with 
54,183 pamphlets, and extensive files of Congregational and other periodicals. 
The library has commodious quarters in the Congregational House, which 
would be classed as a fire-proof building. 

As will be seen from the list which follows, the manuscript material in this 
library is of a miscellaneous character, for the most part being valuable for 
local history and biographical study rather than for any light which might be 
thrown upon the history of Congregationalism as a general movement 



Copy, from the registry of Archbishop Laud, of documents regarding 
Thomas Hooker, 1629, Daniel and John Rogers, 1631, Thomas Weld, 
1631, and Nathaniel Ward, 1631. (Latin.) 
Copy of documents relating to Robert Browne. 

Copies from the Macro Manuscripts. (Originals are at Keswick Hall, 

near Norwich, England, and are described in the Twelfth Report of 

the Historical Manuscripts Commission, app. ix., pp. 147, 148. See 

also article on Cox Macro in Dictionary of National Biography.) 

" A note of such things as are agreed upon to be observed in our 

meetings, 1582." 
Correspondence between several ministers and Rev. Thomas Cart- 
wright. 1583. 
" Certaine requests to be moved to D. Withers, Archdeacon of Colches- 
ter, for the libertie of those churches in his jurisdiction which have 
faithful ministers set over them, 1585." 
Letter from Edmund Chapman and others to D. Chapman and others. 


Documents relating to anniversary meetings in Boston, in celebration of 
the 250th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims. 1870. 

Revival of 1857. (165 letters, in answer to a circular, giving data con- 
cerning the revival) 

Papers from discussion antecedent to the First Triennial Council, 1871. 

Account of the National Council at Boston, 1865, by Rev. Dr. William W. 


Western Congregationalism. Letters from Western ministers. 1868, 

Papers of Rev. Charles R. Bliss, relating to Western missions and in- 
cluding a History of the New West Education Commission. 

28 Massachusetts: Boston 

New England: 

List of churches of New England, including Congregational, Baptist, 

Friends, and Episcopalian. 1760. 
List of pastors of New England arranged alphabetically by churches. 

(This was made by Rev. Dr. Emerson Davis.) 5 vols. 
Minutes of (interdencnninational) Committee on die Sabbath. 1829. 



Records of the monthly convention of a number of ministers ... of Litch- 
field, Hartford, and New Haven. 1785-1812. 
Litchfield South Association. Members and statistics. 1842. 


Papers of Rev. Dean A. Walker relating to the religious development of 
Mt. Desert Island. 


Records of the Massachusetts General Conference. 1864-1869. 
Massachusetts General Association. 

Letters on subject of forming, from district associations. 

Reports to, by the district associations, on the state of religion in 1823- 
1829, 1831, 1834, 1862. 

Records of the Committee on Home Evangelization. 1869-1888. 

Credentials, original drafts of reports, and resolutions. 1839. 

Report on the rights of the Congregational churches of Massachusetts, 
by Rev. Enoch Pond. 1858. 
Records of Norfolk County Bible Society. 1828-1849. 
Pilgrim Conference, 1855. Historical discourse by Rev. Joseph S. Qark. 
Records concerning Plymouth Association, Boston. 1721. 
Records of the Plymouth Q>unty Education Society. 181 1- 1838. 
Records of Suffolk Conference. 1826- 1838. 
Reply of Suffolk North Association to Qunmittee on Congregationalism. 

1845 [?]. 

Reports to Suffolk South Conference of Committee on Work of the Sun- 
day School. 1896-1898. 

Records of the Preacher's and Pastor's Qub (of Boston and vicinity). 

Records of the Female Education Society of Boston and its Vicinity. 

Constitution and rules, with records of the Dorchester Maternal Asso- 
ciation. 1816-1818. 

Report of Worcester North Association to the Massachusetts General 
Association. 185 1. 

Report of the Directors of the Religious Charitable Society in the County 
of Worcester. 1828. 

History of Local Churches. 

Hadlyme. Reminiscences of Hadlyme Fifty Years Ago. 1863. 
Litcti^eld. Letter of Lyman Beecher to his sister Estilier about religious 
conditions there. 181 5. 

Massachusetts: Boston 29 

Litchfield South Farms. Results of councils at, in case between the 

church and Rev. George Beckwith. 
New Haven. Papers relating to the Wooster Place Church. 1856, 1857. 
North Stonington. Articles of agreement between the Congregational 

and Strict Congregational Churches; Covenant and Confession of 

Faith. 1827. 
Ridgebury. Historical sketch of the Congregational Church. 


Abington. The Nash Papers : miscellaneous documents relating to the 
First and Third Churches and to councils held in 1813, 1820, and 
Arlington. See Cambridge, West or Second. 
Bedford. See Qark Collection, below. 
Beverly. Documents relating to the Third Church, and Rev. David Oli- 

phant. 1833. 
Letter missive for council to organize a new church under Rev. E. N. 

Kirk. 1842. 
Bowdoin St. Church. 
Letter of resignation of Lyman Beecher. July 5, 1832. 
Records of Examining Committee. 5 vols. 
List of members. 
Hanover St. Church. 
Minutes of council of organization. 
Correspondence with Lyman Beecher. 
Covenant and Articles of Faith. 
Original deed of trust of the Meeting-house. 1826. 
New North Church. 

Minutes of sermons preached Aug. 26-Nov. 11, 1722. 
Park St. Church. 
History, by Jeremiah Bumstead, Joseph W. Jenkins, and Nathaniel 

Willis. 1845. 
Account of treasurer of Gentlemen's Missionary Association. 1832. 
Salem St. Church. 
History for the first nineteen years, by Deacon Samuel Tenney. 
Records. 1827-1879. 3 vols. 
Records of the Society. 1827-1867. 
Record of pews. 2 vols. 
Treasurer's reports. 1854-1861, 1863, 1864. 
Reports, mainly relating to sale of property. 
Papers relating to negotiations with Bowdoin St. Society. 
Subscriptions for Shawmut Church. 1851. 
Reports of Vine Street (Roxbury) Sunday School. 1856-1859. 
Cambridge, East. Church and society records. 2 vols. 
Cambridge, West or Second. Church Covenant. 1739. 
Charlton. History of the church. 
Chatham. Documents relating to First Church. 

Dedham. First Church. Result of council, Nov. 18, 1818, and accom- 
panying papers. 
Gloucester. Fifth Church. 
Acts of the church, and Covenant. 1755. 
Letter to the Fourth Church, Ipswich. 1766. 

30 Massachusetts: Boston 

Groveland. Records of the First Church. 1727- 1811, 1814-1838, 1851- 
1881. 3 vols. 

Harvard. Two historical discourses by Rev. G. E. Fisher. 1832, 1833. 

Mendon. Letter to Second Church from David Cutler and others. 

Middleborough. Documents relating to First Church and Rev. W. Eaton. 

Milton. Address by Rev. Dr. Samuel Gile on occasion of " raising an 
house of public worship in Milton ". 1834. 

Copy of Declaration of Council, Nov. 5, 1669, and Apr. 19, 1670. 
Papers relating to separation of members of First and Third Churches 
and organization of a new church. 1743-1746. 

Northfield. Rough draft of minutes of council. 1842. 

North Reading. Two historical sermons by Rev. J. W. Kingsbury. 1877. 

North Yarmouth. Result of council. Oct. 15, 1735. 

Orleans. Letters of J. Higgins relating to the church. 

Plympton. Confession of Faith. 

Howard St. Church. Documents relating to the church and Rev. Wil- 
liam Williams. 183 1, 1832. 
Tabernacle Church. Farewell sermon of Rev. John P. Qeveland, 
1834, and two letters to the church. 1834, 1841. 

Salisbury. Statement by John Morrill of a difficulty between Daniel 
Worster and First Church. 1746. 

Sandwich. Papers relating to Rev. Jonathan Burr and the First Church. 
(See also Burr Collection, below.) 

Scituate. Copy of letter to First Trinitarian Church from its parent 
church, Southwark, London, England. 1871. 

Shelbume. Minutes of the church. Dec. 27, 1843. 

Somerville. Report of Broadway Church to Suffolk North Association. 

Sturbridge. Letters from various persons stating why they separated 
from the church. 

Sutton. Letters from members of First Church to Second Church in 
Mendon. 1751. 

Taunton, East. Historical address by Rev. H. P. Leonard on 2Sth anni- 
versary of the church. 

Tisbury. Congratulatory vote. 1727. . 

Wenham. Extracts from the church records. 1643-1813. 

Wrentham. Result of council in West Parish. 1767. 


Billings. Historical sketch of the Congregational Church. 

New Hampshire: 

Bennington. History of the Congregational Church by Rev. James 
Holmes. 1876. 

Bridgewater. Copy of the records of the Congregational Church. i8i8» 

Epsom. Letters missive for councils. 1783, 1784. 

Henniker. History of Congregationalism in Henniker, by Scales. 

Keeneborough. Documents relating to council. 1747. 

Ossipee. Historical sketch of the First Congregational Church and So- 
ciety, by Rev. Vincent Moses. 

Massachusetts: Boston 81 

Plainfield. Brief Religious History of Plainfield, by Scales. 
South Hampton. Historical sketch of Congregational Church. 
Stratham. Letter of Rev. J. Homer giving account of his labors in Strat- 

ham. 1816. 
Winchester. Minutes of council in case of Curtis v. Smith. 1844. 

Rhode Island: 

Bristol. Copy of records of members and baptisms. 1687-1705. 
Newport. Letter from First Congregational Church to Caleb J. Tenney. 

Providence. Richmond St. Congregational Church. Two historical ser- 
mons by Rev. S. Hopkins Emery. 1871. 


Bellows Falls. Historical discourse at 26th anniversary of the Congre- 
gational Church. 1876. 
Granby. Historical sketch of the Congregational Church. 

Naua Scotia: 

Yarmouth, Copy of records of First Church. 1767. 

Journals, etc. 

Timothy Dickinson. Journal. 1775-1779. 

Henry Fowler. Journal. 1842. 

Rev. Samuel Green. Diary. 1830. 

William A. Hallock. Brief journal as agent of the New England Tract 

Society. Sept. 25, 1822-Dec. 11, 1&23. 
Rev. Gideon Hawley. Journal and letters. 1754-1807. 4 vols. 
Rev. Joseph Lyman. Journal of occurrences. 1777. 
Rev. Cotton Mather. Diary. 1715-1716. 
Rev. David Smith. Journal of a mission in 1818. 
Governor Roger Wolcott. Journal and autobiography. 1745, 1754. 


Autobiographical sketches and data of the following : 

Rev. Jared R. Avery. Rev. Payson W. L)rman. 

Rev. Franklin D. Ayer. Rev. Joel Mann. 

Rev. Walter W. Curtis. Rev. Joseph Meriam. 

Rev. C. L. Cushman. Rev. Stillman Morgan. 

Rev. Charles Cutler. Rev. David Oliphant. 

Rev. Perrin B. Fisk. Rev. M. P. Parmalee. 

Rev. John C. Holbrook. Rev. Thomas Shepard. 

John Ross of Natick. Religious experience, as written down from his 
own lips by Calvin E. Stowe. 1844. 


Rev. Dr. John Codman. Parts of a memoir, by Rev. Dr. William Allen. 
Rev. William Fowler Vaill. 

Rev. Dr. William R. Weeks. Sketch of his life, by Robert D. Weeks. 
Rev. Thomas Worcester. Historical view of his influence in Salisbury 
and Hopkinton Association, by Rev. Ebenezer Price. 1831. 

32 Massachusetts: Boston 

The Burr Collection: 

Forty-three letters to Rev. Jonathan Burr of Boston and Sandwich, Massa- 
chusetts. 1807-1829. 

The Clark Collection: 

(Collected by Rev. Joseph S. Clark, author of Historical Sketch of the Con- 
gregational Churches of Massachusetts, and first librarian of the Congrega- 
tional Library, 1854-1801.) 

Letter from Rev. Dr. Samuel Miller of New York to Rev. John Codman. 

Letter respecting Mr. Beuel of Concord. 1742. 

Letter missive from church in Bedford to church in Lexington. 1756. 

Record of council at Concord. 1770. 

Sermon by Rev. Jonas Clark, preached at Public Fast Jan. 9, 1786. 

The Hooker Collection of Autograph Letters, etc: 

(This collection was made by Rev. Edward W. Hooker, a graduate of And- 
over Theological Seminary in 1817 and afterwards professor at East Windsor 
Theological Seminary, Connecticut.) 

Outline of sermon of Rev. Timothy Edwards. East Windsor, Connecti- 
Will of Esther Edwards. 
The following letters : 

President Edwards to Dr. Joseph Bellamy. 1757. 

Gen. Schuyler to Hon. Timothy Edwards. 1776. 

Rev. Dr. Stephen West to Rev. Dr. Bellamy. 1782-1785. (3 letters.) 

Rev. Dr. Stephen West to Rev. Asahel Hooker. 1794. 

Rev. Samuel J. Mills to id. 1799. 

Id, to his son, S. J. Mills, giving character of Rev. A. Hooker. 

Abner Reeve to his son Tapping. 1771. 

" A. B." (Aaron Burr) to Hon. Tapping Reeve. 1783. (Fragment.) 

T. Burr (Mrs. Aaron Burr) to id,, witfi added note signed " A. B.*' 

Hon. Tapping Reeve to Betsey Reeve and others. 1799-1810. (4 

Rev. Nathaniel Emmons to Rev. Asahel Hooker. 1804. 
Rev. Ebenezer Porter to id, 1808. 
Rev. Lyman Beecher to id. 181 1, 1812. (2 letters.) 
Hon. Elias Boudinot to Hon. Tapping Reeve. 1813. 
Four letters to Mrs. Farrar of Andover from foreign mission staticms. 
1817, 1820, 1829, 1834. 

The Hooper Collection: 

Eighty-two letters to Rev. E. W. Hooper relating to " Burchardism '% 
consisting of an account of the labors of Rev. Jedediah Burchard. 
The Hyde Collection of Autograph Letters: 

Thirty-nine letters to Rev. Dr. Lavins Hyde. 1803-1854. 

Letter from a committee on formation of a Doctrinal Tract Society, 1831. 

[Marlborough, Connecticut] 
The following letters: 

Lavins Hyde to James Farrar, jr. 

Joshua Bates to Rev. A. Hyde. 

David Porter to Joseph Hyde. 

Ephraim G. Swift to Abby Bradley Stockbridge. 

Massachusetts: Boston 88 

The Torrey Papers: 

Letter of John G. Whittier to Chas. T. Torrey (during tatter's confine- 
ment in Baltimore jail), and other letters of miscellaneous character. 

Miscellaneous Letters: 

Correspondence in Latin of Rev. Jonathan Ashley of Deerfield and the 

Superior of a Jesuit College near Quebec. 1748- 1753. 
The following letters : 

Rev. Asa Burton to Rev. Isaac Braman. 1809. 

Rev. Horace Bushnell. 1855. (2 letters about " going to Madison or 
California ".) 

R. M. Chipman. 1848, 1850. (2 letters.) 

Rev. Morgan Edwards to James Barker. 1769. (Extract.) 

Rev. Nathaniel Emmons to his niece. 1820. 

Sewall Harding to Rev. William R. Weeks. 

Gen. Henry Knox to Mrs. Knox ; Mrs. Knox to Gen. Knox. 1777. 

Rev. Seth Stetson to Rev. Jonathan Burr. 1806-1817. (20 letters.) 

Rev. Dr. Ezra Stiles. 1777. 

Rev. Peter Thatcher to Gen. Knox. 1797. 

Otis Thompson to Rev. Abiel Holmes. 1830. 

Rev. Isaac Watts to Rev. Benjamin Colman, 1721. Also copy of letter 
to Mrs. Sewall. 

Rev. Nathaniel Whitaker. 1784. 

Rev. George Whitefield to Hon. Josiah Willard. (Copy.) 

Rev. William Williams. Letters relating to the Whitdfield portrait 

Personal Miscellanies. 

Rev. Edward Barnard. Account-book, 1748, 1750. Also list of presents, 
Nov., 1752-Oct., 1756. 

Rev. John Barnard. List of presents. 1708-171^. 

Rev. Joseph Baxter. Catalogue of books in his library. 

Rev. Levi Frisbie. Recommendation of him as a missionary to the In- 
dians, signed by the president and tutors of Dartmouth College. 

Rev. Nathaniel Huntting. Sermon-book. 1700-1720. 

Rev. Samuel Moody. Sermon-book. 1728. 

Rev. John Spencer. Certificates of his licensure, ordination, and appoint- 
ment as missionary. 

Thomas Weld. Commonplace book. 1723. 

Catalogue of the ministers who have received degrees at Yale College 
and the place of their settlement. 1702- 1797. 

Id. for Harvard College. 1724-1797. 

Id, for Nassau College. 1754- 1794. 

Id. for Dartmouth College. 1773- 1798. 

/i/. for Rhode Island College. 1780- 1792. 

Miscellaneous Writings. 

Rev. Jonathan Burr. Compendium of Christian Doctrine. 

Rev. Amariah Chandler. Three essays. 

Rev. Amasa Jerome, View of the Unitarian Controversy by Reason. 

J. Lathrop. Communication concerning pamphlet on lay-baptism. 

Perez Morton. Opinion concerning parishes. 181 1. 

84 Massachusetts: Boston 

Kev. Samuel Nott, jr. A Lesson for the Season, No. i. 

John Proudfit. Lectures. 

Rev. Christopher Toppan. Some Polemical Topics. (Endorsed " Prob- 
ably not later than 1700. H. M. D.*' [Henry M. Dexter.] ) 

Rev. Charles T. Torrey. Suggestions on Education under the Patronage 
of the State. 1838. 

Rev. William R. Weeks. Mistakes of Millerism. 


Sermons preached before the American Board of Commissioners for For- 
eign Missions, znjs.: 
1815, Rev. Calvin Chapin; 1838, Rev. Heman Humphrey; 1842, Rev. 
W. R. DeWitt; 1851, Rev. David H. Riddle. 
Notes of sermons preached in 
Andover, by Samuel Phillips. 1746- 1747. 
Andover, North Church. 4 vols. 
Cambridge, by Nathaniel Hancock. 1724-1727. 
Cambridge. 1716, 1717. 
Dorchester. 1727, 1773-1784. 
Maiden, by Nathan Buckham. 1721-1724. 
War sermons, by Rev. Joshua T. Tucker. 1861-1865. 
Sermons of Rev. Dr. John Pierce. 1799-1843. 2 vols. 
Sermon-books of Rev. Benjamin Wadsworth. 1707-1711. 3 vols. 
Miscellaneous sermons by Rev. Messrs. Ebenezer Chaplin, Thomas Clapp, 
Leander Cobb, Oliver Cobb, Job Cushman, Samuel Green, Bennett 
Tyler, John A. Vinton, William R. Weeks, Solomon Williams (f. 
1770), and Henry Wood. 


709 Ford Building, Ashburton Place, Boston, Massachusetts. 

The New England Baptist Library Association was organized Apr. 13, 1908, 
and incorporated Apr. 17, 1908, with the purpose, as stated in its constitu- 
tion, *' To establish and maintain a Baptist Library in Boston ; to federate all 
societies having the care of Baptist archives and collections in New England 
. . . ; to gather such a collection of books, pamphlets, manuscripts, prints, and 
relics, historical and missionary, as shall make this Library of recognized 
value for serious research ". 

The larger part of the historical material which has come into this library 
belongs to the Backus Historical Society and is known as the Backus Collec- 
tion; but there is also other manuscript material (which will be found listed 
below), which belongs to the other societies which are members of the New 
England Baptist Library Association, and still other collections, relating to 
the work of various Baptist organizations, which have been kept distinct and 
are designated as follows: the Baldwin Cbllecticm, relating to the American 
Baptist Foreign Mission Society and the work of foreign missions; the 
Sharp Collection, relating to the Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society ; 
the Chaplin Collection, relating to the Northern Baptist Education Society ; 

Massachusetts: Boston 86 

and other collections which as yet contain no manuscript material in the field 
covered by this Inventory. 

The Backus Historical Society was organized in 1853 and has brought to- 
gether some 800 volumes, several thousand pamphlets, including extensive 
files of State Convention and Association minutes, especially for New England, 
and the invaluable manuscript collections listed in some detail below. The 
term " Backus Collection '' is now used to designate the entire library of the 
Backus Historical Society; it has also been used, however, to denote spe- 
cifically the manuscripts of Rev. Isaac Backus himself and also the manu- 
scripts of himself and others which he had collected. It is in this last sense 
that the term is used below (p. 39), although some of the manuscripts listed 
under that caption have doubtless found their way into the collection since 
the death of Backus. 



A brief treatise on baptism and a statement of faith '' to be read and as- 
sented to at the admission of members ", written on fly-leaves of a 
1794 edition of Asplund's Register. 

Rev. W. H. Bowen. " Six Principle Baptists." 1896. 

Rev. D. B. Ford. " The Puritans and Pilgrims in their Relations to the 
Anabaptists and Quakers." 1894. 
" A Piece of Early Baptist History. Indebtedness of New England 
Baptists to the Philadelphia Baptist Association." 1902. 


New England: 

List of Baptist Churches in New England and their Ministers, 1782. 
Compiled by Isaac Backus. 


Copy of '* An Act for Regulating Abuses and correcting Disorders in 
Ecclesiastical Affairs." Hartford, 1742. 

Memoirs of churches and extracts of Connecticut records. 

North Colebrook. History of the Baptist Church, 1794-1894, by Rev. 
G. W. Remington. 

Edgecomb. Records of the Freewill Baptist Church. 1 781- 1835. 

Parsonsfield. Records of the Freewill Antipedo-Baptist Church and So- 
ciety. 1796-1849. 2 vols. (List of voters to 1851.) 

Sedgwidc. The constitution and records of a society for promoting the 
education of religious young men for the ministry and also for send- 
ing the Gospel to the destitute. Oct, 1803-Sept., 1822. 

Rev. Henry S. Burrage. The Beginnings of Waterville College, now 
Colby University (Colby College), with a Sketch of its First Presi- 
dent, Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin, D. D. 


List of the churches in each association, with names of each pastorate, 
with dates, to 1857. 

86 Massachusetts: Boston 

Records of the Baptist Convention of the State of Massachusetts, Nov. 
lo, i824-June, 1835. Also the records of the Board of Domestic 

Letter-book of the convention, 1835-1839, and other miscellaneous cor- 

Miscellaneous correspondence of the Massachusetts Baptist Missionary 
Society. 1827-1850. 

Minutes of the Ministerial Qmference of the Boston Baptist Associa- 
tion. 1 840- 1 849. 

Records of the Baptist Ministers' Qmference of Boston. 1864 ff. 11 
vols, to 1907. 

Records of the Ministerial Conference of the Merrimack River Baptist 
Association. 1866-1902. 

Records of the Baptist Ministers' Conference of the Old Colony Asso- 

Records of the Ministerial Conference of the Sturbridge Association. 
1845-1855 ; 1856-1870. 2 vols. 

Records of the Sabbath School Teachers' Convention connected with the 
Sturbridge Association. 1835-1861. 

Records of the Ministers' Meeting in the Vicinity of Worcester. 1816- 

Records of the Ministers' Meeting for Worcester and Vicinity. 1854- 
1900. (This contains abstracts of sermons preached at the meetings 
of the Conference, 1822-1842.) 

Records of the Baptist Auxiliary Education Society of the Young Men 
of Boston. 1819-1842. 2 vols. 

Miscellaneous papers relating to the Barnstable Baptist Association. 

Records of the Boston Theological Circle. 1870-1885. 2 vols. 

Records of the Boston Berean Circle (" B. B.'s "). 1885-1890. 

Records of the Theological Circle (Roxbury) . 1850-1894. 3 vols. (This 
became the " C. C", May 5, 1873. There are a few " C. C." papers.) 

Records of the Society of Missionary Inquiry in the Newton TheologiaJ 
Institution, 1827-1863. Also letters to the Society, 1829-1866, in- 
cluding correspondence from other educational institutions, mission- 
aries, and religious leaders, including letters from Edwards A. Park, 
Baron Stow, E. G. Robinson, Bamas Sears, Francis Wayland, Albert 

Records of the Knowles Rhetorical Society in the Newton Theological 
Institution. 1832- 1856. 3 vols. 

Local Churches: 

Ashfield. Petition of the Baptists there to the lieutenant-governor, coun- 
cil, and house of representatives. May 29, 1770. 
Attleborough. Letter of Rev. R. Morey to Rev. G, N. Cooper giving ac- 
count of former's pastorate, 1838-1846. 
Second Baptist Church. 
Memoirs, endorsed " These accounts were taken from a small book 

belonging to P. in Boston, being a copy of wt they wrote 

of their affairs to Dr. Gill of London, transcribed Mar. 31, 1773, 
by Isaac Backus ". 
Report of the Board of the Baptist Auxiliary Education Society of 
the Young Men of Boston. Dec. 10, 1825. 

Massachusetts: Boston 87 

Third or Charles Street Baptist Church. 

Record-books, with membership lists. 1807-1877. 2 vols. 
Letter to Boston Baptist Association. 1824. 
Indexes of members. 1807-1864 ; 1866 fF. 

A history of the Charles Street Baptist Church; Declaration of 
Faith ; Church Covenant ; and list of members. 
Ruggles Street Baptist Church. Historical sketch. 
Conway. Historical sketch of the Baptist Church, by Rev. Charles Stan- 
ley Pease. 1900. 
Dana. Records of the Dana Baptist Church. 1802-1839. 
Framingham. History of the First Baptist Church, by Rev. Charles 

Train. 1839. 

Harwich. Fragment of certificate to the authorities of '' messechusets 

bay '' from the Second Baptist Church in Rehoboth that the Baptist 

churches in Harwich and Yarmouth were r^^ular Baptist churches. 

Holyoke. History of the Second Baptist Church, by Rev. R. J. Adams. 

Middleborough or Titicut. 
Confession of Faith and Covenant of the Church of Christ, with signa- 
tures. Jan. 16, 1756. 
Expense account and other papers relating to the building of the 
Backus Meeting-house. 1758. 
Needham. History pf the Needham and Dover Baptist Church. 1846. 
Oakham. Letter from Davis Guild giving information ** respecting a 
revival experienced by the Baptist Church under the labours of Bro. 
Wilson ", in 1820-1821. [1869.] 
Titicut. See Middleborough. 
Tyngsborough. History of the Baptist Church, by Rev. Alonzo A. Davis. 

Jan., 1900. 
Records of the Baptist Church and miscellaneous papers. 1807-185 1. 
Sketch of the religious experience of Deacon Joshua Bealls, with the 
rise of the Baptist Church in Windsor. 1799-1855. 
Yarmouth. See Harwich above. 

New Hampshire: 

Copy (by Rev. Arthur Warren Smith) of the original draft of the " New 
Hampshire Confession ", prepared and submitted by Rev. Ira Per- 
son. 1832. 

Rev. William Hurlin. Brief Histories of the Baptist Churches in New 
Hampshire. 1904. 

Rev. Arthur Warren Smith. A Baptist Factor in a Critical Decade of 
New Hampshire History, setting forth the contribution of Daniel 
Merrill as pastor of Nottingham West Baptist Church to New Hamp- 
shire History. 1908. 

Minutes of council. Sandwich, June i and 2, 1796. 

Records of [Freewill Baptist] Elders' Yearly Conference. 1800-1814. 

New York: 

Canaan. Historical sketch of the Baptist Church. 

88 Massachusetts: Boston 


Diaries of Rev. Arthur Caverno. 1801-1876. 5 vols. 

Life of Rev. John Leland to i8io. 

Missionary journal (letter) of Stephen Gano, 1808. (Extracts published 
in Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine, IL 155.) 

Autobiographical sketches (r. 250) of New Hampshire Baptist ministers, 
collected by Rev. William Hurlin. 1893. 

Autobiographical sketches by Rev. Charles Train and Rev. N. M. Wil- 


Biographical sketches of Rev. George Dana Boardman (by Rev. Cephas 
B. Crane) ; Daniel Sharp Ford (by Rev. Robert G. Se)rmour) ; Rev. 
Joseph Grafton, with papers relating to his life and labors ; Rev. 
Daniel Merrill (by Rev. Arthur Warren Smith) ; Rev. Thomas 
Ward Merrill (by Rev. David T. Magill), relating chiefly to history 
of religious education in Michigan. 

Sketches of thirty-one deceased Baptist ministers, collected by Rev. Wil- 
liam Hurlin. 1893. 

Necrology of Newton Theological Institution. 1899- 1909. 

From Ira M. Allen. 1832. 
Rev. Thomas Baldwin to Heman Lincoln. 1823. (5 letters.) 
Rev. J. Newton Brown. (2 letters.) 
Nicholas Brown. 1831-1851. (11 letters.) 
Professor Irah Chase. 1844. 

Rev. Frederic Denison to Rev. Alvah Hovey. 1857. (9 letters.) 
Richard Fletcher to Heman Lincoln. 1848. 
Rev. Stephen Gano, eleven letters, including eight letters to Rev. 

Thomas Baldwin. 1792-1827. 
Rev. Samuel Graves. 1851. 
Rev. Leland Howard. 1830. 
Rev. John M. Peck. 1827-1844. (16 letters, chiefly journal-letters 

from Rock Spring, Illinois.) 
Rev. Luther Rice. 1822-1825. 

Correspondence of Rev. H. J. Ripley and Hon. Isaac Davis. 
Rev. Bamas Sears. 1821-1831. (5 letters.) 
Rev. Daniel Sharp. 1834. (2 letters.) 
Rev. James B. Simmons. 1852. 
Rev. Thomas Simons. 1832. 
Rev. William Staughton. 1832. 
Rev. Baron Stow. 1828-1853. 
Rev. Ebenezer Thresher to Adoniram Judson. 1834. 
Rev. W. R. Williams to Heman Lincoln. 
Autogp^ph letters to Lincoln and Edmands, in commendation of Win- 

chell's Watts and Supplement. 


Sermon by Rev. Francis Wayland, endorsed " Chapel. Feb. 18, 1844. 
Jan. 23, 1848 ". 

Massachusetts: Boston 89 

Outlines of three sermons by Rev. Stephen Gano, 1801, 1819. Also 

" Skeleton Book ". 
Seven sermons by Rev. Thomas B. Ripley. 
Two sermons by Rev. Samuel Stillman. 1793, 1800. 
Eighty-four sermons by Rev. Baron Stow. 
Transcripts of sermons and outlines by Rev. James M. Winchell. 


This consists chiefly of letters and papers collected by Rev. Isaac Backus, 
the Baptist historian, with some additional material which has been added to 
the collection since the days of Backus. It may be divided into four parts, as 
f (dlows : 

1. Backus Diaries and personal miscellanies. (Extracts from the diaries 

are printed in Hovey's Memoir of the Life and Times of the Rev, 
Isaac Backus, A. Af .) 

2. Backus Correspondence, including letters both by Backus and to him, 

with some copies of letters. (Some of these are printed in Hovey's 
Memoir of . , , Backus, but usually not in full.) 

3. Backus Papers, of considerable importance for Baptist history in the 

second half of the eighteenth century, especially in New England. 

4. Warren Association Papers, probably for the most part collected by 


I. Backus Diaries and Personal Miscellanies. 

Diaries of Isaac Backus. (Thirteen volumes, but volumes I., V., and XI. 
are missing. Volume II. bears the title, " Isaac Backus's Book, be- 
ing Some Account of my Life and of God's dealings with me. Vol. 
II.'* The ten volumes cover the following dates inclusive : July 29, 
i7Si-June 28, 1759; July 20, 1763-Dec. 31, 1784; June 21, 1789- 
Mar. 16, 1806.) 

" Isaac Backus his Book Containing some particular account of my first 
Setling in the Ministry in the adjoining border of Bridgewater and 
Middleborough." June 24, 25, 1752. 

An Account of the Life of Isaac Backus. (Autobiographical, extending 
to ordination as pastor of the Baptist Church in Middleborough, 

Isaac Backus's account of his conversion. Aug. 10, 1751. 

Three volumes of "Journeys", vis.: (i) list of journeys (1746-1802) 
with brief accounts of journeys in 1746 and 1747; (2) accounts of 
journeys (1748- 1760) and account of journey to Martha's Vineyard, 
Aug., 1772; (3) journey to Lebanon, New Hampshire, 1771. 

Day-book (accounts). 1760-1769. 

" Isaac B[ackus]'s Account of texts that he has preacht from with the 
times when and places where." Sept. 18, 1757- Apr. 6, 1777. 

Complaint of Joseph Wilbore against Backus and others. Aug. 22, 1763. 

Part of the manuscript of Backus's " A History of New England. With ' 
Particular Reference to the Denomination of Christians called Bap- 
tists ". 

40 Massachusetts: Boston 

" Moses Brown and others' objections against my History." ( 1 1 let- 
ters and papers, including letters of Brown and a Committee of 
Friends, with agreement as to corrections signed by Backus and the 
Committee, 1779, 1780.) 

Miscellaneous family documents (wills, deeds, etc). 

2. Backus Correspondence. 

Letters or copies of letters of Backus to the following: 
Elijah Backus. 1748-1796. (52 letters.) 
Elkanah Ingalls. Dec. 30, 1772. 
Elder Kendall. Feb. 5, 1805. 
James Manning. Sept. 19, 1768. 
Susanna Mason. May 8, 1749. 
John Rippon of London. 1791. 
Jonathan Shaw, esq. Oct. i, 1805. 
Benjamin Wallin of London. (Copies of ten letters.) 

Letters to Isaac Backus by the following: 
Ephraim Abell. Fauquier Co., Virginia, June 1 1, 1795 ; Apr. 11, 1797 ; 

Apr. 20, 1799. 
Joshua Abott. Norwich, [Connecticut], Aug. 3, 1756. 
Elijah Alden. Bridgewater, Sept. 5, 1789 
Isaac Alden. Buckland, Jan. 6, 1791. 
Noah Alden. 

Bellingham, Mar. 21, 1755; July 20, 1779; July 29* 1783; July 20, 
1784; Jan. 8, 1789. 

Stafford, [Cbnnecticut], Aug. 6, 1762. 
Timothy Alden, jr. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Feb. 17, 1804. 
Rebeca Ashley. Newfreetown, Feb. 13, 1797. 
John Asplund. Newport, Rhode Island, July 2, 1795. 
Caleb AUerton. Stoughton, June 15, 1781. 
Stephen Babcock. Westerly, Rhode Island, Sept 23, 1753. 
Elijah Backus. 
Thomas Baldwin. 

Canaan, New Hampshire, June 23, 1787; Sept. 3, 1787 (printed). 

Boston, Oct. 15, 1801, Jan. 24, Sept. 25, 1805. 
Joshua Barnes; Pitt County, North Carolina, Dec. 13, 1796 ; Jan. 30, 

David Barrow. Southampton County, Virginia, Jan. 27, 1797. 

Jeremy Belknap. Boston, May 27, 1794. 

Samuel Bigelow. New Salem, 1772-1790. (20 letters.) 

John Birchard. Norwich, [Connecticut], Apr. i, 1752. 

Aaron Bledsoe. Orange County, [Virginia], Apr. 7, 1797. 

William Bliss. Middleton, Sept. 11, 1795. 

Caleb Blood. Shutesbury, Oct. 25, 1797. 

John BoUes. Hartford, Connecticut, Nov. 9, 1805. 

Daniel Bolton. Stafford, Connecticut, July 4, 1781. 

Beverly Boothe. Black Water, Surry County, Virginia, Feb. 23, 1797 ; 

Dec. 20, 1798. 
Edmund Botsford. CJeorge Town, Feb. 27, 1799 ; Jan. 3, 1804 ; Mar. 

12, 1806. 
Ephraim Bound. Sept. 10, 1764. 

Massachusetts: Boston 41 

Jabez Bowen. Providence, Aug. lo, 1802. 

Joshua Bradley. Newport, Rhode Island, Sept. 29, 1801 ; Feb. 10, 

1802; July 18, Aug. 14, 1804; Feb. 13, Mar. 20, May 17, 1805. 
Samuel Davies Brame. Halifax County, Virginia, Jan. 25, 1797. 
William Brame. Virginia. (16 letters.) 
Joseph Briges. Canterbury, [Connecticut], Mar. 16, 1776. 
Mary Briggs. Dighton, Sept. 20, 1756. 
Andrew Broaddus. Caroline County, Virginia, Apr., 1799. 
Jeremiah Brown. Mendum, June 24, 1749. 
Nicholas Brown. Providence, July 22, 1779; Apr. 4, 1788. 
William Brown. Sussex County, Virginia, Feb. 7, 1797 ; Dec. 25, 1798. 
Andrew Bryan. Savannah, Georgia, Jan. 27, 1795 ; Mar. 14, 1798. 
Samuel Buell. Easthampton, Aug. 13, 1764. 
Elkanah Bullock. Rehoboth, Dec. 22, 1765. 
Lemuel Burkitt. Northampton Coun^, North Carolina, Dec. i, 1796; 

Jan. 23, 1799. 
Peleg Burrough. Tiverton, Rhode Island, 6 mo. 27, 1781. 
Richard Chase. Yarmouth, Jan. 8, 1750; June 20, 1751. 
Zephaniah Chase. Homes's Hole, Feb. 15, 1781. 
Hannah Church. Jan. 23, 1779. 
Edward Qarke. Medfield, Aug. 18, 1798. 
Seth Qark. Harwich, June 21, 1774; Oct. 3, 1778; Jan. 3, Apr. 18, 

Seth and Hilda Qark. Harwich, Sept. i, Dec. i, 1781. 
Eleazar Qay. May 23, 1795. 
John Cole, jr. Hympton, May 29, Aug. 21, 1767 ; June 21, 1777 ; May 

14, 1778 ; July 29, 1788. 
Asahel Corbin. Woodstock, Mar. 19, 1792. 
John Courtney. Richmond, Virginia, May 25, 1795; Mar. 18, 1797; 

Apr. IS, 1799. 
Thomas Courtney. Richmond, Virginia, Mar. 20, 1797. 
Anna Crane. Dec. 25, 1799. 
Theophilus Crocker. 

Louisborg, Aug. 25, 1760. 

New Salem, Oct. 26, 1778, May 28, 1779. 

Shutesbury, Sept. 20, 1787; March 12, Apr. 21, 1790; May 27, 1797. 
Theophilus Crocker, jr. Chatham, Mar. 26, 1791. 
J[oseph] Crosswell. Sept. 23, 1753 ; Wrentham, June 24, 1764. 
David Crowd, jr. Falmouth, Nov. 18, 1800. 
William Curtis, jr. Pembroke, July 22, 1789 ; Feb. 15, 1796. 
Simon Dakins. Oblong, Sept. 8, 1783. 
Abraham Doolittle. Middleton, 1769-1773. (6 letters.) 
Daniel Dunbar. Warren, Rhode Island, Aug. 9, 1784; Oct. 7, 1801. 
Nathan Eaton. New Salem, Aug. 18, 1784. 
Silvanus Eaton. New Salem, Feb. 16, 1779; Feb. 11, 1789. 
Susannah Eaton. Middleborough, Apr. 8, 1791. 
William Eldredge. Harwich, Feb. 3, 1797. 

Thomas Elliott. Richmond, Virginia, May 26, 1795 ; Apr. 18, 1799. 
Henry Emmons. Boston, 3d mo. 4 day, 1806. 
John Ewer. Barnstable, July 5, 1762. 
Nathaniel Ewer, jr. Barnstable, May 23, 1752. 

42 Massachusetts: Boston 

William Ewing. Shutesbury, Oct. 2, 1778 ; Jan. 13, 1784, 

Asaph Fletcher. Westford, Aug. 22, 1780. 

Daniel Fobes. Paris, Maine, Aug. 29, 1803. 

Peres Fobes. Bridgewater, June 12, 1764; July 4, 1801. (4 other 

Philip Freeman. Boston, May 9, 1763. 
Ebenezer Frothingham. Middleton, July 26, 1769. 
Jo** Fuller. 

Lyme, [Connecticut], June 7, 1747. 

Norwich, Apr. 16, 1767; Apr. 16, 1768. 
Thomas Gardner. Warren Coun^, North Carolina, Feb. 6, 1797; 

Jan. 23, 1799. 
William Garner. Northampton County, North Carolina, Feb. 16, 1797* 
John Gile. London, Mar. 17, 1764. (Copy.) 
Joseph Grafton. Providence, Rhode Island, Oct. 14, 1790. 
Nathanael Green. Charlton, Nov. 10, 1788. 
Robert Green. 

Shutesbury, Jan. 9, 1802. 

Amherst, Aug. 3, 1805. 
Thomas Green. 

Newport, Rhode Island, July 5, 1768. 

Cambridge, Oct. 28, 1785. 
Richard Gridley. Boston, Sept. 30, 1779. 
Jacob Grigg. North West, [Virginia], June 18, 1801. 
William Grow. Middleborough, Oct. 9, 1775. 
Jonathan Hall, jr. Raynham, June 17, 1749. 
Oliver Hart. Hopewdl, Pennsylvania, July 25, 1781. 
Henry Haywood. South Carolina, 1748. (With attested copy of his 

ordination certificate, July 11, 1748.) 
Jedidiah Hebbard. Lebanon, New Hampshire, Nov. 6, 1768; Nov. 19, 

1772; Aug. 17, 1773; May 26, 1775; Oct. 23, 1778; Mar. 13, July 

28, 1779; Feb. 6, Mar. 27, Oct. 27, 1781 ; May 9, Nov. 15, 1783; 

Oct. II, 1784 ; Feb. 9, and 28, June 9, 1787 ; June 5, 1789. 
Jedidiah Hide. Norwich, Apr. 17, 1749 ; Oct. 10, 1750, 
Abia Hinds. Pembrook. July 2, 1786. 
Daniel Hix. Freetown, June 6, 1797. 
Timothy Hodsdon. Phillipsburg, Sept. 3, 1804. 
David Hoell [Howell]. Providence, Rhode Island, Feb. 7, Apr. 13,. 

1775 ; Sept. 20, 1780. 
David HoUis. Jan. i, 1806. 

Sarah Holmes. Barnstable. 1771-1778. (3 letters.) 
William Hooper. Madbury, New Hampshire, Majr 3, 1780. 
Charles Howe. Florida, New York, July 13, 1790, 
Asa Hunt. Middleborough, 1770-1791. (50 letters, with a few papers 

relating to Hunt.) 
Elihu Hyde. Lebanon, New Hampshire, Nov. 15, 1783. 
Elkanah Ingalls. Raynham, May 29, 1780 ; Jan. 21, 1781. 
James Ireland. Frederick County, Virginia, (received June), 1797; 

May 8, 1799. 
Levi Jackson and three others. Aug. [4], 1790. 
Benjamin Jacobs. Sept. 3, 1764. 
Whitman Jacobs. June i, 1765. 

Massachusetts: Boston 48 

Jonathan Jeffers. Barnstable and Harwich, 1778-1787. (8 letters.) 

John Jenkins. Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Mar. 6, 1799. 

Mary Johnson. June 20, 1763. 

Joseph Jones. Westmoreland, New Hampshire, Aug. 20, 1804. 

Samuel Jones. Pennepek, Pennsylvania, May 25, 1784. 

Sarah Keen. Pembroo[c]k, Apr. 17, [1782]. 

Bcty Keth. Piiris, Maine, Sept., 1803. 

Stephen Leach. Schenacady [Schenectady, New York], Aug. 5, 1758. 

Biel Ledo)rt, 

Woodstock, Connecticut, Apr. 8, June 13, Dec. 3, 1780 ; June 4, June 
16, 1 781. 

Newport, New Hampshire, May 25, 1798 ; Aug. 16, 1800. 
Joseph Lee. Southold, Long Island, New York, June 28, 1757. 
Richard Lee. Taunton, Apr. 26, 1788. 

John LefHngwell. Norwich, [Connecticut], 1747-1751. (5 letters.) 
John Leland. Cheshire, June 14, 1797 ; June 10, 1799. 
D. Leonard, jr. Holmes's Hole, May i, Sept. 22, 1795. 
James L. Leonard. Templeton, Feb. 16, 1796. 
Josiah Leonard. Buckland, Mar. 8, 1790. 
Richard Lewis. Barnstable, Jan. 4, 1791. 
Simon Lock. Coxhall, York County, [Maine], June 30, 1784. 
Nathaniel Lord. Berwick, Oct. 26, 1778. 
Simon Lothrop. Duxbury, May 7, 1755. 
Anna Lovell. Barnstable, 1778. 
Laz[a]rus Lovell. Barnstable, 1771. 
Lazarus and Shubael Lovell. Barnstable, 1776. 
Martha Lovell. Barnstable, 1771-1782. (5 letters.) 
Mercy Lovell. Barnstable, 1777. 
Shubael Lovell. Barnstable, 1780. 
Robert Low. 

Norwich, Vermont, July 11, Sept. 17, 1797. 

Hanover, Mar. 14, 1799. 

New Gloucester, Maine, Sept. 4, 1801, Oct. i, 1803. 
Phebe Lyscom. 

Brookfield, Aug. 30, 1784. 

Sturbridge, Sept. 9, 1785 ; Sept. i, 1790. 
John M'Cabe. Near Edenton, North Carolina, Jan. 18, 1799. 
"Macomber Letters." 1 783-1802. (14 letters from Job Macomber 

and members of his family.) 
James Manning. 

Warren, Rhode Island, Apr. 8, 1769; Apr. 7, 1770. 

Providence, Rhode Island, Oct. 27, 1772 ; Apr. 12, June 25, Nov. 15, 
1773; Aug. 30, 1785; June 29, Aug. 22, Oct 31, 1787; Nov. 7, 
1789; Dec. 8, 1790. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 3, 1779. 

Sutton, Aug. 3, 1782. 

Taunton, Mar. 14, 1786. 

New York, June 19, 1786. 
Manning and Loring. Boston, Dec. 9, 1802. 
Abraham Marshall. Georgia, Feb. 16, 1795; [1798]. 
Eliakim Mather. Windsor, [Connecticut], May 16, 1785. 

44 Massachusetts: Boston 

Jeremiah Moore. Fairfax G>unty, Virginia, Apr. 27, 1797. 
Moses Morris. Augusta, [Georgia], Feb. 14, 1795. 
Samuel Nelson. Sept. 20, 1782. 
Stephen S. Nelson. 

Boston, July 28, 1795. 

Mt. Pleasant, Aug. 7, 1804. 
William Odiome. Durham [New Hampshire ?], Apr. 27, 1752. 
Isaiah Parker. Harvard, Nov. 17, 1778 ; June 28, 1784. 
Mary Philips. Norton, July, 1761. 
Jonathan Fliillips. Sturbridge, Mar. 13, 1790. 
John Pickens. New Bedford, Aug. 11, 1789. 
Reuben Pickett. Jan. 27, 1797. 
John Poindexter, jr. Louisa County, Virginia, Apr. 3, 1797 ; Apr. 6, 

Mary Pool. July 3, 1804. 

James Potter. July 18, 1784. 

Absalom Price. Glasgow County, North Carolina, Feb. 2, 1799. 

Elisha Purington. Louisa County, Virginia, Mar. 31, 1797; Apr. 11, 

Jesse Read. Halifax County, North Carolina, Apr. 3, 1795 ; Jan. 3, 

Thomas Read. May 2, 1791. 

Mehetable Redding. Middleborough, Apr. 17, 1802. 

Gamaliel Renels (Reynolds). Sept. 11, 1750. 

Elisha Rich. Attleborough, Nov. 22, 1770. 

Lewis Richards. Baltimore, Maryland, May 3, 1797 ; May 13, 1799. 

Nathaniel Richards. (Fragment, endorsed " Nath^ Richards dedara- 

tion Jan. 1769".) 
John Rippon. London, Oct. 5, 1798. 
George Roberts. Person County, North Carolina, Jan. 11, 1797; June 

8, 1798; Feb. 26, 1799 ; May 4, 1801. 
George Robinson. Bridgewater, Dec. 12, 1791. 
Jos. Rogers. 1783, 1784. (2 letters.) 
William Rogers. Philadelphia, 1774- 1799. (42 letters.) 
Martin Ross. 

Oct. I, 1790. 

Springfield, Jan. 15, 1799. 
Levi Rounsevell and others. July 4, 1791. 
Josiah Rucks. Granville County, North Carolina, Feb. 15, 1799. 
James Sanders. Buckingham County, Virginia, Mar. 23, 1799. 
Job Seamans. 

Attleborough, May 5, 1779; July 20, 1781. 

New London, New Hampshire, Jan. 29, 1793 (printed). 
David Sears. Middleborough, Dec, 174S. 
Richard Seaver. Roxbury, Oct. 8, 1753; May 14, 1754. 
Jonathan Shaw. Ra3mham, Oct 2, 1805. 
Stephen Shaw. Windsor, [Connecticut], Mar. 15, 1799; Oct. 8, 

Samuel Shepard. 

Stratham, New Hampshire, Sept. 5, 1776. 

Brentwood, Mar. 15, 1781. 

Massachusetts: Boston 46 

Joseph Smalledge. Shutesbury, Feb. 27, 1792 ; Aug. 9, 1797 ; May 23, 

1798 ; Oct. 20, 1800. 
Ebenezer Smith. Ashfield, 1765-1795- (15 letters.) 
Enos Smith. Ashfield, 1789-1797. (6 letters.) 
Eunice Smith. Ashfield, 1790. (2 letters.) • 
George Smith. Powhatan County, Virginia, Mar. 15, 1797. 
Pere G. Smith. Newport, [Rhode Island ?]. 
Daniel Snow. Keene, New Hampshire, Oct. 4, 1779 ; Apr. 13, 1788. 
Hosea Snow. Keene, July 29, 1788. 
William Snow. Willington, [Connecticut], Aug. 29, 1785. 
David Sprague. North Kingstown, Rhode Island, June 3, 1754. 
Abia Stinson. 

Bowdoin, [Maine], Apr. 16, 1799. 

Litchfield, May 19, 1800 ; Aug. 23, 1801. 
Abigail Stinson. Litchfield, June 2, 1800. 
William Stinson. Litchfield, Aug. 24, 1801. 
Samuel Tainter. Boston, Aug. 2, 1796. 
Laban Thurber. Providence, Oct. 22, 1802. 
Gardner Thurston. Newport, [Rhode Island], Mar. 15, 1781 ; July 

IS» 1783; Aug., 1784. 
Nicho[las] Tillinghast. Providence, Apr. 30, 1764. 
H[enry] Tolar. 

Westmoreland, Virginia, May., 1795. 

Virginia, Apr. 21, 1799. 

Westminster, Virginia, Aug. 8, 1801. 
John Tripp. 

Edgartown, Aug. 20, 1787. 

Carver, June 28, 1791. 

Rochester, July 4, 1794. 

Middleborough, June 27, 1796. 

Hebron, Maine, Mar. 20, Aug. 31, Oct. 26, Dec. 11, 1799; Sept. i, 
1800 ; Sept. 3 and 28, 1801 ; May 27, July 30, 1802 ; June 13, 1803. 
Thomas Ustick. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Apr. 30, 1801. 
William Van Horn. Providence, May 25, 1779. 
Thomas Vass. Granville County, North Carolina, Feb. 25, 1799; Apr. 

30, 1801. 
A. Waller. Spotsylvania, Virginia, Apr. 24, 1799. 
Jno. Waller. Traveller Rest, Abbeville County, South Carolina, Apr. 

16, 1798. 
Rebekah and Joshua Warren. Bridgewater, Oct. 31, 1761. 
Benjamin Watkins. Powhatan County, Virginia, May 22, 1795 ; Mar. 

14, 1797; Mar. 27, 1799; June 20, 1801 ; Apr. 6, June 11, Sept 9, 

William Webber. Gooch County, Virginia, Mar. 15, 1797. 
Rebekah Wedge. Norwich, [Connecticut], Aug., 1748. 
Priscilla Wheeler. Grafton, Sept. 28, 1776. 
Mark White. Acton, Feb. 9, 1780. 

Needham Whitfield. Wayne County, North Carolina, Feb. 4, 1799. 
Nathanael Wilbore. Westmoreland, June 19, 1781 ; July 31, 1786. 
Asa Wilbur. Sidney, June 9, 1794 (with letter of Silva Wilbur on 

same sheet) ; Aug. 22, 1796; Sept. 2, 1801. 

46 Massachusetts: Boston 

Edmund Williams. 

July 14, 1764. 

Raynham, Jan. 25, Nov. 19, 1775 ; Apr. 7, 1777; Jan. 14, 1785. 
John Woodman. Newgloster, [New Gloucester, Maine], May 24, 

^777 ; June 30, 1780 ; Sept. 7, 1781 ; Sept. 3, 1782 ; Jan. 12, 1790. 
Peter Worden. 

New Providence, Aug. 29, 1779 [?1 5 Aug. i, 1785. 

Adams, Aug. 6, 1785. 

Fairfield, Oct. 17, 1796. 

Cheshire, Jan. 7, 1801. 
James Wright. Prince George, Virginia, Dec. 18, 1798. 

3. Backus Papers. 

Copy of " An Act for Regulating Abuses and correcting Disorders in 

Ecclesiastical Affairs ". Hartford, 1742. 
Memoirs of churches and extracts of Connecticut records. 
Killingly. Letter missive of " Sister Hart Blackman " for council to be 

held Nov. 6, 1782. (See also Thompson below.) 
New London. Twelve papers relating to Elder Stephen Gorton. 1756- 


Letter of the Congregational Church in Norwich to the Congr^;ational 
churches at Bridgewater and Middleborough, Massachusetts. Sept. 
27, 1751. 
Copy (by town clerk) of the Norwich Settlement. 1700/1701. 
Stonington. Letter missive of church in Stonington and Westerly, Rhode 
Island, for council to be held at Stonington,May 29, 1754. Also act 
of this council, with list of delegates. 
Letter of Moses Chandler " To the Elders and Messengers of Baptist 
Churches That Shall meet at Thompson Society in Killingsley for a 
Conference ". Woodstock, Jan. 10, 1763. 
Letter missive, Jan. 21, 1767, for council; also result of same council, 

Feb. 4, 1767. 
Statement (fragment) of member of council in case of Stephen Black- 
man against the Baptist Society in Killingly. Apr. 27, 1784. 
Result of council. June 6, 1787. 

Certificate of standing of Elder Jeremiah Barstow. Killingly, June 
17, 1782. 
Wallingford. Notes from minutes of Baptist Church. "Farmington 
Narrative, 1778." 

Letter to Backus from Jesse Golphin and Moses Morris in behalf of the 
church in Springfield in Augustia. 

Letter to Backus from a committee in behalf of the Baptist Church and 
Society in New Gloucester. Jan. 12, 1790. 

Ashbumham. Papers relating to Ashbumham sufferings. 1781. 

Copy of petition from Ashfield to the General Court. Feb., 1770. 

Massachusetts: Boston 47 

Attest of presentation to the " Proprietors Clark " of a copy of petition 

of Baptist Committee of Grievance. 1771. 
" Mr. Davis's paper concerning Ashfield." 
Ashford. Letters missive for councils. Dec. 10, 1777 ; Feb., 1778. 
Assawamsett. Request for consideration of ordination of '' Brother 

Samuel Nelson ". July 4, 1788. 

Letters missive for councils to meet Sept. 8, 1780, and Oct. 25, 1780. 
Letter of former council to Baptist Church in Royalston and Athol. 
Sept. 9, 1780. 
Letter of Backus to Baptist Church in south part of town. Aug. 20, 

Request of church to Backus. June 15, 1770. 
Letter missive for council to meet Nov. 4, 1772, 
Request of Ebenezer Guild for advice. Nov. 22, 1774. 
Request of Attleborough Church to Backus for visitation and advice. 
Feb. 4, 1793. 
Result of council. Sept. 26, 1753. 

Copy of petition of the " Society in the south part of Barnstable and 
Yarmouth of the Baptist denomination " for redress from taxation. 
Letter of Baptist Church in Bellingham to First Baptist Church in Mid- 

dleborough, Jan. 10, with copy of reply of the latter, Mar. 5, 1775. 
Letter missive for council. 1766. 
Copy of warrant for Thomas Gould. Oct 20, 1665. 
Historical sketch of " Mr. Stillman's Church " [First], 
Request of Baptist Church to London for help about meeting-house. 
" Memoirs of the 2d Baptists Church in Boston." 

" The Result of a Council of Five Churches Conven** in Titticut in 

Bridgewater, Oct. 2, 1751." 
Account of the Proceedings of a Council of Four Churches at Bridge- 
water, Old Town, Nov. 18, 1751. 
Copy of letter of the " Church of Christ in Bridgewater and Middle- 
borough to the People of God in Harwich ". Nov. 28, 1751. 
Result of a council at Bridgewater (Titicut), Nov. i, 1752 (N. S.). 
Request of church to Backus for visitation and advice. Mar. 31, 1773. 
Letter missive for council with minutes of latter. Oct. 19, 1780. 
Freetown. Letter missive for council, to meet Aug. 10, 179(5. 
Grafton. Letter missive for council. Apr. i, 1767. 
" An account of the Proceedings of a Council of four churches in Har- 
wich on Thursday, Dec. 5, 1751." 
Letter missive for council to meet Aug. 7, 1776; minutes of same. 
Copy of statement of Judah Eldridge regarding seizure of property 

for taxes. Jan. 8, 1796. 
Request for council to meet Dec. 18, 1776. 
Letter missive and result of council. Jan. 15, 1777. 

48 Massachusetts: Boston 

" My [Backus] advice to Harwich, July 23, 1777." 

Minute of action of church in case of Samuel Nickerson v. Deacon 
Seth Clark. July 5, 6, 1781. 
Kingston. Letter of Backus to the Baptist Church. Dec. 8, 1805. 

Request of Baptists at Marshfield to Elisha Callender for visitation, 
etc. May 10, 1736. 

Request of Joseph Eames of Backus for preaching. Sept 6, 1773. 

Similar request of committee. Apr. 25, 1791. 

Letter missive for council. 1792. 

Request of church for council. Apr. 8, 1793. 

Call for council to meet Apr. 17, 1793. Results of council, May 8, 1793. 

Copy of letter missive for council to meet May 27, 1752. 

Copy of citation to Jonathan Woods and others to attend meeting. Dec. 

Copy of letter of Backus to Jonathan Woods and others. Jan. 4, 1752. 

Act of council. Jan. 31, 1753. 

Citation of Rev. Samuel Paine to council to be held July 11, 17S3; 

also act of this council. 
First Baptist Church. 

Fragment relating to early experiences at Titicut. 

Confession of Faith and Covenant. 1756. 

Copy of church record in case of John Hay ward. 1756. 

Letter to church from Caleb Benson and six others. July 15, 1763. 

Complaint of Joseph Wilbore against Backus and others. Aug. 22, 

Two letters of Joshua Warren, sr., to church. June 18, Aug. 14, 


Citation of Silvanus Eaton to church meeting. Mar. 14, 1775. 

See Bellingham, 1775. 

Statement of Mary Campbell to church. [1776.] 

Request of Moses Thomas for a council, June 30, 1781, with copy 
of reply. 

Similar request for June 11, 1782. 

" Vindication " of Moses Thomas, being his defense " To the Elders 
and Messengers of the Baptist Denomination who are assembled 
at Middleborough this nth day of June 1782 ". 

Minutes of council. Oct. 2, 1782. 

Summons (copy) of Jonathan Samson to trial before church. Mar. 
23, 1784. Also a second summons (copy). 
Second Baptist Church. 

Statement of church of reasons for rejection of result of council held 
at Middleborough. Dec. 27, 1762. 

Papers, including about sixty-five letters and copies of letters, re- 
lating to Rev. Ebenezer Hinds and his controversy with Backus. 

Third Baptist Church (Freshmeadows). 

Twelve papers relating to Elder Ebenezer Hinds and church. 1763- 

Records of council. Dec. 27, 1763. 

Massachusetts: Boston 49 

New Salem. Letter missive for council to meet " Thursday following 

the 1st Lord's Day in June, 1785 ". 

Result of council. Mar. 5, 1753- 

Letter of Baptist Church to First Baptist Church in Middleborough. 

July 6, 1764. 
Request of " Aggrieved Brethren of the Baptist Church " for a council 
to meet Apr. 16, 1782. 

Statements of Simeon Shattuck and of David Wright as to interrup- 
tions of preaching and baptismal services at Pepperrell. Nov. 16, 
Statement of Ephm. Lawrence. Nov. 17, 1778. 
Letter of church to church in Bridgewater and Middleborough. Sept 

26, 1751. 
Letter of Plainfield Church. Oct., 1752. 
Piympton. Answer of Backus and First Baptist Church of Middlebor- 
ough to request for preaching. July 31, 1768. 
Letter of church to Elisha Callender, and his reply. 1736. 
Letter of Daniel Bullock to the church. May 29, 1736. 
Letter missive for council to meet May 8, 1751, with copy of records 

of same. 
Letters missive for councils to meet Aug. 19, 1767, Sept. 23, 1772, Sept 

9, 1782, and Sept 8, 1785. 
Act of council. Dec. 23, 1772. 
Id. June 8, 1774. 
Copy of admonition to " Brother Elkanah Ingol " drawn by Backus 

for council of Sept, 1772. 
Call of agg^eved members for council to meet May 26, 1784. 
Request of the " Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the ist Precinct 

in Rehoboth " to Backus. Nov. 13, 1791. 
Account of persecution of Baptists in Rehoboth. 
South Brimfield. " Some account of the Baptist Church." 1770. 
Request from Springfield to Baptist Church in Boston. 1727. 
Letter missive for council to meet Oct. 15, 1746. 
Notes on Sturijridge Church. 

Copy of petition of Baptists to Governor and General Court. 1753- 
Request " for the Installment of Mr. Bester ", May 23, 1768. 
Minutes of conference. May 30, 1768. 
Letters missive for councils. Aug. 18, 1772, Aug. i, 1782, Oct. 26, 
1785, Sept. 29, 1790, and 1791. (The last has annotations as to 
action of First Baptist Church in Middleborough and that of the 
Copy of letter from Sutton town committee ** To the venerable council 
of the baptist constitution call^ by the regular baptist church in Sut- 
ton, conveaned this 21st day of Aug., 1782, or to the venerable Asso- 
ciation to be held at Providence September next ". 

50 Massachusetts: Boston 

Leiier to Backus from a committee of the church. (Rec'd) Aug. 9, 

Minutes of council. Sept. 30, 1792. 

Letter of First Baptist Church to First Baptist Church in Middle- 
borough. Aug. 10, 1795. 
Letter of church to church in Newport. 1720. 
Letter from brethren in Swanzey to Josiah Boyls [?] of Boston. 

Request of church for advice. July 28, 1740. 

Certificate of Elder Barstow's standing. June 7, 1782. 

Extracts from church records. 
Taunton. Letter of Backus to Baptist Church. Feb. 17, 1772. 
Titicut. See Middleborough, First Baptist Church. 

Request for council. July 19, 1766. 

Request of aggrieved members for council to meet Dec. 7, 1774. 

Correspondence in regard to ex parte council. 1775. ( See Bellingham.) 

New Hampshire: 

Paper endorsed " Dr. Shepard's Letter ", containing data as to New 
Hampshire churches. 1783. (On back, in handwriting of Backus, 
two reasons for differing from a certain theory of government and 
taxation for religious purposes.) 

Brentwood. Joint call for council and minutes of latter. June 29, 1774. 

Hampstead. Letter of church to church in Boston. [i7]76. 

Letter missive for council. Feb. 26, 1758. 
Request to Backus and Middleborough Church. 1761. 

Westmoreland. Request for council to meet Sept. 15, 17S0, with minutes 
of latter, containing notes by Backus on the difficulties in the church. 

New York: 

Miscellaneous papers relating to churches in Petersburg and Stephen- 

North Carolina: 

Letter of the Chowan Baptist Church. 1728. 

Rhode Island: 

Letter missive for council to meet Apr. 22, 1767, and Sept. 21, 1768, 

and act of the council. 
Request for a council. June 29, 1769. 
Copy of act of council. May 23, 1753. 

Citation for general meeting to meet Sept. 10, 1754, with act of the 
conference and list of delegates. (See Hovey, pp. 332, 333.) 
Gloucester. Result of council. Nov. 6, 1782. 
Letter of Charity Carpenter to church " under the care of John Cal- 
lender ". Mar. 17, 1731/2. 

Massachusetts: Boston 51 

Letter of church to Baptist Church at Charlestown, South Carolina. 

Open letter of David Sprague. 1741. 

Confession of Tim. Peckcom. June 20, 1745. 

Memoranda concerning Tim. Peckcorn, sr., " Church Meeting, July 

3. 1752." 
" Mem** of James Brown, denymg our Commission, 1756." Statement 
by Backus of status of Brown, Mar. 17, 18, 1756. Draft of answer 
to Brown for Baptist Church at Newport, Apr. i, 1756. 
North Kingstown. Copy of si^ed statement of the church to Elder 
David Sprague and others m regard to nailing up of the meeting- 
house. 1750. 
Subscription paper to raise money to assist cause of Baptists against 

the Establishment. 1749. 
Request in behalf of a committee of First Church to Backus. May 18, 



Miscellaneous papers relating to Baptist Church in Pownal. 

Miscellaneous Papers: 

Circular letter of General Meeting of the Baptist Churches. Newport, 

June 19, 1 741. 
Attempts to procure liberty for the Baptists. 1753, 1754. (Copy by 

Backus from records of meetings held.) 
Six papers relating to the Michael Kennedy murder case. 1771. 
Papers in the case of Thomas W. Powers. 1761, 1766. 
Mr. Davis's minutes on his journey. 1770. 
Memorial and petition of Isaac Backus, agent for the Baptist churches in 

Massachusetts. 1775. 
Papers relating to standing of Elder Jeremiah Barstow. 1782. 
Theological statement of John Leland. (Endorsed '' Ldand's queries. 

Apr. 17, 1789 ".) 

Miscellaneous Letters: 

William Bliss to James Manning. Middletown, Aug. 8, 1784. 

Abner Chase to Dr. Thomas Baldwin. Nov. 12, 1799. 

Simeon Combs to Mrs. Susanna Backus. Middleborough, May i6» 1789. 

Nicholas Eyres to David Sprague. Newport, Dec. i, 1750. 

Elizabeth Franklin to Susannah Backus. Adams, Jan. 8, 1786. 

Thomas Gair to Samuel Waters. Medfidd, Dec. 17, 1785. 

David Haven to Rev. Mr. Green. Framingham, Sept. 10, 1792. 

Thomas Hayward to Elisha Callender. 1736. 

Jedidiah Hebbard to William Foster (copy). 1778. 

Isaac Holden to Isaiah Parker. Ashburnham, May 18, 1784. 

Ebenezer Jones to Peter Werden. Adams, July 5, 1785. 

Elias Keach to Rev. Ellis Kallender. 1690. 

Nehemiah Knight to James Manning. Cranston, May 6, 1774. 

Joseph Pettit to Elisha Callender. Corke, 1725. 

62 Massachusetts: Boston 

Ebenezer Smith to Rev. John Davis. 1771. (3 letters.) 

David Sprague to Nicholas E)rres. North Kingstown, May 9, 1740. 

John Tripp to Joseph Guild. Plympton, Aug. 25, 1789. 

Samuel Waters to Thomas Gair. Sutton, Nov. 16, 1785. 

Samuel West to Rev. Joshua Bradley. New London, June 23, 1804. 

to Elisha Callender. 1735. 

4. Warren Association Papers. 

Isaac Backus. History of Warren Association to 1785. 
Minutes of Warren Association. 1768, 1769, 1770 (list of those present), 
1772, 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779 (part), 1781 (part). (Beginning 
with 1771 the minutes were printed and a compendium of minutes, 
1767-1825, was later published.) 
Letter of the church in Coventry, Rhode Island, opposing the organiza- 
tion of the Association. Sept. 13, 1768. 
Letter of Association " to our Brethren Joshua Cortis and others who 

have belonged to the Baptist Church in Ware ". 1770. 
Minutes of meeting of committee of the Association appointed at request 

of Thomas Ustick. Nov. 6, 1777. 
Petition of Moses Thomas for a council. Middleborough, Sept. 6, 1781, 
Copy of letter of Backus for the Association to First Baptist Church in 

Ashfield. Sept. 30, 1794. 
Letters received by the Warren Association from other associations, etc., 
Bowdoinham Association. 1788, 17^, 1792. 
Charleston (South Carolina) Association. 1775, 1787, 1792. 
New Hampshire Association. 1784, 1785, 1788, 1790, 1792, 1794. 
Philadelphia Association. 1769, 1781, 1782, 1785, 1787, 1790. 
Shaftsbury Association. 1782, 1783, 1785, 1786, 1788, 1792, 1794. 
Stonington Association. 1784, 1787. 
Woodstock Association. 1785, 1789, 1794. 
General Committee, Virginia. 1788. 
Letters sent by the Warren Association, znz.: 

Circular letters (sent to the churches in the Association). 1768, 1769, 

1770, 1771, 1772, 1787, 1791. 
Philadelphia Association. 1780, 1781. 
Charleston Association. 1780. 
Petition of Moses Thomas of Third Baptist Church, Middleborough, to 

the Association. Sept 6, 1781. 
Address of the Warren Association " To the Rulers and Inhabitants of 

the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ". Sept., 1781. 
Letters of the Baptist churches in the following places (Massachusetts 
unless otherwise stated) : 
Amherst. 1787. 

Ashbumham. 1781, 1787, 1788, 1790. 
Ashfield. 1769, 1770, 1771, 1773, 1774 (2), 177s, 1776, 1778, 1780, 

1781, 1783, 1788 (from majority and minority parties). 
Ashford. Second Church. 1774 (before organization), 1781, 1786^ 

Massachusetts: Boston 68 

Attleborough. 1771, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1780, 1781, 1782, 
1783, 1785, 1786, 1788, 1790, 1792, 1798. Also letter of Elisha Car- 
penter, 1780. 

Barnstable. 1774, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1785, 1787, 
1790, 1792, I7gi8. 

Bellingham. 1769, 1771, 1775, 1776, 1777, 1780, 1781, 1783, 1785, 
1786, 1787, 1788, 1790, 1792. 

First. 1769, 1770, 1774, 1777, 1780, 1782, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1790, 

1792, 179s. 1798. 
Second. 1774 (unofficial), 1780, 1787, 1788, 1790, 1792, 1798. 

Bridgewater. 1785, 1787, 1788, 1792, 1798. 

Brookfidd. 1785. 

Carver. 1792. 

Charlton. 1775, 1780, 1781, 1785, 1787, 1790, 1792. 

Chelmsford. 1773, 1774, I77S» ^776, 1778, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1785, 

1786, 1787, 1790, 1792. 
Colerain. 1780, 1781, 1788, 1790, 1792. 
Dan vers. 1798. 

Dudley. 1775, 1778, I779> 1780, 1781, 1782, 1788, 1790. 
Dunstable. 1790. 
Enfield. 1770. 
Farmington. 1778. 
Framingham, 1774, 1775, 1776 (" A part of a Church of Christ in 

Framingham with the Society in said town"), 1777, 1778, 1780, 

Freetown. 1776, 1777, 1780, 1782, 1789, 1795. 
Gloucester, R. I. 1782. 

Grafton. 1774, 1775, 1778, 1770, 1780, 1782, 1785. 
Harvard. 1780, 1781, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1790, 1792 [3], 1798. 
Harwich. 1777 (to Backus in r^;ard to admission to Association). 

1778, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1785, 1787, 1790, 1792, 1798. 
Haverhill. 1767, 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1773, 1774, 1776, 1779, 1780, 

1781, 1785, 1787, 1790, 1792, 1798. 
HoUis. 1792. 

Killingly, Conn. 1779, 1781, 1782. 
Leicester. 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1777, 1779, 1780, 

1781, 1782, 1783, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1792. 
Leverett. 1792. 
Marlow, N. H. 1778. 
Marshfield. 1792. 

Medfield. 1776, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788. 
Methuen. 1785. 

First 1771, 1772, 1774, 1775, 1781, 1783, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1790, 

1791. 1793, 1794, 1795. 1796* 1798, 1804. 

Second. 1771, 1774, 1775, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1784, 1785, 1792 

(2), 1798. 
Third. 1770, 1772, 1774, 1775, 1780, 1781, 1785, 1786, 1788, 1790, 

1792, I795» 1798. 

Montague. 1770, 1771, 1772, 1774, 1778, 1780, 1781, 1788, 1790. 


64 Massachusetts: Boston 

Newport, R. I. First. 1786, 1792. 

New Rowley. 1785, 1786, 1787, 1790, 1798. 

New Salem, 1774, 1775, 1777, 1778, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1785, 1786, 

1788, 1792. 
Newton. 1780, 1781, 1782, 1785, 1787, 1788, 1790, 1792, 1798. 
Newton, N. H. 17(88. 
Northbridge. 1780, 1782, 1785, 1787, 1792. 
Petersham. [1769 or 1775.] 

Providence, R. I. 1781, 1785, 1786, 1788, 1790, 1792, 1793, 1798. 
Rehoboth. 1780. 

Richmond, R. I. 1772, 1774, 1782, 1785 (2), 1792. 
Royalston. 1771, 1774, 1778, 1780, 1781, 1^3, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 

1790, 1792. 
Salem, N. H. 1780, [1781], 1782, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1792. 
Shrewsbury. 1791, 1792. 
South Brimfield. 1771, 1774, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1780, 1782, 1783, 1755, 

1787, 1788, 1792. 
Southington, Conn. 1781. 

Sturbridgc. 1769, 1771, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1790, 

1792, 1798. 
Sutton. 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1778, 1780, 1781, 

Templeton. 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, 1790, 1792. 

Upton. 1788. 

Warren. 1770, 1771, 1772, 1773 or 1774, 1777, 1788. 

Weare, N. H. 1768, 1770, 1774. 

Weston. 1782, 1785, 17^, 1790, 1792. 

Wilbraham. 1769, 1770, 1771, 1778, 1780, 1781, 1783, 1788, 1792. 

Woodstock, Vermont. 1778, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1783, 1785, 1787, 1788, 


Wrentham. 1774, 1775, 1776, 1777. ^77^f 1781, 1782, 1783, 1786, 17^, 

1788, 1790, 1792. 


(Papers of the Northern Baptist Education Society.) 

Laws of the Me. Lit. and Theol. (Maine Literary and Theological) Insti- 
tution. 1818. 

Regulations for the school under the patronage of the Massachusetts 
Ed[ucation] Society. June, 1818. 

Original constitution of the Northern Baptist Education Society. 1830. 

The remaining papers consist chiefly of correspondence and reports, in- 
cluding papers of the antecedent Massachusetts Baptist Education Society. 
The correspondence falls into three classes : letters to and from the secretaries ; 
applications for aid, with recommendations, containing some material of bio- 
graphical value ; letters and returns of students. These last contain consid- 
erable information concerning the religious conditions in a large number of 
educational institutions, via.: 

Massachusetts: Boston 55 

Bennington Academy. Amherst College. 

Connecticut Literary Institute. Brown University. 

Day's Academy (Wrentham). Columbian College. 

East Greenwich Academy. Germantown Collegiate Institution. 

Fairfax Institution. Granville College. 

Franklin Academy (Shel- Hamilton Literary and Theolog- 

bume Falls). ical Institution. 

Jericho Academy. Harvard College. 

Kimball Union Academy. Middlebury College. 

Monson Academy. New Hampshire Literary and 
New Bedford Academy. Theological Institution. 

Phillips Andover Academy. Newton Theological Institution. 

Phillips Exeter Academy. Oberlin College. 

Pierce Academy. University of Rochester. 

Rockingham Academy. Shurtleff College. 

South Reading Academy. Union Theological Seminary. 

Worcester Academy. University of Vermont. 

Vermont Literary and Theological 

Williams College. 


This is the collection of the Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society and 
consists of miscellaneous correspondence and papers relating chiefly to local 
churches and missions. 


These papers, which were formerly in the possession of the late Reuben A. 
Guild of Providence, Rhode Island, were secured by the New England B^tist 
Library Associaticm in September, 1909. 

Personal Journals (numbered i-ii). Oct. 29, 1762-Sept. 25, 1773; Mar. 
18, 1776- Jan. 1, 1777 ; June 17, 1777-Dec. 12, 1779 ; Dec., iT^o-Aug., 
1788; June, 1789-Jan. IS, 1805. 
Paper giving facts concerning personal matters. 1 737-1770. 
Minutes and circular letter of Warren Association. 1770. 
Revolutionary Matter: 

Sermon to the American army. Oct. 18, 1778. 
Address to the American army on swearing. July 31, 1779. 
Address to the American army. Oct. 17, 1779. 
(Mounted manuscripts.) 
Petition to General Court. 1782. 
Execution sermons. Aug. 17, 1778; Nov. 12, 1779. 
Communication to the Baptist Society. Haverhill, 1779. 
Susanna White's testimonial. Aug., 1766. 
Address in connection with Right Hand of Fellowship to Rev. Thomas 

Gair. 1788. 
Charge at installation of Dr. Thomas Baldwin. 1790. 
Correspondence with Rev. John Qeveland of Chebacco, Ipswich, in re- 
gard to baptism and close communion. 1766. 

56 Massachusetts: Boston 

Twelve letters to his wife. 1775-1780. 

Letters from Nicholas Brown. Providence, 1772, 1786. 

Letters to Smith from — 

Rebecca Bullin. Oiarlestown, 1763. 

John Carman. New York, 1771. 

Joseph Corliss. Haverhill, 1768. 

John Gano. New York, 1772 ; Boston, 1773. 

Oliver Hart. Charlestown, South Carolina, 1770-1772. (4 letters.) 

Timothy Morse. Ipswich, 1782. 

Francis Pdot Ewhaw, South Carolina, 1770, 1771, 1772, 1773. (4 

Anna Plimpton, n. p., n. d. 

William Rogers. Philadelphia, 1795. 

Peter Smith. Newtown, New Jersey. 1772. 

Samuel Stillman. Boston, 1771. (2 letters.) 

Thomas Ustick. [New York, 1772.] 

. Croton River, 1779. 

Thirty-one sermons and papers, obtained irom David Benedict, D. D. 

Unclassified sermons. 


Room 4, 36 Bromfield Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 

This society was organized in 1880 under the auspices and with the approval 
of several of the New England Methodist Conferences. In its library is a 
constantly increasing collection of books (5700 volumes in 1909), pamphlets, 
papers, scrap-books, and other clippings, portraits, and relics, besides the let- 
ters and other manuscript material listed here. 

Brief sketch of early Methodist heroism in America. 


New England: 

New England Conference. 

Records of the Church Aid Society. 1859-1883. 

Records of the Preachers' Aid Society. 1831-1858. 

Records of the Conference of Presiding Elders. 1869-1876. 

Records of the Board of Managers of the Tract Society. 1853-1857. 
Records of the New England Methodist Historical Society. 1859-1872. 
Papers relating to the Wesleyan Orphan Home, Newton. 
Minutes of the Committee on New England Episcopal Residence. 1873- 

Minutes of the Quarterly Conference of Providence and Mansfield Cir- 
cuit. 1815-1845. 


" An Epitome History of the Inception of Methodism in North Eastern 
Connecticut ", by Noah Perrin, jr. 1885. 

Massachusetts: Boston 57 

Manchester. Historical sermon by Rev. Ralph W. Allen. 1839. 
North Manchester. Historical sketch by Rev. Z. S. Haynes. 1873. 
South Glastonbury Circuit. Historical sketch. 
Warehouse Point. Historical sketch of the M. E. Church, to i860. 


Account-book of John W. True, with notes on Maine Annual Conference, 

1839, 1840, and on circuit in Maine, 1845. 
Portland. Historical sketch of the Chestnut St. Church. 


Records of the State Convention of the Methodist Denomination. 1868- 

Ashbumham Circuit. 

Stewards* book, with minutes of the Quarterly Conferences. 1809- 

Historical sketch by J. E. Risley. 
Records of the Boston Methodist Home Missionary Association. 1866- 

Records of the Boston Methodist Sunday School Society. 1831. 

Records of the Methodist Social Union. 1868-1896. 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Young Men's Methodist Foreign Missionary Society. 

Church St. Church. Minutes of the Quarterly Conference. 1835-1843. 

First Church. Class reports and other miscellaneous papers. 

Methodist Alley Church. Records. 1790-1798. 

Monument Square Church (Charlestown). Historical sketch. 

North Bennett Street Church. History of the pulpit. 

North Russell Street Church. Historical sketch. 

Richmond Street Church. Historical sketch. 

St. John's Church. Historical sketch. 
. Chelsea. Mt. Bellingham Church. Historical sermon. 1863. 
Colerain. Historical sketch of the M. E. Church. 1883. 
Dedham. Id., by Z. A. Mudge. 1882. 
Edgartown Station. Historical sketch. 
Everett Historical sketch of the M. E. Church. 1899. 
Falmouth. Early history of Methodism in Falmouth. 
Gardner. History of Methodism in Gardner. 
Granville Circuit. Miscellaneous documents. 

Minutes of Quarterly Meeting. 1832-1842. 

Items concerning Old Beach Hill Qiurch. 
Greenfield Station. Qass-book. 1827-1850. 
Hebron Circuit. Historical sketch. 
Hingham. Historical sketch of the M. E. Church. 
Hull. Historical sketch of the M. E. Church. 
Ludlow. Origin and progress of Methodism in Ludlow. 1859. 

Minutes of Lynn District Preachers' Meeting. 1860-1880; 1892-1893. 
2 vols. (First volume contains also the Records of the Central Cir- 
cuit Preachers' Meetings, 1893-1896.) 

Records of the Lynn District Sunday School Convention. 1877-1881. 

58 Massachusetts: Boston 

Marblehead. History of the M. E. Church. 1839. 

History of the M. E. Church. 

Records of the Marlborough Circuit Preachers' Meeting. 1860-1868. 
Martha's Vineyard. 

Methodism on Martha's Vineyard to 1824. 

Reminiscences of Early Methodism on Martha's Vineyard. 
Mendon. Minutes of Quarterly Conference. 1853-1887. 
Milford Circuit. History of Methodism on Milford Circuit in 1823, by 

J. Edwards Risley. 
Monroe. Records of the M. E. Church. 
Needham Circuit. 

Constitution and records of the Quarterly Conference Association. 

Historical sketch, by J. E. Risley. 
North New Salem. Church-book. 
Old Needham Circuit. 

Oldest church records of this circuit. 1803. 

Minutes of Quarterly Conference. 1811-1819. 

Early Methodism in Provincetown. 

Reminiscences, by J. E. Risley. 
Salem. Wesley Chapel M. E. Church. Historical sermon. 1880. 
South Harwich. History of the M. E. Church. 

Records of the Methodist Preachers' Meeting. 1876-1881. 

Florence St. M. E. Church. Historical sketch. 
Waltham. Notes on Methodism in Waltham, with fragments of a joumaL 

1827, 1828. 
Webster. Historical sketch of the M. E. Church. 
WUbraham. List of the members of the M. E. Church. 1849. 
Winchester Circuit. Historical sketch, by J. E. Risley. 

New Hampshire. 

Historical sketch of the General Biblical Institute, Concord, by Rev. Dr. 
John W. Merrill. 

Rhode Island: 

Bristol. Brief history of Methodism in Bristol, by J. E. Risley. 
Cranston. History of Methodism in Cranston. 1792-1885. 
East Greenwich. History of Early Methodism in East Greenwich. 
Pawtucket. History of the M. E. Church. 1868. 
Wickford. Methodism in Wickford. 


Fragment of a diary of a New Hampshire circuit preacher (possibly 

James B. H. Morris of Pembroke). Feb.-May, 1826. 
Diary of Bishop J. W. Hamilton. Jan.-Mar., 1898. 

Massachusetts: Boston 69 


File of autobiographical data of members of the New England Methodist 

Historical Society. 
Autobiographical data or sketches of several Methodist ministers. 
Relation of Rev. Daniel S. Sorlin to the mission work of the M. E. Church 

in Sweden and the United States. 1889. 


Biographical data or sketches of about fifty Methodist ministers and prom- 
inent laymen of New England. 


Broadside letter to Rev. W. Livsey and William Taylor in regard to a 

convention at Utica and the slavery question. 
About fifty letters to Rev. A. Stevens, containing data as to churches, 
etc., probably used in his Memorials of Methodism in Eastern States. 
Miscellaneous letters to Rev. Charles K. True. 

Two files of letters, alphabetically arranged by writers and indexed, 1787- 
1884 (^* 130 letters) ; 1802-1884 (r. 220 letters). These indude the 
Bishop James O. Andrew to Bishop Joshua Soule. 1844. 
Bishop Francis Asbury to Rev. Epaphras Kibby. 1804, 1805, 1806. 

(3 letters.) 
Bishop Thomas Coxe. 1802-1805. (6 letters.) 
Bishop L. L. Hamlin to Rev. G. F. Cox. 1849. (^ letters.) 
Bishop Gilbert Haven. (9 letters.) 
Bishop Elijah Hedding. 1822-1852. (5 letters.) 
Rev. Timothy MerritL 1801-1826. (7 letters.) 
Bishop Thomas A. Morris. 1849. 
Bishop Jesse T. Peck. 1877, 1881. (2 letters.) 
Bishop Joshua Soule. 1800, 1802. (2 letters.) 
Bishop Beverly Waugh. 1839. 
Rev. John Wesley to Rev. Mr. Heath. May 10, 1787. 


A few sermons by Rev. J. E. Risley, Rev. Elihu Scott, and others, and a 
few sermon outlines. 


Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts. 

A catalogue embracing the history of this collection and a somewhat detailed 
list of the books and manuscripts contained in it has been published under the 
title, The Prince Library: a Catalogue of the Collection of Books and Manu- 
scripts which formerly belonged to the Reverend Thomas Prince, and was by 
him bequeathed to the Old South Church, and is now deposited in the Public 
Library of the City of Boston. 

The Mather Papers, 1632-1689, have been printed in the Collections of the 
Massachusetts Historical Society, 4th series, vol. VIII., edited by Dr. Chand* 

60 Massachusetts: Boston 

ler Robbins, except " such as are much mutilated, the few which had before 
appeared in print, some of those which contain only foreigfn intelligence, and 
such as possess little or no historical value " (preface, in above). The Prince 
Catalogue, however, says, " A comparison of [the Catalc^^e] with the printed 
volume will show that the latter omits a considerable portion of the corre- 
spondence ". The documents listed as Mather Papers below comprise those 
bearing upon American religious history which are listed in the Catalogue 
but which do not appear in the two volumes of Collections referred to above. 
Some of the papers are illegible and some may have been printed elsewhere. 


Copy of the proceedings at a meeting of the congregation, June 2, 1679. 
(This was accompanied with a letter of Daniel Clarke and others to 
Rev. Mr. Oakes and others, May 21, 1679.) 
Letter of Henry Wolcott, sr., and others " In the name of the Congre- 
gation in Windsor " to Rev. Urian Oakes, Rev. Increase Mather, 
and Mr. Willard. Sept. 22, 1679. 
Letter of a committee of the church at Windsor to Rev. Isaac Mather. 
June 8, 1681. 


Barnstable. Letter from the elders and others " in the behalfe of the 
church and Towne " to " the Reverend Elders ". Apr. 7, 1678. 

Boston. Vote of Boston granting a farm at Muddy River to Rev. John 
Cotton. Agreement of the selectmen of Boston in relation to the 
same grant. Nov. 5, 1636. 

Copy of vote of the church. Oct 24, 1686. 

Copy of the proceedings of the church and congregation. Oct. 24, 

Dorchester. Letter from the church to the Second Church in Boston. 
June 2, 1682. 

Milton. Invitation extended by the church to the Second Church in Bos- 
ton. May 17, 1681. 

Plymouth. Copy of the petition of Gov. Thomas Hinckley in behalf of 
the inhabitants of Plymouth to King James II. c. July, 1688. 

Springfield. Letter of Samuel Mansfield and two others to Rev. Increase 
Mather. Feb. 12, 1686. 


Rough draft, in handwriting of Increase Mather, of notes for an answer 
to the questions propounded by some of the brethren of the church 
in Wobum to the Elders met at the lecture in Boston. Mar. 7, 1677. 
" An answer to the Question propounded by some of the brethren of 
the Church in Wobume, to the Elders met at the Lecture in Boston." 
(An enlargement of above, but in different hand.) Mar. 7, 1677. 

Rhod£ Island: 

Bristol. Letter of John Walley and others to Rev. James Allen and 
others in opposition to settlement of Rev. Benjamin Woodbridge at 

Massachusetts: Boston 61 


Letters to Cotton Mather from the following: 

Samuel Bache. 

John Fowle. (Endorsed by Prince, " Suppose 1682 ".) 
Letters of Increase Mather to the following: 

John Mather. Dublin, Sept. 10, 1659. 

Rev. Henry Selyns. Boston, June 12, 1683. (Copy of a Latin letter.) 
Letters to Increase Mather from the following : 

Ichabod Chauncy. Bristol, Sept. 20, 1682. 

Jonathan Edwards. Weymouth, May 11, 1686. 

Peter Daille. New York, Mar. 2, 1686 (Latin) ; July, 1686 (Latin). 

Habakkuk Glover. Newport, Dec. 20, 1675. Also copy of answer to 
this, Boston, Jan. 3, 1675/6. 

John Heart. Londonderry, Mar. 17, 1680. 

Henry Selyns. New York, Oct. 6, 1686. (Latin.) 

Samuel Stone. Middlctown, Nov. 25, 1679. 

Miscellaneous Papers. 

Notes on church government. 

Fragment of an order of court (Massachusetts) signed by Edward Raw- 
son, secretary, for a day of humiliation. Boston, Mar., 1652. 

Receipt from Robert Brewster for moneys received according to an act 
of Parliament for promoting the Gospel in New England. May 5, 


Extracts from the letters patent granted to " the Company for the Propa- 
gation of the Gospell in New England ". 1662. 

" Some few questions and answers together with Theyre Explication, 
taken out of Mr. Stone's Catechism." 

Proclamation of Gov. Bellingham in relation to the profanation of the 
Lord's Day. Boston, July 13, 1667. 

" The testimony of William Mors and his wife ", relating certain events, 
apparently the result of witchcraft, which occurr^ at his house, 
Dec. 3, 1679. 

Draft of a proclamation by the General Court for a day of fasting. Bos- 
ton, May II, 1681. 

" Questions concerning the communion of churches and the true office 
thereof in setting apart and ordaining ministers." (Endorsed, 
" Seems to be the Hand-writing of Mr. Tho. JoUie ".) 

George Griffith and five others to the representatives of a church recom- 
mending Mr. Thomas Bridges for settlement over them as a minister. 

Rough draft of address from many congregations in New England to 
King James II. on the declaration of indulgence, with copies of three 
other addresses on the same occasion. 

Proclamation of Gov. Andros for a day of thanksgiving. Boston, Apr. 
18, 1688. 

Miscellaneous Papers. 

A theological discussion on the working of faith. [1636.] 
Copy of letter from Rev. John Dodd and others to some differing breth- 
ren. [1637.] 

62 Massachusetts: Boston 

Copy of the cause of Henry Bull's excommunication, with certificate on 

same subject. 
Exceptions agt some things in the Synod at Cambr. 1644." 
Novae Angliac Lam'tatio." (Latin verses on deaths of Hooker, Win- 

throp, and others.) 
Propositions of William Dyer to his Majesty for the settlement of civil 

and religious affairs in New England. 
" Mr. D Opinions of fasting." (Endorsed " Q[uaere] D signified Dun- 

ster" (Prince).) 
Copy of a recommendation of the court for a fast. Mar. 7, 1675. 
John Cotton. " The Causes of setting apart this day for fasting and 

prayer. May 17; 1678." 
Proclamation for a fast. Plymouth, Oct 30, 1678. 
Id. July 10, 1680. 


Barnstable. Rev. Thomas Walley and elders of the church to the elders 

of church at Plymouth. 
Duxbury. John Alden and Josiah Standish for church at Duxbury to 

Rev. John Cotton and church at Plymouth. Nov. 9, 1680. 
Eastham. John Freeman and others for church at Eastham to Rev. John 

Cotton. 1672. 
John Ra)mer and William Brewster " in the name and with the con- 
sent of the rest " to the " Rev. Brethren of the Church of Christ in 
Boston ". Aug. s, 1639. 
Letters of Rev. John Cotton for church at Plymouth to elders of First 

Church in Boston. Apr. 10, 1671 ; Aug. i, 1671. 
Letter of Rev. John Cotton for church to the Third Church in Boston. 

June 26, 1671. 
Letters of Nathaniel Morton, secretary, to church at Plymouth. Mar. 

9, 1671 ; [Aug.], 1671 ; 5—, 1672. 
Recommendation of council for a fast. June 22, 1675. 
Circular letter of church by its elders. May 28, 1677. 
" What are those due bounds and limits which ought to be set to Tol- 
eration in matters of Religion? '* July 12, 1677. (A copy of reply 
of Rev. George Shove and fifteen others to the General Court upon 
question of toleration.) 
Letter of Rev. John Cotton for church to Rev. Samuel Treat, pastor 
of church at Eastham. Oct. 21, 1680. 
Rehoboth. Letter of church to church at Plymouth. Sept. 17, 1679. 
Salem. Letter of church at Salem to the elders of the church at Boston. 
(Endorsed by Prince. " Believe 1632 and 1635. This Letter suppose 
censur'd by tfie Gen. Ct of M[assachusetts] Col. Sept. 2, 1636.") 


Letters of John Cotton to the following: 
Rev. Stephen Batchellor. Boston, Apr. 9, 1641. 
Rev. Peter Bulkley. Jan. 18, 1640 (mutilated) ; Aug. 7, 1641 ; n. d. 

Massachusetts: Boston 63 

Rev. Jrfin Dodd. Boston, Dec. 19, [ 1637] . 
Rev. Mr. Elmerton. Boston, Aug. 26, 1640. 
Rev. John Miles. Plymouth, Mar. 19, 1670. 
Rev. John Rayner. Oct. 18, [1639]. 
Rev. George Shove. Plymouth, Oct. 6, 1679. 
Rev. Thomas Walley. Plymouth, July 19, 1676. 

• n. d. 

. Boston, Sept. 14, 1648. 

. Boston, Apr. 2, 1650. 

Letters to John Cotton from the following: 
Rev. Samuel Angier. Rehoboth, Sept. 17, 1679. 
Rev. Peter Bulkley. [1637] ; Jan. 4, 1640; Feb., 1641 (mutilated). 
Thomas Dudley. Roxbury, Mar. 21, 1638. 
Thomas Hinckley. Barnstable, Dec. 10, 1677; Apr. 27, July 15, 1678; 

July 13, 1680. 
Mrs. Hannah Johnson and Mrs. Mary Blake. Boston, Feb. 20, 1670. 
Rev. Robert Jordan, Richmond's Island, July 3, 1645. 
Rev. James Keith. Bridgewater, Jan. 5, 1678; May 31, 1680. 
Rev. Increase Mather. Boston, July 15, 1673 ; Feb. 8, 1677. 
Rev. Noah Newman. [Rehoboth ?], Jan. 10, 1670; Taunton, Dec. 8, 

James Oliver. Apr. 10, 1677. 

Rev. John Rayner. Plymouth, Oct 15, 1639. (Mutilated.) 
Rev. Thomas Shepard. N. p., n. d. 
Rev. Samuel Stone. Hartford, Sept. 16, 1650. 
Rev. Samuel Wakeman. FairiSeld, Apr. 16, 1680. 
Rev. Thomas Walley. " Received Mar. 4, 1671 " ; Barnstable, Dec. 19, 

1674 ; July 25, Aug. 2, 1675 ; Jan. 18, 1676 ; Nov. 19, 1677. 
Rev. John Wheelwright. Exeter, New Hampshire, June 3, 1640. 
Rev. Samuel Whiting. [1637] 5 ^' ^' 
Miscellaneous letters : 

Rev. Stephen Batchellor to . Hampton, Sept. 22, 1643. 

Simon Bradstreet, Thomas Danforth, and Samuel Willis, commission- 
ers of the United Colonies, to . Boston, Sept. 13, 1671. 

Rev. Peter Bulkley to Rev. of Boston. [Dec. 17, 1640.] 

Robert and Mary Burke to (Prince, " I suppose between 1635 

and 1650"). 
Rev. Charles Chauncy to Rev. John Davenport, i6[?]-i640 (copy). 

Also copy of reply, n. d. 
Thomas Danforth, William Stoughton, and Thomas Hinckley to 

. Boston, Dec. 26, 1673. 

Rev. Leonard Hoar to Gov. Simon Bradstreet 
William, Lord Saye and Sele to Rev. 

to . (Endorsed by Prince, " a R Mr. Roland Cotton, 

1632. e. to 1640. e. This seems to have been wrote in England upon 
the silencing of Mr. Cotton in the Beginning 1633 ".) 

to . Boston, Apr. 18, 1646. 

to Rev. Mr. Naylor. 

64 Massachusetts: Boston 

(See Prince Catalogue.) 

The following letters in this collection bear upon American religious history : 

Rev. John Callender to Rev. Nathan Prince. Newport, Sept. 19, 1732. 
Rev. John Cotton to Rev. Rowland Cotton. (No date but probably 1696) ; 

Plymouth, Tues. A. M. [1696] ; (endorsed "After Aug. 1696") ; 

[1696]. (4 letters in all.) 
Rev. Samuel Johnson to Rev. Nathan Prince. Feb. 18, 1744/5. 
Id. to Gov. Jonathan Law. Stratford, July i, 1745. 
Mary Thacher to Rev. Peter Thacher. Middleborough, Mar. 9, 1741. 


These papers of Thomas Hinckley, the grandfather of Thomas Prince, arc 
for the most part printed in the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, 4th series, volume V., but a few manuscripts listed in the appendix of 
the Prince Catalogue are not found in the above volume. Such letters as re- 
late to religious history are listed below: 

Gov. Thomas Hinckley to Rev. Jeremiah Peck. Barnstable, Mar. 23, 

Reply of Peck. Greenwich, Apr. 26, 1681. 
Rev. James Keith to Hinckley. Bridgewater, Sept. i, 1681. 
Rev. Joshua Moodey to Hindcley. Charlestown, Oct. 8, 1681. 
Rev. John Russell to Hinckley. Hadley, Nov. i, 1681. 

Id. to . Hadley, Sept. 19, 1681. 

Rev. Samuel Torrey to Hinckley. Aug. 18, 1681. 

Rev. Samuel Treat to . Eastham, Mar. 21, [1681]. 


These consist of documents in the case of Torrey v. Gardner, 1734, con- 
cerning the " Narragansett lands " or " ministry farm in the Pettaquamscut 
purchase " in Rhode Island. They are catalogued in detail in the Prince 


(Cf. Prince Catalogue,) 

" Dissenters Reasons." [1768.] (Statements concerning the dismission 
of Rev. John Davenport from the pastorate of the New Haven 

" The Singing of Psalmes in setting forth the praises of the Lord." 

" A consideration of the time of beginning of the sabbath prooving that 
it is not at evening but at the midnight morning." June 22, 1638. 

Rev. Richard Mather [ ?] . " Of the Scope of the Revelation ", " A Touch 
of some Aberrations (as I conceyve) in the Discourse entitled 
Scopus Apocalypseos ", 1639. (Imperfect.) 

Id. [?]. Sermon. 

Rev. Dr. Sanderson. Three sermons. 

" Mr. Dudly his answe . . . Mr. Norrice his axioms concerning The Stand- 
ing Counsill." (In shorthand.) 

Massachusetts: Cambridge 65 


John Hull. Commonplace book containing notes of sermons delivered 
by various divines, Sept., 1672- July, 1677. 3 vols. 

Joseph Sewall. Commonplace book. 3 vols. 

Samuel Sewall. Commonplace book containing notes of sermons by va- 
rious divines. 1683- 1709. 5 vols. 
Id. 1710-1719. 4 vols. 

Edward Taylor. " Extracts ", including several sermons. 


Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts. 

The fire-proof vault in Tremont Temple is used as a depository for some 
records and other material of various Baptist organizaticms, besides the ar- 
chives of Tremont Temple itself. 

Records of the Evangelical Benevolent and Missionary Society. 
Records of the Bowdoin Square Baptist Church. 1877-1885. 
Correspondence of the Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society (for- 
merly the Massachusetts Baptist Convention). 


Cambridge, Massachusetts. 


Letters and papers of various presidents of the collie. 

(Tutor) Josiah Flynt's Diary. 

Records of the Harvard College Church. 1814-1881. 

Various records of the Divinity School. 

Records of the Theological Education Society. 


Minutes of the First Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church, 
held at Gorham, Maine, June 13, 1844. 

Memorandum by Rev. Jacob Cushing of the Association of Ministers in 
and about Cambridge. 1 776- 1 779. 

Address of Jacob Cushing and two others (report of committee) to the 
Convention of Ministers of Massachusetts upon the importance of 
a regular course of study for the ministry. Apr. 28, 1789. 

Records of the HoUis Street Church, Boston. 1732-1809. 

Records of the meetings of the teachers of the Hollis Street Sunday 
School. 1832-1845; 1852-1854. 

Letter of the First Church, Salem, to Rev. Abiel Abbot and the First Ec- 
clesiastical Society in Coventry ; n. d. 

The manuscripts of twelve of the Dudleian lectures, 1835- 1857, are to be 
found here. 


Jeremiah Dummer. Diary. 1709-1711. 

Joseph Eckley. Commonplace book. 1782-1810. 2 vols. 

66 Massachusetts: Cambridge 

Perez Fobes. Diary. 1759-1760. 
Justus Forward. Journal. 1767. 
Caleb Gannett. Diary. 1777-1782. 2 vols. 

Joseph B. Gross. Miscellaneous papers, political, moral, and theological. 
Rev. John Hancock. Commonplace book. [1687.] 
Waldo Higginson. Diary. 1834-1858. 6 vols. 
Samuel Willard. Commonplace book. 

Henry Qarke Wright. Fragments of diaries, 1832, 1835, 1845, 1847, 
1848. Also journal and commonplace books. 31 vols. 


Bishop John Ettwein. Three letters to Benjamin Trumbull, containing 
account of origin and history of the Moravian churches. 1793, 1800, 


William Adams. 1678-1684. 

William Brattle. Notes of sermons delivered in Cambridge. Aug. 6^ 

1699-Apr. 14, 1700. 
Benjamin Caryl. Six sermons. 1771-1794. 
Jacob Cushing. Three sermons. 
Samuel Eaton. One sermon. 1798. 
Jonathan Fisher. Six sermons in shorthand. 
Moses Fisk. One sermon. 1763. 
Josiah Flynt. i67[?]. 
Justus Forward. One sermon. 1762. 
Henry Gibbs. Fragment of sermon. 
Edward Holyoke. Two sermons. 
Joseph Lathrop. One sermon. 1776. 
Samuel MacQintock. One sermon. 
Charles Morton. Notes of Fast sermon. Boston, 1690. 
Richard Pike. Seven sermons. 1849, 1850. 
Nicholas Sever. Sixty-three sermons. 1709-1722 [?]. 
Seth Storer. Twenty-one sermons. 1733- 1739. 
Isaac Story. One sermon. 1798. 

Benjamin Wadsworth. Twenty-five sermons. 1707-1734. 
Stephen White. Three sermons. 1755, 1764, 1772. 
Samuel Williams. Notes of sermons and lectures. 

Abstracts of sermons preached by Jonathan Mitchel, John Russell, Samuel 
Stow, John Allen, Henry Dunster, and Richard Blinman. 1651-1652. 

Notes in shorthand of sermons preached in Cambridge by Nathaniel 
Gookin, Moody, Bayley, Fox, Cotton Mather, Brattle, Allen, Emer- 
son, and Pike. 1689-1690. 

Notes of sermons and lectures by Cotton Mather. 1690, 1702, 1703. 

Notes of sermons preached in Boston and neighboring towns. 1690, 1699- 

Abstracts of sermons (probably preached in the chapel of Harvard Col- 
lege). 1670-1671. 

Notes of sermons, chiefly those of Rev. Nathaniel Appleton. 1728, 1729. 

Massachusetts: New Bedford 67 


Dedham, Massachusetts. 

The librarian reports only the diary of an early minister, Rev. Samuel Dex- 
ter, 1721-1752, and mentions that two or three of the Dedham churches de- 
posit their early records in the vault of the Historical Society for safety. 


FsiENDs' Meeting-house, Spring and Sixth Streets, New Bedford^ 


The Sandwich Quarterly Meeting consists of four Monthly Meetingfs, vis,: 
Sandwich, Dartmouth, Westport, and New Bedford. Formerly there were 
three other Monthly Meetings, viz.: Nantucket, Nantucket Northern Dis- 
trict, and Pembroke Monthly Meetings. 

Sandwich Quarterly Meeting. 

Some early records of Sandwich Quarterly Meeting are to be found in the 
records of Pembroke Monthly Meeting, listed below : 

G>py of records, made about 1804, containing Records of Sandwich 
Yearly Meeting, 7th Mo. 22, 1679 ff. ; Records of Sandwich Half 
Yearly Meeting, 8th Mo. i, 1683 ff. ; and Records of Sandwich Quar- 
terly Meeting, 3rd Mo. 6, i686-i2th Mo. 14, 1804. 

Records of Sandwich Quarterly Meeting. 1706-1779; 1805-1841 ; 1842- 
1887. 3 vols. 

Records of the Sandwich Quarterly Meeting of Women Friends. 1701- 
1886 (in part a copy) ; 1887-1899. 2 vols. 

Dartmouth Monthly Meeting: 

Copies of records. 1699- 1770; 1770- 1792. 2 vols. (These copies were 
made for the New Bedford Monthly Meeting which was set off from 
the Dartmouth Monthly Meeting in 1792.) 
Nantucket Monthly Meeting: 

Records of Men's Meetmg. 1845- 1867. 
Records of Women's Meeting. 1845-1867. 

New Bedford Monthly Meeting: 

Records of the Men's Meeting. 1792-1878. 4 vols. 
Records of the Women's Meeting. 1792-1894. 3 vols. 

Pembroke Monthly Meeting: 

Records of the Men's Meeting. 1741-1801 ; 1831-1876. (An intervening 
volume belongs to the archives, but was not discoverable at the time 
of visitation, Sept., 1907. The first volume contains some early re- 
cords, 1679 ^'9 including some of Sandwich Quarterly Meeting.) 
Records of the Women's Meeting. 1784-1876. 2 vols. 

Sa$ulwich Monthly Meeting: 

Records. 1672-1818. 3 vols. 

Westport Monthly Meeting: 

Records of the Men's Meeting. 1766-1886. 4 vols. 
Records of the Women's Meeting. 1787-1884. 2 vols. 

68 Massachusetts: Pittsfield 


Pittsfield, Massachusetts. 

The librarian of this institution reports that it possesses a valuable collection 
of Shaker manuscriptSi the records of a Quaker church formerly existent in 
(East Hoosac) North Adams, Massachusetts, and some other Quaker records 
and the records of a few local associations, " not very important ". There are 
also about twenty volumes of statistics of churches or other religious bodies 
and about 250 sermons. 

the essex institute, 

Salem, Massachusetts. 

The secretary reports : 

The records of the following Salem churches : 

East Oiurch. 1707-1874. 

Branch or Howard Street Church. 1805-1832. 

Independent Congregational or Barton Square Church. 1824-1898. 

First Church. 1629-1812. (Copy.) 
Fourteen folio scrap-books of papers ( i8oo-r. 1900) of the New England 

Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians. 
Historical sketches of a few local churches. 
Diaries of the following ministers : 

John Cleaveland, Ipswich. 1742, 1746, 1749, 1750. 

Samuel Chandler, Gloucester. 1746-1758. 

John Lewis Russell, Salem. 1845- 1868. 

Joseph Green, Salem Village now Danvers. 1700-1714. 
Several thousand sermons. 


TuFTS College, Massachusetts. 

Records of the " Conference of Ministring Brethren Belonging to the 
Convention of the four New England States and others". 181 1- 

Records of the First Universalist Church of Christ, with Records of the 
Society. 1826-1866. 2 vols. 

Records and other papers of the First Universalist Society of Boston. 

Autobiographical letter of O. A. Brownson. 
Two miscellanies books of Hosea Ballou, 2d. 
Letter of John Murray and George Richards. 
Letters, papers, and sermons of Edward Turner. 
Sermons of the Rev. Messrs. Pitt Morse and Thomas Jones. 


WoBURN, Massachusetts. 

The librarian reports the records of the First Church of Christ in Wobum, 
1756-1847, with copy of the same, and the copy of the record (original burned) 
of baptisms and admissions to the church in Burlington, Massachusetts. 

New Hampshire: Concord 69 


39 Salisbury Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. 

The librarian rq)orts that their library possesses more than two hundred 
manuscript sermons, chiefly 1733- 1780, with a few of later date. About 
150 of them are by Rev. Dr. Samuel Cooper of Boston, [1730-1779] ; others 
are by Rev. Messrs. Crane of Northbridge, Hall of Sutton, and Nathan Fiske 
of Brookfield. 


Olivet, Michigan. 

This library is the depository of the Michigan Congregational Association, 
and possesses historical sketches of about twenty-five local Congregational and 
Presbyterian churches, the minutes of proceedings of two local conferences, 
the records of a few ministerial trials, and some miscellaneous correspondence. 


New Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota. 

The librarian reports that this society has in its collection some manuscript 
histories of Minnesota churches, a large series of diaries, note-books, and cor- 
respondence of Rev. Richard Hall of St. Paul, who came as a Congregational 
missionary in 1850, hundreds of biographical sketches of Minnesota pastors, 
and a few sermons, including some of Rev. E. G. Gear, first Episcopalian pas- 
tor and chaplain at Fort Snelling, 1838-1858. 


Springfield, Missouri. 

The librarian reports a few records of local churches, presumably Congre- 
gational, and associations. 


Concord, New Hampshire. 

The librarian reports the following items in the collection of this society. 
Most of the material is related to the history of Congregational churches. 


History of the Belknap Association. 

Records of the Derry Association. 

Records of the Haverhill and Derry Association. 

Records of the HoUis Association. 1762-1898. 4 vols. 

Records of the Hopkinton Association. 

70 New Hampshire: Concord 

Records of the Manchester Association. 

Records of the Ecclesiastical Convention of New Hampshire. 1800-1843. 
Records of the Hillsborough Conference. 6 vols. 
Notes on the ministers and churches of Grafton County. 
Historical sketch of the Congregational and Presbyterian churches in 
Hillsborough County Conference. 

Local Churches. 

Records of the following churches, in each case the Congregational churdi 
in the town mentioned unless otherwise indicated. 

Bridge water. Kingston, Second. 1738- 1772. 

Deei^eld. Londonderry. 1797- 1809. 

Epsom. 1761-1774. Loudon and Chichester, 1780-1782. 

Gilsum. Pembroke, Presbyterian Parish. 

Henniker. 1774-1807. 

Hopkinton. 1758 ff. 2 vols. Thornton. 

Historical sketches of the following churches, in each case the Congrega- 
tional church in the town mentioned unless otherwise indicated. There are 
also a few miscellaneous documents relating to other local churches, generally 

Concord, East Church. Rochester. 

Concord, West Church. Stratford Baptist Church. 

Danbury. Stratham. 

East Alstead. Wakefield. 

Goffstown. West Lebanon. 

Henniker. Westmoreland. 

Kingston. Wolfeborough. 
New Hampton. 


Sketches of early ministers in New England, by John Farmer. 

Sermons of Rev. Timothy Upham. 22 vols. 

Sermons of some minister not yet identified. I746-I784. 


Hanover, New Hampshire. 

The manuscript material here relates chiefly to the history of Congrega- 
tional churches and ministers in New England, throwing much light on local 
conditions, especially in Connecticut. There are some miscellaneous papers, 
which are listed first below; there are two small collections, the Whitaker 
Papers and the Fletcher Collection, and two relatively large collections, both 
of which are indexed by card catalogue, the Eleazar Wheelock Manuscript 
Collection and the David McClure Papers, all of which are listed in some 
detail below. 

New Hampshire: Hanover Yl 


Letters missive for councils. Windham, Vermont, Second Church, 1770 ; 
Barnard, Vermont, Nov., 1802. 

Minutes of ecclesiastical councils. 
Massachusetts: Braintree, Sept 22, 23, 1807. 

Vermont: Barnard, Aug. 9, 1808; Barre, Feb. 25, 1807; Brooksfield, 
Dec. 8, 9, 1807 ; Chelsea, Apr. 29, 1805, Sept 29, 1807 ; Hartland, 
Sept 26, 1804 (with letter from the Congregational Church in Hart- 
land to the council) ; Randolph, Aug. 17, 1803, Jan. 10, Sept 11, 
1810; Rochester, June 18, 181 1; Thetford, Jan. 3-5, 1816; Tun- 
bridge, May 9, 1820; Waterbury, Aug. 31, Sept. i, 1803; no place, 
no date (case between Enoch Emerson and Rev. Luther J. Blodget). 

Notice of withdrawal of fellowship from a member by " The Churdi of 
Baptized Christians in Fairfax ". Oct 13, 1817. 

Four papers concerning the ordination of Oliver Noble, Coventry. 1758. 

Journal of Rev. John Sergeant, missionary of the Society in Scotland for 
Propagating Christian Knowledge, to the Stockbridge Indians (after 
their removal to Wisconsin). Jan., 1804- June, 1824, passim. 15 

Letters and papers relating to Rev. Tilton Eastman, c. 1830. 

Over 500 sermons by Rev. Asa Burton, Thetford, Vermont. 1776- 1828. 

About 100 sermons by Professor Roswell Shurtleff. 1794-1820. 

Miscellaneous Letters. 

Samuel C. Allen to Hon. Salma Hale. Jan. 8, 1822. 

Asa Burton to Tilton Eastman. Thetford, Jan. 23, i8i6. 

Jeremiah Evarts to Kiah Bailey. Dec. 31, 1828. 

Cutting Marsh to Rev. Dr. John Codman, secretary of the Boston Board 
of Commissioners of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christ- 
ian Knowledge (Wisconsin). Apr., May 2, Aug. i and 11, 1831; 
Feb. I, Aug. I, 1833. 


This consists of approximately four thousand letters and other papers re- 
lated directly or indirectly to Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, the founder of Dart- 
mouth College. There are letters by him and letters to him, letters and other 
papers relating to Indian missions, Moor's Charity School, the early history 
of Dartmouth College, the ministerial work of Wheelock, local religious af- 
fairs and conditions. Wheelock was for about thirty-five years pastor of the 
Congregational Church at Lebanon, Connecticut, so the letters reflect many 
of the religious conditions in that state. A number of the letters have been 
published in full or in abstract in Chase's History of Dartmouth College and 
Hanover, N. H., in McClure's Memoirs of the Rev. Eleasar Wheelock, and in 
Love's Samson Occam. According to Chase ( I. 557) , the papers of Wheelock 
passed into the possession of his son, John Wheelock, and then to the latter's 
son-in-law. Rev. William Allen, who was also executor of John Wheelock's 
estate. Some papers and letters later than the time of Eleazar Wheelock, who 
died Apr. 24, 1779, ^^ accumulated in the family and have remained with 

Y2 New Hampshire: Hanover 

the collection, the greater part of which was ultimately transferred into the 
possession of Dartmouth Q)llege by the courtesy of the children of Rev. Wil- 
liam Allen. 

The papers in the Wheelock Collection are arranged at the library in chrono- 
logical order ; in the card index, the contents are fairly completely calendared ; 
there is also a cross-reference catalogue of names. In the following analysis 
only such manuscripts are listed as come within the scope of the Inventory ; 
there is considerable material bearing upon political and social conditions. 

Letters and Papers pertaining to the Foundation of Moor's Charity 
School and Related Religious and Educational Work 

among the indians. 

Several manuscripts, e, g., " A Narrative of the ori^nal Design, Rise, 
Progress, and present State of the Indian Chanty School in Leb- 
anon ", " Continuation of the Narrative ", " Some Minutes of Oc- 
currences ", etc., underlying A Plain and Faithful Narrative of the 
Indian Charity School, which is printed. 

Deed for transfer of land. 1755. 

Subscription list for enlarging endowment. 1755. 

Four papers in r^ard to charter. 1758. 

Memorandum by Wheelock of " Proposals to be made to the Honorable 
Commissioners ". 1759. 

Minutes of action of Boston Commissioners. Nov. 12, 1756. 

Journal letter of Theophilus Chamberlain, in detail of the progress of 
mission work. (Upper Mohawk Castle.) 

Account of mission to Catawba Indians. 1774. 

Account of the life and religious beliefs of Joseph Johnson ; also frag- 
ment of a diary, Nov., 1771-Jan. 2, 1772, giving an account of re- 
ligious meetings at Mohegan and the spiritual crisis through which 
Johnson passed at the time. 

Cf, also the Wheelock Correspondence below. 

Papers relating to Samson Occom. 

Diaries. 1743- 1789. 19 vols. (These are to a large extent printed in 
Love's Samson Occom and the Christian Indians of New England,) 

Receipts and expenses. 1761. 

Recommendations of Occom by Samuel Buell and James Brown. 1758. 

Reports of correspondents for New Jersey in proposed ordination of 
Occom. Elizabethtown, Oct. 4, 1758. 

Letters of Occom to Eleazar Wheelock. Nov. 12, 1756 (fragment) ; 
Jan. 14, 1760. 

Letters of Wheelock to Occom. Sept. 6, 1749 ; Jan. 7, 1757. 

A. Oliver to [Occom]. Boston, Nov. 14, 1758. 

Eleven sermons of Occom and a few fragmentary notes. 

Material relating to Rev. Eleazar Wheelock. 

Miscellaneous accounts and memoranda concerning his salary. 1731- 

New Hampshire: Hanover 78 

BHl of sale of negro " manservant " to Wheelock, 1743 ; deed of transfer 

of slave to Wheelpck, Feb. 7, 1757. 
Petition to Wheelock to preach at Sharon. May 10, 1742. 
Petition to Wheelock for printing sermon. Oct. 28, 1742. 
Charges brought against Wheelock. May 6, 1755. 
Objections to the memorial of Wheelock. 1758. 

Papers relating to the church and North Society at Lebanon, Connecticut, 

Copy of action with regard to call of Wheelock. Feb. 24, 1735. 

Notice of meeting to elect members to General Convention. Oct. 30, 

Letter of Wheelock to parish. Windsor, 1743. 

Trials of members. June 18, 1746; Dec. 30, 1747; Jan. 11, 1747/8. 

Questions addressed by Wheelock in an " Ecclesiastical and Spiritual " 
inquiry. Apr. 11, 1751. 

Wheelock to the voters of the North Society. Nov. 21, 1757. 

Id, to " The 2nd Society in Lebanon ". Dec. 14, 1757. 

Papers relative to Wheelock's salary. 1735, 1737-1746, 1758, 1759. 

Letter of resignation. 1766. 
Two permits, issued by Wheelock, allowing Sunday travel. 1770, 1772. 
Communication to Wheelock from town of Moultonborough. Apr. 28, 

Id, from inhabitants of Longmeadow. June 5, 1775. 

122 sermons by Wheelock. 

Letters by Eleazar Wheelock: 

(These are chiefly from Lebanon, Connecticut.) 
Dennys de Berdt July 22 1758 ; Sept. 8, 1763. 
Col. Jonathan Chase. Apr. 12, 1779. 
Charles Chauncey. Mar. 13, 1769. 
Capt. Joseph Clark. Jan. 23, 1739 ; May 9, 1758. 

ames Davenport Nov. 15, 1756. 

President] Davies. Nov. 16, 1759. 
: lev. Dr. Finley. Apr. 25, 1766. 
Gov. Fitch. July 28, 1759. 
Thomas Foxcroft. June 18, 1761. 
Col. D. Henchman. Sept. 20, Dec. 30, 1756. 
Id, and Boston Commissioners. Feb., 1756. 
Elisha Hutchinson. July 6, 1776. 
Samuel Johnson. Dec. 4, 1766. 
Sir William Johnson. July 12, 1756. 
Robert Keen. Apr. 5, 1769. 
Samuel Kirtland. Dec. 16, 1763. 
Benjamin Lord. Mar. 18, Dec. 7, 1759. 
David McQure. [Hanover], Feb. 23, Mar. 17, 1775. 

A. Oliver. Nov. 9, 1757; J^- 3i> ^7^- 

Lieut. Eph. Peas. Jan. 26, 1764. 

Ebenezer Pemberton. Oct. 23, 24, 1759; Feb. i, 1760. 

Thomas Seymour. Feb. 24, 1756. 

William Smith. Feb. 20, 1760. 

Joseph Strong and Samuel Parker. Feb. 2, 1753. 

Thacher. June 29, 1764. 


74 New Hampshire: Hanover 

John Thornton. Dartmouth Collie, Feb. 23, 1775. 

Col. Trumblc. Dec. 4, 1759. 

Benjamin Trumbull, Apr. 20, 1775. 

Rev. Messrs. Wellman, Olcott, and Potter. Apr. 17, 1776. 

Wheelock (his parents). Dec i, 1733 ; 1743. 

Mrs. Wheelock (his wife). New Haven, June 28, 1742. 

John Wheelock. Jan. 30, Nov. 8, Dec. 5, 1768. 

Nathanael Whitaker. Dec. 12, 1765. 

George Whitcfield. Mar. i, 1756 ; Sept. 18, 1758; Nov. 3, 1759; Aug. 

27, 1764. 
Samuel Whitman. Dec. 27, 1741. (Copy.) 
Stephen Williams. July 2, 1736 ; June 9, 1740; Feb. 3, 1741/2 ; Aug. 

31, 1742 ; Nov. 21, 1743 ; July 2, 1744 ; July 29, 1749 ; Nov. 1 1, I7S4* 
Francis Woster. Aug. 6, 1768. 

^ 1756. 

Separatists at Enfield. Mar. 26, 1768. 

Wheelock et al. to Benjamin Avery. Mar. 4, 1756. 
Wheelock, Samuel Mosely, and Benjamin Pomeroy to George White- 
field. Feb. 25, 1756. 
Id. to Connecticut Assembly. Hartford, May 2, 1758. 

Letters to Wheelock: 
" A." [New Haven], Mar. 28, 1743. 
Mat. Adgate. [New Canaan], June 24, 1776. 
Timothy Allen. 

New London, Feb. 27, 1743. 

Southold, Nov. 26, 1744 ; May 2, 1745. 

Plainfield, Mar. 19, I7i5s. 
Susanna Anthony. 

Newport, Jan. 15, 1743 ; Aug. 22, Sept. 26, 1744; Jan. 20, 1745 ; Feb. 
12, 1746. 

New London, Aug. 23, 1743. 
David Avery. Connecticut Hall, Oct. 30, 1767 ; Nov. 25, 1771. 
Jonathan Barber. Groton, Oct. 31, 1758. 
J. Bellamy. Bethlehem, Dec. 21, 1742. 

Dennys de Berdt. London, Feb. 28, 1757 ; May 6, 1758 ; Mar. 24, 1759* 
Daniel Bliss. Concord, Mar. 22, 1742 [?]. 
Eliza Brain. Bristol, Sept 4, 1766. 
John Brainerd. 

Brunswick, Mar. 23, 1757. 

Newark, Apr. 25, Dec. 15, 1758. 
Samuel Buell. 

Boston, Apr. 20, 1742. 

Easthampton, Oct. 17, 1758; May 7, 1759. 
Eden Burroughs. Killingly, Feb. 9, 1769. 
Benjamin Cary. Providence, Nov. 8, 1741 ; Sept. 10, 1742. 
Id, et al. Jan. 20, 1764. 
Benagali Case. Woodbury, Oct. 25, 1741. 
Theophilus Chamberlain. June 10, 1765. 

South Hadley, June 25, 1765. 

Kanajohre, July 29, 1765. 

New Hampshire: Hanover 76 

Butlers Bury, Jan. 5, 1767. 
Captain Jos. Qark. Lebanon, May 2, May 15, 1758. 
Thomas Qark. Albany, Apr. 29, 1765. 
John Cofran. Nov. 25, 1741. 
Josiah Cotton. Plainfield, Dec. 17, 1741. 
Andrew Crosswell. Sept. 30, 1741. 

Groton, May 3, 1742. 
Eb. D — - — . Windham, Jan. 11, 1744. 
James Davenport. Southold, Oct. 5, 1740. 
Mary Denny. Leicester, Feb. 18, 1769. 
Noah Dewey. Albany, Aug. 4, 1762. 
Reuben Ely. Springfield, Mar. 4, 1741. 
Thomas Foster. Plymouth, Nov. 24, 1758. 
N. French. Plainfield, Aug. 13, 1744. 
Levi Frisbie. Mar. 12, 1768 ; Apr. 15, 1775. 
William Gaylord. 

NorwaUc, Nov. 24, 1740, Feb. 16, 1743. 

Wilton, Oct. 16, 1764. 
John Graham. Southbury, Feb. 12, 1742. 
Eben Gray. Lebanon, Jan. 24, 1745. 
Elisha Gunn. South Hadley, June 26, 1765. 
Jeremiah Halsey. Nassau Hall, Mar. 26, 1764; Apr. 4, 1765. 
Daniel Henchman. Boston, July 30, 1756. 
Samuel Hopkins. Great Barrington, Dec. 5, 1766. 
David Huntington. Marlborough, Nov., 1776. 
Hannah Huntington. Feb. 4, 1741. 

Norwich, June 3, 1741 (fragment). 
Hezekiah Huntington. Sept. 30, 1741. 
Joseph Huntington. Sept. 28, 1775. 
Thomas Huntington. Mar. 15, 1731. 
Elijah Hutchinson. Southold, Dec. 15, 1744. 
John Hutchinson. Salisbury, Aug. 9, 1743. 
Jacob Johnson. Groton, Feb. 3, 1757. 
Samuel Johnson. Suffield, Sept. 8, 1741 ; Sept. 24, 1741. 
Sir William Johnson. Sept 19, I7i67. 
Rev. Mr. Johnson. Groton, Mar. 3, 1766. 
Jonathan Kingsley. Woodstock, Mar. 14, 1765. 
Ebenezer Leach. Coventry, Aug. 4, 1762. 
Captain John Lee. Dec. 5, 1740. 
John Lee. 

East Lyme, Apr. 20, May 7 and 8, 1741. 

Windham, Sept. 18, 1741. 

Lyme, Nov. 29, 1742. 
James Lesley. Oct. 20, 1763. 
Sarah LifFord. Newport, Oct. 17, 1742. 
Caleb Loo[ — ] et al. Guilford, July 18, 1743. 
David McClure. Nov. 27, 1767; Mar. 3, 1775. 
John Maltby. 

New Haven, Jan. 27, 1744. 

Newark, Mar. 15, 1750. 
John Marsh. Bellingham, June 11, 1742. 
Jonathan Martin. Windham, Apr. 27, 1741. 

76 Nezv Hampshire: Hanover 

Samuel Maxwell. Newport, May 6, 1742. 

Jedadiah Mills. Sept., 1741. 

David Moore. Newport, May 6, 1742. 

Robie Morrill and George Jackman. June 21, 1777. 

Alexr. Mowbray. Edin [borough]. May 14, 1768. 

Judah Nash. Montague, May 2, 1765. 

John Norton. Falltown, Sept. 7, 1742. 

Andrew Oliver. Boston, Dec. 13, 1756; Mar. 15, 1760. 

Sarah Osborne. Newport, May 5, 1742. 

Thomas Paine. Lebanon, Aug., 1758. 

Jonathan Parsons. L^e, Apr. 21, 1741. 

William Patten. Halifax, June 25, 1759; Oct. 30, 1764; June 22, 1766; 

Apr. 13, 1767. 
Moses Peck. Boston, July 20, 1759; Feb. 5, 1760. 

B. Phelps. Aug. 10, 1769. 

James Pierpoint et al. Nov. 24, 1742. 

Benjamin Pomeroy. Hebron, Nov. 23, 1740 ; July 2, 1743. 

Ralph Pomeroy. Nottingham, Pennsylvania, [Jan. i], 1760. 

Elisha Porter. Oct. 11, 1775. 

Peter Reynolds. [Enfield], Feb. 20, 1768. 

Thomas and James Reeve. Southold, Nov. 21, 1744. 

Silvanus Ripley. Mar. 12, 1768. 

Daniel Russel. Stepny, Jan. 7, 1741. 

Henry Sherburne. Portsmouth, Nov. 29, 1764. 

Sarah Simon. 1769. 

C. J. Smith. New Windsor, Aug. 6, 1764 ; Sept. 7, 1764. 
John Smith. Boston, Apr. 25, 1763. 

Titus Smith. Mar. 29, 1765. 

Cherry Valley, July 23, 1765. 
William Smith. New York, Aug. 6, 1755. 
Joseph Snow, jr. [Providence], Jan. 31, 1745. 
Jon. Stebbins. Longmeadow, Mar. 2, 1743. 
C. A. Stiles. Jan. 5, 1734. 
Peter Thacher. Middleborough, Nov. 2, 1741. 
Eldad Tupper. Sandwich, June 21, 1740. 
Ebenezer Wales. Windham, June i, 1741. 
Abiel Wallcy. Boston, Sept. 4, 1757. 
Ralph Wheelock. Dec. 30, 1763. 
N. Whitaker. Aug. 23, 1763. 
Sarah Whitaker. Norwich, Jan. 23, 1766. 
Henry Willes. Mar. 16, 1742 [?]. 

Norwich, Aug. 22, 1743. 
Solomon Williams. Lebanon, Oct. 25, 1740 ; May 8 and 22, July 17, 1741 ; 

June 2, 1742 ; Oct. 20, 1744 ; Nov. 12, 1764. 
Stephen Williams. Longmeadow, July 18, 1740 ; Mar. 16, June 11, 1741 ; 

Jan. 20, Feb. 21, Mar. 8, July 25, 1764 ; Jan. 24, 1766. 
Hannah Winslow. Boston, May 6, 1764. 
Scth Young. Hartford, May 22, 1741. 

Letters to Wheelock and Others: 

Timothy Allen to Wheelock and Pomeroy. Guilford, Dec. 28, 1741. 
Jacob Elliot to Joseph Meacham and Wheelock. Pomfret, Aug. 25, 1741. 
Jos. Fish to Benjamin Pomeroy and Wheelock. 1743. 

Neiv Hampshire: Hanover 77 

Miscellaneous Letters. 

Timothy Allen "To the Church of Christ in the Crank". [Norwich], 
June 22, 1743. 

David Brainerd to . Crosweeksung, New Jersey, Dec. 30, 1745. 

Eden Burroughs to Thomas Worcester. Jtdy 19, 1816. 

R. C. to Rev. Dr. Hind. Mar. 9, 1773. 

James Davenport to " Very Dear Sister ". Southold, Oct. 5, 1740. 

Id. to Daniel Tuthill [Tuttle], Lyme, Aug. 24, 1742. 

Timothy Dickinson to Jacob Cram. HoUiston, Nov. 9, 1789. 

Jo[hn] Kemp to [Jedidiah] Morse. Edin [burgh], Mar. i, 1803. 

Mary Loomis to Benjamin Pomeroy. Orford, Feb. 12, 1769. 

John Maltby to his parents. Nov. 18, 1742. 

Id. to his father. Dec. 28, 1743. 

Sarah Prince to Rebekah and Sarah Denny. Boston, May 15, 1741. 

Silvanus Ripley to Presbyterian Committee at Boscawen. Mar. 2(5, 1778. 

Daniel Rogers to . Boston, Apr. 21, 1742. 

S. Smith to John Smith. Philadelphia, June 20, 1765. 

no. Todd to " a Correspondent in London ". July 29, 1768. 

ames Wheelock to John Wheelock. Apr. 21, Aug. 15, 1806. 

ohn Wheelock to John Phillips. Jan., 1782. 
John White to Jacob Cram. June 23, 1788. 

Stephen Williams to . Apr. 15, 1741. 

to . Jan. 8, 1740. 

Miscellaneous Papers. 

Protest against having the Church of England send bishops to America 
who should have any jurisdiction over nonconforming churches. 
(Endorsed in Wheelock's hand : " Form of a Letf. to Europe drawn 
by the Congress, 1767 ".) 
Letters missive for council. 
Killingly, Apr. 22, 1755. 
Windham, Apr. 3, 1770. 
Minutes of a meeting of the pastors of six churches. Halifax, Aug. 20, 

Four papers concerning ordination of Oliver Noble. Coventry, 1758. 

Recommendation of Experience Estabrodcs by Grafton Presbytery. Aug. 

II, 1777. 

Records of a meeting of Grafton Presbytery. Norwich, Vermont, Oct. 

7» 1794. 
Papers relating to Hanover, New Hampshire, and the churches there» 

Copy of notice of the Proprietors of the Meeting-house in the Vicinity 
of Dartmouth Collie to Rev. John Smith. Dec, 1797. 

Minutes of meetings of the Church of Christ at Dartmouth College. 
Mar. 9, 1804; Mar. 20, 1806. 

Package of papers relating to Rev. John Smith, including minutes of 
an ex parte council. [Apr. 17], 1805. 

Papers concerning dispute between the two churches at Hanover. 1807,. 
1810, 1811. 

Communication of a committee of the Church in the Vicinity of Dart- 
mouth College to the Lon[don]derry Presbytery. July 5, 181 1. 

78 New Hampshire: Hanover 

Statement of Hebron Committee regarding salary of Mr. Pomeroy. Nov. 

28, 1757. 

Statement by John Fuller of his disapproval of the Separatists. Plain- 
field, Feb. 2, 1769. 

Statement by Thomas Huntington as to his cxmversion. May 28, 1769. 

Proposal of method to settle church difficulty in New Haven. Sept 9, 

Resolution of council of ministers at ordination of Charles Jeffrey Smith. 

Lebanon, June 30, 1763. 
Minutes of meeting of Windham Society. Aug. 20, 1740. 
Letters of advice from Wheelock to congregation at Woodstock, Dec., 

1764 ; to people of Canaan Parish in Stamford, Apr. 15, 1767. 


These consist of letters and other papers of Rev. David McQure, the bio- 
grapher of Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, and approximate two thousand manu- 
scripts. The collection has recently been arranged and indexed by card 

Writings op McClure. 

Diary kept during a two months' trip to Maine and Boston, with a list 

of books. 1799. (The MS. journal of McQure, 1766- 1819, has 

been privately printed.) 
" Attempts to evangelize the Heathen." 
Account of the settlement of Connecticut by Rev. Mr. Hooker, Rev. Mr. 

Wareham, etc. 
A form of admission into the church. 
Historical notes: the work of John Smith, of Rev. C. J. Smith; Dr. 

Wheelock's designs for helping the negroes ; Caleb Watt. 
Questions relating to church affairs. 
Scraps of church history. 
Bundle of sermons. 

Papers relating to McClure. 

Statement as to financial indebtedness for education. Dec. 8, 1769. 

Bill to the Charity School for services. Apr. 20, 1772. 

Ordination credentials of McQure and Levi Frisbie. May 20, 1772. 

Papers relating to McQure's ministry in Pennsylvania. 1772, 1773. 

Call extended by church in Colerain. Feb. 23, 1774. 

Genealogical data of the McQure family, with record of McQure's 

preaching at various places. 
List of pupils instructed by McQure between 1769 and 1820. 
Recommendation of McQure by President John Wheelock. Dartmouth 

College, Sept. 21, 1784. 
Hymn for the Rev. David McQure. 

Letters op McClure. 

Gen. Armstrong. 1788. 
Mr. Brown. July 22, 1792. 

New Hampshire: Hanover 79 

J. Caldwell. Portsmouth, Dec. i, 1777. 

Gov. Dinzy of Saba. East Windsor, May 23, 1791. 

George Duffield. n. d. 

Mrs. H. McQure. Boston, June 3, 1799. 

McClure (his brother), n. d. (Draft.) 

Nathan Williams. East Windsor, July 6, 1796. 

Letters to McClure. 

William AUine. Falmouth, June 29, 1784. 

David Avery. June 9, July 30, 1767 (2) ; Aug. 14, 1768; Oct. 12, 1770; 
Feb. II, 1771. 

Southampton, Mar. 25, May 25, 1771. 

Oneida, Dec. 23, 1771. 

Gageborough, May 18, 1774. 

Norwich, May 19, 1777 ; Aug. 30, 1779 ; Aug. 16, 1780. 
Daniel Bell et at. Boston, July i, 1779. 
John Brainerd. Princeton, Apr. 22, 1774. 
Diodate Brockway. Ellington, Feb. 4, 1819. 
David Brooks. New Cheshire, May 6, 1771. 
Jonathan Brown. Newbury Port, Feb. 9, 1791. 
Thomas Campbell. Conoworoharey, Aug. i, 1769. 
Anna Chapin. May, 1797. 
Leonard Chester. Wethersfield, Mar. 9, 1772. 
Asahel Qark, jr. Lebanon, Dec 6, 1768. 
J. Dana. Boston, July 25, 1776. 
Phinehas Dodge. Windham, Mar. 15, 1770. 
E. S. Ely. Philadelphia, Dec. 22, 1817. 
Levi Frisbie. Ipswich, Mar. 28, 1780. 
Samuel Gray. Boston, May 28, 1767. 
Henry Hunter. Boston, Dec. 23, 1802 ; June 21, May 25, 1803 ; Apr. 21, 

John Kneeland. Boston, Nov. 24, 1779; May i, 181 7. 
Joshua Leonard. Ellingfton, July 22, 1792. 
J. Macdintock. Greenland, June 4, 1774. 
Samuel Macdintock. Greenland, June 23, July 10, 1776; Aug. 30, 1787; 

Dec. 27, 1788. 
James Macdure. Portsmouth, June 6, 1776. 
Thomas McQure. 

Newbum, Mar. 15, 1783. 

Bristol, Aug. 15, 1789. 

Boston, 1804; Feb., 1804; Sept. 2 and 7, 1815 ; Mar., June 17, 1819. 
Captain William McClure. Boston, Mar. 21, 1774. 
John McLean. Boston, Sept. 26, 1774; Feb. 8, 1775. 
Simon Morrison. Saba, May 13, 1793. 
John Murray. Mt. Pisgah in Boothbay, Sept. 4, 1771. 
Col. Samuel Nightingale. Providence, July 2, 1776. 
Elijah Parish. Byfield, Apr. 26, May 18, 181 1. 
Jos. Patrick. Blanford, Sept. 6, 1771. 
Samuel Penhallow. Portsmouth, Apr. 3 and 13, May i and 24, June 21 

and 23, 177s ; June 6, July 10 and 22, 1776. 
Isaiah Potter. Enfield, Jan. 18, 1772. 

80 New Hampshire: Hanover 

Silvanus Ripley. 

Quebec, Aug. 27, 1772. 

Halifax, May 13, 1773. 

Newbury, Dec. 14, 1773. 

Ipswich, Dec. 20, 1773 ; Jan. 31, Feb. 19 and 24, 1774. 

Salem, Mar. 28, Apr. 7, 1774. 

Dartmouth College, Jan. 12, 1775. 
David Rowland. Windsor, Dec. 6, 1787. 
Mrs. Phebe Smith. East Windsor, Aug., 1803. 
Simeon Tryon. New Fairfield, July 2, 1770. 
James Wadsworth. Genesee, Oct. 17, 1814. 
Nathan Williams. Tolland, Dec. 11, 1793. 
William Woodbridge. Exeter, Apr. 13, 1786. 
B. Woodward. Dartmouth College, Feb. 20, 1796. 
Phinehas Dodge to David Avery and McClure. Windham, Mar. 4, 1767. 
Bcza Woodward to Avery, McClurc et al. Lebanon, Jan. 30, 1769. 

Miscellaneous Letters. 

David Avery to A. Benedict. Southampton, Mar. 28, 1771. 
Id, to Moses Bradstreet. Newbury Port, Jan. 19, 1779. 
Id. to E. Parsons. Southampton, Mar. 30, 1771. 
John Keep to David Avery. Fishkill, June 17, 1770. 

Delight Lcidd to . Wapping, June 26, 1788. 

[Mrs. David] McClure to Mrs. Tudor. Providence, Jan. 16, 1822. 

Davenport Phelps to . Blanford, Upper Canada, Nov. i, i8oo, 

E. Pomeroy to her cousin, n. d. 

Col. Benjamin Sumner to John Wheelock. Claremont, Oct. 24, 1800. 

Miscellaneous Papers. 

Bundle of manuscript sermons of Eleazar Wheelock. 1739 ff. 

Grant of power of attorney by Eleazar Wheelock to E&vid McQure. 
Lebanon, Aug. 8, 1770. 

" Form of bond ", or certificate of indebtedness of James Dean to Eleazar 
Wheelock. Apr. 6, 1756. 

Report of Committee of Boston Commissioners of the Society in Scot- 
land for Propagating Christian Knowledge on their examination of 
the accounts of Moor's Indian School. Boston, June 11, 1789. 

Statistics of New England churches from 1685 to 1760, and other notes. 

List of ministers and vacancies in the district of Maine. 1800. 

Enumeration of the members of the Ohio Presbytery. 1795. 

Jabez Hamliii. " His BocJc." (Miscellanies.) 1726. 

Sketch by David Avery of his father's life, 1746-1818. Mansfield, Sept. 
II, 1818. 

Verses on Dr. Coleman, by Miss . 

Evening sermons or lectures. [1768.] 

Copy of letter of Quakers to Killbrick. Pennsylvania, May 18, 1772. 

Several certificates of church membership, good standing, etc. 

Chronicle mentioning Wheelock, Johnson, Avery, et al. 1767. 

The doings of an association meeting held Oct. 6, 1795, and of a General 
Association held the preceding June. Windsor, Oct 6, 1795. 

New Hampshire: Hanover 81 

Letters (missive) for councils. 

Ellington, Aug. 15, 1791. 

Glastonbury, Jan. 18, 1797. 

Hartford, Second Church, Mar. 28, 179 1. 

Hebron, June 17, 1788; Oct. 29, 1794. 

Windsor, Apr. 2, 1790; Apr. 6, 1795. 

Wintonbury, Nov. 29, 1791. 
Minutes of councils. 

Dartmouth College, Hanover, May 20, 1772. 

Windsor, Apr. 14, 1795. 

Papers relating to Affairs in the following Churches. 

East Windsor. 

Papers concerning the call and settlement of McQure. 1786. 
Papers concerning discipline within the church. 1792, 1797. 
Various recommendations to membership. 
Invitations to various ordinations, etc., including one to a consociation 

at West Hartford, Dec. i, 1801. 
Papers relating to financial affairs between McQure and the church. 

1794, 1796, 1805, 1807- 
Papers rdating to the termination of his pastorate. 1807, 1809, n. d. 
Ellington. Letter to church in East Windsor. Aug. 15, 1791. 
Hartford. Letter of Second Church to church in East Windsor. Mar. 

28, 1791. 

Papers relating to the call of McQure to the pastorate. Dec, 1785- 

[Feb.], 1786. 
Papers relating to the settlement of Samuel Kellogg as minister. 1788. 
Lebanon. Confession to the church. Sept. 17, 1797. 
North Hampton. Papers relating to McClure's resignation. 1785. 
Orford. Request to McQure to preach. June 27, 1793. 
Portsmouth. Papers relating to call of McQure to pastorate and his 
declination. 1776. (C/. also various letters to McQure of this year.) 
Wintonbury. Papers and letters relating to settlement of William Fow- 
ler Miller as minister. 1791. 


This consists of something over 350 letters, chiefly to Samuel Fletcher, of 
which only those listed below touch upon religious affairs. These are all 
letters to Fletcher from the following : 

George C. Beckwith. Andover, July 5, 1831. 
Henry Bond. Nov. 30, 1825. 
N. Bouton. Nor walk, Connecticut, May 9, 183 1. 
William A. Fletcher. June 22, Sept. 12, 1816. 
A. Foster. Canaan, Apr. 9, 1830. 
H. Herrick. Dartmouth College, Apr. 30, 1833. 
John Kelly. Northwood, May i, 1819. 
John Kent. Boston, July 6, 1822. 
Samuel Lamson, jr. Salem, Nov. 25, 1829. 

J. F. McEwen. Nov. i, 1831. (On same sheet, letter of Mrs. McEwen 
to Mrs. Fletcher.) 

82 New Hampshire: Hanover 

John Rogers. Oct. 30, 1817. 

John W. Shq)ard. Gilmanton, Jan. 19, Mar. 9, Sept. 9, 1818 ; Feb. i and 

26, 1819; Jan. 25, 1821. 
Noah Smith. Andover, Apr. 29, Sept. 9, Dec. 11, 1820. 
Daniel D. Tappan. Franklin, July 15, 1833. 
William G. Webster. Rochester, Apr. 17, 1828. 
Nathanael Wheet Candia, Jan. 4, 1838. 


These letters and papers, consisting chiefly of about 150 letters to Nathan- 
iel Whitaker, were collected by Judge William R. Whitaker of New Orleans 
and, as a memorial to him, were presented to Dartmouth College by Rev. 
George Whitaker, D. D., in 1898. There are a few letters from Whitaker 
during his absence in England in 1766 in the interest of Wheelock's school, 
and a few letters to Whitaker showing the attitude of English people toward 
the enterprise. The letters fall between 1762 and 1772 inclusive. Among the 
papers is Whitaker's " Narrative of Eleazar Wheelock's Indian School. — ^its 
beginning, design, and progress. — Information about Occom and other Indian 
and English Missionaries ". 1766. 


Madison, New Jersev. 

This library protects in its fire-proof vault a large number of letters and 
other papers of considerable importance and interest for the history of Method- 
ism. The archives of the Newark M. E. Conference are deposited here, as are 
also the papers and publications of the Bibliothean Fraternity of Concord Bib- 
lical Institute. 


Stewards' book of. the Elizabethtown Circuit. 1800-1840. 

Records of the Asbury Missionary Society of Carlisle. 1840-1848. 

Papers of Bishop Francis Asbury. 
Private record of ministers. 
Asbury mite list. 1815. 

** Address from the Virginia Conference ... to all their official Breth- 
ren, Local Preachers, Qass Leaders, and Stewards, in their Quar- 
terly Meeting Conferences, in the Destricts and Circuits of their 
Charges." 1805. 

Letter of Thomas Coke to Mr. Rodda. 1788. 

Copy of " William Jessops Journal ". Jan. i-Mar. 11, 1788. 

Journal of John B. Matthias. 

Ordination certificate (parchment) of John W. Roberts as missionary 
bishop for Africa. 1866. 

Several hundred sermons of Rev. Thomas Barrett. 

New Jersey: Madison 88 

The Emory Cottecfion: 

This consists of papers collected by the late Bishop Emory, and comprises 
chiefly letters relating to early Methodism. 

Two letters of Bishop Thomas Coke. 1787, 1801. 

Twenty-four letters of Francis Asbury, including twenty to his parents. 

Letter of John Wesley to " The Rev^ Mr. Asbury ". 1757. 

Letter of Henry Moss to Bishop Asbury. 1793. 

Seven letters to Robert Emory, relating to Bishop Asbury. 1832-1848. 

Thirteen letters to Henry Watters [Waters]. 1775-1789. 

A few other miscellaneous letters. 

Hartwell Papers: 

These consist of the diaries of Joseph Hartwell, 1854-1857, and a scrap- 
book containing some correspondence and newspaper clippings. 

Livingston Papers: 

Most of these papers formerly belonged to Rev. Freeborn Garrettson, his 
wife, and his daughter. 

Diary of the religious life of Catharine [Livingston] Garrettson. 1787- 
1848. 19 vols. 
Copy of same to Dec. 15, 1827. 

Letters of Catharine [Livingston] Garrettson. (Several hundred, con- 
taining numerous references to religious conditions and to early 

Letters of Rev. Freeborn Garrettson, chiefly to Mrs. Garrettson. 

Letters to Rev. Freeborn Garrettson. 

Thirty-six letters of Seymour Landon to Mary Garrettson. 

Eleven letters of Miss Patty Pasca to Miss Catharine Livingston. 

Eleven letters of Miss M. E. Van Ness to Mary Garrettson. 

Sketches of Mrs. Catherine Suckley and of Mrs. Sarah Schuyler, by Mrs. 
Catharine Garrettson. 

Ordination certificates (framed) of Elijah Hedding, as deacon, signed by 
Bishop Whatcoat; as elder, signed by Bishop Asbury; as bishop, 
signed by Bishops McKendree, George, and Roberts. 

Stevens Papers: 

These papers belonged to Rev. Dr. Abel Stevens, the historian of Methodism 
and doubtless have been used in connection with some of his published works. 

Fragments of papers and clippings relating to Methodism. 

Bic^aphical sketch of Rev. Dr. Egerton Rycrson. 

Autobiographical letter of Bishop George C. Pierce, M. E. Church, South. 

Autobiographical sketch of Rev. J. F. Adams. 

Letters of Rev. Dr. Nathan Bangs. 

Wakeley Collection: 

This collection consists of papers, letters, etc., relating to Methodists and 
Methodism, brought together by Rev. James B. Wakeley. 

Two petitions of the M. E. Church of Pittsfield. 1807, 1809. 
Petition (mutilated) of the M. E. Church, Albany, to Bishops Asbury and 

84 New Jersey: Madison 

Petition of the trustees of the M. E. Church, Albany, for a resident 
preacher. 1805. 

Report of committee of John Street M. E. Church, New York, " to in- 
quire into the existing grievances ". 

Petition of members of the M. E. Church, New York, against rebuilding 
the church. 

Petition of the M. E. Church of White Plains to Bishop Asbury in r^;ard 
to District Conference. 1801. 

Minutes of several conversations at the Conference of Methodist Preach- 
ers, Annapolis. 1801. 

Papers relating to the Hick-Heck controversy. 

Collection of love-feast tickets. 1769- 1800. 

Recommendations of several individuals for ordination. 1802, 1815. 

Six letters to Paul Hick. 

Other miscellaneous letters and papers. 

IVakeley Papers: 
These consist of various writings by Rev. James B. Wakeley himself. 

Journal of Rev. James B. Wakeley, chiefly subjects of discourses, 1844- 
1845. Also May 9-26, 1856, with accounts of visits to Rev. Drs. 
George B. Cheever and Stephen H. Tyng. 

Biographical sketches of early Methodist ministers, with some anecdotes. 

Sermons, temperance addresses, etc. 


West Park Street, Newark, New Jersey. 

The librarian reports the following items as bearing upon American re- 
ligious history. 

Rev. Garret C. Schenck. " A History of Pompton Plains and its settlers." 
(This gives also a summary of the history of the Reformed Dutch 
Church in the United States and more especially of Pompton Plains 
and vicinity in New Jersey.) 

Abstracts of records and some books of minutes of some local churches 
and societies. 

Several historical sketches of churches, historical sermons and addresses, 

Considerable biographical and autobiographical material, unclassified. 

Letter giving account of Rev. William Tennent of Freehold, 

Several sermons and sermon-notes. 

A bibliography of New Jersey church histories, comprising upwards of 
two hundred titles, by William Nelson. 


New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The archives of the Reformed Church (formerly known as the Reformed 
Protestant Dutch Church and popularly as the Dutch Reformed Church) are 
located in the Sage Library, Rutgers College, at New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

New Jersey: New Brunswick 86 

Besides the unpublished manuscript mentioned below in the classified list, 
there are located here the transcripts, with translations, of papers relating to 
the Reformed Church in America, which were extracted from the books of 
the Qassis of Amsterdam and copied under the direction of John Romeyn 
Brodhead in 1841, which are printed in Dr. E. T. Corwin's Ecclesiastical Re- 
cords of the State of New York. In the case of some other records listed 
below, the essential parts are printed in Dr. Corwin's Digest of Synodical Leg- 
islation of the Reformed Church in America (1906), while the reports of the 
meetings of the Qasses have usually been printed in the Reformed Church 
periodical press. The reports of the several Classes to the particular (or dis- 
trict) synods to which each has belonged have been printed in the minutes of 
the latter. Each Qassis has its own manuscript records complete from the 
date of its organization ; in 1880, however, the General Synod requested that 
volumes of original minutes not in actual use be deposited for safe-keeping 
in the archives at' New Bnmswick. Not all the Classes have sent in their 
records as yet ; the volumes of Minutes of Classes listed below, at least those 
of Qasses now existing, are merely deposited in these archives. Similarly 
efforts have been made to bring together here the records of such churches 
as have been disbanded, the records themselves remaining the prc^rty of the 
Classes to which those churches belonged. 


File of miscellaneous papers, arranged chronologically, including reports 
of committees and other documents relating to the General Synod. 
1770 to current fUe. 

Proceedings of the committees appointed by the synods of the Low Dutch 
Reformed Church of New York and New Jersey, of the Presbyterian 
Synod of New York and Philadelphia, and of the Associate Re- 
formed Synod, which met at New York, Oct. 5, 1785. 

" Plan of a closer connexion between the Reformed Protestant Dutch 
and German Reformed Churches, adop[t]ed by the Synods of the 
Said Churches ", with minutes of the Triennial Conventions of 1844 
and 1847 held according to the " Plan ". 

Minutes of the committee appointed in 1872 to report on the desirableness 
and feasibility of closer relations with the Southern Presbyterian 

Minutes of the committee appointed in 1873 to take into consideration the 
whole subject of union, federal or organic, and to confer with the 
committees appointed by the General Assemblies, North and South, 
and the Reformed (German) Church. 

Minutes of the Committee on Conference (continued in 1874 to confer 
with other bodies upon plans of co-operation). 

Minutes of the Sabbath School Board of the General Synod, 1859-1862. 
Also minutes of its Executive Committee, 1858- 1862. 

Miscellaneous correspondence of the Board of Domestic Missions. 

Minutes of the Board of Managers of the Missionary Society of the Re- 
formed Dutch Church. 1822-1840. 

86 New Jersey: New Brunswick 

Papers relating to the Theological Seminary. 

Records and documents of the faculty of the Theological Seminary of the 

Reformed Church in America. 
Papers relating to the Centennial, 1884, with autographs of persons in 

Minutes of the Society of Inquiry, 1838-1887, with correspondence of the 


Minutes of Particular Synods. 

Albany. 1800-1874. 
New York. 

Copy of minutes of 1794, 1796-1810. 

Minutes of Gasses. (See introductory note above.) 
Bergen. 1800-1889. 

Cayuga. 1873-18^. (Earlier records have been destroyed by fire.) 
Geneva. 1851-1886. 
Kingston. 1773-1799. 
Long Island. 181 3- 1843. 
North Classis of Long Island. 1843-1887. 
Montgomery. 1800-1883. 
New Brunswick. 181 1-1853, 
New York. 1 773-1893. 
Paramus. 1800-1898. 
Philadelphia. 1814-1901. 
Raritan. 1859-1887. 
Saratoga. 1857-1901. 2 vols. 
Schenectady. 1826-1887. 
Schoharie. 1826-1874. 
South Bergen. 1862-1879. 
Washington. 1836-1857. 
Watervliet. 1845-1857. 

Local Churches. 
New Jersey: 

Hillsborough. Records, account-book, legal documents, correspondence, 
etc., of the Millstone Protestant Reformed Dutch Church. (These 
are in a chest deposited in the archives.) 
Readington. Minute-book and church records. 1719-1870. 
Six Mile Run. Baptismal records. 1743-1805. 

New York: 

Geneva. Reformed Dutch Church. Consistory records. 1832-1859. 

(This contains a " History of the Church " copied from 's 

History of Ontario County, with "Additional Memoranda, 1833- 
1880", and "A Continuation of the Church History" to 1886.) 
Record of Spiritual Consistory, 1857-1885. Also record of mem- 
bership. (In Dutch.) 
Kingston. Sundry papers relating to the Dutch Reformed Church. 
Neshaminy. Correspondence concerning the securing of a minister. 

1733-1737- (7 letters.) 
New York City. 
Central Reformed Dutch Church. Minutes of Consistory, 1856-1860, 
preceded by an historical sketch and records of the organization 
of the church. Also register of members. 

New Jersey: New Brunswick 87 

Greenwich Church. 

Minutes of the Consistory. 1803-1818 ; 1825- 1866. 

Minutes of the Spiritual Consistory. 1815-1857. 

Register of membership, baptisms, etc. 
Holland Church. 

Minutes. 1866-1899. 

Record of members, baptisms, etc. 
Manhattan Reformed Church. 

Minutes of Consistory. 1829-1873. 3 vols. 

Membership-book, with list of baptisms and marriages. 
Market Street Reformed Church. A trunk containing church records 

and other documents is deposited in the archives. 
Mt. Pleasant Church, Third Avenue. Minutes of Consistory. 1846- 

New South Dutch Church. 

Minutes. 1837-1875. 

Minutes of Consistory. 1837-1862. 

List of members, baptisms, and marriages. 
Reformed Dutch Church, Green and Houston Streets. Minutes of 

Consistory. 1850- 1858. 
St. Paul's Reformed Dutch Church. 

Minutes of the Consistory. Apr. 14, 1872-Apr. 16, 1873. 
Twenty-first Street Church. 

Minutes of the Consistory. 1836-1865. 

Minutes of the Spiritual Consistory. 1836-1871. 
Union Reformed Church. Minutes of the Spiritual Consistory. 1859- 
North and South Hampton. (This was a Dutch Reformed Church, but 

it was in the Pennsylvania Cbetus (German Reformed) until 1772.) 
Records of the Congregation, with letters grouped as " Church Papers, 

1 704- 1 772 ". 
Scrap-books entitled " Legal Papers, 1738 " and " Church Papers, 

1774-1886 ". 
Subscription list for building the Low Dutch Church in Southampton, 

with receipts. 
Indenture concerning church land. Jan. 18, 1739. 
Letter of Rev. John Arondeus to the Consistory. July 26, 1743. 
Letter of Rev. G. H. Dorsius from Amsterdam to nis consistory. Aug. 

i» 1743- 

Letter of the Consistory of Southampton to the Synod of South Hol- 
land. 1743. 

Letter of the Dutch Reformed Congregation at Bucks County, contain* 
ing new call to Dorsius. 1743. 

Call given to Dorsius. 1744. 
Richmond, Staten Island. 

Minutes of Consistory, 1854-1885. 

Minutes of Spiritual Consistoiy. 1850-1881. 

Records of services, membership, baptisms, and marriages. 


Letters relating to Rev. G. H. Dorsius. (See North and South Hampton 

88 New Jersey: New Brunswick 

Journal of Van Vleck. 1 719- 1739. 

Miscellaneous letters in Dutch. 1706-1786. 

Papers relating to the appeal of Rev. S. Kosker, Classis of Iowa. 1905. 

Manuscripts in these Archives relating to the German Reformed 


The following list is based chiefly upon a private catalogue made originally 

by Dr. E. T. Corwin, to which additions were made by Professor W. J. Hinke 

(Corwin-Hinke List). Some of the documents are found only in the Brod- 

head transcripts. Such as are printed in Dr. Corwin's Ecclesiastical Records 

are not listed here. 

Deputies' extract of Coetus acts and letter of May 2, 1776. (Dutch.) 
Notes of deputies on acts and letters of Coetus of 1776. 1777. (Dutch.) 


Classis of Amsterdam to John Philip Boehm. Oct. 19, 1731. 

Id. to the Coetus of Pennsylvania. June 2, 1749 ; Apr. 2, 1753. 

Id. to John B. Rieger. June 16, 1746. 

Id. to C. L. Schnorr. June 16, 1746. 

Coetus of Pennsylvania to Coetus of New York. 1752. (Abstract of this 
is printed in Acts and Proceedings of the Reformed Protestant Dutch 
Church in North America, vol. I., p. Ixxii.) 

Dutch consistory in Bucks County to Rev. Messrs. David Knibbe and 
Johannes Wilhelmius at Rotterdam. May 3, 1730. (This and the 
letter of Wilhelmius below are to be found in the records of the 
church at North and South Hampton.) 

Qassical Commissioners to the Coetus of Pennsylvania. May 12, 1774- 

Lochner of Zurich to Rev. Mr. Kessler of Amsterdam. May 4, 

1776. (German.) 

G. S. Reidemeister to the Qassis of Amsterdam. May 18, 1780. (Ger- 

Wesselius, synodical deputy, to the Qassical Commissioners. June, 1759. 

Weyberg to Qassis of Amsterdam. May 15, 1779. (German.) 

Dr. Johannes Wilhelmius to the consistory of the Dutch Congregation in 
Bucks County. May 29, 1734. 


Princeton, New Jersey. 

Most of the unpublished manuscript material which has found its way into 
this library relates itself to Presbyterianism in New Jersey. As will be noted 
below, the documents pertaining to the Presbytery of West Jersey comprise 
a considerable part of the collection. 

New Jersey: 

Synod of New Jersey. 
Minutes of the S3mod. (Complete to 1870, since when they have been 

Treasurer's accounts. 1835-1892. 

New Jersey: Princeton 89 

Minutes of the Permanent Committee on Church Extension and Home 

Missions. 1883-1886. 
Minutes of the Joint Committee on the Commemoration of Historic 
Events and Places. 1894-1900. 
Presbytery of Burlington. 
Minutes of the Presbytery. 1849-1870. 

" A Brief History of the Presbytery of Burlington ", by Edward B. 
Hodge. 1888. 
Presbytery of Elizabeth. Minutes of the Committee on Benevolence and 

Finance and of the Committee on Church Extension. 1871-1876. 
Presbytery of Monmouth. Minutes of the Presbytery. 1859-1896. 4 

Presbytery of West Jersey. 
Standing rules. 1840. 
Minutes of the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension. 

1844- 1897. 3 vols. 
Minority report of the Committee on the Revision of the Confession of 

Miscellaneous papers relating to the following churches of the Pres- 
bytery of West Jersey : 

Atlantic City. 
Bethany Church. 
German Church. 
First Church. 
Irving Avenue Church. 
Second Church. 
West Church. 
First Church, 
Third Church. 
Cape Island. 

Cape May. Minutes of the session. 1755-1804 (with several omis- 
Cape May County, Lower Township. Minutes of the trustees of the 

Presbyterian Congregation. 1791-1807. 
Minutes of the congregation. 1807-1810. 
Minutes of conference. Dec, 1871. 

Fairfield (Cohanzey). Original deeds and other papers. 

Greenwich. Italian Church. 
Hammonton. Brainerd Church. 
Holly Beach. 
Leeds Point. 

90 New Jersey: Princeton 

Pitts Grove. Historical sketch. 

Richland Congregational Church. 

Somers Point. Minutes of trustees. 1862-1885. 

Swedesborough. Correspondence relating to Rev. Chester Bridg- 

man and the church. 
Woodstown. Minutes of Presbyterial Conference, Dec, 1870. 

Local Churches in New Jersey: 

See above for churches in the Presbytery of West Jersey. Other miscel- 
laneous papers relate to the following churches : 


Bamegat Village. Financial papers and deeds. 

Bergen, Jersey City Heights. 

First Church. Sessional records. 1856-1890. 4 vols. 

Minutes of the Society and Board of Trustees. 1856-1890. 3 vols. 
Elizabeth. First Church. Copy of charter issued by George II. to this 

church. 1753. 
Fairview. Sessional minutes. 1867-1884. 
Hamilton Square. Historical sketch. 
Howell. Session-book and register. 1831-1838. 
Jersey City. 

First Church. Minutes of the session. 1844-1890. 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1844-1882. 

Id., 1881-1890, with copy of earlier minutes. 

List of communicants. 1844-1890. 

Marriage and baptismal registers. 1852-1891. 
Newark. First. T}T)ewritten copy of its charter. 1753. 
Oceanville. History of the Oceanville School and Meeting-house and 

minutes of the trustees. 1878-1892. 
Shrewsbury. Historical notes, by Rev. R. Taylor. 
Stockton. Historical sketch, by Rev. James W. Van Dyke. 1902. 

Fourth Church. Report of Committee on Application for Organization. 

Second Church. Petition for organization. 

New York: 

Presbytery of New York. 
Minutes of the Standing Committee. 1805-1876. 


Presbytery of Chester. 
Action of the Presbytery in Mr. Ferguson's case. 1871. 

Journals, etc. 

Journal of Rev. George Whitefield. Oct., 1744-Aug., 1746. 

James M. Edmonds. Letter containing data. 1845. 

New Jersey: Princeton 91 

A few biographical sketches, chiefly obituary. 


John Brainerd to Mrs. Smith. 1775. (Typewritten copy.) 

Rev. A. Alexander to Rev. Jonathan Freeman. 1819. 

Thirteen letters to Rev. Allen H. Brown, including letters from Rev. 

Samuel Miller, Rev. John Hall, Rev. A. A. Hodge, Rev. James W. 

Alexander, and others. 

Miscellaneous Writings. 

Rev. Jonathan Freeman. " State of Religion. — ^Revival. — ^Methodists.'' 

Rev. Samuel Miller. " Laborers are few." " Ought Universalists to be 

allowed in our Church? " 

Seven sermons by Rev. Cortlandt Van Rensselaer. 1835-1852. 


Princeton, New Jersey. 

Letter of President Aaron Burr to Mr. Hc^g. 1755. (Refers to a pro- 
fessorship of theology and the desire that Jonathan Edwards be 
called to the chair ; also to college buildings, funds, etc.) 

Extract from the minutes of a committee of the Synod of New York and 
Philadelphia, " to dispose of the charitable fund for the support of 
pious youth at the College of New Jersey ", Aug. 17, 17^. Also 
orders and receipts for the Charitable Fund. (Pvne-Henry Col- 

Agreement between the trustees of the College of New Jersey and the 
trustees of the First Presbyterian Churdi, Princeton, settling the 
controversy between the two parties. 1783. (Pyne-Henry Col- 

Miscellaneous documents. (See also below. Biography.) 


Letter of John Brodhead Romeyn to Ashbel Green, president of the Col- 
lege of New Jersey. 1813. 


New Jersey: 

Letter of Katherine Wood regarding meeting of Synod at Elizabeth. 

Greenwich. Petitions from the congregation to the church at Cohansey. 


Newton. Petition of the congregation to the Presbytery of New Bruns- 
wick. 1834. 

Newton and Princeton. Comparative statement of sales of lottery tickets. 
(Miller Papers.) 

92 New Jersey: Princeton 

New York: 

Minute of a meeting of the trustees of the First Presbyterian Church, 
New York. 1752. (Miller Papers.) 

Extract from the minutes of the directors of the African School estab- 
lished by the Synod of New York and New Jersey. 1819. (Miller 


Journals, etc. 

Journal of a Princeton missionary. Jan.-Oct., 1761. 

Memoranda of a journey of Rev. Samuel Miller to the western part of 

New York. June, 1825. (Miller Papers.) 
Leaves from the journal of Rev. Joseph A. Alexander. 1834. 


" Memoirs. College of New Jersey." 8 vols. (Most of the data in these 
have been published in Samuel Davies Alexander's Princeton during 
the Eighteenth Century.) 

Notes concerning Charles Beatty, Enoch Green, and John Guild. 

Sketch of the ancestry, life, and services of Rev. John Woodhull. 


Rev. A. Alexander to the Moderator of the General Assembly. (Miller 

Rev. Joseph A. Alexander to Dr. Leybum. 1855. (Pyne-Henry Col- 

Rev. Ashbel Green. 1808, 1815, 1817, 1819. (4 letters.) 

Rev. Enoch Green. Miscellaneous letters to him. 1762 ff. 

George Hunt to Benjamin Guild. 1801. 

President James McCosh to M. T. Pyne. 1887. 

John Holt Rice. 1823. (Pyne-Henry Collection.) 

Robert G. Wilson to A. Alexander. 

Personal Miscellanies. 

President Aaron Burr. Inventory of his estate and other papers. 
President John Witherspoon. Memoranda of accounts, deeds, receipts, 

and other papers, including a statement by his attorney of the case 

of Witherspoon v. Lewis Morris. 
Certificate of confirmation signed by Thomas J. Qaggett, (Protestant 

Episcopal) bishop of Maryland. 


Sermons of Rev. Gilbert Tennent and of President Aaron Burr. 
Two sermons of Rev. Samuel Stanhope Smith. 1802, 1805. 

The Miller Papers. 

This is a collection of letters and other papers of Rev. Dr. Samuel Miller, 
some of which have been listed above. There are approximately a thousand 
letters as yet unclassified. These include eleven letters to Dr. Miller on his 

New York: Albany 98 

Letters on Umtarianism, and letters and papers concerning Dr. Miller's part 
in separating the Wall Street and Brick churches in New York. There is 
also some correspondence in relation to his election as principal of Dickinson 
College, 1808, and a petition of students, 1824, to Dr. Miller, that he should 
prepare a history of the church. There are also about thirty letters to Mrs. 
Samuel Miller, 1824-1848, referring to various educational, missionary, and 
philanthropic enterprises. 


Albany, New York. 

Many documents bearing upon the history of churches in the province of 
New York are to be found in the executive records, council minutes, and the 
New York Colonial Manuscripts. See especially Dr. E. T. Corwin's Ecclesias- 
tical Records of the State of New York. 


Records of the Albany Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, 1685-1700, 
being ledger accounts kept by elders of this church during the min- 
istry of Gideon Schaets and Godefridus Dellius. (Dutch.) 

History of the Old Stone Church, Coeymans Patent, 1792. By Rev. 
J. Marion Cornish. 

Papers (r. 50) relating to Niscayuna Church. 1828-1850. 

Journals, Letters, etc. 

Samuel Buell. Diary while student at Yale Collie. 1737-1741. 

Rev. Jacob Cram. Portions of diary. 1812, 1813, 1825-1830. 

Hon. Henry W. Taylor. Sketch of life of Rev. John Taylor. 1850. 

William Tryon, governor of New York. Forty-two papers, including 
twenty-four Tetters to Rev. Samuel Budl and six letters from him. 

Rev. Samuel West. Personal and family memoirs ; also remarks on con- 
troversy with Dr. Huntington over right of church at Stockbridge 
to exclude from communion. [1777.] 


Rev. Jacob Cram. Sermons. 1785-1814. 

Rev. Cornelius van Huysen. Predicaten, 1700-^. 1721. (Eight volumes 
of sermons in Dutch by this Mennonite minister who, however, prob- 
ably never came to America ; the sermons were delivered in Emden, 
ZwoUe, and Almelo. Reference may be made here to a similar vol- 
ume of sermons in Dutch, several of them indicated as preached in 
" Embden ", 1703-1719, which is in the Herring Library, St. Law- 
rence University, Canton, New York.) 

Rev. Samuel West. About 150 sermons. [Needham, Massachusetts, 

Rev. Eilardus Westerlo. Sermons in Dutch and Latin. 1770-1786. 9 

Also a few other miscellaneous sermons. 

94 New York: Auburn 


Auburn, New York. 

The librarian rqx>rts that they possess the minutes of a few presbjrteries 
of the region, with a few historical and biographical sketches of a local nature. 
Also about fifty sermons (1800- 1830). 


Buffalo, New York. 

The librarian reports the records of several Buffalo churches, including 
those of the First Presbjrterian Society, and the records of the Buffalo Baptist 
Union. There are also a few historical sketches of churches in Buffalo and 
vicinity, with some important manuscript journals of early missionaries to 
the Indians of western New York. Most of the latter, however, have been 
printed by the Buffalo Historical Society. 


Colgate UNrvERSiTV, Hamilton, New York. 

This collection was begun by the late Samuel Colgate as a private enterprise 
but the materials gathered, with later additions, have been placed in the care 
of Colgate University, where they occupy a convenient room in the university 
library. The large number of printed books and pamphlets, with extensive 
files of reports, minutes of associations, religious periodicals, etc., make this 
one of the most valuable collections for Baptist history. The manuscript ma- 
terial is not so important, being chiefly of local or of biog^phical signifi- 
cance only. 


Miscellaneous papers of the Baptist Foreign Missionary Society, includ- 
ing certificates, financial statements, and correspondence. 1815- 

Minutes and reports of a Conference of Representatives of Baptist Theo- 
logical Seminaries. 


Letter of Thomas B. Thornley, Fayette County, giving some account of 
religious conditions in Alabama. 1837. 


Constitution and records of the Connecticut Society Auxiliary to the Bap- 
tist Board of Foreign Missions. 1814-1845. 
Hartford. Historical sketch of the Union Baptist Church. 


Letter of H[oward] Malcolm, describing the Baptist situation in Ken- 
tucky. Georgetown, 1842. 

New York: Hamilton 95 


Historical sketch of the Paris Hill Baptist Church. 


Qinton. Fragment of the records of the Baptist Church. July 6-24, 1831. 

New Hampshire: 

Catalogue of the Baptist ministers of New Hampshire, 1755-1875, pre- 
pared by Rev. E. E. Cummings. 

New Jersey: 

Brief historical sketches of about thirty local Baptist churches, by Rev. 
W. W. Everts. 

New York: 

Buffalo. Records of the council for the recognition of the German Bap- 
tist Church and the ordination of Albert von Puttkamer. 1849. 
Cazenovia. Historical sermon on occasion of 75th anniversary of the 

Cazenovia Village Baptist Church. 1895. 

Minutes of the Board of Correspondence of the Baptist Education So- 
ciety, Nov. 14, i8i6ff; the Board of the Baptist Theological Sem- 
inary, 1813-1848. 
Correspondence of the Society of Inquiry. 1825-1872. 
Records of the Seminary Baptist Church. 1845-1851. 
Homer, Cortland, and McGrawville. Constitution and other papers of 

the Juvenile Baptist Mission Society. 
New York City. 
Constitution and minutes of the Conference of Baptist Ministers. 1833- 

Minutes of the Baptist Domestic Mission Society. 18401843. 
Annual reports of the Young Men's Missionary Society of the Taber- 
nacle Baptist Church. 
Historical sketches of twenty Brooklyn and New York City Baptist 
churches, by Rev. W. W. Everts. 


Minutes of the Vermont Association, 1803. "Voted not to print the 
minutes this year." 



Minutes of the Anti-Mission Baptist Church. Sept. 13, 1841-Apr., 

Papers relating to troubles in the Particular Baptist Church of Christ 

in 1835 and 1839. 
First Baptist Church. Summary of church government adopted by the 
church, 1843, ^i^h ^^^^ o^ members and records of the Executive 
Committee. 1843-1859. 


Rev. Dr. E. E. Cummings. Annals of the Baptist ministry of New 

Miscellaneous biographical sketches of Baptist ministers. 

96 New York: Hamilton 


Rev. David Benedict. Miscellaneous correspondence including copies of 
letters by him, and containing considerable data on slavery question, 
mission and anti-mission movement, Old and New School Calvinism, 
criticisms of Benedict's History of the Baptists, etc. 

Samuel Colgate. 
Correspondence (112 letters) in connection with appointment of a Com- 
mittee of Seven to consider the organization of an American Baptist 
Education Society. 
Thirty-seven miscellaneous letters to Samuel Colgate. 1845-1884. 

Miscellaneous correspondence. 

Miscellaneous Material. 

Rev. Dr. Thomas Armitage. Miscellaneous notes and papers on Baptist 

history and other subjects. 
Rev. David Benedict. Notes and papers containing historical data, most 

of which was used in his History of the Baptists. 
Luther F. Beecher. How Lyman Beecher became a Baptist 
Victor Kingsley. Personal recollections of Colgate University. 
Rev. Albert von Puttkamer. Fifty-one sermons, lectures, and addresses. 

(A few in German.) 


Ithaca, New York. 

The librarian reports a manuscript by S. J. Parker, entitled " Oregon His- 
tory; its Connection with Ithaca and Missions, 1892". This is concerned 
chiefly with the life and work of Rev. Samuel Parker. There is also a sermon 
from the South, endorsed " Preached in Chh. J. Island 26 Jany 1834 ". 


The Bible House, Astor Place, New York City. 

This society, which was organized in 1816, has had a part in American 
religious history in an at least twofold way. In its work of Bible distribution 
it has sent its colporteurs and other agents out on the frontiers when religious 
conditions were shaping themselves ; hence the reports to the society and the 
correspondence in general reflect the process of religious organization and 
development, particularly in the West. Moreover, certain differences among 
the Protestant denominations which form the natural constituency of the 
American Bible Society have involved the society in controversies which have 
had some temporary historical importance. 

The correspondence of the society has been generally preserved. The let- 
ters to the society and its executive officers are in bound volumes until recent 
years, when they have been kept in files. While they are largely concerned 
with business and administrative matters, many of the letters refer to re- 
ligious activities in various parts of the country. Some of the letters or ex- 

New York: New York City 97 

tracts from them have been printed in the Reports of the society, in the Bible 
Society Record, and in other publications of the society. The volume of the 
First Year, 1816-1817, contains interesting material concerning the organiza- 
tion of the society. The volume of the Seventh Year, First Part, 1822-1823, 
contains the journal of Rev. Richard D. Hall, travelling agent. Mar., 1822- 
Feb. 28, 1823, a ** Continuation of the Journal " to Nov. 22, 1823, being found 
in the volume of the Eighth Year, First Part (Agents' Letters, no. 70). 

In the archives are the minutes of the managers. May 11, 1816, to the pres- 
ent, and the minutes of various administrative committees. These are im- 
portant for the history of the society itself. A box, presumably containing 
records and other documents, belonging to the New York Sabbath Com- 
mittee, is deposited in the vault. 

Among a considerable mass of miscellaneous material not in the vault there 
was noted a petition (signed by the officers and sealed) of the society to the 
legislature of New York, Feb. 21, 1844, objecting to the incorporation of the 
American and Foreign Bible Society on account of the similarity of names. 

The American Bible Society has deposited in the Lenox Library, besides a 
valuable collection of printed works, the following manuscript material con- 
nected with the American Revision of the Bible: 

Signed copy of the records of the American Bible Revision Committee. 

Dec. 7, 1871-Oct. 28, 1887. 
Domestic correspondence of the American Bible Revision Committee. 

Copy of a letter addressed to German scholars asking for opinion on the 

Massoretic Text. 1885. 
The first, second, and third drafts of the Memorandum of Agreement 

between the American Committee and the two English Companies 

of Revisers. 
Some miscellaneous minutes of committees. 


281 Fourth Avenue, New York City, New York. 

The archives of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States are 
in the official care of the acting registrar of the General Convention and are 
kept in a fire-proof vault in room 46 of the Church Missions House, which 
is the office of the secretary of the House of Deputies. Most of the official 
records are printed, but in the archives are a few miscellaneous papers and 
the collections of manuscripts listed below. 


Bishop William White's Registry of Ordinations, 1787-1828. 

Catalogue of persons admitted to' the Holy Order of Deacons by the bish- 
ops of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of Amer- 
ica. Aug. 3, I78s-Dec. 29, 1858. (2880 names, arranged chronolog- 
ically, with names of ordaining bishops.) 

98 New York: New York City 

Raster of Consecration of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
in the United States of America and her Missionary Bishops in For- 
eign Lands during the Seniority of Bishop Chase. (This extends 
from the consecration of Bishop Henshaw of Rhode Island, 1843, 
to that of Bishop Green of Mississippi, 1850, and includes the orig- 
inal certificates of consecration sent to the Presiding Bishop in the 
cases of Bishops Henshaw, Upfold, and Green.) 

Ecclesiastical and biographical notes of the Protestant Episcopal clergy 
of South Carolina from 1660 to 1810. 

Address in defense of the glebe lands of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
and against the petitions by the Baptists for the sale of the glebe 
lands. Antrim Glebe, Halifax, June 4, 1795. 

Documents relating to the hymnal. 1826, 1827. 

About twenty letters to Professor Edward Rutledge or to Rev. Francis L. 
Hawks or to both in reply to their queries in regard to various 

Papers (2 packages) relating to the trial of Bishop Benjamin B. Smith 
of Kentucky. 1837. 

Depositions in the case of Rev. R. Aske. 1837. 

Papers relating to the case of Bishop George W. Doane of New Jersey. 

Papers relating to the case of Bishop Henry U. Onderdonk of Pennsyl- 
vania. I &^- 1 847. 


In 1836, Dr. Francis L. Hawks, historiographer of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church of the United States of America, visited England and made transcripts 
of such manuscripts relating to the history of the Church of England in Amer- 
ica as were to be found in the archives of the Society for the Propagation of 
the Gospel in Foreign Parts, in the archives of the Bishop of London in Ful- 
ham Palace, and in the library of Lambeth Palace, the London residence of the 
Archbishop of Canterbury. The largest part of the transcripts were made 
from the Letter-Book of the society just named, twenty-six volumes of one 
series (1702-1736), and thirteen volumes of another series (Bearcroft, 1738- 
1752), being represented. Most of the remaining transcripts came from the 
unbound manuscripts preserved in the three archives mentioned above. With 
the exception of the first transcripts in the New York volume ( 1699) » ^^^ ^ 
the Church General volume (1689), the manuscripts copied fall between 1700 
and 1800 inclusive. 

Some of the transcripts have been printed in the Documentary History of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, containing nu- 
merous hitherto unpublished Documents concerning the Church in Connecticut 
(2 vols.), by Doctors Hawks and Perry, and in Bishop Perry's Historical Col- 
lections relating to the American Colonial Church (4 vols.), which contains 
materials bearing upon the colonial history of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Mas- 
sachusetts, Maryland, and Delaware. So far as they were found and identi- 
fied, the original manuscripts from which the Hawks Transcripts were made 

New York: New York City 99 

are listed in Andrews and Davenport's Guide to the Manuscript Materials for 
the History of the United States to 1783, in the British Museum, in Minor 
London Archives, and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge, published 
by the Carnegie Institution of Washington in 1908. 

The Hawks Transcripts are found in seventeen bound folio volumes, in 
which have been inserted some copies earlier than Dr. Hawks's transcripts 
and also a few apparently original papers. The several volumes are devoted 
to material relating to particular colonies (states) ; series of two volumes each 
contain matter relating to Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and South 
Carolina respectively ; single volumes are devoted to Rhode Island, Connecti- 
cut, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina, and also to the 
" Church General " ; one volume contains material relating to Maine, New 
Hampshire, and Vermont, while another has that relating to Georgia and 
Florida. The volume of Maryland material was not found ; as noted above, 
this portion of the Transcripts has been printed. 

The contents of the several volumes of Transcripts are arranged generally 
in chronological order, though there are a few misplacements, usually readily 
detected, through marginal datings. Dates placed in ( ) do not necessarily 
come from the transcripts but are inserted to indicate their location in th^ 
volumes. Only the unprinted volumes are listed below, the material being 
classified geographically, although in the case of letters, the primary arrange- 
ment is alphabetical by authors. 

Much of the correspondence is with the Secretary of the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, who is referred to below as 
" Secretary ". The ordinary abbreviation, S. P. G., is used for the society. 
Unless otherwise indicated " Archbishop " means the Archbishop of Canter- 
bury. The asterisk * is used to indicate transcripts which are extracts, so far 
as that fact could be determined. 

It is proper to add that Professor Herbert L. Osgood, of Columbia Uni- 
versity, after careful comparison with the originals in London, declares the 
texts of many letters in Bishop Perry's volumes, and presumably therefore in 
the Hawks Transcripts, to be marred by numerous errors. 

Church General. 

Extracts from the Journals of the Committee for Trade and Plantations, 
relative to the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London in the British 
Colonies. Jan. 13, 1675; Jan. 21, 1675; July 17, 1677; Nov. 10, 
1677; Mar. 4, 1678/9; Jan. 13, 1679; Sept. 30, 1680; Oct. 8, 1680; 
Jan. 22, 1680/1 ; Feb. 24, 1680 ; Dec. 16, 1682 ; Sept. 25, 1683 ; Oct. 2, 
1683; Nov. 8, 1684; Nov. 22, 1684; Apr. 15, 1685; Apr. 27, 1685; 
Oct. 31, 1685 ; Nov. 7, 1685 ; May 20, 1686 ; June 3, 1686 ; Dec. 28, 
i^ ; Dec. 19, 1692. 

Col. Joseph Dudley, governor of New England. Account of the State of 
Religion in the English Plantations in North America. 1700. 

100 New York: Neiv York City 

George Keith and others. Account of the State of the Church in North 
America. 1702. 

The case of suffragan Bishops for foreign parts briefly proposed. 1704. 

Qergy in the Plantations. Address for a Suffragan Bishop. [Burling- 
ton], Nov. 2, 1705. 

Id, to Bishop of London. Burlington, Nov. 2, 1705. 

Report of the Committee for Bishops and Bishopridcs in America. [1711.] 

Bishop of London's Observations upon the Minutes of the Conunittee of 
Jan. 27, 1 71 2. 

Representation to his Majesty for Bishops, etc., approved by Society. 
June 3, 1715. 

Petition for a Bishop in America. 1718. 

A paper by the Bishop of London about a Suffragan for the plantations. 

To the King in Council. Some Considerations Humbly Offered by 

Thomas Bishop of London relating to Ecclesiastical Government in 

his Majesty's I)ominion in America. 

Preamble to a subscription Roll for the maintenance of Bishops in Amer- 

Memorial to S. P. G. Signed MacSparran. [1742.] 

A Memoriall humbly layd before his Grace the Lord ABp of Canterbury 
the Lord Bishop of London and the other Bishops of this K'gdome 
Representing^ the present State of Religion in the severall Provinces 
on the Contxn*. of North America In order to the providing a suffi- 
cient number of proper missionaries so absolutely necessary to be 
sent at this Juncture into those Parts. 

Extract from a short account of some proceedings of the Deputies. 

Proposalls for the Propagation of the Christian Religion and for the 
Reduction of the Quakers thereunto in the severall provinces on the 
continent of North America. 

A Memorial of what abuses are Crept into the Churches of the Planta- 

Committee appointed to take care of the civil affairs of the Dissenters. 
(Printed in 1767.) 

A List of Persons Licensed to the Plantations by the Bishop of London 
from the Year 1745 inclusive. (The list appears to have been made 
in 1777 but it contains additions to 1784*) 

Table of towns under each Province and County of New England with 
the names of the Qergy. 

Inhabitants of Stratford in Connecticut Colony to Col. Nicholson. May 
26, 1706. 

Clergy of New York to the Society. Oct. 17, 1704. 

Summary account of the state of the Church in various colonies. 1704. 

List of the several parishes or places where divine service is performed 
according to rites of the Church of England in Sout[h] and North 
Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, N. York, Connecticut, and N. 
Engl^. with an account of the income of each parish. July i, 1724. 


Archbishop to Dr. Caner. Lambeth, Sept. 15, 1763. 
Id, to Dr. Johnson. Sept. 27, 1758 ; Nov. 4, 1760 ; Oct. 6, 1762 ; Mar. 30, 
1763 ; Sept. 28, 1763. 

New York: New York City ''"..ipi 

Id. to Rev. Mr. Peters. Apr. i8, 1763. ••/•\. 

J. Bass to Secretary. Burlington, *Dec. 17, 171 1. *•;* , 

William Bradford to Secretary. New York, *July 25, 1710. 

Dr. [Thomas) Bray to Secretary. Sheldon, Nov. 27, 1704. 

Isaac Brown to Secretary. Newark, *Mar. 25, 1748. 

Arthur Browne to Rev. Dr. Tomlinson. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 

May 8, 1738. 
William Burkitt to Secretary. Dedham, *Nov. 3, 1702. 

Mr. Guy to Secretary. Newport, Rhode Island, *July 29, 1717. 

Col. Caleb Heathcote to Secretary. Mannor of Scarsdale, Nov. 9, 1705 ; 

New York, Apr. 28, 1709 ; Aug. 24, 17 14. 
Id. to Bishop of London. New York, Oct. 6, 1708. 
Gov. Robert Hunter to Secretary. Gosport, *Mar. 4, 1709; Spithead, 

♦Mar. 21, 1709/10. 
Robert Jenney to Secretary. Philadelphia, July 30, 1748. 
Dr. Samuel Johnson to Archbishop. King's College, New York, Mar. 20, 

July 25, 1759, Apr. 10, 1702; Stratford, [Connecticut], Aug. 10, 

Dec. 20, 1763. 
Id. to Bishop of Oxford. Stratford, *Oct. 25, 1754. 
George Keith to Dr. Bray. Philadelphia, Feb. ij, 1702/3. 
Id. to Bishop of London. Philadelphia, Feb. 26, 1702/3. 
Id. to Secretary, n. p., [1689] ; Philadelphia, *Apr. 3, Sept. 4, 1703. 
/d. to S. P. G. New York, Nov. 29, 1702. 
Bishop of London to Dr. Mapletoft. Jan. 16, 1706/7. 
Id. to Secretary. *Friday ; Feb. 6, 1706/7 ; Dec. 23, 1708 ; *Sept. 15, 1710. 
Thomas Lowndes to Secretary. 1740. 
Col. Lewis Morris to Secretary. New York, July 25, 1710. 
Sir Francis Nicholson to Archbishop. On board H. M. S. Dragon, May 

22, 1710. (2 letters.) 
Id. to Secretary. Boston, Dec. 13, 1713 ; May 11, 1714. 
Bishop of Oxford to Dr. Johnson. St James, Westminster, Mar. 8, 

Id. to Whitefield. Cuddesden, Sept. 17, 1741. 

Secretary to Dr. Bray. n. p., Jan. 17, 1712. 
Id. to Archbishop. Charterhouse, Jan. 18, 1755. 

John Talbot to Richard Gillingham. New York, Nov. 24, 1702 ; New- 
castle, Apr. 10, 1703 ; Virginia, May 3, 1703. 
Id. to Mr. Keith. New York, Oct. 20, 1705. 
/rf. to Secretary. Philadelphia, *Sept. i, 1703; Apr. 7, 1704; London, 

Mar. 14, 1705. 
George Whitefield to Bishop of Oxford. On board Mary and Ann, July 

28, 1 741. 
Copy of letter of Whitefield to S. P. G. against their missionaries, " On 
board the Savannah bound from Philadelphia to Georgia ", Nov. 30, 
1740, with copy of letter on that subject from Dr. Bearcroft, June 27, 

Miscellaneous Papers: 

Falmouth (Portland). 

Petition of wardens and vestry to S. P. G. with letter to Secretary. 

Sept. 24, 1764. 
Proprietors of St Paul's Church to S. P. G. Oct. 8, 1767. 

« ■ " 

• • • 


10? • - New York: New York City 

• ♦ •. 

• • • 


^ ***• Greorgetown and Harpswell. Petition from inhabitants to Secretary. 
'••/ Dec. II, 1761. 

Map of the Eastern Part of the Province of Massachusetts Bay from 
Saco River to Ken[n]ebec River from actual Surveys. Aug., 1766. 


Jacob Bailey to Secretary. Pownalborough, Mar. 26, 1761 ; Nov. 18, 
1766 ; Richmond, Sept. 25, 1761 ; July 20, 1762 ; Sept. 25, 1763 ; Sept 
29, 1765 ; n. p., Sept. 26, 1764. 

H. Caner to Secretary. Boston, Jan. i, 1765. 

E. Oxnerd to Mr. Wiswall. Apr. 15, 1775. 

Joshua Wingate Weeks to Secretary. Marblehead, Dec. i, 1766. 

Willard Wheeler to Secretary. Georgetown, Sept. 13, 1768; Nov. 20, 

J. Wiswall to Secretary. Falmouth, *June 11, Sept. 11, 1765, July 25, 
♦Dec. 18, 1766, Oct. 2, 1767, May 18, *Junc 24, 1768, ♦July 7, 1769, 
Nov. 23, 1773, ♦«/., May 2, 1775 ; Boston, May 30, Aug. 11, Dec. i, 


New Hampshire. 
Miscellaneous Papers: 

Qaremont. Churchwardens to S. P. G. Jan. 24, 1774. 

Petition from inhabitants to S. P. G. Nov. 19, 1766. 

Church of Hopkinton to Society, n. d- 
Marlborough. Subscription toward itinerant mission. Oct 30, 1765. 
Newbury. Petition of inhabitants to Bishop of London, n. d. 

Inhabitants to Secretary. *Dec. 26, 1734. 

Churchwardens to Secretary. *Oct. 25, 1738. 

Committee of members of Church of England to Csy>t Thomlinson. 
July Sf 1735- 

Moses Badger to Secretary. Portsmouth, Dec. 17, 1767; Aug. 5, 1768; 
♦Jan. 5, 1769; *July 2, 1770. 

[Jacob] Bailey to Secretary. Boston, Oct. 2, 1769. 

Rev. J. Bridges to Archbishop. Piscataqua, Feb. 2, 171 1/2. 

Id. to Bishop of London. Boston, Dec. 10, 1712. 

Id, to Secretary. Piscataqua, Feb. 9, 1711. 

Arthur Browne to Bishop of London. Portsmouth, Oct. 15, 1736. 

Id. to Secretary. Portsmouth, *July 24, 1742, ♦Feb. 6, May 21, 1743, 
♦July 25, I744» *Mar. 18, I744/S» *Sept. 20, 1746, ♦Nov. 20, 1751, 
♦June 12, 1752, ♦Oct. 1, 1759, Sept. 10, Dec. 12, 1760, Nov. 10, 1762, 
♦Oct. 20, 1763, ♦Sept. 28, 1764, Aug. ID, 1765, May 24, 1766, Nov. 
6, 1767, ♦Feb. 13, Nov. 15, 1770, Oct. 9, 1772; Newark, ♦Oct. 6, 

Marmaduke Browne to Secretary. Portsmouth, Oct. 17, 1760. 

Dr. Arthur Byles to Secretary. Halifax, May 4, 1776. 

H. Caner to Secretary. Boston, June 10, 1762. 

H. Caner et aL to Secretary. Boston, June 22, 1763. 

Samuel Cole to Secretary. Qaremont, ♦Dec. 26, 1770; ♦Apr. 29, ♦Nov. 

4, 1771 ; ♦May 26, 1773. 

New York: New York City 108 

Ranna Cossit to Secretary. Haverhill, Dec. 25, 1773 ; New York, ♦Jan. 

6. 1779. 
Gov. Dudley to Bishop of London. Boston, Dec. 19, 1712. 
David Dunbar to Bishop of London. Portsmouth, Oct. 15, 1736. 
Bishop of London to Mr. Taylor, his secretary. May 8, 1712. 
Mr. Wentworth to Secretary. Portsmouth, Oct. 16, 1742 ; Nov. 19, 1751. 
B. Wentworth, esq., to Secretary. Portsmouth, Sept. 24, 1764. 
Gov. B. Wentworth to Secretary. Portsmouth, Nov. 15, 1744. 
Gov. J. Wentworth to Bishop of London. Portsmouth, Apr. 28, 1770. 
Id, to Jos. Harrison, esq. Wentworth House, ♦Sept. 27, 1769. 
Id, to Secretary. Portsmouth, May 6, 1774. 

Inhabitants of Rutland to S. P. G. n. d. 

Rhode Island. 
Miscellaneous Papers: 

Ministers and churchwardens of Rhode Island to S. P. G. Sept. 29, 1702. 
Churchwardens of Rhode Island to Bishop of Gloucester. Oct. 9, 1704. 
Letter to S. P. G. from six of its missionaries to New England, viz.: 
Timothy Cutler, James Honyman, James McSparran, Manias Plant, 
George Pigot, Sainuel Johnson. Newport, July 21, 1725. 
Queries (printed) sent out by S. P. G., with replies from the following 
places and missionaries : Newport, James Honeyman, Apr. 23, 1724 ; 
Narragansett, Apr. 29, 1724 (unsigned) ; New Bristol, signed by 
John Usher, clerk, n. d. ; Newport, Apr. 27, 1724 ; Providence, War- 
wick, Greenwich, etc., George Pigot, May 6, 1724. 
Representations of Richard Partridge, agent for Rhode Island and Provi- 
dence, concerning John Checkley. [1754.] 
Queries to be added to the case drawn by Mr. Oddie, by order of the 

Society. May 3, 1800. 
Committee for building a church to Bishop of London. Jan. 8, 1721. 
Members of Church of England to S. P. G. June 4, 1722. 
Churchwardens and vestry to S. P. G. Oct. 29, 1722. 
Kingston. St. Paul's, or Narragansett Church. 

Papers connected with the Narragansett ministerial lands. 
Narrative of the lawsuit concerning the glebe lands. 
Inhabitants, members of Church of England, to S. P. G. Nov. 17, 1713. 
Churchwardens and vestry to S. P. G. May 23, 1721. 
Id, to Secretary (received). July, 1722; May 11, 1754, 
Churchwardens to Bishop of London. Aug. 20, 1731. 
Id. to MacSparran. Mar. 17, 1755. 
/d.toS. P. G. (received). Oct. 31, 1724. 
Newport. Trinity Church. 

Mmister and vestry to S. P. G. Dec. 23, 1703. 

Members of vestry to S. P. G. Feb. 2 and 17, 1707/8. 

Timothy Cutler and others. July 25, 1725. 

Id, to Bishop of London. Oct. 6, 1726. 

Vestry to Secretary. *Oct. 18, 1718. 

Churchwardens to Secretary. ♦Sept. 17, 1750; Dec. 14, 1761. 

104 New York: New York City 

Churchwardens and vestry to Bishop of London. ♦June i, 1724. 
The State of Trinity Church, 1750. J. MacSparran. Nov. S, 1754. 
Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. May 18, 1724 ; May 12, 1725 ; 
Dec. 9, 1729, enclosing letter of Mr. Harris, minister of King's 
Chapel, Boston, Nov. 7, 1729. 
Members to S. P. G. Nov. 7, 1722. 
Id. to Secretary. July 8, 1730. 
Complaints and certificate. Dec. 20, 1731. 
Tiverton. Petition of inhabitants to Gov. Shute. 

Members of Church of England to S. P. G. July 24, 1730. 
Petition of Messrs. Dunbar and Francis from inhabitants of Warwick 
to S. P. G. *Apr. 28, 1743. 
Rehoboth, [Massachusetts]. Address of inhabitants to her Majesty the 
Queen. Jan. i, 1714. 


" An Anonymous Letter " to S. P. G. Mar., 1771. 

Thomas Barclay to Bishop of London. Boston, *Mar. 7, 1707/8. 

John Bastow to Secretary. Newport, Oct. 12, 1706; West Chester, New 

York, Feb. 28, 1707/8. 

Beach to Secretary. Reading, ♦Nov. 28, 1752. 

Berkeley, see Qoyne, below. 

Gabriel Bemon to Bishop of London. London, Aug. 21, 1724. 

J. Brenton to Secretary. Newport, Nov. 15, 1710. 

Chris. Bridge to Secretary. Newport, ♦Feb. 11, 1707; Narrag^nsett, 

Dec. 2, 1707 ; n. p., June 2, 1709. 
Arthur Browne to Secretary. Providence, May 3, 1732 ; Sept 29, 1733 ; 

Nov. 5, 1735. 
Id. to Bishop of London. *June 16, 1736 ; Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 

Oct IS, 1750- 
Marmaduke Browne to Secretary. Newport, June 11, 1762; *Jan. 9, 

♦Aug. 29, 1763; ♦Feb. 9, ♦Sept. 19, 1764; ♦June i, 1765; ♦Jan. 2, 

♦July I, 176(5. 
Jno. Checkley to Secretary. Providence, ♦Nov. 6, 1740; ♦Oct. 26, 17435 

Jan. 16, 1750. 
Abram L. Qarke and others to " Rev'd Sir ". Newport, May 7, 1799. 
Bishop of Ooyne (George Berkeley) to Secretary, n. d., n. p. ; Qoyne, 

Apr. 18, 1747. 
Gov. Samuel Cranston to Secretary. Newport, Nov. 18, 1708. 
James Crem to Secretary. New Bristol, July 4, 1722. 
Timothy Cutler to Secretary. Boston, June 30, 1760. 
[Joseph Dudley], governor of New Eiigland to Secretary. Boston, Nov. 

I3» 17"- 
Samuel Fayerweather to Secretary. Narragansetts, ♦Aug. 10, 1762, 

♦Mar. 10, 1763; Rhode Island, ♦Oct. 10, 1768; South Kingstown, 

♦Oct. II, 1768, Apr. 20, 1781. 
John Fleming to Secretary. Providence, Nov. 3, 1733. 
Silv. Gardner to MacSparran. Boston, Mar. 13, 1755. 
J. Gr[e]aves to Secretary. Providence, Mar. 5, 1760; May 5, 1761 ; 

♦Oct 12, 1763 ; ♦Oct 12, 1765 ; *July 26, ♦Sept 25, 1768 ; ♦Mar. 25, 

New York: New York City 106 

1769; ♦Apr. 3 and ♦Apr. 25, 1770; ♦Oct. 19, 1771 ; ♦Aug. 18, 1775 ; 
♦Oct. 19, 1776; ♦Nov. 18, 1782 ; same date, valedictory letter. 

William Guy to Secretary. Narragansett, *Apr. 18, *Oct. 11, 1718. 

Cd. Caleb Heathcote to Secretary. Man [n] or of Scarsdale, Dec. 30, 
1707 ; Feb. 23, 1707/8. 

Richard Holland. Memorial to Society. Newport, Aug. 18, 1779. 

James Honyman to Dr. Bradford. Mar. 24, 1707/8. 

Id, to Bishop of London. Newport, Jan. 26, 1724/5 ; *Sept. 23, 1726. 

Id. to Gen. Nicholson. Newport, May 7 (memorial), Nov. 19, 1714. 

Id. to Secretary. Newport, *Dec. 17, 1707 ; *Oct. 27, 1709 ; Nov. 6 and 8, 
1710; Oct. 19, Nov. 16, 1711 ; ♦Oct. 21, 1712 ; July 24, 1716; ♦May 
13, ♦Oct. 18, 1718 ; ♦n. d. ; June 20, Oct. 22, 1722 ; June 28, Dec 30, 
1723 ; Jan. 7, Mar. 21, Nov. 24, 1725 ; Oct. 4 and 14, 1726 ; Sept. 7, 
1727 ; Mar. 27, July 15, Oct. 24, 1729 ; Sept. 9, 1731 ; Sept. 20, 1732 ; 
♦Nov. 27, 1734; Oct. 29, 1735; ♦Aug. 7, 1739; ♦Sept. 18, 1740; 
♦June 14, 1743 ; ♦June 23, 1746 ; ♦Apr. 20, 1748 ; ♦Apr., 1771. 

Id. to Mr. Stubbs. Oct. 19, 171 1. 

Honyman and MacSparran to Secretary. ♦July i, 1728. 

Address in behalf of Mr. Honyman. [1726 ?] 

Samuel Johnson to Secretary. Stratford, ♦Oct. 3, 1741. 

Mr. Leaming to Secretary. Newport, ♦Dec. 26, 1749. 

Bishop of London to Secretary. 170)5, with copy of letter " by Samuel 
AUis " but signed Samuel Albro ; June 11, July 7, 1708. 

Henry Lucas to Secretary. Newbury, ♦Oct. 29, 17 18. 

Col. Henry M'Intosh to Gen. Nicholson. [Bristol, 1721.] 

James MacSparran to Archbishop. ♦Oct. 18, 1742. 

Id. to Messrs. Francis and Dunbar. Mar. 9, 1742. 

Id. to Bishop of London. ♦Oct. 15, 1726; ♦Oct. 18, 1742 ; Mar. 26, 1751 ; 
♦Nov. 10, 1752. 

Id. to " My Lord ", etc. [Bishop of London ?] Jan. 3, July 6, 1749. 

Id. to Secretary. May i, 1723, June 16, Dec. i, 1724, Apr. 12, 1720, Dec 
II, 1727, ♦July 3, 1728, ♦June 27, 1735 (with the case of the min- 
isterial land, Apr. 7, 1735), ♦Oct. i, 1740, ♦May 11, 1741, ♦Apr. 20, 
♦Sept. 20, 1742, ♦May 19, ♦Dec 12, 1743, ♦Aug. 20, ♦Nov. 9, 1744, 
1 ♦July 4, 1745, *Nov. 25, 1747, Jan. 10, June 14, 1748, ♦Jan. 3, Mar. 

15, ♦Oct. 2, 1749, Mar. 26, 1751, Nov. 10, 1752; Westminster, May 

16, 1755- 

Id. to S. P. G. ♦n. d. ; Jan. 7, 1723/4 ; July 7, 1746. 

Petition of MacSparran to S. P. G. [1735?] 

Id. to Committee of S. P. G. n. d. 

Complaint against MacSparran by council held July 7, 1719. 

MacSparran and Browne to Secretary. July 27, 1730 ; Warwick, Nov. 4, 

Letter to MacSparran, signed D. H. London, Sept. 19, 1724. 

J. Merreld to Secretary. Providence, July 20, 1768. 
Thomas Morris to Secretary. Newport, June 4, 1743. 
David Mossam to S. P. G. Marblehead, ♦Apr. 17, 1719. 

Muirson to Secretary. Rye, ♦Feb. 26, 1707/8. 

Samuel Myles to Bishop of Gloucester. Boston, July 8, 1702. 
Charles Augustus Ninaagret (sachem of the Narragansett Indians). 

Address. Misquammacuck aUas Westerly, July 13, 1727. 

Samuel Parker to " Re*, and respected Sir ". Boston, June 14, 1799. 

106 New York: Nerv York City 

Frederick John Paris. Memorial to S. P. G. with accompanying papers. 

George Pigot to Secretary. Providence, Jan. 4, 1724; Sept. 11, 1727. 

Id. to Bishop of London. Providence, May 6, 1724. 

The Humble Representation of George Pigot, missionary of S. P. G. 

M'^ Robinson to Secretary. South Kingstown, May 8, 1782. 

Richard St John to Secretary. New Providence, *Aug. 2, 1747. 

Secretary to MacSparran. London, Oct. 4, 1749. 

George Stewart to Gen. Nicholson. London, Feb. 12, 1719. 

John Talbot to Mr. Keith. Dec. 13, 1707. 

Id. to Secretary. Dec. 13, 1707. 

Joseph Torrey. Petition to general assembly of Rhode Island. Feb. 25, 

John Usher to Secretary. [New] Bristol, Feb. 10, 1723/4; Dec. 27, 

1726; Sept. 25, 1727; Aug. 4, 1730; Mar. 28, 1743; ♦Oct. 2, 1744; 

Nov. 10, 1761 ; *Oct. 12, 1762 ; *Nov. 21, 1763 ; ♦Apr. 9, 1770 ; *Apr. 

12, 1771. 

William Vesey to Secretary. N[ew] York, Feb. 23, 1707. 

New York. 

Volume I. 
Miscellaneous Papers: 

" The State of the Church in the Province of New York, anno 1704, 
Humbly submitted to the most illustrious Society for propagating 
the Gospel in Forei^ Parts ", (signed) C. Cbngreve. 
Copy of the Act for raismg a maintenance for a Minister in the City of 
New York, Counties of West Chester, Richmond, and Queen's 
Queries (printed) sent out by S. P. G., with replies from the following 
places and missionaries; Hempstead, Long Island, John Thomas; 
Jamaica, Thomas Poyer ; Westchester, John Bastow ; Rye, Robert 
Jenney ; New Rochelle, Peter Stoupe ; New York, [ Jas. Wetmore] ; 
Staten Island, William Harrison ; New York City, William Vesey. 
Extract from Instructions given to Earl Clarendon, when Lord Cbmbury 

and ^[ovemor of New York. Jan., 1702/3. 
Divers mmisters of New York to Secretary. Apr. 17, 1707. 
New York missionaries to Bishop of London. Nov. 24, 1709. 
Copies of letters from New York missionaries to those of Pennsylvania, 
with other correspondence relating to Rev. Jacob Henderson. 1713. 
Papers referring to Gov. Hunter, tHz,: 

Speech to the clergy and address of clergy in reply, [1711]. 
Id., Feb. 27, 1712/3. 

Qergy's address to Gov. Hunter, Mar. 4, 1712. 
Id., May 15, 1712. 
Correspondence regarding appeals in ecclesiastical cases, viz.: 
Queen's letter to the governor of New York. 
Order of Council, Jan. 8, 17 12. 
Representation to her Majesty. 17 12. 
Queen's letter to Gov. Hunter. Apr. 14, 1714. 
" Queries to be answered by the persons who were onnmisaries to my 
Predecessor." New York, Aug. 10, 1724. 

New York: New York City 107 

Certificate in behalf of Mr. WSUam Andrews. [1717.] 

Clergy of New York to Secretary, in bdialf of Mr. Barclay. July 5, 

Humble Memorial of Robert Livingston, Secretary for Indian Affairs in 

New York. 1703. 
Copy of the proceedings on Mr. Foyer's Complaint. [1711-I 
Petition of Jeremiah Long in behalf of John Frederick Hager. [1721.] 
Elxtracts from memorial to S. F. G. in behalf of Elias Neau. [1717.] 
Burlington. Address of the clergy. Mar. 3, 1712/3. 
East and West Chester. Account of the building of churches. 

Memorial of the clergy of New York, New Jersey, and Fennsylvania 
to Bishop of London relating to Mr. Foyer and the Church of Ja- 
maica. 171 1. 
Members of the Church of England to Secretary. *Feb. 6, 1716. 
Newcastle. Gent", of Newcastle to S. F. G. June 4, 1710. 
New Rochelle. Address of inhabitants to S. F. G. (2(5 signatures). 1708. 
New York. 
Fapers concerning the breaking open of the church at New York. 1713- 

Minister, churchwardens, and vestry to Secretary. Dec 18, 1722. 
Trinity Parish. Papers of Bishop of London concerning house for min- 
ister. 1702. 
Rye. The Order which the Reverend Qergy of the Province of New 

York will take to officiate in the Parish of Rye. [1719.] 
St. Andrew's Parish, Staten Island. Memorial of churchwardens and 

vestry. May 30, 1723. 
Suffolk County, Nassau Island. 
Address of mhabitants for a minister, n. d. 
Petition of inhabitants to S. P. G. May 8, 1724. 


William Andrews to Secretary. Queen's Fort near the Mohawks' Castle, 
Mar. 9, 1712/3; New York) July 12, 1715 (with list of baptized), 
♦July 2, 1719; King's Garrison or Fort (by the Mohawks' Castle), 
♦Apr. 23, ♦Sept. I and *26, 1717; ♦Apr. 17, ♦Oct. 17, 1718; Albany, 
♦Oct. [1717]. 

Mrs. Barclay to Secretary. Albany, May 22, 1722. 

Thomas Barclay to Bishop of London. New York, ♦July 5, 1709. 

Id. to Secretary. Albany, ♦Sept. 26, ♦Dec. 7, 1710; ♦June 12, Nov. 21, 
171 1 ; Dec. 17, 1712 ; Apr. 17, 1713 ; ♦June 28, ♦Oct. 29, 1717; ♦June 

I3» 1721. 
John Bastow to Secretary. Westchester, May 25, 1703 ; May 24, 1704 ; 

Aug. 14, 1706 ; ♦Dec. i, 1707 ; ♦June 10, Oct. 30, 1709 ; ♦July 5, ♦Nov. 

30, 1710; Apr. 31, 171 1 ; ♦n. d., Apr. 14, 1714; ♦Feb. 9, 1716; ♦Sept 

12, 1717; ♦Nov. 18, 1718; Oct. 6, 1725; New York, Nov. 15, 1722; 

♦May 4, 1725. 
Id. to Mr. Whitfield or Mr. Shute. West Chester, Nov. 4, 1702. 
Daniel Bondet [t] [Burdet?] to Secretary. New Rochelle, July 24, 1707 ; 

♦Oct. 17, 1716; Nov. 12, 1717; New York, ♦July 14, 1710; Apr. 3, 

Christ' Bridge to Secretary, n. p., Nov. 20, 1710; Rye, *July 27, 171 1 ; 

June 9, 1712; ♦July 30, ♦Nov. 14, 1717. 

108 New York: New York City 

Gov. W. Burnet to Secretary, New York, May 30, Dec. 18, 1723. 

Id. to [Bishop of London]. New York, Aug. 3, 1724. 

Joseph Cleator to Secretary. Rye, *June 24, 1709. 

Lord Combury to Secretary. New York, Oct. 6, 1704 ; Oct. 22, 1705. 

Godfrey Dellius to Secretary, n. p., *May 29, 1702 ; Halsteren, *May 17, 

James DuPre to Secretary. 1712; London, Nov. 17, 1721. 
Mr. Forster to Secretary. West Chester, *Nov. 2, 1717. 
D. H. to Gov. Burnet London, July 26, 1723 ; *Mar. 2, 1723. 
John Fred. Hager to Secretary. New York, *July 25, *Oct. 28, 1710 ; 

July 8, 1713 ; Ambury, Aug. 15, 171 1 ; Kingsberry, *July 20, *OcL 

26, 1717; *Sept. 19. 1718. 
5 Id. to Mr. Ohamberlayne. New York, July 6, 1713. 

Col. Caleb Heathcote to Secretary. New York or Manor of Scarsdale, 

Apr. 10, June i and 8, 1704 ; Feb. 26, 1704/5 ; Apr. 16, 1706 ; June 18, 

♦Dec. 18 and ♦24, 1707; June 13, 1709 (with letter signed by Elias 

Badeau and 28 ottiers, dated June 6, 1709) ; Jan. 25, 1709/10 ; *May 

15, 1710; Dec. 12, 171 1 ; Jan. 5 and 30, Feb. 4, 14, and 18, 171 1 ; Feb. 

23, Mar. 6, 171 1/2 ; Sept. 18, 1713 ; June 13, 1714. 
Id. to Bishop of Bristol. New York, Feb. 25, 1715/6. 
Jacob Henderson to S. P. G. London, July i, 1712. 
Id. to Secretary. New York, Dec. 12, 1712. 
James Honyman to Secretary. Long Island, Apr. 15, 1704. 
Gov. Robert Hunter to Mr. Pqyer. New York, Jan. 26, 171 1/2; May i, 

1712 ; Feb. 14, 1713. 
Id. to Secretary. New York, Feb. 25, ♦May 7, 171 1 ; *Oct. 31, 1712; 

Mar. 14, 1712/3; Sept 10, Oct. 7, 1713; Mar. 10, 1714; *OdL 2, 

1716; Bath, Sept 21, 1720. 
Indian sachems to Archbishop. " From a Board the Draggon ", May 32, 

Id. to S. P. G. 1709/10. 
Robert Jenn[e]y to Secretary. New York, Nov. 4, 1717; Rye, Dec. 15, 

1722, July I, 1723, ♦Apr. 28, 1726. 
George Keith to Secretary. New York, ♦Dec. 11, 1702. 
Sir William Keith to Secretary. Philadelphia, May 23, 1723. 
Joshua Kocherthal to Secretary. New York, ♦Nov. 15, 1710. 
Id. to Mr. Chamberlayne. New York, June 12, 1713. 
Aeneas Mackenzie to Secretary. Richmond, ♦June 13, 1709, ♦May 4, 

1711, ♦Feb. 27, 1711/2, ♦Oct 29, 1716; New York, ♦July 28, 1710, 

♦Mar. 18, 1712/3, Sept 24, 1715. 
Thorogood Moor to Secretary. New York, Oct. 24, 1704. 
Col. Lewis Morris to Secretary. 1704; "concerning the state of the 

Church in New York and tfie Jerseys supposed to be writ about the 

end of the year 1707 or beginning of 1708 " ; New York, May 30, 

1709, Jan. I, Feb. 20, 171 1 ; Morrisania, Nov. 15, 1710. 
George Muirson to Secretary. Rye, Nov. 21, 1705 ; May 22, 1706. 
Elias Neau to Mr. Hodges. New York, ♦June 22, Dec. 20, 1704. 
Id. to Mr. De la Mothe. ♦n. d. 

Id. to Rev. Dr. Woodward. New York, Sept. 5, 1704. 
Id. to Secretary. New York, ♦Aug. 29, ♦Oct. 13, Nov. 6, 1704; July 22, 

1707; *J«ly S» 1710; *Oct- 8, 1719; n. p., ♦1709. 
Francis Philipps to Secretary. New York, Mar. 10, 1 712/3. 

New York: New York City 109 

Thomas Poyer to Gov. Hunter. Jamaica, Jan. 30, 171 1 ; Jan. 20, 1713; 

Apr. 15 and 22, May 8, 1714. 
Id, to Bishop of London. Jamaica, Oct. 16, 1724. 
Id. to Secretary. Oct. 5, 1710 ; Jamaica, *May 3, 171 1, Mar. 7, 1712, Nov. 

2, 1714, *Jan. 15, 1716/7, *Oct 24, 1717, ♦Feb. 23, *Nov. 4, 1718, 

Feb. II, 1 7 19, *May 24, 1723. 
Thomas Pritchard to Secretary. Mamoroneck, June 6, 1704 ; Rye, Oct. i, 

Col. Robert Quary to Bishop of London. Philadelphia, *Jan. 20, 1707. 
B. Robinson and Tho. Re3molds to Secretary. London, *June 13, 1711. 
George Ross and Jno. Humphreys to Secretary. Pennsylvania, May iB, 

Col. P. Schuyler to Secretary, n. d. 

Secretary to clergy of New York. July 25, 1712. 

Id. to Gov. Craven and Gov. Eden. May 14, 1716. 

Id. to Messrs. Walker, Talbot, and others. May 14, 1716. 

Id. to Gov. Hunter. May 14, 1716. 

Id. to Mr. Neau. Apr. i, 1719. 

Id. to Mr. Poyer. Nov. 23, 1717. 

John Sharpe to Secretary. Fort Anne at New York, Nov. 24, 1705 ; New 

York, ♦Dec. 4, 1710 ; [Sharpe ?], Mar. 11, June 23, 1712. 
Thomas Standard to Secretary. Brookhaven, Oct. 5, 1725 ; ♦Oct., 1726. 
Peter Stoupe to Secretary. New Rochel[le], ♦May 12, 1725; ♦Dec. 11, 

John Talbot to Secretary. New York, Jan. 10, 1707/8 ; Burlington, Aug. 

6, 1713 ; Amboy, " jrber 5, 1718 ". 
John Thomas to Mr. Hodges. Hempstead, May 26, 1705 ; Apr. 30, 1709. 
Id. to Secretary. New York, Mar. i, 1705 ; Hempstead, June 2y, Aug. 23, 

Oct. 9, 1705, Apr. 7, 1706, Apr. 10 and 22, 1707, June 12, 1709, Dec. 

3, 1710, ♦Apr. 2, 1716, Mar. 26, ♦Oct. i, 1717, ♦Oct. i, 1718, Dec. 5, 

1720, Apr. 20, 1722, ♦Apr. i, 1723, ♦Oct. i, 1724. 
William Urquhart to Rev. Mr. Stubs. New York, July 4, 1703. 
Id. and John Thomas to S. P. G. Long Island, July 4, 1705. 
Edward Vaughan to Secretary. New York, Aug. 12, 1724. 
William Vesey to the governor. New York, June 9, 1702. 
Id. to the clergy of New York. n. d. [ 1719.] 
Id. to Bishop of Durham. New York, Dec. 14, 1720. 
Id. to Secretary. New York, Oct 26, 1704 ; Feb. 26, 1705 ; ♦July 26, 

1710; Nov. 15, 1719; ♦Mar. 6, 1722. 
James Wetmorc to Secretary. Brookhaven, May 11, 1724; New York, 

♦June 24, 1726; Rye, May 11, 1727, ♦Feb. 20, 1727/8. 
Robert Weyman to Secretary. New York, May 29, 1723. 
Richard Willet and twelve others to Archbishop. May 22, 1699. 

Volume II. 
Mtscellaneous Material: 

Rq>resentation from several missionaries in New York to Secretary. 

July 14, 1736. 
Address of missionaries of New York met at Rye. Sept. 18, 1746. 
Paper by Bishop Seeker concerning the incorporation of the Dissenters 

in New York. [1766.] 

110 New York: New York City 

Governors of the College of the Province of New York to Rt. Hon. Dunk, 

earl of Halifax. New York, May 27, 1758. 
Id. to Bishop of London, n. d. 
Brookhaven. Churchwardens to S. P. G. *n. d. 
Dutchess County. Inhabitants to Secretary. Poghkcepsee, Apr. 10, 1766. 
Huntington. Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. Nov. 30, 1768. 
Jamaica. Decree of William Tryon in the cause of Rev. Mr. Bloomer and 

the parish. 
Newburgh. Trustees of parish to Secretary. ♦June 4, 1752. 
New Rochelle. 
Letter from inhabitants to Rev. James Crem (signed by Leonard Lis- 

penard and others). *Dec. i, 1742. 
Vestry to Secretary. July 30, 1760. 
New Windsor. Churchwardens to Secretary. ♦Apr. 25, 1745. 
New York. 
Petition of ministers, etc., of the Presbyterian Church to his Majesty. 

Mar. 18, 1766. 
Report of Committee of Council of New York respecting petiticm of 
ministers, etc., of the Presbyterian Church in New York for a charter 
of incorporation. Mar. 24, 1767. 
Clergy of New York to Secretary. New York, May 22, 1766 ; Apr. 9, 
May 21, 1767 ; July 8, 1768 ; ♦May 19, 1769 ; March 9, 1770 ; Feb. 8, 
Churchwardens of St. Peter's Church to Secretary. Oct. 15, 1770. 
Churchwardens of Trinity Church to Bishop of London. Dec. 5, 1732. 
Vestry of same to Secretary. Nov. 3, 1755. 
Nobletown and New Concord. Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. 

♦Oct. 24, 1769. 
Queensborough. Inhabitants [to S. P. G. ?]• Mar. 25, 1730. 
Richmond County, Staten Island. Address of churchwardens, vestry, 

etc., to S. P. G. [1735.] 
Parish to S. P. G. ♦Mar. 6, 1744. 
Churchwardens to Secretary. Cict. 5, 1762. 
Salem. Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. Aug. 31, 1767. 
Staten Island. 

St. Andrew's Parish. Churchwardens to Mr. Arnold. ♦Oct. 7, ^744. 
Complaint of churchwardens to Commissary Vesey. ♦Nov. 22, 1744. 
Address of churchwardens to Secretary. July 26, 1744/5. 
Westchester. Address of inhabitants to Rev. William Vesey r^;arding 
Rev. Thomas Standard. 


Archbishop to Bishop of London. Lambeth, Feb. 15, 1767. 

Jonathan Arnold to Bishop. Staten Island, Nov. 2, 1740. 

Id. to Secretary. Staten Island, ♦n. d. ; ♦June 18, ♦Nov. 10, 1742 ; ♦July 

i9» 1743 •» *Dec. 26, 1744 ; *Dec. 14, 1745. 
Id. to Commissary Vesey. ♦Dec. 3, 1745. 
Samuel Auchmuty to Bishop of London. New York, Mar. 28, 1766; 

♦Feb. 21, Sept. i, Nov. 28, 1767 ; June 16, 1770 ; Oct. 12, 1771. 
Id. to Secretary. New York, ♦June 9, 1763 ; ♦n. d. ; ♦Apr. 13, May 31, 

1765 ; ♦Mar. 29, ♦May 5, ♦Oct. 24, ♦Dec. 20, 1765 ; ♦May i, June 12, 

♦Oct. 17, 1767 ; ♦Jan. 23, ♦July 9, 1768 ; ♦June 20, ♦July 22, Aug. 10, 

Ne%v York: Nezv York City 111 

1769 ; *June 8, *Aug. 16, 1770 ; Jan. 17, 1771 ; *July 4, 1775 ; Nov. 

20, 1776. 
Samuel Auchmuty and Myles Ccx>per to Bishop of London. New York, 

Sept. 29, 1769. 
Id. to Secretary. New York, May 27, 1767. 
Samuel Auchmuty and others to Mr. Horrocks. New York, Dec., 1770. 

Avery to Secretary. Rye, *Mar. 25, 1766. 

Luke Babcock to Secretary. Philipsborough, *Mar. 22, 1776. 

Henry Barclay to Dr. Berriman. Albany, Nov. 9, *Dec. 7, 1741. 

Id. to Secretary. Fort Hunter, *Oct. 15, 1740; Albany, *Nov. 17, 1742, 

♦Nov. 4, 1743, *Mar. 12, 1744/5, *C)ct. 21, 1745 ; New York, Dec. 2 

and 9, 1746 (July 14 and July 15 added to preceding) , Feb. 18, *July 

18, 1747, Apr. 16, *Nov. 7, 1748, *Dec. 21, 1749, *Dec. 10, 1760, 

♦June 3, 1761, *Apr. 18, 1764. 
Id. to S. P. G. New York, *Sept. 28, 1747. 
Jno. Bartow to Bishop of London. West Chester, Oct. 15, 1765. 
Thomas Barton to Secretary. New York, ♦Dec. 16, 1779. 
John Beardsley to Secretary. Poughkeepsie, *Oct. 26, 1769; New York, 

Dec. 26, 1776; *fd., *Oct. 26, 1778. 
Joshua Bloomer to Secretary. Jamaica, ♦Feb. 15, 1770; ♦Apr. 9, 1777; 

♦Feb. 12, 1779; New York, ♦Feb. 7, 1776. 
Bostwick to Secretary. Great Barrington, ♦Sept. 10, 1770 ; Mar. 

25, 1772; *Apr. 19, 1774; ♦June 28, 1775. 
Col. John Bradstreet to Secretary. Albany, July 2, 1762. 
Isaac Browne to Secretary. Brookhaven, Apr. 29, 1734 ; ♦Sept 22, 1739 ; 

July II, 1740; June 16, Oct. 19, 1741 ; ♦Mar. 25, ♦Sept 25, 1743; 

♦Mar. 26, 1744 ; ♦Mar. 25, 1746 ; ♦Oct 4, 1779. 
Id. to William Vesey. ♦Apr. 23, 1739. 
W. Burnet to Bishop. New York, July 4, 1727. 
Alexander Campbell to Secretary. Brookhaven, ♦May i, ♦June i, 1730 ; 

Jan. 3, 1731 ; New York, Jan. 25, Nov. 3, 1731. 
[Henry] Caner to Secretary. New York, ♦Nov. 27, 1745. 
Richard Charlton to Secretary. New York, ♦Mar. 26, 1746; Oct. 15, 

1759; Staten Island, ♦Mar. 27, 1749; Jan. i, 1762; ♦Apr. 9, 1766; 

♦Apr. 6, ♦Oct. 4, 1770; Apr. i, 1772 ; Aug. 25, 1776; Apr. 19, 1777; 

n. p., Oct 5, 1772. 
Petition of same to same. Apr. i, 1772. 
Petition of same to Sir Jeffery Amherst. Nov. 17, 1761. 
G. Qark to Secretary. New York, Jan. 28, 1739/40. 
Gov. ainton to Mr. Catherwood. New York, ♦Oct. 3, 1749. 
Id. to Secretary. Fort George, ♦Mar. 15, 1749/50. 
Cadwallader Colden to Mr. Watkins, missionary at New Windsor. Dec. 

12, 1748. 
Mr. Colden, jr., to Secretary. Cbldengham, ♦June 10, 1769. 
Thomas Colgan to Secretary. Jamaica, June 14, 1734 ; 1735 ; ♦Nov. 22, 

1740; ♦Dec. 15, 1741 ; ♦Mar. 25, ♦Sept 29, 1743; ♦Sept 29, 1744; 

♦Mar. 28, 1749. 
Id. to S. P. G. Jamaica, Sept 29, 1746. 

Samuel Cooke to Secretary. New Yoric, ♦Oct. 8, 1778 ; ♦Oct. 5, 1782. 
Myles Cooper to Bishop of London. King's College, ♦Aug. 27, 1767; 

♦Jan. 29, Apr. 4, June 28, 1768. 
Id. to Secretary. King's College, ♦Oct. 19, 1767 ; May 6, 1771. 

112 New York: New York City 

Myles Cooper and Charles Inglis to Secretary. New York, ♦June 12, 

Gov. W. Q)sby to Bishop, n. d. [1735.] 

Ranno Cossit to Secretary. Qaremont in Newhampshire, *May 10, 1782. 
Leonard Cutting to Secretary. Hempstead, *Apr. 9, 1767; ♦Jan. 7, 

♦Dec. 28, 1768 ; ♦Jan. 8, 1774 ; ♦Jan. 6, 1777 ; ♦Dec. 9, 1781. Me- 
morial of same. [ 1781 . ] 
William Frazer to Secretary. Am well. New Jersey, ♦Jan. 4, 1782. 
Gentleman in York (Maine), to Rev. Mr. in Boston. ♦Oct. 15, 


Greaton to Secretary. Boston, ♦Aug. 8, 1769. 

Griffiths to Secretary. New York, ♦Feb. 8, 1771. 

George Harison to Archbishop. New York, Jan. 2, 1762. 

Jos. Hildreth to Secretary. New York, ♦Apr. i, 1749; Staten Island, 

♦Oct. 6, 1776. 

Houdin to Secretary. New Rochelle, ♦Oct. 10, 1763. 

Charles Inglis to Secretary. New York, Apr. 19, ♦May i, ♦July 10, 1766 ; 

♦Oct. 17, 1767; ♦Nov. 27, 1768; Aug. 12, 1769; ♦Mar. 8, June 15, 

1770; Mar. 8, June 20, 1771 ; Oct. 31, 1776; ♦Mar. 27, 1777; ♦Nov. 

26, 1779 ; ♦May 20, 1780 ; ♦May 6, 1782. 
Jenney to Secretary. Hempstead, ♦June 27^ 1728 ; June 3, 1734 ; 

July 30, 173s ; Dec. 5, 1739 ; n. p., Sq)t. 8, 1729. 
Samuel Johnson to Archbishop. Stratford, Connecticut, ♦Oct 29, 1759; 

King's Cbll^ne, Jan. 6, 1763. 
Id. to Secretary. King's College, Nov. 25, 1760. 
Johnson and odiers to Archbishop ; also to Secretary. Jan. 29, 1755. 
Sir William Johnson to Secretary. Johnson's Hall, ♦Oct. 8, ♦Nov. 8» 

1766; Dec. 23, 1767; Dec 10, 1768; Dec, 1769; ♦Apr. 26, 1770; 

Oct. 16, 1772 ; ♦Mar. 8, 1774. 
Thomas Keble to Secretary. Oyster Bay, ♦May 24, 1739; ♦Mar. 2^ 

1742 ; ♦June 23, 1744. 
William Kiiiq)atrick, Moderator of the New York and Philadelphia 

Synod, to the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of 

Scotland ; also reply of Church of Scotland to Synod, n. d. [ 1770.] 
John Livingston to Secretary. New York, ♦Dec 18, 1769; Nov. 20, 

James Lyons to Secretary. Brookhaven, ♦Mar. 25, 1747 ; Oct. 20, 1761 ; 

♦Apr. 22, 1762 ; ♦Oct. 8, 1763 ; Apr. 23, 1767. 
John Rutgers Marshall to Secretary. New York, ♦Apr. 24, 1782. 
John Miln to Secretary. Albany, ♦June 20, 1728; ♦Nov. 3, 1729; ♦Nov. 

4. 1730; New York, ♦Nov. 2, 1731 ; June 18, 1744. 
— ^— Milner to Secretary. Newport Parish, Isle of Wight [Virginia], 

♦Feb. 3, 1768. 
Sir Henry Moore to Secretary. Fort George, Jan. 21, 1767. 
Id. to Earl of Shelbume. New York, June 10, 1767. 
Harry Munro to Secretary. New York, ♦Dec. 26, 1766 ; Philipseburg, 

♦Feb. I, 1766; Albany, 1768; ♦July 12, 1768; ♦July 14, 1769; ♦Sq)t. 

25, 177a 
Jno. Odell to Secretary. New York, ♦Aug. 10, 1782. 
John Ogilvie to Secretary. Albany, ♦July 27, 1750; ♦Apr. 14, ♦Aug. 7, 

1751 J ♦June 29, 1752 ; Feb. i, ♦May 20, Oct. 14, 1760 ; Oswego, Aug. 

9, 1760. 

New York: New York City 113 

Ferdinand John Paris to S. P. G. Jan. 23, 1738. (Report on the mar- 
riage laws in New York.) 

John Paterson to Secretary. New York, Aug. 12, 1782. 

J. Pownall to Bishop of London. Whitehall, Feb. 11, 1767. 

Thomas Poyer to Secretary. Jamaica, June 16, 1731. 

Punderson to Secretary. Rye, *Nov. 12, 1762. 

[Samuel] Purdy to Secretary. Rye, *Dec. 20, 1749. 

John Sayre to Secretary. New York, *May 18, *Nov. 7, 1769 ; *Nov. 8, 
1781 ; *Jan. 7, *Aug. 14, 1782. 
(The Transcripts do not distinguish clearly between Samuel Seabury, 
sr., and Samuel Seabury, jr. As arranged in this Inventory, the let- 
ters from Hempstead are assumed to be by the father, while the 
others are assigned to the son.) 

Samuel Seabury, sr., to Secretary. Hempstead, *Mar. 26, *Sept. 30, 
1746; *C)ct. 5, 1750; *Mar. 26, ♦Oct. 13, 1752; *Oct 2, 1759; ♦Oct 
21, 1761 ; ♦Mar. 26, 1764. 

Samuel Seabury, jr., to Secretary, n. p., ♦Sept. ^o, 1748 ; Jamaica, Oct 
10, 1759; ♦Mar. 28, ♦Oct 6, 1760; ♦Mar. 26, 1761 ; Mar. 26, 1763; 
Mar. 26, ♦Oct. 6, 1764 ; ♦June 28, 1765 ; Apr. 17, 1766 ; West Chester, 
♦June 25, 1767; ♦Oct. I, 1768; ♦Mar. 29, 1770; ♦Jan. 3, 1771 ; ♦May 
30» 1775 ; *Jan. 13, 1776; New York, ♦Dec 29, 1776; Mar. 29, 1777 ; 
♦Nov. 22, 1778; ♦June 24, 1782. 

Secretary to Mr. Qarke, esq. London, May 21, 1739. 

William Skinner and Edward Vaughan to Secretary. Elizabeth Town, 
June 16, 1738. 

Thomas Standard to Secretary. West Chester, Nov. 5, 1729 ; East Ches- 
ter, ♦May 14, 1744. 

John Stoupe to Secretary. New Rochelle, ♦July 15, 1728 ; Aug. 10, 1733 ; 
♦Nov. 15, 1744; June 8, 1750. 

John Stuart to Secretary. Fort Hunter, ♦Jan. 30, ♦June 22, 1771 ; ♦Feb. 
13, ♦Aug. 9, 1774; New York, ♦Oct 27, 1775; Montreal, ♦Oct 13, 

St. George Talbot to Secretary. New York, ♦Sept. 10, 1762 ; Bam Island, 
July I, 1763. 

Epenetus Townsend to Secretary. Salem, ♦Sept. 29, 1769; ♦Mar. 25, 
1771 ; New York, June, 1777. 

William Tryon to Secretary. New York, Aug. 23, 1779. 

Rip Van Dam to Bishop. New York, July 11, 1732. 

William Vesey to Secretary. New York, Oct. 20, 1735 ; ♦Dec. i, 1739; 
♦Nov. 6, 1740; ♦Nov. 22, 1742 ; ♦Nov. 27, 1745. 

S. Walter to Secretary. New York, ♦Dec. 23, 1778; Jan. 11, 1779; 
♦May 18, 1780. 

Hezekiah Watkins to Secretary. New Windsor, Nov. 3, 1747 ; May 16, 
Dec. 14, 1748; ♦June 12, 1752; Newburgh, ♦June 29, 1759; ♦Nov. 
18, 1760; ♦Oct. 30, 1764. 

I. Wetmore to Secretary. Rye, ♦Nov. i, 1728; July 21, 1729; Dec. 21, 
1730 ; May 15, 1731 ; June 6, 1732 ; ♦Aug. 20, 1733 ; ♦June 24, 1734; 
♦Dec. 25, 1735 ; ♦July i, 1738; ♦Aug. 5, 1739; Sept. 28, 1741 ; ♦Mar. 
25, ♦Sept 29, 1743 ; ♦Dec. 13, 1744 ; ♦Mar. 25, Oct 3, 1745 ; Sept 18, 
1746 ; Mar. 26, Sept 29, 17^^ ; ♦Oct. 5, 1749 ; ♦Apr. 2, ♦(Dct. 2, 1752. 

Id. to Bishop of London. Rye, Apr. 3, 1732 ; Mar. 26, 1747. 

114 New York: New York City 

James Wetmore to Secretary. New York, ♦Jan. lo, 1777 ; *May i, *Nov. 

i» 1779. 
Timothy Wetmore to Secretary. Rye, *May 6, 1761 ; ♦June i, 1765. 

Mr. Wetmore to Secretary. ♦Oct. 3, 1775. 

to Secretary, ^n. d. 

(signed A) to Bishop of London. New York, June 10, 1763. 

New Jersey. 
Miscellaneous Papers: 

Clergy of New Jersey to Secretary. ♦June 27, ♦Oct. 3, 1765 ; ♦Oct. 16, 

Clergy of New York and Pennsylvania to S. P. G. [1713.] 
Qergy of Pennsylvania on behalf of Mr. Holbrooke to S. P. G. Aug. 19, 

Several ministers to Gen. Nicholson, n. d. 

Missionaries of New Jersey to Secretary. Perth Amboy, ♦Sept. 20, 1764. 
Memorial of Col. Morris concerning state of religion in the Jerseys. 

Charter of New Jersey University. 1746. 
Petition of inhabitants of New Jersey to the king. Mar. 16, 1717. 
Petition of several members of the Church of England in New Jersey and 

Pennsylvania. (Received) Jan. 20, 1726. 
Queries (printed) sent out by S. P. G., with replies from the following 
places and ministers: Elizabeth Town, Edward Vaughan; Perth 
Amboy, William Skinner; Salem, John Holbrooke. [1724.] 
Copy of order for Mr. Talbot's receiving the interest of the late Arch- 
bishop Tenison's iiooo. [1721.] 

Inhabitants to S. P. G. June 3, 1732. 

Id. to Mr. Vaughan. June 20, 1732. 

Churchwardens to Mr. Morton. Apr. 4, 1763. 

Statement of vestry (St. Andrew's). Feb. 3, 1764. 
Burlington (St. Mary's Parish). 

Churchwardens to governor. Nov. 4, 1725. 

Id. to Bishop of London. Sept. 4, 1703. 

Id. to Secretary. Mar. 25, 1714; June 2, 1746. 

Id. to S. P. G. 28, 1715 ; Nov. i, 1722 ; Mar. 12, 1729/30. 

Id. to . ♦Dec. 3, 1729. 

Rector to Gen. Nicholson, n. d. 

Vestry to queen, n. d. [1714.] 

Id. to S. P. G. Apr. 2, 1704. 

History of the church at Burlington, by J. Bass, esq. 
Elizabeth (St. John's Parish). 

Churchwardens to Secretary. Dec. 26, 1747; ♦Dec 23, 1749. 

Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. May 29, 1750. 
Gloucester. Petition of inhabitants to S. P. G. n. d. [1764.] 
Monmouth County. 

Justices of the peace, high sheriff, and grand jury to S. P. G. ♦May 
28, 1717. 

Address of people of Monmouth County for minister, to S. P. G. 
Jan. 28, 1729. 

Petition of inhabitants. Dec. 10, 1743. 

New York: New York City 116 

Mt. Holly. Churchwardens to Secretary. *July 29, 1765. 

Members of church to Bishop of London and S. P. G. [1735 ?] 

Committee of church to Secretary. ♦Oct. 30, 1744. 

Petition of churchwardens, Trinity Church, to S. P. G. [1745 ?] 
New Brunswick. Two petitions of people to S. P. G. [ 1746.] 
Perth Amboy. Churchwardens to Secretary. *Dec. 29, 1768 ; *June 16, 

Piscataqua. Report of state of church to S. P. G. Dec. 24, 1714. 

Address of inhabitants to S. P. G. n. d. [1722.] 

Churchwardens to S. P. G. Oct. 20, 1748. 
Shrewsbury. Churchwardens to Secretary, June i, 1744; *June 14, 

Staten Island. Members of French congregation in behalf of Mr. Hari- 

son. *n. d. [1736.] 

Church¥rardens to Secretary. *Sept. 24, 1763 ; *Oct. 7, 1765. 

Id. to United Convention at New York. May 14, 1774. 
Waterford. Petition of inhabitants to S. P. G. n. d. [1764.] 


William Ayers to Secretary. Spotswood, ♦Mar. 25, 1769; Freehold, 
♦Sept. 29, 1769; ♦Mar. '25, 1771 ; ♦Nov. 16, 1781 ; ♦May 29, 1782. 

[Henry] Barday to Secretary. New York, ♦Oct. 3, 1752. 

J. Bass to Secretary. Burlington, ♦Sept. 2, 1709; Oct. 6, 1715 (post- 

Abraham Beach to Secretary. New Brunswick, ♦Jan. 13, 1768; ♦Nov. 

20, 1769 ; ♦Nov. 27, 1771 ; ♦May 27, 1774; ♦Dec. 6, 1775 ; ♦Feb. 15, 
1777; ♦Mar. 24, 1780; ♦Jan. 4, ♦Oct i, 1782. 

Fra. Bernard to Secretary. Perth Amboy, Nov. 5, 1759. 

William Black to Bishop of London. Annapolis, June 7, 1709. 

Rc^rt Blackwell to Secretary. Gloucester, ♦Ajw. 25, 1774; ♦June 26^ 

Francis Braisier and others to Secretary, n. p., n. d. ♦[1762.] 

Brockwell to Secretary. Salem, New England, ♦July 28, ♦Oct. 

21, 1740. 

John Brooire to Secretary. Elizabeth [Town], Aug. 20, Nov. 23, 1705 ; 
Amboy, ♦Oct. 11, 1706. 

Isaac Browne to Secretary. Newark, ♦Mar. 25, 1751 ; ♦Oct. 6, 1760; 
♦Oct. 6, 1761 ; ♦Oct. 6, 1764 ; ♦Oct. 6, 1766 ; ♦Apr. 6, ♦June 10, 1767 ; 
♦Jan. 6, ♦Apr. 6, ♦Oct. 6, 1768 ; ♦June 12, 1769 ; ♦Apr. 6, ♦Oct. 6, 
1771 ; ♦Oct. 6, 1773 ; ♦Apr. 6, 1774 ; ♦Apr. 6, 1776 ; New York, ♦Mar. 
27» i777;*Oct 4, 1782. 

Isaac Browne and others to Secretary. Elizabeth, ♦Apr. 11, 1765. 

Colin Campbell to Secretary. Elizabeth [Town], ♦Nov. 16, 1739; Bur- 
lington, ♦Oct. 8, 1739; ♦May 3, 1740; ♦May 12, ♦Nov. 2, 1742; June 
28, 1748; ♦July S, 1749 ; ♦June 26, ♦Dec. 26, 1761 ; ♦Jan. 4, ♦June 25, 
1763 ; ♦July 30, 1764; ♦Apr. 20, ♦Dec. 26, 1765. 

Colin Csunpbell and others to Secretary. Burlington, Oct. i, 1762. 

Thomas B. Chandler to Secretary. Elizabeth [Town], ♦Dec. 20, 1749; 
♦May I, ♦Nov. 6, 1752 ; Dec. 10, 1754 ; July 5, 1760 ; ♦Apr. 6, 1761 ; 
♦Jan. 15, ♦July 5, I7i52; ♦Jan. 5, ♦July 5, 1764; ♦Feb. 12, ♦July 5, 

116 New York: New York City 

1765; ♦Jan. 15, 1766; *Oct. 12, ♦Dec. 4, 1767; ♦June 24, Oct. 12, 

1768; ♦Mar. 27, ♦Aug. 10, 1769; ♦Jan. 5, ♦July 5, 1770; ♦June 21, 

1 77 1 ; ♦Jan. 25, ♦May 20, 1774. 
Id. to Bishop of London. July 11, 1766. 
Chandler and others to Bishop of London. [1766.] 
Chandler and Myles Cooper to Bishop of London. Dec. 5, 1767. 
Richard Charlton and others to Secretary. Perth Amboy, Dec. 6, 1762. 
Commissioners of Trade and Plantations to Bishop of London. White- 
hall, June 24, 1 71 5. 
Samuel Cooke to Secretary. Shrewsbury, ♦June 26, 1752 ; ♦Nov. 5, 1760 ; 

♦Apr. 2^, 1767 ; ♦Apr. 12, 1769; ♦Oct. i, 1770; ♦Apr. 12, 1774; New 

Brunswick, ♦May i, 1777; New York, ♦May 7, 1782. 
Id. to Rev. Mr. Morice. New York, ♦May 20, 1780. 
William Cordiner to Secretary. " Three Hill Court with* Bi^te, ♦Aug. 

18, 1710." 
Lord Combury to Secretary. New York, Nov. 29, 1707. 
Daniel Coxe to Secretary. Trenton, Apr. 28, 1728. 
Daniel Coxe and William Trent to Secretary. Trenton, Sept. 20, 1723. 
Leo. Cutting to Secretary. New Brunswick, ♦Oct. 3, 1764; ♦Apr. 29, 

♦July II, ♦Nov. 26, 1765; ♦July 26, 1766; Trenton, ♦Aug. 29, 1765. 
Rowland Ellis to Secretary. Burlington, May 20, 1714; July 9, 1710; 

♦Aug. 29, 1717; *July 10, 1718; (certificate) Oct. 21, 1722; ♦Sept* 

21, 1725. 
Evan Evans and John Talbot to Secretary. Burlington, Dec. 4, 1712. 
Nathaniel Evans to Secretary. Haddonfield, ♦Feb. 25, ♦Dec. 12, 1766; 

♦Jan. 20, ♦Apr. 20, 1767. 
John Forbes to Secretary. Monmouth County, Oct. 20, 1734. 
William Frazer to Secretary. Amwell, ♦Oct 20, 1768; ♦May 9, ♦Sept, 

28, 1769 ; ♦Nov. 6, 1770 ; ♦Mar. 14, 1772 ; ♦July 23, 1775 ; New York, 

♦Oct 9, 1773. 
John Garrison to Cortland Skinner. Amwell, Jan. 4, 1764. 
. John Grandin to Mr. McKean. n. p., Sept 19, 1763. 
T. Haliday to Secretary. Amboy, ♦Aug. 5, 171 1 ; ♦Oct. 9, 1717 ; Burling* 

ton, Apr. II, 1713 ; Elizabetii [Town], ♦Nov. 8, 1710 ; ♦Aug. i, 1717; 

Perth Amboy, Dec. 9, 1712 ; Mar. 17, 1712/3 ; New York, Apr. 20, 

♦June 4, Aug. 23, 17 14. 
William Harrison to Secretary. Staten Island, Oct. 6, 1733. 
John Holbrooke to Secretary. Salem, ♦Oct. 23, 1724; May 13, 1725; 

♦Sept 28, 1726; ♦Nov. 17, 1727; July 21, 1729; Aug. 19, 1730. 
Nathaniel Horwood to Secretary. Burlington, ♦Apr. 25, 1727 ; ♦Apr. 22^ 

1728 ; ♦Mar. 24, 1728/9. 
Michael Houdin to Secretary. Trenton, Nov. i, 1750. 
John Humphrey to Secretary. Annapolis, Dec. 4, 1725. 
Gov. Robert Hunter to S. P. G. New York, Dec. 5, 1712. 
Id. to Secretary. New York, June 11, 1713. 
Brigadier Hunter to Commissioners of Trade and Plantations. ♦Apr. 9^ 

Peter Kemble to Secretary, n. p., Dec. 2, 1746. 

William Lindsay to Secretary. Bristol, Mar. 9, 1736. 

Richard Locke to Secretary. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Oct. 16, 1746; 

Apr. II, 1747 ; Trent Town, Apr. 13, 1747. 

Bishop of London to Secretary. ♦Nov. 30, 1709. 

New York: Nexv York City 117 

Robert McKean to Secretary. New Brunswick, May 7, 1760 ; *Oct 5, 

1761 ; *Apr. 28, 1762 ; Perth Amboy, *Apr. 16, 176^ ; *Apr. 27, 1767. 
Thomas Moore to Mr. Hodges. New York, Nov. 14, 1705. 
Id. to Secretary. Fort Anne, *Aug. 27, 1707; Aug., 1707. 
Col. Lewis Morris to A. D. Bcveridge, Tinton, July 12, 1703. 
Andrew Morton to Secretary. Amwell, *JuIy i, 1761 ; *June 30, Dec. 3, 

1762; *Mar. 26, *July 10, *Sept. 26, 1765; Kingwood, *Apr. 20, 

♦Aug. 8, *Nov. 10, 1763 ; *Apr. 18, *June 22, i;^ ; Philadelphia, 

♦Mar. 10, 1766. 
R. Mosley to Secretary. Newark, July 29, 1774. 
Elias Neau to Secretary. New York, *Feb. 27, 1709. 
Jon. Odell to Secretary. Burlington, *Oct. 2, 1767; *Jan. 6, *July 5, 

1768; *Apr. 6, *July 21, *Aug. 31, 1769; *June 25, 1771 ; *July 5, 

1774 ; *AiM-. 17, *July 7, 1775 ; New York, ♦Jan. 7 and *2S, *Aug. 18, 

Uzal Ogden, jr., to Secretary. New Town, Sussex Giunty, *July 8, 

1 771 ; *Oct. 25, 1776 ; *Feb. 24, 1782. 
James Parker to Secretary. Woodbridge, *Sept. 22, 1764. 
John Pierson to Secretary. Salem, Nov. 19, 1740; June 26, 1741 ; Mar. 

26, Oct. 30, 1744 ; *June 26, 1747. 
John Preston to Secretary. Perth Amboy, *Feb. 19, 1770; ♦Mar. 19, 

1771 ; ♦Mar. 10, 1772 ; *Apr. 2, 1774 ; *Jan. 2, *May i, 1777. 
Chris. R. Reynold to Secretary. Shrewsbury, *July 24, 1749. 
Secretary to Mr. Talbot. Aug. 23, 1715. 
Id. to Mr. [Thomas] Thompson. London, Nov. 24, 1746. 
William Skinner to Secretary. Amboy [or Perth Amboy], ♦Mar. 7, 

1722 ; May 22, 1724 ; *Dec 3, 1728 ; July 14, 1730 ; Nov. 15, 1732 ; 

Nov. 22, 1736; *May 22, 1741 ; *May 4, 1742; *May 27, 1743; 

July 15, 1747 ; Jan. 9, 1748/9 ; J«ly S» I749- 
Alex. Stewart to Secretary. Richmond County, New York, ♦June 10, 

William Stuart to Secretary. Second River, ♦Mar. 25, 1777. 

John Talbot to Bishop of London. Burlington, July 2, 1725. 

Id. to Secretary. London, *Apr. 16, 1707; Philadelphia, Aug. 20, 1708; 
Burlington, Aug. 24, 1708; June 30, Sept. 27, 1709; Oct. 28, 1714; 

10^. 1, 1715 ; , 1716 ; *Sept. 17, 1717 ; May 3, 1718 ; Nov. 27, 

[1722] ; Sept. 20, 1723 ; 7bris 7, 1724; July 8, 1725. 

Thomas Thompson to Secretary. Freehold, ♦Nov. 11, 1745; Philadel- 
phia, Oct. 18, 1748; Salem, ♦June 10, 1749; Apr. 21, 1750. 

William Thompson to Secretary. Trenton, ♦Sept. 27, 1771. 

Agar Treadwell to Secretary, n. p., ♦June 28, 1763 ; Trenton, ♦Apr. 9, 
1764; ♦June 25, 1765. 

John Urmstone to Dr. Bray. Cecil County in Maryland. July 29, 1724. 

Edward Vaughan to Secretary. Amboy, ♦Dec. 4, 1709; Aug. 28, 17 14; 
Sept. 28, 1716 ; Elizabeth Town, Dec. 4, 1710; ♦Sept. 12, 171 1 ; ♦Nov. 
4, 1718; Oct. 6, 1731 ; Dec. 18, 1733; ♦Nov. 4, 1740; Piscataqua, 
♦July 8, 1717; New York, 12th, 1721 ; n. p., Feb. 28, 171 1/2. 

Vaughan and Slunner to S. P. G. Elizabeth Town, May 20, 1743. 

Walker to Secretary. Burlington, ♦Sept. 10, 1717. 

Robert Weyman to Secretary. Burlington, Mar. 10, 1734. 

118 New York: Neiv York City 

Ed [ward] Winslow to Secretary. Braintree, [Massachusetts], "^Kvng. 15, 

Wood to Secretary. New Brunswick^ ♦Dec 6, 1751. 

NoRTH Carolina. 
Miscellaneous Papers: 

Account of Mr. Blair's mission to North Carolina. [1703.] 

Petition from North Carolina to House of Lords. [1703.] 

Abstract of act of assembler for establishing the Church in North Carolina 

and appointing vestnes. (Enclosed m letter of 1716.) 
Memorandum concerning endowment of the Church in North Carolina. 

Catalogue of books . . . presented by Edw[ar]d Moseley, esq., to . . . 

S. P. G. . . . towards a Provincial Library to be kept in Edenton, 

the Metropolis of North Carolina. 
Minutes made by Archbishop, n. d. [1760.] 
Order of council. " At a Court of St. James ", June 3, 1762. 
Cogy of act for establishing an orthodox clergy. May 18, 1765. 
Account of North Carolina made in 1766, by Charles Woodmason. 
Returns of names of counties and parishes ; estimate of white taxables, 

etc. [1765] 
Copy of act to amend and explain the act establishing an orthodox clergy. 

Dec. 3, 1768. 
List of clergy in North Cardina. July, 1770. 

Answer of House of Assembly to governor's message. Jan. 25, 1771. 
Extract of report of Board of Trade upon act passed in North Carolina, 

Jan., 1771, entitled, "Act authorizing Presbyterian ministers to 

solemnize rites of matrimony ". 
Copy of 84th article of his Majesty's Instructions to Arthur Dobbs. 1761. 
Bath County. Vestry to Secretary. *Mar. 10, 1716/7. 
Caratuck [Currituck]. Vestry to S. P. G. Aug. 25, 1710. 
Chowan Precinct 
Churchwardens to Secretary. [1708.] 
Vestry to Bishop of London. Aug. 24, 1708. 
Craven County. Certificate of vestry in favor of James Read. Mar. 3, 

Newborn [Newbem]. Memorial of town to William Tryon. May 16, 


Vestry to Secretary. Aug. 26, 1710. 

Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. Aug. 10, 1717. 
Queen Anne's Creek. Vestry to Gen. Nicholson. Mar. 2, 1713/4. 
St. Luke's Parish. Majority of vestry to governor. [1769.] 
St. Paul's Parish. Vestry to Secretary. May 5, 1760. 
St. Philip's Parish (Brunswick). 

Certificate of churchwardens and vestry in favor of Mr. Macdonall, 
Apr. 7, 1760, with sanction of same by Gov. Arthur Dobbs. 

Vestry to Macdonall. Mar. 24, 1761. 
St. Thomas's Parish. Churchwardens to Secretary. [1746.] 

New York: New York CUy 119 


James Adams to Secretary. Virginia, June lo, 1708; ♦Oct. 4, 1709; 

♦Sept. 4, 1710; North Carolina, Sept 18, 1708; Caratudc, Mar. 27, 

1 710. 
Anonymous to Secretary (about Mr. Urmston). May 26, 172 1. 
Thomas Bailey. Remonstrance against Richard Everard. Also affidavit 

relative to Mr. Bailey, Dec 3, 1725, and petition from Bath Town 

and Hyde parish in his favor. May 25, 1726. 
John Bamett to Secretary. Brunswick, Aug. 22, 1767; June 11, 1768; 

[Cape Fear], Feb. 3, 1766; Northampton, Sept. 15, 1770. 

Id, to Mr. Waring. Castle Tryon. Feb. i, . 

Chr. Bevis to Secretary. Cape Fear, Nov. i, 1748. 

Jno. Bladcwell. Affidavit relating to Mr. Bailey. Feb. 27, 1725. 

John Boyd. Petition to S. P. G. [1733.] 

Id. to Bishop of London. North West Parish, Apr. 12, 1735. 

Hobart Briggs to Secretary. St. Gabriel's Parish, Duplin County, Aug. 

Geoige Burrington to Bishop of London. Mar. 15, 1731/2 ; May 10, 1732. 
Nicholas Christian to Secretary. Brunswick, *July 27, 1774. 
Charles Cupples to Secretary. St John's Parish, Bute County, ♦Apr. 9, 

1768; Apr. 25. 1771. 
Benjamin Dennis to Secretary. Goose Credc, ♦Sept. 3, 171 1. 
Gov. (or Gen.) Arthur Dobbs to Commissioners for Trade and Planta- 
tions. ♦Mar. 29, 1764. 
Id. to Secretary. Brunswick, Jan. 22, 1760; Apr. 15, 1760; Mar. 30, 

1762 ; Mar. 29, 1764. 
Theodorus Swaim Drage to Gov. Tryon. Salisbury, Mar. 13, 1770 ; St. 

Luke's Parish, Rowan County, May 29, 1770. 
Id. to Secretary. Feb. 28, 177 1. 

N. Dukinfield to Bishop of London. Sion College, July 14, 1724. 
Levi Durand to Secretary. Christ Church, ♦June 3, 1743. 
Daniel Earl to Secretary. Edenton, May 5, 1760; ♦Apr. 14, 1761 ; ♦Apr. 

2, 1762 ; ♦Apr. 12, 1763 ; ♦Apr. 13, ♦Oct. 20, 1765 ; ♦Mar. 26, Oct 

12, 1766 ; ♦Mar. 26, 1768 ; ♦Mar. 29, 1771 ; ♦Mar. 27, 1772 ; ♦May 15, 

Aug. 30, 177s ; ♦Sept. 29, 1778; Apr. 22, 1779. 
Col. (or Gov.) Charles Eden to Secretary. Chowan, Jan. 17, May 10, 

1716; Oct. 5, 1717; Apr. 12, 1721. 
Gov. (Sir) Richard Everard to Bishop of London. Edenton, Jan. 25, 

1725 ; Apr. 14, Oct. 12, 1729. 
Samuel Fiske to Gov. Tryon. Pasquotank, Nov. 28, 1768. 
W. Fordyce to Secretary. Prince Frederick Parish, ♦Oct. 24, 1743. 
C. Gale to Bishop of London. Edenton, Apr. 6, 1732. 
Miles Gale to Archbishop. Highley in Craven, Aug. 26, 1712. 
Id. to Secretary, n. d. [1714.] 
Commissary Alexander Garden to Bishop of London. Charlestown, 

Sept. 6, 1737. 
John Garzia to Secretary. Bath Town, Mar. 19, 1735/6; Apr. 16, 1742; 

♦May 20, 1749. 
Col. (or Gov.) William Glover to Bishop of London. Hampton in Vir- 
ginia. Sept. 25, 1708. 
Id. to Secretary. Aug. 30, 1710. 

120 New York: New York City 

William Gordon to Secretary. Linhaven Bay, Apr. i, 1708; London, 
May 13, 1709. 

Baron de GrafFenried to Bishop of London. New Bern, Apr. 20, 1711. 

Bevill Granville to Bishop of London. Edenton, May 6, 1732. 

[William] Guy to Secretary. *n. d. [1716.] 

Clement Hall to Secretary. Perquimens, *Feb. 27, 1744/5; Edenton 
(or "near Edenton"), June 19, Aug. 23, 1746; *July 9, Sept. 29, 
1748; Jan. 3, 1748/9; *July 3, Sept. 11, *Dec. 27, 1749; *May 19, 


Hasell et al. to the governor. Newbem, Nov. 30, 1771. 

Benjamin Heron to . Portsmouth, Sept. 17, 1760. 

Edward Hyde to Mr. Rainsford. Chowan, *May 30, 1712. 

Gabriel Johnston to Secretary. Edenton, Oct. 15, 1748. 

Edward Jones to Gov. Tryon. London, Mar. 29, 1769. 

Lewis Jones to Secretary. St. Helen's, Dec. 27, 1743. 

Jchn LApier[r]e to Bishop of London. Cape Fear alias New Hanover, 
Nov. 29, 1732 ; Oct. 9, 1733 ; Apr. 23, 1734. 

Bishop of London to Commissioners for Trade and Plantations. May 3, 
1762 ; Jan. 13, 1766 ; n. d. [ 1771.] 

Id. to Secretary. Fulham, *Jan. 12, 171 i/a. 

James Macartney to Secretary. Granville Parish, Oct. 28, 1769. 

John Macdonall to Secretary. Brunswick, Feb. 9, Apr. 17, 1760 ; Apr. 16, 
May 20, July 3, 1761 ; *June 15, 1762 ; *Feb. 23, *Mar. 26, *June i, 

Richard Marsden to Bishop of London. July 7, 1735 ; Mar. 13, 1737. 

Gov. John Martin to Bishop of London. Newbem, June 20, 1772. 

Id. to Secretary. Newbem, June 20, 1772. 

G. Micklejohn to Secretary. St. Matthew's, Orange County, *Sept 14, 

James Moir to Secretary. Wilmington, *Feb. 15, 1741/2; *Apr. 22, 
1742; Mar. 31, Nov. 4, 1746; Brunswick, Sept. 4, 1742; Mar. 29, 
1743; Mar. 26, 1745; Edgecomb County, Nov. 22, 1748; *May 2, 
1749 ; Apr. 8, Oct. 30, 1760 ; *Apr. 13, *Aug. 7, 1761 ; Northampton, 
♦Nov. 10, 1762 ; Apr. 6, Oct 20, 1763 ; Apr. 4, Oct. 2, 1764 ; *Apr. 16, 
1765 ; Suffolk in Virginia, *Oct. 13, 1766; *n. p., n. d. 

Andrew Morton to Secretary. Northampton, Aug. 25, 1766; Northamp- 
ton County, Jan. 9, 1767 ; Caroline County, Virgmia, Sept 17, 1707. 

Edward Moseley to Gen. Nicholson. Chowan, July 15, 1714. 

William Orr to Secretary. St Paul's Parish, Sept. 30, 1742 ; *Mar. 30, 
♦Sept 30, 1743. 

Charles Pettigrew to Secretary. Edenton, Apr. 13, 1776. 

Col. Thomas Pollock to Gen. Nicholson. Chowan, Aug. 3, 1714. 

John Pownall to Secretary. Whitehall, July 2, 1764. 

Giles Rainsford to Gen. Nicholson. Chowan, Dec. i, 1713. 

Id. to John Chamberlayne. July 25, 1712 ; July 13, 1713. 

Id. to Secretary. Chowan, Feb. 17, 1712/3 ; Mar. 30, 1714; Pascotanck, 

Jan. 19, i7i[?]. 

Id. to . Aug. 17, 1716. 

James Reed to Secretary. (Some are to "Rev. Sir", presumably the 
Secretary.) Newbum, Mar. 5, June 26, *Dec. 24, 1760; *June 25, 
♦Dec. 26, 1761 ; *Dec. 27, 1762 ; June 26, *Dec 26, 1763 ; June 21, 
♦Dec. 21, 1764; July 10, 1765; *Jan. 14, July 20, 1766; May 14, 

New York: New York City 121 

1768; July 2, 1771 ; Feb. 15, Mar. 20, 1772; Sept. 12, 1773; Jan. 7, 

July 19, 1774; Feb. 2, 1776. 
S. Richardson to Archbishop. Sept. 19, 1760. 
Secretary to Commissary Johnston. Sept. 16, 1715. 
Id. to Gov. Eden. London, Nov. 7, 1721. 
Id, to Gov. Gabriel Johnston. Oct. 14, 1746. 
Michael Smith to Archbishop. Dec. 15, ij^. 
Id. to Secretary. Sept 2, 1758 ; also petition to S. P. G., n. d. ; memorial 

of churchwardens, with accompanying letter in favor of Smith, Oct 

h 1759. 
Alexander Stewart to Secretary. Bath, May 20, Oct 10, 1760; May 22, 

1 761 ; *Oct. 6, 1762 ; *Mar. 20, 1763 ; *Nov. 20, 1764 ; *Apr. 2, Nov. 

22, 1765 ; Oct. 3, 1767 ; June, 1768 ; *June 24, 1769 ; Glebe near Bath, 

Nov. 6, 1763 ; Bacon Island Road, Oct. i, 1766 ; Newbem, Dec. 6, 


Taylor to Secretary. Perquimons Precinct, Apr. 23, 17 19. 

C E. Taylor to Secretary. St George's Parish, *Aug. 20, 1771 ; *Aug. 

24, 1772 ; *May 17, 1774. 
Thomas Thomlinson to Secretary. Newbem, *June 4, 1765 ; July, 1772. 
Id. to " Rev. Sir ". Feb. 20, 1772. 
Gov. William Tryon to Commissioners for Trade and Plantations. Aug. 

12, 1765. 

Id. to Mr. Drage. Newbem, July 9, 1770. 

Id. to Bishop of London. Oct. 6, 1766; *June 10, 1768 ; Mar. 20, 1769. 

Id. to Secretary. Bmnswick, July 31, 1765 ; Jan. 29, Oct. i, 1766 ; Apr. 

30, July 18, 1767; June 10, ijw; Mar. 20, May 28, Sept 3, 1769; 

July 22, 1770. 
Id. to S. P. G. July 31, 1765. 
Id. to vestry of St James's Parish, New Hanover County. Feb. 9, 1770, 

and reply, May 11, 1770; July 17, 1770. 
Id. to vestry of St. Luke's Parish. *Nov. 12, 1769. Reply of majority of 

Jdbn Urmston to Mr. Hodges. Oct. 22, 1712. 
Id. to Gen. Nicholson. Dec i, 1713 ; Jan. i, 1713/4 ; Apr. 12, 1714. 
Id. to Secretary. July 17, 171 1 ; Nov. 6, 1712 ; June 12, Aug. 7, Sept 22, 

1714; Apr. 13, June 12 and 21, 1715 ; Feb. 14 and 28, 171 5/6; *Nov. 

13, Dec. 15, 1716; Jan. 29, May i, June 22, Oct. 23, 1717; May 2, 
♦Oct. 18, 1718; Dec. 31, 1719; Feb. 15, 1719/20; Feb. 5, *^r. 25, 
1720; *July 21, 1721. 

Henderson Walker to Bishop of London. Oct 21, 1703. 

Lord Weymouth to Mr. Chamberlayne. L. Leat, Apr. 12, 1706. 

South Carouna. 

Volume I. 
Miscellaneous Papers: 

" An Act for the Establishment of Religious Worship in this Province 
According to the Church and for the Erecting of Churches for the 
Publick Worship of God, And also for the maintenance of Ministers, 
And the building Convenient houses for Them." 
Instructions from the clergy of South Carolina to Commissary Johnston 
brought by himself. Mar. 4, 1712/3. 

122 New York: New York City 

Instructions of the clergy of South Carolina given to Mr. Johnston on 

his coming away for England and enlarged and explained by him 

and presented to S. P. G. n. d. 
Extract of instructions given to Francis Nicholson, captain-general, given 

at Whitehall, Sept. 27, 1720. 
Petition of clergy to Francis Nicholson. Jan. 10, 172 1/2. 
Case of the Lords Proprietors of South Carolina. 
Petition to S. P. G. in behalf of Dr. Le Jau's widow. 
Bishop of London's instructions to clergy of North and South Carolina. 

Apr. 22, 1717. 
Col. Bamwdl's Journal relating proceedings at Alatamaha. June 16- 

July 29, 1 72 1. 
Wm. T. Bull. Concerning state of the Church in South Carolina. Sept 

Christ Church Parish. Vestry to Secretary. *Oct. 23, 1716. 
St. Andrew's Parish. " Some reasons offered by parishioners of St An- 
drew's to Mr. Com"^ Johnston concerning Mr. Taylor, D. D., to the 
Society. loth 8br. 1716." 
St. James's Parish near Goose Creek. Churchwardens and vestry to S. 

P. G. *Mar. i, 1717/8. 
St. James's Parish (Santee). Representation of inhabitants to Gen* 

Nicholson. *Nov. 6, 1721. 
St. Paul's Parish, Colleton County. 
Address of vestry. Aug. 22, 171 1. 

Account of building parish church. Dec 3, 1714/5 ; idL, n. d. 
Vestry to Secretary. Dec 24, 1716. 
St. Thomas's Parish. 
Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. *Feb. 16, 1716/7. 
Notitia Parochalis, an Account of Spiritual State of the parish. July 
12, 1718. 


[Thomas] Broughton to Secretary. St. John's, Sept 26, 1717. 
William Tredwell Bull to Bishop of London. St Paul's [Parish], May 

IS, 1718; Jan. 13, 1721/2. 
W. to Mrs. Lowther. St Paul's, *Nov. 19, 1717. 
/d. to Secretary. St Paul's, *May 16, 1716; *Jan. 3, June 20, 1717; 

♦Apr. 15, *Sept 25, *Nov. 24, 1718 ; *May 12, *Aug. 12, 1720. 
Philippe De Richebourg and John La Pierre to Secretary. Charlestown, 

Feb. 8, 171S/6. 
Archbishop of Dublin to Bishop of London. Dublin, *June 30, 1707. 
William Dun to Secretary. Qiarlestown, Dec. 6, 1706; Apr. 21, *Oct 

24, 1707. 
Escot, minister of the French Church, to Hon. Mr. Bonnet, King 

of Prussia's resident in England. *Mar. 24, 1708/9. 
James Gignillat to S. P. G. Santee, May 28, 1710. 
Id. to Secretary. Goose Creek, *July 15, 171 1. 
William Gordon to Secretary. Linhaven Bay, Apr. i, 1708. 
Governor and council to Bishop of London, n. d. 
Id. to S. P. G. [ 1706] ; Dec. 16, 1706 ; Sept 19, 1707 ; Feb. 13, 1707/8. 
Governor and assembly of Charlestown to Bishop of Londcm. Dec 20, 


New York: New York City 128 

William Guy to Secretary. Port Royal, Jan. lo, 1714/S ; Charlestown, 

Sept. 20, 1715 ; n. p., Nov. 20, 1718, *Sept. 28, 1719, *Oct. 17, 1720. 
Thomas Hasell to Secretary. St. Thomas's Parish, *Sept. 6, 1707 ; *Sept. 

4, 171 1 ; May 26, Dec. i, 1715; *Dec. 24 and *27, 1716; *Scpt. 20, 

♦Dec. 20, 1717; *Apr. 16, Aug. i, 1719; *n. d. 
Col. Robert Johnson to Secretary. Charlestown, *May 20, 1719. 
Commissary Gideon Johnston to John Chamberlaine. Qiarlestown, *May 

28, 1 712. 
Id. to Bishop of Sarum (Salisbury). Charlestown, *Sept. 20, 1708 ; Nov. 

II, 1709. 
Id. to Secretary. Charlestown, *July 5, 1710; *June 17, 1712; *Jan. 27, 

1715 ; Apr. 4, 1716 ; n. p., *Jan. 27, 1710/1 ; Nov. 16, 171 1. 
[Lewis] Jones to Secretary. Cluist Church Parish, *Nov. 6, 1716 ; *Mar. 

28, 1 71 7. 
John La Pierre to Secretary. Santee, *Apr. 5, 1719. 
Id. to S. P. G. Parish of St. Dennis, June 24, 17 10. 
Dr. Francis Le Jau (Jeau) to Secretary. Goosecreek, Dec. 2, 1706; 

Apr. 15, June 30, *Sept 23, 1707 ; *Mar. 13, 1707/8 ; *Apr. 22, 1708 ; 

♦Sept. 18, 1708 ; *Feb. 18, 1708/9 ; *Aug. 5, *Oct 20, *Nov. 4, 1709 ; 

♦Feb. I and *io, 1709/10; *June 13, *July 14, 1710; *Feb. 9, 1710/1 ; 

♦Apr. 12 and *30, *July 10, *Scpt. 5 and *i8, 171 1 ; May 16, 1712; 

♦Aug. 10, 1713; ♦Apr. 20, 1714; ♦Mar. 12, 1714/s; May 14, 1715; 

♦Jan. 3 and ♦19, 1716/7 ; South Carolina, ♦May 10 and 21, Aug. 23^ 

Id. to Mr. Stubbs. Goosecreek, Apr. 15, ♦July 3, 1707. 

Richard Marsden to Secretary. Qiarlestown, Aug. 23, 1708. 

Edward Marston to Dr. Bray. Charlestown, Feb. 2, 1702. 

Robert Maule to Secretary. Charlestown, ♦Nov. 28, 1707 ; South Caro- 
lina, ♦July 21, 1708, ♦Feb. 18, 1709, Jan. 23, 171 1 ; n. p., ♦n. d. 

Thomas Neime to Dr. Marston. St. Helena, Aug. 20, 1705. 

John Norris to Secretary, n. p., ♦Aug. 6, 171 1. 

Id. to Sir John Philips, n. p., Jan. 13, 1710/1. 

Nath. Osborne to Secretary. St. Bartholomew's, Mar. i, 1714/S ; South 
Carolina, May 25, 1715. 

" Prince George " (Indian youth) to Secretary. Dec. 3, 1715. 

Secretary to Mr. Guy. Apr. i, 1719. 

Id. to Dr. Lc Jau. n. p., July 15, 1715. 

Id. [ ?] to Messrs. Maule and rest of clergy. May 14, 17 16. 

Richard Shdton, secretary to Lords Proprietors of Carolina, to Lord 
President and rest of Lords of Committee of Majesty's Council. 

Thomas Smith to Robert Stevens. Jan. 16, 1707/8. 

S. P. G. to Madame Le Jau. Apr. 18, 1718. 

Robert Stevens to S. P. G. Goosecreek, Feb. 21, 1705 ; n. d. 

Id. to Secretary. Goosecreek, Feb. 7, 1707/8. 

Ebenezer Taylor to John Chamberlaine. Charlestown, June 14, 1712. 

Id. to Secretary. St. Andrew's Parish, July 28, 1713, ♦Apr. 18, 1716; 
n. p., n. d. 

Samuel Thomas to Mr. Hodges. May 3, 1704. 

Id. to Secretary. Portsmouth, Apr. 20, 1706. 

/d.toS. P. G. (Remonstrance), n. d.; (memorial relating to state of 
Church in South Carolina) , 1704. 

124 New York: New York City 

Id. to Dr. Woodward. *Jan. 29, 1702. 

P. Tristian to Dr. Mangey. Carolina, *Dec. 5, 1720. 

Nicholas Trott to S. P. G. Sept., xyoy ; Sqpt. 19, 171 1. 

Volume II. 
Miscellaneous Papers. 

Boston newsletter. Apr. 9-16, 1724. 

Copy of Petition of the General Assembly of the Province of South Caro- 
lina to the King. 

Copy of An Act to Empower the . . . Govemour of this Province ... to 
suspend or deprive any of the Severall Rectors . . . upon Complaints 
. . . till the pleasure of the Lord Bishop of London for the Time being 
is known. 

Heads of the Church Acts of the Province of South Carolina. 

Memorial of Trustees for establishing Colony of Georgia, to S. P. G. 
Palace Court, Westminster, Jan. 17, 1732. 

Copy of Mr. Stobo's Petition designed to be presented to Lower House. 

Mr. Woodmason's account of South Carolina. 1766. 

Id. of Georgia. 1766. 

Memorial of present state of church and clergy in South Carolina, by Wil- 
liam Treadwell Bull. London, Aug. 10, 1723. 

Account of parishes in South Carolina received from Mr. Martyn, Mar. 
30, 1762. 

Address of the clergy of South Carolina to the governor and council. 
Charlestown, Jan. 10, 1721/2. 

Id. to Gov. Nicholson. June 30, 1724. 

Id. to Mr. Bull. Oct. 10, 1723. 

Id. to Bishop of London. Jan. 24, 1728/9. 

/rf. to Secretary. Charles City, July 12, 1722; May 16, 1723; Feb. 25, 
1724; Mar. 10, 1723/4; Oct. i, 1724; May 9, 1727; Jan. 2, 1727/8. 

Queries (printed) sent out by S. P. G., with replies from the following 
places and missionaries : French Parish of St. James, Santee, Albert 
Ponderous, Apr. 25, 1724 ; Christ Church Parish, Benjamin Pownall, 
n. d. ; French Parish Church of St. Dennis, John Lapierre, n. d. ; St. 
Andrew's, William Guy, Mar. 17, 1724; St James's, near Goose 
Creek, Richard Ludlam, Apr. 16, 1724; St. John's Parish, Brian 
Hunt, May 18, 1724; St. Philip's Parish, A. Garden, Apr. 15, 1724; 
St. George's Parish, F. Vamod, Mar. 30, 1724. 

Papers relating to Presbyterian minister at Charlestown. (Boston news- 

Memorial of John Vat n. d. 

Petition of John Vat of Wat in behalf of 600 Swiss, n. d. 

Christ Church. 
Churchwardens and vestry to S. P. G. Nov. 5, 1726. 
Id. to Secretary. *May 18, 1734. 
/if. to Bishop of London. May 15, 1734. 
Vestry to Bishop of London. June 30, 1729. 

Eden Town. Vestry to Secretary. Nov. 18, 1723. 

New Hanover, Cape Fear. Petition of people to S. P. G. 1730. 

Prince Frederick Parish. 
Churchwardens and vestry to Bishop of London. May 25, 1735. 

New York: New York City 126 

Churchwardens to Secretary. May 2, 1756. 
Complaint of churchwardens against Mr. Smith. July 22, 1754. 
Prince George's Parish, Winyaw. 
Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. Jan. 31, 1726. 
Parishioners to " Rev. Sir ". Jan. 14, 1761. 
St. George's Parish. Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. *May 12, 

St. Helen's, Port Royal. Churchwardens and vestry to [S. P. G.?]. 

June 8, 1730. 
St James's Parish. Present state [of parish] served by Albert Ponder- 
ous, French minister. *n. d. 
St. John's Parish. Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. Feb. 6< 

1721/2 ; July 3, 1727. 
St Paul's Parish, Colleton County. Petiticm to Gov. Nicholson and coun- 
cil. [1722.] 
Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. *Feb. 5, 1728/9; *Apr. 7 and 

15. 1734. 
Some inhabitants to Mr. Garden. Mar. 16, 1734. 


Andrew Allen and Charles Hill to Secretary. Charlestown, *June 24, 

Robert Baron to Secretarjr. St Bartholomew's, Jan. 12, 1761. 

Bell to Mr. Morntt. Winigau, *July 12, 1727. 

Thomas Boone to ministers of Church of England, n. d. 

Charles Boschi to Secretary. St. Bartholomew's, *Apr. i, June 18, 1746; 

*Apr. 3, 1749. 
William Treadwell Bull to Gen. Nicholson, n. d. 
Id. to Secretary. South Carolina, *Feb. 10, 1721/2; June 27^ 1722; St 

Paul's, Oct. 10, 1722 ; Greensted, Aug. 6, 1734. 
Memorial. London, *Aug. 16, 1723. 
John Burgess to Bishop of London. Macclesfield Forrest, Oct. 9, 1741. 
William Cotes to Secretary. St. George's, Dorchester, *Jan. 4, 1748/9 ; 

♦Dec. 2, 1751. 
William Dry to Secretary. South Carolina, *June 18, 1729. 
Levi Durand to Secretary. South Carolina, *Oct. 29, 174 1; Christ 

Church, Apr. 23, 1747; *May 10, 1749; *Apr. 15, 1752; St John's, 

♦Nov. 28, 1763 ; *Oct. I, 1764. 
Daniel D wight to Secretary. St. John's, July 22, 1730; Dec. 21, 1730; 

South Carolina, *Oct 15, 1739. 
Samuel Fayerweather to Secretary. Charlestown, May 25, 1760. 
John Fordyce to Secretary. Prince Frederick Parish, *Mar. 16, 1741/2 ; 

*Nov. 4, 174s ; *Mar. 29, 174^ ; n. p., *Oct. 3, 1744. 
John FuUerton to Secretary. Chnst Church, May 5, 1735. 
John Fulton to Secretary. Christ Church, Dec. 4, 1730 ; May 25, 1734 ; 

South Carolina, Sept. 30, 1732. Appeal to S. P. G. May 25, 1734. 
Alexander Garden. " Queries to be answered by commissaries to my 

predecessors." Charlestown, May 5, 1724. 
Id, to " My Lord ", etc May 5, 1724 ; Apr. 8, 1725 ; May 26, 1727 ; June 

28, 1729; Oct 28, 1733; *May 15, 1735; Mar. 8, 1736; Jan. 28, 

Apr. 24, 1740 ; July 30, 1741 ; July 8, 1743. 

186 New York: New York City 

Id. to Bishop of London. Qiarlestovm, *June 4, 1736; *Jan. 28, 1741 ; 

Feb. I, 1750. 
Id. to Secretary. Charlestown, Apr. 18, Nov. 6, 1734 ; *May 6, 1740 ; May 

20, 1741 ; *Apr. 9, *Sept. 24, 1742; *Feb. 29, 1752; *Oct. 31, 1759; 

South Carolina, *Apr. 4, 1751 ; St. Thomas, *Apr. 22, 1762 ; May 10, 

1763 ; Feb. 20, 1764 ; *Mar. 31, 1767. 
Id. to Dr. Bcarcroft. Charlestown, May 6, 1740. 
[Alexander] Garden, jr., to Secretary. St. Thomas, *Apr. 7, 1749. 

Gowie to Secretary. Charlestown, *Apr. 25, 1734. 

William Guy to Secretary. St. Andrew's, Aug. i, 1722 ; *Oct. 28, 1724; 

♦June 19, 1727 ; Jan. 22, 1727/8 ; Carolina, *July 19, 1732. 
James Harrison to Secretary. Goose Creek, *Jan. 26, 1761 ; *July 16, 

1762 ; *Aug. 8, 1766; *Oct 14, 1768. 

Hasell to Bishop of London. St. Thomas, June 15, 1724. 

Id. to Secretary. St. Thomas, ♦Mar. 20, 1721/2 ; ♦June 4, 1728 ; ♦Mar. 

25, 1734. 
Brian Hunt to Secretary. St. John's, *Oct. 3, 1726 ; May 29, 1727 ; ♦May 

6, ♦Oct. 5, 1728. 
Hunt, Vamod, Standish, et als. to " Your Lordship ". Charlestown, Feb. 

2S» 1724/S. 
Lewis Jones to Mr. Garden. Aug. 15, 1740. 

Id. to Secretary. St. Helen's, Apr. 10, 1727; Jan. 26, 1727/8; June 2, 

1730 ; ♦May i, 1739 ; ♦Aug. 15, 1740 ; ♦Aug. 4, 1742 ; South Carolina, 

♦July 17, 1738. 
John Lapierre to Mr. Rival. Jan. 20, 1722/3. 
Id.ip " My Lord ". Dec. 29, 1725. 
Anctew Leslie to Secretary. St Paul's, Oct 30, 1731 ; Dec 3, 1735 ; 

Dec. 29, 1736; ♦Jan. 7, 1739. 
J. Lovick to Secretary. Nov. 2S, 1723. 

Samuel Frederic Lucius to Secretary. Cussetown, Oct. 25, 1770. 
Richard Ludlam to Secretary. Dec. 12, 1727. 
John Macdowell to Secretary. Charlestown, May 5, 1761. 
J. Adam de Martel to Bishop of London. Purisburg, July 13, 1769. 
Charles Martyn to Bishop of London. Charlestown, ♦Feb. i, 1763; Oct 

20, Dec. 20, 1765. 
Id. to Secretary. St. Andrew's, ♦June 23, ♦Dec. 28, 1752 ; ♦Jan. i, 1760; 

South Carolina, Feb. 20, 1764; Charlestown, ♦Dec. 3, 1764; me- 
morial from Mr. Martyn. Apr. 11, 1762. 
Arthur Middleton and James Moore to S. P. G. July 3, 1722. 
Timothy Millechamp to Secretary. South Carolina, Nov. 16, 1741. 
Thomas Morritt to Secretary, n. p., ♦Oct i, 1723 ; Charlestown, ♦July 8, 

Thomas Newman to Secretary, n. p., June 22, 1722 ; North Carolina, 

May 9, 1723. 
Gen. Francis Nicholson to Secretary. ♦July 6, 1722 ; Aug. 6, ♦Oct. 31, 

Id. to Mr. Bull and clergy, and their addresses to him. ♦Apr. and May, 

Id. to clergy of South Carolina and their answer. June 30, 1724. 
William Orr to Secretary. St. Paul's, ♦June 15, 1750. 
W. Peasley to Secretary. St Helen's, ♦Sept. 12, 1751. 

New York: New York City 187 

Stcpw Roc to Secretary. St. George's, *Dec., 1738 ; id., Dorchester, *Dec. 

22, 1 741. 
Louis de St. Pierre. Petition to S. P. G. [1766.] 
Secretary to Mr. Durand. *July i, 1752. 
Id. to Mr. Garden. London Charterhouse, June 25, 1747. 
W. Sharpe to Bishop of London. Council Office, May 15, 1742. 
Robert Smith to Secretary. Charlestown, *Nov. 18, 1760. 

Standish to Secretary. St. Paul's, June 6, 1726. 

Robert Stone to Secretary. Goose Creek, *Mar. 6, 1750; *Mar. 22, 1750/1. 
Thomas Thompson to Secretary. St. Bartholomew's, May i, 1736 ; *Apr. 

23» 1743- 
F. Vamod to Secretary. St. George's, [Dorchester], Jan. 15, 1723 ; Apr. 

I, 1724; *June 14, 1726; *May 4, 1727; *Apr. 3, 1728; Feb. 13, 

1730/1 ; J«n« 29, 1736. 
George Whitefield to Bishop of London. '' On Board the Savcmnak from 

Charlestown to Boston ", Sept. 5, 1740. 
Jno. Winston. Petition. Duending at the Deer, June 15, 1722. 
J. Wintdey to Bishop of London. St. Paul's, June 14^ 1729. 
Charles Woodmason to Bishop of London. Charlestown, C>ct. 19, 1766. 

Miscellaneous Papers: 

Memorials of the Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in 
America to S. P. G. July 18, 1739; July 7, 1740; June 10, 1743; 
Jan. 9, 1748 ; Aug. 8, 1750. 
An account of the number of children baptized in the colony of Georgia 

from Oct., 1738, to Aug., 1741, by Rev. William Norris. 
Memorial of inhabitants to the Trustees for establishing the Colony 

of Georgia. Apr. 12, 1750. 
Copy of letter from Augusta to trustees. Aug. 31, 1751. 
St. Paul's Parish. 
Churchwardens to Secretary. Feb. 8, 1762. 

Churchwardens and vestry to Secretary. Mar. 24, 1763 ; May 8, 1765. 
St George's Parish. Churchwardens to Secretary. June 23, 1770. 
A statement of what the Trustees for Georgia have done towards pro- 
viding for the maintenance of a minister at Savannah. Mar., 1736- 
Nov. II, 1745. 
Churchwardens to Secretary (or S. P. G.). July 11, 1760; Oct. 10, 

1771 ; Jan. i, 1772. 
Minutes of vestry (Christ Church). Sept. 4, 1761. 
Sunbury, St John's Parish. Churchwardens, etc., to Secretary. July 2, 

Trustees of Mr. Zouberbuhler's will to Bishop of London. Savannah, 
Nov. 22, 1770. 


John Alexander to Secretary. Sunbury, Dec 13, 1766 ; *Feb. 7, 1767. 
Thomas Bosomworth to Secretary. London, Sept. 3, 1745 ; York, *Oct 
12, 1745- 

128 New York: New York City 

James Brown to Secretary. Savannah, Apr. 15, 1780 ; Charlestown, *Dec. 
29, 1781 ; New York, Sept. 16, 1782. 

Jonathan Copp to Secretary. Augusta, *Nov. 24, 1751. 

Edward Ellington to Secretary. Augusta, ♦June 30, *Dec 30, 1768; 
♦Aug. 30, 1769 ; Savannah, Feb. 10, ♦July 5, 177a 

William Ewen to Secretary. Savannah, Jan. i, 1772. 

Alexander Findlay to Secretary. St. Stephen's, Sept. 2, 1771. 

Samuel Frink to rector of Christ Church, n. p., Feb. 20, 1767. 

Id. to Secretary. Augusta, June i, 1765 ; ♦Jan. 13, Apr. 9, 1766; Savan- 
nah, ♦Jan. 26, Feb. 23, ♦July 3, 1767; ♦Jan. 7, ♦Aug. 4, 1768; ♦Jan. 
4, ♦June 29, 1769 ; ♦July 6, 1770 ; ♦Jan. 3, ♦June 12, ♦July 8, 1771 ; 
n. p., ♦Mar. 15, 1765. 

Id. to . ♦July 6, 177a 

Alexander Garden to Bishop of London. Charlestovm, ♦Dec. 22, 1737. 

John Holmes to Secretary. St George's P^sh, Feb. i, 1774; ♦Sept i, 

Lewis Jones to Secretary. Charlestown, June 3, 1736. 

Ty Lowton to Secretary. Savannah, Jan. i, 1772. 

Benjamin Martyn to Secretary. Georgia Office, Aug. 23, 1739. 

William Norris to Secretary. Frederica, May 5, 1740; St Martin's 

Street, Leicester Fields, Dec. 17, 1741 ; Feb. 19, 1741/2. 
James Seymour to Secretary. Savannah, ♦Feb. 24, 1774 ; Mar. 14, 1782 ; 

Augusta, ♦July 24, 1775 ; ♦May 9, 1776 ; n. p., ♦Sept i, 1773. 
Haddon Smith to Bishop of London. Liverpool, Apr. 4, 1776. 
[Harman Verelst ?], accountant to the Trustees for Establishing the 

Colony of Georgia in America, to Zouberbuhler. Jan. 2, 1748/9. 
George Whiteiield to Secretary. " On Board the Savonnah bound from 

Philadelphia to Georgia", Nov. 30, 1740. 
James Wright to Secretary. Savannah, Nov. 10, 1767. 
William Wright (governor) to Bishop of London. Savannah, Nov. 14^ 

Id. to Secretary. Savannah, Feb. 22, 1762. 

Bartholomew Zouberbuhler to president and assistants of Georgia. Sa- 
vannah, Aug. 5, 1748. 

Id. to S. P. G. (memorial). London, ♦Apr. 21, 1749. 

Id. to Secretary. Savannah, Aug. 14, Sept. 29, 1746 ; Aug. 8, 1748 ; Dec 
^» 1750; J«Jy 14. 1760; ♦June 24, 1761 ; Mar. 14, 1763; ♦Dec 31, 
1764; May I, 1766. 

Id. to Harman Verelst. Savannah, Aug. 2, 1748 (with copy of reply, 
Jan. 2, 1748/9)- 

Miscellaneous Papers: 

Summary of the title of the English to the country of Florida. 
Paper drawn up by Dr. Coxe in 1699. 
Mr. Woodmason's account of East Florida, made in 1766.* 
Id. of West Florida. 1766. 


Nath. Cotton to Bishop of London. Pensacola, Dec. 15, 1768. 
John Pownall to Secretary. Whitehall, July 21, 1764; Ellham, Sept 24, 

New York: New York City 120 

The Hobast Manuscripts. 

These consist chiefly of letters to Rev. Dr. John H. Hobart, 1796-1830, who 
was elected Assistant Bishop of New York in 181 1 and became bishop of that 
diocese in 1816. There are also a few miscellaneous papers. About 1325 
letters to Dr. Hobart are mounted in chronolc^cal order in blank books (29 
volumes) ; over 2500 others are done up in packages, arranged alphabetically 
by authors. There is a typewritten " Index to the Hobart MSS.", which 
covers only the letters done up in the packages. There are eleven drafts of 
letters by Dr. Hobart, 1798-1827, while the packages contain a few letters 
to Bishop Moore, his predecessor. In the first volume of letters are several 
reports of the conditions existing in the churches, with some historical sketches. 
The letters refer frequently to the situation in various parishes in the diocese 
of New York. 

The Peters Manuscripts. 

This collection consists of about 800 letters to Rev. Dr. Samuel Peters, 
1772-1822, mounted in eighteen volumes, with a few manuscript addresses by 
Peters and a few letters by him, with some other miscellaneous papers. Many 
of the letters, especially those of 1794 and 1795, refer to his election as Bishop 
of Vermont, Feb. 27, 1794, recognition of which was refused by the Arch- 
bishop of Gmterbury and by the General Convention. 

The Ravenscroft Manuscripts. 

These consist of some of the correspondence of John S. Ravenscroft, who 
in 1823 became Bishop of North Carolina; there are four volumes, 1818- 
1830, containing in all somewhat over two hundred letters, for the most part 
to Ravenscroft, but including also a few by him, originals or copies, and a 
few miscellaneous papers. Among the latter is his ''Episcopal Journal", 
July 8, 1824-Oct. 6, 1828, showing distances travelled, expenses, number of 
sermons preached, number of communicants in places visited, confirmations, 
baptisms, etc. There is also a subscription paper for Edenton Theological 
Seminary, 1821. 

The Smith Manuscripts. 

Three volumes of letters, part of them to Rev. Dr. William Smith of Phila- 
delphia and part by him, with some other correspondence and papers, make 
up the Smith Manuscripts. Volume I. begins with this note : " The following 
Letters and Papers, numbered 1-38, concern chiefly the United Churches of 
Christ Church and St Peter's in Philadelphia and furnish information con- 
cerning Mr. Cummings (the Commissary), Dr. Jenney, Mr. Peters, Mr. 
Duch6 and others " (1726-1770). Letters and papers follow, numbered 1-22, 
which relate " to troubles in the United Churches of Christ Church and St. 
Peter's '' . . . and which show " an interference in the affairs of the Church 
by the celebrated Gilbert Tennent and some of his adherents in the Synod of 

180 New York: New York City 

the presbyterian clergy" (1760-1766). "Then follow 14 letters and papers 
concerning Rev. Mr. McClenaghan, the origin of St. Paul's Church, Phila- 
delphia, its refusal to submit to the Bishop of London, its dependence on Mr. 
Whitfield, its employment of Rev. Mr. Stringer (one of those for whom Mr. 
Wesley obtained ordination in London from a Bishop of the Greek Church), 
with Mr. Stringer's very judicious and Christian conduct, his submission to 
and ordination by the Bishop of London, whereby schism was healed and all 
the clergy and churches of Philadelphia were happily united" (1766-1773). 
Another volume contains letters to William Smith and others, 1717-1783, 
including two letters from the Bishop of London (Oct. 16, 1773, Sept. 3, 1774), 
copies of several letters of Smith to Archbishop Herring of Canterbury, and 
several letters from and to Philip Bearcroft. The third volume (1755-1791) 
contains a letter of the Bishop of Oxford, Feb. i, 1755 ; a copy of a letter of 
the Archbishop of Canterbury to " Good Dr. Johnson ", concerning the So- 
ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel and its work in America, Sept. 27, 
1758 ; a copy of a letter of Smith to the archbishop, Apr., 1762 ; a congratu- 
latory letter to Smith, upon his return from England and respecting a ** cath- 
olic establishment of the College of Philadelphia ", signed by the Archbishop 
of Canterbury, Thomas and Richard Penn, and Samuel Chandler, Apr. 9, 
1764 ; " Thoughts upon the present State of the Church of England in Amer- 
ica " (June, 1764) ; " Thoughts on the Ecclesiastical Establishment in Can- 
ada", Apr. II, 1764; two letters of the Bishop of Londcm, Sept 23, 1765, 
Sept. 7, 1772 ; twenty-one letters of William White to William Smith, Oct. 19, 
1785-May 6, 1786, in regard to the liturgy. {Cf. W. S. Perry's A Half Century 
of the Legislation of the American Church, volume III., Historical Notes and 

The White Manuscripts. 

These comprise two volumes of letters to Rev. Dr. (Bishop) William White, 
with some drafts or copies of letters by White. The first volume contains 
fifty-seven letters to White, 1789-1823. The second volume, 1823-1835, con- 
tains some thirty letters to White and copies of letters by him ; it also contains 
a paper, unsigned and without date, '* The State of the Church in Pennsyl- 
vania most humbly offered to the venerable Society for the Propagation of 
the Gospel in foreign Parts ", and a " Request of ( 10) clergy concerning 
Baptism ". 



Fifteenth Street Meeting-house, Fifteenth Street, Corner of 


A separation in the New York Yearly Meeting occurred in 1828, but the two 
Yearly Meetings maintain joint archives in the Fifteenth Street Meeting- 
house, where fire-proof safes afford adequate protection to the records. A 

Neiv York: New York City 181 

Joint Committee on Records is in charge of the archives, John Cox, jr., 156 
Fifth Avenue, New Yorlc City, being the custodian. Records which ante- 
date the Separation are considered the joint property of the two Yearly 
Meetings if recovered from sources outside of either Yearly Meeting. Cur- 
rent records are generally in the custody of the clerks of the respective Meet- 
ings. Definite efforts are being made to acquire all old records of the subordi- 
nate meetings, and as current record-books become full it is expected that 
they will be deposited in these archives. 

A very complete and detailed catalc^^e of the archives has been compiled 
in typewritten form by John Cox, jr., the custodian, under the title, ** Cata- 
\ogat of the records in possession of, or relating to, die two New York Yearly 
Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends and their subordinate Meetings, 
giving a detailed description of each volume, and its present location, and some 
historical notes concerning the establishment of meetings and the location of 
meeting houses ". As it is hoped that in the near future this detailed catalc^^e 
will be published, it has seemed advisable to indicate here only the records 
and some other papers of the Yearly Meetings, and to follow these witfi a 
list of the subordinate meetings whose records, in whole or in part, are to be 
found in the joint archives. 


Records of Fifteenth Street Yearly Meeting (Hicksite). 

Minutes of Men's Meeting from first session, 3rd mo. 29, 1696 to 1720 
(in minutes of Flushing — now New York — ^Monthly Meeting, vols. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting, 1746-1903, and of joint sessions from latter 

date, and including minutes of Orthodox Yearly Meeting, 1828- 

1847. 7 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1729-1753 (containing also Quarterly 

Meeting minutes) ; 1756-1903; (Orthodox), 1828-1852. 7 vols. 
Minutes of Meeting of Sufferings (name changed in 5th mo., 1869, to 

Representative Committee), with minutes of Orthodox Meeting, 

1828-1849. 1758-1886. 5 vols. 
Minutes of Yearly Meeting of Ministers and Elders. (The minutes 

from 1726 to 1891 are recorded in a volume with the minutes of the 

Quarterly Meeting of " Ministring friends in Long Island and the 

Parts ajacent " — ^Westbury Quarterly Meeting.) 
Memorials of deceased Friends, approved by Yearly Meeting. 1707- 

Id., by various (Orthodox) Monthly Meetings. 1827-1877. 
Minutes of Uie Indian Committee, including minutes of Committee of 

Orthodox Yearly Meeting, 1828-1849. 1807-1894. 
Narratives of committee who visited the Indians in 1839. 
Minutes of the Book Committee of Women's Yearly Meeting. 1867- 

List of members of Yearly Meeting at time of Hicksite Separation, 

stating whidi side each favored. 1828. (About 20,000 names.) 

182 New York: New York City 

" Witnesses on the occurences of the Yearly Meeting of New York in 
1828." (List of witnesses to be called and outline of things to be 
proved by them, in " Hicksite trial " at Bedford, Westchester County, 
New York. Also examination of witnesses at the trial.) 

Papers relating to trial of Stacey Decou, marked 'Turdiase Lawsuit ". 

Map of the Yearly Meeting, by Shadrach Ricketson. 182 1. 

Minutes of Committee on Nine Partners School. 1795-1805. 

" Notes taken for a History of the Society of Friends on Long Island and 
in the City of New York from 1657 ^ ^7^7* by Henry Onderdonk, 
jr., of Jamaica, L. I., 1870." 

Copy of discipline of Philaddphia Yearly Meeting, being extracts from 
the minutes. 1719-1765. 

Records of Twentieth Street Yearly Meeting (Orthodox). 
(See also above, especially records, etc, before the Separation.) 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1848-1894. (Joint sessions, 1886 S.) 5 vols. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1853- 1884. 3 vols. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1828-1881. 

Epistles issued. 1855-1879. 2 vols. 

Correspondents' book. 1856-1877. 

Minutes of Meeting for Suffering^ (later Representative Meeting). 1849- 

Minutes of Committee on Indian Concerns. i8o7-i8^a 2 vols. 
Papers relating to the Separation, Purchase Lawsuit, and miscdlaneous 


Records of Meetings. 
The Meetings below are represented in the Joint Archives by complete re- 
cords or by a portion of their records. Names in ( ) indicate alternate names 
or meetings with which the meeting is antecedently or subsequently vitally 
related, as through union, division, etc. 

Quarterly Meetings: 

Cornwall. Purchase. 

Duanesburgh, formerly Butternuts. Saratoga, later Eastotu 

Easton, formerly Saratoga. Sdpio. 

Farmington. Shrewsbury, New Jersey. 

Ferrisburgh, Vermont. Stanford. 

Nine Partners. Westbury (New York). 

Monthly Meetings: 

Albany. Danby, Vermont, later Granville, 
Amawalk. New York. 

Bridgewater, later New Hartford Duanesburg. 

(Westmoreland). East Hoosack, Massachusetts. 

Butternuts, later Laurens. Easton, formerly Saratoga. 

Chappaqua. Elba. 

Chatham. Farmington. 

Coeymans. Ferrisburgh, Vermont, later 
Collins. Monkton. 

Cornwall. Flushing, later New York. 

Creek. Flushing, set off from New York, 


New York: New York City 


Galway (Galloway). 

Granville, formerly Danby, Ver- 

Hamburg, formerly Eden. 

Hardwick and Randolph, New Jer- 





Laurens, formerly Butternuts. 

Lowville, later Western. 



Monkton, Vermont, formerly Fer- 


New Hartford, formerly Bridge- 

New York, formerly Flushing. 

Nine Partners. 


Oswego, Dutchess County. 


PreparaHve Meetings: 



Athens, Albany County. 

Beekman (Artiiursburg). 


Blooming Grove. 





Burlington, Otsego [ ?] County. 




Chatham (New Britain). 

Chestnut Ridge. 

Gear Creek. 




Creek, Dutchess County. 

Creek, Crittenden [?] County, 

Croton Valley. 
Crum Elbow. 
Danby, Rutland County, Vermont. 

Pittstown, formerly Troy. 

Plainfield, New Jersey. 

Plains (Greenfield and Neversink). 



Queensbury, later Glens Falls. 

Rahway and Plainfield, New Jer- 




Shrewsbury, New Jersey. 



Starksborough, Vermont 

Troy, later Pittstown. 


Westbury and Jericho. 

Western, formerly Lowville. 

West Hartford. 

Westmoreland, formerly Butter- 

Woodbridge, later Rahway and 
Plainfield, New Jersey. 

Deerfidd, Tioga County, Pennsyl- 


East Hoosack, Berkshire County, 




Ferrisburgh, Addison County, 



Galway (Galloway). 



Greenfield, Saratoga County. 

Greenfield, Ulster County. 

Half Moon. 


Hardwick, New Jersey. 

Hardwick and Randolph, New 

Hartland, Niagara County. 

Hector, Schuyler County. 

Henrietta, Monroe County. 


Klinakill (Ghent). 


New York: New York City 


Lincoln, Crittenden County, Ver- 
Little Nine Partners. 

Manhasset, formerly Cow Neck. 
Mendham, later Randolph, New 

Middlesex, Connecticut 
Milton, Saratoga County. 
Monkton, Vermont 
Montpelier, Vermont 
Mount Kisco. 
New Baltimore. 
New Britain (Chatham). 
New Hartford (Westmoreland). 
New Scotland. 
New York City. 

Eastern District 

Northern District 

Southern District. 

Western District — ^First and 
Second Meetings. 
Nine Partners. 

Northeast, Dutchess County. 
North Street, Cayuga County. 
North Walsham (Yarmouth 
Monthly Meeting, in New 
England Yearly Meeting). 
Oak Hill. 

Oswego, Dutchess County* 

Paltz, Ulster County. 

Plainiield, New Jersey. 
Plains, Sullivan County. 
Plattekill, Ulster County. 
Pleasant Creek, Jefferson County. 
Pleasant Valley. 

Poughquaig (Appoughquaig). 
Providence, Saratoga County. 
Rahway, New Jersey. 
Randolph, New Jersey. 

Salem, Westchester County (Bed- 

Smith's Qove. 
South Qove. 
South Lincoln. 

Starksborough, Vermont 

Upper Qove (Blooming Grove). 
Valley, Dutchess County. 

West Hartford, Connecticut 
Wheatland, Monroe County. 
White Creek, Washington County. 

Supplementary List: 

Some records of subordinate meetings which have not yet been deposited 
in the Joint Archives but which are located in the vicinity of New York City 
are to be found as follows : 

At Westbury, New York. Westbury Monthly Meeting, and the follow- 
ing Preparative Meetings : Manhassett, Matinecock, and Westbury. 

At Jericho Meeting-house, Jericho, New York. Jericho Monthly Meet- 
ing, and the following Preparative Meetings : Jericho and Bethpage. 

New York: New York City 186 

At Plainfidd Meeting-house, Plainfidd, New Jersey. Woodbrid|;e (later 
Rah way and Plainfidd) Monthly Meeting, and the following Pre- 
parative Meetings: Plainfield and Rahway. 

At North Easton, New York. Easton Monthly Meeting, and the follow- 
ing Preparative Meetings : Cambridge, Easton, and North Easton. 


New York City. 

The archives of this church, the history of the congregation of which dates 
from 1664, are located in the church-building at the comer of Broome and 
Elizabeth streets and in the adjoining parsonage. Two fire-proof safes fur- 
nish protection to the records and other documents kept here. 

License to hold public worship, signed by Gov. Richard Nicolls. Dec. 6, 


Confirmation of above and confirmation of Jacobus Fabritius as pastor of 
the congregation, signed by Gov. Francis Lovelace. Feb. 20, 166S. 

License issued by Gov. Lovelace to Martin Hoofman for his visit to Dela- 
ware to collect benevolence of the Lutherans. Jan. 16, 1671. 

Deed to a building plot issued by Anthony Colve in connecti(xi with the 
enforced removal of the church through the enlargement of the forti- 
fications. May 22, 1674. 

Protocol Buch. 1703-1750. (This includes copies of letters sent to the 
Qassis of Amsterdam; various writings are in Dutch, German, 
Latin, and English respectively.) 

Protocol-Books. 1749-1814; 1784-1795 ("Journal and Proceedings of 
the Corporation of the United German Lutheran Churches ) ; 1796- 
1821 ; 1821-1839. 

Kercken-Boeck. 1704-1783. (This is connected with the Dutch con- 

Kirchen-Bucher. 1766-1773; 1774-1804. (This is connected with the 
German aggregation.) 

Articles of agreement between the Ancient German Lutheran Church 
called Trinity Church and the German Lutheran Church called 
Christ Church to consolidate under the name of the United German 
Lutheran Churches in the City of New York. Jan. 6, 1784. 

Certificate of election of the first trustees of the United German Lutheran 
Churches. July 5, 1784. 

Kirchenordntmgen. 1784, 1809, and later. 

Rasters of members, including baptisms, marriages, communions. 
1785 to current records. 

Miscdlaneous papers, reports, letters, and documents relating to the 
later history of the church. 


Room 409, Fourth Avenue and East Twenty-second Steebt, 

New York City. 

Records of Narragansett (Huguenot) Church. 1687-1690. 

Records of the (New Rochelle) Trinity Church. 1698-1700; i72S-i7sa 

186 New York: New York City 


150 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York. 

This society, which was incorporated in 1892, was fonned by the union oi 
the historical societies of New York, New York East, and Newark Confer- 
ences. Its manuscript collection is preserved in a fire-proof vault ; the society 
also has a valuable reference library of published works relating to the history 
of Methodism. 


Journals of the New Yoric Conference. 1800-1839. 3 volumes, with m- 
dexes to the first two. 

Minutes of the Methodist Preachers* Meeting of New York [Qty]. 
1817-1819; 1824-1837; 1857-1872. 6 vols. 

Minutes of the Association of Local Preachers. 1842- 1843. 

Minutes of the Board of Trustees of the Wesleyan Seminary in New York 
City. 1818-1832. 

Minutes of the Board of Trustees of the Wesleyan Institute of Newark, 
New Jersey. 1846-1857. 

Pastoral Record, First Century. (An alphabetically arranged list, com- 
piled by S. A. Seaman, A-O, covenng 1324 names, with data for 
names later in alphabet) 


Cedar Street. Records of probationers, classe$, baptisms, marriages. 

1873 flF. 
Cook Street. Registers of probationers, marriages, baptisms. 1842- 

1862; 1866-1891. 
First Street 
Minutes of the Home Aid Society. 1857-1860. 
Minutes of the Sinking Fund Association. 1860-1861. 
Pacific Street. 
Minutes of the Board of Stewards and Leaders. 1844-1863. 
Record of the Board of Trustees. 1844-1893. 
Minutes of Quarterly Conference. 1845-1855 ; 1867-1890. 
Register of members. 1849-1890. 
Marriage register, account-books, etc 
Throop Street. Miscellaneous reports and records. 1886-1894. 
Lake Grove and Smithtown Circuit. Record of Quarterly Ccmference, 
1873-1902. Also copy of steward-book for Long Iskuid Circuit 
Long Island Church. Stewards' accounts. 1795-1830. 
Mt. Vernon. North Church. Historical sketdi and records of members, 

etc. 1891-1901. 
New York Gty. 
Alanson Church. Various records. 1858- 1885. 
Allen Street Church. Various records. 1822-1902. 
Asbury Church. Registers. 1842-1860. 

Neiv York: New York City 187 

Fifty-sixth Street Church. Records and minutes of Board of Stew- 
ards. 1893-1902. 
First Mariners' Church. 
Minutes of the Board of Leaders. 1844-1856. 
Register. 1844- 1860. 
Forsythe Street Church. 
Class record. 1831-1834. 

Records of the meeting which organized the Watch. 1831-1832. 
Records of the Sunday School Society for the East Circuit. 1835- 
Green Street Church. 
Class records. 1832 ff. 

Records of Female Benevolence Society. 1839- 1846. 
John Street Church. There is a collection of sixty volumes, numbered 
I, la, lb, 2-58, relating to the " M. E. Church of New York City " 
or to " John Street M. E. Church ". This contains registers of 
baptisms, treasurers' and stewards' accounts, lists of classes, pro- 
bationists, etc. A few of the volumes follow : 
V. Minutes of the proceedings of the Assistance Society for reliev- 
ing and advising sick and poor persons. Nov. 12, i8o8-Feb. 4, 
VIII. Records of General Leaders' Meeting. Hudson Church, Duane 
Street, 1811-1823. In same book, Minutes of Camp-Meeting 
Committee, 1818-1821. 
XX. Book of minutes of Quarterly Conference, Gty of New York. 
1804- 1824. 
XXX. Minutes of the Asbury Sacred Music Society of the Duane Street 

M. E. Church. 1824-1829. 
XXXI. Id., 1829.1830. 
XXXVII. Records of tiie Young Men's Bible Society of New York, Auxil- 
iary to the Bible Society of the M. E. Uiurch. 1828-1835. 
XXXIX. Records of John Street Branch of the New York District Bible 

Society. 1828-1838. 
XLI. Records of the Young Men's Missionary Society of the City of 
New York. 1830-1839. 
XLVII. Records of Quarterly Conference, New York West Circuit 1832- 
LVI. Minutes of Quarterly Conference. 1859- 1868. 
Lexington Avenue Church. 
Registers. 1846-1867. 
Minutes of Board of Trustees. 1876-1886. 
Minutes of church. 1882-1887. 
Madison Street Church. 
Registers, etc. 1843- 1855. 
Various later records, statistics, etc. 
Ninth Street Church. Various records. 1845-1887. 
Minutes of the Stmday School Association of Dry Dock Mission 
Church. 1847-1850. 
St. Luke's Church. Various records. 1868-1899. 
Seventh Street Church. Various records. 1803-1894. 
Wesley Chapel, Attorney Street. Register. 1879-1SSB. 


188 New York: New York City 


Central Park West, New York City. 

The librarian reports the following manuscript material which comes within 
the scope of this Inventory : 

Records of the French Huguenot Church at New Rochelle, New York. 
1691-1717; 1757-1764. (In French.) (A portion of these records 
are printed in the Collections of the Huguenot Society of America, 
I. 282.) 

Test and Abjuration Oath of the citizens of New York against the Doc- 
trines and Idolatries of the Church of Rome. Dated New York 
14th day of Oct., 1698. 

" Association " in New York against the " Abhorred and Detestable Con- 
spiracy formed and carried on by the Papists etc." Dated New 
York 14th day of Oct., 1698. 

Case of the Presbyterian Congregation, Wall Street, New York, 1710- 
1735. Also other documents. 

Register of baptisms, marriages, communicants, and funerals, by Henry 
Barclay at Fort Hunter, New York. 1734- 1745. 

Records (incomplete) of births, marriages, and deaths. First German 
Reformed Church. 1758-1800. 

Number of churches, etc., in the province of New York. 1773. 

Minutes and documents of the Associate Reformed Synod, New Yoric. 
1782- 1 803. 

Resolution of three-fourths of the congregation of the Third Reformed 
Presbyterian Church, New York, in regard to the mortgaging of the 
burying ground. 1853. 

Miscellaneous papers relating to Trinity Church, New York City, 1783- 
1786. Also document with autographs of the vestry, 1726. 

License from the Bishop of London to Rev. William Vesey, first rector 
of Trinity Church. 1697, 

Certificate of induction of Rev. Samuel Seabury, jr., as rector of Grace 
Church, Jamaica, Long Island. 1757. 

Six volumes of sermons delivered at First Church, Windsor, Connecticut, 
by Rev. Messrs. Warham, Chauncey, Whiting, Stone, and Mather, 
with a small part of the church records. 

Three volumes of sermons and sixteen other sermons, authors unknown. 

Sermons by Rev. Marston Cabot, Thompson, Connecticut (1730-1756) ; 
Rev. William Denison, Roxbury, Massachusetts (1681-1718) ; Rev. 
Jonathan Ashley, Deerfield (1737) ; Rev. William Williams, Deer- 
field; Rev. Seth Stover, Watertown (1726) ; Rev. Samuel Audi- 
muty. Trinity Church, New York (1768) ; Rev. Dr. John Rodgers, 
Wall Street and Brick Presbyterian churches (1755-1806); Rev. 
Laomi Floyd and Rev. Eleazor Williams. 

Discourse by Rev. Dr. Abram Beach before the Grand Lodge of the state 
of New York, Dec. 27, 1786. 


156 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

While there are some reflections of religious conditions in the records and 
reports of this missionary organization and in the voluminous correspondence 

New York: New York City 189 

which is kept on file, the only manuscript material of historical interest is 
found in the two volumes containing the minutes of the Executive Committee 
of the Western Foreign Mission Society, 1831-1837. The second volume also 
contains the following: 

Records of the Board of Directors of the Women's Foreign Missionary 

Society. May, 1837. 
Records of the Presb)rterian Foreign Missionary Society. New York, 

June ip-Oct. 23, 1837. 
Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Board of Foreign Missions 

of the Presbyterian Church. Nov., 1837-May, 1846. 


Broadway and I20th Street, New York Cxty. 

Most of the manuscript material in this library is connected with the history 
of Presbyterianism, a considerable part consisting of transcripts of records 
and letters which reveal some of the relations of American Presb3rterianism 
with that in Great Britain, especially Scotland. 


Minutes of the Saratoga Associated Presbytery. 1807-1818. 
Minutes of the Bowery Presbyterian Church Session, New York City. 


Copy of the " Register-Book of the Fourth Cassis in the Province of 
London : Ano Domini, 1646-1659 ". 

Extracts from the records of the Church of Scotland relating to Ameri- 
can Presbyterian affairs, especially in New York and Pennsylvania. 

Extracts from the minutes of the Society in Scotland for Propagating 
Christian Knowledge. 1730-1794. 
The Wodrow Transcripts: 

(See Charles A. Briggs's American Presbyterianism, app., pp. Ixx-lxxxvii.) 

" A representation of the case betwix the Presbjrterian Church of New 
york and Dr. Nicoll as represented to the Revd. Presbytery held at 
Jamaica on Long Island, May i8th 1726 by the Representatives of 
sd Church ; with correspondence relating to the case." 

Twelve letters to " The Right Revn<» Mr John Stirling, Principall of the 
College of Glasgow, Sx)tland ". 1716-1726. (Seven of these let- 
ters are from Ja. Anderson, being dated Newcastle upon Delaware 
or else New York.) 

The Wheelock Papers: 

Copy of subscriptions towards purchase of a "Dwelling House and Lot 

for the Use of a Professor ". 
Letters and documents relating to the John Fuller case. 1750. 
Notes entitled " Distinction between Moor^s Indian Charity School or 

Moor's Charity School and Dartmouth College, after the Charter 

was given and the Corporation organized ". 

140 New York: New York City 

David D. Field Papers: 

Extracts from the Charter and Laws of the Colony of Connecticut in 
New England that relate to Religion and Ecclesiastical Affairs. 

Copy of minutes of the Synod of New York and Philadelphia, and asso- 
ciations of Connecticut. 1767-1775. 

Copy of minutes of church of Haddam, Connecticut, and consociation, 
with correspondence, 1843-1844. Also copy of minutes of the First 
Ecclesiastical Society in Haddam, 1840- 1844. 

The Marsh Papers: 

Manuscript notes, in four volumes (another volume apparently missing). 
I. Civil and ecclesiastical items, including a list of ministers of New 

II. Ecclesiastical history of Connectiatt, with list of ministers. 
III. and IV. New &igland biographical dictionary, consisting of 
shoit biographical sketches, chiefly of public officials and min- 
isters. (A first volume, containing names A-F, is apparently 


Thirty sermons by Rev. Dr. Albert Barnes. 

Two volumes of sermons. Deerfield, 1741 ff. 

Sermon by Rev. Joshua Leavitt ; also his notes of the lectures in theology 

by Rev. Dr. N. W. Taylor at New Haven Theological Seminary, 

Sermons by the Revs. E. P. Rogers, William Rogers, and Henry Boyn- 

ton Smith. 


Library of the University of Syracuse, Syracuse, New York. 

This society which was organized about 1869 has brought tc^ether a con- 
siderable number of manuscript records and other material relating to tlie 
history of Methodism in the central part of New York State. 



Cayuga Grcuit. Sketch of the history of Methodism in Cayuga Circuit, 

by Rev. William H. Peame. 1838. 
Lenox Circuit. Church records. 1851 ff. 

North Lansing Circuit. Church raster and records of quarterly meeting. 
Scipio Circuit. Records of quarterly conference. 181 1- 1826. 
Sodus Circuit. 

Stewards' book. 1813-1847. 

Quarterly Conference records. 1828-1850. 
Western Circuit. 

" Cirkets records." 1805. 

Qerk's book. 1810-1835. 

Cazenovia Conference. 
Records. 1877-1894. 
Cazenovia Literary and Theological Association. Records. 1865-1876. 

New York: Syracuse 141 

Central New York Annual Conference. 
Journal. 1869-1883. 3 vols. 

Petition of commissioners on behalf of conference, n. d. 
Miscellaneous class-books and personal statistics of ministers. 
Miscellaneous reports of the Historical Society of the Central New York 
Cortland District 

Theolc^cal Association. Records. 1853- 1876. 
Genesee Conference. 

A. Peck. " A Scrap of Methodist History snatched from oblivion." 
Geneva District. 

Records of the Ministerial and La3rmen's Association. 1869-1874. 
Ithaca District Conference. 

Journal. 1892- 1894. 
Oneida Annual Conference. 
Journals. 1829- 1868. 2 vols. 
Reports and other documents. 1829-1837, 1839, 1840, 1842, 1843, 1846- 

1850, 1852-1859, 1861, 1863, 1864, 1866-1868. 
Statistical reports of the various districts. 1864-1868. 
Records of the Oneida Conference Missionary Society. 1846-1866. 
Oneida Conference Historical Society (afterwards Central New York 

Conference Historical Society). Records. 1865-1885. 
Documents in the following cases : 

1830, Philo Barbery; 1832, David Darling; 1833, Ephraim Ash ; 1841, 
A. Torry ; 1844, 1. Grant, H. H. Winter ; 1845, B. D. Sniffin ; 1847, 

1849, J- Jameson ; 1852, D. Holmes ; 1855, Crawford ; 1856, 

Lewis G. Weaver; 1857, S. H. Brown; 1861, J. D. Torry; 1863, 
M. B. Qeveland, W. Southworth ; 1864, O. Hesler ; 1865, W. N. 
Burr; 1867, A. T. Mattison; 1868, Sheldon Hinman; 1878, John 
Rochester District. 
Preachers' Association. Records. 1851-1858. 

Local Churches: 

Marvin P. Blakeslee. Methodism in Augusta, Oneida County. 1794- 

H. N. Kellogg. Historical memoranda of the First M. E. Church, Cort-- 

land. 1891. 
Early documents, including deed, 1819, of the De Witt M. E. Church. 
L. Hartsough. History of Dryden Station. 1866. 
E. D. Thurston. Historical sketch of Methodism in Earlville to 1840. 
E. H. Tuthill. Sketch of the M. E. Church in Homer, in two letters to 

Rev. E. G. Bush, 1873, and also an anonymous historical sketch of 

the same church, 1866. 
Records of the annual meetings of male members and friends of tlie M. E. 

Church, Loomis Hill. 1848-1872. 
Historical sketch of Madison Charge. 
Recording Stewards' bode, 1832-1SS4, Manlius. 
Thomas Rhodes. Letter, 1870, giving data for the history of Methodism 

in Marcellus Lake. 
E. D. Thurston. Historical sketch of Methodism in NewReld, Tompkins 

H. B. Smith. Methodism in Spafford Hollow. 1866. 

142 New York: Syracuse 

Rev. E. Arnold. Outline history of the origin of Methodism in Syracuse 

and suburbs. 
James Outsell. Sketch of Van Ettersville Charge. 1876. 



W. Beach. Letter containing reminiscences. 1885. 
Rev. Abner Chase. Recollections of an itinerant. 

Personal Miscellanies. 

Ordination credentials, signed by Bishop Asbury, 1795, 1798; by Bishop 
Whatcoat, 1802; by Bishop Hedding, 1824. 


A few miscellaneous letters, including two from W. H. Seward, 1850 

and 1853. 
Letters to Rev. Bostwick Hawley from Professors Edward and Henry 

Bannister, 1839-1846; Rev. Elias Bowen, 1845-1851 ; Rev. Joseph 

Cross, 1 837- 1 866; Hon. Amasa Dana, 1846- 1848; and Rev. J. N. 

Maffitt, 1845, 1846. 


Ayden, North Carolina. 

The librarian reports that they have a few records of local churches and 
other local religious organizations, historical sketches, bic^^phical data, ser- 
mons, etc. 


Durham, North Carolina. 

The librarian reports the following: 

A few district conference minutes. 

Seventy-two letters sketching the history of various Methodist congre- 
gations in North Carolina. 

Five historical sketches and monographs on local history of Methodism. 

A large number of sermons by Rev. E. W. Caruthers (Presb3rterian). 

A few sermons by Rev. Dr. Caldwell, Rev. S. E. McKorkles (i 786-1790), 
both Presbyterians, and Rev. John Lewis. 

An unpublished manuscript of a book cm American slavery by Rev. E. W. 
Ckruthers. (Strongly anti-slavery.) 

Some miscellaneous correspondence. 


Guilford College, North Carolina. 

The president of Guilford College reports that in the vault of the North 
Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends at Guilford College are many manuscript 
records extending over a period of nearly two hundred years. The Monthly 
Meeting records have not been brought together, but are located at various 
places in the state. 

Ohio: Cincinnati 143 


Cincinnati, Ohio. 
The librarian reports that they possess numerous old sermons. 


Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Records of the Synod of Cincinnati. Oct. 22, 1829-Oct 19, 1838; July 
12, 1870-Oct. 24, 1881. 3 vols. 

Records of the Presbytery of Cincinnati. Apr. g, 1822-Jan. 8, 1844 
(July 18, 1838, " New School ") ; Apr. 2, 1844-May 19, 1870, con- 
taining a map of " Bounds of Cincinnati Presbytery with location of 
Churdhes ", 1843 > (these records, in volumes I.-IIL, are also found 
in duplicate volumes numbered IV.-VI.) ; July 18, 1838-Oct. 7, 
1846; Oct. 28, 1846-Oct. 2, 1854; (latter two volumes are "Old 
School ") ; Oct. 7, 1854-Apr. 21, 1903. (After July 13, 1870, " Re- 
united Presbytery ".) 18 vols. (Volume XVI. contains the records 
of the trial of Rev. Dr. Henry Preserved Smith by the Presbytery 
of Cincinnati.) 

Records of the Synod of Qcvdand. Oct. 19, i88o-Oct. 17, 1881. (See 
also records of the Synod of Western Reserve below.) 

Records of the Synod of Columbus. July 12, 1870-Oct. 21, 1879; Oct 
21, i88i-Oct. 24, 1881. 2 vols. (See records of Synod of Ohio 

Records of the Hamilton Presbytery. Nov. 4, 1846-Apr. 6, 1869. 

Records of the Synod of Ohia Oct. 27, 1814-Oct 18, 1869. 4 vols. 
(The last volume contains also the minutes of the sessions of the 
Synod of Columbus in Oct., 1880.) 

Records of the Synod of Sandusky, Oct. 25, i86o-Oct. 18, 1869. ^^ ^"le 
volume, records of the Synod of Toledo, June 21, 1870-Oct. 15, 1881. 

Records of tfie Synod of Western Reserve. Sept. 27, i82S-Oct. 18, 1857 ; 
Oct. 20, 1868-Oct. 21, 1869. 3 vols. (The last contains also the 
records of the Synod of Cleveland, June 29, 1870-Oct 20, 1879.) 

Records of the Synod of Wheeling. Cict 19, 1841-Oct. 18, i8iS9. 4 vols. 

Papers relating to Lane Theological Seminary. 

Records of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. Sept 27, 

1828-Apr. 30, 1890. 5 vols. 
Records of the Presbyterian Church of Lane Theological Seminary. Aug. 

18, 1831-Dec. 28, 1878. 2 vols. 
Records of the Smith Rhetorical Society. 1872-1893. 
Lane Seminary Qub. Miscellaneous papers. 


Auburn Declaration. A paper endorsed, " Original draft of the true 
doctrines adopted by the minority of the General Assembly in 1837, 
in opposition to the errors alledged by the Convention to be exten- 
sively held in the Presb3rterian Churdi. Prepared by B. Dickinson 
by request of the New-School portion of the General Assembly. 
B. D." Also some correspondence bearing upon this subject 

144 Ohio: Cle7>eland 


Cleveland, Ohio. 

Besides the large amount of correspondence, chiefly of a business and ad- 
ministrative nature, but which contains some scattered historical information, 
there is reported in response to the questionary the following manuscript 
material : 

Unpublished journal of J. Dreisbach. 

Journal of Bishop John Seybert. 1839-1859. 

Record of the proceedings of the General Conference from 1809 to the 

Record of the proceedings of the Pennsylvania or original Annual Con- 

Record of the Ohio Conference from c. 1840. 

History of the Evangelical Association in Japan. 

Certain manuscripts left unfinished and unpublished by the late Rev. R. 
Yeakel, official historian of the church. 


10700 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. 

The librarian reports a few records of local churches, some of the latter 
being now extinct. 


Columbus, Ohio. 

Journal of Rev. Timothy Cooley, on a missionary tour through the west- 
ern part of New York in 1808. 


Dayton, Ohio. 

This society was organized in 1885, and occupies a room with a fire-proof 
vault in the building of the United Brethren Publishing House. 


Indiana Conference. Proceedings. 1830- 1844. 
Records of New Albany Station, Indiana. 1844-1860. 
Kansas Conference. Minutes. 1882-1897. 

Virginia Conference. Records and joumaJ. 1800-1837 ; 1850-1899. (In 
German through 1830.) 3 vols. 


Central Ohio Conference. Journal. 1878-1901. 

Hagerstown Conference. (The original conference of the United Breth- 
ren.) Records. 1800- 1830. 
Miami Conference. 
Minutes. 1810-1882. 3 vols. 

Ohio: Oberlin 145 

Records of the United Brethren Sunday School Association. 1870- 

Records of the Da)rton United Brethren Ministerial Association. 1884- 

Journal of Dayton Station Quarterly Conference. 1852-1862. 
Records of First Church, Dayton. 1852- 1884. 
Also miscellaneous papers. 2 vols. 

Church register of Newcomer Chapel, Springfield. 1845-1847. 
Montgomery County Bible Society. Records. 1822-1890. 
Muskingum Annual Conference. Journal. 1818-1840 ; 1856-1876 ; 1882- 

18^. 3 vols. 
Ohio German Conference. Records. 1853-1883. 
Scioto Conference. Minutes of Baltimore (now Cirdeville) Mission 

Quarterly Conference. 
Western Reserve Conference. Records. 1853-1885. 


The diaries of Bishop Henry Kumler, jr., 1849-1868; 1870-1880. Also 
memoranda-book, 1841 S., journal of journey to Missouri, 1852, 
and some sermon outlines. 

Autobiography of Bishop Henry Kumler, jr. 

Autobiography of Bish(q> Jacob Hoke. 


Granville, Ohio. 

Sermons of Rev. Jacob Little of the Granville Congregational Church. 
1855-1864. (These were annual New Year's sermons, historical 
and statistical, giving a detailed account of the spiritual condition of 
his church.) 

ohio church histoht societt, 
Library of Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. 


Records of the Domestic Missionary Society of the Western Reserve. 

Records of the General Association of the Western Reserve. 1836-1850. 

Records of the Ohio Congregational Sunday School Association. 1887- 

Minutes of the Congregational Association of Central Ohio. 1838-1853. 

Records of the Ohio Central North Association of Congregational Min- 
isters. 1872-1882. 

History of Marietta Conference, 1841-1891, by C. E. Dickinson. 

Records of the Trumbull and Mahoning Congregational Conference. 

Records of the Oberlin College Theological Society. 1865- 1875. 

Mrs. Ellen J. Phinney. Fifty Years of Women's Work in the Churches. 

Williston Walker. Contributions of Congregationalism to civic and pub- 
lic affairs. 

146 Ohio: Oberlin 

Local Churches. 

Copy (typewritten) of the records of the Bath Congregational Church. 

Records of the Braceville Church. 1814-1871. (In part a transcript.) 
Records of the Gentlemen's Missionary Association, Hudson. 1826-1835. 
Records of the Church of Christ, Mantua. 1812-1889. 2 vols. 
Records of the Church of Christ, Strongsville. 1817-1834; (records 

"Ecclesiastical"), 1822-1851. 
Historical sketches of the following Congregational churches in Ohio: 

Bellevue. 1836- 1899. Pittsfield. 1900. 

Braceville. Plain Church. 1835-1895. 

Brecksville. 1816-1898. Randolph, First. 

Bristolville. 1817-1892. Ravenna. 

Brooklyn Village. 1819-1894. Richfield. 1818-1899. 

Coolville. 1899. Rochester. 1835-1901. 

Cuyahoga Falls. 1898. Rock Creek. 

Fitchville. 1819-1894. Sheffield. 

Greenfield. 1822-1897. Springfield, Legonda Avenue. 

Johnsonville. 1895. Streetsboro Presbyterian-Con- 
Lock. 1902. gregational Qiurch. Two 
Lodi. historical sermons, 1876. 

Mecca. Twinsburg. History of the Sun- 
North Bloomfield. 1898. day School. 

North Monroeville. Two sketches. We)rmouth. 

Parkman. 1823- 1898. Windham. 1898. 
Pierpont. 1823-18^. 

Sketch of the early history of the Congregational Church of Huntington, 
West Virginia. 


Autobi(^;raphy of Rev. Joseph Badger. (This was used as the basis of 

Professor H. N. Day's Life of Badger.) 
Rev. Henry Cowles. Commonplace book. 
Rev. John C. Hart. Sermon on the execution of John Brown. Ravenna, 

Ohio, Dec. 2, 1859. 


WoosTER, Ohio. 

(Steps are being taken toward making this a regular depository of the ar- 
chives of the Synod of Ohio.) 

Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Wooster. 1833-1845. 
Historical sketches of the Presbytery of Richland. 1855, 1867. 
Historical sketches of the following churches, 1876: 

Apple Creek. Mansfield. 

Ashland. Orrville. 

Chester. Shelby. 

Congress. Wa)me. 

Biographical sketches of some ministers in the Richland Presb3rtery. 
A few letters, including one of Jonathan Edwards. 

Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 147 


Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 

Minutes of the Presbytery of Pittsburg. 

Records of the Redstone Presbytery. Sept. 19, 1781-Sept 25, 1844. 5 
vols. (The first three of these volumes have been printed, and the 
fourth through the records of Dec, 1831.) 
Papers relating to the Western Theological Seminary as follows : 

Minutes of the Society of Religious Inquiry. 1847-1852 ; 1852-1857 ; 

1862-1868. 3 vols. 
Letter-book of above society. 1854-1858. 
Records of the Society of Inquiry. Oct. 7, i86i-Jan. 9, 1874. 
Obituary records of above society. 1832. 



Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

Almost from the beginning of the history of the Moravian Brethren in this 
country, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has been the centre of their organized 
activities, and a vast amount of their manuscript material has accumulated 
here. A considerable proportion of the papers relate to the congregation at 
Bethlehem, but reports from missionaries and the mission stations were con- 
stantly sent in to the headquarters here. No attempt has been made to include 
in this Inventory such reports as come from the mission fields outside the 
present limits of the United States and Canada. By far the larger part of the 
manuscripts, especially the letters and the diaries and reports of congregations, 
are in German, but they are listed here, with few exceptions, by designations 
in English. 

The Malin Library of Moravian Literature, with which the archives are 
connected, contains many important printed books relating to the history of 
the Unitas Fratrum both in Europe and in America. A brief list of such 
manuscripts in the archives as were deemed of primary importance for the 
history of the Unitas Fratrum is to be found in volume VIII. of the Ameriam 
Church History series ; a more detailed list, though incomplete and in many 
particulars imperfect, appears in the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quar- 
terly of Apr., 1909, where announcement is made of a plan for printing some 
of tfiis manuscript material. 


Copies of documents, the originals of which are, in most cases at least, at 
Hermhuty in Saxony, viz.: 

Minutes and results of general synods held in Hermhut. 1746, 1764, 
1769, 1775. 1782, 1789, 1801, 1818, 1825. 23 vols. 

Diarium der Hiitten. 1747-1755. (Zinzendorfs pilgrim congregation.) 
17 vols. 

Jungerhaus Diarium. 1756-1760. 16 vols. 

148 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 

Gemeinhaus Diarium. 1761-1764. 10 vols. 

Gemein Nachrichten. 1765-1818. 113 vols. (This series is continued 
in print.) 

Nachrichten der Unitats Adtesten Conferenz. 1764-1858. (Eleven 
volumes (through 1843) and unbound papers ; since 1858, " printed 
as MSS.", that is, for limited distribution.) 

Minutes of European conferences concerning American Moravian af- 
fairs. 1760, 1761. 

Extract of journal of a sea-congregation in journey through Holland and 
France. 1745. 


Minutes of American provincial synods. 1747-1755; 1757-1766; 1768; 
1779; 1781; 1790; 1802; 1807; 1817; 1835. (Most of these are 
originals, many being found also in bound copies.) 

Reports of the Provincial Helpers' Conference. 1802-1848. 

Miscellaneous letters from country congregations to the provincial 

Documents concerning relations with the Lutherans and the Refonned. 


Papers of the Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen. 

Outline of the Missionary History of the Society from 1787 to 1802, by 
Secretary Benade. 

Day-book of the Society. Aug. 13, 1745-Apr. 30, 1759. 

Miscellaneous documents of the Society, including one concerning in- 
corporation, 1798. 

Miscellaneous papers. 178^-1811. (These are chiefly reports relating 
to Moravian foreign missions.) 

Copy of rules for the American congregations, especially in Pennsyl- 
vania. 1 761. 

List of places where Brethren have preached in America. Jan., 1747. 

Short account of the work of the Brethren in the North Ainerican col- 
onies. 1735-1742. 

Instructions of the society to John Heckewelder. 1799. 

Papers relating to Military and Poutical Affairs. 

French and Indian War. 

Moravian replies to accusations that they were corresponding with the 

Joseph Powel's account of Moravian benefactions to refugees in the In- 
dian war. 1756 ff. 
Letters and reports from the country congr^[ations during the Indian 

war, 1756, 1757. (These include Allemangel, Oley, Donigal, Bethel, 

Heidelberg, and Lebanon, Pennsylvania.) 
Short description of the many favors and blessings of the Lord our God 

which the congregations in Bethel experienced during the dangerous 

war of the savages, 1755- 1757. 
List of families who fled from the frontiers to Bethlehem, Jan., 1756, 

with account of contributions for same. 

Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 149 

Revolutionary War. 

Letter of Surgeon-General John Warren to authorities at Bethlehem. 

Hanover General Hospital, Dec. 4, 1776. 
Protest to Continental Congress against quartering of British soldiers in 

Bethlehem. Sept. 3, 1777. 
Letter of Dr. William Shippen to authorities at Bethlehem. Trenton, 

New Jersey, Sept. 18, 1777. 
Order of the Continental Congress for the protection of the persons and 

property of the Moravians at Bethlehem. Bethlehem, Sept 22, 1777. 

(Signed by fifteen " Delegates to Congress ".) 
Letter of John Ettwein to Col. Siegfried. Bethlehem, Oct 2, 1777. 
Letter of Ettwein to Gen. Woodford. Bethlehem, Oct. 15, 1777. 
Four bills and accounts for damages suffered by Moravians at Bethlehem 

from American troops. 1777- 1779. 
Petition of inhabitants of Northampton and adjoining counties to the 

assembly of Pennsylvania in regard to abjuring allegiance to the 

King of England. 1778. (Four copies with different sets of sig- 
Petition of Bishop Ettwein for the United Brethren to Congress. May 

12, 1778. 

Correspondence with Public Authorities, etc. 

Copy of address of the Brethren to Gov. John Penn on his arrival in the 

province, as delivered by Peter Boehler et al. 
Address by the congregation at Bethlehem to Gov. James Hamilton. 

Nov. 25, 1748. 
Papers relating to the securing of passports by Martin Mack, David 

Zeisberger, and Gottfried Rundt, for journey to Albany and Onan- 

dago to visit among the Five Nations. 1752. 
Address by Bethlehem authorities to Gov. Morris upon his inauguration, 

1754, with his reply. 
Copy of letter of Bethlehem authorities to the governor. May 23, 1756. 
Congratulatory address of the Elders of the United Brethren to William 

Moore upon his election as president of the supreme executive coun- 
cil of Pennsylvania. 1782. 
Draft of petition sent to Congress by the Society for Propagating the 

Gospel. (Presented May 20, 1785.) 
Letter of George Washington " To the Directors of the Society of the 

United Brethren for Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen " 

[1789!. Also copy of letter to which this was the reply. 
Copy of address of David Zeisberger et als, to Lieut.-Gov. Simcoe. Feb. 

2S» 1793. 

Copy of letter of Zeisberger, Mortimer, and Heckewelder to Gov. St. 
Clair. Oct. 28, 1798. 

Addresses of missionaries, J. P. Kluge and Abraham Luckenbach, to Wil- 
liam H. Harrison, governor of Indiana Territory. Feb. 23, 1801. 

Addresses of missionaries, David Zeisberger and B. Mortimer, to Arthur 
St. Qair, governor of the Northwest Territory. Mar. 9, 1801. 

Papers relating to the Indians and Indian Missions. 

Besides the manuscripts listed under this heading, considerable of the ma- 
terial classified regionally below relates to the Indians and to Indian missions, 

150 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 

as do also many of the journals, especially those of journeys. There is also 
a considerable amount of manuscript material concerning the Indians and 
their languages which is not at all related to religious history and so is not 
entered here. 

Copy of letter dictated by Tschoop to Zinzendorf. Dec. 19, 1741. 

Diary of the first work of the Brethren among the Indians in North 
America and especially in Shekomeko and the surrounding r^on 
up to the emigration of the Christian Indians to Bethlehem, Gnaden- 
hutten, and other places, from Dec., 1739, to June, 1746. 

Relation of the work of the Brethren among the Indians in North Amer- 
ica from the beginning until 1751. 

Reports of embassies of the Brethren in Bethlehem to Shikellimi and his 
council in Shamokin. Apr., May, 1747. 

Report of embassy to Shamokm. Apr., 1748. 

Report of embassy to Shikellimi's sons in Shamokin. Feb., May, 1749. 

Reports of Indian conferences. 1745- 1747. 

Letters and papers concerning the Indian congregations from Spangen- 
berg and others. 1 741 -1758. 

Papers relating to the Indian, Renatus. 

Registers of baptisms, marriages, deaths, etc., of Indians. 1742, 1791. 

Indian accounts. 1749-1756. 

Declaration to the Indians of Pachgatgoch and to several from Gnaden- 
htitten concerning their stay at Nazareth. 1747. 

Letter of thanks of the Brethren of the Delaware and Mohican nations 
to the great council in Onondaga. Apr. 24, 1748. 

Statutes and rules agreed upon by the Christian Indians at Langun- 
toutenunk and at Welhik Thuppek. 1772. 

Correspondence of the Indians and the governor of Pennsylvania. 1756. 

Letter of Christian Indians at Gnadenhutten to Lieut.-Gov. Morris. Dec 

9. 1755. 

Substance of a conversation between Teedyuscung and several Breth- 
ren in Bethlehem. Aug. 27, 1757. 

Relations of the treaty of the Brethren with the Nantikoks and Shawanos. 


Receipts by Indians for work. 1756. (Framed.) 

Treaty council held at Easton. 1756. 

Conference held with the government at Philadelphia. 1758. 

Address of Christian Indians to Gov. William Denny. July 2, 1758. 

Report (in Zeisberger's hand) of conference with Chief Nicolas of the 
Mohawks. Aug. 5, 1758. 

Minutes of the Indian treaty at [Pittsburg], Aug., 1760. 

Memoranda of Indian conferences concerning the establishment of mis- 
sion stations in the Indian country. 1760-1764. 

Diary of the exiled Indian congregation from Nain and Wechquetank to 
arrival in Nachiliching, E^. i, 1763-May 21, 1765, with an address 
of same to the governor before their departure from Philadelphia, 
Mar., 1765. 

Brief description of the Cherokee country. 1766. (Written to Ettwein 
by John Daniel Hammerer.) 

Diaries of Moravian missionaries among the Cherokees. 1799 ff. 

Pennsyhfonia: Bethlehem 161 

Diaries of Springplace in the Cherokee country. 1807-1817. 

Letters from Springplace, 1813, 1823-1827. 

Reports of Cherokee mission. 1820-1831. 

Report of Wachovia directors of the Society for Propagating the Gospel 
concerning its mission among the Cherokees and an attempt to found 
a mission among the Creeks, presented at a meeting of the Society, 
Salem, North Oirolina, Aug. 21, 18 10. 

Drafts of letters to government officials and to various Brethren in refer- 
ence to affairs of the Indian missions. 1768- 1790. 

Letter of John Penn to " Brethren, the Indians of Wyaloosing ". Phila- 
delphia, June 21, 1769. 

Letter of Ridiard Penn to same. May 15, 1772. 

Address of Christian Indians to Pennsylvania assembly. May 16, 1772. 

Power of attorney signed with tribal marks by chiefs of Moravian In- 
dians at Wyalusing, Pennsylvania. 1772. 

Zeisberger's Diary of the wandering Indian congregation in their flip;ht 
from Muskingum to Sandusky, its final destruction, and the rebuild- 
ing on the river Huron not far from Detroit in the years 1781-1783. 

Diaries of Indian congregation on the Cuyahoga. May 17, 1785-Sept. 25, 
1786; Oct., 1786-Feb., 1787. 

Conference-book. Pettquottink, June i, 1788. 

Diary of the Indian congregation, Salem, Pettquottink, May 10, 1790, 
and their journeying thence and arrival at Detroit River, to Aug. 14, 

Diary of the Indian Congelation in Waite ... to their arrival at Detroit 
River. Aug., 1791. 

Extract from David Zeisberger's diary of the Christian Indian congre- 
gation near Lake Erie, relating to their outward concerns and con- 
nection with the savages from Aug., 1790, to Apr., 1792. 

Two letters from War E^partment, Office of Indian Affairs. May i, 

1839 ; -A^fiT- 8, 1840. 
Catalogue of various Indian congregations, list of Indian emigrants, etc. 
Report of missions among the Chippewas. Apr. 13, 1802-Dec. 13, 1806. 
Draft of letter from Moravians at Bethlehem to Indian congregations at 

Gnadenhutten and Lichtenau. 
Proclamation against the sale of rum to the Indians. 


Map of the country of the Five Nations. 

Two maps of the Wechquetank region. 

Six maps of the Muskingum r^on. 

Five packages of accounts of visits to country congregations in Rhode 
Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. 1742- 

Extracts from the church-books of congregations, especially country con- 
gregations, in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio. 1818- 

Rhode Island: 

Diary of Newport. Dec. 8, 1756-Sept. 30, 1757 ; Nov., Dec., 1758 ; 1766- 

1783; 1791; 1792; 1801-1808; 1826-1833. 
Letters from Newport. 1756-1798; 1802-1816; 1817-1834; 1836-1841. 

152 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 


Diary of New London. June 8-Nov. i, 1756, 
Diary of Pachgatgoch. 1749-1754; 1755-1759. 

New York: 

(Some recent diaries and other documents from New York congregations are 
deposited here.) 

Reports of the beginning of the congregation. 1834. 
Minutes of the congregation council and trustees. 1849- 1860. 
Register. 1849. 
Letters. 1832-1848. 
Gmiden Valley, Washington County. Diaries. 1832-1852 ; 1852-1856. 
New York City. 
Fragments from diaries. Jan., 1775-Sept., 1777; 1792; 1795. 
Diary. 1801-1804, 1806, 1808, 1818, 1820-1829, 1848, 1849, i855> i8^* 

(One package.) 
Package of letters to congregation. 1775-1782. 
Letters from New York [City]. 1760, 1774-1781, 1788-1798, 1802- 

Brief biographical sketches (Lebenslaufer) of departed members of 
the New York congregation. 1755-17^5. 
Shekomeko. Two boxes of miscellaneous material, including diary and 

letters, 1742- 1746, and later fragments. 
Sichem, Dutchess County. 
Diaries. 1756-1758 ; 1761 ; 1762 ; 1774. 
Church-book. 1756-1773. 
Letters and other papers. 1755-1770. 
Staten Island. 
Diaries. 1763-1768; 1795; 1801-1808; 1818-1821; 1826-1836; 1848; 

Letters. 1762-1769; 1770-1773; 1779-1796; 1802-1812; 1809-1825; 
1813-1835 ; 1836-1848. 
Zauchtenthal. Letters and papers. 1753, 1754. 

New Jersey: 

Report by Bryzelius of his work among the Swedes. 1745. 

Camden. Diaries. 1849; 1850; 1855. 


Diaries. 1774-1777; 1777-1782; 1782-1784; 1778-1789; 1790-1799; 
1800-1807; 1841-1846; 1855 ; i860. 

Reports. 1790-1799; 1800- Apr., 1808. 

Letters. 1776-1808; 1833-1848. 

Protocol of Elders' Conference, July 26, 1787-Apr., 1808. 

Protocol of Committee (trustees) . 1775-1808. 

Protocol of Congregation Council. 17^2-1795. 
Old Man's Creek. 

Diaries. 1776-1783 ; 1801 ; 1802. 

Church-book. 1742-1790; 1791-1808. 

Letters. 1755-1768; 1770-1780; 1784; 1792; 1793; 1796. 
Woolwich. Letters. 1800-1804. 

Pennsyhfonia: Bethlehem 158 


Minutes of various conferences and plans concerning Moravian work in 

Pennsylvania. 1740-1750. 
Minutes of Pennsylvania synods. 1741, 1742, 1745, 1746, 1747, 1748. 

(Six volumes, of which the first has been printed.) 
Report concerning the beginning of Nazareth, Lititz, Manacosey (now 
Graceham, Maryland), and Gnadenhutten on the Mahoning, in view 
of the intended settlement in South Carolina. 
Bishop Ettwein's report concerning the Settlement Congregations, Beth- 
lehem, Nazareth, and Lititz. 
Account of Quakers and their conduct at Easton. 1757. 
Report of a visit to Wyoming. 1789. 
Diaries of the following congregations : 

Christiansbrun. 1756; Jan., Feb., 1757; Jan., 1758. 
Jongquakamik (Journal). Sept., 1802-1806. 
Languntoutenunk on the Beaver. Nov. 27, 1771-Apr. 12, 1772. 
Lawunakhannek on the AU^heny. 
Machilusing. 1765-1766. 
Meniolagomeka. 1 752- 1 755. 
Nain. June, 1762-Mar., 1763. 
Tschichschiquannunk. 1 769- 1 772. 
Wechquetank. lyio-iyS^, 
(See also the localities further below.) 
Minutes of conferences at Bethlehem, 1745, 1746, 1747; Creuz Creek, 
1746; Frederickstown, 1745; Gnadenhutten, 1754; Lancaster, 1745; 
Philadelphia, Mar., July, 1746; Salisbury, 1756. 
Extracts of minutes of conferences in Donegal, Swatara, and Gnaden- 

hiitten. 1754, 1755. 
Diary. Sept., 1754-Sept., 1756; 1758-1770. 
Church-book of Allemangel and Gnadenhtitten on the Mahoning. 1745- 

Minutes of church council. 
Diaries. Feb., Mar., 1755; 1808-1810; 1814-1816; 1819; 1825-1836. 
Letters. 1754-1768; 1805, ^806, 1808, 1821-1826. 
Bethel and Hebron. Letters. 1770-1781, 1792-1796, 1827-1835. 
Bethel, Hebron and Lebanon. Letters. 1836-1848. 
Diary {Diairium) of Bethlehem congregation. 1742 to present. 53 vols. 
Diary of Bethlehem. Jan. i-Mar. 19, 1745. (In English.) 
Protocol of church council. 1754- 1758. 
Minutes of Elders' conference. Mar. 3, 1756 ; 1810-1816. 
Minutes of Ministers' Conference. Feb. 7, 1743. 
Protocol of Helpers' Conference. 1744-1849. 
Noteworthy days in the settlement of Bethlehem. 1741, 1742. 
A brief account of the settlement of Bethlehem and estate of the con- 
gregation, drawn up in 1787 on t»sis of materials in the ardiives. 
Extract of most remarkable circumstances. 1745. 
Regulations concerning the Brethren's Economy in Bethlehem and 
Nazareth. 1754. 


154 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 

List of visitors (whites and Indians) to Bethlehem. 1755. 

Diary of Indian congregation. Aug., 1758. 

0)py of letter of William Denny to Brethren at Bethlehem. Philadel- 
phia, June 7, 1758. 

Division of Brethren in Bethlehem in different trades. 1759. 

Abstract of rules agreed upon by the inhabitants of Bethlehem when 
the Economy ceased. 1761. 

Memorabilia. Surveys of the year or annual reports to the congre- 
gation by the minister. 1763- 1883. 

Rules of the Widows' Society. 1791. 

Account of Jubilee Celebration. June 25, 1792. 

Letters. 1760-1793; 1802-1821 ; 1829; 1835-1848. 

Extracts from reports of town and country congregations belonging 
to the Bethlehem district. 1798-1809 ; 1813 ; 1814. 

Letters from town and country congregations in Bethlehem district 

Biographical sketches of deceased members of the Bethlehem congre- 
gation. 1746-1875. (6 cases.) 
Christiansbrun. Letters. 1763-1767. 

Diaries. 17SS-1756. 

Minutes of church councils. 1753-1766. 

Letters. 1754- 1769. 
Donegal and Mt. Joy. Diaries. 1742-1802. 

Diaries. 1777-1784; 1787; 1793; ^794 5 1801-1808; 1819; 1821 ; 1827; 
1830- 1845 ; 1869. 

Account of origin and progress of the congregation in Emmaus. 1739- 

Letters. 1756-1781, 1797, 1802-1848. 
Emmaus, Maguntsche, and Salisbury. Diary. Jan., 1755-Apr., 1756. 

Church-book of the Boys' School. 1745. 

Account-books, t 745- 1 750. 
Friedenshutten. See Wyaloosing. 

Germantown. Ledger of the school. Apr., 1746-Dec., 1748. 
Gnadenhiitten on the Mahcming. 

Diaries. 1747-1755; 1777-1789; 1800-1801 ; 1802-1808. 

Christian Seidel's diary of Gnadenhiitten. Jan.-Feb., 1755. 

Steward's account-book. 1747-1749. 

Minutes of conference. 1747-1755. 

Declaration of Christian Henry, Nathanael Seidel, and Christian Seidel 
to the inhabitants. Feb. 3, 1755. 

Letters. 1755, 1771-1781, 1792-1798, 1802-1813. 

Diaries. 1746, 1747 ; Dec. 29, 1755-Oct, 1756; Jan., 1758. 

Letters. 1766, 1767. 
Gnadentlial and Christiansbrun. Diary. 1751-1764. 

Diaries. 1808-1810; 1812: 1814; 1815; 1836. 

Letters. 1743-1774; 1803-1806; 1809, 1810, 1812. 

Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 155 


Diaries. 1754-1756. 

Church-book. 1742-1825. 

Letters. 1743-1769; 1770-1780; 1807. 
Heidelberg and Mt. Joy. Diaries. 1813-1815. 
Hoped ale. 

Diaries. 1855-1861. 

Letters. 1 836- 1 848. 

Diaries. 1754-1756; 1779-1780; 1808-1819; 1826-1836; 1838-1840; 
1842-1843'; 1847-1849; 1885: (fragments, 1759, 1760, 1847, 1849, 

Letters. 1750-1760; 1 770-1 781 ; 1790-1792; 1802-1816; 1819-1848. 

Miscellaneous reports, minutes, and memoranda. 1747-1756. 
Lancaster and Yorktown. Diaries. 1767-1774. 
Lancaster and Graceham. Letters. 1820-1825. 

Diaries. 1770-1789: 1810-1812; 1815-1845 ; 1849; 1855; 1857. 

Protocol of Elders' Conference. 1784, 1788, 1789, 1803-1826. 

Letters. 1755-1848. (28 packages.) 

Reports from Lititz. 1790-1810; 1816, 1826; (York and Lititz, 1764- 


Account of laying of comer-stone and dedication of new church. 1786, 

Reports of town and country congregations belonging to Lititz district. 
1763. i799-'8'5- 

Extracts from church-books of Lititz and Nazareth. 1818-1848. 
Lynn. (See also Allemangel.) Letters. 1755-1770, 

Diaries. 1780-1784. 

Account-book of school. 1747-1753- 
Mt. Joy. 

Church-book. 1743-1815. 

Letters. 1770-1780; 1803, 1804. 


Diaries. 1746. 1753, 1755. 1756, 1765-1789; 1800-1804; 1805-1809; 
1810-1812: 1840-1844; 1846-1850; 1855, 1857. 

Protocol of Elders' Conference. 1810-1816; 1820-1828. 

Letters. 1756-1768; 1772-1782; 1784-1798; 1802-1848; Rose Inn, 
1763- 1 767. 
Nazareth and Schoeneck. Reports. 1790-1799, 

Diaries. 1755. 1756, 1759-1761. 

Church-book. 1758- 1768. 

Day-book of school. 1750. 

Letters. 1756-1782. 

Fragments and extracts of diaries. 1754-1756 ; 1776, 1795. 

Diaries. 1777-1790; 1793, 1796; i8oi-!8c*; 1818-1821. 


156 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 

Letters. 1754-1756; 1760; 1764-1767; 1769-1782; 1785-1798; 1802- 

Reports. 1827-1847. 
Salisbury. See Emmaus. 
Diaries. 1803-1808; 1818-1821 ; 1826-1834; 1836, 1837, 1839, 1840, 

1843, 1861. 
Church record. 1754-1796. 

Letters. 1762-1768; 1770-1782; 1792-1794; 1802-1848. 
Shamdkin. Diaries. 1747-1750; 1753-1755. (Things concerning Sha- 

mokin, especially of the year 1755.) 
Tulpehocken. Church-book. 1733-1747. 
Diaries. 174^1756, 
Church councils. 1754, 1755. 
Letters. 1754-1757. 
Wyaloosing. Register of the congregation. 1766-1778. (Copy of let- 
ter to Indians here from Philadelphia Friends. Aug. 8, 1772.) 

Diaries. 1754-1756; 1808-1817; 1827-1832; 1835-1840; 1842-1844; 

1849, 1856. 
Letters. 1755; 1770-1780; 1802, 1807-1811; 1818-1820; 1824, 1827- 
1829; 1832-1848. 
York Town, Carol's Manor and New London. Letters. 1750- 1760. 


Baltimore. Letters. 1832-1844. 
Carols Manor. 
Joseph Powell's diary. 1766. 

Letters. I755-I775- ' 
Monocacy (later Graceham). 

Diaries. Nov. 26-Dec., 1759; 1808-1819; 1826-1836; 1849, 1861. 

Letters. 1755-1781 ; 1802-1848. 

Historical account of the beginning and progress of the work in the 
region of the Monocacy and of the establishment of the congrega- 
tion of Graceham. 1745- 1790. 

North Carolina: 

Account of the settlements in North and South Carolina. 1794. 

Diaries. 1775-1782; 1783-1803; 1806-1809. 

Letters. 1767, 1770-1797; 1802-1848. 

Extracts from the church-books. 1818-1848. 

Reports of the Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel among the 
Heathen in Salem, with reports of work elsewhere in North Carolina 
and in Virginia. 1822- 1852. 

Reports from neighboring congregations. 1810-1813; 1815-1818. 

Extracts from the church-books. 1818-1848. 
Salem and Wachovia. Reports and memorabilia. 1819, 1836- 1838. 

Diaries. 1753-1757; Mar.-Oct., 1759; ^^b., 1760-1766; 1767, 1768. 

Letters. 1762-1774. 

Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 167 

Extracts from rq>orts. 1804, 1805, 1810, 181 1. 
Memorabilia. 1815-1818. 

Western Territories: 

Rq)orts of Western congregations. 1776-1789. 

Reports of the Indian missions on the White River. 1801-1806. 

Diaries of the Indian congregation on White River. Apr. i, i8Q2-Mar. 

31. 1803; 1806. 
Diary of the Indian congregation on the Cuyahoga, their departure thence, 

and journey along Lake Erie and arrival at Petquottink Creek on 

Huron River. ito7. 
Diaries of Gnadenhutten on the Huron. Aug., 1783-May, 1785 ; 18049 


Letters from missionaries among the Indians in Ohio. 1769-1790. 
Letters from mission stations to authorities at Bethlehem. i773-i8o3. 
Diaries of the Brethren on the Ohio. 1769-1771. 
Documents concerning the acquisition of the Muskingum land. 1783- 

Catalogue of Indians living on the Muskingum. 
John Heckewelder's narrative of Indian missions on the Muskingum. 
Opinion of Heckewelder about special worker on west side of the Musk- 

Extracts from reports. Aug., 1808-May, 181 1. 

Letters. 1805-1812. 
Canal Dover. 

Diaries. 1843, 1849, 1855. 

Letters. 1836-1848. 
Gnadenhutten on the Muskingum. 

Diaries. 1772-1777 ; Aug. 15, 1780-Mar. 18, 1781. 

Report June, July, I7£to. 

Letters. 1802-1848. 

Memorabilia of the first white settlers. 1799. 

Correspondence with Col. Broadhead concerning Gnadenhutten mas- 
sacre, with accounts of same. 
Gnadenhutten and Beersheba. Reports. 1799-1811. 
Gnadenhutten, Sharon, and Beersheba. Diaries. 181 1-1824 ; 1826- 1846 ; 


Diaries. Oct., 1798-Apr., 1812; 1813, 1814; July, 1817-1821. 

Letters. 1798-1821. 

Reports of Indian congregation. 1800-1806; 1810-1821. 

Report of conference at Goshen. Oct 10-21, 1803. 
Lichtenau on the Muskingum. Diaries. 1 776-1 780. 
New Salem on Lake Erie. Oct., 1789-May i, 1790. 
Pettquottink on Lake Erie. 

Diaries. June, 1787-Mar., 1788; 1790-1792; 1804-1809. 

Letters. 1804-1807. 

Reports. 1805- 1809. 

Diaries. Aug. 14, 1780-Sept. 2, 1781. 

Letters. I7£to. 

158 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 

Schoenbrunn. Diaries. 1773-1777; Aug. 13, 1780-Mar. 25, 1781; Oct 

4-Nov. 3, 1798. 
Schoenbrunn and Gnadenhutten. Diary. Nov., 1779-Aug., 1780. 
Welhik Thuppek on the Muskingum. Diary. Sept.-Oct. 18, 1772. 


Diary. 1859-1877. 

Church-book. 1856- 1872. 
West Salem. Diaries. 1856, i860. 


Sturgeon Bay. Diary. 1873. 



Diary. 1878-1892. 

Church records. 1878-1892. 

Minutes of trustees. 1880-1893. 
Moravia. Church records. 1866-1879. 


Miscellaneous reports and letters. 1844 ff. 
Church-bodes of Indian missions. 1870-1903. 
New Fairfield. Letters. 1822-1848. 

Church record. 1878-1887. 

Minutes of the congregation council. 1879-1886. 

Church-book. 1837-1901. 

Letters. 1837-1848. 


Protocol of conference about the Indian congregation in Upper Canada, 

Sept., 1815, with appended reports. 
Correspondence with the Canadian government concerning the Indians 

in Canada. 1809-1814. 
Map of Fairfield Mission. 
Diary. 1797-1811. (Incomplete.) 
Reports of Indian congregation. Aug., 1802- July, 1808. 
Letters. 1798-1839. 

Report of mission to the Chippewas. Fairfield, 1791-1810. 
Protocol of mission conference in Fairfield. Jan.-Mar., 1804 ; Sept 14, 
1815-Jan. 8, 1818. 

Diaries, Journals, etc 

Abraham Bininger. Account of journey to Falkner's Swamp, 1747, with 

letters therefrom to Spangenberg. 
David Bishop. Diary of visit to Shekomeko. 1747- 1749. 
Diary of journey of Peter Boehler et al. from Bethlehem to New York 

and until their departure to Europe. Feb. 16- Apr. 3, 1745. 
Memorandum concerning Boehler's capture and imprisonment. 
Report of Boehler's visit to Monocacy. Aug., 1754. 

Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 159 

Gotdob Bucttncr. Diary. Apr. 6, 1738-Dec. 11, 1743. 

Diary of Brethren Burkard and Petersen on the Flint River. Nov. i, 
1807-May 2, 1809; June I, 1809-May, 1812. 

Diary of the journey of Brother and Sister Byhan and Brother Wohlf ahrt 
and of their stay in the land of the Cherokees. Nov. 24, 1801-June 
25, 1802. (2 copies.) 

Diary of journey of Ounmerhoff to Shamokin with Joseph Powel and his 
return to Bethlehem with Brother and Sister Mack. Jan. 6-9, 1748. 

Diary of journey of Cammerhoif and Gottlieb Pezold to Wechquetank 
and Pachgatgoch. Feb. 23-Mar. 22» 1749. 

Journey of Qiristian Froelich and Andrew the negro to Staten Island, 
etc. Dec., 1748. 

Journal of journey of B. A. Grube and Carl Gottfried Rundt to Wyoming. 
July, Aug., 1754. 

Diary of journey of Brother and Sister Grube, Brother and Sister Sense- 
man, and Sara Ohneberg across the mountains. May-Sept., 1780. 

Account of journey of John Heckewdder and John Ettwein. 1772, 1773. 

Heckewelder's report of journey by water from Languntoutenink on the 
Beaver to Welhuk Thuppdc on the Muskingum. Apr., 1773. 

Diary of John and Sarah Heckewelder from Cuyahoga River to Bethle- 
hem. Oct 9-N0V. 15, 1785. 

Diary of John Heckewelder from Cuyahoga to Bethlehem. Oct.-Nov., 

Report of journey of Heckewelder to Muskingum and his return. Sept. 
lO-Dec. 23, 1788. (Short report of same.) 

Account of Heckewelder's journey to the Wabash. 1792. 

Report upon journey of Heckewelder and William Henry to the Musk- 
ingum and their return. Apr.- July, 1797. (Short report of same.) 

Diary of journey of Heckewelder and Mortimer from Bethlehem to 
Fairfield. 1798. 

Diary of journey of Heckewelder and Jacob Bush to Gnadenhutten on 
the Muskingum and their doings in the service of the Society for 
Propagating the Gospel. 1799. 

Diary of Ae voyage of John Christopher Hopfner. 1743. 

Diary of journey of John Jungman from Bethlehem to Schoenbrunn. 

Diary of journey of Brother and Sister Kluge and Brother Abraham 

Luckenbach from Bethlehem to Goshen, Oct. 15-Nov. 15, 1800; from 

Goshen to White River, Mar. 24-May 25, 1801 ; from White River 

to Bethlehem, Sept. 16-Nov. 12, 1806. 
Journal of journey of reconnaissance of Brethren Abraham Luckenbach 

and Hagen on the River St. Mar/s. 1808. 
Report of Luckenbach's visit to the Monseys. 1810. 
Diary of the stay of Luckenbach and Hagen on the Sandusky. Apr. 30, 

1811-Sept. 10, 1812. 
Brief from tiie diary of Brethren Luckenbach and Hagen about their 

journeys to Sandusky and their stay from the 22d of Apr. to the 

end of the year 181 1 and during the first half of the year 1812. 
Report of John Martin Mack to Boehler concerning his journey to Way- 

omick with Count and Countess Zinzendorf and his sojourn there. 
Short account of journey of Mack and Christian Froelich to Wayomick 

(Wyoming) and Hollobank. 1745. 

160 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 

Account of visit of Brother Martin Mack and to Wyoming. 1754. 

Account of journey of Mack to the Susquehanna. Sept, 1755. 

Journal of Frederick de Marschall. Oct., 1763- Jan., 1764. 

Diary of John Philip Meurer. 1746, 1747. 

Diary of journey of Meurer, Alsatia to America, 1742. Also a copy of 
the same. 

Diary of Brethren and Sisters Mortimer, Oppelet, Jungman, et als. from 
Betlilehem to Goshen. Apr. 29- June 14, 1799. 

Journal of journey of Constantine Mueller and his company from Al- 
tona [Germany| to North America. 1801-1802. 

Diary of George Neisser. 1741, 1742. 

Diary of Brother and Sister Peter from Bethlehem to Gnadenhutten on 
the Muskingum. 1799. 

Gottlieb Pezold. General plan with which I came from Europe to Amer- 
ica. 1744. (2 copies.) 

Journey of C. T. Pfohl from Christiansfeld, Denmark, to Bethlehem. 

Fragment of diary of Carl Frederick Post. 

Journal of Post 1758. 

Account of Post's journey to Wyoming. June, 1758. 

Account of Post's missions at Fort Augusta (Pittsburg). 1758. 

Journey of Post to and sojourn in Pittsburgh in the years 1759-1760 ; and 
to the Ohio in 1761. 

Journal of journey of Brother [Christian Henry] Rauch to the Mohawk 
Indians. 1743. 

Diary of journey of Rauch to Shecomeco and Pachgatgoch. 1746. 

Journal of journey of Rauch to Shamoldn. July 27-Aug. 17, 1747. 

Diary of visit of Rauch to Pachgatgoch. 1754. 

Report of Jacob Rauschenberger's visit to the awakened in region of 
New Lancaster, Ohio. 1825. 

Short account of visit of Owen Rice and Peter Knowlton in New Eng- 
land. 1745, 1746. 

Journey of George Schmidt from Gnadenhutten to Wyoming. 

Repcn-t of journey of Brother and Sister Schnall, their daughter, and 
aged Michael Jung. 181 3. 

Report (German and English) of journey of Martin Schneider to Long 
Island on the Ilolston River and thence further to the Upper Chero- 
kee towns on the Tennessee River. Dec., 1783- Jan., 1784. 

Andrew Schoute. 
Journal of ship Irene. 1748. 

Journey from Bethlehem to Bethabara, North Carolina. 1759. 
Writings of Schoute and Garrison concerning their voyage. 1743. 

Journey of Louis David de Schweinitz from Herrnhut to Bethlehem. 

Report of Christian Seidel's joumev to Pachgatgoch. Apr. 29- June 7, 

Report of journey of Seidel and H. Frey to Susquehanna. 1753. 

Report of Nathanael Seidel's journey to Shecomeco. 1746. 

Nathanael SeideL Documents concerning his going to America. 1761. 

Report of journey of Soelle to Monocacy. Aug., 1756. 

Description of journey of Abraham Steiner and John Heckewelder from 

Bethlehem to Pettquottink and return. 1789. 

Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 161 

Report of visit of Steiner and Frederick Christian de Schweinitz to the 
Cherokee Indians and in the Cumberland settlements in Tennessee. 
Oct. 28-Dec. 28, 1799. 

Diary of Abraham Steiner and Gottlieb Byhan in Cherokee Land. Apr.- 
Sept, 1801. 

Report of Abraham Steiner's journey from Springplace to . . . the land 
of the Creeks, his transactions there, and return to Wachovia. Sept 
3-Oct. 2, 1803. 

Report of journey of Utley from Bethlehem to Bethabara, North Caro- 
lina. 1766. 

Diary of John de Watteville on his second missionary journey. 1748. 

Diary of de Watteville's "journey among the Indians from October 

1748 ". 

Journal of Conrad Weiser, Indian agent and interpreter, from Tulpe- 

hocken to Onondago. 1737. (Framed.) 
Diary of Conrad Weiser's journey to Ohio. 1748. 
Diary of Christopher Wiegner. Sept. 11, 1734- Jan. 12, 1735. 
Diary of journey of John W[e]igand and Shebosh [John Joseph Bull] 

to the Huron River. 1783. 
Diary of Brethren and Sisters Wohlfahrt and Byhan in Springplace. 

June i-Aug. 31, 1803. 
Diary of Zinzendorf s journey to Shecomeco. 

Archbishop of Canterbury to Rev. Mr. MacQenahan of Philadelphia. 

Lamtxeth, Oct. 9, 1760. (Copy.) 
Peter Boehler to John Penn. Nov. 22, 1763. (Copy.) 
Id. to Seidd. 1764-1768. (46 letters, from Hermhut, Holland, and 

Col. Daniel Broadhead to Scidel. Fort Pitt, Oct. 23, 1781. 
Charles Brockden to Henry Antes. Philadelphia, Dec. 0, 1741. 
Brodersen to Seidel. England, chiefly London, 1763-17^6. (48 letters.) 
Brownficld to Seiffert. ^vannah, June 28, 1743. 
Gottlieb Byhan to Ridiel. Springplace, Jan. 27, 1805. (Copy.) 
Id. to Benzien. Springplace, Apr. 7, 1805. (^^V') 
J. C. F. Cammerhoff to Boehler, Layritz, Weiss, et al. 17479 1748. (In 

part copies.) 
William Denny to Frederick Post Philadelphia, July 15, 1758. 
Eyerly to Hubner. Yorktown, May i, 1782. 
Bernard Adam Grube to Peter Boehler. 1763, 1764. (4 letters.) 
Id. to Horsefield. Oct. 9, 1763. 
Id. to Martin. Gnadeth|al], Aug. 21, 1758. 
Id. to von Schweinitz. Lititz, May 18, 1780. 
Id. to Seidel. 1760-1765. (42 letters.) 
Id. to Seidel and Boehler. Apr. 12, 1764. 
Id. to Spangenbeig. Wechquctank, Nov. 30, 1760; Mar. 23, 1761 ; Feb. 

23, 1762. 
John Daniel Hammerer to John Ettwin. June 13, 1766. 
Jacob Haymaker to John Heckthom. Sept. 7, 1781. 
John Heckewdder to Ettwein. Lichtenau, Nov. 9, 1779. 

162 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 

Id, to Eyerly. Philadelphia, Apr. 17, 1793. 

Id, to Loskiel. May 14, 1806. 

Id. to Nathanael Seidel. Jan. 2, 1779. 

Id. to elders' conference in Bethlehem. Lichtenau, Mar. 3, 1780. 

Heckcwelder and Senseman. 1780, 1781. (7 letters from Salem, Ohio.) 

Matthew Hehl to Hubner. 

Jung to Seidel. Gnadenhutten, Mar. 24, 1781. Also other letters of 

Jung, 1781-1783. 
George Jungman to " Brother and Sister ". 1769. 
Id. to Ettwein. 1769. 
Id. to Seidel. 1771. 

Henry Knox, secretary of war, to John Heckewelder. 
Loskiel to Heckewelder, Mortimer, Mtiller, and Zeisberger ; all on July 4, 


C von Marschall to Seidel. Jan. 4, 1764; Mar. 11, 1764. 

Mortimer to Loskiel. Goshen, May 11, 1806. 

Miiller to Loskiel. Beersheba, May 16, 1806. 

George Neisser to Marschall. Philadelphia, Feb. 6, 1764. 

Id. to Spangenberg. Tulpehocken, June 24, 1755. 

John Nitschman to Nathanael Seidel. [England], 1762. 

Nyberg to Henry van Bleck. Bristol, England, 1760. 

Oppelt to the conference. Nazareth, 1799. 

Thomas Penn to Duke of Newcastle. London, Apr. 30, 1747. 

John Roth to Ettwein. 1769. (3 letters.) 

Id. to Seidel. Muchwihillussink, 1765, 1766. (5 letters.) 

Id. to Ettwein, Seidel, and Schmick. 1771. (11 letters.) 

Schebosch to Nathanael Seidel. Mar. 12, 1764; Nov. 4, 1781. 

Id. to George Neisser. Fort Cumberland, Apr. 24, 1782. 

John Jacob Schmick to Ettwein. 1769. (8 letters.) 

Id. to Ettwein and Seidel. 1771. (15 letters.) 

Id. to Seidel. 1763-1769. (43 letters.) 

Nathanael Seidel to Col. Broadhead. Bethlehem, Oct. 2, 1781. 

Id. to Lieut.-Gov. Richard Penn. Bethlehem, Oct. 24, 1771. 

Gottlob Senseman to Ettwein. 1783. (2 letters.) 

Id. to Hubner. Schoenbrunn, Mar. 22, 1781. 

Id. to H. C. von Schweinitz. Mar. 24, 1781. 

Id. to Seidel. Schoenbrunn, Mar. 23, 1781 ; Apr. 29, 1781. 

Gilbert Tennent to George Whitefield. Philadelphia, June, 1742. (Copy.) 

Conrad Wciser to John Artz and others living in Heidelberg. Nov. 5, 

L. Weiss to Nathanael Seidel. Apr. 14, 1780. 

Id. to . Apr. 29, 1783. 

George Whitefield to Blair, Boehler, Finley, Noble, Pyrlaeus, and Ten- 
nent. (Abstracts and copies.) 

Jacob Wohlfahrt to Benzien. Springplace, Feb. 3, 1805. 

J. G. Wollin to Seidel. London, 1764-1769. (26 letters.) 

Joseph Worbasse to William Van Bleck, with reply. Dec., 1824. 

Hermann Walbom and Caspar Rich to authorities at Bethlehem. Tul- 
pehocken, Feb. 22, 1746. 

Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 168 

Miscellaneous Letters. 

Thirteen letters from various individuals in England to Nathanael Seidel. 

Package of letters from Boehler, Seidel, Spangenberg, and Matthew Hehl 

written from Europe to Bethlehem and the country congregations. 
Package of letters of Spangenberg, John de Watteville, and Zinzendorf 

to the conference at Bethlehem. 1751, 1753, 1757. 
Package of letters of Brodersen and Lauterbach to Boehler, Hehl, and 

Reincke. 1750-1760. 
Letters of Soelle for the authorities at Bethlehem from Boston, Litchfield, 

Broad Bay, and Salem, North Carolina. 1 764-1 771. 
Package of letters to John Ettwein, 1755-1774; to J. F. Reichd, 1781 ; 

to Andrew Hubner, 1783, 1784; to F. W. Marschall, 1761-1765. 
Package of letters to Abraham Reincke. 1756-1758. 
Ten letters from John de Watteville to authorities in Bethlehem. 1759- 

Correspondence of Joseph Miller with the Baptizers. 1749. 


Diary on the road to Ohio. 1772. 

Report of Ettwein's visit to Languntoutenunk on the Beaver and to Wel- 

hik Thiippek on the Muskingum. 1772. 
Report of Ettwein's journey through New York, Ccmnecticut, and Rhode 

Island. Mar., Apr., 1773. 
Remarks on Indians, sent to Gen. Washington. 

'' Some Remarks and Annotations concerning the Indians of N. Amer. for 
the memoirs of the Rev^ David Z. and other Missionaries of the 
United Brethren." 
Letters (and copies) of Ettwein to Berkeley, n. d. ; Col. Broadhead, 1781 ; 
Benjamin Franklin, May, 1775 ; Seidel, 1782 ; Charles Thompson, 
n. d. ; George Washington, Mar. 28, 1788 ; Zeisberger, 1785. 
Drafts or copies of letters of Ettwein to various individuals. 1778-1795. 
Letters to Ettwein from the following: 

Thomas Hartley. Yorktown, June 7, Nov. 21, 1796. 

Robert L. Hooper. Easton, Nov. 20, 1788. 

Samuel Kirkland. Suffield, Sept. 12, 1792. 

William Linn. New York. May 25, 1797. 

Walter Livingston. Manor Livingston, May 20, 1793. 

Thomas Mifflin. Philadelphia, Aug. 6, 1791 ; May 20, 1793 ; June 25, 

George Morgan. Princeton, May 17, 1779. 

John Morgan. Philadelphia, July 5, Aug. 30, 1783. 

Israel Ogden. Mar. 2, 1766; Oct. 14, 1797. 

Rufus Putnam. Marietta, Ohio, May 10, 1797. 

Joseph Reed. Philadelphia, Nov. 5, 1782. 

W. Shippen. Philadelphia, Apr. 3, 1794. 

James Wood. Charlotteville, Virginia, Nov. 22, 1780. 

William Woodford. Lancaster, June 5, 1758. 


Journal of voyage of Spangenberg and his company from Amsterdam 
to New York. 1744. 

164 Pennsylvania: Bethlehem 

Diary of journey to Onondago. 1745. 

C>iTespondence of Spangenberg and Indians. 1745, 1746. 

Spangenberg's declaration to the Indians in Nazareth. 1747. 

Letters and reports about Indian affairs, with an abstract of Spangen- 
berg's journey to Onondago. 1744-1754. 

Various miscellaneous documents concerning affairs in Wachovia, in- 
cluding letters and description of journey, from Spangenberg. 1752, 

Plans drawn up by Spangenberg for prosecuting the work m town and 

country congregations in Pennsylvania and other colonies. 1760. 

Ten letters of Spangenberg to church authorities and to individuals 
lating to work in town and country congregations. 1753. 

Package of letters written by Spangenberg in Europe to various individ- 
uals in America. 1759-1768. 

Twenty-six letters of Spangenberg written by Spangenberg in Germany 
to various individuals in America. 1763-1768. 

Correspondence of Spangenberg in regard to the seminary in Barby. 

Letters from various Indians to Spangenberg and others, wntten from 

dictation ; also letters from Spangenberg and others to various In- 
dian congregations. 
Extract from letter of Benjamin Franklin to Spangenberg. Fort Allen, 

Jan. 30, 1756. 
Letters by Spangenberg from Bethlehem to the following: 
Anthony Benezet. Jan. 5, 1756. 

Bethlehem authorities or congregation. [London], 1753 ; Dec. 19, 1755. 
Gov. William Denny, Mar. 8, May 2 and 20, June 26, Nov. 29, 1756; 
Apr. 20, 1757; July 4, 1758. 

Edmonds. Nov. 8, 1755. (Copy.) 

Joseph Fox. May 10, 1757. (Copy.) 
Benjamin Franklin. Feb. 25, 1756. (Copy.) 
Israel Pemberton. Jan. 13, 1758. 
Conrad Weiser. May 10, 1757. 

Col. Wiser. 1757. 

. Nov. 28, 1755. 

. May ID, 1757. 


Zeisberger's narrative of his arrest at Canajoharie and imprisonment in 

New York, 1745, with other related papers. 
Account of voyage of Nathanael Seidel and Zeisberger. 1750. 
Visit of Martin Mack and Zeisberger to the Indians of the west and north 

branches of the Susquehanna. July 9, Aug. 5, 1748. 
Diary of journey of Cammerhoff and Zeisberger among the Five Nations. 

May 1 4- Aug. 17, 1750. 
Diary of journey of Martin Mack, David Zeisberger, and Gottfried Rundt 

to Onondago. July 26- Aug. 22, 1752. 
David Zeisberger's memoranda of his doings in Onondago. 

Pennsylvania: Gettysburg 165 

Diary of journey of Joseph Spangenberg, David Zeisberger, and Jchn 
Joseph to Oaondago and return to Bethlehem. May 24-July 8 (no 

Diary of journey of Girl Friedrich [Post] and David Zeisberger to Onon- 
dago. June 9, i7S4-June 4, 1755. 

Letters of Zeisberger and Post during their stay in Onondago. June 9, 

1754-June 4, 1755- 

Relation of ZeisbergePs conversation with the Mohawk chief, Nicolas, 
at Bethlehem. Aug., 1758. 

Journal and letters. 1762- 1767. 

Journal of Zeisberger's visit to Cayuga Town. 1766. 

Journal of visit to Goschgoschung on the Allegheny River. 1767. 

Diary of journey to the Ohio or AUegene. Sept 20-Nov. 16, 1767. 

Journal of journey of Zeisberger and Senseman to Goschgoschunk on the 
Ohio and arrival there in month of May, 1768. 

Extracts from diary. 1790- 1792. 

Diary of journey of Brother and Sister Zeisberger and Brother Benjamin 
Mortimer from Fairfield to Schoenbrunn. Aug. 15-Oct. 4. 1798. 

Extract of representations to Congress made by Delaware chiefs in re- 
gard to Zeisberger's labors among them. 


Eleven letters with memoranda from Zeisberger on the Ohio. 1768, 1769. 

Letters of 2^isberger from Lawunakhannek. 1769. 

Seventeen letters of Zeisberger to Ettwein, Seidd, Hehl, and Thrane. 

Letters of Zeisberger to the conference. Feb. 22, May i, 1789; May i 

(no year). 
Letters of Zeisberger to the following : 

Hehl. Mar. 13, 1779. 

Hubner. June i, July 19, 1789; Aug. 16, 1790. 

George H. Loskiel. Goshen, May 16, 1806. 

David [Nitschmann] and Nathanad [Seidel]. Apr. 8, 1766. 

H. C. von Schweinitz. July 5, 1781. 

Nathanael Seidd. 1763 ; 1764 (2 letters) ; 1765 (8 letters) ; 1766 

(5 letters) ; 1779 (3 letters). 
A. G. Spangenberg. 1753 ; Easton, Aug. 11, 1767; Lancaster, Oct. 7, 

Various Indians. 1750, 1754. 
Copy of letter of Zeisberger and Heckewelder to William Wilson. Huron 

River, Dec. 10, 1784. 
Copy of letter of Bethlehem Conference to Zeisberger et al, on the Musk- 
ingum. Sept. 27, 1780. 


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 

The Lutheran Historical Society was organized in Baltimore in 1843 by 
delegates of the General Synod and others, immediately following the ad- 
journment of that body. Its object is to make a collection of the published 

166 Pennsylvania: Gettysburg 

writings of Lutheran ministers and la3mien in America, minutes of all Lu- 
theran bodies and conventions, charters, constitutions, decisions in chancery, 
files of Lutheran periodicals, and other material relating to the history of 
Lutheranism, especially in America. 


Fragment (chapters viii.-xvi.) of autographic original of the constitu- 
tion adopted by the General S)mod. 

Proceedings of the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church 
in the United States. 1821-1853 ; 1855-1877 ; 1879-1885 ; 1887-1893. 
4 vols'. (These are the basis of the printed Proceedings. ) 

Correspondence relating to the Synod. 1826. (25 letters.) 

Abdruck eines Schreibens an Tit. Herm D. Henri. Muhlen, aus German- 
ton, in der Americanischen Province Pensylvania sonst Nova Sue- 
da, den ersten Augusti, im Jahr unsers Heyls eintausend sieben- 
hundert und eins ; Den Zustand der Kirchen in America betreffend. 
1702. (This is a transcript of a pamphlet, the only known copy of 
which is at Rostock.) 

Dissertatio Gradualis, de Plantatione Ecdesiae Suecanae in America 
. • . An. 1731. Examinandam Modeste sistit Tobias E. Biorck, Amer- 
icano-Dalekarlus. L^psaliae Literis Wemerianis. (This is a tran- 
script of a pamphlet in the library of the University of Rostock; 
other copies elsewhere, but the book is rare.) 

Kirchen-Agende der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Vercinigten Gemeinden 
in Nord-Amerika. 1786. 

Glaubensbekaentniss eines aechten Lutheraners von der Taufe und 
Abendmahl. Rowan County, N. C. 1825. 

A file of miscellaneous documents and correspondence, arranged chrono- 
logically by decades. 1810-1860. 

Correspondence rdating to the Diet. 1877. 

Correspondence of committee on formation of a '' Lutheran Missionary 
Alliance ". 

Constitution and minutes of the American Protestant Union Sodety, with 
related correspondence. 

Account of the founding of the Muhlenberg Mission. (" Furnished by 
Rev. Imhoflf.") 

Register of names supplied with ''The Appeal to the American 
Churches", endorsmg Dr. Schmudcer's plan of Christian Union. 

Manuscript hymn-book, " bdonging to the evang. luthr. Church, York 
Town, Pennsylvania". 

Papers relating to the Theological Seminary of the General Synod 
OF THE Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 

Record of matriailations and protocol of the directors of the Seminary. 
1826-1857. (This contains the " Dedaration " signed by the pro- 
fessors upon entering their professorships, 1826-1887.) 

Papers relating to a German professorship. 

Constitution and records of the Bible Society of the Theological Sem- 
inary and Pennsylvania College, 1839-1854. Records of the Board 
of the Bible Soaety, 1839-1855. 

Pennsylvania: Gettysburg 167 

Records of the Missionary Society of Ihe Theological Seminary. 1867- 

Minutes of the Atheneum Society, and treasurer's book. 1863-1884. 

Papers relating to the Lutheran Historical Society. 

Proceedings of the Lutheran Historical Societ>'. 1843-1893. (These 
are for the most part printed with the records of the General Synod.) 
Sketch of the Lutheran Historical Society. 1881. 
Miscellaneous letters and historical papers by J. G. Morris. 1879. 
Historical sketch. Lutheranism in the valley of the Mississippi. 


Historical souvenir of pioneer evangelical Lutheranism in California. 
1853-1893. (Illustrated by numerous photographs; prepared for 
the World's Fair Religious Congress.) 


Description of old and new churches at Jordan's Creek. 1878. 


Historical sketch of the Lutheran Church at Jeffersontown. 


J. G. Morris. History of the Synod of Maryland. 1870 [ ?] . 
Historical sketches of the Lutheran churches at Accident and Taneytown. 


Sketch of Lutheranism in Minnesota. 1850. 


Minutes of the Synod of Nebraska. 1871, 1874. 

New Jersey: 

Historical sketches of the Lutheran churches in Hackensack, New C^er- 
mantown, [Zion's], and Ramapo. 

New York: 

Protocols of sundry early ministers and church councils at Albany and 

Athens, with other miscellaneous documents. 1731-1750. 
Letters and papers relating to congregations in New York [City] and on 

the Hudson. 1801-1818. 

North Carolina: 

Attested copy of petition of (Germans in 177 1 and memorial of Gov. Tryon 
to the London Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 


Data collected by A. J. Imhoff relating to various Lutheran congrega- 
tions in Ohio. 

Letter by Rev. A. J. Weddell dealing with Lutheranism in Ohio. 

Historical sketches of the Lutheran congregations in Delaware, St. Paris, 
and Vandalia. 

(See below.) 

168 Pennsylvania: Gettysburg 


T. O. Keister. Bibliography and sources of the history of Lutheranism 
in Virginia from 1 720-1 891. Also history of the Evangelical Luth- 
eran Qiurch in Harrisonburg, 1842-1890, with various letters con- 
taining list of church members and other data. 


History of the congregations composing the Alleghany Synod of the 
. Evangelical Lutheran Church of the United States. 

Rev. J. R. Focht. History of the Allegheny Synod. 776 pp. 

The constitution and proceedings of the Cumberland Valley Conference. 

Proceedings of the Synod of East Pennsylvania. 1864- 1884. 3 vols. 

Protocol of the Pittsburg Synod. 1878-1897. 3 vols. 

Correspondence, credentials, and other papers pertaining to the S3mod 
of West Pennsylvania. 1827, 1828, 1832, 1834-1836, 1839, 1841, 
1842, 1849, 1850-1853, 1855-1837. 

Constitution and records of the Missionary and Education Society of the 
Synod of West Pennsylvania. 1829-1839. 

Minutes of the York County Conference. 1859- 1882. 3 vols. 

Documents and correspondence relating to the George Frey Estate and 
the Emmaus Orphan House, Middletown. 

License issued by John Penn, lieutenant-governor of Pennsylvania, au- 
thorizing two Lutherans to make a collection " towards the Building 
of a Church or House of Worship for the religious worship of the 
protestant evangelic Luthern Congregation at Brunswick Town- 
ship ". 

Gemeinde Ordnung, Easton. Aug., 1776. 

The church order of constitution of the United Lutheran and Reformed 
congregations of Mercersburg. May 10, 1884. 

Historical sketches of the following Lutheran churches : 

Bedford County: 
Bedford Township. 

Bedford. Trinity Church. 

Dunning's Creek. Messiah Church. 

Pleasant Valley. 
Broadtop Township. St. James's Church. 
Cblerain (Colrain) Township. 

St Mark's. 

Friends Cove. Zion's Church. 
Cumberland Township. Providence. 

East Providence Township. Cedar Grove. Mt. Zion Church. 
East St. Clair Township. 

Cessna Station. St. John's Church. 

Fishertown. Centre Church. 

St. Qairsville. St. Peter's Church. 
Everett (Bloody Run). Zion's Church. 
Juniata Township. 

Dry Ridge Union Church. 

Mt. Pleasant (Shrozers). 

Mt. Zion. 

Pennsylvania: Gettysburg 169 

King Township. 


Liberty Township. Stonerstown. St. Matthew's Church, 
Londonderry Township. Lyberger's or Willscrcck. Zion's Church. 
Schellsburg. St. Matthew's Church. 
Snake Spring. Bald Hill Union. 
West St. Qair Township. St. James's Church. 
Woodberry Township. 

Bailey's. St. Paul's Church. 
Woodberry. Trinity Church. 

Blair County: 

Altoona. First and Second churches. 



Catherine Township. Henry or Yellow Spring. 


Qovercreek. St. John's Church. 


East Freedom. St. Paul's. 


Martinsburg. Zion's Church. 


Roaring Spring. 

Sinking Valley. 


Williamsburg. Zion's; 

Cambria County: 
Crozlc Township. 

Johnstown. First, Second or Trinity, and Zion German Churches. 
Paint Township. Sea Level. Mt Zion Church. 

Richland Township. Donmeyer. 
Summer Hill Township. Wilmore. [Jefferson.] 
Washington Township. Lilly. 
White Township. Mt. Zion Church. 

Center County: 
Center Line. St. Matthew's Church. 

Clearfield County: 
Beccaria Township. Coalport. 
Bell Township. Mahaffey. Christ Church. 
Brady Township. Troutsville. St. Paul's. 
Ferguson Township. 

Marion. St. John's Church. 

Pike Township. 


Prady Township. St. Peter's Church. 
Union Township. Rockton. St. John's Church. 


170 Pennsylvania: Gettysburg 

Cumberland County: 
Carlisle. Deutsche Evangelische Gemeinde. (Gentian MSS.) 
Upper Frankford. 

Dauphin County: 

Middletown, St. Peter's Church. 

Forest County: 

Forest Mission. 
Franklin County: 

Green Castle. 

Mercersburg. St John's Church. 

Huntingdon County: 

Cass Township: Cassville. Mt Zioo's Ghturdu 

Cromwell Township. Orbisonia. 

Franklin Township. Spruce Creek (Seven Stars). 

Huntingdon. St James's Chtirch. 

Jackson Township. McAlevy Fort 

Juniata Township. Hannis. 

Michelsburg. St Matthew's Church. 

Mill Creek. 

Penn Township. Grafton. 

Petersburg. Zion's Church. 

Todd Township. Newbury. St. James's Churdi. 

Warriors Mark. 

Water Street. Zion's Church. 

Indiana County: 
Blairsville. Hebrcm. 
Brush Valley Township. Brush Valley. 
Center Township. Homer. 
Green Township. Cookport 
Indiana. Zion's Church. 
Mahoning Township. Plum Creek. 
Pine Township. 

Mt. Zion's Church. 

Strongstown. St. Paul's Church. 
Razu Township. 

Grove Chapel [St. Mark's]. 

Razu's Run. 
Wheatfield Township. Zion's. 

Jefferson County: 

Lycoming County: 

Hughesville. Christ's Church. 

Montgofnery County: 
Barren Hill. St. Peter's Church. 

Snyder County: 

Pennsylvania: Gettysburg 171 

Somerset County: 
Addison Township. 


Ringers or St Paul's. 
Alleghany Township. 

Mt. Olive or Scbafer Church. 

Mt. Zion Church. 
Black Township. Markelton. 
Brothers Valley Township. 

Berlin. Holy Trinity Church. 

Pine Hill. St Michael's Church. 
Conemaugh Township. Davidsville. 
Elk Lick Township. 

Centre. St Paul's Church. 

Salisbury. St John's Church. 
Greenville Township. 

Jefferson Township. Bakersville. Mt Zion Church. 
Jenner Township. 

Hoffman's or Zion's Church. 


Christ's Church. 
Mt. Zion Church. 
St James's Church. 
Larmer Township. White Oak or Mt. Carmel Church. 
Lower Somerset Borough. Trinity Church. 
Lower Turkey Foot Township. 

Confluence Church. 

Milford Township. 

Barons or St Paul's Church. 

Centreville. Messiah Church. 

Laurel or Emanuel Church. 
Northampton Township. Mull's. 


Stanton's Mill. 
Rockwood Borough. Messiah Church. 
St John's Church, near Lambertville. 
Shade Township. Graef and Shade. 
Somerset Township. 


Lavansville. Mt Calvary Church. 


Wells or St. John's Church. 
Somerset North Township. Christ Church. 
Southampton Township. 

Kennells Mill Union Church. 

Wellersburg. Zion's Church. 
Stoney Creek Township. 

Glade or Stoney Creek. 


Shankville. St John's Church. 

173 Pennsyhania: Gettysburg 

Stoycstown. Grace Church. 
Summit Township. 

Garnett or Mt. Tabor Church. 

Meyersdale. Mt. Zion Church. 

St. Paul's Church. 
Upper Turkeyfoot Township. Zion's Church. 

Union County: 
Lewisburg. Christ's Church. 

Westmoreland County: 
New Florence. 

Diaries, Journals, etc. 

Tagebuch of Geor^ Lxxrhman. Aug. i, 1794-May 26, 1795. (^ transla- 
tion of this, slightly condensed, is printed in Hay's Life Sketches of 
Lutheran Ministers in America, pp. 70-78.) 

Journal of Rev. Peter Brunnholz, Sept. 20, 1744-Apr. 12, 1745 ; with 
copies of letters by Bninnholz addressed to various persons, 1745, 

Diary and notes of Rev. Gabriel Adam Reichert 1817-1821, 1828-1837, 
1841-1843, 1845-1854. 

Diary of a student of Rev. J. C. G. Schmucker. May i-June 6, 1812. 


Autobiography of Rev. J. F. Handschuh. 
Autobiography of Rev. Dr. Samuel Rothrock. 


Biography of Rev. Thomas William Luther Dosh by Rev. B. Bergstresser. 
Letters and papers relating to Rev. Housil, ''an anterevolutionary 

preacher who died in Halifax, N. S." 
Papers relating to the Stork family. (Most of these have been printed 

in The Stork Family in the Lutheran Church, by John G. Morris.) 
Biographical sketches of the following: 

Rev. M. J. Alleman. 

Rev. Samuel D. V. Finckel. 

Rev. Daniel Garver. 

Rev. Christian Frederick Swatz. 


Miscellaneous correspondence to J. R. Focht. 

Miscellaneous correspondence to Rev. C. A. Hay, as curator of the Luth- 
eran Historical Society. 

Letters from and relating to F. Heyer. 1840-1850. 

Correspondence of Rev. J. C. W. Jaeger with Rev. Doctors Hdmuth, 
G. Schmucker, and others. 1819-1838. 

Three letters of Rev. Heinrich Muhlenberg, 1754, 1771, 1772, with two 
letters, 1760 and 1767, which have been printed in translation. 

Miscellaneous letters to Rev. G. A. Reichert. 

Letter of Carl Weissleder to Dr. M. Valentine. 

Pennsylvania: Haver ford 178 

Personal Miscellanies. 

Official commendation of Rev, Theodore Fleidncr to the Lutheran 

churches in America. 
Jacob Goering. Miscellanien Buch. 1786. Also miscellaneous notes. 
License of E^l Morris by the Ministerium in Easton. 1814. 

Miscellaneous Papers. 

Wilhelm German. Eine Vertheidigung der Kirche Jesu. 

Jacob Goering. Evangelische Urtheile uber das Lehr-Gcbaudc der 

Wiederbnnger. 181 1. 
W. V. Gotwald. Pastoral letter to children. 
P. S. Nellis. Does the Evangelical Lutheran Church teach the doctrine 

of Baptismal regeneration and is that doctrine upheld by the Bible? 

Also other papers. 
Rev. S. S. Schmucker. Notes of lectures on dogmatics, Biblical theology, 

practical theology, homiletics. 


A Sermon to the Soldiers. Windham, July 31, 1775. 
L. A. Gotwald. Three sermons. 
C. A. Hay. Sermon at General Synod. 1883. 
E. G. Hay. Thanksgiving discourse. 1886. 

Helmuth. Abstracts of sermons. Apr. 20, 1788-Feb., 1789. 

J. C. W. Jaeger. Sermons. 
G. A. Reichert. Sermons. 
W. Yeager. Sermon outlines. 
Other miscellaneous sermons. 


Haverford, Pennsylvania. 

While this library contains a large amount of printed material relating to 
the history of the Friends, including considerable pamphlet literature, it con- 
tains almost no material coming within the scope of this Inventory except a 
few letters and other papers contained in the Charles Roberts Autograft 
Collection. This collection consists of several thousand letters and other manu- 
scripts in the handwriting or with the signatures of British and American 
celebrities in the field of literature, art, politics, war, and in almost every 
phase of public activity. While it was evidently the desire of the collector to 
make the collection as comprehensive as possible, letters that contained some- 
thing of interest were preferred to others which might have autographic value 
only. The collection is classified according to the general position or profes- 
sion of the writers. While other portions of the collection might contain in- 
cidentally material related to American religious history, only those classified 
as " American Prelates " and " American Oergymen " have been examined, 
and only such as contained data within our field have been listed here. These 
are arranged according to the denominational standing of the writers, all of 
whom were ministers. 

174 Pennsylvania: Haverford 


Isaac Backus. Record of a meeting of committee of the First and Second 

Baptist churches of Attleborough, Massachusetts. June 8, 1784. 
Thomas Baldwin. Letter regarding missions. 1816. 
CongregaHonaHst : 

Thomas Gap. Letter to Jonathan Dickinson. 1742. 
Samud Finley. Letter to Richard Peters. 1755. 
Thomas Foxcroft. Two letters. 1741,1742. 
Cotton Mather. List of marriages. 1701/2. 
Increase Mather. Receipt for legacy. 1722. 

The Lives of the Ministers of the Gospel among the people called Quakers. 
3 vols. (These are compiled from various sources, including the re- 
cords of the monthly and other meetings.) 


Philip F. Mayer. Letter to Rev. George Boyd. 1838. 
Methodist Episcopal: 

James G. Andrew. Letter. 1844. 

Lorenzo Dow. Letter to his parents. 1799. 

Leonidas L. Hamlin. Letter to Bishop Morris. 1846. 

Elijah Hedding. Letter to Bishop Morris. 1842. 

Edmund S. Janes. Letter. 1845. 

Thomas A. Morris. Letter to Rev. J. F. Wright. 1839. 

Thomas Ettwein to Gov. Mifflin. 1795. 

August G. Spangenberg. Letter to Gov. Denny. 1757. 


Robert J. Breckinridge. Letter. 1832. 
Eliphalet Nott. Letter. 

Protestant Episcopal: 

In the collection are upwards of seventy letters from bishops or from men 
who subsequently became bishops, including formal letters of transference of 
clergy, congratulatory letters upon election to episcopal office, and others of 
a personal nature. Below are listed those having some special historical in- 
terest. In some cases the letters were written before the writers became 
bishops of the dioceses indicated. 

Thomas Atkinson, bishop of North Carolina. 1875. 

John G. Auer, later missionary bishop of Cape Palmas, to Bishop Stevens. 

Edward Bass, later bishop of Massachusetts, to Rev. Mr. Baily. 1786. 
Gregory T. Bedell, bishop of Ohio. 1873. 
Samuel Bowman, later assistant bishop of Pennsylvania, to Rev. Dr. 

Alonzo Potter, bishop of Pennsylvania. 1845. 
Philander Chase, bishop of Ohio. 1826. 
Arthur Cleveland Coxe, bishop of western New York. 1870. 
William H. DeLancey, bishop of western New York, to Rev. Dr. Stevens. 

Manton Eastbum, bishop of Massachusetts. 
George W. Freeman, bishop of Arkansas, to Bishop Alonzo Potter. 1855. 

Pennsylvania: Lancaster 176 

Alexander C. Garrett, bishop of Texas. 1878. 

William M. Green, bishop of Mississippi. 1873. 

John P. Henshaw, bishop of Rhode Island, 1846. 

William B. Howe, bishop of South Carolina. 1874. 

Levi S. Ives, bishop of North Carolina. 184^. 

Jackson Kemper, bishop of Missouri and Indiana. 1845. 

James Madison, later bishop of Virginia, to the governor of Virginia. 

Benjamin Moore, later bishop of New York. 1791. 
Benjamin T« Onderdonk, bishop of eastern New York. 1836. 
Alonzo Potter, bishop of Pennsylvania. 1856. 
Samuel Seabury, bishop of Connecticut, to Rev. Mr, Parker. 1787. 
George F. Seymour, bishop of Springfield (Illinois). 1881. 
Rev. Stephen H. Tyng. 1835. 

George Upfold, later bishop of Indiana, to Bishop Potter. 1846. 
Alfr^ A. Watson, bishop of East Carolina. 1884. 
Richard H. Wilmer, bishop of Alabama, to Rev. W. A. Stickney. 1862. 
Id. Letter regarding Dr. Jaggar and the " Cheney Letter ". 1875. 
J. H. D. Wingfield, bishop of northern California. 1877. 

Rowan Catholic: 

John Hughes, archbishop of New York, to Gov. Seward. 1842. 



Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

These archives are located in the building of the Theological Seminary of 
the Reformed Church in the United States (German Reformed) at Lancaster. 
The following itemized list is based chiefly upon a list furnished by the present 


Synodal-Ordnung und Protocoll der Verhandlungen der Synode der 

Hoch-Deutsche freyen Reformirten Gemeinden in Pennsylvanien. 

Apr. 24, 1822-1836. (Original and only copy.) 
The (Henry S.) Dotterer Manuscripts. Notes relating to Pennsylvania 

history, especially of the Reformed Church, from original documents 

in the archives of Rotterdam, the Hague, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, 

Ziirich, Strassburg, and other cities in Europe. [1895-1896.] 
Liturgical material, vis.: 
Collection for a Liturgy of the German Reformed Church, commenced 

in the month of Nov., 1852, by Philip Schaff. 
Notes on Liturgy, laid on the table for a future Revision of the Liturgy. 

Prayers and Collects for Occasional Use. (Unsigned.) 
Provisional Liturgy or Directory of Public and Private Worship for 

the Use of the German Reformed Church in the U. S. of N. A. 
Report of the Joint Commission of the Reformed Church in America 

and the Reformed Church in the United States on Federal Union. 

n. d. [c, 1888.] 
Minutes of the Board of Trustees of the Theological Seminary of the 

German Reformed Church. Sept. 22, 1831-Sept. 7, 1852. 

176 Pennsylvania: Lancaster 


Diary and church record of the Rev. Jacob Lischy. 1743. (This includes 
a baptismal register, 1744- 1763, of the Reformed Church at York.) 

Memorandum (or diary) of the Rev. James Reily of his journey in Hol- 
land, Germany, and Switzerland m behalf of the German Reformed 
Church at Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 1825. 

Letter of I*rofessor Friederich Schleiermacher to Rev. James Reily. 

Autograph album of Rev. John Joachim Zubly. 1743-1753. 

Notes of lectures in theology and allied subjects by early instructors and 
by professors in the tiieological seminary, etc., including some (in 
Latm) by Rev. Wynkhauss, Rev. Fricdrich Lebrecht Her- 
man (each of whom prepared students for the ministry by instruc- 
tions in his home), Rev. Lewis Mayer, Rev. Frederick Augustus 
Ranch, Dr. John W. Nevin, Rev. Henry Harbaugh, and Rev. Wil- 
liam Rupp. 

Letter of acceptance of professorship of church history and biblical lit- 
erature in the Theological Seminary at Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, 
by Dr. E. E. Highbee. 1866. 

Sermons and addresses by Rev. C. Z. Weiser. 

Three sermons by Rev. E. V. Gerhart. 1839, 1840. 

Harbaugh Material: 

Diary of Rev. Henry Harbaugh. 

Two addresses and two sermons by Harbaugh. [1860-1866.] 

The Mayer Manuscripts: 

These are copies of originals most of which are now in the archives of the 
General S3mod of the Reformed Church in America at New Brunswick. There 
were originally two volumes of these transcripts ; the second volume has dis- 
appeared, though Dr. Harbaugh used it in his Fathers of the Reformed Church. 
Some of these transcripts have been printed in Professor W. J. Hinke's Min- 
utes and Letters of the Coetus of the German Reformed Congregation in 
Pennsylvania, 1747-1/^2, Only the remainder are listed here. 

Letter of Weiss to Qassis of Amsterdam. Apr. 29, 1738. 

Private letter of Boehm to Classical Deputies. Nov. 22, 1748. 

Coetal letter of Boehm to Qassis. Nov. 21, 1748. (Probably same as 

that printed in Hinke. p. 47.) 
Regulations drawn up by Weiss for church at Amwell, New Jersey, Dec 

2, 1749. Additional regulations drawn up by Stapel, July 12, 1762. 

Confirmation of the Amwell regulations, Nov. 16, 1763. 
Memorial of synods to States of Holland and West Friesland. Nov. 10, 

Resolutions of the States of Holland. Nov. 30, 1756. 

Letter of thanks by Steiner to Raad Pensionaris. 
Steiner's pastoral report for 1757. 
Minutes of Coetus. Sept. 14-16, 1758. 
Resolutions of States of Holland. Nov. 29, 1759. 
Petition of s3mods to States of Holland. 
Call of Alsentz. May 27, 1757. 
Letter of Steiner to Kulenkamp. Sept. 28, 1759. 
Id. to Classis. Nov., 1759. 

Pennsylvania: Mt. Airy 177 

Philadelphia Gmsistory to Steiner. Jan. 30, 1759. 

Steiner to consistory at Philadelphia. Feb. 12, 1759. 

Call of Philadelphia congregation to Steiner. May i, 1759. 

Letter of Otterbein to Steiner. Aug. 18, 1759. 

Answer of Steiner to Otterbein- Sept., 1759. 

Letter of Steiner to Kulenkamp. Dec. 10, 1759. 

Consistory at Philadelphia to Classis. Feb. 7, 1760. 

Letter of Chandler to Kulenkamp. Jan. 10, 1760. 

Letter of Classical Deputies to Synodical Deputies. Apr. 12, 1760. 

Letter of Alsentz to Kulenkamp. May 30, 1760. 

Letter of Thomas Penn to Mr. Blinshall. Dec. 22, 1761. 

Resolutions of States of Holland. Dec. 5, 1761. 

Report of Dr. Alsentz regarding state of the Pennsylvania churches. 1761. 

Consistory at Am well to Cassis. Oct. 2^, 1762. 

Letter of Stapel to Cassis. May 17, 170^. 

Letter of Weyberg to Classis. Dec 14, 1763. 

Letter of elders at Amwell to Cassis. 

Letter of Lunenburg [Nova Scotia] congregation to Cassis. 1772. 

Letter of Mr. Kaullxich, agent of Lunenburg congregation. Aug. 4, 1772. 

Notes of Cassical Deputies on Coetus acts of 1773. Aug. i, 1774. 

Response of S}'nodical Deputies cm Coetus acts of 1775. [1776.] 



The Library of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Mt. Airy, 


This ministerium is the oldest Lutheran synod in America, having been 
organized in 1748. It bears the name " Ministerium " because as first or- 
ganized, it consisted only of the ministers, though laymen were present to 
report for the churches. Lay representation began in 1792, but the old name 
of the synod has been continued. 

The archives have been systematically kept and are quite complete from 
1801 onward. They have recently been transferred to a fire-proof vault in 
the new library building of the Lutheran Theological Seminary. There is a 
manuscript catalc^^e of the archives which enters somewhat more into de- 
tails than does this Inventory, but it does not contain reference to all of the 
unofficial papers which are to be found among the archives material. 


Miscellaneous documents relating to the General G)uncil. 

Halle Documents. These consist of four volumes of transcripts from the 
archives in Halle a. S., being " Copies taken from the letters, reports, 
opinions, correspondence, etc., of the Lutheran Missionaries in Penn- 
sylvania durin|f 1745- 1785, which letters were procured . . . from 
the Halle Archives ... in the years 1879-1883 ". There is a catalc^^e 
of these in the archives, each volume also containing an alphabetical 

178 Pennsylvania: Mt Airy 

Protocols of an Evangelical Lutheran ministerium. 1781*1821. (A 
translation of these has appeared in Documentary History of the 
Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania and adjacent 
States. The records of proceedings before 1781 have been gathered 
from the Muhlenberg diaries and other sources ; the later protocob 
(records) are in these archives, but have been printed yearly.) 

Archives of the Synod. (Under this label are gathered a file of letters, 
reports of committees and officers, credentials, etc, arranged chrono- 
logically by years, 1801-1897. The later material has not yet been 
arranged. Considerable of the material is printed or is referred to 
in the printed protocols of the Ministerium, which thus become to 
some extent an index to this file.) 

Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Ministerium. 1863*1896. 
2 vols. 

Records of the Lutheran Board of Missions for Philadelphia. 1880-1893. 

Minutes of the First District Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran 
Ministerium. 1 868- 1 890. 

Veriiandlungen der Conferenz des 2*^ Distrikts der Deutsch*Ev. Luth. 
Synode von Pennsylvanien. 1848-1879. 

Records of the Second District Conference. 1883-1893. 2 vols. 

Minute*boc^ of the Third District Conference. 1883*1893. 

Minutes of the Fifth District Conference. 1870-1894. 3 vols. (The last 
volume contains also the proceedings of the Danville Conference of 
the Ministerium of Pennsylvania, 1894-1896.) 

Records of the Danville Conference. i89i5-i90i. 

Protocols of the Sixth District Conference. 1838-1870. 

Records of the Allentown Conference. 1894-1898. 

Miscellaneous documents relating to the First, Second, Third, and .Fifth 
District Conferences. 

Constitution and minutes of the Travelling-Preachers' Association of 
Pennsylvania. 1836- 1848. 

Minute-book of " The Pastors' Meeting " of Philadelphia. 1874. 

Minutes of the Evangelical Lutheran Pastoral Association of Philadel* 
phia. 1878-1890. 2 vols. (A resuscitation of the preceding ** Meet- 

Papers relating to the boundary line between the Pennsylvania and Cen- 
tral Pennsylvania synods. 1862. 

Miscellaneous documents relating to the Lutheran Theological Seminary 
(Mt. Airy), and to Muhlenberg Collie. 


In addition to the material listed immediately below, the archives contain 
the documents and other papers connected with a number of trials and cases 
of discipline with which local churches were directly or indirectly concerned. 
Unless otherwise indicated, the items listed below are historical sketches of 
the Lutheran church in the place mentioned. 


Bangor. Trinity Qiurch. (1865)1878-1898. 

Bath. St John's Church. 1833- 1899. 

Campbellstown. Records of the Lutheran Church. 1794-1889. ('* Kirch- 

Pennsylvania: Mi. Airy 179 

enbuch der Evan^elisch Lutherischen Gemeinde zu Cammels-towny 
Dauphin County/') 
Ccmenton. St. Paul's. 
Easton. Colored Lutheran Church. 
Frackville. Zion's Congregaticm. 

Bethlehem Church. 1897 ff. 

Church of the Trinity, to 1900. 

St. Mark's. Letters, reports, charges, and specifications, including 
" History of the Church Troubles at St. Mark's, Philadelphia, 1880- 
1882 ", by Lewis L. Houpt. 

The Jubilee Festival in St. Michael's. 1843. 

(See also first item under Bic^^phy below.) 

South Easton. St. Paul's. 1862-1898. 
Upper Milford. 
Wemersville. 1895 fF. 
West Bethlehem. Holy Trinity. 1887-1897. 

Outside of Pennsylvania: 

Historical sketch of the Lutheran Church at Sitka. 

Constitution or regulations of St. John's Church, Williamsburg, Upper 

Canada. 1833. 
Historical sketch of Epiphany Church, Camden, New Jersey. 1887. 
Historical sketch of the Lutheran Church, Phillipsburg, New Jersey. 


(See also the Hdmuth Papers and the Miihlenbergiana below.) 

John George Bottler [Butler]. Diary of a missionary journey to Knox- 
villc. July 27-Sept. 23, 1805. 

Peter Brunnholtz, J. Nicholas Kurtz, and J. H. Shaum. Diary of voy- 
age. July 20, 1744-Jan. 19, 1745. 

Christian Endress. Jan. 30-Feb. 7, 1793 ; June 20, 1807-1819. (Frag- 

William Forster. Diary of journey to Ohia Sept. 5-Nov. 29, i8o^. 

Paul Henkel. Diaries of journeys to Ohio, [July 7-Sept, 14, 1806] , and 
to North Carolina. 

J. Nicholas Kurtz. Dec. 15, 1746- June 4, 1750. (See also above.) 

J. H. Schaum. May 17-Oct. 13, 1748. (See also above.) 

John Stauch. Tagebuch. i8o6-May, 1807. 


Life of John Frederick Schmidt, by his son, Jacob Smith. 1825. (This 
contains a translation of Schmidt's diary, 1768-1769, his will, 1784, 
and a history of some of the Philadelphia congregations. See 
Schmidt Papers below.) 


Pennsylvania: Mt. Airy 

Biographical sketches of the following ministers : 

Alfred J. L. Breinig. 
Carl R. Conrad. 
John A. Darmstaetter. 
Edwin H. Eberts. 
John F. Ernst 
George C. EisenhardL 
Jeremiah Fishbum. 
George D. Foust. 
G. W. Frederick. 
A. T. Geissenhainer. 
John Gruhler. 
Sidney L. Harkey. 
John B. Heil. 
Uriah B. Heilman. 
Reuben Hill. 
Gustavus Hinterleitner. 
Rudolph F. Jelden. 
D. K. Kepner. 
John Kohler. 
John Kowala. 
Benjamin E. Kramlich. 
Charles P. Krauth. 
William G. Laitzle. 
Owen Leopold. 

Frederick A. Muhlenberg. 

George P. Muller, 

Jacob NefF. 

J. K. Plith. 

Edward H. Pohle. 

W. F. Rick. 

Isaac Roeller. 

W. E. Roney. 

Daniel Sanner. 

D. F. SchaefFer. 

eremiah Schindel. 

ohn Peter Schindel, sr. 

ohn Peter Schindel, jr. 

. H. Schmidt. 

^'rank M. Seiss. 
Joseph A. Seiss. 
Lewis Smith. 
B. S. SmoU. 
Gustavus A. Struntz. 
William Weaver. 
A. J. Weddell. 
Frederick Wm. Weiskatten. 
Philip F. Zizelmann. 
Benjamin D. Zweizig. 


J. W. Early. Correspondence, chiefly as president of the Conference of 

the Ministerium. 1880-1883. 
C. F. Heycr (" Father Heyer "). Forty-three letters to and from Heyer, 

the latter chiefly from India. 
J. C. Honeyman. Letters to Dr. W. J. Mann containing data relating 

to Lutheran churches in New York and New Jersey. 1891-1892. 

2 vols. 
Rev. John H. Schaum. Three letters, 1745. Also six letters to him, 1744- 

1745- , . 

Conrad Weiser. Copy of letter to Peter Brunnholtz. 1747. 

Personal Miscellanies. 

There are a few papers of a miscellaneous character, including the min- 
isterial records of Rev. Daniel Schumacher, 1754-1774, and sermons of Rev. 
F. W. Jacinsky, 1765 fF. 


Helmuth Papers: 

Diaries of Justus H. C. Helmuth. 1767-Feb. 16, 181 1. 90 vols. (The 
first volume contains the beginning of an autobiography. The vol- 
umes for Jan. 23-Feb. 28, 1794, and June 24- Aug. 16, 1797, were 
not seen and may be missing.) 

Sermon outlines and miscellaneous papers of Helmuth. 

Pennsylvania: Mt. Airy 181 

The collection known by this name consists of journals, correspondence, and 

other papers of Rev. Dr. Henry Melchior Mtihlenberg. There is a fairly com- 
plete manuscript catalogue of the collection in the archives. 

The journals of Muhlenberg begin with that of his voyage to America, 
1742, and continue, with some omissions, to June 16, 1785. Scattered through 
them are letters and copies of letters. The collection is catalogued, the mate- 
rial being divided into forty-two groups, numbered from i to 36, with six in- 
serted numbers (2i\ 29", 30", 31", 32", 33"). It will not be necessary to list 
the journals in detail, but some of the special journals, letters, and other papers 
are given below, the number in ( ) referring to the group in which the mate- 
rial is to be found in the archives. In most cases a portion of the journals is 
to be found in the group in addition to the material listed ; any group not listed 
below consists of a portion of the journal only. 

(2) Four letters, 1747- 1750, and an account of the Nyberg case. 

(3) Correspondence (in Latin) with the Swedish provost, 1750-1751, 

and (in Dutch and English) with a New York congregation, 
1750-1751. Also notes of a journey to New York, May, 1752. 

(4) G)pies of thirty-nine letters, 1751-17539 and a journal of die Rari- 

tan Church, 1753. 

(5) Copies of twelve letters. 

(6) Copies of renewed credentials from the directors in Augsburg, 

Halle, and Kensington, 1778. Also Protocol, Memoranda, and 
History, [1764-1768], of St. Peter's Church and Congregation, 
Barren Hill, Whitemarsh Township, Philadelphia County. 

(7) Journals and memoranda of journeys to New Hannover, 1765; 

New German town in Jersey, 1768; Lancaster, 1766, 1768; Jer- 
sey and New York, 1767 ; Burlington and Lancaster, 1767. 

Papers concerning Bryzelius. 1766. 

Extract from minutes of a general meeting of the united vestries 
held at New Germantown, May 12, 1768. 

Extract of records of German Lutheran Congregation in White- 
marsh Township, thanking the Archbishop of Canterbury for 
a contribution toward their church-building. 

Petition to the governor for permission to collect money for St 
Michael's. 1766. 

Paper concerning matters of strife in Fredericktown, Maryland. 

(8) Memoranda, reports, and letters. 1768-1769. (Includes invita- 

tions to various public officials to a consecration, June, 1769.) 

(9) Copy of resolutions by Swedes at Wicaco to place themselves under 

tfie care of the Episcopal Church. 

Communication " To Esq. Buhl or any of His Majesty's Justices of 
the Peace in the County of Philadelphia '\ concerning the church 
at Indienfidd. 1769. 

Letter to the New York Dutch Lutheran Congregation. 1769. 

Letter to the vestry and wardens of the First Lutheran Church, 
New York ; also to the church council of the same, 1770. 

Letters concerning local congregations, vis.: Tulpehocken, York- 
town, Weisenberg, Easton, Greenwich, Fredericktown, and 

182 Pennsylvania: Mt Airy 

Journals of journeys to Tulpehocken and to New Jersey and Blue 
Mountains. 1770. 

( 10) Journals of journeys to the Synodal Conference, 1772 ; Newgennao- 

town, 1773 ; Reading, 1773. 

Letters to local churches or concerning them, z/is,: New German- 
town, Barrenhill, Reading, Loueburg. 

Miscellaneous letters. 

(11) History of the Philadelphia Congregation to 1763. 

Parts of a diary, 1760-1762, containing the history of party strife in 

the church and preparation of a new constitution. 
Memoranda and protocols. 1775-1779. 
Papers concerning Spr^el. 

(12) Papers concerning Muhlenber^s Voyage to Georgia, including 

" Vollmacht ", extract from mstructions, pass from John Pcnn, 
diary, Aug. 14, 1774-May 6, 1775, protocol of first conference, 
Ebenezer, 1774, with notes, fundamental articles, constitution, 
and rules of Ebenezer Congregation, with names of signers. 

Journals of journeys. 1775, 1776. 

Miscellaneous letters and other papers. 

(13) Letters and other papers. May-Nov., 1779. 

(14) " Merckwurdige Exempel.'' Record of funerals, with texts of ser- 

mons. 1 762- 1 764. 

(15) Letter of thanks and a petition of the vestrymen of New Hannover 

and Providence. 
Account of church-bode, in the hands of Count Zinzendorf , with 

letter to the count from Mayor William TiU and reply ot the 

Statement of the vestry of Indiai^dd and Old Gotchenhoppen. 

(16) Miscellaneous papers, accounts, fn^pments, etc. 

(17) Diary of Peter Brunnholtz. July 20- Aug. 20, Nov. 5-Dec. 5, 1744 ; 

Jan. 10-17, 1745. 
( 19) Journal of a visit of members of New Providence and Limeridc 
congregations to destitute inhabitants of the Blue Mountains. 
Muhlenberg's relations to Handschuh and the Philadelphia Con- 
gregation. 1 760- 1 762. 

(25) Primitive history of the German Lutheran congregations in Phila- 

delphia, Providence, and New Hanover. (This was written by 
H. M. Muhlenberg, but is in the form of a letter from Ae mem- 
bers of the congregations to the Fathers in Europe.) 

(26) Defense of Muhlenberg before the synod, against charges brought 

by Rev. Enoch Rause. 1761. 

(29*) Record of communicants at St. Michael's, Philadelphia, Christ- 
mas, 1755, Pentecost, 1763. 

(31*) Papers concerning complaints in Philadelphia congregation. 

(33) Certificates, testimonials, and other papers, including documents 

relating to the recall of Wrangel to Sweden. 

(34) Two letters and a petition. 

(35) Miscellaneous correspondence. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 183 

(36) Account-book of the Evangdical High German Lutheran Congre- 
gation in New Providence, with reports by the pastors. 1729- 

Schants Papers: 

These consist of a large unarranged collection of miscellaneous papers, espe- 
cially letters to Rev. F. J. F. Schantz, late chairman of the Executive Ccmi- 
mittee of the Ministerium, including oi&cial and semi-official correspondence. 

Schmidt Papers: 

Besides miscellaneous papers, these consist of the " Sontagliche Anzeigen *\ 

of Rev. John Frederick Schmidt, 1792-1795, and a Life of Schmidt, trans- 
lated by his son, Jacob Smith. 1825. 

Schmucker Papers: 

These consist of the papers, sermons, and miscellaneous correspondence of 
Rev. Beak M. Schmucker. 


1701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

This society, which was organized in 1853, suffered tiie loss of its collection 
by fire in Feb., 1896, but a good beginning has been made in getting together 
several thousand books and pamphlets upon Baptist history and a considerable 
amount of manuscript material, as will be seen from the items listed below. 


Minutes of the Board of the Gtlifomia State G>nvention. Mar., 1854- 

June, 1855. 
J. F. Pope. D^ta as to Baptist beginnings in San Francisco. 1896. 
J. B. Saxton. Reminiscences of early Baptist history in California. 
Historical discourse on the early work of the Home Mission Society. 

District of Columbia: 

Papers relating to the Third and to E Street Baptist churches. 

Records of the Eden Baptist Churdi, Lake Lindsey, Hernando G>unty. 
(Badly defaced.) 


** Origin of the ist Baptist Church of Aurora, Esmeralda County, N. T.'' 
New Jersey: 

Call of the Baptist Church, Salem, to Rev. Horatio G. Jones. 1802. 
New York: 

Letter of a committee of the Warwick Baptist Association to a committee 
of the New York Baptist Association. 1803. 

Minutes of about forty councils held within the Philadelphia Association. 

1897 flF. 
Records of the Executive Committee on Education of the Philadelphia 
Baptist Association, 1829-1832. The same book contains a biograph- 

184 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

ical sketch of Thomas Winter, D. D., and '' Extracts from ' Journal 
of Texts ' kept by Rev. David Jones, (jr.) Pastor at Frankford, 
Lower Dublin and Newark, N. J., beginning 1814 ". 

Letter to the Central Union Baptist Church Association, being a history 

of the Baptist Church in Germantown. 185 1. 
Letter of Thomas U. Walter, referring to troubles in the church. 1869. 

Great Valley. Proposal of Rev. David Jones to resign his pastorate. 
Also fragment of church minute in case of discipline of Griffith 
Jones. 1807. 

Lower Dublin (Pennypek). " A true Account of the gathering, settling, 
order and continuance of the Church of Baptized Believers Inhabit- 
ing in the Countys of Philadelphia and Bucks in the Province of 
Pennsilvania And in the Town and County of Burlington in the 
Province of West New Jersey. Through Divine goodness. Be- 
gun by the Labours of Elias Keach Anno 1687 and afterwards com- 
mitted to the charge and carried on By John Watts." Copied from 
the MS. book of the Pennypek Qiurch. 1862. Statement of account, 
commencing Sept 11, 1826, of Thomas Miles, "collector at the 
Table for poor of the Church ". 

Philadelphia. Spruce Street Baptist Church. Diary of various meetings, 
1834-1835. 3 small volumes. 

Southwark. Second Baptist Church. Letter to the Philadelphia Baptist 
Association. 1847. 


Journals of Rev. G. W. Samson. 1870-1876. 


Rev. G. W. Samson. Statement of his principles and conduct as to polit- 
ical issues during about thirty years of public life at Washington, 
D. C. 

Rev. Luther C. Stevens. Reminiscences. 


Rev. Joel S. Bacon. Biographical data, some of which is used by G. W. 
Samson in his Memorial Discourse on Joel S. Bacon, jrd President 
of Columbian College. 1870. 

President Henry Dunster. 
Book containing copies of biographical material compiled by E. S. Dun- 
ster, 1854-1857. 
Memoir of Dunster, prepared by William T. Harris. 

Rev. G. W. Samson. Recollections of him in his student days, in a letter 
by Rev. Dr. Henry G. Weston, 1902. Also letters in regard to call 
to Jamaica Plain. 

Rev. Henry L. W^ayland. Stenographic report of memorial service. 1898. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 185 


Rev. Rufus Babcock. Fifty-four letters to him, including letters from 
Rev. Messrs. David Benedict, J. Newton Brown, A. Caswell, J. 
Going, Luther Rice, Bamas Sears, S. F. Smith, and Mr. Matthew 
Vassar. 1823- 1848. 

Rev. Isaac Backus. Three letters. 1793, 1796. 

Rev. David Benedict Ten letters to him. 1820-1846. 

Rev. T. J. Conant. Three letters. 1871-1882. 

Rev. Richard Furman. Three letters. 1794, 1803, 1807. 

Rev. George B. He. Letter to Griswold. 1848. 

Rev. David Jones. Sixteen letters, including one to Edmund Randolph, 
I79p; to William Duane, 1803 ; to Gen. John Armstrong, 1812 ; and 
copies of seven letters to President Madison, 1812-1816, and of five 
letters to James Monroe, secretary of state, 1813, 1814. Also seven- 
teen letters to Jones, 17901819, including one from Gen. John 
Armstrong, two from Gen. James Wilkinson, and three from John 

Rev. Horatio Gates Jones. Three letters, 1833, 1842. Also seven letters 
to Jones, 183 1- 1864. 

Ann H. (Mrs. Adoniram) Judson. Two letters. 1823. 

Emily C. (Mrs. Adoniram) Judson. One letter. 1853. 

Rev. Basil Manly. One letter. 1859. 

Rev. J. M. Peck. One letter. 1845. 

Rev. J. M. Pendleton. One letter. 1849. 

Rev. Luther Rice. Five letters, 1823-1833. Also two letters to Rice, 
1816, 1817. 

Rev. S. F. Smith. Three letters. 1843, 1848. 

Rev. William Staughton. Four letters. 1815-1823. 

Rev. Thomas Ustidc. Three letters, 1784, 1796, 1802. Also eight letters 
to Ustick, including three from Isaac Backus. 

Rev. Thomas Winter. Four letters to him. 1822- 1844. 

Personal Miscellanies. 

Certified copy of the will of Rev. Morgan Jones. 1760. 

Questions put to Mr. John Ellis upon his examination for ordination at 

New Britain. July 24, 1803. 
Rev. David Jones. 

Furlough, dated Oct. i, 1813. 

Acceptance of call to Newark. 1814. 

Miscellaneous Writings. 

Rev. Horatio G. Jones. " Ordo — Constitution of a Baptist Church after 

the Presb)rtery have recomend the proceeding." 
Rev. George W. Samson. Several manuscripts, including a life of Jesus 

and an epic poem, " The World's Crisis . 


Rev. Horatio G. Jones. About sixty sermons, including one on the death 

of Jefferson and Adams. 
Rev. George B. Ide. Sermons. 


186 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 


1816 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

The chief historical importance of the records and reports which form the 
large part of the manuscript material in this library is their relation to or- 
ganized Sunday School activities, especially in the first half of the nineteenth 
century. Most of the list below is based upon a list sent by the secretary. 

Minute-book of the Society for the Institution and Support of First-day 
or Sunday Schools in the City of Philadelphia, and the districts of 
Southwaric and the Northern Liberties. 1790-1858. 

Constitution and records of the transactions of the Male Adult Associa- 
tion, Philadelphia, containing (1815) note of proposal to form the 
Sunday and Adult School Union. 

Constitution and records of the Sunday and Adult School Association of 
Philadelphia, 1817-1824. Also papers on the work of the associa- 
tion, 1817-1825. 

Narrative reports of missionaries of the Philadelphia and Adult School 
Union. 1817-1824. 2 vols. 

Records of meetings to form the American Sunday School Union. 1824. 

List of school societies in Philadelphia auxiliary to the American S. S. 
Union. 1824. 

List of school societies outside Philadelphia, 1824. Also records of the 
first meetings of the Committee on Missions, 1825. 

Descriptive reports of missionaries of the American S. S. Union. 1825- 
1860. (292 volumes of bound manuscripts, 1000-1500 pages per 

Narrative of the work of the American S. S. Union in the valley of the 
Mississippi, 1830-1860, by A. W. Corey. 

Detailed monthly reports of missionaries of the American S. S. Union of 
the name, location, superintendent, and number of teachers and schol- 
ars in ever)' school organized and aided from 1861 to 1908. 193 vols. 

Answers to the circular of the Sunday School National Conventions, 
1832- 1833. (Seventy-eight interrogatories answered by about 2500 
Sunday School superintendents, collated in one volume by John 

Records and constitution of the Philadelphia City Sunday School Union. 
1826 flF. 

Records of Philadelphia Sunday School Association of Superintendents. 

Diar)' and record of the first Sabbath School in Philadelphia, by Rev. 
Robert May. Oct., i8ii-Jan., 1812. 


142 North Sixteenth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

The origin of this library dates from 1742 when the Monthly Meeting of 
Philadelphia accepted the bequest by Thomas Chalkley of his library of one 
hundred and eleven volumes. In 1886 the present fire-proof building was 
erected at the above location and here have been brought together somewhat 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 187 

over 16,000 volumes including a department of Friends' Books, containing 
different editions of biographies and other writings of early Friends. Most 
of the manuscripts to be found here are assigned to the Department of Re- 
cords, but are in most cases only deposited, the ownership still being with the 
various meetings whose records they are. A list of them, not complete, how- 
ever, is given in Morgan Bunting's A List of the Records of the Meetings 
constituting the Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends held at Fifteenth 
and Race Streets, Philadelphia. 



Record of London First-day Meetings. 1682. 

Discipline and advice of London Yearly Meeting. 1783. 

An account of the Ackworth School in England, in letter from S. R. G. 

to George Dillwyn, Burlington, New Jersey. 1786. 
Regulations for the government of Ackworth School. (This school was 

the model for one shortly afterwards organized near West Chester, 

Nine papers relating to the Keithean controversy. Propositions toward 

peace. 1692. 


The Bible Association of Friends in America. 

Minutes. 1829-1868. 

Minutes of the Managers. 1829-1888. 

Minutes of the Women's Auxiliary. 1832-1887. 

Minutes of the Correspondence Committees. 1833-1850 ; 1829-1870. 
Friends' Freedmen Association. 

Minutes of the Executive Board. 1863-1880. 

Minutes of the Instruction Committee. 1864-1881. 

Minutes of the Women's Aid Association. 1862-1864. 

Copies of letters sent. 1866-1885. 

Letters to Women's Aid Association. 1863-1874. 

Treasurer's accounts and miscellaneous papers. 
Friends' Tract Association. 

Minutes. 1852-1888. 

Minutes of the Managers. 1816-1888. 
Friends' Text-Book Association. Minutes. 1866 ff. 
Frankford Asylum. Minutes and miscellaneous papers. 
'* The proposal relating to schools under the care of Friends." 1750. 
" Rules to be observed in Friends' School at Ancocas." 
" Rules of Conduct for Youth in the several Schools under the Care of 

Association of Friends for the Free Instruction of Adult Colored Persons. 

Minutes. 1789-1822; 1878-1904. 

Minutes of Executive Committee. 1838-1891. 
Beehive School for Colored Children. Managers' minutes. 1865-1888. 
Minutes of the Society (of Women Friends) for the Free Instruction of 

African Females. 1795-1845. 
Minutes of the Trustees of Emlen Institute. 1838-1845. 

188 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

Institute for Q)lored Youth. 

First minute-book. 1837-1859. 

Original draft of minutes. 1850-1858. 

Minutes of Board of Managers. 1837-1895. 
Friends' Select School. 

Minutes of the School Committee. 1832- 1889. 

Minutes of the Committee on Instruction. 1868- 1897. 


While an attempt is made here to follow a consistent system of classifica- 
tion, placing the subordinate meetings according to their status at the time 
covered by the records and other papers listed, and in cases of doubt, giving 
preference to the earlier organization, it is quite likely that there are some 
inaccuracies in the arrangement 

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. 

Epistle from Meeting for Sufferings in London to Meeting for Suffer- 
ings. 3rd Mo. 24, 1775. 

Epistle from London Yearly Meeting to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. 
Sth Mo. 25, 1796. 

Epistles from London Yearly Meeting of Women Friends to that of Penn- 
sylvania. 1763, 1764, 1791-1797, 1800, 1804, 1816, 1819, 1822, 1829. 

Epistles of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to the Quarterly Meetings. 1719, 

Minute of Yearly Meeting " so far as Concerns the Several Q^^ and 
Monthly Meetings ", 1737. Id., 1740. 

Extract from minutes of adjourned Yearly Meeting for Pennsylvania 
and New Jersey. 1769. 

Epistles from Yearly Meeting of Women Friends to Quarterly and 
Monthly Meetings. 1776, 1794. 

Minute of Yearly Meeting of Women Friends to Quarterly Meetings. 

Extracts from Minutes of the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends. 1762, 


Abington Quarterly Meeting. 

Abington Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes. 1827-1848. 
Abington Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes. 1842-1866. 
Frankford Monthly Meeting: 

List of members. 181&-1885. 

Miscellaneous papers. 

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1714-1801 ; 1827-1867. (Oerk's draft, 1739- 

1743; 1 745- 1 748; 1 760- 1 779; also one leaf of records of 1754 and 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1717-1743 ; 1746-1749 ; 1771-1792 ; 1794- 

1844. (Qerk's draft, 1746-1749 ; 1753-1762 ; 1771-1794.) 
Epistles ifrom London Yearly Meeting and elsewhere. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 189 

Account of the first settlement of Gw3medd, addressed to '' Friend Church- 
man " by Jesse Foulke. 
Certificates of removal. 1828-1867. 

Gwynedd Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1852. 
Minutes of Women's Meetini^. 1798-1810. 

Minutes of Preparative Meetmg of Ministers and Elders. 1757-1765; 
1827 ff. 

Horsham Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes. 1828-1868. 

Plymouth Preparative Meeting: 

Women's contributions. 1828-1874. 

Stroudsburg Monthly Meeting: 

Certificates of removal, 181 5-1828, and miscellaneous papers. 

Bucks Quartrrly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1898. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1827-1898. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1827-1898. 

Buckingham Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1867 ; 1888-1897. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1722-1797 ; 1865- 1872. 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1787-1835. 

FaUs Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1683- 1897. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1683-1885. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1859-1882. 

Middletown (formerly Neshaminy) Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827- 1862. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1827-1862. 

Quakertown {formerly Kingwood and still earlier Bethlehem) Monthly 

Minutes. 1744- 1777. 

Solesbury Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1829. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 181 1-1826. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 181 1-1829. 

fVrightstoTvn Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1833. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1734-1792 ; 1770-1833 ; 1827-1833. 

Burlington Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1686-1767 ; 1770-1898. 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1732-1751. (Original draft.) 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1686- 1845. 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1717-1877. 
Minutes of Committee of Correspondence, Auxiliary BiUe Association. 

190 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

Burlington Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1678-1850. 

Minutes of Wcwnen's Meeting. 16S1-1871. 

Record of Sufferings on account of military demands. 1794-1835. 

Discipline. 1783. 

Burlington Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1800-1818 ; 1838-1870. 
List of members. 1805, 1831. 

Lower Mansfield Preparative Meeting: 
Discipline. 1781. 
List of members. 1805. 

Old Springfield Preparative Meeting: 

List of members. 1831. 
Rancacas Preparative Meeting: 

List of members. 1750-1888. 

Chesterfield Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1684-1793 ; 1797-1852. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1688-1861. 
List of members. 1827-1885. 

Bordentown Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes. 1804-1827. 

Chesterfield Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1841. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1796-1837. 

Stony Brook Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes. 1826-1878. 

Trenton Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes. i{(43-i88i. 
Minutes of School Fund Trustees. 1819-1838. 

East Branch {formerly Robins) Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes. 1800-1813; 1822-1833. 

Little Egg Harbor Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1715-1762 ; 1784-1901. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1715-1787 ; 1817-1876. 
Miscellaneous papers. 

Little Egg Harbor Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1805-1842. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1817-1853. 

Mount Holly Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1776-1793 ; 1805-1842. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1817-1853. 

Mount Holly Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1902. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1849-1891. 

Upper Springfield Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1783-1844. (Qerk's draft, 1783-1793.) 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1783-1828. (Original draft, 1783-1787 ; 

1789-1806; 1812-1843.) 
Lists of members. 1783 ; 1835-1842 ; 1844 ; 1869. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 191 

Mansfield Prepctrative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1818-1845. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1791-1796 ; 1828-1847 ; 1871-1887. 

Account of School Trustees. 1 792- 1 859. 

Upper Springfield Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1789-1844. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1820-1870. 
Minutes of the Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1835- 1878. 
Minutes of School Trustees. 1788-1849. 

Caln Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1800-1843. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1800-1820 ; 1847-1894. 

Bradford Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1737-1869. 

Record of committee in suffering cases. 1777-1791. 

Certificates of removal and other papers. 1737-1864. 
Cain Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes. 1842-1858. 

Robeson Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1789-1872. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1789-1872. 
Certificates of removal. 1 790- 1870. 

Robeson Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1866. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1792-1813. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1798-1847. 
Sadsbury Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1737-1752 ; 1828-1861. 

Epistle to Concord Quarterly Meeting. 1747. 
Uwchlan Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1763- 1903. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1763-1882. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1809- 1857. 

Certificates of removal. 1763-1828. 

Discipline. 1742. 

Epistles from London Yearly Meeting (Women's Meeting). 1775. 

Deeds of manumission of slaves. 1775- 1784. 

Advices from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. 

Minutes of School Committee. 1814-1820. 
Dozvnington Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 181 1-1839 ; i85(>-i887. (Original drafts [ ?], 

Concord Quarterly Meeting. 

Concord Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1684- 1803. 
Certificates of removal. 1765-1865. 

Darby Monthly Meeting: 

Epistle to Concord Quarterly Meeting. 1743. 

192 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

Goshen Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1722- 1807 ; i8i9-i87a 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1722-1867. 
Epistle to Concord Quarterly Meeting. 1717. 
Certificates of removal. 1721-1757. 

Goshen Preparative Meeting: 
List of members. 

IVhiteland Preparative Meeting: 
Minutes. 1822- 1853. 

fVilliston Preparative Meeting: 
List of members. 

Wilmington Monthly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meetir^. 1827- 1903. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1803-1823 ; 1816-1865. 
Certificates of removal and miscellaneous papers. 1750-1846. 
Testimonies of disunion. 

Haddonfield {formerly Gloucester and Salem) Quarterly MEEETiNa 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1697-1887. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1848-1897. 
Minutes and advices, \jcmAon Yearly Meeting. 1733. 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1755-1851. 

Chester Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1898. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1804-1831. 

Record of suffering cases. 1803- 1835. 

Epistles from London Yearly Meeting (Women's Meeting). 1803-1835. 

Epistle to Quarterly Meeting at . 

Chester Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meetmg. 1785-1822 ; 1819-1889. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1788-1849. 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1804-1867. 
Treasurer's accounts. 1761-1848. 

Westfield Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1857. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1827-1862. 

Evesham Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1760-1839. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1760-1843. 

Record of sufferings on account of military duty. 1 776-1827. 

Discipline. 1762. 

Record of manumission of negroes. 1780-1787. 

Easton Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1810-1879. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1810-1863. 

Evesham Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1761-1836. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1828-1875. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1762-1800 ; 1840-1884. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 193 

Great Egg Harbor and Cape May Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1726-1843. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1788-1803. 

HaddonAeld (formerly Newton) Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1710-1863. 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1757- 1844. 
Epistles from London and Philadelphia Yearly Meetings. 1696- 1 731 ; 

Upper Evesham Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1 794- 1836. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1794-1857. 

Epistles from London and Dublin Yearly Meetings. 1791-1851. 

Upper Evesham Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men s Meeting. 1783- 1842. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1794-1832. 

CropweU Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1794-1836. 

Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1862 if. 
Copy of minute sent to Haverford Monthly Meeting. 1747. 
Copy of minute " for Haverford Mo. meeting " (Women Friends) on ed- 
ucation of freedmcn. 1778. 
Minutes of Committee on Education. 1830. 
Pembcrton Marriage Settlement Fund Papers. 
Establishment of Seventh-day Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1701. 

Radnor {formerly Haverford and earlier Merion) Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1684-1803 ; 1812-1845. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1685-1740 ; 1746-1865. 
Certificates of removals, received and issued. 1683-1864. 
Epistles frc»n Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. 

Merion Preparative Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1702-1705. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1702-1705. 

List of members. 1741. 
Muncy Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1799-1870. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1799-1843. 

Philadelphia Monthly Meeting: 

Testimony of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting against selling rum to the 

Indians, with signatures. 1689. 
Certificates of removal. 1 73 1 . 
Minutes of the committees, 1 773-1 819; 1834- 1865; with rough minutes 

and papers, 1821-1830. Also scrap-book partly replacing lost book 

of 1819-1821. 
Account-book of the committees. 1789-1801. 
List of marriages. 1682- 1762. 

Philadelphia Monthly Meeting (Northern District), 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1772-1898. 12 vols. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1772-1875. 10 vols. 


194 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1796-1874. 
Minutes of Green St. Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1816-1824. 
Lists of members. 1797-1885. 7 vols. 

Philadelplua Monthly Meeting (Western District). 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1814-1900. 6 vols. (Rough minutes, 1816- 

1822 ; 1900-1903.) 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1814-1900. 6 vols. 
Lists of members (to 1831, to 1856, and 1869-1882). 
Certificates of removal. 1814-1859. 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1814-1877. 
Minutes of Women's Preparative Meeting. 1856-1867. 
Miscellaneous papers. 

Salem Qu^\rterly MEETiNa 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1795-1904. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1795-1904. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1823-1904. 

Greenwich Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1784-1893. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1814-1847 ; 1859-1893. 

Minutes of Women's Preparative Meeting. i8^-i8&4. 

Piles Grove Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1830. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1822 (9th mo.), 1823 (8th mo.), 1828- 

Salem Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1676-1854. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 16S2-1903. 

Woodbury Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1785-1862. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1785-1872. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1828-1867. 

Shrewsbury and Rahway Quarterly MEETiNa 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1705-1857. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1732-1856 ; 1838-1857. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1799-1857. 

Rahway and PlainHeld Monthly Meeting: 
Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1802-1834. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1823-1878. 
Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1857-1875. 
Minutes of Rahway Preparative Meeting. 1852-1884. 

Shrewsbury Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1757-1786 ; 1828-1854. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1680-1732 ; 1738-1855. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 195 

Southern Quarterly Meeting. 

Epistle from Duck Creek Monthly Meeting. 1747. 
MotherkUn Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1828-1831. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1828-1831. 

Western Quarterly Meeting. 

FaUatvHeld Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1827-1838. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1827-1838. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1829-1838. 
Kennett Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meetin|f. 1827-1868. 

Minutes of Meeting of Mmisters and Elders. 1856-1880. 

Minutes of Men's Preparative Meeting. 1828-1868. 

London Grove Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Men's Meetinp^. 1827-1889. 

Minutes of Meeting of Mmisters and ^ders. 1850-1881. 

Baltimore Yearly MEETiNa 
Nottingham Quarterly Meeting. 

Minutes of Men's Meeting. 1828-1865. 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1828-1868. 

Minutes of Meeting of Ministers and Elders. 1828-1844. 

Deer Creek Monthly Meeting: 

Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1855-1862. 

Nottingham a$ui Little Britain Monthly Meeting: 
Mmutes of Men's Meeting. 1829-1864. 
Minutes of Women's Meeting. 1829-1868. 
Journal of School Committee. 1804-1810. 
Extracts from discipline. 

Certificates, epistles, and miscellaneous papers, including Joshua Brown's 
journal, 1717-1790, and his note-book, 1756-1790. 

Carlisle Monthly Meeting: 

Epistle of Martha Nixon, " Newtown 4mo. 15, 1777 ", " To Friends of 
Carlisle Meeting: but more especially the women Friends ". 

Burlington Yearly Meeting. 


Epistle of Yearly Meeting. 20th of 7th mo., 1704. 

Cdpy of Epistle of Yearly Meeting to the Monthly and Quarterly Meet- 
ings in East and West Jersey, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. 1692. 

Epistle of Elizabeth Smith to Burlington and Chesterfield Quarterly and 
Monthly Meeting for Women. 1772. 

New England Yearly MEExiNa 

Casco Bay and Merriconege Monthly Meeting. 
Epistle to this Monthly Meeting. 

196 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

Rhode Island Yearly MBETiNa 

Epistle from Yearly Meeting of Women's Friends to London Yearly 
Meeting of Women Friends. 1793. 

Rhode Island Quarterly Meeting. 
Epistle to its Monthly Meetings. 1809. 

Dlaries, Journals, etc 

Journal of the life and travels of Edward Andrews. 

Journal of Joshua Brown of Nottingham, Pennsylvania, 1756-1790. (9 

" Some Account of the Visit and Progress of Thomas Chalkley to the Vir- 
gin Islands and first to the Island of Tortola." 1741. (This is con- 
tinued after death of Chalkley by John Pickering.) 

Memoranda of Jane [Bonsall] Qark of Philadelphia. 1772- 1785. 

Journal of John Hunt. 1800-1807 ; 28th of 2d mo., i8i6-27th of ist mo., 
1817. (Partly printed in John Qmily's Miscellanies.) 

Diary of Deborah Morris. 1772-ist mo., 1773. (Partly printed in The 
Friend, XXXVI.) 

[Joseph Oxley.] "Joseph's OfferiiM^ to his Children. His Life Travels 
and Labours of Love In the fellowship of the Gospel of our Lord, 
Jesus Christ.'' (A much abbreviated form of this has been published, 
edited by John Barclay, in 1837.) 

Journal of Sarah Talbot. 1796. (Chiefly " from minutes of Rachel 
Price who accompanied her thro Virginia ".) 

Account of Sarah Talbot's visit to Great Britain. 1796 ff. 

[Elizabeth Webb.] " A Short Memorial of the Dealings of God with me 
in the days of my Youth." 

Journal of John Woolman. 1769. 

Diary of , giving account of journey of and Nathan Harper 

to Ohio and return. 1807. 

Lives of ministers among Friends. 

Transcripts of letters and memoranda concerning Joseph Howard. 

Minutes of Thomas Lawrence and John Kinsey. 1745. 


Bound volume of transcripts of letters and writings of various Friends. 
1750-1777. (Twenty letters, six sermons, six " expressions ", eight 
visions, two prayers ; abstracts of minutes of Monthly and Quarterly 
Meetings in Ireland.) 

Letters and papers of Phebe and Mary Alsop; Mary Barker; Elisha 
Bates; Anthony Benezet; Hannah Catherall; George Dillwyn; 
Joseph Edgerton ; Samuel Fothergnll ; John Heald ; William Heald ; 
Elias Hicks ; Jeremiah Hubbard ; Richard Jordan ; Warner Mifflin ; 
William Mott; Daniel Offley; Hugh Roberts; Hendricka Johanna 
Sueders ; and others. 

Letter of Moses Farnum " To Friends on Rhode Island, but more Espe- 
cially at Newport ". Uxbridge, 8th of 2nd mo., 1776. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 197 

Epistle of Benjamin Holme " To Friends In Pennsylvania and 4 other 

Provinces on the Main of America ". 1735. 
Letter of Nathan Mendenhall to Enoch Lewis. 6th of 12th mo., 1830. 
Pemberton Correspondence: 

Letters and copies of letters (3) of Israel Pemberton of Philadelphia 
to John Hunt of London, 1759; (i) Hunt to Pemberton, 1759. 

John Hunt to John Pemberton^ 21st of 12th mo., 1759. 

John Hunt to Israel Pemberton. 1759. (Ten letters.) 

James Pemberton to John Hunt. 14th of 12th mo., 1759. 

Letters of various members of the Pemberton family. 1776-1777. 
Letter of John Pickering to James Birket. 1741. 

Miscellaneous Writings. 

Benjamin Kite's Copy of John Bailey's Epistle to certain Select Meetings. 

Hanover, 6th of 2nd mo., 1806. 
" The Antient and Continued Princibles of the People called Quackers 

Concerning Cesars Tributes and Dues Abstracted out of Some of 

their Books." 
Book of Moses Moon, containing Vision of Isaac Child and " Remarkable 

Dream of Sarali Maxon's." [1762.] 


1018 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

This society was organized in 1867 and was soon incorporated under the 
title, " The Historical Society of the Philadelphia Conference of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church ". It has a small collection of printed volumes relating to 
Methodist history, a considerable number of pamphlets, and some portraits 
and relics. 


Quarterly Conference Record, Columbia and Strasburg Circuit. 1828- 

Minutes of the Philadelphia Methodist Episcopal Preachers' Meeting. 

1838-1847; 1841-1842; 1851-1858; 1859-1870; 1870-1875; 1875- 

1884. 6 vols. 
Proceedings of the North Philadelphia District Convention. 1885. 
Fifty Years' Review of the Philadelphia Conference, by Rev. P. Co(»nbe. 

History of the Philadelphia Conference Historical Society. 1871. 
History of Methodism in Chester, Pennsylvania. 1869. 
History of Methodism in Lancaster County. 1877. 
History of Lehigh County Methodism. 1884. 
Methodism in Northampton County. 1885. 


The items listed below are historical sketches of the local Methodist Epis- 
copal Church unless otherwise stated. 

198 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

New Jersey: 

Freehold. 1885. 
Vincentown. 1879. 

New York: 

New York. St. Paul's. 1883. 

Bristol. 1888. 
Bryn Mawr. 1886. 
Catasaqua. 187 1. 
Cheltenham. 1884. 
Coatesville. 1885, 1901. 
Cohocksink. 1879. 
Conshohocken. 1884. 
Cornwall. 1879. 

Crozierville, Delaware County. 1872. 
Evansburg. 1884. 
Hamburg. 1886. 
Harmer Hill. 1884. 

Hatborough. Lehman's Chapel. 1839-1876. 
Jarrettown. 1884. 
Jenkintown. 1884. 

Kulpsville, Montgomery County. 1885. 
Landsdale. 1884. 
Laurel, Chester County. 1880. 
Lower Merion. 1884. 
Marshalltown. 1880. 
Media. 1872. 

Montgomery County. Union Church. 1885. 
Moore's Chapel, Delaware County. 1871. 

First. 1882. 

Haws Avenue. 1884. 

Oak Street. 1884. 

Arch Street. 
Records. 1863-1902. 3 vols. 
Annual Records. 1864, 1867, 1871, 1880. 

Bethany. Annual Report. 1885. 

Ebenezer, Manavunk. 1871. Annual Report. 1888. 

Fifth Street. 1878. 

Fortieth Street. 1868. 

Grace. 1879. 

Hancock Street. 1885. 

Mariners' Bethel. Annual Reports. 1881, 1882. 

Mt. Carmel. 1881. 

Park Avenue. 1878. 

St. George's. Records. 1793-1879. 

St. Stephen's, Germantown. 1869. 

Summerfield. 1886. 

Tabernacle. 1853-1878. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 199 

Trinity. Annual Rqwrt. 1871. 

Twelfth Street. Minutes of Quarterly Conference. 1844. 

Twenty-eighth Street. 1886. 

Wharton Street 1883. 
Pottstown. 1885. 
Radnor. 1880. 

Reading. St. Peter's. 1887, ^902. 
Royer's Ford. 1884. 
Scott. 1 881. 
Stroudsburg. 1874. 
Union Church (" The Old Academy ") . 1872-1876 ; 1878. 


Journal of Rev. William Jessops. 1790. 
Journal of Rev. J. Pillmore. 

Letter-book containing original letters of Rev. John Wesley, Rev. Adam 
Clark, Bishops Asbury and Waugh, and others. 


Fifteenth and Race Streets, Philai^lphia. 

See Morgan Bunting's A List of the Records of the Meetings Constituting 
the Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends. This list embraces all the manu- 
scripts significant to the purpose of the present volume which are possessed 
by this body. 


Witherspoon Building, Walnut Street, Philadelphia. 

The history of the organization of this society in 1852, and of its later work, 
may be found in Rev. Dr. William L. Ledwith's The Record of Fifty Years, 
1852-1902: Historical Sketch of the Presbyterian Historical Society, published 
by the society in 1902. It is there stated that the first definite step toward the 
collection of historical materials was taken in 1791, when a committee of the 
General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America 
was appointed ** to devise measures for the collecting of materials necessary 
for a history of the Presbyterian Church in North America ". This com- 
mittee reported the next day, May 24, stating the kinds of information de- 
sired and advising that the materials collected be deposited with the clerk at 
the next meeting of the General Assembly. In 1853 by vote of the General 
Assembly it was 

" Resolved, That the General Assembly commit all the manuscript material 
which has been collected in past years under their authority to the custody of 
the Presbyterian Historical Society." 

This had been organized the previous year in connection with the meeting 
of the General Assembly in Charleston, South Carolina. It was decided to 

200 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

locate the library of the society in Philadelphia, so the society was incorporated 
in Pennsylvania. The charter granted by the legislature in 1857 recognized 
the interest in the society of the various divisions of Presbyterianism in Amer- 
ica and now the Churches represented in the society are those included in the 
"Alliance of Reformed Churches holding the Presbyterian System", vis., 
the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (the Northcm 
Church), including the Cumberland Presbyterian Church; the Presbyterian 
Church in the United States (the Southern Church) ; the Reformed Church 
in the United States (German Reformed) ; the Reformed Church in America 
(Dutch Reformed) ; the United Presbyterian Church of North America; the 
Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America ; the General 
Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America ; the Welsh 
Calvinistic Methodist Church of the United States; and the Associate Re- 
formed Presbyterian Synod of the South. 

The Presbyterian Historical Society occupies commodious quarters on the 
fifth floor of the Witherspoon Building where fire-proof safes afford protection 
to the more valuable manuscript material. A modem card catalogue makes 
the printed and manuscript material alike easily accessible. 

In addition to the material listed below there is a collection of about 600 
historical sketches of local Presbyterian churches, in many cases consisting 
of historical sermons on anniversary and other occasions. In 1876, in response 
to a concerted movement, many pastors preached sermons tracing the history 
of Presbyterianism in the local community, afterwards sending in their manu- 
scripts to this society. Approximately two-thirds of the number noted above 
are the result of this centennial observance. As doubtless many of these ser- 
mons and historical sketches have been printed in local papers and in other 
forms, and as later similar material is constantly being added to the collection, 
it seems unnecessary to list them here in detail 


Minutes of the Committee on Psalmody. 1839-1843. 
Minutes of the General Business Committee of the General Committee of 
Arrangements for the Pan-Presbyterian Council, 1880. 1878-1881. 


(For statement as to historical sketches of local churches, see above.) 


History of the Presbytery of Los Angeles, 1872-1883, by Rev. Robert 
Strong. Continued to 1898 in an address by Rev. William S. Young. 
History of the Presbytery of San Francisco. 


Minutes of the Delaware Synod, 1834-1838, when it was merged into the 
Pennsylvania Synod. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 201 

District of Columbia: 

Extract from the minutes of the Presbytery, Apr. 21-23, ^835. 

Records of the Presbytery. 1839-1841. 

Account of the State of Religion, presented by the Schuyler Presbytery 
to the General Assembly. 1837. ^ 

Indian Territory: 

See Oklahoma. 

Copy of the minutes of the Kentucky Synod. 1802-1810. 

Minutes of the West Lexington Presbytery. 1815-1820. 

Historical sketch of Transylvania (Kentucky) Presbytery. 1786-1887. 

Minutes of the Board of Trustees of Kentucl^ Academy. 1795-1798. 

History of the Presbytery of Lake Superior. 1857-1896. 


Minutes of the Minnesota Presbytery. 1850-1869. 
Minutes of St Paul Presbytery. 1855- 1884. 2 vols. 
Planting of the Gospel in Minnesota and among the Dakotas. A histor- 
ical discourse by T. S. Williamson. 1876. 
New Jersey: 

Minutes of the West Jersey Presbytery. 1839-1901. 6 vols. 

Records of session of First Presbyterian Church, Burlington. 1836-1855. 

Minute-books of trustees (3 vols.), 1783-1855, and minutes of session 

(2 vols.), 1759-1846, of the Fairfield Presbyterian Church. 
Records of Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church, Daretown. 1741. 
Story of the Securing of the Royal Charter of the Presbyterian Churches 

of Monmouth County, by Rev. Frank R. Symmes. 
New York: 

Minutes of the New York Synod. 1745-1758. (Printed in Records of 

the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, 1841.) 
Minutes of Albany Associate Presbytery (Bullions). Apr. 18, 1838-May 

31, 1854. 
Copy of minutes of the New York Associate Reformed Presbytery. Oct. 

29, 1782-Aug. I, 1796; Nov. 12, 1822-N0V. 24, 1845. 
Minutes of New York Associate Presbytery. 1854-May 2, 1879. 
Minutes of the Associated Synod (Bullions) . 1841-1853. 2 vols. 
Minutes of the New York Maternal Association. 183&-1869. 
North Carolina: 

Minutes of the Concord Presbytery. 1795-1892. 9 vols. 

Minutes of the Orange Presbytery. 1795-1812 ; 1827-1885. 9 vols. 

Extracts from the minutes of the Synod of Carolina pertaining to the 

Presbytery of Orange. 1788-1812. 
Extracts from the minutes of the Synod of North Carolina. 1813-1826. 
Minutes of the Roanoke Presbytery. 1836-1839. 
Constitution and resolutions of the Synod of North Carolina. 
" Reasons for separate organization as communicated in two letters to a 

gentleman of Virginia." 

Minutes of the constitution and proceedings of the Presbytery of Ohio. 


202 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

History of the Cincinnati Presbytery. 1821-1826. 

History of the Presbytery of Huron. 1823-1887. 

Letter (reply) of the Presbytery of Ebenezer to the Presbytery of Chilli- 

cothe. 1836. 
Minute of Presbytery of Miami on education. 1838. 


Historical sketch of the Presbytery of Muskogee, including the histofy 

of the two Seminole churches, Wewoka and Achena. 
Minutes of Indian Territory Presbytery. 1883- 1886. 
Minutes of Indian Territory Synod. 1887-1894. 


Record of organization of the Presbyterian Church at Eugene and elec- 
tion of elders. May 22, 1859. 


Minutes of Pennsylvania Associate Presbytery. 4 vols. 
June 22, 1762-May 26, 1779 (copy). 
May 27, 1779- June I3» '792 (copy). 
June 13, 1792-Aug. 9, 1799 (copy). 

Aug. 9, 1799-N0V. 4, 1800. (This last volume contains also a copy of 
the minutes of the Associate Synod of North America. May 20, 
i8oi-May 25, 1803.) 

Minutes of the All^heny Synod. 1854-1869. 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Erie Synod. 1874-1881. 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Harrisburg Synod. 1870-1881 . 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Pennsylvania Synod. 1838-1869; 1882-1887. 5 vols. 
(First volume contains also the minutes of the Delaware Synod, 

Minutes of the Philadelphia Synod. 1717-1758; 1817-1881. 6 vols. 

Presbyterian reports to the Philadelphia Synod. 1813-1838. 

Statistical reports to the Philadelphia Synod. 1839- 1849. 

Minutes of die Pittsburgh S3mod. 1802-1881. (9 vols.^ with index of 
minutes, 1802-1838.) 

Minutes of the Luzerne Association (later Susquehanna Presbytery). 
1810-1821. 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Philadelphia Presbytery. 1707-1716; 1733-1746; 1758- 
1806. 4 vols. 

Minutes of the Second Presbytery of Philadelphia. 1762-1771 ; 1781- 

Appendix to book of records of Philadelphia Second Presbytery, contain- 
ing " trial testimony of the parties Junkin and Barnes and Final de- 
cision of the Philadelphia Second Presbytery ". 1835. 

Minutes of Philadelphia Associate Presbytery. 1801-1861. 3 vols. 

Minutes of Philadelphia Associate Reformed Presbytery. 1845-1861. 

Minutes of Philadelphia United Presbytery. 1859- 1900. 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Philadelphia Presbyterian Pastoral Association. 1854- 

Minutes of the Philadelphia Presbyterian Ministerial Association. 1869- 
1902. 3 vols. 

Records of the Phifadelphia Union Society for the Education of Poor 
Female Children. 1808-1841. 

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia SOS 

Minutes of the Woman's Home Missionary Society of Philadelphia North 
Presbytery. 1883-1901. 

Local Churches: 

Carlisle. Twelve manuscripts (mounted) relating to the history ot the 

Carlisle Presbyterian churches, 
aifton Heights. Records of the First Church. 1886-1889. 
Faggs Manor. Londonderry Congregation. Sessional records. 1740- 

First African. Letters relating to the church ; also report of a com- 
mittee to devise means for increasing the funds to erect a churdl- 
building. 181 2. 
Sessional records. 1816-18^0. 4 vols. 
Records of the Domestic Missionary Society. 1826-1836. 
Holland Memorial. Minutes and memoranda. 1876 S. 
Second. Documents concerning Rev. Mr. Sanford. 1831-1832. 
Southwark First. Records, 1818-1852. Also documents concerning 

house of worship, 1816-1817. 
Twelfth. Original charter. 
Pittsburgh. Sessional records of the Fifth Presbyterian Church. 1845- 

South Carolina: 

Minutes of the Abingdon Presbytery. 1805-1834. 2 vols. 

Minutes of the Holston Presbytery. 1827-1847. 

Brief history of Mt. Bethel Presbyterian Church. 1780-1905. 


Biographical sketches of several members of the Fort Wayne Presbytery, 

Memorial records of deceased ministers of the Pittsburgh Synod. 1870. 

Miscellaneous Writings. 

Joseph T. Smith. Letters and papers r^arding church unity. 
Gilbert Tennent. Autographic draft of a remonstrance. 
Letters of Archibald Alexander, James Alexander, Aaron Burr, Samuel 
Davies, and Robert J. Breckinridge. 


Sermons of Rev. Messrs. Francis Alison, Albert Bames, Henry A. Board- 
man, Thomas Brainard, David Denny, Robert P. DuBois, Jonathan 
Edwards, Ashbel Green, Joseph Harvey, John MacMillan, William 
Marshall (4 vols.), A. Mitchell, John Rodgers, Gilbert Tennent, 
John Witherspoon ( 19 sermons " supposed to be the mss. of Dr. 
Witherspoon "), and others. 

Sermon-notes of Charles G. Finney. 

204 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia 

Sheldon Jackson Papers. 

These consist of correspondence gathered by Dr. Sheldcm Jackson, relating 
to " Pioneer Presbyterian Missions West of the Mississippi and Missouri 
Rivers and in Alaska, 1856- 190S '\ There are twenty-five bundles of original 
letters and seventeen volumes of typewritten copies, bound in ten voltmies. 

The Shane Papers. 

These were a part of the collection of Rev. John Dabney Shane, much of 
which was secured by Lyman C. Draper and has found its way into the treas- 
ures of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. The volumes found in the 
Presbyterian Historical Society comprise the following: 

Synopsis of records of Transylvania University. Nov. 10, 1783-Nov. 2, 

1850. 8 vols. 
Addresses and lectures delivered before the Adelphi Society of Transyl- 
vania University from its organization to Oct. i, 1838; also reports 
of committees and nos. 1-5 of the Adelphian. 
Several volumes labelled " Coll. in Chh. Hist." as follows : 
V. Copy of part of a file of papers the Messrs. Brown of Shelby, 
nephews of Rev. A. Cameron, furnished to Rev. James Harvey 
Logan of Scott as materials in their possession for a biog^phy of 
the Rev. Archibald Cameron. This includes a copy of a com- 
munication by Cameron, " Materials for a history of the rise, 
progress, and present state of the Presbyterian Church within tiie 
limits of the Transylvania Pres[b>'tery] when detached from 
Cumberland and W. Lexington, with some general view of it as 
comprehended by the Synod ". Aug. 5, 1808. 
IX. Copy of notes relating to Rev. Robert Wilson of Washington, Ma- 
son County, Kentucky. 1790- 1822. 
X. Copy of thirty-seven letters of James McChord, mostly from Lex- 
ington, Kentucky. 1809-1820. 
XL Copy of the Posey family papers, and of papers of Rev. A. G. Gal- 
laher, Ralls County, Missouri. 
XVn. " Illinois — Gallaher — Sermons Vol. 11." (Apparently sermons of 
Gallaher. Another volume, labelled " Sermons. Vol. 1." ap- 
parently belongs with this.) 
Papers of Rev. James Crawford, comprising seventeen letters to him 
from Edward Crawford and otfiers, with some miscellaneous papers. 


The Navarre Charge, Navarre, Ohio. 

Sessional records, 1832- 1838, and consistorial records, 1838-1846, of the 
Second Kensington, later Third German Reformed Church, Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania. 


Copy of extracts from the minutes of the Reformed Presbyterian Church 
of Scotland regarding petitions from America. 1759, 1765, 1772, 
1786, 1789. 

Rhode Island: Peacedale 206 

Records of the Supreme Judicatory of the Reformed Presbyterian Church 
in America. 1801-1809 (Presbytery) ; 1809-1853 (Synod). 

Minutes of General Synod. May 19-26, 1869. 

Certificate of incorporation of the First Associate Church of Kortright, 
New York (filed 1799), and petition of same, 183 1. 

Historical sketch of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Syracuse. 

Minutes of the Presbytery of Ohio. 1830- 1839. 

Miscellaneous papers relating to the First Reformed Presbyterian Church, 


Historical sketch of the Second LTnited Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, 
New York. 1876. 

Minutes of the Third Associate (then Sixth United Presbyterian Congre- 
gation), Philadelphia. 1852-1880. 



Journals of Margaret Cook. 1734-1806. (Type-written copy.) 

" Notes on a Visit to several Tribes of Indians." 1796. (Author un- 
known. " Left my habitation at Darby.") 

Letters of Elias Hicks. 7th of 4th mo., 1798; 19th of nth mo., 1805; 
I2th of 6th mo., 1810; 31st of 5th mo., 181 1. (With the exception 
of the last, these are to George Churchman.) 

Letter of John Woolman. 20th of ist mo., 1770. 


Upland, Chester, Pennsylvania, 

Morgan Edwards. Materials towards a history of the Baptists in Virginia, 
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. 4 vols. 


Peacedale, Rhode Island. 

The records of the Friends which are deposited in this library are the basis 
of The Narragansett Friends Meeting by President Caroline Hazard of Wel- 
lesley College, which was published in 1900. 

Christian and Brotherly Advices Given forth from time to time By the 
yearly Meeting in I.X)ndon alphabetically Digested under Proper 
Heads. 1672- 1 781. Transcribed by Jos. Congdon. 
South Kingston (Kingstoum) Monthly Meeting: 

Records of marriages, births, and deaths. 1716-1892. 2 vols. 
Transactions of the Monthly Meeting of South Kingstown. 1743 (30th 

of 3d mo.)-i864 (26th of 12th mo.). 5 vols. 
Records of the Monthly Meeting of Women Friends. 1779 (29th of nth 
mo.)-i888 (20th of 2d mo.). 2 vols. 

206 Rhode Island: Providence 


Brown University, Provid£nce» Rh(x>e Island. 

This library contains two sermons of Rev. Cotton Mather, and a letter of 
James Manning to the Baptist Church in Providence, Philadelphia, Aug. 2, 


Provii^nce, Rhode Island. 

The manuscript material here relates to the Society of Friends, especially 
tfie Yearly Meeting of New England and some of its subordinate meetings. 

Records of the Yearly Meeting of New England. 1683-1902. 9 vols. 
Records of the Yearly Meeting of Women Friends. 1764-1875. 7 vols. 
Records of the Women's Quarterly Meeting. 1706-1783. (These are in 

the back part of volume I. of the preceding.) 
Records of the Rhode Island Quarterly Meeting. 1681-1865. 3 vols. 
Records of the Rhode Island Quarterly Meeting for Women Friends. 

1783-1873. 2 vols. 
Records of the Providence Monthly Meeting. 1783-1800; 1841-1869. 

2 vols. 
Records of the Providence Monthly Meeting for Women Friends. 1783- 

1809; 1825-1850. 2 vols. 
Accounts of the Friends' Meeting for Sufferings. 1688-1720 ; 1775-1793 ; 

1793-1842 ; 1842-1887. 4 vols. 
Minutes of the Meetings of Ministers and Elders. 1707-1846. 2 vols. 
Miscellaneous records of the Friends' School, or Moses Brown School. 

(7 small blank-books.) 
Abolition Society Book, a volume containing petitions and other papers 

relating to slavery, letters, pamphlets, etc Also a report of the first 

annual meeting of the Providence Anti-Slavery Society, and An 

Account of the African School and Meeting House in Providence 

(printed). The papers cover the years 1789-1830. 


The Incorporation Act of the Society of Friends in New England, passed 
by the Rhode Island Assembly. 1823. 

An Address to the Friends, prepared by the Committee of the Yearly 
Meetings of New York, New England, Baltimore, North Carolina, 
and Indiana, assembled in conference at Baltimore, in 5 mo. 185 1. 

Sermon delivered to the Friends at Leeds. 1769. 

Account of the General Assembly of Rhode Island, received from Abra- 
ham Shearman. 

There are also somewhat over thirty bundles of papers marked as 
follows : 

Answers to queries. 1776-1779. 

Answers to queries sent to the Select Meeting, 1780- 1786, with printed 
copies of the queries. 

Rhode Island: Providence 207 

Reports of committees for 1822-1824, with epistles received and for- 

Epistles sent from the Select Yearly Meetings to the Select Quarterly 

Accounts from Quarterly Meetings with epistles from corresponding 
Yearly Meetings. 1809-1810. 

Women's Yearly Meetings. Epistles, accounts, etc 1785. Id. for 
I76[?l to 1785. 

Meetings for Sufferings. Miscellaneous papers. 

Meetings for Sufferings Papers. Information respecting a bill pending 
in the legislature of New Hampshire. 1837. 

Meetings for Sufferings. 1778; 1779; 1781 ; 1781-1784; 1783-1785; 
1840-1842; 1841 ; 1842-1846; " Mixed Years ". 

Papers received from S. Rodman. 

Files and papers belonging to the Meeting for Sufferings. 

Papers and letters relating to the Friends' Meeting-house in Boston. 

Book of testimony, 1761-1841, and memorials concerning deceased 
Friends. 1843-18^. 2 vols. 

Memorials of Friends. (5 bundles.) (One relates to John Wilbur; 
another to Samuel Boyd Tobey; the others concern various indi- 

Select Meetings before 1760. 

Select Meetings. 1751-1760. 

Select Yearly Meeting papers. 1788-1802. 

Quarterly Meeting records. 1819-1827. 

Miscellaneous accounts of Quarterly Meetings. 

Declaration of the Yearly Meeting in Londcm of its unity with the Yearly 
Meeting of New Ei^land officially certified. 1831. 

Original manuscripts of documents issued by the Yearly Meeting in 1845. 

Letters from various meetings to the Yearly Meeting. [19th century.] 

Rough minutes of the Yearly Meeting from which the bound volumes of 
records were copied. 1788- 1866. 

Upwards of eighty pages from Job Scott's journal. 

Papers relating to Job Scott. 


Providence, Rhode Island. 

This library contains about thirty manuscripts of Rev. Isaac Backus, in- 
cluding letters and miscellaneous papers, 1750-1806. There has recently been 
acquired a part of the collection of historical material gathered by the late 
Reuben A. Guild, including the following which bear upon religious history : 

Manning Papers, a miscellany relating to Baptist history and Brown Uni- 
Two letters of James Manning to Hezekiah Smith. 1784, 1786. 
Letter of Morgan Edwards. 
Letter-book of President Asa Messer. 

Collection of papers relating to various revivals at Brown University. 
Letter of David Benedict 

208 Rhode Island: Providence 


Providence, Rhode Island. 


Records of the Channing Conference of Unitarian Churches. 1867-1894. 
Records of the Rhode Island Sunday School Union. 1825- 1862. 2 vols. 
Records of the Rhode Island Sunday School Depository. 1834- 1850. 
Records of the Providence Association of Sabbath Schod Teachers. 1837- 

1842; 1847-1854. 
Records of the (Congregational) Pastors' Meeting of Providence and 

Vicinity. 1873- 1886. 2 vols. 

Records of the Providence Young Men's Tract Missionary Society. 1842- 

Records of the Youth's Home Missionary Society of Providence. June- 
Oct., 1856. 

Records of the Providence Domestic Missionary Society. 1824- 1828. 

Records of the Providence Female Domestic Missionary Society. 183&- 

Records of the Providence Female Tract Society. 1815-1829. 

Records of the Fourth Baptist Church, Providence. 1836 flf. 

Minutes of Ordination Council, Pilgrim Congregational Church, Provi- 
dence. Nov. 4, 1890. 


Robert Keayne. Notes of sermons by Rev. John Cotton, First Church, 
Boston, 1643-1646 ; of Rev. John Wilson, " Mo. 2. 20, 1645 " ; of 
Rev. Mr. Cobbet (probably of Ipswich) " At Bostcm, N. E., Mo. 5, 
13. 1645 afternoon". 

Rev. Joseph Parsons, Salisbury, Massachusetts. Six sermons. 1701 S, 

Rev. Joseph Parsons, jr., Bradford, Massachusetts. Four sermons. 1764 ff. 

Rev. Moses Sweet, Sanford, Maine. Four sermons. 1794 ff. 

Rev. Dr. James MacSparran. Diary, 1743-1751. Also several sermons. 


Spartanburg, South Carouna 

The librarian reports a few records, historical sketches, and biographical 
data of a local nature, relating to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 


Baylor University, Waco, Texas. 

The librarian reports some historical sketches, historical sermons, journals, 
biographical data, and sermons, chiefly relating to the Baptists. There are 
letters of William Carey Crane and R. C. Burleson, late presidents respectively 
of Baylor and Waco universities. 

Wisconsin: Madison 209 


Richmond, Virginia. 

The librarian reports the following: 

Register of Albemarle Parish, Sussex County. 1750 flF . 

Minutes of a visitation of Charles Parish, York County, Virginia, by Dr. 

James Blair, commissary of the Bishop of London, " probably the 

only record of this kind which has survived ". 
Letter-liook of Rev. [Stith] Mead, 1793-1795. (He was a Methodist 

minister, whose field of labor was tiie western part of the present 

state of Virginia.) 


Richmond, Virginia. 

The librarian reports as follows : 

" The Religious Petitions, a collection of several hundred papers relating 
to the disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Vir^nia and the subsequent 
politico-religious controversies. The petitions begin with a Presbyterian paper 
of 1774 and cover the last quarter of the century. They were written in favor 
of disestablishment and against it and on both sides of the question of a gen- 
eral assessment to support all the churches, and church incorporation. Many 
of the petitions are denominational, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Baptist, 
Quaker, Lutheran, Methodist, Mennonite." 


Walla Walla, Washington. 

The librarian reports some miscellaneous manuscripts, such as historical 

sketches, of local bearing only. 


Madison, Wisconsin. 

A Descriptive List of Manuscript Collections of the State Historical Society 
of Wisconsin together with Reports on other Collections of Manuscript Mate- 
rial for American History in adjacent States, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites, 
LL. D., secretary and superintendent of the society, was published by the soci- 
ety in 1906. Apart from the biographical material relating to some early mis- 
sionaries and some data concerning early churches in the Northwest there is 
relatively littie in this extensive manuscript collection which concerns Ameri- 
can religious history. Special mention may be made of the Brant Manuscripts 
(22 vols.), being materials gathered by Lyman C. Draper in preparation for a 
proposed biography of Joseph Brant, the Mohawk chief who was educated at 
Wheclock's Indian School (cf, Wheelock Collection, Dartmouth College, Han- 
over, New Hampshire), and also the Shane Collection. The two volumes of 
the latter which deal particularly with religious history, however, are at the 
Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia. 

210 Wisconsin: Milton 

" Among much other missionary material there are the journals and letter 
books of Rev. Alfred Brunson, a pioneer Methodist circuit rider and Indian 
agent ; and Rev. Cutting Marsh, representative of the American Board and 
of the Scottish S. P. C K." (Descriptive List, p. 113.) The Descriptive List 
refers also to manuscript material relating to " rubrics, religious matters, 
churches and the several denominations. Some letters in addition and also 
journals relating to early Protestant missions in Wisconsin, particularly the 
diaries and letters of Joshua Kemper, first Protestant Episcopal bishop to the 


Milton, Wisconsin. 

The librarian reports a few records of churches (Seventh-day Baptist), 
Sabbath schools, statistics of churches, historical sketches, journals, corre- 
spondence, biographical data, and sermons. For the most part the material 
has a local bearing only. 


Nashota House, Nashota, Wisconsin. 

The librarian reports sermons by the following: 

Rev. Samuel Mather, 1775 ; Dr. Rodgers of New York, 1765 ; Dr. Tap- 
pan, 1838 ; Rev. Edward Dorr Griffen, 1793 ; Rev. Stephen West, 
1779 ; Rev. Edward Dorr of Hartford ; Rev. Noah Willis, 1770, and 
others; sermon-notes of Cotton Mather, Rev. Dr. Henry KoUuck, 
Rev. Stephen Williams, 1755. 


During the progress of the work of gathering the data for this Inventory, 
Professor E. B. Krehbiel, Ph. D., now of Leland Stanford Junior University, 
prepared a letter and questionary which were sent to a number of leading 
Mennonites who would be best informed as to the documentary history of that 
religious body. The following data are compiled irom the returns which have 
been received in response to these requests for information. 

There are no established archives of the Mennonites as yet, but in 1906 the 
Eastern District Conference of Pennsylvania appointed a committee of three, 
of which Rev. N. B. Grubb, 715 Berks Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is 
chairman, to arrange for and if possible to establish a Mennonite Historical 
Bureau and Library, a movement which the General Conference has endorsed. 
Already about 500 volumes, with as many more pamphlets and other docu- 
ments, have been collected as a nucleus for the library. Recently there have 
been received a considerable number of old and rare historical books in the 
Dutch language, a gift from the General Society of Doopsgezinde (Mennon- 
ites) of Holland, through Professor Dr. S. Cramer of Amsterdam. Plans 
are being completed to secure from the libraries in Holland and Germany 

Methodist Historical Societies 211 

copies of letters and other documents having special reference to the early his- 
tory of the Mennonite Church in this country. 

The records of the General Conference are in the hands of the secretary 
of the same, while the records of the district conferences are held by their 
respective secretaries. The records of local churches are usually in the custody 
of the secretary or of the pastor of each church. Considerable manuscript 
material is in the possession of individual owners. Ex-Governor Samuel W. 
Pennypacker of Pennsylvania and John E. Roller of Harrisonburg, Virginia, 
have valuable collections. Rev. H. P. KrehUiel of Newton, Kansas, has in his 
possession all the records and much of the correspondence pertaining to the 
history of the Mennonite educational institution of higher learning which was 
located at Wadsworth, Ohio; these materials are of considerable historical 
importance, especially in connection with the development of the Mennonite 
General Conference. The late Rev. Christian Krehbiel possessed the corre- 
spondence of the first secretary of the General Conference Mission Board, 
Rev. Carl Justus van der Smissen, and also some unprinted autobiographical 
matter ; these papers are now in the care of his widow at Halstead, Kansas. 
Rev. M. S. Steiner of Columbus Grove, Ohio, president of the Mennonite 
Board of Missions and Charities, has some miscellaneous papers, including a 
manuscript volume of sermons from ministers of various states, and Ontario. 
The private library of Rev. John F. Funk of Elkhart, Indiana, also contains 
some manuscript material, but chiefly historical writings by Mr. Funk himself. 


The Methodist Year Book of 1910 gives brief accounts of nineteen Meth- 
odist historical societies, of which four were visited and the manuscript mate- 
rial listed in detail. Questionaries were sent to the others and we list here 
such of the returns as are sufficiently definite to be serviceable. 

Historical Society of the California Conference, S and 7 City Hall Avenue, 
San Francisco, California. 
A small collection of diaries, biographical notes. Quarterly Conference re- 
cords, sermons, etc., collected since the organization of the society in 1874. 

The Historical Society of the Central Pennsylvania Conference, Dickinson 
Seminary, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 
Historical sketches of Methodism in Ashland and in Bedford. 

Cincinnati Conference Historical Society, 220 West Fourth Street, Gncin- 
nati, Ohio. 
This Society reports some local records and some biographical material per- 
taining to members of the conference. 

The Historical Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Nebraska, Uni- 
versity Place, Nebraska. 
Besides a number of historical sketches, there is a file of reminiscences of 
early settlers, taken stenographically. 

Ohio Methodist Historical Society, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, 

212 North Carolina: Winston-Salem 

This society has several records of churches and of the Ohio Conference, 
with some diaries, journals, and correspondence, including a considerable 
number of letters of early Methodist leaders in Ohio. 

Troy Conference Historicat Society, State Street Methodist Episcopal Church, 
Troy, New York. 
This society indicated that it had some material of each class represented 
in the questionary. (See introduction.) 

Wyoming Conference Historical Society, Kingston, Luzerne County, Penn- 
This society reports that it has some records of local churches and other 
religious associations, historical sketches, and some biographical material, in- 
cluding diaries and correspondence. 

Wyoming Mission Historical Society, Sheridan, Wyoming. 

Historical sketches of many of the mission stations and biographical data 
of the ministers of the conference, together with conference statistics. 


A number of the diocesan headquarters of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
were visited; in each case an examination of the archives showed little of 
broad historical interest, most of the documents dealing with the administra- 
tive matters within the diocese. For the history of the several dioceses and of 
parishes within each diocese, the diocesan archives will contribute considerable 
material; confirmation lists, ordination documents, the diocesan correspond- 
ence, reports from mission stations (in many cases later organized as par- 
ishes), occasional records of extinct parishes, papers of the Standing Com- 
mittee — ^these are the typical contents of these archives so far as examined. 
There is some biographical material, especially in connection with the ordina- 
tion papers and in some of the correspondence concerning bishops-elect. 


The Wachovian archives of the Moravian Church at Winston-Salem were 
through inadvertence passed over in the collecting of material for this Inven- 
tory and no report upon them appears in their proper place under North 
Carolina. A comprehensive account of them has been furnished by Miss 
Adelaide L. Fries, who has used them extensively for historical purposes. 
Her letter follows : 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Nov. 5, 1910. 
Mr. /. F. Jameson, 

Dear Sir: 

I am sorry to say that there is no catalogue of the manuscripts in our Wach- 
ovian Archives. German was the official language of the Settlement until 
about 1856, which has probably hindered proper modern methods, as tlie lan- 
guage has unfortunately been largely lost in the community. From my own 
acquaintance with the Records I can give you an outline of some things, but 

North Carolina: WinstOH'Salem 213 

there are many papers over which I have had no time to look. When I wished 
to write a history of the Moravians in Georgia some years ago, I secured 
copies of the original Diaries preserved in Hermhut, Germany, and of all 
references I could find elsewhere. As this antedated Wachovia we naturally 
had nothing original. From 1753 on we have the daily diary kept by the lead- 
ing minister. It deals largely with the Church side of life, but there are 
occasional entries of more general interest. Dr. Qewell's History of Wach- 
ovia was based on a careful studv of these diaries. With the diaries are nu- 
merous memoirs, it having been customary (and it still is in the Salem Mora- 
vian Church) to prepare a brief sketch of each member who died, read the 
sketch at the funeral, and then file it away. There are also numerous " Bei- 
lage ", accounts of the celebration of special days, etc., anything which seemed 
to demand more space than could properly be taken In the diaries. To*this 
class also belong certain historical sketches, written for use on special anni- 
versary days, etc. The sketch of the earlier years of the Revolutionary War, 
written by Traugott Bagge, in which occurs the reference to the Mecklen- 
burg Declaration of Independence, belongs to this class. Besides the diaries 
there are at least three complete sets of Minute Books dating from about 
1772 on. Some matters seem to have passed from one Board to another, so 
that it is a little difficult to give clear-cut boundaries to their activities, but 
the " Gemcin Rath " — Congregation Council — discussed all questions which 
seemed to affect the entire Congregation ; the " Aeltesten Conferenz " — 
Elders' Conference — had the oversight of the spiritual and social well-being 
of the church members ; while the " Aussehcr Collegium " — Board of Ward- 
ens — ^was Finance Committee and Board of Aldermen for the village. In 
the course of time the latter became the Board of Trustees, retaining the 
financial responsibilities, though municipal affairs passed into the hands of 
civil officials. There is a g^eat deal of interesting local history in these 
" Protocollc ", but probably the parts of general interest are references to the 
currency, and prices of various commodities. Of equal value for local history 
are the Journals and Ledgers of the Congregation in Salem, from 1772 on. 
There are also the Ledgers, etc., of the " Single Sisters' Diacony ", and 
" Single Brothers' Diacony ". I have spent a good deal of time this summer 
in gathering material for a sketch of the " Single Sisters' House " which 
belongs to die former, dating from 1785. Besides this there is a large col- 
lection of " Nachrichten ", reports from Moravian congregations all over the 
world, which were copied in Germany, and sent regularly to all the larger 
Moravian settlements, predecessors of the modern church papers and mis- 
sionary magazines. There are also manuscript copies of the proceedmgs of 
General Synods of the Moravian Church, and some printed books, largely of 
an early date, early from the standpoint of our local history I mean ; there 
seems to have been little effort to add modem Moravian books, and for 
those we have to turn to our Sunday School library, or our own collections. 
There are several other closets full of papers which I must admit I have not 
had time to examine. You see I have no official connection with the care of 
the Archives, and what work I have done has been purely con amore, and 
frequently interrupted. There are a few papers in some of our other Mora- 
vian congregations, but I know little about them, and the more important 
seem to have been deposited at Salem, which was the official centre. 


Adelaide L. Fries. 

214 New York: New York City 


The jciiit archives of the two New York Yearly Meetings of the Rdigioas 
Society of Friends, besides many additional volumes of the meetings already 
listed on pages 131-13S. have acquired the following since the compiler's visit: 

Yearly Meeting: 

" Book of Records ", 1670- 1760. Contains the " Paper on Discipline " by 
George Fox (the basis of all rules of discipline in tlKc Society), epis- 
tles by him, and other interesting documents. 

Lists of Travelling Friends. 

Preparative Meetings: 

Boston, Erie County, N. Y. 
Buffalo, Erie County. 
Macedon, Wayne County. 
Mendon, Monroe County. 


Abbot, Rev. Abiel, letter to, 65 

Abell, Ephraim, letters of, 40 

Abingdon Presbytery, 203 

Abjngton, Mass., church papers of, 39 

Abington Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 188 

Abjngton Preparative Meeting, minutes ot 188 

Abin^on Quarterly Meeting, minutes of, 188 

Abohtion Society Book, 20D 

Abott, Joshua, letter of, 40 

Accident Md., church paper of, 167 

Achena Church, 203 

Ackworth School, papers relating to, 1Q7 

Adams, Rep. J. F., autobiographical sketch of, 


Adams, James, letters of, 119 

Adams, John, sermon on the death of, 185 

Adams, Rev. R. J., church history by, 57 

Adams, William, sermons of, 66 

Addison Township, Pa., church papers of, 171 

Adelphian, The, 204 

Adgate, Matthew, letter of, 74 

Africa, missionary bishop for, 82 

Africans, see Negroes 

African School md Meeting House tn Provi- 
dence, Account of, 2c6 

Alabama, church papers of, in Kentucky, 12 ; in 
New York, 94 

Alaska, church papers of, 204 

Alatamaha, proceedings at, 122 

Albany, N. V., church papers of, 83, 84, 85, 93, 
132. i33» i<57, 201 ; journey to, 149 

Albemarle Parish, Va., 209 

Albro, Samuel, 105 

Alden, Elijah, letter of, 40 

Alden, Isaac, letter of, m 

Alden, John, letter of, 62 

Alden, Noah, letters of, 40 

Alden. Timothy, jr., letter of, 40 

Alexander, Rev. Archibald, correspondence of, 
91, 92, 203 

Alexander, Rev. J. A., letter of, 92 ; journal of, 

Alexander, Rev. J. W., letters of, 91 
Alexander, James, letters of, 203 
Alexander, John, letters of, 127 
Alexander, S. D., Princeton during the Eight- 
eenth Century, 92 
Alexander, Rev. Dr. William, manuscripts of, i 
Alexandria, Va., church papers of, 95 
Alexandria Monthly Meeting, papers of, 18 
Alison, Rev. Franas, sermons of, 293 
Alleghany Township, Pa., church papers of, 171 
Allegheny Riyer, journeys to, 165 
Allegheny Synod, 202 
Alleman, Rev. M. J., biography of, 172 
AUemangel, Pa., church papers of, 148, 153, 155 
Allen, , sermons of, 66 

Allen, Andrew, letter of, 125 

Allen, Rev. Dr. Ethan, church miscellanies col- 
lected by, 15 

Allen, I. M., letters of, 38 

Allen, Rev. James, letter to, 60 

Allen, John, see AJlyn, John 

Allen, Rev. R. W., sermon by, 57 

Allen, S. C, letter of, 71 

Allen, Timothy, letters of, 74, 761 77 

Allen, Rev. Dr. William, memoir of, 31; pa- 
pers belonging to, 71, 72 

Allentown, N. J., churdi papers of, 99 

Allentown, Pa., church papers of, 170 

AUerton, Caleb, letter of, 40 

Alline, William, letter of, 79 

Allis, Samuel, 105 

AUjm, John, letter of, 3; sermon abstracts of, 

Alsatia, diary of joum^ from, to America, 160 

Alsentz, Dr. , lyo, vp 

Alsop, Mary, papers of, 196 

Alsop, Phebe, papers of, iq6 

Altona, Gennany, journal of journey from, 160 

Altoona, Pa., church papers of, 169 

Amawalk, N. Y., church papers of, 132^ 133 

American Bau>tist Foreign Mission Soaety, Ar- 
chives of, 2^-26 

American Baptist Historical Society, manu- 
scripts beloiiffinf to, 183-185 

American Bible Society, manuscripts belonging 

to, 96-97 
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign 

Missions, Archives of,26; sermons preached 

before the, 34 
American Church History Series, iii, 147 
American Revolution, papers relating to, 55 
American Sunday School Union, Library o( 

manuscripts in, 186 
Amherst, Sir Jeffrey, petition to, 11 1 
Amherst, Mass., church pajpers of, 52 
Amherst College, manuscripts in the library ot, 

22 ; papers of, 55 
Amsterdam, journal of voyage from, 163 
Amsterdam, Cassis of, correspondence of, 88, 

135* 176, 177; transcripts from the books 

of, 85 
Am well, N. J., church papers of, 114, 176^ 177 
Anabaptists, 35 
Ancocas, 18^ 

Anderson, James, letters of, 139 
Anderson, Rev. John, correspondence of, 10 
Anderson, Rev. John A., correspondence of, 10 
Anderson, Rev. Dr. W. C, correspondence ot 

Andover, Mass., church papers of, M 
Andover Theological Seminary, Library o( 

manuscripts in, 22-25 




Andrew, J. G., letter of, 174 

Andrew, Bp. J. O., case of, 8; letters of, 59 

Andrews, Edward, journal of, 196 

Andrews, William, certificate in behalf of, 107 ; 

letters of, 107 
Andrews and Davenport, Guide to the Manu' 
script Materials for the History of the 
United States to 1783, 99 
Andros, Gov, Edmund, Thanksgiving Day proc- 
lamation of, 61 
Angier, Rev. Samuel, letter of, 63 
Annapolis, Md., church papers of, 14, 84 
Anne. Queen, of England, letters and petitions 

to, 104, 106, 114 
Anne Arundel Co., Md., church papers of, 14 
Ansonia, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Antes, Henry, letter to, r6i 
Anthony, Susanna, letters of, 74 
Anti-mission movement, 95, 96 
Anti-Shvery Society, Providence, 206 
Apple Creek, O., church papers of, 146 
Appleton, Rev, Jesse, sermons of, 13 
Appleton, Rev, Nathaniel, sermon notes of, 66 
Appoughquaig, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Arlington, Mass., church papers of, 29 
Armitage, Rev. Dr. Thomas, notes and papers 

of, 96 
Armstrong, Gen. John, correspondence of, 78, 

Army, American, papers relatmg to, 55 
Arnold, Rev. E., church history by, 142 
Arnold, Jonathan, correspondence of, no 
Arondeus, Rev. John, letter of, 87 
Arthursburg, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Artr, John, letter to, 162 
Asbury, Bp, Francis, correspondence of, 9, 59, 
83, 199: certificates signed by, 83, 142; let- 
ters relating to, 83 ; papers of, 82 ; petitions 
to. 83. 84 
Ash. Ephraim, case of, 141 
Ashb^vmham, Mass., church papers of, 46, 52, 57 
Ashfield, Mass., church papers of, 36, 45-47, 52 
Ashford, Mass., church papers of, 47, 52 
Ashland, O., church papers of, 146 
Ashland, Pa., church paper of, 211 
Ashley, Rev, Jonathan, correspondence of, 33; 

sermons of, 138 
Ashley, Rebeca, letter of, 40 
Aske, Rev. R., 98 

Asplund, John, Register, 35 ; letter of, 40 
Assawamsett, Mass., church paper of, 47 
Atco, N. J., church papers of, 89 
Athens, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Athol, Mass., church papers of, 47 
Atkinson, Bp, Thomas, letter of, 174 
Atlanta Baptist College Library, papers in, 8 
Atlantic City, N. J., church papers of, 89 
Attlcborough, Mass., church papers of, 36, 47, 

53. 174 
Auburn Declaration, 143 

Auburn Theolocrical Seminary, correspondence 
with, 23 ; Library of, manuscripts m, 94 

Auchmuty, Rev, Samuel, letters of,iio-iii ; ser- 
mons of, 138 

Auer, Bp, J. G., letter of, 174 
Augsburg, Germany, church papers of, 181 
Augusta, Fort, see Pittsburgn 
Augusta, Ga., church papers of, 127 
Augusta, N. Y., church paper of, 141 
Aurora, Nev., church paper of, 183 
Autier, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Avery, , in 

Avery, Benjamin, letter to, 74 

Avery, David, correspondence of, 74, 79, 80; 

papers of. and relating to, 80 
Avery, Rev. J. R., autobiography of, 31 
Ayer, Rev. F. D., autobiography of, 31 
Ayers, William, letters of, 115 

Babcock, Luke, letter of, in 

Babcock, Rev. Rufus, letters to, 185 

Babcock. Stephen, letter of, 40 

Bache, Samuel, letter of, 61 

Backus, Elijah, correspondence of, 40 

Backus, Isaac, letters and papers of, v, 35-54, 

174, 185, 207 
Backus, Susanna, letters to, 51 
Backus Historical Society, manuscripts of, 34- 

Bacon, Rev. J. S., 184 

Badeau, Elias, letter of, 108 

Badger, Rev. Joseph, autobiography oi, 146 

Badger, Moses, letters of, 102 

Bagge, Traugott, 213 

Bailey, Jacob, letters of, 102 

Bailey, John, epistle of, 197 

Bailey, Kiah, letter to, 71 

Bailey, Thomas, papers of, and relating to, 119 

Bailey's, Pa., church paper o^ 169 

Baily, , 174 

Bakersville, Pa., church paper of, 171 

Baldwin, Rev. Thomas, correspondence of, 38^ 
40, 51, 174; installation of, 55 

Ballantine, John, letter of, 2^ 

Ballou, Hosea, 2d, miscellanies books of, 68 

Baltimore, Md., church papers of, 14, 16-17, 156^ 

Baltimore Co., Md., church papers of, 14 

Baltimore Monthly Meeting, papers of, 20 

Baltimore Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 17 

Baltimore Quarterly Meeting, minutes of, 20 

Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends (Hicks- 
ite), papers of, 15-19. 195 

Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends (Ortho- 
dox), papers of, 19-22 

Bangor, Pa., church papers of, 178 

Bangs, Rev. Dr. Nathan, letters of, 83 

Bannister, Edward, letters of, 142 

Bannister, Henry, letters of, 142 

Baptism, 2, 13, 33, 35. 55, 129, 130, 173 

Baptist Missionary Magazine, 25 

Baptists, papers of, in Connecticut, 3, 46; in 
Georgia, 8; in Illinois, 8; in Kansas, 11; 
in Kentucl^, 12-13; «n Massachusetts, 25- 
26, 28, 34-56, 6s ; m New York. 94-^. S* ; 
in Pennsylvania, 163, i74. 183-184, a^g; in 
Rhode Island, 206. 207 ; in Texas, 2CW ;^ in 
Virginia, 209; see also Educational societies. 



Missionary societies* Sunday Schools, The- 
ological seminaries 

Baptist Theological Union, records of, 8 

Baptist World Congress, 12 

Barber, Jonathan, letter of, 74 

Barbery, Philo, case of, 141 

Barfoy, Germany, seminary in, 164 

Barclay, , 107 

Barclay, Mrs,, letter of, 107 

Barclay, Henry, letters ot ill, X15; paper of, 

Barclay, John, 196 

Barclay, Thomas, letters of, 104, X07 

Barker, James, letter to, 53 

Barker, Mary, papers oi, 196 

Barkhamsted, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Barnard, Rev, Edward, account-book of, 33 

Barnard, Rev. John, 33 

Barnard, Vt, church papers of, 71 

Bamegat, N. J., church papers of, 90 

Barnes, Rev, Dr. Albert, letters of, 36; sermons 

of, 140, 203 ; testimony of, 202 
Barnes, Joshua, letters of, 40 
Bamett, John, letters of, 119 
Barnstable, Mass., church papers of, 36^ 47, 53, 

60, 62 
Barnwell, CoL, journal of, 122 
Baron, Robert, letter of, 125 
Barren Hill, Pa., church papers of, 170, 181, 182 
Barrett, Rev. Thomas, sermons ot 82 
Barrow, David, letter of, 40 
Barstow, Jeremiah, papers relating to, 46, 50^ 51 
Barton, Thomas, letter of, ill 
Bartow, John, letter of, 11 1 
Bass, Bp. Edward, letter of, 174 
Bass, J., letters of, loi, 115; church history by, 

Bastow, John, letters of, 104, 106, 107 
Batchellor, Rev. Stephen, correspondence oi, 

Bates, Elisha, papers of^ 196 
Bates, Joshua, letter of, 32 
Bath, N. C, petition from, 119 
Bath, O., church papers of, 146 
Bath, Pa., church papers of, 178 
Bath Co., N. C, church paper of, 118 
Baxter, Rev. Joseph, library of, 33 

Bayley, , sermons of, 66 

Baylor Library, 208 

Beach, Abraham, letters of, 115 ; discourse by, 

Beach, John, 104 
Beach, W., letters of, 141 
Bealls, Joshua, sketch by, 37 
Bearcroft, Dr. Philip, correspondence of, loi, 

126, 130 
Beardsley, Rev. R E., History of the Protestant 

Episcopal Church in Connecticut, 6; letters 

to, 6 
Beardsley, John, letters of, iii 
Beatty, Charles, notes concerning, 92 
Beccaria Township, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Beckwith, G. C, letter of, 81 
Beckwith, Rev. George, case of, 29 


Bedell, Bp. G. T., letter of, 174 
Bedford, Mass., church papers of, 29, 32 
Bedford, N. Y., church paper of, ix» 
Bedford, Pa., diurch papers of, 168^ 211 
Bedford Co., Pa., church papers of, 168 
Beecher, Esther, letter to, 28 
Beecher, L. F., paper by, 96 
Beecher, Lyman, correspondence of, 26, 29, 32; 

paper relating to, 96 
Beekman, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Beersheba, O., church papers of, 157 
Belknap, Jeremy, letter of, 40 
Belknap Co., N. H., church paper o^ 69 

Bell, , 125 

Bell, Daniel, letter of, 79 

Bell Township, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Bellamy, Rev. Dr. Joseph, correspondence of, 


Bellefonte, Pa., Preparative Meeting, minutei 
of, 21 

Bellevue, O., church papers of, 146 

Bellingham, Gov. Richard, letter to, 3; j>rocla- 
mation of, concerning the Sabbath, 01 

Bellingham, Mass., churdi papers of, 47, 50^ 53 

Bellows Falls, Vt, church paper of, 31 

Bellwood, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Benedict, A., letter to, 80 

Benedict, Rev. David, correspondence of, 96^ 
184, 185, 207; History of the Baptists, 96; 
sermons and papers of, 56 

Benezet, Anthony, letter to, 164; paper of, 196 

Benham, R. G., documents relating to, 5 

Bennington, N. H., church paper of, 30 

Benningtcm Academy, papers o^ 55 

Benson, Caleb, letter of, 48 

Benzien, , 161, 162 

Bergen, N. J., church papers of, 86, 90 

Bergstresser, Rev. B., biography by, 172 

Berkeley, , 163 

Berkshire Athenaeum and Museum, manu- 
scripts in, 68 

Berlin, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Berlin, N. J., church papers of, 89 

Berlin, Pa., church paper of, 171 

Bernard, Sir Francis, letter of, 115 

Berne, N. Y., church papers of, 133 

Bemon, Gabriel, letter of, 104 

Berriman, Rev. Dr. William, iii 

Bethabara, N. C, journeys to, 160, 161 

Bethany, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Bethel, Pa., church papers of, 153; papers re- 
lating to, 148 

Bethlehem, Pa., church papers of, 147-165, pas» 

Bethlehem Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 189 

Bethpage, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Beuel, , 32 

Beveridge, A. D., letter to, 117 

Beverly, Mass., church papers of, 29 

Bevis, Chr., letter of, 119 

Bible, revision of, l^ 9^ 

Bible societies and institutes, 26, 58, 8^ 96-97, 

137, 166, 187 
1 Bible Society Record, 97 



Biddeford, Me., church records o( 13 

Bigelow, Samuel, letters of, ^ 

Billings, Mo., church paper ot, 30 

Billingsport, N. J., church papers of, 89 

Bininffer, Abraham, account of journey by, 158 

Biorck, T. E., DissertaHo GraduaHs, 166 

Birchard, John, letter of, 40 

Birket, James, letter to, 197 

Bishop, David, diary of, i^ 

Bishops, 77, 97, 96, 100; set also names of indi- 
vidual bishops 

Black, William, letter of, X15 

Black Township, Pa., churdi paper of, 171 

Black Water Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 21, 

Blackman, Hart, letter missive of, 46 

ftlackman, Stephen, 46 

Black well, John, 119 

Blackwell, Robert, letters of, 115 

Blair, , 162 

Blair, Dr. James» 209 

Blair, John, 118 

Blair Co., Pa., church papers of, 169 

BlairsviUe, Pa., church paper oU 170 

Blairtown, la., church papers of, 158 

Blake, Mary, letter of, 63 

Blakeslee, M. P., history by, 141 

Bledsoe, Aaron, letter of, 40 

Blinman, Richard, sermon abstracts o( 66 

Blinshall, , 177 

Bliss, Riv. C. R., papers of, 27 

Bliss, Daniel, letter of, 74 

Bliss, William, letters of, 40, 51 

Blodget, Rev. L. J., case of, and Enoch Emer- 
son, 71 

Blood, Caleb, letter of, 40 

Bloomer, Joshua, no; letters of, in 

Blooming Grove, N. Y., church papers o^ 133, 

Bloomington, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Blue Mountains, journeys to, 182 
Boardman, Rev. G. D., biographical sketch of, 

Boardman, Rev. Dr. H. A., manuscripts of, x ; 

sermons of, 203 
Bodwell, Rev. Lewis, papers of, 10 
Boehler, Peter, correspondence of, 161, 162, 163 ; 

papers of, and relating to, 14a 158, 159 
Boehm, J. P., correspondence of, 88, 176 
Bolles, John, letter of, 40 
Bolton, Daniel, letter of, 40 
Bolton, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Bond, Henry, letter of, 81 

Bonnet, , 122 

Boone, Thomas, letter of, 125 
Boothe, Beverly, letters of, 40 
Bordentown Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 

Boscawen, N. H., 77 
Boschi, Charles, letters of, 125 
Bosomworth, Thomas, letters of, i^ 
Boston, Mass., church papers of, 06; Baptist, 
36-y, ^. 49. S3. 6s ; Congrmtionalist, 28, 
29^ 60, 02, 65; Friends, 207; Methodist, 57; 

Moravian, 163; Presbyterian, 124; Univer- 

salist, 68 
Boston, N. Y., church papers of, 214 
Boston Commissioners, 72, 73, 80 

Bostwick, , III 

Botsford, Edmund, letters of, 40 

Boudinot, Elias, letter o^ 32 

Bound, Eohraim, letter of, 40 

Bouton, N., letter of, 81 

Bowdoin College Librarjr, manuscripts in, 13 

Bowdoinham, Me., association papers o( 52 

Bowen, Rev. Elias, letters of, 142 

Bowen, Jabez, letter of, 41 

Bowen, Rev. W. H., " Six Principle Baptists "» 

Bowling Green, Ky., church records of^ xx 
Bowman, Samuel, letter of, 174 
Boyd, Rev. George, letter to, 174 
Boyd, John, petition and letter of, X19 
Boyls, Josiah, letter to, 50 
Bozrahville Church, records of, 5 
Braceville, O., church papers of, X46 

Bradford, Dr. , letter to, 105 

Bradford, William, letter of, xox 

Bradford, Mass., church records of, 23 

Bradford Monthly Meeting, papers of, 191 

Bradley, Rev. Joshua, correspondence of, 41, 52 

Bradstreet, Col. John, letter of, xxx 

Bradstreet Moses, letter of, 80 

Bradstreet, Gov. Simon, correspondence o( 6j 

Brady Township, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Brain, Eliza, letter of, 74 

Brainard, Rev. Thomas, sermons of^ 203 

Brainerd, David, letter of, 77 

Brainerd, John, letters of, 74, 79^ 91 

Braintree, Mass., ecclesiastical oouncils in, 71 

Braisier, Francis, letter of, X15 

Braman, Rev. Isaac, letter to, 33 

Brame, S. D., letter oi, 41 

Brame, William, letters of, 41 

Branch, N. Y., church papers oU 133 

Brant, Joseph, papers of, 20p 

Brattle, William, sermoiu of, 66 

Bray, Dr. Thomas, correspondence of, xoo^ xox, 

X17. "3 
Breckenridge, R. J., letters of, 174, 203 
Brecksville, O., church papers ojL 146 
Breinig, A. J. L, biography of, 180 
Brenton, J., letter of, 104 
Brentwood, N. H., church paper of, 50 
" Brethren, The ", papers of, 22 
Brewster, Robert, 61 
Brewster, William, letter of, 62 
Bridge, Christopher, letters of, 104, X07 
Bridgeport, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Bridges, Rev. J., letters of, 102 
Bridges, Thomas, 6x 
Bridgeton, N. J., church papers of, 89 
Bridgewater, Mass., church papers oi,3g,4/y,4Tw 

Bridgewater, N. H., church records of, 30, 70 

Bridgewater, N. Y., church papers of, 132, I33 

Bridgman, Rev. E. C, letters to, 23 

Briges, Joseph, letter of, 4X 



Briggs, C. A., American Presbyterianism, 159 

Briggs, Hobart, letter of, 119 

Briggs, Mafy, letter of, 41 

Bristol, Bishop of, letter to, 108 

Bristol, Conn., records of, 7 

Bristol, Pa., church papers of, ig8 

Bristol, R. I., church papers of, 31, 58, 60, X(^ 

Bristolville, O., church papers of, 146 

British Methodist Conference, letters relating 

to, 9 
Broad Bay, Va., church papers of, 163 
Broaddus, Andrew, letter of, 41 
Broadhead, CoL David, correspondence of, 157, 

161, 162, 163 
Broadtop, Pa., church paper ol 168 
Brockden, Charles, letter of, 161 
Brockwav, Diodate, letter of, 79 

Brockwell, , 115 

Brodersen, , 161, 163 

Brodhead, J. R., 85, 88 
Bromfield, [Edward ?], letters to, 24 
Brooke, Tohn, letters of, 115 
Brookfiefd, Mass., church papers of, 53 
Broolcfield, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Brookhaven, N. Y., church paper of, no 
Brooklyn, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 136^ 20$ 
Brooklyn Village, O., church papers of, 146 
Brooks, David, letter of, 7p 
Brooksfield, Vt, ecclesiastical councils in, 71 
Brookville, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Brothers Valley Township, Pa., church papers 

of. 171 
Broughton, Thomas, letter of, 122 

Brown, , 78 

Brown, Messrs., 204 

Brown, A. H., letters to, 91 

Brown, Isaac, letter of, loi 

Brown, Rev. Jf. N., letters of, 38, 185 

Brown, James, 51, 72, 128 

Brown, Jeremiah, letter of, 41 

Brown, John, sermon on execution of, 146 

Brown, John Carter, Library, manuscripts in, 

Brown, Jonathan, letter of, 79 
Brown, Joshua, journal of, 195, 196 
Brown, Moses, objections of, 40 
Brown, Moses, School, 206-207 
Brown, Nicholas, letters of, 38^ 41, 56 
Brown, S. H., case of, 141 
Brown, William, letters of, 41 
Brown University, papers of, 55, 207; papers 

relating to, 207 

Browne, , 105 

Browne, Arthur, letters of, loi, 102, 104 
Browne, Isaac, letters of, in, 115 
Browne, Marmaduke, letters of, 102, 104 
Browne, Robert, documents relating to, 27 
Brownell, Bp. Thomas, diary of, 7 

Brownfieid, , 161 

Brownson, O. A., letter of, 68 
Bruhans, Rev. Daniel, sermon of, 7 
Bnmnholtz, Rev, Peter, correspondence of, 172, 

180; diaries and journals of, 179, 182 
Brunson, Rev. Alfred, journals of, 2x0 

Brunswick Township, Pa., church paper of, 168 
Brush Valley Township, Pa., church paper of, 

Bryan, Andrew, letters of, 41 
Bryn Mawr, Pa., church papers of, 198 
Bryzelius, Rev. Paul D., 152, 181 
Buckham, Nathan, 34 
Buckingham, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Buckingham Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 189 
Bucks Co., Pa., church papers of, 87, 88, 184 
Bucks Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 189 
Buell, Rev. Samuel, correspondence of, 41, 74, 

93; diary of, 93; paper by, 72 
Buettner, Gottlob, diary of, 159 
Buffalo, N. Y., church papers of, 9^ 95, 214 
Buffalo Historical Society, manuscripts belong- 
ing to. 94 

Buhl. , 181 

Bulkley, Rev. Peter, correspondence of, 62, 63 
Bull, Henry, excommunication of, 62 
Bull, J. J., diary of journey of, 161 
Bull, W. T., correspondence of. 122. 124, 125, 
126 ; memorials of. 124, 125 ; paper by, 122 
Bullin, Rebecca, letter of. 56 
Bullodc, Daniel, letter of, 49 
Bullock, Elkanah, letter of, 41 
Bumstead, Jeremiah, church history by, 29 
Bunting, Morgan, Yearly Meeting of the So- 
ciety of Friends, 187, 199 
Burchard, Rev. Jedediah, labors of, 32 
Burdet, Danid, letters of, 107 
Burgess, John, letter of, 125 

Burkard, , 159 

Burke, Mary, letter of, 63 

Burke, Robert, letter of, 63 

Burkitt, Lemuel, letters of, 41 

Burkitt, William, letter of, loi 

Burleigh Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 21, 22 

Burleson, R. C, letters ofj 208 

Burlington, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Burlington. Mass., church papers of, 68 

Burlington. N. J., church papers of, 89, 107, 1 14, 

184, 201 ; journeys to, 181 
Burlington, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Burlington Co., N. J., church paper of, 184 
Burlington Monthly Meeting:, papers of, 190 
Burlington Preparative Meeting, papers of, 190 
Burlington Quarterly Meeting, papers of, i9^ 

Burlington Yearly Meeting, papers of, 195 
Burnet, Gov. William, correspondence oi, 108^ 


Burr, Rev. Aaron, letters of. 24, 32, 91, 203; 
papers of, 92; sermons of, 92 

Burr, Mrs. Aaron, letter of, 32 

Burr, Rev. Jonathan, Compendium of Christian 
Doctrine, 33; letters to, 32, 33; papers re- 
lating to, 30 

Burr, W. N., case of, 141 

Burrage, Rev. H. S., college history by, 35 

Burrington, George, letters of, 119 

Burrough, Peleg, letter of, 41 

Burroughs, Eden, letters of, 74, 77 

Burrowes, Rev. Dr. George, manuscripts of. 



Burton, Rev, An, letters of, 33, 71 ; sermons of, 

Bush, Rev. E. G., letters to, 141 
Bush, Jacob, diary of journey of, 159 
Bushnell, Rev. Dr. Horace, God in Christ, 5; 

letters of, 3^3 
Butler, J. G., diary of, 179 
Butternuts, N. Y., church records of, 132, 133 
Byhan, Gottlieb, diaries of, 159, 161 ; letters of, 

Byhan, Mrs. Gottlieb, diaries of, 159, 161 
Byles, Dr. Arthur, letter of, 102 

Cabot, Rev. Marston, sermons ot 158 
Caldwell, Rev. Dr. Darid, sermons of, 142 
Caldwell, J^ letter to, 79 
California, church papers of, in California, i, 

211 ; in Pennsylvania, 167, 183, 200 
California Conferences, Historical Society of 

the, 211 
Callender, Elisha, letters to» 48, 49^ 51, 52 
Callender, Rev. John, 50^ 64 
Callister, Henry, P|H>crs of, x^ 
Cain Preparatiye Meeting, mmutes of, 191 
Cain Quarterly Meeting, papers o^ 191 
Calvert Co., Md., church P&pers of, 14 
Calvinism, Old and New School, 96 
Cambria Co., Pa., church papers oi, 169 
Cambridge, Mass., church papers of, 29, 34, 62, 

Cambridge, N. Y., church papers of, 135 
Camden, N. J., church papers of. 89, 152, 179 
Camden, N. Y., church papers o^ 152 
Camden Valley, N. Y., church papers of, 152 
Cameron, Rev. Archibald, biography of, 204 
Cammerhoff, J. C. R, diaries of journeys o^ 

I59> 164; letters of, 161 
Campbell, Alexander, letters of, iix 
Campbell, Colin, letters of, 1x5 
Campbell, Mary, 48 
Campbell, Thomas, letter of, 79 
Campbellstown, Pa., church papers of, 178 
Camp Creek, meeting at, 21 
Camp-meetings, minutes of committee on, 137 
Canaan, N. Y., church paper of, 37 
Canada, church papers of, in New York, 130; 

in Pennsylvania, 158 
Canal Dover, O., church papers of, 157 
Caner, Henry, correspondence of, 100, I03, 11 1 
Canterbury, Archbishop of, 129 ; correspondence 

of, 100^ loi, 102, 105, 108^ 109, iio^ 112, 119, 

121, 13a 161, 181 ; minutes made by, 118 
Canterbury, Conn., church papers of, I, 6 
Cape Island, N. J., church papers of, 89 
Cape May, N. J., diurch papers of, 89 
Cape May Co., N. J., church papers oU 89 
Cape May Monthly Meeting, mmutes of, 193 
Carlisle, Pa., church papers of, 82 [?], 170, 176, 

Carlisle Monthlv Meeting, paper of, 195 
Carman, John, letter of, 55 
Caroline County Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 

Carpenter, Charity, letter of, 50 

Carroll's Manor, Md., church papers of, 156 

Carter, Robert, queries by, 13 

Cartwright Rev. Thomas, correspondence of^ 

Caruthers, Rev. E. W., sermons and book by, 

Carver, Mass., church papers ot 53 
Cary, Benjamin, letters of, 74 
Caryl, Benjamin, sermons of, 66 
Casco Bay Monthly Meeting, paper of, 195 
Case, Benagli, letter of, 74 
Cass Township, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Cassville, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Caswell, A., letter of, 185 
Catasaqua, Pa., church papers of, X98 
Catawba Indians, mission to, 72 
Catherall, Hannah, papers of, 196 
Catherine Township, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Catherwood, , 11 1 

Catholics, see Roman Catholics 

Cavemo, Rev. Arthur, diaries of, fi 

Cayuga, N. Y., church papers of, 86^ 140; visit 

to, 165 
Cazenovia, N. Y., church papers of, 95, 140 
Cecil Monthly Meeting, papers of, 17 
Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 21 
Cedar Creek Quarterly Meeting, minutes o^ 21 
Cedar Grove, Pa., church paper of, i(9B 
Cementon, Pa., church paper of, 179 
Center Brook, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Center Co., Pa., church paper of, 169 
Center Line, Pa., church paper oU 169 
Center Township, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Central Village, Conn., church papers ot 6 
Centre, Pa., dnurch oaper of, 171 
Centre Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 18 
CentreviUe, Pa., church paper of, 171 
Cessna Station, Pa., church paper of, 16B 
Chalkley, Thomas, library of, i85; visit o^ to 

the Virgin Islands, 196 
Chamberlain, Theophilus, letters ot 72^ 74-75 
Chamberlaine, John, letters to, ia3 

Chamberlayne, , 108, 121 

Chamberlayne, John, letters to, 120 
Chandler, Rev. Amariah, essays by, 33 
Chandler, Samuel, diary of, 68 ; letter o( 130 
Chandler, T. B., letters of, 115-116, 177 
Channing Conference of Unitarian Churches, 

Chapin, Anna, letter of, 79 
Chapin, Rev. Calvin, sermon by, 34 
Chaplin, Rev. Ebenezer, sermons of, 34 
Chaplin, Rev. Jeremiah, sketch o^ 35 
Chaplin Collection, 54-55 
Chapman, D., letter to, 27 
Chapman, Edmund, letter of, 27 
Chappaqua, N. Y., church records o^ 132^ X33 
Charles Co., Md., church papers of, 14 
Charles Parish, Va., 209 
Charleston, N. Y., church papers of, X33 
Charleston, S. C, church papers of, 51, 52, 122, 

124 ; Presbyterian assembly in, 199 
Charlestown, Mass., church papers o^ 60 



Charlton, Richard, letters and petitions of, iii, 

Charlton, Mass., church papers of, ag, C3 
Chase. Rev, Abner, letter of, 51; recollections 

of, 142 
Chase, Frederick, History of Dartmouth Col- 

Chase, Irah, letter of, 38 

Chase, Col Jonathan, letter to, 73 

Chase, Bf, Philander, 98; letter of, 174 

Chase, Richard, letters of, 41 

Chase, Zephaniah, letter of, 41 

Chatham, Mass., church documents of, 99 

Chatham, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133, 134 

Chauncey, Rev. Mr. ^ sermons of, i^ 

Chauncy, Rev, Charles, correspondence of, 63, 

Chauncy, Ichabod, letter of, 61 
Checkley, John, letters of, 104; paper concern- 
ing, 103 
Cheever, Rev, Dr. G. B., 84 
Chelmsford, Mass., church papers of, 47, 53 
Chelsea, Mass., church paper of, 57 
Chelsea, Vt, ecclesiastical councils in, 71 
Cheltenham, Pa., i<;8 
" Cheney Letter ", 175 
Cherokee country, papers relating to, 150-151, 

Cherokee Indians, papers relating to, 150-151, 

iSft 160, 161 
Chester, Leonard, letter of, y^ 
Chester, Md., Friends' meetmg at, 17 
Chester, O., church papers of, 146 
Chester, Pa., church papers of, go, 197 
Chester Monthly Meeting, papers of, 192 
Chester Preparatiye Meetinp^, papers of, 17, 192 
Chesterfield Monthly Meeting, papers of, 190^ 

Chesterfield Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 

Chesterfield Quarterly Meeting, paper of, 195 
Chestnut Ridge, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Chicago, University of. Library of the Divinity 

School of, ^pers in, 8 
Chicago Histoncal Society, papers in, 8 
Chichester, N. H., church records of, 70 
Child, Isaac, 197 

Chillicothe, O., church paper of, 202 
Chipman, R. M., letters of 33 
Chippewa Indians, 151, i^ 
Chowan Precinct, church paper of, 118 
Christ Church, S. C, papers of^ 124 
Christ Church Parish, S. C, letters and paper 

of, 122, 124 
Christendom, Nominal, committee on, 23 
Christian, Nicholas, letter of, 119 
" Christian Indians ", 147-165, passim 
Christian Knowledge, Society in Scotland for 
Propagating, see Scotland, Society in, etc 
Christiansbrun, Pa., church papers of, 153, 154 
Christiansfeld, Denmark, 160 
Church, Hannah, letter of, 41 
Church, the, abuses in, 46, 100; acts of, 124 ; ap- 
peals in cases o^ 106; buildings, 107, 121, 

122, 168; endowment of, 118; establishment 
of, 118, 121; extension, 89; forms of ad- 
mission into, 78; government, 23, 50^ 61, 
100; lands belonging to, 103; laws and 
charters concerning, 140; state of, 100^ 106^ 
122, 123, 124, 129, 130, 140; see also Re- 
ligion, state of 

Churdiman, George, letters to, 20^ 

Church Missions House, manuscripts in, 97-130 

Cincinnati, O., church papers of, 143, 202 

Cincinnati Conference Historical Society, 211 

Grdeville, O., church papers of, 145 

Qaggett, Bf. T. J., letters o^ 15; certificate 
signed by, 92 

Clairsburg, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Clap, Rev, Thomas, controversy of, with Ed- 
wards, 25; letter of, 174; petition o( 3 

Clapp, Rev. Thomas, sermons of, 34 

Garemont, N. H., church paper o( 102 

Clark, Rev. Adam, letters of, 199 

Clark, Asahel, jr., letter of, 79 

Qark, C M., " The Brethren ", 23 

Gark, G.^ letter of, iii 

Claric, Hilda, letters of, 41 

Clark, Rev. J. S., Congregational Churches of 
Mass., 32; discourse by, 28; papers of, 32 

Gark, Jane B., memoranda of, 196 

Gark, Rev. Jonas, sermon of, 32 

Gark, Capt. Joseph, correspondence of, 73, 75 

Gark, Seth, case against, 48; letters of, 41 

Gark, Thomas, letter of, 75 

Garke, , 113 

Garke, A. L., letter of, 104 

Garke, Daniel, letter of, 60 

Garke, Edward, letter of, 41 

Classical Commissioners, correspondence of, 88 

Clay, Eleazar, letter of, 41 

Gear Credc, N. Y., church papers ot 133 

Gearfield Co., Pa., church papers of, 169 

Geator, Joseph, letter of, 108 

Geaveland, fohn, diary of, 68 

Gergy, act for establishing the, 118; addresses, 
memorials, and petitions of, 100, 106, 107, 
122, 124, 130; correspondence of, 100, 107, 
109, no, 114, 123, 126; instructions of and 
to, 121, 122; list of, 118; state of, 124 

Geveland, Rev. J. P., sermon of, 30 

Geveland, Rev, John, correspondence of, 55 

Geveland, M. B., case of, 141 

Geveland, O., church papers of, 143 

Clewell, Dr., History of Wachovia, 213 

Cliffs, Md, 18 

Clifton Heights, Pa., church papers of, 203 

Clinton, Gov. George, letters of, in 

Clinton, Mass., church paper of, 05 

Govercreek, Pa., church paper ot, 169 

Goyne, Bishop of (George Berkeley), letters 
of, 104 

Coalport, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Coatesville, Pa., iq8 

Cobb» Rev. Leander, sermons of, 34 

Cobb, Oliver, sermons of, 34 

Cobb Divinity School, Library of, manuscripts 
in, 13 



Cbbbet, Rev, Mr,, ao6 

Codman, Rev. Dr, John, biography o^ 31 ; let- 
ters to, 32, 71 
Cocymans, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 133 
Coeymans Patent, 93 
Cofran, John, letter of, 75 
Cohanse^, N. J., church papers of, 89, 91 
Cohocksmk, Pa., 198 
Coke, Bp. Thomas, letters of, 9, 8a, 83 
Colbert, William, journal of, 8 
Colby College, history oU 35 ; Library o( manu- 
scripts in, 13 
Colden, Cadwallader, letter of, 11 1 
Colden, Cadwallader, jr., letter of, lii 
Cole, John, jr., letters of, 41 
Cole, Samuel, letters of, 102 
Colebrook, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Coleman, Dr,, 80 

Colerain, Mass., church papers of, 53, 57, 78 
Colerain Township, Pa., church papers of, 168 
Colgan, Thomas, letters of, iii 
Colgate, Samuel, manuscripts collected by, 94-96 
Colgate Baptist Historical Collection, 94 
Colgate University, personal recollections of, 96 
Collins, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133 
Colman, Rev. Benjamin, letters to, 24, 33 
Colonies, American, plan for Moravian work in, 

164 ; see also individual states 
Columbia, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Columbia, District of, church papers of, i8t3, 201 
Columbia Co., Pa., church paper oU X97 
Columbia University, no 
Columbian College, papers of, 55 
Columbus, O., church papers of, 143 
Cblve, Anthony, 135 
Colville, N. J., church papers of, 89 
Combs, Simeon, letter o( 51 
Comly, John, Miscellanies, 196 
Communion, controversy concerning right to 
exclude from, 93 ; close, 55 ; questions con- 
cerning, 61 
Company for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
New England, see New England, Company 
for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Conant, Rev. T. J., letters of, 185 
Concord, Mass., council record of, 32 
Concord, N. C, church papers of, 201 
Concord, N. H., church papers of, 58, 70 
Concord Biblical Institute, papers and publica- 
tions of, 58, 82 
Concord Monthly Meeting, papers of, 191 
Concord Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 191-193 
Conemaugfa Township, Pa., church paper of, 171 
Congdon, Joseph, 205 

Congregationalists, papers of, in Connecticut, 
3-6; in Kansas, 10; in Massachusetts, 22- 
34, passim, 46, 59^5, passim, 68; in Michi- 
p:an, 69; in Minnesota, 69; in Missouri, 6p; 
m New Hampshire, 69-82, passim; in Ohio, 
145-146; in Pennsylvania, 174; in Rhode 
Island, 206; see also Educational societies. 
Missionary societies, Sunday Schools, The- 
ological seminaries 
Congregational Library, manuscripts in, 26-34 

Congress, O., church p^>er8 of, 146 

Congress, U. S., representations to, 165 

Congreve, C, paper by, 106 

Connecticut, church papers o& in Connecticut, 
1-8, passim; in Massachusetts, 25, 26, 29, 
35f 46^ 56-57f 60; in New Hampshire, 71, 
73-74* 78; in New York, 94, 100, 140; in 
Pennsylvania, 152, 163 

Connecticut, Diocese of. Archives oi, 6-7 

Connecticut, Missionary Society of, papers o& 

Connecticut Historical Society, papers of, x; 
Collections, I 

Connecticut Literarjr Institute, papers of, 55 

Connecticut State Library, manuscripts in, 2-3 

Conrad, C R., biography of, 180 

Conshohocken, Pa., 198 

Continental Congress, papers relating to, 149 

Conway, Mass., church paper of, 37 

Cook, Margaret, journals of, 20s 

Cooke, Samuel, letters of, 1 11, 116 

Cookport, Pa^ churcJi ^per o^ 170 

Cooley, Rev. Timothy, journal of, 144 

Coolville, O., church papers of, 146 

Coombe, Rev. P., histonr Iv, W 

Cooper, Ezekiel, journal of, 8; letters of, 9 

Cooper, Rev. G. N., letter to, 36 

Cooper, Myles, letters of, 111-112, 116 

Cooper, Rev. Dr. Samuel, sermons of, 69 

Cooper Collection, 9 

Copp, Jonathan, letter of, 128 

Corbin, Asahel, letter of, 41 

Cordiner, William, letter of, 116 

Cordley, Rev. Richard, sermons of, 11 

Cor^, A. W., report of, 186 

Corliss, Joseph, letter of, 56 

Combury, Lord (Edward Hyde), instructiont 
to, 106; letters of, 108, 116 

Cornell University, Library of, manuscripts in, 

Cornish, Rev. J. J., church history by, 93 

Cornwall, N. Y., church records of, 132, 133 

Cornwall, Pa., 198 

Cortis, Joshua, letter to, 52 

Cortlandt, N. Y., church papers of, 95. 141 

Corwin, Dr. £. T., catalogue by, 88 ; Digest of 
Synodical Legislation of the Reformed 
Church in America, 85 ; Ecclesiastical Re^ 
cords of the State of New York, 85, 88^ 93 

Cosby, Gov. W., letter of, 112 

Cossii Ranna, letters of, 103, 112 

Cotes, William, letters of, 125 

Cotton, Rev. John, correspondence of, 62, 63, 
64; land grant to, 60; paper by, 62; ser- 
mons of, 208 

Cotton, Tosiah, letter of, 75 

Cotton, Nathaniel, letter of, 128 

Cotton, Rev. Roland, 63, 64 

Cotton Papers, 61-64 

Council, Lord President of, 123 ; Orders of, 106^ 

Courtney, John, letters of, 41 

Courtney, Thomas, letter of, 41 

Coventry, Conn., church papers of, 6^ 65 



CoTentry, R. I., church paper of, 52 

Cowles, Reu. Henry, commonplace book of, 146 

G>w Neck, N. Y., charch papers of, 134 

Cox, Rev. G. R, letters to, 59 

Cox, John, jr^ 131 

Coxe, Bp. A. C, letter of, 174 

Coxe, Daniel, letters of, 116 

Coxe, Dr. Daniel, laB 

Coxe, Bp. Thomas, letters of, 59 

Cram, Rev, Jacob, diary o( 93; letters to, 77; 

sermons of, 93 
Cramer, Dr. S., 210 

Crane, , 69 

Crane, Anna, letter of, 41 

Crane, Rev. C. B., bioffraphical sketch by, 38 

Crane, W. C, letters of, ao6 

Cranston. Gov. Samuel, letter of, 104 

Cranston, R. I., history of Methodism in, 58 

Craven, Gov. Charles, letter to, 109 

Craven Co., N. C, church paper of, 118 

Crawford, , 141 

Crawford, Edward, letters of, 204 

Crawford, Rev. James, papers of, 204 

Creek, N. Y., church records of, 132, 133 

Creek, Vt^ church papers of, 133 

Creek Indians, 151, loi 

Crem, Rev. James, correspondence of, 104, no 

Creuz Creek, Pa., church paper of, 153 

Crew, Harley, " The Knowledge of Good and 

Evil ". 20 
Crocker, Irene, 5 

Crocker, Theophilus, letters of, 41 
Crocker, Theophilus, jr., letter ot, 41 
Cromwell Township, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Crooked Run Mcmthly Meeting, papers of, 18 
Cropwell Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 193 
Cross, Rev. Joseph, letters of, 41, 142 
Crosswell, Andrew, letters of, 75 
Croswell, Rev. Harry, journal of, 7 ; letter to, 7 
Croton, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Croton Valley, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Crowel, David, jr., letter of, 41 
Crozer Baptist Theological Seminary, 205 
Crozierville, Pa., 198 

Crozle Township, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Crum Elbow, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Cumberland, R. I., church papers of, 50 
Cumberland Ca, Ky., church papers of, 11, 204 
Cumberland Co., Pa., church paper o^ 170 
Cumberland River, Tenn^ Indian settlements 

on, 161 
Cumberland Township, Pa., church papers of, 

Cnmmings, Rev. Archibald, 129 
Cummings, Rev. E. E., catalogue and annals by, 

Cupples, Charles, letters of, 119 
Currituck Co., N. C, church paper of, 118 
Curtis, Rev. W. W., autobiography of, 31 
Curtis* William, jr., letters of, 41 
Cushing, Jacob, memorandum and address of, 

65; sermons of, 66 
Cvshman, Rev. C ll, autobiography of, 31 
Cushman, Rev. Job, sermons ot 34 

Cutler, Rev. Charles, autobiography of, 31 

Cutler, David, letter of, 30 

Cutler, Timothy, letters of, 103, 104 

Cutting, Leonard, letters and memorial of, XI2, 

Cuyahoga Co., O., 159 
Cuyahoga Falls, 146 
Cuyahoga River, 151, 157, 159 

Daille, Peter, letters of, 61 
Daldns, Simon, letter of, 41 
Dana, Amasa, letters of, 142 
Dana, J., letter of, 79 
Dana, Mass., church paper pf, 37 
Danbury, Conn., church papers of, 4, 6 
Danbury, N. H., church paper of, 70 
Danby, Vt., church records of, 132, 133 
Danforth, Thomas, letters of, 63 
Danvers, Mass., churdi papers of, 53 
Danville, Pa., church papers o( 176 
Danville Theological Seminary, records of, ix 
Darby Monthly Meeting, paper of, 191 
Daretown, N. J., church papers of, 201 
Darien, Cbnn., church papers of, 6 
Darling, David, case or, 141 
Darmstaetter, J. A., biography of, 180 
Dartmouth College, catalogue of ministers 
l^aduated from, 33 ; Library of, manuscripts 
m, 70-82 ; papers relating to, 71-78, 81, 139 
Dartmouth Monthly Meeting, records of, C7 
Dauphin Co., Pa., church paper of, 170 
Davenport, James, correspondence of, 73, 75, 77 
Davenport, Rev. John, letter to, 63 ; paper con- 
cerning, 64 
Davidsville, Pa., church paper of, 171 
Davies, Samuel, correspondence of, 73, 203 
Davis, Rev. A. A., church history by, 37 
Davis, Rev. Dr. Emerson, list of churdies by, ^ 
Davis, Isaac, correspondence of, 38 
Davis, Rev. John, letters to, 52 
Day, H. N., Life of Badger, 146 
Day's Academy (Wrentnam), papers of, 55 
Dayton, O., church papers of, 145 
Dean, James, 80 

De Berdt, Dennjrs, correspondence of, 73, 74 
Decou, Stacey, trial of, 132 
Dedham, Mass., church papers of, 29, 57 
Dedham Historical Soaety, Library ot, manu- 
scripts in, C7 
Deer Creek, Md., 18 
Deer Creek Monthly Meeting, papers of, 19, 2a 

Deerneld, Mass^ church papers of, 138 
Deerfield, N. H., church papers of, 70 
Deerfield, N. J., church papers of, 89 
Deerfield, Pa., church papers of, 133 
De Graffenried, Baron Christopher, letter of, 

De la Mothe, Mr., letter of, 108 
Delancey, Bp. W. H., letter of, i;r4 
Delaware, 98; church papers of, in New York, 

135; in Pennsylvania, 200, 202 
Delaware, O., church paper of, 167 
Delaware Indians, 147-1^ passim 



Dellius, Godfrey, 93, 108 

Dc Martd, J. A., letter of, 126 

Denison, Rev. Frederic, letters of, 38 

Denison, Rev. William, sermons of, 138 

Denison University, Library of, manuscripts in, 

Dennis, Benjamin, letter of, 119 
Denny, Rev. David, sermons o^ ao^ 
Denny, Mary, letter of, 75 
Denny, Rebekah, letter to, 77 
Denny, Sarah, letter to, 77 
Denny, Gov. William, address of Indians to, 

150; correspondence of, 154, 161, 164, 174 
De Richebourg, Phtlii>pe, letter of, 122 
Derry, N. H., association records of, 69 
De Sdiweinitz, see Schweinitz 
Detroit, Mich., 151 
Detroit River, 151 
De Watteville, John, diaries and letters of, 161, 

Dewey, Noah, letter of, 75 
DeWitt, Rev. W. R., sermon by, 34 
De Witt, N. Y., church papers of, 141 
Dexter, Dr. H. M., Congregationalism of the 

Last Three Hundred Years, iii, 7 
Dexter, Rev. Samuel, diary of, 67 
Dickens, John, letters of, 9 
Dickinson, B., paper by, 143 
Dickinson, Jonathan, letter to, 174 
Dickinson, Timothy, journal of, 31 ; letter of^ 77 
Dickinson College, correspondence concemmg, 


Dillwyn, George, letter to, 187 ; papers of, 196 

Dinzy, Gov., of Saba, letter to, 79 

Dissenters, 100, 109 

"Dissenters Reasons", 64 

Divinity schools, see Theological seminaries 

Doane, Bp. G. W., case of, 96 

Dobbs, Gov. Arthur, certificate signed by, 118; 
instructions to, 118; letters of, 119 

Dodd, Rev, John, correspondence of, 61, 63 

Dodge, Phinehas, letters of, 79, 80 

Donegal, Pa., church papers of, 148, 153, 154 

Donmever, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Doolittle, Abraham, letters of, 41 

Dorchester, Mass., church papers of, a8, 34, 60 

Dorchester Co., Md., churdi papers o^ 14 

Dorr, Rev. Edward, sermons of, 210 

Dorsius, Rev. G. H., letter of, and papers re- 
lating to, 87 

Dosh, Rev. T. W. L., biography of, 172 

Dotterer, H. S., manuscripts belonging to, 175 

Dover, Mass., church paper of, 37 

Dow, Lorenzo, letter of, 174 

Downington Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 

Drage, T. S., correspondence of^ 119, 12X 

Draper, Lw C, 204, 209 

Dreisback, J., journal of, 144 

Drew Theological Seminary, Library of, manu- 
scripts in, 82^ 

Drury College, Library of, manuscripts in, 69 

Dry, William, letter of, 125 

Dryden, N. Y., paper relating to, 141 

Duane, William, letter to, 1S5 

Duanesburg, N. Y., church papers o( 132, 133 

Dublin, Archbishop of, letter of, 122 

Dublin Yearly Meeting, papers of, 193 

DuBois, Rev. R. P., sermons of, 21^ 

Duch6, Rev. Jacob, 129 

Duck Creek Monthly Meeting, letter from, 195 

Dudleian lectures, manuscripts of^ 65 

Dudley, Gov. Joseph, letters o^ 103, 104; paper 

by, 99 
Dudley, Gov. Thomas, letter of, 63 

DudW, Mass., church papers of, 53 

Duffield, George, letter to, 79 

Duke, William, diary of, 15 

Dukinfield, N.» letter of, 119 

Dummer, Jeremiah, diary of, 65 

Dun, William, letters of, 122 

Dunbar, , 104, 105 

Dunbar, Daniel, letters of, 41 

Dunbar, David, letter of, 103 

Duncansvtlle, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Dunnings Creek, Pa., 168 

Dunnings Creek Quarterly Meeting, minutei of, 

Dunstable, Mass., church papers of, 53 

Dunster, £. S., 184 

Dunster, Henry, papers relating to, 184; paper 
by, 62 : sermon abstracts of, 66 

DuPre, James, letters of, 108 

Durand, , 127 

Durand, Levi, letters of, 119, 125 

Durham, Bishop of, letter of, 109 

Durham Center, Conn., church papers ot 6 

Dutchess Co., N. Y., church papers of, 24, no 

Dutch Reformed Church, papers of, in New 
Jersey, 84-88; in New York, 93; in Penn- 
sylvania, 14^ 175-177, passim ; see also Mis- 
sionary societies, Sunday Schools, Theo- 
logical seminaries 

Duxbury, Mass., church paper of, 62 

Dwight, Daniel, letters of, 125 

Dwight, Timothy, letters to, 25 

Dyer, William, propositions oC concerning dvil 
and religious affairs in New Englan<C 62 

Eames, Joseph, 48 

Earl, Daniel, letters of, 119 

Earlville, N. Y., church paper of, 141 

Early, J. W., correspondence of, 180 

East Alstead, N. H., church paper oi 70 

East Avon, Conn., church pap^s of, 

East Branch Preparative Meeting, minutes o^ 

Eastbum, Bp. Manton, letter of, 174 
East Chester, N. Y., church paper of, 107 
East Freedom, Pa., church paper of, 169 
East Granby, Conn., church papers of, 6 
East Greenwich, R. L, history of Methodism in, 

East Greenwich Academy, papers of, 55 
Eastham, Mass., church paper of, 62 
East Hartford, Conn., church papers of, 6 
East Hoosack, Mass., church papers of, 132^ 133 
East Lyme, ComL, church papers of, 6 



Eastman, Rev, Tilton» letters and papers re- 
lating to, 71 

Easton, N. Y., church papers of, 153, 135 

Easton, Pa., church papers of. 15a 153, i58, 179^ 

Easton Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 135, 

East Pljrmouth, Conn., records of, 7 

East Providence Township, churdi papers of, 

East Windsor, Conn., church papers of, 81 

Eaton, Nathan, letter o^ 41 

Eaton, Samuel, sermon of, 66 

Eaton, Silvanus, letters of, 41 ; paper concern- 
ing, 48 

Eaton, Susannah, letter of, 41 

Eaton, Rev, Dr, T. T., biographical sketch by, 12 

Eaton, Rev, W., documents relating to, 30 

Ebenezer, Ga., church papers of, 1& 

Ebenezer, O., church paper of, 202 

Eberts^ E. H^ biography of, 180 

Ecclesiastical affairs, see Church 

Eckley, Joseph, commonplace book of, 65 

Eden, Gov, Charles, correspondence of, log^ 119^ 

Eden, N. Y., church records of, 133 

Edenton, N. C, church paper 01^124; library 
given to, 118 

Edgartown, Mass., historical sketch of, 57 

Edgecomb, Me., church papers of, 35 

Edgerton, Joseph, papers of, 196 

Edmonds, ^ 164 

Edmonds, J. M., autobiographical letter of, 90 

Education, Baptist committee on, 183; for the 
ministry, 35; in Michigan, 38; letters con- 
canting, 93; of negroes, 92, 187, 188, 206; 
paper on, 202 ; papers relating to, in various 
academies and colleges, 54-55; by the 
Friends, 16, 187-188, 19P, 191, 193, 195; by 
the state, 34 

Educational societies. Baptist, 34, 36^ 54-55, 95, 
96; Congregational, 4, 27, ^ 65 ; Lutheran, 
168; Presbyterian, 202 

Edwards, Esther, will of, 32 

Edwards, Rev, Jonathan, letters of, 25, 32, 61, 
146; manuscripts of, 22, 24-25; paper relat- 
ing to, 91 ; sermons of, 203 

Edwards, Morgan, history by, 205; letters of, 

Edwards, Timothy, letters to, 24, 32; sermon 
outline W, ^ 

Eisenhardt, G. C., biography of, 180 

Elba, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133 

Eldredge, William, letter of, 41 

Eldridge, Judah, 47 

Elizabeth, N. J., church papers of, 82, 89, 90, 91, 

Elkhom, Ky., church records of, 12 
Elk Lick Township, Pa., church papers of, 171 
Ellington, Edward, letters of, 12B 
Ellington, Conn., church papers of, 6, 81 
Elliot, Jacob, letter of, 76 
Elliott, Thomas, letters of, 41 
Ellis, John, 185 

Ellis, Rev, John, papers of, 5 

Ellis, Rowland, letters of, 116 

Ellsworth, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Elmer, N. J., church papers of, 89 

Elmerton, Rev. Mr,, fetter to, 63 

Ely, E S., letter of, 79 

Ely, Reuben, letter of, 75 

Emerson, , sermons of, 66 

Emerson, Enoch, case of, 71 

Emery, Rev, S. H., sermons of, 31 

Emlen Institute, i8b^ 

Emmaus, Pa., church papers of, 154 

Emmons, Henry, letter of, 41 

Emmons, Rev, Nathaniel, letters of, 32, x^ 

Emory, Bp, John, letters and papers couected 
by. 83 

Emory, Robert, letters to, 83 

Emory College Library, papers in, 8 

Endress, Christian* diary of, 179 

Enfield, Mass., church ppers o^ 53 

England, abjuration of allegiance to king of, 
149; letters from, 163; material relating to 
Congregationalism in, 27; papers of, in 
Pennsylvania, 187; petition to Friends in, 
3; protest against quartering the soldiers 
of, 149; relations of American Presbyter- 
ianism with that in, 139- MO ; title of, to 
Florida, 128 

England, Church of, papers of, in Connecticut, 
2, 7; in Maryland, 14-15; in Massachusetts, 
28; in New Hampshire, 7^; in New York, 
97-130, passim ; in Virginia, 209 

Episcopalians, papers of, in Connecticut, 6-7, 
passim ; in diocesan archives, 212 ; in Mary- 
land, 13-15; in Minnesota, 69; in New 
York, 97-130^ passim; in Pennsylvania, 
174-175, 181; in Virginia, 209; m Wiscon- 
sm, 210; see also Missionary societies, Sun- 
day Schools, Theological seminaries 

Epsom, N. H., church papers of, 30^ 70 

Erie, Lake, Indian settlement on, 151 

Erie Synod, 202 

Ernst, J. F., biography of, 180 

Erskine, Rev, John, letters to, 24 

Escot, , 122 

Esopus, N. Y., church papers of, 133 

Essex, Conn., records of, 6 

Essex Institute, manuscripts belonging to, 68 

Estabrooks, Experience, 77 

Ettwein, Bp, John, correspondence of, 66, 149^ 
150, 161, 16^, 165; journey of, 159; papers 
of, 163; petition of, 149; report fy, 153 

Ettwein, Thomas, letter of, 174 

Eugene, Ore., church paper of, 202 

Europe, letters from, 163 ; Moravians in, 147 

Evangelical Association, Archives of, 144 

Evangelical Lutheran Church, see Lutherans 

Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsyl- 
vania, see Lutheran Ministerium of Penn- 

Evans, Evan, letter of, 116 

Evans, Nathaniel, letters of, 116 

Evansburg, Pa., i^ 

Evarts, Jeremiah, letter of, 71 



Everard, Gov. Richard, tetters of, and paper 

relating to, 119 
Everett, Mass.. church paper of, 57 
Everett, Pa., church paper of, 168 
Everts, Rev, W. W., historical sketches by, 95 
Evesham Monthly Meeting, papers of, 193 
Evesham Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 19a 
Ewen, William, letter of, lA 
Ewer, John, letter o^ 41 
Ewer, Nathaniel, jr., letter of, 41 
Ewing, William, letters o( 4a 
Execution sermons, 65 
Exeter, R. I., church papers o( 50 

Eyerly, , 161, 163 

Eyres, Nicholas, correspondence of, 51, 5a 

Fabritius, Jacobus, 135 

Faj^gs Manor, Pa., church papers of, 203 

Fairfax, Vt, church paper ot, 71 

Fairfax Institution, papers of, 55 

Fairfax Monthly Meeting, papers of, x8 

Fairfax Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 18, 19 

Fairfield, Can., church papers of, 158; diaries 

of journeys to, 159, 165 
Fairfield, N. J., churdi papers of, 89, aoi 
Fairfield G>unty, Conn., records of, 4 
Fairhaven, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Fair Hill, Md., school at, 16 
Fairview, N. J., church papers of, 90 
Faith, theological discussion concerning, 61 
Falkner's Swamp, i$8 

Fallowfield Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 195 
Falls Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 189 
Falmouth, Me., church papers of, loi 
Falmouth, Mass., history of Mediodism in, 57 
Farmer, John, historical sketch by, 70 
Farmington, Conn., 46 
Farmington, Mass., church papers of, 53 
Farmington, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133 
Famum, Moses, letter of, 190 
Farrar, Mrs., letters to, 33 
Farrar, James, jr., letter to, 32 
Fasting, papers concerning, 01, 62; sermon on, 

Fayerweather, Samuel, letters of, 104, 125 

Ferguson, , case of, 90 

Ferguson Township, Pa., church papers of, 169 
Ferrisburgh, Vt, church papers of, 132, 133 
Field, D. I)., papers of, 140 
Fifteenth Street Yearly Meeting (Hicksite), 

records of, 131-132 
Finckel, Rev. S. D. V., biography of, 172 
Findlay, Alexander, letter of, 128 

Finley, , 162 

Finley, Rev. Dr.. letter to, 73 
Finley, Samuel, letter of, 174 
Finney, C. G., sermon-notes of, 203 
Fish, Joseph, letter of^ 76 
Fishbum, Jeremiah, biography of, 180 
Fisher, Rev. G. E., discourses by, 30 
Fisher, Jonathan, sermons of, 6iS 
Flshertown, Pa., church paper of, 168 
Fisk, Ezra, letters of, 23 
Fisk, Moses, sermon of, 66 

Fisk, Rev. P. B., autobiography o^ 31 

Fisk, Rev. Pliny, sketch by* 23 

Fiske, Nathan, sermons of, 69 

Fiske, Samuel, letter of, 119 

Fitch, Gov. Thomas, letter to, 73 

Fitchville, O., church papers o^ 146 

Five Nations, i^ 151, 164 

Fleidner, Rev. Theodore, 173 

Fleming, John, letter of, 104 

Fletcher, Mrs., 81 

Fletcher, Asaph, letter of, 42 

Fletcher, Richard, letter from, 38 

Fletcher, Samuel, letters to, 81-82 

Fletcher, W. A., letters of, 81 

Fletcher Collection, 70^ 81-82 

Flint River, 159 

Florida, churdi papers of, in New York, 128; 
in Pennsylvania, 183 

Floyd, Laomi, sermons of, 138 

Flushing, N. Y., churdi records of, 132, 133 

Flushing Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 131 

Flynt, Josiah, diary o^ 65 ; sermon of, 66 
I Fobes, Daniel, letter of, 42 

Fobes, Perez, diary of, 66; letters of, 42 

Focht, Rev. J. R., history b^, 168; letters to^ 17a 

Forbes, John, letter of, no 

Ford, Rev. D. B., "The Puritans and Pil- 
grims ", etc., 35 

Ford, D. S., biographical sketch o( 38 

Fordyce, John, letters of, 125 

Fordyce, W., letter of, 119 

Forest Co., Pa., church paper of, 170 

Forest Mission. Pa., churdi paper of, i9d 

Forest Preparative Meeting, mmntes oi 17 

Forster, ^ 108 

Forster, William, diary of journey oi 179 

Fort Wayne, Ind, church papers of, 203 

Forward, Justus, journal and sermon of, 66 

Foster, A., letter of, 81 

Foster, Thomas, letter of, 75 

Foster, William, letter to, 51 

Fothergill, Samuel, papers of, 196 

Foulke, Jesse, 189 

Foust, G. D., biography of, x8o 

Fowle, John, letter of, 61 

Fowler, Henry, journal of, 3f 

Fox, , sermons of, 66 

Fox, George, " Pa^r on Disdpline ", 214 

Fox, Joseph, letter to, 164 

Foxcroft, Rev. Thomas, correspondence of, a4t 

25. 73, 174 
Frackville, Pa., church paper of, 179 
Framingham, Mass., church papers of, 217* 53 
France, jpumal of journey dirongh, 148 

Francis, , 104, 105 

Frankford Asylum, papers relating to, 187 
Frankford Monthly Meeting, papers of, 188 
Franklin, Benjamin, correspondence of, 163, 164 
Franklin, Elizabeth, letter of, 51 
Franklin, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Franklin Academy (Shdbume Falls), papers 

of, 55 
Franklin Co., Pa., church papers of, 170 
Franklin Township, Pa., diurch paper of, 170 



Frankstown, Pa., cfaurcli paper of, 169 
Frazer, William, letters of, 112, 116 
Frederick, G. W., biography of, 180 
Frederickstown, Pa., church papers of, 153, 154 
Fredericktown, Md., church papers of, 181 
Freedmen, pi^rs relating to, 16, 17* i87> I93 
Freehold, N. J., church paper o^ 198 
Freeman, Bp. G. W., leUer of, 174 
Freeman, John, letter of, 62 
Freeman, Rev. Jonathan, letter to, 91 ; writing 

of, 91 
Freeman, Philip, letter of, 4a 
Freetown, Mass., church papers of, 47, 53 
Freewill Baptists, papers of, in Maine, 13; in 

Massachusetts, 35, 37; in North Carolina, 

Free Will Baptist Theological Seminary, U- 

brary of, manuscripts in, 142 

French, N., letter of, 75 

French and Indian War, papers relating to, 148 

Frey, George, 168 

Frey, H., report of journey of, 160 

Friedens, Pa., church paper of, 171 

Friedenshutten, Pa., church papers of, 154 

Friend, The, 196 

Friends (Hicksite), Archives of Baltimore 
Yearly Meeting of, 15-19 

Friends (Hicksite), papers of, in Maryland, 15- 
19; in New York, 131-132; in Pennsyl- 
vania, 199; see also Education, Sunday 

Friends (Orthodox), Archives of Baltimore 
Yearly Meeting of, 19-22 

Friends (Orthodox), papers of, in Connecticut, 
3: in Maryland, 19-22; in Massachusetts, 
w> 35* 40. 67, 68; m New Hampshire, 80; 
in New York, 100, 131, 132-13^; in North 
Carolina, 142; in Pennsylvania, 153, 156, 
X73-i75> 186-1^, 205; in Rhode Island, 205, 
206-207; in Virginia, 209; see also Educa- 

Friends, Joint Archives of the Two New York 
Yearly Meetings of, 130-135 

Friends Cove, Pa., church paper of, 168 

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore Col- 
lege, manuscripts in, 205 

Friends' Library, manuscripts in, 186-197 

Fries, Adelaide L, letter oU 212-213 

Frink, Samuel, letters of, 128 

Frisbie, Levi, letters of, 75, 79; ordination of, 
78; paper relating to, 33 

Froelich, CJhristian, accounts of journeys of, 159 

Frothingham, Ebenezer, letter of, 42 

Fulham, transcripts from, 98-128^ passim 

Fuller, Andrew, Society, record-book of, 12 

Fuller, John, case of, 139; statement of, 78 

Fuller, Jonathan, letters of, 42 

Fullerton, John, letter of, 125 

Fulton, John, letters of, 125 

Funk, Rev. J. F., manuscripts belonging to, 211 

Furman, Rev. Richard, letters of, 185 

Gair, Rev, Thomas, correspondence of, 51, 52; 
paper concerning, 55 

GtAt, C, letter of, 119 

Gale, Miles, letters of, 119 

Gzlea, N. Y., church papers of, 133 

Gallaher, Rev. A. G., papers and sermons oi, 

Galway, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Gannett Caleb, diary of, 06 
Gano, John, letters of, 5(S 
Gano, Rev. Stephen, journal and letters of, 38; 

sermons of, 39 
(jarden, Alexander, corresi>ondence of, 119, 124, 

125-126, 127, 128 ; queries of, 125 
Garden, Alexander, jr., letters of, 126 
Ckurdiner, Sylvester, letter of, 1G4 
Gardner, Thomas, letters of, 42 
Gardner, Mass., history of Methodism in, 57 
Gamer, William, letter of, 42 
Garrett, Bp. A. C, letter of, 175 
Garrett Biblical Institute, Library of, papers in, 

Garrettson, Mrs. Catharine, papers of, 83 
Garrettson, Rev. Freeborn, papers and corre- 
spondence of, 83 
Garrettson, Mary, letters to, 83 

Garrison, , 160 

Garrison, John, letter of, 116 

Garver, Rev. Daniel, biography of, 172 

Garzia, John, letters of, 119 

Gaylord, William* letters of, 75 

Gear, Rev. £. G., sermons ot 69 

Geissenhainer, A. T., biography of, 180 

Gemeinhaus Diarium, 148 

Gemein Nachrichten, 148 

Genesee, N. Y., church papers of, 141 

(xeneva, N. Y., church papers of, 86, 141 

George I., of England, petitions to, 100, 114 

George III., of England, instructions of, 118; 

petition to, no 
George, Bp. Enoch, ordination certificate signed 

by, 83 
Georgetown, Me., papers relating to, 102 
(Georgia, church papers of, in (jeorgia, 8; in 

Massachusetts, 46 ; in New York, 124, 127- 

128 ; in Pennsylvania, 182, 205 
(Georgia, Trustees for Establishing the Colonv 

of, letter of, 128; memorials and papers of, 

124, 127 
Gerhart, Rev. E. V., sermons of, 176 
(verman, Wilhehn, 173 

German Evangelical Lutherans, see Lutherans 
(^rman Reformed Church, papers of, in New 

{ersey, 85, 87, 88; in New York, 138; in 
Pennsylvania, 175-177, 204; see also Theo- 
logical seminaries 
(jermans, petition of, 167 
(^ermantown. Pa., church papers of, 154, 184, 

(jermantown Collegiate Institution, papers of, 


Germany, diary of a journey in, 176 

Ghent, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Gibbs, Henry, sermon of, 66 
Gignillat, James, letters of, 122 
Gile, John, letter of, 42 



Gile, Rev, Dr. Samuel, address by, 30 

Gill, Dr., letter to, 36 

Gillespie, Rev. Thomas, letters to, 24 

Gillingham, Richard, letters to, loi 

Gilsum, N. H., church records of, 70 

Glade, Pa., 171 

Glastonbury, Comi., church papers of, 6, 81 

Glebe lands, controversy over, 98, 103 

Glens Falls, N. Y., church papers of, 133 

Gloucester, Bishop of, correspondence of, 103, 

Gloucester, Mass., church papers of, ag 
Gloucester, N. J., church papers of, 89, 114 
Gloucester, R. I., church papers of, 50, 53 
Gloucester Quarterly Meeting, papers o( 192- 

Glover, Habakkuk, letter of, 61 
Glover, Gov. William, letters of, 119 
Gnadenhutten, O., papers rdating to, 157, 158, 

IS9. i^ 
Gnadenhutten, Pa., papers relating to, 150^ 151, 

IS3» 154, 160 
Gnadenthal, Pa., church papers of, 154 
Goering, Jacob, book and paper of, 173 
Goffstown, N. H., church paper of, 70 
Going, T., letter of, 185 
Gold, Thomas, papers relating to, 3 
Golphin, Jesse, letter of, 46 
Gookin, Nathaniel, sermons of, 66 
Goose Creek Monthly Meeting, papers of, 18 
Goose Creek (Bedford County) Monthly Meet- 
ing, papers of, 21 
Gordon, William, letters oi 120, 122 
Gorham, Me., church minutes of, 65 
Gorton, Stephen, papers of, 46 
Goschgoschung, journeys to, 165 
Goshen, Conn., church records of, 6 
Goshen, O., church papers of, ip\ diaries of 

journeys to and from, 159, 100 
Goshen Monthly Meeting, papers of, 102 
Goshen Preparative Meeting, paper oC I93 
Gospel, see Propagating the Gospel among the 
Heathen, etc.; Propagation of the Gospel 
in Foreign Parts, etc. 
Gotwald, L. A., sermons of, 173 
Gotwald, W. v., letter of, 173 
Gould, Thomas, 47 

Gowie, , letter of, 126 

Graceham, Md., church papers of, 153, 155, 156 

Graef, Pa., church paper of, 171 

Grafton, Rev. Joseph, biographical sketch of, 

38; letter of, 42 
Grafton, Mass., church papers of, 47, 53 
Grafton, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Grafton Co., N. H., church papers of, 70 
Grafton Presbytery, records of a meeting of, 77 
Graham, John, letter of, 75 
Granby, Vt., church paper of, 31 
Grandin, John, letter of, 116 
Grant, I., case of, 141 
Grant, Samuel, relation of, 25 
Granville, Bevill, letter of, 120 
Granville, Mass., church papers of, 57 
Granville, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133 

Granville, O., church papers of, 145 

Granville College, papers of, 55 

Gravelly Run Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 21 

Graves, Rev. Samuel, letter from, 38 

Gray, Eben, letter of, 75 

Gray, Samuel, letter of, 79 

Great Awakening, papers relating to, 3 

Great Britain, relations of American Presby- 
terianism with that in, 139; see also Eng- 
land and Scotland 

Great Egg Harbor Monthly Meeting, minutes 

of, 193 

Greaton, Rev. James, 112 

Great Valley, Pa., church paper of, 184 

Greaves, J., letters of, 104- 1(^ 

Green, Rev. Ashbel, correspondence of, 91, 92 ; 
sermons of, 203 

Green, Rev. Enoch, letters to, 92; notes con- 
cerning, 92 

Green, Joseph, diary of, 68 

Green, Nathanael, letter of, 42 

Green, Robert, letters of, 42 

Green, Rev. Samuel, diary of, 31 ; sermons of, 

Green, Thomas, letters of, 42 
Green, Bp. W. M., q8^ 175 
Green Castle, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Greenfield, Mass., 57 
Greenfield, Saratoga Co., N. Y., church papers 

of, 133 
Greenfield, Ulster Co., N. Y., church papers of, 


Greenfield, O., church papers of, 146 

Greenfield, Pa., church papers of, 169 

Green Township, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Greenville Township, Pa., churdi paper o( 171 

Greenwich, N. J., church papers of, 09, 91 

Greenwich, Pa., church papers of, 181 

Greenwich, R. I., church paper ot IQ3 

Greenwich Monthly Meeting, minutes o( 194 

Gridley, Richard, letter of, 42 

Griffen, Rev. E. D., sermons of, 210 

Griffin, John, case of, 141 

Griffing, Rev. J. S., reminiscences of, 10 

Griffith, George, letter of, 61 

Griffiths, , 112 

Grigg, Jacob, letter of, 42 

Griswold, , 185 

Griswold, Bp. Alexander, papers relating to, 7 

Griswold, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Gross, J. B.. papers of, 6S 

Groveland, Mass., church records of, 30 

Grow, William, letter of, 42 

Grubb, Rev. N. B., 210 

Grube, B. A., journals of journeys of, 159; let- 
ters of, 161 

Gruhler, John, biography of, 180 

Guild, Benjamin, letter to, 92 

Guild, Rev. E. C, sermons of, 13 

Guild, Ebenezer, 47 

Guild, John, notes concerning, 92 

Guild, Joseph, letter to, 52 

Guild, R. A., papers belonging to, 55*56, 207 

Guilford College Library, manuscripts in, 142 



Gtmn, EHsha, letter of, 75 

Gunpowder Monthly Meeting; napers of, 17 

Gutsell, James, historical sketch by, 143 

Guy, , loi 

Gay, William, correspondence of, 105, 120, 123, 

124, i^ 

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, papers of, 188-189 
Gwynedd Preparative Meeting, minutes of, i^ 

Hackensack, N. J., church paper of, 167 
Haddam, Conn., church pa^r of, 140 
Haddonfield Monthly Meeting, papers of, 193 
Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 192- 

Hadlyme, Conn., church history of, 28 

Hagen, , 159 

Hager, J. P., letters of, loB; petition in behalf 

of, 107 
HMferstown, Md., church papers of, 144 
Hale, Salma, letter to, 71 
Half Moon, N. Y., church papers o( 153 
Haliday, T., letters of, zi6 
Halifax, Earl of, letter to, no 

Hall, , 69 

Hall, Dement, letters o^ 120 
Hall, Gordon, biographical sketch of, 24 
Hall, John, 186 
Hall, Kev. John, letters of, 91 
Hall, Jonattian, jr., letter of, 42 
Hall, Reu. R. D., journal of, 97 
Hall, Reu, Richard, correspondence of, 69 
Halle, Germany, church papers of, 181; tran- 
scripts from the archives of, 177 
Hallock, W. A^ journal of, 31 
Halsey, Jeremiah, letters of, 75 
Hamburg, N. Y., church records of, 133 
Hamburg, Pa., 198 
Hamilton, Bf, J. W., diary of, 58 
Hamilton, Gov. James, address to, 149 
Hamilton, N. J., church p^>ers oL go 
Hamilton, N. Y., church papers of, 95 
Hamilton, O., church {MPJ^rs of, 143 
Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution, 

papers of, 55 
Hamlin, Jabez, 80 

Hamline, Bp, L. L., correspondence of, 59, 174 
Hammerer, J. D., correspondence of, 150, 161 
Hammonton, N. jf^ churdi papers of, 89 
Hampstead, N. H., church paper of, 50 
Hampton, N. Y., diurch papers of, 87, 88 
Hancock, Rev. John, commonplace book of, 66 
Hancock, Nathaniel, 34 
Handschuh, Rev. J. P., autobiography of, 172; 

paper relating to, 182 
Hannis, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Hanover, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Hanover, N. H., papers relating to, 77 
Harbaugh, Rev. Henrv, diary, lecttures, and ser- 
mons of, 176; fathers of the Reformed 
Church, 176 
Harding, Sewall, letter of, 33 
Hardwick, N. J., church records of, 133 
Harford Co., Md., church papers o( 14, 15 
Harison, George, letter of, 112 

Harkey, S. L., biography of, 180 
Harmer Hill, Pa., 198 
Harper, Nathan, journey of, 196 
Harpswell, Me., papers relating to, 102 
Harris, Rev. Henry, 104 
Harris, W. T., memoir of Dunster by, 184 
Harrisburg, Pa., church papers of, 202 
Harrison, James, letters of, 126 
Harrison, Joseph, letter to, IQ3 
Harrison, Richard, 18 
Harrison, Gov. W. H., addresses to, M9 
Harrison, William, letters of, 106^ no 
Harrisonburg, Va., church papers of, x68 
Hart, Rev. J. C, sermon of 146 
Hart, Oliver, letters of, 42, 56 
Hart, Rev. Seth, letters and sermons of, 7 
Hartford, Conn., church papers of, 6b ^ 81, 94 
Hartford Co., Conn., records of, 4-5 
Hartland, N. Y., church records of, i^ 
Hartland, Vt, ecclesiastical councils m, 71 
Hartley, Thomas, letters of, 163 
Hartsough, L., history by, 141 
Hartwell, Joseph, papers of, 83 
Harvard, Mass., papers of, 30^ 53 
Harvard College Church, records of, 6S 
Harvard University, catalop^e of ministers 
graduated from, 33; Divinity School ot 
records ot 65; Library of, manuscripts in, 
65-66; letters and papers of the presidents 
of, 65 ; papers of, 55 ; sermons preached at, 
Harvey, Rev. Joseph, sermons of, 203 
Harwich, Mass., church papers of, 37, 47-48^ 53 
Hasell, Thomas, letters of, 123, 126 
Hasell et ai., letter of, 120 
Hatborough, Pa., 198 
Haven, David, letter of, 51 
Haven, Bp. Gilbert, letters of, 59 
Haverford College Library, manuscripts in, 173- 

Haverford Monthly Meeting, papers of, 193 
Haverhill, Mass., church papers of, 53, 5^ 
Haverhill, N. H., association records ot, 69 
Hawks, Dr. P. L., Documentary History of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church, etc, 9B; tran- 
scripts of, y, 98-128 
Hawley, Rev. Bostwick, letters to, 142 
Hawley, Rev. Gideon, papers of, 31 
Hawley, Joseph, judgment against, 3 
Hay, Rev. C. A., letters to, 172; Life Sketches 
of Lutheran Ministers, 172 ; sermon of, 173 
Hay, R G., sermon of, 173 
Haymaker, Jacob, letter of, 161 
Haynes, Rev. Z. S., historical sketch by, 57 
Hayward, John, 48 
Hayward, Thomas, letter of, 51 
Haywood, Henry, letter of, 42 
Hazard, Caroline, Narragansett Friends Meet' 

ing, 205 
Heald, John, papers of, 196 
Heald, William, papers of, 196 
Heart, John, letter of, 61 
Heath, Rev. Mr., letter to, 59 
Heathcote, CoL Caleb, letters oi loi, iqs, ioB 



Heathen, see Propagatinff the Gospel among 

the Heathen, Society for 
Hebbard, Jedidiah, letters of, 42, 51 
Hebron, Conn., church papers of, 81 
Hebron, Mass., historical sketch of, 57 
Hebron, N. H., church paper of, 78 
Hebron, Pa., church papers of, 153, 154 
Heck-Hick controversy, 84 
Heckewelder, John, accounts of journeys of, 

159, 160; correspondence of, 149, 161, i6a, 

165; instructions to, 148; papers of, 157 
Heckewelder, Sarah, diary of journey of, 159 
Heckthom, John, letter to, 161 
Hector, N. Y., church records of, 133 
Hedding, Bp. Elijah, credentials signed by, 142: 

letters of, 59, 174; ordination certificate of, 

Hehl, Matthew, correspondence of, 162, 163, 165 
Heidelberg, Pa., church papers of, 148, 155 
Heil, J. B., biography of, 180 
Heilnuui, U. B., biography of, 180 
Hehnuth, Rev. Dr, J. H. C, letters to, 172; 

papers of, 180; sermon abstracts of, 173 
Hempstead, L. I., church paper of, 106 
Henchman, CoL Daniel, correspondence of, 73, 

Henderson, Rev. Jacob, correspondence con- 
cerning, 106; letters of, 106 
Henkel, Paul, diaries of joumejrs of, 179 
Henniker, N. H., church papers of, 30, 70 
Henrico Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 21 
Henrietta, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Henry, Christian, 154 

Henry, William, report of journey of, 159 
Henshaw, Bp, J. P.. 98, 175 
Herman, Rev. F. L., lectures of, 176 
Hernando Co., Fla., church paper of, 183 
Heron, Benjamin, letter of, 120 
Herridc, H., letter of, 81 
Herring Creek, Md., monthly meeting at, 18 
Herring Creek Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 19 
Hermhut, Pa., journey from, 160 
Hermhut, Saxony, papers relating to, 147 
Hesler, O., case of, 14X 
Hewett, Rev, Ephraim, sermons of, i 
Heyer, C. R, correspondence of, 180 
Heyer, R, letters from and relating to, 172 
Hick, Paul, letters to, 84 
Hick-Hedc controversy, 84 
HickSj Elias, letters of, 205; papers of, 196 
Hicksites, see Friends (Hicksite) 
Hide, Jedidiah, letters of, 42 
Higganum, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Higgins, J., letters of, 30 
Higginson, Waldo, diary of, 66 
Highbee, Dr, E. E., letter of, 176 
Hildreth, Joseph, letters of, 112 
Hill, Charles, letter of, 125 
Hill, Reuben, biography of, 180 
Hillsborough, N. H., church records of, 70 
Hillsborough, N. J., church papers of, 86 
Hillsboroudi Co., N. H., churdi paper of, 70 
Hinckley, Gov. Thomas, correspondence of, 63, 
64; manuscripts of, 64; petition of, 60 

Hind, Rev, Dr., letter to^ 77 

Hinds, Abia, letter of, 42 

Hinds, Ebenezer, papers relating to, 48 

Hingfaam, Mass., church paper of, 57 

Hinke, W. J., 88 ; German Reformed Congrega^ 
Hon in Pennsylvania, 176 

Hinman, Sheldon, case of, 141 

Hinterleitner, Gustavus, biography of, 180 

Historic events and places, committee on com- 
memoration of, ^) 

Historical Manuscripts Commission, Twelfth 
Report, 27 

Hix, Danid, letter of, 42 

Hoar, Rev, Leonard, letter of, 63 

Hobart, Rev, Dr. J. H., manuscripts belonging 
to, 129 

Hobart, Bp. John, letters of, 7 

Hodge, Rev, A. A., letters of, 91 

Hodge, E. B., history by, 89 

Hodges, , 108, 109, 117, 121, 123 

Hodsdon, Timothy, letter of, 42 

Hogg, , 91 

Hoke, Bf, Jacob, autobiography of, 145 

HolbrooK, Rev, J. C, autobiography of, 31 

Holbrooke, Rev. John, letters of, 114, no; p^ 
per respecting, 114 

Holden, Isaac, letter of, ^i 

Holland, Richard, memorial of, i(K 

Holland, journals of journeys through, 148^ 
176; Mennonite books from, 210; Raad 
Pensionaris of, 176; resolutions of, and pe- 
titions to, the States of, 176, 177 

HoUis, David, letter of, 42 

HoUis, Rev, Isaac, letters to, 24 

Hollis, Mass., church papers of, 53 

Hollis, N. H., association records of» 69 

Hollobank, 159 

Holly Beach, N. J., church papers of, 89 

Holme, Benjamin^ letter of, 197 

Holmes, Rev. Abiel, correspondence of, 23t 33 

Holmes, D., case of, 141 

Holmes, Rev, James, history by, 30 

Holmes, John, letters of, 128 

Holmes, Sarah, letters of, 42 

Holston Presbytery, 203 

Holyoke, Edward, sermons of, 66 

Holyoke, Mass., church paper of, 37 

Homer, Rev, J., letter of, 31 

Homer, N. Y., church papers of, 9S X4i 

Homer, Pa.* diurch paper of, 170 

Honeyman, J. C, letters of, 180 

Honeyman, James, address in behalf of, 105; 
letters of, 103, 105, 106 

Hoofman, Martin, 135 

Hooker, Rev, Asaihel, letters to, 32 

Hooker, Rev. £. W., collection of autogn^ 
letters of, 32 

Hooker, Rev, Thomas, documents relatiiy to, 
27, 78; sermons of, i; verses on the death 
of, 62 

Hooper, R. L., letter of, 163 

Hooper, William, letter of, 42 

Hooversville, Pa., 171 

Hope, N. J., church papers of, 152 



Hopedale, Pau, church papers of, 155 
Hopewell Monthly Meeting, papers o( i8» ao, 

Hopfher, J. C, diary of voyage of, 159 
Hopkins, Mrs. Esther, letter to^ 25 
Hopkins, Samuel, letter of, 75 
Hopkinton, N. H., church papers of, 69, 70^ 102 
Horrocks, Rev. James, izi 

Horsefield, ^ 161 

Horsham Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 189 
Horwood, Nathaniel, letters of, 116 

Houdin, ^ "2 

Houdin, Michael, letter of, 116 

Houpt, L. L^ church history 1^, 179 

Housil, Rev. , letters and papers relating 

to, 172 
HovQTi Rev. Alvah, letters to, 33; Life and 

Timee of the Rev. Isaac Backus, 59 
Howard, Joseph, papers concerning, io5 
Howard, Rev. Leland, letter from, 58 
Howe, Charles, letter of, 42 
Howe, Bp. W. B. W., letter of, 17S 
Howell, David, letters of, 42 
Howell, N. J., church papers of, 90 
Hut4>ard, Jeremiah, papers of, 196 
Hubbard, Thomas, letter to, 24 
Hubner, Andrew, letters to, 161, 162, 163, f65 
Hudson, N. Y^ church records of, 133 
Hudson, O., church papers of, 146 
Hudson River, church papers of congregations 

on, 167 
Hughes, Archbp. John, letter of, 175 
Hughesville, Pa., church paper ot 170 
Huguenot Society of America, CallecHons of, 

138; records of, 135 
Huit, see Hewett, Rev. Ephraim 
Hull, Tohn, commonplace book of, 65 
HuU, Mass., church paper of, 57 
Humiliation, day of, 01 
Humphrey, Rev. Heman, sermon by, 34 
Humphrey, John, letter of, 116 
Humphreys, John, letter of, 109 
Hunt, Asa, letters of, 42 
Hunt, Brian, letters of, 124, 126 
Hunt, George, letter of, 92 
Hunt, John, correspondence of, 197 ; journal of, 

Hunter, Henry, letters of, 79 
Hunter, Gov. Robert, correspondence of, loi, 

106^ itiQ, 109, 116; papers relating to, 106 
Huntingdon, Countess of, letters of, 9 
Huntii^on, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Huntingdon Co., Pa., church papers of, 170 
Huntington, Dr., 93 
Huntington, David, letter of, 75 
Huntington, Hannah, letters of, 75 
Huntington, Hezekiah, letter of, 75 
Huntington, Joseph, letter of, 75 
Huntington, Thomas, letter oC 75; statement 

of, 78 
Huntington, N. Y., church paper of, no 
Huntington, W. Va., church history of, 146 
Huntting; Rev. Nathanid, sermon-book of, 33 

Hurlin, Rev. William, autobiographical and bio- 
graphical sketches collected by, 38; church 
histories by, 37 

Huron Presbytery, 202 

Huron River, journey to, 161 

Hutchinson, ^ijah, letter of, 75 

Hutchinson, Elisha, letter to, 73 

Hutchinson, John, letter of, 75 

Hutten, Dianum der, 147 

Hyatt, Thaddeus, letters of, 10 

Hyde, Rev. A., letter to, 32 

Hyde, Edward, letter of, 120 

Hyde, Elihu, letter of, 42 

Hyde, Joseph, letter of, 32 

Hyde, Kev. Dr, Lavins, collection of autograph 
letters of, 32 

Hyde Parish, N. C, petition from, no 

Hymnal, documents relating to, ^; Lutheran^ 

Ide, Rev. G. B., letter of, i95; sermons of, lS$ 
Illinois, church papers of, in Illinois, 8-9, pae^ 

sim ; in Pennsylvania, 158^ 167, 201 
Illinois College Library, papers in, 9 
Imhoff, Rev., 166 

Imhoff, A. J., data collected by, 167 
Imler, Pa., church paper of i$g 
Indiana, church papers o^ in Ohio, 144; in 

Rhode Island, 206 
Indiana, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Indiana Co., Pa., church papers of, 170 
Indian Affairs, Office of, letters from, 151 
Indianfield, Pa., church papers of, 181, 103 
Indians, address of, iji; baptisms of, 150; 
Canadian, 158 ; Christian congregations of, 
151; committee on, 16, 20^ 131, 132; con- 
ferences of, 150; conversion of, 3; corre- 
spondence of, icQ, 15a i^ 164, 165; emi- 
gration of, 10^ 150; marriage of, 150; mis- 
sions among, 10^ 11, 16, 20, 24, 26, jri, 72, 
83, 94, i47-'i65f passim; papers relatmg to, 
24, 147-16$, passim ; proclamation and pro- 
test apinst selling rum to, 151, 193 ; repre- 
sentations of, to Congress, 165; sachems, 
108; visits to, 149, 161, 164, 20s; see also 
the names of individual tribes, and Moor's 
Charity School 
Indians, New England Society for Propagating 

the Gospel among, 68 
Indian Spring Monthly Meeting, papers of, 17 
Indian Spring Preparative Meeting, minutes o^ 

Indian Territory, church oapers of, 201 
Indulgence, Declaration of, 61 
Ingalls, Elkanah, admonition to, 49; corre- 
spondence of, 40, 42 
Inglis, Charles, letters of, 112 
Inquiry, Society of, papers of, 23-24 
Iowa, church papers of, in Iowa, 9; in Penn- 
sylvania, 158 
Iowa, State Historical Society of, papers of, 9 
Iowa College, Library of, papers in, 9 
Iowa Indians, 11 
Ipswich, Mass., church letter of, 29 



Ireland, James, letters of, 42 
Ireland, church papers of, in Pennsylvania, 196 
Irene, ship, journal of, 160 
Irreligion, proclamation against, 3 
Ithaca, N. V., church papers of, 141 ; paper re- 
lating to, 96 
Ives, Bp. L. S., letter of, 175 

Jacinsky, Rev, F. W., sermons of, 180 

}ackman, George, letter of, 76 
ackson, Levi, letter of, 42 
Jackson, Dr, Sheldon, papers of, 204 
Jackson Township, Pa., dhurch paper of, 170 

Jacobs, Benjamin, letter of, 42 
acobs. Whitman, letter of, 42 
Jaeger, Rev. J. C. W., correspondence and ser- 
mons of, 172 
Jaggar, Dr., 17$ ^ ^ 

Jamaica, N. Y., church papers of, 106^ 107, no, 

Jamaica Plain, Mass., church paper of, 184 
ames XL, of England, petitions to, 60^ 61 
Jameson, J., case of, 141 
Janes, £. S., letter of, 174 
Japan, church paper of, 144 

}arrettown. Pa., 198 
effers, Jonathan, letters of, 43 
Jefferson, Thomas, sermon on the death of, 185 
Jefferson Co., Pa., church paper of, 170 

}effersontown, Ky., church papers of, 12, 167 
efFerson Township, Pa., church paper of, 171 
Jelden, R. F., biography of, 180 
Jenkins, J. W., church history by, 29 
Jenkins, John, letter o^ 43 
Jenkintown, Pa., i^ 

}enner Township, Pa., church papers of, 171 
ennerville. Pa., church papers of, 171 
Jenney, Dr. Robert, 129; letters of, loi, 106^ 

108, 112 
Jericho, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 
Jericho Academy, papers of, 55 
Jerome, Rev. Amasa, paper hj, 33 
Jersey City, church papers of, 90 
Jessops, Rev. William, journals of, 82, 199 

Jesuit College, correspondence from, 33 
ohnson, , 80 

Johnson, Rev. Mr., 75 
ohnson, Hannah, letter of, 63 
Johnson, Jacob, letter of, 7$ 
Johnson, Joseph, life and religious beliefs of, 

Johnson, Mary, letter of, 43 
Johnson, Col. Robert, letter of, 123 
Johnson, Rev. Dr. Samuel, correspondence of, 
64, 73. 75. 100. loi, 103. los, 112, 130; ser- 
mons of, 7 
Johnson, Sir William, correspondence of, 73, 

75. "« 
Johnsonville, O., church papers of, 146 

Johnston, Gov. Gabriel, correspondence of, 120^ 

Johnston, Commissary Gideon, correspondence 

of, I2i« 122, 123; instructions for, 121, 122 
Johnstown, Pa., church papers of, 169 

Jollie, Thomas, 61 
ones. Rev. David, correspondence of, 185 ; pa- 
pers of, 184; papers relating to, 185 
ones, Ebenezer, letter of, 51 
ones, Edward, letter of, 120 
ones, Griffith, i&| 
Jones, Rev. H. G., call of, to pastorate, 1813; 
correspondence, paper, and sermons of, 185 
Jones, Joseph, letter of, 43 
Jones, Lewis, letters of, 120^ 123, 126, 128 
Jones, Rev. Morgan, 185 
Jones, Samuel, letter of, 43 
Jones, Thomas, sermons of, 68 
jfongquakamik. Pa., church papers o^ 153 

{oppa, Md, 18 
ordan, Richard, papers ol, 196 
Jordan, Rev. Robert, letter of, 63 
Jordan's Creek, 111., church paper of, 167 
Joseph, John, diary of journey ol, i6s 
Judson, Adoniram, letter to, JB 
Judson, Mrs, Adoniram (Ann. H.), letters of, 

Judson, Mrs. Adoniram (Emily C), letter of, 


Jung, , 162 

Jung, Michael, 160 
Jiingerhaus Diarium, 147 

Jungman, , 160 

Jungman, Georg^ letters of, 162 
Junp^man, John, diaiy of journey of, 159 
Juniata Township, Pa., church paper of, 168; 


{unius, N. Y., church records of, 133 
union. Rev. Dr. (korge, 202 

Kallender, Rev. Ellis, letter to, 51 

Kansas, church papers of, in Kansas, lo-ii; 

in Ohio, 144; in Pennsylvania, 158 
Kansas State Historical Society, manuscripts 

of, lO-II 

Kaulbach, , 177 

Kaw Indians, 10 

Keach, Elias, 51, 184 

Keayne, Robert, 2O8 

Keble, Thomas, letters of, 1x2 

Keen, Robert, letter to, 73 

Keen, Sarah, letter of, 43 

Keeneborough, N. H., church documents of, 30 

Keep, John, letter of, 80 

Keister, T. O., historical papers by, x68 

Keith, George, correspondence of, loi, 106^ loB; 

paper by, 100 
Keidi, Rev. James, letters of, 63, 64 
Keith, Sir William, letter of, 108 
Keithean controversy, papers relating to, X87 
Kellogg, Copt, complaints against, 24 
Kellogg, Rev. Elijah, sermons of, 13 
Kellogg, H. N., church memoranda by, 141 
Kellogg, Samuel, 81 
Kelly, John, letter of, 81 
Kemble, Peter, letter of, 116 
Kemp, Bp. James, confirmations by, 13; papers 

of, IS 



Kemp, John, letter of, 77 
Kemper, Bp. Jackson, letter of, 175 
Kemper, B(. Joshua, diaries and letters of, 210 
Kendall, Eider, letter to, 40 
Kennedy, Michael, papers relating to, 51 
Kennett Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 195 
Kensington, Conn., churdi papers of, 6 
Kensington, England, church papers of, i8z 
Kent, John, letter of, 81 
Kent Ca, Md., Friends' meetings at, 17 
Kentucky, church papers of, in Kentucky, 11- 
13 ; m New York, 94 ; in Pennsylvania, 167, 


Kentucky, Presbyterian Theological Seminary 

of, II 
Kentucky Academy, 201 
Kepner, D. K., biography o( 180 

Kessler, Rgv. Mr. ^ letter to, 88 

Keth, Bety, letter of, 43 
Kibby, Rev. ^>aphra8, letters to, 59 
Killingly, Conn., church papers oC 46, 53, 77 
KimbaJl Union Academy, papers of, 55 
Kingsbury, Rev, J. W., sermons of, 30 
Kings College, see Columbia University 
Kingsley, Jonathan, letter of, 75 
Kingslcy, Victor, recollections of Colgate Uni- 
versity by, 96 
Kingston, Mass., church paper of, 48 
Kingston, N. H., church papers of, 70 
Kingston, N. Y., church papers of, 96 
Kingston, R. I., church papers of, 103 
King Township, Pa., church papers of^ 169 
Kingwood Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 189 
Kinsey, John, minutes of, 196 
Kirk, Rev. E. N.. 29 
Kirkpatrick, WiUiam, letter of, 112 
Kirtland, Samuel, correspondence of, 73, 163 
Kite, Benjamin, 197 
Klinakill, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Kluge, J. P., address of, 149; diary of journeys 

of, 159 

Kneeland, John, letters of, 79 

Knibbe, Rev. David, letter to, 88 

Knight, Nehemiah, letter of, 51 

Knowlton, Peter, account of, 160 

Knox, Henry, correspondence of, 33, 162 

Knox, Mrs. Henry, correspondence of, 33 

Kocherthal, Joshua, letters of, ic6 

Kohler, John, biography of, 180 

Kolluck, Rev. Dr. Henry, sermon-notes of, 210 

Kortright, N. Y., church papers of, 205 

Kosker, Rev. S., papers relating to, 88 

Kowala, John, biography of, 180 

Kramlich, B. R, biography of, 180 

Krauth, C. P., biognphy of, 180 

Krehbiel, Rev. Christian, manuscripts belong- 
ing to, 211 

Krehbiel, E. B., 210 

Krehbiel, Rev. H. P., manuscripts belonging to, 

Kulenkamp, Gerardus, letters to, 176^ 177 

Kulpsville, Pa., i^ 

Kumber, Bp. Henry, jr., diaries and autobi- 
ographv of, 14S 

Kurtz, J. N., diaries of, 179 


Ladd. Delight, letter of, 80 
Laitzle, W. G., biography of, 180 
Lakegrove, N. Y., church papers of, 136 
Lambertville, Pa., church paper of, 171 
Lambeth, transcripts from, 98-1^ passim 
Lamson, Samuel, jr., letter of, 81 
Lancaster, Pa., church papers of, 153, 155, 181, 

Landon, Seymour, letters of, 83 
Landsdale, Pa., 198 
Lane Seminary, " Brethren's Society of ", 23 ; 

Library of, manuscripts in, 143 
Langdon, Rev. Samuel, letter of, 2$ 
Languntoutenunk, diary of congregation at, 

153; Indian conference at, 150; journey 

from, 159; visit to, 163 
La Pierre, John, letters of, 120^ 122, 123, 124, 

Larmer Township, Pa., church pa^r of, 171 
Lathrop, J., paper by, 33 
Lathrop, Joseph, sermon of, 66 
Laud, Archbp. William, 27 
Laurel, Pa., i^ 
Laurens, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133, 134 

Lauterbach, , 163 

Lavansville, Pa., 171 

Law, Gov. Jonathan, letter to, 64 

Lawrence, Ephraim, 49 

Lawrence, Thomas, minutes of, 196 

Lawunakhannek, 153, 165 

Layritz, , 161 

Leach, Ebenezer, letter of, 75 
Leach, Stephen, letter of, 43 

Leaming, , 105 

Leavitt, Rev. Joshua, sermon by, IJO 
Lebanon, Conn., church papers of, 0^ 81 ; Indian 

Charity School in, 72; Wheelock's letters 

relating to, 71, 73-74 
Lebanon, N. H., journey to, ^ 
Lebanon, Pa., church papers of, 148L 153 
Ledoyt, Biel, letters of, 43 
Ledwith, Rev. Dr. W. L., Sketch of the Pres- 
byterian Historical Society, 199 
Lee, Jesse, letters of, 9 
Lee, John, letters of, 75 
Lee, Capt. John, letter of, 75 
Lee, Joseph, letter of, 43 
Lee, Kichard, letter of, 43 
Leeds, England, church paper of, 206 
Leeds Point, N. J., church papers of, 89 
Leffingwell, John, letters of, 43 
Lehigh Co., Pa., church paper of, 197 
Leicester, Mass., church papers of, 53 
Le Jau, Dr. Francis, correspondence of, 123 
Le Jau, Mrs. Francis, letter to, 123 ; petition in 

behalf of, 122 
Le Jeau, see Le Jau 
Leland, Rev. Tohn, letters of, 43; life of, 38; 

theological statement by, 51 
Lenox, N. Y., church papers of, 140 
Leonard, D., jr., letters of, 43 
Leonard, Rev. H. P., address by, 30 
Leonard, J. L., letter of, 43 
Leonard, Joshua, letter of, 79 



Leonard, Tosiah, letter of, 43 

Leopold, Owen, biography of, 180 

Lesley, James, letter of, 75 

Leslie, Andrew, letters of, ia6 

Leverett, Mass., church papers of, 53 

Lewis, Enoch, letter to, 197 

Lewis, Rev. John, sermons of, 142 

Lewis, Richard, letter of, 43 

Lewisburg, Pa., 172 

Lexington, Mass., letter to church at, 32 

Leybum, Dr., letter to, 92 

Liberty Township, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Lichtenau, O., iSh I57 

Lifford, Sarah, kUer of, 75 

Lilly, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Limerick, Pa., church p^ier of, 182 

Lincoln, Heman, letters to, 38 

Lincoln, Vt, church papers of, 134 

Lincoln Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 20 

Lindsay, William, letter of, 116 

Linn, William, letter of, 163 

Lischy, Rev. Jacob, diary of, 176 

Lispenard, Leonard, letter of, no 

Litchfield, Conn., church papers of, 2B 

Litchfield, Pa., church papers of, 163 

Litchfield Co., Conn., records of, 5 

Litchfield South Farms, Conn., councils at, 29 

Lititz, Pa., church papers of, I53» I55 

Little, Rev. Jacob, sermons of, 145 

Little Britain Monthly Meeting, papers of, I9i 


Little Egg Harbor Monthly Meeting, papers of, 

Little Egg Harbor Preparative Meeting, papers 
of, 190 

Little Falls Monthly Meeting, papers of, 17 

Little Nine Partners, church papers of, 134 

Liturgy, letters and papers relating to, 130^ 175 

Livingston, Catharine, letters to, $3 

Livingston, John, letters of, 112 

Livingston, Robert, memorial of, 107 

Livingston, Walter, letter of, 163 

Livingston Papers, 83 

Livsey, Rev. W., letter to, 59 

Lochman, Georg, book b^, 172 

Lochner, , letter of, 88 

Lock, Simon, letter of, 43 

Lock, O., church papers of, 146 

Locke, Richard, letters of, 116 

Lockport, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Lodi, O., church papers of, 146 

Logan, Rev. J. H., 204 

London, church papers of, 187 ; petition of Bap- 
tists to, 47 

London, Bishop of, defiance of authority of, 
130; instructions of, 122; jurisdiction of, in 
the British colonies, 99 ; letters of, loi, 103, 
105, 116, 120, 130; letters to, loi, 102, 103, 
104, 105, 106, 107, 106, 109, iia III, ii2t 
113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, ii9» lao^ 121, 
122, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128; papers of, and 
relating to, 100, 107; persons licensed by, 
100, i^; petitions and memorials to, 100, 

102, 107 

Londonderry, N. H., church records ot 70^ 77 
Londonderry, Pa., diurch papers of, 169^ 203 
London Grove Monthly Meeting, minutes oi 

London Yearly Meeting, letters and papers of, 

IS. 187, 188, 191, 192, 193. i^ 20s, 207 
Long, Jeremiah, petition of, ic^ 
Long Island, N. Y., church papers of, 86^ 131, 

132, 136 
Long Island, Tenn., report of journey to, 160 
Longmeadow, Mass., 73 
Loomis, Marv, letter of, 77 
Loomis, N. Y., church paper of, 141 
Lord, Benjamin, letters to, 73 
Lord, Nathaniel, letter of, 43 
Lords, House of, petition to, 118 

Loring, -, 43 

Los Angeles, CaL, church papers of, 200 

Loskiel, G. H., letters to, 162, 165 

Lothrop, Simon, letter of, 43 

Lottery tickets, sale of, 91 

Loudon, N. H., church records of, 70 

Loueburg, Pa^ church paper of, 183 

Love, W. De L., Samson Oceom, 71, 72 

Love-feast, 84 

Lovelace, Gov. Francis, papers signed by, 135 

Lovell, Anna, letter of, 43 

Lovell, Lazarus, letters of, 43 

Lovell. Martha, letters of, 43 

Lovell, Mercy, letter of, 43 

Lovell, Shubael, letters of, 43 

Loverins Valley, Ky., church records of, 12 

Lovick, J., letter of, 126 

Low, Robert, letters oi, 43 

Lower Dublin, Pa., church paper of, 184 

Lower Mansfield Preparative Meeting; papers 

of, 190 
Lower Merion, Pa., 198 
Lower Somerset Borough, Pa., church paper o( 


Lower Turkey Foot Township, Pa., church pa- 
pers of, 171 

Lower Virginia Monthly Meetings minutes ot 

Lowndes, Thomas, letter of, loi 

Lowther, Mrs., letter of, 122 

Lowton, Ty, letter of, 128 

Lowville, N. Y., church records of, 133 

Lucas, Henry, letter of, 105 

Lucius, S. F., letter of, 126 

Luckenbach, Abraham, address of, 149; diaries 

of journeys of, 159 
Ludlam, Richard, letters of, 124, 126 
Ludlow, Mass., Methodism in, 57 
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, church papers of, I77 
Lutheran ChurclL Evangelical, Get^sburg, Pa^, 

Theological Seminary of, 166-1^ 
Lutheran Church of St Matthew, German 

Evangelical, 135 
Lutheran Historical Society, manuscripts ia* 

165-173 . „ 

Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvama, Evan- 
gelical, Archives of, 177-183 



Lntfaenuis, papers of, in New Yofk, 135; in 
Pennsylvania, 148^ 165-173, 174, 177-183 ; in 
Virginia, aop; set also Educational so- 
cieties, Missionary societies. Theological 

Luzerne Co., Pa., church papers of, 202 

Lyberger's, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Lycominff Co., Pa., church paper of, 170 

'Lyman, Rev, Joseph, journal of, 31 

Lyman, Rev, P. W., autobiography of, 31 

Lynn, Mass., church papers of, 57 

Lynn, Pa., church papers of, 155 

Lyons, James, letters of, 112 

Lyscom, Phebe, letters of, 43 

McAlevy Fort, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Macartney, James, letter of, 120 

M'Cabe, jolui, letter of, 43 

McChord, James, letters of, 204 

McGenagfaan, Rev. Mr,, 130 

MacGenahan, Rev. Mr., 161 

Macdintock, J., letter of, 79 

MacOintock, Samuel, letters of, 79; sermon of, 

McGure, , letter to, 79 

McGure, Rev. David, correspondence of, 73, 75, 
78-80; Memoirs of Rev. Eleasar Wheelock, 
71 ; papers of, and relating to, 70, 78» 80^1 

McGure, Mrs. David, letter of, 80 

McGure, Mrs. H., letter to, 79 

Macdnre, James, letter of, 79 

McGure, Thomas, letters of, 79 

McGure, Capt. William, letter of, 79 

McCosh, President James, letter of, 92 

McCoy, Rev. Isaac, papers of, 10 

Macdonall, John, correspondence of, 118, 120 

Macdowelt John, letter o^ 126 

Macedon, N. Y., church papers of, 214 

McEwen, J. R, letter of, 81 

McEwen. Mrx Samuel, letter of, 81 

McGlothlin, W. J., " Books by Kentucky Bap- 
tists", 13 

McGrawville, N. Y., church papers of, 9S 

Machilusing, Pa., church paper of, 153 

M'Intosh, Col Henry, letter of, 105 

Made, , 159 

Mack, J. M., reports of journeys of, 159, 160 

Mack, Martin, diary of journey of, 104; visits 
ojf, to the Indians, 149, 164 

McKean, , 116 

McKean, Robert, letters of, 117 

McKendree, Bp. William, 83 

Mackenzie, Aeneas, letters of, 108 

McKinney, Rev. Ed., papers of, 11 

McKorkles, Rev. S. E., sermons of, 142 

McLean, John, letters of, 79 

MacMillan, Rev. John, sermons of, 203 

** Macomber Letters ", 43 

Macro, Cox, 27 

Macro Manuscripts, 27 

MacSparran, Rev. Dr. James, complaint against, 
IQ5; correspondence of, 103, 104, 105, 106; 
diary of, 206; paper by, 104; petitions of, 
100, IQS ; sermons o^ 20B 

Macungie, Pa., church paper of, 179 
Madison, Bp. jfames, letter of, 175 
Madison, Pres. James, letters to, 185 
Madison, N. Y., church papers of, 134, 141 
Maffitt, Rev. J. N., letters of, 142 
Magill, Rev, D. T., biographical sketch by, 38 
Maguntsche, Pa., diurch papers of, 154, 155 
Mahaffey, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Mahoning Congre^tional Conference, l^ 
Mahoning Township, Pa., church paper ot, 170 
Maine, church papers of, in Maine, 13 ; in Mas- 
sachusetts, »» 35, 46, 57; in New Hamp- 
shire, 80; in New York, 95, 101*102 
Maine Literary and TheologioJ Institution, pa- 
pers of, 54 
Malcolm, Howard, letter of, 94 
Maiden, Mass., church papers of, 34 
Malin Library of Moravian Literature, 147 
Maltby, John, letters of, 7f , 77 
Mamaroneck, N. Y., churcn papers of, 134 
Manchester, Conn., church paper of, 57 
Manchester, N. H., church records of, 70 
Mangey, Dr., letter of, 124 
Manhasset, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Manlius, N. Y., church paper of, 141 
Manly, Rev. Basil, letter of, 185 
Mann, Rev. Joel, autobiography of, 31 
Mann, Dr. W. J., letters to, 180 
Manning, James, correspondence of, 40^ 43, 51, 

206, 207 ; papers of, 207 
Mansfield, Samud, letter of, 60 
Mansfidd, Mass., church papers of, 56 
Mansfield, O., diurch papers of, 146 
Mansfield Preparative Meeting, papers ot 191 
Mantua, O., church papers of, 14(5 
Mapletoft, Dr., letter to, lox 
Marblehead, Mass., church paper of, 58 
Marcdlus Lake, N. Y., diurch paper o^ 141 
Marietta, O., church paper of, 145 
Marion, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Markelton, Pa., church paper of, 171 
Marlborough, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Marlborough, Mass., church papers of, 58 
Marlborough, N. H., church paper of, 102 
Marlborough, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 
Marlow, N. H., church papers of, 53 
Marriage, acts and laws concerning, 5, 113, 118; 

settlement fund papers, 193 
Marschall, C. von, correspondence of, 162 
Marschall, F. W., letters to, 163 
Marschall, Frederick de, journal of, 160 
Marsden, Richard, letters o^ 120^ 123 
Marsh, Rev. Cutting, journals of, 210; letter o( 

Marsh, John, letter of, 75 

Marsh Papers, 140 

Marshall, Abraham, letters o^ 43 

Marshall, J. R., letter of, 112 

Marshall, John, letters of, 185 

Marshall, Rev. William, sermons of, 203 

Marshalltown, Pa., 198 

Marshfield, Mass., church papers of, 48^ 53 

Marston, Dr. Edward, letters to, las 



Martha's Vineyard, Mass., account of journey 

to, 59 ; church papers of, 58 

Martin, , 161 

Martin, Gov. John, letters of, 120 
Martin, Jonathan, letter of, 75 
Martinsburg, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Martyn, , 124 

Martjm, Benjamin, letter of, ia8 

Martyn, Charles, letters of, 126 

Mary, Queen, of England, representation to, 106 

Maryland, church papers of, in Maryland, 13- 

22, passim ; in Pennsylvania, 151, i^, i^ 

160, 167; materials upon the colonial hia- 

tory of, 98 
Maryland, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Maryland Diocesan Library, manuscripts in, 13- 


Mason, Susanna, letter to, 40 

Massachusetts, church papers of, in Massachu- 
setts, 22-69, Piusim ; in New Hampshire, 71 ; 
in New Yoric, 95, 132; in Pennsylvania, 
163 ; material upon the colonial history of, 

Massachusetts, Assembly of, petition to, 36 
Massachusetts, Council of, petition to, 36 
Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magasine, 38 
Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society, col- 
lection of, 55-56; correspondence, 65 
Massachusetts Bay, province of, map of, 102 
Massachusetts General Court, letters to, 3, 62; 
orders of, 3; petitions to, 3, 46, 49, 55; 
Thanksgiving proclamation t^, 61 
Massachusetts Historical Society, Collections 


Mather, Rev. Mr., sermons of, 138 

Mather, Rev. Cotton, diary of, 31 ; letters to, 61 ; 
list of marriages by, 174 ; sermons and lec- 
tures of, 66, 206, 210 

Mather, Eliakim, letter of, 43 

Mather, Increase, answer of, to the church in 
Wobum, 60; correspondence of, 60^ 61, 63; 
receipt of, for legacy, 174 

Mather, Rev. Isaac, letter to, 60 

Mather, John, letter to, 61 

Mather, Rev. Richard, discourses and sermon 
by. 64 

Mather, Rev. Samuel, sermons of, 210 

Mather Papers, 59-61 

Matinecock, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Matthias, J. B., journal of, 82 

Mattison, A. T., case of, IJ.1 

Maule, Robert, correspondence of, 123 

Maxon, Sarah, 197 

Maxwell, Samuel, letter of, 76 

May, Rev. Robert, 186 

Majrer, Rev. Lewis, lectures of, 176 

Mayer, P. F., letter of, 174 

Mayer Manuscripts, 176-177 

Mayfield, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Meacham, Joseph, letter to, 76 

Mead, Rev. Stith, letter-book of, 209 

Mecca, O., church papers of, 146 

Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, 213 

Medfield, Mass., church papers of, 53 

Media, Pa., 198 

Meeker Rev. Jotham, journals of, xi 

Memoirs of American Missionaries . . . Ando^ 

Mendenhall, Nathan, letter of, 197 
Mendham, N. J., church papers of, 134 
Mendon, Mass., church papers of, 30, 58 
Mendon, N. Y., church papers of, 214 
Meniolaf^meka, Pa., church pai>er of, 153 
Mennonites, church papers of, in New York; 
93; in Virginia, 209; material relating to, 
210-21 1 
Mercersburg, Pa., church papers of, 168^ 170^ 

Meriam, Rev. Joseph, autobiography of, 31 
Meriden, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Merion Monthly Meeting, papers of, 193 
Merion Preparative Meeting, papers of, 193 
Merreld, J., letter of, IQ5 
Merriconege Monthly Meeting, paper of, 195 
Merrill, Rev. Daniel, S7,> 38 
Merrill, Rev. T. W., biographkral sketch of, 38 
Merrimack River Baptist Association, 36 
Merritt, Rev. Timothy, letters of, 59 
Messer, Asa. letter-book of, 207 
Metcalfe, Mrs. Abigail, letters of, 25 
Metes and Bounds, Book of, 14 
Methodist Episcopal Church of Nebraska, His- 
torical Society of the, 21 x 
Methodist Historical Society of New York 

City, manuscripts belonging to, 136-137 
Methodist Historical Society, Ohio, 211 
Methodists, papers of, in California. 211; in 
Illinois, 9; in Kansas, 10; in Massachu- 
setts, 56-59, 65 ; in Nebraska, 211; in New 
Jersey, 8^-84, 91; in New York, 136-137, 
140-142, 212; in Ohio, 211; in Pennsyl- 
vania, 174, 197-199, 2X1, 2x2; in Virginia, 
209; in Wisconsin, 2x0; see also Missionary 
societies, Sunday Schools, Theological sem- 
Methodists (South), papers of, in Georgia, 8; 
in New Jersey, 83 ; in South Carolina, 206 
Methuen, Mass., church papers of, 53 
Meurer, J. P., diaries of, x6o 
Mexico, missions, x 
Meyersdale, Pa., X72 
Miami, O., church papers of, X44, 202 
Michelsburg, Pa., church paper of, X70 
Michigan, church papers of, in Michigan, 69; 

in Pennsylvania, 20X 
Micklejohn, G., letter of, 120 
Middleborough, Mass., church papers of, 30^ 

37, 39. 46, 47. 48, 49, 5©. 53 
Middleburgh, N. Y., church papers of, X34 
Middlebury College, papers of, 55 
Middleiield, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Middlesex, Conn., church papers of, X34 
Middleton, Arthur, letter of, 126 
Middletown, Pa., church papers of, 168, 170 
Middletown Monthly Meetmg, minutes of, X89 
Mifflin, Gov. Thomas, correspondence of, X63, 

Mifflin, Warner, papers of, X96 



Miles, Rev, John, letter to, 63 

Miles, Thomas, 184 

Milford, ConiL, letter regarding church at, 3 

Milford, Mass., church paper of, $8 

Mil ford Township, Pa., church paper of, 171 

Military duty, 190^ 192 

Mill Creek, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Millechamp, Timothy, letter of, 126 

Miller, Joseph, correspondence of, 163 

Miller, Rev. Dr. Samuel, journey of, 92 ; letters 
of, 32, 91 ; Letters on Unitarianism, 93 ; pa- 
pers of, 91, 92-93 ; writings by, 91 

Miller, Mrs. Samuel, letters to, 93 

Miller, W. R. 81 

Millerism, 34 

Mills, Jedadiah, letter of, 76 

Mills, S. J., letters of, 23, 32 

Mills, S. J., jr., letter to, 32 

Millville, N. J., church papers of, 89 

Miln, John, letters of, 112 

Milner, , 112 

Milton, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Milton, Mass., church papers of, 30^ 60 

Milton, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 

Milton College, Library of, 210 

Ministers, act to suspend, 124; house for, 107; 
letter of, 114; maintenance of, 121, i^; 
ordination of, 61; petitions for, 107, 114; 
petitions of, no; taxation of, 3; see also 

Ministry, course of study for, 65 

Minnesota, church papers of, in Minnesota, 69 ; 
in Pennsylvania, 167, 201 

Minnesota Historical Society, manuscripts be- 
longing to, 69 

Missionaries, addresses and representations of, 
109, 149; diaries, journals, and memoirs of, 
a II. 38, 92, 94, 144, ISO, 163, 179, 210; 
letters and reports of, 36, 10^, 106, in, 114, 
124, 147-165, passim, 177, 186, 210; letters 
against, loi ; paper concerning, 82 ; petition 
for, for North America, 100; of the Society 
for Propagating the Gospel, 103, 106 ; recom- 
mendation and appointment of, 33 

Missionary societies, etc., 145, 146, a08; Baptist, 
12, 25.26, 34, 36. 55-56, 65. 94, 95, 183 ; Con- 
gregational, 3-6, 26, 29, 34; Dutch Re- 
formed, 85; Episcopal, 13, 14; Lutheran, 
166, 167, 168, 178; Methodist, 10, 57, 137, 
141 ; Presbyterian, 10, 138-1^, 203 

Missionary Society of Connecticut, papers of, 

Missions, 93, 96, 174; committee on, 13, 186; 
foreign, 4, 5, 23, 24, 25-26, 32, 34* S7> 59, 
78. 138-139, 148; home, 4, 5. 10, 23, 2S, 36, 
55, 59, 85, 89, 95, 145, 178, 183, 203, 204, 208, 
212; Indian, 10, 11, 16, 20, 24, 26^ 71, 72, 
82, 94, 147-165, passim ; itinerant, 102 ; Ro- 
man Catholic, I ; Western, i, 27, 204, 210 

Missions, Sodety of Inquiry respecting, papers 
of, 23-24 

Mississippi Valley, Sunday School work in, 186 

Missouri, church papers of, in Massachusetts, 
30; in Missouri, 69; in Ohio, 145 

Mitchel, Jonathan, sermon abstracts of, 66 

Mitchell, Rev. A., sermons of, 2Q3 

Mohawk Indians, 150, 160^ 209 

Mohegan, Conn., church papers of, 6, 72 

Mohican Indians, 150 

Moir, James, letters of, 120 

Monkton, Vt, church papers of, 132, 133, 134 

Monmouth, N. J., church papers of, So 

Monmouth Co., N. J., church papers of, 114, 201 

Monocacy, Md, church papers of, 153, 156^ 158* 

Monroe, James, letters to, 185 
Monroe, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Monroe, Mass., church papers of, 58 
Monsey Indians, see Munsee Indians 
Monson Academy, papers of, 55 
Montague, Mass., church papers of, 53 
Montgomery, N. Y., church papers of, 86 
Montgomery Co., Md., churdi papers of, 15 
Montgomery Co., O., church papers of, 145 
Montgomery Co., Pa., church papers of, 170^ 

Montpelier, Vt, church papers of. 134 
Montville, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Moody, Rev. Joshua, correspondence of, 64; 

sermons of, 66 
Moody, Rev. Nathaniel, sermon-book of, 33 
Moon, Moses, 197 
Moor, Thorogood, letter of, 106 
Moore, Bp. Benjamin, letters of, 129, 175 
Moore, David, letter of, 76 
Moore, Sir Henry, letters of, 112 
Moore, James, letter of, 126 
Moore, Jeremiah, letter of, 44 
Moore, R. R., map by, 16 
Moore, Thomas, letters of, 117 
Moore, Rev. W. H., journal of, 6; letters to^ 4 
Moore, William, address to, 149 
Moore's Chapel, Pa., 198 
Moor's Charity School, papers relating to, 71, 

72, 80, 82, 139 
Moravia, la., church papers of, 158 
Moravian Archives at Winston-Salem, N. C» 

Moravian Church, or Unitas Fratrum, Archives 

of, 147-165 
Moravians, papers of, in Massachusetts, 66; in 

North Carolina, 212-213; >& Pennsylvania* 

147-165, 174 
Moreau, N. Y., church records oU 133 
Morey, Rev. R., letter of, 36 
Morgan, George, letter of, 163 
Morgan, John, letters of, 163 
Morgan, Rev. Stillman, autobiography of, 31 
Morice, Rev, Mr., letter to, 116 
Mormons, papers relating to, 8 
Morrell, Ct^t. Thomas, letters to, 9 
Morrill, John, statement by, 30 
Morrill, Robie, letter of, 76 
Morris, Deborah, diary of, 196 
Morris, Earl, 173 
Morris, J. B. H., diary of, 58 



Morris, J. G., historical papers of, 167; The 
Stork Family, 172 

Morris, Col, Lewis, letters of, loi, 108, 117; 
memorial of, 114; Witherspoon v,, gat 

Morris, Moses, letters of, 44, ^ 

Morris, Gov. R. H., address to, 149; letters to, 

Morris, Bp. T. A., correspondence of, 59, 174 

Morris, Thomas, letter of, 105 

Morrison, Simon, letter of, 79 

Morritt, , 125 

Morritt, Thomas, letters of, 126 

Mors, William, testimony ot concerning witch- 
craft, 61 

Morse, Jedidiah, letter to, 77 

Morse, Rev. Pitt, sermons of, 68 

Morse, Timothy, letter of, 56 

Mortimer, Benjamin, address of, im; corre- 
spondence of, 149, 162; diaries of, 159, 160^ 

Morton, , 114 

Morton, Andrew, letters of, 117, lao 

Morton, Charles, sermon-notes of, 66 

Morton, Nathaniel, letters ot 62 

Morton, Perez, Z3 

Moseley, Edward, books presented by, 118; let- 
ter of, 120 

Mosely, Samuel, letter of, 74 

Moses, Rev. Vincent, sketch by, 30 

Mosley, R., letter of, 117 

Moss, Henry, letter of, 83 

Mossam, David, letter of, 105 

Motherkiln Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 195 

Mott, William, papers of, 196 

Moultonborough, N. H^ communication to 
Wheelock from, 73 

Mt. Desert Island, papers relating to, 28 

Mt Holly, N. J., church paper of, 115 

Mount Holly Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 190 

Mount Holly Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 

Mt Joy, Pa., church papers of, 154, 155 

Mount Kisco, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Mt. Vernon, Ky., Baptist church at, 12 

Mt Vernon, N. Y., cnurch papers of, 136 

Mowbray. Alexander, letter o^ 76 

Mudge, Z. A., writings of, $7 

Mueller, Constantine, journal of, 160 

Muhlen, Henry, letter to, 166 

Miihlenberg, F. A., biography of, 180 

Miihlenberg, Rev. Dr. H. M., papers of, 178, 

Muhlenberg, Rev. Heinrich, letters of, 172 

Muhlenberg Collie, papers relating to, 178 

Muhlenberg Mission, 106 

Muhlenberg Presbytery, Ky., papers of, 11 

Muirson, George, letters of, 105, 108 

Muller, , 162 

Mtiller, G. P., biography of, 180 

Muncy Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 193 

Munro, Harry, letters of, 112 

Munsee Indians, 159 

Murray, John, letters of, 68, 79 

Muskingum Annual Conference, 145 

Muskingum land, 145, 151, 157, 159 

Muskingum River, 157, 158^ 159^*163 

Muskogee, Presbsrtery of, 202 

Myles, Samuel, letter of, 105 

Mystic Bridge, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Nachiliching, Pa., 150 

Nain, Pa., 150^ 153 

Nantikoh Indians, 150 

Nantucket Monthly Meeting, records of, 67 

Narragansett R. I., church papers of, 103, 135 

Narragansett Lands, 64 

Narragansett Library, manuscripts in, 20$ 

Nash, Judah, letter of, 76 

Nash Papers, 29 

Nashota House Library, 210 

Nassau College, catalogue of mimsters gradu- 
ated from, 33 ; see also Princeton College 

National Biography, Dictionary of, 27 

Navarre, O., church paper of, 204 

Naylor, Rev. Mr., letter to, 63 

Nazareth, Pa., dhurch paper of, 153, 155; In- 
dians in, 150^ 164 

Neau, Elias, correspondence of, 106^ 109, 117; 
memorial in behalf of, 10^ 

Nebraska, church papers o( in Ndl)raska, 211; 
in Pennsylvania, 167 

Nebraska, Historical Society of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church of, 211 

Needham, Mass., church papers of, 37, 58 

Neff, Jacob, biography of, 180 

Negroes, designs for helping, 78; church papers 
of, S, 203; schools for, 92, 187, 188, 206; 
protection of free, 16 

Nejme, Thomas, letter of, 123 

Neisser, George, correspondence of, i6a; diaiy 
of, 160 

Nellis, P. S., papers by, 173 

Nelson, S. S., letters of, 44 

Nelson, Samuel, letter of, 44; paper relating to, 

Nelson, William, bibliography by, 84 
Nesbit, Dr. Charles, lectures of, 11 
Neshaminy, N. Y., church papers of, 85 
Neshaminy Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 189 
Nevada, diurch paper of, in Pennsylvania, 183 
Neversink, N. Y., church papers of, 133 
Nevin, Dr. J. W., lectures oi, 176 
New Albany, Ind, church papers ot 144 
Newark, N. J., church papers of, 82, 90^ 115. 

136-137, i8s 
New Baltimore, N. Y., church pspera of, 134 
New Bedford Academy, papers of, 55 
New Bedford Monthly Meeting, records of, 67 
Newbem, N. C, memorial of, 118 
New Bristol, R. I., church paper o^ IQ3 
New Britain, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 
New Brunswick, N. J., church papers in, 84-^ 

91, IIS, 176 
Newburgh, N. Y., letter of, 110 
Newbury, Mass., churdi papers of, 30 
Newbury, N. H., petition of inhabitants of, loa 
Newbury, Pa., church paper of, 170 
New Cambridge, Conn., see Bristol 



New Canaan, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Newcastle, Duke of, letter to, 163 
Newcastle, N. Y., church paper of, 107 
New Concord, N. Y., church paper of, no 
New England, church papers of, in Massachu- 
setts, 28, 35, 39, 40^ 56, 61, 62, 68; in New 
Hampshire, 70, 80; in New York, lOQ, 103; 
in Pennsylvania, 160; in Rhode Island, 2tiS 
New England, Company for the Propagation of 

the Gospel in, 01 
New England Baptist Library, manuscripts in, 

New England Baptist Library Association, 55 
New England Methodist Historical Society, pa- 
pers of, 56-59 
New England Society for Propagating the Gos- 
pel among the Indians, papers of, 68 
New England Yearly Meeting, papers of, 134, 

195, ao6, 207 ; letter from, 196 
New Fairfield, Conn., church records of, 3 
New Fairfield, Kans., church papers of, i^ 
Ne?rfield, N. Y., church paper of, 141 
New Florence, Pa., 172 
New Germantown, N. J., church papers of, 167, 

181, 183; journeys to, 181, 182 
New Gloucester, Me., church paper of, 46 
New Hampshire, church papers of, in Massa- 
chusetts, 30-31* 37t 381 $0^ 5?, ^; in New 
Hampshire, 69-82. passim ; in New York, 
95, 102, 140; in Rnode Island, 207 
New Hampshire Historical Society, manuscripts 

belonging to^ 69-70 
NewHampsUre Literary and Theological In- 
stitution, papers of, 55 
New Hampton, N. H., church papers of, 13, 70 
New Hanover, Pa., church papers of, 183; 

journeys to, 181 
New Hanover Co., N. C, church papers of, 121, 

New Hartford, Conn., church records of, 5 
New Hartford, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133, 

New Haven, Conn., church papers of, 6, 7, ^ 

aft 64,^ 
Newington, Conn., church papers of, 6 
New Jersey, church papers of, in Maryland, 15 ; 
in New Hampshire, 72 ; in New Jersey, &- 
93» passim ; in New York, 95, 100, 107, itiQ, 
114-118, 133; in Pennsylvania, 151, 152, 167, 
176, 177. 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 184. 188, 
195, lA aoi 
New Jersey, College of, see Princeton College 
New Jersey Historical Society, Library of, man- 
uscripts in, 84 
New Lancaster, O., 160 
New Liberty, Ky., church records of, 12 
New London, Conn., church papers of, 3, 46, 153 
New London, Pa., church papers of, 156 
Newman, Rev, Noah, letters of, 6z 
Newman, Thomas, letters of, ia6 
Newport, R. I., church papers of, 31, 50-51, 54, 
103-104, 151, 196 

New Providence, Pa., church papers of, 183, 183 
New Rochelle, N. Y., church papers of, 106^ 107, 

not I35» 138 
New Rowley, Mass., church papers of, 54 
Newry, Pa., church paper of; 169 
New Salem, Mass., church papers of, 49, 54 
New Salem, O., church papers of, 157 
New Scotland, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Newton, Mass., church papers of, 54 
Newton, N. H., church papers of, 50^ 54 
Newton, N. J., church papers of, 91 
Newton Monthly Meetuig, papers of, 193 
Newton Theological Institution, papers of, 36^ 

New York, church papers of, in Massachusetts, 

24.37.50; inNewJersey,8M7,88,90,9i,92; 
in New York, 93-142, passim; in Pennsyl- 
vania, 151, 152, 158^ I59» 161, 163, 167, 180, 
181, 183, 198, 201; in Rhode Island, 206; 
journeys to, 92, 163, 181 

New York, Central, Annual Conference, papers 
of, 141 

New York, Central, Conference, Historical So- 
ciety of, manuscripts belongin|[ to, 140-142 

New York, College of the Province of, see 
Columbia University 

New York City, church papers of. Baptist, 95; 
Dutch Reformed, 86-87 ; Episcopal, 106, 107, 
no; Friends, 132, 133, 134; Lutheran, 167, 
181 ; Methodist, 84, 136-137, 198 ; Moravian, 
152; Presbyterian, 92, 93, 1 10^ 139; journeys 
to, 158, 163, 181 

New York Colonial Manuscripts, 93 

New York Historical Society, manuscripts be- 
longing to, 138 

New York Sabbath Committee, documents be- 
longing to, 97 

New York State Library, manuscripts in, 93 

New York Yearly Meetings of the Rdigious 
Society of Friends, Joint Archives of the 
Two, 130-135 

Nicholson, Gov. Francis, correspondence of, xoo^ 
loi, 105, 106, 114, ii8k 130, 121, 122, 124, 
125, 120; instructions to, 133; petitions to, 
133, 135 

Nickerson, Samuel, case of, 48 

Nicolas, Indian chief, 150, 165 

NicoU, Dr., case of, 139 

Nicolls, Gov. Richard, 135 

Nightingale, Col. Samuel, letter of, 79 

Ninaagret, C. A., sachem, letter of, 10$ 

Nine Partners, church papers of, 133, 133, 134 

Niscayuna Church, papers of, 93 

Nitschmann, David, letter to, 165 

Nitschmann, John, letter of, 162 

Nixon, Bamaby, " A Serious Call ", 20 

Nixon, Martha, letter of, 195 

Noble, , 162 

Noble, Oliver, 71, 77 

Nobletown, N. Y., church paper of, no 

Nolin, Ky., church records of, 12 

Norfolk Co., Mass., Bible Society records of, tB 

Norris, John, letters of, 123 



Norris, William, account by, 127; letters of, 126 
Norristown, Pa., 198 

North Adams, Mass., church papers of, 68 
North America, bishops in, 100; state of re- 
ligion in, 99, 100; work of Friends in, 187- 
188 ; work of Moravians in, 148 
Northampton, Mass., church papers of, 35 
Northampton, Pa., church papers of, ^, &, 171 
Northampton Co., Pa., church paper of, 149, 197 
North Bloomfield, Conn., church papers of, 7 
North Bloomfield, O., church papers of, 146 
Northbridge, Mass., church papers of, 54 
Northbury, Conn., records of, 7 
North Canaan, Conn., church papers of, 6 
North Carolina, church papers of, in Massachu- 
setts, 50; in Maryland, 20; in New York, 
loOb 118- 121, 122, 129; in North Carolina, 
142, 212-213; in Pennsylvania, 156-157, 160, 
161, 166, 167, 179, 201, 205; in Rhode Isl- 
and, 206; journeys to, 179 
Northcastle, N. Y., churdi papers of, 134 
North Colebrook, Conn., church papers of, 35 
North Dakota, church paper of, in Pennsyl- 
vania, 201 
Northeast, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
North Easton, N. Y., church papers ot, 135 
Northern Liberties, church paper of, 186 
Northfield, Mass., council minutes of, ^ 
North Hampton, N. H., church paper of, 81 
North Haven, Conn., records of, 7 
North Kingstown, R. I., church paper of, 51 
North Lansing, N. Y., church papers of, 140 
North Manchester, Conn., church papers of, 57 
North Monroeville, O., church papers of, 146 
North New Salem, church-book of, 58 
North Reading, Mass., church papers of, 30 
North Stonington, Conn., church papers of, 29 
North Street, N. Y., church papers of, i^ 
North Walsham, N. Y., church papers oz| 134 
Northwest, the, papers relating to, 209, 210 
North Yarmouth, Mass., church paper of, 30 
Norton, John, letter of, 76 
Norton, Mass., church papers of, 48 
Norwich, Conn., church papers of, 5, 46 
Nott, Eliphalet, letter of, 174 
Nott, Rev. Samuel, jr., 34 
Nottingham, N. H., church paper ot 37 
Nottingham Monthly Meeting, papers of, 19 
Nottingham Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 19^ 

" Novae Angliae Lam'tatio ", 63 
Nova Scotia, church papers of, in Boston, 31 

Nyberg, , 162 

Nyberg case, 181 

Oakes, Rev, Urian, letters to, 60 
Oakham, Mass., church paper of, 37 
Oak Hill, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Oberlin College, papers relating to, 55, X45 
Oblong, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 
Occom, Samson, papers relating to, 72, &i 
Oceanville, N. J., church papers oU 90 
Octoraw, Pa., 198 



Odell, John (or Jonathan ?), letter of, 112 

Odell, Jonathan, letters of, 117 

Odiome, William, letter of, 44 

Offley, Daniel, papers of, 196 

Ogden, Israel, letters of, 163 

Ogden, Uzal, jr., letters of, 117 

Ogilvie, John, letters of, 112 

Ohio, church papers of, in Ohio, 143-144 PaS" 
sim, 211-212; in Pennsylvania, 151, i^-i^ 
159, 160^ 161, 163, 167, 201-202, 2Q5; jour- 
neys to, 179, 196 

Ohio, Historical and Philosophical Society o^ 
manuscripts belonging to, 143 

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Qmarterly, 


Ohio Church History Society, manuscripts be- 
longing to, 145-146 

Ohio Co., Ky., church records of, 12 

Ohio Methodist Historical Society, papers in, 

Ohio Presbytery, members of, 80 

Ohio River, journeys to, 160^ 165 ; letters from, 

Ohneberg, Sara, diary of journey of, 159 

Oiclahoma, church papers of, in Pennsylvania, 


Olanta, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Olcott, Rev. Mr., 74 

Old Goschenhoppen, Pa., church paper of, i8a 

Old Man's Creek, N. J., church napers of, 152 

Old Needham Circuit, see Needham, Mass. 

Old Northwest Genealogical Society, 144 

Old Saybrook, see Saybrook, Conn. 

Old Springfield Preparative Meeting, paper of, 

Oley, Pa., church papers of, 148, 155 

Oliphant, Rev. David, autobiography of, 31; 
documents relating to, 20 

Oliver, A., correspondence of, 72, 73 

Oliver, Andrew, correspondence of, 24, 76 

Oliver, James» letter of, 63 

Olivet College, Library of, manuscripts in, 69 

Olney, III, church papers of, 158 

Omaha Indians, ix 

Onderdonk, Bp. B. T., letter of, 175 

Onderdonk, Bp. H. U., case of, 98 

Onderdonk, Henry, history by, 132 

Oneida, N. Y., church papers of, 141 

Onondaga, N. Y., Indian council at, 150; jour- 
neys to, 149, 161, 164, 165 

Oppelet, ^ 160 

Oppelt, 1 162 

Orange, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Orange, N. C, church papers of, 201 

Orbisonia, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Oregon, diurch papers oi, in California, i; in 
New York, 96; in Pennsylvania, 202; his- 
tory of, 96 

Orford, N. H., church paper of, 81 

Orleans, Mass., church papers of, 30 

Orr, William, letters of, 120, 126 

Orrville, O., church papers of, 146 



Osbom, Kans., church papers of, 158 

Osborne, Nath., letters of, 123 

Osborne, Sarah, letter of, 76 

Osgood, H. L., 9p 

Ossipee, N. H., church papers of, 30 

Oswego, N. Y., church papers of, ^53, 134 

Otoe Indians, 11 

Otterbein, P. W., letters of, and to, 177 

Otwego, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Oxford, Bishop of, correspondence of, loi, 130 

Oxford, Conn., records of, 7 

Oxley, John, paper by, X96 

Oxnerd, R, letter of, loa 

Pach^tgoch, diary of congregation at, 152; In- 
dians at, 150; journeys and visits to, 15a 
Pacific Coast History, Academy of, i 
Paducah Presbytery, Kv., records of, 11 
Pagan Creek Mondily Meeting, minutes of, ax. 

Paine, Joshua, letters to, 24 

Paine, Rev, Samuel, 48 

Paine, Thomas, letter of, 76 

Paint Township, church paper of, 169 

Palnorra, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Paltz, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Pan-Presbyterian Council, 199 

Paramus, N. J., church papers of, 86 

P^ris, F. J., letter of, 113; memorial of, 106 

Parish, Elijah, letters 01, 79 

Park, R A., letters of, 36 

Parker, Rev, Mr,, 175 

Parker, Isaiah, correspondence of, 44, 51 

Parker, James, letter of, 117 

Parker, S. J., Oregon history by, 96 

Parker, Samuel, 73, 105 

Parker, Rev, Samuel, life and work of, 96 

Parker, Rev, Dr. Samuel, letter to, 7 

Parkman, O., church papers of, 146 

Parliament, act of, for promoting the Gospel in 

New England, 61 
Parmalee, Rev. M. P., autobiography of, 31 
Parsons, R, letter to, 80 
Parsons, Jonathan, letter of, 76 
Parsons, Rev, Joseph, sermons of, 208 
Parsons, Rev, Joseph, jr., sermons of, 206 
Parsonsfield, Me., church papers of, 35 
Partridge, Richard, representations of, 103 
Pasca, Patty, letters of, 83 
Pasquotank Co., N. C, church papers of, 118 
Patapsco Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 17 
Paterson, John, letter of, 113 
Patridc, Joseph, letter of, 79 
Patten, William, letters of, 76 
Patton, Rev, Dr. W. W., paper by, 27 
Patuxent, Md., 18 

Pawtucket, R. I., church paper of, 58 
Peame, Rev, W. H., historical sketch by, 140 
Peas, Ueui, Ephraim, letter to, 73 
Pease, Rev, C S., sketch by, 37 
Peasley, W., letter of, 126 
Peck, A., history tnr, 141 
Peck, Rev. J, M., letters o( 38^ 1Q5 

Peck, Bp, J. T., letters of, 59 

Peck, Rev. Jeremiah, correspondence of, 64 

Peck, Moses, letters of, 76 

Pcckcom, Timothy, 51 

PeekskilL N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Peery, Rev, J. T., letter of, 10 

Pelot, Francis, letters of, 56 

Pemberton, Ebenezer, letters to, 73 

Pemberton, Israel, correspondence of, 164, 197 

Pemberton, James, letter of, 197 

Pemberton, John, letters to, 197 

Pemberton family, letters of, 197 

Pemberton Marriage Settlement Fund Papers, 

Pembroke, N. H., church records of, 70 
Pembroke Monthly Meeting, records of, 6; 
Pendleton, Rev. J. M., biographical sketch o^ 

12; letter of, i$5 
Penhallow, Samuel, letters of, 79 
Penn, John, address of, 149 ; correspondence of, 
161 ; license issued by, 168 ; pass from. 


Penn, Richard, correspondence of, 130^ 151, 162 

Penn, Thomas, letters of, 130^ 162, 177 

Penn Township, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Pennsylvania, diurch papers of, in Maryland, 
15, 20, 21 ; in New Hampshire, 78 ; in New 
Jersey, 88, 90; in New York, 100, 106, 107, 
114, 129-130^ 139; in Ohio, 144; in Pennsyl- 
vania, 147-205, passim, 212 ; materials upon 
the colonial Ustory of, 98 

Pennsylvania, Central, Conference, Historical 
Society of die, 211 

Pennsylvania, Evangelical Lutheran Minister- 
ium of, 177-183 

Pennsylvania, University of, 130 

Pennsylvania College, 166 

Pennypacker, Gov. S, W., manuscripts belong- 
ing to, 211 

Pennypek, Pa., church paper of, 184 

Pepperrell, Sir William, letters to, 24 

Pepperrell, Mass., church papers of, 49 

PeppHcrrellborough, Me., church records of, 13 

Perrin, Noah, jr., history by, 56 

Perry, Bp, W. S., Docutnentory History, 98, 99; 
Half Century of Legislation, 1301 HistoriaU 
Collections, 9% 99 

Person, Rev, Ira, "New Hampshire Confes- 
sion ", 37 

Perth Amboy, N. J., church papers of, 114 115 

Peru, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 

Peter, , 160 

Peters, Richard, letter to, 174 

Peters, Rev, Dr. Samuel, correspondence of, 7« 
loi ; manuscripts of, 129 

Petersburg, N. Y., church papers of, 50 

Petersburg, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Petersen, , diary of, 159 

Petersham, Mass., church papers of, 54 

Pettaquamscut purc^se, 64 

Pettes, Lucy, 5 

Pettigrew, Qiarles, letter of, 120 

Pettit, Joseph, letter ot 51 

Pettquottink, 151, 157, ia> 



Pettquottink Creek, X57 

Pezold, Gottlieb, diaries of journeys of, 159^ 160 

Phelps, B., letter of, 76 

Phelps, Davenport, letter of, 80 

Philadelphia, Pa., church papers of, 186; Bap- 
tist, 52, 183-184; Dutch Reformed, 86^ I77; 
Episcopal, 1^130; Friends, 132, 188, 191, 
19^-194* 199; Lutheran, 178^ 179, 182; Meth- 
odist, 197, 198, 199; Moravian, 15^ 153. 155- 
156; Presbyterian, 91, 140, 202, 203, 204; 
Reformed Presbyterian, 2ps; United Pres- 
byterian, 2QS 

Philadelphia, O^ege of, set Pennsylvania, Uni- 
versity of 

Philadelphia Conference Historical Society, 
manuscripts belonging to, 197-199 

Philadelphia Co., Pa., diurch papers of, x8i, 184 

Philadelphia Monthly Meetings, papers of, 193- 

Philadelphia Quarteriy Meeting, papers of, 193- 

Philadelphia Synod, Minutes of the, 202 
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, papers of, 132, 

188, 191, I9J. X99 
Philipps, Franas, letter of, 108 
Philips, Sir John, letter of, 123 
Philips, Mary, letter of, 44 
Phillips, John, letter to, 77 
Phillips, Jonathan, letter of, 44 
Phillips, Samuel, sermon by, 34 
Phillips Andover Academy, papers o^ 55 
Phillips Exeter Academy, papers of, 55 
Phillipsburg, N. J., church paper of, 179 
Phiimey, Ellen J., paper by, 145 
Pickens, John, letter of, 44 
Pickering, John, letter of, 197; paper by, 196 
Pickett, Reuben, letter of, 44 
Pierce, Bp. G. C, autobiographical letter of, 83 
Pierce, Rev. Dr, John, sermons of, 34 
Pierce Academy, papers of, 55 
Pierpoint, James, letter of, 70 
Pierpont, Rev. James, sermons of, 25 
Pierpont, James, jr., lectures of, 25 
Pierpont, O., church papers of, 140 
Pierson, John, letters of, X17 
Pigot, George, letters and representation of, 

103, 106 
Pike, Richard, sermons of, 66 
Pike Township, Pa., church papers of, 160 
Piles Grove Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 194 
Pilgrim Conference, 28 
Pilgrims, 27, 35 

Pillmore, Rev. J., journal of, 199 
Pine Hill, Pa., church paper of, 171 
Pine Township, Pa., church papers of, I70 
Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting, papers of, 17 
Piscataqua, N. J., church paper of, 115 
Pittsburgh, Pa., church papers of, 147, 150^ 160^ 

168, 202, 203 ; journey to, 160 
Pittsfield, N. Y., church papers of, 83 [?], 134 
Pittsfield, O., church papers of, 146 
Pitts Grove, N. J., church papers of, 90 
Pittstown, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 
Plainfield, Mass., church papers of, 31, 49 

Plainiield, N. J., church papers of, 133, 134, 135 

Plainfield Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 194 

Plains, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 

Plant, Matthias, letter of, 103 

Plantations, American, clergy in, 100; state of 

religion in, 99 

Plattddn, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Pleasant Creek, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Pleasants, Robert, letters of, 22 

Pleasant Valley, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Pleasant Valley, Pa., church paper of, 168 

Plimpton, Anna, letter of, 56 

Plith, J. K., biography of, 189 

Plohl, C. T., journey of, 160 

Plum Creek, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Plymouth, Mass., church papers of , 26, 60^ 6a 

Plymouth Co., Mass., churdi records of, 28 

Plymouth Preparative Meeting, papers of, 189 

Plympton, Mass., church papers oC 30^ 49 

Pohle, £. H., biogntphv of, 189 

Poindexter, John, jr., letters of, 44 

Pollock, CoL Thomas, letter of, X20 

Pomeroy, , 76, 78 

Pomeroy, Benjamin, correHKmdence of, 74, 76^ 

Pomeroy, E, letter of, 80 

Pomeroy, Ralph, letter of, 76 

Pompton Plains, N. J., history of, 84 

Pond, Rev. Enock, report by, 28 

Pool, Mary, letter of, m 

Pope, J. F., paper by, 183 

Portage, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Porter, David, letter of, 32 

Porter, Rev. Ebenezer, letter of, 32 

Porter, Elisha, letter of, 76 

Portland, Me., church papers of, 57, lox 

Portsmouth, N. H., churdi papers of, 8x, 100 

Posey family, papers of, 204 

Post, C F., letters of, 165; diaries and journeys 

of, 160, 165 

Post, Frederick, letter to, 161 

Pottawatomie Baptist Church, 11 

Potter, Rev. Mr., 74 

Potter, Bp. Alonzo, correspondence of, 174, 175 

Potter, Isaiah, letter of, 79 

Potter, James, letter of, 44 

Pottstown, Pa., 199 

Ponderous, Albert, letter of, 124; paper by, 125 

Poughketfpsie, N. Y., church papers of, 133. 134 

Pougfaquaig, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Powel, Joseph, account by, 148; diaries of, 156^ 

Powers, T. W., papers rdating to, 51 

Pownal, Vt, church papers of, 51 

Pownall, Benjamin, letter of, 124 

Pownall, John, letters of, 113, 120, tdi 

Poyer, Thomas, complaint of, 107; correspond- 
ence of, X06, 108, 109, 113 

Prady Township, Pa., church paper of, X69 

Prayer, 62 

" Praying Circle ", records of, 13 

Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, manu- 
scripts belonging to, 138^x39 



Prgsbyterian Church in the Umted States, Re- 
cards of, 201 

Presbyterian Church, Reformed, see Reformed 
Presbyterian Church 

Presbyterian Church, United* see United Pres- 
byterian Church 

Presbyterian Historical Society, manuscripts be- 
longing to, 199-205. 209 

Presl^erians, papers of, in California, i; in 
Kansas, 10; in Kentucky, 11; in Michigan, 
69; in New Hampshire, 70^ 77 ; in New Jer- 
sey, 85, 88HQ3; in New York, 94, 118^ 124, 
X25hi^ 138-140; in North Carolina, 142; 
in Ohio, 143, i^; in Pennsylvania, 147, 174, 
IJK>-20S; in Virginia, 209; see dso Educa- 
tional societies. Missionary societies, Theo- 
logical seminaries 

Presbyterians (Southern), papers of, in New 
Jersey, 85 

Presbyterian^ Theological Seminary of Ken- 
tucky, Library of, manuscripts in, 11 

Preston, John, letters of, xxy 

Price, Absalom, letter of, 44 

Price, Rev, Ebenezer, biographical sketdi by, 31 

Price, Rachel, 196 

Prince, Rev, Nathan, letters to, 64 

Prince, Sarah, letter of, 77 

Prince, Rev, Thomas, books and manuscripts 
bebnging to, 59-^ 

Prince Collection, 59-65 

Prince Frederick Parish, S. C, papers of, 124- 

" Prince George ", Indian boy, letter of, 123 

Prince George Co., church papers of, 15 

Prince George's Parish (Winyaw), S. C, let- 
ters from, X25 

Prince Library Catalogue, 59, 60^ 64 

Princeton, N. J., church paper of, 91 ; sale of 
lottery tickets in, 91 

Princeton College, 33, 91, 92, 114 

Princeton Theological Seminary, correspond- 
ence with, 23; Library of, manuscripts in, 

Princeton University, Library of, manuscripts 
in, 91-93 

Pritchard, Thomas, letters of, 109 

Propagating Christian iOiowledge, Society in 
Scotland for, see Scotland, Society in, etc 

Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen, 
Society for (Moravian), papers and letters 
of, 148, 149. iSh 159 

Propagation of the (k>spel in Foreign Parts, 
Society for the, archives of, p8 ; correspond- 
ence of, 100-128; instructions to, 122; li- 
brary presented to, 118; memorials and pe- 
titions to, 100-107, 122, 124, 127, X28k 167; 
missionaries of, loi, 103; queries sent out 
' by, IQ3, 106, 1 14, 124; work of, in America, 

Prospect, Onn., church papers of, 6 

Protestant ^riscopal Church, Diocesan Ar- 
chives of the, 212 

Protestant Episcopal (Thurch, Diocese of Con- 
necticut, 6-7 

Protestant Episcopal Church, papers of, see 

Episcopalians ; England, Church of 
Proudfit, John, lectures of, 34 
Providence, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Providence, Pa., church papers of, 168, 182 
Providence, R. L, church papers of, 31, 51, 54, 

56^ 103, 104, 206, 2C6 
Providence Anti-Slavery Society, 206 
Providence Monthly Meeting, records of, 206 
Provincetown, Mass., church papers of, 58 
Psalm-singing, 3, 64, 199 

Punderson, , 113 

Purchase, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133, 134 
" Purchase Lawsuit ", 132 
Purdy, Samuel, letter of, 113 
Purington, Elisha, letters of, 44 
Puritans, 35 

Putnam, Rufus, letter of, 163 
Putnam Co., N. Y., religious state of, 24 
Pttttkamer, Albert von, ordination of, 95; ser- 
mons of, 96 
Pyne, M. T., letter to, 92 
Fyne-Henry Collection, 91 
Pyrlaeus, , 162 

Quakers, see Friends 

guakertown Monthlv Meeting, minutes of, 189 
uary, CoL Robert, letter of, 109 
ueen Anne's Creek, N. C, church paper of, 118 
ueensborough, N. Y., church paper of, no 
Queensbury, N. Y., church records of, 133, X34 
Queen's Co., N. Y., church paper of, 106 
Quemahoning, Pa., church papers of, 171 

Radnor, Pa., church paper of, 199 
Radnor Monthly Meeting, papers of, 193 
Rahway, N. J., church papers of, 133, X34, 135 
Rahway Montiily Meeting, minutes of, 194 
Rahway Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 194 
Rahway Quarterly Meeting, minutes of, 194 
Rainsford, Giles, correspondence of, 120 
Ramapo, N. J., church paper of, 167 
Rancacas Preparative Meeting, paper of, 190 
Randolph, Edmund, letter to, liB5 
Randolph, N. J., church records of, 133, 134 
Randolph, O., church pa^rs of, 146 
Randolph, Vt, ecclesiastical councils in, 71 
Rankin, Thomas, journal of, 8 
Rankin, W., history by, 10 
Raritan, N. J., church papers of, 86, 181 
Ranch, C. H., journals of, 160 
Ranch, Rev, F. A., lectures of, 176 
Rauchenberger, Jacob, report of, x6o 
Rause, Rev, Enoch, charges of, against Mtihlen- 

berg, 182 
Ravenna, O., church papers of, x^ 
Ravenscroft, Bp, J, &., manuscripts belonging 

to, 129 
Rawson, Edward, order by, 61 
Rayner, John, correspondence of, 62, 63 
Razu Township, Pa., church papers of, 170 
Read, James, certificate in favor o^ 118 
Read, Jesse, letters of, 44 
Read, Thomas, letter of, 44 



Reading, Pa.» church papers of, i8i, 182, igp; 

journeys to, 182 
Readington, N. J., church papers of, 86 
Redding, Mehetable, letter of, 44 
Redding, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Redstone Presbytery, records of, 147 
Reed, Rev, J. A., papers relating to, 9 
Reed, James, letters of, 120- lai 
Reed, Joseph, letter of, 163 
Reeve, Abner, letter of, 32 
Reeve, Betsy, letter to, 32 
Reeve, James, letter of, 76 
Reeve, Tapping, correspondence of, 32 
Reeve, Thomas, letter of, 76 
Reformed Church, papers of, set Dutch Re- 
formed Church and German Reformed 

Reformed Church, Archives of the General 

Synod of the, 84-88 
Reformed Church Archives of the Historical 

Society of, manuscripts in, 175-177 
Reformed Presbyterian Church, papers of, in 

Pennsylvania, 204-205 
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in North 

America, Acts and Proceedings of, 88 
Rehoboth, Mass., church papers of, 49, 54, 62, 

Reichel, J. F., letters to, 163 
Reidiert, Rev. G. A., diary and notes of, 172; 

letters to, 172 ; sermons of, 173 
Rddemeister, G. S., letter of, 88 
Reily, Rev. James, diary o^ 176 ; letters to, 176 
Reincke, Abraham, letters to, 163 
Religion, papers relating to, 140; state of, 26, 

91, 100, 201; toleration in, 62; see also 

Church; Gergy 
Remington, Rev. G. W., history by, 35 
Renatus, an Indian, papers relating to, 150 
Renels, Gamaliel, see Reynolds, Gamaliel 
Rensselaer, N. Y., church records of, 133 
Rensselaerville, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Revivals, religious, 5, 23, 37, 91, 207 
Revolutionanr War, papers relating to, 149, 213 
Reynold, C. R, letter of, X17 
Reynolds, Gamaliel, letter of, 44 
Reynolds, Peter, letter of, 76 
Reynolds, Thomas, letter of, 109 
Rhode Island, church papers of, in Massachu- 
setts, 31, 50, 58, 60; in New York, IQ3-106; 

in Pennsylvania, 151, i{)6; in Rhode Island, 

205-208, passim ; Ettwcm's journey through, 

Rhode Island, Assembly of, petition to, 106 
Rhode Island College, catalogue of ministers 

graduated from, 33 
Rhode Island Historical Society, manuscripts 

belonging to, 208 
Rhode Island Quarterly Meeting, records of, 

Rhode Island Yearly Meeting, letter from, 196 
Rhodes, Thomas, letter of, 141 
Rice, Rev. H. D., reminiscences of, 10 
Rice, J. H., letters of, 92 
Rice, Kev. Luther, correspondence of, 38, 185 

Rice, Owen, account of, 160 
Rich, Caspar, letter of, 162 
Rich, Elisha, letter of, 44 
Richards, George, letter of, 66 
Richards, Lewis, letters of, 44 
Richards, Nathaniel, letter of, 44 
Richardson, S., letter of, xdi 

Richel, , 161 

Richfield, O., church papers of, 146 
Richland, N. J., church papers of, 90 
Richland, O., church papers of, 146 
Richland Township, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Richmond, N. Y., church papers of, B; 
Richmond, R. I., church papers of, 54 
Richmond Co., N. Y., oiurch papers of, 106, 

no; see also Staten Island 
Richmond Monthly Meeting, minutes o^ 20 
Richmond Preparative Meeting, minutes o^ 2a 
Rick, W. F., biography of, 180 
Ricketson, Shadrach, map by, 132 
Riddle, Rev. D. H., sermon by, 34 
Ridgebury, Conn., church paper of, 29 
Rieger, J. B., letter to, 88 
Ripley, Rev. H. J., correspondence of, 38 
Ripley, Silvanus, letters of, 76, 77, 80 
Ripley, Rev. Thomas, sermons of, 39 
Rippon, John, corresix>ndence of, 40, 44 
Risley, Rev. J. £., historical sketches and pi- 
pers by, 58 ; sermons of, 59 

Rival, , 126 

Roanoke Presbytery, 201 

Roaring Spring, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Robbins, Dr. Chandler, (ed.) Mather Papers^ 

Robbins, R. C, letters to, 23 
Roberts, Charles, autograph collection of, 173 
Roberts, George, letters 01, 44 
Roberts, Hugh, papers of, 196 
Roberts, J. W., 82 
Roberts, Bp. R. R., ordination certificate signed 

by, 83 
Robeson Monthly Meeting^ papers of, 191 
Robeson Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 191 
Robins Preparative Meeting; minutes o^ 190 
Robinson, B., letter of, 109 
Robinson, £. G., letters of, 36 
Robinson, George, letter of, 44 
Robinson, Matthew, letter of, 106 
Rochester, N. H., church paper of, 70 
Rochester, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134, X4X 
Rochester, O., church papers of, 146 
Rochester, University of, papers of, 55 
Rochester, Vt, ecclesiasti<al councils in, 71 
Rock Creek, O., church papers of, 146 
Rockingham Academy, papers of, 55 
Rockwood Borough, Pa^ church paper of, 171 
Rocky Hill, Conn., churdi papers of, 6 
Rodda, Mr., letter to, 82 
Rodgers, Rev, Dr. John, sermons of, 138^ 20i3» 

Rodman, S., 207 
Roe, Stephen, letters of, 127 
Roeller, Isaac, biography of, 189 



Rogers, Daniel, documents relating to, 27; let- 
ter of, 77 

Rogers, Rev. E. P., sermons of, 140 

Rogers, John, documents relating to, 27 ; letter 
of, 82 

Rogers, Joseph, letters of, 44 

Rogers, Rev. William, letters of, 44, 56; ser- 
mons of, 140 

Roller, J. E., manuscripts belonging to, 31 x 

Roman Catholics, papers against, 138; papers 
of, in California, i ; in Pennsylvania, 175 

Romeyn, J. B., letter of, 91 

Roney, W. £., biography of, 180 

Ross, George, letter of, 109 

Ross, John, 31 

Ross, Martin, letters of, ^ 

Roth, John, letters of, 163 

Rothrock, Rev. Dr. Samuel, autobiography of, 

Rounsevell, Levi, letter of, 44. 

Rowland, David, letter of, 80 

Roxbury, Mass., church papers of, 29, 36, 138 

Royalston, Mass., church papers of, 47, 54 

Royer's Ford, Pa., 199 

Rudcs, Josiah, letter of, 44 

Rudd, Rev. J. C, letters collected bjjr, 7 

Rum, proclamation and protest agamst the sale 
ot 151, 193 

Rundt, C. G., journal of journey of, 159 

Rundt, Gottfned, journeys of, 149, 164 

Rupp, Rev. William, lectures of, 176 

Russet, Daniel, letter of, 76 

Russell, J. L., diary of, 68 

Russell, Rev. John, letters of, 64; sermon ab- 
stracts of, 66 

Ruteers College, manuscripts in, 84-88 

Rutknd, Vt., petition of inhabitants of, 103 

Rutledge, Edward, letters to, 98 

Rye, N. Y., church papers of, io6» 107, no 

Ryerson, Rev. Dr. l^gerton, biographical sketch 
of, 83 

Sabbath, committees on, 28, 97 ; observance of, 
3 ; permits to travel on, 73 ; profanation of, 
5, 61 ; time of beginning of, 64 
Saco, Me., church records of, 13 
Sadsbury Monthly Meeting, papers of, 191 
St Andrew's Parish, S. C, letters and paper of, 

122, 124 
St. Clair, Gov. Arthur, letters and addresses to, 

149 . 
StGairviUe, Pa., church paper of, 168 
St Dennis, S. C, French Parish Church of, 124 
St George's Parish, Ga., paper of, 127 
St George's Parish, S. C., letters from, 124, 125 
St Helen's Parish (Port Royal), S. C, letter 

from, 125 
St James's Parish, N. C, letters relating to, 121 
St James's Parish (Goose Creek), S. C, letter 

of, 124; paper of, 122 
St James's Parish (Santee), S. C, letter from, 

124 ; papers of, 122, 125 
St John, Richard, letter of, 106 
St John's Parish, S. C, letters from, 124, 125 

St Luke's Parish, N. C, letter to, 121 ; paper of, 

St. Mary's Co., Md., church oapers o^ 15 
St Mary's River, O., journal of journey along, 

St Matthew, German Evangelical Lutheran 

Church of, archives of, 135 
St Paris, O., church paper of, 167 
St Paul, Minn., church papers of, 201 
St Paul's Parish, N. C, church paper of, 118 
St. Paul's Parish, S. C, papers of, 122, 125 
St Philip's Parish, N. C., church papers ot 118 
St Philip's Parish, S. C, letter from, 124 
St Pierre, Louis de, petition of, 127 
St Thomas's Parish, N. C, church paper of, 118 
St Thomas's Parish, S. C, papers o^ 122 
Salem, Conn., churdi papers of, 6 
Salem, 1^., diurch records of, 12 
Salem, Mass., church papers of, 30, 58^ 62, 65* 

Salem, N. C, church papers of, 151, 156, 163, 213 
Salem, N. H., church papers of, 54 
Salem, N. J., church papers of, 114, 115, 183 
Salem, N. Y., church papers of, iio^ 134 
Salem, O., church papers of, 151, 157; see also 

New Salem 
Salem, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Salem Monthly Meeting, papers of, 194 
Salem Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 192-193, 

Salisbury, Bishop of, letters to, 123 
Salisbury, Mass., church paper of, 30 
Salisbury, Pa., church papers of, 153, 154, 156^ 

171, 179 

Samson, Rev. G. W., journals and autobiogra- 
phjr of, 184; letters concerning, 184; manu- 
scripts of, 185 ; Memorial Discourse on Joel 
S. Bacon, 184 

Samson, Jonathan, trial of, 48 

Samuel, n., 171 

Sandemanians, 3 

Sanders, James, letter of, 44 

Sanderson, Rev. Dr., sermons by, 64 

Sandusky, O., church papers of, 143, 151 

Sandusky River, 159 

Sandwich, Mass., church papers of, 30 

Sandwich, N. H., church paper of, 37 

Sandwich Monthly Meeting, records of, 67 

Sandwich Quarterly Meeting of Friends, Ar- 
chives of, 6fj 

Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting, papers of, 17 

Sanford, Rev. Mr., 203 

San Francisco, Bishop of, i 

San Francisco, CaL, church papers of, 183, 200 

San Francisco Theological Seminary, Library 
of the, I 

Sanner, Daniel, biography of, 180 

Saratoga, N. Y., church papers of, 86, 132, 133, 

I34t 139 
Sarum, Bishop of, see Salisbury, Bishop of 
Saucon, Pa., church paper of, 179 
Savannah, Ga., church papers of, 127 
Saxton, J. B., paper by, 183 
Saybrook, Conn., churdi papers of, 3, 6^ 7 



Saye and Sele, Lord (William Fiennet), letter 
of, 63 

Sayre, John, letters of, 113 

Schaeffer, D. R, biography of, x8o 

Scfaaets, Gideon, 93 

Schaff, Philip, 175 

Schantz, Rev. F. J. P., papers of, 183 

Schaum,^ Rev. J. H^ correspondence of, xte; 
diaries of, 179 

Schebosch, , 162 

Schellsburg, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Schenck, Rev, G. C, history by, ft^ 

Schenectady, N. Y., church papers oi, 86 

Schindel, J. P., sr., biography of, 189 

Schindel, J. P., jr., biography of, 180 

Schindel, Jeremiah, biopaphv of, 180 

Schleiermacher, Friederich, letter of, 176 

Schmick, J. J., correspondence of, 163 

Schmidt, George, journey of, 160 

Schmidt, Rev, J. F., biography of, 179^ 1813; pa- 
pers of, 183 

Schmidt, J. H., biography of, 180 

Schmucker, Rev. B. M., papers of, 183 

Schmucker, Rev. Dr. G., letters to, 172 

Schmucker, Rev. J. C. G., diary of a student of, 

Schmudcer, Dr, S. S., lecture notes of, 173; 
plan of Christian union by, x66 

Schnall, , 160 

Schneider, Martin, report of journey of, x6o 

Schnorr, C. L., letter to, 88 

Schoenbrunn, O., diaries of, 158, 159, 165 

Schoeneck, Pa., church papers of, 155, 156 

Schoharie, N. Y., church papers of, 96 

Schoute, Andrew, papers of, 160 

Schumacher, Rev. Daniel, ministerial records 
of, 180 

Schuyler, Col. Peter, letter of, 109 

Schuyler, Gen. Philip, letter of, 32 

Schuyler, Mrs, Sarah, biographical sketch of, 83 

Schuyler Presbytery, 201 

Schweinitz, F. C de, visit of, to the Indians, 

Schweinitz, H. C von, letters to, 161, 162, 165 

Schweinitz, L. D. de, journey of, 160 

Scioto, O., church papers of, 145 

Scipio, N. Y., church papers of, 13a, 134, 140 

Scituate, Mass., church papers of, 30 

Scotland, minutes of Reformed Presbyterian 
Church in, 204 ; relations of American Pres- 
byterianism with that in, 139 

Scotland, Church of, 112, 139 

Scotland, Society in, for Propagating Christian 
Knowledge, 71, 80^ 139^ 210; Boston Com- 
missioners of, 72, 73, 80 

Scott, Rev. Elihu, sermons of, 59 

Scott, Job, journal of, and papers concerning, 

Scott, Rev. Dr. W. A., manuscripts of, i 

Scott, Pa., 199 

Seabury, Bp. Samuel, inventory of the estate of, 
7; journal of, 7; letters of, 15, 113, 175; ser- 
mon of, 7 

Seabury, Samuel, jr., letters of, 113; pastorate 

for, 138 
Sea Level, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Seaman, S. A., 136 
Seamans, Job, letters of, 44 
Seamen's Committee, 23 
Searle, Rev. Roger, diary of, 7 
Sears, Rev, Bamas, letters of, 36, 38^ 185 
Sears, David, letter of, 44 
Seaver, Richard, letter ot 44 
Seeker, Bp. Thomas, paper t^, 109 
Sedgwick, Me., church papers of, 35 

Seidel, , letters to, i6x, 162, 103, 165 

Seidel, Christian, papers and diaries of, 154, 160 
Seidel, Nathanael, account of vosrage of, 164; 
correspondence of, 162, 163, 165 ; papers o^ 
154, 160 

SeiflPert, , 161 

Seiss, F. M., biography of, 180 

Seiss, J. A., biography of, x8o 

Selinsgrove, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Selyns, Rev. Henry, correspondence of, 6x 

Seminole Indians, 202 

Sempronius, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Senseman, Gottlob, letters of, X62; journals of 

journeys of, 159^ X65 
Separatists, letter to, 74; papers of, x; state- 
ment against, 76; see also Strict Congre- 
gational Churdi 
Sergeant, Rev. J<^n, journal of, 71 
Seven Stars, Pa., church paper of, X70 
Seventh-day Baptists, papers of, 2x0 
Sever, Nicholas, sermons of, 66 
Severn's Valley, Ky., church records of, X2 
Sewall, Mrs., letter to, 33 
Sewall, Joseph, commonplace book of, 65 
Sewall, Samuel, commonplace books of, 65 
Seward, Gov. W. H., correspondence of, X42, 


Seybert, Bp. John, journal of, X44 

Seymour, sp. G. F., letter of, 17$ 

Seymour, James, letters of, X26 

Seymour, Rev. R. G., biographical sketch by, 3B 

Seymour, Thomas, letter to, 73 

Shade, Pa., 171 

Shade Township, Pa., church papers o^ 17X 

Shaftsbury, Vt, association papers of, 52 

Shakers, diurch papers of, in Massadiusetts, 68 

Shamokin, Pa., church papers of, X50^ 156; dia- 
ries of journeys to, 15^ 160 

Shane, Rev, ]. D., papers of, 204 

Shankville, Pa., X71 

Sharon, Conn., church papers of, 6, 73 

Sharon, O., church papers of, 157 

Sharp, Rev. Daniel, letters from, 38 

Sharp Collection, 55-56 

Sharpe, John, letters of, 109 

Sharpe, W., letter of, 127 

Shattuck, Simeon, 49 

Shaw, Jonathan, letter of, 44 

Shaw, Stephen, letters of, 44 

Shawano Indians, 150 

Shawmut, Mass., church papers of, 29 

Shawnee Mission Papers, xx 



Shearman, Abraham, account by, 9o6 
Shebosh, see Bull, J. J. 
Sheffield, O., church papers oi» 146 
Shekomeko, church papers of» 150^ 152 ; diaries 

of journeys to, 158, 160^ 161 
Shelburne, Earl of, letter to, iia 
Shelbume, Mass., church minutes of, 30 
Shelby, N. Y., church papers o^ 134 
Shelt^, O., church papers of, 146 
Shelton, Richard, letter of, las 
Shepard, J. W., letters of, 82 
Shepard, Samuel, letters of, 44 
Shepard, Rev, Thomas, autobiography of, 31; 

letter of, 63 
Sherburne, Henry, letter of, 76 
Sherman, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Shikellimi, Indian chief, reports of embassies 

to, 150 
Shippen, W., letter of, 163 
Shippen, Dr, William, letter of, 149 
Shove, Rev, George, letter to, 63 ; paper by, 6a 
Shrewsbury, Mass., church papers of, 54 
Shrewsbury, N. J., church papers of, 90^ 115, 

13a, 133 

Shrewsbury Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 194 

Shrewsbury Quarterly Meeting, minutes of, 194 

Shurtleff, Roswell, sermons 01, 71 

Shurtleff College, papers of, 55 

Shnte, , 107 

Shute, Gcv, Samuel, petition ta 104 

Sichem, N. Y., church papers ot, 15a 

Siegfried, Col, letter to, 149 

Simcoe, IJeuL-Gav. J. G., address to, 149 

Simmerwell, Rev. Robert, papers of, iz 

Simmons, Rev, J, B., letter from, 38 

Simon, Sarah, letter of, 76 

Simons, Rev, Thomas, letter from, 38 

Sinking Valley, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Sitka, Alaska, church paper of, 179 

Six Mile Run, N. J., church pa|>ers of, 86 

Skinner, Cortland, letter to, 116 

Skinner, William, letter of, 113, 114, 117 

Slavery, papers relating to, ao^ 59. 73* 96, 14a, 
191, 192, ao6 

Smalledge, Joseph, letters of, 45 

Smicksburg, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Smissen, Rev, C. J. van der, an 

Smith, , las 

Smith, Bf, , IS 

Smith, Mrs,, letter to, 91 

Smith, Rev, A. W., biographical sketch by, 38; 
papers by, 37 

Smith, Bp, B. B., trial of, 98 

Smith, Rev, C J., historical notes of, 78; let- 
ters of, 76; ordination of, 78 

Smith, Rev, David, journal of, 31 

Smith, Ebenezer, letters of, 45, 5a 

Smith, Elizabeth, letter of, 195 

Smith, Enos, letters of, 45 

Smith, Eunice, letters of, 45 

Smith, George, letter of, 45 

Smith, Rev, H. B., church paper by, 141 ; ser- 
mons of, 140 

Smith, Rev, Dr, H. P., trial of, 143 

Smith, Haddon, letter of, ia8 

Smith, Hezekiah, letters to, ao7 ; papers of, 55- 

Smith, J. T., letters and papers of, ao3 
Smith, Jacob, biographies by, 179, 183 
Smith, John (Congregationalist), corr^pond- 
ence of , ^ 77 ; historical notes of, 76 ; pa- 
per relatmg to, 77 
Smith, John (Methodist), journal of, 8 
Smith, Lewis, biography of, 180 
Smith, Michael, letters of, xax 
Smith, Noah, letters of, 82 
Smith, P. G., letter of, 45 
Smith, Peter, letter of, ^ 
Smith, Phebe, letter of, 80 
Smith, Bp, Robert, letter of, lay 
Smith, S., letter of, 77 
Smith, Rev, S. P., letters of, 185 
Smith, Rev, S, S., sermons oi, 92 
Smith, Thomas, letter of, 123 
Smith, Titus, letters of, 76 
Smith, Rev, Dr, William, manuscripts belonging 

to, 129-130 
Smith, William (others), 73, 76 
Smith's Qove, church papers of, 134 
Smithtown, N. Y., church papers of, 136 
Smoll, B. S., biography of, 180 
Smyrna, N. Y., church papers o^ 133, 134 
Snadce Spring, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Snell, L. W., manuscript by* 24 
Sniffin, B. D., case of, 141 
Snow, Daniel, letters of, 45 
Snow, Hosea, letter of, 45 
Snow, Joseph, jr., letter of, 76 
Snow, William, letter of, 45 
Snyder Co., church paper of, 170 
Sodus, N. Y., church papers of, 140 

Soelle, , i6ot im 

Solesbury Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 189 
Somerset Co., Pa., church papers of, 171-172 
Somerset North Township, Pa., churdi paper 

of, 171 
Somerset Township, Pa., church papers of, 171 
Somers Point, N. J., church papers of, 90 
Somerville, Mass., church reports of, 30 
Sorlin, Rev, D. S., relation of, 59 
Soule, Bp, Joshua, correspondence of, 59 
South, diary of a journey through, 7 
Southampton, Pa., church papers of, 87, 88, 171 
South Bergen, N. J., church papers of, 86 
South Brimfield, Mass., church papers of, 49, 54 
South Carolina, church papers of, m New York, 
98, 100, iai-127; in Pennsylvania, 153, 156, 
^3* 205 ; in South Carolina, 208 
South Clove, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
South Dakota, church paper of, in Pennsyl- 
vania, 201 
South Easton, Pa., church papers of, 179 
Southern Baptist Theolo^cal Seminary, Li- 
brary of, manuscripts in, 12-13 
Southern Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 195 
South Glastonbury, Conn., church paper of, 6^ 

South Hampton, N. H., church paper of, 31 



South Harwich, Mass., church paper of, 58 
South Holland, Synod of, 87 
Southington, Conn., church papers of, 6, S4 
South Kingston (Kingstown), Monthly Meet- 
ing, jpapers of, 205 
South Lincoln, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Southport, Conn., church papers of, 6 
South Reading Academy, papers of, 55 
South River Monthly Meeting, papers of, 22 
Southwark, Pa., church p9ptn of, 184, 186 
Southwest, missions in, x 
Southworth, W., case of, 141 
Spafford, N. Y., church paper of, 141 
Spangenberg, Bp. A. G., correspondence of, 150, 
158, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 174; papers of, 
150. 163-164 
Spangenberg, Joseph, diary of journey of, 165 
Spencer, Rev, John, certificates of, 33 
Sprague, David, correspondence of, 45, 51, 52; 

statement made to^ 51 
Springfield, Ga., church paper of, 46 
Springfield, Mass., church papers of, 49, <8, 60 
Springfield, O., church papers of, 145, 146 
Springplace, Ga., diaries and letters of, 151, 161 

Sprogel, , 183 

Spruce Creek, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Stamford, Conn., church papers of, 6, 78 
Standard, Rev, Thomas, letters ot lOp, 113; let- 
ter relating to, no 
Standish, Rev, David, 126, 127 
Standish, Josiah, letter of, 62 
Stanford, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133, 134 

Stopel, . 176, 177 

Starksborough, Vt., diurch records oU I33f I34 
Staten Island, church papers of, 106, 107, ixa 

115, 152, 159 
Stauch, John, diary of, 179 
SUughton, Rev. William, letters of, 38, 185 
Stebbins, Jonathan, letter of, 76 
Steiner, Abraham, journeys of, 160^ 161 
Steiner, [J. C.?], correspondence of, 176, 177; 

paper of, 177 
Steiner, Rev, M. S., manuscripts belonging to, 

Stephenson Collection, 9 
Stephentown, N. Y., church papers of, $0 
Sterling, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Stetson, Rev, Seth, letters of, 33 
Stevens, Rev, Dr. Abel, letters of, 39'* Me- 
morials of Methodism in Ea,stern States, 
59 ; papers belonging to, 83 
Stevens, Rev. L. C, reminiscences of, 184 
Stevens, Robert, correspondence of, 123 
Stevens, Bp. W. B.. letters to, 174 
Stewart, Alexander, letters of, 117, 121 
Stewart, George, letter of, 106 
Stickney, Rev. W. A., letter to, 175 
Stiles, Rev, Abel, sermons of, 25 
Stiles, C. A., letter of, 76 
Stiles, Rev, Dr, Ezra, letter of, 33; Literary 

Diary of, 7 ; papers of, 7 
Stillman, Rev, Samuel, letters of, 56; sermons 
of, 39 

Stinson, Abta, letters of, 45 

Stinson, Abigail, letter of, 45 

Stinson, William, letter of, 45 

Stirling, Rev, John, letters to, 139 

Stobo, Rev, Archibald, 124 

Stockbridge, Abby B., letter to, 32 

Stockbridge, Mass., church paper of, 93 

Stockbridge Indians, 24, 71 

Stockton, N. J., church papers of, 90 

Stoddard, Rev, Solomon, sermons of, 25 

Stone, Rev, Mr., sermons of, 138 

Stone, Robert, letters of, 127 

Stone, Rev, Samuel, catechism of, 61; letters 

of, 61, 63; sermons of, x 
Stonertown, Pa., church paper of, X69 
Stoney Creek, Pa., X71 
Stoney Creek Township, Pa., church papers of, 


Stonington, Conn., church papers of, ^6, 52 

Stony Brook Preparative Meeting, mmutes of, 

Storer, Seth, sermons of, 66 

Stork family, papers relating to, X72 

Story, Isaac, sermon of, 66 

Stoughton, William, letter of, 63 

Stoupe, John, letters of, 113 

Stoupe, Peter, letters of, 106, 109 

Stover, Rev, Seth, sermons of, 138 

Stow, Rev, Baron S., letters of, 36, 38; ser- 
mons of, 39 

Stow, Samuel, sermon abstracts of, 66 

Stowe, C. E., 31 

Stoyestown, Pa., X72 

Strasburg, iPa., church paper of, 197 

Stratford, Conn., petition of inhabitants of, 100 

Stratford, N. H., church paper of, 70 

Stratham, N. H., church papers of, 31, 70 

Streetsboro, O., church papers of, 146 

Strict Congregational Qiurch, papers of, i, 29; 
see also Separatists 

Stringer, Rev, Mr,, X30 

Strong, Joseph, letter to, 73 

Strong, Rev, Robert, church history by, 200 

Strongsville, O., church papers of, 146 

Stroudsburg, Pa., 199 

Stroudsburg Monthly Meeting, papers of, 189 

Struntz, G. A., biography of, x8o 

Stuart, John, letters of, 113 

Stuart, William, letter of, 117 

Stubs, Rev, Philip, letters to, 105, 109^ 123 

Sturbridge, Mass., church papers of, 30, 36, 49, 

Sturgeon Bay, Wise., church papers of, 158 

Suckley, Mrs, Catherine, biographical sketch of, 

Sueders, Hendricka J., papers of, 196 
Suffolk Co., Mass., church papers of, 28 
Suffolk Co., N. Y., church papers of, 107 
Summer Hill Township, Pa., church paper of, 

Summit Township, Pa., church papers of, 172 
Sumner, Col, Benjamin, letter of, 80 
Sunbury, Ga., church paper of, 127 



Sunday Schools, i86, 206; Baptist, 36; Congre- 
gational, 28, 29, 145 ; Dutch Reformed, 85 ; 
Episcopal, 14; Friends', 16; Methodist, 57, 

Sunday School Union, American, see American 

Sunday School Union 

Superior, Lake, church paper relating to, aoi 

Susquehanna Presbytery, 202 

Susquehanna River, 160^ 164 

Sutton, Mass., church papers of, m 49-50^ 54 

Swansea, Mass., churcn papers of, ffi 

Swarthmore College, Friends Historical Li- 
brary of, 205 

Swatara, Pa., church papers of, 153 

Swatz, Rev, C F., biography of, 172 

Sweden, mission work in, 59 

Swedes, corresfmndenoe with the provost of, 
181 ; resolutions of, 181 ; work among, 152 

Swedesborough, N. J., church papers of, 90 

Sweet, Rev. Moses, sermons of, 208 

Swift, E. G., letter of, 32 

Swiss, petition in behalf of, 124 

Switzerland, diary of a journey in, 176 

Symmes, Rev, F. R., paper by, 201 

Syracuse, N. Y., church papers of, 142, 205; 
manuscripts in, 140-142 

Tainter, Samuel, letter of, 45 

Talbot, , 109, X 14, 117 

Talbot, John, letters of, loi, io6» 109, 1 16, 117 
Talbot, St George, letters of, 113 
Talbot, Sarah, papers of, 196 
Taneytown, Md., church paper of, 167 
Tappan, Dr,, sermons of, 210 
Tappan, D. D., letter of, 82 
Taunton, Mass., church papers of, 30, 50 
Taxation, 47, 50, 1x8 

Taylor, , 103, 121 

Taylor, Rev., 12a 

Taylor, C. E., letters of, 121 

Taylor, Ebenezer, letters of, 123 

Taylor, Edward, sermons by, 65 

Taylor, H. W., biographical sketch by, 93 

Taylor, Rev. John, biography of, 93 

Taylor, Rev. Dr. N. W., theological lectures of, 

Taylor, William, letter to, 59 
Teagne, Rev. E. B., Baptist history by, X2 
Teedyuscung, Indian chief, 150 
Temperance, addresses on, 84 
Templeton, Mass., church papers of, 54 
Tenison, Arekbp. Thomas, 114 
Tennent, Rev, Gilbert, correspondence of, 25, 

162; paper of, 203; papers relating to^ 129; 

sermons of, 92, 203 
Tennent, Rev, William, letter concerning, 84 
Tennessee, church papers of, in Pennsylvania, 

160, 161 
Tennessee River, 160 
Tenney, C. J., letter to, 31 
Tenney, Samuel, church history by, 29 
Texas, church papers of, 208 

Thacher, , 73 

Thacher. Mary, letter o( 64 


Thacher, Peter, correspondence of, 33, 64, 76 

Thanksgiving Day, 61 

Theological seminaries, etc, 54, 55; Baptist, 8^ 
12-13, 36^ 54> 94* 95 ; Congregational, 22-25, 
140, 145; Dutch Reformed, 86; Episcopal, 
X29; Freewill Baptist, 13, 142; German Re- 
formed, I75> 176; Lutheran, 166-167, 177, 
178; Methodist, 82-84, X36; Presbyterian, x, 

II, a3> 94. 1X^140^ 143. 147 
Thetford, Vt., ecclesiastical councils in, 71 
Thomas, John, letters of, X06, X09 
Thomas, Moses, petitions of, 48, 52 ; vindication 

of, 48 
Thomas, Samnel, letters of, 123-124 
Thomlinson, Capt., loa 
Thomlinson, Thomas, letters of, I2X 
Thompson, Charles, letter to, 163 
Thompson, Otis, letter of, 33 
Thompson, Thomas, correspondence of, 1x7, X27 
Thompson, William, letter of, X17 
Thompson, Conn., choreh papers o^ 46, 138 
Thoridey, T. B., letter of, 94 
Thornton, John, letter to, 74 
Thornton, N. H., church records of, 70 

Thrane, ^ 165 

Thresher, Rev. Ebenezer, letter from, 38 

Thurber, Laban, letter of, 45 

Thurston, E. D., historical sketches by, 14X 

Thurston, Gardner, letters o( 45 

Thwaites, R. G., Manuscript Collections of tho 

State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 209^ 

Till, Mayor WUliam, letter of, 182 
Tillinghast, Nicholas, letter of, 45 
Tisbury, Mass., church paper of, 30 
Tidcut, Mass., church papers of, ^, 47, 48 
Tiverton, R. L, petition of inhabitants of, 104 
Tobey, S. B., memorial concerning, 307 
Todd, John, letter of, 77 
Todd Township, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Tobr, Henry, letters of, 45 
Toledo, O., church papers of, X43 
Toleration, religious, 62 
Tolland, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Tolland Co., Conn., records of, 5 
Tomlinson, Rev. Dr., letter to, xoi 
Topeka, Kans., church histories of, xo 
Toppan, Rev, Christopher, 34 
Torrey, Rev. C, T., papers of, 33, 34 
Torrey, Joseph, manuscripts of, 64; petition of, 

Torrey, Rev. Samuel, letter of, 64 
Torrey Papers, 64 
Torrey v. Gardner, 64 
Torry, A., case o( X41 
Torry, J. D., case of, 14X 
Tortoia, island of, X96 
Townsoid, Epenettts, letters of, X13 
Tracy, Rachel, 5 
Trade, Board of, report of, 118 
Trade and Plantations, Commissioners for, cor- 
respondence of, 116, xi9^ 120, X2X 
Trade and Plantations, Committee for, journals 

of, 99 



Train, Rev. Charles, autobiographical sketches 
by, 38; history by, 37 

Transylvania (Kentucky) Presbytery, 201, 204 

Transylvania University, papers relating to, 204 

Treadwell, Agar, letters of, X17 

Treat, Rev. Samuel, correspondence of, 62, 64 

Tremont Temple, Boston, manuscripts in, 65 

Trent, William, letter of, 116 

Trenton, N. J., church papers of, 90, 115 

Trenton Preparative Meeting; minutes of, 190 

Trials, ecclesiastical, 14, 73 

Trimble, James, "Reminiscences of Notting- 
ham ", 19 

Trinitarian Church, papers of, 30 

Trinity College Historical Society, manuscripts 
belonging to, 142 

Tripp, John, letters of, 45> 5^ 

Tristian, P., letter of, 124 

Trott, Nicholas, letters of, 124 

Troutville, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Troy, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134 

Troy Conference Historical Socie^, 212 

True, Rev, C K., letters to, 59 

True, J. W., account-book o^ 57 

Trumble, Col ^ 74 

Trumbull, Benjamin, letters to, 66, 74; papers 
of, 8; History of CoimecHcut, 7, 8 

Trumbull, O., church papers of, 145 

Tryon, Simeon, letter of, 80 

•Tryon, Gov, William, correspondence of, 93, 
113, ii9b 120, I2X ; memorial to, 118; papers 

of, 93. "O^ 167 
Tschichschiquannunk, Pa., church papers of, 


Tschoop, , ISO 

Tuckaboe, N. J., church papers of, 90 

Tucker, Rev. J. T., sermons of, 34 

Tudor, Mrs,, fetter to, 80 

Tuli>ehocken, Pa., church papers of, 156^ 181 ; 
journeys to and from^ i6x, 182 

Tunbridge, Vt, ecclesiastical councils in, 71 

Tupper, Eldad, letter of, 76 

Turner, Edward, papers of, 68 

Tuthin, E. H.. church sketch by, 141 

Tuttle, Daniel, letter to^ 77 

Twentieth Street Yearly Meeting (Orthodox), 
records of, 132 

Twinsburg, O., church paper of, 146 

Tyler, Rev. Bennett, sermons of, 34 

Tyng, Rev, Dr. S. H., letter of, 175; paper re- 
lating to, 84 

Tyngsborougfa, Mass., church paper o^ 37 

Tyrone, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Unadilla, N. Y., church papers of, 133* 134 

Union (jhurch. Pa., 199 

Union Co., Pa., church paper of, 172 

Union Theological Seminary, Library of, manu- 
scripts in, 55, 139-X40 

Union Township, Pa., church paper of, 169 

Unitarians, papers of, in Maine, 13; in Massa- 
chusetts, 33 ; in Rhode Island, ^ 

Unstas Fratrum, see Moravian CHiurch, and 

Unitats Aeltesten Conferenz, Nachrichtcn der, 

United Brethren, papers of, in Ohio, 144-145 
United Brethren (jenealogical Society, manu- 
scripts belon^ng to, 144-145 
United Presbjrtenan (Thurch, papers of, 205 
Universalist Historical Society, manuscripts ot 

Universalists, papers of, in Iowa, 9; in Massa- 
chusetts, &; in New Jersey, 91 
Upfold, Bp. Geofge, letter of, 175; paper re- 
lating to, 98 
Upham, Rev. Timothy, sermons of, 70 
Upper Gove, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Upper Evesham Monthly Meeting, papers of, 

Upper Evesham Preparative Meeting, minutes 

of, 193 

Upper Frankford, Pa., church paper of, 170 

Upper Milford, Pa., church papers of, 179 

Upper Mohawk Castle, 72 

Upper Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 22 

Upper Quarterly Meeting, minutes of, 21 

Upper Springfield MontUy Meeting, papers of, 

Upper Springfield Preparative Meeting, min- 
utes of, 191 

Upper Turkeyfoot Township, Pa., church paper 
of, 172 

Upton, Mass., church papers of, 54 

Urmstone, John, letters of, 117, 121; letter re- 
lating to, 119 

Urquhart, William, letters of, 109 

Ursina, Pa., church paper of, 171 

Usher, John, letters of, 103, 106 

Ustick, Rev, Thomas, correspondence of, 45* 5^ 
185; request of, 52 

Utica, N. Y., convention at, 59 

Utky, , i6x 

Uwchlan Monthly Meeting, papers of, 191 

Vaill, Rev, W. F., biography of, 31 

Valentine, Dr, M., letter to, 172 

Valley, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Van Bleck, Henry, letter to, 162 

Van Bleck, William, letter to, 162 

Vandalia, O., church paper o^ 167 

Van Dam, Rip, letter of, X13 

Van Dyke, Rev, Henry, sermon of, 7 

Van Ettersville, N. Y., church paper of, 142 

Van Horn, William, letter oU 45 

Van Huysen, Rev, (^melius, sermons of, 93 

Van Ness, M. E., letters of, 83 

Van Rensselaer, Rev. CortUndt, sermons by, 91 

Van Vlcck, , 88 

Vamod, F., letters of, 124, 126^ 127 

Vass, Thomas, letters of, 45 

Vassar, Matthew, letter of, iBs 

Vat, John, memorials of, 124 

Vaughan, Edward, correspondence of, X09, 1x3, 

114, 117 
Verelst, Harman, correspondence of, 128 



Vermont, church papers o( in Massachusetts, 
31, 51 ; in New Hampshire, 71 ; in New 

York, 95. 103, 132, I33 

Vermont, University of, papers of, 55 

Vermont Literary and Theological Institution, 
papers of, ^5 

Vesey, Rev, William, complaints and addresses 
to, no; correspondence of, 106, 109, in, 
113; license to, 138 

Viets, Roger, letter of, 7 

Vincentown, N. J., church paper of, 198 

Vinton, Rev. J. A., sermons of, 34 

Virgin Islands, 196 

Virginia, church papers of, in Maryland, 20, 21, 
22; in Massachusetts, 52; in New Jersey, 
82; in New York, 95; in Ohio, 144; in 
Pennsylvania, 156, 163, 168, 205; in Vir- 
ginia, 209; materials upon the colonial his- 
tory of, 98 

Virginia Half Yearly Meeting, minutes of, 21 

Virginia Historical Society, manuscripts in, 209 

Virginia State Library, 209 

Virginia Yearly Meeting, papers of, 19, 21 

Voluntown, Conn., church papers of, 6 

Von Schwcinttz, see Schweinitz 

Wabash River, account of journey to, 159 

Wachovia, N. C, church papers of, 151, 156- 
157, 212-213; journey to, 161; papers re- 
lating to affairs in, 164 

Wadsworth, Rev, Benjamin, sermons of, 66; 
sermon-books of, 34 

Wadsworth, James, letter of, 80 

Waite, O., Indians in, 151 

Wakefield, N. H., church paper of, 70 

Wakeley, Rev, J. B., papers and letters col- 
lected by, 83-84; sermons and writings of, 

Wakeman, Rev, Samuel, letter of, 63 

Walbom, Hermann, letter of, 162 
Wales, Ebenezer, letter of, 76 

Walker, , 109, 117 

Walker, Rev, D. A., papers of, ^ 
Walker, Henderson, letter of, 121 
Walker, WiUiston, paper by, 145 
Waller, A., letter of, 45 
Waller, J. L., discourses of, 13 
Waller, John, letter of, 45 
Walley, Abiel, letter of, 76 
Walley, John, letter of, 60 
Walley, Rev. Thomas, correspondence of, 62, 63 
Wallin, Benjamin, letter to, 40 
Wallingford, Conn., church papers of, 46 
Walter, S., letters of, 113 
Walter, T. U., letter of, 184 
Waltham, Mass., church papers of, 58 
Ward, Natiianiel, documents relating to, 27 
Warefaam, Rev. John, settlement by, 78; ser- 
mons of, I, 138 
Warehouse Point, Conn., church paper of, 57 

Waring, , 119 

Warren, Surgeon-^en, John, letter of, 149 
Warren, Joshua, letters of, 45, 48 
Warren, Rebekah, letter of, 45 

Warren, Mass., church papers of, 54 
Warren Association Papers, 39, 52-54, 55 
Warrington Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 19 
Warriors Mark, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Warwick, N. Y., church paper of, 183 
Warwick, Pa., church papers of, 156 
Warwick, R. I., church papers of, 103, 104 
Washburn College, Library of, manuscripts in, 


Washington, George, correspondence of, 149^ 

163 ; remarks on Indians sent to, 163 
Washington, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Washington, D. C, church papers o^ 14, 15, 18; 

paper relating to, 184 
Wasnington, N. J., church papers of, 86 
Washington, state, church papers of, 209 
Washington Township, Pa., church paper of, 

Waterbury, Vt, ecclesiastical councils in, 71 
Waterford, N. J., petition of inhabitants of, 115 
Water Street, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Waters, Henry, letters to, 83 
Waters, Samuel, correspondence of, 51, 52 
Watertown, Mass., church papers of, 138 
Waterville College, 35 
Watervliet, N. Y., church papers of, 86 
Watkins, Benjamin, letters of, 45 
Watkins, Hezekiah, correspondence o^ 1 11, 113 
Watson, Bp, A. A., letter of, 175 
Watt, Caldi, historical notes of, 78 
Watteville, John de, see De WatteviUe, John 
Watts, Rev, Isaac, letter of, 33 
WatU, John. 184 

Waugh, Bp. Beverly, letters of, 59, Kg 
Wauregan, Conn., diurch papers of, 6 
Wayland, Rev, Francis, letters of, 36; sermoo 

of, 38 
Wayland, Rev. H, L., 184 
Wayne, O., church papers of, 146 
Wayne Oak Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 21, 22 
Wayomick, see Wyoming 
Weare, N. H., church papers of, 54 
Weaver, L. G., case ot, 141 
Weaver, William, biography of, 180 
Webb, Elizabeth, paper by, 196 
Webber, William, letter of, 45 
Webster, W. G., letter of, 82 
Webster, Mass., church paper of, 58 
Wechquetank, Pa., church papers of, 150^ 153; 

diary of joumev to, 159; maps of, 151 
Weddell, Rev, A. J., biography of, 180; letter 

of, 1(57 
Wedge, Rebekah, letter of, 45 
Weeks, J. W., letter ot 102 
Weeks, R. D., biographical sketch by, 31 
Weeks, Rev, Dr. W. R., biography of, 31 ; letter 

to, 33 ; paper by, 34; sermons of. 34 
Weigand, John, diary of journey of, 161 
Weisenberg, Pa., church papers of, 181 
Weiser, Rev, C, Z., sermons of, 176 
Weiser, Conrad, correspondence of, 162, 164, 

180; diary and journal ot 161 
Weiskatten, F. W., biography of, 180 
Weiss, , i6x 



Weiss, [G. M.?], letter and paper of, 176 
Weiss, L., letters of, 162 
Weissleder, Carl, letter of, 172 
Weld, Thomas, commonplace book of, 33 ; docu- 
ments relating to, 27 
Welhik Thuppek, church papers of, 150, 158; 

reports of journeys and visits to, 159, 163 
Wellersburg, Pa., 171 
Wellman, Rev. Mr., 74 
Wenham, church records of, 30 
Wenonah, N. J., church papers of, 90 

Wentworth, . 103 

Wentworth, Gov. Benning, letters of, IQ3 
Wentworth, Gov. John, letters of, 103 
Werden, Peter, letter to, 51 
Wernersville, Pa., church papers of, 179 
Wesley, Rev. Charles, letter to, 9 
Wesley, Rev. John, letters of, 9, 59, 83, 199 
Wesleyan Institute of Newark, N. J., 136 
Wesleyan Orphan Home, papers relating to, 56 
Wesleyan Seminary of New York City, 136 

Wesselius, , letter of, 88 

West, Rev. Samuel, letter of, 52; memoirs o^ 

93 ; sermons of, 93 
West, Rev. Dr. Stephen, letters of, 32 ; sermons 

of, 210 
West, the, papers relating to, 9, 24, 27, 96, I57> 

West Bethlehem, Pa., church papers of, 179 
West Branch Monthly Meeting, papers of, 18 
Westbury, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 133, 134 
Westbury Quarterly Meeting, minutes of, 131 
Westchester, N. Y., church papers of, io6> 107, 

no. 134 
West Chester, Pa., church paper of, 187 
Westchester Co., N. Y., church papers of, 24, 

Westerlo, Rev. Eilardus, sermons of, 93 
Westerly, R. I., church paper of, 46 
Western, N. Y., church papers of, 133, 134, 140 
Western Branch Monthly Meeting, minutes of, 

Western Quarterly Meeting, papers of, 21-22, 


Western Reserve, O., church papers of, 143, 145 

Western Reserve Historical Society, manu- 
scripts belonging to, 144 

Western Territories, church papers of, 157 ; see 
also individual names 

Western Theological Seminary, Library of, 
manuscripts in, 147 

Westfield, Kans., church papers of, 158 

Westfield Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 192 

West Friesland, 176 

West Hartford, Conn., church papers of, 6, 81, 

133, 134 
West Hartland, Conn., church papers of, 6 

West Jersey, see New Jersey 
West Lebanon, N. H., church paper of, 70 
West Lexington Presbytery, 201, 204 
Westmoreland, N. H., church papers of, 50, 70 
Westmoreland, N. Y., church papers of, 132, 
133. 134 

Westmoreland Co., Pa., church paper of, 172 
Weston, Rev. Dr. H. G., letter of, 184 
Weston, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Weston, Mass., church papers of, 54 
Westport Monthly Meetmg, records of, 67 
West River, Md., meetings at, 18 
West River Monthly Meeting, papers of, 17-18 
West St Qair Township, Pa., church paper of, 

West Salem, O., church papers of, i^ 
West Woodstock, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Wetmore, L, letters of, 113 
Wetmore, James, letters of, 106, 109, 114 
Wetmore, Timothy, letters of, 114 
Wewoka Church, 202 
Weybcrg, C. D., letters of, 88, 177 
Weyman, Robert, letters of, 109, 117 
Weymouth, Lord (Thomas Thynnc), letter of, 

Weymouth, O., church papers of, 146 
Whatcoat, B^. Richard, certificate and creden- 
tials signed by, 83, 142 ; church petition to, 
83 ; journal of, 8 
Wheatfield Township, Pa., church paper of, 170 
Wheatland, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Wheeler, Rev. A. D., papers of, 13 
Wheeler, Priscilla, letter of, 45 
Wheeler, Willard, letters of, 102 
Wheeling, W. Va., church paper of, 143 
Wheelock, Eleazar, letters and papers of and 

relating to, 70-78, 80, 139 
Wheelock, Mrs. Eleazar, letters to, 74 
Wheelock, James, letter of, 77 
Wheelock, John, 71 ; correspondence of, 74, 77, 

80; recommendation by, 78 
Wheelock, Ralph, correspondence of, 74, 76 
Wheelock, Mrs. Ralph, letters to, 74 
Wheelwright, Rev, John, letter of, 63 
Wheet, Nathanael, letter of, 82 
Whitaker, Rev. George, 82 
Whitaker, Rev. Nathaniel, correspondence of, 

33, 74, 76 

Whitaker, Sarah, letter of, 76 

Whitaker, Judge W. R., letters and papers be- 
longing to, 82 

Whitaker Papers, 70, 82 

White, John, letter of, 77 

White, Mark, letter of, 45 

White, Stephen, sermons of, 66 

White, Susanna, testimonial of, 55 

White, Bp. William, letters and manuscripts o^ 
I5» 130; registry of ordinations by, 97 

White Creek, N. Y., church papers of, 134 

Whitefield, Rev. George, 130 ; controversy con- 
cerning, 25; correspondence of, 9, 33, 74, 
loi, 107, 127, 128, 162; journal of, 90; por- 
trait of, 33 

Whiteland Preparative Meeting, minutes of, 192 

Whitemarsh Township, Pa., church papers of, 

White Oak Swamp Monthly Meeting, papers of, 
21, 22 

White Plains, N. Y., church petition of, 84 

White River, 157, IS9 



Whitesville, Pau, church paper of, 170 

White Township, Pa., churdi paper of, 169 

Whitfield, Needham, letter of, 45 

Whiting, Rev, Mr,, sermons of, 138 

Whiting, Rev, Samuel, letters of, 63 

Whitman, Samuel, letter to, 74 

Whitman College, Library of, manuscripts in, 

Whittier, J. G., letter of, 33 
Whittingham, Bp. W. R., letters to, 15 ; library 

of, 13 ; sermons of, 15 
Wicaco, church paper of, 181 
Wickford, R. I., Methodism in, 58 
Wiegner, Christopher, diary of, i6x 
Wilbore, Joseph, complaints of, 39, 48 
Wilbore, Nathanael, letters of, 45 
Wilbraham, Mass., church papers of, 54, 58 
Wilbur, Asa, letters of, 45 
Wilbur, John, memorial concerning, 207 
Wilbur, Silva, letter of, 45 
Wilhelmius, Dr, Johannes, correspondence of, 

Wilkinson, Gen. James, letters of, 185 

Willard, , 60 

Willard, Josiah, letters to, 24, 33 
Willard, Samuel, commonplace book of, 66 
Willes, Henry, letter of, 70 
Willet, Richard, letter of, 109 
William III., proclamations of, 3 
Williams, Edmund, letters of, 46 
Williams, Rev. Eleazer, sermons of, 138 
Williams, Rev. N. M., autobiographical sketches 

Iqr, 38 
Williams, Nathan, correspondence of, 79, 80 
Williams, Samuel, sermon-notes of, 66 
Williams. Rev. Solomon, letters of, 76; sermons 

of, 34 
Williams, Rev. Stephen, correspondence of, 74, 

76, 77 ; sermon-notes of, 310 
Williams, Rev. W. R., letter from, 38 
Williams, Rev. William, documents relating to, 

30; letters of, 33; sermons of, 138 

Williamsburg, Pa., church paper o^ 169 

Williamsburg, Upper Canada, church paper of, 

Williams College, papers of, 33, 55 

Williamson, T. S., historical discourse by, 201 
Williamson, N. Y., church papers of, 134 
Willington, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Willis, Nathaniel, church history by, 29 
Willis, Rev. Noah, sermons of, 210 
Willis, Samuel, letter of, 63 
Willison, Rev. J., letter of, 25 
Williston Preparative Meeting, paper of, 192 
Willscreek, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Wilmer, Bp. R. H., letters of, 175 
Wilmington, Mass., church records of, 23 
Wilmington Monthly Meeting, papers of, 192 
Wilmore, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Wilson, Rev. John, sermons of, 268 
Wilson, R. G., letter of, 92 
Wilson, Rev. Robert, notes relating to, 204 
Wilson, William, letter to, 165 

Winchell, Rev. J. M., sermons of, 39; Watts 

and Supplement, jfi 
Winchester, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Winchester, Mass., church papers of, 31, 58 
Winchester, Va., paper relating to, 20 
Windham, Conn., church papers of, 77, 78 
Windham, O., church papers of, 146 
Windham, Vt, churdi papers of, 71 
Windsor, Conn., church papers of, 3, 8, 60^ 81, 

Windsor, Mass., church papers of, 37 
Wingiidd, Bp. J. H. D., letter of, 175 
Winslow, Edward, letter of, 118 
Winslow, Hannah, letter of, 76 
Winsted, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Winston, John, petition of, 127 
Winteley, J., letter of, 127 
Winter, H. H., case of, 141 
Winter, Rev. Thomas, biography of, 184; letters 

to, 18s 
Winthrop, Gov. John, letter to, 3 ; verses on the 

death of, 62 
Winthrop, R. C, manuscripts, 3 
Wintonbury, N. H., church papers of, 81 
Wisconsin, church i>apers of, in Pennsylvania, 
158 ; in Wisconsin, 204, 209-210, passim ; re- 
moval of Stockbridge Indians to, 71 
Wisconsin, State Historical Society of, manu- 
scripts in, 204, 209-210 

Wiser, Col. , letter to, 164 

Wiswall, J., correspondence of, 102 

Witchcraft, 61 

Withers, D., requests to, 2f7 

Witherspoon, Rev. John, papers of, 92 ; sermons 

of, 203 
Wobum, Mass., church papers of^ 60^ 68 
Wobum Public Library, manuscnpts in, 68 
Wodrow Transcripts, 139 
Wofford College, Library of, 208 
Wohlfahrt, Jacob, diaries of, 159, 161 ; letter of, 

Wolcott, Henry, sr., letter of, 60 
Wolcott, Henry, jr., notes by, of sermons by 

Wareham and others, x 
Wolcott, Gov. Roger, papers of, 31 
Wolfeborough, N. H., church paper ot 70 
Wollin, J. G., letters of, 162 

Wood, , 118 

Wood, Rev. Henry, sermons of, 34 
Wood, James, letter of, 163 
Wood, Kathcrine, letter of, 91 
Woodbcrry, Pa., church paper of, 169 
Woodberry Township, Pa., church papers of, 

Woodbridge, Rev. Benjamin, opposition to, 60 
Woodbridge, William, letter of, 80 
Woodbridge, N. J., church papers of, 133, 135 
Woodbury, Conn., church papers of, 6 
Woodbury Monthlv Meeting, minutes of, 194 
Woodford, Gen. William, correspondence o^ 

149. 163 
Woodford Co., Ky., Baptist church in, 12 
WoodhuU, Rev. John, biography of, 92 
Woodman, John, letters of, 46 



Woodmason, Qiarles, historical accounts by, 

118, 124, 128; letter of, 127 
Woods, Jonathan, 48 
Woodstock, Conn., church paper of, 78 
Woodstock, Vt., church papers of, 52, 54 
Woodstown, N. J., churai papers oC 90 
Woodward, Rev. Dr,, letters to, 106, 124 
Woodward, Beza [Bezaleel], letters of, 80 
Woolman, John, journal of, 196 ; letter o^ 205 
Woolwich, N. J., church papers of, 152 
Wooster, O., church papers of, 146 
Wooster, University of. Library of, manuscripts 

in, 146 
Worbasse, Joseph, letter of, 162 
Worcester, Rev, Thomas, letter to, 77 \ paper 

relating to, 31 
Worcester, Mass., church papers of, 36 
Worcester Academy, papers of, 55 
Worcester Co., Mass., church papers of, 26 
Worcester Society of Antiquity, manuscripts be- 
longing to, 69 
Worden, Peter, letters of, 46 
Worship, public, license to hold, 135; non-at- 
tendance at, 3 
Worster, Daniel, 30 
Woster, Francis, letter to, 74 
Wrangel, Rev. Ou-1 Magnus von, 182 
Wrentham, Mass., church papers of, 30, 50^ 54 
Wright, David, 49 
Wright, H. C, diaries of, 66 
Wright, Rev. J. R, letter to, 174 
Wright, James, letters of, 46^ 126 
Wright, Gov. William, letters of, 128 
Wrightstown Monthly Meeting; minutes of, 189 
Wyaloosing, Pa., 151, 156 
Wynkhauss, Rev. ^ 176 

Wyoming, Pi., accounts of journeys and visits 

to, IS3» IS9» 160 
Wyoming Conference Historical Society, 212 
Wyoming Mission Historical Society, 212 

Yale Band, 9 

Yale University, Library of, papers in, 7-8; 

catalogue of ministers graduated from, 33 
Yarmouth, Mass., church papers of, 37, 47 
Yarmouth, N. S., church records of, 31 
Yarmouth Monthly Meeting, records ot 134 
Yeager, W., sermon outlines of, 173 
Yeakel, Rev. R., manuscripts of, 144 
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