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Full text of "An Irish-English dictionary, being a thesaurus of words, phrases and idioms of the modern Irish language, with explanations in English"

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M. H. GILL <t SON, LTD., 









THIS Dictionary of the modern Irish language, with 
explanations in English, is the outcome of a project 
conceived a few years ago by the members of the 
Council of the Irish Texts Society. On the initiation 
of Mr. G. A. Greene, M.A., then Vice-Chairman of the 
Council, they decided to compile, with the assistance of 
Irish speakers and scholars throughout Ireland and 
Great Britain, and under the direction of competent 
Editors, a small Irish-English Pocket Dictionary for the 
use of students of the modern tongue. As a foundation 
for this work, about 12,000 words were collected from 
existing glossaries, from the spoken language and from 
modern writings, and sorted into slip form. The 
Editors who were asked to carry out the task of editing 
this material, Father O'Leary and Mr. David Corny n 
and, at a later stage, Mr. John MacNeill, found them- 
selves, through the pressure of other work, unable to 
fulfil their intention, and the help of Father Dinneen 
was eventually secured. 

In carrying out his views as Editor, Father Dinneen 
found it necessary to make many alterations on the 
slips handed to him, involving labour which would not 
have been incurred had he been appointed in the first 
instance. Indeed, Father Dinneen has so amended and 
expanded the fragmentary materials submitted to him, 
that the present work may be regarded as practically 
his creation, and the Council gladly acknowledges its 


indebtedness to him for bis severe and patriotic labours 
in bringing the work to a satisfactory conclusion. 

The members of the Council wish to add their own 
sincere thanks to those of the Editor to all those 
gentlemen who have assisted the undertaking, either by 
reading proofs, or by the compilation of lists of local 
words, or by personal assistance rendered in different 
ways to the Editor. The names of those who have 
given financial aid will be found at the end of the 
volume. These marks of kindness and interest in the 
work have been of the greatest service, and have 
afforded much encouragement both to the Council and 
to the Editor. 

Signed on behalf of the Council, 

DOUGLAS HYDE, LL.D., President. 
ELEANOR HULL, Hon. Secretary. 


THE study of the Modern Irish Language, which has 
received such an impetus in recent years, has been 
greatly hampered by the want of a convenient lexicon. 
Nothing but the urgent necessity that existed for 
such a lexicon could have induced me to abandon more 
congenial studies and devote my energies to the 
development and completion of the work so laudably 
undertaken by the Council of the Irish Texts Society. 
As I proceeded with the revision of the material supplied 
me the work grew imperceptibly under my hands. In 
preparing the work, I went through the whole of Peter 
O'Connell's MS. Dictionary, and also, though more 
rapidly, through the MS. Dictionary compiled by 
O'Naughton. The Gaelic Journal and the principal 
modern published texts were also laid under contribution, 
as well as several lists of words received from various 
parts of the country Not the least valuable part of the 
work is what I was able to remember from the days of 
my childhood, the rich vocabulary employed by my 
father and mother and the inhabitants of my native 
Sliabh Luachra, the snatches of song, of story, of 
proverb, the allusions and rhymes and exclamations 
which mingled with their conversation, as well as the 
precise and accurate use of phrase and idiom which 
distinguished them. 

In spite of many defects, it is claimed for this work 
that it contains a larger number of words used in the 


living Irish language and in the more modern written 
compositions than any Irish Dictionary yet published ; 
that it gives the various words fuller grammatical 
treatment ; that it explains them more in detail and with 
greater precision and accuracy ; that it gives a fuller 
account of local usage and pronunciation ; that it treats 
more fully the more important words which form the 
basis of the main idioms that constitute the core of the 
language ; that it gives a greater number of peculiarly 
poetical expressions ; a fuller list of technical words and 
a more copious supply of examples drawn from the 
living speech of the people ; that it has a more abundant 
list of references to modeVn standard works; that it 
deals more exhaustively and with fuller illustration with 
the various particles whose uses and functions are 
calculated to puzzle the student. It is claimed that the 
book gives a fairly accurate explanation in English of 
the main stream of words, idioms and forms that 
constitute the Modern Irish Language. Absolute 
completeness, either in the list of words or in the 
idioms, is not claimed, the time and space limits and 
other circumstances affecting the production of the work 
rendering such completeness impossible. In the 
insertion of compound words, which form an important 
factor in the language, space had to be economized. 

It is obvious that in an unsettled language like Irish, 
which has not been cultivated to any extent since the 
use of print became general, many orthographical 
difficulties present themselves to the lexicographer. 
Complete uniformity of spelling is certainly a great 
desideratum. Indeed, it is impossible to conceive a 
flourishing literature in an age of printing like the 
present without a uniform orthography of some kind 


The science of grammar becomes a mockery where there 
is not some show of uniformity in the written forms of 
the words, and students of the language are disheartened 
by an unsettled and ever varying orthography. The 
circumstance that the language has been growing apace, 
as all languages grow, for the last couple of hundred 
years, without in many parts of the country the check 
of a written or printed literature, has resulted in its 
forming itself into two or three more or less clearly 
defined dialects which differ from one another in several 
points. The Irish spoken in the Extreme North of 
Ireland differs from that spoken in Munster, and that 
spoken in Connaught differs from both. The Irish of 
South Connaught approaches that of Munster, while 
that of North Connaught resembles that of Ulster. As 
regards the orthography employed, perhaps the only 
item that will seem somewhat radical is the uniform use 
of pc, fp, pc, in preference to pg, pt>, px>, respectively, 
but especially the use of p c for pg. On this point it 
may be observed that these sets of letter-combinations 
in general follow the same law, and that it is desirable 
to adopt a uniform system. In our books and dic- 
tionaries there is great confusion between the 
combinations fc and pg, and the time seemed to have 
come for writing uniformly one or the other. The 
question was, which should be selected. The selection 
of pc is only the natural lexicographical evolution. 
O'Naughton, the author of our earliest modern dic- 
tionary (finished 1727), writes pc for the most part, and 
devotes only a few pages to words beginning with pg. 
O'Brien (1767) states in his dictionary that pc and pj; 
are absolutely identical, and that words spelled with pc 
will not be repeated under pg. O'Reilly made much 


the same observation, while Peter O'Connell (1826), 
whose work is most laborious, systematic, and com- 
prehensive, writes fc in, every case. Of the living 
authorities who were consulted on this question opinion 
was divided. I may mention that Dr. Staridish Hayes 
O'Grady, Professor Strachan, and Dr. Joyce, approved 
of the exclusive use of pc, while Father Peter O'Leary, 
Mr. Bergin, Mr. Lloyd, and others, favoured pg. There 
can be no question, of course, that p^ is far more 
common in modern manuscripts, and up to a recent 
date at least was more common in books. As regards 
the sound of the language used at the present day 
opinion also differs, some maintaining that the sound 
alter p is 5, and others that it is c. I think that the 
sound is in many cases pc, and in most other cases 
approaches nearer to pc than to p. It seems to me 
that in words like pceAl, pceirh, pcitling, where pc is 
followed by a slender vowel, the p is more affected than 
the c, the p becomes pti rather than c 5. This pti sound 
of p, I believe, makes many think that a g-sound and 
not a c-sound is heard. In words like pcoit, to my ear 
at least, the sound is c. With regard to plural forms 
like pAipci-oe, which some now write p.Aipci,and pfVACxM-oe, 
which they write pp^c^i, only the longer form is given 
in these pages. That form is given as being the best 
established, though it is undoubtedly cumbrous and 
awkward to a degree. Both forms would have been 
given except that it seemed a needless waste of space to 
do so, and hence the exclusion of the shorter form is 
not to be regarded as prejudicing its claims. There can 
be no doubt that the tendency will always be in the 
direction of retrenching unsounded letters, and making 
the spelling square with the pronunciation. But the 


process must be gradual and, as it were, imperceptible. 
The dipthong 6A has been used throughout instead of 
eu. I have followed Peter O'Connell in writing -i-6e.ACc 
or -.Ai-oeAcc as the termination of abstract nouns, thus 
cpom.Ai'be.ACC, not cju)inui$e.dcc, though the verb is 
written cfomuigitn. 

The diphthong eo and not e6 is written throughout 
except in a few cases, and triphthongs are not in general 
accented. The diphthong C.A is used in preference to 
10 in unaccented syllables, thus 6ifie^nn not 6if\ionn. 
It has been found convenient for lexicographical order 
to observe the c<Aot te c^ot law even in compounds, 
though there are some instances of departure from it, 
But it should be noted that the observance of this law 
is not intended to prejudice the pronunciation. Words 
like leit-f c6Al, teit-ce^nn are largely but not universally 
pronounced as if written le^t-pce-At and le.At-ce.Ann ; 
thus we say T>eif-t>e.Al.AC and not Tje,Ap-t>e.AtAC, etc. 
Though many hints regarding the pronunciation of 
words are scattered through the book, it was found 
impossible to treat the pronunciation of each word in a 
systematic manner, without unduly enlarging the work. 

The more important verbals are given a separate 
heading ; sometimes they have uses distinct from those 
of the corresponding verbs. The verbs are given under 
their first singular indicative, as this arrangement is 
generally adopted in modern vocabularies. The un- 
settled state of orthography of the language often 
necessitated the repetition of the same word under 
different forms, and recourse was had to phonetic 
spelling when the origin or etymology of the word was 

An effort has been made, as far as the limits of the 


work permitted, to give examples of the principal 
idioms that involve the prepositions and other important 
words, but it is obvious that there are many idioms 
depending on the collocation of words which can be 
learned only by practice. 

The treatment of local words, some of which are of 
very doubtful genuineness, was a matter of some 
anxiety. In some parts of the country certain English 
words have got an extraordinary twist, and in the 
mouths of Irish speakers pass for genuine Irish words. 
Moreover, words that are really Irish are sometimes 
very much corrupted locally, and the corrupted forms 
are of doubtful advantage to a lexicon. The local use 
of words, however, when properly ascertained, is of 
great assistance in determining their origin and 

A word may be said about modern loan words. 
They are practically all taken immediately from the 
English, though many are loan words even in English. 
Some have been introduced with scarcely any change 
of pronunciation, but with a somewhat altered or 
extended meaning. Thus p c6iineifi is from schemer, but 
is used in a peculiar way in Irish ; p 6jvc is from sort, but 
not identical in use with the English word. Many 
English words get an Irish terminal form as C|\UCA from 
crook, and the termination -&\\, of the verbal noun is 
often added to English verbs ^5 cenToe-dil, tending, 
and the like. Of forms like these, some have got a 
footing in the language, while others, as the one just 
quoted, must be regarded as barbarous. 

With regard to the general question of the insertion 
of loan words in a dictionary or their use in the spoken 
and written language, it is to be said that words that 


ar established in the written language, being used by 
good authors, or words in everyday conversational use, 
should find a place in a dictionary, from whatever source 
they may be derived. The lexicographer may deplore 
the introduction of loan words, but he is bound to 
recognise their existence. Of course, words not well 
established or not widely used, have not the same claim 
to recognition. In the following pages I have in general 
given those loan words which have a footing in the 
spoken or written language, especially when they have 
acquired a new shade of meaning. In writing the 
language, words only recently borrowed and for which 
there are Irish equivalents, should be sparingly used. 
It is otherwise with words that have already a life of a 
couple of hundred years in the language. Every tongue 
borrows from other tongues, and it is a sign of health 
and vigour when a language can assimilate a crop of 
foreign words and reduce them to subjection by the 
rigorous application of its own syntax and of its own 
inflexional forms. 

Want of space prevented my treating of the derivation 
of the bulk of the words in the dictionary, or of tracing 
their relationship to words in kindred tongues. It need 
scarcely be stated here that modern Irish is substantially 
the same language as Scotch Gaelic and as Manx, that 
it bears to the Welsh and Breton languages a kinship 
similar to that which exists between modern English 
and modern German, that it is a development of a 
language which was cognate to the earlier forms of the 
great family of languages spoken and written in modern 
Europe, that though its vocabulary has been consider- 
ably influenced by Latin within historic times, and by 
English within the last three centuries, it has preserved 


its own syntax and its own characteristic inflexional 
system practically untampered with even to this day. 
Its syntactical and inflexional systems have, indeed, 
been subject to a development similar to the develop- 
ment which takes place in the successive stages of every 
living and cultivated speech, but neither its syntax nor 
its inflexional system has been influenced to any great 
extent by neighbour tongues. 

I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend, Mr. John J. 
O'Kelly, for the tireless energy which he devoted to 
the work from the outset. His extensive knowledge 
of the living language rendered his co-operation 
particularly valuable. 

My friend, Mr. J. H. Lloyd, looked over all the MS. 
and read the proofs carefully, and the work owes much 
to his extensive knowledge of local forms and his 
critical acumen. 

The following gentlemen, all of whom are well skilled 
in the living language, kindly looked over the proofs 
and noted local usages, etc. : Messrs. John J. O'Kelly, 
P.O'Shea (Glengarriff), P. J.'O'Shea ("Conan Maol"), 
J. C. Ward (Killybegs), J. Craig, J. Rogers (Barrow-in- 
Furness), T. Concannon, R. A. Foley, M. Breathnach. 
Messrs. J. J. Doyle and M. O'Malley looked over a 
portion of the proofs. Special mention should be made 
of Mr. Richard Foley's keen interest in the work from 
the beginning, and of the zeal with which he sought 
out and recorded local usages. 

Among those who helped by supplying lists oi 
words I may mention Rev. M. M'Grath, St. Mary's, 
Rathmines ; Messrs. D. O'Callaghan (Aran), O'Donnell 
(Newport), O'Doherty (Cruit Island), R. A. Foley, John 
J. O'Kelly, J. C. Ward (Killybegs), Seamus O'Kelly, 


(Belfast), M. O'Brien ( Bally vourney), D. D. Murphy 
(Valentia), T. Hayes, P. O'Daly. Dr. J. P. Henry also 
took a great interest in the v* ork all through its progress, 
and furnished useful lists of local words. 

To Miss Eleanor Hull, Hon. Sec. of the Irish Texts 
Society, who took a keen personal interest in the work 
from the beginning, I am indebted for much sympathetic 
encouragement and many useful suggestions. 

I wish to record my appreciation of the kindness I 
received from Mr. J. J. MacSweeney and assistants of 
the Royal Irish Academy, Mr. Lyster and assistants of 
the National Library of Ireland, Mr. De Burgh, Mr. 
Hall and assistants of Trinity College Library. 

The labour of seeing the work through the press was 
considerably lightened by the intelligence and efficiency 
displayed by the staff of Messrs. Sealy, Bryers and 

Although this work was laid on my shoulders quite 
unexpectedly, it is curious to recall that the production 
of an Irish Dictionary was one of the dreams of my 
boyhood. If the realization of that dream be not as 
splendid as the original conception, it is some compen- 
sation to reflect that the work, in spite of many 
imperfections, will be useful to thousands of students, 
and will help on the work of cultivating the rich and 
vigorous, but sadly neglected, language of the Gael. 

a., adj. adjective. 

A. Anglo-Irish (implying that the word is of English origin). 

ad. adverb. 

A. McC. Art Mac Gooey, an Armagh poet of the 18th century. 

A rm. Armagh. 

B. The Barony (the tract so called in East Cork adjoining Youghal). 

Bar. Barbarous. 

('. Coney's Irish-English Dictionary. 

Cav. Cavan. 

rf. compare. 

Gear. O'D. Cearbhall O'Daly. 

C. M. Cuipt ATI tfleAt>6n Oix>ce. 
coll., collect. collective. 

cornp. comparative. 

Con. Connaught. 

Condon Patrick Condon, a nineteenth century Cork poet. 

d. dative. 

Der. Derry. 

Don. Donegal. 

Donl. Donlevy's Irish Catechism. 

D. R. Donnchadh Ruadh Mac Con Mara. 

E. East (as in East Kerry, East Ulster, etc.). 

E. M. East Munster. 
E. U. East Ulster. 

E. R. Eoghan Ruadh O'Sullivan. 
/. feminine. 

Fer. Pierce Ferriter. 
Qlengar. Glengarriffe. 
Ferm. Fermanagh. 

F. F. Forus Feasa ar Eirinn, by Keating. 
3f. of An. 3 Fragments of Annals. 

g. genitive. 
genly. generally. 

G. J. The Gaelic Journal. 

y*f- genitive singular feminine. 

id. idem, the same. 

intr. intransitive. 

Kea. Keating. 

Ker. Kerry. 

Kilk. Kilkenny. 

L. Leinster. 

McCur. Die. McCurtin's English Irish Dictionary. 

M'D. Seaghan Glarach MacDomhnaill. 

Mea. Mcath. 

Mid. Jr. Middle Irish. 

Mon. Monaghan. 


N. Con. North Connaught. 

nom. nominative. 

P. Parish. 

O'Br. O'Brien's Irish-English Dictionary. 

O'Con. John O'Connell (Irish Poet). 

O'D. Geoffrey O'Donoghue. 

Oidhe Ch. U. Oidhe Chlainne Uisneach. 

Om. Omeath. 

O'N. O'Naughton's MS. Irish-English Dictionary (T.C.D.). 

O'S. O'Reilly's Irish-English Dictionary (recent edition). 

O'Ra. Egan O'Rahilly. 

p. a. participial adjective. 

perh. perhaps. 

pi. plural. 

P. O'C. Peter O'Connell's MS. Irish-English Dictionary (T.C.D.). 

P. O'Dor. Peter O'Dornin, an eighteenth century poet. 

pr., prn. pronoun. 

prep. preposition. 

pron. pronounced. 

pronom. pronominal. 

Soft. Raftery. 

s. singular. 

Sc. G Scotch Gaelic. 

somet. sometimes 

sp. 1. spoken language. 

Sup. Supplement to O'Reilly's Dictionary. 

Tadg. CfCon. Bit, Gram. Tadhg O'Connellan's Bilingual Grammar. 

T. G. Tadhg Gaedleach O'Sullivan. 

T. S. Keating's " Three Shafts of Death." 

Tor. D. agus G. Toraidheacht Dhiarmada, agus Ghrainne. 

U. Ulster. 

JFa. Waterford. 

W. M.- West Munster. 

Y. B. L. Yellow Book of Lecan. 

v. tr. verb transitive. 

After nouns, the genitive singular and nominative plural are given ; 
after verbs (which are given in the J st person singular, indicative mood), 
the verbal is given ; after adjectives, the dative singular feminine, which 
is also in general the same as the comparative and superlative, is given ; 
many adjectives, from the nature of the case, are not used in the com- 
parative or superlative, but are nevertheless declined in the positive 
degree ; after compound nouns, in most cases, the genitive and plural 
are not given when they are identical with those of the terminal 
simple nouns. 

The general rule followed in setting down the inflectional termina- 
tion after the words is to repeat the last letter of the invariable portion 
of the word, thus bpontiroiji, -OJIA, -oifinJe, signifies that the genitive 
case of bftonnroift is btiormtojid, an d its nominative plural is bf.orm- 
c6iftix>e ; where, however, the inflexional termination is purely an addi- 
tion to the noun, the last letter is generally not repeated, thus pu.dc, -A, 
signifies that pAU4 is the genitive case of pi AC. 


A (Ailm), the first letter of the 
Modern Irish Alphabet. 

A, inter}., prefixed to voc. case, 
often slurred over in pronuncia- 
tion ; sometimes its place is 
supplied by an apostrophe, 
sometimes it is simply omitted. 

A, weakened form of the prep. 
and verbal prefix t>o (or oe), as 
A x>ic o|im= - oo (t>e) oic oj(m, 
wanting to me ; out A OAite = 
out loo'n (or t>o) bAite, going 
home; A itos= - oo (x>e) ctos 
or oon (oen) ctog, of the clock, 
o'clock; fiot A cuti = fiot x>o 
cup, to sow seed. 

A, sometimes separated from verbs 
of which it is etymologically a 
part, aa A CA = AC<\, A 

A, particle used before numerals 
when they do not qualify nouns, 
as A hAon, one, the number one ; 
A cuij, five. 

A, colloquially prefixed as a kind 
of helping particle to some 
words and phrases, as A coix>ce 
for coi-oce, A jnAni for juAth, 
A beic for beic (as well as for 
oo beic) ; A tAn, a great many ; 
A beA5 no A tiioji, little or much. 

A, prep, (a variety and develop- 
ment of prep, i, and used in pre- 
ference to 1 in all modern MSS. 
At present 1 is more in favour in 
printed Irish, though A repre- 
sents the sound more closely. 
In the earlier MSS. A is used 
instead of 1 bsforo consonants 
followed by broad vowels), in, 
into. See 1. 

A, prep., out of; no change in con- 
sonants, prefixes h to vowels, 
becomes A)' before article, rel. 
prn. and poss. adj. Cpds. Af Am, 
out of me ; Af AC, Af ATJ, thee ; 
Af, him, it; Aifci, her, it; 
AfAinn, us; AfAib, you; AJ'- 
CA, them. Instead of A, Af is 
now in common use aa simple 
prep. See Af , prep. 

A, relative particle, aspirating, 
arising from the weakening of 
verbal prefixes, and only recently 
introduced into literature, aa 

'tlUAItt A CAItllg ,A. = 'nUA1f1 

CAinis A., when A. came. The 
rel. prn. in noin. or ace. caae 
does not require any equivalent 
in Irish, bat this particle is 
often used where the rel. would 

A, rel, prn., eclipses, but becomes 
AJI before past tenses, aspirating 
in active, and causing no change 
in consonants but prefixing h to 
vowels in passive voice. (1) All 
who, all which, all whom, all 
that ; (2) after prep., whom, 

A, poss. a. (1) her, its (/.) prefixes 
h- to vowels ; (2) his, its (m), 
aspirates; (3) their, eclipses, 
prefixes n- to vowel. 

A, weakened colloquial form of 
art and interrog. part. ATI be- 
tween consonants ; and of prep. 
AJ before consonants of verbal 
noun used participially ; also of 
O'A or Ag A in such phrases aa 
An peArt A (50) bpuAtji A TTIAC 
DAf the man whose ion died. 


A ! inter j., ah ! oh ! an exclamation 
of surprise or disgust. A ! mo 
tpuAJ; i, oh ! I pity you. 

Ab, dcp. form of verb ip, joined 
to preceding particle ; mvmAb, 
SwjtAb, nAjtAb. In opt. often 
shortened to A before conso- 
nants, as jiitiA feAcc b^eA^i 
oo beimixj 1 mbA^Ac, may we be 
seven times better to-morrow. 

ADA, g. AOAnn, d. AOAinn, npl. 
Aibne, gpl. ADAnn (somet. n. 
AbAinn, y. AOAinne or Aipne), /., 
a river, a stream. 

AbAc, -AIJ, m., the entrails of any 
beast ( = iotiACAn). 

AOAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a dwarf, a 
pigmy, a sprite, an elf. 

AbAfc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a ferret, 
a little terrier, a sort of cur 
used for baiting ferrets in their 
dens. (P. O'C.) 

ADA-6, m., a trepanning or en- 
snaring; a kind of purse-net 
used in fishing. (Ker.) 

AbAile, ad., home, towards home, 

AbAiU,, indec. /., an orchard 

At) Ainu, see A&A. 

AbAijt, imper., of Ax>ei]um, which 

AbAijtc, -bAficA, /., speech, articu- 
lation ; politeness ; a sentence. 

AbAi-6 (also Aibi-6), -x>e, a., ripe, 
mature; quick-witted (of per- 

AbAi-oeACC, -A, /., ripeness, matu- 

AbAijim, vl. AibiuJAt); v. tr., I 
cause to ripen, bring to matu- 
rity, cause ; ir e -o'AbAij mo 
oeAjiA, it is it that caused my 
tears ; if e -o'AbAij cfteim A^ur* 
cneAt) im CAOD, it is it that 
caused a gnawing and a pain in 
my side ; v. int., I ripen, come 
to maturity ; -o'AbAij An JIA-O- 
AJIC Aije, his eye-sight came to 
maturity, his vision returned 
to him. 

, see 

, a., able (with AJI) (A.). 
We do not say (except in Don.) 
VeAfi AbAlrA, an able man, but 
CA fe AbAtcA AJI e oeAtiAtri, he 
is able to do it. 

bAlcAcc, -A, /., ability (^4.) 

-ui^i, m., success ; an 
adventure. (^4.) 

i, -A1]-,, m. (obAfi). a marsh ; 
clay or peat used for manure ; 
met., a difficulty ; AbAti TIA 
jcApAtt, the puddle or the 
horses (Der.) Tjuine T>'-pA5Ait 
'f An AbAji, to leave a person in 
a fix ; cA me 1 n-AbA^i (obAji), 
I am in a bog, in a difficulty. 
ArJAf , -AI r, m., a mercenary soldier ; 
a fierce, violent man. See 

At)AfCA|1, See ArilAfCAfl. 

AbAfcjiAt, see AtiiAf c|iA6. 
Abb, -bA-6, -bAT)A, m., an abbot. 
Abb-mAcAit^, -CAJI, -AitneACA and 

-Aicfie, /., the Mother- Abbess. 
Abcoit), -e (A-ODCOITJ), /., ironical 

joking, scolding; pleading a case. 
Abcoi-oe (A-obcoi-oe), g. id. ; pi., 

-oi-oe, m. ; an advocate, a 

pleader ; AbcoiT)eAC, id. 
Abc6ix>iT>eAcc (A'6bc6iT>eAcc), -A, 

/., disputation, pleading, scold- 

Ab-oAine, gen. id., f., an abbot- 

Abpo^Af (i bpo^Af ), close by, near 

to; A bposuf -OAm, near me. 

See f ojAf . 
AblAC, -Aij, pi. -Aije and AbtAiA, 

m., a carcass, a corpse, carrion. 
AblAnn, -Ainne, -Ann A,/., a wafer, 

altar-bread; AbtAnn Coiffiijce, 

the Consecrated Host. 
ADO^, -6153, -OJA, /., a sudden 

jump or bounce. See Atiboj. 
Abog, -6156, -OJA, /., a falsehood 

Abloifi, -OJIA, -6ijtix>e, m., one who 

is continually grumbling ; a 

buffoon ; a fool who affects being 

a wise man. 
AbfiA, -A-6, -Ai'oe, /., an eye-lid. 



AbjiA, -A*, -Ait>e, /., a poem, a 

AbjiAireAc, -fije, -peACA, /., a 
carder or spinner of wool ; mriA 
AftfiAifise, women carders or 
spinners (also AttijiAipeAc). 

AbjiAireAc, -pje, a., given to 
wool-carding or spinning ; mnA 
women carders or 


spinners (also AmpAipeAt). 
ju\n, -AID, m., April. See Aib- 

At>-|iAn, in., song. Technically, a 
poem in modern vowel asson- 
ance, as distinct from -OATI, a 
poem in the old syllabic metres. 
See AtrifiAti. 

AbjiAtiAcc, -A, /., song, song- 
maldng. See AtfifiAncACC, AITI- 

, -Aip, pi. id., m., a ready 

AbfiAf, -Aip, pi. id., m., a yarn, 

the product of the hand ; mnA 

AbfiAip, women spinners or 


AbrAri, -AID, m., trench, a hollow. 
Abpoloi-o, -e, /., absolution, for- 

giveness (also AfpoloiT)). 
AbpcAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., an apostle 

(also Apr CAl, AfpAt). 
AbrcAVoA, a., apostolic. 
Abu, inter/., to victory! perh. 

abbrev. for 50 buAi'o. Used in 

battle-cries, as C^om Abu ! tarn 

t)eAfi5 Abu ! 
xMSup (i bpuf), on this side, in 

this life, this world, as opposed 

to the next. (Opposed to 


Ac ! interj. , a deprecatory exclam- 
ation, no ! AC ni'l, ah, 110 ! A, 
Aix>e ! exclamation of wonder. 

Ac, the general pron. of the prep. 
and con/. ACC, and sometimes 
the written form of the same. 
See ACC. 

ACA, prep. pr. 8 pi., at them, etc. 
See A5, prep. 

ACAT), -AIT), m., a field, land, a 
plain : Ireland is called ACAT> 
Aijic, etc. 

ACAIJIC, y, id., pi. -f6e, m., a 

handy implement (Don.). See 

ACA(t and ACfiA. 
AcAifim, -A|tA-6, v. tr., I moor, I 

AcAif, -e, -it>e, and -CACA./., a slur, 

a curse, poison. 
AcAipeA6, -f 150, a., venomous, ran- 

corous, malicious (also Aicip BAG). 
AcAirceAf. See ACAfcoift. 
ACAOinceAC, -ci^e a., querulous, 

complaining. <See eAjCAomceAC. 
ACAJI, -Aif, m., a tool, an instru- 

ment, etc. ; profit, loan or use of 

a thing. See AC^A. 
ACAJI, -Aift, m., an extent of spce, 

or time, distance, space, room ; 

a journey. 
.AcAjt-polt, m., a place for moor- 

ing, a road for ships. (Ker.J 
AcAiirui-oe, m., a port, a harbour. 

AcAnuijce, moored, anchored. 

(Ker). (p. a., oa from r. ACA- 

AcAfAn (AfACAn). See Af m 
AcAfcoiti, -ofA, -6ittix>e, m., an 

Acpumn, -e ; pi. id.,f., capability, 

faculty, means, wealth, abund- 

ance, vigour, power, endurance 

(of heat, etc.) ; (also 

C, -nij;e, a., capable, 

energetic, wealthy, able, power- 

ful ; bAt) ACpuinneAi, a sea- 

worthy boat. 
AcpumneAt, -15, -ije, m., a person 

of large means. 
AcpuinneAcc, -A,/., ability, capa- 

city, power. 
AdtA-6, -ttiitce, m., act of fishing. 

ActAi-oe, a., soft, smooth, free in 

motion ; generous. 
AclAi-oe, g. id., softness, gentle- 

ness, smoothness. 
AclAnieAdt, -A,/., act of fishing. 
.AclAnieAcc, -A,, /., mildness, 


Acmuinn. See Acpuinn. 
Acriiuf An, g., -Ain, pi. id., m., re- 

proach, reproof, a nickname, a 

bitter taunt; ACirmfAti T>O 

6AfAT> tiom, to taunt me with 
something mean (pron. in M., 
Af mucATi and AfACAti). 

AcmurAtiAC, -Aije, a., censorious, 
abusive, reproachful. 

AcihurAnAim, -At), v. tr., I abuse, 
censure, rebuke. 

AdriiurAtiui-oe, g. id., m., a censor. 

Aco. See ACA. 

ACJIA, g. id., pi. -iT>e, m., au acre, 

ACJIA, gr. id., m., use, service, a tool 
or useful instrument, the use or 
loan of a thing, profit ; also 
civility, an obligation received 
or conferred ; bAlt ACJIA, a use- 
ful implement (M.). 

AcfAc, -Aise, a., convenient, use- 
ful, obliging, civil ; also ACAJIAC. 

Ac|tA6, hungry. See OC^AC. 

AcjtAnn, g., -Ainti (pron. ACAjiAnn) 
entanglement, contention, strife, 
a knot, an encumbrance, hence 
furniture, baggage; i TI-A., at 
cross purposes ; i n-A. i n-A 
6eite, at strife with one another ; 
i TI-A. 'p 1 ^ bliAT>AricAib, ad- 
vanced in years (also written 
eAcjiAnn, which see}. 

AcpAtitiAi, -Aije, a., knotty, en- 
tangled, quarrelsome. See BAC- 

AcfunnAim, -AT>, v. tr., I entangle. 

Acf AT>f , indec. m., excise. 

Ace, conj., but; prep., but, ex- 
cept, with accus. ; before 50 or 
verbal noun locution, provided 
that ; ACC mutiA, unless ; ACC 
AriiAiti, except, save only ; ACC 
gAti, provided that not ; JAM 
ACC, with only, having only ; in 
archaic usage, ACC CBAIIA, how- 
ever ; ACC ge, even though 
(comp. with aril, AtriAc) ; gen- 
erally or exclusively pron. AC. 

Ace, -A, pi. AccAmiA, m., a law, 
an act, a contract or conven- 
tion ; a term or condition ; AJI 
tiA tiAccAib fin, on these terms 
or conditions ; Afi ACC, striving 


ACCAC, -Aije, a., pertaining to 

law, deeds, etc. 
AccAim, -At), v. tr., I enact, I 

impose a condition, I make 

AccbeAj (ACC beAj), conj., almost, 
but, except. 

ACCCCATIA (ACC ceAtiA), conj., how- 

Accion (Aicf ion), g. id., m., action, 
a great feat (A.); cum ACCIOD 
oo -oeAnAtTi, to do a great deed. 

AicfiA, see eACC|tA. 

AccjiAnn, ACCjiAnnAc. See CACC- 
pAnn, CAtcfiAntiAc. 

ACCUJA-O, -u 156 e, m., act of ordain- 
ing, decreeing (also ACCAX>). 

Accuiijim, -uJAX), v. tr., I enact, 
decree, ordain. 

At) = ix), in thy ; before verbal 
nouns = x>o - o or AJAX) (AJ -DO), 
as AT) trio'LAT) = i ooT) rriotAX) or 
A5AT) thotA-6 (AS -DO riiotA-o), 
praising thee. 

AT), Mid. Ir. conjunctive prefix, 
sometimes used for -oo as an 
integral prefix of certain verbs, 
as AT>-bei|iim for oo-beiftim, 
AT>-ctuinim for T>o-cluinim, 
AT>-CI for TOO-CI. 

ATI, AS ; g., AIT>, A-OA, or AIJ, AJA, 
m., luck, fate ; gs., AIT>, AI^, 
of ten as a, as sjiAin AIJ, a fateful 

AT>-, AIT)-, an intensitive prefix, as 
AT>AciriAfi, very terrible; AT>- 
triotAim, I extol ; AiT)mittim, 
I destroy utterly. 

AiJAijicin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a little 
horn or point ; a lapwing. 

AT>AI, -Ait, pi. id., m., a flesh- 

AT>Alt, -Aitt, m., sin, corruption, 
adultery, concupiscence ; heat 
in some animals, especially dogs ; 

Cf., CA All 5AT)A|( fA ATlAtt. 

AT)AlcAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a deaf 

person ; a dolt. 

AT>Alc]iAiT)eAcc, -A, /., adultery. 
AT>Alc]iAntiAC, -Aig, -Aije, m., an 


A-OAtcpAnnAf, -Aif, m., adultery. 
AT>AtcriuiT>e, g. id., pi. -T>ce, m., 

an adulterer. 
^OATTI, g. ATAirii, ^T>niA, Adam ; 

often ^-oAm, -Aim. 

, -Ainc, m., adamant. 
, -mtA, a., fortunate 

lucky (also AJAriiAil). 
A-oriiAim, vl. AX>mAit, v. tr., I con- 

fess, I admit. See A-omuijim. 
xVoAnn, -Ainn, pi. id., m. t an oven, 

a pan. See oiSeAnn. 
4t>Ann, -Ainn, pi. id., m., a rush- 

light; the plant called colt's 

.A-oAncA, p. a., kindled, lighted 

xVoAncAC, -Aije, a., inflammable, 

apt to kindle. 
*VoAncACC, -A,/., aptness to kindle 

or light. 
A-OA\\ lupA, m., ground ivy iW.-v> 

AX>Afl CAttTIAtl). 

*\t>Ajic, -Aijice, pi. -AijiceAnnA and 

AijiccACA, /., a horn, a point, a 

peak ; A-OAHC PIAX>AI j, a hunter's 

A-O&]\CAC, -Aije, a., horny, having 

points or peaks; gabled. 
<V6AficA6An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

cuckold ; one having many corns 

on the foot-soles. 
Ax>At<CArriAit, -riilA, a., horny, 

abounding in points or horns. 
AtxvfiCAti, -AITI, pi. id. m., a small 

horn, a point, a small piunacle. 
Ax>Af!c 6eoij, f., a fog-horn. 
xVoAftcos, -6156, -tfgA, /., a cor- 

A-OAJIC, -Aijtc, pi. id., m., a bolster 

or pillow ; the edge of the sea at 

high water. 

, -Aif, m., prosperity (also 

*\T>Ap CAJI, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a halter. 

XVOOA, -AT), pi. AX)5A and A'DbA'OA, 

f., an instrument (of music, etc.); 

a tort, a house ; i n-A-obA-OAib 

ceoit AtriAin, in instruments of 

music alone (Kea). 
AxibAcoi-oeAC, -x)i j, oije, m., an 

advocate, a pleader, a disputant. 

See Abc6iT>e. 
^ooAtr, -A, f., mirth, pleasure, 

pastime ; cpe A-obAfir, in irony ; 

Aj AiceAt 'p AJ AT>t>Acr, play- 

ing pranks and jokes ; jibing, 

joking, merriment. 

, -Aite, a., great, immense, 

<ix>6Aliri6|i, -6i|ie, a., prodigious, 
vast, enormous. 

xVOOAdCAC, -A1J6 (A6ACCAC), <*., 

jocose, merry. 

x3iT>bAiteA6, -tije, a., meddle- 
some; if An-AX>bAileA<b An 
pAifoe tu, you are a meddle- 
some child ; HA bi com hA-obAil- 
CA6 foin,donot meddle so((7on.). 

AiibAiitiToe, g. id., f., meddling 
(as a child) ; bi ATI A-obAilti-oe 
Ann fiiAiri, he was ever trouble- 
some; IDA bi'onn cu AJ AX>bAil,- 
titie teif AII cuqine fin cuicptt) 
f6 Ajuf bfiifpeAtt 6, if you 
meddle with that spinning- 
wheel it will fall and be broken 

.A-obAti, -Aif, '/it: id., m., cause, 
reason ; matter, stuff, material ; 
subject matter to be shaped 
into form. Ax>bAtt btioj, the 
materials for making shoes ; 
A-obAt^ fAjAi^c, a person dis- 
posed for and preparing for the 
priesthood; AX>bAft rAoiji, an 
apprentice to a mason, etc. ; 
number, quantity ; CA AX>bA)t 
niAit ACA Ann, there is a good 
many of them (M.); means, 
wealth, providence ; CA mo 
6upr A S An A-6bA}i, my career is 
improvident. xVobAi<, in the 
sense "stuff," etc., is pron. (in 
M. at least) A-obAti, but in sense 
"number, quantity.'' it is pron. 
A-obAji ; perhaps they are dif- 
ferent words. 

^obfiAi'oeAcc, -A., /., the quality 
in a youth which indicates what 
he is to be in mature age. 
(P. &C.) 

A-oboj, -6136, -6$A,/., a long run- 
ning jump; (in athletics) the 
long leap. 

A-bbp Af, Aif , m., a piece of woollen 
cloth manufactured from the 
raw material; yarn; cf., ni 
oo'n Ax>ot' A r An CCAT) friAite; 


-6ftA, -iftiT>e, TO., a 

carder of wool. See AbjtAf. 
Ar>t\m, I see. See -oo-ci'tn. 
xVoconnAfic, see A-o-citn and x>o- 

xVoeiftirn, v. tr., irreg. (see para- 

digms), I say, utter, tell ; with 

ace. of object and te with dat. 

of person addressed ; AX>eiftim 

ATI meit) peo teAC, I tell this 

much to you ; also, with dep. 

clause with 50, nAc, or TIA ; 

At>eifiim 50 bpuit, A. TIA fit, 

or TIAC bpuil ; also with infini- 

tive (rare). 

xVopuAji, -Ai|ie, a., very cold. 
Ax>puAC,-A, m., detestation, abomi- 

xVopuAcriiAfi, -Atfte, a., horrible, 

detestable. See ATDUACTTIAJI. 
xVopuAtriiAftAcc, -A, f., an abomi- 

xVotACA-o, -Aicte, m., burial ; dig- 

ging, delving; At>tACAti, -Ain, 


, vl. A-otACAX) and A-O- 
, v. tr., I inter; I dig, 


-Aij, -Aij;e, m., a 

grave-digger, an undertaker. 
xVomA-o, -Ait), m., timber, wood ; 

fig. matter, stuff, like A-obAft ; 

A-omAt) ceAnjAitce T>A ceite, 

a raft. (xVomA-o in Con. and U.) 
AoriiAil, -At/A, f., act of confess- 

ing, admitting ; acknowledgment, 

confession ; receipt for payment ; 

teAbAti A-oniAtA, a receipt book. 

See At>rhvii5im. 
^6rhA}tAC, -Aije, a., lucky, fortu- 

xyoTtiAjiAije, g. id.,f., chance, luck, 

fortune ; Aft A-otiiAftAije An 

ooriiAin (no An cfAoJAit), by 

the luckiest chance imaginable. 
xVomotA-o, -tcA, m., act of praising ; 

xVorhotAim, -&\> t v. tr., I praise 

highly, extol. 
^Vomuiijim, v.n. ATJtriAit, v. tr., I 

confess, admit, acknowledge. 
A'onACA'6, -nAicte, m. , act of 

burial ; sepulchre. 

I xVonACAtt, -AlA, /., act of burial ; 


i xVonAclAc, -AIJ, -Atje, m., a grave- 

onACAim, -ACA-6, v. tr., I bury ; I 
dig, delve. 

g. A'OAncA, m., act of 
kindling, inflaming. 

, -AT), v. tr., I enkindle, 
xVonAifte, g. id., f., deep shame ; 

confusion ; villainy. 
A'OftA'6, A'OA-pCA, m., adoration, 
worship, reverence ; t>eice A-O- 
AfttA, gods of worship (Kea.). 
xVoftAijjteoiji, -ofiA, -otfii'oe, m., an 
adorer, a worshipper. 

, -ftA-o, v. tr., I adore, ven- 
erate, reverence. 
ofiAcoift, -6ftA, -6ifiix>e, m., an 
adorer, a worshipper. 
DCUA1T) (A oruAi'6), from the 
north ; JAOC AT>C., north wind. 
See cuAi-6. 

-e, a., strange ; nAc 
An f ceAt, e ! what a 
strange story ! (Con.) 
A"6A5TriAfi, -Aifte, a., very awful, 

terrific. See AX>puAciriAfi. 
ATJUAncAf, -Aif, m., loneliness ; 

the loneliness of the mountain ; 
bi UAigneAf ~] AXJUAncAf Aift = 
he was very lonely (Con.). 

xVoubAiftc, pf. tense of Ax>ennm. 
See At>eiftim. 

.A'oujjA'o, -titjce, m., act of kin- 
dling, inflaming ; that with 
which a fire is kindled, as flint, 
a match, a spark, etc. ; A. nA 
cemeAX), what kindles a fire. 
See JM-OU5A-6. 

,<Votiij;im, -5AT>, v. tr., I kindle, 
light up (as a fire). See pA'ouis- 

Ae, g. id., pi. AeT>AnnA, m. and/., 
the liver ; fig., the heart. 

-Ae-OAftAC, -Atje, a., airy, weird, 
haunted ; pleasant, fond of 
pleasure. Also AefiAc. 

Aen, one. See Aon. 

Ae\\, g. Aeift, m., the air; AS im- 

wandering aimlessly about, 
leading a purposeless, improvi- 
dent life (also written Aop, 

ACTJAJt, AOtlAfl.) 

Ae|tx>A, a., aerial, airy ; tiA 
oeAthAtn AC^-OA, the demons of 
the air (Kea). 

AetcoAccAc, -Aije, n., airy, buoy- 

Aefieos, -oije, OJA, /., an aerial 
being, a fairy. 

AejirueAcc, -A, /., walking for 
pleasure or health ; au enter- 
tainment in the open. 

Ac)tim, vl. AejieA-o, r. tr., I air, ven- 
tilate (also Aefujim. 

AS> prep., [in pronom. combina- 
tions, ASAtn, ASAC, Aise (mas.), 
Aice (AICI), A^Amn, AJAID, ACA, 
somet. a vowel is added before 
poss. pron., as Aije UAJI, and 
in pi. esp. before words beginning 
with cons, as CA re Ai^e ('ge) 
SeAJAn, John has it ; with re- 
lat. 'SA] at, with, by, of place, 
at, near (after verbs of rest and 
the subs, verb) ; AS An troojiAf , 
at the door ; AS An ocemi-6, at 
the fire ; of a cause, ni cuijim 
poCAl AS 5t6ji nA ViAbAnn, I 
do not hear a word on account 
of the noise of the river ; used 
partitively, SAC ouine ACA, every 
ono of thorn ; used to denote pos- 
session, with the subst. verb, CA 
cu\ll, AittgeA-o, ic., Aise, ho 
has sense, money, etc. ; after 
verbs of leaving, retaining, etc,, 
in the same sense, conjAib AJAC 
f em e, keep it in your own pos- 
session ; AS ]- eo ('reo) rattins 
ouic, here is a shilling (for you) 
SeAJAti f o ASAinn-ne, our John. 
To denote a habitual mental 
state towards one (Aft), CA5|u\m 
ASAm O]\TC, I hate you. UAC- 
tiiAtt AS 1)1 A, hateful before God ; 
with vis., corresponding to pr. 
part, iti English, AJ pAf, grow- 
ing ; CA f e AJ; A ('J;A) cAdCA'o (as 
well as TJA CACCA-6), ho is being 
choked ; with vl. to express a 
while clause, AJ; buAtA'o 

06, while ho was coming from 
the west ; denotes the agent of 
actions going on or finished, CA 
fe pcitioocA ASATD, I have writ- 
ten it ; CAT) CA AJAC -OA fCt>1O- 

bA'o ? what aro yon writing ? 
It denotes purpose, CUAIT> re 
AJ t/AtiiAC, he went to shoot ; 
map bi Aij;e, as ho had, as he 
was ; m Af (A) fiAib AIJC, " where 
he had," where he was ; but triAtt 
(A) t'Aib f e, where he was ; and 
mA|i bi re, as he was. 

j, g., AIJ and AS A, m., valour, 
success, battle, triumph, luck, 
good-luck. See AX>. 

jA, g. id., m., respite, leisure, in- 
terval of time ; ni'l ASA AS^m 
Aifi, I have no leisure to do it. 

SA, ASA, compounded of AS. at, 
etc., and A, poss. prn., his, her, 
its, their. 

sAib, prep, pr., 2pl., at or with 
ye, emph., -re. See AS. prep. 

SAITJ, g. Aisce and ASAI-OB, pi. 
id.,f., the face; Aft A5Ait>, op- 
posite, over against, in front of ; 
forward, with g. or poss. prn. ; 
out Aft ASAI-O, to progress; i 
n-ASAi-6, against, before, with 
g. or poss. prn. ; cup i n-ASAit), 
to oppose, to stake, to remind ; 
out i n-AS'.M'o. to go against ; 
u6 i n-ASAix) ATI tAe, an egg for 
each day ; te 1i-A5Ait>, for, for 
the purpose of, or use of, with 
g. or poss. prn. ; AJJAI-O to tAb- 
Ai|ic A|i, to face towards, fix 
attention on ; reward, retribu- 
tion (with qualifying adj. , otc, 
mAic), ip mAic An A$A\T) ojic e, 
you well deserve it, etc. (but see 
oi-oeA-6) ; te IIASAIX), towards, 
in preparation for, against ; te 
n. An seiriijtix), in preparation for 
the winter : AJI m' ASAIT* AHIAC, 
right in front of me, before my 
eyes ; i n-ASAi-6 An crfiocA x>o 
tomAinn mo teme, I used to 
plunge my shirt in the flowing 
stream (U. M.) ; dionncuijeAf 
'n-Afi n-ASAtx), (who) offend 
against us. 

A5Ait>>it, g. and pi., Aijce- 
piTMt. TO., a mask worn on the 
i'ace ; the word is often used by 
the English-speaking Irish, and 
ia pronounced high fiddle or eye 

AjAini-oeAcc, -A, /., act of dis- 
puting (Con.) 

&$A,\r\r\,prep. pr., 1 pi., at or with 
us; emph. -tie. See 45, prep. 

ASAIJIC, -AfttA,/., revenge, retribu- 
tion, arraignment. 

AgAll. See AjAtlAtti. 

AjAlAAim, -AITI, v. tr. and intr., I 
dispute, hold a dialogue with. 

Aj;AltAm, -ttriiA, c?.,-Aim,/., a dis- 
course, a dialogue, a disputation, 
act of discoursing, disputing. 

A,5Am, prep, pr., 1 ., at or with 
me, emph. -f A. $ee Ag, >rep. 

AjAfiT), -AIJVO, w., a haggard, a 
hay or corn yard (A.). 

AjAf., -Aifi, m., revenge, retribu- 
tion (also Ajfu-o). See AJAIJIC. 

AgAricAC, -Aije, a., revengeful, 
vindictive, litigious. 

&-c; > 6,ycAc l -A\5,,m., a spindle- 
shank. (W. Ker.) 

AsAtiioif;, -6f,A, -6if.iT>e, m., a 
pleader. See AjrtAtoiri. 

ASAC, jprep. ^>r., at thee, to or 
with thee ; emph. A5At-f A. See 
Ag, prep. 

AjnAf. See AijneAf. 

Ajnui-oe, g. id., pi., -x>te, m., a 
pleader, an expostulator, a dis- 

Ago, m., doubt, suspicion, error 
(M.) ; an obstacle, a saving 
clause ( W. Ker). See 56. 

ASOIX*, -e, -eACA, /., an objection 

ASP-AC, -Aij:, -Aige, m., a pleader, 
a pretender, a claimant ; as a., 
vindictive, revengeful (also 

AJJAflAC and A5AflCAC). 

.A5jiAim, -t>Ax>, v. tr., with ace. of 
direct object and AJI of person ; 
I retribute, revenge, dispute, 
challenge; n<sfi AJJIAIX) T)IA o|ic 
e fin, may God not give thee 
retribution for that ; AJAIJI oo 

A1|\ AllOlf, be 

avenged on him now. See 

toif, -6fiA, -oifii-oe, m., a 
reprover, a claimant, a pleader. 

Ajuifin (dimin. of Ajuf, and), 
g. id., pi., -i-oe, TO., a small 
addition ; an exaggeration ; an 
appendix to a book. 

Aguf (often reduced to A'f , Af , if, 
'f and by the Scotch to 'uf), 
conj. and, but, etc. ; often intro- 
ducing a circumstantial clause, 
while, seeing that, although, 
notwithstanding ; ATI Atiit-Ai-6 A 
rneAffA 50 n-6t,pAinn e fin 
Aguf mo beAn mAjib, do you 
think I would drink that seeing 
that my wife is lying dead ? CA 
f6 cuJAinn A5tif -oeAbA-o A^t, 
he is coming towards us in haste; 
used in co-relation with corri, 
as ; as . . . as ; contAnn CApAtt 
com mAit Ajuf cot)tAnn f.eAji, 
a horse sleeps just as a man 
sleeps (i.e., a horse sleeps no less 
than a man) ; after ionAnn, the 
same as ; after oifieAt), just as 
much as : An oifieAt) Aguf 
f.eoi|itin5 (with neg.), not as 
much as a farthing ; after Am- 
t/Ai-6, namely, that is ; if Am- 
IAI-O A bi fe AXf CAipin Ati A 
ceAnn, this was nis state, name- 
ly, he had a cap on his head ; 
pAtrpAT) A^uf f Aitce, I will stay 
with pleasure, certainly I will 
stay ; btiAT>Ain if (Ajuf ) tA i 
nt)iu, this day twelvemonth 
(past) ; te f uit Aguf 50 bp eic- 
peAX) fe e, in the hope that he 
may see it; fAoi fiA'o Ajtip j;o, 
because ; mAfi rrouit Aguf 50, 
in hopes that. 

-Aibe, interj., ave ! hail ! 

Albeit, -e, a., quick, sudden ; 50 
hA., adv., quickly, suddenly, 
soon ; rAini5 f e ifceAC 50 
hAibe'it 'nA "oiAfo fin = im- 
mediately after that, he came 

Aioeif, -e, pi. id. and -BACA, /., 
the deep sea ; an abyss ; great 


, -e, /., a slovenly person 

-Aioeir, -e, /., pleasure, gladness, 
drollery ; CA Aibeif opm, I am 
glad or pleased (pron. Aicbeif 
or Aip6ir in Ker.) ; rcAicin 
Aibeif, a laughing-stock (W. 

Aibjicip, -cjie, /., the alphabet. 

.dibeifeAC, -f ije, a., droll, humor- 
ous ; reckless, indifferent, ab- 
surd, extravagant. 

xJibi'-o, -e, pi. -e and -BACA, /., 
habit, costume, the dress of a 
religious ; behaviour, moral 

Aibi-6, see AbAit>. 

Aibte, g. id., pi. -CACA, /., a flying 
spark of fire. 

Aibleoj, -oije, -OJ:A,/., a piece of 
burning fuel, a ourning sod of 
turf; ooijeAX) 'nA ViAibleoij i, 
she was burned to a cinder 
(Don.) ; a snow-flake. 

AibneAd, -mje, a., abounding in 

AibfieAn, -Am, m., the month of 
April ; pron, .AbfiAn in M., 
AibjieAn in Con. and U. 

.Aice,,f., immediate vicinity, 
proximity ; i n-a Aice, close by 
him ; 1 n-Aice An bAile, near 
tho village ; i ti-Aice tiom, i m' 
Aice, beside me ; also 1 n-Aice 
t)Am, near me (M.) ; i n-Aice te 
1TIA15, beside the Mague ; Af 
Aice An cije, from the vicinity 
of the huuse ; i n-Atce HA 
gcoiltce, beside the woods ; 
CApAlt Aice, a horse led by 
one's side; if po|<ur -puineA^ 
i n-Aice nA mine, it is easy to 
bake when one has meal at 

41C6ACC (A1C-C6ACC), -A, /., a leS- 

. son ; guidance. See CCACC. 
AiceApc, see AICBACC. 
Aici, prep, pr., 3 8. /..with or at 

her. See AJ, prep. 
Aici'x), -e., -eACA, /., sickiu ss, 

disease, esp. contagious dis- 

ejise; AICI'-O c(iiocAnnACCA, the 


, -"0156, a., diseased, un- 

.AicroeAC, -tug, -"oije, m., a sick 

xJucitti-oe, a., skilful, cautious, 

.AiciltnbeACC, -A, /., skill, dex- 

.AictoncA, indec. a., natural as 

opposed to artificial. 
Aicif, -e, /., peevishness, bad- 


Aicif eAd, -f ije, a., peevish. 
Aicme, g. id., pi. -BACA,/., a sort or 

kind, a class, a race, a tribe. 
x\icne, g. AicioncA, /., nature ; a 

race or tribe (a form of Aicme). 
*.\icm-o, see Aicnix). 
A1-6-, intensive prefix ; very ex- 

ceedingly. See A-O-. 
Ai-obeil, -e, g. andpl. (also Ai-obte), 

a., vast, terrible ; as subs., vast- 

ness ; an increase ; 

Aix)beite t)o 

exaggerate a little. 
AnibeileAC, -tije, a., very great, 

wondrous ; bragging, boasting. 
Ai-obeileAct, -A, /., a boasting, 

wonder ; hugeness, enormity. 
di-obeijireoiji, -OJIA, -oiiivoe, m., 

an adversary ; the devil ; a 

wicked person (used inpl. in this 

sense) ; pron. Aipf eoiji. 
xii-obeifireoifieAcc, -A, /., wicked- 

ness, devilry. 
Ait)beif, -e,/., the ocean, an abyss. 

, g. id., /., vastness, bulk, 

size, form, figure, apparition. 

See cAix>bf e. 

AfobfeAd, -fije, a., vast, dreadful. 
x.\it>bf OACC, -A, /., vastness, huge- 

Ai-oeAji, m., chipping of the skin, 

due to cold wind, etc. See 

See AijneAf. 

, -A,/., refusal (Don.). 
, (Aic6i|iini), v. tr.. 1 

blame, reproach, revenge. 
iprteAnn, -nmn, pi. id., m., the 
Mass (Lat. ojferenduiii] ; cj\ 
\Velsh afraid. ' 

-Aie, a., belonging 
to the Mass ; as subs., a Mass- 
man, a beadsman (P. 0'<7.). 
(AppAic), -e,/., Africa. 
, a., valiant, victorious, fateful 
(prop. g.s. of AJ, valour, fate) ; cf., 
OfCAp AIJ, the valorous Oscar. 

, a form of AJ, very common 
in Ker., and also in Om. and 
-Do?i. ; CA AipjeAX) Aije SeAJAii, 
John has money. 

pre/>. /., 3 8. m., with or by 
him, or it. See 45, prep. 
geAc, -515, m., a sea-sounder 

jeAtAim, -IAX>, v. tr., I vex, 

seAti, -eme, /., the ocean, the 
deep, an abyss ; oub-AiseAn TIA 
pAippje, the bottomless depths 
of the sea. 

jeAtiAC, -Aije, a., deep, full ; 
belonging to the ocean. 

a., oceanic ; deep ; 
mountainous (of waves). 
geAncA, indec. a., intellectual ; 
spirited ; thoughtful ; pensive ; 
greedy, with gusto (Arari). 
geAncAc, -Aije, a., intellectual ; 
spirited ; thoughtful ; cheerful, 
hearty ; light, airy ; light- 
headed, idiotic (Der.). See 

cc, -A,/., sagacity, intel- 

lectuality, spirit. 
Aijne, -jeAncA, pi. id. (also g. 

Aigmt)), m., the heart, the 

mind ; intention, desire (nom. 

also AigneA-o). 
AijneArii (AijjneAX)), -nith, m., 

gaiety, liveliness ; CA AigneArh 

mop Aip, he is very lively (Don}. 

See Aine. 

-Ain, m., vy; 

, ground ivy. (In Ker. 
pron. with accent on first 

ijneAf, -mf, m., trouble, conten- 
tion, argument ; conversation 
(Ker.) ; AJ; cup Aiijtiif AIJI, 
picking a quarrel with him. ; 
SATI AisneAf t>o cup Ap rhriAoi 
An cije, not to trouble the 

of the house ; cf., 
ATI peACAi5 teif An 
" Title of Poem. 
> /. pleasure, desire ; in phr. 
if Ait tiom e, I wish it, etc. ; 
cpeAT) oo b'Ait teAC Ann ? what 
did you want there ? etc. ; CAT) 
oob" Ait IBAC Tie ? what do 
you want it for ? 

Aitb, -e, -eACA,/., a flock. 

Ail/bin, g. id., pi. -iT>e, m., a small 
flock ; cf., Aiibi'n CAOpAc, a 
small flock of sheep ; see oeiibin 
and eitbin. 

xiilce, pi., immovable rocks (Ker}. 

Aitcix), -e, -iT>e,/'., a strand-stone 
used in seine-fishing (Ker). 

AiteAp, -eip, m., a loft, garret, a 

Aileir > = leif, adv., as well, also 
(lit., with it). 

AiljeAf, -A, m., great pleasure or 

AiljeAf A6, -Aije, a., full of desire, 
eager, zealous. 

Ailirn, v. tr., I pray, beseech. 

Ailim, -e,/., alum. 

Aitim, I nurse, etc. See oilirn. 

Aill, -e, pi. id., and AiltcpeACA 
(Aran),f., a cliff, a rock ; cf., An 
xiill, the " Naul," co. Dublin 
(also f Aill, /., bApp nA fAille, 
the top of the cliff). 

.Aill-bpuACAC, -Aije, a., having 
steep or rocky brinks. 

Aille, g. id.,f., beauty (also Ailne). 

-dilleAcc, -A, /., beauty, loveli- 
ness (also AilneACc). 

<3nlleAt)6ip, -6pA, -6ipit>e, m., a 

AilleASAii, -Ain, pi. id., m., a toy, 
gewgaw, frippery ; AilleAjAn 
mncpCAc, a merry-go-round 
(somet. AilleACAn). 

AilleASAtiAcr, -A,/., idling, loll- 
ing about (Mayo). 

AilleAn, -Am, pi. id., m., darling, 
a doll, a plaything. 

Ailleo^, -0156, -OSA,/., a swallow 
(so pron. in Omeath) (also Ain- 
leos and ^Ainleos). 

Aillijim, -iu5At>, v. tr., L beautify, 

( 11 ) 


Aillilliu ! Aililiu ! interj., good 
gracious ! strange ! wonderful 1 

Aillif, -life, -feACA, /., a can- 
cer, gangrene, an abscess, a 
spreading eore ; btiAon Aillfe, 
a drop observed to fall upon the 
tombs of certain tyrants, so 
called from its cankerous corrod- 
ing what it falls upon (O'Br.) ; 
mo ojiAon Aillfe, my corroding 
drop (in the sense of a powerful 
means of destroying tyrants) 

xiillfe, g. id., pi. -ACA, f., a 
fairy, any diminutive creature, 
a chafer, worm : cf., " ni lu JA 
ofim AillfeACA C1A1105 T\A tu." 

AillfeAC, -fije, a., negligent, list- 

Aillf ijim, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I neglect. 

Ailm, -e, /., the palm tree ; also 
the fir tree ; somet. the elm tree ; 
the name of the letter "A"; 
OomtiAC nA hAilme, Palm Sun- 
day (also pAiltn, pAilm, pAlm, 

Ailmeoj, -oi^je, -OJA,/., the elm 
or fir ; dirmn. of Ailm. 

Ailne, g. id.,f., beauty ; also comp. 
of AlAinn. See Aille. 

.AilneAcc. See AilleAcc. 

Ailp, -e, pi. AlpA, AilpeACA, 
f., a protuberance, a huge lump, a 
high mountain ; a stout person ; 
a bite, a mouthful ; a bite of a 
vicious dog or horso. 

Ailpin, g. id., pi. -i-oe a knob, a 
stout-headed stick ; clevc Ail- 
pin, a stout-headed stick. 

Ailteotfi, -oftA, -oifdx>e, /. , one 
who plays pranks, an "arch" 
fellow, a frivolous person. 

.Aim- (Am-), neg. pref., un-, in-, 
dis-, not. 

AimceAfic, -dijice, a., unjust, 

Airivoeoin, /., unwillingness; -OA 
A., in spite of him ; 1 n-A. TIA 
CAOitje, in spite of the tide ; 
Ainroeoin is often used as cony. 
( = 5ix>) in Don. 

xMtrvoeotiAC, -Aij;e, ., unwilling, 

.Airiipeoil, -olA, /., raw meat, 
proud or inflamed flesh. 

.Aimro, -e, -ix>e,/., a foolish woman. 
See AmAiX). 

Aimileif, -e, /., misfortune; 
cmcim i jcoiitiAc TIA hAitnil- 
eife, to fall into the paths of 

. See ArhfiAf. 

-A, m., disadvantage, 
loss ; an unhappy or evil course 
of life (opposed to leAf ) ; CA f e 
AS -oul A|i A A., he is leading a 
foolish or vicious life ; -oeAnpAni 
fe A Ai-mleAf, he will work 
mischief for himself. 

.AiriileAf AC, -Aije, a., foolish, im- 

AimleAfc, -leifce, a., lazy, sloth- 
ful, indolent. 

x\imleifce, g. id., f., laziness, 
slothfulness, sluggishness. 

AiriileifceAcc, -A, /., laziness, 
sloth, sluggishness. 

-AimleifceAmAil, -mlA, a., in- 
dolent, reluctant, slothful, 

AimneAfic, -tiitic, m., weakness. 

AiifineA|iciTiA'ft, -Ai|ie, a., infirm, 

AirhtieAf, -fiif, m., error, mistake, 
doubt. See AirijiAf . 

Aimn6ix, -e, a., disordered, dis- 
quieted, entangled, disturbed ; 

fBAfAtTl AlriljteiX) A)t CUA1J, 

standing in a troubled way on a 
hatchet (O'Z>.). 

Airiirteit>e, g. id., /., unevenness 
(of road, etc.), entanglement (of 
cord, thread, etc.); the defiles 
or fastnesses of a place ; x>luc- 
AiThf.6ix>e HA coille, the fast- 
nesses of the wood ; ACA An 
piAice 1 n-Airiijtefoe, the thread 
is entangled; An ceAnn AS t>ul 
i n-Aimn^i'oe, the memory fail- 

AiTtifieo, indec. f. 
]tei-6e, entanglement. 

Airii|tiAti, -ftcine,/., disobedience, 
mismanagement, opposition. 

AirhtiiAttAC, -Aise, a., disobedient, 


, a., undisciplined, dis- 
Aimtu-o, -e, a., unfruitful, barren, 

Airhjiiocc, -A, pi. id., m., disguise, 
concealment, ambush (from 
p-iocc, shape, form, and Am). 

AimreAfi, -?i\\e,pl. -p eAriA,/., time, 
era, period, duration, season, 
weather ; cAilin AimrMfie, a 
servant girl; AJI A. (also i ti-A.), 
at service ; Aimp eAti ATI rpiol- 
cvnti Ajup An fojjriiAifi, the 
seed-time and the harvest-time. 

Aitnp eAp.x>A, indec. a., temporal. 

Aimpijitn, -iutAT, v. tr., I aim, 
direct, attack ; I strike, hit the 
mark ; I recognise at a distance 
(aim with the eye) ; I find out, 
discover ; I tempt, allure, incite, 
fascinate, bewitch. 

AimpiuJAX), -pijce, pi. id., m., act 
of aiming and hitting, directing ; 
act of finding ; in pi., attack, 

Am- (ATI-), neg. prefix, un-, in-, not ; 
intensive prefix, very. 

AmbeAtic, -fjeitice, -beAfttA, /., an 
evil deed. 

Ainb^ApAc, -Aije, a., ill-bred, 

AmbpeApAC, Ainbp iop AC, -Aite, a., 
ignorant, without knowledge. 

Ainbpeoit, -olA, /., proud flesh. 

Amof me, g. id., m., a stranger. 

Ainopiof, -peAfA, m., ignorance, 
want of knowledge. 

AmopiofAC, -Aije, ignorant, want- 
ing knowledge. 

AinbteAnn, -cemne, f., a spring 
tide. See Ainbtemne. 

Ambceinne, g. id., f., a spring 
tide, a storm (Ker.). 

AmceAftt, -cqtc, m., injustice, 

AinceAjic, -cirice, a., unjust, 

AinceAf, -cif, m., doubt, un- 

AmceAfAC, -Aise, a., doubtful, 

Aindeifc, -e, -eAnnA, /., doubt, 

AmciAtttA, indec. a. t sensc'ess, 
without reason, as a beast (also 


Aindrtei'oeAtTi, --oitri, m., unbelief, 

Aincrtei-orheAC, -rnije, a., unbe- 

Ainctiei-orheAC, -rhij, -rhije, TO., an 

inndel, an unbeliever. 
Am-cfiionnA, a., very aged ; also, 

Auicrtior-UAiriAil, -rhlA, a., un- 

christian, irreligious. 
AinctiiofCAmlAcc, -A, /., anti- 

christianism, irreligion. 
AitroBAtib, -A, a., uncertain. 
Aint)eif, -e, a., untidy, awkward, 

distressful, afflicted, inconve- 

Aitroeipe, gen. id., pi. -p-6e, /., 

affliction, calamity ; inconve- 

nience, awkwardness. 

, m., an unfortunate 

person or thing, a wretch ; 

dim. Aitroeifeotnin is com- 


AitToeoin. See Ainroeoin. 
AinioiA-oA, indec. a., ungodly, im- 

AitToiAt>Ac, -Aije, a., ungodly, 

profane, impious. 
Ain-oiAT)ACC, -A, f., impiety, god- 

AitroioJAtcAC, -Aije, a., not given 

to revenge, forgiving. 
Ain-oiuit), -e,/., obduracy, impeni- 


eAii, -t)i5e, a., impeni- 


n-oteAJcAc, -Aije, a., unlawful, 

illegal, unfair, irregular; also 


je (AitrotijeA-o), -jit), -jte, 

m., unlawfulness, injustice. 
AintatijceAC, -tije, a., unlawful, 

illegal, ex lex. 
AitrotijceAC, -tij, -ttje, m., a 

lawless person, an outlaw. 
Aine, g. id., f., delight, pleasure, 

agility, melody. 
AtneArh, g. Amrhe, pi. id., m., a 

blemish ; also Aimrh and Ammrh. 

.dm ( 

, -A, pi. id., m., pleasure. See 

.dineArAc, -Aije, a., pleasurable, 

AineAfcAi'6, -e, a., inactive. 

Ame'tpeAcc, -A, f., ineflioacy, in- 

.AineipeACCAC, -Aije, a., ineffec- 

-Ainei jceArriAnCA (6ijeAtii, cry- 
ing, beseeching), a., inexorable 
(E. K.). 

AmeolAt, -Aije, a., ignorant, 
without knowledge; as mibst., 
one ignorant of the road, etc. 

AineolACc, -A, f., ignorance, want 
of knowledge. 

AineotAf, -Aif, m., ignorance, 

Aineol-5AC, -Aije, a., ignorant, 
wanting in knowledge. 

eoljAifeAd, -ri je, -A, a., gno- 
rant, without knowledge (also 

, -ot/A, /., proud flesh ; 
gross flesh, fiee Ainftpeoit. 
init. See Ainnii. 

m., gnorance, 
want of knowledge. See Ain- 

, a., ignorant. See AITI- 

, -Aije, a., dis- 
cordant ; unanswerable, unac- 
countable ; coiriiteAcr Ain- 
fpeAjAtitAft, discordant con- 
cord (Kea.). 

nrceip, -e, pi. id., /., anguish, 
adversity, malice. 

jceipeoifi, see Aitroeif eoiji. 

, -Jil, pi. id. and Ainjle, 

., an angel ; a burnt-out cinder 
taken from the fire, sometimes 
given in their hands as a pro- 
tection to children going out at 
night is called AingeAt. as it is 
supposed to represent an angel. 
tijeAlt, m., great regard ; a 
strong desire or affection ; a 
bond, a mortgage. 

-jeATi, -A, m., great love. 
nji'oe, a- wicked, furious, 

t, -e, f. See Ainnifi. 
e, indec. a., angelical, 
tii, g. -A and -jnirii, pi. id. 
-jnioriijiA and -jnioriiAjicA, m., 

an evil deed. 
^imA)imA|itA6, -Aije, a., of evil 

consequences, ill-fated. 
xXiniAftpniA, g. id., pi., -i-oe, m., 

evil consequence. 
^iniA-pfmAtAC, -Aije, a. (see above), 

having evil consequences. 
.Ainicim, vl., -ceA"6 and ADACA'I, I 

protect, defend (against, A^, 6) ; 

cleanse, -purify, restore * to 

Wiincceotji, -OJIA, -oiju-oe, m., a 


.AitiitTi. See AineAth. 
Aimodc, -A, m., unkindness, 

cruelty, oppression. 
AiniodcAC, -Aije, a., unkind, cruel, 

inhospitable, oppressive, tyran- 

AitnomcubAit), -e, a., unfit, un- 
Ainip, -e,/., anise, caraway ; ainip 

piAX)Ain, wild anise, 
xiinte, g. id., pi. -ti"6e, /., a 

swallow, a swift ; dim. Ain- 

1,603. (O^B. gives Ainle=a 

AmteAtiAfc, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a 

AinteAtiAim, -tiAniAin, v. tr., 1 


AinleAf, -A. See AimteAf. 
Ainteoj, -oije, -OJA,/., the little 

bar in a lock in which the barrel 

of the key fits (Aran). 
.Ainleos, -0150, -OJA, f., a night 

hawk, a swallow ; a weed of the 

nettle kind. 
Ainm, g. Ainme, AtimA, AnmAtin, 

pi. AnmAtinA (older form), Aintn- 

rne and AinmneACA, m., a name ; 

reputation; icuine t>o jtAo-OAC 

Af A Ainm, to call one by an 

abusive name ; " C6ip AtiniAtiti," 

title of an ancient book (Kea.). 
Amm-6lAti, -AIJI, pi. id., and 

-f ACA, m., a catalogue. 
AinnieAC, -rtuje, a., maimed, 


, -A and -rA, m., disre- 

x\intrieAfAfiX)A, indec. a., unmea- 
sured, immoderate, intemperate. 

.AintrieAfAifOAci;, -A, f., immoder- 
ateness, excess, intemperance., -nij and -mje, m. 
and f., rashness, hesitancy, 
weakness, state of discourage- 
ment (m. in M.). 

,Ainirieon, a., busy (Clare). 

-AiniTiiAn, -iTieine, pi. -A, and -rA, 
dpi. AnriiiAriAib (Kea.}, f., lust, 
concupiscence, passion ; Ain- 
tiiiAtiCA nA cotnA, the concu- 
piscence of the flesh. 

-AmmiAtiAC, -Aije, a., passionate, 
lustful, sensual. 

.Aintrii'oe, g. id., pi. Ainiriince and 
Ainir)i-6ce,m., a brute, an animal. 

Ainriii-oeAC, -"oije, a., brutish, 

Aitiirn'oeAcr, -A, /., brutality. 

Amriiin, -e, a., rough, passionate. 

Amriiine, g. id., f., roughness, 
coarseness, passionateness. 

-AititrmeAc, -mje, a., famous, illus- 

AinmneAtriAit, -ml/A, a., famous. 

Aintrinijim, -IWJA-O, v. tr., I name, 

.Aintrmijte, p. a., named, speci- 
fied ; 30 IIA., namely. 

AinmrnuJAT), -ijte, m., act of 
naming, denomination, dedica- 

.Altitun (AinneAft), -nifte, pi. id., f., 
a maiden; if i 'TIA fiAmm-p 615, 
while she was a young maiden. 

-AinjieACc (Aintnocc), -A, pi. id., 
m., evil plight. 

.Ain-piAicAnAc, -Aije, a., necessi- 
tous, poor, miserable. 

.AitijiiAccAnAf, -Aif, m., extreme 
danger, great misery or neces- 

.AintiioccAd, -Aije, a., pitiable. 
See -piece. 

AinfciAti, -cine, pi. -ceAnnA, /., a 
large knife ; fury, extravagance ; 
a furious or wild person. 

AinfCiAtiAC, -Aije, a., furious, 

indecl. a., furious, 

^inf eA^tc, g. -e^ice and -CAJICA, f., 

^itifeA-fic, m. and f., excessive 

.AmfeAjtcAd, -Aije, a., unloving, 

merciless, cruel. 
Ainf 6AfCAi|i, -e, a., troublous, un- 

easy, uncomfortable. 
AinppiotiAit>, -e, -1-oe, /., an evil 

spirit ; the devil. 
xMtiffiiAncA, a., unbridled, de- 

Ainf iAtiz;A6c, -A., /., libertinism, 

debauchery, unbridled passion. 
AinceAtm, -emne, a., very violent, 

oppressive, severe ; braced up, 

very stiff, very stout. 
.AinceAf, -A, m., great heat, inflam- 

mation, wrath. 

.AinceAf AC, -Aije, a., hot, feverish. 
AinreAfAix>e, indec. a., sultry, 

warm (of weather). 
.AinteAfCAc, -AIJ,^. id., m., a false 

witness; "AinceAfCAC b|teA5," 

a base asserter of lies (Kea.} ; 

" ititiif m f ceAt AinceAf CA -oo 

t)1 -ptlAttTIAfl "DO " (id.). 

AinceAfCAc, -Aije. a., falsely 

AmcijeAjinA, g. id., pi., -i-oe, m., 

a tyrant, an oppressor. 
AincijeAfinAcc, -A, /., tyranny, 

Aipce, g. id., f., maturity (from 

AbAit), ripe). 
.Aipi'o, see AbAit>. 
Aiji, prep., on, upon, etc. ; more 

generally written { A\\, which 

.Aiji, prep, pr., m., upon him or it. 

See Aft, prep. 

, -e,/., greed, voracity; seAji- 

Aijtc (O'Ra.) want, hardship 


, h 

me the world and all. 

, -e, -6ACA,/., a chest, a coffer ; 

an ark. 
.Aitic, in various meanings, as a 

lizard, etc. See CAJIC and Ajtc. 

, in phr., jeAtt fe nA hui|ic 
if nA hAqic t)Am, he promised 


-Ait, pt. id., TW., a 

AiftceA-OAl, -Ail, pi. id., ?H., an 
article, doctrine, instruction ; 

AJ leifl-jOIT) JAC AIjtCeATIAll, 

stealing away every article 

(E. JR.). 
AipceAfAd, -Atje, a., greed}', 

Aij<ceAfAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 

greedy or distressed person. 
.Aiticin, g. id., -i-oe, m., a stunted 

little pig. titf, eAfic. 

c, -TM j, ?., a mast (Ker.). 

m., a church officer; 
steward of church lands ; in 
English, " Herenach." Hence 
ITlAC ATI -Aipcirmij = Mac 

Aijiciof Aim, -A-O., v. intr., I com- 
plain, expostulate. 

Aificif (pron. Aifticif ),/., a pledge ; 
a meeting ; -out X>A Aqt6if , to go 
to meet him ; CUAIX> f e i n-A 
AI jicif , he went to meet him ; 
TJO cuift fe Aifi cif ojttA, he sent 
to meet them (pron. Aificif in 

.Aiftc luACfiA. See eAf-c tuACfiA. 

.5i|iT>, -e, /., point of compass, 
direction, quarter, region; cf., 
1 n-Aitit) VltA-6 (Kca.), atten- 
tention, vigilance, notice, dig- 
nity, happiness, order, improve- 
ment : slACAiT) inntin Ai|fo if 
|i6im (E. JR.) ; <j/"., gAti bAtt jAti 
Aifco ; ni'L AIJTO AgAm Ai-p, I do 
not like it at all (Dan.). 

Aijiti-ceAnn, -cinn, pi. id., m., ;\ 
superior, a ruler, a general. 

Aitro-ceArmAf, -Aif , m., governor- 
ship, high-chieftainship. 

.<M|TO-ceim, -e, -eAniiA, m., lofty 
position, dignity, nobility. 

Aitvo-ceimeAC, -mije, a., stately, 
dignified, with a strutting gait, 

rtijvo-ceimneAcc, -A, /.. dignity, 

Anvo-cior, -A, m., head rent, 
tribute ; sway, oppression. 

Aip-ae, g. id.,/., height ; 1 ti-Aitit>e, 

, on high : cof i ti-Aif<- 
oe, in a gallop ; bolj 1 n-Aijfoe 
tio CAft 1 n-AitToe, upturned, 
having one's " back to the field " ; 
eipse 1 n-Ai^i-oe, pride, vanity, 
putting on airs like an upstart ; 
peijttn 1 n-Aitit>e, farm to be let, 
or untilled ; 1 n-Aiti^oe A 6irm 'f A 
JOCA, with head erect and with 
a loud voice ; CA A Ainm 1 n-Ai-ft- 
oe, he is much talked of. See 


ifi-oe, Ai| i oeAn, m., characteristic 
attribute, sign, symptom ; "Aft 
" (Kea.). See AIJI- 
and Aiftix>eAcc. 

, -t)itt, m., care, watch- 
fulness ; biow AifoeAlL Aft ATI 
jcApAlt AJAC, keep an eye on 
the horse. 

.AitvoeAllAc, -Aije, a., watchful, 
sharp; ni ^ACA me -ouine ftiAth 
ni b > Aiti - oeAttAi5e, t)i A fuit if 
'fiuil' AIT Aijje, I never saw a 
more watchful person, his eye 
was everywhere (Con.). 
.Aijt-oeAn, -bin, -A, m., a character- 
istic, a quality ; ctiAfiAfsoAit, 

DO iADAIftC Aft A1f.X>eAt1A1& 

coilineAC, to give an account of 
the characteristics of the colon- 
ists (Kea., F. F.). 

xiitvo-eAfil/ATh, -Aim, m., a high 
patron. See eAftlAm. 

-Aiffo-eAfbos, -buij, pi. id., m., 
an archbishop. 

Aifro-eAfboj;6ix>eAct, g. and pi., 
-A, /., archbishopric. 

^i|no-eAfbi5eACC, -A, /., an arch- 

-Aijvo-feA-omAnnAd, -AI, -Aije, 
m. , a chief butler, a high stew- 
ard, a chief officer. 

Ain-o-jeoti, -ome, -oince, /., the 
full cry of the hounds ; a loud 
noise, a scream ; the howling of 
a tempest. 

Aijco-innme,5r. id.,/., great wealth, 
high estate, eminence. 

^ifco-innmeAC, -mije, a., eminent; 
of great wealth. 

.Aiia>-incinn, -e, /., elevation of 
mind, pride, arrogance. 

<iijiT>-incirmeAfc, -mje, a., high- 
spirited, proud, arrogant. 

Aifvo-leAbA, g. -VeAptA, pi. -teap- 
AdA or -teAbcAfeA, /., a royal 
couch. See leAbA. 

Aifi'o-teim, -e, /., a lofty leap, a 
bounce, a jump. 

Ai]iT)teo5, -0156, -OSA, /., a 
fling, a bounce, a jerk ; a stroke 
in swimming. S Y ee Ai-nteoj. 

xSitvoteojAc, -Aije, a., flighty ; 

Aijvo-irieAf , m., fame, great esteem. 

-Aifvo-triiAnsuf , -uif , m., ambition ; 
high-aspiring desire. 

xSijvo- jieACC, -&,pl. id., m., supreme 
law, a synod. 

Aitvo-jteAtm, -A, pi. id., f., a great 
star ; iapl., the great stars, the 

xAifi'o-fte'im, -e, pi. -CAtinA, and 
-eACA, /., proud progress, high 
state, munificence, supreme 
sway ; -O'A bpmt 1 ti-AijAtJ-tieirn, 
who are in high station. 

-Aijvo-tieitneAC, -rmje, a., notable, 
famous, of great sway. 

xMfro-jii, -tiioj, -jiijie, m., a high 
king ; an over-king. 

-dijfo-fiio5AC.c, -A, /., supreme 
monarchy ; empire. 

.Aiivo-tiioj-oA, indec. a., mon- 

/Vitfo-fciuijie, g. id., pi. -pi-oe, m., 
a chief ruler. 

.Aifvo-fcitifiA'o, -fitA , m., chief 

Aijro-cfdAC, -A, pi. id., m., a 
supreme lord ; a high chief. 

Aijvo-tiAtAC, -Aije, a., pertaining 
to a nigh chief. 

ijie, g. id., /., care, heed, atten- 
tion ; Aifte "oo iAt>Ai-pc 1 oo, to 
take care ; AJ cAbAipc Aifie 
oAtn, giving heed to me, attend- 
ing to me ; CAbAift Aijie -ouic 
, mind yourself ; Aifie CUJAC 
), look out 1 CAT) (cAi-oe) CA 
'Aifie, what are you about ? 
, g. -tteAc, d. -tiij, pi. -ftij, 
gpl. -fieAi, m., a nobleman ; one 
privileged ; Ai^eAC, id.; bo-Aijie, 
m., a man rich in cattle. 

x.\ijte, g. id., pi. -fti-oe, /., a fishing 

weir (Ker.). 
A\\\e&t, -jiij, pi. id., m., a noble ; 

Ai|ti5 tiAilt, great nobles (Kea., 

F. F.). 
AifteAc, -fije. ., heedful, atten- 

tive, careful, watchful, cau- 

AijteACAf, -Aif, m., act of caring, 

attending to ; the office of 

herdsman ; pastoral life ; 05 

pe AifieACAf ('-|i<uceAf ) rnAic O'A 

jno, he paid great attention to 

his business. 
.AifieAccAit, -A!A, pi. id., f., feel- 

ing, perception. 
.AijteACCAinr, -e.,/., act of hearing, 

perceiving. See Ai^ngim. 
AIJICAJ-OA, indec. a., distinguished, 

^IJICAITI, -jirrie and -nitii, pi. -jime, 

m., act of counting, computing ; 

taking account of a number, the 

sum total ; the science of com- 

putation, arithmetic ; nt piu e 

AifieAni, it is not worth taking 

into consideration. 

-Ait;, -Aije, m., an 
accountant, a numerator. 
ijieAtiiAcr, -A., /., numbering, 

ifteAfi, -fiiji, m -> a bay or harbour ; 
a confine, district ; food ; plea- 
sure. See oijieAfi. 
^S 6 ' 9- id., pi. -fije and 
-ji5eAt>A, /., a herd (of cattle) ; 
cf., fionn-Ainje, a milch-herd 
(8. G., p. 105). 

), -51x1, m., silver, money ; 
pofcA, marriage fee ; 
fi'of , ready money ; 
^A'6 copper money; 
beo, quicksilver ; 
riA hmieA^tA, the 
stakes (at play) ; Ai^seA-o geAt, 
silver money ; AijijeAt) bui-oe, 
gold money ; gs., AIJI^IT), as a., 
IAITI ti -Aif 51-0, a silver hand 

i|t5eAT)AriiAit, -nitA, a., rich, 

lfl^eA-O tUACJlA, -JIT) tUAC|1A, TO., 


-friAite, m., silver thread 
(J\ O'C.) 

AifiseAti, -jiti, m., a bridle rein ; 
a symptom (see Aifitbe) ; a pang, 
pain ; AitijjeAtiA An DAif, death 

AiHgini, vl., Af<5Ain, v. tr., I spoil, 
plunder, harass ; -oo hAiii5ii 
An cftioc teo, they harassed the 
country (Kea.) ; cf., pu-oAjt if 
pileAfi if tieAbAxi Ait<ste (P. F.) 

Aijijce, p. a., despoiled. 

AipSceAC, -tig, 150, m., a plun- 
derer, a wretch. 

x\i}i5teoifi, -opA, -oitiir>e, m., a 

Aitntif, see Aijubir- (often Aijucir 
and Aificip in Don.). 

AlJll-OeACC (AtlAltieACC), -A, /., a 

token, a sign ; a good appear- 
ance ; ni'l A. niAit Aft AD to, 
or ni'l/ An tA 1 TI-A., the day does 
not promise well ; ni'L An bocAft 
i n-A. f ibAl Ai|t, the road is not 
fit to walk on (Arari). 

AitujeAfi, -515, -jije, m., a watch- 
man, a sentry, a caretaker. 

,61)1151171, vl. AifuuJA'o and Aift- 
eAccAinc, v. tr., I feel, perceive, 
hear, notice, heed ; tn'op Aip- 
ijeAf Aon ni-6 5x1 ji pjteAb re 
tuJAtn, he came suddenly upon 
me (I perceived or felt nothing 
till he sprang upon me) ; in U., 
in general, is not used in sense 
of hear ; in Omeath it means : I 
think, conceive. 

4ijii5te. See AIJUCO. 

-OfiA, -oijmie, m., an 


-OJM, -oifinDe, m., a 
calculator, an accountant. 
jiirce, dialect form of Aifiire, 
certain (U.). 

ce), a., definite, cer- 
tain, special, particular; re..\n- 
dui'oe o'Ai)iice, a certain histo- 
rian (Kea.) ; 50 hAijiice, particu- 
larly (Kea.), at any rate ; as 
subs., bi fe i n-.\mice oumn, it 
was in store for us, it was our 
fato (Ker.) ; i n-Aifiice, engaged. 
U, interj., " aroo 1 " really 1 

ah, indeed ! (Aftu in Don.). 

See AJIA. 

fiiusAT), g. Aitujte, m., notice, 


, g. id., f, council, consulta- 
tion ; in modern Irish, only in 
compound comAitite. 
tite, g. id., pi. -BACA, /., a loan, a 

jiteACAX), -CCA, TO., act of lend- 
ing ; a loan, usury, extravagant 
gain on money. 
fiteACAim, -AT), v. tr., I lend. 
pleACAn, -Ain,m., an equivalent, 
a loan; AJI lAfAcc no AJ< Aip- 
teACAn, on loan or for an equi- 
valent (to be given in return). 
jiteAciAc, -cAtj, -cAije, TO., a 
lender, a borrower. 
jiteActAC, -A156, a., ready or 
willing to lend. 

, -0156, -orA, /., a fling, a 
toss ; a high flignt ; a project. 

i, -Aije Ai^teosAc) a., 

enterprising, adventurous. 
.Aijiti5im, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I lend. 
Aifim,- e,/., weapons (collectively). 
<.\it'm, -e,/., a place, as Aifim doitte; 

Ai|ini A opuit = Aic A bpuil, the 

place in which. 
Aijim-cjiior, -dfieAfA, TO., an ar- 

mour belt. <S'ee cftior- . 
^i|iiTieAc, -rinse, a., numerous. 
Aifitriixje, g. id., f., veneration, 

respect (Kea). See oi|iiTiiT)in. 
.Ai-pirnm, vl. AitieAm, v. tr., I 

count, reckon, consider, record ; 

ni fiu IAT) o'AipeAm, they are 

not worth considering. (56 

Aipniro and ni AijimeAnn occur 

in Kea., F. F.) 
x\ittmirmeA6, -mje, a., reverend, 

respected. See oijtTrn-oneAd. 
Aijirinrie, g. id., f. t briskness, 


AittmleAtin, -linne,/"., an armoury. 
Aijim-neA|ic, -ni|ic, TO., strength 

of weapons. 
Aijine, g. id., pi. -ni-oe, g. pi. tieA'6, 

/., a sloe, a sloe-tree (A^nA, 

<\i]\ne, g. id., f., watching lato at 

niglit. See AijineATi. 


-iipne, pi. of ApA a kidney. 

.AipneAt, m., a friendly night 
visit, opposed to cuAip-o, a day 
visit (Don.}. 

-AipneAn, -Am, night work, i.e., 
work done after the natural day 
is ended; sitting up late at night; 
AS -oeAnArii AipneAin, working 
at night, sitting up late ; 45 
AipneAn ipcoix>ce, sitting up 
late at night ; AJ AifineAn TIA 
hoi-oce, sitting up late ; Aip- 
neAl in Don. : te cunsnArn ATI 
AipneAit, by means of sitting 
up late. 

AipneAriAd, -Aijje, a., keeping 
night-vigil; sitting up late at 

Aipneif, -e, /., cattle, chattel, 
stock ; furniture, goods, effects 
(upriAip, Don.). 

xiiipneos, -0156, -OJA, /., a sloe- 
tree ; dim. of Aipne. 

-dippe, g. id., pi. -ffoe, /., an arch ; 
an arcade; a vault; f.e Aippe 
mo 6ipp, in my heart (Condon). 

AipceA5Al, -Ail, pi. id., an article. 

Aipceipe, g. id., f., an artery. 

.AiptmneAC, -ntje, a., angry, 
peevish, particular, exact. 

Aip, -e, /., a hill, a fort; marshy 
ground; a waggon; a recess, 
a place ; any part of the per- 

Aip, -e, /., a verge, a side, back ; 
used in dative le hAif in phr., te 
hAif, Ap Aif, and with poss. pr., 
te HA hAif, etc. ; te hAif TIA 
Siuipe, beside the Suir ; tern' 
Air, beside me ; te hAip An 
oopAif, beside the door (in M. 
pron. in such a phr., teAicif, 
ace. on first syllable) ; rAp Aip, 
Ap Aip, backwards ; t>'iompui5 
f e rAji n-Aif, he returned ; -oo 
SAD Spenpen -pe' Air, Spenser 
took in hand (Kea., F. F.); 
J5At>Ap -pern Aif, I undertook 
(Kea., F.F..) ; A^ jAb^it ceAnn- 
Aif 6i|ieAnn |ie A Aif, assuming 
the supreme government of Ire- 
land (Kea., F. F.). 

Aif, .1. oeoin, consent, will ; Ap 

( 18 } A1S 

Aif no Ajt et^eAn, nolens volenz, 
willingly or unwillingly. 

&T> ~ e > /< ^ e m iddle prominent 
wicker-layer of a basket; wh-it 
is convenient or can be held by 
the hand ; anything useful or 
convenient. See Aife. 

^if, dependence, reliance; ip Aip 
ACA m'Aif, it is on him I rely. 

Aif-, prefix, implying repetition ; 
re-, again, back. 

Aifce, g. id., pi. -ci-oe, /., a gift, a 
present; advantage; A\\ Aipce, 
i n-Aifce, for nothing, gratis, as 
a free gift; also 1 n-Aifce, with 
no advantage, uselessly ; often i 
n.-Aifci'o (-15) (Ker.). 

AipceAX), -cce, w., hand-picking of 
vermin, etc., from clothes, etc. 

Aif-ceimnijim, -IUJAX), v. intr., I 
retire, withdraw. 

Aipcirn, -ceAX), I hand-pick vermin, 
etc. ; I explore with the hand. 

,5ipe, g. id., pi. -fit>e, /., a useful 
article ; a convenience ; what is 
one's own, as opposed to what 
is borrowed ; ip feAjiji Aipc- n. 

fp-ACpAd 'tlA 1AfACC nA 1 OK\LL- 

Ait>e, the straddle that one (jions 

is better than the saddle that 

one borrows. 

AifeACC, -A,/., con ve-m'ence, utility. 
Aip-eA - oA6, -A15, m., shrouding fur 

the dead (also cAif6Ax>Ac). 

pi. id., TO., act or vomiting ; resti- 

tution ; repayment ; recovery ; 

restoiation ; a fe.ry (Ker). 

ifeAjAim, rl. AipeAj, v. t>\, I 

give back, restore, I vomit, 


ipeAtbAitn. -tiAt), v. tr., I rugiin 

possession of. 

ipeAtriAil, -riitA, a., convenient, 

han:ly, useful; kind, obligiag, 

ready to lend. 

Act, -A, /., kindness, 

obligingness ; convenience, ac- 

commodation ; fondness to ac- 

commodate; utility. 
.Aip-eipje, g. id.,f., resurrection. 
Ai^-^"ii;im, -pje, v. intr., I rise 





, -e,/., recalling, abroga- 
, -OAt, v. tr., I re- 


.Aiptn, v. inlr., I return, used only 
in 3 pr. s., AipeAtin fe, he re- 

^, AipojAim. See AireAj, 

JAX), -i5ce, m., alleviation. 
Air-ling, -e, pi. -te, and -i-oe, 

/., a dream, a vision, an appar- 

ition, a poetical description of 

an apparition. 
Aiptmsun, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I dream ; 

(constr. with 50). 
AiplinsteAC (Aipi/ingeAc), -1:15, 

-cije, m., a dreamer, a vision- 

AipVinjyceAC (Aiplin5eA6), a., 

visionary, dreaming, dreamy. 
.AipieAll, -eitt, m., fatigue, faint- 

AipieAlt,AC, -Aije, a., subject to 

fainting or swooning. 
Aifnefoim, v. tr., --OCAX), I relate, 

tell. See pAipieroim, etc. 
Aipieif, -e, /., an account, evi- 

dence, testimony. See j?Aip neip . 
-Aipieiptn, vl., Aipn6ip, v. tr.. I re- 

veal, tell, give evidence of. See 

, g. id., pi. -cix>e, m., a poem, 

a satire, any composition ; treat- 

ment (as to diet, etc.) ; x>|ioc- 

Aifre, bad treatment, state, 

AipceAC, in, into (with motion). 

See if-reAC. 
<AtpceAC, -cije, a., droll, witty, 

ingenious, crafty, odd, strange ; 

xMpceAdAti, -Am, m., sports, games, 

jests ; drollery. 
AifceACAf, -Aif, m. : oddity, queer- 

ness, drollery, humour. 
-Aii'teAdt, -A, /., waggishness, 

drollery, pranks. 
AirceAriitACc, -A, /., drollery, 

queerness, jocoseness, a tendency 

to oddity. 
AtpceAfi, -nji, pi. id., and -r^eA^A, 

m., a journey, a round-about 

way, a useless tour ; 
oftm Fein, I made a useless or 
unnecessary circuit, took a 
round-about way, made a jour- 
ney in vain ; i n-AifreAfi, in 
vain, ex., bi A cuAifit) i n-Aip- 
ceAt< Aije, ho had his pains for 
nothing; ni AifceAfi OATTI nut 
Ann, it is no out of the way 
journey for me to go there, I'll 
get the worth of my trouble ; 
dj 1 rnbeAt boiAijt ni hAif CCAJI 
6 A6c comjA^, a house on the 
roadside, it is no roundabout 
journey, but the contrary, to 
visit it; fAOCAfi i n-AifreA|t, 
labour in vain. 

-ojiA, -oi|ii-6e, TO., a jes- 

ter, a buffoon, a stage-actor. 
AirteoipeAcr, -A, /., jesting, play- 

ing pranks, acting. 
Aifci, prep, pr., 3 s. /., out of or 

from her. See Af , prep. 
.Airci-oe, g. id., pi. --ore, m., an 

artist, a poet, a painter, a wag, 

a jester. 
.Airci-oeAC, -oije and -cije, a., 

strange, odd (Don.). See Air- 


,Aircit>eAcc, -A, /., playing pranks, 
stage-acting; also, acting the 

AirnjeAt, -A, /., oddity, drollery; 
AS -out i ti-AifcijeAt, getting 

Aifcijteoiji, -QfiA, -oi|tiT>e, m., a 
jester, a player; a cheat. See 

u^e, ., able to walk ; 

ircfiijitn, -tuJA-o, v. tr. and intr., 
I alter ; translate ; change resi- 
dence, remove, flit ; I travel, 
march, journey. 

ifcpiuSA-o, -ijte, pi. id., m., a 
journeying, removing, change 
of abode, flitting ; a political 
change, a revolution ; trans- 

ic, -e, a., pleasant, comical, queer, 
droll, strange, objectionable, 
undesirable ; ip AIC An f AOJAt 
6, it is a funny world ; -oob' 


Air tiom foin, I'd like that 

(ironical) (in this phr. AIC is 

pron. Ait, and it may be a dif- 

ferent word). Sec Ait. 
&;~c, -e, pi. -eACA and -eAnnA, /., a 

place, locality ; if mAit ATI AIC 

50 fiADAif, well said, well ob- 

served (of a witty repartee), 

lit., you were in a good position. 
x5it, -ce, pi. id., /., a kiln, an emi- 

Ait- (AC-), prefix, (1) reiterative, 

re- ; (2) intensive, very ; (3) nega- 

tive, in-, un-, dis-, not. 
.Aitbe' (Aitpe, AitrheAr), ebb-tide. 
AttBeAcc, -A, /., the ebbing of the 

tide (AitbeAf, id.). 
AitbeAp -Dip, m., reproach, blame ; 

A A. fin, the blame for that. 
.AicbeAjtAc, -Aijje, a., blaming, re- 

proaching, censuring. 
-AitoeAfiAitn, -AX), v. tr., I blame, 

reproach, censure. 
.Aitbeit, -e, a., addicted to exag- 

geration. See AiT>beit. 
.Aicbeo, a., revived, resuscitated. 
Aitbeox>Ax>, beoi'oce, m., act of 

resuscitating (Aitbeo-6cAin(c), 


and -beo-6A6Ain, v. tr., I restore 
to life. 

xJitbeoTJuJAX). See Aitbeox>AX>. 

Aicbeox>uii;itn, -UJA-O, v. tr., I re- 
store to life, I renovate. 

AicbireAC, -p5> m -> a second im- 
provement, a second setting in 
of growth (in a youth, etc.). 

-AitbtiA'OAin, -onA, /., a second 
year, the New Year, next year 
(used adverbially); i jcorhAip 
HA hAitbtiAT>nA, for next year. 

Aitbjieit, -bfteite (-beAfttA in 
Ker., etc.), act of regenerating, 
of giving second birth to ; Afi 
n-A A., on his being born again. 

Aitbjiipm, -biur-eA-6, v. tr., I break 

AitceAnnAc, -nutate, m., repur- 
chase, exchange, barter. 

Aitceo, -015, m., obscurity, blame, 

xVitcim, v. tr., I beg, ask, beseech. 

AitcnneAC, -mij. pi. id.,m., a peti- 

.Aitcfie, /., the light mould put to 
growing plants, as potato stalks. 

Aitc|ieit)eAiTi, -omi, m., apostacy. 

Altt)eAT1ATT1, -AtlCA, m., &ct of 

making over again. 
Aitt>eiiTmi5im, -lujax), v. tr., I 
reassure, reassert, I point out 

Ait-omseA-o, -ste, m., act of re- 
packing (as fish, etc.) (Ker.). 
-Aitxiinsim, -njeA-o, v. tr., I re- 
pack (as fish) (Ker.). 
.AtteAc. See AtAc. 
AiteATDciioiTi, -jtuimej a., very 

light, airy, nimble. 
AtceAt, -cit, m., juniper. 
.AiceAlt, -nt-t, m., gladness, joy ; 
cessation (from rain). See ACAI. 
xAtceArh, -ctrh, m.,act of persuading, 
convincing, arguing; persuasion; 
convincing argument, evidence, 
proof; ni't Aon AitreAm le 
fAJAil/ AIII = there is no proof 
to be founu against him. 
, -TTilA, a., local. 
, -cmn, m., furze, gorse ; 
AiceAnn gAe-ocAtAd, a light 
species of furze that grows in 
tufts ; AiceAnn gAtttJA tio 
p|iAnncAc, the coarser kind of 
furze with lighter blossom ; 
AiceAnn ttluijte, a kind of wiM 
palm (the word is fern, in Con. 
and Uls. ; gen. -ctnne). 
iteAncA, p.n., known, acquaint- 
ed, recognised, familiar, free, 

iteAncAc, -Aije. a., apt to kno\v, 
free, familiar, sociable. 
iteAncAcc, -A,/., advice, coun ,;:!, 
iteAncAf, -Aif, m., an ac- 
quaintance ; precept, injunction, 
counsel; t>uine AiueAncAif, an 
acquaintance ; A luce AiteAn- 
CAIJ% all who know him; cf. , 
if feAjifi beAjAn t>o'n 5<xoip TIA 
mojiAn -oo'n AiteAfiCAr (Con. 

iteAjtjtAC, -A1J, m., another; a 
change, an alternative ; A. c6ite, 

( 21 ) 


another spoufe ; also ^C 

which see, and AtAn|tu5Ax>, as 

CA AtAjinuJA-o f ceil Atioif Ai^e, 

he has a different story now to 

tell, he is confronted by an 

altered set of circumstances. 
.AiceAf, -cif, m., repose, comfort, 

pleasure, pleasantry, fun ; jiirme 

me fin p|u'x> AiceAf, I did that 

for fun (Omeath). 
.AiceAf, -tif, m., triumph. 
.AiceAfA(i, -Aije, a., valorous, 

victorious, successful. 
AiceAf c, -cifc, m., virtue; advice, 

admonition ; a lecture, speech ; 

abridgment (nom. sometimes 

AiceAfCAim, -A'o, v. tr., I deliver 

(as a lecture) ; I speak, warn, 

admonish, preach. 
AiceAfCACc, -A,/., rehearsing; an 

Aiceif.5e, g id. and -]ti5ce, /., 


See Aifeif.5e and eifeijije. 
Aiceinjim, -eifje, v. intr., I re- 

ascend, I rise again. 
^iceoiji, -O|IA, -oijtix>e, m., an argu- 

mentative man, a pleader. 
AicpjnocAt, -Ait m., act of re- 

discussing, reporting, re-nar- 

rating, quoting ; a reply, a 


Aicj;eAji, -61^6, a., very sharp. 
AicseAfiji, -jiofijiA, a., very short, 

compendious ; as svhst., a brief 

space; a short cut,, a near 

AicseAnjiA, g. id., m. and /., an 

abridgment, a short way, short 


an abbreviates, an abridgcr. 

AitjeAjtjicotji, -6]tA, -oifmje, m., 
an abbreviator, an abridger. 

Aicjem, -e, /., symbol, type; a 
counterpart, a similar one ; also 
regeneration; Aicjem AH j-eAtv 
rhiceAt, the very picture of old 
Michael ; Aitjem |!)AXtiAi5, one 
exactly like Patrick. 

,Atc-$eineAriiAin, -mnA,/., regener- 

jeinttn, vl Aicjein, v. tr., I re- 

, p. a., regenerate. 

50 hA. (pron. 50 
), soon, shortly (Dtr. 
Om.). See AitjeAjijiA. 

-Aije, a., handy, 

Aicfo, -e, -ix>e, /., an asp, a wild 
beast ; a peevish person ; a crea- 
ture, person ; SAC AICITJ AgAinn. 
each one of us. 

Aicit), -e, /., with ney., nothing; 
tii piu AitiTDe e, or ni piu Aiiit> 
e, it is worthlc.ts. 

<iitf6e, g. id., /., a haunt, a place 
of resort, habit, custom ; cf. , 
oo 6eic AJI Aici-6e Aij;e, to 
resort to him, to frequent his 
house ; -o'AicnJe x>o -oeAnAifi T>'A 
xcitcib, to make their houses 
a place of your resort (Kea., 
F. F.). 

AitiTM'n, g. id., pi. -I'oe, m., a 
venomous little creature, dim. 
of AICTO. 

xiirijim, -IUJA-O, v. intr., I inhabit, 
dwell ; v. tr. , i build, locate. 

Aicijim, vn., AiteAtti, pf. Aicim or 
AICIJ, I argue, persuade, give 
evidence, prove, r. intr., with 
dep. clause; x)'Aictrii (O'AICIJ) 
fe o\\m 5p . . . he persuaded 
me that . . . 

-OJIA, -onu-oe, m., an 
inhabitant, a resident. 

Aitin, for Aitne, knowledge. See 

x\icm, -e, /., the liver. 

Aitirme (Ait-ceine), g. id., pi. 
-neACA, /., a coal of fire, a fire- 
brand ; a slow fire, as opposed to 
5t'eAX>-teme ; charcoal. 

Aicip, -e, -i^e, /. (g., Aicirte, 
sometimes), reproach, shame, 
contumely, disgrace; rno ti.\i|ie 
if m' Aicif e, I am a.sli;i.incrl and 
feel disgraced at it ; a sharp 
censure, a snub; -00 tAin fe 
Aicif Af Atn, he snubbed me ; if 
cuif Aicife cuJAinn 6, it is a 
causo of reproach to us ; nom. 


( 22 ) 


-fije, a., shameful, 
abusive, censorious. 

.AicifeAc, -fij, 1*^ "PS 6 ) m 't an 
abusive person. 

.Aicifijirn, -lUJA'o, v. tr., I abuse, 

Aicifim, -iuJA-6, v. tr., I abuse, 
defame. See Aicifijim. 

AicifiuJAX), -ijce, m., abuse, de- 
famation, act of abusing. 

AiciujjAX), -ijte, m., act of dwel- 
ling, habitation. 

Aicte, after; in phi: A h-Aicte 
fin, after that ; <yp A hAiile and 
Af A hAicte fin, afterwards ; 
A hAicte tiA tAonie fin, after 
that poem (oba.). 

AicleAJAim, -AX), v. tr., I refine, 
melt down. 

AicteAfttijim, -UJ;AT>, v. tr., I im- 
prove, correct, reform. 

Aicteijim, vl., -teigeA-o and 
-teijeArii, v. tr., I quote, repeat, 

AictionAT>,-ncA, m., act of refilling, 
reinforcement, recruiting. 

AiclionAim, -A'6, v. tr., I fill again, 

AictneAtA, g. id., m., regret, com- 

AictneAtAc, -Aije, a., sorrowful. 

AicriieAtcAf, -CAif, m., regret. 

Aitmeite, g. id.,f., regret, afflic- 
tion, pity. See AictheAtA. 

Aicne, g. id., pi. AiteAncA, gpl. 
AitneA-6 and AiteAncA, /., a 

Aicne, g. id., /., recognition, ac- 
quaintance with, knowledge ; 
CA Aicne A5Am A|i, I know 
(recognise), am acquainted with. 

.Aicni-o, -e, /., recognition, know- 
ledge, as a., known ; nt hA. -ouic 
me, you know me not (the form 
Aifcnix> is somet. found) ; btiAC- 
Aitli-oe Aicni-oe -66, young men 
of his acquaintance. 

dicmt), -e, a., known, recognised. 
See Aicnit). 

, vl. Aitin, Aicinc, AIC- 
/. AitneocAt), imper. 
Aicm, v. tr., I know, recognise, 
tiistinguish, discern. 

, vl., Airin, v. tr., I com- 

mand, enjoin, direct, bid, order; 

niAtt o'Aitm OIOD jAn, where he 

commanded them not, etc. (also 

Aitimm) (Kea., F. F.). 
Aicnim, vl,, Aitin and Aicinc, 

v. tr., I know, recognise, under- 

Aicjte, g. id., /., a beast of the 

cow kind (ox, bull, cow, etc.) ; 

also Aijie. 
.AicfteAO, -eio, -BAOA, m., a dwell- 

ing, an abode, a residence 

(somet. AicjieAO, -eifte, /.). 
^iCjieAbAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., an 

inhabitant ; as a. , habitable. 
diCfieAOA-6, -be A, m., act of 

dwelling ; luce <i., inhabitants. 
AicjieAbAim, -AT), v. intr., I dwell, 

AicjieAC, -fije. ., penitent, 

Aic|ieACAf, -Aif, m., repentance, 

compunction, regret. 
AictieAriiAil, -riitA, a., paternal; 

like one's father ; also ActtArii- 

Ait ; if ACjiAtriAit An mAc e, he 

is a son that is like or takes 

after his father (OnJeA-6 Cloinne 

cc, -A, /., fatherlines?, 
paternal kindness ; also ACftAnV 


cfiise, g. id., /., penitence, 
penance ; compunction. 
cjiije, g. id.,/., an abdicated or 
forfeited kingdom (P. O'C.). 
cjiijeAc, -515, pi. id., m., a 
penitent, a devotee. 

), -JCA, rn., act of de- 

, -A-O, v. tr., I de- 
throne, depose (a king). 

, -e, /., act of imitating, 
mimicking, relating, reciting ; 
AJ -oeAnAni A. Aft, mimicking, 

tfdfeAc, -fiij, pi. id., m., a 
story-toller, a mimic. 
ctufeAc, -fise, a., mimicking, 

, vl. Aicjtif, v. tr., I tell, 
narrate, report, repeat, recite ; 



imitate, copy, mimic, ridicule 

(with AJI). 
Aicfiipceoifi, -ofiA, -oitiiTe, m., a 

reciter, mimicker. 
AicpceAcfiAC, -jiAije, -JIACA, /., a 


-o\(A, -oijn-oe, m., 

a transcriber, a copyist; one 

who re-writes or re-casts a book. 
AicpcjiiobA'o, -bcA, m., act of 

transcribing, a transcript. 
Aicpci<t'obAT>6ifi, -6ftA, -oijii'oe, 

m., a transcriber, a copyist, a 

Aicpctn'obAitn, -Ati, c. tr., I tran- 

scribe ; write over again. 
AicpioccAin, -AnA, /., reconcilia- 


AicpiceAc, -tije, a., reconciled. 
AiccfieAbA-o, -bcA, m., re-plough- 
_ ing. 
^St, g. Ait, pi. id. also AtcjiACA, 

m. , a brood, progeny, the young 

of any animal. 
AtA, <j. id., m., in phr. ni jiAtb p6 

AtA tiA huAijie teip, he had it 

done in the twinkling of an eye 

AtA (BAIA), g. id., pi. -Aix>e, m., a 

trout (Ker.). 
At A, g. id., pi. -Aix>e, /., craft, 

skill. See eAtA. 
AtA, a swan. See eAtA. 
AtAbAffo, -Aijtt), pi. id., m., any- 

thing out of proportion, as a 

small gAjipun hurling with a 

very tall man's cAmAti ( W. Ker.}. 
At AC -jiArii, a set or bank of oars. 
AtA-6, -Ai-6, pi. id., m., a wound ; 

spite, ill-feeling ; bi A. AgAm 

teif, I had a spite against him ; 

a grab ; ruj; fe A. o]\m, he made 

a grab at me ( Mayo). 
AtAT>nA6, -Ai^e, a., crafty, comi- 

cal. See eAtA-onAC. 
AtAitn. See Aitim. 
AtAinn, gsf., Aitne and ,'\ilte, a., 

beautiful, handsome, lovely. 
AtbA, y. -b^n, (/. -bAin, f., Suut- 

AtbAtiAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 

Scotchman ; a Presbyterian or 

Protestant (U-, pron. 

AtbAtiAi, -Aije, a., Scottish. 

Ateic (Ate), i teic (teic, dat. of 
teAc, a side, etc.), aside, on this 
side, here ; rA|t A teic, como 
hither ; COJAJI A I etc CUJAITI, a 
word with you in secret ; to this 
side, to this time ; 6 foin Ate 
(A teic), from that day to this, 
from that time forward. 

AtgA, indec. a., noble ; lmr AtjA, 
the noble island, i.e., Ireland 
(genly. imp eAtjA, somet. Imp 
eitje) ; Ati cfieAf Aintn Imp 
BAtjA, .1. oiteAn uAfAt, the 
third name, Inis Ealga, i.e., the 
noble island (Kea., F. F.). See 


AtjAcc, -A,f., nobility. 
Att = ott, a., (prejlx) great. 
Att, g. Aitt, pi. id., also -tcfiACA, 

a rock. 

Att, a., strange, alien ; another. 
Att, yonder, beyond ; foreign ; 

AtiAtt (A n-Att), hither, from 

beyond ; CAJI AtiAtt, come 

hither. See CAtt. 
AttA, AttA'o, g. id., pi. AttAitje, 

m., a hall (also hAttA). 
AttA, God, Allah (P. F.). 

AttAbAljl (ACtAbA1|l), -bAJACA, /. , 

an echo. 

AttA-cu, g. -don, d. -coin, /. , an 
alien hound, a foreigner ; in j>l. , 
often the English. 

Att A-6, -Ai-6, pi. id., m., fame, 
renown ; a present. 

AttAjAji, -Aiji, m., true and dis- 
tinct pronunciation, fluency of 
speech and proper accent. 

AttAtbfie, g. id., f., deafness re- 
sulting from great noise ; deaf- 

AttAic, -e, -ix>e, /., a term of 
opprobium applied to a hruvy, 
ungainly woman. 

AttAoipe, g. id., f., deafness, 
hardness of hearing. See Att- 

Att-buAT>Afc, -Aije, a., tiiuniph- 
iiiit, victorious nvcr all. 

Attcuft, -U1J1, m., trans])osition ; 
Attcuji nA bpocAt, transposi- 
tion of the words. 



Attf.tiAicf, pi. -cpce, m., a scold, 
a barge, a rough fellow (pron. 
with termination like Eng. 
-atch, as in batch) (M.). 

Alljlofi, -oift, -ojtcA, m., gibber- 
ish, jargon, gasconade. 

AlttriotvoA, a., gigantic. 

AlltnutiAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a 
foreign pirate, a foreigner. 

AtlThutfOA. a., foreign, piratical ; 
exotic, outlandish. 

AltThufvoAcc, -A, /., barbarity ; 
the state of being foreign or 

Atlot), -6it>, m., distance (of 
time) ; 'p An Ainrpitt 1 n-Altot>, 
in the olden time. 

Atlc, Aitlc, m., cliff, side of glen ; 
brook (chiefly in Scotland, as 
Aillc A* tionnAic). 

AltCA, a., wild, uncouth, fierce, 
savage ; beACAit>eAc AlleA, a 
brute beast ; mAt>tiAt> Atlc A, a 

AtlcAcc, -A,/., amazement ; wild- 
ness, savageness. 

AllcAn, -Ain, > M., m., a fierce, 
wild man ; a dull, stupid fel- 
low ; a fool. 

AtlcAji, -Aitt, m., yon side (of the 
country), the wilder parts ; op- 
posed to ceAnncAfi, the nearer 

AllcAf, -Aif, m., wiidness, 

AlluncAr, -Aif, TO,., allowance, 
dole, share (Aran). 

Atlup, -uif, w., sweat, perspira- 
tion ; cubA-p AlltMf, a foam of 
sweat ; A 5 cu-p Alltn-p (often 
with -oe or x>i), perspiring. 

AlmAC, -AIJ, m., a brood, a clutch, 
a sept or tribe ; triA-p AlniAC 
j;eAt>nA, like a clutch of geese. 

AltnfAin, -Aine, -AnA, /., alms. 

Alof ( = Af lof), prep., in respect 
of, owing to ; A tof A bpoj;- 
tumA, in consideration of their 
learning (Kea., F. F.). 

Alp At), -ptA, m., act of devouring 
in big mouthfuls, swallowing 

AlpAim, -At), v. tr., I devour, eat 

up in large mouthfuls ; 

TIA tToeAitiAn o^c (T>Aic 'oe 

bA|1|1A) ; AtpA1t> At! rPOtJt" 4 ) 

they devour meat (Condon). 
lpAijie, g. id., pi. -]\\-ve, m., a 
glutton, a devourer ; a grabber 
of land (Aran), 

, -e, f., answering a per- 
son gruffly, scolding vehemently. 
See AtpAt). 

Atp lUACftA (also 6Af1C t-UACjIA, 
At tUAC|tA, A1J1C tAC|1A), a 

newt, a lizard. 

AtpufAd, -Aije, a., free, bold. 

Ate, g. Aitc, pi. id., m., a joint, the 
ankle, a knuckle of the finger ; 
a division, a portion ; a knot in 
timber ; a section or chapter of 
a book ; 1 n-Alc TIA tiuAifie fin, 
at that very time ; i n-Atc An 
ionAit> fin, at that very place : 
Ate t>e TriAitie, a piece of a 
stick ; i n-Atc A ceite, in proper 
order, in coherence, coherently 
(Don.) ; CA fe i n-Atc m'^eic- 
pinc, he is in a condition to 
see me ; A CAit>5, TIA CACAIJI 
CottnA 'f jAn e A n-Atc bur( 
n-AjAttniA, Tadhg, revile not 
Torna, who is not in a position 
to reply to you (t. O Cleijv.j, 
apud O'JBr.) ; a mountain, a 
ravine, a gulph (Om.) ; a glen, 
esp. if wooded (Der.) ; cADAijt 
nA riAitc t)6, give him the 
knuckles, box him (Mayo) ; a 
written article (recent}. 

Alc-Afi-ctwrje, g. Aitc-, m., dis- 
ease like a heart-burn, water- 

AtcAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a step or 
height ; a small division ; a 
razor ; a paragraph ; dim. of 
Ate ; AtcAn rceme, a strong, 
sharp knife (Ker.). 

Aleoift, g. -OJIA, -oijie, -6fiAC, pi. 
-6i|ie and -OJIA, /., an altar. 

AtcjiA, -An, -AnA,/., a nourisher, 
a nurse, a foster father ; beAn 
AlcjiA, bAnAtc^A, a nurse. 

AlcttAtnAirn, -A'O, v. tr., I nurse, 
I foster. 

-Atf, pi. id., m., a 



nursing; fosterage; 
ACC, id. 

Attttom, -&, pi. id., m., a nurs- 
ing ; fosterage ; ACAift AttjtomA, 
a foster father. 

AtcuJAX), -tnjce, pi. id., m., 
thanks, thanksgiving, genuflec- 
tion, salutation ; saying grace 
at meals. 

Atcuijim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I thank, 
salute, adore ; AJ; AtruJA-o bi-6, 
saying grace after meals. 

Atumn. See AtAinn. 

Am, neg. prefix, in-, un-, not ; also 
intensive prefix. 

Am, conj., verily, indeed ; even ; 
also ; but, however ; see AmAc ; 
oo buAitpmn Am (no AITIAC) ni 
riiuittbpinn, I would strike, but 
would not kill. 

Am, g. AtnA, pi. Am Ann A, Ain Antics, 
m. , time, occasion ; one's turn ; 
more definite in its application 
than Aimp eAft ; 1 n-Am, in time ; 
ATI c-Am, when ; Am Aft bit, any 
time, whenever ; Am eite, an- 
other time ; J?A'TI Am fotn, at 
that time ; -O'AOT) Am, on pur- 
pose ; 1 n-Am 'r 1 OCJIAC or i n-Am 
tftAit, in good (early) time ; but 
ATI-CPAC, an unsuitable time. 

Am, Airne, a., raw, uncooked. 

Am A, g. id., pi. -Ai-oe, /., the 
hames of a horse-collar ; a yoke, 
slavery; bi An ffiACAfi 'f An && 
Aint>eip A nxjotAin, the straddle 
and the hames were awkward 
indeed ; pA'n Am A, in slavery ; 
(m. in 17.). 

AmAd (ATTICAC), conj., verily, in- 
deed, however. 

AmAc, ad., out, outside (with mo- 
tion) ; AtnA6 ieif , out with him ; 
6 foiti AmAc, from that time 
forth ; pop Am AC, down into 
the country, far down ; Amu 15 
'r AmAc, out and out. 

Am At), -Ait), -Aix>ix>e, *., a mad- 
man, a simpleton. See AmAit>. 

AmAt>An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a fool. 

AmAT>AnA6, -Aite, a., foolish, silly. 

AmA'OAnAcc, (AmA-OAncAcc), -A, 
/., folly. 

, indec. a., foolish, 

simple, childish. 
Am AIT), -e, pi. -ix>e, /., a fool, a 

foolish woman ; an apparition, 

a ghost (Kea.) ; nom. also 

AmAi-oeAc, -"oije, a., mad, frantic; 

AniAitieAcc, -A, /., foolishness, 

AiiiAit, a., like, as, like ; AmAil 

A5f, A. mA|i, as if, as though. 
AmAitt, -te, /., act of sporting, 

diverting oneself with ; a strata- 

gem (Kea.} 
AiriAin, adv., only, alone, merely; 

Adc A., except, only ; Aon tA A., 

one day, on a certain day ; p 

AitiAin, even ; Aon .... AmAin, 

one only ; Aon nix) Air>Ain if 

CA-6 e, it comes to the same 


AriiAiji, -e, a., musical. 
AriiAi^i'eAc, -rige, a., distrustful, 

suspicious, doubtful. 
Am At, -Ait, pi. id., a simpleton ; 

AtnAt 5An 6iAtt, a senseless 

idiot (Fer.) (same as gAniAt) 
AniAtAt, -Aige, a., curled (of the 

AriiAtcAf, -Aif, pi. id., m., sorrow, 

grief, vexation. 

An oiticeAfi, ad. of time, on the 
day after to-morrow ; tA i n-oi|t- 
i, id. See oijiteAji, also bA- 

-Aip, m., chance, for- 
tune, luck, good luck, success, 
a wind-fall. 

, -Aifi, m, music, speech. 

A<i (i mbAiiAc, i mbAifieAc), 
ad. of time, on to-morrow. See 

, -Ai5, TO., mustard. 
C, -e, /., scurvy grass, 

AmApc, -Ai|\c, pi. id., TO., sight, 
vision, seeing, a representation, 
a scene; A. An tae, dawn (M.). 
(In Don. AriiAfc is used com- 
monly for the sight of the eyes, 
in M. jiAt>Ajic is the usual word ; 


6An f Aicim Aon AtriA^c, I can't 

see a stime U.}. 
.AtriAfc, -Ai|tc, ?., act of searching 

for, looking for (Don.) ; act of 

pointing out (the way) (M.) 
.AtnAfCAc, -Aije, a., interesting, 

pleasant to survey or meditate 

on ; fond. 
.AriiAfCAim, vl. AtriAf.c, v. tr., I 

see, look at ; keep ; in Om. also 

I watch, judge, search for. 
.AriiAfctAnn, -Ainne, -AnnA, /. , a 

theatre, a place for shows or 


-Ain, m.,. oppresson, 
distress, misfortune ; jiottA AH 
AtnajttiAin, the unfortunate fel- 
low (A R.). 

.ArliAf, -Aif,p. Athf A and Amp Ann A, 
in., a mercenary soldier, a re- 
cruit ; a wild, ungovernable 
man, a madman ; a beast, a 
glutton, a monster. 

Am A]', -Aif, pi. id., m., a hitting, 
marking, a home stroke ; an at- 
tack ; a guess. 

AniAf (1 mbAf ?), inter, of surprise 
and incredulity ; AmAf nt HAJARI 
A OAite, surely you will not go 
home ! (M.). 

.AtiiAf AC, -Aije, a., witless, stupid; 
passionate, impulsive, wild, un- 
governable, gluttonous. 

AmAf ATI, -Ain, pi. id., m., a stupid, 
dull man ; a greenhorn. 

AmAf 65, -6156, -OJA, /., a little 
bitch ; a little barker ; a foolish 
or fierce woman. 

Aif, m., a dog's bark 
c, id.). 

, -UJA'O and AmAf- 
cf AC, v. intr. , I bark (as a dog). 
mbAfAc, ad. of time, on to-mor- 
row. See bAf. AC. 
mbAfA (im bAf A), inter., by my 
hand, really ! truly ! a form of 
asseveration. See bAf. 
meAfc, A meAfc, i rneAfc, comp. 
prep., among, amongst, amid, 
between, with gen. or poss. prn. ; 
1 n-A meAfc, among them ; i 
meAfc UAfAt, among nobles 
(Kea., F. F.). 

eii, amen (the word is pron. 
Aimion in M. ). 

.AniponnAn, -Am, m., oppression, 
distress. See AniAHjiAn. 

AiiijAf;, -Aifi (pron. AriinjAjO, m., 
inconvenience, disadvantage, 
affliction ; hunger, an unsatis- 
fied want. 

Am^A^Ac, -Aije (pron. An'insfAc), 
a., inconvenienced, hungry, 
craving for food. 

AmjAHAim, -A-O, v. tr., I vex, 
afflict, trouble. 

AriijlAn, -Aine, a., impure. 

.AmlAtbAifi, -A|tcA, /., bad delivery 
in speaking, stammering. 

AmV&bdfiAc, -Aij;e, a., stammer- 
ing, mute, dumb ; s. m. (g. -AIJ, 
pi. id. ), a stammerer, a stutterer. 

Ami Ait), s. in. and a., thus, so, the 
same ; AmlAi-6 fin, in that 
manner; AriilAix> AJUJ-, as if; 
5fAb (50 mb') AthlAix> -ouic, 
may it be so to you, the same to 
you ; if AmlAi-6 -oo bi An fcedt, 
this was the state of the case ; 
CA fe A., it is as you say ; if A. 
oo cviif m'ACAift f-iof ope, my 
father sent for you (where if A. 
is not translated) ; 6i|i if Arii- 

lA1X) T)' fOlltfljCAf JUfAb 

AmtAi-6 t)o 5Aifti UA T)om- 
nAitt, for it is thus it describes 
that the way in which O'Donnell 
was proclaimed (Kea., F. F.) ; 
X>A riieix> . . . if AmtAi-6 if 
IUJA, the more . . . the 
less ; ni'L T>A n'ieit> . . . TIAC 
AmtAix) if twJA, the more . . . 
the less ; AtrilAix) f m, accord- 
ingly (Kea., F. F.); often in 
apodosis to i n-A ionAt>: ex., 
Aguf 1 n-A ion At) f Ain if AmlAit* 
oo cuijuf x>o beAti mf An IUAC- 
Aif cum beic A5 etfceAcc tioni. 

AmlAc ( = iomloc?), m. ; fUAtit 
fe AmlAc mop, it suffered much 
from exposure to inclement 
weather (of hay, etc.) (Con. ). 

Am Log, -6156, 65 A, f., a female 
fool, a witless person. 

Aml6i|t, -6(tA, -oifiixie, m., a fool, 
an idiot, a boor ; a fool who 


( 27 ) 


imagines himself wise. See 


AiiittiAX), -A, m., tribulation, dis- 
tress ; ni' AtiituAT) ! alas ! 

AtTitiAi]ie, g. id.,/., shameless-ness, 

AriniAiiieAc, -fije, a., shameless, 

Ariiog, -6156, -654, /., a bound, a 
leap. See 4-6065. 

.AmpAtl, -Ailt, !., voracity, 
greed, hunger ; CA An - Amp At L 
Ai]t, ho is very voracious ; -oo 
rc)iio AH SOUCA Ajtip x>o leig 
oo'n AmpAli ("OA1C T>e t)Afi]iA). 
See AmplA-6. 

AmplAC, -Aije, a., greedy, covet- 
ous, voracious. 

AmplAcAn, -Ain, pi. id, m., a 
glutton ; a grabber. 

.AmptAX), -Aix>, m., voracity, 
great hunger ; CA|IC, AmplAc 
'5 U T Ai|tc, thirst, greed and 

AmplAtiiAit, -tilt A, a., voracious. 

.Aiii|tA, a., good, great, noble; 
prosperous, lucky. 

AiiifiA, g. id., m., a poem, an 
elegy, lamentation, as, AiiijiA 

Atii]tAf, -|iAif , pi. id., and -pAif ixie, 
m., doubt, suspicion, anxiety, 
distrust ; $An AmjtAf, doubtless. 

AmnArAt:, -Ate, a., suspicious, 
doubtful. Also AtiijiAifeAt. 

AihfAc, -Aije, a., hitting, striking. 

Ariii'Ati, -Ain, pi. %J. t m., & our 

AtnrcAoi-oeAc, -x>i5e, a., careless, 
untidy ; HA AmfCAoitieAd A 
SLeAj-Air tu pein, how care- 
lessly, untidily you dressed. 

AriipcAftnAd, -AIJ, m,., grey dawn. 

xXmux)A, astray ; IcijeAn Atnu-oA, 
to let (it) go to loss, be lost ; 
x>ul AmuTJA, to go astray, be 
lost. See mwoA. 

Amu 15, ad., out, outside, without 
(without movement) ; le-xc A., 
in addition to ; LeAt-if-muij, 
tCAfmu 15, outside; CAOO Atnuij, 
outside ; CA -jtux) Aniuij AJAIII, 
I am a creditor ; CA riA-o Amu 15 

te fietle, they are not on speak- 
ing terms ; An c-Ainm if b]tecj- 
A Amuij, the finest name of 
all ; fti f e Amuij AI^I 50, it was 
said of him that, etc. 

Amuilli-6, g. id., pi. -voe, /, a 
trifle, a trick, amusement. 

An- (aspirates), neg. prefix un-, in-, 
not- ; prefixed to nouns often it 
signifies bad or evil ; cf. use of 
An in words like AnplAiceAf 
and An-ouine, which see. 

An, intens. prefix very, when pre- 
fixed to adjectives, as CA AH tA 
An-bos, the day is very soft ; 
great, when prefixed to substan- 
tives, as bi An-lA AgAinn, we 
had a great day (pron. AHA very 

An, def. art., gsj. IIA, pi. ti4 
(aspirates nom. sing. f. and TO. 
siny. gen. , eclipses </. pi. ) ; the, 
sometimes also not translated 
into English, as An bAf, death 
in general ; if uAisneAC An fiux> 
An bAf, death is a lonesome 
thing ; but fUAiji fe bAf, he 
died ; CAIAITI HA h6i{texirin, the 
land of Ireland. An is often 
used in close combination with 
preps., especially those ending 
with a vowel, as oo'n or t>on, 
i fAn, 'p Ari or f AH, t fnA or 'f 
MA, 6'n or on, juf An, teif An, 
oo nA or x)Of r\&. 

An, interr. part., whether? sign 
of interrogation (eclipses) : be- 
fore past tense becomes AJI in 
reg. verbs, and aspirates. 

.An, a., noble; pure, pleasant; 

<XnA, ff. id., f., nobility, pros- 

AnAbdit), a., immature, unripe; 
also, very ripe (An, intens. pre- 
Jix, moaning very). 

AUAC, -AIJ, pi. -Aise, m., a path, 
a road, a pass ; often in place 
names. See eAnAd. 

AtiACAit, -clA, /., quiet, rest; 
protection ; act or guarding, 
defending. See APACAI. 

-AnACAin, g. -e and -(inA, /., harm, 


damage, calamity ; A. "oo x>e AnAth 
AF . . . to do harm to ; "ni't 
mAic 'f An feAncup nAijt biop 
An AnAdAin -oeAncA," "there is 
no use in talking when harm is 
done " (the word is accented in 
second syllable. M.). 

AnACAifi, -cyA,pl. id.,/., affliction, 
calamity, distress (of mind or 
body), inconvenience ; cf. i 
n-AnACAiji 6|toi'6e 'gup bjton, in 
distress of heart and in sorrow 
(eoJAti Coifi, a song). 

.AnACAt, -Ait, m., act of protect- 
ing, deliverance; mercy, quarter, 

.AnACtAim, -cAit and -cAt, v. tr., I 
protect, safeguard. See Ainicmi. 

-AnAqiA, g. id.,f., distress, misery. 
See AnACAift. 

AnAcpAt, -Aij;e, a., miserable. 
wretched, awkward. 

An AT>, -AIX, m., misfortune, 

AnAptoix), -e, -me, /., a fish with 
a large cloven breast (Ker.). 

AnAJAfO (i n-AJAiT>), against, be- 
fore, with hostile intent ; with 
g. or with poss. prn. before 
AJAfo. See AJAI-O. 

AnASAjtji, -Aiptt, m., corrupted 
matter, organic matter in a very 
advanced state of decay. 

ArtAice te, i n-Aice te, near, 
beside. See Aice. 

.AnAiceA-6, -cce, pi. id., in., a puri- 

AnAicnn, -ccA-6, imper., -AIC, v. 
tr., I save, protect, purify. See 

Ar\Avm, I wait, remain, etc. See 

), -e, /., an unsettled state, 
perversion, disorder. 

AriAiifoe (1 n-Attfoe), on high, up, 
above. See Ai|foe. 

x\tiAi|(c, -e, -BACA,/., coarse, home- 
spun linen, canvas. 

-An Aice (prop. AnpA-6), g. id., a 
storm, an atmospheric disturb- 
ance, fear, terror, consternation, 
the result of terror, as fast 
breathing, wild looks, etc., a 
state of terror. 

, a., unknown. 
Anal, -Aite, -At AC, and -AtA, /. 
(somet. m. in Don.), the breath, 
breathing; A$ CAtijtAmj nA 
hAflAtAc, taking one's time, 
going slowly (drawing one's 
breath), also, drawing the last 
breath, dying. 

AriA\,A<:, -Aijje, /., a chronicle, 
annals. See Ann At A. 

An-Att, a., very great, vast, 

AnAtt, ad., hither, to this side, 
over in this direction, (to) here, 
thencef orward ; Anonn 'f AiiAtt, 
backwards and forwards, hither 
and thither, here and there. 

AnAttox* (1 n-Atto-o), adv., of 
yore, of the olden time. See 

AnAtuJATJ, -i jce, m., breathing ; 
in grammar, the aspiration of a 

AnAtuijim, -uJA-6, and -AtAT), 
v. intr. , I breathe ; I aspirate (in 

An Am, g. Anrr.A, ATI Am A, p<. (AHA- 
mA?), AnmAimA, /., but nom. is 
usually m. , soul, life ; vigour, 
activity; ip tuAciiiAfi An c-An- 
Am, life is precious ; AJ |iic te 
n-' An Am, running for the bare 
life; 1 rnbAjtp An AnAtriA, id. 
(Mayo) ; i "OCAnAH'ce An AnAinA, 
id. (M.). 

An -Am, m. , indec., an unseasonable 
time, non-season ; i n-Am ASUJ* 
i n-An-Am, in season and out of 

AnAtiiAin, -mnA, v. n.f. , act of re- 
maining. See fAnAmAin. 

AnAmAtriAit, -mtA, a., lively, 
vigorous (the word may be ap- 
plied to a beast as well as to a 

AnAm-CAi|coeAf, -'otf, m., friend- 

AnArn-cA|tA, -CAJIAX), -cAipx>e, in. 
and /., a soul-friend, a 0011- 

An-Aoift, -e, /., discomfort, dis- 

An-Aotoe, .9. id., f., discomfort, 

distress, unpleasantness ; An- 

AoibeAct, id. 
AnAOibmn, -bne, a,, unpleasant, 

unhappy, calamitous. 
AnAopCA, a., not aged, young; 

also, very old. 
An-Ap.pAit> -e, a., not aged, 

young ; also, very old, ancient. 
AnApcAip, -e, a., rough, coarse, 


AnbA, a., prodigious, great, ter- 
Anbip, -Air, pi. id., m., a sudden, 

violent death. 
AnbpAinne, g. id., /., weakness, 

exhaustion ; AnbpAnn, -Amne, id. 
Anbpiop, g. -peApA and -pip, m., 

ignorance ; want of knowledge ; 

tucc An AinbpeApA, all the 

ignorant (O'Gall.). 
Ant>piopAC, -Ai^e, a., ignorant, 

without knowledge. 

AX), -pCA, m., great taste, 
over-liking (Kea.) (also an- 

AnbpeAt, -eice, /., an unjust sen- 

tence, a condemnation. 
Anbpofo, -jioi-oe, /., captivity, 

great tyranny, slavery ; dire 

Anbttuit, -e, m., soup, broth (pron. 

AtiAijtce in iiom. and gen.). 
AnbuAme, g. td.,f., unsteadiness, 

Ant>UAineA6, -nite, a., full of care 

(P. O'G.). 

AnbuAti, -Atne, a., unsteady. 
AncAineAX), g. -rnjce, -nee, m., 

blasphemy, slander, reviling. 
AncAinnc, -e, pi. -BA6A, /., a rail- 

ing, a reviling. 
AncAi|te, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, /., an 

anchor ; a wooden tub, an 

' ' anker. " 
AncAipe, g. id., pi. -pixie, m., a 

hermit, an anchorite. 
AncAiieAm, m., ill-use of time, 

etc. See CAiteAtii. 
An CAP, -Aip, m., a bad case, 

An-clAon, -Aome, a., very much 

addicted to, very pervi rae. 
Anconx>A, indec. a., of or belonging 

to a mastiff, wolf-dog, etc. ; 

bravo, valiant. 
Ancon-oAcc, -A, /., the audacity of 

a mastiff; bravery, valour. 
Ar.cjtoi-oe, g. id., m., malevolence ; 

cjie otc Ajup cp.6 Atic^oi-oe, 

through malice and an evil dis- 

position (Kea., F. F.). 
AncfiotAd, -Ai5c, a., ugly, mis- 


Ancpuc, -djiocA, TO., deformity. 
Ancu. See oncu. 
Ancuit>, -6ox)A, /., an excessive 

part or share ; rather much ; a 

great many, with gen. 
AncumtA, a., deformed. 
An-ctijiATn, -Aim, m., excessive 

care, solicitude. 
Anx>Ait> ! AITOAOI ! interj., really ! 

A nxe, also i troe, adv., yester- 

day. See -01 A. 
A nniAix) (i n-oiAixS), adv., after, 

behind (of place); CA me A troi AIX> 

mo ciop TJ'IOC, I have just paid 

my rent (Con.) ; A nx>iAi-6 A 

cette, after each other, one 

after another. See T>IAIT>. 
-AtvoioJAtcAd, -Ai5e, a., very 

Ant>iu (intJiu), adv., to-day. See 

XIIA and inniu. 

AnxiocAp, -Aip, m., presumption. 
An-t>oniceA6c, -A, /I, the darkness 

of nightfall. 
An-op-oolAp, -Air, pi. id., m., ex- 

cessive squandering. 
An-T>AijtceAp, -cip, pi. id., m., 

great sorrow, discontent, dis- 

An-ouit, -e, /., avidity, inordi- 

nate desire. 
Antnnne, g. id., pi. -t>Aoine, m., a 

wicked man (the x is silent in 17.) 
Ane, Anei (A nt>6, i Tro6), yester- 

day. See X>IA. 
An CAX), is it? forsooth ! 
AnpAC. See AnpAX>A6. 
AnpA-6, -AIT), m., storm, a tempest, 

a disturbance in the elements ; 

fear, terror (pron. AnAice, which 

see) ; te JiAnpAxS nsAOice, by a 

storm (Kea., F. F.). 

( 30 ) 

AnpAx>Ac, --oAije and -pAije, a., 
stormy ; overflowing ; terrible. 

An^tAc, -Atj, -Aije, m., a sea 
monster (Ker.). 

AnplAtc, -ACA, pi. id., m., atyrant, 
an usurper; "An t-AnplAii 
" (Kea.). 

(-cAtje), a., tyrannical. 

eAr, -rif, -teAfA, in., 

tyranny ; dominion, predomi- 

AnfocAtn (AtiACAin), -e, /., barm, 

damage, calamity. 
AnotA,Atn, -e, a., unwholesome. 
An-potlAin, -e, a., very whole- 

AnpOfttAnn, -Ainn, m., violence, 

oppression, onslaught. 
An5A, g. id. , pi. -JACA, /. , a net ; 

a notch in wood (also BATIJ, -A). 
AnJAbA-o, m., what is unneces- 

sary ; b'AnijibA-o x>6tb e, it 

was needless for them. See 

AnscAtfte, /., an anchor. See AII- 

AnglAif, -e, /., milk and water; 

any diluted or inferior liquor ; 

A. re, bad or ill-made tea (also 


AnrlAic, -e, -ix>e, f., the cat-fish 

Am Aft, ad., from the west, east- 
wards (with motion), from be- 
hind, from a position of lying 
down in bed to a position of 
sitting up ; t>o ftiit> fe AtiiAfi 
Y^n teAbAfo, he sat up in bed ; 
up,over(?7.and.fl/ea.); ex., 'nuAiji 
A o'AiiiAific f6 AntAfi 're ojuivo 
m6 WAX) fiAfi, when he looked 
over I moved back from him ; 
CA iriAtA AtiiAfi AIJI, he has a bag 
on his back. 

Anior, (with motion) from below, 
up, upwards ; up to the point 
at which the speaker is supposed 
to be. 

Amu, A ti-iut>, Amuj (itroiu), to- 
day. See -01 A. 

An-tAfATicA, indec. a., very pas- 
sionate, violent, impulsive. 

, over- 

An-riiAcnAf, -AIJ-, m., excessive 
desire, lust. 

AmriAin, -e, -AtrinA (AnAtriAin, fAn- 
ArriAiT)),/., act of remaining, de- 
laying. See -pAnffiAin. 

An tin Ati, -trietne, -riiiAncA, /., con- 
cupiscence, lust, sensuality. 

AmhiAtiAc, -Aije, a., sensual, lust- 
f til, fond of dainties. 

Ann, pronoun comp. with 1, " in 
it," there, used to express ex- 
istence with AcAtm ; ACA T)IA 
Ann, God exists, there is a God ; 
if bfieAJ; An AtmreAji ArA Ann, 
this is fine weatlier we have ; 
Ann^o, here; Annfotn, Ann^ux), 
there ; ir Ann x>Aoib, it is your 
custom ; AnnrAin, emphatic. 

AnnAlA, g., -AC, annals ; pi., also 
AnnAtAig find AntiAtAfeA (Kca.) 

AnnAtii, g. id., m. (adj. used as 
noun), a rare occasion ; JAC 
Ann Am, every rare occasion ; ir 
AnnAtn biof ctAiir, seldom are 
they downcast (Kea.). 

AnnAtn, seldom, rare; An -ptfo if 
AnnArii if ionjAnrA6, seldom 
seen is wonderful ; if AnnAtii 
T>otnnAC, there is scarce a Sun- 

AnnAihAdr, -A, /., rareness, scar- 
city, fewness of times. 

AnntA, g. id., pi. -AiT>e and -A-OA, 
m., a haunch, the leg, a leg (of 

AnntAnn, -Amn, m., sauce, condi- 
ment, pickles ; applied to fish, 
meat, etc., taken with bread ; 
if niAii An c-AnnlAnn An c-oc- 
jiAf , hunger is a good sauce ; 
ItAt ime tiAtrre t)'AnntAnn, a 
measure of butter upon it for 
condiment (Kea., F. F.). 

Annof At, -Aije, a., unusual. 

AnnorriiAii, -Atjie, a., out of the 

Ann)iA6c, -A, f., the highest de- 
gree of poetry next to the ollamh; 
great grief, fit of crying. 

Annj'A, irreg. comp. of iontiruin, 
a., dear, fond ; ip AnnrA tetp, 


( 31 ) 

he prefers ; An beAn if Annf A 
tiotn f.6tn, the woman I love 
best (Fer.) 

AnnfA, ff. \.d., f., afTcction. See 

Annf A6c, -A, /., affection, love ; a 
darling ; Annf ACC mnA, a darling 

AniifciAn, -feme, -fceAnA, /., a 
wild, desperate man. 

Annpn, Annfom, pr. ad., in that ; 
then, there, thereupon. 

Annfo, pr. ad., here ; in this. 

Anocc, ad., to-night. 

Anoift (with motion), from the east, 
westward, towards where the 
speaker is supposed to stand. 

Anotf, ad., now; Atioif beAj, 
Anoif oifieAd, just now ; 'f eA t> 
Anoif , 'f 6A-6 Anoif if 0615, well 
indeed ! very well ! 

Anonn, ad., thither, to that side, 
over yonder, beyond, in that 
direction ; Anorm 'f AnAtt, 
backwards and forwards, hither 
and thither ; Anonn 'f An oix>ce, 
late at night; niof finne Anonn 
'fA' leAOAf., further on in the 
book (Con.); t/A if fiA Anonn 
'nA An tA int>iu, at a later date 
than to-day, in the remote 

Ano[roAix>eAcc, -A, /., inordinate- 
ness ; want of restraint or 

AnojvoujjA-o, -uijte, m., absence 
of order. 

Anoivouijce, p.a., unrestrained, 

AnjiA-6, -AI'O, pi. id., m., a warrior, 
hero ; a champion. 

AnjiAic, -e, /., linen (Mayo, C. S., 
vol. II., p. 354). See AnAijit. 

AmtAc, g. id., m., misfortune, 
decrease, ill-luck. See T)jioc- 


An|i6 (Anf.6j), g. id., and -11615, 
in. , persecution, misery, distress, 
hardship ; severe weather. 

AnpoJAc, -Aire, a., miserable, 
wretched, distressing. 

Anjioij;ccAft, -cije, a., miserable, 

AnfAmtAcc, -A, f., inconipara- 

AnfAfCA, a., unsatisfying, dis- 

AnrAfCAftc, -A, /., uneasiness, 

Anfcuite, pi., immovable rocks 

AiifmACc, -A, m., tyranny. 

AnfocAijt, a., uncomfortable, un- 
steady ( Kea. ). 

Attfoj, -615, m., miserj', destitu- 

Atif6j;Ac, -Aije, a., miserable, 
wretched, uncomfortable. 

AnfujAc, -A15C, a., cheerless. 

An r-, def. art., the form used be- 
fore m. nouns beginning with 
vowel in nom. and ace., as TA An 
c-AifijeAT) Af An sclAji ; before 
gen. of OT. nouns beginning with 
r, as cij; An cpAT;Aif.c ; also 
before f. nouns beginning with 
f in nom. and ace. : -DO fniom 
f6 An cf LAC. 

An CAn, when? An CAn fo, now; 
An CAn fom, then. 

AncLAf, -Aif, pi. id., m., mer- 
riment, amusement ; greed ; 
trouble, vexation. 

AnclAfAC, -AIJ, pi. id., a faceti- 
ous, merry fellow ; a greedy 

Ancoil, -oite, also -olA, /., ex- 
cessive desire, self-will, pleasure, 
evil disposition. 

AncoileAC, -lije, wilful, stub- 

AncoiVeAmAit, -irilA, a., wilful, 
obstinate ; lustful, sensual. 

Ancoitim, v. tr., I lust after. 

AncoifcceAd, -cije, a., extreme; 
bodcACC A., extreme poverty 
( Kea. ) ; unawares, unexpected 
(P. O'C.). 

Ancf-AC, -A, m., an unseasonable 
time ; i n-A. , at an unseasonable 
time, too late, untimely ; in phr. 
i n-Am if i n-AncjiAt, in season 
and out of season. 

AncjiACAC, -Aije, a., untimely, 

, -mtA, a., just in 



time, very timely ; also un- 

Anc^om, -fiuime, a., very heavy, 

oppressive, grievous. 
Anrpom, -jiuime, /., sorrow, op- 

AricfivnT), -e, /., home-made linen ; 

used in making coarse sheets ; 

CA fe com teAcAti te Aticituix) 

tiAoi sceAT), he is as proud as a 

quilt of 900 threads (Con. ). See 

AncuAi-6, -e,/., Antioch. (In folk- 
tales, somet. Ancoit, -e.) 

An-UAbAft, -AIJI, m., great pride. 

An-uAibjteAC, -\\ ije, a., very proud. 

An-Aitt, /., inordinate pride. 

An-uAitt (Ati-uAtt), -e, /., a great 

An UAIJI, AtiUAin (usually 'nuAifi 
or riuAif,), conj., when ; because, 

AnuAifte, g. id., f., baseness, ig- 
nobleness ; also great nobility. 

AnuAifteAcc, -A, f., baseness, 
ignobleness ; lowness of station. 

AnuAf, ad., down, downwards, 
from above (with motion) ; with 
Afi, resting on ; ATI C-CATIAC ACA 
Aiji, the clothes he wears ; ATI 

C-eAT>AC ACA AtlUAf A1ft, the 

bed-clothes that cover him ; t>o 
CA1H15 re AnuAf pice punc, he 
lowered his demand by twenty 
pounds ; AJ T>ut fAf if AnuAf 
teAc, contending with you on 
terms of equality; cAi-oe An 

fUAf If ATlUAf A bl AJAC leif, 

why did you give him tit for tat? 
tii 6uifipinn tn6 fem fUAf if 
ATiUAf lei, I wouldn't place 
myself on an equality with her. 

AnuAf At, -Aifte, a., ignoble ; 
also very noble. 

An-uAcbAfAC, -Aije, a., terrible, 
dreadful, awful. 

AnurhtA, g. id.,f., disobedience. 

AtiuthtAcc, -A, /., disobedience ; 

AnutiAi-6, ad., last year ; during 
last year ; in the course of last 
year ; pron. AnuirtiT>, M. 

Aot, g. Aoifte, /., cheerfulness. 

, indee. a., comely, beauti- 
ful ; cheerful, pleasant. 

AOD-OACC, -A, pleasantness ; de- 
light ; beauty. 

AOT>, -A, m. , a man's name, Hugh. 

AoT)A5An, -AITI, m., a man's name, 

O-S AO-OAgAT) HA TlACAltte. 

Aox>Ait)iTi, m. (little Aodh, Hugh), 

Ao-oAijie, AoJAi|ie, g. id., pt. 
-rieA-oA, -fi-oe and -jtnice, a herd, 
a pastor, a guard. 

Aojoi-oeAc (Ajoi-oeAc), -"0156, a., 
quarrelsome (E. R. ). 

Aoi, g. id., f. y respect, honour; 
science, literature, poetry. 

Aoibe, g. id.,/., civility, kindness; 
neatness, elegance ; pleasant- 
ness. See AOD. 

AoibeAt, -bit, pi. id., m., fire, a 
spark of fire; TIA feix> AoibeAt 
jAti f AxiuJAt), do not blow a 
spark that is not kindled. 

AoibeAtt, /., the bean sidhe of 
the Dalcassians, who was sup- 
posed to dwell at Carraiglea 
(cf., AoibeAtt TIA CAHjiAige 

Aotbitt, -e, a., pleasant, merry, 

Aoibitt, -e, /., act of frisking 

Aoibmti, -bne, a., delightful, 
pleasant, beautiful ; if AOibinn 
06, it is well for him. 

AoibneAC, -nije, a., glad, happy. 

AotbneAf, -tiCAfA and -nif, m., 
delight, delightfnbiess, joy, 
pleasure, gladness ; landscape 
beauty ; joy from external ob- 
jects, as distinct from AtAf , joy 
from internal considerations. 

AoibneAf, m., act of amusing 
oneself; AJ 6t if AS AoibneAf, 
drinking and amusing them- 
selves (E. E.). 

Aoit>e. See i-oe. 

Aoix>e, g. id., pi. -eATiA. m., a 
guest, a traveller, a stranger ; 
dpi., AoiT>eA-6Aib (Kea.) (also 

AoiT>eAcc, -A,/., hospitality, en- 
tertainment ; reAd AOI-OCACCA 


a tavern, a house of entertain- 

ofoeAccAc, -Aije, a., hospitable ; 
pertaining to a guest 

, -A, /., hospitality, 
entertainment for travellers. 
oije, g. id., pi. Aoijnbe, dpi. 
AoijeA'OAib, m., a guest. See 

, -A,y. ; see AonbeAcc. 
, -cmp, m., a fair white 

.Aoit-cneip, -e, pi. -foe, /., a fair 

, g. Aoitij, m., dung, ma- 
ill ; 

nure ; a dunghill ; CAfin 
a dung-heap ; AoleAC 
farm-yard manure. 
oilpeos, -0156, -05 A, /., a 
caterpillar (nom. also Aitl- 

-, in comp. =Aon (often writ- 
ten em-), one ; AOinneAd, any 
one ; Aom-peAp:, any man, one 

Aoin-ciAtt, -ceilte,/., agreement 
of judgment. 

Aom-T)i6eAtt; -citt, m., one con- 
tinuous effort. 

.Aome, g. id. and .AoineAc, pi. -nee, 
/., Friday ; fasting, abstinence ; 
T)IA hAoine, on Friday ; CeAT>- 
AOin(e) /., Wednesday ; "OiAp.- 
OAOin,/., Thursday ; "OiAp-tjAoin 
"OeAfJAbAlA, Ascension Thurs- 
day; Aome An CeAfOA, Good 

AompeAdc (einpeAcc), m., one 
time, once; in phr., i n-Aom- 
peAdc, together ; i n-AoinpeAtc 
ie, together with. 

AompeAfi, -piti, in., one man, a 
sole man ; cothftAC AOinpip, 
single combat, duel ; Aon peAfi, 
any man, with neg., no man. 

Aom-jem, -e, f., the only Be- 

Aom-incinn (ein-mcmn), -ne, /., 
one mindedness, one mind. 

Aoinne, g. id., m., any one, any 
person (also 6inne). 

(emneA6), m., anybody, 
any one. 

mnix) (emnix) -neice, m., any- 
thing, at all ; with neg., nothing, 
oiti, -6tiA, -6i|iix)e, m., 
sole director. 

, -jir m -y a living 
under one roof, a dwelling to- 
gether, cohabitation. 

Aom-cpeiftc, -cpeipce, f., special 

.Aoifi-oe, g. id., f., height, stature ; 
OA Aoifvoe, howsoever high. 

Aoiye, g. id., pi. -^\-de, m., a 

Aomim, -jieA-o, v. tr., I satirize, 
abuse. See AojiAirn. 

Aoif, -e, pi. id., f., age, era, cen- 
tury, an age ; -o'AOip, of age (so 
many years old); ciAtt te coip 
nA hAOjpe, sense with age ; ni 
tA5Ann ciAlt p-otrii AOip, sense 
does not come before age. 

Aoiteo-6, m., the crisis in fever 
(corruption of pAotuJA-o.) 

Aot, g. Aoit, pi. AotcA, m., lime ; 
a very bright colour. 

AotA-6, -trA, m., act of growing 
pale or white. 

-AolAim, -At), v. tr., I lime, whito- 
wash, plaster , intr. , I grow pale. 

Aot-bfiAC, -ojitaic, pi. id., in., a 
lime-whito cloth, canvas. 

Aol-bp.ut, -tpui^, pi. id., m., a 
lime-wnite mansion, a fair dwel- 

Aol-cop.p, -cuiiip, pi. id., m., a 
lime-white body, a fair body. 

Aot-6p.oo, -Cpoib and -c|iuib, pi. 
id., -cjiobA and -6tiobA6A, m., a 
lime-white fair hand (from 
fingers to wrist). 

.Act-cpocAc, -Aije, a., of lime- 
white appearance, of beautiful 
form ; as subs., a beautiful 

AoL-OA, indec. a., lime-white, fair, 
beautiful ; whitewashed, lime- 

^ot-tJAt, -A, pi., -CAnnA, r., lime- 

Aol-joiiA-o, -I<CA, m., act of lime- 



Aot-tOfCAt), -CCA, m., act of lime- 
burning, kiln-drying. 

AotriiAfc (AotbAc), -Aije, a., lime- 
white, beautiful. 

AolriiAii, -Aijie, a., lime-white, 
fair, beautiful ; containing lime. 

Aot-piob, -pibe, /., a lime-white 

Aottnjim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I white- 
wash, plaster. See AotAim. 

AomAim, -A-6, v. tr., I bend, in- 
cline, attract. 

Aon (in comp. Aon-, Aoin-), one, 
a single one, only, the only (often 
with AiTiAin) ; the one, the same, 
any ; at all, with neg. no, none, 
not any : Aon ip pice, Aon AJI 
picit), twenty-one ; Aon -ouine, 
Aon neA6, any one, anybody ; 
with neg., no one, nobody ; Aon 
eile, another ; Aon tA AriiAin, 
one day, once upon a time ; Aon 
te, together with ; AOTI tiro, 
anything ; with neg., nothing ; 
Aon tiAiji, Aon tiAiji AriiAin, once, 
once upon a time ; A^ Aon, toge- 
ther; mAfi Aon, along with, 
together with ; 5 AC Aon, every 
one. Aon is sometimes accented, 
and forms one word with the 
following nouns, as : biotnAft 
AjiAon A|t Aon-rcoit, we both 
attended the same school ; corii- 
tiAC Aon-pif., single combat ; but 
it is not accented in phrases like 
ni hAon riiAiceAr X>UIT: beit AJ 
CAinnc, there is no use in your 
talk ; ni'l AJAITI ACC Aon fcitt,- 
1115 AtriAin, 1 have but a single 
shilling, and should then be 
regarded as a separate word. 
The accentuation of Aon takes 

K'ace when emphasis is to be 
id on the singleness, unity, or 
identity of the idea conveyed by 
the following word ; thus, ni't 
Aon bpij teif An bpocAt fAin, 
that word has no meaning ; but 
Aom-bjiij if eAx* ACA teif An 
OA pocA'L, both words have one 
and the same meaning. In the 
first of these two sentences Aon 
is not emphasised, and should 

not form one word with bjiij;. 
If the word Atru\m follow in the 
sentence it sometimes takes the 
emphasis off Aon. Aon was in 
the 16th century, and is in 
modern times, often written eAn, 
and in compounds Aom becomes 
em. An objection to these 
forms is this, that frequently in 
poetry Aon has to be pronounced 
Aom (with broad n), which is a 
recognised sound of AO in Con. 
and U. ; but the spelling eAn 
does not lend itself to that 

AonA6, -AIJ, pi. -Atje and Aon- 
CAij;e, g. pi. AoncAC, m., a fair ; 
an assembly ; a meeting ; a hos- 
tile gathering; AonAc CAil- 
ceAnn, the fair of Tailte (Kea.). 

Aon-A-OAjicAC, -Aije, a., one- 
horned ; unicorn. 

AonAijeAcc, -A, /., attendance at 

AonAtn (prop. gs. of AonAji), a., 
alone, lonely. 

.Aon Aft, -Aift, wi., singleness ; one 
person alone ; im AonAfi, I alone, 
by myself ; ix> AonAti, you alone, 
by yourself, etc. (gs., AonAifi, 
used commonly as adj., ipe&p 
i, one or a single man). 
, -Aije, a., lonely, alone. 
iAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a solitary 
person, one alone by himself. 

AonAjtAnAc, -Aije, a., alone, soli- 
tary, destitute. 

AonAftAncA, indec. a., alone, soli- 

AonAtfOA, indec. a., solitary, single, 

AonAifOAcc, -A, /., loneliness, sin- 

Aon-bAtt, -OAitt and -boilt, m., 
one spot ; AJI A., 1 TI-A., in onn 
place together ; ni'L fe 1 n-A., it 
is nowhere. 

Aon-t)A|i|i, -Aijtfi, pi- id.; m., unique 

Aon-6Af, -Aif, TO., sole cause, etc. 
See CAf . 

Aon-coitt, /., one wood, a con- 
tinuous wood. 

Aon-copp, -cuifip, m., singleness, 
earnestness ; te hA. oiosfiAip, 
with earnestness of zeal (E. R.) 

.Aon-corAC, -Aije, a., one-legged, 

Aon-cu, g. -don, jsi. -doin, dpi. 
-conAiD, /., a chief hound (said 
of a prince), sometimes in a dis- 
paraging sense. 

AOTTOA (AoncA), a., simple, singu- 
lar, particular, unmixed, single, 
unmarried, inviolate ; popcA if 
AOITOA, married and single. 

AotroAcc, -A, /., unity, agreement. 

.Aon-'OAc, -"OAtA, in., the same 

AotroACAc, -Aije, a., of one colour. 

,Aon-x>eA5, num. eleven. 

Aont)uine (AOinne and eitine), g. 
id., m., one person, any one ; with 
neg. no one, nobody. 

Aon-feAji, -pifi pl- id-, , chief 
man or husband ; any man, one 
man, gen. used as a. ; com p AC 
Aoin-jHti, single combat. 

Aon-peixmi, /., a single united 
effort ; -O'A., of set purpose. 

Aon-pocAt, -Ait, m., one word ; 
agreement ; biomAft Aft A., we 
were in agreement. 

Aon-pcifim, -puiftme, f. t unifor- 

.Aon-jeAtc, -jeitc, m., a very 
mad person. 

Aon-jno, inphr., o'Aon jno tiiof, 
" on purpose " I was, I meant 
it for a deliberate joke (pron. 
O'AO-STIO) ; x>'Aon jno duJAC A 
biof , I was only joking at your 

Aotijuf, -A, m., Angus. 

-Aon-juc, -JOCA, m., one voice; i 
n-A. te, in unison with ; D'AOTI- 
juc, unanimously. 

Aon-tAicjieACAf, -Aif, m., associa- 
tion, constant presence. 

Aon-leAnb, -teinb, m., an only 
child ; the Only Begotten Son. 

Aon-teAnnAn, -Ain, pl. id., m., 
chief or only love. 

.Aon-iiiAC, -tine, m, with art., the 
only Son of God. 

'o, ord. of Aon, one, used in 

composite numerals ; 

eleventh ; AonriiAX) A-p 
, twenty-first. 
i, -Aifie, a., lonely. 
x\oti|iAC, -Ai5e, a., lonely. See 

*\on|iACAnA6, -Aije, a., desolate, 

AontiACAtiAcc, -A, /., solitude, 

AonjiAic, -ACA, m., one person, a 

person alone or without help ; 

CA tn6 'm' AonjiAic, I am alone 

or helpless (Con.). 
AonfiATiAd, -Aige, a., lonely. See 


AoncA, indec. a., single, un- 

touched, etc. See AOITOA. 
AoncA6, -Aije, a., willing, of one 


AoncAcc, -A, /., unity, agreement. 
AoncA-6, -rtA, m., consent, suf- 

frage, willingness ; license, per- 

mission ; celibacy. See AOTICA. 
.AoiirAT>AC, -Aije (AOTICAC), a., 

willing, of one mind, agreeable. 
.Aon-CAoo, -CAoibe and -rAoib, m. 

and /., the same side ; -O'AOTI- 
, together. 
, -Aif , m., consent, willing- 

Aon-coit, g. -oite and -ot,A, ,/., 

agreement, one mind. 
-Aon-coif c, -coifce,/., one common 

purpose ; -D'Aon-coifc, of set 

purpose, deliberately. See coif c. 
AoncuJA-o, -cuijte, m., act of 

assenting ; consent, agreement. 
Aoncuijim, -UJA-Q, v. intr., I 

assent to, consent, agree (with 

te or Aft) ; or without prep. : 

tlO AOnCUIj SAT)6 A mAflDAT), 

Sadhbh consented to its being 

killed (Tor. D. agus <?.). 
Aon-cui5finc, -e, /., the same 

mind or understanding. 
Aoncuijce, p. a., united, agreed ; 

of one purpose. 
-AontuijteAc, -cije, a., willing, 

Aon cum A, g. id., f., continence 

Aon-cujtAf, -air, -i ne single 


( 36 ) 

journey ; 1 TI-A., ad., purposely, 

of set purpose. 
Aon-tiAim, o'Aon-tiAim, of one re- 

port, at one time, all together. 
Aon uAifi, adv., once, one time ; 

Aon tJAift AriiAin, once, once upon 
a time ; Aon UAIJI, at any time ; 
Aon Aifi if mAic teAC, when- 
ever you like. 

Aon-uim : i n-A-, purposely, of set 
purpose (Con., spelling phonetic). 
See Aon-uAim. 

Aofi, Aoiji,>/. id., m., a lampoon, 
a personal attack in prose or 
verse ; a satire, a curse. 

AOJIAC (AefieAc), -Aije, a., airy; 
beautiful ; light, gay. 

AofiAc, -Aijje, a., satirical, sarcas- 

AopAX), -ft A, m., act of reviling, 
abusing, satirizing. 

AopAi-oe, g. id., pi. -Ai'ote, m., a 
herdsman, a guard. 

AopAim, -A-6, v. tr., I satirise, I 
curse, I abuse, revile. 

Aoftp, -A, pi. id., m., an aim ; t5 
fe Aopp Ai|i, he took aim at 
it (Der.)\ =oix)i|ip of Scotch 

Ao f, 9- Aof A, pi. id.,m., people, folk ; 
generation ; people of the same 
profession or craft ; age, old age 
(poet.); AOf teijinn, students; 
An c-AOf 65, the youthful gene- 
ration ; AOf t>AnA, poets ; Aof 
gfiA-oA, lovers ; AOf ceifit>e, 
artists ; Aof cumAinn, dear 
friends ; AOf f eAnmA, playing 
and singing folk ; AOf AnuAf At, 
an ignoble race (Kea., F. F.) ; 

AOf fBAnniA tIA JCtAlflfeAC, 

harpers (id.); u]\mo\\ AOfA 
feAnmA nA h6ifieAnn, the 
greater part of the singing folk 
of Ireland (id. ). Aof occurs also 
in tribal or territorial names, as 
Aof St 161116 (Co. Limerick), Aof 
Cfti tTlAije (same county). 

Aof AC, -Aije, a., old, ancient (this 
word occurs in some versions of 
Kea., F. F.). 

Aof AnAC, -AI 5, pi. id., m., a young 

AofriiAfi, -Aijie, a., aged; " rut> 6' 
AOftriAtt i n-Aoif," who were not 
old in years (O'Sa.), 

Aof CA, p. a., old, aged, worn-out. 

Aof uijim, -uJA-6, v. intr., I grow 
old, I arrive at a given age ; 6 
o'AOfxnjif bliAX>Am, since you 
were a year old ; 6 -o'AOf uijif 
f UAf, since you grew up. 

^PA, g. id., pi., -pAitie and -pAnti^ 
and -PA-OA, m., an ape. 

ApAif, -e, -i-oe, /., a likeness, 
representation, mimicry, or 

Apjivin, -um, pi. id., m., an apron. 

Apf CA!,, -Ait, pi. id., m., an apostle 

(also Af pAt). 

Apvn-6, Apuij. See AbAi-6. 
ApiT)eAcc, -A, /., ripeness, ma- 

turity, ripening, fruit. See Ab- 


A|i, g., Aiji, m., tillage, ploughing, 

A\(,, our (eclipses) ; emph. 
Af: . . . . ne. 

&$, g., AIJI, m., slaughter, plague, 
misery ; the slain ; ys., Aifi (used 
as adj.) jiAif pin Aif., a miserable 

A|i = 6iti, conj., because, for. 

Aji (A |io), rel.prn. (aspirates), used 
in past tense for A, who, which, 
whom, that, all who, all which, 
etc. ; Aft triAitib f e, all whom he 
killed; 1 n-Atior 'n-Afi, in which ; 
AJ AJI, by which. 

Afi, defect, v. , he says, said, quoth, 
they say, etc. (quoting the exact 
words), A|t fe, he says (Kea.) ; 
in sp. I., AftfA CorriAf, says 
Thomas ; Aftf A mif e, said I ; 
Afif' An n?, said the king. 

Aft, interr. particle = An -po (aspir- 
ates), used in past tense for An, 
whether? if? 

A|i (Aifi), prep, [in pronoun combi- 
nations ofim, ofic, Aiji (m.),ui|ice 
or uifici (/.), ojiAmn (emph. 
poet, oijine), ofAib, OJICA (oji- 
JIA)], on, upon, used with or with- 
out article to express various 
adverbial relations ; of time : 

( 37 ) 

Ap mAiT>m, in the morning ; Ap 
uAipib, at times; of place: Ap 
muip no Ap ci'p, on land or at sea; 
of mode (with vbs.) : Ap bAtlte- 
cpic, tremblingly (shaking in all 
the limbs) ; Ap teACAt), open ; 
Ap cpocA-6, hanging ; Ap f iubAl, 
walking; similarly oefore nouns, 
as, cup Ap CAiptje, to put off for 
a time^ Ap com Aipce, in the care 
of; of cause: Ap iheix> A jliocAif, 
by reason of his great clever- 
ness ; Ap An AX>bAp f Am, f r 
that reason ; after verbs of mo- 
tion and verbs like cup, CAbAipc, 
oeAiiATh, jAbAit, and verbs of 
feeding on, praying to, appeal- 
ing to, complaining, threaten- 
ing, hindering, refusing, etc. : 
pujAp Aip, I seized him ; pitt- 
im Aip, I return to him (it) ; 
fiteAT> Ap An t>CAt Am, to drop on 
the ground ; after cu p it governs 
words like 

cpoiT), cuing, fiop, cupAtn, 
etc., as, A5 cup cupAim Aip, 
giving him something in change ; 
after -oeAnAm it governs words 
like f.Aipe, teijeAf, jui-oe, 
cpocdipe, mAccnAtii, fpoiiiA-o, 
toe, as, -oeAn cpocAipe opm, 
have mercy on me ; after CA- 
bAific it governs words like 
Amuf, CAijt, Amm, etc., CAX 6 
An Amm A cuj fe ojic ? by what 
name did he call you? after 
^AbAit, very frequently used to 
denote passion, emotion felt 
by a person ; rA CAglA ofim, I 
fear ; CA eAf bAix> AIJI, ho is in 
want ; similarly it is used to 
express favours conferred on, 
knowledge about, hatred of, 
power over, etc. ; in such uses 
Ag and Aft are often co-relative ; 
CA meAf AgAm Ai|i, I esteem 
him ; CA AmjeAv AJAHI ojic, 
you owe me money ; CA 
Cfioij A^Am Ai|i, I am a foot 
taller than he is, etc. In 
phrases like Aft pvco (^UAIT)), 
throughout; AJI v A1X) A 1' ^ c '^- 
CAt), A|t AOiftxje, in length, in 

breadth, in height, etc. ; for, in 
respect of: ni j:eit>ifi e fAtiuJAt) 
A|i bpeAJcACC, it is unsurpassed 
in (or as regards) beauty ; a 
peculiar use : jACfUAn-pojic Aft 
AitteACC "f Aft bmneAf, eacli 
lulling melody the loveliest and 
the sweetest (O'Sa.); among: 
CA f e Afi nA peAfiAib if f eAfift, 
he is one of (among) the best 
men ; for the sake of : Afi A f on 
f Ain, for that reason ; Afi foil 
T)e, for God's sake ; it denotes 
sometimes opposition, infliction 
of pain, etc., after subst. verb 
and words like cuft, as, ACA tno 
6fioix>e AJ cu-p opm, my heart 
is paining me, I acho at heart ; 
ACA f6 A5 cup ojim, he is pre- 
vailing over me ; CA-O CA ope ? 
what ails you? cAim Ap mo 
cei6eA-6, I am "on the run," 
trying to escape being caught ; 
Ap mo fcoimeAX), hiding from 
my pursuers ; beAti fe Aip 6 
oeAnAtii, he would have to do 
it; beAx> fe Aip Aije e -oeAnArii, 
'twould take him all his time to 
do it ; Ap beA^An CAtriiAn, with 
but little land; CA ATI fAoJAt 
AJ CCACC Ap peAbAf , the world 
is improving [Ap bpeif { Wat.)]; 
ni'l fe Ap fojnAm, he is un- 
well ; Ap bAlt, by-and-by, 
presently; somet. Ap An mbAlt, 
on the spot, immediately ; Ap 
Aipib, at times ; Ap UAinib, by 
turns (Kea.); Ap -ocuif (x>ctif), 
at first ; Ap cor AC, first, leading. 

A\\, prep., used for iAp, after 
(eclipses, but aspirates in Con. 
sp. I. ) ; used before present par- 
ticiples ; Ap -OCCACC A bAite 
ooib, after they had come home, 
when they had come; Ap nT>ut 
A co'olAT) -ooib, when they had 
gone to sleep. .Ap (iAp) with 
pros. part, corresponds to the 
pluperfect tense. See iAp and Ap 
(prep.), to, for. 

ApA, inter j. , tut, now, really, then, 
truly ; used at the beginning of 
a clause in an expostulatory or 


( 38 ) 

deprecating sense, and largely 
employed by speakers of Eng- 
lish : " Have you recovered ? " 
" Ara not at all ! " It is often 
preceded by A "614, and the whole 
contracted to T>eAfiA (yerrah), 
and in Kerry gen. pron. -OBA^U 
and A tbiA Afiti (AJIA in M. and 
U. is generally Apu or Aipiu ; 
Apu in Don.}. 

ApA,,pl. ApAnnAandAfiAi-oe; 
gpl. AfiAnn, m., a page, a lackey ; 
a charioteer ; the agent of an 
action, one given to a certain 
line of action, as AJIA nA bpoj, 

AJ1A At! Oil, 1C. 

^PA, /., the loin ; A -ouine TIA 
n-ApAnn, friend of my heart 
(this word has the first syllable 
long in ap. I.). 

A>IAC, -Aij:, m., a fishing weir 

.AftAC, -Aij, TO., security, guaran- 
tee ; help ; hope, opportunity, 
chance ; i n-AjiA6, in reliance on; 
iApp AJIAC; Afi, have recourse 
to ; ni'L Aon ApAc Ai$e Aip, he 
has no help for it ; CIA fiACAf ' 
n-AfiAC pAilce An fceit, T>O 
fcpiobAX), who can be relied on 
to write the generosity of the 
story (M'D.); ni ftAio APAC 
Aije ACC, he could not avoid, 
etc. (Kea., F. F.). 

ApACAf, -Aip, m., might, power, 

AH AT>, a., strong, brave, noble ; in 
compound, An .AjiA'o-riiAc, the 
Divine Son. (Is it the same as 

, -xmA, $ id., hi pi. 
reins, a bridle. 

fiA'OAiti tuLc, abuse, conceit, 
severe treatment (P. O'C.). 
jiAxmAC, -Aije, a., suffering ; 
fAT)-A., long-suffering (pron. 

, -A, /., suffering ; AX>- 
A., long-suffering. 

, the pronunciation of the 
word Aijicip in Con., and U. See 

>e, g. id., m., the lower tie 

or cross-stay in house roofing 

, another, each other; -j AJI- 

, et cetera. 

A|tAin, pi. id., TO., bread, 
loaf ; subsistence, employment ; 
AfiAn 5fteA-OAitt,e, griddle bread; 
Ajun ctiuicneAccA, wheaten 
bread; Ajun ptuip, flour bread. 
c, -Aije, a., alimentary. 
intelligence, perception ; 

n iAi, j;An 
vol. II., page 322). 
^AnnA, pi. of AJIA, the loins. See 

, A-fteifij last night. 
=Ati Aon, together, both, 
each (of two). 

, fairy-thorn (Don.). 
= Ap bA, was he? was this? 

ip, TO., corn (growing or 
before it is threshed) ; generally 
pron. Ajiufi in M. 
ic, g. Ai|ic, pi. id., TO. (also/.), 
a chest, a coffer ; the last little 
pig of a litter, a dwarf, a 
lizard, a diminutive creature of 
any kind. See AIJIC. 

At,, -git, -5te, TO., an 

iceAnA, ad., in general; hence- 
forth ; besides ; likewise. See 

x\|ic ttiAC|iA, g. id., f., an eft, a 
newt, a lizard ; Alp IUACJIA, id. ; 
AtviAcfiA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, /., a 
lizard (Galway) ; eAf tuActtA, 
a lizard (W. Ker.) See eAjtc 

g. id., pi. -Ai'oe, /., an 

t6u, -con, -coin, TO. and /., a 
chained or fierce dog. 

, gsf. Aijfoe and Aoifcoe, a., 
high, tall, loud, noble, mighty ; 
6f AJTO, on high, openly, aloud, 
publicly ; Ajfo-coti, authority. 

, high, et>o. (often placed be- 
fore noun to intensify meaning) ; 
&i Atvo-tA AjAinn, we had a 
splendid day ; bi Aptj-JneAnn 
Apxi-jot Ann, there was 


( 39 ) 


much sport and weeping there. 

(In deibhidhe the scansion is 

always AJ\-O, i.e., short in quan- 


geAticA, indec. a., higli- 

<Jtix>-Ai5tieAt>, -nt-6, m., a lofty 

&\\-o&\,&6, -4150 (?), a., attentive, 

watchful (Cora.). 
AjvoAti, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a height, 

a hill, hillock ; a bench, a pulpit, 

a stage, a terrace. 
x.\jvo-AOX>Aifte, g. id., pi., --pixie, 

m. , chief steward ; head pastor. 

AIfl, g. -AtAfl, pi. -ACJ1A<iA, 

m., a patriarch ; AJI fe JAC Aft-o- 
AcAfi "oiob, on the age of every 
patriarch of them (Kea., F. F.). 
ji-o-bfieiteAtri, g. -otieictrii, m., 
arch-judge, chief judge. 

riA-o, -AIXI, pi. id., m., a 
high stock, a noble race. 
)tx)-6ACAi|t, -cACfiAd, f.) a metro- 
polis, a great city. 

tilAIJtte, 9- *^-i Pl-t -CA^A, 

f., a supreme council or parlia- 
ment ; an excellent advice. 
jvo-cuti, -uifi, m., chief rent, 
tribute or impost. 
jro-peAti, -pjt, pi. id.,m., a noble 
man, a very good man ; similarly 

1i-o-plAit, g. -ACA, pi. id, m., a 

chief lord. 

lvo-plAiteAf, g. -tip , pi. id., m., 

chieftainship, chief rule. 

jvo-Fvnt, -otA, pi. -polAtinA,/., 

noble blood or race. 

jvo-^Aifmi, -A^TTIA and -Ai^me, /., 

a high calling. 

jvo-JAoir, -e, -eACA, /., a liberal 


jvo-JAoippe,, pi. -|ii-6e, m., 

a professor or the liberal arts, a 

master of arts. 

jlotiAC, -Aije, a., loud- 

mouthed, havuig a high voice. 
.Ajro-5ot, -sit (g. -jolACA in 

Con.), m., loud weeping. 
^o-juc, -OCA, m, a loud voice. 
.<ijvo-iAccA6, -Aije, /. , loud crying. 
Ajvo-mAJ, g. -riiAije, -triAtj, and 

, pi. -riiAJA, m. and /., a 

noble plain. 

n-o-tiiAt pAit, a poet, name for 


e, m -i fd principal 

chiefs, high chiefs. 
<5jvo-riiAOit, -oifi m., chief steward. 
^o-riiAOttACC, -&,/* chief stew- 


^^TJ-iTiiAnjup, -uif, m. , ambition. 
^ftt)-tTi6ji, -oijte, a., very great, 

very tall. 
Afro-nor. -6if, -of A, gpl. -nofAnti, 

m., a high, aristocratic fashion. 
AUXvoifieACCAp, -Aip, pi. id., m., 

a chief convention or assembly. 
ni, g. -Aim and -riiAti, 

pi. id., and -AthAin, m., a chief 

professor, a doctor ; Affo-oltAm 

6ifieAtin fie pili-ocAcc, chief 

professor of poetry in Erin 

(Kea., F. F.). 

niAticAcc, -4, pi. id., /., 

the office of chief professor or 


ffooftAr, -Aif, m., the lintel of a 

door. See pAtix>o|iAr. 
fvo-toirm, /., high diet (Mayo). 
, -jieAtinA, pi. id., f., a 

high star, a planet. 
<XfiT3-fA5Atic, -AIJIC, pi. id., m., a 

xJjvo-rcoit, -e, -eAntiA,/., a college, 

a high school, an academy. 
^ttn-rcoc, -4, pi. -AtitiA, m., a 

noble race. 

7n. , a president. 

, -fij, pi. id., m., a 

chieftain, a colonel. 
djvo-ceAi,lAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., 

a great hearth-fire, a forge fire ; 

a large household. 
^jixi-cijeAiinA, g. id., pi. -Aix>e, m., 

a supreme lord, a sovereign. 
xSnxui5A-6, -uitce, m., act of ex- 

alting, heightening ; elevation, 

promotion, honour. 
^jcouijim, -uJA-6 (in Don. somet. 

AititMJim), v. tr., I magnify, 

exalt ; raise, lift, hoist ; AJIDUI^ 

ICAC 6, take it away with 



Ajvouijce, p.a., exalted, honoured. 
Ajieiti, ad., last night. See AjtAoift. 
A tieifi (prop, -oo t 1 ^ 1 ! 1 )) prep., 

according to. 

, vl. Afi5Ain, v. tr., I rob, 

plunder (also Aitujim, c/. -oo 


ftgAin, -JJAIIA and -Aip^ne, /., 

act of plundering ; plunder, 


ngnAim, vl. AfijAin, v. tr., I rob, 

plunder. See A jig Aim. 

fijcoifi, -OJIA, -oi-pi'oe, m., a 

destroyer, a robber, a plunderer. 

jijuinc, -e, /., act of arguing 

(also Af-goinc). 

fiiAm, ad., ever, always (of the 

past), with neg. never (better 

Apif; adv., again (the A is separ- 

able) ; in sp. I, often Ajtifc. 
AfitofCAX), -oifcce (in M. sp. I., 

-oifcijte), m., act of burning. 
A]\m, g. AijiVn.jpZ. id., and AjimA, m., 

a weapon, an arm, a tool, armour ; 

an army; AJWI no oitineif (Kea.) ; 

out 'f Ar > Afim, to go into or join 

the army. 
Apm&c, -AIJ, pi. id., m., an army ; 

AfimAc, -Aije, a., warlike ; armed, 

supplied with weapons. 
Afi-mAi;, g. -A1J, -Aije, and -AJA, 

pi. -AJA, m. and /., a plain of 

slaughter, a battlefield ; c/. , 

ion AT) An A}i-mAi5 (Kea.). 
AftmAit, -A! A, pi. ^d., /., armour, 

weapons, an armory, act of arm- 

ing, also army ; blame ( U.) : teig 

me A tiA^mAit, I let her be 

AftmAitre, ff. id., pi., -n-oe, m., an 

army (O'-ff.), armaments. 
A]\m&\m, -At>, v. tr., I arm, I 

AfttnAift, -e, pi. id.,f., a check, re- 

proof, rebuke, an affront, a chas- 

tisement (nom. also A-pmAi^e). 
AtunAitieAcc, -A,/., a checking or 

rebuking, act of affronting. 
A^mAf, -Aif, m., arms in heraldry 

(Ajimviif, /., O'JR.); A Ajtmwf if 

e CAti^^insce &\\ 6\\--o&t, his 

arms drawn in golden colours 
(Fer., O'Ra., etc.). 

, -jlAine, -jtoine, a., 
of bright weapons. 

AftmtAnn, -Ainre, -&,f., an armory. 

.dtwiiA, p. a., armed. 

.Afimuijjim, -uJA'6, v. tr., I arm, I 

.AjinvifAc, -Aije, a., high-minded, 
sportive, irresponsible (of chil- 
dren or animals), Aran ; also, 
snug, well-off. 

AfionuA, indec. a., cross, passionate, 
furious ( Wat.) 

AftfiAcc, -A, -AiT>e, m., a monster, 
a spectre. 

.AfijiAccAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 
monster, a spectre ; A. peAti, a 
spectre-like old man (E. R.). 

-AfiftAccAc, -Aije, a., mighty, tall, 
powerful ; monster-like, spec- 

Afit^ccAf ) - A1 t% m -> dignity, great- 
ness, power. 

Aji-|iAcruiT>e, g. id., pi. -oce, m., a 
half-naked person, a homeless 
wanderer, as a hare, fox ( W. 

AfifiAT), -Aix>, -Aitie, m. and/., an 
article of merchandise ; wares ; 
goods ; an item ; of persons, an 
individual ; if otc An AfijiAT) e, 
he is a bad person ; ni TMAIC An 
CAjifiA-o An opeA5, a lie is an 
evil thing ; p AtAnn if lA^iAnn 
X>A Aji^AX) nA tiACAnn, salt and 
iron two pieces of goods that do 
not turn grey See eAjifiA-o. 

AftftAing, -inje, pi. -injjce and 
-inreAcA, /., a dart, a stitch in 
oners side ; convulsions ; sharp 

-Afif A (defect, v. Afi), says, said ; 
in sp. I., AjifA ComAf, quoth 
Thomas, is used for AJI ComAf 
of the written I. generally ; 
"AfA mife," said I. (See Aft. 
def. verb.) 

-AjtfA, a., old, aged, ancient, 

djifAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., an old 
man. See Ajtf AI-OBAC. 

, -A,/., old age, antiquity; 


( 41 ) 


OA A. e, though ancient he be, 

i.e., in lineage (E. JR.). 
Ajif Aix>eA6. See Afif A. 
AjifAix>eAcc, -A, jr., old age; in- 

veteracy. See Afif ACC. 
AfifAi-oceoits -ojtA, -oijinje, m., 

an antiquary, an antiquarian. 
x^fif AncA, indec. a., old ; worn-out 

(of clothes). 

Af.fneAt, -eit, m. (See Aif-neAl. 
Ajtf neAtAC, -Aije. <S"ee Aif-neAtAC. 
Ajir, g. Aif.c, wi., Art, a personal 

name ; as a. , noble, great, gene- 


tell (Innishowen, Der., Omeath, 
Monaghan, Meath, etc.). 

Ajtc, g. Aific, m., a rock ; CAJA- 
jtAmj-Ajic, loadstone. 

AIICJIAC (Atf.Ac), -Aij, pi. --(Jije, 
m., a vessel of any kind ; in 
Waterford understood only of 
large ships ; in Ker. any vessel, 
a cup, a saucepan, etc. (also 
AficAC, and in Don., AtitAttAc). 

xificfiuijim, -ujjAt), v. tr. and intr., 
I set sail, take ship (Ker.). 

Apvi. See AttA. 

Af.uf, -uif, pi. id., m., a dwelling- 
house, a habitation, a room, an 

ApufAc, -Aije, a., habitable, be- 
longing to a house. 

Af ( A )> prep, [in pronoun combi- 
nations AfAtn, AfAC, Af (m.\ 
Aifce or Aifci (/.), AfAtnn, 
Af AID, AfCA ; it sometimes 
becomes A before consonants 
and prefixes h to vowels, as A, but retains f before 
the article in sing, and pi., Af 

ATI -OCAlATTl, Af tlA CfAtltlAlG; 

the relative, Af A gcuittceAft ; 
the poss. pr., the indef . pr. , tho 
demonst. pr., as Af mo ceAtin, 
Af fo, Af SAC], from, out of. 
After transitive verbs and in- 
transitive of motion, to denote 
the person or thing from which 
something is taken or which 
something loaves, falls from, or 
arises from, depends on, or is 
caused by, etc. : o'imiij; fe Af 

An Aic, he left the place ; coj 
"oo 5AT>Att Af f o, take your dog 
hence ; AJ cuinm Af A c6ite, 
falling asunder ; c|t A T fe'lo, 
to dispossess ; Af ionAt>, out of 
place, dislocated ; me A jtAO-OAc 
Af m'Ainm, to call me by an 
abusive name; -oiot Af fAin, 
pay for that ; jlAn Af mo ttA-6- 
Ajtc, leave my sight ; of the ob- 
ject of confidence or trust, CA 
muinijin AjAm AfAC, I have 
confidence in you; of the grcmnds 

Of proof, If teift Af A 5T11O1T1AJ1- 

tAib juft , it is clear from his 
doings that; often in a pronom. 
combin. reflecting subject of tho 
verb with or without pein ; ttAin 
f e f eAffiAt:) Af pem, he stretched 
his length; cuiti fe tiuj Af, he 
shouted ; Af , 3 sing. mas. pron. 
comb., is often used imper- 
sonally, as eijiij Af, give over, 
cease; AJ T)ul Af, getting re- 
duced, declining (opposed to 
AJ CCACE cuije (pem), improv- 
ing, but we say also AJ ceAcc 
cui6e f.ein), but x>ut Af, to 
escape punishment, etc. ; beAtA 
oo tAt)A|ic Af , to lead a life ; 
CAt Af e ? where is he from, 
whence is he? adv., Af A hAitle 
thereafter (ota.) ; Af fo, out of 
this, hence, from this place ; Af 
fin, out of that, thence. 

Af ,, out of it, or him. See 
Af , prep. 

Ar = if, assertive v., is, are (relative 
form), often used as tho ordinary 
indie, form ; Af BA-D, it is ; Af 
CJIUAJ, 'tis a pity ! See if . 

Af = if, sign of sup. degree. 

^f (Aif ), a jot, an ace ; tii puAif. 
fe Af Af. bic TJA bAptS ^ 8* 
no good, no advantage from it 
(O'W., Aran). 

Af, A'f = A5Uf, and, as. (SfeeAjuf. 

Af, g. Aif, pi. AfA and AfAni, 
gpl. Af An, a shoe, a sandal. 

Af AT, m., act of anchoring a boat 
or ship (Ker). 

AfAib, out of you, from you. 
See Af . 



Af Ainn, out of us, from us. Sec Af . 

AfAif;, -ft 1 AC,/., mountain vegeta- 
tion, heather ; bedding for cattle. 
See eAf Aifi. 

Af At, -Ait, >. id., m., an ass. 

-dp Am, prep, pr., 1 a., from or out 
of me. See Af , prep. 

AfAjttAi-oeAcc, -A, /. (prop. Af- 
cjiotAi'oeAcc), magic, divination 
by herbs, intoxication ; CA A. A$ 
nA'OAoinib A oionnf A5 cftuinn- 

IWJAX) tuiOeATinA t'AJAlX) teij- 

if, the people who collect herbs 
for curing purposes practise 
divination (Arari). 
Af, g- id-, pi-, - 1 6te, m., a 
conjurer, a magician (prop. 

Af AC, prep, pr., 2 ., from or out 

of thee. See Af , prep. 
Afc, 0/Aifc, m., pride. 
AfCA, --6, pl. -nice, f., a moun- 

tain or bog land producing 

sedge. See eAfCA. 
Af CA1-6, -e, /., a gift, an offering ; 

1 n-Af CAi-6, gratis, as a gift ( C7a.) 

See Aifce. 
AfCAt, -Ait, pl. id., m., a current, 

the flowing of the tide ; a swollen 

or high sea ; a storm ; a despe- 

rate attack. See eAf cAt. 
AfCAtt, -Aitte, /., the armpit ; a 

corner, especially of a field, 

hence a small territory. See 


AfCAjtc, -Aific, m., wadding for a 

Afcu, g. -con, d. -coin pl. -coin 

and -comce, m. and/., an eel. 

See eAfcu. 
AfnA, g. --6, pl. -i-oe and -CA, also 

Af nAix>eAC A (M.}, /., a rib of the 

body, a lath. See eAfnA. 
AfnAc, -Aije, a., ribbed; ceAnn- 

AfnAc, strong-ribbed (usually 


Aff Am (Af Am), m. pl., greaves. 
Af-fuix>im, -x>e, v. intr., I set (as 

the sun) ; Ag Af-fuix>e nA 

Sjieine, at sunset. 
AfCA, prep, pr., 3 pl., from or out 

of them. 
AfCAt, -Ait, pl. id., m., a lath, a 

chip, a splinter ; a pole used in 

seine-fishing (Ker.). 
AfCAtujA-6, -uijte, m., poling in 

seine-fishing (Ker.). 
AfceAc (ifceAc), ad., in, into (of 

motion, as opposed to Afcij, 

within (of rest). See ifcij. 
Af cij, ad. , in, within, inside (state 

of rest). See ifcij. 
Afcoit>ce(ifc-oi'6ce), ad,at night. 

AfCjIAnAC (AlfCBAf AnAC), -Alj, 

-Aije, m., a traveller, a way- 

ApcfotAi-oeAcc, -A, /., astrology, 
a divining by the stars. 

Afcfotui"6e, g. id., pl. -oce, m., 
a soothsayer, a magician, an 

Afcuijim. See f Afcuijim. 

Ac- (AIC-), prefix (1) reiterative, 
re- ; (2) intensive, very ; (3) 
negative, in-, un-, dis-, not. 

Ac, g. AIC, m., a swelling ; a crown. 

Ac, g. ACA, pl. AcAnnA, m. (some- 
times/. Con.), a ford ; an easy 
vein in a person's character ; 
ni't Aon AC te fAJAit ojic, 
there is no gaining a point on 
you, you are incorrigible. 

ACA, --6, m., a creek (Ker.) ; 
6uAiteAf fiAf; cum An ACAX>, 
I journeyed westwards to the 

ACAC, -Ai5, m., a request, a prayer. 

ACAC, -Aij, pl. id., m., a giant ; 
a plebeian ; a clown ; a stam- 
merer ; ACAC 'Ofioic-oeAfitA, a 
rude impertinent fellow (P. G'C.) 
See f ACAC. 




ACAim (more generally CAirn). See 
parad. ; substantive verb, I am, I 
live, I stay, am found, exist in 
a particular condition, there is, 
there exists. This verb is not 
used as a simple copula like is 
in the phrase John is a man, a 
king, etc., we cannot say CA 
SeAJAti f.eAfi, CA SeAJAn jti, we 
must say CA SeAjAn i n-A peAji, 
CA SeAJAn i n-A 1115. The state 


or condition which the verb de 
notes is variously expressed, 1st 
by adject, or past part., or ad- 
verb, as ACA f6 fAix>bif, he is 
rich ; ACA fe bf eonbce, he is 
sick ; ACA f e Cf BACCA, he is 
robbed ; CAim 50 mAic, I am 
well; CA fe 50 hAlAinn, it is 
splendid, he is well (i.e., in the 
best of health) ; 2nd, by the use 
of prepositional clauses formed 
chiefly with the props, i (A), Af , 
tAf (Af ), A5, f A, cf e, etc. With 
i it expresses the precise state 
or condition in which the sub- 
ject is CA fe 'n-A cot>l,AX>, he 
is asleep ; CA fe 'n-A f uix>e, he 
is sitting up ; CA 'f 6 i n-A f.6Af , 
he is a man, has grown to be a 
man, he is not a mere boy ; but 
if f.eAf e, he is a man essen- 
tially, abstracting from all 
changes and developments ; CA 
fe 'TI-A f.eAf, seems to imply 
progress and development or 
transformation, the result of 
which it expresses ; with Af , in 
phrases like oeic Aft posnAth, 
to be well ; bete Af pmcAX), to 
be in a boiling state ; beic Af; 
meifce, to be drunk ; with iAf 
(Af ), ACAim Af n-A m' doiihtneAf 
f 6 IACAIJ, I am put in compari- 
son with mud (Kea.) ; ACAim Af 
n-Atn'cuf i neiriini',1 am brought 
to nought (Kea.) ; with A$ it 
denotes the possessing or having 
a thing ; CA Aif geA-o ASATTI, I 
have money; biox> x>eoc AJAC, 
have a drink ; with verbal nouns 
after AJ it expresses an action 
just going on ; CA fe Ag cuf 
feACA, it ia freezing; CA fi AJ 
got, she is crying ; with 
pA, cjt e, etc. : ACA An AIC f.A 
uifce, the place is covered with 
water ; ACA An coilt Cf e ceinnj, 
the wood is on fire ; with Af , a 
variety of superlative copula- 
phrase (?), CA fe Af An op ile if 
f.eAf |( i n-6if inn, he is the best 
poet in Ireland. 

e, g. id., pi. -nix>e and 

, /., a red coal, embers ; a 
firebrand. See Aicmne. 

ACAIf , g. ACAf , pi. ACAf A, A1CJ\6, 
AlCfCACA, gpl. ACAf AC, A1C- 
f 6AC, ACf AC, dpi. ACAf AID, AIC- 

tub, m., a father, an ancestor ; 
ACAif m6f (feAn-ACAif ), grand- 
father ; ACAif ceite, ACAif 
cleAthnA, father-in-law ; ACAif 
Atcf omA, m., a foster-father ; 
ACAif OAif cije, m., a godfather. 
(Note. The gen. ACAHA is 
still used in Achill and else- 
where. ) 

AcAif f.Aoifome, m., a, father 

AcAif 1-1AC, g. ACAf IIAC, m., the 
mountain sage (scuvia verbenaca). 

AcAif-tuf, g. ACAf-tuf, m., 
ground ivy. 

.AcAif nime, corrupt for nACAif 
niriie, which see. 

.AcAif. CAtriiAn, m., yarrow ; mil- 

ACAt, -Ait (also AiccAl), m., still- 
ness, calmness after a storm, 
cessation from rain ; cheerful- 
ness, pleasantry. 

AcAn, -Am, m., a garland, a wreath. 

.AcAfOA, g. id., f., fatherland, 
patrimony, inheritance. 

AcAf -OA, a., paternal, patrimonial, 

AcAfJA'o, g. id., and -JAITJ, m., 

AcAf f Ad, -AIJ, -Ai56, m., a change, 
fashion ; transformation, altera- 
tion ; ACf AC (U.) ; ni't A A. 
AjAm, I have nothing else 
( = mAlAifc M.). 

.ACAf f UJAtl, -JC. See ACf UgA'O, 1C. 

xicAf, -Aif, m., gladness, joy, 
pleasure, enjoyment, satisfac- 

xicAf A6, -Aije, a., glad, delightful; 
victorious, triumphant. 
See AiceAfc. 

, -Af, corrupt forms of 
, 3 sing, indef. of ACAim ; 
A. AS ceAdc, some one is coming, 

c-DAf f , -Aif f , pi. id., m., an after 
or second crop. 


defect, v., pf., (he) died 

.dtbeo'otiijitn. See Aitbeo-6ix;im. 

AtcAgnAim, -AX), #. r. and intr., 
I chew again, I ruminate. 

AtcAijtc, -e, pi. -eACA,/., a renewal 
of a charter or lease ; an entreaty, 
a petition ; act of entreating, 
requesting ; ir jAn O'ACCAIJIC 
AgAm Ai|i ACC e, while it was 
my constant request of him. 

At-cAicce, a., worn out (of dress). 

-Accf, old form of oo-ci, he sees ; 
cond. 3s., AccipeA-6 ; still used 
in parts of Ulster. 

.AicomAift, -e, a., near, approxi- 
mate ; concise, compendious ; 
quick, sudden ; 50 VIA., sud- 
denly ; handy ( U. }. 

AccotnAitieAcc (AtcoimfieAcc), -A, 
/., nearness, approximation ; 
handiness (U.) ; i n-A. no punc, 
close on a pound. 

.AccoiriAitile, g. id., /., dissension. 

AtcutnA'o, -Ait) and -AT>CA, m., a 
bend, crook ; deformation, con- 

AccumAitn, -triA-o, v. tr., I deform, 

Accuinje, g. id., pi. Atcutnjfoe, 
/., request, petition, entreaty. 

Aicuinsim, -50, v. tr. (tr. of the 
request, with AJI of the person 
besought), I beg, entreat, be- 

At6tii|iim, -cuji, v. tr., I expel, 
reject, send away. 

Atc)i, -cvnti and -cufttA, m., act 
of rejecting ; expulsion. 

Atx>iotAitn, -oiot, v. tr., I repay, 

AcpAf, -Aif, m., a new or second 

xVcftiActriAfi, -Aifie, a., abomin- 
able, odious. 

AtpuAtifiAfiAcc, -A, /., abomina- 

AtJAOAit, -AlA, pi. id., /., a 
reconciling, a resumption, re- 
taking, repossession. 

AcJAitut), -e, a,, very short. 

AC^AHO, -Aijibe, a., very rough. 

Acjom, -jotiA, /., act of re- 

wounding, re-opening (of 

lAe, pi. -vdece, m., an- 
other day, a respite ; cu|i AJI 
ActA, to postpone ; TIA-H CAJAI-O 
An c-AclA iotiAC, may you not 
survive another day, may you 
not see to-morrow. 
ct/ATTi, -Aitrie, a., light, ready, 

mA|iA, m., the returning 
tide ; the next tide. 
lAoc, -Aoij, m., a very old per- 
son ; an old soldier. 
l/AfA-o, -fCA m., a rekindling; 
an inflammation (of wounds). 
tuAiceAc, -tije, a., courageous, 
lively (Con., somet. pron. AC- 


riiAtAi^c, /., exchange, barter, 

riiAot, -oile, a., indignant, 

, -Aif, m., shame. 
i^e, a., swelling. 
o, -bcA, m., act of re- 
killing, second death. 
riAijteAd, -fje, a., modest, 

nuAttAt), -nuAX)CA, m., act of 

fiA-o, -Ai'd, -Ai-oce, m., a repeti- 
tion, a rehearsal. 
jiuJA-o, -uijce, m., a change, a 

A-o (AJIUJA-O), m., in phr., 
i A mbAjiAc, after to- 
morrow ; ACJIU JAn A-peifi, the 
night before last; AtftuJA-o 
inx>e, the day before yesterday 
(AJIUJA-O in Kerry, eijtpi-6 in 
South Ulster and Meath; in Don., 

X), v. tr. and intr., 

I change, alter, vary, modify. 
.Atnuijjce, p. a., altered, changed. 
.Atf-AileAT), -ice, m., act of re- 

pickling fish (Ker.). 
.AcpnuAinim, -neAX), v. tr., I think 

again on, I reflect on. 
ArfmuAimtiJAX), -ijce, -nee, m., 

second thought ; act of recon- 


i, he or they fell (ribs. ). 
X\CCA, p. a., swollen (aruijce, M. 

ctfiuAJAc, -JAije, a. , compas- 

i, ad., again, a second time. 
(Accuiftfe), g. id., /., 
weariness, sorrow, affliction ; 
tn'Acui|ife cjiofoe ! my sorrow 
of heart ! (also pAtcuiftr e). 
cuftnAe, g. id., pi, -nAeie, an 
attorney (A.). See 

b(beit, the birch tree), the 
second letter of the Modern 
Irish Alphabet. 

t)', for bA or bux> ; gup 6'e, that it 
was he. 

t)A, v. irr., was. See if. 

t)A, pi. of bo, a cow ; cows, kine. 

t)AO, g. bAibe, pi. DAibeACA, /., a 
baby ; a maiden (poet.) ; dim. 
bAibi'n, a little baby ; a maiden. 

t)AbAc, -bAije, a., sweet. 

t)AbAcc, -A, /., sweetness. 

t)AbAdc, -A, /., childishness, inno- 

t)AbAil, -AlA, /., the catching of 
eels by draining water ; bob- 

t)A6Aim, -A-O, v. tr., I sweeten. 

t)AbAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a little 
baby ; a tuft, a tassel, short bits 
of thread. 

t)AbAHAc, -Aije, a., tufted, having 
tassels, fringed. 

UAbAticA, indec. a., childish, inno- 

t)Ab i 6un. See bA-ob-oun. 

t)Abtoifi, -6tiA, -oittnie, m., a 
babbler, a prater, gossip. 

t)Ab65, -oire, -OJA, /., a little 
baby ; a doll. 

I)AC, -AIC, pi. id., ni., a stop, an 
impediment ; a prop ; a pin, a 
peg or crook ; a thole pin ; a 
joint, a hook. 

t>AC, g. bAic, m., a hob (Don.). 

t)AC, g. bAice, /., a hob (Om.). 

t)A6, -A, m., drunkenness ; a rout ; 
a defeat. 

I)ACAC, -AI, pi. id. aud -Aie, in., 

a lame man, a cripple, beggar ; 
dim. bACACAti, id. 

t)ACAc, -Aije, a., lame, halt ; de- 
fective, imperfect ; jrAoifoiti 
bACAd, an imperfect Confession 
(of the Sacrament). 

DACACA-O, -AITD and -6cA, TO., act of 
maiming, laming, crippling. 

bACA-6, -CCA, m., stoppage, a halt- 
ing, a hindrance. 

t>ACAi-6eAcc, -A, /., lameness. 

t>ACAije, g. id., f., lameness. 

tJACAil, -AtA, /., act of baking 


t)ACAtm, id. bAC and bACAT), v. tr. 
and intr., I hinder, prevent, 
meddle with ; nA bAC teif, 
never mind him, let him alone, 
pay no heed to him, don't mind 
that ; also, riA bAC f Ain, don't 
mind that; tiA bAC e, don't 
mind it. 

bACAijte, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a 

t)AcAifteAcc, -A, /., constant touch- 
ing, striking, or kicking ; 

t)ACAtt, -Aitl, p. id., m., a curl, a 
ringlet ; a shepherd's crook, a 
crozier, a staff; the knob on a 
stick, etc. 

t)ACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a handle ; 
a hinge, a hinge-hook ; the 
threadle of a spado ; a pot- 
hangers ; back stone of fire- 
place (Om.) ; the projecting 
stones to which the -pujAin are 
fastened in thatching (Don.) ; 
a hook for gathering sea-weed 

t>ACAtiAc, -Aije, a., hooked, bent, 

t)ACAtiAim, -A-O, v. tr., I bend, I 
make crooked. 

t)ACA|iAn, -Ain, m., bog bane (an 
herb growing in marshy places). 

bACAfit, -Aiftc, m., a carpenter's 
rule ; ni't optAc bACAific lonn- 
Atn f lAn, there is not an inch of 
me by the rule sound. 

t)AcJAit, -e, /., lameness ; act of 

t)AclA, -A-6, /., the germ, sprout or 

bud of any seed or vegetable 
(Con., P. O'C.). See PCAC. 

bAcl/A, -n, and bAicte, pi. -AiTe, 
/., the arms, the space between 
the arms ; the arms as a sup- 
port; an armful ; bi teAnb 'TIA 
bAclAin, there was a child in 
her arms ; bActA rhonA, -]c., an 
armful of turf, etc. ; -oo cop AJI 
oo bActAin AJAC, with your leg 
in your arms (said of a begging 
cripple) ; tAti tno bActAn, as 
much as my arms could hold ; 
dim., bAictin, a small armful. 

t)ActAc, -AIS, -Aij, m., a crowd, a 
large number of people ; b. 
mop OAome (Mon.). 

bActArh, -tAiriie, -tArhA, /., a dis- 
abled hand or arm ; a lame- 
handed person. See IAITI. 

t)Ac-tAriiAc, -Aije, a., disabled in 
both hands ; paralyzed (also 

bActAiriAc, -A1J, pi. id., m., a one- 
handed person ; one disabled in 
the hands. 

bActog, -6156, -djA, /., a bud, a 
sprout, a twist, a curl ; CA bAc- 
1,65 Aft oo teAnjAix), your 
tongue is thick (Der.) ; in Om., 
bAptoj, as bAptojA TIA bpjieAc- 
Ai-oe, the sprouting or budding 
of the potatoes ; in Con., bAftog. 

bActubriA, g. id., m., grog blossoms 
on the face ; literally, drunken 
leprosy (G.). 

t)Acoix>, -e, f., act of hopping on 
one leg. 

bAcrTAiT), /., bread made of the 
raw pulp of potatoes, called 
" stampy " or " boxty " (an 
English word). 

t)ACMijim, -UJATJ, v. tr., I cripple, 
make lame, injure, disable. 

t)ACun (also bAjjun), -um, pL id., 
m., bacon. 

t)Acuf -uif, pi. id., m., an oven, a 

bAt), g. bAit>, pi. id., and somet. 
bA'OAixie, m., a boat (one speaks 
of a bAt) as p i). 

bA-6, bA, bu-6. See if. 

bAt)A6. See 

, g. b AiT>ce, m., act of drown- 
ing, overwhelming, quenching 
(also bAi-oeA-6). 

bAXJAim, -AT), v. tr., I drown, im- 
merse ; I quench. 

t)AT>ATi, -Ain, pi. id., a tuft of trees, 
a shrub ; a lock of hair. 

t)AT>AnAc, -Ai5e,ra., tufted, shrubby. 

t)AT>b, -AiT>be, -AT>OA, /., a royston- 
crow ; a vulture, or other raven- 
ous bird ; a scold, a swearer ; a 
female fairy or phantom said to 
be attached to certain families, 
and to appear sometimes in the 
form of scald-crows or royston- 
crows (P. O'C.) ; pron. bAx>b. 

t>A-6bAcc, -A, /., scolding, croaking 
like a raven. 

t>AX>b6itieAcc, -A, /., cursing, 
swearing, scolding ; act of curs- 
ing, etc. (pron. bA-oboifieAct). 

t>Ax>b i 6vin, -win, pi. id., m., an en- 
closure, " a bawn," a bulwark ; 
a fenced laneway leading to a 
house (U.}. 

tDA'ojAijie, g. id., m., a braggart. 

tDA-ojAifieAcc, -A, /., gasconading, 

toAxtoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a heifer, a 
young cow; peAii-b-, an old or 
worthless cow. 

t>At>6iji, -oriA, -6i|tix>e, m., a boat- 

t>At>6iiieAcc, -A,/., boating. 

t)AT> rAi-one, m., a seine boat 

t)AT> f eoit, m., sailing boat. 

bAx>CA (bAbcA), g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., 
a bout, a deed, an act, a feat ; 
bAt>CA mrhe, a vile deed ; bAt>cA 
f eAfitAnriA, a spell of rain. 

t)A-6un, -uin, -ncA, m., an enclosure 
for cattle. See bAT>bx>vin. 

-AJICA, m., act of nod- 
ding, beckoning, winking, warn- 
ing, threatening. 

bAjAifce, g. id., pi. -ci-oe, m., bag- 
gage, luggage. 

tJAjA-p, -Aijt, pi. id., m., a threat, 
act of threatening ; a charge. 

t)A5AflAC, -A1J6 (bA^AjICAC), ., 

warning, threatening. 

( 47 ) 

v. tr., I wink (the eye), I make 

a sign to ; I threaten ; with ace. 

of direct obj. and AJI of person 

threatened ; AJ; bAgAijtc An 

TJlijit) Aifi, threatening him 

with the law ; AJ; bAgAijtc o\\m, 

scolding me (Don.). 
bAjiin, -um, m., bacon. See bAciin. 
bAibin, g. id., pi. -I'oe, m., a little 

baby ; a fair maiden (poet.). 
t)Aic, -e, -eACA,/., a twist, a crook ; 

the neck of a bird ; the arm ; 

bAic A ttiuineil, the hollow of 

his neck. 
bAic-b6AlA, g. id., in., a solecism ; 

crooked reasoning. 
bAiceift, -6AjtA, -eifiix>e, m., a 

baker (A.). 
t>Ai-6, -e,/., love, friendship, hospi- 

tality ; leniency ; humanity ; CA 

bAiti AjAtn IBAC, I have a feel- 

ing of friendship towards you. 
t>Af6eAc, -oije, a., affectionate, 

loving, kind. 
bAix>eAct, -A, /., friendliness, 


bAi-oeAiriAil, -thlA., a., friendly. 
t)Aix)irn (bAiiitn), -oeA-6, v. tr., I 

drown, quench, overwhelm. See 

bAi-oce, p. a., drowned, inundated 
with water, quenched, over- 
whelmed ; drenched or drowning 
(an epithet of the sea). 

bAi-oceAc, -cije, a., drowning, 

bAil, -e, /., success, prosperity ; 
form, effect, issue ; if olc An bAil 
Ofim e, it is an injury or a loss 
to mo ; if mAic An OAit oftm e, 
it is good for me ; bAil 6 *6iA 
ojtAib, God speed you ! ^An 
bAil, void, ineffective (ot a 
sacrament) (Don.) ; pron. buil 
in Tyrone. 

b'Ail (for bA Ail), it were pleasing 
(to me) ; I should like (with 
iiom). See Ait. 

bAil, -e, -eAdA, /., a tub. 

t)Ailbe, g. id., /., dumbness ; stam- 

t)AilbeAcc, -A, /., dumbness ; 

t)Aitc, -e, a., bold, strong. 

bAilc-GeimneA6, -11156, a., of great 
blows ; bAl6jt bAitc-beiinneA6, 
Balor of the mighty blows. 

bAitceAc, -cije, a., strong, poM'er- 
ful ; as 8., a strong man. 

bAile, g. id., pi. -tee, m., a town, 
a village, a homo; a townland, 
a place ; a farmstead, a home- 
stead ; the word enters very 
largely into place names, as 
bAite AH tfluitinn, Milltown ; 
bAile ATI peificeintj, Bally- 
ferriter; AJ bAile, 'f An mbAite, 
at home ; Af bAite, from home ; 
A OAile, homewards, home; 
mile 6 bAite, a mile away ; 
i bpAt) 6 bAite, far from home, 
far away ; bAite m6fi, a town, a 
city; fjiAixj-bAile, a little town, 
a village with a street, tli 
p6A-oAim A -o^AnArh AHIAC cion- 
nf A tiocpAt) fe 6um bAile, 
I cannot make out how it could 
have come to exist (come to be, 
come about, come into existence) 
( M., but similar usage in Afayo). 

bAileAd, -lije, a., careful, frugal, 
thrifty ; prosperous ; exact ; 50 
cpuinn bAileAc, entirely, fully. 

bAileAc, ad., rather, very ; b. 
rifiim, quite dry (Con.) also 
scarcely, as bi An fiut> bAileAC 
oeAncA Aije nuAiji, -jc., he 
scarcely had the thing done 
when, etc. ; ni b. gup icnAnn 
iAt), they are not exactly the 
same (A ran). 

bAile biAt>CAi 5, lit., the townland 
of an almoner ; a tract of land. 

bAite puipc, g. id., pi. -Ice puipc, 
77i., a seaport town ; a fortress, 
a stronghold. 

bAilitim, -IUJA-O, v. tr. and intr., 
I collect, bring together ; bAitij 
ICAC, take yourself away, go off; 
I husband, economise. 

bAiliuJAt), -ijce, m., act of amass- 
ing, collecting ; husbanding, 
economising ; a gathering, a 
meeting, a collection, an accre- 
tion, a sum (of money). 

-Aije, having 

tremor in the limbs ; violently 

bAit/l-cfiit, -c|ieAtA, m., limb- 

tremor, earthquake. 
t>Aitte-cjiic, Aft bAille-cjiic, 

trembling, in a tremor. See 

t)Ailte, g. id., pi. -li-oe, and in U. 
and Con., -ItnJeAnnA, m., a 
bailiff ; fig., a scold, a virago. 
tJAitteos, -0156, -054, /., a twig, 

a sprout, a shoot, a sucker. 
t)Aitt,iT>eAct, -A, /., the work of a 

t)AittfceAnAcc, -A, /., a bulging 

out, a swelling out. 
t)AittfeAfi, -ei-jt, pi. -eifi, -eitix>e, 
m., an awkward person ; if ion- 
Ann te ceile An bAittfeAn ip A 
jioltA (Con.} ; AJ oeAiiArii 
bAittfei|i A|i -oume, hum- 
bugging one (Arari). 
t)Aitfc, -e, -eAnnA, /., a bulge 

(G. J., vol. viii. p. 241). 
t)AitceAC, -cije, a., abounding in 

towns and villages. 
tDAitceA^Af, -Aif, pi. id., m., plant- 
ing of trees, founding of colonies. 
t)Am- (bAn-), prefix (beAn, a 
woman), makes a noun femi- 
nine, as bAin-pite, a poetess ; 
bAin-cijeAfinA, a countess, a 

bAin-biA-o, m., white meats, milk, 
meats, butter, eggs, cheese, etc. 
See biAx>. 

t)Ainbin, g. id., pi. -m^oe, m., a 

little pig, a young pig (in parts 

of Donegal pigin is used for a 

young pig). 

t)Ain-ceite, g. id., f., a wife, a 

female companion. 
t>Ain-cliAriiAin, /., a daughter-in- 

law, a mother-in-law. 
t)Ain--oeAH5, --0611156, a., white 
and red, pale-red, flesh-col- 
tJAmtJiA, -x>e, pi. -oeite, /., a god- 

dess. See -01 A. 
t)Aine, g. id., f., whiteness, fair- 


t)Ain-eAcc, m., the exploit of a 
heroine ; woman-slaughter. 

t)AineAnn, -ninne, a., female, femi- 

, indec. a., effeminate. 
t)AineAf, -tup, m., whiteness, fair- 


t)Ain-feAT)inAnnAc, -Aije, -ACA, /., 
a stewardess, a female house- 

bAmpeif. See bAinip. 
t)Ain-iA|itA, /., a countess. 
t)Aimx>e, g. id.,f., fury, rage, mad- 

ness ; hydrophobia. 
t)Ainim, vl. bAin, bAinc, v. tr., 
I cut, strip, strike, pluck, 
lift ; with Af , I take from, 
diminish ; with x>e, I remove, 
take away from ; with te, I 
touch, I meddle with ; bAimm 
Am AC, I take possession of, I ex- 
act, I eke out. 

t)Aini'n, g. id., pi.- ixie, m., flannel ; 
a white body-coat or jacket ; 
bAinfn cifie, homespun (U.). 
t)Ainif, -e, -ix>e,/., a wedding feast; 
a feast in general ; good cheer 
(also bAmpeif). 
t>AinifeAthAil,, -mtA, a., belonging 

to a wedding ; festive. 
t)Ain-teAf, -eif, -eAfA, m., spot; a 
white spot ; a white stroke or 

tDAin-teomAn, /., a lioness. 
bAin-tiAij, -teAJjA, pi. id., f., a 

female physician. 
t)Ain-tice, g. id., f., paleness. 
bAin-theifce, /., semi-intoxica- 


t)Ainne, g. id., m., milk ; b. 
sour or skim milk ; b. 
thick milk ; b. ciod, breast 
milk ; b. clAbAifi, " bonny 
t)Ainne-bo-bAine, /., a cowslip 

t)Ainne-bo-bleAcc, g. id., m., a 

primrose ; a cowslip. 
t)Ainne-bo-bteACCAin, the prim- 
rose, the butter- cup, a weed 
growing among potatoes. 
t)Ainne-cioc-6An, m., hemlock, hen- 


t)Amne gAriinA, m., honeysuckle. 
bAinne muice, m., sow-thistle. 

t)Ain-pjtionnfA, fj. id., f., a prin- 

t>Ain-|iio&, -iu'oe, /. (a fair lark), a 

term for a fair lady (sometimes 

, -jnA, -j;AncA, /., a 
queen ; a noble lady (often 

waste, a sheep- walk ; a retired 
spot ; a green ; Aft oAinf 13 ui|i 
if An tijiucc 50 ciiom, on a green 
sward while the dew lay heavily 
(G. M.). 

t)AinfeA<i, -fije, a., retired, deso- 

tJAinfeAfi, -eift, pi. id., m., a 
manger (Om..). See mAinfeAji. 

t)Amc, -e, m., a taking, extracting, 
plucking, exacting. See bAimm. 

t)Ain-ceAccAi|te, f., a female mes- 
senger, an ambassadress. 

t)Ainceiti, -eAjiA, 7i., dead calm on 
sea and land ( IF. Ker.). 

bAincfteAOAc, -OAtje, -OA6A (contr. 
g. bAincf.i5e, and pi. bAin- 
cpeAdA), f., a widow. 

t>AincfieAOAcAf, -Aif (contr. bAin- 
cpeACAf ), m., widowhood. 

t)Ain-cjieA - oui-6e, g. id., pi. --oce, /., 
a shepherdess. 

t)Aiftcin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a 
ferula ; the cross timber bars 
between rafters (in house-roof- 

t) Aijie, g. id., pi. -fn-oe, m., a game, 
a goal, a hurling match ; a play- 
ing ball ; metaph., TA An b. 
CAfCA ACA, they are beginning 
to win ; c<\ An b. AJ CBACC 'nA 
5001 nne, they are being beaten ; 
cuifii-o oft A An b., they prevail 
over them ; cut b., a goal- 
keeper, "a back," a mainstay; 
i mbeAt b., at or in charge of 
the goal ; i LAP b., in the centre 
(Don.), used generally = 1 IAJI 
boitt (M.) ; AS -ouf ACC An b., 
shouting to encourage the 
players (8. Doll McO.). 

t)Ai(ieAT), -e't'o, pi. id., m., a hat, 
bonnet, cap, helmet, head < ! 
in Don. 

, -jin, -jeAnA (also bAiji- 
5111, -ne, -neAdA), m. and f., a 
cake, a loaf ; food. 

bAijijeAn bjieAC, " barnbrack," or 
" barmbrack," the currant cake 
used on Hallow Eve, etc. Sea 

t>AijnAtt, a latchet, a shoe-string. 

bAijiin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a mitre. 

t>Aiju'n, -e, /., a cake of bread; food 
in general. See bAipseAn. 

l)Aintinn, a sheet for a bed. See 

t)Ai]tlinn, -e, -i-oe, /., foam, the sea 
foam, & high wave. 

tAifineAc, -nije, a., peevish, 
morose, angry, fretful. 

t)AiftneA6, -nij, pi. id., m., a 
limpet; feACAin ci An CAOAifi- 
ne no if bAitini^ if beACA -ouir, 
shun the ale-house, or you will 
have to live on limpets (prov.). 

t)Ai|in-6eimeAnnAc, -Aije (bAijijt- 
ceimneAc), a., over-stepping, 
superior, exceeding. 

t>Aijiticin, a toe-cap put on a shoe 
or boot. See bAijtfticin. 

t)Ainti-t>eAt,5, -01156, -eAljjA, /., a 

bAitit'-x>eAii5, --oeitije, a., red- 
tipped (of spears). 

bAiftn-'oiAf, --oeife, --oeif 6ACA, f., 
the point or top of anything ; b. 
ctAixMth, tho point of a sword. 

t) < .\itiji-'6ion, --Din, m., a helmet or 

t>Aittp-e<voAc, -Aij, m., head-dress, 

tJAitifi-eA-ocjiotn, -cpuime, a., 
thoughtless, light, giddy. 

tJAitip-eAfn^c, -Aije, -ACA,/., the 
breast plate or breast bone. 

t)Ai]tjipionn, -pmne, -rionnA,/., a 
fair lady (as a., fair-haired). 

bAifin-jniotri, -A, pi. id., and -A^CA, 
m., a work of supererogation. 

tKMtipiAJlAc, -A15C, a., having 
supreme power. 

t)Aijijticin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, ., a toe- 
cap, a ferrule for a stick ; AJI A 
OAijifticinixiift, on tip-toe. 

t)Atnpleiit, ff. -e and -OA6,/., numb- 
ness of the fingers from cold 

(Aran) ; 

( 50 ) 



top of the windpipe. 
bAififeAc, -fije, -feACA, /., a 

brawler ; a scold ; a shrew. 
t)Ai}if CACC, -A, /., brawling ; a 

t>Aififeoiji, -OJIA, -oi^i-oe, m., a 

scold ; a water-bailiff. 
t)AifireoifieAcc, -A, f., the occupa- 

tion or business of a water- 

bailiff (Don.). 
t)Ainri5 e > 9- id., f., a scolding, a 


tJAijifijim, -lu^AX), v. tr., I scold. 
t)Air, -e, /., water, a wash ; heavy 

rain ; the forehead (Arari). 
t>Aiftn, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 

charger, a basin, a bowl, a little 

gulf ; cf., An t>Airin, off the 

coast of Valentia, Ker. ; b. 

iont,Aic, a washing basin. 
t)Aiftn, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a weak- 

ling, a person of sickly appear- 

ance (dim. of bAf, death). 
t)Aif teAc, -lice, -ICACACA,/., a flat 

stone beside a well or stream 

on which women wash and 

beetle clothes (O'N.). 
t)AirteAc, -tij, -tige, m., a hand- 

ful of anything ; bAtfteAc uirce, 

as much water as may be taken 

in the hand. 
t)Ai]*teA6, -tije, /., rain (Om., 

Mon., etc.) = bAirceA6 ; IA bAif- 

tije, a rainy day ; CA f e AS 

bAifti5, it is raining (usually of 

heavy rain). 

t>AifleAcc, -A, /., palmistry. 
tJAipce, an epithet of St. John 

(the Baptist). 
t)AifceAc, -cije, /., rain ; bpAon 

bAif cije, a little shower of rain ; 

tii riiotvni;eAtiti cu An bAifceAc 

AnuAf, you do not feel the rain 

pouring down. 
t>AirceAx>, -cit), m., the Sacrament 

of Baptism, act of baptising ; 

b. utilAtfi, lay baptism ; im 

t)AifceA-6, -OAH mo b., common 

forms of asservation. 
t)AipceAtiiAit, -riitA, a., rainy. 

IUJATJ (somet. vl., AJ 
j), v. intr., I pour (as a 

shower) ; in 3 ., it rains (also 

t>Aifcim, -reA-6, v. tr., I baptize ; 

I dip, pour water on; I name, 

I nickname. 
t>Aice, g. id., m., bait, fishing bait ; 

b. pAjtCAin, crab-bait (Tory). 
bAiteAf, -cif, m. (also bAitir, -e, 

-6A6A,/.), the crown of the head, 

the pate ; the head. 
t)Aid'n, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a small 

stick ; a stick used for purposes 

of faction-fight. 

t)AicineAcc, -A, /., the act of beat- 
ing with a stick; rowdyism, 

t)Aicpt6A|i, -6iji, -eijiiT>e, m., a 

bachelor, an unmarried man ; a 

graduate in a university. 
t)AtAc, -AI j, pi. id., m., a fish called 

" connor" (Ker.). See bAU,Ac. 
bAtAc, -A13, -Aije, m., a clown, a 

t>AlACAriiAit,, -riilA, a., clownish, 

t)AtACAn, -Am, pi', id., m., a boy, a 

youth, a stripling. 
t)AtA i o, -AIX>, pi. id., m., perfume, 

savour, odour, smell; the sense 

of smell (also bAtAtte). See 

t>Alb, -AitBe, a., dumb ; silent, 

quiet ; stammering ; bothered ; 

inharmonious, unmusical. 
t)Alb, -Aitb, pi. id., m., a dumb 


t)AlbAcc, -A, /., dumbness, stutter- 
ing, stammering. 
tDAlbAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a dumb 

person, a mute, a stammerer. 
t)AlbAf, -Aip, m., dumbness, stam- 
tMlbntjA-o (bAt,bAX>), -tujte, m., 

act of silencing, making dumb, 

or discordant. 
t)Albui5im (bAtbAim), -tiJAT), 

v. tr., I make dumb, silence, 

make discordant ; v. intr., I 

grow dumb, become silent. 
bAtc, -Aitc, m., anything strong 

and stout; anything stiff and 

( 51 ) 

consistent, as parched clay ; the 
hardened surface of the earth ; 
the bar of a harrow; bAtc jreAfi- 
iAnnA, a heavy shower (Don.). 

t)Atc, -Aitce, a., strong, mighty, 
stout. See bAitc. 

t)AtcAei\eA6c, -A, /., walking, 
rambling (A.). 

tlAtcAirn, -A-O, v. tr., I force, drive, 
impel ; I attack, deal with 
stoutly. In playing marbles in 
Ker., -oo bAitc f e means, he put 
one fist over another to get a 
more vigorous pitch. 

t)AtcAijie, g. id., pi. -fti-oe, m., a 
strong, stout person. 

t)AlcAif, -e, -i-oe, /., a garment, a 
rag, a clout; pi. bAtcAiritJe, 
garments, clothes, usually worth- 
less garments, etc. 

t)AlCAireAn (botcAipeAn), -Am, 
pi. id., m., the rag-weed, rag- 
wort (usual as an English word 
in Fingal). 

tlAtcAticA, indec. a., stout, firm, 

t)AtctiiAji, -Aijie, a., strong, stout, 
great, large. 

t)Att, g. bAitt and boitt, pi. id., 
m., a limb, a member ; a spot, a 
place ; a separate article (of 
dress, furniture, etc.), as b. 
eATJAij, an article of dress ; 
b. uptAif e, a tool ; b. ACJIA, a 
handy implement; bAtt GA$- 
tAire, a member of the Church ; 
AJI b., by-and-bye, presently; 
Ajt An mbAtt, at once, im- 
mediately ; used generally for 
AIC in South M. ; b. fuij, a 
black spot, a stain on one's 
character ; b. bAit), a hawser ; 
b. cofAij, the bow of a boat; 
b. oeifii'o, the stern of ft boat 
(Con. and U.) ; bAtt oojiAin, a 
mole on the human skin. 

t)AttA, g. id., pi. -Ai-oe, a wall, a 
rampart (p AttA in M.). 

t)AttAC, -Ait, -Aije, m., a speckled 
fish called the "connor ; this 
fish is called a " gunner " in the 
West and in the North (Tory 

t)Att AC, - Aije, a., speckled, spotted, 

bAttAti, -Ain, TO., a teat, a pap ; a 
cup, a chalice ; a natural cup-like 
hole in a rock ; a snail's shell, 
a husk; a bullock ( = button); 
5jiAb e puAt TIA nfiijieAnnAc 
ceAT>-bAttAn -oo CAjiHAins, that 
the first pap he sucked was 
hatred of the Irish ; r A me AJI 
An o. cuit, I am at the end of 
my resources (U.). 

t>AttAfCA, m., ballast (A.). 

t>Att bAiT), m., a hawser used to 
tie a seine-boat and followers 
together (Ker.). 

t>Att-cfiit, a trembling of the 
body, a tremulousness. See 

t)Att o6|iAin, m., a mole on the 
human skin (Core.). 

t)Attec, m., a wallet ; An tAtter, 
the name of a well-known Irish 
air ; CA pott Aft An b., there's 
a hole in the wallet (ballet, 

t)Att-JAt A|i, -Ai|t, m., rheumatism ; 
the gout ; a kind of plague. 

t)Att TtiArAi-o, g. id., TO., a laugh- 
ing stock, an object of derision. 
See ceAp niAjAi-o. 

t)Att-nAfc, TO., a ligament that 
connects the bones in the joints. 

bAtt6g, -6156, -OJA, /., a spot or 
speck ; dim. of bAtt. 

bAttjiAit), -e, /., limbs, members 

t)AttrcAi|ieA6, -p'Se, <*, up- 
roarious, bluff. 

bAttfcoro, -e, -ixe, -CAdA, /., a 
spot ; a blister ; a halyard 

t)Att feijice, TO., a beauty spot, a 
love spot. 

tJAtrnuijim, -tmA-6, v. tr., I em- 
balm (A.). 

t>Atf Am, -A, TO., balm ; the lips 
(poet.) ; if cfioi-oeAjii; A bAt- 
fAm, her lips are blood-red 

t)AtfAm-job, -juib, pi. id., and 
-jobA, TO., a fragrant mouth. 
See bAtf Am. 

bAmbA'6, -AI-O, pi. id., m., an im- 

pediment, an obstruction (Don.). 
bAmbAinne, g. id., m. ; ACA me 

'mo bAinbAinne, I am in a mess, 

I am puzzled (Con.). 
bAttibutuiAij, AS b., obstructing, 

delaying (Don.). 
bAn- (bAin-), prefix, makes noun 

feminine. See bAin. 
bAn, -Am, pi. -AnrA, m., a plain, 

lea-ground, dry pasture land, 

river-side pastures ; a yard. 
bAn, -Aine, a., white, fair ; bald 

(of the head) ; pale ; waste, 

untilled; beloved (metaph.); HA 

buACAillix>e bAnA, the White- 


tMriAc, -A15, m., tow. 
bAnA-6, MICA, pi. id., m., a whiten- 

ing, bleaching ; also a pillaging. 
bAnAim (bAnvnjun), -AX>, id., v. tr., 

I whiten, bleach ; lay waste, 

bAnAlcttA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, /., a 

bAnAlcttAmAcc, -A, /., a nursing, 

a fosterage. 
bAtiAtriAit, -TrilA, a., woman-like, 

modest, feminine, chaste. 
bAtiAiiitAcc, -A, f., female bashful- 

ness, modesty. 
bAnAn, -Ain, -ATIA, m., & spiritual 

being (M.). 
bAtiAom, -ADI, m., a young 

woman. The word corresponds 

to mACAOTTi, and is used in 

poetry by McAodhagain and 

bAtib, g. bAinb, pi. -Ai-oe, m., a 

young pig ; a suckling pig ; a 

pig in general (poet.). 
bAnbA, g. id., and -ATI, /., an 

ancient name of Ireland, largely 

used in poetry ; ATI p eip eA-6 

tiAinm bAnbA 6 bAnijiiojjAm x>o 
"OATiAnri no bi '- 411 

j;cju'6 T>A ri5Ai|ici AnA, if i 
FA beAti -oo ttlAC Cuitt T>'Att 
b' Ainm -oileAf 6Atut>, "]c., the 
sixth name was Banbha, from 
a queen of the Tuatha De 
Danann who was in the land, 
who was called Banbha ; it was 

she was the wife of Mac Cuill, 
whose proper name was Eathur 
(Kea., F. F.) ; " C^ATI bAnbAn," 
"imp bAnbA," names for Ire- 
land (pron. bAnbA in M.). 

bAnbAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a young 
little pig. (This word is not 
found in parts of Donegal, 
where they use pijin instead, 
e.g., between Creeslough and 

bAti-bos, -buise, a., fair and ten- 

bAnc (bAncA), g. id., m., a bank (for 
money) ; a bank of a stream ; a 
bench, a seat. 

bAncAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a bank in 
a field, etc., suitable for sitting 
on ; also pAncAn ; " .An pAncAn 

E]tAoic," a favourite local popu- 
tr song and air (Om., Mon., etc.). 

bAn-tAJtA, g. -CAflATD, d. -CAftAIT) /., 

a female friend, a wife. 
bAn-cneif, -e,/., a fair lady. 
bAn-cotriAurA, -*i> -i", /> a female 

bAn-ctiotA6, -Aije, a., of a white 

appearance (of a ghost, etc.). 
bAn-cfttncijte, g. id., pi. -fn-oe, /., 

a female player on the harp. 
bAn-cu,/., a bitch. 
bAn-cuifteAnnAc, /., a female 

piper, a woman that plays on a 

wind instrument. 
bAn-OA, indec. a., female ; feminine, 

bAn-x>6itireoiti, -OfiA, -oijii'oe, /., 

a female doorkeeper. 
bAn-t>ojicA, indec. a., darkish 


bAivoojtcAX), -ui^ce, m., menstru- 
ation in females. 
bAn--otiAOi, /., a druidess. See 


bAn -pAiX), -e, pi. id.,f., a prophetess. 
bAn-^lAit, -tACA, pi. id., /., a 

bAn-JAif cix>eAc, -1TMJ;, /., a female 

hero or warrior. 

bAn-jjtAf, -Aif e, a., greenish white. 
bAn-jjtArA-o, -pcA, m., a growing 

bAn-5otim, -tn^ime, a., pale blue. 

, -mcA, m., a growng 
wan ; pale blue (of the lips). 

, -Aimi, pi. -Aix>e, a bond, a 
bill ; a belt, a chain, a hinge ; a 
law ; a measure (also bAnnA). 
nnA, g. id., pi. -Aitbe, m., a cen- 
sure, a reproach. 

, g. id., pi. -Aix>e, m., u com- 
pany, a band. 

, g. id., pi. -AITJC, m., a bond, 
a bill, a promissory note ; a bond, 
a bail security ; a diadum. &; 

c, -Aij, -Aiie, m., a fox 
((7-ff.) ; a cake, a bannock ; as a., 
active, actual, cunning (#"/?.). 

bAnnAi-oe, pi., the stones forming 
the cross-bond in a wall (Aran}. 

bAnr>Aix>e (pi. of bAnnA), m., bail, 
security ; bAnnAix>e tvpAJA, bail 
for a prisoner. 

bAn-nAorii, -nAOinie, pi. id., /., a 
female saint, a holy woman. 

bAnn DjiAij-oe, g. id., m., a neck- 

bAnn-ceAnjAl, m., an obligatory 

bAnn-OAifine, g. id., pi. -m-oe, m., a 
disappointed person ; ex., o'pAj 
cu mipe im' OAnm>Aifine, you 
left me delayed and disappoint- 
ed (?) (Clare). Perhaps the same 
as bAmbAinne. 

bAnnlArii, -Aithe, -ATTIA, /., a cubit ; 
a " bandle " ; a measure of 21 
inches, used for measuring home- 
made flannel. 

bAnnoj, -6150, -6JA, /., a cake; 

bAnntiAc, -4156, -A&A, f., a sheep- 
fold ; a pound or enclosure 
(pron. bowrach in Af., where ow 
sounds as in how, cf. fcAnn- 

bAnn|iAt)An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
grumbling, a murmuring. 

bAnniiAtJAtiAt, -Aije, a., grum- 
bling, murmuring ; as subs., a 
grumbler, a murmurer. 

, a woman (obs.) ; dim. 

-OJIA, -itntie, m., one 
who binds or pledges ; a bonder. 

bAnog, -6156 -OSA, f., a small en- 
closed place ; a court-yard ; a 

bAn-ortAC, /., a maid-servant, a 
handmaid; if uAirle bAnAl-cpa 
'nA bAn-ojtAd, a nurse is higher 
in the social scale than a maid- 

bAn-oine,/., a governess, a female 

bAn-oi5, -oije, -OJA,/., a virgin, a 

bAn-oijjte, /., an heiress. 

bAn-oiJt 16 ^!:, -A, /., female heri- 

bAn-fuiLeA*, -lije, a., pale-eyed, 

bAncA, g. id., pi. -ix>e,/., a niece. 

bAncAirce, g. id., m., advantage, 
convenience. See bunCAifce. 

bAncjiAcc, -A, /. (this noun is 
masc. in Mulconry's copy of 
Kea. t F. F.), (collect.), women- 
folk ; a company of women ; the 
ladies of a household. 

bAnuijim, -UJA-O, . tr., I whiten, 
bleach, devastate, pillage ; I 
stroke gently (Der.). 

bAo-QAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a calf 

bAoJAt, -Ait, pi. id. and -tcA, m., 
danger, peril ; apprehension ; ip 
bAoJAt -ouinn, we fear, we are 
not safe. 

bAojjAlAC, -Aije, a., dangerous, 
perilous, hazardous. HA buAil 
6. If bAojjAtAije -OAm, do not 
strike him, there is more danger 
that he will strike me. 

bAojtuJA-o, -luijjte, m., act of 

bAoif, -e, /., folly, indiscretion, 
rage, madness, concupiscence, 
lust ; Ap bAOif, silly, foolish ; 
b. nA hoise, youthful im- 

bAoifce, g. id., pi. -ci-oe and 
-ceACA,/., a ray, a flash of light. 

bAoipccAC, -cije, a., shining, 
glittering, bright; bAOirceArii- 
Ail, -AiritA, a., id. 

bAoir-ctiei-oeArii, -x>im, m., credu- 
lity, superstition. 

bAO ( 

f-ctieiT>trie AC, -mije, a., credu- 
lous, superstitious. 
bAOipeAc, -pije, a., raging, mad, 

foolish ; lustful, lascivious. 
bAotpeAc, -pij, -pije, m., a silly 

bAoipeAcc, -A, /., lasciviousness, 

bAoip-nim, /., venomous folly 

(T. G.). 
bAoipceAc, -cije, -tijte, m., a 


bAoic. See bAoc. 
bAoic-ceittiTJe, a., senseless, 

bAoit-cp.ei-oeAm, TO-., credulity, 


bAOic-c-pei'omeAC, -mije, a., fool- 
ishly credulous, superstitious. 
bAoice, g. id., m., a bait. 
bAoice, g. id., f., foolishness ; 

insipidity ; softness. 
bAoit-jem, a., tenderly fashioned. 
bAoit-teim, -teime, -teimeAnriA, 

/., a wild leap. 
bAOic-teimneAc, -mje, a., proudly 

prancing, wildly leaping. 
bAoic-pceinm, -e,^., a wild leap, a 

bAoit-teATi5A, /., a vain, silly 

tongue. See CCATIJA. 
bAot, -Aoit, m., the timber at the 

end of a spancel. 
bAop,/., folly. See bAoip. 
bAopfiA'6, g. -AIX) and -A^ICA, m., 

folly, vanity, madness ; " bAop- 

ftA-6 TIA mbAopjiA-6," " vanity 

of vanities." 
bAoir, -oite, a., foolish, silly, 

weak, reckless ; soft, tender, 

bAocAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a fool, a 


bAocAticA, a., foolish. 
bAocAticAcc, -A, /., folly, foppery, 

effeminacy, levity, garrulity. 
bAoc-cAitinceAC, -ci^e, a., gar- 
rulous, noisy. 

bAoc-cAiteAm, m., prodigality. 
bAoc-cAitmeAC, -mije, a., riotous, 

bAot-pocAt, -Ait, pi. id., m. t a 

light, frivolous word. 

bAoc-poctAc, -Aije, a., of soft 

bAot-stoiji, -e, /., empty glory, 

bAot-5t6fi, -oiji, m,, foolish talk, 


, -Aije, a., addicted 
to foolish prate. 

t>AoclAc, -Aij, -Aije, m., a clown. 

t)Aot-tubAC, -Aije, a., of vain 

t)Aot-pu5|\AX), -jA-ficA, pi. id., m., 
foolish merriment or joking. 

t)Aoi-UAibjieAC, -f.ije, a., foolishly 
proud, arrogant, haughty. 

t>Afi, bu|i, pos. pron., your (pi.}. 

tDAfiA, the palm of the hand ; a 
barrow ; inclination, intention ; 
bi A b. -pe, he intended ; CA A 
bAfA pum, I intend. 

t)A|iAc, m., to-morrow ; 1 
to-morrow ; A|i ITIAIXIITI 
next morning ; IA AJ 
on the morrow ; A^ TV A bA^AC, on 
the morrow (Kea., F. F.) ; 6 
'TTOIU 50 oci 1 mbAtiAC, from 
to-day till to-morrow, from day 
to day. (The nom. bAtiAc is not 
now used ; the first syllable in 
the oblique cases is pron. nibAiit.) 

bAjiAi-oe, g. id., pi. -oce, m., a file, 
a rasp ( W. Ker.). 

t)A|iAiTiAii, -riilA, pi. id.,f., opinion, 
judgment, comparison ; t>o 1161^ 
bAtiAirit/A, according to opinion 
(Kea.) ; sense, meaning : CA 
ociocpA-6 tiom Aon bA|(AiriAil 
A bAinc Af, I could derive no 
meaning from it (Om.) ; bAineA'6 
b. Af mo piubAt, it was sus- 
pected that I had some particu- 
lar design in going there (U.). 

t)ApAtrilAC, -Aije, a., opinionated, 

t)AHAncA (also bAjiAtiCA), g. id., in., 
an authority, a warrant ; An 
bAjiAncA ACA Aije, his autho- 
rity (for a historical statement) 
(Kea., F. F.) ; ni bA^AncA in- 
c-pei-ote e, he is not a reliable 
authority (Kea., F. F.). See. 
bAjiAncAp, which is a inuro 
modern form. 

bAfu\ncArhAil, -rhlA, a., authentic, 
warrantable, trustworthy ; -oo 

according to a trustworthy 
author (Kea., P. P.). 

bAfiAncAf, -Aip, m., a warrant ; 
authority ; protection ; a mock 
warrant generally written in 
poetry, a species of satire com- 
mon in the eighteenth century. 
See bA^i-incA. 

bAj\bAriAC, -415, -Aije, m., a 
foreigner, a barbarian. 

bAf.bAHAcc, -A, /., barbarity, in- 
humanity, cruelty ; obscenity. 

bv\jib..\|tx>A, iiidec. a., barbarous, 
inhuman, cruel, obscene ; pocAl 
b. , a coarse word ; ATI nop 
bAfibAjvoA ut>, that barbarous 
custom (Kea., P. P.). 

bA)ic, -Aipc, pi. -At>CA and AI^C, m. 
(somet. g., -Airice, /.), a ship, a 
bark, apparently smaller than a 
lonr ; in modern Irish chiefly 
used poetically ; i-oifi 101113, 
bAijic, cufiACAin, ~\c., counting 
ship?, barks, skiffs, etc. (Kea., 
P. P.). 

bAjtcAc, -Aije, a., abounding in 

b^ttCAcc, -A, pi. id., /., embarka- 
tion ; boating or sailing in a 

-tTiAi)te, a., 

illustrious in naval battles 

(T. G.}. 
b\tfo, -Ai^t), pi. id., m., a poet, a 

bArro, -Aifvo, pi. id.,*m., a corpora- 

tion (O'N.). 
bA^tiAC, -Aij, pi. id., m., a warden ; 

bAjTOAij; ceAtnpuili, church- 

wardens ; as a., poetic, bardic. 
bArcoAcc, -A, /., a corporation 

town (0'iV.). 

bAtfOAdc, -A,/., poetry, bardism. 
l!)AtfOAcc, -A, f,, warding, guardian- 

b^\t>T)Ai-6eAdc, -A, /., hardship , tlio 

profession of a bard ; scolding 

also OAtfOAlicV 

b\px)AL, -AtL, //. i<!., in., a drake, 
a mallard. 

, -rhlA, a., bardic, 

fiiJ-rcoloj, -6156, /., a rustic 
poet ; corriAipte TIA bA^x>-fcoL- 
oise TJA TTIAC, is the title of a 
well-known list of proverbs in 

y. bAitiji, pi. id. and -riAi-oe, 
m., the top; an addition; a 
branch ; a crop ; profit, advan- 
tage; superiority; means; tii't 
Aon ni'-o -OA bAfiti ASAC, you 
have gained nothing by it; t>o 
OAtiri clAi-6im, by means of the 
sword (E. B.); cAjt b., exceed- 
ingly ; t^S T^ bAfiri, he excelled ; 
bAjijiAixe, crops ; bAfift tiA 
coijice, shellings of corn (Der.) ; 
mAti OA^ti oonAif, as a crowning 
misfortune (T. G.) ; le bAfi^A 
( = bA|in) bAoipe, through excess 
of folly (Id.}. 

tifi, -Aitifi, pi. id., m., a son, a 
descendant, an offspring, a 
prince ; b^pp "A t n 5^ e > offspring 
of kings. 

, m., surface, scum, corrup- 
tion, matter oozing from a 
wound ; used in J/. like bAjtji, 
as peAjijiA is used for peA^ti ; 
crop, produce. See \)A\\\\. 

jtjiA, g. id., pi. -Aix>e, m., a bar- 
row ; bAHfiA lAiriie, a hand- 
barrow ; bAHjiA |OCA, a wheel- 
barrow. See bA^tA. 

ttjiA bett, a shoemaker's apron ; 
dried sheepskin with wool on. 

i>tiA6, -Aij, m., top branches of 
trees ; tow ; tare or hards of 
flax or hemp ; piAice bAnfiAij;, 
a thread of tow ; corrupt matter 
in honeycombs ; bAf^iac tin, 
hards of flax, tow. 

ise, m., a wheel- 

priACAf, -Aif, m., a surplus, an 

-, a kick (Om.}. See 

, -A,/., mastery, supcriur- 


, -tiitA, a., surpass- 
ing, bold, brave. 

( 56 ) 

T>, -JitA, m., act of over- 
coming, excelling ; ni'l Tf e ^V 
DO bAjifitA, IQ., you have no 
superior, etc. 

t)A^jiAX), -Ai-6, m., a hindrance, a 

t)A| 1 1 1A -5 A ' > m -> a binding-rope en 

t>AHfiAJtAC, -AIJ, -Aige, m., tops of 
branches of trees ; refuse, waste 
matter, chaff (pron. bAfifiAoil- 


t>AfitiAi i oe ($ of bAjijiA), m., crops, 
produce ; the stalks, leaves, etc., 
of crops, that appear above the 

t)A|ijiAi'6eACA, tops, oe b. A cof, 
on tip-toe ; also crops. 

t)AHt 1 Aix>eAcc, -A, f., more than 
enough, overflowing 

t)Aji-ftAij;in, m., a mitre. See bAifiin. 

bA^Ailte, DAitnlte, bAifiitle, g. 
id., pi. -lit>e, /., a barrel. 

tDAjijiAipce, (j. id., m., the plant 
called borage. 

tjAHfiA-l/iobAfi, -Aifi, m., numbness 
of the fingers from cold. 

t>Afif(AtTiAiL, -rhtA, a., genteel, fine. 
gay; pA-oftAij b., Patrick the 
gay. (The word is still heard 
in M., and is common in South 
U., Con., and Om.) 

V)Aj1t<An, -AIT), pi. -ATlAI'Oe, TO., a 

stalk (as of potatoes, etc.) 
(Aran) thorns laid on the top 
of a wall ; mountain tops ; in U. 
a gap, a bite ; cui|t r-e bAfijiAti 
lonnAtn, he drove his teeth into 
my flesh ; obstacle, objection, 
cause, reason (Don.) ; cf. bA^- 

t>Att|iA CAoix>e, m., high tide ; the 
drift seaweed found at high 
water ; bAjift l/Ain, high tide 

t)An|t buAbAitl/, m., a bugle horn. 

t>Afit bi-6e, m., a yellow head, yel- 
low hair. 

t)Aftt-cAol, -cAoiie, a., slender- 
topped, tapering. 

DAHi^Af, -cAife, a., having ring- 
leted hair ; as s., plaited hair. 

Att^-cop, -oife, /., the end of 
the foot, toes and instep ; 
tuAit f e b. ofim, he kicked me ; 
buAit fe b. pum, he tripped me 
up (Man., etc.). 

oeAbtA, g. bAiff "oeAbcA, 
pi. id., m., a rest. 

t)A|ttvoo5, -6156, -OJA,/., a pannier, 
a hamper, a basket ; an osier 
basket of a hemispherical form, 
usually used for straining pota- 
toes when boiled. See fciAtoj. 
t)Ati|i- i 6o|-iAT > , m., the top lintel of 

a door. 

bAitii-puijleAfc, -tis, m., the refuse 
of corn, mostly chaff; inferior 
corn ; corn mixed with chaff. See 
bAHfiAoiteAc and bAfifiAJlAc. 

i-5^o]i, -6iji, m., vociferation, 

o.F^C) -Aije, a., vociferous, 
loud-voiced, vain. 

, -6156, -OJA, /., an em- 
brace, a hold (in wrestling), a 
tight grip ; leverage ; a stitch in 
sickness ; the Anglo-Irish word 
brogue, which means a stiff, 
grippy way of speaking English, 
is identical with this word. 
Aj(|(65, -6156, -ogA, f., a rod, a 
twig ; a damsel, a maiden ; 
bA^noj 11UA-6, poppy. 
Aji|i65Aim, -A'O, v. tr., I seize, 
grapple with ; embrace. 
Ajiitoijin, g. id., pi. -me, m., a 
little girl ; a slight hold or grip. 
AftftcA, p. a., hindered. 

uifle, -1iT>, -1i"6e, m., an 
accident, a 'stumble, a fall ; i>o 

bAltlCAX) bAjljl-CUIfie Af, ^WAIjl 

fe bAtiti-cuifte, he slipped, he 

Afifivn-oe, g. id., m., an upstart; a 
haughty aspirant ; a proud per- 
son; bAfiftin-oe alAirm, a proud 
queenly woman (Don.). 

A}itn i1 5 11T >> -uJA'6, v. tr. t I hinder, 

Aiifiuin5, a., well-to-do, in good 
circumstances ; bfiAbAc, id. 

i-uf, -wife, a., fresh, green- 
t>AjtcAin, -AtiA, /., a check, a halt. 

( 57 ) 


bAf.cAti, -Ain, 7., harm, damage, 
injury. See bAficAin. 

bA-pvin, -uin, pi. id., m., a baron. 

bApuncAcc, -A, f., a barony. 

bAf, er. bAif e,p. bAf A(bof),/., hand, 
palm of the hand ; handbreadth ; 
flat of oar ; hurley, etc. ; any- 
thing flat ; a blow, a box ; irn 
bAf A, by my hand, on my word ; 

JtieATJA-O T1O buAtAX) bAf, 

wringing of hands through 
grief ; bAf.f.A bAif e, a field game 
played by boys ; cAmAn bAif e, 
a hurling match (B.). 
bAr, -Aif, m, death ; 50 bAf, till 
death ; 6 AOif 50 bAf, during 
all one's life; bAf o'fAJAil, to 
die ; f.uAifi f e bAf, he died ; AJI 
oo bAf, as if your life depended 
on it, also at the time of your 
death ; i jtiocc bAif, te h-ucc 

DAIf, Af. bmtle 6A1f, 1 n-UAT>ACC 

bAif, at the point of death ; 

met., a skeleton-like or languid 

person ; dim., bAif in, id. 
b<if A, g. id., pi. id. -AX>A and -Ai-oe, 

a base ; a basis. 
bAfAitn, -AX>, v. tr., I slay, I put 

to death. 
bAfAifie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, in., au 

bAf AriiAil, -thlA, a., deadly, mortal, 

fatal, destructive. 
bAfAmtAcc, -A,/., mortality. 
bAfAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a slow, 

languid person. 
bAfbAijie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, a 

fencer, a gladiator. 
bAf-buAitim, -AtA-6, 'v. tr., I clap 

hands, I applaud. 
bAf-ouAlA'6, -Aitce, pi. id., m., 

clapping of hands, applause, 

praise ; buAtAx> bAf, wringing 

of hands through grief, or for 

bAfCAim, -AT>, v. tr., I oppress, 

destroy, check, stop ; severely 

wound; I apprehend or injure 

bAfCA'O, -CCA, m., oppression, 

destruction, a check, a severe 

wounding or injury ; bAfCAT> 

'guf leonA-6 o|ic, a severe hurt 

and a sprain on you. bAfCA-6 
is often applied to a severe and 
practically fatal wounding. 
bAfCAifte, g. id., m., a mournful 
clapping of hands. 

bAfCAOX), -AO1X), -AOXA1T>e, Ml., a 

basket, a hand-basket ; bAf CAOTJ 
fijce, a closely-woven wicker 
basket; bAfCAot) f.umneo5Ac, 
an open-woven wicker basket ; 
bAfCAin,/. (Don.'). 

bAfCAjinAC, -AIJ, -Aije, MI., la- 
mentation ; crying with clap- 
ping of hands ; stammering. 

bAfctnjce (bAf CCA), p. a., hurt, 
battered, severely wounded. 

bAf-5Ai|yoeACAf, -Aif , m., applause 
or rejoicing by clapping of 

bAf-JAiifoijim, -lujA-o, v. intr., I 
applaud by clapping of hands. 

t>Af-5fieA-OAim, -A-O, v. tr., I 
strike hands through pain ; 
lament for the dead with clap- 
ping of hands. 

bAf LAC, -A15, -Ai5e, m., a handful, 
an armful. 

bAf-teACAn, -teicne, a., having a 
wide palm ; broad-bladed (of an 
oar) ; the term is often applied 
to horses in middle Irish, 
where probably it means broad- 

bAf-LuAc, -Aice, a., dexterous, 
nimble-handed, light-fingered. 

bAf-luACAcc, -A, /., sleight of 
hand, dexterity. 

bAfriiAft, -Aijte, m., mortal, perish- 
able, subject to death, deadly. 

bAf riiAjiAcc, -A, /., mortality, per- 

t>Af6s, -6130, -6JA, f., A slight 
blow with the hand. 

t)Af CA, MI., the waist ; a bodice 
(woman's dress). 

bAf cAltAc, -Aije, a., gay, showy, 
flashy, impudent. 

bAfcApc, -Aijtc, -Aifici-oe, M., a 
bastard ; ctAnn bAfCAiti-o, 
bastard children (Kea., F. P.). 

t!)Afc-66cA, g. id., m., a waistcoat 
(nom. also t>Af c-66c). 

un, -uin, pi. id., ?;i., a whip made 


of green rxishes ; a poltroon ; a 

bAfuJA-o, -uijce, in. , act of putting 

to death, slaying. 
bArui5im, -uJA-6, v. tr., I put to 

death. See bAfAim. 
bACA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a stick ; 

a handle ; dim. bAicin. 
bACA-6, g. bAiice, m., act of drown- 

ing; eclipsing, as of one con- 

sonant by another ; destruction ; 

quenching ; overpowering. See 

, m., a pole to push 
on a boat. 

, g. id., pi. -cnbe, m., a 
bundle (of straw, etc.). ; also, 

t)AtAim, -A^O, v. tr., I drown, 

qxiench, extinguish. See bA-oAim. 
t)AtAijie, g. id., pi. -pi-oe, m., a 

srniter, a beater. 
bACAifieAcc, -A, /., cudgelling, 

beating with a club. 
bAtAl/Ac, -Aije, -ACA, /., a hovel, 

an ill-constructed building, 

rick, etc. ; b. cije, b. 

, -Ainge,/., loss, damage. 
c, -Aij, -Aise, m., an awk- 

ward clown, a vagabond ; as a., 

awkward (also bAlAc). 
bACjiAit, -AtA, /., a beating, chas- 

tising ; a row, a fight. 
bAcflAo-o, m., a float or raft on 

the sea (P. O'C.). 
t)e, g. beite, pi. id., a woman, a 

maiden ; a goddess, a fairy 

beAbAfi, -Aifi, pi. id., m., beaver ; 

felt ; a hat (A.). 
t)eAc, -A, -Aix>e, m., a mushroom ; 

be AC AH, -Am, id. 
beAc, -eice, pi. beACA and beic, /., 

a bee ; mo cnuAf beice, my bees' 

hoarding (applied to a person as 

a term of endearment Fer.} ; 

beAc jAbAiti, a wasp (the pi. 

beic is found in Kea., F. P., and 

in T. G. ; ordinary pi. in M., at 

least, is beACA). 
t}eACAc,-Aije,a.,full of, or abound- 

ing in bees. 

t)eACAiT>e, indec. a., dirty, muddy 

beACAifie, g. id., pi. -jtroe, ., a 

beehive ; also a bee-farmer. 
beACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a mush- 

room ; beACAtt beA|iAc (Don.). 
toeACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cloud 


beACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a wasp. 
beAcAn cApAitt, m., a horse-fly. 
beACAncA, indec. a., waspish, 

stinging, fretful. 
beAcl/Ann, -Ainne, -A, /., a place 

for storing honey or beehives ; 

an apiary. 
beAct/AnnAc, -Aige, a., abounding 

in beehives, stored with honey. 
beACOj, -6156, -OJA, /., a young 

bee; a bee ; beAcog cApAitL, a 

wasp ; beACOg, usual word for 

bee in Don. 
beAcc, -A, -AnnA, m., a circle, a 

ring, compass ; meditation ; an 

assurance, a compact (O'N.). 
beAcu, -eicce, a., perfect, exact, 

particular, sure, certain, literal ; 

50 b. perfectly, entirely, for 

beAccAc, -Aije, a , round, circu- 

lar, globular. 
beAccAix>eAcc, -A, /., accuracy, 

particularity, criticism ; t>Ain 

me b. Ap, I criticised it 

beAccAifie, g. id., pi. -|(ix)e, m., a 

critic (O'N.). 
bcAccAmAit, -AmtA, a., authorita- 

tive ; rowid, circular. 
beAcc-mumce, p. a., of accurate 

beAccui5im, -UJA^O, v. tr., I cer- 

tify, assure ; I perfect, I com- 

plete ; I compass, I embrace ; I 

meditate ; I perceive (also 

beA-6, -A, m., bad news, injury ; 

beATMi-oe, a., sweet-mouthed, lux- 

urious, nice, fond of delicacies ; 

fastidious, saucy, impudent, 

dapper ; Aiftm^ &eAx>Aix>e, a 

fleeting dream (Der.). 
beAx>Aix>e, g. id., pi. -x>ce, m., a 


( 59 ) 

flatterer ; a lover of dainties ; a 
childish word for goose. 

beA-DAi-ocAcc, -A, f., sweet- 
mouthedness, fondness for dain- 
ties ; sauciness, impertinence. 

beA-OAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a calum- 
niator ; calumny. 

beAtJAnAc, -4156. a., calumnious, 

beA-ojA-o, -jtA, m., act of start- 

. ing, startling. See biox>5A-6. 

beA-ojlAn, the prong of a grape, 
fork, etc. (Om., Der.) ; recte 
beAnglAn (?). 

beA5, gaf. bij;e, comp. lu JA, little, 
small, tiny ; if beAj o|tm e, I 
despise him ; ip beAj Liom e, I 
think it too small ; if beAg 
tiom, IG., 1 do not stick at, etc.; 
beAj nAC, almost ; if beAj 
ouine, -]c., few persons, etc. ; ni 
beAj -com . . . gAn, 1C., was 
it not enough that I should . . 
not to add, etc. ; if beAg nA 50 
mbACjMn Ann me, I'll almost 
get drowned there ; CA An 
peAjtcAin beAg if -oo beic 
Iteit), tlie rain is almost over ; 
ni beAg Liom S. AJ j.-peA5|iA, 
1C., I think it suthcient that 
S. replying, etc. (Kea., F. F.)', 
Anoif beAj, just now, a moment 
ago ; ni beAg fin, " and no more 
at present" (in old epistolary 
style) ; if beAj mA, scarcely, 
hardly ; beAg is also used as a 
dim. for persons and things, 
often in the sense of 65 : ConiAf 
beAj often signifies Thomas the 

beAjAcc, -A,/., diligence (?). 

beAj-An, -<xin, m., a little; few; 
followed by gen. takes tie with 
poss. prou ; fiott-beAjAn, very 
little, very few. 

beAJAn (or beA-OAn), -Ain, pi. id., 
m., a sting; beAJjAn -oo'n b^f 
An stiATi, love is a eting till 
death (Der. and Om,.}. 

beA5-d6iLlix, -e, a., of little 
sense, half-witted. 

beA5-c^oix)eA6, --6156, a., faint- 
hearted, timid ; moan-spirited. 

-Aije, a., fearless, 
courageous, independent. 

beAj-ttiAcriiAfij-Aitte, a., valueless, 
contemptible ; beAj-luAc, id. 

beAg-riiAic, m., a useless person. 

beA5nAc, ad., almost, nearly ; 
beAjnAc tie cpi mite bliA-OAn. 
almost for three thousand years 
(Kea., F. F.). 

beAg-nAifie, /., shamelessness. 

beAj-nAifieAc, -fije, a., shame- 
less, brazen. 

beAg-fAojlAC, -tAije, a., short- 

beA5-cAi(ibeAc, -oije, a., of small 
profit, worthless. 

beAg-cuigpe, g. id., /., nonsense, 

beAl, y. beiL and beoit (poet.),p/. 
beiL and beoil, m., the mouth, 
the lips ; the edge of a cutting 
instrument ; an opening or ori- 
fice ; the entrance to a place ; 
the first beginning; i mbeAl 
bAipe, at or in charge of the 
goal (Om., U.) ; i mbeAl A riiAic- 
eAfA, at the beginning of his 
usefulness; Le beAl bAince, on 
the point of being cut, fit to 
cut ; Afi beAlAib, in front of, 
opposite ; b. An tp IUAIJ, people 
in general, everybody ; 6 be Al- 
Aib, by word of mouth ; CBACC 
AM beAlAib, to take precedence 
of (Kea., F. P.); oubAijicfelem' 
beAl e, he said it before my 
face, in my presence ; beAl, in 
the sense of opening, entrance, 
approach to a place, is used 
largely in proper names, as 
beAl peijif ce, Belfast ; b^Al 
1nf e (the approach to the island), 
Valeutia; beAl AtA nA tYluice, 
Swinford ; hence, sometimes = 
isthmus, as in beAl An tiluile'ix>, 
Belmullet, etc. ; of persons : 
beAl jAn fcot (M.\ beAl gAn 
pAfCAX) (Con.}, beAl 5An fc^c 
(/.), one that blabs. 

beAlAc, -AIJ, pi. id. and -Aije, m., 
a road, way, path ; a mountain 
pass ; an inlet ; a passage ; Aft 
A beAlAii, on his way ; Af An 


mbeAtAc, amiss, wrong ; beAtAc 
mop, high-road ; " FAS An 
be At AC," clear the way ; AJI 
Aon beAtAc, of the same way of 
thinking. beAtAc has a wider 
signification than boiAfi ; bionn 
fconnfA te bocAji, a botAti 
has fences, a be At AC need not 
have ; beAtAc is used as a com- 
mon word for road or way in U. ; 
common in place-names : beAtAc 
An *Ooitiin, Ballaghaderreen ; 
beAtAc Oif in, a steep mountain 
pass in Iveragh (Ker.) ; An 
beAtAc ttlott, a road across 
Bere Island, Co. Cork. 

beAtAc, -Aij;e, a., blubber-lipped. 

beAtA-6, -A1-6 and -tcA, m., grease ; 
the act of greasing. 

beAtAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a little 
mouth ; a mouthful. 

beAtbAc, -Aije, -CA, /., a bridle 
bit (also beAtriiAc). 

beAt-bAn, -bAine, a., white- 

beAtbAn fiuA-6, /., a species of 

beAt-CAinnceAc, -cije, a., loqua- 

beAt-cfiAbA-6, -Ait), m., hypocrisy. 

beAt-ptiAibieAc, -tije, a., hypo- 

beAt-potfiASA-o, -A1-6, m., a rinsing 
of the mouth ; gargling of the 

beAtSAd, -Aije, a., prating, 

beAt-jAiticAc, -juje, a., wily, 
flattering, ironical, falsely com- 

beAt-5tiAX>, m., dissimulation, false 
love, flattery. 

beAtniAc, a bridle bit. See 

beAtoj;, -6156, -OJA, f., a mouth- 
ful, a bite. 

beAt-oi-oeAf, -'oif, m., tradition ; 
oral instruction. 

beAt-|iAiX)ceAC,-T:i5e,a., talkative, 
prating ; officious, meddling ; 
famous, illustrious (O'-Br.). 

beAt-fCAOitce, a., open-mouthed, 
revealing secrets. 

c, a. See beAt- 

, g. id.,f. (pron. beAtt- 
CAine, where eAtt is pron. as in 
ceAtt, a church, in M.), the 
Irish May Festival, the month 
of May ; tA beAtcAine, the 
first day of May; mi nA beAt- 
CAine, the month of May ; oi-oce 
beAtcAine, May eve ; SeAn- 
beAlcAine, "Old May," that 
is the month beginning about 
the llth of May, the month of 
May (Old Style) ; in Om., etc., 
beAtcAine ; in Don. and Con., 

, -e (poet. beot-cAif), a., 
soft-lipped, liquid-lipped. 

bcAtuJAT), -uijte, pi. id.., m., an 
anointing, a greasing. 

beAtuijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I anoint, 

beAtuijce, p. a., oily, spruce 
(E. R.). 

beAmA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, a beam for 
weighing (.4.). 

beAn, g. mnA, d. mnAOi, pi. mnA, 
gpl. bAn, dpi. mnAib, a woman, a 
wife; beAn cAoince, g. mnA 
CAoince, pi. id., a female mourn- 
er ; beAn cije, woman of the 
house, housewife, good wife, 
housekeeper ; beAn coinroeAc, 
waiting-woman, waiting-maid ; 
beAn uAf At, lady ; beAn pop CA, 
a wife ; beAn 

beAnAtm. See bAimm and 

beAn cAbAficA, g. mnA 

/., a midwife. 
beAn cAince, /., a female satirist. 
beAn cioc, /., a wet nurse. 
beAn coinroeAc, /., a female at- 

beAn-coiriroeAcc, -A, pi. id., f., a 

ladies' association. 
beAn conjAncA, f., a female as- 

sistant, a midwife. 
beAn peAfA, /., a female fortune- 

beAnjAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a bough, 

a branch ; a scion, a graff, the 


( 61 ) 

bl.ide of a fork; beAtijAti ttiioe, 
a herb bud. 

beArm, -A, pi. id., also g. beinne 
d. bemn, /., a mountain peak, 
a peak, a headland, a horn ; a 
point, a crest ; a gable, a top, 
a step ; a trail or dress- 
skirt ; heed, care, attention ; 
dependence ; tii't b. ArAm ope, 
I am independent of you, I 
heed you not; tii'L Aon beAnn 
AICI AIJI, (the cow) has no 
relish for it (her food) ; ceiijie 
beAtitiA cije, four corners of a 
house; JAC beArm -oe'ti dftAnn, 
every arm of the tree (in pi., the 
arms of a cross). beAtiti enters 
largely into place-names ; it is 
applied to high mountain peaks 
as well as small eminences ; 
cf., beArm 5LbAn in Sligo, 
beArm .Afro, a townland in 
Kerry, etc. ; nom. also binn or 

beArm, /., a horn, etc. ; Jig., a long 
ear ; cf., AfAl ip peifie beAnnA 
Ai|i, an ass with a pair of long 
ears (B.) ; also, a couplet or 
half-stanza, whence teAc-beAnn, 

beAnnA-bfios, m., a peaked or 
gabled mansion ; beAtinA-bfnnj 
bfiiAin ciAfitin'lce "triA'ojiAi'oib 
uifc', the turreted mansions of 
Brian overflown with otters 
(O'Jta.). See bjios- 

beAnnAC, -Aije, a., horned, forked ; 
peaked (as mountains) ; An 

cria (Sicily). 

beAnnACA-6, -6cA, pi. id., m., a 
benediction, a beatitude ; act of 
blessing ; ex., ThA O'A 6eAtin- 


beAtinACAip, -e, a., abounding in 

peaks or gables. 
beAtinA-6noc, m., a peaked hill. 

See cnoc. 
beAtitiAic, -&,f., a blessing ; beAn- 

TIACC IBAC, good-bye ; b. "Oe le 

n-A AnAtn, God rest his soul. 
t)e,xnnA-poc, m., a horned buck. 

See P. O'C. 

a., rough- 

beArm-jlAti, -Aine, o., bright- 

gabled (of a house). 
beAnnog, -6150, -ogA, /., a coif, a 

cap, a corner of a woman's cloak. 

See beAtitiAn. 
beAnno^Ad, -Aije, crested, tower- 

ing, high-headed (Co. Wick., 

P. O'C.). 
t)eAn ntiA-o-pofrA, g. mr\A-,pl. id., 

/., a bride. 
beAnnuJA-o, -uitte, m., act of 

blessing ; benediction ; saluting, 

beAnnuijitn, -UJAXI, v. tr., I bless ; 

intr., with t>o, I salute. 
beAtinuijce, indec. p. a., blessed, 

beAnntnjceAcc, -A,/., a blessing; 

beAnnuijteoin, -OJIA, -oifiix>e, m., 

one wlio blesses. 
beAti-pAX*, g. -JIAI-O, pi. -|iAi i 6ce, 

m., woman's gossip. 
t>6An reotcA, f., a woman in 

t)eAti fiutiAit, pi. mtiA fiubAit, /., 

a strolling woman ; a woman 

who begs. 
beAti rije, g. tnnA-, pi. id., /., a 

housewife, a housekeeper, a 

landlady ; somet. indec. in tp. I., 

esp. in form beAti A' cije. 
beAti cuifmije, /., a midwife. 
t)eAn UAfAt, g. mnA UAif te, pi. id., 

f., a gentlewoman, a lady. 
beAp. See biop. 
t>^Ap, g. beip, pi. id., m., a bear ; a 

term applied to the English, as 

b6ifi Ati fitl, the treacherous 

bears, etc. 
beAfiAd, -Aije, -ACA,/., a two-year- 

old heifer. 
beAjtb6iji, -6fiA, -dipi-be, m., a 

barber (A.). 
beAjtb6tfieAcc, -A, /., the trade of 

a barber ; scolding. 
beAjvooj:, -6i^e, -OJA, /., a cray- 

fish (Ker.). 

, -A, /., diligence. 
g. id., pi. -I'oe, m., 
language, speech, dialect; the 

( 62 ) 

English language; b. pemne, 
the dialect of some old Irish 

i, a dialect, a jargon. 
, -nAn, -nAix>e, /., a gap, a 
breach, a chasm ; b. bAOJAit, 
gap of danger ; ni tiAinpeAT) An 
oiAbAt An b. -oiot;, you beat the 
devil ; common in place-names, 
as beAfinA gAoite, etc. 

beAtinAc, -Aije, a., gapped ; 
hacked ; An CAtAift t)eA|tnA6, 
Cahirbearnagh, a hill and town- 
land in Cork, west of Millstreet. 

beAfitiA-o, -AITD, m., a gapping, a 
biting ; A beAfinA-o ubAilt, by 
the biting of an apple (O'D.). 

beAfinAim, -AID, v. tr., I make a 
gap, make a breach ; I bite. 

beAjifiAX), -ftcA, TO., act of shaving, 
clipping ; pciAn beAjiftcA, a 
razor ; beAfijiAT) CAojtAC, fleecy 
clouds, portending rain ; a ripple 
on water (Don.). 

beAfijtAi-o, -e, pi. id., /., a slice, 
a cut ; a segment, a shred. 

beAjttiAitn, -A-6, v. tr. t I shave, 
shear, cut, clip. 

beAfifiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., incon- 
venience, pain, grief, anguish, 
misery, strife, contention ; a 
small bundle, a sheaf. 

beAttfiAtiAc, -Aije, a., miserable, 
distressed, distracted, lament- 

beAfitiAtiui'oe, g. id., pi. --oce, a 
fomentor of strife (O'N.). 

beAtitiA-puncAti, m., a bob-tail 
( W. Ker.) 

beApfiiA, p. a., shorn, shaved, 
cropped, clipped, pinched, 
pecked at ; clean, genteel, neat. 

beApjicoifi, -6fiA, -6ifiix>e, m., a 
barber, a shaver, a shearer, a 
clipper ; a scold, satirist. 

beAjiftcoifteAcc, -A,/"., act of scold- 
ing 1 , satirising. 

t)eA|if A, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a verse, 
a stanza, a poem. 

beAfic, -eifice, pi. -A and -eiftce,/., 
an act, a deed; behaviour; a game 
or trick (at cards), a move in a 
game , an appointment, a situa- 

tion ; ni -o^AripAi-o fe An 

it will not do ; fCAoit 

cAjtc, do not trouble about 

everything, let some things pass 


, g. beijic and bijic, pi. id.. 
TO., a bunoh or heap (of the 
hair, etc.) ; a bundle (of rushes, 
straw, etc.), chiefly carried on 
the back or shoulders ; dim. 
beijicin or bificiti. 
eAfic, g. betfite, /., gear, appa- 
ratus, paraphernalia, chiefly in 
compounds ; e.g., coir-foeAftc, 
foot-gear, i.e., boots, shoes, etc. ; 
cinn-beAfic, head-gear, i.e., head- 
dress, hat, etc. ; tAinVbeAftc, a 
muff, a sleeve; coiiip-beAfic, 
raiment, cloth. 

AjiCAc, -Aije, a., active, feat-per- 
forming ; resourceful, cunning ; 
in clusters (of the hair). 

eAcc, -A, /., trickery ; 
beA^cAToeAcc bdixice, submerg- 
ing or overpowering trickery 
(T. G.}. 

, -AT), v. tr., I say, I pro- 
iKrance, as an opinion or judg- 
ment ; I think, imagine, esti- 

, -A-O, v. tr., I brandish, 
I threaten, I wield. See 


beAfirAifie, g. id., pi. -fii-6e, TO., a 

beAjicuJAT), -ui5ce, TO., act of 
brandishing ; act of conceiving ; 
judging; thinking; gathering; 
tucking up. 

beAftcuijitn, -uJAt), v. tr. and 
intr., I wield, brandish, flourish; 
gather up; I estimate, think, 
meditate, conjecture. See beAji- 

beAr, -A, pi. id., TO., custom, habit ; 
what is usual ; if b6Ar, it 
is the usual thing ; -jiinne ru 
b^AfA oe, you have made a 
habit of it (Der.) ; -DA mbeAT) 
pior -oo beAj* A^AC, if you knew 
your place ; in pi., manners, 

beAr AC, -Aiije, a., good-mannered; 

( 63 ) 

polite, correct, well-behaved, 

ArAtTiAil, -AmlA, a., exemplary, 
polite, well-behaved. 
AiA, g. -A-O, d. -Aix>, /., life, 
existence ; food ; property, es- 
tate ; tho world; *O6 tx> t>., 
'p6 ~oo o., welcome, hail; ru\)\ 
Ab e "oo 6. (Afwis., riAji A -oe 
oo G .). never welcome you ! 
beAiA nA n-6A5, death, like the 
Latin natalis, used of the death 
of saints. 

ACAi-oeAC, -XMJ, pi. id., and 
-AA, m., an animal, a beast 

Ait, -AlA, /., the process of 

burning the surface of moor- 

land, dried for the purpose, so 

as to produce ashes for manur- 

ing the under soil ; somet. pron. 

biceAit (Tver.). 
beACAriiAil, -TYilA, a., brisk, lively, 

gay, smart, high-spirited, vital. 
beAtoj, -6156, -OJA, /., the beech 

tree (0'<7.). 
beAcuJAX), -uijce, m., act of keep- 

ing alive ; nourishing, feeding ; 

beAcuijtm, -ujA'o, v. lr., I feed, 

support, sustain, nourish, edu- 

beAtmtce, p. a., fed, nourished, 

well-fed, stout, fleshy, fat. 
beAtutjceoip, -OJIA, -oipix>e, m., 

a feeder, a victualler. 
beAiuirce, g. id., m., whiskey 

(aqua vitas). 
be-bjivnnneAll, -nitte, -eAllA, 

/., a young woman (poet.). 
beic, -e, pi. -ix>e, -CACA, /., uproar, 

shout, outcry. 
btceAft, -cije (b6icpeAc), /., act 

of roaring, shouting ; A$ b6ici5, 

beiceA-6, -cce, m., act of screaming, 

crying out, yelling. 
be'icijie, g. id., pi. -|tit>e, m., a 

roarer, a bawler, a prater. 
b^ictriCAC, -mije, o., roaring, 

noisy, clamorous; be'iceAc', id. 
bei > 6teA'o6i}i, -6}tA, -6i}iif)e, m., 

a fiddler. 

t>enbleA-o6ifieAcc, -A, /., the art of 
playing the fiddle. 

t)ei-6lin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a fiddle. 

bei5-ciAtlt>A, indec. a., weak- 

bei5-t6i5inn, a., of small reading, 

beit-bitin, -e, a., sweet-mouthed, 
flattering, melodious. 

beil-binneAC, -mje, a., flattering, 

betl-t>eAti5, --oeipse, a., red- 

beile, g. id., pi. -tixie, m., a meal. 

beit-jeAjt|tA i 6, m., cutting the first 
sod in digging, tillage, etc. 

beitin, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a little 

brittle, -e, -teACA, /., a large 
stone ; a tombstone , a cavern 
under a great stone ; a lime- 
kiln ; irtij 1 mbeittic TIA cA|t- 
HAIJB, in the cavern under the 
rock ; tA b6ittic, under a tomb- 
stone, buried. 

beil-mitif, -nulfe, a., sweet- 

beil-neAriiAfi, -ei)ie, a., thick- 

beitc, -e, pi. -1-oe and -eAntiA, /., 
a belt; beitc Apjtuin, apron 

beilreAd, -cije, pi. id., /., a great 
fire ; b. ceineA-6, id. (beilcijeAC 
is also used). 

bdim, -e, pi. -eAnnA, gpl. -eAnn, /., 
a blow, a stroke, a cut ; a slice 
in carving ; a flaw ; a step, a 
blemish, a stain, a spot ; a pace 
(prop. ce"ttn). beAtAC b6itne, 
a mountain pass in Kerry ; oit- 
oeim, an offence, an insult; ni't 
b6ttn ion5An AIJI, he is un- 

beim, -e, -i-oe, /., a beam, the beam 
of a plough. 

b6im, -e, -eAnnA, /., a thwart in a 
boat (Tory); b6im DBAJ, the 
cross piece near the stem into 
which the heel of the jib-boom 
fits ; bim mop, the third thwart 
in the boat ; cApcA is also used ; 
code is the word used in Ker. 


( 64 ) 


b6im-Dfiif % eA'6, -fee, m., a smash- 
ing with blows. 

beimeAntiAC, -Aij;e, a., smiting, 
destructive ; effective, vigorous 
(also beimneAc). 
beirnirn, -meATi, v. tr.., I cut, I 

strike at ; carve ; scarify. 
beirnneAc, -mje, a., vehement, 

cutting, violently striking at. 
b6in, -e., /., compulsion (Mayo) ; 
used like lACAlt, -o'fiACAib, 
bein6it>, -e, /., the Minerva of the 


beinin, g. id., pi. -ixe, m., somet./., 
as An beinin, the little woman ; 
dim. of be ATI. 

bemmt), -e, -ixe, /., a cheese- 
beinnin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 

pinnacle ; dim. of beAnn. 
beinnpe, g. id., pi. -ACA, -froe, /., 
a seat, a bench ; a magistrate's 
seat ; dim. bemnpin ; beinnp in 
tuACfiA, a tuft of rushes. 
t)eiftbitim, -ij;A-6, v. tr. and intr., 

I boil, seethe, 
beiftbijip, -e, /., an anniversary, a 

feast, a vigil. 

beifieAtAr 1 , -Aif, m,, & birth ; one 
newly born ; the " cleaning " or 
after-birth of animals. See 

beifiirn, vl. bfteic, v. tr. and intr., 
irreg. (see Paradigms), I bear, 
take, bring, carry, I bring 
forth, I carry off as a prize 
(with buA-6) ; with AJI : ^ujAf 
Aft pcoftnAij Aift, I seized him 
by the throat ; beiftirn Aift, I 
lay hold of him ; beiftim ftiAf 
Aift, I overtake him, I seize him 
violently ; witli te (in pronoun 
combination), I take with me ; 
beAftA-o tiom 6, I will take it 
with me ; with bfieAt (as ob- 
ject), I pass judgment on (Aft) ; 
ni A bjieir bfteice ojic e, not 
that I am judging you ; lay 
eggs : CA TIA ceAftCA AJ bfteic, 
the hens are Ia3 r ing ; 5 AC I/A 
beAjiAit) opr, every day that 
will overtake you, i.e, every day 

of your life ; beiji Ap, be oil 
t)ei|ticeAf, -tip, m., a birth ; one 

newly born. 

t>eiji)roeip, -e, -GACA, /., an edge, 
point, border, as in beiftfcoeip 
An ctAi'oirh. 

bei|ic, -e, /., a couple, a pair, two 
persons ; ATI beific, both ; motAT> 
beijice, arbitration (where two 

beijice, p. a., brought forth, born ; 
captured, overtaken ; CA beifice 
Ai|t, he is captured, 
beijirin, g. id., pi. -me, m., & little 
bundle, a little burden ; nom. 
also bificin. 
beijicineAcc, -A, /., carrying of 

little burdens (O'N.). 
beifeAc. See bir-eA6. 
beifc, -e, -eAnnA, m., a vest (.4.). 
tDeipceAtTitAcc, -A, _/"., bestiality, 


Geit = beA-6, condit of ACAim. See 
AcAim. (Still in use in Co. 
t>eic, -e,/., a birch tree; the second 

letter of the Alphabet, 
beic, vl. of ACAitn, being, state of 
being ; generally, but not always, 
having the b aspirated ; Aft ci 
beic, about to be ; te beit, in 
order to be ; Afi beiu, Aft tnbeic, 
lAfi mbeit, having been, on 
being ; cum A beit, for the pur- 
pose of being, about to be ; 50 
beic cuiftfeAC, to the point of 
being weary ; 50 beit coftfttA, 
to the point of being tired (Kea., 
T. S.). 

beiteArhnAc. See biceAirmAd. 
beiceAfttAc, -Aij, m., the Old 
Testament (also peceAiftleAc, 
vetus lex). 
t)eiri-6eA6, -TIIJ, pi. id., m., a beast, 

an animal. See beAtAix>eAc. 
toiiici'n, g. id., pi. -nie, m., burned 
grass or surface soil ; grass 
withered by frost, 
beiiift, g. -tfie, pi. -cjie, -tfieACA, 

/., a bear. See beAft. 
beicce (part. nee. of ACAIITI), 
advisable, right, proper ; cf. 


( 65 ) 

ni betcce -oinc '$A 

(Almost obs.) 
beo, gm. bi, gf. beo, beoiie, a., 

alive, living, 
beo, g. id. and bf, pi. beotiiA, m., 

a living person ; the living ; 

quick-flesh ; life ; quick-hedge ; 

CAiftnje i tnbeo, a nail in the 

quick ; CA An mAc -pAin AJ "out 

1 tnbeo opm, that youth is giving 

me great trouble ; ni r)AX>uftcA 

An beo 'DA An mAfib, life is not 

more natural than death. 
beocAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a small fire. 
beo-comneAl,/., a burning candle; 

a living witness. See coirmeAl. 
beo-corqtAc, -Aije, a., flaying 

beo-cofcjiAim, -corcAijit, v. tr., 

I flay alive, 
bso-cfiuc, -OCA, pi. id., m., mortal 

beox)A, a., lively, living, active, 

beo-oAcc, -A, /., courage, vigour, 

beo-oAiiiAil, -nilA, a., lively, brisk, 

zealous, vigorous. 
beo-oAthlACC, -A, /., liveliness, 

quickness, activity, vigour. 
beox>ui5im,-uj;Ax>, v. tr., I animate, 

beo-peAtinAim, -AT>, v. tr., 1 flay 


beo-JAinim, -e, /., q\iick-sand. 
beo-JAtAC, -Aije, a., active, 

beo-jotiAim, -Join, v. tr., I wound 

to the quick. 
beo-jojiAX), -pcA, m., act of burning 

to the quick. 
beo-io-obAific, -AftcA, pi. id., /., a 

living sacrifice, 
beoifi, -ofiAi, dat. beojiAij or 

beoif, /., beoir, a favourite drink 

of the Irish ; beer ; whiskey ; 

also beoit (Don.). 
beoijt juijic, /., brine, pickle, 
beot, -oil, m., the mouth (poet.). 

Sec beAt. 

beo-toc, -tuic, m., act of wound- 
ing to the quick ; a severe 


An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

beo-tuAic, /, hot embers. 

beo-tuAite, g. id., /., liveliness, 
activity, friskiness. 

beo-tuAc, -Aite, a., quick, active, 

beorriAfi, -Aijte, a., pathetic, feel- 

beo-ftA-oAiic, m-, quick-sight, dis- 

beo-tAA-OAjicAc, -Aije, a., quick- 
sighted, discerning. 

beofAc, -Aije, a., spruce, bright, 
dapper, glittering. 

beo-fCAtiA-6, -fttA, m., separation 
during life ; a divorce. 

beorAml/Acc, -A,/., liveliness, ani- 
mation (O'N.). 

beo-toltA-6, -tcA, m., act of 
piercing to the quick. 

beo-rojifiAC, -Aije, pregnant with 
live young. 

b'f efoiji, ad. phr. , perhaps ; somet. 
in tp. I., b'feA-oAiti, b'peA-OAji, 
and mb'peit)in (Iver.). 

bi, g. m. of beo, alive, living, 
vigorous ; ITlAC T)e bi, the Son 
of the living God. 

bt, 2 per. ting, imper. of ACAIITI 
I am. 

ttf, 3 s. pf. of AUAim, I am. 

biA6, m., membrum virile. 

biACAic, -A, /., priapismus. 

biA-6, g. bi-6, pi. biAx>A, m., food, 
meat-food ; a meal, supper ; 
biAx> TIA mAiT)ne, breakfast 
(.7. bix is pron. bij in M.). 

biA-oAt, -Aije, a., nourishing, 

biA-oAim, -OA'6, v. tr., I feed. 

blATAlTlAlt, -AtTltA, O., nutritive. 

biAt>riiA|i, -Ai|ie, a., esculent, 
abounding in food, plentiful. 

biA-ocA, p. a., fatted, well-fed, 

biA-ocAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a feeder 
(of the poor), a public victualler, 
a hospitaller ; a generous, hospi- 
table man. 

biA-ocACAf, -Aif, m., hospitality, 

t), -Ai'o, -AiT>e, m., a bait. 


( 66 ) 


, -AX), v. tr., I feed, 

biA-ocAf, -Aip (biACAf), pi. -Ai-oe, 
m., betony ; beet-root ; biA-6- 
CAip foe, pi., in., beet-roots. 

biAx>c6iji, -opA, -oifinbe, m., a pub- 
lic victualler. See bivor.A6. 

biA-ocuijim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I feed ; 
I feed the mind ; I entertain (as 
with thoughts), 
'o, old form of beix>, fut. of 

, I am. 

, -e, and beAtA, pi. -it>e, /., 
an axe. 

biAfir uil, pi., the lumps caused by 
the chrysalis of the gad-fly in 
the backs of cattle ; pron. vare- 
shill (Con.) ; Aibpe in Ker. 

biAf, rd. fat. of AC Aim, I am. 

bixieAc, -'oije, a., very small ; 
pron. bAoix>eAC in Don. 

bit>ir, --ore, --oreACA, /., a vice, a 

broreAc, -fije, a., screw-like, 

t>'5, - e /> lue (O'N.). 

Cigit, a vigil, a watching (Lat. 
vigilium, Eng. vigil). 

bile, g. id., pi. -ti-oe, m., a mast ; 
a tree, esp. in a fort or beside a 
holy well ; a large tree ; a scion, 
a progenitor, a champion ; bite 
bfton, the handle of a queru 
(pron. beile in East M.). 

bileAriiAil, -ttitA, a., tree-like; 
mast-like ; champion-like. 

biteoj, -0156, -OJA, /., a leaf, a 
plant; b. riiAii, lettuce; b. TIA 
n-eATi, wood-sorrel ; b. f fiAit>e, 
a wild plant. (biteos is the 
usual word in M. for the leaf 
of a tree, or a page of a book.) 
See ouitteoj. 

bil/eogAc, -Aije, a., leafy. See 

bitte, g. id., pi. -ti-oe, m., a note, 
a bill of costs. 

bttteA-o, -eit), pi. id., m., a billet; 
fAij-oivifi AJI bilteA-o, a chil- 
dren's game in Con. 

bilteog, -0156, -OJ;A, /., a bill, a 
billet ; a bill-hook ; bilteoj 
p6f CA, a certificate of marriage. 

oiti, -OJIA, -oittfoe, m., a 
foolish person (Don.) 
binb, -e, /., force, venom, 6re ; 

fury, wrath (nom. also bimb). 
bnnx), -e, pi. -i-oe, /., rennet used 
in making cheese (nom. a) no 

binineAc, -nij, m., a corrupt form 
of bi pine AC, which see. 

binn, -e, /., the number of cattle a 
grazing farm can maintain ; an 
agistmont ; ni bAfift bmne A|i 
eijunti ftnn, we are not privi- 
leged persons in Ireland. 2i.. 
The " bAfif binne " was a privi- 
leged beast over and above 
the agistment. See SiAmrA 
(T). O p.). 

binti, -e, a., sweet (of sound), 
melodious, harmonious ; elo- 
quent ; fig., excellent, faultless. 

binn, bitiiin,imper. irreg.oi ACAim, 
I am. Sec ACAirn. 

binn-c-eAt/Ac, -Aij;e, a., sweet- 
voiced, eloquent. 

binn-b]iiAi:Afi,/., a sweet or elegant 

bmn-bfUAtfiAc, -Aije, a., sweet- 
spoken, eloquent. 

binn-ceot, in., melody, sweet 

binn-ceoltiiAfi, -Ai|ie, a., harmoni- 
ous, melodious. 

bmrraeAlAii, -Am, pi. id., m., a 
woollen cloth tied round the 
body of an infant ; a binding for 
the head in sickness and for ths 
dead; bmiToeAt, id. 

btnne, g. id., /., melody; a judg- 
ment, a decree. 

bmneAc, -mje, a., having flounces 
(of the hair) ; peaky. 

binneAf, -mf, m., melod}", sweet- 
ness, harmoniousness. 

binneog, -0156, OJA,/., a cloth tied 
around the hoad, particularly 
in time of sickness. See btnn- 




binn-yoct-Ac, "Ai^e, a., 
worded, melodious. 

bmn-jlofiAc, -Aije, a., 

binn-JorAc, -Aije, a., 



voiced, sweet-toned, having 
sweet notes. 

bifm-tiA-oAim, -JIA-O v. tr., I sing or 
speak melodiously. 

binnpe, <j. id., pi. -ffoe, m. , a 
bench. See beinnre (A.). 

bioblA, y. id., pi. -roe, m., a 
bible ; ATI b. -oo CAbAq<c, to 
swear by the biblo ; biobt/Ait>e 
bjieige, lying bibles; beA|i- 
rAinn fAOfiA-6 -oobcA, tAn An 
DiobtA, I would clear myself 
before them, swearing by the 
whole Bible (Ulster song). 

GiocAifie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 

biocum, -turn, p. id. m., a viscount. 

bio-cvijiAm, -Aim, m., anxiety. 

bio-6, 3*. imper. of ACAim, I am ; 
is often used for whether ; bio-6 
re 65 no AorcA, whether he bo 
young or old ; also witk 50, for, 
although ; also for admitting, 
granted, as bio-6 50 troeAJAi-o, 
admitting that he went (Kea.). 

bio-6 (T>O bio-6), impf., was ; -oo 
bio-6 (who) used to be (had 
been) ; MAC bio-6, that there was 
not (Kea.) T>A mbio-6, if it were, 
if it had been (Iica.). 

biox>An, -Am, pi. id., m., a parasite, 
a calumniator ; calumny, back- 
biting. See beA-OAn. 

biotJAnAc, -Aije, a., slanderous, 
tattling. See beAtMtiAd. 

bio-6 !>A,f/. -bAn, -bA-6 and -&A1-6, pi. 
-bAi-oe, gpl. -bA-6, m., an enemy, 
a robber ; a guilty person. 

biox>bAnAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., an 
enemy, A thief, etc. Sec bio-6 tu\. 

bio-ooAnAf, -Aif, m., enmity, rob- 
bery, stealth. 

bto-og, -A, -AnnA, m., a start, a 
fright ; a passing fit of illness ; 
a spell of excitement. 

btox>5Ac, -Ai5e,a,, sprightly, vigor- 
ous; slop bio-ojAc, sprightly 
voice (C. M.); bA bio-ojAC 
]iAi-6ce, whose words were vig- 
orous (C. M.). 

bio-ojAt), -jrA, m., act of starting ; 
a start, sudden rousing ; a 
bounce, a leap. 

bio-ojAim, -A-6, v. intr., I start, 
rouse, startle ; become excited. 

bio-ojAipe, g. id., pi. --proe, m., a 
lively, active person. 

bio-ojAiriAit, -mtA, a., active, 
lively, frisky. 

bio-ojAiiitAcc, -A, /., activity, 
vivacity, liveliness. 

biotijcA, a., lively, active. 

bio-ogcAcc, -A, /., liveliness, viva- 

biot, -A, pi. id., /., a viol, a kind of 
musical instrument. 

biolAfi, -Aifi,p/. id., m., watercress. 

biol/ApAc, -Aije, /'., a spring rising 
amongst or flowing through 
watercress ; CnocAT) nA biolAji- 
Aije, Watcrgrass Hill (near 

biolA|iA<i, -Aije, a., abounding in 

btolAjt 5A|c6A, garden cress. 

biot-Aft jfiiAjAin, cuckooflower, 
ttluifte, brooklime. 
CHAJA, scurvy grass, 
uifce, watercress, brook- 

btoljiAn. See biotAp. 

bioji, g. biji and beAj<A, pi. beAjiA 
and biofiACA, m., a spit, a lance 
point, a spike; AJI 6. A ctnn, 
standing on his head. 

biOf(AC, -Aije, -ACA, f., a, boat 

biotiAC, -Aije, -&t&,f., a two-year- 
old heifer ; a spikud muzzle for 
calves ; a kind of wild reed. See 

biofiAc, -Aije, a., pointed. 

bioftA-6, -|ICA, pi. id., in., a piercing, 
a stinging. 

biojtAice, in., a spearman ; as a., 
fond of spears. 

biojiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a pin, a 
brooch ; a small pointed stake ; 
an injury; spite ( = beAttjiAn); b. 
ruAin, a magic pin which pro- 
duced sleep; b. bui-oe, a yellow 
brass pin, a trifle ; ni pi b. 
bui-oe e, it is valueless ; ni mo 
biopAn if e, it is not serious, 
it is only a trifle (A/.) ; pron. 
bi|ie.\n or bjiAn (A/.). 



biotunA6,-Aij;e,a., thorny, prickly, 

spiteful, vexatious. 
DiofiAtiAc, -Aij, -Aije, m., a boy ; a 

rakish person ; a pin-cushion. 
tMotiAf . Sec biolAjt. 
biojvoA, indec. a., sharp-pointed. 
t)io|voAcc, -A., /., sharp-pointed- 

biojroojiAf, -ofiAip, -oijire, m., a 

flood-gate. O'N. also gives 


t)ioji iACAl, a toothpick. 
biop-A, g. id., pi. -JAoice, m., a 

spear, a lance, a sting, a dart; 

biOfiJAticA, a., perplexing, hob- 

biofi lApc (pron. biofiAfc), m., a 

fish used for bait (Ker.). 
biop-triAi-oe, g. id., pi. --oiTDe, m., a 

long iron rod for searching bogs 

in quest of bog-oak. 
t)iofin ji|t|if 1A1-6, a hare lip (Om.). 
biot'jiA, indec. a., watery, marshy, 

abounding in springs and foun- 

tains ; hence Birr in King's Co. 
bio^t 14 ) 9- id., m., water, a stream. 
t)ioti|iAc, -Aij, m., bulrushes, reeds; 

a marsh, a marshy field ; bioji^Ac 

tAijeAti, common reed. 
t)iojijiAit)e, g. id., pi. -xi-6e, /., an 

osier, a sapling. 

tDiofijiAn, biofiftAiiAc. See beA|i|(An. 
t)iotit | -bui i oe, a., of yellow hair. 

-o, -uijce, TO., act of bud- 

ding, reviving, becoming active. 
t)ioji-f tAntuf, m., water plantain. 
thoti-fFONj /., a sharp nose, a 

short nose. 
t)ioti-ffi6riAC, -Aije, a., sharp- 

nosed, short-nosed. 
t)ioji-f uiteAc, -tije, a., sharp- 

sighted, quick-witted. 
t)ioc, -A, -AtinA, TO., a buoy. 
thocAilt. See biocAiLte. 
UiocAitte and biocAitce, g. id., pi. 

-tit>e and -Alice, /., whiskey ; 

spirits; strong drink; biocAitte 

bjiiojiriAji, ardent spirits (JI/cZ).). 

thocAitte is the nom. sing, in U. 
t)iot-bAine, /., continuity, eter- 

nity ; biot-buAineAcc, -A, id. 

t)ioc-ouAn, -Aine, a., eternal, ever- 

t)iot-cuitrini5im, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I 

remember continually, I keep in 

t)ioc-cv>fiAm, TO., continual care, 

over anxiety. 
thoc-cufiAtnAC, -Aije, a., over 

anxious, over careful. 

tJlOC-'OAlTl, -OAllTl, pi. id., TO., a 

constant or hereditary poet. 
t>toc-5fiAnnA, a., always ugly, very 

, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a small 

point or pin ; a thin piece of 

bog deal for lighting ; a small 

lighted chip of wood. 
thpitieAd, m., bennet, a hardy sea- 

shore reed, used for thatch and 

thfi-ionjnAc, -Aije, a., having long 

nails, like spits ; sharp-taloned. 
tDifitieAT), g. --peix), pi. -&, a cap, a 

hat (beAjiA-o, Don.). See 

t>if, a vice (mechanical). See 


t>ifeAc, -f'S e > a -> screw-curled (of 
the hair). 

t)ifeAc, -ps, m. (somet. /.), in- 
crease, profit ; amendment, im- 
provement, ease, relief (in 
sickness), convalescence ; the 
crisis in a disease ; b. -oo beic 
A|t . . . to improve (in health) ; 
b. o'pAJAit, to get relief from 
pain ; btiA-oAm bifij, a leap- 

tic (bioc), g. beACA, pi. biocA, TO., 
the world ; being, existence, life; 
Cjie tic, for ever ; used in neg. 
or interrog. sentences in such 
phrases as AJI bit, any at all ; 
CIA Aft bit, who at all? -cuine 
YATI tnbioc, anyone existing 
(Kea., F. F.) ; bic A ocuAifiipce, 
any tidings of them (with neg. 
phrase) (M.). 

t>it- (bioc-), prefix, denoting con- 
tinuance ; lasting, constant ; 
bit-beo, everlasting. See bioc. 

bit-biiij, -bjitoj, f., essence ; last- 
ing power or efficiency. 


( 69 ) 


bic-liiiijeAc, -jije, a., pertaining 
to the essence of a thing ; 

bic-cirmce, a., constantly exact, 
very precise, ever certain ; 50 b., 
most particularly, especially. 

bic--6eoin,/., constant willingness; 
oom B., ever willingly. See 

bic-x>ileAp, a., ever-faithful; Gup 
mbocc-CAjtA bic-t>iteAp 50 b^f, 
your poor ever-faithful friend 
till death (Kea., F. F.). 

, g. id., /., constant fear. 
, a., thievish, roguish, 
cunning, deceitful ; as p. a., 

biteAmnAC 1 , -AIJJ, pi. id., m., a thief, 
roguo, rascal, beggar (applied 
even to cattle) ; padding in the 
sole of a shoe. (Older spelling, 

bicin, in phr. X>A 6., -04, b. fin, on 
that account. 

bic-neiriineAc, -mje, a., ever de- 
structive, ever venomous. 

bitr-pe, g. id., /., a lifetime ; from 
birth to death. 

bic-ittA}tAirn, -A-6, V. tr., I con- 
stantly attend on or provide 
for ; I constantly govern or 
direct (with AJI). 

bic-popttAroe, a., everlasting, 

blA, m., the white-crested sea. 

blAbAjiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a stam- 

blA-6, q. blAix> and btom, pi. 
btAx>cjtACA, m., a bit, a frag- 
ment; CA re 'riA bl.v6c|tACAi6, 
it is broken into fragments. 

blAx>, -A, m., renown, fame, repu- 

blA-oAc, --oAitje, a., renowned, 

blA-oAcc, -A,/., the act of breaking 
into fragments. 

bl/ATJAim, -OAX), v. tr., I break 
into fragments, I pulverize. 

blA-oAifi, -e, -roe, /., a flame 

btATKMjie, 17. id., pi. -ftnje, m., a 
flatterer, a wheedler. 

cc, -A,/., flattery, coax- 

rl. -AijieAcc and 

btA-oA]i, v. tr., I coax, flatter, 

blAX>Aji, -Aifi, m., flattery, coax- 

ing ; act of flattering or coaxing ; 

teic AS btATOAji leij% coaxing 

or flattering him. 
blAt>AjiAc, -Aije, a., coaxing, flat- 

blAx>m, -A, -AntiA, m., a flame, a 

blaze ; blAoi^e and bLA-oAip 

bl/A-omAifte, g. id ,pl. -^n-oe, m., an 

uproarious fellow ; a boaster, a 

btATDmAtin, -Ainn, m., bragging, 

boasting ; also blazing up, send- 

ing forth steam as a fermented 

hay -stack ; empty words. 
btA'omAnnAc, -Aije, a., boasting, 

blAiimfAt, -Aij, pi. id., m., a blaze, 

a conflagration. 
blAt>itAim, --O^AX*, v. tr., I coax, I 

flatter, I appease. 
btAjoi-o, -e, -ix>e, /., a bald pate ; 

also blA^AT) (Don.). 
blAinrneoj;, -0150, -OJA, /., a bog- 

berry (Don.). 
blAireA-6, -AfCA, m., a tasting ; a 

sipping a small portion of any 

food or drink. 

mi, -fCA-o, v. tr., I taste, sip. 
, fir. id., pi. -mi-oe, /., 

blAif pineAcc, -A, /., light tasting, 


blAircm, -e,/., act of tasting. 
blAirnnceAcc, -A, /., the pro- 

longed sucking of a sweet, etc. 

bt<MC, -e, a., fair, beautiful, 

polished, smooth. 
bl.iic, -e, ., warm (U.). 
blAite, g. id., /!, smoothness, 

sleekness ; blAiceAcc, -A, /., 

blAiceAfAi, -tirije, a., smooth, 

blAic-pleArc, -eifce, pi. - 

f., n gTrlaiul. a wreath. 

( 70 


Aicin, y. id., pi. -i-6e, m., a little 

flower ; a small blossom. 
blAii-1iA5, /., a pumice-stone ; a 

smooth stone. 

btAit-fliobtA,jp. a., beautifully or 

smoothly polished (of a spear,etc.) 

btAnnt>Ats -A1|\, pi. id., m., dis- 

simulation, flattery, sycophancy. 
btAOt), -oit), m. t a shout, a loud 

cry ; /. (Con.) See jtAO-o. 
btAO'OAc, -AoiTire, m. , act of crying 

out. See gtAOTDAc. 
blAOT>Acc, -A,/., a loud shouting, 

btAO-oAim, -OAC, v. intr., I shout, 

I boast, I brag. 
tDtAO'om, -A, m., a great flame. See 

c, -Aije, a., shouting, 

clamorous ; fiery. 
blAo-oogAc, -Aije, a., clamorous. 
blAO-ojiAC, -Atje, a., clamorous, 

shouting, noisy. 
btAorc, -01 fee, -A, /., a scale, a 

shell, an egg-shell ; a skull, the 

head. See plAorc. 
blAopcAim, -A-O, v. tr., I beat 

violently, hammer, crush. See 

blar-, -Aif , pi. id., m., taste, flavour, 

relish ; an accent (in speech) ; a 

jot ; with neg., nothing ; a bad 

taste ; liking, desire ; ni't Aon 

bl/Af Aije ojim, he likes me not; 

f eAti-bl/Af, disregard, dislike ; 

F AJAItn blAf Aft T)O CAintIC, I 

approve of your sentiments. 
btAf Aim, -A^O, v. tr., I taste, sip, 

test. See blAifim. 
blAfCAjitiAc, -Aije, /., act of 

smacking the lips. 
blAf-cumtiA, indcc. a., sweet- 

bLAfCA, indcc. a., delicious, excel- 

lent, tasty, savoury ; in good 

taste ; refined, elegant ; fluent, 

blAfCAcc, -A, /., excellence, deli- 

ciousness, elegancy ; fluency. 
blAfCAnAf, -Aif, m., taste, savour, 

btAfcoj, -6156, -65*, f., a sweet- 

mouthed wuiniin. 

Ac, g. blAtte and blACA, pi. 
blAcA, TO. and /., a bloom, blos- 
som, flower-bud ; b. VIA hoije, 
the bloom of youth ; bl^c bui-oe, 
dandelion ; b. bAti HA f inne, 
the white blossom of fairness, 
an epithet of a pretty girl (Old 

blACAc, -Aije, ., flowery; beauti- 
ful ; renowned. 

bl/ACAc, g -A156, btAicce, /., but- 

blACAcc, -A, /., act of flowering, 
blossoming, floweriness. 

btACAx>6iti, -6|iA, -6ijiix>e, m., a 

btACAim, -Ax>, v. tr. and intr., I 
bloom, I flourish ; I adorn. 

blAiAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a small 
flower, a bud ; also a fry, as 
salmon fry ; a kind of rock -fish. 

btAC-bui-oe, indcc. a., swarthy. 

blAr-cAinnc, -e, /., flowery lan- 
guage ; idle speech. 

btAC-cAinnceAc, -nje, a., sweet- 
tongued, cultured, polished. 

blAc-cAom, -e, a., smooth-plated, 

blAc-polc, m., beautiful locks of 
hair. See pol/c. 

bl/At-JAf, -JAif , pi. id., and -fA, 
TO., a fair stalk ; a blooming 
scion. See jjAf . 

btAcmAineAcc, -A, /., floweriness, 
bloom, spruceness, trimness. 

blACiriAfi, -Aipe, a., beautiful, 
young, flowery, warm, gay. 

btAC HA mboriAc, TO., red poppy, 
corn rose, commonly called 
luifijneAc -6eAj\5, the red stalk. 

bl/Acrmijim, -UJA-O, v, tr., I 
smoothe, stroke. 

blAC-oibtujim, -mJAX), v. tr. and 
intr., I embroider, work in 
figures or flowers. 

btAcuijim, -uJAT), v. tr. and intr., 
I bloom, I flourish, I blossom, I 
smoothe, polish, I bedeck, deco- 
rate, adorn, strew with flowers. 

bleAcc, -A, f., milk ; kine, milch 
cows ; as a., milky. 

bleAccAc, -Aije, -ACA, /., a milch 


( 71 ) 

-<v6, v. tr., I coax, 
wheedle, entice. 

bleAccAijie, g. id., pi. -\\rne, m., a 
person that milks cows ; a 
manager of milk ; one who deaL 
in milk ; a wheedler, a flatterer ; 
a detective. 

bleAcrAti, -Aiti, pi. id., m., the 
asphodel or daffodil. 

bleAccAn bui-oe, m., a yellow weed 
growing among potatoes. 

bleAccA]', -Air, m., lactation ; 

bleAcc-'ouAncAc', -Aie, a., poem- 

bleAcc-jrocA-OAti, -Atn, pi. id., m., 
the common sow-thistle (f6t- 
AtitiAti min). 

bleAccmAji, -Aijie, a., abounding 
in milk ; fruitful. 

bleAccuix>e, g. id., pi. --ore, m., 
a feeder, a supporter. 

bteAJAtm, -A-O, v. tr., I milk (Con. 
and U.}; also blijim. 

bleA^-oAfi, -Aiji (blioT)A]i), m., sour 
curded milk. 

bteAn, -6me, pi. -emti-oe, in Con. 
bleAtiC|tACA, and in W, Ker. 
bleAticACA, /., the groin ; a nar- 
row, low tongue of land ; a 
harbour, a bay (nom. also btem). 

bleAIIAC (bleAJflAc), -A1 ,pl. -Aljje 

or -ACA, m., a milking. 

bleAti-FAifirin5, -e, a., broad- 

bleAiAc, -Aie, -ACA, f., a bag of 
corn for grinding ; a kiln-cast ; 
a largo quantity of anything (ais 
of meal, etc.). 

bleACAfc, -Aije, a., having power 
to grind. 

bLeicc-ptfeAn, m., the milk 

t)lero, -e, /., impertinence, cajo- 
lery, wheedling, flattery, re- 
quest, petition. 

blci-oeAriiAit, -iiilA, a., imperti- 
nent, toazing, flattering. 

t)Leit)t](e, fj. id., pi. -^i-oe, m., an 
impertinent fellow, a wheedler. 

btefo-miol (blem, any monstrous 
beast or fish), m., a whale (Ker.). 
See miol m6]i. 

j, m., a mullet. 
t>lem, -e, -ci-oe, the groin ; also, 

a narrow, low tongue of land ; 

a harbour, a bay. See bleAii. 
bteineAc, -m'se, /., a white-loined 

t>lem-pionn, -jhnne, a., having 

white spots about the loins 

(of a cow or other such 


t)LeiteA6, -tij, pi. id., m., a quan- 
tity or portion of corn sent to a 

mill (Con.}. See bteACAc. 
bleiteAc, -ti, -A, TO., a mullet ; 

b. OCAJIJ, a species of red 

mullet ; also blenJceAc. 
tJtetteACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

bleiti-ooAC, in phr. b. cemeA-o, a 

rousing firo. See beilreAc. 
bleoncuijic, -e, /. See bleArAc. 

(bleoncui]ic is used in W. Ker. 

in the sense of btCACAd, which 

is also used.) 
bliA-oAin, <7.--6nA, pi. --onA, --OAIIA 

and --oAnrA, gfil. --6 AH , /., a year ; 

i mbLiAxbriA, this year ; b. 50 

teic, a year and a half ; b. bifij, 

a leap year. 
t)tiAt>AncAc, -Aije, a., yearly ; 50 

bliA-oAtitAc, yearly (T. G.). 
t)liAT>nAriiAil, -mtA, a., yearly ; 

alSO bllAT>A11CA1T)All. 

t3Li5eA|fo, -AI^I-O, -Afit)Ai-6ce, m., a 
blackguard (A.). 

bliseAtvoAvoeAcc, -A, /., black- 
guardism, rowdyism (A.). 

bLiocAn (bliocrAn), -AUI, pi. id., 
m., bastard asphodel. See bteAc- 


bLtoccriiAft, -Aijie, a., milk-pro- 
ducing. See blcAcctriAti. 

bliop AH, -AUI, pi. id., m., an arti- 

blob, -A, -Ann^, m., a full or thick 
mouth (also plob)). 

blobA, ff. id., pi. -ATJA and -Af6e, 
m., a bubble ; the rise of a blis- 
ter ; a blab (also pLobA) 

blobAC, -Aie, ., blistered ; having 
bubbles ; thick-lipped (also 

, g. id., pi. -ttix>e, m., a 


( 72 ) 

blubber-lipped person, a stam- 
merer (also ptobAijie). 

blobAifieAdc, -A, /., a speaking 
thickly or unmelodiously. 

blobAjtAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a blub- 
ber-lipped person, a stutterer ; 
one who speaks thickly or indis- 

bloc, g. bluic, pi. id., m., a. block. 

blocAijie, g. id., pL. -jii-oe, m., a 
strong, stout person or thing. 

bl6x>, -o\i),pl. -oxiAand -o'ocpAcd, 
m., a bit, a fragment. See blAT>. 

bloT>AT>, -OX>CA, m., act of reducing 
to bits. See blA-oA-o. 

bloTJAim, vl. blo-oAT), v. tr., I 
break, destroy (also btAX>Aim). 

blojAtn, -Aim, pi. id., m., a mouth- 
ful, a sup, a small portion ; 
blojAm bAinne, a sup of milk ; 
an easy-going person (Clare}. 
See boljAm. 

blomj, -e, pi. -ite and -eAdA, /., 
a bubble (noni. also blomge). 

bloimjeAn, -Jin, pi. id., m., any 
plant with curled leaves. 

bloimgeAn jAft-jfOA, m., garden 

bloipc, -e, /., a din, a noise. See 

bloipc-beim, -e, pi. -eAnnA, gpl. 
-eAnn,/., a united stroke. 

bloifc-eAp, -CAfA, pi. id., m., a 
noisy waterfall, cataract. 

blotnAifie, g. id., pi. -jtix>e, m., a 
boaster, a vain person. 

blotr>Ap,-Aip,m., ostentation, show- 
ing off, vanity. 

blomAfAc, -Aije, a., vain, showy, 

bLonoj, -0156, /., fat, grease. 

blono5Ac, -Aii;e, a., fat, greasy. 

blopc, -01 pc, pi. id., m., light; a 
clear voice ; a noise or explosion 
(bloipc) ; a congregation. 

blopcAc, -Ai^e, a., clear-voiced ; 
boasting ; robust, strong ; ox- 

blorcAT), g. -Ait> and -CCA, m., a 
sound, a report, a loud noise ; 
relief from pain ; light, radi- 
ance; btopCAX) 'n-A tiAJAi-6 "gup 
'n-A jAijie, radiance in 

her face and light in her laugh 
(G. M.). 

btopcAim, -A-O, v. tr., I resound, 
report, sound, explode, blow a 
horn or trumpet, fire a gun. 

ie, g. id., pi. -^i-oe, m., a 
public crier ; a collector ; a 

Aoti, -Aoijt, pi. id., m., a 
public crier. See btorcAijie. 

bloc, m., liquid solidified (as soup). 

btuimc, -e, /., lard, fat, grease. 

btuipe, g. id., pi. -jti-oe and -JICACA, 
m., a bit, a morsel, a crumb, a 
fragment, (bluijie is common 
in M.) See bfiuifte. 

bo, g. id., d. bom, bum, pi. bA, 
gpl. bo, dpi. buAib, a cow ; bo 
bAinne, a milch cow ; bo AltAix>, 
a wild ox, a buffalo ; bo cotim- 
Ai5, a springing cow. 

bo, inter j., boo ! 

bob, buib, pi. bobAnn A, m., a trick ; 
" confidence trick " ; an act of 
fraud ; ouAit fe bob o|im, he 
took me in, played me false. 

bobAitin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a 
small knob or tuft, as on a 
child's cap. 

bobo ! interj., hands off ! touch 
me not ! fie ! nonsense ! ( U. in 
latter meaning). 

boc, interj., woe ! alas ! bod 
OIACUAC, oh, bitter woe (O'Sa.), 
heyday (O'N.).; Amboc, id. 

boc, g. buic, pi. id., m., a he-goat ; 
a blow. See poc. 

bocAifie, g. id., pi. -niT>e, m., a 
small cake ; a striker ; a beg- 
gar ; bocAifie nA mbAncA (or 
pocAipe nA inbAncA), a magpie. 
See pocAijie. 

bocAn, -&\-n,pl. id., m., a he-goat ; 
bocAn 5AbAiji, a he-goat. See 

bocAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hook ; 
the hook on a threshold 011 
which the eye of a door-hinge 
hangs ; a hinge. See bACAti. 

bocAn, in the pi., certain spiritual 
beings. See bAnAn. 

boCAnAc. See bAcAnAd. 

bocnA, g. id., f. (someb. m.), the 


( 73 ) 


ocean ; somet. applied to human 
life ; min A' foocnA, Meeny- 
vouglina, near Castle Island. 

bocoix), -e, -nJe, /., a spot, a 
freckle ; the stud or boss of a 
shield ; also bo5oit>. 

bocoineAc, -"0156, a., speckled 
with red ; (of animals) dappled 
(also bosoitjeAc) ; usual in folk- 

bocjrA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a box ; 
also bofcA. 

bocc, gf>f, boicce, poor, needy ; 
lean, thin, slight ; often also 
used as a noun ; also used in the 
sense of poor, in phrases like An 
peAfi bocc, poor fellow ! 

boccAcc, -A, /., poverty, distress. 

boccAine, g. id., /., poverty, 
calamity, penury. 

boccAitieAcc, -A., /., poverty, 
meanness of spirit. 

boccAineAf, -nip, m., destitution, 

boccAn, g. -Ain, pi. id., m., a poor 
person, a pauper ; a miser ; a 
miserable-looking person. 

boccuijpm, -uJA-6, v. tr., I im- 
poverish, render poor. 

box), g. bui-o, pi. id., m., the penis ; 
dim. bui-oin, id. 

boT>Ac, -AI, pi. id., m., a clown, a 
churl ; cod-ling. 

bot>ACAriiAit, -riilA, a., clownish, 

boTJACAmlAcc, -&,f., churlishness, 
boorish ness, clownishness. 

bo-OAc -oub, a kind of codfish. 

boDAc jAUA-6, a sea-fish, called the 
rock cod. 

box)Aicin bui-6e,m., yellow pollock 

bo-OAijie, (j. ill., 2^1. -tiit>e, m., a 

bo-DAi^te, ff. id., /., deafness ; men- 
tal confusion ; a troublesome 
person ; b. Ui VaoJAifte ofic, is 
a common imprecation in M., 
origin uncertain. 

box>AijieAc, -^15, pi. id., m., a 
churl ; often applied to females, 
in which case it is declined as a 
masc. noun, voc., A 

box>4ittli'n, g. id., pi. -nie, m., a 
minnow, a species of fish. 

box>Afi, -Aijte, a., deaf, bothered ; 
confused; annoyed; troubled. 

boT>AjtAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a sieve- 
like shallow wooden vessel with 
sheep-skin bottom ; a dildurn. 

box)A{(-6tAOix)ce, p. a., struck 

box>lAc, -AIJ, m., memlrum virile. 

boTDog. See bA-oos- 

bo^oojAcc, -A, /., rage, fury ; con- 
dition of a heifer looking for the 
bull (O'N.). 

bo'ojiAX), -OAjicA, m., deafness, 
stunning, confusion ; b. I/BAC, 
confusion attend you, bother 

box>f<Aitn (bOTJjtuijim), -A'o, v. tr., 
I make deaf, I stun, I confuse ; 
TIA box>Aiji me, don't annoy me; 
tiA bi Am' 6ox>tiAx>, don't bother 

box>pAn (boT>A)iAn), -Ain, pi. id., 
m., a deaf person ; a person of 
indifferent hearing; one who 
speaks with an indistinct voice ; 
cf., bo-op.An jAn eipceAcc (Don. 
sony}. See bo-oAjtAn. 

bog, gsf. buije, a., soft, tender, 
penetrable ; agreeable ; easily 
dealt with (of persons) ; fair, 
mild, damp (of weather) ; luke- 
warm, e.g., uifce boj. 

bojjA, g. id., pi. id. and -ATJA, TO., 
a bow ; the bow of a boat ; boJA 
teACA, a rainbow. 

bojAc, -AIJ, -Aije, TO., a swamp, a 
quagmire, a bog, a moor. 

bojAc, -Ai5e, a., tender, soft. 

bo5A-6, g. -SCA and -AIX>, m., a 
moving, a softening, a stirring, 
a brandishing, a shaking, a steep- 
ing, a welling ; An JAOC A^ 
bo^A'o HA jcjiAob, the wind 
rocking the branches. 

bojA-OAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
shaking, a quivering ; an un- 
steady object ; a soft, tender 

bo5AT>JAit,, -e, /"., act of constantly 
stirring or moving about ; gesti- 

( 74 ) 


t)oj;<vo6iti, -OJIA, -6i|n-6e, m., an 

t)o5At>6ijieAcc, -A, f., archery. 

tioJA pftAip, m,, a rainbow. 

boJAim, -AT), v. tr. and intr., I 
arch, I bend. 

t>O5Aim, -AX>, v. tr. and intr., I 
move, I stir, I slacken ; I brand- 
ish, shake, rock, loosen ; I 
steep, soften ; bo$ ope (1/eAc, 
Don.), move on ; An bocAft x>o 
bo5Ax>, to move on, proceed on 
one's journey ; bo$ oiom, let 
go your hold of me ; bog iiom 
e, push it close to me ; AJI 
bojA-o, steeping (in water, etc.) ; 
OA bojAx) AS AH TRAGIC, being 
rocked by the wind. 

t)oj;Aif ce, <j. id., pi. -ciTie, m., lug- 
gage ; one's belongings (boCAif- 
ce, Mayo). Also bA5eipce. 

t>6 JAtritiA, f., a stripper cow. 

tJojAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., an egg laid 
without the shell ; a delicate or 
effeminate person ; a quagmire 
(Der.). See bojAnAc. 

bojAriAc, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a soft 

tJojAfAc (bospAfAc), -Aije, a., 

t>oJA f in', m., a rainbow ; a halo. 

t)o5-beijibte, half-boiled. 

t)o5-Duinn, -e, -nee,./!, a bulrush ; 
scirpus lacustris ; a twig, a 
wicker ; now. also boj-buinne. 

boj-co^jitA, p. a., moderately 

boj-cjtoi-oeAc, -x>i5e, a., tender- 

t>O5-T>fiuipeA6, -fise, a., effemi- 

tJog-pAf, -f Aif, m., soft growth ; 

boj-jluAif BACC, -A,y., easy move- 

bojlAc, -Ai5, m., softness ; a 
marsh ; rain, wet weather 

t)O5-tACAi]<,/., bulrushes ; a bul- 

bojttif, -uif, m., the ox-tongue 

1)0565, -6156, -654, /., an egg 

laid without a shell. See 

t)O50i-oeAc, -'oije, a., chequered 
or spotted. 

tJoj-om, a., soft and tender ; an 
epithet of t)AnoA. 

t)os|iAc, -Aije, /., a boggy place ; 
rainy weather. 

ttojUAt), -Aix>, m., tenderness, 
generous or reasonable treat- 
ment (opposed to cftuAx>cAn) ; 
tii t)pi5piT)e te bo5fiAT> TIA te 
cnuATarAti e, he is not to be 
gained over by blandishments 
or by threats. 

t)6ic, -e, /., a projecting part of 
backstone of hearth in old 
houses (Om.). See buAic. 

t)oicimin, g. id., pi. -ix>e., a bul- 
rush (nom. also boiciriiin). 

boicin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a little 
buck ; fig., a rakish fellow, a cad 
(also buicin). 

t)oic-teitn (boc-), f., a bound, a 
jump, a leap like that of a buck. 

t>oic-teimim, -teimneAc, I leap or 
bound like a buck, I frisk about. 

t)oic-leimneAc, -mje, /., act of 
leaping, bounding, skipping 
(in M. sp. I., boc-leimfteAc and 
poic-teimjn5) ; CA TIA 5AtiinA 
AJ poc-tetmjuj, the calves are 
bounding about. 

, g. id., f., poverty, penury, 
i, a vow, etc. See moit>. 

t)6it>citi, g. id., pi. -ixe, m., a 
bodkin (Fer.). 

t)6it)eACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

t)oit)icin, g. id., pi. -mx>e, m., a 
churl, a boor, a rustic ; dim. of 

t)oi5-beAtAc, -Aijje, a., soft- 
mouthed, soft-lipped, witless. 

t)oi5-beAlAcc, -A, /., stammering, 

t)oi5-b|tifim, -feATJ, v. intr. and tr., 
I burst asunder easily ; HA 
tiojtcA AJ boig-bnipeAT), the 
countries bursting asunder, 
gaping, breaking up (T. G.\ 

t)oijtieAn, -Am, m., flummery. 

, g. id., pi. -ci-oe, m., a bait, 



an allurement ; one says boi.$ce 
mie, "]c. 

boij;-ce, -ceo, a., luke-warm ; of 
a moderate temperature. 

boijceoiii, -OJIA, -oittix>e. m., an 
allurer, a coaxer, a wheedler. 

boils, -e, -ix>e, /., a sunken or 
submerged rock near the shore. 

boilj (bwits), -e, /., a great swell- 
ing of the sea ; the disease of 
swelling in cattle (pi. of botj;). 

boitj-lioncA, p. a., full-bellied ; 
satisfied with food. 

boillin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m. t a loaf; 
shop bread, as distinguished 
from home-made bread; buileAti, 
buiti'n and bulos are also found. 

boillpceAtin, -cinne, -A, J., the 
navel ; the very middle of any- 
thing (O'N.) ; b. TIA bliAxmA, 
middle of the year (Der.). 

boillrceAtinAcr, -A, /., act of 
bulging out (O'N.). 

boimbeAt, -eit, -eAlA, m., a roof- 
tree (Clare) ; the mouth, the 
brim ; tin 50 boimbeAl, full to 
the brim. 

bomeA-o, -6ite, -CA-OA,/., a bonnet 
(U.). See boirmeic. 

boineAtin, -ntnne, a., feminine. 

bomeAntiAc, -Aije, -ACA, f., a 
female ; if puAt tiom bom- 
eAnnAc iomAt)A6 -tiATOceAd, 
I dislike a proud, garrulous 
woman (C. M.). 

bomn, -e, /., the River Boyne ; a 
few small streams are also called 

boinneATi. See bumneAti. 

boinneic, -e, -i-oe, /., a bonnet ; 
pcinnpT) 6 IlijhtAtrof tucr 
blAC-boinneic, the people of 
beautiful bonnets will rush from 
the Highlands (McD.). In />. I., 

bomn-teAc, -tice, -teACA, J., a 
sore, hard swelling on the foot- 
sole ; bonn-buAt/AX), id. 

bomtifeoiji, -oftA, -oi|U-6e, m., a 
thrower, a flinger. 

boipb. See bopb. 

l)ottib-bjtiAtt\Ac, -Aij^e, a., fierce- 
spoken, vain-spokeu. 

boi|ib-eAcc, m., a fierce, wild 

boijib-leA-ojiA-o, m.,act of savagely 

tearing, hacking. 
boi|ib-neitrmeAc, -11156, a., fierce 

and vindictive. 
boijice, g. id., f., a swelling ; a 

t)oitt-cioc, /., a swollen or pro- 

tuberant breast. 
boi^cfte, -c]MAt>, -cjUAxiAnnA, f., 

marl ; a fat kind of clay ; fuller's 

botfi-cfttA'DAc, --oAijje, a., bitumi- 

nous, marly. 
t)6itvo-lior, -leAfA, pi. id., and 

-tiojMnn A, m.,afort on the margin 

of a river, or of the sea ; 50 

boijvo-liop nA t)6irme bAtne, to 

the margin-fort of the fair Boyno 

boitieAnti, -ttne, -A,/., a large rock ; 

a stony district ; a rocky hill 

(whence Burren in Clare ; bAite 

ttoittne, Ballyvourney, etc.). 
t)6ifceAtfiAit, -AifilA, a., brilliant, 

flashing, luminous. 
DoifceAncA, indec. a., flashy, 

boifcim, -ceA'o, v. intr., I flash, I 

t)oireo5, -oige, -OJA, /., a slight 

slap with the hand. See 

DoiceAc, -cije, 7?i., byre, cow- 

house (Don.). 
boiccAll, -ciLt,m., pride, haughti- 

boiteAltAc 1 , -Aie, a., proud, 

haughty, furious, passionate. 
boireAllAc, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a 

strong, stout youth. 
boiceAllAcc, -A,f., pride, passion, 

boiceAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a small 

bundle of hay or straw. 
tDoicjtin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a lane, 

a small road, a " borccn." 
boicpeAdAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

sturdy young lad, under 18 years 

of age or so. 
botACC, -A, /., an abundance of 

cows and milk ; a stock of kino 



and the produce and profit 

toolA-6, g. -A1-6 and -Ai-oce, pi. id., 
m., smell, scent ; b. An f ceil, a 
hint of the story ; b. nA huifie, 
the sinell in the sick room that 
presages death (Ker.). toolAiie 
and bAlArce are also used. 
toolAirtin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 

stout youngster (Con.). 
toolAice, g. id., m., a scent, a smell. 

See bolAT>. 
toolAitisim, -1U5A-6, v. tr., I smell, 


toolAttiAn, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a horse- 
mackerel (Mayo). 
toolAn. See bullAn. 
toolAnn, -Ainne, -A, /., an ox-stall, 

a cow-house, 
toolb, g. btnlb. pi. id., m., a kind 

of caterpillar (P. O'CJ. 
toolcAn, -Am, m., a kind of spirits ; 

strong drink. Also bulcAn. 
bolj;, 9- bui ^S> boitg, pi. id., m., 
the belly, womb, stomach ; a 
bag, a pouch, a receptacle, a 
repertoire ; the hold of a ship ; 
a pimple, a bulge ; in pi., bel- 
lows ; the little husks of seeds, 
as those of flax ; ACA botg moji 
cl/Ainne AICI, she is in advanced 
pregnancy ; b. An cf olAtAifi, a 
miscellany ; AJ f eit>eA > 6 nA 
tnbols, blowing the bellows 
toolsAc, -A15, -Aise, m., a boil, a 

blister, a blain. 

toolsAc, -Aise, /., the small-pox ; 
b. mince, swine-pox ; b. TIA 
CAC); b. fn Anne AC, the foreign 
toolsAc, -Aise., a., stout-bellied, 

toolsAx>An bo, m., a parasite on 

toolsAim, -A-O, v. tr. and intr., I 

swell, I blow out, I innate. 
t)ol5Ai|te, g. id., pi. -tiix>e } m., a 
blower, a puffer, a bloater, a low- 
sized, corpulent person. 
tooljAifieAct:, -A, a blowing, a 
puffing, a bloating. 

, -Aim, pi. bol5AtnA and 
boljAim, m., a sup, a mouthful 
of drink (in M., bolmAc). See 

An, -Am, pi. id., m. (dim. of 
bolj;, the belly), a little bag ; 
a pod that contains seed ; a 
pouch ; the inner point, the 
centre ; b. beice, a fuzzball ; 
b. uifce, a water-bubble. 

tJotgAn teAtAifi,TO., a small leather 
pouch ; a pair of bellows. 

bots-cofAc, -Ai5e, a., bandy- 

tools ' oe4 1 1 S' m -> a sm all sand-eel. 

tools-mop, -m6i]ie, a., large- 

tools-fAocAji, -Ai|t, m., asthma, 
or shortness of breath (bolj- 
f AOC, id.) 

toolg f6i'o^ e > *., a puff ball. 

tools fnAmtA, m., the swimming 
bladder of a fish. 

tools-f "il, f-, a prominent eye. 

tools-fuileAC, -lise, a., having 
prominent eyes ; blistered, 

toolsuisce, p. a., puffed up, blis- 

toollA, g. id., pi. -1-oe, m., a bowl ; 
a buoy used over fishing-nets. 

toollos, -6156, -OSA, /., a loaf of 
bread ; a shell ; a skull, the 
crown of the head. 

toollfCAijie, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., 
a herald, a crier at court, a 
master of ceremonies; a brawler, 
a boaster, a bully ; also boll- 

toollfCAi]ieAcc, -A, act of scolding, 
crying, shouting (Om. and Don.). 

toollfCAifum, -CA^A-O, v. intr., I 
proclaim, I cry aloud. 

toollfCAflAT), -fltA, pi. id., m., 

boasting, brawling, impudence. 

toolniAn, -Am, pi. -Am, m., a horse- 
mackerel (also bo I Am An). 

toolos, -6156, -OSA, /., a yearling 
bullock, an ox. 

toolcA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., the bolt 
of a door. 

toolcAnAf , -Aif, m., a smelling ; a 
scent ; a perfume. 


( 77 ) 


An bui-oe, m., ragweed (U.). 
botcnAc, -Aije, a., rank, etrong- 

bolcnuJA-o, -uijce, m., act or 

power of smelling ; melaph., 

act of carefully investigating. 
bolcnuisim, -UJATJ, v. tr., I smell, 

scent, perfume. 
bomAnA6, -Aij, -Aije, m., a boast- 

ing or blustering fellow., -A, /., a habit of 

boasting or blustering. 
bomAtiAim, -At), v. intr., I boast, 

I brag. 
botiA, g. id., pi. -Aixie, a collar; a 

shirt-collar ; an enclosure ; a 

pound. See potiA. 
bonti, g. bumn, pi. bontiAi-oe and 

bumn, m., the sole of the foot ; 

the foot ; the sole of a shoe ; 

the trunk or stump of a tree ; 

te n-A bonn, in pursuit of him, 

at his heels, cf., te n-A coir ; 

Aft A oonnAib, on his legs (in lit. 

and metaph. sense) ; puAfiA-o 

bonti, a foot cooling, a resting ; 

teAt-bonn, a half-sole ; tAicfieAC 

bonn, quickly, on the spot. 
bonn, g. bumn, pi. id., m., a piece 

of money, a groat, a medal ; 

bonn Aitijro, a silver medal ; 

bonn 6ijt, a gold medal ; bonn 

bui-oe, a yellow medal; bonn 

tiAx>, a copper or brass medal ; 

bonn bAn, a shilling (Om.). 
bonnAit), -e, -ix>e, ?., an ankle- 

bonnAtxe, g. id., pi. --ote, m., a 

foat soldier. 
bonnAijie, g. id., pi. -fn-oe, m., a 

footman, a pedestrian, a courier ; 

bonnAijte piAT>-pic p Am (McD.) 
bonnAijteACc, -A, j., constant 

posting or running. 
bonnAn but-oe, m., a bittern (also 

bonn-an teAnA). 
bonnAnrA, indec. a., strong, stout ; 

bonn-5wAtA-6, m., inflammation ; 

a stone-bruiso on the foot-sole ; 

CA bonn-buAlAx> Afi mo 

inj" hcrls are l>cconiing inflamed 
\t/. and Con.); bumn-leAc in M. 

bonn T>ettti-6, m., stern seine-rope 

in fishing (Ker.). 
bonn tin, m., a foot-rope used in 

seine-fishing (Ker.). 
bonnoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a cake, a 

bannock ; also a leap, a jump. 
bonnojjAc, -Aije, a., bouncing, 

bonnpAC, -Aij;e, -&t&,f., a wattle ; 

a javelin ; a dart ; bonnf AC 

CAitin, a "slip" of a girl; 

b. f lAice, a twig. 
bonnfACC, -A, /., a skipping, a 

jumping, a darting, 
bonnfuijim, -tiJAX), v. tr. and 

intr., I pitch, I throw, I jump, 

I leap, I gambol. 
bonncAifce, g. id., pi. -ci-oe and 

-CCACA, /., profit, advantage. 

See btancAipce. 
bonn cor Ait, m,, bow seine-rope 

bojiAC, -Aije, a., having crooked 

feet, or feet turning outward at 

an awkward angle ; bandy- 

bojiA6, -AIJ, m., a person with 
crooked or ill-shaped feet. 

bopACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a person 
with crooked feet. 

boftAmA, g. bourne,/, a tribute ; a 
levy, tax, contribution ; cf., 
bojiAmA tAijeAn, the Leinster 

bopb, gsf. buijibe, a., sharp, fierco, 
haughty, severe ; rich, luxuri- 
ous ; oz heavy foliage ; luscious 
(as fodder, etc.) ; ignorant (obs.). 

bopbAcc, -A, /., fierceness ; 
haughtiness, severity, luxur- 
iousnoss (nom. also buijibeAcc), 

bottbAf, -Aif, m., haughtiness, 
fierceness, severity. 

bojtb-cucAC, -Aij, TO., fierce wrath ; 
gs. as a., fierce, wrathful. 

bojro, -uifo, pi. id., m., a table, a 
board ; a plain surface ; a 
border or verge ; Ap boj< i o, on 
the table, publicly exhibited; 
A|t b. (ttamje), on board a ship; 
b6jn> nA heAnjAi-oe, the lar- 
board ; bojco nA fceA^AiTie, the 


( 78 ) 


, -Aije, a., liberal at meals; 
keeping a good table. 

lipped ; fringed with red. 
bofTO-oineAft, -fiiji, pi- id., m., a 

brink, a margin. 
bojig, g. -buiftj, pi. id. and -A, m., 

a castle ; fii-bops, a royal castle. 

See bjiog and bjiuj. 
bojijjAifte, g. id., pi. -fiiT>e, fn., a 

burgher, a citizen. 
t)ojifi, g. bvnftji, pi. boftfiA, 77i., a 

bunch, a lump ; pride, haughti- 

ness (3 f. of An., p. 218). 
bofi-fi, a., grand, proud, strong ; 

bojtft-f ^ AC > /> a strong rod (3 f. 

of An. p. 218). 
bofttiAc, -Aije, a., proud, haughty, 

noble ; buzzing, purring. 
bojijtAc, -Aij, -Aije, m., a proud 

man (also a bladder). 
bojijiACAT), g. -AIT) and -CCA, m., 

swelling, bloating. 
bofijiACAim, -AT), v. intr., I swell, 

am puffed up, am bloated. 
bofifiACAp, -Aif, m., insolence, 

bullying ; pride. 
boji-pAT), -jttA, 7)1-, a swelling up ; 

act of being puffed up ; swelling 

with pride ; buzzing ; purring ; 

also bloom, as i mbo|i|iAT) Ajup 

i mbtAc tiA h-6ij;e, in the bloom 

and flower of youth ; A 5 botiftAT) 

'f AS AC Aji n6f nA gcAc (M. 

bo|i|tAim, -AT), v intr., I increase, 

swell, bloom, become proud, 

prosper ; bxizz ; purr. 
bofiftAtTiAit, -riilA, a., haughty, 

botitiAmlAcc, -A, /., haughtiness, 


bofifiAn, -Ain, m., anger. 
boftii-'o^^-Ac, -Aije, a., thick- 

curled (of the hair). 
bofifi-pAT), -AIT), pi. id., m., pride. 

See bo-p^AT). 
bo}i|ipAT)Ac, -Aij;e, a., proud, 

elated, fierce, angry. 

,/., a full eye (G'N.). 

1 5 e > a - full-eyed. 
T), TO., line fruit, a rich 


bloom, swell, increase, grow big, 

grow proud. 
boptA, p. a., parched. 
bop. See bAf. 
bof CA, g. id., pi. -iT>e, m., a box ; 

b. pnAoipe, snuff-box, a box of 

snuff; also b. fnAOif in ; b. CAi]ic, 

box of a cart. See bocr A. 
bopJAifie, g. id., m., acclamation, 

rejoicing (O'N.). 
boc, g. boite, pi. borA, /., a hut, 

booth, tent ; cell ; a cottage ; a 

tabernacle ; piAn-boc, hunting- 

booth in the forest ; T)oi|ie TIA 

bot (Diar. and G.). ; T>iot-boc J 

a shop. 
botAd, -Aij, -Aije, m., a hut. See 

bocAc, -Aije, a., full of booths, 

tents, huts. 
botAin, g. -ADA, -Aine, pi. -Ainre, 

/., cattle; spoil, plunder ; herd, 

flock ; a cattle spoil. 
bocAitteACC, -A,/., plunder, booty, 


borAttAc, *|c. See 

i, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hut, a 

hovel, a cabin. 
bocAtiAc, -Aije, a., cabin-hunting, 

idling, going from house to 

bocAncAiT>eAcr, -A,f., the practice 

of frequenting the neighbours' 

houses for the purpose of hearing 

old stories, etc. (Ker.}. 
b6cA|i, -Aifi, pi. boicfte, m., a road, 

a way, an avenue ; a journey ; 

bocAft lAjiAinn, railroad; CADAIJI 

T>O botAjt ojic, get along, go 

away ; An bocAji moji, the main 

road ; bocAft bo 'pinne, the 

" Milky Way." 
bo-cij, in., a cow-house. (15 is 

the nom. used in M. for CCAC, a 

house, pron. cij). 
botog, -6156, -OJA,/., a cottage, a 

hut, an unfinished building. 
bocun, -uin, pi. id., m., a smith's 

paring knife ; an unfledged bird ; 

misfortune; -fiinne me mo b., t 

ruined myself (also bucvin). 

( 79 ) 


bjtAb, -Aib, -A, m., the top, the 
summit of anything. 

bjiAbAc, -Aij;, m., gain, profit, 
advantage ; something over 
(Clare and Con.) ; e.g., -DA mile 
Agup bjtAbAC, two milea and a 
bit, more than two miles. 

bjiAbAC, -Aije, a., well-to-do ; 
having money saved (Aran). 

b|tAbAT>Ar, -Air, gain, advantage. 

bjtAc, -Aic, pi. id., m., an arm 
(Lat. brachium). 

bjiACA, (j. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a rake, a 
IIJUTOW, an apparatus for comb- 
in flax; PA f Ait An b, in slavery. 

b|iACAx>, m., corrupt matter in 
tho eyes ; the corruption issuing 
from a boil or sore ; the corrupt 
matter in honey-combs; act of 
rendering corrupt, putrefying, 

tftACAT), -CCA, m., a malting, fer- 
mentation, act of fermentation. 

bpACA-6, -CCA, m., a breaking, a 
harrowing, tormenting. 

bfiACAX)6ift, -6ftA, -oijn-oe, m., a 

bjiACAijce, p. a., embraced, hug- 
ged (O'N.) 

btiACAim, -A-O, v. tr., I malt, fer- 

bfiACAim, -A-O, v. tr., I harrow, I 
hack, maul (as an enemy in 
battle) ; piot'-bjiACA-o, constant 
mauling (A. McC.) 

bjtACAim, -A-6, v. tr., I embrace, I 
hug (O'N.) 

bjtACAifi, -e, -ix>e, /., a " fiddle- 

b 11 AC An, -Am, m., broth, pottage, 
stirabout, gruel ; fermented mat- 
ter ; b. jieix), gruel. 

bjtACJAtt, -e, /., croaking like a 

bltAcog, -6150, -OJA, /., a woman 
whose eyea are full of white 
scruff or humour (P. O'C.). 

l)|u\('--ruiteAc, -tije, a., blear- 

bjiAcc, -A, m., substance, wealth, 
juice, pith, sap, anger; rage, a 
sudden stoppage through anger 

a., substantial, 

bjiACCATTiAit, -IT) t A, a., substantial, 
pithy, juicy. 

bfiAcui<5im, -uJA-6, v. tr., I malt, 

bfiATJAC, -Aije, a., given to thiev- 
ing, dishonest; stolen, obtained 

bjiA-OAnieAcc, -A,/., act of steal- 
ing, robbing, plundering. 

bfixYOAn, -Ain, pi. id., m , a mist 

bjiA-OAn, g. -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
salmon ; b. beACA-6, salmon of 

bfiA-OAnAC, -Aije, a., rich in 

b|iAx>An peAfnA, m., a sturgeon. 

bjAX>AfinAc, -Aije,/ 1 ., a slight fall 
of rain or snow, hazy weather. 

See btuvoAfinAC. 
, -e,y., act of thieving. 
, -oije, -OJA, /., a sly, 
roguish, cheerful girl; a sprat-nut. 

bjiA'oui'oe, g. id., pi. -xntjce, m., a 
robber, thief, plunderer ; a cow 
or beast of trespassing propen- 

btiA-ointjitn, vl. -uJAX) and -t)5Ait, 
v. tr.,L steal, rob. 

b|tApAtt, -Aitt, m., deceit (O'N.). 

bjtAplAinj, -e, /., treachery, be- 
trayal ; a common name for 
many Irish romances. 

bjtAptAinjeAd, -5156, a., treacher- 
ous, deceitful. 

topAJA, -T), -Aij-oe,/., the neck, tho 
throat ; CAJI opASAit), in prefer- 
ence to, instead of ; CAJI bjiAJ- 
Aix), (going) past ; PA OJIAJAIXJ, 
in tho presence of, just going 
before, Laving precedence <f ; 
CBACC pi fijtAJjAfo is used like 
ceAdc AM beAtAib, to take pre- 
cedence of (Kea., F. F.) ; a gorge, 
a pass (often in place names). 
b|u\ JAVoeA6, -0150, a., belonging 
to the neck. 

bjiAJA-oJAit, -e, /., a hint ; a 
.slight evidt-iicf. 

bjtASAnj-jeAt, -^iLo, /., a fair 
Liuy (lit., 

( 80 ) 

, g. id., pi. -ju-oe, TO., 

a braggadocio, a boaster, a 

bjiAjAirieAcc, -A, f., boasting, 

bpAjAfitA, indec. a., boastful, 


t)(iAic, -Ad A,/., malt. 
lijiAiceAf, -cir-, m., pot ale ; the 

refuse of malt ; grains used in 

t)pAicin, g. id., pi. -me, m., a little 

harrow ; a shed (Arari). 
t)]iAictif, -e, f., wort of ale. See 


bjiAro-iApc, -eifc, m., the needle- 

t>)tAi-6teo5, -0156, -OJA, /., a small 
spray or branch (Con.}. 

tofiAij-oeAc, -"0156, a., pertaining 
to a captive or hostage. 

bjiAij-oeAc, -"013, pi. id., m., a 
collar, a bracelet (G'N.). 

bfiAij-oeATi, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cap- 
tive, a prisoner ; a straw noose 
put round the necks of calves, 
asses, and other hornless ani- 
mals, by which they are tied to 
stakes at night (from bftAJA, the 
neck, or bjiAije, a captive). 

biiAij-oeAtiAc, -A15, -Aij;e, m., a 

bjtAij-oeAnAf, -Aif, m., captivity, 
imprisonment, slavery. 

bjiAije, g. id., pi. -JT>e., m., a cap- 
tive, prisoner, hostage. 

bjiAijeAcc, -A, /., imprisonment, 

b}iAi5il/ (pron. bfiA-5it},/., riches, 
possessions, as An titnm if mo 
b. Ap ATI mbAite, the richest 
man in the village (Aran). 

bjiAijirie, g id., pi f -jjii-6e, m., a 
bag, a budget ; an enslaver, one 
who makes captive (O'N.). 

tojMilleAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a kind 
of shellfish (Don.) ; also 

, g. id., pi. -ni-oe, m., a cap- 
tain, chieftain, leader. 
jiAineAc, -ms, pi- id., m., a leader, 
a chief, a nobleman ; the begin- 
ning, the lead, the van ; the 

prow of a boat or ship ; as adj., 
noble, princely. 

t)|iAineAc b.Ai-0, -ruj bAii>, pi. id., 
m., a captain of a boat (Ker.). 
See bfiAine. 

t)fiAin-eAn, m., a ci-ow, a raven ; a 
carnivorous bird. 

t)fiAin-piAc, m., a raven. See f IAC. 

t)jiAinnfe, g. id., pi. -fi'oe, /., a 
branch ; a branch of education ; 
in pi., antics, tricks, freaks ; 
commonly used in modern 
times, and found in A. McG. 

t)f<Air,/., a bout, a turn (Der.). 

t>|iAifceAt, -eit, -CAtcA, m., a 
fable, a romance. 

tDjiAif e, g. id., f., quickness, light- 
ness, agility ; brtAif CACC, -A, 
/., id. 

t))iAif eA6. See pjtAir-eAc. 

bjiAir-leAT), -eix), pi. id., and -en?- 
1-oe, m., a bracelet ; a garland of 
flowers (Con.). 

t)}iAifce, g. id., m., cockle, or wild 

t)}tAit-oeAficAc, -Ai^e, a., treach- 

t>fiAiteoiri, -O{IA, -oi|ii-6e, m., a 
betrayer, a spy, a critic, an 

t)fiAiciT>e, g. id., pi. --ore, m., a 
loafer ; one who loiters around 
an eating-house, or feast of 
any kind, in the hope of getting 
something (Ker.). 

t>jiAitim, vl. bfAvc or bjiAt, I 
judge, think, imagine, expect, 
observe, notice; I depend on ; 
ni 6emn AJ bjiAtc ojtc, I would 
not depend on you, i.e., I would 
seek some other assistance than 
yours ; AS bfiAic Afi nA cotiiAti- 
fAnAib, depending on the 
neighbours, having only the 
neighbours to fall back on ; -oo 

OJIAIceAf 50 -flAID AljlJCAT) A1je, 

I suspected or fancied he had 

btiAirleo^, -0156, -OJ;A,/., a sheet, 

a shroud. 
t)fiAictinn, -e, pi. -ix>e and -CACA, 

f., a veil ; a sheet. 

bjiAit-nirii, -e, /., diro ruin. 

bfiAiciteACAf, -Aif, m., brother- 

, -mtA, a., brotherly. 
, -A, f., brotherly 
affection, attachment. 

bfiAirtn'n, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a 
brother, a little brother. (The 
termination -in rather implies 
endearment than littleness in 
such cases ; cf. tnA'CAifu'n, etc.) 

bfiAitfiineAc, -1115, pi. id., m., a 

b|i Aicce Aft, -tije, a., spying, 
watching, observing; with Aft, 
trusting in, confiding in, de- 
pending on. 

b|u\ic-ceine, -CA-O, /., the fire of 
Doom; btAit-ceine ipjiinn, the 
fire of hell. 

btiAmAc. See bfiomAc. 

b|iAmAim (bjieAtnAim), -AX>, v.intr., 
crepitum ventris edere. 

biiAmAifte, g. id., pi. -fn-oe, m., a 
noisy, blustering fellow. 

bfiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., the fish 
called bream ; the name of one 
of Fioiin Mao Cumhaill's dogs. 

bjtAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., chaff; also 
a raven ; an overflowing moun- 
tain torrent. 

bpAnAitieAcc, -A, f., act of prowl- 
ing for prey. 

bjiAnAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a raven ; 
met., a chief. 

bjiAnAji, -AIJI, m., a fallow field ; 
the loose surface of a grubbed 
field (called also CAC AH AJJAI-O 
in M.} ; A$ -oeAnAiTi btiAnAif, 
turning up the surface of land. 

bttAnx>b, -"ouib, m., chess ; a set 
of chessmen, etc. See bpAnnArh. 

btiAtijAc, -Aije, a., grinning, 
snarling, carping. 

b|t Arm Arii, -Aim, m., chess, a chess 
board, a backgammon table ; the 
game of chess, the chess-men, 
the points or squares on the 
chess table. 

bjiAnnx)A, <j. id., pi. -ni>e, brandy 

bjiAnn]iA, g. id., /il. -t'A, m., a pot ; 
a, suppor!. \>','n}>, .stand; :i ErfMDO 

against which a cako is placed 
before the fire to be baked ; a 
tripod or iron rest to set a pot or 
oven upon; bfiAnnjiA 01511111 no 
cofiCAin, a pot support ; b|iAnn- 
JIA bjiAJAiT), tho collar bone ; if 
me Afi bfiAnnjiA AJ An mbAf, 
while I am in the grip of death 
(T. G.). 

bjtAntiAc, -Aige, a., fallow-like. 

bjiAobAijte, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 
reckless fellow, a " tear-away " ; 
often applied to a cow, etc. 
A b 

, 1eAnrhAi|i, 


Tlioj; nA bpt/AiceAf, if 
eACAL tA 'n cSleibe -outc. 
(T. G.). 
btiAot>A|i, -Aijt, m., hardship ; nio|t 

CU1J1 An C-UAtAC b. A|t blC Al|1, 

the load caused him no trouble 

bjiAoi, g. id., pi. -te, /., an eye- 

btiAoi-ceAfic, -ci)ite, a., having 
well-formed eyebrows. 

bpAoill/e, g. id., pi. -tix)e, /., a 
crack, a clap, a bounce ; brtAoilte 
peAfitAnA, a heavy shower of 

bjiAoin-f.tiuc, -flice, a., dripping 

bpAon, g. bjiAOin, pi. b|\AonA and 
bjiAoncA, m., a drop^; corrupt 
matter in a sore ; An bjiAon 
AnAf, the rain coming through 
the roof, Jig., misfortune, 
wretchedness ; bjiAon 0156, a 
little drink, a drink ; in parts 
of Don., bfuvon -oo TJeoft. 

bjiAonAft, -Aije, a., dewy; drop- 
ping, rainy, tearful ; An oottiAn 
bpAoiiAft, An bic bjtAonAft, tho 
moist or tearful world ; ni 
feA-OAfi 'on -ooriiAn bpAonAft, I 
don't know at all, I don't know 
" on earth." 

b|u\onAtin, -ATO, v. tr and mlr, I 


iAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a drop- 
let, an icicle ; coinneAl bpAon- 
Ain, an icicle. 

topAotiApcAtl, -AlA, /., dropping 
rain (Der.). 

topAop, a gap, etc. See cpAop. 

bpAopCAC, -Aie, a., yawning, 

bpAp, a lie, fiction; common in 
compounds, like bpAp-potc, 
false hair, a wig ; bpAp-coriipAC, 
jousts, tournaments, sham lights. 

bpAp, bpApAc, a., quick, etc. See 

, g. id., an untidied lot 

of anything (M.). 
bpApAipe, g. id., pi. -fu-oe, m., a sy- 

cophant, a flatterer; bpApAipe 

buipx>, a parasite, a toady. 
bpAp-pAix>ceAc, -cije, a., swift- 

talking, flippant. 
bpAC, g. bpAic, bpuic, pi. b|tAir, 

bpuic, bpACA, bpACACA, m., a 

cloak, a mantle, a garment, a 

cloth, a banner, a shroud ; a 

covering of any kind, as for a 

top AC, -A, m., judgment, dooms- 

day ! 5 bjiAC, for ever, till 

doomsday, with neg., not at all ; 

Af 50 bfuc leip, he made off 

(pron. bpAC.). 
top At, g. -A and -AIC, m., spying, 

betraying, treachery, design, de- 

pendence, information ; tucc 

bpAic, traitors. 
bpACAc, a., eternal ; 30 bpACAc, 

for ever. 
bpACAc, -AIJ, -AC A, m., a standard, 

an ensign ; also a robe, a gar- 

ment (T. G. often). 
bpACAC, -Aije, a., belonging to a 

cloth or covering. 
b |i AC AX>, -CCA, m., act of betray- 

ing, spying, etc. 
bpACAX>6ip, -6pA, -oipi-oe, m., a 

betrayer, a spy, an informer. 
topACAim, -AX), v. tr., I clotha, 

topACAip, -CAP, -pAicpe, m., a kins- 

man, a cousin, a relative ; a monk, 

a tViar ; 6 n-A bpAicpib, from his 

kin (Kea., F. F.) ix>ip tiA cotn- 

among the general 
kinsmen (Kea., F. F.) 
topACAip, m., a little bird like the 


bpAcAip ceile, a brother-in-law, 
also x>eApopACAip ceile. 

topACAipeATtiAil, -riitA, a., brother- 
ly, brotherlike ; also bpAic- 

bpACAipeATTilAcc, -A, /., brother- 
liness ; also bpAicpeAtritAcc. 

bpAcApxiA, a., brotherly, fraternal. 

bpACA-px)Acc, -&,f., brotherliness, 

bpAC bpotn, m., a funeral pall. 

bpAC-copcpA, a., purple-dressed. 

bpAC-cpArm, m., a flag-staff (O'N.). 

bpAc-jjAt, m., the Sapping of a 

bpAclAX) (bpoclAX)), -Ait), m., a 
shout, a groM'l, an angry com- 
mand or order; cuip fe bpAc- 
I/A-O opm, he gave me an angry 
ordsr ; teij fe bpAclAx> Ap, he 
growled angrily (Don.). 

bpAC tAime, 7?i., a pocket-hand- 
kerchief, a towel, a napkin. 

topAC-tonj, /., a flag-ship (O'N.). 

bpAC-nApc, m., a clasp, skewer, 
bodkin ; a fastening for a 
mantle ; a pin, a peg. 

bpAcoj, -otge, -63 A,/., a rag ; the 
poor bed-clothes carried about 
by beggars ; a snow-flake (Don.). 

topAC-puAxi, a., clothed in red gar- 
ments ; an epithet of Eanbha. 

bpAcuijim, -wJAX), v. tr., I cloak, 

bpAC uplAip, in., a carpet. 

bpeAb, -eibe, -AnnA, f., a bribe. 

bpeAbAc, -Ai5e, a., bribing, gift- 

bpeAbAim, -AX), v. tr., I bribe, give 
a gift to. 

bpeAboix>eAC, -xv;e, a., bribe- 

bpeAc, gtf. bpice, a., speckled, 
spotted ; b. j;lAp, having green 
spots ; b. x>uo, having dark 
spots ; 3AtAp bpeAc, measles ; 
54t/Ap bpeAc, small-pox (Meath 
and Don.). 

bpeAc, g. bpic, f)l. id., m., a trout ; 


any fish taken with a hook ; 
b]te..\c DATI (or jeAl), a white 
trout; b|te AC oonn.a brown trout. 

bpeACA-6, -CCA, m., act of making 
spotted ; act of variegating ; act 
of carving ; the picking of a 
mill-stone ; act of covering a 
paper with writing ; act of 
explaining, telling, describing ; 
the breaking (of the day), the 
d.iwn (of day). 

btieACAtxSift , -ofA, -oififoe, m,, 
an engraver, a carver, an em- 
broiderer ; one who picks the 
stone of a mill. 

bfieACAnn, -AX>, v. tr., I speckle, 
variegate, embroider, carve ; I 
cover a paper with writing ; I 
indite ; I tell, explain, publish ; 
btteAcpAt) TJO cAil, I will pro- 
claim your character (E. R.) ; I 
begin to brighten (as the day) ; 
I pick a mill-stone ; ni beAt> itn 
bjteACA-o pein teif, I will not be 
bothered with it, it ia not worth 
the trouble. 

b|ieACAijte, g. id., pi. -pr6e, m., a 
graver or carver, a graving tool, 
a quern-picker ; a (sorry) angler. 

bjieACAijieAcc, -A, pi. id., f., en- 
graving, sculpture, embroidery, 
chequering, carving, the pick- 
ing of a mill-stone. 

t}ieACATi, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cake 
made of the curds of sour milk 
and baked on a griddle (Ker., 
P. O'C.). 

bjteACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a plaid, 
chequered stuff. 

bpeACATiAC, -Aij;e, a., dressed in 

bjieAc-6AttAc, -Aige, brindled, 

bj\eAcpAfc (also bpicpeAfc, bpic- 
f.eAfCA), m., breakfast (^4.). 

bpeAC-pliufi, -flice, a., wet here 
and there; IA bpCAC-pttuc, a 
day with occasional showers. 

bjieAC JCAt, m., a salmon-trout. 

bjieAction, -in, -i'oncA, m., adrnr- 
iiet (Ker.). 

btteAc-f Aoipe, g. id., f., half idlo 
time, half-holiday. 

, g. id.,f., middling- 
health, health with spells of ill- 

b)ieAC-f oil-lp jim, -1U5A-6, v. intr., 
I glimmer, shim'. 

bpeAC-polAf, m., the morning or 
evening twiliglit. 

bfteAccAC. -Aije, a., mixed, ming- 
led, spotted. 

bpeAccAije, g. id., f., mixture, 
variety, diversity. 

bfteAccAitte. See bjieACAijte. 

bjieAcCAn, -Ain, m., mixed food as 
bread and butter, a roll of bread 
and buttor. 

bfteActnuijim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I 
variegate, I decorate. 

bpeAccoip, -OJIA, -6ifti-6e, m., an 

bfieAccfiAT), -Am, m., incantation, 
wizardry; b. -D^ADice (Kea.). 

btieAccfiAi-6, -Aix>e, /., variety, 
variegation, chequer-work. 

bpeAcuijim, -uJAt), v. tr., I carve, 
variegate, chequer, embroider ; 
pick, as a mill-stone ; I write, 
indite ; I explain, delineate ; 
intr., I begin to shine, or grow 
clear (as the dawn). See 

bjieAtJAc, -AIJ, m., act of breaking 
(as a horse) ; AJ bfi6At>Ac; AJI An 
tnbftotnAd, breaking the horso 
( Kea. E., S.) ; (O'R. gives bpeAt>- 


t>l ie ^5 0*f- t)! 16 ^ 4 ) bfiCAJcA, a., 
fine, lovely, handsome, beautiful, 
splendid ; good, fair (of hue), 
serviceable ; if bjieA tiom, *ic., 
used like ip mAic iiom ; if bpeAt; 
An fceAt AJAC 6, your state ia 
enviable ; if bjteAJ An ^IUTJ 
06 fAin, he is fortunate in that 
matter; IA bjieA^, fine day (a 
common form ot salutation) ; 
bpeAJ is pron. bfi^AJ (rather 
bif6At shortened) in the greater 
V irt of Don. 

bneA5, -eije, -^AJA, /, a lie, 
falsehood, deceit, deception ; 
gs. often used as a. : f eAncAf 
bjteije, a lying history (O'lta.) ; 
AinccAfrA6 bpeAj;, a base, 

witness ; also p. OAJI bpeije, an 

object to counterfeit a man, a 

bpeAjAc, -Aije, a., lying, men- 

dacious, false, deceitful, cunning ; 

neite bpeAgACA, lying charges ; 

fiot bpeAjAc, adulterated 

b|ieA5AT:>, -JCA, m., act of de- 

ceiving, wheedling, coaxing, 

enticing, diverting, amusing ; 

soothing (as a child). 
b^eA^A'coifi, -6fiA, -6i|n i oe, m., a 

liar, a wheedler, a flatterer. 
bpeA^Aim, -A-O, v. tr., I coax, 

entice, soothe, flatter, decoy, 

bpeASAipe, g. id., pi. -|ii-6e, m., 

a liar ; a flatterer. 
bpeA5Ai)ieAcc, -A, /., lying, false- 

bjieAj-Ai fling, f., a dream or 

b]ieA5-Aif>1iti5ini, -Aipling, v. tr. 

and intr., I dream ; I long or 

crave ineffectively for. 
bjieAjAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a toy, a 

plaything ; an allurement. 
b}teA5-corrriAlA<ic, -A, /., a false 

similitude, a false resemblance. 
t> [ie Ag-cjt AOA-6, - Aix>, m., hypocrisy. 
bjieAJ-oA, a., fine, splendid. See 

t>peA5-x>eAlb, -A. See bfieij;- 

t>peA5r>Ax>, -AVO, and -JATICA, m., 

falsehood ; coaxing, wheedling. 
t>|teA5tiAi-6eAcu, -A, /., coaxing ; 

cajolery ; giving the lie to. 
bjieAjnuJAX), -uijce, m,, act of 

contradicting, persuading, con- 

vincing, refuting; ni ATI bpeAg- 

nuJA-o e, not to belie you; 

coaxing, wheedling (U.). 
bpeAsnuijirn, -UJAT>, v. tr., I con- 

vince, persuade, contradict ; 

co ix, wheedle. 
t>fteA5-fATrit,Acc, -A, /., a false re- 

bfteAJtAct, -A, /., loveliness, fine- 

im, -USAX>, v. tr., I em- 
bellish, adorn, beautify. 

jirn, -tJJA-o, v. tr., I allure, 
decoy, solace, comfort. 

bjieA5-utitAc,-Ai5e, a., of beautiful 
hair (T. G.). 

b|ieAlt, g. bpeitt or btdlt, m., a 
blur, spot, a stain, a mark, a 
speck ; an eye-sore ; a slur, 
shame, blemish, disgrace, re- 
proach, stigma, scandal, infamy ; 
a blunder ; dishonour, discredit ; 
a tumour, an imposthume ; the 
knob at the end of one arm of 
a flail ; lubberly lips ; any dis- 
figurement or serious defect ; r A 
b|ieAtt ope, you are in a 
wretched state ; bfieAtl t^o cuji 
Aft ouine, to plunge a man into 
misfortune ; funne pe bfieAtt 
oe, he spoiled it. 

bjteAtl, g. bjieill or bjiitt, m., 
the glans penis. See bpeAlL 

bjieAllAc, -Aije, a., knotty ; blub- 
ber-lipped ; disgraceful, re- 
proachful, rude, audacious. 

bpeAltACAn, -Ain, pi. id,, m., a 
sort of oval shell-fish (Ker.) 
also biojitACAn and bpeitiucAn 
( W. Cork}. 

bfieAllAijie, g. id., pi. -ymie, TO., a 
giddy, thoughtless fellow, a pol- 
troon. See pptieAtlAijie and 

An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

chamber-pot, a urinal. 
bfieAttAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a foolish 

fellow ; a poor wretch ; one who 

talks nonsense ; also darnell 

bfieAllAn bui-oe, a large shell-fish 

which buries itself, the " black 

top" (Don.). 
bfieAVtoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a shell- 

fish. See bfieAltACAn. 
DtieAltoj, -6156, -OJA,/., a grace- 

less, awkward woman. 
fcfieAllfun, -um, pi. id., m., an 

awkward clown. 
t)|ieAn, -me, a., fetid, rotten ; ill- 

odour ed ; Ji-g., mean, paltry ; 

CAim b|ieAn oioc, I am disgusted 

M r ith you (M.). 
bfieAn, -em, -eAn^A, m., a kind of 

( 85 ) 

fish (Don. and Heath) ; in Meath 

a " brime," perhaps pike ; T>A\\ 

A bpuil "oe bjnc if x>o 

CAib, A|i com tod' 

(Meath song). 
b|teAnA-6, -ncA, m., act of rotting, 

bjteAtic, -emc, pi. id. and -Aix>e, m., 

g 1 : of a, fish (^Ter.). 
b|teAn-clurii, m., the down of 

b|teAnfiA, y. id., pi. -1-oe, m., stubble 

land dug up with the spade and 

left fallow. See b|iAnAji. 
b|ieAncA-6, -Am, m., a bream. See 

bfiAtt raid bfievn. 
bfieAncAf, -Aip, m., offensiveness 

of smell, rotteness. 
OfteAntos, -6156, -OJA, /., a slat- 

bueAp, -A, m., a prince ; a troop ; 

as a., great, mighty. 
btteAf, -A,m., noise, mirth, jollity; 

as adj., noisy, jovial. 
bfieAfAC, -Aije, a., noisy, loqua- 

bjiCAf Aijie, g. id. pi. -jti-oe, m., a 

babbler, a flatterer, a lively per- 


bj<e.ArAitieAcr, -A,/., babble, prate. 
bfieAf\Al, -Ail, m., raddle for mark- 

king sheep ; a mark, a stain ; 

slang for " blood." 
bfteAfAlAc, -A15C, a., of a dirty 

red colour. 
btteArlAnn, -Ainnc, -AUDA, /., a 

king's court or palace. 
bjteAr-LuAc, -tuAice, a., exceed- 

ingly swift. 
bjieAf nAfo, -T>e, a., chatty, affable, 

having conversational powers ; 

AJ; ceitnniuJAX) tnAji 
An tile A]\ An AJI-O fo ciAft (Art 
Mac Cobhthaigh), hence 

, -A, f., affability, 
power of conversing agreeably, 
chattering, prating, babbling. 

bjteAp CA, indec. a., princely, fine, 

bpeAfCAi-oeACC, -A, f., playing 

b|teArcAifte, g. id., pi. -tn-oe, m., 

a trickster, a boaster (Aran and 

bpeAfCAtAc, -Aije, a., boastful 

(Aran and Meath]. 
bjieAc, g. bpeice, /., judgment, 

sentence ; bif nA bjteice, the 

death of condemnation. See 

b)ieACA6, -Aije, a., judicial, criti- 

cal, judicious, discerning. 
bjteACAin, g., -Ame and -An (both 

in Kea., F. F.),f., Great Britain; 

Wales (Con.). 
btieAt-Aicjtije, g. id., f., a pen- 

ance, as enjoined in the sacra- 

ment of Penance. 
bjteAc-lA, m., a birth-day. 
bpeArnAc, -Ai^e, Welsh ; as 8., a 

t)|ieAtmiJA-6, -tnjce, m., act of 

judging, perceiving, observing, 

judgment, arbitration, reflection, 

opinion, examination ; adverse 

opinion, censure ; b. -oo ueAnAm 

A\\, to examine. 
bfteAcnuijim, -U$AT>, v. tr. t and 

intr. (with AJI), I discern, ex- 

amine, judge ; conceive, design ; 

I behold, watch ; bjieAcnui^ A\\, 

look at (Con.). 

b|ieic--6eAtt)Ac, -Atje, a., of beauti- 
ful form. 

tDjteiceAlt. See pjieiceAll. 

bjieicin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a little 
trout ; also bjucin. 

t)fieic-miAf, -irietfe, -miAfA, /., a 
beautiful plate, a dish. 

bpeicneAc, -mjje, a., speckled, 

t)|ieicneAcc, -A, /., speckleduess, 

bteiT), -e,/., frieze ; a cloth of any 
kind ; bpei'Din, g. id., pi. -roe, 
m., id. (bjiei-oin is the wonl 
usually heard in Con., bjtefo 
and bjt6roe in M. ; in Jhti., 
bjietx), b|\eix)in, a strip of cloth 
for swaddling, etc.). 

bftei-o Altuif, /., a pocket-hand- 



bjieiptie, g. id.,pl. -rn-oe,/., a hole ; 

also a finger-nail (O'N.). 
bp.eif.neAc, -mje, a., perforated 

all over (O'N.). 
bfteifneAcc, -A, /., act of perfo- 

rating (O'N.). 
bjtei5-x>eAt,b, --oeAtoA, pi. id., m,, 

an idol. 
bjiei5-f.iocc, -A, pi. id., m., a dis- 

guise, a mask, a false appearance. 


m. a romance or 

, -0156, -054, /., a 

bf.eillice, g- id., pi. -cix>e, m., a 

coxcomb ; a lout. 
bjieiLUn, g. id., pi. -roe, m., a 

worthless, insignificant person; 

a coxcomb, a trickster. 
bjieilA-irieAtiAC, -Aije, a., having 

lumpy fingers. 
bfieitlf ce, a., slovenly ; bjieillice 

bf.eillfce, a slovenly lout 

(E. A). 
bfieim, -eAmA, -eAtnAnnA, m., 

crepitus ventris. Also bfiAi-om. 
bfieimneAc, -mje, f., actus crepi- 

tandi ventro. 
bfieimni^im, -neAC and -IUJA-O, 

v. intr., crepitum ventris edo. 
bpeine, g. id.,f., a stench ; rotten- 

bfieineAcc, -A, /., filthiness, nasti- 

bfiein-fiAcl/A6, -Ai;je, a., foul- 

bf.eif, -e, f. increase, profit ; an 

addition ; bf-eif if btiA-oAin, 

more than a year ; bf-eif iriofi if 

feAccriiAm, a good deal more 

than a week ; AJ -out 1 mbfieif, 

increasing (in pregnancy), grow- 

ing ; feAccriiAin if bjieif, more 

than a week ; bpeif somet. = too 

t)f.eif , -e, pi. id., f., loss, damage 

t)jieif- i oiol/ ) m., exorbitant in- 

V)fieif eAtiiAit, -iritA, a., increasing, 

bpeii:, -e, g. also beijite and 

beA|icA,/., act of bearing, carry- 

ing, choosing, taking, bringing, 
being born ; birth, descent ; in 
connection with other words : 
getting, producing, coming, 
giving, sending, fighting, win- 
ning, carrying off, counting ; 
with Aji : CA bfteit: AJAC Afi 
pofA-6, you need not be in a 
hurry to marry, there is time 
enough ; CA bjieic AJAC AIJI, 
(absolutely) you need not go so 
soon, you have time enough ; 
beififi-6 fe Aif;, he need not 
hurry (Don.} ; AJ bfieic fUAf 
teif, overtaking him ; AJ bjieic 
bui-6eACAif, returning thanks ; 
ni jiAib b|teic A^Am AI^I, I had 
not time to do it; ni't Aon 
bfieic Aije Ai|i, he stands no 
comparison with him. 

t>neit, -e, -ni>e,/., a wager, a stake 
to be played for. 

t>iieic, -e, /., judgment, decision, 
sentence ; doom, fate. See 

je, f., penance, com- 
punction (nom. also 

te, f., judgment, decision, 

opinion. See bpeit. 
bfeiteAiii, -reAtriAn and -CIITI, pi. 

-teAriiAni, m., a jvxdge, a brehon ; 

an arbiter ; a lawgiver. 
bjieiteAtrroA, indec. a., judicial, 

bfieiceATTinAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 

judge ; as a., judicious, judicial, 

bfteireAtrinAf, -Aif, m., the deci- 

sion of a judge, a judgment ; a 

legal or administrative system ; 

An bjteiteAriiriAf CUAICC, the 

legal system of the country 

(Kea., P. F.). 
b]ieo, g. id., m., fire, flame ; phos- 

phorus ; fire that proceeds from 

putrid matter, as old and de- 

cayed timber, putrid fish, etc.. 
btieo-ctoc, /., flint. 
b)teox)A, a., fiery, flaming, blazing. 
t)fi eoT>Ax>, -oiT>ce, m., act of sick- 

ening, enfeebling, crushing. 
b|teox)Aim,?^. bfi eox> and bji 


( 87 ) 


p. a. bfteoi-oce, v. tr., I enfeeble, 
oppress, sicken. 

Dneo-o-fnuijim, -fnuije, v. tr., I 
crush and mangle, I excruciate. 

bpeofoce, bjieoice, p. a., aitin ;, 
sick, oppressed, in anguish. 
(bjieoi-oce is the usual word for 
sick in M., elsewhere cinn ia the 
word. In M. cinn means sore ; 
one says CA mo I Am cinn, my 
hand is sore, but not CA mo l<xrii 
bpeonjce ; in Don., x>uino 
b)ieoiTJce = one who is in feeble 
health, or dying a slow death. 

bjieonJteAcc, -A, /., sickness 
(chieily in M.\ anguish, anxiety. 

bjtiATJAtpe, g. id., pi. -jii'oe, m., a 

btiiAxiAijteAcc, -A, /., act of coax- 

bftiA-oAfi, -Ai|i, m., used for bpiACAjt 
(& word, etc.), in asservation, as 
OA]t mo bpiA-OAH, on my word, 
in solemn earnest (J/.). 

bfiiACAti, <] bjteicjie and bjiiACAifi, 
pi. bjtiAtjiA and bjieitfte, gj.1. 
bfiiACAji and bfieiijie, m. and/., 
a word, statement, saying, word 
of honour, judgment, sentence ; 
im btitACAii, on my word, really ! 
a precept : ni beAcui^eAnn TIA 
bniAC|iA HA b|u\it]ie, friars will 
not live on precepts. 

bftiAcAjix>A, indec. a., verbal, 

bjtiActAc, -Aije, a., word}', verb- 
ose, talkative ; tnilir-b., sweet- 

bpiAttiACAf, -Aif, m. t verbosity, 

-eA|iA, -eiiHT)e, m., a 


buibeineAcc, -A,/., brewing. 
b|iice, /., state of being speckled 

or freckled. 
bttice, g. id., pi. -roe, m., a brick, 

a brick-shaped loaf ; bjiicc 

AfiAin, a brick-shaped loaf of 

bread ; bjtice meAlA, a honey- 

bjucin, g. id., pi. -niije, m., a 


, -mje, a., freckled. 

b|nc-liAr, -leite, a., grizzly- 
haired ; as suba., a grizzly-haired 

bfticne, g. id.,pl.-r\m&,f., freckled - 
ness; bfiicniTie jneme, freckles 
(Omeath and Don.). 

btut)eAC, -"0156, -xeACA,/., a bride, 
a maiden. 

b|<iT>eo5, -0156, -OJA, /., a small 
l>askct, a basket or hamper used 
for straining potatoes, turnips, 
etc. ; angler's fishing net (also 

bju'-oeos, -oige, -O^A,/., a nymph, 
a damsel, a virgin ; dim. of 
bpitjeAc, a bride. 

bftiiaeoj;, -0156, -OJ;A,/., an image 
of St. Bridget used for domestic 
ceremonies on the eve of that 
Saint's festival. 

bjii-oeogAC, -A^,pl. id., m., a bride- 

t>tf'5 ff- bf'QS an(l bjn'je, pi. 
bjiiojjA, gpl. bptoj, f., power, 
strength, vigour, force, virtue, 
efficacy ; substance, essence ; 
meaning ; T>e bjiij; 50, because ; 
A t l D P'5 A m6it>e, by tho virtue 
of his oath ; T>A bftij fin, where- 
fore ; ni hAon bjtij; TIUIC, it is 
useless for you ; ni -oemim-pe 

ACC b^tij bCAJ T)eX)' b|11AC|1AlB, 

I have but little regard for what 

you say (Os. Tale). 
bjtiji'o, -j-oe,/., Brigid, generally 

translated Bridget. (In M. 

bpij-oe is used as nom.) 
b-pileipe, pi., braces, 
b^illce, g. id., pi. -AtitiA, /., a 

bungle (O'N.) (also bpi life). 
btiillceAcc, -A., /"., bungling 

bpilLe, the clitoris; an awkward 

bjnlLin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., the 

clitoris, menilii-iiin ftnitinciun. 
b]iitttn, g. id., p/. -ix>e, m., a 

driveller, a "blether" (Tyrone). 

See bfteAltAti and bjieittin. 
bptllineAc, -ruse, a., nicaly- 

mouthed (Mon.). 
b)tmneAlL. See bjiumneALL. 
bjtiocc, g. bjteAccA, pi. id., m., ,in 



incantation or spoil ; a legend 
cut on the blade of a weapon ; 
a poem or song set to music ; an 
amulet ; sorcery ; brightness, 

b}tioct-p.AobtiAC, -Aije, a., of 
magic edge. 

bjnoccoj;, -6156, -654, /., a witch, 
a sorceress. 

b}iiocc-tiAi 1 6ceAc, -tije, a., elo- 
quent, of sweet speech, face- 

bfuocc-f coiA-6, m., act of wound- 
ing, as with charmed weapons. 

bjiiocr-fntnjce, p. a., beautifully 
spun (of words). 

buioJAc, -Aii;e, a., efficacious, 
substantial, capable ; vigorous, 
active ; violent, bitter. 

buioijAifieAct, -*,/., efficacy, sub- 

bftiojj-AipcttiuJA-o, -ijjte, m., 

t>ti'o5tiiAijieAcc, -A, /., efficacy. 

btiiojnuvji, -Aifie, a., powerful, 
vigorous, energetic, effective ; 
often as an epithet of language. 

biuojun, -uin, pi. id,, m., an instru- 
ment for hanging dead beeves, 
etc., in the slaughter-house. 

bjuoLtAn (btteAttAti), -AITI, pi. id., 
m., a senseless or stupid person. 

t)|tiottAti fAile, a kind of shell- 
lish (Berekaven). 

tJfiiotlos (bfieAtlos), -6156, -OJA, 
f., an effeminate fellow ; a fool 
(applied to man or woman). 

b|tioltfCAifie, g. id., pi. -fti-oe, M-, 
A bully, a busybody. 

bjiionglAn MA choice, one side or 
arm of the crane over the fire ; 
b. An cluJA, one side of the 
tongs (Con.). 

bttiongloin, -e, -i-oe, /., a dream, 
a vision (Don.). 

btnonslofoeAc, -'0156, a., dreamy, 

bftiofiglditMtn, -oeAX), v. tr., I 

bjuonn, -inn, pi. id., m., a fiction, 
a lie, a dream, a reverie. 

btnonnAc, -Aije, a., lying, natter- 
ing ; fair, pretty. 

b|tionnAt, -Aij, -Aije, m., a liar, 

a flatterer, 
bftiofc, -ifce, a., crisp, brittle, 

active, quick, clever ; lavish ; 

careless of money. 
bjtiofCA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, TO., a 

bjnofCA'6, -Ait), -Aix>e, m., the 

b jtiop CAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a kind of 

succulent root used for food ; 

a biscuit. 
b|nofc-cAinnc, /., chattering, 

bftiopcAftnAc, -Aij;e, a., crackling, 

muttering, stammering. 
bjnofCAjinAc, -Ai^e, /., what is 

broken up or shattered, as 

straw, etc. ; b. fuip, broken 

straw (as for bedding). 
b](iOfCA]iT)AC, -Aije, /., creaking ; 

Ag b., crepitare ventro. 
t)|tiofc-5t6nA6, -Aije, a., loqua- 
cious, given to chattering. 
t>ftiof ctAc, -Aij, m., anything very 

bftiofctAn, -AITI (bfiiofCAn), TO., 

silver weed, goose-grass, skirvet, 

wild tansey. 

bjnof -cttoix>eA6, -6156, a., broken- 
hearted (P. O'.O.). 
b|tiofcui5itn, -tij^A-o (bjiiofCAim, 

-AX)),, I start, bound, spring; 

I soften, make brittle. 
bniof5l6jitiix>e, g. id., pi. --oce, 

m., a prater, a prattler. 
bjnocAc, -Aije, a., lisping, stam- 
mering ; chirping. 
bjiiocACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 

t)jiiocAifie, g. id., pi. -jn-oe, TO., a 

lisper, a stammerer. 
btnocAi|ieA6c, -A, /., lisping, stut- 
tering, stammering, chattering. 
b|tiocAir, -e,/., anything British, 

the British tongue. 
b^iocAt,-Ait, pi. id., TO., a stammer, 

stutter, impediment (in speech) 

bttiotAr, -Aif, TO., in lopog., a 

speckled spot or place, 
bjuocog, -6156, -O^A, /., a Briti ,<li 



( 89 ) 


bjupce, g. id., /., crispuess, brit- 
tleness, tenderness, quickness, 
smartness ; bjnpceAcc, f., id. 

bjupeA-6, -pte, m., act of breaking, 
a breach, a fracture, a wound- 
ing, a fraction, a change as in 
the weather, balance or change 
in money; bpifeAt) c^oi-oe, a 
breaking of the heart ; b. Am AC, 
an eruption, a suspension from 
office; bfiipeA-6 45x1 p beAjiriA'o 
ofic, may you undergo wound- 
ing and fracture ; a defeat ; bftip- 
CA-6 tiA bomne, the defeat or 
battle of the Boyne. 

b|upim, -peA-6, v. (r. and inlr., I 
break, suspend, depose, dismem- 
ber, disunite, I wound; I win (a 
battle); T>O opip n. c|ti CACA AJI 
., N. won three battles over 
the F. ; t>ine t)o bjiipeA-6 AITIAC, 
to depose a person, deprive him 
of his position. 

bjnpleAc, -tij, m., a breach, de- 
feat, rout; bjupleAC Illoji Illuije 
ITluificeiriine, the title of an 
ancient tale. 

bjnpce, p. a., broken, routed, sus- 
pended, deposed ; mAix>e bjiipce, 
colloq. for a pair of tongs (Don.}. 

bjiipce, g. id., pi. -ti-oe, TO., 
breeches, a breeching in har- 
ness; b. glutiAc and b. jtun, 
knee-breeches; b.f A-OA, trousers; 
b. geAfi-jiA and b. 5Aijiit>, also b. 
cftoTnAin and b. cotpAC, kiiee- 
breeches (bjiipcnae in U.). 

b|iicineAC. iS'ee b^uiccineAd;. 

I)|i6, g. bfion, d. bjioin,^. bfiomce, 
/., a quern, a handmill ; a great 

bfoo, g. b-fiuib, pi. -bAnrtA, m., a 
rush, a salt marsh club rush, a 
blade of grass, etc. ; a rush dip- 
ped in tallow used as a candle, 
a number of these plaited to- 
gether form a cjtitLpeAn (Con.) ; 
a trifle (with neg.) ; a handful 
of hay or straw stretched out 
at full length (Jf.). 

bjioc, g. bpuic, pi. id., m., a badger ; 
filth, refuse. 

bpoc, -jiuice, a., grey, speckled. 

, -4156, a., dirty, filthy, 

spotted ; grey ; bAinin bjtocAc, 

grey flannel (Don.). 
b|tocA6, -Aij;e, a., clumsy, sodden. 
bjiocACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a clumsy, 

sodden person. 
bjiocAipe, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 

badger-hunter, a terrier, a stout, 

burly little man. 
bjiocAip, -e, -i-oe,/., a den, a haunt 

of bad persons, as robbers, etc., 

a dirty place, thing, or person. 
bpocATi. See bfiACAn. 
bftoc-piA-OAd, -Aij, m., badger- 

b poet AC, -Aij, pi. -Aije, m., a 

badger warren. 
b^ocoj, -6136, -OJA, f., an un- 

cleanly person. 
bpoc-polAp, -Aip, TO., twilight- 

See b^eAC-polAp. 
bjtocuijce, p. a., spotted, dirty. 
bjiot), -A, -AnnA, f., a goad, a 

prickle, a sting ; a rod, a switch ; 

a mite, a trifle. 
b|t6-o, g. bftoi-o, m., delight, joy ; 

pride, arrogance ; ACA b|iox> 

ofirn, I am glad. 

bpo-oAc, -Aije, a., dirty, smeared. 
bfio-oAc, -Aije, a., proud, glad, 

bjioTJA-o, -OCA, TO., act of urging, 

btio-oAtiiAil, -tritA, a., proud, saucy, 

bttoxiAtTiLAcc, -A, /., pride, arro- 

btio-o-cuft, -uif , "i-j embroidery ; 

grs., as adj. (Kea.). 
buoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a shoe, a 

" brogue," a sandal. 
btioj, -ui5, pi. id. and -A., m., a 

house, a mansion. (This form 

is very common in M. poetry, 

and is, no doubt, equivalent to 

, -Aije, a., shod, having 

shoes, like a shoe. 
bjiojAc, -Ait, TO., a " shuler," 

a vagabond, a term of abuse 

bftoJAip, -e, -CAtinA, /., a cow's 

after-birth ; any dirty, soft 


( 90 ) 


thing ; a soiled or torn gar- 
ment ; an untidy person (from 
bftoj, filth, dirt, rottenness). 

bttojAtitA, indec. a., active, lively, 
brisk, sturdy. 

bftoj Afro, /., a boot ; a high boot, 
used in fishing. 

tJfiogbtiAi'oe, g. id.,f., the common 

bposoix), -e, /., bragget, beer. 

btioit), g. bjioine, pi. bfioi'oi'oe,/., 
captivity, bondage, slavery ; 
need, press, difficulty, hurry ; 
oiotpAm bo TIA bftuiTje, we will 
sell a cow, of whose price there 
will be need ; in pi., difficulties, 

bjt6iT>eAc, -"oije (bftotiAc), a., 
proud, haughty ; glad, pleased. 

t)}toix>eArhAi'l, -nil/A, a., in a diffi- 
culty or hurry ; busy ; energetic. 

bfiofoijim, -iuijA-6, v. tr., I stir, 
excite, stimulate. 

bfioitMneiri, g. id., and -eAfiA, pi. 
-eirti'oe, m., an embroiderer. 

btioi-oineitieAcc, -A, pi. id., em- 

bjioijeAVt, -51 tie,/., a cormorant; 
also f CAJA. 

bftoijin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m.,a little 
shoe ; the part of a spade on 
which the shoe is pressed (Con.). 

bpoiteog, -0156, -OJA,/., whortle- 

bfioimeir 1 , -e, f., anger, bold- 

bftoirin, the breast. See bftu. 

buoinn-ciAft, ., black-breasted. 

tofiointvoeAiijj, -X)i|t5e, a., red- 

tJfioirm-tionAim, -A-O, v. tr., I fill 
(myself) to excess with food. 

bjioirm-tioncA, p. a., having one's 
belly filled. 

btioinnreAc, -fij, pi. id., m., a 
stout-stomached, low-sized per- 
son ; bjioinnreACAn, id. 

btioinnreAil, -A^A, /., the act of 
taking turf out of a trench with 
a turf -fork ; "benching." 

bfioinnfeoifi, -O|IA, -oifii-oe, m., 
the man who follows the turf- 
digger and lifts the newly-cut 

turf out on the bank with a 

fork (Ker.). 
bjioinn-ceAfccA, p. a., bally- 


bjiomceofiAcc, -&,f., grinding. 
bfioirce, g. id., pi. -ACA, m., a 

brooch ; thread coiled on a 

bfioic, -e, -eAcA,y., a small variety 

of plaice ( Tory). 
bfioicij, -tije, -jce, m., a 

slaughtering-house, shambles. 
bfiollAC, -Aij, -Aije, m., the 

breast, the bosom ; a breast- 

work ; an exordium ; a preface. 

(In M. sp. I. often bojilAc.) 
bfiollAc-jeAl, -51 te (pron. 

b]toltA-j;eAi, -M.\ white- 


m., genune race or 


bfiomAc, -Aij, -Atje, m., a colt. 
bftomACAti bliAx>riA, m., a castrated 

colt (Mayo). 
t)fiomAijie, g. id., pi. -jn-oe, m., a 

stout person, a bumptious 

bjiomAn, -Ain, pi. id,, m., a booby, 

a boor, a rustic. 
bjiomAnAC, -Aije, a., unpolished, 

bjiomAncA, indec. a., noisy, rude, 

btiotn-ujijiA-o, TO., an over-confident 

bfiom-ujtftA-oAp, -Aif, m., boldness, 

disobedience, impertinence. 
bjiom-|tt(A i 6Aj''Ac, -A156, a., bold, 

forward, impertinent. 
t)fion, g. bfioin, m., grief, sorrow ; 

tno b., my grief ! b. x>o beic 

AJI . . ., to grieve ; Ag oeAtiAm 

bpoin, lamenting ; JM b|ion, in 

t)potiAc, -Ai^e, a., sorrowful, 

grieved; ATI fceAt 1 gcotririunJo 

if ni beAj A bttonAige, the usual 

story, which is sad enough. 
briorm, -A, -Aib, gs., npl. and dpi. 

of bpu, which see. 
bjionriA'D, -ncA, m., act of bestow- 

ing; a gift. piionnA-6 in Don. 

( 91 ) 


bjiormAt), -Ait>, m., (?) a gudgeon 

b|ionnAim, -AX), v. tr., I give, 

bestow, grant (with &\\, yov. dat. 

of person ; but TOO is used in 

poetry as well as in sp. L, Con.). 
b^orm-tAji, -tAiji, m., exact centre, 

middle (ceAjic-lAft is more 

bfiormtfiAti, -Aipe, a., generous. 

btionticA, p. a., given, bestowed, 

presented, pjtonncA in Don. 
bjionntAc, -4156, a., generous, 

bestowing, gift-giving. 
btiotincACAf, -Air, m., a free gift. 
top ormcAnAf, TO., agift. Seebftonn- 

CAJ\ Both forms are used by Kea. 
bfionncAf, -Aip, m., a gift (also 

bpormcoip, -OJIA, -oijii'oe, m., a 

giver, a bestower. 
bftoti-cuitife, g. irf.,/.,deep sorrow. 
bftorcAil, -At A, /., fury, rage ; A$ 

bjtorcAit CUCA, about to deliver 

an enraged attack on them 

( W. Ker.). 
bporcAti, -AIH, m., a heap of frag- 

bftorcAfi, -Aip, m, fragments ; a 

rout ; a remnant of an army ; 

bpopcAti bi'obt>A, a wicked 

rabble. See bfturcAji. 
bjiornA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, in., a fag- 

got, an armful of wood ; broken 

wood for firing. 
btiopiAC, -aije, -ACA, a faggot, a 

chip of wood. See bfiop DA. 

. See 

-o, -uijce, m., act of 

stimulating, inciting, arousing. 
b^opcuijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I incite, 

arouse, stimulate ; intr., I hurry, 

make haste; bjiopcuij; o|c, 

make haste. 
bpof cui5ce, p. a., quick in action ; 

eager, energetic. 
bpopcui jceAc, -cije, a., stimula- 

ting, quick in action. 
bfiopcuijjceoift, -ojtA, -oiftnie, m., 

a prompter, a hastener, an in- 


-A, pi. id., m., a mote, a 

straw, an atom, 
bftoc, -A, m., a cutaneous disease, 

the itch, an eruption of the skin, 
bpoc, -A, -AntiA, m., a halo round 

the moon (U.). 

bjiocAc, -Aije, a., scabby, eruptive, 
bf OCAC, -Aije, a., boiling ; uipce 

bjtocAc, boiling water. 
bfiocAife, g. id., pi. -juiie, m., one 

with much hair or fur on. 
bfiocAifte, g. id., pi. -jti-oe, m., a 

butcher ; a soup or broth seller ; 

a cauldron of soup or broth. 
bfiocAlL, -Aitt, m., heat, warmth, 

sultriness ; comfort, luxury. 
bpocAtlAc, -Aije, a., hot, warm, 

sultry ; comfortable, luxurious ; 

in easy circumstances ; as subs., 

a hot-tempered person (Con.). 
bpocAllACAti, -Ain, m., great 

bpotAllAtt,-Ain (dim. of bftocAll), 

m., heat. 
bfoclAC, -Ait;, jrf. id., TO., a cooking 

pit used by butchers, etc., at 


btiocoj;. See bfiutog. 
b^iocuf, -uif, pi. id., m., a mixture, 

a medley ; Scotch, brose. 
bjtu, g. bftonn, bjiuinne, b^ointie, 

d. bfiuinn, bjiomn, pi. b|tonriA, 

gpl. bfionn, dpi. b-fionnAib,y.,the 

womb, the belly ; the breast, 

bosom (nom. also bpoinn or 

bptiAc, g. -A\(:,pl. -AdA, m., a brink, 

edge, a bank (of river), border, 

boundary ; a trunk. 
btiuACAlAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a bird 

called the wagtail ; the name 

SlApos, -6156, -OJA, /., is more 

b]tuA6An, -AJP, pi. id., m., a border, 

a fringe. 
bnuAdAti, - A in, pi. id., m., a miser, 

a mean sordid person. 
b)tuAc-6Aile, m., a suburb. 
bjiuActiotiA, g. id, m., evening. 

See ejection A. 

bpuAT)Atfiitn, -AfiA-6, I dream. 
bt<uAt>Afi, -AIJI,^. id., m., a dream, 

a reverie. 



, rushes; b. stAfA, green 

bpuAncoj;, -6150, -OJA,/., a pouch 
made of sheepskin. 

bjiuctup, -uif, m., the fluttering 
of birds going to roost. 

bjiucc, -wicce, -UCCA,/., a belch, a 
blast, froth ; an ejaculation ; 
bjiuct f neAccAit), a heavy snow- 

b|i UCCAC, -415, m., belching, burst- 
ing forth, springing as water. 

bjiuccA-6, -CA, m., act of belching 
forth or gushing ; the sudden 
appearance of the sun after 

bfiuccAitn, -A-O, v. intr., I belch, 
sally, rush out ; feAcc I,OCA oo 
bjiucc 1 tieijiinn i n-AimfMji 
pAjicotoin, seven lakes burst 
forth in Ireland in the time of 
Partholon (Km., F. *\). 

bfiucc-cuF> in-, discharge of froth 
or foam. 

bfiucc-'ooiticim, -oojtcA-6, v. intr. 
and tr., I pour forth, jet forth. 

bjiuccJAit, -e, /., act of belching, 
belching from excessive food, 
act of bursting forth, springing 
up (as water), overflowing. 

bfiuctoiti, -ojtA, -6ifti-6e, m., a 

bfiu-oACAT), -Ain, pi. id., m., an in- 
significant person, a miser. See 


b| tu 5> & id., and bjiuij, also 
bpoJA, pi. bfiuJA, m., a large 
house, a palace ; a fort, a fairy 
mansion, a hillock ; frequent in 
place names ; bpuj SeAJAin, 
Broughshane, Co. Antrim ; bjiuj 
ttioj, Bruree, etc. (In M. bjtog, 
bjiuij;, bjio^Aib are often used 
indiscriminately with bfiuj;, -]c.) 

bftux;A-6, -ui^ce, m., bruising, 

btiuj;Ai-6, g. id., pi. -ai-ome, m., a 
farmer, a yeoman, a husband- 

bfuJAitn (bfiui5im), -A-O, v. tr., I 
bruise, break, crush, press, push, 
I reduce to pulp ; imper. b-pvhj;, 
v. tr. and intr. ; t>o bjtuij 

he controlled his emotions; 
oo bfivhj fe fAoi, id. ; bfiuij; 
if ceAc, come in close, press in ; 
bftuij; -oioc AmAc An 
press the door forward. 

bttmb-oeoifi, -O^IA, -oi|ii-6e, m., a 
brewer (also bftibein). 

btivh'o, -e, -i-oe,/., a brute, a beast. 

b^iuix>-beAtA, f., beastly, fleshy 

bjiufoeAc, -"0156, a., beastly. 

bftufoeAiL, -AlA, /., smouldering 

bjiuixieAniAit, -nitA, a., beastly, 

btitii-oeAn, --one, /., a castle, a 
fortress, a royal residence, a 
fairy palace (common in place 

btwoeAfitiAc, -Aij, m., a bubbling 
up, a boiling (Don.}. 

bfittix>i5im, -1UJA-6 (bfioi-oijim), 
v. tr., I enslave, torture, stab, 
press, urge on, incite. 

bfiwijeAii, -jne, -jeAticA,/., strife, 
quarrel ; act of quarrelling. 

bfuijeAtiAc, -Aije, a., quarrel- 
some (also bfiuijeAticAc). 

bftui5te, p. a., bruised, crushed, 

bftuijceAcc, -A, ./"., bruising, crush- 
ing ; ctioni>e-b., contrition of 

bftuijci'n, ff-id., m., boiled potatoes 
made into pulp and mixed with 

bfiuilin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a swal- 
low (Con.). 

bfitiim-feA-ji, m., broom, bromus, 
creeping wheat grass, scutch 
grass, couch grass ; bftuim-peAH 
feA5AtAriiAit, rye-like broom 
grass ; b)tuim-p CAJI boj, soft 
broom grass ; b.fneij, upright 
broom grass ; b. jiobAc, hairy 
broom grass ; b. Aim-piT), sterile 
broom grass ; b. mACAifie, 
field broom grass ; b. pio-ooA-6, 
slender wood broom grass ; b. 
f ciAtATiAc, winged broom grass ; 
b. AiceAc, gigantic broom grass. 
(In U. coubh grass = 



ijim, -ue.vo, r. tr., I smelt, 
refine; ATI c-6ji iAjt n-A b|tuin- 
oeA'6, smelted gold. 

bjuiirm--oeAlb, an image, an effigy, 
an idol. 

bftuirme .1. bjteArAriinAr, judg- 
ment, sentence, doom ; hence 
bjtuirme (bjtoirme), the final 
judgment (P. O'C.) ; hence the 
phrase 350 bjttnnne ATI t>(tACA, 
till the day of doom. 

bftuirme (used as nom. form only 
in AT.), g. id., pi. -m i oe (bjtu, 
bituinn),/., the breast, the verge, 
the brink, limit; fie bfitiinmti 
bAir, on the point of death ; an 
epithet of St. John the Evan- 
gelist. See bfiu. 

bjiuinneAc, -mje, a., pregnant, 
as subs., f., a mother, a nurse 
(also bfniirmceAC,). 

t)|iuinn-eAt)A6, -t>Ai5, pi. -x>Aije 
and -T5A6A, m., an apron. 

bfiuinneAtt, -mite, -eAttA, f., 
a fair lady, a beautiful maiden 
(poet.') (bfiuinn-jeAt). 

b)tuinne "oeArts (Ker.),bwn x>eAf5 
(Sc.), red murrain. 

bfiuirmin, -e, m., the knap of cloth. 

bfiuince, p. a., fine, refined, 

bptnrmceAc, -nje, a., pregnant. 

bjiuine, g. id., pi. -fiix>e, m., a frag- 
ment, a particle ; collect., bjiuirt- 
eAc, fragments, bits (in M. ep. I. 

bruiijteAC, -tnje, f., fragments, 
bits, scraps (Kea.). See bjiuifie. 

bjiuip, -e, f., small splinters, 
shivers, underwood, rushes, etc., 
left on river banks by the 
falling flood. See b|iuf. 

b]tuic, -e,/., act of cooking, bak- 
ing, seething. 

bftuiceAti, -tm, m., spirit, spunk, 
courage ( Mayo}. 

bf.tncim, r/. bjunc, j>p. bjtuitce, v. 
tr. and intr., I boil, cook, seeth, 
I melt, refine, liquefy, smelt ; 
intr., I boil, bubble up, spring up 
(as a liquid). (In M. bei)iV>ini 
is generally used instead of 

bnicteACAn, -Ain, m., dr\- mur- 
rain in cattle (A ran\ 

b|iuilin, g. id., pi. -nje, m., a fat 
paunch (Mayo). 

bnuitneAC, -nije, a., hot, glowing 
from a furnace. 

bjtuitneAc, -tute, -neACA,/., great 
heat ; a batch of roasted pota- 
toes hot from the fire. (In M. , 
bfiutoj and tuAcos, in Don. 

T), -cince, m., heat; actof 

boiling, melting ; act of curing 

bftmcneoits -oftA, -oifti-oe, m., n 

refiner or smelter of metals. 
bjitntnim, -neAT>, v. tr., I cook, 

boil, melt. See briuicim. 
bftu 1 tee, p.a., baked, boiled, sodden, 

refined, liquefied (beiribce, M.). 
bftuitceAc, -nje, a., that boils or 

seethes ; apt to boil or seethe ; 

apt to melt or liquefy. 
bjitMcreAcr, -A, /., sultriness. 
bfiuitcineAC, -mje, /., measles. 
bfiurn, TO., moroseness ; CA b. Aift, 

he has a fit of the blues. 
bnumAifte, g. id., pi. -tii'oe, m., a 

pedant ; a grumbler. 

, -Atfie, a., big-bellied. 
oj, -6156, -OSA,/., an untidy 

bftuf, -if,m., dust; broken straw; 

the lopping off of trees ; small 

fragments ; a remnant ; no -oein 

pe b-jtup, he caused great 

commotion, got very angry or 

excited, wept bitterly, etc. 

(Ker.). See bttupcAfi. 
bfiujM 1 ! 16 * 9- *d-i pl- -f'oe, m., a 

trickster ; a scamp ; one fond of 

chaffing others, as an attorney ; 

a busybody ( W. Ker.). 
b]<urc, -wipe, pi. id., m., a clown; 

A ttyuipc t)ox)Ai5, you un- 

mannerly churl. 
b)tfCAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a rem- 

nant ; trash ; a mob, a rabble. 
t>jiuT % cAft > -Aifi, m., crumbs of 

lnvad ; fragments of wood, etc. ; 

a remnant ; a rout of an army. 

See bftorcAti (in M. pron. 


c, -Aijje, a., insignifi- 
cant, worthless ; 45 cjieAfCAfi- 
nAC bfiufCA-firiAC cubAifceAc 
oeAjioii oom ice, ~\c. (T. G.). 

t>tturcAft-fl/uAi;, m., the rabble 
rout ; b-pufcAft - ft/tiAJ; TIA 
t>fieACAti tnoifte, the rabble 
rout of Great Britain (Kea., 
F. F.). 

bfiut, -A, -AnnA, m., the mass, 
lump, cast, or charge of glowing 
metal in the forge or furnace ; 
a wedge or piece of metal red- 
hot from the forge (P. O'C.). 

t|iuc, -A, -AtitiA, m., heat, warmth ; 
the heat of life ; an eruption of 
the skin owing to an overheat 
of the body ; vigour, wrath, 
anger ; a great wave of the sea 

tAc, -Aije, a., fierce, glowing. 
t)jiutAim, I roast, bake, boil. See 

t>jiucTTiAft, -Aifie, a., fiery, ardent, 

furious ; cosy, comfortable. 
toftutnuijim, -uJA-6, v. intr., I 

seethe, boil, am enraged. See 

bfiuicmm and bjtuiiim. 
bftucog, -6156, -OJA,./., a batch of 

potatoes roasted ; bjiuitneos 

tJjiucog, -6136, -OJA, a brutish 

person, a glutton, a clown 

btiADAl/l, buA&Atl/An, ic., rag- 

weed. See buA-pAriATi, -]c. 
t>At>Al/t, -Aili, pi. id., m., 

"buffalo" ; a bugle-horn, a 


-fiA, -oifu-oe, m., a 
player on the cornet, a trumpet- 
er, a horn player. 
t)uAC, -Aice, -CA, f., also -AIC, m.. 
a cap, a pinnacle ; a cap of mist 
on a hill ; ip e x>o BUAC e, it is 
your best line of action to pursue, 
it will "crown" you (M.) ; ip e 
buAc HA cijie An bAifteAC, the 
rain will " crown " the country, 
i.e., will do it the greatest good 
(Arari); mAiT>e bAic the pole in 
house roofing to which the 
rafters are affixed. 

tHiAC, -Aice, /., a 11 caching liquor 

for cleaning yarn or linen. 
tHiACAc, -Aije, a., high-headed, 

lofty, towering, proud, buckish, 

beauish, gay, buxom ; luxurious. 
t)ACACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

ttiACA-6, -CCA, m., act of purifying 

linen or yarn by means of a pre- 

pared liquor. 
tJuACAilA, -AttA, -ixe, m., a boy, 

a servant-boy, a lad ; a servant ; 

a cow-boy, a herd-boy ; an un- 

married young man ; TIA DUAC- 

AiL1i-6e t>AtiA, the Whiteboys ; 

btiACAiLt bo, a cow-herd ; buA<i- 

A-\\,1 bAijie, a jolly fellow. 
t)uACAil,l Aimpfte, m., a servant- 

man or cow-boy. 
t)uACAilleAC, -1/156, a., acting the 

part of a herdsman. 
bu ACAilteAcc, -A,/., act of herding 

cattle, etc. /SeebuACAitti-oeAcc. 
t)UACAitLi'6eACT:, -A, f., acting as 

a servant ; act of tending cattle, 

etc. ; b. ctiADAin, the minding 

of children (O'Ra.}. 
t)UACAitti5im, -oeAcc, v. tr. and 

intr., I act as a servant, I tend 

cattle, etc. 
t)UACAil/t 65, m., a full-grown 

young man ; a bachelor. 
buACAitt ctje, m., a house leek. 
t)wACAim, -AX>, v. tr., I cleanse 

linen or yarn by means of a 

prepared liquid. See buAc. 
t)u ACAifie, g. id., pi. -ftnje, TO., a tap, 

a spout, a squirt (from buAc). 
buACAl/Aii, -Am, pi. id., rag- weed ; 

b. buiT>e, yellow rag-weed. 

(bocAnAn is heard in Con.) 

See buA^AnAn. 

i, -Aifi, pi. id., TO., cow-dung. 
An, -Am, pi. id., m., dried 

cow-dung used for fuel. 
t>uAT>, -AIT), pi. id., TO., some virtue 

which is in a thing (M.). See 

C, -Aij;e, a., victorious ; "alu- 
able, precious, joyous ; often an 
epithet of kings, heroes, etc., as 
t-AOJAi^e buAT>AC, victorious 
Laoghaire, etc. (also 


( 95 ) 


biuYOACAr, -Aip, m., victory, 

btiA-oAc-leAnb, m., a joyous, 
pleasant child (a term for a 
lady in E. It.}. See leAtib. 

btiA-oAccAit, -AlA,/., gain, success, 
victory; puAifi muit> An buA'6- 
ACcAil optA, we defeated them, 
we obtained the victory (Con.}. 

t)UAT>AccAin, -ATI A,/., act of win- 


Anoif, who wins now? (in card- 
playing, etc. Ker.}. Also biiAx>- 


bAT>Ap, -Aif , m., triumph, victory. 
btiATJCAin, -ATIA,/., act of winning. 
buA-6-pocAt, -Ail, pi. id., TO., a 

qualifying word, an epithet. 
buAT>-poclAC, -tAije, a., of sur- 

passing language ; of efficacious 

buA-o-JAift, -e, -JA^tA, /., a shout 

of victory. 
buA-otriAti, -Aijie, a., victorious, 

buA-ouJA-o (btiA-oAT)), g. bAi-6ce, 

TO., act of overcoming, prevailing. 
buA-ouitirn, -uJA-6, I overcome, 

prevail ; v. intr., with &]\. 
buAp, -Aipe, -Aif 1-oe,/., a toad ; an 

ugly, venomous creature. 
btiAp AC, -Aije, a., toad-like, frog- 

buApA^c, -A, /., the poison or 

venom of a toad. 
buAjMtiAn, -Ain, pi. id., TO., mug- 

buA^AtiAn buroe, TO., corn mari- 

gold, yellow ox-eye. 
buAfAriAn tiA heArcAfiAn, TO., 

groundsel ; ragweed. 
buAj, -AIJC, -AS A, /., a spigot, a 

faucet, a plug. See buAC. 
See buAj; and 

buAic, -e, /., the top or pinnacle ; 
r-nAiT>m bviAice, a top knot, the 
wick of a candle, the crest of a 
wave, a plug for staunching a 
leak ; An b. A riieAtimAn, upon 
liis mind. See biiAc. 

bAiceAf, -cif , ft. id., r.,the \vi<-k 
of a candle, a slender candle, a 

taper; a name fora thin awk- 
ward person (M.}. 

buAicin, g. id.,pl. -me, m., a lappet, 
a veil. 

biiAicif, -e, -v6e,/., the wick of a 
candle, lamp, etc., a very slender 
candle (buAicif is the Con. form). 
See buAiceAf. 

buAfo, -e and -AXJA, pi. -ATA, f., 
victory; conquest;success; virtue, 
excellence, an attribute ; a buoy. 

buAfoeAc, -"6156, a., victorious. 
See buA^oAt. 

buAi-oeAfitA, p. a., troubled, agi- 
tated ; also buAtJAfirA. 

buAi-6eAftt6i|i, -6|tA, -61^11-66, m., 
a disturber. 

buAixnm, vl., buAtJAccAin, v. tr. 
and intr., I win, gain, win a vic- 
tory ; defeat (with AJI) ; profit 
by (with te). 

bAi-6ifir, --oeAfttA, /., trouble, 
grief ; contention, turmoil ; CA mo 
riiAC AJ oeAtiAtii buAit)eA-ftCA 
OAtri, no AJ cuji buAi-6eA|ttA 
oftm, my son (my concern for 
my son) is troubling me, making 
me uneasy. 

buAix>-fieAT>, -ueAficA, m., afflic- 
tion, tribulation, trouble, care, 
annoyance, anxiety; act of afflict- 
ing, troubling, etc. 

See buAi < 6f' e A 1 &. 
i) I trouble. See bAro- 

, --peArii and 
v. tr., I vex, bother, torment, 

buAile, g. id.,pl. -tre and -IceAdA, 
f., a field where cattle are kept 
for milking ; used often in place 
names, and sometimes as a sobri- 
quet for families, e. g., tllAinip- 
cij\ nA buAite, Boyle; muinn- 
ceAft nA buAite, a family of the 
O'Donoghues of Glenflesk. 

btiAileAc, -tije, a., belonging to a 
" buaile " or cattle field. 

bAiliin, -AlA-6, v. tr. and intr. , I 
strike, beat, smite ; I defeat ; 
I otart, depart, go, proceed ; I 
clap (hands) ; I lay down, 
" clap " (on a table, etc.); I place 


close up to; I thresh (corn) ; b. i 
5ct6x>, I print ; b. fioriiAm, I 
strike forward, advance ; b. 
1 pee AC, ~]c., I come in boldly ; 
buAit mAtt feo, come this way ; 
with um, I meet : buAil/ f 6 
iomAm, I met him ; buAit, ^uc, 
sit down (Con.). 

bAit-tite, m., the water-lily. 
t>u At = water. 

buAit-tiie bAn, m., the water-lily. 

bu Alice, p. a., struck, beaten ; 
threshed ; situated close to (te, 
f uAf ie) ; placed, settled, fixed 
(with descriptive ad.) ; buAitce 
cinn no bjieoi-6ce, fallen ill ; 
buAiice ipceAC im AisneA-o, 
fixed in my mind. 

buAitceAc, -cije, a., given to 
striking (from buAiiim) ; be- 
longing to a cattle field or 
milking yard ( = buAiteAc, from 

buAitceACAf, -Aif, m., a place of 
summer grazing ; the process of 
summer grazing ; hire, loan, 
temporary occupancy. 

buAiiceAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., 
the striking wattle of a flail. 
bAi1cin, (Don., Sligo, etc.). 

buAiiceoiji, -ojiA, -oijiix>e, m., a 

buAin, -ATIA, /., act of reaping, 
extracting, cutting off, etc. See 
bAimtn and beAnAim ; also 

buAin- (buAn-), lasting, continual. 

buAin-cinneAcc, -A, f., constant 
care or attendance. 

buAin-ciop, m., head rent, chief 

buAine, g. id.,f., durability, power 
of lasting. 

buAin-eA5, m., certain death. 

buAm-jeAlcAcc, -A,/., lasting or 
settled madness. 

buAimtn. See beAnAim and 

buAin-i'ieAbA'6, -bcA, m., act of 
completely or permanently de- 

tniAin-iieAbAim, -AT, v. tr., I 
torture everlastingly. 

-fCA, -fAirii, m., 

perseverance, steadiness, sta- 

buAin-feAftiiAd, -Aije, a., perse- 

vering, enduring, steady, lasting. 
bAinc. See 

-OJIA, -oi|iiT>e, m., a 
hewer; a mower, reaper, a cutter. 

buAifici'n, g. id. pi. -mx>e, m., a 
timber biickle at the end of a 
rope used for fastening the ends 
of the rope ; a piece of wood put 
on the horns of a vicious cow. 

btiAifceAn, -Ain, m., oatmeal 
kneaded with butter, baked be- 
tween cabbage leaves under the 
embers, used formerly by the 
peasantry on journeys, at distant 
fairs, as food ; cf. Scotch " crou- 

buAl/Acc, -A, pi. id.,f., a herd of 
cows. See bolAct. 

bttAt,AT>, -Ait-ce, m., a striking, a 
beating, a chastisement, a thresh- 
ing; a battle; physical percus- 
sion, a sort of cure (P. O'G.) ; 
b. bAijie, a hurling match. See 

buAlAT) bAf, m., wringing of 
hands, or beating them together 
through grief ; also applause. 

buAlA-6 ctoc, m., a sore on foot 
(due to striking against stones). 

buAiAX) cjiofoe, m., palpitation of 
the heart. 

bwAlAx> ceAnjAn, m., a disease in 

, -Aije, pi., -ACA and 
ge,/., cow dung (also bu At CAC) 
, -Aine, a., lasting, enduring, 
long-lived, certain, fixed; f io^-b., 
steadfast, everlasting. 
uAnATMf, -Aif, m., continuance, 

uAnAirn, vl., buAnA-6, buAin, 
buAine, imper. buAin, v. tr., I 
mow, cut, reap; I derive profit 
or advantage from ; specially 
used of reaping (cognate with 
bAinim, beAnAim, which see). 
uAtiAp, -Aif , m., continuity, power 
of lasting, permanency; buAin- 
', id. 

( 97 ) 


fiA,/., a lasting friend. 
buAti-cuimne, g. id., pi. -ACA, /., 
a lasting remembrance, a chron- 

-tije, a., very 

buAtiriiAf, -Aif, m., coutinuance, 

durability (somet. buAtipAf). 
buAnriA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 

bondsman or slave ; a mercenary 

soldier ; any soldier. 
bu ArmAcc, -A,/., bondage, slavery ; 

military service ; a subsidy ; free 

quartering for soldiers ; e "oo 

CADAifir buAnnAccA t>o tien- 

Sf c, that he gave subsidies to 
eiigist (Kea., P. P.). 
buAn-pAoJAlAC, -Aie, a., long- 

buAn-toifiteAc, -tije, a., ever- 


buAtiui-oe, g. id., pi. --ore, m., a 
reaper, a mower, a hewer, a 
cutter, a digger, a delver ; if 

T)Oltl5 COtlftAll 1TIA1C o'pAJAlt 

oo -ojioc-buAnui-oe, it is a pain- 
ful thing to supply a bad reaper 
with a good reaping-hook. 

buAnuijim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I con- 
tinue, prolong, persevere, give 
length of life to. 

t)UAti, -Ai|i, m., diarrhoea ; cf. CA 
lAptiACC x>e 6uAji Ofim ; CA 
buA|i ofim. 

buAji, g. buAiji, collect, m., cattle, 

buAjiAc, -Aije, -ACA, J., a spancel 
used to tie a cow's hind legs 
while being milked ; a trap ; 
A cuiji coji -oe-o buAfAij, do 
not stir (said Jig. of persons) ; 
buAitAfc tocAit), the eye of the 
rope in which the heel of the 
sprit is held while a boat is sail- 
ing (Tory); cui^pimi'x> buAftAC 
'TIA coriiAiji, we will lay a trap 
for him. In Don. buAjtAc is the 
horn, a spancel is buAificin. 

t)uAfiAC, -Aijje, a., having cattle; 
belonging to cattle. 

t)uA|tAnnA6, -Aije, a., laxative ; 
suffering from diarrhoea. 
, -e, -ix>e, /., a boot. 

bub, -A, pi. id., m., a roar, a yell ; 

bubAit, -AlA, pi. id., f., a roaring, 
yelling, or bellowing. 

bubAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a coxcomb. 

bubAUAc, -Ai5e, a., noisy, fop- 

buc (bu^Ac), a., free, liberal, kind. 

buclA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a wisp 
or ringlet of hair ; a buckle ; 
bucl/Ai'oe bftog, shoe-buckles. 

bud AC, -Aije, a., buckled ; in 
ringlets (of the hair). 

buctAi - 6eA6, .1. buctAc, which see. 

bucluitim, -tj^A-o and -tA-6, v. tr., 
I buckle ; I adorn with buckles. 

bu-6, cond. of assertive v. if, very 
commonly used for bA, past of 
if; answers to affix -ward, 
-wards, in southwards, eto. ; foip 
bu-6 CUAIX), to the north-east 
(Kea., F. F.) r IA|I bu-6 -oeAf, to 
the south-west (id.). See if . 

bu-oeiti, box>ein, self (obsolete). 

buiceAT), -eit), -eAT>Aix>e, m., a 
bucket. bucAtX), pi. -ix>e (Don. ). 

buicmiti, g, id., pi. -ixe, m., a 
piece of wood used to fasten a 
cord that binds a fore-leg and 
a horn of a cow (Clare). See 

> a -> gentle of 

bui-oe, g. id.,/., mildness, gracious- 
ness, kindness, thanks. 

bui-oe, pi. -ACA, a., yellow, tawny ; 
sunburnt, sunny, summerlike ; 
mi bui-oe, July; tA b. beAl- 
CAine, bright or sunny May 
day ; IA b. f-ojiTiAiti, a bright or 
sunny day in harvest ; bui-oe is 
sometimes used as a strengthen- 
ing adverb, as if JM-OA bui-oe 
tiAi-6 e, it is far indeed from it. 

bui-6eA6, -"oije, a., thankful, 
grateful, obliged, kindly dis- 
posed, pleasing, gentle (to, -oo), 
pleased with (-oo = -oe); CAIT> TIA 
OAOine Ati-bui-oeAc -oe'n bpoj- 
riiAjt fo, the people are very 
satisfied with this harvest ; 
Anglo-Irish, the people are very 
thankful to this harvest. 



Ain, --an A, /., jaundice 
(tiAt-bui-oe and SAtAti buit>e, 

buixteACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m. the 
yolk of an egg. See buix>eACAn. 

bit>eACAn, -Am, m., the yolk of 
an egg (in W. Ker. twoeAiAn). 

bui-oeACAf, -Atf, m., thanks, grati- 
tude, thankfulness ; 5Ati b. T>O, 
in spite of; A mbu ITHACA]* T>O 
iuitteArii, to er.i-n their grati- 
tude (in M., sp. I. bAox>ACAf ). 

bui'oeACc, -A,/., gratitude. 

bui-6eA6c, -A,/., yellowness. 

buixieACCAin, -AnA,/., act of turn- 
ing yellow ; act of ripening (of 

buit>6At, -6it, pi. id., m., a bottle, 
a water-budget (in Don. bui-oeAt) 

buit>eAt bui-oe, m., a yellow- 
hammer (Don.). 

bui-oeAn, g. --one, pi. id., f., a 
crowd, multitude, a retinue, a 
troop, a company; bui-oeAn- 
cftuAJ, a company. 

bui-oeAnriiAfi, -Aipe, a., fond of 
company ; having a large follow- 
ing ; with abundant forces. 

Ouix>e-btteAC, -t|iice, a., speckled 
with yellow spots. 

bui'oe mop, -6\\\,pl. id., m., dyer's 
rocket, yellow weed, or weld, 
reseda luteola; c6rh bui-oe teip 
An mbui-oe mojt, a common 

bui'oe nA n-injeAn,/., Irish spurge. 

bui-oeoj;, -0156, -OJA, /., a bird 
called a yellow-hammer (also 

, -cire, a., thick and 

yellow (of the hair). 
t)uix>neA6, -mj, m. (or -nije, /.), 

love, a term of endearment. 

(The word isnodoubtmAoineAt; 

as a rule, it is only heard in 

VOG. A riiAOinij or A buixmij ; 

also, A iriAomeAd: or A buit>nAc.) 

See mAoineA6 and mAom. 
butje,,f., softness; liberality; 

buitcin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a small 

quantity ; the amount of thre;i i 

put on a spindle (bulk ?) ; a 

parcel of any kind; buitcin 
Ainjtif, a cause of quarrel, an 
"apple of discord;" ef. Eng. 

buite, g. id., /., distraction, mad- 
ness, rage ; a fit ; somet. gen. = 
adj., as peAfi buite, a madman ; 
Aji buite, mad, furious, madly ; 
if "0615 te peAfi nA b. jujtAb e 
pem peAfi nA ceitte. 

buiteAC, -tije, a., mad, dis- 

buiteAmAit, -tritA, a., furious, 

buitj, bellows ; a disease in cattle. 
See botj. 

buit^eAf, -Jif, m., a blister, a 

buitseAfAC, -Aije, a., spotted, 

buitjim, -jeA-o, v. tr., I blister. 

buitjin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m,., a little 
bubble or blister ; a small 
paunch ; dim. of botj. 

buit^-teAf, m., a bright spot ; 
also a blister. 

buitj-teAfAC, -Aije, a., blistered, 
blotched, pock-marked. 

buiti^, -e, a., gentle, civil, cour- 
teous ; gay, merry, lively. 

buitix>eAcc, -A, /) gentleness, 
civility, courtesy ; sprightliness, 
gaiety, liveliness. 

buitin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a small 
loaf of bread ; buiteAn, id. 

buitifc, -e, /., the broadest part 
of a boat (Mayo). 

buitte, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a stroke, 
blow ; cast ; buitte JM cuAifimi, 
a guess, an approximation ; one 
stroke of the clock ; AJI A" buitte 
'o 6toj, at one o'clock ; buitte 
O^AJ 'o tloj, eleven o'clock 
(Der.) ; buitte Ap A^AI-O, a step 
forward, so much done ; buitte 
F.AOI no cAipif, a guess at it, 
roughly speaking ; Aft buitte An 
bAif, on the point of death. 

buitteAt, -tije, a., beating, 
striking, smiting (also buit- 

buimbtot, -bte, -bteAtA, /., a 


t>nimbtieA6, -fiS e > - querulous. 

buime, g. id., pi. -tnixie,/., a nurse. 

buimitje, g. id., pi. --oi-oe; also 
bumAine, m., a minute; Aft 
ATI ft., on the spot, instantly 
(U. and Con.). 

buirmteAti, m., a stupid fellow 

buiminc, gr. '<., pi. -tnie, &., a 
moment (also buiminte, Der.). 

buimpip, -e, -I'oe, /., a vamp ; the 
sole of a shoe (buimpeip M.). 

bum-ciop, m., a pension. 

buin-ciofuix>e, g. id., pi. --dee, m., 
& pensioner. 

bumeA-o, -ero, pi. id., m., a bonnet. 
See bomneic. 

buinin, g. id., pi. -me, m., a Kerry 
cow ; a small breed of cows. 

buitine, g. id., pi. -mt>e, m., a flood, 
a wave, a torrent, a rapid 
stream ; a tap, a spout ; a spout- 
ing, squirting forth ; buinne 
fiAOAjirA, a spring tide ; corrup- 
tion flowing from an ulcer ; 
anger, passion, (buite?); ft? 
buinne m6ft f?Aoi, he was in a 
great rage (Don.); a corn on the 
foot, etc. 

buinne, g. id., pi. -nixie, m., a 
border, edging ; a set-off in 
basket-making ; a thick border 
in beginning or finishing any 
wicker-work ; a branch, sapling, 
sprout, or plant ; a scion, an 
offspring ; buinne cuit, the first 
strong layer in basket-making ; 
melaph., a chief, a primal stock 
in families (also buinne beil). 

bumneAC, -nije, /., laxity, loose- 
ness, purge ; diarrhoea ; a gushing 
forth, sprouting. 

bumncAi, -nije, a., full of corns. 

bumneACAC, -Aije, suffering from 

buinneAit, -A,/., a gushing forth, 
sprouting (O'N.). 

bumneAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a twig, 
a branch, a sapling ; a scion (dim. 
of buinne); a soft, sappy leaf. 

buinne bo, m., the yolk or yelk 
which covers a calf after being 
dropped from the uterus (Con.). 

buinneoj;, -0156, -OJA,./., a sprout, 
a branch, a plant ; a scion. 

bumnijim, -IUJA'O, v.intr., I flow, 
spring up. 

buinniuJAt), -ijce, m., act of flow- 
ing, springing up. 

buiji, -e, /., a shout, a cry ; a 
roaring, a bellow. 

buijibe, g. id., f., wrath ; harsh- 
ness ; pride, fierceness ; richness, 
luxuriance ; empty verbiage ; 
ignorance (obs. in this sense). 

buifteA-o, -fi'Oj * a roaring ; a 

buifieog, -0156, -OJA, /., a term of 
reproach for a woman. 

buitipeAt), -fm,pl. id., m.,a, noise, 
a roaring. See bui^eA-D. 

buifipeA-OAC, -Aije, /., a roaring. 

buitipix)ini, -peA-6,<r.,Iroar (as 
an animal). 

buifiit,t/in, g. id., pi. -ixie, m., a 
potato in seed (Arari). 

buifilinj, -e, -te, /., a kind of 

buififte, 9- *&> /> turgidity, pride, 

bui^tieAdc, -A,/., pride. See bopp. 

buifeAt, -eit, pi. id., m., a 

butrte, g. id., pi. -ci-oe, m., a scrip, 
a pouch, a bag ; oatmeal mixed 
up with butter, etc., and put 
into a scrip or pouch to be used 
in travelling ; a clown, a slug- 

buirceip, -eAfiA, -eiju'oe, m., a 
butcher, buipceoiji (Don.). 

buirceipeACc, -A, /., butchering, 

buicteiti, -eAfA, -i^e, m., a butler. 

buiijteAt), m., act of groaning, 
roaring (as of a cow, etc.). See 
buijieAt) and buijipeA-o. 

buicpe, g. id., pi. -fit>e,/., a witch 
(also ftuicreAC. and buicreAC, 

buicpeACAti, -Am, pi. id., m., an 
assuming, arrogant person. 

GuicfeAiAf, -Aif, m., withcraft, 

buicrcAct, -A,/., witchcraft. 

buljotx), -e, -i-oe, /., a bubble. 


( 100 ) 

butt,A, g. id., TO., a Papal bull ; a 
bowl ; a bull, the animal (McD.). 

butlAbAitMn, g. id., m., a whirligig, 
& swimming in the head. 

button, -Ain, pi. id., m., a round 
hollow in a stone, a bowl. 

bull/An, -Am, pi. id., m., a bullock 
(also botAn). 

butfAvjie, g. id., pi. -fd'oe, m., a 
boaster (Don.). 

bum-bAitteAT), -tix>, -ti^oe, m., a 
bum-bailiff (E. R.). 

bun, g., bum and bunA, pi. id., m., 
a foundation, root, origin, base, 
bottom, the mouth (of a river) ; 
A^ b., on foot, established ; cup 
Ap b., to found, establish ; t>o b., 
in pursuance of; bun nA gcnoc, 
the base of the mountains; 
bun-6r-cionn, upside down, 
awry ; bun-6r-cionn te, inde- 
pendent of, free from the influ- 
ence of ; cfuocAT) no J?A n-A 
bun, thirty or under ; 1 mbun, 
in charge of, keeping, guarding ; 
"An mAUAT) fiUA-o 1 mbun nA 
jceAjic," the fox guarding the 
hens; ni feA-oAfi CAT) ip bun 
teif (or 06), I don't know what 
is the origin or cause of it. 

bunAC, -Aij, TO., tow, coarse flax. 

bunACAn, -Ain, pi. id., TO., a feast 

bunACAp, -Aift, m., foundation, 
origin ; substance, means. See 

bun A-6, -Aix>, pi. id., TO., origin, 
stock, root, foundation; the stock 
of a farm; a family, people. 

butiAt)Af, -Air, TO., origin, found- 
ation, root, cause, originality, 
strength, force ; substance; mat- 
ter (as of a book), body j sub- 
stance (of bread and wine as op- 
posed to accidents in the Euchar- 
ist) (Donl.) ; b. btiA-onA, the 
greater part of a year ; -oo |teit< 
bunA-OAfA, by descent (Kea.), 
meaning, sense ; cAiT>e An 
bunAX>Af ACA teif An bpocAt 
f Am, what is the meaning of that 
word? (M.); b. uitig, almost 


, a. (pron. bunu- 
pAc), original, primitive ; sub- 
stantial, forceful, fundamental. 

bunAi-6, a. (prop, gs.), original, 
primitive, own. 

bun-Aic, -e, -eAftA, /., a fixed 
position, a foundation, a dwell- 
ling, a chief place of residence, 

bun-AiceAC, -cije, a., principal, 
chief ; assertive, precocious 
(Con.) ; 50 b., constantly (Don.). 

bunAici-oe, the greater part ; e.g., 
c& An peA^cAin b. tAfic, the 
rain is almost over (Con.) (also 

bun-Aictjirn, -niJAt*, v. tr., I found, 
establish, fix, inherit. 

bun-Ate, -Aitc, pi. id., TO., a prin- 
cipal article of belief, a funda- 
mental proposition. 

bunAn, -Ain, pi. id., TO., a stump ; 
a little root. 

bunACA, indec. a., settled, estab- 

bun-beAti (bunA-beAn), /., a stout 
woman of low stature ; somet. a 
middle-aged woman. 

bun-ciAll, -ceiVle,/., a moral. 

bun-cmeAt, g. -CAit-, TO., middling 
kind (Don.). 

bun-6iof, -A, -Ann A, TO., chief rent, 
tribute, head rent ; a pension 
(also buin-ciof). 

bun-ctAoi-oce, p. a., reduced to 
the last extremity, as by sick- 
ness, hunger, fatigue, etc. 

bun-cuif, -e, -eAnnA, /., a first 

bunxiun, -i5in,>Z. id., TO., the funda- 
ment, esp. in a state of prolapse ; 
a silly person, a coxcomb, a 
blunderer (often pron. bun- 

bunx>unAC, -Aije, a., blundering, 

bun-vAc, TO., the absolute cause 

bunnAn, -Am, pi. id., TO., a beetle; 
b. teAnA, a bittern. 

bunnriiAfi , -Aipe, a., settled, fixed, 

bun-nof, TO., an old custom. 


( 101 ) 

buntif At, -Aije, -ACA,/., a javelin, 
a rod, a twig, an osier, a stout 
little girl. See bonnpAd. 

bunn-cplAC, /. , a strong switch or 
rod, a hoop rod. 

bunoc, -6ice, -6c&,f., a very young 

bun-op-cionn, head over heels, up- 
side down, wrong ; with le, in- 
dependent of, free from the in- 
fluence of (M.); given up or for- 

bun ^i be, m., a carbuncle on the 
human skin. 

bun-fftut, -rjiocA, pi. id., m., a 
fountain head, a basin or reser- 
voir for water. 

bun-fcoc, -uic, pi. id., m., the old 
stock, the Aborigines. 

buncAirce, g. id., pi. -i-oe, /., ad- 
vantage, perquisites, profit ; t>4 
beAj An ouncAipce bi 4156 Atft, 
he was little better than tho 
other, he had little advantage 
over the other (said of two 

bun cpAixine, m., the pocket of a 
seine net (Ker.). 

bun-cpop, m., the eaves of a house. 

bunuJA-6, -uijce,??!., act of fixing, 
resting ; dwelling, founding, 

bunvnjim, -uJA-6, v. tr. and intr., 
I fix, rest, dwell; I found, begin, 

buji, g. buiti, pi. id., dpi. bupAix>ib 
(poet.), m., a boor, a term for tho 

t)ufi, poss. pr. your (pi.), ec/i/i-'^. 
See 6A|t. tT)uji in Don. 

bujiAC, -415, pi. id., m., a boor, a 

bujvoun, -vim, pi. id.,m., a heavy 

buitjAifte, g. id., pi. -jn-oe, m., a 
burgess, a citizen. See bo-njAi-jte. 

bufitAil, -ALA, /., act of bundling 

biimiAi-6, g. id. pi. -e, m., a clown, 
a blockhead. 

but\ji At, -Ail, pi. id., m., a loud 
lamentation, a mournful cry or 

, -Ait, m., a jot, a bit; with 
neg., nothing (Con.). 

buft-pAriiAil, -riilA, a., surly, clown- 
ish, sulky, stupid. 

t)up,/w. rel. of assertive v. if. See 


'buf for Abuf, which see. 
bufcoi-o, -e, -6A6A, /., a blister 

(also pufcoix)). 
butAijie, g. id., pi. -ftnie, m., a 

chapman ; a dealer in cattle. 
bucAitie, g. id , m., a cloud of 

smoke ( = pucAitie). 
bucAt n^niA, -Ait ft., pi. id., m., 

the fulcrum of an oar. 
bucoj, -oije, -OJA,/., a thole-pin 

bucun, -um, pi. id., m., a smith's 

paring knife, an unlucky deed ; 

jiinnip xio bucun, you have 

brought misfortune on yourself 

by your own action (also borun). 
bucunAc, -Aije, a., unfortunate. 

C* (cott, the hazel tree), the third 
letter of the Modern Irish 

CA, interr. prn., what ? where ? 
whither ? how ? why P eclipses 
verbs ; in past becomes CAJ<, and 
aspirates ; CA hAf , from what ? 
whence? CA huAifi, what time? 
when ? CA meAT), how much? 
CA me I'D, how many ? and in M. 
how much ? 5oit>e 'n riieit) ? 
what size (Don.); CA peA^ijiA 
ouic I'ceAt -oe, how does it 
matter to you, why should you 
mind? (Ker.). 

CA, a house or workshop, found in 
compounds like ceAjvocA (ceA]ro- 

CA (U.), neg., part., not, no; 
A eclipses; 6A T)cui^im = ni 
tuijitT), I do not understand ; 
CA AtriAin, let alone, not to speak 
of ; CA mif ce tiom, I don't 
mind. See CAn. 

CAb, g. CAtb, pi. id., m., a mouth, 
a head, a gap, the bit or mouth- 
piece of a bridle, a muffle, a 

( 102 ) 

muzzle (Ballydehob=t)eAt At A 

An OA CAb) ; dim. cAibin, a lip. 
CAbA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a cape, a 

coat-collar, a hood, a cloak or 

robe, a large awkward hat, cap, 

head gear ; CAbA pAttAinse, the 

cape of a mantle. 
CAbA, g. id., pi., -titiA, m., a cave. 
CAbAC, -Aii;e, a., babbling, talking, 

gapped, indented. 
CAt)Ac, -Atje, a., wearing a large 

or double cape or cap; clumsy, 

CAbAije, g. id.,f., prattle, prate, 

CAbAit, -e,/., the body ; the trunk ; 

the body of a shirt, coat, etc.; 

a woman's bodice ; the bare walls 

of a house. 

/., help, assistance, support. 
CAbAijie, g. id., pi. -fti-be, m., a 

prattler; CAbAijte bjieAC, a mag- 

CAbAifie, g. id., pi. -tu-oe, m., a 

helper, assistant, a supporter. 
CAbAifeAcc, -A, /., prattling. 
CAbAifce, g. id. m., cabbage, cole- 

worth, cauliflower ; CAbAifce 

OAOine mAite, London Pride, 

which is also called CAbAifce 

tflAXA flllAlX). 

CADAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a large pan 

(particularly for milk), a caul- 

CAbAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a cable. 

See CAbtA. 
C^bAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a tent, a 

cabin, a booth, a cavity or hol- 

low ; CAbAn bocAifi, an um- 

CAbAn, -Ain, pi. id., m. t a field, a 

valley, a plain. 
CAbAn, -Am, pi, id., m., common 

yellow water lily. 
CAbAnunie, g. id., pi. -xce, m., a 


t, CAt)Aoi|ie. See CAtriAoifi. 
i, -Aifi, m., a collar (Con.). 
cA, gs, as a., helpful, com- 

AbAtirAt, -Aije, a., comfortable ; 

helpful, aiding, assisting. 

m., a 

helper, aider, assistant. 
CAbAf, -Aif, m,, stepping stones 

across a stream. See cAbfA. 
CAbcAToin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., & 

little stump ; c. ftAriiAinne, a 

worn little spade. See CAriicAi-o. 
CAbJAit, -e, f., babbling, talking. 
CAbtA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a cable. 

a chain, a rope. 
CAblAC (also cobtAc), g. -AIJ, pi. 

id., and -ACA, m., a fleet, a navy ; 

CAbtAC cije, a ruined or empty 

CAbtAC, -Aije, a., having plenty 

of cable ; in thick clusters (of 

the hair). 
CAblAcAn, g. -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

sailor, a mariner. 
CAblAitn, -AX, v. tr., I bind, chain 

CAbltujje, pi., m., the rigging of a 

CAbos, -6156, -OSA, /., a jackdaw, 

a jay. 
CAboj, -6156, -ogA, /., an old hat ; 

a rustic, a labourer ; a prater 


CAbojAC, -Aije, a., unkempt, un- 
tidy, dull. 
CAbojAi-oeAcc, -A,/., the going as 

a labourer on hire, especially to 

a distance. 

CAbjiAC, -AIJ, -Aije, m., an assist- 
ant, an auxiliary. 
CAbftAC, -Aije, a., helpful. 
CAbfioip, -e,/., corn spurrey. 
CAbtiuijim, -UJAX), imper. cAb- 

fiuij and CAbAiti, v. intr., I helj., 

comfort, aid, assist. 
CAbfA, g. id., pi. -1-oe, m., a 

pavement, a causeway; a lane 

CAbpoiti, -ojiA, -oitii'oe, m., a 

CAbwn, -in, pi. id., m., a capon, 

an ignorant, low fellow. 
CAC, g. CAIC, everyone, all in 

general, the whole, each, every, 

all the others ; indef. prn., with 

neg., no one; nAC C^UAJ te CAC 

A hAicix), that no one pities her 

misfortune (O'Ka.). 


( 103 ) 


CAC, -A, -Ann A, m., excrement, 
filth, ordure ; CAC iAj\Ainn, a 
kind of iron ore found in damp 
soils ; CAC -Aft AJAi-6, fallow land. 
See bftAtiAji. 

CACA, g. id., pi. -t-oe, a cake. 

CAC Aim, d. CAC, to void excre- 

CAcnAi-6, m., dried cowdung for 
fuel (Sligo). 

CACC, -A, pi. -Ai-oe, m., a maid ser- 
vant, a bond- woman; confine- 

CAccAniAil, -mlA, a., servile. 

CAXJ, rel. and interr. prn., what ? 
CAT) Af, whence, wherefore ? CAT> 
cui5e, why, for what purpose ? 
CAX> 'n-A CAob, why ? CAX> ^A, 
why, what for ? CAX> e An CAOI, 
how? CAT) CA Aft, what ails, 
what is the matter with ? 

CA-OAC, -AIJ, m., calico j fig., hum- 

CA-oACAf, -Atf, m., atonement. 

CAT>Ain, -e, -ce,/., a measure con- 
taining slightly more than a 
glass ; a mug, a cup ; cf. CUIT> TIA 
CAix>ne f eo fAn 5CAx>Ain eile ; a 
cell, cAx>Ain riiCAtA, a beehive 

CAx>Aijie, g. id.,pl.-y\-oe,m., a bell. 

CA-OAifine, g. id., pi. -nixe, m., the 

CAT) At, -Ail, pi. id., m., a skin, a 
peel, the rind of a tree (O'N.). 

CAx>AlAitn. See cot>AlAim. 

CAx>AtnAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a low, 
despicable fellow. 

CA-OATI, -6nA,-x>AncA, m., a wild 
goose, a barnacle-goose. 

CA-oAfi, -AIJI, pi. id., a hermaphro- 
dite, an effeminate person. 

CATJAfAr, -Aif , m., cotton ; bom- 
bast, contention (O'N.). 

CAt)Ar, -Aif, *> cotton, fustian ; 
humbug, bombast. (CATAn is 
somet. used in same sense.) 

CA-OAf, -Aif, m., veneration, 
respect, honour, friendship, 

CAX)Af At, -Aie, a., friendly, fond, 

CA-otAc, -tAise, a., Catholic (0'2f.). 

CAT>lui6, -e,/., the herb cudweed. 
CAxmur, -uif, m., pride, upstart, 

assumption. (The first syllable 

is usually pron. long.) 
CATmufAc, -Aije, a., proud, 

assuming. See CAT)mr. 
CAt>6r, -6150, -OJACA, /., a had- 

CA-OJIAH, -Ain, pi. id., m., con- 

CATJfiAnAcc, -A,/., act of wrangling, 

disputing (also cAx>tiAtiCAcc, 


CAT)|iAriCA, iridec. a., contentious, 

obstinate, stubborn. 
CAtJftAfAC, -Aije, a., contentious. 
CApAi|ie, g. id., pi. -tnx>e, m., a 

CApAijieAdc, -A, /., prating, talk- 

ing ; gab, prattle. 
CAftAC, -AIS, m., chaff, husks, 

pollard. See CAC LAC. 

-e, m., flummery. See 

CAJ, -Ai5, -JA, m., a jackdaw. 
CAjAitc, -e, /., advantage, profit, 

frugality. See coijitc. 
CASAtAitti, -jAitc, v. tr., I spare, 

CAjAltrAC, -Aije, a., sparing, 

CAibeAtui-oe, g. id., pi. --ote, m., 

the person who plants potatoes 

, -e, -oli - 6e, /., a chapter; 

a session for settling disputes; 

ni ttAib me i ntitiseAt) nA i 

SCAibix>it tiiAm, I was never at 

law or in dispute (Aran). 
CAibix)leAc, -tige, a., capitular. 
CAibin,,pl. -i-6e,m.,acau6een, 

an old hat ; a low hat. 
CAibte, g. id.,f., act of disturbing, 

disquieting, dragging, pulling 

(P. O'C.). 

CAitme, g. id.,/., friendship. 
CAibneAc, -nije, a., friendly. 
CAibjtisim, -lu^Atb, v. intr.,L com- 

fort, help (with te) ; also 

CAIT), g. CAT)A or CO-OA, stone, layer 

or binding stone ; AIJUC COT>A, 

stone-mason (t). PA 

( 104 ) 

CAI'O, -e, a., chaste, pure ; famous. 

GAIT), -e, /., a chaste one. 

CAitJbtmc, -e (coiriitinc),/., act of 
contending (also coitrilinc). 

CAit>e, inter, pr., what ? Often 
written 501-06. In Ker., CAT> e. 

CAix>e, g. id., /., chastity, purity, 

CAix>e, g. id., pi. -CACA, /., a blem- 
ish, defilement, spot. 

CAix>e, interr. part., what? (obs.). 

CAi-oeAC, -6156, a., filthy, polluted. 

CAI-DBACC, -A,/., chastity, sanctity. 

CAineAt, -oeit, pi. id., m., a water 

CAi'oeAtiiAit, -riitA, a., decent, be- 

CAi-oeif, -e, -6ACA, /., an enquiry; 
CA cu AJ cup -oo 6. t?etn Aifi, 
you are putting your own oar 
into the question ; t>o cwifteAf 
CAitieif AIJI, I accosted him, 
stopped him to ask a question. 

CAi-oeipeAc, -fije, a., inquisitive, 
one constantly asking cAit>e ? 

CAiT>eo5, -oige, -OJA,/., an earth- 
worm, a rough caterpillar. 

CAi-op, -e, -eAntiA, /., a woman's 

CAiT>fteAc, -tnje, a., friendly, 

CAi-otteAit, -AlA, /., prattling, 

CAix>neAm, -HUTI, m., company, 
fellowship ; intercourse, famili- 
arity ; partnership in trade ; act 
of caressing (also cAit>fieAT>). 

CAiTjjieAiiiAc, -Aije, a., familiar, 
fond, kind, social, friendly. 

CAfofteAriiAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., an 
acquaintance, a friend. 

CAit>peAiiiAf, -Aif, m., familiarity, 
fondness, intimacy. 

CAi'ojteif, -e, /., rhapsody, non- 
sense. (This word is also used 
as a variant of cAiteif .) 

CAi-ofiijitn, -oneAni, imper. CAIX>- 
^115 and CAIXHII, v. tr., I cherish, 
live socially or connubially with. 

CAi-ofeAf, -eif , -eijii-oe, m., a gul- 
let ; a stream issuing from a 
fence ; the mouth of a drain ; 
a little well (Ker). 

CAip, -e, -eACA, /., a head-dress ; 

quoif. See CAi-op. 
CAipitiin, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a 
nurse's hood ; the cap worn by 
a cook ( W. Ker.) ; a kerchief, a 
little shawl or covering worn on 
a woman's head, a hood (also 

CAipneoj, -0156, -O5A, f., the sea- 
fowl called puffin. See CAtioj;. 

CAit, -e,, and -ixie,/. quality, 
reputation, repute, fame ; means, 
state, sort ; amount, share, quan 
tity ; disposition, strength, pro- 
tection, keeping ; if meAfA CAit, 
of very bad character; kind, 
quality ; CA CAit r>e fo^c nuA-6 
AjAm, I have a new sort (Don.) ; 
CA CAit riiAit ASATM, I have a 
good deal ; CA CAit ITIAIC AI|I, 
he is of good repute ; bi CAit 
tiiAit TDAoine Ann, there was a 
good number of persons present ; 
CAit riioft -oe, much of it ; CAit 
beAg -oe, a little of it (Omealh, 

CAit, -e, -1-oe, f., an old mare, 
usually applied to an old ass, 
prob. for cAite ( W. Ker.). 

CAitbe,<,/., baldness. See CAtb. 

CAitbeAC, -bije, a., wide-mouthed. 

CAitbeAcc, -A, /., yawning. 

CAilc, -e,f., chalk; also a shield. 

CAitce, indec. a., chalk-white. 
Really gen. of cAitc. 

CAitceAc, -cige, a., chalky. 

CAitceAriiAit, -riiAtA, a., chalky, 

CAitcijim (cAttcim), -ceA'6, v. tr., 
I chalk. 

CAitcin, g. id., m., a disorder of 
the eyes; a target, a small shield 
(from CAitc, a shield). 

CAitc fiuA-6, /., red ochre. 

CAite, g. id., pi. id. -li-oe, -teACA, 
m. and /., a country woman, a 
maiden, a girl (cAil/e is m. in 
Don. and in parts of Con.). 

CAileAc. See coiteAc. 

coicceAnn, m., 
common cock's-foot grass. 
AiteAcc, -A, /., nature ; property ; 

( 105 ) 


CAileATJiAil, -nilA, a., famous, re- 
nowned, worthy. 

CAileATTOA, indec. a., girlish, effem- 

CAileATTOAfi, g. -Ait.t, pi. id., m., a 

CAileos, -0150, -OJA, /., a snow- 
flake (also cAlos). See bjiAcoj;. 

CAilj;, -e, pi. id.,f., a sting (of a 
bee, etc.); cuiji An tbeAc A CAilj 
lonnAtn, the bee stung me ; 
deceit, treachery. See ceAlg. 
C, -5156, a., prickly. 

-rhtA, a., pungent, 

CAitjim, -jeA-o, v. tr., I sting, 
prick ; deceive. See ceAlsAim. 

CAiticin, g. id., m., disease of the 
eyes, ophthalmia. See cAilcin. 

CAilToeAcc, -A, f., a quality ; 
qualification ; genius. 

CAititi, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a girl, a 
maiden ; cAilin 65, a grown-up 
girl ; CAiliTi Aitnf itie, a servant 
girl ; CAilin beAj, a little girl, 
a young girl ; cAilin -oeAticA, a 
fully -developed girl (Don.). 

CAilitro, calends. 

CAili'r , -e, -6ACA,/., a chalice, a cup. 

CAill, -e, /., loss, damage ; tiAft 
mop ATI CAill e? was it not a 
great loss ? 

CAille, g. id., pi. -ACA, /., a veil ; 
a nun's veil. 

CAilleAC, -lije, -leACA,/., a nun; 
often cAilleAC x>ub is used for 
a nun. 

CAilteAC, -lite, -leACA, /., an old 
woman, a nag; a fisherman's 
stone-anchor ; a fir stump found 
in bogs ; a bad or shrivelled 

CAilleACAmAil, -tiilA, a., haggish, 
belonging to an old woman ; 
pertaining to a nun. 

CAilleAiiAf, -Aif, m., female 
monasticism; cowardice; dotage; 

CAilleA6 ofteAC,,/., the grey sea- 
gull ; a fish like the dog-fish. 

CAilleAC -oeAjiS, /., red poppy, 
corn rose. 

), /., the cormorant. 

CAilleAC nA opleA-o, /., a large 


CAilleAt ot-oce,/., an owl. 
CAilleAC -ptiAX), / ^ ue loach, a 

small fish. 

CAilleAmAin, -TTITIA,^. id.,f., loss, 
damage, failure, neglect ; act of 
losing ; nom. also CAilleAmAmc. 

CAilleATiitiAc, -Aite, a., losing, 
defective, apt to lose. 

CAillicin, g. id., pi. -ni-oe, m., a 
little hag ; a kind of sea- 

Eigeon ; a stunted tree in poor 
CAillim, vl. CAilleA-6, cAilleAm, 

CAllleAtT)AITl(c), CAlll, CAlllC, 

pp. cAillce, v. tr., I lose, spend ; 
with Af, neglect, fail ; in pass., 
I die, perish, am ruined ; t>o 
CAilleAX) e, he died ; CA f e 
CAillce, he is ruined. Does not 
mean "die" in Don. 

CAillpeAiiAc, -Aije, a., failing, 
losing, betraying, disappointing ; 
also used as sub., one that be- 
trays, etc. 

CAillre, p. a., lost, drenched, 
ruined, destroyed, dead ; very 
bad, as DA CAillce ATI niAire 
AJAC e, it ill became you to do, 
etc. ; (O'N. also has CAillce, 
dead). See CAillim. 

CAillceAC, -cije, a., ruinous, 
destructive, hurtful, disastrous. 

CAillteACC, -A,/., losses, damages 

CAillceAnA6, -Aij, pi. id., m., an 
eunuch. See 

m., one 

wlio is always talking (ami 

hence losing time) (.). 
CAillteoiji, 'OtiA, -oijii'oe, m., a 

gelder. See coillceoiji. 
CAillreoif, -ojtA, -oifii'oe, m., a 

loser, a spender, a spoiler. 
CAilmeAti, -mine, a., of good 

CAilm-peAti, m., a. brave, strong, 

cAnn, -e, -CACA, /., a fault, stain, 

blemish ; SAT) c., faultless. 


( 106 ) 

, -6eil, pi. id., m., a 

CAim-oeAlAc, -Atje, a., wry- 

CAim-deAcc, -A, ., the constella- 
tion called the "plough" (P. 
(yO. says the "bear"). 

CAime, g. id., /., crookedness, 
injustice, chicanery. 

CAimeA6, -01156, a., fault-finding. 

CAimeACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 
hunch-backed person. 

CAiriieACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a pro- 
tector (this word is a variant of 
CAoriiACAn or CAOiriieACAn). 

CAitn-reo-odAin, /., a whirlwind 

CAim-piAcl/Ac, -Aije, o., crooked- 

CAimf e, 0. ?., /., a curlet or ring- 
let of hair ; deceit, fraud. See 

CAimreAC, -fije, a., crooked, 
curled, winding, turning ; fraud- 
ulent, deceitful. 

CAimfeos, -oige, -054, /., a false- 
hood, an illusion; CAimreAn, 
-Ain, id. 

CAin, -AHA and CAnA6, pi. -BAGA, 
f., a law, a rule ; a fine, tribute, 
rent; CAin An tuicc, tonnage 

CAin, -e, a., pleasant, fair, just, 
exact, chaste, devout, faithful 
(older form of CAOIH). See CAOITI. 

CAineAC, -nije, a., abusive, satiri- 

CAmeATi, -nee, m., act of reviling, 
abusing, disparaging ; abuse, sa- 

CAtnpiceAX), -cce, TO., confiscation, 

CAitipcim, -CCA-6, v. tr., I fine, 
amerce, command. 

CAinseAti, g. -gne, pi. -gtii-oe, /., 
cause, dispute, covenant. 

CAimm, -neAX), v. tr., I revile, abuse, 
dispraise, reproach, satirize. 

CAinin (cAiticin), g. id., pi. -nie, m., 
a speck, a mote in the eye, any 
little dark particle of matter in 
milk ; one of the minute particles 
of butter in a churn ; a snownake. ' 

CAinin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a paper 
cone (B.). 

CAinneAt, -eit, pi. id., m., a chan- 
nel, a canal (A.). 

CAinnc, -e, -eAtinA,/., talk, speech, 
conversation, style ; idiom ; a 
proverbial saying ; also vl., act 
of talking, conversing ; TIA bi AS 
CAinnc I expression of wonder ! 
CA CAinnc AJAC I it is easy for 
you to talk I An-cAinnc, back- 
talk (Der.) ; XJCAS-C., wit, clever 
talk, (Sligo). 

CAinnceAc, -ctje, a,., talkative ; 
of peevish or malicious speech. 

CAinnceoiji, -O|IA, -oifii-oe, m., an 
orator, a speaker, a talker, a 

CAinncijirn, vl. CAinnc, v. tr. and 
intr., I talk, speak, interrogate, 

CAinfeA6, -r i 5 e ) -6A6A, f., a 
female scold or satirist ; a 
female keener using scolding 

CAinpeoift, -O|IA, -oi|HTe, m., a 
scold, a satirist, a reviler. 

CAinfeoifieAcc, -A, /., scolding, 

CAinpm, -feAx>, v. tr., I scold, 
abuse, revile, satirise. 

CAinceAd, -cij, pi. id., m., a 

CAinceAfi, -cije, a., abusive, fault- 
finding, satirical. 

CAinceAcc, -A,/., act of satirizing 
or abusing. 

CAinceoiji, -oftA, -oifii-oe, m., a 
reproacher, a satirist. 

CAinceoi^eAcc, -A, /., a reviling, 
a reproach, act of reviling. 

CAincic, -e, -roe, dpi. cAincicio, 
/., a canticle, a hymn. 

CAipin, g. id., pi. -ixe, m., a cap. 

CAipin ronAif, a child's caul 
(valued by sailors). 

I, /. ; in phr. CA CAI|( JAitii-oe 
4111, he has a laughing face 

AipbeACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

Aitibin, g. id. pi. -ix>e, m., a little 
ship ; a carabine. 

( 107 ) 

, g. id., m., a personal name 
signifying charioteer or coach- 

CAijibjieAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., an 
oyster shell; cAifin-biofiAn, the 
flat side of the scallop-shell-fish 

CAinceAf, -A., m., a twist, turn. 

CAitvoe, pi. of CAJIA, m. or /.. a 

CAitvoe, g. id., /., respite, delay, 
credit, " tick " ; fiu-o x>o ceAn- 
TIAC Ap CAi|voe, to buy goods on 
credit; jiu-o -oo cup Af c., to 
procrastinate ; if p.At>A ATI cAift- 
oe puAtiAip 50 DC) peo, you have 
got a long respite up to this 

CAitvoeAc, -"0156, a., friendly, 
favourable, having many friends. 

CAitvoeAfiAf, -Air, m., friendship, 

CAifvoeAmAit, -mtA, a., friendly, 
loving, kind. 

CAifvoeAtiitAcc, .A, /., friendship, 

CAitroeAfis, /., a blush ; the red- 
ness of face which is caused by 

CAitvoeAf, -oip and -oeAfA, m., 
friendship ; a sponsor, a dear 

CAitvoeAfAi'oeAcc, -A, /., act of 
becoming friendly or familiar 
with ; AJ; CAitvoeAf Ai"6eA6c 1e 
jiijtib (CAomeA-6 .Aiftc Ui 

m., a sponsor n 
baptism ; sometimes CAi-(coex\p 
alone = a sponsor in baptism. 

CAiffoiotiAl, -Ait, m., a Cardinal. 

CAi|\eAt, -eit, pi. id., and -eAlcA, 
m., a quarry. See coipeAl. 

CAineifeAC, -fije, a., fine, ele- 

CAiftjear, -5if (also c4t<5Ar), m., 

CAitineAc, -nij, -ni^e, m.,a Druidi- 
cal priest ; iAfCAt|te CAi|tneA6, 
an osprey, a kingfisher. See 

CAijineAt, -mje, a., stony, un- 
even, abounding in cairns. 

iAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 
shell-fish, the flat side of the 
in or scollop. 

-oe, g. id., pi. -oce, m., 
a carman, a carrier. 
CAifif(eAttAni>e.A6c, -A, f., carman- 
ship, the trade of a carman. 
CAi|it 1 F 1 ' A 'o ff- -AIT), pi. -A-OA, m., a 
hart, a wild deer; c. fiuAx>, a red 

,/., a woman of mascu- 
line bearing ; usually applied in 
an uncomplimentary sense (Ker.) 
''n -e, f., a species of sea- 
weea ; a kind of sea-moss. 

, -tiij, pi. id., m., a frail 
scythe ( W. Ker.). 

CAIJIC, -e, -CA6A, f., the bark of a 
tree ; paper card ; writing ; 
chart, bond ; Af A bpeAtiAnriAio 
CAi^ce if cojtA, from their lands 
by right of charter and equity 
(O'Ra. and Per.). 

CAific, -e, -eACA, /., a cart. 

CAijic-deAp, -fiip, pi. id., m., the 
nave or stock of a cart-wheel. 

CAiftceAc, -cije, a., barky, belong- 
ing to paper. 

CAiftceoj, -oire, -OJA,/., a wheel- 
barrow (O'N.). 

CAi^ceoi|i, -O|A, -oi|ti-6e, m., a car- 
man, a carter, a waggoner. 

CAifcim. See CA^cAtm. 

CAipt-iuit,/., a mariner's compass, 
a chart of direction. 

CAif.ctAHTi, -Aintie, -AinnA, /., a 

CAif, -e, /., love, esteem, regard. 

CAITC, g. CAfcA and CAfc, /., 
Easter ; the Passover ; niion- 
6Aifc, Epiphany ; "000111 AC 
CAfCA ("O. CAfc, Don.), Easter 

CAif-ciAb, -A and -eit>e, pi. id., f., 
a ringlet, a curl. 

CAip-ciAt>AC, -Aige, o., having 
ringlets or curled hair. 

CAipcin, g. id., m., wheaten meal 
(Om.) ; kiln-dried grain (Con.) 

CAipe, g. id., f., cheese (nom. also 


, g. id., f., love, affection, 
regard ; also CAif. 

( 108 ) 

CAife, g. id., pi. -f i-6e,/., a stream, 
a brook, a current, a flood ; f itt- 
e<vo Aft An gcAife ce<yotiA, to 
return the same way (M.). 

CAife (from CAf, twisted, awry, 
etc.), g. id., f., a wrinkle, a fold, 
a twist, a plait ; passion, discord, 
hatred, rancour ; quickness ; 
peAc An CAife ACA 'n-A t>ot5, 
see the rancour that is in him. 

CAireAc, -f'5 e j a -> wrinkled, 

CAifeA-6, -fee, m., suddenness, 

CAif eAt, -fit, pi. id., m., a castle, a 
bulwark, a wall ; a stone build- 
ing ; a clamping of sods, etc. ; a 
stone fort ; the town of Cashel ; 
AJ cuji cAifit, clamping with 
sods or stones. 

CAif eAtcA, p.a., walled ; fortified 
with castles, towers, bulwarks; 

CAif eAtcAcc, -A, /., battlements, 

CAif eAf,toAn, -Ain, m., dandelion ; 
c. nA tntic, the common species 
of bitter dandelion ; c. CAot 
oeAf-5, the dandelion used as 

-ofiA, -oi-fiit>e, m., a 


C, -tije, a., having 

cross vens. 
CAif-f.itteA-6, -tee, m., act of 

returning, of coming back. 
CAifineACC, -A, /., nagging, 

grumbling, complaining (Con. 

and U.). 
CAif-iompo-6, -puijjce, m., act of 

turning back. 
CAifijinin, g. id., pi. -1-oe, m., a 

hard turn on an over-twisted 

straw rope ; a half -knot ; a fold, 

a wrinkle. 
CAifte, g. id., f., a stream, a sea- 

inlet ; cf. CuAn CAifte, Cashla 

Bay, Co. Galway. 
CAifteAn, -teAin, pi. id. (g. also 

-t6in, pi. id.), a castle, a fort, a 

CAifteoifi, -o-pA, -oitivoe, m., a 

castle or fortress builder. 

CAirteoitteACC, -A,/., the building 

of castles or towers. 
CAif tijie, p. a., wrinkled, shriv- 

CAiftin, g. id., pi. -ni>e, m., a 
speckled little bird, a stone- 
chat. See cAifcin. 

CAiftin, g. id., pi. -nix>e, m., a 

CAifmeAf-c. See cAifmipc. 

CAifnufc, -e, -I'oe, f., alarm, heat 
of battle ; conflict ; a plausible 
appearance ; etymology ; c. x>o 
6uf Af. fceAt, to tell a story 
plausibly ; argument, discussion. 

CAiftnif,ceAc, -eije, a., noisy, 
quarrelsome, tiirbulent, talka- 

CAifmifceAC, -^15, pi. id., m., a 
quarrelsome, turbulent fellow. 

CAif f 605, -0156, -OSA,/., a wrinkle, 

CAiffeojAc, -Aije, a., wrinkled, 

CAifceAt, -ceit,^. id., m., a castle, 

CAif cin, g. id., pi. -I'oe, m., a crafty 
little fellow ; a little girl of 
prematurely old appearance and 
manner ; a vicious person ; a 
potato shrivelled from frost 
or heat ; the stone-chat or 
" chatter-stone," a speckled 
little bird believed to spend 
the greater part of the year in 
a state of torpidity. 

CAiftijinin, g. id., pi. -roe, m., a 
wrinkle, a small plait, a fold. 
See cAifipnm. 

CAIC=CA AIC, what place? where? 

C^t, -e, /., chaff; refuse, rubbish. 

CAitbeAjitAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a 
soldier living on free quarters. 

CAicbeqic, -e, /., armour. 

CAICCAC, -cije, a., chaffy, having 
an inferior mixture, containing 
alloy ; full of chaff. 

CAiceAC, -cije, -ceACA, /., a little 
basket made of green rushes ; 
a carpet of rushes (CAICCOJ;, f. } 

CAiceAc, -ctje, -CCACA, f., the 
main-sail of a ship. 


( 109 ) 


CAICCAC, -cije, -ce<v6A, /., a win- 
nowing sheet : also drifting sea- 

CAiceACAn, -AID, pi. id., m., a win- 

CAiceACCAin, -ATI A, /., force, com- 
pulsion ; cjte n-Afi f c. T>6ib 
j5A5Ait, through which they had 
to pass (Sg. Ch. M.). 

CAiteAT), -cue, m., act of winnow- 
ing, snowing, pouring out ; ^AOC 
CAiice, wind suitable for win- 

CAiieArh, g. CAitiiie or CAiice, m., 
act of eating ; expending ; spend- 
ing (time) ; using up, exhausting, 
consuming, wasting, wearing ; 
decay ; durability ; CAiceArh i 
n-Ai-ptje, the game of "toss-up." 

CAiceArh, m., force, compulsion ; 
connected with cAitim, I must. 

CAireArh, m., credit (in commercial 

CAiceAriiAC (cAicrheAc), -AIJ, m., 
a spendthrift. 

CAiceAtriACC (cAitmeACc), -A, f., 
devastation ; spending. 

CAic-eit>eA i o, g. -eix>n:> and -eit>- 
ijce, pi. id., m., armour, battle- 
clothing or harness. 

CAireog, -OJA, /., the nap of cloth 

CAiceoj, -0150, -OJA,/., a jackdaw 
(A ran). 

CAICI j f ATJA, the common heron 

CAicim, -ceArn, pp. CAicce, v. tr., 
I throw, hurl, fling, cast ; waste, 
wear, spend ; eat, drink, con- 
sume, use ; 6 6Aic An long An 
c-oi^eAn, as soon as the ship 
cleared the island (Aran) ; CA 
f6 AS CAiteAm HA hocctriA-6 
bliA-otiA, he is in his eighth 
year; I use (tobacco) ; I smoke 

CAicitn, vl. CAiteAccAin, I must, I 
am obliged to ; CAicitn 6eit im 
fui-oe 50 tnoc, I am obliged 
habitually to be up early (more 
common in future than in pres- 
ent) ; CAicp-6 re 5 u t' "! c -> ^ 
must be that, eto. (Con.). 

-ACAT), v. tr., I winnow, 
pour forth (as tears) ; 
f e f neAccA, it snows ; 
6AitceAc, spray. 
CAicin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, f., the nap 
of cloth, the blossom or catkin 
of the osier ; a little cat, m., 
dim. of CAC. 

d, -mje, a., curled, nap- 

lAc, -Aije, a., battle- 

Aitif, -e, /., love, friendship; a 
term of endearment. 

ije, a., fond, affec- 

tionate, lovely. 
CAicteAC, -tij, m., chaff, husks ; 

a winnowing sheet. 
CAitleA6 -oeAtis, -tig t>eiri5, m. 

common red poppy. 
CAitmeAC, -niije, a., spending, 

wasteful, prodigal ; CAitmeAC- 

CA6, id. 

CAltrhCACAf, -A1f (CAltC6ACAf), 

m., prodigality, waste, riot, ex- 

CAic-nn'teA-o, -tiT), pi. id., m., a 

soldier, a warrior, a hero. 
CAicne, g. id.,J., the arbutus tree ; 

ubLA c., " cain-apples," arbutus 

CAicne, g. id., pi. -ni-oe, m., a husk, 

a single atom of chaff. See 

CAicnin, g. id., pi. -ixie, m., an 

atom, a small particle of any- 

thing ; a husk of corn ; a snow- 

flake ; the small particle of butter 

formed in a churn at first. 
CAitmeAC, -piS e > - f or belong- 

ing to a city. 
CAiifienn, -e,pl. -eAnnA and -BACA, 

triumph, triumphing ; high 

feasting ; a " run " in story 

telling (cAicleim or cAitceim in 

parts of Con.). 
CAitf eimeAc, -tnije, a., triumph- 

ant ; holding a feast of triumph. 
CAitjieimeArriAit, -rhtA, a., trium- 

phant, victorious. 
CAicneimi5im, -IUJAT*, v. tr. and 

intr., I triumph, exult over, 

shout aloud. 


A-o, -ijte, m., a flourish- 
ing (as ears of corn from one 

CAitce, p. a., worn, worn out (of 
health) ; spent (of money) ; con- 
sumed (of food, tobacco, etc.). 
(In Don. pAicce is used in this 
sense also. ) $eecAirim. 

CAitce, p. a., winnowed, cleansed. 

CAitceAd, -cije, a., spending, 
liberal. See cAiiiiieAd. 

CAitceA6, -cije, -ceACA,/., & win- 
nowing sheet. See CAitceAc. 

CAicceACATi, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

CAicceoi-p, -ofiA, -oifti'oe, m., a 
spendthrift, a waster ; an eater, 
a feeder ; -opoc-c., one with a 
poor appetite. 

CAt, -Ait, m., cabbage, kail ; 
CAt ceAnnAin, potatoes dressed 
up with butter, etc. ; also, watch- 
ing, guarding. 

CAtA, g. id., m., a cape or cloak 
(Don.). See CAttA. 

CAtAOAft, -Aip, m., a mantel-piece ; 

CtAOflA, id. 

CAtA-6, -AIX, pi. id., m., a shore, 
port, harbour, haven ; a river- 
side meadow ; a ferry ; a narrow 
neck of the sea (nom. also 

CAtA-d-popc, g. -ptnjic, pi. id., m., 
a port, harbour, haven. 

CAtAT>c<5i'p, -6ftA, -oitn-oe, TO., a 

CAtAijim, -tujjA-o, v. tr., I take 
harbour, remain, reside at. 

CAtAti, -Am, pi. id., m., a gallon, a 
vessel ; CAtAti cpui-oce, a milk- 
ing vessel ; CAtAti rAOpctA, a 
vessel for bailing out a boat, 

CAlAoif, -e, /., trickery, deceit, 
knavery, fraud. 

CAtAOipeAc, -fije, a., cheating, 
dishonest, fraudulent. 

CAtAfi, the cholera (A.). 

CAto, -Ait6, TO., hardness ; bald- 

CAtbA6, -Aije, a., bald ; as subs., 
a man's name. 

CAIOACC, -A,/., baldness. 

CAlcA-6, -ct A, m., act of corrupting, 

stagnating ; plugging up. 
CAtcAim, -&"6, v. tr. and intr., I 

corrupt, stagnate (said of a sore, 

or of stagnant water) ; I plug up 

CAtcAijie, g. id,, pi. -jime, m., a 

caulking iron. 
CAl<5, -Aitje, -Aitgi-oe,/., a sting, 

a goad. See col^. 
CAt/5Aitri, -A-6, v. tr., I sting, 

CAt^Ai^e, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a 

cheater, a wheedler. See ceAt- 

, -Ait/t, TO., want, necessity, 
loss, injury ; TA mAijipeAxi ATI 
buix>eAn tef CJIUAJ mo cAll, if 
the company who pitied my 
need were alive (O'Ea.) ; ni'l 
CAtt ctATTirAin A^AC, you have 
no need of complaining ; ni't 
Aon dAtt O|im, there is no need 
for me. 

CAlt, claim ; ni't AOTI cAtt A^Am 
6^156, I have no claim to it ; 
also in phr., ni |iAi5 Aon dAtt 
AjAtn-f A teif, I had nothing to 
do with him. (This word is 
pron. like the English "call," 
and in M. is generally translated 
by " call " or claim. It seems to 
be an English word, and must 
not be confounded with cAtt, 
want, need.) 

CAttA,,pl. -me, TO., a woman's 
cloak or hood ; a cowl ; a sail ; 
in pi., fineries of dress. 

CAttAi-oe, pi., m., potatoes bruised 
with a pounder. 

CAttAixie, pi., fineries of dress, 
high caul cap, etc. See CAttA. 

CAttAifie, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., 
a crier, proclaimer ; one who 
laments ; a scold. 

CAttAijieAcc, -A, /., loud calling ; 

CAttAn, -Am, m., noise, clamour 
(of voices). 

CAttAtiAC, -Aije, a., clamorous, 

CAt teAtrnojAc, m., the green scum 
that forms on shallow pools of 



water during hot weather ; also 
a green sea-weed washed in by 
the tide. 

CAttoit), -e, /., a wrangling, 
prating ; wailing ; a funeral cry. 

CAttoroeAC, -tJije, a., complain- 
ing, wailing ; noisy, clamorous, 
wrangling ; stormy ; CA An oit>ce 
fUAfi cAttoit>eAC, the night is 
cold and stormy. 

CAtt-ptefoceAc, -tije, a., dis- 
orderly, quarrelsome. 

CAttcAp, -AIJI, pi. id., m., a coulter. 

CAttn, -Aittne, a., calm, as CA AH 
tntiifi CAttn (also CAttm). 

CAtm, -Aitrn, TO., a calm ; CA CAttn 
m6f Ann mxnu, there is a great 
calm to-day. 

CAtmA, g. id., m., hardness, 
strength, bravery. 

CAttnA, indec. a., brave, valiant, 

CAtmAfi, -Aije, a., stout, brave. 

CAttn AC, -A,/., bravery, courage, 

CAttnAf, -Aif, m., strength, cour- 
age, bravery ; cAtmAtJAf, -Aif, 
TO., id. 

CAtm Af AC, -AI j;e, a., strong, brave ; 
sweet-tongued, polished. 

CAtrn-thAc, m., a strong son ; CAtrn- 
ITIAC Aefon, the strong son of 
Aeson, that is, Jason (E. R.). 

CAtm-cftAc, TO., a time of bravery. 

CAttnvnjirn, -UJA-O, v. tr., I 
strengthen, fortify, encourage. 

CAtpA, g. id., pi. -Af6e, TO., the calf 
of the leg ; cAtpAnie heAficuitt, 
the pillars of Hercules. See 
cotpA and cotbA. 

CAtn, -Aim, pi. -CA, TO., a small 
vessel for dipping rush candles 
in, or for smelting ; a cresset. 

CAtn, gaf. CAitne, twisted, awry, 
crooked ; perverse, deceitful. 

CAtn, -Aim, TO., deceit ; crooked- 
ness ; also, a quarrel, a duel ; 
peAjt 5An CAtn, a plain, just man. 

CAmA-6, -tncA, TO., act of bending, 
making crooked ; defrauding, 

CAmA-o^Ail, -e, /., trickery, 

CAtnAim, -A-6, v. tr., I bend, make 

crooked ; I defraud, wrong ; also 

intr., I grow crooked. 
CAtnA tAtnA, an unintelligible tale ; 

a bungle ( W. Ker,). 
CAinAtt, -Aitt, pi. id., TO., a camel 

(also CAtnAtt). 
CAtnAttA, indec. a., demure, staid, 

CAtnAtcAcc, -A, /., demureness ; 

modesty, sobriety. 
CAmAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a stick 

with a crooked head ; a hurly 

for ball-playing ; CAtnAn bAtr e, 

id. (B.) ; a bend in a road, etc. 
CAmAnAcc, -A, /., the game of 

CAmAnAi-oeAdc. See cAmAnAcc 

(also lomAnAi'oeACc). 
CAID An ime, TO., the buttercup 

CAmAn minttj, m., camomile (also 

CAtnAn miottA). 
CAmAnuixte, g. id., pi. --oce, m., 

a hurler. 
CAthAoiji, -e, /., daybreak, dawn, 

twilight ; CAthAoin An tAe, the 

dawn of day (M.) ; CAriiAOi|i 

oume, a person of poor, ungainly 

appearance (B.). 
CAUIA^, -Aif, pi- id., TO., a jakes- 

CAmA|iAn, -&.\r\,pl. id.,m., a crooked 

stick ; a deformed person ; an 

CAthAfinA, m., a bale of flannel, 

etc. ; a thick piece of bread 

CAtnAjifAc, -Aije, a., twisted, 


, -Aije, -A,/., a harlot. 
, -Aif, TO., a bay. 
CAtnAf, -Aif, TO., a fault. 
CAimAf A6, -Aije, a., affected, pre- 
tentious ; silly (Con.). See CATJ- 

muf A<i and CA-otnuf. 
CAtnAfJAit, -e, /., chicanery, 

crooked dealing, misrepresent- 
ing one's motives. 
CAtn-AfnA, the lowest rib of the 

1 >reast, so called because crooked. 
CAriicAi-o, -e, -1-oe, /., a crooked, 

lean or worthless person or 

( 112 } 


thing ; CAiriCAit) ftAriiAinne, a 

worthless, slight spade ; CAITI- 

CAitn'n beAj, a despicable per- 

CAm-cor, /., a crooked leg, a 

bandy leg. 
CAm-cofAC (cAmA-copAc), -Aije, 

crooked-legged, bandy-legged. 
CAtn-ttiAniAin, /., act of moving 

CAm-lub, -uibe, -vibA, /., a ringlet 

of hair, etc. 

ifijneAC, -nije, &> bandy- 

legged, club-footed. 

pS^,,pl. -tuifijneand 

-ttiin5nit>e, ./., a club loot ; a 

bandy leg. 
CAm-rhuineAtAc, -Aije, a., crook- 

CAmog, -oije, -65 A, /., a stick 

having a crook at the end ; cf. 

CATTIATI, a hurley. (A new ladies' 

game is called 

as distinguished from 

AiT>eAcc or 

CAtnog, -6156, -OJA, /., a curl, 

clasp, a comma, anything curved; 

a bay ; a turn, a winding ; the 

concave side of a scallop shell- 

fish; an equivocation, a trick, 

deceit ; a large fishing-hook for 

conger eels. 
CAtnoj AJIA, /., a temple (of the 

CAtnogAc, -Aije, a., crooked, 

curled, twisted ; equivocating, 

CAtn OJAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m.,& sophist, 

a quibbler, an equivocater. 
CAmojAi-oeAcc, -A,/. See CAtnoj. 
CAUI 615111, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 

curly -headed child. 
CAtnoif, -G,f., a chamois. 
CAtnpA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a camp. 
CAmpuijim, -tiJA-o, v. intr., I en- 

CAmjt A, -AT), -AiTe, /., a sewer ; a 

privy ; dirt, filth, ordure ; mAj\ 

CAtnfiA btieAti 1 mbeiVlic cAfi- 

ttAise, like a putrid sewer 

beneath a vast rock (John 


CAmfiAC, -Aije, -A, /., a sewer, a 
gutter, a house of ease ; a closet, 
a jakes (O'N.). 

CAmftAic, -e, /., cambric cloth ; 
pnAtAiT) CAtn-ftAice, a needle for 
sewing cambric cloth, a very fine 

CAmfiAit, -AtA, /., contending, 
arguing, wrangling ((?. J.}. 

CAtn-fiAtTiAil, -riitA, a., filthy, dirty, 

CAtn-tieili3, -e, /., a club-foot 
(from CAm and ^eitig), it being 
thought that if a pregnant 
woman pass over a grave, the 
child of whom she is pregnant 
will be club-footed. (This idea 
seems confined to the North, 
and still exists in Cavan and 

CAmr An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a succes- 
sion of windings (in rivers, etc.) 

CAm--pp|ioc, --fitiir, m., a perverse 
rabble (also CArn-rpojic). 

CAtn-ffton, f., a crooked nose. 

CAtn-f|t6nAc, -Aije, a., crooked- 

CAtn-fCACA, m., lit. crooked stake 
or stack ; in phr. CA fe 'nA CAm- 
fCACA, he is drunk (Omeath, 

CAm-rcuAic, /., the crooked limb 
of a tree. 

CAtn-fuileAC, -tije, a., crooked- 
eyed, squinting. 

CAtntA, p. a., bent, crooked. 

CATTICA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a fol- 
lower, one of a faction (usually 
used in the pi.: e pein Ajvip A 
cAmcAnie, himself and his fac- 
tion. Ker.). 

CATI, the form assumed by the 
negative particle CA before 
parts of the verb if (or with 
that verb omitted) ; CAH me, it 
is not I ; CAII f ib, it is not you ; 
6 An fvnl, it is not, he or she is 
not; old form, nocA(n), follows 
rules of CAII. See CA. 

CAnA, g. id., pi. -me, m., a cane. 

CAnA, g. id., pi. -ncA, m., a tribute. 
See CAin. 


CATIAC, -Aij, m., lint, cotton, down ; 
the cotton-down plant. 

CAtiAc, -Aije.y., tribute, tax, rent. 

CATIACAF, -Aif, pi. id., m., custom, 

CAHACT:, -A, /., taxation, act of 

CAru\ib, -e,/., hemp. See ctiAib. 

CAtiAit, -AtA, _p. -AtAi-oe and 
-Aitce,/., a current. 

CATiAitn, -AT), v. tr. and inir., I 
sing, chant, recite, I say. 

CAtiAlAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a sea- 
flood, a torrent ; a canal. 

CAtiAtriAin, -riitiA, pi. id., and 
-riiAinci'oe, f., a dialect, lan- 
guage ; accent, pronunciation. 

CAtiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., an urchin. 

CAtiAtiAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a canon- 
ist ; a canon. 

CAriAf, ad., whence? from what? 

CAnbAf, -Aif, m., canvas, sail- 
cloth (in M., criAOAf or cnApAf ). 

CATITIA, g. id., pi. id., and -Ai-oe, m., 
a can, a vessel ; cAtitiA r CAITI, a 
tin can. 

CAnncAf , -Aifi, m., a cancer; anger, 

CArmcjiAC, -Aije, a., angry, vicious, 
ill-tempered, fretful (cAnnctAc, 

CAnnctitnjim, -UJAX>, v. tr., I vex, 
annoy, tease, anger. 

CAtintAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a family, 
esp. a young helpless family 
(tf.and Wat.). 

CAtinfiATi, -Ain, pi, id., m., a con- 
tention, a grumbling, a mutter- 
ing, a chattering, a murmuring, 
a wrangling. 

CAnn|tAAC, -Aije, a., dissatisfied, 

CAntitiAtiAim, vl. -fiAti, v. tr. and 
intr., I chatter, mutter, grumble, 

CAnncA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a junk, 
a portion; cAnnrA AfiAin, a piece 
of bread ; also cAnrmA. 

CAnncAt. See cAnnctAX). 

CAnnctAd, -Aije, a., sorro%vful, 
morose, cranky. 

CAtinctA-6, -A1-6, m., sorrow (nom. 
also cAnnctAm). 

CAnncloi|i, -OJIA, -6ijnTe, m., a 
sorrowful, morose person ; a 

CArmcftAiti'n, g. id., pi. -me, m., 
twilight, nightfall. 

CAnog, -6156, -OJA, f., a sea-bird, 
a puffin; OileAti nA jCAnoj, 
Puifin Island, near the .Skelligs. 

CATIOITI, -otiA, -oine, f., a canon, a 
rule ; Canonical Scripture. 

CAIIOTTOA, indec. a., canonical. 

CAnotroAcc, -A, /., canonization ; 
act of canonizing. 

CATI c Ait, -At A,/., act of selling by 
auction, canting (A.) ; act of 
voting (O'N.). ; pron. ceAn- 

, -tij, -tije, m., a 

voter (O'N.). 
CATICAITI, -AtiA, /., speaking, 

CAntAifie, g. id., pi. -|ii-6e, m., a 

chanter, a singer, a chorister. 
CAncAtfi eAcc, -A, /., act of sing- 

ing ; the chanting of psalms. 

CAtlCAtAim, Vl. CATICAlt, V. tr., I 

sell by auction. 

CATICAOIJI, -e, -ixe, J. t a pross 

a snger. 
CAob, -A, m., a clod, a lump, a 

shovelful of clay, etc. ; a layer ; 

the portion of hay, etc., taken 

at a time by a fork ; an untidy 

person. See fCAob. 
CAobAC, -Aije, a., in streams or 

layers ; clumsy, untidy. 
CAobAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., an un- 

gainly, dull-witted person. 
CAobAitn, -AX>, v. tr., I throw clods ; 

clear away rubbish ; I pour out. 
CAODAH, -Ain, pi. id., m., a place 

of shelter or concealment ; a 

CAO&An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a twig, 

a bough, a branch. 
CAoboj, -6150, -OJA, /., a clod, a 

lump of clay, etc. ; dim. of CAob. 
CAOC, -Aoide, a., blind, dim-eyed ; 

blasted (of wheat, etc.) ; feAH 

x)Att, a blind man ; f CAJI CAOC, 

a dim-eyed man, a blind man (in 



an abusive sense) ; 

6406, a species of nettle ; ouAit 

fe CAOC f ftAmAC e, he beat him 

to bits, destroyed his face (with 

blows or words) ; peAf CAOC, a 

man having an impediment in 

his speech (Meath). 
CAocAirn, -AX, v. tr., I blind, 

stupefy, blast. 
CAOCAH, -AITI, pi. id., m., a blind 

person, beast or bird ; a mole 

or dormouse. 
CAOCATI, -Aiti, pi. id., m., the 

fundament ; singlings or the 

first produce of distillation ; a 

rill (Don.). 
CAOCATIAC, -Aij, pi. id., m., an awk- 

ward, listless person. 
CAodAtiaije, g. id., f., awkward- 

ness, listlessness. 
CAOclA-6, ic. See clAoctA-6, "jc. 
CAo6 HA 5C6AJIC, m., common hen- 

CAOCOJ, -6156, -654, /., a nut 

without a kernel ; a f uzzball ; 

blind man's buff ; a blindfolded 

person ; c. A|t coipipe, a stupid 

person at a feast who does not 

know what to do. 
CAOc-puA'd, m., the wire-worm. 
CAOc-ffionAC, -Aije, a., having 

obstructed nostrils ; speaking 

through the nose. 
CAo6-fti6nuix>e, g. id., pi. --ore, 

one who speaks indistinctly, or 

through the nose. 
CAOpA-6, -A1-6, m., contention, teas- 

ing, perplexity. 
CAOJ, -Aotje,/., a wink. 
CAOJAC, -Aije, a., squint-eyed. 
CAOJA-O, m., fifty ; five decades, or 

the third part of the Rosary. 
CAOSA-otiiA-6, num. a., fiftieth. 

in phr. im 1 6AosAi-6e 
all alone (Cork). See 

CAO5Aix>in, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., the 
large bead between the decades 
of the Rosary, hence a solitary ; 
im' 6AorAi - oin AonAiji, all alone 
by myself (Ker.). 

CAOSAim, -A'O, v. intr., I wink 
(eomet. written 

CA05-rt3iteA6, -lise, a., squint- 
eyed (CAOSAC, id.). 

CAOi,<7. id., pl.-re,f., mode, way, con- 
dition, method, manner, means, 
arrangement, shape ; CA~O e ATI 
6., CIA AH 6., how? (Con.) ; CIA 
6. bpuit cu, how are you? (Con.); 
An 6. ceAT>tiA, in the same way ; 
TA CAOI triAic Aifi, he is in good 
circumstances ; AJI 6. AJI bit, 
anyhow, at any rate ; i 5CA01 
50, so that ; nt'l AOTI 6AO1 
A5Am Aifi, I have no means of 
doing it, of obtaining it ; ni'l 
Aon CAOI Af AJATTI, I have no 
means of avoiding it; i JCAOI 
OAm, when I get an opportu- 
nity (pron. CAOC in M., as tiAOi, 
nine, is pron. HAOC). 

CAOI, g. id. (g. cAoire, Kea.),f., act 
of weeping, lamenting, mourn- 
ing for ; AJ CAOI tno riiAfiCAij, 
lamenting my horseman (O'R.). 

CAOi6e, g. w,.,f., blindness, squint- 
ing ; deprivation ; state of being 
blasted (of corn, etc.). 

CAOici-oif . See coiccijeAf. 

CAoniim, i^. CAOI, v. tr. and intr., 
I weep, bewail ; AJ; CAOI A cette, 
bewailing her spouse (O'Ra.). 

CAOi-jot, -juit, m., weeping, 

CAOit, -e, /., loins ; the waist. 

CAOite, g. id.,f., narro-vvness, slen- 
derness, sparseness ; scarcity, 
want; grace (cAoiteAcc, id.). 

CAOitTi-ceAnnfA, a., gentle, mild, 

CAOirii-deAnrif Adc, -A,/., mildness, 
meekness, gentleness. 

CAOinie, g. id.,f., gentleness, mild- 
ness ; beauty, grace, courtesy, 
civility; CAoiriieAcc, id. 

CAOiriieAcAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., an 

CAOimeACAp, -Aif, pi. id., m., 
entertainment, society. 

CAOimeAtriAit, -riilA, a., mild, dis- 
creet, kindly ; soft, fair. 

CAOitTieAtrilAcc, -A, /., discretion, 
kindness, mildness. 

CAOimin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., the 
herb eyebright. 



CAOimiti, -e,/., the murrain (O'JV.). 

CAOimineAcc, -A, f., grazing on 
commons (O'N.}. 

CAOiiii-teAnnAn, -Am, pi. id., m., 
a dear friend, a sweet-heart. 

CAOirii-riieinneA6, -mje, a., gentle- 

CAOirii-rciAt, -eite,/., a shield, an 
escutcheon . 

CAOimteAc, -tije, a., social, 
friendly, comrade-like. 

CAOitficeAC, -1:15, -teACA, m. orf., 
a companion ; a bed-fellow ; a 
dear friend ; gup CAitteAf mo 
6AoiniteAc cAoin, that I lost my 
gentle boon companion (McD.). 

CAOiriitreACAp, -Aip, m., association, 
fellowship, partnership. 

CAOITI, -e, a., gentle, mild, tender, 
kind ; pleasing ; unruffled, 
smooth, polished ; delicate. 

CAOin-beAfAC, -Aije, a., of pure 
life, of gentle behaviour. 

CAOitvoeAlb, /., a fair form. 

CAome, g. id.,f., gentleness, mild- 
ness, smoothness. 

CAOineA-6, -nee, pi. id., m., act of 
mourning, lamenting, wailing, 
crying, deploring ; a lament, an 
e lgy i SCAOintib, in keening. 

CAomeAr, g. -A and -mf>, m., mild- 
ness, smoothness, gentleness. 

CAOinim, -neAT>, v. tr., I lament, 
bewail, weep, cry, "keen." 

CAomteAC, -tij, pi. -lite or 
-leACA, m., stubble ; stalks of 
corn left on the field by the 
reaper ; also cormtAC (Con. and 

CAomreAc, -cije, a., sad, sorrow- 
ful, mournful, melancholy, 

CAomceACAn, -Ain, m., the act of 
mourning, lamenting ; beAn 
dAomieACAin, a woman who 
mourns at a wake or funeral. 

CAOiji-beAtic, m., a cluster or 
bunch or berries. 

CAOiji-beifireAC, -cije, a., bearing 

CAOirt- - 6eAt<5, -eiiije, a., red hot ; 
of a flaming red colour. 

, -peolA,/.. mutton. 

, -e, -ce, /., a blaze, a 
flame ; CAOijiijit thofi teineA-o, a 
flaming fire. 

CAOijite, g. id., pi. -AC A,/., a little 
lump, clod or mass (from cAO|i). 

CAOijile, g. id., pi. -ACA,/., a club ; 
a reed. 

CAOifiteAd, -tie, a., tumbling, 
toppling (O'A.). 

CAOijitiJte, p. a., tumbled, tossed, 
scattered in heaps (O'N.). 

CAoi-fcjieA'o, m., a scream of grief. 

CAoiteAtriAil, -liilA, a., opportune, 
timely ; leisurely ; having 
means of doing a thing ; cAbAiji 
OAiii-r A 6 6 CAitn CAOiteAniAit 
Annfo, give it to me, as I am 
opportunely situated here (of 
something to be done) ; mAjiA 
ociriT) cu c., unless you come 
on the quiet (Con.). 

CAOiceAriilA6c, -A, /., leisure, 

CAol, -Aoit, -Aol-CA, TO., the smaller 
or narrower part, " the small 
of " (foot, back, etc.) ; the waist, 
loin ; c. nA -coifine, the wrist ; 
c. ATI ofiomA, the waist ; c. An 
cuijine, portion of a spinning- 
wheel (Der.) ; c. An riiuinit, 
narrow part of the neck. 

CAot, -oit, -otrA, m., a marshy 
stream, a marsh ; a narrow 
rapid ; a strait. 

CAot, -oite, a., narrow, slender, 
thin, graceful, slight ; CAol- 
CUIT>, a slight portion ; CAol- 
6fAi-6, stingy ; somet. used as 
a mere intensitive : 50 ceAfic 
CAot T3t'tieA6, right straight ; 
CAot is often compounded with 
noun, e.g., cAot,-t>tiuim, the 
small of the back ; cAol-peAti, 
a slender, graceful man, etc. 

CAotAC, -Ai5, TO., linum nlvestre, 
fairy flax ; a sapling ; a light 
plantation as distinct from 
trees ; the roof-wattling of a 
house ; the breast-ribs ; pt AI i 
O'A jcAolAC lift, a prince de- 
scended from their noble breasts 
(O'Ra.) ; cjio CAOIAIJ, a prison, 
a cage for malefactors. 



-6ftA, -i!HT>e, m., a 
man who makes baskets, etc. 

CAotAX>6ifieAcc, -A, /., wicker- 

CAotAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., the small 
intestines, tripe ; c. imtiocAin, 
the navel-string ; r ujlAc btn-oe 
tiA 50., the chyle, a yellow fluid 
vomited in sea-sickness after all 
food is thrown up. 

CAot-corA6, -&ije, a., slender- 

CAot-cjiotAc, -Aije, a., of graceful 

CAot-cfiuAi-6, a., stingy ; wiry. 

CAot-6utr>An5, -Ainje, a., slender, 

CAol-T>oitie, g. id., m., a graceful 
oak plantation. 

CAot-'Ofiom, -A, pi. -AtitiA, m., a 
slender or graceful back ; CAD! 
OJIOITIA, the small of the back. 

CAot-pAii, -e,/., nettles ; the herb 
heiriff (cuil f ATO, Don.). 

CAol-pot), -foiT), pi. id., m., the 
narrow sod turned up by the 
plough to clear the furrow. 

CAol-jlofiAC, -Aije, a., shrill- 

CAot-joiAd, -Aije, a., shrill- 

CAot-iiiAtA, g. id., pi. -I'oe, /., a 
slender, narrow eyebrow. 

CAotoj 1HADA6, /., the little bird 
that follows the cuckoo (Arari). 

CAoUfiA'OAtic, m., narrow or sharp 

CAol-jiA-OAticAt, -AI je, a., narrow- 
sighted, sharp-sighted. 

CAot-cuiji, -rvhfie, -rui|ii-6e,/., a 
narrow tower, a pyramid (Kea.). 

CAotuJA-6, -uijte, m., act of 
making or becoming slender, 
or thin ; attenuation, stint, 
restraint ; cuiji c. ojic pem, 
restrain yourself. 

CAotuiJim, -uJAt), v. tr. and intr., 
I restrain, stint (myself) ; I go 
away quietly ; no dAoiuij; re 
teif, he glided away quietly, 
made himself scarce. 

CAOtii, -oiirie, a., gentle, mild, 

CAOITI, -01111, pi. id., m., a friend, a 

CAomAim. See CAomtiAim. 

CAoriiAinr, -AncA, /., protection. 

CAorriAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a mild, 
gentle person. 

CAoriiAncAC, -Aij, pi. id., m., a 
protector, a supporter. 

CAom-ctiurAriiAiC, -tiilA, a., slen- 
der, finely formed. 

CAOIITOA,, m., poetry, versifi- 

CAom-tAfAiji, /., a small blaze, 
a moderate fire. 

CAOtiinAC, -Aije, a., companion- 

CAoriinAdt, -A, /., company ; 
protection, defence ; nurture, 

CAOtritiA'D, -iriAnrA, m., act of keep 
ing, maintaining ; act of res- 
training ; act of protecting, 
saving ; protection, defence ; 

CAOtiinAim, -A-6, v. tr., I preserve, 
protect, keep, maintain. 

CAOtrmAf, -Air, m., protection. 

CAOtrmuJAT), -uijce, m., act of 

CAOtTinui-oe, g. id., pi. -x>ce, a 
companion, an attendant. 

CAoriitiuijpm, -JAT), and -triAtri 
Ainc, v. tr., I protect, defend, 
save; CA fe A|t A dAOtiiAtriAinc, 
he is in a safe retreat. 

CAoriinvnjte, p. a., protected, 
nurtured, befriended. 

CAomnuij;teAc, -tije, a., protect 
ing, protective. 

CAomnvnjjteoifi, -OJIA, -oijii'oe, m., 
a protector. 

CAOth65, -6156, -O5A, /., an affec- 
tionate woman. 

CAOtiirAi-oitn, --oe, v. tr., I rehearse 

CAOmfuni>ce,^).a., rehearsed (O'yV.) 

CAoriifiT)teoi[t, -OfiA, -oifii-oe, m., 
a collector, a rehearser. 

CAoriitAc, -CA1J, pi. id., m., a 
friend, an associate. 

CAomuigmt, -UJ;AX>, v. tr., I cher- 
ish, protect, save, defend, keep; 


( 117 ) 

CAOTIAC, -Ait, pi. -A15C or -ACA, m., 
moss, stubble ; CAonAC mAfiA, 
sea-moss ; CAOTIAC IIAC, milclew, 

, -Aift, m.y cotton. 
uttiAcc, -A, /., good-will ; 
earnestness ; devotion. 
CAon-x>iicpACCA6, -4156, a., de- 
vout, assiduous, zealous. 

os, -6156, -654, /., a nest of 
wild bees ; tumult, strife, a 

, id.}. 

CAonpuj\AC, -^156, a., tender, 
gentle, kind. 

CAOTICA, indec. a., private, secret. 

CAonunbe, g. id., pi. -xice, m. ; 
itn' 6. AotiAifi, as a solitary 
wretch. See cAosAixie. 

CAOfi, -A, pi. id., f., a mountain 
berry, the rowan ; grapes (in pi.) ; 
rcAil tiA scAOp, the blush of 
the rowan berry ; CAOJI don, 
dogberry ; CAOF cAlriiAti, pig- 
nut, earth-nut. 

CAOJI, -oifie, /., a red blaze, a flash, 
a firebrand, a flame ; fire, thun- 
derbolt ; c. lAjtAinn, a mass of 
iron red hot in a furnace. 

CAOP, -AO1J1, pi. id., m., a dry clod 
or lump of earth or turf. 

CAOPA, g. -AC, d. CAotpi 3, npl. CAOJI A, 

CAOJ1CA, CAOIfllj, gpl. CAOjlAC 

and cAoipeAc, dpi. CAOJICAIO, /., 
a sheep, an ewe ; JTAilt TIA 
jCAOipeAC, a cliff overlooking 
the Puffin Island (Ker.). 

CAopAi-oeACC, -A, f., a foray or 
plundering of cattle ; cattle and 
their caretaker. 

CAOpAix>eAcc, -A, f., scolding, 
satire ; in phr., coj A<JAI-O -oo 
CAOpwix>eAccA -oiom, turn away 
the edge of your satire or scold- 
ing from me (said to a scold). 

CAoriAn, -AID, pi. id., m., a clod, 
a fragment of dry peat used for 
fuel ; a small spark ; CAopju\n and 
(Don.) ; pron. CA-6|u\n. 
, (j. id., /., wild rage ; 
oo lenn re 'n-A CAO^-6uite, he 
sprang wildly. 

AOn-x>eAtt5, -tbeiftje, a., ruddy, 
berry-red. See C^AO^AC. 

CAo-p-t)6, -uibe, a., of the colour 
of blackberries ; jet-black. 

CAOplAtin, -Ainne, -AnnA, /., a 

CAO]i65, -6156, -OSA, /., a little 
berry ; a bit of butter from the 
churn ; CAOJIOJ LeAtiA, meadow 
rink (O'N.). 

CAO^cAnn, g. -Ainn, pi. id., m., the 
rowan or quicken tree, mountain 
ash ; cAOjt cAo^cAinn, the berry 
of the quicken tree. 

CAop-teinci-oe, g. id., f., a flash 
of lightning, a thunderbolt; 
also cAOft-ceinceAn ; c/., cAott- 
teinceAn ojtc, blast you ! (Don.). 

CAO-p-tonn, -iuttine, -conncA, ./., 
a fire-wave, a fierce wave. 

CAOCAC, -Aije, a., showering. See 


CAot^tiA-6 (etc trieAlA), -Ai-6, m., 

CApAtt, g. -Aitt, pi. id. (in Con. 
and Don., also CAipte), m., a 
horse, a nag ; a mare, as dis- 
tinguished from seApfiAfi, a 
horse (U. and Con.}; c. CAim- 
BAC, a very large herring 
(Youghal) ; c. niriie, a sea- 
horse (Aran) ; c. ^1^156, a 
sea-horse (Ker.) ; c. CO^IAC, a 

CApor, -6156, -OJA, f., the herb 
dock ; CApog fiiAfoe, J., sharp- 
pointed dock ; c. mop uifce, 
great water-dock ; c. jeAfi, 
sharp-poii.ted dock ; c. f LCAITI- 
Aiti, coltsfoot (U.). 

CApCAom, g. id. pi. -i-oe, m., a 
captain ; cAipcin (Don.}. 

CApcAoineAcc, -A,/., a captaincy. 

CAJI (cA-jio), neg. part, (with perf. 
tense), not (7.). 

CAP, for CA, where ? before pcrf. 

C&p, -Aif, pl. id., the mouth ; a 
twisting of the mouth ; also CAtf!. 

CAP A, g. c Ait AT>, d. cAfiAi-o, npl. 
cAfAit), c<\iffoe, gpl. CAJIAT), m. 
and /., a friend, a beloved one, 
a relative, a term of endearment; 
nom. CA^A (Don.); nom. also 



( 118 ) 

CAftA, g. id., m., a leg, a haunch ; 
tnuice, a ham of bacon, 
c, -AIC, jp. irf., m., a cravat, 
o, noise, tumult, excitement 

CAfiAbunncA, m., noise, tumult 

CAttA-OAC, -Aije, a., friendly or be- 
friended ; having many friends. 

CAjiA'OAriiAit, -tint A, a., friendly, 
befriended ; widely connected ; 
ouine c., a person having an 
extensive family connection. 

CAttA-OAf, -AIJ% m., alliance, amity ; 
an act of friendship. 

CAtiAX>ui5im, --OATD, v. tr., I be- 

, -AtA, /., hardship. 

, indec. a., hard, close- 
pressing (of wrestling). 

GAfiAitn, -AT, v. tr., I love. 

CAJIATI, -Ain, pi. id., m., a beloved 
one, a darling ; bA CA^ATI bAti 
if mAij'oeAn e, he was the 
darling of women and maidens 

CAftAn cjieije, m., a conger eel 

CAJIATICAC, -Aije, a., friendly 

CAftATicAf, -Aif, m., friendship 
(Don. and Omeath). 

CAftAroifi, -6fiA, -oifi'oe, m., the 
captain of a ship (Ker.). 

CAjib, g. cAiiib, pi. id., m., a ship ; 
also, a plank, a bier ; a scrim- 

CAtibA-o, -Am, pi. id., m., a chariot, 
coach, waggon, carriage, litter. 

CA|tbAT>, -AIT), pi. id., m., taste ; 
the mouth, the gum, the jaw ; 
pActA cAjtbAit), the teeth of 
the upper jaw. 

CAtibA-oAcc, -A, /., act of making 
or of driving a chariot. 

CAftbATMn, -&\\\,pl. id., m., a tooth- 
less person. 

CAttbAT>6iti, -6fiA, -oifii-oe, m., a 

CAftDAiftneAc, -nij, pi. id., m., a 
periwinkle (Ker.). 

CAjtbAtt, -Aitt, pi. id., m., the 
palate ; the roof of a dog's 

mouth. A dog having a very 
black cA|ibAll, is supposed to be 
a great fighter. See CAjibAX). 

CAfibAll, -Ailt, pi. id., m., a 
boulder, a very big rock 

CAftbAll, -Aitt, pi. id., m., a carol, 
song ; a confidential conversa- 
tion, a discourse ; cAix>e ATI 
CAttbAlt e feo Att pubAl Anoif 
AjAib, what conversation is this 
in which ye are engaged ? 
A -jteitceAnn HA fAint^e, 

tem' c 
'S tem' AjAtt oitc'oojnAit. 

-(T. G.) 
CA^bAnAd, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a ship's 

CAttbAnAC uirce, m., a carp-fish 


CA^bAC, -Aic, m., a cravat ; cAttb- 
ACA, id. See cAitAbAC. 

CAttCAIjl, -CjlAC, pi. -CflACA, /., a 

prison (Lat. career) ; a coffer ; 

a slope, a sloping height. 
CAtfOA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a 

card ; a playing card ; a sea 

chart ; an instrument for teas- 

ing wool ; cAjtcA is also used for 

a playing card. 
CAjvoAit, -AtA, /., act of carding 

(wool, etc.). 
CAti'OAtAim, -Ait, v. tr., I card, 

comb, tease. 
CAtfouiJim, -T>Ait, v. tr., I card, 

comb wool. 
CAftpocAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., anti- 

phrasis, a quibble, a pun. 
CAfiSAit, -AtA,/., tumult (T. G.). 

CAJ15AOP (cAjIfAljeAf), -AOIf, m., 

Lent (quadragessima) ; sorrow, 

compassion (Con.). 
CAfttA, g. id., pi. -me, m., a wool 

comb (sic in Con. ; in M., CAffOA, 

which see). 
CAjitACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

carder, a scribbler (O'N.). 
CAtttuijim, -tAx, v. tr. See 

CA|i-riio5At, -Ait, pi. id., m., a 


CAjtn, g. cAipn and CAfiAmn, TO., a 

heap of an}' thing ; a pile of 

stones ; the piles on which the 

Druids lighted their solemn fires 

on May day ; a pagan priest ; 

the word cAj>n is common in 

place names. 
CAfinAC, -Aije, a., in masses (of 

the hair). 
C,\jinAit, -AlA, /., act of heaping 

up, amassing (cA^riATi, id.). 
CAttnAim, -AX>, v. tr., I heap up, 

pile together ; I place in heaps. 
CAjtnAn, -Am, (dim. of CAjtn), pi. 

id., m., a heap ; a pile ; a hillock. 
CAiinAn cAiril, g. -Am c., pi. id., 

TO., navelwort. 

CAjinAn CAOcAm, m., a molehill. 
CAfin ctn trine, TO., a monument. 
CA^n-polc, TO., a heap of tresses, 

a mass of hair ; an arrangement 

of the hair on the crown of the 

CAim-uriiA, m., an udder having 

solid corners, as is found some- 

times with cows soon after 

C.\pjt, TO., a car, a dray, a waggon 

(also cAfifiA, M.). 
CAfifi, -Ai]fp pi. id., TO., a spear ; a 

pike staff ; the haft of a javelin 

without the head. 
CAJIJI, -Aijijie, -A, /., scab, itch, 

mange, scurvy, crust, bran ; 

CAjijiAi-6e, id. ; a grin. See CAIJI. 
CAjifiA, g. id., TO., stepping stones, 

a causeway. 
CAJIJIAC, -Aije, a., scabbed, mangy, 

bald ; stony, rocky, barren. 
CAi'.fiACAn, -Am, pi. id., TO., the 

rock fish called " cobbler," more 

usually stieAf Aix>e ; also the 

herb wild liquorice root ; a 

scabby wretch ; a person with 

an uneven gait. 
CAftfAi-oe, fir. id-, f-, mange, scabbi- 

ncss ; cAHftAfoeAcc, id. 
CAtij<Ai-6in, -e, /., the thick part 

of buttermilk ; the barmy part 

of milk. 
CAHJIAIJ;, g. -e and cAimije, pi. -e, 


/., a rock, a large, prominent 
stone ; CALAIS 1 5ceill, a rock 
of sense (T. G.). 

AftfiAij bpeije, /., a rock of 
which no part is above water in 
any tide, but which is not far 
below the surface of the sea. 
AHtiAijin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 
little rock (also CAiiiji5in). 
AfifiAtt, -AlA, /., fermentation of 
leaven, yeast, or barm. 
AjiftAirce, g. id., pi. -ci-oe, TO., a 
carriage ; baggage, a bundle, 
stuff; dress, attire; gait, deport- 
ment, behaviour ; courage, con- 
fidence, self-reliance. 
Atif* AifceAniAil, -ml/A, a., coura- 
geous, self-reliant (pron. c^Air- 


A^tA rintif, g. c. nulre, /., wild 
liquorice root ; wild peas. 
AfitiAti, -A\n,pl. id., TO., a reaping- 
hook ; a name for an indented 
or serrated mountain ; CAjiftAn 
CAiAit (the serrated mountain 
of Tuathal), Carn Tual, in Kerry, 
the highest mountain in Ireland 
(also co|i]iAti). 

AfitiAn, -AID, pi. id., TO., common 
scurvy grass. 

AfijiAn, -Ain, pi. id., TO., the jaw ; 
the knuckle- bone of the hip. 
Ati-pATi, -Ain, pi. id., TO., a car, a 
cart ; CA|i|iAn f LeAriinAin, a 
slide car. 

AjipAnAC, -Aije, a., having long 
or prominent jaws ; hooked. 

rteAtrmAin, TO., a sliding 
cart for taking loads down a 

CAtijtDAf, -Aif, TO., intemperance. 

CAI^OS, -oige, -OJA, /., a little 
pit ; a fit of sulks ; anger. 

CAttt'6>tVot 1A >-6't 11 ' oe i TO., a carter, 
a car driver. 

CApf'tiAr), -4f6, -Ai-oe, m., a pillar, 
monument ; pier. 

CAfifAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a noise in 
the throat ; hoarseness ; asthma. 

CAfifinAd, -Aije, a., hoarsr, 

CAJIC, -Ai]ce, -A, /., a common 
cart. Set CAIJIC. 

( 120 ) 


, -Aiftc, pi. id. and -Ai-oe, m., 

a quart ; CA]1CA (Don.). 
CAJICA, g. id., pi. -foe, m., a card ; 

a playing card. See CAIVOA. 
CAp-CA cuit, m., the last card ; the 

main-stay ; the " man in the 

CAticAt>, -CCA, m., act of emptying 

out (as a cargo) ; act of throwing 

away ; what is thrown away ; 

bogstuff, rubbish ; clearing, 

cleansing ({7.) ; 45 c. teAX>bAC, 

tanning hides (U.). 
CAtiCAim (pcAp-CAitn), -AX>, v. tr., I 

discharge (as a cargo) ; I rid, 

clear away, shovel ; I overthrow 

violently, fling away, expel, sub- 

CAp-CAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a small 

brown insect that eats into the 

flesh ; in M. fCAjttAn, or 

CAfiCAti CAOP.AC, m., sheep-vermin 

(Don.) ; p ofi CAO^AC, id. 
CAticAn cup.p.Aij, m -> wild officinal 

CAp.tAtinAC, -Aije, a., charitable, 

friendly, kind. 
CApcAtmAcc, -A, /., charity, kind- 

ness, friendliness, gentleness. 
CAjicATitiAp, -Aip, -.| friendship, 

CAp-tuijim, -CAX, v. tr., I cleanse, 

tan, strip the bark off. 
CAp-ui-oe, g. id., pi. id., m., a 

wrestler ; a debater. See cop- 

CAp, gsf. CAipe, a., crooked, 
winding ; wreathed, entwined, 
twisted ; nimble, active ; rash, 
peevish, angry, passionate ; hard 
to deal with, difficult. 

CAp, -A, -ArctiA, m., a fold, a plait ; 
twist. See CApA-6. 

CAP, g. CAip, pi. id., m., a cause, a 
case ; sad plight, strait ; tn'op 
CAp x>ic e oeATiAtri, you could 
not possibly do it (Ker.). 

CAPACCAC, g., -AIJ and -Aije, m. 
and/., a cough ; 6uip pe 5|ieAp 
cApA6cAij Toe, he had a nt of 
coughing, got over a fit, etc. 
(also CAPACC, -A). 

CApA-6, -pcA and -AI-O, m., act of 
twisting, turning, plaiting ; act 
of returning ; act of raising or 
beginning a cry, a song, etc. ; 
act of charging one with some 
fault, act of accusing one (with 
te) ; a wrinkle, a fold ; the 
beginning of the second part of 
an Irish air ; cop cApAi-6, the 
foot of a spinning-wheel. 

CAp-A'otnA'o, m., the ribs of a boat ; 
the " crooked timbers " from 
which the ribs are usually made 

CApAti TIA tnAp.A, m., the ebb of 
the tide. 

CAPAX> TIA cwinne, m., the crest of 
a wave. 

-e, /., an incline ; te 
te pATiAixt ; cuic p6 
te c., he fell headlong ; tei$ 
te c. me, let me down. 
ApAi'oe, g. id., m., a spinner ; 
tA 'te t>ni5-oe 'tiA pAoipe 
Aft cApAix>ib, the Feast of 
Bridget is a holiday for spinners. 
ApAim, -Am, v. tr. and intr., I 
bewail, grumble, complain. 

X>, v. tr. and intr., I 
turn (a grindstone, a key, etc.), 
twist ; I return ; I twine, plait ; 
I raise or begin (a cry, a song, 
etc.) ; in pass, impers., with Aft 
(also x>o and te), I meet : -oo 
CApAX) peA-fi Ofim, I met a man ; 
I charge, tax a person with a 
fault, etc. ; I accuse, question ; 
oo CAp pe ApiriucAti tiom, he 
insulted me ; I withdraw (a 

CApAiti, -p-fiAc, -ppACA, f., a thorn, 
bodkin, skewer ; tempest, light- 
ning, hail. 

CApAip-e, g. id., pi. -piix>e, m., a tale- 

CApAijmeAc, -tiije, -A, /., a flash 
of lightning (O'N.}. 

CApAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a chasuble. 

CApAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a path, a 
road, a way ; cot\ p. A CApAti, 
a kind of MS. contraction. 

CApAoix), -e, /., a complaint ; act 
of complaining (against, AJI). 


( 121 ) 


CAp Aoit>eAC, -'oije, a., full of com- 
plaint, wrangling, grumbling. 

CApAOfoeoip;, -op.A, -oifii-oe, m., a 
complainant, a plaintili'. 

CApc, m., a boat, a ship (Ker.). 

CApCAijimi, -fie, v. <r., I slay, 
slaughter, kill ; I melt or thaw, 
or put to rout ; IA cApCAp.cA An 
cpneAccAiti, a day that melts 
the snow. 

CApCAijtc, -A-pcA, /., slaughter, 
massacre, butchery. See cop- 


CAf-T>tAoi, g. id., pi. -co,/., a ring- 
let, a curled lock of hair. 

CAp p A cjtAnn, m., common honey- 
suckle, woodbine. 

CAp-jp;uA5, /., curled hair, a wig. 

CAp-jfiuASAC, -Aijje, a., of curled 

CAp-tubAc, -Ai5e, a., ringleted, 
thickly curled. 

CApnvnjim, -nArii, v. tr., I defend. 
See copnuijjim. 

CAfos, -6156, -OJA, /., a coat, a 
long coat ; a skirted coat ; a 

CAfCA, p. a., twisted, turned, 
folded, involved, intricate, en- 
tangled, plaited, curled (of the 
hair) ; idiomatic (of speech). 

CApcAijie, g. id., pi. -p.i-6e, m., a 
twister, a jester. 

CAf coift, -ojtA, -6ifux>e, in., a little 
fork used in putting rings on the 
noses of pigs, etc. ; bAfifi-lub, id. 

CApcp-uijim, -uJAt), v. tr., I cross, 
consecrate (Con.). 

CAf u^, -VHJI, pi. id., m. a hammer. 

CAp-upl/A, a curled bush of hair. 

CAC, g. CAIC, coic, cuic, pi. id., m., 
a cat ; oeAnpA'6 pe CAC ip OA 
cAfbAtl, he would do wonders 
(lit., make a cat with two tails) ; 
CAC mAfib (somet. CAC IDA^A) : 
CIA An CAC mAftb A CAp m 
mo plije cii ? what mischief 
brought you my way? ip cum A 
tiom 'p A S CAC tnA]tb, I duu't 

care a straw (Con. and /.). 

CAC, -A, pi. id., and -AtinA, m., a 

battle ; strife, trouble ; an Irish 

battalion of 3,000 men ; a tribe. 

CACAC, -Aije, a., warlike, belong- 
ing to battle. 

CACAC, -AIJ, m., a reliquary taken 
to battle ; a copy of the Psalter 
supposed to have been written 
by bt. Columbkille, and used in 
battle by the chieftains of Tyr- 
connell. It is now in the Library 
of the Royal Irish Academy. 

CACAC, -Aije, a., curly. 

CACACAD, -Am, pi. id., m., a curly- 
headed person ; a sheep with 
curly wool. 

CACAC Ap, -Aip, m., caterwauling ; 
heat in cats, e.g., CA An CAC Aft c. 

CACA-O, g. CAicce, m., winnowing ; 
" tticc cAicce," winnowers. See 


CACA-O pAip-p-je, m., sea drift ex- 
cited by storm ; pAip-fise-CAic 

CACAX> pneA6cAi-6, m., snow drift. 

CACAin, temp, conj., when. 

i, g. -c|tAc, pi. -cp;ACA, gpl. 
c, /., a city, a court, a man- 
sion ; CACAift mAH Ainm 6'p 
CACA1| jAn SeAptiA-6, a mansion 
only in name, since it is a man- 
sion without Geoffrey (Elegy on 

CAcAijt-liop, m. or /., a mansion, 
seat ; a chief city. 

CACAip, -e, f., a guard, sentinel, a 
watch ; a term of endearment. 
See cAicip. 

CACAipeA6 (cAicipeAd), -pije, a., 
brave, valiant, stout, clever ; 
vigilant, quick ; excellent, ami- 
able. See CAicipeAc. 

CACAI, -Ait, m., valour ; also the 
proper name of a man, Aug. 

CACAU, -Am, m., knap of sh 

CACAOIp:, -6AC, -CA6A, /. (CACAip;, 

Don.), a chair, a seat ; a Christian 
name, An;/. Cahir and Charles; 
CACAOIJI bAclAnn, an armchair ; 
CACAOIH ctAiji, a wooden chair ; 
CACAOip; pujAn, /., a hay-rope 
chair, somet. called a puniipcin 
(pui-opceoj;, Don);c. p 
an easy chair. 

( 122 ) 


CACAO t pie AC, -tij, pi. id., m., a 

chairman, a president (neenli). 
CAtAfTOAC, -A156, a., belonging to 

a city ; also CACA^I-DA. 
CAtoAfifi, -bAiuft, pi. id., m., a hel- 

met, headpiece. 
CAt-bAfiun, -um, pi. id., m., an 

officer, a commander. 
CAt-bfmic, -e, m. t flummery, 

" sowens." 
CAcbuA'OAc, -Aije, a., victorious 

in battle. 

CAt-cliAc, /., a bulwark in battle. 
CAt-cjiAoipeAC, -f'5 e > a - eager 

for battle. 
CAC ctioinn, m., a squirrel ; a rat- 

CAcpAipe, g. id., pi. -ttix>e, m., a 

mean trifling fellow. 

CAt-tAOAIflC, -lAbAflCA, /., the 

speech of a general before 

CAtlAC, -Aie,/., loud sneezing (as 

of animals, cows, etc.). 
CAt-lAitfieAC, -1*15, -t 11 ^ 6 ) m -> the 

field of battle. See cAc-tAitifi. 
CAt-t-ACAiti, -tACtiAC, /., a battle- 


CAc-tuib,/., chafl ? -weed, cudweed, 
CAc-triAf.cAc, -AIJ, pi. id. and 

-Aije, m., a cavalry soldier, a 

CAt-triileA-6, -ti-6, pi. id., m., a 

hero, a military commander, a 

champion in battle (also CAIC- 

CACOJ, -6156, -OJA, /., the straw- 

ben-y bush (O'N.). 
CACOJAC, -Aije, a., abounding in 

strawberries (O'N.). 
CACOiticeAfi (CAirliceAc), -015, 

-cije, m., a Catholic. 
CACoiticeA6, -cije, a., Catholic, 

CA C^IAC (CACAITI), when, at what 

time (O'N.). 
CAC-fuit, -e, pi. id., /., a quick, 

sharp look. 
CACUJA-O, -uijce, m., act of fight- 

ing, rebelling against (fie) ; act 

of sorrowing ; sorrow, contrition ; 

temptation, trial ; mo CAtu5A~6 

e, alas ! I grieve because of it. 

, -UJATI, v. tr., I fight, 
battle, war against, contend 
with, tempt. 

CAtutjceoiji, -OJIA, -oijii-oe, m., a 

Ce, conj., although, however (ge, 
ciox), 510-6, are various forms). 

Ce (prop. CIA), interog. pr. who? 
which ? what ? 

CeACAiji, g. ceACfAC, /., dirt, 
filth ; distress, penury, want ; a 

CeACAine, g. id., pi. -fti-6e, m., a 
poor, stingy person. 

CeACAifieAcc, -A, f., a stain ; pen- 
ury; distress; JATI ceA<iAij\eACC 
'tiA clo-6 (E. R.). 

CeACAjroA, indec. a., miry, dirty ; 
penurious, stingy. 

CeAcr, -A, pi. id., and -AntiA, m., 
a lesson, science, eminence. 

CCACC, -A, pi. -Aix>e, m., a plough ; 
An CeAcc CATD, the constellation 
Plough ; now. also CBACCA 
(somet. /.). 

CeACCAifie, g. id., pi. -fti-oe, m., a 

CCACI:A|I, distrib. pr., either, one 
or other, each, any ; with neg., 
not any, neither. 

CeAT), -A, pi. -A and -ATITIA, m., 
leave, permission, license ; leave 
of absence ; c. mAjtA, right of 
way at sea ; leave, farewell (in 
early mod. lit.) ; c. cop, liberty 
to go ; c. cinn, one's own way. 

CeAT), pi. ceAT)CA and ceAt>A, an 
hundred ; often used loosely of 
a great number ; a hundred- 
weight ; also 120 (of seed plants, 
etc., that are counted in scored, 
as ceAX) CAbAifce, six scores of 
cabbage plants ; CCATJ eipc, 128 
fishes (Ker.). 

CCA-O, indec. num. a., aspir., first, 
choicest ; somet. in compounds 
it has an intensitive force ; com- 
monly aspirated, CCAX>, after 

CeAX), g. ceni), m., a quay, a wharf; 
ceit> (Con.). 

CeA'OAC, -Atje, a., having permis- 
sion or license. 

( 123 ) 


CCA-OAC, -Aije, a., an hundred-fold. 

CCA-OAC, -Aij, m., a man's name. 

CeAX>At>, num. a., hundredth (also 

CeA-o-A-ooAjt, -AIJI, pi. id., first 
cause, element. 

CeAXJAim (ceATJUijim), -ouijA'o, v. 
intr., I permit ; ni 6eAX>6cAinn 
Aft m'AnAtr) e, I would not wish it 
for my life (M.) ; in Con. they say 
ni deixmeocAinn, ni cjieforiieoc- 
Ainn, and nion ceix)m5ce liorn, 
also curiiA, as ni cuifipmn punc 
'nA 6wthA, I would not wish it 
for a pound ((?. J.) ; niojt ceit>- 
uipce liom (Don.). 

CeAx>At, -Ait, pi. id., m., a story, 
detraction, malicious invention ; 
deceit, conflict, battle. 

CeA-oAom, -e,/., Wednesday (CeAt> 
-dome, the first fast of the week) ; 
"OiA CeAX>Aom, on Wednesday ; 
CeA-OAOine {Don.}. 

CeAX>-t>AltAn, -Am, pi. id., m., first 
dug or teat. 

CCA-O-CACAC, -Aije, a., hundred- 
battled, an epithet of Conn, 
monarch of Ireland. 

CeAX)-6ui|tim, -61111, v. tr., I first 
put, am the first to put. 

CexYO-x>ilteAC, -tige, a., hun- 

Ce4-o--ouilLeAC, /., the herb 

CeATDfAX), -A1-6, pi. id., m., sense, 
faculty, understanding, opinion ; 
testimony ; verdict. 

CCA-OFA-OAC, -pxMJe, a., discreet ; 
sensible ; belonging to the senses 
or faculties. 

CeA-opA-oAcc, -A, /., sensibility ; 
prudence, reason. 

CeA'olonsA-o, -Ai'o, -Aix>e, m., 

CeAX>lonj;A-6, -AI-O, m., a fasting. 

CeAT)lon5Airn, -AT), v. intr., I 
breakfast, take the first meal 
of the day (also, I fast ). 

CeA-otuc, -utce, /., rejoicing. 

CeAx>lucAc, -Aije, a., rejoicing, 

CCATMTIAC, -Atje, a., permissible. 

CeAX)riiA-6, a., hundredth. 

i, -titie,/., the elder 
branch of a family ; primogeni- 

CeAt>nA, indec. a., the same, simi- 
lar ; follows nouns : An peAft 
ceAxmA, the same man, the very 
man: 50 mbeAnnuiji-6 An p. C. 
ouic, an answer to 50 mb. T)iA 
ouic ; mAfi An jceAxinA, like- 
wise, in like manner (also, as 

CeAT>6ifi, in phr. 1 50. or JM 6., 
immediately, at once, instantly, 

CeA-ojiup, -inf, m., a cedar-tree. 

CeAT)-f Arii, g. -riiAn, d. -riiAin, May- 
day, month of May (P. O'O.) ; 
also ceiT>eAtii. 

CeA-o-feAttc, g. -fetpc, -f-ei^ce, 
-feAf\cA, pi. -feAf.cA, m. and /., 
first love, dearest love. 

CeA-o-ioriiAitc, -e, -i-oe, /., break- 

CeA-o-coriilAitn, -ioriiAilc, v. intr., 
I breakfast. 

CeAX)-co}iAX), -OJICA, pi. id., m., 
first fruits. 

CeATJ-tofAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., an 
element, a beginning. 

CeATj-cuirriieAc, -rinj, m., first- 
ling, first born ; ceA-o-cuif- 
riiiuJAt), -tjce,i., bringing forth 
the first born. 

C6Ax>-uAiti, /., the first time, 
originally, primarily. 

CeA-oujjA-6, -ingce, m., the act of 
permitting, allowing ; consent, 

CeA-oui5itn, -JA-6, v. tr., I permit, 
allow, grant leave, dismiss ; I 
consult (Con.) ; I wish, will ; ni 
6eAt>6cAinn AJI ounce, I would 
not have wished it for a pound. 

CeAXJuijte, p. nee., permissible; 
niop ceATJuijce -OAm A|t punc 
e, I should not have permitted 
it for a pound. 

CeAtJuijteAc, -tije, a., permis- 
sible, allowable. 

CCApHAt, -Aije, a., active, nimble. 

CCApitAil, -AlA, f., act of cult ii iu ;i 
ca|)er, act of playing pranks, 
pretending ; prefcnoe. 

( 124 ) 


, v., intr. , I prance, 
frisk, behave airily ; I cut a 
caper (T. G.). 

CeAl, -A, m., oblivion, neglectful- 
ness, want, death ; also a coarse 
cloth ; a cover ; -out A|t c., to 
perish, to depart, disappear, be 
lacking, go beyond recall ; cuiji 
Aft c., put off, lay aside ; teig 
CAjt c., forget, leave undone ; 
gAti c., not wanting in. 

CeAt; in phr., ceAt, TIAC opuit A 
fiof ASAC, do you not know, 
really (Con.}. 

CeAlACAti, -Ain, m., a complete 
fast ; Af c., fasting from the 
midnight ; tiio|i ojtireAf mo c., 
I have not broken my fast, have 
had no breakfast ; ceAtACAn 
AX>A, the habit of fasting long 
in the morning. 

CeA^s, g. ceitse, d. ceitj, pi, 
ceAt^A, /., a plot, deceit, treach- 
ery, guilej A5 ceitj;, plotting ; 
connriA-6 ceilge, a conspiracy. 

CeAtjAC, -Aije, a, deceitful, 

CeAl/sAnJe, g. id., pi. --ote, m., a 
knave. See ceAljAijie. 

CeAtjAije, g. id., /., fraud, deceit, 

CeAtjAim, -AT>, v. tr., I sting, 
annoy, wound ; I seduce, deceive ; 
I allure. 

CeAtgAi^e, g. id., pi. -tinae, m., a 
deceiver, a cheat ; a crafty man, 
a hypocrite, a traitor. 

CeAt/SAifeAcr, -A, /., deception, 
illusion, hypocrisy, cheating ; 

CeAtg-AoriiA-o, -riitA, m., dissimu- 
lation ; act of dissimulating. 

CeAtj-AoriiAim, -AX* v. intr., I 
dissimulate, I dissemble. 

CeAl/5-AOtTitA6, -Aije, a., dis- 
sembling, feigning. 

CeAtj-Aoncuisim, -XIJAX*, v. intr., 
I dissimulate, dissemble. 

CcAt^-join, -jjonA,/., act of stab- 
bing, stinging, wounding. 

CeAtj-nAriiA, g. -nAtiiA-o, d. 
-nAriiAix), pi. -nAinToe, m., a 
deceitful enemy. 

rt, -in, m., malevolence, 

CeAls-jtunAC, -Atje, a., evil- 
minded, malevolent, deceitful. 

CeALjuijim, -JAT), v. tr., I beguile, 
deceive, allure, tempt. 

CeAt/t, f., a church. See ciVL. 

CeAl-t (somet. written for cAtt), 
want, etc. 

CeAttAc, -Ai5e, a., belonging to a 

CeAttAc, -Aij, -Aije, m., a church- 
man, a hermit, a recluse. 

CeAtl/AC, -Ai5, m., war, contention. 

CeAVtAijie, g. id., pi. -ju-6e, m., 
a church officer. 

CeALVojiAC, -Aij, pi. id., m., a fool 
(Om.) ; a coward (Don.). 

CeAtt-joit), /., church robbery, 

CeAttoifi, -6ftA, -6i]ii'6e, m., the 
superior of a church or 

CeAlL-potir, -puijtc, pi. id., m., 
a cathedral church. 

CeAlt-flA'O, -AIT), m., church 
robbery, sacrilege. 

CeAt-tcAi|i, -cjtAc, -cjtACA, /., the 
face, aspect, visage, countenance; 
the natural figure or appearance 
of the body ; a mask, a hood, a 
vizor, a disguise ; ceAltcAiji 
OfiAonbeAccA, a magic disguise; 
noin. also ceAtt/CAfi. 

CCAtl,C11AC, -A1J6, -ACA, f., a 

church, a churchyard ; applied 
in Con. only to a burying place 
for unbaptized infants. 

CeAtt-uiti, -uijie,./., a churchyard, 
a sacred enclosure. 

CeAtnAlAd, -A1J, pi. id., m., a 
large-headed clown, a rustic. 

CeAn, -A, m., affection, passion ; tn o 
ceAti, welcome, success attend 
(thee). See cion. 

CeAti, -A, pi. id., f., sin, transgres- 
sion. See cion. 

CeAnA, particle strengthening the 
preceding word ; just, the very, 
even, indeed, already, before, 
however, nevertheless, howbeit, 
else ; ACC ceAtiA, but however, 
but verily, but still ; AJI ceAtiA, 


( 125 ) 


in like manner, likewise, in gen- 
eral, besides ; An IA cc&n&, the 
other day ; if cu ceAnA, it is 
you truly ; ceAnA pein, already ; 
bfop Atinpo ceAnA, I have been 
here before. 

CeAnAOAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., bog- 
down (plant) ; cotton-down ; c. 
beAj, self-heal, prunella vul- 
garis; c. m6nA, broad-leaved 
cotton grass. 

CCATI Atf (prop. g. of ceAtiAf, friend- 
ship), a., fond, mild, gentle. 

CeATiAii, -At A, /., mildness, kind- 
ness, fondness. 

CeAnilCA, indec. a., kind, mild, 
loving, fond, gentle, seemly, 
amiable, agreeable. 

CeAriAriiAil, -riilA, a., kind, mild, 
gentle, fond, loving, amiable. 

CeAnAmlAcc, -A,/., fondness, affec- 
tion, great regard, esteem. 

CeAtiAf (cionAf), -Aip, m., fond- 
ness, love, affection. 

CeAnAfAC, -Aije, a., fond, affec- 

CeAtiCAiji, -e, a., saucy, wanton, 

CeAnjAitce.p. a., bound, fastened 
(A^), tied, knotted ; married 

CeAnjAitceAd, -tije, a., binding, 
connecting, obligatory. 

CeAnjAl, -Ait, pi. id., m., act of 
binding, tying, girding one's 
self ; a bunch (of fruit), a knot, 
tie, bond, girdle ; treaty, cove- 
nant, compact; the "summing 
up " verse of a poem. 

CeAti5AlCAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
truss, a bundle, a packet. 

CeAiijjAlcAp, -Aif, pi. id., m., a 
tying, a binding, a connection. 

CeAn5Alc6ijt, -6j<A, -dijii-oe, m., 
a binder, a tier. 

CeAnjtAt, -Aije, a., binding, 

CeAnglACAti, -Am, pi. id., m., a 
bundle, a bunch ; that whi< h 

CeAnj;lAim, iniper. -jAil, vl. -jAl, 
-jAilc, pp. -jAilce, v. tr., I bind, 
tie, fasten, tetter, join, secure ; 

also irttr., I cling to (tie), I unite 
with (le). 

CeAnn, g. ctnn, d. ctorm, pi. cinn, 
poet. ceArmA, m., a head ; end, 
limit (in time, place) ; one single 
person or object, in phr. " the first 
one " ; cause, account ; ceAnn 
f eAjiAmti (or cinn peAjiAitin), a 
headland ; ceAtin eile, another 
one ; ceAnn ACA, one of them ; 
ceAnn A|i de^nn (or AJI ceAnri), 
one after another ; ceAnn ^AOI, 
dejection, humiliation, reproach, 
dire poverty, adversity ; ceAnn 
rjiAJA, strand's end (in place 
names) ; with A, i, or AJI, and 
verb of motion, usually = to or 
for : im' 6eArm, to me, before 
me ; p AOI (f A) ceAtin, within (a 
certain time), at the end of, 
after ; 1 jceAtin, at the end of, 
head of ; in front of ; in regard 
to, to, for ; i n-A deAnn, over 
him, against him ; AJI An ceAnn 
if fAix>e, at farthest (of time) 
(Don.) ; CAJI ceAnn, over, be- 
sides, beyond ; for the sake of, 
instead of, in preference to ; in 
spite of, notwithstanding, in op- 
position to ; with 50, although ; 
tarn deAnn, in reference to ; TOO 
ceAnn 50, because, by reason 
of ; "oo ceAnn tnAfi, for the 
reason that, because ; ceAnn AJI 
AJA1-6, headlong ; i jjceAtin A 
ceile, together ; TJO tuic f 6 i 
rceAnn A cop, he fell in the 
direction of his feet, collapsed ; 
50 ceAnn bliA-onA, ayear hence; 
50 ceAnti 1 6pAt), for a long time ; 
in sp. I., dat. often ceAnn. 

CeAnnA-t>vii - 6eA6,- i 6i5e,a., yellow- 
haired, yellow-headed. 

CeAnnAC, -AI, -Aije, m., a pur- 
chase, price, wages, reward, 
covenant ; act of buying. 

CeAnnACA-6, -CCA, m., act of buy- 
ing, purchasing. 

CeAnnACAim, -AT>, I buy, pur- 
chase ; 6'f TJAOfl 511 ft CCAntlACAIf 

m 'ATI Am, since thou didst dearly 
purchase my soul (Tadhg Ua 
Diiinnin). See ceAnnutjim. 

( 126 ) 


CeAnnAcc, -A, /., a buying, pur- 
chasing ; commerce ; power, 

CeAnn-4T>Aitit:, -e, -BACA, /., a 
pillow, a bolster. 

CeAnn-AJAro, pi. -Aijie, m., the 
forehead ; the features, counten- 

CeATin-Aimf 6Aft, -fife../-. an epoch, 
a date, an era. 

CeAntiAijic, -e, /., strife, uproar, 
division ; a meeting ; contention, 
rebellion, insubordination, con- 

CeAtinAifie, g. id., pi. -fiiTie, m., 
a driver, a leader, a conductor ; 
a provider, such as a husband. 

CeAtttiAifiic, -e,/., sedition, turbu- 
lence. See ceAnnAi|tc. 

CeAtinAn, -A-me (ceAnn--pionn), a., 
bald, white-headed ; bo c., a 
white-faced cow; CApAVl c., a 
bald-faced horse. 

CeAnn-AfTO, -Ai-froe, a., arrogant. 

CeAnn-AtvoAC, -Aije, a., proud, 
ambitious, commanding. 

CeAnnAf, -Aif, m., headship, 
authority, power, superiority. 

CeAntiAfAC, -Aije, a., powerful, 
mighty, commanding ; having 
supreme power. 

CeAnn-t>Ati, -Aine, a., white- 

CeAnnt)An, -Am, pi. id., m., cotton- 
grass ; c. beAg, self-heal, pru- 
nella; c. buTOe, marigold; c. 
cinn coitte, clary ; c. CUTTIATIS- 
ovntteAc, narrow-leaved cotton- 
grass ; c. teACATi-'oui'L'LeAt, 
broad-leaved cotton-grass (also 


CeAnn-tipAC, -t>|tuir, pi. id., m., a 

head-garment, canopy. 
CeAtin CAIC, m., an owl. 
CeAtin-CACAC, -Aije, a., foremost 

in fight. 
CeArm-cAtAiji, f., a metropolis ; 

the chief church in a diocese. 
CeAnn ciniT>, g. cmn cim-6, pi. id., 

m., a chief, the head of a clan. 
CeAnn ctAift, &,, the head of the 

table ; the place of honour at a 

feast ; c. bui-pt), id. 

CeAnn-cop AC, -AIJ, m., a blue wild 

flower (Arari). 
CeAnn CJIUAIT>, m., a small horned 

shellfish (Ker.) ; a hard nut ; a 

CeAnn-T>AnA, indec. a., headstrong, 

stubborn, forward, bold. 
CeAnn-x)AnAcr;, -A, f., stubborn- 

ness, boldness. 
CeAntvoeAtis, -T>ei|i5e, /., the 

name of a lish or a worm. There 

is a well called CobA|i TIA Cinn- 

CeAnn oonn, m., carrigeen moss. 

CeAnn-pAC, m., chief cause, 
original reason. 

CeAnn f BA-OTIA, m., a tribal chief. 

CeAnn-feA-ftrAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 
chief, a leader, a governor. 

CeAnn-fCA-ftcAf, -Aif, m., domi- 
nion, sovereignty, supremacy. 

CeAnn-iomAi-|ie, g. id., pi. -iomAifi- 
i-oe, m., a head-ridge. 

CeAnn-tAiX)if(, -"one, a., head- 
strong, stubborn. 

CeAnn ttiAiTie, g. cinn mAfoe, m.,& 

CeAnn-noccuijce, a., bareheaded. 

CeAnn-pofic, g. ceAnn-pvii|ir, pi. 
id., m. chief man, author, founder, 
a ruler or governor ; a head 
port or city ; nom. also ceAnn- 
ptnfc and ceAnnA pvn-pc. 

CeAnnftAc, -Aije, -ACA, /., a fillet ; 
a tether, a head-stall ; a bridle, 
a halter ; soft porous leather, 
felt (Con.) ]fig., an introduction, 
a gloss, an apology (pron. by a 
slurring over the rm, as in 

CeAnn-ftA'DAftcAfi, -Aijje, a., far- 

seeing, particular. 
CeAnn-fteAniAf<, -fienfifte, a. , thick- 

headed, large or flat-headed. 
CeAnn-fietcij, g. cinn-fieici, m., 

propitiation, mercy, a peace- 

CeAnnf A,/ 1 ., gentleness ; mildness, 


CeAnnf A, a., mild, gentle. 
CeAnnf ACC, -A, /., tame (of ani- 

mals) ; gentle (of persons). 
CeAnnrAitie. See 

( 127 ) 


, -Ail, pi. id., m., rule, 
overnment ; ascendancy, pre- 
ominance, emulation. 

CcAnnpAlAd, -Aije, a., lordly, 
prosperous, proud, haughty 
(P. O'C.) ; coercive, oppressive. 

CeAnn-rcfiibinn, -e, pi. id., f., a 
title, a motto, a headline. 

CeAnn flmne, m.. a slated roof. 

CeAnnrujjA'o, -uijte, m., act of 
appeasing ; paciri cation. 

CeAnnruijim, -UJAX), v. tr., I 
appease, moderate, mitigate, 
alleviate ; I tame, humble ; I 
catch, hold, or fatten cattle 

CeAnnruijte, p. a., subdued, ap- 
peased, mollified, tamed. 

CeAnncAii, -Aifi, pi. id., m., a 
cantred, i.e., the side of a 
country ; district. 

CeAtiti CACAip, m., the flower of 
the ftAti-tur, the "soldiers" 
with which children play. 

CeAnn cije m. , the root of a house ; 
ceAnn A' cije, the gable of a 
house, the immediate precincts 
of the gable. 

CCATITI ripe, m., a headland, a cape, 

CeAnn-Cft CATI, -eitie, a., obstinate, 

CeAtiti-r^om, -ftuime, a., sluggish, 
drowsy, heavy. 

CeAnn ruije, m., a thatched roof, 
a "straw" roof; ctj citin 
cmje, a thatched house. 

CeAtin-uAirneAd, -nije, a., rash, 

CeAiinuije, g. id., pi. -injjce, m., 
a merchant, an extensive trader, 
a dealer, a buyer ; c. pop A, a 
shopkeeper ; c. rtiAt, a yarn 
merchant (U.) ; c. clAire, one 
at a fair who listens to and 
finally secures another's bargain 
for himself (Con.) ; c. mAtA, a 
pedlar (Con.). 

CeAnnuijeACC, -A, /., purchase ; 
merchandise ; traffic ; dealing ; 
act of buying and selling. 

CeAtmuijirn, -n&t, v. tr., I buy, 
purchase ; Ideal, I traffic (intr.). 

CeAnnuijce, p. a., bought, pur- 
chased ; iwcc c. (ffs. of vl.), 
buyers ; if rriAit ACA re ceAnn- 
wijrre A5Am, I have not got it 
without serious trouble, I have 
suffered for it. 

CeAnnuijieoifi, -opA, -oifiiT)e, m., 
a buyer, a dealer. 

CeAnn ujifiAi-6, m., a captain, a 
leader, a general of an army ; 
the head of a gang or faction, a 
ringleader; somet. ceAnn upl'* 110 - 

CeAp, g. cip and ceApA, pi. id., m., 
a block ; a shoemaker's last ; a 
piece of ground ; the stock or 
nave of a wheel ; the head of a 
tribe or family ; a leader ; th e 
supreme ruler ; also, a battalion ; 
jlAf cip, a rim lock ; a small 
cultivated plot. 

CeApAd, -Aije, -ACA, /., a village 
or hamlet inhabited by one tribe 
of relatives (P. O'C.) ; often 
used in place-names, as CeApAt 
Cumn, Cappoquin, in Water- 
ford ; CeApAt nA Coir e, west of 
Kenmare ; Arm. gives the mean- 
ing, a plot of land laid out for 
tillage, a decayed wood ; a 
kitchen garden (Con.). 

CeApA-6, -pcA, vl., m., act of seizing, 
controlling, stopping ; thinking ; 
CA re AS ceApA-6, he is thinking, 
planning, inventing. 

CeApA'o jiAnn, m., scanning or 
composing verses. 

CeApAim, -AT>, v. tr., I stop, 
catch, seize, control ; think, 
invent, resolve ; limit, bound ; 
ceAp -oo fUAiiVineAf, take your 
time, go easy ; nA ceAp 6, don't 
imagine it ; I dress stone ; ceAp 
nA gAriinA, turn back or check 
the calves (Don.). 

CeApAifie, g. id., pi. -ttit>e, m., 
a flat cake ; bread ana butter ; 
pi.., slices of bread and butter, 
ceApAijtitie AjiAin A5uf ime ; a 

CeApAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a stump 
or pin ; a little stock or last. 

CeApAncA, indec. a., stiff, rigid ; 
stubborn, positive ; niggardly. 

( 128 ) 


CeAp triA5AiT>,m., a laughing stock. 

CeApor, -6156, -OJA, /., a green 
plot before a house. 

CeAp-6fra, -infra, pi. id., m.. a 
little sledge, a sledge-hammer, a 
hammer for dressing stone. 

CeAp-fCAOiteAT>, -tee, m., propa- 
gation, descent of a family. 

CeAp-rcAoitim, -leA-6, v. tr., I 
propagate, trace the branches of 
a family. 

CeAp fnioniSAif, m., a cooper's 

CeAptAC, -tAije, a., given to 
planning, conceiving, projecting, 
framing ; inventive. 

CeAp cmfli-o, m., a stumbling 

CeApvnjitn, -PAT>, v. tr., I form, 
found, bind, train up, stop, in- 

CeApuijce (ceApcA), p. a., well- 
suited for work, planned ; in- 
vented, thought out, resolved ; 
intended ; selected. 

CeAjtb, -eifibe, -ACA, /., a rag, a 
tatter ; a limb ; an excrescence, 
a scab (jjeAjib) ; a coveting ; 
6ifi fe ceAfib Ann, he coveted 
it ( Wat.). 

CeAjibAC, -Aije, a.., ragged, 

CeAfibAim, -AT),, I cut, wound, 
dismember, carve, engrave. 

CeAftb6ift, -6ftA, -6ifiiT>e, m., a 
carver, an engraver. 

CeAfic, g. cifice, d. c\yc,pl. CCA-JIGA, 
f., a hen ; c. cAljAc, a shuttle- 
cock ; c. coitte, a partridge ; c. 
pjiAnncAC, a turkey (female) ; a 
mason's hammer ; c. |IAOIC 
(pron. c. FftAotj), a heather-hen, 
a female grouse ; c. uir ce, a 
water hen ; CGAJICA jeAtA, 
cockles (Con.). 

CeAjiCAC, -Ai^e, a., abounding in 

CeA-pcAtt, -Aitt, pi. id., m., a pil- 
low, a bed, a couch, a carpenter's 
block ; a bare trunk of a tree, as 
found in bogs; often cfteACAiti,/. 

CeAficAtiAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
baldcoot (Mayo), 

, -Ainne, -&, f., a 
poultry house, a hen-house. 

CeAficuit, g. id., m., a circle. 

CeA-pt), g. ceijitje, pi. id., f., art, 
science, function, trade, profes- 
sion, calling, business ; poetry. 

CeAjiT>, g. cetyo and CCAITOA, pi. 
id., m., a worker, a mechanic, a 
tinker, a smith ; ce^-fro AiftjiT), 
silversmith, etc. See infra. 
(Also written ceAjt-o.) 

CeAfvo, -A, -ATiriA, ?., a corner, 
point, direction (Con.). Set 

CAf, -Aif, m., art, trade, 

craft, ingenuity. 
CeAtix>Acc, -A, /., trade, mechan- 

CeAf-oAcr, -A,/., the state of being 


CeA|n) AI^SIX), m., a silversmith. 
CeAfraAiriAit, -nitA, a., curious, 

cunning, well-wrought, trades- 


CeAjvoAmtAcr, -A,/., ingenuity. 
CeAfrocA, g. id. and -cAn, d. id. 

and -cAin, pi. -CAi"6e and -ATITIA, 
f., a forge, a smithy (pron. 

copAiji, m., a copper-smith. 
cfie, m., a potter. 
c|tu, m., a butcher. 
CeAftx> 6i-p, m., a goldsmith. 
CeAfvotii-oe, g. id., pi. -ui-oce, m., a 
mechanic, a tradesman ; a trick- 
ster. See ceAfit). 
CeAjin, g. cei-pn, pi. -jiriA and ceifiri, 
m., a corner, an angle, a point ; 
t)i pAr> Ann Af JAC ceAfin, they 
were there from every part 
(Don.) ; somet. ceAftx>. See 

.1. buAi-6, victory. See 

, g. id., pi. -i^oe, m., an 
angle ; ni'l ctuix* nA ceAjinA, 
there is neither corner nor 

eAfinA'OAn, -AITI, pi. id., m., a 

eAfinAc, -Aije, a., victorious ; 
ConAtt CeAjinAc, Conall the 

( 129 ) 

CeAftnAC, -Aije, a. .square, pointed, 
having corners; ftnetst'n c., a 
square chin. 

f 1 :, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a square, 
gtoine, -Aij jtome, pi. 
., m., a square or pane of glass, 
-nuijce, m., a. conquer- 
ing, a subjugation. 

Ce.dfin.Aitn, -AX*,, I fret, gnaw; 
I conquer. 

CeAtin-T>UAir, /., a prize obtained 
in public games, in running, 
wrestling, etc. 

CeAfin-luAc, m., a prize. 

CeAfinoj, -6156, -O^A, /., a square ; 
a four-cornered hgure. 

CeAjtnoifi, -6|tA, -oifinie, m., a 
victor, a conqueror. 

CeAfifi, indec. a., wrong ; crooked ; 
dumb ; Afi ceAjifi, wrong (Don.)', 
usually as a prefix. 

CeAftjiACAti, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a car- 
rot ; sp. I., meACAti bvnxie. 

CeAftjibAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 
gambler ; one who plays cards 
by profession ; a clever player. 
Professional gamblers were very 
common in Ireland 200 years 
ago ; they visited the houses of 
the gentry periodically, and are 
constantly alluded to by the 
poets of the period. 

CeAfifibACAf, -Aif, m., a gaming, 
a gambling. 

CeAfi-pDAtt, -Ail/I, pi. id., m., 
massacre, carnage ; a quo, UA 
CeAfifibAitt, a family name. 

CcAfitioAtt, -Ailt,^. id., m., a gos- 
sipy discourse, a story, a " yarn " 
(pron.ceAjtuoAtt). See CAfibAlt. 

CeAftttblAC, -Aij, m., a gamester, 
gambler (U.). 

CeAtifuicAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

CeAjic, g. ceific and cijtc, m., 
right, justice, claim, law, equity ; 
peAfi TJCAticA cipc, one who 
gives fair play ; mAOtt ciftc, an 
arbitrator appointea in the 
mountain districts of Tyrone to 
decide disputes that arise 
amongst those who have grazing 
in common. 

, gsf. cijice, a., righteous, 
honest, just, proper, certain ; an 
intensitive prefix in compounds, 
as ceA|ir-t,AH TIA CAtftAi, the 
very heart of the city. 

CeA^CAC, -Atje, a.,ragged, shabby; 
pf eACAn ceAftcAC, a kite. See 

CeAttCACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
ragged person. 

CeAjic-Aop, -Aoire, f., a two-year- 
old heifer, a full-grown cow ; a 
" three-year-old " is usually 
called a fAtnAifc or a peAnpoc. 

CeA|ic beipce, g. ceijic beijice 
and beAficA, m., birthright. 

CeA|\c-CAnAim, -A-O, v. tr., I sing 

CeAjic-ctieiT)eAiTi, -oitn, m., sound 

CeAiic-cfiei-oineAd, -nnje, a., of 
sound faith, orthodox. 

CeAftc-iAfiAnn, ., good or pure 
iron ; steel. 

CeAficlAnn, -Ainne, -nnA, /., a 
house of correction. 

CeA^c-tAH, -tAifi, pi. id., m., the 
exact centre, the middle point. 

CeAficlinn, g. id., pi. -i-oe, /., a ball 
of thread ; fig., a well-set man. 

CeAficuJA-o, -uijte, m., fixing, 
priming, dressing, setting right ; 
act of inflicting just punish- 
ment ; AS c. tAOice, composing 
lays ; AJ c. ceoit, composing 
poetry (17.). 

CeAfttuijitn, -UJJA-O, v. tr., I re- 
buke ; adjust, rectify, amend, 
set right, dress ; ceA^cing, set 
yourself straight, stand out of 
the way, addressed to a cow, etc. 

CeAjicuijte, p. a., regulated, ad- 
justed, measured, set right. 

CeAfcui5t!eoiti, -OJIA, -oijii-oe, m., 
a reformer, a corrector, a regu- 

CeAf, -A, m., grief, affliction, ob- 
scurity ; fear, dread. 

CeAf Ad, -Aije, a., dark, gloomy, 

CeAfACC, -A, /., murmuring ; 
grumbling ; complaint, fault- 

( 130 ) 


CeAf AT>, -f CA, m., aflliction ; cruci- 
fixion ; torment, vexation ; 
passion ; agony ; .Aoine An 
CeAf CA (A. CeAf CA, Don.), Good 

CeAfA-ooiti, -OJIA, -6ijiiT>e, m., a 

CeAfAitn, -A-6, v. tr., I torment, 
crucify ; I afflict, annoy. 

CeAftA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., an 

CeAf IAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., an oars- 
man ; a kind of coarse wool. 

CeAftAcc, -A, /., rowing. 

CeAfluijim, -tAT>, v. tr., I row. 

CeAf DA, y. id., pi. -iT>e, m., want ; 
perplexity ; serious trouble. 

CeAf n Aijit, -e, /., act of grumbling, 
complaining, murmuring ; a 
grumble, a complaint, a murmur. 

CeAfnujjAT), -uijte, m., want ; 
perplexity ; serious concern ; 
great fear. 

CeAfnuijeAc, -jije, a., querulous. 

CeAfnuijitn, -UJA-O and -mjit, 
v. tr. and intr., I complain, 
grumble ; question, inquire. 

CeAfnuijieAC, -tije, a., troubled ; 

CeAf c, a question ; trouble, diffi- 
culty. See ceifc. 

CeAf CA, p. a., tormented, vexed. 

CeAf cun AC, -Aij, pi. id., m., 
an executioner. 

CBACAC, -Aije, a., showery. 

CeACAineAc, a., showery (Don.). 

CeACAije, g. id., f., inconveni- 
ence ; awkwardness (opposed to 
oeif e) ; c. -oo -oeAnAni -OAm, to 
inconvenience me. 

CeACAirn, -AT), v. tr. and intr., I 
shower, I pour down. 

t, card, numb., four ; f?A 
t, four times. ' 
eAntiAc, -Ai5e, a., hav- 
ing four peaks or horns ; four- 
squared, quadrangular. 

CeACAi-p-ceAjinAC, -Aije, a., quad- 
rangular, having four corners. 

CeACAijt-cofAC, -Atjje, a., four- 

CeACAi|i-cuinneAc, -mje, a., four- 

CeACAi-jt-T>eA5, card, num., four- 

CeACAi-fi-T>fiviinneAc, -tiige, a., 

four-sidea, four-angled. 
CeACAiji-JAbtAtiAC, -Aije, a., 


-Atje, a., four- 


eArAiji-fliofnAc, -Aije, a., four- 


eAtAift-uilteArmAC, -Atje, a., 


eACAti, -Am, pi. id., m., a light 


, -Aij;e, a., showery. 
, indec. a., belonging to 

four ; fourfold ; An cfiumne 

ceAtAfiT>A, the fourfold universe 

(from the four elements). 
CeAiAffOAcc, -A, f., fourfold- 

CeACAfi-oviit, -e, /., the world, the 

universe (from the idea that the 

universe consisted of four ele- 

CeACAf-n, -Aiftne, -A, /.. a band of 

fighting men, yeomanry ; a 

multitude (nom. also ceiieAjin). 
CeACAfinAC. See cetceAfinAc. 
CeACAjtn ACC, -A,/., heroism, valour. 

See ceiceAfinAcc. 
CeArA|t--fiAtTiAC, -A15, pi. id., m., a 

four-oared boat. 

(collect.), cattle. 

), forty. 
CeAtf.ACA'omA'o, ordin. num., for- 

eAtjiAmA, -rriAn, -irinA, /., a 

quarter ; a leg (of mutton, eto.) ; 

the thigh ; a quarter of an acre, 

etc. ; a four-lined stanza ; a 

quadrant ; quarter, as in phr. 

to give quarter ; clemencjr, 

mercy ; quarters, lodging, Aft c., 

in quarters, quartered, lodged: 
t)i UtcAC AjjAinn 

-Afiei^ Ajl CCAtflAtTlA, 
'S CA n-1Afl|tf.A CU1T>eACCA 

b'Aoibne. (U. song.) 

eAtjiATTiA CAOJIAC, /., lamb's quar- 
ter ; fat hen ; wild orache. 
), num. a., fourth. 
"oeAj, ord. num., a., 


( 131 ) 

fourteenth (noun comes before 

CeAif.AriiA jotim, /., black-leg, a 
disease in cattle. 

C3Af.AriiA otvolAij, /., a quarter 
of an inch. 

CeAit'^TTiA viAir),/., lamb's lettuce ; 
common corn ; salad (Fedita, 

CeAcfiAtrmAC, -Aij;e, a., cubical. 

CAct<AnAmAil, -rii I A, a., beastly, 
surly, morose. 

CCACHAJI, -AIJI, m., four persons, 
but cf. CA liieit) tub AJAC? ni'l 
AjAtn ACC ceACfiAH (Don.). 

Ceib. See ciAb (also ceAx>). 

Ceib-pionn, -pinne, -pionnA, f., a 
fair head of hair ; a fair lady ; 
as a., fair-haired. 

Ceibin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a fillet ; 
a little lock of hair. 

Ceixie, g. id., pi. -oix>e, m., a mar- 
ket, fair, green, plain, road ; 
ceit>in, dim., id. 

Cei-o-jein, -e, /., first-born, first- 

Ceit)-5tiirmeACC, -A, /., the know- 
ledge of ripened ago. 

Cefoil, -e, /., a duel, a combat ; 
strife ; clAnn triAC 1fi TOO CAill- 
CA-O 'r&n ceiTil, the sons of Ir 
who perished in the strife 
(Seaghan O'Conaill). 

Cefo-teAOAjt, -Ai|t., m., a first book, 
a primer. 

Cei-o-meAf, m., a first opinion ; 
a first taxing. 

Ceiti-mif) -iofA, -lorAnnA, /., a 
first month. 

CeiTJ-fieAcunJe, g. id., pi. -oce, m., 
a forerunner. 

g. -rios, d. -fij, pi. 
gpl. -ttioj, a first king. 
Ait, -stA, pi. id. and 
-jl AC A,/., first rule; obligation. 

Ceite, g. id., pi. -ti-oe, m. and/., a 
fellow, companion, mate, con- 
sort, spouse ; A ceite, each 
other, oneanother ; tnAjt A cetle, 
identicnl ; 6'ti cfeAccriiAin 50 
ceite, from one week to an- 
other ; i troiAfo A ceite, con- 
secutively ; A5 5ADAit O'A deilo, 

harassing one another ; Af & 
deite, continuously, but after 
verbs of separation Af A ceite 
means asunder, as f cfiACA-6 Af A 
ceite, to tear asunder ; CIA ACA 
A deite? which of them? cjie 
TI-A ceile, entangled, confused, 
worried. In Don., A ceile, te 
ceile, IG., have the e short. 

CeiteAbAi^im. See ceileAbpAim. 

CeiteAOAji, -Ai|i, pi. id, m., a 
warbling of birds, a melody ; a 
discourse, greeting (Don.); con- 

CeileAbtiAc, -Aije, a., warbling, 

CeileAfofiAX), -bAjtcA, m., act of 
bidding farewell ; denial (at 
cards) ; leave, farewell ; ceAt> ~\ 
c. "oo iiomnAT) x)O, to bid leave 
and farewell to (early mod. Ir.). 

CeileAbttA-6, -bAftA, m., chirping 
or warbling like birds ; the song 
or concert of birds ; singing ; 

CeileAbfiAitn, -AT>, v. intr., I con- 
verse, discourse ; I greet, salute ; 
I bid farewell ; I renege at cards. 

CeileAbfiAim, -A'o, v. tr., I cele- 
brate, solemnise. 

CeiteADftui5iin, -UJA-O, v. intr., I 
bid farewell to, take leave of 
(with -oo). See ceileAbjiAim. 

CeileACAf, -Aif, m , adultery. 

CeileAX), -lix>, m., junction, union, 
a joining together. 

CeileACAf, -Aif, m., concealment, 
privacy, secrecy. 

CeileAcjiom, m., concealment, 
confusion; in^Ar., ceileACfom 
bjieAj, a tissue of lies, of excuse 
or concealment. 

C6ile T)e, g. id., m., a servant of 
God, a Culdee. 

Ceilg. See ceAtj. 

Ceil-jCAltAim, -jCAllAtflAltl, I 

betroth, promise in marriage. 

Ceil-jeAllAtiiAin, -iVinA, /., a be- 
trothal, a promise of marriage. 

Ceil5-riiiAti, -riieine, /., deceitful 

Ci'-ilit^e,,f., an evening visit, 
a friendly call. 



C6iti-6eAdc, -A, /., the marriage 
state, the duties of marriage ; 

Ceilix>un, -teA-o, v. intr., I lounge, 
visit ; I court, woo. 

-OJIA, -ovpi'oe, m., 

one who pays an evening visit. 
Ceitim, vl. ceitc, p. p. ceitce, v. 

tr., I conceal, hide, deny. 
Ceitti'oe, indec. a., wise, rational, 

sensible, prudent. 
CeiLp, -e, /., kelp. 
Ceitc, -e, /., act of concealing ; 

concealment ; J?A ceitc, under 

concealment ; denial, refusal. 
CeitceAc, -cije, a., Celtic. 
CeitceAc, -cije, a., denying, prone 

to deny. 
Ceitt-mcinn, -e, /., mental reser- 

vation, equivocation. 
Ceim, -e, pi. -eAtinA, gpZ.ceimeAnn, 

m. (somet./.), a step ; position, 

degree ; pass ; dignity, style ; 

an event, a circumstance ; an 

adventure ; ceim cttUAi-6, a 

difficulty; bA riioji AH ceim e 

cuji ifceAd, it was no easy 

matter to put him in. 
CeimeAC, -mije, m., in high posi- 

tion, remarkable. 
CeimeAiiiAit, -mtA, a., stately, 

CeimmjeAC, -tnj, -11136, m., a 

Ceimnijim, -IUJA-O, v. tr. and intr., 

I step, measure by steps, ad- 

vance forward. 

Ceimniu5AX>, -tiijte, m., act of 

stepping, walking, etc. 
Ceirnpe, g. id., /., gradation, de- 

gree, rank. 
CeimfeAc, -rtje, a., gradual, step 

by step. 
Ceim-tiAccAfiA6, -Aije, a., supe- 

rior, uppermost. 
Cein, prop., d. of CIATI, distant, far 

(in space or time) ; i jcem, far 

away, far oft'; An jcein, as long 

as, while. See CIAH. 
CeinmocA, prep., besides, without, 

except; as ad., almost, nearly 


Ceirmbeitic, -e, /., a helmet ; any 
cover for the head. 

Ceinn-eA-ocftom, --[mime, a., light- 

Ceirmponn. See ceAnnAti. 

Cemn-tiAc, -teiie.a., grey-headed; 

Ceinn-tici|i, /., a capital letter. 

Ceinn-tT)ifie, /., frenzy ; vertigo. 

CeinnpeAt, ceinnfeAtAc (also 
cintipeAt, cinnfeAtAc). See 
ceAtinfAt, ceAnnfAtAc. 

Ceinn-f{HAn,/., the head-stall of a 

Ceititi-rjteAn, -eme, a., obstinate, 
stubborn. See ceAnn-c-peAti. 

Ceinn-ctieine, g. id., /., stubborn- 
ness, obstinacy. 

Ceiji, -fieAc, /., wax ; wax candles 

Ceifi beAC, bees' wax ; what is 
choice or perfect; ceiji DSAC if 
peA-fit/A nA tTluiriineAC, the 
choice and pearl of the men of 
Munster (O'Ra.) ; but CA \- e 'nA 
cei^ beAC AJAC, you have made 
confusion of the thing (M.). 

Ceifibitie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 
carver (O'N.). 

Cei|ibittim, vl. ceitib, v. tr., I 
carve (O'N.). 

Ceiftbfeoiji, -OJIA, -oifnx)e, m., a 

Ceittcin CJIAJA, g. id., pi. -ni-oe 
CfAJA, m., a kind of sea-bird 
that always hovers along the 
shore (Ker.); also, ci^citi 

Ceio. See 

a., waxen, waxy, 
of wax. 

Ceiinx>e, g. id., m., a plaster applied 
to a wound or sore ; a wound ; 
a maiming or deformity ; mis- 
fortune ; a moral stain ; CA 
cei|nx)e te n-A -pAOJAt Ai-p, he 
is in misfortune for ever, said of 
a man who gets a bad wife (M.). 

Ceifiijim, v. tr., I maim, deform, 

Ceijiin, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., medi- 
cine ; a plaster, a poultice ; c. 
, a blistering plaster. See 


( 133 ) 


CeifiiocAn, -AITI, pi. id., m., water 

Ceifinin, 9- id., pi. -1-oe, m., a small 

dish, a plate, a platter. 
CeififeAC, 9- -P5 e ' $ -r eA cA, /., 

a woodlark ; the female black- 

bird ; also, tho song-thrush 

(also ciAijtfeAc). 
Ceififiuiti. See ciA|if viiji. 
Ceiftfte. See ceifttle. 
Ceiftc, -e, pi. ceipceACA, gpl. 

ceipreAC, /., a rag, a little bit 

of cloth (in M. sp. I., ceAijic) ; 

cuift one DO ceificeACA, put on 

your clothes (Don.). 
Ceiftc-bpeiceAirmAf, g. c.-bfieit- 

eAtrmAif, m., righteous judg- 


c, -cijje, a., ragged (pron. 

Ceiticeo5,-oi5e,-05A,/.,a little rag. 

Ceifcte, g. id., /., a ball of yarn 

or thread (also ceijicte and 

in, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m. or/,, a 

ball of yarn, a heap, a lump. See 

ceijicte and ceAticlirm. 
(jeiftc-meA-oon, -x>6in, m., tho ex- 

act middle. 
Ceif, -e, -CACA, /., a small harp ; 

the peg or key of a harp ; a 

Ceif, -e, -eAtinA, /., a young sow ; 

a grown-up pig ; ceip mince is 

used like cfiAin rnuice, inter- 

mediate between a bAnb and a 

full-grown pig. 
Ceif, -e, /., a raised way over a 

stream or ditch, a causeway ; 

a road over a marshy or boggy 

place for cattle, etc. ; used 

largely in place names. See 


CeifeAC. See cifeAC. 
Ceifeoj, -0150, -054, /., a slip, a 

young pig. 
Ceireoj, -0156, -OJA, /., a kind of 

flat basket ; ceireAn, id. 
Cetp'n, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a slip, 

a young pig ; dim. of ceif . 
CeirneAcc, -A, /., complaint, 

grumbling, expressing dissatis- 


Ceif neArii, -nim, m., act of bewail- 
ing, regretting, grumbling. 

Ceipiijim, -ne.dni (cetf mm), v. tr. 
and intr., I complain, grumble ; 
I question. 

Ceipc, -e, pi. -eAnn-d and ceAfCd, 
/., a question, a puzzle, a prob- 
lem ; difficulty, trouble ; fear, 
anxiety ; nA bio-6 ceirc ojic 'ti-A 
cAo6, have no anxiety about it ; 
CA f 6 1 jceir c 30, it is said that ; 
"out i jceifc "HA t>ut 
(Con. prov.). 

-Ain, pi. id., m., a 
catechism ; act of questioning, 
constant questioning. 

Ceif ceAtriAit, -riilA, a., inquisitive, 
suspicious, questionable. 

Ceifcijim.-iuJAX), u.<r., I examine, 
put questions to. 

CeifcmJAX), -ijce, pi. id., m., an 
examination, a questioning ; a 

Ceifcnijim, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I ex- 
amine, question, enquire ; I 
complain, grumble. 

CeifcmuJA-o, -ijce, m., an exami- 
nation, enquiry. 

CeiceAfin, -teijine, /., a band, 

CeiceAtindc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 
foot-soldier, kern ; a hero, yeo- 
man ; a country gentleman ; a 
local tyrant. 

CeiceAfitiAd ooilte, m., a wood 
kern ; ceAjin or ceiceAftn coilte 

CeiieAjinAcc, -A, f,., heroism ; 

Ceicfe, four ; ceit|te (cmn) TJ^AJ, 
fourteen ; ceitf.e picit), eighty. 
(Ceicjie has the c aspirated in 
sp. 1. in M. and Con.) 

Ceictieim, -e, /., a wound that 
maims for life (Aran and Don.). 

CeicfteimeAc, -tmje, a., maimed 
(Aran and Don.). 

Ceo, g. ciAd, ceoi5, d. ceo, pi. CIA-O, 
ceocA, gpl. ceo, dpi. ceocAif), 
m., mist, fog, smoke, darkness ; 
grief, trouble, anguish ; with 
neg., nothing (Con.), as ni'L cu 
AS innpnc ceo -oe'n ' 


( 134 ) 

OAm, you are not telling me a 
word of the truth ; in Om., 

Ceob. See ceo. 

CeobfiAii, -AID, pi. id., m., a heavy 
dew, a drizzling rain. 

CeobttAtiAC, -Aije, a., drizzling, 
misty, foggy. 

Ceo-btioi-o,/., sorrowful bondage ; 
dire trouble. 

CeocAti, -Ain, m., hoarseness ; a 
little mist. 

CeocAiicA, indec. a., easy, com- 
fortable, merry (Con.). 

Ceo-oAC, -Aije, a., dim, cloudy, 
misty, dark, dull ; hoarse. 

Ceot>Acc, -A, /., darkness, misti- 

Ceot, g. ceoit, emit, pi. -IcA, m., 
music, melody, singing ; a song 
(/".), as distinguished from 
AtTifiAti, the humming of a song ; 
a term of endearment, as mo 
ceol ru ; cuAtA me 1 gceol/ e, I 
heard it in song (or poetry) ( /".). 

CeolAifie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 
musician, a singer. 

CeolAifieAcc, -A, /., music, sing- 
ing, warbling, melodiousness. 

CeolAn, -AITI, pi. id., m., a little 
bell ; a worthless babbler ; a 
worthless fellow. 

CeotAti, -Ain, m., dizziness ; bionn 
ceol/An im' ceAnn, my head is 
frequently dizzy (Om.). 

CeotAn cofAc, m., a grasshopper. 

Ceot-binn, -e, a., harmonious, 
sweetly musical. 

Ceot-cuipm,/., a concert. 

Ceol-'OAn, m., a harmonious poem 

CeotmAifteAcr, -A,/., tunefulness; 
vigour, activity. 

CeolmAfi, -Aijte, a., musical, 
active, vigorous, sprightly, as 
peAfi ceotmAfi, a sprightly, 
spirited man. 

Ceol-motAim, -ATI, v. tr., I chant, 
sing the praises of. 

Ceot-neimijtm, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I 
modulate, play music. 

CeotttuiT>e, g. pi. -ore, id., m., a 
musician, a chanter. 

Ceot,coi|i, -6ftA, -oiju-oe, m., a 

Ceotc6i]ieAcc, -A, f., the art oi 

playing music. 
CeomAijieAcc, -A, f., darkness, 

dullness, mistiness. 
CeomA-p, -At-pe, a., misty, dark, 

foggy ; sad, miserable. 
Ceo-mitceAc, -cij, m., mildew. 
Ceocf.Ati. See ceob]iAii. 

Ci. See ooci'm. 

CIA, interog. par., who? which? 

what? (followed by noun or 

relative clause) ; CIA 'CA, which 

of them ? CIA Aic, CIA An Air, 

what place ? where ? CIA teif, 

whose ? (somet. written ce and 


CIA, conj. though. See CIOT>. 
CiAb, g. ceibe, pi. OAUA, ceibe, 

ceibeAnnA,/!., a lock of hair, the 

hair of the head. 
CtAb, g. ceibe, /., sedge, coarse. 

mountain -grass (also ciob and 


CiAb, fog. See ceo. 
CiAbAC, -Aije, a., foggy, misty, 

hazy, dark. 
CiAbAC, -Aije, a., hairy, bushy, 

having long hair. 
CiAbAcc, -A, f., keeping the hair 

in order. 
CiAbAjAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

ringlet, a curlet, a lock of 


An, -Ain, m., light fog. 
An, -Am, pi. id., m., a gizzard. 
i, -Ai|t, m., hair or locks 

collectively ; head of hair (M. 

CiAb-bActAC, -Aije, a., having 

curled locks or trepscs. 
CiAb-cAfCA, indec. a., having 

curled tresses. 
CiAb-ceAtin "oub, g. ciAb-cinn 

ouib, m., seal} 7 , stalked, spike- 

rush, deer's hair. 
CiAb'-oeAtj, /., a hair-pin. 
CiAb-x>uAt, m., a lock of hair. 
CiAb-x>AtAc, -Aije, a., wearing 

long tresses, having the hair in 



( 135 ) 


CvAboj, -6156, -654, /., a small 
lock of hair ; a fore-lock, a Hide- 

CiAbfiAn, ciAbju\nAC. See ceob- 
fiAn, ceob|u\tiAc. 

CIAC, g. ciAij, m. (prop. gs. of CIA or 
ceo, mist), oppression ; stifling 
cold (the disease) ; hoarseness ; 
asthma ; mist ; grief, sorrow, 
anxiety ; CIAC ojit is a common 
form of imprecation. 

CiACAnufoe, g. id., pi. -xice, m., a 
person suffering from chronic 
hoarseness ; one who speaks in 
a hoarse, indistinct voice. 

CIACX>A, indec. a., misty, foggy. 

CiAimeos, -0156, -054, /., a peri- 

CiAiftf CAC, -pje, -feACA, /., the 
female blackbird. See ceijtfeAc. 

CiAll, g. ceille, d. ceitt, /., sense, 
meaning, intellect, reason ; dis- 
cretion, prudence ; wisdom, 
knowledge ; cause or motive of 
anything ; cup 1 gceitl, to 
make clear, make one under- 
stand (in Don. and Clare modern 
usage, to make one believe, to 
pretend) ; Af A ceiLL, out of 
one's senses ; cAix>e An ciAtt 
ACA teif, what does it mean? 
CAT) if ciAtl 06, what is the 
sense of it? if lOtiAtiti ciAlt 
0616, they have the same sense 
(meaning) ; 501x36 'f ciAlt 
ouic? what ou earth is the 
matter with you (what do you 
mean) ? (Don.). 

CtAtlAC, -Aite, a., sensible, ra- 
tional, prudent, discreet. 

CiAllAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a lover, 
a sweetheart ; a term of endear- 
ment ; ff. A SCA5A111, A CtAll- 

CiAll/AcAT>, -CCA, m., act of signi- 

CtAllACAtt. See ceAlACAn. 

CiAlUvo, -tcA, in., act of equal- 
ising, poising, balancing. 

CiAltAim, -A-6, v. tr. t I equalise, 
poise, balance. 

CiAlltJA, indec. a., sensible, pru- 
dent, rational. 

, -A,/., sense, prudence, 

CiAtl-pl-Mc, m., a Secretary of 
State (O'N.). 

CiAtltiiAc, -Aije, a., rational, 
sensible, prudent. 

CiAltriiAifteAcc, -A, f., sense, 
steadiness, prudence, under- 
standing, knowledge. 

CiAllriiAji, -Aqte, a., sensible, 

CiAltuJAX), -uijce, pi. id., m., 
interpretation, meaning, sense ; 

CiAlltiijitn, -uJA-6, v. tr. and 
intr., I mean, denote, signify, 

CiAniAifi, -e, a., misty, foggy, 
gloomy, obscure ; sad, gloomy, 
melancholy (from ciAtTi = ciAO, 
fog, mist). 

CiAti, g*f. ceine, a. (used mostly 
adverbially and as a noun), long, 
distant (of space or time) ; 
i jcein, far away, afar ; An 
jcein, as long as ; ni ciAn 50, 
it was not long till; 6 ciAnAib, 
a while ago ; 6f nA ctAncAib, 
from time immemorial ; Le ciAn- 
CAib, id.; if 5Ai|ii-o -ouitin An 
bAf i scein, death of the future 
is nigh unto us (T. G.) ; 6 ciAn- 
Aib, a while ago, is pron. in Af. 
6 ciAinib (P. O'C. translates 
6 ciAnAib, long since, which is 
wrong) ; 6 ciAncAib, ages ago, 
a very long time ago; 6 ciAn- 
Aibin, just a moment ago ; CA f e 
TIA ciAncAir/e 6 coflnAic me tu, 
it is ages since I saw you (Don.). 

CiAn, m., tedium, grief ; coj: An 
ciAn r>e, dispel his grief, cheer 
him up (U.), 

CiAtiAd, -Aite, a., sad, sorrowful 

CiAn-Aifrftijim, -IU^A-O, v. intr., I 
journey afar. 

-Aice, pi. -AiceAniiA, 
-AiccACA and Aice, f., a distant 
country (the strong^. Ai 
ils in M.). 



, -riilA, a., sad. sorrow- 


( 136 ) 


, m., a distant view or 

CiAn-Aoir,/., old age. 

CiAn-Aop CA, indec. a., very aged. 

CiAn-DjieAtnuii;im, -UJA-O, v. tr. 
and intr., I meditate, contem- 

CIAII-OA, indec. a., long distant. 

CIAITOACC, -A, /., tediousness, re- 

CIATI-^A-OA, a., very long, very 
distant; durable. 

CiAn-pulAins, /., long suffering; 
as a., long suffering or enduring. 

CiAn-riiAifiiin, /., long continu- 
ance, perpetuity. 

CiAn-riiAoin,/., a legacy. 

CiAnriiAfi, -Aifie, a., sad, sorrowful 

CiAn-riiAiiiAnnAc, -Aije, a., long- 
lived, perennial. 

CIAIIOJ;, -6156, -OJA, /., a small 
coin, a farthing, a mite (in Cork, 
Galway, Don., etc., half a 

CiApAc, -Aije, a., vexatious, 
troublesome, importunate. 

CiApAil, -At/A, pi. id., /., strife, 
debate, contention ; CA me AJ c. 
tiom, I am struggling with the 
world as hard as I can ; ciApAt), 
m., id. 

CiApAim, -AX>, v. tr. and intr., I 
vex, harass, torment ; I strive, 

CiApAijte, g. id., pi. -finae, m., a 
teaser, a vexer, a tormentor. 

CiApAtAc, -Aije, m., perverse, con- 
tentious, vexatious. 

CiApAtAim, -Ail, v. intr., I strive, 
quarrel, contend. 

CiApAlui-oe, g. id., pi. -x>ce, m., a 
quarrelsome person. 

CiApos, -6156, -OJA, /., witchery 

CiApfcAc, -Aije, a., vexing, teasing, 

CiApuijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I vex, 
torture, torment. 
, a comb. See cioji. 

-Aijie, a., dark-coloured, 
dark-brown, black ; ciAti--6ub, 

X), -ftCA, m., act of blacken- 
ing, darkening, obscuring. 

CiAftAil, -At A, pi. id.,f., a quarrel, 
contention, brawl, fray. 

CiAjiAlAc, -Aije, a., perverse, for- 

CiA]i--6onti, -ouinne, a., brown, 
tawny, dim, dark-coloured. 

CiAji-T)tib, -x>uibe, a., coal-black, 

CIAJIOJ, -6156, -OJA, /., a cock- 
roach, a beetle, a black chafer. 

CiAfiftAi-oe, g. id., /., Kerry ; 
OiteAtt CiAfifiAToe, Castle Island 
in Co. Kerry (the name CiA|i- 
fiAi'oe was formerly confined to 
the north-western portion of the 
present county). 

CiAjijiAi-oeAc, --615, pi. id., m., a 
Kerryman. Pierse Ferriter de- 
scribes himself in one place as 
CiA-pttAix>eAc cpAi-oce Aipite 
615111, a certain tormented 

CiAftfAtt, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hum- 
ming, buzzing ; a grumbler. 

CiAttfAtiAC, -A15C, a., buzzing. 

CiAjifuiti, -u]iA, -uijiiT)e, /., a ker- 
chief ; a handkerchief ; c. cinn, 
a covering for the head ; c. 
POCA, a handkerchief. 

CiAjicAct, -A, /., blackness, dark- 

. ness. 

CiA|i-rilce, p. a., swamped with 
a Mack flood (O'Ra.). 

Cib, -e, -eAtiriA,/., the shank bone 
of a beast ; the hand, the palm 
(O'N.) ; cibin, dim., the rump. 

Cib, -e, /., sedge. 

Cibe (gibe), indef. pr., whoever, 

CibeAc, -bije, a., sedgy (O'N.). 

CibeATtiAit, -iritA, a., sedgy. 

Cibin, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., the rump. 

CibleACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a bow- 
legged person, a nine-pin. 

Cic, -e, -eAnnA,/., a kick (A.). 

Cice, g. id.,/., the breast (O'N.). 

CicemeiT), -e, /., a brood of 
chickens. (?) 

Cicin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a little 
dug, breast, pap ; dim. of cioc 
and cice. 

( 137 ) 


CicinpeAC, -pse, /., as sidiat. in 
phr., cicinfGAC mnA, a strong, 
handsome, bouncing woman ; 
also cetctneAC. 

CIT> (gfo, ce.) See ciot>. 

Cix> rjiA and ctx> CJIA ACC (somet. 
cix cjiAcc), co?y'., however, 

Cipteoj, -0150, -OSA, /., an un- 
handy fellow ; a booby. 

Cisit, -e (cijilc, -e),/., a tickling. 
bee 51511. 

Ci5itim, -Ic (51511101), v. tr., I 

CisilceAC, -cij;e, a., ticklish. 

Ci5im, I inspect, I see (O'N.). 

Cijif e, g. id., pi. -f\i-6e, m., an 

CisifieAcc, -A, /., inspection. 

Cite, g. id.,f., the keel of a ship. 

CileAC, -eice, f., a small trout 
(Ker.). See 5101,165. 

Ciiei|i, -leAjiA, -leijii-oe, m., a 
"keelcr," a broad, shallow 
wooden vessel for milk to throw 
up cream in (cileAfi, Con.). 

CiU/, g. citte, pi. ceAttA (also 
ceAllcfiACA), a church, a 
churchyard, a burial place. 
(CiU, is properly ds. of ceAll.) 
Cilt and ceAtt enter largely 
into place names, as Citt ^itine, 
Killarney ; nA Ce^ttA t)eA5<x, 
Killybegs, etc. 

Cittin, g. id., pi. -niT>e, m., a little 
church ; a small cell ; s church- 
yard set apart for infants ; CA 
cittin Aiftjit) 4150, he has a 
great heap of money (M.). 

CiLtineAc, -11156, -e&cA,f., a place 
set apart for the burial of un- 
baptised children, generally 
near a liof, often a place name. 
See ciltin. 

Cim, ci'nn, etc. See t>o-cim. 

CimbeAi, -bit, pi. id., m., a cymbal. 

CitnctieAc, -CA, m., pillage, plun- 
der (O'N.). 

CimctteACAitn, -A-O, v. tr., I pillage, 
I plunder, devastate. 

Cime. See cimeAd. 

CimeAii, -mi5, pi. id., m., a captive, 
a prisoner, a hostage. 

CimeACAf, -Aif, m., captivity, 

Cimi5im, -IUSAV, v. tr., I imprison, 
make a captive of. 

Cimitim, -tmtc, v. tr. and intr., I 
rub, touch (with te and 00 = 
ioe) ; AJJ cimilc t)Aife -oe, 
patting him ; AS cuimilc riieAlA 
pe, coaxing him. (Seecuimilim. 

Citnitc, -e, /., act of touching, 

Cimim, -tneA-6, v. tr., I enslave, 
make a captive of, imprison. 

CineA-6, -tiix) (cme), pi. -nix>eACA, 
gpl. -X)AC, dpi. -x)Ai6, m., race, 
generation, tribe, family, off- 
spring ; nature. ("Dine, pitie 
are cognate words.) Also /. 

CmeA-oAC, -A15, pi. id., and -ACA, 
m., a Gentile ; an individual of 
any nation or people. 

CineAX) t)AonnA, m., the human 

CitieAt, -6it, pi. id., m., a kind, 
sort, class ; a generation ; affec- 
tion, kindness ; CA An tA cin6Al 
puAti, the day is rather ("sort 
of") cold (also cineAt). 

CmeAtAc (f Aoifi-), (free) clansman, 

CineAl/CA, indec. a., kindly, gentle, 
humane ; liking one's work ; 
CApAlt cineAtcA, a willing 
horse ; tuij; fe if C6A6 50 cin- 
CAtcA teif An obAip, he took to 
his work with a willing spirit. 

CincAtcAf, -Aif, m., kindness, 

CmeAmon, -oin, m., cinnamon. 

Cin5, m., a king (^4.). 

Cingcif , -e, /., Fentecost. 

11151111, -5CAX>, v. tr., I strengthen, 
improve ; intr., I walk, step 
( = ceimni5im). 

Cin5ine, g. id., pi. -fiix>e, m., a, 
loader, director. 

Cmim, v. intr., I descend, spring 
from, am born. 

Cinlin, g. id., pi. -ni-oe, m., a little 
candle ; an icicle (C.) (prop, 

Cin-trieAtAim, cin-meAtA'O. See 
inriicAlAim, in 


( 138 ) 


dnn, <j. and pi. 'A CCATITI, m., head, 

Cirm. See oo-cirn. 

Cinn-AtA-6. See ciOTm-ArAX>. 

CiTiTi-beAftc, -beifice, pi. id., f., a 
helmet, head-dress. See cinn- 

iTm-oeAriCAf, -AIT-, m., sover- 

if.c, -e, pi. id., f., a head- 
band, a helmet, a head-dress. 

CtTm-ceATi5AlAi5 (prop, gs.), a., 
having the head bound as a 
madman, etc. 

Cinn-cior, *> a poll tax. 

CiTiTieAX), g. cimire, m., act of 
appointing, deciding, determin- 
ing, resolving on ; appointment, 
destiny, fate ; with coriiAittte, 
to take (counsel). 

CinneAtriAiti, -triTiA, f., fate, des- 
tiny, lot, fortune, accident ; if 
juji ciotiftbvni; ATI cirmeAriiAin 
Aft teorriAin, and that our heroes 
succumbed to fate (McD.) ; mA'p 
c. OAtri tu niA-ft fcoji, if you arc 
fated to be my treasure (Art 
MacG.) ; ill-luck, misfortune, as 
the loss of cattle, etc. If one 
buries the carcass of a cow, 
horse, etc., that died on his 
neighbour's land, the cinneArn- 
Ain, or ill-luck, goes to the 
neighbour ; cuifi fe ATI c. 
cuJAtn, he turned the misfor- 
tune on me. 

CinneAtrmAc, -Aige, a., fatal, fated ; 
accidental, eventual. 

CiTm-peAx>riA, m., a ringleader, 

CiTm-peiticin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., 
kilderkin, a measure. 

Ctnn-jeAfi, -jeijie, a., sharp- 

CitiTiitn, vl. ciTmeArriAin, v. tr., I 
fix, appoint, decide, resolve, 
agree, decree, determine, assign ; 
I surpass, excel (with Aft) ; oo 
cirm opm e oeATiAtri, I failed to 
do it. 

Cinnifie, g. id., pi. -^i-oe, m., a 
leader, a guide, a protector, a 

CinnifteAcc, -A, /., leadership. 

CiTiti-iiciti, g. -cjieAc, pi. -lici'.e, 
-tiujieACA, /., a head-letter, a 

CiTm-rhirie, g. id., m., frenzy ; 

Cirm-rhiriim, v. tr., I madden, 
anger, annoy. 

Cinnre, indec. a., fixed, definite, 
appointed, arranged ; certain, 
sure, accurate ; pronounced ; 
constant, steadfast, positive, 
strong ; covetous, stingy, close ; 
50 c., surely ; somet. 50 is 
omitted; opvut cu jieixi ? CA, 
cinnte, are you ready ? Yes, 
surely (Don.). 

CmnceAcc, -A,/., certainty; posi- 
tiveness ; confidence ; pxinctu- 
ality ; closeness, stinginess. 

CmTicijim, -IUJA'O, v. tr., I consti- 
tute, decree, make certain. 

CiTm-cj<eAti, -fteme, a., obstinate, 

Cnife, g. id., f., an aspersion or 
stain (from cioti, a fault). 

CinpeAt, -feit, pi. id., m., asper- 
sion or stain ; want, necessity. 

CuifeAtAC, -Aije, a., aspersed 
with shedding blood wrong- 
fully ; cruel. 

Ciob, g. cibe, f., coarse mountain 
grass ; the pip in fowl ; cib 

CiobAit, -AlA,/., " kibing," a mode 
of sowing potatoes by burying 
the sets (fcoilceACAiti or 
fcoitceAin) a few inches in 
the soil with a trowel-shaped 
iron instrument having a sickle 
handle to hold it by (Don.). 

CiobAfi, -Aifi, m., dust, dirt ; cju 
UAlAije -oe ciobA|\ (G. S., Don.). 

Cioc, g. cice, pi. CIOCA (also ci-6- 
ni-oe), /., a breast, suck, pap ; 
cioc ATI rnuineil, the dewlap of 
a beast ; ATI T>A 6i'c, the Paps, a 
mountain in Kerry ; bAitieAT) 
ATI cioc x>e, he was weaned 
(pron. in Don. CBAC, pi. CCACA) ; 
in West M. nom. also cin. 

CI'OCAC, -Aije, a., of or belonging 
to the breast. 


( 139 ) 


, g. id., pi. -fti-oe, m., a 
stingy person ; a miser, a nig- 
gard ; a crank. 

CiocAii, -Ain, pi. id., m., a tit- 

CtocAf., -Aif i pl- ^; >! a ravenous 
dog ; sharp hunger ; ardent 

CiocAjvoA, indec. a., greedy, 
hungry, ravenous, eager (ci, 
hound, and OCAJI, hunger, 
P. O'C.). 

CioqiAC, -FAije, a., hungry, 
greedy, ravenous, vicious, peev- 

CiocjtAf, -Aif, m., greed, hunger, 

CiocjiAfAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 
hungry or greedy fellow. 

Ciocc, -A, -AnnA, m., a carver, an 
engraver, a weaver (O'N.). 

CioccAitn, -AT*, v. tr., I paint, de- 
pict ; carve, weave ; also ciocc- 

CioccAifie, g. id., pi. -jnx>e, m., a 
painter, a limner, a weaver. See 

Cio-6, conj., though, although, yet, 
even ; ciox> 50, although ; cio-6 
ju-fi, id., before past tense ; ciox> 
cfiACC (cto-6 cfiA ACC), however, 
be that as it may (ce, 56, 510-6 
are variants). 

CioltAft-cioc, m., confusion ; CA 
An CCAC 'n-A cioltAji-cioc, the 
house is in confusion (Don.). 

CioU/Aji-ciocAc, -Aie, a., con- 
fused, in disorder (Don.). 

010165, -6156, -ogA, /., a hedge 
sparrow ; An 610165 JUAOAC, the 
bird that follows the cuckoo 
(also called -(1^065). 

CioljiAc, -A15 (coll.), m., shreds, 
fragments, as a hare torn to 
shreds by the hounds, or a 
plausible story torn to atoms 
by a lawyer ( W. Ker.). 

Ciot|tACAim, -tA-6, v. intr., I chat- 

CiomAC, -AIJ, -ACA, m., a lout, a 
clout ; a slattern, an untidy 
person ; in pi., tattered old 
clothes ; ctomACAn, id. 

CiomACAix>e, npl., old shabby 

CiomAim, -ATI>, v. tr., I comb, I 

CiombA (Lat. cymba), g. id., pi. 
-i-oe, a little boat (Ker.). 

Cion, g. ceAnA, m, regard, atten- 
tion, respect, esteem ; affection, 
love, appreciation ; Ainm ceAnA, 
a fond name, a term of endear- 

Cion, g. ceAnA, pi. cioncA, m., a 
share, division, portion, quota 
or dividend ; mo cion -oe'n 
llotjlAis, my share of the 
Christmas festivities ; mo cion 
oe'n AiftseAt), my share of tho 
money ; cion tipe, a country 
tax or tribute ; CAI-O jAn cion, 
they are without a portion, 
disinherited (O'Ra.) ; cion 
cjiom, a large quota ; An cion 
C|tom, the greater portion, the 

Cion, g. -AX>, d. -AIX>, pi. -CA, 
gpl. -AX), dpi. -cAit>, /. (soniet. 
m.), sin, transgression, a fault, 

CionAX), -AI^O, m., the five at cards, 
the best trump (Lat. quinarius?); 
used fig. for a prince, a leader, 
and often in poetry for the Pre- 
tender (in Con. somet. cionAn). 

CionfAC, -A, pi. id., m., occasion, 
cause (prop. cionn-pAc). 

CionriiAipeAct, -A, /., a share, a 
portion, a dividend ; cionmAiji, 
id. (pron. cionuitieACc). 

Cionn, d. of ceAnn, m. (which see), 
head, end ; cause, account, 
reason ; x>o Cionn, because, for 
the reason that ; 1 jjjcionn, at 
the end, head of ; with regard 
to ; with verb of motion, to or 
for ; of ctonn, over, above, on 
top of, overhead ; in preference 
to (with gen.) ; op mo (-00, etc.) 
Cionn, above me, over me ; JTA 
n-A cionn fin, on that head, on 
that account; i n-Afi scionn, in 
our company ; ahead of us, 
before us, awaiting us ; AJI A 
5Cionn, for them, before them. 


( 140 ) 


Ciotiti-AJAi-D, 'm., the forehead, 
the countenance ; AH 6pit p e 
fl/AccmAfi Af A cionn-AJAi'o, 
has he a handsome countenance ? 
(Con.). Also ceAnn-AJAix) and 

CiontiAf, donnuf, interrog. pr., 
how ? in what manner ? 

Cionn-ACAX), -AIX>, m., the face, 
the features. See cionn-AJAix). 

Ciorm-tiA'oAfic, m., fate, destiny, 

Ciotin-fiA-oAftcAc, -Aije, a., ordain- 
ing, destining, far-seeing. 

CionncA (from cion), g. id., pi. 
-Ai'oe, TO., a crime, a fault ; sin, 
guilt ; a cause or occasion ; ni 
puit ciormcA uAim-fe teif, it 
is no fault of mine ; ciormcA 
c6mfiAiT>ce, a verbal insult 
(P. O'G.). 

CionncAC, -<M$,pl. id., m., a wicked 

CionncAC, -Aije, a., guilty, culp- 
able, wicked. 

CionncAcc, -A, /., guilt, crime. 

CionncAOAcc, -A, /., emergency 

Cionncuijim, -UJA-O, v. tr. and 
intr., I reproach, condemn ; I 
sin, am guilty. 

Cionncvnjte, p. a., accused, 
charged, convicted. 

Cionog, -6156, -ogA, /., a small 
coin, a farthing ; a kernel ; a 
small portion or slice of any- 
thing (dim. of cion, share, 
portion) ; also ciAnog. 

Ciop, g. ci'pe, /., the hair of the 
head ; course mountain grass ; 
pip in fowl. See ciob. 

Ciopoj, -OJA, -6156, f., a little 
stick ; c. fiAtTiAitine, a worthless 
spade, a spade which is a mere 

Ci'oft, g. ci'tie.and cijieAc, pi. cio|i- 
ACA, f., a comb ; a crest ; the 
tuft on the head of a bird ; the 
mane of a beast ; ci'o(i riieAtA, a 
honeycomb; ciofi triuilAij cije, 
the ridge-thatch of a house, the 
roof-tile ; c'\o\\ coilij, a cock's 
comb ; ciop cinn, a hair-brush. 

Ciop, g. cijie and cffteAd, pi. cfo{i- 
ACA (see previous word), /., the 
teeth, the cud ; AJ cojAinc TIA 
cifie, chewing the cud ; ciofi 
f lACAt, a row or set of teeth ; 
50 TIACA 1 scif, nicely set in 
rows (of the teeth). 

CiojiAx>6ifi, -6|iA, -oijii-oe, m., a 

Ci'ofiAim, -A-O, v. tr., I comb, tease, 

CiojtATi, -Ain, pi. id., m., a little 
comb or crest. 
T), cio|tbAim. 

, -Ait, pi. id, m., a circle, a 

compass, a hoop. 
CioticAtt>A, a., circular ; 30 c., in 

a circle. 

Ciofict AC, -Aije, a., circular, rotund. 
Ciofictvnjim, -uJA'o, v. tr., I en- 

compass, hoop, gird. 
Cioji-'owb. See ciAH-x>ub. 
Cio|nriAitie, g. id., pi. -fiix>e, in., ;i 

fuller, a person who knaps cloth ; 

a comb-maker, a comber. 
CioptTiAitieAcc, -A, /., the art of 

fulling, cottoning, dressing 

cloth ; flax or wool combing ; 

the trade of comb-making. 
Cioji nieAlA, g. ci'fte rheAlA, pi. 

ciojiA trieAtA, f., a honeycomb. 
0101165. See CIAIIOJ. 
Cio^tiAbuAic, -e,/., a noisy melee, 

or wordy scuffle (Don.) ; also 

-AIJ, pi. id., TO., a 
maimed or disabled person. 
oftjibA-o, -Aix)te and -AI-O, m., act 
of cutting, maiming, mangling, 
hewing, slaughtering, mutila- 
tion, cutting short, laceration ; 
ciojifibAT) ojic, may you be cut 
or mangled (a common form of 
imprecation) ; ciomtb A-O is pron. 

, -A-6, v. tr., I cut, hew, 
shed, take away, abbreviate, 

otipbuigim, -UA-O, v. tr., I ab- 
breviate, take away, waste, con- 
sume, shed, mutilate, mangle, 
mortify. See 



CiojitituirneAC, -tnije, a., maimed. 
See ciij\eimeAc. 

CtotfjiupcAX), -cuijjce, m., a squab- 
bling, a fighting. 

Ciof, -A, -AnnA, m., rent, tax, 

CtojVkC, -Aije, a., importunate ; 

CIOJMC, -Aij;e, a., tributary, be- 
longing to cess. 

Cior-CAin, ff. -e and -AnA6, pi. 
-CACA, /., a tax, cess (O'N.). 

CtopcAineAd, -nij, pi. id., m., a 
cess-collector, a tax gatherer. 

d'op-triAD-p, -AOift, pi. id., m., a 
rent or tax collector. 

Ciof fieAdcAtA, m., "the running 

Eiar's rent," which went over 
rummullagh (Omeath) about 
70 years ago. 

CioruJA-o, -uijce, m., act of pay- 
ing tribute. 

Ciopuijun, -uJAT>, v. intr., I pay 
rent, tax or tribute. 

CtOC, g. CCACA, pi. CeACAtltlA, 

crceAnnAix>e, m., a shower of 

dec, the left hand, used in deri- 
vatives, as CIOCAC, nc. 

C10CA6, -Aije, a., left-handed, 
awkward, helpless ; inconve- 
nienced ; common as a soubri- 
quet, as SeAJAti CIOCAC, John 
the left-handed. 

CIOCACATI, -Ain, pi. id., m., a left- 
handed person. 

CiocAti, -Am, pi. id., m., the left 
hand, dim. of CIOT:. 

CiottiiAfi, -Aipe, a., showery. 

Ciotror, -6156, -OJA, /., the left 
ha,nd ; a left-handed person. 

CIOCOJAC, id., as a., left-handed, 

ClOCjIATTlAC, -TTlAlj, fl. id., m., B.U 

abject person. 

CioctiAtnA6, -Aije, a., mean, low. 
Cioc-ufi-ftAX)Af, -Aif, m., mdeness, 

awkwardness, impudence. 
Ciorxi]t|iAinn, -e, -iT>e, /., a fall, an 

accident ( Wat.}. 
Cip, poet, for ciApA-6 ; -oot) tAn- 

ctp, completely destroying you. 

Cipe, g. id., pi. -pt-oe, /., a rank of 

Cipin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, m., a little 
stick ; a dibble ; a pin for tying 
and fastening a tether ; cipi'n 
foluif, a match. (Cipin is dim. 
of ceAp.) 

CipineAC,-ni3, m., fragments, bits; 
oein f e c. oe, he smashed it to 
atoms, CA c. TJCATICA Aige, he 
devastated everything all round. 

Cipif ce (for ciApuijte ?), indec. 
a., tormented ; CA f6 cipif ce 
teobtA, he is tormented by 
them (Con.). 

Cip. See ciofi. 

Cifc-peoit, -eotA, f., flesh of a 
hen, chicken. 

Ciiicin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, m., a little 
hen, a pullet. 

Cificfn CJIAJA, m,, a small whistling 
bird ; a kind of sea-bird, always 
met with along the beach. 

Ci'tteib, -e, -eACA, /., an insurrec- 
tion, tumult, quarrel. See cicjieib. 

CifteibeAc, -bij;e, a., tumultuous, 

Cipin, g. id., pi. -foe, m., the orna- 
ments on the top of a house- 
roof ; a little comb ; a crest ; a 
ridge; a top-knot ; a bird's crest; 
the trunk of an oak tree embed- 
ded in a bog ; c. nA ctuAif e, the 
top of the ear ; CA c. Aift, he is 
tipsy (Con.), 

CittineAd, -nije, a., crested ; oomb- 

Cifinf?, .1. citire, compar. of ceAftc; 
similarly, cojiCAif i for CO^A and 
FeAfifTOifi f r peAftfiA. 

Cif, -e, pi. cif eAnnA and ceAf AnnA, 
/., a wicker basket ; wickerwork 
to fit on a cart, ' cliAO cir A^ur 
lo-o ' (Raftery). 

CireAi, -fije, -feACA,/., a cause- 
way ; a raised path over a 
stream, etc., generally made of 
wicker-work, wild rods, furze, 
or heather ; a wicker basket. 

CifCAt, -fit, pi. id., m., a stratum ; 
a layer or row of sheaves in a 
corn-stack ; a hollow or f urn >\\ 
like that between wavi-s. 


( 1*2 ) 


Cire<.\n, -Ain, pi. id., m., a wicker- 
work basket, a large basket ; 
cV-iA&, an ordinary basket ; 
cteibin, a little basket ; cip eAn, 
soniet. a hand-basket. 

Cipeog, -0156, -054, /., a round, 
shallow basket ; the stem of 
corn or straw ; the detachable 
bottom of a pannier or creel 
(also fciteoj). 

Cip5 1tTl (cifitn), -IUJA-O, I am 
watchful, control my feelings 
(with Aft). 

Cirin, g. id., pi. -me, m., a little 

Cipce, g. id., pi. -cit>e, m., a chest ; 
a store ; treasure ; a term of 

Cifce, g. id., pi. -ACA, and -tix>e, 
m., a cake. 

CifccAriAcc, -A,/., house-keeping, 
kitchen-keeping, store-keeping. 

dpcm, g. id. and -eAc, pi. -BACA, 
/., a kitchen ; bAgun nA cif cm, 
the bacon hung up for curing in 
a kitchen. 

CifcineAC, -ije, -BACA, f., a 

Cic, a shower of rain. See ciot. 
, -cit, pi. id., m., a kettle. 
, m., life, vigour ; peAc An 
ACA pe, see how lively he 
is, said of a person, a spirited 
horse, etc. (also CIOCA!). 

CitfieibeAC, -bij, m., tumult, 
bustle ; waste, debris ; pron. 
CAirrjieAbAc in Ker. : CA pe 'nA 
cAitfieAbAC ASAC, you have 
reduced it to shreds, crushed it 
to a pulp. 

CitfieimeAC, -trnje, a., crippled, 

CiubAC, -Aije, a., cubic, cubical. 

Citjiti, -e, a., calm, gentle, quiet, 
still, mild, placid. 

Ciuin-cionncAC, -Aije, a., silent 
and guilty ; sly. 

Ciuine, g. id., f., calmness, quiet- 
ness, rest, silence ; modesty. 

CiuineAp, -nif, m., a calm, a si- 
lence ; relief in sickness after 
loud complaining (as in tooth- 
ache) ; patience. 

Ciuinrjim, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I quiet, 
calm ; v. intr., I lapse into 
silence, talk lower, calm down. 

Citntiijte, p. a., quieted, stilled 
(also ciuince). 

Citatum, -neA-6, v. tr., I calm, still, 
pacify; cmin An teAnb, pacify 
the child (O'N.). 

Ciuiii,-e,a., good, perfect, faultless; 
quiet ; cf. CAiijiAinj 50 ciuin 50 
ctuifi, draw quietly and gently. 

Ciuijinijim, -1UJAT), v. tr., 1 cover 
over, gather about (generally 
said of a great coat or of bed 

CiuriiAif, g. -e, pi. cturiirA, cium- 
Aif BACA, f., an edge, a border, a 
selvage, a limit (also ciuriiAf, 
-Aif, m.). 

Ciun-jiofC, m., a mild countenance 
(O'N.) ; prop., a quiet eye. 

Ciunf AC, -Aije, -ACA,/., a. Jig. term 
for a young woman. 

Ciunuijjceoifi, -OJIA, -oijti-oe, m., a 

CIU^AC, -Aije, a., good, perfect ; 
quiet, ATI c. blemfionn, the 
good white-loined cow. 

CiujtAnAC, -Ai5,|^. id., m., a dizzard, 
an aimless, erratic person. 

CiufiAnAcc, -A, /., dizziness, mov- 
ing about aimlessly, reckless- 

CIUCA, g. id., pi. -Ai-oe, m., a deep, 
pregnant saying ; a clever hit 

CiutfiAc, -Aije, -A, /., a red- 
headed bird (O'R.). 

CtAb, -Aib, m., the full open 
mouth (used contemptuously) ; 
a thick lip ; oun "oo ctAb, shut 
up, hold your tongue. 

CtAbAC, -Aite, a., thick-lip*ped, 
wide-mouthed, garrulous. 

CtAbAi-oe, g. id., f., open-mouthed- 
ness, wide mouthedness ; ct Ab- 
Ai-oeAcc, id. 

ClAbAifte, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 
babbler ; the clapper of a mill ; 
the inverted cup through which 
the churndash passes ; dim. 
ctAbAijtin, id. 

, -A,/., talk, babble. 

( 143 ) 


CtAbAfi, -Aifi, m., sour thick milk ; 

bAinne ctAbAip, id. 
CtAbAft, -Aift, m., filth, dirt, mire, 

mud. See ctAbAfi. 
CtAbAjiAC, -Aije, a., dirty, 

CtAOAfCAfi, -Aifi, m., rood ; long, 

seedless straw (P. O'C.). 

, -AIJ, m., reed. See 

ClAboj, -6156, -OJA, /., a blubber- 
lipped, open-mouthed person. 

ClAbfiACAti, -Am, pi. id., m., a 

ClAbfiup, -utf, pi. id., m., purple 
mountain saxifrage (G'.); chrysos 

ClAbpAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a column 
of a book ; one column of a 
page ; mp An CCAT> ctAbp At, in 
the first column (L. JB.). 

CtAbpAn, -Am, in., grumbling, 

CtAopcAti, -Aiji, m., a cloister ; an 
awkward person. 

CtACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a village 
or townland in which the parish 
church is built ; a burying 
ground ; originally a druidical 
circle of stones for pagan wor- 

CtA-6, a fence, etc. See ctAix>e. 

CtAX), m., tho chimney-beam or 
mantle-tree of a chimney ; also, 
the side-beam of a car ; we 
say, ctA-6 pimne and ctAx> or 
teAc-ctA-6 cAifiji (P. O'C.). 

CtATiAC, -AI j, -A15C, m., the sea- 
shore, the beach ; a flat shore, a 

CtA-oAc, -Aije, a., dirty, filthy, 

CtA-oAifie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, a slug- 
gard, a thief, a rogue, a coward, 
a rascal, a scoundrel. 

CtAT>AijteAcc, -A, /., cowardice, 
li/.iuess, roguery, rascality. 

CtA-OAitntn, -|ic, v. tr., I toss about, 
roll in the dirt. 

CtA-oAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a burr, a 
flake (also cnAT>An). 

ClAX>Aii, -Am, pi. id., m., a fence- 
like pile of stones. 

i, -AIJI, m., the cross-beam 
that supports the chimney- 
breast. (P. O'C. writes it 
ctA-oAtfo, but the > is not heard 
in Ker., at least.). See ctA-6 and 


CtA-oAjfOA, indec. a., cowardly, 

lazy, idle, villainous. 
CtAtb-tritifi, -ttiuifi, pi. id., m., a 

raised mound. 

-AIJ, -Aie, m., a very 

rocky recess on a hill-top (Ker.). 
CtAt>-f jion, /., a fence-like nose ; 

a strong, prominent nose. 
CtAj, ctAjAim, ctAjAifie. See 

ctoj, etc. 

CtAjAc, -Aije, a., cackling. 
CtAgAc, -AIJ, -Aige, m., a stunner. 
CtA5At>, -JCA, m., act of stunning. 
CtAJAifie, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a 

fish after shedding its spawn 

-Aif, m., heavy rain. 
(This word is used in Ker., but 
is unknown in parts of W. Cork, 
where ctAjAjinAc is used ; it is 
used in Baliyvourney.) 

CtAjAfinAc, -Aije, /., heavy rain ; 
noise, as of heavy rain falling ; 
ATI 6tA5AfinAC T>onn 50 Cfiom 
AS cui|itin5, while tho brown 
rain poured down in torrents 
(G. M.) ; CA pe AJ ctAjAimAij;, 
it is raining very heavily ; CA 
fe AJ ctAjAtitiAd bAiftije, it is 
pattering rain (Mon.). 

CtAjun, -win, pi. id., m., a flagon ; 
a lid. 

CtAibeif, -e,/., prate, talk ; chat- 

CtAibeifCAC, -pje, a., talkative, 
prating ; officious. 

CtAibin, g. id., pi. -ixe, m., a lid; a 
wooden cup with a hole, through 
which the handle of a churn- 
dash passes to prevent splashing 
when churning ; a little mouth ; 
a bottle-clapper ; a tap ; a door- 

CtAi-oe, g. id., pi. -AA and ctA-6- 
CACA (usually the latter pi. in 
M., in Con. pi. ctAitinite), m,, a 
fence ; often a stone fence. 


( 144 ) 


ClAiTieAtfi, g. -oini, pi. --onie and 
-oriite, m., a sword. 

ClAi-oijim, -1UJA-6, v. intr., I dig, 
excavate, fence. 

ClAitJiuJA-o, m., a digging, fenc- 
ing, excavating. 

CtAix>teA-o6ineACC, -A, /., hedge- 
haunting, loitering, idling. 

ClAim, -e, /., the mange, itch, 

ClAinie, g. id., /., leprosy, itch, 
scurvy ; mange in sheep, etc. 

CtAirheAC, -thtje, a., mangy, full 
of itch. 

CtAimeAcr, -A, /., the mange ; 

CtAimipci'n, g. id., m., a rough 
noise, as the gnashing of teeth. 

ClAiriif\eAC, -fi5 e >/-> the hair of a 
dog, etc.; c. SADAIJI, "goat's 
hair " ; ragged clouds portending 
rain (Aran). See cluiriifieAc. 

ClAim^eAC, -f 15, -t 11 ^ 6 ) m -> a scor- 
butic person, a leper (O'N.). 

ClAitieAT), -ei-o, m., claret (O'N.). 

ClAiti-eA'OAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., the 

CtAiti-eAt>AnAC, -Aige, a., broad- 
browed, full-faced. 

ClAiti-pACAit, /., a prominent 
large foretooth ; a fang (JMACAI, 
-Ait, genly. m. in M. sp. I). 

ClAifiim, -AJI A-O, v. tr., I divide (of 
spoil or prey). 

ClAipiti, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a little 
board, a lath ; a horn-book. 

ClAifiineAC, -tiij;, -nije, m., a 
cripple, a dwarf ; a Clareman. 

ClAitu'tieAC, -mje, a., crippled, 

ClAiftineAcc, -A, /., acting the 

CLAiffeAc, g. -f'5 e ) & -feACA, 
/., a harp (pron. clA|tfAC, 

ClAitif 601 ! 1 * -of^. -oitnx>e, m., a 

ClAif f eoi|ieAcc, -A, /., harping. 

ClAif, g. -e,pl. -eAtinA and -CACA, 
/., a drain, sewer ; a furrow, a 
gravel-pit, a hollow ; a valley ; 
a streas, a stripe ; a choir ; a 
quarter (as of a beast, etc.) ; 

p, the half-furrow at 
one side of a potato-bed, as dis- 
tinguished from clAif , the whole 
furrow between two beds (M.). 

ClAifceAt>At, -Ait/, m., a singing 
of hymns ; united harmony. 

ClAif CAC, -fije, a., worn into fur- 
rows ; full of pits or drains. 

ClAifim, -AfA-6, v. tr., I dig, 

ClAif-leAtAn, -leicne, a., wide- 

ClArii, -Airiie, a., mangy; despic- 
able, wretched. 

ClATn, -Aim, pi. id., m., a jest, 
a joke. 

CtAiriAifte, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 
lazar, a leper ; a scratcher (ap- 
plied contemptuously to a child 
crying, M.); a wretch"; a diminu- 
tive person, as c. beAg tnittce 
(somet. used for cneAtiiAifie). 

ClAriiAitieAcc, -A, /., mange, scab, 
leprosy ; scratching, itching ; 
crying, squealing. 

Cl Atii ATI, -Ain, pi. id., m., a buzzard ; 
any shabby or mangy-looking 

CtAmAfCA-p, -AIJI, m., a rough, 
grating noise. 

CtAmpA, g. id., pi. -Ai-oe, m., a 
clamp for turf heaps, etc. ; a 
clamp ; a row-lock (Ker.) ; 
5lAtnbA (Con.). 

ClAmpAife, g. id., pi. --fti-oe, m., 
a mischief-maker, a cheat. 

CtAmpAji, -Aifi, pi. id., m., a 
wrangling, dispute ; idle talk, 
deceit, slander ; confusion ; a 

ClAmpAjiAc, -Aije, a., litigious, 
wrangling, fraudful. 

CtATTif A-O, -A1-6, m., a scratching, 
an itching, a shrug; mange, 

CtAm^Ati, -Ain, pi. id., m., a scabby 
wretch ; an insignificant fellow ; 
a term used for a restless, crying 
child (Kcr.). 

Cl/AmtiAf, -Aif, m., a bawling, 
chiding, grumbling (O'N.). 

ClAriifiuijim (ctAtiiftAim), -fA-6, 
v. tr., I scratch, itch, fhrUT. 



ClAtiirA, ff. id., pi. -ACA, m., an 
alley, a narrow lane, a close. 

ClATnpAn, -Am, m., the act of com- 
plaining; complaints; ior-uij 
pe Afi jiutn cCArnpAin, he set 
up a complaining cry (U.). See 

ClAtrirtAft, m., a kind of mess ; 
rough kitchen bread (Don.) ; cf. 

JTflAnnCAIj A5 J11C A\\ CLAtTlfCtlA 

(O'jfto.) ; ctAriif r-^AiT>e 0^65, 
ungainly shoes (A'er.). 

ClArriCA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a blow 
with the open hand ; a clout. 

ClAriiCAit, -AlA, /., beating with 
the open hand ; clouting. 

ClAiricoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a little 
blow with the open hand. 

ClAnn, g. -Ainne and -oinne, pi. 
clAnnA, /., race, children ; 
sept, breed, progeny ; nume 
ctAinne, a child ; ATI bpuit 
Aoinne clAinne ACA? have they 
any child? clAnn is used even 
of one child ; clAnn riiAC, male 
descendants ; clAnn mjeAn, 
female descendants ; A$ lomcup 
cl Ainne, pregnant. 

ClAnnAc, -Aije, a., fruitful, pro- 
lific ; hanging in locks, luxuriant 
(of the hair). 

a., crooked, dishonest (Don.). 
ClAnn riiAicne,/., a clan, a sept, a 

tribe ; male issue, posterity, 

ClAnntiiAitte, g. id., /., fruitful- 

ness, fertility, the state of being 

ClAnnriiAft, -Aijie, a., fruitful, pro- 

lific, having issue. 
CtAnnutjim, -UJAX), v. intr., to 

have carnal intercourse, to beget 

CtAoctoT), -A, m., act of changing; 

alteration, change ; reflection ; 

conquest, suppression. 
ClAocLofoim, -to'o. See clAoc- 

ClAoclinjim, -tox), v. tr. and intr., 

I repent ; turn, change, vary ; 

oppress, destroy, cancel, anni- 


CtAox>Aitte, g. id., pi. -jn-oe, m.. a 
fugitive ; a simpleton. 

ClAOi-oim, -oeA'6, v. tr. and intr., 
I defeat, oppress, destroy ; with 
te, I cling to, stick to. 

ClAoi-oce, p. a., defeated, op- 
pressed, ruined ; reduced in 
physical condition, worn out. 

ClAoi-oceAC, -tije, a., subduing, 

ClAoi-oceAcr, -A, /., weakness, 
want of power, debility. 

CtAonJceoitt, -ojtA, -oifti-oe, m., 
an oppressor ; a conqueror (also, 
a weak, delicate person). 

Cl/Aoin-bpeAc, -Bfieiie, f-, a false 
or prejudiced judgment. 

ClAom-btteACAC, -Aijje, a., preju- 
diced, partial in judgment. 

ClAom-'oeAjicAini, v. tr., I gaze 
wantonly on. 

CtAome, g. id., /., bias, prejudice, 
partiality, prononess ; a bend- 
ing, a stooping ; inclination. 

ClAoin-eipceACC, -A,/., partiality 
in hearing. 

CtAom-peACAinc, -e,/., a squinted 
glance, a perverse or wanton 
gaze (also ctAOin-feACAin). 

ClAon, -oine, a., perverse, partial, 
prejudiced ; inclined to do a 
thing ; falling down freely ; 
bending down. 

CtAon, g. -01 n, pi. -CA, m., deceit, 
perversity, prejudice, intrigue ; 
inclination towards ; CAtittAing 
6 clAon, a departing from error. 

ClAonAT), -ncA, m., act of inclining ; 
bending, declining, turning away, 
perverting ; perversion ; devia- 
tion ; propensity ; derogation. 

ClAonAim, -A'o, v. intr., I decline, 
bend, turn away ; incline, lean. 

ClAonAitte, g. id., pi. -|\ixe, m., an 
unjust or biassed person. 

CtAon-AfTO, -Aitix>e, a., steep, in- 

CtAon-Atco, m., an inclining steep ; 
a crick in the neck. 

ClAon-riiAnbA-6, m., mortification. 

ClAon-ru\tt&Aiin, -A'o, v. tr., I 

-A15O, a., perverse. 


( 146 ) 


CtAon-fthteAc, -tije, a., squint- 

ClAoncA, p. a., bent, inclined, 

perverse, partial, prejudiced, 

ClAOnCA-OACC (clAOtlCACC), -A,/., 

aptness, disposition, prejudice. 
CLAOfcjiA, g. id., pi. -1-6 e, m., a 
cloister. See ct-AopcjiA and 

, -6156, -OJ;A, /., a leap ; a 
kiss ; a slap on the hand or face. 
lAp-f olAf, m., morning or even- 
ing twilight. 

9- ctAiji, pi. ctA^A and 
CA, dpi. ctAjiAib and ctAji- 
, m., a level surface, a 
plain ; a board, a table ; a lid ; 
a programme, a catalogue ; a 
flat country, a large district ; 

ClAfltlAnOAn, CtAjfp6T>tA, CIA]! 

l/uific, etc., names for Ireland ; 
, forehead ; ctAft 
, my forehead ; cl/Af 
fceice, the mould-board of a 

ClAjiAC, -Aije, a., bare, bald ; 

made of boards ; belonging to 

the County Clare ; broad-faced. 

CtAfi-AtnmniuJA'o, -ijce, m., a 


Afi beit, g. id., m., a lid, a cover. 
, -Aije,a., splay-footed. 
A^ irmrce, m., an index; table 
of contents. 
Afi mimjce, m., a glossary. 

tiA cuinneoije, m., a cover 
of a cnorn. 

lAfioj;, -oire, -6jA, /., a small 
table ; the bottom of a car or cart. 

plumnc, m., a plank of a 

CtAfi j'peite, m., a board to edge 

a scythe with ; a scythe-board. 
ClArpA, ff. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a clasp 

(A.). _ 
ClAfuijim, -tjJA'o, v. intr. and tr., 

I make furrows, I trench ; I 

make hollows in the sand as 

salmon do for spawning 
Cte, a., left (opp. to right) ; left- 

handed ; awkward, sinister, 

wicked (used as a prefix in this 


CteAt'>Afi, -Aifi, m., a cleaver (A.}. 
CleACC, -A, m., habit, practice. 
CleACCAc, -Aij;e, a., used, accus- 

tomed (to, te). 
CteACCA'6, -CCA, m., wont, habit, 

practice, experience. 
CleACCAim, -A-6, v. tr. and intr., 

I am wont, am accustomed to ; 

I practise, use, cherish. 
CleACCAriiAit, -riilA, a, usual, 

habitual, customary. 
CleAccAf, -Aip, m., habit, fashion, 

custom, mannerism. 
CleAccvii5ce,>. a., accustomed; CA 

me c. teif, I am accustomed 

to it. 
CteAniAin, m., a son-in-law. See 

CteAnmAc, -Aije, a., having sons- 
in-law or connections by mar- 

CteAtrinAf, -Aif, m., marriage, 
affinity ; alliance by marriage. 

CteAtVinuijim, -UJAXI, v. intr., I 
make a marriage, match or 
alliance with (le). 

CleAfiAC, -Aije, a., familiar (O'N.}. 

CieAfiAcc, -A, /., familiarity. 

CleAf, -A, pi. id. and -ATITIA, and 
ctif , m., a play, a game, sport ; 
a feat, device, trick ; craft ; art, 
science ; cteAf t>o "DeAnA-d, 
cleAf o'lmifc Af , to play a trick 
on ; An cteAf ceAT>tiA -oo odAn- 
Atii teif, to do the same thing 
with it, to treat it in the same 

CteAfAC, -Aije, a., tricky, wily, 
playful ; ingenious. 

CteAf ACC, -A, /., sport, pastime. 

CleAfAi-oeAcc, -A, /., playing, 
pastime, illusion, sleight-of- 
hand, frolic, subtility, trick. 

CleAfjiA-6, -A1-6, m., device ; sport, 
game, amusement, sleight ; act- 

ing. jugg lin g- 
CleA^unDe, g. id., pi. --oce, m., an 

artful man, an actor, a juggler, 

a quack, a mountebank ; a tug- 

ger (Om.). 
CleApuijim, -uJA-6, v. tr. and intr., 

I sport, play, gambol, perform 




, -A, -AntiA, m., a prnce, a 

ClcAc, -eite, -CACA, /., a goad, a 
wattle, pole, stake ; a n'shing- 
rod ; cteAc tiomAnA, a goad ; 
cleAc-Aitpin, a short stick with 
a knob. 

CteACAc, -Aije, a., ribbed, com- 
posed of wattle-work. 

CteACAifie, g. id., pi. -^n-oe, m., a 
rogue, a rustic, a sturdy beggar. 
See cteitifie. 

CleACAijieAcc, -A, /., rusticity, 

CteACAji, AIJI, pi. id., m., a stake, 
a pole ; a pile or post ; fig., a 
prince, a chief. 

CleACAjiAit, -AtA,/., a severe beat- 
ing, a dressing, a flogging. 

ClcAt-cup, m., a planting of trees ; 
hence the correlative or col- 
lateral branches of a pedigree 
(P. O'G.). 

CteACftACA, in phr. CA mo cteAC- 
fiACA Afi teACAT), my bosom is 

Cleioin, g. id., pi. -ixe, m., a small 
basket ; a jug. 

Cleif. See ctiAfi. 

CleificeAc, -cije, a., clerical. 

CleificeAd, -cij, pi. id., m., a^ 
clergyman ; a clerk. 

CleijiceAcc, -A, /., clerkship ; 

CletficeAr, -cif, m,., the act of 
making up accounts, book- 
keeping, clerkship ; cleifi- 

CAtAf, id. 

CleipeAc, -f 13, pi. id., dpi. -ficio, 
m., a cleric, a clerk, an account- 
ant, a scrivener, a notary, a 

CleipeAcc, -A, /., the state of a 
clergyman ; clerkship, scholar- 
ship, accountantship. 

Cteit. See cteAr. 

Cteite, g. id., pi. -BA^A, /., an oar. 

Cteice, g. id., pi. -ri'oe, m., a 
feather, quill, plume ; a pen, 
quill-pen ; Ainm dleice, a pen- 

Cte ice Ad, -ci j;e, a., plumy, downy, 
feathery, flaky, craggy. 

CteiteAc, -rij;, m., coll., wings. 

CleiceACAti, -im, pi. id., m., n, 
quillet ; met., a thin or lazy 

CLeiceAtAim, -Ait, v. tr.. I knit 

CleiceAriinAf, -Aif, m., dopendonco 

CleiceAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a pent- 
house ; the eaves of a house. 

Cteiceog, -0156, -O^A, /., a little 
quill or feather. 

Cletceoj, -0156, -O^A, /., movable 
bottom of a creel. 

Cteicijim, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I plume 
or feather. 

Cleiiin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., abreast, 
a chest. See ctiAc. 

Cleicin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., the 
eaves of a house ; the wattles or 
ribs of a house-roof (O'N.). 

CleicineAcc, -A, /., wattling or 
lathing a house-roof (O'N.). 

Cleicie, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a 
sturdy person ; a large, strong 
animal ; anything strong and 
vigorous ; cleitifte pcATMin, a 
large herring; deictic CApAilt, 
a strong horse ; cleitipe bACAij, 
a strong, stout beggar ; cteicijte 
mAitie, a strong, stout stick. 
See cleACAifie. 

Cteic-nnofCAfi, -AIJI, m., a private 

Cleit-pjiiocAT), m., a goad. 

Cteic cije (or cteit-CAoo), in 
house-roofing, the bars over the 
cAo5m (or longtitudinal cross- 
bars) to support the pcfiAic (r 
fibrous sod, generally heath). 
See clein'n. 

Cle-tAmAc, -Aije, a., left-handed. 

Cteox>, -Of6e, -OX>A, f., a horse- 

CleocAf, -Aif, m., a horse-fly 

CLi, g. id., f., chest, ribs, stomach, 
heart ; tho ribs of a boat ; a 
successor (O'N.). 

CLi, left-handed, eto. See ct6. 

CliAb, g. cteib, pi. id., m., a 
basket, a creel ; a breast, bosom, 
chest, ribs. 


( 143 ) 


CliAOAc, -^15, -Aije, m., a wolf, a 

CliAOAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cradle, 

a basket, a cage ; cliAOAn eiti, a 

bird crib. 

CllAbflAC, ff. -A1J, pi. -Alje Or -ACA, 

m., the breast ; the side or trunk 
of the body ; cliAOftA-o, id. 

CliAriiAin, g. cleAiririA, pi. cteArii- 
TIACA, ctiAmtiACA, m., son-in-law. 

CtiAji, g. ctei)ie, d. ctei|i, /., a 
band, a company ; the clergy ; 
the bards ; strolling singers 
(nom. genly. cteiti). 

CliAji, a bundle of reeds made by 
fishermen and burned on St. 
John's Eve. 

CliAfiAC, -Aije, a., belonging to 
the clergy, bards, etc. ; having 
a large retinue. 

CtiAjiAfoeAcc, -A, /., bardship ; 

CtiAftuix>e, g. id., pi. -oce, m., a 
bard, a minstrel, a songster. 

CliAi, -teite, -liACA,/., a hurdle, 
the treadles of a loom ; a man's 
cliest or side ; the darning of a 
stocking ; apparatus for keeping 
a poultice or bandage in its 
place ; a plaster ; a plate ; a 
harrow ; a sjpear, a pike ; also 
ctiAC puifipnje or fuifi^ce, 
a harrow; c. tAime, a hand- 
harrow ; cliAc UAJAtA, sprig 
work, darning work ; cli AC 
feoit, loom-tackling; cliAc 
CAUA, a body of men engaged in 
battle ; ctiAC f eAncAif, a gene- 
alogical table. 

Cl/iAtA-6, -CCA, pi. id., m., a har- 

CtiACA-6, -CCA, m., the copulation 
of certain animals, as boars, etc.; 
cliAtAim is the corresponding 
verb (better clijim, from coit- 
CAC and culUc, P. O'G., 

CtiAtAim, -CAT), v. tr., I harrow. 

CtiACAtiiAit, -tritA, a., strong, 
Etout, having a strong chest, 

CliAcAn, -Am, pi. id., m., the side ; 
one side of the chest or breast 

of an animal; the ribs; the 
breast ; the side (of a hill) ; 
ctiACATi An bocAiji, the road- 
side ; a small hurdle. 

CtiAtog, -6156, -OJ;A, /., a hurdle; 
the chine or back. 

CliAtoiji, -6fiA, -oijinJe, m., a liar- 
rower, one who makes hurdles. 

CtiAcjiAc, -Aij, -Aije, m., a soft, 
swampy spot, passable only by 
means of hurdles. 

CliAitiAmAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
person or thing merely hanging 
together (Don.). 

CtiAC feoit, /., a weaver's tack- 
ling. See cliAc. 

CtiAc-ftAC, f., a hurdle. 

Ctib, -e, -eACA, /., an excres- 
cnce ; anything that dangles or 
hangs loosely from another ; a 
tag, a tatter, a bush of hair. 
See jlib. 

Ctibin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, m., a dew- 
lap ; anything dependent from 
another ; a bush of hair ; a 
piece, a segment, a fragment ; 
a little nag (Don.} ; a colt 
(O'N.). See gtibiti. 

Cltbif, -e, -eACA, /., a tumult, 
noise, prattle ; peevishness. 

ClibipeAC, -fije, ., tumultuous, 
noisy ; peevish. 

, -e, -CACA, /., a leathern 
bottle, a water budget (also 
citping, older form). 

^, -e, -CACA,/., a peal of bells; 
a chime, a knell. 

Cli5i'tieAC, -tiije, a., sounding 
Hke a bell ; resonant. 

Clin5i|te, g. id., pi. -jiix>e, m., a 

CliobAC. See jliobAc. 

Ctioboj, -6156, -OJA, f., a colt, a 
filly ; a coltish trick or gambol ; 
a person with long untidy hair. 
See gliobos- 

Clioc, -A, -Aix>e (ciic, Don.), m., 
a hook. 

Cli'ox>nA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 
person wasted from sickness 
(M.) ; a famous M. fairy. 

CliojAft, -Aifi, pi. id., m., a croak- 
ing, a croak. 


( 149 ) 


CliojjAjiAitn, vl. -SAfi, v. inlr., I 

croak . 
CliomAijic, -AJICA, /., the "strip- 

pings" of a cow. 
Clior-CAc, -Aije, a., bouncing, 

rattling, skipping. 
Ct/iopcAiJ (cLiopc), -AIT), pi. id., m., 

a bouncing, a starting, a spar- 

CliotAC, -Aij, pi. id., m., a frame, 

a skeleton (Ker.). 
CtiocAfi, -AIJI, m., a rattling noise, 

clatter ; ctiotAfiAil, act of 

rattling, making a noise (M.}. 
Clipe, g. id., pi. -eACA,/., a barbed 

or hooked spear used in fishing ; 

a hook, a snare (Ker. and else- 

CtipeA-o, -efo, -e<voAi-6e, m., the 

little cloth or leathern covering 

used to protect a weak or 

injured eye ; a person (usually 

of females) whoso hair is always 

unkempt, and hanging carelessly 

over the eyes. 
Cltf, -e, -eACA,/., a throb, a start, 

a surprise. 
Clip BAG, -fije, a., skittish ; apt to 

CtireATJ, -fee, m., trembling 

through fear (U.). 
Clipjce, p. a., startled, frightened. 
Clij'itn, -feA-6, v. intr., I fail in a 

thing; it surpasses mo; -oo clip 

pe ojtm e x)eAnAtTi, it surpassed 

me to do it, I failed to do it; 

mA cLifCAtin o\cc, if you fail; 

t>o clip nA pACAi-oe, the pota- 

toes failed (Con.) (also x>o loic 

Clifim, -peAt), v. intr., I start, 
jump, skip; ctirtm pem Af An 
co'otA'u ceAT>nA, I start out of 
the same sleep (Art MacC.) ; 
cLifeAr SA^AI-D f UAf v^'n SAIIS 
Garaidh shirts up at the shout 
(Don. O ss. poem). 

CLifce, indec. a., expert, dexter- 
ous, skilled, active. 

CLipce, indec. a., frightened, 
startled (U.). See ctipgce. 

ClifceAcc, -A, f., skill, dex- 

, -cij, -ci^e, m., the keel 
of a ship (Ker.) ;fifj., the bowels, 
the heart (O'Ra.) See cliocAc. 

CticeAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a thin or 
narrow-chested person. 

Clui. See ctu. 

CliuiccAC, -ci^e, a., famous, 

CLiuceAcc, -A, /., renown, fame 

CtiucAC, -Ai^e, a., famous, re- 

Cto. See cto-6. 

CloB, -A, m., a pair of tongs (com- 
monly dob or cLu in sp. I.). 

Ctoc, g. ctoice, pi. ctocA, /., a 
stone ; a stone weight ; a testicle ; 
cloc leAbAi-6 and cloc jiAt)Ait, 
upper and lower millstone (Om.) ; 
cloc nA f uile, the pupil of the 

CtocA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a cloak 

CLocAc, -Aije, a., stony. 

CLocA-6, -CCA, 7/1., act of stoning, 

Cloc-A15CAt1CAC, -AI^C, ., Stoil}'- 


ClocAim, -AX*, v. tr., I stone, I 

ClocAifie, g. id., pi. -fti-oe, m., a 
stone-cutter, a stone-mason. 

ClocAijieAcc, -A, /., masunn', 

ClocAiTiAil, -mtA, a., stone-like, 
heavy as stone. 

ClocAti, -Am, pi. id., m., a ruin, 
remains of an old fort ; a heap 
of stones ; stopping stones ; a 
causeway ; a pavement ; CtocAii 
tiA tiJTomofiAc, the Fomorians' 
Causeway, a name for the Giants' 
Causeway in Antrim. 

Ctoc Aoit, f., limestone. 

CLocAji, -Aifi, pi. id., m., a stony 
region, a rocky shore. 

ClocAU, -Aifi, pi. id., m., an 
assembly, congregation, college ; 
a convent ; an ecclesiastical 
structure ; a stone church, c.y., 
CtocAi\ "001115, St. Dolough's, 
near Dublin; cf. also ClocAi]tin, 
near KiMaruey. 

( 150 ) 


ClocAfiAn, -Ain, pi. id., nt., a con- 
ventualist, a hermit ; also a bird 
called wheat ear (Achill}. 

ClocAtiAn, -Ain (coll.), m., stepping- 
stones across a stream ; paving. 

CtocAfTOA, indec. a. t set with 
stones, stony. 

Cloc.Ann.Ac, -AIS, m., a wheezing 
in the throat. See locAjt and 

Cloc cmn, /., a headstone, a 

Ctoc pAOOAi}i, /., a hone, a whet- 

stone ; a sharpening-stone ; a 


Cloc puAil, /., the gravel. 
Clo6 JAmriie, /., sandstone. 
Cloc sofini, /., sulphate ef copper. 
Ctoc 5Ail, m., stone-coal, coal. 
Cloc liobAjiAin, /., a grinding- 

stone ; c. liobcA, id. 
Cloc riiuilinn, /., a millstone. 
Cloc niullAij;, /., a top or head- 

Cloc tiA cinneAriinA, /., the stone 

of destiny. See tiA |?Ail. 
Cloc nA pul, /., the apple of the 

Clocoj, -6150, -OJA, /., a tract of 

land full of boulder stones 

(Mayo, etc.). 
Cloc-ojvoA, indec. a., golden- 

ClocfiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

bird called the stone-chatter ; 

stepping-stones across a ford. 

lcc fieACA, /., a rolling stone. 
Cloc-f AlAtin, m., rock-salt. 
Cloc feotJA,/ 1 ., a procious stone. 
CloccA, indec. a., stony. 
Cloc c4ti|(Ain5ce, /., a loadstone. 
Cloc ieineA-6, pi. clocA ceineA-6, 

/., flint. 
Cloc tiA^Al, g. cloice -uAifle, pi. 

clocA UAifle, /., a precious 

Clot) (do), m., act of conquering, 

subjugation, defeat ; variety, 


Clot), -A, m., a nail or spike. 
doii, -A, m., stamp, type, print, 

impression made by nail or style 

on wood, etc. ; mould, form, 
appearance, character ; cujt i 
gclo-o, to print ; i gel. DACAIJ, 
in the garb of a beggar (the 
word clo'b has a wide, if vague, 
application in poet, to the per- 
son, form, appearance, mould, 
character, etc.) ; -pA clo'o, in 
type, printed ; buAlAX> f A' 
cl6x>, to print ; cA^|tAin5 f IAT> 
A clox), they drew a portrait of 
him (Om.); ni'l Ann ACC An clo-6, 
he is reduced to a skeleton. 

CIOTXAC, -Aie, a., dirty, muddy, 
stringy ; also clA^AC. 

CloT>An6iti, -6fiA, -6i|ii-6e, m., a 
printer (also written clox>6i|i). 

Clo-OAim, -A'O, v. tr., I print, 

Clo-oAipe, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a 
printer ; villainy, guile. 

CloTJAi-peAcr, -A,/., printing; de- 
ception, guile. 

Clo'OAnAC, -Aij, m., dirt, mud, 

ClotJAfiAn, a pool of water (with 

Clox>buAilirn, -buAlAX), v. tr., I 
print, stamp. 

Cl6x>-buAilce, p. a., j^rinted. 

Clo-o&UAlA-o, -Alice, m., a print- 
ing, a stamping. 

Cl6x>-cujicA. See cloxbbuAilce. 

Clo-o-JAtAji, -Aifi, m., a vertigo, a 
disease more than usually com- 
mon among printers. 

Clo-ouijim, -WJA-O, v. tr., I print, 

Cloj, <j. cluij, pi. id., m., a bell, a 
clock ; ceACAiji A cloj, four 
o'clock ; CAT) A clo5 e ? what 
o'clock is it ? ce riieAt) A clog e ? 

Cloj, -tuij, pi. id., m., a blister, 
a bubble ; a cluster, a bunch. 

ClojAC, -Aije, a., stunning, deafen- 
ing (also clAjAc). 

ClogAc, -Aije, a., blistering; 
rising up in bubbles as a fluid. 

Ctoj-AT), -Ait), pi. id. and -AX)A, m., 
a helmet, a head-piece ; a cone, 
a measure. 

), -e, -roe, f., a hehnet. 

( 151 ) 


, -A-O, v. tr. and intr., I 

ring or sound a bell ; I stun 

with noise. 

osAim, -4-6, v. tr., I blister; I 

become covered with blisters ; I 

rise in bubbles. 

, g. id., pi. -pixie, a sex- 

ton, a bellman. 
losAipeAcc, -A,/., the ringing of 

bells ; the creating of a deafen- 

ing or stunning noise. 
losAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a little 

bell; a small clock. 

-Ain, pi. id., m., a small 

blister ; a little bubble on fluid. 
CloTjAjtAn, -AMI, pi. id., m., a little 

bell : c. cteifeAC, the little bell 

rung by the acolyte (clerk) at 

Mass, etc. ; an empty, noisy 

person (Meath). 
ClogAtMiAc, -Aij, m., a noise, a 

ringing of bells, a tinkling, a 

stunning sound. 
Closc-Af, -Aif, pi. id., m., a belfry 

(also ctojAf ). 
Clo5-f tiAtA-o, -Ait>e, -Ai-oi-oe, /., a 

gnomon, the hand of a dial or 

Cloic-oeitntieAd, -nij, pi. id., m., 

a stamping, marking ; as a., 

stamping, marking, imprinting, 

CloiceA-o, -A, pi. id., m., a printed 

permission, a passport. 
CloiceAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

shrimp, a prawn ; a crab-fish, or 

any little stone-fish ; ctoiceos, 

Ctoicfn, g. id., -ix>e, m., a pebble, 

a small stone. 
CloictteAc, -p'Se, -jieACA, /., a 

stony place. 
Cloic-f neACCA, g. id., pi. id. and 

clocA-fneACCA, m., hailstone 

(nom. also -CAT), g. -CAIX>). 
Ctot-oe, m., act of Jigging, erect- 

ing. See clAi-6i5im. 
ClofoeAth. See clAixiCAth. (Tho 

word is pron. clonieArii in Al.) 
CLoi^eAnn, -Sinn, pi. id., dpi. 

cloismb, m., aLo</. -gne,/., the 

skull, the head ; the head of a 

spoon or ladle ; one (in reckoning 

persons, U.}; Aon ctoijeAnn 
oeA5, eleven persons ; tjeic 
jctoisne (sclAigne), ten per- 

Ctoi^in, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a little 
bell ; an ear-bob or ear-pendant ; 
clotted or caked dung hanging 
from the tails and hind quarters 
of sheep about May ; also, a little 
blister, a small bubble. 

CtoijineAC, -nise, a., belonging to 
little bells, bobs, or pendants ; 
belonging to curled or frizzled 

CtoisineAcc, /., the act of de- 
nouncing from the altar, scold- 
ing (Don.) noise ; the ringiziy 
of little bells. 

CLoi5-riieA|i, m., the hour-hand or 
finger of a dial-plate. 

C.LoijneAC, -nijC; a., pertaining to 

ClotjneACAn, -Ain, pi. id. m, a 

CloijceAc, -cije, -ci^ce, m., a 
belfry, a round tower. 

Ctoif, -e, -CACA, /., the stinking 
marsh, or horse-tail (O'N.). 

Ctoif CAX>, -eiT>, pi. id., m., a closet, 
a study. 

CloipceAil, /., act of hearing, 
listening (Con.). 

CLoifci'n, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a 
closet; dim. of clop. 

Cloircin(c), act of hearing, listen- 
ing. See xo-cLuinim. 

Cloiceos, -0150, -OSA,/, a shrimp, 
a prawn. 

Clom, g. id., m., a pair of tongs ; 
an instrument to dress flax. 
See cLoo. 

ClojiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., an earth- 
chestnut or pignut. /SeecutAjvxn. 

Clof , act of hearing, listening ; 
also p. a. of t>o-cluimm, was 

Clop, a small out-office, a yard 

Clu, fj. id., ;n. and/., praise, fame, 

CluAin, -AHA, /., flatten', dissimu- 
lation ; luce cluAnA, flatterers; 
a trick, deception ; An peAjt A 


( 152 ) 


cuijt ettiAin Aft An mbAf, the 
man who tricked death (name 
of Mon. folk-tale). 

CttiAin, g. ctAnA, pi. -AncA and 
-ince, /., a meadow, pasture 
land ; common in place names, 
as CtuAin IDeAtA, Clonmel ; nA 
CtuAince, Cluens, a townland 
in Co. Cork. 

CtuAinit>e, g. id., pi. -T>ce, m., a 
coaxer, a wheedler, a deceiver. 

CtuAini-oeAcc, -A, /., roguishness, 

CtuAinifieAcc, -A, /., hypocrisy, 
dissimulation, deception, flat- 
tery, treachery. 

CtAin-tin, -tine,/., corn spurry. 

CtuAinceoftAcr, -A, /., deceit, 
crookedness, flattery. 

CtuAipn, (j. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a pull- 
ing of the ear ; a box in the ear ; 
a little ear ; a kind of shell -fish 
with both sides hollow (Ker.). 

CtuAiftiAt, /., coltsfoot. 

CtAir-feoi i o, -e, pi. id., /., an 

CtuAnAc, -Aije, a., flattering, de- 

CtttAnAijte, g. id., pi. --piTie, m., a 
deceitful man ; a flatterer, a 

CtuAnAifieAcc, -A, /., flattery, 
coaxing, deceit. 

CluAnAifeAc, -pje, a., retired, 

CtuAnoj, -6150, -OJA, /., a retired 
place, a bower, a little meadow. 

CLAncoi|t, -ojiA, -oifti-oe, m., a 
flatterer, a jovial fellow (C. M.}. 

CtuAnunie, g. id., pi. -tice, m., a 
cajoler, a flatterer. 

CtuAfiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a thistle, 
a sponge. 

CtuA|iAnAc, -Aije, a., abounding 
in thistles. 

CtuAf, -Air e, -A, /., an ear ; a 
handle ; cui|t f e c. At-p -pein, he 
listened intently; 'fe cugAf im' 
cluAfAib tiom, it is what I 
understood, as I understood it ; 
nA "oeAn e fin A|i TIO ctuAip, 
don't do that for your life (if 
you value your ear) ; bAin 

DA ctuAif e -oiom munA, I assure 
you in all confidence that (with 
neg.) ; Ate nA ctuAife, the 
mastoid process behind the ear. 

CtuAfAC, -A1J, pi. id., m., one hard 
of hearing ; one who has con- 
tinually to "cock his ears" in 
order to hear. 

AC, -Aije, a., having ears or 
; long-eared. 

CtuAfAifte, g. id., pi. -me, m., a 
person with remarkable hearing. 

CtuAf An, -Am, pi. id., m., a pillow; 
a bothered or stupid person 

CtttAjMnAc, -AI, -Aije, m., a 
blockhead ; one having big 

-oA, m., melancholy 

CtuAf-AoibneAf, m., the hearing 

of pleasant sounds ; delight 

obtained through the sense of 

CtuAf cAicin, /., wake robin, 

aurum maculatum. 
CtuAf--OAitte, g. id., /., deafness. 
CtuAf-xiAtt, -Aitte, a., stupid, 

dull, deaf. 
CtuAf-pAit, -e, -nie, /., an cur- 

ring (0'A T .). 
CtuAf-f Ainne, g. id., pi. -nixie, m., 

an ear-ring. See ctuAf-Ait. 

i, m., a disease of the 

CtuAf-tuc, -uice, /., creeping 

mouse-ear, kierasium pilosella. 
CtAf-riiAocAn, -Am, pi. id., m., 

the soft tip of the ear. 
CtubAn oeAjij, m., dodder. 
Ctut), -uix>, pi. id., m., a rag, a 

patch ; sheltering ; clothes, 

Ctut)AC, -AI j, m , covering, clothes ; 

act of clothing, covering; ctu-OAc 

tAe, wearing apparel ; ctu'OAC 

oi-oce, no teAptAn, night cov- 

ering, bed - clothes ; ctu'OAC 

ticjieAC, an envelope. 
Ctut>AX>, -X)CA, m., act of covering, 

Ctu-OAim, -tiAC and -A-O, v . tr., I 

cover, thatch, clothe ; cherish. 


( 153 ) 


OU'n>.M;ie, <j. id., pi. -|ti-6e, m., a 

t hatcher ; a botcher, a cobbler. 
Clax>aiim, -UJAT>, and -t>AC and 

-OA-6, v. tr., I cover, clothe, 

Clunuitte (clu-ocA), p. a., 

covered, protected, clothed, 

CtugAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cluster, 

a bunch. 

ClujAtiAc, -Aige, a., clustering. 
Cluice, g. id., pi. cluicce and 

-cnie, m., a game at cards ; a 

sport, a pastime ; funeral games ; 

a rite or ceremony ; a rout, pur- 

suit, a battle (O'N. has cluic, 

nom.) ; pron. cluipe (Con.). 
CluiceAC, -ctje, a., gamesome ; 

playing tricks, indulging in pas- 

CluiceAriiAil, -riilA, a., sportive, 

Cluice CAoince, y. id., pi. -cue 

CAomce, TO., a funeral game, a 

Cluiceo5, -oije, -OJA, /., a little 

trick, a prank, a game. 
Cluicix>eAcc, -A, /., playing of 

games ; le ceoL if le c. (Oss. 

Cluicim, -ccA-6, v. tr., I hunt, 

pursue, rout, run down. 
Cluicce, pi., funeral games or 

solemnities. Sec cltnce. 
Cluit), -e, -CACA, /., a corner, an 

angle ; cluit) TIA ful, the corner 

of the eye ; i jc. cific, rightly 

proportioned (of the body); a 

nook ; the arms, as a stay for a 

baby, etc. ; a recess, a corner ; 

protection ; society. 
Cluijjin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a bell, 

a little bell ; a prattler ; a block- 


CLuiji'neAcc. See cloij;ineA6t. 
Ctuijjt'tiitn, -iicAcc, v. tr., I ring, 

m<oko a tinkling noise with a 

bell, etc. 

CluijceAc, -tij;e, -ctjjce, m., a, 
belfry, a steeple (O'N.) ; also 

Cluim-eAlcA, a feathered flock, a 
ilock of birds. 

Cluimne, /., a feather ; 

Cttm|teAd, -fije, /., feathers, 

plumage ; ceo cluiriiftijje, de- 

plumation in a fight between 

birds (Don.) ; shaggy hair. 
Ctuinim, v. irreg. (see parad.) ; v, 

tr., I hear, listen to. See -oo- 


Ctuinn, -e, -ce, /., a mine (O'N.). 
CluinneAc, -ntj, -mje, m., a 

miner (O'N.). 
Ctummste, p. a., undermined 

CLintifin, -e,/., the act of hearing 

(If.); it becomes cluinftm in 


Cluince, p. a., heard, listened to. 
ClutnceAc, -cije, a., listening, 

Cluinceoiji, -OJIA, -oi|i;Tje, m., a 

heaier, an auditor. 
ClinnceofiAcc, -A, /., a hearing, a 

CtuipeAX), -eit), -eA'OAi'oe, m., the 

little covering used to protect a 

sore or weak eye. *S'ee ctipeAT). 
Cluipi-oe, g. id., pi. -tJi'oe, m., M 

corner; the pockets or folds in 

Cluice. Cluite ceili-oe^ 

a visit (O'N.). See cluice. 
Cturii, g. ctuitri,p^. id., m. (collect.), 

feathers ; down, plumage ; hair 

on the face or other parts of the 

body (except the head). 
CliiriiAC, -AIJ, m., down, plumage; 

Jig., wealth, riches. 
ClurriAC, -Aije, a., abounding in 

plumage or down ; rich, wealthy. 
CtutriA-6, -A1-6, m., support, pro- 
tection (O'lta.). 
CluniAil, -rrilA, a., renowned. 
Clu m Aim, -A-6, v. tr., I doplumo, 


CluriiAti, -Aijie, a., famous, re- 
Clum IIAC, TO., verdigris, rust, 

Clu tilt AC, -A 150, a., feathered, 

downy, hairy. 
Clun, -uin, pi. id., m., aftermath 

of grass (Don.). 


( 154 ) 

:, -e, -i-oe, m., an emac- 
ated person or animal; ono 
prematurely born ( W. Ker.). 
Dt/uiiACAn, -Am, pi. id., m. a 
dwarfish sprite (M.); also ctutA- 


ClucAifiicin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., 

" sweet potato," a kind of nut or 

edible bulb found along river 

ClutAriiAit, -riilA, a., renowned, 

famous. See cluriiAit. 
CtutAtiACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 

dwarfish sprite (M.). 
ClucTTiA-|i, -Aifte, a., close, warm, 

comfortable, well-sheltered; 

tnrce c., warm water (Don.) ; 

CnAbAim, -A-6, v. tr., I pull, haul, 

batter, beat violently ; also 

CnAbAijie, g. id., pi. -jti-oe, m., a 

hemp-breaker, a flax-breaker. 
CnAOAifie, gr. td., pi. -HI-OB, m., a 

hearty, stout fellow ; a scoffer, 

a satirist (=cneAriiAifie). 
CriA'OAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a frog, a 

toad ; groaning, complaining ; 

act of complaining. 
CnAX>An, -Am, pi. id., m., a burr 

growing on the burdock. 
CtixVoAnunDe, g. id,., pi. --ote, m., 

a complainer, a grumbler. 
CnAnAft, -Aifi, pi. id., m., a boat ; 

c. bAjtcA, a barque's life-boat; 

c. tti 11156, a ship's boat. 
CnA-ocAitic, -AfiCA, /., draining, 

exhausting ; suckling ; milking 

CiiAj, -A15, pi. id. and cnAjA, 

m., a skein of thread (B.) ; 

the "bool" used in playing 

CDAJ, -A15, pi. id., and -AJ;A, m., a 
crack, a split, a wrinkle ; a 
knob, a peg ; a knock, a blow. 

CtiAjAC, -Atje, a., having fissures, 
wrinkled, cracked. 

CnA5AT>, g. -AIT) and -JCA, pi. id., 
m., a splitting, a knock-down, a 
rap, a blow ; 664 j ftpA1 < 6 mipe c. 
6uic, I'll give you a thrashing 

in, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 
hardy, wiry little person. 

CnAgAim, -A-O, v. intr. and tr., I 
break, crack, make a noise ; I 
beat, strike. 

CiiASAifie, g. id., pi. -jini>e, m., a 
noggin, the fourth part of a 

CriAjAiite, g. id., pi. -fM-oe, m., a 
knocker, a cracker. 

CiiAjAijie, g. id., pi. -fti-6e, m., a 
division of land, about 16 acres 
English (Arari). 

CnAj-Aoif , /., an advanced or con- 
siderable age. (A similar use of 
en 45 is found in other com- 
pounds. ) 

CtiASAfinAc, -Aije.y., a crackling 
or rustling noise ; a knocking ; 
a smiting; act of crackling, 
knocking, smiting : if Ann -DO 
cloif peA An $Aex>it5 AJ cnAjj- 
AfinAit, it's there you would 
hear the Irish " rattling," being 
spoken vigorously. 

CnAjj-bftuicce, par-boiled (Aran). 

CnAgog, -6156, -ogA, /., a blow, 
on the face, etc. 

CnAjog, -6156, -6^A,f., a wrinkled 
or furrow-faced woman (O'N.). 

CnAib, -e,/., hemp, a hempen cord ; 
C|iocAi|ie nA cnAibe, a villain, a 
hangman ; p jiAf cnAibe, hemp- 
seed ; cnAib uifce, neck water- 
weed, hemp agrimony. 

CnAibeAc, -bijje, a., hempen. 

CiiAit), -e, -i-oe, /., a scoff, a jeer, 
a flout ; vexation, annoyance 
(contr. from conAix>). 

CnAibeAc, -x>ij;e, a., vexing, scoff- 
ing, jeering. 

CriAixnm, vl. cnAit>, v. intr., I jest, 
jeer, deride, scoff. (This word, 
P. O'C. says, is a great solecism 
in language, and never used by 
a good writer.) 

CtiAiTJceAc. See cnAix>eAC. 

CiiAijim, -jeA-o, v. tr., I griaw ; 
fret, bite, chew, corrode. 

CnAijin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a nog- 
gin ; a little crack : a fissure. 

CnAijteAc, -tije, a., gnawing, 


( 135 ) 


CnAim-piAC, -Ai5,^>/. id., i.,a rook, 

a raven. 
CnAinVjjeAttfiA'o, -ytA, m., a bone- 

cutting, disjointing, lacerating ; 

CnAim-fteAbA-o, -bcA, m., bone- 

breaking, wrenching. 
CtiAitri-peAriiAii, -jteirh^e, a., thick- 

CtiAitri-iiije,/., an armor cubit; a 

cubit in length. 
CtiAinireAC, -p5 e > -T^^CA, /., a 

CtiAinireAit, -AlA, /., act of com- 

plaining, grumbling. 
CtiAiThreoift, -OIIA, -oitn-oe, m., a 

man midwife ; a grumbler. 
CtiAipe, g. id., pi. -pi-be, m., a 

button ; cuic fe 'ti-A ctiAipe, he 

fainted ; CA mo c. weAntA, I am 

CnAipeA-ooifi, -ojtA, -6\\\me, m., a 

CtiAipiti, g. id., pi. -voe, m., a 

little lump or knot, a small 

CruvireACAii, -Ain, pi. id., m., 

a grunter, a grumbler (O'N.) 

CnAipce, g. id., pi. -ci-oe, m., the 

outside stretcher of a bed ; a 

lazy person. 
CnAirciti,, pi. -ixje. m., a bat. 

a club, a cudgel. 
CnAtri, -Airii, -AiriA, m., a bone ; 

c. An JIUCA, the fore-arm ; c. 

muineil, the collar bone ; c. 

f LuAif ce, the hip bone ; c. 

ofotriA, the backbone. 
CriAniAC, -Aije, a., bony. 

CnAtTlA^tAC, -Alj, -ACA, m., 3k 

skeleton ; a stalk, as a potato 

stalk ; cnAtriAtitAC mAi]\te, a 

bony cow (Om..). 
CnAtriAttlAC ctiAibe, m., hemp- 

CriAtTilAc, -Aije, -ACA, /., a big 

fire, a conflagration, a bonfire ; 

a skeleton. 

CnAih-Luf, m., samphire. 
CtiArii-mAfiSA-o, m., shambles. 
CnAiri-tiioti, -moitte, gross-boned, 


os, -6150, -OJA, /., a rem- 
nant ; potatoes with the starch 

CtiAthuiti, -e,/., a gangrene. 

CDAOI, g. id., m., consumption ; 

CiiAoniiTn, vl. cnAoi, v. tr., I con- 
sume, eat, swallow ; I gnaw ; 
intr., I phie, waste away (better 
cnAijim, which see). 

CtiAoix>ce, p. a., weak, wasted, 
exhausted, powerless. 

CtiAp, -Aip, pi. -ApAi-oe, and -AA, 
m., a lump, a mass ; a knob, a 
ball, a button ; anything dense ; 
a dense human head ; a blow, a 
rap, a hard knock ; cnAp PJIACA, 
a good " lump " of a potato ; CA 
f e tiA cnAp, he is sound asleep. 

Cn-apAC, -Aij, -Aije, in., an ugly 
or ungainly person ; c. f mut- 
CAifte (O'Ba.), cf. seAmtA-c. 

CnApAC, -Ai^e, a., knotty, knobby, 
bossy, lumpy. 

CtiApAit, -AtA, /., act of beating, 
striking ; a beating, a smiting. 

CtiApAitn, -A^O, v. tr., I collect 
into little lumps, heap ; I roll up 
clothes, etc. ; raise lumps on, 
strike. See cnAbAim. 

CtiApAi|ie, g. id., pi. -ftix>e, m., a 
strong, stout man ; a striker ; 
a louse. 

CtiApAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a knob ; 
anything large or stout ; a lump ; 
an excresence; in pi., cnApAin, 
lumps in the throat; ctiApAti 
uib, a large egg. 

CHAP-ATIAC, -Aije, a., rough, rugged, 
uneven, knotty. 

CtiApoj, -oije, -OJA, /., a little 
lump ; a tuft ; the nap of cloth 
(in pi.) ; a hillock. 

CnAp fCAtijtA, m., a stumbling 

Cru\puij;ini, -pA-6, v. tr., I collect 
into little lumps, heap ; raise 
lumps on, strike. See ctiApAitn. 

CneAT), -BA-DA and -eit)e, pi. -eAt)- 
AnnA, /., a sigh ; a groan, a pant, 
a grunt, (of animals); pain 
causing a groan. 


( 156 ) 


Cne<v6, g. cnei-oe, d. cnei-6, pi. -A 
and -AC A, ypl. cneAx>,/., a wound, 
a scab, a sore ; cneA'o cftAnice, 
bitter destruction ; Aor- cneATJ, 
the wounded ; cneA'o, in Don. 

CneA-oAc, --oAije, a., wounded, 

CneAT>Ac, -A1J, pi. id., m., a wound- 

CneAT>Ac, -Aije, /., act of com- 
plaining, sighing, groaning, 
grunting, 45 cneA-OAij, grunt- 

CneAT>Ac, -Aije, a., grunting, com- 

CneAT>Aitri, -T>AC, v., intr., I sigh, 
groan, grunt (as an animal) ; pant 
Irom exertion. 

CneATJAitte, g. id., pi. -^niie, m., a 

CneAtiAifteAcc, -A, /., surgery. 

CiieAtTi, -A, in., garlic, wild garlic. 

CneAttiAi|te, g. id., pi. -^roe, TO., a 
mean fellow, a knave, a rogue ; 
cneAtiiAifie (Con.}. 

CneAtriAi^eAcc, -A, /., meanness, 
low knavery. 

CneAr-, -eip , pi. -eip and -CAf A, TO., 
the skin, bark, rind ; waist, neck, 
breast ; complexion ; the trunk 
or body of a tree; cuAitne cneip, 
the extreme peg in a warping 
frame (also/., cf., 'TI-A cneip). 

CneAfAC, -Aie, a., belonging to the 
trunk of a tree, etc. ; having 
skin or rind. 

CncAf AI-OCACC, -A, /., familiarity, 
bed-fellowship ; surgery, heal- 

CneAf-AotcA, a., white -skinned ; of 
a bright, lime- like appearance. 

CneAf -join, -jonA, /., act of skin- 

CneAfCA, p. a., modest, mild, even- 
tempered, humane, civil, gentle, 
courteous, honest ; also healed, 
brought to a skin (as a wound). 

CneAfCAcr, -A, /., modesty, mild- 
ness, honesty ; healing, bringing 
to a skin (as a wound.) 

CneAfugAt), -uijce, m., healing, 
act of healing ; improvement ; a 

CneAf uix>e, g. id., pi. --oce, a com- 
rade, a companion, a bed-fellow 
(one that joins his skin to an- 
other's) ; a surgeon, a healer, 
one that brings on a skin. 

CneAfuijitn, -UJA-O, v. tr., I heal, 
cure ; intr., I heal up. 

Cniocc, -A, m., a soldier, a knight. 

CniopA-6, -ptA, m., a striving, a 

CnfopAifie, fj. id., pi. -fnx>e, TO., a 
poor, mean-spirited rogue. 

CniopAifieAcc, -A, /., meanness, 
mean roguery. 

CmoCAlAim, -Ait, v. tr., I knit. 

Cnif, -e (cneir-), /., the opening 
in the warp made by the gears 
of the loom in weaving. See 

CruceAititn, -eAit, v. tr., I knit 
(A.). See cmocAtAitn. 

Cno (cnu),r. id., pi. cni and cnoice, 
dpi. ctiAib, m. and /., a nut, a 
iilbert ; cno pfiArmcAC, a walnut ; 
cno geAnmnAi-o, a chestnut; cro 
gAexieAtAc, a hazel-nut ; cno 
mitpe, an earth-nut ; cno CAOC, 
a blighted nut; cno cuttt, a 

Cnoc, g. cnuic,^Z. id. and cnocA, m., 
a hill, a height, a mountain; an 
impediment ; a difficulty; mo 
cnoc ! alas ! ftu-o T>O CAOAific 
oon cnoc, to vomit something ; 
pron. cjioc often in Con. and U. 

CnocAc, -Ai.^e, a., hilly, uneven. 

CnocAi|teAcc, -A, /., sauntering 
about the hills. 

CnocAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hillock, 
a height; mo cnoc if mo cnocAn 
p ATJA suittc ! woo, woe, alas ! 

CnoCAnAc, -Aije, a., hilly, uneven. 

CnocAfi, -AIJI, m., coll., hills (top.). 

Cno-coitt, /., a nut-grove. 

Cnoc-conn, -cumne, pi. -conncA, 
/., a wave mountain high. 

Cn6x>Aitte, g. id., pi. -ftix>e, m -> 
a nut-crackers ; a dealer or 
gatherer in nuts. 

Cno-oAijteAcc, -A, /., a gathering 
of nuts ; a dealing in nuts. 

Cnoicin, g. id., pi. -1-60, m., a little 
hill; ",Aii Cnoicin fnAoic," "The 


( 157 ) 


Little Heathery Hill," a well 

known air ; also cnuicin. 
CnottiAji, -Aijte, a., abounding in 

CnorAC, -Atj, m., act of gathering 

(nuts, etc.) ; heaping together. 

See cnuA] % Ac. 
CIIOCA, g. id., pi. -AiT>e, m., a knot ; 

a bow of ribbons ; a cockade ; 

"An CnocA tK\n," "The White 

Cockade/' a well known air. 
Cnu. See cno. 
CniiAf , -Air, pi. id., m., a collection ; 

treasure ; recollection, reflection. 
CmiAr AC, -AIJ, m., act of gathering 

(fruit, etc.) ; heaping together ; 

a cluster (of grapes, nuts, etc.). 
CiniAf ACC, -A, /., a storing ; a 

treasure ; reflection. 
CrTJAfAim, -AX), v. tr., I collect, 

gather, glean. 
CmJAfAiite, g. id., pi. -pitfe, m., a 

collector, a gatherer. 
CmiAfCAfi, -AIJI, in., a heap, a 

CnuAfcoiji, -6jiA, -6i]iix>e, m., a 

collector, a gatherer; a miser. 
CiniAf uijitn, -fAC, v. tr., I gather, 

glean, collect, hoard, scrape to- 

gether. Sec cnuAfAim. 
CnucAipc, -AfitA, /., act of 

"footing" turf, i.e., setting it 

on end in small heaps to dry 

(heard in some parts of M.). 
Cm'ixMn, -Am, pi. id., m., a gurnet, 

a gurnard (lish). 
Cn5A, ff. id., pi. -1-60, m., the end 

of a hammer, a lump, a hard 

head; a round prominent fore- 

head ; the thole-pin of a boat or 

CnujjAtjie, g. id., pi. -ftnje, m., a 

person with a round prominent 

Cnuirii, -untie, -utiiA, /., a worm, a 

maggot, a mite (nom. also cnurii). 
CniuriieAC, -mije, a., abounding in 

worms or maggots. 
Cnumieoj, -otje, -O.^A, /., a worm, 

a maggot, a mite (nom. also 

CminheojAC, -Aije, a., aboundin 
in worms or maggots. 

CnucAjttAn, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a pig- 

Co, prep., also sign of adverb, now 
written 50. 

Co-, coi-, sometimes used in com- 
pounds for com, coirii, con, 
coin, particularly before some 
words beginning with c or r. 

CobAc, -AI 5, pi. id., m., a clown, a 
boor, a churl. 

CotJAit, g. colilA, pi. id. and 
coioleACA, /., an enclosure ; a 
woman's stays, etc. See CADAII. 

CobAift. Sec cAt)Ai}t. 

CoblAc, -tAij, pi. id., tn., a fleet ; 
a tax (Aran) ; ni't mAOin nA 
cobtAc Aije, he has neither 
wealth nor the means of acquir- 
ing it ; the ruined walls of a 
house. See. CAblAc. 

CobfAi-6, -e, a., strong, firm, 

CoofAi-oeAcc, -A, /., valour, 
bravery, strength. 

COOCAC, m., a sudden blast of wind 


Coc, -A,^. id., m., a cock, a tuft ; a 
decoration worn on the head ; 
the comb of a cock. 

COCA, g. id., pi. -Aixie, m., a cock 
(as of hay, etc.). 

CocAipe, g. id., pi. -jnx>e, m., a 

CocAitie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., an 
impertinent fellow. 

CocAijteAcc, -A, a cooking, cookery. 

CocAifieACC, -A, /., impertinence. 

CocAlt, -Aill, pi. id., m., a 
cloak, a hood, a mantle, a cope 
or chasuble ; the cowl of a 
monk or wizard ; a bag ; a 
sort of pocket not ; a tmsh 
of furze, etc. ; a curl, a plait 
(of the hair) ; a pod, a husk or 
shell ; the round pad women 
wear on their heads for protec- 
tion when carrying anything 
heavy (as gallons of water) ; the 
pericranium ; a frown ; anger, 
wrath, fury ; cuip cocAlt p|<r 
Vein, bestir yourself, get into 
an earnest mood ; CA cocAtl AS 
Aiji, ho is getting furi- 


( 138 ) 


oits, preparing to fight ; -out i 

gcocAtt A ceile, to tear one 

another's heads. 
CofcALl/Ac, -Aije, a., hooded, robed; 

earnest ; angry; bushy, husky, 

CocAn, -Airi, pi. id., m., a curl, a 

plait of the hair ; a top-knot 

(dim. of coc). 
COCATI, -Ain, m., straw. 
COCATIAC, -Aije, a., in curls (of the 

hair), in knots. 
CoclAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a fillet, a 

hair lace. 
CoclAC, -Ai^e, a., braided, filleted. 

See cocAltAC. 
Cocoil, -e, /., a burr ; common 

burdock ; a country lout. 
Cocoit,, -6tA, -6itiT>e, /., a cap 

worn in a flaunting fashion ; a 

"cuckold" (cocoilin,cKm.); also 

cocot, g. and pi. -oil. 
Cocyot, -A, pi. id., m., a target, a 

Co-o, -OTO, pi. id., m., a pledge, an 

assurance ; T>O cuifi f e mAji c6x> 

ojim, he enjoined on me to do so. 

COT>All,, -T>AtrA, and COTllA^A 

(pron. cotl/ACA), /., sleep, act of 

CoT>AitceAc, -cije, -cijce, m., a 


, -Ail/, m., a kind of fish, 
c, -Aije, a., quarrelsome ; 

raging ; fAififige c., an asngry 

sea (Aran). 

je, a., sleepy, drowsy, 
j, - AI j;e, m., a sleeper. 
-A, /., sleepiness, 

CoTJAtunie, g. id., pi. -ote, in., a 

sleeper ; a dormitory. 
Cot)Am, -Aim, m., dandriff. 
Co'OAiimAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a boor, 

an ignorant rustic ; co-DAmAn, id. 
CoT>AnmAiiAc, -Aijje, a., vulgar, 

low ; TAG c. ATI riiAife "ovuu e ? 

was it not a low, vulgar act on 

your part ? 
CoTiAfimAnuA, indee. a., boorish, 

low, vulgar, awkward. 
ConAHfriA, a., contrary, conflict- 
ing, adverse. 

Co-olA-6, -nAtcA, and 'olArA, m., 
sleep, act of sleeping; COT>IA-O 
ojii u it ic, numbness, stiipor; "pins 
and needles" ; co'olA-o oiuiciti'ti, 
id. (Aran) ; contAt) ojiutACAin, 
id. (Kildarc) co-otAT) glu^Aic, 
id. (Mcath) ; COT>IAT> -ojiutiAic, id. 
(Mon.) ; co-ot/A-6 5tu|iA3Ain, id. 
(Don.); co-otA'6 oinutAic (Con.). 

Co^otA-o Sfiibcin, numbness or 
tingling feeling in arm or leg 
from imperfect circulation or 
over-rest (M.). 

Co'otAi'oin, -e, -iTie, m., whito 
poppy, opium. 

CotJtAim, -otAtJ, 2 s. imper. conAit, 
fut. and cond. coineot- and cox>- 
toc-, I sleep (also co-otujim). 

Cotit-ArAti, -Ain,^. id., m., a trout; 
a sleeper (Om.) ; HA f BACC gcot)- 
tACAin, the seven sleepers, i.e., 
seven birds that hibernate. 

Cox>nAc, -A1J, -A1J, m., a lord, a 
chief, a captain. 

Co-onAc, -Aije, a., charitable, kind- 
hearted, generous. 

Cot>nACAf, -Aif, m., patronage, 
protection, generosity. 

Coxiog, -6156, -OJA, f., a haddock. 

Cox)|iAit)eAnrA, tidy, neat (Con.). 

CoT>fiomiA, indec. a., uncivilized, 
foreign, strange. 

Cop jiA, g. id., pi. -Ai-oe, m., a chest. 
a coffer. 

CogAc, -Aije, a., warlike, apper- 
taining to war. 

COJATD, g. -A1-6, pi. -A1-6 and -JCA, 
m., war, battle. 

CogAim, -AT), v. tr., and intr., 1 
war, make war. 

CojAinc, -AncA, /., act of chow- 
ing, gnawing ; cogAinc piActA, 
gnashing of teeth ; AJ cojAinc 
TIA tiojcooije, chewing the 
thumb, with a view to foretell- 
ing ; AJ co^Ainc TIA cfjie, chew- 
ing the cud; CAJAIIIC in Con. 
and U. generally. 

COJA!/, -Ait, m., corn-cockle, tares, 
herb-cockle ; a bearded ear of 
barley ; alloy ; co^At -oeAtij, 
cockle-weed ; cogAt jojim, 
purple violet. 


( 159 ) 


, -mid, a., warlike. 
CojAriilAcc, -A, /., warfare. 
CosAnrAC, -A15, m., the jaws ; tlio 
grinders ; the back part of the 

CojAticAc, -Aijje, a., gnawing, 

I, -AIJI, m., a whisper; 

& teir: cugAtn, cojAijt 
, come here tul I tell you; 

conspiracy, mutiny ; OAII 500- 

jAji, conspiring against us ; tA 

A mittce 6 cosAfi x>o cuiji, the 

day it was plundered he caused 

it to cease from conspiring. 
CogAjtn AC, -Aije, /., act of whisper- 

ing, conspiring, plotting ; a plot, 

a whispering, a conspiracy. 
CojAjitiAd, -Aij, -Aije, m., a con- 

spirator, a whisperer. 
CojnA-o, -5AticA, m., chewing, 

ruminating, gnashing of teeth. 

See cojAinc. 
0511 Aim, -jAinc.and -511 A-O, 2s. 

imper. cogAin, v. tr,, I chew, 

bite, gnaw. 
C05HAC (co5A]iA6), -Aig, -Aije, m., 

a conspirator, a whisperer. 
Co5(iAc, -Atje, a., whispering, 

coospiring (also cojApAc). 
Co5tAX>, -5A|<cA, m., a conspiracy. 
CosjiAim, vl. co5Aft and COJAJI- 

nAc, v. tr., I whisper, attend, 

hearken to; cojAip 1 teic cAm 

is used as an invitation to a 

secret colloquy. 
COJCAC, -Aise, a., rebellious, quar- 


COJCAC, -AIJ, -Ai^e, m., a warrior. 
CogutbAf, -Aip, m -> ^Q conscience. 

bee co^Af. 

0511 of AC, -Aije, a., conscientious. 
Co^uifi-oe, pi., medicine, drugs; 

dainties; c. -OOCCUHA, doctor's 

medicine (Don.}. 
Coib, -e, -6AnnA, /., a copy ; a 

priest's vestment or cope (O'N.). 
Coiftce, g. id., pi. -BACA, /., hire, 

wages, pay, debt. 
Coioeif, -e, /., equity, justice, 

Coioeij'GAc, -p5 e > a ; jiwt, equi- 

table, impartial, 

Coibtei]i, -6A|tA, -6r,nt)C 

cobbler (^4.). 
Coiotije, g. id., pi. -jce, m., the 

law of correlatives, such as lord 

and vassal. 
CoioneAf, -nif, -neAfrA, m., a 

neighbour, relation ; neighbour- 

hood. See coimneAf. 

(coiccix)if, cot5x>if, 
if), -e, -eACA, /. See 

CoiccijeAf, -jif 1 ,^. i^., m.,a fort- 

night or fifteen days. 
Cofoce, adv., ever ; always ; with 

neg., never (time to come) ; 

A c., for ever ; somet. cofodinn 

CoroeAf, -"oif, pi. id., m., anti- 

CoipeAC, -15 (cuAipeAc), m., a 

squall or sudden gust of wind 

Coippin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, /., the 

pix that holds the consecrated 


0613, .1. CU1J, five. 
Coijcjiioc, -ice, -IOCA, /., a foreign 

country ; ap coiscfiic, on a 

neighbour's land (Tyrone). 
Coiscpioc, -ice, a., strange, foreign. 
Cotjcttioc, -ftij, pi. id. and -fiiocA, 

m., a stranger, a foreigner (0015- 

cjujeAC, ia.}. 
Coi5C|tiocA6, -Aii;e, a., strange, 

foreign, remote ; pertaining to 

the confines or marches of 

a country ; also as subs., a 

stranger, a foreigner. 
CoiscjiiocAf, -Aif, pi. id., m., dis- 

tance or remoteness of country. 
Coij;e, coi^ea-D. See CUIJCA-O. 
CoijeAt, -eite and -BAI/A, pi. -eAl- 

ACA, /., a distaff ; tho portion of 

flax, etc., placed on a distaff to 

be spun (also cot^eAt and 

CoiscAtAc, -A15, m., the quantity 

ot flax, hemp, etc., on a distaff; 

Jig., an awkward, untidy person, 

with unkempt hair. 
CoiseAttiATTibATi fi-6e,<7. co^ette, 

"]c., groat cat's tail, or reed- 

mace ; typha latifolia. 


( 100 ) 


Coijeite (coinVceile), g. id., pi. 
-tnie, m., a companion ; also 
coigle (U.). 

Coijil. See coijeAl. 

Collie, -e, /., act of sparing, 
reserving ; saving up ; covering 
over ; a raking up of the fire to 
preserve it. 

Coislim, -Jilt:, v. tr., I spare, 
reserve, hide, cover over ; AJ 
coijilc IIA ceineAT), covering 
up tire-sparks with ashes to pre- 
serve them. 

Coislijim, v. tr., I escort, I accom- 
pany (P. O'C.) ; -oo coiglijeAr 
A bAile e, I escorted him homo. 

Coilbin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a small 
shaft or stem ; a shank, a stalk, 
a shoot, a twig ; a bud, a sprig, 
a sprout of a plant ; a small 
post, a pillar or pedestal (dim. 
of coltiA). 

CoileAc, -lij;, pi. id., m., a cock, a 
male bird ; coileAc peA'OA, a 
woodcock, a pheasant ; coileAc 
pjiAnncAc, a turkey (male) ; 
coileAc FJIAOIC, m., a grouse 
(male) ; coileAC jAoice, a 
weather cock. 

CoileAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a whelp, 
a puppy, a young dog ; coileAn 
Af At, an enchanted whelp. 

CoileAfiAc, -Aije, a., having col- 
lars or capes. 

Coileiii, -eAfiA, -eijii'oe, m., a 
collar ; also a quarry, pit, mine. 

CoiljjneAc, -nije, a., irritable. 

Coilg-feAfAtri, g., -fAitii and-priiA, 
m., standing erect; -o'eitnj f e 'HA 
c., he stood up straight (M.). 

Coitice, g. id.,f., the colic, gripes. 

Coitijin, g. id., m., the colic. 

CoitineAc, -mj, pi. id., m., a 
colonist ; somet. coitin. 

CoitineAdc, -A, /., a colony. 

Coilif, -e, -6ACA, /., cabbage. 

Coitice, g. id., m., the central 
sheaf in a corn-stack ; the heart 
or centre of a thing ; the middle 
of a stream (also cuilice). 

Coiticin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a bil- 
low (W. Ker.). See coitite. 

Co ilt, -e, -re, /., a wood, a grove ; 
coitt en 6, a hazel wood (gen. 
also coitteAT> in Don.). 

Cotlte (probably from callenrfai), 
the first day of the year, Now 
Year's Day ; ta eite Coitte, 
or I,A Coiite, Feast of Circum- 
cision ; in North and West, New 
Year's Day is called t1ox>tAi5 
t)eA<5 and LA tlontAS beAj. 

CoitteAta, -tee, m., castration, 
the act of gelding. 

CoitleAfitiAc, -Ai5, -A15C, m., a 
woody place. 

Coittim, vl. coittc (sp. I.), coitt- 
eAt), v. tr., I geld, castrate ; I 
ruin, destroy (often spelled 
CAittim and cAittc). 

Coitti'n, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a small 
hazel wood ; a small hazel nut 
(dim. of cott). 

Coitt-miAf, -riieife, -miArA, /., a 
wooden dish or bowl. 

Coitice, p. a., gelded, castrated; 
ruined, destroyed. 

CoitlceAc, -cij, pi. id., m., a 
wooded place. 

CoillceAtriAil, -nilA, a., woody. 

CoillceAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., an 
eunuch ; a gelding. 

CoillceAnAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 

Coillceoiji, -OfiA, -oitinie, m., a 
woodman, a wood-cutter. 

Coillceoi|t, -OJIA, -oi^i-oe, m., one 
who castrates, gelds. 

Coilme, g. id.,f., hardness. 

CoilmeAcc, -A, /., harshness, hard- 

CoitTi, prep, com, in composition 
before a consonant followed by 
a slender vowel or diphthong ; 
equal, as (akin to Latin con-, 
co-, com-) ; often it is only 
strengthening, and in some 
cases does not even intensify 
much, as coimxieAf sometimes 
means little more than simply 

Coirn, -e, /., skirt, bosom ; cover- 
ing ; A c., under protection ; 
colloq., underhand, secret; ^ uAijt 
f AOI coim 


( 161 ) 


who got a secret whisper from 

an evil spirit (Meath song} ; 

coirn JM cic, a protection from 

a shower ; polAC fA coim, con- 

Coimbeijum, v. tr. and intr., I 

Coitribeo-ouijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I 

Coitrioic, -beACA, m., life, co- 

CoirribjtioJACA'o, -CCA, m., consub- 

CoirnbtiifeAX), -fee, m., act rf 

breaking down utterly or com 

Coitribfiir itn, -f GAT), v. tr., I break 

to pieces. 
Coiriicexvouijim, -5<vo, v. intr., 

I consent. 
c6iTriceAl5, -eitje, /., a con- 

CoimceAnjAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a 

bond, a conspiracy ; alliance, 

union, covenant, league ; the 

binding stanza of a song. 
CoiiViccAn^tAim, -jAt, v. tr., I 

unite, couple, compare. 
CoitriceAnnAc, -Aijje, a., com- 


CoiriiceAntiACC, -A, /., commerce. 
Coithceile, g. id., pi. -live, m., r. 

comrade, a companion. 
Comiceim, g. -ceime, pi. -ceim- 

CATitiA, gpl. -ceimeAnn,m., equal 

degree or dignity. 
CoimceivrmeAC, -tnje, a., accom- 

panying, concurrent. 
CoitTiceimneAcc, -A, /., concomi- 

tancy, concurrence. 


compan3', keep the same step as. 
CoitViceimfieAC, -fSe, ., con- 

Coimceot, -oit, -oLcA, in., a con- 

cert, harmony, chorus ; singing 

in harmony. 
CoitriceolAC, -Aije, ., choral, 

Coitriceot'|iui'6e, g. id., m., a 

C6imcineAl, m., a fellow, one of 

the same race. 

C6imctiAiiu\;n, m., a brother-in- 
law, a father-in-law, a son-in- 
law, or any other close relative 
by marriage. The husbands of 
sisters are more strictly called 
each a coitrictiAriiAin. 

CoitTicneimeAT), -trice, m., act of 
gnawing fiercely. 

Coirnc-pioc, -ice, ., of the same 
nation (O'N.). 

Coini6tiioflAc, m., the confines 
or borders (O'N.). 

CoimcfNC, -fteACA, pi. id., /., a 
violent trembling. 

C6iTTictiititn, -ctiii, v. intr., I 
tremble violently. 

Coiirroe, g. --oeA-6, d. --oi-o, m., the 
Lord God, the Trinity ; a pro- 

Coinroe, g. id., m., a slice ; c. 
AftAin, a slice of bread. 

CoirrttJeAc, -"oije, a., safe, secure. 

Coim'oeAcc, -A, /., act of accom- 
panying ; attendance, protec- 
tion, company, escort ; cutriAt 
coniroeAccA, lady-in-waiting ; 
1 jcoitiToeAcc te, in company 
with ; AinjeAL conritJeACCA, a 
guardian angel (coinnteAtc is 
often used in this sense in M.). 

CoirrraeAiiAifi, -TICA and -nAitrt, m., 
compounding, composition. 

CoitTToeAji&Aim, -At), v. tr., I con- 
firm, certify. 

CoitiroeAfij;, --0611156, a., very 

CoinvoeAnrctioijie, p. a., refined, 
accomplished, perfect. 

CoiriroeAf, --oeire, a., convenient, 
suitable, well adapted ; very 
nice ; ambidexter ; all the one, 
all the same, equal, indifferent 
(i.e. = cum A). 

c6itri i 6io6tiA, a., ardent, diligent. 

CoiniT>me, in phr. couiroijie m\ 
ctiAice, the bird that follows the 
cuckoo (Der.). 

CoiriToifteAd, -jtije, a., straight, 

ConiieAcc, -A, /., correspondence 

CoinieA-o, -CA, m., keeping, pro- 
tection, guardianship. 


( 1C2 ) 


CoimeAtD, -CA, m., keeping, protec- 
tion (used colloquially in M. for 

CoitrieA'OAitn, vl. coimeAt), I hold, 
preserve, keep, guard, watch 
(coimeA'OAitn, colloq. id.). 

CoitrieAtDoifi, -6jiA, -6i-jtiT>e, m., a 
keeper or guardian, an overseer. 

CoiriieAxitii-oe, g. id., --ore, m,., a 
custodian, a keeper, a guard 
(coimeAT)Ai-6e, colloq. id.). 

ConiieAf, -rA, TO., comparison, 
equality (also coitiimeAf ). 

CoitrieAf Aim, -riieAf, v. tr., I com- 
pare, liken, equal. 

CoimeAf CA1-6, -e, a., equally ready, 
very ready. 

CoimeArcAim, -ATI, v. tr., I mix, 
commingle, compound, amalga- 

CoitVieAfCAijroeAf ,-T>if, m., mutual 

CoiriieAfCAfi, -Ai-ft, TO., fight, com- 
bat, conflict. 

ComieipeAcc, -A, /., co-efficiency ; 
co-efficacy ; equal importance. 

Coiriiei-peAccAc, -Aije, a., co- 
efficient, of equal importance. 

CoitrieiseAn, -3111, m., force, con- 

CoiriieijeAncAC, -Aije, a., forcing, 

CoitrieijneAC, -tiije, a., forcing, 

CoimeisniujjA-o, -rnjce, m., act of 

Coiriieitijteoifi, -O^A, -oifi-oe, m., 
a competitor ; a candidate for 
the same thing. 

Coiirieinje, g. id., /., insurrec- 

Coimeitijim, -ei^se, v. intr., I join 
forces with, I co-assist, rise with 

Coimeicil, /., united flight. 

CoitrieotAC, -Aije, ., equally 
acquainted ; very learned ; 

CotriipeA-oAin, -x>nA, /., a troop, a 

CoiiripeAfi, -pif, pi- id., m., a mate, 
a fellow. 

-oA, indec. a., very manly. 

C6itripiA-6iiAif e, y. id., pi. -p-oe, /., 

a witness. 
Coimpijim, -fije, v. tr., I dispose, 

arrange ; I bind together. 
Coiniptiuc, -ice, a., very wet ; 

equally wet. 
CoiTriFjteAjAinc, -AjitA, /., an 

answer ; a correspondence. 
CoiriiFiieASAftcAC, -Aije, a., cor- 
responding, agreeing. 
CoiriiptieAjAntAcc, -A,/., concord- 
ance, correspondence ; act of 

CoiriipneAjfiA, m., concordance, 

correspondence ; act of replying, 

CoitTiFfi eAjfiAim, S^iftc, v. tr., I 

suit, correspond, agree. 
CoiriijeAtt. See coinjeAlt. 
C6imjeA|t|iA i 6, -JICA, pi. id., m., 

concision ; curtailment. 
CoitrijteAf Aim, v. tr., I compose ; 

I ferment. 
C6itri5leAfui-6e, g. id., pi. -x>te, 

m., a compositor. 
Coiiiijteic, -e, TO., a conflict, a 

struggle ; a duel or single 

Conrijtic, -e, a., very prudent or 

discreet ; equally prudent or 

CoitTijfieATnuijim, -IIJ;AT>, v. tr., 

I adhere, cling to ; I bind closely 

CoinnA-oAim, --OAT), v. intr. and tr., 

I qonspire ; I bind together. 
CoitinA-ocA, p. a., quite closed. 
CoiriiijteAC, -tij, -teACA, TO., a 

stranger, a foreigner. 
CoitrnjceAC, -cije, a., strange, 

unlike ; foreign ; wild, rude, 

uncivil ; shy ; often used as an 

epithet of pAififse, etc. ; unre- 
claimed (of land). 
CoinujceAf, -A, TO., strangeness, 

foreignness ; wildness : shyness ; 

5An c., without being bashful ; AJ 

oeAriAtTi coitTiijceAf A, "making 

Conrnlim, -tr, v. tr., I rub, rub 

down, touch. See cuirmlitn. 
Coimitre, p. a., rubbed. See 


( 163 ) 


, g. id., /., co-emigra- 

Coimin (cimin in sp. I.}, g. id., pi. 

-roe, m., suburbs, pasture land 

of a village, pasture lands, 

commons ; a glen. 
C6iriiiomV.Ati,-Aine, a., full, entire. 
CoimionAnn, -Ainne, a., equal, co- 

equal, equivalent. 
CoitrnongAncAc, -Aije a., won- 

derful, equally wonderful. 
Courmice (also cotnAijic, ff. -e), 

g. id., /., protection, patronage, 

safeguard ; colloquially, com- 

pAije, coinijiije ; c. -ovnc, you 

are safe in my house? mo c. 

ojic, be merciful to me ; x>o 

riAi^c ri A c. AIJI, she besought 

him to protect her ; c. T)e 

ofim, may God protect me ! 

c. *Oe cuJAinn, God be merciful 

to us ! 
Coimificceoift, -OJIA, -oijiroe, m., 

a saviour, a guardian, a pro- 

CoitriipeAt, -pte, a., flat through- 

out, level. 
CoitriieAJA-o, -AJCA, m., liquefac- 

tion, amalgamation. 
CoinileASAim, v. tr., I amalga- 

mate, compound. 
CotriileAnj, -A, -AT>A, /., a race, a 

C6tirileArtriiAin, -rhtiA, pi. id., /., 

a consequence. 
CoimleAptAC, -Aij, m., a bed- 

fellow, a consort. 
CoimteApcAnAf, -Aif, ?>?., act of 

lying in bed together. 
CoitrileACAn, -leicne, a., very 

wide, expansive. 
Coimtein, in phr., mAr>A-6 cotrii- 

teiti, a racing dog (Der.). See 

C6imtiim, coimtige. See COTTI- 

tuijim, c6tTilui5e. 
Coiiritinc, -e, /., act of con- 

tending in a race, etc. Seecoith- 

Coimlioti, -ttn, m., a multitude, 

an assembly. 
CoinilionAt), -ncA, pi. id., m., 

accomplishment, completion. 

CoimlionAim, -AT>, v. tr., I fulfil, 
finish, fill up. 

Conations, -lonjA, -icrijA'dA, /., 
a race ; a course. See coinV 
leAnj, coimtem, ^c. 

ConiitionjAX), -SCA, m., the regular 
march of an army. 

CoitritionjAitn, -AX>, V. intr., I run 
or march with another or others. 

CoitiitionmAft, -Aipe, a., numerous, 
plentiful, populous. 

CoiriitiotitA, p. a., completed ; ful- 
filled (as a prophecy). 

ConritioncAc, -Aij;e, a., fulfilling, 

CoimtioncAcc, -A, /., a fulfilling, 
an accomplishment. 

CoitTilioncom, m., a fulfiller ; one 
who accomplishes anything. 

CoimtTieA-o, -eix>e, a., of equal size. 

CoimtrieAf , -f CA and -A, m., act of 
comparing (with, p e, le) ; com- 
parison ; if c. "oo, it is compar- 
able to ; cup 1 50. le, to compare 
with (also coiriieAf ). 

CoimtTieAfAim, vl. -tiieAf, V. tr., 
I compare, I collate. 

CoinitrieAfCAT), -ctA, m., act of 
mixing, commingling. 

CoirhriieAfCAim, -A^O, v. tr. and 
intr., I commingle, I mix to- 
gether, I compound. 

CoininieAfCA, p. nee. and p. a., 
measurable, comparable ; equal 
in value, equivalent. 

C6itriTriinic, a., very frequent, of 
equal frequency. 

CoiiiineAfc, -niftr, m., equal 
strength ; confirmation. 

CoiriineAfiruijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I 
confirm, strengthen. 

CoitTineAp tuitjte, p. a., confirmed, 

CoinineAf ,-titp ,m., neighbourhood, 
proximity ; consanguinity, kin- 
dred ; as a., near, close to. 

CotmreAfA, comp. of comyojuf, 
near, next. 

CoimneAfAim, -AT>, v. tr., I ap- 

CoimtieAfCACc, -A, /., proximity, 
neighbourhood ; cotirmeAf ACC, 


CoitTipi.An.A-6, -ncA, m., act of 

punishing together, of severely 


CoiiripteArc, m., a loud noise. 
Coimplex, the physical constitu- 

ConiiptteAiriAim, -AT>, v. intr., I 

take root, have a common 

CoiiriiieAbAini, -AT>, v. tr., I break, 

tear, lacerate. 
CoitrineAtc, -eitce, pi. -eild'oe 

and -eAtCA, /., a constellation. 
CoiriifteAtii, -jutTi, m., computation, 

counting, a reckoning ; the full 

number ; CA Ati comntteAtri 

Anoif AgAm, I have got the full 

number now ( W. Ker.). 
CoiriijieAiriAfi, -fieitritie, a., very 

thick, equally thick or fat. 
CoiriijieAns, -emge, -AiT>e, /., a 

wrinkle, a welt ; a cord, a string 

CoiriijieAnn, "]c. See cotri 

CoitTifieix), -e, a., level, smooth. 

CoiriifieirneAf, -tnif, m., competi- 
tion, rivalry. 

Coinrpeimmjim, -IUJATD, v, intr., I 
proceed, advance. 

Coitritieifi, /> congruity, con- 
struction, syntax, concord, an- 
alogy ; uniformity. 

C6itiitieitiim, -fieifi, v. intr., I 
agree, acquiesce. 

C6itrifiiAtiAitn, -A-6, v. tr., and intr. 
(with AJI), I serve, attend on, 
dispense to, rule, govern. 

Coitnjiije (also comfiAitje, cutn- 
ftAii;e), colloq. form of coimi|ice, 
comAifce ; coim-pije m'AnAtnA 
ojic, protection of my soul on 
you (Der.) ; cuijt o^m c. 'n 
citteA-6 ftAn, wish me a safe 
return (Armagh song). 

Coitritiitim, -fiit, v. intr., I run 
along with, in company with. 

CoirripcjieAf, -A, -CA, m., a record, 
an account. 

Coimpe, indec. a., moderate, tem- 
pesate (as a meal, etc.). 

Coitnfe, g. id., /., sufficiency, 
moderation ; much, many ; Af c., 
out of moderation, excessive ; 

in Af c., excessve ran, a 

downpour (Don.). See cuimfe. 
CoimpeAC, -fije, a., moderate, 

temperate. See coimpe. 
CoimpeAC, -fije, a., powerful, 

CoimpeAcc, -A, /., temperance, 


Coimp CAjniA, indec. a., tidy. 
CoiTrifeAf Atri, -Aim, m., competi- 

tion, equality, equilibrium. 
Conrif eAf riiAC, -Aije, a., constant, 


a fellow-servant. 
Coiiiif gteo, g. id., m., a conflict, an 

Coitnfijim, -i5AT>, v. tr., I com- 

prehend ; I keep within bounds ; 

I moderate. See cuimfisitn. 
Coitnpijjte, a., comprehensible ; 

kept within bounds. 
CoiriifineAt), -nee, m., act of har- 

monizing, being in agreement 

with (le) ; stretching at the 

same time ; lying down simul- 

taneously ; spread, extension, 

expansion (early Mod. Ir.) ; 

continuation, prolongation (Mid. 

C6iTTifi'niTtt,-fi'neA'6, v.<r., I stretch 

equally, I harmonize ; I spread, 

I extend (early Mod. Ir.). 
Coirhfince, p. a., harmonized, in 

accord with. 
CoiriifleAccA'o, -cuii;ce,i., a joint 

CoitriftieAnj;, -em^e, -Ai-oe, /., a 

welt ; a string, a cord. See 

or haul uniformly. 
CoiriiieAc, a., wild, exotic. See 

CoitriceACAf, -Aif, m., co-habita- 

Coiirii:eAcc, -A, m., concord, con- 


-if, m., an occupa- 
tion of the same house. See 


CoiiricijeAj'Ac, a., co-habiting, 
occupying the same house ; as 

( 165 ) 


suba., a dweller in the same 

house with another. 
Coitnctonol, -oil, -lea, m., 

assembly, meeting, community, 

congregation ; the laity (as dis- 

tinct from clergy). (Tho word 

is coitritiolAn in Co. Donegal, 

and coriicAtAn or cotiicAlon in 

CoitricionolAitn, -ATI, v. tr., I as- 

seml)lo, I call together. 
Coirhc-piAll, -Ai-ll, m., commence- 

ment, undertaking. 
C6imijtiAll, -Aill, m., marching 

or walking together. 
Coinbile, g. id., m., the dogberry 

Coin6liocc (= compliocc = con- 

flictus), -A, m., conflict. 
Coin-oeAlj, -eilje, /., contention, 

persuasion, comparison. 
CoinxteAljAim, -AT>, v. tr., I ad- 

vise, I persuade, I convince. 
Com-ojiip , -e, /., a dog briar. 
CompeApCAji, -Af, m., evening, 

twilight ; p.A c., in the evening; 

le c. nA hoix>ce, at dusk (17.) ; 

coineAptAp (Dcr.) ; coinippce 

(Glens of Ant.}. 

CoinpeApcjiAC, -Aije, a., late. 
Com-piACAil, g. -cAile and -Aide, 

pi. -ctA, /., a dog tooth. 
Com-piAt), -AIT), pi. -T>A, m., a 

hound-stag, a fine stag (con i.s 

intonsitive) (O'Ra.). 
Com-piA-oAc, -415, m., a hound 

Coing, -e, -eACA, /., a yoke, a tie ; 

001115 1'iAJAlrA, a statute, a law. 
ComjeAll, -Jill, pi. id., in., a 

condition, covenant, obligation ; 

a pledge (pron. coinjioll). 
ComjeAllAC, -Aije, a., condi- 

tional, according to terms of 

agreement ; faithful to one's 


ComjeAllcA, ., conditional. 
Coingifi, -e, /., a couple, a pair ; a 

team of plough-horses ; a yoko 

between two ; two sheep, etc., 

yoked ; cui^i|i (Afon.). 

couple ; plough -traces. 

CotniceA|i, -eif, pi. id., m., a rabbit- 
warren, a burrow ; a rough 

Coinin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a coney, 
a rabbit ; ip peA|i|i j^eim x>e c. 
'TIA X)A jjieim xie CAC, one bite 
of a rabbit is better than two 
of a cat. 

joinmeA'o, -A, m., act of keeping, 
billeting ; " coigny." 

Coinne, y. id., /., an appointment, 
a meeting, an expectation ; CA 
coinne AJATTI teif, I expect to 
meet him, or, that he will arrive ; 
lOtiAt) coinne, a trysting-place ; 
jAn coinne, unexpectedly ; i 
jcoinne, against, towards ; 45 
oul im" coinne, opposing me, 
turning out contrary to my 
expectations, too hard for mo 
to master; d. often coinnib ; 
op comne An tije, opposite or 
over against the house (Don.) ; 
oul 1 jcoinne, to fetch ; ceix> 
pA coinne uipce, go for water ; 
ni T>eApAinn iu comnib, I am 
inclined to agree with you ; op 
coinne A ceile, over against each 
other ; op coinne A n-eAt>An, 
before their faces ; lonA-o cinnce 
comne, a fixed or certain place 
of meeting ; p<i coinne, to fetch, 
for, for the purpose of (Con. and 
Don.) ; t)o (A) coinne, for, for 
the purpose of (Don.). 

Comne Al, -nle, -nli-oe,/., a candle, 
a torch. 

ComneAl-OArA-6, -OAi-oce (somet. 
\iscd as culj.), m., excommunica- 
tion ; "candle-extinguishing." 

ComneAl-OAtAirn, -DACAX>, v. tr., 
I excommunicate. 

Comne-ACAm, -CA^I, -cpACA, m., 
the wife's father ; a father-in- 

Comntb. See coinne. 

Coinnil. See cuniuul. 

Coinnle, g. id., pi. -AA, /., a stem, 
a bud. 

ComnleAC, -lij, -leACA, m., a 
stubble ; conlAC (Don.). 

Comnleos, -0150, -OJA, /., a stalk, 
a bud, 


166 ) 

Coinnleoiji, -QjtA, 

Coinnti'n, g. id., pi. -m-oe, m., a 
straw pipe ; a withered stem or 
blade of grass ; c. jieox>A, an 

Com-jteAcc, -A, m., laws relating to 

Coinfjteo, g. id., m., struggle, 
conflict ; Afi mo coitif jjleo is a 
form of asseveration in M., but 
in that form coinpjteo is prob- 
ably a substitute for comjMAf, 
conscience. See jteo. 

Coittfsleo-oAc, --c-Aije, a., tumul- 
tuous, conflicting. 

-iAir, m., conscence. 
(This is the word used generally 
in M. and Don. sp. L, but somet. 

Coince, pi. (rare) of cu, a dog 
(D. and G.). 

Comcmn, -e, /., contention, dis- 
pute, controversy, conversation; 
if 5eA|i|t sup 611115 re^ncAf 
O'AJI 50. AjiAon, soon talk of old 
times arose from our controversy 
(conversation) (Conor O'Rio.). 

CoincirmeAc, -rnje, 'a., conten- 

Coip, -e, -GAGA, /., a band, a com- 
pany ; coip AII oil, the drinking 
company (McD.) ; also a copy 
(Latin copia) ; pi. also coip- 

Coip, -e, -6ACA, /., a cope (Latin 


Coip, -e, /., froth, fermentation. 
CoipeAc, -pije, a., numerous, 

abounding in troops or com- 

CoipeAit, -At/A, /., act of frothing, 

fermenting. See coipiuJA-o. 
Coipijim, vl. -pniJAX), -peA-6 and 

-peAit, v. tr. and intr., I fer- 

ment, I froth ; I boat up (as an 


CoipiuJAx>, -igce, m., fermenta- 
tion ; the head or froth on 
malt, porter, etc. ; the lather 
on suds ; the froth of the sea. 

Coifi, g. -e, pi. -te and -ojtcA, /., 
sin, crime, accusation, trespass ; 

coi|i t>Aif, deadly sin; coift A 
6t\occA, a crime that would 
hang him ; in compound words, 
false, deceitful, as coifi-cleifieAC, 
a deceitful clerk. 

Coifi, g. cofiA, /., right, p jwer, 
authority, justice, fair play ; 
propriety ; due order or arrange- 
ment ; apparatus ; accoutre- 
ments ; attendance ; fair wind ; 
diet, food ; CA c. riiAii: A^ATH, I 
am well dieted ; CA c. TTIAIC AIJI, 
he is in good circumstance (also 
CA c^eo mAic Aifi) ; -oeAnpA-o 
coiji -ouic, I shall see that you 
get fair play ; -oo f eA^Aitii f e 
coiji -oAm, he saw that I got fair 
play ; J;AC coiji ~\ CCAJIC "oo 
t)Ainc -oe -outne, to give a per- 
son no chance at all in a fight ; 
o'nnci5 An b<\T> te cot-|i, the 
boat set out with a fair wind. 

Coifi, comp. c6]\A, a., fit, right, 
proper, honest, virtuous, inno- 
cent, civil ; A T>uine coi|i, 
my good sir ; ip COJIA -outc 
ceAcc, you had better come ; 
cotii c6(iA "66 beic Annpom, as 
right for him to be there (Don.) ; 
bux> cofiAT>uic cu pem A coitri- 
eAt), it would suit you better to 
mind yourself (Don.). 

Coijib, -e, a., accursed. 

Coijtb, -e, -eACA, /., the timber 
portion of a straddle, in which 
are the pegs for receiving the 
baskets (Co?;..). 

CoijibeAc, -bije, a., impious, 
wicked. See cotfipeAc. 

CoiubjiungA, m., the haunches ; 
used like cotiAgiob (Con). 

Coi|ice, g. id., pi. -cix>e and -CITD- 
CACA, m., oats ; in pi., different 
kinds of oats, and also variou ; 
fields of oats; corn (U.) ; c. 
Aifroe, tall oat-grass ; c. clvhrii- 
ceAc, pubescent oat-grass ; c. 
6ji-fotcAC, yellow-haired oat- 
grass ; c. moinpeiji, meadow 
oat-grass ; c. A&AC, dwarf wheat- 
grass ; c. "Dub, black oats ; c. 
f iA-oAin, wild oats ; c. 


( 167 ) 

CoipceAnn, -cinn, pi. id., m., a pole 

or centre ; the nave (of a wheel) ; 

a spindle. 
CoijiceAnn, -cirme, /., a whirligig ; 

a megrim ; a falling down head- 

CoiftceAmiAC, -Aije, a., having a 

hole, nave, or centre. 
CoijiceArmAttn, -AT>, v. tr., I put 

a round point on, shape like a 

top or whirligig. 
Coijice jojim, m., blue-bottle. 
Coi)tceo5,-oi5e,-o5A,/., a beehive; 

a small heap of turf-sods set 

standing to dry (also c^uiceoj). 
Coijie, g. id., pi. -}\it>e, m., a cal- 

dron ; a large pot or boiler ; a 

gulf, a whirlpool ; a maelstrom ; 

somet. applied to hell ; coijte 

tuArAit, a whirlpool. 
Coi|teAc, g. -ftij, pi. id., dpi. -jteAc- 

Ai6, ?., a sinner, transgressor ; 

a malefactor. 
CoifieAc, -juje, ., just, right, 

virtuous, proper ; well-ordered, 

neat, beautiful (aljo cottAc). 
CotjieAX), g. -]\w and -jujce, 

pi. -niJ5ce, ?., an invitation to 

a feast, etc. ; a feast ; a beckon- 

ing ; Ag CAOA1J1C COIflX) OU1C, 

inviting you ; AJ; cujt coifnx> 
ofic, beckoning to you ; coijteA-6 
^Ati 1AJ1HA1-6, feast-going with- 
out being asked, one inviting 
himself (also cuifteA'o). 

Coittfial, -eil, pi. id., m., a quarry, 
a stone-pit. 

CoifieALAT>6iti, -6-|tA, -otjii'oe, m., 
a quarryman. 

CoitteAiiiAit, -ArhlA, a., guilty. 

COItlCAttllACC, -A,/., gllilt. 

CottteAn coilleAC, m., wild cam- 

pion (lychnis didica). 
CoijteAn muice, -Air> muice, m., 

Coifipuvo, m., a stag. See cAi|t|<- 

Coijt-jniom, m., satisfaction ; a 
just di !(!. 

Coitiijtm, vl. COIHIUJA-O, v. tr., I 
arrange, fit \ip, prepare, dn-ss 
out ; mend, patch ; set to rights. 

Coijtijmi, -1UJAX), v. intr., I sin, 

trespass, offend ; v. tr., I accuse, 

C6ifii5ce, p. ., arranged, drawn 
up ; set in order, dressed (as 
a bed) ; corrected ; mended, 

Coifum (cofiAim), vl. co;t, v. tr. 
and intr., I weary, I tiro, I tease. 

Coijtin (dim of cop), g. id., pi. -i-oe, 
m., a little twist or turn ; also 
a small can, gallon, or bucket 
(dim. of coijte). See cop. 

CoifiinnceAc, -cije, a., Corinthian. 

Cotftipe (coifiipce), indec. a., 
wicked, corrupt. See coifib. 

Coi^tiuJAX), -jiijce, pi. id., m., an 
ornament ; an arrangement ; 
amendment, repairing, regu- 
lating ; an abusive attack ; if i 
ti>5 ATI coifnu JAW x>6, she oamo 
out with all his faults, sho 
settled him ; dress. Seec6jiu5A-6. 

Coi|iteAnnA5Ac, -Aije, /., the 
green scum on tho surface of tho 
water (Don.) ; also coilleAnn- 

Cointimin, g. id. pi. -1-60, m., a 
mean or insignificant person. 

Coifim. See cui^im. 

Coiji mAi|ieAc, adj. phrase, for a 
certainty, right or wrong, by 
any means ; 01 f e coitt mAifieAC 

AJ lAjltlAlX) AIjtJCA-O o'pA^All 

Aim, he did his very best, tried 
every means to get money from 
me ; t>A mbAx> coijt mAifieA6, if 
it were a thing "that should bo 
done ; TJO fAoiteAf coifi mAiti- 
eAc, I thought right or wrong 

Coi|i-irieAti, m., an odd finger, tho 
fore-finger (comt-nieAji). 

Coiti-miot, ?., a midge, a stinging 
fly (HA mtolA C|tionnA is often 
xisod for midges, etc.) ; coijt- 

Coiti-mioLcoj;, -6156, -6$A, f. Sec 
coift-tTiiol and iniolroj. 

(".oqineAc, -nij;, pi. id., m., an 
osprey, a royston crow ; any 
bird of tho crow kind ; a term 
for tho foreign invaders. 

, -nie, a., croaking, like 


( 163 ) 


a raven or osprcy ; iAfCAij;e 

coijtneAC, the king-fisher ; cu 

coifineAC, a setting dog. 
CoijitieAl, -eit, m., a corner. 
Coifmin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a round 

ball ; a curl ; a little vessel 01 

bowl ; a tankard. 
CoiftnineAc, -mje, a., frizzled, 

Coif.p-beAnc, -beijice, /., raiment, 

CoificeAc, -iije, a., sinful, ob- 

CoiftceA-6, -tice, m., barking nets ; 

tanning (Ker.). 
Coipteoift (coifttijceoiti), -oju\, 

-oijii-oe, m., an accuser, an 

CoijAcijim, -IUJA-O, v. tr. and intr., 

I blame, I impeach ; I sin. 
Cotfictjce, a., black, swarthy ; 

cpoiceAnn c., swarthy skin. 
CoipciuJA-6, -ijce, m., a sinning ; 

an accusation ; an impeachment. 
Coijic riiAjib, /., dead bark, dead 

skin ; the peculiar appearance 

of finger-tips of a dying person ; 

a numbness of fingers portend- 

ing the death of a friend (M.) ; 

CA1J1C (Don.). 
Coif, -e, -eACA, /., a drain or cut- 

ting in a bog, made by cutting 

away the turf sods ; coif triotiA, 

the quantity of turf so cut (M.). 
Coif (dat. of cof , /., a foot), beside, 

close by ; coif teAf A, beside a 

fort; coif AbAnn, beside a river ; 

AJ CBACC A bAite tem" coif, 

coming home in my company ; 

Aguf te n-A coif fin, and more- 


Coif-t>eA|ic, -bei^ce,/., ornaments 

or coverings for the feet or legs ; 

shoes, boots, slippers. 
Coifceim, -e, pi. id. and -ceirn- 

eAnn A, gpl. -ceimeAnn, m., somet. 

/., a footstep ; step ; a pace. 
Coifceimmjim, -IUJJAT), v. tr. and 

intr., I step along, walk ; measure 

by pacing. 
Coifceoi|i, -o|tA, -oitu-oe, m., an 

obstructionist ; one who stops or 

puts obstacles in the way. 

Cotfcim, vl. cofc, r. tr. and intr., 
I check, hinder, stop, prevent, 
intercept, oppose ; intr., coifcmi 
t>e, I cease from, as, cofCfAT)- 
f A oem jotA|icAi5, I will cease 
from my weeping (O'D.). ; also, 
I wean. 

Coifeoj, -0156, -054, /., a stalk of 
hay or corn with its seed. 

Coifix>e, g. id., pi. -T>ce, m., a 
walker, pedestrian ; a footman, 

Coifix>eAC, -'615, pi. id., m., a 
walker, a pedestrian. 

Coifix>eAcc, -A, /., travelling on 
foot ; the act of walking ; speed 
in walking; CA coifi-oeAcc riiAic 
AJAC, you are a good walker or 

Coifisim, -fnbeAcc, v. intr., I 
travel on foot, I walk. 

Coif in, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a stem 
or stalk ; a little shank or foot ; 
a pedestal (dim. of cof ). 

Coif 1ft, -e,pl. -GACA and -fti-oe,/., a 
feast, a festive party, a banquet. 

Coifitte, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, /., a 
wedding or banqueting party. 
See coif iji. 

Coififte, g. id., pi. --pnie, m., a 
foot-man, a runner. 

CoififieAcc, -A, /., a banqueting 
or feasting. 

Coif-teAt;AnAc, -Aij;e, a., broad- 
footed ; as subs., a broad-footed 

Coif-tiAtfi6i-o, -e, pi. -ixe and 
-eACA, /., a football. 

Coifmeis, -e, -CACA, /., a footstep 

Coif peAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a foot- 
step (U.). See coifceim. 

Coif JICAC, -fnje, ., pertaining to 
a feast ; feasting, revelling. 

CoiffeACAim, vl. cotffieACAn, v. 
tr., I bless, consecrate ; I church 
(a mother) ; uifce coiff eACAn, 
holy water. 

Coif jieActA, p. a., consecrated. 

CoiffeACCACc, -A, /., sanctifica- 
tion, consecration ; churching. 

Coif fii-oe, pi., m., guests at a feast. 

Coif f ijim, vl. coiffiiu5AT>, I bless, 


( 169 ) 


cross, consecrate. See coif- 

Coirjdjie, p. a., blessed, sancti- 
fied, consecrated. 

Coir-ftije, /., a foot- way. 

Coifce, g. id., pi. -ciTJe, m., a 
deliberative body, a jury. (This 
noun is often fern., as An coirte 
mop, etc ; coif ne, Con.) 

Coipce, g. id., pi. -n-oe, m., a 
coach ; c. box>Aft, tho " headless 
coach," a spectral vision ; coif ce 
ceineAT), a locomotive engine ; 
coifce DACAC, a sort of chil- 
dren's play. 

CoirceAC, -nj, -cise, m., a jury- 

CoifceACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

Cotfceoi|i, -OJIA, -oifiroa, m., a 
juryman ; coirneoijt (Con.). 

Coifceoif, -ofiA, -oipi-oe, m., a 
coachman ; a coach-builder ; a 

CoirceoipeAcc, -A, /., coach- 
driving ; coach-making. 

Coircifte, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a 
coachman (Don.). 

Coir ct^eAcc, -A, /., coaching ; 
going idly from house to house 
For the purpose of gossiping ; 
AJ; c. teir nA fteAtcAib, coach- 
ing by tho stars, i.e., night- 
walking (Don.). 

CoicceAnn, comp. -cinne, pi. 
-ceAtitiA, a., general, universal, 
common, public, vulgar ; 50 
coicceAnn, in general, in com- 

CoicceArmcA, indec. a., customary, 
habitual, universal ; as adv., 
generally, always. 

Coicce AtincAcc, -A,/., community ; 
frequency ; permanence ; uni- 

CoicciAnncA, coicciAnncAcc. See 
coicdeAnncA and coicceAtin- 

Coiccinne, g. id., /., universality ; 
i jcoiccinne, in common, alto- 
gether, in general. See coic- 

Coirdionn. See cotccc^vnn. 

Coice, rj. id., pi. -ci-oe, m., a cot ; 
a small boat, a skiff; JAII coite 
jAti OAT), without skitf or boat 
(also coic). 

Coireoj, -otje, -OSA, /., an earth- 
worm used as a bait by anglers 
(Don.) ; cAix>eor and cAix>eAn 

Coiceoiji, -OJIA, -oijii-oe, m., a cot- 
tager ; a builder of small boats. 

Coicion, -ine, a., obstreperous 
( W. Ker.). 

Cot, -A, m., impediment, prohibi- 
tion ; sin, wickedness, incest ; 
blood relationship ; CIA An cot 
AC A AS AC teip, what is your 
blood relation to him? mo col 
ceACAji, my first cousin ; mo 
cot f eifeAji, my second cousin 
(Con.) ; CUAITD pe AJ ceAnn^c 
cot', he went to look for a dis- 
pensation for marriage ; dislike ; 
jtAc f e cot teif, he conceived 
a dislike to it (Con.). 

CotAC, -Aije, a., prohibited, pre- 
vented ; sinful, wicked, inces- 

CotAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a male 

CotAije, g. id., /., impediment, 
prohibition ; hatred, disgust ; 
sinfulness. CotAixeA6c, /, id. 
See cot. 

CotAim, -AX>., v. tr., I prohibit, 
forbid, hinder ; I plaster. 

CotAifce, g. id., pi. -cix>e, m., a 

CotAif CCAC, -cije, a., collegiate ; 

CotAirceAnAC, -AIJ, j<l. id., m., a 
collegian (Ker.). 

CotAtriAn, -triAin, pi. id. and -irmA, 
m., a pillar, a prop, a pedestal ; 
i n-A c. -oi'tieAC, as straight as a 

CotAtnoifi, -OJIA, -oitn-oe, m., a 
hake, a species of fish. 

CotAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a young 
cow, a calf ; a yearling. 

CotAnn, g. cotnA, d. cotAinn, pi. 
cotnA, /., tho body, tho flesh ; 
tho living body of rational 
beings ; animal sense. 


( 170 ) 


CotACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a very 
small fish. 

CotbA (also cotb), g. id., m., a bed- 
post, head of a bed ; outer side 
of a bed or ridge ; a sceptre ; the 
stalk of a plant ; a hazel tree ; 
edge, brink, border of anything ; 

CeACAIfl X>eAH5 Afl COttlA, a 

red four (hearts or diamonds 
in cards) in front, i.e., the first 
card in one's hand being a red 
four, which is supposed to be un- 
lucky ; a form or bench beside 
a walk ; a well-known cliff on 
Valontia Island, with a natural 
slip along its face, where tradi- 
tion says St. Brendan landed 
after one of his voyages ; A]\ c. 
An botAifi, on the side of the 
road (Con.}. (The word is pron. 
cotu in M., cot'-vi in Don.) 

CotbA, g. id., m,. love, friendship, 
esteem, favour. 

CotbAitn, -<v6, v. intr., I sprout, 

CotbAji, -Ai|i, pi. id., m., a dove or 
pigeon (pron. cotiS-p, and often 
so spelled). 

Cot ceACAfi, m., a relation, a first 
cousin (Con.). See cot. 

Cotj, 9- cu1 l-5; $ id-> m -> a sword, 
a beard of barley, a prickle ; 
the coarse or prickly tow taken 
off flax ; a spear ; the point of a 
weapon ; weapon ; rage, fury. 

CotjAc, -Aije, a., bearded, point- 
ed, prickly, fierce, wrathful ; 
martial ; fretful ; cotjAtiCA, id. 

CotjAije, g. id., /., beardedness, 
state of bristling ; peevishness. 

CotgAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a sword- 
fish ; a name for a salmon 
(Ker.) ; " a small salmon-trout 
or salmon peel " (Plunkef) 
" rather a little fresh-water fish 
by some called a thornhiink or 
thornback" (P. '(?.). 

CotjAncA, indec. a., bearded, 
prickly ; fierce, fretful. See 


Af AC, -Aije, a., prickly. 

CAc, -Aije, a., fierce- 
eyed ; fierce-looking. 

), -O-OA, /., sword-fight- 
ing, a duel with rapiers. 

Cott, g. ctntt, the hazel tree ; tho 
Irish letter C. 

Cott, m., loss, want, etc. Sec 


CottAC, -Aij, pi. id., m., a boar ; a 

fat heifer. 

Cott-cnu, m., a hazel nut. 
Cott-coitt, /., a hazel wood. 
Cott jMitce, /., nettles 

Cott-TTiuine, /., a hazel thicket. 
CottoiT), -e, eACA, /., clamour, 

noise ; a brawl. See CAttoitx 
Cotm, g. cuitm, pi. id., m., the scar 

loft by a wound (Con., G. /.). ; 

the strong white tendons of 

beef (M.). 

Cotm. See cotum. 
Cotm A, indec. a., hard, stiff, 

Cotm An, -Am, pi. id., m., a young 

pigeon or dove ; cotnu\n A^nur, 

a tamo pigeon. 
CotmAn coitte, -Am coitte, pi. id., 

m., a wood-quest, a ring-dove. 
CotintATin, -Ainne, -A, /., a dove- 

cot, a pigeon-house. 
CotnAc, -Aije, a., gross, fat, 

corporeal (also written cottAc). 
CotnAiT>e, indec. a., bodily (Kea.). 
CotnAix>eAcc, -A, /., carnality, 

lust; cotnAije, id. (also coti- 

Ai'oeAcc and cottAi^e). 
Cotoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a collop, a 

CotpA, g. id., pi. -Aix>e, m., tho calf 

of the leg ; the shank ; the 

handle of a flail ; a bat or 

CotpA, g. id., pi. -Ait>e, TO., a 

bullock, a cow, a steer ; a full- 

grown animal, whether cow or 

horse ; taken as tho unit for 

grazing animals, equivalent to 

six sheep ; a " collop " (somet. 

written cotbcA) ; alyo a. kind of 

needle, /. (Con.). 
CotpAC, -Aijje, a., having stout 

calves or legs. 
CotpAC, -Aije, /., a yearling heifer, 

a stirk, a cow. See cotpA. 


( 171 ) 


ColpAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., the 
handle of a llail. 

ColtAji, -Aip, pi. id., m., the 
coulter of a plough ; the oars- 
man's bench in a galley. 

Cotum, -im, pi. vi., and -tumA, 
m., a dove, pigeon. 

Colutru\inin, <j. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 
young dove. See colum. 

ColumAn. Sec cotAtiiAn. 

Colu-ji. See cotbA}i. 

Com, g. cuim and coim, d. often 
coim, pi. id., m., tho waist ; 
the cavity of the chest, waist, 
body ; the waist or body of 
a garment ; the hollow of a 
bowl ; a cave, a hollow ; 1 
5coim nA hoix>ce, in the middle 
of the night ; jjeAjijtA'u coim, 

Com, com, as, so, equally ; com 
. . . f oin, so ; com FA~OA f oir, 
so far, so long (as that) ; com 
. . . le, before noun or pm. ; 
com . . . Ajup, before verb, or 
clause, as ... as, so ... as ; 
com FAT>A (p<vo) te, as far as, 'to 
(with movement) ; com ^AT>A 
Aj;ur, as long as, while ; com 
IUAC Ajuf, as soon as ; com 
Affo, equally high. In p. I., 
com is generally used. 

Com- (coim-), prefix, (a) intensive ; 
(6) of accompaniment ; (e) of 
equality, mutuality, correspon- 

ComAcc. See CUTTIACC. 

ComAccAim, -CUJA-O, v. tr., I em- 
power, I authorise (O'N.). 

ComACCoifi, -6fiA, -oipnie, m., a 
commissioner (O'N.). 

CoriiAt), -Ait), pi. id., m., a close, a 
cover, a place for holding or 
keeping anything ; the last two 
lines of a -oAti -oijteAC quatrain ; 
an elegy ; ]>oetry in general ; a 
bond or obligation. 

ComAXMc. Sec comAT) (Om.). 

Com-AjjAllAim, -AjAltAm, v. tr. 
and intr., I talk, converse, dis- 

Cotii-A^AtLAm, -IriiA, pi. id., f., a 


o, g. id. and comcA, m., a 
reward ; one's share of food. 

Commit, -AlA, /., act of combing 

ComAilt, -e, -eACA, /., the womb, 
the chest (O'N.). See CAbAit. 

ComAitte, g. id., f., largeness, 
greatness ; a swelling or preg- 
nancy ; the chest, the womb ; 
comAitteAcc, id. (comAll). 

ComAiLtim, vl. -mAtl, -mAtlAT), 
v. tr., I fulfil, perform, discharge 
an office or duty. 

ComAimfeAji, -fijie, /., the same 
time ; d. t jcoriiAimpifi, at tho 
same time, contemporaneously ; 
tucc com-Aimppe, contempo- 

ComAimfeAnx)A, indec. a., con- 
temporary. (ComAimpeAfiAc in 
this sense is bad. P. O'C.) 

ComAm (or comAx)), inttrroy.part., 
with neg., why? (Ker.). 

ComAinim, -Atnc, v. (r., I drive 
forward, I press on. (In parts 
of Ker. comAimm seems used 
chiefly of driving a horse ; com- 
Ainim of driving other animals ; 
in East M. comAimm only is 
used.) See ciomAtmm. 

ComAinm, -AnmA, pi. -AnmAnn^ 
and -AinmneACA, m., a surname, 

ComAmmneAc, -ntj, -nije, in., ;i 

ComAi^ (coimeif), -e, a., brief, 
short, pithy ; neat, exact. See 

ComAift, -e, /., presence ; op x>o c. 
Am AC, in your very presence ; 
6f DAJI jc., over against you ; 
im' c., for me ; JM c. -oume, for a 
person, awaiting a person ; i 5c. 
An lAe, (to bo used) during the 
day ; t)o (A) comAifi An cije, 
near the house (Don.), but or 
coinne An nje, opposite or over 
against the house (Don.) ; -o'tc- 
eAT>Ati i gc. e, tliey ate it in 

ComAific, -e, /., outcry ; voice ; 
uproar; hullA hAipc, id. (the 
latter more usually refers to 


( 172 ) 


the barking and uproar of the 

ComAi|ice, g. id., /., mercy ; pro- 
tection; patronage; mo c. ofir, 
be merciful to me ; DO tiAif-c r-i 
A c. Aifi, she besought him to 
protect her. 

ComAificeAc, -cije, a., guarding, 
protecting, defending. 

C6tri.Aitie.AtTi, -turn, m., counting up; 
account ; calculation ; reckoning. 

CoriiAitieArh Sfieine, m., a sun- 

ComAijije, g. id., /., protection; 
mercy, safeguard. See comAifice. 

ComAirijeAc, -5156, a., protective. 
See comAificeAc. 

CotriAijujeAC, -515, pi. id., m., one 
who loans his labour, who works 
a day in return for work done, 
as attending on funerals, etc. ; 
corhAijiijeAC mAic if BATD e, he 
goes regularly to funerals, he is 
ready to loan a day's labour. 

ComAijujim, -IUJA-O, v. intr., I pro- 
tect, safeguard, guard (with t>o) ; 

S3 SComAifiiji-o T)IA -ouinn, may 
od protect us, is a common 
expression in the case of violent 
storms or other such sudden 
dangers. See corruMftje. 

CorhAitite, g. id., pi. -eACA, /., 
advice, counsel, decision; a 
mutual project or adventure ; 
a league, society ; a body of 
councillors, a parliament ; cup i 
50., to propose a resolution ; -oo 
cuitieATJAfi A 50. pa (le) ceite, 
they put their heads together, 
took counsel. 

CorhAiiiteAC, -tij, -lije, m., an 
adviser, counsellor. 

CorhAiriti5im, -IUJAX), v. tr., I 
counsel, advise, consult. 

-OftA, -oitiit)e, 

m., a counsellor. 
CotViAintiuJAT), -l/ijjte, m., act of 

counselling, advising ; consult- 

ing ; corh.Aitile.ACAn, also used 

as vl. 
c6rriAitirheA6, -rnije, a., com- 

puting, reckoning. 
C6rhAitiihim, ^.cornAijieArh, imper. 

rh, v. tr., I count, com- 
pute, reckon. 

-nji, -rjieACA, m., n 
travelling in company. 

CoriiAicceAf, -cif, m., state of liv- 
ing in the same place ; neigh- 

CoriiAl, -Ait, pi. id., m., the jamb 
of a door ; a hood, a monk's 

Corh-Al, -Att, pi. id., m., a bonds- 

CorhAtAcr, -A,/., confederation. 

CorhAtt, <7.-Aitt,^. corriAttcAi-oe, 
m., act of fulfilling ; covenant, 
performance, execution, fulfil- 
ment ; act, deed; Aitne Cruopc 
5Ati fuim 'HA cornAtt, the com- 
mandment of Christ no heed 
paid to its fulfilment (Fer.). 

CorhAttA-6, -tcA, m., act of fulfill- 
ing, performing. 

CorhAttAim, vl. cornAtt and 
-AttAX), v. tr., I fulfil or accom- 
plish, discharge an office (contr. 

CoriiAtcA. See conroAtcA. 

CotiiAtCA, p. a., covered, hooded ; 

COrhAtCA fA b|(ACAlb fl'OC, 

covered or hidden under fairy 
robes (McD.). 

ComAtcA, p. a., joined, united (as 

CorhAtcAim, -AT>, I join or imite ; 

CornAtr:|iAnAf, -Aif, m., mutual 

CortiAn miontA, -Am rhiontA, m., 
corn chamomile ; comAn meAtt, 

ComAnn, -Ainn, pi. id., m., fellow- 
ship, union ; affection, amity, 
fondness ; a society or party ; a 
term of endearment. 

ComAnnx>A, inder. a., kind, friend- 
ly, loving, affectionate. 

ConiAntroAcc, -A,/., love, affection, 
kindness, friendship. 

ComAnnc6i]i, -6fiA, -6ifiix>e, m., a 
benefactor ; a member of a 
society ; a commissioner. 

ConiAoin, -e, -CACA, /., recompense, 
consideration ; a compliment, 




favour ; barter, exchange ; com- 
pany ; communion, as in the 
communion of saints ; the Holy 
Communion ; the Lord's Supper ; 
i 50., along with ; c. t>o cup &]\, 
to do a favour for one. 

ConiAoine, g. id., /., a favour, bene- 
fit ; convenience ; an injunction ; 
communion. See comAoin. 

ComAoineAC, -mj, -ntje, m., a 
communicant ; a benefactor. 

CotriAotneAd, -nije, a., indulgent, 
favourable, kindly ; gratis. 

CornAoip, -e, /., the same age; a 
person of the same age (in M., 
com-n-AOip, also corh-n-AOp) ; 
mo c., one of my own age ; 
somet. applied to a person's 
passions, as CA no corhAOip AJ 
imific ojic, your passions are 
too strong for you ; somet. 

COtTlAOf . 

CoriiAoncuJAX), -uijce, m., agree- 
ment, assent; coriiAoncA, id. 

c6mAoncui5im, -5A-6, v. iitfr., 
I agree, consent. 

CoriiAOpCAc, -Aige, a., contempo- 
rary (O'N.). 

ComAfi, -Aip, pi. id., m., a ravine, 
a confluence, a valley. See 

ComAji, -Aiji, m., a way, a road; a 
means or method. 

CoriiAfi, -AIJI, m., alliance ; recipro- 
cation; in partnership, mutual 
or alternate returns ; the being 
joined with a neighbour, two 
horses from each ploughing; -out 
Aji coriiAfi, to work for a man in 
return for his work for you ; IA 
cothAiji, a day of such work; 
peAft coriiAiji, a labourer so 
employed ; CA f e i gc. tiom, 
he is joined with me in plough- 
ing ; A' oceAnn (ATI nx>eAjmA) 
ru ATI c. ro f CA-O, have you 
joined in ploughing yet? (U.)\ 
OCATI coriiAfi tejf, share with 
him; CA ATI ce \\e\\), CA^I Ajup 
oeAn comAn tinn, tea is ready, 
come and join us (Don.). See 

m., an estate or land 

held in partnership by different 

persons, lay or clerical. 
CoriiAfibA, g. id., pi. -itie, a co- 

partner in power; a successor 

in an ecclesiastical or lay office ; 

an abbot, a vicar ; a religious 

order of monks amongst the old 

Irish (Kea.). 
CoriiAftbACC, -A, /., a vicarage ; 

CotiiAtibAf, -Aif, m., ecclesiastical 

or lay supremacy or succession. 
ComA^T), -AOiji-oe, a., equally high ; 

CoriiAji-oA, g. id., m., correspon- 

dence in sound between certain 

words in the Irish metric called 

, indec. a., harmonious. 

, /., commerce 

CotriA|i5Ain, -AtiA, /., a syllogism, a 
dispute ; an error ; trespass, 

CotriAftp A, g. -n, d. -in, pi. -in and 
-nA, /., a neighbour ; a friend ; 
an acquaintance ; one standing 
or sitting beside another. 

CoriiAfipAncA, indec. a., neigh- 

Coir>Atir' < M 1CA c > - A > /> neighbour- 
liness, kindness, humanity. 

CoriiAjipnAC, -Aite, pi. id., f., a 
neighbour (E. u.). 

CoriiAfipnACC, -A, /., neighbour- 
hood, district. 

CoriiAficA, g. id., pi. -ix>e and -T>A, 
gpl. -X), m., a sign, token, sym- 
bol, mark ; a model (as of a 
key) ; comAjitAi-oe eirc, signs 
of fish ; comA|itAix)e po i T 1c > 
appearances, features, samples ; 
Jig., an apology for a thing, 
pretences ; T>A com Apt A fin 
fein, signs on it as a proof of 
this ; CA t)o domAjtcAi'oe 
ctitnnn, you are right, you've 
hit it off ; cotriAjicA cille, a 
mole, a black spot appearing on 
some part of the body, usually 
on the head, a birth-mark. 

CoriiApcAC, -Aij;e, a., marked, 


( 174 ) 


ComAficAitn, I mark with wounds. 

See coiriAfictnjim. 
CoriiAticujjAT), -uijte, m., act of 

ComAjicuijun, -uJA-6, v. tr., I 

mark, point out, annotate. 
ComAfituijce, p. a., marked, 

C6trioAj;tiAim, -jAific, v. tr., I 

C6mbAix>,-e,/., close alliance, affec- 

tion, partiality, sympathy. 
CotnbAi-oeAc, -tnje, a., friendly, 

kind, loving. 
CoTnbAi'oeACAf, -Aif, m., friendli- 

ness, affection, gratitude. 
c6mbo5AT), m., motion, commo- 


) a -> consan- 

guineous, having close kinship. 
CombtiAicpeACAr, -Aif, m., con- 

sanguinity, closeness of kinship. 
CotribfiACAifi, m., a cousin ; a 

cousin german ; an associate, a 


c6riib|ioiT>, -oitie, /., oppression. 
CoriibjiiiJA-o, -uijce, m., oppres- 

sion ; crushing ; contrition. 

m (cotTibfiuijim), 
), v. tr., I bruise, crush, 

c6mbAi i 6|ieA - 6, -oeAftcA, m., con- 

fusion, disturbance. 
c6mbuAix>fiim, vl. --peAt), v. tr., I 

disturb, confuse. 
C6mcAiT>pi5im, -T>jieAtri, v. intr., 

I live sociably with. See com- 


ComcATOium, --ofteAm, v. intr., I 

live affectionately with, associate 

ComcAirmc, -e, -eAnrtA, /., a con- 

ference ; a saucy answer, word 

for word ; light sarcasm, chat. 
C6riiCAi|i'oeAf, -"Dtp, m., mutual 


ComcAncfiAcc, -A,/., choral music. 
ComcAomim, -neAx>, v. intr., I con- 

dole, lament. 
ComcAtinuijim, -UJAX), v. tr., I 

heap together, accumulate ; 

comcAtitiAitn, -A-O, id. 
ComceAnjAt, m., confederacy, 

union ; the " binding " stanza 
of a poem. 

C6tiictAnn,-ctAiTrne,/., one family, 
common kinship. 

CoTTicnAonaim, vl. -criAOiTD, v. tr., 
I consume, gnaw. 

CoihcnuAfuijim, -fuJAT), v. tr., I 
collect together, accumulate. 

ComcoimfeAc, -pje, a., commen- 

CoTTicoicceAnn, -cinne, ., uni- 

CoiTicoiTiAinle, y. id., pi. -ACA, /., 
combination, confederacy, con- 

CoriicomAnn, -Ainn, m., commu- 
nion, fellowship, partnership. 

CoriiconjbAit, -AtA, /., honour, 
secrecy ; obligation to keep a 

Comcopp, -cui^tp, m., a body 
mixed or composed of elements 
of different consistence ; whence 
corhcofip'OA, mixed, compound- 
ed, and coriiconp'OACT;, a com- 
position, a mixture. 

ComcftAtAitn, -ACAT:>, v. tr., I 
sprinkle, shake together. 

Coriic-fiocAT), -CCA, m., coherence, 
act of hanging closely together. 

Comcftoicce (cotiic-pAicce), p. a., 
shaken together. 

Corricttuinn, -e, a., all round, oval, 
orbicular, circular, globular. 

CoTric-puinnijitn, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I 
collect together, assemble. 

CotTicftuinni'UJA'o, -15^6, pi- id., 
m., an assembly, a congregation. 

CoriicuAf AC, -Aije, a., concave ; 
equally hollow. 

Comcui-oijteoifi, -OJIA, -oifii-oe, 
m., a coadjutor. 

ComcuimfciuJA-o, -fcijte, m., 

C6iictJifiim, vl. coiricufi, v. tr., I 
arrange, dispose, regulate. 

CoriicumArm, m., mutual love or 
affection, etc. See cotricomAnn. 

Comcuji, -cui-p, m., act of placing 
together ; simultaneous plant- 
ing or sowing. 

ConroAil, -OAlA, /., meeting, con- 
vention, presence, interview ; 


( 175 ) 


act of accompanying ; opposi- 
tion ; i jc. xx ceile, together, 
o^so hostilely opposed ; if me 
OA coiiroAil AJI An jiot), and I 
" leaving her," accompanying 
her a part of the road (Don.). 

ConroAinjeAn, --OAtn^tie, a., im- 
pregnable, firm, closely knit, 
very strong, secure. 

CoirnJAinsne, g, id. } f. } stability, 

CoriTOAinsnijitn, -IUJAT), V. tr., I 
strengthen, confirm, staunch. 

CoriTOAtCA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a 
foster-son, a brother ; a member 
of a society. 

ConroAlcAf, -Aip, m., fosterage ; 

Cotrix>Aoine, pi., m., contempo- 

CorivoACAC, -Aije, ., many- 

Conroluic, -e, a., close, compact, 

Corivotucuijim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I 
compress, condense, closely pack 

CoriToocAji, -AIJI, m., identity of 
evil fate. 

ConrooiljeAf, -jtp and -jeAfA, 
m., condolence. 

CorirouriA-o, -TICA, m., a shutting, 
closing, fastening ; a conclusion, 
a confirmation. 

CotrcouccAf, m., the state of be- 
longing to the same country or 
tribe ; </*., coriToutcAip , used as 

CotripA-o, -AIT>, m., a length, an 
equal length. 

CotiipAifcim, -AfCA-6, v. tr., I bind 
closely, I fasten uniformly. 

CoriiplAiceAcc, -A, /., a joint 
sovereignty, a commonwealth, a 
republic ; aristocracy. 

CompocAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a 
synonym ; a word ; a compound 

i, -Ai|i, m., a dipthong. 

-uif, m., neighbour- 
hood, proximity, vicinity ; con- 
sanguinity ; relatives, kindred ; 
, near relatives 

(comjup or c6tr5Ar is used in 

the same sense). 
CoiTiposxjfAC, -Ai5, pi. id., m., a 

relation ; one near in blood. 
Compoisre, g. id., /., neighbour- 

hood ; 'n-A c., near him ; corii- 

Voisr CACC, id. 
CompuAim, /., vowel rhyme, asso- 

nance. See uAim. 
CoriipuAimneAC, -nije, a., asso- 

CompuA|iA'6, -|icA, m., act of grow- 

ing quite cold. 
Cothpuiti-oe, m., a relative, a blood 

Coriipuifiijim, -tieAC, v. intr., I 

wait, tarry. 
c6riipt<CAc, -Aige, a., comfortable, 

ComputiCACc, -A, /., comfort, aid, 

consolation ; full relief, help, or 

CoitipuftcuJA-o, -ui5ce, m., act of 

consoling, comforting ; peAji 

coriipuficinjie, a consoler. 
CoriiJAOAit, -AlA, /., harmony, 

love, generosity. 
CoriiJAijt, -e, -AjitA, /., outry, con- 

CoriiSAifvoeAc, -0156, a., glad, 

joyful, merry. 
Corii5Aitit>eACAp, -Ap, m., joy 

mirth, gladness. 
ComJAitie, g. id., m., general 

laughter or ridicule. 

ComJAifteAcc, -A, /., nearness, 

CotTiSAitiim, d. -JAi^im, v. tr., I 

convoke, call together. 
ComJAitim, -AfimA, /., a convoca- 

CotriJAot, -oit.pZ. id. and -JAOtcA, 

m., kindred, consanguinity. 
ComjAti, -Aip, m., waking and 

burial arrangements (/.). 
Coriij Ajt, -AI|-I, pi. id., m., nearness, 

a near way, convenience, prox- 

imity ; meeting ; i 50., near ; TJO 

jeAjtjt f e c., ho took a short cut 

(pron. comnsAji). 
ConijAjiAc, -Aije, a., adjacent, 


( 176 ) 

convenient ; witty, quick at 

CothjAfi CAinnce, TO., wit, fluency, 

quickness at repartee. 
CothJAf, -Aif, m., nearness, close- 

ness ; relationship ; relatives. 

See coTTiposuf. 
CotiijlAn, -Aine, a., equally bright, 

very pure. 
CoriisluAfAcr, -A, /., a simul- 

taneous movement (also com- 

Coriijom, g. -e and -jon, pi. 

-jontA, /., contrition ; sorrow, 

compunction, remorse, sympathy 

CoriijonA-o, -joncA, m., contrition, 

sorrow, affliction. 
ComJt'Ai'oceoiti, -ot 1 ^ -oitivoe, TO., 

a rival in love. 
Corii^ut, -jwit, TO., act of weep- 

ing together ; intense weep- 

COTTIJUC, -jotA, TO., voices in 

CoriitA, -An, -Atn (also g. -A-O, 

pi. -A-OA), /., a valve ; a leaf of a 

door ; a door, a gate, a shutter ; 

a threshold ; coriit/A uifce, a 

flood-gate ; comtA cogAtA, a 

trap-door ; ofon-comtA, a guard 

or protection ; coriitA tpeAC, 

the magic door in fairy dwell- 

ings among rocks (M.). 
CoirilADAijic, -A^CA, /., a dialogue 

or colloquy. 
CoriilAC, -Aij, -Aije, TO., a comrade, 

a fellow-soldier. 
CoriitAit>e, g. id., f., confederacy, 

alliance, union. 
ComlAtTi, ad., hand to hand, 

CoriilAn, -Aine, a., full, very full ; 

CoriitAnn, -Ainu, pi. id., TO., a com- 

bat, fight, conflict, battle, duel ; 

a match, complement, an equal ; 

a colleague. 
ComtAnnAf, -Aip, TO., valour, feats 

of arms. 
CoriitAOC (also conlAoc, cotrilAC, 

contAc), TO., a comrade, a fellow- 


, -Aipe, a., quiet, even- 
tempered, steady, level-headed. 

CorhtionAT), -IICA, TO., fulfilment 
(as of a prophecy). 

C6riiloircim, vl. -torcA-6, imper. 
-totf c, v. tr., I burn up. 

CoiVitofCAT), -oifcce, m., a con- 

CoriituAT>Aji, -Aip, pi. id., m., a 
company, a society, a club ; 
conversation ; congratulation ; 
pron. ctuAXAfi in Der. : cf., CCAX> 
ctAT>Aiji teice, permission to 
converse with her ; cjiuA-OAt in 
Om. ; peAn-cjiuATMt, old chat ; 
if mAic An c. e, he is good com- 
pany (Con.). 

CoriiluAi, -Atte, a., equally quick, 
very quick ; equally soon ; conY 
tuAt, no sooner than ; com ttiAt 
i nSiftinn, the very moment 
that, etc. (In these last the 
words com and tuAc are really 

Coriitucc, g. id. and -A, TO., a 
fellow-labourer ; an associated 
band ; a household ; c. oibjie, 
labourers together, partners, 
associates, allies. 

Corht-ucc, TO., a cast or charge ; 
the contents of anything. See 

Cotriltnje, g. id., /., lying with ; 
coupling with. 

Coriiluije, g. id.,f., a mutual oath 
or vow. See tuije. 

Coriiluijirn, vl. -Luije, v. intr., I 
lie with, couple with, associate 

CoriitriAim, -e, /., a woman, a wife. 
This word is not yet obsolete 
with pure speakers of the 
language ; it is pron. coo-eem 
(C.). (CorhmAime also as nom.) 

CommAit, -e, a., so good, so 
excellent, equally good, very 
good ; as subs., an equal. 

ConrmAOfoeArii, -triAOix>ce, TO., 
mutual joy, common joy ; con- 

CoriiriiAonDirn, -niAOTOeAth, v. tr. 
and intr., I boast, brag, exult. 

CommAom, -e, -CACA, ypl, -CAC, f., 


( 177 ) 


favour, obligation ; advantage. 
See cotriAotn and comAome. 

CommAoineAC, -mj, m., a com- 
municant, etc. See coniAoineAc. 

CorhtiiAftcAnAC, -Aije, a., co- 

Comtnb-. See comb-. 

CottimotAim, -A-O, v. tr. and inlr., 
I join in applause, I congratu- 

Commofi, -moif.e, a., very great, 
equally great. 

ConimojtAX), m., co-extolling, mag- 
nifying ; a sign of respect, 
congratulation (Don.}, e.g., tuj; 
f iAX> c. x>6ib ; a convening of 
assemblies ; an assembly of any 
kind, especially wake, funeral ; 
jiinne me mo dommofiA'o, I 
went to the wake ; A$ An jcom- 
mojiATi, at the funeral (Om.) ; 
te c. tAOAiftc oo'n oif, to show 
respect to or congratulate the 
two (Peter Walsh) ; the act of 
escorting, accompanying. 

Commo^Aim, -6ftA i 6, v. tr., I 
magnify, extol ; convene (an 
assembly) ; compare, emulate. 

Cotrim6ni5im, -]\&-f>, v. tr., I equal, 
etc. See coriimojiAim. 

CoirmAifcim, -tiAfc and -tiAfCAT>, 
v. tr., I join, link, or connect 

CorhnAifcceAcc, -A,/., what binds 
or links together. 

CoriitiAjvo, -A1JVO, m., comparison ; 
i jc. -DO f ut), in comparison with 
him (M.) ; often c6riinAij\t>. 

ComtiAf c, -Aif c, m., & mutual bond, 
link, or connection. 

CotrmAfCAX), -ctA, m., a mutual 
binding or linking together. 

Coirmuix>e, g. id. and coriinunjire 
(also comnuijie),/., a dwelling, 
a rest, an abode ; AIC no ionAX) 
coriinui-oce, a place of abode ; 
beAl "tiA comnunoe, a silent 
mouth ; i 50., always ; CA f e 
'DA comnuixie, it is at rest, not 
moving; ceA-ocomnui'ote, leave 
to dwell. 

ComnunJim, -xie, v, intr., I dwell, 
reside, remain. 

Comnui5ceAC, -cije, a., lasting, 

C6mnui5teAc, -tij, pi. -ti^e and 
-teACA, m., a dweller, an inhabi- 

Cotrmtntceoiti, -O]\A, -oifii-oe, m., 
a dweller, an inhabitant. 

Coriio^tAC, -A15, pi. id., m., a 

ComojtACAf, -Aif, TO., fellow- 

Comoib^j'oe, g. id., pi. -x>ce, m., a 
fellow-helper, a fellow-labourer. 

C6riioibftii;ini, -IUJA-O, v. intr., I 
work with ; co-operate, assist. 

CoriioibfiuJA-o, -ftijce, m., co- 

Covhoijjiie, g. id., pi. -fu-oe, vi., a 

Coriioijpeos, -0156, -OSA, /., an 

C6iTioijieAriinA6, -Aije, a., har- 
monious (with, -oo). 

C6m6]tA-6. See commojiAi:). 

ComotiCAf, -Aif, m., a comparison ; 
emulation ; rivalry ; contest ; 
out i 50. Ve, to contest, to com- 
pete with ; i jc. te,in comparison 
with, like, got up like ; ni c. if e 
teip-reAn, she is not to be com- 
parea to him ; TIA^A f IATI 
comofiCAf, absit comparatio, 
there is no comparison 1 

CompAifi, a chest. See cotnpAjt. 

CoriipAittteAC, -cije, a., partaking, 
sharing, imparting ; equally 

ConipAittcive, g. id., pi. --oce, m., 
a co-partner, a colleague. 

CompAif, -e, /., compassion (A.). 

CompAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., com- 
panion, colleague. See com- 


CompAtiAC, -AIJ, pi. -Aije and -ACA, 
m., a companion, comrade, asso- 

CompAticAf, -Aip, TO., fellowship, 

CompAfi, -A>tt, MI., chest, body, 
trunk ; coimpleAji, id. 

CompAf , -Aif, m., a compass ; \ 50. 
A bjioilAij; jLeijil (U. song). 

Complucc, -A and -utcr, m., a set, 

( 178 ) 


a gang, a company, a household 
(often written compl/Acc). 

Compofco, -oifra, pi. id., m., com- 
fort, pleasure (also cornpoijic 
and cumpoifro). 

CompofcoAc, -Ai5e,a., comfortable. 

CornpojcoAtriAi'l, -ml/A, a., com- 

CompjiAiT), -e, /., company ; asso- 
ciation ; comparison ; IAT> no 
cup 1 50. te ceite, to put them 
together, to compare them. 

CoiiijiA, g- -fiArm, d. -f(Airm, pi. 
-ftAntiA, /., a large box or chest ; 
a coffin ; a bier ; a companion ; 
an ark (pron. COJICA in Don., 
concftA in Con.}. In M. CO^JIA, 
a chest, is pron. differently from 
coriijiA, a coffin, and is m., 
though originally the same 
word ; cf. coffer. 

CoriifiAC, -Aic, pi. id., m., a contest, 
conflict, combat, contention, 
fight, meeting, junction ; COTTI- 
JIAC ADA, a place name in Kerry, 
the confluence of two rivers ; 
c. tAe if oi-oce, twilight (Ann- 
ooificeAcc, id.) ; c. TIA rnbotAfi, 

CoriifiACAc, -Aije, a., wrestling, 
struggling, fighting. 

CotrifiA-o, g. -fATO, pi. id. and 
-fiAix>te, dpi. -j(AiT>tib, m., con- 
versation, discourse, speech, 
dialogue, talk ; c. beit, oral 

CotTifiA-ooifi, -6jiA, -dipi-oe, m., a 

ComtiAmiroe, g. id., pi. --ote, m., 
a comrade (also COTTIHAT>A). 

ConifiAiceAC, -cije, a., aggres- 
sive, quarrelsome ; also corri- 


CoTTifiAiceoiji, -O^IA, -oi|ii-6e, m., a 

fighter, a combatant. 
CoriitiAicisim, vl. cotTifi AC, v. tr., I 

fight, combat, wrangle. 
ComfiAix>e, g. id., m., protection, 

patronage ; coirijiAfoe m'AnmA 

o\cc, my life on you ( W. Ker.) ; 

(also cum-pAije). 
ComtiATOeAcc, -A, /., form, figure, 

manner, condition. 

ComiiAfoim, vl. c6m]iA-6, v. intr., 

I converse. 
C6triHAiT>ceAC, -ci^e, a., affable ; 

CorhfiAi-oceAC, -cij, -~c^e, m., an 

affable man , a collocutor. 
ComjiAije, g. id.,f., protection, etc. 

CotiifiAnn, -A, pi. id. and -f 
m., an equal share ; in pi., equal 
shares, partnership ; CA An 
CAtAtii 1 scomftAnn ACA, they 
hold the land in partnership. 

Cotriftoinn, 9- -ftoinne and -jionnA, 
pi. -fionnA, f., a division, a por- 
tion ; a field ; division of land ; 

m., a partaker, a distributor. 
Comtioinmm, rl. conrpoinn, v. tr., 

I distribute, share, divide. 
CotTiftoinnceoifi, -OJIA, -oifii'oe, m., 

a divider, distributor ; a par- 

CotiiiiuArAfi, -AIJI, m., utter de- 

struction, complete rout. 
Com^un, -fiutn, pi. id., m., con- 

spiracy, joint design ; a common 

CotTijiuntn-oe, g. id., pi. --ore, m., 

a secretary (P. O'C.}. 
Comf ArhAit, cotTirAiriAlAcc. See 

cof niAiL, coptriAiteAcc. 
CoriirAnncAc, -Aij;e, a., desirous, 

covetous, greedy. 
CoiTifcoit, /., a school or college. 

See -pcoil. 
CorrifcoLAiiie, g. id., pi. -|ti-6e, in., 

a school-fellow. 
Conifeinm, /., harmony, sym- 

phony, concert. 
Coriift/An, -Aine, a., entire, sound, 


ComfnA-omcA, p. a., incorporate. 
CotrifoittfeAc, -fije, a., equally 

bright or luminous ; very bright. 
Cotrif otAf , m., morning or evening 


Cotrif otAf , -Aif, m., consolation. 
C6iTifpAijin, -e, /., a wrestling, a 

C6riirpAi]ineAc,-ni5e,rt., wrestling, 



( 179 ) 


ComffiucA-o, m., a confluence of 
streams (also coriif put). 

Cotrif uroim, vl. -puix>e, I get to sit 
together, to occupy a common 

Coriifuifu-oeAcr, -A, /., courtship, 
rivalry (O'N.). 

ComcAC, -A1J, m., slaughter, de- 

C6ihcA5Ati, -Ai|i, pi. id., m., a 

ComcAl, -CAit, m., a conflux or 
streaming forth of liquid, as 
water from a pipe, or as milk 
from the paps of an udder. 

CorhtAlAim, -tAl, v. intr., I yield 
or produce milk, as an animal. 

CotiicAtAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 
gathering or assemblage, as at a 
hurling match, or country dance 
(Ker.) ; a colloquial form of 


CotTitAfCftAins, -e, /., a pulling, 
dragging, drawing ; contraction. 

CoriitAHjiAinjim, -tAjijiAing, v. tr., 
I pull, draw, drag, contract. 

ComcAtuijjim, -j;At>, v. tr., I 
cement, join together, solder, 
bind firmly. 

ComtosAil, -AlA, /., a building, a 

CoriicosAim, -jAit and -jAinr, 
v. tr., I raise up, construct. 

CoriicosAinc, -e,/., building, erect- 
ing a building. 

Comtoit,/., unanimity, agreement, 
mutual consent. 

C6riicoili5im, -toiteA-6, v. intr., I 
consent, agree, contract. 

CoriitoilteAnAC, -Aije, a., willing, 

CoriitfAf AC,-f Aije, a., odoriferous, 
sweet-scented (O'N.). 

Comtpotn, -tpuime, a., equal, just, 
level, even. 

Comcjiom, -jimm and -ftomA, 
pi. id., m., justice, right ; a 
weight, a balance ; standard ; 
c. CAtmAn, level ground ; c. TIA 
hAimpjte feo AnujiAix>, this 
time last year ; c. peinne, fair 

ComtjiomAim, -A-O, v. tr., I weigh, 

I balance, I equalise ; I level, 

Coriicftomuiijim, -UJAX), v. tr., I 

normalise. See coriicfiomAim. 
ComcjiomuijceAc, -tije, a., 

equally weighing, balancing. 
ComcfiomuijceAcc, -A, /., equili- 

brium, equipoise. 
ComctiofCACc, -A, /., a general 

CoriittiuAJ, -cjiuAije, /., great 

C6mcttitne, g. id.,f., equal weight, 


Cotrituipf e, g. id., /., utter sorrow. 
CoiTituicim, vl. id., v. tr., I fall 

equally or mutually. 
Cotricuicim, -e, /., act of falling 

down, perishing. 
ComuiLteAntiAC, -Aije, a., equi- 

ComuitmeAcc, -A, /., form, shape ; 

i jjcomuifnieAcc FIJI, in the 

shape of a man. 
Cotnuijtj, /., part, division. 
Coriiu^^AticA, a., intrepid, daring, 

CoriiujtfA, /., a neighbour. See 

Con-, used in composition for corii. 

CotiAblAc, -AIJ, -ACA, m., a carcass, 
a corpse ; carrion ; a trashy 

CotiAC, g. -Ai6, dpi. -AcAib, m., 
prosperity ; success ; a source 
of prosperity ; wealth, riches ; 
A coriAC fin ope, may you reap 
the reward of that, said on hear- 
ing of one's good action or good 
fortune ; also used in a bad 
sense on hearing of one's mis- 

Con AC, -AIJ, m., a murrain ; rabies ; 
fierce spite, rage : xj'eijiij cotiAc 
Ann cuJAtn, he became enraged 
towards me. 

ConA-6. See conAc. 

ConAT>. See conpA-6. 

ConA'OAC, --oAise, a., prosperous, 
wealthy, successful. (The same 
meaning is also conveyed by gs. 
of conAC, as peAji conAij, a 
wealthy or prosperous man}, 


( 130 ) 


ConAiT), -e, /., a flouting, jeering, 

joking. See ponAiT>. 
CoiiAiT)eAc, -T>ij;e, a., given to 

flouting, jeering, mocking. 
ConAiT>im, -AIT), v. tr., I mock, jeer, 

ConAiT>tieAr, -ntf, ..., power of 

reasoning, ratiocination. 
ConAitbe (corroAitbe, coin- 

oeAtbA), g. id., /., friendship, 

love, amity. 
CotiAilbeAc, -bije (corroAitbeAC, 

coitroeAlbAc), ., friendly, 

amorous, affectionate ; showing 

a fair countenance. 
CoriAifi, -e, pi. id., /., a road, beaten 

road, way, path ; a haven. 
ConAijic, -e, -6ACA, /., a pack of 

hounds ; hunting ; a rout of 

CotiAmuji, -tut 1 ' m -> fragments ; 

pinne An teAtib conAmuft "DA 

ctii-o AJ1A1T1, the child has broken 

his bread into fragments (Don.) ; 

also conmAfi. 
ConbAc, -Aij, m., hydrophobia. 

See conjM-o. 
ConbAif cne, g. id., /., the dogberry 

ConbunJeAn, -one, --oeAncA, /., a 

ConcAbAfi, -Aifi, m., help (also, a 

proper name). 

ConcAbAjiiAC, -cAije, a., meddle- 
some; 1f COnCAbAjtCAC CAlttBAC 

Afi CUAIJVO, an old woman on a 
visit is meddlesome (Con.}. 

ConctArm, -Ainne, -A, /., an equal, 
a fellow, a match, a rival, a 
companion ; a comparison ; a 
kind of Irish metre in which 
the last word of one stanza 
begins the next stanza ; chain- 

Conj?Ax>, -AIT>, m., a roaring, a 
howling ; madness ; rabies ; fury ; 
rapacity ; a greedy appetite ; cu 
conpAi'6, a mad dog ; eAti con- 
f Aix>, a vulture ; conpA-6 TIA 
F^'WS 6 ' ^ ne ra 2 H1 g ^ the sea. 

ConproAC, --OAije {conpAc), a., 
rabid, furious, raging, stormy ; 
vicious, cross-grained ; vora- 

cious, ravenous ; eAn conpAT)Ac, 

a vulture (also COIIA^AC). 
ConpA-OThAji (p silent), -Aipe, a., 

stormy (Om.). 
Con poi|me, /., an otter. 
ConJAifi, -AurA, pi. id., /., uproar, 

clamour, conclamation. See 

Con5Ai-pim, vl. 

roar, I shout. 
ConjAncAc, -Aije, a., helpful, dis- 

posed to render assistance ; as 

subs., an auxiliary. 
CongAiiroifi, -6fiA, -6ifii'6e, m., an 

auxiliary, an assistant. 
ConjbAit, -AtA, /., a habitation, a 

house, a residence, a village ; 

\ised in place names, as ttuAT>- 

ionjbAit, Nohaval (pron. Tlo- 

ConjbAit, -bAlA,/., act of keeping, 
holding, restraining from (6) ; 
maintaining ; support; cotijjbiil 
puAf, supporting (pron. coin- 
iieAii. See consbAim. 

ConjbAim, vl. con^bAil, 3 s. pf. 
and 2 imper. conjAtb and 00115- 
buij, fut. con^bocAT), v. tr., I 
keep, preserve, restrain, keep 
back ; I pluck. 

ConjbAtAc, -Aije, a., guarding, 
preserving ; tenacious. 

CongbAluAf, -Aif, m., mainten- 
ance ; a prop, a stay ; sup- 

ConjjriA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a horn. 

CongnAX), m., help. See cor^nAiii. 

ConjnAiTi, g. congAnrA and 00115- 
TiAitri, m., help, assistance, suc- 
cour, aid ; act of helping, co- 
operating with (te) ; iucc 
con5Atii;A, helpers (pron. cunArii 
(M.), cunu (Don. and Con.). 

ContTiAicne, g. id., /., a sept, a 
tribe ; it is the name of several 
districts in Connaught. 

ConriAC, connAiic, 1 s. indie, pf. of 
oo-citn, I see. 

ConnAccA, g. -TIACC, d. -tiAccAit, 

ContiAcrAc, -AIJ, -Ai^e, m., a 
native of Connaught ; and as 
adj., Connnciun, 



ConnAtJ, -A1-6., m., wood ; fuel, 

CormAjtc.dc, -AIJ;, -Aije, m., a 
churl, a rough person ; a large- 
limbed, greedy person ; c. mnA, 
a fierce, strong woman (also 
applied to a cow, etc.). 

ConnAtiiAC, -Aite, a., binding, 
obligatory ; belonging to a con- 
vention or compact. 

ConnlAC, -AIJ, pi. id:, m., a stalk, 
stubble ; moss (also cutnnleAc). 

ConnlAcc, -A, /., contracting, 
shutting up, hoarding. 

ComitAn, -AID, pi. id., m., a young 
helpless family (Con. and Wat.) ; 
children (U.). 

ConnlAtin, a hero. See comlAoc. 

CormluJA-6, -tnjce, m.. act of 
collecting, scraping together, 
contracting ; retiring, with- 

ConnitAt), -tiAjtcA, pi. id., m., an 
agreement, a covenant. 

ConnnAim (conjiiAim), -xvo, I tell, 
relate, narrate. 

CormpAm, -e, -ix>e, /., a consonant. 

ConntAe, g. id.,f., a county. 

CotincAtiop, -oir, m., countenance, 

ConncjuAcc, -A, /., a curso, a 
malediction ; misfortune. 

Conoj, -6156, -654, /., a puffin ; 
CAnoj, id. 

ConttA, concjiA. See corn^tA. 

Con-pop, m., a dog-rose. 

ConfAiteA^Aix)e, y. id., m., a coun- 
sellor, a barrister (A.). ; con- 
f AileAjt, id. 

Conrpoi-o, -e, -ix>e, /., dissension ; 
a dispute, argument ; a quarrel. 

ConrporoeAC, -'oije, a., conten- 
tious, quarrelsome, litigious, 

Conrp6iT>eACt, -A, /., a disputa- 

Conr pofoitn, vl. conr poit), v. intr., 
I contend, dispute, strive. 

ConpCAblA, <j. id., pi. -i-oce, m., 
a constable, a policeman (A.). 

ConrcAic, -e, -ir>e, /., a clevor 
siiying ; a dodge; a condition 
artiully iutroducod iiilo a bar- 

gain ; a saving clause ; an objec- 

tion ; generally used in pi. (M.). 
ConcADAific, -&APCA and -bAtpce, 

/., danger, risk ; doubt. 
ConcAGAficAC, -Aije, ., dangerous, 

risky ; doubtful. 
ConcASAific, -AficA,/., affirmation, 

allusion, reference. 
ConcjiACC, -A, /"., misfortune ; a 

ConcjiAilce, a., wrong ; transverse, 

across ; An pAicim 6u|t con- 

cpAitce Afi An leine, to put the 

hem wrong on the shirt (Kerry 

song) ; also concfiAlcA. 
ContjiAti^oA, indec. a., contrary. 
ConciiAtTOAcc, -A, /., contradic- 

tion ; the opposite, the direct 

Conc(u\c tiA hoi-oce, twiliglit 

(Arari) ; concftAici'n, id. ; prop. 

CopAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cup, a 

Copog, -oije, -OJA,/., dock (weed); 
any large leaf of a plant ; copog 
cuACAit, common burdock ; 
copoj; flcATTiAin, colt's foot 
(U.). See CApdj. 

CopojAd, -Aije, a., abounding in 

Con, g. coif, pi. id., m., mode, 
manner, state, condition ; power, 
hold ; a trick ; turn, twist, stir ; 
occasion ; tuuo ; cast, throw ; 
guarantee, surety, pledge ; en- 
gagement, obligation, covenant, 
compact ; visit ; l>ar of a tune ; 
a bout of wrestling ; a reel in 
dancing ; Ajt Ati 50. fin, in that 
state, by that means ; AJI c. 50, 
so that, to the end that ; AH Aon 
c., (AJI) c. Aft bit, i n-Aon-c., on 
any account, by any means, in 
anywise, at all ; oo'n c. p o, on 
this occasion, now, this time ; 
6. te, as well as ; CAT) ip c. ouic, 
what is your condition? nioji 
cuin f e c. x>e, ho did not stir ; 
ni'L Aon c. 'n-A cjioix>e tiA pml 
A piop AjAm, there is no trick 
in his mind that I am nt 
acquainted with ; AII c. ACA Aip, 


( 182 ) 


the condition in which he is ; 

cojt coif e, a trick in wrestling 

by which the leg is suddenly 

taken from one of the con- 

testants ; bAineAX) coji Af An 

t1 5 1 t 1 t l F IA ' o > the hare was so 

hotly pursued that it had to 

Cop, g. coptA, m., act of wearying, 

growing tired. 
Cojt, -6111, -ofttA, m., a corn in the 

foot (McC.). 
COJIA, g. -AX) or -Ann, d. -AIX> or 

-Ainn,^. -A-OA, /., a weir, a dam ; 

CeAnn COJ-IAT) (Kincora), the 

residence of Brian Borumha ; 

cf., tttAinipciji nA CojiAnn, 

Midleton, in Co. Cork. 
CofiAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a marsh, 

a waste, a barren district, a place 

where reeds grow. See coji- 

CojtAc, -Aije, a., just, fair, even ; 

well-proportioned, handsome. 
CotAc, -Aije, /., justice. See coifi. 
CoftAjiob, -A, m. ; in phr. &$ f m-oe 

Aft A coftAjiob, sitting on his 

CoftAJiobAC, -Aij, pi. id., m., the 

male salmon (M.). 
Co^Air), -e, /., a pair, a couple ; 

a yoke of cattle ; cf. COJIAIX> bo 

and c6fiAix> cAoijiij ; cheese- 

CofiAix>e, g. id., m., a hero, a 

CottAix>eAcc, -A, /., bail, security, 

guarantee, recognisance. 
CojiAi-oeAcc, -A,/., wrestling, con- 

tending ; valour, bravery. 
CofiAim, vl. cofi, v. tr. and intr., 

I tire out, weary ; I fatigue ; I 

twist, I turn. 
CojiAniAil, -tiilA, a., wrestler-like ; 

angry, fitful. 
CoftAnAc, -A15, -Aije, m., a funeral 

cry, a dirge. 
CopAncA, indec. a., strong, valiant ; 

peA-p cojiAncA, a strong man ; 

oo fiubAit, fe 50 cojiAncA, he 

walked stoutly ; cf. cufiACA or 

, -e, /., a pair, a duplicate ; 

bo, two cows. See 


CofiAOi-oeAcc, -A, /., duplicating, 

Copb, g. cinjtb, pi. id., m., a coach, 
a wagon. 

CopbAC, -AI je, a., wicked, lewd. 

CopbAt), -A1-6, m., corruption, 
depravity, debauchery, incest. 

CopbAim, -At>, v. tr., I waste, con- 
sume ; I corrupt, deprave. 

CojibAifie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 
charioteer ; a coachmaker, a 
wheelwright. See CAfibAifie. 

Cope, g. cui|ic, -Ann A, m., a cork ; 
cork-wood ; a cork-tree (also 

COJICA, race, offspring ; enters into 
many place names, as CO^CA 
t)Aifcin, in West Thomond ; 
COJICA Hi "Ouibne, in W T est 
Kerry, etc. 

CojtcAc, -Aite, -ACA, /., a moor or 
marsh, a low-lying swamp ; the 
City of Cork ; the ds., COJICAIJ, 
is used generally for nom. 

Cofi-cAile, g. id., pi. -ACA, /., a 
clumsy, clownish girl ; cf. co |1- 


CojicAiji, g. -Aipe, pi. co|tc(iA, a., 


CopcAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a pot. 
CoftcAn coitte, m., a small red 

woodland flower ; a bull-finch. 
CopCAf, -Aif, pi. id., m., trunk of 

a man (On.) ( = carcass ?) 
Con-cAtbAfifi, -Ai-ft-p, pi. id., m., a 

hat band ; a helmet clasp. 
Cojicoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a hive. Sec 

Co|i-copo5, -6156, -OJA, /., groat 
water plaintain, alisma plan- 

Cojic|tA, g. id., m., purple, red 
colour. See copcAiji. 

COIIC^AC, -Ai^e, .) purple, scarlet- 
coloured (also cu|tcu|iAc). 

Co|tcu|i, -cojiA and -cftA, m., scar- 

Cottx)A, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a string, 
a cord, a rope ; a hangman's 
appliance for hanging. 

CotfOA-6, -uijce, m., union, agree- 



incut ; act of binding ; 7*.-. f >. 

CopJAp, -4i p, m., Lent. See 
c<ip5 A r (prou. with 5 haid, 

Copju Aip, -e,/., confusion, trouble, 
annoyance ; \>o cuijt pe c. Aip, 
it put him about. 

Copm, (j. cuijim, m., a kind of 
strong Irish beer or ale. 

Copm-A, g. id., m., ale. See cojim. 

CopniAim, -A-O, v. tr., I brew. 

Copm-uAill, /., drunken clamour. 

Conn, g. cut^n, jrf. id. and copnA, 
dpi. copnAib, m., a goblet, 
chalice, cup, drinking-horn (pi. 
also coijmcACA). 

Co|in, <j. cuipn, TO., a roll (as of 
cloth, etc.) ; copn bpeit>tn no 
cojin plAinin, a piece of frieze 
or a piece of flannel rolled up 
on a stick ; a coil of rope, a 
hank of yarn ; dim., copiiAn ; 
copnA, id. 

CopnAbAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a beetle. 

CopnAim, -AT), v. tr., I plait, fold, 
curl, roll, wind, warp up. 

COpnAn CAIpll, -Ain CAtpll, pi. id., 

in., wall pennywort, penny leaf 
(also called leACAn). 

CopnAn p.Ail, m., hemlock. 

Copn-clAti, -Aip, pi. id., m., a cup- 
board, a sideboard. 

Conn-pole. See CAfin-polc. 

CopncACt, -A,/., roundness (as of 
a piece of cloth rolled on a 

Copes, -6150, -OJA, /., a small 
piece of butter given from tlio 
churn = c Appoj ; a faggot (in 
some districts) ; a raven. 

Copog, -oije, -654, /., the hip 

Copom, g. -CAC, -e, and -6nA, 
pi. -CACA and -pnACA, /., a 
crown ; a crown-piece, five shil- 
lings ; An Copom ttluipe, tlio 
Rosary of the Blessi d Virgin 
Mary ; copoin nuillAij, the 
vertex or top of anything ; ni 
piopCAfoe An -jii beit) i ^copom 
bliAT>Ain 6 'ITOIU, nobody can 
say what king will reign twelve 

months hence ; c. An 6inn, the 
crown of the head. 

-eijii-oe, m., a 
coroner ; also cpoiriineAtiAi-oe. 

CoponAC, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a royal 

CojionAC, -Aige, a., crowned, royal. 

CotionAim, -AX) and -onuJA-o, v. tr., 
I crown. 

CofioncA, p. a., crowned. 

Cojton viJAX), -u isce, m., coronation. 

Coponuijim, -UJAXJ, v. tr., I crown. 

Copp, g. cuipp and coijip, pi. id., 
m., a corpse, a body; a headless 
trunk ; cojip c|tAmn, the trunk 
of a tree ; le cojtp ACAip, with 
genuine pleasure ; beix> f e Ann- 
po lAicpeAC A]\ An jcofip 
AjAinn, ho will be here pres- 
ently, he is upon us ; -o'Aon- 
copp niAjATO, fully bent on 
mocking ; leim pe Ap A copp, 
he sprang into the air; -o'lmcij 
fe An mero A bi 'n<\ copp, he 
went off as fast as he could ; 
c. An cpAth^Ait), the middle of 

Cot<pAlA6, -Aij, m., the body, as 
distinct from the head. 

CojipAn, g. -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
corpse ; also a little or miserable 

, a., corpiilent, corporal. 
-oA, a., bodily, corporal. 
, -A, /., materiality. 
'o, m., anatomy. 

Copp-fnApuijitn, -pA-6, v. tr., I 
anatomise, dissect. 

Cojtji, g. cuippe and cotpjie, pi. 
-A, /., any bird of the crane or 
heron kind ; a stork, bittern, 
etc. ; coup Wlli a stork ; copp 
jlAp, copp triotiA, a crane or 
heron ; copp pcpeACA, a screech 
owl (copp-pcpeAcog) ; copn 
liuJAn (?), a curlmv. 

Copp, g. cuippe, pi. cojipA, /., a 
worm, a reptile, fly or insect. 

Copp, -A, /., a crib, a stall, hut, 
nicWuiv, pen, as copp nA 
5CAp<\ll, the horso shed; copp 
nA jjcAojtAd, the pen for shcop, 


( 184 ) 


s -A, -CA (also g. and pi. 

cuijifi), m., an angle, a nook, a 

corner ; a bound ; a limit ; end, 

Copp, 9- cuifttie, pi. -A,f., a snout, 

a beak, a bill; the stern or 

prow of a ship; cojifi cofAij TIA 

tumje, the prow. 
Co^tS ff- cu1 FtS m -> a sand eel ; 

co-ftp gobAc, a sand eel with a 

long head (Ker.). 
Copp (for conjiAi-oeACT), an addi- 

tion to ; cojift 1 fice btiA'OAn, 

twenty years and some months ; 

bfteif i pice btiAX>An, twenty 

years and more. 
Co jit 1 ; a - (generally compounded 

with noun), odd, occasional ; 

c.-pocAt, an odd word ; c.-Ait<, 

occasionally ; c.-vnniiti, an odd 

number ; cottp-'O'Uine, an occa- 

sional person; -ouine co^p, an 

CoptS a -, round ; copti-bol-5, a 

round bag. 

Copt'A, a round, rough hill (Cork). 
CotipAtwAif, -e, /., concern, un- 

easiness (corrupt for coti- 

CoppAc, -A156, a., unstable, un- 
even, unsteady ; iriAnae co^f AC, 
a see-saw. 

-Ai, -Aie, m., a morass, 

a marsh, a bog ; a level, low- 

lying plain. 
Co-pftAC, -Aic, pi. id., m., top-knot 

(head-dress) ; the diminutive 

copfiAicin was applied to the 

crest on the head of a fowl, lap- 

wing, otc. 
CoptACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a light 

boat made of hides or canvas. 

See cojiAC ; see also CWJIACAH. 
CofpACAf, -Aif, m., weariness, 

CoppACttJA-o, -uijce, m., the coo- 

ing of the dove. 
CoppA'D, in^Ar.cotifiA-6 te, almost; 

also more than (ip) ; co^t 1 ; id. 

(Don.); cof-pAT) if f ice bti4T)An, 

odds and twenty years (U.) ; 

cf. jeAll te (M.). 

cc, -A,/., excess ; 

Aix>eAcc if yice punc, twenty 
pounds odd (M.). 
ftfiAtttfn, 3- id., pi. -ix>e, m., a bit 
of steel well edged (usually part 
of a co^An), used for thinning 
the edge of a scythe to sharpen it. 
-ptiAn, -AIT), pi. id., m., the jaw ; 
a hook or sickle ; an indented 
or serrated mountain ; Copt^n 
CuACAit, Tuathal's serrated 
mountain, Carn Tual, in Kerry, 
the highest mountain in Ireland; 
co-p-pAn p<yo4, a long-hafted sea- 
weed hook. 

^^ATI, -Am, pi. id., m., the jaws ; 
the throat. See cottt'An supra. 

C, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a m;vn 
with pointed edged jaws ; a 

fcpAnAc, -Aije, a., pointed, 
barbed, indented. 
nnAfiAf, -Aif, m., a desire to 
eat from seeing others eat. 

,/., a clumsy, clownish 

-pt'cojAitc, -e, pi. id. (cofiji- 
coigitc), /., green and blue 
figures, resembling glow-worms, 
observed on the hearth when 
raking the fire at night, said to 
forbode frost or rain (Con.). 

5^Af, g. cuiti^e jlAire, 
pi. copt^A jlAfA, /., a stork or 

, g. cuifiie jt 1 ^ 1116 ) 
pi. copt'A jt^AiiA, /., a heron. 
lAfc, /., a heron, a crane. 

-Aij, m., sea-weed 
reached only at low tide ; it 
grows on rocks at the bottom 
of the sea, and requires a special 
knife to cut it. 

fitittiAc, -Aige, -A, m., overplus, 
addition, remainder. 
np-trieAti, m., the odd or ring 

irioriA, g. cuitvpe trioriA, pi. 

tfiotiA, /., a crane, 
f Cf.eA-005, /., a screech owl. 
-f tnt, /., a glance. 

-uijce, m., act of 
stirring, moving, inciting ; mo- 



, -ui5ce, in., act of 
moving, stirring ; motion. 

Course, g. id., /., anger, fury ; 
wrath, offence (C.). 

CoftjtuijeAc, -5156, a., moving, 
stirring ; active. 

Cofi-puijim, -uJA-6 and -tje, fut. 
-ftocAT), cond. --jiocAinn, v. tr. and 
intr., I stir, move ; tamper with ; 
coftjiutj o^c, hurry on; conjimj, 
id. ; cojtjiuij cu f em, id. 

CojtcA, p. a., wearied, tired out. 

COJICA, g. id., m. (corrupt for COCA), 
a coat (Der.). 

Co|tcAct, -A, /., weariness, ex- 
haustion, lassitude. 

CopcAiji, -e and -ifiAC, /., border, 
fringe, embroidery. 

CojitApAc, -Aije, a., becoming, 
proper, courteous ; if co^icAf AC 
gAe-oeAl/Ac An nop e, it is a 
becoming Irish practice. 

Coft cuAtAil, m., a turn contrary 
to the sun's motion ; a turn to 
the left ; an unprosperous or 
fatal course. 

CojtuJA-o, -utjie, m., act of repair- 
ing, refitting ; arranging, settling, 
preparing ; dressing out, rigging ; 
armour ; a band, a troop ; bat- 
talion of troops drawn out in 
order of battle. See cotfuuj- 

Cofitnjim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I mend, 
ornament, arrange, regulate, 
prepare. See coifujitn. 

Cojtuijitn (copAirn), vl. COJIAI-U- 
BACC, v. intr., I wrestle, contend, 

Coft-uti-HAT), m., a surety. 

Cop, g. coif e, d. coir, pi. cor A, /., 
a foot ; a leg ; a handle ; a 
trunk of a tree ; the treadle of a 
spinning-wheel ; cop i n-Aifroe, 
at a gallop ; ip ArnATMn Aft A 
copAib e, he is a veritable fool ; 
oo neiji tno cop, in good spirits 
(Ker.) ; CBAT) cop, ceAt> tiA 
coipe, leave to go. Cop is always 
used for the handle of any tool 
that implies length, as a ham- 
mer, axe, fork, knife, etc. ; but 
a vessel, etc., with two handles 

is said to have ctuApA (oars) ; 
that of a jug, teapot, is tArn, 
while the hilt of a sword is -oofm 
(fist) or jtAC ; i jcopAit), 
amongst ; cop c^Ainn, a wooden 
leg (Kligo) ; cop i oceAtinrA, 
knock-kneed. See coip. 

CopAC, -Atje, a., footed ; having 
many legs ; belonging to the 

CopACC, COPACCAC, a cough. Sec 


CopAX>6i^t, -ojiA, -6ifhx>e, m., a 
foot- board. 

CopAinc, -AIICA, pi. id., f., defence; 
keeping ; reply ; averment ; pro- 

CopAiji, -pjiAC, /., a trampling ; 
what is trampled down ; 'TI-A 
copAi|t c-po, in a gory mass 
or heap ; 'nA dopAifi CApAip;, 
trampled under foot, as litter 
for animals' bedding. 

CopAtriAit, ad., rather, middling 
(Om.) ; copAtriAit mAtl, some- 
what late. See copriiAit. 

CopAmAjt, -Aifi, pi. id., m., offal, 
remainder, rubbish ; a rabble : 
bi c. 6 CeAnn Cuific A-fi An 
bpopA-6, there was a rabble from 
Kanturk at the wedding ; 1 jc. 
(with g.), in the wake of, in the 
company of. 

CopAtritAcc. See coptiiAiteAcc. 

CopAn (cApAti), -Am, pi. id., m., a 
path, a foot-path, a route ; the 
ravage made by a flood (Don.). 
See CApAn. 

CopAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a sloe- 

CopAnAim. See copnAim and cop- 

CopAticA, indcc. p. a., defended, 
protected, kept off. 

CopAncAc, -Aije, a., keeping, de- 
fending, protecting. 

CopAnrAC, -Aij, m., a defendant 

CopAntoifi, -6fiA, -oififoe, m., a 
defender, a defendant. 

Cope, -A, m., act of restraining ; 
restraint; preventing, hindn in; . 
intercepting ; a cessation ; a 


( 186 ) 


giving up ; impediment, hin- 
drance, restriction, prohibition, 

CopcAx>, -CCA, m., the act of stop- 
ping, suppressing, hindering, 
restricting. See cop c. 

CopCAim, vl. cofc, v. tr., I oppose, 
prevent, forbid ; I wean (Mayo) ; 
hinder, stop. 

CopcAipe, g. id., pi. -ftnbe, m., a 
hindorer ; a monitor ; an in- 
structor ; one that ceases or 

CopcAiftc, -AftcA, /., act of 
slaughtering ; of triumphing ; a 
thaw (Don.) 

Cop-cAtn, -Aime, a., crooked- 

i, -Aijt, pi. id., TO., slaughter, 
havoc, overthrow ; victory, exul- 
tation, fear, dread, terror (Don.). 
See copCAip;c. 

Cop CAjiA-6, -jicA, m., act of terrify- 
ing (Don.). See copCAip;. 

CopCAficAC, -Aije, a., destructive, 
overthrowing ; exultant blood- 
curdling (Don.). 

Copc-fiAc, -Aije, a., victorious ; 
fond of carnage; also cor CA^CAC. 

CopcfiAim, -A-O, v. tr. and intr., I 
slaughter, massacre ; I triumph, 

Cop -out), /., the plant maiden 
hair ; -cub-cop AC (Aran). 

Cop-JAbtACAti, -AID pi. id., TO., a 

Cop-teACAn, -eicne, a., broad- 

Cop-torn, -t tii me, a., barefooted. 

Cop-tomnoccA, indec. a., bare- 

Cop-tuAii, -e, a., swift-footed. 

CopriiAit, -pArhtA, a., like, alike, 
resembling (to, te) ; ip c., it is 
likely, probable ; ip c. 50, it is 
likely that. 

CopriiAiteAcc, -A, /., likelihood, 
probability ; likeness, similitude, 
resemblance ; fashion, imitation ; 
imagery , also copArhtAcc. 

CoptiiAiteAp, -tip , m., resemblance, 
likeness, comparison, imitation. 
See coprhAiteAcc. 

CopniAttim, -Ait, v. intr., I am 
like, resemble, I liken to. 

CopnAc, -A15, TO., a defendant. See 

CornA-6, m. See copnAtri. 

CopnAim, vl. copAinc, coptiAtri, 
COpnA-6, imper. copAin, fut. coip- 
eonAt), sp. I. copnocAt) (pron. 
copnoJAtj, M. and S. Con.), cond. 
-oipeoriAinn and sp. 1. -nocAirm, 
v. tr., I defend, protect, ward off 
from (AJI), I maintain (also cop- 
AtiAim and CApnAim). 

CopnAm, g. -tiAirii, copAncA, m., 
protection, defence, defensive 
warfare (also CAptiArii). 

CoptiAiriAc, -Aije, a., defensive, 
giving assistance. 

CopnAmAC, -Aij, -Atje, m., an 
asserter, a defender, one who 
pleads, intercedes for. 

CopnoccA, indec. a., bare-footed, 
bare-legged (also copnocccA arid 

Copnui^im. See copnAim. 

Copog, -6150, -OJ;A, /., the stem of 
a plant. 

CopjtAC, coll., fetters (O'N.). 

Cop-pcoL, -oit, pi. id., m., a foot- 

CopcA and pCA)iAoit) are in Aran 
folklore the magic goblet and 
table-cloth which produce all 
desired drink and food. See 

CopCAp, -Aip, pi. -Aip and -Aipix>e, 
TO., provision, food ; cost, ex- 

CopCApAc, -Aije, a., costly, ex- 
pensive, rich, sumptuous. 

CopcApAtiiAit, -iritA, a., expensive, 
costly, luxurious. 

Copuitbe, g. id., pi. --ote, m., a 
pedestrian ; a footman ; a 
courier (also coipnae). 

Cop uipce, g. id., m., wild chervil, 
cow parsley, choeropliyllum syl- 

Coc, f). cuic, pi. id., in., a bill- 
hook ; a strong knife. 

COUA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, TO., a coat, a 
garment ; COCA mofi, a great 
coat ; COCA beAg, a petticoat ; 


( 187 ) 


c. bAn, a groat ; a white coat ; 
c. pjteArAC, lady's mantle (plant) 
alchemilla vidgaris. 

CocJAil, -e, /., breeding, good 

Cocjiomos, -6156, -OJA, /., a level 
plot, as in a rath (Don. and 
Con.) (prop, coriitfomoj). 

COCUJAC, -Aije, a., backward, shy 
(Don.) ; fearful, timid. 

CocuJA-6, -vnjte, m., backward- 
ness, shyness (U.) ; foarfulness, 
timidity ; act of fearing. 

Cocu5A-6, -uijire, m., act of sup- 
porting, feeding, maintaining, 
keeping ; " caring for " ; per- 
suading ; food, support, main- 
tenance ; good feeding ; sleek- 
ness, fatness ; one supported : 
if otc An c. cu, you are ill- 
deserving of maintenance ; AJ 
cocuJA-6 tiA Vuuce ceAT>nA, 
keeping the same place. 

Coctnjim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I rear, 
feed, maintain, nourish, pre- 
serve ; keep up ; ni cotuijeAnn 
ttit iriAic -o'eAt 1 jcoriinui-oe, a 
horse cannot always maintain a 
good pace (M.). 

Coctnjim, -5AT>, v. tr. and intr., 
I fear, dread, am timid, shy 

Cocuijce, p. a., maintained ; well- 
fed (generally of cattle, etc.) ; 
cocuijfce (Don.). 

Coiuijteoifi, -opA, -oififoe, m., a 
supporter, a maintainer. 

CjiAbAcc, -A, /., piety, devotion, 
virtue, contrition. See 

'o, -AITD, m., religion, piety, 

CfiAOAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a kind of 

small rock-fish. 
CjiACAijie, g. id., nl. -fifoe, m., a 

boaster, a jest, r, a talker. 
C|tA-6, g. C^AI-D and C^A-OA, m., act 

of vexing, plaguing, tormenting; 

pain, torment, misery, destruc- 

tion, anguish, torture ; ip cu An 

cfiATi, you are a torment ; ^401 

c., in misery. 

I, vl. CJIA'O and 

v. tr., I pain, torture, torment, 
annoy ; n<i bi Am CJIA-O, do not 
annoy me. 

fiAtJAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a burr, 
a burdock. 

, -Aif, m., vexation. 

-Ait, pi. id., m., a 
heart-burn ; a dislike ; sorrow ; 

C|iAx>rcAtAC, -Aije, a., heart- 
burning ; offensive, repugnant, 
distasteful ; scrupulous. 

CjiA-ocAifie, g. id., pi. -fiix>e, m-, a 
worn-out person ; a useless 
animal ( W. Ker.). 

CfiAs, -Aije, -AJA, /., a paw ; a 
broad palm of the hand ; a hand- 
ful (of meal, etc.) ; nom. also 

CJIAJAC, -Aije, a., having large 
hands or feet. 

CfiAjA-o, g. -JCA and -jjAi-oce, m., 

CttAjAirn, -A-O, v. tr., I handle, 
paw, maul. 

C^ASAif e, g. id., pi. -jn'oe, m., an 
awkward person who paws and 
besmears everything ; a mauler. 

CpAibceAfi, -tije, a., religious, 

CpAibteAcc, -A,./., godliness, piety, 

CjiAi-oce, p. a., tormented, vexed, 
troubled, pained ; cpci-De c., 
a heart torn with anguish. 

CpAniceACAti, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a 
bold, peevish youngster ; u 

CJIAI-OCCACC, -A, /., vexation, tor- 
ment, pain, trouble ; mo 6., wco 
is me ! 

CpAi-oceAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

CpAiTJceos, -oige, -OJA, /., a nig- 
gardly woman (O'N.). 

CtiAi-oceoip, -OJIA, -oniixie, m, a 

CftAis, -e, -6ACA, /., a cray ; a 
rock. See CAjifiAig. 

C^AIC, -e, -eACA,/., the fist ; a paw, 
a claw (also the throat) (O'N.). 

C^AimpiAfc, peifc, pi. id., m., a 
torpedo ; a species of fish. 


( 138 ) 


CHAITI, -AtiAc, -ATIACA, /., a female ; 
a sow ; a she-crab ; the female 
of several animals, having the 
idea of maternity, as cjiAin je, 
c|iAin beice, c^Ain tiitnce. 

C|tAinn--fteAriiA|t, -teitriiie, a., as 
thick as a tree ; thick-shafted. 

CtiAinnjtuijjce, a., obdurate, hard 

m., masts. See 

CftAinnci5irn,-iu5AT:>, v. r., I parch, 

shrivel up, sear. 
CfiAintin, g. id., pi. -ixe, m., the 

female of several animals, as 
iti 56, a goose ; dim. of 

CfiAin-tr-eite, g. id., m., tough 

Ct'Aiplijitn, -lUJAT), v. tr., I en- 
tangle ; I cripple. 

CftATTiAtitAc, -Aij, m -> kh refuse 
stalks of peas, potatoes, or other 
crops (prop. cnAriiAfilAc). 

CfiAtiioj;, -6156, -654, /., a rem- 
nant, refuse, residuum ; cjiArhog 
juAil, cinders; a worm, a still 

CjiAtnpA, g. id., pi. -Aix>e or -AX>A, 
m., a knot, a clasp ; a cramp ; 
a spasm ; CfiArnpAiT>e, cramps. 

CjiAmpAC, -Aiije, a., knotty ; sub- 
ject to cramps or spasms. 

C^AmpAr), -AIH, pi. id., m., a 
twisted, knotty beam of wood ; 
a tree trunk ; a large tuft, a dry 
lump in a bog or marsh ; a small 
holm ; a high river bank, com- 
mon in place names ; according 
to some, an inlet of a river, a 
creek ; it is the name of some 

CiAmp6r, -6156, -654, /., a noose 

C]tAtiCAix), -e, -ce, m., a grumbler. 

CjiAticAijie, g. id., pi. -ju-oe, m., a 
grumbler (A ?). 

C^Arm, g. -Ainn, pi. id. and -A, dpi. 
C|iAnnAib, m., a tree, mast, 
stave ; a bolt ; a plough ; the 
handle of a weapon or imple- 
ment ; a staff ; a limb ; AJI A 
C|uxnnAi&, on his hands and 

feet ; cjtAnn moji, c}tAnn AJCO, 
main mast ; c{iAnn ip eAl, a low 
mast ; cjiAtin meAT>6in, mizzen- 
mast ; cjiAnti Aifice, the cork- 
tree ; c. Ai|ine, the sloe-tree ; 
c. bAn, the sycamore-tree ; c. 
beite, the birch-tree ; pi. somet. 
C]iAinnce (Con.). 

CpAiin, g. cjiAinn, pi. id. and 
CftArniA, m., a lot ; cftAtitiA "oo * 
cup Aifi, to select something by 
lot; cfiAinnce "oo CAiceAm A1|\ 
id. (Con.). 

C]tAnn, -A, pi. id., a tune, a melody, 
a step in dancing ; cjiAntiA ceoil, 
tunes in music ; in pi, antics : 
pe AC tiA ctiAnnA CA pe, observe 
his antics. 

CftAtinAX), -ncA, m., choosing by 
lot ; act of playing certain tunes 
on the fiddle, bagpipes, etc. 

CjiAtinAolAC, -A15, m., woven 
basket-work at the top of 
country chimneys, plastered 
over and whitewashed. 

CfiAnn bAn, in., the sycamore tree. 

CfiAnn bjiACAij;, m., a flag-staff. 

CjiAnn bfieice, m., the tree of 

CfiAnn buj'CA, m., a box tree. 

CjtAnn-cAiftc, /., the bark of a 

C|tAnn cAtiAij;, m., a cotton tree. 

CftAtin cAojicAinn, m., the moun- 
tain ash ; the service tree ; the 
quicken tree ; the quick beam. 

C^tAnti CAf-pAip, m., a dwarf tree. 

CtiAnn coilicin, m., the hazel tree. 

C|tAtin cftic, y. ciiAinn C^CACA, pi. 
id., m., an aspen tree ; tha 
trembling poplar (also qu\nn 

CjiAnn-c-pufc, -A, m., the bark of a 
tree (O'N.). 

CjiAnn cuitmn, m., a holly tree. 

CjiAnn cuinfe, m., a quince tree. 

C|tArm cupAiji, m., a cypress tree. 

C|iAnn-c-p, -cuiji, m., a casting of 
lots ; c)(Ainn x>o cup, to cast lots. 

Cf Ann-cujt pi^eogAc, m., magical 

C|tAntTOA, a., bowed, feeble, 
shrivelled ; \voody. 

en A 

( 189 

T>AfiAc, m., an oak tree. 

CfiAnn OAfioije, m., an oak tree. 

CftAtin oeifti'6, m., a mizen mast. 

CfiAnn oftuirn, m., the elder tree 
(CfiAnn eAt-opinm, cfiAnn ojtom- 

CfiAnn eAbotnn, m., nn ebony tree. 

C|tAnn eAjaiji, m., a weaver's 
setting stick. 

CjiAnn fAifrine, m., sorcery by 
casting of lots. 

CftAiin -peA]ttiA, m., an elder tree. 

CjiArm peAftnoijje, m., id. 

CfiAnn fige, m., a fig tree. 

CjiAtin frftAOCAin,TO.,black whortle- 
berry, bilberry, bleabeny ; c. 
pfiAocoise, id. 

Cju\nn pume, m., a baker's rolling- 

CjiAnn ftiinnfeoise, m., common 
ash tree. 

CfiAtin 3Af.*Ainn, ?., henbane 

CftAmi5Ail, -e, f., lattices before 
the altar, dividing the sanctuary 
from the body of the church ; a 
bier ; strains of music (pipers 
used to accompany funerals at 
one time ; cf. cfiAnn, a tune : 

|1CA1 l 6eACC Afl 

"An c-OtAfi A5Uf An t)Af." 

CfiAnn jAll-cno, m., a walnut tree. 
C)iAnn SACA, m., a pike-staff. 
CfiAnn jeAtini-cno, m., a chestnut 

tree (also cjiArm cno CApAitl). 
CpAnn jjiutTiAipe, m., a fir tree, a 

pine tree ; bog pine. 
CjiAnn iomcuiji, m., an axle-tree. 
CjiAnn uibAiji, m., a yew tree. 
CjiArm tAbjiAif , m., a laurel or bay 

CjtAnnlAd, -Aij, m., boughs of 

trees ; brushwood ; stalks of 


C|iAtin l/Aip, m., a main mast. 
CpAtintAnn, -Amne, -AtinA, /., a 


CjiAnn liomofoe, m., a lemon tree. 
CjtAnn lutn^e, m., n foremast, as 

distinct trom cjiAnn feoit, a 

mast simply. 

CjtArmtup, m., groundsel (also 

C|iAnn tnAol-t)eA|i5, g. 

mAotl-'oeifij;, pi. id., m., a mul- 

berry tree. 
CjtAnn meAx>6in, m., the main 

CpAnn-nAfc, -riAipc, m., a kind of 

spancel which ties the horns of 

a cow to one of the fore logs 

(prop. c}iob-nArc). 
CjtAnnos, -6156, -OJA, /., a pulpit ; 

the driver's box on a coach ; a 

hook or pin to hang things on ; 

an old lake dwelling. 
C)tArm olA, g. cjtAinn olA, pi. id., 

m., an olive tree. 
CfiArm pAilme, m., a palm tree. 
CjiArm pice, m., a pike handle. 
CfiAnnjtA, y. id., /., a knot in wood, 

a wart (Con. and U.) ; CA me 

'mo CftAtitiMA Aije, I am wearied 

out by it(Con.); ^inneA-6 c|tAnn- 

tiA t>e, he was destroyed 

C|tArn pei-ocij, m., a magistrate 

(17.). ; any peacemaker. 
CjiAtin fAilije, m., a sallow or 

willow tree ; also c. f Aileoige. 
CjiAnn-fAOfi, y. -f AOIJI, pi. id., m., 

a carpenter. 
CjtAtin fcoi-oe, m., a boom ; also 

a bow-sprit. 
CjiAtin feitje, m., a hunting 

CftArm feoil, m., a mast ; cpAinn 

feoil, masts. 

CftArm p|npe, m., a cherry tree. 
CfiAnn fleAriiAin, m., horn beam, 

horse beech tree (corjtiuti* 

betulus) ; an elm tree (O'C.). 
CftAtin fnAim, TO., a canoe, a boat. 
Cf<Ann f olAif, m., a chandelier. 
CftAtin f peite, TO., a scythe handle, 

CpAnn fpionAin, TO., a gooseberry 

tree ; c. f pion6j; (Don.). 
CftAnn fpjieoit>e, TO., a bolt-sprit 

or bow-sprit. 
CftAnn-CAbAill, dpi. -rAibtib, /., a 

sling, a sling-staff. 
CfiAnn-rAftj(Aiii5, /., a drawing of 



( 190 ) 


CjiArtn CAfifiAinje, m., a wooden 

peg or pin. 

CiiArm-ceAC, m. , an arbour. 
CfiArm ceArmcA, m., a printing 

press, a bookbinder's press, a 

CjiAnn ceite, m., a lime tree, a 

teel tree. 

Cji*rm ceileoije, m., lime tree. 
C|tArin cocAiftte, m., a reel for 

winding yarn (Meath). 
CjtArm cocfiAip, m., a reel for 

winding yarn. 
CpAnn cojAtAc, g. cjtAirin 05- 

AtAlj, pi. C|1AnnA COgAlACA, m., 

a craue, windlass, lever, crow 

(also cjiArm COJAIA). 
CfiArm corhAif , m., a guess ; An 

bf AJAt) A-p tno c. e, shall I get 

it, if I guess rightly ? 
C-pArm co^Aix), m., a fruit-tree. 
CjiArm cofAij, m., the foremast. 

See CfiAnn twinge. 
CfiAnn cftAfnA, m., a cross bar, a 

cross-beam ; the swingle-tree in 


C^Ann cuilm, m., holm-oak. 
Cf Ann cuife, m., a frankincense 


CjiArm uoAilt, m., an apple tree. 
CfiAnnvnx>e, g. id., pi. -x)ce, m., a 

decrepid old man. 
CftArmuijim. -uJA'6, v. tr. and 

intr., I become wooden, grow 

into wood ; I plant trees. 
CfiAnn uifce, m., the bowsprit of a 

ship (P. O'C.). 
CJIAOD, g. -oibe and -ODA, d. -oib, 

pi. -bA and -ACA, dim. CfiAoibin 

and cfiAoboj, /., a branch, a 

bough, a tree ; An c., the palm 

of victory ; c|iAob cop CAifi, a 

sign of triumph ; jtuj; p e An 

c-pAob teif, he won the palm ; 

ni -peATipAinri Aon pioc Tie 

C-pAOlb ATI AOIIAtj ^00 CUft A1|1, 

I could not put anything of the 
palm of the fair on it, i.e., I 
couldn't do it in any way well 
(M.) ; fuj; cfiAoo, raspberry. 
CfiAob, as it occurs in place names 
and family names, as CjtAob 
RwA-6, CjiAob CfitiAcnA, etc., 

may signify a seat or mansion 
embosomed in shrubbery; cfiAob- 
AC is similarly used. See P. O'C. 

CjiAobAc, -bAije, a., branching, 
full of boughs ; flowing (of the 
hair) ; variegated, fashionable, 
e.g., mo jwnA cjiAobac (17.). 

CjiAobAc, -Aij, m., loppings of 
trees ; brushwood. 

CfiAobAim, -AX), v. intr., I branch, 
I sprout. 

C|tAob coibneAf A,/.,a genealogical 
tree, a pedigree. 

CfiAob cofCAiji, /., a laurel, a 

CjiAob ojiomAin, /., an elder or 
bore tree. See CfiAnn T>nuim. 

CfAob pAb^A, /., a sty in the eye. 

CiiAob jeineAlAije, /., a gene- 
alogical tree. 

CfiAob-t,Af|iAc, -Aije, a., with 
branch-like flame, flamboyant. 

CjiAob tVixnce piA-6, /., hart's 

CftAob o^oAf, /., a sty in the eye 
(some write it c^Aob pogAtt and 
cjiAob -pAb^tA, the latter being 
probably the correct form). 

CuAobog, -6150, -OJA, /., an ar- 
borette ; a little branch, a twig. 

CjiAobfCAOiteA'D, g. -Ice, pi. id., 
m., act of propagating, publish- 
ing, setting down in genealogical 
order ; genealogy ; an explana- 
tion ; publishing, preaching. 

CftAobfcAoitim, -teA-o, v. tr., I 
propagate, disseminate, publish, 
explain, divulge, delineate. 

CfAobpcAoitce, p. a., preached, 
published, delineated, explained. 

CjiAocAT), -CCA, m., withering, 

CftAoib-eot,Ac, -Aij, pi. id., m., an 

CfiAoibin, g. id., pi. --me, m., a 
small branch or bough ; a bush, 
a small tree. 

CftAoifeAC, -fije, -feACA, /., a 
spear, a javelin ; c-|iAoifneAc, id. 

CjiAoifin, g. id., pi. -nix>e, m., a 
little glutton. 

CfiAotAim, -AT), I announce (Wat.). 

CJIAOJIAC, -Aice, ., bright-red, 


speckled (another form of either 
ct(6-x>eA|i5 or cAoti-x>eAji5) ; also 


, -AIC, pi. id., TO., a fish 
with bright-red scales (pron. 
cjiei-ofieAC in Ker.) ; t)inn n& 
SCjiei-ojieAc, a little peak on 
the northern coast of Valentia 
Island, round which this particu- 
lar fish is found in large num- 

CfAOf, -oip, TO., tho throat, tho 
open mouth ; the cavity of tho 
mouth ; tho belly ; greed, glut- 
tony, revelling ; anger, fury ; 
peAc An cftAop ArA uijtci, said 
of a scolding woman. 

CjtAorAC, -Aije, a., greedy, glut- 
tonous, gaping, wide-mouthed ; 
furious ; florid of face. 

CjtAof AC, -Aij, -Aije, m., a glutton, 
a spendthrift. 

CjiAopACAT), -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

CjtAor-Aiite, {/. ill., pi. -HI-DC, m., 
a glutton, a debauchee ; a 

C]iAojrAi|teAcc, -A, /., greediness, 
gluttony, spendthriftness ; 
cjiAop Acr, id. 

CjiAOfATiAC, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a 
glutton, a riotous person, a 

C|tAor-t>An, -bAine, a., white- 
mouthed, white-throat. (!. 

CuAop-cogAiicAC, -Aije,**., greedy ; 

CltAOp-fOtjlAJA'O, -jtA, TO., a 

gargling or rinsing of the 

CitAop-JAtAti, -Aifi, TO., sores in 

the mouth, mouth distemper 

(usually in children) ; atoma- 

titis, or thrush. 

-o, -ncA, m., gargling. 
-AX), v. tr., I 

C|iAof-tonrAT), -JCA, m., act of 

greedily devouring ; voracity. 
C}tAor-6t, -oil, TO., act of drinking 

with greed ; great drinking. 
CttAor-ftuAiAji, -Aift, TO., a hungry 

or voracious onslaught. 

>, -uirce, m., swal- 
lowing with greed. 

, -flujA-o, v. tr. 
I swallow voraciously. 
iAOf CA, indec. a., greedy. 
iApAT), -ptA, m., act of contract- 
ing, shrinking up, crippling, 
stunting ; gathering close to- 
gether ; pron. cfiupATi) (Con.). 
iApA-ooiti, -6|\A, -oijinie, m., a 

, -A'D, p. a. -pcA, v. tr. and 
intr., I shrink up, contract ; 
withdraw (as one's hand) ; I 
cause to shrink ; bring close 
together (as hay spread out). 
HApAifie, g. id., pi. -ju-oe, m., one 
that crushes or causes to shrink. 
iApAtt, -Aitl, TO., a fetter ; 
shackles (also cfieApAtt). 
ApAtiAC, -Aije, a., curled (of the 

iAptwijim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I fetter, 
I tie, 1 bind. 

, -Aip, TO., twilight. See 

(ciiApui5te, M. sp. I.), 

p. a., warped, contracted, bent, 

CJAT:AC, -Aij;e, a., shaking, 

trembling, waving, quivering ; 

cut, cjtACAC, a waving head of 

CttACAX), -Aitce, pi. id., TO., a 

shaking, brandishing, flapping, 

quivering ; aspersion ; concus- 

sion ; a nod of the head. 
CfiAtAim, -At, v. tr. and intr., I 

wave, shake ; nod, beckon. 
CtiACAtiAC, -Aije, a., shaking, 

quivering, trembling. 
CJIACJIAC, -Aije, /., a shaking bog. 
Cpe, g. CJIIATJ, d. CJIIAI-O, pi. 

c|ieix>eATinA /., earth, clay, dust 

(g. c^6, d. id., is most usual now, 

except in poetry). 
C^6, g. id., f., the Creed (Lat. 

CjieAOAX)6i|i, -ottA, -oitii-oe, TO., 

a beggar, a dun. 
CtteADAji, -AIJI, pi. id., TO., a fork- 

cock of hay. 

i, -Aif, TO., a woodcock ; a 

( 102 ) 


gadfly. (P. O'C. spells cfteot>Afi 
or citeA-oAji, and thinks the x> 
is foreign and superfluous) ; 
ctieAbAifie, id. 
C]ieAbAfi CAOC, m., a gadfly ; a 

woodcock (Con.}. 

CjieAboj;, -6150, -ogA, /., a twig, a 
branch ; a young woman. 

CjteAc, g. cpeice, pi. cjte&cA, /., 
plunder, spoil, booty, cattle- 
prey ; a herd, as CJICAC bo no 
CAP Alt, a herd of cows, or a 
troop of horses ; a host, a multi- 
tude ; ruin ; mo cjieAC, woe is 

C]ieACAX>, -CCA, m., act of plunder- 
ing ; spoiling, robbing. 

CpeACAtJoiji, -6fiA, -oijnxie, m., a 
spoiler, a plunderer, robber, 
freebooter, destroyer, 

CjteACAit, -e, -i-oe, /., a crooked, 
gnarled piece of wood ; fig., a 
person of a cross, iinmanageable 
disposition ; cfieACAite, also in 
latter sense. 

CpeACAim, -A-6, v. tr., I plunder, 
I rob, despoil, desolate. 

CjieACAijie, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 
plunderer, a robber, a destroyer. 

CjieACAitieAcc, -A, /., plundering, 
robbery, desolating. 

CtieAtAti. See cfieAtAti. 

C}ieAC-tof CA'O, -Coif cue, pi. id., m., 
destruction by fire. 

C]ieAcc, g. -A, pi. id., /., a wound, a 
sore, a scar, a gash ; a furrow ; 
a ravine ; a streak ; CJICACCA 
ttlic T)e, the wounds of the Son 
of God. 

C(teAcrAc, -Aije, a., wounded ; 
wounded by sin, sinful. 

CjieACCAC, -Aij, m., crane's bill, 
a plant used in healing sores. 

CflBACCAC -DeA^S, ' A1 5 "O^FS) 

m., bloody crane's bill, a weed 
with very rough roots that grows 
in wet land, the flowers of which 
are used for dyeing. 

CfieACCAim, -A-O, v. tr., I wound. 

CfieAcc-jom,/., act of wounding 

CjieAcc-joncA, p. a., deeply 

CjieAcc-loicim, -lou, v. tr., I 

wound severely. 
CfteAcc-lofS, -t-uifij;, m., a scar, a 

CfieAct-tof<5Ac, -A15C, a., full of 


CjieAcc-lup, m., wound-wort. 
CjieAccnugAT), -tnjce, m., act of 

Avoundiug ; wounding. 
CjteAccnuijim, -U5A-6, pp. -tnjte, 

v. tr., I wound. 
CjieACCtitnjte, indcc. p. a., 


CfteAccoiji, -6]1A, -oifi'oe, m., a 
plunderer, a despoiler, a 

| CneAcc--(ieAbA > 6, -bcA, m., act of 
mangling, tearing in pieces. 
fteAt), interrog. pr., what ? why ? 
cpeAt) Af ? what from ? why ? 
whence? wherefore? c]\eAX) PAC? 
what for ? wherefore ? why ? 
cjieA'o 11 AC ? why not? cjteAX) 
eite ? what else ? 
ieA-oAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a cute 
undersized person (Clare}. 
teApoj, -6156, -OJA, f., earth, 
dust, clay; AJ -out pA'n scjieA- 
poij, going under the sod, being 
buried (Raft.). 

g. c^ei^e, pi. cjteASA, /., a 
rock, a crag, a cliff. 
CfieAjjAC, -Aije, a., rocky, abound- 
ing in cliffs. 
CfteASAti, 'Ain, pi. id., m., a little 

rock ; a rocky or stony place. 
CpeAtii, garlic. See cneAm. 
CfieAtri gAUftAi'oe, m., a leek. 
Ct<eAmAi}te, g. id., pi. -finae, m., a 

hawker, a pedlar, a huckster. 
CjteAmAineAcc, -A, /., hawking, 

peddling, petty dealing. 
C|teAm-coill, /., where garlic 
grows ; a garlic- wood ; the 
original and correct form of 
Craughwell, Co. Galway. 
CjieAtii tntnce fiAiti, in., hart's 

tongue (lingua cervina). 
CtieAmuijeAC, -515, -jije, m., a 

crow (Der.). 

CpeAiiAc, seaweed intermixed 
with mussel-shells that grows 
on rocks. See 


f 193 ) 


, vl. cpeAntiiAin, v. tr., I i 
consume, waste, expend on (le) ; 
I purchase. 

CfieAriAin, -e, /., sedition ; mur- 

CfteAnriiAin, -ATI A,/., act of expend- 
ing, wasting, consuming, pur- 

CfieATinACC, -A, /., cleverness, 

CueApAilte, indec. a., stumbling ; 
fettered, disabled, crippled. 

CIICAPAH, -Ailt, m., entangle- 
ment ; retaining, keeping ; 
fetters ; a binding. 

CtieApAllAim, -At), v. tr., I bind, 
I tie. Sec cjieApluijim. 

CjteAptuijitn (cfteApAtlAim ), 
-UJA-O, v. tr., I entangle ; stop, 
stay, hinder. 

CfieAp ; ceme cfieAf A, sparks as 
from flint or from the road, 
made by horses' hoofs when 

CtieAfAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a girdle, 
a belt (dim. of cfiiof). 

CfieAfluJA-o, -utjte, pi. id., m., 
a girding, binding. 

CfieAr-muiji, -riiAfiA, /., a creek, a 
strait (of the sea). 

CfieAftnjim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I gird, 
I bind, I set. 

CjteAr, -A, pi. id., m., carcase, 
body ; the texture or shape of 
anything ; the appearance ; the 
complexion ; the state of the 
body ; cfieACA, the sides (ribs 
and planking) of a ship ; the 
sides, ribs, etc., of a house-roof. 

CjteACAc, -Aij, -A, m., a hurdle of 
rods or wattles (Lat. crates) ; 
cpeACAd cise, the ribs of a 
house-roof ; cpeAtAc tumge, 
the sides (ribs and planking) of 
a ship (somet. cjteACAc). 

CfteACAC, -Aije, a., shivering, 
trembling, quaking ; cjtAnn 
c|ieACAC, the aspen tree ; j^AlAji 



CficACACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

-e, /., a quaking, 
a shivering. 

jteArAixje, g. id., pi. -oi'oe, m., a 
small seed potato ; any bulb or 
clove designed for propagation 
(P. O'C.) ; fig., a small person, a 
little child (pron. cjiiocAiT>e). 

CjteACAim, I tremble. See cjutim. 
CpeACAti, -Am, pi. id., m., a small 

potato ; fig., a small object, as a 

small egg, etc. ; a small person 

(also cjiiocAn). See cjieACAitje. 
CpeACAl, -Ail, m., bustle, tumult ; 

bAin CJICACAL Af, "knock sparks 

out of him " (Con.). 
CfteAtAft, -Ai|i, pi. id., m., a sanctu- 

ary ; a place where relics are 

CfteAc-ponn, -puinn, pi. id., m., an 

earthquake. . 

CtieAtlAc, -Aij (pron. CfieArAtAc), 

m., the entrails, the body. 
CfteAC-lom, -tuime, a., bare- 

bodied, scraggy.' 
CfteAcnAc, -Aije,/., edible seaweed 

with shells (-ouilicin or ouio- 

ticin) ; not dulse (ouiteAfc), 

which has no shells. 
CfieAcnuJAt), -tii^ce, m., fear, 

dread, terror; tremor, trembling; 

act of trembling. 
CjteAtnuitim, -UJA-O, v. tr. and 

intr., I shake, I shudder ; I cause 

to tremble. 
CfieAC-jieAbA-6, -btA, m., a hewing 

and hacking of bodies. 
CtteAcvnfi, -CUJIA, pi. -cuijte and 

-cuijii-oe, m., a creature ; a per- 

son to be pitied ; cfi^Acuji 

C|t6ice, g. id., f., a wretch ; a 

whining or crying child ; A GAIT, 

A cpeice 6pioti (seAJAn TIA 

Ctieix*, -e, -eAnnA, /., the Creed ; 

faith, belief (also c^6). 
Cfei'oeAtTi, -T)ini, m., faith, belief, 

religion, creed. 

Cfiei-oeAtriAin, -mtiA, /., act of 
bulieving ; credit, honour, re- 
spectability ; CA C. A5 T>t T)6lD 
, they are now becoming 


( 194 

respectable (also c)iei-oeAiri- 

Cfiei-oeAmTiAC, -Aije, a., respect- 

able, of high character ; worthy 

of trust or credit. 
Cfieix>it, -e, /., a knell ; c. OAip, 

the death-knell. 
Cfiei-oim, -x>eAtii, -oeAriiAin, v. Ir. 

and intr., I believe ; I trust to, 

confide in ; I think, imagine ; 

Cftei-oifn 1 nT)iA, I believe in 

God ; An ci . . . cfteix>CAp TIO'TI 

ci t)o cuifi UAIT> me, he who . . . 

believes in him who sent me 

Cftei-omeAC, -mije, a., faithful, 

Cpei-omeAc, -11115, -rinjce, m., a 

C-fieix>rrieAi1, -AtA, f., act of be- 

lieving (Don.). See cjieiT>im. 
C|\eiT)tTieAr, -fCA, m., credit, trust, 

Cfiei-ojieAc, --pic, pi. id., m., f, 

species of the fish called " con- 

nor " (Ker.). See cfiAojiAc. 
Cfteinrin, -e, /., the circumstance 

of believing ; belief. 
CjieiT>ce, fit to be believed ; more 

usually in compounds like iti-c., 

oi'-c., which see. 
Cfiei-oreoifi, -OJIA, -oifii-oe, m., a 

believer, a credulous person. 

grappler (Ker.). 
Cjieiseos, -0156, -OJA, /., a conger 

Cfieim, -e, /., gnawing ; corrosion ; 

a bite, a gnawing pain. 
C-jieimeAc, -mije, a., abusive, 

biting ; cfieimneAc, -mje, id. 
CfieimeAT), -tnte, m., gnawing, 

nagging ; act of gnawing, cor- 

CjieiTn-jeAfitiAT), -\^^, m., act of 

gnawing ; act of abusing or 

satirizing ; AJ ctteim-jeAfifiAT) 

f AOfi-ptAic, abusing freemen 

(E. R.). 
Cueimitn, vl. cjieim, v. tr., I gnaw, 

chew, bite ; v. intr., I suffer. 
C|ieitnifte, g. id., pi. -in-oe, m., a 

biter, a gnawer, a chewer. 

cA, m., act 

of gnawing away. 
CfieitnneAil., -AtA, /., the act of 

basting or sewing the pieces of 

cloth roughly together, in tail- 

oring (Man.). 
CjieirneAtii, -mm, pL id., m., a 

scar (O'iV.). 
CjieipneAtriAC, -Aije, a., giving 

scars (O'N.). 

Cjieif neirii, the zodiac (O'N.). 
CjieopAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a 

seducer (O'N.). 

C|ieopAcc, -A,/., sediiction (O'N.). 
CfteopAirn, -AX), v. tr., I seduce 

CJIIA-O, gs. of cjie, earth ; used as 

a., clayey. 
CftiA-oA, indec. a., earthen, clayey, 

CtiiATDA, g. id., in., delf, earthen- 

CjHA'DAi^ie, g. id., pi. -fiix>e, m., a 

husbandman, a labourer. 
CfUA'OAtriAit, -AtriLA, a., clayey, 

earthen, loamy. 
CfiiAt>6iji, -6fiA, -oijii-oe, m., a 

CttiAix>-iA}iAirm, a., of iron and 

clay (Kea.). 
CfiiAiAH, -Aifi, pi. cpeirfe, m., a 

sieve ; c. me At A, a honeycomb. 
CfMAtAji, -Aiji, pi. id., m., a deep 

hole in ;r bog. 
C^iiAtA-fi meAtA, m., a honey- 

CuiAtfiAC, -A1J, -Aije, m., a wilder- 

ness, a swamp ; marshy ground. 
CtuAifiA-6, -^uijce, pi. id., m., a 

sifting, a filtering ; a minute 


-fiA, -ifiiT>e, m., 
a man who makes sieves, etc. 

v. tr., I sift, filter, examine 

CfiAt|tAc, -AIJ, m., a deep, im- 

passible, shaking bog. 
CfUAcnAC, -Aije, a., sieve-like. 
Cjii-oe. See C|toi-6e. 
CjiimueA-fic, -ceijice, /., a second 

Cju'ne, g. id., /., the withered, 


( 195 ) 

sapless condition of old age. 
See cjtineACC. 

CtiineAcc, -A, /., withering, rotten- 
ness, dryness, brittleness, sap- 
lessness (of wood, etc., through 

C|nn^leAC, -lij, -tije, m., a 
despicable, worthless fellow, 
merely hanging together (Don.). 

Cjun-riiiot/, m., a wood-louse, a 
wall-louse ; a moth ; also a 

Cju'nceAC, -cije, a., fretting. 

C|tioc, g. cjiice, pi. cjiiocA, gpl. 
cjii'oc, /., limit, end ; region, 
kingdom ; boundary ; territory, 
country ; a definite object ; busi- 
ness, economy ; jiux> t>o cuji 
cum cjtice, to utilise a thing, 
turn it to a definite use ; 45 cpice, industrious ; 50 
ncAjAi-o An ni-6 fin cum 
cfiice, may that event come to 
pass ; cftioc po^AncA ojic, may 
you turn out well, have a good 
end ; ni'l AIJVO n<\ c^ioc AIJI, he 
is good for nothing ; cjtiocA 
OUOA T>ottcA nA hoixice, the 
dark shades of night ; Ag bAg- 
Aific A|i cfiiocAib f \\\ 615, wink- 
ing at the face of a young man 
(E. It.) ; a definite settling 
down, hence matrimony, for a 
girl; CAitin oo cuji 1 5Cfiic, to 
get a daughter married ; CIA hi 
An cAit-in 'A beAX> jAn ciii6? 
who is the girl who would re- 
main unmarried ? cujt 6 ctiic, to 
seduce ( U. and Con-.). (In M., 
at least, this word is pron. cjiic, 
that is, the guttural c is not 
heard, except in jil.) 

CjiiotAn. See cjteACAn. 

C^ioc-6AiteAth, m., utter destruc- 
tion, perdition. 

CfiiocnAtriAil,-riitA, a., industrious, 
economic, diligent ; tidy. 

CuiodnAtritAcc, -A, /., diligence, 
accuracy, industry ; tidiness. 

CuiocnugA-o, -ui5ce, m., act of 
ending, completing, fulfilling, 
finishing, accomplishing. 

Ctu'ocnuijim, -USAX), pp. -uijte. 

v. tr., I end, complete, finish. 

Cpiocnuijce, p. a., ended, com- 
pleted, finished out and out ; 
biceAmnAc cjn'ocnuijce, a per- 
fect robber ; AtnA-OAn cftioc- 
nuijce, a " finished " fool. 

CjiiocnuijceAC, -cije a., final, 
complete ; 50 c., finally. 

Cuiocntnjjteoijt, -OJIA, -oifti'oe, m., 
a finisher. 

), -e, -i-oe, /., a cricket. 
, -Ain, m., a bruise, a sore, 
caused by a tight boot, horse- 
collar, etc. (also cjieASAn). 

Cjnon, -ine, a., worn-out, withered, 
old, dry, sapless, brittle. 

CftionAc, -Aij;, m., dry or de- 
cayed wood, withered leaves 
or branches ; things dry and 
rotten with age. 

C|iionA i 6, -Ai-6 and -nuijte, m., 
act of withering, growing old, 

CtiionAim (cfiionuijim), -ATI, v. 
intr., I wither, grow old. 

Cftion-BfiAr, -6fiAic and-6|iuic, pi. 
id., and -bjiACA, m., an old, worn- 
out garment. 

Cftion-bftupCAft, -Aiji, m., old 
refuse (of people) ( T. G.). 

CtiioncAinim, -cAn, -CAnAt), v. intr., 
I strive. 

Cjiion-copAC, -Aije, a., withered- 

CjtionlAc, -AIJ, m., touchwood, 
dry brushwood. 

CjnonnA, indec. a., wise, experi- 
enced, clever, shrewd, prudent, 
thrifty, old ; feAti-C|iionnA is 
generally used for wise, preco- 
cious, etc., while cpionnA means 
simply old iu M. 

Cju'onnACc, -A, /., wisdom, pru- 
dence, thrift, age, longevity ; 
old, withered refuse. 

Ctnopog, -6156, OJJA,/., a wrinkle. 

Cfiiop, g. CfteAfA and cpif, pi. 
CfieAfAnnA, m., a girdle, a belt, 
a zone ; a thigh. 

CjuofAC, -Aite, a., tight, braced 
up, girdle-bound. 

CjnoflAt, -lAij,;'/. /'/.. TO., a ]' 'int 


( 190 ) 


where water and land meet ; a 

limit, a border, a bosom, a 

fringe ; the circling sea-shore ; 

i jcfuoptAc nA cijte, in the 

middle of the country. 
Cjuor-tAc, -Aije, /., a girding of 

the loins. 
Cjiior tuijim, -UJA-D, v. tr., I gird, 

border, encircle. 
Cjiiofc, g. id., pi. -AnnA; Christ. 
CtiiorcAix>e, indec. a., Christian ; 

An CeASArc CuiofCAi-oe, the 

Christian Doctrine. 
CjiiofCAi'oe, ff. id., pi. -oce, m., a 

Christian ; with ncg., expressed 

or implied, no one ; ATI ttAio 

Aoinne Ann ? Ctn'of CAi-oe. Was 

anybody there ? Not a soul. 
Cfiiof ~cf ix>eA6t, -A, /., Christi- 


CjiiofCAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., crystal. 
Cftior-cAniAit, -riitA, a., Christian, 

virtuous, pious. 
CtiiofCAtritAcc, -A,/., Christianity, 

piety ; mildness of manners. 
CttiorcAnnA (fAttfA), m., pi., 

(false) Christs. 
Cftioc, <7.ctieACA,p.ctteACAnnA, m., 

quaking, shivering, trembling ; 

act of shaking, trembling (nom. 

often cjiic). 
CfiiocAitn, vl. Cftioc and epic, 

v. intr., I tremble, I shiver, I 

Cf iocAn, -Ain, m., a kind of ague ; 

the palsy ; bronchitis (pron. 

CfuocAn, Mayo). 
CtiiocAnAc, -Aije, a., trembling, 

quivering, shaking ; asthmatic. 
Cfiot-puAn, -Aipe, a., exceedingly 


m -> the ague, 

the palsy. 
Cftioc-JAttiA6, -Aije, a., having 

the ague or palsy. 
CjtioctAS, -A15, pi. id., m., a corn- 

stalk. (?) 
Cfiiot-ttiinneAc, -nije, a., vio- 

lently trembling. 
CfiiotnuJAX), -uisce, m., fear, 

dread ; tremor ; act of trembling, 

shaking. See crteAtnuJA-6. 

v. tr. and 

intr., I shake, tremble, quake. 
See cjieAtnui^im. 

C|not-f>uiteAC, -tije, a., purblind. 

Cfuoc CAttfiAn, g. C^ICACA CAtrnAn, 
pi. id., m., an earthquake. 

Cinf-ceAnjAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a 
swaddling band. 

C|nt, -JICACA, m., quivering, 
shaking ; the ague. See ctnot. 

CjiiteAC, -ti^e, a., shaking, trem- 
bling ; CjiAnn cjiiceAC, an aspen 

Cjiit-eAjtA, /., intense fear ; fear 
causing trembling. 

C|iit-eA5tAC, -Ai^e, a., quaking 
for fear. 

CjuceAit, -AtA, /., knitting (prop. 

C|\iceAn, -cm, -ceAnnA, m., an 
aspen tree, populus tremulus ; 
also applied to a nervous 

Cfiitim, vl. cjtit, v. intr., I tremble, 
I shake. See cftioiAim. 

Cftitifi, -e, /., a spark, a particle, 
a small portion ; a trembling, as 
of land, etc. ; a drinking cup ; 
conn cftictfie (somet. c^icifi), a 
quagmire, a swarnp ; ctticifi 
pot/A, a dropping of blood, an 
issue of blood ; cfiititi frjiiAX), 
the crumbling surface of 
ploughed land when dry after 
rain (P. O'C.). 

CficneAt, -6it, -eAlcA, m., a 

CtntfieAC, -rnje, a., sparkling. 

C}>6, g. id., pi. -QAnnA, m., a hut, a 
hovel, a booth, tent, fold, pen, 
cell ; a prison, a fortress, a 
fortified hold ; ctio CAOjiAd, a 
sheep-fold ; qto SADATI, a goat- 
fold ; cfio nine, a pig-sty ; cjio 
fiAotAij, a prison, a place of 
confinement made with stakes 
or wooden beams ; dim. C|ioicin; 
cjto Cumn, Conn's fold, fig. for 

Cf6, g. id., pi. cfiOTJAnnA, m., an 
eye or socket ; an opening ; a 
small hole ; cjio f nACAfoe, the 
eye of a needle ; crto piopA, the 
bore of a pipe; cfio CACA, a 


( 197 ) 


fighting ring, a circle of com- 

Cfio, g. id., pi. -x>AnnA and -tee, m., 
an iron bar, a crowbar ; cji6 
lAjiAinn, a crowbar ; also spelt 
cfio-6 and jfio-o. 

Cjio, g. id., /., gore, blood ; death ; 
SACCC cpo, bloody spears ; 
cop AIJI 6^6, mass 01 gore ; cf. 
phr., 1 jcof Aijt cpo, at death's 
door, in a mass of gore ; 6 TJ'IOC 
pux> An jiij-beAn A ct'op leip 
An SCJIG, since the royal lady 
has paid his rent to death 
(#' Neachtain). 

Cjiob, g. cjtuib and cpoib, pi. id. 
cjiobA, cjiobAn and cjiobAnnA, 
m., a paw, a claw, the hand from 
wrist to ringers ; a handful ; 
tug r-6 nA ceitfte Cfoib i 
n-Aitvoe AIJI, he turned it upside 
down, upset it. 

CfiobAmj, -e, -eACA, /., the quan- 
tity that may be grasped or 
held in the hand (of nuts or small 
fruit) ; a bunch, a cluster (from 
cpob, the fist) ; also cjiobAnj. 

CjiobAifie, g. id., pi. -jn-oe, m., a 
sturdy man, a strong-handed 
man ; a stingy, close-fisted 

CjiobAti, -Am, pi. id., m., a wrist ; 
a little paw or hoof ; a little 

Cuob-nAfc, m., a binding chord ; 
tho rope that binds a fore-leg 
and a horn of a " thieving " 

Cjtob p]ieACAin, y. cjtuib p-peAcV&in, 
m., the herb crane's bill. 

Cjto-BuAile, g. id., /., a cattle-shed. 

Cftoc, g. -oice, d. -016, pi. -A., /., 
a cross ; a gallows ; a hooked 
bar over tho fire for hanging 
pots from (cjtocAt) is the word 
in Don.). 

Cj-,66, -6t6, m., saffron ; cream 

CpocA, g. id., m., a crock (A.). 

CjtocAX), -CCA, m., act of hanging ; 
the penalty of hanging ; the 
chain of a pot (U.). ; Af c., 
hanged, hanging up. 

n, -Am, pi. id., m., a pen- 
dulum, a pendant ; a tassel. 

CtiocA-ooifi, -O^A, -oijifoe, m., a 
hangman ; a traitor, a villain 
(cjiocAijie is more common in 
the latter sense). 

CfiocATJOifi, -6jiA, -6itii-6e, m., a 
potter, a pitcher-maker. 

CfiocAirn, vl. cfiocAX), pp. Cfio6cA, 
v. tr. and intr., I hang, crucify. 

CftocAi|ie, g. id., pi. -|ii-6e, m., a 
traitor, a villain ; a hangman ; 
a "hanger," a name for a stiff- 
jointed or lean animal, as a 
sheep; ctiocAifii-oe CAOUAC, stiff- 
jointed, loan, or miserable-look- 
ing sheep ; An CfOCAi^e CAJI- 
nocctA, the Naked Hangman, a 
character in Ulster folk-tales ; 
a hanger-on, a lazy fellow 

CftocMn, m., a pot (prop. cojiCAn, 
which see). 

CJIOCAJI, -AIJI, pi. id., m., a bier ; 
PA iojMib -oo cpocAiti, sup- 
porting the ends of thy bier 

Ctt66AfbAt>, -AIT), pi. id., m., a 

CjiofiAttn, m., a hearse (Om.) (the 
word is pron. ctto-6-cAjtn). See 


CftoccA, p. a., hanged, crucified, 

Ctio-6, g. id., m., cattle ; riches, 

treasure, property, chattels ; a 

dowry; compensation (also cjiu^d, 

cf uc). 
Cji6t>A (from cjio, valour), indec. a., 

brave, valiant, heroic ; mighty 

(pron. cfOjA, M.; ctt6t>A, Don.). 
CHO-OACC, -A (from c^o, valour), /., 

valour, might, bravery (pron. 

, -rtje, a., blood- 
thirsty ; bloody ; in pools of 

01165, -6150, -OJA, /., a paw, a 
clutch. See C^AJ;. 

Cfoj, or cfiogA, a crook (also 

CftOCA A.). 

CJIOJA, -Ait), -Aixbe, m., tlie thole- 
pin of a boat. 


( 198 ) 


CftojAlt, -Aitl, pi. id., m., a croco- 

CftogAn, -Am, pi. id., in., a pitcher, 
a crock. 

C-po^uijim, -oijeAT), v. tr., I put 
on end ; "foot," as turf (Don.). 

Cfio lAfiAinn, m., a crowbar. 

CfioibeAl, -eil, pi. id., m., coral. 

Cftoib-neAftc, m., one's full 

C-tioib-neAfitniAti, -Aifie, a., strong- 

CjioiceAnn, g. -cinn, pi. -cne and 
-cinn, m., a skin, a hide ; rind, 
peel ; the bark of a tree ; An 
OAJIA C)toiceAnn, the inner bark 
of a tree ; cftoiceAnn gAn com- 
ijeAtl, an inhuman, heartless 
man; c. -00 cup Aft punc, to put 
a pound together ; if bos ADA T>O 
c|ioiceAnn ojtc, what a generous 
view you take of the matter ; 
c. x>o ctt Ati fceAt, to make a 
story look plausible; TA c. AJI x>o 
cAinnc, you speak to the point. 

CfioicneAc, -nije, a., skinny ; 
skin-like ; hide-like ; Cftoicm'oe, 

Cfioicce, g. id., /., a cross. 

C|ioicceo5, -0156, -OJA, /., a pen- 

'oe, g. id., pi. --ore, gpl. c-fto-m- 
T), m., the heart ; love, affec- 
tion ; bftip eA-6 c., m., heart- 
breaking ; cpoi-oe-bnuijceAcc, 
contrition of heart ; cjioix>e 
ifcij, inner heart, a term of 
endearment ; eftoix>e nA bAtf e, 
palm of the hand ; cfioiT>e T)o 
oeAjtnArm, the centre of thy 
palm ; cpA-o C|\oix>e, anguish ; 
a disease in hens. 

Cftoit>eAc, -'6156, a., hearty, stout, 

CfioixieACAifi, -e, a., kind-hearted, 

Cjioi-6eACAi|ieAcc, -A,/., kindness, 
cordiality, friendship. 

CjioiT>eACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
small bud ; the inner core of 
anything ; the kernel in core of 
a spherical body, as a ball of 
thread, an apple, etc. 

CftOToeAtiiAit, -rnlA, a., hearty, 

Cpoi'oeAfig, -etftje, a., scarlet, 
crimson, blood-red. 

Cftoix>et,ACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., 
the inner core, the portion of 
a potato remaining after sets 
(fciotcAin) have been cut off 
for sowing. 

C|t6itix)e, g. id., /., lameness, im- 
potence, want of power in any 
member of the body ; racking 
pain, torture, distemper, disease ; 
Cjioiti-oe ATI bAif, the extreme 
agonies of death. 

C-poitiTie, indec. a., sick, infirm. 

CjioiliT>teAC, -tije, a., weak, 
sickly, infirm. 

Cjioi-tije, /., lying in gore, in 
death ; 1 50. bAip, in the agony 
of death. See ep6itn:>e. 

Cjtoi-tmn, /., a pool of blood. 

Cp6i-tinnt:eAC, -cije, a., dripping 
with blood ; in pools of blood. 

Cfioim-jteAnn, m., a winding glen. 

CfioirnteAC, /., a large monumental 
stone laid horizontally ; a crom- 
leac (recently formed from the 
Welsh word cromlech ?}. 

Cftoim-fdAn, /., a crooked knife 
(surgical instrument). 

Ctioim-ftmneAnAc, -Aije, a., hav- 
ing stooped shoulders ; crooked- 

Ctiome, g. id., /., swarthiness ; 
blackness ; a stain. 

Cfioimc, -e, pi. id. and -i-oe, /., a 

Cftoinicix>e, g. id., pi. --ote, m., a 

Cfomicit, -de, -cti-oe, /., any- 
thing weak or tottering ; p eAn- 
cftomicil mAijice, an old rickety 
cow (Don.). 

Cfioif . See cjiop . 

Cfioif-beAlAC, -Aige, a., cross- 

Cjtoif in, g. id., pi. -me, m., a small 
cross, used as a mark ; a crutch 
(U.) ; a long instrument for 
cutting seaweed. 

C^oifineAC, -mje, a., having 
crutches ; lame. 


( 199 ) 


m, -IIIJA-O, r. tr., I bind 
up, envelop. 

Cjioicin, y. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a small 
hut for sheep or cattle ; dim. of 
cpo, a hut, etc. 

Ojtoicce, p. a., shaken out, tossed, 
waved, sprinkled ; done up, 
fagged, exhausted ; with the 
essence shaken out (as a meal- 
sack shaken when almost 

Cjto-loc, in., a pit or dyke of 

Cjiotoicitn, -loc, r. tr., I wound 
dangerously so as to draw 

C|<6loicce,2>. a., mortally wounded. 

Cftorn, g. cfiuime, a., bent, bowed. 

CtiomAT?, -Ait), -Ai-oe, m., a finger 
length, two nails ; not declined 
after numerals ; c|iom in Con. 

Cjiom.d'o, -mcA, m., the act of 
stooping, bending, reaching ; 
bowing down in reverence ; 
bending under the weight of 
years ; roi|i Cfionnvo if IIACA'O 
66, as he is getting stooped and 
growing grey. 

Cftoin.A'OAT), m., AJI mo c., in a 
stooping posture (Aran). 

C|iomAiTn, -AX>, v. tr. and intr., I 
bend down, stoop, crouch, bow, 
swoop ; cpomA-o AJI, to set 
about (doing a thing) ; cjiomAim 
Afi obAiji ATI lAe, I set about 
the day's work ; -oo ctiotn pe AJI 
jot, he began to weep. 

CttotttAn, -Ain, pi. id., in., the hip, 
the hip bone ; a crooked sur- 
gical instrument ; a fishing 
gaff; a portion of a spinning 
wheel (prop. cjtomAn). 

C|iomAn, -Ain, -AtiA, m., a crow ; 
a kite ; cop cjiomAin, crows- 
foot, coldfoot, or coltsfoot. 

CfiomAn tuAite, m., a fire shovel. 

CtiomA-nvtAtAft, m., sitting on the 
haunches, as cannibals at a feast 
( W. Ker.}. 

CtiombeAt, m., a moustache. 

Cjiom-xmoAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
fisherman's gaff. See 

CpomleAC. See 

, -uip, pi. id., m., poppy. 
OS, -6150, -65 A, /., a hook, a 
crook, a clasp, a gallows, a 
skirret ; the hook in the upper 
jaw of a trout (Don.). 
ompAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 
gnarled tree stump, etc. See 

m., a downcast eye ; 

Cp-om-fuiteAc, -tije, a., bent- 
eyed, downcast. 

CftomtA, p, a., bent, crooked ; bent 
with age. 

Cjion, -6in, m., a croon, a hum. 
See cponAn. 

Cpon, -ome, a., brown, duu- 
coloured, swarthy, black-nosed, 
copper-coloured ; ceAnn-AJAit) 
cjion, a black-faced (sheep) 

CyonAC, -Aij, -Aije, m., a funeral 

CjionAifie, g. id., pi. -fii'6e, m., a 
lamenter, a mourner ; a coroner ; 
An c. gAltcA, the English coro- 
ner (Don.). 

CjtonAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hum- 
ming or buzzing sound (as of a 
bee, beetle, or insect) ; any dull 
note long continued ; the noise 
of a kettle beginning to boil ; 
the drone of a bagpipe ; the bass 
in niusio ; an indistinctly sung 
tune ; a croon ; act of humming 
or singing in a low, indistinct 
voice ; a refrain, a chorus, often 
with merely lilt- words (cjtonAn 
is dim. of cpon, a hum, etc., and 
has itself a dim., cjionAinin). 

CfionAnAC, -Atje, a., given to hum- 
ming, buz/ing. 

Cfion-ouixie, indec. a., copper- 

Cfonog, -6150, -OJA, /., the prow 
of a ship or boat. 

Cfton-poc, -puic, pi. id., ., a 
swarthy buck (often applied to 
the English invaders). 

., dusk, eventide 

tion-cpiile, ?., a dark-green sea 


( 200 ) 


Crionuijim, -ujjA-o, v. tr., I explain ; 
hinder ; blame, find fault ; I 
blush (intr.). 

Criof, -oir-e, -of A,f., a cross ; cross- 
roads ; a market-place ; an afflic- 
tion ; a prohibition ; the haft of 
a knife or sword ; 50 cjioif, to 
the haft ; CAJI A cftoif , in spite 
of his prohibition ; in pi., mis- 

Cr>of-AC, -Aije, a., streaked ; 
striped ; crossed ; CAOJIA c., a 
black-faced sheep ; pock-marked 
(Con. and U.). 

CfiOfACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a sea- 
bird ; a kind of sea-pigeon ; 
criopAn, id. 

CriopAitn, -A-O, v. tr., I cross, 
threaten, prevent, forbid ; I 
recant a curse or malediction ; 

50 mbrUfCeAri "00 CnAtriA AJtlf 

cfiop Aim cu, may your bones be 
broken but I take off the curse 
again, I cross you. 

CftofAifte, 0- id., m., cross-roads 

Cftof ATIACC, -A, /., a sort of versi- 

CtiojMncA, indec. a., perverse, 

Cftcr- -bocAfi, -Aift, -oicrie, m., cross- 
roads ; a perverse, crooked path 
(chiefly in pi.). 

Criop-buAitce, a., smitten across, 
cut through. 

Chores, -o'S e > -5 A . /> a burden 
rope for carrying hay, corn, etc. ; 
the burden so carried ; a bundle ; 
c. fcvnti, a little folded bundle 
of flax after being combed ; a 
cross, a cross-emblem worn on 
St. Patrick's Day. 

Cror -offOA, a., golden-crossed ; 

CfiofCA, indec. a., crooked, per- 
verse ; prohibited ; difficult ; 
unruly, mischievous (of chil- 
dren) ; cross, illtempered ; cross- 
wise ; t Ain 15 pe crtopcA Oftrn, 
he met me, he came across me ; 
ni peA'op.A'6 pe gAn CBACC 
criopcA OjtcA, he could not 
avoid meeting them. 

CriopCAit, -AtA, /., unruliness, 
mischief (of children, cattle, 
etc.) ; t>ut 1 50., to go into a 
forbidden place (as of cattle 
going into corn). 

CfiopCAlcA, ., unruly, impish, 
mischievous ; cross, difficult (of 
a way or route). 

Cjioc, -A, m., appearance, shape, 
beauty ; ip olc ATI c. AUA Aifi, 
he looks ill; ni'l Aon c. AIJI fin, 
that is ill-formed or shaped, 
improbable (of a story, etc.) ; 
CA crioc An bAtf Aijt, he looks 
like a dying man (M.) ; the Don. 
word is cjsotAt ; no doubt cftoc 
is another form of cjiut ; crioc 
refers to appearance ; criuc 
rather to shape and forni. 

CJIOCAC, -Aij, -Aije, m., a curlew. 

CHOCAC, -Aije, a., hunch-backed. 

CIIOCAC, -Aite, a., formidable 
(0. J.). 

CjtotA-6, -oicce, m., act of shaking, 
flapping, wagging ; scattering, 

CfioiAim, vl. c|iotAT> and C^IACA-D, 
v. tr., I shake, wave, flap, 
sprinkle. See cfiACAitn. 

CfiQCAl, -Ait, m., the rind of a 
kernel ; a kernel ; the awns of 
barley, rye, etc. ; rind, husk, 
refuse ; the sediment at the 
bottom of a liquid : the name of 
a lichen from which a dye is 
made ; cjiotAt ctoc, a lichen or 
scruff of stones used in dyeing 

CpocAt, -Ait, m., look, appearance; 
rA onoc-cjiocAt ojic int)iu, you 
look ill to-day (Don.). See 

CftocAtcA, indec. a., husky, con- 
taining sediment or refuse. 

CfiQCAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a pen- 
dant ; a little cluster cut off a 
bunch of grapes (/?.). 

Criocnuijim, -ujjA'o, v. tr., I 
notice ; I miss (U.) ; cjtocnuij 
me A T)ic orim e, I noticed his 
being missing, I missed him 
(Don.) ; cArt criocninj me e, I 
didn't miss him (Mon. ) ; 6tnri 


( 201 ) 


me CfiocnuJAT) Ann, I took 
notice of it (Con.). 

Cfiotoj, -6156, -654, /., a crow ; a 
species of pollock (Ker.) ; 
cjiotos IIAC, the grey crow. 

CpotuJA-o, -uijce, m., act of 
proving, of creating, forming, 
shaping ; proof, evidence. 

Cfiu, m., blood, gore ; race, family. 
See cfto. 

Cfiu.dc, g. cfiuAice, pi. -A, /., a heap, 
a stack, a rick, a clamp (of turf) ; 
the heap of meal, corn, etc., 
above the mouth of a vessel 
when overflowing ; a symmetri- 
cally shaped mountain ; nA 
CfiuACA, the Reeks in Kerry ; 
na CJIUACA JjOftmA, the Blue- 
stack mountains in Co. Don. 

CjiuACAd, -Aije, a., full of heaps, 
piles, ricks ; stacks ; full of hills, 
mounds, hillocks., .^6, v. tr., I heap, pile 
up ; stack (as hay or corn). 

CjiuACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a b'ttle 
rick or stack, a small heap ; a 
little hill or mound. 

CjiuACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a little 
fish found in bottAin (pools of 
water in rock-cavities) when 
tide is out, l to 2 inches in 
length, and in shape like a 
porpoise (also called cloijjeAn). 

CfiuAd-luACAifi,/;, dwarf clubrush 
(tdrptu cespitoyus). 

/., the herb plantain (planlago 

CJIUA'O- (cfiuAix*-), hard, firm, 

difficult, severe. In early Irish 

it seems to mean loud; hence, 

possibly, the terms CJIUA-O- 

cjiuic, etc. 
CfiuA'c-Ad, -Aije, a., of or belonging 

to steel; as subs., steel (C.&nd U.). 
CtniA-oACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 

C^uA-DAiL, -AlA, /., covetousness, 

stinginess ; courage, danger, 

inhumanity, adversity, hard- 

ship, distress, penury. 
C|iAX)Aini, -OAX), /. ''. and iitlr., 

I harden up, grow stiff; T>O 

6|iuAi-6 An r^oJAl AIJI, affairs 
turned out unluckily for him ; 
oo cfiuAi-6 A cjionie, he grew 
hard-hearted (also cfiuAi-oini). 
CjiuAtJAt, -Ait, m., chatting, talk- 
ing (E. U.) ; very probabjy a 
local form of coriituAT)Afi. 
CfiuA'OAl, -Aite, /., hardness, 
cruelty (Der.). 

CfiuA-oAtAC, -Aijje, a., hard, hardy 

CfiuA-OAtA6, -Atge, a., sore, cruel ; 
stingy, desperate, ruthless, 
hardy, hard-hearted ; CJIUAI-O 
CfiuA-OAlAC, hard and stingy. 

CfuiAX>An, -Ain, pi. id., m., the fish 
called the gurnet (also cnu-OAn). 

CfitiAtjAr, -A,^ m , t temper, sharp- 
ness ; hardness, rigour, strength. 

CftuA-o-onoi-o, -Dfioi'oe, /., harsh 
bondage ; difficulty ; press of 

CtiuA-o-dAf, -Aif, pi. id., m. diffi- 
culty, distress, hardship, danger, 
sad plight. 

CtiuAx>-cfioicneAc, -mje, a., hide- 
bound ; stingy, mean. 

CtiuA-o-ctioi-oeAC, -oije, a., stiff- 
hearted ; hard-hearted, nig- 
gardly, stingy. 

CftuA-o-cuiofieAC, m., severe 

CjiuA-o-cuifeAc, -f ije, a., difficult, 
calamitous ; hardy. 

CfiuAX>-tup, -tofA, pi. id., m., 
sneezewort, white hellebore. 

CjtuAT>-muineAlAC, -Aije, a., stiff- 
necked ; hard, strong. 

CftuA-665, -6156, -OSA,/., hardship, 
distress ; haste ; pressure, diffi- 
culty ; CA c. ofim, I am pressed 
for time, hurried ; c. otA, a sick 
call to a priest (Aran) ; dis- 
tress, necessity. 

CfiuAtio^AC, -Aite, a., needy, 
necessitous, difficult, hard- 

CiiiKvo-fMiAfom, g. -fnAname, pi. 
-j'-nATiniAnnA and -pnA'omAdA, 
/., hard knot, tie or bond. 

CfUA-ocAn, -Am, pi. id., m., 
difficulty, hardship, distress; 
mini An 6)tuAt)CAin, the luuid 


( 202 ) 


of misery ; An CfiuA-ocAn, the 
busy season. 

C-|niAT>ti5AT>, -uijte, TO., act of 
growing stiff, hardening, becom- 
ing solid. 

CfiuVotnjitn, -1154-6, -64-6, and 
cpuAT>ACCAin, v. tr. and intr., I 
harden, stiffen, dry, as grain in 
a kiln ; I assume the solid state ; 
I grow hardy, enduring, callous. 

Op-tiAi'D, -e, hard, firm ; difficult, 
severe, close ; 50 c., severely, 
keenly, strongly, closely. 

CfiuAiT), -T>e,/., steel; pron. cfiuAig 
(M.), cpuA-DAc, id. (Con. and U.). 

C]iuAiT>-DeAlAC, -Aige, a., hard- 

C-puAiT>-ceAn5At, -Ail, TO., a 
severe bond or fetter. 

CtittAi-6-ceift, -e, -eAntiA, /., a 
difficulty ; a hard problem. 

CfiuAiTieAf, -TMf, m., hardship. 
See CftAT>Af. 

CfltlA1T>-5niotTI, -A, -AjlCA, TO., E 

difficult task. 

CjiuAi-o-tujin, -e, a., firmly tough. 
CttuAiT>-teAT>, -teiT>, TO., a strong 

rope or cord. 

CjmAf (ctlAT>Af), g. -A1f, TO., 

difficulty ; hardness, penurious- 
ness ; rigour, strength. 

CftuAf AC, -Aije, a., hard, rigorous. 

Cttub, -uibe, -ubA,/., the nave of a 

Cfiub, -uibe, -ubA, /., a claw, a 
hoof or paw ; poet., a hoofed 
animal, a cow ; ciocp AIT> ATI 

OUCCAf CfllT) TIA CflubAlb AJUf 

tcAnpAi-6 An cu sitiftpiAT) 

CfiubAC, -Aije, a., club-footed. 

CfiubAC, -AIJ, -Aije, TO., an animal 
having paws or claws ; an awk- 
ward man, a clown ; a grasping, 
avaricious person. 

CfiubA ein, /., bird's foot (orni- 

C-fiubAini, -AT), v. tr., I paw, scratch, 

CjiubA teif m, /., columbine (aqui- 
leyia vidgaris). 

CjtubA teornAin, /., common lady's 
mantle (alchemilla vulgarin}. 

An, -Am, pi. id., m., a crab- 
fish ; a crooked person or beast. 

Cjiubog, -0156, -ogA, /., a knot in 
weaving ; thrums at the end of 
a piece in weaving ; a species of 
large crab-fish. 

CjiucA, g. id., pi. -ix>e and -T>A, TO., 
a hook, a hinge ; a crook ; the 
human hands (said of grasping 
persons) ; ip oeACAi|t e -o'pAjjAil, 
Af A cjiucAiTMb, it is difficult to 
get it out of his claws ; a handful. 

CjiucAn, -Ain,^. id., m., a J-shaped 
rod with which straw ropes are 
twisted (Ker.) ; cori fujAn, id. 

Cjiu-6, g. -U1-6, pi. -A, -ui-ote, -uix>- 
teACA, and -uiceACA, TO., a 
horse's shoe ; an iron heel*; nA 
epuiceACA o'ionncuJA'6 (or A 
cionncuJA-o), to change the 
shoes (Don.). 

Cjiu-OA-o.-unice, m., act of milking. 

Criu-oAim, -A-6 (p. a., cftuit>ce), 
v. tr., I milk ; met., I obtain 
secrets or money by a gradual 
process from one. 

CjiuT>Aim, -AT), v. tr., I shoe (a 
horse, etc.). 

Cftuj-OAn, or cjiusTMn, a gurnard 
(also cnvi-OAn, -]c.). 

Ctiuibtn, g. id., pi. -i-oe, TO., a little 
hoof; c-fiviibin muice, a pig's 
trotter ; a cranberry ; a currant- 
like wild berry (Aran). 

CjtuiceAT>, -cte, TO., act of lifting 
turf-sods into small heaps for 
purposes of drying ; " footing " 
turf (Ker.) ; in Gcdway the 
word is s^uAijeAT) ; in Don., 
c-poijeAT) or cji65AT> ; in parts 
of Ker., cnucAifC. 

C-|iiceo5. See cui-jiceog. 

C|iuiT)in, g. id., pi. -i-oe, TO., a king- 

CjiuiT>ce, p. a., shod (as a horse). 

ebonite, p. a., milked ; deprived 
of one's secret or money by an 
insinuating and gradual process ; 
emptied out. 

CfiiT>teAc, -cij;e, a., accustomed 
to milk (cows, etc.). 

CfiuniceAc, -cij, -cije, TO., a 


( 203 ) 


C|tini, -e, -uriiA, gpl. -urn, /., a 

Cjtuime, /., crookedness ; a stoop. 

CfiuimeAcc, -A, f., crookedness, 

Cftvnm-flinneAn, -BAITI, pi. id., 
or -eAriA, m., a stooped 
shoulder ; a hunchback ; also 

Cfiuinn, -e, a., round, circular, 
exact, complete, accurate, solid ; 
rational, having the use of 
reason, intelligent ; X>A tii-fii6 
cfiuirm, quite in earnest. 

Cttwmne, g. id., /., the round 
world, globe, universe ; the 
solar system ; roundness ; accu- 
racy; tujjAf '-an cpumne e, I 
saw, discovered it clearly (of 
objects seen through a tele- 

Cfiuinne, g. id., f., dew, mist, 
moisture ; OAineAf An cfMJinne 
O'A -puitne te -pimi-fcuAbAij, 
which takes the dew from her 
feet by its long-sweeping(0' J Ra.); 
cjitnnnCAC, m., id. 

CfiumneACA-n, -Am, pi. id. m., a 
mass, a heap ; a coronet. 

CfivnnneActoift, -6|iA, -oifii'oe, m., 
a gatherer. 

CftuinneAr, -mf, m., accuracy, 
sense, discretion, understanding; 
ni'i Aon c-puinneAr Ann, he has 
no discretion (said of a person 
having scarce the use of reason) ; 
rug fe 'un c., he observed 

Cfiumneoj;, -0156, -OJA, /., a 
round bundle ; ^00 fiinneAT)A-|i c. 
oiom, they rolled me up like a 

CfiinrmeotAf, m.. geography. 

Cjiumneotm-oe, <j. id., pi. -x>ce, TO., 
a geographer. 

Cfiuinnijim, -IUJAT>, v. tr., I hoard, 
heap together, gather, gather 

C-ffuinnijte, p. a., gathered, 
gathered together, amassed. 

Cituinmu^Av, -ijte, m., act of 
gathering, hoarding, assembling; 
a congregation, a gathering. 

Ctiuipeijt, -eAfiA, -i-oe, m., a crup- 
per (A.). 

Cf uifciti, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., pitcher, 
small jar, jug, " cruiskeen." 

CttuircionnAC, -A15, TO., common 
red grass. 

C^uifcin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 

Cfttnc, -e, -eAnnA,/., a harp, a lyre, 
a violin. 

C}tuic, -e, -eAtiriA, /., a hump on 
the back, a little eminence ; 
summit ; cjiuit ATI cije, the 
roof of the house (U.). 

C|ticeAc, -cije, a., hunch-backed, 
gibbous (also CJICAC). 

CjiuiceACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
dwarf, a hunchback. 

C|tuiceo5, -oige, -OJA, /., a female 

CHUICITI, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a cur- 
tain ; a bed-curtain. 

Cfiuici'n, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a hump 
on the back ; a hunchback ; the 
king-fisher bird ; dim. of Cfitnc. 

Cpui cin CAC, a., hunch-backed (used 
in contempt of anybody). 

Cttuicijie, g. id., pi. -jn-oe, TO., a 
harper, a musician. 

CfuicneAcc, -A, f., corn, wheat; 
c. tuACfiAtViAit, rush-like wheat- 
grass ; c. bftuirnreAn, couch- 

Cputii, -uime, /., a worm, a mag- 
got ; cpunioj, id. See CJIUITTI. 

CfiumAC, -Atje, a., full of worms 
or maggots. 

See ctiotnAim. 
See cfiomAn. 
c, -Aije, a., full of mag- 

HUIICA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a bent 
or decrepid person ; one in a 
crouching posture ; c. reAti- 
omc, a bent old man. 
ituncuijnn, -UJA-O, v. tr., I miss, 
feel the want of ; ni cfitincui;;- 
ce*| ATI r-uirce^o Tocniomuij- 
teAti An cob Af, the water is not 
missed till tliu well is dry (Don.) 
(a mis-spelling of c^ocnuijim). 
juipAi-oe, a., stiff, puckered ; ni'l 
|-e CfiupAit)e, he is nimble 


( 204 ) 


(Om.) ; c. Aft A ceile, shrivelled 

up (for cjiupcA or cfiApcA). 
CftupAC, -Aij;e, a., contracted, 

Cftup.dc, -^15, pi. id., m., an awk- 

ward clown. 
CfiupAim, -ATI, v. tr., I shrink, 

contract, shrivel. See cp.Ap.Aim. 
CfiupAn, -Am, m., a disease in 

cattle (Don.). 

Cfiupos, -6156, -ogA,/., a wrinkle. 
C-pupACAn, -Airt, pi. id., m., a puffin, 

a kind of sea-bird (Ker.). 
CjtufCA, g. id., pi. -1-oe, m., a jug ; 

a small box or coffer. 
Cfu-fCAOiteA-o, -tee, m., a bloody 

CtiufCd, 9- *d., P^ -i"6 e > W"i a crust ; 

a clod, a missile ; a close-fisted 

person ; CA f e 'HA c. Aise, he 

has killed him, turned him into 

a clod. 
CtiupcAlAirn, -Ait, v. tr., I throw 

missiles, clods, etc., at ; also 

Cfiuc, g. CJIOCA, pi. id. (also, g. 
cftuice, d. cftuit, pi. CJIUCA), m. 
(somet. f.), figure, form, state, 
shape, appearance ; i gc., in such 
wise, so, eo that ; A|i c., in the 
form of ; i 50. 50, so that. See 


CHUCAC, -AIJ, pi. id., in., a cur- 

CftutAc, -Aise, a., well-formed, 


CtiutAix>eAC, -A, /., creation. 
CfiucAtiiAit, -mtA, a., shapely, 

CfiutAthnAf, -Aif, m., proof, evi- 

tpAf, -Aip, > canvas (A.). 

-uijce, m., act of 

creating, shaping, forming ; 

proving ; a creation ; behaving. 
Cftucuijim, -UJAX*, v. tr., I create, 

form, fashion, mould ; behave ; 

succeed, get on. 
Ctutui5im, -UJJATD, v. tr., I prove ; 

I experience ; c|tucit; fe 50 

niAic, lie behaved well. 

-OJAA, -oinixie, m., 

the Creator, the Maker ; a 

Cu, g. con, d. com, pi. COIIA, cum, 
com, coince, cuice or cuince, 
(js. also cun, d. ctiin, /., a dog, a 
hound, a greyhound ; a hunting 
dog ; a hero, a champion ; cu 
potA, a bloodhound ; cu 5^Af , 
a greyhound ? indec. in siny. in 
U. and Con. 

CUAC, -Aice, -ACA, f., a cuckoo ; a 
term of endearment ; mo CUAC 
cu, you are my darling ; dim., 
cuAiciti, used also as a term of 

CUAC, -Aice, -ACA,/., a lock of hair, 
a curl ; a plait or fold ; a caress. 

CUAC, -Aice, -ACA,/., a bowl, a cup 
or goblet ; a globe ; a ball of 

CUACAC, -Aij;e, a., curled, frizzled 
(of the hair, etc.) ; also cuckoo- 
like, belonging to a cuckoo ; 
cup-like, bowl-like ; abounding 
in cups or bowls. See various 
meanings of CUA. 

CuACAim, -AX), v. tr., I roll up, 
fold up ; plait, frizzle ; I 

Cu ACAHAC, -Aije, a., folded, plaited. 

CUAC05, -6156, -ogA, /., a bowl, a 
cup ; a fold, a ringlet ; a sailor's 
knot ; a young cuckoo. See 
various meanings of CUAC. 

CUACCA, p. a., rolled up, folded ; 
Jig. fagged out, exhausted ; un- 
done, strung up, jaded ; finished, 
consumed (of food), etc.). 

CuApA-6,-Aix>, m., a whirling, twist- 
ing, folding ; f ionAn cuApAix), a 
whirlwind (Con.) (prop.cuACAX)). 

CUAici'n, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., dim. of 
CUAC, a cuckoo ; a ringlet ; a 
small handful of hay put under 
the bridge of a rick to keep it 
straight and well-balanced ; a 
caress ; sweet singing. 

CUAI-O, 3 8. indie, past of cenaim, 
I go. See ceix>im. 

CuAil, -e, -ACA, /., a little pile, a 
bundle, a knot, a fold ; cuAit 
ciu\iri, a heap of bones. See 



( 206 ) 

CuAili'n, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 
bundle ; a small faggot. 

CuAille, g. id., pi. -ACA (cuAilne), 
/., a stake, a pole, a club, a 
baton ; -DO ouAit/ f e An 6. com- 
JIAIC, he brandished the battle- 
staff'; cuAitle pift, a tall, slen- 
der man ; cteAf nA cuAilte, 
tumbling head over heels. 

CuAine, g. id., m., a litter of pups ; 
a pack of hounds ; a family, 
sept, tribe ; a troop, a com- 
pany (somet. cuAin and/., often 
also pcxuAine). See CUATI. 

CuAinpeACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
small hiding-place ; a nest for a 
litter of pups, etc. 


, a., curious. See cuiji- 

e, g. id., pi. -ci-oe and 

-C6ACA, /., a roll, a wreath, a 

volume ; a rough, ignorant 

woman ; a maiden. 
CuAifipceAnn, -cinn, pi. id., m., a 

wrapper ; the felloe of a wheel. 
CuAi|ifcim, -ceA-6, v. tr., I roll, 

wreath, twist, wrap. 
CuAijtc, -AfCA, -eAnriA,/., a circuit, 

a tour, a visit ; visitation ; 

sojourning ; AJI c., on a visit ; 

cig Aji c., visit. 
CuAiitceACAf, -Aif, m., visiting, 

CuAificeoift, -oftA, -oifd'oe, TO., a 

visitor, a courtier. 
CuAiftn-oeAcc, -A, /., the act of 

visiting. See cuA-pcAi-oeAdc. 
CuAip'n, g. id., pi. -roe, m., a hood, 

a kerchief, a little shawl ; also 

dim. of cuAf, a cave; pron. 

CuAl, -Ail, pi. id., m., a faggot ; a 

heap or pile of sticks, bones, etc. 

CUAlA, 6uAtA1X>, CUAtAf, indie. 

past of -oo-ctuinim, I hear. See 

CuAllAcc, -A,/., a sept, a tribe, 

a clan ; a band or company 

(ctiAnlAcc from CUAH). 
CtiAtlAi-oeAcc, -A, f., company, 

society, fellowship. 
Cu AllcA, /., a wolf. 

CwAlliT>e, g. id., pi. -x>te, m., a 

companion, an associate ; a 

comrade, a partner ; somet. 

jjuAllui-oe (U.). 

CuAlos, -6156, -05 A, /., a faggot. 
CUATI, -uAin, pi. id., and -rA, m., a 

haven, a harbour ; bay, coast ; in 

pi. often the high seas. 
CUATI, -Ain, -AnA, m., a troop, a 

multitude ; a litter of whelps ; 

a tribe, a family ; cuAn mAjiA, a 

sea urchin. See cwAine. 
CtiAn, -Ain, m., deceit ; i jcuAn 

mo TtiAittbce, in danger of my 

CuAnnA (cuAn-OA from CAOin), 

indec. a., fine, neat, elegant, 

noble ; A Ciu'opc cuAnnA, O 

noble Christ. 
CuAncAfi, m., a condition ; AJI 6. 

OA bpAJAinn, even should I get ; 

AH 6. A f AJAit, provided I get 

it (Con.) (also cunntAfi). 
CUAJI, -Aiji, m., a hoop, ring, circle 

(Kea.) ; whence cuAifie, crook- 

CuAf, -Ai^e, a., crooked, awry, 

CuAjiAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a foot 

covering formed of a loose piece 

of leather bound with a thong ; 

a slipper, a sandal. 
CuAjroAC, --ouijte, m., act of 

searching, searching for; AJ c. 

06, searching for it (S. W. Cork). 
CuAtfOAc, -Aijje, a., wandering, 

searching; given to visiting or 

going about from house to 


searcher; a strong fellow (C.M.). 
CuAtvouijA-o, -uijce, m., act of 

CuA^i'ouijim, -U^AT), v. tr., I 

search, hunt. 
CttAM-tubAX), -btA, m., act of 

turning round. 
CtiA^dj, -6156, -d^A, f., a shoo 

made of untanned hide; a 

CAjicAix>eAcc, -A, /., the act of 

visiting ; a gossiping visit. 

g. -A^,pl. -A, m., a hollow, 


recess, cavity ; cave, hole ; also 
applied to the larger indenta- 
tions in the steep cliffs along the 
sea-shore ; cuAipin, dim., refers 
to the lesser ones (common in 
place names). 
CuAfAc, -Aije, a., concave, hollow. 

CUAfATTIAlt, -mtA, ., hollow, 

pierced with holes. 

CuAf AD, -Ain, pi. id., m., a small 
hole, a cavity. 

CuAf-T>oimiTi, -e, a., having deep 
caves or hollows. 

CuAf-'outiAT), -ncA, m., act of clos- 
ing the holes ; stopping up the 

CuAfttoj, -6156, -654, /., a nest 
of honey bees (also cuArtpoj;). 

CuAfog, -oije, -OJA, f., a little 
hollow ; a honeycomb found 

CuAf-fluijte, p. a., walled up in 
its socket (of the eye) (Kea.). 

CuAf-fuiteAC, -tije, a., hollow- 

Cub, -uibe, pi. id., and -uibeAiitiA, 
-uibeACA, /., a hen-coop ; a 

CubAC, -Aije, a., having horns 
bent inwards ; as subs., a cow 
with such horns. 

Cu DAT), -AIT), pi. id., m., a cubit. 

CubAi-6, -e, a., honest, becoming, 
fit, comely. See cuibe. 

CubAit, -AtA, /., a warping, a 

CubAim, -A-O, v., tr. and intr., I 
stoop, bend, crouch, lie down ; 
t)O cviib fe cui^e, he restrained 
his tongue (of a man about to 
impart secrets, but who suddenly 
restrains himself) ; I pull myself 

CubAif, -e, /., an oath, a word of 
honour; conscience; T>AJI mo 
cubAifs on my word of honour, 
on my conscience ; tuj A cubAif 

Ee A coriiAtt, he took his oath 
e would perform it. 
CUDAJI, -Aifi, m., \foam, froth, 
CubAfAti, -Ain, m., /spume, scum. 
CubAjiAtiAC, -Aijje, a., foamy, 

, -Aije, a., foam- 

CubAf, -Aif , m., conscience ; -OAH 
tno c., on my conscience. See 


CubtiAim, -ATI, v. intr., I froth, 

foam, sweat, perspire. 
CubftAn, -Airi, m., froth, foam, 

CCA, prep, pron., 3 pi., combined 

with cum, to them, for them ; 

CUCA (Con.). See cum. 
CuT>Ai-6e, g. id., pi. -i-oie, m., a 

lazy, stupid fellow (Aran). 
Cut>Airm, -Ainne, /., "cuddy," a 

kind of fish (Ker.). 
Cu-oAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a cuttle- 

fish (A ran). 
Cut>AmAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a lout 

(of a person). 
Cu-ooj, -6156, -OJA,/., a haddock; 

a chough. 
CuT>ftom (comcfiom), -uim, m., 

evenness, equality, justice ; ciji 

jATi cux>fiOTn x)o boccAib te 

TieAnATTi, a land in which justice 

is not meted out to the poor 

Cux)|iotnA, -fiuime, identical, equal, 

even, just, complete, regular. 
Cux>fiomAc, -Aije, a., weighty, 

CuTJtionroA, indec. a., complete, 

full, regular. 
Cux)|tuime, g. id., f., complete 

or perfect equality, evenness, 


Cuptioj, -6156, -OJA, /., cypress. 
Cup utATi, -Am, TO., a crowd (Don.) ; 

also cotTitol/An, both = coitri- 

, per. pr., 2 pi., combined 
with cum, to, towards you ; 
empJi., cuJAtb-f e (also CUJAIO). 

CuJAinn, per. pr., 1 pi., combined 
with cum, to us, towards us ; 
emph., cuJAinn-ne, and cuj- 
Ainne, aomet. See cum. 

CuJAtn, pronom. combination of 
per. pr., 1st per., with cum, to, 
towards me, etc.; emph., 6 uJAtn- 
fA (cugAm in Con. and U., where 
c is pron. h ; in S. W. Don. pron. 

( 207 ) 


hum ; in Meath, 'w^Am). See 


CUJAC, pronom. combination of 
per. pr., 2nd per., with cum, to 
thee, towards thee, etc. ; CUJAC, 
look out, take care, some one is 
going to pounce on you (a note 
of warning) ; emph. cuJAC-f A 
(CUJAC in Con. and U., where 
the c is pron. h). See cum. 

CujriAitce, a., ruined, perished ; 
c. teif An bpuAcc, perished with 
cold (Don.). 

CujnAtAim, -Ait, imper. -Ait,, 
I ruin, destroy ; TIA cujnAit cu 
fm, do not destroy yourself 
(as by cold) (Don.}. 

Cuibe (cuibi-6), indec. a., proper, 
becoming, meet, fit, seemly, 

CuibeAmAit(cuibx>eAmAit), -mtA, 
a., decent, becoming, fit. 

CuibeAf (cuib-oeAf), -bif, m., 
decency, propriety. 

CuibeAf AC (cuibx>eAf A6), -Aije, a., 
discreet, judicious, moderate, 
tolerable (from cuibe, fit, 
proper) ; CAim 50 c., I am fairly 
well (pron. CAoifAc in M. at 

CuibeAfAcc, -A, /., propriety, 
decency; state of being middling. 

Cinbtinn, -e, -ix>e, /., a dispute, 
a contest ; a racing match (also 

Cuibtinnim, vl. -tmn, v. intr., I 
strive, vie with. 

CuibfieAC, -fiij, -rnje, and -BACA, 
m., a fetter, a manacle, a bond, 
a band ; a trammel -net for 
fishing (Ker.). 

CuibpeAnn, --pinn, m., partnership, 
association, company ; portion, 
share, allowance ; a couch ; a 
room ; a tilled field ; a dale ; an 
enclosed piece of ground ; AS 
6t i scuibf-eAnn, drinking sup 
for sup ; An ce CAicpeAX) boij- 
IteAn 1 jcuibfieAnn An t>iAbAit 
ceAftocA-6 fpiunos f.AX>A 


Cuibtiijini, -luJAX), v. tr., I bind, 
fetter, manacle, tie, subjugate. 

Cuibfiijjce, p. a., bound, fettered, 

tied, manacled. 
CuibjtiuJA-o, -jiijce, m., act of 

binding, subjugating. 
CuibreAd, cuibreAcc. See cuib- 

6AfA6, CUlbeAf ACC. 

Cuice, pron. combination of 3rd 
sing. per. pr. with cum, to her, 
for her (or it,/.). See cum. 


and coT>AnnA,f., portion, share, 
part, remnant, some ; a meal, 
supper ; a term of endearment ; 
oom c. p em, to my own share, 
my own ; cuix> ACA, some of 
them ; cuit> -06, some of it ; c. 
eite, others ; An c. eite, the 
rest; An c. if mo, most of ; cuit) 
mAit, a good many ; c. m6|t, a 
great part, a large portion ; A 
c. -oe'n cf AOJAt, my share of 
the world ! (my love) ; A c., my 
love ! An-cui-o, rather much, an 
excessive share ; m6ji-cuiT>, a 
great part, a great deal. 

CuiT>beAf, -bif, m., partnership. 

CUITJCACC, -A, /., company ; a 
party, a company ; 1 50. te, to- 
gether with, along with ; 1 gc. A 
ceite, together. 

CUI-OBACCA, g. -CAn, d. -cAm, also 
g. id., pi. id., f. t company, a 
social gathering ; the word is 
soniet. applied to a single in- 
dividual; cuit>eACC4 mAic if 
BAT* ComAf, Thomas is very 
agreeable in company ; i JCCA-O 
buf jc., begging your honours' 
pardon (in^f. somet. cuiteAccA). 

Cuix>eACCAm, -AnA,/., act of help- 
ing, taking part with ; company, 

Cuit>eAccui5im, --oeAccAin and 
-U5A-6, v. tr., I accompany, 

Cui-oeAT), 01-6, m., a help (also 

Cui-oeAt)Ac, --oAise, a., auxiliary, 

Cui-oeog, -oi^e, -OJA, /., a hand 
(of help) (Der). 

CuiTjijim, -IUJAT), ?'/. also cuit>- 
eACCAin, v. tr. and intr., I help, 


( 208 ) 


succour ; I share (a meal, etc.) 
with (te) ; cuirnj teip, help 

-cij, -tije, m., a 

CuiTJijteoiji, -ofiA, -oifii-oe, m., a 
helper, an abettor. 

CuiTwi5AT>, -ijte, m., act of help- 
ing ; participation. 

Cuis, indec. num., a., five ; r\& 
0615 mei|i, the five in cards (U.). 

Cvhs "DBAS, indec. num., a., fifteen. 

Cttije, pronom. combination of 
3rd sing. per. pr. mas. with 
cum, to, for him, it (mas.), for 
the purpose ; mAfi nA ftAib p e 
ASA cuige, because I hadn't 
it (for the purpose) ; 011156 fin 
oo pcftiobAp e, for that purpose 
I wrote it ; also, to him I wrote 
it ; CAT> dtnjje (somet. cuije) ? 

60156 (also cms, 'wise, '1315), 
with dat. = cum (U. and Con.). 

Cvhje, /., a province. See cuijeAT). 

CuiseA-o, -JIT), -5ix>e, m., a fifth 
part, a province ; one of the five 
provinces into which Ireland 
was once divided. 

CuijeA-o, indec. ord., fifth. 

CuiseA-OAC, -Ait;, pi. id., m., a 
provincial king. 

CuiseA-OAdAf, -Aif, m., provincial 

CuiseAT) oeAj, indec. ord. num., 

CuiseAt, -Site, /., the part of 
the flax spinning wheel round 
which the combed flax is put 
before spinning ; a distaff (also 

, -A15, -Aise, m., a 
distaff, etc. ; the flax or wool 
prepared for the 011156 At ; a 
thin, tall person. See cuiseAt. 
uiseAtin, -jinne or -5ne, 
-5tieACA, /., a churn (the con- 
tents, not the vessel) ; AS 
o^ATiAni ctnsinne, churning. 
uiseAf, -if, m., five (applied 
only to persons or personified 

-At A, /., cheating ; 

acquiring money or goods by 
appropriating in small quanti- 
ties ; cheating by sleight of 
hand (from coisitr?). 

CuisteAtvuxie, g. id., pi. --ore, m., 
a cheat ; one who appropriates 
in small quantities. 

Cui5tfieAT>, a., fifth. See CUISCAT). 

Cuis-iYieAji tfluijie, /., common 
creeping cinque foil (potentilla 

Cui5-ftifneAc, -ruse, a., pen- 

Cuit, -e, pi. id., f., a horse-fly, a 
gnat ; cuit "out), a black fly, a 

Cuit, -e, -eA6A,y., a corner, nook ; 
a couch ; a heap (a corner-full) ; 
cuit oit)in, a nook of shelter, a 

Cuit (cuitiri\ -e, -eAtinA, /., a 
trout of brownish colour (also 
called cAit). 

Cttit, -e, /., great eagerness ; TIAC 
mo|i ATI cuit ACA Ai|i, how fierce, 
earnest, he looks ; CA ctnt rii6|i 
Aif ctim nA hoibjie, he sets very 
earnestly to work. 

Cuit Gjiice, g. id., f., a cock's 

Cuitc, -e, -eACA, f., a reed. 

Cuitce, g. id., pi. -ci-oe,/., a quilt ; 
a garment. See cuitc. 

CuitceAnn, -6inn, pi. id., m., the 
poll (of the head). 

CuiteAfi (prop. ctiitceAc), a small 
side room for a sleeping apart 

CuiteAcc (cuili-oeAcc), -A, /., shy- 
ness (Con.); cf. cwcAit. 

CuiteAccA, g. id., f., company, 
society (M.). See cuix>eAcc. 

CuiteAn, -eAin, pi. id., m., a whelp, 
a dog. 

CuiteAnn, -tinn, m., the holly-tree ; 
c. CApAitt, a weed with a tough 
root ; c. CJIAJA, a kind of sea- 
holly ; c. oAioce, sandbox, sea- 

CvnteAfi, -6ifi, pi. id., m., a quarry. 
See coijieAt. 

CuiteAjiAn, -^in, pi. id., m., a 

( 209 ) 


-teifce, /., a horse, a 

Cvnl-eircijteoiti, -O\\A, -oijti-oe, 
TO., an eavesdropper. 

Cuiteoj, -0156, -054, /., a fly, a 
gnat: a wand (dim. of cuil, a 
fly, etc.). 

Cuil-pACAit, /., a back or end 
tooth ; nom. also -jriACAt, 
-Ait, m. 

Cuitpionn, -inne, pi. id., /., a fair- 
haired, handsome person ; most 
generally a fair lady ; as a., 
fair-haired, handsome. 

Cuit-jeAtijixvo, m., slander, back- 

Cuit-seAjijiAim, -<yt>, v. tr., I back- 
bite, calumniate. 

Cuitj-f eAfArh, -Airh, m., a stand- 
ing upright (as the hair, etc.). 

Cmtisce, g. id., m., the inner 
sheaf of a corn-stack ; the inner- 
most part of anything. 

CvhtiTi, g. id., m., the hair on the 
back of the head ; a fair-haired 
maiden ; a little field, a back 

Cuil-iompox), -puitte, m., act of 
turning one's back ; retreat. 

Cuitii, -e, -iTe, /., a fold, a turn, a 
plait, a ruffle ; the little ripples 
bounding the current in the 
middle of a swollen stream or 
river (also cuitijce or cuiltie). 

Cuil-te4fuix>e, g. id.,pl. -xice, m., 
one who pries into corners. 

Ciht-rhionnuJAX), -uijie, pi. id., 
m., abjuration. 

Cuil-rhiormuijim, -UJA-O and-rtA-6, 
v, tr., I abjure. 

CuitpAi'D, -e, -BACA,/., a backward 

CuitjiAix>eA6, -tnje, a., sequest- 

Cuit-tiiAfcrhAft, -Aifie, a., wild, 
lonely (of a place) (Don.). 

Cuil-feomfiA, m., a bed chamber, 
a side closet. 

Cuil-iH-eArhnu<CAT>, -uijte, pi. id., 
m., a backsliding. 

Cuitc, -e, -eAnriA, /., a quilt, a 
covering ; cpe-cuitc, a covering 
of clay (as for the dead). 

, -cije, m., an outside 
office attached to a house. 

CuitceACAn, -AIT), pi. id., m., an 

Cuitneiji, -e, a., neat, well- 
arranged, proportionate ; brief. 

Cuiriim,/., memory, remembrance, 
recollection ; if c. tiom, I re- 
member, recollect. 

Ctnmin, g. id., m. See cunmnin. 

Cuimijt. See cuimeijt. 

Cuimtim (cuimitim), vl. cuimilr, 
v. tr. and intr. (with -oe), I rub, 
chafe, touch, stroke, wipe, grind 
between the palms ; with te, 
I touch, meddle or tamper 

Cwimlinj, -leAnjA, /., a combat , 
act of contending. 

CuiTTine, g. id., /., memory, remem- 
brance, recollection; a commemo- 
ration ; a memorial ; cunrine -oo 
beit Aft, to remember. 

CvnrrmeAt, -mje, a., mindful, 
conscious ; if c. tiom, I remem- 
ber ; 6 bi c. teip, as long as he 
remembered (Don.). 

CuimneACAti, -AID, pi. id., m., a 
memorial, a keepsake, a memo- 

Cuimmjim, vl. -IUJAT), and -neAm 
or-r\eA-v,fut. cuitrineocAT), v. tr., 
I remember, recollect, bring 
memory to bear on (AJI) ; 1 
think of (AJI). 

CuitiinijceAc, -ctge, a., recording, 

, m., 
a recorder, a chronicler. 

CuimniuijA'o, -ijce, m., act of 
remembering ; memory ; a com- 
memoration ; a memorial. 

Cuimpiopc, -A, m., a rabble. 

Cuimpe, g. id., f., aim ; exactness 
of aim ; a mark, a hit ; modera- 
tion ; a measure ; fitness ; jAti 
6., aimlessly, uselessly ; a trick 
(Cork) ; Af c., extraordinary, 
unusual, beyond imagining ; bi 
c. -OAome Arm, there was a good 
crowd there (Con.). 

CuimreAc, -r'5 m., power. 

CuimreAc, -p5 e i - proportioned 


( 210 ) 


to strength ; moderate, middling ; 
aiming well, unerring ; suitable. 

CumifeAc, -fije, a., mighty, 

Cuimrijim, -IUJAT), v. tr., I hit (as 
a mark) ; aim ; fit ; enumerate. 

Cuimpjceoiji, -OJIA, -oi{iiT>e, m., & 
person of unerring aim, a good 
shot ; an adapter, a measurer. 

Cuing, -e, pi. id., /., a yoke ; a 
bond, a duty ; obligation ; 
solicitation ; entreaty ; a zone ; 
a Bwingle-tree (in ploughing) ; a 
beam across a house ; c.>Ai-6, 
a religious vow ; c. popcA, a 
marriage duty; c. ATI nnnneit, 
the throat. 

Cuing-ceATijAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., 
a band for fastening a yoke to 
the neck of an animal ; bondage, 

CuinjeA-o, -jp'o, m., a requisition, 
petition, request (more common 
in the compound Accumge). 

CumgeAt, -jit, -A, m., a yoke, a 
bond ; a pair of beasts tied 
together ; c. CAOJIAC, a pair of 
sheep yoked ; c. jADAft, a pair 
of goats tied together. 

CuingeAtAc, -Aij, -Aije, TO., a 
bond. See cuitigeAl. 

Cuingim, -geAt), v. tr., I desire, 
request, demand. 

Cuingifi, -jfteAc, -jjfteACA, /., a 
yoke, a pair ; two animals yoked 
together ; a team ; ACA mo 
cuingiji 5An p eAji, my team are 
without grass (McD.). 

Ctnngitie, g. id., pi. -p\r>e, m., a 
coupler, a yoker. 

CumjifieAc, -fug, -ruje, m., a 
waggon or cart (O'N.). 

Cuingmim, -peA-D, v. tr., I yoke or 

CtnnjteAc. See coingeAllAc. 

CuinsleAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a yoke, 
a brace, a couple joined to- 
gether; cu ingle ATI ArAt, two 
asses yoked together, etc. 

CuinjpeAc. See cuitigifi. 

Cuimc6A|, -6ift, pi. id., m., a rab- 
bit burrow; a rough, uneven 

Cumin, g. id., pi. -roe, m., a rabbit. 
See coinin. 

Cumionn, -inne, f., the nostrils. 

CuiTnontiAc, -Aige, a., having a 
prominent nose. 

Cvnrme, g. id., pi. -m-oe, f., an 
angle, a corner ; a gallery. 

CuinneAC, -nije, a., having cor- 
ners or angles. 

CumneAl tfluijie, /., hog's taper, 
lady's foxglove ; also a red cloth 
tied to a cow's tail after calving 

Cuinneog, -0156, -OJ;A, /., a churn, 
a pail ; the vessel in which the 
cuigeAnn is made. 

Ctimneoj, -oige,/., wild angelica. 

Cuinfe, g. id., pi. -f-i-oe, m., a pro- 
tection ; a competency ; a trick, 
a plan; ingenuity; cvhnre ip 
rAtArri f AOJI, competency and 
free land (song). 

CviitireAniAit,, -mlA, a., ingenious, 

Ctnp, -e, /., froth, foam, spume. 
See coip, IG. 

CvnpeAc, -pije, a., frothy, foamy. 

CuipeAit, -CAlA, /., act of froth- 
ing, foaming ; fermenting as a 

Cmpeift, -eAftA, -etfU'oe, TO., a 
cooper; cvhpeAfi (Don.}, cuip- 
6A|iA (Con.). 

Ctntic, -e, -ix)e, /., a cap or coif 
a crest, a top-knot ; also a tuber 
or tumour ; a knife, a whittle ; 
al?o cujtc. 

Cinjiceor, -0156, -OJA, /., a cone 
on its base ; a beehive ; a stook 
of turf (of corn, Con.) ; also 
cftuiceoj; and cuijuceog. 

CmjieATJ, g. -fiix), pi. -jii-oe, m., act 
oi inviting, an invitation, a bid- 
ding ; AJ cu-p cui|iix> opm, 
beckoning to me; Ag CAOMJIC 
cuiiux) -OAtn, inviting me. 

CviijieAt, -4it, TO., a quarry. 

Cm|ieAlcA, indec. a., tidy, com- 
fortable; boAti cui}teAlcA, a 
tidy neat woman. 

CuijteAlcAcc, -A, /., curiosity, 

, TO., tlie knave of cards 

( 211 ) 


(in sp. 7., cuipeACA) ; in Con., 

CinpeopAcc, -A, /., act of tilling 
the land (Don.). 

, indec. a., curious; nice, 

Cuipicte, indec.a., havingtumours, 

Cuipi-6eA6c, -A, /., state of being 

arable ; act of tilling ; also 


Cuipi-oin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, m., naked 
horse-tail, equisatcum follis 
nudum; c. bAn, common wild 
parsnip, pastinaca saliva ; cup- 
AT)An (Don.). 

Cuipitn, vl. cup, imper. cuip, v. tr., 
I put, place, fix, send, apply ; 
it is used largely in connection 
with preps, which limit its 
meaning ; with Ap before in- 
direct object to do good or harm 
to a person or thing, to ask ques- 
tions of, to send for; to put 
hindering, delaying, trembling, 
favours, etc., on one, .1. to 
hinder, delay, make tremble, 
etc. ; piop t)o cup Aip, to send 
for him ; COTTIAOITI t>o cup Aip, 
to confer a benefit on him ; 
eAglA oo cup Ap, to make 
afraid ; eAjcoip t>o cup Ap, 
to wrong ; mAiit "oo 6ji Ap, 
to delay; T>O 6up Ap CAipx>e, 
to put off; x>o 6u;t Ap epic, 
to make tremble; -"o cup Ap 
Scut, to put aside, to post- 
pone ; with Ap it denotes to 
put a person or thing out of a 
place or position, to emit a cry, 
etc., -00 cuip p6 tiuj Ap, he 
uttered a cry ; cup Af loriATJ, to 
dislocate ; 6 T>O cup AT A tAtAtii, 
to eject him from his land ; with 
oe, to put away from one's self, 
to emit, to take from another ; 
CU1J1 (ATI b6iAfi) t)ioc, be off; 
often with fAojdt, etc., omitted, 
as ACA fe Ag cti^t tie 50 mAir, 
he is getting on well; ACA f6 AJ 
cti|i Attuif -oe, he is perspiring ; 
with PA, to put something under 
or binding on a person or thing, 

to put a person or thing under 
protection, etc. ; cuji JTA com- 
Aiftce, to put under protection 
of ; upcAtt t)o cup pA, to put a 
fetter on, to fetter; with 1, to 
trust, hope in, take interest in, 
desire a person or thing; puim 
oo cup 'fAr\ cf AOJAt, to hanker 
after worldly things or life, also 
in phrases like cu-p i jceit/t, 
i ti-uniAit -06, to remind him, to 
give him to understand; cup i 
bpei-om, to put to use ; 1 teit, 
to impute; 1 -orAirci-o, to store 
up ; with 6, to hinder from get- 
ting a thing, to put one out of 
a position, inheritance, etc.; cu-p 
6 oijfteAdr, to put out of inheri- 
tance; oo cuifi r-e l/icijt Ait), 
he sent a letter (from him) ; with 
te (fe), to express limit put to 
a thing, an addition to, a prop 
to, the sending with or by means 
of; cuift Ai]i5eAt> teip, eend 
money with him, or by him : 
cuiji put) teif, prop it up, add 
something to it, exaggerate; 
with fioirii, to put a task before 
one, to determine on a thing; 
with Cfi6, to mingle one thing 
with another ; with m, cmpim, 
umAtn, I put on (of clothes) ; 
with adverb, cup fiop, to set 
down; cuji AmAt, to evict, to 
put forth; c|t pUAp te, to 
tolerate ; I bury, sow (seed), 
plant ; AJ; cup: P UA f A r> prevent- 
ing ; of the weather, CA p6 AJ 
cup peACA ; it is freezing; TA pe 
Ag cup peAptATiriA, it is raining 
(shortened to CA p6 AJ cup, in 
North and West, and not used in 
M.); tii 'JAdup teo 6, "not judg- 
ing them," they are not to be 
envied (said of persons guilty of 
some unworthy deed) ; cuip i 
JCAP, supposing ; cup t j;c6ill, 
to pretend (Don.) An bpuil me 
A cup Ap -OU1C ? am 1 putting 
you to inconvenience? (Con.). 
Cuipin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., & can, a 
small pot ; a small creel or shal- 
low basket. 


( 212 ) 


iun, -uir\,pl. id., m., a curlew. 
Cuifttn, -e, -eACA,/., a kind of ale 

formerly used by the Irish ; a 

feast or banquet. See cofirn . 
CuititneAC, -rmje, a., pertaining to 

ale ; festive. 
Cuifitni5im, -lujjA'o, v. tr., I feast, 

CuijineAn, -CAin, pi. id., m., the 

head of a pin ; a brooch, a 

ringlet ; a small heap. 
CuipneAtiAc, -Aije, a., abounding 

in ringlets (of the hair). 
Cuitintn, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a small 

vessel, a little goblet. 
Cuitinin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a mass 

01 ringlets ; a dewdrop ; a drop 

of sweat ; a pin's head ; a little 

grain of anything. 
Ctnfipce, indec. a., vicious (also, 

cuijiipe, cuippe, etc.). 
CuifipceAC, -tije, a., corrupt, 

vicious, wicked ; as subs., a 

wicked person. 
CuifipceAcc, -A, /., corruption, 

vice, voluptuousness. 
Cuiftpceoiji, -ofiA, -oifiix>e, m., a 

corrupt or wicked man. 
CuijvfteACAc, -Aije, a., deformed. 
Cuific, -e, -eAntiA, f., & court, a 

palace, a royal residence ; a 

mansion ; a law-court ; a yard. 
Cuifite, p. nee., to be put, put off, 

delayed ; also cujiiA. See cuji. 
CuiftteAtViAil, -riilA, a., courtly, 

courteous, gallant. 
CvJijiteAriitAcc, -A, /., courtliness, 

courtesy, gallantry. 
CvhttceAfiAcc, -A, /., act of court- 
ing, wooing ; CA f e AJ c. tei, he 

is courting her. 

Cuiftceip, -e, f., courtesy, cere- 
CuijiceipeAC, -fije, a., courteous, 

CuijicetfeAcc, -A, f,, courtesy, 

courtliness ; act of courting. 
Cuipceog, -0150, -OSA, /., a kind 

of cup (<yN.). 
Cuijiceoifi, -OfiA, -oifii-oe, m., a 

courtier ; a suitor, a wooer. 
Cuijiieoip, -opA, -oijii-oe, m., an 


, -A, /., courtship, 

Cuijicin, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a 
curtain ; in pi., bed-curtains. 
See cfiuicin. 

Cvhf, -e, -BAnnA, gpl. -eAnn, /., a 
cause, case, matter, affair, cir- 
cumstance, business ; reason. 

Cuipe, g. id., m., a kind of grass or 
weed ; c. Aitp, alpine meadow- 
grass ; c. cuilceAriiAit, reed-like 
meadow-grass ; c. gAnb-JAf AC, 
rough - stalked meadow - grass ; 
c. criiAn5-T)uitteAC, narrow- 
leaved meadow-grass ; c. mion- 
JAf AC, smooth-stalked meadow- 
grass; c. btiA 1 DAncAmAit,anniia] 

Cuif eoj, -0156, -OJ;A, /., a stalk, 
a straw ; a tuft of grass ; c. 
tui-oe, rag- wort ; c. pionn, wall- 

Cuifte, -teAnn, -leArmA, /., a 
vein, a pulse, an artery, a 
pipe ; the blood ; the arm ; 
diarrhoea ; c. nA heijfe, c. nA 
OAitiie, the well or fount of the 
muses ; a term of endearment : 
c. tno cjtoix>e, -]c.; c. nA beACA-6, 
the great artery, called also ATI 
c. tiioft; CA lAjijiAcc t>e cuip- 
tinn ojim, I have an attack of 

CtnpleAC, -tije, a., veined ; like a 
vein or artery. 

Cuipt-eArmAC, -Aij;e, a., having 
strong veins or arms. 

CwifteAtiriAC, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a 
piper, a fifer, an organist. 

Cuifteoift, -OfiA, -oi|(iT)e, m., a 
professional blood -letter. 

Cuirne, g. id., m., frost, ice, cold ; 
a haze in warm weather (Arari) ; 
a frost mist, a fog in frosty 
weather (M.} ; sleet. P. O'C. 
gives the following fanciful deri- 
vation for this word : Cuipne 
is formed by suffixing the ter- 
mination -ne to -piuc (q.d., 
f toe) inverted ; c. feACA, an 

CuifneAc, -rnje, a., freezing, 



CuirneAtTiAit, -mtA, a., icy, chilly, 
cold ; CA f e c., it is chill)'. 

Cuirmjim, -iu J5<v6, v. tr. and m<r., 
I freeze, I congeal. 

Cuirmjte, indec. p. a., frozen. 

Cuice, g. id., f., memory, recollec- 
tion ; "interview"; i T>cup mo 
cuice, in the beginning of my 
life (Don.). 

CuiceAC, -cij, -cije, m., a requital, 
a denial, a refusal. 

CuiceAC, -cije, a., retributive ; 
even with. 

Cuice AC, a., mindful, remember- 
ing ; if c. liom e, I remember 
it (Don.). 

CuiceAt, -cit, pi. id., m., the 
cuttle-fish (Ker.). 

CuiceAiii, -nil., m., a recompense ; 
a retribution ; act of giving 

CuiceAncAr, -Aif> i., a receipt for 
money (Con.). 

Cuici Jim, -i5At> and -CCATTI, v. tr., 
I requite, repay, reward (with 
ace. of the thing requited, and 
le with dat. of person requited) ; 
I weigh, consider ; AJ cujt ir AJ; 
cuiceAtii, weighing carefully 
the pros and cons. 

Cuicin, adv., when. See CACAin. 

CuiciuJA'6, -ijce, m., act of re- 
quiting ; compensation, ven- 
geance, requital. 

Cut, g. cuit, pi. id., m., the back ; 
the back part of anything ; the 
back of the head, the poll ; a 
head of hair ; a guard ; a re- 
serve ; cut bAifte, a reserve for 
defence; peAji cuit, a man at 
one's back, as a defence ; PA 
cut, at the back of; AJI jcut, 
behind, backwards, in the rear, 
privately ; AJ; "out Aft jcut, 
declining going back, deteri- 
orating ; cuji A n scut, to put 
back, to put aside, to abolish, to 
postpone ; 45 "onl i troiAi-6 A 
cuit, going backwards (of physi- 
cal motion) ; x>o |iuj f6 AJI A 
6utAib A OAite i, he took her 
home seated behind him on 
horseback ; cut cinn, reserved 

force ; ni't cut cinn AgAirt, I 
have notJiing to fall back on 
(Der.) Aft cut Acinn, flat on 
his back ; ni't piop Aije ACC 
oifieAX) te cut A cinn, he knows 
nothing at all; cut-ceAHjibAc, 
a spectator who prompts at 
card-playing ; cut 615111, a de- 
fence in difficulty ; A jtAdA'o 
AtnAc cut 6i5m te fiAfA, who 
would go forth running to 
stand defence in a difficult post 
(Om.). ; i jcut -DO cirm, behind 
your head. See cuto5- 

CutAi-6, g. id., and cutA-6, pi. 
-6ACA and -tcAtA, m. and /., a 
suit of clothes ; a robe, a dress ; 
attire, apparel ; sacred vest- 
ments ; c. An .Aip-tunn, the vest- 
ments used at Mass (a form of 
asseveration) ; c. ite, an oil- 
skin suit (used in fishing) (Ker.); 
c. cApAitt, horse trappings. 

CutAipe, g. id., f., a backward 
nook ; the chops ; the throat, 
palate ; ACA mo teAti^A AJ 
teAtitriAin -com cutAifiiD, my 
tongue cleaves to my mouth 

CutAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a lane; a 
back corner or angle ; a rood (of 
land) (Sligo). 

CutAticA, indec. a., shy, bashful, 
timid, retiring. 

Cut bAijte, g. id., m., a reserve, a 
goal-keeper ; a chief man to be 
depended on ; a " strong back." 

Cut-ooc, -Duic, pi. id., m., a buck, 
a he-goat ; prop. cot-t>oc. 

Cut-6oc, ire., the first blow struck 
after a goal in hurling (Don.). 

Cut-bftu^A-o, OT., a crushing, a 
trampling, a violent pressing 
from the rere. 

Cut-CAimm, -neA^o, v. tr., I back- 
bite, slander. 

Cut-cAineA-6, -nee, m., act of 

Cut-CAinnc, -e, -eAntiA, /., back- 
biting, detraction, a slander- 

Cut-cAinnceAc, -ci^e, a., back- 


( 214 


Cut-cAinnceoift, ., a backbiter, a 


Cut,-coimeAT>, -eit>, -BA^DA, pi. id., 

in., a rearguard ; a retrospection. 

Cul-cftAof, m., the back part of 

the mouth. See cjtAof . ' 
Cul--6otiAf, m., a back door ; 
cuit, id. 

Aim, -bAit, v. tr., I adopt. 
, -AjimA, /., the act of 

CutlAC, -A15, pi. id., m., a boar ; 
often applied to the foreigners ; 
pA-6-cutlAc, a wild boar. See 

Cul-t-occA, m., a side loft ; a 
back loft (also cut-1oc.d). 

oit), cu1A6iT>eAc. See CAll,- 

6lT>, ~\C. 

Cul-mucAijte, g. id., pi. -ttix>e, m., 
a mutineer. 

Cut/os, -6156, -65^, m. or /., the 
riding behind another (as on 
horseback) ; one who rides be- 
hind another on horseback (the 
foremost rides Aft fcAjiA-6 SAD- 
LOS, the other Aft cul6s) ; a 

CuLpoc, -puic, pi. id., m., a he- 
goat (also coL-boc). 

Cul,-poc, m., the goal-keeper's 
stroke (also poc cuit). See 

-Aije, a., crcum- 
spect, covetous. 

CutcACAt), -A1-6, pi. id., m., a 
backing, a support, a redoubt, a 

Cutuisim, -tiJA-o, v. intr., I re- 
cede, retire ; I " back water " in 

Cum (-oo-cum), prep., with gen. 
(in pronom. combinat., CUJATD, 
cuise, m., cuice, /., 
, cuJAib, CUCA ; also 
, etc. ; in M. the 5 is 
silent, except rarely in poet., 
and the sound is cue, etc.; in 
Con. and U. the sound is hugAC, 
etc.), to, towards ; after no- 
tions of motion ; eotAf cum "oo 
tije, a knowlerlfTP of the way to 
thy house ; AS lompox) cum 

ceAtnpuill, turning over to the 
(Protestant) church ; often x>ut, 
cum An cooAi-(i for oo'n cobAji, 
etc. ; to express purpose : no 
CUAIX) pe AmAC cum peAjt tjo 
t>Ainc, he went out to cut hay ; 
when cum governs a clause in- 
cluding a verbal, as here, the 
subject of the vl. is more genly. 
in ace., though cum peip "oo 
OAinc is permissible ; in phrs. 
like t>ut, cum fuime no c-pice 
66, to be of profit or advantage 
to him ; cum stoifie T)e, for the 
glory of God. 

Cum, g. cuim, m., form, body, 
waist ; a valley, a glen, a hol- 
low. See com. 

CumA, g. id., pi. cumcA, /., form, 
shape, appearance, figure ; way, 
state or condition ; a figure, a 
model, a pattern; Aft Aon cum A, 
in any case ; cumA t>o beic AJI 
ouine, to be in trim ; ni't cjioc 
HA cumA Aift, it is entirely mis- 
shapen ; ni't cumA nA T)eAnAm 
Aifi, id. ; CA cumA nA peAji- 
CAnnA Aifi, it looks like rain 

CumA, a., indifferent, equal, all 
the same ; ip c. tiom CIA ACA, I 
do not care which of thtm; if 
c. teAC, you do not care ; if c. 
ouic, you should not care, it is 
no affair of yours, also it is the 
same to you ; if c. e, it matters 

CumA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a gift, a 
reward, a bribe. 

CumA, g. id. and cumA-6, pi. -ix>e 
(nom. often cumAX>), m., sorrow, 
melancholy, loneliness, lamenta- 
tion, grief ; CA c. ofim, I regret 
(something lost, gone or absent); 
AS -oeAnAm cumA-6, lamenting; 
mo cumA, alas ; home-sickness 
(Don.); nom. cumAfo (U. and 
Con.) (pi. also -A-OCA and g. -AIX>). 

CuriiAC (cumA-oAc), -Atje, a., sor- 
rowful, mournful, plaintive, 
woful, doleful. 

CUTTIACC, -A, f., po\ver, jnight, 


( 215 ) 


CutiiACCA, g. id., m. (prop, pi. of 
cutriACc), power, might, autho- 
rity, strength. 

CurilACCAC, -A1J, -Alje, TO., a 

mighty person. 

CuriiAccAC, -Aije, a., powerful, 
mighty, influential, command- 

CuriiActAim, -AT>, v. tr., I empower 

CumAccotji, -6pA, -6ifix)e, TO., a 
commissioner ; a person en- 
trusted with credentials and 

CumA-6, -mcA, pi. id., TO., act of 
forming, devising, shaping, 
making ; form, model, pattern 

(CUIDA'D, M.). 

CumA'ootn, -6|i<i, -6itux>e, TO., one 
who forms ; a f ramer ; a 
fashioner ; a romancer ; an in- 

CumA-ooifteAcc, -A, f. t invention, 
device, formation. 

CumAitnn, -Ic, v. tr., I touch 
(with x>e) ; wipe, rub. See 

CumAtlc, -e, /., a wiping off, a 
touching. See cuimilc. 

CurnAim, -ATI, v. tr., I frame, com- 
pose, shape, form, devise, make, 
fix ; cum fe Amp^n, he com- 
posed a song ; cumAim (M.). 

CuriiAinje, g. id., f., narrowness, 
straightness, closeness, tiglit- 
ness ; distress, difficulty ; cum- 
AingeAcc, id. 

CumAift, -e, a., short, brief. See 

CutnAifCirn, -ceAx>, v. tr. andin^r., 
I mix, I compound ; to have 
carnal intercourse with (te). 

CutnAircce, indec.p.a., compound, 

CuriiAt, -Aile, -A, /., obedience, 
subjection ; a handmaid, female 
slave ; c. ounJe, in phr., 50 
oci An cuniAt bui-oe, to the 
backbone (Der.) a hood, a cowl. 

CutriAl, -Ait, pi. id., m., a fine, a 
mulct ; restitution, reparation, 
atonement for trespass ; the 
cum At varied in quantity. 

CuihAlxA, indec. a., belonging to a 

servant or bondswoman. 
CtttnAtiiAit, -tfitA, a., comely, 

CuriiAtij, -Am^e, /., power, 

strength, ability ; a corner ; a 

narrow neck of water. 
CuriiAtij, -Ainjje, a,, narrow, slen- 

der, contracted, tight, tightly 

tied up. 
CuriiAr>5Airn, -A-O, v. tr., I abridge, 

I narrow, confine, reduce. 
CuiriAnjAf, -Aif, m., encroaching ; 

act of encroaching ; A$ c. Aip, 

encroaching on him ; also AJ 


CuriiAti5tAc, a Don. form of 

cuthATisftAC, which see. 
CutiiAn5|iA6, -A156, a., close- 


jiAc, -Ait, m., & press ; a 
difficulty ; a hard plight ; a 
tight hold. 

CumAnsfiAcc, -A, /., pressure, 

CumAtijuiijim, -5 A-O, v. tr., I nar- 
row, straiten. 

CuniAnn, g. -Ainn, pi. id., m. t 
affection, love ; a term of en- 
dearment ; league, society ; a 
lot ; acquaintance, fellowship. 

CumAtinAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 
friend, a companion ; f eo 
fl/Aince mo cutriAnnAij;, here's 
to the health of my friend. 

CumAntiAC, -A15C, a., amiable, 

CurnAom, -e, pi. id., f., favour, 
communion ; fellowship ; an ob- 
ligation, a favour; cumAome, 
id. See cotnAOin and coiriAOine. 

CumAji, -Aip, pi. id., and cumjiA, 
m., a cave, a ravine, a valley ; 
the coincidence of a chain of 
hills with low lands, hence a 
tract consisting of highlands 
and valleys ; a promontory, a 
dale ; the confluence of rivers, 
as CumAft tiA T>Cjti nUifce, the 
confluence of the three rivers 
(Suir, Nore, Barrow). 

Cu TDAfA, /., a sea dog. Ste 


( 216 ) 


CurriAjiAc, -Aije, a., abounding in 
hills and valleys. 

CutnA-pAC (cumfiAc), -Aij, pi. id., 
m., a place full of hills and 
valleys ; an inhabitant of such 
a place, hence cvttriAjiAij;, people 
dwelling in a place full of hills 
and valleys. 

CumAf , -Aif, m., strength, power, 
ability, faculty ; leave, indulg- 
ence ; ni't f6 Aft tno c., I am 
not able to do it, I have it not 
in my power. 

CumAfAC, -Aije, a., strong, pow- 
erful, capable ; good-looking ; 
cf. the phrase cutnAfAc jtAti, 
applied to persons of good looks; 
if c. Aft pA-o rnAfi -o'oibjiij cu, 
you have worked splendidly. 

CwmAfc, -Aifc, pi. id., m., a com- 
pound, a confection, a mixture, 
a contention ; act of blending, 
mixing, compounding. 

CumAfCAim, -A-6, v. tr. and intr., 
I mix, mingle; unite (with te). 

CutiroAc, -"DAI*;, -Aije, m., act of 
covering, keeping, screening ; 
defence; cover; roof; guidance, 
protection ; dye, paint, varnish ; 
an ornamental book-case ; cov- 
ering ; thatch. 

CUITTOAC, -Aije, a., ornamental. 

Cunrouijim, -T>AC, v. tr., I keep, 
preserve, defend, save, cover, 
clothe, roof a building, thatch a 

Cunrauijpce, p. a., preserved, 
chased, covered, burnished, well- 
wrought ; fenced. 

CutrijjAc, -Aij, -AI j;e, m., difficulty, 
straits, hindrance, trouble ; a 
stumbling block. /SeecuiriAnjAc. 

CumoftcAf, --Aif, m., a comparison, 
rivalry, contest. ^eecotnoficAp. 

Cump'lACC, -A, f., a company, a 
band of followers ; a family ; 
a crew, a gang. 

CutrifiA, indec. a., fragrant, sweet, 
often an epithet of a man or 
chief; genly. pron. cufitA. 

CumjtAc. See cumAjiAC. 

CutiifiAct, -A,/., fragrance, sweet- 

CutnjiAi-oeAcr, -A, /., an appari- 
tion ; appearance ; i 50. -ouine, 
in the shape of a man. 

CumjiAije, /., protection. See 

CtnTifoj, -6156, -OJA, /., an apple- 

Curiif AiiAt), -ncA, m., act of rest- 
ing, repose. 

CurrifAnAim, -At>, v. intr., I rest, 

CurrifcuJA-o, -injce, m., act of 
shaking ; marching ; journey- 

Cutrifcuijim, -USAX), v. intr., I 
ring, shake. 

Cutrifcuijte, p. a., well shaken. 

CumfCACAix>e (pl.\ m., tricks or 
plans; if AJAC ACA nA cm- 
f CACAi-oe, what a trickster you 

CumtA, p.a., shaped, formed, well- 
shaped, handsome; T>eAJ-c, well- 
shaped, shapely; cumcA, (M.); 
in V. often pronounced cumpA. 

Cwmt;A6, -Aije, a., forming, shap- 
ing, devising. 

Cumtnjim, --U^AT), v. tr., I frame. 

Curi, the ordinary pronunciation 
of cum, and sometimes the writ- 
ten form. See 6m. 

CutiAbtAC, -AI, pi. id., m., a car- 
cass, carrion ; a lazy corpulent 
person ; a skeleton. 

CunAC, -A1J, -Aije, m., dodder ; 
anything overdried, as poor hay, 
oats, moss ; a rat's or mouse's 
bed or nest. See cunlAc. 

CutiAil/ce, indec. a,., famished as 
by cold (Don.). 

CuriAtTitAc, -Aije, a., cross, angry 
(Don.) ; no doubt =conpA-oAC. 

CwngAtAC (con^tAc), -AIJ, -Aije, 
and' -ACA, m., yokes, bonds ; 
conglACA cfeif^ieAC, swingle 
trees, plough and grappling 
chains (Don). 

Cun^AticAC, -Aije, a., helpful, 
ready to help (also con5AncAc). 

CuiijArcoiii, -6|iA, -6i|ux)e, m., 
an assistant (also congAncoiji). 

Cunjnuijim, -TIAITI, v. tr., I hold. 


( 217 ) 


c, -A1J, m., moss ; stubble 

CtmnAitt, -e, a., tidy, tight, well- 
gathered together ; P. O'C. gives 
as meaning, wise, prudent, dis- 
creet (his spelling is cunnAit). 

CumiAilt-bocc, -oicce, a., poor, 
miserable, very depressed. 

CunntActAim, vl. cwntilACC, v. tr., 
I hold, collect, concentrate ; cf. 

TIA tCAC T>O OJ1AC ACC mAfl feAt)- 

pAifi e (iunntAcc. 
CunncAipm, -CAif, v. tr., I reckon, 

count up ( U.). 
CurmcAf, -Aif , pi. id., m., a work, 

an account, a bill ; a description ; 

tA ATI cutincAir, the day of 

Cunf ACAH, -Ain, pi. id., m., a miser, 

a close-fisted person ( W. Ker.). 
Cunf 65, -6156, -OJA, /., a nest of 

honey-bees, in moss or loose 

grass at the side of fences, while 

CAtArhoj is a nest of honey-bees 

embedded in the ground. 
CuncAOAiftt, -AJICA, /., danger, 

doubt, perplexity. See con- 

i, -Aip, m., a shop counter 
(also cuncviftc). 

Cup An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cup ; 
CPA, id. (also copAti). 

CuptA, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a 
couple, a pair, twins ; a few ; 
the beams joined in pairs that 
form a roofing. 

CuplAc, -Aije, a., double-plaited 
(of the hair), couple-like. 

Cupluijun, -ttiJA-6, v. tr., I 
couple, pair, join together. 

Cwpoj, -oige, -OJA, /., dock 
(weed) ; cupoj; pCAin andcupoj 
pAO^t are varieties of this weed ; 
ctipog c-piofCAifi, a leaf of sea- 
weed ; a leaf. See cApoj;. 

Cupos f j\AiT)e, /., dock-leaf (also 
biteoj fjiAi-oe). 

Cu-p, <j. cuipce and CUJICA, m., act 
of putting, etc. ; a putting 
away, a oanishing ; AJ cu]i 
peA|itAnnA, raining (U.} ; AJ 
cu-p reACA, freezing ; the setting 
or clamp in a rick or load of 

turf sods (U.) ; CA mo 6jioix>e 
AS cup o|tni, I have a heart 
ache. See cuift im. 

CUJIAC tiA cuAide, /., the flower 
blue bottle; small-leaved bell- 
flower ; ca/mpamda. 

CufiAX), -A.VO, pi. id., m., a warrior, 
knight, hero, champion. 

CufiAT), hate (?) ; in phr. CU^AT) TJO 
cjioiTie o-pr, confound you, bad 
cess to you ; CUJIAT* A 6noit)e Afi 
An bporAT), confound the marry- 
ing (E. U.) ; cufAX) Ap An 
bpoicin feo, woe betide this 
poteen (Meath) ; perhaps = 

, -cije, a., scabby, 

CtiAicin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 
hair-comb (parts of Ulster and 

CuftAi-oeAc, -"oije, a., chivalrous, 
brave, manly. 

CpAir>eAC, -015, pi. id., m., a 

Cup Aix>eAcc, -A, /., a sowing, a 
planting, a setting ; Aimrin 
TIA cujiAi-oeAccA, sowing-time ; 

Cu-pAm, g. -Aim, pi. id. and -Aix>e, 
m., care, thought, charge, pro- 
vision, office, employment; con- 
cern, interest, responsibility ; 
CA r6 im' cupATn, he cares for 
me (ironically) ; A\\ tiieAt) mo 
6upAm, through the greatness 
of my responsibilities (Don.). 

CutiAmA6, -Aije, a., careful, provi- 
dent, thoughtful ; CA f6 cupAm- 
AC Aige, he is careful of it 
(Don.); CA fe cutiAtnA6 Aije, 
he is solicitous for his wel- 

CujiAfAn, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a milk- 

CUJIACA, indec. a., courageous, 
valiant, knightly, heroic, gal- 
lant, brave ; often written 

, -A./., heroism, bravery, 
courage, valour. 

UHCAC, -Aije, a., unkempt, having 
bushy hair (<?N.). 


( 218 ) 

, -A1J, pi. id., m., a sand- 
piper (a bird). 

CuftcAif, -e, /., hair ; bulrushes ; 

Cu^i-pApAc, -415, m., a poor crop of 
corn, not worth cutting and left 
on the field (Con,). 

Cujt-JAtAn, -Ain, pi. id., m, a 
basket, a bailer. 

Cufifi, w. (somet. ./.), a sharp point; 
a corner, a pit ; An cuff., ne H ! 
a well, a fountain. See cojifi. 

CuppAc, -AIJ, pi. id., and -A, m., a 
coracle ; a light boat made of 
canvas. (Good MSS. of Kea., 
F. F., spell this word CUJIAC.) 

CujifiACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a skiff, 
a little boat, a canoe (somet. 
contr. to cufifiCAn). 

CufiftAX) CAific, m., a cart's shaft. 

Cujif A, #. ic?., ^. -it>e, m., a course, 
a career, a difficulty ; a manner 
of life ; a round ; an event, an 
adventure; a race-course ; cuji- 
fAt-oe AH cfAoJAit, the ways 
of the world ; c. -OAri-ifA, a 

Cujif A, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a reef in 
a sail; cuiji ifceAc c., put a 
reef in the sail (Mayo) ; cop in 

Cujtp AC, -Aije, a., given to travel- 
ling ; wandering ; vagrant ; 
journeying, marching. 

Cuftfuijim, -UJJAX), v. tr., I course, 
traverse, put in ranks or rows. 

Cu^poi-p, -V&> -oifti-oe, m., a 
courser, a cruiser, a messenger. 

CUJICA, indec. p. a., put, sent, 
despatched ; buried ; sown (as 
seed) ; cujicA -oiom, put over 
me, accomplished. 

CurpA, g. id., pi. -Aix>e, m., an 
example, a model ; a great per- 
son (iron.) ; ip cu An cuppA 
AjAinn, what a fine fellow you 
are 1 

Cuppoi-ft, -6f<A, -6ijiix>e, m., an 
object, an aim ; ideal ; a model. 

Cufc, g. cuifc, m., the skin, the 

CupcAijie, g. id., pi. -|iit>e, m., a 
tanner, a skinner. 

um, -uim,^. id., m., a custom. 
, -uim, m., the customs ; 
Ag |ieAbA-6 An curcuim (Donn- 
chadh Mac Airt O'JKeeffe) ; CBAC 
(cis) An cufcuim, the custom- 

CUCAC, -AIJ, m., madness, rage. 

CUCAC, -Aije, a., bob-tailed. 

CUCAIT), -e, -te, m., a short stump ; 
c. piopA, a "cutty" pipe. 

CUCAIJ, a. (rjs. of CUCAC), furious, 
mad, fierce. 

Cut Ait, -e, a., bashful, modest, 
timid ; humbled, brought low. 

CutAite, g. id.,/., modesty, bash- 
fulness ; cucAiteAcc, id. 

CucAiteAcc, -A, /., bashfulness, 
modesty, timidity. 

CucAtcAf, -Aif, m., bashfulness 

CutAfilAn, -Am, pi. id., m., any 
bulbous-rooted plant, an onion, 
an earth-nut, etc. 

*T\ ("OAiji, the oak tree), the fourth 

^ letter of the Modern Irish 

T)', contr. for t>o, x>e, preps., and 
for no, poss. prn. (which somet. 
becomes c') ; also for -oo, verbal 
particle, pf. tense, act. and pass., 
and verbal noun. 

T)A, ^A, -o'&, prep, and pass. prn. : 
(1) x>o A, to, by, with or on his, 
her, its, their ; (2) x>e A, of or off 
his, her, its, their ; X>A t^eif, to, 
according to his will ; t3A bfuj; 
fin, for that reason. 

T)A, whatever, however ; before 
adjs. in comp. form or abstract 
nouns, identical with or derived 
from them, expresses absolute 
superlativeness, as X>A Afip ACC e, 
however ancient his lineage 
(E. R.) ; TA Aoifoe e, however 
great his (or its) height ; -OA 
jeit<e, however sharp. 

"OA, if (as used to-day, implies a 
condition which may or may not 
be fulfilled, takes past or con- 
ditional, and eclipses) ; formerly 
used (Kea.) with present tense, 

( 219 ) 


where mA is employed now ; TM 
mbeAT) AifseAX) A5Am, if I had 
money; T>A bpuijjmn tno ftoJA, 
if I were to get my choice. 

DA (aspir.), num. two, a pair, with 
art., both, the pair ; used with 
noun (06 is used when noun is 
not expressed) ; "DA takes its 
noun in its dual form, as -DA 
011615, a pair of shoes ; An T>A 
6eAnn, the two heads ; T>A 6Ap- 
AlA, two horses ; An T>A dApAlt, 
the two horses ; -DA feAj, twelve 
men ; -DA piciT>, forty ; -DA UAIJI, 
twice ; generally X>A in sp. I., but 
OA after n. 

DA ( = T>O A), somet. used for AJ or 
AJ A, with pres. part. 

T> A-A-OAf.CAC, -Aijje, a., two-homed. 

DAbA, g. id., pi. -itie, m., a small 
heap or quantity of something 
soft ; -oAbA f eolA, ~]c. (Con.}. 

DA&AC, g. -oAibce, pi. -A, /. and 
m., a vessel, a vat, a press ; a 
collection of sand-hills on the 
seashore ; nom. also OAibce 
where c is almost silent ; -OAibce 
cojtcAin if eA-6 e, it is a d-ep 
large pot (said in praise of a 
pot) ; gAinitn -OAibce, beach 

DAbAfi, -AIJI, pi- id., m., a bucket, 
a pitcher. 

DA bAtA (gAbloj, Galway), (two 
sticks) ; pins or sticks used to 
keep in place false bottoms in 
peAJnogAi-oe (baskets). 

T)A-beACA6, -Aije, a., amphibious. 

T)A-bliA-6nAC, -Aij, -Aije, m., a 
two-year-old animal. 

An, -Ain, pi. id., m., an otter. 

T)Abc, g. id., m., doubt (A.). 

T)A-6eAnnAc, -Aije, a., having two 

OA-ceAfnAC, -Aije, a., bi-angular. 

OACOIJICACC, -A, /, reviling, obse- 
cration ; -oeAnpAiTMf OACOift- 
cAtr ii % eAfCAine o|tr, they 
would revile (?) and curse you 
(Can., C. ) 

OA-cofipAc, -Aije, a., having two 

T>A-cor At, -Aije, a., biped. 
T)A-CHOCAC, -Aije, a., bi-formed. 
T)At)AT6, -Ait), m., a jot, anything ; 

with nerj., nothing ; ni piu 

OA'OA'o e, it is worth nothing ; 

somet. pron. ^A-OAI-OB ; -OAtJArii, 

-Aim, m.,id. (often also CA-OAI-O). 
TJA-pAobiiAd, -Aije, a., two-edged. 
TKvpiAclAC, -Ai^e, a., bi-dental ; 

having two prominent teeth, as 

a sheep two years old. 
DA pici-o, num., forty (pron. OACATJ 


DA-pitlce, a., two-fold, double. 
DA-poJAiti, g. -jtiA and -ji A6, /., 

a diphthong. 
DA-pojiiAd, -Aije, a., diphthongal, 

of or belonging to a diphthong. 
DAJAJI, -AW, pi. -CA, m., a breeze 

DA-jotAc, -A5, -Ai^e, ?., a diph- 


DAI, .1. -0610. See -DO. 
DAibifi, -bjte, a., poor, indigent, 


DAlblCAC, AJ tJAlblCAC fCA|1- 

cAnnA, raining heavily. 
DAibfteAC, -f ije, a., poor, needy, 

DAibpeAf, -fif, m., poverty, desti- 

DAIX>, g. id., m., a father ; mo 

x>Ai-o mop, my grandfather. 

The Cladach fishermen are in 

their own locality called nA 

DAix>bifi, -bpe and -b-piT)e (op- 
posed to fAix)bi|t), a., poor, bad. 
See t>AibtieA6 and T)Aibit<. 

DAi-objte, g. id.,f., poverty; -OAI-O- 
b|\eAf, id. 

AIJ, hope, confidence, eto. See 

Ait ('OAt), -AtA,/., a meeting, a 
convention ; a hostile opposition; 
a matchmaking meeting (Don.); 
a story, a legend ; a decree, an 
ordinance ; respite, delay ; des- 
tiny ; state, condition ; a share 
or portion ; an enclosed plot of 
ground ; a separate tribe ; rela- 
tions ; act of sharing, distribut- 
ing, giving ; CAinij r 6 im OAiL, 

( 220 ) 

he came to my aid, to meet me 
(somet. with hostile intent) ; 
OAit cAftfiA, immediate prospect 
of aid ; iA-(i iroAil, with solem- 
nity or public proclamation (as 
of marriage) (Don.); -OAit CACA, 
f. (with the accent on OAil/), a 
pitched battle; (with the accent 
on CACA) a battle-field ; i troeifi- 
eAti TIA T)AtA, in the end, 
finally ; cei^o 1 rro. coriiAiftte, 
they consult together. 

t)Ailc, m., a strong low-sized stout 
person dim. OAilcin, id. 

"OAiteA-o, -tix>, -tiste, m., a tra- 
dition (O'N.). 

"OAileAni, -tin), m., a cupbearer, 
a butler. 

OAileos, -0156, -O^A, /., the date 

OAitijim, -teAT>, v. tr., I dedicate, 
distribute, set apart, give, 
deliver. See OAilitn. 

OAitim, vl. x)Ait, v. tr., I bestow, 

frant, give, distribute, give out, 
eal, confer, delay, keep ; ACAIJI 
oAtA, he that gives in marriage 
(with Aft and -DO). See DAI!/. 

T>Aitioir>Ar>, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
butler, a distributor. 

T>Aiti5Ax>, -tijte, m., distribu- 
tion, act of dividing, apportion- 

'OAitt-beAficAC, -Aije, a., blind, 
stupid, unsuspecting. 

T)Aill/-6iAC, m., a thick mist 

T)Aitte, g. id., /., blindness, dark- 
ness, obscurity. 

OAit-licin, g. id., m., "blindman's 
buff"; -OAttA-6 puicin, id. 

DAitt-inrteAcrAc, -Aije, a., dull- 
witted, slow of understanding. 

OAilttin, g. id., m., "blindman's 

"OAilceAMAC, -Aije, a., like a cox- 
comb, foppish. 

OAitcin, g. id., pi. -roe, m., a 
foster child ; a mean fellow ; 
a fop, a coxcomb ; an imper- 
tinent young man. 

TMitcineAcc, -A,/., impertinence, 
foppishness; -OAiltineAf, id. 

1)Aini, -e,/., affection, friendship, 

concord, reconciliation (with 

"O'Airiroeoin (from t>o, prep., Aim, 
neij.part., x>eoin, will), ad. and 
prep., against, in spite of. 

T>AiiTieAC, -rrnje, a., affectionate, 
harmonious ; friendly, having 
many friends and relations. 

T>AinieAThAil, -riitA, a., friendly, 
kind, benevolent. 

"OAitrieAtritAcc, -A,/., benevolence. 

TDAitriliAS, -Ai5e, /., a church 
built of stone. 

tDAiriif eA-p, m., harm, damage((7o?*.) 

"OAimpin, g. id., pi. -\r>e,f., a dam- 
son plum. 

"DAingeAti, -Jin, pi. id. and -jne, 
m., a stronghold, a fortress, a 
garrison ; an espousal or mar- 
riage contract ; -OAingeAti nA 
pi-pirme, the ground of sacred 
truth (Donl.) ; CAIX> An ceir c 
1 tro. AI^I, he found the problem 
hard to solve. 

OAingeATi, -jne, a., strong, forti- 
fied, close, secure, firm, pron. 
OAijeAti (U. and Con.}. 

t)Ain5tieACT;, -A, /., firmness, 
strength, durability; -OAingne, 
id. ; oAijtieAct (U.). 

T)Ain5ni5im, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I 
make firm, I fortify, strengthen, 
establish ; I fence, make en- 

T)Ain5ni5ce, p. a., fixed, con- 
firmed, fenced, fortified ; mar- 

T)Ain5mu5AX), -rnjre, m., act of 
fortifying, fencing, confirming. 

OAinnreAji, -eifi, m., danger (A.) ; 
OAinnreAfi (Don.). 

T>Aiji, -Aft A, f., copulation of 
cattle ; desire for copulation ; 
bo pi -OAiti, a cow ready to take 
the bull ; bo jAn x>., a cow not 
in calf; bo A^ OAIJI (Don.) ; bo 
oo|\CA, a cow in calf. 

T)Ai|i, g. -Aijie, -AJIA, -AjiAc, -AjiAije ; 

pi. -AfAlj, -Aljtjte, -AjlACA, /., 

an oak. 

T>Atjib, -e, -eACA, f., a species of 
worm that causes swelling in 
cattle ; a dwarf. 

( '221 ) 

"OAifioeoj;, -oije, -OJA, /., an oak 

T)Ait>btie, -CAC, -CACA, /., a place of 

oaks ; an oak ; an oak plantation ; 

OileAn T)., Valentia Island ; also 

O. "OAijutie : also OAi]iirnf . 

X). See "ooitieAt). 
ije, /., an oak. See -OAIJI. 

(-coitum), vl. OAIIA'O, 
T), p. a. T>oficA, I copulate 

(as cattle). 
"OAific, -e, -CACA, /., a heifer, a 

young cow ; also a young bul- 

T)Ait<c, -e, -CAdA, /., a clod ; dim., 

OAiptin ; OAfitAn (Don.}. 
t)AificeAC, -cije, a., clodded. 
"OAICCAC, -tije, a., nimble, active, 

swift (O'N.). 
T)AiteAcc, -A, /., swiftness, 

activity (0.2V.). 
T)AiteAfc, improperly used for 

-jite, a., white- 
coloured, bright-coloured, clear, 

O'Aicte, prep., after. See Aicle. 

T)Aicni-o. See -oAnAit). 

"OAitce (x>Aitijce), p. a., dyed, 
coloured, stained, variegated ; 
bright-coloured ; rosy (of com- 
plexion), poet. : discoloured ; 
blackened or coloured by being 
cleaned (of boots), e.g., bjiojA 

T)At, -A, -CA, f., fate, situation, 
state ; share, division, lot ; a 
tribe, a family, an assembly ; 
tribe land ; -oAt, in sense sept, 
tribe (also a country or region), 
occurs in names like the follow- 
ing, T>At jCAif, the Dalcassians; 
T)Al UIAT)A, in Ulster, etc. 
See T>Ait. 

X)AlA, prep, with g., as regards, 
concerning ; to return to, at the 
opening of a sentence in nar- 
rative, as OA'LA GoJAin, to return 
to Eoghan. See t>AtcA 

T)AtA,/., pi., news, historical nar- 
rations ; espousals, vows ; meet- 
ings. See TOAit. 

T)AlA6, week-day. T)oriinAC if 

, " Sunday and Monday " 
(Con. and Don.} ; " Saturday and 
Sunday " ; e.g., CA me AS obAi^i 
*OoriitiAC if X>AIAC, I am work- 
ing Sunday and Mondaj\ 

T)Al-An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a great 

T>AtAn T)e, -Ain "Oe, pi. id., m., a 

T)AtbA, indec. a., obstinate ; bold, 
impudent, presumptious : prop. 
ootbA (U.) ; OAlbAi'oe (Con.). 

"OAtJAf, -Aif, m., longing, desire ; 
pain after copulation in cattle, 
cinneAf 1 ITOIAIX) CAijib ; prop. 

t)Alt, -Attte, a., blind ; dull, 

stupid ; ignorant ; puzzled ; Tjub 

Ajuf "OAtl. TIA hoix>de, the 

darkness and dnlness of 

T)Att, -Ailt, pi. id., m., a blind 

T)Att A-6, -trA, m., act of blinding ; 

a drop sufficient to blind ; blind- 

ness, stupidity; dazzle (Don.}; 

OAllAX) putcin, blindman's buff, 

the blinding cloth ; t>. mAttog 

blindness (in sheep, etc.). 
t)All-Aij;eAncA, indec. a., stupid, 

dull-witted (t>Atl-Ai5eAticAC, 

-Aije, id.). 
T)AllAitn, -AW, v. tr., I blind, con- 

fuse, stupefy, puzzle, dazzle. 
OAttAtntot, -oire, -djA,/., stupid 

folly ; a foolish, insipid person 

(OAttAmtAn, id.). 
OAllAti, -Ain,;)i. id., m., a blind" or 

stupid person. 
t)At,lAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a winnow- 

ing fan ; sheephide ; a " wight " 

T)AttAn, -Ain, pi., id., m., a peg, 

plug, stopple ; T). f tiAtfAd, the 

peg in the bow or a straddle 

(Aonghus O'Daly). 
T)AttAnAd, -AIJ, -Ai^e, m., a win- 

nowing fan. See -DAllAn. 
OAllATTOAic, m., blindman's buff. 
"OAttAtiAti, -AID, pi. id., m., a pur- 

blind person. 
T)Alt-6Ao6, -CAOide, a., completely 

liiind, stone blind. 

( 222 

, -T>ij;e, a., blind of 

OAtttjjiArnAti, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a 
dull fellow (Om.}. 

T>At,to5, -6ij;e, OJA, /., a mole, a 
leech ; T>. feiji, a dormouse ; tuc 
OAllAmAtAiri, id. (Cork}. 

TDAtloj, -6150, -OJA, /., a cover, 
a blind ; blindness ; blindman's 
buff; -oAtloj; TIA fuinneoi^e, 
the window-blind (Der.}. 

TJAttoj CAO6,/., a fish resembling 
the pen-fish. 

'OAll-fiA-oA-pc, -Aipc, m., blindness 
(of intellect) (Donl.). 

"OAtA-t^ 1 CoAlttunjim), -^AT), 
v. tr., I daze, I blind, I dazzle ; 
OAt/lfivnjce teif An bpuAcc 

"OAtlcA (subs, used as prep.}, in 
the likeness or manner of, re- 
garding (Scotch}. See -oAtcA. 

TDAttcA, p. a., blinded. 

T)AtcA, g. id., pi. -me and --OA, 
m., a foster-child, a foster-son, a 
nursling ; a disciple ; a pet, a 
ward ; a term of endearment. 
, like, resembling ; -OAlrA 
T>O fiimie, just as he did ; 

pin e mo OAlcA-fA, I am like 
that, that is as I should act. 

is pron. in M. T)At.tA or 

See T)AlA. 

, -Aije, betrothed (-OAit, a 

match-making), with te or AJI, 


, -Aif, m., fosterage. 
Aii, -Ain, pi. id., m., a foster- 

child, a disciple. 
OAltnjim, -tujjA-o, v. tr., I deal 

out, assign, appoint. See OAitim. 
T)Airi, -Aim, pi. id., m., an ox ; 

OAiii AttcA, a wild ox or buffalo ; 

OAtii, to me, by me, etc. ; 1 8. per. 

pr. combined with prep, oo (now 

used in Ulster and North 

Leinster,pron. - ou'h) ; emph.form, 

OAtri-f A. See OAITI. 
t)Atn, -OAITI, oom, to me, by me, 

for me; emph. T)Aiii-fA. See 

oo, prep. 
T)Atri, -Aim, pi. id., and OAirmA, m., 

a poet, a learned man ; a school 

of poets ; poets in general ; 

learning ; a poem. 
T)ATTI, -Aim, m., a tribe, a family, 

kindred, relationship ; a church, 

a house. 

"OAiiiAifi, -e, a., earnest, keen. 
T)AiriAiji, -e, /,, haste, hurry. See, 

"OAriiAine, g. id., /. , passion, fury, 

excitement ; haste, hurry. 
'OAiriAifre, g. id., pi. -cnie, m., 

damage, hurt. 
T>AmAifceA6, -ctje, a., damaging, 

T)Arii At/lAi-6 (-OAITI AltcA), a wild 

ox, a buffalo, an elk, a roebuck. 

See OAtii. 
TDAtriAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., an ox, a 

young bull. 

T)AtTIAtt Atl/A, -Am AtAA, pi. id., 

m., a spider. 

OAtriAncA, p. a., damned, con- 
demned ; damnable, evil. 

"OAtnAncAd, -Aije, a., damned, 
condemned, damnable. 

"OAtnAnrAcc, -A, f., damnation, 

"OAtriA-p, -trifA, m. , a dance; act of 
dancing, leaping wildly ; a wild 
running or leaping (in M., \ised 
of the sportive leaping of cattle, 
etc.; junnce is used for human 
dancing) ; oAriifA(^. and Con.). 
See OAtrifuijim. 

T)AiriAf6ifi, -OJIA, -oijii'oe, m., a 
jumper, a dancer. 

"OAiri-'OAot, m., a beetle ; a chafer. 

"OAtVi-JAitie, m., the bellowing of 
cattle ; T>jiuim "OAiri-JAitie, the 
old name of Cnoc tuinse, or 

"OAtiinA, g. id., m., the stuff or 
matter from which anything is 
produced, or producible ; cause, 
reason, motive ; cf. pioj'OATrmA, 
a person fit to be a king, an heir 
apparent; OAtiin A cuiftpe, a cause 
of sorrow (fer.). 

TDAmnAt), -mAncA, m., act of con- 
demning ; damnation. 

"OAmriAim (OAmtruisim), 
v. tr., I condemn, damn. 

( 223 ) 


A-o, -ui jce, m., condomna- 
tion, damnation. 

T)AiTmuij;im, -ujjA'o, v. tr., I con- 
demn, damn. See oAtnnAim. 

OArii-oiT>e, m., a teacher, a master ; 
a preaoher. 

t>AififiA, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a wild 

OATTiftAi-o, -e, /., oxen. 

T)Amf A, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a dance ; 
act of dancing ; t)Ariir A tie'ife, a 
strathspey. See -OAriiAr. 

T) Atrif AC, - Aije, a., given to dancing 
or capering. 

"OAiiirAt), g. id., pi. -AI'O, m., act of 
dancing ; a dance. See OAniAp. 

"OAriir Aifie, g. id., pi. -|tix>e, m., a 
dancer, a caperer ; -o. -oub, a 
morris-dancer, also a water- 

OAriir6iji, -6|1A, -diiu-oe, m., a 
dancer, a prancer, a caperer (also 

OAmruijim, vl. nAtrifAt) and 
t)AmAf, I dance, jump (chiefly 
of animals in M.). 

IS, pi. id., m., a student. 
-Aije, a., teaching, 

'OAti, g. -Ain and -AHA, pi. -ATIA and 
-AtitA, m., a song, a poem ; art, 
science, trade, calling, profes- 
sion ; a treasure ; T>ATI oijieAC, 
a metrical system used in Irish 
requiring a fixed number of 
syllables to each line, and cer- 
tain vowel and consonant con- 

*OAn, g. -Ain and -ATIA, m., fate, lot, 
destiny ; i nx>Ati "ouinn, destined 
for UH, in store for us. 

OATI, -Ain, pi. id., m., a rope tied 
round a cow's horns to prevent 
her going overboard (in ship- 
ping) (Aran). 

OAtiA, indec. a., bold, brave, intre- 
pid ; determined ; familiar with 
(Ap) ; also x>An. 

"OATIACC, -A, /., confidence, bold- 
ness, plainness of speech ; fami- 
liarity with (AJI). 

T)AnA'OAf, -Aif, m., boldness, 
presumption, determination. 

T)AtiASAft, -Aiji,TO., refusal to oblige 

T)AnA5t^c, -Aije, a., disobliging ; 
if T>. An triAife -6uic 6, you are 
very disobliging (Con.). 

T)AnAi-o, -e, /., grief, sorrow, dis- 
tress ; ni -o. tiom, I do not 

T)AnAi-6eAcc, -A,/., boldness, pre- 
sumption ; familiarity ; forward 
manner ; -o. -oo o^AnAtfi AJI, to 
make free with. 

T)AtiAtAC, -Ai^e, a., howling, roar- 

"CAtiAp, -Aip, pi. id., m., a Dane, a 
foreigner; a savage or cruel 

, -Aifie, a., shy (Der.). 

-A, /., shyness (Der.). 
, a., foreign ; fierce ; self- 
willed ; cruel, brutal. 

OAnAji-OACC, /., cruelty, tyranny, 

T)ATi-eAti, -pfi, pi. id., m., a Dane, 
a foreigner, a tyrant. See "CAtiAp. 

"OATifmAdc, m., tyranny. 

tJAticAi-oeACc, -A, /., poetry; 

TJAnuijim, -VIJAX), v. tr., I dare, 
risk, adventure. 

"OAOC, -A, /., a periwinkle ; a sea- 
snail ; dim. OAOCO^, /. id (also 


X)AocATi, -Ain, m., anger, rage ; 
also a sea-snail (dim. of TJAOC). 

T)AOCATiA6, -Ai^e, a., angry. 

tDAOt), -A, m., hatred, envy, 

t)Aoi, g. id., pi. -re, m., a fool, 
a dullard, a dunce, a clown ; a 
wicked person. 

T)Aoit-6eAr, m., black sorrow. 

T)Aoit-peAp, m., a lazy, idle man. 

"OAoine, pi. and gpl. of T>ume, m. , a 
man, person ; people, mankind ; 
OAOine mAice, the good people, 
fairies (in Don., tMoine beAjA) ; 
o. ttidjiA, the gentry ; t>. O^A, 
young people; -o. oib)\e, working 

-nije, o., populous, 
numerous, having a large fol- 
lowing ; T>AOineAriiAil, id. 


( 224 ) 

a task ; 

/., condemnation; 
severe sentence. See bfteAc. 
T)Aoiji-ce.^T>, -ceifroe, /., a 

mechanic's art. 
"OAOifi-ciop, m., rack-rent; severe 

"OAoijie, g. id., /., dearness, ex- 

pensiveness ; also bondage, op- 

pression ; rage, anger, e.g., AJI 

a., /., dearness, ex- 

pensiveness, costliness. 
T)Aoiti-5ioVlA, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., 

a slave, a bondsman. 
OAoiji-riieAf, m., sheer contempt. 
OAOiti-riieAfCAC, -Aij, -Aije, m., 

a hard taskmaster. 
"OAoifi-iiieApcoiti, -6fiA, -oifti'oe, 

m., a hard taskmaster. 
t)Aoi|ife, g. id., /., 

bondage, oppression ; 

T)AoijifeAc, -fij, pi. id., m., a 

slave, a bondman. 
OAoifipeAcc, -A, /., bondage; 

dearth, scarcity. 
TAoitifi5im, -luJAX), v. tr., I en- 

hance, increase the price of. 
OAOifipjte, P- , enhanced, 

made dear. 
T)Aoitir irie > 9- iC ^-> / captivity ; 

dearth (nom. also OAoijiptn). 
"OAOijifi-uJAX), -fijce, m., the act 

of making dear, enhancing. 
T)Aoifce, g. id., pi. -cit>e, m., a" 

churl, a clown. 
"OAoiteAiriAi'l, -AmtA, 

T>Aot, -oit, -otA, m., 

chafer, black beetle, leech ; a 

bug, caterpillar ; Jig., a devil ; 

OAot T>ub, a black devil ; oAftb- 

OAoL, a long black chafer ; an 

earwig (Don.). 
T)Aot, -oite, a., lazy. 
*OAot-t)ub, -tmibe, a., chafer- 

black, jet-black. 
'OAot-'owibe, g. id., /., jet-black- 

"OAot-jnuif, /., a dusky visage 

T)AoncAn, -Am, pi. id., m., the 

moral of a fable (O'N.). 

a., base 
a beetle, 

T)AoncAnAcc, -A, /., explanation 
of fables (O'N.). 

"OAonriA (OAon'OA), indec.a. (somet. 
a compar., OAontiAijje, is found), 
human ; mortal ; liberal, civil, 
hospitable, charitable ; An citi- 
CA-6 -OAormA, the human race ; 
OAOnnAC, id. 

T)AonnAcc, -A, /., mankind ; 
humanity ; clemency ; human 

TtAotinAccAC, -Aije, a., humane, 

tDAOtitiAccAiTiAit, -tiitA, a.,humane, 

"OAonnuijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., 1 
assume human nature (as the 

T)Aoti, -01 ft, pi- id., m., a bond- 
man ; a guilty or condemned 

T)AO|t, -oifie, o., enslaved, con- 
demned, guilty ; dear, costly, 

T>, -JICA, m., the act of con- 
demning, disapproving ; dear- 

cme, /., an enslaved 

OAOfiAim, -A'O, v. tr., I censure, 
condemn, convict, doom ; make 

T)AO|iATiAC, -Aij, -Ai5e, m., & slave, 
a bondsman. 

TDAOjvbocc, -oicce, a., exceedingly 

T>Ao-bfiAc, TO., a costly cloth ; a 
robe ; a banner. 

OAOfi-clAtin, -clAinne, -6tAtinA, 
/., slaves, plebeians. 

T)AO|i- 1 6Ait,y'., hard fate, oppresive 
bondage, rigour. 

OAoti-t>AtAC, -Aije, a., ill-fated ; 

bjiAim, -6Ai}tc, v. intr., I 
speak harshly. 

Aotioj, -6156, -O5A, /., a virgin 
slave ; -OAOfipos, id. (O'N.). 

l/AC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 
man slave (O'N.). 

fiAp, -Aif, m., a cancer. 
Acc, -A, m., bondage, 

"OAO]\t&, p. a., condemned, en- 
slaved, convicted, damned. 

t)AorcAii, -AIJI, m., the dregs of 
the people, the rabble, the mob. 

OAorcAfi-ftuAJ, -Aij;, -Aijce, m., 
the rabble, the plebeians. 

T)AocAin, /., sufficiency, enough ; 
CA mo -oAocAin iii6) Annpo, 
I have quite enough here ; in 
Glare t>AotAinc. See -o6tAin. 

"OAOcAtnAit, -riitA, a., churlish, 
boorish, vain, ignorant. See 


, n'Ati (x>o or t>e + AJI, our), 
to our, by our, with our, of our. 

OA|t, defect, v., T>AH tiom, 

teir, -|c., it seems to me, me- 
thinks, in my opinion, I think ; 
you would imagine that, etc. 

T>Afi, prep., by, in asseverations ; 
OAJI mo bfiiACAji, by my word ; 
oAjt mo tAirii, by my hand. 

"OAfi (-oe + A + jio, or t>o + A + -po), 
with past tense, to whom, to 
which, upon which, of which, 
whom, whose, whereof ; t>AfiAb, 
to whom is, to which is ; -OAfib, 
to whom was, were ; to which 
was, were. 

T)AfiA, ord. num., second, next ; 
x>AftA 'oeAj, twelfth (with inter- 
vening noun) ; in p. 1. in M., 
also CAttnA ; in sp. I. in Con. and 
Don., also xMfttiA. 

T)AftAb, tDA-pb, to or for whom, 
(which) of which it was. See x>Aft. 

OAJ1A6, -Aije, /., an oak; ctAji 
oAfiAije, an oak board. See 


OA^b, m., a worm, chafer, black- 

beetle ; "OAOl -OA^b, id. 
t)A)\b (t)o -f- A + jto + OA), to whom 

was, to which was, were. 
'OAtib-'OAol, m., a species of long 

black chafer ; pron. OAJIA-XJAO!, 

(M.) ; oeAfASA-'OAol, (Con.). See 


"OAfiCAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., an acorn 

T>A]VOAI, -Alt, m., storm, tempest; 

severe, broken weather. 
DA]it)Aoin, f., Thursday ; t)iA 

on Thursday; ?). 

Maundy Thursday. 
t)A t^M 11 ^) rea l> serious ; in earnest, 

in reality, actually, really ; An 

OA 711^16 ACAOI ? are you in 

earnest? do you mean it? 

really ? 
TJAtin, a school, an academy ; 

ni't -OAfm i nSiftinti, there is not 

a school in Ireland (O'N.). 
OAJITIA, num., second, next. See 

OAJIA, also CAfinA (O'N.) ; CA^DA 

and CAJIA are the usual words in 

M. X>AHA and oAf'tiA are used 

in Con. 
T)AfitiAcc, -A,/., keeping or teach- 

ing school (O'N.). 
OAfic, -Aitice.y. 5ee -oAitic. 
"OAJICAC, -AIJ, -Aije, TO., a two- 

year-old bull. 
T)AHCAII, -Ain, m., a clod. 
OAji-ubAlt, m., a nut-gall, an oak- 

"OAfAC, -Aije, a., violent, bold, 

"OAfAcc, -A,/., madness, violence, 

daring, fierceness, boldness. 
T)AfACCA6, -Aije, a., mad, violent, 

dauntless ; presumptuous. 
OAfAcrAije, g. id., /., fury, rage, 


T>A-rciAiAc, -Aije, a., two- winged. 
T)AC, g. A, pi. -AnnA, gpl. Ann, 

colour, complexion ; a speck, a 

jot; with neg., nothing (Don.), 

, beauti- 
fully coloured or complexioued ; 
x>AC-5ttAnnA, ugly-ooloured ; ni 
putt A -OAC A niAii: Ann, it is 
of no use whatever (Don.). ; ni 
tiAio x)At nA -pioj tiuA"6 Aije, he 
had nothing at all (Con.) ; nion 
cu^Af T)AC An eipc tiom, I 
brought no fish whatever with 
me (J/.)- 

QACA, g. id., m., date, time; Af 
OACA, out of date, useless (E.R.) 
(HOOT, also TJAC). 

"OACA6, -Aije, a., highly coloured; 
also as an affix, --DACAC, -col- 

T) AC AC A (. pi.), rheumatic pains, 

( 226 ) 

rheumatism (Af.) ; pi. of -0015 

which see. 
OACA-O, -Aicce, m., a colouring, a 

dyeing, a staining, a tincture. 
'OAtA'ooif;, -6jiA, -oif.i-6e, m., a 

dyer, one who colours ; one who 

colours the truth or exaggerates 


T)ACA-ooifieA6c, -A, /., the trade 
or employment of dyeing. 

"OACArhAit, -rhtA, a., pleasant, 
comely, graceful. 

T)ACArhlA6c, -A, /., majesty, 
honour, comeliness. 

T)AtAntiA6, -Aije, a., coloured ; 
leme p., a " print " shirt. 

OA-teAn5AC, -Atje, a., bi-lingual. 

TACUCATI, -Ain, m., dyeing, dye- 

OAcuJAt), -uijte, m., dyeing, 
colouring ; a dye, a colour ; 
"colouring" of cards, i.e., a 
magical power of getting the 
best cards. 

OAtuijim, -U5A-6, v. tr., I colour, 
dye, tincture, stain. 

T)e, g. oiAt) and x>eite,/., a spark 
of fire, a gust or blast of air, 
or smoke ; oe xje JAOIC, a gust 
of wind ; cf. 1 ntjeifteAt) TIA 
oeice, at the point of death 
(Con.) ; TA An t)e Af, he is 
dead (Con.) 

T)e, obliq. case of -OIA, a day ; 
i troe, yesterday. 

T)e, prep, [in pronominal combina- 
tions, oiom, loioc.-oe (m.), - oi(/.), 
oinn, t>ib, ioiob, with article 
written oe'n, t>e r>A, -oef TIA ; as 
a simple prep, it is confounded 
with -oo in the greater part of 
printed books and MSS., and 
even in the sp. I., except in M. ; 
hence with the article it is gene- 
rally written oo'n or -oon], of, 
out of, from, used in ablative 
and genitive relations after 
verbs of taking from, throwing, 
stripping, springing from, aris- 
ing out of, asking of, taking 
hold of : e.g., cuiji -oioc, be off; 
bAin "otoc TJO tAfoj, take off 
your coat ; Ag cv\\ Alluif T>e, 

sweating ; leAti te p m, continue 
at that ; also in such phrases as 
ni tij fin -oiom, I cannot do 
that ; teijim oiom jAn c]tACC 
oftrA, I leave off discussing 
them ; also to express what a 
thing is made or full of, as 
oeAncA t>e p^Af, made of brass ; 
t<in oe clocAit), full of stones ; 
also partitively, T)utne -oe m' 
^AotcAib, one of my relations ; 
CIA x>iB ciocpAf, which of you 
will come ? ciA'ti -oiob tu ? 
what is your surname (to what 
family do you belong) ? <CAC tA 
o'Ap rhAi]i fe, every day of 
his life. It is recommended to 
future writers and editors not 
to confound xe with no. See 
oo, prep. 

T)e, prep, prn., 3 8., off him ; emph., 
oe-f eAn. See prep. -oe. 

T)e, inphr. nAfi A r>e r>o jno, may 
you not succeed ; n^ji A T>e t>o 
f tAince, never welcome you ; 
oe t)o DBACA, welcome (also -oe 
beACA-f A); nAf. A x>e TJO oeijeAf 
(pron. vice) i fee AC, you are not 
welcome back (of one going out) ; 
nAft A tie "oo howdy (sic pron.), 
never welcome you (B.). 

t)e (perhaps the per. prn. com- 
bined with prep, oe) is added to 
some comparatives, as if puf- 
Aix)e, it is all the easier ; if 
jreAifijroe An c-AittjeA-o fm e, 
he is all the better for that 

"OeAOAi-o, -BtA and -AI-O, pi. id., 
f. and m., a conflict, strife ; 
debate ; haste, hurry ; beAn AM 
oeAbAit), a midwife. 

*OeAbcA6, -Aije, a., quarrelsome, 
contentious, litigious. 

"OeACAiji, -C|1A, a., difficult, hard, 

OeACAifieAcc, -A, /., difficulty. 
See oeACjiAcc. 

OeAcniAX), -Ait), -AiT>e, m., the 
tenth part ; a tithe ; in pi., 
tithes ; taxes in general. 

'OeAcrViAT), num. a., tenth ; x>. AJI 
jpici'o, thirtieth ; x>. A|t cf i f. 161-0, 

( 227 

seventieth ; *>. Aft ceicjie picit>, 

,6, -uijce, m., tithing. 
_ i, -UJA-O, v. tr., I pay 
tithes ; decimate. 

"OeACfiAc, -Aijje, a., severe, hard, 

"OeAcjiAcc, -&,f., difficulty ; hard- 
ship ; unsearchableness. 

T)eA6c. See x>teAcc. 

"OeAccuijim (oeAccAim), -ujjA'o, 
v. tr. , I indite, dictate, teach, 
give law to ; I compute, count, 
reckon ; AC oeAccuJA-o JA6 
pocAil, emphasising each word 
with gestures, etc. ; AJ oe&cr- 
urA-6 ceoil, composing poetry 

"OeAt), -6it>, pi. id., m., a tooth ; a 
row of teeth ; ivory. 

'O^A'OAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a dean. 

T>eA-olA, a., bold. 

"OSA-o-bAtVAitieja., white-toothed. 

TDeAj, ten, -teon, as cui5-x>eA5, 
fifteen ; used in pi. , as CA re AS 
t>ut inr tiA -oeAjAio, he is ad- 
vancing in his teens. 

"OeAJ- (T>ei5-), good, excellent, 
pleasing, acceptable ; used only 
in composition, where it pre- 
cedes the noun ; pron. TJCAJ; 

'OeAJAi'o, a poetical elongation of 
oeoi-6, .t. OIAIT* ; 'TIA -6. fin, 
after that (somet. oeAOAix>). 

"OeAJ-AireAticA, indec. a., right- 
minded, good- willed. 

T)eA5-Ai5neAx>, TO., pious affection, 
good-will. See AijneA-o. 

"OeAJAitc, -e, /. act of severing, 
separation, divorce ; somet. 

DeAJ-Aimf CAJI,/. , good time, good 
weather, good season. 

"OeAJ-Ainm, m., a good name. 

"OeAtAiti, a., quick ; 50 OCAJAIJI, 

c, -A, /., faith- 
fully chronicling (O'N.). 

t., a good father ; 
a father of good descent. See 


r, TO., relish. See 



indec. a., well- 
flavoured, savoury ; proper. 

-Aite, o., fragrant 

"OeAt-cAintic, /., wit; elocution 

, -cije, a., witty, 
given to repartee ; fluent. 

TO., good condition ; 
beit i rroeAJ-CAOi, to be in a 
good condition, to be in order, 
u, m. or/., good repute. 
OeAJ-comArm, -Ainn, pi. id., m., 
sincere friendship ; ingenuous- 

-xnje, a., good- 
hearted, generous. 
eAt-ctiAttAi-oeAcc, -A, /., good 

p. a., well-shaped, 

, -Ain, pi. -ATICA, m., an 
excellent or pleasing poem. 

g. id.,pl. -T>Aome, m., 
a good man, an exemplary per- 
son ; a patron. 

, m., reverence. 
-Aije, a., well- 

, -6i|t, TO., civil speech, 

-f>je, a., good- 
complexioned, comely. 

, -AIJ, -Aije, m., 
an orator. 

, -Aije, o., well- 
spoken, eloquent (also x>eA5- 


, m., a trained or expert 

, m., good value; a high 
"OeAJluijte, p. a., separated, 

"OcAJ-tfiAife, g. id.,f., beauty. 

, -pje, a., beautiful. 
, -iuJA-6, v. tr., I 
adorn, beautify, embellish. 
"OeAJ-tiioc, -moice, a., very early. 
oitteAd, -^156, o., devout, 

-tcA m., recom- 

( 228 ) 


, -riiviineA-6, v. tr., I 

instruct well. 
"OeAJ-triuince, indec. a., well-bred, 

"OeAJ-nop, m., a good habit or 

custom ; temperance ; respect ; 

a rite (Donl.). 
tDeAJj-nojMd, -Atje, a., decent, 

respectful, temperate. 
T)eA5-obAiti, /., good work. 
OeAS-otroujjA-o, m., good arrange- 

ment, good pleasure. 
OeAJ-FAt, m, good luck, pros- 

OeAJ-tiun, m., a good resolu- 

"OeAJ-ftuAJ, m., a fine or well- 

equipped host ; an army. 
T>eA5-fomplA, m., good example 

"OeAJ-fomptAc, -Aije, a., exem- 

'OeAJ-tApAi'o, a., very quick, 

active, expeditious. 
"OeAJ-rAoxiAf, m., good or assi- 

duous care, good management. 
"OeAJ-roit, /., benevolence, good 

pleasure, will ; free bestowal. 
toiteAc (-toit-ceAriAc), 
, a., benevolent, willing. 
ti, /., good season ; a 

favourable opportunity. 
OeAJ-urAit),/., a good use. 
"OeAtAn, -AIT), pi. id., m., a sudden 

burst of sunshine after a cloud ; 

a streak of brightness in the sky 

at night ; a spark ; a flaming 

coal of fire ; heat ; a light, a 

QeAtATiAd, -Aije, a., sparkling, 

"OeAtb, -eitbe, /., a form, shape, 

figure; an image, a statue, an 

idol ; face, visage, appearance ; a 

signal. See -oeitt). 
TJeAtb, -A, a., empty, poor, bare, 

"OeAtbAc, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a poor 

person (T. G.). 
"OeAtbAc, -Aije, a., handsome, 

shapely, resembling, inventive. 
"OeAtftA-o, -fee A, TO., act of shaping, 

forming, framing. 

T)eAtt>A 1 o6iji, -6ft A, -6t)ii-6e, m., a 

framer, a creator. 
t)eAtoAitn, -A-6, v. lr., I shape, 

form, frame, make, mould, 

T)eAlbAim, -A-6, v. tr., I warp 

yarn for the loom. 
"OeAtoAn, m., a small flock, t>. 

CAOJIAC, a handful of sheep 

(Con.) ; prop. eAtbAti. 
"OeAtbAp, -A1]- 1 , m. (pron. -oeAtuf), 

poverty, distress. 
T)eAtbcA, p. a., formed, made, 

shaped ; moulded, outlined ; 

OeAtbcoiji, -6|iA, -dififoe, m., a 

framer, a creator. 
TDeAlbtoifieAcc, -A, /., painting, 

statuary, framework ; the art of 

forming or inventing. 
"OeAtbuijim, -tiJAt), v. tr., I shape, 

form, create. 
T)eAt5, g. Tjeitje, pi. -DCAI^A and 

oeitjne, /., a thorn; a pin, a 

"DeAt^Ac, -Aijje, a., thorny, having 

OeAtjjAijie, g. id., pi. -tnx>e, m., a 

pin-maker (O'N.). 
T)eAt5Ai]ieAcc, -A,/., the trade of 

pin-making (O'N.). 
t)eAt5An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a bodkin, 

a peg, a skewer; a knitting- 

needle (Don.). 
"OeAtSAti, g. id., m., the white of 

an egg (Der.). See jeAtcAn. 
"OeAtsAn oeAmAin (prop. -oeAtSAn 

oonn), m., a small thorny fish. 
OeAtjjnAC, -AIJ, pi. id., m., an 

outlaw, a rebel (O'N.). 

a., bright, beaming, shining, 
radiant, refulgent ; resembling, 
like ; if t>. teif e, he is like 
him (pron. in M. -oeAiiAc and 

T>eA1T)j1AC) ; "OeAttflACCAC, id. 

eAttfiAijteAc, -cije, a., resplen- 
dent, shining ; likely ; good- 
looking (pron. TeAtTiHAtA6 and 
oeAfttAc in M.). 

eAttjiAni, -Aitri, m., appearance, 
sheen, glare, splendour, bright- 
ness ; similitude ; likelihood ; 

( 229 ) 

CA t>eAlltiAiri Aije leif, he is 
like him ; CA oeAlljtAni AJI 'DO 
rceAl, yours is a likely story, 
said doubtiugly ; (t>eAtttiA-6, 
-Ait, id.). (In M. oeAtlfiAm is 
pron. -oeAnitiAtri and -oeAtiAtii ; 
cf. rcAtinttAX), which is pron. 

, -Aij;e, a., of good 
appearance ; probable ; having 
verisimilitude, resembling, like 
(with t,e) ; if -o. te ti-A ACAIH e, 
he resembles his father (in M. 
pron. -oeAtrifiAC and oeAiiAc). 

"OeAttfiuJAX), -uijte, m., act of 

OeAtttiuijjim, -fiuJA-o, v. tr., I 
shine, am resplendent ; I juclgo 
by appearances ; I liken to ; 
o. AH -oo ftiuA-o, I guess from 
your appearance (pron. T>e^fi- 
uijim and tjeAnrpuitjim in West 
M.) ; oeAttfuiiijeAnn AH r ceAt 
5uji, -]c., it is likely from the 
account that, etc. 

"OeAltiACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., the 
collarbone (Con.). 

QeAluJA-o, -mjce, m., act of 
severing, parting, separating 
(from, te) ; separation, divorce ; 

XJeAluijim, -uJA'o, v. tr., I sever, 
take away a thing from (te) ; 
intr., I depart, quit ; I wean 
from (6). 

"OeAluijte, p. a., severed, sepa- 
rated from. 

OeAniAti, -Am, pi. id. and t>eAtrmA, 
m., a demon, a devil, an evil 
spirit ; used as a modified form 
of t)iAtAl, in asseveration ; 
x>eAriiAn pior ATjAtn, I don't 
know at all (initial x> aspir. in 
Con. and U., (A) -oeAmAti, 1C.). 

OeAttiAtilAc, -AIJ, -Aije, m., an 

OeAtnAf, -Aiji, m., a defect 

"OeAtrinAi-oe, indec. a., demoniacal, 

t)eAriinAf, -Aif, m., "makings"; 
material from which things 
might bo made. 

-ojtA, -oipnie, ni., a 

T)eAn, 2 s. imper. of oo-jnim, I 
do, etc. (nei n in sp. I.}. 

"OeAnAcc, -A, f. See teineAcc. 

'OeAnA'o. See oeAriAtri. 

T)eAnAt)Af, -Aif, m., an act, deed, 
action ; efficiency, exertion, 

"OeAtiAittt, represents the enclitic 
form of xjo-jnim, I make, I do ; 
but is now often used as an in- 
dependent form. See xjo-jnim. 

"OeAnAni, -ncA, m., act of gene- 
rating, performing, carrying out, 
effecting ; act of doing, making, 
composing, acting, building, 
instituting ; habit, make, build 
(of a person), figure; AJ T>. cfiAic, 
keeping time ; ^ CA^ oeAtitA TIA 
5CAjiCAix>e, the man who shuffles 
the cards (in card-playing) ; mo 
o.-fA, my deal at cards ; AJ 
oeAnAtii Aft An JCACAIJI, making 
towards the city. 

"OeAtiAfAC, -Atje, a., efficient, 
laborious, industrious, active ; 

"OeAniiiAf, -Air, pi. id., m., effect, 
result (also T>eAtiinAf ). 

tDeAnnAC, -Aij, m., dust ; mill- 

OeAnnoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a pinch 
of snuff; a small quantity of 
powdered matter ; a grain, a 
handful (dim. of -oeArm, snuff- 

QeAncA, p. nee., to be made, to be 
done; if -oeAntA gume, oran- 
dum est, we must pray. 

"OeAticA, p. a., done, made, de- 
veloped; CAiLin x>eAncA, a fully- 
developed girl (Der.) ; -oeAncA 
AJI, accustomed to, familiar 
with; CA me -oeAtirA &\\ rin oo 
oeAnAtii, I am accustomed to do 
that. See reAtvoeAncA. 

TDeAncAf, -Aif , m., power of mak- 
ing or doing ; making, manu- 
facture. See -oeAncur. 

DeAncAfAc, -Ai^e, a., efficiont, 
laborious, active. See x>eAn- 


( 230 ) 

T)eAnctif, -thf, pi. t>eAncuf Af6e, 
m., making, manufacture ; mo 
6. pem, my own making ; rhym- 
ing, poetry ; luce oeAncvnp, 
poets, rhymers. 

t)eAjt. See -oeoft. 

DeA^i-, an intensitive prefix. 

"OeAfiA : cAbAiji PA -oeAjiA, remark, 
notice, consider; CADAIJI p<i 
oeAjiA ofitA, command ox- oblige 
them ; ip e fin pA -OCA^A T>Am 
JC., it was that caused me, etc. 
In sp. I., M., pe iroeAftA is used, 
and pe TroeA-p : mo mAeAiji pe 
iroeAft e, my mother is the cause 
of it ; pA x>eAfiA "OAm -fdAm 
cfiiAtl oftc, that which caused 
me ever to have recourse to 
thee (O'Ra.). Ctnttpi'o me PAOI 
trocA^i -ouir, I will compel you 

"DeA^AC, -Aije, a., tearful, of tears. 
See x>eot<AC. 

, -<v6, v. tr., i draw, 

'OeAjib, -A, a., real, genuine, true, 
sure, certain ; persuaded of, 
convinced ; if -o., it is certain, 
assuredly ; if t>. tiom, I feel 
certain ; 50 -o., of a certainty 
(also 50 T>eAjibtA). TDeAjib is 
used often as a prefix in com- 
position, signifying own, sure, 
certain ; somet. "oeAHS * s used 
where t>eAfib might be ex- 
pected : as oeAftj-nAmAix), for 
oeAftb-nAmAi-o, a mortal enemy ; 
x>eAfij;-eiceAc, for x>eAnb-eii- 
6Ac, an infamous lie ; oeA'ft5- 
buite, for -oeAtib-buiie, sheer 
madness, etc. 

OeAfibAC, -Aije, a., sure, capable 
of proof. 

"OeAjtbAX), -bcA, m., act of proving ; 
proof ; an assurance ; swearing. 

"OeA^bAim, -AT), pp. -bcA, v. tr., 
I prove, establish, testify, con- 
firm, swear ; A^ -oeAfibA-o eicij, 
swearing to lies, giving false 
testimony on oath. 

OeAjib-Aijvoe, g. id., m., a sure 
sign, mark, token. 

s,/., sure confidence. 

'OeAf.b-moi'o, -e, -i-oe, /., an affi- 

OeAfib-riioi-oeAcc, -A,/., affirming 

by oath (O'N.). 
"OeAjibos, -6156, -OJA,/., a touch- 

"OeAftbtiACAiji (pron. t>f.eACAiti, M.}, 

g. -bftACA-p, pi- -btiAicfie and 

-bfiAitfteACA, ypl. -bjiAictieAC, 

(older gen., -bjiACAfiA, is still 

heard, and this applies to 

mACAftA, etc.)., pron. T>fieACAin 

(Con.}, -oeA]ttAiji (Don.), a 

OeAtiBftAicneACC, --A f /., a frater- 

nity, society. 
'OeAfib-feACAft, gen. of - 

(pron. x>oittpeA^ and -o 

See Toeifbfiu|\. 
OeAiibcA, p. a., approved, tried, 

certain, sure, proved ; 50 -o., 

"OeAnbuJAX), -tjijte, m., act of 

affirming or swearing ; a confir- 

mation ; an oath. 
T)eAfibui5im, -UJA-O, v. tr., I affirm, 

attest, swear, prove, certify. 

T)eA|tc, /., a cave. See -Deiftc. 

OeAfic, -A, pi. id.,gpl. -oeAtic, m., 
the eye; as adj., bright, resplen- 
dent ; used in the compound 
oiffoeAfic, noble, illustrious. 

DeA^c, g. oeince,/., alms, charity. 
See x>eiftc. 

"OeAtiCAC, -Ai5e, a., charitable, 
alms-giving. See -oeiticeAd. 

OeAjicA-o, -CCA, m., act of looking, 
laying before one's eyes ; think- 
ing on (AJI), meditating, con- 

'OeAttcAim, -At), v. tr. and intr., 
I behold ; consider (with Aft) ; 
x>o T)eAtiCAf fpeifi-beAn, I be- 
held a fair lady ; x>eA-pc, look, 
used like peAC, AmAific, and as 
often (N. Con.) -OCA^C Af., look 
intently at (Con.). 

t)eA|iCATi, -AITI, pi. id., m., an 
acorn ; a kind of thistle. 

'OeAji-cAOtneAt), -nee, m., act of 
lamenting tearfully ; bitter 

( 231 

, a., red, bright red, 
, bl 

crimson, ruddy, fallow, bloody ; 
sanguinary, intense, inveterate ; 
severe ; great, real. 
eAfiij- (red), used as intensive 
prefix; -DeAfis-Af, m., utter 
slaughter, great slaughter ; 
oeAiij-tAf Aiji, a great name ; 
oeAfig-teAtAt), Aft t>., wide 
open ; oed|i5-tomnoic, utterly 
naked and bare ; -oeAji^-tofCA-o, 
-CCA, m., red conflagration ; 
-of , m., pure gold ; 
-fitxvo, red ; t>eAf 5- 
i, -Aifi, pi. id., m., san- 
guinary fight ; -oeAttj-fuileAC, 
-lije, red-eyed. See t>eAfi&. 
)eAp5At>, -tA, m., act of pre- 
paring, making ready ; dressing 
(as a bed, grave, etc.) ; plough- 
ing or digging up the lea. 
>eAtt5AT>, -JCA, m., act of wound- 
ing, hurting ; act of dyeing, 
colouring red ; act of becoming 
red, blushing ; act of lighting 
or kindling. 

eAfijAini, -AW, v. tr. t I make, 
prepare, get ready (as a bed or 
grave) ; I prepare land for till- 
ing ; I plough, dig. 
eA^SAim, -A-O, v. tr. and intr., 
I make red, wound, hurt ; I 
become red, blush, kindle, light ; 
oo -oeAtiSAf mo piopA, I lighted 
my pipe. 

tigAti, -Am, pi. id., m., a fish 
called bream ; a red insect found 
under stones ; a Sea ; a red 
stain ; rouge. 

-AIJ, -Aije, m., a 
soldier, a red-coat. 
Amj-bATAii, m., a terrible threat 

eAfis-bAix*,/., relationship, blood 
friendship; love, affection (O'N.). 
Al, m., dreadful peril 

OeAt>5-t>Aoif, /., burning lust 
(WN.) ; great folly. 

OeAjts-beAps. -&eitse, /., a 

OeAfis-ouile, y. id., /., raging 

, /., a blo<xly bed 

jtr-dumA, /., the very imago 

T)eA|i5--6u-o, m., a sound box on 

the ear (O'N.). 
'OeAf^-'ouil, /., a terrible longing 

or desire (O'N.). 
DeAfis-ponn, m., vehement delight 

or desire (O'N.). 
OeAfts-jjiA-o, m., intense love. 
"DeAfi 5-tAOc, m., a kind of spurge 

that grows in plashy bogs 

(P. O'C.). 

i, m., the very middle 

(also CCAJI t-tAji). 

eAjij-tAfAt), -r^A, pi. id., m., a 

conflagration ; act of lighting 

up ; Aft T>., aflame. 

eAit^-leAtAT*, m. (usually in 

dative, AJI t).), wide open. 

eAfis-riieipce, /., utter intoxica- 

tion ; Ap T>., " blind drunk." 

eA^j-mofi, -moice, a., very 


eAtisnAic, -e, -i-oe, /., a flea; 

also -oeAjinAic, -oeAiinAit) (Con.). 

eAjij-nAtriAi-o, -riiAt, pi. -Aine 

and -tiAimt)e, /., a mortal 


565, -6136, -OJA, /., a small 

red pollock ( Tory). 

/., dreadful 
raving (O'N.). 

m., utter rout, 
precipitate rout ; cf., i tit>eAps- 
tiuAtA|iAi6 coimoAfCAifi, in the 
fierce rout of battle. 
T)eA|i5-fC|iAi_rce, m., a shin-burnt 

sluggard (O'N.). 
OeAtt5-rox>AM, m., a full trot 


eAjtr-pcui'o^Ati, m., intense 
study (O'N.). 

, m., the very first 
beginning (O'N.). 
eAjis-cuAicGeAl, m., a violent 

,./'., a red beard (O'N.). 
-Aifi, m., a fierce 
cast or aim. 

eA^lACA-b, -ctA, m., act of dis- 
tributing, dispensing a benefit 

( 232 ) 

, -AT>, v. tr., I give, 

deliver, bestow. 
OeAfini.d'o, -A1T> (also oeAftriiA'o, 

(pron. -oeAfiut) in M.), m., for- 

fjetfulness, oversight ; loss, 

defect ; (g. also -A). 
OeAfiniA-oAC, -Aije, a., forgetful, 

slow of memory. See oeAftinA'o. 
'OeA-fimA'OAim, vL oeAjtiriA'o, 

imper. -ITIAIT>, v. tr., I forget, 

lose, forego. 

'OeAjirnA'OAriiAit, -m\,A, a., forget- 
ful, having lapses of memory. 
OeAftmA'ocA, p. a., forgotten. 
"OeAfinA, dependent or enclitic 

perf. of -00-5111, I make, do. 

See -oo-jnim. 
TJeAfitiA, -iin and -inne, pi. -inne 

and -nnA, /., the palm of the 

hand ; a handful ; cjiofoe x>o 

oeAfinATin, the middle spot of 

thy palm. 
T)eAfinAT)6i-fi, -6-ftA, -6i]iix>e, m., 

a palmist, a chiromancer. 
"OeAtuiA tfluifie, g. id.,f., common 

lady's mantle (alchemilla vul- 

T)eA^noit), -e, /., a hand. 

T>eAfi6il, -e, a., mean, wretched, 
low, poor, miserable, pitiable, 
weak, infirm. 

"OeAtioite, g. id., /., low estate, 
poverty, destitution, wretched- 
ness, misery. 

tDeAfioiteAcc, -A, f., poverty, 
want, wretchedness. 

OeAttfCAijce (-fCtiAigce), p. a., 
refined, excellent, accomplished, 

T)eAiifcnA, indec. a., polished, 

OeAfipcnuJAT), -uijte, pi. id., m., 
act of polishing or refining ; 

T>eAiipcnui5, -e, a., excellent, 
goodly ; wise, prudent ; bur- 
nished, polished. See -oeAjtrcnA. 

QeAftfCnuijim, -UJAT), v. tr., I 
explain, distinguish ; I embel- 

"OeAitc, -A, pi. id. and -AIIIIA, m., 
a dart (A.). 

T)eAfi-teAC, m., a house of penance, 

a dungeon in a cloister ; i oeA]i- 
oun, id. 

T)eAr, -eife, a., right (as opposed 
to left) ; rno IAITI -oeAf, my 
right hand, etc. ; also as subs., 
mo -oeAf Ajuf mo cl/e, my right 
and left ; AJI x>eip mo tAirhe cte, 
convenient to my left hand. 

T)eAf, -eife, a., pretty, handsome, 
lovely, pleasant, nice ; ready, 
dexterous, expert, proper, fit ; 
b'e OA -oeAf cuije (also AIJI), he 
was indeed expert at it. 

t)eAf, ceAf, teAf, the south, the 
south side ; AH CAOD oeAf, the 
south side or quarter, when we 
face the east ; cf. 'OeAf ITIUITIA, 
South Munster ; CA f e teAf i 
mt)Aite t)oifine, he is in Bally- 
vourney in the south ; A iroeAf, 
from the south ; CA AH JAOC A 
irocAf, there is a south wind 
blowing ; 6 -oeAf , southward. 

T)eAr, g. -oeife, pi. -oeAfA, and 
-ACA,/., an ear of corn ; m. often, 
fig., a scion (prop. oiAp, which 

T)eAf ACAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a toy, 
a plaything (Om.}. 

'OeAfcA'o, -Aix>, pi. id., m., an off- 
scouring ; lees, dregs ; remnant 
of anything ; in phr.-oo -oeAfc- 
Aib, Because of ; T>A oeAfCAib 
f in, for that reason. 

"OeAfCAn -Ain,^. id., m., gleanings, 

"OeAfCAOi-6, -e,/., lees, dregs ; ren- 
net; barm. See -oeAfcA-6. 

"OeAfcumn, -e, -i p oe,/'., lees, dregs, 
rennet, barm. See -oeAfCAoiti. 

OeAfJADAit, -At A, /., Ascension ; 
"OiAjvoAOin "OeAf gAbAlA, Ascen- 
sion Thursday. 

QeAf-snAC, m., a ceremony ; 
usage, custom. See jnAtr. 

bfiA, g. id., f., elocution, 

-tAiri, -AiiVie, -AtiiA, f., the 
right hand. 

eAf-tAniAC, -Aij;e, a., right- 
handed, dexterous, handy. 

tTiAcc, -A, /., dexterity, 

( 233 ) 


T)eAfriiuiriineAC, -11156,0., belong- 
ing to Desmond. 

OeAfriiuimneAc, -1115, i>l. id., m., 
a Desmond man. 

OeAfpoijieAcc, -A, /., a contro- 
versy, a discussion. 

TDeAf UJJA-O, -uijce, m., act of pre- 
paring, getting or making ready ; 
preparation ; correcting ; mend- 
ing ; beautifying. 

"OeAfui5irn, -IIJAT), v. tr., I pre- 
pare, make ready, arrange, dis- 
pose, dress ; mend ; I set myself 
right, get into position ; -o. te, 
I cling to ; t>. f iof , I slip down ; 
oeAfuij; CAJITJ, get into position 
(said to a cow, etc., in Con., 
ceAfictnj; in M.); xieAfuij; tiom 
AtiAtl, come over here to me 
(Cow.) ; "oeAfuij AtiuAf, sit 
down ; -oeAfuij; Atiiof 61115 ATI 
ceitiit), draw close to the fire 
(Con.}. See oeipiijim. 

T)eAfui5ceoi|i, -OJIA, -oit<iT>e, TO., 
a composer ; a mender ; one 
who repairs. 

OCACAC, -CAii;, -A, m., smoke; a 
vapour, a mist, fume, steam. 

"OeACACATi, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

UBACAC tAlriiAti, /., the herb 

OeACAiiiAit, -riitA, a., smoky, 

TJeACCA, indec. a., smoking. 

T)eAcmAji, -Aipe, a., smoky. 

OeAcui5itn, -USA-O, v. tr., I smoke ; 
fume, steam ; discolour. 

"Dee, pi. of T)IA, m., God, a 

"Oeibi-oe, g. id., m., the principal 
kind of x>An xn'jteAc (a species of 
versification having a fixed num- 
ber of syllables in each verse, 
with certain assonances, etc.). 

T)eibteAn, -CAIII, pi. id., m., an 

OeiblioccAi-oe, g. id., pi. -x>ce, 
m., an orphan. 

Oeic, num., ten ; -oeic if pee, 
thirty ; -oeic ip -OA picit), fifty ; 
x>eic if cjii fi<iix>, seventy. 

Oeico[ti5e, coll. f., the Decalogue, 

or Ten Commandments (O'N.) ; 
also T)ei6 nAiceAticA. 

'OeiceAriiA'o, num. a., tenth. 

T)ei6 mile, num. a., ten thousand. 

Oeic-miof, -A, pi. id.,f., December. 

"OeicneAbAf., -AI ti, m., ten (persons) ; 
a decade (of the Rosary, etc. ). 

T)eic-fliofnA6, -A15, -Aijje, m., a 

'Oei'6, behind, after (poet, and U, 
for XMAI'O) ; 'TIA -oeiTO fin, after 

"Oei-oe, g. id., f., two things, a 
double proportion ; a pair or 

"Oei'oeA'o, -oix>, TO., a toothache. 

'Oei'oeAnAc, -Aise, a., last; late, 
at a late hour ; hindermost, 

"Oei-oeAtiACC, -A, /., a remnant ; 

'Oei'oeAnAise, g. id., f, lateness ; 
nearness to our time ; te t)., 
fe -6., recently (oeijteA'onAise, 
id. ). 

T)eix)-5eAt, -Site, a , white- 
toothed ; as subs., f., a fair 
lady (cf. also T>eix>-T>eAf ). 

"Oeipitt, g. -ffeAc, pi. -pfieACA, /., 
a difference, a dispute ; also 
haste ; ceApAf tiAf! b'AOn tjeif i|t 
teAC e, I thought it made no 
difference to you (M .), xtetpeAti 
and x>eipt'e (Don.). See -ueitbifi. 

*Oei5-, for x>eA5-, before conso- 
nants followed by a slender 

Oeijj-MAfAc, -Aij;e, a., well-man- 
nered ; of good behaviour. 

Ueijj-beACA, /., a good life. 

Oeit-cp-evomeAc, -ihise, a., faith- 

Oei5-cttio6, /., a good eud , good 
issue., p. a., tastily folded, 
carefully turned. 

Oo!t;-teAnAf, m., virginal chastity 

X)ei5-5eitleA-6, m., submissive 
adoration (O'N.). 

"0015-51110111, m., a worthy deed, 
a good action ; a fa v our, a 


( 234 ) 


Oeit-i.4r.Acc, m., a beneficial loan 

T)ei5-iomcAfi, m., good conduct. 
Oeijj-iomcAjicA, p. a., well-con- 

ducted, chaste, exemplary. 
Deis-tear, m., a good or just 

cause (O'N.). 
Oeij-riieAf, m, approbation, re- 

Oeir-rii6in, /., sincerity; grace- 

fulness ; good intent. 
X)ei5-riieifneAc, -mje and -nij, m. 

and/ , good spirits, high courage. 
T)eij;-nieif neAmAit, -riilA, a., cour- 

ageous, high-spirited. 
"Oeij-riiiAn, /., pious affection 

Oeijrintlce, a., in phr. if T>. An 

IA e, it is a wild stormy day 

T>ei5-tteAcc, m., wholesome or 

good law or ordinance (O'N.). 
Oeij-fiot, TO., virtuous issue or 

offspring (O'N.). 
Oeij-rciufiA-o, m., discipline; 

good direction; reliable guid- 

"Oeij-ceAjriiAit, /., a happy or 

fortunate meeting (O'N.). 
Oeig-ceAfCA, a. of honest re- 

Deij-ceifc, /., good report, tes- 

"Oeij-ciojiAd, m., an honest 

country fellow (O'N. ). 

person of good family. 

T)eit, -e, -eAnnA, /., a turner's 
lathe ; beic AJI -oeit, to be punc- 
tual (of persons) ; to be in work- 
ing order (of an instrument) ; 
bi gA6 nit) Aft x>eil/ ACA, they 
had everything quite ready. 

"Oeitb, -e,/., the warp (in weaving). 

"Oeilb, -e, -eACA,/., an image ; the 
figure or face of a person ; 
the appearance or figure of an 
animal or inanimate object ; 
peAC An x>eilb (no x>eitbin) ACA 
Aige, see the miserable figure 
he (or it) cuts ; if mAic An -o. if 
An TieAnAm ACA AIJI, he has a 
good appearance ana figure. 

t)eilbeAc, -oije, a., beautiful, 
shapely, comely (O'N.). 

T)eitbeAX)6if;, -OJIA, -6i]ii'6e, m., 
a weaver ; a sculptor. 

T)eilbeo5, -0156, -OJA, /., a minia- 
ture, a picture, a little image or 
statue, a seal. 

TDeilbijce, p. a., warped, reduced 
in condition ; tjeitbce, id. 

"Oeitbim, vl. -oeitb, v. tr., I weave, 
warp; form, build, construct, 
(also oeitbijim). 

Tleitbin (dim. of tieitb), a picture 
or miniature, a small figure or 
statue ; also a miserable appear- 
ance or figure ; the warp (in 
weaving) ; -oeitbin CAOftAC, a 
miserable handful of sheep. 

QeitceAnnAC, -nAtje, a., two- 
headed (O'N.). 

tDeit^ATJAnAC, -nAijje, a., two- 
faced (O'N.). 

t)eiteAT>6if;, -OJIA, -oitifoe, m., a 
turner ; a miniature painter ; 
a man who makes spinning 
wheels ; a wheelwright ; a wood 

T)eiteA-o6ifieAcc, -A,/., the art of 
making spinning wheels. 

"Oeilf., g. -oeAtfA, pi. -nie, /., a 

T)eit5in -oeAriiAin, m., the devil- 

T)eit5ne, g. id., pi. -ni-oe /. 
(collect.), thorns, prickles. 

"OeitjneAc, -nije, a., thorny. 

OeiljneAc, ni^e, /., a spear- 
thistle ; the swine pox. 

T)eit5|ieine, g. id.,f., the name of 
Fionn MacCumhaill's standard. 

"Oeilibi-o,/., a nurse (N. Con.). 

"Oeitim, -leAX>, v. tr., I turn with 
a lathe. 

QeiriieAf, -niif, m., a pair of shears, 
scissors ; -oeinieif , -e, /., id. 

T)eitnm, -nine, /., certainty, assu- 
rance ; f UAift "o. Aif fin, was 
informed of it ; biotj A x>. Aije, 
let him be assured ; if mAif.5 A 
x>eAnAnn -o. -OA oocAf, woe to 
the man who builds on hope as 
certainty; beifiim mo -6. -ouic, 
I assure you. 


( 235 ) 


Tleiriiin, -nine, a., certain, sure, 
true ; 50 -o., certainly, truly, 
verily, indeed. 

"Dentine, g. id.,f., certainty, assu- 
rance. See t>eithin. 

"OeiriineAc, -nii;e, a., certain, sure. 

"Oeiriimjim, -IU^A'O, v. tr., I affirm, 
prove, verify, emphasise. 

Oeiriini j,te, p. a., affirmative, con- 

OeithnijteAd, -tije, a., affirma- 
tive, certain. 

"Oeimnijtreoifi, -OJIA, -oiju'oe, m., 
an approver, a certifier. 

"OeinmiuJAX), -nijce, m., act of 
affirming ; testing, proving, 
verifying, emphasising, con- 

"Oem, in phr. p.A -p. (with </.), 
towards ; f AOI m' 6., towards 
me, to my aid, to meet me or 
take me with him ; somet. with 
hostile intent. 

"Oem. See x>eAn. 

"Oeine,,f., ardour, vehemence, 
intensity, urgency. 

T>emeAcc, -A,/., vehemence, deter- 
mination, earnestness, violence. 

"OeineAf, -nif, m., earnestness, 
rudeness, vehemence. 

"Oeifib- (TjeA-jib-), prefix, real, true. 

T>ei|tb-eiceAd, m., a sheer lie. 

Oei^b-fiof, m., certain or positive 

"Oeijtb-sniorii, m., an axiom, a 

'Oemb-ftiocc, m., one's own chil- 
dren ; genuine progeny. 

"Oeijic, g. -e and oeAjicA,./'., charity, 
alms ; f eAjt T>eijice, m., a beg- 
gar ; AS lA^tiAi-o nA oeipce, or 
Ag iA|ttiAix -o^ijtce, begging ; 
nom. oei^ce (Don. and Con.). 

OeqiceAC, -cije, a., poor, beggarly; 
almsgiving, charitable. 

"OeijtceAt, -cij, pi. id., m., a beg- 

T)ei|tcceoi|i, -O|1A, -oiiti-6e, m., a 
giver of alms ; a beggar. 

"OeifieAt), -pit), pi. id., m., the end, 
the last, the conclusion ; the 
rear ; the stern of a ship ; a 
mushing ; JTA x>ei]ieA-6, at last, 

lastly (also '|\&n -oeineA-6) ; An 
tA -pA xieineAT), the other day ; 
A5 -out 6um oeijtiT), deterior- 

T)eieA-6 pojmAiti, m., the month 
01 October. 

T)eitieAnnAC, -Aije, a., last, hind- 
most ; final ; late, latter. 

TDeifieAnnAijje, f., lateness ; near- 
ness to the present time ; te t>., 
lately, latterly ; te tei|ieAnnAf , 
id. (Con.) 

OeijteAnnAf, -Aif, m., lateness, 
latter part (of day, etc.). 

T)ei]ieoit, -e, a., miserable, 
wretched ; little, slight, poor, 
weak ; oppressive ; making 
wretched ; bfi6n oeijieoit, op- 
pressive grief (O'Con.). 

"Oeifieoit, g. id., pi. -e, m., a needy 
person. See -oeAjtoil,. 

t)eif(eoiti'n, g. id., pi. -ixie, m., the 
wren ; -o. f poi^tc, an object of 

T>eifi3- (-oeAttj-), red (often used 
as an intensive prefix) : t>eifij;- 
mi|ie, /., furious rage ; t>eiji5- 
ttieifce (more commonly -oeA|tj;- 
riieifce), /., sheer intoxication. 

T)eiti5-cinneA6, -ni^, m., a finch 
(with red head), linota rufescens. 

T)eifi5e, g. id., f., redness, ruddi- 

Oeijti-o (g. of -oeifteA-o), a., hind, 
rear ; AJ< A -6 A 60 if -o., on his 
two hind legs. 

, for At)eijiim, which see. 
, usually in Con. for oeipe ; 
TA t). mAic Atti, he is in good 
cinnimstances. See -oeif e. 

TDetf, -e, -eAdA, /., land ; a sept, a 
tribe. T)6ire is the name of 
some districts in Ireland, as 
t)eire inuriiAn, the Deoies of 
Munster (in VVaterford and Tip- 
perary) ; "Ddn'e UneAJ, Deece 
(of Meath). 

T)eif, -e, /., the point of a 

T)eif (-o'eif),jprep. phr., after. See 
6 if. 

T>eir-o6AlAd, -Aije, a., smart at 
repartee, witty, pert. 



"OeirceAbAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a 


"OeipceAftc, g. -ceij<c and -cijic, 
m., the south, south part; "Oeif- 
Aii, South Leinster. 
-Aije, a., southern. 
eit), -e,/., discretion, pru- 

dence (nom. also -oeipcfieit>e). 
'Oeipctiei'oeAc, -tiije, a., dis- 

creet, prudent, retentive of 

"Oeipe, g. id., f., neatness, hand- 

someness ; convenience ; utility ; 

improvement ; a setting things 

right ; dross, accoutrements ; 

preparation; TOO oeAnpAX) fe 

An-T)eipe oAtn, it would be of 

great use to me. See -oeipeAcc. 
TDeifeADAti, -Ai-|i, m., the sunny 

side; Afi x>. TIA jfieine, exposed 

to the sun (Om., .Don.'). 
'OeipeAbfiAC, -Aige, a., sunny ; ex- 

posed to the sun ; O'N. spells 

oeip AfijiAC (wrongly). 
TDeipeAc, -f ije, a., facing towards 

the south, southwards. 
"OeipeAcc, -A, /., an ornament, 

elegance, neatness; convenience. 
QeifeAt, -fit, m., a turning to 

the right ; as interj., may it go 

right, said when one sneezes or 

swallows something awry, still 

used in A ran and Wat., etc. ; 

oeipeAt is opposed to cuACAt ; 

Aft oeifeAt tiA 5fteine, exposed 

to the sun. 
"OeifeAtAtt, -AW, pi. id., m., a pe- 

culiar natural turn of the hair 

on the brow or poll of some per- 

sons, called cow's lick. 
Qeirijim, -IUJA-O, v. tr. t I dress, 

adorn ; mend, repair, improve. 

"Oeipijjie, p. a., repaired, put in 

OeifiuJAT), -ijce, m., act of re- 

pairing, mending; ornamenting ; 

improving. See xieApujd-o. 
TDeiftneAfi, -mijie, a., neat, tidy 

T)eir mijie, g. id., pi. -ftiT>e, m., a 

poet, a rhymer ; a qxiaiut 

speaker ; a carper. 

t)eipnifieA6, -11156, a., curious, 
quaint, epigrammatic. 

'OeipmifieAcc, -A, /., a proof ; a 
quotation ; a quibble, a cunning 
method of speech ; paraphrasing, 
carping ; curiosity ; supersti- 

"Oeifrnif, -e, /., quaintness, curi- 

"Oeifmif, -e, a., quaint, curious. 

DeifceAn, -tin, pi. id., m., an 
edge (set on the teeth) ; disgust, 
abomination, fright ; a qualm ; 

T)eipceATiAC, -Aije, a., abominable, 
loathsome, disgusting. 

T)eifr;eAnAiin, -AT>, v. tr., I hate, 
I disdain, I abhor, loathe. 

T)eit5i|i, g. -e and-bjieAc,/., haste, 
speed ; difference. See -oeipi|i. 

T)eicbtieAc, -|tije, a., speedy (also 

T), -IUJA-O, v. tr. and 
intr., I hasten, make speed, 
hurry on. 

*Oeitire, g. id., /., care, diligence ; 

OeicmpeAc, -pi^e, a., quick, hasty, 
nimble, earnest. 

"OeitneAp, -nip, m., speed, celerity ; 
haste, hurry. 

"OeicneApAc, -Ai5e, a., quick, 
hasty, hurried, fussy ; -oeicm- 
peAC, -pije, id. 

OeicneApui5im, -UJAXI, v. tr. and 
intr., I hasten, I make haste. 

*Oeo, g. id., /., an end, the last ; 
breath, air, life ; in phr. 50 t>eo, 
for ever ; with neg., never. See 

T)eoc, g. "oije, d. -013, pi. -oeocA 
and -oeocAiinA, /., a drink, a 
draught ; bjiAon "oije, a drop of 
drink (bfiAon -oo -oeoc, parts of 
Don.); x>eoc An "ootiAip, a parting 
drink, a stirrup-cup. 

"OeocAim, -A-O, v. tr., I quaff, 
drink ; I kiss, embrace, cherish ; 
A5 "oeocAX) ip A5 pogAxi, hug- 
ging and kissing. 

"OeocAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a deacon. 

"Oeo-cuipne, (/. id., m., a chilling 
frost (Kea.). 


( "237 ) 

t)eo6 flAinte, /., a health- 

TJeo-OA, g. id., m., common henbane 
(hyosyamus niger). 

Oeoi-6 (-oeoij;), /., an end, the 
rear, the last ; in phr. ?A T>., in 
the end, finally, in fine ; at 
length, at last, after all ; 50 T>., 
for ever, always, to the end. 
See -oeo. 

"Oeoin, /., will, consent, accord ; 
oo -6., with the good-will of, 
willingly, at his good pleasure 
(nom. also x>eon). 

T)eoip, in M. and Con. sp. I. used 
for "Deep, a drop, a tear. 

T)eot, -oil, m., act of suckling ; 
gs. t>eoil (as a.), suckling ; IAOJ 
oeoit, a suckling calf ; (also 

OeolAim, -AT>, v. tr., I suck, drain 

T)eo16Aiii, -e, -i-oe, f., a gift, a 

OeotcAifi, -e, a., liberal, generous, 

OeolcAifie, g. id., /., liberality, 
generosity, munificence. 

"OeotiAC (-oeotiAijteAc), -Aije, a., 
agreeable ; m-yo -o. ICAC, if you 
please (early mod. Ir. ). 

OeonACC, -&, f., willingness, con- 

"OeoncAd, -Aije, a., content, will- 
ing, voluntary. 

"OeoncACC, -A, /., willingness, 
agreeableness. See -oeotiAcr. 

IDeoncAf, -Aif, m., willingness, 

OeonuJA-o, -wijte, m., act of 
allowing, consenting. 

Oeonuijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I vouch- 
safe, permit, allow, consent; 
condescend ; I command, order, 

T)eott, -oifi, -A, m., a tear, a drop 
(of water) ; ni't t>eofi Ann, there 
is not a drop in it (-0113171 used 
in the same phrase, Ker.) ; 50 
oeo nA nx>eofi, for ever and 
ever : niofi -^^5 f 6 x>. Ann, he 
drained his blood, killed him 

TDeojiAC, -Aige, a., tearful, sorrow- 

T)eo^ACCAC, -Aij;e, a., strange ; bo 

6., a strange cow ; x>uine x*., a 

strange man (Der.). 
TJeofiAX), -AIT), pi. -Ai-oe and 

-Aix>ce, m., a wanderer, an exile ; 

a stranger, a traveller ; a fugi- 

tive, an alien ; a beggar ; a pil- 

grim, a penitent. 
T)eotiAir>e, g. id., m., an exile ; the 

fish called Jacky Dorey. See 

T)eoftAiT>eAcc, -A, /., pilgrimage, 

exile, banishment, wandering. 
T)eoftAix>im, --OCACC, v. tr., I banish, 

drive into exile. 
TDeojiAtriAil, -AtiilA, a., tearful 

sorrowful, downcast. 

, indec.a., strange, foreign 

"Oeo-fi-c AOI, in., lamenting ; the 
being steeped in tears. 

T>eoft-cAOineA-6, -nee, m., lament- 
ing with tears. 

Oeofi-CAOimm, -neAX), v. tr. and 
intr., I bewail with tears. 

T)eof uijttn, -UJA-O, v. tr., I banish, 

"Oi- (010-), prefix; (1), negative 
=un-, in-, dis- ; (2), intensive. 

T)i, (l)="oe + 1, of, off or from her, 
it ; (2) =T>O + 1, to or for her, it ; 
emph. xi-fe ; somet. t>i. See 
ne and x>o, preps. 

T)1A, g. T)e, d. T>IA, voc. A "66 and 
A "6iA, pi. T)6e and T)eice, g. pi. 
T)iA and 'OeiceA-6, d. pi. T)eit 
and T)eicib, voc. pi. A "Oee and 
A "C^ite, m., God, a god ; T)IA 
ovnc, God save you ! t)iA 'f 
muijie -ouic, God and Mary 
save you ! T)iA tinn, God help 
us! if coil te *OIA or if e coil 
T)6, it is God's will. 

X)iA, m., a day, in phrs., "OiA 
"OomnAij, on Sunday ; *O. l.uAin, 
on Monday ; T). ITIAIJIC, on 
Tuesday ; T). C6AXAoin', on 
Wednesday ; T>. t)Ajtx>Aoine 
(contr. to*OiA'|iT)Aoin), on Thurs- 
day; t>. hxioine, on Friday; t). 
, on Saturday ; t nt>iu, 

238 ) 

to-day; i nx>e, yesterday; Ap- 
54-6 i iroe, the day before yes- 

T)iA-Aitif , /., blasphemy. 

OiA-AitifCAC, -pse, a., blas- 

T)iA-AcAifi, -cA-p, >Z. -Aicjte and 
-AicfieACA, m., a godfather. 

ThAbAit or -oiAit, indec. a., good, 
excellent, famous ; if x>. AH feAfi 
6, he is a wonderful or excellent 
man ; CA f IATJ 50 tiAit, they are 
splendid ( M.} ; some think this 
word is the same as gs. of 
oiADAt, the devil. 

TMAOAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a devil, 
an evil or wicked person ; mis- 
chief, misfortune ; used much in 
the same metaph. way as devil 
in English ; 617115 'f At1 n "-> S 
to the devil ; gw^'b e An x>. T>O 
beAftpAi-6 teif cu, devil take 
you ; riAC 6 ATI -o. e, is he not 
wonderful, awful, etc. 

"OiADAtoift, -6fiA, -oiftnbe, m., a 
devilish person ; a wretched, 
unfortunate person (pron. t>iAb- 

A, a., good, excellent, 
splendid, wonderful (perhaps 
from -oiAOAt the devil) ; if 
oiADAtcA An peAfi e, he is an 
extraordinary man ; peAfi T>IAO- 
AtcA, a strange fellow. 

T)iAbAtcA, indec. a., diabolical, 
great, wondrous, surprising, 

OiADAtcAn, -Ain, m., devil-craft, 

"OiAblAi-oe, indec. a., devilish, dia- 
bolical (6 pron. as b). 

OiAbtAi-oeAcc, -A,/., devilishness. 

OiAbtttijitn, v. tr., I abuse. 

T>iACAift, -tpAif-, sorrow, trouble ; 
mo -oiACAiti, alas ! (from -OIAC, 
mishap, misfortune). 

"OiActiAd, -Aije, a., painful, 
grievous, sorrowful ; mo cjteAC 
OIACJIAC ru, thou art the (cause 
of) my grievous loss (O'Ra.}. 

OiActiuijim, -UJJA-O, v. intr., I 
grieve, mourn; threaten. 

T)IAT>A, indec. a., divine, godly, 

holy, pious (in West M. sp. I. 
oiAgAice is used); the 5 sound 
occurs in the three following 
words also. 

QIA-OACC, -A,/., theology, divinity; 
godliness, piety ; the divine 

OiA-OAijie, g. id., pi. -fiit>e, m., a 
spiritual director ; a theologian, 
a divine. 

*Oi Ax>AijieAcc, -A,/., sanctity, piety, 

"OiA "OomnAij, Sunday, on Sun- 

"OiAjAifte, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a 
divine (Donl.). 

ThAgAncA (-oiA-oAncA), a., devout 
(Don. and Con.). 

T)iA'6nAc, a. See oeix>eAnAc. 

THA1T> (T>1A15), f. (obs.), end, rear, 
wake, conclusion. 

TliAi-6, 1 n- or A n-, after, behind ; 
i nTHAix), XJIAI'O AJI nt)iAi i 6, con- 
secutively ; with gen. or with 
poss. prn., im' 6., IT)' 6., etc. ; 
i nxnAix) A ceite, after each 
other, one after another; t>iAiT> 
A|i mjiAix*, id., time after time, 
from age to age, in regular suc- 
cession ; 'n-A -OIAITJ fin, after 
that, afterwards ; 'n-Ax>iAi-6, id., 
after that time ; 1 n-oiAit) A 
cinn, headlong; AJ out i nt). A 
tAime, going to the bad. 

tDiAix) A|i troiAit), one after an- 
other; by degrees; continuously. 

"OiAit, -e, /., a dial. 

T)iAit. See x>iADAit. 

Oi-Aifime, indec. a., innumerable. 

"Oi-AitimeAcr, -A, f., infinity, in- 

Oi-Aitimijce, p. a., innumerable, 
not computable. 

TDiAtAnn, -Ainne, -A, f., a diary, 
a day-book (O'N.). 

"OiAtAnnAd, -Aij, -Aige, m., one 
who keeps a day-book or diary 

"OiAtAnnAcc, -A,/., the keeping of 
a day-book or diary (O'N.). 

"OiAtl., -Aitte, f., the breech ; a 
seat ; a knapsack ; submission. 
(oiALtAi'o), -e, -ite, and 


( 239 ) 

-CACA, /., a saddle (in M. sp. I. 
often lAltAic). 

THAtlAiceoiji, -oftA, -oipi'oe, m., 
a saddler. 

OiAtfiAiji, -e, /., darkness, obscu- 
rity, mystery. See x>iAmAip- 


OiAiriAift, -e, a., hidden, secret, 
lonely, mysterious, dark. 

OiAiriAijieAdc, -A, /., a secret, a 
mystery ; loneliness. 

OiA-riiAoin, /., ecclesiastical prop- 

OtAmAfl. See UlAlYlAlft. 

THAiriAjiiA, indec.a., intense, great, 
earnest ; secret, mysterious. 

"OiA-niAftAd, -Aije, a., blasphe- 
mous, impious. 

QiA-triAfttiJAT), -uijte, m., blas- 
phemy, impietv ; oiA-iriArtA-6, 

OiA-thAfttiijitn, -U5A-6, v, intr., I 

OiA-riiAfltiijceoijA, -oftA, -oiftix>e, 
m., a blasphemer. 

OiA-mACAifi, -tAji, pi. -Aitjie and 
-CLOACA, /., a godmother. 

ThAn, gsf. oeitie, a., vehement, in- 
tense, violent, severe ; swift, 

T)i An-, vehement (used as an inten- 
sitive prefix). 

OtAnAf, -Aif, m., vehemence, vio- 
lence, intensity. 

"OiAtiAfAC, -Aije, a., direful, 
dreadful ; vehement, earnest. 

OiAn-Atcuinge, g. id., pi. -jfoe, 
/., an earnest request, a fervent 

T)iAn-6AbA|itA6, -Aije, a., actively 
or effectively assisting. 

"OiATi-fioriitA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., an 
aide-de-camp ; an officer of the 
Life Guards. 

TJiAn-jotiA'o, -ptA, m., act of 
vehemently heating. 

OiAn-jttA-o, m., fond love, intense 

T)iAn-fCAOiteA-6, -tre, TO., act of 
vigorously routing. 

OiAfi'OAin, -e, /., anger, churlish- 
ness. (P. O'C. gives x>iAfT>Ati, 
roughness, haughtiness, prido : 

with gs., T)iA|\T)Ain, used as adj., 

, -Aij, pi. id., TO., a 
churl ; as a. , angry, wrathful, 
OiAfixMoin, -e, /., Thursday. See 


T)iAf, g. t>6iri and t)6ife, /., a 

couple, a pair, two (persons or 

personified objects only). See 

TDiAf, g. x>eif e, pi. -otAf A and t)iAf - 

A6A, /., an ear of corn ; metaph., 

a scion of a family (improp. 

o^Af) ; COJA oeife, flower of 

the flock. 
T)tAf, g. -oeife, pi. t)iAf A, /., the 

blade or point of a weapon ; 

oiAf clAi-oirii, the point of a 


T)iAf = T>eAf, south. 
TiAfA6 (-oiAfCAt), -Aije, a., 

abounding in ears of corn. 
T)i Af CATI, -AID, pi. id., m., a gleaning. 
"OiAf t'Aim, -A-O, v. tr., I glean. 
OiAtfiAib, -e, a.,desert ; desolate. 
T)i b' ( =nt b'), somet. used in Con. 

for ni b', before compar. of adj. 
"Oio (t)Aoit), prep, prn., 2 pi., to 

you, for you, by you ; emph., 

oi'6-f e and OAOIO-P e. See prep. 

T)i6, prep, prn., 2 pi., off you; emph., 

oio-fe. See prep. t>e. 
"OioeAC, -oije, a., grudging, frown- 

ing (O'N.). 

QiGeAcc, -A,/., begrudging (O'N.). 
TJibeAlAij, a., pathless, without 

passage or way (O'N.). 
"OibeAfitA, p. a., banished, exiled, 


-Ai, -Aije, TO., a 
banished person, an outcast, an 

See - 

, ff. -jrei^je,., vengeance; 
anger, indignation ; rebellion ; 
also zeal, ardour, fervour (nom. 
also Toibpeiitj). 

ibpeAtisAd, -AIJ, -Ai5e, TO., a 
rebel ; a robber, a spoiler, a 


( 240 ) 


, -AI je. a., vindictive, 
vengeful, wrathful. 

OibijiceAc, -cije, a., fervent, 
ardent, industrious, diligent 

T)ibijic, -e and -eAfiiA, /., persecu- 
tion ; banishment, expulsion ; 
also t>ibeific in nom. ; xVft t>., in 

Oibli-oe (oiblije), indec. a., 
wretched, vile, worthless, mean, 
abject, destitute, poor, vulgar. 

"Oibti-oeAcc, -A, f., vileness, 

"Oibli jim, -u JA-6, v. tr., I demean, 
disrespect, contemn ; I make 
vile or wretched. 

Oibftij, f., weakness, contempt, 
neglect. See oitnbjii j. 

Oibfiim, imper. oibiji, "d. -Dibi^c, 
p.p. -oibeAjicA, fwt. x>ibeojiAx>, 
cond. -eoftAinn (also/., -oibfieoj- 
A-Q, cond. t)ibjieoJAirm), v. tr., 
I drive out, expel, exile, banish. 

"OiceAtt, -cit,t, TO., effort, endea- 
vour; one's best ; A-p A T>., doing 
his best ; JM ti-A T>., up to his 
power ; -oeAti T>O oiceAlt, do 
your best or worst (according to 
context) ; bA x>. x>Atn, it was as 
much as I could do ; AJ -DC ATI Am 
oicil/t A|i ]<:., doing one's best 
to, etc., A|i ctiAtri (no t/Ati) A 
oicil/t, making his utmost en- 

T)i6eAt/tA6, -Aije, a., attentive, 
careful, diligent, industrious, 
doing one's best ; bold, daring. 

OfceAt/luijim, -uJA-6, v. intr., 
I do my best, usual in vl., 
bioxjAfi AJ -o., they were doing 
their best (Ker.). 

QiceAtinAc, -Aije, a., headless. 

T)i6eATiTiA-6, -ncA, m. , a beheading, 

THceAntiAitn, -AT>, v. tr., I behead, 

"Oiceitim, -tr, v. tr., I disguise. 

Oiceilte, g. id.,/., folly, humbug, 
silliness (in M. sp. 1. , oi'c ceitte). 

'Oiceitti'oe, indec. a., foolish, 
senseless, irrational. 

-t>im, TO., incredu- 

lousness, unbelief, scepticism, 

T)icfieiT>tTieAC, -riiij, -truje, m., an 

infidel, an unbeliever. 
T)i-cfieiT>trieAC, -nn je, a., incredu- 

lous, unbelieving. 
Oi'-cftei-ote, p. a., incredible, un- 

T)ix), -e, -eAnnA, /., a teat, a 

pap ; dims. ci'DeAn, 131-0605, 

T)iT)eAn, -r>\ne,f., protection, shel- 

ter, safety, refuge (also TO.). 
"Oi-oeAnoifi, -OJIA, -oi^tnie, m., a 

protector, a guardian. 
'Di'oeAncA, p. a., protected, de- 

"OiTJeArmijim, -u JA-O, r. tr., I save, 

"Oixunn, oi'oiori, oix>ionn. See 


"Oi-f eAf OJAC, -AI je, a., beardless. 
"Oi-pin, -pjieAC, -pjieACA, f., a 

difference. See xjeitbifi and 

'5j ' e > -eddA, /., a pit, a dyke, a 
trench, a ditch (nom. also 

, m., moroseness, sullen- 

t)isnic, -e, /., dignity ; used as 

far biick as 1680. 
t)fl, -e, a., dear, beloved, fond, 

"Oite, g. tJiteAnn, -oitinne, d. 

oil/inn, /., a flood, a deluge ; 

the sea, the ocean (nom. also 

T>ite, g. id.,f., friendship, affection, 

T)it<eAcc, -A, TO., an orphan. Ser 

T)iieAccui-6e, g. id., pi. -x>fce, TO., 
an orphan (often in sp. I.) See. 

, -jtA, m., complete 

melting ; act of digesting ; -o. 

O|ic, may you become wasted. 
OiteAJAitn, -JA-o, v. tr., I digest 

food ; I melt down, I destroy. 
Oit-eAjtA, /., respect, reverence. 
T)it-eA5lAc, -Aije, a., reverent, 



( 241 ) 


OiteAjfiA, g. id., m., a lecture, 
an address. 

"OiteAgftAim, -J^A-D, v. tr. andintr., 
I discourse, lecture, address. 

"OileAttiAin, -ifmA, f., love, friend- 
ship ; popularity. 

"OiteAnn. See -oile. 

\, indec. a., deluge-like. 

, t>iliorc, t>illiorc. &-e 


"Oil-jeAn, m., ardent love, loyal 
affection (O'N.). 

'Oil-5tiAT>AC, -Aije, K., dearly- 

*Oitin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a story ; a 
petition ; a sing-song ; a frequent 
repetition of the same words ; 
CA fe 'TIA xntin Aige, he has it 
by rote (as a sing-song) ; -01 tin 
nA mbACAc, beggars' request 
(Don.) ; the secret language of 
cyphers (N. Con.} ; the form 
oeitin is also heard in Don. and 

"Oitip, gtf. t)itfe and t>ipte, a,., 
dear, fond, loyal, faithful, trusty, 
friendly, reliable, secure, firm ; 
darling, beloved ; own, special. 

Th'lAeAcc, -A, pi. id. and -Ai-oe, m., 
an orphan (in M. sp. I. nom. often 
oitteAdcwoe or -oileAccui-oe, 
in Con. -oiteACCA). 

T)ilre, g. id., /., fidelity, loyalty, 
sincerity, love ; inherent right. 

T)ilfeAcc, -A, /., friendship, rela- 
tionship, love, faithfulness, 
loyalty ; also right, property. 

THlrijitn, -lujjAX), v. tr., I secure ; 
PIACA t)o oilpujjAt), to secure 

TDimb^iij, g. -105 and -e,/., weak- 
ness, contempt, neglect, dis- 

"OimbjiijeAc, -jije, a., weak, 
feeble, powerless, negligent, dis- 
paraged (also -oiinbfiioJAc). 

"Oi-trieAf, -fCA, m., disrespect. 

T)i-nieAfA6, -Aije, a., disrespect- 

"Oi-riieiT), m., contempt. 

T)i-riieiT)eAC, -'oije, a., contemp- 

, m., cowardice, want 

of spirit (O'N.). 

ThmneAf, -fiif, w-., need, necessity. 
"Dine, g. id., pi. -CACA, /., a genera- 

tion, an age ; a tribe. 
"OitieAjic, -eijic, m., imbecility, 

OineA^cuiJim, -UJAX'), v. tr., I en- 

feeble, weaken. 
"Dins, -e, -6ACA, /., a wedge (also 

5 1T1 5)- 

X) in 5101, -geA'o, v. tr., I thrust, 
push, wedge, urge ; TO jtAm 
nA6 binn x>o omrpmn fein IT> 
bjiAJAix), I would thrust thy 
inharmonious clamour down thy 
throat (O'Ha.) ; biop bjiuijce 
omjice Aije (Con.). 

"Oin-jtic, -e, a., wise. 

thnglip, -e,/., a tickling, a titilla- 
tion ; cui^i oingLir Ann, tickle 
him (also m., corrupt for 

T)inn, prep, prn., 1 pi., on or from 

us; emph. -oinn-ne, abbrev. -oinne. 

See prep, -oe ; pron. with -o thick 

Thnn ; A]\ -6. An tAe, in the broad 

daylight, at mid-day (M.). 
"OinneAfi, -ei^i pi- id-, and -eifteACA, 

m., a dinner. 
"OinnfeAncAr, -Aip, m., legends 

about and explanations of the 

names of places. 
T)inticiu|i > -uiji, -viifti-oe, m., an 

indenture, now commonly used 

in pi. form. The singular -oinn- 

oiuji occurs in a King's Count}' 

legal document of 1594 (O. /.). 
"Oiob, prep, prn., 3 pi., off them, 

from them ; emph. -oiob-f An. 

See prep, -oe ; x>. thick (Don.). 
TDiobAX), -AIX*, m., death, cessation, 

destruction ; a skirmish, a 

battle ; wickedness, impiety. 
"OiobAJAX), -Aijce, m., cessation, 

destruction, ruin ; the refuse of 

"OiobAi-oim, -A-6, v. tr., I consume ; 

destroy ; v. intr., I die without 

issue, become extinct. 
THoblACC, -A, /., lavishness, prodi- 




( 242 ) 


, -Aije, a., prodigal, 

"OioblAf, -Air, TO., extravagance, 

OiobfiACA-6, -jiAicte, m., act of 

"Oio-bftogAd, -Aije, a., discalced, 
barefoot, shoeless. 

t)iobiA, local, chiefly Con., for 
oiob, of, off or from them ; -o 
thick (Don.}. 

< Oio-6Aifi i oeAC, -T>ii;e, a., friendless, 

T>io-6AitvoeAr , -"oif, TO., friendless- 
ness, enmity. 

"OioctAonA-o, g. -ncA, pi. id., TO., 

T>ioctAor>Aitn, -AX>, andmr., 
I decline. 

Oio-dlu-otnjce, p. a. dismantled. 

Oio-coircce (-coircijte), p. a., 
unchecked; implacable. 

"Oio-coriitAt, -Aije., a., of evil 

"OiocfiA, indec. a., intense, fervent. 

Th'octtAc, -Aijje, a., diligent, 
zealous, very earnest. 

X)io-cuitTme, g. id.,/., forgetful- 
ness, want of memory. 

T)io-6ijiim, vl., -cup, v. tr., I put 
away, expel, banish ; I put down, 

"Oio-dvimAint, -AID, v. tr., I deform, 
I disfigure. 

T)io-ftiift, -ciji, TO., act of putting 
away, expulsion, banishment ; 
subduing, subjugation. 

Oio-x>Aoini5itn, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I 

Oio-p.utAin5, -e, a., intolerable, 

"0105, g. id., -An, and -136, pi. 
-iosA, -105A6A and -iost^cA, /., 
a bank, a ditch, a trench. See 

"OioJA, g. id., TO., rejection (opp. to 
poJA), of ten = refuse, the worst 
of anything ; -DIO^A JAC fine 
An p IDC, frost is the worst of all 
weathers. See -oiooAX). 

OiosAX), -JCA, TO., act of entrench- 
ing ; an entrenchment ; drink- 
ing, draining. 

, -e, /., act of revenging, 

*OtO5Aim. See oiugAim. 

THoJAinn, -e, a., steady, firm. 

"OioJAt, -Aite,/., restitution ; ven- 
geance ; satisfaction ; offence ; 

If 1T1A1C An -OlOSAl A1fl 6, it 

serves him right (sometimes 
oiol is used in this phrase). 

TJioJAtAim, -3Aitc, v. intr., I 
avenge, get satisfaction from. 

"OioJAlcAC, -Aije, a., vindictive. 

Oio^AtcAf, -Aif, TO., vengeanoo, 
revenge, restitution. 

X)tO5AtcAf A '*., -Aije, revengeful, 
terrifying; oioJA'LcAifeAd, id. 

, -Am, pi. id., TO., severity ; 
spite, revenge ; grief, sorrow. 

Qio^AncA, indec. a., fierce, stern, 

iQiojbA-o, g. id. and -ATO, TO., des- 
truction, death. See -oiobA-6. 

"OiO5bAix)im ) -bA'6, v. tr., I con- 
sume, destroy, etc. See x>iob 

"OiojbAit, -AtA, pi. id.,f., injuiy 
damage, destruction, harm : 
want, scarcity of a thing ; -oeip 
re nA6 oiojbAit AIJIJIT) bi AIJI, 
he says that it was not fro;;! 
want of money (Don.); cuip 1 
n-oiojbAit 6, incline it slightly 
to right or left (as a plough) (B.]. 

"Oio^bAtAd, -tAi^e, a., hurtful, 
injurious; noxious; guiliv 

Dfost A, g. id., m., indignation. 

Th'ojjtAim, vl., t)io5Aitc a :(1 
oioJAt, imper. -oiosAil, I take 
vengeance on (AJI). 

Oiojtuim, -torn A, pi. id., m., a, 
gleaning ; a leasing ; a com- 
piling ; p eAfi -oiostomA, a coir- 
piler (also -oioluim). 

T)io5tuimim, v. tr. , I glean, lease, 
weed, compile ; vl., xnojluim. 

OiojluincA, >.., gleaned, gathere.l 

"OiojtiAif, -e, /., affection, love, 
charity, zeal, diligence, ferv, nit- 
ardour ; a motive or secret. 


( 243 ) 


-rije, a., diligent, 
zealous, upright, faithful. 

Oiosjiuf. O'li. gives this word 
meaning uprightness, but pro- 
bably it is only another form of 
oiojjiAif , which is so pron. in M. 

T)iot, -A, m., act of paying, paying 
for (Af ) ; desert, satisfaction, 
redress ; sufficiency ; act of 
selling ; 1 nix, in exchange for 
(with gen.) ; A -6., enough for 
him ; oiot cfiuAije, an object of 
pity ; T>iot -ceitice, an object of 
charity; oiol tnA5Ai i o,an object 
of ridicule, a laughing-stock ; 
TJiot has not sense of paying 
in Con. 

TOiot, -A, m., usage, retribution, 
end ; if otc AH t>iol, tugAir AIJI, 
you have ill-used or ill-requited 
him ; if mAit An T>iot o{c e, 
you are well requited ; 'oeij- 
oiot, a good end ; opoic-'oiot, a 
bad end ; IDA CA t>o -6. 'f An 
5CAipin, CAIC 6, if the cap fits 
you, wear it (Con.). See -oioJAt 
(perhaps oioJAt is the proper 

T)iolAiT>eAcc, -A, /., pay, recom- 
pense ; payment ; restitution ; 

QiolAim, vl. oi'ot, v. tr., I pay ; I 
sell (to, te) ; I betray ; I pay 
for (Af ). 

"Oio-tAiiifi, -tjie, /., absence. 

Oio-tAittiijim, -uiJA-o, v. tr., I 
utterly destroy, expel, depopu- 
late, confiscate. 

(pron. -oiol-un- 
), -A,/., bravery, generosity, 
(pron. -oiotunrAf), 
-Aif, m., bravery, generosity. 

OiolAmrtA6 (pron. -oiotunAc), 
-AI j, pi. id., m., a hired soldier ; 
a brave, generous man ; a person 
something above the common ; 
nioft b<\in tiom-fA -piAni ACC 
CAOifij A5tif oiotAtrinAij;, is a 
common way of boasting of high 
rank ; A oiolAmnAiJ, my fine 
fellow ; often now means a vil- 

"Oiol-tioc, /., a shop ; a tent. 

T)iot-6tiAn, m., a shop. 

Oiot-cumAtin, -Airm, pi. id., m., 
a confederacy. 

"Oiot-duriroAc, -AIJ, m., reserva- 

Th'ol-cuttAm, -Aim, m., negotia- 
tion ; business, traffic. 

T)ioL oeif ce, m., a beggar. 

T)iotiriAin, -e, a., tributary, etc. 
See -oileAriiAin and -oiolAmAin. 

T)iol/triAineA6, -1115, -mje, m., a 
soldier (Kea.). The same word 
as oiotAmnAc, written oiol- 
riiAnAc in the Bible. 

THoltriAiTieAf, -tiif, m., warfare. 

T)io-tocrAc, -Aije, a., faultless. 

T)iotcA, p. a., paid, requited ; sold ; 

THolcoif;, -6jiA, -oifii-oe, m., a 
payer, a seller. 

"OiotuncA (prop. oiol/ArriAncA), 
indcc. a., brave, stout, generous. 

T)iom, prep, prn., 1 ., off me, from 
me ; emph. -oiom-f A ; x> thick 
(Don. ). See prep. -oe. 

T)iomAilc, g. and pi. -AtcA, /., 
wasting ; CA t). AJI ATI uifce, 
the water is being wasted. See 

OiomAtcoiji, -OJIA, -6iriix)e, m., a 
spendthrift, a squanderer ; a 

"OiorhAoin, -e, a., idle, vain, empty, 
useless ; vainglorious ; not en- 
gaged ; unmarried: bpuit cu 
p6f CA no t)., are you married or 
single ? (Don.) ; x>iorhAoineA6, 

Oi'oniAOineAf, -mf, m., vanity, 
worthlessness, idleness. (In M. 
and in Con. sp. I., nom. -oio- 

OiomAf, -Aif and -Af A, TO., pride, 
arrogance ; SBAJAH An "OiomAif, 
John the Proud, Shane O'Xeill. 

OtomAfAc, -Aise, a., proud, 

T>i'o-riiAfUii5im, -UJA-O, v. tr., I 

T)iombAit>, -e, /., sorrow, pity ; 
dejection ; misfortune ; dis- 
appointment ; mo T>iornbAni, 
alas ! 

244 ) 


, --61 je, a., sorrowful, 
pitiable; ir TjiombAi-oeAC -oubAc 
l,iom, I am struck with sorrow 
and pity at. 

Th'ombAit, -e, /., thriftlessness, 
waste, squandering; CA t>. AIJI, 
it is being wasted. 

QiombAiteAC, -tije, a., wasteful, 

QiombAitim, vl. -oiombAtt, v. tr., 
I waste, squander. 

"Oiombl/Af, -Aif, m,, want of taste 
(for, A|i). 

T)iotnblAr CA, indec.a., sour, bitter, 

Oiomblovo, -e, /., malice, rancour. 

OiombuA-6, m., indignation, grief, 
displeasure. See -oiom-oA. 

"OiombuAxiAd:, -Ai^e, a., unsuccess- 
ful, unfortunate, unpleasant. 

OiombuAit), /., misfortune ; a 

OiombuAine, g. id.,f., transiency, 
frailty, perishableness. 

TM'ombviAn, -Aine, a., unsteady, 
transitory, fading, short-lived. 

"Oiombui-oe, g. id., f., ingratitude, 

T)iombui-6eAC, -TMJe, a., thank- 
less, ungrateful, dissatisfied 
(pron. in M. x>iombAox>Ac). 

T)iombuix>eACAf, -Atp, m., ingrati- 

OionroA, g. id., m., displeasure, 

Otom-oAC, -Aije, a., displeased, 
indignant, dissatisfied, unsatis- 
fied, vexed (with, -oe). 

T)io-tT>ol,A-6, -ttA, m., act of under- 
rating, disparaging ; dispraise. 

"Oto-tViot/Airn, -AX>, v. tr., I dis- 
parage, underrate. 

T)io-motcA, p. a., dispraised, re- 

*Oio-rholc6ift, -6fiA, -oi^nbe, m., a 

Oiotnp AC, -Ai^e, a., proud, haughty, 

"Oio-TTiuinre, p. a., ignorant, un- 

*Oion, g. -oin and x)ionA, pi. id., m., 
a cover ; thatch ; shelter ; pro- 
tection ; defence ; 50 

T)IA oion -ouir.n. 
may God protect us; act of p TJ 
tecting against (AJI) ; m., thatch, 

tDion, g. oin and oionA, m., til;; 
second hemistich of a verse in 
oAn TiifieAc, more commonl- 
called the COITIA-O. 

"OtonAc, -Aije, a., close-jointed ; 

"OiotiAcc, -A,/., security, tighten- 
ing, staunching. 

*OionA'o6i}i, -6|iA, -6i|iiT)e, m., a 
thatcher ; a protector. 

"OionAim, vl. oioti (otonuijuii 
-uJA-o), v. tr., I thatch, cover; 
protect, safeguard, secure, 

"Oion-Aijim, f., a place of refuge or 
shelter ; a military magazine. 

T)io-nAfCAim, -CAT>, v. tr. and intr., 
I loose, disjoin, set free, sepa- 

Oion-AtAi|i, in., a protector, a pro- 
tecting father. 

"Oion-bjiol/l/At, m., an apologia for 
a book ; an introduction or prc 

'OionjmAit, -AlA, a., worthy, fit, 

TMonjtriAit, -AtA, pi. id., /., an 
equal, a match. 

, indec. a., worthy, 
suitable, perfect, fit, confirmed ; 
steady, fixed, strong, staunch. 

-A, /., safety, 

security, steadfastness (-010115- 
, id.). 

-ptnfic, pJ. id..m., 
a garrison. 

< Oiot"itriA|t, -Aifie, a., safe, protected, 


'' "Oionn, g. t)inn, pi. -A, m., a fort- 
ress, fortified hill ; a hillock ; 
dim. oionnAti. 

OiontiAc, -Aije, /., the hair that 
grows on a person's body ; moss 
at the bottom of wells. 

TDiotinAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hillock. 

TD'ionnfuiT)e,f>rep.j)Ar., to, towards, 
unto. See ionnpuiT>e. 

Th'onuijim, -uJA'o, v. tr., I shelter, 


( 245 ) 


cover, protect, etc. See -oioti- 

TDionuijceoin, -OJIA, otfiixie, m., 
a protector. 

"OionuijceoineAcc, -A, f., protec- 
tion, guardianship. 

"OiojiAinn, spite, mischievous in- 
tent (Con.). See -oi.Atvo.Ain. 

OioftAmneAC, -11156, a., mischiev- 
ous, spiteful (Con.). 

ThofiAf Ad, -Aij;e, a., irascible (G. J.) 

"Oiofib, -ipoe, a., severe. 

OiojiJA, indec. a., direct, straight. 

OiofijjA-o, -SCA, m., act of direct- 
ing. See oi'tituJA-o. 

T)io|i5Aim, -JA-6, v. tr., I direct, 

OiojiJAr, -Air, m., righteousness, 

"OiopmA, g. id., pi. -nnA and -6A, 
m., a troop, crowd, multitude. 

T)iotttiuirc, -e, /., hastiness of 
temper, rashness, fierceness. 

Oiotifttnfe, a., rash, inconsiderate 

Diotiruijirn, -At>, y. tr., I move, 
adjust (myself) ; x>iofir 1115 CAJIC, 
said to a cow in Don. like CCAJ\- 
cuij, M. 

"Oiorc, -irce, -A., f., a barren 
person or animal ; barrenness, 
dryness (as of a fountain, etc.) ; 
CA ATI 66 AS "out i nt)i-pc, the 
cow is running dry, losing her 
milk ; CUAIX> An cobAfi i nx>irc, 
the well ran dry. 

"Oiorc, -irce, a., barren, dried up 
(as a well or a boast). 

T)iorcAt),-ccA, m., dryness, barren- 
ness ; a running dry, as wells 
of their water, or cattle of 
their milk ; ACA -oiorcA-o Aft 
An Aifineir, the cattle are run 
dry ; ACA oiofCA'6 Aft nA 
huifcfoib, the waters are run 
dry ; GAIT e j;An ot'orcA'6 -oe 
oeAjtAib, a never-failing Hood of 

"DiofCAim, -A-6, v. intr., I run bar- 
ren or dry (as wells, etc.) ; I dry 
up, as a fluid. 

'Oio-rcAoiteAti, -Ice, m., <| >r 
ation, unloosing. 

"OiofCAn, -Atn, }., harsh grating 
sound, creaking ; a gnashing of 
the teeth ; a chewing of the cud ; 
somet. giorcAn. 

DtOfCAn, -Ain, in ., a handful, a 

"OiorcAji, -Aip, m., the rabble, the 

"OiortA, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a die. 

T)i'ortAnn, -Ainne, -nnA, /., a 
dice box. 

T)io-f musAim, -5A-6, v. tr., I clean 
the nose ; I snuff a candle. 

T)iorpoit>, -e, -BACA, /., a dispute, 
debate, contention. 

"OiorpoineAC, -oije, a., disputa- 
tive, contentious, deliberative. 

TM'orpoitteAcc, -A, /., reasoning, 
disputation, argument. 

'Oiorpoifnrn, --peAdc, v. tr., I 
reason, dispute. 

"Oioc, prep.prn., 2 s., off thee, from 
thee ; emph. -OIOC-^A. See prep. 

OiocAd, -Aite, a., condemnatory, 

"OioCAit, -AlA, pi. id. and-AlACA,/., 
an indictment, an accusation. 

"Oio-cAnbAC, -Aije, a., unprofit- 
able (also T>io-cAitbeAc). 

"Oioc-doniAlt, -Aitt, m., non- 
fulfilment of contracts ; dis- 

'Oioc-tAictntim, -IUJAX), v. tr., I 
consume, destroy. 

OfotfiAm, -Aim (prop. T)iciteAb), 
pi. id., m., a wilderness, a desert. 

"Oioc-f lAince, g. id., f., ill-health. 

Oi'oc-flAinceA6, -cije, a., un- 
healthy, sickly. 

TDiocuJA-o, -uijce, m., act of 
destroying ; destruction. 

"OJoctnjirn, -U^AXI, v. tr., I destroy, 

Oioc-utriAl, -tiiLA, a., proud, 

"Dip, -e, -i-oe, /., a net (also ipinn 
and x)ipinn). 

, gen. id.,f., what is due ; A -6., 
his due. 

ilteAt, -jiije, a., direct, straight, 
just, sure, exact; SAC(A) nxn'fteAt, 
directly ; -oi'tisAd -oornAn, just 


( 246 ) 


exactly ; if e<vo 50 
just so. 

T)t-tieirneAC, -tnije, a., erring, 
straying, declining (ffN.). 

Oifiijitn, -iuJA-6, v. tr. and intr., 
I guide, lift up, straighten, 
direct; intr., with AJI, I set 
about a thing, I attack, I scold, 
abuse; 1 "set at" one; -oo 
oitiijeAf AIJI, I set about 
abusing him ; x>o oifiijeA'OAii 
mo fmuAince AJI beic oom' 
Cft-ix), my thoughts began to 
trouble me. 

"Dip, -e, /., couple, pair, two (per- 

"OipbeASA-o, -SEA, m., scorn, con- 
tempt, belittlement. 

"OifbeASAitn, -5^-6, v. tr., I pro- 
fane, scorn, reject, contemn, 

Difce, g. id., /., sterility, barren- 

THpciti, -eye, a., fierce ; nimble, 
active, sudden. 

), -e, /., discretion. See 

ijce, p. a., divested, dis- 

Oirte, g. id., f. loyalty, devotion. 

See -oilf e. 
"Oiple, g. id., pi. -ti-oe, /., a die ; 

in pi. dice. 
"Oif^exvcc, -A,y., faithfulness, love, 

friendship, loyalty (oitp CACC). 
OirliseAc, -jije, a., deviating, 

t)iftiSim, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I con- 

secrate (to, x>o) ; I renounce. 
TM'flijirn, -IUJA-O, v. tr., I hide, 

put out of the way. 
'OiftiuJA'o, -ijte, m., act of re- 

nouncing, a renunciation ; act of 

consecrating, a consecration. 
T)ic- (negative prefix), indicates 

want, deficiency. 
t)it, -e,/., loss, hurt, harm, injury, 

detriment, damage, destruction, 

ruin ; want, need ; deficiency, 

defect; if tjic tiom, I pity; TA 

pe T)O T>IC onm, I need it. 
"Oit-ctiei-oeArii, m., unbelief, infi- 

delity. See oi-6tteix>eAtTi. 

"OiceAii, -cije, a., deficient, dis- 

tressed, indigent. 
TM'ceAc, -cij, -cije, m., & pauper. 
"Otcpiji. See x)eicbift. 
T)itieAccui-6e. jSee-oileACCUfoe. 
"OicjteAb, -eibe, -eAbA,/'., a retreat, 

a cell for a hermit ; a hermitage, 

a wilderness. 
"OicjteAbAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a her- 

mit, a pilgrim ; a miserable per- 

T)icfieo|iAC, -Aije, a., devoid of 

T)iu, temp. abl. of T>IA, a day, in 

phr. 1 rroiu, A nr>iu (Amu, 

itroiu, Aniu-6), to-day, now. See 


T)iu, of, of or from them (obs.). 

OiubjiACAT*, -Aicte, m., act of 
shooting, hurling, brandishing. 

OiubjiAicim, -ACA-6, v. tr., I shoot 
arrows ; I brandish, shake, 

"Oiuc, g. T)iuic, m., pip (in hens) ; 
a word used in calling hens (also 
ciuc in this latter use) ; An TJIUC 
tonriAc, confound you ; a stoop- 
ing of the shoulders. 

"Civic, -A, -AtitiA, m., an elf, a fairy 
( W. Ker.). 

QIUCA-O, -CCA, m., the cackling of a 

"OiucAip, /., ache (N, Con.). 

"OiucAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., the wind- 
pipe ; a wind-pipe of a goose, 
etc., used as a musical instru- 
ment; a musical reed, made 
from a blade of straw by 
cutting a tongue in it close to 
one joint, while the next joint is 
cut off (also -oeocAn). 

T)iur)An, -Ain, m., giddiness. 

T)iu-oAiiAC, -Aije, a., giddy. 

"OiuSAim, -A-6, v. tr., I drink off, 
drain out, drink freely. See 

"OiujAi-pe, g. id., pi. -jti-oe, m., a 

crier, a wheedler, a coaxer ; 

a bawler ; a drinker ; a strangler 

*Oiuj;Ai|ieAcc, -A., /., draining to 

the dregs ; coaxing, beseeching 



( 247 ) 


, -SAIL, v. tr., I suck, 

drain to the dregs. 
"Oiuic, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a duke, 

prince, leader. 
Diui-o, a pipe (for smoking), a 

short pipe ; the stump ; a cad ; 

dim. oiuroin, id. 
TMUI-O, -e, a., tender-hearted, 

flexible, mild, modest, bashful, 

T)iuit>e, g. id., /., flexibility ; 

tenderness of heart. 
"Oiuifi, -e, /., a drop; ni't oiuiji 

OAtnne AJ; TIA buAib, the cows 

have not a drop of milk (Ker.) 

(connected with oeoft). 
"Oiul, g. oiuit, m., a sucking. See 


OiulAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., a busy- 
body, an intruder ; a wag 

(P. O'C.) ; a fellow, a chap (U.) ; 

any small animal or fish (Con.) ; 

also -oeolAC (Don.). 
OiulAim. See -oeolAim. 
"OiulcAc, -Aije, a., fond of for- 
saking or refusing. 
QiulcA-o, -CCA, m., refusal, rejec- 
tion ; act of delaying, refusing. 
OiutcAi-6eA6, m., the alimentary 

canal (also oiutcAc). 
"OiulcAim, -CAT), v. tr., I deny, 

oppose, renounce, abandon (with 

TOO) ; I jilt. 
Oiulrui5im, -UJA-O, v. tr., I deny, 

refuse, opjipse, renounce (with 

oo). See -oiulcAim. 
T)iulcui5ceAc, -tije, a., negative. 
t)iufi, -uijte, a., hard, difficult (Lat. 

Thu^A, in phr. 6'n bpeAHHA 50 

t)iufiA, from head to foot (^V. 

DiuftiAri, -Ain,pl. id., m., a gulph, 

a drop of drink swallowed. 
t)iu)inui5im, -nAm, v. tr., I gulph 

down, swallow, drink, drain ; 

AjtMujinAtT) An copAin, draining 

or emptying the glass. 
OtAJ, -Aije, /., a small handful ; 

a lock or hair. See -olAoi. 
T)lAoi, g. id., pi. -te,f., a lock of 

hair ; a wisp of flax (nom. also 

OtAoi-polc, m., the hair of the 

head (poet.). 
"OlAoiceAc, -cije, a., in locks (of 

the hair). 
T>IACAC, -Ai5e, a., in locks (of the 

"OleAcc, -A, -AtitiA, /., a law, a 

right ; custom, due, a toll. 
"OleAccAC, -Aij;e, a., lawful, right, 

proper (x>leAcc also ia used as 

"OleAccAitn, -CAX>, v. tr., ladjudge, 

exact, decide. 
"OleAccAifie, g. id., pi. -finbe, m., 

a toll or custom collector ; a 

"OteAdcoifi, -6fiA, -oniixie, m., a 

law-giver, a tax-collector. 
"Olije (olijeAt)), g. id. and -oLi^i-o, 

pi. x>ii5ce, m., a law, regulation, 

dues, right, ordinance. (THije 

=x>ti5eAx>, genly. m., but somet. 
^e, like r tite,/., as i O 
otije, W. Ker.) 

, -jije, a., lawful, legal, 

regular, formal. 
OtijjeAC, -515, m., a legislator. 
"OlijjeAcc, -A, /., legality, legiti- 


'OtijeA'o. See -otije. 
XJlijeA-ooi^i, -6pA, -6i|ti-6e, m., a 

lawyer ; a barrister. 
"OlijeAtDoifteAcc, -A, /., act of 

making laws. 
T)li5im, -JCA-O, v. tr., I owe, 

deserve ; I appoint by law, 

command ; in pass, impers., it is 

lawful, one has a right, it is in- 

cumbent on ; otisim AI^CA^O 

01 oc, thou owest me money. 
TDtijceAtriAil, -mlA, a., lawful, 

"OLijteoiji, -O]IA, -oijtiToe, m., a 

lawyer, a wrangler. 
"OLifceAnAc, -Aije, a., lawful, 

legitimate, normal, right, proper 

(somet. -olif-cionAc). 
"OLifceAnAdc, -A, /., legality. 
T>ltpconA6. See nlifceAtiAc. 
"OLoccAn, -Ain,^. id., m., a strainer, 

a colander. 
Qtuije, <j. id., /., sepivration, divi- 

sion, dispersion. 


( 248 ) 


, -uije, v. tr., I prepare, 
divide, separate, scatter. 

"OLuitri, -e,/., a thick cloud ; smoke, 
darkness ; a blaze of fire. 

X)Luit, -e, a., close, dense, tight, 
near, thickly-set ; sincere, stead- 
fast (used as prefix instead of 
otut before syll. with slender 

Otvhce, g. id., f., closeness, com- 
pactness, narrowness. 

"OtuiteAC, -cije, a., close, com- 

T)tviit-iA l 6cA, a., closely or firmly 

T)luic-neAtt, -neitt, -neAttcA, m., 
a dense cloud. 

Otuf, -uif, m., enough, sufficiency 
(also x>turii). 

T)tui, g. id. and otuit, pi. id., m., 
the warp in weaving ; an en- 
closure ; a cloister. 

*Oluc, -vhce, a., close, dense, com- 
pact, firm ; earnest. See otuii. 

QtutAcc, -A, /., act of weaving, 
joining together. 

OlucAt)6in, -6ftA, -oijn-oe, m., a 
warper ; a joiner ; a closer ; a 

"OtucAf, -Aif, m., nearness, close- 
ness, compactness ; preparation: 
cuift pe x>. te, he made prepa- 
ration for. 

T)tuc-cAOin, -e, a., gently compact 
(of eyebrows) (E. E.). 

'Olucuijim, -CU3A-6, v. tr. and 
intr., I warp ; I draw close to ; 
I join, press together, pack ; I 
embrace (with te) ; -otucuij 
tiom, come close to me, embrace 

"Oo-, T>6- ODOI-, -061-) (1) negative 
prefix (before adj.), ill-, un-, in-, 
dis- ; often implies difficulty or 
impossibility : -oo-6eAncA, hard 
to be done, impossible ; is com- 
bined with genitive of substan- 
tives to form adjectives : TJO- 
pAifneife, unspeakable ; (2) 
intensive prefix (before aubst. or 
adj.), very, exceedingly. 

"Do, subst. form of numeral, two ; 
An TJO, the two ; when used 

with noun, becomes T>A ; f. A 66, 

t)o, sign of the past tenses ; verbal 
particle used in perfect tense ; in 
act., aspirates ; in pans., does 
not aspirate, but prefixes h- to 
vowels; is somet. prefixed to 
cond.; in comb, with ni and 50, 
jto is used for -oo, hence niofi, 
Sup, tiAtt, ic. 

"Do, poss. prn., (inflecting), thy; 
before vl., used as the subj. 
of an intrans. or the obj. of a 
trans. ; '-oo (often for it>'), in 

*O6, prep, prn., to him, to it (m.) ; 
for him, for it ; emph. -oo-f An. 
See -oo, prep. 

T>o, prep, prefix in comp. verbs, as 
oo-cim, TDo-beijum, -|c. 

Qo, prep, [in pronom. combina- 
tions, x>Am (DAm still in Ulster, 
as in the early modern literary 
usage), -ouir, t>6, -ot (/.), x>umn, 
oAotfo, x>6ib ; DAm with the 
emphatic f A becomes generally 
OAth-f A ; "OAib is poet, for ooiB ; 
DID is often used for -OAOIO], to, 
for. This particle has very 
varied applications with the 
dative case ; after adjectives it 
expresses involuntary relations, 
as distinguished from voluntary 
relations expressed by te : thus, 
if mAic -oArn, it is good for me, 
but if mAic tiom, I like ; if 
eAjjAt 06, he should fear ; if 
CAjAt teif, he fears; if eijm 
06, he must, etc. ; after adj. like 
mcnemce, proper to be believed, 
etc. ; if mcftei-oce x>6, he should 
believe ; used after substantives 
and verbs as dativus com/modi : 
it e fin t>uic f em, eat that (for 
yourself) ; CUAIX> fe cum fuime 
66, he profited by it ; in adv. 
clauses like 1 njAft "oo, near to ; 
1 op 050 f x)o, id. ; used in geni- 
tive sense or poss. prn. : CAT> if 
Ainm T)uic, what is your name? 
used of agent after verbals : CAJI 
eif CBACC -06, after he had come ; 
iAf mbeic AS feAf Arii -06, as he 

( 249 ) 

stood, etc. ; after verbs of grant- 
ing, bestowing, promising, dis- 
playing, permitting, happening, 
etc. : -oo jeAtt fe Aif.5eAX> 
OAni, he promised me money ; 
sometimes the verb is omitted : 
ni mAft fin OAth-f A, that is not 
the case with me ; CATJ e fin 
OAtn-f A ? what is that to me ? 
used in adverb., prep., and conj. 
phrases, as, oom -oeoin, with my 
will ; -oo jnAC, usually ; t>o jieif. 
mo cuAif.ime, in my opinion; 
oom' '6615, as I think ; -oo fioft, 
continually ; -oo( = -oe) bf.ij 50, 
because ; X>'A 6-pxiim -pin, because 
of that; -o'eAgtA 50, lest, for 
fear that ; x>o tAtAiji, in the 

. presence of ; used with dative to 
express instrument : t>ut>.Aif.cfe 
50 n^eobA-6 fe -oo'n fpeit AIJI, 
he said he would assault him 
with the scythe; 45 gAbAit to 
cof Aib Ann, trampling on, kick- 
ing it ; after verbs of motion : 
CUA1-6 fe xio'n SpAin, he went 
to Spain ; to express the time in 
which an event occurred: tAT>'A 
fAbAf, -jc., on a day as I was, 
etc. ; x>o to if o'oi'oce, night 
and day ; used in a partitive 
sense (=x>e): fmuc t>o tiiAi'oe, 
a piece of a stick ; of or con- 
cerning (=T>e) : tAOf-Ann fe T>O 
5f.Af A, he speaks of grace ; used 
as a prefix to the vl., both tr. and 
intr. ; with the intr. vl. x>o is 
used only when the subject of 
the vl. is expressed immediately 
before : thus, \>o b'Ait teif nA 
fift t)o out A bAite, he liked 
that the men should go home, 
but -oo b'Ait teif ATI bpeAf, -out 
A bAite, the man liked to go 
home; with tr.vl.: tucc cijce 
oo oeAnAtii, builders of houses ; 
jreAft nA nx>An -oo deApA-6, the 
man who composes poems. See 
x>e, prep. 

Qo-Aibf CA6, -f ije, a., sad, gloomy. 
See tjUAibf BAG. 

Oo-AijneAfAC, -Aije, a., indis- 

"Oo-Ai-firiieAC, -rinje, a., innumer- 
able, not easily counted. 

T>6-AifCf.i5ce, p. a., immovable. 

"Oo-Aicftifce, p. a., unspeakable. 

Oo-Attiuijte, a., immutable. 

T)ob', for -oo bA, it was ; t>o bu-6, 
it would be; past and cond. of 
assertive v. if. See if. 

T)6bA-6, -buijce, m., the act of 
plastering ; daubing. 

'OobAim, -A-O and -b<\it, v. tr., I 
plaster ; daub. 

T)o-DAmce, p. a., hard to be 
plucked, mown, or dug. 

T)obAi|i, -e, a., obscure, dark, foul. 

T)6bAif., in phrase like, bA -cobAi^i 
OAm e A 6AfCA-6, I almost 
wounded him (prob. a corruption 
of t)'f obAif.). See f.6bf,Aim. 

T)oDAin-ceo, -deoij;, m., a dark 

T)o-bAifeA6, -fise, a., undying, 

T)o6Ati, -Ai}i, pi. id., m., water, 

T)obAf.-cu, /., an otter, a water- 
dog ; pron. t>6bf.ACu in Co. 
Donegal and used of a mythical 
animal like an otter. 

TDo-beif im, v. irreg., tr. (see Parad.), 
I give, cause, often with uAim, 
etc., I give away; -oo-bei|iim 
AJAi-6 AJI, I look towards, I face, 
I make tor ; ucc Afi, I 
set about; no-beif-im mitiiu^A-o 
Af., I explain ; -oo-beif-im Ainuf 
Afi, I attack ; x>o-t>eif;im mo 
bAnnA, I promise solemnly ; -oo- 
betjiim 1 jctnthne, i ntjeAfmAT), 
jc. I remember, forget, etc. ; I 
give (beAnnAcc oo, a blessing 
to); with f.A, oo-beifiim fOJA 
f AOI, I attack him ; oo-beijtim 
fA T)eAfA, I observe (see -oeAf-A). 
Note. The prefix -oo is generally 
omitted or slurred over in speak- 
ing, but even then the aspiration 
of b makes this verb essentially 
different from beipim. 

T)obf,Acc, -A, /., gloominess, cold 
manner, sullenness. 

OobfiAt), -f-uijte, m., wetness, 


( 250 ) 


T)ob)(6n, g. -bf.6in ; pi. id., m., 
(great) sorrow, grief, sadness, 

OobjiotiA6, -xMJe, a., (very) sorrow- 
ful, mournful, melancholy, sad, 

T)o-&ui-6eA6Af, -Aif , m., thankless- 
ness, ingratitude. 

"Oo-bvH-oeAn, /., an evil company. 

T>OCA(T>), -Aije, a., likely, probable, 
rather; if -0664 50 -ociocfAiT) 
fe, it is probable that he will 
come ; if -oocAije guft fioc & 
oeAnf.Ai-6 fe, it is more likely 
that it will freeze. 

"OocAije, the more likely or prob- 
able (cf. tnif ci-oe, etc.) ; also 

t)ocAif.eAf, -f;if , m., harm, damage, 

T)o-6Aitce, p. a., worn with diffi- 
culty ; enduring. 

t)6cATriAt,, -riiAit, TO., distress, dis- 
comfort, difficulty ; nA cuiji An 
focAriiAt/ ftoini Art -oocAtriAt, 
prov. = business before pleasure. 

T>6cAnitA6, -Aije, a., painful, 
hard, difficult. 

T)6cAriitA6c, -A,/., difficulty, hard- 
ship, trouble. 

T)o-6Aot, -cAoite, a., very strict. 

T)ocAfi, -Aift, pi. id,, TO., misfortune, 
hardship, damage, harm, hurt, 
loss, mischief; debit. 

"Oo6.Aji.A6, -Aije, a., narrow, diffi- 
cult, uncomfortable ; intricate. 

T)66Af, -Aif, m., hope, expecta- 

T)66AfA6, -Aij;e, at, confident, 

"Oo-6eAtinf A6, -Aije, a., head- 
strong, unruly, inflexible. 

T)o-ceATinf ACC, -A, f., obstinacy, 

"Oo-ceitnmuj;A'6, -mjce, TO., diffi- 
cult marching or journeying. 

"Oo-cim, v. irreg., tr. (see Parad.) 
(somet. AC-cim or ATJ-CIU), I see ; 
t)o-ciceAfi tinn, I see, I observe, 
I notice ; -oo-ct'ceAji x>Am, it 
seems to me. 

"Oo-ctAoroce, p. a., indefatigable, 
invincible, unconquered. 

< Oo-6tAoi i 6ceAcc, -A, f. , invinci- 

Oo-ctuinmi, v. irreg., tr. (see 
Parad.); the prefix xio is not used 
after AH (interrog.), 50, ni, and 
its place is often taken by AC ; 
I hear, listen to; An gcloifci 
(pron. 'gcloifci), do you hear 
that (or that person) ? just listen 
to that (or to him) ! said in sur- 
prise or contempt. 

TDocmA, g. id., TO., harshness, 
surliness ; weakness. 

"OocmA, indec. a., surly, morose ; 
weak, impotent, powerless. 

'Oo6mAcc, -A, /. moroseness, sur- 
liness, inhospitality (also weak- 
ness, want of power). 

*Oo-coitritTieAfCA, indec. a., incom-t 

T)o-coimfi5ce, p. a., incomprehen- 

T>o-coifcte, a., indocile, unre- 
strained, wicked ; oocoifc, id. 

T)o-conAC, m., adversity, mis- 
chance, misfortune. 

T)6-co|if.wiS^ e ) P- a -> immovable, 

T)o6tiAc, -Aije, a., grievous, hurt- 
ful, injurious. 

T)ocfiA6c, -A, /., difficulty, dis- 
agreeableness, impracticableness. 

'OocjiAi'd, -e, a. dark, gloomy, 
obscure; close, rigid, severe; 
spiteful, envious. 

"OocfiAi-oe, g. id.,f., slavery ; dis- 
tress, trouble. 

T>o6f.Af, -Aif, TO., hurt, harm, 

O6-cftoix>eA6, -Tnje, a., double- 
hearted, generous ; daring (OW.). 

T)oc|mi5im, -UJA-O, v. tr., I dis- 
quiet, discompose. 

"Oocc, -oicce, a., tight, strict, stiff, 
hard, close. 

Ooccuif, -uf A, -i-oe, TO., a doctor, 
a physician ; TJ. gAn eotAf , a 
quack doctor ; -ooccuifi (Don.). 

"OoccuijACAcc, -A, f. act or pro- 
fession of healing ; jle Af "006- 
cuineAccA, medical appliances. 

"Oo-cuAfctnjce, p. a., unsearch- 


X)ocum, comp. prtp. yoctrn. y., 
towards, unto, to (with motion) ; 
oocum 50, in order that. See 

T)o-cumAnnA6, -Aije, a., faithless, 
unkind, unfriendly. 

'Oo-cumtA, p. a., ill-shapen; 
formed with difficulty. 

"Oo-cu\\tA,p.a., hard to be uttered, 
hard to be set ; T>. r fop , hard to 
be put into the pot. 

"Don, g. ooix), m., anger, passion, 
displeasure ; A5 out pe x>ox>, 
getting angry or cross. 

QOTIAC, -A15C, a., displeased, vexed, 
angry ; bo X)., a cow that spills 
her milk. 

"OoxiAijie, g. id., pi. -ftit>e, in. a 
sulky, dogged fellow. 

T>6--6eA5, num., twelve. 

Oo-x>eAlt>AC, -^156, a., ill-shaped, 
deformed, ugly. 

X)o--6eAntA, p. a., hard to be done, 

Oo-x>eAncAp, -Aip, m. , impossi- 
bility, impracticability. 

'Oo-'ouine, g. id., pi. -x>Aoine, m., 
an evil person. 

"Oo-pASAlA, indec. a., rare, diffi- 
cult to be found ; An tp eoix> x>o- 
pASAla 'pi T Ailne, the rare 
jewel is the fairest. 

T)o-pAicpeAn4, indec. a., invisible. 

T)o-pAicpeAnAC, -Aije, invisible. 

T)o-pAipneipe, indec. a., unspeak- 
able, indescribable. 

Oo-peicp inc, /., invisibility. 

"Oo-peicpionAc, -Aijje, a., invisible 
(also oo-pAicpeAnAd). 

Oo-poltupAc, -4156, a., vague, 
indistinct, not clear. 

T)o-pulAin5eA6c, -A, f., insuffer- 

"Oo-pulAnjcA, a., insufferable, 
intolerable, grievous. 

"OoJAXt, g., x>6i5te, pi. OOJCA, m., 
a burning, a conflagration. 

"OoJAXi-boLj, ?.,the colic ; prop., 

"Oo^AX) cfonie, m., the heart- 

OoijAilpe, g. id.,f., woe, anguish, 

, -AX), v. tr. and intr., I 

"Oo-jeioim, v. irreg. tr. (see Parad.), 
I get, find ; puAiji f e bAf, he 
died ; with 6, I get something 
from a person ; ni ptiAip AOtnne 
UAim An pceAt t>'innfinc, no 
one persuaded me to tell the 
news ; followed by vl. = I can, 
I am able, I am permitted ; ni 
pAJjAinn -out Ann int>iu, I would 
not be able (or would not be 
permitted) to go there to-day ; 
nt pA5Ainn ionnAm pem e 
triAfibAX), I could not bring my- 
self to kill him ; with AJI, of 
indirect object after words like 
locc, pAill, T>eiiriin : puAi)i pe 
locc AIJI, he found fault with 
him ; puAip pe pAitt Aifi, he 
found an opportunity of attack- 
ing him, etc. ; cionnup seibeAnn 
cu iu pem 1 nx>iu, how are 
you to-day (how do you find 
yourself), cf. ip sujt ptiioc 50 
pAnn-tAr -opeAm nA h6i|ieAnn, 
for the Irish people weie pros- 
trate (D. R.~) ; pASAit Am Ad, 
to find out ; An Bpuilip 45 
pA5Ait nA ptAmce 50 mAic ? 
are you in good health ? puAifi 

e An slAp x>o GAmc AnuAp, 
e succeeded in taking off the 
lock ; cionnup puAip pe Ann 
pem e -oeAnAm ? how did ho 
bring himself to do it ? 
"OostuAipce, p. a. impossible to be 
shaken, hard to move, self- 
willed, stubborn. 

Oo-snim, v. irreg. tr. (see Parad.), 
I make, cause, do, create, used 
with a variety of objects, thus : 
A5 -oeAnAm co^ilce, hiding ; 
A5 T>. cAoince, weeping ; A5 n. 
, repenting ; AS -o. 0105- 
injuring ; A5 -o. buAix>- 
-6 Am, troubling me, etc., 
etc. ; with preps. AJI, -oe, no, tie, 
governing indirect object ; with 
Afi (without a direct obj.), x>o 
oem (Jf.) p6 AI^I, he approached 
him ; (with direct obj.), generally 
in the sense of inflicting evil on ; 


( 252 ) 


jiinne f e peAtl AIJI, he behaved 
treacherously towards him ; with 
oe, I make one thing of another : 
oo ^mneAf bto-ocjtACA ne, I 
broke it in fragments ; x>o fiinne 
f e fii "oe, he made him king ; oo 
pinne f e ion5nAT> oiom, he was 
astonished at me, etc. ; with -oo, 
I do good or evil to, the direct 
objects being generally words 
like -oocAfi, oiojbAit, tnAiteAf, 
pojjnAtii, CJIUAJ, etc. ; with te, 
I act or behave towards one, 
CAX> ~oo o^Atif.A'o teAC, what 
shall I do with you ; with adj., 
oo ftintie fe oeAjij e, he made 
it red ; with vl., oo funne fe e 
pem no nijje, he washed him- 
self, etc. ; used intrans. in 3 a. 
with -oe ; T>O -pinne ftiAb moft 
01, it became a great mountain 
(Kea. T. S.) ; no -oein ceo -D'A 
cnAriiAib, his bones became dust 

T)o-5nuifeAC, -pje, a., ill-featured, 
ugly, repulsive, sour-faced. 

T)o5jiA, g. id., m., misery, sickness, 
sorrow, sadness ; stupidity, 
sloth ; act of grieving, lament- 
ing; cf. 45 -OOJIIA Ajuf Ag 
x>eA-cAoineA-6 (Kea.~). 

inn. -e, -eACA,/., affliction, 
calamity, anguish, perplexity, 
fear, danger ; 45 T)eAnArii T)O5- 
pAinne, grieving ; i ntJosiiAinn 
A AnmA cAit/LeAriiAinc, in dan- 
ger of losing his life. 

Ooj^AinneAC, -mje, a., full of 
misery, vvoful, painful, diffi- 

'OoJt'eAf, ad., for ever. 

Qoi-, X)6i- (x)o-) negative or inten- 
sive prefix. See -oo-. 

T)6ib, prep, pr., 3rd pi. , to them, 
for them; empJi. -ooio-feAti ; 
oAobcA, DAobcA-fAn (Don.). 
See prep. t>o. 

Ooib, -e, /., a daub, a plaster ; 
yellow clay, soft mud. 

T)oi-beAnc, -beijice, /., an evil 
deed, an ill turn. 

Doi-beAf, -A, pi. id., m., a bad 
habit, an ill custom. 

T)oi-5eAf AC, -Aije, a., ill-mannered, 

"Ooi-bfiiACAfi, m. and f., an evil 

T)oi-bfiir eA-6, -fee, m., act of com- 

pletely smashing (E.R.). 
T)oic, -e, -eAiinA, /., a strain, a 

difficulty; ailment, pain, disease ; 

mo -6., alas ! note cjwoe, heart 

disease (Ker.). 
T)oic, -e, a., soon, quick, swift, 

early (used for tnoc in Wat.) ; 

com t)oic Ajuf, as soon as. 
T)6ic, hope, etc, See "oois. 
T)oice, g. id., f., quickness, activity. 
T)oiceAtl, -cill, m., inhospitable- 

ness, churlishness ; a grudge ; 

T)oiceAttAC, -Aije, a., inhospit- 

able, boorish, churli&h. 
*Ooi-ceAnnfA, a., headstrong, 

"Ooi-ceAnnftiijte, p. a., untame- 

able (O'N.). 

T)6iceA|inAc, -Aije, a., biangular. 
T>oi-cmeotl, a., low-born. 
T)oicteAc. See -ooiceAttAc. 
TJoictije, g. id., /., inhospitable- 

ness, churlishness. 
T>oi-cttei i ofin, /, unbelief, in- 

T)oi-ctiei-oce, a., improbable, in- 

T)oi-ctiiocnui5ce, p. a., intermin- 

able, not to be ended. 
T)oi-c|iiofCA, p. a., ungirdable 

"Ooicce, g. id., f., tightness, strict- 

ness, scantiness, poverty. 
J O6ix>, -e, pi. id., f., the hand, the 

closed fist ; x>. mofi monA, a big 

sod of turf. 
"Ooi-o-cteAc, -cteite, /., a poet. 

word for the hand (wattle-hand) 

TtoroeAC, -Tiije, a., quarrelsome, 

'Ooi-'oeAlbAc, -^136, a., ill- 

T)oi-T>eAncA, p. a., impossible. See 

t)oi--6i'Li5ce, p. a., indigestible 



o6ro-tAm, -tAime, pi. -tAmA, /., 

a knotted hand ; a hand. 
"Ooi-eA-ojiAnA, -156, a., impene- 

trable, irresistible. 
T)oi-eottf (prop. gs.), a., ill- 

guided or unguided ; trackless. 
T>oi-pfteA5A]tcA, p. a., unanswer- 

able, difficult to be answered. 
T>oi-pjieAfCAit (prop, gs.), a., un- 

serviceable ; destructive. 

f^o'S' 9- - e >p- - e > an( -ceAdA,., a 
pang, a stitch, a sharp shooting 
pain ; T>. lonn AC, a pang in you, is 
a usual bad wish ; T>. imteACAin, 
colic; tofCATi t>oije, a heart- 
burn ; pron. "0015 in M., the 
wordx>ACACA(x>oi5ceACA), rheu- 
matics, is a pi. form of this word. 

"Ooij, -e OOAIJ), /., trust, hope, 
confidence ; opinion, judgment, 
conjecture ; testimony (pron. 
OAIJ in U.) ; 1 rraoij te, in the 
hope of ; T)A|t TTOOIJ, of course, 
no doubt ; if 0615 te, he thinks 
it likely, he is sure, he supposes, 
thinks, imagines ; if t)6it ro, 
no doubt that, it is probable 
that; if 0615 tiorn juji b'eAt), 
I suppose it is ; as coiy. in phr., 
if 0615, however, indeed, but : 

"6l}1lt IfCCAC," "ni flACAT), 1f 

"6it,' "go in," "but I will 
not ; 'f BAT) if "0615, well now, 
very good ; bA "6615 teAC OJICA, 
~]c., one would fancy from their 
conduct, etc ; somet. ooin, as in 
phrase if -coin (M.). 
0615, -e, /., manner, fashion, 
method, state, condition, way, 
means, livelihood; CA A "ooij fein 
AJ JAG AOinne, ACC CA T>A T>6i5 
AS AJI nfiAt)monn-nA, ever}' one 
lias his own way,butourEdmond 
has two ways ; CAti p. uit mo 6615 

iri A t>eic, no prince 
or king is in my circumstances, 
and it is better for him not to 
be (proverb). "Ooij is used in 
U. in phrases like the following : 
Aji An t>6ij fin, in that way ; 
gAn ^0615, destitute; ^AOI eAf- 
DAI x> x>6 156, in want of means ; 

An "0615 ACA o]\r, wlint 
way are you ? how are you ? also, 
what way are you off? CA me 
A]i mo t 10 ^ 4 " o1 5 e ) I am i n ^c 
best of health ; CA me A-p "0615, 
I am " rightly " well ; f.eAfi AH 
0615, a fine man ; ni'L fcjiAic 
Aifi A|i T)6i5 nA X)ion, it is not 
properly "sera wed" or thatched ; 
CAix>e An "0615 ACA AIJI, is he 
well off? A^ -0615 A]\ bic, any- 
how, anyway. 

"0615, -e (T>Ai5), /., an object or 
thing to be hunted, frequented, 
to be meddled with, or made 
free with (P. O'C.) ; a place 
where one expects to find what 
one seeks ; cuAfcouij TOOIJ if An- 
0615 -oe, search it all, likely and 
unlikely places ; if m AIC An "0615 
bjiic An pott f Ain, that hole is a 
likely place for trout ; if otc An 
0615 pfiACAt-oe An bogAfi f Ain, 
that peat land is not likely to 
produce a good crop of potatoes ; 
nt hAon t>6i5 6, he is no joke, he 
is not to be trifled with (-ooijcin 
is used in the same sense). 

OoijeAriiAit, -AmtA, a., hopeful, 
confident, reliable ; respectable ; 
handsome, comely. 

"OoijeAmtAcc, -A, /., comeliness, 
respectability, decency ; hope- 
fulness ; probability, likelihood. 

T)oi5eAti, -eif, pi- id., m., a spear, 
a dagger. 

0015 f. lACAt, /., the toothache. 

TJoijim, -jeA-o, v. intr., I confide, 
I hope (O'N.). 

Ooij-tiAj, /., a touchstone (O'N.). 

"Ooi-jniom, -A, pi. id. and -AJICA, 
m., an ill turn, an evil action. 

T)oi5niomA6, -Aije, a., injurious, 
malicious (O'N.). 

Ooijce, p. a., burnt. 

"Ooijcin (also -ooidin), something 
to be made free with, etc. ; ni 
hAon -ooijcin 6, he is no joke ; 
ni meAfAim -not) fopc ACC 
odijctn mAic, I do not think of 
you but as one not to be made 
tree with or trusted (song). 

Ooitft, -e, a., dark, dusky, gloomy ( 


( 254 


obscure ; pensive, sad, melan- 

"Ooilb-ceo, -ceoij, m., darksome 
fog ;Jig., sadness, mourning. 

"OoilbeAf, -btp, m., sorrow, afflic- 

tDoilbifi. -e, a., sad, dim, obscure, 

"Ooilbifie, g. id., /., darkness, 
gloom, dusk, sorrow, sadness. 

"Ooil.bfie.Acc, a. f., gloom, sad- 

*Ooi1bce, indcc. a., dark, occult, 

*Ooitbte, g. id. (x>oitbe), f., sor- 
cery, mystery, magic ; T>oitb- 

C6ACC, id. 

"OoiteAnn, -trie, -A /., an eddying 

'Ooi-leijjip (prop. gs. ), a., incurable; 
ooi-teijif ce, id. 

T)oi -teitrmije, t'rccfec. a., impassable. 

T)oi-teifi, -teijie, a., obscure. 

"Ooi-teifte, g. id.,f., obscurity. 

TDoi-leicfceAtcA, indec. a., in- 

TJoitg. See T)oitij. 

"OoiLje, g. id., f., sorrow, distress. 

T)oit5eAf, -jif, m., sorrow, afflic- 
tion, torment, melancholy. 

OoitjeAfAC, -Aij;e, a., sorrowful, 
afflicted, rueful, sad, melancholy. 

"Ooilij, -Ije, a., sad, sorrowful, 
grievous, distressful, sore, hard, 
troublesome, difficult. 

T)oim, -e, a., poor, miserable, 

"Oo-imeAlAcA, p. a., hard to be 
surrounded ; boundless, limit- 
less (O'N.). 

Ooi-rVieAfAX), -fCA, m., evil 
thought, disparagement. 

TDoi-riieArcA, a., inestimable ; un- 

Ooi-meAp race, -A, f., low estima- 

Ooi-triei-oiiijte,^). a., glum, cheer- 
less, hard to be made merry 

Ooi-tiiiAn, -tiieine, /., evil wish, 

tDoittun, -trine, a., deep (in all the 
senses of that word, as thought- 

ful, etc.) ; -ooirinin AJI, versed in, 
addicted to ; CA me AtvooiTnin 
Aft ATI tvnb, I am very fond d 
tea (Om.). 
"Ooirhne, g. id., pi. id., f., depth ; 

a deep pit. 

"OoimneAcc, -A, f., depth. 
T)oimneAf, -nif , m., depth ; degra- 
"Ooimnijirr^-mJAT), v.tfr., I deepen, 

hollow out. 

T>o-imceAccA, a., impassable. 
ToineAnn, -mnne, /., bad weather. 

storm, tempest. 
T)oineAtitiAC, -Aije, a., stormy, 

wintry, tempestuous. 
"OotneAnncA, a., stormy, wintry. 
T)oitieATincACC, -A,/., tempestuous 
weather; bpuAiji cu oomeAnn- 
CACC ? (Don.). 
T)oin5eAn, -gme, /., a species of 

fish, bass. 
"Ooimrri, -e, -nnn'oe, f., a blemish, 

a mould, a spot (O'N.). 
'OoininieAC, -nnje, a., blemished 

Ooinriujte, p. a., blemished 

T)oinriiim, -nieA-6, v. tr., I blemish, 

I stain, I speckle (O'N.). 
T)oinn-T>eAt<5, -eijije, a., reddish- 
dun, auburn. 

Ooirm-ionjnAC, -Aije, a., brown- 

T>o-innip ce, p. a., indescribable. 
"Oo-iompviijce, p. a., inconvertible. 
T>oipioji, -A, -CA, m., the scoop- 
shaped reticule used for getting 
the fish from the net into the 
boat (A., Tory). 

T)oi|ib, -e, a., displeased, dissatis- 
fied, morose, ill-natured, hard, 
unfavourable, grievous. 
"Ooitib, -e, /., an insect, a little 

worm. See -DAI jib. 
OoifibeAf, -bir, m., discontent, 

grief, anguish, sullenness. 
T)oi|ie, g. id., pi. -jn-oe, m., an oak 

grove, a wood, a thicket. 
"Ooi-fieit), -e, a>-, intricate, en- 

T)oi-jiei-6ci5re, p. a., irreconcil- 
able ; hard to solve. 


( 255 ) 


ce, p. a., hard to be 

OOI-JIIAJICA, p. a., implacable, 
unruly ; insatiable. 

"Ooi-pim, I copulate, as cattle ; 
used chiefly in ph. x>oi]ieAT> An 
66, the cow was bulled. 

OoifiioncA, indec. a., sullen, 

Ooifineoj, -0136, -054. /., a handle; 
a handstone ; a handful. See 

"Ooijinin, g. id., pi. -iT>e, m., one of 
the projecting handles of a 
scythe ; the head of a spade 
handle, etc. ; a little handful. 

T)6ijifeotti, -ofiA, -oijii-oe, m., a 
porter, a doorkeeper. 

"Ooijif eoijieAcc, -A, /., the office of 
a door-porter. 

"OoiticeAC, -cige, a., spilling, shed- 

Ooijicim, vl. oojicA'6, v. tr., I pour, 

?our out, spill ; shed (of tears) ; 
move, stir ; xiotfic, move, stir 
(Con.); ciji t)o ooijiceA-6 JM 
cofAib nA tneifiteAc, a land 
poured out under the feet of 
miscreants (O'Ra.). 

T)oi-fince, a., inductile. 

OoicceAtt. See ooiceAlt. 

T)oi-ceA5Aipc (prop, gs.), indocile. 

Ooi-tijeAfAd, -Aite, a., churlish, 
inhospitable ; cf. p 6Aji t>}iAe x>o- 
cijeAfAd, TIAJI liiAic tiom t>eic 
AS cfieAfuJA-o Aijt (Cork). 

X)6itin, g., t>6cnA, "oocAnA, and 
o6itine, /., sufficiency, fill, 
plenty, enough ; what is fitting 
or becoming ; it is frequently 
used with the pass. prns. : CA A 
o6irin xvijje, he has enough 
(hence, vulg., "he has his 
'nough ") ; CA -o6icm An 11105 
'fAn jjcApAtt r Airi > ^ a ^ horse 
is good enough for the king. 

"Oo-itce, a., hard to eat, inedible. 

"Dot, g. "ouit, pi. id. and -Aix>e, TO., 
a fishing net ; a snare, a knot ; 
a thole-pin ; the wooden peg 
stuck into the row-lock of a boat. 

QolA, g. id., pi. -AiTe, TO., a thole- 
pin, etc. See ool. 

, p. a., unspeakable, 


x), -e, /., damage, harm, 

OotAi-o, -e, a., hurtful, inju- 

rious, detrimental ; also ( = t>o- 

putAinj), insufferable. 
OotATri (ootAtJ), conj. or ad., still, 

always, all the time ; in N. Con. 

usually A -ootAtn or A T)6lAirii 

(Don. and Con.). 
T)6-lArii, /., a playing in pairs, as 

at cards ; imijiimi-OT>6-lAth, let 

us play in partnership (two in 

each party) (Con.). 
T)6-tAihAC, -Aije, ambidextrous. 
T>6lAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a small 

O6tAf, -Aif, TO., sorrow, tribula- 

tion, anguish ; melancholy ; -o. 

ctioix>e, affliction of heart. 
T)6tAf AC, -Aije, a., grievous, sad, 

T)o-lAfCA,2>.a., not easily lighted, 

not inflammable. 
T)ott>, -oitbe, /., sorcery. 
T)otbA, indec. a., bold, headstrong; 

jreAji -OAnA -ootbA, a bold, head- 

strong man (also -oAt-bA). 
T>otbAT>, -bcA, m., fiction, decep- 

tion, transformation. 
OotftAim, -A-O, v. tr., I transform 

(as by magic, etc.). 
T)ol,c|;utnAc, -Aije, a., grievous, 

T)o-tubcACC, -A,/., inflexibility; 

stubbornness, firmness. 
T)o-tuij;e, g. id., m., a long illness, 

used in imprecations as -oo-tuijje 

f AT) A O|1C. 

"Oom (also OAtn, t)Am), prep, prn., 
Is., to me, for me ; emph. -oorii- 
f A ; in Con. oom-f A. See prep. 

t)om. See prep, prns., t>om and 

"OotTiA-o, indec. ord., a., second ; as 
An oothAt) cuit) DCAJ, the 12th 

T)o-mAifeAC, -fije, a., ugly. 

QotnAn, -Ain, pi. id , and -CA, TO., 
the world, the earth, the uni- 
verse; ni peAt)A)i 'An x>oriiAn, I 


( 256 ) 


do not know at all ; ATI -ooriiAti 
ouine, with neg. (expressed or 
implied), no one at all (corrupt 
for -oeAriiAT) -ouine, " the devil a 
one " ) ; pe Aft tx e, however it 
be, in any case (JJ/.). 

T>otr>AT)-5f.Af. AX>, m., cosmography. 

"Oo-TtiAftbcA, a., immortal. 

T)o-tiiAtibcAcr, -A,/., immortality. 

T)omAf AC, -Aij, m., the light dry 
soil of a tilled field, " mossy 
ground " (Don.). 

T)otr>bt,Af, -Aif , m., gall ; ill-taste ; 
bile ; anger ; discontent ; a dis- 
ease in cattle; 'f e puA'OAc ATI 
CAIT; Aft An titJombtAf 6, what a 
catch it is I 

TtombtAfCA (also -ooblAfCA), 
indec. a., ill-tasting ; contempt- 
uous ; scornful. 

Oombvn-oeAc, -"oije, a., unthank- 
ful, ungrateful. 

OoriitiAc, -riAi5, pi. -TiAije and 
-mAncAije, m., Sunday ; a large 
house; a church; ThA'OotrmAij, 
on Sunday ; 1 nT)orrinAc, by the 
Sunday ! a mode of asseveration; 
TJorriTiAC tn6f., Donaghmore, Co. 

DoriinAittiti, g. id., m., a name for 
a small crab (Con.~). 

OoThriAT), -Ain,jpZ. id., m., a little 

T>o-triocui5eA6, -jije, a., imper- 
ceptible ; unfeeling. 

Oo-riiuccA, a., unquenchable. 

Oo-riiuiTice, a., ill-bred, ill-man- 
nered, unteachable. 

"Don, T)o'n, to the ; oonA=t>o TIA, 
in M. t>of TIA, to the, pi. 

T)otiA, indec. a., wretched, miser- 
able, unfortunate ; in bad health 
or condition. 

T)onAcc, -A, /., evil, badness ; AJ; 
out 'urn -OOT1ACCA, going to the 
bad (Con.). 

"OotiA-OAf, -Aif, m., evil, misery, 

"OotiAfoe, indec. a., miserable, 
wretched ; in low health ("I am 
very donny," is often heard). 

"OotiAi-oeAcr, -A, /., want of suc- 
cess, misfortune, badness. 

T)onAti, -AIT), pi. id., m., a kind of 
n'sh resembling ling. 

"OoriAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., an en- 
feebled person ; a mannikin (also 
ouTiAT) ; P. O'C. says it is dim. 
of -ouine, but this is unlikely). 

OonAf, -Aif, TO., bad luck, mis- 
fortune ; -co -oein fe ATI -ootiAf 
AIJI, he destroyed him (M.). 

"Oo-nijce, a., hard to be washed. 

"Dorm, in phr. -oirieAC "OOTITI, just 
exactly (perhaps for -oorriATi) : 
"Oonn, A ouine ! by Jove, man ! 
(T)onn was a celebrated fairy 
inhabiting sandbanks off the 
coast of Clare.) 

*Oorm, gsf. -ouiTine, brown, brown- 
haired ; t)OTin-bAl,tAC, brindled, 
having brown spots. 

T)OTin-5ottTn,-tiit<me, a., a brownish 

T)or)ri-tAft(Ac, -Aije, a., brown- 

"Oonnog, -6150, -OJA, /., a kind of 

fish ; a sea-dog. 

' ' * i_ 

tDonn-oij, -e, -OJA, /., a brown- 
haired maiden. 

T)OT>n--ffUAx>, -Aix>e, a., brown-red ; 
chestnut or bay colour. 

"Oontnjim, -uJAXt, v. tr., I injure, 
I make bad. 

T)o-pioccA, hard to be picked or 
collected (of potatoes, etc.}. 

Oo-ptAntrouijce, p. a., hard to be 
planted (O'N.). 

T)o-pl.Anui5re, p. a., hard to be 
planed (O'N.). 

T>o-pol,t,tii5te, p. a., impenetrable 

T)oftAin5eAc, -515^, cr., pain- 
ful, troublesome, unfortunate 
(T. G.). 

T>o-ttAnrif ui jce, p. a., inscrutable, 

TotiAf, -Aif,pL -ooitife, m., a door, 
a gate, an entrance ; a boundary ; 
oortAf Aij;ce, a front door ; 
oojiAf T)tiuiT)ce, a back door 
(Don.) ; T>of Af iA-6rA, back door 
(M. andCW); -ootiAf eAtuijce, 
a wicket, a door of escape ; 
oofiAf mo -p, a hall door or main 
entrance ; -oojiuf TIA ffiAi-oe, the 


( '257 ) 


front door ; T>OHU|- cuil, a back 

door ; cul-t). id. 
"OoficA, indec. a., dark, black, 

dusky ; hidden, secret, mysteri- 

ous ; shy, distant (opposed to 

f ubAilceAd) ; malignant. 
"OofitAcc, -A, /., darkness, black- 

ness ; eclipse ; mysteriousness. 
T)of6At)Af, -Aip, m., darkness, 

'OotiCAtv-Ain, pi. id., m., a yearling 

DojicuJATJ, -uigie, m., act of 

darkening, eclipse, obscura- 

tion ; the eclipsing of a letter 

(in Irish grammar). 
T)oticui5im, -uJA-6, v. tr., I darken, 

obscure ; intr., I grow dark ; 

become eclipsed (as the sun or 

T)o|ro, -ijro,^>. id., m., a humming, 

a muttering ; bass in music ; 

oofvo mA^iocA, the office for the 


"OOJVOAim (OOtVOAflAim), -AT), I 

hum, I buz/,. 
TDofTOAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hum- 

ming noise, a buzz. 
"OojiJA, oofijA. See t>otiuJA and 

g. -Guifm, pi. id., -oojinA and 
t>6ifine, m., the fist, the hand ; 
a handle ; a blow of the fist ; a 
handful ; T>. Aijtjjit), a handful 
of silver, or of money of any 

"OotinATooifi, -6tiA, -oipnbe, m., a 

T)ojinA-o6itieAcc, -A, /., pugilism. 

"OojinAtiiAil, -mlA, a., pugilistic, 
given to fighting. 

OofinAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a fistful, 
a handful of corn, four times the 
bulk of a ceAX)Atl, which is the 
quantity a reaping-hook will cut 
at one sweep ; a small gathering 
of people (Don., with o long). 

T)ofin6t,Ann,/., the hilt of a sword. 

TDofin-cut, -cuit, pi. id., m., a haft. 

T>Ofincuji, -tup, pi. id., m., a haft. 

T)O|inpAfc, -Aifc, pi. id., m., a 
manacle, a handcuff. 

, -6156, -OJA,/., a handful ; 

a small casting stone ; a glove, 

a gauntlet, a mitten. 
tDo-fioccuijte, p. a., unapproach- 

able, inaccessible (O'N.). 
T>o-tioinnce, p. a., hard to divide. 
TJotipAc, -Aije, a., harsh, rough, 


, -Ain, m., anger, vexation. 
-Ai^e, a., irritable, 

surly, snappish, cruel. 
T)ojifix>A, indec. a., grim, harsh. 
"OonfijjAit, -e, /., the act of snarl- 

ing (of a dog) (Con.). 
T)otifAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a grass- 

hopper (somet. called piobAijte 

T)ot<cA, p. a., bulled, in calf. 

TJotiCAc, -Aije, a., effusive, over- 
flowing, pouring out, spilling. 

T)of CAT), -cuijte, m., act of pour- 
ing, pouring out, spilling ; out- 
pouring, shedding (of tears). 

T)O|tCAim. See TJOificitn. 

"OotiuJA, g. -nn, pi. -nnA, -JCA, 
/., a fishing-line, pron. ofuJA 
(Con.) ; in Af. T)Ofije and 
oofiAe. See t>o)iuij;e. 

Oojiuije, g. id., pi. -tee, /., a 
fishing-line ; a line used for mea- 
suring or marking off drains, 
fences, potato-beds, etc. 

t)of, g. "owif, pi. id., m., a bush, a 
copse ; a tuft, a bunch of hair ; 
a compact body of men ; froth, 

T)or , g. t>uip, m., the fifth degree 
in poetry ; a poet (O'N.) ; the 
base in music ; any dull note or 
hum ; x)of moji, the drone of 
bagpipes ; -oof beAj, a smaller 
humming; TJO feitjeAmAjt A^ 
rrouif, we blew our trumpets. 

"Oof (for -oo, before the pi. form 
of the article), for, to ; x>op (no) 
nA peAttAib rin, to those men 

T>orAc, -Aije, o., bushy, tufted ; 
abounding in thickets. 

OorAijie, g. id., pi. -fii-6e, m., an 
impertinent fellow. 

T)or AifieAtc, -A, /., impertinence. 

Oo-fAthluisce, p. a., incompar- 
able (O'N.). 


( 258 ) 


T)ofATi, -Ain, pi. id., m., a thorn ; 
a small bush ; a tassel. 

T)6-f ATI, emph. prep, pron., to him. 
See -oo. 

"Oo-f Aft tnjte, p. a., not easily over- 
come ; incomparable ; indefatig- 

t)o-f Aft A, p. a., not easily satisfied, 

T)o-fCAOtlce, indec. a., indis- 
soluble ; indispensable. 

"Oo-fcAfitA, p. a., hard to separate. 

T)o-fcjtuT>uij;te, *" u., unaearch- 

Dofcui'oteAC, -iije, a., foolishly 

Oor-x>ofTO, m., the bass in music. 
See nof and t)ofu>. 

T)o-ftATii5te, p. a., incurable. 

Oo-fmAccuijte, p. a., stubborn, 
obstinate ; hard to tame. 

"Oo-fmuAmcijte, p. a., incompre- 
hensible ; not easily conceived. 

"Do-rot ArcA, . a., hard to be 
lighted (O'N.). 

"Oo-fpioncA, p. a., unsearchable. 

Oo-rcAonuijte, p. a., indeclinable 

T)oc' = t>o i o', somet. t>uic, to thy, 
for thy ; t>oc' ACAIJI, to thy 
father, for thy father. 

"Oo-iAirii, -e, a., morose, grim, 
surly, sulky (also wakeful). 

"OocAin, J. , plenty, a sufficiency, 
sufficient quantity, enough ; used 
with pass, and g. (in U. and Mea., 
oocAin). See -OOICITI. 

"Oo-CAiflitce, p. a., unnavigable 

T)6ccAr, 1 o6tcuf. See t>6cAr. 

Oo-teAjAircte, p. a., ignorant, 
untaught. See ooi-ieAjArc. 

Oo-tpuAiVlijie, p. a., incor- 

T)o-ci5pe, g. id.,f., difficulty of 

"Oo-cuigf ijce, p. a., hard to under- 

T)o-ci5fin -e, ., not easily 

Oocuigf inneAc, -mje, a., wanting 

, f., confusion, chaos. 

, p. a., unintelligible. 

\A, TO. (draw), oppression ; T>. n A 

QAOijtfe (E. R.).; but see -ojiAth. 
"OjiAb, -Aib, pi. id., m., a spot, a 

stain; dirt or mud caught up b v 

the dress. 
"O^^bj -Aib (T)|IAITI), m., refuse of 

corn ; refuse ; inferior cards of 

a pack. 
tDjiAbAfc, -Aije, a., draggle-tailed, 

slovenly (O'N.). 
"OjiAbAife, g. id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 

huge, able-bodied, lazy fellow : 

a sloven. 
"O^AbAf, -Aif, m., a wry mouth 

with prominent teeth. 
T)fiAOFUi5eAt,l, -jilt, m., waste, 

dregs ; refuse of corn, etc. See 

, -6156, -OJA,/., a slattern, 

a slut. 
TDfiACAix), a., wet, dirty (of 

weather) (N. Con. and M~eath). 
T>|tA - OAii, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a toper 

'OpATMnAcc, -A,/., lingering about 

a tavern in a state of intoxica- 

tion (Don.). 
T) pAe, a., churlish, strange, wild ; 

f 6A|i -oftAe, a churlish or boorish 

OpAe, in phr. like An bpuit Aon 

fceAl ntJA-6 AJJAC? T)|iAefceAt 

or An -otiAe pceAl. Have you 

any news ? Not a word (M.). 
"OjiAjAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a war- 


-Am, m., reluctance 


, indec. a., warlike. 
, -Ai]ic, pi. id., m., a flint. 

, -Aii;e, a., flinty. 
jbor;, f., the lesser Bear Con- 

stellation ; a fiery house (O'N. ). 
TDfiAJnAnAc, -Aijje, /., drizzling of 

rain (B.). 
TDjiAj-oijeAtin, -jm, pi. id., m., a 

"OjiAjun, -win, pi. id., m., a 

"OfiAib, -e, -eAtitiA, /., the edge, 

the last accessible point ; the 

juncture in a steep rugged cliff 


( 259 ) 


from which the rocks slope sheer 
into the sea ( W. Ker.). 

T>HAit>, -e, -eAtitiA, /., the mouth ; 
a contemptuous expression of 
the face ; a dog-mouth. 

OpAitjeAn, -jin, pi. id., m., a black- 
thorn, a sloe-tree. 

"OpAijjneAC, -ruse, a., thorny, 

OjiAisneAC, -15, pi. id., m., a black- 
thorn, a sloe-tree. 

"OtfAijneAn, -Ain,. pi. id., m., a 
blackthorn, a sloe-tree. 

"OjiAinc, -e, -CATinA, /. , a snarling, 
a frowning, a grinning. 

OfiAinc, -e, -eACA, /., a grin, snarl. 
See -oft AI tic. 

OfiAm, -A, pi. -AtiriA, m., a drink 
of spirits ; ni x>eoc 50 oftAm, a 
drink which contains spirits is 
the best. 

OfiAm, -Aim, m., at cards, a 
"plebeian card," a card not a 
trump. See OJIAD. 

OfiATriA, g. id., pi. -ntiA, m., a drama, 
a play (quite a recent word, and 
not yet fully accepted). 

"OfiAtriAtcAC, -CAije, a., trampling, 

OfiAriiFuijjeAtl,, -jitt, pi. id. and 
-j;te, m., refuse, useless rem- 
nants, what remains after the 
best is taken away ; T). 
refuse cabbage (also 
puijeAtt, ofiAni JAit, and -ofiAb- 


OjiAmtuijitn, -triAitc, v. tr., I 

kick, spurn, stamp. 
"OtiAtiAifie, g. id., pi. -jiixie, m., a 

"Oft Anna, m. , a grin, a snarl, whence 

of AnnAi^e, a snarler. 
T>]tAtitiAim, -riA-6, v. intr., I snarl, 

grin ; x>. te, I snarl at. 
"OfiAnmiAl, -Ait, TO., the mouth, 

the gums. 
"OttAnnc, /., the mouth. See 

OJ1 AtTOAt. 

"OjiAnncAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hum- 
ming, a buzzing, a growl, a 
snarl, a gurgling noise. 

"OjtAnncjjAiL, -e, f., grinning, 

, -A,/., the rhyming of 
a woman, rhyming like a woman. 

T>fiAOT>Am, -Aim, pi. id., m. a tribe, 
a company. 

"OftAoi, g. id., and x>ptiA-6, pi. 
ojiAoite, g. pi. t3|iAoiceAt> and 
opuA-6, m., a druid, a wizard, a 
magician, a sorcerer, a man of 

"OjiAoib, -e, /., mud, mire. 

TDitAOfoeAcc, -A, /. enchantment, 
magic, sorcery, druidism, divin- 
ation, spell, witchcraft; druid- 
ical learning ; cajolery. 

OtiAoi-oeAxjoifi, -OJIA, -oifi'De, m., 
an enchanter. 

OfAoiteAC, -tije, a., learned, 
sage, mystical ; fond of druida or 

T>jiAop CA, a., obscene. 

"O|iAOfCAr"- -A,/., obscenity. 

OftAorcAinAiL, -mtA, a., obscene, 

"Ope, a., surly, morose ; peAfi t>. 
ooi-citeAfAC, a surly, morose 
man (At.). See r>\\Ae. 

"Ope, g. id., pi. -eiteAtiriA, m., a 
sledge, a dray (.4). 

TD|ieAotAf, -Aif, m. (cf. AiriiteAf), 
mischief; CUAI-O fe (bum A' T>. 
he went to the bad (Don.). 

"OjieAC, -A, m., countenance, aspect, 
visage, general appearance ; a 
looking-glass ; a habit ; as a,., 
simple, childish, innocent. 

TDneACAim, -CA 1 6, v. tr., I delineate, 
portray ; dress, adorn. 

"OtteACAriiAit, -AmlA, a., comely, 
nice, of good complexion ; image- 
like, statuesque. 

T>|ieAC-tiAtt, -nAijte, a., bashful of 

TDjieAcc, -A, pi. id., m., a song, 
poem ; tale, story ; a draft or 
pattern ; an article of writing ; 
a compact or agreement ; poetry; 
a company. 

OtieACCAim, -A-O, v. tr., I tell, 
relate, report. 

OjieAS, -A, -AntiA, TO., an adver- 
tisement (O'N.). 

OfieASA-o, -JCA, m., act of adver- 
tising (O'N.). 

( 260 ) 


OfieASAirn, -54-6, v. tr. and intr., 

I certify ; advertise ; notify 

OtieAm, g. -A, pi. -Ann A, m., a 

band, a company, a party, a mul- 

titude ; people, a tribe ; a class ; 

a following, adherents; somet. 

ATI ojieAm with rel. cons. = those 

OjieAncAit), -Ai'oe, -Aiwoe, /., a 

flea; nom. also ofteAncAi'oe. 

O'R. gives -ojieAticA-o, m. 
O^eAns-bAtt, ra.,a flea-bite (O'N.). 
"OfieAnn, g. -pinn, m.. sorrow, 

melancholy, pain ; speed ; con- 

OpeATinAc, -nAije, a., contentious ; 

restless ; vexatious, surly. 
T)|ieAnnAitie, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., 

a wrangler, a contentious person. 
'OpeAnnoifi, -oriA, -oijn'oe, m., an 

augur ; a diviner by birds. 
'OfteApATJOifi, -6ftA, -oifii'oe, m., a 

climber, a sealer ; a trickster ; a 

steep cliff amongst the Caha 

Mts. is called "OtieApA or T)ftApA. 
'OfieApA'ooijieAcc. -A,/., climbing, 


, -A, J., id. 

v. tr., I climb, clamber. 

jieAf, -A, pi. id., m., a briar, a 


peAf , -A, m., a bout, a turn ; 

orieAf cox)AtcA, the amount of 

sleep taken without waking ; 

niA'f niAit priAf -oe (pjiAifCAc) 

if teoji OjteAf -oe (Mon.). See 

-Aite, a., thorny, 

abounding in brambles. 
OfteAfAtuiAC, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a 

place where brambles grow, a 

bramble shrubbery. 
"OfteAf-coitt, /> a thicket of 

O^eAf 65, -6136, -ogA, /., a little 

OtteAftnjim, -tJJA-o (x>tieAfAim), 

v. tr., I hunt or drive cattle, etc., 

I encourage, excite. 
"Opeim, -e, /., an endeavour, an 

attempt ; act of contending, emu- 

lating, opposing ; expecting : 
thinking; AJ -ofiemi te, relying 
on ; 45 -o. l-eif, expecting him 
(Don.)- Ag -o. te t>eofiAib, in 
emulation of tears (Fer.); CA 
me AS -ofieim 50 ociocpAi-6 f e, 
I expect he will come (Don.). 

"OfteimeAC, -rmje, a., endeavour- 
ing, attempting, essaying. 

"OfteimiTn, id. r>]\eim, v. intr., I 
contend, struggle ; emulate ; I 

"Ofieimifie, g. id., pi. -fu-oe, a lad- 
der ; an isthmus ; a long thin 
portion of the soil undisturbed 
in a field dug up. 

T)tieitnifte bui-oe, m., the yellow 

T>tieimijie sopm, m., woody night- 

Ojieirmfie ttlui|ie, g. id., m., the 
lesser centaury (herb). 

OjieimfeAc, -pige, a., gradual; 
ladder-like ; scaling ; waving ; 
in long wisps (of the hair). 

"Ojieifijce, p. a., rehearsed (O'N.). 

T)tteifitn, -feA-6, v. tr., I rehearse. 

T>teifiu|i, -nift, pl- id., m., a 
dresser (an article of household 
furniture) (A.). 

OjieiftieAcc, -A, /., act of rehear- 
sing (0'^.). 

TDfieosAim, -^At), v. intr., I rot 
away, wither with age. 

"Otieoijce, P- a., rotted, putrified. 

O^eoijceAcc, -A, /., mustiness, 

"OpeoiteACAn, -Ain, pl. id., m., a 
little wren ; a silly wretch. 

OfieoiUn, g. id., pl. -i-oe, m., a 

OtieotAti, -&vn,pl. id., m., a wren ; 
a silly person. 

, -A,/., silliness. 
reAfbuij, -Ain ceAf- 
j, pl. id., m., a grasshopper. 
, g. id., pl. -jii-oe, m., an 
obstinate person, a plodding 
inflexible person. 
ftiACAirieAct, -A, f., stiffness, 

fiATntAc, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a fish- 

261 ) 


Opt'b, -e,/,dirt, filth, mud, refuse. 
Ofiib, -e, -BA&A, /., a snare. 
QttibeAC, -bije, a., dirty, filthy, 

muddy; unkempt, careless. 
"Onibeos, -oijje, -054, f., a slut, 

a reckless unkempt creature. 
"Otnbifie, <7- id., pi. -]nx>e, in., an 

ensnarer, one who lays snares 

"OpibfteAcc, -A, /., act of setting 

snares (O'N.). 
Oftil, -e, -eAnnA, /., a drop glan- 

cing in the sun ; a sparkle, a 

twinkle ; a glimpse. See -onitle. 
T>tnlreA6, -r i 5 e . a., radiant, 

dazzling, glittering ; dropping. 
"Opioc, TO., countenance. See 

T>jti'otAti, -AIJI, TO., leea ; waste ; 

dregs ; gore ; corrupt matter. 
"Ojiio'OAntA, indec. a., mixed with 

TDftfos, "'S 6 ' -156464, /., a drop ; 

a distillation; a still (O'N.). 
OtiiogAcr, -A, /., distillation 

T)tn'o5Aifie, g. id., pi. -ftit>e, TO., a 

OjiiotijAti, -Aiti, pi. id., TO., a play- 

thing ; a worthless pastime ; any- 

thing worthless or unwieldy 

(also t>tior>5Ati). 
"Ofiip, -e, -eACA, /., a snare; con- 

fusion, bustle, hurry. 

c. See 

An, -Ain, pi. id., TO., the 

Ofiireos, -oige, -O^A, /., a thorn, 

a bramble, a briar ; a dip candle. 

See -otieApjs. 
Opifin, g. id., TO., the main intes- 

tine of animals (such as sheep, 

goats, etc.), usually filled with 

food stuff and cooked as pudding; 

a small bramble. 
"OtnfleAd, -tij;. TO., briars, 

brambles, brushwood. 
"Opicle, g. id., pi. -Ann A, f., a flash, 

a spark. 

T)nicleAC, -lije, a,., sparkling. 
DiMcleos. -oije, -ogA, /., a flash, 

a murk. 

, -iuJA-6 and -teA-6, v. 

intr., I sparkle. 
T)]tictiti, g. id., pi. -me, TO., a 

spark, a sparkle ; a drill, a per- 

T)ttitlt'ne4cc, -A, /., drilling, per- 

forating, piercing through (O'N.). 
"Djtiuc, -A, pi. id., m., fretfulness, 

peevishness ; a beak, a snout ; 

an angry look ; cf. nfteAC, 

"OftiucAim, -A-O, v. intr., I chafe, 

fret, rage. 
"OpobtAp, -Aif, m., misery, ex- 

travagance ; cf. -opeAblAf. 
"Ofioc- (-op QIC-), bad (used only as 

the first part of a compound, 

and is sometimes merely a neg- 

ative prefix. 
"Ojioc-A'otTiAjtAC, -jiAije, un- 

lucky, ill-fated. 
X)tioc-Aicix>, -e, -eACA,/., a danger- 

ous or contagious disease ; 

venereal disease (with article). 
"Ofioc-AijtieAf 1 , -nif, pi. id., m., 

impudence; an insult; uncivil 

"Ofioc-AtriAncAti, -4ifi, TO., ill-luck, 


T)ttoc-AtTi|iAf , 77i., an evil suspicion. 
X)|io6-bAil, /., ill-luck; an evil 

end; bad condition ; -ofioc-bAil 

oo cup Ati, to render void (as 

a Sacrament, etc., Donl.). 
T)ttoc-b>itAriiAit, -riilA, pi. id., f., 

an evil surmise. 
TDttoc-blAr, -Aif, m., bad taste, 

contempt ; CA -o. AJAITI Aijt, I 

contemn him. 
T)jtoc-blApcA, indec. a., ill- 

flavoured ; contemptuous. 
"Opoc-botA-o, -A1-6, pi. id., in., n 

noisome smell. 
"Ofio6-6otAH, -Ain, pi. id., m. t a 

poor cabin, a hut. 
Opoc-b(iAon, TO., a bad drop ; an 

evil inheritance orcharacteristic. 
T)[io6-bpu6c, TO., a vile belch, a 

disagreeable vomit. 

rii, m., sinful inter- 


T)t'oc-6Ait, /., an evil quality ; 


( 262 ) 


Ofioc-cAinnc, /., saucy or abusive 
language ; bad language. 

Ottoc-cAfAn, m., a bad or rugged 
path; an evil path or way of 

"Ojioc-cosAfi, TO., an evil whisper, 

"Ojioc-coriiAijVle,,pl. -leACA, 
f., evil counsel. 

'Ojioc-corii.Aiftte.A6, -tij, -1,156, TO., 
an evil adviser ; one following 
ill advice : coriiAiftte AH DJIOC- 
coriiAifitij, the advice of one 
who is erring himself (as the 
advice of a drunkard on temper- 

T>|ioc-coc, TO., bad victuals (O'N.). 

"Ofioc-cocu^AX), TO., bad mainten- 
ance ; worthless rearing ; A, if 

fib Atl -OHOC-COCUJA-O AJAttl, 

Ah, ye are ill worth being 

"Ofioc-cnofoe, m., a weak or dis- 
eased heart ; malice ; wicked 

, m -> b*d blood. 

., bad company. 
-A, f., malad- 

"Otioc-cutoj;,/., a bad rider behind 
another (O'N.). 

'Ojioc-'OAt, &., a bad colour. 

'Ofioc-'oocAF, in-, despair. 

'Ojioc-'oub, TO., bad ink (O'N.). 

OfU)c--6uit, -e, pi. id., f., evil 
desire, concupiscence. 

T>tioc-x>vnne, g. id.,pl. -oAOine, m., 
a bad man ; a miserly ungenerous 
person ; a trickster as opposed 
to -ouine mACAncA. 

'O^oc-pAobAji, m., bad edge (of 
a mower badly able to sharpen 
his scythe, or a barber not well 
able to sharpen his razor). 

Ofioc-pocAt, m., a saucy answer ; 
a bad word. 

tJttoc-pojjAti, m., a coarse accent 
or tone (O'N.). 

Oftoc-uAX>Ati, -Aijt, TO., ill-dis- 
position, ill-promise ; CA x>. p vie, 
you are disposed to evil, you 
promise ill by your actions. 

Ofioc-FUifc-Anti,/., a wicked crew 
or family (O'N.). 

-O, m., evil habit. 

T)ttoc-5ti6cAc, -Aije, a., ill- 
employed, mischievously en- 
gaged ; if peAttji oeic -oioniAoin 
TIA t)., it is better to be idle than 
to be mischievously employed. 

T>tioc-5tii-6e, m., an ill-wish, a 

"Oftoc-tAbAtttAc, -Aije, a., pert, 
saucy of speech. 

T)tioc-tticc oibjie, m. (collect.), evil 

'Ofioc-riiAificeAt, m., bad mortar 
or plaster (O'N.). 

"Otioc-riiAipc-peAX), TO., a small 
churning of milk. 

"Ofioc-trmince, a., saucy, insolent, 
rude, ill-mannered. 

X)|toc-muieAnT), /., a bad wife 

t)tioc-ti6f, -noif, -nof A, HI., a per- 
nicious custom. 

T)ftoc-obAin, -oibjte, -oibneACA, /., 
evil work, mischief; stronger 
than -oftoc-jno, which means 
work ill-done. 

T)jioc-tiAx>, g. -JIA-OA and -HAI-O, pi. 
-J1A1-6 and -fiAi-oce, TO., an evil 
word or saying. 

"Oftoc-UAc, m -> ill-luck, misfortune. 

T>iioc-fiun, TO., ill-will, malice. 

'Opoc-pmuAinciuJA'D, -njte, pi. 
id., TO., evil thinking, evil 

T>noc-fomptA, m., bad example. 

Ofioc-fCAi-o,/., evil plight. 

T>tioc-CAfC, TO., an evil rumour, a 
bad report. 

gA,/., a bad choice. 
AC, m., an unsuitable time, 
an ill-chosen occasion. 

,/., an ill opinion. 
, f., an evil report ; 
ill tidings ; misinformation. 

Oftoc-cuAfi, TO., evil foreboding. 

T>j>oc-cuifrheAT>, TO., a bad de- 
livery, a bad bringing forth 

Ofioc-uAin, /., bad weather, in- 
clement weather (of the dura- 
tion of an ordinary storm). 

Oftoic, -e, -eAtiriA, /., a dwarf. 

"D^oic- (x)}ioc-), as prejijc, bad. 


( 263 ) 


T)tioic-beAt, m., a saucy or abusive 
mouth ; CA "01(010-6641 Aip, he is 
given to saucy or abusive lan- 

T>ttoic-beAtic, -beijtce, f., an evil 

Otioic-beAr, -A, pi. id., m., a bad 

Opoic-beAfAd, -Aije, a., rude, ill- 
mannered, impolite. 

O|ioic-beAfAtriAil, -riitA, a., dis- 
dainful ((7.). 

Opoic-ceArm, -cinn, pi. id., m., a 
delicate head ; an unkind master 
or nurse; CA"Ottoic-ce.Ann AJAID, 
I am subject to headaches ; 'f { 
An -opoic-ceAnn t>6 i, she is an 
ill-nurso or f coder to him. 

"Ofoic-diAtt,/!, bad sense or mean- 
ing, double meaning. 

Quoic-cme, m. and /., a perverse 
nation, a perverse race. 

'Opoic-cteAccA-6, m., an evil habit. 

T)jioi6-x>eAlb, g. -xieilbe, d. 
-oeilo, also g. --oeAtbA, d. 
-oeAtb, pi. -bA, m. and /., de- 
formity, an ill-shape. 

Opoic-tMol, m., an ill-payment, 
an ill-requital (-oitoic-THO^At?). 

"O(ioic-t)iotAi i 6eAcc, -A, f. t ill- 
payment or requital. 

OftoiceAX), -CTO, pi. id., m., a 
bridge ; in Meath, Louth and 
adjoining portions of Ulster 
often applied to a village or 
town which has sprung up 
around a river bridge, e.g. 
OjtoiceA-o CeAtibAtlAin, Car- 
lanstowu (County Meath) ; 
"OjtoiceA-o ttAile ACA ^eA^-oiA-D, 
Ardee ; T)tioiceAT> A' Cjiomn, 
Bridge-a-chrinn ; An T)]toiceAX>, 
Drogheda, also "OfioiceAT) AtA. 

"Ofioic-eATJAC, -AIJ, -Aije, in., a 
poor mean dress ; clothes of a 
bad quality ; g#. used as adj., cf. 
50 f 11151!, -onoic-eAtJAij Aft um- 
eAfbAit> b|to5, distressful, ill- 
clad, wanting shoes (son/}}. 

X)t>oic-exyoAil, -AlA, /, ill-gotten 
gain, a trifling acquisition. 

"O^oic-eAtA-OAin, -xmA, pi. id., f., 
a curious art ; evil learning. 

T>ttoic-eAfitiA-6, -Ai-6, pi. -Aite, 
-AX>A, m., bad wares, stuff, etc. ; 
jiij.. a person of bad character. 
ppeAgfiA, -SAJICA, pi. id., 
m., au unfavourable reply, an 
unsatisfactory or pert answer. 

Ofioic-jniorii, m., an evil deed, an 
ill turn. 

T>|toic-incinneAft, -tiije, a., ill- 
willed, evil-minded. 

"OfO'C-ioc, m., bad pay (O'N.). 

Qftoic-iomtAii, -Ai(i, m., ill-behav- 
iour, misconduct. 

*O|toic-ionncAOib, -e, f., an unfa- 
vourable suspicion, a want of 
confidence; bad prospect; nfl 
Aon -o|.oic-ionncAoib AJAW Af, I 
do not distrust him. 

"Opoic-riieAnmA, /., faint-hearted- 
ness ; low spirits, languor. 

t)noic-meAf, m., disrespect, con- 
tempt ; te T>., in contempt. 

Dfioic-tTieArcA, a., of ill-repute ; 

"Ojioic-nieipniviJA-o, -nijce, pi. id., 
m., discouragement. 

"O^ioi6-riiiAn, -riieine, /., evil dis- 
position ; an evil desire. 

Otioic-feA-o, m. or/., a vile wretch, 
a rascal. 

t>noic-f e Af Am, ?., a weak, helpless 
resistance ; if FCAttp ceiceAti 

1T1A1C 'llA T3}(Old-feAf ATTl, a good 

retreat is better than a bad stand. 
"Ojtoic-f eiceAt>uifi, -UHA, -uififoe, 

m., a wicked executor. 
"Ojioic-reolA-o, -tcA, m., ill-advice, 

evil instruction, bad direction. 
"Ofioic-f IDC, m,, a rascal, a villain. 
Ofionbiocc (-otioijiocc). See 


"OtioijeAn, -jin, -jne, m., the 

blackthorn; OACA -opoijin, a 

blackthorn stick. 
T>tioi5eAHA6, -Aije, a., abounding 

in blackthorn. 
"OiioijneAd, -ni j, m., thorns ; a 

blackthorn ; a shrubbery. 
"DjioiJoeAn, -Ain, m., blackthorn. 
"OjioL, -oil, -t4, m., a pot-hook, a 

"OfioltAi^ie, ff. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., an 

idlor, a sluggard. 


( 264 ) 


-Ainne, -AnnA, /., the 
chief intestine ; in pi., the 
entrails ; poet., the heart ; ip 
cmti "OAti tTojiol-Airin, it is a 
heartache to me (Fer.) ; cf. the 
exclamation A ofiotAnn TIA 

, -A, #>/. -AnriA, m., the back ; 
a ridge, a hill ; a roof of a house 
(the dat. form o|iom is always 
used of the human back in M. : 
Aft A -opon!, on his back ; Aft A 
oftvnrn, upon him, on his shoul- 
ders) ; HA oftomAnnA 'OUDA, dire 
injunctions, such as are imposed 
by sorcerers; cmpim n A -otiom- 
AtitiA l/eif, I declare vehemently 
against it. See - o)iuim. 

T)jiornAc, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a band 
or strap, with hooks at each end, 
passing over the horse's back in 
ploughing, and holding up the 
chains attached to the cuinj or 
swingle-tree (Ker.) ; it is called 
ofiotnAitie in Don., x>jiomAn in 

"OftomACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

m., a 

drummer ; a dromedary. 
fiomAi'oe. See -ojiomAc. 
tiomAti, -Am, pi. id., m., the back- 
band of a cart ; plough-traces 

TDtiotn bAit), m., the keel of a boat 

"Otiom-joncA, p. a., wounded in 

the back. 
OtioriitAC, -Aij, -Aije, m., a large 

wide wooden vessel ; a large 

tub (also spelled opolbAc and 

otioltiiAfe). See Y. B. L., p. 106. 
"OftomtAc, -A1J, m., the chine or 

back-bone ; the back. 

"Opens, ff- t iui "5 e > d - "Of^^S. 
voc. ojionj, pi. -A and "Oitumge, 
f., a multitude, folk, company, 
party, troop, tribe, persons, race; 
a part or division. 

Ofions-bunbeAti, /., a multitude, 
folk, party ; an immense com- 
pany, a vaafc erowd. 

g. opuinne, pi. -A, f., a 
hump on the back, a bent state 
of the back ; CA nftonn AIJI, he 
has his back bent (not neces- 
sarily permanently). "Oftuinn is 
used as nom. in Co. Wat. Pron. 

DjiomiAc, -Aijje, a., white-backed ; 
having white tufts ; hunch- 

t)tiormo5, -6130, -OJA,/., a hump ; 
the highest part of the back of 
an animal or of a ridge ; a sum- 
mit ; a small burden ; a hunch- 

T>tionn-uitle, /., a right angle. 

'Ofionn-uilleAtinAc, -Aije, a., 
right-angled, rectangular. 

"OjiuAX), -Am, m., a charmer, a 
magician ; a druid. 

T>tiuA-6-totne, g. id., f., magic 

T)tiubA-6, -Ani, -Ait>e, m., a name 
for a large, awkward cow, per- 
son, etc. 

tDpucc, -A, pi. id., m. and /., dew ; 
Jig., beer, ale, whey, distilled 
liquor ; any subtle or thin bever- 
age ; dim., t>fiuccAn and t>ftuic- 
cin ; oeo OJIUCCA, any thin 
drink, nectar (nom. also 
ofiuccA, Don.) 

"OfiuccAti, -Ain, m., a tiny drop; 
cheese whey. 

*OjAii6c nnttceAc, m., mildew. 

Ojui'o, a jot, a syllable ; in phr., 
niofi tADAiji -pe ojiu'o, he did 
not utter a word ; also, -oftux} 
tiA T)fiAbT)AtTi, not a syllable 
(M.) ; -oufim TIA oAjim (Don.) ; 
also -otiuit). 

"OiiuTJAX), -X)CA, m., act of bring- 
ing together ; AJ t>. A trottAnnc, 
grinning (Kea.). 

Ofujj, -A, -Ann A, a drug, a medi- 
cine (-4.). 

OpuSAifie, g. id., pi. -jnxe, TO., a 
drudge or slave. 

OrmsAijteAcc, -A, /., slavery, 

Oti5Alt, -Aitt, m., shyness ; lazi- 

, -Aije, a., shy ; lazy. 


( 265 ) 

in, g. id., m., a light dew; 
a species of small whitish snail. 
On May morning girls dis- 
covered the colour of the hair 
of their future husbands from 
the shade of colouring of the 
first -of vMCCin they found : cf. 
cxixM-6 fi Aft tofij; A T>ftviiccin. 

Ofunccin motiA, g. id., m., an herb 
used for dyeing the hair. 

t)ttvnt>, x^woeAcc. See T>fi4oi, 

ro, -e, -eACA, f., a starling or 
stare (nom. also T>fiuix>e). 

t)fiui-oeo<c;, -oije, -OJA, /., a stare 
or starling; cpui-ceos (Don, and 

'Otwotm, vl. id. and -oftui-o, also 
oftui'oeArhAinc, v. intr. and tr., 
I close, shut ; I pxish, drive ; I 
move, come close to, unite with 
(with le or tie) ; as tr., I push, 
force, cause to retreat in a 
battle ; oftwo xvnonn, move 
away, etc. ; -ofwoeAnn An 
c-ocftAf tiom, I feel hunger ; in 
U., and N. Con. -ojiui-o ATI x>opAr 
= shut the door; with 6, I 
retreat, draw back, retire from. 

OftuitMtn, -e, f., act of moving; 
approaching (with fie or te) ; 
retreating, retiring backwards 
(with 6). See v. ofiui'oim. 

t)ttiT>ce, p. a., closed, shut; 
pushed, driven. 

"Oftuim, g. ofiomA, pi. oftomAnnA, 
m. , the back (never used for the 
human back in Af., where t^om 
is always used) ; the top or 
upmost part; AH A -oftcm, on 
his back ; Ajt A oftttim, on his 
shoulders or head ; x>e 6., be- 
cause of ; TJA T>fttiim rm, for 
that reason, wherefore ; x>. Aft 
6., back to back ; bi T)iA A|i -6. 
TIA ofioinje, God is vengeful on 
those who, etc. (Kea.); CA fe 
YATI xiftuim -JIUAI-O opm, he is at 
loggerheads with me ; TIA T)6i|if e 
ouncA Aft -ofiuim An oiulcAi'6, 
the doors closed through inhos- 
pitality ( U. ) ; prop. ds. of oftom, 
which see. 

bfttrce, m., a hunchback. 

-ctAT), -ctA1T>, -CtAtltACA, 

m., a ridge-mound. 
T)iiuimpionn, -inne, a., white- 

backed, white -ridged ; bo 

ofiuimpionn, a white-backed 

cow (often spelled otiuimeAnn). 
T)riuim-iAt/t, /., a back thong; a 

thong of the back-skin ; a welt 

or hem ; a caul, covering for the 

tDftviim-teAC, /., a tombstone laid 

horizontally over a grave. 
'Opuif, -e, /., adultery, fornica- 

tion; lust. 
OriuireAd, -r-ije, a., adulterous, 

tDfiuif eArhAil, -rhlA, a., lascivious, 


ofiA, -oipixie, m., an 
adulterer ; a wanton. 
ftumA, g. id., pi. -roe, m., a 
drum; ofiumAi'oe An Kuir-, the 
drums of Ross, was a constant 
phrase in Kerry after Ross 
Castle became a military station ; 
ni 6uifeo6A i 6 ormmAi'oe An 
ftuir e, the drums of Ross would 
not awaken him. 

-fiA, -iHixte, m., a 

"OnurnAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a ridge, 

a back, a summit; the back- 

band of a cart-horse. 
iDpunrAot, m., a light mist 

Ojtut, -uice, -AnnA, /., a foolish 

girl, a harlot (C^N.) ; -opucos, 

Ofiutl/Ann, -Ainne, -A, /., a house 

of ill-fame, a bawdy house, a 

slum, a brothel (O'JV.). 
OuA-6, g. -otiAi-6, m., toil, trouble, 

hardship, difficulty, strait, sor- 

row ; CA A tAn TO'A 6At> 

f AJAtcA AgAm, I have got a 

good deal of trouble from it 

T)uAT:(AriiAit, -rhlA, a., laborious, 

toilsome ; also clownish, churl- 

ish, boorish. 
"OuA-OAnAd, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a 

troublesome fellow. 

( 266 ) 


, a., laborious, 

ThiAibf CA, -f ije, a., gloomy, irk- 

some, stubborn, morose. 
TDuAinneif, -e, /., trouble, diffi- 

T)aAitin, g. id., pi. -tnx>e, m., a 

bobbin, a little bundle of flax, 

straw, etc. 

, poet, for x>uAnAitt- 

C, -e, a., surly, stern, morose, 

, -cif, m., surliness. 
, -e, -eATiTiA, f., a reward, 
present, prize, wages ; a bribe ; 

T>UAifeA6, -fije, a., generous, 
liberal, bountiful. 

t)uAt, -Ait, m., law, part, duty, 
office ; a patrimony ; an in- 
herent hereditary principle, 
what is according to kith or 
kind ; nature ; bA -otiAt t>6 6 
oeAtiAtii, it was according to 
his kind to do it ; custom, toll, 
fee (O'N.). 

"OuAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a pin, a peg, 
a nail. 

IJuAt, -Ait, pi. id., gpl. ouAtAC, m., 
a tress, a lock of hair ; a fold of 
a cord, a strand of rope ; t)UAt 
tin, a sheaf of green flax (O'N.). 

OviAt, -Aite, a., right, proper, 
becoming, inherent, natural. 

OuAtAC, -Aijje, a., folded, plaited ; 
in tresses. 

'QuAtA'coifi, -OJIA, -oijii-oe, m., a 
plaiter, a carver, an embroiderer. 

OuAtAim, -A-O, v. tr., I plait, fold, 
weave, curve, braid. 

OtiAt bACAc, m., a lame person. (?) 

"OuAtgAf, -Aif, m., hire, wages, 
tribute, duty ; dues paid to the 
clergy (Arari) ; obligation. 

"OuAti, -Aine, -AticA, f., a poem, a 
song, a lay ; a copy of verses ; 
a canto (nom. also t>u Atn) ; dim. 

T)uAtiA6, -Aije, a., bardic, poetical, 

"OuATiAine, 9- id., pi. -fii-oe, m., a 

rhymer, a poet ; a poetical 

miscellany. (A book called 
"OttAnAijie piAfiAif Feifiic6vjt is 
referred to by O'Brien and in 
MS. H 1. 7. T.C.D. ; it contained 
many matters of historical in- 
terest ; it is now, unhappily, 

, -A, /., act of reciting 

or composng verses ; cryng as 

a child. 
t)Af or -ouAif, labour, pain ; 

ctieATo if x>uAif, the suffering 

of a cow immediately before 

death; "-OOTIA 'f -ouAif AJI 

o'oi-oe mumce," "misfortune 

attend your schoolmaster," an 

imprecation on quarrellers (W. 

*OuAfA6, -Aije, a., painful, toil- 

some (from -ouAf, labour, pain). 
'OuAftriA'p, -Aifie, a., laborious, 

toilsome, troublous, difficult. 
t)ub, gsf. -ouibe, a., black, dark, 

gloomy, morose, sad, severe (it 

is used as an intensive prefix). 
*Oub, -uib, in., ink; black night; 

6 x>ub 50 nub, all day long. 
OUOAC, -Aij, m., ink. 
"OubAC, -Aije, a., sad, mournful, 

sorrowful, melancholy, grieved, 

QubACAti, -AID, pi. id., m., a blight ; 

a small rick of turf ; an ink- 

well, an ink-stand (O'N.). 
T)ubA6ATi. See -ouibeACAn. 
TDubACAf, -CAif, m., sadness, sor- 

row, melancholy. 
TDubA-o, -bcA, m., blackening, 

mourning ; fioft-'ouOA-o, utter 

T)ubAX)An, -Am, pi. id., m., an ink- 

stand ; ink ; soot, smut, black- 

ball, smoke. 
*Ou6A5Ati, -Ain, pi. id., m., the 

deep ; a bottomless pit (O'N.). 

See -ouibeA5An and ToubAi^eAn. 
OubAiseATi, -em, pi. id., m., the 

very deepest part, the greatest 

depth (O'N.) ; teitn CAOJIAC i 

tro., the jump of a sheep into 

the ocean, a rash act. 
QubAilce, y. id., pi. -ACA,/., a vice, 

an evil habit. 

( 267 ) 


T)6AitceAC, -cije, a., vicious. 

OubAilceAf, -cif, m.| vice, vicious- 

OubAitt, -AtcA,/., act of doubling; 
ATI A x>ubAilc, two-fold, doubled. 

"OubAitceAC, -cije, a., double ; 

TJubAim, -A-6, I blacken, daub. 

T)ubAitic. See AX>eijiitn. 

"OubAiftt fe xjAbAiftc p6, idle 
talk, hearsay. 

T)ubAtcA, p. a., doubled ; clever, 
deep-minded, cunning. 

"OubAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a hook, a 
snare ; a fishing hook. 

"OvibATi, -AITI, pi. id., m., the kid- 

"OubAti-AltA, -Aiti-AttA, pi. id., m., 
a spider. See OAbAti-AtLA. 

T)ubAn ccAim-copAC, -AITI ceAnn- 
copAij, m., common self-heal, 
prunella viilgaris ; also written 

OttbAT) CeAT)T)-C.Af. 

T)ub-cox>tAX>, m., a deep sleep. 

T>ub-coT*, /., a black foot, stem, or 

Ob-cofA6, -Aije, a., black-footed. 

T)ub-cop AC, -Aite, /., maiden-hair 
fern ; also called ce f cAil/pjieAc, 
as it is used sometimes for tea 

T)ub-cftoix>eA6, -xnje, a., black- 
hearted, joyless, melancholic. 

Ob-x>AT)AC, -Aij;e, a., fatal. 

T)ub--6ttuitn, m., "cold shoulder"; 
in phr., oub-x). x>o cn jtir ATI 
f Ai-6b|teAf, to turn one's back 
wholly on riches, to renounce 
it altogether, to give it the cold 

Dub-gAt/L, -Aitt, pi. id., a Dane, 
a foreigner. 

"Oub-jlAf, -jtAife, a., dark gray. 

"Oub-jnuifeAC, -pse, a., black- 

Oub-jofttn, -^ui^me, a., dark blue. 

"OubtA, g. idi, pi. -i^oe^ m., a 
sheath ; a lining, a covering. 
ub-tACC, -A, m., corrupt produce 
(lit., black juice or milk). 
wblAix), -e,o., ungenerous ; bA -6. 
An niAife t>ic, it was un- 
generous of you ; wintry ; dark. 

.-A,/., hard or severe 
part of winter; t>. TIA btiA-onA 
(Don.) ; cf. -oubluACAift (M.). 

T>ubtAiceAC, -cije, -a., melan- 
choly ; serious, grave. 

Oub-tApjiAC, -Aise, a., black- 

T)tib-liA, m., the pancreas. See 


"Ovib-todtAnnAc, -Aij, -Aije, m., a 

"OubtosAn, -Am, m., a mote such 

as gets into the eye (Don.). 
X)tib-tofCA i 6, m., a complete con- 

QubtuACAiii, -cttA, /., the worst 

part, the refuse ; t). nA btiAxttiA, 

the depth of winter. 
T>ub-lui5e, m., misfortune ; a black 

spell of sickness (common in 

imprecations, -oub-tuije 

"Oubtuijim, -I/USAX) andx>ubAit,c, 

v. tr.,I double, fold, repeat. 
T)ub 'TIA jeAt ; t)ub 'TIA jjeAt x>o 

buAtAX) (cu|i) AIJI, to impose 

upon him, to persuade him that 

black is white. 
T)u6-nAThA (-tiAThAit)), /., a mortal 

"OubTiAjiuf, -uif, m., impudence, 

assumption, arrogance. 
"OubTiAjiufAC, -Aije, a., impudent, 

assuming, arrogant. 
T)ub|uvoAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

black mote or atom ; a small 

particle such as gets into the eye; 

an insignificant person. 
"OubfOTi, -6in, m., dire, bitter 

sorrow ; melancholy. 
OubftoTiAt, -Aijje, a., bitterly sor- 

rowful ; melancholy. 
T)ubflAn, -AITI, m., challenge, de- 

fiance ; X). x)o 6u|i pAoi, to chal- 

lenge ; tno x>. puc, I defy you ; 

'f e x)o x>. 6, it ia as much as you 

can do. 
Oob-fTiArh, m., a diving under 

"Oub-tttofCAX), m., rigorous absti- 

nence or fast. 

ux), -uix), pi. id., m., the car, a 

tingling of the ear; a horn; a 


( 268 ) 

smoking pipe; dim. t>uit>in > a 

short smoking pipe. 
Ju-oAifie, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, TO., one 

who blows a sounding horn ; a 

trumpeter ; a constant smoker. 

traoj, -6156, -654, /., a box on 

the ear ; a small horn or trum- 

pet ; a tobacco pipe (O'N. and 

Don.; oui'oiTi also in Don.); 

also ou i-oeog. 

, and t>o5A, m., a dock (for 


T>u5Ai-6eACC, -A, /., wharfage. 
QUID- (-oub-), black (an intensitive 


T>ib-bfieAC, m., a young trout. 
"Ovub-ciop, -A, -AtttiA, m., a tribute; 

heavy rent. 
'Ouib-'otiicteAc, -tije, a., giving 

out black sparks. 
"Otnbe, g. id., f., blackness, gloom, 

ink ; a stain. 
T)uibeACATi, -Ain, m., darkness ; a 

darkening; T>. HA noiT>ce, dusk ; 

a heavy darkness came over the 

heavens (also-ouibteAn). 
"OuibeAfeAH, -Ain, m., an abyss ; a 

dark, deep hole ; a pit. 
ThJibeACAH, -Ain, m., potato blight 

(Mayo) ; T>ub, id. (Ker.). 
*OuibeAcc, -A, /., blackness, dark- 

ness, stain. 
T)uib-eAt>An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 

black forehead. 
OvnbeASAH, -Ain,^. id., m., depth ; 

the deep ; an abyss. See x>ub- 

AijeAn and ouibeA6Ati. 
T)tiib-eA5AtiAc, -Aije, a., deep, 

profound, bottomless. 
Quib-eAttiAC, -A1J, -Aije, m., a 

TKnbeAH, m., a cormorant. 
*Otiib-l,iAc, -teite, /., the spleen, 

the milt. 
T>t>ib-t,iorm, -teAtinA, f., melan- 

choly ; the spleen. 
T)t!ib-t,ionncAc, -Aije, a., melan- 

cholic, splenetic. 
"Otiib-neAtt, -neitt, pi. -neAltcA, 

m., a black cloud. 
T)uib-jte, /, the first and last 

quarters of the moon ; " dark 

moon " ; a moonless portion of 
the night ; oiT>ce T)., a night 
with "dark moon." 

T)uib-ft,iAb, -f leibe, -fl6ibce, m., 
a black mountain. 

THi ix, -e,/., the bottom of the neck. 

"OuiTjeAti, -Avn,pl. id., m., the neck, 
the throat. 

"Ouixjin, g. id., pi. -ixie, m., a short 
tobacco-pipe ; a dram measure 
made of horn (dim. of t>u-o). 

T)uit, -e,/., desire, appetite, long- 
ing ; fondness ; hope (with prep. 
1) ; ni't t>uiL 1 mbAinne AgArn, 
I have no desire for milk ; 
o'imtij rno ouit Af An mbiATi, 
I lost my appetite for food (Aran). 

"Quit, -e, pi. id., gpl. -out, /., ele- 
ment ; creature ; TJ. -oAOTinA, 
human race. 

tDuit, -e, /., distribution. See x>Ait. 

"Ouite, g. id., f., a substance, a 
creature. See ouit/. 

TuiteA6Ati, -Ain, pi. id., m., 

"OuiteAiii, older g. ouiteAriiAti, 
later xiuitirii, m., the Creator. 

'OuileAfc, -tifc, m., a kind of 
edible sea-plant; T>. nA hAbAnn, 
broad-leaved pond-weed. 

"Ouiticin (-ouibLicin), q. id., pi. 
-I'oe, in., a shell growing on 


T)uiti-6eACC, -A, /., act of dis- 
tributing ; partition, division. 

"Otntijim, -tiuijAX), v. tr. and intr., 
I desire, I wish, I covet. 

t) tii It e, g. id., m., a leaf. 

*OuitteAbA]i, -Aiji, TO., foliage, a 
leaf of a plant. 

T)uitteAbA|i peicteAnn, m., honey- 

"OuitteAbAji f puinnc, m, coltsfoot. 

"OuitleAC, -iije, a., leafy, leaf- 

"OuilteACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a 
pamphlet, an unbound booklet. 

Duitl/eoj, -0156, -OJA, /., a leaf of 
a tree or book ; T>A tAob HA 
ouitleoige, both sides of the 
question ; biteoj, id. (M.). 

T)uilleo5AC, -Aije, a., full of 
small leaves. 


( 269 ) 


bAi-oce, /., water lily 
(nymphcea major aquatica). 

Ouilleog tipis-oe, /., dock 
cresses, nipple wort (lapaana 

"Ouillicin, g. id., m., a mussel. See 

Ouillijim, -ittJA-o, v. intr., I 
bring forth leaves. 

T)viittiofC tiA mbcAtin, m., moun- 
tain lavcr, a scruff growing on 
the face of mountain boulders, 
used in dyeing. 

'Ouitt-rhiol, -mil, pi. id. and 
-thiolA, TO., a caterpillar. 

"Ouine, g. id., pi. -oAome, people, 
mankind; gpl. OAOineAt) or 
oAoine, m., a man, human 
being, person, individual ; a 
mortal (used of male or female, 
but generally male) ; employed 
without article = Fr. on, Germ. 
man, English one or they, as in 
" one goes," " they say " ; Aon 
o., -o. Afi bit, anyone, anybody ; 
with neg., nobody; T>. eigin, 
some one, somebody ; An uile -6., 
every one, everybody ; A -ouine 
coifi, honest man \ my good sir \ 
o. ritte, peasant ; -o. iiAfAt, 
gentleman, T>. mofi, great man, 
nobleman ; TIA TJAome moftA, 
the gentry; feAn-T>uine, old 

T)uineAbAcr, -A, /., manslaughter 

"OuineAtiiAil, -rntA, a., manly, like 
a man ; worldly, natural. 

OuineAthlAcc, -A, /., manliness, 
manhood ; naturalness. 

l mman e. 

"OuineAncACC, -A, I /., humanity, 
T>umeArACC, -A, ) kindness. 
T)uine-TriAtit)AX>, m., homicide; (also 


, -Aije, a., homi- 

"Ouinn, prep, pr., 1st pi., to us, for 
us ; emph. x>uinti-ne, abbrev. 
oumne. See prep. x>o. 
T)ui|ic, -e, -eATinA, /., a dagger, a 

t)uifie, g. id., /., gloom, sorrow; 
dulness, stupidity, insensibility ; 
hardness, stubborness ; cruelty, 

"Ouifiictti, g. id., pi. -me, m., any- 
thing very small ; a little fellow. 

t)uittliti5, -e, -te, f., a row of 
boulders thrown up on the coast 
by the storm ; a rocky promon- 
tory (Clare}; pron. tjoiptitij in 
Don., where it meims a rude 
breakwater ; ni tiA clocA TIA 
TIA IAT> (Con.). See 

T)uit^-teAC, TO., a house of penance 

and prayer ; a prison, a jaiL See 


"Ouifcim, -ceA-6, v. tr., I awake. 
tDuifeAcc, -A, /., watchfulness, 

vigilance ; an awakening, 

T)uif eAt, -pl,_p. id., TO., a sprout ; 

a cloud ; gloom ; a flute, a pipe ; 

a spout ; \\Q gut x>o -6uip eAt. 

See Ps., xlii, 7. 
Ouifijim, vl. ovhpeAcc and 

oupCA'o, v. tr. and intr., I 

awaken, awake, wake up, arouse. 
Ouifim. See ouifijun. 
*Oif in, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a dozen ; 

a hank of yarn of twelve cuts, 

each cut containing 120 threads. 
"OuifiuJAX), -ijte, m., act of 

awakening (rare). 
t)uic, prep, pr., 2nd 8., to thee, for 

thee ; emph. x>uic-r;e. See prep. 


"Ouitij. See ouiAis. 

T)ut, -A and -CA, w. n. m., act of 
going, getting, securing (used 
in meanings of ceit>itn) ; going 
over to the other world, death ; 
idiom, construction ; ni't AOTI 
x>ul Aitt rin AJAC, you have no 
chance or obtaining that ; out 
At* AJAi-6, to prosper; t>ul ATI, 
to reach ; fm e An -out CCATIC, 
that is the proper construction 
(in grammar); CA out An GeAjilA 
Aiti, it is in the English con- 
struction ; tii't Aon -out AIT> 
te, ^c., there is no excelling him 
with, etc. (N. Con.). 


( 270 ) 

"Out, -tut, pi. id., TO., a snare, a 

trap ; a loop, a net ; a gin ; a 

syringe; a wedge, a pin ; a knot 

in wood. See x>ot. 
"OutA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a wedge, 

a peg, a pin (also -ootA). 
T)ttlAitn, vl. -ouiti-oeAcc and 

otitAfiAcc, v. tr., I ensnare, 

entrap, catch with a net, catch 

with a loop. 
TtulAtnAn (-otib-loniATi), -Am, m., 

edible seaweed (in season in 

T)ul,Aii, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cork, a 

plug, a peg, a pin, a wedge. 
"OutAf AC, -Aije, a., eager, vehe- 

ment; 50 tAr>A T>. (Kea.). 
"OutoAti, -Aifie, a., doleful, un- 

pleasant (O'H.). 
"OulbAjiAcc, -A, /., dolefulness, 

misery, unpleasantness. 

ATi, -Am, TO., avarice, covet- 

TDutcAnAc, -Aije, a., covetous ; 
miserable, pitiful ; dirty. 

OutcAnAcc, -A,/., greed, avarice. 

T)t 5tiomAc, m., a wicker-work 
lobster-pot, a kind of crib in 
which lobster is preserved in 
the salt water. See -out, a trap. 

T>utf AC, TO., one's fill, what one 
needs or requires, full satis- 
faction ; bAin -oo -6. Af, take as 
much as you can out of it, 
satisfy your mind on it (Ker.~). 

Tuit-uijte, p. a., earnest, fervent ; 
oo mAttAccuij fi e 50 -out- 
wijce, she cursed him fervently. 
, -Aite, a., misty, dark 

"OumAf, -Aif, TO., act of pretend- 
m g ! A S "oumAf beii emu, pre- 
tending to be sick (Cork). 

QumAfAt, TO., light, peaty soil 

"OutTifAi, -Aije, a., dark, dismal, 

"Dun, g. ouin and x>unA, pi. "ouin, 
oumce, -ouncA and -outiA, m., a 
fort, a fortress, castle, royal 
residence, fortified mansion. 

OutiA-6, -ncA, TO., act of closing 
up, barring, fastening. 

"OutiAim, -AT>, v. tr., I close, shut ; 
bar, fasten, secure, barricade, 
lace, clasp, button ; also intr., I 
close round, hem in (with AJI). 
T)tiAn, -Ain, pi. id., TO., a manni- 
kin. See ootiAn. 

An, -Ain, pi. id., m., a little 
hill or fort ; a small mansion. 

, -Aif, TO., a dwelling, 
a habitation. 

Oun-OAfilAn, -Am, pi. id., TO., a 
dunce (Don.). 

"Oun-tiop, TO., a palace, a fortified 

TJuntuf, -tiif, m., knotted fig-wort 
(scrophtdaria nodosa). 

"OunriiAiiBA-o, -bcA, TO., act of 
murdering, murder ; mAfiCA-D i 
T)i5nriiA^t)A-6, manslaughter and 
murder (Donl.). 

"OunriiAttbAim, -bA-o, v. tr., I 
commit homicide, murder. 

TJunniAfibcAc, -Aije, a., mur- 
derous, homicidal. 

"OunriiAiibtAc, -Ai5, -Aije, TO., a 
homicide, a murderer. 

"OuntTiAubcoift, -OJIA, -oi'fii'De, m., 
a murderer. 

"Oun-poftt:, -vtijic, pi. id., TO., a 
fortified castle, a town or resi- 

T)uncA, p. a., closed, shut, barred, 

TlunrAc, -Aije, a., bound ; close, 
tenacious ; costive. 

T)up, gsf. T)ui|ie, a., hard, stern ; 
stupid, obstinate; withered, sere, 
hardened, like aged wood (of the 
heart); feAn-c|ioi-6e-ou-p(O'jRa.). 

"OufiAbAn, -Ain, m., a rich, sandy, 
soil (Aran). 

T)ufAT)An. See oubpA'OAn. 

T>ujiAt)An, -Ain, pi. id., TO., a 
stubborn, obstinate person. 

"OujiAm ATI, -Am, pi. id., TO., a dunce ; 
oo-pAmAn (Don.). 

"OujiAncA, indec. a., rigid, morose. 

T)u|(AncAcc, -A, /., stiffness, hard- 
ness, moroseness. 

"OujiAf , -Aif, pi. id., m., a house, a 

T>tift-boc, /., a cell, an oratory ; 
a miserable hovel. 


( 271 ) 

, -Aije, a -, hard of 

"Ouft-cpoi-oeAC, -T>ije, a., hard- 


Oup-oAl, -Ait, pi. id., m., a cooing. 
T)up.-OAn, -AID, pi. id., m., a mote, a 

particle of dust; a murmur, a 

purring. See -cub^A-OAti. 
OupSAnrA, indec. a., surly, sour, 

T)up.tAp, -dip, 7n., a strong fort ; 

cf. Thurles. 
T)up.tup, g. -tuip and -topA, pi. 

-topA, m., water-cress. 
T)uti-tiiAtAi-6eA6c, -A, /., knitting 

the eyebrows (O'N.). 
T)uppAn m., grief, pity ; ip oujtpAti 

tiom, I feel aggrieved at (also 

"Oup, -oup-ApA, m., a client (O'N.). 

TJupACC, -A, /., watchfulness, 
wakefulness. See t>uipeA6c. 

T)up-Aic, /., a place of refuge or 

QupApAcc, -A, /., crying, com- 
plaining ; impertinence of reply 
(also -oopAipeAcc). 

"OupcA-o, -CCA, m., state of being 

"OupcAipeAcc, -A, /., act of doing 
lighter work about a house 
(Don.) ; also t>iopcAipeA6c. 

"OupCAtiiAC, -Aije, a., rakish, 
courageous (Con.). 

"OupCAti, -AHn,pl. id., m., a bundle, 
a parcel (Con.). 

Qupog, -oige, -OSA, /., a woman 
client (O'N.). 

OupdgtAC, m., a man client (ON.). 

QUCAI j, g., -e and -ouitce, pi. id. 
and -ouitcnbe, /., a county ; 
estate, land ; fig., a great 
number ; bt An X>UCAI j ACA Atin, 
there was a great number of 
them there. 

"OucAin, -e, a., transient. 

"OucAin, -e, /., deceit. 

"OutcAp, -CAip, -CApA, m., one's 
own country; birthright, here- 
ditary instinct ; DA T>uccAp -06 
beii 'n-A pcolAipe, he inherited 
(capacity for) learning; AJ: im- 
teA6c te TI-A -outcAp, giving 

himself free rein, enjoying him- 
self ; tii'L p6 AJ rADAipc An 
T>uccAtr teip, he is not " taking 
after " his family. 

"OuccApAd, -Aije, a., of or belong- 
ing to one's country ; inherent, 

TDutpAc, -Aij, -Aije, m., & founda- 

T)ucp.ACC, -A,/., diligence, earnest- 
ness, assiduity, zeal ; something 
more than what is due, an extra 
given through friendship ; cuj 
pi T>. -06, she gave him extra 
fare, etc. ; jiinn me "o. teip, I 
did my best with it, I did it 

T)uttiACCAc, -Aije, a., diligent, 
zealous, earnest, fervent, kind. 

e(eATA-6 or CADA-O, the aspen 
tree), the fifth letter of the 
Modern Irish Alphabet. 

6, neg. prefix (6A before broad- 
vowelled syllables, and ei before 
slender-vowelled syllables). 

6 ! interj., expressing wonder, 
grief; often strengthening an 
interrogation ; also in reponse 
to a call, summons, or address, 
signifying well ! yes ! as, A 
6eAJAin ! 6 ! I say, John ! 

6, pers. prn., he, it ; in nom. and 
ace., ip e, it is he ; ip p.6Ap e, he 
is a man ; peAticAp. e, he or it is 

A, neg. prefix, as eA^cdip:, in- 
justice, etc. See e (prefix). 

6 ADA, g. id., /., Eve. 

eADAt), -Aro, pi. -A-OA, -AiT>e, m., 
the aspen tree, which gives its 
name to the letter e ; any diph- 
thong beginning with e, as con- 
tained in the old grammatical 
rhyme, Cuir heAOA-OA p.6p 50 
coicciorm; 61 -crop SAC CADAI-O 
Ain," etc. (also eA'OA'6). 

^AbAt, -Ait, pi. id., m., a fire, a 
spark, a brand (O'N.). 

^AbAttAC, -Aije, a., unspotted, 
unchoquered, unspeckled (O'N.). 

( 272 ) 

, -bAil(c), v. intr. (obs.), 
I die, perish, fall. 

eAblACAc, -iAije, a., blossomless, 
flowerless (O'N.). 

eAbjtA, g. id., m., the Hebrew 
tongue (now eAbjtAif). 

eAbftAC, -Aij, pi. id., m., a Hebrew, 
a Jew. 

6AbjiAC, -Aije, a., Hebrew, Jewish. 

eAbftA-oAc, -AIJ, pi. id., m., a 
Hebrew ; one belonging to the 
Hebrew nation. 

eADjiAiT>e, indec. a., Hebrew. 

eAbfiAfoeAC, -'615, pi. id., m., a 
Hebrew, a Jew. 

eAbfiAif, -e, /., the Hebrew 

eAbtn-oeAc, -oije, a., ungrateful, 
thankless (O'N.). 

eAbufi, -tii-p, m., ivory. 

BAG, g. eic, pi. id. and eACfiA, 
eACjiAix) (orig. a collective), m., 
a horse, a steed; BAC uifce, a 
mythical horse supposed to 
inhabit the lakes of Connacht 
and Donegal; AJI liiuin An eic, 
on horseback ; pip riA n-eAC, 
horsemen ; oe coif no xi'eAc, 
on foot or on horseback, willy- 
nilly ; eAt ft Aif , a race-horse ; 
coif re f e n-eAc, a coach and six. 

eACAc, -Aije, a., abounding in 

eACAi-6, m., a horseman (also a 
proper name). 

6ACA11, -AITI, pi. id., m., a reel to 
wind yarn. 

eACAti, -Am, m., wind, storm ; 
eACAti jAoice, a whirlwind. 

eACAtiAc, -Aije, a. , stormy, windy. 

BActAif, -e, -i-oe, /. ; a lazy, 
slovenly woman ; a slattern 
(used also of a man). 

eActAtm, -Airme, -AtitiA, /!, a 

eActAfc, -Aifce, -A, /., a rod, a 
whip, a horse-lash. 

eACl/AfCA1tn, -AfCAX), V. tr., I 

horsewhip, I lash. 
BAc-tuAt, a., of the swift steeds 

(Kea. F.F.). 
eAcmAine, g. id., pi. -fiix>e, TO., a 


, -e, /., desire of copula- 
tion in horses ; act of copula- 
tion ; pAoi eAcmAiftt, said of a 
mare in season. 

eACjiAi-6, -e, /., (collect.), steeds, 
horses, cavalry; eACfiAiTi 'cAp- 
tAib, a team of horses ; some- 
times spelt eACftA, eACfiA-6. 

eAC|tAnn, -Ainu, pi. id., m., an 
impediment, an entanglement; 
a quarrel. See AcjiAnn. 

6ACfiAnnAc, -Aije, a., intricate, 
entangled, quarrelsome. See 

6Acc, -A, pi. id., m., a covenant, a 

thing ; a state, a condition, a 

deed, an act ; a heroic exploit ; 

prowess (T. G.) ; a catastrophe ; 

a sorrowful event, a great loss ; 

An r-e'Acc DO oAomib, a won- 

drous lot of people. 
SACCAC, -Aige, a., wonderful ; 

deed-doing, powerful. 
^AccAim, -A-6, v. tr., I do, I act, 

I enact. 
^AccAipe, g. id., pi. -ju-oe, m., an 

historian, a chronicler. 
6ACCA1J1 eAcc, -A, /., history, histo- 

eACCfiA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., an ex- 

pedition, an adventure, enter- 

prise, action ; a history, a story ; 

An bplt AOn CACCflA AAC ? 

have you any news ? -oo CUAIT> 
Afi BACCHA, he went on an ex- 
pedition (Kea., F. P.); usually 
followed by AJI, as OAccfiA A|i 
ponn tTlAc CuriiAill, -\ A|t An 
ngAifci-oeAC, a story about F. 
son of C. and the Giant. 

GAccjiAnn, -Ainn, pi. id., m., an 
alien, a foreigner. 

eACcjiAnnAc, -A-\s,pl. id. and -Aije, 
m., a foreigner, an adventurer. 

eActfiAnnAim, -nA-6, v. tr., I banish 

6A-6, it ; is never used except with 
the assertive verb if, or neg. ni ; 
5U|iAb eA-6, may it be so ; An 
eA-6, is it ? forsoooth ! if CAT*, 
'f CAT), it is, yes, it is then, it is 
there ; mA if CAX), m^'f BA-O, if 
it is ; ni h-eA'O, it is not, not 

( 273 ) 

so, nay, no ; if eAt) or 'f eAx> is 
used in apodosis, answering to 
(ATI rjiAt, cftAt, etc.), -OA 
(-OA AOijvoe, etc.), 'n-A 
pAm, etc., or to a particu- 
lar time or place mentioned, in 
prodosis, e.g., nuAiji A CUAIT> me 

fUAf 50 5Altt/im 'feA-6 CAf A-6 

SeA5Ati UA tTlAilte oym, when 
I went up to Galway 'tis there 
(or then) I met John O'Malley ; 
OA TJoimre An cobAfi 'peAX) 1 f 
gtAitie ATI c-uipce, the deeper 
the well, the clearer the water ; 
1 mt)Aile (ilAiji nA gAiLtitiie 
'feAX) cot>Ail me Ajteiti, in 
Clare-Galway (it is there) I 
slept last night ; A|i mAiTim 
in~o6 "peA-6 connAC e, yesterday 
morning (it is then) I saw him, 
etc. ; if AnitAix* is preferred 
after -OA meAT), etc., in Con. and 
U., and after 'n-A lonAtJ f Ain in 
M., e.g., X)A meAX) T>'A bpeicim 
oe, if AmtAi'o if IUJA mo JIIAOI 
Aifi (Con.), . ip AmtAiT> 

1f tJA CA AI^X) AJAttl A1|l ( U.) 

=X>A mcAt) T)O-fiim e 'feA'o ip 
IUJA mo 6ion AIJI (M.), the more 
I see him, the less I like him ; in 
U. and Mea. 'f e is used for 'f BATS 
after nuAi|i, AH CJIAC, cjtAC, etc., 
e.g., nAif A 6uAtAix UiocAUt) 
An fceAt feo 'f e L6im fe mA|i 
bocAn beAj 5AbAi^, when 
Rickard heard this news ('tis 
then) he leaped like a young 
buck-goat ; and 'f e An fix> after 
i n-Aic, e.g., i n-Aic A -out AJ 
obAi}> 'f e ATI jtu-o A t^it> cu 50 
cij r>o coriiAjirAn, instead of 
going to work ( tis how) you go 
to the neighbour's house ( = in 
M., i n-ionAt> tui^e A-p obAin ip 
AmtAix) iei-ocAnn cu 50 ci$ -oo 

6At>, -A, MI., jealousy, obloquy, 
suspicion, reproach, zeal ; cAl- 
Aite An CAVA, the crime of 

&&r>, a negative particle coming 
before vowels or p, c and t> in 

eA-oA-6, -Ait), TO., the aspen tree, 
the name of the fifth letter of the 
modern Irish alphabet. 

eAT)Ait, -e,f., Italy (also CA-OAin). 

At>Ait, -AtA, /., booty, plunder, 
gain, riches, profit, benefit ; ex- 
cess, increase ; hope. 

6AT)AileAc, -tije, a., rich, profi- 
table (also eAX>AlAc). 

GA-OAitip, -e, /., the Italian lan- 
guage. See lo-OAilip. 

fiATOAinjeATi, -jne, a., weak, un- 

^A-oAitijneAdc, -A, /., weakness, 

6At)Ai^e, g. id., pi. -jti-oe, m. a 
jealous person. 

6AT>AifteA6c, -A, /., jealousy, envy. 

6AT>At<Ac, -Aije, a., lucrative, 
profitable, gain-giving ; wealthy, 

At>An, -Am, pi. id., TO., the fore- 
head; face, countenance; brow 
(of mountain) ; i n-eAt>An HA 
nuAijie, every hour ; Ap An 
eAtjATi, fully, entirely (Man.}, in 
Don. Ap eAt)An ; le heAt>An, in 
face of ; 1 n-6AT)An, against ; 1 
n-eA-OAn nA hAOAnn, against the 

6At>AtiAti, -Ain, pi. id. and -AHCA, 
TO., a frontlet. 

GA-OAJI (eix>iji), prep., between. 
See i-oifi. 

eA'OAp-JAbAlt, -AtA, /., going 

between, intervention, peace- 
making ; peAp TIA heAt)A|i-5Ab- 
AlA, the peacemaker, the go- 
between ; ni cei-oeAnn peAjt nA 
heA-OAf-JAbAtA Ap, the peace- 
maker or go-between (in a con- 
flict) does not escape (blows). 

eA-oAfi-JAtiAi-oe, g. id., pi. -Aix>ce, 
m., a mediator. 

eATJAfi-juixie, g. id., f., interces- 
sion, supplication, mediation. 

eATJAfi-jui'oceoiti, -OJIA, -oittitie, 
TO., an intercessor, a suppliant, 
a mediator. 

eA'OAfi-tuAp, TO., excitement, fuflsi- 
ness, flurry ( W. Ker.). 

6At)AnnAit>e, g. id., TO., ambush, 

( 274 ) 

, -"6156, a., crafty, 

cunning, malicious. 
eAT>Anr CAit, -AlA, /., act of separ- 

ating quarrellers (Cork). 
eA-OAftrcAm, -AnA, /., a parting, 

a separation ; interposition ; 

ii>iftifcin (Meath and Don.) ; 

mAxxAjiircin (Tory). 
eA-OA^rcAfiA-o, -JICA, m., divorce, 

eATJAft-f otAf, -Aif, m., twilight, 

eAt>Afifux> (also eAtJAficnAt), m., 

the morning milking time ; the 

time spent by cattle in waiting 

to be milked ; oe'AnAi'o nA bA 

pem An 
even dry cows avail themselves 
of the milking time (the repose 
given thereat) ; co-olA-6 50 
heATJAfifu-o, a long morning 
sleep (till about 9 o'c. a.m.) ; 
"OoriinAc nA n-eA-oAjifvu'oe, a 
Sunday somewhere about May, 
when cows are brought to the 
milking yard for the first time in 
the year ; An c-eA-oAjifu-o -oo 
oeAnAth, to retire for milking 
(said of cows) ; dinner-time (M.); 
coT>t,AT> 50 heA"OAfif tit), as in the 
prov., An ce 50 -orei-oeAnn 
ceipt nA mocotfiije AITIAC AIJI, 

til CAf t>6 COT^tAT) 50 heA-OAfl- 

6AT>fulAn3, -Ainje,/., intolerance, 


6At>rhAifteAcc, -A, /., jealousy. 
SA-otiiAfi, -Aifie, a., jealous, en- 

6AT>6cAf, -Aif, m., despair, lack of 

hope (also eAT>6ccAf). 
6At>66Af AC, a., -Aije, hopeless, de- 


6At)Oimm, -nine, a., shallow. 
eAT>6i|ifeAcc, -A, /., naturaliza- 

tion (O'N.). 
eAt6i|ifi5ini, -1UJA-6, v. tr., I 

naturalise (O'N.). 
eA-ooiiifijte, p. a., naturalized 

eA^oon, eA'oon, to wit, namely, 

that is, i.e., viz., that is to say ; 

commonly written .1. 

eAt)O|tcA, prep. pru. 3rd pi., be- 

tween them. See 1-01 }i. 
eAt>jiAit>, prep, prn., Ind pi., be- 

tween you. See m\\\. 
GATiiiAinn, prep, prn., \st. pi., be- 

tween us, in our midst. See 


6A-orAijibeAc, -bije, a., unprofit- 

able, useless. 

6A-oroi|iteAC, -tije, a., unfruitful 
fiATJCojicAf, -Aif, m., mediocrity. 
6A-oct<eoi|i, -OJIA, /., imbecility. 

feA-orfieojiAC, -Aije, a., weak, ir- 

resolute ; ignorant of the way. 
fiA-ocpocAifte, g. id., /., cruelty. 

unmerci fulness ; somet. eAt>c|i6- 


6A i oc|i6cAitieA6, -ft ije, a., unmer- 

ciful, merciless. 
6AT)cjiom, -jivume, ., light, nimblf, 

quick ; frivolous, fatuous ; CA f e 

eAT)ctiom 'n-A ceAnn, he is r. 

little touched. 
6At)C|iomACAn, -Am, m., lightness, 

ease, comfort. 
GA-ocfiomAi-oe, pi., m., the light? 

(of an animal). 
6AT)C^omAn, -Am, pi. id., m. ; 

the bladder ; a football ; a 

frivolous reason ; alight, miser- 

able, good-for-nothing person. 
^A-ocjiornuJA-o, -uijte, m., act of 

lightening ; alleviation. 

v. tr., I alleviate, lighten. 
^ATicfiorntiijce, p. a., lightened. 
^A-ocpuime, g. id., f., lightness, 

^A-orrviAtAnj, -Amje, /., unbear- 

able suffering; injury, intoler- 

ance, harshness. 
6AT)uj;A-6, -vnjte, m., the act of 

clothing, dressing. 
^ATiuijim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I clothe. 

I dress in armour. 
eAT>ui5teoift, -ojtA, -oitn-oe, m., a 

tailor, a clothier. 
SAJ, -A, pi. id., m., death, extinc- 

tion (somet. pi. in singular sense ; 

Aft tAfi AJ An CAJ, lifeless, dead; 

1 T>teAnnrAib BAJA, in the grip 

of death ; cAiX) An comneAl 1 

( 275 ) 

n-^Aj;, the candle went out ; in 
phr. 50 MAS, for ever, inten- 
sive ; CA cfteix>im 50 heAg, I'll 
never believe (Mea.). jut 50 
heA5, "run like mad"; CA 
JjAe-oitc 50 heAj Aije, he has 
endless Irish, he has abundance 
of Irish speech ; CA f6 50 he AS 
teip An ngAe-uitj, he is mad 
about Irish (U.) ; CA An cenie 
AJ -out i n-e'AS, the fire is 
going out (in parts of M. and in 
Don., T)ut A "o'eAS is used). 

e AJ, neg. prefix, not, un-, in-. See 

eAjAim, -5A-6, #. tn<r., I die, 
perish, expire, become quenched; 
o'e'Ag f6 = FtiAifi pe bAf. 

CAjAt, -jtA, /., fear, dread, 
timidity; ipeAgAt teir, he fears, 
is afraid ; ip eAjAt x>6, ho has 
reason to four. 

eAjjAtAc, -Aije, a., afraid, timor- 
ous (also CAjtAc). 

eAgAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a wanderer. 

e<\gAn, -Am, m., an abyss, an un- 
fathomable depth ; 6uAix> ATI 
bAT> 50 c6in eAjAin, the boat 
sank (Om.) ; hence xnnoeASAn 
(oub + eAjAti). See AigeAti. 

CA^AH, -AIT), pi. id., m., a bird's 
gizzard. See UJATI. 

eAjAtt, -AIJI, pi. id., m., order, 
arrangement ; a row ; a bank ; 
a bin ; spelling (for eAgAti TIA 
tictieAc) (Tadhg a Con., U. 
Gram.) ; -peAfi eAjAi-p, one who 
puts something in order, an 
editor ; cuiftim i ti-eAjAtt, I ar- 
range, set in order, I edit. 

eASAficoip, -ofiA, -oifi-oe, TO., an 
arranger, one who puts in order; 
an editor (recent). 

eAijCAoitie, g. id., /., act of com- 
plaining, lamenting, death-wail- 

^ASCAOininij-neAxi, and -ne, v. tr., 
I complain, lament, complain of ; 
TIA neAjcAom T)O cuifipe, do not 
complain of your fatigue or 

eAjcAoinceAt, -tie, a., mourn- 
ful, querulous, lamenting. 


o, -e, a., inestimable. 
, -otiA, /., a crime ; wrong, 
injustice, iniquity, unrighteous- 
ness ; CA f e 'f At1 "ooib 50 
m6f, he wrongs them greatly 
(thereby) (Don.) ; CAOI 'f An 
6., you are astray, you are 
on the wrong road (M.); CA An 
e. AJAC, you are wrong (M.). 
jcoriit-Aim, -AT>, v. tr., I omit, 

-Ainn, TO., oppres- 

sion tyranny, injustice, injury ; 

anguish ; unequal contest (Kea., 

F. P.). 
^Ajcomctiom, m., unevenness, un- 

steady beat (as of the pulse) ; 

irregularity, inequality, unfair- 

ness, injustice, oppression. 
6A5c6fiA6, -Aije, a., unjust, 

wrong-doing, oppressive. 
fiAgcofitnjce, p. a., wronged, 

treated unjustly, injured. 
6Aj;cortTiAit, -pAthtA, a., unlike, 

diverse, various, dissimilar ; e. 

te, dissimilar to, different from. 
^AjcofriiAite, g. id., /., disparity, 

dissimilitude ; it is followed by 

te when contrast is intended. 
6Ajcof tiiAiteAcr, -A, /., diversity, 

dissimilitude (with te, of thing 

contrasted with) (also ^Ajcof- 


feAjctiAbA-o, -Ait>, m., impiety, in- 

6A5ctiAi6teAc, -cije, a., unbe- 

lieving, irreligious, impious. 
6A5-cttit, -ctteACA, m., the trem- 

bling of death. 

feAJCflUA-OAf, -'OAlf, pi. id., m., 

infirmity, malady, fever (also 

o, -e, a., infirm, sick, 
weak, powerless, impotent ; CA 
f6 i n-6., he appears wretchedly 

jcttut, -fotA, TO., deformity ; 
dismay, terror. 

jtA, g. id., /., fear, timidity, 
terror, fright; eAjtA oo beic 
Aft, to be afraid, to fear ; AJI 

( 276 ) 


CAgtA 5) te heAjjlA 50, for 
fear that, lest that; Aft CAjlA 
HA, fearing lest. See BA^AL. 
glACj-Aije, a., afraid, timorous ; 
beAS-eAjlAc, fearless, epithet 
of an ancient king. 
jjtAim, vl. and imper. eA^Ait, 
v. tr., I fear, I dread ; I cause to 

gtAif, -e, pi. -i-oe and -CACA, J., 
the Church ; a church ; the 
clergy ; a clergyman (Mayo). 

AC, -fije, a., of or belong- 
ing to the Church or clergy. 
jtAifeAd, -^15, -fije, m., a 
churchman, an ecclesiastic. 

f CAtiiAit, -iritA, a., pertain- 
ing to the Church or clergy. 
jl-Af CA, a., ecclesiastical. 
5lAfCA6c, -A, J., the hierarchy 
or governing body of the Church 
(P. O'G.). 

S-tiof, -teAfA, pi. id., m., a 
churchyard, a burying-ground. 
jtuJA-o, -tnjte, m., act of fear- 
ing ; also act of frightening, 

rn, -uJAt), v. tr. and intr., 
I fear ; I frighten, I terrify. 
rtnAif, -e, /., want, need, lack, 
absence of ; 1 ti-eA5tnAip, in want 
of (with gen.) ; i n-& 6 AjmAip, 
in want of it. 

jniAip, -e, /., reputation, fame, 
great importance. 
jjtriAir BAC, a., very great, exces- 

, g. id.,f., wisdom, prudence. 
jriAc, -Aij;e, a., wise, prudent, 

-Aije, a., murmurng, 
complaining, grumbling, lament- 
ing ; AJ; CADI 50 h6Aj;nAC, 
bitterly lamenting. 
AjriAC, -AIJ, m., reproach, cause of 
grief ; resentment ; blasphemy ; 
a blemish ; a eatire ; AJ 6A5T1AC 
A|i, grumbling against. 
A5tiA6, -AIJ, -Ai5e, m., a wise 
person, a sage. 

AjnAcc, -A,/., prudence, wisdom. 
AjtiAi-oe, a., wise ; expert, skil- 

MS> m.> a wise man. 
, -oije, a., prudent, 

A^tiAfoeAcc, &,/., science, wis- 

Ajnui-oe, g. id., pi. id., m., a wise 

man, a prudent man; a philo 

Ajnuijim, -tiij.A-6, v. intr., I be- 

come wise. 
A5nvnjim, vl. ^agriAC, v. intr., I 

growl, grumble, murmur against 

tr., I set in order; digest, ordain, 
regulate ; I edit (as a book, etc.). 

6AjfAtriAit, -mlA, a., various, 
manifold, different, dissimilar, 
mongrel, mixed ; strange, sur- 
prising ; matchless, incompar- 
able ; 6. te, dissimilar to, differ- 
ent from. 

eAjpAtViAtcA, indec. a., strange, 
extraordinary, terrible (Mea.). 

6A5pAtrilAcc, -A, /., variety, di- 
versity, dissimilitude ; wonder, 

6Aj;fAmttii5itn, -UJA-O, r. lr., I 

6AtA, g. m.,pl. -ite, /., a swan. 

eAtA-beAn,/., a swan-like woman, 
a fair lady. 

eAtAc, -Aije, a., swan-like ; 
abounding in swans. 

GAtA'OA, -n, -OTIA, /., learning, 
science, art, skill ; a trade or oc- 
cupation ; shamming, pretence ; 
ni'l Ai|i ACC eAtAX)A(in) (he is 
not sick), he is only pretending ; 
if bjieAjtA i An t>itic 'r\Ac6wo 
if eAtA-oA, begging is better 
than a trade or craft (Fr. Eng.) ; 
fAotpuJAT) nA n-eAtAT)An, the 
cultivation of the sciences (Kea., 
F. F.) ; nom. also eAiAT>Ain ; 
eAlAx>Ain oeAtA-6, a trade, a 
means of living ; ni heAt,A-oA 
t>o, "it is not for," it does not 
befit, e.g., ni ne. tio -outne An 
cf|icn A DAinr -oe 7?em tnAf otc 
Af A cionnAijtib, it is not (fit- 
ting) for a person to cut off his 
nose to spite his face (M.). 

( 277 ) 


, indec. a., curious, 
artificial, ingenious, learned ; 
quick, ready, apt ; cute, cun- 
ning ; pretending. 

eAtxvoAnc.dc, -Aije, a., scientific, 
learned, quick. 

eAlAX>Anc6ifi, -6rtA, -6iftix>e, m,, a 
learned person, an ingenioms 
person, one skilled in learning, 
a scientist. 

eAlA-6tiA6, -Aije, a., curious, in- 
genious, learned, quick ; witty, 

^AlAnj, -Ainj, pi. id., m., an im- 
pediment, a hindrance (Con.) ; 
an opportunity, au unguarded 
moment ; a fault, flaw ; a weak- 
ness, an ailment ; TMIAIJI f e 
eAlAnj Aift, he got an unguarded 
moment in which to attack, etc., 
him ; usually eAtAj in W. Mum. 
(also eAlAin). 

eAlAfi, -Aiji, m., salt (O'N.). 

eAlAtiAc, -Aije, a., salt, salty 

eAlAfiAdc, -A, /., saltiness (O'N.). 

GAlAHAitn, -ftuJAX), v. tr., I salt, 
I pickle (O'.V.). 

6Ato, -A, -Aix>e, m., a flock, a 
herd, a drove ; dims. eAtDAn 
eilbin and eAlA&Ati (Don.) (nom. 
sing, somet. CAloA). 

eAljA, a., noble, brave, honour- 
able ; 1nif BAl^A, poet. Inif 
61156, Irelaod. See AtjA. 

eAtsAini, -^A-O, v. *r., I ennoble 

6Alt, -A, -CA, m., an essay, a trial, 
a proof (O'N.). See Ale. 

CAllAC, -AIJ, m., cattle of any 
kind ; household goods, furni- 

BAtlAt, -Aije, a., belonging to a 
herd, gregarious. 

^Allf CAX>, -A1-6, m., " gadding," 
running furiously in the heat 
(as cattle, etc.) (O'N.). 

eAl6x>, (eAlo JA-6, poet.), m., act of 
going off stealthily or quietly, 
eloping ; a passage for boats be- 
tween two rocks or between a 
rock and the mainland (Don.). 
See eAlu JA-U. 

6AlcA, -n, -CA, /., a nook of birds, 
herd, drove, troop, crowd ; a 

6AlcAc, -Aije, a., abounding in 

CAlcAn, -AID, pi. id., ?., a strong, 
sharp instrument ; a razor ; 
dim. eAlcAitiiti and Aitcin (also 
At t ATI). 

eAtcoj, -6156, -OSA, /., any 
nighty, wild, bird-like creature; 
CAltoj teACAitt, a bat (P. O'C.) ; 
lAttcog (miotcog, fciACAn) 
te<\rAiji, id. 

eAtuJAX), -ui5cc, m., the act of 
going off stealthily or quietly, 

^Altti-oceAi, -tij, m., a deserter, 
one in revolt. 

6Ali5im, -U5A-6 and eAtot*, 
v. intr., I steal away, go away 
quietly ; elope. 

eAti (Aon), one, anyone, any ; used 
in composition, as i n-eAn-6All, 
in any place ; ni TIAID eAti-tsuit 
A5Atn Ans, I had no desire for 
it. The form 6in is used before 
words beginning with a slender 
vowel or consonant, as '6puit 
ein-eAcciiA AJAC, have you any 
news ? 6Ati sometimes prefixes 
c to words beginning with f, 
as eAn-tfOfic, CAn-cpAJAf, "]c. 
Somet. in poet. pron. short in 
U., destroying government, e.g., 

tll'L AJAtTl Att ATI CfAOJAt AdC 

CTIATTIA AT) eATi-66 (pron. kraa'- 
w& nan wO) (old song). See Aon. 

6ATi, g. em, pi. id., m., a bird, a 
fowl ; CATI pionti, a white bird, 
a kite ; pi. also e An AC A. 

6An, g. em, pi. id., m., the semi- 
circular piece of the gunwale 
passing round at the bow and 
immediately in front of the fore 
paddler (Tory). 

6An, 6Anx)Acc, ic., one, etc. 6'ce 
Aon, AontJAct, ^c. 

6AnAc, -AI, -Aije, m., a pass, a 
road (also An AC). 

6AnAt, -Aije, a., clean ; free from 
sin (O'N.). 

, -Aij, -Aije, M., a lake, a 

( 278 ) 

pond, a watery place ; a fen, a 

marsh, a swamp ; frequent in 

place names, as TIA heAnAite, 

a townland in Glenflesk (Co. 

Kerry) ; eAtiAc tteAg and CAIIAC 

tnott, Annaghbeg and Annagh- 

more, townlands in Magunihy 

(Co. Kerry) ; TIA bi i -ocuf eAti- 

Aij TIA i nx>ei|teA > 6 coitteAx 

(Con.) ; TIA heATiAise, Annies 

(near Dundalk). 
6AT1AC SAfiftAi-oe, TO., endive. 
eAT)At>6i-p, -6]U\, -oijiroe, m., a 

fowler, a bird-catcher ; a bird- 

6AT>Aijie, g. id., pi. -jti-oe, m., a 

fowler, a bird-catcher ; a dealer 

in birds. 
CANS, ff. ein^e, /., a track, foot- 

step, footprint ; land, territory ; 

a border ; a year ; the voice ; a 

shield (O'N.) ; ce CA ATI CATIJ; 

50 ceAtin Ag coftmAC, though 

the land is bursting with pro- 

duce (Fer.). 
CAnjjA, g. id., pi. -Aix>e, /., a 

eAnjAC, -Aije, -ACA, /., a fishing 

net ; a chain of nets for herring 

or salmon fishing ; a drag-net ; 

biofiATi eAngAije, m., a needle 

for mending nets. 
6AT15A6, -Aije, a., talkative, voci- 

ferous ; abounding in shields 

eAnjtAC, -AIJ, m., the numb- 

ness caused by great cold (Con. 

and Don.). 
6ATJ5tAif, -e, /., gruel ; milk and 

water ; any weak drink ; 

lAif ce, weak tea; 

(Don.) See Ati^tAif . 
eAnstAifeAC, -fije, a., cross- 

grained, cranky (Core.). 

-Aim, m., dexterity at 

c, /. (coll.), birds in general ; 
bird-flocks ; eAtitAite somet. 
used in the^., as eAntAite An 
eAfitiAij, Spring birds (McD.). 
TilAnn, -Ainne, -A, /., an aviary 
(also eAriA-OAti). 

-O^A, -oittfoe, m., 

a poulterer ; a fowler ; a bird- 

6Ati-fACAT>; o'eAn-fACAX), at once; 
a simultaneous advance or 

eAti-coipc; -o'eAn-coifc, on pur- 
pose ; lit., in one bulk. 

eAfiA-6, -ttcA, m., a refusal, denial, 
fear, terror, distrust. 

CAtiAim, -tiA-6, v. tr., I refuse, I 

eAjibAtt, -Aill,^. id., m., a tail ; a 
trail or train ; a remnant ; the 
end ; i n-eAjibAtt A ceAf A, at 
the end of its heat, as it (food, 
etc.) begins to get cold ; -pubAli 
(Don. and Con.); -ojtiubAlt (Con- 

eAfic, -&,pl. id., and BAI^C (coll.),/., 
any animal of the cow kind ; a 
litter of pigs ; a trout, a salmon 
(eAftc = speckled) ; x>o jeAlt fe 
HA htn-ftc if TIA heAi-pc x>6, he 
promised him everything. 

6A|tc, -A, pi. id., /., a bee, a wasp, 
a hornet, a gadfly, an ant, 
generally a fly or insect that 
stings like the newt or lizard 

(CAttC lUACflA). 

6A|ic, -A, f., the heavenly arch ; a 
vault ; a rainbow, water ; honey 

6Atic, gff. eittce, a., bloody, blood- 
red (O'N.). 

eAjicAT), -CCA, m., act of recruiting 
for the army (O'N.). 

eAjiCAit, -e, /., prohibition ; a 
threshold, a prop, a pillar, a 
post ; a leader, a stay, a pro- 
tector ; the name for Hercules 
(sometimes written eAfidAit). 

eAftCAifie, g. id., pi. --finie, m., one 
who recruits, a recruiting officer 

CAftCATi, -Ain, pi. id., m., a heifer 
calf ; a banbh, eA-ftCATi bAll/Ain 
oeifiix), the piglet which sucks 
the hindermost teat of all (Der.), 
cf. Farney prov., TIA cog cjio 
ftoirne t/eif tiAheA|\CA; iniSouth 
Muns. this bAnb is called ioccAfi 
t1eix)in ; a greedy child. See 
eAttc and i 

, a newt, a lizard; 
CAJIC pleiSe, trf. 

eA]t-p.lAiceAp, -tip, m., an aristo- 

eAtt-JA&Ail, -AtA, /., captivity, 

(jAU-JAb-Mm, -jjAOAit, v. tr. t I 
apprehend, lay hold of, make 

eAt\tAm, -Aim, m., a patron, the 
founder of a church, etc. ; a 
noble person ; a prince, an earl ; 
Aitt^-BAftl/Arii TIA heijieAtin, the 
chief patron of Ireland (Kea. , of 
St. Patrick). 

e AH L Arii, a., noble, grand, august. 

eApluip, -e, /., earnest- money, 
money deposited as an assur- 
ance of good faith. See lAplAp 
and lAfttAip . 

6A|inAil, -AlA, /., a part, a share, 
endowment ; a department of 
anything ; a department in any 

^Atioj;, -oije, -OJA, /., a chicken 
(in Don., ei^eog). 

eAjipAim, -A-O, v. tr., I lie, I state 
a falsehood (O'N). 

eAjipAipe, ij. id., pi. -jutte, m., a 
liar, one who bears false testi- 

e^tiji, -A, dot. loft 1 - m -> a tail ! 
the end, a conclusion, a bound- 
ary ; as a., noble, grand ; 6 
iQfift LAC 50 IA, from the end of 
one day to another (S. W. 

eAfniAC, -Aij, -Aije, m. t spring ; 
the spring-time. 

eAjifiA-6, -A1-6, -Ai-oe, m., property, 
goods, ware, furniture, articles, 
materials ; cargo ; dress, ar- 
mour, accoutrements, military 
suit ; of persons : if oLc An 
eAfipAX) e, he is an evil person. 
See AfijiA'o. 

tAiT), -e, -eAdA, /.,an error ; vice, 
lewdness ; wandering, roving ; 
jup'b e bif mo LeAntiAin A tog 
mei n-eAtt|K\ix), my love's death 
caused me to rove (An cUtcAC 
t>eA-oAixe, S. U. song}. 

eA|tpA:o, -e, /., contentioiij strife, 

enmity ; CA f e i n-e. tiom, he is 
at enmity with me. 
AptiATOeAc, -"oije, a., given to 
error; erroneous ; vicious ; ti me 
f eAl AejieAd eAUfiAixteAc (Men. 

p,/., the dog-briar. 
, indec. a., vernal. 

-x>i5e a., erring, 
erroneous ; contentious, wrang- 
ling. See CA^if A1-06A6 and eA|t- 

P, ney. prefix, as 

disunion, schism. See CA. 
GAf, -A, -pi. id., in., a waterfall, 

a cascade, a stream, a spring, a 

cataract ; CAP is common in 

place names, as t)eAl 6ApA, 

Foxford, etc. 
6Ap, -A, pi. id., and -AnnA, m., a 

weasel (M.). 
6ApA6, -Aije and -AIJ, T. and 

/., a waterfall ; ip jeim AS An 

eApAit, and the roar of the 

waterfall (ScanneU). See eAp. 
eApAc, -Aije, a., springy, water- 

ish, abounding in cataracts. 
CApAilte, g. id.,f., disparagement, 

GApAip, -pttAc, /., litter for cattle ; 

a straw pallet ; fig., profusion ; 

copAitt CApAiji, disorder, con- 

fusion. See ApAiji. 
eApAictjim, -IU^A-O, i. tr., I put 

out of place ; I misplace. 
eApAoncA,/., disunion, schism, re- 

bellion, disagreement, variance. 
eApAoncAc, -Aije, a., disagreeing, 

contentious, disunited (also CAV* 


6ApAoncAcc, -A, /., disagreement, 

disunion, schism. 

eApAoncuJAX), -ui5ce, m., schism. 
eApAfijAtn, -AnA, f., act of 

beating, striking ; a tumult (also 

-A, /., act of 
charming, bewitching ; incan- 

ApA^tuitim, -IAI-DBACC, t). tr., I 
charm, oewitch. 
ApAtttA, p. a., littered, strewn 
with straw, rushes, eta 

( 2so ) 

6ApbAt>A(i (eAfbAc), -oAije, a., 
wanting, deficient, needy, dis- 
tressful ; vain, foolish (pron. 

(M.), eAfbAi-6 (Con., U.), 

need, want, deficiency, absence, 
defect, loss ; metrical defect ; 
o'e., owing to the want of ; 'n-A 
heAfbAni, absent from her, 
without her ; beic A-p e. ceitte, 
to be in want of sense. 

CApbAit) btiAJAt), /., a defect of 
the throat, king's evil ; somet. 
applied to any scrofulous com- 
plaint ; the word btiAJAt) is 
often omitted ; cuic bjiAJAt), id. 

GAf bAtoit), -e, /., absolution. 

6Af bog, -buij, m., a bishop. See 

,/., a sedgy bog (Con.). 

6AfCA, g. id.,f., the moon ; oix>ce 
jjAn eAfCA, a moonless night. 

^AfCAi-o, -e, a., nimble, quick, 
active, speedy, swift, rapid ; 
feasible, willing, agreeable ; 
suitable to do a thing in (of 
time) ; if eAfCAix>e neom ! T>A 
mAi-oin, one is more ready to do 
work in the evening than the 
(next) morning, i.e., it is a better 
time to work; free (of wheels, 

6Af cAix>eAcc, -A, /., speed, swift- 
ness, promptitude. 

OAfcAine, g. id., pi. -nnie, /., a 
malediction, curse. 

GAf cAitu-oe, /., act of cursing ; AJ 
eAfCAinit>e, cursing. 

eAfCAinijim, -tii-DC, v. tr., I curse ; 
also intr. (with AJI). 

6Af CAifi, -CJIAC, -CJIACA, /., a warn- 
ing, a proclamation; a storm, a 
hurricane, a tempest (nom. also 

, -liitA, a., inimi- 

cal, hostile. 

Af CAi^'oeAf , - 1 oif, m., enmity ; 
an unfriendly separation. 
ArcAt, -Ai\,,pl. id., m., a storm ; a 

wave ; cf. Cnoc TIA neAfcAl, in 


/, -Ait, pi. id., m., the arm- 
pit (also orcAt). 

eAfCAOin, -e, a., rough, uneven, 

GAfCAoine, g. id., /., ruggedness, 
rudeness, uncouthness ; the 
rough or wrong side of any- 
thing, as a cloth, a table, etc. 
(nom. somet. eAfCAOin). 

eAfCAoineAf, -nif, m., roughness, 

GAf CA|i (eAf cjiA-6), -Alp, m., spring- 
ing up into ear (as corn) ; de- 
scending from an ancestor ; a 
cutting off; a grain of corn; a 

eAfCAfi, -Aiji, pi. id., m., a leap, a 
jump, a fall, a stumble ; a cata- 
ract, a cascade ( = eAf). See 
previous word. 

CAP CAJI, -Aifi, pi. id., m., a cup, a 
goblet (also eAf CJIA). 

eAfCAjtA, --o, pi. -cAitroe, /., a foe, 
an enemy. 

6AfctAH, -Ain, pi. id., a gusset, 
n, /., an eel. See eAf cu. 
, -x), /-, a rocky ridge. 
X), -Ai-6, -Ai-oe, m., a drink- 
ing vessel, a cup, a goblet (also 


eAfCjiA-o, -CAJICA, m., act of walk- 
ing, stepping, springing, march- 
ing ; e. ATI t-Ae, the break of 

eAfC|tAini, vl. -cfiAt) and -CAJI, v. 
tr., I flourish ; shoot into ear (as 
corn) ; spring from (as of a race). 

eAfciioijeAti, -Am, m., a thin wall 
of turf (Con.). 

CAf cu, -con, pi. eAfoom, /., an eel 
(also eAfcon). 

6Af cu f Aifi^se, /., a conger eel ; 
a water-dog. 

eAflAt>HA, -bAptA, f-, courtesy, 

6Af lAine, g. id., f., ill-health, ill- 
ness, infirmity. 

eAftAince, g. id., /., ill-health, 
sickness, infirmity. 

eAftAinueAc, -cije, a., sickly, 
infirm, unwholesome. 

6AftAn, -Aine, a., sick, unhealthy; 
as subs., a sick or infirm person. 

6l C 

uijim, -5At), v. intr., I 

grow sick, decline. 
eAfmAil, -e, -BAGA, /., a censure, 

reproof ; dependence (nom. also 

eAftnAilc) ; A5 bAinceApnAilce 

&f, ridiculing him. 
ear mAlAim, -Ail(c), v. tr., I abuse, 

revile, reproach, dishonour. 
eApnAlcAc, -Aije, a., abusive, 

insulting, reproachful. 
CApnA, g. id., pi. -A, -i-oe, and 

-I'oeAtA,/., a rib, a lath ; Jig., a 

scion. See AF nA. 
eAftiA-6, -Af6, m,., a sigh ; i n-e. 

ATI OAif (An tU. MacA.). See 


eAptiA'o, -Ait), 1 m,, a want; adefi- 

eArnArh, -Airii,/ciency in the fill- 
ing of a vessel, in a fixed sum of 
money, in web for the loom, 

BAfoj, -6156, -OJA, /., a stoat, a 
weasel, a squirrel. See eAf . 

eAf-omoi-o, -e, /., disrespect, dis- 

CAf-omoi-oeAd, -"Oije, a., disre- 
spectful, dishonourable. 

eAf-onoiji, -otiA, /., dishonour, 
disrespect, insult. 

GAp-cmofiAd, -6111156, a., abusive, 

eAf-otioftuijjim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I 
abuse, revile, dishonour. 

OAf-otrouJA-o, -tnjte, m., disorder, 

( 'AfO|\5Ain. See eAfAtijAin. 

CAfpAific,-Ai|ice,-AticA,/., vespert, 
evening devotions ; the Service 
of Benediction. 

L'AfpAitcAm, -ATIA, /., twilight ; 

OAf pos, m., a bishop (also eAf boj). 

CAf-pui-oeACC, -A, /., a bishopric, 
a see ; episcopacy, prelacy. 

CAf^Ad, -Aije, a., of or belonging 
to litter (also AffiAc). 

eArtiuijim, -uJA-6, v. tr., I litter, 
I strew with straw or rushes ; 
eAffiAitn, -A'o, id. 

e-AfutriAt, -mlA, a., rebellious, 

OAf uthtA, 9. id., /., disobedience ; 
uut 1 n-e. Af, to become disobe- 

dient to ; t)o tei-oeA-6 > n-eAf- 

unilA Afi (Kea., F. P.). 
6AfuriilAC, -Aije, a., disobedient, 

eAfumtAdc, -A,/., arrogance, dis- 

eAfutnplAifi, -AftA, -Aittfoe, /., a 

sample, a pattern. See eif lom- 

, /., disrespect, 

eAfu^|iAmA6, -Aije, a., rebellious, 
presumptuous, disrespectful, dis- 
eAfut^ttAttiAcc, -A, /., disrespect, 

presumption, disobedience. 
eApufiftu-OAf, -Aif, m., presump- 

tion, rebellion. 
CAfUji^u'DAfAC, -Aije, a., pre- 

sumptuous, rebellious. 
6ACIA6, -A15, -Aije, m., a runaway. 
See eiteAt-lAim. 

See eiceAttAim. 
tA, prep, pr., 3rd pi., be- 
tween them (also eATJOficA). 
61, neg. prefix, same as CA. 
eibeAji, granite ; clo6 mionnAin 
eibit^, a heavy piece of granite 
used to break limestone (Aran}. 
eibeittc. See eibiftc. 

(obs. v.), 3rd . pf., he died. 
See eAbtAim. 

t, /., a report, a calumny. 

, -e, /., a report, a saying, 
a calumny ; topography (also 

, -0150, -OJA, /., a spark ; 

the lightning flash ; embers. 

See Aibieoj. 
eibleojAc, -Ai5e, a., abounding in 

burning coala. 
eibti5im, -IUJA-O, v., intr., I 

sparkle, glitter. See 

6tcmc, 6iceinc. See 61 

6iclipf, m., an eclipse ; a darken- 
ing or blinding ; e. x>o 6uft A^I, 
to surpass, to throw into the 
shade ; CA e. A^ An nsnem 
(nseAlAis), there is an eclipse 
of the sun (moon), the sun 
(moon) is being eclipsed (Don.) ; 
proa. ei-cliopr\ 


( 282 ) 

erne (M.), ei-oeAt) (U.), g. id. (M.), 
-oro ( U. ), m., clothes, clothing ; 
armour ; livery ; uniform ; vest- 
ments, esp. a cope or chasuble ; 
eix>e Cjtiofc, sacerdotal vest- 
ments ; p AjAfir Af ei-oeAX), a 
disrobed priest (Don.); i ti-eAji|t- 
A-O Y i n-eix>eAt>, armed ami 
accoutred ; also 1 ti-A|im Y i 
,x> and JJAOI Aym if 

ht>eAc, -xnj, pi. id., m., clothes, 
armour ; e. OCCA, a breastplate. 
See CAT) AC. 

ei-oeAn, -tun, m., ivy; used in 
place names ; the deriv. eirmeAti, 
or AijneAti, is the word in ordi- 
nary use in M. 

6i-oeA}tb, a., false, uncertain. 

6i-oeAfibcA, indtc. a., reprobate ; 
loose, uncertain. 

6iT>eirinti, -nine, a., uncertain, 
doubtful, fluctuating. 

enjeimmjceAcc, -A, /., uncer- 
tainty, doubt, wavering. 

Cme plACA, m., a breastplate, a 
coat of mail. 

61-015, - e a -< u glj> detestable 
(Kea.), hateful, horrible, accur- 
sed ; -oo'n cij 61-015 conice 
bu-6 ouAn, to the ever-accursed 
house (hell). peAji nA PAIJICB 
(G. J., No. 144). 

6it>i5itn, -luJAX), v. tr., I arm, 
accoutre (also ei^oim). 
jte, p. a., armed, accoutred. 

l-oigteAc, -tije, a., ugly, detest- 


, -|iAT>, v. tr., I sepa- 
rate, disperse, scatter, divorce. 
eit>iyi, prep., between, among. See 


61-0111. See f eitMfi. 

eir>inceA|<c, -cijir, m., an equal 

distributive right ; eiTMjiceAttG 

pocAl, an interpretation. 
ei'oi-p-'oeAtbA-o, -OCA, m., prohibi- 

tion, abstinence ; a distinction ; 

ei i oifi-x>eALbA6 x>o oeAnArii, to 

make a distinction. 
ei-oi|i--6eAlbtA, p. a., distinct 


5Ax>, -uijte, m., act 

o'f discriminating ; distinction, 

ei-oip-xieAtuijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I 

distinguish, discriminate, sepa- 

emifte, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a cap- 

tive, a hostage. 

eit)in-fiACAit, /., an inter-tooth. 
eit>iji-i;leo, m., mirth, merriment, 

loud laughter. 
eiTMti-nieA-oon. -6m, pi. id., m., 

mediation, intervention. 
eiT>iti-riieA-66tic6iji, -OJIA, -6i|ti-6e, 

m., a mediator. 
ei-oi]i-niini3im, -IUJA-O, v. lr., I 


eix)i|i--fii, m., an interrx. 
eix>i^-pio5Acc, /., an interregnum. 
Cfoiji-fceAt, rn., a tale, a story 

between various persons. 
ei-oifi-fot-Af, m., twilight. 
eix)i|i-teAn5c6iii, -6|iA, -6iju-6e, 

m., an interpreter, a translator. 

i-oe, m., a translator, an inter- 

iT)i|;ci (eir>ift i), prep, pr., 3rd 
sing., /., between her, always 
followed by ^em Ajup, between 
herself and, etc. (this form is 
not given in grammars, but it is 
heard in West Ker.). See 1-oijt. 

i-oneACAti, -Ain, m., ivy (Der.). 
See ei-oneAn and AisneAti. 

nineAn, -Am, m., ivy, a branch o 
ivy (also AijneAn). 

it)cneAn, -eme, a., weak, feeble, 

i-octieojiAc, -Aije, a., silly ; 
weak, sickly, delicate in health, 

ipeAct, -A, /., force, point, sub- 
stance ; avail ; sense, wisdom ; 
maturity ; riAfi CAinij 1 n-e., 
who did not come to maturity ; 
'f 50 mb'-pei'oifi 50 x)ctocpAinn 
1 n-e., and that perhaps I might 
get better off (8. U. song) ; ce 
file w le heipeAcc, though 
you are a poet composing with 
sense (T. MacCoitir) ; fceAt 
5 An e., a pointless story ; SAijte 
5 AH e., a pointless laugh ; ni'L 

( 283 ) 

400 6. Ie4c, you are quite un- 

reasonable ; cf. effect. 
6ipe46c46, -4156, a., substantial ; 

wise ; to the point ; effec- 

6ipe.d6c4tii.Ail,, -mid, a., effectual, 

efficient, powerful, vigorous, 


615, negative prefix. 
6i5ce4fic, -cijic, pi. id., m., in- 

iquity, a trespass, injustice. 
ei5ce4fic, -cipce, a., unjust. 
ei5ceittix>e, a., absurd, j repos- 

terous ; not endowed with 

reason (of beasts). 
61501411/64, indec. a., senseless, 

devoid of reason (as animals). 
ei5Ci4ltuiT>e, y. id., pi. --ore, m., 

a foolish person ; one who has 

not much sense. 
eijcinnce, a., uncertain, undeter- 

ei5cr,e4rc4, indec. a., perverse, 

dishonest, unbecoming. 
6150^10004, a., unwise, imprudent. 
6156401, -5016, pi. id., /., act of 

crying aloud, complaining ; <t 

shout, cry, call. 
eijeAtTicoiji, -6fi4, -oini-oe, m., a 

shouter, a crier. 
615640, g. -510 and -jne, m. and 

/., violence, compulsion, force; 

distress ; contest ; necessity ; 

if 615540 -0401, I must ; i 0-615- 
1 e4n, in need ; 4|i 615640, witli 

difficulty, scarcely; 4ji 4ir no 

4ji 615640, nolens volens ; luce 

615111, the violent ; C4^14 04 

1161506, a friend in need ; 615040 

peite 45111* 01015, the stress 

of hospitality and generosity 

(Kea., F. F.) ; e. 

rape of maidens (Per.) ; 

is used poet, of 6151111154-6, 

which see. 
ei5e4n-T)Ait, -xAl4, /., necessity, 


-CAijje, a., necessary ; 
hard ; distressful. 
i56AncAf,-dif, TO., force, violence, 
compulsion ; necessity, obliga- 

man ; a poet, a satirist ; a man 
of science. 

6151111, vl. 6156.4, v. tr. and intr., 
I call upon, appeal to ; I call, 
bewail, cry aloud. 

'5 1t1 (eicin), some, certain, a sort 
of ; fiu-o 615111, something ; 
ouine ei5m eite, some other 
person ; 4|i 6umA 615111, in some 
way ; Lu6c 615111, certain per- 
sons, some people ; but tucc 
615116 (from 6156411), the violent; 
6151111;, eistnceAc, eisinceAc 
(Don.), etc., are varieties. 

615111646, 6i5ince4c. See 61510. 

6151 pc, -e, /, Egypt. 

ei5ipce4c, -ci5, pi. id. and -cise, 
m. or /., an Egyptian. 

6i5ipce46, -cise, a., Egyptian. 

61511-06, a., weak, frail, infirm ; 
mean, abject. 

6i5tix>e<x6c, -A, /., infirmity ; 

615111046, -01156, f., a constant 
shouting, bawling, crying ; eif c 
ftem" 61511115, hear my crying. 

615111646, -111156, a., shouting, 
noisy, clamorous. 

6i5riieoiji, -ott4, -oitti'oe, m., a 
bawler, a crier, a shouter. 

fiijjriiim. See 615101. 

61506, g. id., pi. -464, /., a 

6150546, -0156, a., violent, dis- 

615015110, -11154-6, v. tr., I force, 
ravish ; distress, oppress. 

6i50iu^4'6, -ij;te, m., act of op- 
pressing, compelling, forcing. 

6i5f (for ei564r), a poet, a satir- 

6i5fe, indec. m., poet, bard ; also 
pi. of 6i564f, a poet, a satirist ; 
'f oiojt 6'4icovo xo'o eispe 
(T. MacCoitir). 

6i5f e (collect.), g. id., f., learning, 
science, poetry, literature ; the 
body of the poets ; a single 

615^046, -pse, a-i learned, scien- 
tific, poetical. 

6i5te46, -cise, a., shouting, bawl- 
ing, crying. See 01501646. 

( 284 

6itoeA<!:, -Bije, -A, /., a scold 

6itbeA6t, -A, /., scolding, satir- 

6ite, other, another, else = other; 
is visually placed immediately 
after its noun ; ceAnn eite, 
another one ; An CUIT) eite, the 
rest ; An tA eite, the other day ; 
nit> eite, t 1 "" eite, tviitteA-6 
eite, besides, moreover; but 
otiine Aft bit eite, anybody 
else ; ^wo ei5in(t) eite, some- 
thing else ; nioji peACAf A-JI 
teAOAjt IIA eite, I didn't look 
at a book or anything else ; An 
deAT> tiAitt eite, the next time ; 
x>iot pe An CBAC Ajup eite, he 
sold house and all ; -o'eite 
(somet. eite), also: cuiji irceAc 
e f eo eite (or -o'eite), put this 
in also (Con.). 

eiteAm, -tirii, m., a, plea, a 
cause, a claim, a charge ; 
demand ; regard ; act of plead- 
ing, claiming, charging ; act of 
making a friendly claim on, of 
looking up or visiting in a 
friendly manner ; An ftAib eit- 
eAtn mo-|i Afi An im inxnu, was 
the butter in great demand to- 
day? CA eiteArii ei5in(c) Aise 
ui|tti, he has some special regard 
for her (with a view to matri- 
mony) ; CA eiteAni m6|i ACA A ft ' 
A 6eite, they have a great re- 
gard for each other (of lovers) ; 
CA An-eiteAtri Aige Ai-p -pein, he 
fancies himself a good deal ; 
m' eiteAth-f A, as much as I can 
contain (Mayo). 

eiteACttom, -ftuim, m., a hearse, a 

6itic, -e, -ixie, /., the wooden rest 
or step of a spade, the treadle 

6itijim, vn. -tiuJA-6 and -teArii, 
v. tr., I look for, demand, call to 
account, sue for ; I make a 
friendly quest for ; I visit ; pur- 

eilijteAc, -cije, a., claiming, 
sueing; making friendly in- 

quiries about ; given to visit in 
a friendly manner ; nAc eitig- 
ceAc e ! how friendly or 
thoughtful he is (in visiting, 
asking questions about one, 

6iti5teoiji, -ojiA, -oiftnbe, m., an 
accuser, a plaintiff. 

Gitic, -tee, pi. id., /, a hind, a 

eiticeAc, -cije, a., abounding in 
hinds or does. 

6itiu5AT3, -ijjce, (also eiteArii, 
-tirii), m., act of accusing, 
calling to account, demanding, 
suing or looking for ; accusa- 
tion, charge, impeachment. 

eitceoj, -oije, -OJA, /., a young 
doe ; any nighty Tittle creature ; 
eitceos teACAiji, is one of the 
many names for a bat. 

, -e, a., slow, tardy, prolix 

, ptgffl.) 

, -cif, m., delay, tardi- 
ness, prolixity. 

6imim, -meAX) (eimijm), v. tr., 
I deny, refuse, shrink from. 

6iriiceAc, -cije, a., shouting. 

61 n, iuphr. 1 n-emib, able, capable 
of (Don. G. S.), usually i n-mio, 
the final portion being from 
O. Ir. indeb, wealth, resources 
(1 n-An' of Con. is probably of the 
same origin). 

fimceAnn, -cinn, m., a morsel, one* 

GineAc, -nij, m., protection, coun- 
tenance, safeguard, generous 
action. See oineAc. 

GmeActAnn, -Ainne, /., retribu- 
tion, fine, amends ; a tribute 
due to a chief for his protection; 
protection, safety, sanctuary. 

CmeActAnn, -Ainne, /., civility, 
urbanity, politeness, good breed- 

6inpeAcc (Aoin-peAcc), in phr. 
1 n-e., at once, together ; i 
n-empeAcc te, together, to- 
gether with. 

6in-jein, -e, m., the Only Begot- 

, which see. 

( 285 ) 


g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a little 

6m-ionA-o, -AI-O, m., one place, the 

same place, 
fiinne (Aomne(Ac)), anyone, any 

person ; perhaps from eAirouine. 
6inneA6, anyone (used in Don.). 

See AomneAc. 

einni-6 (Aoinnro), m., anything. 
6in-ceAC, -ci5e, m., a household. 
6in-cijeAf, -jif (Aoin-cijeAf), 

m. , a habitation in the same 

house ; ni 15 eotAp 5411 6. 

Ajuf ni 15 e. 5An ftoinn (Don. 

eipifcit, -cte, -cli-oe, >., a letter, 

an epistle. 

6ipce, -e,/., Egypt (Art MacO.). 
, -nAt>, v. tr., I trans- 

/., a wasp. See bead 
and eAfic. 

GificeAriiAit, -riitA, a., heretical. 

6ijie, gr. -jieAnn, d. -jiinn ((gener- 
ally with article in (jere.), /., Ire- 
land, Erin ; cibe (pe) i nSifimn 
6, whatever in the world it be ; 
pe 1 n6i|nnn i, whoever in the 
world she be ; ni f CA-OAJI i 
n6ifiinn, I do not know in the 
world ; 66rh meAfi i nifimn, 
66m tuAc i n6ijnnn, as soon as, 
as fast as ; b'peAjtji tiom 'nA 
6tte 'f biox> f i poluijte x)'6fi, 
I'd rather than Ireland though 
covered with gold (song). 

eifie, g. id., pi. -A-OA, m., a burden ; 
eipe no UAI.AC tnoji. (This noun 
is /. in Kea., E. S.) 

eijteA-o, m., a burthen. See eifie. 

6ipeAnnAd, -Aig, m. and f., an 
Irishman, an Irishwoman. 

6i}ieAnnA6, -Aije, a., Irish. 

-oige, -ogA,/., a pullet. 

/., maturity, puberty ; 
CA fe 1 n-e., he has arrived at 
puberty (A ran). 

P5 e > 9- & an( l ^i^ijce, m., act 
of rising, arising, getting up, 
setting out; etpje i n-Aiffoe, 
pride, presumption, acting like 
an upstart; nA6 Aifi ACA An 
how pre- 

sumptuous he is, also how gay 
and merry he is ; e^jije nA 
5eAl/Aie, the rising of the 
moon ; eijije AmA6, a rising 
out, an insurrection ; a body of 
men enlisted in a fight or insur- 
rection ; also a return visit to 
the bride's family some time 
after marriage (pron. generally 
e 't 11 5 e > except somet. in poetry, 
when it is pron. 6i|tj;e). 

6i]i5eAcc, -A, pi. id., f., the act of 
rising ; an insurrection ; a com- 
mand ; a government. 

fiifijim (6111151), vl. eijije and 
eifiise, imper. c^ijiij andeijtij, 
fut. eifieocAt), cond. -eodAinn, 
v. intr., I rise, mount up, pro- 
ceed, depart, become, get to be ; 
in 3 per. (with le), it succeeds, 
is favourable ; I grow big, in- 
crease, accrue to; 50 n-eip5ix> 
An IA ICAC, may the day be 
favourable to you ; Ag e^nje, 
becoming, getting to be ; the 
imper. ceirtij means go (as often 
^t 11 ?!) j also, cfi6A'o o' etjiij; 
ouic, what happened to you? 
6i^jitn cum feqije, I become 
enraged; TA fe AJ 61^56 6um 
jAoite, it is becoming stormy; 
CA fe AJ ^ijije o6i-6eAnAc, it is 
becoming late; o'e'ijtij; An circe, 
the cake swelled up in the bak- 
ing ; CA cAoipiS AS 61^56, sheep 
are getting dear ; 61^15 Af, give 
it up, cease from doing it ; 61)115 
oiom, get off me, don't lean on 
me, get off my back, cease from 
troubling me, let me alone 
(genly. pron. {^151111, Don.). 

fiijdc, g. -e, 6ijice and 6A|tcA, pi. 
-1-oe, /., "eric," fine, ransom, 
retribution, requital, restitution. 

ei^iceAd, -015, pi. id., m., a heretic 
(also ei|tici-6). 

eijuceAcc, -A, /., heresy. 

6ifiim, -e, /., an argument ; a con- 
test; point, substance (as in a 
summary of a story) ; force, 
vigour (used like eipeAcc) ; 
dignity, importance ; ability, 


( 286 ) 

61 s 

eifum, -e, /., riding, horseman- 

eiiiimeAniAi'l, -iritA, a., substan- 
tial, effectual, capable. 

61 (tin, -e, -iT>e, /., the eye-tooth 
(also dim. of eifte, a burden). 

eipif, -e, -ix>e, /., a rope, etc., 
attached to a basket for sup- 
porting it on the shoulders ; a 
back -band in carts, etc. See 

eiftif, -e, pi. -ix>e or -eACA, /., an 
era, an account of time, chrono- 
logical history. 

eifdfeAcc, -&,J., chronology. See 
iftif and cf. Aitfiif. 

6ifiteAc, -t/ij, in., destruction, 
slaughter, havoc, confiscation. 

eif, inphr., -o'eif, CAJI eif ("p eif), 
after, behind ; past = after ; CAft 
eif An -06, past two o'clock ; 
CAJI eif mA-fi, after that (conj. ) ; 
CA fe cAft eif e buAlAT), he has 
just sti-uck him ; CA f e CAJI eif 
bAif , he has just died ; 1 n-eif , 
after (U.) ; leif (for t&y. 6if ?), 
after (Mayo}. 

eif (eAf), prefix implying repeti- 
tion ; re-, back, again. 

eifc, -e, -i-oe, /., a channel cut in 
the strand by a stream of fresh 
water ; a river generally ; a 

eifceAcc, -A,/., exception ; act of 
excepting (from, 6). 

eifcitn, -ceAT), v. tr., I cut off, I 
exclude, I except. 

Cifcin, g. id., pi. -it>e, m., a little 

eipcifi, g. CApcjiA, pi. id.,/., a ridge 
of mounds, or mountains, whence 
Esker. in Co. Gal way ; eipciji 
UIA-OA, a former boundary be- 
tween the North and South of 

etfc-titin, -e, -ce,/., a fish-pond. 

eipoeAtbAc, -Aijje, a., particular ; 
nice (Kea., E. S.). 

6if eAn. he, him, (emph.) himself. 

eif-eifge (eipei|H5e), g. id., in., 
resurrection ; coming out of. 

eir-eifijim, -t 1 S e > v - iutr., I rise 

eif-innitt, -e, a., insecure, weak, 

Gif lomplAtfi, -e, f., an exemplar, 

an example. 
feif lompl/AitieAC, -jiije, a,., ex- 

6if lonniiACAf, -Aif, m., unright- 

eousness, meanness. 
eifionnpAic, -e, a., unrighteous ; 

mean, sordid. 

an oyster (also oifif and 
in Con., eifrif). 

eifleine, g. id., pi. -teinceACA. 
/., "shirt," shroud (also Aift.). 

6tf tinn, -e, -1-6 e, /, a weak spot ; 
a flaw, a defect. 

6if linn, -e, a., unsafe, weak. 

iflmne, g. id., f., unsafety, in- 
security ; defect, fault, weak- 
ness (also eiflmn.) 

6iftmneA6, -nijje, a., unsafe, in- 

6iftif, -e, /., neglect, mistake, 

eif jie, an oyster. See eif if. 

etfceAc, -cije, a., attentive in 

etfceAcc, -A, /., act of hearing, 
listening (to, l/e) ; sense of hear- 
ing ; also audience, hearing, 
silence ; appreciation, e.g., ni 
fUAif fe e. Afi bit, he wasn't 
appreciated at all ; ctuAf te 
he., a willing ear. 

Cif ceAf, -eif, m., lodging ; a 
night's entertainment ( = p.eip- 

eifciT>e, g. id., pi. --ore, m., a 
hearer, a listener ; *OiA no 
beAnnAtAT) nA h-eifci i 6ce uite, 
God bless all the hearers 
(P. O'O.). 

Sifcijteoiii, -OJIA, -oijii-oe, m., an 
auditor, a listener. 

eifcim, -ceAcc, v. tr. and intr., I 
hear, hearken, listen (to, te) ; 
eif c ! hush ! list ! silence ! eif c 
AIJHU ! an exclamation of won- 
der ; eif c x>o beAl ! hold your 
tongue ! eifc tiom, listen to me; 
AS eifceAcc f Aoifcme, hearing 
confession; eifc teif, leave it 


( 287 ) 

alone (Oon.) ; interj. imper. often 

eico, ff. id., pi. -AttA, -AA and 
-ci-oe, /., a quill, a wing, a 
pinion, a feather, a fin ; an addi- 
tion to a worn ploughshare ; 
m'eice eiceoije, a term of en- 
dearment (Fer.) ; fCtAn eice, a 
pen-knife (Cav.) ; ceAtin FA e., 
lit., held under wing, a peculiar 
contraction in some MBS. 

eiceAc, -cij, m., a lie, a falsehood; 
cujAip c' eiceAc, you lie; ACA 
An c-eiteAc AS AC, you lie. 

GiceA6, -cije, /., fins; wings, 
feathers ; arms, grip (S. U.). 

OtceAd, -cij, m-, refusal, denial ; 
act of refusing a person some- 

having fins. 

eiceAlt, -ctlt, m., act of flying ; 

6iceAtlA6, -Aij;e, a., flying, 
bounding; swiftly coursing (of 

GiceAltAc, -Aije, /., vl., flying ; 
eAriACA nA hem-cteice AJ eic- 
eAVlAij i 11-empeACC, birds of 
the same plumage flying to- 
gether (Don. prov.). 

etceAllA'o, -A1-6, m., a flight ; 
taking flight. See eiceAll. 

(JiceAttAim, -At), -ceAlt and 
-cite, v . intr., I fly, I bound. 

Strain, -Ain, pi. id., TO., a little 
quill ; eireATi f ijeATJotiA, a 
weaver's quill or bobbin (also 

eireoj, -0136, -o^A, /., a feather, 
a little quill ; a wing ; m'eice 
eiceoije (Fer.) CA An c-eAn A\\ 
eiceois, the bird is flying (U.). 

Giteoiji, -opA, -oit<i-6e, m., a liar, 
a perjurer. 

Oictjim, vl. eiccAi and eiceAftA-6, 
v. tr., I refuse, I refuse a person 
something; I hesitate; -o'eicij 
pe cAmAiitin, he hesitated for 
a moment ; -o'eicij f 6 me AH 
punc, he refused me a pound. 

fiicijim, -tiuJA-o, v. tr., I contra- 
dict ; I objure, I give the lie to. 

etcim, -e, /., danger, hazard. 

eicmn, -e,/., tubercular consump- 
tion (nom. also eictnne). 

Citifi, -e,/., vigour, strength; an 
opportunity; if tio-tK-Aj An 
eiciji e, it is worth very little 
(A ran) ; justice. 

CicteAc. See eii;eAttAd. 

eicLeo^, -0156, -OJA,/., a jump, a 
leap, a short flight ; a bat. 

CicteojAc, -A156, a., volatile, 

eiine, g. id., pi. -nixie, /, a kernel; 
fruit, produce ; a female per- 
sonal name, now Anglicised 
Annie in U. 

eitneACAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a ker- 
nel ; fruit, produce. 

CicneAccA (also ctcnic), indec. a., 
heathen, gentile. 

6icneAccA6c, -A, /., heathenism, 

eitfie, g. id., pi. -tiix>e, /., a salmon. 

eicpe, g. id., pi. -ACA or -^ii-oe, ;'., 
a furrow, a trench, a ditch. 

eicjieAc, -fuse, pi. id. and -|ieACA, 
/., a furrow. 

eicpeAc, -^'S e J -> furrowed, 
grooved, scolloped. 

eicfieos or eitcjieoj, -oije, -OJA, 
/., a standing jump (corruption 
in Aran of eicleoj, which see). 

etcpije, g. id., pi. -jce, /., a fur- 
row, a groove, a channel ; iotn- 
Aipe Ajuf eicjiije, a ridge and 
furrow (Kea., F. F.). 

eicjun,, pi. -1-oe, m., the same 
as eicpe, a furrow (Mon.). 

GicpeAcc, -A, /., departure, death. 

60, /., a yew-tree ; ACA-O t)A 60, 
Aghadoe, the field of the two 
yews ; eocAitt, Youghal. 

6o6Aitt, -6^A6, -fcjiACA, /., a key ; 
a keystone, a corner-stone ; poll 
, key -hole (also fviiL An 

6jiAd, -ijiACA, /., a brim, 
lirink, edge, border ; eotAitt mo 
VAime, the edge of my hand. 

eo6Atji, -6itA6, -c]iA6A, f., the 
spawn of a fish ; a sprout, a 
young plant. 

eo6Aitt-Aoi5itin, -one, a., having 


( 288 ) 

beautiful fringes (of a country) 

eocAiji-f ciAc, -f ceice, pi. -f CIACA, 
/., a key-shield, a buckler of 
defence; " 6ocAiti-f CIAC An Aif.- 
jiinn," "The Key-shield of the 
Mass," the name of a work by 

eocfiAC, -A1J, -JIACA, m., the spawn 
of any fish. 

eocjiAi-o, -e, -ce, m., a keeper of 
keys ; a turnkey. 

eocjiAif, -e, /., the milt or spawn 
of a fish ; eocftog and eocjiAi-6, 
id. See &OCAIF. 

eocfiAf AC, -Aije, -CA, /., a female 

eoJAttAcc, -A, /., one of the divi- 
sions of land supposed to be 
made among the sons of Eoghan 
Mor, King of Munster. 

eot, g. 111 it, d. iut, knowledge, 
capacity, discernment : if eot 
oom, I know; -com' iut, to my 

eot AC, g. eot Aij, pi. id., dpi. somet. 
eotcAio, m., a learned man, an 
educated person ; a guide. 

CotAC, -Aije, a., learned, skilled, 
scientific ; used like eot in such 
phr. as if eotAc OAtn, I know, 
I am acquainted with. 

eotAf, -Aif, m., knowledge, skill, 
information : CA eotAf AgAtn 
Aifi, I know it ; eotAf -o'f. AJAit 
AIJI, to acquire a knowledge of 
it ; knowledge of a locality ( U.) ; 
oe An eotAf -ouinn mA|t A bpuit 
f e, guide us to where he is ; oo 
CAitteAf m'eotAf, I lost my 
way ; oo duifi fe AJI AJI n-eotAf 
fmn, he pointed out the right 
road to us (after being astray) ; 
f-UAift fe An c-eotAf A t>Aite, 
he found his way home ; -oo 
tuAi-6 fe rAji m'eotAf, it sur- 
passed me ; if cAf 1 ngAittmi 
cuiji me eotAf Aft mo JJIA-O, up 
in Galway I made my love's 
acquaintance (Con. song) ; com 
f.AT>A if ceixieAiin m'eotAf, as 
far as I know (M.). 

(also eotcwiji, 

g. id., m.. a wailing ; mourning ; 

eotcAijieAc, -f-ije, a., sorrowful, 

eotcAifteAcc, -A, /., pensiveness, 

dejection, melancholy. 
eotjAc, \ -Aije, a., knowing, 
eotjAfAC,/ skilful. 
Cotui-oe, g. id., pi. -x>te, m., a 

guide, a director. 
eojinA, -n, /., barley ; f iteAx> nA 

heofinAn, spirits distilled from 

barley ; also beer (indec. in U.). 
eofinAc, -Aije, a., pertaining to 

beer (G'N.). 

4^ (fCA-pn, the alder tree), the 
f" sixth letter of the Modern 

Irish Alphabet. 

PA (f e, f 6, f &o\},prep. [in pronom, 
combinations, fum, f.uc, fAoi, 
or fe (masc.) ; fince (fern.); 
puVnn, f.uio, fucA; before poss. 
pronoun, A, it prefixes n, as 
J?A n-A ceAnn, underneath his 
head], under, about, through- 
out, concerning, for, on account 
of ; of space, under, as f. A 
fctoic, under a stone ; AJ -out 
f.Aoi, goin^under, setting, sink- 
ing ; throughout, after verbs of 
motion : f A'n t;coitt, f.A'n 
gcnoc, throughout the wood, 
the hill ; f.A f n tnbocAfi, alongthe 
road ; in adverb phr., as f.A 
oeifieAt), FA xieoix), at last ; 
f.A ceA-ouAiji, at first ; f.A -66, 
twice; fA n-A mumeAt, around 
his neck ; is used ethically : f. A 
dumg, under a yoke ; cuji fA 
jtieitn, to lay hold of ; FA bf.6n, 
in sorrow ; f A'n f AojjAt, in life, 
in the world ; on account of : 
if 6 f AC f-A'-fi CAngA, it is the 
reason why I came ; cfteAt) f A, 
why ; after verbs or nouns of 
mockery, incitation, desire, in- 
tention, attack: bif it) F.A fcige, 
they burst into derisive laugh- 
ter ; A5 niAjA-o f urn, laughing 
at me ; if otc An f UATJAJI ACA 
f uc, you give promise of evil ; 

( -289 ) 

"m> inciting me, 
tempting me ; tAbAitt put A, 
attack them ; rAbAiji poj;A 
PCA, make an onset on them ; 
in possession of .- pi buAib, pA 
tAOij, pA CAoiftij jeAtA, having 
cattle, calves, and white sheep ; 
in the charge of : pAj pum-p A 
ATI jno f AID, leave that affair 
in my charge ; in numeral ad- 
verbs : pA -66, pA citi, twice, 
thrice ; with map, PA mAji, as, 
according as ; of time : pA'n 
bpojmAti, before Axitumn ; in 
phrases, as pA dortiAifi, for the 
use of, in the presence of ; 
cujAf PA t>eAttA e, I observed 
him; CAT> pA tvoeAtiA -OU1C fAin 
oo -oeAtiATh ? why have you 
done that? Notice also ex- 
pressions like PA ioccAft, in the 
lower parts ; pA UACCAJI, above ; 
pA triAipe, prosperouB ; pA bofro, 
at table ; btiAit ouine pum, I 
met a person ; cvupeAp pum 
AtirifAin, I settled down there ; 
out pA oeiiioiuJA'o, to evapor- 
ate, as water allowed to con- 
tinue on a fir after beginning to 
boil ; buitte pA tAijiim, a 
guess ; PA ruAininwptAince HA 
mnA, (drink) to Be^woman's 
health ; bA tiiAit pi'n AMI^CA-D 
e, he was generous in distributing 
his money; ip mAic pi'n mbiAX) 
e, he is generous in sharing 
food, po is a poet, equiv. of 
PA ; p6 is generally used in M. : 
ni jtACAi-6 pe pe HA rAi|tif, he . 
will get it ; Tj'imcijeA-OAtt OfitA 
Am&t pi'n ptiAb, they betook 
themselves to the mountain ; 
ciof PA'D x>ruAC, in the country; 
PA jlAf, locked up, under lock, 
in prison; PA tACAi|i, at present; 
cuifieA'6 PA 5ix)e ATI pobAit 6, 
the prayers of the public were 
sought for him ; bA liontriAine 
6ifie pA riAOTTiAib 'HA 6in-cf 106 
YATI eotiAip, Ireland was more 
prolific in saints than any other 
country in Europe ; AJ cup 
me At A pe, coaxing him ; AS 

cutt ftneAtiA pe TI-A bri05Aib, 
greasing his boots ; pAoi HA-O ip 
50, because (Con.) ; in parts of 
Don., pA= about, PAOI= under. 

FA, non-asp., older form of bA, 
past tense of if (assertive verb). 
See if. 

pAbAiji, -b-pAC, -bfiACA, /., a plum- 
met or leaden weight used for 
sinking nets or fishing lines 

pAbAitir, -AJICA, /., favour ; CA 
pAbAific AgAin teif, I am sym- 
pathetic (Der.). See pAbAji. 

FAbAt-pceAt, -6it, m., an allegory, 
a parable, a fable with a moral. 

JTAbAl, g. -Ait, pi. pAibte, m., a 
report, an account, a fable ; also 
a journey. 

-tAite, a., romantic 

See pAjAtcAp. 
i, -Aitt, pi. id., m., a favour, 

an interest, a friendship (pron. 

pAbAti, -Aitt, -bttAi'oe, m., a curtain, 

a fringe ; an eyebrow ; nom. also 

pAbftA (pi. pron. pAfifiAi'oe). 
pAbAt<Aii, -Aije, o., favourable, 

friendly, timely. 
fAbjiA, g. id., pi. id. and -i^e, m., 

a fringe, an eyelid ; the eye. 
AbtiAi-6eAcc, -A, /., favouring, 

favour, partiality. 
t?Abc, m., unsoundnesa, rottonnesa 

|?AbcA6, -Aije, a., unsound, un- 

wholesome, rotten (from fault ?) 

J?AC, g. pAifte,/., a hole in which a 

lobster is found ; AbcAd (Aran). 
PACA-, dependent past of x>o-6i'm, 

I see. See x>o-ciTn. 
f?ACAin, -e, /., a fighting, a bicker- 

FAtAin, -e, /., cause, source, rea- 

son ; temptation (P. O'C. spells 

, -AICC, -AT>T)A, m., a question ; 

temptiition (O'N.). 
pAdcAitn, vl. pAdc, v tr., I ask, 

PAT>, -Ait), ., length (of time or 

( 290 

space), distance, extent of any- 
thing ; pAt> if, as long as, while, 
whilst ; pAt> nA p ti j;e, the 
length of the way ; AJI pAt>, 
lengthwise, in length (yards, 
etc.), long, throughout, alto- 
gether, in all, entirely ; 1 bpAT> 
(A bpAt>), far off (of space or 
time) : put) A cup i bpAT), to 
postpone a thing ; 50 ceAnn i 
ftpAx>, for a long time ; 1 bpAt> 
UAim, far from me ; i bpAT> 6 
deite, far apart ; pAt) 6, pAT> 6 
fom, long ago ; bi fii Ann CA p A-O 
6 pom, there was a king in for- 
mer times ( U.) ; CA pAt>, how 
long, how far ; pAT> T>O jiAx>Aiftc, 
as far as you can see ; pAX> geime, 
as far as a cow's bellow could 
be heard ; An fivno A ceiT>eAnn 1 
bpAt> c6ix>eAnn pe 1 bpuAifie, 
what is long deferred becomes 
neglected ; pAT> pAOJAit CUJAC, 
may you live long ; te pAT> -oe 
btiAX)AncAib, for many years , 
in M. (at least) the form pAit> is 
sornet. used as /., as ip CUTTIA 
ouic An pAir> ip beix) AifijeA-o 
AJAC, it does not matter to you 
as long as you have money ; An 
pAit> biop ifcij, while I was 
within. (Note. In M . (at least) 
pAix> is often used for pAt> ; 
pAix> always means length or 
distance ; CA nA tAece AJ "out 
i bpAiT), the days are getting 
long ; pice cjioij; Afi pAiri, 
twenty feet in length ; pice 
Cjioij Aft pAt), twenty feet 
PAT), a., long, tall ; distant. See 


PA^O, PA t>', under thy ; =PA + T)O, 
thy. See PA. 

PATDA, comp. pAit>e (pix>e),|'iA,long 
(of time or space), far, far off, far 
away, distant, of long continu- 
ance, for a long time ; com pA-QA 
te (with noun), as far as, to 
(with movement) ; com pAT>A 
Agup (with verb), id. ; le pAt>A, 
for a long time (up to the 
present) ; cotti pAT>A pin, so far; 

ip pAt>A teip . . . , he thinks it 
long ; ni'ofi b'pAX>A, it was not 
long; com pAX)A teip, as far as 
it. The comp. pAix>e is not much 
used in M. 

pAT)Ait, -AtA, /., delay, tedious- 
ness, lingering (from pAt>- 


PA'DAIJIC, -AJICA,/., act of temper- 
ing (steel, etc.) ; fire for tem- 
pering (E. R.) ; fire flashing in 
the eyes (nom. also PAJ;AIJIC). 

pA-DAipc, -AfitA, /., seaweed. 

pAt)AtA6, -A156, (pAt>-1>AtAc), a., 

lingering, tedious, slow. 

(pAX)-t)AtAim), 2 s. imp. 
v. intr., I delay, linger, 
procrastinate ; vl. pAT)Ait. 

pAT-AtiA i onAc, -nAije, a., long- 
headed, patient, long-suffering, 
(The AT is pronounced as i, or 
rather AOL) 

pAtJ-AjiA-onAcc, -A, /., patience, 

pAx>b, -Ai'obe, -A, f., a knob ; an 
excresence ; a mole, a lump 
caused by a blow ; a cutting or 
wounding, a cleft, a gash, a 
callous blister ; a fault; the mark 
left by a blow ; a knot in wood ; 
a knotty or difficult question ; 
pAx>b ctoice, a "lump of a 
stone " (pron. pAX>b) ; compare 
bAXib, which is pron. bA-ob 
in, If. 

pA-obAc, -Aije, a., enigmatical; 
intricate, mysterious (O'N.). 

pA-obA-6, -btA, m., a spoiling ; a 
spoil ; a beating, a smiting, a 
cutting, a wounding. 

pA-obAim, -ATI, v. tr., I strip, spoil, 
I strip the dead ; also, I beat, I 
strike ; I cut, I wound. 

pA-obAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a lump, 
a little knob, a bunch, a knob, a 
hillock ; a large potato, a large 
root of any kind (see cnAp) ; AJ 
ice TIA 5CfieAtAn ip A t>iot nA 
bpA-oMn, eating the sma ! ! 
potatoes and selling the large 
ones (pron. pAT>bAn in M.). 

pATJboj, -6156, -OJA, /., a fib, a 
white lie (pron. pA'Dbog, Con.). 


, g. id., pi. ore, m., a 

striker, a boater, a smiter. 
pAx>-ctiJAF AC, -Aij;e, a., long- 

eared, flap-eared. 

pvo-fiof AC, -Aite, a., long-legged. 
pA-o-cutriA, m., lasting sorrow. 
pA-o-cutiitAC, -Aije, a., perma- 

nently sorrowful. 
pATJ-ciinfAc, -Aije, a., of long 

range, sweeping of the hair. 
pA'o-'OAit, -t>AtA, /., delay. See 

pAx>-T>AtAC, -Aije, a., lingering, 

tedious. See j?AT>AtAc. 
pA-o-xmrcAX), -CCA, m., watching, 

pA-66m, self. See pein. 
PA oeoi'6, pe oeoi-6, at length, 

finally, ultimately. 
pA-o-putAing, -e, /., long suffering, 

patience ; as adj., patient, long- 

pAT>-FutAiti5ceAc, -tijje, a., long- 

suffering, patient ; also pAX>- 

PAT> pAojjAit, g. id., m., length of 

life (in M. also -pAit) pAoJAit). 
pA-o-f-AOJAtAfi, -Aije, a., long- 

PA-OUJA-O, -uijce, TO., act of kind- 

ling, lighting up. See A-OUJA-O. 
pA'ouJA'o, -tiijte, m., a lengthen- 

ing ; a prolongation, an exten- 

PA-OUIJIITI, vl. --OUJA-O, -ooJA'6, 

v. tr., I kindle, light up, blow 

the fire. See Atjmjim. . 
pAT>uij;im, -u^AT), v. tr., I continue, 

prolong, lengthen. 
pAeceAtri, -tim, pi. id., m., an 

appearance or disposition to 

laughter (M., fAtA-o, which see). 
t^5> -^ 1 5 e > -ASA,/., a wave (Con.). 
PAJ, pA5Aitn, ic. See oo-jeifoim. 
pAJAfi, -JAij, TO., anxiety ; i 

bpAJAd, very anxious, yearning 

(Don. C. S.). 

, 2 s. imper. and 3 a. pf. of 
, I leave, etc. 

JlJAil), g. -AlA and 
, /., act of finding, getting, 

receiving, obtaining, procuring ; 

A-p f., to be found, in evi- 

dence ; also sought for (like &y 
iAfitiAiT>) ; te f ., to be found ; an 

AjAit, -AtA, /., act of leaving, 
quitting, abandoning, etc. ; vl. of 
pAjAim in all its meanings. 

, Vl. JMJJAlt, pASbAlt, f AJ- 

Ainc, v. tr. and intr., I leave, 
quit, desert, abandon : O'FAJ f 6 
f IAH AJ, he bade farewell to ; 
tit pA^Ann fAin -OAO^ me, it 
does not follow from that, that I 
am guilty ; jMSAim te huxiAcc, 
lit., I leave by will, hence I 
solemnly assert ; -O'^AS f i AJI An 
tiitiAoi eite 5|i ThAfio f i 6, she 
blamed the other woman for 
killing it (Om.) ; with p.p. it 
expresses the action of the verb 
to which the p.p. belongs ; 
O'PASAX) cA^Ainsce, who used 
to draw (leave drawn) (E. R.) ; 
often with adj. or noun and 
prep., there is a similar use, as 
t)'pA5 fe rinn e, he made him 
sick ; also with gAn following 
subst. or verbal : t)'pA5 f 6 JATI 
tut m6, he left me without 
vigour. (The forms pAjbAim, 
FASDAf, etc., are going out ot 

JAIITI, vl. jMJAit, irreg. v. tr. 
(properly a dependent form of 
oo-jeibitn, but now used also 
as an independent verb), I get, 
etc. See no-jeibim. 
j;Ainr, g. FASCA and -e,/. (vl. of 
f A5Aim), leaving. See jMjAit. 

JAIfC (pOJAI^C), -A^CA, /., act 

of tempering (metal), seasoning 
(wood) ; the fire which tempers 
metal (E. /?.) ; fire in the eyes ; 
vigour, activity (=puinneAtii). 

-Aif, m., means, pro- 
perty ; a gift, an endowment ; 
profit, gain, advantage ; often 
a small profit or little means 

AJAtCAfAc, -Aije, a., profitable, 

AJATI, -Ain, TO., a straying, a 
straggling, a wandering, a roam- 

( 292 ) 

ing; now genly. written 

which see. 

PALAIS favour, etc. See 
FASO-. See PAJ-. 

SO-. /See PAJ-. 

tjbAlt, -At/CA, /., See f AJAlt. 
Alt, -At-A,/. See pA5Alt. 

$ee p AgAim. 
. See f AtiAC. 

), -e, -6ACA, /., a faggot ; 
also piosoix) in M. 
PA5O1-06AC, -oije, a., faggoty ; 
ctiAt pAjjoi-oeAd, a heap of fag- 
gots for fuel. 

PASSAT), -JAtitA (posfiA-o and 
poijjfieAX)), m., act of tempering 
(metal), heating in a furnace ; 
seasoning (as wood, etc.) ; act of 
purging, purifying. 

and poistieA-o), v - t r '> I heat or 
temper in a forge or furnace ; I 
season (as wood, etc.) ; I purge, 

PASCA, indec. p. a., left, abandoned, 
forsaken ; famished, exhausted. 

PAIC, -e, pi. -foe and -CAtinA, /., a 
bit of paper, a scrap, a rag; 
with neg., nothing ; neg. somet. 
omitted; pAic TIA tigjiAf, nothing 
whatever; tii'l pAic Aift, nothing 
whatever is wrong with him, 

ni't pAIC tlA pflijj-oe A1J1, id. 

(Con.) ; also a sparkle, a buflet, a 

blow, cf. bAineAT) JMIC Af (O'N.) 

(= whack?). 
PAICIH, g. id., pi. -ix>e, (dim. of 

fAic), m., a little rag, a shred; 

an article of dress for a baby. 
pMcreAtiAd, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a 

pAiCfeAHAfc, -Aije, a., visible, 

capable of being seen, conspicu- 

ous ; observant. 
fAiCf eAtiA6c, -A, /., visibility. 
FAicfiti, -feAnA, /., act of seeing, 

perceiving ; an appearance, a 

face, sight, view, observation. 

See peicf in. 
PAITX See pAt). 
pAit), g. id., and -e, pi. -e, m., a 

prophet, a seer, a poet, a learned 


ATO, an answer to a call or shout 

(Alayo] (also p AIJI ). 

Ai-obile, g. id., pi., -tit>e, m., a 

beech tree. 

teAgAc, -A15C, a., prophetic- 

ally raise, deceitful. 
Ai-o-D|ieAinui5eAc, -5156,0., far- 

pAiT)-ceAnnA6, -Aije, a., far- 

seeing (Con.). 
pAcoe, g. id.,/., length ; CA pAi'oe 

(cA'i-oe) uAinn e, how far is it 

from us? (Con.), CA pAT> (f = h) 

tiAitin e (Don.) ; also comp. of 

f A-OA ; f IA is the more usual 

pAit>eAcc, -A, /., length, longi- 

pAi-6eAT>6iti, -6ftA, -6itti"6e, m., a 

prophet, a seer. 
pAi-oeA-ooifieAcc, -A, /., prophecy ; 


jrAix)eAtTiAit, -liitA, a., prophetic, 

poetic, visionary ; learned, wise. 
fAix)eo5, -0156, -osA, /., a greeu 

plover ; chance, lot. See peA-oo^. 
fAix>eo5, -0156, -OSA, /., a tallow 

candle (Con.). 
Ait>iT>eAcc, -A, /., act of " think- 

ing long," i.e., feeling lonely, 

etc. ; CA p. ofim, I feel lonely 

(Tyrone, Om., G. J.). 
pAiT>-teicneAC, -11156, a., long- 


Aij, -leA5A, pi. id., m., a 

prophetic physician. 
Avofiiti (pAi i oi^in), g. id., pi. -i-oe. 

m., a gift, a " fairing " ; often 

IS, M. form of pA5, imper. of 

oo-5ei6im, I find. 
pAit, proximity ; in phr., i bpAil 

(with gen.), in company with, 

also compared with ; 1 bpAil 

bAn, in the society of women ; 

i bpAit An bAif, compared with 

death (Kea.). 

fAil, -e,/., hiccough ; sobbing. 
f?Ait, -e, -eACA, /., a sty ; a rest- 

ing-place ; a den ; fig., a bed, a 

couch ; p. mttice, a pig ety ; dim. 

f Ailin. See 

( 293 ) 

fait, -e, -roe,/., the rim of a pot ; 

a ring ; a wreath. 
FAII, fate, destiny (obs. in nom.); 

l/i A Ai"l, the stone of destiny ; 

1mr pAit, a name for Ireland. 
fTAitbe, indec. a., lively, pleasant, 

J?Ail.DeAcc, -A, /., brightness, 

sprightliness ; merriment, cheer- 

FAitbeitn, -e, /., a blasting (as of 

corn, etc.). 
Ait/c, -e, -CACA, /., a gap, a mouth, 

an opening ; a hare-lipped 

mouth ; a mouth with some 

teeth lost ; a stammering ; -oo 

cmp re rAilc Aip, he broke his 

jaws (O'Br.}. 
p^itc, -e, -eACA, /., a stroke, a 

pAitceAnn, -cinn, -ceAnnA, m., a 

pAitcim, -ceA-6, v. tr., I strike, 

I gash ; cf. 

/., a pit. 

pAilje, g. id., pi. id. and -jitbe, /., 
an ouch, a ring, a jewel, a 

J?Aitin, g. id., pi. -itte, m. (dim. of 
t?Ait), a pig-sty, a dirty little 
cabin (pron. puilin). 

Ait,l, -e, -ce, /., a cliff, a preci- 
pice (in Aran and elsewhere 
pi. pAittcfeACA). Bee AiVL. 

JTAiVl, -e, /., leisure; an advan- 
tage, an opportunity ; neglect ; 
an unguarded moment ; r. UAIJI 
re VAitl, Aiji, he took him un- 
awares ; rAitl TJO tAOAipc, to 
neglect (also, to give time to, t>o); 
tiAqi TIA rAitte, an unguarded 
time ; AJAI'O tiA rAitte, an un- 
guarded side or moment. 

^Aitt, -e, -CA6A, /., a kernel ; a 
corn in the flesh (O'N.). 

Aitli5e, g. id., pi. -ACA,/., neglect, 
delay ; a failing ; p. x>o CAOAI^C 
(no -oo -oeAnAtii) AJI, to neglect ; 
ieijeAti i op., id. 

pAiltijeAd, -jije, a., negligent, 
failing, drowsy (also 
CBAC, followed by i or FA). 

-A, /., neglect ; 

habitual delay. 
AiU-ijitn, -IUJATD, v. intr., I fail, 

neglect, delay (also pAittim). 
Aitti5teA6, -tije, a., negligent, 


, -ijte, pi. vd., m., a 

failing ; neglect, delay. 
pAitm, -e, -1-6 e, /., the tiller of a 


pAit/m, palm. See pAitm. 
pAitp, -e, -eAnnA, /., a stroke ; a 

heavy stroke of anything that 

bends (aa a rope, cloth, twig, 

pAitpeA-6, -pee, m., a whipping, a 

beating with a rope, a heavy 

whip, etc. 
FAilpeAttAdc, -A, /., living on an- 

other ; expecting presents. 
FAitpeAjttii-oe, m., a hanger-on, an 

uninvited guest (Con.). 
pAitce,,pZ. -ci-oe or -CBA-OA,/., 

greeting, salutation, welcome ; 

f . oo 6t>fi ftoirii, to welcome ; 

CCA-O mite fAitce ftoriiAC, a 

hundred thousand welcomes to 

pAitceAfi, -cije, a., ready to wel- 

come, hospitable ; agreeable. 
pAilceACAf, -air, m., hospitality, 

welcome reception of strangers. 
pAitceoj, -0156, -OJA,/., a woman 

visitor ; a small feast (O'N.). 
pAilcijitn, -mJAX), v. tr., I wel- 

come, salute, greet (generally 

with jtoini). 
pAitcin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., an 

intermeddler, one who interferes 

in others' business. 
pAitcin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a man 

visitor ; a small feast (O'N.). 

See pAitceo5 and previous word. 
pAilciuJA-o, -isce, m., act of wel- 

coming, saluting, greeting ; 

Aime, g. id., pi. -A^A, /., a hem, 

a border. 
J?AirnleA6, -tij, m., sea-weed ; 

" bladder " sea- weed (Sligo). See 

, -nil, pi. id., m., a layer 

( 294 ) 

or handful of straw used in 
thatching (Con.). 

p-ding, -e, -eACA, f., a raven ; fig., 
a tall, nimble, obstinate girl ; 
p.Ainj: oioriiAoiti, said of a 
nimble, but lazy, girl (Ker.). 

pAin-5leAnn, -A, -CA, m., a valley. 

FAinicim, v. tr., I protect, shield 
(like copnAim, followed by 4ft, 
in reference to the aggressor) 
(Con.) ; pAimc = fe.Ac.Ain, be- 
ware, have a care (also Aimc, IG.). 

JTAinle, g. id.,pl.-&cA,f., a swallow, 
a martin. 

JTAinteos, -0156, -OJA, /., a swal- 
low (also Ainteoj). 

pAinne, g. id., pi. -m-oe, m., a 
ring ; -p. AH popcA, wedding 
ring (worn, also Ainne). 

Ainne, g. id., f., a weakening or 
lessening ; comp. of t?Ann, weak. 

pAinneAc, -mje, a., ringleted (of 
the hair) ; beautiful. 

pAifi, a reply from a distance to a 
call or signal (also J?AIX>) (Con.). 

pAijtce, g. id., pi. -ACA, /., a 
diocese, a parish ; an ecclesias- 
tical district. 

pAiftceAtt, -ciLt, pi. id., m., a 
reward, salary, wages (O'N.). 

pAijiceALtAC, -Aij, -Aije, m., a 
stump, a lump ; somet. applied 
to a stout, burly person ; pAift- 
ceAt/tAc CAl/riiAije. 

pAijtceAttAc, -Aije, a., well-knit, 
well-set ( W. Ker.). 

rAificeAVlAcc, -A,/., giving wages 

Aiji-x>fieip,-e,-eACA,./'., a bramble; 

pAifie, g. id, f., act of watching, 
guarding ; a watch, a guard ; 
a waking of the dead (Don.) ; 
yocAt TIA fAifie, watch-word, 

PAI^IB, interj., for shame ! alas ! 
what a pity ! expression of dis- 
gust, or sorrow or pity. 

PAIJICAC, -ft ije, a., vigilant, watch- 
ful ; cautious, careful, prudent. 

pAifieACAti, -AITI, m., constant 
watching ; also a watchman, a 

, -oige, -ogA, /., a hillock, 
a watch-tower ; a gland ; a 

Ait<eo5AC, -Aije, a., pertaining to 
the glands. 


a., spying, guarding, watching. 
pAifijpeoiji, -l t ' A ) -oijii'oe, m., a 

watchman, a sentry, a spy. 
pAijisp eoi-peAcc, /., act of watch- 

ing, guarding, reconnoitring. 
pAipim, vl. pAifie, imper. pAiji, 

v. tr., I watch, guard ; notice. 

perceive ; spy (with AJI). 
FAifti'oti, interj., alas ! emph. fAi 

ioft 5eA|i, 

etc. (also 

pAitup, adv. prn., together with 

that ; also ; pAifiip pin, id. ; T)IA 

linn, T)1A pAijiip f m linn, God 

help us, God help us also, say I 

pAitiipitieAc, -1115, -tuge, m., a 


eif, -e, /. See pAifmir- 
, -e, /., information ; f top 

ip pAi-pmp, knowledge and in- 

formation (Con. and U.). 
pAififSe, g. id., pi. -AX)A and -51-06, 

/., a sea, or wave ; brine. 
'F A1 t t t 1 5 e 1 t 1 > -ot 1 ^' -oiftToe, m., a 

seaman, a sailor (also 

, -e, a., wide, extensive ; 

plentiful ; generous, bestowing. 
FAittfinse, g. id.,f., plenty; gene- 

rosity ; extent, enlargement, 

t^Aifif ingeAcc, -A, /., plenty ; 

extent ; generosity ; variety ; 

room, space. 
pAitipitijijim, -mJAT), v. tr., I 

widen, extend, increase, enlarge. 
pAififiog, used in M. for pAifipins, 

which see. 
pAifiteoifi, -ojtA, -oifii-oe, m., a spy, 

a watchman. 

pAijitip, -e,/., a pit (also f Aiji6ip). 
pAipc, -e, /., a fold, a pound, a 

penfold (also fAifceAx*). See 


( 295 ) 

pAirceAriiAil, -riilA, a., compres- 
sible ; flat ; compressed. 

pAirceATi, -Ain, m., a, bandage. 

pAipcim, -AfCA-6, v. intr., I pin, 
confine, impound. 

p-Aifcim, -AfCA-o, v. tr., I squeeze, 
I compress, wring, screw ; I bind 
compactly, I tighten ; I press 
forward ; I embrace. See pAf - 

ni, -TJim, m., vain, 
false belief. 

Aircce, p. a., squeezed, pressed, 
tightened, wrung ; compressed ; 

ieAti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a press, 
i, a fashion (A.). 

, indec. a., fashionable, 

AIT neix>, -e, /., inquiry ; .45 cup 
pAirnei-oe x>o titnCeAttcA, in- 
quiring about you (Der.). 
Airneitmn, -tieit>, v. tr., I relate, 
tell, inform, certify, give evi- 

AIT neif, -e, -BACA,/., a narrative, 
statement, account, rehearsal, 
intelligence ; act of publishing, 
relating, cdmmemorating, nar- 
rating, making known ; a hint ; 

fAirneipe, an informant, 
ieir ix>e, g. id., pi. --ore, m. } a 

pAipneipim, vl. pAif neif and pAif- 
nei"6e, v. tr., I relate, certify, 
give evidence. 

pAifmjitn, -iuJA'6, v. tr., I pub- 
lish, relate, make known. See 
pAipneipm and jMipneixMtn. 

pAifcine, g. id., pi. id. and -nix>e, 
/., prophecy, an omen, a divina- 

pAifcineAc, . y. -nij, pi. id. and 
-mje, m., a wizard, a soothsayer, 
a diviner. 

pAip cmeAcc, -A,/., augury, divina- 

PAIC, a prophet. See pAi'd. 

pAic-UeAfic, -eiftte, -CAJICA, /., 
skilled knowledge. 

fAitce, g. id., pi. -eAdA,/., a lawn, 
a field, a green, exercise-ground, 
a plain ; AJI peAft no 

on field or plain ; JMICCC riA 
cvii-ftce, the lawn of the man- 
sion ; pAicce tiA C|iAe, the Field 
of Troy ; pron. PACA-O in M., and 
often so spelled ; frequently a 
place name, as Faha, a townland 
in Kerry. 

pAicceAc, -ccije, a., timid, fear- 
ful, shy. 

PA1CC6A6A, (pi. Of pAlt), /., VOllin- 

tary contributions collected in 
the fields by such of the decent 
poor as are ashamed to beg from 
door to door ; AJ bAiliutA-6 
pAicieACA, collecting such alms 
(C.) ; but cf. JMIC. 

pAicceAf, g. -A and -dip, m., fear, 
fright, terror ; x>'f., for fear 
(written also pAitciop). 

pAicdeAfAc, -Aige, a., fearful, 

pAic-6iAtl, /., figurative or alle- 
gorical sense ; reason, cause. 

pAit-ciAl/lACj-Aije, a., in prophetic 
sense, prophetical, allegorical. 

pAic-6iAlltr)Ati, -Aijte, a., skilful 
at understanding causes, etc. 

pAitditt, -e,/., vigil ; beixt me A|t 
m'pAitfiitt, I will be on my 
guard (Don.). 

pAictiof, g. -ci'p and -A, m., fear, 
terror, fright. (In U., and even 
in W. Ker., ^Aictiof means 
shyness, not fear.) See pAicdeAf. 

PAICC, g. id., pi. -ci'oe, /., one fold 
of a garment ; a hem, a crease 

, -cite, a., fearful, timorous, 

timid ("this is redundance of 

abstraction," P. O'G.). 
pAitim, -ceA'b, v. tr., I crease, I 

fold (&N.). 
pAicim, -e, /., a hem. 
pAicin, -e,/., whiting, a species of 

fish (Tory). 
J?Aiclior-, -leAfA, m., a wardrobe, 

a press (0'iV.). 
PAICTIC, g. id., pi. -tn-oe, m., a wart 

(prop. jMiiirme). 
pAic-fc6At, -eil, m., a parable, a 

legend. See At>Al-rceAl. 
, a fold, a penfold, a sty. See 


( 296 ) 

pAt, g. rait, pi. id. and patcA, m., 
a hedge ; a wall ; a fold ; a circle ; 
protection ; act of guarding, pro- 
tecting ; tending cattle ; bed- 
clothes, covering (Con.) ; Ireland. 

jT.dt.AC, -Ai5e, a., protecting ; de- 

pAtAc ; pAtA6 cftuAC, hide and 
seek (Con.) ; pAtAc fiog, id. 
See f otAd. 

pAtAT), -Ai'o, m., a wound ; dis- 
pleasure, spite, grudge, treach- 
ery (also AlA'6). 

pAtAis, -e, -ix>e, /., a little hut, a 
sty (M.) ; dim. rAtAigin. 

pAtAitn, -AT>, v. r., I hedge, enclose, 
protect. See pAt/uijun. 

pAtAiTij;, -e, -OACA, /., a mantle ; 
an Irish cloak or covering ; a 
cloth wrapped round the body 
of an infant (M.). 

pAtAi}ie, g. id., pi. -tti-oe, m., an 
ambler, a pacing horse. 

pAtAijieAcc, -A, /., an ambling 
pace ; act of ambling, pacing. 

pAtATTi, -]c. See potAtri, -]c. 

pAtAfiAim, -At), v. intr., I amble, 

pAtAttiA. See pAtAife. 

pAtc, m., a flood (Man.). 

pAtcAitn, I bathe, dip. See pot- 

pAtcAifie, g. id., pi. -fifoe, m., a 
scoffer, a cheat; also a strong, 
brave, fellow ; a reaper, a hook- 
man, a workman (from p Ate, a 
reaping-hook, a pruning knife). 

pAtcAifie piA'OAin, m., male pim- 
pernel ; pAtcAijie puAfi, id. 

pAtcAitteAcc, -A, /., a scoffing, a 
cheating, ill conduct. 

pAtcAntA, ., billowy. 

pAtcrhAfi, -Aitie, a., swelling, pro- 

pAt-x)Of, m., a thorn hedge. 

pAttA, g. id., pi. -me, m., a wall 
(M.) ; f AttA foi'oiti, a mud wall 
(M.). See bAttA. 

pAttAiitie, g. id., /., emptiness, 
vacancy. See -pottAiiiie. 

pAttAin, IG. See pottAin, ic. 

pAttf A, indec. a., false, unreliable, 
deceptive ; lazy, slothful. 

Aije, a., falsa, decep- 
tive ; slothful. 

ttf ACC, -A, /., falsehood ; sloth- 

Ati, -AITI, pi. id., m., a sloth- 
ful man, a sluggard. 

6ift, -OUA, -oifu-oe, m,., a slug- 
gish, lazy person ; m'o}i b'p. me, 
I went on with all my strength 

ttfuijim, -fu^At), v. tr., I 

ttfvinAc, -AI, -Aije, m., a 
treacherous person (O'N.). 
ttfunAcc, -A, f. t falsehood, 

ttcog, -6156, -OJA, /., a heavy 
blow, an unexpected stroke. 

(Rathlin /.). See Attuf. 
, indec. a., weak, feeble, 
faint, spiritless. 

AtcAcc, -A, f., feebleness, weak- 

AtcAtiAf, -Aif ,, m., a grudge, 
enmity, spleen ; a pretence ; i op. 
te CeAttACAti, at enmity with 
C. (O'Br.) ; * or., in ambush (?) 

, vl. -tAT>, v. tr., I hedge, 
enclose, enfold. 

pAttnjce, p. a., hedged, enclosed, 
walled round. 

i, -OJIA, -oitii-oe, m., a 
hedger, an encloser. 

pAtnAifie, g. id., pi. -tti-oe, m., a 
large fish (often weighing four 
stones) ; a kind of dog-fish ; met., 
a swimmer ; a visitor to the sea- 
side (Clare) ; often applied to 
a strong, rugged man, and even 
to big, coarse animals ; rAtnAifie 
coijttieit, a corner-boy, a loafer 
(N. Con.) ; rAmAi^e tntiA, a large 
(idle) woman. 

PATI (tAJAn), -Am, m., straying, 
wandering ; Aft -pati, astray, 
wandering, straying, in exile ; 
imteAcc te puACC if te PATI, 
to fall into improvident ways, 
exile, or poverty. 

PATI. See fMtiAi-o. 

PATI (in sp. I. a corruption of Afi 

( '297 ) 

An), prep, with g. (if.), 
during, throughout (of space 
or time) ; pAn ftotAiti, along 
the road ; pAn IAB, throughout 
the day ; p An VIA hoit>6e (more 
accurately 'peA'o HA hoi-oce), 
during the night ; r>o buAit p e 
f An (A peAX> An) oeit 6, he 
struck him across the mouth. 

p<\n = pA An, pA'n, under the. 
See pA. 

J?AnAc, -Aije, a., idle, strolling, 
useless, aimless ; seldom, rare ; 
scattered, hard to collect ; 
exiled, wandering abroad ; ni 
bionn Ann ACC xiutne pAnAd, 
there is only an odd person 
there ; ip pAnAd A CAJAIX) t>om 
peACAinc, they seldom come to 
see me ; ip pAnAC t>uine Ann 
An oip, rarely is anybody seen 
there now ; TA pe pAnAc AjAm 
oeit, ic., it is vain for me to be, 

pAnAdc, -A, /., act of remaining, 
staying, stopping, waiting (Con.). 
See pAnAim. 

pAnAicim. See pAinicim. 

pAnAiti, g. id., m., an incline, 
declivity , slope, descent ; a 
calamity ; fie pAnAro, down- 
wards, headlong ; te pAnAix An 
cnuic, down the hill-slope. 

pAnAim, vl. pAnAiriAinc,pAnATriAin, 
pAnriiAin, pAnriiAinc (pAn, pAnAC, 
U. ; pAnAcc, Con.), v. intr., I re- 
nuua, stay, stop, dwell ; I await 
(with te) ; I desist ; pAn, stop, 
cease, stay, wait. 

F<\nAthAinc, -e, /., act of remain- 
ing, staying, stopping, waiting. 

pAnAn, -Ain., m. t an incline, a slip 
for boats. 

pAnAnAd, -A1J, ni., OM inclined 

pAn-lAj, m., a slope. 

|TAnn, gsf. pAinne, a., weak, infirm, 
languid, faint, feeble. 

pAnn-6op, /., a weak leg. 

]?AnncAip, -e, -nie, /., weakness, 
a fainting fit (nom. also pAnn- 

pAnncAipe, <j. id., )>L -pix>e, /., a 

phantom, s spectre. See pAnn- 

pAnncAipeAd, -pije, a., weak, 

fainting ; spectral. 
| AcinuiT>eAd, -"oije, a., negligent, 

pAnoit>, -e, /., a jibe, jesting (O'N.). 
See ponoriiAt). 

An6ix>eAc, -"0156, a., jestingly. 
See ponomAfoeAC, ~\c. 

J?An6i-oeAcc, -A,/., jesting, jeering, 

FAnui-oe, g. id., pi. --ote, m., a 
wanderer ; an exile. 

pAobA-6, -btA, m., act of spoiling, 
preying on. See pA-obAT). 

pAobAim, -bA-6, v. tr., I rob, spoil, 
etc. See pA'obAim. 

pAobAijic, -AJICA, /., the temper of 
any sharp-bladed instrument, 
the temper of steel or iron. 
See pAJAijic. 

PAODAII, -AI^I, pi. id., m., edge (of 
tools, weapons, etc.) ; the faculty 
of sharpening edged tools ; CA 
pAobAjt niAii ^156, he can 
sharpen a scythe, razor, etc., 
keenly, lit., " he has good 
edge"; pAOOAft An cnuic, the 
top edge of the hill. 

pAobAfi-cteAp, m., sword-dexter- 
ity, display of swordmanship. 

pAobAfi-cjiuAi'6, a., hard-edgea (of 

pAobAjt-cutAiceAd, -cije, a., steel- 

pAobpAc, -Aije, a., sharp, sharp- 
edged ; keen ; bitter, satirical. 

pAobnuijCim (pAobfiAim), -fiujjAt), 
v. tr., I sharpen, whet, set (as a 

pAobfiuijce, indec. p. t., sharpened, 

PAOOCA, p. a., worn, spoiled (0m.). 

j?Ao6, -A, -Ain, /., a periwinkle ; 
PAOCOJ and pAOdAn, id. (pAodA, 

r, -6150, -OSA, /., a peri- 
winkle ; a weaver's thrum ; 

cuijin, a large peri- 
winkle ; pAOfiog CApAiLt, dog- 
whelk ; PAOCOJ niA-opA, a dog- 
winkle ; in Om. 

( 298 ) 

4.01, evening, nightfall (Dora.). 

See jMoiceAn. 
FAOI, prep, prn., under it, under 

him ; gAn p ocAt JTAOI TIA tAitiif 

without exaggerating or detract- 

ing in the slightest ; JMOI, under, 

etc. ; pi, about (Z>on.). See p A. 
PAOI&, -e, /., a relic ; dead men's 

FAOITJ, -e, /., a shout, a cry, a 

moan, a voice; also sleep (O'N.). 
J?AOf6eAtii, -xntri (pAoiteArii), m., a 

messenger ; also rest, ease ; relief 

from sickness. See FAOCAITI. 
FAoiTMtn, vl. -oeA'o, v. tr., I give 

up (the ghost), yield up, breathe 

JTAoit-Atfo, -Aifro, m., the flat of 

the back between the shoulders ; 

the very summit. 
JMoite, g. id.,f., wildness, savage- 


Aoile, g. id.,f., a seagull (Don.}. 
pAoiteAit, -Al/A, /. (from Eng. 

wheeling), tricks, motions, ges- 

tures ; ceremonious manner, 

diplomatic action, manoeuvring ; 

pin i bftij tiA tMoiteAtA, that 

is the upshot of the whole 

manoeuvring (Ker.). 
JTAOiteAnn, -tmn, pi. id., m., a 

sea-gull (pAoil/eAn in Clare, 

FAOileATJATi in Om., and G'N. 

has pAOiteAtinAti, which is heard 

in Mon.}. 
AoiteAnnx>A, indec. a., sea-gull- 

like ; if pAoiteAntroA pno-o, of 

sea-gull, or brightest appear- 

ance (O'Ra.). 
pAoiteAtiiroAcc, -A, /., brightness 

of appearance, like a sea-gull's. 
fAoiteoj;, -0156, -OJA, /., a sea- 

gull (Don.) ; dim. fAoileojAn. 

pAOlt-fteAfC (cf. |?AOlt-A|1T)), Hi., 

a ridge or verge ; the spine ; AJI 
pAoil-pteAfc A -6fi orn .A> on the 
flat or level of his back ; also 
Aft pteAfc A T>t 1OITI<i ' See 

pAoili-6, -e, a., glad, joyful, merry, 


|?Aoit/teA6, a remnant. See 

the old name of the 
Kalends of February and of 
fifteen days after ; often it is 
used for the entire month 
(P. O'C. says it is a corruption 
of pui-ole, .1. the dregs or re- 
mains of the year) ; it also 
means bad weather; cf. -pAoilt- 
1*6 A riiAftbvnijeAnn TIA CAOijiij, 
February it is that kills the 
sheep ; January (0*N.). 
AOitceAc, -cije, a., glad, joyful ; 
rejoiced at seeing a friend. 
AOHI, -e, a., weak, mean, vain, 
idle; inclining. See pAon. 
Aoitie, g. id.,f., vanity, idleness ; 
an inquiry ; a chimera ; pAoin- 
eAf, jMomeAcc, id. 

, -neAX), v. intr., I indulge. 
-Ain, pi. id., m., a 
female crab. 
fAoirceog, -oige, -OSA, /., a 


pAoifeAni, -fini> in., an amend- 
ment, a recovery ; a rest ; cessa- 
tion, intermission ; help, suc- 

pAoif IUJA-O, -ijce, pi. id., m., dis- 
pensation ; AH C-AtfO-tflOf CAT) 

6 nAc bpuit fAoifie nA pAoif- 
IUJA-O |ie |?A5Ait, the great fast 
from which there is no relief or 
dispensation to be got. 

Aoipne, g. id., m., a little shell- 
fish, a small variety of crab 

J?AOif cm, -e, -i-oe, /., confession ; 
the Sacrament of Penance; 
if. CACAO, an imperfectly made 
confession ; p. teACA-6, a " gene- 
ral confession"; ACAIJI fAOif- 
cine, a ghostly father ; oixe 
^AOifcine, id. (Don.). 

AoiceAn, in phr. 6 riiAix>m 50 p. 
See pAOCAin. 

^AOicin, g. id., m., a whiting, a 
species of fish. 

pAot, g. -oit, pi. -A and -CA, m., a 

, -oite, a., wild, untamed. 
, indec. a., wolfish. 

pAolconx)Acc, -A,/., wolfishness. 

JTAot-cu, (j. -con, d. -coin, pi. 


( 299 ) 

-Com, /., a wolf ; a wild dog ; a 

brave warrior. 
photos,/., a sea-gull (N. Con. and 

Don.) ; also f. AOileoj. 
pAotf CA^O, -Ai-6, 77i., a scorching, a 

burning (O'N.). 
JTAolfCAim, -At>, v. tr., I scorch, 

burn, pepper (O'N.). 
JTAoriiA-o, -riitA, m., act of consent- 

ing, assenting, yielding. 
pAoriiAim, -A-6, v. intr., I consent, 

assent, yield. 
Aon, -oine, a., void, empty, weak, 

languid, naked, foolish ; as ., 

the flat or level part, as AJI f. Aon 

A -ojiotnA, on the "flat" of his 

back, (lying) on his back. 
pAonAim, -A-O, v. tr., I mollify, 

pAon-CAf, -6Aife, a., hanging 

down in ringlets (of the hair). 
PAOTI-IAS, -tAi5e, a., weak, feeble; 

hanging down in unresisting 

masses (of the hair). 
pAotirhA6, -Aijje, a., mild, meek, 

quiet, silent. 

pAOf Arii, -Airii, m. See p Aoif eAtti. 
pAofc. See t:AofCAC (Aran). 
pAofcos, -6156, -ogA,/., an insect, 

a snail. 

pAOfUJAt*, -Uljte (f.AO1f15A-6), 

m., a critical ease, or relief in 

heavy sickness. See pAotf eArii. 
PAOC, -A, -ATitiA, m., a fall ; an 

easement ; ease in sickness. 
PAOCAITI, -ttiA, /., sundown, even- 

tide; 6 riiAfoin 50 f. AocAin, from 

dawn till sunset (pAoiceAti). 
PAOCATTI, -Airii, m., alleviation ; 

recovery after the crisis (of a 

PAOCUJA-O, -uijte, m., a critical 

case in a heavy sickness. See 

= FA (prep.) + yo (verbal pre- 
hx)=also fA (prep.) + A (rel.) + 
fto (verbal prefix). 

|tA6 x)ub, m., great fig-wort, 

JIA-O, -AIX), -AIXIC, m., a hen- 
roost ; a loft of any kind ; litter 
in a boat to receive horses or 

), -HAX, v. tr., I 

freight (a ship). 
J?AfiAil, -AtA, /., an offering, a 

present (O'N.). 
pAfiAitim, -Ait, v. tr., I present, I 

FAfiAijte, 9- W., pi. -fiix>e, m., a 

brave man, a soldier. 
^AfiAti, -Am, >n., wild garlic 

, tndec. at., stout, strong, 

t, pA|iAO^, alas ! See pAitiioji. 
-Aif, m., a reason, an argu- 
AfiAfCA, indec. a., solid, sober, 

reasonable (also pojiAf CA). 
pA;6A, g. id., pi --OA, m., a maul, a 

beetle, a mallet ; pAficA, id. 
PAJ\CAT), -Ain, pi. id., m. , a knot in 
timber ; a wart ; a corn or welt 
on hands or feet ; in M. and 

Don., pA'DA'pCATl. 

PAMCA cemci-oe, g. id., m., a 

naming thunderbolt. 
pAfi-cfioiceAnn, -cinn, pi. id., m., 

the epidermis. 
Af\x>Ail, /., the greater part of 

PA|VOAI, -Ait,, m., an account, an 

explanation (E. R.) ; hindrance, 

delay (O'JR.). 

'pAft-'oofiAF , Aif, m. , lintel of a door. 
, prep, with pronoun, with 


AHt^d, -Aij, m., pestilence, force, 


A^IIAX), m., nearness, proximity ; 

company, party, people ; inphr., 

1 OfAtifA-o (with gen.), near, 

along with, in company with, 

on the side of, together with ; 

also in comparison with ; i 6pAfi- 

jtAX) foin, in addition to that. 

Atif ATI, -Ain, m., vexation, chagrin, 

annoyance, anger. See fOftjiAn. 

A^AMAC, -Ai5e, a., vexatious, 


-Aif, m., power. 
g. id., pi. -nit>e, /., a 


Af, -Mf, TO., a growth, growing ; 

an increase ; ATI XJAJIA p Ar,second 

( 300 ) 

or after growth ; -pAf tiA hAon 
oixce, a mushroom. 
rAC, -Aije, a., desolate, desert, 
overgrown with grass. 

, -A1J, pi. -A1J6, -AC A, m., 

a desert, a wilderness, a wild ; 
grassy headland of a ploughed 
rich pasturage ; pasture land ; a 
field (O'R.) ; oeAjis-pArAd, a 
dreary desert ; AJ CADAIJIC An 
pAf 415, growing grass, i.e., dead 
and buried ; oo bi A jjno 'TI-A 
pif*6 Aift, his business went 
against him ; bei-6 ATI cij f eo 
'n-A f Af AC ojic, you will not be 
allowed to enter this house ; 


'TI-A -oeAfts-FAf AC, may heaven 
of the saints be completely shut 
against James (McD.). 

O, -CCA, TO., desolation, act 
of depopulating. 
fAi-oeAcc, -A, /., act of devas- 
tating or turning into a desert. 
, vl. f Af, v. intr., I grow, 
increase ; I am born, sprung 
from (6). 

Af AifiAil, -rhtA, a., growing ; 
desert, wild. 

Af ATI, -Ain, pi. id., m., a sapling. 

Af-fttiAile, /., a temporary en- 
closure for cows in the summer 

Af c, -A, m., a bond, a tie, a tying ; 
a restraint ; a prison ; protec- 
tion, shelter ; an enclosure ; a 
fold ; a pound for cattle. 

pAfCA-6, -CCA, TO., a checking, re- 
straining, an imprisoning, an 
impounding ; sheltering. 

pAfCA-o, -AfccA and -cuijce, m., a 
squeezing, a tightening, com- 
pression ; the sparks from a 
red-hot iron ; also jMirceA-o ; 
f AfCA-6 Atiiof, water rising, as 
through the floor in a house, 
CBACC pe, id. 

pAfCA-OATl (FOfCA-OATl), -A1T1, pi. 

id., m., a sconce ; an umbrella, a 

pAfCA-ooiti, -6|t A, -oittixte, m., a 
press ; a vice. 

i, -Ain, pi. id., TO., a bandage. 

-A, m., a wnnowng, a 
cleansing, a purging ; bAftfi 
por-cnA-oA, chaff; o'imcis fe i 
tttbAfiji nA bpAfCAi-oce, he went 
at top speed (Con.). 

, -A-O, v. tr., I winnow, 
cleanse, purge, purify. 

Arcoiti, /., a young wood, a 

AfCjtAnn, TO., a plant, a grove, a 
vineyard (Gen., ii. 5, etc.). 

AftAi, -Aij (coll.), m., youths. 

AplAC, -A15, m., in turbary, the 
place where the turf is spread, 
the part cut away, as distin- 
guished from the eAnAc or uncut 

AftiiAti, -Aijie, a., vegetative, 
growing, thriving. 

Af nA h-Aon oi-oce (pAf Aon 
oiT)ce), TO., a mushroom ; also 
the name of a celebrated anti- 
quarian monument near Dun- 

fPtios, -oije, -6sA,/.,a gull, or 
mew ; an osprey. 

, -Aipc, m., a capture, a 
seizure; a jail, a prison. See 

p. a., grown ; ^AT-CA 
"grown up." 
pcuTJAc, -Aij, pi. id., m., one 
who is hired ; a young man 
(often used in a depreciatory 

u^A-o, -tnjce, TO., act of 
staying, restraining, retaining, 
fastening, securing ; seizing ; 
agreeing to ; hiring ; binding ; 
CA fe AJI p., he is hired 

im, vl. pAfcogA-o, pAfc- 
, v. tr, I retain, fasten, 
secure, moor ; seize ; agree to ; 

fcuim, -e, -eACA, /., pleasure, 
sport, pastime ; nonsense ; ro- 
mance ; pAfcuim, A -ouine ! non- 
sense, man ! 

puJA-o, -uijte, m., act of laying 
waste, devastating ; a desert 
place, a waste. 

sim, -UJAX) and - 

( 301 ) 


v. tr., I devastate, turn into a 

pAruijce, p. a., laid waste, de- 

PAC, -A, pi. id. and -AntiA, m., a 
cause, reason ; an opportunity. 

PACA, g. id., pi. -ix>e, a potato 
(Con.) ; in M., PJIACA, which see ; 
ppeACA (Don.). 

PACAC, -Aije, a., mighty, power- 
ful ; prophetical, philosophic ; 
skilful ; causative ; opportune ; 
50 PACAC, with skill. 

PACAC, -Aij, pi. id. and -Aije, m., 
a giant. See ACAC. 

PACACAITIAII, -mtA, a., gigantic, 

PACAX, m., the appearance or dis- 
position to a thing ; bi PACAX) 
ATI JAipe Aft A beAl, the first 
beginnings of a laugh could be 
seen on his lips, he smiled. See 


PACA'O. See pAicce. 
pAcpuAim, -e, -CACA, /., the hem 
of a garment (also pAicim). 

intr., I smile ; o'pAC-JAitiij p6, 
he smiled (also pAc-JAitum). 

pAc-toipcim, -CAT), v. tr., I scorch, 
I scald, I burn. 

pAc-ovoe, m., a schoolmaster. 

pAC-jivin, m., a mystery. 

pAC-putroA, indec. a., mystic. 

pAc-cuijtpe, g. id.,f., distress, sor- 
row (also Ac-cuippe). 

p, g. id., /., a measuring rod ; a 
rod for measuring graves, coffins, 
and dead bodies ; a pound. 

p6, prep., before, under (M.) ; 
prep, prn., 3 s. See PA. 

p6, indec. *., lean, poor, meagre ; 
an intent, prefix, as pe-pmjil, 
very distressed. 

peAbAf, -Aip and -bpA, m., excel- 
lence, goodness, good, superi- 
ority, worth, beauty ; A|t p., 
excellent, in excellence, excel- 
lently, first-rate, in first-class 
style ; T>A peAbAp, however 
well ; A5 x>ut i bpeAbAp, im- 
proving; CA p. m6|t AIJI, he is 
niuoh better ; CA pe A^ p., it is 

excellent, CA pe coijce, id. 

peAbpA, g. id., February. See 
J?A oft A. 

peAbpAt, -Aije, a., worthy, wise, 
excellent, skilled, cunning. 

peAbpuijim, -uJAt), v. tr., I cor- 
rect, make better, improve, 
develop ; also v. intr., I mend, 
grow better. 

PCAC, -eic, -AtinA, m., a spade- 
handle, a spade ; peACAn, id. 

PBACA, peACAix), ^c. See -oo-dtm. 

peACA-6, -CCA, m., a bending, a 
twisting ; also a pick-axe, a 

jreAdAT>6ip, -6fA, -oitii-oe, m., a 
seer ; a spectator. 

6A6Ait, -At A, f., watching ; 
peACAit A cofi Aif , to try him, 
examine him, to keep guard over 
him (Don.). 

peACAim, -A'O, v. tr. and intr., I 
bend, bow ; I shrink. 

pedCAitn, -dAinc, v. tr. and intr., I 
look on (AJI), look at, view, 
examine ; watch, explore, attend 
to, visit ; try, attempt ; peA6 ! 
lo 1 peAc AI;I, look at it or him ; 
peAc 6, try it, test it ; peAd 
teip, attempt it. 

p^AfiAinc, -e, /., looking, exam- 
ining ; appearance, aspect ; con- 
sideration, pity ; act of looking, 
beholding, searching, exploring 
(also peACAin) ; clAon-p., a 

peACAinc (or peACAibfor piACAib); 
coijipeA-o-pA T)'peACAitic ope, I 
will compel you (to do so and 
so) ; 1ACAII (Ker.), i Alt AC (Con.). 

POACC, -A, /., a grave ; a country ; 
time, place, turn, occasion, 
sometimes ; p. n-Aon, at one 
time ; p. n-Aitl, on another 
occasion ; An T>AJIA p., in the 
second place ; i ti-AoinpeA<ic, or 
i ti-6inpeAcc, together, together 
with (le), altogether. 

peA-6, m., space, extent, length (of 
time or spaca), duration, con- 
tinuance ; Att pe AV, through, 
throughout, during, for(dur- 

( 302 ) 


ing), amongst ; An peA-6, \nilst ; 
AJI peA-6 An tAe, during the day ; 
Aft peA-6 An botAifi, along the 
road ; pron. peAX> (Don.) ; in ^f. 
p. I. Aft peA-6 An becomes pAn. 

peAT>, -A, pi. id. , /., a fathom , 
pice peA-6, twenty fathoms 
(pron. peAT>). 

peAt), g. -A and peit>e, pi. -A, m. 
and/., a whistle ; a shrill noise ; 
a hiss ; if otc An 6u nAd piu 
peAt) A teiseAn t>ijici, it is an 
ill hound that is not worth 
whistling for. 

peATJAit, -e, a whistling, a piping. 
See peA'oJAit. 

peAt>Aim, m. peATJJAit and peAT>- 
Ait, v. tr. and intr., I whistle. 

peA-oAim, I am able, I can ; no 
jiinne pe AH p^At) pe, he did 
what he could ; p ut Aft peA-oAT* 
cofc A cuft teip, before they 
were able to stop him ; p eA-otAjt 
A WAV, it may be said : cf. 
b'peixnti te T)iA, with God's 
help ; b'peiT>itt 50 opuit, per- 
haps there is (or he is). See 

, -x>nA, pi. id., f., a tribe, 
a company of people, a party, a 
troop ; ceAnn peAibnA, a cap- 
tain ; ceAnnAf peA-onA, general- 
ship, captaincy. 

^eA-OAifie, g. id., pi. -tnx>e, m., a 
whistler, a piper. 

peA-OAifteAdt, -A, /., act of 

peAtAtAc, -Aij, -Aije, m., a hiss- 

peA-OAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a pipe, a 
reed, a flute ; a streamlet, a 
brook ; a canal ; a spout issuing 
from a tube or opening ; a vein ; 
p. potA, a stream of blood, a 
small stream (also piot>An). 

peA-OAnAc, -AIJ, -Ai^e, m., a flute- 
player, a piper. 

peATMnAct, -A, /., playing on a 
flute or pipes. 

peAx>AnAim, -AnA'6, v. intr., I pipe, 
I whistle. 

peA-oAncA, p. a., cold, shy, back- 
ward (Om.). 

peAT>Af<, v., I know (used with 
neg., ni peAt>Afi, I do not know) ; 
ni peAtDAifi pe, he does not know. 
Note that in perf. tense, ni penoift 
pe, he did not know, is used ; in 
Con., ni pioxifiA me, nt '-O-JIA me ; 
in Don., nioft piT)i|t (pei-oi]i) me. 

peA-65, -AiT)be,/., a widow ; a reli- 
gious woman, a nun. 

peA-oijAit, -e, /., act of whistling ; 
pofic peAT>5Aite ipcoix>6e ip 
pceAt piAnnAi-oeAccA urn to, 
whistling by night and the tell- 
ing of Fenian tales by day (men- 
tioned as unseemly actions). 

peAnjoite, g. id., f., a noise in 
the stomach of some horses 
when trotting. 

peAXtm, -A, m., praise, credit ; 
fame, renown ; c5 pe peAttm 
moft r>6, he gave him great 
praise (=fame?) (Om.). 

peA-omA,, m., service, superin- 

peA-omAc, -mAije, a., serviceable. 
See pei-omeAC. 

peA-omAmAit, -liitA, a., service- 

-Ai, -Aije, m., a 
servant, a steward, an over- 

, -A,/., a butlership, 
a stewardship. 

peAx>mAnncA, indec. a., belonging 
to the office of a butler ; official. 

peA-omAnnrAp, -Aip, m., a dis- 
pensing, doling out. 

peA-omAnnup, -uip, m., steward- 
ship, superintendence ; an office ; 
a legacy ; cuic pe ipceAc 1 
opeA-omAnnup, he came in for 
a legacy (M.) ; TA pe 1 bpeA-6- 
mAnnvip An cijeA|inA, he is in 
the lord's employment. 

peAT>nA ; ip otc nA peA-onA ACA 
puc, your disposition is evil ; 
your behaviour augurs ill for 
you (Ker.). 

peA-onAc, -A15, m., a troop, a 
company ; p. j;eAmAine, a troop 
of masked youths at a wedding, 
etc. (Con.). See peA-oAin. 

OS, -6156, -05A, /., a plover. 


( 303 ) 

64-065, -6 1 5 e > -S A > / a flute, a 

fife, a whistle (also pi-ceos). 
FCAJ, -A, -Ait>e, m., a rush. 
j:eA5, jr. -A and peije, |^. -A, /., 

a cog, a tooth, a notch ; offence 

(also CAJ). 

eAJ, a fathom. See peAt>. 
peAJA, g. id., pi. id., /., a beech 

tree ; a wattle. 
eAj;tTiAif , g. -e, /., absence, want. 

See eAgmAip. 
J.'eAJtiAjAi'oe, the "cliAbAin " or 

baskets used with f ftACAfi pAt>A 

or panniers (Con.) In Don. 

t, g. peitt and pilt m., de- 
ceit, treachery, falsehood ; fraud, 
wrong ; conspiracy, evil ; murder 
(also/., g. pei Lie). 

jreAllA'6, -ICA, m., act of de- 
ceiving ; a joke (Don.). 

peAlt/Aim, -AT>, v. tr. and intr., 
I deceive; I conspire, fail ; niofi 

peAttAX) J11ATT1 T1A plttpn!>e, de- 

ception meets its retribution; 
o'peAlt p6 oftm, it failed me, 
same at x>o reip pe ofim (Con.). 
peAttAifte, g. id., pi. -pi'oe, m., a 
deceiver, a conspirator. 

, /., murder, rapine, 

treachery (also 

AltfA, g. id., /., philosophy, 

learning, literature (improp. 

m, g. -p AriiAn, d. - 

pi. -fAmriA and -f AmAiti, m., a 

peAttfAirinAc, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a 

philosopher, a sophister. 
peAl/lf AriitiAdc, -A, /., philosophy, 

peAltcAc, -Aij, -Aije, TO., a mur- 

derer, a treacherous person. 
JTeAtlcAd, -Aije, a., treacherous, 

peAttcACC, -A,/., fraud, treachery, 

peAt<lc6iji, -OJIA, -6itnt)e, m., a 

deceiver, a traitor. 
peAllc6ifieAcc, -A, /., treachery, 

deceit, villainy. 
peAtn, -A, pi. -Ai-oe and -ATIIIA, m., 

a tail ; a rubber-like stump on 

which the long, broad sea-weed 
leaves grow ; dims., peAmAti and 

peAmAC, -Aije, a., tailed ; full of 
tails or sea-rods. See peAm. 

peAiriAiti, -mtiA, /., sea-weed ; 
p. xttib, black weed ; p. -DeAfis, 
red weed (best for making 
kelp) ; p. CAilmeAC, p. 
BAC, bladder-weed ; p. 
AtiAC, string-weed ; p. 
teAC, grows on rooks, can be 
cut only at low water in spring 
tides (Con.). 

peAmtiAc, -Aije, /., weeds, sea- 
weeds, a collection of sea- weed ; 
sea- weeds attached to the stump 
or peAtn. 

peAtiAC, -AIJ, -Aije, m., a pail 

peAnnA-6, -ticA, m., act of flaying; 
act of skinning an animal or 
stripping or plucking a fowl ; 
fciAti peATitiCA, a flaying knife. 

peAtitiAim, -AT>, v. tr., I flay, skin ; 
I pluck or strip ; I plunder. 

peAtinAifie, g. id., pi. -fu-oe, TO., a 
flayer ; a currant cake (Aran). 

peAnnc, -A, TO., a wry mouth ; a 
twist; niott bAineAX* p. Af, he 
did not budge (Con.). 

peAnnoj, -oige, -OJA,/., a royston 
or carrion crow, a scald crow ; 
a vulture ; a pannier ; a whiting. 

peAtitiCA, indec. p. a., flayed, 
skinned ; perforated. 

peATincAd, -Aije, a., skinning, 
flaying, stripping, plucking. 

JTeAtincAcc, -A,/., slaying, flaying, 
stripping, plucking. 

peAtincoifi, -6ftA, -oijii-oe, TO., a 
flayer, a skinner, a spoiler. 

peAft, g. piji, pi. id., TO., a man, a 
husband ; peAfi cije, a house- 
holder, man of the house ; peAp 
bfi^ije, a statue or other object 
dressed to counterfeit a man, 
a scarecrow ; peAp ceoit, a 
musician ; peAji -olijjfo, a 
lawyer ; peAf peAf A, a seer, 
a wizard ; peAjt Leijip, a physi- 
cian, one who practises medicinal 
remedies; peAp pettje, a hunter; 

( 304 ) 

coinieATDCA, a keeper, a 
guardian ; peAft bAit), a boat- 
man ; peAf Aif 15, a ferryman ; 
peAft oibfie, a labourer ; peAft 
piubAil, a man who travels, a 
tramp ; ATI p eAfi mop, the devil. 
The pi. is peAfiA in compound 
numerals, as ceicpe peAfiA t>eA5, 
fourteen men ; the nom. and voc. 
pi. peAftAib is very common, 
being on of the instances in 
which the -ib is pron. in pi. in 
Con. and Don. 

peArt, g. p eift, m., grass, hay ; the 
lea ; p. ptiuc, pasturage, as 
opposed to p. ci|iim, saved hay, 
as fodder ; p. bo, the grass 
fodder of a cow for the year. 
(peAji without a qualifying 
adjective expresses either hay 
or grass.) 

peAtiAc, -AIJ, m., grazing ; hired 
grazing of cattle ; -oiot Af 
peAjiAC tiA mbo, to pay for the 
grazing of the cattle ; A-p peAjiAc, 
being grazed (peAjiAcc, Mayo). 

peAfiACAp, -Aif, m., economy, 
husbandry ; peAftACAp ci^e if 
bAile, thrift and economy (M.). 

peAftAcc, -A, /. (?), likeness, simi- 
lar happening; a synonym of 
OAtcA : p. JAG cif e oiri eite, 
like every other gold-producing 
country, G. J., No. 115, p. 498 
(Con.) ; A p. pin, like that. 

peAfiA-6u (peA^-6u), /., a warrior 
(man-hound) ; declined like c, 
which see. 

^A, m., a happening. 
, -tttA, m., act of giving, 
pouring out, sending, etc. See 

, -A-O, v. tr., I pour out, 
rain, give forth, send, grant, 
bestow ; -oo peAfu-o pAil.ce 
poitiie, he was welcomed ; AJ 
peAtiA-6 mo -oeAti, pouring out 
my tears. 

eAfiAttiAit, -rhtA, a., manly, 

eAjiArhtAdr, -A, /., manliness, 
power, heroism, spirit. 

ATi, -Ain, pi. id., m., a turtle 

dove ; peAjiAn bjteAc, a turtle ; 
piAT)Ain, a wild pigeon ; 
ei-oin, a wild pigeon, 
i, -Ain and -ATIA, pi. id., m., 
a wood ; wild garlic ; tuib 
peAjiAtiA and -omtleAbAf peAfi- 
ATIA, woodbine. 

eAtiAnn, -Ainn, pi. id., m., a field, 
land, farm ; ground, country ; 
p. bAfi, lea-land ; p. coittceAd, 
woodland ; p. oijf ie .AccA, a 

je, a., rich in lands. 
, -A, f., extent of ter- 
ritory ; peAtiATiriAf, id. 
eA^Ann-rhAJ, m., a field, a lawn. 
eAtiAnncAf, -Aip, m., land, 

AfAt, m. , a jackass. 
, g. peifbe, pi. -A,/., a doe, 
a deer ; an ox, a cow ; a pair of 
bellows ; a pimple ; a stripe 
(O'N.); also eAfib and ei|ib. 

peAftbAn, -Ain, m., the herb crow- 
foot ; also a spot of land ; a 
streak (O'N.). 

peAfbo5, -6156, -65 A,/., a stripe ; 
a hare ; a red deer ; the herb 
crowfoot (O'N.). 

peAfi botj, g. pip buitj, and 
-botjA, m., one of the Belgse ; 
also a scabbard, a sheath. 

peAti bfteige, m., a scarecrow, a 
puppet. See peAji. 

peAti ceifcoe, m., a tradesman, a 
craftsman, an artisan. 

peAji cof^Ain, m., hook grass ; 
grass that cannot be cut with a 
scythe (as grass growing on 
borders, etc.), but must be out 
with a reaping hook. 

peAji-OA, indec. a., manly, gallant ; 
male, masculine (esp. as gram- 
matical term) ; male ; as subs., 
a male. 

peAti"OAcc, -A, /., manhood, age of 
a full-grown man ; manliness. 

PBAJI -oliji-o, g. piji otisi'o, a 
lawyer ; for pi. we have tucc 
elicit), lawyers, officers of the 

peAf<5, g. peiitge,./., anger, wrath, 
fury ; p. -oo cup *F 6in, to 

anger or vex a person ; p. 

luinne, fury of anger. 
peAftgAC, -Aije, a., angry, wrath- 

ful, fierce, passionate. 
K eA t 1 5 Airn -*"*>, v. tr. and intr., I 

grow angry, vex, fret. 
peAriS-DACc, -A, f., state of being 

peevish or angry ; rage, anger. 

5 ui t ic > p- *., m., a 
grassy field, a meadow. 

peAti-jjOfiCA, m., the pinch of 
hunger felt in travelling moor- 
lands, etc. 

peAfijuititn, -uJAT), v. tr. and intr., 
I vex, fret, grow angry. 

peAfttArm, -Aititie, -A, f., a barn for 
hay or straw ; p. eAfttAc, id. 

pe Art-leA5Aim, -AT), v . intr., I mow 
hay (E. R.). 

peAri-tocAti, m., a grassy pool. 

peAtiiriAT), -AIT), m., envy, jealousy, 
bigotry. See pofiniAT). 

peAfimA-OAC, -Aije, a., envious, 
jealous, bigoted. 

peAtiTriAri, -Airte, a., grassy, ver- 

peArm, -A, TO., the alder tree ; alder 
timber ; the mast of a ship 
because genly. of alder) ; hence, 
pCAtm feoit luinge, a ship's 
mast ; the letter p. 

peAtmoj, -6156, -OJA,/., the alder 

peATitS better ; comp. of tnAit, 
good ; sec. comp. p eiftfvoe, better 
of it, for it ; if p eAtifi T>O, it is 
better for (him), advantageous 
to (him) ; ip p e&pp leip, it is 
more pleasing to him, he likes 
best, prefers, would rather ; 'f 6 
if peAjifi 'HA A 66i1e, better 
than each other, better and 
better ; nioji b'peAfin leir -put) 
A -oeAtipA-o re, he would do 
that as willingly as anything 
else ; ATI p eAfiji ICAC 6, do you 
like him ? (Don., where no defi- 
nite comparison is implied) ; CA 
f6 com fCAtm AjAm, it is as 
well for me, is quite common in 
Iveragh (Ke.r.) ; peAUfi 6eic 1 
mbA^HAib fUAiji-beAtin, it is 
good to be on the top of cold 

peaks (L. poem) ; ni fCAft 1 oeit 
A5 CAinnc Ai|i, there is no good 
in talking about it ( J/.). ; nio^ 
b'peAti|i tiom-fA fceAt x>e 'nA 
beic Amu 15 Af, I'd rather be 
outside of it (SceAl. C. tTluniAn). 
, .1. feAtijt, which see. We 
say, b'feAftp tiom, 

, the 

66, ^c. (M.). 

AftiA if bA^t 1 , or eAjif. if 
in phr. ATI c-eA|if. if bAft 
greater part ; An t-eAftfi i 
oe'n AifigeAt), the greater part 
of the money ; an overplus. 
A^f A, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a verse, 
a versicle. 

f AT), g. peiftfce, pi. id., f., a 
pit or pool of water ; a deep 
narrow channel in the strand 
when the tide is at low ebb ; a 
passage across the strand at low 
water ; t>eAl eijtf ce, Belfast. 
eAftf AIT), -e, pi. -i-oe and -CACA, 
/., a spindle ; f eAjif AIT) TIA 
lAirhe, the ulna (one of the 
bones of the hand) ; tuifij- 
peAffAiT), a club. (P. O'C. 
writes peApfAT), and nom. is 
soniet. f.eA|f AT) in M. sp. I.) 

f iopA, m., a shopkeeper. 

, -A, and peifit (rare), pi. id., 
TO., a grave, a tomb, a vault ; a 

, -A, pi. id., m., virtue, power, 
force, strength, efficacy, desert, 
merit ; a miracle, a prodigy ; 

A "6lA 50 bfUll nA f.6Af.CA 

AJAC, or A T)IA TIA BpeAtic, 
O God of Power ; pAT>f.Ai5 TIA 
opeAfic, St. Patrick ; A T>fio- 
tAtin TIA bpeAric, an exclama- 
tion in common use. 
ATICAC, -Aije, a., full of action, 
active ; of good repute. 
AjicAite, g. id., pi. -li-oe, /., a 
funeral oration (WJV.). 
AHCAITJ, fCAticAinn, g. -CAHA, 
or -CATITIA, and -cAme, /., 
act of raining ; rain ; Ag curi 
peAfttAnA, raining (this phr. is 
not iuvd in .V. ; they say, CA fe 
AJ peAjicAin, among the several 

( bUtt ) 

ways of expressing the action of 

peAttcAmAit., -mt/A, a., reputable, 
miraculous ; also territorial, 
sepulchral. See peAftc in its 
several meanings. 

JTeAjicAnnAc, -^156, a., rainy, wet. 

peAjtt.drm.Acc, -A, /., a downpour 
of rain, sleet, etc. ; f CAjtcAnnAf, 

peAftCAf , -Aif, m., manly conduct. 

peAttCAf, -Aif, m., a churchyard, 
a burying place. 

peA-p cije, m., a householder, the 
head of a family. 

peAftc-tAoi'6, -e, -te, m., an epi- 

jreAfic-rhAJ, TO., a graveyard. 

JTeAticuijim, -UJA-O, v. tr., I bury, 

peAfi-viAine, a., grass-green. 

J?eAf, known ; in phrs. like nf 
peAf -com f 6in, it is not known 
to myself ; if peAf, it is well 
known ; this latter phr. is often 
used by poets as a cheville. 

peAfAc, a., skilful, knowing, ac- 
quainted, instructed ; if f.eAfA6 
oorn, I am aware (also if f. eAf AC 

peAf Aim, v. tr., I know ; used in 
expressions like An CAn f. eAf AT> 
linn, when I knew (E. /?.). 

peAfArhAit, -rhlA, a., skilful, 
knowing, learned. 

peAfCAtAC, -Aije, a., diligent on 
an errand (O. /.). 

peAf CAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a shell- 
fish called the mussel. 

peAfCAf, -Aif, TO, the evening 
(also separation, O'N. ) ; f.-cjiAt, 

peAfCAfiAim, -A-6, v. tr., I darken, 
cause to fade, extinguish ; I 
separate ( = jre fCAftAim). 

peAfCAfOA, indec. a., late in the 

peAfCAji-oAdc, -A, f., lateness in 
the evening. 

eAf CAfi-tuc,/., a field-mouse, the 
dormouse ; a buzzing insect that 
flies about in the evening. 

-Aije, a., late, belong- 

ing to eventide. See 


peAf 65, -6156, -OJA, /., a beard ; 
fibrous threads ; the beard or 
awns of wheat, barley, etc. ; the 
feelers of insects and worms. 

peAf OJAC, -Aije, a., bearded ; 
having awns like barley, wheat, 
etc. ; full of fibrous threads. 

peAfftAc, -AIJ, -Aije, m. (also 
-Aije, -eACA, /.), a muzzle, a 
snaffle (also peAfcjtAc, fpeAf- 


eAf riA-6. See peAf )iA6. 
peAfCA, henceforth, ever more, 

ever again, henceforward, in 

future ; now, any moment ; 

therefore, on that account, so ; 

ni tiocpAix) f e f,CAf CA, oh, then, 

I see he will not come ; with neg., 

no more ; beAn-f A AJ imteAcr 

peAf CA (in this expression Anoif 

is more common now). 
peAf CA, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a feast, 

a banquet ; good cheer. 
peAf CA6, -Aije, ^., festive, merry- 

making ; fond of feasting or 

good cheer. 
peArcuJAX), -mjce, m., a feasting, 

a banqueting. 
peAfcuijim, -JAX>, v. intr., I 

feast, make merry. 
peACA (FIA-OCA, P.IACA), indec. a., 

gentle, shy ; also valiant, brave, 

PBACACC, -A, /., valour, bravery ; 

also shyness, gentleness, strange- 

JTeACAn, -AID, pi. id., m., the hair 

of the body, the fur of a beast 

, -Aijje, a., hairy, furry ; 
as subst., m., a furrier (O'N.). 
ACAfi, -Aifi, m., fur, hair ; also 

Aclos, -6156, -OJA, /., wood- 
bine, common honeysuckle (also 

-tee, m., the 

peiceArh, -cim, m., a debtor ; a 
debt; dpi. feiceArnnAib, in a 
version of the " Our Father.' 


( 307 

See t>o-cfm. 

in, g. id., pi. -ix>e, m., a little 
raven, a young raven (dim. of 
PIAC) ; also a man's name. 

peicf eAriAC, -Aije, a. visible. 

peicp int, g. -e and -feAnA, /., act 
of seeing; ni't/ A teiceix) te 
petcpinc Atinfo, there's no such 
thing to be seen here. 

PCIT), .1. penjijt, in ni peiT>=ni 
peiTnf. : ni peit)iti tiorn, I can- 
not do, etc. See p enJif. 

peiT>eAfr6A, indec. a., practicable, 

peiT>eAtcoA6c, -A,/., practicability, 
feasibility (also p eroijieACc). 

JTenDit, -e, -I'oe, /., a wooden yoke 
tied to the horns of oxen (Om.). 

peix)it, -JC. See peijit, -]c. 

peiT3i|i, used after ni and if, as 
b'pei-oifi te T)1A, with God's 
help ; b'peiTM-p 50 optnt, per- 
haps there is ; b'peiTMfv -0616, 
perhaps they would ; b'pei'oiji e, 
it may be so ; ni pencil A triAt- 
Aific o'pAJAit, a substitute or 
alternative for it cannot be had. 
, g. -e and peA-omA, pi. 
, /., act, effort, power, 
exertion, duty; service, use, busi- 
ness, work, function ; nature ; 
employment ; need, necessity ; 
military service ; p eAft peAxmiA, 
a fighting man ; tucr peA-orriA, 
an army in service ; Cfi6m- 
peiTDTn, a mighty effort; piji 
peAT>mA, men of trust or sub- 
stance ; cjieAt) 6 if pei-oni -oo'n 
tiifce 6piftieA5CA, what is the 
use of holy water? (Dord.) ; 
penim T>O 66AnAm x>e, to make 
use of it ; penim x>o DAITIC Af, 
to derive profitable use from it ; 
CA peiT>m o^c, there is a task 
before you ; CA ofioic-pei-om 
p6, he promises badly (like CA 
t>tio6-pA'OAf pe) ; -o"^^ (A 
6'pei-om, Don.}, needed. 
ei-omeAc, -mige, a., energetic. 
ei-omeAtTiAit, -tiil/A, a., needful, 
necessary, useful, substantial, fit 
for service ; forcible, powerful. 
-A, /., need, 

necessity, usefulness, forcible- 
ness, power. 

peiT>tn-feAlo,/., actual possession 
or employment. 

peij, -e, a., sharp, of a weapon : 
keen, of the eyes (E. R.) ; smart 

feije, g. id., f., the top, the sum. 
mit (of a house or hill) ; a fault, 
a weakness (E. R.) ; met., the 
" top of sovereignty " (also 

T^ 1 5 e 9- *'^-> / keenness, smart- 
ness, sharpness. 

peijeAtriAil/, -nilA, a., weak, de- 
fective ; also keen, sharp. 

peijjeAn, used somet. in M. and 
elsewhere for 6ij;eAn, which see. 

peitit, -e, /., attention, concern ; 
also dispersion (O'N.) ; act of 
attending to, looking after, 
minding ; 1 ftpeijit A JTIOCA, in 
pursuit of his business ; 1 tpeii;it, 
nA mbo, herding the cows (also 

peititi-6e, g. id., pi. --ore, m., a 
follower, a servant, an atten- 

j?ei jitim, fil. peijit, I watch, take 
care ; AJ p. TIA mt>6, herding the 
cows ; AJ p. lemb, nursing or 
taking care of a child (i opeijit, 

(p6ite), g. peite, pi. peitce, 
peiiceACA, /., the vigil of a 
feast, a feast, a festival, a 
holiday ; LA peile PAT^AIJ;, 
the Feast of St. Patrick, St. 
Patrick's Day ; p. An oiif , the 
time of death ; p6it ftAir, com- 
memoration of the dead, anni- 
versary (O'N.) peilce f o- 
JttiAifce, moveable festivals. 

JTeilbin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a lap- 

feitc, -e, -eAnnA, f., a trembling, 
a tremor (Clare) ; cf. An AO 
Anoifi, bionn fi Cjieif -\ cuif.- 
CAnn f i peitc Afi -dAOimb ; a 
tombstone (G. J.). 

fette-, in compounds intensitive 
(it is oftener used in a bad than 
a good sense, that is, it is often- 

( 308 ) 

est placed before words like 
biteAmnAC, fio^Ai^e, but not 
confined exclusively to such 
words ; it is prefixed to adjs. 
and nouns). 

peite, g. id., f., generosity, hospi- 
tality, liberality ; coijie peile, 
the boilers of hospitality used 
by the Biatachs, or almoners to 
chieftains. See f.eit. 

peiteAt, -tije, a., festive ; per- 
taining to a holiday or festival. 

peiteACAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a but- 
terfly (peix>teACAn in M.). 

peileArtiAit, -mtA, a., festive, 
merry, seasonable. 

peiteAtriAin AJI coif, necrosis of 
the bones of the leg (Con.). 

peileAmnAC, -Aije, a., appropri- 
ate ; if x>eAf f.. An c-Ainm e, it 
is a nice, appropriate name. In 
the barony of Iveragh (Ker.) the 
word is always pronounced 

peiteAn, -Ain, pi. id., m., a cod ; a 
husk or pod of beans, peas, 

peileoj, -0156, -OSA, /., a pod (in 
peas, beans, or other plants or 
herbs) (O'N.). 

peiLim, vl. peiteAmAiti(c), I suit 
(Mayo) ; peiteAtin f e -oo'ii meix> 
fir, it answers for all these pur- 
poses (Con. song). 

peitijie, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a 
calendar, a catalogue of festi- 
vals ; an almanac. 

peit/l-DeA-pc,/., treachery ; an evil 
or treacherous line of action. 

peitt-jniom, m., a treacherous or 
evil deed. 

peilm, -e, -CACA, /., a farm (in 
M., peifim, which see). 

peitm, -e, pi. -BACA and -HCACA, 
/., a helm ; a helmet ; peiltn 
lAftAinn, an iron helmet (A.). 

peitm, -e, /., scum on the eye 
(O'N.) (=film?). 

peitmeoifi, -of-A, -oifi'oe, m., a 
farmer (also peitmeift, -6AfiA, 
-eitii'oe ; f eAjuriAfi, Don.). See 
feitimeoifi (M.). 

peitmeoifieAcc, -A, f., farming. 

pitteAc, -cije, a., keeping holi- 
days or Church festivals. 

peitteAcc, -A,/., feasting or keep- 
ing of holida3 T s. 

peitceos and f eiteoj. See p6ic- 

peimin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a little 
tail, a tuft ; the crest of a drake ; 
a sea-rod (dim. of fCAm). 

peimineAc, m., a beast that eats 
the tails of other animals. 

pein, emph. prn., own, self ; even ; 
'tiA Am f em, in its own time ; 
me fein, myself, etc. ; biof tiom 
f em, I was alone ; often ethi- 
cally, without emphasis, as, it e 
fin -ouic p.6in, eat that /or your- 
self, eat on ; fAti iftrij otiic 
f ein, remain within doors ; T>A 
mbeATi punc -pein AjAtn, if I 
had even a pound ; -oeAn Anoif 
fein 6, do it even now ; somet. 
added to words like ceAtiA to 
express emphasis : ceAtiA f 6in, 
already, long ago ; used after 
verb in the case of reflexive 
prns. : IDA buAtA-6 f em, beating 
himself ; and after nouns pre- 
ceded by pers. pr. to express 
own : mo fceAl f em, my own 
story; -\ juf 6'intmteAccA t'>6ift 
Aif ri Ati UAifi f in f.ein, and that 
they should have left it even 
then (Oidhe Ch. U.). 

peineAC, a strong form of peiti 
(E. M.). 

pemeACAf, -Aif, m., the code of 
Irish laws including judgments, 
history, and genealogy. 

peineAccAin, a strong form of 
f ein ; cu f.., your very self