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Full text of "An Irish-English dictionary : with copious quotations from the most esteemed ancient and modern writers, to elucidate the meaning of obscure words, and numerous comparisons of Irish words with those of similar orthography, sense, or sound in the Welsh and Hebrew languages"

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The great utility of a knowledge of tlie Irisli language to those wlio wisli to give a satisfactoiy 
account of tlie vernacular dialects and antiquities of most nations in Europe, has been confessed 
by Lliuyd, Bullet, Leibnitz, and other learned foreigners ; and its absolute necessity to all who 
are desirous of becoming intimately acquainted with the emigrations, history, laws, manners, 
customs, religion, and learning of the early inhabitants of Ireland, is so obvious as to preclude 
the necessity of impressing it on the mind by any species of argument. • To strangers it is there- 
fore Interesting; but to the natives of Ireland, the preservation of this beautiful and expressive 
language should be of the utmost importance. In the several hundreds of ancient Irish manu- 
scripts wliich still survive the erosive tooth of time, or the devastating hands of barbarous 
invaders, are to be found the venerable memorials of the piety, learning, wisdom, valour, and 
achievements of our ancestors. In the compositions of our SenacJiies, in our annals, and other 
historical documents, the migrations, contentions, settlements, and domestic pohty of the primitive 
inhabitants of the country, are related with at least as much fidelity, and deserving of as much 
credit, as the early records of any other nation. In our laws will be seen strong proofs of the 
civilization of our forefathers: in them provision is made for the protection of property, the 
reward of virtue and merit, the prevention of crime, and the punishment of vice. In our medical 
books it will be found that our physicians had as much knowledge of the human frame, and as 
much skill in the treatment of disease, as the physicians of any other nation at the same period. 
And in the works of our bards may be discovered the grandest and most pathetic descriptions, 
tlie most sublime flights of fancy, and the most romantic tales of luxuriant imagination, displayed 
in elegant and appropriate language. These, however, for a number of years have been a locked- 
up treasure to all who have not made Irish MSS. a particular study; and even to the studious, 
much labour and dIfEculty have occurred before a knowledge of them could be obtained, owing 
to the want of a Dictionary, to explain the meanings of the many thousands of words to be found 
in them, that no longer exist in the living language of the country. 

That a great portion of our language should be nearly forgotten at the present day, will not be 
much wondered at, when it is considered, that for some hundreds of years it had been the policy 
of government to use every means in their power to eradicate our language, and to deprive our 


pcojilc of every opportunity to obtain education. For this absurd purpose our books were de- 
stroyed, acts of parliament passed, schoolmasters persecuted, and where laws or severity were 
found ineffectual, recourse was had to ridicule, to shame the people out of the most energetic, and, 
as Sir W. Temple has since described it, the most original and unmixed language now remaining 
in Europe. But even ridicule, that powerful engine over weak minds, has failed in producing 
the desired effect ; and the Irish language still exists a living memorial of the refinement to which 
our ancestors had attained, and of the encouragement given by them to learning and learned 
men. This silly poHcy is at length laid aside; the reign of prejudice has expired, and is in a 
great measure succeeded by candid inquiry and rational investigation. 

To elucidate our antiquities and bring fairly before the public the claims of ancient Ireland to 
a literary character, superior to that of neighbouring nations, the pens of some highly talented 
geniuses have of late years been employed. Amongst those to whom Ireland is indebted for the 
rescuing of her history and language from obscurity, the Earl of Ross, and the late General 
Valiancy, hold the most distinguished places. By the labours of these gentlemen, and others 
skilled in our ancient tongue, the Irish language is proved to be nearly the same as the Phoenician, 
and many lights have been thrown upon the early periods of our history. 

Independently of the claims which this language has upon the general scholar for consideration, 
and upon the descendants of the aborigines for protection, it merits the attention of the divine, the 
la\v\-cr, the physician, and of all those who have to converse with the people, whose living and 
only language it is. It is the only medium through which instruction can be conveyed to at least 
foiu-fifths of the people of Ireland. The divine, therefore, who neglects this language, should 
consider how far he is competent to discharge the duty he owes to those souls committed to his 
care. The great utility of this language to the lawyer is proved frequently in the year. In 
every count}', at every sessions, trials occur in which prisoners or witnesses can be heard only 
through the medium of an interpreter, probably but ill qualified for such an oflice, and who, by 
the mistake of a single word in the evidence, may cause the acquittal of a murderer, or the 
murder of an innocent. The consideration of a possibility of such an occurrence has caused Sir ' 
W. C. Smith, Bart., one of the Barons of the Exchequer, to study the Irish language, in which 
he has made great progress, and set a praiseworthy example to other gentlemen of the bar. 
To the physician several cases must have occurred where his scientific skill was baffled by his 
ignorance of the language in Avhich only his patient could clearly point out the nature of his 
complaint. And every person who has dealings in the country, has daily proofs of the incon- 
venience arising from a want of the language of the people with whom he has to converse. 

To remove the impediments which heretofore stood In the way of learning our language, I 
have compiled the work now offered to the public, and have spared neither labour nor expense 
in making it as perfect as I could, though with very small encouragement given by my coimtry- 
men. Indeed in the articles of pecuniary or literary aid, I have but few obligations to confess. 
Of those from whom I have received more than half price, or in some few cases more than the full 


price of a single copy, I have none to name but tlic Earl of Chavlcmout, Baron Smitli, tlic Rev. 
E. O'Reilly, principal of the Academy at Navan, and Sir W. Betham, King at Arms. Of 
lltcraiy assistance towards completing my Dictionary, I have none to acknowledge to the living, 
except to my invaluable friend, the Rev. M. P. Kinsela, late chaplain to the nunnery at Harold's 
Cross, and now retired to a convent of his order in Spain. He kindly pointed out to me the 
most of the Hebrew words which are found to agree with the Irish in tlic course of my book. 
But if my acknowledgments to the living be few, I am ready to confess my obligations to the 
dead. My collection of words from ancient glossaries, vocabularies, and otlier documents, is 
copious, and several hundreds of those words wliich I have added to the collections published in 
the Dictionaries of my predecessors, were collected, with a view to publication, by the late Mr. 
William Haliday, junior, of Arran Quay. That young gentleman, after acquiring a knowledge 
of the ancient and modern languages usually taught in schools, enriched his mind with the acquisi- 
tion of several of the Eastern languages, and made himself so perfect a master of the language 
of Ills native country, that he was enabled to publish a Grammar of it in Dublin, in the year 
1808, vmder the fictitious signature of E. O'C, and would have published a Dictionary of the same 
language, If death had not put a stop to his career at the early age of twenty three. To the liberality 
of Doctor Elrington, the present Provost, and to the Fellows of Trinity College, who gave me 
the privilege of their library, I am indebted for a great number of words to be found in the body 
of my Dictionary, besides the principal part of the words now in common use, that are to be 
foimd ill my Supplement. These I collected from a large MS. Dictionary in the possession of the 
College, compiled by Teig O'Nachten for publication in the year 1739. "When I was making 
my collection. It never occurred to me, that the words dally used in common conversation, and 
familiar to myself, might have been omitted by former compilers ; and taking it for granted tliat 
they were not omitted, I never examined further into the matter, but proceeded with the printing 
of my work, and had nearly finished it before I perceived the omission. As I was desirous to 
make my book as full and perfect as I could, I determined on publishing a Supplement, and to 
insert In It such words from O'Nachten's Dictionary as had been omitted, and a number of other 
words that I had collected since my beginning to print, and wliich, of course, could not have 
been Inserted in their proper places. Upon every occasion when I found it necessary to eonsvdt 
the MSS. in the Library, I have experienced the most obliging attention from the Librarians, the 
Rev. Doctors Barret and Wilson, for which they have my sincere thanks. 

As my work was Intended to answer In some degree for a Dictionary of the Scottish Gaelic, 
as well as the Irish, I have retained in It several words from Shaw's Dictionary, and a number 
of others which I collected from modern Scottish publications. Some of these I have marked 
Sh. and Sc, and others that are not so marked will be discovered by their orthograj)hy. It Is to 
be observed, however, that all those words so marked are not confined to the Scottish dialect ; 
many of them I have since found in O'Nachten's Dictionary, to which Shaw hal access, and in 
other modern books, particularlj' those written by authors of the North of Ireland. 


Intlie course of the Dictionary some words will be found difierently spelled, as Fan, a bird; 
ScriobJiadúír, a writer, etc. ; which again occur at Eun and Sgríohhadóir. This is unnecessary to 
those who are acquainted with Irish books, but to learners it cannot fail to be useful. 

Those that are acquainted with the press, will be inclined to excuse a few typographical errors 
which do not materially affect the sense, and of which description are, I hope, the most of the 
errors to be foimd uncorrected in my work. If it shall be found that I have omitted much, let 
it be remembered that I have added a great deal ; and if my work is not so fuU or perfect as was 
expected, still it contains upwards of twenty- thousand words more than are contained in former 
Irish lexicons, and consequently so much the nearer to perfection. 

In what I have done, ray principal design was to render a service to my country, by giving 
facility to the study of our primeval history, and to the learning of a language, venerable for its 
antiquity, necessary to the philologer of every nation, and dear to every genuine Irishman. 




THE letter A is the fir-t in the alphabets of almost all lingjiiges, though ancient hi^tonans inform h«, as O'Flihertr, 
upontlieauthoilty ot the book of oliMisL thit tliL ull In h liUth Ttlii 1 1 in ..i \U mi, s b snn their 
alphabet with the letter 5, and thei I I tl Ti , ', ,1, 1 a T - , , m it t n li IM I I \ IT r 

in imitation of other learned Unguis I i t'l 

first missionaries of the Cbubtiin r li li i ' I ) i 

is one of the five voneli (cilkd (»/ / ; 'i i i i | 1 

by the appellative of ^i//rt, ivhicli *>( in 1 i iiii\ in il\ m 1 [ i 

deserves precedency ; althoiiííh All (lllili it\ n twil'i t tii 'in i ' '^ 

the^iV-íí-ee, Lat. a6ies It I'inot imlil . lit llliw !///< mlil I it 

is ranked among the feí!í/ían yiiMuit/Zii i la 1 1 \ m 1 in I in ii II M"- ml i i n n i In' i "' ^ "<^ 

for the other, as in a^iis, ocai, 0(/ííi And, as also in (feni , (.hot thnr i t< ir etc i hn nnnn^ tin 1 ih ms -wc hiid U 
written for A, as strotos for sttatoi,, an army, ono foi ano, meaning ov r oi above, and the Litmi> ha^e imitated them, 
saying domo, from the Greek damo, to time, or subdue, as also Fovius for Vabias, according to Festus, iniforieus for 

A was sometimes written foi the ea of the modems, as dagh for deagli, good, etc It begins all those ili| li li i 'i "i 

Irish are called na ceíMreAa»iAn;tAoi?;, or the four aphthongs, viz, ao, aot, in, ae Note that ao (» ' i ' i" 

aphthong, as is the modern triphthong aoi, and is sub-stituted insteid of ae and oe, used bv oui old ím n I 

broad Uke é' long, or the Latin if, in the words saojArt/, an age. Lit •.cecuhim indi/os i_ Lit alas I / 

is pronounced like ce in the English words been, keen, etc, but moie lie iiU hi í;i m tl In i i i I "I 

stitutedby the moderns It is an inflection of ao, and ioimed duecth ti m ii i i i! 

maoiVe, bald and baldness, saor, rfaor, pioduce also saoir, rfa;i/, etc «othitth li 'i ' v 

adding an i to the diphthong, and thus selves to express the genitiM ri iil ''i i ' 'i 

ao; eoi from eo; tai fiom la , twifiomtu, and !iai fiomaa. Anil r i' i I i i i i 

of inflecting the diphthongs into triphthongs, it la observ able m 1 1 1 I ' ^ 

for ou in the genitive case, and nothing more common in the (n i i 

two, added in the beginning, middle, oi end of woi ds, that tliM i 1 1 1 

more pompous and musical Thus ioi ont example amongst in ii I ' ''i 

Latin edition of Herodotus, are written 'rephA i iioi in bis (jieck i i I i li 

languages together, we should tmd a mucli ^reatci numbti ot su h i i i i I i i 1 1 i n 1 li 

And they are the less puzzling lu the lattei, as the thiee \oiM Is lu iil jn mouuLi. 1 «itliono nic vih md lu uul \llibli., 
and as no vowel hut the i is added to the diphthong to foim the tiiphthong 

But this singularity seems peculiai to the lush Unguige, tint no two oi tliiee vowels joined to each othei in the same word, 
can form two different s\ 11 ables Foi wlinhi. i mom h ii K m MisihcUois, who fiequent'y wanted to sti etch out words 
by multiplying their syllables accoidin t il i I 'i ii ihjraes, de\ised the iiiethud of throwing in bctweL,n the 

two vowels an adventitious conson ml i iti d liy h), in oidei to stitti h and di\idt- the two vowels 

into two different sylUhlcs And i li in ign to the natuial tiame ol the woid, su it entnUy coi 

rupted and disguised its radical f nm i 1 mu t I» c ml i 1 tin m tlinl his tin iii ti u of i 

respectable antiquity, and is count m i m i i i i li i 1 1 n li I "u 

but even in the Greek, -n hen. m tli 1 I i ' 't 

is still by the Germans, hke F) n i i ' I 1 

Javones, or rather Jafones, and / / i 1 1 i i / i ' i I 1 1 1 1 

adventitious d is inserted between two miwi 1 niniuu 1 itm w nl 1 1 th t i mu i 'i ili it i hi itu , 

particularly in compounds whose first part consists of the itciativeparticlt ic wlnl th 1 ill i ha vowel, 

as in the words redar^uo, rerfco, rerfijio, rerfwio, rcrfiHíc^raíío, etc. But cut an it i n t n amph oi 

precedents, that this rule, togethei with another deMsed m like maniiei li\ ■ m Im 1 in i li\ i i 1 n n t'l it which is 
called caol le caol, agus lea*han le leathan, have been woefuUv destiuctne to the oiigmil ni 1 r i lu d puut\ of the In li 
language. This latter rule (much of a more modem invention than the former, for oiu old US'? show no regud to it) 
imports and prescribes that tne two vowels thus foiming, or contubiitingfo form m two difieient svll ibles bv the interposition 
of a consonant, whether such a consonant be adventitious to, oi ongmalh m ipii ibh fi. in the i ulu il f ninitun of the 
word, should both be of the same denommition 01 diss of eithti bioad 01 in I' ' iil 1 i i i u 1 t tin- 

primitive elementary structuie of the word. So that if the vowel piecedin I i nt he 

of the class of broad vowels, a, 0, «, while the vowel following the same CI 11 i i « 1 c i, 

or vice versa; in that case the vowel preo ding the consonant being of i dill itcli U m ihit, \iicli l U it, niusi; 

either be struck out entirely to make loom for a vowel of the same cUss with the luUuwing (,loi it is tlic \uhc1 following 


the consonant that commands the change in the preceding, without being subjected to any in itself)i or else another 
adventitious vowel must bo placed after it of the same class with the subsequent. 
I shall instance only in two words amongst many others, both to illustrate those two rules by way of exemplification, and to 
show how prejudicial they naturally must have been to the primitive purity of the Irish language, by changing, corrupting, 
and metamorphosin» a great number of its words from their original an^l radical structure. I shall first exemplify in the 
Irish word Gall, a Gaul, plural Gaill, Gauls ; which are the Celtic wonls upon which the Latin words Gallits, Galli, have 
been formed. Nothing more evident from the most ancient monuments of the Irish iiatinn, than that the natioiiiil name of 
the first Celts who came to Ireland (whether they arrived there immediately fnin Ci!!, -i i it!r r ai"; r r< aii'nju for some 
tract of time in the gi-eater British Isle, as Mr. Llrayd gives good grounds to 1 1 1 : ' ', " :: \ Gaill ia 

the plural; and that their language was called Galic, or Gallic, though it is ci pi iM :,i il a;, i : i, , i DunfGall, 

and Gaill, in the plural, was afterwards applied by the old natives to other ti.l ' i :i .,,. ,i ih, -,■ ],, aniii- (Alts into 

that ishind from ^diffcrent parts of tlio Cmtim-iit, aii.l ov.-ii t- ta. i:a-;M, a.'n - a; ar^ a -. Mli.aa tln-y called Chnnm Gall, as 
well as Sagsanaic; wliicli ma-t liavr ].r,MTr,laJ Ik.iIi I'lana : a i ; a a t la ir mk n ,a i-iu ,.u .account of the cKange in 

their national name iVcHii (lain iiitu daalliil, cti-., aii<l al~i li-n a, !..■ il,, y ti aaiiii'iiuiUy preserved of the Gaulish 

nation, of its great extant, as wall as .il' its vieiiiit\' witlitla- la :■■ 1 : ; all «hiali (araain^tauces occasioned that the 
generality of the old Irisli Celts and Celtilierians, who v.a I-, a, • I a i aa aaia-1 ila.i i la- -tiaaa^ :■; 

wlio came amongst them from time to time, wlietlier immedia't. ly 1 1. a i. i. ,1 

from Gaul. Now the Irish bards or rhymers wanting to stiatah aur 1 1, la f-a a, a 

exigency of their verses and rhytliniical nir'asiiu's, have tir-I íarai' ; <, ' . , a, il,- fra^i ,a tia t-.a 

rules now mentioned, and when il ■ - a! i a|. . a,/ ', , a. '. . a a a :. / . a- an A' -laaiM lia tlaav, n 

in before the consonant Z>, by n :: ; i, ; (,' ,/ ■ a- /aail -iia|'la fanaatiaii C>''i/V/. 

SolikewisO tlieWOrd GnZ/cor (/a ' a ia a; ■ ; ( a'. a ,; ; :i . ',a„//,,Wr ar (/„a,//„7a-, j^aliit. 

Gaedhilice or- Gacdhilffe, {rom\\]:l\i la l a.l'-a' a la- I., ii aiaiay-'l la aari l-ra ai laaaariaus into '/(í"(M.íl7/r, gi-nit . 

Gnotlhailge, by the unnatural siihstitutian ,,t ,r,. iiata al ul' a, or (c, of the ancients, abwlutaly ordering that we should pro- 
nounce their ao just as we do oe iu the Latin van,! (.'a ///;«. 
G«i'<//ii7, .another writing of the same word, niaanina tlia Irish people, and G«íí//íi7i'c, their language, are found in some Irish 
manuscripts of good antiquity, from which the ujuJerns, by abusively substitution- '""'. insteail nf iii. thon'rli carrving another 
sound, have turned their words into GaoiJlul and. Gaodhilic, genit.: dinidhih!. >.!aaii •! (.ii a aal aaaali shape, in 
which, to conform with the modern orthographj^ I mustlet it standiu tia' li'ia: ; I' > 1 a-t limted 

that Guidhil and Guldhilic is not to be counted a modern manner of wriiua: i: ; a ;a :l alirmed by 

Welsh manuscripts of respectable antiquity, wliirain tln' Trisli nrc calla-1 (ini/d.'^j!. aal .^aualanca- UaijJu^d, and their lan- 
gu,age Guid/iilec. Apropos to this writin ■ ' •' " ■ ', I aannat Imt ala. i,a, l,, tUa byo, that it hence .appears this old 
n,ation must have always judged the prina: I a, t i l-r .iriaia il!\ u:if and the same people, inasmuch as we 

find in Mr. Lhuyd's Archreologia (Conipara. I,: , a,, I,. | aa, L':;, a,, I. ::) ihat tin WaMi or old Britons interpreted in their 
language the Latin word r,'^//i« nr C.'<///,r„s ia (,„,,,//„/,.,, a ward «liial, i. plainlv and liternllv of the same fonnatinn nf,. whn-abv tliav di-tiiiaui-h tlia lri-1, paapia and than- lananaaa. V.rú.n- I have with }l,a wards (7,,,7/and C.llr, 
Guilir, ,„■ /,7„7,a,i think it |iarlina,it ta lamark, that nal ult h -taialina ,1,,, aamplax andinlaian .dia|iaar tl.a ward, <,\,„//ul, 
Gaedhil, Ca.mlhU, and Ga,d/,il,r, (ianllalu; and l.anuUulir, int,. whirh they have hern .d.anavd, yet the uriginals Irani 
■ndiich they were derived are still preserved in their primitive simplicity by tlie very formation of tliese latter words, which 
s that of the former, inasmuch as the adventitious letters rf/i are not pronounced, and serve only 

of Gaddi 

distinguish the svllables: which shows that this was the only purpose they were first thrown in for. We should not in the 
mean time forget that it is to this change made iu the words GuiU and Gidk, doubtless by our heathenish hards, who in- 
serted the letter ÍÍ, that we owe the imiiaitant di-aavca-y, na.a',,iril\ a -aia,,] i" ilair n. aa--.,,a wlai a;a!iraa,-,l rinastianity, 
of those illustrious personages (,'/</./ and (.i//, /;/s; tin- Ha: i ' ' ..I" ai Farsa, 

King of Scythia, in his famous alaial ,ai tlaa|ilaiii at ,s, , i , ', ' ■ , ■ I- !, and the 

Gadelian language, so called, as it is pfatamlcd, IV.jni his a aa ; : i' ' iia ; a aaai , a ,a ;!, ■ I i a ^"ii NiuU, 

married to Scoia, daughter of /*/ia/-ao/i Cí7í^'7/'/s, tis our haia ■ ' ' ,i laa.l ai ííaa/,M>.l 1 ■ a , a al-a- whaso 

reign they tell us Moses and our Gadelus wc 
gravely assureus that the Irish derive their n 
Egvptian priiicess Scuta. This discovery I 1 

linl I -ai : a a -r Sana- writijii;- a ' ■ , ■ a ■ -a ■ ! '■ ■. I'' ' ta., never Known to 

tha hi^li 'a • ' tiaaiti. 1 lia\a 11 a : ! ' I ( 'liristiau bards did 

nat lasa laai'li lliaa in a aulina t ll'anlsalva^ nl'tia' aa ra.i la-l-ia ta Iran a- tlii- -t-i'n, Uaaiaa. !i a, \', , taal it Word for Word iu 

the scholiast on the life of StrPatrick by Fiach, bishop of Sle'ipte, one of that sa'int's etirliest disciples; which scholiast the 
learned and judicious Colgan places towards the end of the sixth century. This date is much earlier than that of the 
•ipt called Leabhar Gabhala, or the Book of Conquests, wherein our story now mentioned is embellished with further 

The other word I mean to produce as a remarkable example and proof of the alteration of the primitive and radical frame 
of many words of the Irish language, caused by the above described rules and other innovations of our modern copists and 
rhymers, as well as by the corruption proceeding from I'ulgar pronunciation, to which indeed all languages have been sub- 
ject (even the Latin, witness the words nudiustertius, pndié, postiidie, etc), the word, T sny, I nnain to cxruiplil'y in, is 
Bliad/iain or BUaghain, a year, Lat. annws. The original formation or constrnctian at |ia- «- al v\ a. Ilrl .m,. ,.\- llniluin, 
i.e., the circle of Belus or of the Sun. .áín orainn in Irish, signifies a great a- i: .<.,^ /iiiiine, 

means a small circle or a ring, rirf. ai'n, ainn, ainne, infra; and BeZor BeaZ was tin A--v i .. ;., i : I', . laii name 

of the true God, while the patriarchal religion was generally observed; and \tr_\ piapaiU, a., ii »i,^i.i:ii,. L'owmus or 
Domiitator in Latin. This name was afterwards attributed to the Sun, when those oriental nations generally forgot, or 
willinglv swerved from the worship of the true God, and adored that planet as their chief deity. See Gutlerus Orii/wes 
mtiiidi, iib. 1, cap. 9; Schedius de Diis Germ., cap. 7; Tirinus in cap, ii. Osce, v. 16. It is very certain that the primitive 
Irish observed this idolatrous worship of the Sun nialar tl.a aaiaa- af I'.'I ar líánl, wlnitcvar part of the world they derived it 
from, as appears very manifestly by those religion- I ■' ■■ I 'a ; i' a at -alanmity on .May day; a fact which isevi 
dcntly proved by the very name whereby they dia iii--iill aaihd and known by no other name 

than that of Zá Béal tinne, i.c, the day of the tlra ,a I, a , |, a-, I aa .lanmitv tlia\ a.lahrated in honour of the Sun, 
under the name of Beal, on this first day of their sunumr, whan tlia lianign mlUicnce'or that planet begins to restore new life 
to both the animal and vegetable world iu most parts of our hemisphere. 


Now this word Bel-aiii being changed by the vulgar pronunciation into Ble-ain and Bli-ain, in wliicli position it required the 
insertion of an aspirated doxy, consequently turned out Bliadhain or Bliaghain, according to the former of the two rules 
above explained, and then the latter rule of Lealhan le leaihan, to vindicate its right to share in the new creation of this 
word, t!u-ew in the vowel a before the adventitious consonant to agree wiili tli./ ^ihsequent a, so that the original word 
having thus received two adventitious letters besides the aspirate h, \> th.'i, I.y m. tiLuiurpliosed from itsoriginal form Bel-ain 
to Bliadhain qr Bliaghain, for it admits of both these writings. I sIimII Ihii-li tlh -.;■ remarks with observing that the word 
.■1ÍH or -linn (which is the latter part of the compomidword Bel-ain, siguilyiiig the great circle of Belus, i.e., the solar circle 
or annual course of the Snn) is the Celtic original upon which the Latin word Anus was formed; it was afterwards wTÍtten 
Annus, for Quintilian informs us that the ancients did not double their consonants. Varro assures us that the proper and 
ori^nal signification of this word Anus or Annus is a circ or great circle, whose diminutive Anulus or Annulus signifies a 
small cu-cle or ring. His words are nam ut parvi circuli annuli, sic magni dicebantur annl. But the word annus is now 
exalted to mean solely and properly the solar circle or annual course of the Sim, whilst Anus, its more ancient writing, is 
degraded to signify no more than the circular form of the podex. Vid. Littleton ad voces ^Inws, Annus, Annulus, Other 
examples, to observe it by the bye, of words of an honourable meaning at first, being afterwards degr.aded to a dishonourable 
signification, and vice versa, will he found in the following Dictionary at the word Cniocht. 





A, A, in Irisla called Aitm, is tlie first letter of 
tlie <Mb5ici]\ or alphabet. For its various 
sounds or powers, see above, is a possessive 
pronoun, as liis, lier, its, theu- : it is also a rela- 
tive pronoun, as that, \vho, which; and a 
vocative sign is sometimes ^vl•itten as Á "beAti, 
is used as a sign of the infinitive mood ; as 
Abeic, to be ; a mark of interrogation, Abpib-|'e 
Ann ^-in? a sign of affirmation, acaí-o; a pre- 
position, equal to in, <Miib]\obAC, a "ocui]'; is 
a sign of the vocative, a tJiA ! sometimes sig- 
nifies out of, or from, Uke the Latin e, a 
bei-|\ionn ; is sometimes used as a sign of the 
future, present, and preter tenses ; is sometimes 
written for Ag, a sign of the participle pre- 
sent when the initial is t), c, 5; s. a hill, 
height, eminence ; luck, prosperity ; a chariot, 
car, cart. 

Ab, ab, s. a lord, master, abbot, father. Heb. ab; 
s. an ape; v. sometimes used for buú, was, 
be|\ Ab iiiiAU, "OAjiAb Ainm; abusively used 
for Abeic, as uaja Ab beo e ; s. a cause, matter, 
business, a\\ AbA, for the sake of 

Ab, abh, s. a river. 

-AbAc, abhac, s. a dwarf, pigmy,manikLn ; a sprite. 

AbAc, abliacli, the entrails of a beast; a procla- 
mation, a terrier, a small dog, hence AbA|X)\Ac. 

AbAC-o, abachd, s. gain, great doings. 

-AbAcr, ahharld, s. ironical joking. 

AbATÍ), abhadh, s. a camp, encampment, dwel- 
ling, abode; a net in the form of a sack to 
catch fish ; a satLrc, a lampoon. Hind, abad, 
a dweUing. 

AbAi-o, abaidh, s. a bud; adj. ripe. 

•AbAi'oeAct), abaideachd, s. abbacy. 

AbAil, abail, s. death, abad, Heb.; adj. dead, 

AbAilc, abailt, s. death ; Ileb. oved. 

AbAi^i, abair, s. say thou, 2d pers. imperat. of 

AbAipc, abairt, s. speech, articulation, educa- 
tion, pohteness, good manners ; s. f. death. 

AbAic, abait, s. custom, habit, manner. 

AbAb, abhal, s. an apple, an apple-tree. 

-AbAbpAÚAin, abhaljiadhain, s. a wilding, a crab 

AbAl50i\c, abhalghort, s. an orchard. 

AbAn, abhan, s. a river; properly AiiiAn. 

AbAncu^t, abhantur, s. success, good luck, a 
prosperous adventure. 

AbAoi, abaoi, s. a descent, setting, as the sun, 
" 50 •ocAinig AbAoi fo\\ An gnein", Feis tighe 

AbAji, ahar, s. a marsh, a boggy piece of land. 

AbAi\, abhar, see A-óbA]i. 

AbA]\AC, abarach, adj. marshy. 

AbA^\AC, abharacJi, s. a manly youth. 

AbAfc-pAC, abhastrach, the barking of a dog. 

Abcóit), abhcoid, s. a jest, ironical joking. 

AbcoiTje, abhcoide, an advocate, see AubAcoit). 

Ab-ÓAC, abhdhac, lordly courage, Shaw. 

AbÚAine, abdhaine, the rehgious belonging to 
an abbey. 

Abéil, abheil, adj. terrible, dreadful, see Aiubeib. 

Abej-c, ablieist, s. f. custom, manner, habit. 

Abyojii]-, ablifogics, prep, near, close by, at 

AbUvbAH, ablilabhar, \ -.. 

AblAb]iAC, abhlabhrach,] ^"^^' ' 

AblAc, ablduch, s. a carcase. 

AbbAn, abhlan, s. a wafer; a portion of meat, 
fish, or butter, which a person may eat at Ms 
meals with bread, etc. ; a condiment, vulgarly 
called kitchen. 

AbbAncoi]-]\ei5ce, abldanclioisreigtlie, the conse- 
crated Host, the blessed Eucharist. 

mute, dumb. 





AbtAi', ahlat, dcatli, \\o AbU\ic, lie died. 
AbiiiAinj, almhaing, s. power, strength. 
Abtiu\cAii\, abmhathair, s. f. a mother abbess. 
Aboj, abog, s. a voice. 
•Ab^iA, ab7'a, s. a poein ; a speech, saying. 
-Ab^xA, abhra,a,dj. dark; s an eyelid. 
Ab]iA'o, abrad, adj. far removed, exalted. Shaxo. 
AbnAim, abraim, v. I say, speak, predicate, 

AbnÁn, abhran, s. a song, a poem, an ode. 
-AbiiAii, abran, the month of April. 
^b]\Anii, abraiui, adj. lustful, lecherous; bad, 

evil ; naughty ; s. bad news. 
<\bnc\n •oonoj, abhran donog, s. Lemina minor, 

Ab]\A0it), abkroidh, plur. of Ab^iA, the eye-brows. 
^b)\A]-, ahliras, s. a ready answer ; s. yarn of any 

kind, the produce of the hand, " Ab]tóf , i.e. 

bÁnií:o]iAt)", 0. g. 
Ab]'An, abhsan, s. a furrow, trench, hollow. 
Abi^OAÍ, absdai, s. m. an apostle. 
Ab]~OAbAC, absdalac/i, adj. apostolical. 
Ab]-t)Al,ACt), absdalachd, s. apostlcship. 
.áb]'t3AÍt)A, absdalda, adj. apostolic, see Ab^-OA- 


Abi'otóit), absoloid, s. f absolution, forgiveness. 

.Ab]-CAÍ, abstal, see Ab)~0Ab, etc. 

•AbpcobcACAO, absioltacJiadh, adj . effectual. Shaw. 

Abu, abu, the war cry of the ancient Irish. 
Hence Crom a boo, Butleirach a boo, etc. 
Aboi, Heh. 

Ahwn, abuid, s. birth-day, natal day. " Abuin 
.1. Ia bi\eite", o. g. 

Abuit), abuidh,} adj. ripe, ready, expert, alert, 

■Abuij, abuigh,) thrifty. 

Abuig, abuigh, s. a bud. 

AbuijeAU, abuigheadh, ripening. 

Abinjnn, abuighim, v. to ripen. 

AbulcA, abulia, adj. able, vulg. 

AbvibcACT), abidtachd, s. ability. 

Abu]', abhus, s. a wild beast of any kind. 

Ac, ac, s. a speech, tongue; refusal, refusing, de- 
nial; a son; used in old MSS. for Ag, see aj. 

Ac, ach, s. a skirmish; conj. but, except. 

AcA, acha, s. a mound, bank, rampart; a iock. 

AcA, aca, with them. 

AcA-o, achadh, s. a field. 

AcA-OAiii, acadanih, s. an academy. Shaw. 

AcAiT), acaidh, s. an abode, habitation. 

AcAi-ocAt), acaideadh, s. a tenant, an inhabitant. 

AcAin, acaÍ7i, see ACfuin. 

AcAif , aeais, s. poison, cursing. 

AcAi-|'eAc, acaiseach, adj. poisonous, malicious. 

AcAiiiAin, achamair, adv. soon, timely; adj. 
short, abnilgcd. 

AcAinAipeAcc, achamaireacht, s. abridging, 

AcA)!, achar, s. a distance; adj. sharp, sour, tart. 

AcA^A, acara, an acre of ground, see ac]\a; s. 
convenience, conveniency, use ; the use of a 

AcA]iAC, acarach, adj. convenient, useful, ne- 
cessary, obliging, respectful, moderate. 

AcA]iAct), acarachd, s. moderation, respect, gen- 

AcA^iAn, acaran, s. lumber. 

AccAi^e, accaire,s. an anchor; an acre of land. 

AcAHpliobb, acarpholl, a road for ships, see 


AcAiijiATi), acharradh, s. a sprite, dwarf 
AccA]\tii jce, accarruighihe, moored, anchored. 
AccAi]mii, accairim, v. to moor, to anchor. 
AccAÍn, accain, s. a complaint, aj accaíu, com- 

jjlaining, sighing. 
AccAniwit), accai'said, s. a port, harbour, road 

for ships. 
AcA]\éA, acartha, s. profit. 
AccAr, accas,\ • j^ ^ jjgg ^ . 
AcA]', acas, ) ^ ' 

AccA]"rAT|i, accastair, s. an axle. 
Accionn, accionn, on account of, at the end of 
AccobAip, accobhair, s. wish, desire, avarice, co- 

AccoiiiAb, accomhal, s. a tie, bond, obligation. 
Accuib, accuil, adv. backwards. 
Act), achd, conj. but, except; s. a case, state, 

AcnjiA, achdra, s. an expedition by sea or land ; 

travels, adventures. 
Ace]i, acker, a. full, thick, strong. Cor. 
Ac-o]\Án, achdran, > s. an adventurer, a tra- 

Ac-o]\ÁiiAc, achdranach, 3 veller. 
Ac):iiin, acfuin, s. tools, tackles, furniture; abi- 

bility, capacity. 
AcyumeAC, acfuineach, adj. having tools or 

tackle; able, sufficient. 
AclAim, achlaim, v. to chase. 
AcbA-ó, achladh, \ s. fishing, fishery, artof fish- 
AcIato, achlaidh} ing ; a chase,chasing, pursuit 
AcbAiúe, aclaidhe, adj. smooth, soft, pohte, civil, 

AcÍAif, achlais, s. a chase; the arm-pit; an arm. 
AcniAC, acmac, s. a circuit, compass, suiTOimd- 

AciiiAinj, acm7iain<7, s. power, puissance, wealth. 
AciiiAingeAc, acmhaingeach, adj. powerful, puis- 
sant, rich. 
Acmuin, acmhuin, ) see AC}-uin, and ac- 

AcniumcAC, acmhuineach, 5 yuneAc. 
Acnunne, acinuire, s. readiness. 




•cVciiuii'An, achm7iusan,s. a reproof, reproach, cen- 

Acnui)"AnAit)e, acJimhusnitaidhe, s. a censor. 

Actini]-Ano>c, achinhtiSd/inrJi, adj. animadversivc. 

Aciiui]'c\nAim, achni/uisiiiiaim, v. to reprove, re- 
buke, censm'e. 

ActiAiiuvc, acnamhach, s. the food of a Labourer, 
i.e. " p)\oinn p\\ obi\A". Co?: 

Acniuiii, acniumh,s. solicitation, want of thought. 

AcoliAin, acobhair, s. avarice, penury, covetous- 

AcobnA, acohhra, s. a wish, desire. 

•AcobjiAC, acobhrach, adj. covetous, desirous, 

Aconidb, acomal, s. an assemblage, assembly, 
heaping together. 

AcoiiiaIaiiii, aeomalaim, v. to collect, accumu- 
late, increase, heap. 

Aeon, aeon, s. a refusal, denial. 

Acop, acor, see ACobAip. 

Aci\A, acra, s. an acre of groxuid. 

Ac^iAC, acrach, adj. hungry. 

AcpAim, acraim, v. to agi-ee, consent, come; 
I argue, challenge. 

AcpAnn, acrann, s. a knot. 

Aci\AnnAc, acrannach, adj. knotty, entangled, 

Acpd>nn<Min, acJirannaim, v. to entangle. 

AcpAp, acras, s. hunger. 

AcnA]'Ac, acrasach, adj. Inragry. 

AcpAb, acsal, s. m. an angel; adj. generous, 

AccAt), achtadh, s. dri^ang. 

AcciAt), achtiad, v. they give ; i.e. cujpA-o. o. g. 

Acuib, acuil, s. an eagle. 

Acinp, i. e. on cui|', i'roin the cause, o. g. 

Ace, acth, see ac and actj. 

Ace, acht, s. a body; a nail, hoof, or claw; a 
statute, a decree, covenant, ordinance ; danger, 
hazard, peril ; a giving, a gift ; an act or deed ; 
a condition; " a\\ nA hAC-OAib pinn", on those 
conditions; conj. and, o.g. 

AccAiin, aehtaim, v. to ordain, decree, order, 

AccbeA^. achtbeag, conj. almost, but, except. 

AcuceAUA, achtcheana, adv. however. ^ 

AcruJAT), achtugJiadh, ordination, ordaining 

Acup, acus, written for Ajup. 

A-Q, ad, adj. illustrious; used for Antio, in thy, 
AT) piA'onAipe, in thy presence, aca cu at) 
■DupjAt), thou art awake, or in the state of 
being awake; is also used for -oo, as At) 
■beipim. At) cbop, I say, I hear; is in like 
manner sometimes used for vo in the perfect 

tense of the indicative, and the present of the 
potential, as ax) pcpioliAnn, I wrote, At) pcjuo- 
l!)Ainn, I would write. 

At), ad/i, s. a beast of the cow kind. At) aLcaij, 
a buffalo. 

A-Ó, adh, is an intensitive particle, as AUmobAti, 
great praise. 

At), adh, s. a law ; felicity, happiness ; good luck ; 
fit to do anything. S/iaw. 

At)A, ada, s. victory. Shaiv. 

At)AbAip, adabhair, s. play, diversion, sport. 

At)A5, adag, s. a sheaf of corn, a bundle of 
sheaves, a shock. 

A-ÓAJAbAil, adhaghahhall, s. a lawful taking. 

A-ócMJ, adhaigh, s. the face, countenance, com- 
plexion, pi. Aigcc ; s. night. 

AtJAilg, adhailg, s. desire, will ; consent. 

AtJAitjne, adhailgne, s. the toll of a mill; po- 
verty ; the law of arms. 

At)Aili, adhaill, s. a precipice. 

A-ÓAip, adhair, s. fire. 

AiOAipcin, adhaircin, s. a lapwing, a touchet; 
dim. of At)Apc. 

A-ÓAipc, adhairt, s. a front, van; the plague. 

At)Al, adhal, a flesh-hook. 

At)Alt, adhall, adj. deaf, see o-óaII; s. sin, cor- 

AtJAbcAn, adhalfan, s. m. a dull, stupid fellow. 

At)AbrnAit)e, adhaltraidhe, 1 ■, i, 

.. , ' . 77 /, 7 5- s. an adulterer. 

AtJALcpAnAc, adhaltranach., J 

At)AbrpAnAp, adhaltranas, s. adultery. 

AtJAiiiAip, adhamhair, adj. similitudinary, i.e. 

AriiAibleAC, 0. g. 
At)AiiinA, adliamhra, s. admiration. 
At)Aiii, adJtamh, AdLim, i.e. " homo no tcrrigona", 

(on UAliiun-ueAcr), cor. gl. 
AtiAiiinAit), adaiiivaidh, v. he went, o. g. 
At)AiiinAin, adliamhnain, the prop'er name of a 

man; homunculus, i.e. "t)i]-becAt) Aimuv 

At) Aim". Co I'. 
At)AmAnc, adamant, s. a diamond. 
At).MÍiHAC, adhamJirach, adj. blessed. 
At)Aiii|iAit)im, adhamhraidhim, v. I bless, love, 

At)An, adhan, s. a cauldron. 
At)AnAt), adhanadh, see At)nAt). 
At)AnAiiii, adhanaim, v. to kindle or light up. 
At)Anii, adhann, s. the herb colts-foot. 
At)AncA, adhanta, adj. kindled, exasperated. 
At)AncAcc, adhanthaciit, s. blushing, kindling 
At)Ap, adhar, s. snow, frost. 
At)A]iAti, adliaradli, s. adoration; joining, ad- 

liering to. 
At)ApAC, adharach, s. a worshipper, an adorer. 
At)A]\Aini, see At)pAim. 





•<\x)A)\c, adhavc, s. a lioru, trumpet. 

<\t)A]\cac, adharcach, adj. horned, having horns. 

At)A]\cAcÁn, adharcachan, s. m. a cuckold. 

.A'óA]\c<xiíiui'L, adharcamhuil, adj. horny, full of 

-AtJAncój, adharcog, s. a cornicle. 

A-ÓAnc-|-ei-ó, adharc-feidh, s. harts-horn. 

.<\TÍ)A]\c-yiAJAC, adiiarc-fiaghach, s. a hunting 

At)c\]>c-phiix)Ai^\, adharc-jyJnedhcdi', s. a powder 

AiAiic, adiiart, s. a pillow, a bolster. 

A-OAUCA, adhartJia, adored. 

At)a-hcaii, ad/iartar, s. a dream. 

-AwAf, adhas, s. good, prosperity. 

<,\t)A]'cAip, adhastair, s. a halter. 

\\-obA, adhlJia, s. an instrument, AX>bA ceoil, 
an instrument of music ; a palace, house, ha- 
bitation, room, garrison, fortress, a dungeon ; 
s. m. a den. 

-A-obA ocn<\, adhiha othna, s. a house built of 
clay and stone, "<.\t)bA otiu\ i.e. AiibA tune 
ACA]- cLocA, quasi UAcunine, iiA i.e. uiji, oca) 
onti, i e. cloc", o. g. 

AbbACC, adiibhacht, see AbAcr, joking ; s. gain 
great doings. 

A-óbAccAC, adhbhac/tthacJt, adj. jocose, merry; 
gross, fat, in good plight. 

A-C)bAi]i|-eAC, ahhhhairseach, s. a carder of wool 
or lla.x. 

AúbAb, adhbhal, adj. great, prodigious, wonder 
ful; Four Mast., 1444, nimble, quick, active; 

•A-óbAlr)iocAipeAc, ablialthrocaireacJi, most mer- 
ciful, c. p. 

A-obAiiriMncAC, s. adhbliantrireach, a.sovt of music 
containing three notes, called geAnc^uije, 
SolquMJe, AjAf ■tniAnq\Ai5e._ 

A"óbA|\, adhbhar, a cause or motive ; a subject or 
matter to be converted into some other form ; 
AX)bAf\ njeA^iiA, a person fit to be a lord ; 
A-óbA)\ jAijve, a cause of laughter. 

AxibA^AAC, adhbJiarach, adj. lucky, fortunate. 

A-óbAHAf , ad/ibharas, s. carded wool. 

iV-óbAH 5Aine, adhbhar gaire, see AbbA]\. 

A-óbA]-, adhbhas, s. a garrison. 

-AtibclA]', adlddichlas, s. pleasure, joy; o.'=tcuta- 
tlon, vanity, fame. 

A-óbcÍAfAC, adhbhchlasach, adj. pleasant, ambi- 
tious, vain, glorious. 

At)bo ! adhbo, inter, see Abu. 

At)bocói'oe, adhbhocoide, ) s. an advocate 

-<\T)bocóix>eAC, adhbhocoideach,^ intercessor. 

A-obocói-oeAct), adhbhocoideacJid, s. advocacy. 

A-óbe ! adhbhe! interj. hail, may you live. 

A-óbpAi-ói]\, adhbhrasoir, s. a carder of wool or 

A-óbuTO, adhbhuidh, s. joy, merriment, a foun- 

At) coTJA, ad coda, s. the dispensation of law 
that is every man's due. " At) cotja i.e. t)bi- 
jeAt) wlijeAi' neAC t)]:A5Aib, no t)0 jeib 
neAc". Br.L.; v. it was enacted, " At) cot)A 
i.e. A]io ceACCAt) no \\o t)An"iAt)". Br. L. 

At) cot)A -i-oenje I'lOBUJAt), ad coda sothiige 
siodhiighadh, i.e. X)h^eú.X) aii b)\eiceAiii pot), 
t>o t)eAnAiii, the judge is boimd by law to 
make peace. Br. L. 

At)eAt), adead, v. it is. a. g. 

Aweiccibe, adeitchidhe, ngly. Share. 

Atieot), adeod, ") t i n i * 
» 7r 7 ^ V. 1 shall relate. 

At)peAt), adjead,) 

At)yl,Aic, adhfhlaith, s. a legitimate sovereign. 

AbyuAciiiA-n, adhfhuathmhar, adj. odious, abomi- 
nable, detestable. 

At)yiiAtiiiA]\Act), adhfhiiathmharachd, s. fern, 

Atjjaiji, adhghair, lawful, just. 

At>iu AjA]- aiiaLI, adiu agas anall, hither and 

thither. 4 M., 1452. 

AúbACAt), adhlacad/i,} i • i • . . 

. ., , ' ,1, '> s. a burial, niterment. 

AvLacau, adhlacan, j ' 

A-óIacáuac, adhlacanach, a grave-digger, an un- 

At)bACAitii, adhlacaim, v. to inter. 

At)l,Aic, adhlaic, s. a longing desire after what 
is good. 

At)lAicce, adhlaictlie, burled, interred. 

A-óIaij, adhlaigh, he has a right by law, i.e. 

tjbeAccA]'. 0. g. 
... „ , 'i s. a youth fit to bear 

^^Y^^^}, ^^dhlann [ aims or to take the 

A-oUoc-OA, adhlaochda, | i,,iiitary degree. 

At) 111, 'a(?/i«i, s. knowledge, skill. 

AbniA, adhma, adj. knowing, skilful. 

<\t)niAt), adhmad, s. timber. 

AtiiÍK\ij;iin, ailifdiuighim, v. to confess. 

At)iiu\ileAc, ailinladleach, a professor. 

<\t)iÍK\il, adinhail, s. f a confession, a profession, 

AtJiTiAilini, see At)riiAi5itn. 

At) til Abl,ai//K/ia//, adj. wanton, desultory, nimble. 

At),nAiA, adhmhar, | ^^j hicky, fortunate. 

At)inA]\Ac, adnmharacli,) ■' •' 

At)iiiolAt), adhmholadh, s. praise, flattery. 

A-óriioUMin, adhmholaim,\. I praise, extol. 

Atjiinnjim, sec AtJiiiAigini. 

A-óuacaI, adhmcal,\ ^ ^^^ ^^v.Iacat> 

AbtiAcx), adhnachd,^ 




A-ohacaI,, adhnacal, preserving or keeping the 

law, "A'ónACA'L ie. coiiiiet) ■obji'ó An'oinne, 

AT3. i. e. 'ol.ijeAÚ, nAi i.e. ]."eA]i, caI i.e. coi- 

ineAT)". Cor. gl. 
AuiiACAim, adhnacaim, v. I inter. 
AúnActAc, adhnaclach, s. m. a grave-digger, 

AónA-ó, adhnadh, s. a kindling of fire; fervour, 

heat, zeal. 
AT)nAiceAt),acZ/inaiceaíZ/í, burled, interred. Ferm. 
A-óriAi-óe, adhnaidlie, s. age; an advocate, a 

AUHATOe, adlmauUieA^ ^j^ ^^^j^^^ 
Atduaoi, adlinaoi J "^ 

A-onAi)!, adhnair, \ s. villainy ; confusion, 
A-onÁi)ie, adhnaire, | shamefacedness. 
ATDnÁipeAC, adhnaireach, basliful, modest, de- 
A-ónocc, adhnocJit, s. f. burial, interment. Lee. 

19, 1. 
Atjohhioi, adhomroi, v. it happened to me, ix. 

•ootri ^-Aimc. 0. g. 
A-oonnACAt), adhonnathadh, s. sovereignty. 
Ax)]\AC, adhrac, s. a refusal, denial. 
A-OjiAt), adkradh, s. adoration. 
At)]\Ai5ceoijA, adhraigJitheoir, s. an adorer. 
A'ojiAiin, adkraim, v. I adore. 
A-ójAA]-, adhras, s. adoration; s. m. a dwelling 

AopAe, adrae, arise, "At)|iAe •OACoiiilAi a inou- 

tiAtl, gnAom 50 •ji'eAi\A'DAC ponnj-'AccnAc"'. 

Udhact. Mor. 
AT)]\e, adre, v. he refused. 
A'DiiAC, adrath, s. horror, detestation. 
Atjuaciiia]!, adhuathmhar, adj. terrible, horrid, 

dreadful, execrable. 
AúuAciiiAjiAcc, adhuathmhar acht, s. horror, 


A'oui'o, aduidh, s. steel. 

Ae, ae, s. the Uver ; possession. 

Ae, ae, s. m. a man. 

Ae-o, aedh, s. the eye. 

AeUAn, aedhar, s. the air, sky. 

Ae-óeA]iA-ó, aedhearadh, airing. 

Aet)AHAim, aedharaim, v. to air. 

Ae-OApAiiniiL, aedharamhuil, adj. aerial. 

Ae'óeA]\cÁc'o, aedheariliachd, s. airiness. 

Ae]i, aer. s. the air, sky. 

Ae)iAc, aei'ach, s. aerial. 

AepAt), aeradh, s. satirizing. 

AepAim, aeraim, v. to air. 

AeiiAtiiuiL, aeramhuil,') j. - 1 • 
^ ' . ,7 y adi. aenal, airv. 

-ixAep-oA, aerdna, ) 'J 

AepeAt), aereadh, airing. 

Aei\!:Acc, aerthacht, s. airiness. 

Aey, aes, s. an age, Ae]'A ati •ootiiAin. L. .Lee., 
fol. 31. 

Ae]-A]i, aesar, s. God. 

AecA]W5, aetharog, s. an aerial being. 

Aecpe, aethre, s. plur. of eA]i or eAup, a fin. 

A]ro)'c, afost, s. gold. 

Api^Aige, afraighe, arising. 

Apuionn, afvionn, s. m. the Mass or Eucharist!c 

A5, ag, a sign of the present participle ; at, by, 

Aj, agh, s. a notch or nick ; a beast of the cow 
kind ; a battle, conflict, fortune, luck, happi- 
ness, prosperity ; fear, awe, astonishment. 

AjA, aga, whose, whereof; s. leisure, time, op- 
portunity ; the bottom of any depth, an ad- 

AJAc aghach, adj. warlike, brave. 

AgAt), agad, used for A5 tu, with thee, to thee 

AjA-o, agadh, s. see aja. 

A5A5, agag, s. a habitation, settlement, Shaw. 

AjAib, agaibh, with ye, unto ye. 

AgAi-ó, aghuidh, s»the face, front, complexion; 
opposition Am ajatd, in opposition to me, pi. 
Aijce; V. imper. of AJAim ; be merry, be 

AjAi-ocA]', aghaidheas, s. mirth. 

AJAim, aghaim, v. to be afraid or astonished; to 
put or place. 

AjAinn, againn, with us. 

A5Á1H5, agairg, s. £ agaricus, a kind of mush- 

AJAi^', aghais, s. ease, rest. 

AjAi^-eAC, aghaiseach, adj. easy, tranquil, quiet. 

AjAi^'im, aghaisim, v. to ease, to rest. 

A^AÍt, agall, s. a speech. 
. ,. . 77 77 1 s. a dialogue, conversa- 

AsAllAt,, agalladh I ^ discourse. Gen. 

AsaIUmu, agallamh, ^ ^_^^„-,^. 

AjAlLAim, agallaim, v. to speak, converse. 

A5A111 , agam, with me, at me, to me. 

A5A1Í1, agamh, a doubt, suspicion. 

AjAniu]', agamus,Ú\c action of striking. Shaw. 

AjAU, agan, a. precious, dear. 

AjA^i, agar, s. revenge. 

AjAjiAc, agarach, a pretender, a claimer. 

AjAiiAiin, agaraim,to revenge, pursue, challenge ; 
dispute, plead, expostulate. 

AjApc, agart, s. revenge. 

AjApc, aghart, s. a bolster. 

AJAjTCA, aghartlia, adj. deaf; diminutive, little 

AjA^icAC, agartach, adj. revengefu', vindictive, 

AjA^TCAim, agartaim, see ajajiaitii. 

AjAjicAi', agartas, s. a suit, plea. 





AjA^, agas, conj. and. 

AjAi'roi]!, aghastoir, s. a halter. 

\\5cu1nne, agcuinne, in opposition, see coinne. 

Aj-ÓA, aghdha, of or belonging to a fight or battle, 
contentious, quarrelsome. 

Ag-DAoif, aghdaois, v. let them put or place, i e., 
cuijTOip, o. g. 

Ajec, aghfit, old wine. S/imr. 

AjriuvtlAig, agmhallaigh, s. agony, extremity. 

Ajiiióji, aghmhor, s. terror, great fear. " Aj liio-p 
i.e., oajIa tiio]\". 0. g. 

AjiiiAH, agkmhar, adj. lucky, fortunate, prosper- 
ous, happy. 

AjiiiAp&cc, aghmliaracht, s. prosperity, auspici- 

AgtiA, agna, wisdom, discretion, prudence ; see 


AjiiAu'ie, aglinaidhe,s. an advocate, pleader. 
A^nMt^e<sb'c,aghnaiglieacht, s. advocation. 
AjtiAi', aghnas, s. pleading, argumentation. 
AjnAi'Aiiii, aghnasaim, v. to plead. 
Aj^iAÚ, aghradh, s. expostulation, challenging; 
•00 AjjiA-o, to expostulate, challenge, charge; 
s. revenging; " n<s]\ A5]\At) "Oia o\\r\ 
A5HA11TI, agra{m,Y. to challenge, plead, dispute, 

AgfAl, agsal, adj. generous, noble. 
A5iq\A-o, agurad, adj. mild, coaxinL', deceitful. 

Aju]-, agiis, conj. and. 

Ai, ai, s. a swan; a herd; a region, tract, coun- 
try, territory, patrimony, inheritance ; a 
cause; a dispute, the learned; adj. wise, 
learned ; s. science, knowledge ; a hollow. 
Aib, aihli, s. similitude ; a tribe. 
Aibce, aibhche, a scholar. Sh. 
AibceA-o, aibhcheadh, s. the bleating of sheep, 
lowing of cattle. " ^lAibce ceAÚpA, i.e. ]\o 
beiccAT) ceAcpA". Cor. 
Aibe ! aibhe ! interj. all hail! 
AibeA^'Ac, aibheasach, adj. terrible, wonderful, 

strange, arrogant ; vain; gay, joyous. 
Ai'beA]\i-eAC, aibhearseadi, s. an adversary. 
Aiboi]-, aiblieis, s. the sea, a gull', the deep; 

emptiness; vain glory, great boasting. 
Aibebb, aibhell, s. f a spark of fire. 
Aibe]\i'eAc, aibherseach, adj. adverse ; evil. 
Aibcicin, \ 

Aib5ici]\, y s. f. the Irish alphabet. 

AibjicneAiiiuit, aibgilreaniliuil, adj . alphabetical 
AibiTi, aibid, s. f. a habit. 
Aibiú, aibidk, s. straw, stubble ; blasted ears of 

corn; adj. ripe, full grown. 
A\hyx)CAC,aibJiideacJi, adj. huge, great, enormous 

Aibit)ib, aibidil, s. the alphabet. 

Aib]\eAn, aibrean, the month of April. 

AibpeAun, aibhreami, a castrated buck-goat. Sh. 

Aibbe, aibhle, s. f a spark. 

AibbeAc, aibhleach, adj. singed. 

Aibieoj, aibhleog, s. f. a red coal ; a sparkle ; a 
ilake of snow. 

AibieojA, aibhleoga, adj. sparkling. 

Aib]'e, aibhse, s. a sprite, apparition ; a diminutive 

Aib]-eAC, aibhseach, see AibeA-pAC. 

Aiccibne, aiccilne, vassalage, servitude. 

Aict)e, aicdhe, according to, AicT)e iiieAniiiAui, 
according to desire, 0. g. 

Aicoe, aicde, s. a veil; bodkin; ring; a build- 
ing, foundation. 

Aice, aice, s. a tribe, family; nourishment, nur- 
ture, food, support, a troop ; desire, choice. 

Aice, aice, adj. led, cApAbb Aice, a led horse. 

Aicé,mc.,_ I s.f. a leading. 

AiccACO, aiceachd, ) ° 

AiceA^uj, aicearigh, s. a deacon, a governor. 
Aice, aice, adv. near, close to, hard by, Atii Aice, 

near me. 
AiceAb, aicheal, s. an eagle. 
AiceAp, aicear, adj. strong, mighty, angry, cruel, 

severe, sharp, disagreeable to all the senses. 
AiceiTDe, aiceide, s. a tenant, 0. g. 
AicpeAcc, aicfeacht, s. power, might. 
Aicir), aicid, s^ f. disease, sickness ; an ache, stitch. 
Aici-o-ci\iocAnAcc, aicid chriothanacht, the palsy. 
AicTOe, aicide, accidents. Keat. 
AicmeAC, aicideach, adj. rmfortunate. 
AtciueAC, aicideach, s. a sick or diseased person. 
Aicibb, aichill, s. a great lamentation. 
Aicmi, aicirn, v. to pray, beg, beseech, entreat. 
Aici-oeAct), aicidheachd, a patrimonial right. 

An. Con. 1225. 
Aicibb, aichill, adj. able, potent. 
Aicibbit), aichillidh, adj. dexterous, handy. 
Aicibbi-oeAcc, aichill idheacht, s. dexterity. 
AicbeAcc, aicleacht, s. a lesson. 
Aicme, aicme, s. a sort or kind, a tribe, sect of 

Aicne, aicne, s. nature. 

Aicpe, aicre, ) ^ i^i^gritance, patrimony. 

Aicp, aicst, ) ^ •' 

Aiccfóe, aicthidhe, s. fear, dread. 

Alt), aid, s. a piece, portion; adj. cold. 

Aró, aidh, s. a refuge. 

Ait>bAm, aidhbham, to fascinate. Sh. 

AixJbeAu, aidhbhean, s. a stranger, foreigner; an 

inn ; a deed, action ; adj. remote, long, e\'il, bad. 
Ambéib, aidhbheil, s. a wonder, a boasting; adj. 

luige, vast, enormous. 





•Ai-olJeiteAC, aidhbheileach, a braggart. 
Amhé^X^crfaidhbheilacht, s. hugeness, greatness, 

enormity, wonder, boasting. 
Aiubei^^ aidhbheis, s. the ocean. 
" Dio]i, 1)' An AjA^' tjobcvp, 
T7]M liAtiniAnn ■o'uipce ah TDotfiAin 
teA^i, Ai-obei^', bociiA bUwA, 
<XntiiAnnA jac A^it)ttiA]\A". For. Foe. 
Ai-obepfeoin, aidhbhcrseoh; s. an adversary. 
Ambiijini, aidhhhlifilnm, v. to enlarge, increase. 
-Ai-óbbiuJA-ó, aidlibldiuyhadh, enlarging, increas- 
Ai-óbobb, aidhbholl, adj. atrocious. 
-<\i-ób)ui5,aí(//i/)/i?'í/f//i, bewitching, eye-biting. S?i. 
-<\i-ób)-e, aidhbhse, s. an old sort of Irish song or 

Ait)bpn, aidhbhsin, s. a phantom or sprite. 
.AiiibpuJAt), aidhbhsiughadh, s. multiplication. 
^TOceAtl, aidhcIieaU, ) mischief, violence ; 
Ait)cleA-o, aidhchleadh, ) eye-bitiug. Sh. 
-Ai-oe, aidhe, s. a monition, an advice ; a house, 
habitation, fortress; instruments, i.e , AX)bA, 
instruments, o. g. 
Atocac, aidheacli, s. a milch cow. 
lAi-oeACA-ó, aideacJiadh, s. agnition. 
-A roe*]!, aidhear, s. a chipping or cracking of the 

skin, from being exposed to the weather. 
.Aii6eA]iAC, aidhearach, adj. aerial, airy, bUthe, 

-Ai-oeAiiOkCc, aidhearacJtt, s. bhthesomeness, merri- 
.dfoeA^iAiiniib, aidhearamhuil, adj. aerial. 
Ai-óeicije, aidheitige, adj. deformed. 
-Ai-opoeAC, aidhfidheach,} ^ ^ ^. 

At.px.eAt., aidhfidheadh, \ ^' ^ «demonstration. 
Ai-opoeA-o, aidhfidheadh, adj. demonstrable. 
A,, aidide, \ ^'^^' respectful.obedient, sub- 

A^■o^^n,,aididin, \ fífJ^' ,^""^^1°' "^^^"^'^ 
' ' J faithful, true. 

ATOibgneAc, aidhilgneach, s. a dairy maid. 

AltiiuJAitn, aidiughaim, v. to own, to agnize. 

Aiule, aidhle, s. a cooper's adze. 

Anjnie, aidlime, s. a military dress ; apparel, rai- 
ment ; a gorget, necklace ; goods, chattels ; an 
instrument ; coarse or rough land. 

Aforiieibce, aidhmheilte, consumed, destroyed. 

Aioriiibbe, aidhmh'dle, s. destruction, ruin, con- 

Ai-oiiieAn, aidhmhenn, refuge. Sh. 

Ai-óriiillim. aidhmhillim, v. to consume, destroy, 

Ai-otiio]", aidhmhos, pleading, arguing, reason- 
ing, see AJnAf . 

Ait)ne, aidhne, s. age; an advocate, see At.nAi-óe 
and Ajnokf. 

Ai-oiiiijce, aidmhighthe, confessed. 
Ai-oneAi', aidhneas, s. an argument, a pleading. 
Ai-óneAi'Act», aidhneasachd, s. pleading. 
Aí-óneA]'-b]\eA5AC, aidhneas-lreagach, s. a sophis- 

Ai-óneAfAim, aidhneasaim, to plead, argue, op- 
AmneAi^oi)!, aidhneasoir, s. a pleader, an oppo- 
nent, advocate. 
ATonnje, aidlnudhe, s. an advocate, pleader. 
Aieiji, aieir, of or belonging to the air; properly 

Ai):i]i, uifir, s. blame, fault. 
AipiMonn, aifronn, s. m. the unbloody sacrifice of 

the Mass. 
Aij, aigh, s. ice, An. 4 M. 1435; adj. generous, 

A15, aig, s. f a request, petition. 
Aigbeibe, aighbheile, s. terror. 
Aige, aige, with or at him, or it; t)o Aije, to 

carry on, to act, to uphold ; " aouac CAilcioiiii, 

t30 Aije". Chron. Scot. 
Aije, aighe, s. a hind ; a hill ; courage ; valour ; a 

beam, prop, support; adj. stout, valiant. 
AijeAc, aigeach, the sounder of a deep. Sh. 
AijeAU, cngheadh, s. punishment. 2-iec. 
AijeA]!, aighear, s. mii-th, joy, gladness. 
AijeAti, aighecm, see ATÍAn. 
AijeAjiAC, aigherach, adj. glad, joyful, merry, 

airy, bhthesome. 
AijeAHACc, aigheracht, see Ai-óeA]iAcc. 
AigeAticAC, aigeantach, \ s. jolHty, cheerful- 
AijeAiiCA-]', aigeantas, j ness. 
Aijém, aigein, s. f. the ocean, the deep. 
Aijilgne, aigilgne, s. verity, truth. 
AijiVm, aigilin, s. a tag; Aigilin i-jieitije, a tag 

of a lace. 
Aigiob, cdgiol, s. the bottom of a valley; adj. 

puffed up, elate. 
AigiobAiin, aigiolaim, v. to grieve, to vex. 
AigtobAin, ai^i'o/azn, s. an ear-ring ; tassel ; chain ; 

AigioncA, aigionta, intentions. 
AigionAct., aigiorachd, s. f. an argument, dis- 
pute; arguing. 
Ai5io]\Aiiii, aigioraim, to argue; to punish; to 

Ajme, aighie, s. f. nature, the mind, fire; s. a 

projihét, an advocate, pleader, i.e. "peAjiAignA^-, 

on jniA]- Ai, i.e. AipceATDAl no CAingeAn", 0. g. 
AijneAC, aighneach, adj. Hberal, generous. 
AijneAct), aighneachd, s. liberality, generosity. 
Ai jneÁn, aighnean, s. ivy. 
AijneAn-cAbiium, aighnean-talmhuin,s.giound- 






-AiijneAr, aiqhneas, 1 
,9 ' • 1 • r see AiijneAr. 

-aijnioi", aighmos, ) ' 

^Xijliéipe, aighreire, s. m. a judge. 

Ai jce, aigJithe, s. tlie face, countenance. 

Alt, aiV, s. a stone, rock; a sting, prickle; a 
rebuke, a moutli; petition, request; a dis- 
grace; arms, weapons; will, pleasure; iiiA-o 
<vil Le<\r, if you please ; noble, beautiful, 

AiLb, ailbh, s. a flock, lierd, drove. 

AilbeAj-cliKMfe, ailhheag-cluaise, s. an eai-ring. 

Ailbin, nilhlnn, s a small flock of any kind. 

Ailc, ailc, s. a stone, destruction. 

AiLce, ailce, s. manners, behaviour. 

Allele, ailcith, s. a strand stone. 

Aitcne, ailcne, s. paving stones. 

AiLcneACACT), ailcrieacJiacIul, paving. 

Allen eACAn, ailcneachan, s. a paver. 

Aile, see oite. 

Aile, aile, s. smell; adj. all, most of tbem. 

AileAc, aileach, s. m. a stone horse, a stallion. 

AileACÁii, aileacan, s. m. a paver. 

AiieAccA, aileacJda, s. jewels ; i. e. yeom, o. g. 

AiLeAg, aileag, s. the hickup. 

AileAn, ailean, orts, remnants, leavings. 

AileA]\, ailear, s. a porch. 

AileA]', aileas, s. a pleasant country. 

Aiij-'eA]', ailfeas, s a bridle-bit. 

AitjeAt), ailgeadh, s. forgiveness. 

AiljeAn, «iVí/eaíí, s. noble offspring; want; adj. 
powerful, strong; soft, smooth. 

AitjeA]-, ailgheas, s. f. a desire, a longing ap- 
petite ; an alms ; a needing or false, desire to 
go to stool. Fer. 88. 

Ailjine, ailghine, softness, smoothness. 

Ailiin, ailim, v. to entreat, beg, beseech, j)ray, 
to hear, to nourish, to foster. 

Ail,iiii, ailim, s. f. alum. 

Aibt), ailidh, adj. white. Shaw. Gallic. 

Ail,in, ailin, adj. another. 

Ailltil, ailM'l/, s. a bridle-bit. 

AiLioiiiAiiir, ailiomhaint, nourishment. 

AitioiicA, alionid, airy, of the air. »S/i. 

AiLl, aill, s. f. a high moimtain, a great steep, 
a precipice, a rock or cliff, a journey, a bridle, 
praise, a course, place, stead, turn, a loss, error, 
as AcÁin riA já-óaih a]i m\X, hearing, a clift'; 
adj. noble, pleasant, agreeable; v. go thou, 
come thou ; imper. of Aibtii, I go. • 

Aillbil, nUlUil, s. a bridle-bit. 

AilllJuuACAc, aillOhruacJiach, adj. having steep 
or rocky brinks or borders. 

AilLe, aille, s. f. handsomeness ; ornaments, 
praise; adj. handsome, fair, superlat. of 

s. Í. handsomeness. 

AibteAct), ailleaclid, \ 

AitteAt), aillead, J 

AilleAjAn, ailleagan, s. a gew-gaw, a toy, a 

AiiLcAnn, aillean, s. a causeway; a pit; a beau, 
a minion ; s. m. elecampane, al. nieACAii 

Ailleoj, ailleog, s. f a swallow. 

AilLpéi]% s. see AibyeAp. 

AibbjeAn, aillgean, adj. smooth; soft. 

AiibgeAiiAim, aillgeanaim, v« to make fme, to 
smooth or soften, to please, to seduce. 

Aitt5eA]-Act), aillgeasachd, s. ardency, flattery. 

AilLjeA^-XJA, aillgeasdha, adj. ardent, flattering. 

AibtiAU, ailliadh, s. roaring, vociferation, o. g. 

AiLtijim, aillighim, v. to beautify, make hand- 

AilLin, aillin, adj. another, a second. 

Aiilionoip, ailUonoir, s. a caterer. 

AiLti|', aillis, s. f. a canker, a spreading sore. 
Gen. riA hAi1l]-e. 

AiLLiu'bAiA, ailliuhhar, s. a salmon, o. g. 

Aitb]'e, aillse, s. f. a fairy, a diminutive creature ; 
a delay, heedlessness, neglect. 

Ailb]'eAc, aiUseach, adj. negligent. 

AiLtpijim, aillsighim, v. to neglect. 

Aibtpeoj, aillseog, s. f a caterpillar. 

Aitin, uilm, the name of the letter A, a palm 
tree, a fir tree, an elm. 

Ailtii, aihnh, s. a flint stone. Sh.. 

AilineAt), ailmeadh, s. m. a prayer, humble peti- 

Aibnieoj, ailmeog, s. f the elm. 

Aiitfiin, ailmhin, a flock, ab. Al, a brood. 

Ailiiij-e, ailmse, s. a mistake. 

Aline, ailne, s. gladness, joy, delight. 

Ailp, ailp, s. any gross lump or chaos. AI)3a, 
the Alps. 

Ail]\en, ailren, s. the other side. 

Aili'e, ailse, s. a cancer. 

Ail^-jeAn, ailsgean, s. the pores of the body. 

Ailc, ailt, s. f. a house, a knife, an eminence ; 
adj. stately, noble, grand, high, contractedlbr 
All leAC, you desire, plu. of aIc, a joint, sec- 
tion, etc. 

AilceAinuil, ailteamhuil, adj. dire, direful. 

Ailceoi]!, ailteoir, "| an architect, carpenter; 

Ailone, ailtire, / s. a nurse. 

Aim and Aifi, a negative. 

Aim, aimh, a negative particle used in composi- 
tion; as in AiiÍTÓeoin, unwilling. 

AitiibeAnc, aimhheart, s. an evil action, mis- 

AiriibeAiiCAc, aimhbeartacJi, adj. mischievous. 

Aiiiib^iic, aiinhhhrith, s. an embryo. 


^Xiiii-óeoni, aimhdheoin, s. unwillingness, reluc- 
tance, A nÁitÍTÓeoin, in opposition to. 

Aníi-óeonAc, aimhdheonaclt, adj. unwilling, re- 

Aiiiie, aimlie, growing. 

AVuiieAgAn, aimheagan, s. an abyss. 

Aime<.\nn, aimheann, adj. pleasant, agreeable. 

^\u^^eo\,<^c, aimheolach, )adj. ignorant, un- 

AniieobjAC, aimlieolgach, / learned, unskilful. 

Aiiiiyeoil, aimhfheoil, s. f. raw flesh, proud 

Aitiigéu^í, ahnligeur, adj. edgeless, unsharp. 

AitiijliocAif, aimhgJiliocais, s. imprudence, folly, 

A\inii-o, aimid, s. f. a foolish person or woman. 

AimiTJe, aimidhe, a. big with young. 

\\nnit>, aiinidh, s. a litter. 

\\iiiiii\i)-, aiinhii-is, s. f. infidelity. Vis. Ad. 

Aiiiii]irne, aimirtne, s. voracity, greediness. 

<\imiHcneAC, aimirtneach, adj. voracious, sordid 

AXiiiileA]-, aimhleas, s. hurt, detriment, ruin. 

<\iiiileAi'AC, aimhleasach, adj. foolish, imprudent. 

4AiiiileA]'5, aimhleasg, adj. slothful, indolent. 

<ViiiileACAn, aimhleathan, adj. narrow, straight. 

AniileAcOkinne, aimJdeatJiainne, s. straightness, 

Aniilionn, aimldionn, see AiinbeACAn. 

Aiiime, aimline, s. patience. 

AitimeApc, aimhneart, s. m. force, violence, s. 

• weakness 

A\m\\eA\\zm6,'^,aimhneartmliar, adj. weak, feeble. 

i.\iiíi)\ei-ó, aindireidh, adj. unready, difficult, dis- 
quieted, disturbed, disordered; s. f. strife, 
uneasiness ; obstinacy ; a defile, a fastness, 
plur. AiiTi]\ei'óe. 

Aiiiinei-ónn, aimhreidhim, v. to distm'b, disagree. 

v\iiii]\éij, see Aiiii^\eni). 

vViiiineijceAC, aimhreighteach, s. difference, disa- 

c\iiii]\ei jceAC, aimhreighteach, adj. discordant, 

Auii]Ȏi]\, aiinhreir, s. f. dissatisfaction. 

v\iiii|\ei]-, aiinhreis, adj. difficult. 

Aini]\i, aimri, s. a cupboard. 

Aiiiii\K\-n, aimhriar, s. mismanagement, opposi- 

\\ininiT), aimrid, adj. barren, sterile. 

-c\iiii)\i'oeAcc, aimrideacht, s. barrenness, sterility. 

<\im]Moc, aiWíríoo/i, s. a disgviise. 

-<\irii]\iocc, aimhriocht, s. disguise, ambush. 4. 
Mast, passim. 

-Aimpio]', aimrios, s. error. 

<Vnii]-iH, aimsir, s. f. time, a season. 

Aiiii]-ui JAt), aimsiiighadh, s. temptation ; aiming. 

Aiini-uiJAiin, aiinsiughaim, v. to tempt, aim. 

Am, ain, s. f. a ring; a rush; fire; the eye; 
adj. honourable, praiseworthy. 

Am, ain, a negative particle answering to the 
English in or un; it is written An, when the 
following vowel is broad, as Anc]iAc, unseason- 
able ; it is also intensitive, having a meaning 
the very reverse of the foregoing example, as 
AinceA|', excessive heat; s. f. a herd of black 

AiTiAii, ainan, the liver. Sli. 

AmbceAllAC, ainbhcheallach, adj. rough, rug- 
ged, o.g. 

AmbeAC, ainbheach, s. a drone ; rain ; " i.e. 
■oeA]íA iom-ÓA, no yeA]\ci)inn". o. g., adj. 
manifold, intense, copious. 

AmbeAyAC, ainbheasach, adj. ill-bread, unman- 
nerly, rude, humoursome. 

AinlJeAi\r, ainbheart, s. an ill action, or evil 

Ambeib, ainbheil, s. impudence, shamelessness. 

Anib].-eAi', ainbhfeas, s. ignorance. 

Ainb].-eA]'Ac, ainbhfeasach, adj. ignorant, rude. 

Ambpeite, ainbhfeile, s. stinginess, impudence, 
badness, naughtiness, churlishness. 

AinbyeiceAC, ainbhfeitheach, adj. rude, ignorant. 

Ainbj.-eoib, ainbhfheoil, proud flesh. 

AnibpiAC, ainbhfhiach, s. a debt ; an unjust debt. 

Atnb|.'i-ó, ainbhjidh, s. a savage or ferocious 

Ainbpj, ainhhfigh, s. rainy weather. 

Anibyme, ainbhjiiie,s. a foreign tribe, strangers, 
" A cc|iioc, Ainbpme". 

Ainb).'io^', ainbhjios, s. ignorance, rudeness. 

Anibpio^-AC, ainbhfiosach, adj. ignorant, rude. 

Ainb]:oil, ainbhfoil, adj. brave, valiant, intrepid 

Amble, ainbhle, see Ainbyeile. 

Ambben, ainblen, s. a battle. 

Aínb]\éA5, ainbhreag, s. a hyperbole; adj. un- 
handsome, unpleasing, odious, disreputable. 

AmbnÓAJAc, ainbhreaghach, adj. hyperbolical. 

AmbneACAC, ainbhreathach, adj. injudicious, 

" Siii-Dim ]'omi i-'oiifAn qiÁcc, 

Ambcec ].-uacc; 
C|\ioc '|:o]\ 1110 X)év, Át)bAb écc, 

Ccc •ooni ]iuacc; 
Ai]'iiéTOiin ■óuib AT) bAC beAii. 

DiiogAi]' bbAt) ; 
■f-'uxb A bAiniii Vv^V 'ii'-^'o iieAiii, 

O)- 511KM1 jIau ; 
A-LibAL éj, écc ■oom ^vuacc, 

C]uiATO ]\om cÍAÍt) ; 

IIOCC A pn A]\ ^10 I'-li, 

Siu ]io )"uni". Leb. Gab 
Ainbcmiie, ainhhthinne, s. a storm. 



-(\iticeoiL, ainceoil, evii upon then: 

AiiiciaL, aincJiial, 1 

AiiiciaLoact), aincIdaldJiachd, j 

■AinlJceAnn, ainhhtheann, s. spring tide, a flood. 

Amc, ainc, s. f. skill; swiftness. 

v\inceAt), aincliead, to burj. Sh. 

vVmceAngAt, aineheangal, s. a gi-eat tie, a bond. 

AinceAncAi]', aincheantais, s. a toy or trifle. 

A^ncei.\m, aincheard, s. abufioon; a fallacious 
fellow; an impostor. 

AinceA]TOAC, aincheardach,s. an unskilful work- 
man; abuflbon; adj. obstinate; petulant. 

AmceAiTOAcc, ainclieardacld, s. bufiboncry. 

\\inceA]\c, aincheari, s. injustice; oppression. 

^niceA]-, aiiicheas, "is. a doubt, dilemma, dan- 

Aincei]-c, aincheist, j ger. 

-Amceoib, ainceoil, evil upon tliem, i'.e.uibc o]\]\<s. 
folly, peevish- 
ness, forward- 

AmciA'L'ÓA, aincliialdlia, adj. imprudent, foolish; 
testy, peevish. 

^mcit), aincidh, s. a doubt, al. ah é? 

<\incmneAc, aincinneach, adj. skilled. 

Ainci]', aincis, s. a skin or hide. 

Amcii'eAct), ainciseachd, rejection, rejecting. 

Aincmj, aÍ7ichin[!,s. a. champion. 

AmcleAC-OAim, ainchleachduim, v. to disguise. 

Anicliu, aiiicJiliii, s. a pccvisli person. 

<\iiici\nje, aincridhe, s. vengeance; 4 M. 1401. 

<Ainc]vionnA, airtcj'i'owfla, adj. foolish; also very 
wise, acute. 

-AincnoinnAibc, aincroinnailt, s. acuteness, keen- 

^NmcjieitieAiTi, ainchreideamJi, s. infidcHty, un- 
belief, irreligion, deism. 

v\inci\eiwiieAC, ainchreidmheach, adj. infidel, 

Aincnio|-rArinnl,, ainchriostamhuil, adj. unlike a 
christian, antichristian. 

AincpíojXAiiiÍACx), ainchriostamhlaclid, s. auti- 
christianism, opposition to Christianity. 

Anic]uo|xin-óe, ainchriostuidhe, s. an antichris- 

^inó^Moi'cuítieAC, aincliriostuidlieacli, adj. anti- 

<\iiit(eA|\, aindear, s. a marriageable young 

AnToeAjiiiAg, aindearrag, a. angry; ie. ^e6.\\Xj«^c. 

AnToeA)-, aindeas, adj. unhandsome, awkward. 

-(\intiéi]-e, aindeise, s. imhandsomeness, awk- 

Aint>ei]-e, aindeise, s. affliction, calamity. 

AnToei-j'eAc, aindeiseach, adj. calamitous, dis- 

Ani-oeicpn, aindeith/u; s. f. great haste, speed; 
also slowness. 

Aint)eoin, aindeoin, a. see Ainróeoin. 

<iint)eonAc, aindeonach, adj. see Aiii-oeoriAC. 

AmtjeonAcc, aindeonacht, s. reluctancy, unwill- 

<\int)iAt>Ac, aindiadhach, adj. ungodly, impious. 

Ain-oiAt)Acc, aindiadhacht, ungodhness, impiety. 

AnToiA^ijiAij;- ainrfjarmi^/i, adj. angry. 

Ain-oiui-o, aindiuid, s. obduracy, petulance, ob- 
stinacy in sin, final impenitence. 

Ain'onn'oeAc, aindiuideach, adj. obdurate, obstin- 
ate, petulant. 

Ain'ounUjeAcc, aindiuiligheacht, s. concupis- 

Í s. illegality, injust- 

, . . ■ IT 1 \ ice, trespass, mis- 

AnTolijre, aindliqlie, 1 ,' ^ c ■ 

. , V . ■ 71- 1 77 "N ruLe, contusion, 

Am-obKeAX), aindliqheadh, ) , ,, 

^ ' '' 'J tumult, usurpa- 

V. tion,transgrcssion 

AitTolijeAc, uindlitjlicach, adj. illegal, unjust, 

-AitTolijceAC, aindlightheach, s. a lawless person, 
an outlaw ; a transgressor, usurper. 

•AitT0]\eAn'0A, aindreanda, a. rough, rugged. 

\Vine, aine, s. delight, joy, pleasure; agility, ex- 
pedition, swiftness ; music, harmony, melody ; 
experience ; truth, veracity ; a drinking cup ; 
abstinence, fasting. " 1)^ cpi Aine cucac t)Ó 
cuAic ■oe cróecc C]ií riun]\ ]\UAit) coi'Aíb 
opmAib, i.e. cjua pn Aine a nibux 111oi)-e 
cniApo)\coii5]\A-oe fAi^". — Vision o/ Adainh- 
nan. — The moon ; the sea. 

Ame-qienege, aine-trenege, s. a colander, a 
strainer, o. g. 

-AmeAc, aineach, s. m. horsemanship. 

AineA-OAjijiiATO, aineadargnaidh, renowned, fa- 
mous. Shaw. 

AmeAt), aineadh, s. a gnashing of the teeth. 

AmeAjiuijce, aineagluigldlie, a. unapjaallcd. 

AmeAiii, aineamh, s. a blemish, blot, stain. 

AmeATÍiAC, uineamhach, adj. blemished, maimed. 

AmeA^ibfAC, ainearhsach, adj. mistrustful. 

AineAnc, aineart, violence, opjjression, sec Aiiii- 

AmeA^ic, aineart, s. weakness, inability. 

AmcA]', aineas, s. gladness, joy, dehglit. 

AmeApAC, aineasach, adj. brave, hardy. 

AineAp5Ai)\, aineasgair, adj. unpolished, rude. 

AmeipcAct), aineifeachd, s. inefScacy. 

<\ineipeACT)Ac, aineifeachdach, adj. ineffectual. 

•AineoÍAC, aineolach, adj. ignorant, unskill'ul, 
rude, simple. 

AineobAf, aineolm, s. m. ignorance, rudeness. 

Atnep, ainer, adj. great. 

Aineip, aineis, s f. a skin or hide. 

AinpeAt), ainj/icadh, adj. plenteous, abundant. 



^mpAc, ainfliiach, s a great price, over value, 
unjust debt. 

Ainp]\eA5Ai\Ac, ainfreagarach, adj. unanswer- 
able, unaccountable. 

AinpiAil, ainfliuail, a cliarnber-po't. Sli. 

a\iii5C1]-, aiiiijch, s. £ malice, a curse; fretting. 

AmgeAl, oiiiju'dl, s. an angel or messenger; fire, 
liglit, sunshine. 

AmjeAlAj, aingecdacj, s. tlie plant angelica. 

<\injeAn, aingliean, s. excessive love; hatred, 

.diiijen, (dngen, the holy ones, Sh. 

Ainpt), aiiu/idli. s. envy, spite, malice, hatred. 

Anigi-óe, aingidhe, adj. envious, spiteful, mah- 

AmjiueAcc, aingidlieacht, s. wickedness, mali- 

Ainjióini, aingidhim, v. to envy, hate, detest. 

AmjleAc-OA, aingleachda, a. angelical. 

Aingli-óe, ainglidhe, adj. angelical, bright. 

Amgii'oeAcc, ainglidheacht, s.nn angelical state, 


Aiti"i:LiiiiAiii, (diiiddiiih'im, 1 . ^ n? 

.V, ' .■ , , ' J- to persecute, Sh. 

Ain5ioni\Ai'), iiniiinin'(idh,a short cut, Sh. 

.AinK\niiiA]\f AC, ainiartjiharthach, adj. precipi- 
tant, powerrul. 

Am lb, airdhh, s. f. a spot, blemish. 

Amicim, ainichn, v to protect, to save, "auiic 
me A ci5eA)\nA", Old lit. 

Amicitn, ainicim, s. to wait, delay, to shun. 

AmroeAnAiti, aHiíVZ/iáa?ia?;!/í, s. needle-work, em- 
broidery, i.e. •o^vtiinneACA-p. o. g. 

Ainim, aiinm, s. f. or Am in, s. a name. 

Amiiii, ainimh, s. a blemish, see Almoin. 

AinirimeAC, ainimhneach,s. a blemish. 

AmimneAiiunL, ainimneamhiul, adj. renowned, 
famo-js, celebrated. 

Ainme, ainine, s. f. anger. 

Amiocc, ainiocht, s. m. oppression, tyranny, in- 
hospltality, cruelty. 

. . . ■■7,7 fadi. oppressive, 

AmioccAC, ai7iiocfttoc/i, i / -^^ , 

. . . ' • • 7 . 7 -{ tyrannical, cruel, 
AmioccniAii, amiochtmhar, | ii;hospitable. 

Aimo'ÓATi, ainiodhan, niy unclean, impure. 
AmiounA^-, ainiodhnas, s. uncleanness, impurity. 
Amioiii, ainiomh, s. a spot, a blemish or stain on 

a person's reputation. 
Am 10111 AT), ainiomad, too much. 
Ami-p, aims, s. f. anise. 
Ainiu]', ainius, s. a soothsayer. 
Amuit), ainiud, s. error, depravity, wickedness. 
AmiuTiAc, am»«/ac/i, adj. depraved, wicked. 
Amte, ainle, s. f. a swallow ; an insect with four 

legs and a winged tail, always living on trees ; 

called also cac c^iAitm, and yeAjilog; a wild 
cat, Sh. 

Amle, ainle, adj. well featured^ fair. 

AinleAcr, ainleacht, s. fairness, softness, smooth- 
ness, beauty. 

AmteAiiiiiAm, abdennmhain, \ n ,.■ 

. . . ' . , , .' V s.t. persecution. 

AmieAiiiiiAmc, ainkamnliaint,) ^ 

AmleAiiiiAC, ainleannach, s. a persecutor. 

AmleAtinAini, ainleamtaim, v. to persecute; Aiii- 
ieAtiyAt) me cu, I will persecute you. 

AmleA]-, ainleas, s. disservice, mischief; harm 
to one's self; misfortune. 

Amledctiom, a/n?ertí/íí'ow,s. oppression, injustice. 

Amleoj, ainleog, s. a swallow; corruptly ^'Áin- 

•Amiioim, ainlionn, s. a condiment, Sh.; vid. 

AmiiiAi]', ainmhais, exhausting, lessening. 

AmmclAji, ainmchlar, s. m. a catalogue, enroll- 

AiiiiucaIac-o, ainmealaclid , s. notoriety, renown. 

AmiiieA]-, alnmheas, s. recompense. 

AmiiieA]', aiumheas, s. disrespect. 

A'miiieA]'A]TOA, aininheasardha, adj. excessive, 
huge ; inordinate, intemperate. 

AmiiieA]-Ant)Acw, ainmheasardhuchd, s. f intem- 
perance, excess. 

AmtiieiD, ainmheid, s. f. a wonder. 

AmniiAii, ainmhian, lust, passion, desire, concu- 

<\mn'iiAiK\c, (duridiianach, adj. lustful, passionate. 

Aiiitiin'i, aimnhiilh, s. f. a beast, a brute; pi. Ain- 

Amiiii-óeAc, aiiiiidndhinrh, ailj. brutal, brutish. 

Aiinin-oeAcn. aiiiiiiliid!i.<i,-lid, s. f. brutality. 

Amiiimn, ainudiinii, iidj. rugged, rough, coarse. 

Ammmre, ainminie, s. a beast. 

Amiiui-neAc, ainmhisneach, s. rashness, precipi- 
tancy, or as it is often used, hesitancy, irreso- 
lution, weakness. 

AmnmACAt), ainmnachadh, an appointment, Sh. 

Amiime, ainmne, s. patience — adj. patient; ie. 
■poiji-oneAC. o.g. 

AinmiieAC, ainmneach, a. named, famed, s^joken 

AmmneAinuil, ainmneamhuil, adj. renowned, 

Ammnijim, ainmnighim, v. to name, denomi- 
nate, assign. 

Amnmijce, ainmnighthe, part, denominated, 
named, assigned. 

Aiiimm jce, ainmnighthe, s. an assignee, Sh. 

Aiiimnui JAt), ainmniughadh, s. naming, mention- 
ing, dedicating. . 




-Ainn, ainn, s. f. a great circle; vulg. i.-Aine, a 

ring; the dim. of Ainn. 
AmnAriiAj, ainnamhag, a phoenix, Sh. 
AmneAt), ainneadh, patience, Sh. 

Amnijce, ainnighte, made patient or tame, Sh. 

Am null, ainnimh, a 'wilderness, Sh. 

Ainnin, ainnir, see AinTseAi^, and inp]i. 

Aiiitui-, auinis, needy, Sh. 

Ainni^'ACT), aimnsachd, low condition, Sh. 

AmpATii, ainram, I understand, S/i. 

AmiiiAliA^x, ainriahhar,s. an usurer. 

AmiuAccAtiAc, ainriachtanach, adj. necessitous, 
poor, miserable. 

Am^MAncA, aim'ianta, see AmfpiAncA. 

AinjMAnuAC, ainriantach, see Ainf^iAncAC. 

Ain)iiAiicACc, ainrianiacht, see AiiT|'-|ii<''i''CAcn. 

Ain|\ioc'ó, ainriochd, s. f. a pitiful condition; a 
miserable state, a necessitous condition. 

Ain^'eA]ic, s. f. hatred; excessive love. 

Ainfén, ainshen, s. f. unhappiness, misfortune. 

Am^-jiAU, s. f. a large knife or dirk; fury, rage, 

Ami'jÍAUAc, ainsgianach, s. a furious or extra- 
vagant person; adj. furious, outrageous, ex- 

Ain^-jiAnrA, aimgianta, part, broken down, de- 

Amp, aimi, v. she came, i.e. T)eAc]'Am, o.g. 

AmpjDiAinAC, ainspiamach, a cruel person, Sh. 

A'mp|D]iiAncAc-o, ainspriantachd, s. f. cruelty, 

AmpuAnCA, ainshrianta, part, imbrldled, de- 

Amf-]MAncAC, ainshriantach, s. a libertine. 

AmpuAncAcc, ainshriantacht, s. inflexibility, 

AmfiuAncAf, ainshriantas, s. m. libertinism. 

AmceAc, ainteach, a fast from flesh, Sli.; adj. 

AinceAnn, uinteann, adj. very thick, very stout, 
liraced up, over stifl'. 

AmceAf, ainteas, s. excessive or scorching heat; 

AmceAfAC, ainteasach, adj. hot, feverish. 

AmceAfuijeACT), ainteasuigheachd, s. f. fcverlsh- 
ness, 0. g. 

AmceT|x, ainteist, s. f. a false witness. 

Amceic, ainteith, adj. flagrant; very hot. 

AmcijcA^mA, aintighearna, s. m. a tyrant, an 

AmngeAnnAcc, ainiighearnacht, s. tyranny, op- 

Amci5ei\nAniuil, a'mtighearnamhuil, adj. tyran- 

Amci5eA]\nAi%fí2«í/^/ieflrn«s, see AmdjeAiuiAcc. 

Amcnm, aintiun, s. an anthem, C. P. 
•(AmcjiéATi, aintrean, adj. very strong; ungo- 
vernable, inflexible. 
AipceAct), aipcheachd, s. ripeness ; of mature age. 
Aipcif), aipchidh, adj. ripe. 
Aipob, aipol, s. m. Apollo. 
Aip, aÍ7; on, upon, at, in, with, of, concerning. 

In old MSS. It is written poi\, see AtnbceAC ; v. 

imper. of Aimm, I number, reckon; imper. 

of Ai|um, I watch; imper. of Aipijim, or 

eii«5iin, I arise; genlt. of ají, slaughter ; adj. 

destroyed ; ploughed ; v. he says, third pers. 

present of Ab|\Aini, I say; adj. respectful; 

careful; the east, see oip. 
Ai)! Aif, air, ais, adv. back, backwards. 
AipbAinim, airbhainim, to ail, Sh. 
Aii\be, airhhe, ribs, s. i. e. Apiie, o. g.; s. f a 

story, a kind of poem, i. e. Aiium Ai]n)e, o. g. 

s. art, science. 
Aii\'beAc, airhheach, adj. furrowed, ribbed. 
Ai^beA-ó, airbheadh, s. a division. 
Ai]ibeA'ÓAiiTi, airbheadhaim, v. to divide, to 

AipbeApc, airbheart, s. n?eanlng; s. wisdom; 

law ; a moving. 
AijibeA^iCAC, airbheartach, adj. sagacious. 
AqibeApcAim, airbheartaim, v. to lead, to move 

Ai^ibeApcbic, airbheartbhith, life, Sh. 
Aiiibeinc, airbheirt, v. he found, i. e- P|"c, no 

puA]!, 0. g.; s. a leading, drawing, directing, 

0. g. 
Ai]\bei]\c, airbheirt, s. pi. words, i. e. b]\iAcpA, 

AipbiT>neAC, airhhidneach, adj. noble. 

Aii\bm, airbhin, a bundle, a load, Sh. 

AipbmneAC, airbhinneach, adj. respectful. 

Anibin, airbhir, 1 • • .. /■ 

I -,, ' ' . , , V s. carriage ; a mist, log. 
A^-[\h\\<}, airbhre,) ° ° 

Ai)-.bij\e, airbhire, s. a reproach, blame; s.T. an 

Ai]\bne, airbhre, s. a host, legion, army, multi- 

A\\\c, aire, s. a chest; a sow; a straight, a 
difficulty, hardship, great hunger, hence 
Aipci|-eAC, a hungry, distressed person; a 
a lizard ; an ark ; the cork tree. 

Ai^cAm, aireain, a stopper for a bottle. 

Ai]\cc, aircc, s. plunder; vid. Aijij. 

Ai)iceAC, airceach, adj. corky, ingenious; a. in- 
genious; i.e. inTicbeAct)Ac. 

AinceAC, airceach, s. a plunderer. 

AipceAct), airceachd, s. heresy, improp. for 

Aij\ceA-ó, airceadh, s. an earnest penny. 




AntceAtiAl, airceadal, s. prophecy; poetry; 

druidic incantations. 
AiiiceAllA-o, airchealladh, s. theft, sacrilege. 
Aii\ceAlq\AC, airchealtrach, s. a hind of the third 

year, a cow. 
<3kipceAn, airchean, s. the end, border, or boun- 
dary of a country ; a. consonuut. 
^ipceAUA, airckeana, adv. henceforth, from 

AipceAnn, aircheann, s. an overseer ; adj . certain, 

positive, I. e. ppcumce, o. g. 
Ai]\ceA]% airceas, s. maturity ; straightness, difii- 

Ai]iceA]"o, airclieasd, s. waiting, meeting. 
<\ipce<.\]XAi]\, aircheastair, s. genuine mirth. 
Aincit)écoin, airchidechoin,^ s. an archdeacon, 
AipcineócAin, airchideo- > 4 M. 1402 et 

chain, ) infra. 

AipcilL, airchill, s. lying in ambush, keeping, 

i. e. coiriieAT). 
■Ai]\ciltAiin, airchillaim, v. to lie In wait. 
Ai]\ciiToeAC, aircJiindeach, s. a superior, prior of 

a convent, provincial of a rehgious order. 4 

Aii\cineAC, aircineach, taking one with another, 

Ai]\cinneAC, aircinneacli, s. m. a chief of a clan, 

see AniciiToeAC. 
Ai]\cionn, airchionn, s. a side, border ; " Ai|\cionn 

ripe, 0- g. 

! adj .greedy, gluttonous, 
hungry, ravenous, 
voracious, difficult, 

Ai)\ci|-, airchis, s. a pledge; expostulation, a 
complaint, {. e. eACCAoine, o. a.; an occur- 
sion, meeting, waiting. 

Aipcij-Aim, airchisaim, v. to complain, expostu- 

AijicifDe, airchisde, s. lamentation for the dead. 

Aipci^eAcc, airchiseacht, s. help, aid. Vis. Ad. 

Aijic-luAcpA, airc-luachra, s. an eft; a horse- 

Aiii-Accul, adv. backwards. 

•Ai]vo, aiy^d, s. a coast, a country, region; a point 
of the compass; elevation, eminence, happi- 
ness; state, order, improvement; adj. loud, 
public, o^-A^TO, pubhcly. 

■AiH-obeA-o, airdhbeadh, s. cutting, {. e. ceAfjAt), 
no jeAn^A-ó. 

<\i|\T)beAiTOAiin, airdhheandaim, v. to cut. Sh. 

-<\il\-obeAiTOiuce, airdbheandiuce, s. an arch- 

-AiiTObjieicheAm, airdbhreitheamh, s. m. a chief 
judge, chief justice. 

^i)\t)ceAnn, airdcheann, s. m. a superior, a go- 

^XipnceAniiA]', airdcheannas, s. superiority, so- 
vereignty ; supreme dominion. 

Ain-océnii, ainlcheim, s. f dignity, eminence, 

A\]mcé^meAc, airdcheimeach, adj. stately, digni- 
fied, strutting. 

-Aiiiticeimnii, airdcheimim, v. to strut, walk ma- 

<\i]rocéiriineAcc, airdcheimneacht, s. m. dignity. 

Ai|TOcéimni5itii, airdcheimnighim, see Aip-oce- 

Anrocio|', airdckios, s. chief rent, head rent, 

^\i]rocu]i, airdehur, s. power, might. 

Aiiroe, airde, s. f. height, highness, eminence. 

Ai|A-oe Ati l,An rriAjiA, airde an Ian mhara, s. 
high-water mark. 

Aiji-óe, aiidhe, s. f. a sign, a mark. 

•AijTOeA-j'boj, airdeasbog, s. an ai'chbishop. 

A\\meM'hox:o\-oeAcz,airdeasboq-'\ i i • i 

oideacht, _ . ( rie aX 

-Ai^TOeAi-butjeAcc, airdeashuig- f ,■ ' 

•Ai|TOeAn, airdhean, s. a sign, a symptom; posi- 
tion of a thing 

AiiroeAnAib, airdeanaibh, s. pi. constellations. 

AitróeA]\c, airdhearc, s. an entreaty, prayer, 

.AiiiueAi-AC, airdhfasach, adj. sublime. 

Ai]TOf'eA-óiiiAnAc, airdfheamanach, s. a high 

AinTDfoJA^iAC, airdfhogharaeh, adj. altisonant. 

Aip'o^.'nioctinjceAt), airdfriothluighthead, s. 

-áip-oi'^uocl.uijúeoin, airdfriothluighfheoir,s. an 

AijTOJeoin, airdgliioin, s. f great noise, tempest, 

■Aipúi, airdhi, s. a wave. 

AipTDinriie, aii-dininhe, s. high rank, eminence, 

AijroiniiieAc, airdinmheach, adj. eminent. 

Ai]wtem, airdiem, s. a whetstone; " i. e. ctoc, 
eiriii]\ ].-^\ii- A "bpAolipAJcepÁ-iímATJ miteAt) no 
Iaoc", 0. g. 

Aip-oinncinn, airdinntinn, s. f elevation of mind, 
high-splrltedness, pride, haughtiness, arro- 

Aip-omncinneAC, airdinntinneach, adj. proud, 

AiiTOiobAt), airdhiobhadh, s. m. execution, de- 
struction, death. 

Aipt)unce, airdiuice, s. an archduke 



'\ a suprei 
> lord, a Í 
J vereign 

Ai^TOleoj, airdleog, s. f. a sudden jerk, a pull. 

Aip'oriie>\i', airdmheas, s. fame, est eeni. 

-(\int>neAcc, airdreacht, s. a synod. 

-<\i)\-o]\eAccAf, air dread das, s. a convention, as- 

Ai]\t)]\éiin, airdreim, s. high style, magnificence, 
flight in poetry ; rank, dignity. 

A\\\X)y.é\me'\c,airdreuneach, adj. notable, famous, 
s\iblime, having sovereign sway, magnificent. 

-AiiTO]>éimeAi-, airdreimheas, s. providence; sub- 

Ai|TOj\u\jlAijini, airdriagldaigliim, v. to rule 

-AiiTOHiAJlAijceoi)», airdnaglilaigliilieoir, s. a 
sovereign ruler. 

Aijit)]!! j, airdrigh, s. m. a monarch, a supreme 

Aipt)]u je, airdrighe, s. a kingdom, an empire. 

.<\i]\-oni05<.\mU\c-o, airdrioghamhlachd, s. sove- 
reignty, monarchy. 

AiiTO]uoJAn"nii'L, airdrioghamhuil, adj. monarchi- 
cal, princely. 

Aint)|-5éiiiibeoip, airdsgeimhkoir, s. a curious, 

inquisitive person. 

. 7^7 . , la supreme 

'(\^\vz^t,eó.\\r\c^,alrdt/ng/lea7•na, s.m 

A^\vt\nó.t, airdthriath, s.m 

<\i]ie, aire, s. f notice, heed, care, attention, 
watchfulness: a fishing weir; a judge; a 
ser\'ant ; a name to the different ranks of no- 
bility. Sh. 

AinÓAb, aireah, s. wind. 

Ai]ieAc, s. m. a noble, a noble person, a privi- 
leged pei-son ; (t. e JliA-ó ].-bACA) a degree of 
nobility is often put in old law books for 
oilTOeAiic, noble, illustrious, privileged or 
wealthy. Thus the man rich in cattle was 
called bo Ai^;eAC, from bo and AineAC. .Ai]\eAC 
is often compounded, as Aii\eAcpei'b, noble- 
like, which, in modern Irish, would be ex- 
pressed by Ai|TOeApcAiiitiib. AiiveAc^reibe 
comprehends every degree of nobility, from 
the bo AijieAc to the king; a herdsman; in- 
genuity; adj. violent, hostile, unpleasant, 
vigilant, attentive, circumspect, curious. 

AiHeACAb, aireacal, s. an oracle. 

AineACA]-, aireaclias, s. feeding of cattle; the 
office of a herdsman ; pastoral life ; attention, 
circumspection, chariness. 

AineAccA]", aireaclitas, s. an assembly, a meeting. 

AineAt), aireadh, doing, making, meeting; i.e. 
"oeAnAiii, 0. g. 

AiiAeAT)A, aireadha, adj. excellent, famous, plea- 
sant, ie- oineAt)A, o. g. 

Ai)\eAlAc, airealacJi, a. weak, feeble. 

AijigeAc, airgeach, s. m. a plimderer. 

Ai]AeArii, aireamh, s. m. a number, numbering, 
numeration, enumeration. 

AipeAriiAC, ah'eamhach, s. a numerator, ac- 

AineAiiiAcc, aireamhacht, s. f numbering, enu- 

AiiieAiiiAin, aireamhain, complaining, missing, 
the absence of anything. 

AiiieAiiu\ini, aireamhaim, v. to count, number, 

Ai)ieAtiii:oii\, aireamhtJioir, s. a calculator, enu- 

An\eAnAC, aireanach, s. a beginning. 

Ai]\eAH, airear, s. a bay or harbour ; satisfaction; 
a choice; food,victuals, pleasure, pleasantness. 

Aii\eA]TOA, aireardha, adj. pleasant. 

Ai]ieAi'5, aireasg, s. the apple of the eye, sight. 

Aii\eAc, aireat, s. a space of time, period, " ]\o 
jonAt) ACA]' 110 riiAnbAt) ■OAome loiiróA cac- 
oi\nA An AipeAcpn". 4 M. 1432. 

Ai^iei, airel, s. a bed. 

Ai]\ebAiin, airelaim, to lay in bed, Sh. 

AinebeAc, aireleacJi, a sleepy person, Sh. 

Ai]\]:eAt), airfeadh, prepos. amid, amidst, among, 

AiiAp-ocAC, airfideach, adj. harmonious. 

AinpincAt), airjideadli, s. harmony. 

AiH5, atrg, gen. of Apg, a prince; v. to plunder. 

Ai^ije, airghe, s. f a place for summer grazing 
in the mountains ; a herd. 

-AipjeAC, airgheach, adj . herbaceous ; s. one who 
has many herds ; of or belonging to a herd. 

-Aii\5éAX), airgead,s. silver money; vid. Aijigiot). 

Ai^ijeAu, airgeadh, s. regard. 

AijijeATiAini, airgeadaiin, v. to regard. 

AijijeAU, airghean, s. a bridle rein, a symptom, 
a sign, a peculiarity. 

Aipjim, airgrm, v. to spoil, rob, plunder, drive, 
or take away. 

Ai^igim, airghim, v. to heed, mind, observe, 
take care of; to ask, seek, demand. 

Ai^ijin, airgin, s. a pix, a small box. 

A1H510T), airgiod, s. silver, money, vid. AiiigeAt). 

AinjioTJAc, airgiodach, adj. pecuniary, argent, 

AijijioTD-beo, airgiod-heo, s. quicksilver. 

Ai]\5iot)5A, airgiodgha, adj. of silver. 

Ai]\5io'o luAcpA, airgiod-luachra, s. si5Íra?a ul- 
maria, meadow-sweet. 

Ainjion-coic, airgiod-toit,s. hearth-money. 

<\i]\5in, airghir, s. f. a cow-calf 

^'Y^''^^^ ^i^g^}'^^ I s. robbery. 

AinjneAt), airgneadh, j •' 

Aijigre, airgthe, part, spoiled, plundered 



AijijceAc, airgtheach, s. a robber, plunderer, 

spoiler; adj. boimtlful, generous in bestowing 

A\\\\, airi, s. a general. 
Ai|\5éeoi]A, airgtheior, s. a plunderer, depredator, 

^i]\it), airidh, s. f. a plum; keeping or attending 

cattle; s. a sign, a mark, <y\]\m n<\ c]\oice; a 

spectre, apparition, vision; a daily. 
Aii\i-óe, airidhe, adj. certain, particular, especial, 

AiniT)e, airide, taking, conquering, "ie. ^AbAib 

no jAbAluAc", 0. g. 
Ai]\i5, airigh, deserving, finding; gen. of Ai^ieAc, 

a chief, a nobleman. 
^i]M5e, airighe, pi. of Ai]\5e, a herd. 
AinijeACTj, airigheachd, s. f. sovereignty. 
•AijMJini, airighim, v. I feel, perceive, heed, mind, 

observe, note, calculate, ^compute, enumerate. 
Aipijce, certain, sure. 

Ai]\i5reoi)\, airight/ieoir, s. f an ascertainer. 
Ai]\i'LteAT3, air'dlead, s. m. a law. 
AinilloAt), airiUeadh, s. hire, wages. 
Ai)\ilceAti, airiltean, s. a fashion; hire, wages; 

eipiity, justice. 
Ail\im, fliViTw, see Aipignn ; v. to watch; prop. 

VAllMtl1._ _ 

Ai]unn, airinn, s. friendship. 

-AiniocA]', see Ai|\eACA]'. 

A1H10CC, airiocht, instead, or in place of; s. a 

faction, party, clan ; a cantred, canton, district. 
AinioccAi', airiochtas, s. a convention, assembly. 
x\i)M0iii, airiomh, s. m. ploughing, agiiculture, 

Aiju^ie, airire, s. a curse. 
Ai]\i]-, airis, s. history, knowledge ; charcoal, a 

iirebrand; i. e. Aicinne, 0. g.; s. f. delay; imi- 
<\i]M]'e, airise, s. recital, rebearsal, narration. 
Ail\i)-eAc, airiseacli, a. a rehearser; adj. apish. 
-Ainii'nn, airisim, v. to watch, wait, see oii\t]-ini, 

to dwell, rest, stop, delay, " ni ]\o Aim)- ua 

neiU". 4 Mast. 1416. 
Aipipn, airisin, s. history, rehearsal, recital; an 

appointment, order, array, Aipipn caca 
Aijupie, airisne, hereafter, Sh. 
Ai]nu5Ati, airiughadh, perception, also perceived, 

AipiucAim, airiughaim, v. to awake, consiune, 

A\-\\ie, airle, s. f counsel, a loan. 
-AinleAc, airlmch, s. a skirmish. 
AipbeACA-o, airleacadh, s. lending, borrowing, 

<.\ii\leAC(.\nn, airleacaim, v. to lend, to borrow. 

AinbeACAn, airleacan,} , 

-di]\bi05An, airliogan, ) 

AinteAccAC, airleacthach, adj. ready or willing 
to lend. 

AinleAccoi]\, airleacthoir, s. a lender, an usurer. 

Aijileoj, airleog, s. a high flight; a project; a 
fling, jostle, toss. 

Ai]\beA5Ac, ah-leagacJi, adj. adventurous, enter- 
prising; full of projects. 

-Aipbijce, airligthe, lent, borrowed, adventitious. 

Aipiing, airling, s. a corps de reserve. 

Aijiin, airm, s. arms, weapons; see A]iin, s. f a 

-Aipnicpiof, airmchrios, s. m. a belt worn by a 
soldier to fasten his arms. 

Anungem, airmghein, s. a soldier; one well 

Aii«neA'ó, airniheadh, s. m. a herd of cattle ; a 
kind of measure. 

Ai]wieAt)Aiin, airmheadhaim, to measure, to 
weigh, Sh. 

•Ainn'ieAcc, airmheacht, s. f. distinction. 

Ai]iméA]vc, s. an order or custom. 

<\i|\iiiei]U5, airmeirig,s. i. galium aparine, goose- 
grass, catch-weed. 

v\i]Mn jem, airmghein, adj. well-born. 

Ai];)!!!^, airmhid, s. f honour, worship, reve- 

Aiiiniiu, airmidli, s. f an order or custom. 

Aiiunit), airmid, s. a swan. 

Ai^niit), ainiihidh, s. an interdict; s. f a vow, a 
promise, gen. Aii\mi-óe. 

Ai]\ttiit)iii, airmhidin, s. f. honour, respect, reve- 

Ai]Aitiit)neAC, airmhidneach, adj. venerable, re- 

Ai]m"iiTn, airmhim, v. to reckon, count, enume- 

Aijiniine, airmine, s. f. observance, worship. 

x.\i]utiiniin, ainnhinim, v. to count, reckon, enu- 
rate, calculate. 

^^^]^m\A>,nrt, airmlann, s. an armoury; A]\iiiU\n, 
q. V. 

Ai]niineAC, aiVwi/ííigoc/i, s. a man who has much 
corn, " i.e. feA]; Ia^ a mbiú Ai\bA]\ ioiiiúa", 
Cor. g. 

-Ai|Ani-ceirie, airm-theine, s. f. fire-arms. 

Ai]>-niAi]', air-mais, adv. back, backwards. 

AiiiiToeAbb, airndeall, s. a stag, 0. g. 

Aq\ne, airne, s. f. sloes: a watching or sitting up 

at night ; pi. of a^va, a kidney. 
AijincAC, airneach, adj. vigilant. 
AinneAt)A, airneadha, the seed of shrub trees, 

AiiAneA'ÓAc, ainieadhach, adj. shrubby, Sh. 




AipneAiii, aii-neamh, s. m. a grinding stone, 
wliet-stone, hone. 

AiiinéAn, airnean, s. a watching at night. 

AijineA]', airneas, s. vigilance; cattle, property. 

Ai]MieA]-Ac, azV/ieasac/i, s. a watchman; adj. vi- 
gilant, watchful. 

Aii\neAi-Ai-óeAC, airneasaidheach, adj. nephritick. 

AiptieA]'5]iut)AC, airneasffrudach,ajiú-nephriúck. 

-i,\i]\neij-, airneis, s. £ cattle; chattels, moveables, 
i'urniture; see A]\neAi'; the agonies of death. 

<\il\nei, aii-nel, s. f. weariness, fatigue. 

<\i]iiieo, airneo, else, otherwise. Sh. 

^Xilineog, airneog, s. a sloe; Welsh, eirnin. 

■di)\oile, airoile, adv. together; ■^\\\y AHOiLe, 
through or with each other. 

Aim\T)e, airrde, s. a sign; " Aipptie ua ctioice". 
L. Breac. 

•<\i]\ni'ce, airrsce, s. f. the hinder part of the 

Ai^>l\fe, airrse, s. f a vault, arch, arcade. 

Ai]\i-5e, airsge, s. f. contemplation. 

■(\i]\]TDeACC, airsidhacht, s. the act of standing 
up, i. e. t-eA]'Ain, o. g. 

xAippon, airsion, upon him; orAi]i]"eAn. 

.<\i)ii-on, airson, adv. in behalf, for sake of. 

^il\]'néAl-AC, airsnealach, adj. dejected, dumjjish. 

AijireAj^Al, airteagal, s. m. an article. 

AmceAn'i, airtecmih, s. an inch. 

Ai]\r('An, iiirtfati, s. a stone; i.e. be]-, o. g. 

-AinreL, aiitel. s. f. a couch or bed. 

Ai]\ceAi\Ac, airthearach, a. eastern. 

<\iHcicAÍ, airtical, s. m. see AipceA^Ab. 

A\\\rin,airtin, s. f. a pebble. 

<\i)>cine, airtine, s. f. a flint stone. 

-Ai)icip, airthir, s. the east; vid. o\\\tt\\ or oi]\- 

Ai]icii\, airthir, adj. eastern. 

AijvcnéAÍ, aiftneal, s. fatigue, weariness. 

Aii\cnéAbAc, airtnealach, adj. weary, tired, lan- 
guid, weak. 

Ai)\cneAm, airtneamh, s. a grinding-stone, a 
whet-stone used for sharpening arms. 

.Ai)% ais, back ; adv. cAp ai]-, a\\\ ai]% afterward, 

A\]-, ais, s. f. a hill, a fort, strong-hold, a covert, 
a loan, a car, cart, waggon, shingles to cover 
houses ; dependence, aca ái|- AgAtn ai^i ; age, 
AÍ]' CAnAi]-e, the second stage of human lil'e, 
reckoned from 7 to IG years, L. Lee. adj. free, 
willing, Ai]\ Af no M\\ eijion. 

A\\-c, aise, s. Í. a request, petition, damage, 
trespass, a stain, a blemish, o. g. 

Aii'ceAÓ, aisceadh, s. a cleansing. 

^Jki-pceimmjeAct), aisceimnigheachd, s. rctlrc- 

Aifcéimnjim, aisceimnighim, v. to retire, with- 

Atj-ceiji, aisceir, s. a ridge of high mountains. 

Ai]-cim, aiscini, v. to teach, enlighten. L. Lee. 
to request, crave, ask; to clean, search, or 

Ai^-OAp, aisdar, S. a star; AycAji id. q. A]- co]\. 

Ai]'t)e, aisde, pron. out of lier, it. 

-Ait-oe, aisde, I n 

. ' '. .', ,, I-s. Í. a poem. 
AiyoeAt), aisdeadh, J ^ 

'\\\-oeA,c, aisdeach, s. a gay, diverting fellow; 
adj. gamesome, sportful, queer. 

Ai]"oeACAn, aisdeachan, s. m. sports, games, di- 
versions, jests, playing pranks, impositions. 

Aij-óeAÍpA-ó, aisdhealradh, s. catoptricks. 

<\il-T)eA]i, aisdear, s. m. a journey, a wandering, 
straying, vid. AfT)A|\ and a]-ca|i. 

Ai]-T3eApu5A-ó, aisdear ughadh, travelling, re- 

Ai]"oeoi\Ac-o, aisdeorachd, s. see Aii-oeACAin. 

Aii-oijceom, aisdightheoir , s. m. a jester, 
player; a cheat. 

Aij-tno);, aisdior, see Ai|-T)eAii. 

Ai]'T)Í5eAct), aisdigheachd, s. see AifTaeAÍAiu. 

-Ai]-opéin, aisdrein, s. f. an exchange. 

-Aifopit), aisdridh, s. f. a digression, translation, 

-áiy-0)\i'óuTi, aisdridhim, v. to digress, travel, 
translate, Sh. 

^\yo-\\^ifieAc, aisdrightheach, s. a traveller, wan- 
derer, roamer; adj. mutable. 

-dii-oiMJceAct), aisdrightheachd, s. mutability. 

Aii-o]\iTn, aisdrim, to remove from one place to 

•Ai]"0|\iu JATD, aisdriughadh, s. m. vicissitude, re- 

-Aij-e, aise, s. f death. 

Ai]-eAc, aiseac, s. restoration, restitution. 

Aii'eAC, aiseach, adagio, Sh. 

-áii'eACAt), aiseacadh, s. restoring. 

-Aii-eAb, aiseal, s. jollity, <SA. 

AifCAbbAt), aisealbhadh, s. repossession, restora- 
tion, restitution. 

AifeAbbAim, aisealbhaim, v. to repossess; to re- 
store or give back. 

-Ai]-eib5, aiseilg, adv. behind, 

Aii'eiljiin, aiseilgim, s. to stay behind. 

Al]-e1]^5l■ó, aiseirghidh, s. f. resurrection, see ei]-- 
eijije, some part of a mill, Sh. 

.ái]-ei]\5iin, aiseirghim, v. to rise again. 

-Aifi:éí-óineAcc, aisfeidhmeacht, s. f. a disbanding, 

Ai]-}-eit)iTiini, aisfeidhmim, to disband, Sh. 

.Ai]-gAiptn, s. abrogation, recalling. 

•Ai]-5Ai]UTiAtn, aisghairman, to call back, Sh. 

Aif j^e, aisge, s. f a present or free gift. 




Aij'ge'ó, aisgedh, s. a desire. 

^iCjeineALiXCAX), aisgeinealacliadh, s. degene- 

Aii-jeineAlAco, aisgeinealachd, s. regeneration. 

Aii'geineAt-Aigim, aisgeinealaighim, to degene- 
rate. Sh. 

Aifgei^, augeir, s. f. a mountain, as Aii'geiii, or 
ei]'5Í^A pi,^^^, the ridge of movmtains whicli 
separate tetvc cuinn from teAc tiioJA-ó. 

Aii^5ipe, aisgire, s. f a petitioner. 

Aij-jl.eo'OAnii, aisgJdeodhaim, v. to recall. 

AipceAC, cdsiceach, adj. crafty, ingenious. 

Aifiiri, aisim, v. to depend, trust, confide. 

Aipoc, aisioc, s. restitution, repayment, a ferry, 
a vomit. 

AipocA'o, aisioeadh, s. restitution, restoring. 

.V,-iocAim, aisiocaim, 1 ^_ ^^ ^,^ ^^^^_ 

AijiojAiin, aisiogaim, j '■ •' 

Aipon, aision, a cro\vn, a diadem, a relic. 

Ai]'ioi", aisios, s. an inclination to vomit. 

AipuJA-o, aisiughadh, s. alleviation. 

AipuJAim, aisiughaim, v. to alleviate, assuage. 

AifléAiA, aislear, s. m. a spring tide. 

AifLéine, aisleine, s. f. a sliroud, i.e. Léme Aij-e, 

Aiflmj, aisling, s. f. a dream, a vision. 

Ai]'liii5Aim, aislingaim, v. to dream, 

Aii-bnseAc, ai.;m^.acA, K. ^ dreamer. 

AiyLmjccAC, aisLingtlicach, J 

Ai^-linjeAt), aislingeadh, di-eaming. 

Aiime, aisne, s. f. a rib; vid. ApiA. 

AifneAc, aisneach, adj. ribbed. 

Ai]"neA'OAt), aisnead/iadh, s. telling, explaining. 

Aifnei-oitn, aisneidhim, v. to name, tell, relate. 

Aifneii", aisneis, s. f. a naming, telling, relating. 

Aifiieiptti, aisneisim, v. to make manifest, to 
tell, relate. 

AipoliiliAni, aisphillam, v. to retort, return. 

Ai)-]ieiiiini J1111, aisreimnighim, v. to reciprocate. 

AiyiieimniuJAT), aisreininiughadh, s. m. recipro- 

Aip-i-oe, aissidhe, out of it, from it. 4 Mas. 

Aiixe, aiste, out of her, or it, from it; s. f a 

AiyceAC, aisteach, a. ingenious, witty, game- 

ATpceAji, aisfear, see Ai]'t)eA^\. 

Aii-ceit), aisteidh, s. the hatch of a ship, »S/i. 

Aii-ceoi^i, aisieoir, s. Í. a cheat, a jester, merry 

Al1-ceol;^eAcc, aisteoireacht, s. a comedy, the 
actions or pranks of a merry andrew. 

AifCTOe, aistidhe, pi. of Ai-jpceit). 
AifcijeA-ó, aistigheadh, s. composition, inven- 
Aiixijim, aistighim, v. to feign, invent. 
Aii'cijceoip, aistighiheoir, see Ai^xeoi]A. 

Aii'ceoiiiAC, aisteoirach, s. m. a traveller. 

Aifrpeoi]\, aistreoir, s. an officer whose duty it 
was to ring the bell in the steeple of the chiu-ch. 
The lowest of the seven degrees of ecclesias- 
tical officers. " Ai]-ci\eoiii, i.e. AipciieAC 
Acneoi^i, i.e. beim cluic no eóc)\o ^acc, no 
UAii'cneoi)í mcAn ai'cIoc cboigcige, noi]-- 
ci\eoi]i, i.e. ip-eAbl, Aicpeoi]! incAti" ^\ tAth- 
cioc". Comm. on Br. Lo. 

Aij-cpijim, aistrighim, v. to travel ; remove from 
one place to another; change; alter; trans- 

Aii-qujceAC, aistrightheach, s. a traveller; adj. 
inconstant, changeable. 

-Ai^-c^MJce, aisti'ighthe, adj. altered, changed. 

Ai^pcpioc, aistrioch, adj. inconstant. Sh. 

•AifCuioJATi), aistrioghadh, s. a progress, a jour- 
ney ; alteration, change, progress. 

Aic, ait, s. f a place, stead. 

Aic, aith, s. Í. a hill, an eminence, a skirmish, a 
kiln; plur. Aice, s. a ford; like Am and An, is 
sometimes reiterative, and sometimes a nega- 
tive particle, as -OAicbeo-OA-o, to revive, re- 
suscitate; and ■oVmciuoja'ó, to dethrone or 
unking; see quotation at ac. 

Aic, ait, adj. comical, strange, arch, glad, joyful, 
pleasant, pleasing, b'Áic liom. 

Alt, aith, s a tongue; adj. quick, sharp. 

AicAit)itii, aithaidhim, v. to know, to perceive. 

Aicbe, aithbhe, s. f the ebb of the tide. 

AicbeA]AAim, aithhhearaim, v. to bring forth 

AicbeA]\cA, aithbheartha, adj. regenerate. 

Aitbeo, aithhheo, come to life again; resurrec- 
tion from the dead. 

Aicbeo-ÓA-ó, aithbheodhadh, s. a revival; ai]a 
A ti'Airbeo-ÓA-ó. 

Aicbeo'ÓAini, aithbheodhaim, v. to revive. 

Aicbeo-ocAin, aithbheodhchain, s. reviving, en- 

Aicbiop, aithbhior, s. blame. 

Aiébio|\AC, aithbhiorach, s. m. a reprover, cen- 

Aicbio|\At), aithbhioradh, s. m. reproach, censure, 
blame, blaming. 

AicbioiiAim, aithbhioraim, v. to blame, censure, 

AiccAgAC, aiteagach, a. shy, indiffi^rent, scorn- 

AiceAÍ, aiteal, s. light, music. 



AiceAiii, aitheamh, s. a fatliom. 

^XicceA]-, aithcheas, 1 s. f. a concubine, 

AicceAfAiue, aithcheasaidhe,) a whore. 

Aicceo.^', aithcheas, v. appeared; 1-0.11 oi-óce iio 
AicceA]' •]-oi'Lti"e Tnó]i. 

<\ii!:ceA)-AC, aithcheasach, adj. wliorisli ; s. a 
whore-monger. T. 0. N. 

AicceA^^AUTi, aithcheasaim, v. to play the whore, 
to whore ; to iUumine, to shine. fSVi. 

AicceA]xoip, aithcheastoir, s. f. a fornicator, 

Aicceo, aiihcheo, s. blame, reproach ; a contra- 

•Aiccim, aitchim, v. to pray, beg, entreat, be- 

Aicceo-ÓAHii, aithcheodhaim, v. to disapprove, 
dislike, contemn. 

.<\iccini, aitchim, v. to deny. 

-AicciiiiAim, aithchimaini,r. to border, welt, em- 
broider. Sh. 

X\icc]ie)-oeAti), aithchreideamh, s. apostacy. 

•AiccimeAc, aithchirneach, s. a petitioner. 

AiccumAi];, aithchumair, adj. brief, compen- 

Aice, aite, s. f room, roominess, scope, location, 

•Aice-CAiiiTDAib, aite-chaiiihdhail, s. f. a rendez- 

AitueAnATti, aithdheanamh, v. to undo, re-do, 

Aic'oeiiiiiii jim, ailhdheimlinighim, v. to re- 

x\ice-plbAC, aite-foUach, s. a lurking place. 

Aice-yAbAtii, aite-falamh, s. a vacancy. 

-dice iiAorii, aite-naomh, s. a sanctuary. 

•Aice--|']DAt]~oeopAct), s. a parade, play-ground, 

Aice-CAi]-beuiiA-ó, aite-taisheunadh, s. a stage, 
place of exhibition. 

Aice-CAi|-5, aite-taisg, s. a repository, a station. 

Aice-ceiceAt), aite-teitheadh, s. a place of refuge, 
a retreat. 

Aice, aithe, s. lending; i.e. ia^'acc, 0. g. s. f 

A\te, aithe, adj. keen, sharp ; i.e. gép, 0. g. 

AiccAC, aitheach, s. m. a giant, a soldier, a clown ; 
a sow; adj. gigantic; anxious, careful. 

.AiceAt), aitheadh, s. a stealing away, retiring 
privately; elfshot. 

AiceAlÍAc, aitheallach, s. reseating; i.e. aic]-ui- 
■óiuJA-ó, 0. g. 

AiceAiii, aitedimh, s. m. a proof, a convincing 

■AiceAtiiu'il, aitcamhuil, adj. local. 

AiceAnn, aiteann, s. f furze. 

AiceAtinrA, aitheannta, \ adj. known, familiar, 

AiceAncAC, aitheantach,) free, sociable. 

AiteAncA]-, aitheantas, s. knowledge, acquaint- 

-<\iúeAncAiTii, aitheantaim, v. to know, to com- 

AiceA]i]\Ac, aithearrach, another, a different 
thing ; a change. 

AiceA^', aiiheas, adj. vmanimous; s. m. a blemish, 
stain, an upbraiding. 

AiceA]-, uiteas, s. gladness, joy, pleasantry, 
drollery ; a dwelling, a place of safety. 

i\iceA]-Ac, aitheasach, adj. glad, joyful. 

•<\iceA]-c, aitheasc, s. admonition, advice, a lec- 

AiceA^-oeAcc, aitheasdeacht, s. rehearing, an ap- 

Aiceijije, aitheirghe, s. resurrection. 

\\iceii\5iiii, aitheirghim, v. to reascend. 

<\ic]re, aitfe, s. ebbing of the sea. 

Aicfene, aithfene, s. redemption. 

<,\icp]uonn, aithfrionn, see Ai]:nionn. 

-AirjcAni;, aithghearr, adj. compendious, brief, 
short; adv. soon 

^^ti^e.^YY-^■oo\Y, aithghea,- , ^_ ^^ ^tbrevlat, 



^^\tt^e.^]^\\ó\]\, aithghearroir, 

AirjeA^incA, aithghearr tha, abridged. 

Aicgem, aithghein, like another; one's self, re- 

Aicjein, aithghein, ") 

-AitjeineAiiiuin, aiíA(//íane- |-s. f. regeneration. 
amhuin, ) 

Aicjemun, aithgheinim, v. to regenerate. 

\\1c5e1nre, aitgheinte, adj. regenerate. 

AlC510]^llA, aithghiorra, s. an abridgment. 

<Vici, aitlii, adj. moist. 

Aici-o, aithid, s. £ a serpent, an asp; a peevish 

^m-oe, aitide, j ^ ^ submission; see Ait,it)in. 

Aitm\x\, aithidin, s. f. a little venomous creature ; 
a little beast. 

AcAij, athaigh,) ^ '■ 

AmgeAf, aitigheas, inhabiting, dweUing; s. re- 
luctance, unwillingness, see yAicijio]-. 

^^^^Pjr,, «ii¥»'», . |seeAicc„n. 

-AiciuJAim, attitighaim, ) 

A1C151111, aitighim, Y. to dwell, inhabit ; to prove, 


Aicioc, aithioch, s. m. a fornicator. 
Airijfe, aitighthe, adj. inhabited, populous. 
Aicijceoin, aitightheoir, s. f. an inhabitant, resi- 
dent, dweller. 



<Xicín, aitin, s. f. a hat, a cap; fire. 

Aicni, aithin, s. f. tlic liver. 

<\iriiine, aitliame, s. f. a firebrand; charcoal. 

<\iritntii, aithinim, v. to ordain, order, command. 

AifiobAp, aitliiohhar, s. ni. banishment, expul- 

Atciol, aitiol, s. juniper. 

^\icio)\Ac, aitJdorach, s. a mystery ; trade, art, 

v\iriO]', aitios, s. pleasantry, mirth. 

^Xiriji, aitliir, s. a father, prop. ÁrAi)\. 

Aicin-Lui", aithir-lns, s. ground-ivy. 

Aici)i-ninie, aithir-nimhe, s. f. a serpent. 

Aici]-, aithis, s. f. aíFront, abuse; shame; con- 

AitifOAC, aitliiseach, s. an abusive person. 

Aicii'ijim, aithisicjhim,,\ v. to abuse, affront, de- 

\\iaiini, aithisim, ) fame. 

Aici]"ni jAt), aithismghadh, s. abuse, defamation. 

<VirnibAi\, aitiuhhar, s. a hill, o. g. 

^icuilJAH, aithiubha?; s. see AicioliAH. 

Aicle, aithle, s. £ an old rag; prep, after, AhAiclo 
•j-in, after that. 

Aicleim, aithleim, s. f. the result, consequence, 

.Aicleoii\eAct), aithleoireachd, s. f amusement, 


AicleiciT)e, aithleitide, requited, Sh. 
AicbmuiJA'ó, aithliniughadh, s. delineation. 
^.VictionAt), aithlionadh, s. reinforcement, recruit- 
AiciiiéAl, aithmheal, s. repentance. 
<\icriiéAbA, aitJimheala, s. compunction, peni- 
tence, sorrow. 
AictiieAlAc, aithmhealacli, penitent, soiTowful. 
.AiciiieA]', aithmheas, s. the ebbing of the sea, 

i e. ciiAJA-ó, 0. g. 
A\tn-M\ \X, aitlin-an-la, height of the day. Sh. 
A^x:\^e, aitne, s. dwellings, dwelling-houses, 

■A^tne, aithne, s. f knowledge, acquaintance; a 

commandment, precept. 
Aicne, aitne, s. f store. 
Aicne, aitkne, adj. known, mo\\ buú Acne. 
^icneAc, aithneach, adj. treasured, hoarded up 
.Aicm jim, aithniglwn, v. to know. 
-Aicmjce, aithnigkthe, adj. known, free, so 

.Aicnini, aithwn, v. to command, enjoin, direct 

bid, order; to know; to recommend, com 

Aiqie, aithre, s. f a beast of the cow kind. 
-Aic^ieAb, s. f a habitation, dwelling. 
x\iri\eAbAc, aitreabhach, s. an inhabitant, resi 

dent; adj. habitable. 

^XicivcAbAi-o, aitreabhaidh, dwelling, inhabiting 

Air)\eAbAini, aitreabhaini, v. to dwell, inhabit. 

AicneAC, aithreach, s. a farmer; adj. penitent, 
compunctive, sorry. 

AicneACA]-, aithreachas, s. m. repentance, com- 

Aif j\eAC'0, aithreachd, s. a genius. 

Aici\eAt), aithreadh, s. repentance, sorrow, com- 

v\irpeAiiiuib, aithreamhuil, fatlierly. 

AiciieA]-, aithreas, s. repentance, compunction, 
gAbAini AiqieA^^, I repent; healing, curing, 

Aici\eici5iin, aithreitighim, to re-unite, Sh. 

A^t\\^■óe, aithridhe, s. f penance, repentance, 
tears, sadness, grief 

Aicn'róeAC, aithridheach, adj. penitent, sorrow- 

Aiciúje, aithrighe, see Aic)«t)e. 

.dic)\Í5eAC, aithrígheach, see Aic]ut)eAc. 

^Nicjugim, aithrighim, v. to arise, awake, see 

AiC]\in, aiihrin, s. f a sharp point; a sharp or 
satirizing tongue, a scold, " Aicuni, i.e. ]\n\ 
Aic, i.e. ceAnjAt) aic |.-^ii bAÍi\", Cor. Gl 

Atcninne, aithrimie, s. f a calf 

Aic|úoJA'ó,aíí/i>'iOí//iaf//i,s. dethroning, dethrone- 
ment, see quot. at ac . 

AiciMogAini, aithrioghaim, v. to unhmg, de- 
throne, see AC. 

■Aicpip, aithris, s. f an imitation; a report, re- 
cital, narration, rehearsal. 

A.\ic)ii'|'eAc, aithriseach, s. a narrator, story-teller, 
a tale-bearer ; adj. contrite ; narrative. 

.<\ic)\ifeA-ó, aithriseadh, s. rehearsal, tautology. 

Aicni'i'jeAb, aithrisgeal, s. rehearsal, a legend. 

AiciMptn, aithrisim, v. to report, relate, tell, re- 
count ; to imitate. 

Aic]MfceAC, aithristeach, see AicnifeAC. 

Aici'ciuobA-o, aithscriobhadh,s. a transcript, tran- 

Aic]-ciiiobAirn, aithscriobhaim, y. to transcribe. 

\\icfC]\io'bAt)oiii, aithscriobhadoir, s. f a tran- 
scriber, copyist. 

Aici-5i\ío'bA-ó, aithsgríobhadh, see Aici'cniobA-ó. 

Aic]-5]AÍo'bA,t)oi]i, aithsgriobhadoir, see Aicpcpio- 


A\iri'5]\iobAim, aithsgriobhaim, sec Aic^'cuio- 

AicfeAblAitn, aithseallaim, v. to review. 
AicfiocAin, aithsiocain, s. reconciliation, c. p. 
AtccionobAtin, aithtionolaim, v. to reassemble, to 

rally. Four Mas. 1431. 
AicciceAn, aittitean, adj. humble, respectful. 





Al, al, s. a brood, or tlie young of any animal ; 
<\ ItaI Ó5; s. m. a rock, a stone; nurture, food, 
aliment; fear; ahorse; adj. subdvied, conquer- 
ed, humbled, i.e. ceAun^^Aijce, 0. g. 

AIa, ala, s. a wound; a trout; nursing; wisdo]n, 
prop. eAlAÚ ; a swan. 

./' '; , J- s. wisdom, skill, craft. 

AlAt), aladh, adj. speckled. 

AU\c, alach, s. a brood, tribe, generation, crew ; 

the nails in a boat, Sh.; acti\'ity, alacrity, a 

request, Sh. 
AIac-]aaiíi, alach-ramh, s. a set or bank of oars. 
AlAcr, alacht, big with young, S/>. 
AIat), aladh, s. malice; a lie. 
AlAÓnAC, aladhnach, adj. crafty, comical. 
AlATÓe, alaidhe, s. i. an art or trade. 
AlAini, olaim, v. to nurse, to foster; to hail, to 

salute, to praise, to magnify ; to seize upon, 

AlAin, alain, adj. fair, handsome; clear, bright, 

AÍAineAcc, alaineacM, s. f. beauty. 
AIa]-, alas, adv. after. 
Alb, alb, s. a height, see Ailp. 

AlbA,«/i« _ K. Scotland. 
AlbAin, albain,) 

AIIauac, albanach, s. a Scotchman; adj. Scottish 
AlbÁjAt), albard, s. a halberd. 
AlcAing, alchaing, s. f an armoury, Cor. g. 
Al-eile, al-eile, one by another. 
AlyAf, alfath, s. a cause or reason; i.e. il A511]- 
VAic, 0. g. 

Al5A,_«/i/«, 1 adj. noble, brave. 

AI5AC, algach, J "^ 

AI5ACC, algacht, s. f. nobility. 

AljA]-, algas, s. a false desire to stool ; see Ail- 

All, all, adj. other, strange, i.e. eile; all, uni- 
versal, aII-IXiauac ; great, prodigious, mighty ; 
foreign, alien, auaII, from the other side, 
hence Alliiu)|\t)A; adj. exotic, from aII and 
Tnui^\; wild; s. a bridle; adj. another; s. a 
hall, Sh.; a rock, a cliff; a generation, race. 

AUa, alia, the Most High, Sh. 

AHa, alia, 

AIIa'd, alladh 

AIac, alach, a. well-bred. 

AIIa^ah, allabhar, a. savage, wild. 

AllAbAiji, allabhair, s. echo ; i.e. niAe aIIa, o.g. 
s. a host, multitude, a great army. 

AILai), alladh, s. excellency, fume, greatness; 
a present; to go, to meet. 

AIIai-ó, allaidh, adj. savage, wild. 

AllAin, allain, s. f. a season. 

[-S. ahall; Four Mas. 1471. 

AllAice, allaithe, adj. changed; discomfited. 
AllAn, allan, adv. in former times; formerly, 


AIaiiai, alanai, adv. on one side. " Ri fije 
niuriiAn mn aIaiiai aja^ ^i pje CouAcr 
AjiAile". Tan bo Cuailgne. 

AllAi'-nniine, allas-muire, s. hypericum perfor- 
atum. St. John's wort. 

AllbuA-ÓAc, allbhuadhach, adj. victorious, all- 
conquering ; s. a prince's hall, Sh. 

AllcAille, allchaille, of or belonging to another 
body. i.e. 11 a coIIa eile. 

AllcujA, allchur, s. m. transposition. 

Alljlóip, allghloir, s. f. jargon, gibberish. 

Alljlo]', allghlos, s. mischief. 

All50]\c, allghort, s. m. an orchard ; prop. aIíaI 

AlliiiA, allmha, s. a drove or herd of cattle. 

Alliinn^ie, alhnhuire, s. importation, Sh. 

A\Xmw\\ce^X),allmuirceadh,Ú\Q increase of days, 

Alliiiti)u\c, allmhurach, s. a foreigner. 

Alliinint)A, aZfo?./M«'c?/ia, adj. exotic; outlandish. 

Alliini^TOACc, allmhwdhacht, s. barbarity. 

Alló-o, allod, adv.formerly, anciently, An'Allot). 

AlliAAon, allraon,) s. a foreign voyage, journey, 

AllpiAn, allrian, ) or expedition. 

Alli-iiiAin, allsmhain, knotty, full of knots, Sh. 

Allf ni u Ainn , allsmuainn,a great float or buoy , «S/i . 

AllcA, allta, adj. wild, savage. 

AllcAcc, alltacht, s. wildncss, savageness. 

AllcA]iAc, alltarach, adj. opposite, reverse, di- 

AllcA^', alltas, s. 

Alluij, alluigh, see aIIato. 

Alluiii, alluin, adj. fair, handsome. 

Allun, alliin, s. m. a hind, Iaoj aIIuiu, a fawn. 

Alltif , alius, s. sweat. 

AlniAUAic, almanaic, s. an almanack, vulg. 

AlnicAiDA, alnichadha, adj. charitable, giving 

Alniomne, almoinne, s. pi. almonds. 

Almj-Ain, almsain, s. £ alms. 

Alin^'AnA, almsana, alms-deeds. 

Alóei', aloes, s. f. aloes. 

Alon, alon, s. a stone. 

Alo]', alos, adv. after. 

AlpA, alpa, mountains, see Ailp. 

Ale, alt, s. a nursing, bAn-Ailre, a nurse ; a high 
place, an eminence ; an edifice ; a brook, a 
valley, Sh.; an action, deed, or fact; a con- 
dition, state, order, Lug. O'Cler.; a leap; a 
division or portion, part ; chapter of a book ; 
time; a ioint; an article; exaltation; soon, 
Sh.; s. thanks. 



AlccWAiAAc, altadharach, s. m. an adorer of the 

liigli, i.e. God. 
AlcAin, altain, s. a flock, herd, drove, a covey. 
•úLcAiiiuiL, altamhuil, adj. arthritick. 
AlcÁri, altan, s. a small brook, Sh.; a short 

-AlcoccA, altochta, visiting. 
Alcóiji, altoir, s. f. an altar. Gen. aLco]w, 

Alc011\e, AJA^' ALcOpAC. 

AlcopAcc, altoracht, belonging to an altar, M'C. 

■A'iz\\ó., ultra, s. a foster father, beAn aIuha, a 

AbcjiAC, alfrack, s. one that fosters. 

Alc^vAU, altradh, s. a nursing. 

^lcnAJA-ó, altraí/hadh, moving, marching. 

-dbcuAm, altram, s. nursing, acaih, AbcjioTnA, a 
foster father. 

xAlr]\AiiiAiiii, cdiramaim, v. to nurse, to foster. 

AlcnAUA)-, altranas, s. m. fostering, fosterage. 

ALcuJAT), altugliadh, s. m. a thanksgiving ; grace 
at meat; adj. thankful, Donl. 

-AlcuJA-ÓAc, altughadhach, a. thankful, Donl. 

Alcuijnii, altuighim, v. to give thanks, to salute. 

-Alru]-, altus, s. m. wildness, savageness, bar- 

AluT)A, aluda, s. wounds. 

-cMuJAin, alugliain, s. f. potter's clay. 

Alum, aluin, adj. handsome, see aIIuhi. 

Alumn, aluinn, s. time. 

<Muni, alum, s. allum. 

-Abu in AC, alumacJi, adj. aluminous. 

Am, am, s. time, occasion; a people, 50 Am, sea- 
faring people; adj. soft, moist; a negative 
particle, as in AmnAi^ieAC, shameless, com- 
pounded of Alii and iiAi^ieAc ; s. £ a fool, a 
simpleton ; s. denial, a contradiction ; ocean ; 
a kind of fishing net; adj. bitter, sour; raw; 
unsodden, crude, imripe ; bad, naughty; conj. 
as, but; adv. even, also; see Aiini-óe. 

AiiiA, arnha, s. a man, person. 1 

AmA, ama, s. the hame of a horse-collar. 

A111AC, amach, adv. out, not at home, a i'o aiiiac, 
henceforward ; v. imper. mood, begone ! go 

out ! AITIAC bee, AlUAC bib. 

AiiiAc, amhacJi, s. a dwarf, sec aTjac; a terrier; 

a vulture or any ravenous bird. 

AriiAt), amhad, s. crudeness, rawness. 

vXiiiAt), amad, 1 s. a madman, a simpleton, a 

AiTiA-DÁn, amadan,) foolish silly man, a fool. 

AiiiA-oACT), amadachd, ") ^ ,, . i- •<. , 

<.\niAT)ÁnACT), amadanachd,f ' ^' P ^ - 

AniA-oÁnAC,amrtfZ«nrtc/í, ) t r v i -n • 1 i 
, . J J }- adi. fooush, lil-iudoed. 

AiiiAt)AncA,n»!arfrt?ito, } ■' 'Jo 

AmAt)Án-moincic, amadmi-mointich, a dotterill. 


AniAfoeAC, amaideach, adj. silly, absurd, incon- 
siderate, fantastic, foolish, mad, idiotic. 

Am Alb, amail, adj. broken, lost; s. neglect. 

AiiiAib, amhail, s. evil, mischief; adj. like; adv, 
as, like. 

AniAib, amail, s. a visit. 

AniAibb, amaill, s. f loss, mischief 

AiiiAibbcAC, amliailleacli, similitudinary. 

AriiAilc, (tttiliidlt, s. f death; Idiotcy of death. 

AiiuMii, innli'iin, adv. onlv, alone. 

AiiiAiii, aiii/iaiii,s. f a river. Lat. amnis. 

AmAin-yeici'oe, amain Jheithide, amphibiou.s 
beasts, Sh. 

AmAinn, amainn, s. occupation. 

AmAi]ic, anihairc, gen. of AmA)\c, vision, sight; 
adj. visual, Sh.; v. imper. see, look. 

AriiAini'eAc. amliairseach, adj. doubtful. 

AiiiAii-im, airtrtisOTt, V. to hit. 

AiiiAbAC, amalacli, adj. curled. 

AiiiAbb, amhail, s. a visit, i.e. CAÚAbb, 0. g. 

AmAbcA, amalta, bound, i.e. ceAHgAibce, o.g. 

Am An, amhan, adj. holy, sacred; s. a river; see 

AtiiAncolb, amhancholl, the letter. X, the four 
aphthongs, or dipthongs and tripthongs, be- 
ginning with the letter a. 

AmAUCAr, amhantas, |s.m good luck, prosper 

. . ' ' 7 ^ V ity ; royalties, royal 

•amAncuti, amhantur, Í •'.'.,-' ^ j 

' J privileges. 

AiiiAon, amhaon, s. twins, plurality. 

AiiiA^A, amhar, s. a vessel to hold malt in ; a 
mashkieve; see umA]!; s. music. 

AiTiAjiAC, a)narach, s. fondness. 

AmA^Ac, amarach, to-morrow. 

Aii'iA^iAj, amharag, mustard. 

AiiiA^iAic, amaraich, s. scurvy gi'ass, Sh. 

Aril A|ic, amharc, s. m. vision, seeing, sight ; a fault ; 
seeAiiiAinc; v. look, behold ; i.e.féuc,o.g. 

AiiiA]AAn, amaran, s. m. distress. 

AiiiAi\A|% am/ia?'as, s. doubt, suspicion. 

AriiA]\AyAc, amharasach, adj. suspicious, du- 

AmA]\CA, amarca, s. fondness, facetiousness. 

AniA^icAc, amarcach, adj. fond, over-kind. 

AiiiAjicAim, amarcaim,.Y. to love. 

AiiiAncAiin, aniharcaim, v. to see, to look, view, 

AiiiAjicbAnii, amliarclann, s. a theatre, amphi- 

AriiA]icobb, a??i/ia>'co//, the letter X, the four aph- 

AmA)!^, amharg, s. woe. 

AniAf, amas, hitting, marking; s. m. a soldier; 
an ambuscade; an attack; pi. Arii]'A, and 
Anuiir; s. leisure. 




AtiiA]-, amlias, s. m. a wild ungovernable man,ii 
madman, a soldier, a recruit; a. restless, 

AiiiA]-AC, amhasacli, adj. dull, stupid. 

Á,\iiK\]-Án, amhasan, s. a dull, stupid man ; a ircsli 

AiiiAj-oj, amhasog, s. f. a silly woman. 

AtÍK\fC|\AC, amhastrach, s. a barker, a growler. 

v\iiu\]X]\<Min, amhastraim, V. to bark, to growl 
like a dog. 

^\m'b\iAVA,aml>huadha, adj .unsettled, unfounded, 
disturbed; i.e. neAiTiAinbu<\t)Ac. 

Atn-ÓA-ó, amdhadh, s. permission, permitting, suf- 

AiiieAi^j;, ajiiC'if'/i, prep, among, amongst. 

AniyeAi'o, luiifuusd, never, <S/i. 

Aii'igA]!, aiiilujar, \ s. affliction, tribulation, 

.Aiii5A]\0st'), a)nh(jnradh,\ distress, sorrow. 

v\iii5A]\AC, amliijarach, adj. afflicted, troubled, 
distressed, sonowiul. 

-t\iiij;A)\Aim, amlttjarabn, v. to afflict, vex, disturb. 

Amt^oiyze, amghoiste, s. m. agod-fatber; prop. 

Alii La, amhla, adv. thus, so, in like manner. 

AiiilAbAi];, artdilabhair, s. f. bad delivery, stam- 

AiiilAb]\AC, cmddahlirach, s. m. a stammerer, 

stutterer, mutterer ; adj. mute, dumb, tbick- 


-AmlAC, andach, } ^.,„.i;„„ 

. , . 7 7 c curiin£r, 

vViiiLAjAC, mnlagacli, ) 

Ah'iIai-o, anddaidh, see AriibA. 

AiiilAin, ()»?/(?«»•, s. a fool, an oaf, Sh. 

AiiilAii'j, amldaisg, bad beer, Sli. 

.AmlAi)-5Ac, anddaisgach, a brewer of taplash, Sh. 

AiiiluAo, amhluadh, confusion, distress, Sh. 

v\miii, amm, adj. miscbievous, bad; s. time. 

AniiiiAiin, ammaim, to refuse. 

AmniAii, ammar, s. a trough ; see utnA^» and oniAi\ 

AmniA'pAiin, ammasaim, to strike. 4 M. 1400. 

Ariimuf, amhmus, s. m. an attack. 4 M. 1449, 
see AinA-]'. 

AiimA, amhna, a. faithful, loyal; Heb. amunim, 
constant, faithful. 

AiiniAC, oiiihnach, adj. abounding in rivers. 

AiiuiAine, andinaire, s. Í. shamclcssness, immo- 
desty, effrontery. 

AiiinAi|\eAC, amhnaireach, adj. shameless, im- 

AiiniA]', amhnas, adj. impudent, troublesome, 
imporiimate ; difficult, hard; unusual, extra- 
ordinary, J einarkable ; severe, sharp, " cac 
c]\ot!)A AiiiTiA'p". Chro7i. Scot.s.\\<\o. g-; s. im- 
pudence, disdain, importunity. 

Aiiine, amhne, himself, Sh. 

Ainni, amni, adj. generou.', Sh. 

AtfiniAn, amhnian, s. folly, Sh. 

ATrinu]\, amhnur, adj. shameless, Sh. 

Aiiinu]-, amiinus, s. m. destruction, plundering, 

<.\ni]DAb, ampal, s. famine, himger, wretchedness. 

AmpbAc, amplach, voracious, miserable. 

AmplA-ó, ampladh, s. voracity. 

AmplAriuiib, amplamhuil, adj. voracious, 

An'ipA, s, a poem. prop. AbjiA ; the hilt of a sword ; 
a dream, a vision; an elegy, lamentation for 
the dead, mourning; adj. wonderful, ie. 
longAucAc, 0. Í/. ; good, great, noble ; pospcr- 
ous, lucky ; dark, gloomy, obscure. 

\\ni]>A-o, adj. dreary, sohtary. 

AiTiiiAJeiti, anihraghein, adj. well-born, well-de- 

Aiii]\An, amhran, s. a poem, a sonnet. 

AiiiMAr, amhi^as,'} i w 
. . ' 'J , [■ s. doubt, suspicion, suspense. 

Arii]iAfAC, amhrasach, adj. doubtful, suspicious. 

Aiii]\u^^AJAt), amhrusaghadh, doubting. 

Ani)\i, amri, a cupboard, Sh. 

Amiunpjce, amhmisighthe, adj. mistrusted, sus- 

Aiii|-5A0ibeAt), amhsgaoileadh, a lax, looseness, 
or flux. 

AriicAC, amhthach, s. the neck or crag. M. Don. 

AinuTo, amuid, s. f. a foolish woman. 


Aniuij, amuigh, adv. without, out. 

Amuil, aniuil, s. f mischief, evil; a refusal. 

Aiiuiib, arnhuil, a. like, as. 

AiTiubcAc, amhulcach, adj. beardless. 

Anni]>Án, amuran, s. m. a bimgler. 

Anni]-, amus, s. an ambush, an ambuscade or 
surprise, a violent attack or onset; a soldier, 
see All! Ai'; protection; "a c]Úo]~c iiiac ■oe ! 
ciAJAiiiuic utle Ai^A bAmit]'", old parch.; 

Amu]', amhus, adj. restless. 

Amu|-Ac, amusach, s. one that keeps his appoint- 

Aniui-Ao, atnusadh, liitting, aiming at, attacking. 

Atfiui'ruAt), arrJiustradh, barking, howling. 

Aiiuiptnjre, amusuighthe, assaulted. 

An, an, the definite article, An -ouitie, the man; 
an interrogative particle, au cii mo cajia? is 
sometimes an intensitive particle, and at other 
times a negative or privative particle, as au- 
liión, very great. An Aj, bad luck, AnAJn'iAH, 
improspcrous, AUApAit), unripe, see Ain ; 2d 
person imperative of AriAim ; it remained, 3d 
per. singular of auaiiu ; s. m. a man, Br.L.; 
a kind of'vcsscl; a ship; water; see Aitibeiy; 



a lie; a year; fire; one; union, unanimity, 
"muriAcci An •o'eiiiionncAi'b", 0. Gn.; adj. 
still, quiet; evil, bad; noble; pleasant; pure; 
true; swift; elegant. 

xXuA, atia, s. the mother of tlie Irish Gods. Cor. 
(). the Sou of God, i.e. tiiAc ^-eACA]!, o. g.; 
riches, wealth, plenty ; a drinking cup, tan- 
kard; continuance of fair weather ; ill luck, 
misfortune, 0. r/.; adv. truly, certainly, o. </.,• 
s. food. Cor. g. 

AuAbAC, anahach, a. bulky, great, huge. 

iXtiAbeAC'OAbAC'o, anabeachdalachd, s. haughti- 
ness, Sh. 

iViiAbA];, anabar, excess, too much, Sh. 

v\nAbAnnAc, anabarrach, excessive, Sh. 

vViuvbA]-, anabas, offscoiu'ing, Sh. 

AnAbi|\AC, ana6/iíVac/í, very pointed, sharp, Sh. 

AnAbui-ó, anabuidh, adj. unripe, crude, sharp, 

AiiAburoeAcc, anabuidheacht, s. crudeness, abor- 
tiveness, unfitness. 

An AC, ancic, s. a wound. 

v\n AC, anach, s. a path ; anger ; a washing, cleans- 
ing; a tinging or colouring, " auac •j'A'o a 
iiAiiun A binn c]vo". 

AuACT), anachd, s. f. preservation, quiet. 

c\nACAi-óeAC, anacaidheach, s. m. a squanderer. 

•AuACAil, anacail,s. quietness, rest ; preservation, 
protection, reHef, deliverance, mercy. 

AnACAim, anachaim, v. to avoid, shun. 

\\nACAin, anachain, s. f. danger, misfortune; a 
bad accident. 

-ánACAi]\, anacair, s. f. afiliction, restlessness, 

-AuACAb, anacal, s. a quiet person, Sh. 

AnACA]i, anacar, s. afiliction, calamity. 

OknACAu, anachan, s. one that keeps in the way, 

-AnACAOinim, anachaoinirn, to deplore, Sh. 

AiiAceAHCAi", anaceartas, s. m. injustice. 

AnAcei]'c, anaceist, diSiculty, Sh. 

AiiACincAc, anachintach, uncertain, Sh. 

v\nAcbACT), anaclachd, s. restlessness, Sh. 

-AnAclAim, anaclaim, v. to preserve, protect, 
watch over. 

-AuAcleAc-oA, anacleachda, inexperience, Sh. 

AuAcneA^-oA, anac7ieasda, cruel, dishonest, un- 

-AuAcoini^-eAC, anacoimseach, vast, infinite, Sh. 

AnAcotiic^voiTi, anacomhtlirom, injustice, oppres- 

•AuAcpAc, anachrach, adj. full of pity ; calamitous. 

t\nAC|\A-ó, anachradh, s. a wretch, an object of 

a\ik\c]\ai-, a}iacliras, s. pity, compassion. 

AnAci\eiT)eAin, anachreideamh, s. infidelity. 

AnAC]\eiT)mAC, anachreidmhach, adj. infidel. 

AuacuIac, unaculach, lean, Sh. 

AnAci'i^iAni, anachiirain, care, anxiety, Sh. 

AuA-o, amtdh, s. delay; danger. 

AiiAonpcAcr., (iiKiunfecaht, adv. at once. 

AuAj,, 'iiiiiij. udj. neat, clean. 

AuAJ, aittigh, s. m. bad luck, unhappiness, in- 

-AnAJAit), anaghaidh, prep, against, in opposition 

<\nA5lAii', anaghlais, hog-wash, Sh. 

•cVnAjoipA^'Ac, anaghoirasach, inconvenient. Sh. 

AiiAic, aiiaic, s a wound; 2d. person imper. of 


AuAice, anaice, s. f saving, protection ; adv. near 

AnAicibb, anaichill, adj. restless, painful. 
-duAici-m, anaicim, v. to save, protect, relieve; to 

beware ; auaic beAC, take care. 
AuAije, anaifjhe, part, doing, i.e. A-oeAUAni. o.g. 
-AiiAnii, unaim, v. to wait, stay, remain, dwell, 

rest, halt, " ni \\o au^-ac", 4 M. 1421, prop. 

-dnAinbucA-o, anainbreadh, adj. insatiable. 
AnAi)\, anair, s. praise, i.e. " AUAip, i.e. m liAO]», 

Acc If inobAt)", 0. g. 
AnAipc, anairt, s. £ handle cloth, 'narrow linen; 

fine linen; adi. soft, tender, mild, jrentle, hu- 

' J > ) to I 

mane, weak; see Ajic. 

-t\nAi]% anais, adv. after, afterwards. 

AnAifgiin, anaisgim, v. to crave or beg, Sh. 

-AnÁic, a7iait, a. in place of 

AuAicne, anaithne, s. m. a known man ; from <xti, 
a man, and Aicne, an unknown person; adj. 

\\nAicnit), anaithtiidh, unknown, O'B. 

-AuAicniiii, v. I know not; I am Ignorant of. 

-AnAictiijcé, anaithnighthe, adj. miknown. 

AnAic]ut)e, anaithridhe, adj. impenitent, «S.^. 93. 

-AnAi, anal, s. f. breath; an annal, pi. AnÁlA. 

-AnÁbAc, analach, s. a chronicle, annals. 

•c\nÁtACT5, analachd, s. chronology. 

-AnÁLAiiii, oiiíilaim,v. to breathe. 

-AnÁlt, aiiall, adv. from beyond, over, hither. 

-dnAÍlAnA, anallana, adv. heretofore, formerly. 

AnAllÓT), anallod, adv. formerly, in former times. 

•AnAm, anam, s. m. life, soul. 

<XnAiii, anamh, adj. rare, seldom. 

AnAiriAC, anamhac, s. m. an animal; adj. lively. 

-AuAiiiAin, anamhain, s. a panegyrist; a poetic 
term, i.e. Aínm Ai]\ceAT)Ai'L, o. g. 

AriAincA|\A, anamchara, s. a bosom friend; a pe- 
nitent, " 1o]-c]Dh AnAiiicApA CUiAiiA rhic noif", 
Chron. Scot. 




-AnAnicoi'ó, anamchoidh, brave, Sh. 

AnAiii-f-eoit, anamhfheoil, s. f. proud-flesli. 

AncMoc, anamoch, late, Sh.; too early. 

AnAiiii\A|', anamhras, s. suspicion, mistrust, tliffi- 

AnAThpA^'AC, anamhrasach, adj. difBdent. 

AriAtin, anann, s. a name of Ireland. Old MSS. 

^riAnn, anann, see loniiAnn. 

AnAoilJm, anaoihkin, s. woe, sorrow ; adj. unplea- 
sant, disagreeable. 

AnAoii', anaois, nonage, Sh. 

AuAi\c, anart, s. f. a draught causing death, 
Cor. 0. 

AtiAixAcc, anascacht, s. mixture. 

AuAi-CAiin, anascaim, v. to mix. 

^iiAi-OA, anasda, adj. stormy; clumsy, unbe- 

^nA)'-ouT), anasdud, adj. very old, " ^leccA AnA]-- 
■ouT)", Br. L. 

■AnAc, anat, adj. plain, manifest. 

AtiAi'jAH, anas(/ar, adj. restless, irksome. 

AnbA, anba, adj. immature; huge, great, prodi- 
gious, portentous, terrible. 

AnlJAib, anhhailjiiAy haughty, unbridled ; disso- 
lute, shameless, o. g. 

AnbAine, anbhaine, s. f. weakness, fainting; ec- 

AnbAi-pwig, anhhaisdigh, anabaptists, pi. of aii- 

-cVnbAl, anhhal, adj. exceedingly great, enor- 
mous, 0. g. monstrous, unnatural. 

^AnTJAun, anhhann, adj. weak, infirm. 

AnbAiiAc, anbarach, adj. egregious. 

AubÁi', anbhas, s. m. a sudden death. 

AnbAi^OAC, anbhasdach, s. m. an anabaptist. 

AnbACA-ó, anbhathadh, s. m. deluge 

AnbyAine, anbhfaine, ) s. f. invaUdity, 

^nbi:AineAcc, anhhfaineacht, | weakness. 

Anb^TAiceAc, anbhfaitheach, a. wary, watchful. 

Anb^.-AicBAC, anbhfaiteach, a. ignorant, unskilful. 

^nbyAun, anbhfann, adj. weak, feeble. 

Anb):ob]VAC, anbhfobhrach, s. m. a skeleton. 

Aubj.'0-o, anbhfod, s. m. error, ignorance, i.e. 
feAC]iAnn, o. g. 

Anbfoib, anbhfoil, adj. brave, courageous. 

AnbiAUAc, anbhianach, adj. sensual, lustfid; 

prop. AllrillAllAC. 

•Anboc-o, anbhochd, adj. very poor. 
Anbo-ó, anbhodh, s. m. falsehood, villulny. 
-Anbon, anbhor, s. a great sweUing. 
Anbo^ib, anbhorb, adj. furious. 
Anbi\ir, anbhrith, s. f. broth. 
-Atibno-o, anbhrod,s. m. a tyrant; great pride. 
-<\nb)\ó'OAiiii, fí7ihhrodaim, v. to tyrannize, 
^nb-nom, anbhroid, s. f tyranny. 

^nb^tuié, anbhruith, s. m. broth. 

<\nbuAU, anbhuan, s. uneasiness, anxiety, un- 

AnbuineAc-D, a7ibhdneachd, s. weakness, faiut- 
ness, instability. 

AncAinc, anchaint, s. f ill-language, sauciuess, 
reviling, backbiting. 

AncÁijTOeAC, anchairdeach, adj. unfriendly, in- 

AncAic, anchaith } '■ 'JSlng,pl- 

AfíCA^zeAm,anchaitkeamh, V dicalitv 
AiiCAicim, anchaithim, v. to spend, squander. 
AncAicifieAC, anchaithmheach, adj. prodigal, vo- 
racious, S. A. 77. 
AnceATDUA, anceadna, excessive, Sh. 
i\nce'\\-,ancheas, s. the wife of a hero; i.e. bcAn 

AU bAOlC, o g. 

<\ncoi)\e, ancoíVá, s. f and m. a ship's anchor; 
s. ra. an anchorite. 

Anco]-AncA, anchosanta, a. defensible. 

Anc|\oi'óe, anchroidhe,s m. a wicked or bad heart. 

Anc]uiAf, anchruas, s. m. illiberality, hardness. 

AntiAc, andach, s. m. anger; adj. evil, bad. 

An-OAÚ, andadh, adj. just. 

An-oAig, andaigh, s. f sin. 

Ant)Áib, andail, s. f affiance, confidence. 

AntJAn, andan, foolhardy, Sh. 

AnT)ÁnA, andana, s. m. presumption, foolhardi- 

An-oÁiiAc, andanach, adj. presumptuous, fool- 

AnnAUATJA)', andanadas, s.m. presumption, bold- 

Anne, ande, adv. yesterday. 

Amséij, andeigh, prep, after. 

AnTjeAJAit), andeadhaidh, prep, after. 

An-oeinAC, andeirach, adj. mournlul, of many 
tears, Sh.; prop. AitToéui\Ac. 

AtToéifcm, andeistin, s. squeamlshness. 

AntJiAij, andiaigh, prep, after. 

An-oiut), andiudh, \ 

An-oiuj, andiiigh, V adv. to-day. 

An-o'unii, andiumh, ) 

AnTDlijeAC, andligheach, s. m. a transgressor; 
adj. illegal, prop. AÍn-olijeAc. 

Annoij, andoigh, bad estate, condition, Sh. 

AnnolAf, s. sadness; excessive sorrow. 

Ant)on, conj. although. 

An-oocAin, andothain, s. f abundance. 

v\n-oóccAi% andothchas, s. m. presumption. 

AiToóccAi'Ac, andothchasach, adj. presumptuous. 

AtitiHAf , nndras, s. a fury, infernal divinity. 

AnTi]\Ai"o AjAf *r'M'' «'''^^''«s'^ <^ff'''^ <^"'*'*! ever and 
anon, Sh. 





AiTOiiolJtAi'AC, androbhlasach, s. a great squan- 
derer, Sh. 

AnT3vu\U.\]\A'pc, anchialarasc, s. catacliresis. 

AntJUil, anduil, s. f. avidity; inordinate desire. 

AiiTDume, anduhie, s. m. a wicked or bad man. 

Atié, ane, see Anne. 

AneATDAjignAit), aneadarijnaidh, s. a stranger, 

AneAjAL, aneagal, s. m. terror, dread, astonish- 
ment, Sh. 

Anec\t, aneal, s. f. a swoon, a fainting fit. 

AneA|u\f, anearas, s. the bench farthest astern in 
a galley, i.e. An ^-eA]' iAntA]\Ac ■con iinnj, 
o. g. 

AneA^ibAim, anearbaim, v. to distrust. 

AneAubj-A, anearhsa, s. m. distrust. 

Anéii', aneis, s. f a skin or hide. 

An].-*, anfa, s. ra. a storm, a tempest. 

Aii):ac, anfach, adj. stormy, tempestuous, whehn- 
ing, overflowing, swelling. 

Aii|.v\-o, anfad, adv. whilst. 

An|.-A-ó, anfadli, see An].-A. 

AnyATOAC, anfadhacJi, see ahitac. 

AnpAiú, anfaidh, adj. stormy, see An).v\c. 

Ani'Aine, anfhaine, s. f weakness, debility. 

AnpAi|\i'in5, anfkairsing, adj. vast, wide. 

An]:Ann, anfann, adj. weak, debilitated. 

An^TAi', anfas, s. fear, dread. 

AnytAic, anflaith, s. an usurper, a tyrant. 

Ani^^rein, anfein,s. a wonder. For. foe. 

Anyine, anjine, s. strangers. 

Aii^objuvc-o, anfobhrachd, s. a skeleton. 

AnyocAb, anfJwcal, s. m. a proverb, a bye-word ; 
a curse. 

Anj:ocAin, anfJiocain, s. f. peril, danger. 

AnpiitAni, anfhorlam, s. m. puissance, oppres- 
sion, tyranny, usurpation. 

Anyoc, anfhoth, adj. vigilant. 

Ang, «Hi?, s. f danger, peril, see inj; renown, 
fame, reputation; a string; a twist or turn. 

Anj, ang, adj. gi-eat, august; rank. 

AngA, anga, conj. but except, i.e. Acn, o. (/.; s. 
a nail, claw, talon. 

AtijAc, angach, adj. full of nails or talons. 

AnjAT), angadh, s. a gusset. 

AiijAi]», angair, s. f. a tenter. 

AnjAi^-jeA-o, angaisgeadh, s. good fame, good re- 
pute, i.e. Aiij, ciú, AgA]' gAi^'jeA-o, niAic, o. g. 

AnjAiijAC, angangach, s. m a snare. 

An^A^i, angar, adv. near, hard-by; s. f a stall 
for cattle ; inconvenience. 

AnjTAclonnAC, anqathlonnach, } -,- v.^ • 

AnsAtronuAC, angathtonnach, T'^''- ^^'^'^"^g- 

AnjbAi-ó, angbhaidh, s. f sin, o. gf.; adj. unjust, 
hard, cruel; valiant, stout, courageous. 

Angljuf, angbhxis, s. m. a glutton, a spendthrift, 
o. g. 

AngcLú, angclu, s. a champion, O'B. 

An5co,,,e, an^oozV., | 3. ,^ ,^,Horite. 

AnjciMn^ie, angcrmre,) 

AngbAi]-, anglais, s. milk and water. 

AnjiAof), anghlaodh, s. xa. a roar, shout, outcry. 

Anjbonn, anglilonn, s. adversity, oppression; 

Angbonn, anglonn, adj. very strong, Sh. 

AngbonnAC, anglonnach, a. powerful, mighty ; 

AngiiA, angna, s. respite, delay. 

AiijiiAC, angnath, s. a relation; delay, respite, 
pi. AngHACA; also not customary. 

AnjnACAC, angnathach, adj. unusual. 

Anjno-óuJA-ó, angnodhtighadh,s. niversitj ; pros- 
perity, see Ain and An. 

An^^\At), angradh, s. m. hatred, animosity, dis- 
Kke ; doating love, excessive love. 

Ang^iA'ÓAC, angradhach, adj. loving, hating. 

AngjiAib, angraibh, s. a ruler, a chief, Sh. 

AngHAii', angrais, s. an engine, S/i. 

An'ioct), aniochd, s. m. cnielty, inhospitality. 

Anioc-oniAji, aniochdmhar, adj. cruel. 

Anio]", anios, adv. up, from below. 

Amu-o, aniud, s. m. eiTor, depravity, prop. 


AmuTjAc, aniudach, adj. depraved, perverse. 

Aniuj, aniugh, adv. to-day ; in old MSS. it is 
wi'itten in uij, see An-onij, etc. 

Aniu]', anius, s. a soothsayer. 

AnbuAcjÁi^ieAC, anluathghaireach, adj. over- 
joyed, Donl. 

■Ant\.\cvvut^ó.m,anluchduigham, to surcharge. Sh. 

AniiiAcnAi~, anmhacnas, s. great licentiousness. 

AnmA, anma, 7 1 r 

' ' >- plur. of Aiiini, a name. 

AnniAn, anman, > ^ ' 

AnniAn, anman, s. ra. any animated tiling. 

AnniAic, anmaith, s. the reverse of good, evil. 

AntriAnn, anmann, s. m. an animal, a beast. 

Four Mast, passim. 
AntiiAotn, anmhaoin, s. m. hatred, pique, strife ; 

great riches. 
AnriiA-|-bAt), anmhasladh, s. m. excessive abuse, 

outrage; s. disobedience. 
Anmémi-óe, anmeinidlie, s. evil doing, Sh. 
AniinAii, anmhian, s. m. lust, concupiscence, 

AnnnAiiAC, anmhianach, adj. lustful, sensual. 
Aniiioc, anmhoch, adj. late, longsome, Sh.; very 

Amhoci^x), an7nhochad, s. m. lateness ; earliness. 
Anriiot), anmhodh, s. m. disrespect. 
Aniiió)\, anmhor, adj. enormous, immense, huge. 



■AntiiójTOAcc, anmhordhacht, s. m. immensity. 

-AnriiugeAn, aninhuffean, s. ostentation, Sh. 

<\timuitie&cc, anmhuineacht, s. f. weakness, lan- 
gonr, languisliment, craziness, invalidity; 
prop. Anbi^AineAcc. 

■AnrhunAiiTi, anmhunaim, v. to stay, tarry, Sli. 

<Xnn, ann, adv. there, therein, properly mti ; 
pron. in him, her, or it. 

Ann, ann, s. skill. 

-AnnA, anna, s. wealth. 

•AnnAC, annac, s. evil. 

AnnAc, annach, s. anger, strife ; adj. clean. 

-AnAccAini, anactaim, v. to cleanse, purify. 

-AriAt), anad, pron. in thee; properly lonAt). 

AnnAt), annadh, s. delay. 

-Anndicce, annaicte, s. a cleansing, purifying. 

AnnAicce, annaicthe, adj. cleansed, pimfied. 

AniiAit), (iiuKiid, s. f a year. 

AniiAim, annuirii, v. to stay, remain, dwell. 

-AnnAiii, rtHíiíím, pron. in me; properly lonAin. 

.AniiAtii, annamh, s. wilderness, Sli.; adj. rare; 
adv. seldom. 

.AnnAiTiAct), annamhaclid, s. seldomness, rareness, 

AnnAiin, annatin, s. f. a name of Ireland. 

AnnA]-, annas, s. m. rarity. 

-Ann-cAi]', ann-cais, adv. presently. 

-dnn-CA]i ann-car, adv. near to. 

.dnn-cem, adv5»afar, far off. 

Ann-coniAiii, ann-coinamh, adj. opposite. 

Ann-c]\ocAt), ann-crochadh, adj. impending, de- 

Annweij, anndeigh, adv. after. 

.Annjf-ocAl, annfhocal, s. m. a word of censure, a 

AnnJAiptn, anngliairm, s. f an appellation, 

Annme, annine, pron. in ii.^. 

AnlAn, condiment. 

Annoit), annoid, s. f a church. 

-Anno^-Ac, annosach, adj. unusual, strange. 

Anoj-ATJ, anosadh, adv. now, at present. 

-AnnjAÁcc, annranht, s. f the highest degree of 
poetry next the ollamh; a fit of crying. 

.Ann^\oin, annroir, last night, Sh. 

Ann^A, annsa, adv. here, in the; adj. hard, dif- 
ficult ; dear, beloved. 

■AnnpAcc, annsacht, s. f love, affection. 

-Ann^An, annsara, pron. in him, in them. 

•Annpn, annsin, ) adv. in that place, there, 

-Ann^niT), annsud, J then. 

A^^r\]■•ó,annso, adv. here, herein. 

-Annpi'iT), annsud, adv. yonder. 

-AnncA, annta, in them; properly lonrA. 

-AnnroiL, annloil, s. f lust. 

s. m. a poet of the next dc 
gree to an oIIaiíi. 

.Annunn, annunn, adv. over, to the other side. 

AnocT), anochd, adv. to-night. 

-Anoi]!, anoir, adj. from the east. 

<Xnoip, anois, adv. now. 

Ationn, anonn, adv. over, to the other side ; here, 

now ; AUonn aja]- ahaII, here and there, now 

and then. 
-Anoi-jAilc, anosgailt, s. a charm; the setting of 

a charm. 
'AnpAccÁiii-ceAH,awpaccaiV-cea»',s.asole, flounder 
An^A, aura, s. m. the dregs of men, the meanest 

of men. 

An^A, anra, 

AnpAt), anradh, 

A\^■\\mt, anruith, 

-AnjiAt), anradh, s. a boon, a petition. 

.AnnAlbAinc, anrahhairt,') ■.., ^ ^., 
,'..'' 1 I }- s. liberty, S/i. 

An-nAcniA]', anivchmhas,) ■' 

An|iAt)An, anradlian, v. to give, atllict, to 

An|iAi-ó, anraidli, s. m. a champion. 
AnjiAim, anraim, v. to seek a boon. 
.Anpo, anro,s. m. abundance ; also destitution.'^ 
An|\ó, anro, > s. m. misery, tribulation, dis- 
-An^AÓ-ó, anrodh, ) tress, hardship. 
■An\\ó-ó, anrodh, s. m. bad weather, from ah and 

1\ó or neo, frost. 
.AnjAÓtiAc, anrodhach, adj. afflicted, troublesome, 

An^Aoi-oe, anroidlie, adj. oppressed, hard set, 

An\\o\x>-ceAt,anroidhteach, adj. oppressed. 
Anjioi-óceAcc, anroidhteacht. s. f oppression. 
<\n-nu|\Ac, anruracli, adj. most noble, i.e. \\o 

AineAc, Eoch 0. F. 
AnfACC, s. love, affection. 
AnrAm, ansamh, | ^^j j^^^.^ ^^jgj^^^j^ 
.Anj'oiii ansomli, J •' 
<\n]"AiiilAC'o, ansamhlachd, s. m. difficulty, in- 

Ani-AiiiUnjce, ansamhluighthe, adj. incompar- 
^Vn^-Ánc, ansant, s. f covetousness, avarice. 
AnfÁncAC, anshantach, a covetous person ; a 

greedy gut, a gormandiser. 
<Xn]-eA]i5, ansearg, adj. much withered, decayed 

or dried up. 
Anf ejij, anserg, s. great love, " An]'e)ij^, i.e. amj-a, 

no AHA^-A, Afeipc i.e. ^epc mop". Cor. 
<\nr5Aine, ansgaine, > ^ ^,^^^^,,^, 

<\n]-5AineAt), ansgameadli, > 
.Anj-gAinc, ansgairt, s. f a thicket; a great 

clamour, an outcry. 
<\np5Ai)\ceAc, ansgairteach. adj. clamorous. 
Ani-gAiiicnn, ansgairtim, v. to shout, to bawl 



Anr^AoiiceACt), ansgaoilteachd, s. f. freedom, 

liberty from bonds. 
Atii-111, ansin, see Annpn ; prop. nipn. 
Anf ocAi-n, anshocair, s. f. uneasiness, restlessness, 

disquietude, mutability. 
Ani'-ecA-n, ansJwcar, \ adj. uneasy, restless, 
An]-oc]\AC, anshocrach, } mutable- 
An]-lój. anslogh, s. m. a great host. 
.Anfój, (DisJiOíjh, s.m. misery, adversity, affliction. 
<\nf-]u\n, aushraii, s. m. a ladle. 
Anfliuic, ansIiridiJi, s. a poet, see An]AA. 
^^^V^^^^^^, <^'^^tranf., 1 g.j^.eoncupiseence 

An)'r]\AnrAC, anstrantach, adj. concupiscent. 
x\iiyiÍ5)\A'ó, ansugradh, s. m. scurrility. 
AnzÁm, antam, ) adv. in the time ; whilst, 

AncÁn, antan, y when. 

*\ncAiACUifne, aniarcuisne, s. great contempt. 
AucAHitóinj, antarraing, s. f strife, debate, con- 
-Aiiricnio)-r, anticriost, Antichrist, prop. Aiii- 


AucIac-o, antlachd, s. displeasure, dislike. 

xAnrÍA-)', fl«<Zí/.s, s.m. a merry trick ; afairforcattle. 

AucIai-ac, antlasach, s. m. a facetious merry 

AiicÍAfAim, antlasaim, v. to play pranks. 

.Ancojiuw, antogradJi, s. evil desire. 
. 1 . ., 1 s. f. inordinate 

, ,,. . ' . -T- 7 T, V desire or will; 

AncoibseAcc, antoibgheacht, j jn-will, lust. 

AnroileAiiilACt), antoileamldaclul, s. f wilful- 
ness, obstinacy. 

^nroiteAiiniil,, anto'leamliuil, adj. wilful, head- 
long, obstinate, obdurate, libidinous. 

Anroiiitii, antoUhn, v. to lust after a thing. 

AnroiiiuLi, antomhull, s. m. gluttony. 

<\iicoiiiAlrói]A, antonJuiltoir, s. m. a glutton. 

AiiunÁc, anlratJi, s. m. a wrong or improper time. 

x\nri\ÁcAC, antrathach, adj. unseasonable, un- 
timely; abortive, Sh. 

Anq\oiii, antrom, adj. grievous, oppressive. 

<íknci\oinÚ5A'ó, antromiighadh, s. an aggravating, 

AuciAomui §1111, antromuighim, v. to aggravate. 

AncjAUAf , antruas, s. m. gi-eat pity, sympathy. 

AncpuACAnuA, aiitruacanta, adj. pitiful, com- 

Anci'ÁiiilAi5ce,(7nísam/iiazy/t<^e, a. incomparable. 

AnuA'bA]\, anuabhar, s. m. excessive pride. 

-AnuAi'b]\eAC, anitaihkreach, adj. over proud. 

-AnuAi]!, anuair, adv. when; in the time; s. f. 
a storm. 

AnuAippn, annairsin, adv. then, that time. 

VvnuAi)-, anuaiíí, adj. fierce, cnicl. 

AnuAifle, anuaisle, s. baseness. M'Par.paasún: 
a. ignominious, ignoble. 

Anu Aii-Lijim, aí!!íoís%/íM>i, v. to debase, S.A. 44. 

AnuAii^biujAT), anuaislingJiadh, s. debasement. 

AnuAlAc, anualach, s. m. a burden, overweight. 

AnuAbAijiiTi, amcalaighim, v. to over-load, op- 

AnuAf, anuas, adv. down, from above. 

AnuA^-Ab, anuasal, adj. ignoble, mean. 

Anu-ó, aniidh, s. delaying; i.e. fAUUt). 

Amnnn, anuinn, s. f the eaves of a house. 

Aob, aohJi,<.m. similitude, likeness; cheerfulness. 

AobAC, aohlincli, adj. cheerful. 

AobwA, aobJidha, adj. beautiful, S. Maodh. 

Aob-OAC-Q, aohhdhachd, s. beauty; benignity: 

AobnAU, aohran, s. m. the month of April. 

Aobi\unn, aohrunn, uncle, »S7i. 

AoT), aodh, s. m. an eye. 

" AOX) AJAJ- ■OeApC AJA-p CAl]', 

Upi liAnmonuA An |uiii'c funti^lAii', 

'b)\Ae AJAf lAbA UAC gUAC JAlUlll, 

*Oon liiAbAij 1]- tiA yevvnAimn". — F. For; 
the liver. 

Aot), aodh, s.f fire, the Vesta of the ancient Irish ; 
s. a sheep ; s. m. Hugh, the proper name of a 

Ao-oAC, aodach, s. m. cloth. 

Ao-óAine, aodhaire, s. m. a shephftrd, a pastor. 

Aot)Ai]ieAcc, aodluiireacht, s. m. keeping sheep, 
herding cattle. 

AonAnti, aodann, s. f. the face. 

Ao-OAnn-nÁ-]-|iéine, aodan-na-sreine, the front 
stall of a bridle. 

Aot)A^i, aodliar, a fiery desolation. 

AoBAjimAn, aodarman, s. a bladder, Sli. 

AounAiire, aodhnaire, an owner, Sh. 

Ao-oocA]-, aodochas, s. £ see eAT)óccA]-. 

Aot)ócAi-Ac, aodocliasach, s. see eAtioccA^Ac. 

Ao-onA-o, aodhradh, satirizing, censuring. 

Ao^niAciiiAH, aofhuaihrnJiar, ady detestable, hor- 
rible, abominable, odiou.?. 

AogAi^g, aogasg, s m. see éA^^co]-^. 

Aoi, aoi, s. f. discipline, instruction; a swan ; a 
confederacy, compact ; s.m. a stranger, a guest ; 
s. f. knowledge, science; honour, respect; 
a trade ; s. m. possession ; s. f . a place, a re- 
gion, a country, an island ; s. m. descendants, a 
tribe; a request, a petition; i.e. iAi\|\uit), o.g. 

AoiTb, aoibh, s. f. a courteous civil look ; a pa- 
trimony; a tribe — O'Dugan; likeness, simi- 
litude — O'Dugan; adj. pleasant, civil, cour- 
teous; neat, elegant. 

Aoibe, aoiblie, a. civility, benignity ; s. neatness, 



AoibeAÍ, aoihheal, s. f. a spark of fire; " riA 
yem AoibeAl, javi yA'oti jAt)", Old proverb; 
a fairy goddess ; adj . pleasant, merry. 

AoibeAiimil,, floiZ'/íf«í?i/iMí7, adj. grateful, satisfied. 

Aoibnin, aoihhinn, adj. joyful, pleasant; fair. 

Aoibioti, aoibhioll, adj. giddy, Sh. 

Aoible, aoibJile, s. f a sign, a mark, a token. 

Aoibtijini, aoibJdigJnm, v. to mark, note; to ex- 
plain an omen, Sh. 

AoibneAC, cwibhneach, adj. glad, joyful. 

. v ' ., , . ' Vs. m. lov, dehixht. 
AoiDnio]-, uowkmos, > •' " ' 

Aoit), aoklh, s. a moui'nful cry, Sc. 
Aoit)Ain, aoidain, s. a leak, Sh. 
Aoit)AÍneAC, aoidaineach, adj. leaky, Sh. 
Aoit)e, aoide, s. a web; prop. yit)e; a youth. 
Aome, aoidhe | ^. ^. ^ ^^ranger, a guest. 

Aoi-oeAC, aoidheach, ) & ' & 

Aoiue, aoidhe, s. a skilful or knowing person. 
AoitieAc, aoideach, adj. youthful ; s. a milch cow. 
Aoi-oeAcr, aoidheacht, s. f hospitality. 
AoitieAccAc, aoidheachtach, adj. hosjjitable. 

AoibeAT), aoidheadh, "> , • •, 

. , . ' . „ . ,, y- s. a truest, a visitor. 

AoiT)it)e, aoidhidhe, ) 

AomeAC-OAim, aoidheachdaim,v. to entertain, to 

Aoitieog, aoideog, s. f. a lialr-laee, a fillet, a 

Ao\v>eó\-^\m,aoideoigini, v. to bind the hair. 

Aoi^re, a celebrated fairy princess. 

A015, aoig, s. f a skeleton. 

A01 j, aoigh, s. m. a hero, a chieftain. 

Aoib, aoil, s. f the mouth, the cheeks; adj. 
pleasant, fair. 

Aoiibinn, aoilbhinn, s. f. a small herd or flock. 

Aoibbneo, aoilbhreo, s. m. a lime-kiln. 

AoibeAC, aoileach, s. m. agazing-stock. Nahum, 
iii. G ; s. m. dung. 

AoibeAnx)A, aoileanda, adj. beautiful, fine, excel- 
lent, charming. 

AoibeAHiiAcc, aoileannacht, s. a beauty, Sh. 

Aoibf eój, aoiheog, s. f. a caterpillar. 

AoitieA-o, aoilleadh, s. m. a chewing ; basting, 
AoibleA'ó yeoib. 

Aoibbim, aoiliim, v. to baste, to chew. 

AoibcijeAc, aoiltigheach, academical, Sh. 

Aoiu, aoin, s. f. a rush; honour, respect; a 

Aom, aoin, s. one, an ace ; Aom is never used for 
one but in compound words, where the first 
vowel of the second member of the compound 
begins with a slender vowel; ex. Aoinincinn, 

AombiceAC, aoinbhitheach , adj. cocssential. 

AoincmeAiiiAin, aoinddncamhuin, one event, <S/i. 

AoinoéAj, aoindeag, adj. eleven. 

Aoine, aoine, s. Friday; fasting, abstinence ; sec 

AoineAC, aoineach, adj. fasting. 

AoineAnn, aoineann, a. pleasant. 

AoniyeAcc, aoinfheact, adv. at once; along 
with; s. union, unison, Sh. 

Aomjm, aoinghin, adj. only begotten. 

Aomini, aoinim, v. to fast, to abstain. 

Aoininncinn, aoininntinn, of one mind. 

AoininucinneAC, aoininntinneach, adj. unani- 

AomneAc, aoiniwach, s. any one. 

Aoinnm, uoinnidh, s. anytliing. 

Aot\\, aoir, gen. of Aop, a curse. — Hcb. Ai-ur ; 
gen. of A0]i, a satire. 

AoinAin, aoirain, a ploughman, Sh. 

Aoi]\e, aoire, s. f. a satirist ; satirizing, railing. 

Aoi]veAC-oin, aoireachdin, blaming, exclaiming 
against, Sh. 

Aoi]AeAt), aoireadh, s. the corner of a sheet or 
sail; satirizing; a field, <SA. 

Aoi^M 111, aomm, v. to satirize; to curse. 

Aoitii-uititn, aoivsuighim, v. to enhance the value 
of, Sh. 

Aoiy, aois, s. f. age. 

AoiycAHAii-e, aoistanaise, s. f the second stage of 
human life, reckoned from 7 to IG. 

Aol, aol, s. m. lime; alabaster, marble. 

AobcW, aoladh, white-washing, plastering. 

AoUvooi]\, aoladoir,s. a plasterer, a white-washer. 

AoÍAin, aolain, s. f learning. 

AoÍAiiieAc, aolaineach, s. m. an academic, aca- 

AobAinije, aolainighe, s. m. a student. 

AobAinijim, aolainighim, v. to educate. 

AobAi^'ioeAc, aolaisdeaeh, adj. tedious. 

AobAiii, aolamh, a doctor, a professor. Sit. 

Aobitu, aolim,v. to lime; to whitewash; to plas- 
ter; to instruct. 

Aobl]3libA]'t)A, aoUphlasda, s. a parget or plaster. 

AolbiDlitA^-iouice, aollphlasduiche, s. a plasterer, 

Aol]-o]\n, aolsorn, s. m. a lime-kiln. 

Aolce, aolte, taught, instructed, prop, oilce. 

Aol-nj, aoltigh, s. a school, a college. 

Aoibcó'ni, aoilthoir, s a fosterer. 

AoniA-o, aomadh, s. a bending, inclination, pro- 

AoitiAim, aomaim, v. to bend, to incline, to lean. 

AoiiicliA, «oirtí/iíi, adj. oblique. 

Aon, iwii, one, a unit, any; s. m. a country; adj. 
excellent, noble, good, singular; s. a man, a 




v\oiu\c, aonach, s. m. a fair, an assembly; a 
prince ; a hill. 

AÍonACA-ó, aonachadh, s. m. aJuiiition, unifor- 

-AoiiACT), aonachd, s. unity. 

-Aon<.\t)A)ic>.\c, aonadharcach, s. an unicorn, Keat. 

•AonA5)iAiciiii, aonagraichim, v. to wallow. 

-donAi\, aonar, adj. alone. 

AotiApAc, aonarach, adj. solitary. 

AonA]w\cT), aonarachd, s. solitariness, singularity. 

ÁXonc\]\Án, aonaran, s. m. a solitary person, C. 

•<\onA]\ÁnAC, aonaranaeh, adj. lonely, destitute. 

-AonA]TOA, aonardha, adj. solitary, single, lonely. 

^VonbAll, aonhhall, one spot, Aji Aon TdaII, in 
one place ; together. 

double, aonbhiih, coesscntiality. 

-AoiiCACAineAc, aoncathaireach,) adj. of the same 

AoncAcpAC, aoncathrach, j city. 

AontJA, aonda, adj. simple, singular, particular, 
unmixed; it is the opposite of cuinu]'C. 

xXoti-OACc, aondacht, \ s. m. unity, uniibnnity, 

-doncAcc, aontacht, \ sameness. 

-Aoii-oACAC, aondathach, adj. of one colour. 

c\onT)uine, aonduine, s. any one. 

-Aonytdic, aonjlaith, s. a monarch. 

Aoni'ÍAiceAc, aonjlcntheach, adj. monarchical. 

-AonplAiceACT), aonflaitheachd, s. monarchy. 

Aon].-ui]\c, aunfuirt, wallowing; 2nd Peter, ii. 

AonjATii, aongam, v. to move, stir, Sh. 

^\on jneiceAc, aonfi}uieitheach,a.ái. homogeneous. 

AonjucAC, aongliuthach, adj. consonous. 

-doninncinn, aoninniinn, s. f. one mind. 

AonmnciiineA|% aoninntinneas, s. f. unanimity. 

AomiiA-Aiji-pcic, aonmha-air-fkichit, twenty- 

AonriiA-TDeú^, aonmlia-deug, eleventh. 

.aoniiiA-TDeug-AijA-pcic, aonmha-deiig-air-fhichit, 

\\ono, aono, the one, first, Sh. 

•Aono-t)éu5, aono-dmg, the eleventh, SIi. 

-AonpACÁn, aonracan, s., m. a solitary person, a 

-doupAcAUAC, aonraeanaeh, adj. solitary, desolate, 
alone; adj. particular, singiilar. 

•AonjwcÁnActi, aonracanachd, s. f. solitude, de- 

-donnACÁiiAi-, aonracanas, s. f. soUtude, desola- 

Aon]\ACÁn-OA, aonracanda, adj. solitary ; singular. 

■Aon^iAnACT), aonranachd, s. desolation. 

Aon^ííoj, aonriogh, s. a monarch, Sh. 

-c\oni-loiiine, aondoinne, of one tribe or family ; 
one surname. 

AoncA, aonta, s. consent, Hcense, lease ; celibacy. 
iXoncAc, aontach, adj. accessary. 
vVoncACAO, aontachadh, s. consent, consenting. 
■AoncAcn, aontachd, s. acquiescence. 
^VoncACAc, aontachach, ) adj. willing, con- 
^ioncuijeAC, aontuigheach, j senting. 
AoncijeAct), aontigheachd, \ 

AoncijeAf, aontigheas, j 


tXoncuij, aontmgh, part, united, agreed to. 
AoiicoiL, aoTitoil, s. f. one accord, one mind. 
■Aoncuijiin, aontinghim,v. to consent, to agree; 

to obcj^ 
AoncuiiiAt), aoniumhadh, adj. marriageable, 

Keat. and Wars of C. C. C. 
v\o)ic]\oiiiAi', aontromas, s. madness, levity, Sh. 
■cVoncuijce, aontuighthe, adj. united, consenting. 
<AonuAi]i, ao7mair, adv. once, one time. 
Ao\\, aor, s. m. a satire, a curse, 4. Mas. 1414. 
Ao]\ACA]-, aorachas, s. m. a railing, satixizmg. 
■do]\c, aort, s. a ship. 
Aoy, aos, s. m. and f. a tree ; age ; a community ; 

a sect of people, AOf céoib or cuiib, musicians ; 

AO]~oÁtiA, poets; aoj'ój^ A5<^f ca^'ha, young 

and old people ; aoi'^^iaua, friends, relations. 
Ao^-AC, aosach, adj. old, ancient, " o]' ei^vinn 

AO^'Alj UAf Alt". 

<.\o]'A]i, aosar, s. m. God. 

\Xo]n)A, aosda, adj. old, aged, ancient. 

<-\o]~OACD, aosdachd, s. m. age, antiquity. 

v\o]~oAti, aosdan, s. a soothsayer, Sh. 

aXo^-ja, aosga, s. f. the moon, prop. éAj'jA. 

Ao]"iiiA]i, aosmhar, adj. old, aged. 

■Ao]'iiiA]iAC'o, aosmharachd, s. m. age, antiquity. 

-Aoj-CA, aosta, see ao^~oa. 

Aoc, aoth, s. a bell; a crown; any servile work, 

particularly ploughing; adj. small, little. 

AotACX), aothachd, s. ringing of bells. 

<XocAt>, aothadh, adj. clean, pure. 

•cVocAini, aothaim, v. to ring bells. 

<Ap, ap, a. ripe. 

An, ap, \ 

.' ' -^' J s. m. an ape. 
ApA, apa, J ^ 

-ApA-o, apadh, s. m. death, " 50 tiApA-ó tie", 0. g. 

-dpAit), apaidh, adj. ripe; gen. of ApAU, death. 

ApAiiibAcc, opamhlacht, s. m. apishness, foohsh- 


-ApAriiuib, apamhuil, adj. apish, foolish. 

<\pjAAinn, aprainn, g. f. mercy, pity. 

Ap«Ainn, aprainn, 1 j- i j -n j 

<\piuin, aprun, s. m. an apron. 
Apyxzoyhce, apstoilice, adj. apostolic. 
<\pi-cob, apstol, s. m. an apostle. 
■ApcAC, opthach, ad. mortal; a. sudden, quick. 
Apuij, apuigh, adj. ripe, mature. 



<S\\ ar, s. m. slaughter, destruction, plague ; the 
slain in iii;ht; ■6.^]^ ah Ap, upon the slain; til- 
lage, ploughing, husbandry; guiding, con- 
ducting; a bond, claim, tie; adj. hound, 
chained, Á)icu, a chained dog; pron. our; is 
sometimes used in MSS. for oifi or uai|a, " a)i 
tc, i.e. 01 p A cAi-o", o.ff. ; verb, defect, aji ^-e, 
said he; prep, on, when, at, in, for, by, with; 
A\\ I'on, for sake of; Ap au ccAÍAni, upon the 
earth; A]i ■ocúi^, in the beginning, at first; 
see Aip ; placed before a noun forms an adverb, 
as Ap T)]\uitTi, backwards. 

^]\A, ara, s. m. a page, a lackey, servant, a cha- 
rioteer; a conference; s. f. the loin, pi. ApAUA; 
abler; s. m. rowing, o.ff.; s. a tract of coun- 
try; interj. an expletive particle ; s. a ladder; 

A]\A, ara, guiding. 

.íVpAbA, araba, for sake of. 

-á}\AC,' arac, s. m. a conflict. 

ApAC, arach, s. m. a ploughshare ; utensils for 
ploughing; s. fishing tackle, a fishing weir; 
s. f a bier; a gallows, a gibbet, o. g.; s. m. 
strength, puissance, power. 

A|\ACAp, íínícar, s.m. rowing; motion. 

A]u\CAi-, arachas, s.ra. power, might, insurance. 

A]iACc, s. m. a monster, a dragon. 

^ÍpAc-oAC, arackdach, adj. pidssant, powerful. 

4\]\<sc-0Ay, aracMas, s.m. puissance, might, power. 

A\]iAcóip, aracoh; s. an insurer. 

^XjiAcut, araciil, s. m. a cell or grotto ; a retired 
or unfrequented dwelling. 

ApAti, ai'ad, "I s. a ladder, " AmpA, ApAt) -oo cu a- 

-c\)iA-ó, aradhj cAi lb", i?ro^. v. Brng. 

A\\AX), aradJi, s. a running upon or against a hill, 
'•A|iAt), ; i.e. pic no piAU fpi hA, a, i.e. cac a]\-o". 
Cor. ffl ; s. f. a loin. 

cVpAt), arad, adj. strong, brave. 

ApAtJA, arada, s. a severe punishment. 

CpAtiAU, uradhan, s. m. agony. 

ApcWÁin, aradain, s. i. a desk or pulpit. 

^ltó-óÁin, aradltain, s. abuse — Sh.; s. f reward, 
A]\A-óÁm uibc, i.e. tjpoc ■óíob. o.g. 

\Xpdj:lA]-cA, ara/Iilasca, s. f the running of the 

■s\]\M, arai, s. a conflict. 

-ApAróeAU, araidhean, see A]'.AX)Ain. 

ApATOCAUA, araidheana, s. reins of a bridle. 

.tXpAij-fpiOkHA, aravjh-sriana, s. the reins of a 

<.\l\ÁiLe, araile, "1 conj. both, as much, as many, 

ApAiib, araill, V more, 'see Ajioile and 

Aj'.Aible, araille, S a)voiII. 

AiiAini, araim, v. to plough; Lat. aro. 
(\|'.Ain, arain, s. a ploughman, see <\oip>.vni. 
'A^'Aipce, araitk, s. an orange. 

^XpAtiiuil,, aramhuil, adj. oflicious. 

ApÁn, aran, s. m. bread; subsistence, employ- 

-<\]iAn, aran, s. the name of several hills in Ire- 
land, Scotland, and Wales; sometimes used 
for the plural of ApA, a loin ; s. famihar conver- 

A,\i\ÁnAc, aranach, adj. alimentary. 

dpÁUAibc, aranailt, s. f. a pannier, a bread-basket. 

-ápÁncA, arancha, s. a pantry. 

ApÁncóip, arancoir, s. m. a baker. 

.ApAoit), araoid, s. a cover, a table cloth, sco 


-diiAoip, araoir, adv. last night, prop. Ai\éi]i. 

A]iAon, araon, adv. both, together, in one. 

-ApAf, aras, s. m. a dwelling-house, a dwelling, a 
habitation, a room, an apartment. 

^ipApAC, arasach, s. m. an inhabitant; adj. iu- 
hab itable. 

-dpApAiin, arasaim, v. to dwell, inhabit. 

-ApACA]i, arathar, s. a ploughing, cultivating. 

-cXpbA, arbha, s. f. corn, " AgAp -oo concAt)Ap, 
jepixÁn bÁn niAii\ceAc, neoc-oobi ACA|vpAin5 
Apb*, ACAp mine ó nuiiLim", Book of Ferm. 
fol. 88. " -AjAp -oo beAmiAp piAD ua 1iAp- 
liAnnApo cpí pAti bbiA-ÓAu", ib., fol. S'J. 

ApbA, arba, conj. yet, nevertheless. 

ApbAc, arbacli, s. m. a destroyer. 

ApbAC, arbhach, s. m. havock, destruction. 

ApbAim, arbaini, v. to destroy. 

ApbAp, arbhar, s. m. corn, grain of any kind ; a 
host, an army; prop. ApiiiAp. 

A)\bApAC, arbharach. adj. fertile, full of corn. 

ApbA]iÁct), arbharaclid, s. embattling an army. 

ApbApAini, arbharaim, v. I arra}'. 

AjibpAigneAC, arbhraigneach, adj. scarce of corn ; 
s. a snare, Sh. 

AjAbpAijniiTi, arbkraigniw , I ensnare, Sh. 

Ape, arc, s. a chest, ark, a dwarf, a pig, a bee or 
wasp, a lizard, a collection, the body; impost, 
tribute; s. f. a collection; adj. small, also 

dpcAin, airain, a little pig. 

ApcAingeAb, archaingeal, s. m. archangel. 

-A]\cAn, arcan, s. f a cork, stopper ; a little pig. 

ApcéAUA, archeana, adv. henceforth, in like man- 

ApcéAnnAc, archeannach, s. m. an archdeacon, a 
chief of a tribe. 

Apcip, arcis, s. f a hide. 

ApciuAcpA, archluachra, s. an eft, newt, or lizard. 

Apcon, archon, s, a fierce dog. 

<,\]\c]>A, arcra, s. an eclipse. 

A]>cu, archil, s. m. a chained dog. 
Ai\cuill, arcinll, s. f a hermit's cell. 




^ixcuii-j, archuisg, s. f. an experiment. 

-Ancu]\, archill', s. sucking. ■ 

A\m, ard, s. a height, top, summit, eminence, 
ascent; adj. mighty, great, noble, eminent, 
high, lofty; s. f. a point of the compass; a 
part, place, " jac a)\-o j-An eAgÍAi]'". 

AtiT)ACAt), ardachadh, s. height, top summit. 

A]\-ÓAccAC, ardhachtach, adj. high, stately, grand. 

AlTOAijmi, ardaigliim, v. I elevate, extol, exalt. 

^XH-OAJAt), ardaif/iadh, s. honour, promotion. 

^H-oAijeAncAc, ardaigeantach, adj. high-spirited, 

A\l\t) AijeAncACT), ardaigeantachd, s. high-spirited- 

vXpiaAigne, ardaigne, s. elevation of mind. 

<.\]V0Aiii5eAÍ, ardaingeal, s. m. an archangel. 

<\in3Ai]\i5, ardaingh, s. m. an archdeacon. 

aXji-óaiíi, ardhamh, s. a plough ox. 

\.\lTO4Án, ardan, s. m pride, a hillock, a small 

^]i-oÁnAc, ardanacli, adj. high, proud, elate, 

AtTOÁnAijitn, ardanaigliim, v. to embolden, elate. 

A|TOAi\c, ardharc, s. ensign, colours, coat of 
of arms ; request, entreaty. 

^1TOA]~AC, ardhcisach, adj. high, stately, bold. 

xXn-OACAi]A, ardathair, s. m. a patriarch. 

A]\-obeAnt)iuc, ardhheandiuc, s. an archduchess. 

A]\t)b]\étceArh, ardbhreitheamh, s. m. chief judge. 

AirocATicoi^i, ardcJiantoir, s. m. archchanter. 

•<\]\-ocACOi|\, ardchathoir, metropolis, throne, 
archbishop's see. 

A]TOcnoc-].-Ai)ie, ardchnoc-faire, a chief or great 
beacon, Sh. 

A)i-ocóiiiAiiibe, ardclwmhairle, s. a senate, par- 

AiTOcotiiA^', ardcJtoinas, s. m. supreme power. 

A.\\vcumó.cz,ardchurnhacht,s. m. supreme power. 

^ivocun, ardchur, s. m. ta.x, tribute. 

A)\t)ylAic, ardfhlaith, s. a supreme lord, a 


-AH-o]!-tAiceAcc, ardflilaitlieacht, s. sovereignty. 
A\\oi^oi^A\\'\c,ardfhogliaraGh, adj loud-sounding 
ÁXjTOfoUnjeAc, ardfholuigheach, adj. of great 

blood, high-born. 
^ITOJ^^o!^-, ardgliaois, s. a liberal art. 
Ap-ojAoipiie, ardghaoisire, s. a master of arts. 
AjTOJAociiiA^i, ardgliaothmhar, adj. boisterous, 

•AITOjIaii, ardyldan, adj. eminently fine, as oit- 

eAn aitojLaii. 
A]\x)^o\\<\c,ardgldoracli, adj. clamorous, noisy. 
<\HD5boin, ardghloir, s. m. clamour, loud talk. 
-A^TOJocAC, ardghothach, adj. loud spoken, noi?v. 
'<\HT)5iil, ardghnJ, í^. m. loud lamentation 

s. m. the officcof a chief 
professor or doctor. 

Ajrajuc, ardghuth, s. m. a loud voice. 

A]\t)mAO]\, ardmhaor, s. m. a cliief magistrate. 

.dlvtiiiiA)\Ai5, ardinharaigh, s. an admiral, Sh. 

ulTOiiioiiAU, ardmhonadh, s. great affluence. 

-AjTOiiioji, ardmhor, adj. lofty, eminent. 

.áp-oój, ardog, s. f for oiroóg, a thumb. 

^irooiUMii, ardollamli, s. m. a chief teacher, 
professor or doctor. 

AjTOobtAifinACC, ardol- 

-t\]rool,bAiiiAncAcc, a?'fZ- 
ollamhantacht, y 

4A]it)0i]\eAccA]', ardoireachtas, s. ra. a convention, 
an assembly. 

4\]ixioi\Uf, ardorus, s. m. the lintel of a door, 
vulg. ]:A]roo]u.if. 

A.\n-0)\AC, ardrach, s. m. a lord, a sovereign ; gain, 
profit; skylight; adj. excellent, noble. 

AnDn'ij, ardn'gh, s. m. a supreme king, an em- 

v\nT)neACCAf, anlreachtas, see AirooiiieAccAf. 

v\^>ti]iuic, ardndch, a house, <S/i. 

<\]^•o]■•A5A]^c, ardshagart, s. m. a high priest, 

AiAnfeAUAii), ardsheanadh, s. m. a synod, council. 

A.\nt))'5éiiiileoin, ardsgeimhleoir, s. a curious per- 
son, *S7i. 

^X^-o^-gob, ardsgol, s. m. a college, university. 

xXnTDf-uigeA-ooin, ardshuigheadoir, s. m. a presi- 

Ai\t)CAOifeAc, ardtaoiseach, s. a chieftain; a 

x\iTOU5A-ó, ardughadh, s. elevation, promotion, 

\.\l\t)ui5ce, arduiglithe, adj. exalted, elevated, 

<,\néi]\, areir, adv. last night. 

Al\).-Ac, arfach, a. destructive. 

é.\\^, arg, s. m. a champion. Mars ; also a chest 
or cotler; s. f. milk; adj. famous, noble, also 
white ; s. a corn skip, a shock of corn ; a run- 
ning sore ; distillation. 

A^ijAT), argad, s. a stopping or hindrance; head, 
end, top. 

A]\5Aini, argaiin, v. I rob, plunder. 

<\)\5t)A, argdha, adj. military, warlike, valiant. 

A^igAin, argain, s. plundering, robljing. 

-djiJAijAe, arghaire, s. f. an obstacle, liindrancc ; 
s. m. a crosier ; a destroyer. 

Ai\5Aii\uii, arghairim, v. I keep, I herd. 

AHJAijic, arghairt, he or she kept, " AnJAi^r 
lAece Ainfeij coencA \o\\ meoTJon Reroe", — 
Brogan; s. ridiculousness. 

Ap5nAc,«,-í7»«./,,s.m. ^^ ^,,^^,^^,^. 

Anjnoin, argnoir, s. m. ^ 



x^ngriAt), anjnadh, s. m. robbery, plundering, 


^nlot), arlodh. s. ) ^ c .\ ■^ 

.', .' , ,' ^ some part oi the side. 
•Apioj, ariogh, s. ) ^ 

-c\]iloi5, arloigli, s. proper ca]iIoi5, a gathering, 
bringing home the harvest. 

-A^ijntMtii, argnaim, v. I rob, phmder. 

■Ajijinniéinc, arguimeint, s. an argument. 

v\)\5Uin, arguin, s. an argument; plunder, depre- 

xNnjco!]!, argtlioir, s. a destroyer, a plunderer. 

<\]\i j, arigh, chiefs, Sh. 

A\i\iiin, arinn, s. friendship, Sh. 

A]v\]-, aris, adv. again. 

A]\m, arm, s. m. the army, armour, weapons, 
arms; a place, situation, 4 — Mast, passim. 

^\)imAc, armaclx, s. m. slaughter, a slaughterer; 
adj. armed, warlike. 

-tXiiniAct), armachd, s. m. feats of arms. 

\.\-HniAiii<Ml, armamJiail, adj. armed, warlike. 

-ApiiuMJ, armhaigh, s. a buzzard. 

-AlMTUM jce, armaighthe, adj. armed. 

<\]\iiiÁil, armail, s. m. arms, weapons, an 

-AnmÁilce, armailte, s. m. an army. 

<\HtiuMlce<.\c, armailteach, adj. having armies. 

.A]MiiAiiii, armaim, v. I arm. 

-cXniTiAine, armaire, s. a cupboard, closet; an 

ApiiiAme, armhaire, s. m. a rebuke, check. 

\.\]inu\nn, armann, s. m. a chief, a prince, an 

A]\niA)\A, armara, s. a rebuke, check. ■ 

A]iinc<\, anncJia, s. m. an armory. 

-apnicuing, armcuing., s. f. an armoury. 

A)\mémeAC, armeineach, a. of a warhke disposi- 

<\)\iiii5ce<\i\, armJiighthear, a. sanctified. 

A]iiiiiiToini, armhindim, v. to reverence, worship, 

-A]\niUMni, armlann, s. m. an armoury, vid. 


<\Hnu\i](e, armaire, a cabinet, a chest. 
AHiii 0)1*6, armhorach, s. m. a Briton. 
April oj\Ai CO, armhoraicc, s. the people of 

ApniTA, urmtlia, adj. armed. 
-ApincAij'g, armthaisg, see AjMiiUvnn. 
A]\iinimn, armuinn, exiles. 
Ai\iiniince, armuinte, adj. blessed. 
A]\tiiuii% armuis, s. f arms in heraldi-y. 
-<\)inuiincim, armuintim, v. to bless. 
Ajin, ani, s. m. a judge; a kidney. 
AjinAiT), arnaidh, s. a band, bond, surety; adj. 

severe, cruel, hard. 

AjWAig, arnaigh, s. f. a prayer, plur. ahuaijco: 
prop. ujWAtj. 

ApnAijim, arnaighitn, to pray, "p)iiccAt>, bÁc- 
^•A-o, A)\nAi5eAT)", St. F. 

AimAc, arnath, part, swollen, puifed up. 

-A]\ne, arne, a sloe. 

-Anoc, aroch, adj. straight, S/i.; s. a hamlet, a 
little shielding, Sh. 

-Anoic, aroich, s. field of battle, Sh. 

A]\ó\\,e, aroile, pron. other, another, " ]io fAjAib 
An Cardinal Papyro pallium A'nAi\T)tiiACA, 
pallium A u'aic cIiac, aca^- A^ioile a ccouac- 
CAib, ocAf -pAn llluifiAn" — ligernach, 1152. 

-ApoiLb, aroill, adj. much, many, "5ti)\ ojtoaij 

I'lAT), AjlOltlTIO piAJAbuib l^AU COillAll\le \m" 

— Tigernach, 1152. 
A]\oy, aros, s. m. a dwelling, habitation, house. 
Ajip, arr, s. m. a stag, a hind. 
A]\HA, arra, treachery, destruction ; a pledge. 
-AniiAC, arrach, s. m. a pigmy, a dwarf; a centam-. 
A|\HAC, arrach, ) s. a likeness, spectre, appaii- 
Ai^\lAACC, arracht,^ tion ; a monster. 
A]i]iAcc, arracht, s. manliness, strength, might. 
-Ap]iACAH, arrachar, steering, ro-\ving, Sh. 

}adj. strong, mighty, 
powerful, manly, 
puissant, brave, tall, 
power, bra- 
y, coiu-age. 
-AjijiAu, arradh, s. m. an ornament ; merchandize, 

ware ; plur. A]\i\AToe, see enjiAUA. 
Am>ATÍiAC, arradhach, a. brave, Inisfal. 1309. 
AjipAm, arraidh, s. evil actions. 
•ApHAij-oeAC, arraighdeach, adj. negligent. 
A]\]\ó.m-^, arrai)ig, s. f convulsions ; a stitch, a 

sharp pain. 
An)iAi-p, arrais, s. i. joy, delight, pleasure, hap- 
piness, 0. g; a streaming or running, o. g. 
A]\]\<s^pm, arraisim, v. to arrive or reach at. 
ApjAcoJAit), arrchoghaidh, s. the hound that first 
winds or comes up with the deer in hunting, 
'A]\]\m, arridh, adj. generous. 
A]\nót)Acc, arrodhacht, s. a keeping, fencing, 

supporting, o.g. 
A]\]\ó'\v, arroid, s. f. vice, profligacy. 
-AHiiómiin, arroidim, v. to corrupt, vitiate. 
A]\nonAC, arronach, adj, becoming, fit. 
A]\nonAi-óini, arronaidhim, v. to fat. 
AjAponcA, arrorda, a. bold, daring. 
-Aiinmi'eAC, arruiseach, adj. obvious. 

^1^1'^'. «''*''■ , I adj. old, ancient, aged. 
Ani'Ac, arsach, ) •' " 

ApiwcT), arsachd, s. ago, antiquity. 

-ApHACCA, arrachta, 
-i.\]\nACCAC, arrachtach, 

A]\]\<\czact:, arrachtacht 
Aji^iACCA)", arrachtas 

acht, I ■ . i , 
y might, 

' j very, c 



A]ífAi5im, arsaigliim, v. to antiquatc; to tell, 

relate, " ai\i'ai5 •ouni a éAii acIa", Old MSS. 

A|i]v\ti, arsan, s. m. a sage, a man old in wisdom, 

L. Lee. 
Ai\]-AiicA, arsanta, adj. ancient. 
ApiméAL, arsneal, s. m. sadness, sorrow. 
AjifnéAÍAC, arsnealaoh, adj. sad, sorrowful. 
Al\i-on, arson, prep, for account of; in room of. 
AjiinnjcACT), arsuigheachd, s. ancient deeds. 
A]\]-iii5eoi|\, arsuig}ieoir,s. m. an antiquary. 
A\\t:, art, s. m. a bear; a stone; a house, tent, 
tabernacle; a limb, flesh; God; the proper 
name of a man; adj. noble, great, generous; 
s. m. a ship ; hardness, cruelty. 

" C^iuAit), <\]\r A henAinin 50 p\\; 
^Y AUAipr Ainm •00 liuvoc liiin ; 
lllAOti bAÍb; TAOi bo'ÓAi\ iiAC •oip; 
IllAom 5HA'ó; 11' AiitiiAOin niii'CAii'". 

For. Foe. 
A^cA, artlia, 3. a spell. 
AncAC, artach, f m. a quarry; adj. stoucy. 
AncAc, artliach, s. m. a ship or boat. 
AncAijitn, arthaigliim, v. to sail, to remove. 
Ai\ccaiIaiií, artchailair, s. f a quarry, stone- 
Ai\ccAiiieil., aricJiaireil, s. quarry, Keat. 
A^ceAjAl, arteagal, s. m. an article. 
Apceine, arteine, see Apcinne. 
A]icene, artene, s. gravel. 
Ancicub, articul, s. m. an article. 
Anniine, artinne, s. m. a flint, i.e. 

A\\c\\.\, artra, s. an artery or vein, 

l-'eic, Aiiuiib cuj'iinne c]ie i\eArAnn i'idioha'o 
11A bcACA", Plun. 
ApcivAC, arthraeh, s. m. a ship, wherry, boat. 
Ai\qiAi5, arthraigh, s. a demonstration, proof 
A]\n]\Ai5nn, arthraigJmn, v. to do or make ; v. to 

sail; V. to increase or enlarge. 
Ai\fuijiin, artlmigliim, v. see AiiCAijini. 
A]\cuii\t)ii% artuirdhis, s. augmentation, Sh. 
A]nuy, amis, s. f a way or passage. 
Anu^x, arusc, s. m. a lord. 
A^iufj, arusg, s. m. the neck. 
A)', as, prep, out, out of; aux. v. is; it is, 
a sign of the comparative degree, &\- mo 
• ■DonuAt no -ooncA; conj. and; a contrac- 
tion of Ajup; s. f a cataract, waterfall; 
drink, such as milk, ale, beer, water; a shoe, 
a sandal, " -oa a-j-a ói]a po tiA qioijcib", Fer. 
85; adj. projected. 
ApAc, asach, s. a shoemaker, a cobbler ; adj. shod ; 

milky, watery. 
Ai'AT), asad, pron. out of thee, fi'om thee, i.e. a]- 

AbA]\ CI 

" Ancl^<^ 

ApAt), asadh, s. a kmdling, lighting up ; stop- 
ping, standing, resting, anchoring. 

ApApipmitn, asafirmim, v. to remove. 

ApAit)iin, asaidhim , V. to kindle; v. to stop, 
stand, rest ; to rebel, revolt, Sh. 

ApATÓeAcc, asaidheacJit, s. f. evacuation. 

ApAiTD, asaidh, s. resting, stopping ; s. a cham- 
pion ; staying, arresting. 

ApAijce, asaighte, adj. shod. 

ApAini, as im, v. to kindle; v. to shoe; to milk. 

Ai'Ain, asain, s. f. an ass; a furnace. 

ApAipe, asaire, s. a shoemaker, Heb. asar, to bind. 

ApAicijiin, asaitighim, v. to abandon, evacuate. 

ApAÍ, asal, s. m. an ass. 

ApAin, asam, v. to do, to make, Sh. 

ApÁn, asan, s. f. a stocking or hose; adj. evil, 
bad. Cor. gl. 

ApÁncA, asanta, s. m. sedition, dissent; prop. 

ApAOTO, asaoidh, s. i. childbirth, 0. g. 

Ai'Apt), asard, s. debate, Sh. 

Ai-ApTDOiiA, asardoir, s. a litigious person, Sh. 

A]'AptAi jeAct), asarlaigheachd, s. magic, divina- 
tion by herbs, intoxication. 

Ape, asc, s. m. pride. 

Ai'CAim, ascaim, v. to ask, beg, demand, pray, 
beseech, "po-o ApcAi-ó bpijicce Ap eu5nAi]\c 
AU pig", B7-og. 

ApcAipc, ascairt, s. i. budding, sprouting; tow, 
hards ; the wadding of a gun. 

ApcAb, ascal, s. m. a conference, conversation ; 
increase, flowing of the tide ; loss. 

AixaH, ascall, s. f the armpit ; s. m. a violent 
attack, a forcible onset. 

ApcAom, ascaoin, s. £ a ciu'se, excommunication. 

AixAomcAni, ascaointam, v. to curse, Sh. 

ApcA]\, ascar, s. m. a guest. 

ApcAc, ascath, s. m. a soldier, a champion. 

ApccAB, asecadh, s. m. a gift, a present, pi. 

ApCCA-ÓA, " -00 pA-OpAC ApcCAtiA lOniTÍAOlle 

•001b" — 4. M. 1474. 
Apccumonn, asccumonn, s. excommmil cation. 
ApcuATJ, ascnadh, s. m. ascension. 
ApcriAim, asenaim, v. to come, approach; to 

mount, ascend ; to enter. 
ApcuAiii, ascnamh, s. m. ascension. 
ApcpA, ascra, s. a dry cow. 
Apcú, aschu, s. m. a water dog; an eel; Apcu 

pAipje, a conger eel. 
Apcuc, ascuch, an escape, Sh. 
A^tJA, asda, pron. out of them, i e. Ap ia-o. 
Apt)Ap, astZar, s. m. a journey, í)íV/. AipueAp and 

ApcAp ; journeying, travelhng ; " U\ TDA]VAbAi- 

A5 Apx)Ap beAin péin pAU cplij" — Mac na 




<\^"OA)\óip, asdaroir, s. a porter. 

■A^-oAC, asdat, they cannot, i.e. 11 ac |-):eAt)Ar. 

<\|-t)eAc, asdeacJi, adj. pleasing, "■oeAnAiii ]\em, 

•00 <Miii]\ei-óib, A]i ip liuliAiji <\i-oeAc Ia ■oia 

•00 gnicen in cAl-Am" — Vis. Ad. 
Aj^o^Aije, asdraighe, s. a traveller. 
A]-eAt), aseadh, adv. yes, a term of affirmation. 
A]~o]\Ai5ini, asdraiffhim, v. to travel, remove. 
/Aj-gAc, asgacli, s. m. a winnower. 
A]-5Ait, asgail, s. f. a shade, shadow, covert. 
Aj-jAim, asgaim, v. to winnow, cleanse. 
A^'jAl-t, asgail, s. f. the armpit, Ai'jALlÁn, idem. 
A]'5nAtTi, asgnamh, s. a going, migration, pro- 
gress, i e. iinceAcc, 0. g. 
Ai'innleAct), asinnleac/id, devices, Sh. 
A]"ion; asion, s. f. a crown, diadem; a royal 

Ai'Lac, aslach, s. a request, petition ; temptation. 
A^-Lmjiui, aslmgJiim, v. I beg, request, " i-p Tinj'e 

•|\o A]'l,Aije A i^At)", J^er. 161. 
-di-loiiiiAt), aslonnadh, s. m. a discovery, telling, 

relating ; a search, 0. g. 
A]-nA, asna, s. m. a rib. 
Aj'nAc, asnach, adj. ribbed. 
A]-nAt), asnadh, s. m. a sigh ; prop, oj-ii At) ; a rib, 

see ApiA; s. want. 
Apióg, asnog, s. f. a fan to winnow corn with. 
-<\]-nA]'AC, csnasach, s. m. a hewer of wood or 

Ay\\Annó,c,asraiinacJi, s.m. a traveller, a stranger. 
AfnuUv, asrula, v. he eloped, i.e. x>o y^o étom. 
A|-)'<.Mn, assain, s. f greaves, " A]-|\Mn phuAi]- 

Ai]i A iui]i5ni'b", Fer. 
'A]yux)-\m, assuidJnm, v. to set as the sun, 

"Appiiit) Au j]iÍAn, i.e., vo yoj'Ait), no '00 

cotimAÍ-ó An jpuxn", o.g. 
•ApcAÍ, astal, s. a javehn, a spear or pike ; a chip 

or latli. 
ApcA^i, astar, s. a journey; v. Ai]'t)eA]i and 


AiXA^>oi]i, aslaroir, s. a porter, PL 
AyzAy, astas, a javelin, a pike, 0. g. 
AfrApjimnj, astharruing, abstract, Sh. 
<,\pceAc, (tstcivh, adv. in, inwards, coacca Ay- 

rcAc; flattened inwards, compressed ; within, 

at home; it is a contraction of a' or Ann pA 

rcAc, in the house. 
Ai'nj, astigh, adv. out, from home ; contracted 

from A]- a' or An C15, out of the house. 
Aproip, astoir, adj. proper, right, lawful, ie. ip 

T>io]\, o.g. 
AprpAiin, astraim, v. to bear or carry aside; to 

travel, to go afar oíF. 
Apciiit)ini, asluidhim, v. to retain, keep, " €\\\ 

"00 bein ■oAji bjUMjic a^a ci\enpu m •oa ren- 

gAit) X)éc •01A chincut), olt)Apin coen cenju 
•00 Apcut)", Br. Laws. 

A^qiAnriAC, astrannach, s. m. a traveller, a 

-AprnolUii-óe, astrolluidJie, s. m. an astrologer. 

ApqioUnjeAcc, astrolutgheacJit, s. m. astrology. 

■Aj-ciii, astul, s. a pole or pikestaff, a staff used 
in walking, i.e. plii-eAnn no ja bnibAp, 0. g. 

Apuib, asuihh, pron. out of ye, from ye. 

Apui-óeAt), asuidheadli, s. kindling, A5 Ai'iiioet). 

Apum, asum, pron. from me, out of me. 

ApujiiAigim, asurlaighim, v. to support, Sh. 

Ac, at, s. Í. milk ; s. m. a swelling, blistering, or 
rising of the skin, "oo Ac 'oo cff|'. 

-Ac, ath, s. m. a kiln ; a ford, gen. aic or aca, pi. 
ACAnuA ; adj. just, lawful ; a reiterative particle, 
AC JAbAit, retaking ; it is sometimes used as a 
prefix to express privation, " AccAOi]-eAC ■oo 
■óénAiii no tllhAoiteAcbomn nióp hiacc eocA- 

gAin, AJAp peApJAl pUA-Ó ITIAC peApJAlb ]UIAlt) 

rieic -oouncA-OA 'oo oip'oneA'ó-inA-ionAT)", 
4 M. 140!). When prefixed to words whose 
first vowel is slender, it is written <;ic. " <\ic- 
pioJAt) inu)\CA UA lllAOilpeAcbom, A5^p a. 
ionA]\bAt) -con lllmiiAn be Uoip'ooAlbAC ua 
ConcobAip AjAp ConcobA]! niAc coipueAbb- 
A15 AiiiAc péin -oo pioJAT) AUAtc pAn 1l1it)e o 
SionAinn 50 pAipje" — An. Inisf 1143. 

-dcA, athn, s. a green plain, a lawn, an open plain, 
a platform, vulg. pACA ; the cud of a cow ; a 

Aca, ata, v. it is. 

Aca, ata, s. m. a hat or cap. 

Aca, atha, s. a blast of wind. 

Ac AC, athach, s. m. a giant ; a plebeian ; a clown ; 
a stammerer, a man of vulgar language ; a re- 
quest ; a while, a space of time. 

AcAc-jAoice, athach-gaoithe, s. a blast of wind. 

AcAc, athach, s. pi. waves, i e. conuA; s. m. fer- 

AcAc, atach,he is; " acac utipoicbeApbA, í.í'. 
beic AucAmceAc". 

AcAcÁn, atachan, s. m. a hatter, haberdasher. 

AcACAUAini, atachanaim, v. to prate, Sh. 

AcAcoiimAic, atachomhnaic, s. f. a surname, i.e. 
coriiAinm, 0. g. 

AcAc-o, atachd, s. victory; a swelling. 

AcAit), athaidh, s. f a while, space of time. 

AcAit), ataid, s. a subject; locAitie. 

AcAibbe, athaille, s. f. Inattention. 

AcAilce, athailte, a scar, Sh. 

AcAimeAct), ataimheachd, s. redemption. 

AcAinne, athainne, s. f embers, a firebrand, vulg. 

AcA!]!, athair, s. m. a father. 





<\cAi]\-ALc]\AniiAi', atliair-altr annas, \s. m. afos- 
AcAin-Alc]>otiu\, athair-altroma, J teifather. 
Ac«Mi\-'bAi]'X)i5e, athair-bliaisdighe, s. a godfather. 

<\cAin-ceiie, athair-ceile, ") 
AcAm-cleAiiniA, athair- V s. in. a father-in-law. 
chleamhna, ) 

■6.t<.\^\me<^•ó, athairdheadh, adoption, Sh. 

AcAi]\t)im, atJiairdhim, v. to father, to adopt, Sh. 

At-.\\]\--o-\oh<iX), athah'-dhiohhadh, s. m. a patri- 

AcAiiróiobAi'ó, athair dldobliaidh, s. m. a parri- 

Ac<M]\-liAé, athair-Uath, s. mountain sage. 

AcAin-lu]-A, athair-hisa, s. ground ivy. 

'íXÚAin-cAÍiTiuin, athab'-talmhuin, s. yarrow, mil- 
foil, acliillea millifolium. 

AcAipne, atliairne, s. the father of learning, i.e. 
ACAip tiA liAoi, 0. g. 

-<\cAi]\eAiiiuit, athaireamhuil, adj. fa,therly. 

-c\rAineAiiiLAcc, atliaireaiiMacht, s. m. fatherli- 

AcAipeoj, athaireog, s. f an aunt bj the fatlier. 

-(\cAi]v-]:Aoipt)in, athair-faoisidin, s. m. a father- 

-AcAiiii jeACT), athairigheachd, s. patrimony, Sh. 

AtMy, athais, s. f a rebuke, reproach, abuse; 
confusion; woe, desolation, destruction; de- 

-AcÁi^-eAc, ataiseach, adj. woeful, desolate, sorrow- 
ful ; s. a reviler, an abusive person. 

•AcAij'eAcc, athaiseacht, s. reviling, rebuking. 

AcAi]-nn, athaisim, v. to revile, reproach. 

-AcAice, athaithe, s. time. 

-AcaI, athal, adj. deaf 

AcaII, athall, s. m. a flesh hook. 

AcAiiiAb, athamhal, a looking after, perceivhiff, 

-dcAn, athan, s. f fire. 

Aca]\acaI, atharachal, adj. alterative. 

AcAHAcc, atharacJU, s. f iatherliness, mtrimony, 
M'Pa,'., 43. 

AcAjiAJAt), atharaghadh, s. alteration, change. 

AcA]iAicce, atharaicthe, adj. abstract. 

AcA]iAriu\|\c, atliaramhare, s. aeroscopy, Sh. 

xXcApAijnn, ailiaraighim, v. to change, vary, 
alter, ditíer, diversify, variegate, flit, sliift, 
modify, translate. 

AcAiTOA, athardha, adj. paternal; s. adoption, in- 
heritance by right of adoption. 

■AcAneolA]', athareolas, s. aeromancy, <S/i. 

AcAiTOAcc, athardhacht, s. m. patrimonial rights. 

AcAjijA-ó, athargadh, s. a conflict, skirmish, en- 

■AcAiijAib, athargaibh, s. i. importunity, solicita- 

AcAHjAim, athargairn, v. to engage in fight, 

AcA]\5Aiii, athargamh, s. m. a conflict, skirmish. 

-AcAnJAii), atharghamh, sec aca]\acaI. 

At^^wxii, athariid, s. aerology, Sh. 

-AcAulu]', atharlus, ground-ivy. 

AcA]uiiAOin, athr/rm/u/oiii, s. m. patrimony. 

■acAjiriieij, afhnniili. i.iji. a barometer. 

AcApniACCA-ú. aihnrin^irht^idh, s m. a parricide. 

AcAjipuJAt), utluifriMjIiadh, s. m. alteration, dif- 
ference, change, variety, distinction, discrimi- 

-dcAnpuijitn, atharruighim, v. to exchange, alter, 

-AcA]-, athas, s. m. victory; rejoicing. 

•dcAj'g, aihasg, s. m. a word. 

-iXcACAX), athathad, reunion, Sh. 

•AcbAC, athhhach, s. m. strength; an attack; a 
change or diflerence of time, i.e. AiceAnnAc ha 
iniAi]ie pn, o g.; a renewal of pain, i.e. ac]!-a]- 
peine. 0. g.; a second death. 

-ácbA]\, athbhar, s.m. an aftercrop ; prop. Acb^];]!. 

■AcbelA, atbela, v. you will die, " AcbelA co lio- 
pont) iiuniA c]\ei'oce inoi]']"i". 

AcbbAp, athbhlas, s.m. aftertaste. 

-AcblApAim, athbhlasaim, v. to retaste. 

-AcbjiotiAiiTi, athbhrodairn, v. to resuscitate. 

AcbuAlAim, athbhualaim, v. to react; to strike 

AccAgnA-ó, athchagnadli, c\\QVfing the cud, Sh. 

AccAjuAim, athchagnaim, to chew the cud, ru- 
minate, Sh. 

<\ccAii\r, athchairt, s. f. renewal of a lease ; a re- 

AccAice, athchaite, adj. worn out, cast ofl''. 

<\ccAncAineAcc, athchantaireacht, s. m. recanta- 

AccAoit), athcaoid, s. f sickness, ailment, com- 

^XccAoroeAC, athcaoideach, adj. sickly. 

-AccAom, athchaoin, s. i. a complaint. 

-dccA]iAiTn, athcharaim, v. I mend, repair, re- 

AccAnoiji, athcaroir, s. m. a restorer, o. q. 

-dccA|icói]\, athchartoir, s. m. a renewer of a 
lease or other pri\'llege. 

AccAi-Ac-oic, athckasachdich, a repeated couiil), 

AccA]-At)Aitn, athchasadaim, to recharge, Sh. 

Á.\ccA]-Aini, athchasaim, v. I return, I retwst. 

-dccA]n)c\, athchasda, adj. returned, retwisted. 

-dcceAjTiAigim, athcheasnaighim, v. to re-exa- 
mine, Sh. 

vVcceiiimijitii, athcheimnighim, v. to recapitulate 





■Atco-^AX), ailicliogadh, s. m. rebellion ; renewal 
of war. 

AccojAini, athcJioffaim, v. to rebel. 

AtcotiiAi]!, athchomhair, s. a compendium. 

AccóiiiieA]\Án, athchohnhearan, s. f. a register. 

Atcoiniii\, aihchoimir, adj. short, abridged. 

Atcomiine, athchoimire, s. f. an abridgment. 

Accoi]n5ce, atlichoiriiilithe, adj. rectified, re- 
paired, mendi'd. patihed. 

Ai:coiiu\ii\cini, uthchoiiihaircim, v. to shout out 
again, S/i. 

AccomAi^ile, atJicJiomliairle, s. f. dissuasion. 

AccotiiAi]\ti5iTn, aihcJwmhairUghim, v. to dis- 

Atcomi.]\<>.c, athcJiomaracJi , s. a petitioner; adj. 

AécotnA^iA'ó, atlicliomaradh, s. asking, requiring. 

AccoiiiA|\c, atJichomharc, s. permission; a request, 
petition, a question. 

AccomA]\c, athclwmare, s. questioning, asking. 

^ccomeA,,, athchomcar \ ^^. ^^ ^^.^^ 

AccoinjeA^i, athcliomgliear, J •' 

AcconjcA, athchongtha, part, requested, peti- 

-Accop, athcJiO); s. oxpul^inn. 

AcconuJA-o, atlir]i>,-ii,i]i,i<!!i. s. a repairing. 

Accoj-cAf, athclioslos, s. alicrcost, Sh. 

Atc]\Ax>, athcliradh, s. m. restitution; a restoring 
or repairing. 

Acc]\Anii, athcJiraim, v. I restore or recover. 

Acc]\uinni5iin, ntln'linilinii^/hiiii. v. I rally. 

Arcutniinc, athrlniimirr. ^. í. uliraisal of a cause. 

Acciiiriine, athcltnimliup, s. t. rcenllection. 

-Accuimmgini, aihchuimhiiighim, v. I recollect. 

. . .- n 1 • ) s. f. a repeated re- 

Acomu-ze, athclmwge, f quest or petition; 

Accumj^eAT), athchmngeadh, j ^^ti-e^ty, demand. 

Acctnnjitn, ailicliuingim, v. I request, entreat, 

Accumgceoin, athcJntingtheior, s. m. a peti- 

Acciii|iitn, atJicJtuirirn, v. I banish, expel; sur- 
render, give up. 

AccuiiiA, atlichiima, s. m. want of power, weak- 
ness, 4 M. 1406. 

AccuniAim, athcJnimuim, v. I deform, transform. 

AccuiiiAip, athchnmhaii; adj. concise, brief, 

AccuiiiAi|\eAcc, atJichimihaireacJit, s. brevity, 

Aécu]a, athchir, s. m. a surrender, giving up ; 
banishment, exile. 

Accuinjceoip, athchuingtJieoir, s. m. a petitioner. 

Ac-óiobAiiii, athdhiolaim, v. I repay, refund. 

Ac-óoibjeAf , athdhoilgheas, s. discc mfort. 

Ac'ojiui'oiiii, athdhruidim, v. to open. 

Ai-opinin, aihdruim, an ancient name of Tara, 
L. Lee 

AtyAy, athfas, s. a new or second growth. 

AtyAi'Aiin, ailifasaim, v. to grow again. 

AcfuAj-jlAt), athfhuasgladh, s. redemption. 

AcgAbAii, athgJiabhail, s. a retaking of spoil, 
resumption of property or rights. 

AcjaIjaiiii, athghahhaim, v. I resume, retake, 

AcJAipjie, athghairre, s. f a brief, an abridg- 
ment, prop. Acjein^ie. 

AcJAiiie, athghaire, adj. concise, precise. 

AcJAiiiio, athghairid, s. a short time; abbrevia- 
tion, contraction, briefness; adj. short, brief 

AcJAijMni, athghairim, v. I recall, repeat; I 
echo, re-echo. 

AtijeÁ\\\\&\m ,atJighearra{m,l shorten, abbreviate. 

Acjeinini, athgheinim, v. I regenerate. 

Acjeinriiin, athgheinmhin, s. regeneration. 

Aé5eii\|\e, atJigheirre, s. a brief, see AcJAimie. 

AfjlACAun, athghlacaim, v. I resume; take 

AcjiAnAij, atligldanadh, s. a cleansing, bright- 
ening, refining. 

AcjbAnAim, atlighlanahn, v. I refine, purify, 

AcgÍAncA, aíhghlanta, refined, purified, polished. 

<\c5bo]\Aini, atlighloraim, v. I resound. 

Acjnot), athghnodh, s. a renewing, i.e. acuua- 
•ouJAt), o.g. 

AcctnnAi' cl-Ainne, atldldnnas clainne, after- 
pains, Sh. 

AcionncAit)itn, ailnonntaidhim, v. I return, turn 

Ac-bÁ, atli-la, next day, another time. 

AcLa-ó, atldadh, s. a wound or scar. 

AcbÁjAt), atldaghadh, s. procrastination, dilatorl- 

AciÁJAim, cdJdaghaim, v. I delay, procrastinate, 
prorogue, prolong. 

AclÁiii, athhwdi, s. m. profit, advantage, treasure, 
spoil, i.e. eA-OAib, o. g.; adj. expert, dex- 
terous, ready, quick, nimble, brisk, active, 
officious ; punctual ; sensible. 

AcÍAiiiAC'o, aihlatnhachd, s. dexterity, activity, 

AclÁn-niA^iA, athlan-mara, reflux of the sea; 
next tide, Sh. 

AcleA]-Ú5At), athleasughadh, s. reformation. 

AcleAinnjun, athleasuighim, v. I reform, mend, 

Aclémiitii, athleimim, v. I bound, Sh. 

Arléiri-óe, athleitidhe, part, requited, retaliated. 

AcbocAU, athlochar, s. thanks. 





Aciii<\L\i]\c, athmhalairt, s. f. another or second 

-<\ciiu\U\inciiii, athmhalairtim, v. I rcchango. 

-AciiuvolcA^-, athmhaoltas, s. m. shame. 

Arnui]\nA, athmurra, a swelHng, puffing. 

AcnACAim, aí/ínac/íawrt, V. 1 give up, dehver; 
I inter. 

■AcnAcc, athnaclit, v. they gave, i.e. cui]ut), o. g. 

vXciuvJAiT), athnaghaid, v. they come, i. e. \\-\n- 
5AT)A|i, 0. g. 

vVciVMJ, athnaigh, s. giving, bestowing. 

ActiAiii, athnamh, s. great store, treasure, spoih 

AcneA]\cAi jiiu, athneartaigJdm, v. 1 reinforce. 

AcnuAcÁii, athnuachan, s. m. a renewing, re- 

AciniA-ÓACAt), athnuadhachadh, \ s. renovation, 

AcnuAJAt), athnuaghadh, J renewal. 

ActutAt)AiTii, atlmuadhaim, 1 v. I renew, re- 

AcnuAUAijun, athnuadkaiglnm, j novate. 

-<\i:tiuA-ÓAijceoii\, athmadliaightheoir, s. a re- 
newer, repairer. 

AccACA, atJitaca, s. an entreaty, request. 

Aeon, aton, see ACAn. 

AqiAC, atrach, s. m. a boat, a wherry. 

Ai!:]\A-D, athradh, s. repetition. 

AcpAinn, athrainn, s. f. subdivision. 

Af]u\niniiii, athrainnim,\. I subdivide. 

Aci\iioi\ui5iin, athruoruigJiim, v. I reconduct, 
retrieve. ' 

Acpocm, athrocldn, recovering, Sli. 

Acneof, athreos, s. improvement, amendment. 

AcnuicAC, athriuchach, s. m. a man that changes 
his country. 

Acjiuij, athruigh, v. he arose, or removed; s. an 

AcnuijeAC, athridgJieach , s. m. a wanderer, an 
inconstant person. 

AcnuigeAt), athndgheadh, s. a removing, chang- 
ing; captivity. 

v\c|\iii5itii, atliridghim, I change, alter, vary, 
walk, remove, " ni Ac^wJAt) |-e 50 b)iAc". 

AciuiJA-ó, athrugJiadh, s. m. variableness, incon- 

Aci'eAfLAT), atlisealladh, s. m. retrospect. 

Afi'jAÍAini, athsgalaim, v. I resound, rebellow. 

Acj^oiupAim, athsdiuraim, v. I reconduct. 

AefeAbiiACAU, athsealbhachadh, s. reversion, re- 

Aq'5nióbAim, atlisgriobhaim, v. I transcribe. 

Atym\XMweim,atlismuaineadh, s. second thought, 

Aci-nuiAinuijnn, alJismuaintigJdm, v. I reflect, 

AcftnuAmctuJAt), atJismuaintiughadh, s. reflec- 

Acfttiumcró, athsmtdtitidh, second thought, S/i. 

AcfocjiúJA-ó, athsJiocrughadh, s. m. re-estab- 

Acfui-óíujA-ó, athsiddJdughadh, s. m. a second 

Ace, ait, s. callosity, exuberance, swelling. 

AccAit, attaiqh, ) 

A ■ j^ ■ 7 ;■ 1 request. 

Accutg, attmg/i, j ^ 

AccAice, altaice, adv. near hand. 
AccÁini, attcdm, v. I bellow. 
AccAijijeA-o, aththairgeadh, s. an assemljly, con- 
gregation, " ACCAipjeAUAii, i.e. cionoilpA-o", 

AccAoif eAc, atldaoiseach, s. m. a chief deprived 
of his lordship, see the quotation at ac. 

AcceoJA-ó, atteoghadli, s. m. a dwelling or habi- 

Accin, atdn, s. f. furze, gorse. 

AécógAim, aththogaim, v. I rebuild. 

Acco]-Ai5ini, athtosaigldm, v. I recommence. 

AcqiAróe, attraidhe, adv. in the first place 

AccjiUAf, athtruas, s. m. compassion. 

AcciiUAi'Ac, athtruasacJi, adj. compassionate. 

Accuicim, cUhthuitim, v. I relapse. 

dciiAi]i, atkuair, adv. again, other times. 

AcuAtiiAp, athuamhar, adj. terrible, horrid, de- 

AcuAriiAjiAcx), atJmamharachd, s. ra. abomina- 

AcuAiiiA]iAC, athuamharach, adj. abominable. 

Acuai'j'La'ó, athuasgladh, s. redemption, prop. 


Au, au, s. f. an ear. Cor. 

AucATOe, auchaidhe, ) , . „ 

AucA1,^, auchair, | ^' ^^*^^"^-' ^'"'- 

Auci'aI, aucsal, s. m. an angel. 

AuBAcc, audhacld, s. m. death, " Autdacc, i.e. 
UA-ÓACC, i.e. UAc i-'iMA fecc, i.e. in cÁn céce 
m -oinne ].-]\ia j-'ecc iuiaca, i.e. bÁp", Cor. 

AuxiAible, audhadle, s. f. deafness, inattention, 
" i.e. neAtiieiptDeAcc, no cbuAfOAll", 0. g 

AutdaII, audhall, adj. deaf 

Au-ÓAblAim, audhaUaim, v. to deafen, to be 
deaf, PI. 

Augui^-c, augidst, tlie month of August. 

Auju^'c, august, Augustus, a man's name. 

AuLom, aulom, wanting an ear. 

AunAj-c, atmasc, s. m. an ear-ring or chain, " i.e. 
nA]-c Aue, i.e. ó]inA-|x no bint) 1111 cUiAi-Aib 
UA i'Ae)\ctAnn", o.g. 

Auji-OAC, aicrdach, s. a solemnizing; s. m. a fes- 
tival ; see bujnAj'A. 

A\.i]\^'nA^Y,aurgnais,s. an exalted or noble prayer. 

Aui\5)AAct), aurgrachd, s. f. talkativeness. 

AurfAb, ai'tsal, a. noble. 


B is the second letter of tlie Irish alphabet, as well as of most other alphabets; it is the first consonant, and is called i 

tuy user! ; 

I of It. 

■ othc 

In Irish manuscripts of late ages it i 
irJ- clnb/i, black, duih/i. 

I for P, 


labial lettei, because the lips 

both b and ;) being made ccminntalph or 

wiite, rf!i/)/i,/)n, etc , nhic 1 t 

and the Latin-, wiotc pop/i 

sailjo. Bj puttinf!;a tittli i 

inents> It sounds hive thp I 

thcii B or beta is often un.l i 1 m L it 

ii'«/e, Latin lUa, hibh beat/iu, ind-nlie 

much closer in «onnd and lettci s to tho Hi 

being in TiiO, W,M n„linH.l,u« JJ,i/i 

open 111 I I t . be olisei-ved thit tl li 

them, ■! i implestiongsoui»! ii 1 i 

simplj I I 1 >tcd, onthcotlui 1 u 1 

sonants, 1 v tl lu »_ til- 1 Jj> i/ad-Kephai, nieiiioiia in 

do thtubv .ilso luM thtu simple aspuate sound, and 

a full point to anj- of those lush consonants, changes 

the addition of a full point to the ^bo^e mnntioned lli i i ili m mto tin ii i it I ii_ 1 tt i of 

the lush. BjthisLinlit i ti t ' t nn tin It 1 ,1 II tl ii 1 [ I I h c i ( , Itic 

seems to be suftini nth 1 1 it ii ti t 1 I il til i i I 11 ] I. twuhii- 

guages IS of a hiti ii \ i i 1 i i_ i itm II \ « i 1 \ i i I tl t i i m iition of 

tliem being lelt to tin |i ui i n i ti i I iil n i1iis,h1o ,1 w nit 1 ii . ii h j it t I It m, tlius tlie 

modeiTi Spaniaids, ^^ho use the 6 in 1 tiif v iiuhttiientlT toi each otliei, pionounce tlio ■v\ord Inhct, to dunk, as if it -were 

wiitten bivei, etc., as did aho the ancient Koman», ex. Hio se Bivo omnibus suis benefecet. And bidit lor iidit, bixit lor 

v%Tit, beta for veto, boluet it for volmi it, bendei e for vender e, etc. Vide Lliuyd. Compar. Ety mol., page. 22. 

inu 1 ol tlie Hebrew bli, ch, dli,gh, pk, <A,i%hidi ue 

l^ notirrd, tltp now -mentioned Hcbie-n con- 

1 liilf point m the ninldle cf -\n\ of tbtni, 

I I I: r,d,g,p,t, sotl It tl ill tl nof 

I ii.lmgkttci oftlK II 1 1 1 Mill, 





b, b, the second letter of the Irish alphabet, is 
called beic, which signifies the birch tree ; is 
one of the nnmerical Irish letters, and repre- 
sents 300. 

b<\, ha, V. was, were, have been. It is the pre- 
ter-pcrfect tense of the verb bim ; s. cows, 
plur. of bo; death; adj. good; simple; prep, 
under. It is used for f^; " bÁ auc, i.e. \-a 
co|ip", o.ff.; imperfect tense of acaiiii, was. 

bAAin, baain, v. imperat. of buAiniiii, to cut or 
mow down, 'oo bAAin Uu\c]w, to cut rushes; 
proper, buAui. 

bÁAti, baan, s. the matrix of a cow ; vulg. bitUAti. 

bÁb, bab, s. a babe, baby. 

bAbAC, babhach, a. sweet, innocent. 

bÁbACc, babacht, s. childishness; innocence; 

bÁbÁn, baban, s. a baby; a tassel, short bits of 
yarn or thread. 

bÁbÁnAC, bahanacli, adj. tasselled, having tas- 
sels, I'ringed. 

bAbtiAij, babhdaigh, s. a batchclor, a sweet- 
heart, a person who sues or courts for another. 

bAbboip, hnhloir, s. a prater, a babbler; a name 
by wliicli St. Patrick was called, Cor. 

bAbbuAii, bahhluan, s. a name for a woman; 
"■\)<\hV\\kr\, ie. nomen mjilicris, qnan Babi- 
lon, i.e. confiislo interpri'latnr, i.e. no cu- 

iiuifj in Aenbéu|vlA in ibbe)ilAib oc An ruji 
A T11U15 SenAi]\"', Coi\ 

bÁbún, babhnn, s. ra. an enclosure for cattle, a 
town; prop. bAbúún, Beb. Baclion. 

bÁc, bac, s. a hindrance, impediment, stop, let, 
obstruction; also a hog, a pig; a notch or 
tooth of a rack in a flax wheel ; a prop, sup- 
port, a fulcrum ; a thowl or pin in the gun- 
wale of a boat to keep the oar in its proper 
place when rowing ; a spade or shovel ; bAC, 
i.e. t/Aije, o.g.; in modern Irish it is written 
and pronounced ]:ac; a crook, a hook on 
whicli a door liangs by the hinges, a hinge ; 
drunkenness, "ceo bACA ón-o pón, i.e. ceo 
mefce. on pon". Cor.; s. clipping, shearing. 

bAc, bach, s. a rout, breach, defeat, a violent 

bAc, bach, adj. loving. 

bACAC, bacach, 1 adj. lame, halt, crippled ; s.m. 

bACA-ó, bacadh, j a lame or crippled person. 

bAC, bach, adj. drunk. 

bACAC, bacach, s. m. a cripple. 

bACACAt), bacachadh, s. m. a laming. 

bACAt), bacad, s. m. a hostage, a captive. 

bACAt), bacadh, s. cowdung. 

bÁCAt), bacad, s. m. a stop, see bAc. 

bACAj, hacag, s. a trip or fall. 

bACAfóeAcr, bacaidliearht, s. lameness. 





}s. m. a sta 
gen. bAc 

tafF, crosier; crook; 

bAcAijitn, haeaighim, v. to stop, impede, let, 
hinder, obstruct; to crook cu ; to make lame 
or halt; to cripple. 

bACAil-, bacail, s. a stop, see bÁc. 

bÁcÁib, bacail, s. baking. 

bACAiiii, bacaim, sec bÁCAijnii. 

bACAitn, bachaini, v. to make drink. 

bACAine, Jxichiiirc, s. a drunkard. 

bACAiimiJAÚ, l>.ii-/i,iiiiiigJiadh, drinking, sotting. 

bAcAij-eAc, (mcoi.HMch, adj. obstructive. 

bACAb, bachal, s. a curl 

bACAb, bachal, 

bAcob, bac/iol, 

bAcub, bachul, 

bACAb, bacal, s. a slave ; a prisoner 

bACAUx, bacala, s. a bakehouse. 

bÁcÁibirn, bacailim, v. to bake. 

bÁCAbcA, bacalta, adj. baked. 

bACAbb, bachall, s. a clipping, shearing, i.e. 
beA]\At), 0. g. 

bACAbbAim, bachallaim, v. to clip round, to trim, 
to shear. 

bACÁn, bacan, s. the hinge of a door, a hook; 
a stake to which cattle are tied. 

bACAucA, baclianta, prating. 

bACAncAct), bachantachd, s. garrulity. 

bACAp, bacJiar, s. the herb lady's glove; an 
acorn ; beech mast ; food for swine, 
"i.e. niuc'óei]ic, z'.e. b]\AiceA]' iiia ciAjAit) 
iiiuca", Cor. 

bACAf , bacas, s a captive, a hostage. Cor. 

bACAC, bacat,s. a captive, O'Cl. 

bAcc, bacc, s. a shepherd's crook. 

bACCAC, baccat, s. cowdung, Cor. 

bAccnn, baccim, v. to crooken or make crooked. 

bAcbA, bachla, s. a cup or chalice; s. f. an arm- 
ful, gen. bAicbe. 

bAcbAC, bachlack, s. m. a herdsman, a rustic; 
adj. curled, crisped, frizzled ; s. m. a cudgeller. 

bAcbAg, bachlag, s. a lisp or stop in the speech ; 
a little curl; the head of a stick. 

bAcbA-CAC, 6«c/í/íí(7((c/í, ) 1 J ,. .. 

u -1 ^ ■ I n I. I curled, see OAcbAC. 
OAcboj^AC, Oachlogach, } ' 

bAcbÁn'iAc, baclamhach, adj. disabled or crippled 

in the hands. 

1, .1 1. , 7 7 7 7 "i s. pimples in the face 

OAcboDtiA, baclilobhra, \ c ^ • ^ 
U .', -..^ 1 n II >■ irom dnnk ; a sur- 

DAcbu DUA, bachltibnra, i r -^. c n ■ i • 

' ' 'J leit irom drmkmg. 

bAcbóg, bacJdog, s. f. small curl, dim. of bACAb. 

bAc-inoriA, bac-mona, s. a pit-fall, a trap or snare 

to catch hares or other game. 
bAc-iiA-heAi-juiTDe, bac-na-heasguide, s. the 

hough or ham, GHic. 
bAc-uA-jMje, bac-na-righe, s. the hollow of the 

arm upon bending the elbow, O'llic. 

bAcoTOe, baclioide, s. the boss of a shield. 

bAcoTonn, bacoidim, v. to go by crutches, PI 

bAcc, bacJit, s. fire. 

bAc-finneAf, bach-tJtinneas, s. sickness after 

bAcro]iÁn, bacJdoran, 1 s. the noise of 

bACCOniiiÁn, bachthorman, J drunkards. 

bACcnA, bachtlina, s. strife, contention. 

bÁcu'oAi', bacudkas, s. an oven, Sh. 

bAcúJA-ó, hacughadh, s. an obstruction, hin- 
drance, hindering. 

bAcui-oe, bacuidhe, 1 s. lameness; bcg- 

bAcui-cieACC, bacuidheacJd,} gary. 

bAcuijce, bacuighthe, lamed. 

bÁt), bad, s. ra. the Avind; a boat; a bunch, 
bush, cluster, tuft, thicket; an opening; a 
bay ; a harbour ; love, friendship ; v. was. 

bÁ-ÓAC, badhach, adj. loving, friendly; having 
boats, possessed of boats ; famous, great, noble ; 
" beA]\c bÁx)Ac", Tor. Eig. 

bÁ-OAcn, badachd, s. boating. 

bAWAt), bad/iadh, s. the sea. Cor. 

bÁ-OAij, badaigh, adj. delicate, dainty. 

bv-WAim, badhaim, v. to dro^vn, die, perish, see 
quot. at AinbceAC. Heb. Abad. 

bA-oÁn, badan, s. a tuft of trees; a tuft of hair. 

b ATJAn AC, badanacli , adj . bushy, shrubbj', covered 
with underwood. 

bATDA^-Doip, badasdoir, s. m. a boatman. 

bA-ób, badhbh, s. m. a tract of land; s. f. a vul- 
ture ; a royston crow, any ravenous bird ; an 
Irish fuiy; a scold; an ill-inchned woman; 
a witch, a fairy woman ; a boAn pge, sup- 
posed by the vulgar to attend on particular 
families ; the north, the north wind. 

bA-óliA, badhbha, adj. evident, manifest, Uoch 

bA-óbÁcc, badhbliacht, s. the croaking of a raven, 
or noise made in the throat of any bii'd of 

bAt)b-DÚn, badhbhdknn, 8. m. a bawn; an en- 
closure ; a fortress. 

bÁt) JAi]\e, badhghaire, s. a sot, a fool, a coquette ; 
a pimp. 

bAO-niubAic, bad-mulaich, the top cluster, the 
hair on the top of the head, Sh. 

bÁTDÓin, badoir, s. m. a boatman. 

bAtion, badhon, s. a little haven, road, rampart, 
bulwark, a bay of the sea ; Sh. a bastion. 

bÁT)f Aoi]i, badshaoir, s. m. a boat or ship-car- 

bAeJAb, baeghal, s. m. danger, peril. 

bAet, baeth, adj. weak, silly, simjjle. 

bAj, bag, s. m. a prince. 

bÁj. bagh. s. m. strength, power, virtue; a 





battle, conflict, stirmisL; kiuduess, respect, 
friendship; an estuary, an arm of the sea; 
a promise, obligation, bond, tie; a word; a 
leaning, inclination, propensity; adj. trem- 
bling, shaking, quaking. 

bAJA, hagha, s. a promise ; battling, fighting. 

bÁJAc, baghach, adj. warlike, quarrelsome; 
cori^ulent, bulky; adj. tight, Sh.; kind, 
friendly, loving, sympathetic ; s. m. a soldier. 

bAJAt), baghadh, s. fighting, quarrelling. 

OAjAit), bagaid, s. f a cluster. 

"bAJAuii, bagha'un, v. to promise, to pledge one's 

bAJAHii, haghaim, v. to fight, quarrel. 

bAjAin, bagair,s. threatening, a threat ; Ijajaijic, 
the same. 

bAJAÍ, bagJial, s. m. danger. 

bAgAÍAc, baghalach, adj. dangerous; see bAoj- 

bÁjAUCA, haganta, adj. warlike; corpulent, 
tight, Sh. 

bAjAji, hagar, s. a threat, threatening. 

bAjApAc, bagarach, adj. threatening, huffish. 

bA5A]\Aiiii, hagaraim, v. to threaten. 

bA5A]\c, hagart, see bA^Aji. 

bAjAncA, bagartha, adj. threatened. 

bA5A]\cóip, bagarthoir, s. m. a threatener, blus- 

bAJlAC, baghlach, see bAJAUvc. 

bAJcmneAi', baghthinneas, s. a surfeit. 

bÁjúoroim, baghthoidim, v. to wrangle, to 

bAJcuoiT), bagJuJiroid, s. C. a squabble, wrangle. 

bAsim, horiun, s. bacon; from bAC, a hog; a. 
slippery way. 

bAJuc, bagJnUh, see beiccAt). 

bAi, bai, V. sometimes used for bi ; bAi ^-e, he 

bÁv, bai, s. death; i.e. h&y, o.g. 

bAic, baic, s. Í. a twist, tm-n; a bend, bending; 
crookedness, a crook; a]\ An in-bAic, on the 

bAicbcAi\tA, haicbhearla, s. a solecism, crooked 
reasoning, PL 

bAicini, binchirn, v. to touch; to take; to strike. 

bAicj-eAT), baichsead, v. they took, i.e. x>o 
bcAn^'AT), O'Cl. 

h'^^ct^nn^o]-, baichfhinnios, s. see bAJcmneA]-. 

bÁnf), haidh, s. f. a wave ; love ; afi'ection, re- 
gard; s. f friendship. 

bATOAb, baidal, s. a tower. 

bATOAbAC, baidalach, towering. 

bÁróe, bnidhe, s. i. gratitude, thanks; kindness, 
amity, alliance ; predicting, prophesying, pre- 
diction; longanimity. 

bÁróeAc, baidheacli, s. an assistant, coadjutor, 
a comrade; adj. friendly, kind, grateful; fair, 

bÁfóeACT), baidheachd, s. friendliness, friend- 

bAmeACA^', haidheachas, s. grace, favour ; thank- 

bÁfóeA'o, baidheadh, drowning. 

bAiiieAl, s. a cow stall, Sh. 

bÁnJeAiiiuii, baidheamhuil,} ^. , . . 

b. , , . , 7 ., ^ ad), sec bAiTDeAc. 
AijeAinAib, baigheamkail, ^ •> 

bAijeAthbAcc, baigheamhlach 

!s. friendliness ; 
the act of 

bAmim, baidhim,') v. to speak, talk, promise, 
bAijnii, baighim,^ O'CL; to engage. 
bA)t)ini, baidhim, v. to endear; to prophesy ; 

bÁTJb, a fuiy. 
bATOiti, baidin, s. a little boat, dim. of bÁt). 
bAnj^eAC, baidseach, a. avoiding, shunning. 
bÁit)ce, haidhte, drowned; also dead. 
bAi-ócini, baidhthiin, v. to wash, to di'own, to 

bAi|-i3liu\i-r, baifphiast, s. a toad, PL 
bAij, baigh, s. a threat; friendship; a wave of 

the ocean. 
bAije, baighe, s. a combat, battle, fight. 
bÁigeoj, baigheog, s. f a yellow-hammer. 
b<.\)5in, baigin, s. i. a waggon. 
bAijnii, baighim, v. to perceive, apprehend, 

bAijbe, baighle, s. a fawn. 
bAii, bail, s. a place, a residence ; hence bAile 

prosperity, good luck; the allowance of a 

mill to the poor, Sh.; s. f eflect, consequence. 
bÁib, baiLcontiacteá for but) Á1I, it was pleasing. 
bAilbe, bailbhe, s. dumbness ; stammering. 
bAilc, bailc, s. a flood; strength; a ligature 

adj. bold, strong; strait, difficult. 
bAilceAc, bailceach, s. a strong or stout man 

adj. rainy; powerful. 
bAilciiic, bailchrith, s. f trembling, consterna 

bAiie, baile, s. m. a town, a village, a home 

plural bAitce ; also a place ; a clan, a tribe. 
bAibcAC, baileach, adj. stingy, careful. 
bAibe-niAngAÍ'D, baile-margaidh, a market town. 
bAibe-jeAiiijiAit), baile-gheamhraidh, ground 

always ploughed, Sh. 
bAile-pui]\c, baile-puirt, a sea- port, Sh.; an 

bAilijmi, bailighim, v. to accumulate. 
bAibijce, hailighlhe, accumulated. 
bAilniJAt), haiUughadh, s, accumulatii.n. 





b'Áill, Uaill, for but) h\X, was pleasing. 

bAil'Lci\eACA-ó, haiRchreatJiadh, s. trembling. 

bAilleT), bailled, s. a ballad. 

bAilléin, baillein, s. f. a little bubble ; a boss 
or stud ; s. f. a teat or dug, a milking vessel. 

bAiLlenie, haiUeine, s. f. a small shell. 

bAiLLen, baillen, s. f. a drink. 

bAilleój, haiUeog, }j. f. a twig, sprout, or 

bAileój, baileog, ^ sucker. 

bAilleójAC, bailleogach, adj. full of twigs or 

bÁil-li, bailli, s. m. a bailiff. 

bÁillijeAc-o, bailligheachd, s. the office of a 
balliti:'; a bailiwick. 

bAilliui, baillim, v. to drink; to distribute. 

bÁilni, bailm, s. bahn, balsam. 

bvMlu, bailt, s. a belt, a cingle; Anglice, belt. 

bAilcecvc, bailteach, adj. full of towns. 

bAitceACAj-, bailteaclias, s. planting towns, colo- 

bAittí:eA|-^A-ó, bailltheasgadh, s. amputation. 

bAiii, bain, s. f. a drop; pi. bAinib. 

bAinb, bainbh, s. a little pig. 

bokinbTOeAct), bainbhidheachd, s. faiTOwing, 
pigging. - 

bAinbin, bainbJiin, s. a -sucking pig. 

bAinceATiAC, baincheadach, s. an authorised 
person; adj. authorised. 

bAinceAtiAiin, bainclieadaim, v. to authorize.. 

bAitici-ó, bainchidh, it belonffs, PL 

bAiuciiAiiuiii, baincJdiamhuil, v. i j i 

b., . 7 • 77- 7 . /■ law or daucrh- 

AnicLK\muin,í;aí;ic/iíia?n/iM'in, I • i 'p, 

bÁinc|uocA, Jízzwcn'oí/ia, s. white clay, pipe-clay. 
hh,^■6e^^tMindhearg, 3 ^. fl^^j^.^^i^,^,^ 
\).\nx)e^\^, bandhearg, § 
bAin-oiA, baindia, s. a goddess; such as ALne, 

Ifinn, etc. 
bAinxJij, baindigh, s. feminine, modest, unas- 


bAiiTouiteArii, bainduileamh, s. a goddess. 

bAine, bcdne, ) .,, 

1^ 7 • Í s. m. milk. 

UAiniie, baiTuie,) 

bAine, baine, adj. whiter, compar. of bÁn. 

bAine, baine, s. a wave. 

bAinoAC, baineach, adj. milky. 

bAinéAcc, baineacth, s. the actions of a heroine ; 

woman-slaughter, Keat. 
bAiueAtAc, bainealach, dropping of rain, Sh. 
bAineAnn, baineann, a. feminine, female. 
bAineAticA, baineanta, adj. effemmate. 
bAinei'óg, bainesog, s. f a feiTet; rather a she 

bAine-bó, baine-bo, s. cow's milk. 

bAine-binnuigce, baine-binntighte, s. thickened 

bAme-cAO]\AC, baine-caoracit, s. sheep's milk. 

bAine-bo-bLcAcc, baine-bo-'\ common primrose, 
bleacld, ( oxshp; common 

bAiue-bo-buitilie, baine bo- /" cowslip, pagils, 
buidhe, ) paigles. 

\)'S\ne--^\é.c,baine-gamhnach, s. honey-suckle. 

bAine-50i|\c, baine-goirt, s. buttermilk; also 
bAinne biÁcAc, 

bAine-iiiibi]', baine-milis, s. sweet milk. 

bAine-iiiuice, Z>«iW-ín?íící, sow thistle ; see blio- 
ccfocA-OAn ; it is also called blioccÁu. 

bAine-nui]', baine-nuis, s. beestings. 

bAine-i\AtiiAn, baine-ramhar, s. curdled milk, 
thick milk. 

\)Mnye&x)Anó.c,bainfeadJianach, s. a female piper. 

bAin]i-ei|', bainfheis, s. f a wedding feast. 

bAinii^vini-ce, bainjirinsce, s. the epicene gender. 

bAiiiyi\eA5HA-ó, bainfhreagradh, s. a bond or 

bAitig, baing, on a sudden, by surprise. 

bAiii5eA]\]\Acc, haingearracht, s. a goddess, PL 

bAinjeAi'rA, baingheasta, adj. hght, nimble. 

bAiujni), baingliidh, adj. lacteal. 

bAiniApÍA, bainiarla, s. a countess. 

bÁiní-óe, bainidhe, s. rage, fury, madness, "ai]\ 
buile i|' Ai)\ bÁin'rae"; adj. craz}', silly, 

bAniini, bainim, v to belong to, iiAC bAinionii 
111]-; to cut down, bAiiiim ci\Aiin ; to take 
away, carry off, bAiunu ■óioc. 

bAimon, bainion, adj. female, leoiiiAti bAinion, 
a lioness. 

bAiinouA]', bainionas, s. muliebrity, woman- 

bAmi]', bainis, s. f a wedding, a wedding feast; 
gen. bAin]'e. 

bAini]'5, bainisg, s. £ a little old woman. 

bAiTiieóiÚAri, bainleomhan, s. a lioness. 

bAinbiAJ, bainliagh, s. a female physician. 

bAinne, bainne, s. milk, a cup, a spout, a run- 
ning sore. 

bAinni, bainni, s. madness, see bAim-óe. 

bAinp]uonTi^'A, bainpriormsa, s. a princess. 

bAÍnpíoJAU, bainrioghan, s. a queen. 

bvXiiifeAC, bainseach, s. a plain or field; a sheep- 
walk, a solitary place ; a green ; adj. retired, 

bAin^-eACt), bainseachd, s. feasting. 

bÁini-eAJAÚ, bainseaghadk, s. desolation, de- 
struction, desolating, destroying. 
^bÁiii)-eAniuil,, bainseamhuil, adj. belonging to a 
wedding, eAOAc bAin^eArhiiil,. 

bÁini'5|\iobAró, bainsgriobhaidh, s. a bill or note. 





bÁin]-5eAl, hainsgeul, s. a star. 

'bÁin]'pi]\eo5, bainspireog, s. f. a sparrow- 

bÁmreolAÓ, bainteoladh, s. a female thief. 

bAnru\5A]\no>, baintiayhanm, s. a lady; a gentle- 

bAinqieAlbAc, baintreabJiach, s. a person cut off 
from his ti'ibe ; a widow, a dowager. 

bcMnqieAlJACAp, baintreahhachas, \ s. widow- 

bAincjieAbAC-o, baintreabhachd, | hood. 

bÁip, bail; \ s. m. a game at hurling; a con- 

bÁii\e, baire, J test, a goaling. 

bÁi]\ce, bairche, s. a battle, Sh.; adj. strong, 
bra^■e, stout, VCl. 

h^\\\\c'\\i,bahxin, s. a ferula; cross sticks, or side 
timbers in a house between the rafters. 

bÁii\cne, bairchne, s. a fight by women; s. the 

bÁip-óeAbj, bairdhealg, s. a hair pin. 

bÁiiroéif, bairdheis, s. a point or end; bAin-oeii' 
An cIaí-óhíi. 

bÁint)é]")ni, bairdesim, v. to point. 

bÁiiráéii'ce, bairdheiste, pointed. 

bÁi]ie, baire, s. a goal, a starting post; cúl bAi]\e, 
a corps de reserve ; death. 

bAinéAT), bairead, s. a bonnet, cap, hat, helmet, 
or any kind of head-dress. 

bAineATJcuom, baireadhtrom, adj. light-headed, 
quick, nimble. 

bAi]\éin, Iiíiirclii, s. binders, rafters, ribs or small 
beams laid on houses, i.e. bAHpAiu, no CAolJAin, 

a a. 

bAi|ie]'c, bairesc, s. the froth of water or any 

other liquor when boiling. 
bÁi]i5eAn, bairghean,s. m. and f a cake; prop. 

bAi)\iii ; s. a fine man, a child. 
bAi)\5eAncA, bairghcanta, swift, Sh. 
bAi^jm, bairghin, s. a begotten son, Sh.; s. 

creeping crow-foot; Ranunculus repens. 
bAijijinrAc, baivghintach, s. a bringer forth of 

sons, Sh. 
bÁi^iiAb, bairial, s. a shoe string or buckle, a 

shoe latchct ; cover of a book. 
bÁi]\i-ó, bairidh, s. bellowing, roaring, lowing. 
bÁi^MJeAn, bairighean, s. m. and f. a floor, a 

plot of ground. 
bÁmijim, bairighini, I bestow, confer, Sc. 
bÁi]iibe, bairile, s. a barrel. 
bÁinlitm, bairlinn, s. f. the foam of the sea, a 

rolling wave. 
bAijiin, biiirin, s. f a cake of bread. 
bAipnin, bairinn, s. a firebrand. 
bÁij\iieAc, bairneach, s. a kind of shellfish called 

a limpet; adj. angry, morose, perverse, unto- 
ward, Iriiihtful; filial. 

bÁi)\neAC-o, bairneachd, s. judging, sitting in 
j udgment. 

bÁmnijitn, bairnighim,Y. to fret, Sh. 

bÁijinim, bairnim, v. to judge, to sit in judg- 

bAii\nein, hairrein, s. f. rafters. 

bÁi]\]UAb, bairrial, see bAipiAb. 

bAinpijbuAJbAil, bairrighbhuaghbhail^ s. a 
sounding horn, Sh. 

bAin]\icin, bairriein, s. a ferret. 

bAii\nin, bairrin, s. the top, forctop. 

bÁinj'eAC, bairseach, s. a scold, a shrew. 

bÁini'eAct), bairseachd, a satire, scolding. 

bÁin]'eÓ5, bairseog, s. f. a young scold. 

bÁin]^eoin, baiseoir, s. a scold. 

bÁi|\]'5eo5, bairsgeog, s. f. the top of the wlnd- 

DÁinpige, bairsighe, s. brawling, scolding. 
bAiUj-ijnii, bairsighim, v. to brawl, to scold. 
bÁip, bais, s. f folly, levity. 
bAip, bais, s. f. iust, lechery; water, heavy 

bA'-"'£f ' ('• ^- *'"" P*^'" °^^^''' ''-'"''■ 

b^n'e, baise, adj. round. 

DAij'CAitc, baischailc, s. raddle, red chalk. 

bAi]xeAll, baisceall, s. a clown, a savage person. 

bAi]-ciiieAti, baiscmlieull, s. a collection, a 


bAi]-cne, baiscne, s. a tree. 

bAi]'cnioc, iaisc?'íoí/í, s. raddle; see bAi]'CAiLc. 

bAii-oe, baisde, 1 i ^- ^ 

-u ' - I ■ J • > s. a baptist. 
DAi]n)eoi)\, baisdeoir, J ^ 

bAÍrt)e, baisde, 1 c • l oi 

b.' . , . J . V s. a lormcator, Sh. 
Aipx)eoi]i, baisdeoir, ^ ' 

bAi]"t3eAC, baisdeach, adj. rainy, wetting. 

bAi]"oeA-ó, baisdeadh, s. baptism, baptizing. 

bÁip'oeA'ó, baisdeadh, s. f. rain. 

bÁi]-oeAiiiu)b, baisdeamhuil, adj. rainy. 

bAipBTO, baisdidh, adj. baptized. 

bAij-TDitn, baisdiin, v. to baptize, to dip. 

bÁipoim, baisdim, to shower as rain; to baste. 

bAipeAC, baiseach, adj. flat. 

bAi]'eAC-o, baiseachd, s. palmistry. 

bAÍ]"eAL, baiseal, s. pride, arrogance. 

bAÍpeAbAC, baisealach, adj. proud. 

bAÍi'eAiiiuib, baiseamhuil, adj. foolish, lustful. 

bAÍpeAiiibAct), baiseamhlachd, s. lechery. 

bAÍppeACTDAC, baisfeachdach, adj. deadly, death- 

bAippionn, baisfhionn, adj. flesh-coloured; red- 

bAipjne, baisgne, s. a tree. 

bAij-leAC, baisleach, s. m. a stone on whieh 
women used to wash ; heavy rain. 





bAi]~lec, baislech, s. an ox, Br. L: a handful 

of anjrtliing. 

bAii'LeACT), haisleachd, s. f. paliuistx}'. 

bAirce, baiste, ") , 

u ■ 7 ■ J • , s. see bAirce. 

OAii-ceoi]i, batsteow, ) ' 

bÁi]-ce, baiste, s. a slioweiinir. sprinkliiiir, basting, 

Ileb. hastck. 
bAijxeAc, baisteacJi, see bAifDOAC. 
bAi]xe]i, baister, s. water, Sh. 
bAnxiiii, baistim, v. see bcMi'Dnu. 
bÁic, tííi'í, a liu-e, a decoy; a clown, o. g. 
bÁice, baite, adj. drowned. 
bÁiceAc, baitmch, s. a clown; vulg. boT)<\c. 
bÁiceAÓ, baitheadh, suppression; drowning. 
bÁiceAnn, baitheann, s. certain or inevitable 

bAiceA]-, baitheas^ s. m. tlie foreliead, brow, 

bÁicep, baiter, s. water, Keat. 
bAicin, baitin, s. m. a small stick. 
bcMcineAC-o, baitineacd, s. chastising with a small 

stick or rod. 
bAici]% baithis, gen. of bAicoAp 
bAicfebeA]», baiiselear, s. a bachelor, an unmar- 
ried man, a man who has taken his first degree 

in a college. 
bAicfeoip, baitseoir, s. a charwoman or man, Sh. 
bAÍ, bal, s. m. a battle. 
bAbAC, balach, s. m. a giant, a sturdy fellow, a 

fellow, a clown ; a conceited fellow, i.e. h&.et 

Laoc, 0. g. 
bAlACAiiiuib, balachamhuil, adj. clownish, fop- 

bAbACAU, balachan, s. a youth, a stripling. 
bAbA-o, baladh, s. a smell, scent, odour ; fighting 

bAbAt) cni]% baladh chnis, yellow ladies-bed- 
straw ; Galium verum. 
bAbAjAin, balagam, s. a mouthful, Sc. 
bAbAije, balaighe, s. profit, advantage. 
bAbb, balbh, adj. dumb; mute; inarticulate in 

utterance ; Hei. balaim, to shut the mouth. 
bAbbAco, balbhachd, Is. dumbness, inarticula- 
h.^lh.^v, balbhadh, \ tion ;_ stammering ; 

J stuttermg. 
bAbbAijcAcc, balbhaigheacht,s. the act of making 

dumb, silencing, 3pFar. 83. 
bAbbÁim, balbhaim, v. to make dumb; " 1)0 

bAbbAtiA]! riA bneAj-óeAbbA". 
DÁbbAn, balbhan, s. a dumb person, a mute. 
bAbbAnAini, balbhanaim, v. to strike diuub. 
bAbc, bale, s. m. a hardness on the siu-facc of 
the earth occasioned by frost or dry weather ; 
a stop or balk; adj. great, mighty, strong, 

bAbcAim, halcaim, v. to balk. 

bAbcAiicA, balcanta, adj. stout, firm. 

bAbciiiAii, balcmhar, adj. great, large, corpulent. 

b^bg, balg, s. m. a gi-eat gap, O'CL; a leather 
bag; a man of erudition. 

bAbjAU-i'ei'Oi'o, balgan-seididh, a fuz-ball, .S/;. 

bAljAiji, balgair, s. m. a fox. 

bAbjAoii', halgaois, s. the learned. 

bAb, bal, }s. m. a spot, a mark, a stain, 

bAbb, ball, 3 freckle, a speck. 

bAbb, ball, s. m. place; a way, i.e., beAbAc, 
0. g. ; a ball, a globe ; a weapon, an instru- 
ment ; a limb, a member, a part, pL botbb ; 
a cable. 

bAbbA, balla, s. m. a wall, a rampart ; a ball. 

bAbbAC, ballach, adj. spotted, freckled, marked, 

bAbbAC, ballach, } . 

bAbbACAU, ballachan, ^ ' ^' 

bAbbAg-bo^'jAin, ballag-losgain, a toad-stool, a 

bAbbA-0)\ACT>, balladrachd, s. f dissection. 

bAbbAini, ballaim, to speckle. 

bAbbAipt)ini, ballairdhim, v. to divulge, disclose, 
report, proclaim. 

bAbbÁn, ballan, s- a teat, dug, udder; a shell; 
a husk or covering; a broom; a churn or 
madder, a tub. 

bAbbAU-binncACATO, ballan-hinntachaidh, a 
cheese vat, Sh. 

bAbbAn-bo]'^uin, ballan-losguin, a mushroom, 

bAbbApcA-o, ballarcad, s. declaring, divulging. 

bAbbA^TOAc, ballardacli, s. a noble. 

bAbbA]TOAC, ballardhac, adj. conspicuous, gor- 
* geous. 

bAbbAjTOAD, ballardhadh, proclamation, decla- 

bAbbA)\'ÓAiiTi, baUardhaim, v. see bAbbAin-ómi. 

bAbbAjicAC, ballartach, adj. noisy, tm-bulent. 

\>ó\XA^X)A-b,ballasdadh, declaration, publication. 

bAbb-bÁit), ball-baid, s. a hawser or halser. 

bAbb-b]\eACCA, ball-bhreactha, spotted, varie- 

bAbbciúc, ballchrith, s. trembling of the body 
or membei"s. 

bAbb-t)eii-e, baU-deise, s. an instrument, a tool, 
a useful weapon, Sh. 

bAlb-t)ioniAi]\,6aZ/-áio?«/íaH-,s.the privy member. 
bAbb-nobjiAin, ball-dobh'ain, s. a mob, Sh 

OAbbeAcc, balleacht, s. an enclosme round a 

grave, a tomb. 
bAÍb].-Aob]íAC, ballfaobhrach, s. an edged tool. 
bAll].-eAiit)A, ballfeai-dha, s.m. membriim virile. 





bc\Ll5At,A|i, ballghalar, s. the rheumatism; the 

gout ; a kind of plague. 
bAtltiiAjcvro, ballmhagaUlh, s. a laughing stock. 
bAt-tn^i-j, baUiiasff, s. a ligament connecting the 

bones at the joints to prevent dislocation. 

Ollic; the joints, the limbs, Liu, O'B., and 

bAllóg, ballofj, s. a blot, aSA.; the skull; a shell_ 
bAlloj-lo^-gAinn, ballog-losgainn, s. a mush- 
bAll-oibne, ball-oibre, s. a tool to work with. 
bAlloii'gceAc, balloisc/teach, s. a lobster. 
bAll-]-AlAC, ball-salac'h, maculation, macule, Sh. 
bAbl-]-Ainpuilb, ball-sainpuill, an example, a 

specimen, Sli. 
bAli-joi-Q, bahgoid, s. f. a blister, a pimple. 
bAbli-g, ballsg, s. a blot, spot, pi. bAblpgAOA. 
bAÍl]-ei]\c, ballseirc, a beauty spot. 
bAll-j-geij, ball-sgeig, s. a laughing-stock. 
bAll)-5Óit), ballsgoid, s. a halyard, a rope for 

tiimming the sail of a ship. 
bAllj'jói-otm, buUsgoidim, v. to blister. 
bAbt-coiniiiAii-j, b(dl-toirmaisg, an obstacle, Sh. 
bAliuijcAcc, bcdluigheacht, s. blotting, staining. 
bÁliiiA, balma, s. balm. 
b<\tiiuii5eAt), bahmdglicadli, embahning. 
bÁlnnnjim, babnuigJiiin, v. to embalm. 
bÁbc, bait, s. a belt, Sh.; a welt, a border, Sh. 
bAbcAc, baltach, a. welted, striped. 
bÁlcAt), baltadh, a welt or border, pi. bAlcAije, 

PL; a fetter, chain, a bolt; pUu-. bALcAroe; 

s. the welt of a shoe. 
bÁlcin, balthi, health, safety, Sh. 
bÁn, ban, s. f. a woman; truth; s. light, white, 

Ileb. baliin, wliite, bright, sparkling; coppei-. 
bAn, ban, s. the foot or pedestal of anything; a 

foundation; prop, bun; adj. certain; s. f. a 

field ; the track of anything. 
bAn, ban, adj. pale; waste, vxncultivated, deso- 
late, bad. 

bAU, ban, "I v , 

b. , ,, > ad], usua, common. 
AnA-o, banadli, j -' ' 

bÁnA, bana, s. death. 
bAnAb, banab, a. a:i abbess. 
bAnAb, banabh, > ... 

h.^n^^m, banabhin, | ^- a sucking pig. 
bAHAbucvpAC, banabhrasach, s. a spinster. 
bÁUAX), banadh, whitening, bleaching; laying 

laying waste, 

lestroying, pillaging 

dering, destruc 

bAn-A-OAbqAAnAC, bun-adhallranach, an adul 


! wasting, 

bAnATO, banaid, s. paleness. 

bÁtiAijim, banaighim, v. to waste, to pillage, to 
plunder; to whiten, to bleach, to make pale. 

bÁUAim, banaim, v. the same as bAnAijim. 

bAnAipgeAc, banairgeach, s. a milk-maid. 

bAUAip, banais, s. f. a wedding feast, a wed- 

bAnAiccAc, banaiteach, adj. serious. 

bAnAlr]iA, banaltra, 1 s. a nurse ; a foster- 

bAnAbcuuin, banaltrum,\ mother. 

bAnAÍcnAct), banaltrachd, s. f. nursing. 

bAnAlcnuinACT), banalirumachd, s. nursing. 

b. 1 , 77. 1 adi. womanish, 

AnAiiiAbcA, banamhalta, \ ] f 1 

bAnAiTiAbcAC, banainhaltach, C ' , . ' 

' ' ) modest. 

bAnAtiilAC'o, banamhlachd, s. eifeminacy. 

bAUAiTiuib, banamhuil, see bAUAriiAbcA. 

bAnA]iA, banara, s. a maid servant. 

bAnApAb, banasal, s. a she ass. 

bAub, banbh, "1 

bAnbÁn, banbhan, >see bAUAb. 

bAnbin, banbhin, j 

bAiibA, hanba, an old name of Ireland. 

bAuc, banc, s. f a wave. 

bAncÁi)\e, banchaire, 1 s. a female friend ; a 

bAUCApAt), bancharudh, J woman of pleasure. 

bAncAoince, ba7ich 

!s. a waiting 
maid, a concu- 
bine, a strum- 

bAuceibe, bancheile, s. f. a wife. 

bAn-cbiAiiniinn, ban-chliaiuhuinn, a female rela- 
tion ; a daughter-in-law. 

bAncoijle, banchoigle,s. a female companion ; a 
cup gossip. 

bAncónii-oeAC, banchoimhdeach, s. a waiting 
maid ; a female companion. 

bAncóiiÍToeAcc, banchoimdeacht, s. female asso- 

bAnconjAncA, banchovganta, s. a female assis- 
tant, a midwife. 

bAnconcAim, bancliontaim, v. to stipulate. 

\)Ant\\\\\x:\\\e,banchruitire, s. a female performer 
on the harp. 

bAncui)-leAnAc, banchuisleanach, s. a female 

bAii-OA, handha, s. female, feminine, modest, de- 

bAn-OAlcA, bandhalta, a foster-daughter. 

bAntié, bande, 1 n i , 

1^ ' , ,! > s. a goddess. 

DAnT)iA, bandia, J ° 

bAnt.pA0i, bandraoi, ~) ^_ ^ ^^^.^-^^^^^^ ^ ^^^,. 

DAn'OivuA'o, bandruadli, > „„j,pgg 

bAnt)^\ui-óe, bandruidhe, J 

bAn-otnleAni, bandiiUeamh, s. a goddess. 





bAnf^i-o, ban/haidh, s. a prophetess. 
bo^nfeATDADAC, banf/ieadanach,s. a female piper, 

or performer on the flute. 
bAtipeA-óinAnAC, hanflieadlnnanach, s. a female 

steward ; a housekeeper. 
bAiipoi-Aij, banfliiosaigh, s. f a fortuneteller. 
bAtiflAic, banfhlaith, s. a female chief; the 

wife of a chief, a lady. 
bAiiyliiji'A, banfhlugsa, s. the monthly courses 

in women. 
\)M^\•\.\■^■o■\b,banfhuadach, s. a rape, 
bovtij, bang, s a nut, o. g.; the touch ; a reaping ; 

a hindrance, censure of the Church. 
bAnjA-ó, bangadh, s. a promise. 
bAnJAi^-gí-óecVC, bangJiais-^ s. an aniazon ; a fe- 

gidheach, >• male champion; a 

bAtijAÍ, banged, j courageous woman. 

bÁnjÍAf, banghlas, adj. pale, whitish. 
bÁnjonni, banghorm, adj. lurid, azure. 
bÁni, bani, madness, frenzy, Sh. 
bAnÍAiii, banlamh, a handle, a cubit, eighteen 

bAuiiiAC, banmhac, s. a son-in-law. 
bAniiiAiji^xe^i, banmhaighister, s. m. a mistress, 

a governess. 
b*niiiÁcAi]i, banmhathair,s. A mother-in-law. 
bAnn, bann, s. a bond, a bill; a belt, a gii't, a 

bandage, a chain ; a hinge ; a band of men ; a 

marching or journeying; fact; death; a ball, 

i.e. V^'^t\\ó\■i), WCL; an interdict, suspension, 

censure; a proclamation; a law; a measure; 

bAUiiA, banna, s. m. a band of men ; a half- 
bAnnAC, bannach, s. a fox; adj. active, actual; 

crafty ; s. m. a bannock, a cake, Sh. 
bAunACT), bannaclid, s. subtlety, craft. 
bAnnAj, bannag, a cake, Sc. 
bAnnAL, banned, s. a nmiiber, many, a crowd. 
bdnnAijie, bannaire, s. a person who prunes or 

grafts trees ; s. m. a lawyer. 
bAnn-bnÁiji-oe, bann-bhraighide, s. cravat, a 

neck band. 
bAnnAodi, bannaomh, s. a female saint. 
bAnn-ceAujAil, bann-cheangail, s. an obligatory 

bAnn-t)ui]\ne, bann-duirne, s. a wrist band. 
bAnnlÁiii, bannlamh, s. a cubit; a handcuff". 
bAnnleAunAim, bannleannaim, v. to act the part 

of a midwife. 
bAnnóglACAf, bannoglachas, s. bondage; lawful 

bAnn^'Ac, bannsach, s. a dart, an arrow. 
bAnnfAoji, hnnnshaor. adj. free by law, licensed, 


bAnf Aoji^-ACT), banshaorsachd, s. legal privilege ; 

a license. 
bAnfA0)\f Aijim, banshawsaigJiim, v. to license. 
bAnnfoinpLA, bannsliompla, s. an example. 
bAnnf'0]m, bannshorn. s. a kind of griddle or 

bAnncAi]-béAiiA-ó, bannthaisbeanadh, s. a bond 

for the appearance of a person. 
bAnnróii\, banntoir, s. a person who covenants 

or binds. 
bAnnui-oe, bannuidhe, s. bail, security. 
bAUOjlAC, banogluch, s. a servant maid. 
bAn]^Ac, banrach, s. a pen; a fold; bAn]\Ac 

CAe)(AC, a smock or shift. 
bAn|\ACAim, banrachaim, v. tj pen up. 
bAnpiJAn, banriglian, s. a queen, hib. Lee. 

10, 3. 
bAupcAt, banscal, s. the tattling of women. 
bATipjAl, bansgal, s. a woman, " ip ci\e bAnp- 

jaI rAinig bÁp tiAn bic", L. B. 
bAnpgiÁbA, bansglabha, s. a female slave. 
bAupjoc, bansgoth, s. a son-in-law, Fl. 
bAupeAp, banshear, \ ^ ,.,, 

bAiipeApAC, banshearacli,) '" ' ^' 
bAncA, banta, s. a niece. 
bAHCAipce, bantaiste, convenience. 
bAncAtATÍi, bantalandi, s. f lay land. 
bAUcpAc, bantrach, s. Fingal's seragUo, Sh.; a 

a widow, Se.; prop. bAincpeAbAc. 
bAticuACAC, bantuathach, s. a lady; a land- 
bAobAbcA, baobhalta, adj. simple, foolish. 
bAobAbcACT), baobhaltachd, s. simplicity. 
bAOx», baodli, adj. wild, foolish, inconsiderate. 
bAoÚAc, baodhat, he has it with him, i.e. aca 

Ai^e, o.g. 
bAO-ÓAU, baodhan, s. a calf 
bAoccAinceAC, baothcliainteach , adj. garrulous, 

bAO-DAun, baodhann, s. m. an elk, moose deer. 
bAoúbAc, bi.todhlat, v. I refuse, i.e. bAet)bAC, i.e. 

eiciin, o.g. 
bAO-opoD, baodrod, see bAippeAct). 
bAOJAb, baoghal, s. peril, danger, Heb. bahal, 

to be terrified, disturbed. 
bAogAlAC, baoghalach, \ adj. dangerous, peri- 
bAOJlAC, baoghlach, J lous. 
bAOib, baoibh, s.f a foolish madwoman. 
bAoibeAiinnb, baoibheamhinl, adj. foohsh, silly. 
bAoibe, bcmidhe, 1 s. patience, 

bAoibeATÍ-ibAcc, baoidlieainhlacM,] longanimity 
bAoit, baoil, s. f w^cr; madness, a fit of mad- 
bAoictfieAllAt), baoi'hmiieaUadli, s. diverting 






bAoi]', haois, s. £ folly, levity, madness; lust, 
concupiscence ; water. 

bAoii-cioi, baoischiol, \ adj. lascivious, lustful, 

bAOtj'eAC, baoiseach, J lewd. 

bAoii'eAC, baoiseach, s. a foolish or inconsiderate 
person; adj. foolish, silly, inconsiderate. 

bAoi^-^e, haoisge, s. a flash of light. 

bAoii'geAc, haoisgeacli, 1 shining, glitter- 

bAoij-geAiiiAit, laoisgeamliail,\ ing, bright. 

bAoij-gAiii, baoisgam, to peep, look in, Sh. 

bA0i)xeAC, baoisteacli, s. a brothel. 

bAoit, baoith, adj. youthful, light. 

bAoiccneix)iiieAC, baoithchreichnlieach, adj. cre- 

bAoÍAc, biwlach, s. m. combatant. 

bAo^-, baos, s. fornication ; caprice, whim, frenzy ; 
folly, wickedness; Heb. baash, to do a vile 

bAOj-Ac, haosacJi, adj. capricious. 

bAOi-)\Ac, baosrach, adj. frantic, whimsical; 

bAoppA'ó, baosradJi, s. vanity, vain glory; ca- 

bAoc, baotli, adj. weak, soft, simple ; frightened, 
terrified; Heb. baath, to terrify. 

bAouAu, baothan, s. a simjjleton, a blockhead; 
adj. foppish, ciTeminate, light; s. m. an un- 
unsteady person. 

bAOCAnACT), baothanachd, s. foolishness. 

bAocAncAcc, baothantacht, s. foppery, effemi- 
nacy, levity, garrulity. 

bAof AurA]', baothautas, s. simplicity. 

bAoccAipig, baothchaisig, adj. riotous. 

bAoccoiii]\A-ó, baothchomhradh, s. foolish con- 

bAotleimnAc, baotJdeimnach, wild,- leaping, Sh. 

bAocitieAll-Aiin, baothmheaUaim, v. 1 hinder, 
divert, keep at bay. 

bAocnÁÚAC, baothradhach, adj. speaking like a 

bA0Éfii5)\A-ó, baothshugradh, s. foolish, joking. 

boAruAbA]!, baotlmabhar, s. arrogance; foolish 

bAocuAibjieAc, baothuaibhreach, adj. aiTOgant. 

bAocuAibnuiJAt), baothuaibhriiujhadh, arroga- 

bAi\, bar, s. a son, Heb. bar ; a learned, man a 
scientific man; the sea; the hair of the head; 
a chief; bread, food; Heb. Barah, sway, excel- 
lency, ]\U5 f e An bÁ]i ; a point ; a dart ; a lash ; 
corn, 4 M. 1422 ; the head or top of a thing; 
an advantage, " bÁ^A AOi]'e AgAp pogluini". 

bAp or bu)i, bar or bhur, your, yours; to say, 
" bA)> oipin". 

Oa]\a, bura, s. g''iing, travelling; anger; the 

palm of the hand; a barrow; bApA poc, a 
bÁpAC, barach, for niÁpAC, morrow, " i.e. <\\\ ha 

bÁi\Ac", L. Lee. 10. 2 ; adj. fruitful, fecund. 
bApACT), barachd, \ s. fruitfulness, fecundity, 
bApAT), baradh, J Cor. 
bApAt), baradh, s. death; " bApAti, i.e. beApAÚ 

no bpeic Ap nA n-OAOine", Cor. 
bAi\ A bjujein, bar a bhrigein, s. silver weed. 
bA)\Aiinnl, baramhuil, s. f an opinion, conjec- 
ture, supposition ; a simile, comparison, like- 

" bA]iAnniib no beApcAp ■óoi'b 
■puijioil Áip tieip An-oiogboit), 
'Oa pnioni pe cpoibnie a ccneATi), 
llo Ap lion coippiiiie Ap cibleA-ó". 

bApAtiilAC, laramhlack, adj. conjectural. 
bApAiiilÁJAt)-, baramhlaghadh, s. supposing, con- 

bApAiiilAigitn, baramhlaighim, T'cStoi- 

bAHAriilAim, baramhlaim, í ^ ' 

' ' J to compare. 

bApAmócpe, baramotre, s. wormwood. 

bApÁn, baran, s. m. a baron; food, bread, Heb. 

barah, a judge; a champion, a' warrior. 
bApÁnACX), baranachd, s. a barony. 
bApAnn, barann, s. a degree or step ; a stroke ; a 

blow; anger. 
bA]\ÁncA, baranta,?. a warrant; a pledge, pawn, 

bApÁncAC, barantach, adj. warranting. 
bApÁnuAp, barantas, s. commission; surety, a 

bA]\ÁncAi5ini, barantaighim, v. to warrant. 
bApÁticAiiiuib, barantamhuil, adj. warrantable, 

authentic; ug-OAip bApAncAiiunb. 
bApAC, barath, lying in wait, Sh. 
bApbA, barba, s. severity, cruelty. 
bA]\bAile, barbaile, s. barriers, battlement. 
bA)\bA)iAc, barbarach, s. a barbarian. 
bApbA]TOA, ZiariiffrcfAa, adj. inhuman; barbarous, 

cruel, obscene. 
bApbAp-oAcc, barlardhacht, s. inhumanity, 

cruelty, barbarity, barbarism, incivility. 
bA]\bÓ5, barbog, s. f the barberry bush ; a bold 

bA]\bóip, barboir, s. barber. 
bA]\bpAonAn iiAn con, barbraonan nan eon, iox- 

mentil, Sh. 
bApbpój, barbrog, s. f the barberry bush. 
bAjic, bare, s. f a boat; a storm; a book; lulj. 

much, many. 
bApcA, barcn^». a book. 
bApcActi, barvachd, s. embarkation. 





hardaigh-'\ s. bardship; tlie pr( 

f fesslon of a bard ; 

hardamh- Í writing of satires ( 

) lampoons. 
hardaigheas, s. a lampoon. 

imatist, Sh. 

bÁ^\CAitTi, harcaim, v. to embark ; to die ; to break 

out, burst out. 
bÁ^^cÍAnn, barclann, s. a library. 
bÁ^vcne, bai-cne, s. a female cat, Cor. 
bA]\cu|i, harcur, s. bridewell, Sh. 
bÁ]TO, lar'd, s. m. a poet; a corporation; a 

guard, a garrison, pi. bÁ]TOA; " -noyAgAib &n]\i 

bA]TOA ipn CAi]'beÁn", 4 M. 1442. 
bÁ]\r)Act), bardackd, poetry, Sh.; a corporation 

town, Sh. 
bÁiTOAijeAcc, hardaigh-^ s. bardship; tbe pro- 

bAiitJAiiilACc, ba. 

bAii-OAigeok]', bardaiglieas, s. a lampoon 
bAjiTJAl,, bardal, s. a drake, a mallard. 
bÁiTOAiiiiíib, bardamhidl, adj. bardic, bard-like; 

satiric, addicted to satire. 
bÁiTOA]', bardas, s. a lampoon, a satire; also a 

bÁpTJCoiiiiioc', bardchoí-^ 

mhioc, f I 

bA^TO-neAb'bc'Luir, bard- 1 

dealbhchluith, ) 

bA|\5, barg, adj. bm-niug, red hot. 
Daiijo, bargo, s. maritime district. 
bA^ilmn, barlinn, s. a rolling sea. 
bA]\n, bai'ii, s. a judge; a learned man; a law- 
giver; a nobleman; a fight, a battle, prop. 

bAjincAc, barneach, s. a hmpet, a cunner. 

b^nji, bai'r, s. m. the top, head, or summit of a 
thing ; the hair of the head ; a crop ; a hel- 
met ; overplus ; a son ; excellency, sway, ad- 
vantage; scum; suet, gi-ease, PL; the end of 
a thing, O'CL; death. 

bA)i]iA, barra, s. a bar; a spike; grease, scum 
of a pot ; a court. 

bAjipAbuA-o, barrabhuadh, 1 s. a musical 

bA^pAbuATJAib, barrahhuadhail, j horn. 

bAi\]\A-bAlÍA"ó, barra-bhalladh, s. battlements, 

bA]\^\AbAilc, barrabhailc, entablature, Sh. 

bAi\pAbpói5, barrabroig, s. f. the barberry 

bA^^Ac, barrack, s. tow; refuse of flax; cotton; 
the tops or branches of trees. 

bA^\]\ACA-o, barrachad, a cottage, a hut, Sh. 

bA]\i\ACAol, barrachaol, s. a p3Tamid. 

bv\ii]\ACAf, Zfarrac/iCis, s. overplus, surplus; great 

bÁn]iAcc, barracht, s. supererogation, overplus, 

bÁjipAcrAiiniil. barrachtamhuiL-MYyh'A(\. bravo, 

bAiii;*^), iarradh, s. a hindrance, a bar; s. m. a 

bA]\nAt)]\iopArii, barradhriopair, a butler, Sh. 
bAnnA^, barrag, s. scum, foam, Sc; also a sheet 

for a bed. 
bÁjiiiAJAb, barraghal, \ s. tops or branches 
bÁ]\nA5lAC, barraghlach,S of trees. 
bÁ]\i\Aicce, barraiehte, adj. surpassed, excelled. 
bÁjvjiAi-óeAcc, barraidheacht, see bAp^Acc and 


bÁi\nÁi5in, barraighin, a mitre, turban. 

bÁ]ii\Ai)x, barraist, ^ y, a 

bÁ]i|iAipce, barraiste, / ' ° ' 

bAnnAiiiAi]", barramhnis, s. a cornice. 

bA)\nAnniil, barramhuil, adj. gay, genteel, 
sprightl}--, generous ; superior, excellent. 

bAjijiAn, barran, the tops of mountains; s. a 
heading of thorns laid on the top of a wall. 

bA]\|\AtTO, barrmid, s. oppression. 

bA]ipÁnT)AC, barrandach, adj. wanantable, cer- 
tain, sure. 

bÁp]\buix)e, barrbuidhe, yellow head, Sh. 

bAppcA]-, barrchns, s. curled hair. 

bÁ]\nciipc, bai'rchust, pericranium, Sh. 

bÁHjTOÓg, barrdog, s. f. a box; a pannier; a 

bÁ|i)\ponn, barrfionn, white-topped, <S/i.; fair- 

bA^ijijIo]!, barrghlor, vociferation. 

bÁiipjl,ó]\AC, barrghlorach, adj. vociferous. 

bÁmijníoiii, barrgniomh, supererogation. 

bÁ]\n5uc-o, barrguchd, s. a blossom, Sc. 

bÁpnój, barrog, s f. weeds that gi'ow in water, 
iSVi.; a young girl; a stitch; oppression in 
sickness; a knot; a rod, a twig, a switch, a 
wattle ; a hold in wrestling ; grappling, seiz- 

bÁ]\]\Ó5Aiiii, barrogaim, v. to grapple, to em- 

bApóigin, baroigin, s. f. a little girl. 

bÁ]inéonn, barrthonn, see bAppcu^x. 

bApún, barun, s. m. a baron. 

bApuiiCACC, baruntacht, s. a barony. 

bÁp, bos, s. m. death. 

bA]-, bas, s. f. the palm of the hand ; any Hut 
thing ; a box, a blow. 

bÁpA-ó, basadh, s. slapng. 

bÁpAiin, basaim, to put to death; Heb. bus, to 
trample, despise, pollute. 

bÁpAipe, basaire, s. an executioner, Fer. 58. 

bApAb, busal, s. judgment; pride, arrogance. 

bApApcAUAf, basascanas, s. the base in music. 

bÁpAiiiÍACt), basamhlachd, s. mortality. 

bÁ]~AtTmit, basamhuil, adj. deadly, mortal. 

bApbAipe, basbaire, s. a fencer. 





UA]'b]\ui'óe<vc, hashruidheach, aJj. lecherous. 
bAi-b]iui-5eACC, hashruidheacht, s. lechery. 
bAi'-btiAlAio, has-hhualadh, s. a clapping of 

b^i-e, hose, adj. red; round; s. a catcliing. 
bA]-cAc, bascach, s. a bailiíF, a catclipole. 
bA]-cc\iin, bascaim, v. to apprehend. 
b>.\i-c<\inin, bascairm, s. a circle. 
bA]XAll, bascall, s. a wild man in the woods. 
bA]'CA]\nAc, bascarnach, s. clapping of hands, 

lamentation; stammering, CB. 
bA|-cAi]\tice, bascairnte, a. globular. 
bArcA)\c, bascart, s. cinnamon, Sh.; cinnabar, 

GB., T. O'N., and Walsh. 
bA]-c-cAi\nne, basc-cliarnte, adj. globular. 
bA^'c-c^iAt), basc-criadh, s. ruddle. 
bAfccnuinn, basccruinn, v. ^be it good to us; 

"i.e. bA"o TiiAic •óumn, i.e. biceA^\ 50 niAic 

■DUinn", 0. g. 
bAi-céAÍ, basceal, s. good news. 
bA]xéTo, basceid, s. m. a basket, vulg. 
bAi^ctiin, bascuir, s. red lead. 
bA]-OAblAc, basdallach, adj. showy, gay. 
bAi"DAn-o, s. m. a bastard, vulg. 
bA]'5A-o, basgadh, s. oppression, trampling. 
bAfgAiin, basgaim, v. to stop or stay, to check ; 

to drown, oppress, trample, Heb. bus. 
bAfjAipe, basgaire, s. a mournful clapping of 

bAj-jbuAiiJe, basgluiadhe, s. vermillion, red lead. 
bAi-gAOT), basgaod, s. a basket, vulg. 
bA]-tAc, baslach, s. the palmful. 
bÁi-lój, baslog, s. a place of execution. 
bArÍAC, bashich, s. m.? 1 r i r 1. 

bAÍ-lós, b.,sk.g, s. f 1 ^ P^l'^^'^1 ''^'^'''^'- 
bÁ]-iiiA|\, basmhai; adj. mortal, perishable, 

bÁpriiAjiAct), hasmharachd, s. mortality. 
bÁpuJA-ó, basughadh, s. a putting to death, 

bApiiijim, basuighim, v. to kill, c.p. 
bÁj^uijée, basuighthe, deceased. 
bA]'óible, basoille, s. a vassal or tenant. 
bA]-pA, bassa, s. fate, fortune. 

bAC, bat I gm j^ gtiek, staff, baton. 
Daca, bata, ) ' ' 

bv\c, bath, s. death, murder, slaughter; the sea. 
bAC, bath, s. a hut, tent, booth, cottage ; a bay ; 
thirst ; adj. simple ; prop.bAoc ; kine,plur.ofbó. 
1, . , ^, ) V. destruction, drowning, At) 

u^sc, bath, ( 1 . ,. • • IT 7 

1, .. '. ,' , ,, > liAC, see AinbceAc, Heb. 
Daca-o, bathadh,^ ^^j^^^^ 

bACA, bata, a stick, a pole or branch; Ileb. bad. 
bACA-eA)ACAib, bata-earcail, a pole to push on :i 

bACÁii, batail, s. a skirmish, fight; threatening, 

terrifying, Lh. 
bÁcAitn, bathaim, v. to drown, to die, perish; to 

blot out, suppress, cancel, cchpse. 
bAcÁince, bathainte, s. a prey or booty in cattle. 
bACAi]A, batair, s. a cudgeller; an idler. 
bACAi]veAC-o, bataireacJid, s. cudgelling; idling. 
bÁcAip, bathais, s. baptism, " ó jetn c]uoi-c 50 

A IJACAip", L. Brec. 
bACAb, bathal, s. m. danger; Heb. ballahah, for 

behalah, terror, danger. 
bACAbAic, bathalaich, s. a vagabond, Sc. 
bÁcAiii, bathamh, di'owning, eclipsing, cancell- 
bACÁn, bathan, s. a cottage. 
bACA]», bathar, s. wares. 
bACA]', 6a</ias, s. the top of a thing, bACA]' ciiin, 

the crown of the head. 
bÁCAC, bathat, v. he hath, it is with him; 

" i.e. ACA Aije", O'Cl. 
bÁcen, baten, s. a sudden death, C01: 
h<\t-^o]\m, bathgorm, adj. azure, light blue. 
bAcÍAC, bathlach, s. see bAÍAC. 
bAclÁn, bathlan, s. a full tide ; the flux of the sea. 
bAclAn, bathlan, s. a calm. 
bAclAOTÍ), bathlaodh, s. a helmet, a hat. 
bAcf juic, bathshruth, s. a calm stream, a smoothly 

flowing stream. 
bAcnoiT), bathroid, s. a token. 
bAC]\ói', batros, rosemary. 
be, be, V. for buó é, it was ; is, exists, noc a]\ be ; 

s. life ; night ; the visage, face, countenance ; 

s. f a woman; pi. béice. 
beAb, beabh, s. a tomb, a grave. 
beAbA, beabha, a. mortal. 
beAbAim, beabhaim, v. to die. 
beAbAif , beahhais, v. he died. 
béAbAnAct), beabanachd, s. mangling. 
béAbAnAijim, beabanaighim, v. I mangle, tear. 
beAbA]\, beabhar, s. a rover. 

beAC, beach, I „ „, „ i,„„ 

b. ', ,7 f- s. m. a bee. 
eACAn, beacnan, > 

s. a mushroom. 

beAC, beac, \ 

beACAn, bcacan,) 

bcAc, beach, s. ra. a kind of bed. 

bcACAC, beachach, adj. abounding In bees. 

beACAini, beacaim, v. to dwell. 

beACAi]\e, beachaire, s. a bcc-hlve. 

beACAn cApuib, s. a wasp. 

beACA|\nA, beacarna, s. a common prostitute. 

bcAC-o, beachd, s. an opinion, thought, concep- 
tion ; adj. true; elegant; affirmative; adv. 
5Ó beAcx), truly, verily, elegantly, certainly, 
exactly; s. f medlta-tion; a. perpetual; 50 
be ACT), for ever. 

be A 




beACT)ACAt), heachdaehadh, affii-mation; allega- 
tion ; consideration. 

be Act) Alt), heachdaidh, adj. see bcActiit). 

beActJAijim, heachdaigldm, v. to certify or 

beAct)Aiin, heachdaim, v. to meditate, consider, 

beAct)Ariiuil, heacliduinhuil, adj. autlioritative ; 
roundish, circular. 

beAct)it), beachdidh, sure, certain, Sh. 

beAcc 5néine, heacht c/reine, the solar cycle. 

beAclAim, beacJdatin,f. a place where bee-hives 
are set ; a bee-hive, OB. 

beACÍAnnAC, beacJdannach, adj. stored with bee- 

beAcnuAt)-beinionn, 5rac/i- "| 

nuadh-beiniotin, \ s. Saint John's 

beAcnuA-o-coluiiiicille, ieac/i- ! wort, hyper- 
nuadh-coluimciUe, ( icum perfor- 

beAcmiAti-pnionn, beachnu- { atuin. 
ad/ifirionn, J 

beAC)iAiniiii, beachrainim, v. to grieve, to trou- 
ble ; to put astray ; to stray. 

beACjiAn, bcachran, s. wandering, straying. 

beAcu, beaclit, s. a multitude; a ring, a circle, 
a compass ; a covenant, compact, a surety ; 
perception, feeling, idea; adj. perfect; exact. 

beAccA, beachta, s. caniage, beha^dour. 

beAccAijcACC, beachtaigheacht, s. criticism ; ac- 

beAccAim, beacktaim, v. to encompass, surround, 

beAccAini, beachtahn, v. to criticise. 

beAcuAipe, beachtaire, s a critic. 

beAccAiiitub, beachtamhuil, v. see beACt)Aiii- 

beACcóip, beachtoir, s. a spy. 

beAt), bead, s. sorrowful or mournful news; 
harm; flattery; a trick; pity; if mó]\ aii 
beAt), it is a great pity. 

béAtiAct), beadachd, s. impudence ; flattery. 

béAUAjAii, beadagan, s. a forward, impudent 

béAt>Ai-óe, beadaidhe, s. a flatterer, a parasite ; a 
lover of dainties; a scoffer, jeerer, mocker. 

béAt)Ait)eAC, beadaidheach, adj. sweet-mouthed. 

béAt)AÍt)eAcc, beadaidheacht, adj. sweet-mouth- 
edness ; ha\'ing an epicui"ean taste. 

boAwni, beadidh, adj. forward, impudent, Sh. 

béAt)it)eACc, beadidJieacht, s. forwardness, Sh. 

bét)Ai-óeAn, bedaidhean, s. a scoffer, a jeeier. 

béAt)Ait)eAn, beadaidhean, s. a parasite. 

DéATDAit)eATiAC, bcadaidheanach, adj. scurrilous. 

béAt)Ait)eAnACC, beadaidheanachf, s. scurriHty, 

béAt)Ait)iin, beadaidhim, v. to love dainties ; to be 
forward, to be impudent; to niock, scoff", jeer, 
flout ; to flatter, to act the parasite. 

béAtiAij, beadaig, a. dainty; saucy. 

béAt)Ai5e, beadaighe, see béAt)Aitie. 

bcAtiAijeAc, beadaigheach, see bcAtiAi-óeAC. 

beAtJAijeAcr, beadaigheacht, see beAtJAnDCAcu. 

béAt)Ai5iiii, beadaighim, see beAt)Ait)iin. 

béAt)Án, beadan, s. a parasite; calumniator; 

béAt)ÁnAC, beadanach, s. a calumniator; back- 
biter; adj. calumnious, slanderous. 

béAt)ÁnAct), beadauachd, s. caliunniating, flat- 

beABA^iAC, beadarach, adj. pampered, indulged. 

beATJA^-, beadas, v. imp. that shall be. 

beAti^ro^iAobAt), beadfhoraobhadh. s. a register, 

béA-óJA, beadhgha, s. a start. 

bóAtijAc, beadgach, a. talkative, eloquent. 

béAtJÓj, beadog, s. a lying woman ; a gossip, a 

béAt))u\c, beadrach, adj. frohcsome, sportive, 
playful, fiisky ; fond. 

beAT)]iAt), beadradh, s. playing, joking, fond- 
ling, toying; fondness, endearment. 

beAj, beag, adj. small, little, diminutive. 

beAjÁn, beagan, s. a little, a few. 

beAjÁnAim, beaganaim, v. to make little, Sh. 

beAjcéibtit), beagcheillidh, adj. of little sense; 
simple; half-witted. 

beAjcioncA, beagchionta, s. a foible. 

beAj-ÓACA, beagdhata, s. a stingy fellow. 

beAjeAglAc, beageagluch, adj. fearless. 

beAj^-olA, beagfhola,} adj. of little value, de- 

beAjiuAc, beagluach,) spicable, contemptible. 

beAjUiAciiiA]!, beagluachmhar, adj. cheap, de- 

beAjUAc, beagnach, adv. almost. 

beAg-nÁijieAC, beag-naireach, adj. shameless. 

beAjfAOJAÍAC, beagshaoghalach, adj. short- 

beAjtuigj'e, beagihuigse, s. f. absurdity, non- 

béAb, beal, s. m. a mouth, an orifice, a hole. 

beÁi, beal, s. m. the god Belus, the sun. 

beAb, beal, s. m. sands, sand-banks on the coast. 

béAÍA, beala, s. a veil ; v. to die, " jac aod 
cAipngio]- cboí-óeAiii, i]- cloí-óeAiii At) beW, 
L. Breac. 

béAÍAc, bealach, adj. blubber-lipped. 

beAÍAc, bealach, s. m. a roadway ; a gap, inlet, 

beAÍAt), bealadh, s. m. an anointing. 

bcAlÁn, bealan, s. a little mouth; dim. of béAÍ. 





béAlbAc, bealhliacli, s. m. a bridle-bit. 

béAlbAivpuA-ó, healbhan-7'uadh, s. f. a kind of 

béAlcAinceAc, bealchainteach, adj. talkative. 

bé<.\lc)\ÁbAC, bealckrabhach, s. m. a hypocrite ; 
adj. hypocritical. 

béAÍci\ÁbA-ó, bealchrabhadh, s. m. hypocrisy. ^ 

hé<s1x>\w\v\m, bealcUiruidÍ7n,\Y. to stop one's 

béAl-óiiiu\ini, bmldhunaim, j mouth ; Isilence. 

béAl-óinnco, beuldlntinte, a. close-mouthed. 

beA'L]!-ocAi\5Ain, bealfhothargain, s. f. a gargar- 

boAlyociiAjAt», bealfJwthragadh, s. a gargling 
of the mouth. 

bcAljAC, becdgach, adj. prattling, babbling; 
s. 111. an interpreter. 

béAl5i\Át), beak/hradh, s. f. dissimulation, ilxlsc 

beAÍi, beali, broom, Sh. 

béAloiTDeAi', bealoideas, s. oral instruction, tra- 

béAli\Á-ó, bealradh,s.m. a dialect, speech, phrase. 

béAli\ÁTOceAC, bealraidhtheacJi, adj. famous. 

béAl]iÁt)ceAC, bealradJiteach, adj. prating, talk- 

beAlcAit), bealtaidh, adj. unclean, filthy, dirty, 
sordid, mean. 

beAbuÁmeAcc, bealtaidheacJit, s. uncleanness. 

beAlcAine, bealtaine,s.i. a compact, agreement. 

beAbcÁn, bealtan, see beAbcAit). 

béAlceme, bealfeine, the first day of May; so 
called from the fires lighted on that day by 
the pagan Irish, in honour of the god Beal, 
see beilcAine. 

bcAn, bean, s. f. a woman, a wife ; gen. tiiuÁ, 
pi. muA; a goat; a blow, a kick; a step or 
degree ; adj. quick, nimble. 

beAnACAiTije, beanachastiglie, housewifery, pai'- 

beAnAt), beanadh, s. m. a reaping, cutting, shear- 
nig; dulness, bluntness; appertaining, rela- 
ting to. 

beAnAt)Alc]\AnAC, beanadhaltranach, s- an adul- 

beAUAJAo, beanaghadh, s. a salutation; prop. 

beAUAi-o, beanaid, v. they finish, " i.e. yo]\\)Am 
no cjuocnAiji'o", o. g. 

beAnAitn, beanaim, v. 1 belong to, appertain to; 
I reap, mow, shear, cut; I draw out, " ■oo 
beAn A cLoi-óeAiii aiuac", M'-Par.; I strike; 
I steal. 

beAUAbqAA, beanaltra, s. f a nm-se. 

beAnAnnnl, beanamhuil, adj. womanisli, femi- 

beAUA,-, beanas, | '• ^«longi^g ^' i-<^latnig to. 

beAu-bAibe, bean-baile, s. f. the lady of the place 
or ilk, Sc. 

beAn-bAinni^e, bean-bainnse, s. f. a bride. 

beAn-bA]ujm, bean-bliaruin, s. f. a baroness. 

beAU-buACAible, bean-bhuacJiaille, s. f a shep- 

beAn-buTOj-eAC, bean-buidseach, s. a sorceress. 

beAn-CA^iAiT), bean-caraid, s. f. a female friend. 

beAn-céibe, bean-clieile, s. f. a spouse, a wife. 

beAn-cioc, bean-chioch, s. f. a wet nurse. 

beAn-cmtiAiu, bean-chinnaidh, s. a female name- 
sake, Sh. 

bcAncbAtii, beanclamh, s. a female leper. 

beAn-cbeA|-ATOe, bean-cJileasidhe, s. f. an actress. 

beAn-ctiAiiiuin, bean-chliamhuin, s. a female re- 
lation, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law. 

beAncobA|\, beanchobhar, s. m. a horn; pi. beAU- 

beAucob^AA, beancJiobhra, s. pi. horns or forks. 

beAncobi\AC, beanchobhrach, adj. horned, having 

beAncojAUCA, beanchoganta, s. a midwife, fe- 
male assistant. 

boAn-coiiiieA-OACti, bean-choimheadachd, s. a 
waiting maid, a bridemaid. 

beAii-coiiiAubA, bean-chomharba, s. a dowager, a 
female successor. 

beAn-c|\uicine, bean-chniitire, s. f. a female 

beAU-cuipbeAnAij, bean-cidsleanaigh,s. a, female 

beAU-OACT), beandhachd, s. eiFeminacy. 

beAntiAcc, beandacht, s. m. see beAnuAcc. 

beAn-T)AtcA, bean-dalta, s. a foster-daughter. 

beAn-t)iA, bean-dia, s. a goddess. 

bcAn-'oiuc, bean-diuc, s. a duchess. 

beAn-TJiiAoit), bean-draoidh, s. f. an enchantress. 

beAU-eccce, bean-ecete, s. f. an aged woman. 

beAn-]:Áit), bean-faidh, s. a prophetcs.s. 

beAn-iTÁcAC, bean-fathacfi, s. a giantess. 

beAn-'|.-éAt)mAnAC, bean-feadhnanacli , s. a hand- 

beAn-feAlbcói^A, bean-fealltoir, a female mur- 

beAn-feAHpAin, bean-fearrain, s. a landlady. 

bcAnjAim, beangaiin, v. I graft. 

beAn-JAij'gí'óe, bean-ghaisgidhe, s. a heroine. 

bcAngAn, heangan, s. m. a branch, bough, scion, 
graft ; the blade of a fork. 

beAU-jlume, bean-ghluine, s. f. a midwife. 

beAn-5i\uAt)Ai]i, bean-ghruadair, s. a female 

beAn-K\]>lA, hean-iaria, s. a countess. 

he A 




beAn-ÍAOc, hean-laoch, s. a heroine. 

beAn-léig, hean-leigli, s. f. a doctoress. 

be<\n-LeóiiiAin, bean-leomhaiii, s. f. a lioness. 

beAn-leoiiA, bean-leona, s. f. midwife. 

becvn-iiiAijiiTitii, bean-mhaigliisdir, s. mistress. 

beAn-iiiAHcui]', hean-mharcuis, s. a marchioness. 

beAn-nió)\-mAoi|i, bean-mor-mhaoir, s. a peeress. 

beAn-nijeAt), bean-nigheadh, s. a wash-woman. 

beAn-nuA-ópliófOA, bean-nuadhpliosda, s. a bride. 

bcAnoJA, beanogha, s. a grand-daughter. 

beAiióglAC, beanoglach, s. a maid servant. 

beAn-óijjie, bean-oighre, s. f. an heiress. 

beAn-oj-OA, bean-osda, s. f. a hostess. 

beAn-p]iuin]"A, hean-phriunsa, s. princess. 

beAn-]\it)ii\e, bean-ridire, s. a knight's Lxdj. 

beAn-)úo5, bean-riogh, s. a queen. 

beAn-|-t)n)l!)A|co, bean-sdiidiliard, s. a house- 
keeper, a stewardess. 

beAn-pT)ni'bA]\'OACD, bean-sdiubhardachd, s. 

beAti-peAljAiive, bean-sealgaire, s. a huntress. 

beAnpgAÍ, beansgal, s. an old woman. 

beAn-piublAit), bean-siubhlaidli, s. f. a woman 
in childbed. 

beAn-f-nioiii, bean-shniomh, s. f. a spinster. 

beAU-dje, bean-iighe, s. £ the mistress of a 
house, a landlady, housekeeper. 

bcAncijeAnnA, beantighearna, s. a lady, a gentle- 

beAnqiAc, beantrach, s. a house of women, a 

bcAivcuAc, bean-tuath, s. f. a country wench. 

beAn-cuACAriAC, bean-tuatJianach, s. the wife of 
a husbandman; a countrywoman. 

beAuuAf aL, beanuasal, s. a lady, a gentlewoman. 

beAnn, beann, s. f. a degree, step; a cornet; a 
horn ; a drinking cup ; a skirt ; a mountain ; 
prop, benn, regard, attention; " ni yymt 
boAnn A5AIT1 oi\n" ; a bone ; the arms of a cross. 

bcAnnAc, beannach, adj. horned, pointed, 
peaked; forked, chequered; s. m. a fork; 
a branch. 

beAnriACA-ó, beannacliadh, s. a blessing, bene- 
diction ; grace to meat. 

beAtinACÁn, beannachan, s. m. a cuckold. 

beAnn ACAp, beannachar, }s. cow horns, i.e. 

beAnnAcuip, beannachuir,^ "beAnnA bo", 0. </. 

beAnnAct), beannachd, s. m. a blessing, saluta- 
tion; pro. beAnnuAct). 

boAnnAijim, beannaighim, v. I bless, consecrate ; 
greet, salute. 

beAnnAijce, beannaighthe, adj. blessed, conse- 

beAnuAijceoin, beannaightheoir, s. one who con- 
secrates or blesses. 


beannaim, v. to steal, etc., sec hsi 

bcAnnÁn, beannan, s. f a little hill. 
beAnn Ann, beannann, s. furnitiu'e, househuld 

beAnncobA, beannchobha, s. a horn. 
beAnnóg, beannog, s. £ a coif, kercher, or linen 

cap worn by a woman. 
beAim'ioJAn, beanrioghan, s. £ a queen. 
beAn-pA5Ai\c, bean-shagart, s. m. a priestess. 
beAnj-ionnACAil, beansoinnacliail, perverse, 

spiteful ; like a vixen, Sh. 
beAnncAc, beanniach, adj. mountainous. 
beAUceAccAipe, beanteachtaire, s. £ an embassa- 

dress ; a female messenger. 
beAn-ceice, bean-teite, s. £ a woman after child- 
birth ; literally a fusty or frowning woman. 
beAU-ciojAin, bean-tiogair, s. £ a tigress. 
beAunúgA-ó, beannughadh, s. m. a blessing, 

beatification ; a recovery ; "oo bcAn ye au 

ciomlÁn ; salutation, greeting. 
beAiinuijce, beannuighthe, a. blessed, sancti- 
beA^, bear, s. m. a spit, a spear, a javelin ; 

plural beApA ; a bear. 
bcA^iA, beara, s. m. a judge. 
beA]\Ac, bearach, a. prattling, talkative. 
beAi\Acc, bearacht, s. m. judijment. 
beA^iAt), bearadh, s. m. a telling, relating, rela- 
tion ; a carrying away ; a bringing forth. 
boAHAim, bearaim, v. I take away ; I carry ; bring 

forth; I give; see beij\ini. 
bcAjiAn, bearan, s. m. a pin. 
beA^An, bearan, 3 s. m. a youth, a young 

beA]K\nAC, bearanach, ^ man. 
beAi\bA, bearbha, s. still water. 
beApbATJ, bearbadh, s. a boiling, seething ; 

smelting, refining. 
\>eA\'^Mm, bearbhaim, v. I smelt, refine ; boil; 

dissolve; liquefy; I shave or cut oft' the 

bcApboip, bearbhoir, s. m. a refiner or smelter of 

metals ; a barber. 
beAjig, bearg, s. m. anger, outrage ; a soldier, a 

champion ; a marauder. 
OeA)i5Ac, beargach, adj. angry, outrageous. 
beAHjACT), beargachd, s. m. the action of a 

soldier; s. £ diligence. 
beAnjiiA, beargna, s. the vernacular language 

oí' a place. 
béA)\l,A, bearla, s. m. a language; a dialect; the 

English language. 
béA)\lA-):eme, bearla-feine, s. the dialect in 

which the laws of the ancient Irish, and several 

other valuable tracts, are written. 





béA]\tA-i:iti"óe, hearla-filidhe, s. tlie poetic dialect. 
becvplAjixp, bearlagar, s. m. a jargon. 
béA]\'Lo,-ceibi'óe, learla-teibidhe, s. amixed dialect. 

béA]in, beam, "l s. a gap, breach, knot, cre- 

beA^uiA, bearna, J vice. 

béA]\nAC, bearnach, adj. gapped, full of gaps, 

beAjMiA-o, bearnaclli, s. a making a breacli or gap. 

béAiMiAim, bearnaim, v. I make a breach; I tap 
or broach; I'oijceAc ponA «0 beAiWA-o. 

beAiMiA-n'iiob, bearna-mhiol, s. the hare-lip. 

béA]\nÁn-beAimAc, bearnan-bearnach, s. m. dan- 
delion, Leontodo taraxacum. 

béA)\nÁn-béibcine, bearnan-beiltine, s. i. marsh 
marigold, meadow-bouts, Caltha palustiis. 

béAnnAu-bjiijí'oe, bearnan-brigJiide, s. f. see 

beAii^i, bearr, adj. short, brief 

bcAnnA, bearra, s. plur. of beA]A]i, a spear; s. m. 
a crosier. 

beAi\i\At), bearradh, s. a clipping, shaving, lop- 
ping; short hair; a shred, sHce, segment, cut; 
the tops or cliffs of mountains or rocks; a. 
ti-ipping along ; walking lightly'. 

beA]\iiA-oÁn, bearradan, s. m. scissors, snuffers. 

beAi\)iAt)óin, bearradoir, s. m a barber, shaver. 

beA]i|\A5, bearrag, s. m. anger; see beA^ij. 

beA]\]^A1nl, beat'raini,v. I shave, shear, cut, clip, 

beA]\]iAit5eAC, bearraideach, adj. light, nimble. 

beAi\nAn, bearran, s. gall; grief; pain, smart. 

beAnnAHAc, hearranach, adj. miserable, mourn- 
ful, lamentable. 

beA)ii\AnAiin, bearranaim, v. I molest, trouble, 

beA]i]iÁn, bearran, s. f a small bundle, faggot, 
or sheaf. 

béA]\i\í:A, bearriJia, part, shaved, cropped, shorn. 

3éAnncAC, bearrthach.l , i 

1^, I ' . , ' , ,, . 'S s. m. a barber. 
Dec\i\i\coii\, bearrtlwir,) 

bei.\)\)\cÓ5, bearrtJwg, s. f. a razor. 

beA]\c, beart, s. an engine, machine, frame; a 
mode or manner of doing a thing; a load, 
bundle, or truss; dress, clothing; judgment; 
possession; a game at tables; a covenant, 
condition, agreement ; threatening ; s. f. an 
action, deed ; v. third person, perfect tense of 
the verb beipiin. 

beAjTCA, beartha, adj. clean, fine, neat, genteel; 
part, born, shorn, etc. 

beA^\cAc, beariach, adj. rich, wealthy. 

bcAncAt), beartadh, s. richness. 

beA^ACAijim, beartaigliim, v. I wield, brandish, 
flourish ; I yoke ; tuck up, gather, shrug ; I 
play ; I meditate. 

bcAHCAim, beartaim,v. I threaten; I point. 
beAHCAijie, beartaire, s. a brandisher. 
beA^\CA]i, beartar, s. a cast, a shot, a stroke, ".a]- 
é mo ccAnnj'A cét)A beA^\CA^\ ó.\\ conAijie, i.e. 

•OA •0CUll!)AHCA]\ ItllCOp Al\ CÚf", O'Cl. 

beAi\CAf, beartas, s. riches. 

beA]\CAp5Ait), beartafhighaidh, s. a weaver's 

beA|\coi|\, bearthoir, see beAni\roin. 

beAnc]\AC, beartrach, s. m. a pair of tables or 
chessboards ; backgammon. 

beAi\c-cpeA'bAi'ó, beart-treabhaidh, a plough, 

beA)\r-uc-o, beart-uchd, s. a poitrel. 

beAi\ct'i5At), beartughadh, s. m. a wielding ; me- 
ditating ; tucking up. 

béA]', beas, s. rent, tax, tribute; behaviour, 
manners, conduct; adj. certain. 

béA^Ac, beasach, \ adj. well-behaved, 

béA]'Ainiiil-, hcasamhuil ,\ correct. 

beArcuATD, beuscnadh, s. peace ; any land that is 
inhabited, i.e. jac ci]\ no jac cAbAiii 1 inbio 
bé]\ÍA-ÓA, O'C; lit. every country having lan- 
guages. _ 

beAf cnAi-o, bcascnaidh, s. accommodation, agree- 

beA^'cnAijim, beascnaigldm, v. I agree, accom- 

beAj-cnAJA-o, beascnagJiadh, s. agreement, ac- 

bcA^xon, beaschon, s. a syllogism. 

beA]'5, bemg, s. a harlot. 

beAi'gum, beasguin, s. a colon. 

beA^^nAitJini, beasnaidhim,v. I confederate. 

beA)'cÁn, beastan, s. f a grievance. 

beAc, beath, s. the beech tree, see beic; a being 
or creature. 

beACA, beatha, s. f. life. 

beACAc, beathach, s. a beast, an animal; pi. 
beACAij, see bcACAijeAC. 

beACAWAC, beaihadhacli, s. ra. a beast; a beaver. 

beAUAJAT), beatJiagJiadh, s. food, nourishment, 
bread; a benefice or place; provender; air 
allowance of meat. 

beACAJAt), beatJiaghadh,\ s. education, bringing 

beAcuJAt), beathughadh,) up. 

beAcÁni), beathaidh, living ; AmbeÁCATó, amongst 
the living. 

bcACAijiin, beathaighiin,Y. I feed, nourish, sup- 
port, educate. 

bcAcAijce, beatJiaigJiihe, adj. fed, nomished. 

beACAijcAÓip, beathaightheoir, s. a feeder. 

beACAin, beathain, s. £ diet, food; livelihood, 

I bcACAljA, beatliabja, adj. medichial. 





beAC tut]' tiioti, heath luis nion, tlie alpliabet of 

tlie old Irish. 
beACAiinuL, beathanJiuil, adj. lively, brisk, 

nimble, mercurial, gay, smart, pert, vital, liigli- 

beAciiuMi, heathmhan, s. a bee. 
be<\có-OAC, beathodach, s. a beaver. 
bcAcog, heathog, s. f. a bee ; a beech tree, 
bevxróguigce, heatlLoguújlithe, adj. stung as by 

a bee. 
beo>c|w, leathra, s. water. 
beAcuJATi), heatughadh, see beACAJAib. 
béb, belli, V. died; from beAbAini, I die. 
bébAi]% bebhais, v. died, " bebAif Ati cai-o 

ColiiKMi", Fel. Aon. 
beb]\Ai5eA-ó, bebraigJieadh, s. bleating. 
bee, bee, s. f. a point; a beak or bill; buille 

bee, a fuz-ball. 

bectiAbAct), bechdalachd, ambition, Sh. 

beceneb, bechenel, s. f. gavelkind. 

bécnel, bechiiel, s. gavelkind. 

1, , -1 s. a poet's or pliilosopLer's 

uec■n^A, becsna, f i ^ • ^ ^ ^^ 

1, ' ^' , ' > language m composition. 

OexynA, oexsna, i B- I 

bet), bed, s. a deed, an act, action ; an exploit, 

practice, a sorrowful story, mournful news; 

iruit; evil, injury, hurt, damage; a book; 

hence bé'oyoi]\io'bA'ó. 
beój, hedhg, s. a frigiit, a sudden start, " 'Peiliiii 

iiiAC CojAin liieic Héibl óicc in neill tj'éj 

no be-óg", 4 Mast, 1441. 
be-oyoi^uobA-o, bedfoiriobhadh, s a commentary ; 

a registry, a recording of matters. 
bej, beg, see beAj, little, 
béic, beic, s. {. an outcry, roaring, lowing. 
béice, beice, ] s. clamorous weeping; IJeb. 

béicAC, beicach, / bechi, beche, and bechith. 
beicAi]\c, beichairc, s. a beehive. 
beiccAC, beiceacli, adj. clamorous, roaring. 
beiccAi-AC, beiceasach, adj. skipping, hopping, 
béicijil, beicighil, s. an outcry, 
beicnii, beicim, v. I roar, cry out. 
hé^c^oci,n, beiciochan,} s. f a brawler, a prater, 
bélcl]^e, beieire, ) a prattler. 

beicléinmeAcc, beideimneacht, s. a dancing or 

bei-ÓAit), beidhaidh, a lamprey, Sh. 
bei-ocA-o, beideadh, s. a patching, 
belt, bed, gen. of béAÍ or beut, the mouth. 
béilbAj, beilbhag, s. corn poppy. 
béilbAn-]uiA-ó, beilbhan-ruadh, a. a buzzard. 
beilneApg, beildearg,\\si\-mg rod lips, 
belle, beile, s. a meal's meat; cheej-. 
béileÁn, beilean, s. the mouth, 
beille, beille, s. a kettle, pan, caldron. 

beibleAC, beilleach, adj. blubber-hpped. 

beibbÓAn, beillean, s. blame, reproach. 

beilc, beilt, s. a belt or cingle. 

béiin, beim, s. f. a stroke, blow, cut; a tribe, 
stock of people, generation; help; a beam, 
block, or piece of timber; a blemish, stain, 
spot; a step, pace; see céim ; oppression; re- 
proach; victory; a flourish. 

beimccAp, beimcheap, s. a whipping stock. 

béinieA-ó, beimeiidh, s. a striking. 

Oéumm, beiinim, V. I cut, strike; reap; loose, 

béimneAC, beimneach, adj. effective. Teg. Cor.; 
vehement, violent ; reproachful, contumelious, 
cutting, abusive. 

béimneACT), beimneaehd, s. f mastership. 

béinipeAC, beimreach, adj. talkative. 

bémc, beinc, s. i. a bui; a bench, a seat. 

beincóip, beincoir, s. a banker, \'ulg. 

béine, beine, s. a champion or famous hero ; the 
evening; a sepai-ation or disjunction. 

bemeit), beineid, s. f. the Minerva, or goddess 
of war of the Irish; " bmeit), i.e. bAnb, be, 
i.e. ben, ocAj' neix), i.e. cac, acai' oIca -oib- 
ImAib", Cor. 

beini"o, beinid, s. f a witch, evil-inclined wo- 

bemin, beinin, s. f a little woman; dim. of ben 
or beAu. 

beinn, beinn, s. the summit of a hill or moun- 

bemniDeAn, beinndean, s. f rennet. 

beinnit), beirmid, s. f cheese-rennet. 

beinnm, beinnin, s. f a pinnacle. 

bemnpe, beinnse, s. f. a seat, a bench, vulgar. 

bei]A, heir, v. imper. of bei]\im, I bring. 

beipbiji]', beirhhighis, s. an anniversary, feast, 
or vigil. 

bei|\eACA]% beircatas, s. m. the cleaning, or 

afterbii'th of animals. " 
bei]iiACA]-, beiriatas, s. a birth; a gift. 

beiniin, beirirn, v. I bear, bring forth; I carry; 
I say; I give; I take. 

beipim TfAneA]\,heirim fanear,v. to ohsQive, Sh. 

beinj'ciAU, heirseian, s. f. a razor. 

beipc, heirt, s. a loom ; a couple, a bi-ace ; help, 
assistance; a fence, a covering, protection, 
armour ; a burden ; an addition ; v. said ; ad 
bei]irfor -oo beipc. 

boipce, beirthe, part, bom, brought forth. 

bei]\cin, beinin, s. f a little biu-den. 

béif, beis, s. Í. a bass viol. 

beij'gine, beisgine, s. peace, quiet ; ointment, 

béiriti, beisin, s f. a basin. 





béipc, heist, gen. of bK\-|'r, a beast. 
béi]xeAm'L*ct>, beisieamhlacd, s. bestiality, 

béijxeATÍiuib, beisteamhuil, adj bestial. 

béi]-dn, heistin, s. f. a little beast. 

Jeijxpe, beistre, s. a vestry. 

\)e^t, beith, twain; both; a fairy; a goclJess; a 
woman ; a being or essence ; prop, bic ; the 
nanic of the letter b; S. f. a birch tree, birk; 
betula alba, beic iu\ meAfA, the beech tree; 
fugus sylvatica. 

Oeice, beite, v. was refused, contradicted. 

beice, beithe, ") a. birchen, abounding with 

he\teAC,beiiheach,\ birch. 

beiceAc, beitheacli, s. m. a beast. 

beiceAifium, beitheamhuhi, plur. ofbeAc, a bee. 

beiceA|\'LAC, Beiiearlach, s. m. the Old Testa- 

béicm, beitin, s. f. the scorched or frost-bitten 
grass of the hills; burned clay. 

beicib, beithil, s. Bethlehem. 

beici)\, beitir, adj. clean, neat. 

beióií, beithir, s. a bear. 

beicnni]i, beithniur, s. St. John's wort ; hypcri- 

Deb, bel, s. m. a mouth, see béc\b. 

belAc, belach, s. m. a road, way, passage ; see 


bel^A, belra, s. m. a parish; an ecclesiastical 
division of land ; a district; "ati lion cii\e An 
gAc ruAic, An lion ■oAine in jac ci]i. An 
bion beb]\A An gAC cacaiii, aja]- An bion 
■OAome in jac belpA", L. Br. 

he\XzMne,belltaÍ7ie,s.thc month of May ; "bebb- 
CAine, i.e. bilbcene, i.e. cene bib, i.e. cene 
yoinriiec, i.e. -OA tenet) foiniiiecA -oo jniri]' 
n& X)HAToe con cmcecbAib inó]\Ai'b ^.-opAib 
coinbeiiTOi]- nA cecnAe ecA]i]\Aib ajv ce-oiiiAn- 
Aib CACA bbiAUnA". Cor. 

ben, ben, s. f. a vehicle; a woman; see beAn. 

bon-oecc, bendhecM, s. m. a blessing, a farewell. 

benTDicce, bendichihe, adj. blessed. Far. An. 41 

bentiijiin, bendighim, v. I bless, consecrate, 

bene-oin, henedin, s. f. tormcntil; septfoil; tor- 
meutilla erecta. 

benéit), beneid, the Minerva of the ancient 
Irish; " beneit), i e. néiT), i.e. nomen viri, be 
est nomen, a ben; bAt) netimAc qiAc in ÍAnA- 
liiAin pn". Cor. 

benéij:eAn, beneiqean, "1 i • i 

b. *-■ - . . / . ( s. a rape ; the viola- 

eneij:niuj;A-o, beneiq- > ,• V 

• 7 j; i tion oi a woman. 

V)enn, benn, s. f. a summit, a mountain. 
benuAcr, hennachf, s, m. a ble.=sinp. 

benniiJAt), henmighadh, s. m. a blessing, bene- 
beo, beo, s. the living; adj. living, kindled, 

lighted ; s. cattle ; any living creature. 
béocAii, beochan, s. f. a small fire. 
beocAUCA, beochanta, adj. vigorous. 
beocotiiAU, beochomhan, s. a warren. 
beóco|-5]iAc, beochosgrach, s. a flayer alive. 
beócoi'5]iAiiri, beochosgraim, v. to flay alive. 
beó-ÓA, beodha, adj. lively, sprightly. 
beó-ÓAcc, beodhacht, s. m. courage, vigour, 

beÓTJAim, beodhaim, v. I quicken, enliven. 
beó'ÓAiiiuib, beodhamhuil, adj. animated, vigo- 
beóT)ib, beodil, s. assets, goods, chattels, i.e. 

tnA]\b-oib, 0. g. 
beó-eAC'OAi]\e, beo-eachdaire, s. a biographer. 
beo-eACTDAipeACT), s. beo-eachdaireachd, s. bio- 

Deó^Annquvc, beofanntrach, s. see beocoyjiiAC. 
beópeAnnnAim, beofeannaim, v. see beoco^-- 

Oeó].-eAnnAi5ceói-|i, beofcannmghtJieoir, s. see 

DeójAineAiii, beoghaineamh, s. quicksand. 
beójoncA, beoghonta, adj. vigorous, 4. Mast. 

beóib, beoil, adj. verbal, Sli. 
beoibJA, beoilgha, adj. oral. 
beoibi-oAcc, beoilidhacht, s. oral tradition or 

beoibb, beoill, s. fatness. 
beoii\, beoir, s. beer; ale. 
beoi^i-CAol, beaoir-chaol, s. small-beer, 
beoinjojuc, beoirgJioirt, s. brine, pickle. 
beoin-bAit>i]A, beoir-laidir, s. strong beer, 
beób, beol, s. m. a mouth, see béAb and bénb; 

a robber, Sh. 
beóbAc, beolach, adj. talkative. 
beólAoc, beolaoch, s. m. an active soldiei-. 
beoboiTieAp, beoloideas, s. see beoibnaAcc. 
beóbuAic, beoluaiih, s. hot embers. 
beóiiÁT)A|ic, beo'-adharc, s. m. quick sight, dis- 
beónA"ÓA|iCAC, beoradharcach, adj. quicksighted. 
beóf, beos, adv. yet, beside, i.e. yoy. 
beófAC, i^eosflc/i, adj. bright, glittering; brisk,. 

dapper, spruce. 
beópAijnii, beosaighini, v. I ornament, deck 

out, beautify. 
beóp5A]\At), beosgaradJi, s. a divorce. 
beóflAinco, bios/ilainle. s. life rent. 
beópiiiAjiAC, bcoí^iiiharacfi, adj. expensive; 





beófiiiAHAC-o, beosmharachd, s. m. luxuriousncss. 

beoi'UJAt), heosucjhadh, s. tiimming. 

beócA, heotlia, s. animation, Sli. 

beócAC, beothach, s. m. a beast. 

beócACAt), heotliachadh, s. animation. 

beocACAL, beotJiachcd, adj. lively, ■b/t. 

beócACc\n, beotltachan, s. an animalcule. 

beócAijim, beothaighÍ7n, v. I enliven, inspii-lt. 

beócAijceoiiv, beoiliaightlieoir, s. an enlivener. 

beócAÍ, beothal, waving, Sh. 

beocAiiilACT), beotJiamhlachd, s. m. liveliness, 
quickness, pertness. 

beocAtiiuil,, beotliamhuil, adj. see beACAriiuii 
and beo-ÓAiiiuil,. 

beotoiinAc, beothorrack, adj. quick -with child. 

beocuJAU, beothughadh, s. enlivening, S. A. 44. 

beoemi'iiiijceAC, beothuismhightheaclt, adj. vivi- 

be|\Ac, berach, adj. talkative, prattling, Br.L. 

be]\bA-ó, berbhadh, s. refining, see beAi\bA-ó. 

bei^griA, bergna, adj. irritable, easily provoked. 

be]\U\, berla, see beA]\bA. 

beppAt), berradh, s. the hair of the head. 

DennéA-o, berread, s. a cap, a hat. 

bone, bert, s. f. an action, deed; s. m. see beAnc 
and bei^c. 

be]-, bes, s. £ a bottle; the belly; rent, tribute; 
s. m. behaviour ; see béAf and béuf ; an art, 
a trade; adj. exact, careful; see bAO]'; conj. 
and; s. education; a fashion, madness, folly, 

bé]'cnA, bescna, s. peace ; a terntory, tract of 
land; see béA]-cnA; a lease, agreement, com- 

beypiA, besgna, s. a territory ; see beA^-cuA, and 

Oec, beth, s. birch; see beic. 
bee, bet, s. f. a chai-iot; a shameless young 
■woman ; " bee, i.e. a betula, i.e. oj-pcébAc 
ÁiiinÁmeAC, unde dicitur, -óume beACAc", 
beceAC, betheach, adj. effeminate. 
beceACc, betheacht, s. effeminacy. 
becéijneACA-ó, betheigneachadli, s. a rape, viola- 
tion of a woman. 
bece^leAc, beterleach, s. m. the Old Law, the 
Old Testament 

■ beclui]-nion, bethluisnion, s. an ancient name 
for the Irish alphabet, from its three first let- 
ters, B, L, and N. 
béu-o, beud, s. a deed; see bet); vice, harm; 

Déu-OAC, beudach, adj. hurtful, iniquitous. 
beuTD-yocbAC, beud-fhodach, adj. taunting, con- 

• tumelious. 

béu-oóg, beudog, s. a prating woman. 

béui, belli, s. m. the mouth, see béAb; the sun. 

béubAC, beulach, adj. fair-spoken; flatteiing. 

béiibAi]\eAcc, beulaireacht, s. tradition, Mul. 

béutAif , beidais, s. prattling, babbling, mouth- 

béubAi]-eAC, beulaiseach, adj. acute, subtle, 

béubAiciM'p, beulaithris, s. tradition. 

béubÁriAC, beulanach, adj. talkative; s. the bit 
of a bridle. 

béubbmn, beidbhinn, s. a sweet-mouth ; flattery. 

béubbinneAc, beulbhinneach, adj. sweet- 
mouthed; melodious, sweet-spoken. 

béulbocT), beidbhochd, s. a poor mouth ; plead- 
ing poverty. 

béulcAi]!, beulchair, adj. fair-spoken, flatter- 

béul-ciiÁbAc, beul-chrabhach, adj. hypocritical. 

béulc]^C\bA■o, beulchrabhadh, s. m. hypocrisy. 

béui'ó]\c\oit)eAC'o, beuldhraoidheachd, s. incan- 

béubiiiAc, beulmhach, s. the bit of a bridle. 

béuboi-oeAi", beuloideas, s. m. tradition ; oral 

beubpujAjoit), beulphurgoid, s. f. a gargle. 

beúm, beicm, s. a cut or gap; the track of a 
mountain toiTcnt; a stroke; a taunt. 

béuiiiAnii, beumaim, v. I cut, gash, slash, strike; 

béuiimAc, beumnacli, adj. fuU of cuts. 

béu^ibA, beurla, s. m. see beApbA and be]Al,A. 

béujicA, beurtha, adj. genteel, well-spoken; 

bevif , beus, s. quality, moral virtue. 

béu]'A, betisa, s. education, instruction. 

béu-pAc, beusach, adj. moral, civil, courteous, 

béxtiA, bexna, see béci'nA. 

bi, bi, s. the living; " i. e beo jac bi biACA-ó, 
i.e. cAicp-o 5AC beo a biACA'ó", O'Cler.; adj. 
living, niAC -oe bi ; s. a wound, wounding, 0. g.; 
adj. small, little, fine; v. was, answering to 
all persons, singular and plm-al, bi me, bi cu, 
bi I'e, etc. ; see bA forbu 1, it was she; 

biAC, biach, s. m. the male organ of generation ; 
" biAC, i.e. bAbb yeAiTOA, AiiiAib a ■oiibnA'ó'". 
" "Oa 'oci ceAbÍAC ■oon bAnuA, 
5011A c]uocAi-o cé-o line, 
5iAbl]:Ait) C1-Ó beAbAi]\ a biAc, 
CeAbbAC biAC bocA cime". 

biACACT), biachachd, s. priapism. 
biAti, biad/i, s. m. meat, food, sustenance. 





biAt)AC, hiadhach, adj. alimentaiy. 

OiATaACAt), MadJiachadh, s. in. alimentation. 

biA-oAclAiin, hiadhachlann, s. m. a kitchen. 

buwAt), biad/iadh, s. m. feeding, uoiu'isliing. 

biAticMi, biadhan, s. f. slander. 

biA-oceAjTO, biadhcheard, s. a tavern or victual- 
ling house. 

biAt)mA)\, biadhmJiar, adj. abounding in food, 
plentiful ; esculent. 

buwcA, biadhta, adj. fed, fatted; tiAiii biAiJcA, 
Prov. XV. 7. 

biA-ó-ii]\-éunAin, biadh-ur-eunain, s. f wood 

buTOCA, liudhtha, s. ni. a bait. 

biAt)CAC, biadhiach, s. m. an hospitable, generous 
mau ; a public victualler ; a person whose duty 
it was to supply the king's household with 
provisions, to furnish the standing army of 
the kingdom or province with necessaries, and 
to furnish travellers with entertainment. 

biA'ócACAr, biadhtachas, ) , -^ ,.^ 

buvécAcJ, biadhtachd, Í ^' "^" ^^^^V^^^^'^J ■ 

biAt)CAim, biadhtaim, v. I feed, nourish. 

biA-Dcóin, biadhtoir, s. m. a public victualler. 

biAJ, hvigh, see biAu, food, Heb. bag. 

biAi-óre, biaidlite, adj. fed, nourished. 

biAib, biail, s. f an axe, a hatchet. 

biAl, bial, s. water. 

biAn, Man, s. a skin, pelt, hide. 

biAn-leA]'Ai5e, bian-leasaighe, s. a tanner ; cur- 

biA]-, bias, V. that shall wound; i.e. jonyA^', o.y. 

biAi\ bias, 7 1 . ,-1 

b,A,-;, biasd,\'- "^- ^ ^^^^*: ^ ^°™^' ^ ^■^P'^1''^- 

h)<s]-X)<sm\it\.,biasdamhuil, adj. brutish, churlish. 

biAi-o-tionn, biasd-donn, ) 

hJYx^-vuh,Masd-diM, | ^^^ «"er. 

biA]-T)Ó5, biasdog, s. f. a worm, an insect. 

biA^x, biast, s. m. see biAj' and biAj-o. 

biACAC, hiatach, s. a raven ; see biA-ocAc. 

biACACAf, biatachas, > see biAT>cACA]' and 

biACACt), biataclid, 3 biAt)CAC-o. 

biACA]-, biutas, I s. ni. betony ; beet-root; sea- 

biAruiy, biatuis,) beet; beta maritima. 

biACAt), biathadh, s. m. bait, a lure. 

bi1J)-A, biblisa, s. deprivation. 

bicAqie, bicaire, s. a vicai-, JJ'Par. 

biceA|\b, bichearb, s. mercury, quicksilver. 

bnJceA^vo, bidhcheard, \ s. see buw- 

biTJceA^ATDAC, bidliclieardach, ) ceA]\xi. 

biceii\, biceir, s. f a cup. 

bit), bid, s. f. a hedge, a fence; the song of 

biTJAin, bidain, a little bit, Sli. 

bit'jbA, bid/ibha, s. a second deatli, Cor. 

s. f. a mouth, a lip, For foe; a 
welt ; s. m. a large tree ; a cluster of 

bíTDeÁn, bidean, s. f. a fence. 

biúeAncA, bidheanta, adj. frequent, continual. 

bioeAncA-)", bidheantas, s. m. frequency. 

biDeóg, bideog, s. £ a dagger, a dirk. 

bit)5, bidhg, s. f. a sudden start, a fright. 

bmi]', bidhis, s. f. a screw; a smith's vice. 

bíDfe, bidse, s. a strumpet. 

bTOj-eAC, bidseach, adj. whorish, unchaste. 

bitJi-eACT), bidseachd, s. whoredom. 

bieci, bieci, a strong man, Sh. 

bi5, big, gen. of beAj, little. 

bij, bigh, s. glue; pitch ; birdlime ; any gluti- 
nous matter; s. f rain, dew. 

bij-cnAot), bigh-chraobh, s. the gum of trees. 

bigéun, bigeun, > s. f. a coif, cap. cowl, hair- 

bigin, bigin, ) lace. 

bigil, bigil, s. £. a vigil, Vonl. 

bil, bil, s. hair, beard; tlie mane of a horse, 
0. g. ; s. f a blossom ; a mouth ; the beak of a 
bird; an idol; "bil, i.e. bi aI, i.e. dia bnJAl", 
o. g. ; adj . good ; double. 

bile, bile, s. £ 
border, a 
trees; Heb. bul. 

bileój, bileog, s. f a leaf 

bileogAc, bileogacli, adj. leafy. 

bileóg-bÁice, bileog-bhaite, s. water lily. 

biliAii, bilian, s. f. a small vessel, Cor. 

bilic, bilich, a tuft, Sh. 

bilfo, bilidli, s. lips, plur. of bile. 

bilin, bilin, s. a (iddle. 

bill, bill, adj. small, little, o. g.; s. a leper, Sh. 

bille, bilk, s. m. a bill; bille -oeAluijce, a bill 
of divorce ; a rag ; a fool ; a boss, a stud, loars 
of C. C. C, bille oi]i ; the trunk of a tree ; adj. 
poor, mean, weak, contemptible ; small, little, 
few; "bille i.e. ce<\\\j:,ie. reA]ic", Cor.; s. 
smallness, fewness, want ; " bille, i.e. gen- 
Aine", Cor. 

billeAct), billeachd, s. poverty. 

billéA-o, b Ulead, \ i -u i. 

billets, billed, / '■ ^ '''"'''• 

billen, hillen, s. £ a small vessel. 

billeog, billeog, s. £ the leaf of a tree, or of a 
book. This word and bileog are dialectic cor- 
ruptions of ouilleog ; see tJinlleog. 

billeójAC, biUeogach, see bileój^Ac. 

billeÓ5-An-i'poiiic,6i7feoí7-an-*/wtVíC,s. colts-foot; 

billeog-inAic, Ulleog-maith, s. lettuce ; lactuca. 

billeoj-nA-néun, billeog-Tia-neun,s. wood sorrel. 

bilic cuige, bilich chuige, marigold, Sh. 

bilceAn^Ac, bilteangach, adj, well-spoken, sweet- 

bilu]!:. bilur, s. bcstort ; knot grass; snake weed. 





bim, him, r. I am. 

bin, bin, s. a son. 

biiTO, bind, adj. liarmonious, melodious; o. g. 

bine, bine, adj. evil, bad; o. g. 

AHueErar; tlie acid of 

binéjep, hineger, f "' 

bniéijjie, hineigre, i 

■\vine; prop, pon jeAji, 
sour wine 

b,n,-o, ?.»hW, 'I s. rennet. 

Dini-oeAn, binidean, j 

binn, 6tn?i, adj. true; sweet, melodious; see 
biniD ; s. the hopper of a mill ; a hill ; see beinn ; 
regard, respect, ni ^-yuibl binn ajaiii o|\c; an 
accusation; a sentence; a voice, Sh.; s. care. 

bmnAin, hinnain, s. a pinnacle, or top, Sh. 

biniiAinitim, binnainighim, v. to cacuminate, 

bmnbUwAC, binnbhladhach, adj. high-famed; 
elaborate; renowned. 

binnbjUAcnAC, bimibhriatlwacJi, adj . eloquent. 

b'ninb)iu\i:|\Acc, bimihhriathrucht, s. eloquence. 

binnceobiiA]\, binncheolmhar, adj. harmonious, 
sweetl}' singing. 

binn-oAin, binndain, s. see bini-o and binit)eAn. 

bmn-oéAÍÁn, binn-^ 

dealan, f s. a forehead-cloth, to bind 

bmnTDiol., binn-C the heads of children. 
diol, ) 

binne, binne, compar. of binn, sweet; s. a judg- 
ment, decision, decree. 

bmne, binne, ) i i i 

■1.. ,.' ^ s. m. harmony, melody. 

UinneAi% bmneas,) •' ■' 

binnéAc, binneach, adj. peaked, horned; having 

pinnacles; liilly, mountainous, 
binn éAT)uin, binn eaduin, \ old names of the 
bmn éAtJuip, binn eaduir, j hill of Howth. 
biné>iicA, hinealta, \ adj. pretty, hand- 

bméAbc&c, ii?ieaZ?«c/i, J some; neat, fine. 
bmneAlcAC, binnealtach, adj. musical, melo- 
dious, harmonious. 
bmneAtiibAC, binneamldach, adj. melodious. 
binneÁn, binnean, s. f. a bell; " giqi beAnAt) 

binneÁn ciA]\Ain ai]\", Chron. iScot, 1043. 

This means a formal excommunication by the 

ceremony of ringing a beU. 
bmneAp, binnear,^. a liill, *S/i.; a hair pin; a 

bodkin for the hair, Sh. 
bmnem, binnein, s. a pinnacle. 
binnjucAc, binnghuthach, adj. sweet-tongued, 

binn-05, binn-og, s. a grandson, Sc 
bmnceAC, binnteach, adj. having the quahty of 

bmnceACAt), binnteachadh, s. coasrulation, curd 

bmcigim, bintighim, v. I coagulate, curdle. 

bmi^e, binse, s. £. a seat, a bench ; vulg. 

biobbA, biobla, s. a bible, a book. 

biocAipe, biocaire, s. m. a vicar. 

biocionncA, biocionnta, adj. common, general, 

biocionrA]-, biochiontas, s. state of being com- 
mon, Sh. 

bioconc, biocont, s. m. aviscoimt. 

bíocú]iAm, biochuram, s. m. anxiety. 

biox), biodh, V. suppose ; let it be ; " bio-ó a yiAJ- 
UAi^'e", Keat; conj. although, notwithstand- 
ing; biot) 50 ntjeACAT)", although he went, 
S^A. 23; s. the world, Sh. 

biQ-ÓAil, biodhail, s. a legacy. 

biof) A beiriT), biodh a leithid, s. dog's violet. 

bío-oÁn, biodan, s. f. calumny, falsehood; Heb. 

bioT)ÁnAc, biodanach, adj . tattling, pratmg; s. m. 
a tattler, tale-bearer. 

biot)bA, biodhbha, s. m. a guilty person; a bad 
man. Teg. Cor.; " i^^ bioTsbA bÁi]- é''. Matt., 
XXV. 66 ; s. m. an enemy ; an adversarj'. 

bío-óbAnAi', biodhbhanas, s. m. discord, enmity. 

biotij, biodhg, s. m. a start, a fright; a sudden 
or short fit of sickness; " ConjAÍ ceAno liiA- 

JAl]! lUAC PeA^lJUfA UA jMg A CCeATÍlAl]! JO 

neAjibAic 00 bio-ój Aon UAijie", Leb. Gabh. 
" SeÁin lUAC pbibib liieic jiotbA Ioi'A iauai-o 
til RAJAbtAij Ui5eA]\nA bjieiyne, Aon -oob 
]:eApn éineAc ajai' uAi]-le -OACinneAutieg -oo 
bio-oj inA ioni-ÓA, 1 rcullAC lllhAngAin", 4 
Mast. 1400. 

bio-ogAU, biodhgadh, s stirring, rousing, start- 

bio-ójAim, biodligaim, v. I start, rouse, boimcc. 

biO'ójAiiibAC'O, biodhgamhlachd, s. m. \'ivacity. 

bio-ojAiiiuib, biodhgamhuil, adj. active, lively. 

biojA-o, biogadh, see bioiijAT). 

biojAiin, biogaim, v. see bio-ójAini. 

biogAiiibAct), biogamhlachd, s. m. see bioró- 


biojATTiuib, biogamhuil, adj. see bio-ojAiiiuil. 

\)\ol,biol, s. m. a viol; a kind of musical instru- 

biotAi|ieAC, hiolaireach, adj. abounding in 
cresses, " \l}Mt bioUxipeAc". 

biobA^i, biolar, s. m. cresses; common water 
cress; adj. dainty, fine, spruce, Sh. 

biobA|A-5Á]^-ÓA, biolar-ghardha, s. m. garden 

biolA|i-j^\iA5Ain, biolar-ghriagain, s. m. com- 
mon lady's smock ; cuckoo-flower ; cardamiae 

biobA]\-iiiui]ie, biolar-mhinre, s. brooklime; 
veronica beccLibuntra. 





btolA|i-c)\A5A, biolar-tragha, s. scurvy -grass ; 

cochlearia officinalis. 
bioU\]i-uii'5e, hiolar-uiscje, see biótAp-iiiuiiíe. 
bioLAfjAC, biolasgacli, adj. talkative, prating. 
biolAfjA-ó, biolasgadh, s. m. a talking, prating. 
biolA]-5At)A, biolasgada, s. rowing, oaring. 
bio]\, ?)ior, s. m. water, a spring. Heh. beer; 

see Aiubeif; a spit to roast meat on ; a pin, 

bodkin, Heh. beriacli; a sharp point, bio]\ 

cuAiibe; the edge or brink of a river, or other 

water, i.e. yuiieAl uii'ge, o. a. 
bio^iAC, biorach, s. a female calf; a colt; adj. 

sharp-pointed, mucronatcd ; piercing, horned. 
bioi\A-ó, bioradh, s. a piercing, pricking. 
bioi\]\Ae, hiorrae, a. strong. 
bionÁn, bioran, s. m. a little stake; a i^in; dim. 

of biop; s. m. strife. 
bioiiÁHAC, bioranach, s. m. a contentious person ; 

a pincushion. 

bionAiTAcAn, bioranachan, s. a pinmaker, Sh. 

biopAriAigce, bioranaighte, adj. vexed. 

1 , . _ 'is. m. water-cresses, slsym- 

1.,' ' ]' *, . V, . V brlum nasturtium aqua- 
bio],-i:eiiA,6ior-//ííz»-,| ^^^^^^ 

biopAj-g, biorasg, s. a bait for fish. 
bioi\bo5A, biorbhogha, s. a rainbow. 
bio]AbiiAyAn, biorbhuafan, s. m. a toad; a water 

\)\o]\CAr\n<\, biorch'anna, s. m. an urn; a water 

bio|\cbi, biorchU, s. a stream of water. 
bio]\coib, biorclwil, s. an instrument for be- 
heading, Sh. 
\))0]\comLsx>, biorchoiiihlaJJi, s. a water sluice; 

a Hood gate. 
bio^TOAc, biordhach, adj. watery; abounding 

with water. 
bio|TOO]\uf, biordkorus, see biO]\coiiilA-ó. 
bio]\pACAl, biorfhiacal, s. m. a tooth-pick, 
biojijoin, bio7-gJio)n,s. a flood-gate; a dam 
bionjpeAj-Aiú, biorghreasaidh, s. an awl. 
bio]i nAtii b]\it)e, bior nam bride, dandelion, Sh. 
bio]io|\, bioivr, s. m. the edge' or brink of any 

water, " biojio]!, i.e. inong ciobpAit) tio i-)ióca, 

o^\, i.e. monj", Co7'.; also water, 
bionphocA, biorphota, an urn, Sh. 

bio|ipAc, biorrach, s. a marshy field; a boat, a 

cot, a currach. 
bio]\]\Ac-tACAn, biorrach-lachan, s. common 

reed-grass ; amndo phragmltes 

bio]\i\A, biorra, 
biojipA-AU ciA]"5Ai]>, biom 

n tiasgair, 

bioi\]\A cpuit>in, biorra chruidhin 

bio]\]\T)Ae, biorrdhcB, adj. watery, O'CL 

biopnAe, biorrce, s. f. a watery plain. 

biopfiAi-o, biorraid, a cap, a helmet, Sh. 

biO]\)iAi-ó, biorraidh, s. a steer; a young bullock ; 
s. f. strife, contention. 

bio]\]iAi-oe, biorraide, s. £ a twig, an osier, a 

biopnÁn, biorran, s. f. anguish of mind. 

bio]\]\ÁnAC, biorranach, s. m. a disturbed, dis- 
tracted, or distressed person; adj. distracted. 

b)0]i)\ÁiUMni, biorranaim, v. I disturb, perplex, 
vex, hamper, distract. 

bio|\pÁnAi]ie, biorranaire, s. m. a fomenter of 

bio]i|i5AncA, biorrganta, adj. perplexing, ham- 

bionpof, biorros, s. m. the water lily. 

bioi\i\fi\Aob, biorrshraobh, the old bed of a river. 

biojiy-uiieAC, biorshuileach, adj. quick-sighted; 

bio|-A^\, biosar, s. m. silk, satin; corruptly writ- 
ten for biolA];, water cress. 

bio|'A]\-pbeii'c, biosar-pheist, s. f. a silk worm. 

bloc, bioth, s. m. the world; life; existence; a 

being, the living. 

biocAibie, biotaille, ) , j • i 

u 1 7 • J •;. r s. strong drmk. 
DiocAilce, biotaiUe, ) '=' 

bloc, bioth, \ s. gum of trees; 

bioc-c|\Aoib, bioth-chraoibh,^ pith of wood. 

biocbuAine, biothbhuaine, s. f. eternity. 

biocbuAi^iOA-o, biothbhuaireadh, eternal trouble. 

biocbuAn, biothbhuan, adj. everlasting, perpe- 
tual, eternal. 

biocbuAncAct), biothbhuantachd, s m. eternity, 

bioc-eom, bioth-eoin, s. f. birdlime. 

bioc5]iA]:AT), biothghrafadh, I moora- 

bioc5HAibceAct),Woí/í^/t?'aiWií/ieac/tíZ [ , ° 

biocgjiAUA, biothghrana, adj. always ugly. 
biji, bir, the inflection of bio|A, water; s. a spit, 

see bio^i; adj. short. 
bii\A5, birag, s. the fore-tooth in brutes, Sh. 
binAj-lo-oAiti, birag-lodain, a bandsticle, Sh. 
binAixieAc, biraideach, adj. hlgh-lieadcd, Sh. 
bi^boJA, birbhogha, s. the iris, a rainbow. 
bi)\cli, bircli, see biO]Acbi, Cor. 
bineAt), biread, s. a cap, bonnet, Sh. 
bijipeAiOAn, birfheadan, a water pipe, Sh. 
bipfion, birfhion, s. metheglin. 
bijijeif, birgheis, s. f. a point; bi]i5éi]'clo-óiíie. 
bipice, biriche, s. a filly, Sc. 
\)^]\m, birid, s. f. a breeding sow ; a shrew a 

bqun, birin, s. f. little pin. 





t)i]\riiéin, birmhein, s. ooziness or moisture. 

1^ , . "1 s. standing water ; a marsliy 

\]\]\A, ntrra, 
\)\\\\\e, birrae, 
bio)\]\Ae, hiorrae. 


field, abounding with 
water, lience Birr, a town 
J in the King's County. 
bine birt, s. f. a hih, haft, a handle; inflection; 

plur. of bei)\c; a load; two, a couple. 
b))-, bis, s. a buffet, or box. 
biroAC, biseach, s. m. the crisis of a disease, 


. bizza, 


bi]-eAcc, biseacht 

■J s. m. prosperity, incrc; 
( profit, gain ; Heb. bi: 
, t baz ; bliA-ÓAin br 
J leap year. 

bi]-eA5A, biseagha, icicles hanging from the eaves 
of houses, Sh. 

bi)-im, bisim, v. he was; " bAice aii CAinic 
nAontiiA^i 'o'iAjiAi'ó bit) x>o cum ponAiu, AgAf 
bii'im oc ennAi5ce y^uA ■oia An cÁn fin", B. 

bic, bith, s. a wound; the world; life, existence, 
being, essence ; custom, habit. 

XiitheArnif, bUhbheanuSjS. enmity; cunning. . 

bicbeo, bitlilheo, adj. everlasting, eternal. 

bitbiMj, bithhhrigk, s. essence. 

bicbuAii, bithbhuan, adj. see bicbeo. 

bicbuAiicACT), bithbhuantachd, s. eternity. 

h^t-ce<.\]\h, bith-chearb,\s. Í. mercury, quick- 

bic-cnn, bith-cliim., j silver. 

biccifince, bithchinnte, adj. precise, punctual. 

biccinnceACT), bithchinnteachd, s. punctuahty, 

bicciiiiAm, bithchuram, s. m. anxiety. 

bií;cú]\AtnAC, JiVAc/tMramacA, adj. anxious; over- 

bice, bithe, adj. female; belonging to the female 
sex ; effeminate. 

biceATiiAucA, bitheamhanta, adj. thievish, cun- 
ning; part, stolen. 

biceAiimAc, bitheamhnacli, s. ra. a thief, a rogue. 

bicm, bithin, s. f. being, existence, Keat. 

bicionnA, bitiorra, adj. cheerful, bright, Sh. 

bici]', bitk, s. beets, Sh. 

bicpe, bithre, s. life-time, Sh. 

bicfioji, bithshior, s. life everlasting; adv. al- 

Dicumen, bitumen, s. pitch (this word seldom 

biuj, bivg, adj. small, little, the same as beAj, 
4 M. 1439. 

bniji, biugki, a strong man, Sc. 

bunt), biuidh, s. a champion, Sc. 

biutA]\, biular, s. nose-smai't; see bioÍAii. 

biucA]-, biuthas, s. report, name, reputation, 

ame, renown, praise. 


bicb|AÍ5eAc, bithbhrigheach, adj. essential, power- 
bbÁ, bla, s. m. a town, village, place of residence ; 
piety, devotion ; the sea ; the womb ; fruit of 
the womb ; a green field, a lawn ; a flower ; 
a cry, a shout; adj. yellow; healthy, safe, 
well ; beautiful ; prepared, ready, finished, i.e. 
]\é\v>, 0. g.; commendable; fit to be done. Teg, 
Cor.; s. m. thanks; praise, renown. 

bbAcc, blacht, s. m. a word. 

biÁ-o, blad, s. m. the mouth. 

blÁó, bladh, s. m. renown, fame; a blossom, a 
flower, a nosegay, a garland; a share, part, 
or portion; see blot) or blog; flattery; in- 
crease of fame, Sh.; essence, meaning; adj. 

blÁ-ÓAC, bladhach, adj. renowned, famous; 
effectual; guttural; s. f. buttermilk ;^adj. flat- 
tering; flowery. 

bbAt)Acc, bladhacht, s. m. the art of breaking or 

biÁÚAini, bladhaim, v. I break, crumble, pul- 

bbA-OAiiAe, bladaire, s. m. a flatterer. 

bbAt)Aii\eAcc, bladaireacht, s. m. flattery; the 
act of flattering ; coaxing. 

blAt)Ainiiii, bladairim, v. I flatter, soothe, coax. 

bÍA'OAii, bladar, s. m. blandiloquence, flattery, 
soothing; coaxing. 

bbA'OAjiAc, bladarach, adj. flattering. 

bbÁ-óbAi)'eAC, bladhbhaiseachf's. increase of fame, 
i.e. bi]-eAc bb<\it)e, o. g. 

btÁ-óJAitii, bladlighaim, v. I cry, shout. 

blAt)ni, bladhm, s. m. a flirt; a bounce, or brag. 

bbÁ-óiiiAic, bladhmhaic, s. reputation. 

bbÁ'óinAnn, bladhmann,s. m. a boast; boasting; 
praise ; self-complacency, Keat. 

bbATDmAunAc, bladhmannach, adj . boasting. 

blÁ-ótTiAnnA-ó, bladhnannadh, s. m. a boasting, 

bbAtunAnuAiin, bladhmannaim, v. I boast. 

bÍAT)f')\ónAc, bladshronach, adj. flat-nosed. 

blAjAii», blagair, s. f. a blast, puff, boast. 

bÍAjAine, blagaire, s. m. a boaster, blusterer. 

bÍAjAijieAcc, blagaireacht, s. a boast, the act of 
boasting, blustering; vul. jbAjAipeAcc. 

bbAjAiiMin, blagainm, v. I boast, bounce, bluster. 

bbA5ÁncA]', blagantas, s. m. a bragging, a boast- 

bbAjinAun, blaghmann, s. m. see bbATDiriAiin. 

bbAJniAnuAC, blaghmannach, s. m. a " 
blustering fellow. 

bÍAi, blai, s. a womb. 

bÍAiiiie, blaimhe, a. sound, healthy. 

btÁijrhic, blaighmhic, see btAtiiiiAic. 





bÍAincéAt), hhincead, s. f. a blanket; vul. 

blAimc, blainic, s. f. suet, lard, fat; prop, 

\)\,Mmce&c, blainiceach, adj. fat; full of suet; 
abounding in fat. 

bli.M]-5éA]\, blaisghear, s. an acid, sour, or 
crabbed taste. 

blAi]-iin, blaisim, v. I taste; prop. bLA]'<MiTi. 

blÁtc, blaith, s. a blossom; a flower; adj. plain, 
smooth; comp. bbAice; it is pleasing, i. e. Ab 
iiiAicleii', o.g. 

blÁiceAi'Ac, blaitheasach, adj. smootli, po- 

bUvicpleAfj, blaitJifleasc/, a garland of flowers. 

blÁicim, blaithim, v. I smooth, polish. 

blAicin, blaithin, s. f a little blossom; dim. of 


blAicbiAj, blaithliag, s. f a pumice stone, PL; 

a polished stone, Sh. 
blAiiie, blame, adj. sound, healthy, PL 
blAHAj, hlanag, s. £ sec blonój. 
blAUc, blanc, s. a farthing, Sh. 
biAtTOAp, blandar, s. m. flattery, simulation. 
blAiTOAiiAini, blandaraim, v. I flatter; I gloze. 
bÍAOc, blaocli, s. a whale. 
blAot), blaodh, s. breath, Sh. 
blAot), bhodh, } , 

bUot.;^, blaodhog, r- "'• "" '''*'"^' ""'^^- 
blA0t)Acc, blaodhacht, s. m. conclamation. 
bÍAoú-eun, blaodh-eun, a bird-call, Sh. 
blAo-ÓAj, blaodliag, s. a noisy girl or woman, Sh. 
blAot)Aim, blaodhaim, v. I shout, cry; I find, 

7^0?-. Eig. 
blAo-oiriAiiAc, blaodhmanach, s. a clamorous or 

noisy person; adj. clamorous, noisy. 
blAOBOg, blaodhog, s. f a noisy girl or woman. 
bbAo-óójAc, blaodhogach, adj. noisy, clamorous. 
blA0t)i\Ac, blaodhrach, adj. clamorous. 
bLÁo];, blaor, s. a cry, Sh. 
bloiiAiii, bloram, to cry, Sh. 
bÍAOi'c, blaose, "I s. Í. the skull ; a husk, scale, or 
blAOi-j, blaosg, ) shell. 
blA0]-5A0in, hlaosgaoin, s. a small shell; dim. of 

blAoi-c ojA bbAOfj. 
blÁ)\, Olai; s. a plain, a field ; s. m. a spot, a 

star or mark on the iiice of a horse or other 

beast ; a dispute, contention ; a battle. 
blA]iAn, blaran, s. a little field, a green spot; 

dim of bbAp. 
blA]', bias, s. m. a word; bl,A^ CAince, accent; 

taste, flavour, zest; heat, warmth. 
blAfA, blasa, adj. savoury, well-flavouicd, 

palatable, sweet. 
blAi'Act), blasachd, s. m. the act of tasting. 
blAi'A-6, blasadh, s. m. a tasting. 

bÍA^'Aiin, blasaim, v. I taste. 
blAfÁm, blasain, s. f a smack, flavour. 
blA^-OA, blasda, adj. feigned; see btA|-A. 
bt-AfOAcc, blasdacht, s. savouriness. 
blA)-cÓ5, blastog, s. f a sweet-mouthed woman. 
blÁc, blath, s. m. a form, fashion, manner; 

praise ; a flower, a blossom ; fame ; a field ; 

fruit, effects, /S/i.; adj. white, clean, flowery; 

warm; sweet. 
blÁcAC, blathach, s. m. buttermilk; adj. warm; 

blÁCACT), blaihachd,s. m. floweriness. 
blÁcAt), blathadh, s. m. politeness, smoothness. 
blAcAig, blathaigh, s. women; i.e. niUA, o. g. 
blACAijnn, blathaighim, v. I flourish, bloom, 

flower; I poHsh, plane, smooth; warm. 
btACAibie, blathaille, the mark of a stroke, Sh. 
bbACAini, blathaini, v. see bbÁcAijim. 
blAcÁn, blathan, s. f. a small flower; dim. of 


blÁcA]', blathas, s. warmth, heat. 

blÁccÁmc, blathchaint, s. flowery language. 

bbÁécÁinceAC, blathchainteach, adj. sweet- ton- 

blÁc-):leA|'5A'ó, blath-jhleasgadh, s. a nosegay; 
a garland of flowers. 

blÁéiiiAji, blathmhar, adj. warm; flowery; 
fruitful, M-Par. 42; white, clean; plain, 

blÁc-nA-mbot)Ai5, blath-na-mbodaigh, s. red 
poppy, corn rose, cop rose, head-wark; 
papaver rhoeas. 

blÁcoibjiiuJAt), blathoibhriughadh, s. embroi- 
dery, working in flowers. 

blÁcói]\, blathoir, s. m. a joiner, a polisher. 

blÁcúJAt), blathughadh, s. m. a flowering, 
blooming, flourishing ; a smootliing, furbish- 
ing, polishing. 

bbeACT), bleachd, s. f milk ; kine, cows giving 

bbeACCAi|\e, bleachfaire, s. a person who milks 
cows; a wheedler, a soother; a person who, 
by soft speeches, endeavours to steal into your 
confidence, to turn it to his own advantage; 
Anglice, blather. 

bbeAccmA|i, bleachtmhar, adj. abounding in 
milk; fruitful. 

bbeAJAim, ble.aghaim, v. I milk. 

bleAJAn, bleaghan, s. milking. 

bieAJAice, bleaghaithe, adj. milked. 

bleAJAnAim, bleaghanaim, v. see bleAJAnn. 

bléAn, blean, s. the groin. 

ObeAriAC, hleanach, s.' a cow with a full udder. 

bleAfJAriAC, bleasghanach, adj. emulgent, Sh. 

bleACAC, bleathach, s. a bag or bags of corn for 





grinding, OB ; a kill-cast; having a power 
to grind. 

blev\covim, lleathaim, v. I grind. 

bleArjlmiAC, bleathgldunach, adj. knock- 

bleiT), bleid, s. f. impertinence; a cajole, 
wlieedle, flattery; request, petition. 

bLét-ó, bleidh, s. f. a diunking cup. 

1^1 - • 7 ; • 77 i- s. Í. milking. 
DLei-oe, bleidke, J '^ 

bletúeAtiiuil, bleiddeamlinil, adj. adulatory; 

troublesome, impertinent. 
bleit)eA]AACc, bleide-^ s. m. flattery, adula- 

aracht, > tion, coaxing,wheed- 

\i1em\Y^ci:, bleidiracht, ) ling, begging. 
bleir>i)\e, bleidire, a beggar. 
bLei-ó-tinot, bleidh-mhiol, s, a whale, Sh. 
btem, blein, s. f. a harbour, a haven. 
bLeic, bleitk, s. a grinding; a kill-cast, 
bleicnn, bleithim, v. I grind, 
bléun, bleun, s. see ble^n. 
bliATJAUi, bliadliainA 
bliAJAin, bliaghainX s. f. a year. 
bliAJAti, bliaghan, ) 

btiA-óAncA, bliadhanta, a. aged, stricken in years. 
bliA-ÓAnAc, bliadlianach, s. a yearling. 
bbiAUAnAcc, bliadhanacht, \ 
bliAtiAncÁin, bliadJianchain, j ' ^' 

bliA-ÓATiAnuiii, bliadhanamhuil, i 
bliAJAHAiiiuib, bliaghanamhuil, >-adj.yearly. 
bliAJAncAtiiuii, bliaghantamhuil, 3 
bliAn, blian, see biéun. 
bli-óini, bUdldm, v. to milk, Sh. 

'\ s. the froth or spittle upon the 
bliiii, bliinh, f mouth of a dead person; 
bbiiin, blinn, C " btmn, i.e. feibe "ounie 

} mM\\V\ 0"CI. 
blinn, blinn, adj. blind; " blinn, i.e. caoc", 

blmneAC, bUnneach, s. seebbinn, froth, spittle, 

etc.. Cor. 
blincAin, blincain, a torch, a link, Sh. 
bliocc, bliocht, s. fruit, produce, profit of a 

milch cow. 
bliocÁn, bliochan, s. bastard asphodel; yellow 

marsh anthericum. 
btiocc, bliocht, see bteAct). 
blioccAc, bliochtach, ?adj. milky, giving 
bliocciiiA|A, bliochtmhar, ^ milk. 
bliocc-yocAt)Án, bliocht-fochadan, s. common 

sow thistle ; sonchus oleraceous. 
blionAC, blionach, s. a slow unhandy person ; 

lean flesh, Sc. 
bl,i0|-Án, bliosan, 3. f an artichoke. 
blipyeACT), blipfeachd, s. war, Sh. 

blic, blith, grmding, Sh. 

bloAc, bloach, s. whale ; prop. blAoc. 

blobAine, blobaire, ) s. a person who talks at 
blobA|\Án, 5fo5a)Yi?i, Í random; a stutterer. 
blue, bloc, s. m. copulation; fat, fatness, i.e. 
I'Aill, 0. g. 

hlotlhch] a<lj. round, orbicular. 

bloc, bloch, s. m. the fat of any beast ; animal 

blocÁn, blocan, s. f. a little block, vulg. 

blocbAp^iAim, blochbarraim, v. I pointer make 
sharp and round at one end, like a top. 

blot), blodh, s. ra. a fragment; see blAt). 

blot)AC, blodhach, adj. broken, pulverized. 

blot)Aiin, blodhaim, v. I break in pieces; 
"cAi]~leÁn ■óuinn cc]\eAriicAnnÁin "oo blo- 
■ÓAÓ -o'peAiiAib CAippjie aja]' vo bpeipnA- 
cAib", 4 Mast. 1410. 

bloUAi^ie, blodhaire, s. m. one who breaks a 
thing into scraps; a battery, a place from 
which an attack is to be made, Sh. 

blo-ouitieog, bloklhuideog, s. f a piece or frag- 

bloj, blogh, s. see blAU or blou ; pi. blogAib 
and bloJAUAib. 

blogAt), blogadh, s. a crack, a noise. 

bloJA-o, bloghadh, s. a breaking, powdering. 

bloJAim, bloghaim, see bloÚAim. 

bloinj, bloing, s. f a bubble. 

bloiTDce, bloidhte, a. rotten. 

blomijAin-jAjwM-ó, bloinigain-garaidk, s. spi- 

bloinje, bloinge, s. m. a bubble. 

bloif5, bloisg, s. f a din, a noise. 

bloiiiA]', blomas, s. m, ostentation. 

bloniA]-AC, blomasach, adj. ostentatious. 

blonój, blonog, s. f fat; see blAinic. 

blonógAC, blonogach, adj. fat. 

blóp, blor, s. m. a voice. 

blo^iAC, blorach, adj. noisy. 

blopAcAn, blorachan, s. a noisy fellow. 

blo|', bios, adj. open, plain, manifest. 

bloj-Acc, blosacht, s. i. visibility. 

blo-pAim, blosaiin,v. 1 manifest, expose. 

blo^'Ai^Ae, blosaire, s. m. a commentator. 

blo]"c, blosc, s. m. a congregation ; collection ; 
a clear voice ; light ; a. churlish. 

blo^xAC, bloscach, s. m. a strong, robust man. 

bloi'CAipe, bloscaire, 1 s. m. a collector ; a 

bloi'cniA0]\, bloscmhaor,f crier of a court. 

blo^'gAC, blosgach, adj. explosive. 

bloj-jA-o, blosgadh, s. m. a sound or report. 





bto^pgAim, blosgahn, v. I report, sound a horn 

or trumpet; explode, make a noise. 
bLo^'jiiiAop, blosgmhaor, s. a public crier. 

bloc, blot, s. m. a cave or den. 

blocAC, blotach, s. m. one wlio dwells in a 

blocAim, blotaim, v. I blot, M'Cur. 

bLocUch, blothwh, see bloc. 

blue, bluch, s. fatness. 

blumc, Uuirc, s. crumbs, a fragment, Sh. 

bluipix), bhdrid, adj. pinched, Sh. 

bluriAj, blunag, s. f. lard; see blotiój. 

bluj-A]!, blusar, s. m. a great noise, an outcry; 
hurt, damage, injustice. 

bo, bo, s. f a cow; a fawn; an exclamation. 

bó-AllAi-ó, bo-allaidh, s. f. a buffalo. 

boAj, boag, s. a bark, Sh. 

bó-Ai^íeAc, bo-aireach, see AijieAc. 

bobAX), bobhadh, s. a bow, Sh.; prop. boJA. 

bó-bAine, bo-bhaine, s. a milch-cow. 

bo-bAic, bo-bhaith, s. cow slaughter, Sh. 

bobAn, boban, s. Papa, Sh. 

bobA]-, bobas, V. I would not; I refrained; i.e. 
" AT) bobAf , llA -00 obA]-", 0' CI. 

bó-bÁc, bo-bhath, s. the murrain ; a mortal dis- 
temper amongst cows ; i. e. bo Áp, Cor. 

bobeloc, bobeloth, s. an ancient name of the 
Irish alphabet, so called from its two first let- 
ters, B and L. 

bo ! bo! bo 1 bo ! an interjection. 

bobgu^uiAC, bobgurnach, s. a blas't ; a fart. 

boo, boe, s. m. a he goat; deceit, fraud; Heb. 
phuch ; a blow or stroke ; a false or bastard 
dye or paint, Heb. phich; interj. hey-day! 
s. a common or hurlet. 

bocAt), bocadh, s. m. a discussing or sifting of a 

bocAil, bocail, s. f. ostentation. 

bocAim, bocaim, v. I swell, bud, bring forth; 
I spring, bound, skip as a deer. 

bocAi^\e, bochaire, s. a logician. 

bocÁn, bocan, s. m. a buck goat; a hook or 
crook; a cottage, a covering; a hobgoblin, a 
sprite, the puck. 

bocÁriAC, bocanach, adj. hooked, bent. 

bocÁtiAiin, bocanaim, v. I bend, make crooked. 

bocÁn-beA]iAC, bocan-bearach, s. m. a mush- 
room, Sh. 

boc-eA]\bA, boc-earba, s. a roe-buck. 

bocA]!, boehar, s. a cow-dung. 

bocx), bochd, adj. poor, needy, miserable, dis- 
tressed, lean, meagre; Ileb. boka, impover- 
ished, plundered ; s. m. the poor, Frov. xxx'i. 
9 ; a. full, complete, perfect, Eoch. O'F. 

bott'ACc, bochdacht, s. poverty. 

bócT)At), bochdadh, s. a swelling, bloating, Sc. 
boc-OAijim, bochdaighim,\ v. to impoverish, 
boc'OAiin, bochdaim, ) make poor. 
bocTJAitn, bochdaim, v. to swell, grow turgid, Sc. 
f. poverty, 

bocTJAine, bochdaine, 
boct)AineAcc, bochdaineacht. 

penury, indig- 



ness, pi. boc- 


bocDÁn, bochdan, s. m. a poor person, a beggar. 

bocTJnuijce, bochdnuighthe, adj. impoverished. 

boccói-o, boccoid, ) s. f. a spot or freckle; 

bocói-o, bocoid, ^ a stud or boss of a 

bogÓTO, bogoid, ) shield. 

'hoccómeAc, boccoideach,} adj. spotted, freck- 

bocóineAC, bocoideach, y led, studded. 

bó-coitiiieAll, bo-coinneall, s. stinking hedge, 

mustard; jack by the hedge; sauce-alone; 

erysimum alliaria. 

bocnA, bochna, s. f. the sea, a narrow sea, 

mouth of a river; see Aiubeif. 

bociiAC, bochnach, s. m. a sailor, a mariner. 

boc^\A, bocra, s. wisdom. 

boc^iAC, bocrach, adj. wise; s. a beggar. 

bocc, bocht, s. a breach, O'CL; a fire, o. g.; 

reaping, cutting down, O'CL; see boct). 

boccAcc, bochtacht, see boctiAcc. 

boccAine, Joc/iiame, } „t„A.^...,„ 

u . ■ 1 ?/• i4 i-seeboct)Aitie. 

DoccAineAcc, boc/itaineacht, ^ 

bócconn, bochtonn, s. a swelling surge, Sh. 

bocum, bocum, s. a covering, *S/t. 

bot), bod, s. m. a tail; a man's yard; fire, o. g. 

bot)Ac, bodach, s. m. a clown, a rustic, a churl; 

a kind of fish ; an English pint, Sh. 
bot)ACAiiilAct:, bodachamhlacht, s. m. clownish- 

ishness, churlishness, boorishness. 
bo-OACAiiniil, bodachamhuil, adj. churlish, 

clownish, rustic, surly, boorish. 
bo-OAc-]\UAt), bodach-ruad, s. m. a codfish. 
boTDA^ACT), bodagachd, s. a heifer that wants 

bót)Aii\e, bodhaire,s. a deaf person; a trouble- 
some person. 
bó-óÁii\iiii, bodhairini, v. I deafen; make deaf. 
bot)Án, bodan, s. f. small cat's tail; reed mace; 

typha augustifolia. 
boDAivovib, bodan-dubh, s. f. great cat's tail, or 

reed mace ; typha latifolia. 
bo-oÁn-iiieA-|'5Ain, bodan-measgain,s. f. common 

buttcrwort; Yorkshire sanicle; pinguicula 

bo'oÁn-nA-cloijin, bodan-na-cloigin,s. f. yellow 

mMe; penny -grass; cockscomb; rliinanthus 





bót)A]A, bodhar, adj. deaf. 

"bó-óÁn, bodhar, s. murrain of cattle, Sh. 
'bó-ÓA]u\im, bodharaim, see bót)Ai]\im. 
UOTJA-nyOkC, bodharfach, s. a destroyer of cows, 

"bo-oein, bo-dhein, written in old M.SS. for 

bo-oiolJAt), bodhiobhadh, a. destitute of cows. 

boTJOg, bodog, s. f. rage, anger, fury ; a heifer, a 
yearling calf. 

bo-oójAC, bodogach, adj. furious, raging. 

bo-oojAct), bodogachd, s. m. fury, frenzy, mad- 

boupAU, bodliradh, s. m. deafness. 

bó-ónAiiii, bodkraím,v. see bo-ÓAi]iiTii. 

bó-óceAC, bodhtheach, s. m. a hovel, a wretched 

boe, boe.) . ,. 

bo,, boi, I ^- ^_^'' '■'■ ^'- 

boel, boel, s. pith of any stalk, Sh. 

bo].-ulÁn-bAn, bofulan-ban, s. m. mugwort; 
Artemisia vulgaris. 

boyuUvn-bui-oe, bofulan-buidhe, s. m. rag- 

bo]:itlÁii-biAÍ:, bofulan-liath, s. see bo]:iibÁn- 

boj, bog, adj. soft, tender, penetrable. 

boJA, bogha, s. m. a bow. 

bojAc, bogach, adj. softish; s. a bog, moor, or 

bogAu, bogadh, s. tenderness ; a shaking, toss- 
ing ; a steeping, softening ; arched. 

bogATJAC, bogadach, s. gesture, CI; adj. rocking, 
unstable; Heb. bagheda. 

bo5At)Án, bogadan, s. £ a shaking, waving, 

boJAtiói^A, boghadoir, s. m. an archer. 

boJA'oo,]\e<5,cc, boghadoir eacht, s. m. archery. 

bojAijim, bogaighim, v. I soften, make mel- 

boJAigim, boghaighim, v. I bend, arch. 

boJAijce, boghaighthe, adj. arched, bent, crook- 
ed, vaulted. 

bojAiin, bogaim, v. I move, put in motion, wag, 
shake, toss, stir. 

boJAim, boghaim, see boJAijitn. 

bójAij\e, boghaire, s. deafness. 

bog^-Aii', bogfhais, s. f self-complacency. 

botA-bMAom, boqha-bhraoin, 1 . , 

bo§A-n'Air, bogha-frais, _ P' ^ ^■'^^'^^°^'- 

bogAÍeo, bogaleo, a bumpkin, Sh. 

bogÁn, bogan, s. f a soft egg, an egg in cm- 

DojAtiAc, boganach, s. a soft fellow. 

boJA),, boghar, see bó-ÓAn. 

bóJA^Aim, bogharaim, see bó-ÓAi]\itn. 
bo5-'buine, bog-bhuine, s. a bulrush; scirpus la- 

custrls; corruptly boigiun. 
bó5t3Ai5, boghdaigh, s. a match -maker ; a person 

who courts for others. 
bóg-óiMiii-eAc, bogdhruiseach, adj. effeminate. 
bog-onui^-eACT), bogdhruiseaehd, s. effeminacy. 
bog-jiojAn, bog-ghiogan, s. sow thistle, aS'A. 
boggbuAifeAct), bogghluaiseachd, s. floating, 

bogbAC, boglach, s. a marsh, moor, fen. 
bogluAcAi],, bogluachair, see boj^-bume. 
bogtuf, boglus, s. buglos, ox-tongue; lycopsis 

arvensis ; bird's-tongue ; senecio palludocis. 
bog-peiriiin, bog-sheimhin, see boj-bume and 

bojcAin, boghiain, s. i. an arched roof, a vault. 
bojcAinmi, boghiainitn, I arch, vault, 
bojún, bogim, s. bacon. 

bojúp, bogur, adj. soft and fresh; bojAjAf \\\\. 
bogup, bogur, s. threat, threatening. 
bojunAim, boguraim, I threaten, 
boic'oe, boichde, s. f. poverty; compar. of boct), 

boiceAnn, boiceann, a goat's skin, Sc. 
boicinAc, boicinach, s. a boy fourteen years old. 
boicteimeATi), Zfoicia'mmrZ/i, a. bounding as a goat 
boicceAcc, boichteacht, s. f poverty. 
bóiT), boid, s. f. a vow. 

bolt), bold, 1 /• 1 ,^1 

b. ; . 7 f s. I. a bottle, 
oroe, boide, ) 

bolt), boidh, adj. neat, trim, spruce. 

bóíúe, boidhe, adj. yellow; prop, bui-óe ; s. 
thanks, gratitude. 

bóróeAc, boidheach, adj. handsome, pretty. 

borooAC, boideach, tolerably well, Sh. 

boiDeACAH, boideuchan, s. a bodkin, Sh. 

boit)eAcÁn, boidheacan, s. f. the yolk of an egg; 
prop. buit)eACAn. 

bomeAct), boidheachd, yellowness. 

boitJOAt), boidhead, s. beauty. 

boroeAl, boideal, s. a pudding, Sc. 

bóiúeAn, boidhean, s. the yellow-hammer. 

boitieA^-Act), boidheasachd, s. the yellow jaun- 

bóit)éii', boideis, s. dnmkenness; prop, pocoij'. 

boiueoij, boidheoig, s. f. a gold-finch. 

boit)iin, boidhim, v. I vow; I thank. 

boit)liA, boidhlia, s. puddle. 

boíúliAC, boidhliath, adj. pale yellow. 

bóit)niíf , boidhmhis, s. the month of July. 

bompéAÍc, boidi-ealt, s. a comet. 

boij, boigh, s. Í. a teat. 

boigbéAlAC, boighbhealach, adj. soft-mouthed; 





'boij'béAVAC'o, loigbhealachd, s. stuttering, stam 

boije, boiffe, s. f. a ring, a collai' of gold; a 

small vessel or shell made of gold, and given 

as a reward to poets and professors, Cor.; 

boijnni, boigiun, s. f a bubusli; see boj- 

bóij^ie, boighre, s. deafness. 
boi5]\eAn, boighrean, s. flummery, 
boigfibin, boigshibhin, see bog-feniiin. 
boigpin, boigsin, s. f a little box, vulg. 
boijce, boighte, s. allurement, bait, 31^ Cur.; 

adj. arched; bent, 
boijceoin, boighieoir, s. an allurer, M'Cur. 
boib, boil, s. issue, success ; use ; custom, 
boibe, boile, s. madness, rage. 
boileAc, boileach, altogether, <S/i. 

1. .^' , .v' ?■ s. a bubble; a pair of bellows. 

boilg, boilg, s. a husk, pod, or shell. 
boibjéAn, boilgean, s. a quiver. 
boiljeAti béic, boilgean beic, s. f a toad-stool. 
boil5|;ionn, boilgjionn, adj. white-bellied. 
boiljlioiicA, boilglioiita, adj. full-bellied; sated, 

boiljphiAfc, boilgphiast, s. m. a bellyworra or 

boibjféi-o, boilgseid, s. i. a bellows, 
boill, boill, s. a knob or boss, as of a shield. 
boillt)ACAc, boilldhathach, adj. particoloured, 

boille, boille, s. ablow; madness. 
boiitumn, boillrinn, s. a ring. 
boill]-5eAnAct), boillsManachd, bulging out. 
boitb^-geAnAil!), boills^maibh, s, hills, moun- 
tains ; anything that bulges or swells out. 
boiblfjeAnAim, boillsgeanaim, v. to bulge or 

swell out. 
boil^'ceAn, boilscean, s. the navel; the centre of 

an army. 
boilceAHA]', boilteanas, s. savour, smell. 
boibceAiiAfAini, boilteanasahn, s. I smell. 
boilcneA-ó, boiltiteadh, s. a smelling, 
boibcni'óini, boiltnidhim, v. I smell 
bom, boin, s. an inflexion of bo, a cow. 
bom, boin, s. the vernacular language of a 

country ; i. e. beA^-jriA, o. g. 
bomeAc, boineach, adj. budding; sending forth 

buds or sprouts. 
botneAt), boinead, s. f. a cap or bonnet. 
boineAt), boineadh, s a running sore, Sh.; a 

budding or sprouting. 
bomeAn, boinean, adj. feminine, 
bomn, boinn, s. soles, bands. 

bomuAi-OAU bo^-gAin, hoinnaidan losgain, brown 

boletus, Sh. 
bomneAc, boinneach, s. m. a looseness, the lax. 
bomneAu, boinnean, s. a bud or sprout, 
bourne, boinne, s. f. a drop. 
bomneACAm, boinneachain, s. socks. 
bomneAc-o, boinneachd, s. f. gushing forth. 
bomneAncA, hoinneanta, adj. stout; well built. 
bomiieoj, boinneog, s. f. a cake or bannock, 
bomn^-eoip, boinnseoir, s. m. a person who 

throws or flings. 

boiji, boir, s. an elephant. 

boijib, boirb, s. the brow of a ridge, Sh. 

boi)\be, boirbe, compar. of bo]>b. 

bombe, boirbe, V' fierceness.roughness, 

bo, ,beAcx), boirbeachd \ ^'^^^'^ ' '^"^^°''' 
' ' ) luxuriancy. 

boiiAb-b|\iAÍ:j\AC, boirb-bhriathrach, adj. boast- 
ing, vain-glorious. 

boiubceAnn, boirbtheann, s. fierceness; fury. 

boipce, SoiVc/iE", s. a swelling, groaning; supe- 
riority ; an elk ; a buflalo ; " boi]\ce, i.e. bon]\ 
Áj, no Aj niói\", O'Cl. 

\)o\\\c\\Mx>, boirchriadh, s. a kind of fat clay or 
slime ; marl. 

boii\c)MAt)Ac, boirchriadhach, adj. bituminous. 

bóii\eÁt, boireal, s. an augur. 

boi]\ionn, boirionn, adj. feminine. 

boi)MonnAC, boirionnach, s. a female. 

boi]', bois, see bo^^. 

boii-Ait), boi-Hiid, a belt, Sh. 

boi]xeAbl, boisceall, s. m. a hind; a deer; a wild 
or savage person; boasting, bragging; adj. 
fierce, cruel. 

boij-eóg, boiseog, s f a slap or gentle tap -with 
the hand. 

boifgeAD, boisgeadh, a. a sudden flash or beam 
of light. 

bóifgeAiiiuil, boisgeamhuil, adj. shining, lumi- 

boij-geAncA, boisgeanta, adj. flashing, dazzhng. 

bói]'5im, bougim, v. to flash. 

boic, boith, s. a hut, tent, booth, tabernacle, Job, 
xxvii. 15, 

boiccAll, boiteall, s. m. haughtiness, arrogance ; 
adj. fierce, cruel, savage. 

boiccAbbJA, boiteallgha, adj. an-ogant, pre- 

boiceÁn, boitean, s. a small bundle of hay or 

boicmnn, boitinim, v. to boot, put on boots, Sc. 

boidgce, boitighthe, part. past, of boicmtm. 

bol, bol, s. m. a poet; a sage, Cor.; science, 
art, skill. 

bolAC, bolach, a. poetic. 





bolAct), bolachd, a. m. poetry; a drove of kine. 

boLA'o, holad/i, s. a smell. 

bólÁn, bulan, s. f. a full-grown cow. 

bóÍAnn, bolann, s. f. an ox-stall, a cow-liouse. 

bolb, holb, s. a sort of caterpillai-. 

bol.5, bol(j, s. a cow; a pouch; a bag, budget, 

or sack ; a blister ; a pimple ; a bubble ; the 

belly ; the womb ; a sliip ; a breach ; a prince ; 

a pair of bellows; the steam of a person's 

breath; " boij quasi belcco; i.e. ceo tio 

cein A]' belAib", Cor. 
bobjAC, boljach, s. m. a boil; the po.x; adj. 

abdominal; pockey. 
boLjovc-bcAj, bolgach-beag, s. the small pox. 
bolgAc-yiAAncAc, bolgach'francach, s. the French 

pox ; the venereal disease. 
boljAcniuice, bolgaeh-muice, s. the swine 

\)oyx^'\b-Ti6.-neo\r\,bolgacli-na-neoin,s.Ú\c chicken 

bobjA-ÓA, bolgadJia, blowing. 
boljAim, bolgaim, v. to blow or swell. 
botgAui, bolgani, s. a sip, gulp, mouthful; 
■ dram. 
bol^Án, bolgcin, s. the midiilf; also the equator; 

a frock ; a small bag ; the middle or centre. 
boLjÁii-beic, bolgan-beicli, s. fox-glove. 
bol-jÁn-beiceAC, bolgan-beiceach, s. a fuzball. 
boig-AU-cf oIai]», bolg-an-tsolair, s. a magazine ; 

a commonplace book ; a miscellany. 
bol5Án-ui]'5e, bolgan-uisge, s. a water-bubble. 
boLj-cofAC, bolg-chosach, adj. bandy-legged, 
bolj-luf, bolg-lns, s. small wild-bugloss, Ly- 

copsis arvensis. 
botj-i-Aijicc, bolg-saighiit, s. a quiver, 
bolj-féi-oit), bolg-seididh, s. m. a bellows. 
bobj-fuileAC, bolg-shuiIeach,a,dj.having swelled 

or prominent eyes, 
bobjuice, bolguithe, adj. blistered; puffed up. 
boll, boll, s. m. a bubble on water. Cor.; the 

boss of a shield ; a gorget. 
bollA, bolla, s. m. a bowl or goblet, vulg. ; a 

kind of buoy fa.^tened to fishing nets ; a'boll, 

a measure used in Scotland, 
bollój, bollog, s. f a shell, a skull; top of the 

head ; a bullock. 

'\ s. an antiquary, herald; 
boll]'Ai]Ae, bollsaire, [ master of ceremo- 
bAll]-5Ái|ie, bollsgaireX nies; crier of a court 

/or prince's hall. 
bollfjAijie, bollsgaire, s. a bawler, a boaster. 
boll]-5Áine-'búii\-o, bollsgaire-bliuird, s. an ofiS- 

cer amongst the ancient Irish, whose duty it 

was to carve the meat at a great man's table 
bolli-jÁi^ieAc, bollsgaireach, adj. bluff. 

boll]'rÁi|\im, bollsgairini, v. I proclaim; I cry 

bollpgÁHA'ó, bolhgaradh, s. m. a boaster; a 

forward, impudent person. 
boll-|-5Á]\éA, bollsgartha, adj. boastful, bold. 
bollcATÍ), bolltadh, s. a bolt, a bar, Sh. 
bolój, bolog, s. heifer; a bullock. 
bol^XAj\, bolstar, s. a bolster, vulg. 
bolcAUAiiTi, boltanahn, v. I smell. 
bólcAnAj', boltanas, s. m. a smell, scent. 
bólcnAc, boltnach, adj. olefactory, rank, 
bólcuijnn, boltnighim, v. see bolcAUAini. 
bólaiuJA'ó, boltnughadh, s. m. a scenting, smel- 

bólc-pAc, boltrach, see bólcnAc. 
bólc]\AcÁn, boltraclian, s. a perfume, 
bolcuij, boltuigh, s. fetters, bolts ; prop. jAniile. 
bólcuijée, boltuighthe, \ adj. scented; ■oeAJ-bó- 
bólinj, boluigk, J luij, sweet-scented. 

boluncA, bolunta, adj. fine, exqmsite. 
boiriAii, boman, s. m. a boast, bounce. 
boinAnACt), bomanachd, s. the act of boasting, 

boiriAnAim, bomanaim, v. I boast, brag, vaunt. 
borriAnnAC-o, bomannachd, spotted, checkered, 

boiiibA]At)Ui5eACC, bombarduigheacht, s. bom- 
bardment, irCur. 
bomlAcc, boinlacht, s. the produce or milk of a 

cow; i.e. "bo AjAp lÁcc", Cor. 

u 1-- i ■ 1 ij ) adi. abounding 

DoinlACCA, botnlachta, f -i 1 • g 

boinlAcciiiA]A, boinlachtmhar, f .,, 

bonn, bonn, s. m. a base, bottom, formdation, 
sole, pedestal; bonncoipe, the sole of a foot; 
bonn-CA]\pA, the groin; a piece of coin; adj. 

bonuA, bonna, s. a sudden blast, Sh. 

boniiAC, bonnaeh, s. m. an oaten cake. 

bonnAi]\e, bonnaire, s. m. a footman ; a courier. 

bonnAUi, bonnamh, s. tribe or family. 

bonnAU, bonnan, s. a sudden blast. 

bonuÁn, bonnan, ") r,-4i.„„„ „ 
u ' \ ■ ■ 1 T .7; fs. a bittern, a 
DonnAn-buiT)e, bonnan-buidne, r t. 

b, , , ,' ,. 'V heron, a crane. 

onAU-liAUA, bonan-liana, j 

bonnÁncA, bonnanta, adj. founded, fixed ; strong. 

bonn-cuiTiA'oói|i, bonn-chumadoir,s. m. a last on 

which shoes are made, 
bonnoj, bonnog, s. [. a leap or jump; a small 

bonnpAc, bonnsach, s. f a dart, a javelin. 
bomi]-Act), bonmachd, s. leaping, jumping. 
bonuj-Aijiiii, bonnsaigltim, v. I dart, pitch, throw, 

leap, jump. 





bonn-pAn, bonn-sian, s. a halfpenny, Sh. 
bop, bor, s. m. a swelling, pufEng out ; pride ; 

prop. bop]i. 
boiiAim, boraimh, s. f. contribution, quitrent. 
bo|\Án, boran, s. m. diied cow-dung. 
bo]Ab, borb, adj. fierce, savage, cruel, barbarous, 

ignorant, hauglity; luxuriant, rank; yeA]^ 

bo|Ab, a tyrant. 
bojibA, borba, ) s. m. liauglitiness, fierce- 
bojibACc, bo7'bacht, l ness, barbarity. 
bo]\bAiiii, bo7'baim, v. I swell. 
bopbÁn, borbhan, s. a complaint. 
bonbÁiiAini, borbhanaim, v. I complain, mur- 
bo)ibÁnÚ5At), borbhamigliadh, s. murmuring, 

bopbAji, borbar, s. m. a barbarian. 
bojibAjTOA, borbardha, adj. barbarous. 
bo)\bA]-, borbas, s. m. haughtiness, fierceness, 

bo]{b-'bpiAq\AC, borb-bhriathrach, adj. fierce or 

haughty in speech. 
bopcA'o, borcadh, s. a swelHng. 
bó)TO, bord, s. m. a board, a table; a border, 

coast, brink, edge, 4 Mast. 1463. 

bófTOAini, bordaim, v. to board, diet. 

bóiiTiAin, bordnir.l ■, j 

t^ . ' . ' 7 , . ' > s. m. a boarder. 
Doirooi|\, bordoir,^ 

bó]roÁn, bordan, s. a tablet. 

bópr)-beul,A, bord-leula, s. the starboard. 

bó]TO-cubA, bord-cula,s. the lai-board. 

bóp-o-tiió|i, bord-mor, s. a great, table. 

bon-o-ui]-5e, bord-uisge, s. a flood-gate. 

bónt)-ú]\c]ioinn, bord-urchroinn, s. the mould- 
board of a plough. 

bo)\5, borij, s. m. a village. 

bonoiiiie, boroimhe, s. f. a tribute, tax, exaction, 

bojin, iior?', s. m. a knob, a bunch, a hump; 
victory, conquest; majesty, greatness, gran- 
deur; pride, insolence, haughtiness; adj. 
great, noble, splendid, extraordinary. 

bonriA, borra, ) n- 


bo]ijiAc, borracli, s. m. a haughty man; adj. in- 

bopjiACA, borracha, s. a bladder. 

bojijiACA-p, borrachas, s. m. insolence, bullying. 

boni^TD, borradh, s. m. a file of soldiers; adj. 
parched, Sh. 

bo|i]\ÁJAC, borraghach, adj. warlike, valiant; 
from bo)\p and Áj. 

Do]\HAi j, borraigh, \ 

ho]\\\<\)]-ve, borraisde, y s. borage. 

boii)AAiq-e, borraitse. 

bopnAim, borraiin, v. I increase, prosper; swell, 
grow proud ; to parch, i^h. 

bonnAiiilAcr, borramhlacht, s. m. pride. 

bo]inAiiiuit, borramhuil, adj. proud, haughty. 

bo)i]>Amócu]\, borramotur, s. wonnwood; ab- 

bo]i]iÁn, borran, s. anger. 

bo]i]\A^-, borras, s. m. solder. 

bo]\]\bAiin, borrbhaim, v. I bail. 

bo]\nfA-ó, borrfhadh, s. m. indignation, anger; 
" e^injei^ ponncuA a ccúf An caca ajaJ- ^lo 
eiiMg A bAiipAun, A^A-p A boiA)ii.-A-ó |\e ^.-Aicj-m 
HA nAnTobijet)", B. Fionnch. 

bojininuMiii, borrfhuaim, s. a great noise. 

bonp)\\, horrsa, adj. noble, grand, magnificent. 

boniifúileAC, borrslmileach, adj. full-eyed. 

bojijiUAc, borrtJiach, adj. crook-backed. 

bon)iconA-ó, borrthoradh, s. m. greatness, ma- 
jesty, worship. 

boii)\uin, borruin, s. a haunch, a buttock. 

bo]-, bos, s. f. a hand, the palm of the hand ; 
adj. certain; abject, mean, low; v. it is, i.e. 
biof, o. g. 

boj'Án, bosan, s. f. a purse. 

bofApjAin, bosargain, s. f. applause. 

boj'Ajijuin, bosarguin, s. destruction, Sh. 

bofbuAibim, bosbhuailim, I clap hands, I ap- 
plaud, extol. 

bo|-buAlAt), bosbhiialadh, s. m. a clapping of 
hands, applause. 

bo)'CA, bosca, s. a coffer, a box, vulg. 

bó|-o, bosd, s. a boast, vulg. 

bo^-OAtiiuib, bosdamhdl, adj. boastful, brag- 

boi'jAine, bosgaire, 1 ^ i^^gg 

DofgAiptJeAt), bosgairdeadh, J ' -rr 

hoy^ik^xwm, bosgairdim, v. I applaud. 

boi'liiAc, bosluach, s. a pick-pocket; bo)-- 
luAc; applause. 

boi'buAC, bosluath, adj. nimble-handed, dex- 

bo^-buACACc, bosluathacht, s. m. dexterity. 

bofój, bosog, s. f. a gentle blow or slap with 
the open hand. 

bó]'CA-ó, bostadh, s. a pillar, a post, vulg. 

bo]n')AbÍAiin, bosuallaim, see bofbuAibitn. 

bóc, bot, s. f. fire. Cor.; a cluster, a bunch. 

boc, both, s. m. and f. a hut, tent, booth, cabin, 
house ; Heb. both. 

bocAc, bothach, s. m. a bog, a fen, a marshy 
place; adj. full of tents. 

bouA-iApuin, bota-iaruin, s. a cob-iron. 

bócÁin, botain, s. a boot; a prey of cattle. 

bócAi]\eAct), botaireachd, s. booty, prey. 

bocAl, botal, s. a bottle, Sh. 





bocAllAC, botallach, adj.. fiery, fierce, furious, 

boúÁn, hotlian, s a little tent, see boc. 
bócAH, holhar, s. m. a road, street, lane, way, 


bó-cij, bo-thigh, s. a cow-house, an ox-stall. 

bócín, hotin,} c \ ^ 
u , , , . ' ^ s. f. a boot. 
Docif, Iwiis,, ) 

bocój, bothog, s. see bocÁn. 

boc]\unu\iX), bocrumaid, s. a slovenly woman, Sc. 

bou-OAC, boudach, s. a pimp, ^SA. 

boutiÁj, boudag, s. a bawd, Sh. 

1' , '/'' . L s, an eye-brow. 
0]\M, brat,) •' 

b^Ab, brab, the top or summit of any thing, o. g. 

b)iAC, bi-ac, s. m. a hand, an arm; Lat. brac- 

chium; a market, a shop, Sh.; a. soft, pliable, 

i.e. min. 

b)íAc, brach, s. m. a bear; sometimes used for 

h\\id:, 50 bpAC, for ever. 
bjiACA, hracha, gen. of bi\Aic, malt. 
bnACAC, bracach, adj. greyish. 
bnÁcA-ó, bracadh, s. m. a harrow, a rake. 
bpACAt), bracadh, s. a breaker, Sh.; suppura- 
tion, corruption, O'Hick.; fermentation, fer- 
menting, malting ; s. m. a cabin. 
biiACATJ, brachadh, s. m. suppuration, suppu- 
rating; "An CÁ11 bip A cneAU ac bnACAu", 
biu\Cc\t)oi^\, brachadoir, s. m. a malster. 
bpACAijte, bracaighthe, part. embraced, 

bpÁcAim, bracaim, v. I borrow, break; I em- 
brace ; I malt, ferment. 
bpACAn, brachan, s. f broth, pottage; stirabout; 

s. anything fermented ; lea\en, aS'A. 
biiACAnn, bracann, s. £ a glove, a gauntlet, a 

handmuif. Cor. 
b]iACAc, bracat, s. f malt liquor ; i.e. "|^Ainbinn 
i.e. tinn ]v\iniiieAC'oo jnicep ■00 bnAic", Cor. 
bpAccAiLLe, braccaille, s. f. a gauntlet, a glove 
•' b]\AC, i.e. t-ÁrÍT AjAp caÍ, i.e. coniiéx)". Cor. 
bjiACt), brachd, s. hatred ; a drop ; increase of 
wealth ; mowing, reaping ; substance, sap. 
juice ; a sudden stopping with anger. 
bi\AC-OAC, brachdach, i 

biiAcTJAnunb, brachdamhuil,> ady substantial. 
b]>Ac-oii)A^A, brachdmhar, 3 
bi\ACÓ5, brachog, s. a pimple ; blearcdness. 
bi\AcpúileAC, brachshuileach, adj. blear-eyed. 
bjiAcfúibeAcc, bracJishuileacht, s. see bnAcój. 
bnAcc, bracht, s. see b]íACt) ; a breach, gap 

the mouth, i.e. " binpeAU no béAb", 0. g. 
b-pACCAn, brachtan, s. wheat, o. g. 
bpÁ-ó, bradh, ?. a quern, a hand-mill, Sc. 

b|\At)Ac, bradach, adj. thievish, roguish; s. m. a 

b^xt,At,Aii,, bradhadair, | ^ ,1^^^,^,,^ 5,. 

Di\A-0An, braclhan, > 

biiATJAij, bradaigh, s. a thief. 

bjiA'DAini, bradhaim, v. I oppose. 

bi\A-oÁn, bradan, S. m. a salmon. 

bnA-oÓ5, bradog, s. f a sly trickish girl. 

biAAttojAin, bradogam,v. to flatter, to charm, SA. 

bp<.\t)puó, bradhrudh, s. m. an ambush. 

btw.'ouije, braduighe, s. m. a thief 

bpAe,7'mf;, s. a market place. 

bpAen, braen, s. m. a drop. 

bpApAl, brafal, s. m. treachery, deceit. 

bnAJA, bragha, s. m. a captive, a hostage. 

bjiÁjA, braga, s. f. a stream of water, a foun- 
tain; "bpÁjo., i.e. bijiAjA; AjA Ainni bip". 

bpAJA, bragha, \ s. ra. the upper part of the 

bjiAJATJ, braghadh , / breast. 

bjiAJAT), braghad, s. m. the gullet or wind pipe, 

bpAJA-o, braghad, s. m. purulent or corrupt 

bjAAJAtiJA, braghadgha, adj. jugular. 

bnAjAim, bragaim, v. 1 boast, bounce, bully. 

biiA5Aii\e, bragaire, s. a braggart, braggadocio, 
boaster, bully. 

bpAjAipeACC, brogaireacht, s. gasconade, boast- 

bpÁ5Aii\c, braghairt, s. f a bundle, truss or 

bpAgAnumgib, bragharruighibh, s. pi. gibbets; 
vulg. b]VAnn)\u)5e. 

bnAjA^TCA, bragartha, adj. boastful. 

b)VAic, braich, s. f malt. 

bpAice, braiche, I 3. ^. ^ g^ag, a buffalo. 

Ki\\Mce<ym,braicheamh,) ° 

bjiAiceAp, braiclicas, s. f the refuse of malt; 
grains, malt that has been used in brewing. 

bjiAiCAm, braicam, s. a pack-saddle, Sh. 

b]\Aicc, braicht, s. m. the mouth; see b]\Acc. 

bpÁi-o, braid, s. f theft; a mountain; upper 

part ; height ; a collar. 
bjAATOA'O, braidhad, s. a clap of noise or thunder, 

s. m. a hostage, cap- 

u . . 1 . , ) s. m. a hostage, cap- 

bpA,5, ?,m.<;A, [ li^e, prisoner; pi. 

bpAig-oeAn, braighdcan,^ bnAigtJe. 

I collar. 

zh, s. m. a 

- i 3. m. 
>• slav 

!, ) age, 

bjiAij-ocAn, braighdean, s. a colla 
b]\Aijt)eAnAC, braighdeanach, a. m. a captive. 
bpAijtjeAUAC'o, braighdean- 1 s. m. captivity, 
achd, V slavery, bond- 

bpAiJTjeAUAp, braighdeanas, J age, restraint. 
bjivMJe, braighe, s. a monosyllable, Sh. 





bpAijeAC, braigheoch, a Highlander. 

bnAigeACt), braigheachd, s. imprisonment, con- 

biiAijeAti, braighean, s. quarrel, debate ; a palace. 

bfiAijeAUAC, braigheanach, adj. quarrelsome. 

bpAigiT), braighid, s. the neck, Sh. 

bjiAijm, braighin, S. f. a quern; see bjiAin. 

bnAijipe, braighire, s. a bag or budget. 

bjiAijifbéAt), braighislead, > s. a collar a brace- 

b^iAii'leAt), braislead, S ^^t. 

bpAigbcAn, braighlean, s. see bi\eoileAn. 

bpAijbeog, braighleog, s. f. a bilberry. 

b|\Aile, braile, s. heavy rain, «SA. 

b|u\ilitTi, brailim, v. I feel; I reject, slight. 

b|\Ain, brain, a. f. many, much, plenty; i.e. 
loniAT), 0. g.; a quern, a hand mill; a begin- 
ning, front ; a chief 

bjiAinc, braine, s. f. the flrst,"a beginning, front, 
van, 0. g.; s. a chieftain, captain, leader, o. g.; 
bpAineAC luinge, the captain of a ship. 

bpAineAc, braineach, s. m. a chief, captain, 
leader; i.e. CAoii'eAC, e.g.; adj. much, many, 
numerous, plenteous ; the prow of a ship. 

b^AinpAC, brainfhiach, s. m. a raven. 

bi\AinponA, braiiifhiona, s. brandy. 

bpAingeAC, braingeach, s. a palace. 

bi\Amn, brainn, s. f. the womb. 

bpAinceAC, brainteach, s. m. a palace. 

b)iAif , brais, s. f a paroxysm ; adj. fabulous, fer- 
tile in invention; sudden, hasty, daring, in- 

bpAife, braise, s. bread. 

bpAij-e, braise, \ s. hastiness, rapidity ; in- 

bnAi]-eAÍ>, braiseadh,^ trepidity, boldness. 

b)\Ai]'éA5nAC, braiseagnach, a. m. a forged crime, 
a false charge, a slander. 

bpAi]-5éiti, braisgeul, s. m. a fable, a romance. 

bpAij'ionnlAC, braisionulach, s. a false accusa- 
tion ; see bpAH'éAgnAC. 

bpAipLéA-o, braislead, see bnAijij-ieAti. 

bpAit, braith, seebnAic; s. a betraying, laying 
in wait. 

\)\\&\t'be&\\x:AC,braithbkeartach, adj. treacherous, 
quarrcho.ue, boastful; i.e. iiiopbuibleAC no 

bpAicceini, braitJtcJieim, s. a stag, a wild ox, Sh. 

bpAiceAX), braitheadh, s. a betraying. 

bpÁiceine, braitheine, s. everlasting fire. 
bpAiceoin, braitheoir, a. an overseer ; a spectator ; 

a critic. 
bfAicim, braithim, v. I betray; I inspect, ob- 
serve, spy, reconnoitre, criticise. 
b'pAicbeA'o, braithleadh, s. a crush; bruising, 

b)v\iclim, braithlim, v. I break, bruise, mash. 

bpAicbiti, braitlin, s. f a veil, a mantle, a cover- 
bpAicb]', braithlim, s. wort. 
bnAitpeACA]', braitlireachas, s. m. brother- 
bnAiC]ieAiTiui'L, braithreainhuil , tLi\'y brother-like, 

b|iÁic|\ín, braitlirin, dim. of bjiACAi]!. 
bpAiTiAC, bramach, s. m. a colt. 
b,AAniAire, bramaire, \ ^ ^ ^^. ^^^^^^^ 
0\\Am'xriAC,bramanach, j ■' 

bpAmÁn, braman, s. f. a crupper. 
b]íAuiÁnrA, bramanta, adj. unpolished, boorish, 

b]\An, bran, s. m. chaff; a raven; a rook; adj. 

poor, black. 
bpAUA^, branar, adj. fallow; i-CAji^iAn bpAnA]i, 

fallow ground. 
bjiAncA]", brancas, s. a halter. 
bpAU-oAe, brandae, s. m. a rock, i.e. " pAcxDAe", 

bpAnT)A]i, brandar, s. a gridiron, Sh. 
\)\\Ar\-x>\ih, bran-didih, s. a raven. 
bpAiTOubAU, branduhhan, s. a spider; a cob- 
b)^Ar^5AC, brangach, adj. snarling, gibing. 
bpAngAim, brangaim, v. I cavil, carp, snarl, 

bpAiiJAiiAe, branghaire, s. a corpse left in the 

open air, Sh. 
b]AAnn, brann, a. a burning coal or ember; s. f 

a woman. 
bnAnnAitn, brannaim, v I consume. 
b]\Ann]iA, brannra, s. m. a stand, a prop, a sup- 
port, Cor. 
b^iAnnpA-Aigein, brannra-aigein, a stand to sup- 
port a brewing pan or large pot. Cor. 
bt>Ar\n]iA-b]\A5A-o, brannra-braghad, s. m. the 

collar bone. 
bi\AnnpAC, brannrach, s. a pen, a fold. 
\)^\^nf\^\AX>, bra7in7'ndh, s. a tripod, a stand ; a 
frame on which a cake is placed before the 
fire to bake. 
bpAunjiuige, brannruighe, s. pi. gibbets. 
b]\Annum, brannumit, s. m. a coat of mail; 

b]\An-oii5Ain, bran-orgain, a. the royston crow. 
bpAoc, braoch, a. m. the boundary of a country ; 

see b]\UAC. 
b]\AOi, braoi, s. eyebrows; see bpAe. 
bjiAOi^CAn, braoighean, see b)\Ai5eAn. 
bnAOigilbe, braoighille, s. crumbs, fragments. 
bnAOigilbeÁ-ó, braoighilleadh, s. a crack, a 

flaw ; a heavy shower of rain. 
bnAOijiblini, braoiyhilliin, v. I crack, crumble. 





bpAoilteA-o, hraoilleadh, s. a bounce ; a rustling, 

t)]iAoill,eo5, braoilleog, s. f. a whortle berry. 

bn^xoii-j, braoisg, s. grinning, a gaping, a 

b)\A0i]-5eAC, braoisgeach, adj. gaping, yawning. 

bjiAon, braon, s. m. a drop. 

b]iAonAc, braonach, adj. sad, sorrowful; drop- 
ping, lainy. 

bnAoiiAiin, braonaim, v. I drop, distil. 

bpAoiiÁn, braonan, s. f. a pig-nut. 

bpAOf , braos, s. m. a gape, a yawn. 

bi\AOi"T)AC, braosdach, "i 

.dj. gaping, 

OpAOf , braos, s. m. a gape, a yawi 
b]\Aoi"T)AC, braosdach, '\ 

b]iAoi-Ail, braosail, f a ( 

b)iA0]-Ai jit, braosaigliil, i 

bpA0|-Aiiiuil, braosamhuil, } 

upAf, b7'as, s. m. bread, means of living, o. g ; 
prosperity, increase, L. Lee. ; a lie, fiction, ro- 
mance ; a covering for the head ; a hat or cap. 

bjiAfA, brasa, s. a vaunting, boasting; flattery. 

bpAf, bra^, ) adj. quick, nimble, brisk, 

bpA'pAC, brasach,) lively, active, sudden. 

b]iA]-AT3, brasad, s. m. rapidity. 

bpAy- Alice, brasailte, s. m. lying praise ; pane- 

b|iA^v\me, brasaire, s. m. a sycophant, a liar. 

bjiAi'AHjnAi'óe, brasargnaidhe, s. m. a sophister. 

b]VA]-bAHp, brasbharr, s. m. a hat or cap, a hel- 
met ; a wig. 

bpA^-comAT), brascliomadli, s. m. a counterfeit- 
ing, falsifying, belying. 

bpA]^comAini, braschomaim, v. I counterfeit, 

bpAfcoriipAC, braschomhrac, s. m. a joust, tilt, 

bnA]--polr:, bras-folt, see bnAi^-bAjip. 

bpA]'5Aitbe, brasgaille, s. m. a declaimer, an 

b|iA]'5AtbAT), brasgalladh, \ s. m. declamation, 

b]\Af5Al,l,Am, brasgallamh, ) oration,harangue. 

bjiAj-jAltAim, brasyallaim, v. I declaim, ha- 

bpAfjÁn, brasgan, s. f the mob, the vulgar. 

bpAi^geub, brasgeul, s. m. a fable, a romance. 

bpAj-jpÚAij, brasghruaig, s. f. a hai; a wig; a 
false head of hair. 

bpAj-luTOe, brasluidhe, s. perjury, Sh. 

b]iA|-ot)AC, brasodhach, adj. see bpA^-AC. 

bpAC, brat, s. m. a cloak, inantle, veil, covering. 

b]\Ac, brath, s. m a wreath or crown placed on 
the heads of heroes after a victory, Cor.; a 

b]\Ác, brath, s. m. judgment, lÁ bpÁCA, the day 
of judgment, 50 b^vAc, to tlic day of judg- 
ment ; for ever ; ruin, destruction ; malt, see 

b]\Áic ; treachery ; a design, ca bjiAC ajatii 
o|ic ; a remnant, fragment ; a mass or heap ; 
a spy, a betrayer; budc bpACA, spies, inform- 
ers ; a lie ; i.e. bjiéj, 0. g., dependence, ex- 

b]\ACAC, bratach, s. m. a standard, ensign, 

bpAcAc, brathach, adj. continual. 

b|iACA-ó, brathadh, s. m. a betraying. 

b|iACAT)óip, brathadoir, s. m. a betrayer. 

bfiACAim, brathaim, v. I expect, depend upon; 
I judge ; I betray, deceive. 

bfiACAim, brataim, v. I cloak, cover. 

b]iACAin, brathair, s. m. a brother; also a cousin 
or near relation ; Heb. berith. 

b|iACAm-bocio, brathair-bochd, s. m. a friar. 

b]\ACAi|A-ceile, brathair-ceile, s. m. a brother- 

bpACAi|^eAriAit, brathaireamhail, adj. brother- 
like, brotherly, 

bnACAineATÍiÍACt), brathaireamhlachd, s. m. 

biiACAijieoj, braihaireog, s. {. an aunt by the 

bpACAi^ún, brathairin, s. m. a little brother, dim. 

of bpACAlll. 

bpACATTibA, bratamhla, adj. cloak -like. 

bpACAp-OA, brathardha, adj. brotherly, Mul. 

bpACA]', brathas, s. m. see b]iocA]-. 

b|iAC-bpóin, brat-broin, s. m. a pall. 

b]\ACCA-ó, brathchadh, s. m. pus, purulent mat- 
ter, corruption. 

biiAcÍAirii, bratlaimh, 3. f a towel, napkin. 

bi\Aclion, bratlion,s. m. a sheet. 

bpAcnA]^ bratnas, s. m. a belt, a sash. Cor. 

biiAcój, bratog, s. f a rag. 

bpAcój, bratog, ) s. m. a worm, a cater- 

bjAACCAt), brattadh, / pillar. 

b|iAC-u-]ibAiH, brat-urlair, s. a carpet. 

b}iAuc, braut, s. m. a judge, Cor. 

bpe, bre, s. a hill, headland, Sh. 

bpeAb, breab, s. m. a kick; a bribe; vulg. 

bjACAbA-o, breabadh, s. m. a kicking. 

b]^eAbA■oÓ1|A, breabadoir, s. m. a kicker ; a 

b}\eAbAiTn, breabaim, v. I kick, spurn. 

b]ieAbÁTi, breaban, s. m. a patch. 

bpeAc, brcac, s. f the small pox, OHic; s. m. 
a trout, a salmon; adj. speckled, spotted, 
freckled, parti-coloured. 

bpeAC, breach, s m. a wolf; malt. 

bpeACAX), breacadh, s. variety, piedness; pick- 
ing a mill- stone, carving. 

bueACAi, breachai, a. different. 

biieACAini, breacalin, v. 1 speckle, variegate, 





chequer, embroider, carve ; I mix ; I pick a 
t3t\eACAi]\e, hreacaire, s. m. an embroiderer, 

\)]\eAci^n,lTeacan, sm. a plaid; a kind of striped 

or cliequered stuff. 
"bjieAc-An-qiol, hreac-an-tsiol , s. a wagtail, Sh. 
D^ieACAOi, breachaoi, s. indifference. 
l3peAC-bet)i, breac-bedi, s. a roach, Sh. 
"bjiCACT), hreachd, \ adj. speckled, spot- 

"bpeACUACA, hreacdhata, ) ted, pied. 
'bpeAC-OA'ó, hreachdadh, s. a carving, mixing, Sc. 
"biieActJAijce, breachdaigJithe, part, mixed, Sc. 
D]ieACT3Aitii, breachdaim, v. to chequer, mix, 

embroider, «Sc. 
'bjieAciDÁn, breacJidan, s. m. fresh butter, i.e. im 

ú|\, 0. g.; wheat, a custard. 
D]ieAct)Án, breachdan, see bjieACAn. 
"bpeAc-jeAl, breac-gheal, s. a salmon-trout. 
OpeAcbion, breaclion, a drag-net. 
'b|\eAC-inA]\A, breac-mara, s. a roach. 
OpeAcnA, breachna, s. mixture. 
b^ieAcoj, breacof/, s. f. a little cake. 
Ol\eAc-i-éiinAin, brcac-sciinain, s. a freckle, Sh. 
'bpeAcf-oibpJAiii, breacshoilsigham, v. to glim- 
mer, Sh. 
'b^ieAC-f-oiAi', hi'eac-sholas, s. m. twilight. 
'b|^eAcc, breacht, s. doubt; a cause, reason, Lee. 
'b]\eAccAi-ó, breachíaidh, adj. strange, uncom- 
D]ieAccAipe, breacthaire, s. a gra^nng tool, a 

l')]\eAccAn, breachtan, s. f. wheat; fresh butter; 

a custard. 
OpeAccnAJAt), breachtnaghadh, s. mixture. 
líjíeAccnAijre, breachtnaighthe, Sid^. mixed; dif- 
ferent ; particoloured. 
'b)\eAccÓ5, breachtog, see bjieAcoj. 
'bi\eAccói|i, breacthoir, s. m. an engraver. 
biieAccoi^ACA^, breacthoireas, s. m. engraving, 

"biieAcrjiAT), breacldradh, adj. strange; unequal, 
various ; " i.e. ecTAn'nni, no neimioiiAnn", 
0. g. 
"bpeACUi jim, breacuighim, v.I bespccklc, mottle, 

\)]\e&cmvic, breacmhuch, s. a magpie, Sh.; prop. 

bpeAT), bread, s. a breach ; s. f. a veil to cover 
the head ; a piece of woollen cloth after mil- 
"bjieAT), breadh, ) adj. fine, brave, well-favour- 
'b)ieA'óA, breadh(t,\ ed, comely, ornamented. 
b]\éAT)AC, breadarh, adj. broken. 
l3]u''AnAéAf), breadaoliadli, s. a breaking. 

"bjieAUAC-Q, breadhachd, s. finery, beauty, orna- 

iDHeA'ÓA'j', breadhas, s. beauty, comeliness. 

bpéAj, breag, s. f. a lie. 

bjieAJ, breagh, see bpeAt). 

bpéAjjAC, breagach, adj. false, lying. 

DneAJAcx), breaghachd, see bjieA'ÓAcc. 

bpéA^A-ó, breagadh, s. comfort ; allurement, de- 

bueAJ.MCim, breaghaic7nm,v. to adorn, »S7i. 

bjieAJAit), breaghaidh, s. an enthusaist, Sh. 

bjieAjAi^ie, breagaire, s. m. a liar, falsifier; an 
allur 'r. 

bpéA^Án, breagan, s. ra. an allurement ; bpéAjÁti 
ja^Iac, a child's toy, AtC. 

bpeAjApi-i-o, breagarsidh, s. imagination, Sh. 

bf éAjAi'í AC, breagaslach, s. m. a deceitful vision ; 
a dream. 

bueAjAj'tAijim, breag aslaighim, v. I dream. 

b)>eA5A-ceA, breagha-tea, s. an epithet applied 
to Tara, i.e. UeAtiiAi]! bjieAJ. 

bjieAj-cnAbAt), breag-chrahhadh, s. m. false 
piety, hypocrisy in religion. 

bueAj-TJeAlbAU, breag- dhealbhadh, s. m. an 
idol, a lying image, a lying oracle, a false ap- 

b]ieA5|."Ait)eACTD, hreagfaidheachd , s. m. enthu- 
siasm, Sh. 

bnéAjluijim, breagluighim, v. to forswear, Sh. 

bueAjtuiTi), breagluidh, s. a false oath. 

bjieAgnA, Breaghna, an old name of the liver 

D]ieAj^AncAe, breaganchae, s. a toy-shop. 

bnÓAjpÁ-ó, breagradh, s. m. a lying story; 
mirth, play; adj. cheerful, Sh. 

b^icAj^uiAig, bregruaig, s. f. false hair, a wig. 

bucAjcAc, breagthach, adj. lying, alluring. 

bpcAll, breall, s. m. a knob at the end of either 
of the sticks of a flail, to keep the cÁibi;i 
from flying oft' in threshing; the glands of 
the penis. 

bpeAblAC, breallach, adj. knobbed, knotty; 

bi\eAllÁn, breallan, s. f. darnel grass; lolium 
perenne ; s. m. a vessel ; a fool. 

bneAllÁn-leAUA, breallan-leana, s. f. purple- 
spiked willow herb, loose-strife ; lythrum 

bueAiiiAin, hi'eamain, s. a tail, 5c 

bucAniA]-, breamas, s. m. a mischance, an acci- 

b^ieAU, brcan, adj. stinking, filthy, putrid, cor- 

bpéAiiAt), breanadh, s. stench, raising a 





bjieAnAim, hreanaim, v. to stink, cause a 

bnéoino,n, breanan, s. a dunghill, Sk. 

\)]\e^^^^c, breanc, s. f. the gills of a fish. 

OneAiicAt), breantadh, s. the fish bream, Sh. 

b]ieAncA5. hreantag, s. a stinking slut, Sh. 

bpeAiicoki', breantas, s. m. a stench, stink ; putre- 
laction, filth. 

b]\eA]% breas, s. m. a prince, potentate ; a voice ; 
a troop, a company, a multitude; adj. great, 
might)', grand, prosperous; clean, pure, o. g.; 
comely, well-shaped. 

bjieAi-Ai^e, breasaire, s. m. a babbler, a syco- 
phant ; an active lively person. 

bueA^-AipeAct), breasaireackd, s. m. chat, babble, 

bpeA]-Ani, breasam, v. to reign, Sh. 

b]\eA^-Aiiiui'L, breasamhidl, adj. princely, royal. 

bneA']"AoncA)'ó, hreasaontaidh, s. the royal as- 
sent, Sh. 

b]\eA|-cACAi|\, breaschaihair, s. f. a throne; a 
royal residence. 

bpeA-ixobb, breascholbli, s. f. a sceptre. 

b|ieAi-OA, breasda, adj. fine, handsome; princi- 
pal, chief; lively, active. 

bjieA]-]f-oiiA, breasfhora, s. a tlirone. 

bneAi-ÍAnj, breaslang, s. fraud, deceit. 

b)\eAi-bAnn, breaslunn, s. m. a prince's palace; 
the king's court. 

b)\eAi-nion, breasnion, s. a royal mandate. 

bi\eA|--oi]\ci]~oe, breas-oirchisde, a prince's trea- 

bueAi'-nOT), breas-rod, s. a royal road. 

b)ieAc, breath, s. m. judgment, sentence, cen- 
sure; confidence; adj. clean, pure. 

bjieAcAc, breathach, adj. judicial, critical. 

bpeACAin, breatain, s. f. Britain. 

b]\eACAiii, breathamh, s. m. a judge; see Ijpei- 

bueACAiiiriAf, breathamhnas, s. m. judgment, 
discernment; see bpeiceAiiinA]-. 

bjieACAi', breathas, s. iblly, Sh. 

D]ieAé-bÁ, breath-la, s. m. birthday. 

bueActiAC, breuthnach, s. m. a Welshman. 

bjieACUAijini, breathnaighiin, v. I look, behold, 
perceive ; I judge, conceive, imagine, design. 

b]\eAtnA]", breafhnas, s. a clasp, brooch, skewer, 
a thorn, tongue of a buckle ; i.e. bpAcnA]-c, 
0. g. 

DUeAc^Aim, breathsaim, v. to number, Sh. 

b)ieAÍ;nÚ5At>, breathnughadh, s. judging, per- 
ceixdng, noting; arbitration, decision; cen- 

b]\eAcniiijre, breathnuighthe, adj. adjudged. 

bneArtiJATÍ), breathughadh, s. sec bi^eACtniJAV. 

b|iéc, brech, s. m. a wolf; a -ivild dog; a brock, 
a badger. 

bjieicin, breicin, s. f a small trout; a sprat; 
dim of bjieAc. 

bneicneo]\Af, breichneoras, s. sculpture, Sli. 

bi\éit), breid, s. f. a kerchief, a coif, a woman's 

bnéTOAbÍAif, breid-allais, s. a pocket-handker- 

bpéiTD, breid, ) s. f frieze; a coarse kind of 

b)iéiT3Ín, bi-eidin,) woollen cloth. 

bneit)eA-ó, breideadh, s. a dressing, attiring. 

bnei|-e, breife, s. L a hole, a hollow ; the nail of 
a person's finger ; a claw, a talon. 

bpeii-eAC, breifeach, s. m. a chain ; i.e. ytAb\\AX), 

b]\epne, breifine, s. a nail. 

bueipioAC, breifneach, adj. full of holes or hol- 

bpeij, breig, gen. of bpéAj, a lie ; a rustic, a 
boor, Sh.; adj. false, counterfeit; 'oia bpéije, 
a false god. 

bnéigciAb, breigchiabh, s. m. a wig, peruke. 

b]iéi5ciAl!)A-oói]i, breigchiabhadoir, s. m. a wig- 

bi^eijeAU, breigheadh, s. m. a violation or abu- 

b]iéi5po-|', breigfJiios, s. m. enthusiasm. 

bjieijiiig, breignigh, s. a fiction. 

b]iéi5]\iocc, breigriocht, s. m. a disguise; false 

b]\éi5poccAim, breigriochtaiin, v. I disguise. 

Opeiblice, breilUce, ) s. a coxcomb, a fop, 

bpeibbeoin, breilleoir, ) a dunce, Sc. 

bi\eiin, breim,s. m. an evacuation of wind. 

bpéme, breine, compar. of b]\éAn ; s. f. a stench. 

bpéinoACc, breineacht, s. filthiness. 

bfieiriAn-biwtAC, breinan-brothach,s. great daisy, 

bnéinceii"oeA-p, breinteisdeas, s. a dispute, /l/'C 

bnei]', breis, s. a tear, a drop; s. f increase, addi- 
tion; loss, hurt, damage, -Do?i?. 102. 

b]iei]~oiot, breisdiol, s. usury. 

bnei]-eA-ó, breiseadh, s. dropping, distilling. 

bueij-eACAii, breiseachan, s. m. a still. 

bueii-eAiiiutt, breiseamhuil, adj. increasing. 

b]\eifoi]i, breisoir, s. an usurer. 

biiei^-j, breisg, adj. quick, active, brisk. 

biieipgce, breisgthe, part, moved, stirred, pro- 

b]\eip, bi'eisi, s. a dropping or gentle faUing of 
any liquid, distilling, distillation. 

b]\ei]~im, breisim, s. a shout ; a war cry ; laughter ; 
a rout, defeat, breach ; v. I break, crack, tear. 

b]\eiput), breisiiidh, s. happening, falling. 





0]iei)'teAC, breísleach, s. a raving; a derout. 

b]\ei]'nion, breisnion, s. a writ, a mandate. 

DUeic, breith, s. m. a judge, Cor.; s. f. judgment, 
determination, sentence, doom ; a test, a com- 
pact; Heb. brith; birth, nativity, descent; a 
row, a layer; penance, i.e. bpeic-Aiquje ; a 
taking, bearing, canylng, bringing forth. 

DpeiÉ-úici-ó, breith-dhithidh, s. sentence of con- 

Dpeite, breithe, s. f. judgment, ojilnion, de- 

DpeiceAU, breitheadh, s. exposition, expounding, 
interpretation; adj. natal, native. 

bueiceAl, breit/ieal, s. confusion, Sc. 

h]\e)te&m, breithecwih, s. m. a judge. 

0]teiceAtii-bint), breitheamh-bind, s. m. the 
master of tlie choir ; leader of a band, Lee. 

DpeiceAtiinA]', breitheamhnas, s. m. judgment, 
sentence, decision. 

DneiceAncAC, breitheantach, adj. judicious. 

'bneicioncónA, breithiontoir, s. a fuller, PL 

b^eicin, breithir, s. f. a word, see b^iACA]!. 

Dneici]ieAC, breithireach, adj. full of words. 

bpeicincACT), breitliireachd, s. interjjretation, Sh. 

b]ieicniU5At), breithniughadli, s. apprehension, 
conception, conceiving. 

b]ieo, breo, s. fire, flame. 

bjieoc, breach, s. a brim or brink. 

b^ieocboc, breochloch, s. a flint. 

bpeo-coipé, breo-choire, s. a warming pan. 

bpeo-cuAl, breo-chual, s. a bonfire, a funeral pile. 

bpeot)]\AoíéeAct), breodhraoitheachd, s. f. pyro- 

bpeog, breog, s. f a leveret; adj. weak, feeble. 

bi\eo5, breogh, s f prosperity, increase. 

bueojAC, breogach, s. m. a baker. 

bueojAim, breogaim, v. I pound, bruise ; I bake. 

b]\eoileÁn, breoilean, s. darnel; vulg.bnAijleÁn. 

b)\eoice, breoile, adj. sick, tender, delicate. 

bjieoiccACT), breoiieachd, s. illness, sickness, ten- 

b]\eolÁTO, breolaid, s. a delirium. 

b|ieolÁi-oeAC, breolaideach, adj. delirious. 

bi\eon, breon, s. a blur or spot. 

bjieonAC, breonach, s. m. a blotter. 

bueonAim, breonaim, v. 1 spot, stain. 

b]\eorAt), breothadh, s. consumption ; illness. 

bi\eocAn, breot/ian, s. wheat. 

b|ieocA]-, breothas, s. a. delirium. 

bpéuj, breiig, see bjiéA^. 

bpéujAC, breugack, see biiéAjAC. 

bpéugAT), breugadh, s. a soothing, flattering. 

bnéujAini, breugaim, v. to soothe, flatter, decoy, 
delude, entice. 

bppur,Ai]\e, breugaire, s. see b^ieAgAipe. 

bjieujAipeActi, breugaireachd, s. lying. 

bueujuAicAin, breugnaicJiam, v. I gainsay, Sh. 

bpéujnAicoin, breugnaichoir, s. a gainsaycr, bh. 

b]iéu5)\ioct), bretigriochd, s. disguise. 

biiéun, breiin, see b^éAn. 

biiéunA-o, breunad, s. fetidness. 

bjiéunAi!), breunadh, see bpeÁUAt). 

biiéunAT)A]-, breunadas, s. stench, malaria. 

bnéuncA, breunta, adj. putrid, stinking. 

bueuncAy, breuntas, see bpéAncA-p. 

bpi, hri, s. anser, wrath; a word ; a hill, arising 
ground ; Welsh, bre ; a field, a plain, a lawn ; 
an eflbrt ; prep, near ; s. strength, vii-tue, cflTect. 

bpA-o, briad, s. m. a fragment, a remnant. 

bptAJ, briagh, s. a mortal wound, Sh. 

bptAU, brian, s. a word; " bpiAii, i.e. bpArAp, 
pATOi)' All bcAn niÁ|\ ■00 bpiAii f^uu, i.e. At)u- 
■bAijAc inópAn ■oo bpiAcpAib ^uu" — O'Cl. 

bpiAnAC, brianach, adj. full of fair speeches; 
wild; youthful. 

bjiiAnnA, brianna, s. a warrant; an author or 
composer; parts or divisions; " bjUAnuA, i. e. 
mi](eAnnA, no jpeAmAnA" — O'Cl. 

bpiA]!, briar, a bodkin, a pin, a thorn; biiiAji, 
i.e. ■oeAlj mnnge noiji, Ariiuii a ■oeA]>CA]i, if 
nA bfecAib nen'ieóbiUAiAiDepgtiebgnuinje", 
Cor.; s. a bríar. 

b]UAéAf\, briathar, s. m. a word, a verb; victory, 

b]UAqiAc, briaihrach, adj. verbose, talkative. 

b]iiAé]iACA-o, briathrachad, s. allegation, asser- 

bpiACfiACA]', briathrachas, s. elocution, rhetoric. 

bpiACjiAigAtn, briathrai- ^ v. to affirm, to dic- 
gham, V tate, to swear to, 

b]\iACHAin, briathram, ) Sh. 

bpib, brib, s. a bribe ; a small sum of money. 

b]ubéA-OAi-óeÁn,- bribhealaidhean, s. one that 
affects difficult words. 

b|úce, brice, s. a brick; pi. bpicit). 

bjucem-beACA, bricein-beatha, a linnet. 

b]ncin, bricin, s. f a little trout. 

biMcmbAincijeApnA, bricin-baintighearna, a 

bjMcc, bricht, s. a piece of music accompanied 
by words; a mask; a deception; a charm, an 

bp'TocAc, brideach, s. Í. a virgin; a bride; a 

bj\í'oeÓ5, brideog, s. f an image of St. Brigid, 
used on the eve of that saint by unmarried 
girls, with a view to discover their future hus- 
bands ; a bride. 

bfitJCOjAC, biideogach, s. m. a bride-groom. 

bpi-0A5, bridag, s. part of the jaw, Sfi. 





b]Ú5, brujh, see h]\^ ; s. virtue, essence, power, 
efficacy, strength ; 100 CAill ^-e a bpij ; price, 
value, worth; ^\\ yon neice jad bi^j; -oo 
bjiij, because ; the meaning, interpretation, or 
substance of a thing ; a tomb ; a miracle ; adj . 
b|\i5AC, hrigliaeli, adj. irritable. 
biiig-oeAt), brighdeadh, s. a prisoner of war, a 

b]\i5i-o, hrigldd, s. Brigld, the name of a wo- 
bjViji-oe, brighide, hostages; jAn jeill jAn 

bpiji]-, brigis, s. f breeks, breeches. 
biMlbce, brillice, s. a bimgler, hermaphrodite. 
b]Mllin, brillin, s. an irritable person. 
bnilli-jéAncA, brillsgeanta, adj. fooHsh, igno- 
rant, APCur. 
h]wnx), brmd, s. a grunt, growl, groan. Cor. 
biiinneAl, brindeal, adj. pourtrayed. 
bnuToeAtAn, bnndealan, s. £ a frontlet. 
bpinneALbAt), brindealbhadh, s. a disguising, 

cloaking; painting, sculpture, pourtraying. 
bpin-oeAlbóip, briiidealbhoir, s. m. a painter, 

a carver, 
bpinn, biinn, s. a dream, a reverie. 
bnitmt)eAÍAC, brinndealach, s. m. a limner, 

"\ s. f a wife, a matron, 
bpmneAC, brinneach, f mother of children, 
\i\\mx\sA\X,brinneall, j dame, an old woman, 

3 a hag. 
bjMnnijre, brinnighthe, adj. hagridden. 
b]Aiob, briob, s. a bribe. 
b)\iobAt)ói]\, briobadoir, s. m. a briber. 
b]MobAini, briobaim, v. I bribe, 
bjiiocc, brioclit, s. ra. sorcery, witchcraft ; colour, 
complexion; a song; a piece of music; a 
wound; a charm, a spell, an amulet; beauty; 
splendour, brightness ; an art or trade. 
biMoccAic, briochtaic, s. an amulet, Sh. 
bjiiocco-pACc, briochtoracht, a charm, 
buiot), briodh, s. substance, see bpioj. 
b]\io-OAb, briodal, s. flattery, Sc. 
bjiio-OAÍAc, briodalach, adj. flattering, Sc. 
bpioj, briogh, s. an efíbrt; capacity; essence, 

bpioJAc, briogJhach, Siaj. hilly; efficacious, sub- 
stantial, capable; active, vehement; bitter, 
violent; " ni bú ca|\ bAncAC bjuoJAc", Brog. 
bpioJAijieAcc, brioghaireaclit, s. efficacy. 
bjiiojiiiA^i, brioghmhar, powerful, strong; effi- 
cacious, substantial, able, hearty; argumenta- 
b]iioic-oic, brioichdic, s. an amulet, Lhuyd. 

bpiobbAi^e, briollaire, s. an adulterer. 
b|uolbÁn, brioUan, s. m. an urinal; a foolish, 

ignorant fellow, 
bpioblóg, briollog, s. an illusion. 

bjiiobli'jAiiAe, briollsgaire, s. m. a bully; a busy 
body ; a meddler in other people's affairs. 

bjMon, brion, s. inquietude, dissatisfaction. 

bfionTDACAim, briondataim, v. to co\mterfeit, 
paint, Sh. 

buionJAiii'AC, briongharsnch, adj. visionary. 

b]iion5A]\]-ACC, briongharsacIU,^ s. m. and f. a 

h'(^\on^h\■o, brionglad, J- dreamy vision, 

biuonjbÓTO, briongloid, J reverie. 

bpiongboToim, briongloidiin, v. I dream. 

bt^ionn, brioiui, s. m. a fiction, a lie; a drop. 

bpionnAC, brionnach, s. m. a liar; adj. flatter- 
ing ; fair, pretty. 

b|\ionnAb, brionnal, s. flattery, Sh. 

bjiionn-OAb, brionndal, s. caressing, toying. 

bjMOfAiAjAin, briosargain, s. f. sophistry; so- 

bpio^-ApgnATOe, briosargnaidhe, s. a sophister. 

bpofApgnAi-óeAcc, briosargnaidheacht, s. so- 

b|MOi'cpoi-óeAC, brioschroidheach, adj. broken- 

bpo^-5, briosg, adj. brittle; s. a start, a bounce. 

bpiorsAc, briosgach ? bHttleness, fragility. 

DiMoi-jAt), briosgadn, S o j 

bpio]*5A-ó, briosgadh, s. a start, starting, spring- 

bpioj-jAim, briosgaim, v. I start, startle. 

biMOi'jApriAC, briosgarnach, adj. crackling. 

biMOi-gAiinAim, briosgarnaim, v. to crackle. 

biMOi-jiÁn, 5)-íos^/an, s. a skiiTet ; silver-weed, 
wild tansey, goose-grass, goose-tansey ; poten- 
tilla anseriua. 

biMOi'jlóiiAC, briosglorach, adj. babbling, prat- 
tling, talkative, loquacious. 

bi«o]"5bo]\Ai'óe, briosgloraidhe, s. m. a babbler, 
a prattler, a prater. 

bjiioi-joit), briosgoid, s. f a biscuit. 

bnio)-Ó5, briosog, s. f a witch, a sorceress. 

biuoc, hriot, s. prate, chitter-chatter ; adj. 
speckled, Sh. 

biu]', bris, s. f. change, small coin; adj. ancient, 
old; withered, faded, Cor.; nimble, active, 
bii'sk; brittle, frail, tender; free-hearted, 
open, generous. 

b|Mfoe, brisde, part, broken. 

1^ , . ~i s. m. a breach, fracture, 

Pl"r^.^"f'. I vnolatlon, obreption; 

b]^^re.^v,brlseadh, | ^^,^^^.^^ 

bnifeÁf), briseadh, s. a wound; a breaking, a 
battle, a conquest, assimilation, Sh. 





b]Mfeo5, hriseog, see bpo^-og. 

b]ii]"5, brhg, see b|ii]x. 

bpii-gleÁn, brisglean, see b]M0]'5l,Án. 

bpi]-!!!), hrisidh, see b]M]'e. 

b)M]im, bfisiin, v. I Isreak; dismember, dis- 

biii|-le<xc, brisleach, s. m. defeat, the rout of 
an army. 

bpii'leÁn, brislean, see b)M0|'5LÁn. 

bní]'ce, briste, s. breeches. 

bpifcije, bristighe, s. breeches. 

bni]Xj\oii'5Am, bristhroisgam, v. to breakfast. 

b]iic, brit, adj. speckled, spotted, particoloured. 

\)\\\t, brith, s. fraction; child-bearing, bringing 
forth young. 

bincAC, britach, ) adj. stammering like a 

bjucbAlb, britbalbh,) Briton. 

bnic<.\i]\e, britaire, s. a stammerer. 

binceoijLAro, britheaghlaidh, adj. kind, gentle, 

b|ucinneAC, britinneacli, adj. having the mea- 
sles; measly, mcasled. 

b]iicinnio]', biit'mnios, s. the measles. 

b]\nibcoi]\, briubhthoir, s. m. a brewer. 

b-piuin, hriuin, s. f. a helmet. 

b]A0, bro, s. m. a champion, a hero; s. f. a 
quern, a hand-mill; s. a multitude; adj. much, 
many, plenty; old, ancient; cutting, abusive, 
reproachful, vehement, o. g.; s. m. death. 

bnoA|\, broar, s. a fault, error, crime, vice. 

b]\OAf , broas, s. old age. 

bpob, brob, s. m. a speck, a spot. 

bnob, brobh, s. m. roxmd-rootcd bastard cy- 
press, scirpus maritimus. 

bjiobACAn, brobhachan, s. m. a blotter. 

b^wbA'D, brobhadh, s. a blot, a blur. 

bjiobA-OAn, brobhadan, s. m. a grass-hopper. 

b]AobAini, brobaim, v. I daub. 

bpoc, broc, s. m. a badger; adj. gray, Sli. 

bpocAc, brocack, adj. speckled in the face, Sh.; 
dirty, ill scented, odious. 

bpocAine, brocaire, s. m. a varlet; keeping 

buocAiiieACT», brocaireachd, s. f. thievery. 

bjiocÁn, brocJian, s. f. pottage, gruel. 

bjiocÁii-bAinnc, brochan-bhainne, s. f milk pot- 

buoct), brochd, s. a badger, Sc. 

b)wct)Ac, brochdach, adj. variegated, Sc. 

biiocbAC, broclach, s. a warren, Sh. 

b|iocoiT), brocoid, see bpACAc. 

bjwt), brod, s. pride, arrogance, haughtiness; 
tyranny ; chastisement ; excitement ; a goad, 
prickle, sting ; a spot, blemish ; a pot lid ; the 
clioicc or best of grLun. 

bjio-o, brodh, s. a straw, a stem. 

buo-QAC, brodach, s. m. an exciter; a. proud; 

decent; nasty, filthy. 
buo-OAt), brodadh, s. ra. excitement; prop, buo]-- 

bi\o-OAiiTi, brodaim, v. I excite, spur, souse; 

b]ió-0AiiiLc\cc, brodamJdacht, s. pride. 
bi\ó-0Aiiuii'L, brodamhuil,} ■,. ^ 

b\^óx>oA, brodoU, _ 'J-adj.proud,sauey. 
bno-ó-pAi-ó, brodh-faidh, s. the ancient prophets. 
biAOTiJAineAni, brodghaineamh, s. gravel, Sh. 
bpot)iAf5, brodiasg, s. m. needle-fish. 
b]\Ó5, brog, s. £ a shoe, brogue, sandal; adj. 

sorrowful, melancholy, 
biiog, bfog, a. a house, habitation, 
bpoj, brogh, s. filtliiness ; lewdness ; a stone ; i.e. 

b]\onnAC, bjwj, i. e. buonnAt), bestowing, o.g. 

U ■' 7 I f a. sordid, obscene, spotted. 

OjAojAC, brogach, ) ^ 

bnójAC, brogach, adj. shod; lewd, wanton; 

bpoJAT), broghad, s. m. increase, gain, profit, 

biAOJAijib, broghaighil, s. filth, dii't. 

bjioJAin, hroghain, s. excess, abuse, injustice. 

bjiojAi^', brogais, increase. 

bjiojAnAC, broganach, s. m. an active man. 

b^iojA-nA-cuiiiAij, broga-na-chumhaig, s. butter- 
wort, Sh. 

bjAOgAncA, broganta, adj. active, lively. 

bpog-bnAije, brog-braighe, common, round- 
headed rush, soft rush ; juncus conglomeratus. 

b|\05b)\eit), brogbreid, a sandal, a shoe, Sh. 

biAojUA, broghdha, adj. excessive, superfluous, 
great; a footman, Sh.; adv. forcibly, Sh. 

bnój-ÓAC, broghdhach, adj. stately, grand, o.g. 

b^iogoit), brogoid, s. beer. 

bi>o,ce, broice, 1^^ ^^^^j^ ^^, f^,^^^j^_ 

0]>oicne, broicne, j 

b|\oicneAC, broicneach, adj. fireckled, pock- 

bpoit), broid, s. f. captivity, bondage. 

b]ióiT3, broid, s. {. pride, haughtiness. 

biiói-oeAC, broideach, a. proud, haughty. 

buoi-oineAbb, broidmeall, s. a rich garb or dress. 

bnomméAbcA, broidinealta, adj. embroidered. 

bjioi-oineiiieACC, broidineireacht, embroidery. 

b)ioi5iolt, broighioll, s. the sea raven, a cor- 

bi\oileA-ó, broileadh, s. bustle, confusion; a 

biioibeATDAt), broileadhadh, s. brawling, brawl, 

buoileoj, broileog, s. f whortlc berry. 





buoiinei^', broimeis, s. anger, Sh.; boldness, SIi. 
bnom, bi-oui, s. a height; a large company, Sh. 
buomcAn, broinean, s. a poor silly person, Sc. 
biioineoj, broineog, s. f. a rag. 
b)\oineo5AC, broineogach, adj. ragged, full of 

buoinn, iroinn, s. f. the womb, the belly. 
bi\ointToeAi\5, broinndearg, s. robin redbreast. 
bi\oinnieÁCAnAc, broinnleathanach, adj. big- 
b|\oinnlioncA, hroitniUonta, adj. full-bellied. 
b]\oinncAC, hroinnthach, a girth. 
bi\oinctoi\AC, hrointiorach, grinding. 
bnoi]-, brois, s. change, small money, 
buoiivvme, broisaire, s. m. a money changer. 
bnoi^'CvVÓ, broiscadh., s. the hollow of the ears. 
bnói]-oe, broisde, s. a brooch; vulg. 
b]ioi]-5itii, broisgim, v. I excite, provoke, 
buoii'tiin, broisnin, s. f. a small bundle of 

brambles, for fuel; dim. of bpopiA. 
\i\\o\t,broith, s. carnation colour, Sh.; raiment; 

a. fndtful ; s. conception ; a fraction. 
bi\oicAc, broitach, a. stammering. 
b]\oicAc-o, broitachd, s. f. the act of stuttering, 

bi\oicAine, broitaire, s. a stammerer. 
biioic-óeAiiúA, broithdheandha, adj. carnation or 

llcsh-coloured, PL 
b]\oicini, broithim, v. I crack. 
b|\oicLeo5, broithleog, s. f a crack or noise. 
b|ioicnA5, broithhag, s. a brat, Sh. 
buot-A^'jAc, brolasgach, adj. talkative, prattling. 
bjioUvfjAÓ, brolasgadh, s. talking, prating, 

b]iollAc, brollach, s. m. the breast, the bosom; 

a prologue, a preface. 
b]ioilACAn, brollachan, s. m. a naked, ragged 

bnoLÍAij, brollaigh, s. boldness, confidence, 
bnom, brom, breaking of wind, »S/i. 
b)\oniAc, bromach, s. m. a colt. 
bj\oniAin, bromam, v. to break wind, Sh. 
b)\oiiiÁn, broman, s. m. a boor, a rustic. 
b]\oiiiÁnAc, bromanach\ adj. unpolished, rude, 
biioniAncA, bromnnta, ) rustic,' impertinent. 
b|\onnin)TOUAi-AC, bromurrdhua.sach, adj. bold, 

confident ; disobedient, 
bpón, bron, s. m. mourning, soiTOw, grief; 

fasting; adj. sour, bitter, disagreeable. 
b]\on, bi-on, adj. perpetual, Sh. 
b]ióiiAC, bronach, adj. sorrowful, mournful, plain- 
tive, plaintful, lamentable; sorry; i]- bpóiiAc 

we'oon pgéub fin. 
bi\ónAC-o, bronachd, s. f sadness. 
b]ionA-ó, Jironadh. s. m. destruction. 

bjAOn-bpAc, bon-bhrat, s. a pall. 

buon-mubmn, bron-mulinn, s. a mill-stone. 

b|\onn, bronn, s. a gift or favour; an impression, 
sign, mark ; " iriAf Ain ■oia eif nA bponUA", 
St. F.; the breast, O'B.; gonit. ofbuoinn, the 
womb; 'm]- beAUiiAJe cti ei-oin nA ninAi'b 
AjAf 1]' beAtiiiAije ro]iAx> no 1j]\onn".^ 
Luke, i. 42 ; a quern. 

b]\onnACAn, bronnachan, s. m. a donor, giver. 

b^ionnA-o, bronnadh, adj. big-bellied; s. giving, 
bestowing, a gift; a destroying, destruction, 
wasting, spending. 

buonnAj, bronnag, s. a gudgeon, Sh. 

b]\onnAini, bronnaim, v. I give, bestow; I 
spend," consume, destroy. 

b^ionnJAbAib, bronnghabhail, s. f. conception. 

bjionnJAbAim, bronnghabhaim, v. I conceive. 

buotitii'jAoile, bronnsgaoile, s. m. a flux or lax. 

h\wnnY-^.\oAr:e,bronn.':gaoUte, adj. having aflux. 

b|\onncA, bronnta, adj. given, bestowed. 

b)\onncAnAC, bronntanach, adj. frank, free, 

buonncACAf , bronn- "j s. m. a gift, present, fa- 
taclias, vour; " •oo bei]AceA]i 

bjionncAnAf, bronn- j> ■omnn Atiibi\onii- 
tanas, I cAiiAf a ii'Ainiii loiw 

bponncAf, ?«'o?i»tai:, J c\»o\-z\ .][uli. t'1^3. 

b]\onnc:AC, bronnthacJi, s. see b|ioinncAc. 

b]ionceAC, bronteach, see bnAinceAc. 

b)\of, bros, s. m. the track of a carriage wheel. 

bjioftiuJAt), brosdughadh, s. m. an incentive, 
provocation, excitement. 

buop-ouijim, brosduighim, v. I excite, exhort, 
actuate, rouse, hasten, make haste. 

b]io]"oui5ce, brosduighthe, part, accelerated, 

bt\o)"oui5ceoin, brosduightheoir, s. m. an insti- 
gator, a prompter. 

biioj-jA-o, brosgadh, s. m. an exliortation, per- 

bnofgAÍAC, brosgalach, adj. prompt. 

buofjAlAt), brosgaladh, see bpofoiigAt). 

buofgAbAim, brosgalaim, v. see b)io|"ouijim. 

b]ioi-5AlcAC, brosgaltach, adj. anthypnotic; 

b]\0]-5Al, brosgal, s. lively talk, flattery. 

biíoi-jAbÍAC, brosgallach, adj. talkative, flatter- 

buopuA, bros7ia, s. m. a faggot, fuel. 

buoi-nA-bjMge, brosna-brighe, the tracks or ruts 
made by the wheels of cars; i.e. ye\\\z\e 
CA]\bAit), 0. g. 

buofUAijini, brosna{gh{m,Y. see buoi-OAijiti^ 

b]iopiAi5ceoin, broisnaightheoir, see b]\oi"OAi5- 





IJlAopiugA-ó, brosnitgJiadh, see h]\o'cx)\i-^6.x). 

\)\\ot, broth, s. m. flesh, i. e. y:eo\t, o. g., corn ; 
i. e. A\\b'i.\\, 0. g.; a mole, a ditch; fire; stniw, 
vulg. bpoTi ; broth ; an eruption on the skin ; 
s. f. a rush, i.e. Ain, i.e. Aoin, o. g. 

\i\\ot&c, hrotliach, adj. scabby, eruptive. 

DpocACAt), brothacliadh, s. m. improvement, 

'bpocAicim, brofJiaicJiim, v. to thrive, Sc. 

\>]\ótM\\e, brothaire, s. m. a butcher; a cal- 

"btiocAipne, brotkairne, s. f. down, hair, fur. 

'b|A0éAi]\eA]\5AT), i/j-oi/iazV- ^s. m. a slaughter- 
eargadh, i house, butchery, 

\)\\ot^i^,brothig^l, > shambles 


le, brothairne, s. t. down, hair. 
iA]\^'\x>,brotJiair- \s. m. a si 
h, i house, b 

brothigh, > shamb 

15A, broth in- ^ victui 
7 house. 

bpocAj, brothag, s. the 

bi\ocA-i-, brothas, s. m. a mixture, medley. 

bpocJA, brothgha, s. m. a brooch, pin, or buckle 
•worn in the breast. 

bpoclAc, brothlach, s. m. a pit or hole made in 
the earth, in which the ancient Irish militia 
used to di-ess their meat, see Keat. 

buocbAT), brothladh, intent on mischief, Sh. 

bt^ocbuinn, bi-othluinn, s. £ uneasiness, dis- 

bpocluinncAC, brothluinneach, adj. uneasy, 
, b|iocbuinnce, brothluiimte, part, distiu'bed, 
* agitated. 

bf\ú, brit, s. Í. the womb; the belly; a hind, a 
deer ; a country ; a district. 

b, 7 ) s. m. a border, brink, edge, 

■k' . , 7 >■ bank, mound, boundary, 
' ) confine. 

b^uAC, bruach. adj. great-bellied, O'Cl. 

b|AUACAi|\eAct3, bruachaireachd, s. hovering 

bpuACÁn, bruachan, s. f. a fawn; dim. of bjiUAc, 
a border 

b|\UAcbAil.e, bruachbhaile, s. a suburb. 

bnuACTDA, bruachdha, adj. stately, grand, mag- 
nificent ; s. a traveller. 

bpuACTJAt), bruachdhadh, adj. chinky, crannied, 

b|iuAt)Aini, bruadhidm, v. to throng, to urge. 

bi\UAT)Aii\, hruadair, s. f a dream. 

b)\UAt)Ai]iiiii, 6?'MrtfZttii't>7i, V. I dream. 

bpuAit), bruaidh, s. m. a peasant. 

bpuAiT)!^, bruaidir, see b]iuAt)Aip. 

bpuAi-olcAnn, bruaidleann, s. f sorrow, woe, 

bjiuAToboAnnAC, bruaidleannach, m]j. sorrowflil, 

bnuAi-obeAnnAC-o, bruaidleannachd, s. f grief, 

bnucAC, brucach, speckled in the face, Sh. 
bpuct), bruchd, s. m. and £ a belch; a blast; 

s. m. an ejaculation ; froth ; a springing forth. 
bi\ucr)Ac, bruchdach, adj. belching. 
bnuct)A-ó, bruchdadh, s. m. eructation. 
b^uc'OA'o, bruchdadh, \ s. pouring Ibrth ; going 
bpuctJAL, bruchdal, J forward, Sh. 
bpuct)Aim, bruchdaim, v. I belch; ejaculate; 

spring up, pour forth, 
bpuc-oóin, bruchdoir, s. m. a belcher, M'C. 
bpucbAf, bruchlas, s. the fluttering of birds 

going to rest, <S/i. 
b^ucój, bruchog, s. f a chink, a cranny, a 

leaking vessel. 
b^uccAC, hruchtach, see bnucDAC. 
b^\uccói|i, bruchtoir, see b]iucT)ói|>. 
bpúcu]!, briicur, s. a sponge. 
biiUTÍ), brudh, s. m. confusion. 
b^ut)AC, brudhach, s. m. a farmer, peasant. 
bnutJAU, bi'udliadh, s. m. a squeezing, pound- 

biiút)A-oói|i, brudhadoir, s. m. a pestle. 
bjUTOAitn, brudhaim, v. I bruise, squeeze, pound. 
b|\ut)AiCAC, brudhaitach, s. a threadbare coat. 
bpu-ÓAinn, brudhainn, s. m. warm weather. 
b]iu-ÓAinneAC, bruidhainneach, adj. sultry, hot. 
bjuroAn, brudan, s. m. a salmon; adj. simmer- 
bpuTDCAj, brudeag, s. a soliciting, or enticing. 
bjiú-oeAiij, bnulearg, s. the redbreast. 

!s. m. a palace, a grand house or 
building ; a royal residence ; 
a town, a borough; a forti- 
fied place ; Hind. poor. 
b]\U5, brug, s. m. a fast, O'Cl. 
bjuij, briigh, s. m. a heap, lump, monument; 

bpúJAc, brughach, s. an ascent; face of a hill, 

bpúJACAp, brughachas, s. m. the office of a 

bpuije, Teg. Cor. 
bjAUJAbAib, brughabhail, s. £ conception. 
bpúJAti, brughadh, s. a bruising, pounding. 
b]iÚ5ATÓe, brughaidhe, s. m. a husbandman, 

farmer, burgher, ploughman. 
bpúJAim, brughaim, v. I bruife, pound. 
biiuJAn, brughan, s. faggots, Sh. 
bpujboppA, brughbhorfa, s. m. animosity. 
bpui, brui, s. f the belly. 
b]\uibin, bruibin, s. £ a helmet, 
bpuibceoiji, bruibhtheoir, s. m. a brewer, PL 
b]\ii)-o, briiid, s. £ captivity, bondage; anxiety, 
gne£ sorrow. 





bpuiT), bruid, s. f. a thorn; anything pointed ; 

" 0"Ouinn ^-eAjA ha iieA^ignA nog cpeAn An 

béAjitA jAii bjiuit)"; adj. sharp, keen, pointed. 

btiinx), bruid, 1 /> 1 i 
1,' .' , .'„ > s. Í. a beast. 
D]Mm3e, oruulhe, J 

b]\tn-oe, bruide, s. a stab or thrust; a carrying 
or bringing. 

bpui'óeAC, bruidheach, a. beastly ; s. a burgo- 

buiiitie, brmdke, s. m. a colony. 

biuinJeAcc, bruidheacht, s. a colony, prop. b)Mii- 

bnuiTJCAO, bruideadh, s. excitation. 

b]iinx)eAniAib, bruideamhail, adj. brutish, brutal. 

b]MU'oeAriibAc'o, bruideamhlachd, s. m. brutality, 
beasthness, gluttony. 

bpuiúeAn, bruidhean, s. noise, strife; a quarrel. 

bpui-oeAnAitn, bruideanaim, v. I contend, dis- 

bpuiTDeAnn, bruidheann, s. talk, speech, Sc. 

b)iuTOeA]inAi5, bruidearnaigh, s. irritation 

bniii-ói-óe, bruidhidhe, see biiugAfoe. 

b]iuit)i5iiii, bruidhigJiim, v. I plant, colonise. 

bnint)im, bruidim, v. I enslave; torture. 

biiiiit)in, bruidJiin, s. f. a castle, fortress; a 
palace ; s fairy mansion ; conversation. 

biiuitnuJAU, bruidiugJiadh, s. m. a besotting,, 

bpumbioncA, bruidliliontd, adj. cloyed ; satiated. 

bjiuiTDneAC, bruidhneach, adj. noisy, conten- 

binn-óce, bruidhte, adj. bruised, beaten, op- 

bnuiuceoi^i, bruidhteoir, s. m. a pestle. 

biMiije, bridglie, s. m. an independent farmer 
keepmg an open house ; land, a farm. 

bpuigeACt), bruigheachd, s. m. colonisation; a 

b^iuijeAO, bnngJieadh, s. a boiling, seetliing. 

bui'njeAn, bridghean, s. f. a palace, a royal resi- 
dence ; Heb. birah. 

biu'nteÁn, bruiqhean, ) /• , -r ^ 

•v^' .V. J . f. ' J- s. I. stiite, quarrel. 
DiMUjin, bringhm, J ^ 

bpúijeÁnAC, bruigheanaeh, adj. riotous, quarrel- 

bpuijim, bruigliim,^. I boil, seeth. 

b)\ui5in, bruighin, s. f a small fortress or castle, 
a hillock. 

b)\ui5leAct), bruigJileachd, s. m. contrition, 

bnuijpeAC, bruighseach, s. a womb with young, 

binnjce, bruighthe, part, boiled, sodden. 

bpuilleÁn, bndllean, s. f. a vetch, a small pea. 

bpiiitn, bruim, s. m. and f a windy evacua- 
tion, i 

b|\uim]péAp, bruim-'\ s.m. common wheat-grass, 
fJiear, f quitch-gTass,couch-grass, 

biiumii'eAn, bruim- 1 dog's-grass, quick-grass ; 
sean, J tritlcum repcns. 

bpuimneAc, bruimneach, see bpAiriAnAc. 

b]iuin, bruin, s. f a large pot, a brewing-pan; 
the womb or belly. 

b]iuin-oeA|\5An, bruindeargan, s. a robin red- 

b]AuinéAt)Ac, bruineadach, s. m. an apron. 

b]\i)nToeAc, bridndeach, 1 s. f a nurse, a mo- 

0]\w\^^\^\eAc, bruiimeach, > ther, a matron ; an 

U]\\i\nnyeAr\, bndtuuecm, J old hag. 

b]iuinii, bridnn, s. a ship. 

bpumne, bruinne, an epithet applied to John 
the Apostle; " SeAin biAumne", P. A.; s 
divinity, godliness, piety. 

biunnnni, bruinnin, s. i. the nap of cloth. 

bpumceAC, bruirUeacli, adj. big-bellied; preg 

b|AUineAC, bruireacJi, s. m. a fragment, 5. Fion. 

\)]\w]-, bruis, s. f. small splinters of wood; 
branches of trees, imderwood. 

b|iuic, bruit, s. f. curtains, hangings. 

b]\uic, bruith, s. flesh; broth; boihng; smelt- 
ing; baking. 

bpuice, bruithe, see b|AUit)ce; also see bpuijce. 

b]\uiceAC, bridteach, s. m. the belly. 

b^uiceAc, bruitheach, adj. culinary. 

bjiinceAt), bndteadh, a. hot, sultry; beaten, 
bruised; boiled, baked. 

bnuiceATioi];, bruitheadoir, s. m. a boiler. 

bjiuiceAn, bndthean, s. a skirmish; heat, 

b]iuicirn, bridthim, v. I boil, bake. 

biuiidn, bruitin, s. f the measles. 

bnúic'm, bruitin, s. f. mashed potatoes. 

b)\uicineAc, bruitineacli, s. m. one having the 
measles; the measles; adj. measled, measly. 

bpuicne, bruithne, s. m. a refiner of metals. 

b]iuicneAC, 6rm'i/m6acA,; glowing as in 
a furnace. 

b|iwií:neói|í, bruithneoir, s. m. see b^uicne, o. g. 

bpubbi'jeAncAC, brullsgeantach, adj. impetuous ; 

b|\ÚTii, brum, s. m. a broom. 

bnutiiAim, brumaim, v. I vault backwards. 

biMJinAi^ie, brumaire, s. m. a pedant. 

b]\uirAnAC, brumanach, s. m. a saucy intruder. 

bi\iin, brun, s. a firebrand. 

b)\uoi', bruos, V. he loves; "bnuo^-, i.e. ■\-eA\\- 
cAy", Cor. 

\i\\\i\, brus, s. m. small branches of trees. 

bi\U]-A-ó, brusadh, s. browsing. 

biui)'Aiii,, brusam, v. to browse, Sh. 





t)i\ufCAp, hruscar, s. f. baggage ; broken ware. 

"bivui'jAp, hrusga7\ s. £ the mob. 

b]uic, hruth, s. m. hair of the head; heat, 
warmth; strength, power ; rage, fury; a glow- 
ing piece of metal; anything red-hot; adj. 
refined, pure, unalloyed, tempered; "cl<Mt) 
eAtn reAcc iiib]\ocA, i.e. feAcc ccaoh", 


iDiiucAt), hrutJiadh, see b]^uí:An■l. 
'OiAticA'oói]!, brutJiadoir, see b-|Mróreoi]i. 
'bi\ucAiin, bruthaim, v. see bpuJAim. 
"biiucAn, hruthan, s. f. chit-chat, prattle. 
bpucbuiojniAn, hrxithhlirioghmar, adj. strong 

and active. 
"bnucinAC, hruthinach, adj. sultry, Sh. 
"bnuciiiAiA, hruthmhar, adj. strong, powerful. 
'b]\uciiiAipeAC-o, hruilimhaireachd, adj. fainting 

through heat, <S/i.; gadding through heat. 
Du, In I, V. was. 

"bubAb, hubhal, s. f. a horn; a sounding horn. 
"buAbAÍ, buabhal, s. f. an apron; s. a unicorn, 

Sh. ; a cornet ; a bugle, a trumpet. 
"biiAbAbb, buahhall, a. all- conquering, i.e. Abb- 


"buAbAbbAC, buabhalhch, a. horny, having 

btiAbAbACÁn, ^waZ'/ia/ac/iaw,) ,, , 

buAbAbbóii\, buahhalloir, ) "' i • 

buAC, biutc, s. liquor prepared for bleaching; 

a cap ; the crown of a vault, Sh.; mist, a cap 

of mist on a hill. 
buAC, bitach, s. the brow of a hill. 
buACAC, buachach, adj. fine, beauish ; s. a bean; 

a. giddy. 
buACACÁn, luacachan, s. m. a bleacher; a 

bleacher's scoop. 
búACAibb, biiachaill, s. m. a herdsman, teeper of 

cows ; a boy ; a servant. 
búACAiibeAC, buachailleach, adj. having the care 

of cows ; pastoral. 
buACAibbcAct), buachailleachd, s. ni. herding of 

bviACAijie, biiacaire, s. m. a bleacher; a hair- 
brained fellow. 
buACAi]', btiacais, s. f. the wick of a candle; 

confusion ; Heb. buch, to be confused. 
buACAbÁn, buachalan, see buA^TAnÁn. 
biiACA]A, buacar, s. cow-dung. 
buACAi^An, buacharan, s. m. dried cow-dung, 

used by the poorer sort of country people for 

buAT), buacUi. s. food, a bait. 
buAtJA, biiadha, adj. having virtues or good 

buAÍ)A-ó, buadhadh, a. precious. 

^adj. estimable, valuable, 

buATJA, buadha, f precious ; ]'ét)btiAt)A, 

buA'ÓAC, buadhach, T jewels ; cboc buAUA, 
5 a precious stone. 

buAÚAc, buadhach, adj. victorious; triumphant, 

buA'óACA^, buadhachas, s. victory, triumph, 

buATiAi je, buadhaighe, part, gained, won. 

biuwAine, bicadhaire, s. a conqueror, Sh. 

buA-OAijic, buadhairt, s. f. trouble. 

buA-DAbb, buadhqU, adj. triumphant; all-con- 

buAT3AbbAn, buadhallan, s. m rag- weed. 

buAt)Án, biiadan, s. m. the bone in a horn. 

buAOA-HJ^, biiadharg, s. m. a victorious hero. 

buA-ÓAnguc, buadharghuth, s. m. the voice of tii- 
umph ; the shout of victory ; ayell, acryofpain. 

buA-DAi\cA, buadhartha, adj. troubled, grieved. 

buATJAbACT), buadhalachd, s. m. success, pros- 

buA'ÓA]', bziadhas, see buA-OACA^-. 

buA-óbAbb, buadhbhaU, a. a timbrel ; a trumpet. 

biiAti|.'At), biiadhfadh, threatening. 

buA-oyocbAC, buadh/hodach, adj. triumphant in 
words, Keat. 

buAró^AlbAn, buadhghallan, s. m. rag-weed. 

buAtjgiic, buadhghuth, s. shouts of -victory; 

buÁ-óbAiii, buadhlamh, s. a judge. 

buAOlAin, buadhlain, s. a judge; judgment. 

buA-óriiA]i, buadhmhar, adj. victorious, trium- 

btiATinA]^, buadhnas, s. a threat, o. g. 

buA-ouA^'Ac, buadhnasach, adj. threatening, o. gr. 

buAUuigtm, buadhuighim, v. I conquer; tri- 

buAe, buac, s. a foundation, settlement. 

buA^-, buaf, s. f. a toad. 

biiA|-A, buafa, s. f a serpent. 

buApAC, bnafach, adj. poisonous, virulent. 

buA^ACC, buafacht, ( ^ ^ pride. 

buA|.-)\At), buafradh, f ' ' " 

buAyAt), buajadh, s. f poison; adj. threatening, 

buAyAn, buafan, s. f a young toad. 

hv.\y:\n.\fí,h>i,tfonan, | s. mugwort : 

buAyAiiAn-bAii, buafatian-ban> artemisia vul- 

bu^AiiÁn-liAC, buafanan-liath,) garis. 

buA].-AnÁn-bin-óe, buafanaii-buidhe, s. corn 

marigold; goldius, chrysanthemum segetuni. 

buA]."AnÁn-nA-1ieAi'5AHÁn, buafanan-na-heasgn- 

ran, s. groundsel; also ragweed; St. James' 

wort, senecio Jacobasa. 

buAi:A)ic, hiiafurc, s. í'. a viper. 

I buA-|.\\rAii\, hwifafhuir, s. an u'lder 





buAp)DliiA]T, buafphiast, s. f. a serpent. 

buAg, bitag, s. f. a quality, attribute ; a spigot, a 

buAjAijie, bnagaire, s. f. a tap, a spigot ; s. m. 
a tapster. 

biiA5Ai]\Ani, huagairam, v. to tap, Sh. 

buAib, buaihh, s. f. a cow, For. foe. 

buAibce, buaibihe, s. f. a threat. 

buAC, buac, s. f. a pinnacle; the wick of a 

bviAict), buaicJtd, s. the wide of a candle, Sc- 

biUMC, buaic, s. (. a wave; the top or summit. 

buAice, buaice, s. f. a wave. 

btiAiceAC, buaiceach, adj. giddy. 

buAcin, buacin, s. f a lappet; a veil. 

buAicinim, buaicirdni, v. I blindfold. 

buATO, buaidh, s. f. victory, conquest; excel- 
lence, qualification, attribute, virtue, power; 
a show, i.e. •poiblpg. 

buAiTJe, bttaidhe, s. victory, triumph. 

buAiTDeAc, buaidheach, a. victorious. 

buAiueAt), bitaidheadh, s. f. vexation, affliction. 

buAi-óeAn, hiaidhean, s. f. a crowd, a multitude. 

buAi-óeA]\cA, buaidheartha, a.d^. troubled.vexed. 

búAi-óeAncóip, buaidhearthoir, s. m. a disturber. 

buAiTO-JAiji, buaidh-ghair, s. a shout of triumph. 

buAitiiiii, buaidhim, v. I conquer, overcome, 

buATOipc, buaidhirt, s. f trouble, affliction. 

buATOipce, biiaidhirtJie, s. m. a conqueror. 

buATo-LÁ)\AC, buaidh-laracJt, s. a complete vic- 

buAi-oiieAT), buaidhreadh, s. m. vexation, moles- 
tation, disturbance, trouble, temptation. 

bu.M-óneAT)ói|\, buaidhreadoir, s. m. a disturber, 

buAi-ó^iim, buaidhrim, v. I vex, disturb, molest. 

biiAi]:eAC, bua{feach,adj. angry, fretting ; vexa- 
tious; poisonous. 

buAipc, buaijic, s. f. an antidote. 

buAifpbiAfc, buaifphiast, see buAjr-pbiAfc. 

buAij, biiaig, 1 s. f a cup, a chalice, 

buAigneAc, buaigneach,^ Cor. 

buAiC, buail, s. a step, a degree. 

buAile, buaile, s. a fold; a place for milking 
cows ; prop, bó-boc. 

buAitcAc, buaileach, a. of or belonging to a 
milking place. 

buAiteACÁn, buaileaclian, s. m. a milker; a place 
where cows are milked. 

buAileA-D, buileadh, s. striking, threshing. 

buAiLjlAf, buailghlas, s. a mill-pond; prop. 

bUAljlAl'. _ 

biiAiU, huaili, ) s. an ox-stall; cow-house; 
buAilm, 6íí(?i7irf/í,J dairy; see buAile. 

buAibibe, buaiUle, s. a mower, a reaper, O'B. 
buAibbce, buaillite, s. water-lily, Sh. 
buAilitn, bwiilim, v. I strike, thresh, beat. 
buAibc, biiailt, s. a locker, a niche, S.'i. 
buAiLce, buailte, adj. beaten, threshed. 
buAitceAc, buailteach, adj. striking, liable, Sh.; 

s. a dairy-house. 
buAilceACAU, buailteachan, s. a flying camp, Sh. 
buAibceóqi, buaUteoir, s. m. a thresher. 

b. , , .;_, ■> s. f that stick of the flail 
UAilceAn, ouailteanJ , . , , •, ., ^ 

1^ 1 . ,' .,^. > wmch strikes the 
DuAiIcm, buautin, 1 • a i,- 

' ' ) com m threshmg. 

bhuAim, bhitaim, pron. from me. Used fre- 
quently for UAini by M'Partholain. 

buAin, buain, s. f. cutting, reaping, shearing; 
comparison ; equality ; deprivation. 

buAincinceAcc, bnaincinteacht, s. constant care 
or attendance, GB. 

buAinc'io]', buainchios, s. f. chief rent, head rent. 

buAine, ÓMame, compar. of bu An, lasting; "i^^ 
buAine blA-ó uÁ i-aoJaV; s. f perpetuity, 

buAinijiiii, buavnighim, v. I perpetuate, pro- 

buAinmi, buainim, v. I cut, reap, mow; loose, 
untie, " A5 buAn a tpóg", O'B. 

buAinipe, buainire, s. m. a reaper. 

biiAin]'eA]'A-o, buainsheasadh, s. perseverance. 

buAinfeAi-Aiii, buainsheasamh, 1 adj . perse ver- 

buAinj-eAi-iiiAc, buainsheasmh- > ing, steady, 
ach, ) constant. 

buAince, buainte, adj. cut, mown, reaped. 

buAinceoi]t, buainteoir, s. a mower, reaper. 

buAi^ieAW, buaireadh, s. m. trouble, vexation, 

biiAii\eAt)oin, buaireadlwir, s. m. a troublesome 
person ; a tempter. 

buAq\eA]-, buaireas, s. f. conclamation, confusion. 

buAii\eAfAC, buaireasach, adj. noisy, vexatious, 
turbulent, tumultuous. 

buAi|uni, buairim, v. I vex, grieve, trouble. 

buAipc, buairt, s. f hardship, affliction. 

buAince, buairte, adj. distracted, tempted, coii- 

buAl, bual, s. m. water. Cor.; physic, Sh. 

buAlAcnAj, bualachrag, balm cricket, Sh. 

buAlbACt), buallachd, s. a drove of cows. 

buAÍAt), bualadh, s. m. a remedy, cure; chas- 
tisement, beating, threshing; a battle; clap- 
ping of hands. 

buAbA-ooiji, bualadoir, s. m. a beater, a thresher. 

buAbAitn, bualaim, v. I strike, beat, thresh. 

buAlAinle, bualainle, s. a sea-lark ; a wag-tall. 

buAlcotiibA, bualchomhla, s. a mill-dam; a 





s. m. cow-ciun 

buAt-c]\AiinAC, hualchrannach, s. m. a float c 

'bucxtjlAi', bualghlas, s. a mill-pond. 

buAltACT), huallachd, s. a drove of cows, Sh 

buAlcAC, hualthach, 

biiAtr]\AC, bualtrach, 

buAiiiAj-oóip, buamasdoir, s. m. a blockhead; 
an inconsiderate person. 

buAH, huan, s. f. a nurse ; adj. good, harmonious ; 
lasting, durable, continual. 

buAuo, buano, ■) s. a mower, reaper; a 

buAiiAiue, bnanaidhe,^ hewer of wood. 

buAnA, buana, s. m. a billeted soldier. 

buAtiAc, buanach, adj. beneficial. 

buAnACAt), buanachadh, s. continuation, perse- 
verance, continuance. 

buAnAcr, buanacht, s. m. subsidy; quartering 
of soldiers ; living on free quarters. 

buAHAcc, buanacht, > s. m. perpetuity, duration, 

biiAtiA]", buanas, ^ perseverance. 

buAiiAt), buanadk, s.m. a soldier; an unwelcome 

buAniJAtn, huanigham, v. to last, Sh.; to dwell. 

buAriAnt), buanand, s. f. a good mother. Cor. 

buAiicuinine, buanchuimhne, s. a chronicle; 

biiAn-ólúi', buandhlus, s. a theme. 

buAnriiAijieAcn 1)111, buanmhaireachduin, s. per- 
severance, M'Don. 

buAiinAcx), buannachd, s. profit, gain. 

buAnnAC-OAthuil,, buannachdamhuil, adi. profit- 
able. ^ "^ 

buAiinAij, buannaigh, s. m. a commander. 

buAnfeA|-Aim, biiansheasaim, v. I persevere. 

buAnc]'eA]'Aiii, buantseasamh, s. m. perseve- 
rance, Keat. 

buAnc-|'eA]"TÍiAc, buaiiíseasmhach, adj. perseve- 
ring, constant, resolute, Keat. 

buAimJAt), buanughadh, s. constancy, steadi- 

biiAnunn, buanunn, s. a good mother. 

L)iiA]i, buai-, s. cattle of the cow kind; " A]\ tiA 
ctuin-|"in pn t)0 cioinr> lllej iriACJAiiinA t30 
coi-o]^eAcc conA TiibuA]A inA ntJAingnicib", 
4 Atast. 1457. 

buA]iAC, buarach, s. a spancel or fetter for cows ; 
early morning ; " buA^iAC, i.e. bo a]u\c, i.e. 
^'0]\cAti, i.e. bo epge, i. e. niÁcAn moc", Cor.; 
•ooiiinAc tiA in-biiA]\AC n-TDub, a pagan pasto- 
ral festival; the eaily feeding of cows, or 
rising to feed. 

biiA|\ACÁn, btiarachaii, s. m. a cow-herd. 

biK\]\AC-nA-bAoif e, / uiintclt-na-baoithe, ,«. a lam- 

buAy, buas, s. f. a trade, art, science ; the belly ; 
a breach, rout; adj. aboirndingin cattle, PL 

buA^-AC, buasach, s. m. a man that has many 
cows; " i. e. ]:e]\ 1,ai^" Atnbit bA iinr)A", Coi: 

buA^^ApeA, buasarea, s. the diaphragm, Sh. 

buACAC, buathach, adj. great, mighty. 

buACAU, buathadh, s. willingness, extravagance. 

buACUi]"j buatuis, s. a boot. 

biibAC, biibhach, adj. sly, crafty. 

Ouh&n, buban, s. m. coxcomb; s. f. justice, o. g. 

bubcAt), bubthadh, s. a threat, threatening. 

buc, buc, s. cover of a book ; bulk, Sh. 

bucAiiiÍAct), bucamhlachd, s. bulkiness. 

bucAtiiuib, bucamhuil, adj. bulky, magnificent. 

buclA, bucla, s. a buckle; vulg. 

buclAijiin, buclaighim, v. I buckle. 

bucóg, bucog, s. f. a bandage. 

bucpum, bucrum, s. buckram ; vulg. 

buccuinn, buchthuinn, adj. melodious, Sc. 

but», budh, s. the world, the universe ; Wei. 
byd ; s. m. life, being, existence ; i.e. " bboc 
110 I'AogAb", OCl.; adj. cunning, wise, intelli- 
gent, skilful 

but>-óéin, budhdhein, written in old MSS. for 

bug, biigh,s. some kind of herb or plant of a 
blue or green colour; " btij, ie. tub 50ij\iii 
no glA]^ ]«]" AfAiiiAibceAp I'Uibe bio^' 50)1111 
no gbAi'", O'CL; " ■oeAUCA niAp ■oIaoi t)oii 
bujA, 1]- A "OÁ b^lAOl ceA)\cA CAob-óubA", 
O'B.; s. f a breach, a rout; prop. buic. 

buJA, bugha,s. fear; a leek, Sh. 

1,7 "i s. f. an egg laid before its 

1^ 5* ' y ' y time, not having a shell ; 

hu^o^, bugog, J an embryo egg.° 

buji'A, bttgsa, s. f. a box ; the box tree. 

buibiobiÁn, buibiollan, s.m. a coxcomb. 

buic, buich, s. f. a breach, a rout. 

biiic, buic, plur. and gen. of boc. 

buicAin, buicain, a pimple, Sh. 

buicéAT), buicead, s. f. a bucket; a knob or 
boss, a piece. 

buiccAt), buiceadh, s. a lunch of bread. 

buicin, buicin, s. a young buck; a roe. 

buicbei^, buichleir, s. f. a buckler. 

bint), buidh, \ adj. grateful, thankful; 

buí-óeAC, buidheach,) content, satisfied. 

bume, buidhe, s. f. thanks; a breach; piety, 
Donl.; adj. yellow; benign, familiar. 

buí-óeAC, buidheach, s. f. the jaundice; adj. 
thankful ; grateful. 

buraeACAn, biiidheacan,5. f. the yolk of an egg. 

buÍTÓOACAf, buidheachas, s. thanks, gratitude. 

buiuecAn-bo-blcACc, buidhechan-bo-bleacht, see 





buit)e-cotiAiil, huidhe-chonaill, s. a plague that 
raged in Ireland in the year 665. " 'Puaih 
■oiApioiT) ]\UAiiAi5 AgAf bl,<\criiAC bA]' •oo'n 
plibÁij x)A ii5oi^\ce<\p .3,n tuíóecoiiAibl, 
AccAÍAcnuitn", Keat. 

buí-óeAcc, buidheacht, s. thankfulness, gratitude ; 
piety ; yellowness ; benignity. 

buí-óeAt)i buidhead, s. yellowness, <S/i. . 

buí-óeAg-buACAiiAe, huidheag-hhuacaire, s. a 

bume-moii, buidhe-mor, s. wild woad, dyer's 
weed, yellow weed ; reseda luteola. 

buí-óe-nA-ninjeAn, buidhe-7ia-ningean,3.s]>uTgG ; 

buiueAn, buidhean, s. a troop, company, crowd, 

bu'fóeAnAC, buidheanach, adj. thankful, grate- 

bui-óeAn-uije, biddhean-ulghe, seebuí-óeÁn. 

buí-óeog, buidheog, see bAmeój, a yellow- 

bui-oin, buidin, s. a prickle, Sh. 

buiwinn, buidiiin, s. gain, advantage, Sc. 

buminceAcc, buidhinteacht, cooing like a dove. 

bui-ojie, buidhre, s. deafness. 

buit)f'eAC]"n3e, buidsheatsidhe, s. mustaches. 

buig-buinne, buig-hhuinne, ^ s.buUrushes ; plur. 

buigneAc, buigneach, S of bo5buinne. 

bulge, bulge, s. softness, effeminacy; compar. 
of bog, soft. 

bu,5u,n, buigiun \ ^^^ i, -.e,,;,,,. 

Duijpibin, buigsnibhm, } ^ ' 

buig^-m, buigsin, s. f. a little box. 

bull, bull, s. fruits, effects, Sh. 

buibe, buile, s. f. an evil design, o. g. 

buile, buile, > s. m. madness, rage, de- 

builcA-o, buileadh, $ spair. 

buileACAt), buileachadh, s. frugality, <S/i. 

buileA5éoi^\, buileaghihoir, one who cultivates 
or improves. 

buileATtiAii, buUeamhail, adj. mad, furious. 

buileÁn, buileati, s. a small loaf 

binbs, builg t a bHster, bubble. 

DuiLjeAi', builgeas, { ' 

builg, builg, s. f. bellows; a distemper amongst 

cattle ; seeds of herbs, Sh. 
buitgeATÍ), builgeadh, s. inflation, blistering. 
builgeÁn, builgsan,} s. f. a blister, a bubble, 
bmlgein, builgein, ) pimple, vesicle. 
builgeA^-AC, builgeasach, a. spotted, blistered, 
buibgitii, builgim, v. I bhster. 
builptiAC, builginach, adj. full of husks or 

buibjléA]-, builgleas, s. i. a blister; compound 

of buitj and LeÁ]-. 

buibgbeAj'AC, builgleasach, adj. spotted, blis- 
tered; pockmarked. 

builit), builidh, s. death. For. Foe. 

buitm, builin, s. f. a loaf. 

buiiijmi, builighim, v. I improve, cultivate. 

buiUnAC, builinach, s. a baker, »S/<. 

buitiuJAu, builiughadh, s. cultivation, improve- 

buibb, buill, s. a mallet, mall. 

builbe, buille, s. m. and f a blow, a stroke. 

builleAC, builleach, adj. that gives blows. 

buibteACA]", builleachas, s. striking. 

builbi'gém, buillsgein, s. f. the centre, middle; 
the midriff. 

bunnbiob, buimbiol, s. f. a gimlet. 

bunne, buime, s. f. a niu-se, a mother. 

buinil,eA|i, buimlear, s. a stupid fellow, «Sc. 

buinipi]-, buimpis, s. f a pump; the sole of a 

buuiAiii, iiiiinam, V. to touch, meddle; to be- 
long, to take, Sh. 

bumcio]', bidnchios, s. f. a pension. 

buinciopAit)e, buinchiosaidhe, s. m. a pensioner. 

buinpeoi|i, buinfeoir, s. orts, <S/i. 

buingmi, buingim,''\ v. I arrive, attach, avail, 

bumgnim, buing- V earn, benefit, profit, pur- 
7iiin, J chase, win, conciliate, Sk. 

buingm, buingin, s. a purchase, attainment, 
avail, behoof. 

bume, buine, s. common sanlcle; sanicula 

buinne, buinne, s. f. an ulcer; a tap, spout; 
a wave ; a stream ; a rapid river ; the set-off 
in basket-making ; the thick welt or border 
in finishing wicker work. 

buinne, buinne, ) s. f. a branch, twig, sap- 

\iumx\eox^, buinneog, f ling, sprout ; a plant. 

buinneAc, buinneach, a. m. and f. the lax, a flux, 

buinneAiii, buinneamh, s. effusion. 

bumneÁn, buinnean, s. f. a shoot, a young twig 
or branch; dim. of buinne; see also bAin- 

buinneÁn-beÁnA, buinnean-leana, s. a bittern. 

buinnije, buinnighe, adj. troubled with a flux. 

bumnine, buinnire, s. m. a footman ; a post-boy ; 
prop. bontiAi]ie. 

buiiii-jionn, buinsgolnn, adj. awry, wrong, irr 
regular; topsy-turvy; prop, bun op cionn. 

bumce, buinte, s. concern, concernment. 

bumceAC, buinteach, see bumnije. 

bumcin, buintin, s. touching, belonging, relat- 
ing, relation to. 

biunbAin, buirbain, s. a cancer, 5/«. 

buipbAineAC, buirbaineach, adj. cancerous. 





buipbAni 151111, huirhainigim, to operate on a 
cancer, bh. 

buipbe, luirbe, s. wrath, anger, severity, fierce- 
ness, harshness, ferocity, bloatedness ; adj. 
compar. of bo]\b. 

bui|ibe<\c, buirbeach, s. m. a severe, wrathful 

bui^beACT), buirbeachd, s. f. severity 

bui^uéii'eAC, buirdeiseach, s. m. a burgess, a 
freeman; prop, bjuiigei]". 

biiiiAeAt>, buireadh, s. roaring, bellowing. 

buipeA-ó, buireadh, s. gore, pus. 

buifieA-oAc, buireadhach, adj. warlike, prop. 
bAHj\At)AC, see boi\nA5AC. 

bú,peAt,Ai,n, buireadhaim, ) ^ j ^^^j^^^ 

DuineA]'Aim, buireasaim, ) 

buip-pcAC, buirfeach, s. an oixtcry, bellowing. 

buijijei^-eAC, buirgeiseach, s. m. see buiiroeifeAC. 

bui]ut)e, bumdJie, s. a hoe ; a mattock, Sh. 

laui^iiinj, buirling, s. a sort of boat, Sli. 

buijic, buirt, s. f. a gibe, taunt. 

bui]'eAl,, buiseal, s. a bushel. 

bui]"cin, biiiscin, s. thigh armour, 5/;. 

buij-gin, buisgin, s. f. a haunch or buttock. 

bullae, buiste, s. f a pouch, scrip, satchel. 

bufcói^, bustoir, s. m. a butcher. 

buice, buite, s. f. fire ; a firebrand. 

buiceAÍAc, buitealach, s. a large fire, O'Cl. 

buiccAlAt), buitealadh, adj. fierce. 

"buicbéip, buitleir, s. m. a butler; vulg. 

buicleiiieAcc, buitleir eacht, s. m. the ofiice of a 

buiq'e, buitse, s. an icicle, Sk. 

buic|"eAc, buitseach, s. m. a witch. 

buiq'eAcx), buitseachd, \ s. m. witchcraft, 

buiq-eACA]-, buitseachas, j sorcery. 

bub, bul, s. m. mode, manner, fashion; a sand- 
bank or heap of sand on the coast. 

bulÁn, bulan, s. m. a bullock, a steer. 

bulA-]-, bulas, s. m. a pot-hook. 

buij, hdg, s. m. a bulge, Sc. 

bubjAc, bidgach, adj. prominent, btdgy, Sc. 

\)\ih\-zA\\\, bulistair, s. a bullace, a sloe. 

butlA, bulla, s. a bowl ; an edict ; the Pope's 

buibAc, bidlacJi, s. the fish called Connor. 

bubó^, btdog, s. a bullock ; a loaf, Sc. 

bubo|-, bulos, a prune, »SA. 

búiCA, bulta, s. a colt; vulg. 

bum, bum, s. the firmament; an instrument. 

bun, bun, s. m. a root, stock, stump, bottom; 
keeping, taking care of. 

buiiAbA^', bunabhax, s. an element. 

bunAbAi'AC, bunabhasach , adj. elemental, ele- 

bunAc, bunach, a. tow; refuse of flax; adj. 

buuACAU, bunacliar, s. m. foundation; see 

bunAt), bitnadh, 3. m. origin, stock; a people; 
a family. 

bunATJA]', bunadhas, s. m. foundation, radix, 
origin, principle, source, etymology, nature ; 
authority ; substance, Donl. 

bunA-óii|'AC, bunadhusach, adj. radical, funda- 
mental, cardinal, chief, authentic. 

buiiAibc, bunailt, s. a fundamental article; 
buiiAibc An cnei-óini, Donl. 

bimAilce, bunailte, \ adj. steady, fixed, at- 

buuAilceAC, bunailteach,) tentive. 

bunAi]\e, bunaire, s. a client, Sh. 

bunÁic, bunait, s. f a foundation, dwelling," 

buuAic, bunait, s. f law, i.e. tjlije. 

bunÁiceAc, bunaiteach, adj. fundamental, prin- 

bunÁicijiin, bunaitighim, v. I found, bottom, 

bunÁicim, bunaitim, v. to profess, inherit, Sh. 

buDACA, bunata, a. settled. 

buiibeAU, bunbhean, \ s. an old woman, 

buncAibbeAC, bunchaillearh,S an old hag. 

bunciAbb, bunchiall, s. £ a moral. 

buncio]', buncios, s. f. chief rent. 

buncui]-, bunchuis, s. a first cause. 

bunioiin, bundun, s. m. the fundament; a sim- 
ple or silly person ; a coxcomb ; a blunder. 

bunnunAC, bundunach, adj. silly, vain; awk- 
ward, ungainly, blundering, bungling. 

bunjpAÚ, bunfhath, s. absolute cause. 

buniucT), bunluchd, s. m. aborigines. 

bumiiAi]-, bunmhais, s. the buttock. 

bunn, biinn, s. work; a piece of coin; a pedes- 
tal, sole, foundation. 

buiinÁn, bunnan, s. m. a bittern. 

bunnttiA]A, bunnmhar, a. settled, founded. 

bunnog, bunnog, s. f a bannock. 

bunnoi', bunnos, s. f. an old custom. 

bunn]-Ait), bunnsaidh, adj. strong, firm, solid. 

bunncAi]", bunntais, s. perquisites; advantage. 

bunnút)A|', bunnudhas, s. m. authority; see 

bunnúÚA^'Ac, bunnudhasach, adj. sec buuA- 


binifAc, Intnsach,} s. a rod, twig, osier; plur. 
búni-05, bunsog, ) bun^-ACA. 
buncÁcA, buntata, s. a potato, Sc. 
buncoiiiAi', huntomhas, s. a well-founded 

buiicoiD, buntop, adj. hasty, sudden. 





bunuOA]-, hunudhas, see 'bunAUAf. 
buticitj^AC, huntliusach, s. a founder; original, 

biii\, bur, \ 
bhup, bhur, \ P^-°n- y°"r. 
bu]i, bur, s. a swelling, anger; adj. wrathful, 

angry ; i. e ^^ei^^-^c-.c, o. g. 
bú)u\c, buracli, s. a file of soldiers, Sh.; s. ra. 

great valour; military feats, exploits; " búnAC 

C]ví ].-yeiii-oeA-ó, /. e. bonpÁj t\\\ ^^ewwe^-b, 

no cp Iaoc", 0"67.; a swelling, a sore, 
bu^wc, burach, s. digging, Sc. 
bu]iAini, buraim, v. to fret, make sore, Sk. 
biijiAmAiT), buramaid, s. wormwood, Sh. 
bujib, burb, a. ignorant, rude. 
bu]ibun, burbun, s. m. wormwood. Mull. 
bupT3An, burdan, s a gibe, a sing-song, »SA. 
bung, burg, s. m. a village; Hlndustanee, poor 
bui\5Ai]\e, burgaire, s. m. a burgess, a citizen. 
bu]\icAit)AC, buricaidach, s. a big fellow, Sh. 
bu]«ie, burne, s. water, Sh. 
bupn, burr, see boi\]\. 

bu]\]i, burr, \ s. m. a clown, a boor, a 

bupnAit), burraidh, \ blockhead. 
bu]\HAi^', burrais, s. a caterpillar. 
bun]\Aiiunb, burramhuil, adj. surly, boorish, 

clownish, sulky. 
biii\|iAÍ, burral, s. loud lamentation; a roar of 

'bu]ipAtAC, burralach, adj. obstreperous m 


bu^ipbA, burrba, s. airiness, haste, nimbleness. 

biini\un, burrun, s. the hip, the back. 

bununu]-, bururus, s. warbling, purling of 

bliu)-, 6/nis, a sign of the comparative degree, 
and has always ni before it, as ni bu]' Ai]TOe, 
higher; v. shall be; " ni he ]-o bu)- oijpe 


bhúf, bhus, on this side; " An CAob Abúf t)on 

h\s]-, bus, s. a mouth, a lip, a §nout; prop. puf. 

bú)-, bus, V, it is; bu]- i:ioi\, it is true. 

bufA-ó, busadh, adj. sulky, snouty; blubber- 

bu)XAi-o, buscaid, s. a commotion, Sh. 

bu^'jAt), busgadh, s coiiFure; head-dress, Sh. 

burg Aim, busgaim, v. I stop, hinder; to dress, 

buftÁll, busiall, s. a muzzle, Sh. 

buj-ój, busog, s. a kiss. 

but, buth, s. a shop, tent, Sh.; prop. boc. 

búcÁ, buta, s. a boot; a short ridge; a tun, Sh. 

búcA-ó, butadh, s. boot, profit, gain; adjunct. 

buéAi]\e, buthaire, s. a chapman. 

bucAi]', butais, s. a boot; vulg. 

bucAl, buthal, s. a pot-hook, Sh. 

bucAb-tiAiiii, buthal-raimh, s. fulcrum of an oar, 

bucAtnuic, buthamuic, s. common hyacinth; 

bucój, butog, s. £ thowl; see bucAli\Airii. 


This letter obtains the third place in the modem Irish alphabet; as it does in the Latin and other European alphabets. 
Our grammarians distinguish it by the name of Coll, which is the hazel-tree in Irish ; Lat. Corylus ; and so 
every other letter of the Irish alphabet is caUed by the name of some particular tree of the natural growth of the 
country: for which reason the old Irish called their letters and wi-itings Fead/ia, i.e. trees; and so did the old Romans caU 
their literary c ompositions by the name of Si/lvoe, when they wrote on leaves of trees and tables of wood.* The Danes also 
called their Munics by the name of Bogstave, for the same reason and in the same sense. Vid. Olaus Wormius de liter. 
Run., page 67. The Irish C or Coll is ranked by our grammarians among those consonants they call bog-chonsomeadha, 
soft consonants ; though it is to be noted that this letter invariably preserves a strong sound wherever it stands in its 
simple and unaspirated state, whether in the beginning, middle, or end of a word; so that, of its own nature, it always 
carries the force of the Greek Kappa, ot the English K; but when it is aspirated by an h, subjoined to it, or a full 
point set over it, Instead of the h, it then carries the soft, guttural, or whistling sound of the Greek Chi, or the Spanish X. 

Our Irish copyists have frequently substituted the letter G m the place of C; wliich substitution is indeed the more natural, 
as they both may be regarded as letters of the same organ; and yet this exchange was not always free from abuse, as it 
sometimes carried away the Irish words from their affinity with other languages, especially the Latm. Thus for Cabhai; 
Lat. Capra, a goat, they wrote Gabhar; for Camul, Lat. Camelus, a camel, aud, metaphorically, a simpleton, they wrote 
Gamul; for Deic or De'ac, Lat. Decern, they wrote Déag ; for co;k or co, Lat. cum or co, they write gon or go ; for con a 
mbrdithribh, Lat. cumfratribus, they writegon a mbrailhr'ibh ; for co ngallaibh, le. con gallaibh, Lat. cum Gallts, they write go 
n'gallaibh, etc. And, vice versa, our grammarians have as frequently substituted C in the place of G, esteeming these two 


10; Sueton. de Claris (i^^mmat ; Cicero de Orator", I. 3; 


letters naturally commutable with each other, like D and T, as indeed they always were in most of the ancient languages. 
But it is particularly to be observed, that, although the letters C and G usurp each other's places, yet in the Irish language 
they never exchange sound or power, each invariably preserving its own natural power and pronunciation, wherever it 
appears; for C is ahvijys :i or K; and G is as constantly a strong unguttural Gamma, excepting the case of their 
being aspirated by th- iniiin -lint.- pubjoining of an li. This property seems peculiar to the Irish or Celtic amongst the old 
languages; since w.- ■> c ii; tlir "1 l>-t draiiclit of tbi' Ikl.n \v and Greek letters, that the Gime/ of the former and the Gamma 
of the latter are markr.l .h.«),, a^ 1, iviui; the \\,rr.- a,,, I ,,,oi,unfiation of either G or C indifferently; which is likewise the 
case in the Armenian, Jail a i: ;' ;; ;!!':. i i a ijicars by the tables of Doctors Bernard and Morton. Thus 

likewise do all the otlier lit i< , ; I i : i :ii\ presei-ve their respective force and power, without usurping 

one another's pronunciati"!! ■; i;:.; ! ^; , i a!, languages, in which C often usurps that of S, as in the Latm 

word Cicero, as does likewijL i v.lajii iama' ly Ivi; a ai Ly the vowel i, and then by another vowel, as in the words 
Titius, Mauritius, usurpatio, etc. So that, if Lnciau hud to deal only with the Irish alphabet, we would have had no room 
for the humorous quarrel and lawsuit he raised between the consonants of iiis alphabet for encroaching on one another, as 
those of most other alphabets frequently do, by usurping one another's function of sound and pronunciation. And this 
circumstance regarding the Irish language is the more remarkable, as its whole and primitive stock of letters is but 
sixteen in number, the same as that of the first Roman or Latin alphaljet, brought by Evander the Arcadian, which was the 
original Cadmean or Phoenician set of letters communicated to the Greeks. And yet, our sixteen letters of the primitive Irish 
alphabet were sufficient for all the essential purposes of language, every one preserving its ow^n sound or power.without usurping 
that of any other letter. As to the h, it is only an aspirate in the Irish language, and never entered as a natural element 
into the frame of any word; though, indeed, of late ages, it seems to have put on the appearance and function of a letter, 
when used as a prefix to a word that begins with a vowel, which happens only in words referred to females or the feminine 
gender; for in Irish we say aghaidh, his face; but as to tjie face of a woman, we must say, ah-adghaidh, in which the h 
is a strong aspirate, and carries such a force as it does in the Latin, heri, hodie; tlie Greek, hagios, Heracleos, the French, 
hero, the English host, etc. ' And as to the P, we shall, in our remarks on that letter, allege some reasons which m.ay seem 
to evince that it did not originally belong to the Irish alphabet. 
One remark more remains to be made on the letter C, which relates to the aspirate or guttural sound (the same as in the 
Greek chi) it is susceptible of at the beginning of a word; a remark wliicli is equally applicable to the letter B, and partly 
to other consonants of the Irish alphabet. In all the nominal words or nouns substantive, of whatever gender, beginning 
with C, and bearing a possessive reference to persons or things of the masculine gender, the letter C is aspirated; Ijut not 
BO when they are referred to the feminine. Ex. a cheann (masc.) his head; a chos, liis foot; a ceann (fem.), her head; 
a cos, her foot. So likewise in B, a bhuachail (m.asc), his servant man; a bhean-sclábha (fem.), his servant maid; 
a buackail, her man servant ; a bean scldbha, her woman servant. But when those words or any other nominals are taken 
absolutely, without reference to anything, those of the feminine gender alone are aspirated in their initial letter, whether 
C or B. Ex. a« c/ios, tlie foot ; an hhean-sclabha, the woman servant ; an buachail, the man servant. So that this pre- 
fixing of the particle an before nouns substantive is one method of discovering their gender. But it does not hold good 
with regard to nouns beginning with D or T. 





C, c, stands for ceAt), the first, or for coat), a 

Ca, ca, is an interrogative particle, and has 

varions significations ; as, how, what, where, 

■when, whence; cÁ hÁi|TOe? cÁ xiume? cÁ 

^tACAlt) cú ? cÁ huAip? CÁ h*]'? 
CliA, c/m, is a negative particle, the same as ni, 

cliA'n'eil, for ni ^m1; used in Ulster and 

Scotland for the negative ni. 

Ca, ca, 1 1 

_ ' ' . J- s. a house. 
Cai, cai, \ 

CAAb, eaab, s. concord in singing, Sh. 

CAb, cah, s. m. a mouth; a head, a gap; the 
bit of a bridle. 

CÁbA, caha, s. a cap or hood ; covering for the 
head ; a cloak or robe. 

CAbAc, cabach, adj. babbling, talkative; tooth- 
less, full of gaps, indented; s. m. a hostage; 

" 'o'plleAt)A]\ CA)\ AlUVlf 5AII CÁ111 JAn 

CAbAt), cabadli, s. breaking of land, Sh.; inden- 
tation, indenting. 

CAbA •oeói'Ain, eaha deasain, s. field or corn 
scabious, scabiosa arvensis. 

CAbAj, cahag, s. a cheese, Sc. 

CAbAgA, cahaga, s. f a quean, strumpet. 

CAbAile, cahaile, s. a fleet, navy; prop. 


CAbAiji, cahhair, s. f support, help, succour. 
CAbAijie, eahaire, s. m. a babbler, a prater. 
CAlbAipe, cahhaire, s. m. a supporter, assistant. 
CAbAipeACD, cabaireachd, ) s. m. andf prating,"' 
CAbAipeAct), cabaiseachd, ) babbling. 
CAbAipitn, cabhairi?n, v. I help, aid. 
CAbAii", cabais, s. f. babble, prate. 
CAbAii-iTti, cabaisim, v. I babble, prate. 
CAbAii'ce, cubaiste, s. f. cabbage. 
CAbAb, cablial, s. m. the body of a shirt; the 

unfinished walls of a house ; a caldron, a large 

pan ; /. e. coine, o. g. 




CAb<\l., cabal, s. a sliip ; a cable ; recte, jAbAl. 
Cokboitkc, cahalach, s. m. a tribute, rent, o. g. 
CAbAtn, cabam, v. to indent, break land; to 

catch, Sh. 
CAbÁn, cabíiJi, s. m. a cabin, bootli, tent ; Welsli, 


CAbÁn, caban, 1 

^ , , ' , ' J- s. m. a capon. 

CAbiin, cabun, J '■ 

CAbÁn, cabhan, s. m. a hollow plain; afield; 

" nio]\ V^'S V® cnoc no CAbÁn, binn no 

jlenn gAn ]-iubAiV', Be. P.; inde, Cavan 

CftbAn, AbAin, cabhan, abhain, s. yellow water 

lily ; nymphsea lutea. 
CAbAnf-A)i, cablianshail, s. a prop or beam of a 

CAbAnuiue, cabanuidhe, s. m. a cottager. 
CAbÁ)i, cabar, s. m. a conjunction, union, con- 
federacy; a joint; the lips; a lath, Sh.; a 

deer's horn, antler. 
CAbA^i, cabhar, s. m. a goat ; alias JAbAji ; a 

hawk ; any old bird. 
CAbA]\A, cabhara, s. a buckler, shield, defence. 
CAbA|\CA, cabartha, adj. united, joined. 
Cihf.\\tk, cabhartha, \ adj. helpful, assisting, 
CAbApcAC, cabharthach,) comfortable. 
CAbA]icAit)e, cabhartaidhe,\ s. m. an assistant, 
CAbA)\cóip, cabharthoir, J helper, comforter. 
CAbA]~OAii, cabasdan, s. m. a kind of ciu-b for a 

CÁbÍA, cabla, s. m. a cable, a chain. 
CAbÍAC, cabhlach, s. m. see CAbAlAC. 
CAbÍAC, cabhlach,} ^ n 
CoblAC, cobhlach,) 
CAbbAC, cabhlach, adj. marine, belonging to a 

CAbbACAii, cabhlachan, s. m. a mariner. 
CAbbAC-OA, cabhlachda, adj. naval. 
CAbluije, cabhluighe, s. ship tackle ; rigging of 

a ship. 
CAbóg, cabog, s. f a tootliless woman, a 

CAboj, cabhog, s. f a jack-daw; aliter cú-óóg. 
CAbóg, cabhog, s. f a piilory ; plundering, ran- 
sacking ; a great hurry, haste. 
CAbójAc, cabhogach, adj. hasty, speedy, quick. 
CAbi\A, cabra, s. a sepulchre. 
CAbjiA, cabhra, sec CAbAip, succour. 
CAbpAC, cabrach, adj. branchy, branching. 
CAbpAc, cabhrach, s. m. an assistant, auxiliary, 

aider, abettor; adj. auxiHary, helpful. 
CAbpA-o, cabraclh, s. a coupling or joining 
CAbjvAijnn, cabhraighim, v. I help, aid, assist, 

succour; also to conspire, PL 
eAbi\AÍni, cabmiin, v. I join, unite, bind, tie. 

CAbpóip, cabrois, s. corn spurrey; spergula ar- 

CAbj-A, cabhsa, s. m. a pavement; a tessclated 

CAbpAi]\, cabhsair, s. f a causeway, pavement, 

CAbpAijMce, cabhsair iche, s. a paver, Sc. 

CAbún, cabun, s. m. a capon ; a mean, despicable 

Cac, cac, s. animal excrement; gen. caca; evil, 

CÁC, each, adj. all, every, each; s. the rest, the 
whole ; cÁc, signifies the generality and the 
universality of men ; " lingpe cÁc Aip a bopj, 
the rest will pursue on his track". " A-OArh 
op bingpcAt) cÁc, Adam, from whom they 
are all [mankind] descended". 

CÁCA, caca, \ s. a cake, vulg. ; prop. bAi- 

CÁCAT), cacadh, ) pin. 

Cacac, cacach, adj. dirty, filthy. 

Cacad, cacadh, s. a yawl. 

CACAim, cacaim, v. I go to stool; I idle, Sh. 

Cacaih, cachain, v. they perfected, brought 
about; " cACAin, no po cACAin, i. e. vo pijne 
0, g.; they sung". 

CACAnAC, cachanach, day-break, Sh.; s. m. a 
dirty fellow. 

CAcein, cachein, v. stop, attend, listen; i.e. 
coipcij no eipxjij, o. g. 

CacUa, cachla, s. agate, Sh. 

CAcnAt), cachnadh, part, efiected ; finished. 

CACUAim, cachnaim, v. I finish, effect, brmg to 

CAcpA-o, cacradh, s. committing nuisance. 

Cacc, cacht, s. a maid servant; a bond woman; 
a fast, fasting ; confinement, straightness, dis- 
tress ; strait, a narrow place ; bonds, fetters ; the 
world; the body; a shout; adj. common, 
general; pA cacc, generally. 

Cacca, cachta, s. hunger. 

CAccAifiuib, cachtamhuil, adj. servile. 

Cat), cad, an interrogative particle; ca-o ido 
pinne cú? 

Ca-ó, cadh, s. a friend; adj. high, holy. 

Ca-óac, cadhach, s. m. friendship; alliance. 

CATJACAf, cadachas, s. atonement. 

Ca-oat), cadad, s. an ellipsis or suppression of a 

CA-OAim, cadaim, v. to fall, to chance, to happen. 

Ca-oaI, cadal, s. delay, sleep, Sh 

CAt)Ab, cadhal, s. a basin; a skin, a hide; cole- 
wort, kail; adj. fair, beautiful, Sh. 

CA-OAbAc, cadalach, adj. drowsy, sleepy, Sc 

CAtiAlAtTi, cadalam, v. to sleep, delay, Sh. 

Ca-oaII, cadall.f. a battle, Sc. 




Ca-oa1,cac, cadaltach, adj. sleepy, Sc. 

CATDAtn, cadam, s. the fork of the hair, Sh.; 
ruin, Sh. 

Ca-oaiuac, cadamach, adj. ruinous, Sh. 

CÁ-ÓAriuMt, cadhamhail, adj. friendly; fiiir; mild. 

Cadaii, cadan, s. m. a bird of passage, a wood- 

Co-oÁn, cadan, | ^ ^ ^^^^^^ f^^^^j^^^ bomhas*. 

Catda]-, cadas, ) 

CAt)An, cadhan, s. a wild goose, a barnacle. 

Cat)aiia|', cadaras, s. m. cotton. 

CÁT)A]iuf, ie. cÁcupu'p, cadarus, i.e. catuni.<:, 
whither, which way; s. contention, Sc. 

CAt>A]iAfAiin, cadarasaim, v. to argue, Sh. 

CatoÁ]', cadas, see CAtiÁn. 

Cat)a]-, cadas, wherefore. 

^*' • J7 ' <■ s. m. friendship, fondness. 

Cat)A]', cadhas, j ■' ' 

CAt)Ap, cadhas, s. m. honour, privilege, indulg- 
ence, respect, glory. 

Ca-oai-ac, carf/iiwac/i, adj. honourable, respectful. 

CATuxt, cadath, s. tartan, Sc. 

Cat)U\, cad/da, s. m. a goat; tlie small guts; 
adj. Catholic, vmiversal; fair, beautiful. 

CcwIac, cadhlach, a. Catholic. 

Ca'óíacaI, cadhlachal, s. a goat-herd, Sh. 

Ca-óIai-ó, cadhlaidh, s. a joker, -Sc. a port. 

CA-óLuib, cadhhiibh, s. the herb cudwort. 

CAt)l<Mt)eAC, cadhlaidheach, a. jocose. 

CAinniip, cadhmus, s. haughtiness. 

CA-ónAice, cadhxaice, s. possession, Sh. 

CAt)tiAicATn, cadhnaicam, to possess, Sh. 

CA-onAniA, cadlviama, adj. equal, ahke. 

Ca-oo, cado, s. a blanket, Sh. 

CAT)]iAn, cadran, s. contention. 

C>\t)]-iAnpA, cadransa, 1 adj. stubborn, obstinate, 

CAT)pAticA, cadranta, J contentious. 

CAe, cae, s. a feast, a banquet; a hedge. 

Cacc, caech, adj. blind, purblind. 

CAecT)i5i]-, caecdighis, s. a fortnight, 4 Mast. 

CAecbiAij, caechliaigh, s. an empiric. 

CAerii, caemh, s. a feast ; love, desire ; Heh. cama, 
to love, desire; adj. fine, handsome, pleasant. 

Csejy, coer, s. f. a fire-brand ; a berry ; itij-e CAej\, 

CAepA, caera, s. f sheep. 

CÁp]\OkX>, C'ifradh, see cAcb^iuic, flummery. 

CÁ5, cag, see CAboj. 

Cajato, cagaidh, s. strangeness ; adj. lawful, just. 

CajaiLc, cagailt, s. f profit, advantage ; frugality, 
sparing ; raking of the fire. 

Ca^aI, cogal, s. the herb cockle ; tares. 

(^AjAlAim, cagalaim, v. I spare. 

Caj,aIcv\c, fffwi/rtc/i, adj. frugal, sparing. 

CAgAticA, caganta, part, chewed. 

Caja]!, cagar, s. a whisper, a secret ; prop. cogA]!. 

Cajajic, cagart, s. whispering. 

CAgAHAim, cugaraim, v. I whisper. 

CajIau, cagladh, adj. sparing, frugal. 

CAglAini, caglaim, v. I spare, save. 

CAjnAii), cagnadh, s. mastication, chewing. 

CAjiiAitii, cagnaim, v. I chew, gnaw. 

Cai, cai, s. a way, a road, Cor.; a house. Cor.; 
a cuckoo; "-oognitiip CAi cucAipeAcc ai]a 
beAnnAib riA mbo", O'Cl. 

CAilJAip, caihhais, s. giggling, laughing, Sh. 

CAibtieAn, caibhdean, s. a number, a multitude; 
a harlot, a prostitute; any depraved or de- 
bauched person. 

CAibe, caibe, s. a spade, Sc. 

CAibeAb, caibeal, s. a chapel, a burying place, 

CAibiT)il,, caibidil, s. f a chapter. 

CAibitiibeAc, caibidileach, adj. capitular. 

CÁibín, caibin, s. m. a hat; an old hat. 

CAibmnACT), caibinnachd, s. talkativeness, 

CAibne, caibne, s. f. the mouth. 

CAibne, caibhne, s. f friendship. 

CAibneAc, caibhneach, a. friendly. 

CAice, caiche, s. f blindness. 

CAicriie, caicmhe, s a kind of neck ornament. 

Cai-o, caid, s. f a rock, summit; see cui-o; 
dirt, filth, i.e. -pAlcAiv 

Cato, caidh, s. Í. an order, manner, fashion, genus, 
mode ; adj. chaste, pure, unspotted, holy ; s. f. 
chaiT; a hide or skin ; pi. CATÓi-óe ; adj. noble, 
generous ; s. a spot, blemish, i.e. b]iob, 0. g. 

CAi-oce, caidhche, s. fine calm weather. 

CAiTJe, caidhe, s. f. chastity, purity ; dirt ; a 

Caiido? caidhe? inter, who is he? i.e. CAe? 

CAi-oé? caide? inter, what is it? 

CAiBeAc, caidheach, adj. chaste; polluted. 

Catocaca, caideacha, s. a spot, stain, Sh. 

CAiTJeACt), caidheachd, s. f. chastity ; sanctity. 

CAineAb, caideal, s. m. a pump. 

CAmcAtiiuil,, caidheamhuil, adj. decent, becom- 

CAit)eAn, caidhean, s. a turtle dove, Sh.; the 
leader of a flock of goats, «S/i.,- adj. alone, soli- 

CAi-oeAf ? caidms ? wherefore ? 

CATóeApÁn, caidheasan, s. m. the covering of a 
liouse, hut, or tent, mostly of skins. 

CAiTJiTJe, caidhidhe, a. covered with a hide. 

CAiTjeog, caideog, s. i. an earthworm. 

CAir>in, caidh in, s. f the female privy member. 

CAit>iob, caidiol, s. a sun dial. 




CAi-óte, catdhh', s. finisliing. 
CAiTJiice, caidldiche, s. thick fur, Sh. 
CAi-ólijce, caidhliyhte, part, finished. 
CAi-óni, caidhni, s. f. a virgin; recte, cAiu-injin. 
CAiT^neAC, caidhreach, adj. friendly, fainihar, 

kind, fond, conversant. 
Cai-ohca-o, caidi-ead/i, s. m. friendship, kindness ; 

discourse, conversation ; fellowship, society ; 

partnership in trade; cherisliing, dalliance, 


"^ s. m. amity, friend- 

„ . ■ 7 1 'i ship, famiharity, 

CAi-oneAm, caidreamh, • ^ 

_ ' . ' . .J ' , ! acquaintance, a 

J ' I companion, com- 

^ *' pany, society, in- 

J tercourse, union. 
CAiT)|\eAtiiAc, caidreamhach, adj. fond, acquain- 
ted, conversant. 

_ . • 7 . ,7 ■ "i V.I associate, cohabit, 

CAinni-oim, catdrid am, f r ji 

I ' 'V />r.niri;rse, íondlc. 

CAi-0]Htn, caidrim 

'dhim, { 

caress, embrace. 

CA15, calff, used by the people of Munster for 

CAit), chaste. 
Caij^aIaih, caigalam, v. to lay up, to cover the 

lire, Sh. 
CALjeATi, calgean, s. m. two tied together, Sc. 
CAigtotmAm, caigionnam, v. to link, Sh. 

Aigi e, caigne, I g. a fan to winnow corn. 

CAijneAn, caignean,) 

CAigmjim, caignighim, v. I winnow. 

CÁ1I, call, s. f desire, longing, appetite ; a look, 
appearance ; qualifications ; an assembly, assem- 
blage ; a condition, state ; disposition, quality, 
constitution ; protection, keeping ; a voice, a 
name ; strength, valour, virtue ; Heb. chail, 
a spear, jav&n ; the back ; a ccÁil,, behind ; 
s a principle. 

CAibAinAj, cailainag, seedy, husky, Sh. 

CAiÍAinj, cailang, s. seed, husk, Sh. 

CAilbe, cailbhe, s. £ a mouth, an orifice. 

CAilbeAC, cailbheach, adj. wide-mouthed. 

CAilbeACc, cailbheacht, s. yawning. 

CAiL-beAub, cailhhearh, s. a cow-herd; prop. 
cAil-yeAub, from CAib and ].-eAi\b. 

CAibcnieAct), cailcidlieachd, s. grounding. 

CaiIc, cailc, s. Í. chalk, lime, marble. 

CAiiceAc, cailceach, 

CAilceAriiuib, cailceamhuil. 

CaiIcja, cailcgha, 

Cai IceAncA, cai7cmnia ? t 1 j i i , 
„ , -1 J i-adi. hard, obdurate. 

C.AiIceACA, cailceata, ^ •' 

CAibcim, cailcim,, v. I chalk. 

CAilcin, cailcin, s. f. a small shield, a target; í 

disorder of the eyes. 

CAile, caile, s. f a shield, a buckler; a country 

adj. chalky, 

woman, a quean, a strumpet, a harlot; a 
simple country maid. 
CAÍle, caile, s. f. narrowness, smallness. 
CAibeAc, caileach, s. m. a cock. 
CÁibeAC, caileach, s. m. a chalice. 
CÁibeAC-o, caileachd, s. m. nature, natural en- 
dowments, affection. 
CÁibeAct)A|i, caileachdar, s. passion of the mind. 
CAibeAc-iniAu, caileach-ruadh, s. a grouse cock. 
CAileAriiuii, caileamhuil, 1 adj. girlish, effeml- 
CAileAncA, caileanta, ) nate. 
CAiieAr, caileas, ) , , 

C^^Ve<:x^■b,caileasadh, \ ^' ^ ^^^^^'^W- 
CAile-bAtAic, caile-hhalaich, s. a cot-quean, »S/t. 
CAibe-bijctuAin, caile-bighcluain, s. a kitchen- 
wench, Sh. 
CAile-ceii\cin, caile-ceircin, s. a shuttle-cock. 
CAibeijin, caileigin, s. something, Sh.; a portion, 
short space, awhile; " CAitéi-cmn Aininne", 
P. J. 39. 
CAileiHAm, caileiram, v to babble, Sh. 
CM\,y^e\\h, cailfferb, see CAi'LbeA]\b. 
CaiIj, cailg, s. f. a sting, malice, treachery ; 

resentment; barley, i.e. eof\nA. 
CaiIjaiu, cailgam, v. to stick or prick, Sh. 
CA^t-^eAmml, cailgeamhuil, adj. pungent; mall- 
clous, treacherous. 
CAiijeAC, cailgeach, a. prickly. 
CAibjeAj', cailgheas, s. disposition. 
CAitic'm, cailicin, s. an old woman, Sh. 
CÁilí-óeAcc, cailidheacht, s. f quahficatlon, 

quality, genius. 
CAili-oéAn, cailidear, s. phlegm, snot. 
CAibijeAC, cailigheach, s. m. a humorist. 
CAiUn, cailin, s. m. a girl; dim. of CAibe. 
CAilmt), cailind, s. calends. 
CaiU]", cailis, s. f. a chalice. 
CA)li]-e, cailise, s. the play of nine pins or nine 

CAilmtiA, cailindha, s. calends, Sh. 
CAibb, caill, s. f a path. Cor.; loss; a trick ; v. 

to name, Sh. 
CaiLIcúIa, caillchula, s. an old woman. 
CAilie, caille, s. f. a veil or cowl. 
CAibleAc, cailleach, s. a nun ; so called from her 
veil; an old woman; Heb. calach, old age; 
from call, time In Hindustanee ; a coward. 
CAibleACAg, cailleachag, s. a diminutive old 

CAibleACAj - ceAnn - •cub, cailleachag - cheann- 

dubh, s. a titmouse, Sc. 
CAibbeACAinuib, cailleacliamhuil, adj. haggish. 
CAibbcACA^', cailleachas, s dotage, cowardice. 
CAibbeAC-nub, ca.illeach-dtibh, s. a black nun. 
CMÍiec-co]\\c,caillech-cliOsach, ?. amilliped, Sh. 



s. m. an eunuch. 

C^Mllec-oit)ce, caillech-oiJIiche, s. an owl. 

CAilteA-ó, cailleadh, s emasculation. 

CAilleAiiuMti, cailleamhain, s. loss, damage. 

CAitieArimAC, cailleamJmach, adj. defection. 

CAilleAn, raillean, s. seed. 

CAiLieAnAC, cailleanach, adj. seedy. 

CAilleA]-^, cailleasg, s. a horse or mare. 

CAillini, caillim, v. I lose, destroy; I geld, caS' 

CokiL'Liog, caiUiog, s. loss. 

CAiltce, caillte, adj. lost, riiined, destroyed ; cas- 

CaiIIccac, cailUeach, adj. disastrous, hurtful, de- 
trimental, destructive, ruinous. 

CAilireAti, cailltean, 

CAillceAUAC, caillteanach, 

CAillceAptiAC, cailltearnach, s. a shrubby place ; 
a nursery for young trees ; from coiLl, a wood. 

CAillceoin, cailUeoir, s. m. a spoiler. 

CAiliiiion, cailmhion, s. a light helmet. 

CaiIidIhj, cailphig, s. a sort of bottle or jug. 

CAilce, cailte, see CAillce; s. hardness, rigour; 
i.e. c]\UA^', 0. g. 

CAiidn, cailtin, s. f hazel; a young eunuch. 

CÁ1111, cairn, s. f. a fault, stain, blemish. 

CAinibéulAc, caiinbeulach, adj. wry-mouthed. 

CAHiibciiting, caimbei'ling, s. a chamberlain, 

CAiiiit)eAn, caimhdean, see CAibneAn. 

CAiiiie, caime, ) i ^ 

„ '. .' 77 > s. crookedness. 

CAnneAT), caiineaa/i,j 

CAiiiie, caime, compar. of CAni, crooked. 

CAiriieAC, caimheach, s. m. a protector. 

CAiiiieACÁn, caimheachan, s. m. a protector. 

CÁimeAn, caimean, part, reproved, blemished, 
O'B.; s. m. reproof, blame, a reproach, O'CL; 
a satire, Cor. 

CAimecAn, caimecan, humpbacked. 

CÁtmein, caimein, s. £ a spot, stain; a mote. 

CÁiineinAc, caimeinach, adj. blemished. 

CAiin]!-eA];, caimhfhear, s. one that nins with 

CÁinnm, caimim, v. I reproach, reprove. 

CAimi)', caimis, s. f. a shirt or shift; chemise. 

CAimle)i\, caimleir, s. a bent stick, used by 

CAitniieAc, caimneach, adj. chaste. 

CAiiimeAng, caimhneang, a. chaste. 

CAiinpeA]!, caimpear, s. m. a champion; a rela- 

CAim]'e, caimse, gen. of CAimi^-, a shirt or shift. 

CAimfeóg, caimseog, s. f. iiilsehood, equivo- 
cation ; an illusion. 

CAitfice, caimhtc, s. a consumption ; adj. contrite, 
overcome, outworn. 

CAniiceAc, caimhteach, adj. consumptive, extra- 
vagant, lavish. 

CÁm, cain, s. i. rent, tribute, a fine; reproach, 
satire ; a fault. 

Caiu, cain, a can; Lk.; adj. chaste, undefiled; 
devout, rehgious; sincere, faithfid, candid; 
just, fair, equal; " me -oo ]iumn cac c]iic co 
cÁni"; beloved. 

CAiiice, cainche, s. the quince tree; ubAlb 
cAince, quince, apple, Br. L. 

CAnToeAÍ, caindeal, s. a candle; vulg. 

CAni-oeAbbjiA, caindealbhra, \ a chandler's 

CAinneAbyojiA, caindealfora, ) shop. 

CAimoijeAcc, caindigheacht, s. a quantity, 
number, Keating. 

CÁineAc, caineach, a. abusive, satirical. 

CÁineAt), caineadh, s. dispraising, satirising, re- 
viling, scolding, traducing; dispraise, satire; 
lamentation, crying. 

CÁmeój, caineog, s. female privity, Sh.; barley 
and oats. 

CAin]:iceAt), cainjiceadh, s. confiscation, amerce- 

CÁin|.-iciiii, cainficim, v. I fine, amerce, com- 

CAuijeAb, caingeal, s. a hurdle. 

CAingeAn, caingean, s. f. a rule, cause or 
reason ; a suppHcatlon or petition ; " •do yxo 
bioni CAingcAn riAC jAun tio 'óeAnAiii", B. 
Marg. ; a compact, covenant, league, or con- 
federacy; ""00 ]\me Tile cAinjeAn ]\éni 
fúibib''. CAingeAU makes CAinj^ne in its 

CcVingnArn, caingnam, v. to argue, plead, S/i. 

CAinim, cainim, v. I dispraise, traduce, satirise, 
scold, abuse. 

CAinneAbA]A, cainneahhar, s. dirt, filth. 

CAinneAb, cainneal, s. a channel; see cAintjeAb. 

CAinnéub, cainneul, s. cinnamon. 

CAin]'eA-ó, cainseadh, s. a lavishmcnt. 

CAin]-eAb, cainseal, s. the chancel, G. P. 

CAtn]'eoi]A, cainseoir, s. a scold, a shrew. 

CAin-peopAcc, cainseoracht, s. m. scolding, satir- 
ising, abusing. 

CAÍnp, cainsi, s.'the face or coimtenance. 

CÁmc, caint, s. f. speech, language, expression; 
vulg. cant. 

CÁmce, caillte, s. a satirical poem. Cor.; part, 

CÁmceAC, cainteach, adj. talkative, loquacious, 

CÁinceACT), caintcachd, s. loquacity, speech. 

CAinceAÍ, cainteal, s. m. a press; a lump, piece. 

CÁmceoin, cainteoir, s. m. a babbler, talkative 
person, a satirist. 



C>Mncic, caintic, s. f. a canticle, a song. 
CÁincijitii, caint.ighun, v. I speak, reason; 

CÁipin, caipin, s. f. a cap or cup; cÁipín iia 

CAi]3cin, caiptin, s. a captain; from the English 

CÁi)\, cab; see coi^; s. f. the gum; an image. 
C^\i)i<.\ni, cairam, v. to mend; send away, lay 

up, Sh.; to endear, Sh. 
CAi^b, cairb, s. f. the cheek, jaw. 
CAijili, cairbh,s. a carcase, a dead body; s. f. a 

cliariot ; a plank ; a fusee ; a ship. 
CAmlJAn, cairbhan, s. a sail-fish. 
CAi]\beACAii, caivheacan, s. m. a ship-boy. 
CAi]\bAni, cairhham, v. to man a fleet, Sh. 
CAii\bitii, cairhhirn, v. I shake, quiver. 
CAinbin, eairhhin, s. f. a little ship. 
CAipbin, cairbiti, s. a carabine; s. f the gum, a 

CAi|\bineAc, cairbineacJi,s. a toothless person. 
CAipbne, cairbne, s. a charioteer, from CA^ib. 
Cvvijibjie, cairbre, s. the proper name of a man ; 
the name of several territories or districts in 
CAipc, cairc, s. f. hair, fur. 
CAijice, caiVc/ie, s. music ; hair, fur; i.e. y^onn- 

VAt), o.g. 
CAinceAc, caircheach, adj. hairy; eager; plea- 
sant, agreable. 
CAi]\ceAp, cairceas, s. a flight; sweat. 
C■^^\\ce^-, caij-ckeas, s. a twist or turn; a little 

vessel, Sh. 
CAinceA]'Aiiii, catrcJteasaim, v. I twist, turn. 
CÁi]TOe, cairde, plur. of cÁpA, a friend ; s. f. 

friendship, peace ; delay, respite. 
CÁiiTOeAC, cairdeach, "^ adj. friendly, favour- 
CÁi]\t)eAriniib, cairdea-y able, loving, kind; 

mhuil, ) Welsh, caredlg. 

CÁiiroeAiiilACt), cairdeamhlachd, s. friendliness. 
CÁi]\tieAp, carrdeas, s. f. friendship; cÁiji-oeAp 

cjuoix, a sponsor to one's child at baptism. 
CÁi]TOeAp5, caij-dhearg, s. a blush, Sh. 
CÁiiTOejAoii, cairdegaoil, s. relations. 
CÁnroijée, cairdighthe, adj. befriended. 
CAiiTOuiAb, cairdinal, s. m. a cardinal. 
CÁijroiotiAÍcA, cairdionalta, adj. cardinal, chief. 
CAijTOiop, caii-dtos, a. culpable, unclean, i.e. caic, 

i e. paLac, 0. g. 
CÁi]\eACÁn, caireachan, s. m. a big-mouthed 

Cai^ica'ó, caireadh, s. a weir. 
CÁipeAiii, eaíreamh, s. m. a brogue-maker or 

CAipeAiii, caireamh, s. m. an embroiderer. 

.eACA,iA,Ti,c«<Vfea-K._ J ^^^j^ strike, toss, 
LiiTi, cairiim, ) 

CAi|ieÓ5, caireog, s. f. a prating wench. 

CÁippiA-ó, cairfJiiadh, s. m. a hart or stag. 

CAii\5Ain, cairgain, an herb, Sh. 

CAii\5im, cairghim, v. I abstain, I forbid, pro- 

CM]\pó]', cairghios, s. lent; prop. CA-óivAÍjeAi', 
from quadragesima, Lat. 

Cai]\it), cairid, s. f. two, a couple, caiimo bo. 

CAinijim, cairighim, v. I tremble; blush; I re- 
buke ; correct, mend ; I bewitch ; I variegate ; 

CÁiiujceAC, cairightheaeh, s. m. a revenger, re- 
buker, o. g. 

CÁiniuJAt), cairiughadh, s. mending, rectifying. 
Teg. Cor. 

CÁipin, cairin, s. f. a darling; lean meat. 

CAipne, cairine, s. legs; i.e. copA, o. g. 

CÁipte, cairle, adj. tumbled, tossed, beaten; s. 
a tossing, tumbling. 


CAi]\leo5, cairleog, s. f the private parts of 

CAi^ni, cairin, s. f a kind of ale among the old 
Irish ; otherwise coipm and cuipm ; a banquet. 

CAi]\riieACT), cairmheachd, s. f brogue-making. 

CAinmeAÍ, cairmeal, s. wild peas, Sh.; liquorice. 

CAi)\n, cami, s. a hill, mount, a heap of stones. 

CAinneAc, cairneach, s. m. a priest; a druid; a 
saciiiicer; an osprey; the bird called kings- 
fisher, Ii: Bib.; adj. stony, Ferm.; fleshy, 

CAipceoip, cairtheoir, a. m. charioteer. 

CAiupce, cairpthe, adj. accursed. 

CAi]ii\eAl, cairreal, s. noise, Sh. 

CAini\eii\, cairreir, s. a carrier, Sh. 

CAin]i]-e, cairrse, s. a club, Sh. 

Caihc, cairt, s. f the bark or rind of a tree; a 
cart, car, chariot; paper, a card, chart, charter, 
deed, bond, indenture, diploma, map ; a rock, 
a large stone. 

CAipcceAp, cairtcheap, the nave or stock of a 
cart wheel. 

CAi]ice, cairthe, s. a chariot, Sh. 

CAi]iceAc, cairteach, adj. barky, cortical; s. a 
defendant in a process, Sc. 

CAi]\ceAl,, cairteal, s. a cartel, Sh.; a challenge, 
Sc; a lodging. 

CAi]ireo5, cairteog, s. f a tumbril. 

CAinceóip, cairttoir, s. m. a waggoner, a carter. 

Cai]>ciiii, cairiim, v. see cA]\CA)tn. 

CAi^vciuib, cairtiuil, s. the mariner's 
prop. CA]\c-f-iubAit. 

CAii\clAnn, cairllann, s. a cartulary. 



CÁi)-, cuts, s. f. an eye ; see quot. at Aot) ; clieese ; 

love, esteem, regard ; 111 "b-yuiL cÁí]- Ag^m Ann ; 

projJ. CÁ]'; a cause, reason; s. f. rent. 
Cm]-, cais, s. f. haste ; hatred, dislike, enmity. 

" Ca)]% i.e. miofjAif, no yuAC, *Oo |uw 

ociAn cAir-oo T)hiA, i.e. cuj •oeAniAn, tiiio|-- 

CAl]' TOO ■OlllA, AJAj' AlilAlL At)eip An ]iAnn. 
ITIaC beAJ ACÁ f A CT1\ tUAl-O, 

A5 cui\Ait) ipn ciuvobjiuAit), 
Cni) ÁÍAinn a cuL caj- CAin, 

niÓH A CAlf AJA leAf-1ÍlAéA1|l. 

i. e iiióniiiio]-5Aii'", O'CL; adj. neat, spruce, 
trim ; agreeable, pleasant, 0. g- ; s. f. a torrent, 
a stream. 

CÁi|-An, caisan, s. m. hoarseness; phlegm. 

CAij-c, caisc, s. f. the feast of Easter, Passover, 

CAi]^ciAb, caischiahh, s. f. curled hair, a curl. 

CAi]xiAbAC, caischiahhach, adj. having curled 

Caii~o, caisd, v. imper. listen, hearken, Sc. 

CAij'DeAct), caisdeac/td, s. listening, Sc. 

CAi]~oeAl,, caisdeal, s. a castle, house, dwel- 

CÁi]-e, ccdse, gen. of cÁif, cheese. 

CAij'e, caise, s. f. a stream of any liquid; pi. 
CAirioe, CAipue irobA; a wrinkle, fold, twist, 
plait; a cake; passion, quickness; a mush- 
room; the private parts of a female; discord, 
enmity, hatred. 

CÁii-e, caisé,-) ^ f_ j^^ affection, regard. 

Cai]', cais, J ' ° 

" CÁip mioy'CAi]', cÁip -peApc, 
"Oa \\é\\\ UA beAbAp bÁinceAiAC, 
Ko I'gAoib neA]\c ua cc)\onif-btiA5 -óé, 
"OiAj- -oAn conrouAb cÁip". 

For. Foe. 

CAi]-eAC, caiseach, adj. wrinkled, plaited. 

CAi]-eAiD, caisead, s. steepness, abruptness ; fierce- 

CAi^-eA-o, caiseadh, s. suddenness, rapidity. 

CAij-eAb, caiseal, s. m. a bulwark, a wall ; a rock 
or stone on which tribute was paid by the 
ancient Irish; " CAi]'eAb, i.e. cio]v\ib, i. e. 

Alb An Ci0]-A, i. Í. cboCgUj- A'OCUJCAOl cio]'". 

OCl. Connac, in his glossary, amongst other 
derivations which he gives for the name of 
Cashel, gives the following: " CAifCAb, i. e. 
Alb cio]'A, 'oo be^\cAÍ o yepAib eijnonn 511)' 
in boc \\m : alit. CAi]-eAb, i. e. Áib ci^-e, i. e. 
|\o cei]'". 

CAi|-eiiiAn, caisemhan, s. a shoe-maker, A •?. 

CAi]-eA]\bAn, caisearhlian, s. dandelion, Sc. 

CAifiiCAbA^', caisreabhas, s. juggling, Icgerdc- 

CAij'eój, ca{seog,'s. the stem of a weed, Sh. 
CÁi)-eói]i, caiseoir, s. m. a cheese-monger. 
CAij-g, caisg, see cai^x; feast of the Passover. 
CÁii'gA, caisga, adj. caseous. 
CAi^-gitn, amgirn, v. see coifgitn. 
CAi|'ib-cno, caisil-chro, s. a coffin or bier. 
C^\yw\,, caisiol, see CAij^eAb; s. the foundation 

of a wall or building ; any stone building. 
CAi^-beAc, caisleach, s. a foot-path, a ford. 
CAi]'beAC-i"puinc, caisleach-spuinc, s. touch- 
wood, Sh. 
CAifbeACCA, cai'ile'jchta, adj. polished, smooth, 

CAi]-beÁn, caislean, s. m. a castle. 
CAij-beoi]!, caisleoir, s. m. a castle-builder, a 

CAi)'bi, caisli, polished, Sh.; adj. mild, gentle; 

CAom, 0. g. 
CAi^'btjce, caislighthe, adj. wrinkled, folded. 
CAi^-meACT), caismeachd, s. march tune, Sh.; an 

alarm, warning, caution. 
CAii'ineAC'OAC, caismeachdach , adj. warning, 

CAii-nieApc, caismeart, s etymology; heat of 

battle ; armour ; a band of men for fight, Sli. 
CAii'ineoncAC, caismeortach s. an armed man, 

Sh. • 

C'\\]-\\e'ih.xc,z,caisreahhacht, s ajuggling, slcight- 

CAiffeog, caisreog, s. f a wrinkle, a curl. 
CAii'iieogAc, caisreogach, adj. wrinkled, curled, 

CAij-jiimini-oe, caisrimiiddhe, s. a wrinkle, Sh. 
CAiii'iobACC, cahisiolacht, s. m. a battlement. 
CAii'ceAb, caisteal, see cAi]^t)eAb. 
CAi]-rin, caistin, s. a crafty fellow. 
CAir-creAiibÁ,n, cai.- 1 ^^^^^^^ dandelion; 

tsearhhain, f • ^.^^^.^ ; leonto- 

CAir-creApbAU, cms- C ^^^ tai-axacum. 

Isearbhan, ) 

CÁ1C, cait, s. a sort or kind; interr-og. where? 

whether? compounded of ca and Aic. 
Caic, cait, s. f. safe delivery in eliild bearing ; 

" 1Tlio)ibAib inóp vo ■óeAnAtii -oofiebb III111111 

AcA c]\uini i. e. a f-uibe vo cAbAijic ■oo ■ÓAÍb 

A cetijA -oo ÁiiibAbA]!, A co]-A 00 cbAijiinec, 

A bAiii x)o pneAT) -00 neoc aja ^\Aibe ]-i 

CeAllJAlbce T)1A CAob, AJA]- CAIC 'OO lilUAOl 

co|\nAi5," 4 Mast. 1444. 
CÁ1C, cuith, s. the male organ of generation, 

0. g.; s. f. shame; a blemish; chaff; adj. dirty, 

unclean; chaste, mild, modest. 
CAitbei]\c, caithbheirt, s. armour. 
CAitbeAjicAc, caithbhcariach, s. m. a soldier 

living on free quarters. 





CcMcce^ caitche, s. fines, trespasses ; tribute due 
to the ilaith or chief! 

Cokice, caite, adj. Avimiowed; Luce cÁiue, -win- 
nowers; s. a bnilse, a wound; Heb. chathe. 

CÁiceAc, caiteach, s. m. a wHnnow-sheet ; chafF; 
a sort of basket ; the main sail of a ship. 

Caiccac, caitheach, adj. expensive, prodigal, 
wasteful, consumptive; s. m. a sj^ender, 

CAiceACAU, caiteacJian, s. m. a winnower; a 

CAiceAc-o, cáiteachd, s. f. threadbaredness. 

Caiccaca]', caitheaehas, s. m. prodigality. 

„ . . .', ,, "i s. m. spending, consum- 

CAiceAiiiAC, caiilieamhach, s. m. a spendthrift. 
CAiceAiiiAcc, caitheamkaclit, s. m. devastation, 

consumption, spending. 
Caiccoj, caiteog, s. f. a kind of basket; a butter 

pot, Sli.; butter, OB. 

is. m. a spendthrift, 
la\-isher, consumer ; 
one who flings, 
throws, or winnows. 

CAicpeAc, caithfeacli, s. m. a spender, con- 

CÁic]:eAC, caithfeacli, adv. nigh to, Sh. 

CAic):eAC-o, caithfeachd, s. f. consumption. 

CAicp-ó, caiihfidh, v. it behoves, becomes; it 
obHges, compels; An ccAici-e me? must I? 
am I obhgcd? 

CAicpjoAH, caii/i/ii/Aea;', V. it behoves; it ought; 
it is fit. 

CAici-óe, caithidhe, s. m. a warrior, o. g. 

CÁiciTti, caitJtim, V. I winnow. 

CAitmi, caithiin, v. I eat, spend, consume, wear 
out, waste ; I fling, hurl, cast, throw. 

CAicioc-o-Ainirine, caithiochd- "i 

aimsire, I ^' "^' '^''''^"^^' 

CAireAin-Aunri^e, cailheamh- ( amusement, 
aimsire, ) ^P°^"*- 

Caic'iu, caitin, s. f. shag or coai'se hair, PI.; nap 
of cloth ; blossom of osier ; a little cat, kitten ; 
8. f. a curl. 

CAicmeAc, caitineacJi, a. m. a cloth-dresser ; 
adj. ciu'led, napped. 

Caicic, caifit, s. a headed pin, i.e. cajicaic 

Caicic, caitith, s. f. a bodkin, a pin, a thorn. 

Caiciccac, caititeach, s. m. a pin header. 

CA1C101Í1, caithiomh, s. waste, expense, extrava- 
gance ; possessing, enjoying, Midi. 69. 

CAm\)i,At, caitJd2ighadh, s. f. fightino-, conquer- 

CAICIU5A1Ó-CAIC, caithiughadh-caich, adj con- 

tory, triumph, career; fame. 
léinieAC, caithrei- ") , -i- 
ach, I - i • 

, .1 -,7 ■ / victori 

\eiiiieAiiiAil,, caithrean- Í , 

, ., ' I ous, si 

n/, J 

ictorious, fam- 

quering; i. e. "oénAiú |"opbAi^' ■00 cÁc, no tda 

ccu)\ A n-oimbiMj", CI. 
CAicieAC, caithleach, s. m. chalF, husks. . 
CAicleAtn, caithleam, v. we must. 
CAiciiie,' caithmhe, s. wasting, spending, Donl. 
CAictiieAC, caithmheach, adj. wasteful; s. m. a 

CAicriiileA-ó, caitlimldleadh, s. m. a soldier, a 

CAicinim, caithmJdin, v. I waste, spend. 
CAiune, caithne, s. f. a t-\vo year old heifer, 

Br. L. 
CAicieAC, caithreach, s. m. a citizen; adj. 

CAiqioAmAt), caitreamadh, s. information, Sh. 
CAicnénn, caithreim, s. f. a catalogue of battles; 

■victory, triumph, career; fame 
CAicnéinieAC, caithrei- 


CAic^iéiniiúJA-ó, caithreiminghadh, s. m. exulta 

tion, triumph. 
CAiqiiounAC, caithriodhnach, s. a cave, Sh. 
CMt]\^]■•, caithris, s. watching, Sc. 
CAitjUfeAC, eaithriseach, adj. -watchful, atten- 
CAicpbÓAn, caithsloan, s. chaff, Sh. 
CAicce, caitte, interog. how ? after what manner ? 

adj. neeessaiy, Sh. 
CAicce, caithte, part, winnowed. 
CÁb, cal, s. kail, colewort, cabbage; a joke; a 

voice; sleep, slumber; keeping, -watching, 

Caía, cala, ■) s. m. a port, harbour, haven, 
CaLax), caladh,^ ferry; inde. Calais. 
CaIad, caladh, adj. hard; Welsh, calad, frugal, 

CAÍAig, calaigh, s. m. a joker. 
CAb<Mm, calaim, v. I sleep; prop. cobAnii, or 

CAbAimeilc, calaimeilt, calament; Calamentha. 
CAl,Ain-oéi]\, calaindeir, s. f. a calender, C. P. 
CAtAinn, calainn, s. f. a couch. 
CAlAi|ieAc-o, calaireachd, s. f. burying, inter- 
CAÍÁipce, calaiste', a college. 
CaIaic, calaith, see caLa. 
CAÍAm, calam, v. to enter port, Sh. 
CAbAoi]', calaois, s. a cheat, guile. 
CAbA0i-|-eÁc, calaoiseach, s. a juggler. 
CAtb; calb, s. m. the head; -oo co>l.b \k cloic 

CAlb, calbh, s. m. hardnc.??; adj. bald, bald- 

pated; Ueb. chalak. 





CA^bAC, ealbhach, s. proper name of a man ; 
derived fi-om CALb. 

CAÍbAct), calhhachd, s. a baldness. 

CAlbcA, call'litha, s. tlie calf of the leg. 

Ccxlbf A]', caH'htkas, s. a buskin. 

CAlbu.(.\U\TÍ), ralbliualadh, s. a hot battle, Sh. 

CaIc, calc, s. f chalk; lime; prop. CAilc; adj. 
hard, obdurate, obstinate. 

CaIca-o, calcadh, s. driving, caulking, Sc; hard- 
ness, obduracy, obstinacy, firmness; harden- 

CAlcAini, cailcaim, 

V. I harden, fasten. 

CAlcAijim, calcaighim, 

CAlcAigce, calcaightlie, adj. hardened, obdurate. 

„ , ' , .' ;• s. a caulker, be. 
CALCAine, calcaire, ) 

CaIcaih, calcam, v. to drive with a hammer, to 

CAlceAj\CAm, calchearcain, s. a shuttlecock. 
CAÍ-ceA]i-pbAC, cal-cearslach, s. cabbage. 
CaI-coIaj, cal-cohiff, s. a cauliflower. 
CAlciiJAt), calcugliadh, s. obduracy, obstinacy. 
CAÍeic, caleith, s. a ferry, a port, harbour. 
CaI^, calg, s. m. a sword, a sting, a prickle ; 

prop. cobg. 
CaIjac, calgach, adj. sharp, prickly; angry, 

CAÍjAitn, calgaim, v. I sting; exasperate. 
CaIjai^io, cnlgaire, s. m. a wheedler. 
CaIjaoii", calgJiaois, s. a cheat. 
CAÍjAoii'eAC, calghaoiseacli, s. m. a cheater. 
CAbgApt), calgard, a. proper; straight, tall. 
CAlgbjiint), calghhndd, s. false imprisonment. 
CAlgbpu-ÓAn, cidghhnidhan, s. butcher's broom, 

CAbt, call, s. loss, Sc. 

CaIIa, calla, adj. tame, Sh; s. a veil, hood, cowl. 
CaLÍac, callach, s. a bat; i.e. yeAi'CA)! itic. 0. g.; 

a boar, Sh., prop. cuIIac. 
CAbÍA-ó, calladh, s. a cap, veil, hood. 
CAblAe, callae, s. a whelp, a puppy. 
CAlbAjAiTi, callagam, v. to flatter, Sh. 
CAlbAicAm, callaicham, v. to tame, Sh. 
CaIÍait), callaid, s. a call, a shout; i. e. jAijiin, 

o.g.; craft, cunning ; prudence; z. e. gliocAf, 

o.g.; adj. crafty, wily. Cor.; s. a cap, wig, a 

fence, Sc; the efiect of smoke on the eyes. 
CAbbAit), ca//aii//i, adj. active, nimble, <S/i. 
Có.\Xi^me, callaidhe, s. a partner; prop. cuaI- 

CAblAmeAC, callaideach , ady fenced, surrounded, 


_ 1 , ' 7; ■ 7 > s- calends. 
CALLAint), callaind, J 

CaHahic, callaire, s. m. a crier. 

CAbbÁi]AeACX), callaireachd, s. crying, shouting. 
CAblÁn, callan, s. m. noise, shouting, babbling. 
CAÍbAnAC, callanacli, adj. clamorous, noisy. 
CAbbwAct), calldachd, s. losses, Sh. 
CaLIoto, calloid, s. an outcry, complaint, wrang- 

ling, noise ; a funeral ciy, an elegy. 

AÍbÓltieAC, c< 


CAllóit)eAc, ca!loidectch,SLdy obstreperous, noisy ; 

CaIIoi]', calloi'^, s. buffoonery, Sh. 

CAbtAoi^'eAc, odlaoiseach, s. m. a buffoon. 

CAblrA]\nAc, c(ilUarnacli,s. a truss of weeds, «S/i . 

CAllruni, caUii hi, s. hazel, -Sc 

CAllinn, callui.i, s. an entertainment prepared 
for the new } ear, Sc. 

CaIiiia, ccdma, s. m. rigour, hardness, chivalry; 
adj. brave, valiant, stout, strong. 

CAbiiiAct), calmachd, \ s. m. courage, bravery, 

CAbnA-oA]-, ca/"i«ito, j strength; chivalry. 

CAÍniÁn, cabnan, s. f a pigeon. 

CAlniAn-coibbe, caiman- coille, s. a ring-dove. 

CAlniAf , calrnas, see cAbmAc-o. 

CAbp, calp, s. m. the head, Br. L. 

CAb)3A, caljya, s. m. the calf of the leg. 

CAbp-óÁ, calpdha, adj. capitulary. 

CAbcAj, caltag, black guillemot, Sh. 

Caiii, cam, s. m. a quarrel, a duel; deceit, in- 
justice; adj. crooked; Heb. c&mak; blind of 
an eye, Sc; effectual, substantial. 

Caiii, camli, s. power, might; adj. strong, stout, 

Caiii A, cama, adj. brave. 

Caiiiac, camacli, s. power. 

Caiha-ó, camadh, s. bending, making crooked. 

CAiiiAibc, camailt, s. i. rubbing.. 

CAiuAibce, camailte, part, rubbed. 

CAniAim, camaim, v. I bend, make crooked. 

CAiuAil, camaiY, 1 ^. , ,,,^,i Hcb. g^mú. 

CaitiaL, cainal, J ° 

CAniAbcA, camalta, adj. demure. 

CAniAbcAC-o, camultachd, s. demureness. 

CAiiiÁn, caman, s. m. a common or bent stick for 

CAtiiAUAC-o, camanachd, s. m. the game of com- 
mons or hurling. 

Caiii Án-i'eAi\)u\i5, caman-searraigh, s. fumitory; 
fumaria officinalis. 

CAiiiAoijA, camhaoir, s. the first appearance of 
day light, or break of day. 

CATnAi\, camar, s. m. a soft foolish person. 

CAniApÁn, camaran, s. m. an idiot. 

CAiiibéutAC, cambheulach, adj. wry-mouthed. 

CAinceAcrA, camceachta, s. the constellation 
called the Plough, or Ursa Major. 

Caiucoiwc, camchosach, adj. bow-legged. 

CAniTJAn, canidhau, s. an iambic, Sh. 



CÁinét)? earned? how mucli? 

CAiiijiA^', camglas, s. a redshank. 

CAiniopgAin, camlorgain.s. a cUib foot, a bandy 

CAiiilo]\5AmeAC, camlorgaineach, adj. club- 
ibotcd, bow-legged. 

CAtTiiTiAn, camman, s. an eclipse, Coi: 

CAimiiurAnbAc, eammhugarlach, adj.chib-footed, 

CAniiiuiin, cammhuin, s. the bird wry-peck. 

CAnitinimeAbAC, cammhuineahuh, adj. wry- 

CAninAit), camiiaidli, s. rest. 

CATÍinAi-óe, camhnaidhe, s. a building or edifice; 
a place of residence. 

CAiiinAfóeAC, camnaidheach, s. m. a settled per- 

CAiiinAit)eAC"o, camJinaidheachd, s. a settlement, 

Caiiiój, camog, s. f a curl; a twist or winding; 
a curve ; a turn ; a comma ; a clasp ; a tenter ; 
a small bag ; falsehood, equivocation ; a temple, 
Canticles, iv. 3. 

Caiiiójac, camogach, s. m. a liar, a sophister; 
adj. crooked, curled, bent, twisted; quibbling, 
sopliistical ; meandering. 

CAinoijin, camoigin, s. a curled-headed cliild. 

CÁnipA, campa, s. a camp. 

CÁm]DAi jini, campaigliim, v. I encamp. 

Caiii]3A)i, campar, s. m. grief, vexation. 

CAtiipA^iAc, cawparac/i, adj. vexatious, grievous, 

CAtiipcuAim, campthuaim, s. an entrenchment, 

CÁmpúJAÓ, campughadh, s. m. encampment, 

CAtnpun, campur, s. m. a champion. 

CAin]iAC, camrath, s. a gutter, sewer, jakes, SIi. 

CAtnuoiiic, camroilic, s. a club-foot ; so called 
from the vulgar opinion that a pregnant 
woman wiping her foot in a church-yard, 
will have her infant with a club-foot. 

CAiiipom, camhsoir, s. m. a cause-way. 

CAmi'-^\onAC, camshronacli, adj. hook-nosed. 

CAiii-púiLeAC, camsJiuileacJi, adj. squint-ej'ed. 

CAiinip, caimts, s. m. a bay. 

CAn, can, adv. whilst, when 

Cau ? can ? inter, what place ? CAn Ap ? from 
what place? prep, without, not, having, 
wanting; " cAn pA0i CAn p-ACApbuij", St. 
Fursa; s. a lake ; the moon ; a small vessel, 
o. g.; s. f time; a season; bad butter, O'E.; 
s. ra. profit, advantage. 

Caiia, cana, ?. a whelp, a puppy ; s. m. an order 
of poets of the third degree below an 

OUamh, Br. L.; profit, gain, advantage; a 

moth ; the moon. 
CÁnA, cana, \ s. tribute, amercement, assess- 
CÁnAC, canach,) ment. 
Caiiac, canach, s. m. cotton, down; standing 

water ; treachery, deceit ; catstail, moss-crops, 

Sh.; adj. soft, kind; s. a sheet of water, i.e. 

niAJ uipje, o.g. 
CÁriACt), canachd, s. ta.xation, taxing. 
CAiiAt), canadh, s. singing ; a porpoise ; a tribute. 
CAnAen, canaen, the collector of a tax, Sh. 
CAiiÁib, canaih, s. f. hemp, Lat. canabis. 
CÁUAije, canaighe, s. diit, filth. 
CAriAijce, canaighthe, part. sung. 
CAnAim, canaim, v. I sing. 
CAnAb, canal, s. a canal, conduit, Sh. 
CAnAriiúm, canamhmn,} s.f a language, dialect; 
CAY\múm,canmhuin, j pronunciation, accent. 
CAiiÁnAc, cananach, s. m. a canon, canonist; 

" JlolÍA HA tlAOlil UA leAUnAÍn CAllÁriAC 

AjAp SAC]\ipcA leAf A jAbAil '00 écc", 4 Mast. 

CAn"bÁp, canhhas, s. m. canvas, sail-cloth. 
CAntiA, canda, s. a moth; see cAnnA; recte 


CAn5A]iuicAiii, cangaruicham, v. to fret, vex, 
canker, Sh. 

CAniiiútn, canmhuin, see cÁnAiiiúm. 

CAnti, cann, s. a vessel, a reservoir-; full moon, 

CAnnA, canna, s. a can; a moth; i. e. " Cu 
ponriA, i. e. leA-omAnn niAp aca beACA-ÓAC 
beAg biop A bpionnpA'D An cAtiAij", O'Cl. 

CAnnAC, cannach, s. sweet -willow, myrtle; adj 
handsome, pretty. 

CAntipÁn, caniwan, s. muttering, grumbling, 
contention, dissatisfaction. 

CAnn]\ÁnAC, cannranach, adj. dissatisfied, con- 
tentious, fretful. 

CAnnpÁnAnn, cannranaim, v. I grumble, con- 

CAnóin, canoin, s. f a rule or canon; muttering, 

CAnóuAc, canonach, see cauáiiac. 

CAnoiroA, canonda, adj. canonical. 

CAnótTOACc, canondacht, \ s. m. canonisation ; 

CAnonúJAÚ, canonughadh.} canonising. 

CAnc, cant, s. m. dirt. 

CAnuA, canta, s. a lake, a pool, a puddle. 

CAncAC, cantach, adj. dirty, miry, muddy. 

CAncAic, cantaic, s. a canticle. 

CAiicAijeoip, cantaigheoir, s. m. a singer; an 
accent, PI. 

CAncAib, cantail, s. singing; an auction or 
cant, ^•^llg; voting for, Sh. 



CAncÁm, cantain, s. f. si^caking, sniging, chant- 

CAticAineACT), ci'intaireachd, s. m. pronunciution ; 
singing, chanting. 

CAncAtAnii, cantalaim, v. leant, sell by auction. 

CAncAoin, cantaoir, s. a press; CAncAoi)iyionA, a 
wine press. 

CAnce, eante, see CAince. 

C<\nr\.Am,cantlamIi,') , -r. c-, 
^ 1 ., I y s. strife, /b/i. 

CAncoL, cantol, J 

CAncoi]!, cantoir, s. m. a chanter, singer. 

C An col, cantol, s. grief. 

CÁnmcce, canuichte, adj. mulcted, Sc. 

CAnu)i, earner, cotton. 

CAob, caob, s. m. a clod. 

CAob, caohh, s. m. a bongh, a branch. 

CAobAC, caobach, adj. cloddy. 

CAobAn, eaohhan, s. a little bough or twig; dim. 
of cAob; s. m. a prison. 

Caoc, moe/i, adj. blind, blasted, empty; cnú-ó 
cAoq, a blind nut. 

Caocact), caochachd, s. f. blindness. 

Caoca-o, caochadh, s. blinding, blasting ; a wink, 

Caocaj, caocliag, s. a turned shell, Sh. 

Caocahh, caochaini, v. I blind, blast. 

CA0CÁ11, caochan, s. m. the fimdament; a cur- 
rent of air ; a stream or rill ; singlings, 
whiskey in the first process of distillation. 

Caociúiv, caocidhis,! i- x • i i 

^ ' . > s. a lortmght. 

CAOcto]', caocws, J o 

CAoctJA, caochda, adj. blind, blasted. 

CAOclAt), caodadh, s. a change, alteration. 

CAOclAi-óeAc, caoclaidheach, adj. changeable, 
variable, inconstant. 

CAOclAiúeAcc, caochlaidlieaclit, s. mutability, 

CA0CÍA1-D1111, caocJdaidhim, v. I change, alter, 
vary, variegate. 

CAoc.lAn, caochlan, s. a swift rill, Sh. 

CAoc-nA-cccAtic, caoch-na-ccearc, s. hen-bane; 
liyosj'amus niger. 

CA0CÓ5, caocJwf/, s. f a nut without a kernel; a 
fuzball; blindman's buff; a mole; a blind 
girl or woman ; a sponge ; a spiral shell. 

Caotd, caodh, s. a teai', Sh.; good order, condi- 
tion, Sh. 

CAo-oAni, caodam, v. to come, OB. 

CAOtiAiiibAct), caodhamhlaclid, s. competency. 

CAOBAn, caodhan, s. a person in jrood condition, 


Cao'dacau, caodachan, s. m. an infant beginning 

to walk. 
CA()X)-coluini-cil,le, caod-coluim-ciUe, s. St. 

John's wort ; hyperlcum perforatum. 

Cao-oc? caode? how? 

CA05, caog, s. f a wink. 

CA05A, ca.i;a, K^-. gft 

CAogA-o, caogad, ) ■^ 

Caojac, caogach, adj. squint-eyed, Sc. 

Caoja-o, caogadh, s. winking. 

Caojatdat), caogadadh, adj. fiftieth. 

Caojaiiii, caogaim, I wink. 

CAog-i'-uiLeAc, caog-shuileach, see caojac. 

Caojiiia, caogrna, s. sanicle ; Sanicula. 

Caojcijii", caogthighis, s. a fortnight, fifteen 

Caoi, caoi, s. m. a road, way ; a method, manner,_ 

fasluon ; a visit, visitation ; a cuckoo. 

Caoi, caoi, \ s. a tear, lamentation, mourn- 

Caoto, caoidh, ) ing. 

Caoto, caoidh, s. f. decency. 

CAOice, caoiche, \ -i r ^ 

„ . ' . ', 7 r s. bhndness. 

Caoica-o, caoichad, > 

CAonJce, caoiVZ/ic/ig, adj. certain, sure, il/ii//. 17; 
adv. for ever. 

CAoi-oeAw, caoidheadh, "» s. m. lamentation, 

CAoi-ó]ieAii, caoidhrean,\ weeping. 

CAoit)iin, caoidhim, v. I lament, mourn, grieve. 

CaoiI, caoil, s. f the waist. 

CAoile, caoile, a. i. smallncss, leariuess, slendcr- 

CAoileAt), eaoileadh, s. m. narrowing. 

CAoibeAng, caoileang, s. a narrow district. 

CAoil-yAil, caoil-fail, s. the less stinging nettle ; 
urtica urens. 

CAOille, caoille, s. land. 

Caoui'i, caoiiith, adj. gentle, mild, clean, urbane. 

CAOiiiit)it, caoimhdhil, a. very loving. 

CAoniie, caoimke, s. blitheness, mildness. 

CAOiiiieAcÁn, caoimheachan, s. an entertainer. 

CAoimeACAf, caoimheachas, s. society. 

CAOiiiieAtinnb, caoimheamhuil, see CAOirii. 

CAOitiiin, caoimin, s. the herb eye-bright; the 

CAonninAC, caoiminach, s. a common for cattle. 

CAOiiiineAiiitAct), caoimhneamhlachd, s. m. kind- 

CAOiiimeAiiiuil, caoimhneamliuil, adj. kindly.- 

CAOiiiineA^', caoimhneas, s. m. kindness. 

CAoniii^jiAC, caoimhsgiatli, s. m. a shield, buck- 
ler, escutcheon. 

CAOnnceAC, caoimhtheaeh, s. m. a bedfellow, a 
companion; a stranger; prop. CAoiiinceAc; 
adj. strange, foreign, prop. coiiiuceAC. 

CAOitiiceACAf, caoimhtheachas, s. strangeness; 
association, society. 

CAOitiiceAcc, caoimhtheacht, s. m. a country; 

CAoniuúeAc, caoimhilheach, see cAoitiiccAc. 



CAOuiuceACA]', caoimliitheachas, see CAOniiceA- 


CAoin, caoin, adj. gentle, mild, sweet-tempered, 
kind; clement; Heb. clien, base; diy; plea- 
sant, deliglitiful, polished, smooth ; s. the right 
side, »S/i. 

CAOincoiii|lAC, caoinchomhrac, s. peace, amity; 
i. e. " pccAin no cÁi]roeA|-", o. g. 

CAonicneACAC, caoinchreatach, s. a writer of ele- 
gies, Sh. 

CAOin-oeALIi, caoindealbh, s. a fine handsome 
form, 4 Mast. 1461. 

CAOin-'oúéiuvcr, caoin-duthracht, s. devotion. 

!s. m. a dirge, Irish cry 
or lamentation for 
the dead; bewailing, 
CAomeAc, caoineach, s. stubbles, moss, Sh. 
CAOineACAn, caoineachan, s. a polisher of stone, 

CAOineACA-j', caoineachas, s. peace, Sh. 
CAomeAt), caoineadh, s. baseness ; a dirge, lamen- 
CAoineA^", caoineas, s. mildness. 
CAomeÁn, caoinean, s. m. a lamentation, a 

CAOimtn, caoinim, v. I lament, cry. 
CAOiniu JAÚ, caoiniu-ghadh, s. crying. 
CAOinuijuii, caoinuighim, v. I cry. 
CAomLeAc, caoinleach, s. m. corn-stubblcs. 
CAoni-iiAi'jA^;, caoin-nasgar, s. a garrison. 
CAoin^-e, caoinse, s. f. face. 
CAOinfuApAC, caoins/i«arac/i, adj. indifferent. 
CAoiiifUAi\Act), caoinshuarachd, s. indiiFerence, 

CAomce, caointe, adj. lamented, bewailed. 
CAomceAC, caoinieach, adj. sad, sorrowful, 

mournful, plaintive. 
CAOiji-lJeinceAc, caoii'-hheirieach, adj. bearing 

CaoihiIj, caoirihh, adj. flaming, Sc. 
CAoi]ve, caoire, s. a sheep, sheep. 
Caoiim j-C]\o, caoirigh-cro, s. a sheep-fold; Ileh. 

CAOiiiteA'ó, caoirleadh, see CAi)\l,e. 
Caoi]\iii, caoirin, s. f. a little berry ; a little 

CA0i]\ín-léAnA, caoirin- leana, s. great wild va- 
lerian, Sh. 
CAoii\tAiii, caoirlam, v. to beat with clubs, Sh. 
CAoii\le, caoirle, s. a club; a reed. 
CAomleACT), caoirleachd, s. m. fighting with 

CAOinilm, caorilin, dim. of CAOijile. 
CAOiivce, caoirthe, s. a grievance, bh. 

CAoif, caois, s. f. a farrow, a young pig; prop, 

CAoi]-eACAn, caoi.seachan, s. m. a swine-herd. 

CaoÍ, caol, s. a calhng together; adj. small, 
slender, narrow, thin, subtile. 

CaoIac, caolach, s. the herb fairy-ilax, Sh.; a 
cock, <S/i.,- wattles, ribberies. 

CAotAc-A\y]\\Qnn,.caolach-aifnonn, the bell to 
prayers, Sh. 

CAobAC-'Du'b, caolach-duhh, s. the black cock, Sh. 

CAolAC-]riiAincAC, caolach-fraincach, s. turkey- 
cock, Sh. 

CAobAC-r]\Aoic, caolach-fraoich , s. heath-cock, 

CAobAc-gAoic, caolach-naoilh, s. a weather-cock, 

CAotAC-uifge, caolach-uisgc, s. a water-wheel; 
a bird called wateiin, Sh. 

CAoL-An-t)ui|\ne, eaol-an-dulvne, s. the wrist. 

CAot-At), caolad, s. minuteness, slcndcrness. 

CaoIaiih, caolaim, v. I lessen, attenuate. 

CAolÁn, caokm, s. m. a gut, a tripe; pi. cAotAin. 

CAolAn-mibiocAn, caolan-imliocan, s. the navel- 

CaoLa]-, caola.?, s. a frith, a strait ; a narrow sea. 

CAol-cnuf, caol-chruth, s. slender form. 

CAol-coiimATO, caol'chomhnaidh, s. a narrow 
dwelHng, the grave. 

CAolyAib, caolfail, s. nettles. 

CAol,]:Ái]\5e, caolfhairge, s. a strait. 

CaoLjIóhac, caolghlorach, } adj. shrill, weak- 

CaoIjocac, caolghothach, J voiced. 

CAol-iiiAOn, caol-mhaor, s. a law agent. 

CAob-iiiio]-ACÁu, caol-mhiosachan, s. purging- 

CAot-cui)\, caol-tuir, s. apj'ramid, Keat. 

Caoh'i, caomh, adj. gentle, mild, handsome, 
kind ; small ; s. a feast ; a running together ; 
s. m. a relation; " SAn'i]iATÍ) goncAC ipn 
iiibliA-ÓAiu]-i TiA njoi^rá A Aimii^A miciAin 
iA]\Ain ]v\iiii\A-ó iiA ineAi\Áiéne, ua\]\ ni aic- 
uijcAt) iieAc CAom no cá^ia ía met) nA 
5oi\ca", 4 Mast. 1433. 

CAOtiiA, moni/ifl, s. skill, knowledge; nobility; 

" A CAOtiiA uile clÁi]\ cbumn". 

Caoiíiac, caomhach, s. m. a friend, a companion. 

Caoiíiai-ó, caomhaidh, "It ^ . r ^ 

. .' ; • 7 V ad), complete, peiiect. 

CAOtiiAij, caornhaigh, ) ■^ r > r 

CAOiiiAijini, caomhaighim, v. I complete, fidfil. 

CAOiiiAini, caomhaim, v. I save, spare, protect, 
keep, preserve ; prop.cAomÁmim or cAoiiinAim. 

CaoiúaIác, caomhalach, adj. kindly, congenial, 

CaoiiiaIact), caomhalachd, congeniality, gen- 
tleness, softness, kindness. 





CAOtiiiiA, caomhna 
CAOiiuiA-o, caomlinadh 

adh, Í 

C<xottiÁn, caomJian, s. a noble person, Sh. 

CAoriiÁriAC, caomhanach, adj. mild, merciful, be- 

CAOiiiAncAC, caomhantach, adj. sparing, saving, 

CAOiiiAncA-ó, caomhantadh, adj. protected. 

Caoiíia)\hac, caomhar rack, adj. private, secret. 

CaóiíicÍai', caoHi/íc/Jas, s. m. annihilation ; alte- 
ration, decay. 

CAOtiicLoti, caomhcldodh, s. excliange of lands. 

CAotiicloÓAc, caomhchlodhacli, s. one changing 
abode often, »S/i. 

CAOiiicnucAiiiuil., caomhchruthamhuil, adj. 
finely shaped, Ferm. 162. 

Caoiítoa, caomhdha, s. m. poetry, versification. 

CAoiiiLoii-e, caomhloise, s. a pleasant blaze of fire, 
m. protection; de- 
fence ; a friend ; food, 

CAoriinAc, caomhnach, s. ra. a friend, a feeder. 

CAOiiinACA, caomhnacha, s. ability, power; Leh. 

CAOiiniAi-oe, caomhnaidhe, s. m. a bosom friend, 
a companion, a bed-fellow. 

CAoiiiAij, caomhaigh, s. a man expert at arms. 

CAoriinAini, cam/inaim, v. I spare, save, protect, 
defend, keep, reserve, preserve. 

CAoiimAjAp, caomhnagar, s. m. ability, power. 

CAoninAi-5Ai\, caomhnasgar, s m. defence. 

Caoiíiój, caomhog, s. £ an aifectionate woman. 

Caoiíiivac, caomhrath, s. happiness; a pleasant 
hill; a. decent. 

CAomy^\x)eo\]\,caomsaid/ieoir, s. m. a rehearser. 

CAOiiifnAC, caomhshrath, s. a pleasant village. 

CAOiiirA, caomhtha, s. m. society, association. 

Caoiíicac, caomhihach, s. m. an associate, com- 
rade, companion, protection. 

CAoiiiceAcT), caomhtheachd, s. a company ; i. e. 


Caoii, caon, s. a resemblance; concealment. 

Caoiiac, caonaoh, s. moss. 

CAonAnn, caonahn, v. I conceal, hide, resemble. 

CAonAn, caonair, s. cotton; adj. soHtary. 

CAonAjiAn, caonaran, s. m. a solitary person. 

CAonbiiiue, caonbhuidhe, s. m. gratitude. 

CAonTJiiAbAC, caondualach, s. a carver. 

C<^ouvu^^.^cr>,caond^MracM, > ^^ devotion. 

CAon'ouc]\Act>,caoMrtí<í/ií'<7c/ia, > 

CAonTJUc^iACTjAC, caonduthracMach, adj. reli- 
gious, devout, zealous. 

CAOiinAg, caonnag, s. a nest of wild bees, Sc; 
skirmish, id. 

CAonnAjAC, caonnagach, adj. riotous. 

CAon^\u]-Ac, caonriisach, adj. tender, kind, gentle, 
JJonl. 326. 

Caouca, caonta, adj. private, secret. 
CAoncAC, caontach, adj. frugal. 

p , p ,/'>■ adi. teasing, perplexing. 

CAepA-o, caepad/i,) •' &> i r g 

Cao]\, caor, s. f sheep; plur. CAOi|\e; a berry, a 
grape; a candle; a flash of hght, flame, a 
spark of fire. 

Cao)ia, caora, s. a bimch of grapes or cluster of 

CAOiiA-bA'o-inin, caora-had-nnn, s. stone-bramble, 

Cao]\ac, caoracJt, s. mutton; adj. any thing be- 
longing to sheep. 

C<\onA-beAnAn, caora-bheanan, s. a ewe. 

Caohactd, caorachd, s. cattle, Sh. 

Cao)u\-ó, caoradh, s. a furnace ; IJeb. cur ; s. f 
a sheep. 

CAOHAijeAcc, caoraigheacht, s. herding of cattle ; 
persons without any settled habitation, em- 
ployed by the Iiisli princes to drive off" the 
cattle of their neighbours with whom they 
were at war. 

CAojiAn, caoran, s. m. a dry clod used for fuel. 

CAO]ibeA)\CAC, caorbheartach, adj. beny-bearing, 

CAOH-con, caor-con, s. the dogberry bush, water 

CAO)v-t)i\omAin, caor-dronudn, elder berries, 5/i. 

CAOHjeAÍ, caorgheal, adj. red-hot 

CAO]iLAnn, caorlann, s. m. a sheep-fold. 

Caohi\ac, caorrach, belonging to berries, Sh. 

CAO]\]\An, caorran, s. service or mountain ash, »S/i. 

CAOncAinn, caorthainn, s. the quicken tree, 
quick beam ; mountain ash. 

CAO)i-CAbiiuiin, caor-iahnhuin, s. earth nuts. 

CAOii-ceine, mor-theine, s. a firebrand; light- 

CA0]\-ceinrige, caor-theintighe, s. a thunder- 
bolt ; a flash of lightning. 

Caoc, caoth, s, f a shower. 

Caocac, caothach, s. belonging to berries, Sh.; 
adj. showery. 

CA0C)iUAt), caoihruadh, s. m. mildew. 

Cap, cap, s. m. a cart, a tumbril; a cap, 
vulg. ; an old person. 

CApA,c«^a, K.^,., cap; a cup. 
CApAn, capan,) ^ ^ 

CApAilbin, capailiin, s. a sorry little horse, 

CApAll, capall j ^ ^ ^ j^^^,^^ ^^. ^^^,^^.^ 
CApuLL, capull, J 
CApubt-coibbe, capull-coille, s. the mountain 

cock; capcrkailly, Sh. 
Ca]3aiiii, capahn, v. I renounce, disown. 
Ca]dac, cnpcd, s. the head, 5/i. 



CcvppÍAic, capjlailli, s. a commamlor in cliief, 

CAplAic, caplait, s. tlie iirst day of Easter; 

MaunJay Thursday ; i. e. ÍAce fle-oe c|vi)-c 

Aco]" A v\]3]'CAt uime", Cor. 
CApóg, capog, s. f. the general name for tlie 

plant called dock. 
CApo^-pjiAiDe, capog-shraide, s. sharp-pointed 

dock ; rumex acutus. 
Ca)v, cíM', s. a twist, turn, bending; care; the 

jaw; a trick, stratagem, subterfuge; a bar in 

music; a part; adj. brittle, smart. 

Caii, car, 

s. f. a friend. 

Ca)\a, cara, 

Ca]\a, cava, s. a leg or haunch. 

CAjiAbAc, carahhat, s. a band, a cravat. 

Ca]iac, í-co'ac/í, adj. deceitful, tricky; terrible, 

meandering, Sh.; friendly, faithful. 

Cahaca'ó, carachadh, s. moving, Sc. 

Ca]\acaI, carachal, adj. motive, S/i. 

CAjvACA-o-ceille, caracad-ceille, s. insanity, Sh. 

Cajiacxi, carachd, s. motion, movement, Sc, 

Ca^iac-oac, carachdach, adj. athletic. 

CAnActnc, carachdich, 1 ,i- c; 

„ ' . . , ,.,, > s. wrestling, Sh. 

CA)iAct)TO, caraclididli, ) '=' 

Ca]vax), carad, s. a friend. 

Cajia-o, caradh, s. interring, Sc; rectifying, ad- 

Ca]\a-oac, caradach, adj. friendly, having many 

CA]\AT)Aini, caradaim, v. I befriend. 

CAHATDAp, caradas, s. friendship, alliance. 

Ca|\ac-u11,aiíi, curach-idlamh, s. an upper gar- 
ment, Sh. 

CAHA-o]\At), caradradh, s. m. amity, friendship, 

CAjiAJAt), caraghadh, s. a movement, motion, 
stir, Sh. 

CA^iAice, caraiche, s. a wrestler, Sc. 

Ca]\ait), caraid, s. a friend, a favourite; a pair, 
a couple, a brace. 

CAiiAit)Aitn, caraidhaim, v. to wrestle. 

CA]\A)t)e, caraidhe, s. a wrestler. 

CA]\Ai-oeAC, caraideach, adj. friendly. 

Caiiai-ocac-o, caraidheachd, s. debate, dispute. 

CAHAijÁin, caraigham, v. to move, stir, Sh. 

CAHAtjceAcc, caraightheacht, s. m. a debate, dis- 
pute, struggling. 

CApAijceoip, caraightheoir, s. m. a disturber ; a 

CA-nAim, caraim, v. I love, Lat. carus. 

CAi\Áipce, caraiste, s. a carriage, baggage ; a 
beating, Sc. 

CA]>AiyceAC, caraisteach, s. a carrier. 

CA]k\ic, raraif, adj. religious, devout, For Foe. 

CAjiAin, caram, to stir, Sh. 

CA)>Án, Cdvaii, 9. crown of the head. 

Cx.\i\AiiCAC, raraiilitrh, adj. kind. 

CA]\An-c]\ei5e, raran-cri/ige, s. a conger eel. 

CAjvAoip, caraois, s. lent, Sh. 

CAi\Ap, caras, s a first-rate ship, »S/i. 

CAHApoip, carasoir, s. a captain of a ship, Sh. 

CAjib, carb, s. m. a basket; a litter, a bier, a 
carnage ; a plank ; a ship. 

CA]\bA-o, carbad, s. m. a carriage, coach, chariot, 
litter, bier; the jaw. 

CAnbA-oói]\, carbadoir, s. m. a charioteer, wag- 
goner, carter. 

CAnbATJOin, carbadoir, ) . , 

^', '' ,. ?-s. m.a carriage-maker. 

CAjibAine, carbaire, ) ° 

CAjvbAineAct), carbhaireachd, s. mangling. 

CAjibAb, carbal, s. m. the palate of the mouth. 

CAnbÁn, carbaii, s. m. an unlucky person. 

CA^bAn, carbhan, s. a little ship. 

CA|\bÁnAC, earbhanach, s. m. a captain of a ship. 

CApbAnAC-uipge, carbhanach-uisge, s. a carp, 


CA]\box)AC,carbhodach, s. m. a clown ; a sailor. 

CAnbup, carbhus, s. m. intemperance. 

CA]icAitbAni, carcaUlam, v. to destroy, Sh. 

Camcaiii, carcair, 1 . ., . 

^ ' I ' ' V s. m. a lail, a prison. 

Ca]\cah, carcar, J j ' r 

Cahcaji, carcar, s. m. a chest, a coffer. 

CAjicAip, s. f. a carcase, vulg. 

CÁ^ro, card, s. sending, Sh. 

Ai\ , car ,, I s. a card to comb wool or flax. 
Caitoa, carda, J 
CÁ^TOA, carda, s. a gossip. 

Caivoaix), cardaidh, 1 c a i. 
_ I . ' , . , ' > s. t. flesh. 
CAjiTDAij, cardaigh, J 

CAjroAim, cardaim, v. I set, plant, lay; I card 
or comb. 

CA]\T)Aip, cardais, v. you put or planted ; i. e. 
cuijM^, 0. g. 

CÁ|TOionAb, cardional, s. m. a cardmal. 

CÁ]TOionAbcA, cardionalta, adj. cardinal. 

CÁ]\-ovii5e, carduighe, plur. of cÁ]ro. 

CahpocaI, carfhocal, s. m. antiphrasis. 

CA)\inuiJAin, carinuigham, v. to separate things 
mixed, Sh. 

CaiiIa, carla, s. a wool-card. Sit. 

CajiIac, carlach, s. a cart-load, Sh. 

CAjiÍACAn, caj'^ac/ion, s. a wool-carder. 

Cai\Ía5, carlag, s. a fleece of wool, Sh. 

CA]\lAii\e, carlaire, s. a caxder. 

CAplAtii, carlamh, adj. excellent. 

CA]\iiiAp5Aic, carmasgaich, s. dispute, broil, con- 
tention, Sc. 

CahuiojaI, carmhogal, s. a carbuncle. 

CÁpn, cam, s. m. a pagan priest; a saciificcr; 



a pagan altar ; a pile of stones ; a heap of any- 
thing ; a sledge, Sh.; a province, i. e. cuijeA-ó. 

^^1^"' <'«''"' ls.m.flesh. 
Cajmia, carna, j 

Ca^wa, car?ia, four or five; i. e. ce^t]\A]\ no cui- 
5eAi\, 0. g.; s. booty, prey, Sh. 

CA^inAlDAn, carnabhan, s. m. the insect called 

CÁ'^n AC, carnach, s. m. a heathen priest. 

CA^inA-ó, carnadh, s. riddance; slaying; piling, 

CAnriAe, carnae, s. tender flesh. 

CApnAiT), carnaid, adj. red, garnet, Sh. 

CA]mAi5ce, carnaighthe, adj. heaped, piled. 

CÁ]WAii, carnail, s. a mote of stones. 

CAiWAitn, carnaim, v. I heap, pile ; I slay. 

CAnnÁn, carnan, s. a hillock. 

CApn-AOiiij, carii-aoiligh, s. ra. a dunghill. 

CAjmAn-CAipL, carnan-chaisil, s. navel- wort, 
wall-pennywort; Cotyledon, umbihcus ve- 

CÁiWAn-CAOcAin, carnan-caochain, s. a molehill. 

CA]\n-cuinine, carn-cuimhne, s. a monument. 

CAnn-eAjlui]-, carn-eagluis, s. excommunica- 
tion, Sh. 

CA^vneAtiiumn, car-neamhidnn, s. a string of 

pearls, Sc. 

CAi\nrA-ÓAC, carnfadhach, 7r. "1 ,. i 

_ ' r . .' •'/.J, 77 o fiidi. hoarse. 

CApnyA'OA'o, carnjadhadh, oc. J '' 

CAi\oit), caroid, adj penitent, Sh. 

CA]ipAc, cflí'paí, adj. corrupted; s. m. wicked- 
ness, i. e. coippeAf , 0. g. 

Ca]\|a, earr, s. m. a cart, dray, waggon; Heb. 
carous; a spear, OH.; a pike staff; the 
haft of a javelin, " c^\\\\ i. e. cpAnn ja j;An 
iA]\Ann yAip", Cor. 

CA]ipA, carra, s. m. bran; scab, the scald; a 
scald head. 

CAmiAC, carrach, adj. scabbed, mangy, bald; 
Ileb. karrach ; stony, rocky. 

CAjijiACAn, carracan, s. m. a model; " cA^iiiAcÁn 
reAnipuiii pobiiiAin", 4 Mast. A. M. 5129. 

CAm\A'ó, carradh, s. m. a pillar, a monument; 
prop. CA|\iTCA-ó andcoince. 

Caiii\aicc, carraicc, s. i. a rock; Welsh, carreg. 

CAft^iAiceAC, carraiceach,\ adj. rocky, stony, 

CAjipAijeAC, carmigeach,) rugged. 

CAjijiAiti, carraid, s. trouble, vexation, distress. 

CA,,i,A,-óe, carraidhe,^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^j^ 

CAj\]uiiT)e, caí'í'iíí(//íe, j ' ' 

CA]\]\ATOeAC, carraideach, adj. distressed, 
troubled, vexed ; vexatious, troublesome. 

CAH^iAm'in, carraidin, e. f. sour buttermilk. . 

Ca]\hai5, carraig, íce ca]\]\aic. 

CA]>]iAiv^eAc, carri'igcach, rocky, stony. 

CAH]tÁii, carran, s. m. a weed; a reaping hook. 

CA^vjuvn, carran, s. sillabub, Sh. 

CApi\An-c)\ei5e, carran-creige, see CAHÁn-cneije. 

CApji-po-o, carr-fhiodh, s. a knot in timber. 

CAUppiATJ, carrfhiadh, s. a hart. 

CAjvint), carridh, s. seeking, Sh. 

CA\\\\tAÍ), carrthadh, s. m. a pillar, a monument, 

a pier; a pillar- stone. 
Cajihuijaj, carruigag, s. a sort of pancake, Sh. 
CA)\niii5ceo))\, carruightheoir, s. an emendator; 

a mover. 
CAH]-Áti, carsan, s. m. hoarseness; an asthma. 
CAH]-An<;c, carsanach, adj. hoarse, asthmatic. 
CAi\-peAÍ, car-seal, adv. for a wliile. 
Cahj-úja-ó, carsughadh, s. punishment. 
Cai\c, ca7-t, s. m. the bark or rind of a tree ; 

paper ; a chart, charter ; plur. cahcaca. 
CÁnr, cai't, s. a quart, quarter, the fourth of any 

Ca^íúa, cartha, see CA]i]\cAt). 
Cahcac, cartach, adj. barky; s. a cart load. 
CA]icAt), cartadh, s. cleansing, Sc. 
CAncAijce, cartaighthe, a. accused ; cleansed. 
CA]\cAi5eoi]i, cartaigheoir, s. m. an accuser, 

Ca]\caic, cartait, s. f. a bodkin, a needle; 

" CAjicAic, {. e. -oeAbg {i. e. heA]\\^ cpuicneAc), 

i. e. ■oeAlj y:o\\ a cuhca]a An cop". Cor. 
CA]\CAb, cartal, s. mint. 
CAi\CAtAitie, carialaidhe, s. a boarder. 
CAiTCAbAÍm, cartalaim, v. to quarter. 
CA)icAni, cartam, v. to cleanse, purge, clear 

out; tan, Sh. 

CApcAn, cartan,s. a crab. 

CA^cAnn, cartliann, "J r- , ., r • -, 

„ ' . ' . ^,' f s. f. chantv, inend- 

CAncAonAco, carthann- > , ■ i • ■ i 

Lhd, j ^^"P' '^""^';'^^^- 

CAi\cAnn AC, e(írí/ía)iH(a7i, adj. charitable, friendly, 

kind, officious. 
CA|icAn-cupAi5, cartha>i-curaigh,s.yv\lil officinal, 

valerian ; Valeriana officinalis. 
Cahc-iuiI, cart-iuil, s. a mariner's compass. 
CApcboinn, cartloinn, s. water mint; mentha 

CApcói)\, cartoir, s. ni. a carman, waggoner. 
CApcoic, cartoit, adj. devout. 
CAi\-cuAb, car-tual, s. turning contrary to the 

sun, &'. 
CAjMiice, caruiche, s. a wrestler, Sc. 
CApuicce, caruichte, adj. aflected. 
Cap, cas, s. an accident. 
CÁp, cas, s. m. a cause, a case. 
Ca]', cas, s. ra. the plague; money; s. f a foot; 

prop, cop; s. fear, pity; concern, difficulty, 

anxiety; hair of the head; a twisted lock of 





hail-; a shaft, a handle; adj. ingenious; steep; 
hasty, passionate ; abrupt, sudden, laconic ; 
wreathed, entwined, twisted, turned ; gentle, 
mild, small ; clever, active, nimble ; Heb. 
chush, haste, prompt; hastiness, passion. 

Cajw, casa, s. a brooch, pin. 

Ca]-o>c, casack, s. m. an ascent. 

CA]-Act)AC, casachdach, s. a coughing, cough. 

CAj-ACDAije, casachdaighe, s. the herb colt'^-ibot. 

CAi'Act)A)-, casachdas, s. cough. 

Cai'aió, casadk, s. m. a bending, twisting, wreath- 
ing, entwining, turning, returning, spinning; 
gnashing, Sh.; a wiinhlc; ^An CAfAt) m 
éA-OAin ; justice, equity, i. e. ceAi\c, og.; a 
meeting with. 

Cv\]-Ai-o, casaid, s. f. an accusation, complaint; 
an action, process. 

CA]'Ai-oeAC, casaukach, adj. complaining, accu- 

CAj^AiTinTi, casaidim, v. I accuse, complain. 

CAi'Aini, casaiin, v. I scorn, slight, disdain, con- 
tradict; I hend, wreath, twist, turn, return, go 

CA)"Áin, casain, pi. of ca^vvu, a path. 

Caj-aiu-uct), casain-uchd, s. a bit cut off a sheep 
from the hip along the belly to the tail, Sh. 

Ca]-aiii, casair, s. f. a glimmering light from old 
rotten timber in the dark: it is commonly 
called toine ghealain; a thorn, a prickle, a 
buckle, clasp ; a shower, hail ; Welsh, ceser. 

Ca|-aI,, casid, s. m. garment, a habit. 

CA]'Am, casam, v. to be angry, Sh. 

CA)-Án, easan, s. m. a path; a pin, a brooch; a 
thorn ; lightning. 

CA^'Aoit), casaoid, see ca^^aix). 

CA]'Aoix)eAC, casaoideach, see cAfAmeAc. 

CAi-AoiT)i-óe, casaoididhe, s. m. a complainant. 

CA]-Aoit)ini, casaoidim, v. I complain, accuse. 

Ca]v\]\, casar, s. m. a hammer; prop. ca]"U]i; a 


CAi-An, casar, 1 i i ^ 

„ ' ' '. , > s. m. slaughter. 

Ca]'a^íac, casarach,^ '^ 

CA]-A]iiiiAnAC, casarmaiiach, adj. free. 

Cai^ahuac, casaniach, s. m. lightning; a flame 

or flash of fire; adj. showery, o. g. 
CA]'bAl,At), casbaladh, adj. obvious, <S7i. 
CA|'bAi]\n8AC, cashhairneach, s. m. a limpet, a 

cunner, a periwinkle. 
CAi'bAnAc, casbanach, adj. parallel, side by side. 
CA)-bei]\c, casbheirt, s. greaves; covering for the 

CA^-bonnAij, casbhonnaigh, s. antipodes, <S/i. 

^ ' ' ' >-s. a boat, ship, or other vessel. 
Cai 5, casg, ^ . . 

Cv\]'CAn, cascar, s. m. a drinking cup ; slaughter. 

CAj'céitu, cascehn, s. f. a step, pace; prop, coif- 

CAf-coifgAC, cas-choisgach, adj. anti-pestilential. 

CA]--cnoni, cas-chrom, s. a sort of hoe or plough 
used in the Hebrides. 
A] -OA, cas a, f ^j. ^^.j.j^ppi3 J twisted, braided. 

Ca]"ca, casta, j 1 1 > 

Ca]-óíaoi, casdhlaoi, s. curled hair. 

CAi'ei\'bAn, caserbhan, s. succory; dandelion. 

CAf-].-A-c]tAun, cas-fa-chrann, s. woodbine, honey- 
suckle; lonicera periclymenura. 

Ca)"5, casg, s. stopping, stop, hindrance. 

CAi'gAim, casgaim, v. I blink. 

CArjAijum, casgairim, v. I slaughter, cut, hew, 

Ca|'5A1]\c, casgairt, \ s. slaughter, slaughtering, 

Ca]-caii\c, cascairt, ) butchering'. 

CArgAinc-pÚAnAin, casgairt-puanain, s. casing, 
flaying without cutting open the hide. 

Ca]'5A]\, casgar, s. a breaking down, destroying. 

CAi'gcuiuj, casgcuing, adj. anti-asthmatic, Sh. 

CA]-5ruicAtnAf, casgthuitamas, adj. anti-apoplec- 
tic, Sh. 

CApbA, casla, s. frizzled wool. 

Caj'Íac, caslach, s. children. 

Caimíiaji, casmhar, adj. difficult, arduous. 

CApój, casog, s. f a coat, garment, cassock, 
cloak, covering; Heb. casa, cisa. 

CAp-inoiTDAC, cas-moidhach, s. the herb haresfoot. 

CAftiAit), casnaidh,\ s. split wood, a cMp, a lath, 

CApiAij, casnaigh,) a match, 4 Mast. 1434. 

Cai'|\ac, casrach, s. m. slaughter, havoc. 

CA)'-nuip5, casruisg, adj. barefooted. 

CA]-pAb, cassal, s. m. a storm ; garment. 

Ca]-]'Aiiac, cassarach, adj. branchy, Sh. 

Ca)-c, cast, adj. chaste, pure, undefiled. 

Ca]-cac, castach, s. m. one who twists or turns. 

CAi'ceA]\bAn , castearhhan, s. succory ; dandelion. 

CAi-ceA)\bAn-nA-inuc, castearbhan-na-muc, dan- 

CAj'coir, castoit, s. f. chastity. 

Caj-coh, casthor, s. a curled lock. 

CA|-C'peA]\bAn, castsearbhan, see CAi]xeApl!)Aii. 

CA]'cuni, castum, see ca^xoh. 

Ca|-uh, casur, s. m. a hammer; a knocker of a 

Ca)--u)íIa, cas-nrla, see CAycoii. 

Ca)--u)\Iac, cas-urlacli, adj. curled. 

Cac, cat, s. m. a cat; used for cats, what? 

Cac, cath, 3. m. an Irish battalion of 3, 000 men; 
a tribe, descendants; " UotiiÁ|' 05 ua tvA^Ab- 
Laij AiJt)Ai\ c)jeA]\nA bA ]:eA]\poineAc aja]- 
eAUjnArii uAinij-oo cac AeúApnn lUAÁimrin 
•00 écc lUA C15 yein", 4 Afast. 1421 ; a battle; 
pollard, husks ; prop. CAJ. 




CÁCA, cata, s. m. friendsliip ; " bi nio]\ cáca ba- 

Caca, catJia, s. m. -worship. 

CokCA, cata, s. a sheep cot, Sc. 

CaccVc, calhach, adj. belonging to battles ; chafty ; 
s. m. damages or fines for tresspass, Br. L.; a. 
beloved, dear, religious. 

CAt^xc&x), caihachadk, s. striving, tempting. 

C^z.KCAX>,catachadh,i ^_ ^^^j domesticating. 

C<\rAT), catadli, J. 

CaccW, cathadh, s. winnoAving; a breach, a de- 
file; fighting. 

CÁcAc-ciii]\, cathacli-cuir, s. falling snow, .S'A. 

Caca-ó-ihaiwv, cathad/i-mara, s. spooudrift, Sh. 

CcvcAg, cathaij, a jackdaw, a jay, Sc. 

Cacaja-o, cathaghadh,\ s. m. temptation; bat- 

CacújatS, cathughadh,) tling. 

Cacaiú, cataidh, s. nobility, generosity. 

Cacai-óc, cathaidhe, s. m. a wamor. 

CACAijiin, cathaighim, v. I fight; tempt, try, 
prove ; to honour, reverence, to tame, Sh. 

CACAijce, cataighthe, adj. tamed. 

CACAini, caikaim, v. see cACAijini. 

CÁCAH11, cathaim, v. I winnow, fan. 

!s. f. a city, a ward, a cathe- 
dral; gen. cAquvc; Beb. 
kariah, kiriah; Welsh, 

S.^'^.^''^'' '"*'',?'■' • 1 s. f a chair, a bench. 
Cacaoi|i, cathaoir,} 

CACAitiAi-óe, cathairaidhe, s. m. a citizen. 

CACAi)\e, cathaire, s. m. a citizen. 

CACAip-iiioJAiiiuit,, cathair-rioghamhuil, s. f a 
royal residence ; a throne. 

CACAm-CAbiiniin, calhair-tahnhinn, s. yarrow, 
milfoil, «Sc; prop. ACAi^icAbriium. 

CACAif, cathais, s. a guard, a sentinel; hurry; 
watching, attendance; reverence, obedience 

CACAi]'eAC, cathaiseach, adj. vigilant, watchful; 
noisy, clamorous; brave, stout, vaHant, 
clover; quick; prop, cacaj-ac, Cor. 

CacaI, cathal, s. valour ; Heh. cail, a man's name. 

Cacatíi, cathamh, s. snow-drift, Sc. 

CACAiii-iTAiiije, cathamh-fairge, s. sea-drift, spoon- 
drift, Sc. 

Cac An , cathan , s. a wild goose with a black bill, *Sc'. 

Cacauac, caianach, adj. rough, shaggy. 

CACAn-eA-OAij, cathan-eadaigh, s. a web; nap 
of cloth. 

Caca|í, catar, four. Cor. 

Caca^i, cathar, s. mossy ground, Sc. 

CArAjTOA, cathardha, \ adj. belonging to a 

Caí:a]toac, cathardhach,) city; s. a citizen. 

Caca^'ac, cathasach, see CACAi^-eAC. 

CacTjahii, calhbharr, s. m. a helmet. 

some, j\.í;uc. 

AcbAbAi^i, cathlahhair, Í ' 
AclAbjiA, cathlabhra, Í 

C<\t'b\ni'it, cathbhruith, s. sowens, llummery. 

CAcbA^iun, cathhharun, s. m. a commander, an 

CAcbiiAt)AÓ, catJibhiiadhach, s. m. a victorious 
warrior; adj. victorious in battle, conquering. 

CAC-c]\Ainn, cat-crainn, s. m. a rat-trap. 

CAé-ci\Aoi]-eAC, cuth-chraoiseach, adj. eager for 

CAcyAnn, cathfaim, v. I must. 

CAC-peAi\, cath-fear, s. a wairior, a soldier. 

CAri.-i-5, cathfidh, see CAitfit). 

CAcpoiime, cathfoirne, s. soldiers. 

CAC].'uq\e, cathfuire, s. m. a caviller; a babbler. 

CACfuineAC, cathfuireach, adj. cavilling. 

CAt|:uineAcc, cathfuireacht, s. m. cavilling; 

CAC-iO]i5AbAC, cath-iorghalach, adj. quarrel- 
some, Keat. 

s. an address from a 
general to his army 
before a battle. 

CacÍac, cathlach, 1 adj. catholic, universal, 

CacIacca, catldachta,) general. Cor. 

CacIaj-óac, cathlagdhach, a. catholic, universal. 

CAcbAti, cathlan, s. m. a battalion. 

CAcluib, catluibh, s. cudworth, Sh. 

CACiiiileAt), cathmhileadh, s. m. a hero ; a 
leader in battle. 

CacIuii, cathlun, a com, Sh. 

CACÓ5, catog, s. f. the strawberry bush. 

CACoiiice, catoiUce, 1 ., . 

^ . , .'17 , ' > see cacIac. 
CacoIac, catholach, ) 

CAr\\'\t? catrath? when? what time? 
CAÚpeun, cathreim, s. i'. triumph. 
Cacim]', cathris, s. watching. 
CAC]\ii-eAC, cathriseach, adj. watchfid, quick. 
CAT:]\ui5ceoi]i, caihruighiheoir, s. m. a citizen. 
Caccuaj, cathtuagh, s. a battle-axe. 
Cacuja-ó, cathughadh, s. m. temptation; fight- 
ing, rebelling. 
CACuijceoin, cathuightheoir, s. m. a tempter, a 

CÁcteAC-t)eA]i5, cathleach-dearg , a. red poppyi 

corn rose ; papaver rhoeas. 
CAiibA]!, caubar, s. m. an old bird, a hawk, Cor. 
CAub]'At)Án, caubsada7i, s. the herb all-hail. 
Ce, ce, s. f. the earth ; night; a spouse. 
'"OÁ Aintn -oon oi-óce jAn on, 
be ACAf ce; 111 bjiéj An mot, 
ce yo\- Ainni ■00 ceibe cAin, 
be beAn, AjAf be a^ai-o", For. foe. 
CcAc, ceach, each, every, all; written in old 

MSS. for CÁC and jac. 
CeACAinj, ceachaing, adj. inaccessible; difficult 
\\':dking; i. e. ■oo-céimni5", 0. g. 



CeACAm, ceaeliair, s. f. dirt, filth ; penury, want, 

CeACAi]\e, ceachaire, s. m. a dirty slovenly person 
CeACA]TOA, ceachardha, 1 adj. dirty ; stingy, 

CeACAtTOAc, ceacliardhach, J penu;ious. 
CeACAi\t)Acc, ceachardJiacht, s. penur\', misery, 

CeACA|\nA, ceacharna, any one. 
CeAct)A]\, ceaclidar, see ceACCA]\. 
CcacIac, ccachlach, a. maimed. 
CeAcÍA-ó, ceachladk, s. cutting, destroying, 

slaughteiing, mangling; digging; violating; 

violation; hackling, mangling, destroying. 
CeAcLA'OA]\, ceachladiar, v. they dig; i. e. vo 

cocIat)aiv, 0. g. 
CeAcÍAc, ceachlach, adj. spent, worn. 
CeAcÍAitii, ceacldaim, v. I dig, destroy, slaughter, 

CeAcnAini, ceachnaim, v. I sing; ceAcnAtiAn; 

i. e. cÁnA-OA]\. 
CeAcoi^, ceachoir, s. a wetting, moistening. 
CcAcjiA, ceachra, s. love; a reward; o. g.; a 

CeAcc, ceacht, s. m. a lesson ; power, eminence. 
CéACCA, ceachta, s. m. a plough ; plough-share. 
CéAccAc, ceaclitach, a. oi or belonging to a plough. 
CeACCAine, ceaelitaire, s. m. a plough-wright 
CeAccAic, ceachtait, v. they love; i. e. gjiA-o- 

^p-o, o.g. 
CeAc-CA)\, ceach-tar, pron. each, either, Mulloy 

111,4 Mast. 1445 ; adv. either, or ; Miilloy 116. 
CeAccA)\-ÓACT3, ceachtardhacJtd, s. f. indifference 
CeACclAC, ceachtlach, adj. coal black, S/i. 
CeAt), cead, adj. first. 

CéAT), cead, s. a hundred; a stroke, blow,wound. 
CeAT), cead, s. ra. leave, permission, license, 

liberty, consent, dispensation, scope, defer- 
ence, discharge, submission, passport. 
CéATDAC, ceadacli, adj. sti-iking. 
CeATDAc, ceadach, adj. talkative; s. cloth, a 

standard, coloui-s ; coarse cloth. 
CeA-OAcc, ceadacht, s. m. permission. 
CeA-oAgAt), ceadaghadh,s. dismissing, permission. 
CeATiAij, ceadaigh, s. a session or sitting. 
CeA-OAijim, ceadaighim, v. I permit, allow, 

consent ; I dismiss, liberate, discharge. 
CcA-OAijce, ceadaighthe, adj. permitted, allowed. 
CcA-OAijceAc, ceadaightheach, adj. allowable, 

CcatdaI, ceadal, s m. a story, narration; a 

battle, conflict; malicious invention, detrac- 
tion ; druidical incantations. 
CeAtJAÍ, ceadhal, adj. full of sores, blistered. 
CeAX)ATnAi', ceadamas, adv. in the first place ; 

first of all ; chiefly, principally. 

CeA-OAOin, ceadaoin, s. Wednesday. 

CeA-ÓA]\tAC, ceadharlach, gentian; gentiana, 

CeAT)Af, ceadas, adv. first, in the beginning. 

CeAt)biiic, ceadhJiilich, s. centaury, Sli. 

CéAT)-óuilleAc, ceaddhuillench, a. ccntifolious. 

CéA'opA-ó, ceadfadh, s. m. an opinion, thought, 
conjecture; testimony; sense, facult)'. 

CéA-0]--A-ÓAC, ceadfadhach, adj. sensible ; having 
senses or faculties. 

CéA-0].-A-ÓACc, ceadfadhaclit, s. m. sensibility. 

CeAwpAi-D, ceadfaidh, s. presence; a cceAtipAiti, 
in presence of. 

CéA-opAijeAp, ceadfaigheas, s. ra. sensibility. 

Ce~s-ofM-p:e, ceadfaighihe, adj. sensible, relating 
to the senses. 

CeATJl-Ait), ceadhlaidh, s. blistering. 

CeA'otAini, ceadhlavn, s. I blister. 

CeA-olonsA-ó, ceadlongadh,-\ ^ ^ ^,^^^^.^^^_ 

CeA-oLonnAt), ceadlonnadh,) 

CeA-olmt), ceadhluidh, s. discord, disunion. 

CeA-oluc, ceadluth, s. rejoicing. 

CéATDlucAC, ceadluthach, adj. joyful, merry. 

CéA-oiiiAt), ceadmhadh, adj. hundredth. 

CeAt)inu)nci^i, ceadmuintir, s. the elder branch 
of a family. 

CeA'oiiiuiiicii\e, ceadmuintire, s. the first born; 
inheritance in right of primogeniture. 

CéAX)nA, ceadna, s. the same; sameness, iden- 
tity; adv. first. 

"A CAt)inA clÁin cmnn, 
CAOiiiipnj ).-uiiin >'péA]\ fi-vvil, 
■peib At) ]:eit)iiii ck\ -oaiii 
1ah ccuipcm cAÍmuui ceA'onA tahhIa 
go lieiumn", O'Flin. 

CeAt3-nÁbÁ]\, cead-nabhar, s. m. an element, 
first cause. 

CeÁ-oói)!, ceadoir, adj. instant, immediate; 
" 'OiA]\niAi'0 niAc 1oiiiAi]i ui b1ici]\n ■oo beié 
Í y).iAbi\A]'' AJA]' A b]\eic 1 ccoice \-o]\ Loo ó 
nA cij ]:éin •oionni-Aijí cije niuncA-o liieic 
UoniAÍj- A5A-]-ieiiii ■oo bjieit ■oo jau i;iop "OO 
cÁc, AiiiAC Ap An ccoice ipm loc, 50 ]\o 
bÁi-óeAb A ccéA'ooip", 4 Mast. 1397. 

CeA-'Ojiúi-óeAcc, cea-dnddheacht, s. m. di-uidlcal 

CeA^oconiAibc, ceadtomailt, s. f a breakfast. 

CeA^ocuijeAc, ceadthuigheach, adj. venial, Sh. 

CeA'OcúirnieA-ó, ceadtuismeadh, s. m. the first 
born, firstling. 

CeA-0-cúp, cead-thus, s. m. an element, a begin- 
ing ; Heb. cadish, new. 

CÓA'ouAi]!, ceaduair, s. m. an hundred times. 

CeA^ouAin, ceaduair, the first time. 

CeAt)ii-o, ccadudh, s. f a bed, a couch. 




CeA-oúJAt), ceadughadh, s. m. permission, con- 
sent, allowance. 

CeA-omjeAC, ceaduif/heach, adj. allowable. 

CeATJuL, ceadul, s. m. a part, division. 

CeAl, ceal, s. m. a covering, a coarse blanket, 
coarse woollen cloth; a joint; a concealment, 
concealing; death and every thing terrible; 
"i. e- hAy ocAi' cac ni n'uAiiiAin", Cor.; a 
mouth; heaven; prop. ceL; " CcaI, {. e. 
neni, ut dicitur, gup ciAn co ciAy- ah cbaV, 
Cor. (This is a literal translation of Horace's 
compliment to Augustus, Ode 2nd, book 1st; 
stupidity, Sh.; s. m. forgetfulness ; use; fine 
flour; sickness; Ileb. coll. 

CéAl., ceal, s. m. prophecy; bashfuluess. 

CeAtAt), cealadh, s. m. eating, consuming; Heh. 

CeAlAun, cealaiiii, v. I eat. 

CeAL-Aipni, ceal-airm, s. a place of concealment. 

CeAl-lJAilc, cealbhailc, a. f. an aflinnation, a 
strong word. 

CeAl,cobAi\, ceakhobhar, s.m. a sanctuary. 

CeAl-yuAt, ceal-fhuath, s. m. a private grudge. 

CeAlg, cealg, s. £ a thorn, skewer ; treachery, 
deceit, malice, spite, hypocrisy. 

CeAbjAC, cealyach, adj. treacherous, deceitful, 
malicious, spiteful, hypocritical, wily, cunning. 

CeAÍgAifti, cealgaim, v. I deceive, betray, be- 
guile, seduce, allure, cheat, sting. 

CeAÍjAipe, cecdgaire, s. m. a cheat, a knave. 

CeAbjAijieACC, cealgaireacht, s. m. deception, 
illusion, hypocrisy ; cheating, tricks, pranks. 

CeAljAice, cccdc/aithe, adj. deceived, defrauded. 

CeAÍjAonA-ó, cealgaonadh, s. m. dissimulation, 

CcAlgoip, cealgoir, see ceAÍjAipe. 

CeAÍjoipeAc, cealgoireach, see ccAlgAipeAÓc. 

CeAlj^púriAC, ceahjrunacli, adj. malevolent. 

CeAbi, cealU s. f a church ; a cell or place of 

CeAblAc, ceaUach, s. m. contention, war, strife 

CeAblAC, ceallach, \ s. m. proper names of 

CeAbÍACAn, ceallachan,) men. 

CeAbÍAt), cealladh, s. m. custody. 

CeAÍÍAine, ceallaire, s. f. any church officer. 

CéAlWSAin, ceaUargam,-\ ^ ^ ^^^^^^ 

CeAbtjoit), ceallghoid, j ^ 

CeAbliiiuin, cealbniiuin, s. an oracle or pro- 

CeAbbóip, cealloir, s. f. muck, dung; s. m. the 
superior of a cell or monastery. 

CeAbipoj\c, ceallphort, s. a cathedral church. 

CeAbbfbAit), ceallshlaid, see ceAbbA]\5(\ni. 

CoAbpcob, ceaktol, s. a closestool. 

CcaIc, cealt, s. ra. apparel, clothes ; a kclt ; " i. c. 

cec ■01C1U, unde dicltur •oeóeAbc, i. e. x)e-oicni,'' 

CeAÍcAC, ceaUach, s. m. a belt. 

CeAbcAiH, cealtair, s. f. a cause or matter,; a 
casde; a spear; see quot. at cobj; clothes; 
robes of the druids. 

CeAbc-nniilleoip, cealt-mhuilleoir, s. m. a fuller. 

CeAti, cean, anciently written for jAn ; ceAii 
niiii ceAn niAiciiii ; s. f favour, affection; a 
debt, fault, crime ; s. quadrupeds, cattle ; " •oo 
boi]ieÁTÍ) be binjnib ceAn, i. e. vo z\\e^h<.\-ó 
be copAib ceA c]\a"; a. short; i. e. 5eA]\ii, o. g. 

CeAnA, ceana, adv. however, nevertheless ; acx>- 
coaua; alike; inÁp ah ccéAtiA; interj. lo ! 
behold ! 

CeAriAbAn-beAg, ceanahhan-heag, s. common 
self-heal ; prunella vulgaris. 

CeAnAbAn-inónA, vtana-'\s. common cotton- 
hhan-mona, f grass, moor-grass ; 

CeAnAC-nA-nióriA, cean- C eriophorum poly- 
ach-na-mona, J stachion. 

CeAti At), ceanadh, s. m. favouring. 

CeAnAijim, ceanaighim, see ceAnuAijnn. 

CeAnÁib, ceanail, s. kindness, fondness, mildness. 

CeAflAip, ceanair, s. a hundred. 

CeAiTAbcA, ceanalta, adj. kind, mild, gentle. 

CeAiiAlcAct), ceanaltachd, see ceAnÁil. 

CeAnAiinnb, ceanainhuil, see ceAnAbcA. 

CeAttAU, ceanan, see ceAnAip. 

CeAnbuHjAipe, ceanhurgaire, s. ni. a burgo- 

CeAncAorii, ceanchaomh, s. m. a chessboard, 
backgammon table. 

CeAucACAip, ceanchathair, s. f. a metropolis. 

CéAiTOA, ceanda, see ceAn a. 

CéATTOACc, ceandacht, s. identity, likeness. 

CeAupolAi-o, ceanfolaidh, s. concealed but vir- 
tuous love, Sh. 

CCAnpobAijce, ceanfolcnghthe, s. concealed love. 

CeAnjAib, ceangail, s. f a band, bond, restraint; 
a league, covenant; " ua X)oiiinuibb iotiio]\po 
AjA]- niAC uit)bin X)o co'OA]\pi'óe 50 jAbbAili 
UA llliioe, -00 •oeAiiAin ceAnjAib aja]- ca^a- 
•opA'ó piu", 4 Mast. 1433; a juncture, an- 
nexation ; V. also to build, to unite, to join ; 
s. f. a bunch of grapes. 

CeAngAibce, ceangailte, adj. tied, bound. 

CeAnjAibccAC, ceangailteach, adj. astringent, 

CeAn^AbAC, ceangalach, adj. obligatory. 

CeAngAbcÁn, cecmgaltan , s. a bundle, a packet. 

CcAngAbcoip, ceangaUoir, s. m. a binder. 

CeAngApcAi^, ceaitgasUdr, s. f walking, paciny, 
i €■ ccmmuiJAt), 0. g. 

CeAnj^lAnn,cfff;i^/r(i»i, V, I baid, tie, join, secure. 



they go, travel, 

;CA \ 


CeAngcA, ceangtlia 
céimnijit), 0. g. 

CeAnn, ceann, s. m. a head, a chief, a leader, 
captain ; the upper part, end, limit. 

Ce«xniiAC, ceaimach, s. m. buying or purchas- 
ing, dealing ; a reward, retribution ; a league, 
covenant; power, superiority. 

CeAnuAct), ceannachd, s. m. buying, pur- 

CeAn-nA-ceile, cean-na-cheile, conj. together. 

CeAniiAcpA, ceannachra, s. Epiphany, Sh. 

CeAniiAcr]\Ac, ceannachtrach, s. the upper part 
of the throat. 

CeAnn-AtiAi|ic, ceann-adhairt, s. f. a bolster. 

CeAnnAt)A]\ceim, ceannadharceim, s. a plough- 
man, Sh. 

CeAun-AJATO, ceann-agJiaidh, s. the forehead. 

CeAiitiAic, ceaimaick, s. strife, Sh. 

CeAniiAi-óe, ceatmaidhe, }s. m. a merchant; 

CeAunAije, ceannaighe, > any dealer. 

CeAniuMJeAcc, cea7maigheacht, s. m. merchan- 
dise ; dealing, trafficking. 

CeAiinAijim, ceannaighim, v. I deal, purchase, 

CeAníiAim]"m, ceannaimsir, s. f. a date, Sh. 

CeAiniAi^A, cea««aiV,s.'a driver, aS/í.; an hundred. 

CeAniiAi]ic, ceannairc, s. 'rebellion, sedition, 
riotousness, perverseness. 

CeAnnAi]\e, ceannaire, s. m. a leader, conductor. 

CeAiniAijiceAC, ceannairceach, adj. rebellious, 

CeAnnAiiACAni, ceannaircam, v. to rebel, Sh. 

CeAnuAinje, ceannairge, s. strife; " jaii im]\io- 
I'Aii tiA ceAntiAijije -oo cun ei-oin •ÓAonib ai|i 
bioc", Dord. 90. 

CeAnnAice, ceannaithe, s. light, O'Cl. 

CeAunATin, ceannann, a. boldfaced. 

CeAiinAjAtJAC, ceannardach, adj. arrogant, proud. 

CeAiniA^itiAct), ceannardachd, s. m. arrogance, 

CeAnnA]\c, ceannart, s. m. a principal, chief, com- 
mander, conductor, ringleader, controller. 

CeAnnA]icA|', ceannartas, s. m. sovereignty, 

CeAntiAj', ceannas, s. m. authority, power, supe- 

CeAnnAfAC, ceannasach, adj. powerful, mighty. 

CeAunAfj, ceannasg, s. the forehead, Sh.; a 
head-stall ; a band ; government, ruling. 

CeAnnbAi\]\, ccannbharr, s. a helmet. 

CeAnnlJAOc, ceannhhaoth, adj. light-headed; ec- 

CeM^n\)e\\\x:, ceannheirt, s. a hat; head dress; 
a helmet. 

CcAiiiibiUAc, reannbirach, s. bow of a ship, Sh. 

CMmho]\'b, ceannhhorh, adj. stubborn, irresistible 

CeAnnb|\Ac, ceannbhrat, s. a canopy. 

CeAnnliiiiACAiA, ceannbhriathar, s. an adverb. 

CeAnnbpiACUAC, ceanidihriathrach, adj. adver- 

CeAuncACAC, ceannchathach^ s. m. chief of 
battle ; a name given to the crozier of St. 
Fionnchuan, B. Fionnch. 

CeAuncAob, ceuiuicaol, see ceAnnbinAc. 

CeAuncAoiii, ceannchaomh, adj. mild, sober, 

CeAuncinne, ceann- 


CeAnncinm-ó, tóann- ( a chief of a tribe. 

eAuncinne, ceann- '\ 

chine, f s. the head of a 

eAnncinm-ó, tóann- i a chief of a 

cinnidh, J 




CeAnncbAon, ceannclaon, adj. steep, headlong. 

CeAnncompATO, ceannchomhraidh, s. a topic. 

CeAtincuu, ceanncun, s. a goad. 

CeAnn-oÁib, ceanndail, s. lice. 

CeAnnT)ÁnA, ceanndana, \^^^\ headstrong, 

CeAunt^AnAC, ceanndanach, t obstinate, perti- 

J nacious. 
CeAtimsÁnAct), ceanndanaclid,\ s. m. obstinacy, 
CeAnnT3ÁnA-0A|',ceawn(fa?iarfas,J pertinacity. 
CeAiiniDA^ijAn, ceanndargaii, s. a red-start, -S/i. 
CeAntToub, ceanndubh, see cAriAC. 
CeAnn].-Ac, ceannfath, s. cause, reason, origin. 
CeAunyeA-onA, ceannfeadhna, s. m. a general, 

leader, commander. 
CeAnn^eAUnAcc, cecnmfeadhnacht, s. m. the 

post of captain or chief. 
CeAiinpntie, ceannfinne, see ceAnncintie. 
CeAtinrio-oA, ceannfiodha, s. the end of a ship's 

timber, Sh. 
CcAnnrionnAC, ceannfionnach, adj .white-headed. 
CeAUj, ceang, a. slow, tardy ; v. he went ; i. e. "oo 

CeAun-jAÍAi;, ceann-galar, s. the head-ache; 

scales in the head, dandriif. 
CeAnnJApb, ceanngharbh, s. a rough head. 
CeAnngbACAn, ceannglachan, s. a bundle, Sh. 
CeAnnjuAiiii, ceannghraimh, s. motto, title. 
CeAnnÍÁiT)i]\, eeannluidir, j adj. headstrong, 
CeAnnlÁit)ii\eAc, ceaunlaidi- > stubborn,wilful, 

reach, ) contumacious. 

CeAunbonn, ceannlonn, adj. strong-headed, bold, 

CeAnnmAiT)e, ceannmaide, s. a blockhead. 
CeAnnphupjAit), ceannphnrgaid, s. a gargle, »S/i. 
CeAnri]\AC, cea?iMrflc/i, s. m. a fillet, head-lace; 

a halter, horse-collar. 
CeAnn]\éiceAc, ceannreiteach, s. propitiation, 

CeAnnnireAc, ceann ritheach, adj. headlong, Sh. 
CeAtmnuAt), ceannruadh, s. clandestine 




CeAiin]\uii'5, ceannruisff, s. m. a bare or bald 

CeAnnj'A, cean7>sa,'\ adj. mild, gentle, clement, 

CcAnn^'AC, ceaim- V righteous, bashfid, con- 
gach, 3 tinent. 

CeAiin^'ACAT), ceminsncJiad, s. confinement, hu- 
miliation; subduing, reducing. 

CeAnn]-Acc, ceaimsac/it, s. m. lenity, mildness, 
meekness, tamencss, continence. 

CeAiin]'Ai jiin, ceannsaighim, v. I confine, curb, 
subdue, humble. 

CeAUU'pAijce, ceamisaighthe, part, conquered, 
subdued, curbed. 

CeAiin]'Ab, ceannsal, ? s. m. rule, go- 

CeAiin]v\bACt), ceannsalachd, > vernment. 

CeAuni-AlAc, ceannsalacli, adj. coercive. 

CeAun^-AlAiTiie, ceannsalaidhe, s. m. president 
or governor. 

CeAnn^'CAlpAn, ceannscalpan., s. dandriff. 

CeAnnpgAÍAC, ceannsgalach, s. a cliiel' leader, 
SJi ; adj. active, Sh. 

CeAnni'j^Hiobin, ceannsgriohhin, s. m. a motto, 
title, hh. 

Ci\\nii]-itni'oe, ceannsunide, s. a tadpole. 

CeAnn]-j\Aic, ceannsrait, s. capitation, Sh. 

CoAnn]'cuAi je, ceannstuaighe, s. an arch, Sh. 

Ce.Mini-uijeAcx), ceannsuiyheachd, s. m. mer- 

CeAnnpuigeAt), ceannsuigheadh, s. subduing, 

CcAnni-uijim, ceanjisiH(//iim, V. I subdue; sup- 
press, manage, appease, mitigate. 

CeAun^niijce, ceannsuighthe, see ceAiinpAijce. 

CcAnncA]!, ceanntar, s. m. a hundred, a cantred, 
neighbourhood, side of a country. 

CeAnnci^ie, ceanntire, s. chief of a country. 

CoAnnci]\, ceanntir, s. a promontory, headland; 

CcAnnq\éun, ceanntreun, adj. obstinate, deter- 

CcAiiiicnom, ceanntrom, adj. drowsy, sluggish, 

Ce&nr\z\i]\, ceanniur, s. m. the world; life, an 
age ; a stall for cattle ; adv. nigh to, i.e. Ahuy. 

CeAunuAi^^jneAc, ceamiuaisgneach, adj. rash, 

CeAnn-uije, ceann-uighe, a. the end of a jour- 
ney, a stage, a goal ; fate. 

CeAnniiijcAcc, ceannuigheacht, s. m. traffic. 

CeAnnuijce, ceannuighthe, adj. bought, pur- 

CeAnnuigceAc, ceannuightheach, adj. mer- 

CeAtmui jceoin, reannnightheoir, s. m. a mcr- 
cliaut, purchaser. 

CeAnnunjíA-ó, ceannurradh, s. m. a captain, a 

CeAtinéijnj, ceanreightigh, s. settlement, pro- 

CeAUCAp, ceaiitar, s. a mist, a fog. 

CeAp, ceap, s. m. a resolution ; a block ; a 
stocks; AnnpnA ceApAit), a shoemaker's last; 
a rallying point in battle ; a piece of ground, 
a district; limit, bounds; a head, a chief; tlic 
stock or nave of a wheel ; a progenitor, stock 
of a tribe, head of a family. 

CeApAti|u\nii, cc(ipadhran7i, s. scanning, 5/i. 

CeApAijnii, ccapaighim, v. I form, found, 

CcAiDAiiii, ceapaim, v. I resolve; I stop, inter- 
cept, limit, bound. 

CeA]DAine, ceapaire, s. m. a last-maker; bread 
and butter, Sc; a butter-cake. 

CeApAi)\Aiii ,c«rtpatVam,v. to spread upon, daub, Sc. 

CeA]DÁb, ceapal, s. stopping. 

CcAiDÁlcA, ceapulta, part, stopped. 

CeAiJÁn, cenpan, s. m. a stump, a small block; 
a niggard. 

CeA]DÁncA, crapanta, adj. niggardly; stiff, 

CeApóg, ceapog, s. f. song, music. 

CeApi'cAOiieATD, ceapscaoileadh, s. a propagation. 

CeA]D-]-5Aoiiim, cfrtp-í^rtOíVí/n, v. I propagate; 
I trace or separate the branches of a family. 

CeAp, cecn; s. m. offspring, progeny ; death ; 
consuming, wasting, throwing; placing, put- 
ting, planting; interment, burial; " po ceAp 
A peipc, i. e. 130 cuipeAt) peApc, i. e. a bge 
ATJnACAiL", O'CT.; blood, gore; Welsh, gwyar, 
adj. red, ruddy; bloody; dumb. 

CeApA, ceara, s. blood. 

CeApACA-o, cearachadh, s. m. delirium, wander- 
ing, straying. 

CeAHACUl^, cearachur, s. a grave. 

CeA]\AT), rearadh, adj. red; /. e. tjeApj, o. g. 

CeA]\Aim, cearaim,v. I perform, execute; 1 die, 
iidl; " SeApccA bliAt)Ain bA plÁn x)o Hcac- 
cAin An cÁn -oo ceAp", 4 Alast. 1452. 

CcApAiii, cearamh, s. cattle. 

CeAjiAin, cearam, v. to press, Sh. 

CApcbAC, rearclach, adj. circular. 

CcApb, cearli, s. m. money, silver; a rag; a 
lappet ; an excrescence ; a scab. 

CeA]ib, cearb, \ s. m. cutting, slaughtering, 

CcApbA, cearba,) tearing, violating. 

CeApb, cearb, s. a game ; gambling. 

CeApbAC, ccarZ/flc/i, adj. ragged; awkward; s. m. 
a gamester, a gambler ; a prey. 

CeA)\bAiiii, cearhaim, v. I cut, wound, rend, 
violate ; I carve, engrave. 



CeA^iliAtl, cearbhall, s. ra. carnage, massacre. 

CeA]\bv\ii-yeoin, cearban-fevir , s. wound-grass, a 
healing herb. 

CeAjvbc^jiAini, cearhharaim, v. I curve, engrave 

CeA]ib-cnÁiT), cearb-chnaid, s. a severe reflection. 

CcAnbiiAC, cearbnach, s. m. a beteayer, a de- 

Ce<.\i\bói]\, cearhoir, s. m. an engraver. 

CeA^c, cearc, s. i". a hen; female of birds. 

CeA)\CAC, cearcach, adj. having hens. 

CeA]>CAlb, cearcaU, s. m. a hoop, a circle. 

CeA]\CAll, cearchall, s. m. a bed, a couch ; a 
bolster, a pillow ; a carpenter's block. 

CeA]\CAbÍAC, cearcallach, adj. circulai'. 

CeA]\c-i:eAt), cearc-fheadh, s. a pheasant. 

CeAnc-y]>AiicAC, cearc-fhrancacli, s. a turkey- 

CeA]\c-i>HAOic, cearc-fhraoick, s. a moor-hen, 

CeApciAlb, cearcJiiall, s. madness, idiotcy. 

CeA^icbAijce, cearclaighthe, adj. hooped, en- 

CeApcbAim, cearclaim, v. I hoop, I surround. 

CeAi\ctAnn, ceardann, s. a hen-house, a hen- 

CeA|\c-l,oc, cearc-loc, s. a hen-roost. 

CeÁ]\c-iiiAn]AAc, cearc-mhanrach, s. a hen-coop. 

CeA]\c-roinAin, eearc-tJiomain, s. a partridge. 

CeAiiciibl,, cearchuU, see ceA|\CAÍb. 

CcApc-uii'^e, cearc-uisge, s. a water-hen, a 

CéApt), ceard, s. {. an art, trade, business, func- 
tion ; s. m. an artist, mechanic; a tinker; 
a refiner; ceAii-o-ói]\, a gold-smith. 

CéA,>t)A, ceWa, 1 3. „,. ^ forue. 

CeA]it)AC, ceardach,) 

CéA)\-OACC, ceardacht, s. a low or base trade. 

CéAjTOAije, ceardaighe, s. ni. a tradesman or 

CeAiroAiiitACT), ceardamhlaclit, s. m. ingenuity. 

CéApt)Arinnl, ceardamhuil, adj. ingenious, well- 
wrought, artificial; also expert, cimning. 

CéAirocA, ceardcha, s. m a workshop, a forge; 
in its inflections it makes ceA]ACAin ; a taber- 

CéA^TOCAf , ceardchas, s. an ingenious artist. 

CéAiTO-t)eA]i5, ceard-dhearg, red ocre, keel, 

CeAHTj-utiiA, ceard-umha, s. m. a brazier or 

CeA]\bA, cearla, a clue. 

CeAjibAc, cearlach, adj. roimd. 

CeAiibACA-ó, cearlachadh, s. rotundity, con- 

CeAnlvMii, cearlaiHjV. to conglomerate, Sh. 

CeA]vbtn5ce, cearluighthe, adj. rotund, con- 

CeA)uiinA, cearmna, s. a cutting; i.e. jeA);- 
]\<\x), 0. g. 

CeAniiinA]', cearmtias, s. m. a He, falsehood, 

Ce&]\n,cear?i, s. m. a man ; victory ; a corner ; ex- 
pense ; spending ; a kitchen. 

CeApnA, cearna, s. ni. a corner. 

CeA]mAbÁn, cearnabhan, s. m. a hornet. 

Cé^m^c, cearnach, adj. victorious; invincible; 

CéA|mAcc, cearnaeld, s. m. virility; prowess; 

CeAiWAg-jioine, cearnag-gldoine, s. a pane of 

CéAi\n-Aii\]\-óe, cearn-airrdhe, s. m. a trophy of 

CéApn--ouAii% cearn-duais, s. a prize given in 
any game of activity, as running, wrestling, etc. 

CeApii].-ec\]\nAf), cearnfearnadh, s. destroying. 

CeA]inlong, cearnlong, s. a bed of state. 

CéA|\n-l,uAC, cearn-luach, see ceA]\n-iouAi]'. 

CeApnAn, ceaman, s. a corner, angle, a horn- 

CéA|\nóiiA, cearnoii; s. ra. a \'ictor, a conqueror. 

CeA]i]i, cearr, adj. left-handed, wrong; s. m. a 
burial ; a lopping off"; a. mute, dumb. 

CeAH]\Aic, cean'aich, adj. expert, Sc. 

CeA]\]\ACÁn, cearracan, s. m. a carrot. 

CeAp^AATn, cearram, see ceAHAim. 

CeAiii\bAc, cearrb/iacJi, s. m sport, plunder; see 
quot. at pot)|\AT) ; a gambler, gamester. 

CeAjiiibACA]', cearrbhachas, s. m. gambling, 

CeAnnbAll, cearbhall, s. m. massacre, carnage, 

CeA]ipucÁn, cearrucan, s. m. a skirrct. 

CeA^\c, cecat, s. m. justice, right, equity; law; 
s. Í. a rag; an old garment; adj. just, right, 
true; small, little, few; pointed; s. ra. toll, 
custom, debt ; a pebble. 

CeApcACAX), cearlachadh, s. an adjustment, pre- 

CeAjicAijiin, ceartaighim, v. I adjust, correct, 
regulate, prepare, dress, put in order; I prune, 
trim, cut. 

CeAiicAigceoin, ceartaightheoir, s. m. a corrector, 
regulator ; a pruner. 

CeAjicA]-, ceartas, s. m. justice, equity; preroga- 
tive, property, propriety, pretension, posses- 

CcAjicbueic, ceartbhreith, s. f. birthright. 

CeA|\cc]\eiT)iom, cearichreidiomh, s. m. ortho- 
dox v. 



CeA^cc^Aei'otriAc, ceartchreidmhach, adj. ortho- 

CeA|\ctÁnn, cearilann, s. m. aliouse of correction. 

CeAi\ciÁ]\, ceartlar, s. m. the centre or middle 

CeA](c]'5|Mo'bAt), ceartsgriohliadh, s. orthography. 

CeA^icúgAt), ceartiKjhadh, s. rectification, adjust- 
ment, preparing, amending; pruning, trim- 
ming, cutting, paring. 

CcAncuijce, ceartuighthe, adj. regulated, ad- 
justed, corrected; measm-ed. 

CeA]% ceas, s. m. obscurity, darkness; sorrow, 
grief, sadness; fear, dread; irksomeness ; 
sight, vision; At) ceA]-, i. e. óx> tonne Ay . 

CeAy, ceas, s. m. a cross. 

„, "i s. m. punishment, suffering, 

CeAfA, ceasa, { .■ ^ , ° 

_, ' '. n y vexation, torment, cruci- 

CeArAT), ceasadh, i a ■ 

' ' ') faxion, passion. 

CéA-pAct>, ceasachd, s. m. torment, pain; mo 

céApACt) 0]\Z. 

CeA]'Acc, ceasacht, s. m. an excuse, an apology; 
complaint; dissatisfaction, grumbling, mur- 
muring, finding fault ; disinterestedness, O'Gn. 

CeA^'AccAC, ceasacJdach, adj. dissatisfied, dis- 

CeAfAT», ceasad, complaint; see ceAi^Acc. 

CéAi'AÚ, ceasadh, see céA^'A. 

CéA)'At)óin, ceasadoii', s. m. a tormentor. 

CéAjVMiTi, ceasaim, v. I torment, crucify, vex. 

Ce<>fÁn, ceasan, s. m. the coarse wool of the flank. 

CeAj'c, cease, "i 

CeA-]"o, ceasd, > s. f a question, an enigma. 

CeAyj, ceasg, ) 

CéA]-T)A, ceasda, part, tortured, crucified. 

CeAy^Aim, ceasgaim, v. I ask, inquire. 

CéAplA, ceasla, s. m. an oar. 

CéAflAC, ceaslacli, s. m. coarse wool ; s.m. arowcr. 

CeAblricMt), ceallslaid,^ •■, 

„ , ' 7-7 y s. sacrilege. 

CeAi'LAi-o, ceaslaid, J ° 

CeA]"nA, ceasna, s. great want; fear. 

CeA^'nAc, ceasnach, adj. complaining. 

CeAriiAc, ceasnach, ~) t •. i 

„. ' .'. . ' • 7 f adi. necessitous, sad, 
CeAynArzceAc,ceasnazgh-V J^^j^ 

iheach, ) 

CéA|-nAi5eoi]\, ceasnaigheoir, s. m. a tormentor. 

CeAi^nAijccAcc, ceasnaightheacht,\ s complaint, 

CeA]-nA\pl,' ceasnaighil, j anxiety. 

CcAfnAijim, ceasnaighim, v. I complain, ex- 
postulate ; I question, ask, inquire. 

CeA-pni'tJATi), ceasnughadh, s. interrogation, ex- 
amination; tormenting, chastising; com- 

CeApnnjim, ceasniiighim, see ceA^riAijim. 

CeAfnuigceoiiA, ceasnidghfheoir, s. a catcchist, 

CeA-j-c, ceast, s. f. a question. 

CéAfCA, ceasta, see céA]"OA. 

CeAj-cAJnn, ceastaghpn, v. I correct, amend, 
chastise, punish. 

CéAi'CÁnAC, ceastanach, s. m. a tormentor. 

CéApuriAC, ceasunach, s. m. an executioner. 

CéAc, ceat, s. an hundred. 

CeAc, ceat, adj. first; s. a song; " ^\o ceAC 
beAnÁn hiaja teAnuA];'" ; s. f. a pillar, a prop. 

CeAC, ceath, 1 s. a shower ; cream ; also 

CcACA, ceatiia, J fear. 

CeAC, ceath, 1 , 

CeAcnAiT), ceathnaid,] ^' ''' ^ P' 

CeAC AC, ceathach, s. a mist, fog; adj. showery. 

CéACA-cAin, ceata-cain, s. the seven stars; prop. 

CeACAim, ceataitn, v. I sing, celebrate. 

CeACAin, ceatain, s. the month of May. 

CeACAm, ceathair, four; s. f. puddle after rain. 

CeACAin-beAiiriAC, ceathair-^ 

hheannach, \ adj. quadi-angu- 

CeACAiiv-ceApnAc, ceathair- ! lar, square, 
chearnach, [ f o u r - c o r - 

CeACAin-cuinneAC, ceathair- \ nercd. 
chuinneach, j 

CeACAin-coj'AC, ceathair-chosach, adj. four-footed. 

CeACAip-TDeuj, ceathair-deug, fourteen. 

CeACAi)v-t)uib, ceathair-dhuil, s. the four ele- 
ments; the universe. 

CeACAi]\-|'il,bce, ceathair-fiUte, a. four-fold. 

CeACAin-jobbAUAC, ceathair-gohldanach, adj. 

CeACAi)\-i\ocAC,cea<7íaiV-roíArtí'/í,aj. four-wheeled. 

CeACAin-flto)-nAC, ceathair-shliosnach, sxdy four- 

CcacaI, ceatal, s. singing. 

CoACAin, ceatlmm, v. to sing, Sh. 

CcACAub, ceatharhh, s. a troop, company, mul- 

CeACAiróA, ceathardka, belonging to four. 

CeAeAjmAC, ceatharnach, s. m. a soldier; a 

CeACAi\nAC-o, ceatharnachd, s. m. valour, 

CeAC^AU, cealfadh, see céAt5|.\w. 

CéAC^-A-ÓAC, ceatfadhach, see ceAtipA-OAc. 

CéAC|.-A-ÓACC, ceatfadhact, see céAt)].'A-ÓACc. 

CeACiiiA]\, ceathmhar, adj . creamy ; timorous. 

CeÁcluit), ceathluidh, s. a beginning, front, 

CeAcuAit), ceathnaid, s. a sheep. 

CeAcofoeAC, ceathoideach, adj. showery. 

CcAcuA, ceathra, s. cattle. 

CcACHACA, ceathracha, 1 r r i- .i 

„.'.'. ,, 7 77 Í iidi. lortieth. 
Coach AC At), ceathrachadh, \ ■' 



7í. j ordiual oi tour. 
'.h-\ s. lamb's quaiter, 
f wild oraclie, fat 
5, t hen ; artiplex 
Mj, ) hastata. 

Ce<\ci\ACAT)Af), ceathrachadadh, adj. fortieth 
CeACjVAiii, ceathramh, s. a fourth, a quavt'-r, a 

fourth part of a stanza; s. m. the tliigh; 

cattle, see quot. atcoinniiie. 
CeAC]\AiiiA, ceathramha, s. a trencher. 
CeACH0i,iiiA, ceathramha, \ adj. the fourth, the 
CeAcpokiiiAt), ceathramhadh.^ ordiual of fo 
CeAC]iAiiiACAOHAC, ccath 

ramha-caorach, [^ wild orache, fat 

Cec\c)\<MÍi A-lu Ai n -JIM 0II05, 

ceathramha-luain-griolL ^ 
Ce^xcjiAiiiAt), ceathramhadh, s. a plough-land. 
Cec\cnAitiATi, cealhramhan, a. a quadrant, see 


CeArpAniAriAc, ceathramanack, adj. cubical. 
CeAcnAnnAtiiuil,, ceathrannamhuil, adj. brutish, 

morose, surly. 
CeAcjiAH, ceathrar, s. four of anything. 
CéAC|-ÁtiiAin, feai/isam/iai'n.s.thefirstday of sum- 
mer ; May-day ; the first feast of Samhuin, Coi: 
Cécc, cecht, s. a plough-share; power, might, 

strength ; a lesson, lecture. 
Cet), ced, v. to shun, avoid, 0'£. 
Cét), ced, a hundred, see céAti ; s. m. power, 

manhood, victory. 
Cet), ced, first, see ceAt). 
Cé-oAC, cedach, s. a mantle, garment, veil; 

stripes, striking. 
Ce-OBAct), cedeachd, s. the continent. 
CcA-OAit), ceadaidh, s. sitting, resting. 
Cet)A]', cedas, adv. at first. 
Cet)iAc, cediach, s. a pet lamb. 
Ceojein, cedijhein, s. the first born. 
Ce-ojiALlnA, ccdhghiallna, s. surety, pledge. 
CévZux), cedludh, s. nonperformance ; beginning. 
Cé-omeA-ó, cedmheadh, s. a quintal, a weight of 

100 pounds. 
Centuc, cedluth, s. the first shout, applause. 
Ce-out), cedudh, s. a bed. 
. Céibe, ceihe, s. a spade. 
Ceibin, ceibhin, s. f. a fillet; a lock of hair. 
Ceibleoj, ceibhleog, s. f a fillet; a spark of fire. 
Ceit), ceid, first ; used for ceAX) in compound 

words, when the first vowel of the second 

member of the compound is slender, as ceno- 

juj, ceroiieicume, etc. 
Ceitie, ceide, s. a market or fair; a green or 

plain ; a road ; a hillock level on the top ; dim. 

C el t) eAu'i, eei't/eam/i, "( s. m. May ; e. e. bet- 

Céit)eAniAin,ceid'ea)n/iaí/i,J ceine. 
Céi-ojninneAcc, ceidghrinneacht, s. m. ripeness 

of age. 
Cei-Dce, ceidhche, see coi-óce. 
Ceix)il, ceidil, s. ra. a duel, conflict. 

Céroín, ceidin, s. i. a hillock. 

Ceij, ceigh, 3. a quay or wharf, vulg. 

CeigAiriAC, ceigaiiiach, adj. substantial, thick 

Ceib, ceil, s. concealment, concealing; Heaven. 

Céile, ceile, s. m. a spouse, husband or wife; 
a companion, associate, Ileb. calla ; a servant ; 
adj. joined, united together; ]:a-o o ceile, 
far asunder, separated; s. the shank bone. 

CeilcAbA]!, ceileahhar, s. warbling ; chirping like 

CéileAb]\A-ó, ceilealhradh, s. m. a farewell, 
adieu, leave; " CeiieAbnAO ■oubAc UAim^-e 
•OAjvuinn", Col. Cil.; festivity, solemnization, 
celebration; " CetleAbpAXj An Aip]\nin 
■qiatja", a conversation, dialogue; i. e. 
" coiii]iA-ó no coiiicAinc'. 

CéileAbi\Atni, ceileahhraim, v. I bid farewell, 
take leave ; I celebrate, solemnize ; " A\\ x:\\\ 
^TACAib ceileAbA]vcA]\ ^-oÍAnnnn -oo iniceAbb". 

CéibeAC, ceileach, a. wise, prudent. 

CéibeAt), ceileadh, s. m. junction, union. 

Céibe--oe, ceile-de, s. m. a servant of God; a 

Ceilein, ceileii; s. chirping of birds, warbling 
or song of birds. 

CeiLibnAC, ceilthraili, Sa.; see ceiteAbnATJ. 

Ceibj, ce'dg, gen. of ccaIj, deceit. 

CeAbjeAbbAiin, cealghealliain, v. I betroth, en- 
gage to another. 

CeAb5)\unAc, cealgrunach, adj. deceitful, mah- 
cious, litigious. 

Céibró, ceilidh, s. visiting; a lounge. 

Céib-óim, ceilidhim, v. I visit; I lounge., ceiligheacht, s. m. copulation. 

Ceilini, ceiliin, v. I conceal, hide, cover. 

Ceilii\Am, ceiliram, v. to chirp, warble, Sh. 

Ceibioiinnn, ceiliomhuin, s. secresy. 

CeilubnA, ceiluhhra, s. m. concealment. 

CeiUe, ceille, } S^""' °^^^^^^' '^'^'^' '^^^" 

Ceilb, ceill, 
Ceilbe, ceil 

Ceilb, ceill, 1 ■ a • c n 1 1 

'"*■' I cill f "^^^'oiis °^ ccaIl, a chtu-ch. 
lliT), ceillidh, \ adj. sensible, rs 
ceillidhe,) prudent, sol 


CéilliT), ceillidh, \ adj.sensible, rational, wise, 

Céillróe, ceillidhe,) prudent, sober, sedate. 

Ceitbium, ceillitiin, s. codfish. 

Ceilb]-ine, ceillsine, s. homage, submission. 

Ceilc, ceilt, s. f. concealment, concealia: 

Ceilc, ceilt, 


Ceibciu, ceiltin, s. hiding, covering. 

Ceibcinnuin, ceiltinntin, 3. hidden meaning, 

Céini, ceim, s. i. a step, degree ; pi. ceimnijeACA, 

or ceimcAnnA; elevation, dignity; Heb. cum, 

» ce'ilte \ ^"^J' ''^''^' °°"'^*53,lcd, secret. 




to rise, stand ; adj . smooth, mild, polislied, i. e. 
CAOin, 0. g. 

Céiiii-T)eoil,5, ce!.mh-dJieaI(/,s. m. a hair-pin. 

Céini-meAjvw, ceim-mJieasadh, s. m. geometry. 

Cein'ieA]v\i', ceiinheasas, s. geometry, from ce 
and meAfAim. 

Céiiiiin, ceimhin, "1 

Ceiiiiionn, ceimJiionn, > s. f. a hair-lace, a fillet. 

CéiiiiLeój, ceimhleoij, ) 

Céimioi-U\c-o, cehniodaclul, s. inferiority. 

Céírii,n,le.xc, cehnhmhileach, \ ^^^ ^^[,^,^^^^ 

Ceimpionn, ceiin/tphionn, ) ^ 

CéimneAC, ceimneach, s. m. a footman. 

CeiintiTO, ceimniclh, s. a springing forward ; " t)o 
ceiiiinit) Ai\Ace<.\i\CA5<M-ó'oo-oét)Lx'OAf<vcc<xc". 

Ceinini je<.\c, ceM)»í/í//ieiic/i, s. m. a footman. 

Céimnijiiii, ceimidyldni, v. I advance, step for- 

CéimmjreAC, ceimnigJdheach, adj. progi-essive. 

CéininijceAT), ceiimdgldlieadh, s. graduation. 

Cénnn,ox., ceimnwdh, |^ graduation, ad- 

Ce,mnn,5At>, ceimmugh-^ vancing by degrees. 

Céiin]-eACA, ceimseata, s. geometry. 
Ceiini'eACAc, ceimseatach, s. m. a geometrician. 
Ceiiii-coii'Aic, ceim-toisaich, s. precedence, Sh. 
Céin, cein, adj. far off", remote, long since; 

Accéin AjAf A b):o5Uf ; near and far; s. time, 

adv. while; An cÁm bi Ann. 

.. -77x1 s. a helmet, any 

C,n-beAi,c, cin-bheart, j ^^^^^^ ^^-^^ ^^^ 

CeinioL, ceiniol, s. children. 

Cemmi>,e\\, ceinmhaer, interj.Oh! happy! 

CeinmocA, ceinnutha, prepos. besides, without, 
except; adv. almost, nearly. 

CeinnliAC, ceinuUath, adj. gray-headed. 

Cemni-eACAt), ceinnseacJiadh, s. m. appeasing. 

Ceinni-eACc\ini, ceinnseacJiaim, v. I appease. 

Ceipi"cfii/J, s. f. a slioemakex's last. 

Ceipin, ceipin, s. f a planting-stick, a dibble. 

Cei]j-ciii]-l-Ai-ó, ceip-tuislaidh, s. a stumbling- 
block, Sh. 

Céi^A, ceir, s. f. wax; s a berry; prop. 0^0)1. 

Ceiplj, ceirbli, s. f. carving, 

Céiii-lJeAc, ceir-bheach, s. bee's- wax. 

CeinbeAt), ceirbheadh, s. carving. 

CéipÍbeÁbcA, ceirhhealta, adj. graven, engraved, 

CéinbéipeAcc, ceirhhe'iveacld, ?. m. carving, en- 

Ceinti, ceird, gen. of ceA]\t), iucc cei|\-oe, 
artisans, craftsmen. 

Ceiiro-ciui, ceird-chi'u, s a butclier, an execu- 

head, as 

Cei)\-o-co]'Ai5e, ceird-tliosaighe, s. sorcery, witch 


Cei)TOA, ceirdha, adj. waxen. 

Cei^veAC, ceireacJt, adj. abounding in wax. 

Céini-óe, ceiridhe,) , . i^- 

_, ' ' . . 'V s. a plaster, a poultice. 
Ceijvin, ceirin, J ^ ' r 

Cei)MOCÁn, ceiriocan, s. water-elder tree. 

Ceijile, ceirle, s. a bottom of yarn. 

Cei]\nin, reirmn 
Cenm, ceirn 

is. a small dish, a plate, a 
platter; " JAU cole yop 
C]\ili) ceii\ninne", Cairb. 
Mac Eath. 
Ceinj-eAC, ceirseach, s. m. a wood-lark. 

CeinveAC, ceirsench.l • -r .. - i 

^ ' I ' . ' V s. an impudent rrul. 

Cei)\peo5, ceirseog, J i <= 

Ceii\i-l-e, cei/-sle,s. a clew of yarn. 

Ceii\c, ceÍ7-t, s. f a rag; an orchard; a tree. 

Ceinc-AbAilb, ceirt-ablunll, s. an apple-tree. 

Cei)iceAC, ceirteach, adj. ragtjed. 

Cen\ceÓ5, ceirteog, s. £ a little rag; a ragged 

Ceincle, ccirtle, 1 s. f. a bottom or ball of 

CeincLin, cdrtlin,j thread or yarn. 

CeAi\cleÁc, ceartleach, adj. globular. 

CeA](cli5ce, ccartlightlie,ad']. conglomerated. 

Cei]\clmi, (ch-tJim, v. I glomerate; roll. 

Cei]\niieAÍiAn, ccirtinlieadhan, s. the centre, the 
mi<ldle ; " T)0 ceAji An liuvcdom a cceipcifieo- 
■ÓAti UA nAniAX)". 

Cei]', ceis, s. £ a basket, a hamper ; a spear, a 
pike ; loathing, want of appetite ; grumbling, 
murmuring; need, poverty. 

Céi]-, ceis, s. £ a farrow, a young pig, a sow. 

Ceii'Ci\Ainn, ceischmuin, s. polypody; maiden 

Cei]-t), ceisd, s. £ a question. Inquiry, problem. 

Ceij-oeAiiuiil,, cei'scZeawi/iMi/, adj. inquisitive, sus- 

Cei]"oeACAn, ceisdeacJian, s. a catechism. 

CeipoeAnAC, ceisdeanach, adj. catechetical. 

Ceii-oeAnAi-óe, ceisdeanaid/ie, s. m. a catechu- 

Ceii-Digim, ceisdighim, v. I question. 

Cei]'T)ni JAi), ceisdii'ghad/i, s. inquiry, examina- 

CeireAn, relsean, 1 ^^ ^^^^j ^^^ ^ j^^^^j^ 

Ceipm, ceistn, J 

Ceii'eAnAc, ceiseanach, s. a way made through 
bogs by laying down hurdles joined together. 

Ceífeóg, ceisevg, s. £ a slip, youngling, young 

Ceq-in, cekin, s. £ a young pig. 
Cei]-ii% ceisis, s. grumbling, discontent, o. g. 
Ceii-ncACt), ceisneachd, a. £ complaint; making 

a poor mouth. 






Cei]-neAiii, ceisneamJi, s iii.whining,complaining. 

Cei I'll 151 111, ceisnighim, see cei^'Bijim, 

Ceii^nini, ceisnim, v. I complain, wliinc witliout 


Cei]'c, ceist, see cei]'t). 

Ceij-ce, ceiste., adj. dear, Sh. 

Ceii-ceAtAt», ceisteo'iliiulli, "i ■ • 

^ ' 9 . ■ ■• "i ,7 f s. exammation, 

Ceiixiujcvo, ceif'titighaah, > ■ 

Cei]'cntU5«.\-ó, ceidninghddh, ) ^^ •'' 

CeiCcMii, ceitain, s. JMay, Sh. 

CeicAiiiAC, ceitainacit, 0Í the summer, S/i. 

CeiceAt), ceitheadh,\ a carriage made of ruds 

Ceicim, ceithim, j or osiers. 

CeiceAniuvc, ceitlieavnach, s. m. a soldier, a 

sturdy fellow. 
Ceiceo)\A, ceitheora, a. fourth. 
Ceic]>e, ceithre, adj. iour. 

Ce)c]ieAiiinA, ceiihreaDihna, s. quarters, lodgings. 
Cél, eel, s. m. the mouth ; prophecy ; poison. 
Cel-lÍAlc, eel-bhalc, s. m. strong or resolute 

words; L e. " ce<>nn-b)\iAC]u\, no b]vi<3.c)u\ 

lAitujie", 0. g. 
Ceilcm, ceilchui, s. a fine, Sh. 
Ceiliii), ceilini, v. I cat. 
CelebjiA-o, celeb/iradh, sec ceilev\bnA-ó. 
CenieA-ÓAC, cemlicad/iach, s. m. a geometrician; 

a. geometrically. 
Cen, cen, written in ancient MSS. for jah, 

Cen, ce7i, s. f. a feast, a supper. Cor.; s. a kind 

or species. 
Cen'ojrocjiAi', cendfhochras, s. putting one letter 

for another. 
CeneL, cenel, s. children, see cmeoit. 
Cen-iiio-CA, cen-mo-tha , see cein-mo-cA. 
Ceo, ceo, s. m. mist, fog, vapour; milk; conj. 

CénnriMcxn, ceiinsrian, s. f the head-stall of a 

CeoAc, reoacJt, adj. dark, misty; pr. ceo-ÓAc., ceoacht, s. darkness ; pr. ceo-ookcc. 
Ceobcvc, ceobliach, s. m. drunkenness. 
CeoboknAc, ceobanach, adj. misty, drizzling. 
Ceob]\Áni, ceobhrain, s. heavy dew falling like 

Ceob^iÁn, ceobhran, \ s. m. small rain, mlz- 
Ceob]\Áon, ceobhraon,j zlingrain. 
Ceob]\OkonAC, ceobliraonach, adj. mizzling, misty. 
Ceobnón, ceobhran, s. m. melancholy, grief 
C.eot)Ac, ceodhac/i, a. misty, foggy, dark, dull, 

CeojuA^r, ceogra/, s. geography. 
Ceol, ceol, s. music, song, melody. 
CeoÍAj, ceolagh, s. purging fla.x : llnuiu cathai- 


Ceobt\ii\e, ceolaire, s. m. a singer, a warbler; a 

CeolAineocc, ccohnreadit, s. m. singing, warb- 
CeolÁn, ceolaii, s. m. a little bell ; a cross, crying 

child ; a cloth ; a dotard, a disturbed brain. 
Ceolbnin, ceolldiinn, adj. harmonious, 
Ceolcui]uii, ceolcliuirm, s. a concert, Sh. 
Ceoliiu\n, ceolinhar, adj. musical, harmonious. 
CcoltiuvpACC, ceolinhamcht, s. m. harmonious- 

Ceoloi^-leiyt, ceoloideUi, s. droppinir mists, rain, 

CeoljiAiú, ceolruidh, s. m. and f. musicians, the 

Ceob]\Ai-óe, ceolratdhe, s. ra a chanter. 
Ceol]mÍK\iii, ceolrimham, v. to modulate, play 

music, Sh. 
CeolcATJ, ceoltadh, s music, singing. 
CeoiiiA]i, ceomhar, adj. misty, dark. 
CeoiiiA^iACT), ceomharachd, s. darkness. 
CeotiubceAc, ceomhiltcuch, s. mildew. 
Ceoi\, ceor, s. a mass, a lump. 
Ceo]', ceos, s. the liip, S/i. 
CeocAC, ceothach, adj. dark, misty. 
CeocnÁn, ceothran, s. m.a small shower. 
CepA-ó, cepadh, s. silver; see ciiii. 
CepAji, cepar, s. m. money, coin. 
Cepiouup, cepionus, adv. however, howsoever. 
Ce\\, cer, s. m. a stag, roe, hart. 
Cejib, cei^b, a. accursed. 
CeiibcAc, cerbheach, s. m. a gamester. 
Cepb,-eoi,,, cerbseoir, 1 ^_ ^^ ^ ^^.^^^^^ 
Ce)ib)-i]\e, cerlisire, ) 
Ce]vbu)'Ai|\, cerbusulr, s. a banker, Sh. 
CencAill, circtiiY/, s. a uight-cap; a protection 

for the head; a pillow, Cor. 
Ce|\ceiit), ccrcend, s. m. a cycle; i. e. " cuAi]ic 

n'Ainiiii\e", Cor. 
Cepen, cereii, see cei^un. 
Cenn, cern, s. asquare. Cor.; s. victory, triumph ; 

a troop or band of people. 
CeiuieÁn, cer man, s. m. a dish. 
Cepnene, cernene, s. a dish or dishes. 
Cejmin, cernin, s. f. a trencher. 
Ce]iiib, cerub, s. a cherub. Com. P. 
Cep, ces, s. í'. obscurity, disgrace, trouble. 
Cer, cet, s a mouth, apertm-e; prophecy; conj. 

Cec, celh, fur cac, battle. 
CecAini, cetaim, v. I sing; " Ij-Boib ]io cec au 

pilni", Ballim. 54. 
Cecejin, ceihern, s. m. a plundering soldier, i.e. 

" cec CAc, 000)', ojMi oncAin", Cur.; a troop ol 

military naen, (. c'. " coipe Aquince", Cor. 




Ceicjuvt-l-nA, ceitgiallna, s. pledges for service. 

Ceccvi]', cettus, see ceT)Ap 

Ceucx), cenchd, see ccacc and cecc. 

Céu-o, ceud, see céd-o ; s. m. a cantred. 

Céu-OAC, ceudacJt, adj. centuple. 

CéuT)-AÍne, ceud-aine, s. Wednesday. 

CeunyATJ, ceudfadh, see céA'oirA'ó. 

Ceu-ojein, ceudc/hein, adj. first-born. 

Ceu'oionjAT), ceudlongadh, see ceA'olonjA'ó. 

Ceii-oiiieAi', ceudmheas, s. first fruit. 

Céutii, ceum, see céiin 

CéumAtinnL, ceumanihuil, adj. stately, majestic. 

CeiniA, ceuna, see céA-oiiA. 

Cev]-, cetis, s. a cross, crucifix, punishment. 

Céii]'A, ceusa, see céAi'AT). 

Céu]'Aim, ceusaim, see ceA^Aim. 

Céu^'T)A, ceiisda, see ceÁ]-OA. 

CeucAc, ccidach, adj. elegant, famous. 

Ci, ci, s. a hound, see ciocaja. 

Ci, ci, interj. see, behold; s. lamentation. 

„ ' '. J-adv. how? who? what? Ihh. ci. 
CiA, cm, ) 

CiA, cia, adj. all, very; s. m. a man, a husband; 

a reward; a covenant; con. though, although. 
CiA Af , cia as, adv. whence ? 
CiaT!), ciaWt, s. f a lock of hair; the hair. 
CiaIíac, ciabhach, adj. hairy, bushy. 
CiAbAgÁn, ciahkagan, s. a small curled loch. 
CiAlJAj-coille, ciahliag-choille, s. a wood-lurk, 

CiAbAU, ciaban, s. a gizzard. 
CiaIjajicaii, cicdihartlian, s. a shower, Sc. 
CiAb-bAcbAC, ciahh-hhachlach, adj. curl-haired. 
CiAb cA]"0A. ciabh-chasda, s. curled hair. 
CiAt-ceAnntJub, ciabh-cheanndubh, s. deer's 

C^Abponn, .ciabhfJnonn, s. fair hair. 
CiaTíój, ciabhog, s. f a small lock of hair, a side 

CiAb^'A, ciabJisa, v. though I was ; i. e. " ge •oo bi 

me' , 0. ff. 
CiAC, ciach, s. m. mist, fog; sorrow, concern. 
CiAt), c-/fM//i, V. they lament. 
CiAt), ciad, V. they saw. 
CiA-OAU, oarffííi. s. height. 

CtAX)t\uMAC,maddhuillach, adj. centifolioup,íí/i. 
CiAnlu]-, ciadins, s. curiosity, SA. 
Cia1^í:ai\, cialthar, v. let there be equality ; i (■ 

" ctiT>]\omAi5CCAn, 110 comci\oniAi5ceAiv", 

CiaL, ciciZ, s. f. death. 
CiAÍt, ciall, s. f. sense, reason, motive. 
CiAblAC, ciallach, s. m. love, a swcctlicarl ; a 

balancing; i. e. coiiif)\oiiui jaw, o. r/. 
CiaIIacatj, ciuUachadh, s. signilVini:. 

CiAl-tcogAijA, ciallchogair, s. a watch-word. 
CiAlbciiAicm, ciaUchraicin, s. literal meaning. 
CiAbl-oA, cia//<Z/irt, ~i adj. rational, pradent, 

CuvltiiiAC, ciallmliach, > possessed of good 
Cu\biiiiA]\, ciallmJiar, j sense. 
CiAÍbpÍAic:, ciaUfhlaiili, s. a secretary of state. 
CiAlluigim, ciaUiiiglnm, v. I interpret, Mulloij. 
CiAÍluijeAC, citdluiglieach, adj. significant. 
CiAlliiJAt), ciallughadh, s. interpretation, mean- 
CiArii, ciamh, see ciAb. 

„ . ■ J ■ "is. sadness, weariness, 

C1A111A111, ciamliair, I , ,, 

„ . ' . , . > sombrousness; " ttaii 

CiAuiAine, ciamhaire, Í . ,. ■^.„ 

' ' 'J CtAlllAI]! JAn tJUAC . 

CiA)nAi]i, ciamliair, adj. sad, gloomy. 

CiAn, dan, adj. long, tedious; adv. far distant, 
long since. 

CiAUAinuit, cianamhuil, adj. lamentable, solitary. 

CiAnAoi^% cianaois, s. f old age. 

CiAni'ubAin^, cianfhiilaing , s. f. long-suflcring, 
perseverance; adj. invincible. 

CiAuiiiAom, cianmhaoin, s. a legacy. 

CiAniiiAncAunAC, cianmliarthannach, adj. con- 
tinual, perpetual, long-lived. 

CiA]DÁil, ciapail, s. f strife, contention. 

CiApÁtAC, ciapalai'h, adj. contentions. 

CiA]3AlAije, ciapaliighe, s. m. a quarrelsome 

CiAjaAlAini, ciapalaim, v. I quarrel, contend. 

CiApAiii, ciapam, v. to vex, torment, <S7i. 

C1AJ1, ciar, s. f. a comb; s. m. defence, protec- 
tion; adj. dark brown; black. 

CiÁ|AAc, ciarach, s. a young black girl, Sh. 

CiA]\Aib, ciarail, s. f a quarrel. 

Cia^áLac, ciaralach, adj. perverse, froward. 

CiA]\Án, ciaran, adj. gray: s. m. a man's name. 

CiAHCAib, ciarcluiil, s. f a lurking place or den. 

CiApcAilb, ciarcaill, see ce]\CAill. 

CiA^iój, ciarog, s. f a chafer, a beetle. 

Cu\pi\Aix), ciarraidh, s. a notch. 

CiA)\)-Áin, ciarsain, s f grumbling. 

CiA]\i-Án, ciarsan, s. m. a hum, a buz; a grum- 

CiA^\]'eAc, ciarseacli, s. m. a thrush. 

CiAppn, ci«m«, K. f. a kerchief 

CiA]ii-uiiA, cuirsuir, J 

CiApcA, ciarta, adj waxed; biiéit) cia)\ca; r. 
combed; ot-Ann cia]íca 

CiA)', cias, s. m. contention, strife. 

CiAfAil, ciasail, s. f. a dispute, quarrel. 

CÍACA, data, s. an opinion. 

CiACAc, datach, adj. graceful; esteemed. 

CiAryAC, ciatfach, adj. honest. 

CiArfAt), ciatfadh, s. admiration. 

CiACACAT), riatachadli, s. trnicefulncss. 



Cib, cih, s f. a hand ; sedge ; the shank bone of 

a beast. 
C\'h^Yz^,cihharg, s. a rag, a little ragged woman, 

CibeAC, ciheach, a. sedgy. 
Ciben, ciben, s. the rump, Sli. 
CibteACÁn, ctbleacJtaii, s. m. a ninephi. 
Cic, cich, s. a grayhound; Welsh, ci; see cioc; 

s. f. a step, degree ; lamentation, grief. 
Cicc\l, deal, 1 s. a cycle, Cor.; cicub, j^aitoa, 
Ciciib, cicul, J solar cycle. 
Cic«.\p, dear, adj. greedy; it is figuratively ap 

plied to rage in battle, as 001-50,^ cica]\. 
Cicec, dchet, s. walking; i. e. ceimniuJAT), 0.^. 
Cici, dclii, adj. cordial, kind. 
Cici]-, ckhk, s. complaint. 
CictAnji, dclildda, see cicec. 
CicÍAt)A](, dcldadar, v. they walked; i. e. 

" ceiniui jeA-OAji", 0. g. 
Cici'iceA]^, dchsithear, v. they shall come or 

move; i. e jluAipptJeA^i, 0. g. 
CiX) be, ddh h'e, pron. whoso; cit) be <M]\ bic, 

whatsoever, cni be •ouitie, whosoever. 
Ctocac, ddhcacli, s. m. a fat lamb. 
Ci-oeój, cideog, s. f. a blanket ; a poor coverlet. 
Ci-ói]-, ddhis, s. a mask, a vizard. 
CrociiAcc, ddhtraclit, con. however; nevertlie- 


Ci|:eAi\, dfear, s. a cypher. 

Cn-, df, y 1 T 

„ "^, • . ./> 77 > s. unhamiuicss. 

Ci]-LeAt), cifleadh,) 

Cipleoj, dfieog, s. £ an unhandy or unman- 
nerly person. 
C15, dg, part, seeing, beholding. 
C15, dgh, s. a hind, a doe. 

Ciriliin, dqilim, 1 t x- 1 1 
/- ^ 1 ■ -i,- 5- V. I tickle. 

CijiLam, agdtim, J 

Cijilce ctgilie, part, tickled. 

CigiiceAc, dgilteach, adj. ticklish, difficult. 

Cijiir, dghim, v. I see, behold. 

Cigijie, dgire, s. m. an inspector. 

CigleA-o, dgleadh, s. tickling. 

Cii, dl, s. ruddle; equality; i. e. coihcuuiUA, 

Cor.; s. f. chile. 
Ciléi]A, cileir, s f. a keeler, a large tub or vessel 

with two ears to be carried on a stick or slings. 
Cib]rin, dl/in, s. the belly. 
C1IÍ, dll, s. partiality, prejudice; adj. partial. 
CilbbpeAc, dllbhreath, s. a decision of the 

Ciblcei]-, dllcheis, s. f.Tough or coarse wool. 
CilUn , dllin, s. f. a little cell ; an old grave-yard. 
Cini, dm, v. I see. 
C1111, dm, s. a drop; money, silver; tiibute ; 

•' cini, i. e. Apgec, A5Af won A]A5ec no bencA a 

cif "oyoiiiAiAAib AC -noiiie a AinmniJA-ó. Cim 
•0111 Anitn CAC ci]-A o ^-oin Able. CepA-o -oo 
A]i5AC bA hAinm a]\ cu)', aja a u'lmce ACAp a]\ 
A liicc -00 be]\CAe a cip do poiiiA]\Aib, unde 
dicitur ip nA bpeACAib netiiit), cim UAim ol>.\p 
nuini hi puincejine puinc", Cor. 

Cimbeb, dmhel, s. f. a pebble, a small stone. 

Cim-beo, dm-beo, s. quicksilver, mercury. 

CiniceApcAijnn, dmcheartaighim, v. Iritle, pil- 

Cinic)ieAC, dmclireach, pillage, plunder, distress 

for rent or taxes. 

Cmie, dme, 1 i- ^ ^^■ 

„ . . 7 7 > s. 1. travelling, gomg. 

CinieAc-o, ci/iieac/irf, J =' *= ° 

CimeAc, dmeadi, s. m. a traveller. 

CimeAC, dmeach, \ 

CuneA'ó, dmeadh,) ' " 

CimeACAp, dmeacJias, s. captivity. 

Cimim, dmim, v. I captivate, < 

Cm, dn, written forgAn in oldMSS. ; s. a bed; 

five ; s. f. a drop. 
CmA'OAÍ, dnadal, fond of the name, Sh. 
CmAi-o, dnaidh, s. damages, Br. L. 
CinAi]ie, dnaire, s. m. a knave, a little rogue. 
Cinbeipc, dnbheirt, s. a ruler, a governor. 
CmbeipcAp, dnbheirtas, s. dominion. 
CmcigeAp, c«;ci<7/.ea., | ^ wiritsuntid.e. 
Cnicijip, cincig/tts, J ^ 

Cine, due, ^s. m. 

CineAt), dneadh,f 

ration; cine x)AonA, man- 
y kind. 

m. decree, appointment, 

. a race, tribe, family, 
Fspring, progeny, gene- 

CméAb, dneal, 

Cineub, dneul, ^ 

CineAX), dneadh, 

CmeAtiAp, dneadas, s. m. kindred. 

CinOAb, dneal, s. m. a kind or sort; kindness, 
fondness; a gift; adj. dainty, Sh. 

CméAlcA, dnealta, adj. kind, gentle. 

CinéAbcup, dnealtus, s. kmdness, affection. 

CineAihum, dneamhuin, s. f. nature, fate, des- 
tiny, accident, MiiUoy, 36. 

Cinét, cinel, s. see cniéAÍ. 

Cmpi-oeAt), diijideadh, s. conception. 

Cmj, dng, s stepping, walking; a king, head, 
Lee; adj. strong. 

CinjeAc, dngeach, adj. brave. 

CinjeAct), dngeachd, s. m. bravery; s. f. con- 

CmjeA-ó, dngeadh, adj. valiant. 

Cmjijie, ciiigire, s. m. a leader, guide. 

Cingic, dngit, s. a double goblet. Cor. 

CingceAcc, dngfheadit, see cmjeAct). 

Cini-o, dnid, adj. inherent, belonging to a family. 

Cmijitn, dnighim, v. I prophesy, foretel. 

CmiiieAC, dnmheath, s. a consinnption. 



Cmiiiiot, cinmhiol, s. a picture. 
CiniiiioLA, cinmhiola, s. colours. 
CiiimioÍAt), cinmldoladh, s. a picture, imago 

art of painting. 
CmtiiioUMm, ciiimInol(nm,v. I paint. 

Cimi'iioitóin, cinmhioWioir, s. m. 

a pa 

Cmn, cinn, inflexion of ce^n, a head. 

CinnbeA]\CA'p, cinnbheartas, s. sovereignty. 

Cinii'beii\c, cinnbheirt, s. a helmet, any kind ot 
head dress. 

CmnbeineAU, c'lnnbheireadh, s. dominion. 

Ciiincioi', cinnchios, s. poll-tax. 

CmneAC, cinneach, s. surname, Sc. 

CinneAC-om, cinneachdln, s. increase. 

CitineA'o, cinneadh, s. preparing, happening; 
decreeing, appointing. 

CmneAuinA, cinneamhna, adj. accidental. 

CmneAiiinAC, cinneamhnach , adj. fatal, acci- 

CinneAHnuti, cinneamhuin, s. chance, fortune, 
fate, lot, allotment; an ominous accident or 

CmncAp, cinneas, s. growth, increase. . 

Cinni, cinni, s. a megrim. 

Cm mm, chniim, v. I decree, appoint, assign, es- 
tablish, agree, contract, resolve; surpass, ex- 
cel, overtop. 

Cmiime-cAi\cAc, chmine-cartach, s. carter, Sh. 

Cimiticin, cinnlitir, s a capital letter. 

Cmmiiijie, cinnmhire, s. broken down 
frenzy ; the vertigo. 

CmnpeAC, cinnseach, s. want. 

CmnpeAt, cinnseal, s. a sprinkling. 

Cmn]-eAlAC, cinnsealach, s. a rnan spi 
with blood, B. Moling, 114. 

Cinnpiol, cinnsiol, s. m. a quarrel. 

Cmnce, cinnte, adj. assigned, appointed, ar- 
ranged ; s. certainty ; adj. certain ; close, stingy. 

CmnceAc, cinnteach, adj. positive, certain. 

CmnccACT), cinnteachd, s. positiveness, certainty, 
stinginess, confidence. 

Cmnq\éun, cinntreun, adj. obstinate. 

CmceACAL, ciiiteacal,~i s. coarse wool, coarse 

CmceAgAL, cintea- > woollen cloth, a coarse 
fjal, ) cloak. 

Cmcijitn, cintiffJdrn, v. I appoint. 

Cmcm, cintin, s. happening. 

Cmcu^, cintur 

Cmuji, cinur, 

Ciob, ciob, s. a sort of grass; tow 

Ciob, ciobh, see cu\b. 

CiobAl, ciobkal, s. the jaw-bone. 

Cioc, cioch, s. i'. a woman's breast. 

CiocAin, ciocair, s. a way, a road. 




CiocA|\AC, ciocar 
C)0CApt)A, ciocar 

•ach, Vt ^'""'^ 

rdha, ( ^^^^.'°g 

) petite. 

s. m. engraved work. 

CiocAijie, ciochaii-e, s. m. a stingy man, a churl. 

CiocAn, ciochan, s. a titmouse. 

CiocA]\, ciocar, s. a starved or hungry hound, i. e. 

CU OC^VAC, o. fj. 

CiocA]\, ciochar, s. m. a shot. 

i. greedy, ravenous ; 
canine ap- 
petite, longing after. 
Ci oc-A-iini 1 neiX.,cioch-a-mh uineal, s. the uvuIa,<S/t. 
CiocIau, cioc/iladh, s. supjjressing. 
CioctAijnii, ciochlaif/Jiiin, v. I change, I weaken. 
CiocnAc, ciocmch, adj. see ciocApAC. 
Cioc]iÁn, ciockran, s. m. a suckling. 
CiocuA]', ciocras, s. hunger, greediness, longing, 

covetousness ; Neb. cliicco, his palate. 
Cíoc]\A]'Án, ciocrasan, s. m. a hungry fellow. 
C10CC, ciocht, s. clilklrcn; a carver, engraver; a 

C\oczó.-ó, cioclttad/i, \ 
CioccÁn, ciochtan, J 
CioccAin, ciochtain, v. I collect, rake, scrape. 
CioccópAn, ciochtosan, s. m. a hosier. 
Ciot)? ciod? ) 1 5 1 xo 
Cto-o .-* ciodh ? J 
Cio-ó, ciodh, s. a maid. 

CioT)Á]\? ciodar? wherefore ? prop. ciof) \\\]\. 
Cio-ocui^e? ciodchuir/e? why? Scot, gu^ocuije. 
Cio-órA, ciodh fa, 1 
„ .'^ , ■ ■,! } > see ciotiAn. 
Ciot)pA]\, ciodhfar, J I 

Cioj, ciogh, s. f. a mist, a cloud, a beast. 

CiojÁb, ciogal, s. distaff, spindle. 

C105AI,, ciogal, s. a cycle. 

Ciol, ciol, s. f. death ; an inclination, propensity. 

CioIa, ciola, s. servant; prop. jioIIa. 

CioÍAc, ciolach, a. deadly. 

CioIahu, ciolarn, s. m. a vessel; prop. cioIca]ui. 

CiolcAc, ciolcach, see giolcAC. 

C10ÍÍAC, ciollach, adj. superior. 

C10ÍÓ5, ciolog, s. f a hedge-sparrow; provision, 

Ciol]u\cA-ó, ciolnilhiidh, s. chattering. 
CiolnArAim, ciolruthaiin, v. I chatter. 
CiolcAjm, cioltharn, see ciolApn. 
C10111, ciom, s. f. a hell, cymbal. 
CioniA, cioma, s. a fault. 
CioiiK\c, ciomach, s. m. a prisoner; a restless 

fellow; a. restless. 
CioiiiA-ó, cioniadh, s. combing, carding. 
CioiiiAim, ciomaim, v. I card, comb. 
CiotnAi^ie, ciomaire, s. m. a cottoner. 
CioinÁn, cioman, s. m. carding, combing. 
CiotiiAp, ciomhas, s. a border, brim, brink. 
C\omh'\\., ciombal, s. m. a bell. 
Cion, ciSn, s. love, Mullog, 102; a fault, guilt, 

sin, desire 




CioiiAiiuiil, cionamhuil, adj. guilty, lovely, 

Cionoi]-CAitii, cionasiaim, v. I bear. 

CionccuAi]\c, cionccuaii-t, adv. before. 

Cioncon]\Án, cionchorran, s. m. a hook. 

CiotTOA, cionda, for ceAÓriA, old MSS. 

CionyAc, cioiifiith, s. occasion, cause; origin; 

CionniAlcAnn, cionmhalcaim, v. I bear. 

C^ox\m■\\\, cionmhor, a,, lovely; conj. because. 

Cionn, cionn, s. a head, cause, account. 

CioniiACA, cionnacha, s. the face, Sh. 

CioniiAi]\ioccAC, cionnairiochtach, adj. blood- 

CiontiAf , fionnrts, adv. how? 

Cionnp]!, cionnsir, s. a censer. 

C1011Ó5, cionog, s. i. a kernel; a small coin. 

Cionoj-^WAU, cionog-1 uadh, s. a farthing. 

CioiiiuvóAiic, cionradlmrc, s. fate, destiny. 

Cioti]\A-ÓA)\CAC,cío?!ra<Z/ia)'eac/t, adj. close, stingy, 

CioncA, cionta, s. giiilt, crime, sin. 

CioiicAC, cointach, adj. guilty, criminal. 

CioncAJAti, cio)ita()hadh, s. guiltiness, sinning; 
criminal knowledge. 

CioncAi jini, contaighim, v. 1 accuse, blame. 

CtoncAn, ciontar, s. m. music. 

Clon^1l^e, ciontire, s. tribute, <S/i. 

CioncúJAt), ciontiighadh, see .éíoncAJA-ó, 

CiopÁm, ciopain, see ceAjDÁn. 

Ciop, cior, s. f a comb ; a cud, the jaw. 

Cio]i, rior, s. f. a hand. 

CiojiAt), cioradh, s. combing. 

Cío^íAim, cioraim, v. I comb. 

Cio)\bAt), ciorhadh, s. privation, taking away, 
see cioii)\bA'ó. 

C-\o\\'bMm,ciovbhaim, v. I take away, mutilate. 

CiojibcA, ciorbtha, adj. hurt. 

Cio]\CAt, ciorcal, s. m. a circle. 

CioiicAbuA, ciorcaldha, adj. circular. 

CionTJub, ciordhuhh, adj. coal-black. 

CiojijaI, ciorghal, s. feats of arms; adj. brave. 

CiopJAÍAC, ciorghalach, a. forcible. 

Cio)\niAi]ie, ciormhaire, s. m. a lecher, a seducer; 
a fuller ; a person who naps cloth ; a comb- 
maker; a comber, 

Cio]\niAin,«'ori?M>?i, v. to wear out, Sh. 

C\o]\-meAh\, cio7--mheala, s. houey-comb. 

Ciopi\, ciorr, a. short. 

Cío]^HAmAC, ciorramach, adj. maimed, lame. 

Cio]inbA-ó, ciorrbadh, s. m. slaughtermg, wound- 
ing, cutting, defiling. 

Cíop]\'bAÍiii, ciorrlhaim, v. I mangle, mortify, 

Cio]\]\V)Ani, ciorrhham, v. to become black, Sh. 

Cio^ibuijce, ciorbuightlte, adj. maimed, mangled. 

CiO]\CAiiiAC, ciorthainach, see cioi\]k\iiiac. 

C'io)\|uinu\c, ciorrumach, s. m. a maimed or disa- 
bled person. 

Ciojiui'juAC, ciorusgrach, s. clearing or driving 
away with the hands, Sc, 

Cio]-, cios, s. m. rent, tribute, revenue ; tax ; sin. 

Cio]-AC, ciosacli, adj. importunate. 

Cío]-ÁCA-ó, ciosachadh, s. restraining, subjugating. 

C'torAc, ciosach, 1 i- 1 1 t * 

„.!.'. .' 7,7 > ad], slovenly, duty. 
Cioi-ACOAC, ciosachdach, ) ■' j^ j 

Cio^'Ab, ciosal, s. the wages for mursing. 

Cíoi'cÁni, cioscain, s. f tribute, tax. 

CiopuAijce, ciosnaigJite, part, subdued. 

Cioc, dot, s. Í. the left hand. 

Cioc, cioth, s. a peal, a heavy shower. 

CiocAC, ciotach, adj. left-handed, awkward. 

C10CAC, ciothach, a. showery 

i'°^^"'"''^«'*'U-f-tlie left hand. 
C10C05, ciotog,) 

CiocA]\, ciotar, s. m. linsey-wolsey. 

CiocfAH, ciotfar, v. seems meet, Sh. 

Ciot:]AAiiiAC, ciothramach, adj. mean, low. 

Cioi:A]AiiiACAt), ciothramhachadh, s. mut.latiou, 

Ciot:iTiA]i, ciothmhar, \ A' ] 

CtotmA'^\AC, ciothmharach, / •^' •' ' 

CiiD, cip, s. a rank or file of soldiers. 
Ci)3Íti, cijmi, s. f a stick or dibble used for 

C'm, cir, s. Í. a comb; a key; the cud. 
Ci]i, cir, part, joined, united. 
Ci|\ACAn, cirachan, s. a comb case. 

^.1 , ' . . ' V s. a cock's comb, crest. • 
Ci^\in, cirin, J ' 

Ci]\Án, ciran, s. m. a harrow. 

Cijvb, cirb, s. a warrior; a turner; haste, speed; 

huiTy ; adj. fleet, swift ; s.f a curb, edge, border. 

Cinbp]\e, cirbsire, s. m. a penitentiary ; a brewer. 

Ci^iCAi, circal, s. a circle, a hoop. 

CijAe, cire, s. a sheep. 

Ci]\éib, cireib, s. f insun-ection, tumult, uproar. 

Ci]\ineAC, cirineach, adj. crested. 

CijicAnAC, cirthanach, s. a kitchen. 

CÍ]', eis, rent; Ileb. cis, a purse. 

Cij-ceAn, ciscean, s. a shepherd's crook. 

Ci]-cnin, ciscinn, s. a poll-tax. 

Cii~oe, cisde, s. m. a chest, a treasure; a cake. 


Ci]'t)eAmuib, cisdeamhuil, adj. capsular. 

Ci]~oeÓ5, cisdeog, ) 

Ci^-eAn, cisean, ^ s. f a box. 

Cii'éín, c'lsein, ) 

„ ' ., ' . , ' > s. m. Satan, sm. 
Ci]-el, cisel, J 




Ci]'éin,C!Sítn, s. f. a basket, pannier. 

Cí]'él, cisel, s. walking; tlie hollow space be- 
tween two waves. 

Cii'el, cisel, s. f. tlie bank or bench where turf 
is cut. 

Ci^'eoj, ciseog, s. f. the stem of com or straw. 

Cii-i)\e, cish-e, s. a romancer, a stoiy-teller. 

Ci|-iiuvii5Ai]A, cisinhangair, s. a farmer of taxes. 

Cn'iiiAop, cumhaor, s. m. a tax collector. 

CirceAcÁn, cisteaohan, s. m. a treasurer, cash- 

CircéAn, cislean, 1 i ■, , , 

^1 ' . . ' 7 > s. a kitchen : vulc;. 

CijxeAnAc, cisteanack,) ° 

CijxeAtiAt), cisteanadh, s. rioting. 

Cic, cith, s. m. a shower. 

CiteAC, citheach, adj. showery. 

CiceAjA, citear, v. it seems, appears. 

CÍC1, cithi, V. you see. 

CiucAinj, ciuchaing, s. walking;. 

CniCAip, ciuchair, adj. beautiful, dimpling. 

CnicAtcoiji, ciuclialloir, s. a hearer, auditor. 

CuicUmciih, ciiirhlait/iim, I hear. 

Cuic'U\cA]\, ciuehlathar, v. will be heard ; " ciuc- 

LxcAH'oocAinjeAn, i. e. cloi]-pi-úA)\ no cluin- 

p-óeAp -00 cúi]-". 
Ciiicol, ciucol, s. m. an audience or hearing. 
Cunl, ciuil, s. m. gen. of ceob, music. 
Cnim, ciuin, adj. meek, gentle, still, quiet, mild, 


CiuiiiA]-, ciumJias, s. f. a selvage. 

CiunA]% ciimas, s. ra. tranquillity, calmness. 

_ . . ) s. m. meekness, calmness, 

Cnnne, riuine, { ,. ■ ' 

„ ' . . >• soilness, quietness, gen- 

CiuincA]-, cniineas. l - ' ^ •--■ ° 

tleness, tranquillity. 

CunniuJAU, ciuiniughadh 


„ .... 7 77 1 s. appeasing, ap- 

CiuineACAT), nmneacliadli, { ' ^ P ■ 
peascment, paci- 

Cunnjim, ciunigldm, }y I appease, soften, pa- 

Cunniiii, ciuiniin, y cifyi assuage. 

Cuiinijeoip, ciuinigheoir, s. a pacifier. 

Cnnii, rinir, part, selling; divulging. 

Cuimt», ciuird, s. a trade. 

Cuii]nn, ciuirin, s. a covering. 

Cnniunijini, ciuiiinighim, v. I cover. 

Cui]i]'Án, ciursan, s. m. abuzz, hum. 

Ciui)\c, ciuirt, s. a rag, Sh. 

Ciui)\ceAC, ciuirteach, adj. ragged. 

CiulÁn, ciulan, s. m. a murmur. 

CiubeAbA]», chtleahhar, s. a grayhound. 

CiutíiAip, ciuiííhair, s. f. a selvage, edge, border, 
limit, bound. 

CiuniA, duma, s. half a span, a palm. 

Cuip, ciur, s. m. a merchant. 

CuipA, rtura, adj. mercantile. 

Cuii\Aini, ciuraim, v. I buy. 

CuJApcA, ciuartha, part, bought. 
CiupcAini, ciurthaim, v. I maim, tear, batter. 
CuiiiCAniAC, ciurthamach, adj. maimed. 
Ciu]\éAiiiAicAm, ciurihamaicham, v. to hurt, 

harm, Sh. 
CuiciiAc, ctuthrach, s. a bird having a red head. 
CÍAb, dab, 


,clab, i^.' 
\, daha, j ■^' 


ClAb, dab, s. m. a wide moutli, a lip. 

CIaIí), dabh, the mange, itch. 

CtAbAC,f/ai!*at7i,adj. thick-lipped, wide mouthed. 

ClAbAii\e, dahaire, s. m. a babbler. 

ClAbAip, d'di/iair, s. mead, Sh. 

ClÁbA|\, dabar, s. mud, dirt, filth. 

CbÁbA]\Ac, dabaradi, adj. dirty, filthy. 

CÍAboj, dabog, s. f. a scoff or jeer; a blubber- 
lipped woman. 

ClAbpACÁn, dabhradian, s. m. a babbler. 

ClAb]\u]% dabriis, s. opposite leaved golden saxi- 
frage ; chrysosplenium. 

ClAbj-Al, dabsal, s. m. the column of a book. 

CU\bpcAp, dabhstar, s. a cloister. 

CLac, dadi, see cloc. 

CIaca-oaihact), dacadairadid, s. masonry, Sc. 

CbÁcAip, dadiair, s. a mason, Sc. 

CbACAineACT), clachaireachd, s. masonry. 

CbACAim, dachaim, v. I stone. 

CbAcÁn, clachan, s. m. a village, hamlet; a ford, 
stepping stones ; a burying ground. 

CbAC-oipnn, dach-oisinn, a. a corner stone. 

CtAC-nA-)-uib, dach-na-suil, s. apple of the eye. 

ClAC-cocAilcAice, clach-thochailtaiche, s. a quar- 
ry-man, Sh. 

CÍAt), dadh, s. m. a grave, dike, ditch, bank, 
mound ; a wool-comb ; a flame, a flash ; cbAi-oib 
ceine, Lee. 

CV'^x>■^c, dadach, s. m. dirt, clay, mire; aflat, 
stony shore not raised so high as a cui]\lin, 

CIa-óac, dadhach, the sea, sea-shore, a liaven. 

CLa'óac, dadhach, > s. excavating, dig- 

ClA-óuJAt), dadhughadh, ) ging. 

CÍAixitjiin, claidhighiin, v. I dig, excavate. 

ClÁ-ÓAi]\e, dadhaire,3. m. a rogue, plunderer; 
a coward. 

ClA-ÓAt]\eAC-o, dadhaireachd, s. m. cowardice. 

CbAt)Án, cladan, s. a bur, a flake; cIa-oah 

ClAT)ApAini, dadarahn, v. I toss about. 

CbATJum, cladrin, s. wreck, disorder. 

CIaj, dag, s. m. clapper of a mill ; cackling 
like a hen. 

ClA5Aini,c/a(7aim, v. Imake a noise, ring, cackle. 

ClAgAipe, clagaire, s. ra. a noisy body; a bell 





ClÁJAipe, claghaire, see ciÁÚAie. 

CÍAgÁn, clagan, s. a little bell; noise. 

CU\5A]>t)A, cUighardha, adj. villainous; lazy, 

CIajajvúacc, claghardhachf, s. villainy, lazi- 

Cl<.\5*.\nnAC, chgarnach, s. noise. 

ClAJAiicA, claghartha, see clA5Al\■ó<^. 

ClAJA]\rA]% clagliartas, see cIaVjaitoacc. 

ClAgUMin, claglann, s. a steeple. 

CIajúti, clagun, s. m. a flagon; a lid; s. f. the 

CIai, clai, s. fi-uit. 

CU\ib, claib, s. f. a mouth. 

Cl-Aibe, claibhe, see cLanii. 

CUMbei)-i-óe, daibeisidhe, s. ni. a prating 

CUvibin, cluibin, s. f. a tap or spigot; the latch 
of a door. 

CÍAiceAC, claiceach, s. a steeple; prop, cloig- 

CbAiceog, claiceog, s. f. deceit. 

CU\i-óe, claidhe, s. bui-ial, interment, digging. 

CLdiueokTii, claidheamh, s. a sword. 

ClAi-óeAiiiAiiA, daidheamhair, s. m. a bickerer. 

C Iai t) e Aril Ai]\e Act), daidheamhair eachd, s. fenc- 

ClÁi-óiin, daídhim,\. I bury, dig, lay a founda- 

ClAi-oeAiinil, daidheamhuil, adj. cnsiform, 

CÍAÍg, daig, s*. f. a dimple, a dint. 

CUigeAnn, daigeann, \ <• ,11, 1 

ClAisuinn, daigiunn, j ^- 1- a skull, a scalp. 

ClAijeAnnAC-i'-peine, daigeannadi-sreine, s. the 
head-stall of a bridle. 

ClAirii, daimh, the mange, itch, scurvy. 

CbAiiiieAC, daimheach, adj. mangy, scorbutic. 

ClAiriifeAC, daimhseadi, s. m. a leper. 

CÍAin, dain, s. engendering, begetting. 

ClÁi^A, clair, plur. of cbÁ|A. 

ClÁii\-béil,, clair-bheil, s. a lid, cover. 

CbÁipeAÚ, daireadh, s. division, separation, dis- 
solution, release. 

CiÁi]iéAt>A.n, daireadan, s. the forehead. 

CLÁiiiéAX)AnAC, daireadanach, adj. beetle- 
browed, broad-headed. 

ClÁipennje, daireinighe, s. a cripple, dwarf 

CbÁi]ipAcÍA, dairfhiada, s. the fore-teeth. 

CiÁipini, dairíni, v. I divide. 

ClÁijiin, dairin, s. f a small board; a horn- 

CU\inin, dairin, 1 • , 

ClÁii'nieAC, dairinea^h] '■ ^- ^^ ".pple. 

ClÁinineAC, dairincadi,aá]. crippled, lame. 

CLÁii\feAc, dairseach, s. f. a harp. 
CtÁi)i]'eoiiA, dairseoir, s. m. a harper. 
CbÁi]ii'eoi]ieACT), dairseoireadid, s. m. playing 

on the harp, 
ClAi]ice, dcdrthe, part, dealt, divided. 
CÍAif, dais, s. f a class, Cor.; a furrow, pit, 

dyke; a streak, stripe; a choir; a quarter; 

" ceicjie cbAi|'e ha inbo". 
CbAiixeAOAb, daiseeadal, 3. singing of hj'miis. 
CLAit'oeAct), dakdeadid,\ , 
^1 ' 1 ■ .■ V s. hearing. 

CLAi]'citie, daistiiie, J ° 

CÍAij'eAC, daiscadi, a. m. a sword. 

ClAi]n)ineAm, daisdineain, v. to hear. 

CLatíi, damh, s. a jest, ridicule. 

CÍAice, daithe, s. m. a game; a genealogical 

ClAiii, damh, s. f. mange ; s. m. a leper. 

ClAiiiAinin bin, daimhainiu Lin, s. dodder, 
withewind ; epihnum. 

CbAiTiÁn, darnhan, s. in. a buzzard. 

ClAriiÁn-jobbAC, damhan-goblach, s. m. a kite. 

Cbo.riinA-o, dauihradli, s. m. a choir, Ferni. 35 ; 

CbAiiiiiAini, dcunhraim, v. I scratch. 

CbAriTOAi]!, damhdair, s. a lazar, Sh. 

CbAmpA]A, dampar, s. wrangling, dispute, in- 

CbAinpAjiAc, dumparadi, adj. litigious, wrang- 
ling ; deceitful, fraudful. 

CbAiiinAj', damras, s. m. brawhng, chiding. 

CbArii]'A, damhsa, s. a court, a close. 

CbATÍiuin, damhiiin, s. steel. 

ClAnAC, danadi, s. vii'tue, O'B.; fruitful per- 
sons, O'B. 

CIaiid, c/aHC?,l s. f. children, descendants; a 

CÍAnn, dann,^ tribe, clan. 

CbAnnAC, dannadi, adj. fruitful; bushy, hang- 
ing in locks. 

CÍAnnAt), dannadh, s. m. thrusting; interment; 
a child's portion. 

CbAnuAH, clannar, adj. shining, sleek, 5A. 

ClAuniiiAicne, dannmhaicne, s. descendants, 

CLAnnriiA]i,c/a)inTO/iar, adj. having issue, fruitful. 

ClAnncAp, danntar, v. was buried. "In aca-ó- 
cAOin cbAnncA|\ tiA ci c]\eA-ÓAb cpuiniceAji, 
i. e. •oo cuijAeAt) An fAjApc c)iAibceAC in 

CIaocLa-o, daoddadh,\ s. m. alteration, change, 

CLaocIo-o, daoddodh,) annihilation. 

CtAocLMJim, daoddaighim, v. I change, alter, 
vary, weaken the power of any person or 
thing, die, cancel, annihilate. 

CbAOTJAine, daodhaire, s. a fuEritlve, a silly 





CtAog, claogh, s. a flake of snow. 

CL5.01, daoi, part, heard; " po cLaoi, i. e. \\o 
clo]'", OFlinn. 

CÍAOTÓeA-ó, claoklheadh, s. defeat, oppression. 

CÍAOi-ónii, daoidhiin, v. I defeat, oppress, des- 

ClAoi-óce, claoidhte, adj. weak, defeated. 

!s. m. a victor, 
conqueror ; an 

ClAon, claon, s. m. partiality, prtyudice, error; 
■ounie 5>\n clAon ; c<\-|\|iAin5 ó ctAon ; adj. 
partial, prejudiced; squint-eyed. 

ClAonA-ó, claonadh, s. partiality, bending, incli- 
nation, deviation, digression, proclivity. 

ClAonU\im, claonlaim, v. I incline, bend, de- 

CU\on-<S]\t), claon-ard, s. an inclining steep. 

CU\onAineAct), claonaircachd, \ ■ ,. 

ClAonAiiilAC-o, claonamJdachdJ ^' P^^'^'^'lity. 

CÍAonbpeACAC, claonh-eathach, adj. partial in 

CbAonbpeice, claonhreithe, s. an unjust sentence. 

ClAomfiA^ibAt), claonmharbhad/i, s. m. morcifi- 
cation, Dord. 

CL>.oniii<3,]\bA))n, claonmharhhaim, v. I mortify. 

CÍAoncA, claonta, part. bent. 

CIaoiica-óacc, claontadhacht, s. aptness, mean- 

CLa|3Ó5, clapog, s. f. a leaf; a kiss ; a slap on the 
hand or face. 

ClApphup, clapplius, a. wide-mouthed, blubber- 

ClApfolAp, clapsholas, s. m. twilight. 

ClÁp, clar, s. m. a table, a board, any plain or 
flat piece. 

CbÁiAAC, clarach, s. m. a floor; adj. bare, bald. 

CbÁ]iAt), claradh, s. familiarity. 

CbÁjiAgAn, claragan, s. the fore-teeth, So. 

ClÁ)VA)t), claraidh,s. a partition, division. 

ClÁji-AimnuJAit), clar-aintmtghaidh, s. a title- 

CbÁi\AineAc, claraineach, s. m. a noseless person. 

ClÁ]icopAC, darchosach, adj. splay-footed. 

ClÁ^TOA, dardha, part, divided, parted; adj. 
clear, bright, shining, fair, beautiiiil. 

ClÁpeA-6, dareadh, s. division. 

ClAit-eATDAn, dareadan, s. the forehead. 

ClÁn-éA'OAiiAC,c/ar-ea;/(íwacA, adj. broad-browed. 

CbAppiAcuib, darjhiacuil, s. a fore-tooth. 

ClÁ]\-innpe, dar-Í7inse, s. an index. 

ClÁnitcó, dariudh, sec clÁ]ieAt>. 

CUH05, daroi/, s. f a small table, the Ijottom of 
a cur or cai t. 

CtA-npAi-n, darsair, s. ra. a harper, Sc. 

CÍAp, das, s. m. fat, tallow; s. £ a pit, furrow; 

s. m. a lock ; prop. jbAp ; melody, harmony. 
ClApAc, dasadi, adj. lat, fatted; crafty; prop. 

CIa]'a-ó, dasadh, s. entrenchment, enclosing, 

ClA]-Ai-oe, dasaidhe, s. m. a singer, chanter. 
CÍApbA, dasha, s. a clasp ; vulg. 
CÍApAijeAcc, dasaigheadit, s. m. singing. 
CbApbAim, dasbaim, v. I button, tic. 
CbAce, datlie, s. genealogy, Sc. 
CbAcuAipe, duihnaire, bashfulness, Sc. 
Clé, de, adj. partial, prejudiced; s. the left, 

left hand ; Welsh, cled ; evil, injury. 
CLeAc, dcach, s. m. a goad, a wattle. 
CleAbA)\, deahhar, s. m. a gadfly. 
ClcACAc, cleachach, adj. thick, clustering. 
CleAc-boi-Q, deach-boid, s. a good stick, Sk. 
CleAct), deachd, l s. m. custom, habit, ha- 

CleACTOA-ó, deachdadh,> bitude, fashion, man- 
CleAct)Ap, deadidas, ) ner, practice. 
CbeAc-OvVc, deachdach, adj. usual, customary. 
CleACDAim, dcachdaim, v. I use, practise. 
CbeAc-OAnmib, deaehdamhuil, adj. habitual, 

CbeAc-oin, deachdin, s. accustoming, Sh. 
CleAmiiAp, deainhnas, s. m. affinity, copula- 
CleApAt), dearadh, s. m. famiharity. 
CbeA]", elects, s. m. a play, frolic, prank, feat, 

trick, sham, craft, dexterity; 7leb. cheles. 
ClcApAc, deasach, adj. joking, sportive; crafty, 

ClcApAct), deasachd, s. m. sport, pastime. 
CleAj-ActiAC, deasachdach, adj. playful. 
CleApAi-óe, deasaidhe, s. m. an artful man ; a 

player, showman, juggler, mountebank. 
CLeA]-Ai-óeAc, deasaidheach, adj. delusive. 
CbeApATOeACt), deasaidheachd, s. m. delusion, 

cvL'i't, subtilty, trick. 
CbeAi']\A-ó, deasradh, see cbcApAc-o. 
CleAi'utjim, deasuighim, v. I play, sport. 
ClcAc, death, s. f. a rib, a rod, a stake ; s. m. a 

wattle, wattled work ; a prince, a chieftain ; 

concealment, a secret. 
CleACA, deailia, s. a goad, a rib. 
CleACAC, deathach, adj. ribbed. 
CLeACAipeAcc, deatkaireacht, s. m. rusticity, 

rustic boldness. 

!s. m. a milch cow; "cIca- 
co)\, i. e. clicA]! 51IÍ, 
i. e. pet) jellA]-, i. e. 
UtljAc", Br. L. 
CleACÁpt), deathard, s eminence, fime, O'Cl. 





Cl.eACAn-'pé'o, cleat Jiar-sed, see ct^eAton- 
CleAccu]A, cleathchur, s. relations by blood; 

genealogical tree, brandies of consanguinity. 
CLeACUAc, cleatJirach, a. stooped, bent. 
CleAf]\Áiíi, cleathramh, s. partiality, prejudice. 
Clóit), c!cll>h. sen. of cIiaIí). 
Cleibin, deibldn, s. f. a small basket; a jug. 
Clei-oe, cleidhe, s. a chalice or cup. 
Clem, ''^"-''''i s. f- tlie clergy. 
CléiiiceAC, cleirceach, adj. clerical; s. m. a 

clergyman, a clerk. 
CléqiceACt), cleirceachd, \ s. clerkship, scholar- 
CLeiiieACT), cleireachd, j ship. 
Cléi]\c)n, cleircin, dim. of clei]\eAC. 
Clei]iJA, cleirgha, adj. clerical. 
Cleic, cleit, s. m. a feather, a quill. 
Cteic, cleith, s. f a fence, covering; a liill, emi- 
nence ; concealment. 
Cleice, cleithe, s. m. a quill, feather. 
Cleice, cleithe, s. m. top of anything ; s. an oar, 

a stake ; part, hidden, concealed ; s. f the body. 
CleiceAC, cteiteach, adj. feathery, do\vny; 

craggy, rocky ; private ; sinister, left-handed. 
CleiteAc-o, cleitheachd, s. lurking, privacy. 
CleiceAt), cleiteadh, s. a ridge of rocks. 
CleicÁn, cleitan, s. m. a pent-house, eaves of a 

Cleiceoj, cleiteog, s. f a little quill. 
CLeiceojAc, cleiteogach, adj. downy. 
Cleicnii, cleithiin, v. I conceal. 
Cléicín, cleitin, s. f. a feathered dart, an arrow. 
Cléié-iiiioi-^Aip, ckith-piJnosgair, s. a private 


Clé-bAiiiAC, cle-lamhach, adj. left-handed. 

CletiiAUA, demhana, s. mischief, e^dl, harm. 

CleocA, deoca, ) i i c? 

„1 ' , ' S s. a cloak, bli. 

CLeocAn, deocati, J ' 

CleocAiii, deocam, v. to cloak, Sh. 

Cleot), deodh, s. a horse-fly. 

Clenc, derc, s. a curl. 

Cle]', des, see cbeA-j'. 

Clecop, detlior, see cbeACAH. 

Ctec, deth, s. f. a staff, suppoi-t ; metaphorically 

applied to a prince; " ]\o ceA]\ i 5CA]\niAin in 

clec, be bennA riA'óbe iuM|\5ceAc", a. partial. 
Cll, di, see cle; s. a castle; a successor to any 

church living; the body; the ribs; strength; 

a poet of the third order. 
CliAb, diabh, s. m. a b.asket, a cage; the chest 

of a man or beast ; that pait of the body be 

tween the ribs. 
CliAbAC, diabhach, s. m. a wolf, a fox. 
CliAbAn, diabhan, s. m. a basket, a cradle. 
CliAbjiAC, diabhradi, s. m. the side or trunk of 

the bodv. 

CliAb-fgeAqiAC, diab-sgeathradi, s. m. a vomit. 

„, V T 11 • ") s. m. a son-in-law, a rc- 

CliAbuin, diablmin, f , ^- • ' 

^, . T 1 ■ y lation, cousin, a near 

CliAmum, diamhuin, Í p- j 

Clu\T>, diidUi, s. antiquaries. 

CluwAn, c/i"''.:i), s. m. a bur; a. partial. 

CluvmAc, diiiiiiadi, s. m. a lobster; a ragged 

child ; a surly fellow. 
CluMimAi', diamJhias, see cleAn'inA]'. 
CliA]\, diar, s. m. an ecclesiastic; a poet; a so- 
ciety, a troop ; cliAn gAij-jeA-OAc. 
CliA^Ai-oe, diarakUu; \ s. m. a bard, a song- 
CliAi\AnAT), diaranadh,) ster. 
Clu\i\ATOeACC, diaraidheahd, s. m. hardship, 

Cll AC, diatli, s. a hurdle, a harrow; the treadles 
of a loom; s. m. a battle; prop. gliAt); the 
trunk or chest of a man ; s. f the daiTiing of 
a stocking. 
CliACAc, diatliadi, s. m. a battle. 
CliAUATi), diathadh, s. hariowing. 
CliACAipe, diathaire, s. m. a hurdle maker. 
CliACÁn, diathan, s. m. the breast or side. 
CliACAni, diatham, v. to tread as a cock the 

hen, Sh. 
CliACAiiii, diathaim, v. I harrow. 
CliAC-i-'oipp-oe, diath-fow sidhe, s. a haiTow. 
CliAC-lAirhe, diath-laimhe, s. f a hand-harrow. 
CI1ACÓ5, diathog, s. £ a hurdle ; the chine or 

CliAcói]!, diathoii; s. m. one who harrows. 
CliAc^iAC, diathradi, adj. breast-high. 
CliAc-feAncAi]-, cliath-sheandiais, s. a genealo- 
gical table. 

Clib, dib, s. f. a bushy lock of hair. 

ClibeA'ó, dibheadh, s. stumbling, stepping. 

Clibiii, dibin, s. a dew-lap; a pony; a filly. 

Clibi]', dibis, s. {. tumult. 

Clibi^-eAc, cUbhiseadi, adj. peevish; shaggy. 

Clibii'CACt), dibhiseachd, s. peevishness. 

Cli6i-ó, didiidh, s. an assemblage. 

Clix), didh, s. f. an assembly. 

Clip 115, difi)i<i, s. f a bottle. 

Chi:\m ^\c,'di/amhadi, a. left-handed. 

CI1115, ding, s. a peal of bells, chime, a knell, 
a crack. 

Cloib, doib, s. a snatch. 

CloibAc, doibhadi, adj. curled, rough, hairy. 

CloibAim, doibaim, v. I tear, rend. 

CliobAin, c?io5azn,1 

Cliobój, diobog, J 

Cliob]:;unA, diobguna, s. a rug. 

Cliobój, diobog, s. f a filly, a coL 

Clioc, dioc, s. a hook. 
I CliocAiii, diocain, v. to hook, Sh. 






CholitA, cliogartha,\ '■ "^' "°^^^"g- 
CliojA^vAijni, cliogaraim, v. I croak. 
ClioUincA, cliolunta, adj. stout, potent, hearty. 

ci^^i^'cLgaclh, } ^- ';"■ ^ ^^^'^^' =* _^°^"^^°- 

CliO|-5Ac, cliosgach, adj. skipping, starting. 

CliocAc, cliotaoh, adj. left-handed. 

CLioEAiji, diothair, s. shelter, recess, 4 J/cisi. 

Clipe, cUpe, s. a fishing-hook; fraud, deceit. 

Cbpim, clipim, v. I hook. 

Cbf, cZi'«, gen. of eLoA]'; adj. active, nimble. 

ClipeAC, cliseach, a. skittish, apt to start. 

CtifeAX), cUsead, s. skipping, jumping. 

Ctipm, clisini, v. I skip, jump; I frustrate, de- 

Cbi'ce, cliste, adj. active, swift. 

ClipceACT), clisteachd, s. activity, dexterity. 

Ctíc,c/ií/i, adj. left-handed; close; true, just; s. 
a desire of copulation in cattle. 

CiicAip, elitliair, see cIcaca]!. 

CbceAt), ciitheadh, s. copulation. 

CbceA]\, clithear, see ct,iocA^\. 

Clicpe, clith-e, s. m. a guard. 

Cbu, cliu, s. m. and f. fame, renown, good re- 

CliucAc, cUucach, adj. hooked. 

Cliut), cliudh, adj. squint-eyed. 

Cluit)Af), chiidhadh, s. m. celebration. 

CUuúAnii, cliudhaim, v. I celebrate, extol. 

CluiT)Án, cliiidan, s. m. a little slap. 

Clium, clitihi, s. a wolf 

CliucAC, cliuthach, adj. famous. 

Cbó, do, s. m. a nail, pin, peg; a print, mark, 
character ; an edition of a book ; a defeat ; the 
sea ; coarse cloth. 

CloAC, doach, s. a stone ; prop, cloc, 

CloVjAt), dobhadh, s. tongs. 

CbóljuAÍA'o, dobhualad/i, s. printing. 

CbóbuAibce, dohhuailte, part, printed. 

Cboc, dodi, s. the pupil of the eye, Sc. Bible, 
Zach. ii. 8 ; s. f. the herb henbane ; a stone. 

ClócA, doca, s. a cloak, pall. 

ClócAc, dodiadi, adj. stony. 

CbocAiin, dodiaim, v. I stone, pelt witli stones. 

CbocAipe, dodiaire, s. m. a mason, architect. 

ClocAi]\eAcc, dodiaireadit, s. ra. masonry. 

ClocÁn, dodian, s. m. pavement, causeway, 
stepping stones. 

Cl-ocAnAiii, dodianam, v. to respire, Sh. 

ClocAi\, dochar, s. m. an assembly, congrega- 
tion, convent, college; a wheezing in the 
throat; a rock. 

Clo(-A]iA, dodiara, adj . set with stunos. 

ClocAjAÁn, dodiaran, s. stepping stones across 
a stream. 

Cloc-lbAbr, dodi-bhalg, s. a watchman's rattle, 

Cboc-cinn, dodt-diinn, s. a tomb-stone, head- 

Ctoc-cj\ocAit), dodi-dirocaidh, s.' a sort of 

, mortar. 

CbocOA, dodidlia, adj. stony; of stone. 

Cloc--f-Ao'bAi^i, dodi-fhaobhair, s. a whet- 

ClocjiruAit, dodifhuail, s. the gravel. 

Cboc-juAb, dodi-ghual, s. m. stone-coal ; coal. 

CIocIaccac, doddaditach, s. lapus lazuli. 

CiocbAin, doddain, s. the stonepecker. 

Cloc-bioli.AjiAin, dodi-liobharain, s. a grinding- 

Cloc-iiiuillinn, doch-mhuillinn, s. mill-stone. 

CLoc-riA-puib, dodi-na-suil, s. the apple of the 

Clocoii\, dodioir, s. m. a mason. 

CLocoineACT>, dodioir eachd, s. ra. masonry. 

CboccA]\nAn5CA, dochtarranglitha, a. a load- 

CIoc-ua^'aL, dodi-uasal, s. a precious stone. 

Clot), dod, s. m. a clod, turf; vulg. 

Clo-ó, dodh, see do ; s. m. variety, change. 

Cbot)AC, dodach, s. m. dirt, mud. 

CLo-OAc, dodadi, \ adj. cloddy, muddy, , 

C\.o-Oó,nAC, dodanach, j slimy. ''''a/ 

ClotJAini, dodhaim, v. I print, stamp; conquer. 

Cló-ÓAi]ie, dod/iaÍ7'e, s. m a printer ; villainy, 

Clot>AineAC-o, dodhaireadtd, s. printing; de- 

C\.ó■pó^]\e&cv,.doda^readld, s. casting clods. 

Cbot)Ani, dodam, v. to clod, Sh. 

Ctot)Án, dodan, s. a small clod. 

Ció-óbuAibce, dodhbhnailte, pait. printed. 

CLó'óbuAbA'ó, dodhbhualadh, s. printing, 

Cló'óbuA'LAim, dodhbkualaim,T. see cbo-ÓAiiii. 

Cló-ócupcA, dodhcurtha, see cboT)buAilcc. 

CLo-ójaÍah, dodhghahr, s. m. a vertigo. 

Clot)Ain, dodhain, s. a piece of new cloth. 

Cbót)oi]i, dodhoir, s m. a printer. 

CboTii'iJAT», dodhughadh , s. ra. drawing close 
together; making up, Sh.; printing. 

CiotJiiijim, dodhuighim, v. I approacli, draw 

CLoec, doedt, s. f. a stone; " cloc, r]\i hAii- 
moiTOA bee, i. e. onn a biAnt)ibé]\bA, cboc a 
v:;nAí:bcnbA, cioec a bénlA nAi^\bepcA i. c. 
A]\ in ni cioe)' jac pAet)", Cor. 

Cloe|i, finer, s. judgment ; i. f. h]\o]tcK\mn<\y. 



Cloei-, does, v. overcomes, for clAonieA]^. 
Ctoj, cfo</; s. m. a bell, a clock ; a head. 
ClogA, cloga, s. m. tares. 
ClojACT), clogackd, s. a belfry, Sh. 
CLogA-o, clogad, s. m. a helmet; a measure; a 

cone, a pyramid. 
ClojAÍm, clogaim, v. I rinw or sound as a bell. 
CI05Á11, clogan, s. m. a little bell. 
Clo5An,e%««, L. f the skull. 

CLog-ceAim, ciog-cheonn, 3 
ClojAjinAC, clogarnacli, s. a ringing, tinkling. 


Clogf-nACAt), clogshnathad, s.m. a gnomon. 

CioiceAT), cloichead, s. m. a passport. 

CLoic-iuil, cloich-iuil, s. a load-stone. 

CloiciiieAlbAn, dpichmheallan, s. hail. 

Cloic-neAnc, cloich-neart, s. a pushing stone. 

CLoic]\Án, doichran, s. a stonepeckcr, Sh. 

CloicneAC, doidireadi,! , 1 

„, . ' , ' , . 7 ' > s. m. a stony place. 

CLoic|\eAn, doidirean, ) •' ^ 

Cloic]\eAcnAC, doithreathnadi, s. polypody. 

CloicpieAct)A, doidishneadida, s. m. hail. 

Cloic-f^ieACAÍ, doidi-shreathal, s. freestone. 

Cloic-ceine, doidi-theine, s. a flint. 

Cloi-ó, doidh, s. f. a paddock, a yard; see 

Cloi-o-'beitnnij, doidh -bheimnigh, s. printing. 
Cloi-óe, doidhe, s. f. a mound, rampart, ditch. 
Cloi-óeATÍ), doidheadh, s. digging; a mine, a 

Cloi-óeAiii, doidheamh, s. m. a sword. 
Ctoiune, doidhre, s. a coward, a mean fellow. 
Cloi-ó]\eAc, doidhreadi, adj. cowardly. 
Ctoit)]ieAcc, doidhreadit, s. m. cowardice. 
Cloijin, doigin, s. f. a little bell. 
Cloi^meAc, doigineadi, adj. curled, frizzled; 


Cloigionn, doigionn, s. f. a skull, pate. 

Cloigriiéup, doigmheur, s. the gnomon of a dial. 

CloigceAc, doigtheadi, s. m. a steeple, belfry. 

^1 . , . ~i stinking marsh-horse- 

CLoir, dou, \ , •, ° ■ ^ c ^^ 
„, ' 7 . > tail ; equisetum tajti- 

Clo-uirse, do-ut^ge, j ^^^ ^ 

Cloi]-oeAii, doisdean,\ s. the sense of hearing, 
Ctoi|~Dtn, doisdin, y hearing. 
Cloi]~oitii, doisdim^\ , j t^ . 
Cloi^-ini, doisim, J ' ' ' 
Cloi]-oineAc, doisdineadi, adj. audible. 
Cioi]-oineAct), doisdineadui, s. acoustics; 

hearing. • 
CloiceAii, doithear, s. m. a champion, ciii- 

CLoiceoj, doitheog, s. f a shrimp. 
CLoirin, doitin, s.'m. a small sod. 

CLoiii, domh, s. m. a pair of tong.s; an instru- 
ment to dress flax. 
CloniAim, domliahn, v. I dress flax. 
CloiiiAi-, domhas, s. m. a trap ; a. gray ; {. e. 


Cbonn, donn, s. m. a pillar, chimney-piccc. 

Clof , dos, s. m. hearing, report. 

Cló]', dos, s. m. a close. 

Clo]-AC, dosadi, s. m. a carcase. 

Clo]-Ai-o, dosaid, s. a study, Sh. 

Cloc, dotli, s. m. victory; fame, praise; wind; 

adj. noble, brave, generous. 
CLocA, dotha, part, heard, |\o cbocA. 
ClocAc, dothadi, adj. famous, illustrious. 
ClocA-ó, dothadh, s. m. assuaging. 
ClocAn-o, dothand, ]. <;tono 

Cboconn, dothonn, ) ' " 
ClocAii, dothar, adj. chosen, elected; s. m. an 

Clú, du, s. m. report, fame; part, chosen. 
CluAc, duadi, a. pebbly, stony. 
CluAn, duan, s. m. a lawn; a retired or seques- 
, tered place. 
CluAni, duain, s. f deceit, treachery ; adulation ; 

a plain, a lawn ; a remote or retired situation. 

!s. m. flattpry, 
treachery, de- 
CbuAimne, duainire, s. m. a flatterer, seducer. 
CluAmipeAco, duainireadid, s. see cbuAineoji- 


CluA'in-lin, duain-lin, s. com spurrey, spergula 

CLuAipn, duaisin, s. f. a porringer. 
CluAipliAC, duaisliatli, s. m. coltsfoot, tussilago 

CluAi^-peoit), duais-seoid, s. an ear-ring. 
CluAnAiiie, cluanaire, s. a flatterer.^ 
CliiAfiAifeAC, duanaiseadi, adj. retired, remote. 
CluAnój, duanog, s. f a retired place. 
CluAncAipeAct), diiantaireadid,s. crookedness; 

CUiA|AÁn, duaran, s.m. a sponge; a sort of 

daisy ; a thistle, So. 
CluAjiAnAc, diiaranach, adj. fungous; thistly. 
CluAp, duas, s.f. the ear; a handle; joy, glad- 
CluAi-Ac, duasadi, adj. having ears or handles. 
CluAj-Ain, duasain, s. f a pillow, a pincushion ; 

a box on the ear. 
CluAi'-Aivf-ei-ó, duas-an-fheidh, s. melancholy 

thistle, Sh. 
CUiAp-CAicin,cZ?<as-c/i/aCT«, s. wakc-robiu, euc- 

koopint^^rum maculatum. 




CluA^rhAOCÁn, cluasmhaothan, s. the tip of tlic 


CluAi'ój, cluasog, see ciuA-pAiii. 

CluAi~OAille, cluasdaille, s. f. deafness. 

CiuAi-yAine, cluasfhaine, s. f. an ear-ring. 

„, 1 . 7 ;• jj "I s. creeping mouse-ear; 

„, 1.7 1 1 r hawkweed, hiera- 
CluAV-luc, cluas-luch, i ■ ., ',, 

' ' ) cium pilosclla. 

Club, club, s. m. a club, stick. 
CbubAt), cluhadh, s. a winding bay, Sh. 
CUi-o, dud. s. m. a patch, clout. 
Cbiro, cludh, s. m. burying ground; see cLii. 
CluoAc, cludach, adj. ragged, patclied. 
CbUTJATJ, elinladh, s. ni. a cover, covering. 
Cli'i-OAim, clndaim, } j , . , 

„1 . . ; 7 ■ 7 • r V. i cover, hide. 

CLÚTiAijée, cludaighthe, adj. covered. 
CliTOAitii, chidaiin, v. I cherish, warm. 
Clii-OAiiie, cludaire, s. m. a botcher, cobbler. 
CUit)Atiiuil, cludhamhuil, adj. famous. 
CUiT)Ó5, cludog, s. f. a concealment, a store. 
ClugAin, dugain, s. f a cluster, bunch. 
CtugAineAC, diigoiiieadi, adj clustermg. 
CLujaIa-o, dtigahidh, s. clucking. 
CUiice, cbdc/ie, s. f. a battle; a game. 
Ctuiceoj, duichcog, s. f. fraud, deceit. 
Clúit), daid, }s. a nook, corner, angle; 

Cii'ii-oeÁn, duidean, \ a rag. 
Cbuig, duig, gen. and pi. of cloj, s^ f. a bubble 
Cluij, duigh, s. fun ; a game. 
Cluijmi, dingJnni, v. I play, sport. 
Ciui-cin, didnÍ7i,} ■,■ „ . , ,, 

ClojAn, c%a,,, P- '^"^^«f ^^°5; aMl. 

CliniiieAc, duimheadi, adj. featliery. 

CbuiiiieAbcA, cZííM«/íeaíte, s. the royston crow; 
a flock of birds. 

Cbuiriie-CAomce, duimlie- ") , , 

„„„»•„*., I s. a tragedy, a 

caomte, \ n ^ j ^ 

oi ■ ■ 1 -41 1 y luneral sonff, 

1 a du'rre. 
caomte, ) «^ 

CbuitTice, clmmlithe, s. a game. 

Cbuin, duin, part, heard; s. f a great steep, a 

Cbuiniin, cluinim, v. I hear. 
Ctumn, duinn, s. partiality, prejudice. 
CbinnneAC, duinneach, s. m. a minor. 
Cbuinpn, duinsin, s. the sense of hearing, a 

Cbuince, duinte, part, heard. 
Clumceoi]!, duinteoir, s. m. an auditor. 
CiuinceoiiieACB, duinteoireadid, part, listening. 
CUiinceo^iACX), duinleorachd, s. m. craftiness. 
Cbuincin, cluintin, part, hearing. 
Cbuiprn, cluisim,\ v. I hear; from c\,oy, hcar- 
Cloi]-im, doisim, ) ing, report. 

Cluic, cluitJi, s. f. game, diversion. 

CUnce, duitlie, see cUtice; s. f. a bargain, 

CtiwteAC, duidieadi, | adj. ludicrous; 

CtiiiceAiinii'L, diiitheamhuil,^ sportive. 

CliiiccAc, duiteach, a. famous, renowned. 

CbmceAt), duit/ieadh, s. game, sport. 

Cluicim, didtldm, v. I play. 

Cli'nii, dmnh, s m. a feather, down, plume; fur, 
hair; IJdi. chloim. 

ClúiiiAc, dumhadi, s. m. feathers, plumage ; Iaii 
•DO cLuiiiAC 

ClúiíiAim, dumhaim, v. I deplume, shear. 

CIÚ1Í1CAC, dinnhthadi, adj. feathered, hairy. 

Ctii CA J1111, dnthaglnm, v. I chase. 

CluriiiA]!, duthmhar, adj. close, sheltered. 

ClucúJAt), c/Mi/iWi/Ztrtrf/i, part pursuing, chasing. 

CnA, cna, adj. good, bountiful. 

CnAbAim, cnahaim, v. I pull, haul, batter. 

CtiAbAH, cnahar, s. drowsiness. 

CnAbAi]\e, cnabaire,} s. m. a jester, scoffer, 

CnA-oAii\e, cnadaire,) giber, satirist. 

CtiAbAii\e, cnabaire, s. m. an instrument to break 

CnÁb]\oi-, cnabros, s. hemp-seed. 

CuA-oÁn, cnadan, s. m. a frog. 

CnA-OAi\-bA]\CA, cnadar-hharca, s. ships. 

CnÁ-óol, cnadhol, s. m. whining. 

CuAg, cnag, s. m. and f. a knob; a peg; a 
wrinkle, crack or noise ; a knock. 

CuAJ, cnagli, s. m. a consmnption. 

CuAjAc, cnagach, adj. knobby, rough. 

CnAgAct), cnagadtd, s. m. knottiness ; sternness. 

CnAjAt), cnagadh, s. knocking down. 

CuAjATÓ, cnagaidh, adj. hunch-backed; bossed. 

CuAjAit), cnagaid, s. a rap, a blow. 

CnAjAim, cnagaim, v. I strike, knock. 

CnA'c;Aii\e, cnagaire, s. m. a naggin. 

CtiAUi, crudb, s. f. hemp, 

CnÁibeAC, cnaibeadi, adj. hempen. 

CnÁib uij'ge, cnaib MiV(/<;, water neckweed, can- 

CnAfo, cnaid, s. derision, a scoflT. 

CnAi-ocAC, cnakleach, s. vexation; part, vexed, 

CnAi-oim, cnaidlm, v. I deride, ridicule. 

CnAi^, cnaig, s. f a knot in wood. 

CnAijceoib, cnoigdieoil, s. a murmur. 

CnAijreAc, vnaigtltcadi, s. sluggishness, OB.; 
adj. slug- i si 1, hi I.; lull of knots. 

CfiAitiipAC, cnnivdifliiadi, s. m. a rook, a raven. 

CtiAiiiijeoTO, cnaimhgheoidh, s. a bird between a 
goose and a duck, Sh. 

CnÁiiniiéAbAT), cnaimhrcabadh , s bone-break- 



CnAiiiii-eAC, cnalinhseach, s. m. a midwife. 

CiiAip, cnaip, gen. of cn^p. 

C\^A\pe■^v, cnaipead,} s. a knot in timber; a 

CiiAipin, enaipin, ) lump on anything. 

CnAii\e, cnaire, s. f. a buckle.. 

CiiAiixe, cnaiste, s. a bed-post. 

CiiÁiii, cnamh, ) , 

„ , .' . , V s. m. a bone. 

CnAtiiAC, cwam/iac/i, adj . bony; wasting. 

CnAriiAiu, cnamkam, v. to waste, Sh. 

CnÁiiiAii, criamhaa, s. continual talking, Sh. 

CnÁTÍiA^iLAc, cnamharlach, s. m. a stalk, iSc. ; a 
carcass ; a skeleton ; a bag of bones. 

CiiÁtiiój, cnamhog, s. f a maggot; refuse of ren- 
dered lard. 

CnÁiiiiiiApj^AT), mamliinhargadh, s. m. shambles. 

CnÁiiiiK\i|\eAc, inuunhnaireach, adj. demure. 

CiiÁrii-iuiijeAt), cnamh-ruigheadli, s. a cubit. 

CiiAriiuinn, cnamhuinn, s. a cancer, gangrene. 

CiiAoi, cnaol, 1 f 

„ '. . 7, V s. Í. consumption. 

CiiAOfo, ciiaoidk, ) '■ 

CnAomeA-ó, cnaoidheadh, part, consuming, 

CiiAOi-óitn, cnaoidhim,\ v. I pine, languish, con- 

CiiAoijim, cnaoighim,) sume, gnaw, corrode. 

CnAoijce, enaoigJde, part, consumed, spent. 

CnAp,c?ia/>,s.m. a button, knob, bunch ; aliillock. 

CiiApAc, C7iapach, adj. knobby, knotty. 

CnApATJOqi, cnapadoir, s. m. a button maker. 

CnApAijnn, cnapaighim, y . I collect, heap. 

CiiA)3Aiiii, cnapaiiii, v. I strike. 

CnApAi]\e, cnapaire, s. m. a louse. 

CiiApÁii, cnapan, s. m. dim. of cuAp. 

CiiAp-pcAHpAX), cnap-starradh, s. m. a stumbling- 

CnApjiA, cnarra, s. f. a ship. 

CiieAT), cnead, s. m a sigh, a groan. 

CneAt), cneadh, s. f. a wound. 

CneA'ÓAC, cneadhach, s. m. a wound-giver; adj. 
having wounds ; wound-giving. 

CiieAt)Aini, cneadaim, v. I sigh, groan. 

CneA-ÓAiiiuil, cnead /lamhuil, protecting, Sh. 

CnéAiiiAipe, cneamhaire, s. m. an artful fellow. 

CneAi', cneas, s. m. the neck, the waist, the skin. 

CneAfOA, cneasda, adj. modest, meek, well- 
tempered, honest, humane, fortunate, ominous. 

CneAjTDAC-o, ciieasdachd, s. m. mildness, honesty, 

CneA^-iiiAii, cneasmhar, see cneA-poA. 

CneApmui|i, cneasmhuir, s. f. a strait, a frith. 

CneAi'úJA-ó, cneasiighadh, s. healing. 

CneA^niijnn, cneasuighi)n,v. I heal, cicatrize. 

CiieApúijée, cneasuighthe, adj. cicatrized. 

CncAqiom, cneatrom, s. m. a kind of horse Htter. 

Cneit), cneidh, s. f a wound. 

CneTOim, cneidhim, v. I wound. 
Criei-ofLiocn, cneidhshliocht, s. f. a scar. 
CnenaplioccAC, cneidhshliochtach, adj. full of 

Cneim, cneim, s. f. erosion. 
CneitTiiiTi, cueimim, v. I erode. 
Cneii'geAl, cneisgheal, adj. white-skinned. 
Cnioc, cnioc, s. f. a niggard. 
Cniocc, cniocht, s. m. a soldier, a knight. 
CiitopAi^ie, cniopaire, s. m. a poor rogue. 
CniopAi)\eAcc, cniopaireacht,s. m. roguishness. 
Cni]% cnis, s. £ the opening made in the warp 

by the geers of the loom in wea^'ing. 
CniceAb, cniteal, s. knitting. 
CmceAÍCA, cnitealia, adj. knitted. 
Cniu-o, cniitd, s. m. a sigh, sob, groan. 
Cnó, cno, seecnú ; adj. famous, excellent, generous. 
Cnoboj, cnohhog, a. heroic. 
Cnoc, cnoc, s. m. a hill; navew, nape, brassica 

CnocAC, cnocach, adj. liilly. 
CnocAi^\e, cnocaire, s. a crabbed little fellow. 
CnocAi]ieAC-o, cnocaireachd, s. walking abroad. 
CnocÁn, cnocan, s. m. a Httle hill. 
CnocÁtiAC, cnocanach, see cnocAc. 
Cnoc]rAi]ie, cnocfaire, s. an alarm post. 
Cnó-coible, cno-coille, s. a nut-grove. 
Cnót), cnod, s. m. piece, patch. 
Cnó-OAC,CMoáac/i,part. gaining, winning; patched. 
Cnót)Ai]\e, cnodhaire, s. m. a nut-cracker. 
Cnóiii, cjwmh, a nut, Sh. 
Cnó-iíniine, cno-mhuiiie, see cnó-coille. 
Cnop)'cAnnA, cnoiMarra, s. a ball at the end of 

a spear, Sh. 
Cnó]iACAi', cnorachas, s. honour. 
Cno--i'eA^\b, cno-searb, s. a filbert, nux pontica. 
Cnó-ppumce, cno-spuince, s. Molucca nuts, Sh. 
CnocAt), cnotadh, s. m. a knot. 
CnocAin, cnotaiii, s. a cold, Sh. 

„ ,'. ,7 /- s. ui. and f. a nut. 

_ 'is. m. a collection, ac- 

„ ' ' . ' 7 J V quisition, treasure ; re- 

CnuArAct), cnuasachd,^ coUection, reflection. 
CnuAi'Ac, cnuasach, adj . recollecting, collecting. 
CnuAi-Aijim, cnuasaighim, v. I reflect, ponder. 
CnuA^'Aijce, C7iuasaighthe,\ part, gathered, col- 
CnuAfCA, cnuasta, ) lected. 

CnuA]'Aim, cnuasaim, v. I collect, gather. 
CnuA]'Apo)5, cnuasapoigh, adj. fruitful. 
CnuAixói|\, cnuastoir, s. m. a collector. 
CnuA-ÓAi)ve, cnuadhaire, s. m. nut-cracker. 
Cnuij, cnuig, 1 

Cnuimeoj, cnuimhcog, Vs. f. a worm, a mite. 
Cnutii, cnamh, j 



Cntiin'ieAC, cnuimheach, \ atlj. oboiuiding 

CmiiriieojAC, cnuhnheogach, j in. worms. 

Cmiiiie, cnumhe, s. a filbert. 

CmicuiílÁii, cnutluirlan, s. m. a pig-nut. 

Co, CO, written in ancient MSS. for 50. 

Co? CO? interrog. who? which? hke, as, co 
tAniin; a negative particle equal to tii. 

CoAC, coach, s. a violent attack. 

CoAii, coan, adj. agreeable, well-seasoned. 

CoAji, coar, s. in. an attack, madnes.s, giddi- 

CoAjTO, coard, s. a husbandman, clown. 

Cob, cob, s. plenty ; s. f. a pall ; prop. cóib. 

Cob, cobh, s. victory, triumph. 

CoboiC, cohhach, s. m. tribute ; a clown ; adj. 
stout, brave. 

CobAib, cohhail, s. f. an enclosure ; a woman's 

CobAi^i, cohhair, s. f. aid, help, support. 

CobcM|', cohhais, s. f. conscience. 

CobÁlcAC, cohhaltach, adj. victorious. 

CobATi, cohhan, s. m. a coffer; walking side by 

CobA]\, cohhar, s. m. foam, froth. 

CobApAC, cobkarach, adj. frothy, nappy. 

CobAjTCA, cobhartha, s. assistants. 

CobA]itA, cobhartha, 1 adj. assistant, lielp- 

CobA]\CAC, cobharthach, ) ful. 

CobA]\i;AC, cobharthach, s. m. a helper; a prey. 

CobA]ii:oij\, cobharthoir, s. m. an assistant. 

CoblA, cobhla, s. a breach ; cataract. 

CoblAc, cobhlach, s. m. a fleet, navy. 

CobjiA, cobhra, s. a shield. 

" Ceici\e 1iAtinioniiA a\\ \-ce\t jAn fcAll 
■ppAic, cobjiA, 1.- Alice, pnneAbt; 
"OiniAC 1]' qioijiAC 50 ccA|iin, 
tioii cAcbAi\]i 1]' -oÁ feAnAinm". 

For. Foe. 

CobjiA, cobhra, s. conversation; prop, cóiii- 

CobjiAgAc, cobhragach, s. froth, sillabub, *S/i. 
CobfAC, cobhsach, } .■ ■ , ■ 
CobtAc, coi/.íWí, r'^J- ^'^^^'^""^^- 
CobcAC, cobhthach, s. the proper name of a man ; 

a creditor. 
Coo, coc, adj. manifest. 
Coca, coca, s. a boat ; Welsh, cooch, a cockle. 

COCA, coca, ") 1 

^ . . > s m. a cook. 

CocAi]\e, cocaire,^ = ^ ^ ^.uujv. 

CocAipe, cochaire, s. a strainer. 

CocAipeAcc, cocaireacht, s. m. cookery. 

CocAb, cochal, s. m. a net; a chasuble, cope, 

cowl, hood, mantle ; a pod, husk, shell ; tiie 

CocAblAc, cochxlkich, adj. capsular, husky. 

CocAp, cocar, a. perfect, noble. 

CocAp, cochar, s m. order, economy. 

Coc-bjiATi, coc-bhran, a. m. a jack-daw. 

Cocciyoiioe, cochcifoide, s. corn-poppy, Sh. 

Coc-tni]in, coc-dhurn, s. m. a buckler. 

CocLac, cochlach, s. m. a hair lace, fillet; adj. 
braided; ceibin cocÍac. 

Coclei]'ceife, cocleisteise, s. dropping rain, Sh. 

CocniA, cochma, s. parity, equality. 

Cocmice, cochmiche, s. keys, Sh. 

Cocoib, cocoil, s. burr, burdock ; arcticuiu 

Cocci, cocol, s. m. cuckold. 

Cocnoc, cocroth, s. a shield, target. 

CoccA]"CA, coctasta, s. a floor. 

Cot), cod, s. a part, piece ; victory. 

Cot), codh, s. a foot; adv. alike, in the same 
manner, also. 

Co-OA, coda, V. impers. it requires, deserves ; s. 
law, justice, equity ; victory. 

CoT3A, coda, ) s. a piece, part, share, frag- 

CoTDAC, codach, j' ment. 

Co-OAC, codach, s. m. invention ; see CAt)Ac. 

CoTDACAt), codachadh, s. accession, addition. 

CoTiAt), codadh, s. a mountain. 

Có-óÁib, codhail, see cotinJAiL 

Co-DA)lle, codaille, s. a supping-room. 

CotdaI, codal, s. sleep. 

Cor>AbiAii, codalian, s. mandi-ake, Sh. 

CouaIca, codalta, ) j- , -r 

Cox>AlcAc, codaltach,\ ^'^J" '^'"'''^^^ sommferous. 

ConAÍcACT), codaltachd, s. m. drowsiness. 

CoDAbuije, codaluighe, s. m. a sleeper; a bed- 

Co-oA]iniAricA, codarnianta, adj. vulgar. 

Cot)Ajii~nA, codarsna, adj. contrary. 

Cot)Ani-nACT), codarsnachd, s. contrariety. 

CoT)Ac, codat, adj. hard, rigid, 0. g.; s. m. a 

Cot)b]u\'ó, codhbhradh, s. an otfering, sacri- 

Co-otAU, codlah, s. m. sleejj. 

Cot) Lai in, codlaim, v. I sleep. 

CoTjlAineAii, codlainean, s. poppy. 

ConbuijceAC, codluightheach, adj. drowsy. 

CoonAC, codhnach, s. a king, a lord; adj. cha- 
ritable; s. m. a disease incident to cattle; 
wealth, riches, goods. 

CoutAn, codhlan, s. poppy; papaver. 

Co-oój, codog, s. m. haddock. 

Co'D]\otiiA, codroma, adj. equal, even, uniform. 

CoioiioniAC, codromach, s. m. a rustic, a clown. 

Co-0]\oniACC, codromacht s. m. equality. 

Cowiioiriutjce, codroimcighthe, adj. adequate, 



Cot)]ioiiicA, codromtha, adj. uncivilized; i'oreigni 

Coec, coech, adj. blind, Old MSS. 
Coetfi, coem/i, adj. little, small; adv. i.ion as, 

swift as, com éiii. 
Coein, coem, a. swift, nimble, active; i. e. 

eAi'gAi-ó, i. e. ubbAiii, 0. g. 
Coe^A, coera, s. a gulf, the meeting of two 

Cop^AA, cofra, s. a chest, a box. 
Coj.-]\in, cofrin, s. a little box. 
CÓ5, cog, s. m. a mill cog. 

5', '^^i/' >■ s. m. a drink, di-aught. 

CojAn, coican, J ° 

C05AC, cogach, adj. warlike, rebellious. 

CojA'o, cogadh, s. m. war. 

CogAit), cogaidh, adj. just, lawful. 

CojAiin, cogaim, v. I war, make war. 

Co5Ai]i)'eAc, cogairseacli, s. m. a whi.sperer. 

CojaI,, cogal, s. m. the herb cockle ; agrostemma 
githago ; beards of bai'ley. 

CojaIc, coglialc, s. a wash-ball. 

CojAiTiuib, cogamhuil, adj. warlike. 

CojAji, cogar, s. m. a whisper ; an insiurection, 

CojAHAiin, cogaraim, v. I whisper; I conspire. 

CogA^A]-, eogaras, s. m. peace, amity. 

CojApnAC, cogarnach, s. whispering. 

CopiA-o, cognadh, s. chewing, ruminating. 

CojnAiiii, cognaim, v. I chew, bite. 

CojnAiii, cognamh, s. gnashing the teeth. 

Cogoiji^'e, cogoirse, s. a well ordered system. 

Coj^AAC, cograch, s. m. a wliisperer, conspLrator. 

CojiiAi), cogradh, s. m. conspiracy. 

C05CAC, cogthach, s. m. a warrior; adj. quarrel- 
some, rebellious. 

CogcAoi, cogthaoi, s. a skiff. 

Coj:tu\r, coquas, ) 

^ - • ji ^ s. m. conscience. 

CoguTDA]', cogudlias,) 

CojuA^-Ac, coguasach, adj. conscientious. 

C01, coi, s. m. a poem ; flesh, 6^0?'. 

Cóib, coib, s. f a troop, company ; a copy ; a 

Coibce, coibhche, s. a -dowry, reward ; buying, 

purchasing, Br. L. 
Coibcijmi, coibhcliighim, v. I purchase. 
Coibcijce, coiblichig/ithe, part, purdhased. 
Coibcio-ó, coibhchiodh, adj. fierce, ravenous. 
Cóib-óeAbcA-ó, coibkdhealckadh, s. relations, o.g. 
Coib-ocAn, coibhdkean, s. m. a troop. 
Coróx)eAnAct), coibhdheanaclid, s. m. a hosting. 
Coibe, coihe, s. £ a spade. 
Coibeif , coibJieis, s. f. equity, impartiality. 
Coibe-fgjiAic, coibe-sgraith, s. a breast-plough. 
Coib].-eAHAn, coibhfearan, s. m. a dog 

CoibyeAiiAii muipc, coibhfearan muirt, s a 

CoibpeAjiAn -oobAH, coibhfearan dobar, s. an 

CoibjeAC, coibJigJieach, a. fierce. 

Coibbi'óe, coibhiidhe, s. m. companions at a 

Coibbje, coibhlighe, s. m. copulation; the law 
of correlatives, viz. : of lord and vassal ; master 
and servant: monk and abbot, Br. L. 

CoibneA^', coibhneas, a. near, next. 

CoibneAfAiii, coibhneasamli, s. a neighbour, re- 

Coib]ieACA-ó, coibhreachadh, s. m. comfort. 

CoibpeACAim, coibhreachaim, v. I comfort. 

Cotb]'eACC, coibhseacht, s. fitness. 

Coib^'OAn, coibhsean, s. an exorcism. 

Coib|-eAnA, coibhseana, s. confession. 

Coibpn, coibhsin, s. i. truth. 

Coibce, coibhthe, s. hire, íS'í. 

C01C, coic, s. Í. a secret, mystery. 

Coic, coich,') who? which? ctiic ]"eo? who is 

Cuic, cuich.l this? Old MSS. 

Coice, coiche, s. f a mountain ; a place, a way. 

Coicce, coicce, see coije. 

Co^cceAfz, coicceart, s. talk, discourse ; equani- 

Coiceng, coicheng, s. m. a joint obligation; a 
joint yoke, Br. L. 

Coicme, coicine, s. a kitchen. Cor. 

Coicnie, ccicbme, s. an udder; a churn, shell; 
adj. small, OB. 

Coicc, coicht, s. children. 

CoiccTÓip, coicthidhis, s. f. a fortnight, 4 Mast., 

Coit), coid, s. f brush-wood. 

Coróce, coidhche, adv. always, ever. 

Coit)cioi% coidhclnos, Sc. see coicctói]-. 

Coi-óe, coidhe, s. chastity. 

CofóeAC, cotdheach, fighting. 

CoiueAn, coidhean, s. m. a barnacle. 

Coit)eÁ]-Acc, coidheasacht, s. accommodation. 

Coi-oeip, coidheis, adj. convenient, commodious. 

Coipnin, coifrin, s. f. the pbc, a small box that 
holds the consecrated host. 

CÓ15, coig, adj. five. 

CóigbioÍAc, coigbhiolach, adj. five-leaved. 

CoijcjieAC, coigchreach, s. a sacking, pillaging. 

Coigcpije, coigcrighe, s. m. a stranger. 

Coijcpoc, coigcrioch, s. a strange country, a 

C015CH10CA]', coigcriochas, s. m. remoteness of 

CÓ^Ze,coige, \ 3. f. , fiffli ; a province. 

CoijeA-o, coigeadh,} . ' ' 



CoijeAUAc, coigeadhach, adj. provincial; s. m. a 
provincial king. 

CoijeAL-nA-iiibAn-i-'ije, coigeal-na-rnhan-sigfie, 
s. great cat's-tail, reed-mace; typlia lati- 

CoijeÁL, coigeal, s. a noise, a clap; a distaff; 
tluiftiness, sparing. 

CoijeAl-At), coigealadh, s. sparing, persevering. 

CoigeÁlcA, coigealta, s. a conrcrence; adj. 
spared, Sh. 

CóigeAiii, coigeamh, see coijca'o. 

CoigeA^, coigear, adj. five ; part, asking or de- 

CoijeAnc coigeart, s. judgment; a question. 

Coi5eA]\cAiTn, coigeartaim, v. I judge, inquire. 

CoijéA]-, coigeait, \ s. five ways ; i. e. 0015 

Cóigéii'e, coigeise, j he]-. 

C0151I, coigil, v. spare thou. 

CoijititTi, coigilim, v. I light up, kindle; I 
spare, preserve. 

C0151II, coigill, s. f. a thought, secret. 

Cojilc, cogilt, part, sparing, saving. 

Coi^le, coigle, s. a companion; vassalage, 0. g.; 
■wisdom ; a secret. 

CoijleAct), coigleachd, s. a train, retinue ; com- 
merce, Sh. 

Coigbjim, coigligliim, v. I attend, accompany. 

Coigmine, coigmhine, s. a teat or dug. 

Coijne, coigne, s. a spear, a javelin. 

CoijtieATi, coignean, s. m. a riddle, a sieve. 

Coigni, coigni, a. pure, clean. 

Coig^ieAC, coigreach, s. a stranger, Sc. 

Coi5]\eACAl., coigreaehal, adj. strange, foreign, 

C01J5H1, coigri, s. a fosterer. 

Coigjuj, coigrigh, s. a bound or limit. 

Coijpi jeAC, coigrigheuch, s. a stranger, foreigner. 

Coijiunn, coigrinn, s. five parts. 

Coi5^-lio]-nAC, coigshliosnach, s. a pentagon, 

Coii, coil, s. a corner, Sh. 

Coilb'ni, coilbhin, s. f a small shaft; the stem of 
a plant. 

Coitce, coilce, s. a bed, bed-clothes. 

CoiteAc, coileach, s. m. a cock. 

CoibeAc-gAoite, coileach-gaoithe, s. m. a weather- 

CoibeAc-puA'ó, coileach-ruadh, s. m. a heath- 

Coilén, coilen, ) , , 


CoitéAH, coilear, s. a hamc, collar. 

Co)loA]'A-ó, coileasadh, s. a lethargy. 

Coiléi]i, coiíeir, a. f a quarry, a mine ; the 

1 s. f the cholic, gripes, 
J belly-ache. 

Cobice, coilice, 

Coibjin, coiligin, 

Cóibíf, coilis, s. cabbage. 

Colli, coill, s. f. a wood ; gen. coille ; sin. In- 

Coill-CAo^icAnt), coill-caorthand, s. mountain- 
ash, quicken-tree. 

Coille, coille, adj. sylvan. 

CoilleAt), coilleadh, s. m. a hog, a boar; part, 
blinding ; gelding ; infringing, plundering. 

Coilleój, coilleog, s. f. a kind of large cockle. 

CoilleA]inAC, coillearnach, s. a woody place, Sh. 

CoilliT), V. they spoil, i. e. nullit). 

Coillini, coillÍ77i,Y. I blindfold, blind ; I violate, 
plunder, trespass, castrate. 

CoilliiuA^-, coillmhias, s. f. a wooden dish. 

Coilliiun, coillmhin, s. f. a young pig. 

Coillce, coillte, s. f. plur. of coill; also see 

CoillceAc, coillteach, \ adj. woody, wild; 

CoillceAiiniil, coillteamhuil,) sinful. 

Coillceoin, coillteoir, s. m. a woodman. 

Coilpen, coilpen, s. a rope, Sh. 

Coilc, coilt, s. f. a heifer. 

Colin, coim, s. f. a cover, covering. 

Cónii, coimh, see cótii. 

CóiriiAi^Ae, coimhaire, s. forewarning. 

CóiiribéA|\lA, coimlihhearla, s. a conference. 

CóiiiibéA|AlACA-ó, coimhhhearlachadh, s. a con- 

CóiriibéApluijceAc, coimhbhearluightheach, adj. 

Coiiiibei^Miii, coimhhheirim,y. I contribute. 

CóiiiiceA-oúJA-ó, coimhcheadughadh, s. consent- 

CóiiiiceAlj, coimlichealg, s. a conspiracy, C. P. 

CóiniceAiigAilre, coimhcheangailte, adj. con- 
federate, united. 

CóniiceAnjAl, coimhcheangal, s. a covenant; 

CoiiiiceAiijlAt), coimhcheangladh, s. a junction, 

CóiiiiceAnjlAitii, coimhcheanglaim, v. I unite, 

CóiiiiceAiinAC, coimhcheannach, adj. commercial. 

CóiiiiceAnuAcc, eoimhcheaiinacht, s. ra. com- 

CóimceAf A, coimhcheasa, s. a protection. 

CóiiiicéimiieAC, coimhcheimneach, adj. concur- 

CóiiiicéiinncAcx), coimhcheimneachd, s. con- 

Cóiiiiceiiiinijun, coimhcheimnighim,Y. I accom- 

Cóitíiceoil, coimhcheoil, s. a chorus. 



CóimceotAC, coimhcheohch, adj. choral. 

CóimcluMÍunn, coimlh-hliamlmin, s. a relation. 

Cóimc]\eApA-ó,('o/////í'/í/v7>'í'//í, s. m. contraction. 

CóiiiicneAjJAim, coiiii/ii-/ir,\ipaiin, v. I contract. 

Cóinic)iio]-LAC, coimhchrioslach, s. the confines 
• of a country. 

Cóiiiic]Mocnu jÁT), coimlichriothnugliadh, s. m. 
consternation, trembling. 

Coiiinie, coimhdhe, s.m. the Godhead, the Holy 
Trinity ; a lord, master. 

Coitrroe, coimde, s. protection; company; a large 
tub, a kieve; adj. right, lawful; s. custom, 
use, practice. 

Coiiii-oeAc, coimhdeach, adj. safe, secure. 

Cóiiii-oeAc-o, coimhdeachd, s. m. protection, at- 

Cóiiii-óeAnc-A, coimhdheanta, adj. composed. 

CóiiÍTóeAncAcc, coimhdheantaclit, s. m. compo- 

CóiiÍTóeAf, coimhdheas, adj. convenient, com- 
modious ; handsome. 

CóiriiúeAi'AC-ó, coimhdheasachdh, s. accommoda- 

CónÍTÓeAi'Aigce, coirnhdkeasaighthe, adj. accom- 

CoitÍTÓipeAC, coimlidldreaeh, adj. straight as. 

Cóiiii-ójieACCA, coimlidhreachta, part, con- 

Cóitii-ó]ieiiiieAcc, coimhdhreimeacht, s. compe- 

ConiieAC, coimheach, adj. foreign; careless; 
secure ; adv. like, aHke. 

CóiiiiéA-o, coimhead, s. m. a watch, ward. 

CouiieATJAc, coimheadack, s. m. a watch, a 
guard; adj. watchful, attentive; couphng, 

CóniiéA-OAct), coimheadachd, s. m watching, at- 

CoimeATiAi-oe, coimheadaidhe, \ , 

CoiriiéATJoiii, coimheadoir, J s. m. a keeper. 

CóniiéAt3Aiin, coimheadaim, v. I keep, protect. 

CoiriieAgAn, coiviheagar, a. perfect, spotless, 

ConiiéAi\, coimear, s. an even number; cojin no 
coiméAji, odd or even; adj. short, brief 

CoitiieA]', coimheas, s. m. coolness of aflection, 
Sh.; equality, comparison. 

CoimeAi'ATn, coimeasam,Y. to compare, SJi. 

CóiiíieAfDA, coimlieasda, adj. of equal worth. 

CóinieApg, coimeasg, s. £ a mixture. 

CóiriieAT^jATO, coimheasgaidh, s. equal speed or 

CóitiieA]-5AitTi, coimeasgahn, v. I mix. 

CóiiiieAjnA, coimheagna, s. knowledge of con- 

CóniieAj'jA^i, coimheasgar, s. m. a conflict. 

Cóiiiiéii:eAc-o, coimlieifeachd, s. m. co-eiEcacy. 

Cóniiéii:eAct)AC, coimheifeachdach, adj. co- 

CóniieigeAnn, coimheigeann, s. ra. constramt. 

Cóimeignijitii, coimheignighim, v. I force, 
oppress, exact. 

CóiméigneACAt), coimeigneach-^s. m. oppres- 
adh, t sion, com- 

CóiriieijniuJAt), coimheígniugh- r pulsion, con- 
adh, J straint. 

Coitiieibijceoiii, coiinheilighihcu', s. m. a com- 

Cóinieijvje, cohnheirghe, s. insurrection. 

Cóitnei]\ge, coimeirghe, s. alhes, associates. 

Cóiiiieingini, coimkeirghim,y. I associate, assist- 

CóniieobAC, coimheolach, adj. conscious. 

CóiiiifeA-ÓAn, coimhfheadhan, s. m. a troop, a 

CóiriipeAi\-co5Ai-ó, coimhfhear-cogaidh, s. m. a 
fellow soldier. 

Couiiyijim, coimhfigldm, v. I dispose, arrange. 

CóiiiipopAc, coimfhiosach, adj. conscious. 

CóinifpeA5Ai,;c,_com/^/,TC«^aí>í,-| g_ ^^^respon- 

CoimyneAjApeAC-o, coimhjhrea- V ^igncef 
gareachd, ) 

Cóiiiij:)ieA5A]\Ai'óe, coimhfhreagaraidhe, s. m. a 

CóiriifneA5A]iAini, coimhfhreagaraim, v. I cor- 
respond, fit. 

Cóimy-)ieA5Ai\cAC, coimhfhreagarthach, adj. cor- 
responding, consonant, mutual, agreeable to. 

CóiniiJ-]ieA5A]TCoin, coimhfhi-eagarthoir, s. m. a 

CoitiifneAjnA-o, coimhfhreagradh, s. m. corres- 
pondence, conformity. 

Coiiiijem, coimJighein, s. f a general command 
or order. 

Cóníijleic, eoimhghleic, s. m. a conflict, 

Cóiriijleui'Aitie, coimhghleusaidhe, s. m. a com- 
poser, compositor. 

Cóiriijleui'Aiiii, coimhgMeusaim, v. I compose, 

CóiiiijlinneA-ó, coimlighlinneadh,s. m. fastening, 

Cóniijne, coimhghne, s. liistorical and chrono- 
logical knowledge. 

CoitiijueAirAijiin, coimhglireamaighim, v. I ad- 

Cónii5i\eAmÚ5A-ó, coimhgreamughadh, s. m. ad- 

Coimu\CAc, coimhiathach, s. m. a compatriot. 

CónínceAr, coimhiceas,} ^ •, ,• 

n' ■ • !■ t s. m. retribution. 

CouiiiocAi', coim/nocas,) 



Có^v■\^•oeiSC, coimhidheach,') s. m. a stranger, a 

Cóiriii-óceAc, coimhidhth-V foreigner; adj. 
each, ) strange, foreign. 

CoirhiBeACT), coimhideachd, see cóiriiéA'OACt). 

CóiriujteAC, coimhightheach, see coiTÍiTóceAc. 

CoiiiiitTiijiin, coimJiimighim, 1 v. I co-emi- 

Co-\m\m\\\cu-n, coiinJiimircim, J grate. 

Cóiiiiiniii\c, cohnliimirc, s. f. co-emigration. 

Coimin, covnin, s. a common. 

Cóimioc, coimhioc, s. m. a comedy. 

CóniiiomlÁn, coimhiomlan, adj. perfect as. 

Cóimiom'LÁnAi'ó, coimliiomlanaidh, adj. com- 
plete, perfect. 

CóiniioinU\nAt), coimhiomlanadh, s. fulfilment, 

CóitiiionAtin, coimJiionann, adj. equal, coequal; 
adv. alike. 

CóniiioriAnnA]", coimJdonannas, s. equality, 

Coinnp, coimiV, adj. brief, short. 

Coiiiiq\e, coimire, s. an abridgment. 

Coniii]\c, coimire, s. f. protection, mercy. 

CoimipceAT», coimirceadh, s. protecting, sav- 

CoiTni|Aceoi^\, coimirceoir, s. m. a savioiu-, a 

Cóitfiípotb, coimhisioll, adj. flat, level. 

Cóiriilic, coimhlic, see coirngbeic. 

CómleAnsA, coimhleanga,}'- iXingfoge' 

CoinilionsA, coimldionga, ^ ther, a rtce. 

ConiibongAt), coimhliongadh, s. the even or re- 
gular march of an army. 

CóniibeApcAC, coimhleapthach, s. m. a bed- 

CóiriibeApÚAriA]', coimlileapthanas, s. m. lying 
in bed together, Fer. 60. 

Cóiiiibije, coimhlighe, s. m. lying together, 

Cóiiii 1,151111, coitnldigldm, v. I lie ■with, couple. 

Coiiiibion, coimhlion, s. m. an assembly, multi- 

CoiifibionAt), coimlionadli, s. m. accomplish- 
ment, completion. 

CóiiiibíonAitceoiti, coimJdionaigJdheoir, s. a ful- 

C 01 111 Vi on Aim, coimldionaim, v. I fulfil, pcr- 

CóiriiUoncA, coimhlionta, adj. complete, per- 

CóiThbíoncAct>, coimldiontachd, see cótriiVionAt). 

CóiTÍiineA]\cA]', com/íJ7iearías, see coiiimojiCA]'. 

CóiriimeAi', coimhmeas, adj. coequal. 

CoiiiimcAr, coimhmeas, s. consideration; s. m. 
comparison, equality. 

CóiiiiiiicA]"Aini, coindiineasaim, v. I compare. 

CóinitiieAi"OA, coimhmeasda, adj. compared, of 
equal worth, equal. 

CoiiiimeAfj, coimhmeasg, s. a mixture. 

CoiriiiiieApgAO, coimhmheasgadh, s. commix- 

ConiimeApgAim, coimhmeasgaim, v. I mix, com- 

CoiiiimeApjcA, coimhneasgtha, part, mixed. 

Cóiiiiiiie'ó, coiinhmed, adj. equal in size; i. e. 
" cotniTiA A iné-o, aca)' inui ■oiAnAt), conii- 
nié-o", Cor. 

CóiiiiinioncA, coimhmionca, adv. whenever; as 

CóiiimeAC, coimhneach, adj. mindful. 

CóiiiineA]TC, coimhneart, "i s. m. confirma- 

CóiriineA]ici.i5A'ó, co»nA?ieaí'í- V tion, confirm- 
ughadh, ) ing. 

CóiiiirieA^icuijiin, cohnhneartuighim, v. I con- 

CóniineAncuijée, coimhneartuighthe, part, con- 

CoiiinieAp, coimhneas, s. neighbourhood. 

CoiiiineA|-Aitit, coimhneasaim, v. I approach. 

Coiiiipio]ic, coimpiort, s. conception; the cock's 
tlu-ead in an egg. 

CoimpleApj, eoimpleasg, s. m. tumultuary noise. 

Coii))ie, comhre, see coipe, accord. 

CoiiiqieAc, coimhreach, adj. assisting. 

CóiriiiiéAbc, coimhrealt, s. a constellation. 

Cóiiiipéi'ó, coimhreidh, adj. plain, even. 

CóiiiipéimeAf, coimhreimeas, s. m. competition. 

Cóim]\éi]i, coimhreir, s. f syntax; construc- 

Cóirii]iéi]iitii, comhreirim, v. I agree. 

CóiiiiiiiACTDAnAf, coimhriachdanas, s. m. want, 

CóiiiiiiiAcuni, coimhriutuin, s. generation, copu- 

Coiin|MC, coimric, s. f protection. 

Cóiiii]\iOTti, coimhriomh, s. computation. 

Cóiiii|ii|'eAn, coimhrisean, s. meeting together. 

Coiiri'pe, coimse, s. f. suSiciency. 

Cóimi'eACAC, coimhseacach, adj. consequent. 

CoiiiipeACACT), coimhseacachd, s. consequence. 

CoiiiipeACAiiiuib, coimhseacamhuil, adj. conse- 

CoiiiifeApAiii, coimhsheasamh, s. competition; 

CoiiiifeAfiiiAct), coimhsheasvdiachd, s. constancy. 

Cóniipéit)eAT), coimlisheideadh, s. conflation. 

CóiiiifeotAiii, coimhsheolam, v. to convey, Sh. 

Cóiiiipjim, eoimhsighim, v. I perceive; com- 

Coiiiipjce, eoimhsighthe, adj. provident, frugal; 



Coiiiifio]i]\uit)e, coimhshiorruidhe, adj. co- 

CoiiiipopiMn jeAcc, coimhshiorruigheacht, s. f. 

Coiiiipu JAt), coimhsiugliadli, s. m. comprehen- 

Coiiii]'l,eAccAt), coimhsleachtadh, s. a joint cut- 

Coiiiif)\eA5At), coimlishreagadh, s. m. connection, 

CoimiTjiic, coimhstrith, s. disorder. 

CoiiiiceAC, coimJdheach, adj. exotic. 

CoiiiiúeACAi-óe, coimhtheachaidhe, s. m. a cohabi- 

CóitiiceACA]', coimliiheachas, s. m. cohabitation. 

Coiriicei-j', coimhtheis, s. a going together. 

Cóitiici-óeAC, coimhtJiidheach, s. m. a stranger, 
Lev., xiv. 29. 

CÓ11Í1C15A1', coimhthighas, see coiiiiceACAi'. 

CoiriicijeApAC, coimhthigheasach, see connceA- 

Cóniicionob, coimhthionol, s. m. an assembly, 

CóiiiiciopcAc, coimlithiorthach, s. m. a compa- 

CóimqiéAnA-ó, coimlithreanadh, s. m. a confu-- 

Coinip]\eAt), coimpreadh, 1 s. conception, 

Coimp]\eAtiiAit), coimpreamJiaid,) generation. 

ConnppeAiiiAim, coimpreamhaim, v. I conceive. 

Coirinic, coiinhiic, see coniiioc. 

CoiiTi]-eAc, coimseach, adj. powerful; deliberate. 

Com, com, gen. and pi. of cú. 

CombeAt), coinbheadh, s. m. a feast, entertain- 

CombeA-ÓAC, coinhheadhach, s. tn. a guest at a 

CoinbeA]\]'ÁiT), coinbkearsaid, s. f. conversation. 

Combile, coinbhile, s. the dogberry-tree ; 

Coinbbiocc, coinbhliocht, s. m. a debate, conflict. 

CombiiAJAit), coinbhraghaid, s. f. a disease in 
the tiiroat. 

Comce, coince, s. f. haste, speed. 

Coinciiin, coincinn, s. m. the brain. 

CoincinneApA-ó, coinchinneasadh, s. vertigo, Sh. 

Coinc|iioce, coinchrioche, s. gag-teeth, Sh. 

Coinue, coinde, see coinne. 

ConiTDeAb, coindeal, see comneAb. 

CoiiTocAbg, coindealg, s. m counsel, persuasion ; 
contention ; criticising ; comparison, simili- 

CoirineAljAiiii, coiiidealgaim, v. I advise, per- 

Conroniiii, coiiidhiuir, adj. straight as. 

CoirfO|\eAC, coindreach, s. m. impediment, re- 
striction, mischief; instruction, direction. 

Coin-oivoAjAt), coindreagadh, s. battles. 

CoinTDjieAjAim, coindreagaim, v. I separate, 
brancli oft'; I fight. 

CoitTO)ieA5Ai]\, coindreagair, v. impers. it is run 
together, it is fought. 

ConTo^ieAiiiAu, coindreamhan, s. m. rage, fury. 

ConTO]\t]-, coindris, s. m. dog-briar; rosa 

Come, coine, s. f. a -woman. 

CómeAc, coineach, s. m. moss; fog. 

ComeAt), coineadh, s. m. reproof. 

ComeAJAt), coineaghadh, s. restraint. 

Comet), coined, see combibe. 

ComyeApgA]!, coinfeasgar, s. m. evening. 

CompeA]-5AHAC, coinfeasgarach, adj. late. 

Com]:eA-|"ói]\, coinfeasoir, s. m. a confessor. 

CompACAib, coinfhiacail, s. dog-tooth. 

Com].-biocT), coinjliochd, see combbioc-o. 

CompoUAiiine, coinfhodhairne, s. otters. 

ComjbeAb, coingbheal, s. detention. 

ComjeAbA'ó, coingeabhadh, s. retaining. 

ComgeAn, coingean, s. m. an armed man. 

„ . , . . 7, ~i s. m. condition, qualifi- 

Com^'i^M, ciongiall, ( cation • a loan a Dass 

Co..^.oll, ciongioll, ] ^14^:^' 

ComgiobtAt), ciongiolladli, s. a complaint. 

Conijiotb'ÓA, coingtoUdha, adj. conditional. 

Comjin, coingir, s. a pair of horses. 

Comjbeic, coinghleich, s. f. a quarrel. 

Comlioj, coinliogh, s. stubble. 

Comiopj, coiniosg, s. furze. 

Comin, coinin, s. m. a rabbit. 

Coinbe, coinle, }a. f. a bud, stem, 

Combeoj, coinleog, ) stalk. 

Comiiie, coinmhe, s. a guest. 

Comn-ACAi]\, coinn-atlmir, s. a wife's father. 

Comne-ACAi]i, coinne-atliair, s. a wife's father. 

Coinne, coinne, s. a meeting; opposition; a 
woman, a quean. 

ComneAl, coiW/ 1 f^ ^^^^^ 

CommoLL, coimiioll,) 

ComneAbbÁice, coinnealbhaite, 


ComneAÍbAcAini, coinnealbJiathaim, v. I excom- 

ComtieAlbi\A, coinnealblira, s. m. a chandelier; 
a chandler's shop. 

ComncAf , coinneas, s. a ferret. 

Comneibg, coinneilg, a comparison. 

Comnicein, coinniceir, s.a rabbit-burrow. 

Comnijiin, coinnighim, v. I meet, oppose. 

Conmini, s. a guest. 

e, 1 s. m. excom- 
h- > m u n i c a - 
3 tion. 



Coinnirh, eoinnimh, s. f. protection, entertain- 
Coinni]!, coinnir, s. f. a brace, a couple. 
Coinninciotl, coinnir-~\ adj. kind, benic'ii, 

chioll, > merciful, cliari- 

Coinni|\cte, coinnircle,) table. 
Coinnleoi]\, coinnleoir, s. a candle-stick. 
Coinnlin, cownJin, sec coinle. 
Coinnlioc, coiindioch, s. stubble. 
Coninnio. coiuii/i/e, s. cattle. 
CoinnyeACCA, coinn-fcaclita, s. m. laws relating 

to hounds. 
Coinn]\e<5,c, coinnreach, s. i\\. a couple; plough 

Coinn]ieAcc, coinnrcacht, s. f. the law relating 

to dogs. 
ComnpeAt), coinnreadh, s. correction. 
Coinnc, coinnt, s. f. a woman. 
Coinpi, coinsi, s. keeping, protection; adj. fit, 

CoinpA]", coinsias, s. conscience. 
Coinncibe, coinntiblic, s. f. a jibe, scofF. 
Compne, coinsine, s. f. defence. 
CompineATi, coinsinead, s. protection, defence. 
CoinrmceAp, coimwtear, v. be him, her, or it 

defended or protected ; it is defended. 
CoinrpeAc, coinspeach, s. m. a hornet; gad- 

Coinc, coint, s. i. a woman. 
Coincin, coiiitiii, s. £. a controversy. 
CoincnmeAC, cointinneach, s. a contentious man ; 

adj. contentious. 
Coincoiniot)eAC, cointoiniodeach, s. a custom, 

Cóip, coip, s. f. a tribe, a troop; a copy; froth. 
Coip-pcinbin, coip-scrihhin, s. f. a transcript. 
Coi|\, coir, s. f. an air, business; sin, fault. 
Cón\, coir, s. f justice, right, property; adj. 

just, right, good, honest. 
Coip, coir, adj. solitary, lonesome ; in compound 

words means false, deceitful; coiji-cbeijieAc, 

a false clerk. 
CoipAiTD, coiraid, s. probity, justice. 
CoijiAi^-AC, coiraisach, adj. important, with an 

air of business, Sh. 
Coi]\b, coirh, a. accursed. 
Coii\beAC, coirbeach, adj. impious. 
Coipbiie, coirhre, s. m. the proper name of a 

man ; a charioteer. 
Coi|Ace, coirce, s. oats; Welsh, ceirch. 
Coi);ceAC, coirceach, adj. abounding in oats. 
Coi)>ceAnn, coirchennn, s. a spindle. 
Coi)Aceo5, coirceog,B. f. a bee-hive. 
CoiicoeAp, coirdeas, s. agreement. 
Cóip-oín, coirdin, s. f a small cord. 

Coijie, coire, s. f. raw flesh; i. e. " coi w\\e, ú\\ 
CAc notiiji. e. peoib oiii". Cor.; a. as plain as; 
i. e. cóirii]\e. 

Coipe, coire, s. f. a kettle, caldron ; a cavity, 
cavern, gulf; trespass, oflence. 

Come, coire, s. f. justice, right; accord; syntax. 

Coipe, coire, s. f. an invitation; a ring, a 

Cói)\eAc, coireacJi, adj. just, true, 3fanx. 

CoineAC, coireacli, adj. criminal; s. m. a male- 

CoineACAt), coireacliadh, s. censure. 

Coi]\eAC'OAniui'L, coireachdamhuil, adj. cen- 

Co>]\eAC'OAiiibActi, coireachdamJdachd, s. cen- 

CoineAniAn, coireaman, s. coriander. 

CoineAiiibAcc, coireamhlacht, s. m. guiltiness. 

Coi]ieAniiJil, coireamhuii, adj. guilty. 

^s. earth-kipper, 

Coi)ieA|iAn, coirearan, § pig-nut, hawk- 

Coi)\eAiAAn-inuice, coirearan-\- nut, earth chcs- 

muice, k nut ; bunium 

7 bulbocastanum. 

CoijicAncoibbeAc, coireancoilleach, s. wild cam- 
pion ; lychnis dioica. 

CoinecojAbAC, coiretogabach, s. a brewer's 
caldron, Sh. 

Coijigtiioiii, coirgniornh, s. ra. satisfaction. 

CoiiMAbuni, coiriahhuin, s. copulation, Sh. 

Cói]\i j, coirigh, s. a range. 

Cóii\i5im, coirighim, v. I arrange, correct. 

Coi]n jiin, coirighim, v. I sin, offend. 

Cói]\igce, coirighthe, part, dressed, amended. 

Coi]u jceoiji, coirightheoir, s. m. an accuser, 

Coi|\im, coirim, v. I teaze. 

CóijuogA-ó, coirioghadh, s. satisfaction. 

CoijupeAu, coiripeadh, 1 s. m. corruptlou, 

CoinipceAct), coiripthcachd,) villainy. 

Coi]\ipit), coiripidh, adj. corrupt; corrup- 

Coi]upce, coiripthe, part, corrupted, depraved. 

Coi]\ni5A-ó, coiiiughadh, s. m. accusation, cen- 

Cói]ini JAt), coiriiighadh, s. m. correction. 

Cói]iLei5ce, corleighthe, a. properly spelled. 

Cotimi, coirm, s. f. ale; a banquet. 

Coi]\nie, coirme, 1 s. m. a drinker, ckunk- 

CoijuneAc, coirmeach,) ard. 

Coipmeój, coirmcog, s. f. a female cup gos- 

Coii\iiiiAn, colrrnhian, s. conceit. 

Coinmin, coirmin, a. dim. of Co]iinAc, the pro- 
per name of a man. 




Coi|ineAC, coirneach, s. m. a part; part, cor- 

Coiiuiéul, coirneid, s. f. a comer ; Welsh, cornel. 

Coijvnin, coirnin, s. a little cup or vessel. 

Coi]niinAC, coiV/ii?!ac/i, adj. frizzled, curled. 

Coi]\rift)iAll,, coirnsdiall, s. f. a cup-board. 

Coi)\p, coirp, a. accursed, wicked. 

Coi]\pbei]ic, coirphheirt, s. f. raiment, clothes. 

Coi^ipce, coirpthe, see coipipce. 

Coi]\]i, coirr, s. a spear, a dart. 

Coi]\pceAnn, comclieann, s. m. a megrim. 

CoiupceAnnAim, coirr cheannaim, v. I make 
round and pointed like a top. 

Coi]\]\io'Lt, coirrioU, s. m. noise. 

Coi]\i\iolÍAC, coirrioUach, adj. noisy. 

Coin]\t)eAli)Ai'ó, coirr deahhaidh, s. fighting vfith 
a spear. 

Coi]\pc]\eACÓ5, coirscreacliog , s. f. a screech-owl. 

Coi]rc, coirt, s. f. bark; see cAipc. 

Coince, coirihe, s. sin, fault; a pillar stone, 
& Curry. 

Coi]\te&c, coirtheach, adj. sinful, obnoxious. 

CoiirceACA, coirtheacha, s. invective. 

CoinceACC, coirtheachd, s. culpability. 

Coi]\ceoi^i, coirteoir, s. m. a carter 

„ . • w • 'I s. m. a criminal; 

Coiiiceoiji, cou'theoir, 

Coi]ici5eoin, coirthigheoir 


an accuser; an 

CoijiCTJiin, coirtliigliim, v. I sin; I blame, ac- 

CoiiiriMiiJA'o, coirthriughadh, s. m. impeach- 

Coip, cois, adv. near to, hard by. 

CoipAjAC, coisagach, adj. snug. So. 

CoipbeA]\c, coisbheart, s. any covering for the 
legs or feet. 

Cot]xéiin, coisceim, s. f. a step, a pace. 

Coi]-céinini5iin, coisceimnighim, v. I step. 

Cói]~oe, coisde, s. m. a coach ; a jury. 

Cói]~oeAC-o, coisdeachd, s. f hearkening, listening. 

Coi]'T)eAp5Án, coisdheargan, s. a red-shank. 

Cói]'-oeoin, coisdeoir, s. m. a coachman ; a jury- 

Coij-eAct), coiseachd, s. m. walking. 

CoipeATÍiAn, coiseamhan, s. m. a shoe-maker. 

Coii-eAucA, coiseanta, part, protected, defended. 

CoipeAncAC, coiseantach, s. m. a protector, de- 

CóipeATiuij, coiseanuigh, s. preservation, Sh. 

CóireAnuitAtn, coiseanuiqham, \ ^[ ?, <'°°J^^' 

CÓ,i-eAnu,n, coiseanum, C J°j^^JJ '^^^^ 

CoipéroiT), coiseididh, s. greaves. 
Coipeoj, coiseog, s. £. a stalk of hay or com with 
the seed on it. 

CoipeoTiA me, coiseona me, v. I will prove, main- 
tain, defend. 

Coipjini, coisgim, v. I obstruct, hinder, impede, 
quell, quench, allay, quiet, cease. 

Coipjbiú, coisglidh, adj. diligent, quiet, still. 

Coipjeeo^i, coisgtheoir, s. m. an obstructor, 

Coip-oe, coisidhe, s. m. a footman. 

Coii'ijim, coisigkim, v. I walk, travel. 

Coipn, coisin, s. m. a stem; dim. of cop; s. f. 

Coi]'inAin, coisinam, v. to win, gain, eam, Sh. 

Coii'ineAc, coisineach, adj. acquisitive, Sc; spin- 

Coipmeoip, coisineoir, s. an acquirer, Sc. 

Cóipip, coisir, s. £ a feast, entertainment. 

Coij-iuncA, coisiuiita, part, earned. 

Coi]-leACAnAC, coisleathanach, adj. broad-footed. 

CoipbiAqióit), coisUathroid, s. f. a foot-ball. 

Coiplije, coislighe, s. a path. 

Cói]-]\eAC, coisreach, s. a feast. 

CoippeACAt), coisreacadh, s. m. consecration, 

CoipneACAiin, coisreacaim, v. I consecrate, bless. 

CoippeACÁn, coisreacan, see coi]']\eACAt). 

Coi]"]\eAccA, coisreactha, part, consecrated. 

Coip|\it), coisridh, s. f infantry ; guests at a feast. 

Coii-injeATD, coisrigheadh,s. f. sanctification, de- 

Coip^ujim, coisrighim, v. I bless. 

Coippijce, coisrighthe, see coippeAccA. 

CoippioiiiAt), coisriomhadh, s. scanning of a verse. 

CóipceAc, coisteach, \ 

Cói]"ceACAn, coisteachan,) ' ' J J ^ ' 

Cói]-ceA-ó, coisteadh, s. a jury. 

CóipceACc, coisfeacht, s. m. hearing ; prop, cboi]'- 


Cóipceoi)A, coisteoir, see cói^-Deoip. 
Coipceonnuig, coisteomadgh, s. an extravagant 

Coir, coit, s. Í. a coracle, a small boat; a word; 

Welsh, coed. 
CoicAicAtn, coitaicham, v. to press, persuade, Sh. 
CoicceA-ó, coitcheadh, adj public, common. 
CoicccAt), coitchead, s. m. an edict. 

^ adj. public, com- 
mon, general, uni- 
versal, cathohc. 
CoicceAimAcc, coitcheannacht, s. m. commu- 
CoiccionncA, ciotchionnta, adj. customary, habi- 
tual, familiar, ordinary, vulgar, uni\ersal, 
CoircionncAcr», coitchionntachd, s. m. univer- 

CoicceAnn, coitcheaivi, 
Coiccionn, coitchionn, 





Coiceoi|i, coiteoir, s. m. a cottager, a boat- 

Coiceo|\ó,n, coiteoran, s. m. a limit, boundary. 

Coicf eAC, coithfeat, s. hearing ; i. e. eif ceAco. 

C01CIC, coitit, s. f. an awl, a bodkin. 

Coiccmj, coitting, s. f. a battle. 

Cot, col, s. m. an impediment, proliibltion ; in- 
cest, sin, wickedness. 

CoLac, colach, adj . incestuous, sinful, wicked. 

ColAct), colachd, s. f. plastering, daubing. 

Cot,At), coladh, s. m. superfluity. 

CoIaj:;a5, colagag, s. the first finger, Sh. 

CobAigneACT), colaighneaclid, s. a colony. 

CobAitii, colaim, v. I prohibit, forbid, liinder; I 

CoIai]!, colair, s. f. a collar; vulg. 

ColÁifr)e, colaisde, a college. 

CotAtnA-ó, colamadh, s. a mine where the ores of 
metals are found. 

CobAiTin<3>, colamna, s. a hide ; colAmnA |:eo,]\b. 

Col-AmnA AÍ-j', no Mfe, colamna ais, no aise, the 
stages of human life ; i. e. " Aiiiii-i|\e nAiuen- 


oco|' ■oibli-óecc", Cor. 
Co'LAinói]\, colamoir, the fish called hake. 
ColAiinim, colanJiuin, see coiútiiAii. 
ColAn, colari, a young cow. 
CoÍAnn, colann, s. £ the body, flesh, sense; gen. 

CobApoti, colasion, s. a collation; vulg. 
Cobb, colbh, s. m. a post, pillar, reed; the 

stalk or stem of a plant. 
Cobb, colb, s. m. a head. 
CobbA, colbha, s. m. love, friendship, regard; 

a sceptre. 
CobbAim, colbhaim, v. I sprout, spring. 
Cobbiú, colbhidh, adj. having pillars, Sk. 

the calf of the leg ; the 


A, colbhtha, f 
, colpa, Í 

a bed of flocks. 

shank, the leg of a man 
from the knee to the 

CobbcAC, colblhac, s. a cow, calf, or heifer. 

CobcAC, colcach, 

CobcAit), colcaidh 

Cobg, colg, s. m. a sword ; 

" JeAU AJAp colg CobAlt) J^Alb, 

"OÁ peAnAiniii clonann cupAi'ó; 
CeAbcAp AjAp buibne ve 
"OÁpeAriAiniTi jac Aip-ofbeije", For. Foe; 
a beard or awn of barley, sting, prickle ; a 
fierce or piercing look. 
CobgAC, colgach, adj. prickly, bearded, scaly. 
CobjAC, colgach, "J adj. fierce, smart, lively, 

CobgAjiAt), colgaradh, > active, martial, smart- 
CobjAncA, colganta, ) looking; fretful. 

CobjÁn, colgan, s. m. a salmon; a dove, Sc. 
Cobjcpoitiiin, colgthroidim, v. I fence or fight 

with a sword. 
Cob5b]uiit)itii, colgbhruidhim, s. butcher's 

broom, Sh. 
CobjpAfAC, colgrasach, adj. prickly. 
Cobjuiúe, colguidhe, adj. peevish. 
Gobi]', colis, s. cabbage ; caulis. 
Cobb, coll, s. the letter C ; s. m. the hazel tree ; 

corylus avellana; a head, the neck, Cor.; 

destruction, ruin. 
CobbAC, collach, s. m. a fat heifer; i. e. " coUmiii 

peAiiiAp", 0. g.; corpulence; a boar; adj. 

corpulent ; lascivious, wicked. 
CobbACAtiiuib, collachamhuil, adj. boorish. 
CobbAt), colladh, s. f. sleep, rest; repose. 
CobbAj-bion, collag-lion, a. an earwig, Sh. 
CobbAit), collaidh, s. f. a two-year old heifer ; 

adj. carnal, venereal. 
CobbAit)eAct), coUaidheachd, s. carnality. 
CobbAiTiin, collaidin, s. f. white poppy; 

papaver somniferum. 
CobbAiiu, collaim, v. I sleep; Ileb. cholom, a 

CobbAn, collan, s. f the body. 
Cobbbume, collbhuine,\ 1 f V, 1 

Cobbcoibbe, collchoille,\ 
Cobb-cnú, coll-chnu, s. hazel nut, a filbert. 
CobbJAc, collghach, adj. incestuous. 
CobbJACT), collghachd, s. m. carnality. 
Cobb-beAbAiT), coll-leabaidh, s. a bedstead. 
Cobbóit), colloid, s. f. noise, clamour. 
CobboroeAC, colloideach, adj. clamorous. 
CobbocAC, collotach, adj. soporific, sleepy. 
CobbcAc, colltach, s. a fleet. 
Cobbiiiue, colluidhe, adj. carnal, venereal. 
Cobm, colm, s. £ a pigeon, a dove. 
Cobrii, colmh, see cobb. 
CobiTiA, colma, s. hardness; a. hard, steely. 
CobniAbc, rolmalt, s. a dove-cot. 
ColniAn-cACAic, colman-cathaich, s. a whoop, S/i. 
CobbmAU-coibbe, cohnan-coille, s. a ring dove, 


CobmcA, colmcha, ) • , 

-, , . ' , ,' }- s. a pigcon-house. 

CobnibAnn, colmlann, ) '■ ° 

Cobój, colog, s. £ a steak, a collop. 

Cobp, col/j, s. m. see CAbp; the thigh or 


CobpA, colpa, sec CAbpA. 

CobpA, colpa, 1 s. a cow, heifer, bullock, 

CobpAC, colpach, ) steer; colt. 

Cobc, colt, s. m. meat, \-ictuals, food. 

CobcAc, coltach, adj. likely. 

CobcAip, coha{r,\ ^ -i 

CobcAp, collar, J ^- • 

CO mil 




ColcA]t, coUar, s. m. the rower's bench in a 
galley ; a bed. 

ColcA]-, coltas, s. m. likelihood, appearance. 

Coic]iA, coltra, adj. dark, gloomy, obscure. 

Colc)\Ai5e, cokraiijhe, s. a razor-bill, Sh. 

CotúbvMnc, colubhairt, s. f. coleworts, cabbage. 

CoLuini), column, s. f. a Christmas box or new 
year's gift ; Christmas cheer. 

Cotufn, co/íí/rt, s. m. a pigeon, dove; Welsh, 

CobuiiuMi, columhan, s. [m. a prop, pillar, pe- 

Colúp, colur, s. m. a dove. 

Com, com, s. m. kindred, jBr. L.; the waist or 
middle, the body, the bowels; cinneA]' coini, 
the bloody flux. 

Coiii, comh, s. m. protection, guard, defence; in 
compound words signifies equal, as much, so, 
as, with, union, etc. By the modem Irish 
writers it is written cóitii, where the first 
vowel of the second part of the compound be- 
gins with e or 1 ; as, in cóniiimipc, cóniic]\ec\- 
pATÍ), etc. In ancient MSS. it is always 
written colli. 

CoiiiA, coma, adj. indifferent, easy. 

Com AC, comach, s. m. a breach, defeat; a tax, 
toll, Sh. 

CoiiiAct), comhachd, s. m. power. 

CoiiiAC-OAC, comhachdach, see cuitiac-óac. 

ComACDAiíiuii, comhachdamhuil, see cuiiiAc- 

T) Alii u lb. 

CoiiiActioin, comhachdoir, s. m. a commissioner. 

CoiiiAcniAC, comhacmac, s. m. a circuit. 

C01Í1ACÓ5, comhachoTf, s. f. an owl. 

CoiuATÍ), comadh, see com a; s. m. shape, figure; 
law, equity ; defence ; care ; indifference. 

CÓ111A-0, comhad, s. m. the two last quartans of a 
verse ; a condition, obligation ; a mode, a 
mood, a comparison; an elegy, sigh, groan ; 
a bribe, reward; pi. coiiiCA. 

ComA-oói|\, comadoir, s. m. a romancer. 

ConiATJOnieACT), comadoir eachd, s. m. recital of 

CóiíiajaI, cmnhagal, s. ra. a conference, dis- 

CÓTÍiAit), comhaidh, s. m. a keeper; a reward. 

CóiiiAi-óceA]', comhaidhcheas, s. neighbourhood. 

CóiiiAiile, C(/;?z/iai7fe, s. a bestowing; pregnancy. 

CoiiiAtlim, comhaillim, v. I bear, carry. 

ComAilcini, comailtim, v. I join. 

CotnAini, comaim, v. I find, invent. 

CoiiiAim, comhaim, v. I defend, protect; s. a 
spouse, a wife. 

CóriiAini]-eA)\Ac, comJiaimsearach, s. m. a cotem- 

CoiiiAiiiipeAiiA'D, comhaimsearad, a. m. a syn- 
chronism, Lee. 10, 1. 

CómAim]"eA]TOA, comhaitnseardha, adj. contem- 
porary, co-etaneou3. 

CoiiiAin, comaiii, s. f. an obligation, a debt. 

ComAiniie, comainne, s. f. communion. 

CóiiiAinm, comhainm, s. m. a surname. 

CóinAi]\, comair, adj. brief, compendious. 

CótiiAi]!, cornhair, adj. opposite, over against. 

ConiAi]iAm, comairam, v. to liken, compare, Sh. 

CóniAi]ibini, comhairhhim, see cóiiiAiiwiim. 

CóiiiAiiice, comhairce, s. f. mercy, protection. 

CoiiiAij\cim, comhah'cim, v. I protect, assist; I 
cry, bewail ; I ask, inquire. 

CoiiiAijici)', comhaircis, s. f assistance, 4 Mast. 

CotiiAine, comhaire, s. f. a cry, an outcry. 

Colli AijieAiii, comhaireamh, s. m. enumeration, 

CóiiiAi)\be, comhairle, s. f. counsel, advice; a 
synod, council, conference. 

CóiiiAi]\leAc, comhairleach, s. m. a counsellor. 

CoiiiAijibeAo, comhairleadh, s. m. counselling, 

CóiiiAijibije, comhairlighe, s. m. a monitor. 

CoiiiAijili jim, comhairlighim, I ad^dse, counsel. 

CóiiiAi]\li5ce, comhairlighthe, adj. advised. 

CóiiiAi]ibi5ceoiii, comhairlightheoir, s. m. a coun- 

CoiiiAmiium, comhairmJiim, v. I number, count. 

CóiiiAi^vp, comhaii'p, \ s. emulation, strife, 

CoiiiAr]i)3Ap, comhuirpas, j rSh. 

CoriiAim-ileACAt), comhairsileachadh, s. a dis 
charge from service, manumission, Sh. 

CóriiAi]~o]íec, conihaisdrech, s. m. a fellow- 

CoiuAic, comaith, adj. as well, as good as, as 

CoiiiAicceA-o, comhaitcheadh, 3. m. competi- 

CoiiiAicceAf, comhaitcheas, s. m. a neighbour- 
hood; protection. 

CótiiAicnie, comhaitidhe, s. a neighbour. 

CoiiiaI, comhal, see cuitiaI ; s. m. the jamb of a 
door, a door-case; a monk's cowl; adj. bold, 

CóiiiAÍAC-o, comhalachd, s. f. confederation. 

CóiiiAÍAij, comhalaigh, s. f. a confederate. 

CoiiiAbt, comhall, s. m. the performance or ex- 
ecution of a thing ; i. e. " i]'bAt) j-bAiiA jie 
coh'iaLL An connAjicA yo". 
CoiíiaLIaú, comhalladh, 3. m. performing, ful- 

CoriiAllAim, cotnhaUaim, I perform, fulfil, do 


COM 1 1 



's. m. a foster-brother or 
sister; " "OiApmAio x)0 
il'ol 1<.\|A ]-ni 50 ceAC 
Cóh'iaIc, comhalt, concolDAin cpuim riieic 

CoitiaIca, comhalta, ^ cai-oj 111 1Iuai|\c a 
cijeApriA ^5^]^ A cóiii- 
aLca hvt -óéin", 4 
Mast, 1409. 
ConiAtcAC, eomaltacli, adj. fulfilled, performed. 
CoiTiAt,r]\ÁnA-p, comhaltranas, s. m. mutual foster- 
CoiTiATnA]i, cowaTOa?', s. comparison. 
CoiiiAti, comhan, s. a shrine. 
CoinÁn, coman, s. m. a common, a hurling- 

CoiiiAng, coinhang, see cutiiAing. 
ConiAn mioriLA, coman mionla, s. corn chamo- 
mile; anthcmis arvensis. 
ConiAnn, comann, s. m. an obligation, 

benefit; communion, society. 
CoiiiAnriAn, comhannan, see cóimionnAn. 
ComAnncóin, comanntoir, \ s. m. a benc- 
CoriiAomceoiiA, comJiaomteoir, J factor. 
ConiAOin, comaoin, s. communion, a favour. 
Conuvonie, comaoine, s. i. a burthen, injunction ; 

a benefit. 
ConiAoir,eAC, comaoineach, s. m. the Holy Com- 
munion, the Blessed Eucharist. 
CoiiiAoi)", comhaois, s. one of equal aire, 

CoifiAolAct), comhaolachd, s. a college, Sh. 
CóiiiAoncA, couiJuionta, s. mutual consent, 

agreement, concord, concurrence, unity. 
CóiiiAoncAC, comhaontack, adj. concordant, con- 
CóinAoncACt>, comJiaontachd, s. m. agreement, 

CóttiAoncAijim, coral laontaig] dm, v. I consent, 

CóriiAoncúgAió, comhaontughadh, sec cóiii- 

CoiiiAOfDA, comhaosda, adj. contemporary, of 

equal age. 
ConiA]!, comar, s. the nose; s. m. a valley; way, 

CotiiAji, coinhar, see coiiiAiji. 
CóríiApbA, comharha, s. m. protection; a suc- 
cessor in an ecclesiastical office ; an abbot, 
a vicar ; a religious order of monks among the 
old Irish, Keat. 
CómApbACT), comharhachd, s. m. vicarage. 
CóiiiAjibA]', comharhus, s. m. succession. 
ComAjAC, comarc, s. a part, a share. 
CoriiAi\CAiin, comharcaim, see coniAiiicir.i. 
CóiiiAnxj, (Oinliard, auj. equally high. 

CómAjTO&t), coinJiard- ^ s. m. agreement or 
adh, \ correspondence in 

CoriiAirouJAf», comJiar- i" the composition of 
diujhadh, ) Irish verse. 

ConuvnACcoip, co:naracthoir, s. m. a pro- 

CótTiApjAin, comliargain, s. f. a dispute ; a syl- 

CótfiA]inÁi]', cornharnais, s. f emulation. 

CóiiiAH'pA, comharsa, 


CóniA)i|-AnAC-o, comharsan- 

Coriu\n]v\ncACT), co»i7t«rsí7n- 
tachd, ) 

CoiiiAni'AncA, comharsanta,'^ 

CóiiiAH]'nArhuil, coMiAars- >adj. neighbourly. 
namhuil, ) 

CoiHAiic, comart, s. m. death, kilhng. 

CÓ111AHCA, comhartha, s. m. a mark, sign, sym- 
bol, cicatrice. 

CoiiiAncACAt), comltartha- "i ^ ■ 

7 ',, ' I s. m. annotation, 

... .' 7 ,, > markmg, pomt- 

Conu\iicui:AX), comkart lu- I • ^ ^ 

; 77 ^ I mg out. 

ghadU, ) ° 

CóiiiA^icuijnii, comharihuighim, v. I mark, sign, 

Coiiuvncuijce, comharthuighlhe, adj. marked, 

CoriiA^^ comas, s. m. power, warrant, leave,'^in- 
dulgence, hold, faculty ; tlie pulse. 

ComA]"AC, comasach, adj. effective, effectual, 
powerful, capable. 

CoiiiA)v\c-o, comasachd, s. m. capability, fa- 

ConiA^-OAm, comasdair, s. a commissary, aS7í. 

ComAi~OAinAct>, comasdairachd, s. commissariat, 

Co,nAr55"«'n, comasggnumh,-\ ^ ^ 

ConiAi-gmioL, comasgmkiol, J ' 

CóiiiACAC, comltathach, s. competition. 

CombAC, comhach, s. a breach, defeat. 

CoiiibATO, comhIiJundh, s. sympathy. 

CombAi-oe, combaidhe, s. assistance, friend- 

' Cómbic, comhhJiith, s. co-existence. 

CórfibiceAC, comhbhitheach, adj. co-existent. 

CóiiilJAjAHiAm, comhhhagariam, v. I threaten. 

Cór-'b|\Airi\eAC, comhhraithreach,z.Áy brotherly, 

Cómb]i.\cAi]A, comhbhrathair, s. m. a companion, 
a f How. 

COiiibiiACA^iACT), comJthhratharachd, s. m. 
brotlierhood, consanguinity. 





CómbniogACA'ó, comhbhrioghachadh, s. consub- 

CoriiTiivoTDAt), comhbhrodadJi, s. m. compunc- 

CoifibjuiAC, comhhhruach, s. m. tlie bounds of a 

Coiiib^iuACAC, comhbructchach, atlj. conter- 

Combpujokirn, comhbhrughaiin, v. I compress, 

Cómb)\ui-óce, comhbhruidhie, part, contrite, 

CoiiibnugA-ó, comhhhrugliadh, s. m. oppression. 

CombuAi-óeA]\cA, comhbuaidheartha, adj. sedi- 

CoiiibuAi-óneA-ó, comhbuaidhreadh, s. m. mutiny, 
dissension, sedition, disturbance, commotion, 
tribulation; " GogAn niAC SeÁin, cigeAiuiA 
iTiumane lllViAoilmoiTOA ■oo écc, aja^' SeÁn 
UA RAJAbbAij A iiiAC]:éin ■oo coJA inA lonAt) 
te buA néill, AgAp Ia pliocc SeÁm ui 
tlAJAltAij; AjAp feApJAi iiA IIajaUaij, 

i. e. TI1AC UolllÁip 1Í1Ó1^\, 130 COJA Uv pliocc 

tllACJAriinA UI KajaIUmj, AjAp le jAllAÍb, 

^U]\ ]\0 pAp COJAU, AJAp COrilbUAI-OpCAt) 

oACAppA", 4 Mast. 1449. 

CoiiicAitipeAC, comJichaidreach, s. m. a coitcs- 
pondent; adj. corresponding. 

CoiiicATOiveACAp, comhcJiaidreacJias, s. m. com- 
merce, mutual correspondence. 

CotiicAi-opeAt), comhchaidreadh, s. correspond- 

CómcAm\\eA-6, coTnhchaidreadh,\ s. m. society, 

ComcMV\\e&y,com/ichaidreas, / association. 

Cói'icAi-oi\eACT3, comhchaidreachd, s. m. com- 
merce, traffic. 

CoiiicAit)peAni, cotnJichaidream, v. to traffic, 

CóiiicÁinr, comhchaint, s. f. a conference; con- 
troversy ; abuse. 

CotiicAinceAjiACT), comhchaintearacJid, s. sing- 
ing in chorus. 

CóiiicAip'oeA]', comhchairdeas, s. mutual friend- 

CómcAip-oim, comhc/iairdim, v. I agree, ac- 

CóiiiCA)pt))\eACAp, comhchairdreacJias, s. va. mu- 
tual correspondence, common interest, confe- 

CoriicAoitJini, eomJichaoidhim, 1 v. I condole, 

CorhcAoinim, comhchaoinim, J bomoau. 

CóifiCApAi'óeACT), comhcharaidheachd, s. mutual 

CótficApncA, comhcharnta, part, heaped to- 

CóiiiceAnjAb, comhcheangal, s. a confederacy, 

CoiiiceolpATOe, comhcheolraidhe, s. ra. a cho 

CóiiiciAbbAc, comhcJiiallach, adj. synonymous. 

CótiiclAoclAit), comhchlaocJdaidh, s. f. com- 

CómcÍAOclAi-óeAC, comhchlaocldaidheach, adj. 

CóiiiclAoclAi-óeACC, comhcJdaocJdaidheacht, s. 

CómcbAOcbAi'óim, comhchlaochlaidhim, v. I 

CótiicnuApACT), comliclinuasachd, s. collection. 

Colli coigpij, comlichoigrigh, s. a border or 

Cótiicoij'iieAjA'ó, comhchoisreagadh, s. m. conse" 

CóiiicoicceAii, comhchoitchean, adj. common, 

CowcomAin, comhchomm/i, s. f. communion, 

CoiiicotTiAipbe, comhcliomhairle, s. confederacy, 

CótTicóiiiAiplijiiTi, comh- 

chomliairligliim, \^' ^ consult, com- 

CóiiicóiíiAiplim, comh- ( bine, confederate. 

Cóiiiconj'bÁil,, comhcJiongbJiail, s. honour, se- 

Cóificop-QAc, condicJwrdacJi, adj. concordant. 

Cón'icojTOACc, comhchordacht, s. ra. concord- 

Córiicop-OA-ó, camhchordadJi, s. m. concord, coin- 

CómcojTOAitn, comJicJiordaim, v. I agree, coin- 

Colli cop'OAiiiuib, comlicordaDdmil, adj. com- 

Cóificoprinnb, comhchosmhuil, adj. alike, con- 

Conicoj-tiiuiieA]', comhclwsmliuileas, s. equality, 

Córiic]\Áice, co}idichraite, adj. sprinkled, cou^ 

CómcpAOi-óeAc-o, condichraoidheachd, s. agree- 

CóriicjiAp, comhcliras, s. m. good-fellowship. 

CómcpAÚAt), comhchrathadh, s. m. conquas- 

CoriicpACAitii, comhcliratliaim, v. I agitate. 

CóniC]\éAcúip, comhchreatuir, s. a fellow- 

CóriiciiocAc, comhchrocJiach, adj. coherent. 

CómcpocAt), comhchi'ochad/t, s. coherence. 

f V. I consult, 
k- 1 bine, confed 





Cómc]iuinn, comhchridnn, adj. orbicular, oval. 

CóiiicnuinnitÍTii, comhchruiruiighim, v. I assem- 
ble, convoke. 

Cómc]\wnnt'^te,comJichruÍ7inighiIie, adj. assem- 

Cómcjiuinnigceoin, comhchruimughthcoir, s. m. 
a collector, compiler. 

CótiicjiuinnniJA-ó, comhchruinniughadh, s. m. 

CótiicniipAt), comhcJirnpadh, s. m. constriction. 

Colli c^iupAi 111, comhchrupaim, v. I constrict. 

Cóiiic]Mic, conJichruth, s. equiform. 

Colli ciuMi cojAni, comlichuan cogaidh, s. tlicaire 
of war, Sh. 

CóiiiciiA'pAc, comhchnasach, adj. concave. 

Cótiicu-opotiiA, comhcudro7iia, adj. of equal 
■weight, equal importance. 

Cóiiicu-opoiiiA, comlichudroma, s. equilibrium. 

CóiiicutijioiiiAc, comlichudromach, adj. propor- 

Cóiiicu-ojíoiiiAijini, comhchndromaighim, v. I 
equalize, proportion. 

Cóiiicuibi\eACA-ó, comhchuibhreackadh, s. conca- 

Coiiicuibnijim, comhcliuihlirighim, v. I conca- 

Córiicui-oeACA-ó, comhchuideachadh, s. coadju- 

CoiiicunDijceoi]!, comhclnddigldhcoir, s. m. a 

Con'icinng, eomJichuing, s. f. a joint yoke. 

Cónicuinjce, comhchuingthe, part, joined, 

Cón'icumnn, comhclmirim, v. I arrange, dispose. 

Coiiicinpnijce, comlichuisnighthe, adj. con- 

CoriicujiAi'oeAcc, comhchuraidJieacht, s. mutual 

Cóiiit)A, comhdha, s. equality; adj. equal. 

Cóiii-OAc, comhdach, s. m. a refuge, shelter. 

Cóiiit)ACA-ó, comhdachadh, s. m. sheltering; 
quotation, proof. 

CóiTTOAijmi, cornhdaigJiim, v. I build, I shelter; 

Cóiiit)Ái'L, comhdkail, s. f. a convention, meeting. 

CóiÍTÓAÍbim, comhdhailim, v. I meet, coincide. 

CóiÍTÓAiiii]'eoi]\, comhdhaimhseoir, s. m. a part- 
ner in dancing. 

CóiiitiAingiiijini, comhdliaingnighim, v. I con- 

Córii-ÓAinjmjceoi]!, comhdhawgnightlieoir, s. 
m a con firmer. 

CórÍTOAingnniJAt), comhdhaingnúighadh, s. con- 

CoiiTOAii', comhdhais, s. f. resemblance. 

CorroAl-A, comhdala, s. a statute, a law, Sk. 

CórÍTÓAbrA, conikdhalta, s. m. a foster-brother. 

Coiii-OAlcA]-, comhd/ialtas, s. m, relation by fos- 

CoiiiBAOine, comhdhaoine, s. contemporaries. 

CÓTÍi-ÓA|% comhdhas, s. m. an equal right. 

CóiimeAbpAt), comhdhealradhi s. coradiation. 

Cóiii-óeA]', comhdheas, adj. ambidexter. 

Cóiii-óUtcA, comhdhlntha, s. a compact; adj. 

Cóiii'ó'LticAt), comhdJdnihadh, s. contribution. 

CóiiitilucAini, comhdhluthaim, v. I join, frame. 

Cóm-óoic, comJtdhoich, as soon as. 

Cóiii-óoiljio]', comMhoilghios, s. f. condolence. 

Corii-oihiAC, comhdlmnach, adj. conclusive. 

Corn till 11 At), coiiikdhunadh, s. m. confirmation; 

CÓTÍniúiiAim, comhdhnnaun, v. I conclude, I 

CÓ1ÍTÓÚCCA1]', comMliuth- "i s. m. a person 
chais, I of the same 

Córiit)úí:CA^'AC, com/ttí/í?<^/i(;/ia-r tribe or 
sack, ) country. 

CoiiieA^', comheas, s. society, Sh. 

Comei]\ce, comeirce, s. dedication, Sh. 

Cotiiept), comherd, s. rivalship, Sh. 

CoiTiyAtiqiAc, comhfhadthrath, s. equinox, Sh. 

Cótiii-Á|% comhfJias, s. m. concretion. 

ConiyA^-AiTii, comhfhasaim, v. I concrete. 

CotiifA^-jAitTi, comhfhasgaim, v. I embrace 

CoitiylAit, comhfhlaith, s. a joint sovereign. 

CótiijrlAiceACA]-, comhfhlaith-'^ 

eachas, \ s.m. joint sove- 

CotTi]f-LíMceAcio, comhfhlaith- I reignty, joint 
eachd, [ reign, equal 

Córii^bAiceAiiinAi', comfhlaith- \ sway. 
eamhnas, J 

Coriii-bAnnAf, comhf Mannas, s. consanguinity 

CoiiiyocAb, condijTiocal, s. m. a synonyme. 

Cóiíi]!-ocIac, condifhoclach, adj. synonymous. 

Coiiii-oJAjv, comhfhoghar, s. m. a consonant. 

CoitiyoJApAC, comhf hogharach, adj. consonant. 

CoiiiyojbAip-cbuig, comhfhoghlair-chluig, s. a 
chime of bells. 

Cotiiyojuj', comhfhogus, s. m. consanguinity, 

Coiiiyogii^-Ac, coynhflwgusach, s. m. a relation. 

Córiifoi'Aijit), comhf hosaighidh , s. resting, dwel- 

Cónif]ieA5i\At), comhfhreagradh, s. conformity. 

CoiiiyiiAi-oeAt), comhfhuaidheadh, cstabHshing. 

CoriiyuijIeAt), comhfhiiighleadh, s. m. a con- 

Córiiir'uil, comhfhuil, s. m. consanguinity. 

Coiiiyuili-oe, romhfhiiilidhc, 5. m. a relation. 




COM 11 

, ~i s.m.con- 

"-4s ■ 

Coiiifniininitii, comlifhinrmim, v. I compose. 

Coifif-uUMijAj', comlifladangas, s. m. sympathy. 

Cótii]>u]ic<\c, co»i/í/Aíí?'í(í('A, 'í s. comfort, con- 
Co tiif-uncAct), comhfhurt- > firmatlon, assist- 
achd, ) ance. 

Cóiii]:ii]\CJ.i jeoi]\, comlifhurtaujhcoir, s. m. a 

Cótiij:u]\CAi5iiii, comhflairtaighiin, v. I comfort, 

Cóiii5Ab..MÍ, comhghahhail, s. honour, genero- 
sity, love, harmony. 

CótiijÁil, comlighail, of the same tribe or family ; 
see cóifigAOií. 

CónijcMle, comfighaUe, s. a battle, conflict. 

CóiiijÁi);, comhghair, s. f. conclamation, re- 
joicing; convenience. 

C Ó 111 5Á1 ]it)e AC A]', comhghairdeach 

COTiijAnTOijiTn, comhghairdighiin,v. I congratu- 

CómjcMjiitn, comhghairirn, v. I shout, convoke. 

Colli JAi]itii, comhghairm, s. f. a convocation. 

Coh'iJaI, comhghal, s. a fair breeze. 

CóriiJAoil, comhghaoil, s. consanguinity ; a re- 

Com JAji, comhghar, adj. near. 

CoriijAjiAc, comhgharach, adj. adjacent, conve- 

CoiiijA-pATii, comhgaram, v. to furnisli, Sh. 

CÓ1Í1510I, comhghiol, s. a condition. 

Colli jlói]i, coniligJdoir, s. m. consonance. 

Cóiíi5ló)iAC, comhglorach, adj. assonant. 

CóiiijtóiniiAp, condiglormhar, adj. equal in 

CotiijtuAi'ACT), comhghluasachd,s. fermentation. 

CoiiijiiA]', comhghnas, adj. genteel, noble. 

CóiiignoiceAC-o, candignoitheachd, s. commerce. 

Cóiiijtiocw JAt), cornhgnoihughadh, s. conversa- 

CoiiijinniicA, comhglinumtha, adj. heaped to- 

CÓ1Í150CA, comhghotha, s. a consonant. 

Colli jjiAiTJceoi^v, comhghraidhtheoir, s. m. a rival. 

Coiiijuilmi, comhghuUim, v. I condole. 

Córiijum, comhgJmin, s. f. compimction, sorrow, 
remorse; " cujuip-oij-o'yion riA ccoiiijume". 
Keat. on Psalm 59, v. 5. 

Coiii Jul, comhghid, s. condolence. 

CÓ1Í15U]', comhgus, see cóiiipjuf. 

Cóiiipii'AC, comhgusach, adj. kindred. 

CoiiiiAUCA, conddadlita, part, shut, closed. 

Cóniu\-ócAt), comhiadhthadh, closing un. 

Colli mjAiiie, comhingaire, s. m. grazing in com- 
mon, right of commonage, Br. L. 

CóriiicAni, comldtham, v. to cat together, Sh. 

Colli ÍA, comlda, s. m. a flood-gate, a door; 

CótiibA, comlda, \ ^ 1 

Colli iATJ, comhladh,) 

CóiiiÍAbAinc, comhlahhairt, 1 s. f. conference. 

Colli LAbpAt), com/dabhradh,j dialogue. 

CóiiitAbpAiin, conddabhraiin, v. I confer, con- 

CórhbAC, comhlach, s. m. a comiade, a fellow- 

Colli ÍACcuije, comldacldidglie, s. a foster-brother. 

CóniÍA'ó, comhladh, see coiiibA; s. m. a frame; 

COltll-A ófAn. 

CónilAe, comhlae, s. the same day ; equal swiftness. 

CoriilAiu, comhlaidh, s. a passing or travelling in 

CoiiibATOiiii, comldaidhhn,\ travel in company. 

Colli lAit)!]!, comhlaidir, adj. strong as. 

CóiiilAini, cornlaim, v. I rub. 

CótiibÁi^i, comhlair, adj. quiet, even-tempered. 

Colli Iaiíi, comhlamh, adv. together. 

CóiiiÍAn, comJdan, s. a young hero; a couple. 

CóriilAnn, comhlann, s. m. a duel, a combat. 

Colli lAnnAC, comhlamiach, adj. quarrelsome; 
s. m. a fighter. 

CóiiibAoc, comhlaoch, see cóiiitAc. 

CóiiibA]-A'ó, comhlasadh, s. conflagration. 

Colli LeAJAt), comldeagliadli, s. a confederation. 

CóiiileAJAti, comJdeaghan, s. amalgamation. 

CóiiileAJAiin, comldeaghaim, v. I amalgamate. 

CóiiibíonA'ó, comhlionadh, see cóiiiiiíonAt). 

Cóiiibóin, comhloin, s. f. an obligation. 

Cóiiiioi]-e, com/doise, s. f. equal light. 

Cóiiiloi-gA-ó, conddosgadh, s. m. conflagration. 

CoiiiltiAtJAH, comlduadar, s. m. conversation, 

CótiiluAt)ApAini, condduadaraim, v. I accom- 

CóiiituAT)]iAc, comhluadrach, adj. companion- 
able, foppish. 

CóiiiliiAc, comJduath, adj as swift, as soon as. 

CotiibuAcJAi]!, coiidduathgliair, s. f. congratula- 

Cóiiituct), comJdnchd, s. m. companions, partners. 

Cóiiiliii-óe, comhLuidhe, s. m. confederacy, alli- 

CótiiiiiAim, comhmliaim, s. f. a spouse, a wife. 

ConmiAm, commain, s. f. mutual affection and 
obligation, a gratuity. 

ComniAinim, commaini/n, v. I push. 

CoiiiiiiAoi-oeAtii, comhmhaoidheamh, s. m. com- 
mon joy, congratulation. 

CómriiAoi-ó]:eAC, co)w/im/i«0!W/i/rta'//, adj. boastful, 





comhmJiuoiiUdm, v. I congratu- 


. contrite. 

late, exult. 
CóiiiiiiAicceA]% comhmhaitlichecis, sec coiiuMU- 

Cóiiim<M]Ace, comlimaivce, "1 s. riding in coni- 
CórTitnA]iCAit)eAcc, comhmar- > pi^ny, friend- 

caidheacM, ) ship. 

Cótiinu\]\c>MiAC, comhmarthanach, adj. coeternal. 
CoiiinibnAic]\eACA|% comhm-^ 

hraitltrearlias, f s. m. consangui- 

Cóiiimb]\AicneAC'o, conihm- Í nitj. 

hraithreaclid, ) 

CótiinibnutAt), comhnibriiqhadh,'] 

„. . 1 ' V. . , % 7 f s. m. contri- 

CommbpujcAcc, comlimbrugli- 

CótiiTnb]iui5, conihmhrnigli, 1 ,. 
Córiiiiibpuice, comhinhruite,) ^ 
CoiimibpuJAini, covihnbrughaim, v. I bruise. 
CoiinnbuAipeA-o, comhnbuaireadh, s. tumult, 


CommeAt), commheadh, s. free quarters. 

Cotiitiioll,Aiiii,co?n/i?ii/io/feim,v. I join in applause. 

CoiTiirio]\, commor, the nose. 

CoTÍiniónAT), comkmoradh,~\ 

^ . .' ; , > s. m. comparison. 

Cotiiiiio]\cu]-, c07nhmorUts,) ^ 

CoTÍiniuifjini, comhmuisgim,see coriinieAj'gAim. 

ComniuriAi-óe, communaidhe, s. m. communicant. 

Cotn til u n Afoi in , comituinaidhim,v. I communicate 

ConitTiunn, communn, s. communion, society. 

Cóminu|A, commur, s. a vale, Lee. 

CóiiniAt), comlmadh, s. help, assistance. 

CóiiinATÓe, comhnaid/ie,.s. m. a helper. 

CóiTinAit)eAC, coinkiiaid/ieach, adj. constant. 

CóninATÓiiii, comhnaidhim, v. I dwell, cohabit. 

^s. m. a dwelling, 
CóninAit>e, co)íi/tíí(íiV//íí, f habitation, rest, co- 
Cóiiiinnje, comhniiighe, t habitation, abid- 

3 ing, a dweller. 

CóninAnt), comnard, adj. even, level, Sh. 

CoriiuAiic, comhnart, 1 i ^ .i 

r^--„ ' , 'V s. m. equal strength. 

ConineAnc, comlineart,) ^ » 

Córiinuige, comlinuige, adv. always. 

Cotiinuijim, comhnuighim,Y. I rest, dwell, con- 

CórtmuijceAc, comJinuightheacJi, adj. continual, 
permanent, steadfast, habitual. 

Cóiiinuijceoin, comhnuightheoir, s. m. a dweller. 

CótiiobAij\, comhobair, s. f. cooperation. 

Cóiiiob]iAi5teo)|\, comhobraightheoir, s. m. a co- 

CóiiiÓTí, comJiod, s. m. harmony, chorus. 

CóiiióJAi'i, n„idto,iIi,fi/h, s. fulfilling, completing, 
peillrtioii ; s. ;i rousin-gcrman. 

CchíiójLac, roííí/io^í'af/i, s. m. a fellow-servant. 

CoiiiotbucAC, coinhoibreacJi, adj. confiicicnt 

CóiiioibjiiuJAt), comJioibriughadh, cooperation. 

Cóiiioijiie, com/ioighre, s. a coheir. 

Cóiiioiiib, comhoirb, s. f. dispute, affray. 

Cóiiioi^-eAnAC, comhoiseanach, adj. equiangular. 

Cóiiiól, comhol, s. m. computation. 

CóiiioLcA]-, comliolcas, s. despite, Sh. 

Cóiiiólroi]\, cuinJiol/oir, s. m. a pot-companion. 

Com on, comon, conj. but. 

Cotiio]\, coiulwr, s. nose; i. e. f\\ón, o. g. 

Conio]iA, comora, adj. coequal. Turn. £ig. 

ComonAt), cornoradh, see coiiiiiioi\At>. 

Cotiió]\At), cornoradh, s. an assembly, congrega- 

Comó]\AiiTi, comoraim, v. I gather, assemble. 

Cotiion5Ai|i, comhorgab-, s. aid, help; i. e. 

Coniopc, cojnori, V. was killed; i. e. x>o inApbAU, 
i. e. \\o ojic, 0. g. 

Cóiiió]Acu]% comorhis, s. m. emulation, conten- 

Como)icui|', eomortuis, adj. comparative, Sh. 

CóiiipÍiÁinceAC, comliphairteach, adj. accessary. 

CotiiphAipceACT), comhphairteachd, s. m. accessa 

CóiiiphÁi]\ceoi]A, comhphairteoir, s. m. an acces- 

CoiupAilc, compailt, s. f a company. 

Cóiii]ohc\i|ia-óe, comhphairtidhe, s. m. a co- 
partner, colleague, accomplice ; a communi- 

CóiiiphÁip, comphais, s. f compassion. 

n ■ Is. m. a companion, 

CoiiipAn, compan, I , ^ v' 

^ '. . ■'^ , I comrade, col- 

ConipAiiAC, companaclie, > , ' ^ 

^ ' - . ^ • 77 1 league, consort, 
CoinnAnui-oe, companidhe, \ ^ ■ ]. c u 

' ' ' J associate, fellow. 

o - , ~i s. m. fellowship, 

CoinpAncAp, com^cmias, f • , ■ '■ ' 

CoiTi]3ÁticACD, compantachd, C " . . ^ ' 

CompAjiÁit), eomparaid, s. f. a comparison. 

CompÁpcAijim, compartaighim, v. I communi- 

ConipAjicuJAO, compartughadh, s. compartition. 

ConipÁp, compas, s. a compass, ring, circle. 

CoiTipbuct), compluchd, a set, a gang. 

CotTip)\Áit), compraid, see conipApATO. 

CóiiiphpioputiAC, conihphriosunach, s. m. a fel- 

Coni)Dui]\, coDipuir, s. f the body, chest, trunk, 
the heart. 

CotiqiA, comhra, s. a companion, Sh. 

CóiiqiA, comhia, s. an ark; a coffin. 

Cótiii\Ac, coinhrac, s. m. a fight, [^conflict ; i. e. 

colli AJA)- b]\AC, 0. g. 

CuiiipACAC, coinhracach, adj. athletic. 
CóiiinACAini, ec:?«/íí'.ímwí, v. I fight, encounter. 





Cóm\\ó.cAX), coinhracJiadh, s. assembling together. 

Cóni]\<\CAin, comracham, v. to assemble, «S'/i. 

Cóiii)\Acoi]\, comhracoir, s. m. a combatant. 

Cóm|iv.\-ó, comliradh,s. m. discourse, dialogue. 

Coni]\Át)A, coinrada, 1 s. m. a comrade, as- 

ConiiuvnnoiC, comi'aiuiacJi,) sociate. 

Cóni]\AiceAC, coitihraiccach, adj. militant. 

CotiijUMCCiu, coiiihi-aictlnjlh, part, fought. 

CótiinAi-ó--oéi]-e, coinhniid/i-Jeise, s. interlocution. 

Cóni|iAróim, coiuhraiJhim, v. I converse. 

Córii)\Ái-óceAC, comhraidhteach, adj. conversable. 

Cón'mÁi-ócije, comhraidhtighe, s. m. a convers- 
able person. 

Coinjidi jeA]", comraicfheas, s. m. a form, fashion. 

Cóm]\Ainn, cornhrainn,^. participation. 

Cóiii)w\innit)e, comhrainnidhe,s. m. a comrade. 

Cómi\AniAC, comhramhach, adj. active, i. e. 
5nioriu\]icAC, 0. g. 

Cóiii]iAn5AC, comhrangacJt, adj. wrinkled. 

ConijiAnnA'D, comhrannadh, s. m. distribution. 

CóitipAnnAt)ó)|A, comhrannadoirA s. m. a par- 

CóiiinAnncAC, comhranntach, J taker. 

Cóiii]\Aii5Ain, comhj^argain, s. f. error, OldMSS. 

Cóni]iocT3Aiin, comhrochdaim, v. I meet. 

CoiiiiiojAmi, comhrogaim, v. I choose, elect. 

Cóiii^iogAin, comhrogain, s. f. election, choice. 

Cóm\\o^nr\, camhroinn, s.f. a division, share, meal. 

Córii]\uit)iin, comhruidhim, v. I concur, 

^ , . . . 7 . , . ~i V. I communi- 

CotununAijiiTi, comhrunaighim, 

Cóiiipún Aim , conihrunaim 

dm, f 

cate or impart 
a secret. 

Cóni]\ún, comhrun, s. m. conspiracy. 

Coni]\únÚ5AT),comArM>iMgfAao?A,s.m. aconspiring. 

Cóiíi]-Ai5T)Ai)i, comhshaighdair, s. a fellow-sol- 
dier, S/i. 

Cóm]VM5i-ó, cornhsaigJtidh, v. be ye quiet, or at 

Córii]'Aiiiuib, comhsamhuil, see coi-minl.,. 

Cóni|'AtiA-ó, comhsanadh, s. m. quietness, rest; 
adj. everlasting, perpetual. 

Cotii^-AnAiue, conihsanaidhe, s. m. a resident. 

Cóiii^AncA, comhsanta, adj. quiet, placid. 

Coriii'emm, comhsheinm, s. harmony. 

Córii]'-ei|A'bi|-eAc, comhsheirbhiseach, s. m. a fel- 

Coiiif eompAice, comhsheomraiche, s. a chum, Sh. 

Cóiii]-roU\ii\e, comhsgolaire, s. m. a school- 

Comymu^Mm, comhsmiigaim, v. I vomit. 

Córiifóillre, comhsJioillse,') ^ i, ,• 

CÓ>nf-oUur, comhshoUus, j ^' ^ «oi^^tellation. 

Conifpuc, comlishrutli, "I s. the confluence 

Cóiiif iiucA'o, conihsliruthadh,) of streams. 

Coiii]'pÁinn, comhspairn, s. f. a wresthng or con- 

Cót1ipDÁi)uiim, comhspairnim, v. I contend, 

Com]'c]iii;, comhstrith, s. strife, broil. 

CóiiifuAnAt), comlisliuanadh, s. rest. 

CóiiifiiAriAim, comhshuanaim, v. I sleep with. 

CóiiipiijjiAiúe, comhshugraidhe, s. m. a Jilay- 

Cóiíifufóe, comhshuidhe, s. concession. 

Cón'ipui-óeACAt), comhshuidheachadh, s. a contri- 
bution, system. 

Cóiíi^mijce, comhsuightJte, adj. compounded. 

Cóiii|'ui]\i jeAC, comlishuiriglieach, s. ra. a rival. 

CoiiifniijujeeAct), comhshuirightheachd, s. com- 

CÓ1Í1CA, comhtlia, ") s. m a companion, acom- 

CótiicAC, comhthach,) rade. 

CoiiicA, comJitha, s. m. fidelity; gifts, goods, pro- 
perty; " GojAn UA Héilb -oo puAi'tAgA-o x><\ 
nnAoi AjAp -OA cbomn ó ua lléill nibm-oe, 

t) eAbbAC, T)0 eACAlb AJAI" •OO COlilCAll!) oibe". 

4 Mast. U22. 

CóiTicAjAp, comhlhagar, s. m. a general petition. 

CóiiicAincAJAT), conihthaincagliadh, s. congratu- 
lation, Sh. 

CoriicAice, comhihaite, s. a compact. 

CoriicA|iA, comhthara, see comApcA. 

CótTicApACAt), comhtharachadh, s. consignment. 

CóiiicApACATÍiuil,, comhthaiachanihuil, adj. con- 

CoriicAjvAijim, comhiJiaraigJiim, v. I consign, as- 

CoiiicA]in5CA, coniJitharngtha, part, contracted. 

CotiicAjiuijce, comhthandghthe, adj. flagrant. 

CóiiiCApuingim, conihtharuingim, v. I contract. 

CóiiiCAÚ, comhthath, \ s. articulation, syn- 

CóiiicACAt), comhthathadh, ) tax; condition. 

CóincACAiiii, comhthathaim, v. I join; articulate. 

ComcAcuije, coinIithathuighe,s. mutual acquaint- 

CóiúcionÁl,, comJithional, see ooimcionoil. 

CóiiicionoÍAini, comhthionolaim, v. I collect, aa- 

CóriicojbÁil, comhthogbhaU, s. construction. 

CoriicogAini, comldhogaim, v. I construct. 

Cómcoiligiin, comhthoilighim, v. I consent, 

CóriiconnpeAC, comhthohnseaeh, adj. commen- 

CóihcoimpeACT), comhtlioimseachd, s. commensu- 

Cómcoi]-5A, comhtlioisgha, adj. as soon as. 

CótiicopAC'o, comhtJiorachd, a. m. commerce. 

CoiiitpA, comhthra, adj. sweet scented. 

CoiiiciiAr, comJithras, 1 . n 

Cou^tWcv, comhthrachdj '■ "^' ^ '"^''^ ^"^^"- 



Cónicponi, co)}ihthrom, s. m. justice, right, 

Cómt]\om,romhthrom,'\ adj. just, riglit, even, 

CómcnoniAC, comhth- > level, upright, square, 
romach, ) balanced. 

CotiiqioiiiAijiTii, comhthromaighim, v. I balance, 

Córiiéi\UACAncA, comlUhruacanta, adj. compas- 

CórhciiuAi je, comhtliruaiglie, s. compassion. 

CóiiiciiUAijini, comhthruaighim, v. I compassion- 

CóriitpuAfAim, comhthruasaim, v. I contract. 

CómcuAiuvt), comhthiiarad, s. coindication, Sh. 

CótiicuApAm, comhihuaram, v. to contract. 

Cótiicú-ó, comhthiidh, s. retreating; i. e. coitiic- 
lompot), 0. g 

CóriicuijAt), comhthulgadh, s. a defeat, i. e. coiiii- 
b)\i]-eA-ó, 0. g. 

Cótiicu)'5, comhthusg, adv. when first. 

Colli u A, comhua, s. a cousin. 

CóiiniAfAb, comhuasal, adj. equally noble. 

Comuc, conmc, s. m. bodily need. 

Comuibneoiii, comhuihhneoir, s. m. a pot-com- 

CÓTÍiuit), comliuidh, s. f. a present. 

^, . . 7 • 7 1 s. making presents; 

Coiiiu^t)eAc, comhmd- I ^^^^^^^^^^^ . ^^ 

CóZ:■oe.^cx,,comhuid- \ ^f ^^^^<^, r"<^'*,ni 
/J ■oLeAc-QciopriACAin 

^"■^^ ' J n<j, cómui-oeAc-o". 

CoiiniilleAUAC, comJmilleanach, adj. equian- 

Comuinj, corniiirg, s. f. a part, division. 

Coniun-gnii, comuisgim, v. I mingle, mix. 

Comulc, coniult, s. m. scratching. 

CoinubcAini, comultaim^ v. I scratch, rub. 

Comuiin, comunn, s. society. 

Coifiu]i]'A, comhursa, s. a neighbour. 

Comu^'j, comusg, s. m. a mixture. 

Con, con, s. sense, meaning; gen. of cu, a 

Con, con, | ^ ^^^ g^^^^^^ g^_^^^^ 

ConA, cona,j 

Con A, cona, s. cat's tall, moss crops. 

ConÁbAH, conabhari, s. confluence of rivers. 

ConAbbAC, conahlach, s. m. a carcase. 

ConAbbACAO, conablachadh, s. cadaverous. 

Con AC, conach, s. m. a shii-t; the murrain; adj. 
canine; adv. so that. 

Con Ac, conach, s. m. prosperity, affluence. 

ConAcbonn, conachlo7tn,s. m. an equal, a fellow, 
a mate ; a kind of Irish versification, in which 
the same word that ends one line begins the 
next, as : 

" Aibiu 1AC neiicAnn, 
B]\ lUAC 11UÍ1H iiiócAc; 

móCAC ]'blAb ^-)\eACAC, 

S]\eACAC coibl ciocAc". Aimergin. 

CoiiAccAC, conachtacJi, s. m. a Connaught man. 

CoiiATi), conadh, s. m. rage, fury, madness; tim- 
ber, firewood ; prosperity ; a canine appetite. 

ConA-óAin, conadhair, s. f. noise, uproar. 

CoiiA-ÓAine, conadhaire, adv. therefore; prop, 
con or jon Ái)\épn, for that reason. 

ConAi-ó, conaidh, a. soft, gentle, aflable. 

ConAe, conae, so that; i. e. 50 nAc. 

ConAib, conail, s. f. a plague. 

CouAibbe, co'nailbhe, s. f. love, friendship. 

CoiiAilbeAc, conailbheach, adj. friendly, assis- 

CoiiAip, conair, s. f. a way, a road; a haven; a 

CouAijicbe, conaircle, a. fat, gross; soft, tender. 

ConAii\x)e, conairde, as high as. 

CoiiAiiie, conaire, adv. therefore, notwithstand- 
ing ; the herb loose strife. 

CoiiAijic, conairt, s. a pack of hounds; hunting. 

CoiKMj'beAC, conaisleach , adj. busy. 

CouaIac, conalach, adj. brandishing. 

CoiiaIL, conail, s. m. love, friendship; fruit, 
an ear of corn. 

CotiAÍc]iA, conaltra, s. conversation. 

CouAf, co7ias, s. m. a carcase; a dispute. 

ConAfAim, conasaim, v. I dispute; number. 

ConA]"5, conasg, s. m. whins, furze. 

ConAi^iAc, co7iasrach, s. m. a flea. 

ConbAC, conbhach, s. hydrophobia. 

ConbAi-ó, conbliaidh, s. f. a stopping, withholding 

ConbAit)eA]-, conbhaidheas, s. f. abstinence. 

ConbAijim, conbJiaighim, v. I stay, stop, abstain. 

ConbAil, conbhail, s. a holding, withholding. 

ConbAi]\, conbhair, s. a dog-kennel. 

ConbAij'cne, conbhaiscne, s. the dog-berry tree. 

ConbAbAf, conbalas, s. m. a support, stay. 

ConbAH^-AiT), conbharsaid, s. f. conyersation, be- 

Conbocc, conbhocht, v. he, she, or it broke ; i. e. 
■00 bpi]', 0. g. 

Conbui-óeAn, conbhuidhean, s. a guard. 

CT)nbuit)i]\, conbhuidhir, s. a guard. 

ConclAii, conclan, s. a comparison. 

ConcA]', conchas, s. m. punishment, torture. 

Concbiu'o, conchliud, s. a conclusion. 

ConcobAp, conchobhar, s. m. help, assistance; 
the proper name of a man. 

ConcoiceA)\c, concoiceai-t, s. conversation. 

ConcoicceA]\CA|i, concoicceartar, v. be it righted ; 
it will be adjudged ; i. e. " b|\ecocAii", Br. L. 

Cont), cond, s. keeping ; a protection, Br. L. 




CotTOA, conda, prep, until. 
ContiAÍbA, condalbha, s. lovo, friendship. 
Con-OAÍ5>r. conda{ghis,l ^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^^^^^ 
CoiTOAoi]% condaois, ) 
CoiTOOki-Ac, condasach, adj. furious. 
CoiTOAi-ACT), condasachd, s. m. rage, fiuy. 
Coii-opeAjA-ó, condreagadh, s. m. a separation. 
CoiibuaIa, cojiducda, s. embroidery, sculpture. 
Cone]-ceA-ó, conesceadh, v. it was taken off; i. e. 

■OO lieAUAt). 0. ^. 

ConjTA-o, confadh, s. m. a roaring; conjTA-ó nA 
yAinje; the roaring of the sea. 

Con):A-óAC, confadhach, adj. roaring, fui-ious. 

Con]:oi]ine, confoime, s. an otter. 

CoiiyuA-OAC, confuadacli, s. m. a vulture. 

Con|.-uille, confuille, s. holdhig, witholding. 

CotijA, conga, s. f. a contemporary ; an instru- 
ment ; the antlers of a buck. 

CoiijAin, congain, s. f. help, aid. 

ConjAine, congaire, s. f. an acclamation of joy. 

ConJAnieATÍ), conghaireadh, s. roaring. 

Con JAinini, conghairim, v. I roar, shout. 

ConjAnc, congart, s. m. a command. 

ConjAÍ, conghal, s. a conflict ; gallantry, 

ConjAucA, conganta, s. help, assistance. 

ConjAiicAC, congantacli, s. m. an assistant; adj. 

ConjAiicoip, congantoir, s. m. an auxiliary. 

CongA^-Ac, congasach, s. m. a kinsman. 

CongbAijim, congbJiaigJiim, v. I keep, hold, 

CoiiglJAijceA]', co7igh}taighiJieas, s. subsistence. 

ConjbÁit, co7igbhail, s. f. a house, habitation, 

CougbÁUvc, congbhalach, adj. tenacious. 

CoujbÁtA]-, conghhalas, s. m. a stay, help, sup- 

Coiijbun-jini, congbhuisgim, v. I restrain. 

ConjcA)]-, congcais, s. f. a conquest. 

ConjiiiAiL, coiigmhail, s. a keeping, holding. 

ConjnAt), cojignadh, s. m. help, succour. 

ConjuAim, congnahn, v. I help, assist. 

ConjiiAiii, congnamh, see conjuAO. 

Coii5]\A, congra, s. a narrative, relation. 

Con5]\Atii, congramJi, s. m. activity. 

Con5]\Ait)e, corigraidhe, s. m. a narrator, rela- 

ConjiiAini, congraim, s. f. cunning, craft; ap- 
parel; a model, appearance; obstinacy, per- 

ConjiiAmAin, congraidham, v. to occupy, Sh. 

CongnAf, congras, see conjpAiin. 

Conju]', C07igi(s, s. m. coaction. 

Conju]'. conghus, s. m. a conquest. 


ConlA, conla, adj. witty, sensible, prudent; 

ConÍAc, conlach, s. ra. straw, stubble, hay; adj. 

ConbAcc, co7ilacht, s. f. civility. 

ConLÁn, conla7i, s. m. an assembly; adj. healthy. 

ConniAol., con77iaol, s. the proper name of a man. 

ConiiiAijini, coTiTnliaigMin, J v. I compre- 

ConiiiAijtim, conmhaighliTn, ^ hend, contain. 

Conn, C07in, s. m. sense, reason; a moaning; the 
frame, the body ; s. m. counsel ; i. e. coiii Ai)\le 

ConuA-o, connadh, s. m. wood, fuel. 

ConuATOe, co7inaidhe, adj. crafty, cunning. 

ConuAi-óneAi', con7iaidhneas, s. m. i-atiocination. 

ConuAil, connail, see conrriiAiL; s. a civil fare- 
well; adj. prudent, thrifty. 

Conn All,?:, Co7i7iailt, Conn's house, Tara. 

ConuAíLTie, conjiailbhe, see couAilbe. 

ConnAiiicini, co7i7iaircim, v. I see, behold. 

ConuAipcle, connaircle, adj. soft, indulgent. 

ConuAicTO, coTinaichidh, v. it was enjoined or 

CotniAlc, cOnnah, one of the names of Tara. 

ConuAoi, co7i7iaoi, s. building. 

ConiiAoi]', connaois, s. preserving, protecting. 

ConnA]\CA, coimartha, s. earnest, a bargain. 

ConncAf, coTiTichas, v. he saw. 

ConnAo^'A-o, co7i7iaosadh, adj. strait, narrow. 

ConnlAn, connlan, s. m. a hero. 

ConnlAcc, co7inlacht, s. wisdom. 

ConnLu JA.1111, C07i7ilughaim, v. I retire, with- 
draw, depart; " "Oo ToeAncAU *" flAicion vo 
connUiJAti A rATÍiAil teAbAM iacca", Avoc. 

ConncAi^Ml'tiie, con7itairis77Ílie, s. a prince's court. 

ConncAH\b]uin, conniairbhrim, v. I lodge, main- 

ConncAUO]-, coJiTitanos, s. countenance. 

Conn]'A-o, C07i7isadh, s. advancement. 

Cónoit), conoid, s. f. a guard; takbg notice of. 

ConnoitJCAt), connoidheadh, s. m. protection, 

Cono)t)im, coTioiditTi, v. I heed, regard. 

ConnAc, conrach, s. m. a coihu maker ; adj. coffin- 

ConpAÚ, conradh, s. m. an agreement; a bier. 

Coni\AnnAit), coii7'an7iaid, v. they euo-ace, 

ConjiAwoi]!, coiiradoir,\ s. m. a bearer at a fu- 

ConjiAOin, conraoh', J neral. 

Con^\oi]i, co7iroir, s. m. see con-pAoi)A. 

ConnocAc-o, co7irothachd, v. I arrived, o. g. 

Con^ACAt), consachudh, s. m. dissension. 

Conj'Airii, C07isavnh, s. m. an alliance, -n-'r 




ConfAin, cojisain, s. f. a consonant. 

is. m. a constable, an offi- 
cer of the galloglasses 
or heavy armed troops 
of the Irish. 
Conn^^Ál, eonnsal, s. m. a consul. 

Coii]-ec)iAt>, consecradh, s. m. a blessing. 

Con|-oi5iT), consoighid, v. they advance, en- 

Con|-óinit>, consoinidh, s. f. a consonant. 

Con^-pAiii, coiispair, s. f. a dispute; disputer. 

Conj-pAijieACT), conspaireacJid, s. f. disputation. 

Con]'peAc, conspeach, s. m. a wasp. 

Coiij-póit), conspoid, s. Í. a dispute, disputing. 

ConppóiuéAc, conspoideacJi, adj. contentious. 

Con]')DÓiT))5e, conspoidiglie, s. a disputant. 

Coti)-|DÓit)i5eACc, conspoidigheacht, s. m. dispu- 

Coti|-póit)im, conspoidim, v. I dispute, argue. 

Coii]'pul'L(3,c, conspullach, adj. warhke, heroic. 

Con]TAbAl,, constahal, s. m. a constable. 

ConpcAi]\eAc, constaireach, adj. stiff. 

Conpc^l, consfal, s. m. counsel, advice. 

Conpúl, consul, see coni'Ál. 

CoiicAb<M]\c, contahhairt, s. f peril, danger; 
doubt, chance. 

ConcAbAijiceAc, co7ito&AaiVteac7i, adj. doubtful; 

CoiicAÚ, contath, s. a country. 

ConrAgpAim, contagraim, v. I arm, allege. 

ConcAgAiiic, contagairt, s. affirmation. 

ConcAipipiiie, contairismhe, s. a prince's court. 

ConcAp, contar, s. m. a doubt. 

ConcAn cuiceA-o, contar tuiceadh, v. so that he, 
she, or it went; i. e. 50 ti-oeACAit), 0. g. 

CóncAp, contas, s. see ciincAp. 

ConqiACT), contrachd, s. a curse, misfortime. 

CoucpAibb, contraill, s. f opposition. 

Coiici\ÁiíAC, contrarach, adj. adverse, contrary. 

Conc]u\n, contran, s. wild angelica. 

Conc^\Á^TOA, contrardha, adj. contrary. 

Conc]\Á^A-ÓACc, C07itrardhacht, s. contrariety. 

Conc]\UA-ó, contntadh, adj. lean, poor. 

ConcpuAip, contruaisi,) s. hearing, listening; 

CoticuAip, contuaisi, | i. e. eipceAcc, 0. g. 

CopÁn, copan, s. m. a cup, a phial. 

CopÁn-i-|\eine, copan-sreine, s. the boss of a 

CojaA^i, copar, s. m. copper; comparison. 

Copój, co-pog, s. m. and f. dock; lapathum; 
any large leaf of a plant. 

CopógAc, copogach, adj. abounding with dock. 

Copój-cuAicil, copog-tuaithil, s. burr, burr- 
dock ; arctium lappa. 

CóipcAiUij, coipchaiUigh, s. a coif 

Co)i, cor, s. m. music ; a twist, turn, return, cir- 
cular motion; a cast, a throw; surety; a 
corner ; a district, a neighbourhood ; a visit, 
an invitation; advancement; i. e. connpAt», 
0. g.; a state, condition, circumstance, mean, 
instrument, measure, that which is used to 
obtain any object. A\\ co]i, so that, to the 
end that; aji cop ■^\\ bic, <\\\ Aoii cop, by any 
means, in any wise ; Ap jac Aon cop, by all 
means; cop 50 iiiumpfóe, that you may 
teach; adj. odd, uneven; s. m. health; a 
hook ; a wrinkle ; a plait or fold ; wrestling ; 
so that; " cop 50 ntJeACAit)". 

Co]u\, cora. 3. a choir, chorus, accord, har- 

CópA, cora, s. peace ; a weir, a dam. 

CopAc, corach, s. justice. 

CopAÚ, coradh, s. m. a champion, a big man. 

CopAj, corag, s. i. a finger ; a small bundle. 

Co]u\t^l\A'ó, coragradh, adj. neatness, trimness. 

CopAiccAp, coraicheas, s. m surety, protection. 

CopAiT), coraid, s. £. a pair, a couple ; cheese- 

CópAit), coraidh, s. m. a bad man ; i. e. 'opoc 
■oume, 0. g.; the members of a church; a 
chapter^ a choir, 4 Mast., 1416. 

CópAi-óe, coraidhe, s. m. a champion. 

CopAit)eACT), coraidheachd, s, m. heroism; re- 

Co^iAtg, coraig, conj. although. 

CopAijeACC, coraigheacht, s. m. wrestling. 

CopAim, coruim, v. I turn, twist, I fatigue. 

CopAipe, coraise, s. a curtain. 

CopÁiiAC, coranach, s. m. a dirge; the Irish 

CojvAp, coras, s. m. an indication. 

Copb, corb, s. m. a coach, a waggon ; a. wicked, 

lewd, cursed. 
Co]\bA, corha, s. lewdness, carnal knowledge. 
CopbAC, corbach, adj. lewd, lascivious. 
Co]\bA-cuit, corba-cuil, s. incest. 
CopbA-o, corbadh, s. a cast, a throw ; wasting, 

Coi\bÁiBe, corbaidhe, s. m. the cramp. 
CopbAim, corbaim, v. I consume, waste. 
CopbAipe, corbaire, s. m. a cart wright, a coach 

maker; a charioteer. 
CopbAip, corbais, a. wild, savage. 
Cope, core, s. m. a brewing-pan; a large pot; a 

knife; a whistle; children; hard skin on 

tl.e hands or feet ; a welt. 
Coi\cAC, corcach, s. a moor, marsh ; hemp. 
CopcÁn, corcan, s. m. a small pot. 
Co]\cup, corcur, s. purple or scarlet colour. 
CopcupAC, corcurach, adj. purple, red. 




ConcAivcoille, corcan-coille, s. a sort ot'ilower. 

Co]\c<.\c'bA]\, corchadihhar, s. the clasp or fiisten- 
ing of a helmet; a hat-band. 

ConéUvonAt), corchlaonadh, s. a bias; leaning. 

Co^ícój, corcog, s. f. a bee-hive. 

Co|i-copÓ5, cor-chopog, s. great water plantain ; 
alisma plantago. 

CopcpA, coixra, s. purole, red dye. 

Co)\c]wn, corci'an, s. ft a pot. 

CójTOA, corda, s. a cord or line. 

Có]TOAC, cordach, adj. consistent. 

CojitJAX), cordadh, s. m. agreement, consistence, 

CoiTOAi-oe, cordaidhe, s. spasms. 

Coirooiini, coi'daim, v. I agree. 

Co]\5AileAc, corgaileach, adj. tumultous. 

Co)\5A|-, corgas, s. m. lent. 

CohIac, corlack, s. m. bran, grit. 

Co)iiiiA, comia, s. strong drink. 

Co)wi<xc, cornmc, s. the proper name of a man; 
a brewer. 

Coiun-nuAÍl,, corm-nuull, s. a noise or talk occa- 
sioned by drink. 

Co]\ii, corn, Is. m. a drinking cup, a di'iuk- 

Co]\nt\, coma, j" ing horn. 

Co|\n, corn, s. m. a robe. 

ConuA-o, cornadh, s. a folding, rolling together. 

ConnAim, cornaim, v. I ibid or plait. 

Co]\ncU\ii, cornchlar, s. m. a cupboard, side- 

Co)\néc, cornet, s. m. a nmsical instrument. 

Co)inin, cornin, see cui]inin. 

CoimcA, cornta, adj. folded. 

Co)iÓ5, corog, s. f. a faggot ; a bundle. 

Co)\óin, coroin, s. f. a crown. 

ConónAiiii, coronaim, v. I crown. 

Conóii-riiuine, coron-mhuire, s. f. a rosary, set 
of beads. 

CononcAco, corontachd, \ s. m. coronation, 

CojionuJAt), coronughadhfj crowning. 

Co]uicAi)\e, corntaire, s. m. a wrapper. 

Co]\p, corp, s. m a body, a corpse. 

ConpÁti, corpan, s. m. a miserable body, an 

Co]ipo,iicA, corpanta, adj. corporal, bulky. 

Conp-cniospo, corp-chriosd, s. m. the Eucha- 

Co)\p-léiii, corp-lein, s. f. a winding-sheet. 

ConpojiACT), corporachd, s. malwiiality. 

Co)\ponAil,, corporail, s. f. a part of the priest's 

Coiipo^iÁlcA, eorporalla,\&á]. bodily, tempo- 

Conpo]it)A, corpordha, j nd. 

Coppf-nAj-Aine, corpshnasaire, s. m. an anato- 

Co)\i3f-nAi'AincAC, corpshnasaireach, adj. anato- 

ConpfnAiv\i]ieAcú, corp«7i?zasaM-rac/ií7, s. m. ana- 

ConpfiiA^vM 111111, corpshnasat'rim, v. I anatomize. 

Co]!]!, con; s. m. a snout, bill, beak ; a corner, 
enclosure, dwelling; a pit of water; an end, 
limit, border; s. f any bird ofthe craao kind; 
. gen. cuiji)ie; adj. odd, uneven. 

Co]i)iA, corra, adj. lascivious, lewd. 

ConiiA-lJAn, corra-hhan, s. a stork. 

Co]i]iAC, corrach, s. m. a boat; a hide; amai-sh, 
a bog ; a fetter, a shackle ; adj. wavering, incon- 
sistent, steep. 

CojAHACAi', corracJias, s. m. weariness, imeasi- 

Co|i]iAcofAC, corrachosach, s. a cheslip, milli- 

Co]i]iAcc, corracht, s. stirring, unsettledness. 

CojinACAOJAtt, corrachaoghall, s. a grass-hopper. 

ComiA'ó, corradh, s. the rabble of a market. 

Co]i]iA5, corrag, s. the fore-finger, M'D. 

CojiiiAijit, corraighil, s. gesture, stirring about. 

ComiAijin, corraighim, v. I erect, move, en- 

CoiiiiA-iiiAjijATO, corra-margaidh, s. the rabble. 

Con]iÁii, corran, s. a sickle, a hook. 

Co]iiiÁnAc, corranach,\ adj. crooked, barbed, 

Con]iÁncA, corranta, ) hooked. 

CoiiiiAnAim, corranaim, v. I barb. 

Co]i]iÁn tin, corran lin, s. corn spurrc}'; sper- 
gula arvensis. 

Co|inbAC, corrhacli, s. m. a carver, engraver. 

CoiijibAim, corrhhahn, v. I carve, engrave. 

Co]in-CA5Ailr, corr-cliagailt, s. green and blue 
kuninous particles observed at raking the fire 
at night, resembling glow-worms, said to 
forebode irost. 

Co^ijiJAbAn, corrgJiabhan, s. m. an ear-wg. 

Coii]1-5Va|-, corr-ghlas, s. f a lieron. 

CopjijleufAc, con-ghleusach, adj. well prepared. 

Coji)i5jiiAn, cvrrghrian, s. f a bittern; a swan, 
turtle dove. 

Co]i]i5uiiiieAc-o, corrguimeachd, s. f restless- 

Co)iti-iA]-c, corr-iasc, "is. f a 

J stork. 

... , . crane, 

Co)i]i-tiióiiA'D, corr-nih'onadh, 

Co)i]iIac, corrlach, s. overplus, remainder. 

Co]i]inieun, corrmheur, s. an odd finger. 

Con|irtiiAn, corrtnhian, s. m. conceit. 

CominAn-cAipil, corrnan-cliaisil, wall penny 

Co]AnocA-ó, corroeadh, s. m. excitation, persua- 
sion ; footing turf 

Coniii-iiiAlcAf, corrsmalkts, s. m. unlawfulncs/. 



CopiACA, corrtha, adj. weary, fatigued. 

Coi^iiugAt), corrugliadh, s. m. a motion, stirring. 

Coi\)un-óe, corruidhe, s. m. anger, wrath, mo- 
tion ; trouble, disorder. 

Co]\|uii j, corruicfh, s. fury, resentment. 

CoiiiiinjcAc, corruigheach, adj. stirring, active. 

Coi\]\iii5eAcr, corruigheacltt, \ ^ ^- , 

Co]\]\u\t,teAcr, C07'ruightheacJit,j ' '^ ^^^' 

CoiijMnjeAt), corruiglieadh, s. m. Injury, ang-T. 

Connuijitn, corruighim, see co]V]w\ijuii. 

Cópi'AT), corsadh, s. a coast. 

Có]\]-.Ai5iin, corsaighim, v. I coast, cruise. 

Cop]'mAl.cA, corsmalta, s. trespass, injustice. 

Có|i]'oí)i, corsoir, s. m. a cruiser, coaster. 

Co]icA, cortha, part, sown, planted. 

Co|icAC-o, cortJiachd, s. m. lassitude. 

Co]icAi]\, corthair, s. f. border, fringe. 

Co)icAob, cortaobh, along w'ith. 

CopcA^, cartas, s. m. debt; custom, fashion. 

Co]icuACAifiuit, cortuathamhuil, s. a sinister 

Co]^cul5ce, cortliuighilie, adj. incensed, actuated. 

Copcún, cortun, s. m. a cantred oi land. 

CopucÁn, corucan, s. m. a skerret. 

Co]mt)An, corudhan, s. coral. 

Có\\ú^Ax>,corugliadh, s. ornament, armour ; 
mending, arranging; a cor}js, battalion, 4 
Mast 1410. 

Con-iijiiiAit), cor-iirraidh, s. a surety. 

Co|% cos, s. f the leg, the "foot ; consideration. 

Cóf , cos, s. m. a fissure. 

Co)-Ac, cosach, adj. footed, having feet; s. m. 
a teacher ; instruction. 

Co]'-A-cco]\pAc, cor-a-ccorrach, s. m. a couple- 
beggar ; literally, foot in a fetter. 

Cof At), cosadh, part, taught. 

Co]-At) •oubA'ó, cosadh dubhadh, the great water 

Coi-AJAblACAn, cosagliahhlacan, s. m astraddle. 

CoyAiTJo, cosaidhe, m. an instructor. 

Co^-Ai-óeA-ó, cosaidheadh, s. m. instruction. 

Coj'AnJini, cosaidhim, v. I teach, instruct. 

Co]-Aiin, cosaim, v. 1 kick, Sh. 

Co)-Ainc, cosaint, s. f a reply, defence. 

Co^-Ai^i, cosair, s. f a feast, banquet ; a bed. 

Co]^AiiiAii, cosamhail, adj. like. 

Co)-AnibAC-o, cosamhlachd, s. f similitude, com- 
jjarison, likeness ; parable. 

Coj-AiiibAccAt), cosamhlachthadli, s. allusion. 

Coi'aiíi'Laiiii, cosanddaim, v. I allude, liken. 

Co]'Án, cosan, cosan, s. m. a footpath. 

Co]"AnAini, cosanaim, v. I defend, preserve; I 
keep off, keep away. 

Co]-AncA, cosanta, part, kept off, defended; per- 
plexed, entangled. 

Co]-AncAt, cosantach, adj. defending, keeping. 

Co^'AncAC, cosantach, \ s. m. the defendant in 

CopAncóin, cosantoir, / a process. 

Co]-An, cosar, s. a coat, mantle. 

Co]'A]\ACA, cosaracha, s. fettei's. 

Co]-bóip, cosboir, s. an object. 

Coj'c, cose, s. m. instruction, precept. 

Core cose 1 ^" ^^-^^ impediment, hindrance, 

Cor^' COS0 Í restriction; a ceasing, falling, 

I o' ^' J giving over. 
Co]'CA'ó, coscadh, s. a stopping, suppressing. 
Co]'CAim, coscaim, v. I stop, hinder, suppress. 
Co)-cAni, coscharn, adj. crooklegged. 
Cofcéini, cosceim, s. f. a step, pace, degree. 
Co]"OAm, cosdam, v. to cost, expend, Sh. 
Coi^AiiibAct), cosdamhlachd, s. sumptuousness, 

Coj-OAiiiuib, cosdamhuil, adj. expensive, costly. 
Co]~T3A]:, cosdas, s. m. cost, expense. 
Copt)A|-Ac, cosdasach, adj. expensive. 
Coye, cose, adv. thenceforward, ever since, 

Có--|'einni, co-sheinm, s. harmony, chorus. 
Cop5, cosg, see co]-c 
CopSAn^c, cosgairt, | ^_ aiscomilture. 
Cop5A]\r, cosgart, ) 
CopjAp, cosgar, s. m. slaughter, havoc; victory, 

triumph, overthrow. 
^ . , ■» adi. victorious, trium- 

CopsApAC, cosgarack, ) J^^^^^^^ slaughterings 

Cop5)VAc, cosgrach, 


CoryjUAc, cosgrach, ) i w 

,^.'.r'. .JL ..r^., ,7 V s. m. slaughter, massacre. 

m. a conqueror, 

Cop5pAX), cost/m 
Cop5i\Ai-óe, casgraidhe, 

Copji^jA-ocini]-, cosgspadhthinis, adj. antiapo- 

plectic, Sh. 
CoplAc, coslach, adj. like. 
CopbeACATi, cosleathan, adj. broadfooted. 
Copbotn, coslom, adj. barefooted. 
Co]'l,UAc, cosluath, adj. swiftfooted. 
CoptiiAp-OA, cosmastia, s. m. a blessing, i. e. coii'pe- 

cxb, 0. g. 
Copiiunb, cosmhuil, adj. like, similar, em- 
Co]-nnii'LeACt), cosmhui-\ s. m. simihtude, like- 

leachd, { ncss, comparison, 

CopiiiuiieAp, cosmhui- 1 resemblance, imita- 

leas, ) tion. 

CoriíuiiÍACt)nJ, cosmhuilachdidh, adj. figurative, 

Coi'muibeACTDA, cosmhuileachda, s. imagery. 
CopiinnioA-ó, cosmhuileadh, s. m. an allusion, 

likening; also the compar. of copnniil. 
CopnAC, C(js7tnch, s. m. a dclcndLint. 




rubbish, Sh. 

Coj^riA-o, cosnadh, s. m. defence, preservation; 

gain, gaining, earning. 
Co]-nAiiii, cosnaim, v. I defend, maintain; I 

Coi-nAiTi, cosnamh, s. m. defence, protection, war. 

Co|'nÁiíi, cosnamh, s. m. swimming. 

Co]'nAiiiAC, cosnamhach, s. m. an asserter, de- 
fender; adj. assistant. 

Co]'iiocc, cosnocht, a. bare-legged. 

C01-Ó5, cosof/, s. m. the stem of a plant. 

Co]-pAnAC, cospanach, adj. parallel. 

Cú]-]\Ac, cosrach, s. m. slaughter, massacre, 

Coj'-iuiii'j, cosruisg, adj. bare-foot. 

Co|'CAnJ, cosiaidh, s. an inn; i.e. cai aitau. 

Co]-CAi-AC, costosac/i, adj. sumptuous, expensive. 

Coi'cot, costol, s. a foot-stool. 

Co]-in]-5e, cosuisge, s. wild chervil, wild cicely, 
cow-weed, cow-paisley; chterophyllum syl- 

CoiyuniAc, eossximach, 

Co]"]nimAii, cossiunail ^ 

Coc, cot, s. f. a small boat; a part, share, divi- 
sion, quota. 

Coc, coth, s. meat, victuals. 

COCA, cota, s. a coat, an outside garment; fear. 

CócA-bÁn, cota-han, s. a groat, O'E. 

CocAC, cotach, a. fearful ; s. m. harbouring, fod- 

CocAt), cotadh, s. m. a mill-stone. 

CocA'o, cothadh, s. m. support, protection. 

CocACA-ó, cothachadh, s. dispute, obstinacy ; sup- 

CÓCA15, cotaig, s. f harmony, correspondence, 

CocAiJAni, cotaiijham, v. to cover, Sk. 

CocAÍjini, cotaighim, v. to be afraid, 0"j5. 

C0CA151111, cothaighim, v. I contend, struggle; I 
feed, support, maintain, preserve. 

CócÁn, cotan, s. a little coat. 

CocAn, cothan,s. m. a cough, anlielation; the 

CocA-p]\eArAC, cola-preasach, s. lady's mantle ; 
alchemilla vulgaris. 

CocAiiAC, cothcirach, s. water, scorpion-grass. 

CocAnúA, cotliardha, a. palatable, seasoned. 

CoccAib, cotchaibh, 1 1 

CoccAHAib, cotchanaibJi, J "' " ' 

Cocbon, cothlon, s. viaticum, food for a journey. 

Cocon, cothon, adj. froth, Sh. 

Coc]'.otn, cothrom, see corhciwin. 

Coc)-CAbcAi]\e, cothstalcaire, s. a victualler. 

CociTO, cothud, s. m. peace, rest. 

Cóci'iJA-ó, cothugJiadh, s. m. a stay, support; 
rampart ; food, sustenance. 

Cocui5ceoi|i, cothuightheoir, s. m. a preserver, 

CoccA, cotta, s. a cottage. 
Coccu-o, cottiid, s. a mountain. 
Cocitip, cothuir, s. a border, selvage, bound, 

CoucA]\cAC, couthartach, s. plunder. 

„ ,,. . 7 7 77 ~J s. m. devotion, religion, 

Cy^h^^, crahhadh ( hence b^eAs-cnAbA^, 

C,;AbAct,, craMacM, I hyp^eHsy.^ ' 

CpÁbAC, crabhach, adj. devout, religious. 

CpAbAm, crabham, v. to worship, Sh. 

C)\AbAC, crabhat, s. a cravat ; vulg. 

C^iAC, crac, s. a crack. 

C]iAcÁiL, cracail, s. cracking. 

CjiACAiin, cracaim, v. I crack, snap. 

C^vACAi^ie, cracaire, s. m. a talker, a boaster. 

C]\ACAipeAC-o, cracaireachd, s. m. boasting. 

C]iACAn, cracail, s. m. a liill side; a crackling 
noise, Sh. 

CnÁTÍ, cradh, s. m. pain, anguish, torture. 

C^A-OAt), cradhadh, s. m. mortlllcatlon, vexa- 

C]\Á-ÓAiin, cradhaim, v. I pain, vex, torment. 

CiuwjeATJ, cradhgheadh, sec cnAimjeoiú. 

CjiAeb, craebh, s. {. a branch, a bough, a tree, a 
bush ; a garland. 

CpAj, crag, see cnAg. 

CpAg, crag, s. m. a paw. 

CjiAg, cragh, adj. sleek. 

C^ivvjA'ó, cragadh, s. m. collision. 

C]\Á5Ann, cragaim, v. I collide. 

Cj-AjAi^ie, cragaire, s. m. a pawer, a mauler. 

C)iA5Aii\eAC-o, cragaireachd, 1 s. m. pawing, 

C|\Á5Aii\c, cragairt, ) handling. 

CnÁ5Ai]\iiii, cragairim, v. I paw, handle roughly. 

Ci\A5iiiAi\, cragmhar, adj. rocky. 

C^vAib-óiAJ, craibhdhiagh, s. moitlfication. 

CnAib-015, craibhdhigh, s. people who mortify 
the ilesh. 

Ci\AibceAC, craibhtheach, adj. religious, devout. 

Ci\AibceAcc, craibhtheacht, s. rehgion, devotion. 

C]\Ai-ÓAb, craidhal, s. a cradle, >S7i. 

C^iATOCAc, craideach, s. m. a scald-crow. 

Chái-óÍaj, craidhlag, s. a basket, Sh. 

CpÁi-óce, craidhte, adj. miserable; part, tor- 
mented, vexed. 

CpAi'óceAC, craidhteach, a. miserable. 

C]\ÁróceAC-o, craidhteachd, s. m. misery, vexa- 
tion, pain. 

C^Aij;, craig, s.f. a rock; Welsh, craig; the gul- 
let ; a paw, a fist. 

CuAijcAc, craigeach, adj. rocky. 

Ci\Aniion, craimhor, adj. gross, corpulent. 

Cn>.\niipi<\f5, craimjnasg, s. m. the torpedo. 





C|\<xin, crain, s. f. a sow; a goose; the female of 
any animal. 

C\\MT\ym, crainim, see C|\eiinitn and cjieinin. 

C]\<Mnn]'eoit, crainnseoil, s. f a boom, a mast. 

C|\Airic]-ei'Le, craintseile, s. tough phlegm. 

CjiAitinc, crainnt, s. a snot. 

CpAic, crait, s. a small farm, field, glebe. 

CpAice, craite, adj. shrunk. 

CuAiceog, craiteog, s. f. a niggardly woman. 

C)\Atfi, cramh, s. m. concoction, digestion. 

C]iAThAiiTi, cramhaim, v. I concoct, digest. 

CiwriiAn, cramhan, s. m. blame, reproach. 

CjiAifiAg, cramhac/, s. a remnant, refuse; caput 
mortuum; cjiAiiiAj, guAil, the remains ol 
coal, cinders. 

C]iAmA]ilAc, cramJtarlach, the stalks of pease, 
potatoes, etc. 

C]\Aiiio|A, cramhor, adj. gross, Sh. 

CuAtiiAn, craman, s. m. the haunch. 

C)\AiiipA, cranipa, s. a knot, a clasp; the cramp. 

C]iAiiipAit), erampaidh, s. f a ferrule. 

C|\Ain)3Ó5, cnmipoff, s. f a noose. 

C]u\nn, crann, s. m. a lot; a tree, a mast, a bar, 
a bolt, a plough. 

CpÁiiAcÁn, cranaclian, s. m. a craner, a crane. 

CiiAmiAc, crannach, } , , 

c\^Anr^^^Uc, crannaglach, \ «• m. plough gears. 

CuAunAt), crannadh, s. m. a choosing by lots. 

CnAnnAtU\c, crannaq/ilach,} 

cJ-AnnAflme, crannailidhe, Í '■ '^" ^ ''^'"Penter. 

CjiAntiAiue, crannaidhe, s. m. a decrepid old 

CiiAnnAim, crannaiin, v. I bar, bolt, barricade. 

C|iAnn-Ai)\ce, crann-airce, s. the cork tree. 

C]iAnn-Ai]nie, crann-airne, s. the sloe tree. 

C|iAiin-A]3]iicoc, crann-apricoc, s. the apricot tree. 

C]iAnnA]\bAi-p, crannarbhair, s. a plough. 

C]\Ann-bAn, crann-haii, s. sycamore tree ; acer 

CjiAnn-beite, crann-hheithe, s. the birch tree. 

CjiAtin-bjiACAij, crann-bhrataigh, s. m. a flag- 

Ci^Ann-bpeic, crann-bhreith, s. tree of tlie cove- 

CjiAnn-buci-A, crann-bucsa, s. the box tree. 

C^AnncAii, cvanncar, \ ^' ^*^*^' ''^^^mg lots. 

C]\AncA|\-pii'eo5AC, cranchar-piseogach, s. a divi- 
nation by casting lots, magical divination. 

CjAAnn-cÁtiAij, crann-chanaigh, s. the cotton 

C|AAnn-CAff-Ai]', crann-casfhais, s. a dwarf tree. 

C^\Ann-coiilcin, crann-coillt'm, s. the hazel-tree. 

CpAnn-coi|wet., crann-coirnel, s. the; cornel 
tree. £ 

irith, "1 s. the aspen tree, 
%-chrith- f trembling pop- 
Í lar ; populus 
chrithir ) tremula. 

C]AAnn-cniú, crann-chrith, 
C]\Ann-cpiceAC, crann-i 

Ciuvtin-epiein, crann-chrithi 
C|\Ann-cii, crann- chu, s. a lap-dog. 
C]\Ann-cuilinn, crann-cuilinn, s. the holly tree. 
CuAnn-cuinpe, crann-cuinse, s. the quince tree. 
Ci\c\ncui]\im, crannchuirim, v. I ballot. 
CnÁnn-chupAij\, crann-chuphair, s. the cypress 

C]iAnn-cupc, crann-chust, s. the bark of a tree. 
CnAnnt)A, cramida, adj. decrepid, bowed. 
CY'SnwoA, cranndha, adj. woody. 
C]\Ann-oA]\Ai5, cranndaraigh, s. m. the oak tree. 
CnAnntieA]i5-lAb]iAip, cranndearglabhrais, s. 

the laurel tree. 
C]iAinToei]ieAt), cranndeireadh, s. the mizen- 

C]\Ann-T)otb, crann-dolbh, s. m. lottery. 
CnAun-oop'OÁin, cranndordain, s. a kind of music 

made by putting the hand to the mouth. 
C^Ann-ebonm, crann-eboinn, s. the ebony tree. 
CjiAnn-iTAi-obibe, crann-faid/ibhile, s. the beecli 

C]iAnn-pAifcine, crann-faistine, s. sorcery. 
CjiAnnpeAimA, crannfearna, s. the alder tree. 
C]\Aiinpo5Uii', cran?ifi.oguis, s. the fig tree. 
C]iAnn-]:)u\ocAÍn, crann-fraochain, see ppAocÁn. 
C]VAiinj:uinpeAn, crani>f-'\ 

hiiinsean, f s. common ash tree ; 

C]\Annptiinpeo5, crann/- 1 fraxinus excelsior. 

hidnseog, ) 

CiiAnnjAib, crannghail, s. f. mortification. 
C^AnnjApAU, cranngafann, s. henbane ; hyosy- 

Ci\An5Aib, crangail, s. lattices before the altar 

for separating the laity from the clergy. 
CpAiitijAbbcno, cranngallelmo, s. the walnut 

C^iAnnJAb-leApA, crannghal-leapa, s. a bedstead. 
CjiAnngAC, cranngath, s. m. a pike-staff. 
CuAnn-jeAntncnu, crann-geanmcnu, s. the ches- 

nut tree. 
C^uMin-giubAip, crann-giuhhais, s. the pine tree. 
C]iAnn-5pAin-Abuib, crann-gram-abhuil, s. the 

pomegranate tree. 
C]iAnn-iomcAi]i, crann-iomchair, s. an axletreo. 
Ci\Aniil,AC, crannlach, s. boughs of trees, stalks 

of plants. 
CpAunlACA, crannlacha, s the tail. 
C]\Atin-bAb|\Aip, crann-labhi'ais, s. the bay tree. 
C\\i>.wx\-\M\\,crann-lair, s. the mainmast. 
C)\Ann-beACAn, crann-leatlian, s. a kind of silver 

money in use with the old Irish. 
C]\MW-\,\omom, crann-Uomoin, s. the lemon tree. 



C]VAiin-iocAti, cronn-lochan, s. a churndash. 

CpAnn-toi'b^iéit, crann-loibhreil , s. the laxirel 

Ciuvnn-tu]', crann-lm, s. groundsel, senecio vul- 

C]\Ann-iiu\'LpAi]*, crann-nilmlpaw, s. the maple 

C]\Ami-iiiAot-óeA]i5, crann-inaoldhearg, s. the 
mulberry tree. 

C)\Ann-iTieAt)oiti, crann-mheadlioin, s. the main- 

C]u\nn-iiiei-oil, crann-inheidil, s. the medlar 

C|u\nn-neocT)Ain, crann-neochdair, s. the necta- 
rine tree. 

CpAnnog, crannog, s. m. a boat; a pulpit; a 
hamper; a habitation; s. f. a mill-hopper; 
hollow of a shield ; a hook or pin to hang on. 

C]iAnn-oL4, crann-ola, s. the olive tree. 

CuAnn-pAiLm, crann-pailm, s. the palm tree. 

Ciwnn-phein^e, crann-pheinge, s. the fir or pine 

CiiAiin-pliéiq'eog, crann-pheitseog, s. a peach 

Ci\Atin-p1iéu]i, crann-pheur, s. a pear tree. 

CpAun-pion, crann-pion, s. the pine tree. 

C]iAnn-phioi'An, cranti-phiosan, s. some missive 
weapon, Sh. 

CuAnn-pobuil,, crann-pobJmil, s. the poplar tree. 

C]\Ann-]MA]'lATó, crann-rmslaidh, s. a sort of 
plough, Sh. 

CpAnn-i'AiLig, erann-sailigh, s. the sallow tree. 

CiiAnn-i'Aibj-y^iAiicAij, crann-sailigh-fhran- 
caigh, the willow tree. 

Ci\Ann-i-Aoi\, crajin-saor, s. a carpenter. 

C]íAnn-pé-oAi]i, s. the cedar tree. 

Ci\Anii--|'euiicA, crann-seunta, s. sacred wood. 

CuAnn-i-goi-oe, crann-sgoide, s. the boom. 

C]\Ann-]"cice, crann-scice, s. the sycamore tree. 

CiiAnn-i'i^ii]', crann-siris, s. cherry tree. 

C]\Ann--)-icnion, crann-sitrion, s. the citron tree. 

C]iAnn-i-teAiiiAin, crann-sleamliain, s. horn- 
beam, horse, or horn beech tree, carpinus 

C]iAnn-'pnAni, crann-snamh, s. a canoe, a boat. 

CnAnn-]-pneoi-oe, crann-spreoide, s. a bolt-sprit. 

CiiAnn-CAbtiil,, crann-tablmil, s. a sling. 

Ci\Aiiri-CA]\A, crann-tara, s. the beam of a plough, 

C]iAnncApAC, cranntarach, a. hoar frost. 

CiiAun-cAii^iAinj, crann-tarraing, s. drawing 
lots ; a wooden pin. 

C]AAnn CAiA]'uin5, crann-tarsuing, s. a cross bar, 
a diameter. 

CuAiinreAC, crannteacli, s. an arbour. 

C^uvnn-ceAnncA, crann-teannta, s. a press, prin- 
ters' press. 

C]\Ann-ceite, crann-teile, s. the lime tree. 

CpAnn-cogbAlAC, crann-toghhealach, s. a crane, 
windlass, lever. 

CiiAun-cofAij, crann-tosaigh, a the foremast. 

C^iAnn-c]iuini, crann-truim, a. the elder tree. 

Ci\Ann-cuiltn, crann-tuilm, a. the holm oak. 

CjAAnn-nni-e, crann-tuise, a. frankincense tree. 

C^iAun-umponn, crann-uinsionn, see cjiAnn- 

CpAnn-uipje, crann-uisge, see c^AAnn'p|D]ieoiT)e. 

CiiAob, craohli, s. i. a tree, a branch; a kind of 
musical instrument, Ferm. 62 ; s. m. a pedi- 
gree; i. e. cLeAccup. 

CiiAoTjAC, craoh/iach, adj. arboreous. 

CjiAob-Ailnieoj, craobli-ailtneog, s. the elm 

CiiAobAim, craobliaim, v. I branch, sprout. 

C]iAo'bcAO]\cuin, craohhchaorthuin, a. the service 

CjAAoli - CAOitiitiA]- - I'jeoit., craobh - caoimhnas - 
sgeoil, a genealogical tree, Sh. 

C]iAoli)-coibrieApA, craobh-coibhneasa, s. a gene- 
alogical tree, a pedigree. 

C]iAob- 60^-5 Ai^, craobh-chosgair, s. laurel, 

CiAAo'b--óponiAin, craobh-dhromain, s. an elder 
or bore tree. 

CjiAoli-eotAC, craobh-eolach, s. an arborist. 

Ci^Aoliin, craobhin, s. a bush; a bunch. 

Ciwobin-cno, craobhin-chno, a. a cluster of nuts. 

C^AAob-iulJAin, craobh-iubhair, s. the 3aiw ta-ee. 

CiiAob-LeAiiiAin, craohh-leamhain, s. the elm 

C-pAob iiiuice piAt), craobh inuice Jiadh, s. harts- 
tongue, adiantum nigrum. 

C^tAob-oiAAinip, cravbh-orainis, s. the orange 

CpAobój, craobhog, a. m. an arboret. 

CpAob-plieu^i, craobh-pheur, s. the pear tree. 

C^AAob-ijIilunnbii', craubh-phluinihis, s. the plum 

C^iAob^'jAoiteA'ó, eraobhsgaoileadh, a. propaga- 
tion ; dissemination ; dehneation ; setting • 
down in genealogical table; publishing; 

C](Aob]'5Aoitiin, craobhsgaoilim, v. I propagate, 
disseminate, publish, explain, divulge, deli- 

C^iAOCAX), craochadh, s. withering, blasting. 

C^iAOib, craoibh, s. f. a quern. 

CjAAoi-oce, craoidhte, adj. shod; prop, ciuii-óce. 

CnAoireAc, craoiseach, 1 /> • r 

„1 I .' ', > s.f. aspr;ar,a lavelm. 

CnAO]-neAC, craosncach, ) 1 ' j 



CjicAjtiiA^i, creagmliar, adj. rocky. 
C]iAoi]in, craoisin, 1 

C]\AO]-AC, craosach, I s. m. a glutton, a rio 

CnAopAi|\e, craosaire, \ tons spendthrift, c 
CiiAOj'Án, craosan, ] debauchee. 

C\\AO\~i>.wi^c,craosanach, J 
C]\AO]', craos, s. m. excess, gluttony. 
C]\Ao^'Ac, craosac, adj. florid of face, O Curry. 
CjiAO^'Aó, craosadh, adj. gluttonous. 
C)\AO]~OAC'0, craosdacJtd, s. inhumanity. 
C]iA0]Y0CAi\5Ain, craos/ hotargain, s. f. a gargle. 
C)\A0f5lAnAi6, craosghlanadh, s. gargling. 
CiiAOi-gtAnAim, craosghlanaim, v. I devour. 
CuAO^'CujAt), craoslugadh, s. a devouring. 
CpÁ0]'lii5Aiin, craoslugaim, v. I devour. 
C]\A0]-ól,, craosol, s. m. drunkenness. 
C)iApA-ó, crapadh, s. m. contraction, shrinking ; 

'C]\ApAiTii, crapaim, v. I contract, shiink, crush. 
C]iA]3Aiiie, crafiaire, s. m. one that crushes. 
C]\A]3A]\Á, crapara, adj. strong. 
C]u\)Dtiii jim, crapluighim, v. I fetter, bind. 
CjiApcA, craptJia, adj. warped. 
C|iApuj"5Ui1^, crapusguil, adj . twilight. 
C]iA]% eras, s. m. the body. 
Cv^r^^^,cra,ar,, ) ^im. of cnAr. 
CiAAipn, craism, j ' ' 

C]iAp5AC, crasgach, adj. corpulent. 
C^ApgAt), crasgadh, see c^uipjA-ó. 
C|u\pcAit>, crascaidh, s. a box or small coffer. 
C^iApjuAt), crasgradh, s. destruction. 
C]\AcAt), crathadh, s. shaking ; a thrill ; aspersion ; 

concussion, a jolt; nod. 
CpACAim, cratJiaim,v. I shake, sprinkle. 
CpAcÁn, crathan, s. m. bunch of berries. 
C]\AC]\AC, crathrach, s. a plasliy bog. 
C]\é, ere, s. m. the keel of a ship ; s. f. clay, earth, 

dust; s. m. and f. the Creed. 
C^AeAbAc, creabhach, s. dry brushwood. 
CpeAbAtioi]!, creabhadoir, s. m. a beggar; a dun. 
C]ieAbAin, creabhain, v. I crave, beg, dun. 
CpeAbAiMe, creabaire, s. m. a woodcock ; a gad- 

C]ieAbA|t, ereabliar, s. a woodcock. 
C]\eAbi'Lle, creabille, s. a garter. 
Cj^eAbóg, ereabhog, s. f. a twig, a branch ; a 

young woman. 
C]\eAc, creacJi, s. f. plunder, booty, ruin, woe; 

a host, an army; a wave; adj. blind; gray. 
CneAc, ereach, 1 n i n 

cjveACAn, ereaehan, | ^" ^ scollop shell ; a cup. 
CjiBACAc, ereachach, adj. rapacious; having 

shells or cups. 
C^toACAt), ereachadh, s. depredation, plundering 
C]ieAcc\t)ói]i, rrcachadoir, s. m. a plunderer. 

C]ieACAiin, creachaim, v. I plunder, rob, steal. 
CjieACAnieACt), creachaireachd, a. sculpture. 
CiieACAn, ereaehan, s. rocks, Sh.; a hog's pud- 
C]veACAnn, creaehann, s. the summit of a hill, 

C]iéACAp, creachar, s. a vestry, Sh. 
CueACTj, ereaehd, s. a wound, sore, stripe. 
CpeACTDAC, creaehdach, adj. wound-giving; 

C]\eAct)AC, ereaehdach, s. m. a sinner. 
CnéActiAiin, creachdaim, v. I woimd. 
C]\éAct)Ai]róeAC, ereaehdairdheaeh, adj. full of 

C|iéAC-olo]\5, creachdlorg, s. a scar, cicatrice. 
C)iéAc-olon5AC, creaehdlorgaeh, adj. full of 


CnéAConAigce, creachdnaighthe, adj. wounded. 

C)\eAclopccAt), ereaehlosecadh, s. m. destruction 

by fire; " bit)ip bpepnej AjAp -Aiii^iaIIaij 

Acc cjiéAcbopccATÓ UA 111it)e po)i gAC beic", 

4 AJast. 146l5. 

C]\éAC]iAtiii, ereaehraim,v. I wound, scar, mark, 

CpéACCAC, creachtach, see C]iéAct)Ac; adj. sinful, 

i.e. peACCAC, 0. g. 
CjieAccAc ■ooApj, ereachtaeh clearg, s. bloody 

crane's-bill ; geranium sangulneum. 
C]\éACCAiiii, ereachtairn, v. I wound, hurt. 
C]\eAccói)i, ereaehtoir, s. m. a plunderer, spoiler; 

a merchant, i.e. ceAnnAit). 
CpeAccpeubAnn, ereachtreubaim, v. I tear open. 
CpcAtj? eread? what? what thing? i.e. ca \\ex). 
C]\eAt)A, ereadha, s. clerkship, or clergy. 
CpÓA-ÓAc, ereadhach, adj. wounded. 
Cpc'ABAÍ, ereadhal, adj. religious. 

Ci\eA-ÓAb, ereadhal, 1 ^ -x • ^ 

^' . ' ,, ' >- s. m. austerity, piety. 

C]\eAt)pA, ereadhra, J j ^ tr j 

C)\eA-ób, ereadhbh, s. a shrinking. 

CpcATibA, ereadhbha, s. a ligature, tie, or band ; 

an entangling. 
C]\éA-óbA, ereadhla, s. the clergy. 
C]>éAt)bA, ereadhla, \ s. clerkship ; the office of 
CjieAOUA, creadhna, j a clergyman. 
CnéA-oiiiAib, ereadndiail, s. f. faith. 
CpeA-óoube, ereadhoule, s. a lamprey, Sh. 
C^\éA-0|iA'ó, ereadradh, s. m. a chariot. 
CneApó^, creafog, s. f. powder, dust, earth. 
CpeAg, -cwfl^, s. f. a rock. 
CucAjAc, ereagaeh, s. a cliff or clift; " ci\eA5AC 

iiAhAille"; adj. rocky. 
CjieAjAj, ereagag, s. a sort of perch ; a conger 

CiieAjA^-uipje, creagag-imge, s. a perch. 
C]\eA5An ereaga», s. m. a little rock. 



C]\eA5nAi5iiTi, creaghnaighim, v. I tremble. 

C]\eAiii, creamh,s. garlic; prop. cneArii ; ale ■ :■ 
beer; i. e. leAnn, o. g. 

CiieAinAim, creamaim, v. I gnaw, • corro !e, 

C]ieAiiiAi]\e, creamaire, s. m. a hawker, pedJl 'r. 

C]\eAiii-5ÁHAit), creamh-garaidh, s. a leek. 

Ci\eAin-iiniice-i:iA'ó, creamh-muice-fiadh, s. liurts- 
tongue, lingua cervina. 

CueAin-riuAilb, cream-nuaill, s. the noise of 
people carousing. 

Ci\eAn, crean, s. a buying, purchasing. 

C)\eAnA, creana, s. following the trade of a mer- 
chant; scafai-ing. 

C^ieAnAiin, cretinaim,Y. I buy, purchase; I con- 
sume, remove. 

C]\eAnAi]t, creanair, s. f. sedition. 

CtteAtiÁin, creanait, I 3. , .^.^ket place. 

C]\eAncui]vc, creancuirt, J '■ 

C\\eAr\ó.]\, creanar, s. buying; navigating. 

CpeAnnAf, creannas, adj. neat-handed, Sh. 

C-\\eó.-póx>, creapflfZ/i, s. contraction ; i/<'6. charap. 
to crop, constrict. 

C]ieApAl, creapal, s. entangling ; a retaining, 

CpeApÍAiin, creaplaiin, v.l stop, stray, entangle. 

CjieApA'ó, creapadh, s. a bending or crooking. 

CpeApAiin, creapaim, v. I bend, crook. 

CpeApAtb, creapall, s. fetters, binding. 

CjicAp, crear, s. m. a hoop. 

C|ieAp, creas, seeciúop; narrow, straight; s. a 
shrine, a grave; a planting, placing; an 
adorer, a Christian ; binding. 

C-péA]'AC, creasach, s. m. a spear, pike. 

CpeApAiin, creasaim, v. I set, lay; I tire. 

CpeApÁn, creasan, s. m. faith; a girdle; a peni- 

CneArcA, creascha, 1 1 1 -^ i- 

„' ' . , ' , V s. a narrow habitation. 

C]\eApcA^', creaschas,) 

C]\eAp50inAni, creasgoinam, v. to wound, Sh. 

CpeAptiiuip, creasmhuir, s. a strait of the sea. 

CpeApnugA-ó, creasmighadh, s. finishing, closing. 

C^veAi'vijATD, creasughadh, s. a girding. 

C]\eAC, a-eat, s. the appearance of one's com- 
plexion ; state of body ; s. m. a breast-plate, 
buckler ; the skin. 

CpeAc, creatli, s. m. terror; a swan; science, 
knowledge, judgment. 

C]iéAéA, creatha, adj. earthen; the clergy, the 

Ci\eACAC, creathach, s. m. a hurdle; faggots, 

CpeACAcÁn, ereathachan, s. m. a chmiidash. 

Ci\eACA-ó, creatliadh, s. m. a trembling. 

CucACAim, creathaim, v. I tremble. 

CjAeACAtp, creatair, adj. faithful, religious, holy. 
CpéACÁip, creatair, s. m. a creator. 
C]\eACAip, creathair, s. f. a sieve. 
C]veACAipe, ci-ealhaire, s. m. a breeze, gadfly ; an 

CpeACAii, creatlian, s. a shaking, trerabUng. 

a sanctuary, a siinne ; 
C]ieAéAH, creatliar, 
CpeACA]iAtc, creatha- 


a shaking, trerabUng. 

T|S. a sanctuary, a siirine ; 
F a place where the 
> relics of saints are 
k kept; TKe/a/i, crair, a 

7 relic. 

CjieACAp, creatar, adj. consecrated, holy. 

C]ieAéponn, ereathpionn, s. an earthquake. 

CueAcnAijini, creathnaighim, v. I shake, shud- 
der, quaver; make tremble. 

CneAcnúJAt), creathnughadh, s. trembling, shak- 

CjieAcóip, creafoir, s. m. a believer. 

C]\eAcpAC, creathrach, s. m. a wilderness. 

C\\e\t-té\.mmw,creath-thalmhuin, s. f. an earth- 

CjieAcúi^i, creatuir, s. f. a creature. 

C]\eArup, creatur, adj. blessed. 

Cpéc-OAc, crechdach, adj. sinful. 

C\\QV ? cred ? see c]»eAT> ? 

C]iex), credh, s. ore. 

Ciieo-uiTiA, credh-umha, brass ore. 

^ . -77 "1 s. m. faith, behef, 

Cl^e,t,eA1r1, cmM, f reputation, 

CpeTOeAniAn, creideamhan, ^ ^ Christianity. 

Ci\eiT)eAp, creideas, s. m. credit. 

C^ieineApAC, creideasach, adj. creditable. 

C]Aei-óill-'bAip, creidhill-bhais, s. the knell of 

CpeiTJim, creidim, v. I believe, credit. 

C]\eTÓiii, creidhm, s. m. chemng the cud; a 

C]Aeit)iiieAc, creidmheach, s. m. a believer; adj. 
friiihful, believing; full of so res. 

C]\eiT)iiieAi'AC, creidinheasach, adj, creditable. 

C]\eit)TiieAcc, creidmheacht, s. m. creduhty, 

C^ieitJiiiiiii, creidhmim, v. I gnaw, corrode, 

C)iei-opin, creidsin, s. f. beHeving. 

C]\eit)ce, creidte, adj. believed. 

Cuei-oceoip, creidteoir, s. m. a believer, creditor. 

C^ieij. creig, s. f. a rock. 

CueigAi)!, creigair, s. a grapple, Sh. 

C]\ei5eo5, crelgeog, s. f. a conger. 

Cpeijioc, c?'e?/7 i'oc/i, adj. rocky ; TFe/^/i, creigiog. 

Cpeini, creim, 1 s. f. corrosion, mordica- 

C)ieinieA-o, creimead, J tion. 

CpoiineAC, creimeach, adj. corrosive. 

C]\einiAtiAip, creimadair, s. a carper, Sh. 



Cnemiitii, creiimm.) -r 

„ ' ' . . ' > V. 1 gnaw. 

C]\einini, creimm, J "= 

Ci\eipne, crei^ine, s. piety, austerity in religion. 

C]iei]'neAm, creisneamh, s. f. a scar. 

Cpeii^neiiii, creisneimh, s. f. the zodiac. 

C|\eic, creit, s. f. a ridge. 

CjAeicip, creiihir, s. f. a body; a drinl^ing cup. 

C^ieicpn, creithrin,s. f. a small sieve. 

C]ieicut, creithul, s. a cradle, Sc. 

C]ien, cren, see cpeAn. 

C^iennAijce, crennaightlie, adj. terrified. 

C|\eo, creo, s. copper ore ; a wound. 

C]ieo-ÓAji, creodhar, s. m. a rail or sieve. 

CjAeopAc, creopach, s. m. a seducer. 

C)\eopAi)n, creopaim, v. I seduce. 

C]\eoi:<3,p, creothar, s. m. a woodcock. 

C]Ae]-Án, cresan, s. m. a girdle. 

C|\epeAn, cresean, s. m. old earth, clay; adj. re- 
ligious, pious. 

C]iec, creth, s. f. art, science. 

CiiecAiji, cretair, s. m. a creature, Coi: 

C^euct), creuchd,see c]\éAcx>. 

C]\éuc-oto]\5, creuchdlorg, see ciiéAct)Lo^ij;. 

C]\eifo]:A? creudfa, interrog. why? wherefore? 

Cjiéu^ACAt), creugachadh, s. cragginess; petri- 

C|ieuifiAC, creumliaeh, s. m. a rock. 

CiiéugAigini, creugaighim, v. I petrify. 

C]\eun,c>'eM?i, s. the body. 

Cp, en, s. m. the heart; prop. ci\oitie; a body; 
i. e. coi]ip, o. g. 

CjiiA, cria, s. a market or bargain. 

C^AC, criach, s. trembling; prop. cuiceAc. 

CjUAU, criadh, s. m. earth, clay. 

C]\iAt), toipje, criadh, loisge, s. a potsherd. 

C)\iAt)A, criadha, adj. earthen. 

CuiA-OAW, criadhadh, s. dealing as a merchant. 

C^vuTOAiu, eriadhaidh, s. a dealer, a merchant. 

C]iiAt)A'ooi]i, criadhadoir, s. m. a potter. 

C^iA-OAol.,, criad/iaol, s. m. mortar. 

CjiiAuceAtiglAiTi, criadhchea7iglam,v. to cement, 

CpAU-tuc, criadJi-lucJi, s. a mole. 

CiMA-ó-vii]Ae, criadh-uire, s. a husbandman. 

CpApAC, cn'opac/i, adj. rough. 

C^AiACAc, criathach, s. m. a wilderness. 

CjUACAii, criathar, s. m. a sieve. 

C|AiAÚAH-meAl,A, criathar-meala, s. a honey- 

CiMACi\AC, criathrach, s. waste ground. 

C|iiAcpAt), criathradh, s. m. a sifting. 

CiUAC|AAim, criathraim, v. I sift. 

C^ib, crib, s. swiftness, haste, speed ; s. f a comb. 

C]\ic, cricJi, s. f a country, territory ; an end, 
boundary, limit. 

CiHcein, cricein, see bu]' tia ]vuiceACAiTi. 

Cjiiue, cridhe, s. the heart; " i. e. c\\\t X)é, i.e. 
■oon c\\\t yo]\]-A nibi", Cor.; the ague. 

C^ntit), crilidh, s. buying, purchasing. i 

C^Mbin, crilin, s. f a box, a chest, coifer, pix. 

C1H111CA15, crimchaig, s. grumbling, reflecting, 

CHI111Ó5, crimog, s. f a morsel, a bit. 

Cj\iniceAnc, crirntheart, s. second milking. 

CjutToneAp, crindreas, s. m. a bramble. 

C]\ine, crine, 1 s. rottenness, withering, 

CpineAcT), crineachd,) fading. 

C)iineAiii, crineamh, s. f. fate, destiny; cloc 11A 
c]iineArnnA, another name for the I./IA5 VaiL, or 
stone of fate, on which our aiKjient monarchs 
received the crown until about the year of our 
Lord 503, when it was removed to Scotland. 

CpmeAni, crineam, s. m. a fall. 

C)iineA]i, crinear, s. a falling. 

C]\inini, crinim, v. I gnaw, bite, fall. 

C]\inlin, crinlin, s. f a box; a writing-desk. 

C]\u^mot, crinmhoil, s. wood-louse, a wall-louse. 

C^incAc, crintach, adj. fretting. 

C]iiob, criohh, s. £ a jest, trifle. 

C^MOC, crioch, s. f preferment; a territory, a 
country ; an end, conclusion, a boundary, a 
barrier; s. a copse or grove. 

C|\iocAn, criochan, s. striving. 

Ci\ioc'OAiiAAH, criochdairan, s. the gag-teeth, Sh. 

CiMocreAHAinn, criochfearainn, s. a land-mark, 

C]\iocnAi jim, criochnaighim, v. I finish, con- 

C]\iocnAriibAcc, criochnainhlacht, s. f completion, 

C^uocnuijeAc, criochnuigheacJi, adj. finite. 

CiiiocnuijeAct), criochnuigheaehd, s. finitude. 

Cuiocninjce, criochnuighthe, adj. finished. 

Cpiocnuijceoi]», criochnuightheoir, s. m. a 

Ciúocrseoil, criochsgeoil, \ ^^ ^^ epilogue. 

Ci\ioccLuice, criochchluiche,) ^ *= 

C]úocfiTiACX), criochsmachd, s. a government, Sh. 

C^iioTiAijAni, criodaigham, v. to pat, stroke, <S/i. 

CiMo-OAi]\e, criodaire, s. afondler, Sh. 

Ci\iot)Ai\, criodhar, s m. a leech, a wood-cock. 

Cjóol, cTiol, s. f a chest, a cofFer. 

CiuoniAt)An, criomadan, bits, Sh. 

C]\iotiirAn, criomhthan, s. m. a fox; the proper 
name of a man. 

Ci\ion, crion, adj. withered, dry, rotten. 

C^i'iouA, criona, adj. old, ancient; prudent, sage. 

CpiouAC, crionach, s. m. dry sticks, faggots. 

C^iiouAijiin, crionaighi)n,\ v.Idry, wither, fade, 

CpiouAim, crionaim, J dAvindle. 




CponcÁn, crioncan, s. m.. strife, tumult. 

CníoncÁriACT), crioncanachd,'\ . ■ ■ 

^' , . ' . T, ' > s. m. strivmii. 

CponcAriA-o, cnoncanadh, J ° 

CjiioncAnAiiii, crioncanaim, v. I strive. 

CiAÍontAC, crionlac/i, s. m. touch- wood. 

CiAÍon-niiol,, crion-niJiiol, see cuniiiiiol. 

C]Monmon, crionmon, s. f. a collection, 'a store. 

Ci\ionnA, crionna, adj. sage, prudent, wise. 

CpiontiACT), crionnachd, s. m. prudence, wisdom, 

CixíonuJA-ó, crio7iughadh, s. withering, fading. 

Cnio^-, o-ios, s. m. a belt, girdle, band; Welsh, 
gwregis ; the sun ; Heb. cheres ; s. f. the thigli. 

C)tio]-AC, criosach, adj. tight; having girdles. 

C^iioj-AC, criosach, \ s. embers; improperly 

C]\ío]-ui-ó, criosuidh, ) written for jpio^'Ac. 

Cnio|~o, criosd, Christ, the Saviour of man. 

C]Aio]~o, criosd, adj. swift, quick, nimble. 

Cnio]~OAcx), criosdachd, s. Christendom, Sh. 

C^iioj^oAije, criosdaighe, s. m. a Christian. 

C)^íol•■DAl5eAC■o, criosdaigheachd, s. f. Christi- 
anity, Christendom. 

CpiofOAlt, criosdall, see chioi^oaI. 

Ci\ioit)AiiilACt), criosdamlilachd, s. Christianity. 

C]no]"OAmuit, crios-'\ adj. Christian; " a'óIa- 
danihuil, > CAT», C]Úo]~daiíiuiI", 

C\\\o\~ow^,criosduigh,) Donl. 

C]iio]-t)-ACAi]A, criosd-athair, s. m. a god- father. 

Cnioj'ÍAc, crioslach, s. ra. a limit, border, bosom ; 
an apron. 

C]uoi~lACAt), crioslachadh, s. girding the loins. 

CjUopLMJim, ■cn'osZa/i/^Jm. v. I gird, limit. 

Cuioi'lAigce, crioslaighthe, part, gilded. 

Cpioj'C, criost, see C)\io|-o. 

CjMOfCA, criostha, adj. girded. 

CpiofCAl, criostctl, s. m. crystal; Welsh crisial. 

CniorcAÍAiiiuii, criostalam- y -,■ ^ „. 

'/Jll f adj.crystalhne, 

C,,io,xAlT,A, criostalda, ) transparent. 

Ci\ioc, criot, s. f an earthen vessel. 

Cinoc, crioth, s. m. a shaking, trembling; the 

CpiocAijitn, criotaighim, v. I hug, caress. 

CiMOCAiin, criothaim, v. I shake, tremble, shiver. 

C]MoéAtTiui'L, criothamhuil, adj. earthen, tremu- 

CjiiocAtiAc, criothanach, adj. trembhng, elastic. 

CpioccoiriA-ooin, criothchomadoir, s. m. a potter. 

e]uocco]'5AC, criothchosgach, adj. antiparalytic, 

C^uocf UAi]i, crioth/huair, adj. bleak, cold, cliilly. 

CtiiocnACAt), crioth-'^ , , ,. /■ • i ^ • 
nachadh, ('■ trembhng, frightening, 

Ci^.ocnusAx., crioth- 1 i^^^^, dread,, dreadful- 
'7 V, \ ness, horror. 

nugliadh, y ' 

C]\ioctnngÍTii, criuthnuighim, v. I tremble. 

C]\ioc]'tiA'bAi]\e, criothsdabhaire, s. m. a potter. 
Cpiocf-uibeAc, criothshuileach, adj. purblind. 
C]\iplAC, criplach, s. m. a cripple. 
C]\ipLACt), crtplachd, s. m. decrepitude. 
Cni]DtAijiiTi, criplaighim, v. I maim. 
Cjupog, cripog, s. f a wrinkle. 
Cpp, cris, see cpio]', adj. holy, pure. 
Ciiii'-ceAn^AÍ, cris-cheangal, s. a swaddling band. 
C|\ipeÁn, crisean, s. m. a priest. 
Cni]-bon, crislion, s. sinews. 
C]iic, crit, s. the back. 
C]Mc, crith, see c]Moc ; s. f. ague, shaking ; Welsh, 

CiMctJeAt-boi];, crithdealhhoir, s. m. a potter. 
C]\^teAC, ci'itheach, adj. shaking, quaking. 
^ . 1 .,, 7 ^ s. m. terror, astonish- 
Cp.eASAig.. .,«^«U ^3^t, dread, trem- 
C]nce&^l.W-itheagta,j ^jj^^'^ ^ 

C]\eA5Áii, creagan, s. m. a dwarf. 

^ . 1 . .,7 "i adi. terrified, aston- 
CiiiceAjrÍAC, critheaq- 1 ■ ^ j n r , x 
11 '^ I ished, learlul, trem- 

C^l^i crithidh, \ bUng; terrible, hor- 

' ' 'J rible. 

C^iiceAn, crithean, s. ^e aspen tree; populus 

C)\ií:5aLa]i, crithghalar, s. m. the palsy. 

C]iici-oe, crithide, s. cause of fear and trembling. 

C]\icim, crithim, v. I shake. 

C]uci|\, crithir, s. f a drinking cup; a spark of 

C]nctiéAl, crithneal, s. a shower. 

C]uc]\e, crithre, s. sparks of fire from the clash- 
ing of arms; small particles of anytliing. 

CiM6i\eo-ÓA'ó, crithreodhadh, weak ice, hoar- 

Cnn)-OA]\nAC, cfiudarnach, s. m. the hiccough. 

C]uun, C7'iun, s. m. a wolf 

Cpó, cro, s. m. death, Cor.; an iron bar; the eye 
of a needle; a flock, a fold; children; might, 
valour; a hut, hovel, pen, cottage, fortress; 
adj. stright, narrow, close. 

C]^o,cro, I 3. witchcraft. 

C^oAn, croan,) 

C]iÓAn, croan, s. m. correction. 

CpoAn, croan, s. m. valour, might. 

Cpob, crobh, s. f a hand ; a paw. 

CpobAbl, crobhall, s. genitals. 

CuobAUj, crohhang, s. a strong-handed man. 

Cpob-piMACÁn, crobh-priachan, s. the herb 

crane's-bill; geranium. 
CjiolbungAib, crobhungaibh, s. cluster?. 
C^oc, croc, s. m. a horn; s. f. a crock; s. m. 

saffron; s. f. a gallows, a cross; adj. red; 

Welsh, coch; lofty, famous, excellent. 
CuocAc, crocach, adj. horned. 




C^iocAt), crocad, s. barley broth, Sli. 

C-pocAX), crochadh, s. pief, vexation ; a banging, 

depending, crucifying. 
CpocAtiAn, crochadan, s. m. a penduhnn. 
C^\ocAt)oi^\, crochadoir, s. m. a hangman. 
CpocOkt)c\ii\eAct), crochadaireachd, s. m. the 

office of a hangman. 
CyiocAit), crochaid, s. cockeiTiony, Sc. 
C|\ocAi'ó, crochaidh, s. height, eminence, Cor. 
CpocAnn, crocJiaim, v. I hang, crucify. 
CpocAii\e, crochaire, 3. m. an idle fellow, a 

CjiocATn, crocJiam, v. to beat, pound, Sh. 
C]\ócA]\, crocJuir, s. m. a body ; a bier. 

CiiócAi\b, crocharb, \ 

s. m. a bier. 

CpócA]\bAt), O'ocharbad,) 

CuocA^i^'AC, crocharsach, s. a sheep-fold, Sh. 

C]'.ociuiAi-ó, crochruaidli, the name of an idol 
amongst the old Irish. 

C^ioccA, crochtha, part, hanged. 

C]\óx), crodh, see c]ao. 

Cjio'o, crodh, s. m. cattle, cows ; a dowry, a 
portion ; an image. 

C]io'DA, crodha, s. a slipper; adj. valiant, brave, 
strenuous ; fierce, terrible. 

wi\ot)Ac, crodhach, adj. brave. 

CYOX}Acx),ci'odhuchd, s. m. valour, might, bravery. 

CuoUAi-oe, crodhaidhe, s. m. an heir. 

CuOTDAin, crodhain, s. the hoof of a cow or sheep. 

CiAÓ-ÓAriuiib, crodhamhuil, adj. brave, valiant. 

Cno-ÓA]!, crodhar, s. m. a corpse, a bier, a 

CiAO-o-boinn, crodh-bhoinn, s. a bunch of berries. 

C]tót)5UCA, crodhghuta, s. the hand-gout. 

Cpot)liTiceAC, crodhlinteach, adj. bloody, blood- 

CfotniiAin, crodhmhain, s. the wrist. 

C]\Ó5, crog, 8. a paw, a clutch. 

CpógAC, crogach, adj. pawed, clawed. 

C^ojaIL, crogall, s. the crocodile. 

CpogAn, crogan, s. a pitcher. 

CpoibeAb, croibheal, s. coral. 

Cpoic, croic, s. difficulty; a venison feast. 

Cuoic, eroich, s. f. a gallows, cross. 

C^ioicT>e, croichde, part, hanged. 

C^ioiceA'DAig, croicheadaigh, s. hangings. 

C]ioicionn, croicionn, s. f. a skin, hide. 

CuoicnoAC, croicneach, adj. cutaneous. 

Cpoí-óe, croidhe, s. m. the heart. 

C]iolt)eACAi^i, croidheaoJiair, adj. kind-hearted, 

C]\ói'óeAcc, croidheacht, s. m. a portion, dowry. 

Cnoit)eAiiiuil, croidheainhuil, adj. hearty, gene- 

C^ioi-oeAn, croidhcan, s. m. a gallant, a lover. 

oidhe-bhri- "^ 

'he-britgh, > bi 
ndhe-hhru\ tr 

m. a heart- 
■eaking, con- 

C^Aoí'óe-'bpifeA'ó, croidhe-bhi 


Ci\oí'óe-b]U)5, croidh( 

C]\ome-'b]\ú^4i.X), croidhe-t 

C]\oí-óeo5, croidheog, s. £ a mistress, a sweet- 
heart; a breeze, a gadfly. 

Ci'.ói-ójhoTin, croidhfhionn, adj. white-hoofed. 

C)\oit>ib-'bAi]', croidhil-bhais, s. a knell, Sh. 

C|\oilÍ5, croiligh, s. f. pain, infirmity. 

C]ióili5e, croilige, s. venesection, O'Hic. 

C|Aoib5e-An-'bAi|', croitighe-an-bhais, s. the pains 
of death. 

CjioibjceAC, croilightheach, adj. infirm. 

CpoiinceAunAC, croí'mc/ícaníiac/i, adj. having the 
head bowed down ; suppliant. 

C]ioiiiibn, croimlin, the temple of Crom; the 
name of several places in Ireland. 

Ci\oinii^5iAc, croimsgiath, s. a crooked shield. 

C]ioine, croine, s. swarthiness. 

C]\oiiieACÁn, croineacan, s. m. an assembly, a 
muster of people. 

C^ioinic, croinic, s. f. a chronicle, an annal. 

CiiomiceACTj, croiniceachd, s. chronology, paint- 
ing, the art of painting. 

Cuoinicim, croinicim, v. I colour, paint; I try, 
pull, correct. 

C^voinni)\e, croinnire, s. m. a turner. 

C]vouinc, croinnt, a. gray. 

C^vomncpbe, ovinntsile, s. snot or spittle. 

C,wir, crois,^ 1 g_ f^ a market-place. 

C^oiipe, croise, J ^ 

C]\ot]'eACÁn, croiseachan, s. ra. a pilgrim. 
Choi];^-iac'La, croisfhiacla, s. gag-teeth. 
Cuoiff 151b, croisfighU, s. f. praying with hands 

Cuoifim, croisim, v. I cross. 
C^ioij-lijnn, croislighim, v. I envelope. 
C^ioij'-i'lije, cms-s%/ie, s. a cross-road, aby-way. 
C]>oi^'iine, croisline, s. a diameter. 
Ci\oifbinn5A, croislinngha, ad^. diametrical. 
Ci>oifoi'o, croisoid, s. f a rail, a barrier. 
C\\o^\^\)-s.i,'i&\x>,croisriaghlaidh, s. criterion. 
Cuoii'ivuijce, croisruighthe, adj. succinct. 
C]\oiixÁi\A, croistara, s. an alarm, a signal to 

take up anns 
Ci\oif-cocnAii', crois-thochrais, s. a hand-reel for 

Ci\oic, eroit, s. f a hump on the back ; a small 

CuoiceAc, croiteach, adj. gibbous. 
C]\oiceAC-o, croiteachd, s. gibbosity. 
C^AoiccAiii, croitheamh, s. an insect. 
Cuoicmi, croithini, v. I shake, toss, sprinkle. 
Ci\oicce, croithte, part, waved, tossed, sprinkled. 




C]ió-ioc, cro-loc, s. a place -where malefactors 

are put to death. 
C)\óloicitTi, croloitim, v. I wound so as to draw 

Cjvóloictjée, croloitighthe, adj. wounded mor- 
Ci\oiiJi5e, croluiffJte, s. agony. 
C|\0Tn, crom, s. m. God; an idol; a slough ; the 


"5neAnn Ainni ■oulcAin, lie tiAC locc, 
■pec yiACAil,, cfeAbok^ cAobuocc, 
C]\oin I'tTOti, 1^^ o cluA-p 5AI1 léAn, 
Cuini'e AJATO riAc Aiiiii\éit)". For. Foe. 
C\\om, crom, adj. bent, crooked; JVelsh crura. 
CpoTii, cromh, s. m. a worm. 
CponiAx», cromadh, s. a bending, bowing; the 

side of a hill, Sh. 
CiioiuAini, cromaim, v. I stoop, bend, bow, 

di-oop, lean. 
Cf oiiiÁn, croman, s. m. the hip, liip bone. 
CuomAn, croman, ^ s m a kite 

C]\omÁn-tACT)An,cro»irtn-Zae/i(fa?!,j ' ' '. 
CiiotnÁn-t,oiti, croman-loin, s. m. a snipe. 
Ci\omÁn-luÁc, croman-luatk, s. m. a fire-shovel. 
CpoiTi-conAill, crom-chonaill, s. a plague that 

formerly raged in Ireland. 
C|\oinc]\UAC, croincliruach, s. a famous Irish idol. 
CjiotnleAc, cromleac, s. f. a pagan altar. 
C^ioriLui^, cromlus, s. poppy ; papaver. 
C]\oni-nA-iTouil,Leo5, crom-na-nduilleog, s. the 

Cjiom-nAn-jA-o, erom-nan-(jadh, s. a sort of He- 

bridian plough, Sh. 
C]ioniÓ5, cromog, s. f. a gallows. 
Cnoni|:o-p5, cromrosg, s. a blue or gi-ay eye; 

prop. 50iimi\0]-5; adj. gray-eyed. 
Cjiomf-lmneAnAC, cromshlinneanach, adj. hump- 
CnoméeA|i, cromtliear, s. m. a priest of Crom. 
Cnón, cron, s. m. copper; time; Cronus; a sign, 

mark, note, defect, fault; an explanation; 

adj. ready, at hand; i. e. \i\X.tim, o.g.; brown, 

duncoloured, swai-thy. 

Cnon, cron, "i , • t 

„ ' . . .7 7 J f s. a hindrance, 

CjioriAijeACO, cronaiglieacltd, > , .-,.. ' 

CjionúJAt), cronughadh, ) '^ 

CuonAC, cronach, s. m. a funeral dirge. 

^v. I explain; I be- 

CporiAijini, cronaighim 

C)\ónAiiii, cronaim. 

C|\onÁn, cronan, I 

'C^íonÁriAC, cronanach, 1 

witch ; I blush for 
shame; I rebuke, 
I reprove, 
m. the bass in music ; 
any dull note; the 
buzzing of a fly ; the 
purring of a cat. 

C]wiin, cronn, s. a bend or bow. 

CnonnÓ5,c?'ow?!0(7,s.f.a kind of basket or hamper. 

CjAonóg, cronog, s. f. a roundel, a circle, figure, 
a fortress. 

C^ion^'eAncAii', cronseanchais, s. an anachronism. 

C]\onc, cront, adj. green or gray. 

CfioncAijim, crontaighim,v. I loathe, abhor, de- 

Ciioncj-Aile, crontsaile, s. a green sea. Cor. 

C]ionu5A-ó, cronughadh, s. objurgation, explana- 

0^0]', C7'0s, s. f. a cross, liindrance. 

Cjioj-Ac, crosach, adj. streaked, seamed, scarred. 

C]\o^A-ó, crosadh, s. a crossing, hindrance. 

CiiOfAim, crosaim, v. I cross, stop, hinder, debar. 

„ , . 7 "i adi. cross, perverse, 

Cm^r^^o, crosanach, I ,^,1 bstmate, peev- 

CporAncA, crosanta, J igj^/f.owai-d. ^ 

C]\o)'AnAct), crosanachd, s. perverseness, obsti- 
nacy; a kind of versification. 

CpofÁncA, crosanta, adj. fi-oward, pei-verse. 

CiiorÁncAct), crosantachd,! 

„1 ' . ' '> see cnorAfiACio. 

C]io]'05, crosog, J ' ' 

Cpo-pbojA, crosbogha, s. a cross-bow. 

C|\o|'X)A, crosda, adj. awkward, morose, adverse, 

captious, crabbed. 
Cpo]~OAcc, crosdacht, s. awkwardness, captious- 

ncss, contumacy. 
C]io]~oaI,cacc, crosdaltacht, s. crossness, oddness. 
C]W]'Ó5, crosog, s. f a small cross ; a small cup ; 

perverseness, obstinacy. 

Ciion^A) crosra, 1 , 

_' I ' ' '. > s. a cross road. 

C]\oi"iiiAii, crosrian, J 

Cno]-CA, crosta, part, prohibited. 

C]\o|-CACc, crostacht, s. perverseness. 

C^iOfCAt, crostal,\ s. a moss; the dye feuille- 

Gi\ocAb, crotal, J morte, Sh. 

Cpoj'uiieAC, crosuileach, adj. squint-eyed. 

C\\ot, croth, s. a form or shape; money; a 

Ci\ocA, croiha, s. a symbol. 
C^iocA, crota, s. a garden, a park. 
C^iocAC, crotach, adj. hump-backed. 
C]\ocAC, crothach, a. formidable. 
C]iocAC-mA|iA, crotach-mara, s. m. a curlew. 
CjiocAT», crothadh, s. sprinkling. 
CpocAiiu, crothaim, v. I coop, house, fold, pen; 

sprinkle. ___ 

C)\ocAic, crothait, s. a gravel pit. 

CjiocAÍ, crotal, s. an awn, husk, pod ; a kernel ; 

a cymbal ; a stone ; the blossom buds of hazel. 
C^iocAÍ'OA, crotalda, adj. husky. 
CjiocAti, crotan, s. purple, dyer's lichen, Sh. 
C^iocAn, crothar, s. m. a bier. 
C^iotriAt), crothnadh, s. twilight, a taking notice. 




C^ioccAg, crottag, s. a sort of plover, Sc. 

CpoccAl, crottal, s a kernel. 

Cpu, cm, s. m. a pen or fold for cattle, Br. L.; 
s. f. blood, gore ; Welsh, crau. 

CiAUAbAipAin, cruabairam,Y. to chew, crunch, S/t. 

CjiUAC, eriiach, a. a rick or pile of anything; 
adj. red, gory. 

CnuACAX), cruachadh, s. heaping, piling; har- 
dening, drying, Sh. 

C|AUACAim, cruachaim, v. I heap, pile, stack. 

C-]\iiACAin, cruacham, v. to dry, liardeii, Sh. 

C]iUACÁn, cruachan, s. ni. and f a heap; a dry- 
ing, toasting. 

CiiUAc-bA-p, cruach-bhas, s. a bloody death. 

CpuAc-luACA^, cruach-luachar, s. dwarf club- 
rush; scirpus cespitosus. 

C-huactdaIac, cruachdalach, adj. coarse. 

CpuAcóg, cruachog, s. f jeopardy, distress. 

C]iuAC-nhAt)]AUi5, cruach-phadruig, s. the herb 
plantain ; plantago latifolia. 

C^UAt), cruadh, s. a stone ; steel; adj. hard, firm, 

CpuA-ÓAC, cruadhach, adj. steely, of or belonging 
to steel. 

CiiUAtJAijim, eruadhaighim, v. I harden. 

C'puA'OAil,, cruadail, s. f. courage, covetousness. 

CpuA-OAii, cruadhail, s. f. danger, hardship ; in- 

C|\uaiÍ)a1,ac, cruadhalach, adj. hard, stingy, poor ; 
inhuman, barbarous. 

CjitiA'ÓAt^cc, cruadhalacht, s. hardship, rigom'. 

CjiuatdaLca, cruadhalta, adj. inhuman. 

CpuATD-AnnALAC, cruadh-annalach, adj. asth- 

CnuAUA]', cruadhas, s. m. rigour, severity ; a 

C'nuAt)-cÁi'p, cruadh-chais, s. affliction, difficulty. 

CnuA-óci\At), cruadhchradh, s. m. austerity. 

CnuA'Dc^roicneAc, cruadhchroicneach, adj. hide- 

CpuAUc^ioiBCAc, cruadhchroidheach, adj. hard- 

CjiUA'ócuing, cruadhchuing, s. f. rigour, slavery. 

C]iUA-ócuii-eAc, cruadhchuiseach, adj. difficult. 

C)\UA'óiiiA)\, cruadhmhar, adj. corpulent. 

CpuAwiiiumeAlAc, cruadhmhuinealach, adj.stiíF- 

CiAUA-oriiuineAt-Ac-o, cruadhmhuinealachd, s. ob- 

CnuAt)rhuineAluit)e, cruadhmhuinealuidhe, s. in- 

CnuA-ónAfjcA, cruadhnasgtlLa, adj. entangled. 
CjuiA'óogAC, criiadhogach, adj. strict. 
CjiUA-óoig, cruadhoig, s. f distress, necessity. 
Ci^uAiouJAt), cruadhiighadh, a. induration. 

C]uiA5At>, cruaghadh, s. a strengthening. 

CiiUAjój, cruagog, s. f. nonplus. 

CpuAic, cruaic, s. i. a noddle, a scalp. 

C)iuAicce, cruaichte, adj. heaped, piled. 

C]\UATO, cruaidh, s. steel; adj. hard, calous, se- 

C]iuAit)AicAin, cruaidhaicham, v. to harden, Sh. 

C]\iiAit)'beul,AC, cruaidhbheulach, adj. hard- 

CpiiAi-oceAnjAitcejCrMaiii/ic/ieaw^aiYie, adj. hard- 
bound, intricate. 

CjiuoiiTioeAnjlAiiTi, cruaidhcheanglaim, v. I bind, 
tie fast. 

C]M;iAit)cei-po, cruaidhcheisd, s. a riddle. 

CpuAToeAt), cruaidheadh, s. hardening. 

CpuAi-o-Ui]', cruaidh-lus, a. sneeze-wort. 

C)\UAn!)ce, cruaidhte, adj. hardened. 

CjiUAn, cruan, red, orange. 

C]\UA]-, cruas, s. m. hardness, rigour. 

C]iúb, crub, }s. fa claw, a fang, a horse's hoof, 

C^iúb, critbh, ^ the paw of an animal. 

Cjiub, cruhli, s. f the nave of a wheel. 

C\\\.\h&-b, crubliadh, s. bending, making crooked. 

CiuibAc, crubach, adj. lame, club-footed; diffi- 

CpubA-éAin, cruba-eain, s. bird's foot; trifohum- 

CjiúbAim, crubaim, v. I bend, crook. 

C]iúbA-pcAinn, cruba-Jithainn, s. a haunch of 
venison, Sh. 

C]M')bA-beoriiAini, cruba-lcomhain, s. common 
lady's mantle; common vervain; alchemilla 

CpubA-ieipn, cruba-leisin, s. columbine; aqui- 
legia vulgaris. 

C]\ubÁn, cruban, a. Í a crab-fish; a crooked 

Ciu'ibAfj, crubhasg, a. a crimson colour. 

Cpubjom, crubgoin, a. a flood-gate. 

C)>ubin-nA--|-AonA, crubin-na-saoua, a. dwarf 
mountain bramble. 

Cnubój, crubog, a. f a knot or contraction of a 
thread in weaving; a hook, staple, a weaver's 

CpúcA, cruca, s. a crook, a hook. 

CnúcAc, cnicach, a. a heap. 

C^uib, crudh, s. a shoe; a milking; goods, pro- 
perty, possessions, J3r. L. 

C]iut)AC, crudhach, a. gory, bloody. 

C]\u-ÓA-ó, crudhadh, a. a hardening. 

Cnut)Aitn, crudhaim, v. I milk. 

Cjiu'OAc, crudath, a. a sword-belt. 

CpuJAlokC, crughalach, adj. hard, difficult. 

CiiufoeAccA, cruidheachta, 1 

^' . . ' •,, 7, > 3. a carrion crow. 

CpuijJ-cAccA, cruijheachta, J 



C|MiToeAp5, cruidhearg, adj scarlet. 

C^iui-oeACA, cruidlieata, adj. hard. 

CjMii'oin, cruidin, s. f. tlie bii'd called king's 

CjiuTÓce, crnidhie, part, shod ; milked. 

CnuijneAc-o, cruighneachd, sec cnuicncAct). 

C]\uiin, cruim, s. í'. thunder. 

Ciunifi, cruimh, s. f. a root, a maggot. 

C]uiiniAOT)AnAC, cruimaodanach, adj. whole, en- 
tire, Sh. 

C]íiiiiiiéA'OAnAC, cruimeadanach, s. m. a down- 
looking person; adj. wry-faced. 

C]\uiTniiTi, cruimirn, v. I thunder. 

C]\uiiiiflinneÁn, cruimshlinnean, s. a hump- 

CiiuiniceAM, cruimiliear, \ ■ . 

„1 . ' ' . ^, . ' ^ s. m. a priest. 
Cpuiiiici]!, crmmthir, ) ^ 

CjiuineAc, cruineach, s. m. dew. 

C]iuineA]'At), cruineasadh, s. a giddiness. 

CnuiiT|;At)A, cridnfliada, s. f. a spheroid. 

Ciiunin, cruinn, adj. round, circular. 

C]Mniine, endnne, s. f. the globe of the earth; 
rouudaess, rotundity. 

CpumneACAt), cruinneachadh, s. a gathering. 

C]\wnfíeAcÁn, cruinneacan, s. m. a mass, a heap; 
a coronet. 

C]\uiniieAt), cruinneadh, s. circularity, roundness. 

CnuinneAu, cruinnean, s. a tuft. 

Cuinune-eotAme, cruinne-eolaidhe, s. m. a geo- 

C]\iunne-eo\ji.y,cruinne-eolas, s. geography; ad- 

C^AUinneój, cruinneog, a low roimd woman. 

Ciyumnijce, crtdnnighthe, part, collected. 

C\\iunm^to-\]\,cruin7i{ghthoir,s. m. a collector. 

Cpuimiini, ci'idnnim, v. I wrangle. 

C]\uinnioc, cridiiniocli, s. f. dew, mist, fog. 

C]\iiiniiiocÁn, cridnniochan, s. m. any round 

C]\uiunui5At), cndnniughadh, s. m. a congrega- 
tion, an assembly, gathering. 

CiMiinnuigAini, cruinniughaim, v. I gather, as- 

C]\uinritin, cruinnlin, s. an orbit. 

Ci\uinniiiul,lAc, cruinnmhullach, s. m. a cupola. 

C]\uipU\cT), cruiplachd, s. lameness, craziness, Sh. 

CiMiiplAiJAtn, cruiplaigham, v. to lame, Sh. 

CpuijjlAijre, cruiplaighte, adj. crazy, lame, 
lamed, Sh. 

Ci\uip5in, crinsgin, ) ^' 

Cpuí^-gín, cruisgin, s. m. a jug, a small pitcher. 

CpuipjiopuAC, cruisgio7'7iach, s. common reed 

grass; arundo phragmites. 
Cjiuipij, cruisigh, s. m. music, song. 

C^iuipon, cridstin, s. f. a lamp. 

C^tuic, cruit, s. f a liarp, a violin, a cymbal ; a 

hump on the back. 
C\\wt,cruith, s. f. a dart; adj. ingenious, lively; 


Cnuice, cruithe, 1 j 

„' . '. V, , V s. prudence. 

CpuiceACT), cruitheach,) ^ 

CpuiceAc-o, cruitheachd, s creation, Sc. 

C]\uiceACÁn, cndteacan, s. m. a dwarf. 

CpuiceAÍ, ci'uiteal, adj. pleasant, sprightly. 

CivuiceocAim, cruitheochaim, v. I shall prove, 

C^iuiceój, cruiteog, s. f. a female harper. 
Cpuiciu, cruitin, s. f. a hump-back. 
C]iuicineAC, cridlineach, adj. hump-backed. 
C]\uicin-ceAC, cruithin-teath, the old Irish name 

for the land of the Picts. 
Cpucipe, crutire, s. a harper, fiddler; crowder. 
CpuicneAc, cridthneach, s. m. a Pict. 
C^iuicneACT), cruithneachd, s. f wheat. 
CpuicneACTiA, cruithneachda, adj. wheaten. 
C|Auié]\ioc-o, cridthriochd, s. a mode, mood. 
Cpuiii, critm, see cpom ; s. sin, i. e. peACAt), o. g. 
Cpurii, crumh, s. f. a maggot, a worm; Welsh, 

CpuniA, cnima, s. half a quarter of a yard. 
C]\uniAiiTi, crumaim, v. I bow, bend, worship. 
CpumÁn, cruman, s. f the hip bone; s. m. a sort 

of crooked insti-ument used by surgeons. 
C](uiTiÁnATOe, crttmanaidhe, s. m. a turner. 
CpuiiiA]^, crumhar, adj. bloody, full of blood. 
CpuinbA, criimba, s. a bowl. 
Cpurhe, crumhe, s. a hoof, a shoe, Sh. 
C^vumuuifiA, crumdhumha, s. dung; i. e. ocuac, 

Cpumój, crumog, s. f a skirret. 
CpunipuileAct), crumshuileachd, s. sourness of 

Cpún, crun, s. a crown; five shillings. 
CpuriAt), crunadh, s. coronation. 
CpúriAitii, crunaim, v. I crown. 
CpunnÁu, crunnan, s. m. a group. 
CpúncA, crunta, adj. crowned. 
Cpúog, cruog, s. £ need, necessity. 
CpujDATÍ), crupadh, s. contraction, shrinking. 
CpúpAini, crupaim, v. I contract. 
Cpupoj, crupog, s. f a wrinkle. 
Cpu-phucoj, cru-phutog, s. f. a blood-pudding. 
Cpuj'jA'ó, crusgadh, s. a box, a small coflcr. 
CpúpjAoileA'ó, crusgaoileadh, s. the bloody flux 
Cnuc, cruth, s. m. and f. a form, figure, counte- 
nance; s. f. curds; a host, a multitude; 

strength, bulk ; destruction. 
Cpuc, crut, s. m. the hand. 
C]iucAC, crtitach, s. a himch-backed. 



C|iucACAt), cruthachadli, see cjiuciiJA'o. 

CjiucAijuTi, crulhaighiin, v. I prove, aver, as- 
sert; I create. 

C^iucAigce, cruthaiffhte, part, created. 

C^iucAijceoi]!, crutliaightheoir, s. m. a creator. 

CpucAim, cruthaun,Y. I milk. 

CjiucaI, co\\Xe, crutal coiUe,\\mgvio^i; miiscus 

Chucc'Laoc'La'ó, cruthchlaochladh, s. transfigura- 
tion, metamorphosis. 

CjiucctAOc'LAijitii, cruthchlaochlaighim, v. I 
transfigure, metamorpliose. 

CjíucIact), crulhlachd, s. a sword-belt. 

C|\ucu5A-ó, cruthughadh, s. m. creation ; proving, 

CjiucuigeAc, crutlinigheach, adj. creative. 

CpucuiceAct), cruthuilheachd, s. creation. 

Cu, cu, s. m. a moth, an Insect that gnaw's 
clothes; s. m. and f. a dog, a gray-hound; 
s. m. a champion, a hero, a warrior. 

Cu-All^it), cu-allaidh, s. m. a wolf. 

CuA, aia, s. ilesh, meat ; s. m. a nut ; adj. martial. 

CuAbAC, cuabhach, adj. fleshy. 

CiAuliAcÁn , cruhhacan, s. m. a flesh-hook. 

CuAbjiui-o, cuabhruid, s. the itch, lechery. 

CuAc, cuach, adj. narrow; s. f. the cuckoo; a 

curl ; s. m. a narration ; a bottom of yarn. 

CuAc, cuach, 1 p ! 1 -1 

„ .', ' , > s. t. a bowl, a cup, a pail. 

CuACOj, cuachog, J ' i ' r 

CuAcóg, cuachog, s. f a skein of thread; a spiral 

CuACAc, cuachach, adj. curled, frizzled. 

CúÁcAt), cuachadh, s. crispation. 

CuACAitn, cuachaim, v. I fold, plait. 

CuACÁn, CMac/iflji, s. a bowl, apail ; a bird's nest ; 
a plait or fold. 

CuACAnAC, cuachanach, adj. cupped, plaited. 

CuAccA, cuacca, adj. empty. 

CuAC];oLc, cuachfholt, s. curled hair. 

CuAcój, cuachog, s. f a fold, lap, or plait. 

CuAcf-nAnn, cuachshrann,s. a vehement snoring 
or snorting. 

CuAt), ciiadh, s. m. food; a wooden cup, i.e. 
cupA c)iAinn, 0. g.; relation, telling. 

CuA-oAiiAe, cuadhaire, s. m. a news-monger. 

CliuAiu, chuaidh, v. went. 

CuATDÁn, cuadan, s. m. a compliment; a com- 

CuAjÁn, cuagan, s. ni. the hinder part of the 

CuA5)\Án, cuaghvan, s. m. a knot, a knob, a 

CuA^teA.m^^\c, cuaicheamiach, adj. curly-headed. 

CuAil, cuail, gen. of cuaI, a coal ; s. an impedi- 
ment to marriage, Sti. 

CuAibn, cuailin, s. f a bundle, a small faggot. 

CuAiÍAin, cuailain, s. a lock, a curl, a wreath, 

CiiAil,Ain-AiiiALdc, cuailain-amalach, s. a curled 

CuAill, cuaill, s. £ a pole, stake, staff. 

CuAin, cuaill, s. a corner; a litter. 

CuAHice, cuainte, adj. able. 

CuAiiro, cuaird,see cuaiuc. 

CuAi]ieAlcA, cuairealta, adj. curious. 

CiiAi]iin, cuairin, a fleshy, i. e. feo\.m<\\\. 

CuAi|\]'5eA-ó, cuairsgeadh, s. a volume. 

CuAinj-geAU, cuairsgean, s. a wrapper ; the felloe 
of a wheel. 

CuAi|i]'5ein, cuairsgein, s. f. the core, the 

CuAinj'giAC, cuairsgiaih, s. a crooked target. 

CuAip^'gni), cuairsgidh, s. a volume, bundle. 

CuAi]% cuais, s. Í. narration; a cave, a hollow. \ 

CuAi^-jim, cuaisgim, v. I roll, wi-eathe, wrap. 

Cuii\)'5ite, cuairsyithe, adj. rolled, wrapped. 

CuAi)\c, cuairt, s. f a visit, sojoiu-ning, visita- 
tion, cu-cle, circulation, tour. 

CuAincoACAp, cuairteachas,& visiting, gossiping; 

CuAipceoip, cnairteoir, s. m. a visitor. 

CiKMC, cuaith, s. f. the country. 

CuaI, cual, s. m. a coal; a burden. 

CuAÍ, cual, 7 r i 

r^ 1 7 y s. a laggot. 

CtiAioj, cuaiog, ) °° 

CuaIíac, cuallach, s. herding cattle ; a compa- 

Cua1,Iact), cuallachd, s. m. followers, depen- 
dants, company ; a colony, 

CuAÍlAi-óe, cuallaidhe, s. m. a companion. 

CuAtLAiueAct), cuallaidheachd, s. society. 

CuaIIa]-, cucdlas, s. m. an assembly. 

CuAin, cuam, s. m. an assembly; a multitude. 

CuAiiiAiA, cuamhar, adj. fleshy, fat, corpulent. 

CuAn'mpgAiT), cuamhar gaidh, s. a flesh market. 

CuAn, cuan, s. m. deceit; a bay, haven; a field; 
a troop, multitude ; a supper ; a litter of 

CiiAnA]\, ciianar, adj. soft. 

CiiAnnA, cuanna, s. a hill; adj. neat, fine, ele- 
gant, artful. 

CuAjA, cuar, adj. crooked, perverse; Welsh, 
gwyr ; round ; naiTow ; s. a mixture, i. e. 
ni cui]iéeA|A z\\\X) Aceite", o. g.; a worm, a 
screw ; flesh. 

CuAjAA, cuara, s. a vessel. 

CuÁivAii, cuaran, s. a sock, a bandage. 

CuAjíóg, cuarog, s. a shoe or brogue made of 
untanned leather ; an untidy woman ; a knap- 

CiiA]\i'5eA6, cuavsgeach, adj. twisted. 



CiK\]ic, cuart, see cuai)\c. 
CiK\j\cAC, cuartach, adj. current. 
CuAncACA, cuartacha, adj. ambulatory. 
CiiAjicAg-ftujAnAC, cuartag-shluganach, s. a 

CiK\]icAit)eAC"0, ctiartaidheachd, s. visiting. 
CiK\]>cAi5iiii, cuartaigliim, v. I searcli, invcs- 

tii;;ate. ■ 
CiK\]\rAn, cuartan, s. a maze, labyrinth. 
Cuahch'kxc, cuartmliach, adj. circulatory. 
CuÁ]\cii5At), cuavtiujhadth, s. surrounding, dili- 
gent seaeli, inquiry.. 
CuAircinjce, cuarinightke, part. Investigated. 
CuAf, cuas, V. told; " cuA]'no ad cua]-; t. e. x>o 
1iinni]'eA-ó", O'Ci; s. m. a cave, liollow, cavity. 
CuAfAC, ciiasach, adj. concave, hollow. 
CuAj-ACT), cuasachd, s. m. conca^dty. 
CuAi'ActiAc, cuasachdach, s. a cough. 
CuAj'Aj, cuasag, s. honeycomb in hollow trees, 

CuÁj'An, cuasan, s. m. a hollow, cavity. 
Cu A]'Ó5, cuasog, s. f. a bee's nest ; an apple ; an egg. 
CuA-umne, cua-umne, s. a blind nut. 
CuACÁn, cuatan, s. m. the sun. 
CuAcjióg, cuatlu-og, s. a small bit, Ferm. 64. 
Cub, ctib, s. a bending of the body. 

CubACAtl, cubhachail, s. f. a bedchamber. 

CaIda-o, cubhad,, s. a cubit. 

CubAj, cuhJuig, s. a cuckoo. 

C\\'b^-^--^'i-io-^<s^\ó.c,cubhag-ghl{ogaracJi, s. a snipe. 

CubATO, cubhaidh, s.honour ; " •oah mo cubAiii)" ; 
adj. decent, fit, becoming; s. a cubit. 

CubAi-óeAcc, cubhaidheaclit, s. fitness. 

CubAnii, cubaim, v. I stoop, bend. 

CulJAinj, cubhamg, adj. narrow. 

CubAinje, cubhainge, s. a strait. 

CubAi]\, ctibhair, s. a cooper. 

CubAip cubhais, s. f. an oath. Tig.; conscience. 

CubAÍ, cubital, apparel, a religious habit. 

CubAji, cubhar, s. m. a corner; froth, foam. 

CubA|\AC, cubharaeh, adj. frothy, nappy. 

CubAi|ie, cubaire, s. a black cock, Sh. 

CubA^', cidihas, s. m. a word, a promise, o. g.; a 
tree, a block. 

Cubec, cubet, joking, game. 

CúbjiAij, cubhraigh, adj. fragrant. 

Cub]\iiin, cubhruin, g. a coverlet. 

CucAilce, cuchailte, s residence, rest, o. g. 

CucAilce, cucailte, s. a servitude, a secret, o. g. 

CucAipe, cuchaire, s. in. a singer; a hunter. 

CucAi]ieAcc, cucaireachd, s. f. singing; hunting. 

CucAiiiAyi, cucamhar, s. a cucumber. 

CucÁn, cucan, s. m. a rush-basket, a top-knot. 

CuccbAiue, cucclaidhe, s. a narrow way. 

Cucl<iit)e, cuclaidhe, a a residence. 

Cucob, cacol, s. m. a cuckold. 
Cucc, cuc/it, s. ra. a colour, a kind, sort; au 
image, model, appearance; store, provision, 
beauty, limning. 
CuccAiúe, cuchtaidhe, s. m. a maker, a former. 
CuccAip, eucthair, s. a kitchen. 
CucuibbéAii, cucuillean, s. yellow lady's bed- 
straw ; cheese renning ; galium veruni. 
Cu-ó, cudJi, s. a head. 
Cu-OACT), cudachd, adv. also, likewise. 
CuT)Ainn, cudainn, s. a cuddy, a kind offish. 
Cut>Aim, cudaim, v. I fall; s. a fall; a scar in 
the head ; a defect in the hair ; an eruption 
on a mountain. 
Cut)AiiiieA]'A'ó, cudaimcasadk, s. the falling 

CutdaL, ciidal, adj. bad, wicked. 
CuDAiii, ciidam, s. m. a prostitute; dandrlff, 

forked hair. 
CutiAiTiAC, cudamaeJi, adj. frail, corruptible. 
CuTDApniÁn, cudarman, s. m. the vulgar. 
CuTJApniAncA, cudarmanta, adj. rustic, vulgar. 
Cu-OAHun, cudarun, s. cap or hood. 
Cu-oiTiA, cudma, s. abuse, contempt. 
Cu-óno-ó, cudhnodh, s. haste, speed. 
Cunoj, cudog, s. f. a haddock. 
Cu-óóg, cudhog, s. £ a jackdaw. 
Cu-0)\AinA, cudrama, adj. complete, regular, 

even, just. 
Cutif Aoc, cudshaoth, s. an apoplexy ; an apology, 

Ci\x)t]\om, cudthrom, s. weight, stress. 
Cu-or]iomAC, cudthromach, adj. weighty, mo- 
Cut)CnoiiiACAT), cudthromachadh, s. bias, bur- 

Cu-oqioinAijim, cudthromaigMm, v. I bias, gra- 
Cu-eAlbA, cu-ealba, s. a pack of hounds. 
Cuei^ic, cueirt, s. an apple tree. 
Cu-euriAic, cu-eunaich, s. a spaniel, Sh. 
CugAtif A, cugadsa, prep, to you. 
Cu^-A]\, ciifar, s. a bird of prey, an old bird. 

Cur An, cufar, 1 

„ r I ' -^ ' V s. a cypress tree. 

Cu-pn-OA, cu-finda, s. a moth ; see CAntiA. 
Cu-poÚAtnne, cu-fodhairne, s. an otter. 
CugAinn, cugainn, prep, with pron. to us. 
CugAiin, cugann, s. rich standing milk, Sh. 
Cui, cui, s. a cover, garment; a. contrary. 
Cúib, cuibh, s. a cup; a bird, a cock. 
Cuib, cuib, s. a cub, a whelp, a dog. 
Cuibe, cuibe, s. a spade. 
Cuibe, cuibhe, adj. meet, fit; competent. 
CuibeAifiuib, cuibheamhuil, ndj. decent, modest 



CuibeA^', ciiihheas, s. decency. 
Cui'bei]^ cuibheis, s. f. enough. 
Cuibec, cuihhet, s. fraud, deceit. 
Cuibec, cuihet, s. m. a jeer, a scoff. 
Cuibioi^AC, cuibhiosach, adj. passable, decent. 
Cuibtinn, cuibJilinn, s. f. a dispute, contest. 
Cuib^ieAC, cuibhreach, s. m. a band, bond, fetter, 

noose, manacle, entanglement. 
CuibjieACA-o, cuibhreachadh, s. catenation. 
Cuib]\eAn, cuibhrean, s. an article. 
Cuibjiijini, cuMrifihim, v. I bind, fetter. 
Cuibpijce, cuihhn'ijhlhe, adj. bound, shackled. 
Cuib|\ionn, cuiblirionn, s. a portion, lot, 

Ciiibée<NC, cuibhtheach, adj. equitable. 
Cute, cuich, s. f a secret, a mystery; pron. 

who, 0. g. 
Cuicce, cuicce, adv. until; i. e. CAije, {. e. 50 

CuiceAc, cuiceach, s. a coverlet. 
Cu:cer\, cuicen, s. a kitchen, Cor. 
CuiT), cuid, s. f. a part, share ; a supjjer. 
Cviit), cuidh, adj. clean, pure. 
CmUAb, cuidhal, s. a wheel, a spinning wlieel,5/i. 
Cui-o-a1,aic, cuid-alaich, s. a litter, Sh. 
CuibaIact), cuidalachd, s. pride, Sh. 
Cui-oaIaih, cuidhalam, v. to spin, Sh. 
Cui-óA'LAi]\Act), cuidhcdairachd, s. wheeling, roll- 
ing, spinning, Sh. 
CuiT)-An-cpAc, cuid-an-trath, s. a meal. 
Cui'OA|\un, cuidarun, s. a cowl, a hood. 
Cui-obeAt), cuidbheadh, s. a jibe, a jeer. 
Cui-obeAC-o, cuidbheachd, s. decency. 
CuiobeActiAC, cuidbheachdach, adj. severed. 
CumeACAt), cuidheachadh, s. help, helping. 
Cu\vieACó.-b, cuideachad]t,,'\ t .,. , , 

Cmx>e^Um^^^l,cuideach. ^^dj.^auxihary, help- 

amhuil, 3 ^o" 

Cui'oeAC'OAijitn, cuideachdaighim, v.' I accom- 
pany, attend. 
CuiueACt), cuideachd, s. f. company; a com- 
Cui-oeAccAn, cuideachtan, s. accompanying; 

CuraeAccAigce, cuideachtaighthe, adj. accom- 
Cui-oeAU, cuideadh, s. m. help, aid. 
CuioeA-OAC, cuideadhach, adj. auxiliary. 
CuiiDeAiiibACD, cuideamhlachd, s. decency. 
CuroeAct», cuideachd, adv. likewise; s. f. a 

CuroeAiiiuil, cuideamhinl, adj. decent, fit; in-- 

Cui-oeog, cuideog, s. f. a spider. 
Cuix)ig, cuidigh, see cuiucaú. 

Cuwi-^e, cnidighe, ") s. m. an assistant, a 

CuiTDijceAc, cuidigh-> helper; a second; a 
theach, ) companion. 

Curoijim, cuidighhn, v. I aid, assist, succour. 

CuiT3i jce, cindighthe, part, assisted, helped. 

CuiT)i5ceoii\, cuidightheoir, s. m. an abettor. 

Cui-onigAt), cuidiughadh, s. assistance, helping; 

Cui-oriieA-o, cuidmheadh, s. m. a scoff, derision. 

Cuiu-oioce, cuid-oidhche, s. a night's entertain- 

Cuin^n, ciiidri, "^_ s. entertainment, diet, food, 

Cui-0|\i-ó, cuidridh, ) fare, commons. 

CÚ15, ctdg, s. f. coimsel, advice, Cor.; a secret, a 
mystery, 0. g. ; adj. five. 

C1115, cuigh, s. a bed chamber. 

Cinj'oéAj, cuigdeag, adj. fifteen. 

Cuige, cuige, therefore, see cuicce. 

Ci'njeA-ó, cuigeadh, adj. fifth. 

CiiigeAt), cuigead, adv. therefore. 

w-^e, cmge,^ V s. m. and f a province. 

CuijeAt), cuigeadh, J ^ 

CúigeAj, cuuieaff, "1 s. common cinque- 

Cúi5-riiéA]wtiiliui)\e, cuig- V foil potentilla 
inhear-mhuire J reptans. 

CuijeAÍ, cuigeal, s. m. a distaff, a rock. 

CuijeAlAC, cuigealach, s. m. flax or wool pre- 
pared for the rock or distaff. 

CuigeA^i, cuigear, adj. five. 

Ci'ngeAiii, cuigeamh, s. a district, Sh. 

CúijeAn, cuigean, s. m. a chum; froth caused 
by the motion of any liquid. 

Cuijbm, cuiglin, s. f. tow or wool on a distaff. 

CuijneAcc, cuigneacht, s. cookery, 0. g. 

Cuil, cidl, 1 Í- /1 i 

„ 1 ' ., V s. t. a tfy, a gnat. 

CinLeo^, cuileog,) •' ° 

Cuil, cuil, s. f. a couch, a corner; a closet, any 

private place; adj. wicked, prohibited; s. a 

Cúilbeii\, cidlhlieir, s. f. a gun. 
Cuiibei]\c, cuUbheirt, s. a wile; a stratagem. 
CiiibbeqiceAC, cuilbheir teach, adj. wily. 
Cuibc, cuilc, s. f a reed. 
Cuilce, cuilche, s. apparel, raiment. 
CuilceAC, cuilceach, s. a cloth, veil, hood; a 

steeple, prop. cboijceAC. 
Cinlc-cpAnn, cuilc-crann, s. a cane. 
CuiiceAiiiuib, cuilceamhuil, adj. arrundaceous. 
CuilceAtin, cuilcheann, s. the noddle. 
CuitceAnnAj, cuilcheannag, s. a bribe, Sh. 
CuilcApnAc, cuiltarnac, s. a place where reeds 

grow, Sh. 
Cúil-óub, cuildhubh, 9. a beetle. 
Cuilc, cuilCi every, íS7í. 




CtnleAc, cuileach, adj. party-coloured; s. m. a 

CuileAj-fioniiACAin, cuileag-sliionnachain, s. a 

glow-worm, Sh. 
CmleAnn, cuileann, s. a whelp, a kitten; holly; 

ilex aquifoliura. Welsh, celyn. 
CuiteAtin-cpAJA, CMiVeíz?in-<)'aí7/ío, s. sea holly; 

eryngiiim mavitimura. 
CuileAp, cuilear, s. f. a qiiaiTy. 
CiiileAi-5, cuileasg, s. a jade, ahorse. 
CtnleAc, (*uileat, see cu1l^eAc. 
CúiLeii'TJijceoiii, cuileisdightheoir, s. an eaves- 

C 11 lip AC Alt, cuilflúacail,a. f. a back -tooth. 
Cúilpon, cuilfJiion, s. a fair-haired person ; holly, 

CiiiljéAHHAt), cnilghearradh, back-biting. 
CuilgeAp^iAim, cuilgkearraim, v. I back-bite. 
Cinlioc, cuilioch, adj. flea-bitten. 
C111I15, cuiligh, s. f. a cellar, store-honse. 
Cinlionipo-ó, cidliompodh, s. a retreat. 
CiiiliofAl, cuiliosal, adj. vile, worthless. 
CuilniJA-o, cuUiughadh, s. aboihng, Keat.. 
CiiiLle, cuille, s. black cloth; a quill. 
CuilleAn, cuillear, s. a quany. 
CuilloAi-jA, cuilleasga, s. hazel rods or twigs. 
Ctiilliopg, cuilliosg, see CAilleAfg 
Cuibn, cuilm, s. a feast, Sc. 
CúilnieAnA, cuihneana, s. hides, skins. 
CúitriiionnuJA'ó, cuilmhionnughadh,' s. abjura- 
Cú\\,mor\r\tí\'^tm, cuilmh{onmtighi)n,\. I abjure. 
C111IÓ5, cuilog, s. a pair, Sh. 
Cuili'e, cuilse, s. beating. 

CuilfeAti, cuilsean, s. the quilt or tick of a bed. 
Ctiilf-eóin|u\, cuilsheomra, s. a bed-chamber. 
Cw\.\-mnze6.Y, cuilsinnteas, s. delay, negUgence. 
Cuilc, cuilt, s. f a bed, a bed-tick. 
CuilceAc, cuilteach,s. abakehouse; adj. having 

CuilceACÁn, cuiUeachan, s. m. an upholsterer. 
Cuiic]-éAnA-ó, cuiltseanadli, ~i , . 

Cuilci-beAmnuJA'ó, c!M7<s/eam/i- V ' ,.%. ^ 

nughadh, 3 " °' 

Cuim, cuim, s. f. entertainment, proteutiou; a 

CuiriiA]', cumihas, s. the list of cloth. 
Ciiitne, c!<ime, s. hardness. 
CinmeAlcA, cuimhealta, s. bruising. 
CuniieAmAct), cidmheamhachd, s. competency. 
Cuiiiiei]!, cuimeir, adj. neat, proportioned. 
CuiiiieoLA'o, ciiimheoladh, s. wiping. 
Ciniii^eAC, cuimhgheach,\ s. m. one compelled 
CuiiiijeA-ó, cuimhgheadh,) by l-.iw, Br. L. 
CuniijeAT), cuimhgheadh, s. a narration, stoiy. 


CuiiiijeAlb, cuimhgheall, s. f state, condition. 

_ . . . •77 7 "k s. m. a strait, 
Cumi^tteAC, cuimhqiireack, f 

„ . <>i . ' . 7 •=' , ' V narrow 

CuiiupeAC, cuimhreach, ^ bonds, fetiei-s. 

CuimiTDe, cuimide, s. m. an appointed time.' 

Cuiinitie, Cuimidhe,s. God. 

Cuunin, cuimin, s. f. a little chest, a box ; a com- 
mon; cummin; curainum. 

CunTiini'b, cuiminihh, s. suburbs. 

CuimbeAt), cidmleadh, s. intermeddling ; perfor- 
mance, fulfilling. 

CuiiiiieÁn, cuhnhlean, s. m. a wheel. 

Cuiriine, ctdmhne, s. f. protection, retaining; me- 
mory, remembrance. 

CuiiiineAC, cuimhneach, adj. mindful. 

CuíitineAcÁíi, euimhneachan, s. a memorandum; 
a keep-sake. 

CuiiiinijiiTi, cuimhnighim,v. I mind, remember. 

Cuiiiinijceoin, cuimhnightheoir, s. a remem- 
brancer, chronicler, recorder. 

CuiiiimuJAX), cuimhniugkadh, s. remembering, 

CuimpeAc, euimreach, s. m. an assistant. 

C\3m\\e.\n, cuimhrean, s. a portion, a share; a 
messing or eating together. 

Cuinij-e, cuimse, s. m. a mark, aim, aiming. 

Cuiiii]-eAC, cidmseach, s. m. power, i. e. cuiiiiAf, 
e.g.; adj. adjusted; mean, little; indifierent, 

Ciiiinj'ijce, cidmftighihe, adj. modified. 

CuinpiujAt), curmiughadh, s. a recording. 

Cum, cuin, adv. when? i. e. ca UAin? 

Cume, cuine, s. an angle, a quoin. 

CuineA-o, cuineadh, s. m. mourning. 

CuineAj, crdneag, s. a copy, Sh. 

CumeAb-iiunpe, mdneal-mhutre, s. great white 
muUon ; hag's taper ; lady's fox glove ; cow's 
lung-wo'rt ; verbascum thapsus. 

CuineAn, cuinean, v. to coin, Sh. 

CuineÁnj, cwinea«(7, adj. narrow; prop, cuiii- 

CúineAf, Guineas, s. rest, quiet; prop. ciuineAf. 

Cumeog, cuineog, a. f. a mote, a farthing ; barley 
and oats. 

Cuineoi]!, cuineoir, s. a coiner, minter, Sh. 

Cuinj, cuing, s. a yoke, duty, obligation. 

Cumg-AnAtAC, cuing-analach, s. an asthma. 

CuiugceAngAÍ, cuingcheangal, s. m. a thong or 
band by which the yoke is fastened to a beast's 

Cuiu'oii', cuindis, v. they kept ; i. e. tdo cong- 
bAiT3ip, 0. g. 

Cviinj, cuing, s. f. a solicitation, entreaty 

Cumge, cidnge, 1 s. narrowness, strait- 

CunijeAii), cidngeadh, j ncss. 



Cumgm, cuingir. 
CuingjieAC, cu' 

gim, V. X uesi 

"i s. a coi 

I cum 

" C horsi 

3 yoke 

CuinjeAc, cuingeacli, see cuinj^. 
CumgeAt), cuingeadh, }s. requisition, petition, 
Cuingit), cuingidh, ^ demanding, request. 
Cuinjiii), cuingidh, s. m. a hero. 
Cuin^iiii, cuingim, v. I desire, request, demand. 
'i s. a couple, a pair, a team, 
i^ip cApAL, a team of 
horses; cuinjin x)Áiii, a 
le of oxen. 
Cuinjic, cuÍ7igit,s. two things of equalsize united, 

a double goblet, Cor. 
CuincéA^i, cuivcear, s. f. a rabbit burrow. 
Cmnijim, cninighim, v. I assuage, mitigate; 

prop. ciuuAijitn. 
Cuitiin, cuinin, s. m. and f. a rabbit. 
Cumioc, cuinioch, adj. angular. 
CuinioccAOi, cuiniochthaoi, v. ye shall keep. 
Cuimot), cuiniodh, s. an angle. 
Cuiniol, cuiniol, s. a carriage. 
Cuinlm, cuinlin, even, in opposition to. 
Cumn, cuinn, gen. of Conn, a man's name. 
Cumne, cuinne, s. a corner, an angle, a quoin. 
Cuinnem, cuinnein, s. a nostril. 
Cumneoj, cuinneog,s.f. a churn, a pail; Welsh, 

Cumneoj-iinje, cuinneog-mhighe, ■vvild angelica ; 

angelica sylvcstris. 
CumntAin, cuiunlain, s. a boll, stalk, or stem. 
Cmnn^iein, cidnnrein, s. a snout, -S7i. 
Cumn^-e, citmnge, \ s. the face, countenance ; 
Cuinn]'eAÍ, ciiiimseal,) 

Cuinn]'e, cuinnse, s. a quince. 

quot. at c]\om. 


Tpeoi|\, cuinseoir, s. m. a pom art 

Ciiin^jeAllAn, cuinsgeallan, s. a stable. 
Cuinco]icui-o i'é, cuintorchiddh se, v. he 'will 

render, return, or recompence. 
Cuip, cuip, s. f. foam, froth. 
CuipeA^, cuipear, s. conception. 
CuinAiTDeAc, cuiraideacli, cunning, Sh. 
Cui]ib, cidrh, a. cursed. 
CuiubcAccA, cidrbeachta, s. bird's claws. 
Cui]\b]-i]Ae, cuirhsire, s. m. a brewer. 
Cui^ic, cuirc, s. f. a knife, a whittle. 
Cut^c, cuirc, 1 s. a head, crest, comb, top- 
Cuipcin, cuircin, j knot. 
Ciii^\ce, cidrce, s. oats. 
Cmnceoj, cidrceog, s. f. a hive. 
Cu'i^vcie, cidrchle, s. sorcery. 
CÚ11TO, cuird, 1 
Cm\.^,cuirt, I s- a court. 
Cui)TO, cuird, s. a trade; see ceAjTO. 
Cui^TO]iip, cuirdhris, sweet-briar. 
Cui^ie, cMiVe, s. m. a feast; see coijie; the num 

ber five ; a multitude, throng, conipuny ; ; 

body of soldiers live deep. 

CuipeAw, cidreadh, s. m. an invitation. 
Ctiii\eAtiAc, cuireadach, adj. knavish. 
Ciii)ieAr, cidreat, s. m. the knave at cards. 
Cin)\eAí:A]\, cidreathar, v. it was done, it came 

to pass. 
Cmne-ACAi]!, cuire-ailiair, s. the master of a feast. 
Cutneil, cidreil, a. visible. 
Cui)\ía1ca, cuirialta, adj. curious. 
Cui]\iaIcacc, cidrialtacht, s. curiosity. 
Cuiiiit), cuir{dh,\ s. a feast, a meeting, occur- 
Cuijuc, cidrii, J sion, Lee. 
Cui]\ÍT)in, cz(mVZín,s. shave grass, nakedhorsctail ; 

equisetum fbliis nudum. 
Cui]\i-oin bÁn, cuiridin ban, s. common parsnip ; 

pastlnaca sativa. 
Cui]iini, cidrirn, v. I put, set, sow, plant, invite, 

Ciii|\in, cidrin, s. f a small pot, a can. 
Cuiiun'm, cuirinin, s. the white water lily; 

nymphsea alba major aquatica. 
Cui|\lnm, cuirliun, s. a curlew. 
Cui]\iii, cuirm, s. f. beer, ale; Welsh, cwrmi; a 

feast, a banquet. 
Cun\iiieAc, cuirmeach, adj. festive. 
CuiiniieAT), cuirmeadh, s. feasting. 
Cuijiniim, ndrmim, v. I feast. 
Cui]\niiuJAt), ctdrmiugliadh, s. banqueting. 
Ciii|inoÁn, cuirnean, s. a ringlet, the head of a pin. 
Cui]\neÁnAC, cuirneanach, adj. full of ringlets. 
Cuipnm, cidrinn, s. f. a small vessel. 
C\i\]\]:ie, cidrpe, 1 adj. corrupt, wicked, 

CinjipceAC, cidrptheach,) impious. 
CmppoAc-o, cuirpeachd, s. corruption, wicked- 

Cuippeoi]!, cnirpeoir, s. a carper, Sh. 
Cui]\]"nn, cuirsim, v. I tire, fatigue. 
Cui]\neAC, cuirreach, s. a level plain, a mar?hy 

Cin]iiieib, cidrreil, adj. clear, evident, plíán. 
Cúijic, cidrt, see cúi]it). 

Ctn,ic,««H ^s. fan apple tree. 

Cmiiceoj^, cvirteog, ^ ^ '■ 

Ciiii\ceAC, ctdrteach, adj. aulic. 
Cúi]\ceAiiibAct3, cuirteamhlachd, s. courtliness, 

cou teousness. 
Cuii^reAiiiuib, cidrteamhtdl, adj. courtly, cour- 
teous, condescensive, complaisant, aflablc. 
Ciii]ireAp, cidrteag, s. m. courtesy. 
Cuii\rcAi-AC, cuirteasrich , adj. courteous. 
Ci'niireog. cidrteog, sec ct'ii^TO ; s. f. a kind of cup. 
Cin|\rcoii\, cnirteoir,s. m. a corn-tier; an inviter. 
Cui)\riii, cuirtin, s. f. a curtain. 
Cuii\nn, nnrth', s. f an eunuch. 
Cuip, cids. s. 1'. a cause, an afliiir, a reason, mo- 
1 tive, a plea, suit, procedure, litwsuit. 





CuiflJiqicA, cuishJiurta, s. a buffoon, Sh. 
Cm^xle, cuiscle, s. a piivate affair; sorcery. 
Cui]-oeo5, cuisdeog, s. tlie little finger. 
Cm^-oiocAit), cuisclhiotaidh, s. appeackment, ar- 
CuifeAn, cuisean, s. m. a crime. 
Cuij'epg, cuiseog, s. f. a stalk, a straw. 
Cui)'eÓ5AC, cuiseogach, adj. cauliterous. 
Ciiij-jle, cuisgle, s. a figlit, a battle. 
Cuipi, cuisil, s. counsel ; i. e. coiiiAinte, o. g. 
Cmpn, misin, s. f. a cushion. 
CLnii|\e, cuisire, s. m. a casuist. 
Cin^-Le, s. a vein, a pipe, a pulse. 

CuirtcAC, cuisleach, ) t • • j 

„ I .' . • ; 7; JL V adi.vemv, vemed. 
Cini-leA-OAC, cuisleadhach., ) 

Cui)-ie<.\n, cuislean, s. a small vein; a castle, 
prop. CAii'teAn. 

Cui]-leÁiiAC, cuiisleanach, s. m. a piper; see 

Ciii]-le-mo]i, cinsle-7iiItor, s. an artery. 

Cuij-leog, cuisleog, s. f. a lancet. 

CiiipLin, cuislin, s. f. a pole; a flute or hautboy, 
i. e. c]iArin ciuib, 0. g. 

Cini'linn, cuislinii, s. a drinking cup; a tube. 

Cm I'll e, cuisne, s. ice, frost. 

Cin]-neAmuil,, cukneamhuil, adj. frosty. 

Ctn]-ni jim, cuisnigliim, v. I freeze, congeal. 

Cui]'ni5ce, cuisnighthe, part, congealed, frozen. 

Cui]-on, cuison, s. m. a judge; adj. wise, pru- 

Ciitixe, s. a couch. 

Cuic, cuit, s. m. the head, circimiference. 

Cuit)bemc, cuithhheirt, s. a helmet, a hat. 

Cuicbe-o, cuithhhedh, s. sorrow, grief, 4 Mast. 

Cince, cuite, adj. quit, even. 

Cmce, cuithe, s. a trench, a channel, a furrow ; a 

Cuice, cuite, adj. sound, healthy, well. 

CinceoiC, cuitcach, s. m. a denial, refusal; a re- 
quiter; adj. equal, even with; s. m. £oam, 
froth ; rage, fury. 

CuiceAt), cuiteadh, s. m. recompense, requital. 

Cuice^b, cuiteal, s. the cuttle flsh. 

CuirpeAji'DA, cuithfeardha, s. m. an encamp- 
ment, military head-quarters. 

Cuicij, euitigh, v. he swore ; i. e. t)0 liiionAi 5, 

C111C151111, cuitniJtim, V. I reward, requite. 

Cmcigce, cuiliijhthe, part, atoned, requited. 

Cuicioiii, cuitiomh, s. a recompense. 

Cuiciujokt), cuitiughadh, s. a reparation, requital. 

Ci'iL, cm/, s. custody, guard, defence; the back 
part of anything ; chariot ; a coin. 

CuIaj, cnlag, s. turf, peat, 5c.; cheek-tooth, Sc. 

CubAit), ciilaidh, s. apparel, vestments; a tool, 
instrument, a boat. 

CiibAi-o-fiuib, cidaidh-shiuil, s. canvas. 

CulAini, culaim, v. I thrust or push back. 

CviIai]\, culair, s. f. the throat, ]>alate, chops. 

CubAncA]-, culantas, s. baskfulness. 

CubA]\Ain, cularain, s. cucumbers. 

Cubb, culh, s. m. an artist, a carriage maker. 

CubbAC, culhliach, a. artful, skilful. 

Cub-bÁipe, cul-baire, see bÁi]\e. 

Cub-boc, cul-bhoc, s a he-goat, a buck. 

Ct'ibcÁineA'ó, culchaineadh, see cúicÁnic. 

CiíbcÁmini, culchainim, v. I backbite, slander. 

Ct'ibcAini:, culcJn'iiil, s. f calumny. 

CúlcÁinceAC, ciilr/i.iiiiic'ich, adj. backbiting. 

Cúlcéniceoi]\, iiilr/minteoir, s. m. a backbiter. 

CúbceiiiiniuJA-ó, culcheimniughadh, s. tergiver- 

Cúlcoiiiieit), cidchoimheid, s. a rere-guard. 

Ci'ibtiic, culdich, adj. retired, set apart, Sh. 

CúbeAHAbAir, ctdearalais, s. a corps de reserve, 

CúlJA, culglia, adj. hind. 

CúlJAbAib, culgJiahliail, s. adoption. 

CúbjAbAitn, culgJiahJiaini, v. 1 adopt. 

CubjAijM, culgairi, s. a charioteer, Lee. 

CubjAi^mi, ctdgairm, s. recalling. 

CubjAipnniin, culghairimim, v. I recall. 

CiiljbACATÍ), citlghlachad, s. m. adoption. 

CúljbACAiin, culghlacaim, v. I adopt. 

CubnJ-bnopcA-o, culidhbhrostadh, s. an incen- 
tive, iili. 

Cubna-iTAnoiT), culidh-fanoid, s. a laughing- 
sock, Sh. 

Cuibli-ó-iiieAbbAi-ó, cuiUldli-mheallaidh, s. a 
dupe, Sh. 

Cúb-ice, cul-ithe, s. backbiting. 

CuAbbA, cualla, s. a hood, a cowl. 

CubbAC, cullach, s. m. a boar ; a yearling calf 

Cubbin, cidlin, see cuibeAnn, 

Cubboit), culloid, s. f. noise, splutter, brawl. 

Cubbd-oeAc, culloideach, adj. noisy, brawling. 

Cubu]\An, culuran, s. m. birthwort, swine-bread; 

CúbiiAine, cuhnhaire, s. m. a wheelwright, cha- 

CúbfiA]'bA, eulmhasla, \ i . l.i -^j ,, 

Cv>\.m'y\\ui^6X>,culmhash(ghadh,^ ' ' ■ ^" 

CiibiiiAj'buijim, cuhnliasLuighim, v. I backbite. 

CúbiiiA^-buijceoip, culmhasluigldheoir, s. m. a 

CtibiiiiicAi]ie, culmhtitaire, s. m. a mutineer. 

CúbiiiúcAmeAC-o, cidmhutaireachd, s. mutiny. 

CÚIÓ5, cutog, s. f. one that rides behind 
another ; a coUop ; turf, peat. 




Cul,|-Aic, culpait, s. f. a defence from cold; 

" cutj-'Aic. i. e. CAiL putc i. e. 'PuAcc," Cor. 
CuLplioc, culphoc, see cuLlioc. 
Ci.tlnAt)A]\CAC, culradharcach, adj. circumspect. 
Cut,c<.\it)eo>c, culthaidheach, adj. preposterous. 
CiilcAinnjiin, culthairngim, v. I retract. 
CulcAic, culthaich, s. f. a defence, redoubt, 

CulcAjA, cultar, s. a coulter. 
CuluijéAC, culuiglieach, s. apparel. 
Cun, cum, s. m. the waist, see com ; form, 

shape; a fight, a duel; it answers to the 

EngHsh particles to and /or; as cum, I'leibe, 

cum A Ijeic, cum h\.\\\ mbeACA, etc. 
CumA, ciima, adj. indiiferent, equal; s. m. a 

form, fashion, manner, model. 
CÚTÍiA, cumha, s. a bribe, a reward; sorrow, 

grief, lamentation; power, superiority. 
CúmAC, cumach, a breach, derout; adj.plaintful, 

woeful; adj. narrow, strait. 
CiniiACAg, cumJiacaff, s. an owl, Sc. 
CuriiACAii, cumhacail, s. a couch. 
CurhAct), cumhachd, s. f. power, force. 
CutiiACTDA, cumkachda, s. a command. 
CúiiiAC'OAC, cumhachdacli, adj. powerful, mighty ; 

sad, sorrowful. 
CutiiACTDAmuib, eumhachdamlmil, adj. miglity. 
Cum At), ciimadh, see cutiia; see CAmA-o. 
CuiUA-o, cumhadh, sec cúmA. 
CurhATDAC, cumhadhach, see ciniiAC. 
C-um^x)Mr\, cumadain, ) s. m. a framor, shaper, 
CumA'ooiii, cumadoir, | deviser, fashioner. 
CumA'oói]\eAC'o, cumadoir eachd, s. device, in- 
Cun'iAj, cumliag, s. a cuchow, Sc. 
CuiiiAjAc, cumliagach, adj. curling. 
CutiiAg IbojAt) come, cumliag hhogadli 'toine, 

s. wagtail, Sh. 
CumAit), cumaidh, s. help. 
CumAi-oe, cumaide, s. a drinking cup, o. g. 
CumAib, cumail, s. holding. 
CumAibm, cumailim, v. I touch, I wipe, rub off. 
CumAiic, cumailt, s. f touching, wiping. 
CumAim, cumaim, v. I shape, form, frame ; I hold, 

fasten, keep. 
CumAincAC, cumaineach, s. communion. 
CumAing, cumliaing, adj. narrow, strait ; s. power ; 

a corner. 
CuriiAinje, cimihainge, adj. narrowncs?. 
Ci'imAingim, cumliamgim, v. I straiten, make 

CuiiiAii', cumhais, s. f. a selvage, a border. 
CumAiyj, camaistg, s. f a mixture. 
CiiniA^'gim, cumasgim, v. I mix, blend. 
CumAii'jce, cumaUghthc, part. niingl(>d, lilended. 

Cum At, cumal, s. m. three cows, the value of 

three cows ; toll. 
CuiiiAb, cumhal, s. f. obedience, subjection; a 

hand maid, a bond maid, a woman employed 

in turning a quern. Cor.; a hood, a covering. 
CuniAÍt)A,CMm/íf//ctta, adj. belonging to a servant. 
CumAiiiuit, cumamhuil, adj shapely. 
CuriiAU, cumhan, s. monrnfulness, a strait, Sh. 
CumAn, euman, a skinner; a sort of dish, 67i. 

a shrine. 
CutiiAnj, cumhang, s. m. power, strength. 
CuiiiAngACA, cumhangacha, s. straightness, nar- 

CuriiAnjAim, cumhangaim, v. I abridge, make 

CutiiAnjiiAc, cumliangrach, see cumjAc. 
CumAun, cumann, ') s. communion, societv, 
Cwnonn, cumonn, j mutual friendship, union, 
Cu m Au n, CMJna?i?r, \ adj. common, ordinary ; 
CuiiK\nncA,cM)nanH<rt, J usual. 
CuniAnnAC, cumannach, adj. affectionate. 
CumAom, cumaoin, s. fellowship, communion; 

s. f. an obligation. 
CumAioneAC, cumaoineacli, see cumAtneAc. 
CumAoncAp, cumaontas, s. commonness, gene- 
CuniA]!, cumar,s. a valley; the bed of a large 

river or narrow sea ; a point or place where 

streams or roads meet. 
Cii-mAjiA, cu-mara, s. a sea hound ; the proper 

name of a man. 
Cunu\|iAice, ctimaraice, s. people living in a 

country full of valleys and hills. 
CumA]', cumas, s. m. strength, power. 
CuniApAC, cumasach, adj. strong. 
CuniApcc, cumascc, s. a mixture. 
CumA]-5A-ó, ctimasgadh, s. mixing. 
CumAi^-gAim, cumaisgaim, v. 1 mix, mingle. 
CvniiTDAC, cumhdach, s. m. defence, protection ; 

a veil, covering, cover of a book; a brooch, 

an ornament. 
CúriiT)AccA, cumhdachta, adj. fenced, guarded. 
CuiiTOAijtm, cumhdaighim, v. I fence, maintain, 

support ; roof in a building. 
CuiiigAC, cumhgach, s. m. a stumbling block ; 

straitness, distress. 
CuiiibAccATO, cumhlachtaidh, s. m. a sucking pig. 
CumÍAt), cumladh, s. ra. rubbing, wiping. 
CuiiilAignn, cumhlaighim, v. I fulfil, perform. 
CumlAijce, cumhtaighthe, part, performed, lul- 

CumU\im, cmnlnim, v. I i-ub, scrape, wear. 
CiiiiitiAnrA, cumlinanla, s. a covenant. 
CúiíiiiAncJA, nnnlniaiilglia, adj. federal. 
CininiAurAiiim, ruinh\i(intai(jhim, v. I covenant. 



CúiimAnnnjce, cumhnantuighthe, s. covenanter. 

Cuiiiiuvncuijce, cumhnarUuighthe, aJj. covc- 

C 1111101111, cumonn, see cuniAnn. 

Cuiiio]iAt), camoradh, s. emulation. 

Cuiii)DA]i, cumpar, sec coiiipuii\. 

Ciiiiipei|\-o, cu»i2?eird, s. bearing, bringing forth. 

Ciinipluc-o, cumpluchd, s. a crew, a gang. 

Cúiii]u\, cumhra, adj. sweet, fi-agrant. 

Cuiii]\v\cAÚ, cumhmchadh, s. an incumbrance. 

Ciiiiii\ACAuii,c»ííi/írac/taM)i, v. to encumber. 

Ci'niiiiAct), cuiiihrachd, s. fragrance. 

Cihniióg, cuinhroi/, s. f sweet apple tree. 

Ciniii'AiiAc, cuinhsanach, adj. peaceful, tranquil. 

Cinii]\\iu\-i), ciunhsanadh, s. tranquility, rest. 

Cutiii'AiKMiii, niinhsanaim, v. I rest, repose. 

Cumi-g.vt», I'liinsijadh, s. ringing, Sh. 

Cuh'ii-jaL, cumh'iijal, s. moving, stirring. 

Cuiiij-gACA, cumhsgatJia, adj. moved, provoked. 

CunipccuJAt), cumsccughadli, s. removal, expul- 
sion; GoJAn UA néilL ■oo cuin-pccuJA'o a)'a 
plcvciop 1a a liiAC féin, Qn\\\ iiiac GogAin", 
4 j\[ast. 1455. 

Cútiij'g'jJAt), cumlisgughadh, s. marcliing, jour- 

CumcA, cumtJia, adj. shaped, formed. 

CuiiicAc, cumJithach, s. m. bribery. 

CumcA-o, cumthadh, adj. dear, costly. 

CuniCAiiA, cumthaiia, adj. helping, keeping, o.g. 

Cuiiuib, cumhid, see cuiiiAÍ. 

Cuiiuip, cumus, s. m. power, ability; see coniAp. 

CuiiiupAC, cumusach, adj. able, sufficient. 

Cuiiiu]-5, cumitsg, s. mixture. 

Cun? cuii? adv. when? s. time, hour. 

Ctin, mm, s. m. coin, money. 

CuiiAbAi^eAf, cunalhaireas, s. slothfulness. 

CunAbÍAc, cunablach, s. m. a carcase, a carrion. 

CuiiAC, cunach, s. dodder; cuscula. 

CúiiA-ÓAC, cunadhach, adj. having ai'mies or 

Cun-o^iAc, cundrath, s. m. an agreement, league, 
covenant; i. e. " cumA "oo •pACA]', i. e. pAc t)o 
^iu OCA]- pAC AnAbV, Cor. 

CunjAit), cungaidh, s. materials, tools. 

CutijAiicA, cunganta, \ adj. helpful; bucc 

CunjAncAc, cungantach,) cunjAncA, assistants. 

CunjAiicóip, cungantoir, s. m. a helper, assistant. 

CungAjiAc, cungarach, s. exigent. 

CunJAi', cunghas, s. cooperating. 

CunjbAibini, cunghhailim, v. I hold, fasten. 

CunjbAilceAc, cungbhailteach, adj. firm, durable 

CungbAitccAct), cunghhailteaclid, s. durabibty. 

Cuiijip, cungir, see cuingi]». 

CungnAiii, cungnamh, s. help, succour, aid. 

CuniÁn, cunlan, see coipeApAn-iiiuc. 

Cúnn, GU7in, s. m. a body. 
CumiA, cunna, s. friendship. 
CúiinAC, cunnacli, s. ra. moss. 
CininA-ó, cunnadh, s. m. fire-wood. 
CuiinAiicAc, cuunarthach, adj. betrothed, 

CuniiLA, cunnla, adj. modest. 
CunnlACC, cunnlacht, s. wislom, o. g. 
CunniiA'ó, cimiirdd/i, sec cuito]k\c. 
CunnpATiiAC, cuHiiradliucli, adj. agreed upon. 
Cunnuil, cuiinuil, s. objection. 
Cún]"on, cu)ison,s. a noble person; a consonant. 
CiincAbAijic, cuntabhah't, s. doubt, danger. 
CúncAbAii\ceAC, cuntabhair teach, adj. doubtful, 

CuncAim, cuntaim, v. I reckon, enumerate, 

CúncA]-, cuntas, s. m. account, reckoning. 
CúncApAc, cuntasach, adj. keen, sharp, narrow. 
Cunuit, cunuil, s. a check. 

„ ' ,' ^ ' >■ s. a cup; Heb., gabiong. 

CupAll, CitpCHl, ^ ^' ' =■ O 

C\.\\i^.\\, cupar, s. m. conception, generation; a 

CupbAi)i, cupliair, s. f. cypress. 

CvipbA, cupla s. a pair, twins, vulg. 

CúpbAini, cuplaim, v. I couple, pair. 

Cup, cur, s. m. an excursion, expedition, 4 
Mast. ; an invitation ; An. Con. 1225 ; orange 
colour, i.e. buiueAjuptJeAj^j^, o. g.;a, surety, 
pledge, witness; sowing, planting, sending, 
putting, throwing; snowing; power; the pre- 
sent time ; weariness, fatigue, irksomeness ; 
adj . difficult ; noble ; s. aid, care. 

CujiACAn, curachan, s. m. a skiff. 

CujiAc-nA-cuiAg, curach-na-cuiag, s. small-leafed 

CujiAt), curadh, s. m. a cbampion, a knight; an 
obstacle; severe distress. 

Cu]\Ái-o, curaid, s. f. a curate, C. P. 

CupAroeAc, curaideach, adj. ftisky, cunning. 

CupAi'oeAc, curaidheach, adj . chivalrous. 

CupAi-oeAcc, curaideacht, s. friskiness, cunning ; 
chivalry ; tillage ; plantiag ; wrestling. 

Cu)iAÍ5eAn, cmxdghean, see cuipin. 

CujiAi jeAn, curaigean, s. cheese-ruimet. 

Cú)\Aiii, curayn, s. m. care, attention, anxiety; a 
prey, a prize. 

Cú]iAinAC, curamocli, adj. careful, attentive, 

Ci.i]AAmA|-, curamas, s. m. care, diligence. 

CujiAncA, curanta, adj. courageous, gallant. 

CujAAncACT), curantachd, s. m. bravery, courage. 

Cui\A)'Áii, eurasan, s. ni. a milk pail. 

CupAc, curat, s. m. a knight. 




CupAUA, curata, adj. heroic, brave. 

CujibA, curba, s. lewdness. 

CuiAbifeAc, curbiseach, s. an addition. 

CupcAj, cu7'cag, s. a sand-piper, a bird, Sh. 

Cu]\CM]-, curcais, s. f. flags; a bull -rush; hair. 

Cupii, curr, s. m. a corner, an end, site, situa- 
tion ; a pit ; a fountain ; a draw-well. 

Cun]iAC, eurrach, s. m. a cap, a woman's head- 
dress; a marsb, a bog, a fen; a level plain, a 
course ; a burying ground. 

Cuii)\Act), currachd, s. m. sowing; a small farm. 

Cu^ijiACAij, curracaig, s. m. a lap-wing, Sh. 

Ciii\]AAc-nAcu<M5, currac-na-cuaig, s. a blue- 
bottle, Sh. 

Cvi\\\\kn, curran, s. any kind of tap-rooted plant. 

CujAivÁn-'bvii'óe, curran-bhuidhe, s. a carrot. 

Cu]i)\Án-t)e<.\|\5j cwran-dhearg , s. a raddish. 

Cu)ipéb, currel, see cuii\]iéib. 

Cui\)\5AtÁn, currgalan, s. m. a bucket; a dipper. 

CumvcA, currtha, adj. weary, tired, fatigued. 

Cú]\péAi jim, ciirrthaighim, v. I tire, fatigue. 

Cu)\]\éAf, currthas, s. m. lassitude. 

Cu]ipcAi'Act), currthasachd, s. m. weariness. 

Cu^ipucAO, currucadh, s. cooing as pigeons do. 

CúpfA, cursa, a course or manner, row, rank, 

Cú^l'AC, cursach, adj. winding, meandering. 

CúpfACT), cursachd, s. traversing. 

Cu]ii'ACAt), cursachadh, s. a malediction, cursing. 

Cú]i|'Ai5im, cursaighim, v. I course, traverse. 

Cii]ifói]\, cursoir, s. m. a cruiser, a courser. 

Ci'fni'ón, curson, s. m. a sage, a pliilosopher. 

Cujij-CA, cursta, adj. bad. 

Cu]i]'CAbA, ciirstabha, s. a bucket. 

Cu]i]'ui|i, cursuir, s. f. a messenger, Br. L. 

Cu]\cA, curtha, part, fought, sent, set. 

Cupcóip, curthoir, s. an inviter. 

Cu^Au-ó, ciirudh, s. a banquet; Heb., cera. 

Ciii\uin, citruin, s. £ an objection, obstacle. 

Ci'iiiumAC, curumach, see cii]\AniAC. 

Cu)-, cus, s. rent, see cióf; a quantity, enough. 

Cuj'At), CHsadh, s. a bending, inclining. 

Cu|\\5, cusag, s. wild mustard, Sc. 

Cuj'Aiiii, cusaim, see cai'aiih. 

Cu)-Ab, cusal, s. courage, strength. 

Cuj'boin, cusboir, s. m. an object, a mark to 
shoot at. 

Cui'iuAfc, cusmasc, s. diversity. 

Cu]-niunti, cusmunn, s. custom, impost. 

Cu]'p, cusp, s. m. a kibe. 

Cu)'pAc, cusimch, adj. kibed. 

Cui-pó]\c\c-o, cusporachd, s. objection, argumen- 
tation ; throwing at a mark. 

CuppónAi-óim, cusporaidhim,v. I object, aim at. 

Cu]']DO]\t)A, cuspordha, adj. objective. 

Cvyr, oust, s. ra. skin. 

Cu]XAii\e, custaire, s. m. a skinner, a tanner. 

CupcAb, custal, s. m. a girding of the loins for 
running, etc., i. e. c|uipcAlA-ó, o. g. 

Cupciim, custum, s. a ceremony, custom. 

Cue, cut, s. m. a short tail. 

Cue, cuth, s. m. a head. 

CucA, cutha, s. rage, fury, fierceness, madness. 

CucAc, cutach, adj. bobtailed. 

CticAc, cuthach, \ adj. furious, raging, wild, 

CucAit), cuthaidh,) savage. 

CÚCA,b, cuthaiD ^^^. ^^^^f.^^i_ 

CiiCAt, cuthal, ) •' 

CiirAibeACT), cuthaileachd, s. bashfulness. 

CucaIIai-óc, cutallaidhe, s. m. a companion, 

CucAi\l,Án, cutharlan,s. any bulbous rooted plant. 

CucbA]!, cuthbhar, s. m. a helmet. 

CucbApún, cuthbharun, a sort of cap. 


THE letter Z) or Duin, wliicli is so called from 'DU1H, tlie oak tree, is n.wtlie fourth letter of tlio I] i-li i ' ilit, u.l :-. ranked 
'ly our grammariuus among the C)\«ATf>-coni-onie, or hard consonants ; but, by adding an A, oi i , nt iibovo 

it', it falls under the denomination of light consonants, called in Irish coni-o"ie*éo.ti!:-pomA. In mn i . i , D and 

Tare written iadifferently; as C4i\>\-0 or CdfVAC, a friend i 1A-0 or 1AC, them, eti'. And tliis in.liil i ii also to 

the Greeks and Latms: as Gr. ovle and ovre, neque, etc.; and Lat. iaudanl/ ' -> ' i ii .r 'i,;i,/, ^/uf ,/,:,ints and 

tjiiolaiuiis, etc. In the Greek language the third rank of the mute coníonJMí- 'I' 1 ll • uu'llli c im-mant, D, 

respectively correspondmg to T and Th. Now it is to be observed, lliat in \ ■ i _ i i ■ i I li _ iiiiiig with 

T, will, m its variations, admit both D and Th; as ci&piia, a lord- 1 it ' ■ i 'i. ti;uiii'i_, a tj-cmjmioi, their 

lord; mo CK\]\n<l, my lord; and so on with every word whose initi il ' ' I " Iiish D currebpoud» with the Gr. 

Delta and the Lat. D ; as, Ir. OiA, God; Gr. ZevQ, accusal. Aia ; G. n i / ' . Ir. ■oe.spcA-p, to see, from T)eA]\c, 

the eye: Gr. iep/coi, to see. Ir. ■oo, two; Gr. and Lat. rfuo. Ir. ■oif, . , , 'i. Ciq, Lat. bis, twice. Ir. ■oédc or 

«eAg and ■oeich, ten; Gr. ifico, and Lat. rfeccin. The Irish Dalsoa^i^.- ....L 1,1. Th, or T/tela ; as, Ir. ■oopAT, Ang.- 
Sax. door; Gr. 6vpa, accusal, plur. 9vpae. This Irish letter agrees in like manner with the Hebrew Dalet/i or Dk, which, 
by putting a full pomt over it, becomes a D. (See the general remarks on the letter B.) Ir. -oiiMg, or roiiMC ; Lat. diriff, 
to direct ; Heb. derech, via, iter, and deradi, viam, telendit. Ir. ■ouiUe and ■ouiUeoj, tlie pnc;e of a book. Heb. 

d.hlh, folium, pagina libri. The Irish language is industriously censm-ed by some critics for admi" 1 1 H'lous D or 

Uli in the latter end of several words; but these ceasurers should' consider that this redundant \ 1 1 v .1=; for- 

merly observed in the Latin, of which we have a remarkable instance left us in Fabr. Iss. Ant ,.1 1 ' .\eve in 

publicod ntve in privatod nevextrad urbem de senatuos serUeniiad, etc. And we findanear cointi • iiidancy 

in the Hebrew language ; for, as in the iuliuite mood of several Irish verbs, such as pec^l^■Us,ó, tuu. ^.m-, l.ji. Ju/lere, 
deinxud.'i, to see, Gr. cepica, D and its asphrate dh are not pronomiced; thus in the Hebrew rau/i, to see, /ta/i, to toil or 
labour, etc., the final letter He, or h, is not pronounced, but, like the Irish Dh, becomes a mute or quiescent letter. 
Jlany other examples of redundancies, both of consonants and vowels, as also of barbarous forms of words in the old Latin 
tongiie, may be produced from Signor Fabretli's collections of ancient Roman inscriptions and other writings; and this bar- 
Iiarity of the Latm we may trace down to the time of the first Latin poets, such as Ennius and Naivius, nay even as far as 
rhiutus, in whose time the Romans did not think themselves entitled to be excluded out of the number of the barbarian 
natio;is; since this poet not only calls Naivius Poeta barbarus, but also saj-s of himself on occasion of his veision of a 
piece of Greek into Latin M Atticus (for that was his name Plautus bemg only a nickname) vertit barharg Whence it 
aj p s tl t i t s Ron pe u was well fo nded n say ng tl at a c entlv all uat ons except ng the & k<s w ere called 
b b r n B t the f 1 G eel s should m grat t de ha e excepted tl e Phcen ans from whom thej ha I received the 
ko leln-eoflett and the Egvpt an to wl on tl ey owed th r the 1 7 an 1 mj thologv And d ed tl e Latin may 
1 e J tlv looked pon a a nere barba an la g an-e 1 t s u ch a tj 1 as a] ] m th w ibllowmg 

In e» — Ci onea esco 0! i e t ce e e I lo s \ el s at^ue ! ra 1 quisquani 

Je 6se idet neie i er I e Ph I I ! s P/ s t I e uele t u. de P R I Se miuosque 

s I c pt e^tHa ce ulei con e 1 d ex d t e st no d Se t o q e etc._, Fabr. 

1 I t san 1 les of the old Latm are e ^h t len onstrate tl at the la gi. age of tl e primitive 

I 1 they h ve been was at least as n ucl cl arged w th edundant con a t» at tl e e d of words 

a be a d f those who censure t fo cl ledu i nc es of con o ant d d h t look back and con- 

tl u n et r poke a d wiote al t lo r o h e 1 Id ca nee and e n at the end of 
1 tl T u lid b t k o 1 1 t n 1 t 1 le 1 gi ge tl the Irish 

11 k 1 t 1 1 fill 111 f tho En 1 1 w ho adven- 

t 1 1 J r 1 1 , L 1 1 e 1 tl 1 tl e protection of 

t J t dii h 1 o n 1' 1 1 J Ij ab nl d ulf got t a d spoke no 

omuch tl at the E u-1 h go nmeut J Ip 1 t neces a } to o 1 r an act of 1 arl an e t by which 
t d n I ela d we e tr ctly fo b Iden the se of tl e Ir sh la g age nd r c ta n i e alt es. To all 

I those cen u e s of tl e I 1 la "• a e f r a pretended ledundancy of consona ts betray their 

ce m o- the true n 1 of ] 1 ty of languages of b1 ch ma ks tl e n o t essential 

istej oj ad al hue wh 1 ar j s a d n th s ve y 10 t tl e le 1 Mr. Lhuyd 

fe e tl I h the prele enee of pe fe t on befu 1 1 e CeU c to easmayle ennh 1 hceologui, 

p j,e 3 col 1 B t t -, noreover to be ob 1 e a e no red nda t su; e fl o co nts in the 

1 ot the I shl guage, though there are uu 1 !_ h lal Is -^ llj bel n neofthe 

Ivor Is tl ey are fo nd m Of these non rad cals tl e a e t o so t the one con t g of cons ■ icly ad 

ve 1 1 ofwl h there has been a good de 1 d the rema ks on the lette A I mean 1 ih.itare 

throi\n m between t«o vowels belongmg to two diftcient sjllables. But as those adve 1 1 on ;:.l' sanc- 

tion not only of antiquity, but also of examples in Greek and Latin, and I dare say in most other au^;ci.i l.i:;giiUj^us, they 
are not to be counted superfluous, especially as they are of particular nse in easing the voice by prevcntmg a dis.agieeablo 
hiatus. Another kind of adventitious consonants is frequently found at the beginning of words, particuhu-ly when those 
words have a reference to persons or things, as in the words & nooiptie, their fists, Aj\ n-t)óc4i-i our hope, a c-cinn, 
their heads, in which the consonants (n) and (g) ase naturally foreign to the words they ai-e prefixed to, though the nature 
of the language absolutely requires their being prefixed in such chcnmstances. But the other sort of consonants, which 
are not properlv radicals, are yet neither adventitious nor foreign to the natm-e of the words, but do rather necessarily 
arise from the inflections of nouns and verbs, and therefore cannot be redundant. Nor do those non-radical consonants 
clog the language or render it disagreeable m its use; inasmuch as they are mollified, or rendered entirely mute or quies- 
cent, by the aspirate (h), excepting only the consonant brought m as an initial, which is always pronomiced ; but then it 
eclipses the radical consonant to which it is prefixed, so that the word is pronomiced as if that radical consonant had no 
existence, though all radical initials are religiously preserved in the writing, for the sake of preserving the original 
structure and propriety of the language ; a method wliieli that candid and Icained Welshman, Mr. Lliuyd, highly com- 
mends, and shows the abuses which the non-observance of it by the Welsh writers has occasioned in their language. Sea 
Arehizol. page 23, col. 1. 

22 169 


•O, d, the third letter of the Irish alphabet. 
"O^x, da, adj. two; good; -oa "bAji, a good 

son; conj. if; "oa is sometimes used for Ag; 

as, •OA 1&11AT), asking, begging, etc. 
T) A, fZ'a, written for t)0 a, to her, his, their ; and 

for "oe A, of or from his, hers, or theirs. 
"Oa-a-óahcac, da-adharcach, adj. bicomous. 
•OAb, dabh, s. a cow, Sk. 

"OaTjac, dahhach, s. f. a large tub, kieve, or vat. 
'OAbA^\, dabhar, s. m. a bucket or pitcher. 
"OA-beACA, da-bheatha, s. amphibiousness. 
'OÁ-beACAc, da-bheathach, adj. amphibious. 
*OÁbfoi]\, dabhsoir, s. m. a dancer. 
"OAbbiA-onAc, dabhliadhnach, s. m. a two- 
year-old animal. 
"OAboc, dabJioch, s. a farm that keeps sixty 

cows, Sh. 
*OAcbeu)\bA, daclibheurla, s. an idiom, Sh. 
"OAceAnuAC, dacheannach, adj. biceptal, bicepi- 

"OAceAjinAc, dachearnach, adj. biangular. 
"OAco^pAc, dachorpach, adj. bicorporal. 
"OAco^AC, dachosach, adj. biped. 
"OÁciMicAc, dachruthach, adj. bifoimed. 
"Oa-o, dad, ") s. a jot, a whit, a trifle, a 

'OAX)At), dadadh, V mote, anything, sorac- 
"OATDAiii, dadamJi, ) what. 
"Oa-óa^, dadhas, s. m. a fallow deer. 
"OÁ-'óéug, da-dheug, adj. twelve. 
'OA-'ótiibbeAC, da-dhitilleach, adj. bifoliated. 
"OA-omun, dadmun, s. a mote, an atom. 
"OAtDinunAc, dadmutiach, adj. atomical. 
TDa'ooIac, dadolach, s. a large knife. 
"OAe, dae, s. m. a man, a person; a hosue; nioj- 

•oAe, a palace ; a hand ; ]\o fin a 'ÓAe ; a nim- 

nery ; a wall, a rampart. 
"OA-jTAobnAc, da-fhaobhrach, adj. Iwo-edged. 
'OÁ-pAclAc, da-f/daclach, adj.bidental. 
"OÁpcit), da-fhichid, adj. forty. 
"OÁ-pice, da-fhilte, adj. two-fold. 
"OÁ^-ogAi^A, dafhoghair, s. f. a diphthong. 
"Oaj, dagh, adj . good ; •OAJ-riunnaii ; s. m. good ; 

" -OAJ ■OO •OA^Alb AJA^' '0]\0C XlO •0]\ocAib, Co7: 

"Oaj, dag, s. f. a fish ; Heb., daga. 
"Oaja, daga, s. a pistol, a dagger, Sh. 
TDajac, dagach, adj. armed with a pistol, Sh. 
'OAjA-'oiobATo, daga-diolaid, s. a bolster, Sh. 
"OAJAt), daghadh, s. allsalve. 
"OAJAini, daghaim, v. I singe, bum. 
'OAgÁ^í, daghar, s. m. wind. 
"OÁjocAc, daghothach, s. a diphthong. 
"OAJce, claghte, part, singed, burned. 
"Oai, dai, s. a vowel. 
"OÁibi, daibhi, s. David, a man's name. 
"OAibbiAj, daibhliag, see ■OAiriibiAg. 

"OÁibiií, daibhir, ) j- i 

-OAibi'eAc, daibhreach,\ ^"^J" ^^^^^^' P°°^- 
"OÁibneAf , daibhreas, s. f. need, poverty. 
"OAice, daice, adj. of or belonging to a tribe. 
'OAiceib, daicheil, Sc; see "oacaiíiuiL 
"OAiceiÍAct), daicheilachd, s. handsomeness, Sc. 
"OÁit), daid, s. m. a father; Welsh, dad; £leb., 

"OAi-obi]!, daidhbhir, adj. needy, poor. 
"Oai].', daif, s. f di'ink. 
'OA15, daigh, adv. for; s. hope, confidence, sec 

•0015; s. f plunder, slaughter; cause, matter; 

fire, a firebrand; adj. poisonous, irritable, 

furious; conj. because, on account of 
'OAi5Aii\le, daighairle, s. good counsel, o. g. 
"OAigbiojiAfj, daighbhiorasg, s. fuel. 
"Oai jcmniiiiob, daighchinnmldol, s. enamelling. 
"OAijcAt), daigheadh, a. giving, delivering; a 

good time, good opportunity, great odds ; i.e. 

tDAijeA];, daigear, s. a dagger, a poniard. 
"OAijeAnJA, daighcargha, adj. fiery, furious. 
"OAijfeA]!, daighfhcar, s. a rogue. 
"Oai jit), daighidh, s. burning. 
"OAijiiii, daighim, v. I give, I do, dare; I burn. 
"OAijneAC, daighneach, s. a fort, a garrison. 
"OAigneACAt), daighneachadh, s. establishment. 
"OAignijiin, daighnighhn, v. I estabhsh. 
"OÁib, dail, s. f a decree, ordinance; delay, 

respite ; a share, portion ; an account, liistory ; 

relations, friends ; desire, wilhngness ; spaiing- 

ness; giving, bestowing; a separate tribe; 

a meeting, convention ; a plain, a field ; the 

space between the rafters of a house; ad\'. 

ncai-, Avithin reach ; s. f friendship. 
"OÁib-cAc, dail-chath, s. a pitched battle, Sh. 
"OAil-cuAc, dail-chuach, s. a sort of herb, iSA. 
"OAileAt), daileadh, s. m. tradition ; affiance. 
"OÁileAni, daileamh, see 'oaíIiotíi. 
"OAilein, dailein, s. f a scoff. 
'OAileoj, daileog, s. f the date tree. 
"OaiIihi, dailim, v. I give, deal out. 
"OAibiorh, dailiomh, s. m. a butler; " aha in two 

teAgCAp M\\ -OAlllOlilAn pbA]\0 I'AU 40 CAb, 

■00 jGiisrir"' ■^i'^^- This is a literal transla- 
tion of the Hebrew word maslLkeh, one who 
givcth to chink. 

"OÁibiuJAt), dailiughadh, s. distributing, distri- 

"OAible, daille, s. blindness, darkness. 

"OaiIIij, dailligh, adj. corpulent, Sc. 

'OAillmncleAccAc, daillinntleachtach, adj. dull- 

"OÁilce, dailthe, part, dealt, divided, parted ; 
adv. after; s. a foster-child; adj. nursed. 





X)Áilcín, dailtin, s. f. a foster-cliild ; a jackan- 
apes, a puppy. 
■OÁilcíneAcc, daillineacht, ' ' ". ' 

■OAiUineAr, dailtineas, ^ JivrSriity! 

"Oaiu'i, daimh, s. a cliurcli, a Louse; people; 
kindred, consanguinity, connexion; assent, 
free-will; a poet, a learned man; oxen; adj. 

"OaiiíiaI, daimhal, adj. connected, allied, Sh. 

"OAnii-óeoin, daimhdheoin, adv. in spite of, in op- 
position to. 

'OAiiiieAc, daimlieacli, s. m. a companion, asso- 

'OÁnii-eA'OAn, daimJi-eadan, s. a frontispiece. 

"OÁiiTieAiiiuil, daimheamhuil, adj. friendly, re- 

*OAiiii-peoit, daimh-flieoil, s. beef 

*Oaitíiioc, daimhioch, adj. having many rela- 

"OAitiiliAj, daimliliag, s. a cliurcli built of stone ; 
hence Duleek, in the county of Meath, 
wliere it is said the first ecclesiastical stone 
building was erected in Ireland. 

*OAiiniie, daimne, s. loss, damnation, damage ; L. 

"OAimpn, daimsin, s. f a damson. 

-O.Mn, dain, l^^^- ^^ ^^"' ^ P^^^^^ 5"*^ ^^^"^^: 

-OAtiA, dana, ( V'^'1' T" ' "" P°'''' ' '' 

' 'J man ot song. 

"OAiiToeoin, daindlieoin, see ■OAiiiiueoin. 

'OAinjeAn, daimjean, s. m. a stronghold, enclo- 
sure, fortification; an assurance, contract, 
mari-iage; adj. strong, secure, close. 

'OAingne, daingne, s. f. strength, stability. 

'OAiiigneAc-o, damgneachd, s. f a bulwark. 

'OAinjneAiTiuib, daingneamliuil, adj. fixable. 

'OAingiiit), daingnid, s. compactness, firmness. 

'OAinjnijim, daingnighim, v. I fortify, confirm. 

'OMn-^wtfe,daingnighiIie, part, afiixed, confirm- 
ed, married; " Ca]> el]' •OAinjin t)o éAbAi)\c 
e\m\\ inui]\e Ajuj' loféph", Matt. i. 18. 

"OAiiigniuJATÍ), daingniughadh, s. fortifying, ra- 

"OAininn, daininn, s. handicraft. 

"OAmoitie, dainoide, s. a schoolmaster. 

"Oa!)!, dair, s. f. an oak; Welsh, dar; captivity; 
" O i-opbA nA ■OAÍpe bAbiíon-OA 50 gem 
C]\íi't)", M'Par. 

"Oaih, dair, \ s. bulling; bo A5 

"OAnieAt), daireadh, J •oaiiica-o. 

"OAmAin, dairam, v. to bull, take the bull, Sh. 

"OAipb, dairlh, s. f. a worm ; a little person. 

"OvMnbeog, dairbheog, s. f a tadpole. 

"OAipb^ie, dairhre, s. an oak, a nursery of oaks. 

"OAine, daire, the proper name of a man; s. gen. 

of •OAi]t, a wood. 
'OAi]\§e, dairghe, s. an oak apple; adj. oaken. 
TDAijrc, dairt, s. f. a clod, a heifer. 
"OAiivceAC, dairteach, adj. full of clods. 
"Oai)-, dais, s. f a heap, a pile, a rick. 
"OAi^'jin, daisgin, s. f a writing-desk. 
"Oaic, dait, s. a fortress, a fortified place. 
X)Aié, daiili, adj. quick, nimble, active. 
"OAice, daithe, part, revenged. 
"OAiceAc, daiteach, adj. fair-coloured. 
"OAiceAt), daitkeadh, s. celebrity. 
'OMteó.-^<i.X),daitheaghadh, s. revenge, revenging. 
"OAiceAiiibAct), daitheamhlachd, s. comehncss, 

*OAiceAiiiuib, daitheamhuil, adj. colourable, 

feasible ; comely, handsome. 

"OAiceAiiibA, daiteamhla,'\ 

s. a foster-father, Sh. 

"OAiceAU, daitean, 

'OAiceAj'c, daitheasc, s. m. eloquence, a speech ; 

"OAiceoi]!, daitheoir, s. m. an avenger. 

"Oaici, daithi, s. the proper name of a man. 

X)aiciati, daitian, s. a foster-brother. 

"OAicise, daithighe, adj. coloured. 

"OAicitii, daithim, v. I revenge. 

"OAicle, daithle, adv. after. 

'OAicnit), daithnid, s. sorrow. 

"OAicce, daithte, part. dyed. 

"OÁb, dal, s. m. a share, division, lot; a tribe, a 
family ; the land possessed by a tribe ; an as- 
sembly, a plain, a field, a dale ; concourse of 

"OÁbA, dala, s. news, historical relations ; an oath ; 
espousals, meetings ; prep, as to, as for ; ■oáía 
11A ITluiiiineAc; s. m. respite, delay; a brood. 

"OÁbAijeA-ó, dalaigheadh, s. assignment. 

"OÁbAijnii, dalaighimh, v. I assign, appoint. 

"OAlAn, dalan, s. m. a great bulk. 

'OAlÁn-t)é, dalan-de, s. m. a butterfly. 

*OAlb, dalbh, s. m. a He, contrivance. 

"OAlbA, dalha, adj. impudent, forward. 

"OAlb-óA, dalbhdha, s. sorcery. 

"OaIc, dale, s. m. fij.'e. 

'OAlgAob, dalgaol, s. m. affinity. 

"OAbb, dull, adj. blind, puzzled. 

"OAbtA-o, dalladh, s. blindness, stupidity ; blind- 

"OAblAigeAncA, dallaigheanta, adj. fat, fatty. 

T)AulincmneAc, aalhntinneach, Í , ' 

"OAbtAim, dallaim, v. I blind, blindfold, puzzle. 
'OAliÁnAc, dallanach, s. a winnowing fan, 
'OaUiiia, dallma, a. delay, tediousness. 





'Ooktiog, dallog, s. f. a leecli. 
'Oc\l,iÓ5-An-|!-i\A0ic, dallog-an-fhraoichjS.ashrcw. 
X)í>XXó-^-yeo^]\, dallog-fheoir, s. a dormouse, a 

"OAlLiAAim, dallraim, v. I dazzle, I blind. 
'OAlliutgA'D, daUriiffhadli, s. dazzling, blinding. 
"OAliiiuijce, dallndghthe, part, dazzled, be- 
"OaLIca, dallta, like, likeness, in manner of, Sh. 
"OAbmA, dalina, adj. obstinate, audacious. 
'OáUa, dalta, ?s. ni. a foster-child, a pet, a 
"OÁlcÁn, daltan, f disciple, a -ward. 
"OaLca-o, daltadh, adj. contracted. 
t)ÁbcAC, daltacJi, adj. betrotbed. 
'OAbcACA]-, daltachas, s. fosterage, fostering. 
'OÁlcín, daltin, s. f a stripling ; a froward person. 
X)Ain, dam,s. m. a conduit, reservoir; s. f a 

dame, a mother. 
"OAin, damJi, s. ra. a poet, a learned man ; an ox ; 
a people, tribe, family ; learning, a poem -, prep. 
•00 nie, to me; s. an earthquake; suffering. 
"Oaiiiac, damJiach, see ■oaIdac. 
'OA^^^A■ó, damliadh, s. m. permission, liberty. 
"OAiiiAitn, damhaim, v. I pennit, allow. 
'OAm&\]\, damJuxir, adj. earnest, keen; s. haste, 

"OAmAii', damhais, see x)An'iAini-i. 
"OAiiiAini'i, damhainsi, s. acutcness, depth of eru- 
'OAtnÁifce, damaiste, s. damage, detriment ; vulg. 
"OAiii An, rfamAan, s. m. a young ox or bull. 
'OAiiiAn-AbbAit), damhan-allaidh, s. a spider. 
"OAiii-AllcA, damh-cdlta, s. a wild ox, a bufialo. 
'OAmAncA, damanta, adj. damned, condemned. 
'OAiiiA]', damhas, s. m. a dance. 
•OAiii-oArAp, damhdatar, v. they forbore ; i e. •oó 

'OAmyeit), damhfeidh, s. a buck or red deer, »S/i. 
'OAiiibAnn, danMann,s. an ox-stall. 
'OAiiiiiA, damhna, s. the matter out of which 
any thing can be formed; ^uog-'ÓAninA, the 
matter out of which a king may be formed ; a 
person fit to succeed to the crown. 
"OAinnAt), damnadh, s. m. damnation, condem- 
'OAiiinA-ó, damhnadh, s. a band or tie. 
TÍAninAim, damnaim, v. I condemn, damn. 
"OAflinAivcAi-oe, damhnartaidhe, s. m. a bullock. 
"OATiinuJAt), damnughadh, s. damnation. 
'OAinnuijim, daiiwuic/him, see ■OAninAitn. 
•OAmnuigce, damnuighthe, part, damned, con- 
^ . . , 7 • 77 i s. m. a schoolmaster, 
'0^..yo^■<,o,damh.o^dhe, f ...^her, or teach- 

'OAtiipA, damhra, s. m. the peojDle; a wild beast. 
"OAiiifA, damhsa, to me, i. e. vo inife; s. danc- 
ing, a dance. 
'OATÍipA-'oéipe, damlisa-deise, s. a strathspey, 
"OAiiii-ATJnn, damhsaighim, v. I dance. 
"OAiíii-óip, danihsoir, s. m. a dancer. 
'OAiiicAc, <I,tmIitJtar/i, s. m. a student. 
"Oah'ica, diimhiha, adj. scholastic. ■ 
"OAiiicAiiiuib, damhthamhuil, adj. scholar-Hie. 
"OAmuinre, damuinie, part, condemned, damned. 
"OAn, dan, s. m. a poem, poetry; science; work; 
fate, destiny, lot; adj. strenuous, undaunted; 
dictatorial; adv. also, likewise, 4 Mast. 1460; 
s. m. a treasure. 
TDAnA, dana, adj. bold, intrepid, impudent. 
"OAnAcx), danachd, s. m. poetry. 
"OÁnAct», danachd, ^ s. m. impudence, 

"OAiiATDAi', danadas, ' > presumption, 

TDAnAijeAcc, danaigheacJit,) boldness. 

"OAiiAijim, danaigJtim, v. I dare, defy, adventure. 
"OAUAm, danair, s.m. a Dane ; stranger, foreigner. 
X)i.n>slom'^\o\-,danaloing{os, s.afleet orsquadron. 
"OAnAp, danar, adj. strange, peregrine. 
'OAtiA]»5AT0, danargaid, s. money-worth, goods. 
"OAnAncA, danartha, adj. Dani.5h ; foreign; cruel. 
"Oaiiac, danat, s. a nurse. 
"Oau-oa, dandha, adj. fatal. 
"OAnfcAii, danfliear, s. m. a Dane. 
"OAnnAiicA, dannartha, adj. impudent, stubborn, 

opinionated, undaunted, dictatorial, cruel. 
'Oaiiiiaitcact), dannarthachd, s. impudence, stul> 

"OAnc, dant, s. a morsel, portion, share. 
"OÁnruigeAct), dantuigheachd, practice of poetry. 
"Oaoc, daocJi, } s. {. a periwinkle, a sea- 

"Oaocot^, daocliog, / snail. 
"OaocaII, daochall, s. m. a morsel, a bit. 
"Oaocau, daochan, s. m. anger. 

"OAOCAnAc, daochanacli, adj. angry. 

"Oaoi, daoi, s. a wicked man; a fierce animal. 

'OaoiL, daoil, s. f a leech. 

"O'Aom, d'aoin, for vie or tio AOin ; " •o'AoinceA^a". 

"OAOine, daoine, s. mankind ; men ; plur.of ■oumo. 

"OAOineAc, daoineach, adj. populous. 

"OAomeAi', daoineas, s. manliness. 

'OA0i)\-b]\eic, daoir-hhreith, s. a severe sentence. 

"OAoiiieA-ó, daoireadh, s. dearness, costhness. 

'OAoii\j:inne, daoirf]{inne, s. a subjected people, 

X)^o\\\^\o\Xó.,daoirgldolla, s. a bondman, a slave. 

'OAoii\meApt)Ac, daoirmeasdach, s. m. a task- 

X)AO^\\Ye, daoirse, "| s. dearth, scarcity; 

"OAOim-eAct), daoh'scacJid, V captivity, bond- 

"OAOiiii'in, daoirsin, } age, slavery. 





"OAOiiiyijce, daoirsighthe, part., enhanced. 
'OAoiupjceoi]!, daoirsightheoir, s. m. one wlio 


'OAOi]\]-ui5Af), daoirsiughadJi, s. enhancing. 
'Oaoi]i)-ui5A1iii, daoirsiughaim, v. I cnliancc. 
"OoioL, daol, s. m. a bug, beetle, cliafer; a fierce 

animal; adj. lazy. 
"OAobil'eAii, daolfhear, s. m. a lazy man. 
"OAotoj, daolog, s. f. an idle woman. 
X)aoIó5AC, daologach, adj. abounding with 

"OAolój-'bneAC, daolog-hhreac, s. a lady-cow, 

lady- bird, lady-fly. 
■Oaoiíiai]"iii, daomhaisin. s. niln, destruction. 
■OAoihAii-im, daomhaisim, v. 1 ruin, destroy. 
ID'aoii, d'aon, v. to raise up, ascend. 
"OAoncon, daonchon, s. the moral of a fable. 
"OAon-ouijiiTi, daonduighiw, v. I put on human 

"O'Aoninnb, d'aovfhdl, adj. of one blood, akin. 
"Oaoii jAoniiile, daorighaoidhile, s. moral philo- 

"OAonnA, daonna, adj. human, humane. 
■OAonnACT), daonnachd, s. humanity, civility. 
X)AonnAcx)Ac, daonnachdach, adj . humane, civil, 

'Ok\o]\, daor, adj. captive; condemned; guilty; 

dear, precious, costly. 
"Oaojiac, daorach, a. m. drunkenness. 
■OAO]\At), daomdh, s. m. dearness; condemnation, 


T)A0]\Aiin, daoraim, v. I condemn, convict. 

'Oaoiiauac, daora7iach,y , 

_^, ' ', ;• s. m. a slave. 

tJA0HA]iA, daorara, } 

X)ao]\a]\i\a, daorarva, s. m. dear goods. 

X).\o]\hovc~c, daorhJiodach, 3. m. a slave, a churl. 

'OAOnclAun, daoreldann, s. slaves, plebeians, 

"OAonconnjce, daorcJioirighthe, adj. attainted. 

"OaojtoáiI, daordhail, s. f rigour. 

"OAOiTOÁiteAC, dao)-dhaileacJi, adj. rigorous. 

'Oaoi\Ó51ac, daoroglacli, s. m. an apprentice, a 
servant boy, a slave. 

"OAopoí^tíNI", daorothras, s. a cancer. 

'Oao]\]-ac, daorsach, see "OAoini'eAc. 

"Oaoitca, daoriha, part, condemned, enslaved; 

"OAopgA]!, daosgar, adj. imteachable ; s. m. re- 
fuse, remainder. 

"OAopjAHpltiAJ, daosgarsluagh, s. m. the mob, 
the dregs of the people. 

"OAocAin, daothain, s. f. sufficiency, enough. 

'0''a\\, d'ar, for -00 a^i, to our, ■o'aja ccloinn. 

"O'a];, d'ar, "> whose, whereof; neAC t)'A]\ j 

"O'AiiAb, d'arab, J bAintn. | 

"OÁpA, dara, adj. second. 

"OA^iAbAb, darahhal, s. m. an oak apple, a nut- 

an oak ; Welsh, dcrw. 

"Oa^ac, darach,\ 

"OApAj, dumg, j ^' 

•OÁHAÚ, daradh, s. rutting. 

'OÁ]\A--oéti5, dara-deug, adj. twelfth. 

■Oa|\a5, durag, s. a stone as large as a man can 

"OAiij-CAltinnn, darg-thalmhnin, s. germander, 

"OA^iAije, daraighe, adj. oaken. 
"OA]\Ain5né5eA'ó, darairgnegheadh, s. thought, 


X)A]KMnné5ini, darairncghím, v. I think, OB. 

■Oa]u\]\ic, dararicli, slapdash, Sh. 

■Oa]\a]-, daras, s. m. a house, a dwelling. 

■OA]\b, darh, s. m. a worm, a reptile. 

"OAiib, darhh, s. m. a coach, chariot. 

"OApcAin, darcain, s. f. a mast or acorn. 

"OAHCAnAiTti, darcanaim, v. I gather acorns. 

'OA]\-oAb, dardal, s. m. bad weather, severe 

"OAnn, darn, s. m. a school. 

"Oaji-juoja, dar-riogha, adj. superior to kings. 

"OA-iunib, da-ririhh, adv. particularly. 

■pApliotn, darliom, v. niethinks. 

"Oajiój, darog, s. an oak. 

"Oaup, dars, s. a habitation. 

'OAi\]-Án, darsan, s. m. a murmur. 

"Oaiic, dart, s. a cow seeking the bull ; a herd. 

"OAnrAC, dartach, s. m. a two year old bull. 

'OAi\rAt), dartadh, see •OAipeAU. 

"OAprÁii, darfan,s. m. a herd, a drove. 

"OAUcbAC, dartlach, adj. impossible. 

'OAHCÓ5, dartog, s. £ a clod or small sod. 

"Oa^-, das, s. m. a desk. 

"OÁpAc, dasach, adj. bold, fierce, restless. 

tJApAco, i/asirc/irf, fierceness, boldness. 

"OÁpAC-OAc, dnsachdach, adj. fierce, bold, pre- 

"OÁjwn, dasan, adj. having two eyes. 

"OÁj-jiACAc, dasgiathach, bipennated. 

"Oaj-hS, daxidh, adj. furious, mischievous. 

•OAr, dot, s, diet. 

"Oac, dath, s. a gift; a colour, dye. 

"Oaca, data, s. giving; adj. swift, nimble; i. e. 
tuAC, 0. g.; pleasant, handsome, agreeable. 

"OAUAliA, dathohha, s. hellebore. 

"Oacac, (MíAac/í, adj. coloured, chromatic ; s. tithe. 

"OAfAT), dothndh, s. m. dying, a tincture; a pre- 
sent or favour. 

"Oaca-oói]!, dathadoir, s. m. a dyer. 

"Oacaj, dathag, s. a worm in the human body 



•OACAjmoiArAC, datJiagmJiortach, adj. having the 
power to force against the will. 

"Oacahh, dathaim,x. I dye, colour. 

"OACAtiilAc-o, dathamhlachd, s. honour, respect, 
decency, comeliness. 

'OACAtiitiAi', datJianilmas, s. decency. 

"OACAn'ntii, dathamhuil, adj. pleasant, comely, 
decent, genteel, graceful. 

"OAcAn, datan, s. m. a foster-father. 

'OACAn, dathan, s. colour, paint. 

'OACAnn, dathann, s. spots, S.A. 60. 

"Oac-cIooac, dath-chlodhach, adj. parti-co- 

"OAce, datlie, s. agility. 

"OÁceAnjÁc, datheangach, adj. bilinguous. 

"Oaci, datld, s. the proper name of a man. 

"Oacij, datldgh, s. a home, Sh. 

■OAcnAio, dathnaid, s. f a foster-mother. 

"OAciiJAt», datlmghadh, s. dying, colouring. 

X)e, de, prep, of, thereof; i. e. vo e, of it; adv. 
whence ; A)- tie ; gen. of "Oia, God ; gen. of 
■oiA, a day. 

'OeA, dea, see ■OAe, a man. 

'Oca, dea, s. science, learning, poetry. 

"OeAbAU, deabadh, s. haste, speed. 

'OcA'bA'o, deabhadh, 1 s. a dispute, debate ; a 

"OeAbAit), deabhaidh, J skirmish, a battle. 

'OeAbAim, deabhaim, v. I hasten ; I dispute, con- 

X)eAbÍAc, deabldacJi, adj. stout, magnanimous. 

"OeAblAC, deabhlach, \ adj .contentious, quarrel- 

"OeAbcAC, deabhthach, J some, Ktigious. 

TDeAbiiAu, deabJiradh, s. proof, testimony; i. e. 
'oeA]\bA-ó, 0. g.; v. was said; i. e. vuh]\&x), 

"OeAbcAc, deahJitJtack, adj. hasty, speedy. 

TDeAC, deach, s. a syllable, Cor.; following, o. g.; 
a movement ; a. profitable, good. 

"OeACA, deaclia, better ; corapar. of •ocAJ. 

'OcACAc, deacach, adj. difficult. 

"OeACAti, deachadh, s. a going, coming; 'oo ticAc- 
ACA]i, Lee. 10. 2. 

"OeACAijA, deacair, adj. strange, wonderful; hard, 

'OeAcAi]^, deacliair, s. separation, desertion; fol- 
lowing, O'Cl.; brightening, polishing, bright- 

"OeACAiTt, deachain, see tréucAin. 

'OcACApACT), deacarachd, see •oeACjiAct). 

"OeACAfA, deacltasa, interj. lo, see, behold. 

"OoAcbi-ó, deuchhhidh, adv. customarily, Sh. 

"OeACBAU, deachdadh, s. dictation, dictating; a 

*OeAct)Aiin, dcackdaim, v. I dictate, debate, teach, 

'OeAC'ocoi^i, deachdtJwir, "i s. m. an account- 

'OeAC'ouijceoi^i, deach- > ant, a dictator, 
duightheoir, J a teacher. 

"OeAcÍAC, deaehlach, adj. hard, difficult. 

"OeAcifiAt), deachtnhadh, s. a tithe ; adj. tenth. 

"OeAciiiAic, deachmhaic, see "oeAcbAC ; s. a giver 
or bestower; s. tithe. 

"OeAcriiAinj, deachmhaing, adj strange, wonder- 
ful, 0. g.; unable, diminutive; i. e. neAtii- 
cuniu'pAc, 0. g. 

"OcActiioiiAt), deachmhoradh, s. courtesy, aíFa- 

"OeActiiuJAt), deachmhughadh, s. a tithing. 

■OeAcriiuJAitn, deaehmhughaim, v. I tithe. 

"OeAcnA, deachna, s. a corner. 

"OeAcnAtfiA]!, deachnamhar, s. a decade ; ten per- 

"OeAciiA, deachra, adj. separated. 

'OeAci\A, deacra, compar. of •oeACAiji. 

'OeAC)\AC, deacrach, adj. severe, hard. 

'OeAci\Ac'o, deacrachd, s. difficulty, hardship. 

"OeAcpAt), deachradh, s. anger, indignation; 
arbitration, adjudication, discrimination; i. e. 
i-oip-óeAbujAt), 0. g. 

"OeAc^-A, deachsa, v. see thou, i. e. ireAc^-A, o. g. 

"OeAcc, deacht, s. divinity, Godhead; adj. pure, 

'OeAccA, deachta, s. instruction, dictates. 

"OeAccAijce, deachtaighthe, part, taught, in- 

"OeAccoip, deachtoir, s. m. a dictator. 

X)é<sx),dead, s. m. a tooth, the jaw, set of teeth; 
sometimes used for ivory; adj. meek, proper, 
decent, becoming. 

"OeAt), deadh, s. the end. 

"OeAUAcc, deadhacht, s. godliness, religion. 

'OeA'OAib, deadail, s. releasing, weaning, separa- 

"OeAUAn, deadhan, s. m. a dean. 

"OeABAnAcc, deadhanacht, a. m. a deanery. 

'OeA'OAt), deadad, s. finding. 

"OeAtiAi]!, deadhair, adj. swift. 

■OeA-obAct), deadhbhachd, s. a civility. 

TDeABbAb, deadhbhal, adj. wretched, woeful. 

"OeA-oic, deadith, s. the toothache. 

'OeA'cbA, deadla, adj. bold, confident. 

'OeA'otAf, deadlas, s. m. confidence. 

'OeA'DtTiAnn, deadhmann, s. a moth. 

"OeA-o-inon, deadh-mon, s. a moth. 

'OeA'óoi'L, deadhoil, s. f dawn of day. 

"OeAfoJAUAC, deajhogharack, s. a diphthong. 

"OeAi^ojiAib, deaforail, s. astray. 

"OeA^-UAC, deafuach, s. a mild word. 

"OéAj^, deag, adj. ten. 

"O cAgi d'eag, v. died. 




"OeAJ, deagli, adj. good; in tlie 'beginning of 

compound words it signifies well, good, 

fair, etc. 

"OeAÍjA, deaglia, s. a chafer, a bug ; i. e. •OAet, o. g. 

"OcAJA bui-óe, deagha buidhe, s. yellow centaury ; 

clilora perfoliata. 

"OoAJAigeAncAC, deagliaigeantach, adj. well- 

"OeAJAigne, deaghaigne, s. benevolence. 

"OeAgAib, deaghail, a. loose, scattered. 

"OeAjAilc, deagailf, s. a discharge, divorce; s. m. 
a recalling. 

"OeAJAitiin, deagkainm, s. a good name. 

'OeAJA!]!, deaghair, see 'oeAt)Ai]t. 

'OeAJAbcAiin, deaghaltaim, v. I recall. 

TDeAJAihtAcn, deaghamhlachd, s. dexterity ; good 

"OéAjAnAC, deaganach, s. a deacon. 

"OeAJAtiAc, deaghanach, adj. late, last. 

'OeA5A|\]'5A]i, deagharsgar, s. a chi-onicler, anti- 

'OeAJbéui', deaghhlieus, s. good manners, mo- 

■OeAJbeui'Ac, deaglibheusacli, adj. moral, civil, 

"OeAJbtAi', deaglihldas, s. a good relish, flavour. 

"OeAgbbAt-OA, deaghbhlasda, adj. well-flavoured, 

"OeAJboÍAC, deagJdiholach, adj. sweet-scented. 

"OeAJbobA-o, deaghbholadh, is. a sweet smell, 

'OeAjbobcAii, deaghhholtan, V odour, fragr- 

T) e Ajb obc An A^-, deagh blioltanas,\ ance ,per fum e . 

"OeAJboÍA-ó, deaghbholadh, s. perfuming, em 

"OeAJbolcAnAim, deaghbhol-\ v. I perfume, in- 
tanaiin, J cense, scent, 

'OeAj;botc]\Aim, deaghbhol-\ make frag- 
traim, J rant. 

'OeA5b^\Aic]\eACAi', deaghbraithreachas, s. bro- 

X)eA^\)viAACó.v,deaghbhuilachadh, s. frugal! ty,iS/t. 

TDeAjcoTtiAnn, deaghchomann, s. ingenuity. 

"OeAJcomjiobb, deaghchoingioll, s. integrity. 

'OeA5ci\ei-oriieAC,íZea5f/ic/ímíÍ!m/íefl'c/í,adj. faithful. 

'OeA^ci\oí'óeAc, deaghchroidheach, adj. kind- 

"OeAjcuincA, deaghcumtha, adj. well-shaped. 

'OeA5'ÓAi|\, deaghdhair, adj. swift, nimble; s. a 
just man. 

"OeAJf-AicceAi-, deaghfhaithcheas, s. holy fear, 

"OeAJf-ocbAc, deaghfhoclach, adj. well-spoken. 

'OeAJf-ojiAA-o, deaghfkoghradh, s. a diphthong. 

"OeAJi^-uin, deaghfhuin, s. good-will. 

"OoAJjeAn, deaghghean, s. favour. 

'OeAJjbóiiA, deaghghloir, s. affability. 
TDeAJjloipeAc, deaghghloireach, adj. affable. 
"OeAJjnioiii, deaghghniomh, s. a benefit, a good 

"OeAJjuc, deaghghuth, s. euphony. 
"OeAJiomcAin, deaghiomchair, s. a good com- 
"OeAJbÁ, deaghla, s. salutation, good day. 
"OeAjbAbAiiAc, deaghlabhairt, s. oratory, pro- 
priety in speech. 
'Oe.^-^'ik'bA]\t<x,deaghlabhartha, adj. conversible, 

well-spoken, eloquent. 
'OeA5ioiii)\A-ó, deaghiomradli, s. good report. 
'OeAtlÍAbc^]\t^c,deaghlabharthac/i,s. m. an orator. 
"OeAJbAbpAC, deaghlabhrach, adj. well-spoken, 

"O'eAgtAgo, d'eagla go, adv. for fear that, lest 

"OcAJbAoc, deaghlaoch, s. a good soldier. 
"OeAJluAi-óiocc, deaghluaidhiocht, s. benevo- 
'OeAjriiAt^'eAc, deaghmhaiseach, adj. handsome, 

"OeAJiiiAipjim, deaghmhaisighim, v. I adorn. 
"OeAgriiAiiiuJAu, deaghmhaisiughadh, s. orna- 
"OeAJiiieA]', deaghmheas, s. good esteem. 
*0 e Ajiii eAu m An ,deaghmheanman, s. good courage. 
"OeAgiiieii'neAc, deaghmheisneach, s. good cou- 
rage, confidence. 
"O ei jiii ei yn cAiii uib, deighmheisneamhuil, adj . 

•OeAJiiiobAÓ, dmghnholadh, s. recommendation. 
"OeAJniumce, deaghmhuinte, adj. well-bred. 
X)e<s.tjnó.c, deaghnach, see ■oeAgAnAc. 
"OeAJnAt), deaghnad, s. frost. 
"OeAJnóf, deaghnos, s. a good custom; tempe- 
rance, decency. 
"OcAJno^-AC, deaghnosach, adj. decent, temperate. 
•OeAgoibneACA, deaghoibreacha, s. good works. 
'OeAJoi'oe, deaghoule, s. a good teacher. 
'OeAJoi-oeAi', deaghoideas, s. good education. 
"OeAJoi-oeA^'AC, deaghoideasach, adj. discreet, 

'OeAjop'ouijée, deaghorduighthe, adj. prudent, 

provident, well-ordered, well-arranged. 
"OeAgo^TOuijitii, deaghorduighim, v. I regulate, 

methodise, arrange. 
"OeAg^iAxiAiiiceAc, deaghradhairceach, adj. quick- 
"OeAJiiAiTJim, deaghraidhim, v. I love sincerely. 
"OeAJjiun, deaghrun, s. good resolution. 
•OeAJpuiTOA, deaghrunda, adj. wise. 
'OeA5i\unT)Act), deaghrundachd, s. wisdom. 
"OeAjfomplA, deaghshomj)la, s. good example. 



"OeAJfomptAC, deaglishomplach, adj. exemplary. 

"OeAJCA^'j, deaphthasff, s. renown. 

"OeAJcAfjAc, deaghtliasgach, adj. renowned, 

^OeAgceirt), deaghthejsd, 1 ^^^ 

TJeoijceifoeAi", deagktiieisdeas, J 

"OeAJcoii, deaghiJioil, s. f. benevolence. 

'OeAJcoiLeAc, drogjillidileach, adj. benevolent. 

'OcajchiaU, ,l^.',i!,f/irl.(ll, s. a good gait. 

'OeA5-UAl]^, di^n.ilcimir, .-. favourable time. 

'OeAJinl, deag/iuil, s. f. twilight; ■oeAJuil ha 
iiiAróne, dawn; see "oeAUoii. 

•OeAJi'in, deaghur, s. m. pleasantry. 

"OeAji'ii-Aiioe, deaghusaide, s. good use. 

*OeAic, deaitli, s. wind, air; adj. idle, silly, i. e. 
■oniiAom, 0. g. 

"OeAiceAC, deaitheach, adj. windy; smoky. 

'OeAb, deal,- s. a bloodsucker. 

TDeAl-A, deala, s. kindred, fiiendsliip ; refusing, 
denying ; a cliurn, a cow's udder, a nipple ; a 

*OeAÍACT), dealachd, s. m. a divorce, separation. 

"OeAiAigim, dealaigldm, v. I separate, divorce, 

'OeAlÁn, dealan, s. m. a coal; a sudden glimpse 
of sun after a cloud ; streaks of brightness in 
tlie sky by night. 

"OeAlAnAC, decdanacli, s. lightning. 

"OeAlAn'-oe, dealan-de, s. a butterfly. 

X)e&\,kx\-x>o\\mY,dealan-doruis, s. a latch of a door. 

'OcAlb, dealbh, s. f. the visage, countenance, 
face, form, frame, image, figure, statue, pic- 
ture; a sign, a signal;' adj. poor, miserable. 

"OeAbbA, dealbha, s. a framing, fashioning. 

"OeAbbAC, dealhhach, adj. resembling, handsome, 
ingenious, inventive, specious, pleasant. 

'OcAtbACA, dealbhacha, s. a speculation. 

"OeAlbAt), dealhhad, s. formation. 

"OeAbbATDAn, dealbliadan, s. m. a mould. 

'OeAbbA-ooi]!, dealbhadoir, s. m. a statuary, a 

"OeAtbAiin, deallJiaim, v. I frame, form. 
'OeAlbcbuc, dealbhchluth, s .m. a drama, astayc 

'OeAlbclucAc, dealbhcJdutJiach, adj. dramatic. 
T) o AbbcbucA'oói p, dealbhchluthadoir,s. m. a stage- 
•OeAbbliobcoin, dealhhliobhthoir, s. m. a pahiter. 
'OeAlbf5]iiobAifn, dealbhsgrobhaiiii, v. 1 limn. 
'OeAbbcA, dealbhtha, adj. fictitious. 
'OeAbbcAc, dealbhthach, adj. pleasant. 
'OcAbbcoip, dealbhtlioir, see -oeAlbA-ooiii. 
'OeAlbcoi]\eAcc, dealbhthoireacht, s. delineation. 

"OeAÍbúi', dealbhus, s. m. misery, poverty. 

'OeAbc, dealc, a. great, huge, big. 

TDcaIj, deafg, s. m. a thorn, a skewer, a pin, a 
bodkin, a prickle. f 

"OeAlgAC, dealgach, adj. thorny, sharp-pointed. 

"OeAÍj-cbuAH'e, dealg-chluaise, s. an earpick. 

"OeAlgpAcuib, dealgfhiucuil, s. a toothpick. 

"OeAlgpuilc, dealgfhidlt, s. a hairpin. 

"OeAljionA-ó, dealghionadh, laying waste, Sh. 

"OeAlnuic, dealmhuc, s. m. a rebel, an outlaw. 

'OeAljriAi'oe, dealgnaidhe, s. m. a rebel, an 

TíeAljnAi-óeAc, dealgnaidheach, adj. unjust, un- 

"OeAllAf, deallas, s. m. zeal, hurry, quickness. 

"OeAllAi-AC, deallasach, adj. zealous, hasty. 

"OeAlliiAc, deallraeh, adj. like; x)eAllnAc pi]-, 
like it, compared to it. 

"OcaIha-o, dealnidh, s. m. irradiation, illumina- 
tion ; brightness, splendour, resplendence. 

'OeAt|\A'DAc, deah'adhach, 1 adj. bright, shin- 

"OeAlnAi-óceAc, decdraidh- V ing, splendid, re- 
t/ieach, J splendent. 

"OeAbnAixiim, dealraidldm, v. I shine, irradiate 

'OeAlnui-óe, dealruidhe, adj. bright. 

'OeAlpuijceAC, dealruightheach, see -oeAljiAit)- 

"OeAlli-AC, dealhat, v. they touched, resorted, 
frequented, i. e. " CAt)AibbfeAc", o. g. 

'OeAÍc, dealt, s. f dew. 

"OeAbugAt), dealughadh, s. m. separation, divorce. 

"OeAlinjeAC, dcaluigheacli, adj. separable. 

"OeAluigim, deluigldm, v. I divorce, separate, 
leave, forsake. 

"OeÁluijce, dealuigIitIie,Tpaxt separated,divorced. 

"OeAiii, deain, s. want, scarcity. 

'OeAiiiAt), deamadh, s. agreeing, agreement. ^ 

"OeAiiiAb, deariial, \ s. m. a demon or evil 

"OeAiúon, deamlwn, j spirit. 

"OeAtiiAn-nuAgAipe, deamhan- > ^ 
ruagaire, y ' 

"OeiiiAimúin, demharruin, a. f. a mystery. 

"OeAiiiAi-, deamhas, s. f. scissore, sheers. - 

"OeAiiinoi^i, deamhnoir, s. m. a conjuror. 

'OeAiimoineAcc, deamhnoireaclit, s. conjuration. 

TDeAiiniuige, deamhmdghe, adj. devilish. 

"OeAii'mA, deamhra, see ■oiAiiiAii. 

'Oe.s^^, dean, |_ ^^ ^^j^^^_ 

DeAun, deann, ) 

tDeAiiACUAC, deanachdac/t, adj. vehement, grie- 

^ . , j7 "i s. m. action, doing; luce 

^eAnA^, deanadh I ^^,^,^,.,^^ ^^^^.^ ^^. 

T)eAiiAiii, deanamh, i -, ' 

') good. 

"OeAiiA-o, deanadh, > j. ,• 
^ -J 7 r ad), active. 

TDeAn^-Ac, deansacn, ) •' 

'OeAnAtJOiji, dcanadoir-, s. m. a doer. 

- s. m. an exorcist. 



"OeAHA-OAf, deanadas, s. doings, efficiency. 

"OeAiiAini, deanaim, v. I do, make, act, work. 

"OeAtiAf, deanas, s. m. a space, a while. • 

"OeAiiAfAc, deanasach, adj. efficacious, efficient. 

'OeAiicio'ÓAc, deanchlodhach, adj. of changeable 

'OeAiicoine, deanchoire, s. f. a caldi'on. 

"OeAngAn, deangan, seefCAngAH. 

^eAnriiAÓ, ,kanmhadJi, \ ^ ^^ ^^^^^ 

T)eAtimA|', deanmlias, J 

"OeAniiiA^-AC, deanmhasach, adj. prim, coy. 

X)eAtin, deann, s. impetuosity, force, baste; 
colour, figure ; a. gibe ; mist ; a. vehement. 

"OeAiiriA, deanna, a. naked. 

"OeAnriAC, deannacli, s. m. mill dust. 

"OeAistiAt), deannadh, s. m. variation. 

'OeAmiAj, deannag, s. a little quantity of any 
coinminated matter, a pinch, Sh. 

"OeAmiAiin, deannahn, v. I coloiu-. 

"OeAnnAÍ, deannal, s. stir, hurry, haste. 

"OeAnnAbAc, deannalach, adj. impetuous. 

"OeAncA, deanta, part, done, finished. 

"OeAncAc, deantach, adj. practical. 

"OeAncAHAf , deantanas, s. doings, deeds. 

"OéAHCA^-, deantas, s. m. activity. 

tDeMicAi'AC, deantasach, adj. active. 

"OcAncój, deantog, s. f. a nettle. 

"OeAiicói^í, deantoir, s. m, an actor, a maker. 

'OeA]\, dear, a daughter; a denial, refusal. 

"OeA]», dear, s. m. a drop, a tear; adj. great, 

T>éA)iA, deara, s. notice, remark. 

X)éA]\AC, dearach, adj. sad; s. m. destmctlon, 

"DeAHAg cAbtiiAti, dearag talnúan, fumitory; 
fumaria officinalis. 

"OcAHAOtnceAc, dearaointeacli, adj. despairing. 

"OeAub, dearhh, s. m. and f. a churn or milk pan ; 
adj. graceful, handsome; sure, certain, true, 
fixed; peculiar, particular. 

'OeAplJAC, dearbhach, adj.siu-e. 

"OeAnbAccAim, dearhhachtaim, v. I assure. 


'OeAnbAccuijceonA, dearbhachtuightheoir, s. m. 
an assurer. 

"OeAplJAt), dearbhadh, s. certifying, assuring. 

X)eA^^h^v,dearbhadh, V' experience, confii- 

-OeApbAcc, dearbhacht, ( ^^'^«'^' certainty,_as- 
) surance, prool, trial. 

'OeA]vbAt)óii\, dearbhadoir, s. m. an affirmer, ap- 

'OeA^ibA'ófuil,, dearbhadhshuil, s. ocular demon- 

"OeApliAiiTi, dearbhaim, v. I prove, confirm, as- 



X)eAi\bAijAt)e, dearbhairdhe, s. an accumulatioi 

of evils, Ann. Conn. 1224; s. a sign, token, 

4 Mast. 1452. 
"OeAnbAnn, dearbJiann, s. an axiom, maxim. 
TDeAivbAiiAiix, dearbharaisc, s. f proverb, a 

t3eA]\bA]Ac, dearbhart, 

'OeA]\blK\5, dearbldiag, Vs. m. a touchstone. 
"OeAjibog, dearbhog, 
"OeAjibcli Allium, dearbhchliamhuin, s. a son-hij 

TDeA^ibgnioiii, dearbhgJiniomh, see "oeAnbAnn. 
"OeAjibloniA, dearbhloma, s. a milk vessel. 
'OeAnbiiiói-o, dearbhndioid, s. an affidavit. 
'OeA]ibi\AÍ:Ain, dixvbhrathair, s. m. a brother. 
'OeAiibjiACAin-ACAin, dearbkrathair-athair, s. m. 

an uncle by the father. 
"OeAiibfiACAin-iiiACAin, dearbhrathair-mhatha'r, 

s. m. an uncle by the mother. 
"OeAiAbjAAicjieAC-o, dairbhraitli- '\ s. f. fraterni- 

reachd, ( ty, society, 

"O eA]\biiAtAi\AC-o, dearbhratlia- C brother- 

rachd, J hood. 

"OeA^AbpliiucA^A, dearbhphiuthar, 1 . , 

adj. confirmed, sure, 

-OeApbcAc, dearbkihach, [ ^.g^^_ ^ ascertained. 

'OeA\\bt'\cv,dearbhikacJid, s. confirming,aUeging. 

"OeAi\bui5ini, dearbhuigldm, v. I affirm, swear, 

"OeA^AC, dearc, s. f. and m. the eye; see quot. at 
AoTJ; a berry; a lizard; a cave, a grotto, se« 

"OeAjicAbA, dearcabha, s. m. an oak apple. 

"OeAncAC, dearcach, adj. having berries. 

"OeAiicAt), dearcadh, s. alms ; see t)éi^\c. 

"OcAiACAt), dearcadh, s. beholding, seeing. 

"OeA-ncAim, dearcaim, v. I see, behold, 

'OeAncÁn, dearcan, s. m. an acorn. 

"OeAjicbuACjAAC, dearcluachrach, s. a lizard, an eft. 

"OeAnctiAc, dearcnach, adj. goodly, handsome. 

"OeAjTOub, deardul, s. a storm, tempest. 

"OéAii-TJúii, dear-dhun, s. a penitentiary, oratory. 

'OeAjig, dearg, \ adj. red, crimson^ rosy, 

'OeA]i5An, deargan, J ruddy, sanguine. 

"OeAiig, dearg, a. bitter, severe, great, bad, in- 
tense, inveterate. 

"OeAjijAX), deargadh, s. ploughing; adj. erubes- 

"OeAiijAijceAC, deargaightheach, adj. red- faced. 

'OeApjAitii, deargaim, v. I redden, I bui-n; I 
prepare, I plough. 

"OeAiijÁn, deargan, s. m. the fish called bream; 

"OeApjAUACjCiiar^anac/ijS, m. a soldier, a red-coat 

'OeAi\bfiup, dearbhshiur, 

•OeAiibcA, dearbhtha, } ^^J- ^°^^ , ■ . 
- I- ' - ,. ,' . L certain, tried, cer- 

' ) tified. 



"OeA^AjAn-Alc, deargan-alt, s. a redstart. 

"OeApj-cpAt), dearg-criadh, s. ruddle. 

*OeAn5Án-i.-i\A0ic, deargan-fraoich, s. a goldfinch. 

•OcAnglAi-A-o, dearglasadh, adj. flaming, red-hot. 

'OeAHjliAJ, deargliagh, s. a surgeon. 

"OeAppiAiw, deavgnaidli, adj. unlearned, o. g. 

Xyet^Y^nrnxed, deargmdseach, adj. ruddy-faced. 

'OeA]\5HUACA|\, dcargruuthar, s. a bloody fight. 

'OeAiijruile, decrgthuile, s. a red flood. 

'©eAUjunc, deargunt, s. f. a flea. 

"OeAiilAic, dearlaic, s. f. a gift, a benefit. 

'OeAplúgAt), dearlughadh, s. a giving, bestow- 
ing ; inflicting, fastening upon. 

"OeAjimA-o, dearmad, s. forgetfulness, negligence ; 
an oversight. 

"OeAjitTiA-OAc, dearmadach, adj . forgetful. 

'OeA]\niA-OAi5e, dearmadaighe, see ■oeA]\niA'o. 

'OeApiiiA'OAim, dearmadaini, v. I forget, neglect. 

"OeAnniATDAiiiuit, dearmadamlmil, see •oeA]\- 


•OeAnmA-ocA, dearmadtha, part, forgotten. 
'OeA]\mAi'L, dearmail, s. anxiety. 
"OeAjuiiAil,, dearmhail, adj. huge, very great. 
X)eA^\riiAi]\, dearmhair, adj. excessive, vehement, 

violent, intense, extraordinary. 
"OeAiMÍiA^tA, dearmliara, s. a wonder. 
"OeAiiuA, dearna, s. the palm of the hand. 
"OeA^inAt), dearnad, s. f. a flea. 
'OeAjinA'ooiii, dearnadoir, s. m. a pahnister. 

Xie{..\mAxio\\\>,dearnadoireachd,\ ' " , •" 

"OeA^riAice, dearnaite, C ^' 

' ' ) romancy. 

"OeApriAini, dearnahn, v. I handle. 

'OeAjiriA-riiuine, dearna-mhuire, s. common lady's 

mantle, alchemilla vulgaris. 

"OeAjwit, c?earoi7, adj. beggarly, poor, -wretched. 

*OeA]\óit,eAc-o, dearoileachd, s. want, defect. 

'OeA|\HAi-Án, dearrasan, s. hurry; snarhng. 

*OeA]\]'Ac, dearsaeh, adj. beaming, sliining. 

'OeAi\f At), dearsadh, s. a sun beam, a ray. 

'OcAHi-Aij, dearsaigh, s. watching, vigilance. 

"OeAivi-AijeACT), dearsaigheachd, s. watchfulness. 

"OeAji^'Aijim, dearsaighim, v. I watch. 

'OcAp^'Aim, dearsaim, v. I shine, beam. 

!s. I polish, file, bur- 
nish, expose, ex- 
plain, praise, com- 
mend, excel. 
'OeAii^'CAiceAc, dearscaitheach, adj. polite. 
"OeAiii-CAiceAcc, dearscaitheacht, s. m. politeness. 
"OeApi'ciiAiée, dearscnaithe, adj. complete, finish- 
ed, bright, poUte, of good parts. 
"OeApi'gAiin, dearsgaim, v. see ■oeAiA]-cAini. 
'OeAii-pgAice, dearsgaithe, s. science. 
'OeA]\y5nAt), dearsgnadh, adj. devout. 


part, complete, finished, 
bright, poUshcd ; adj. 
of good parts. 

"OeAiii'jnATO, dcarsgnaidh, a. wise, pnident. 

"OeAivj-jniigA-ó, dearsgnughadh, s. polishing. 

TDeA^il'gnuijce, dears-' 


"OeAufgnuijceAct), dcarsgnidghtlieachd, s. po- 
liteness, excellence, elegance. 

"OeAn-ceAc, dear-theach, s. an apartment in a 
monastery calculated for prayers and penitence. 

VeA]; deas, s. the south, the right hand; adj. 
right, precise, correct, neat, pretty, elegant, 
concinnous, dapper ; austral, meridional; 
proper, decent ; dexterous. 

"OeAi-ACAt), deasachad, see ■óeAi'úJAt). 

"OeA^'ACTj, deasachd, s. qualification, quality. 

"OeAivw, deasad, s. appositeness, prettiness. 

'OeA^-A-OAu, deasadan, s. m. a repository. 

■OeAi-Ai-oini, dcasaidhim, v. I prepare, get ready, 
knead, bake ; trim, dress, adorn, coiTect, season. 

'OeAi'Aiin, deasaim, v. I stay, remain. 

'OeA]-AtÁn, deasalan, s. m. a buflct; a toy. 

"OeAi-Aiintil,, deasamhuil, adj. southward, ant- 

■^s. f remains, lees, di-egs, 
f yeast; ■ooa^'cacc 
> potiA, lees of wine ; 
L -oeAj'jAt) 'OAoine, 
J the mob. 
the last ; submersion. 

"OeAj^oA, deasda, adj. eldest, Ballim. 

"Oea^-ceinieAc, deasceimeach, s. a stately gait. 

"OeAi-poclAc, deasfhoclach, adj. ready-witted; 

*OeA]'JA'D, deasgJiadh, adj. southern. 

"OeAi'jA-ó, deasgadh, see -oeAj-cAc; the refuse 
of anything. 

"OcAi-j^AbAil, deasgahhail, s. ascension. 

"OeA^'jiiAC, deasgnath, s. ceremony. 

"OeAfgriACAC, deasgnatliach, adj. ceremonious. 

tJeAi'guin, deasguin, s. f molasses, yeast, rennet, 
lees, dregs. 

'OeA^'juineAc, deasguineacli, adj. barmy, worth- 

'OeA]-LA'bAni,rZe«sZaí'/ía2V,s.volubiHty ; eloquence. 

"OeArlAbAiicA, deaslabhartha, Í t i 

X)eJyUh^Lc,dcaslabhrach, ' | ^^^J-^oquent. 

'OeAi'lÁbiuvó, deaslaOhradh, s. elocution. 

"OcAi-LAiii, deaslamh, s. the right hand. 

'OeAj-lAiriAc, deaslamhach, adj. right-handed, 

"OeAi-tÁiiiAcx), deaslamhachd, s. dexterity 

"OeAj-oiiACAc, deasoireacJt, adj. spicy, S/i. 

"OeAi-iDoipeACT), deaspoireachd, s. disputing, a 
dispute, logic, a quibble. 

"OeAi^CACc, deascacht, 
X)eA]-cAt), dcascadh, 

"OeAfCAt), deascadh, 




"OeAi^DOiiiitn, deaspoirim, v. I dispute. 

"Oeoijn'iJAt), deasiiffhadh, s. amendment, arrang- 
ing, adorning, preparing, qualification. 

"OeAi'uijeACT), deasuigheacftd, s. vigilance. 

"OeAj'tiijce, deasuiglithe, adj. prepared, ready, 

"OeAfuijceoiii, deasuiglitheoir, s. m. a mender, 
a cobbler, composer, compositor. 

"OeACAc, deatach, s. smoke, vapour, exhalation. 

"OcACACAn, deataclian, s. m. a chimney. 

'OeAZAC-t'iX,mu\x\,deatach-thahnhuin,s. fumitory. 

"OeACAijeAC, deataigheach, adj. smoky. 

"OeACAi jeAcc, deataigheacht, s. smokincss. 

"OeACAigim, deataighim,Y. I smoke. 

"OeACAijce, deataighthe, part, smoked. 

"OeACAiiiinb, deatamhuil, adj. full of smoke. 

"OeAcuJAu, deatughadk, s. smoking. 

"OeACCA, deatcha, see ■oeACAiiiuib. 

"Oeble, debhle, s. a diminutive thing or creature. 

"Oeblin, dehhlin, s. f. poverty, impoverishment. 

"Oeboi-ion, dehhosion, s. devotion; vulg. 

', dechealt, s. clotli; i, e- b]iAC no 
béme, Cor. 

X)ecex)fM-6, dechedfaidh, s. war, battle. 

"Oeci'i-ó, decsidh, s. protection. Teg. Cor. 

'Oét), ded, s. food, victuals; the jaw or row 
of teeth. 

"Oe-óbeb, dedhbhel, adj. poor, miserable. 

*Oét)e, dede, adj. two; " Ain no véve", o. g. 

"Oetieb, dedkel, s. f. a calf. Cor. 

X)e-óbA, dedJda, adj. bold, impudent, presump- 
tous; stout, magnanimous; " UuacaI 'oe-olA 


"Oefoji-oAb, defliordal, s. error. 

X)e5, degli, in compound words signifies good, 
fair, etc. 

"OeJAi-ó, deghaidh, adv.beliiud; AntjeJAit), after. 

'OégAnAc, deganach, s. m. a deacon, 4 3Iast. 

"Oeigfe]', deighfhes, s. a professorsMp. 

'OeiAt)e, deiade, s. care, diligence. 

"OeibeAt), deibheadh, s. m. a debate, a battle; 
haste, speed. 

"Oeibme, deibhidhe, s. the first sort of ■oÁn 
'oq\eAc, a kind of verse which requires that 
the first quartan shall end with a minor termi- 
nation, and the second with a major. 

"Oeibip, deibhi)', s. f fierceness. 

'OeibbeAc, deibhleach's. m. a plank. 

"Oeic, deicli, adj. ten. 

"OeiCAC, deichach, adj. tenfold, Sh. 

'OeicbliA-ÓAngAc, deichhhliaclhangach, adj. de- 

"OeicbiMJe, deichbhrighe, s. the decalogue. 

■Oeicci]\, deiccir, adj. difficult. 

"Oeice, deice, a. hairy. 
'OéicniA'ó, deichmliad/i, adj. tenth. 
^é,c,iii, deich,nhi,_ i ^ ^ December. 

"Oeiciin jiiii, Jciehmhighim, v. I decimate. 

'Oeicimle, deuhmih, s. a myriad; ten thousand. 

"OeicneAiiiA);, dcichneamhar, s. a decade, ten. 

T)éici'in, deicsin, s. seeing. 

"Oeici-icbe, deichsithbhe, s. adecurion. 

"OeicfliofnAC, deichshliosyiach, s. a decagon. 

"Oei-ó, deidh, s. f. desire, longing ; a protector, 

"OeibleAt), deibhleadh, s. diminution. 

"Oei-OAj, deidag, s. a bauble. 

'OeicieAc, deichleacli, adj. diminutive. 

"Oei-oe, deide, s. f. obedience, submission ; care, 

"Oeiue, deidJie, s. two things, a double propor- 
tion ; a pair or couple. 

"OeiTDeA-o, deideadh, s. the tooth-ache. 

"Oei-óeAiíniib, deidheamlmil, adj. desirous, fond 
of, addicted to. 

'Oeit)ionAC, deidhionach, adj. last, late. 

"OeipjA, deijir, s. f. difierence; haste, speed, 

'Oei{ri]\eAC, defireach, adj. hasty. 

"OeipneAU, deaifreadh, s. dift'crence. 

"Oeipiiijnii, deifrighim, v. I hasten, hurry. 

"Oeipiugceoip, detfrightheoir, s. m. a hastener. 

"Oeij-'inuJA-o, dei/rvighadli, s. acceleration. 

"OenTjumeA^VACt), deifrimhearachd, s. want, <S/i. 

"Oeig, deigh, s. fire, a flame; quest, search ; ice; 
adv. after ; adj . good, well ; see •ocAg 

"OeigbeAi-Ac, deighbheasach, adj. well behaved. 

"Oei jbeACA, deighbheaiha, s. a good life. 

"Oeijciuoc, deighc/irioch, s. a good end. 

tDeijeAiiutib, deigheamhuil, adj. inquisitive. 

'OeigeAUAc, deigheanach, adj. hindermost, see 

"OéigeAnuije, deigfieanuighe, compar of 'oeij- 

T)ei jfemme, deiglifheidhme, s. good use. 

"Oeijjnion'i, deighgluiiomh, s. a good action 

"OeijiomcAU, deighiomchar, s. good conduct. 

"OéijiouAC, deigldonacli, adj. the last, hinder- 

"OeiglAiii, deighlainJt, adv. afterwards, Sc. 

"OeijleAn, deighlean, s. a quire of paper. 

"OeijiiiiAn, deigJimhian, s. m. good-will, benevo- 

"OeijmiAnAC, deigkmhianacJi, adj. well-meaning, 

T)eiJiiieAi', deighmheas, s. approbation. 

■OeijiiieAfAiiii, deighmheasaim, v. I approve. 

"OeijiiieAfOA, cíei^/un/ieascía, part, approved, es- 




'OeijmeAfOAc'o, deighmheasdachd, a. approba- 

T)ei5mém, deig7imhein,s. f. sincerity, gracefulness. 

"Oeijne, deighne, s. a lineament. 

tDeijneiceAc, dehjlineitheach, adj. liandsomc. 

'Oeijnioiii, dciijJiniomh, s. benefaction. 

'Oei jnioiiiAC, deiijJiniomhach, adj. benevolent. 

"Oeijceii'T), deiglitlieisd, s. commendation. 

"Oeil, deiU s. f. a turner's latlie ; a cow's udder, 
i. c. b>.\llÁn bó, 0. g.; a rod, a twig. 

■'Oelib, dclibh, s. f. a figure; adj. fine, fair, 
sprightly; s. f. warp for weaving. 

"Oeibb-óib, deilbhdhU, s. a warping mill. 

"OeibbeAbAc, deilhcalach, s. m. the meeting of 
two ways. 

s. f. a picture, a minia- 
ture, a little image or 

"Oeilteoj, di'llhheo/j, 

TDeilbin, deilbhm, 


"Oeibbijce, deilhJu'gJdhe, part, warped. 
"Oeibbpn, deilbhfiii, s. f. a warping miU or 

"OeibceAT), deilchead, adj. ill, bad, sad. 
'OeibceAuriAC, deilcheannach, adj. two-headed. 
TDeile, deile, s. a deal or plank. 
'OeibeA'OAnAc, deileadanach, adj. double-faced. 
'OeibeA-oóin, dc'deadoir, s. m. a turner. 
"OeileAlÁ, dei/cola, s. the space of two days. 
"OeileAUj, de'deang, s. a two-year old pig. 
"OeibeAf, deileas, s. grudging through covetous- 

"Oeibeco^ic, deileiliorc, s. a two-year old hog. 
"Oeib]:, deilf, s. f. a dolphin. 
"OeitgionuA'ó, deilgionnadh, s. waste, havoc. 
'OeiljiomiAitn, deUgionnahn, v. I lay waste. 
'Oeiigne, dedgne, s. thorns, prickles. 
"OeibjneAC, dedgneach, s. m. spear-thistle; adj. 

'Oeil.jpéine, deilgreine, s. the name of Fionn 

Mac Cumhail's standard. 
'Oeitit), deilidh, s. i. pursuit, following. 
'OeitTOim, deUidhim, v. I lean upon, adhere to, 

"OeitijeAt), deiligheadh, s. accusing. 
'Oeibim, deilim, v. I turn with a lathe. 
"Oeibin, dcilin, s. f. a little deal or plank. 
"Oeibtiu, dedlidh, s. going or following. 
*0'eillit), d'eUlid, V. flicy part, they separate. 
'Oeillijiiii,í/i:'í7//í//tim,)^ V. I leave, part from, 
'Oeibbim, deillim, J separate. 
"Oeilm, deilm, s. f. a sound, noise, trembling, 

parting; adj. swift, quick, much, many; s. 

trespass, robbery ; i. e. yojAib, o. g. ; v. I 

exist, I live; i. e. cAi^un, o. g. 
'Oeibmm, de.Umin, v. I make a noise. 
"Oeiliiuic, ddlmhtc, s. a pig of two years old. 

'Oeibi'éogi deilseog, s. f a slap with the open hand. 
X)eiboi-óce, deiloidfiche, s. the space of two 

"Oeilc, deilt, s. f. separation, setting apart. 
"OeiLcAiAHumn, deiltkarruinn, s. a trigger or iron 

"Oé-ilcive, de-iltre, s. druidical idols; a house 

where magic is practised, a school of magic ai't. 

'OeibcpeA'ó, dedtreadh, s. gilding. 

'Oeiiii, deim, s. f. lack, want. 

"Oenii, deimh, ) ^ , ,• 
_ . ' , . ; > s. f. protection. 
TDeiiiie, deini/ie, J ^ 

"Oeiii'i, deimh, adj. dark, hidden. 

TDeime, deinihe, s. f. darkness; " •oeinie r\A 

"OeiriieAi', deimJieas, s. f. a pair of shears. 
'Oeiiiiin, dehnhin, adj. certain, sure, true. 
"Oiiiine, deimhne, s. assurance, certainty; edged 

"OeiiiineAC, deitnhneach, adj. afiirmative, Keat. 
"Oei til 11 151 in, deimhmgJdm, v. I aifii-m, prove, 

ratify, confirm, allege. 
"Ooiiiinijce, deimhnighthe, part, afíirmed, proved. 
"Oeniinijteoip, dei'rnhniglitheoir,s.xn. a certifier, 

'OeiiiiniuJA'ó, deimhniugliadh, s. m. afiirmation, 

assertion, demonstration. 
"Oeiii, dein, adj. clean, neat; s. f. hastiness; adv. 

even so ; at last, f a "óeín. 
"Oeine, deine, s. cleanliness; neatness, ardour, 

"Oeine, deine, compar. of t)iAn. 
'OemeAct), deineachd, s. m. keenness, violence; - 

urgency, anger, wrath. 
'OemeAC'OAc, deineaehdach, adj. rude, violent. 
"OéineAp, deineas, s. £ rudeness, violence. 
"OeineA^'AC, deineasach, adj. violent, forcing. 
'OeitieAj-Aije, deineasaighe, s. lightning. 
*OeinnieAc, deinmheach, adj. void, vain, frivolous. 
"OeiniiieACA, dnnmheacha, s. toys, trifies. 
"OeiniiieAcói]!, deinmheachoir, s. m. a peddler, a 

'OeiiiiiieAi-, dewmheas, s. f. vanity. 
'Oeniiiuje, deintidiighe, adj. violent. 
"Oei mil 151 111, deiiimhighim, v. I vanish. O'B. 
"Oetniiiin, deinmhin, ") a. a vain fellow, a 

"OeinriieACAn, deinmheacJian,) trifler. 

!adj. swift, active, 
nimble, supple, 
hasty; i. e. vei 
p]\eAC, 0. g. 
"Oenij'eAnj, deinseang, s. a kind of poetic com- 
"Oeiji, deir, v. say thou; s. St. Anthony's fire. 
"Oeiiib, deirbJt, s. f a churn; gen. tieinbe. 



X>eii(b-cliAmu\r\, deirbh-cJiliamImÍ7i, s. a son-in- 

"Oeinb-jniorii, deivhh-glmioinh, s. an axiom or 

•OeinVAiAj, deirhliUar/, see -oeAiibtiAs. 

"OeinbreAcnAC, deirbhsheathrach,'} ■ , 

„ ' ,.i . J 7 7 ; • ' > s. a sister. 

TDeAivDi-iu^i, dearOhs/nur, ) 

'Oeii\, deb; s. f. a temple; alms. 

"OeiiiCAj, deircag, s. a penurious woman, Sc. 

*OéinceAC, deirceach, adj. poor, beggarly; alms- 
giving, charitable. 

'Oéi^\cine, deircire, s. m. an almoner. 

'Oémcceoi^í, deh'ctlieoir, s. m. an almsgiver; a 
beggar, a miser. 

"Oeiiie, deire, s. the deep abyss. 

'Oei]\e, deire, \ s. the end, the last, the 

X)QA]\ec^-o,deireadIi,j rear, the stern. 

"OeijieAnnAC, deireannach,\ adj. last, hindmost, 

"OeinionnAc, dcirionnach, y late, latter. 

"OeiiieAiinAn, deirannan, s. a desert. 

'Oei^\e>.\n<M je, deireanaighe, s. a posterior. 

'Oeii\eiob, deireoil, adj. little, weak, poor. 

"Oeinje, deirge, compar. of t)eA]i5. 

'Oeiitge, deirge, ) s. redness, ruddiness ; 

"OeinjcA-o, deirgeadh, ) " "Oeijije a ii". 

TDemje, deirglie, s. a separation, divorcement; 
leaving, stripping ; desolation ; adj. sorrowful, 
i. e. •oéA^iAc, 0. g. 

"Oei^AJeme, deirgheine, v. he made. 

'Oei]\5inl,eAt), deirghinleadh, s. red cattle. 

"Oeingle, deirgle, s. a reward, purchase. 

'OeingliAij, deirgliaigh, s. a surgeon. 

'Oemjli'ó, deirglidh, s. a buying or purchasing. 

TDeijijiiiiTDe, deirgmide, s. dishonom'. 

'Oeijii-o, deirid, s. f a secret, a mystery. 

"Oeinit), deiridh, s. the end, the last. 

TDeijum, deiriin, v. I say, I speak; I dismiss. 

T)ein1i, deirli, s. a present, a reward. 

"OeiiMin-oe, deirmide, s. dishonour, i. e. "oic- 

"Oeip^M-o, deirrid, see -oeinit). 

"OeiniMBeAC, deirrideach, adj. secret, hid. 

X)éi]% deis, prep, after; "ueip a j-AOCAm" ; gen. 
of ■oiAp, two. 

'Oeq'ceAi\c, deisceart, s. the southern point or 

'Oei]'ceA]\cAc, deisceartacJi, adj. southern. 

"Oeii-cióbAl, deisciohal, s. a disciple. 

'Oeiyc]\éi'oe, deisereide, s. discretion. 

X)eiix]\éitieAc, deiscreideach, adj. discreet, 

"Oeii'-oeAn, deisdean, s. abhorrence, disrelish. 

"Oei^'TDeAnAC, deisdeanach, adj. abhorrent, nau- 

"Oeii-e, deise, compar. of 'oeAf, neat; s. a dress, 

"Oei^'e, deise, 
'Oei]-eA'o, deisead, 


accoutrements; gen. of ■oeA^ or ■oeif, the 
right hand. 

neatness, elegance, 
beauty, symmetry, ex- 
actness, dexterousness. 

"Oeii-eAC, deiseach, adj. towards the south. 

"Oeif eActi, deiseachd, s. convenience ; ornament ; 

"OeifeAn, deisean, adj. ugly. 

'OeifAi\nAC, deisarrach, adj. simny; exposed to 
the sun. 

"O'eij'it), d'eisidh,Y. he or she sat, rested, stayed; 
" T) 'eifi-ó, in l3An-p5At i gcACAoiiA oc on 

"Oeifit), deisidh, s. accompanying, o. g. 

'Oeip'oini, deisidhhn, v. I stay, remain; I 
mend, improve, decorate. 

"Oeii-ró occA, deisidh occa, they agreed to, or 

TDeii-iutA-o, deisiughadh, s. a mending, orna- 

"OeifleAun, deisleann, s. f. abeam or ray of light. 

"Oeii-mijeAt), deismigheadh, s. dress, ornament. 

'Oei-pmijiin, deismighim, v. I dress, adorn. 

^e,rmii;eAc, deismireach,} ^,._ ^^^^j^^^g_ 

T)eifinif, deismts, ) •' 

"Oeij-mipeAcc, deismireacht, s. curiosity, super- 
stition ; a quotation, proof, quibble. 

"OeifceAU, deistean, s. disgust, dislike, squeam- 
ishness; abhorrence, disdain. 

"OéifceAnAC, deisteanach, adj. disgustful, 

"Oéi^-ceAnAiiii, deisteanaim, v. I hate, abhor, de- 

"Oeij-aon, deistion, s. numbness. 

■Oeicbi);, deithbhir, adj. lawful, Br. L.; s. f. a 
cause, i. e. At)bAi\, o. g.; charge or custody. 

'Oeit:b]\eACAt), deithbhrcacJtadh, s. making haste. 

"Oeicbuijim, deithbhrigliim, v. I hasten. 

"Oeicjrin, deithjir, s. f haste, speed. 

•Oeicpi\eAC, deithjir each, adj. hasty, quick. 

'Oeicroe, deithide, s. separation; care, dili- 

'OeitmeAC, deithineach, adj. dainty. 

'OeicneAC'OAc, deithneachdach, adj. impetuous. 

'OeiéneAiiiA]\, deithneamhar, s. a decade. 

"OeicneA]-, deithneas, s. f. haste, speed. 

"OeicneA^'AC, deiihneasach, adj. hasty, keen, vio- 

'OeicneA'pAijim, deiihneasaighim, v. I hasten. 

*Oel, del, s. a nipple, a teat, i. e. pnni-ó, o. g. 

'Oebb, dell, s. separation. 

"Oén, den, a. partial. 

TDennAc, dennach, s. dust, M'Don.; mill dust. 

"OeniKVo, dennadh, s. variation. 





"Oeo, deo, s. breatli, air; adv. ever. 

"OeobAL, deohlial, s. sucking. 

tJeobnonn, deohronn, s. consecration. 

'Oeo'fcpotincA, deohhronnta, part, consecrated. 

'Oeocydeoch, s. f. a drink. 

'OeocAU, deochadh, s. a tender embrace. 

'OeocAim, deochaim, v. I clierish, embrace. 

"OeocAip, deochair, s. f. a difference or distinction. 

•OeocAl,, deocJial, s. grudging. 

'Oeoc-An-'DOHUif , deoch-an-dhoruis, s. a parting 


"Oeocbeine, deochbkeire, s. a cup-bearer, a butler. 

"Oeoc-bnocAiti, deoch-brochain, s. f. water gruel. 

'Oeoc-einiBin, deock-eiridin, s. f. a j^otion. 

'Oeoc-leijeA]', deoch-leiffheas, s. diet-diink ; de- 

TDeoc-j'teAiiium, deoch-sleamJiuin, s. a mucilage. 

"Oeoc-flAince, deoch-shlainte, s. a health, toast. 

"Oeot), deodh, a. everlasting. 

"OeoUA, deodha, s. henbane ; hyosyamus niger. 

'Oéot)Ani, deodhamh, God willing. 

"OeoUAiTo, deodhand, s. a deodand. 

'Oeo-ÓAnn, deodhann, by God's help, i. e. vo 
■óeoin 'oé. 

'OeojiiniineA'DA, deoghmuireadha, s. cup bearers. 

"Oeonii, deoidh,\ s. the end, conclusion, finis, fA 

'Oeoij, deoijh,) •óeoi-ó, in fine. 

'Oeoij, deoigh, always, <S/t. 

"Oeoig, deoigh, s. f. fire, flame ; adv. therefore ; 
for the sake of; in compound words it means 
good, well. 

"Oeom, deoin, s. will, consent, accord. 

■Oeoin, deoir, adj. just, see xiio]!. 

"Oeonn-eAC, deoirseach,'} , 

^ ' ' , . . ' > s. m. a slave, a porter. 

X)eoip^'eoi]\, deoirseoir,) ' ^ 

'Oeoinfeoi^\eACT), deoirseoireachd, s. wandering 

from door to door, begging. 
"Oeob, deol, see •oiub; s. f. aid, help, succour. 
"OeotA-ooiji, deoladoir, s. m. a succour. 
"OeoÍAj^An, deolagan, s. m. a honeysuckle. 
"OeoUM-ó, deolaidh, s. f. aid, succour; a dowry. 
"OeobAij, deolaigh, s. f grace. 
"OeolAini, deolaim, v. I suck. 
'OeolcA, deoleha,s. sotting, tij^pllng; huge, bulky. 
TDeobcAiji, deolchair, s. f. a present. 
"OeonAC, deonach, adj. agreeable, willing. 
'OeonACt), deonachd, s. the private parts of man 

or woman. 
"OeonAijim, deonaighim, v. I allow, approve, 

consent, vouchsafe, grant. 
"OeonAigceAc, deonaigldheach, adj. wilhng. 
"OeoncAC, deontach, adj. voluntary, wilful. 

"OconcACT), deontachd, 
'OeonrAf, deontas, 


"OeonuJAt), deoniighadh, s. allowing, consent- 

"Oeón, deor, s. m. a drop, a tear. 

tJeonAC, deorach, adj. tearful. 

"OeonAit), deoraidh, s. disobedience; a surety 
that withdraws himself; adj. strong, stout; s. 

"OeotiAia, deoradh 
'Oeo]\Ait)e, deorai 

!s. m. a wanderer, an 
exile, a fugitive, a 
stranger, an aUen, a 
'Oeo]\Ai'oeAc, deoraidheach, s. m. an exile, a 

"OeojiAiueAcc, deoraidheacht, s. banishment. 
'Oeo]\Ai-Diin, deoraid/iim, v. I banish. 

X)eoMAite, deoraiqhe, } 

_^ ' . ; v, ' ^see ■oeonAi-oe. 

T)eo]\ui'oe, aeoruiahe, > ' 

'OeopAiiiuil,, deoramhuil, adj. tearful. 
-OeoiuvncA, deoranta, V^\ '^^T°V ''Í''^''''^' 
■Oeo\^.^z^, deorata, | Strayed ""' 

'Oeo]\CAOi, deorchaoi, s. bewailing. Mull. 222. 
'Oeo]\5nA-ó, deorg?iadh,\ s. a stripping, cutting 
'Oeo]\nAt), dcornadh, j off, making naked. 
"OeocATJ, deoihadh, see tdoo-oa. 
"OeocAb, deothal, s. suck, sucking. Sit. 
"OeocAbAin, deotlialam, v. to suck, Sli. 
"OeocAlAgAn, deothalagan, s. honeysuckle, Sh. 
"OeocAi', deothas, s. m. desire. 
"OeocA^'Ac, deothasach, adj. serious, desirable. 
"Oeji, de7\ a. Httle, small. 
■Oe|\Ac, derach, s. plundering, sacking. 
■Oc|\bpne, dcrbhfhine, s. relations, kindred. 
'Oe]\CAinn, dei'cainn, s. f. despair of receiving 

recompense; i. e. •oicnenetii m yAjbAil }-oc- 

jiAice", Cor. 
'Oejin, dern, s. health; i. e. i-lÁmce, o. g. 
'Oe^\o]'c, derosc,s. a box, a buffet. 
"Oey, des, s. f land; Aii\eAC •oeiyA, a person 

possessed of land ; one of the privileged orders 

of the ancient Irish, Br. L.; a spot, speckle ; 

a. ridgy; i. e. tJnuimneAC. 
"Oei^e, dese, s. a multitude, a troop, a spout, 

conduit, fosset. 

"Oeixui-o, descuidh, adj. godly. 

■Oej-Bil,, desdil, a skirmish, affray. 

"Oej-puc, desruth, s. m. a judge, Br. L. 

■Oéc, det, s. f victuals, food, diet. 

"OecAbA, dethabha, a. good, generous, merciful. 

"OeceitAC, deteiqhach, ) ^i i i 

^ ■ J J- 1 c s. the weasand, laryn.^ 

X)ecu\c, detiacli, ) ' •' 

"OéuT), deud, see -oeAT). 

"OeujAi-úe, deugaidhe, 50 -oeujAiue X)ia, I wish, 

would to God. 

"OeuiiAc, deunavh, adj. sad. 




"OeunAiin, deimaim, v. I do. 

"Oéup, dcitr, see •oeA]\. 

'Oéui\0vmuit, deuramhiiil, adj. tearful. 

"Oeunje, deurge, s. quitting, leaving, Sh. 

'Oéu]-, dei^s, s. an ear of corn ; an aspect. 

X)i, di, adj. two; Gr. Sig, two, a negative par- 
ticle; when prefixed to words beginning with 
a broad vowel, it is written tdio ; it is some- 
times hitensitive, as ■oi'Dit; s. want; adj. little; 
•01 An. 

"O'l, (/' Í, i. e. -00 Í, 'oe i, i. e. to her, from her. 

"Ouv, did, s. m. God, gen. *Oé; a day; plenty, 
abundance ; i. e. ton, o. g. 

"OiA-AiteAC, dia-aitheach, s. an atheist; adj. 

"OuvAiceAi-, dia-aitheas, s. atheism, blasphemy. 

'OiAbAiL, diabail, s. without fire; i. e. 'oi-Aoi'be'L. 

X)-\Ab^1,diabhal,s.m. the devil; TFeM,diaYol; 
captivity, i. e. •OAOi-jie. 

"OiAbeum, diabheum, s. m. blasphemy. 

"OuvbbA'ó, diahhladh, s. a doubUng, sheath, 
doublet; double, twice as much. 

"OiA'bbAi'oe, diablaidhe, adj. devilish, diabolical. 

*Ou\ljU\it)eAcc, diabhlaidheacht, s. devilishness. 

'OiA-'ootfinAig, dia-domhnaigh, Sunday. 

'OiA-iuAin, dia-luain, Monday. 

'OiA-inAi]\c, dia-mairt, Tuesday. 

'OiA-ceAT)Aoine, dia-ceadaoine, Wednesday. 

'OiA-tDA^TOAoin, dia-dardaoin, Thursday. 

"OiA-Aoine, dia-aoine, Friday. 

'OiA-]'ACUi]\n, dia-sathuirn, Saturday. 

"OiAC, diach, s. fate, destiny, end; " nocA 'bp-om 
tiuine A t>iAc", G. Caeni. 

"OiACAi]!, diachair, s. f. sorrow, grief. 

"OiACAjtAC, diacliarach, adj. sorrowful, 

TDiAcon, diacon, s. m. a deacon. 

*OiAC]\ei'oeAm, diachreideamh, s. m. deism. 

'OiAC]\ei'oiiieAC, diachreidmheach, s. m. a deist. 

"OiAUA, diadha, \ adj. divine, godly, 

"OiAUAtiiuib, diad7iamhuil,f godlike, pious. 

TDiA-OAC, diadhach, adj. theological. 

'OiAÚACc, diadhacht, s. f. godhead, godliness, 
theology, divinity. 

"OiA-DAine, diadhaire, s. m. a divine, a theologian. 

'OiAt)Ai]\eAC'o,(Í2aíí/íaM*Éac7jfZ,s.divinity, theology. 

'0\&x)eMiAm, diadheanamJiAs. apotheosis, dei- 

"OtAtiuJAt), diadhughadh, J fication. 

"OiAÚinjiin, diadhuighim, v. I defy. 

'OiAj.-^AgmA, diafragma, s. the midriff. 

"OiAJA, diagha, see 'oia'óa. 

"OiajLa, diagla, s. ale, beer, drink. 

"OiAit), diaidh, s. f. grief, sorrow. Cor. 

"OiAij, diaigh, s. end, conclusion. 

"OiAit, diail, s. £ a dial; adj. quick, soon, im- 

'0\ó.\w\m, diainimli, 1 ,, ., , 

'Oym,dian, ] a. pure, unblemished. 

"Oi AiniiiiAiin At), diainmhiannadh, s. affectation, Sh. 

"OiAiniiiibleAt), diainmhiUeadh, s. annihilaiion. 

'OiAini"5]iio]"OA, diainsgriosda, part, annihilated. 

"OiAiiMOe, diairidhe, adj. careless, prodigal. 

"OiAiniiie, diairmhe, adj. innumerable, infinite. 

'OiÁi|\niiT)e, diairmide, a. dishonoured. 

"OiAiniiucni, diairmitiu, adj. disarmed. Cor. 

"OiAii'iiéif, diaisneis, adj. unspeakable. 

"OiaII, diall, s. submission; a knapsack; the 


"OiAbtAiT), diallaid, s. f. a saddle. 

"OiaLIoj, diallog, s. f. a bat. 

'OiAbon, dialon, s. a diary or day book. 

"OiAiiiAÍn, diainhain, 1 j- -ji i 

^ . J- 7 • 5- adi. idle, lazy, vam. 

T)iAiiiAion, diamliaoin, j •' ' ./ ' 

"OiAriiAÍn, diainhain, s. church goods; i. e. 

" iiiAinn no rriAoin -oiaioa", o. g. 
"OiAiiiAin, diamhair, adj. occult, dark, secret. 
'OiAiiiAi]\ceil,b, diamhair cheill, S. a hidden or 

mysterious meaning. 
'Ou\iiiAii\eAc-o, diamhair ea did, s. mystcriousness. 
"OiAriiAn, diamhan, adj. unspotted, pure, perfect; 

i. e. ■oiAinnfi, i. e. neAn'iAiniieAc, Cor. 
"OiAiiiAnA^-, diamhanas, s. m. idleness, vanity. 
*OiAtiiAnti, diamann, s. food, sustenance. 
"OiAmAji, diamhar, adj. see X)iuriiAi]A ; huge, 

'OiAiiiA]\'bcoin,fZía;)í/iar?*/i<7íOíV, s.m.ablasphemer. 
"OÍAiiiAiiún, diamharun, s. m. a mystery. 
■OiAiiiAj-lAc, diamhaslach, adj. blasphemous. 
"OiAiiiAi-bA-o, diamhasladh, ) <, t.i „ i 1 1 

"OiAiiiArlutA-ó, diamhaslu- ?■"" i ■ -^' 
, ,1, ^ ' i phemin"-. 

ghadh, } '■ ° 

'OiAiiiA^-'Ltiijini, diamhasluighim,v.I blaspheme. 

"OiAriiAi'luigeeoiji, diamhasluightheoir, s. m. a 

"OiAiiibAt), diamhladh, s. a place of refuge. 

"OiAtiibuJAt), diamhcghadh, s. colouring, mak- 
ing dark; concealment; " bi a)\ ah jcuji -I'oiti 
•OA ■óuMÍibtiJA'ó Ag All inbAnciieAbAc". 

"OiAii, dian, adj. sad; vehement, violent, hasty; 
nimble, brisk; compar. tjeine. 

"OiAnAnun, dinairm, s. a place of refuge. 

"OiAnA]', dianas, s. m. vehemence, violence. 

"OiAnAi'AC, dianasach, adj. dire, direful. 

'OiAnAccuin^e, dianathchuinge, s. m. an impor- 
tunate request. 

"OiAubtAit), dianbhlaid, s. f. power, authority. 

"OiAncAbAiACAC, dianchabharthach, adj. assisting. 

"OiAncoiiibA, dianchomhla, s. an aide-de-camr> ; 
an ofíicer of the life guard. 

TiiAnbojijAi^AeAct), dianlorgaireachd, a close 




*OiAntof5AT), dianlosgadh, s. violent, burning. 

'OiAnio]"5Aini, dianlosgaini^ v. I burn,fiarch up. 

"OiAncotiuvi-, diantomhas, s. obstinacy, despotism. 

'OiAnco5Ai\, dianthocfar, s. eagerness. 

'OiA^AC, diarath, adj. daily. 

'OiA]\-oÁin, diardain, s. anger, roughness. 

"OiA^roÁriAc, diardanach, adj. angry, ireful. 

X)\ó.]\mA]\,diarmhar, adj. related, allied, Keat. 66. 

T)! Apni u 1 1) , diarmuid, s. the proper name of a man . 

*OiA-p, dias,s. two, a pair; prop, "oi]-; used for 
'oéu]',anear ofcorn ;corrup. for tJeApithe south. 

'OiAi'Ac, diasack, 1 adj. abounding with ears 

"OiA^OAc, diasdach, ) of corn. 

■OiAi-yA-OA, diasfliada, \ adj. long-eared; 

'OiApi-A'OAc, diasfhadacJi,j A]\'b&]\ 'oiApfATJAc. 

'OiA]i\At), diasradh, s. gleaning. 

'OiA]"]\Aitii, diasraim, v. I glean. 

'OiAC]iAirii, diaihraimh, adj. desert, desolate. 

"O'lb, d'ibh, for 'oe ib or pb, from ye, of ye. 

"Oib, dilh, s. Í. a fai-m ; v. imperat. forms, makes ; 
*Oit)ib 'oúnA'ó. 

"Oibe, dihhe, s. thirst, i. e. •oic-ibe ; refusal, deny- 
ing, separating, o. g. 

"OibeAc, dibheacli, s. an ant. 

"OibeAt), dibheadh, s. dauUing, slandering; Ileb., 
dibba, contumely. 

"OibeATJAc, dibeadach, adj. negative. 

"OibeAlAij, dibhealaigh, adj. impassable. 

"OibeAbb, dibheall, adj. old, ancient. 

IDibeAiijAc, dibheargacJi, s. a robber; adj. vin- 
dictive, furious. 

*OibeA]\]iA'ó, dibhearradh, adj. consoling. 

'OibeA^\l\Aiiii, dibhearraim, v. I console. 

"OibeAncA, dibeai'tha, part, banished. 

"OibeAjxcAC, dibearthach, s. m. an exile, a fugi- 

T)ibeinc, dibheirt, see "oibiiir. 

"Oibeoib, diblieoil, adj. dumb, mute. 

'Oibj.-eAiAj, dibhfearg, s. anger, indignation, ven- 

"OibyeAp^Ac, dibhfeargacli, adj. furious, \dndic- 

"Oib^reA^jAcc, dihlifeargaclit, s. cruelty, ven- 

"Oibf ei^je, dibhflieirge, s. wrath, indignation. 

X>\h^ne, dibine, 1 .i. v 

"OibmeAct), dibineachd, } ' ' ^' 

íOibin, dibir, s. neglect, forgetfuhiess. 

■Oibi)!, dibhir, adj. private. 

*Oibi]\AC, (/í7</ííVac/í, adj. obscure, secret, liidden. 

"Oibiiice, dibhirce, s. an endeavom-. 

"OibipceAC, dibhirceach, adj. dihgcnt; unruly, 
fierce, violent. 

"Oibiimn, dibirim, v. I banish, drive away. 

"Oibipc, dibiri, s. f. banishment exile. 

*OibleAii, dibldean, s. apart oi division; a pair-; 
two of any kind. 

"OibleAC, dihldeath, s. both sides. 

"Oiblij, dibligh, adj. vile, vulgar, worthless. 

"OibligeACT), dibligheachd, s. wretchedness, de- 
bility, a di-ooping state, the last stage of 
human life ; second childliood. 

"Oibligim, diblighini, v. I make cheap, ^n.\e, 

"Oibbhi, diblin, s. f. a lump or mass of any escu- 
lent vegetable; bruised and compacted; a 

*Oíb)ieAt), dibreadh, s. expulsion. 

'Oibinj, dibrigh, s. weakness, contempt. 

"Oib]»!!)!, dibrim, v. I banish, expeh 

'OicAi]\ciiii, dicairtim, v. I peel. 

'OiceAb, dicheal, s. forgetfulness ; see 'oicciobl; 

"OiceAllAc, diclieallacli, secoicciobbAc. 

'OiceAbc, dichealt, adj. unconcealed. 

"OiceAlcAi]!, dichealtair, s. the haft of a spear; a 
place of conceahnent, an enclosure, a deer- 

*OiceAiinAc, diclieannacli, adj. headless. 

"OiceAniiA-o, dicheannadh, s. decapitation. 

X)iceAnnAitii, dicheannaim, v. I decapitate. 

"OiceAuncA, dicheannta, part, beheaded. 

*Oiceil,it), dicheilidh, s. folly. 

*Oiceilit)e, diclieilidhe, adj. foolish, inconsiderate. 

*Oiceilini, dicheilim, v. I forget. 

"OiciaL, dicliial, s. m. frenzy. 

"Oicill., dichill, s. protection. 

"Oicleic, dicJdeitJi, s. i. disclosure, discovery. 

"Oicleicini, dichleitliiin, v. I disclose, reveal. 

"OiciiKMnc, dichmairc, s. a going, passing. 

"OicneAt), dichneadh, see •oTOeAnnAU. 

'Oic]\eit)iiii, dichreidMm,Y. I disbelieve. 

'OicnemeAiii, dichreideamh, s. m. incredulity. 

"OicneATDriieAC, dichreidmheach, s. m. an infidel; 
adj. incredulous. 

"Oiciiei-oce, dichreidthe, adj. incredible. 

'Oit), did, s. a pap, a dug; Heb., dad. 

"Oine, dide, s. gratitude. 

"OitjeAn, didean, s. protection, defence, refuge; a 
fort, a sanctuary. 

"Oi-ooAnnAijitn, dideannaigldm, v. I defend, pro- 

"O'lTDCAnom, dideanoir, s. a protector, guardian. 

'OÍT)eAnrA, dideanta, part, protected, defended. 

*Oi-oein, didcin, s. haste. 

"Oi-oib, didil, s. great love, kindness. 

"Oinin, didin, 

"OitJion, didion, 

see 'oi'oeAti. 

;Oit,iono,,>, dklwnoir, I ^^^ ^.^ ,^ 






'Oit)icni, diditiu, adj. uncovered, disclosed, Cor. 

"Oi-oboctxxt), didhliochdadh, s. delight. 

"Oie, die, s. a day, Cov.; lamentation, Cor. 

•Oii'eA-OACA, difeadacha, adj. forward. 

t)iféA]-o5AC, difheasof/acJi, adj. beardless. 

"Oipn, difir, a. f. diíFercnce. 

"OifneAjpA, difhreagra, adj. imanswerable. 

"OiiruLAinj, difliulaing, adj. intolerable, 

"Oij, difj, s. f. a pit, a dike, ditcli. 

"OiJAit, digliail, s. f. profanation ; loosening. 

X)i5<Mi^, digkair, adj. \aolent, vekement, o. g 

'0)g<M]\]i, dighairsi, s. sbame, modesty, bravery. 

"OijAin, digam, v. to cluck as a ken. 

tJij-óe, digkdhe, s. a commendation, blessing; 
adj. gratitude. 

"Oij-oi, dighdhi, s. great desii-e, ambition. 

"Oije, dighe, gen. of -oeoc, a di'ink; s. satisfac- 
tion; adj. condign, adequate; s. fulfilling. 

t^ije, digJte, gen. of tDÍg, or '0Í05, a pit; s. a 
petition, blessing, thanks. 

"OijeAC, digeach, adj. full of ditches. 

"Oijini, dighim, v. I come, arrive at; see ci5im. 

tDijiniin, digliinim^ v. I suck. 

"Oigmn, dighinn, adj. firm, very great 

"OijionA, dighioria, adj. morose. 

'OijLa, digla, adj. evil. 

"Oijle, digJde, adj. very pure, immaculate, 0. g. 

"OijpeAnA, dighreana, adj. bald. 

"Oijit, digu, a unchosen, impicked, i. e. ■01-coj- 

■Oi-ic, di-ic, s. sorrow, pain; i. e. 'ooil.ij, CCl.; 
adj. hasty, quick; i. e. obAnn, o. g. 

"Oil, dil, s. the literati; i. e. eijp, 0. g.; goods, 
possessions; i. e. iiiAOin, 0. g.; adj. fond, faith- 

"Oibe, dile, s. love, friendship, aíFection; wort, 

i. e. b)\AiLbi]'. 

"OileAn, dilean.l p t i a 2 

_-,., ,.,. ' > s. I. a dc.uic, a flood. 

T)ilion, duion, J ^ ' 

TDilb, dilb, s. £ a legacy. 

■OilbeAC, dilbeach, s. a legatee. 

"Oilbije, dilbighe, s. a testator. 

Sarónt,^'^t7ío;m,l ^" ^;.^ ^°°"^' «deluge, immda- 
-Oilu,, ííí7i«, j ^^°°5 "'rce tiA t)aionnA. 
"OiteAc,. dileacJi, adj. beloved. 
'OíleAct), dileachd, "I i /-^ r> 

•OileActJAn, rf/^.acMa«,| ^; a^^^^a". ^- ^- 
'OibeAJAt), dileaghadh, s. digesting. 
"OileAJAini, dileaghaim, v. I digest food 
"OibeAjjiA, dileagra, s. address. 
"OibeAjbAim, dileaglaim, v. I revere, reverence. 
'OileA5]AAim, dileagraim, v. I address. 
tDileAjAncoi^, dileagarilioir, s. m. an addresser. 
"OileAJCA, dikaqhtha, part, digested. 

"OibeAmAin, dileamain, s. f. love, kindness. 
"OileAj', dileas, \ adj. dear, beloved, faithful, ac- 
"Oilio]-, (/íVí'os, J ceptable, proper. 
"OileAj-coitiiAt), dileascliobnhadh, s. protection, 

"OilpuJA'o, dilfiugliculh, s. despising. 
"OiljeAU, dilgeadJi, s. forgiving, forgiveness. 
'OibjoAn, dilghean, s. afiection; suppression. 
"Oiljim, dilgim, s. I forgive. 
"Oibjionn, dilghionn, s. destruction, plundering. 

r3^ll,^on^t,d{lgionadh, | '; «mptymg. ^ 
"OiliA-OAX), diliadhadh, s. boiling, concoction. 
'OíUn, dilin, adv. for ever, <S/i. 
'OibbAin, dillain, adj. illegitimate, not in wed- 
lock, unmarried, Sh. 
"OillAnAr, dillanas, 1 /■ - ,- 
t),UAnckr,fMa;zto, | ^" fo^i^<^^tion. 
"OiUe, ííiV/í, s. dill. 

"Oilledc, dilleacJi, s. m. an orphan, Donl. 182. 
"OiliiKMii, dilmain, adj. meet, proper. 
'Oibiimn, dilmhuin, s. an unmarried man, Cor. 
"Oili-e, s. a sea plant; see ■ouil.eA]-^. 

,-., 1 ' ' . ,'.7 77(3. love, affection; sin- 

•0,lj-At>, rfM, _ j _ centy, fidelity. 

"Oibi'i, dilsi, s. subjugation. 

'Oilpgim, dilsigldm, v. I despise. 

'Oili'íujÁ-ó, dilsiughadJi, s. lessening, degrada- 

"Oilce, dilte, s. nutriment. 

"Otinbpij, dimbrigh, s. £ weakness: 

"inoj\ mjAbAii AnniA n'lj 

1cin -OAi-Acc If TJimbiiig". 

"Oimbnij, dimbrigh, s. contempt, Sc. 

"OmibpijeAc, dimbrigheach, adj. weak, feeble; 
careless, heedless; i. e. " neAiiij'-uininil, no 
neAiiicAftiiAn", 0. g. 

"OmibuAij, dimbuaigh, s. unsuccessfulness. 

"OimbtiAijeAc, dimbuaigheach, adj. unsuccessful. 

"O'lmcipn, d'imchisin, v. to see, to behold, O'Cl. 

"Oiiiie, dimke, s. protection. 

"OiiiieAjiAgAc, dimhearagach, see 'oibeA^i^Ac. 

'OiiiieAf, dimheas, s. i. contempt, disrepute; 
great honour, high esteem, i. e. meAf nió]i, 
mói]iiTieAf, 0. g.; scarcity of fruit. 

"OimeAi-Ac, dimheasach, adj. proud, contemp- 
tuous, scornful, servile, Sh. 

"Oi liicAf Ai 111 , dimheasaim,v. I undervalue, despise. 

'OiiiieAi-tiiuib, dimheasmhuil, see -oiriioAf ac. 

"OiiiieAi-OA, dimheasda, adj. despised, sen'ile. 

"OniicAfOACc, dimheasdacM, s. disrespect. 

"Ohiieii-e, dimheise, s. imcomeliness, Sh. 

"Oiiiieifnij, dimheisnigh, adj. weak, irresolute. 

"Oiiiieirnitim, dimheisniqhiin, v. I discourage. 





"OimiA-o, dimiadh, s. iirevercnce. 

"Oin'iiccin, dhnhiccin, s. contempt, reproach. 

'OÍTÍim, dimJiin, sec XDeninn. 

^, . 7- 7 • "i s. f. provision, caii- 

X)iiiiin, dimhin, { .■'■ i i 

„. . ' . T ,• 7 7 y tion, heed ; con- 
tJiniineAct), aim/nneachd, I jjA^l^np 

"OiiiimtieAc, dinihnid/ieach, adj. sad. 

"OniiniueACTD, dimnidheachd, s. sadness. 

"Oiiiinijiin, dimhnighim, v. I affirm, assert, 

TDiiTmeAi', dimreas, s. f. need, necessity. 

"Om, din, adv. then, in hke manner. Cor. It is 
often written in old MSS. v■^\^, "on a, and 
■ono; adj. pleasant, delightful, agreeable; s. f. 
sucking, i. e. 'onit, o. g. 

"Oin-o, dind, s. a hill, hillock. 

"Oine, dine, \s. a generation, Exod., i. 6 ; an 
age, a tribe ; a beginning ; also the first ; life. 

z\\e VIA juiue ■omeAc "oon myje, B. Lab. 

'OiiiéA'OAc, dineadach, s. m. a frock. 

X)ineAi\c, dineart, s. the power of God; prop. 
"oeneAnc; imbecihty, weakness. 

'OmeA^iCAijini, dineartaigliim, v. I weaken. 

"Oinj, ding, s. f. a wedge. 

TDinge, dinge, s. f. thunder, oppression. 

"OingeAt), dingeadli, s. thrusting, pusliing. 

"Omgiiii, dingim, v. I urge, thrust, suppress. 

'Oingin, dingir, s. f. custody. 

"Oinjine, dingire, s. m. a paver's rammer. 

"Omgce, dbujthe, part, wedged in, pressed. 

T)in5c:eACT), dingtheachd, s. fat, fatness, Sh. 

"OiniAc, diniath, s. a helmet, see cob]\A. 

'Oinib, dinih, s. diinking, Sh. 

"Omnii, dinim, v. I diink, imbibe, suck. 

*OinmiAc, dinmiach, adj. idle. 

"Ohin, dinn, from, of us, i. e. ve inn ; s. a for- 
tified hill; Welsh, din; s. f. a wedge. 

"Oinneip, dinneir, s. f. a dinner; vidg. 

'Oinnim, dinnimh, adj. weak, little ; i.e. •oepeoib, 
o.g.; s. f. weakness, diminution, o.g. 

"Oinnip, dintiis, s. f. contempt; an oath, a proof, 

"Oinnbe, dinnle, s. the scab or itch. 

"Oinni'coi];, dinnseoir, s. m. a wedge. 

X)inni-eAm, dinnseamh, s. contempt; i.e. taji- 
cuipie, 0. g. 

'Omy^]»OY, dinsgrios, s. f. depredation. 

"Oio, dio, a negative particle used in composi- 
tion; see t)!. 

"OioAC, dioach, for t)tAt)AC, divine. 

'OioAc'D, dioachd, s. divinity. 

■Oio-Aiptiie, dio-airmhe, see •oiAijwie. 

"Oiob, diobh, of them, to them. 

'OíobAt), diobadh, s. a prick, a point. 

"OíobA-ó, diobhadh, s. m. death, ruin; subduing, 
overpowering ; a portion, dowry, inheritance. 

'OíobAit), diobhaidh, adj. impious, wicked. 

"OiobAigeAt), diobhaigheadh, s. consuming. 

"OiobAigim, diobhaighim, v. I consume, destroy. 

"OiobAil, biobhail, s.i. loss, defect, injury. 

'OiobAiltm, diobhailim, v. I hiu-t, lose. 

TDiobAijice, diobhairthe, adj. destitute. 

'OiobAi)\ceAc, diohhairtheach, s. m. an exile. 

TDiobAt, diobhal, adj. old, ancient. 

TDiobAtAc, diobhalach, adj. robbed, spoiled; 

"OiobAbAc-o, diobhalachd, s. ablation. 

'OiobAlAccA, diobhalachta, adj. damaged, frus- 

"OiobAbAti, diobhaladh, s. damaging, annoying. 

"OiobAnAc, diobhanach, adj. lawless. 

'OiobA]\5Ac, diobhargach, adj. keen, fierce. 

*OíobA]\5At), diobhargadh, s. captivity, enslaving. 

"OiobAncA, diobhartha, part, exiled, banished. 

"OiobA-n, diobhar, s. disrespect, omission. 

"OioblAc, diobhlach, adj. prodigal. 

"OiobbACA, fZío?'/í/((í7ía, adj. material, of moment. 

•OioblAC-o, diobhlachd, 1 -,. .., 

-O-^ohUy, diobhlas, j s. prodigahty. 

'Oíob]\A-ó, diobhradh, s. forsaking, failing. 

"OiobnAim, diobhraim, v. I forsake, proscribe. 

X)iob]\ACA, diobhfatha, adj. discovered. 

'Oiob]\AcAini, diobhrathaim, v. I discover. 

"Oiob^iojAc, diobhrogach, adj. discalced. 

"OiobnonAim, diobhronaim, v. I comfort, console. 

"Oiobui-óe, diobhiiidhe, 1 • .v i 

"OiobumeAc, diobhuidheach, adj. ungrateful. 

"OiocAiiTOeAc, diochairdeach, adj. friendless. 

"OiocAiiTOeA]-, diochairdeas, s. f. enmity. 

■OiocAipcnn, diochairtim, v. I peel, decorticate. 

'OíocaI, diochal, s. m. diligence, vexation, Sh.; 

'OíocAÍbAc, diochallach, adj. dihgent, assiduous. 

'OiocAotne, diochaoine, s. bemoaning. 

"Oiociolb, diochioll, see •oiciobb. 

"OiocbAi]", diochlais, adj. darkness, obscurity ; i.e. 
■oiojltif , i. e. "oi-f-obuf, i. e. ■do]\cacc, o. g. 

"OioclAonATi, dioclaonadh, s. m. a declension. 

"OioctAonAiiii, diodaonaim, v. I decline. 

"OiocriiAing, diochmhaing, see 'oiocuiiiAitig. 

"OiociiiAinc, diochinhairc, s. f. theft. 

"Oiocoiiime, diochoimhne, s. forgetfulness. 

"Oi ocoii-jTOCAC, diochoisgidheach, adj . implacable. 

"Oiocoi^-gire, diochoisgiihe, adj. unappeascd. 

"Oiocoii-giceACt), diochoisgitheachd, s. implaca- 

'OiocolnA, diocholna, adj. without body. 



"OíocoiiiAiic, diochomarc, adj. unasked. 

'OíoconAi]\e, dioclionaire, adj. pathless, impass- 

'Oioc]\c\, diochra, s. diligence, attention. 

'OÍOC11AC, diochrach, adj. diligent, zealous. 

"OiocjiACC, diochracht, s. diligence, Fer. 35. 

*Oiocnón, diocJiron, adj. immediate, witliout 
time; from 'oi, neg., and cpon, age; Gr., 
Kpovog, Saturn ; an old man. 

*Oioc-]v\, diocsa, adj. noble, lofty, stately, liigb- 

"Oiocuro, diochuid, adj. small, little. 

"Oioéuirime, diochuinihne, s. forgetfulness. 

"OiocuniineAC, diochuimhneach, adj. forgetful. 

'Oiocuiriinijim, diocliidmliniiilthn, v. I forget. 

"Oi ocii 1 1Í1 n ijce, dweh niiu/ni i, i/i the, part, forgotten. 

"OiocuinimjceAC, diocliiiiin/i)u\i/itheach, adj. for- 

"Oíocui]ieA-ó, diocliuireadh, s. expulsion. 

'OiocutiuMnj, diochumhaing, adj. very narrow, 
very difficult. 

'0'\ocu\\Mm, dioclmraim, v. I expel, banish. 

"Oiot), diodh, s. want, 111 ■ppuil, "oiot) Aip. 

"OioUAc, diodhach, s. indigent. 

'OiotJAi'Lin, diodhaiUn, s. an atom, a mite. 

'Oío-ÓAOineA'ó, diodhaoineadh, s. depopulation. 

*Oio-ÓAOinim, diodhaoinini, v. I depopulate. 

'OioUACAim, diodhailiahn, v. I discolour, tarnish. 

"OioTDAt), diodadh, s. accusation. 

"OiotiAini, diodaim, v. I accuse. 

"O'loiOAnn, diodann, s. advocacy, an asylum. 

'Oíot)tnA,(:/íO(7/í»ía,s. a fort, fortification, protection 

"OiounAO, diodhnadh, s. satisfaction. 

"Oio-ouille, diod/tuille, adj. leafless. 

"OioylAinn, diofhlainn, adj. bloodless, pale. 

'OiopulAiij, dioflmlang, adj . intolerable. 

"OiopotA, diofhola, see •oiopl.Aiiiii. 

"Oíopoi'cÁn, diofoschan, s. a fine paid for not 
marrying; prop. -oiopliopcAin. 

"Oiog, diog, s. m. a ditch, a pit. 

'Oioj;^, diogg, s. a breath, hfe, Sh. 

'OioJA, diogha, adj. the worst. 

"OioJAbAini, dioghabhaim, v. I lessen, diminish, 

"O'loJAu, dioghadli, s. mischief. 

■OÍ05A151L, diogaighil, s. a noise, Sh. 

"OioJAit, dioghail, s. i. ofience. 

"OiojAim, diogaim, v. I enclose, intrench. 

"OiojAi]', dioii/iiiis, s. f tlie summit. 

"OiogAl, dtO'i/i"/, <. m. ;; duel. 

■OíoJAÍAiiii, (/ioa/hif,iir.-. V. I revenge. 

"OíojaIc, dioghail, s. ni. revenge, vengeance. 

"OíojaIca, dioghalia, part, revenged. 

"O'iojaLcac, dioghaltach 
"OioJAlcApAC, dioghail 

laii. revengea. 
, "i adj. revengeful 

, ' 7 >- vindictive, out 
'•'*'«'^^'' j ragcous. 

"OioJALcAp, dioghaltas, see •oio^aI.c. 

"OioJAlcóiit, dioghaltoir, s. m. an avenger. 

■OiojAn, diogan, \ adj. spiteful, revengeful, 

"OiogAUCA, dioganta,) fierce, cruel. 

"OiojÁn, diogan, s. m. grief, sorrow. 

X)-io-^<snn,dioghann, adj . plentiful ; deep, defen- 

"OiojAncAc-o, diogantaclid, s. cruelty, vengeance. 

"Oio^Aoc, dioghaoth, s. a blast in corn; fairy 

"OiojAit, diogar, a. eager, intent, vehement. 

'Oio5Ai\T3ApACCAC, diogurdasachtach, adj. fierce, 
repulsive; " cucpAC cporo Agup CACAp ■010- 
rAp-OAVACCAC til A]\Aile Aunrmn", 4 Mast. 

"OioJApc, dioghart, s. a beheading, slaughtering. 

"OioJApcAim, diogharthaim, Y. I behead. 

"OiogbAit, dioghhhail, s. f. damage, destruction, 
loss, defect. 

"OiojbALAc, dioghhhalach, adj. hurtful, noxious, 

'0'■\o^hó^■^,d^oghbhoigh, s.ruin, destruction, 0' (ire. 

"Oiogbui jeACAp, dioghbhuigheachas, s. unthank- 
fulness, ingratitude. 

"Oiogbuc, dioghbhuih, s. destruction, Sh. 

"OiojionA, dioghiona, see •oijiouA. 

"OíojIa, dioghla, s. revenge; injustice; destruc- 

"OioglAip, dioghlais, s. f abuse, defamation. 

X)i05luiiii, dioghhdm, s. f gleaning; aj ■0105- 
tuim A11 ApbAip. 

'OiojlutncA, dioghlwntha, part, gleaned. 

"OiogUip, dioghlus, s. darkness, from -oij, neg., 
and bup, light; Lat., lux. 

"OiojnA, dioghna, s. contempt; adj. contemp- 

„, . ,.7 1 s. an evil aspect, an ill coun- 
AJiosnA, dtorihna, I ^ '■ 

„. V '. ,. 7 I tenauce, appearance, or 
TDiosnAC, dioqh- > c \ ^^ . ■ 

^, ' ^' 1 lorm; i. e. tiij;ne, i. e. 

' ) '0]\oc5ne, 0. g. 

"OíognÁp, dioghnas, adj. rare, extraordinary, 

"OiojpÁ-ó, dioghradh, s. hatred. 

"OíojiiA-ÓA, dioghradha, adj. morose, rude, mean. 

X)io5pAip, diograis, s. f. diligence; a secret. 

"Oioj^iAip, dioghrais, adv. constantly, commonly. 

"OiojpAii'eAc, dioghraiseach, adj. zealous, ardenc, 

'OiojpAp, dioghras, s. zeal, uprightness; dili- 

IDiojuogAun, dioghrogahii, v. I belch. 

"Oiojpup, diogr-us, see -oiojpAp. 

'Oiogum, dioghuin, s. forcing, compelling. 

"OioJDinn, rfiOijf/iHinra, adj. deep; ah cloib oio- 



s. f. absence. 

"Oioii-if, (Koisis, s. a diocese. 
"Oiol, diol, s. projjitiation, remuneration, redress, 
satisfaction, sufficiency; an object, an end; 
selling; use; payment due; adj. worthy, suffi- 

"OiotA, diola, 3. a flood; prop, ■o'lte. 

"OiotAbice, diolahiche, s. a legator, Sh. 

"OioLacc, diolacht, s. f. an orphan; prop, 'oí- 
icAcc; adj. blameless. 

'DioU\cccoiii, diolachtcliomh, s. protection. 

"OíoIa-ó, dioladh, s. paying, filling, satisfying. 

"OiobA-oiiiAib, dioladmhail, s. f. a receipt, dis- 

"OiobAiT), diolaid, s. f. a cover, covering ; a saddle. 

'OíoUM^6e<^c^, diolaidheaeht, s. f. payment. 

*OioU\iTn, diolaim, v. I pay, reward, recompense; 
I sell, renew, change ; I glean, release, write. 

tDíobAiiimjceói]!, diolamhniglitlieoir, s. m. a 

"OiobAin, diolain, adj. illegitimate, Sh. 

'Oiol-AineAC, dialaineach, s. m. a bachelor. 

'OíoLíMciiA, diolaithir, 1 

TDi obAicpeACT), diolaithreachd,) 

'OiolAicne, diolaithre, s. f. an expulsion, O'Cor. 

'OioU\iqieAt)om, diolaiihreadoir, s. m. an ex- 
peller, a plunderer. 

"OioUMrnnii, diolnithrim, v. I expel, displace. 

*Oiob<Mr-nui JATJ, divlaitlirmghadh, s. depopula- 
tion, removing. 

"OiotAriiriAC, diolamlmach, s. m. a hireling, it is 
particularly applied to a soldier who serves 
ibr pay; a brave, stout man, a generous man. 

'OiobAUAT, diolanas, s. fornication; celibacy, Sh. 

'OíoÍAncA^", diolantas, s. manhood, Sh. 

"OiolAfAC, diolasach, adj. sufficient; s. remime- 
ration, redress. 

•OíobAi-coitiiéAT), diolaschoimhead, s. patronage, 

X)\o\,'^\~co^míi^\XíA\•be,diolascho^mhe(ulaidhe, s. m. 
a patron, a guardian. 

'Oiolboc, diolbhoth, -| 

"Oiobb^iuc, dioUJiruth, V s. m. a shop. 

"OiolcuAii, diolchuan, ) 

"O'lolcAc, dwlchath, adj. huge, monstrous. 

"OiobcoiiiAn, diolcomhan, s. confederacy. 

'Oiobcuiii-OAC, diolehumhdach, s. reservation. 

"OiobcuiAAiii, diolchuram, s. m. negociation. 

"Oiob-xjeince, diol-deirce, s. an object of charity. 

'Oioli-Ai^jA-o, dioljhasijadh, s. m. an embrace. 

"OiotgAt), diolffadh, s. m. remission, forgiveness. 

"OiobjA-OAC, diolgadhach, adj. forgiving. 

"Oiobj^ATOun, diolgaidliim, Í v. I dismiss, re- 

"OiobjAim, diolgaim, j mit, forgive. 

'OíoIIat)ói|\, diolladoir, s. m. a saddler. 

"OicUoi-p, dioUnid, s. f. a saddle. 

"OiobbATOim, dioUaidim, v. I saddle. 

X)iol,U\ic, dioUait, s.i. apparel; TFe?#/i, dillad ; 
a. powerless, i. e. neAiiicuiiiActiAc. 

"OioliiiAni, diolmhain, adj. faithful, true, sincere. 

"OiobiiiAnAc, diolmhanacJi, see •oíoIaiíiuac. 

"OíoÍTÍiAoin, diolmhamn, s. f. alimony. 

"OiolriniiiieA]-, diolmhuineas, s. warfare. 

"Oioloc-OAc, diolochdach, adj. faultless. 

'OiolcA, diolta, part. paid. 

"Oiolcoiji, dioltoir, s. m. a seller. 

'OioluJAO, dioliighadh, s. consumption, destruc- 

"OiobuijeAcc, dioluighmcht, s. payment, remu- 

"OíoiúucA, diolunta, adj. valiant, stout, brave ; 
hospitable, generous. 

•OiolúncAi;, dioluntas, V" „^ J^^'^^^l- 
"OiobuncACD, dioluntachd, ( *= -u -^^' '^ ^' 
' ' ) rage, bravery. 

"O'lom, diom, from or of me, i. e. "oe me. 

_-., . ,. ,7 ~i s. airger, indigna- 

"OiombuAix,, diomhuaidh, \ f"^ displeasure ; 

' ' J discomhturo. 

TDioiiiAin, diomhain, adj. dormant, Sh. 
"OiotiiAi]!, diomhair, adj. obscure, secret, dark, 

private; " mo]\ bti •oioiiiAi]> au -oiue". 
"OíoiíiaIac, diomhalach, see •oioj-oaIac. 
"OioiiiAbrA]', diondialtas, s. m. caution, heed. 
TDioiiiAlroiiv, dmnaltoiv, s. m. a glutton. 
"OioniAnAi', dkmihanas, s. m. vanity, worldhness. 
X)\omc^o\w, diomhaoin, ~\ adj. idle, lazy, vain, 
'OioiiiAOineAC, diomh- V tniiing, frivolous, 

.aoineacli, ) foolish. 

"OioniAoineA^', dimhaoineas, s. vanity, idleness. 
"OioiiiAn-n, dioiiihni')', sec T)ioiiiAi]\. 
*OíoiiibAÍi, diom/iídih, s. m. gi'icf, sorrow. 
"OiombAJ^M:, diuiíibaghach,a,új. sorrowful, mourn- 
"OiotiibUAU, dionihitan, adj. transitory, fading; 

"OioiiibUAiiAi', diomliianas, s. m. inconstancy, 

'Oíombui'óeAc, diomhuidheach, adj. unthankful, 

"OionibuiueACAf, diombuidheachas, s. m. ingra- 
"Oiotiibuib, diomhhuil, s. waste, inanity. 
"OioniTJA, diomdha, see ■oiorriAt). 
"OionruAC, diomdhach, adj. displeased. 
"OioiiubbAtn, diomhillam, v. to destroy utter]\-, 

Sh. \ _ ^ / 

TDioiiibAiwc, dlomhlii^iiih, adj. profuse, hurtful. 
"OioiiioJAO, dioiiilioidiiidh, s. enfranchisement. 
"Oioiiioj^Aini, dioidioidiniiti. v. I enfranchise. 
"OioiiioilcAt', dioiidioilcadh.v. dcmolisliing. 




'Oíoiiio'U'ó, diomJioladh, s. m. dispraise, cen- 

"OioiiiolAini, diomJiolaim, v. I dispraise, blame. 

'OiotiiolcA, diomholta, part, dispraised, blamed. 

X)io mole Aim, diomholtaim, see •o'lomolAim. 

"Oioiiiolcoi]!, diomholloir, s. m. a slanderer. 

'OioiiiorAijcAC, dioinlwthaiffheach, adj. stupid; 

"OiomjiAc, diomrac, s. a temple. 

*OioiiinACT), diomhrachd, s. obscurity, darkness. 

"Oion'inAn, diomJtran, s. m. a mystery. 

'Oiom]\An, d'wmran, s. m. a hermit's cell. 

"Oioiiunll, diomuill, is. lavisliment, i. e. ■oi 

'Oioiinilc, diomult, 3 bAib. 

"OioiinnneAi-, diomhuineas, adj. illegitimate. 

"Oiomu]-, diomits, s. m. pride, arrogance. 

T3toiiui]-Ac, diomusach,\ adj. proud, haughty, 

"Oiomi-AC, diomsach, J arrogant. 

'Oion, dion, s. m. shelter, protection, fence, safe- 
guard, patronage, refuge; the surface, top, 
summit; the second scmimetre or ieAciK\nn 
of a verse, consisting of two quartans ; it is 
more commonly called comAt). 

"OionAc, dionach, adj. close joined, watertight. 

"OiouACAX), dionachad,\ s. security, tightening, 

TiiotiAu, dionadh, J stanching. 

'OíonAt)oi|\, dionadoir, s. a protector. 

„. . ,. . , . "1 V. I protect, defend, 

'0^o^^.^^^^r^^d^ona^<Jh^>,>, I ,i,;elk, screen, secure, 

T)ionAim, dionaim, t t 1 

"OioiiÁijieAC, dionaireach, adj. shameless. 

'OíonAii\m, dionairm, 1 s. a place of shelter, a 

"OionAijic, dionairt, ) place of refuge. 

"OionAiceA-o, dionaiteadh, s. dislocation. 

"OioiiAi-A, dionasa, s. dissolution. 

"OionA^-Ac, dionasach, adj. ardent. 

"OíotiAi-jA-ó, dionascjadh, s. a disjoining, loosen- 

"OionAi-jAim, dionasgaim, v. I disjoin, loosen, 

'0\on^\-xfA,dionasgtlia, part, dissolved. 

"Oionbiveit), dionhhreid, s. an apron. 

"DionlJiiolLAC, dionhhroUacli, s. m. a preface. 

TDíoncÁinc, dionehaint, s. f. a defence. 

"OioncA^vn, dioncJiarn, s. f. a fort. 

"OioncojmAm, d{onchosnarn,v. to garrison, Sh. 

"Oiong, diong, adj. worthy, Sh.; s. a hillock. 

"OiongAbÁil, diongahhail, adj. worthy, fit, pro- 

"OiongAt), diongadh, s. preserving, keeping. 

"Oion^Aim, diongaim, v. I match, equal, over- 

"OionjAin, dionghau; s. f a tribute, a benevo- 
lent succour. 

'Oíon5Aii\eAt), dionghaiixadli, s. succouring. 

adj. worthy, fit, meet, 
suitable, proper ; " A 
cijeAjAHA ■oéin Á^ui]' 
■ouicpéin 'oiom'oiong- 
IjaLa WOT) co)iimó]> 

"OiongDAlA, diong- 

'Oíong'bÁbAC, diong- 

"OiongiiiALA, diong- 

"OiongiiiAbcA, diongmJialia, adj. sufficient, suit- 
able, Avorthy; firm, confirmed, fast, fixed. 

X)]or^T-m.\lzAcr,dio}ig>nJudtacJd,l ^' ^^^^olute- 
•r^- • ^ J- 11, r ness, se- 

TDiongmALcAi', diongiiihaLtas, Í _ .' 

'Oioiiloiijiahour, diordongphort, s. a garrison; a 

'Oionl,uii\5, dionluirg, s. straying, error. 
"Oiomi, dionn, see ■oinn. 
'OionnAC, dionnach, s. m. mill dust. 
"OioniiAL, dionnal, s. a shot. 
"OionnAii, dionnan, s. a little hill. 
'OionnjiiAC, dionngnach, \ adj. fortified, 

"OionngnocAC, dionngnothach,} confirmed. 
'Oionn]-i05i-ó, dionnsiogJiidh, adj. even to. 
"OionncA, dionnta, s. turning about. 
"OioiiojlACAi-, dionoglachas, s. m. heroism. 
"O'lon^'uije, d'ionsuighe, prep, towards, unto. 
"Oionce, dionte, adj. protected, defended. 
"Oionuijceoip, dionuightheoir, s. m. a patron, 

'OiopAiinn'L, diopamJiuil, adj. severe. 
"Oio];, dior, s. f a law; adj. meet, proper, decent, 

lawful; i. e. -oLifcionac, o. g.; interj. alas! 
"OionAc, diorach, adj. just, right, equitable, erect, 

'Oio]\AC]iAc, dioracJirach, adj. lawless. 
'Oioi\Ai5, dioraigh, s. m. a distiller. 
"O'lopAin, diorain, s. f. a dropping. 
TDioiiAinn, diorainn, s. a drop, a drop of rain. 
■Oioi\An5, diorang, s. a belch. 
"Oio^AiijAim, dioi'angaim, v. I belch. 
'OionA'OAim, dioradaim, v. I annihilate. 
'Oioi\b, diorbh, adj. severe. 
"OioiiJAt), diorgJiadh, s. direction. 
"O'lOiijAim, diorgaim, v. I direct. 
"OiongA]-, diorgas, s. ui. uprightness. 
"OiojiiiiA, diorma, s. a troop, company, crowd, 

multitude ; WelsJi, tyrfa. 
X)io]\mAc, dionnach, adj. imfit to walk, i. e- 

•o'lueimnijceAc; o. g. numerous, infinite. 
*0) 0)111 A, diovna, s. quantity, number. 
"OioiuiAC, diornach, s. a seller of drink. 
"OioiinAi'Ac, diorrasach, adj. rash, Irascible. 
"Oioniiuiyg, diorruisg, "i s. rashness, sud- 
"OiojiiMiii-jeAct), diorruisg- > denness, fierce- 

eachd, J ness. 

'Oio|inui)-5eAC, diorruisgcach, adj. hasty, pas- 



"Oíoni-Án, diorsan, s. m. bad news. 

"OioiiuAiineAc, dioruawieach, s. m. an atom, a 

"OioiiúJAJ, diorughagh, s. directing. 

'Oioj'ACA, diosatlia, s. a denying. 

'Oío^'boi)\eACT), diosboireachd,see ■oeAfpoi)\eACT). 

"Oioi'e, cliose, adj. barren, dry, not giving milk. 

"Oioi-cAn, dioscan, s. m. a gnashing of the teeth ; 
chewing the cud. 

'Oio]-CAini, dioscaim, \ ^-^ grind or gnash 

"Oioi'CAnAini, dioscanaim,j the teeth. 

^OÍorSAi!., diosgadh, j ^ ^ ^^. ^ ^^^^^^^ 

T)iof5Ai]A, diosgair, J 

"Oioi^At), diosgadh, s. a shutting up, closing. 

"Oíoj'gÁn, diosgan, s. a bundle, a handful. 

'Oio|-5A]\, diosgar, \ s. the vulgar, the 

'Oío]'5A]\nAC, diosgarnacli,) mob, the rabble. 

"OiofgAoibeAti, diosgaoileadh, s. separation, un- 
tying. ' 

■Oio^'jAoiLitTi, diosgaoilhn,Y. I absolve, untie. 

"OiofbA, diosla, s. a die. 

'O'lo^-lAnn, dioslann, a dice box. 

'OiopnujAm, diosmugam,v. to snufFa candle, Sh. 

'OiofnA-om, diosnadhm, adj. smooth, without 

'Oíof-obu]', diosJioliis, s. m. darkness. 

'Oíoi"|DoineAC'o,f/iospoú'(?«(.7i(/, see ■oeAi"|Doi)\eAc'o. 

X)ioc, f/ioi,prep. off thee, from thee; i. e. we cu ; 
s. a meal of victuals. 

"Oioc, dioth, s. want. 

"OiocAc, diotach, adj. condemnable, condemna- 

'OÍ0CAC, diothach, s. destruction. 

'OíocA'oói^, diotadoir, s. m. an assistant. 

"OiocAim, diothaimh, v. I deface, I damn. 

"OiocAtuJAT), diothalughadh, s. accusation. 

'Oíóí:cui)iiiii, diothcliuirim, v. I drive off, expel. 

'OíocbÁitniújAt), diotldaithriughadh, s. destruc- 
tion, consmnption, removal, displacing. 

"Oiocoi]!, diothoir, s. m. a loser; a eondemner. 

'OiocpAcc, diothraclit, s. weakness; i. e. tiineipc. 

'Oíoci\eAni, diothreamh, s. a wilderness, a desert. 

"OiotiiUAibni, diothruailim, v. I unsheathe. 

"Oioci-tAince, dionthsldainte, s. ilhiess. 

*OíoÉ]'L(MnceAc, diothslainteach, adj. sickly. 

"OíocuJA-ó, diothugJiadk, s. destruction, annoy- 

"Oipinn, dipinn, s. a net. 

■Oipbinn, diplinn, s. April, Sc. 

"Oi]!, dir, s. tetters, pimples. 

"OijiAinn, dirainn, see ■oipitro. 

'Oi)\e, dire, s. a fine tribute, price, reward, sub- 
sidy, hire, wages, Br. L. 

"O'nieAc, direach, adj. straight, upright, just; 
frugal, abstemious. 

'OÍ)íeACAn, direachan, s. a perpendicular, Sh. 

"OiHeAc-OA]-, direachdas, s. uprightness; pro- 
priety ; castrating. 

'OÍ|\eAccAim, direachtaim, v. I castrate. 

'OiiieA-o, direadh, s. a panegyric; applause; 

"OiiieAUAim, direadhaim, v. I ascend. 

'OiiieA'DCA, direadtha, adj. just, proper, Teg. Cor. 

"OijveAjAt), direagadh, s. a direction. 

'Oi]\eini, direim, see '0Í]miii. 

"01)161116, direme, adj. without way or passage, 
out of the way. 

'Onieoil,, direoil, adj. weak, little, poor, mean. 

"OmeolAcc, direolacht, s. weakness ; diminution. 

"Oinje, dirghe, s. rectitude. 

"Oijiibe, diribe, adj. hairless, bald. 

"OiHijnn, dirighim, v. I direct, guide, make 

"Oinnii, dirim, adj. numerous, plentiful. 

"Oijuiiie, dirimhe, adj. innumerable, 4 3iast. 1418. 

"OiintiTj, dirind, s. £ a mountain in common. 

'Oi]ii)-5leAm, dirisgleam, v. to strip bark, Sh. 

"OiiiuiJAt), diriughadh, s. directing. 

*Oin]-Án, dirsan, see •ou]\]~Án. 

'Oi]i)\ceAC, dirrtheach, s. solemnity, solemniza- 
tion ; a feast. 

T)'!]', dis, s. dice; a pair, a couple, a brace; adj. 
two, both ; poor, chilly, miserable. 

"Oii-beAgAim, disbeagaim, v. I condemn, despise ; 
violate, jjrofane. 

X)'-\Yhe^\T:, disbeirt, adj. two-fold, double. 

'0\yc\]\,discir, adj. fierce, nimble, active. 

"Oi]-cnéit)e, discreide, s. f. discretion. 

"OiyciienDeAC, discreideach, adj. discreet. 

'Oi)xi\éit)eAf, discreideas, s. discretion. 

"Oij-cjieiceAc, discreiteach, adj. separated. 

"Oij-enc, disert, s. f. a deserted place ; i. e. loc. 

"Oij-gin, disgir, adj. sudden, quick. 

"Oifglieiq-iA, disgreitsia, s. a disease. 

"Oii-le, disle, s. m. property. 

"Oij-le, disle, s. m. a die, dice ; reprisal. An. Con. 
1418; great generosity, great nobility; i.e. 
•oi-UAii'lcji. e. UAi)'beiiió)i. O'Cl.; adj. dearer. 

"Oii-te, disle, \ s. m. love, esteem, fricnd- 

X)ii-leAcc, disleachi,) ship, fidelity, loyalty. 

s. unity; " ITIa]! aca in 

CACAl)! ACA in 11U\C AgA]- 
ACA An SplOJlAlT) HAOll'l, 
AgA)' ACA lOlfbeACcij- 11 A 

"Oii-leAii, dislean, s. a dice-box. 
"Oi-f-bijeAC, di-shligheach, adj. deviating, un- 
couth, straggling, imperious. 
"Oii-liojAt), disliogadh, s. hiding, concealing. 

uii'LeAcc, aisieacia,) s 

■OÍ)-leACT), dislcachd,^ 
"Oii-beAcc, disleacht, T 




'OiT'liojAiin, disUogaim, v. I hide, conceal 
"OifoniA, disJioma, s. want, scarcity, Cor. 
"Oii-pion^-Át), dispionsad, s. dispensation, Donl. 
X)\y\\éAX), disread, an instrument used by the 

priest to sprinkle the holy water on the people 

at JMass. 
"Oic, dith, s. want, defect, loss. 
*Oic, dit, s. the end, remainder. 
"O'lc, d'ith, V. to suck, sucking; it remains, i. e. 

•oo ■Ó1C. 

TDicbin, dilhhldr, s. diiFerence. 

"Oirce, dithche, eating, Sh. 

'OicceAl, dithcheal, see ■oiccioLt-. 

"OicceAlcAn, ditkckealtar, s. m. a necromantic 

veil or covering that is supposed to make 

things invisible. 
'OicceAiinAini, dithcheanncdm, v. I behead. 
'OicceAnncA, dithcJieannta, part, beheaded. 
T)íccéilLe, dithcheille, s. f. folly, Doid. 
"OíccéilleAc, dithcheilleach, adj. foolish, imrca- 

"OircioLL, dithcJiioU, s. m. endeavour, industry. 
"OiccioLÍAC, dithchioUach, adj. industrious, dili- 
gent, attentive, careful. 
"OítciolÍAitn, dithcltiollaim, v. I endeavour. 
T)iccleAr, dithchhath, s. m. dui-ance, affliction. 
"Oicciol, diihcliiol, s. arrears. 
'Oiccui)», ditltcliuir, s. forcing, expulsion. 
'OiceAc, ditheach, adj. necessitous, defective; s. 

m. a beggar; a denial, refusal. 
"OiceAt), diteadh, s. condemning, sentencing. 
"Oicein, dilhein, s. darnel, corn-marygold, tare, Sh. 
TDictjeA]', ditldgheas, s. inhospitaUty. 
"Oicnii, ditini, V. I condemn, sentence. 
TDicnii, dithimh, s. a heap. 
"Oicm^e, dithinge, adj. dumb, mute. 
"Oicii-t), ditJiisd, adj. two, Sh. 
T)iciu, ditiu, s. any covering; see quot. at ceAt-c. 
'Oicl^ccAc, dithlachtach, s. a motherless child. 
"OicleAc, dithleach, adj. forgetful. 
"OiciiiipiiuJAt), dithmhisniughadh, s. terrifying: 
"Oico, ditlio, adj. poor, needy. Cor. 
'Oici\Acc, dithracht, \ s. weakness, want of 

'Oit^\Ai5, dithraigh, j strength. 

"OiqieAb, dithreahh, s. a hermitage, wilderness. 
X)icpeAbAC, dithreahhach, s. m. a hermit, an exile. 
"OiqieACCAc, dithreachtach, adj. lawless. 
*Oiu, diu, s. a long time; An-oiuj, to-day; the 

cast of a dart; the refuse of anything, Sh.; 

adv. here, in this place. 
X)nibAiiic, diubairt, s. £ deceiving, deceit, unfair 

advantage, flattery, boasting. 
"OiubbA-o, diubladh, s. refuge. 
"OiubnAC, diubhra",, s. a strong or great hand. 
'OiubpACAiin, diubhi-acaim.v. to cast, throw, fling.. 

"Oiuc, diuc, s. m. the pip, a disease in fowl; a 

dvike; adj. difficult. 
tDiucAt), diucadh, s. exclamation, crying out. 
'OiucAi'óeAcc, diucaidheacht, s. dukedom. 
"OiucAnn, diucaim, v. I cry out, exclaim. 
"OiucAin, diucain, s. the eyes. 
"OiucAi^t, diucair, s. a buoy to keep up fishing 

X)iucc|iAi', diuchtras, s. m. jumping, rousing; 

frustration, overcoming. 
"OiuTiÁn, diudan, s. m. giddiness. 
*Oni-oÁnAC, diudanach, adj. giddy. 
*Oiu5, diug, s. sudden death, choking. 
"OuijA-ó, diugadk, s. clucking like a hen. 
'O1U5A151I, diugaighil, s. sobbing, sighing. 
X)ui JAibyAinn, diughailfainn, s. sucking, Sh. 
"Ouijahii, diugaim, Y.l cluck, cackle; drink oíF. 
X)iu5Ai]\e, diugaire-, s. a drinker, a strangler. 
"Ouije, dhighe, adj. worst, extreme, bad, sick. 
"Oiuic, diuic, adj. sorrowful, repentant, o.g. 
"Oiuic, diuic. In- • P 

•0,U1T,, diuid, I /■ ^- P^"^' ^°'^'°^' g^'^^f- 

"OiuTO, diidd, adj. clean, pure; s. f succour. 

"OunT), diuid, \ adj. tender-hearted, flex- 

"OiumeAC, diiudeach,) ible, hence Áint)iutieAc. 

'OiuToe, diuide, s. f. continuance. 

"Oiub, diid, s. m. sucking. 

"OiutAim, diulaim, v. I suck. 

'Oiuic At), diultadh, s. a negative ; a denial, refusal. 

"OiubcAiueAc, diultaidheach, adj. negative. 

'OiuLcAi-óeoip, diultaidheoir, s. m. a denier, re- 

"OiulcAini, diultaim, v. I deny, refuse, diso^vn, 

"OiutcAi]", diultais, s. negation, refusal, denial. 

T)iunAc, diunach, see 'oeonAc; s. m. bathing, 

"OiunLAoc, diunlaoch, s. a young hero, Sh. 

"OiunnAC, diunnach, s. m. a penitent. 

tJiu)!, diiir, adj. hard, difficult. 

"OmnnAc, diurnach, s. m. a bibber, a swiller. 

"Oiu^inAim, diurnaim, v. I gulp, swallow. 

"Oiu]-, dius, s. m. protection. 

"OiucAc, diuthach, s. the name of a disease occa- 
sioned by the rubbing of anything against 
the skin; " 'Oiucac", i. e. nomen doloris, 
" jenecA]! "oo lomcotiiAi'Lc riA ■oÁ ^'-'Liai'ca oc 
imceAcc", Cor. 

"OiucACAt), diuthaehadh, s. a fretting of the 
skin, excoriation. 

"OiucAccA, diuthachta, adj. fretted, excoriated. 

"OiucAt), diuthadh, adj. worst. 

; a small handful, a 
ock of hair. 

"OlAit., dlaidh 

"OÍAigeoj, dlaigheog 

h, y^: 

iaigheog, ) 





s. a snare, noose. 

"OIauíi, dlaimJi, s. f. darkness. 

*OIaoi, dlaoi, \ 

"OlocT), cUochd, J 

"OtAOij, dlaoigli, \ see 'oÍaj and •oUmt) ; ■oUxoij 

'OIaoic, dlaoith, j g^MUMje, a lock of hair. 

'O'LA0i]\ei'óe, dlaoireidhe, adj. smooth. 

"Ol^oiciiei-óe, dlaoithreidhe, s. combed wool or 

"OleAct), dleachd, s. f. a law, toll, custom, right, 

a due. 
^1 . „ , , . "k s. m. a lawgiver, a 

X)l,eAct)Ai]\e, dleac/idaire, f + 11 o- th 
"OleAC-oóin, dleaclidoir, f .'^ ' 

' ' ' ) custom-man. 

■OleAi-OAiiA]', dleasdanas, s. m. duty. 
'OleA^-OAiiAC, dleasdanach, adj. dutillil, obedient. 
"Olije, dlige, s. m. a law, ordinance, right, due. 
"OlijeAc, dlic/heach, adj. lawful. 
'ObijeAc-o, dligheaclid, s. m. lawfidness, legality, 

"ObigeAT), dligead, s. m. a separation. 
"ObijeAiiuiib, dligheamlmil, adj. just, obedient 

to laws, skilled in law. 
'ObijeAiiibAcn, dliglieamhlachd, see 'obíjeAct). 
"ObíjeAriAC, dligheanach, s. m. a lawgiver. 
*ObÍ5it), dltghidh, adj. perfect, excellent ; ''iDbiji-o 

A "ópeAc \y A •oAc", i. e. " Mf ■oeAii^'gnAice, no 

1-AineAiiiuib A ■óneAC i]' A-t)Ac", Plunk. 
"Obigim, dligim, v. I separate. 
"Obijiin, dlighim, v. I owe, have a right ; ■obijeA]-, 

I ought. 
'ObígtiiAiji^'Di]!, dlighmhaighisdir, s. m. a master 

of laws. 
"ObijmA^i, dligJimhar, adj. excellent, perfect, 

"ObíjobbAiíi, dligliollamh, s. m. a doctor of law. 
"ObijccAC, dliglitlieacli, s. m. a lawgiver, Br. L.; 

see •obijcAC. 
"ObijceAiiin AC, dliglitheainlinacli',s. m. a lawgiver ; 

bucc "obije, lawgivers, lawyers, 

"ObijceAiiniib, dlightheamhuil, see "obijeAiiunb. 
'ObÍ5Í:eoi^\, dlightheoir, s. m. a lawyer. 
*ObÍ5cionói]i, dliglithionoir, s. m. a magistrate, a 

justice of peace. 
X)V\YOCMM,c,dlisdeanacli,\ adj. legitimate, law- 
"ObifceAnAc, f/iisfeanac/i, j ful. 
"Obii-DeAnAf, dlisdeanas,\ s. m. legitimacy, law- 
"ObifceAUA]-, dlisteanas, j fulness. 

•OboT)A;, dlodan,]^; f- "^ ^^*'^^^^'"' =^ cullender. 

'ObocnAim, dlochrahn, v. I press. 

"OboccAt), dlochtadh, s. separating, loosing ; i. e. 

I'jAoibeAt), 0. g. 
X)boi5e, dloige, s. loosing. 
"Obotii, dlomh, V. to tell, Sh.; s. m. a refusal. 
"OboriiAt), dlomhadh, s. a denial, refusal. 

"OboiiiAini, dlomhaim, v. I refuse, deny; make 

plain or manifest, teU. 
'OboiiiAi]', dlomhais, s. f. denial, refusal, negation, 

0. g. 
"OboiiiAii-m, dlomhaisin, s. f. destruction. 
"Obti-o, dludh, s. m. retribution. 
"Obuj, dlug, s. avarice, covetousness, penury. 
"Obuij, diuigh, adj. active, nimble, prepared; 

s. f. place of one's birth, patrimony ; patriotism, 

a natural propensity; i. e. tiuccAi]'. 
"Obuije, dluige, s. f. a loosing, releasing; see 

*Obuitii, dluimJi, s. f. a cloud, darkness, smoke; 

a blaze of fire, O'Br. 
"Obuic, dhiitJi, s. £ manifestation of the truth. 
'ObuicceAnjAb, dluithcheangal, s. m. a league, 

compact, contract, bond, agreement. 
"ObuiceAc, dluitheach, adj. close, near. 
"ObuiceAcc, dluitlieacht, s. approach, approxi- 
mation, nearness. 
"ObuicimciobbAnn, dluitldmcliiollaim, v. I beset, 

surround, close in. 
"Obuicm, dluithin, s. f. a close chamber, study, 

or closet. 
'OluiciiiiAn,íZíín'</í?J!/íian,s. f. a purpose, intention. 
'OLuiii, dlumh, ~i ^ ^ ^ 

-obur, dius, I ^- °^- °^"^^^' pi^^^y- 

X)búc, dluth, adj. close, tight, confined, near, 
adjacent; ■oUic ^xób, a close-stool; s. m. the 
warp of a web, an inclosure, a cloister. 

"OlúcACA-ó, dluthacJtadh, s. m. an advance, ap- 
proach, approximation, closing in. 

*ObúcAcT), dluthachd, s. the act of warping, 
bringing together. 

'ObúcAt)óin, dluthadoii', s. m. a joiner, a warper. 

"ObiicAijeoin, dluthaigheoir, s. m. one who ap- 

!v. I approach, di'aw 
near, advance, en- 
close, besiege, 
make close, pack. 

'ObiicAimnei-oe, dlutliahnlireidhe, s. fastnesses, 

"ObúcA]', dluilias, s. m. nearness, closeness, com- 

"OlúccAHA, tíÍMí/ic/irtJ'í7, s. f. a close friend,, an ad- 

"Oli'iccAiicAiii, dliithcharcair, s. f. a close prison, 
a labyiinth. 

"Oli'icóoncA, dhttlidJiorcha, adj. dark, obscure. 

"Obúc-óoiicAcx), dluthdhorchachd, s. f. darkness, 
obscurity, opacity. 

"OU'icoTOeAcc, dluthoidheaclit, s. f. an approach. 

"Obúci'gbAiii, dluthsglamh, s. m. a -villain, a 




"OLúúúJAt), dluthughadh, s. preserving, keeping 
together, maintaining, Teg. Cor. 

"OLiicuijce, dluthuightJie, part knit, compacted, 
closed in. 

T)ó, do, prep, of, to, nu\c -oiLeAf é ■oó liiume 015, 
JiuU. 14; is a sign of the dative case; caIS- 
Ai]-v bumeACA]' tio 'óia; is a possessive pro- 
noun, thy, thine, your; as "00 tÁiii ; is the 
genitive of cu, thou; as neApc t)o ÍAnfie; is 
a sign of the infinitive mood, as vo beic, to 
be ; is generally prefixed to the verb in the past 
tense, indicative mood, and also to the poten- 
tial mood ; as ■0Ó jii n n eA]', I did ; 'oó tii eAl^Ai n n , 
I would deceive. In old MSS. \\o is frequently 
used in the same sense ; as are also -ooi" and ]\o]- ; 
is a prepositive particle of negation, as •oo-Aiji- 
linjce, innumerable; i:ot)A, two, i:a •óó, twice. 

"OoacaI, doacal, s. affliction; a. difficult. 

'Oó-Ai'bpeAC, do-aibhseach, adj. sad, gloomy, dark. 

"Oó-AijneAi'Ac, do-aighneasach, adj. indisputable. 

"Oo-AiiieAc, do-rdreach, adj. imperceptible. 

TDo-AiiimeAC, do-airmlieach, \ adj. innumer- 

"Oó-Aqiitiijce, do-airmJiighthe, j able. 

'OOAii-ojujce, do-aisdrighthe, adj. immovable, 

*Oó-Aiiniefóe, do-aisneidlie, adj. unspeakable. 

"OÓAJce, do-aithe, adj. undeniable. 

"Oó-Aoiniix), do-aoimidh, adj. inexorable. 

'Oó-AéA]l|^U15Úe, do-atharruiglithe, adj. immut- 

"Oob, doh, s. ra. and f. plaster, gutter, mire ; Heh., 
dob; dung. 

"Oob, doh, for •00 but), it was; •oobeijin, it was 
necessary ; s. m. a river, a stream. 

"Oob, dobh, adj. boisterous, swelling, raging. 

'OóbA'ó, dobad/i,} i -u- i i. • 

•OóbÁib, dobail,\ '■ ^ '^^''^'''S 01- plastermg. 

'OóbA'oói|\, dobadoir, s. m. a plasterer. 

'OobAim, dobaim, v. I daub, plaster. 

"OobAin, dobhair, s. immortality. 

"OobÁij-eAC, dobhaiseach, adj. immortal. 

"OobAbAT), dohhaladh, s. a rank smell. 

TDobAii, dohliar, s. m. moisture, i. e. plnicAit)e; 
water, see Ai-óbéif; the bound or border of a 
country; adj. dark, obscure; impure, foul; 
"•oobA^A, i.e. ■oípúp (no ■oopúp), i. e. injlAU, 
no injte", Cor. 

X)oh<y[\t\.\, dohharchu, s. m. an otter. 

"OobAiifoi-oeAC, dobharshoidheach, s. a pitcher, 
a bucket. 

"OobApc, dobhart, s. f. miscliief, harm. 

"Oo-bÁpuijée, do-bhasuighthe, adj. immortal. 

X)obi'ó, dobhidh, adj. boisterous, swelling. 

'Oóbóip, doboir, s. m. a plasterer. 

"OobotAT), dobholadh, s. a rank smell. 

■Oobonj, dobhong, forcible possession, as " ]\ac 

iQobonj", a fort taken by force, Br. L. 
"OobnAit), dobhraidh, s. f. wetness. 
"OobiiAU, dohran, s. m. an otter. 
"Oobudn-ieApbeACAU, dobhran-leasleathan, s. 

"Oób]\iAciiA, dobhriailira, s. evil words. 
"OóbniAciuvc, dobhriatlirach, adj. ill-spoken. 
"Oobjiij, dobhrigh, conj. because. 
"Oobnic, dobhrith,s. bread and water ; i. e. "nobAH 

AjA]- ic ; i. e. uipce AjAf A]\bAii\ ; i. e. cuic acj'a 

Aicjvije ACA]' pen-OAit)e in pin", Cor. 
"Oobpo, dobhro, v. will come; i. e. ]uocpuit), no 

'Oob|\ón, dobhron, s. m. sorrow, grief, sadness. 
'OobnónAC, dohhronach, adj. sorrowful, sad; s. 

affliction, afflicting. 
"OobiiónAim, dobiviiaiin, v. I afflict. 
X)obui'óeACA]', dobhiddheachas, s. m. iiagratltude, 

"Ooc, dock, s. one's native country. 
"OocA, docha, s. thought, consideration. Cor.; 

adv. likely, probable. 
"OocÁ-o, dochad, adv. rather. 
"OocAiji, dochair, s. a difficulty, hardiliif). 
"OócAipedp, docJiaireas, s. ra. harm, damage, 


"OocAiiiAil, docamhail, 1 v i i vca u 
_^ . , .' , /77/- adi. hard, difficult. 
'OocAiiilAC, docmnldach, J *' ' 

"OócaiíiIac-o, docamhiachd, difficulty, hardship. 

"OocAun, dochann, s. harm, hurt, damage. 

"OocAntiAC, dochannach, adj. hurtful. 

"OócAiinAiin, dochamiaim, v. I hurt, damage. 

"OocA|\, docliar, s. m. hurt, loss, mischief, wrong. 

'OocApAc, docliarach, adj. hurtful, mischievous. 

"OocAjic, dochart, s. a difficulty. 

"OocApcAC, Dochartach, s. a man's name. 

"OócAp, dochas, s. m. a thought, Sh.; hope, con- 

"OocApAC, dochasach, adj. confident. 

"OocApgATO, dochasgaidh, adj. unruly. 

"OóceAnnpAC, docheannsach, adj. inflexible, 

"OóceAnnpAc-o, docheannsachd, s. inflexibility, 
licentiousness, looseness. 

"OóceAnnpAtjce, docheannsaighthe, part, un- 

"Ooceimnij, docheimnigh, "i s. difficult walk- 

"OoceiinniuJAT), docheimniu- \ ing, hard travel- 
ghadh, t ling, or march- 

'Oócmj, docking, ) ing. 

"OóctA, docJda, 1 ■ r- ■ ■■\- 

•Oóclu, dochlu,]'- ^"f^™^'' '■ '■ ^^^^'^^"' °-3- _ 

"OócÍAOi-óce, c/oc/iíaoii/íiV, adj. unconqucrcd, in- 




■OoclAoi-oceAct), doehlaoidhiheachdJi, s. invinci- 
"OocinA, í7oc/íma,at]j. weak, incapable of mingling. 
"OocoiineAi'gcA, dochoimeasgtha, adj. incapable. 
"Oócoinipjce, doclwimsighthe, adj. incompre- 

"Ooconjiuijce, doclwrndghthe, adj. immoveable. 
'Ooci\Act), docrachd, s. f. difficulty. 
'OociuMDc, docln-aide, s. m. servitude. 
'OocpAitie, dochraidhe, adj. grievous. 
"Ooc^uMC, dovhraith, s. f. lust. 
'Oócnei-o^-in, dockreidsin, s. f. incredibility. 
'Oócpei'oce, dochreidte, adj. incredible. 
'Oóc)\íocnAi5ce, dochriochnaightJie, adj. intermi- 
nable, everlasting. 
"Oocc, docJit, s. restraint; aversion; adj. strait, 

narrow, close, fast. 
"OoccA, dochta, adj. instructed, taugbt; s. a 

teacher, a lesson. 
X)occAini, doclitaini, v. I strain, bind hard. 
'OocciumI, dochtrail, s. f. luxury. 
'Ooccúp, doctur, s. m. a doctor. 
'Oocuin, dochuin, s. enough. 
'OocmngeAt), dochuingeadh, s. a disjoining, un- 
'Oocuinjim, docliuinghn, v. I dissolve, unyoke. 
'Oocutii, doclnim, s. an arbour; company; 
"UAinig UA CACAm aja]' riAC tli-óibn 50 
lion A ]-oc)\AiT)e inA -oocutn", 4 Mast. 1454. 
"Oo cum, do chum, prep, to, unto, to the end that. 
TDocumcA, dochumtha, adj. ill-shaped. 
"OocpA, docra, s. sadness. 
"OocnAC, docrach, adj. noxious. 
OocnAU, docran, s. m. anguish. 
"OocújAACA, docuracJia, adj. careless. 
•Oo-o, dod, prep, and poss. pron. to thy, i. e. vo vo. 
"OotyA, dodha, adj. of two, binary. 
"Oó-ÓA, dodha,. s. f. conflagration. 
'Oo'OAcc, dodacht, s. f an evil action. 
*Oó-óÁit, dodhail, s. f bad news; bad luck, o. g. 
"OouAinj, dodhaing, adj. difficult, hard, hurtful; 

dismal, sad, sorrowful. 
'Oo-ooAbbAC, dodhealbhach, adj. deformed, ugly. 
IDo-oeAbuijce, dodhealuighthe, adj. indissoluble, 

'Oó-óéAncA, dodhearda, adj. hard to be done, 

'Oót)éAncA]% dodheantas, s. impracticability. 
"Oóúuitie, dodhvine, s. m. a bad man, a rogue. 
'Oo-ec, do-eth, s. disease, sickness. 
'OÓ|:a5a'La, dofhaghala, adj. hard to be found, 

'Oóf'Aici'e, dof/iaiese, 1 

"Oof-Aic^'eAc, dofhaicseach, J-iwlj. Invisible. 
'Dó)!-Aic)-ionAc, dofhaicsionach, j 

T) óif-Ai I'U ei ue, dofhaisneidhe, 
"OoyAipieiye, dofhaisneise. 

, s. uivisim 
-■) adj. 1 
V able, 
) able, I 
Dodlcss, ] 
adj. inex 
) adj. I 

) g 

'Oó].-Aici"ionnA, dojhaicsionna, s. invisibility. 

"Ooii-iAinn, dofhlainn, adj. bloodless, pale. 
'Oóf-UAj'gbA'ó, dofhuasgladh, adj. inexplicable. 
Xiófu'ÍAcZ'S, dqfhidachta, ") adj. Intolerable, 
"Ooii-UAlAinj, dofhualaing, > insuiferablc, 
"Oó^niÍAnjcA, dofhulangtlia, J grievous. 

"OogAt), dogadh, s. m. conflagration, scorching ; 

mischief, Sh. 
"OoJAibf e, doghailse, s. anguish, perplexity 
'OoJAini, doghaim, v. I bum, singe, scorch. 
"OoJAbA-o, doghaladh, s. revenging, Sh. 
"OoJAbcAC, doghaltach, adj. revengeful. 
'OoJAbcA-j', doghaltas, s. m. revenge. 
"OojAiicA, doganta, adj. fierce, 
"OojA^A, dogar, adj. sad, sorrowful; "1111 niA 

^■lecc ]-ceb ■oojA]!", Fel- Aon. 
"OoJAiicA. doghartn, s. beheading, Sh. 
*Oo5uilAn, doghiulitii, adj. insupportable, Sh. 
"OojIacca, doghlactka, adj. impregnable. 
"OojleA^-At), doghleasadh, adj. irremediable. 
"OojluAi^ce, doghluaiste, adj. immoveable. 
X)o5nÁc, doghnath, adv. always, usually. 
"OojnA^'AC, doghnasach, \ adj. ill-favoured, 
"Oojiiuij-eAC, doghnuiseach, ) disgusting. 
"Oojn 10111, doghniomh, s. an evil action. 
"OoJuA, doghra, s. sickness, sorrow, anguish; 

dulne*, stupidity. 
"OojuAin, doghrain,\ s. f anguish, perplexity, 
"OÓ5]U)in, dogJinun,) danger. 
"OójHAineAC, doghraineach,^ adj. da 
"OójnumeAC, doghruineaeh, 
TDojiiuingeAC, dogh 

■Oojce, doghte, part, singed, burnt. 
"Ooi, doi, adj. good; " 1)01 ■óuine". Cor. 
"Ooib, doib, s. i. plaster, daub. 
"Oóib, doibh, to them, from them, i.e. tjo ibitie ili. 
'OóibeÁÍA'ó, doibealadh, s. daubing, plastering. 
*OoibeAn, doibhear, adj. rude, uncivil. 
'OóibéAi', doibheas, s. vice, bad manners. 
"OóibéA^-AC, doibheasach; adj. ill-bred. 
"Ooibpe, doibhre, s. sacrifice. 
"OoibiMC, doibhrith, s. sowlns, gruel, i. e. 'DobA]\, 

AJAf ic, o.g. 

*Ooic, doich, adj . swift, quick ; Immediate; early. 
"Ooice, doiche, s. hope, confidence; adj. compar. 

0Í tioic. 
'OoiceA'0|:At>, doichcadfadh, s. war, strife. 
*OoiceAÍÍ, doichealt, s. churlishness. 
'OoicGAlbAc, doicheallach, adj. churlish, inhos- 
"OoKCAmiAC, doicheannach, adj. two-headed. 

h,^ adj. dangerous, 
'i, ( grievous, palii- 
i- 1 ful, sorrrowful, 
) perplexing. 




"Ooiceointii-A, doicheannsa, adj. contumacious. 

"OoiceAiniA, doichearna, adj. churlish. 

"Ooicei-oe, doichekthe, adv. rather. 

"OoiciAllAC, doichiallach, adj. ambiguous; dull, 

"Ooicit), doichidh, s. hastening. 

"Ooicim, doicMm, v. I hasten. 

"Ooicinj, doiching, adj. inaccessible. 

T)oicme, doichme, adj. ill-shaped, i. e. ■oo-cumcA. 

"Ooit), doid, s. f. the liand ; a small farm. 

T) 'oi-óce, d'oidhche, adv. by night. 

"Ooi-o-oeAC, doiddeach, adi. fond of dress ; stroncr, 

"OonieAJlA, doidheaghla,\ adj. Individual, Indl- 

"OoiBCcvtA, doidheala, J visible ; spiritual. 

'OomeAlbAc, doidhealbJiach, adj. Ill-featured. 

"Ooi-oeAlbcA, doidJiealbhtha, adj. ill-shaped. 

"Ooi-oeAUCA, doidheanta, adj. impossible, Imprac- 

*Ooi-óeAncAct), doidheantachd, s. impracticability. 

"OoiBJeAb, doidgheal, adj. white-handed. 

"Ooi-oiuilcijce, doidhiuiltighthe, Impossible to 

"Ooi-ó^ieAun, doidlireann, s. a duel. 

"Ooiy, doi/, s. f potion, a draught. 

"Ooipeilb, doifeih, a. ungenerous, Inhospitable. 

'Oói):]AeA5AiicA, doifhreagartlia, adj, unanswer- 

"Oóij, doig/i, s. trust, confidence, hope ; fire ; a 
manner, fasliiou, method; a guess, supposition, 
opinion; a testimony; ways and means ; adj. 
sure, certain, doubtless. 

"OoijeAc, doigheach, s. consuming, burning; 
hoping, adjusting. 

"Oói jeAiiibAct), doighcamlilachd, s. hopefulness. 

'OóigeAriiui'L, doiglteamhuil, adj. well appointed ; 

"OoijeAH, doighear, s. m. a spear. 

"Oóigini, doigldm, v. I hope, confide. 

'Oóiji];, doigh{r,s. f flame; "■oo conncACA]; au 
cec ]:a ■óoijiiV', B. Fmi. 

"OóijliAj, doighliag, s. f. a touchstone. 

"Oóijnioiii, doighniomh, s. ra. a bad act, Injury. 

"Ooijce, doigthe, s. pangs; adj. adjusted; burnt, 

"OoibAin, doilain, s. an eddying wind, Sh. 

"OoibAineAC, doilaineach, adj. eddying, Sh. 

"Ooilb, doilhh, adj. dark, gloomy, obscure. 

■QoilbeA]-, doilbheas, see -ooibgeA]'. 

"OoilbceAC, doilhhtheach, s. m. a sorcerer. 

"OoiLbceAct), doilbiheachd, s. conjuration, sor- 

"Ooibbci, doilbhilii, s. sorcery. 

"001 be AT), doilead, s. an arch. 

"Ooile-xgA, doileaglia, adj. indi.-soluble. 

"OoibeAj-uijce, doileasidghthe, adj. Inseparable. 
'Ooibeiji^', doilt'iglm, adj. incurable. 
"OóiLéin, doileir, adj. dark, obscure, mystical. 
"Ooibeoj, doilcog, s. f. a stone. 
"Ooile-éoiic, doile-ihorc, s. a two year old 

X)oil5e, doilghe, adj. sore, hard, troublesome. 
^ , . 7 -7 r 'Is. m. sorrow, mourning, 

'Oo^l^e^X,doigheas, { trouble, afHiction, mc- 
X)oA^^ox, doilghios, ^ lancholy, ruefulness. 

_ , . . 7 .7 7 7 ) adi. grievous, sor- 

^oibseArAc, doigheasach, I ^■>^J^^ ^^^^ ■_ 

■Oo,l5,orAc, dwlglnosach, ^ ^^^^^ detrimental. 

"Ooilnj, doilidh, a. shameless. 

"OoilfoeACT), doilidheachd, s. frowardness. 

"Ooili-óeA-OA]-, doilidheadas, s. ardulty, arduous- 

ness, Sh. 
"Oilij, diltg, \ adj. difiicult, doleful, grieved, 
"Oilig, diUgh,j melancholy, lamentable. 
"Ooibb, doill, s. blindness, dimness. 
"Ooilbe, doille, s. f. blindness. 
"Ooitu, doim, adj. poor. 
"OoiiiiAb, doimhal, adj. stormy, Sh. 
'OoitiiAnn, doimhann, adj. deep, profound, Sh. 
"Oo-imcA]!, do-imchar, adj. Intolerable. 
X)ónneA|', doimheas, s. disesteem. 
'OóiineA|~óA, doimlieasdha, adj. inestimable. 
'Ooiniei'p, doimheis, adj. Infinite. 
"Ooimin, doimhin, adj. deep, profound. 
"Ooiiiine, doimhne, 'J 

"OoiiiineAct), doimhneachd, f s. the deep, depth, 
"OonnneAi-, doimneas, t profundity. 

*OoinineAT)Af, doimhieadas, J 
"Ooiiiinig, doimhnigh, s. deepness, hollowness. 
"Ooufinijiin, doimhnighim,Y. I deepen. 
"Oó-iompoijce, do-iompoighthe, adj. vmchango 

'Ooinx)eA|\5, doindearg, a reddish dun colour. 
"OoineATin, doineann, \ s. inclement weather, 
"Ooinponn, doinshionn,) a tempest. 
T)oineAnnAC, doineannach, 1 adj. stormy, teni- 
X)oineAnncA, doineannta, ) pestuous. 
"Ooiueiiii, doinehnh, adj. deep. 
"OomgeAn, doingean,s. bass, Sh. 
Tioinjce, doingthe, adj. dumb, stuttering; i.e. 


"Oo'.nne, doiniie, 1 i- 1 ^^„ e; 
„ ' 7 • J > ad], brown, Sh. 

T)ouinAt), doinnad,) •' 

"Oo-innpt), do-i)i7isidh,\ adj. unspeakable, unac- 

'Oo-innipce, do-inniste,} countable. 

"Ooince, dointe, s. a small black Insect; adj. in- 

'Oo)t\'b, doirbh, s. f a worm; adj. hard, difficult ; 
peevish, dissatisfied. 

X)oii\b, doii-b, s. f an attempt. 





'Ooi|\'bcei]«iii, doirlhcheirim, v, I frame, model. 
'Ooi]\'beAC"o, doirhheachd, s. peevishness. 
'Ooii\beAi\ doirbheas, s. anguisli, grief. 
"Ooipce, doirche, adj. dark. 
'Ooi]\ceAC-o, doircheackd, s. £ darkness. 
"Oot^e, doire, s. captivity; " bÁCAjA ipn no^K 

iiibAbiloiTOA", M'Par. 164; a grove, wood, 

"OoipeAC, doireach, adj. woody. 
'Ooi--|AéAinA, doi-reama, s. by-paths, impassable 

"Ooiiiéijce, doireighte, adj. irreconcilable. 
'OoijuAp, doiriar, s. insatiableness. 
'Ooi]itA]\Ac, doiriarach, a. insatiable, unsatisfied. 
"OoipiAií-ÓA, doiriardha, adj. difficult, imgovem- 

"Ooi^MA^icACT), doiriartliacM, s. peevishness, pér- 

"OoijUACA, doiriata, adj. lewd. 
'Ooi]\ioncA, doirioiita, adj. sullen, dogged. 
'Ooinbinj, doirlinft, s. an isthmus, beach. 
'Ooiniin-óApAt), dolrmidhasadh, s. lethargy. 
"Ootpneoj, doirneog, s. i. a handle of an oar, a 

stone to throw with. 
"OoijMieojAC, doirneogach, adj. full of round 

■Ooi]ipeAC, doirseacJi, adj. full of doors, open. 
'Oom]'eói]\, doirseoir, s. m. a porter. 
*Ooi]\peoineAC'o, doirseoireachd, s. the office of a 

'Ooi]\pin, doirsin, s. folding doors, íS7í. 
*Oóijvce, doirte, part, poured out. 
"OóipceAc, doirteach, adj. spiUing; s. m. a spiller; 

" •ooijiceAC f oIa". 
"OoiiiccAb, doirtecd, s. a sink. 
'Oói]\ceAi', doirtlieas, s. affliction, misfortune. 
TDóinceoip, doirtcoii; s. m. a shcdder 
TDoiiicijce, doirtiffhtJie, part, spilled. 
'Oóii\cim, doirtiiii, v. I spill, shed. 
"Ooic, doit, s. f. a grain of inebriating quality 

that grows amongst corn. 
"Ooic, doith, adv. soon; a. swift, active, nimble. 
'OoicceAlb, doitlicheall, J s. churlishness, nig- 
'OoicceA]\nAf, doithch- > gardliness, abhor- 

eariiaa, S rence. 

'OoicceAblAc, doithrhcallach, adj. churlish. 

*Oóice, doite, adj. quick, nimble, active. 

^, . J .,, . ~i adi. indocile, indo- 

'Oo^re^-^v^y^doUheagrasg, ( J^^^j ^^^^^^_ 

TDoicepgAip, doitliesgat}', I , | 

"Ooiciin, doithim, v. I burn, I singe. 

*Ooiti]i, doithir, s. f a covenant, contract; adj. 
dark, gloomy, obscure; deformed, ugly, un- 
pleasant, ill-humoured, dull. 

"Ool, (/()/, s. m. a kind of fisliiug net; a space or 

distance ; an expedition, excursion, occasion ; 

a way, a road ; a passage ; a snare ; link of 

hair ; disdain ; grief, dolour. 
"OotAbAinc, dolahhairt, ■> adj. inexpressible, in- 
"OólÁbAHCA, dolahhartha,) eifable,unspeakablr. 
"OoIai-ó, dolaidh, s. loss, detriment, defect; adj. 

impatient, intolerable. 
"OólvMiiijen, dolairnhgen, s. a two-handed sword. 
"OolAiiiAC, dolamhach, adj. ambidextrous. 
"OólÁiiiACT), dolamhachd, s. ambidexterity. 
"OoUv]-, dolas, s. m. grief, mourning, desolation ; 

abhorrence, disdain. 
"OóbAi-Ac, dolamch, adj. sad, melancholy, sick 
X)óbApAini, dolasaim, v. I lament. 
"Oolb, dolh, s. sorcery. 
"OolbAT), dolbJiad, s. fiction. 
"OóleAJcA, doleaghtha, adj. illegible. 
"OoleAtiinAtn, doleanmhain, adj. inimitable. 
"OoleAj-uijce, doleasuiglitlie, adj. irrejjarable. 
"OóléijeAp, doleigheas, adj. incurable. 
"Oólcinpm, doleirsin, adj. inexplicable. 
"Ooly-A, dolfa, see "oobtiiA; s. necromancy, 
"OoLnJ, dolidh, adj. difficult; s. damage, Sh. 
'Ooliiifi, dolmha, s. hesitancy, delay, slowness. 
"Oo lo, do lo, adv. by day, daily. 
"OobuAiu, doluaidh, adj. unspeakable. 
"OolúbAi-ó, doliihaidh,\ adj. inflexible, rigid, 
'Oo\.úht-\,doluliha, J stubborn, unbending. 
"Ooliij, doliigh, s. injury, i. e. ■oocAji, o. g. 
"OoluigoAt), doluigheadh, s. falling dowm, Sh. 
"Oóluni, dolum, adj. surly; Lat. domus. 
"Ooin, dom, s. a house. 
"Oo'ni, fZoHi, pron. to my, i. e. vo iiio. 
"OoiiiA, doma, s. want, scarcity; i. e. ■oifoniA, 

"OoiiiAU, domhadh, the second; s. a sound. 
"Ooni'Aice, domaice, near me, in my presence. 
'OoiiiAil, domJtail, adj. bulky. 
'OoniAin, domain, adj. transitory. 
"OoiiiAin, domJiain, adj. deep, hollow; s. f the 

breech; i. e. con, o g. 
TDoiii Ain5iiA].'At), domliaingrafiidli , 
'OoiiiAinp5]>iobA,'ó, domlu 

"OoiuAinim, domairim, v. I speak. 
"OoiuAi]»!!, domairm, s. f. speech. 
"Oom-Ai]\iii, doin-airm, s. £ an arsenal. 
"OóniAicce, domhaitlite, adj. irremissible. 
'Ooi;iAn,f/ow/ia?!, s. m. the world, universe; an 

ox, an eunuch ; a smell ; smock. 
"OoiiiAom, domhaoin, adj. bad, nauohty, idle ' 
"OoiiiAncef, doinhaiiclics, s. a request. 
"OoiiiA]!, domliar, sec 'oobAp. 
"OoiiiApbrA, domhurhhtha, adj. immortal. 
"OoiiiAjibUACti, doiiiharhh(/i'!c/id, s. imnidvality. 

TO fed J,, •) 

. •' . ' f s. cosmo- 

'-^'•- I graphy. 




"OotribUv]', domblas, s. m. an ill taste, gall on the 
liver, bile, anger, disgust. 

"OoniblAyAC-o, domblasackd, s. insipidity. 

"OoiiibUvi-OA, doniblasda, adj. unsavoury, insipid, 
disgustful, biliary, 

"OombuTOeAC, dombhuidheacli, adj. unthankful. 

'Oom''óeoin, doni'dheoin, of my own free will. 

"Ooiiijiuv]-, domhghnas, s. propriety, inheritance, 
patrimony; adj. hereditary. 

'OoiiilA]-, doinhlas, s. m. a crowd, a bulk. 

'Ooiiitio]", domidios, a house surrounded by a 
moat or watered trench for a defence. 

"OoiiiiiAC, domhnacJi, s. m. a great house,a churcli ; 
Sunday; adj. lamentable. 

"OoiiinAll, domhnall, s. m. a man's name. 

'OoiiinA]'CAini, domnascaim, v. I bind. 

"Ooiiiiion, or ].i]\-'ooiimon, domhnon, or fir-domh- 
non, the name of a tribe who settled in Con- 
naught many centuries before Christ. 

'Ooiiitnif, domlmus, s. m. a place of residence. 

"Ooriioiu, domhoin, see t)oiTiAoin. 

"OoiiiocuijeAC, domliothuigheach, adj. impercep- 
tible, unfeeling. 

TDomocui jeAct», domJwihuigheachd, s. impercep- 

X)onni-DAi5ce, domudliaiglithe, adj. inextin- 
guishable, unporishable. 

*Oó'n, do'ii, to thee, of thee; i e. ■do An, •oe An. 

"Don, don, adv. then ; conj. although ; for sake of; 
i. e. Aip -pon, 0. g. ; s. f. a gift ; i. e. ciouLacax) ; 
mischief, evil ; s. m. a lord ; " •oon nA iroub 
■00111 ucAing". 

*OonA, dona, adj. poor, unfortunate; i. e.x>\ aha, 

"OouA-ó, donadh, adj. evil, bad, awkward. 

'OouA-OAi', donadas, s. m. evil, wretchedness. 

*OótiAe, donae, a. dishonourable, despicable. 

"OonAijitii, donaiijliua, v. I make bad, injure. 

TDotiAiiiA^rc, donamharc, s. naughtiness. 

"OonA^, donas, s. m. miscliief, misfortune, ill luck. 

"Oonn, donn, s. m. a king; see ■oon; a lord; a 
poet ; a degree of the poetic or philosophic 
order, Br. L.; adj. dun or brown; pregnant. 

"OonnAJA-ó, donnagliadh, s. destroying. 

"OonuAb, donnal, s. the yells of a dog. 

"OonnAlAt), donnaladh, s. yelping, howling. 

"OonnAbuijim, donnaluighim, v. 1 bark, yelp. 

"OonnAm, donnam, v. to grow brown. 

'OonnACA'ó, donnathadh, s. sovereignty, rule, 
Br. L. 

"OonuAC, Donnacli, s. the proper name of a man. 

Xíonnó-^, domiog, s. f a kind offish. 

T^onn^Muw, donnruadh, s. bay or chestnut colour. 

"Oo oit)ce, adv. by night, nightly; ■o'oi-oce. 

X)ó]i, dor, s. m. a door; iigurat. a confine. 

'OojiA'D, durad/i, s. a line or rule ; adv. at first, 
in the beginning, in the first instance ; i. e. yo 
céó.-oó^]\, 0. g. 

X)o]\ó.m, doraidh, s. strife, dispute ; adj. intricate. 

"OoiiAnij, doraing, see •ooi\uin5. 

'Ooi\Ain5eAc-o, doraingeachd, s. f. frowardness. 

"OonAinnce, dorainnte, adj. indivisible. 

'Oo)\áIa, dorala, v. it liapponcd. 

"OonAnni'uijce, doritiiiisiii,i/,l/ii\ adj. inscrutable 

'Oo]u\|\, dorar, s. m. a I'nlilc, conllict. 

'Oo]\A]'. s. m. a door, ijutc, boundary. 

■Oo]\Ac, dorath, adv. lirst of all, imprimis, i. e 

"Oojib, dorhh, s. ni. grass. 

■Ooi\blAi-ó, dorhldaidh, s. a sprinkling, wetting. 

"Oonblu]-, dorbhlus, s. ni. twilight; i. e. " eCAH- 
'1'ca]\a-óIaoi aja]-, o'nDce quasi ■oobAj; lux, vel 
•oobA)! volu]-, vel X)obA]\ ieup", Cor. 

'Oonblu]"OAe, dorbldusdae, adj. dark, Cor. 

"OoiibnuA'ÓAn, ilorbriKid/iar, adj. rough, rushing. 

"Oojibui, dorbui, s. an animal living in water, Lee. 

^ . 7 1 It adi. dark, black, dusky, ab- 

tDouc, dorch, f ■', i, i 

__,'.' , ; > struse, occult, obscure, mys- 

■Oo\xc^, dorcha,^ tical, shadowy. 

*Oo]icÁ-óc, dorcJiahdt, 1 s. darkness, gloom, 

"OoncA-OA]', dorchadas, j cloudiness, obscurity. 

X)o|\CA'ó, dorchadh, s. an eclipse, Sh. 

■OoncAmitn, dorchaidhim, v. I darken, obscure. 

'Oo)\cÁinc, dorchaint, s. f. dark or doubtful words. 

"OoiicÁii, dorcan, s. m. a yearling bull calf 

"OoncAinceAc, dorchainteach, adj. dark, dubious. 

"OóiicUMin, dorchlann, s. f. neighbours. 

'Oo)\cui5ce, dorchuighilie, part, darkened. 

s. m . humming or mu ttering ; 
hence X)ó\\-o riA]\bcA, the 
office of the dead. 

"OojTOA, dordha, adj. grisly, grim. 

■Oo]TOACC, dordhacht, a. f grimncss, sternness. 

TDoiTOAim, dorduun, v. I hum, buzz. 

■Oón-oÁn, dordan, s. m. a humming noise. 

■Oó)roÁnAini, dordanaim, see •oóiTOAim. 

"OójTOUille, dordhuille, s. m. a folding door. 

'Oói\ei'óci5ce, doreidhtighthe, adj.irreconcileable 

'Oo]ro].-Aoi-ó, dordfaoidh, s. f. a murmur. 

"Do \\é\\\, do reir, prep, according to. 

"Oojij, do)'g, s. m. a grudge. 

*Oo]\5A, dorga, adj. despicable; s. a fishing net; 
a. stern, grim. 

"OóniAJbAijce, doriaghlaiglitlie, adj. ungovern- 

"OóniAiicA, doriartJia, adj. insatiable, ungovern- 
able, surly, peevish. 

■OóniAiicAcx), doriarthaclid, s. f insatiablencss, 

■OónÍTJii'i, dortdliini, adv. again. Obi Parch. 

■Oójro, dord, | ^ 

'OojA'DAb, dordal, i 




'Ooii'Lac, dorlach, s. m. a bundle, a handful. 

"OonlAing, dorlainff, s. m. an isthmus. 

*Oo]w, dorn, s. m. the fist; Welsh, dwrn; a haft, 

a handle ; a blow with the fist. 
•OopnAc, dornach, s. m. a boxer, a buffer; see 

"OojinAt), dornadh, s. f. fisty-cuffs. 
'OopnAtióin, dornadoir, s. m. a pugilist. 
'Oo|\nAt)óii\eAC-o, dornadoir eachd, s. pugilism. 
TDoiinAim, dornaim, v. I box. 
t)opnAmuiL, dornamhitil, adj. pugilistic. 
"OonnAn, dornan, s. m. a small handful. 
"OopuAfc, dornasc, s. m. a manacle. 
"D'oiinA^-c, d'ornasc, s. a gold ring or chain, O'E. 
;Oo,;ncvi|s doTnclmr^ ^ ^ ^^^^ j^.^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^.^ 
X)onncuL, dornclml, ) 

'Oojm-'oije, dorn-dig/ie, s. m. a finger-sucker. 
"Oonnóg, dornog, s f. a small stone that a man 

can cast with his hand; a mitten, glove, 

"Oop-p, dorr, s. m. anger, wrath ; adj. indocile. 
„, , "1 adi. harsh, very rough, 

x)onii, dorr, \ c i <. 

_,'!'.,' , > nerce, cruel, austere, uu- 
'Ooi.pAC, dorrach, J ^^^,^^^^^^^ displeased. 

'Oo]Ai\Am, dorram, v. to grow angry, Sh. 
X>o'[\]\Ár\, dorran, s. m. anger, vexation. 
X)on]iÁnAC, dorranach, adj. irritable, vexatious. 
*Ooi\]vóA, dorrdha, see ■oo]\]\ac. 
"Ooii^ii-p^ioct), dorrsproclid, s. irritation. 
"OoiipceAC, doratheach, s. m. a house of prayer or 

devotion, a seat of piety. 
"OopHUijre, dorruighthe, adj. surly, grim. 
*Ooi\)-A)-óe, dorsaidhe,\ s. m. a door-keeper, a 


'Oon^'oi^t, dorsoir, J porter 

"OojipAn, dorsan, s. m. a grass-hoppc 

'Oon]-óij\eAC-o, dorsoireachd, s. f. the ofScc of a 

"OoiicAC, dortach, adj. elFusive; spilling, over- 

'OópcA, dorta, part, spilled. 

'OÓHCA-Ó, dortadh, s. spilling, pouring out. 

'Oó]\cAim, dortaim, v. I spill, pour out. 

'Oo]\ut)A, dorubha, s. a line. 

'Oó|un5i-in, doruigsin, adj unattainable. 

'Oó]\u)n5, doruing, s. f pain, torment, danger. 

'OojuiinjcAC, doruhigeach, adj. uneasy, dan- 

"Oojiui^ dorus, sec ■ooi\a]-; s. m. January. 

"Oop, dos, s. m. froth, scum; a cockade, a tassel; 
a bush, a bramble, a thicket; a compact body 
of men; a nobleman, a hero, i. e. ■OAe UAip; 
a poet of the third order; a mark of the past 
tense; noy pn]meACCAin, it happened, •oo]' 
coJA, it was chosen ; s. f. manner, fashion. 

"OopAc, dosach, adj. bushy. 

"Oói'aI, dosed, s. m. slumber. 

"Ooi-Án, dosaii, s. m a small bush or tassel. 

X)ó]-An, dosan, pron. to him. 

■OópA]\rA, dosharta, adj. troublesome, difficult. 

"OopAjiuijce, dosharuighthe, adj. invincible. 

"OópÁptiA, doshasda, adj. insatiable. 

"OópÁpuigce, doshasiiighthe, adj. unsatisfied. 

"OófÁi-uijceACT), doshasuightheachd, s. insatiable- 

"Oói-ciu'fOA-ó, doscrudadh, a. unsearchable. 

'Oó|"ou]\Ai-ó, dosduraidh, adj. intractable. 

"OópeACAncA, dosheachanta, adj. inevitable. 

*OófeAllcA, dosheallta, adj. invisible. 

"OópeóbAt), dosheoladh, adj. unnavigable. 

"Ooj-gATOA, dosgaidha, s. evils of the year, Sh. 

■Ooj-gAoibce, dosgaoilte, adj. indissoluble, inevi- 

"OopgAncA, dosgartha, adj. inseparable. 

"OópgACAC, dosgathach, a» improvident, extrava- 

"Oói'jeut, dosgeul, s. m. a romance. 

■Oó]'5niopT)A, dosgriosda, adj. indelible. 

'Oóp5nut)Ac, dosgrudach, adj. unsearchable. 

"OópguróéeAC, dosguidhtheach, adj. morose, ex- 

tDopjui-oceAct), dosguidhtheachd, s. f. morose- 
ness, extravagance. 

"OópjuinneAC, dosgidnneach, adj. unfortunate. 

"Ooj-gucAC, dosguthach, adj. absurd. 

*Oopin, dosin, adv. thereunto. 

"Oopio)!, doshior, adv. always, continually. 

"OofnibAb, doshiubhal, adj. impassable. 

„. . 7 ,, "i adi. mcorrig- 

T)o]-mAccA, dosmacnta, V. 1 1 1 ? 

X)ó\^mi,cZ'\\i<ce,doémachtaighthe,C ' 

"OopmuAitiojce, dosmuaintighthe, adj. incom- 

"Ooj-pionncA, dospionnta, adj. unsearchable. 

"Ooi^piuocce, dospriochte, adj. stubborn, intract- 

"OoppAc, dosrach, see ■oopAc. 

"OopcA, dosta, adj. not to be withstood, /. e. ■oo 


"Ooc, dot, sec VOX). 

X)ot, doth, a. speedy, early. 

"OocAt), dolhadh, s. singeing, scorching. 

"OocAin, duthain, s. f. sufficiency. 

"OocAipne, dothairne, s. evil, mischief, poverty. 

'OocAu, dothar, ) 

^ . ' ' 7 w ^ s. m. a river. 

T)ocuAp, dothuar, \ 

t)ocA]icbAip, dotarchlais, s. f. a water-course. 

"Oóccu]", dothchus, s. m. hope, confidence. 

"OocciipAC, dothchusuch, adj. confident, hopeful. 

XJóccupAt), doíhchusach, s. hoping, confiding 

'Oot(:»YMm,dofhrhvsinm,v.l hope, trust, coulido. 



"OoceAjAii-j, dotheagaisg, adj. indocile, stupid. 

"OoceokjAii'gce, dotheagaisgthe, adj. iintauglit, 

'OócójTA, dothogtJia, adj. rejected ; hard to rear. 

"Oocoiiuv]-, dothomhas, adj. immeasurable. 

*Oocui5]-e, dothuigse, s. mystery, mysteriousness. 

"Oocuigi-in, dothuigsin, adj. unintelligible, mys- 
terious, occult. 

'0|\Ab, drab, s. m. a spot, stain. 

'Oi\a1!), dral/Ii, s. m. a cart; grains, refuse. 

"OixAbAt), drabahdh, s. separating. 

'OnAbAi]\e, drabaire, s. m. a dirty fello\Y, a 

tDnAbA]-, drabhas, s. m. dirt, nastiness. 

*OnAbAiv\c, drabhasach, adj. dirty, filthy. 

'Oi\AbA]-OA, drabasda, adj. indelicate, indecent. 

'OjiAbAi-oAc-o, dvabasdachd, s. f. indelicacy. 

"OjiAbiii, drabliin, adj. idle, Sh. 

*0|\Ablin, drahhlin, s. trifles, idleness, Sh. 

"OjiAbój, drabog, s. f. a slut, a slattern. 

'OnAbóg, drabhog, s. i. dregs, lees. 

"OnAbójAc, drabhogach, adj. ruddy. 

"OpAciTiA, drachma, s. a dram. 

'0|\A-ó, dradh, s. exercise. 

"OnAj, drag, s. m. fii-e, a thunderbolt. 

'0\\A-^, dragh, s. m. anger; animosity; trovible 

'Oi\AJA-ó, draghadh, s. pulling, drawing. 

"OnAjAijeAn, dragaighean, s. m. a fire-shovel. 

"OnAJAim, draghaim, I pull, draw. 

"OnAJAijie, draghaire, s. m. a drawer, puller. 

'OnA5Al]^eAC■o, draghaireachd, s. pulling, tugging 

"OiiAJAriibAC-o, draghamhlachd, s. trouble. 

"OnAJAiiiuil, draghainhuil, adj. troublesome. 

'OiiAgA^ic, dragart, s. a flint. 

'OnAjbo-o, draghhod, S- the Lesser Bear star. 

"OpAgon, dragon, see x))ia5A]ac. 

"OjiAjon, dragon,'\ 
"OnAic, draic, >s. a di-t 
"OpAig, draig, ) 

'OpAgihi, dragun, s. m. a horse soldier. 

'0)\AÍ, drai, s. m. a di-uid; i e- " ■oo ]\u<\ aí", i. e. 

" AipceACAÍ; A)ii|- cpiAUAn "oognipni Ab)\ACA 

■OAb)\A", Cor. 
"OnAicc, draicc, a. angry, rough. 
'OHAi5-bioi\Ai'5, draigh-bhiorasg, s. water consc- 

ereated by the druids ; water-cresses. 

"OjiAijeAn, draighean, s. a black-thorn. 

"OpAijeAnAC, draigheanaeh, thorny, spiny. 

"OnAigionn, draighionn, s. a dog-rose bush, Hh. 

_, . .7-7 7 ■) s. m. blackthorn, sloe 
T)i\Aij:neAC, draiqlmeach,! 

„ ' V 7 • ; y tree ; prunus spi- 

'0\^.K^-c;(^eo-^,dralgh,leog, ^ ^osa! 

"OnAijneAc, draighneach, s. a great ratthng noise 

Í1S of thunder. 
'Oi\AiilfAin, draillsavi,s. pparkhng light, Sh. 

"O^AibbpAinAC, draillsaina£h,\ adj. tviinkling, 

'0]\Aiil,pAncA, drailUanta, j sparkhng, Sh. 

X)\\A^n, drain, \ _. • 

"OjiAinc, draint,) ' ° '^' 

"OiiAinc, drainc, s. a snarling. 

t))\AincAncA, draincanta, adj. snarling. 

"OnÁinn, drainn, s. a hunch or hump-back. 

"OirAinneAp^iAiiii, drainneasoraim, 1 , 

"OpAincim, draintim, j" • 6^ • 

"OjiAni, dra>n, see ■opeAm ; s. ranch, plenty. 

"OuAiii, dram, 1 i r • ■. 

_^' ', , > s. a dram oi spirits. 

T)nAiiio5, dramog,) '■ 

"OnArii, dramh, s. m. a wry mouth. 

'0|\AiiiAbcAini,f7ra?nAaZ)<aííH,^ T f V 

X)\\■^m■oAn^m, dramhdanim,^ ' J i ' 

'OpAnibAini, dramlaim, ) * ' 

X)]\M^^MX,,dramaig,s. a (.lii-tymixture,crowdy,<S/i. 

'0]\AmAim, dramhaim, v. I grin. 

*0]íAiiiAic, dramhait, s. a drama. 

"O^íAiÍTOAim, dramhdaim, v. I mutter, grumble. 

"OUAn, dran, 1 , , 

„ ' 7 ' Vs. rhyme or metre. 

AjpAiioj, dranog, J •' 

"OiiAiiX), di-and, s. a small quantity. 

'0]\An'oÁn, drandan,s. m. the whistling of wind 

or storm, humming noise or singing. 
"OiiAii-oAUAC, drandanach, adj. humming. 
*Oi\AnT)ÁnAct),(ím«fZanac/tfZ,s. singing, humming. 
"OiiAiic, drant, \ s. snai-ling of a dog, 

"OjiAnncÁn, dranntan, j grumbling. 
"OjiAuncA-o, dranntadh, s. drawing up of the 

mouth, grinning. 
'0]\AnncAim, dranntaim, v. I snarl, grin. 
"OiiAnncAiiACji/i-anjiiaiiacA, adj. snarling, envious. 
'0■\\^m^zM^\ui^,drannianuigh, s. a snarler, grinner. 
"OiiAOi, draoi, s. m. a druid, an augur, magician. 
"OnAOiúeACTj, draoidheachd, s. f. the druidical 

worship or form of religion ; magic, sorcery, 

"OpAoi-óeACCA-ó, draoidheachtadh, s. bewitching, 

"OjiAoi'oeACCAiiTi, draoidheachtaim, v. I bewitch. 
'0|iAoit)foii',fZmoi(í/i//íOi«,s. druidical knowledge. 
"OnAoice, draoithe, s. wise men. Matt., 2. i. 
'O]\A0icneAc, draoithneach, see •opAoi. 
"OpAoi jneÁn, draoighnean, s. m. a thorn. 
'Oi\Aolin, draolin, s. f. tediousness, inactivity. 
"OjiAop, draos, s. m. trash. 

"OnAoi-oAC, draosdach, \ adj. obscene, 

'OjiA0]-T3Aifiuil, draosdamhuil,) smutty. 
"OnAoj-OAc-o, draosdachd, s. f. obscenity. 
"0]\Aoc, draoth, s. m. a pull, a tug, a pluck. 
"OiiAOCA-o, draothadh, s. pulling, tugging. 
"OitóocAini, draothaim, v. 1 pull. 
'OnA]DAt)oi]i, drapadoir, s. ra. a climber. 
'OpApA-ooipeACT), drapadoireachd, s. clambering. 



"OnAjniA, adv. An-'0]iÁ|'t)A, 50 ■o]iÁ]"oa, drasda, 
ann-drasda, go drasda; hitherto, now, not 

"OiAAUC, drauch, s. a dragon. 

*0|\é, di'e, s. m. a sledge. 

*0]\eAC, dreacJi, s. m. form, figure, image, counten- 
ance; a looking glass; a habit; hue; adj. 

"OjieACAC, dreachach, s. m. a statuary; adj. 
drawn, delineated; fliir, handsome. 

'0]\eACAt), dreachadh, s. portraiture, polisliing. 

'OjieACA-oÁn, dreachadan, s. m. a mould. 

"OneACA-ooii;, dreachadoir, s. m. a painter, a sta- 

'OpeACAiin, dreacliaim, v. I figure, delineate. 

"OpeACAnmil, dreachamhuU, adj. comely. 

■OiieAct), dreachd, s. an article, office, employ- 
ment; a troop, company. 

'0)ieACt)c\im, dreachdaim, v. I signify. 

'0|ieACT)Ai]ie, dreachdaire, s. m. an historian. 

*0]ieAC|''ompl-A, dreachshompla, s. a platform; 
' iclinography. 

"OpeAcc, dreacht, s. m. a poem ; a draught or 

"OivéACCA, dreachta, s. weakness. 

'OjieAcce, dreachte, adj. ornate. 

*0]ieA5A-o, dreagadh, s. advertisement. 

*OpeA5Áim, dreagaim, v. I fight, wrangle ; ad- 

"OiieAjAn, dreagan, s. m. a dragon; a champion. 

X)]\eA-^um,dreaguin, s. f. pickles. 

*0|ieALl.ÁnAit), dreallanaidh, s. m. an augur. 

'OpeAtTi, dreamh, adj. surly, sullen. 

"OiAeAiii, dream, s. m. a tribe, family, company, 

"OtieAtn, dream, 1 s. m. a wisp of hay or 

"OpeAmAii, dreaman,) straw. 

"OpeAinÁn, dreaman, s. m. madness, furiousness. 

"OjAeAinAiiAc, dreamanach, adj. fanatical, mad. 

"OiieAiimAC, dreamhnach, s. m. a coxcomb; adj. 
perverse, foolish. 

"OjieAitinAini, dreamhnaim, v. I rage, fret. 

X)peAn, drea7i, s. m. strife, debate; a wren; i. e. 
" •oep en bej -oiiieoil, no -oiiAi en", i. e. " en 
•00 m |.-Ái|-ome", Cor.; Welsh, dryw; adj. 
bad, naughty. 

'OpeAnAc, dreanach, a. despicable, vile, mean. 

"OneAnAt), dreanad, s. goodness. 

'OpeAncA'D, dreancad, s. m. a flea. 

'OneAii-coiiiAC, drean-comhac, s. a leg. 

'Oj\eAnt)A, dreandha, adj. repugnant, ojiposite, 

"OneAnj, dreang, s. a breach. 

■OjAeAun, dreann,see ■o]ieAnnAt>; s. m. sorrow, 
melancholy, pain; haste, speed; a battle, con- 

tention; adj. strong, firm; s. m. a fort; a. 

surly, dogged; good. 

"OiieAniiAc, dreannach, adj. speedy ; quarrelsome. 

■0]\eAnnAt), dreannad, s. m. rashness. 

"OiieAunAitn, dreantiaim, v. I fight, contend. 

"OiieAnoi^A, dreanoir, s. m. an augur, a prophet. 

'Ot\eA)DAiin, dreapaim, v. I climb, clamber. 

"OneApAiiieAct), dreapaireachd, s. i. climbing. 

■0]\eA]-, dreas, s. f. a place, stand, turn. 

■OncAr, dreas, 1 r 1 ■ 1 n 
r, ■ 7 V s. I. a briar, bramble. 

t)]\eA-i'05, dreasog,f ' 

"OjieAj'AC, dreasach, adj. thorny, briary. 

"OneA^'Act), dreasachd, s. strolling about, i. e. 

ioniluAit)i'Li, o.g.; inciting. 
"OneAi-Ail, drcasail, s. f shred.s, small bits. 
'0]ieApAini, dreasaim, v. I break, incite. 
"OpeAi-Aiiiuib, dreasamlmil, adj. prickly. 
"OneA^-AnnAC, dreasarnach, s. a place where 

brambles grow. 
"OiieAixoilb, dreaschoUl, s. £ a thicket. 
'OneAi'|.-Ai-oceAii, dreasfaidhthear, v. shall be 

broken, i. e. b]ii]'yAi-oceA]A, 0. g. 

"OiiCApgi-o, dreasgidh, see -opeAi-Ainuib. 

'OiieAi'iiuin, dreasmhuii, see ■ojieAj'coi'LL 

"OneACAU, dreathan, } 

^ ■ 7 .7 J > s. a wren. 

T)|\eACAn •oonn, dreathan donn,^ 

X)]\écv, drechd, s. m. a tale, a story, a poem ; 

"Oneceng, drecheng, s. three persons. 

'Oi\ei'b)-e, dreibhse, s. a space of time, a while. 

"OiAeije, dreige, s. f. a meteor. 

'0]\ei5Ai|'eAc,íZ)'t'/fí'íiisáac/í, adj. peevish. 

"Ojiénn, dreim, s. i. an endeavour, attempt; 
einidation, contention. 

"Duel nut), drebnid, s. f a saddle. 

X)]>é)niiin, dreimitn,\. I climb; I emulate. 

"OnennmeAC, dreimineach, s. m. a gradation, 

TDnemiine, dreimire, s. m. a ladder, stair, climax. 

"Opeiniijie-buirje, dreimire-buidhe, s. a yellow 
centaiuy ; chlora perfoliata. 

"OiAéiiinne-goiun, dreimire-gorm, s. a woody 
nightshade ; solanum dulcemara. 

"OiAéimitie-muiiAe, dreitnire-muire, s. the less cen- 
taury ; gentiana centaurium. 

"Opeinii^Mt), drehniridh, see ■0]\éimi]\e. 

"Oiiennne, dreiinne, s. a cock. 

" *Oa yeAnAinm a]\ n'luic uikwai j; 
■peij' If niA-OA motn-oiAiiiAin; 
CeAcnAic CAonA, •ojAeimne jaI; 
SeAJAC iy cAt)ÍA JAbAn", I'or Foe. 

"Oneitiine, dreimne, s. warfare. 

"OjAeifeAc, dreiseach, see ■0]\eA]'Ac. 

"Oneifoog, dreiseog, s. £ bramble, briar, black- 
berry bush ; rubus fructlcosus. 




"OpeoJAU, dreoghadh, s. rattling. 
'Oi\eo5Atiii, dreo(jhaim,v. to rot, wear out. 
"OiveoiUn, dreoilin, \ 
-O^eolUn, dreollan, Í ^" ^ ^"^''^^- 
'0|ieo'LtÁti, dreollan, s. m. a silly person. 
"OneollAiuxct), dreollanachd, s. silliness. 
'0]veoltÁn-ceAfbui-ó, dreollati-teasbuidh, s. a 

"Otieoijce, dreoighte, adj. rotten, musty. 
"OiieoijceAC-o, dreoighteachd, s. mustiness. 
"Onef, dres, }s. m. news, a tale, rehearsal, 

'0)\e]vw, dresadh, ^ relation, a story. 
*0)\e]-beAHCAC, dresbhearfach, s. m. a talc bearer. 
"Onei-eAiiiuib, dreseamhuil, adj. prickly. 
X)ne]-eo5, dreseog, s. f. a briar. 
'One]-ii\e, dresire, s. m. a rehearser. 
^,^u^c<^x)<^,c,dn•acAa(^a^•cA, l.^.^-ff i^fl^xibi- 

iSr''' '^"'''^"'"1 lity,obstlnacy,S/.. 
"OiiiACAnAC, driachanach, adj. ailing, peevish. 
"OiiuMnÍAC, dríamlach, s. m. a fishing line. 
"Opib, drib, s. f. dirt, filth; a snare, danger. 
"OiMcc, dricc, s. a dragon ; a monster ; adj. angry ; 


"OjMce, driche, s. the act of flying. 

^ . , . , ") s. m. difference, distinc- 

T)t\ice, driche, f .• . ... 

Ximcecxitdricheadh, Í ' . .J. . . ^^ ' 

I ' 'J no it)HfoeAtDU5A-o, o. g. 

"0)111,, dril, s. f. a drop. 

"Oiiibb, dn7i,s. aspark offire, a twinkle, a glimpse. 

'Oiulbin, driUim, v. I drop. 

"OinbfeAC, drilseaeh, adj. dropping. 

"0)11111, drim, s. the back; a ridge of mountains. 

"Ojimi-A-ciiAinn, drim-a-chramn, s. the beam of 

a plough. 
"Ojiiin-tunije, drim-luinge, s. the keel of a ship. 
"O )ii m -u ACT) A)iAn-A-c AijiAi n , driin-uaclidaran-a- 

chairain, s. the upper palate. 
■0)iio'OA)i, driodar, s. m. gore, matter ; di-egs, lees. 
T))iiot)A)i6A, driodartha, part, mixed with dregs. 
"0)1105, driog, s. f. a drop, a tear. 
"0)iio5ACC, driogcuiht, s. f. distillation. 
"OjuojAim, driogaim, v, I trickle, drop, distil. 
'0)iio5A!)ie, driogaire, s. m. a distiller. 
'O)ii0)DAitTi, driopaim, v. I climb. 
"0)11)3, drip, s. f affliction; a snare. 
"0)11)% dris, "i 

X)]\\y\,e, drisle, > see •opei^-eo^. 

'O)\i)'beo5, drisleog,} 

'0)ii)-eAc, driseach, adj. abounding in brambles. 
'0]ii)-eAC, driseach, 1 adj. fretful; full of 
"0)ii]-eAncA, dnseanta,) brambles. 
"0)ii)-in, drisin, s. f. a little bramble. 
"0)-icle, drithle, \ f w 

"0)iicl-eo5, dritJdeog,) • ■ ' 4 

"OjiicbeAt), drithlead/i, s. sparkling. 

"OjucleAnn, dritldcanti, s. m. a rivet; a sparkle. 

"0)11^1111, drithVui, s. Í. a drill or piercer. 

"Ojiiclijiiii, driihlighini, v. I sparkle. 

'0)iiubU\c, driubhlach, s. m. a cowl. 

"0)iiuc, driuch, s. m. fretfulness, anger; a beak, 
a snout. 

"OjuucAt), driuchadh, s. a standing on end, or up- 

"0)iiucAiiil,Act), driuchamlachd, s. f. anger. 

'0)iii.)CAiiiuib, driuchamhuil, adj. angry. 

"OjiiucAin, driucham, v. to stand on end, Sh. 

"Ojiiuct), driuchd, s. m. dew. 

"0)inict)AC, driuchdach, > i- j, , 

"Ojuuc-OAriutit, driuchdamhuil,i ■'' '^ •'' 

'0)iiuct)Aiiii, driuchdaim, v. I bedew. 

'0)iiuc-oiiiA)i, driuchdmliar, see •0|iiuct)Ac. 

"0]iunn, drium, s. the chief or beloved of the tribe. 

"Ojio, dro, s a line. 

"OjiobbAC, drobhlach, see t)]iiubtAC. 

"0)iobtA)', droblas, s. m. profuseness. 

"0]iobtA)% drohldas, s. m. misery. 

"OiiobbAf^xc, drobJdasach, adj. miserable, pitiful. 

"Ojioc, droch, s. m. death; evil; a coach wheel; 
adj. bad, evil; Welsh, drwg; scarce, little, 
short, difficult; right, straight, direct; when 
used in compound words it often has the mean- 
ing of the English prefixes un, im, mis, as 
•0)iocAi)ii-ó, ■0)iocéui5]iti. When the second 
part of the compound has its first vowel 
slender, the prefix is commonly written "oiioic ; 
adj. dark, O'CL; s. m. a moth or worm in 
wood or cloth. 

"0)iocAt), drochad, s. m. a bridge. 

"OjiocA-o-cogbAlAC, daochad-togbhalach, s. m. a 

"0)iocA5, drochagh, s. m. mischance, ill-luck. 

"OpocAJtfiAp, drochaghmhar, ) adj. ill fated, 

"0)iocA5riiAfiAC, drochaghmharach,) unlucky. 

"0|iocAi5eAnT:Ac,á?'ocAai^ea)itoc/í, adj. ill minded, 

■0)iocAinni, drochainm, s. an ill name, disrepute. 

"0)iocÁinc, drochaint, s. f. abuse, slander, 

"0)iocAi)iró, drochairidh, adj. unworthy. 

"O)i0CAifCAn, drochaistan,s. idle, naughty tricks 

'OjiocAii'ceAc, drochaisteach, adj. idle, mischie 

"OiiocAiceAiii, drochaitheamh, s. lavishment, mis- 

"OjiocAniAncAji, drochamhantar, s. ill-luck. 

"OiiocAnjTAi)', drochanfais, s. mistrust, jealousy, 

'0)iocAn]:Ai|'eAc, drochanfaiseach, adj. jealous. 

'0)iocbÁil, drochbhail, s. f unthriftiness, mis- 




"OiTOclJAil, drochhhail, s. f. ill luck. 

T)]\ocbA]iAiinii'L, drochbharamhuil, s. f. prejudice. 

'Oi\ocbeAi\c, drochbheart, s. f. an evil action. 

"OiiocbeAj^cAc, drochhheartach, adj. vicious, evil- 

"OjiocbeACA, drochhheatha, s. a bad life. 

"Ojiocbéui', drochbheus, s. ill manners. 

'OHOcbéufAC, droehbheusach, adj. unmannerly, 

"OpocblA^", drochbhlas, s. an ill taste. 

'0]\ocblA|"OA, drochbJdasda, adj. ill-flavovired, 


'OnocbotATi), drocJdtlioladh, 1 , ■, i, 

^1 .,. , ' J m u r s. a bad smell. 
T)^\ocboLcAn, drocnbholtan, J 

'Onocb)\iACAn, drochbhriatkar, s. evil expression. 

'Oiiocbiinut)A]'AC, drochblmnudhasach, adj. ill- 

'0]\o(l:cAit)neAt), drochchaidreadli, s. evil commu- 
nication, sinful commerce. 

'Oi\occt.eAC'OAf, drochchleachdas, s. malpractice, 
bad habits. 

'0]íoccLAonA-ó,f7)'Oc/íí'/tZao?iaf//í,s. evil inclination. 

'0|\occóiiiAii\le, drcchchomhairle, s. bad advice. 

'OiAoccoiiiUiA'OAp, drochchomhluadar, s. bad 

"Ojioccumi-OACAt), drocJicIadnseachadh, s. mal- 

'Opoccui)\eAC, droclwhuireacli, s. m. wicked, im- 

*Opoct), drocJid, adj. dark, black, obscure. 

'O^ioc'oÁiL, drochdail, s. bad news. 

'0]>oct)Aoine, drochdhaoine, s. wicked people. 

'0\\ocx)v\ne, drochdidne, s. a badman, areprobate. 

"OnoceoUnje, drocheoluighe, s. m. a misleader. 

"OnocpAii-cm, drochfhaistin, s. f. misinformation. 

"OliocyocAt, drochfhochal, s. m. a malediction. 

"OnocjAiLe, drochgliaile, s. a diseased stomach. 

Dliocjnc, drochghne, s. ill nature. 

T))\oc5neiccAc, drocliglineithecwh , adj. ill fa- 

"OnocjnioTii, drochijhniomJi, s. m. a bad action, 

"OiAocgui-óe, drochghuidhe, s. a bad prayer. 

"OnociomcA]!, drochiomchar, s. ill-behaviour; 

bad conduct. 
'0]Aociotni\A'ó, drocMomradli, s. evil report. 
'Oi\oclAbA]\cAc, drochlabharthach, adj. ill 

spoken, foul mouthed. 
"OjAocluA-OA]!, drochluadar, s. foul means. 
X^pocTTiAoineA-p, drochmhaoineas, s. idleness. 
"OnociTiAiibAti, drochmJiarbJiad/i, s. murder. 
'0]»ociiiei|'neAc, drochmheisneach, s. pusillani- 
mity; mistrust. 

*0]ioctfiei|-neAiiniil, drochnheisneamkuil, adj. 

"OjAociinocAibce, droclimldotailte, adj. alloyed, 

'0]\ociiuinA'ó, drochmJnmadh, s. bad breeding, 

"OiAociiu'imce, drochmJminie, adj. ill taught, in- 

"OnocnAXHii^i, drochnaduir, s. ill nature. 

'0|\ocnóf, drocJtnos, s. a bad habit. 

"OpocobAiiA', drochobair, s. foul doings, bad work. 

X)]AocoiiibeA5At), drocholrJcaghadh, s. mis- 

"OnociuwA^ACAC, drochradharcacJi , adj. dim- 

'Onoci\Aic, drockraitJi, s. f. lust; i. e. "oiiui]', o. g. 

'OjiociHAjlACAt), drochriaghlachadh, s. misgo- 

X)noc)itiTo, droclirind, s. a spear; i. e. " ^inn ■oo 
beiji bÁ]'", Cor. 

'0]\oc]\oinn, drocliroinn, s. foul dealing. 

'O|\oc]uifi, drochrun, s. malice. 

'0]\ocf\\inii jce, drochshosinghthe, adj. ill pleased. 

"Oiioci-jeut, drochsgeid, s. m. detraction; bad 

*0|Aoc]'nniAin, drocltsmuain, s. a bad thought. 

'Onocfmb, drochshidl, s. f. an evil eye. 

'Onoc]'iDioi\Ai'o, droehspioraid, s. f. an evil spirit. 

'O]íoc)nn5ce, droclmdghte, adj. ill pleased. 

"OpoccAfj, drochthasg, s. an ill report or cha- 

"OnocceAnjA, drochtheanga, adj. foul mouthed. 

T)f\occoitceAnAi', droclithoilteanas, s. demerit. 

"OjioccttAHAi'sbAil, drochthuarasg-'\ ^^^ ^ 

^'^""'^' . . Í CAl'^. 

"OirocciKMiui-j;, drorhthuairisg, ) ' ^ 

'Oi\ocriK\i\, i/rochl/uiar, s. m. an ill omen. 

"Onoccuiji'in, di-oi-/ifhidgsin, s. misapprehension. 

"OnocuAin, drochuair, s. an evil hour. 

X)\\oc\\mtó.,d,'ochwiitJia, adj. ill shaped. 

'0]\05, drog, s. m. the motion of the sea. 

"OiiójA, drogka, s. a fisher's line. 

'Onoj^Ain, drogaid, s. f. di-ugget. 

"Opobeib, drobheil, adj. difficult, hard. 

"Onoic, droich, s. f. a dwarf. 

"Onoicbeibe, droichbheile, s. hard fare. 

*Onoi ccleAccAt), <íroic/ic/tíeac/i<af?/í, s. habitual sin. 

'O]\oict)e, droichdhe, taken up, Sh. 

X)]\o\ceA^L\, droicheagla, s. criminal fear. 

X)]w^ce.x:mul droicheamhuil, | ^^. ^^^^^.j^, 

'0]\oiceAiicA, droicheania, ) '' 

"Oj^oiceom, droicheoin, s. deep waters, Sh. 

'0]\oic5eince, droicligheinte, adj. ill begotten. 

"Onoicgnioir, droichghniomh, mischief, a crmc. 

tDiioicAU, droiehan, v. I wrong, abuse, do evil. 

"OnoicmiinnncAc, droicJdnntinneack, adj. ill- 





"Oiwiciot), droichiod, s. m. a bridge. 

"OiinicliArii, droichliatnh, s. slaortness of breath. 

'OnoiciiieA]'T)A, droich77iheasda, ill-reputed. 

"OnoiciiieipieAC, droicJimheisneach, s. m. pusil- 

X)]w^ cm éWjdroichmhein, \ s. f.malice, 

X>\\o\cmeme<xcv, droichmheineachd,) ill will. 

"OiioiciinocAl, dvoLchm7no(al,s. m. dross. 

"Onoicni, droic/iiii, s. a bad tiling, Donl. 72. 

"0]ioicnei-oiotii, droichreidiomh, s. m. misbelief. 

"Opoicjieot), droichreodh, s. wickedness. 

'0)\oic]\ia5La'Ó, droichriaghladk, s. misrule. 

"Oiioicfjéul, droichsgeul, s. m. detraction. 

"Onoicfionn, drokhshionn, s. bad weather. 

"0)101 ctei]TAm, droichtheistam, v. to defame, Sh. 

'OiioiccioT), droichthiod, see ■0]ioiciot). 

"OHOiccion^'gnAiii, droichthionsgnamh, s. a con- 
spiracy or evil imagination. 

"Onoiio, droid, s. f. a stare or starling. 

"OiioiioeAct), droidheachd, see ■O)iA0i-óeAC'o. 

"Oiioi-ójne, droidhghne, s. dignity. 

'OpoigeAriiuil, droigheamkuil, adj. active, affect- 

"OjioijeAn, droighean, s. the deep, the depth. 

'OjioijeAvin, droigheann, s. m. black thorn, sloe 
tree; " "oiioijeAn, i. e. z\\o-^Aon, i. e. Aon i]- 
rpog ■oo cpAn-QAi'b <\p iniAt) <^•óe'L5", Cor. 

■0)ioi5iieAc, droighneach, adj. thorny. 

'OnoniieA]-, droiniheas, s. want. 

'Oiiomiin, droimin, dim. of ■opoiiiÁin. 

"OjAOineAb, droineah, s. tackling. 

"Ojioing, droing, see '0]ieAni. 

'Ojioinn, droinn, v. to make, do, be, »S/i. 

"Ojiob, drol, s. m. a bay, loop; plait; a quirk or 

■oIioUa, droltha, ]^-^V^ of pothooks. 

'Opobi, droll, s. m. a clumsy staff. 

"OiiobbAC, drollach, a. tricky. 

'0]\oni, drom, s. m. a back; sec t)|iuiiii. 

"0^0111*, droma, s. m. a drum. 

"OpomAc-o, dromachd, s. f. affii-mation. 

"OjioinAtíóiii, dromadoir, s. m. a drummer. 

'OpoirAiu, drotnain, v. the back. 

"OponiAn, droman, s. m. a di-omedary; the bore 
tree; see cponiAn. 

*0]ioinÁn, droman, s. m. a back-band of a cart 
or plough traces. 

"OiiomAiiA, dromana, s. declaring against, re- 
nouncing a thing or person ; cuipm via X)\\o- 
111 An A lei]'. 

'OporiiAoiueAc, dromhaoineach, adj. idle. 

"OiiohicIa, dromchla, s. a surface. 

'Oiionicollcoille, dromcollchoille, s. an ancient 
name of the city of Dublin. 

■0]iotiibAc, dromlacJi, s. m. a vessel, {. e. \.e<s\'- 


'Ojioii, droit, adj. right, straight; sure, steadfast, 

"OiionATJ, dronadh, s. direction. 

"OnonAitn, dronaim, v. I aíErm, vouch. 

"OiionAin, dronain, s. a throne. 

X)iionAi]ie, dronaire, s. m. a voucher. 

'0]\oticiioicce, dronchroichte, adj. perpendicular 

"OiiotinuiiA-o, drondunadh, s. shutting, stopping. 

'0]\onx)i')nAiiii, drondunaim, v. I shut, stop. 

'0]ioii5, drong, s. m. and f people, a sept, a troop ; 
a part, subdivision ; " &\\\e obi oipnit) gAiuib, 
AC y-ecA "oiiong -oia 'OÁÍAib". 

"OiiongcloTOine, drongchloidhme, s. soldiers, Teg. 

"OiioiiriAC, dronnach, adj. white-backed. 

"OiionriAipe, dronnaire, s. m. a voucher. 

"OjiontiAn, dronnan, s. m. the back. 

"Ojioiiiioj, dronnog, s. f. a hump, a small burden. 

"Diionnuille, dronnuille, s. a right angle. 

'O)\0iinuibbeAnAC, dronnuilleanach, adj. rect- 

"O^ioc, droth, a. constant. 

'0]ioúÁn, drothan, s. m. a breeze of wind. 

"OjiocAnnAC, drotliannaeli, adj. breezy. 

"OnocAnyAi)-, drothanfaU, see •opocAnj.-Ai];'. 

"OjiocIa, drotlila, s. a rafter, a wain-beam. 

"0)106101)1, drothloir, s. m. a carpeJiter. 

X))ioclói)ieAc-o, drotliloireachd, s. the trade of a 

TDiuiA-o, druadh, s. m. a magician; a druid. 

'0)uiAit), druaid, s. f. lees, sediment. 

'0)uiAi)3reoi)i, druaipiheoir, s. m.a tippler. 

■0)U)ACAX), druathad/i, s. fornication. 

'0)\UACAiiii, druathaim, v. I fornicate. 

'0)iuÁcÓ5, druathog, s. f a bad woman. 

"0)^13, druuli, s. m. a chariot ; a house, habita- 
tion; a fool; i. e. oiniiiro. 

"Ojiuboi)!, druhhoir, s. m. a carriage maker. 

'0)\úc'o, druchd, s. m. a hearing, a raising up. 

"OiuicTD, druchd, 1 i 

„' . . ' , ,7 > s. m. dew. 
t))iuc-0An, druchdan, J 

"0)111 c-o-UA-iiiuine, druchd-na-mhttme, see "ojiuic- 

"0)113 ccA--oeA, druclita-dea, s. corn and milk; 
i. e. " ÍC ACA)' bbicc". Cor. 

'0)iúccÁii, druchtan, cheese whey; a drop. 

'0)ui-o, drud, s. f. an enclosure. 

*0)ui5Ai)ie, drugaire, s. m. a slave or drudge. 

'0)ui5Ai]ieACX3, drugaireackd, s. f. slavery, drud- 

"OjiuibeAl, druihheal, s. a dark place or recess. 

'0)u'iict)in, druichdin, s. f a light dew ; a kind of 



'0]\úic'oíti-inónA, druichdin-mona, s. a kind of 

herb used for dyeing hair. 
*0|iui-ó, druidh, s. a druid, magician. 
'Oi\ui-o, druid, > s. f a stare or starling; 

"Onufoeoj, druideog, 5 Welsh, di-udwy. 
"OiuiTOeAcc, druidheacJit, s. f magic; druidism, 

Lee. 10, 2. 
'O^un'oeA-o, druideadh, s. shutting, closing, cica- 
trization, closure. 
"OpuróeAt), druidheadh, s. di'opplng, distilling. 
Xy]\v\me<i.m,druidheam, v. to poui' out, distil, ooze, 

drop ; operate upon, Sh. 
"Otun-oim, druidim, v. I close, shut. 
'O]\ui'oce, drnidthe, part, shut, closed in. 
"O^wiijeAn, druighean, see ■0)íAnieo5. 
'0]\uiiii, druini, s. m. the back of man or beast; 
the ridge of a hill or house; adv. yA ■opuiiii, 
backwards ; s. f the surface or outside of a 
thing; Ai]A ■opium An 'ooiiiAin ; account, sake. 
"OnuiniborA, druimboqha, ] ^^ , 

-n.,...»,! ■ 1 ■ 1 .1 Í s. a vault, an arch. 

*0]\uim-'f-ionn, druim-f/donn, adj. -white-backed. 

'0]\u\]mneAc,di'uiinineach, adj. speckled, íS/í. 

'Onuimcip]iAic, druimtiprait, s. the old name of 

■0]\úin, druin, s. f. needle-work, embroidery ; adj. 
polished, accomplished; vigilant; s. fastness. 

'0\mme<\c, druineacli, s. m. an artist, embroiderer. 

"OiiinneACAp, dr-uineachas, s. m. artifice, needle- 

"Opúip, druis, s. f lust, lecheiy. 

tJpúipeAc, druiseach, s. m. a lecherous person. 

'OnúireAc, druiseach, '\ j. , ^c i -i i 

,n - -1 7 . I adi. lustful, lecherous, 

„ 1 -1 4 imchaste, libidinous. 

'OnúipeAiiilACT), dniiseamhlachd, see -o^ujip 
■O]\ui]-0AtAc-o, druisealacJid, s. moisture. 
'0]\ú\yeo-^, driciseog, s. a lecherous woman. 
*0]\úi]'ini, druisim, v. I lust. 
X)i\úiplAnn, druislann, s. m. a bawdy house. 
'Opuiyboi-jA-o, druislosgadh, s. m. lust. 
"Oiíúii-ceoip, druisteoir, s. m. a fornicator. 
"OpuiceAc, dmiteach, adj. feeling. 
"OnuiriA, druma, s. a drum. 
"OjiuiiiAc, drumhach, s. m. a bastard son. 
'OiuiiiiAt)6ii\, drumadoir, s. m. a drummer. 
"OnumÁn, druman, s. m. a ridge, back, summit; 

the backhand of a car or cart. 
"OpuniclA, driimchla, s. m. the ridge of a house, 

top of a hiU. 
"OjiimÁn, drunan,s. the back ; the summit of ahill. 
"Ojuinj, drung,sce tinong. 
"Opú^', drus, see X)]\iiii\ 
'Oi\uc, di'tifh, s. m. and f a fool; a harlot, a 

V'lgtie ; adj. foolish. 

'OnticAriiui'L, druthamhuil, adj. lascivious ; We/s/i 

"OnucAiiog, druthanog, s. {. a harlot. 
*0]iucl>0]'5Ói]\, druthbhosgoir, s. m. a pimp. 

X))\ucl,A'b]iAr), dridhlabhradh, s. babbling, blab- 

*OpuclAb)iAim, drutMabhraiin, v. I babble. 

*0]\uclAnn, dridhlami, s. m. a bawdy house. 

"O^iuctiiAC, druthmhach, s. m. a bastard. 

*OnucniAncói]A, druthrnhancoir, s. m. a pander. 

"Onucoip, druthoir, s. m. a fornicator. 

"Ou, du, s. m. a land, countiy, habitation, vil- 
lage, a place ; " IIIatoiti lAgAlbAib yo]\ jaoio- 
eAlAib, •ou lUAji itiAi\'bAt) Uai-05 ua CeAi\l>- 
AilV, 4 3iast. 1407; ink; adj. meet, just, 
proper, fit. 

"OuA, dua, s. m. a high mound, a high plain, o. g. 

"OuAbAip, duabhais, adj. sorrowful. 

"OuAc, duach, proper name of a man. 

"OuAt), duad, s. m. toil, labour, exercise. 

"OuAT), duadh, s. m. eating; difficulty, sorrow. 

*OuA-OAiiibACX), duadamhlaclid, s. hardship. 

*OuA-OAnnub, duadamhuil, adj. laborious, hard. . 

"OuATJAH, dicadar, v. they cat. 

*OuA'DiiiA|\, duadhmhar, see T)UAt)Amuib. 

'OuA'óobAi|i, duadhobair, s. haid labour. 

"OuAe, duae, s. a dwelling house. 

"OuAJ, duagh, s. m. fatigue, weariness. 

*OuAicneAC-o, ducdchneachd, s. f. deformity. 

'OuAicnijiin, duaicnighim, v. I disfigure. 

"OuAicni^te, duaichniglithe, part, disfigured, 

'OuAicniuJAt), duaichniughadh, s. disfiguring. 

'OuAi-o, duaidh, v. has eaten; s. f. evil, misfor- 

TDuAil, duail, sec -ouaI. 

"OuAile, duaile, s. i. propriety. 

'OuAilbbeA|\CA, duaillbhearta, s. a dialect, 

"OuAitii, duaimh, s evil, Sh. 

■O uAipc, duairc, s. f. a surly person. 

'OuAi]\c, duairc, \ adj. surly,stem, churlish, 

"OuAiiicAC, duaircach,] morose, unamiable. 

"O'liAtiub, d'uairibh, adv. at times, as often. 

"OuAiT, duais, s. f. a reward, cost, wages, the 
right hand ; a prince, a lord, a noble ; a prize, 
merit, premium ; adj. pregnant. 

"OuAti-eAc, duaiseach, s. m. arcwardcr; adj. gift- 

"OuAicnTO, duaithnidh, adj. shut up, foreclosed. 

"OuAicnigce, duaithnighte, adj. obscure. 

"OuaI, rfíící/, s. m. a duty, law, office; destiny; 
a loop, fold, plait; a lock of hair, a curl; adj. 
meet, fit, proper; hereditary; s. m. a patri- 
mony ; a sheaf of green flax ; painting, carving 

"OuAlAr, ''i.rh, adi. in lucks, thick. 





■OuaIacAti, dualachan, s. m. a toll- taker, a custom 

"OuaUw, dualadh, s. caiving. 
"OuaUwói^a, dualadoir, s. m. aii embroiderer, 

"OuAlAiue, dualaidlie, s. m. a carver. 

"OnAUM'oeAcc, dualaidheacht, s. f. engraving. 

'OtiAUvi'oeAf, dualaideas, s. ir. sculpture. 

"OuAlÁitn, dualaim, v. I fold, plait, carve. 

"OuaIáii, dualan, s. m. a tress, a lock. 

■OuaIjai', dual(/as, s. m. and f. lure, wages, tri- 

X)iiAlfou]\cic, dualphurtich, adj. shrieking, howl- 
ing, <S7i. 

"On Alee, dualte, adj. plaited. 

"OuAtn, duam, s. m. a city; Welsh, din. 

"OuAn, duan, s. m. a poem, a song. 

'OuAnAi'óe, duana{dhe,\ s.m. a rhymer, a chanter, 

X)xi<sri>\\]\e, duanaire, J a versifier, a poet. 

"OuAnAijve, duanaire, s. m. a miscellany oi' 

'0\.\6.nM\\eó.c,x>,duanaireachd, s. f. chanting. 

"OuAUApceAc, duanarteach, s. a senator. 

'OiiAnc]AuiceACT), duanchruitheachd,} v 

"OuAnjAoi]', duangaois, Í ' " 

X)uAniiiolAró, duanmolaidh, s. a panegyric. 

'OuAii-nioiTOA, duan-mordha, s. an epic poem. 

"OuAiioj, duanog, s. a rhyme, a poem. 

"OuAncAc, duantach, adj. foil of poetry. 

"OuAucACAt), fZ«an<ac/iaS/t,s. versification, poetiy. 

"OuA^i, duar, s. m. a verse, a part of a poem. 

"OuAn, duar, 1 j • 

^ ' , V s. m. a word, a saving. 

tJUA]\A, duara,) ' ■' ^ 

'OuA]\'D]\oi'DeAC'o, duardroidheachd, s. f. a charm. 

'OuA]\]!ine, duarfhine, s. poets. 

"OuApi-o, duarid/i, s. a dowry, Sh. 

X)uAiicoLAt), duarioladh, s. a division, a song, a 

word; Mulcon. 
"OuAi', duos, s. m. a poet; a reward. 
"OuA]vvc, diiasach, adj. inauspicious. 
'0\^K\Ym■^]\,duasmhar, adj. fierce ; great, excellent. 
"Oub, dubh, s. m. ink, a black dye ; a lie, i. e. 

bjiég, 0. g. ; adj. great, prodigious; black, 
\ ; Heb., dohho. 

X)AbAc; adj. sorrowful, 

"OubAC, dubhach, 

X)uh^C'}.y,dubhacIias, s. m. sadness, sorrow ; Heb., 

"OubA-o, diibhadh, s. a pond, a lake; mourning, 

tDiibATJAn, dubhadan, s. m. an ink stand. 
"OubAjÁn, dnbhagan, s. m. blacking, ink. 
"Dub-Mgéni, dubhaigeiii, s. the deep, the depths 

of the ocean. 
"OubAilce, dubhaike, s. f vice. 

TJubAU-ALLA, dubUan-aUa, s m. 

"OubAn-ceAnncoj-AC, dubhan- 1 

ceaiwcJtosach, > 

"OubAnuic, dubhanuith, I 

"OubAibceAC, dubhailceach, s. m. a vicious per- 
son; adj. vicious, wicked. 
•OiibAilce, dubailte, part, doubled; adj. double, 

"OubAilceACT), dubailteachd, s. f ambiguity, 

doubtful language. 
*OubAiiii, dubaim, v. I dip, duck. 
"OubAim, dubhaim, v. I blacken, condemn. 
'OubAiju-o, dubhairidli, s. a dowry, Sh. 
*OubÁinc, duhairt, s. an earnest prayer ; v. he said. 
"OubAi]', dubhais, s. f sorrow. 
"OiibAblA-o, dubhrdladh, s. want. 
"OúbÁlcA, duballa, adj, double, false; part, dou- 
"OubÁii, dubhan, s. m. a hook, a snare ; a kidney ; 

"OubÁn-AbbA, dubhan-alla, s m. a spider. 

s. common self- 
hail, all-hail, de- 
vil's bit ; pru- 
nella vulgaris. 
"OubAH, dubhar, s. darkness, a shadow. 
"OubAUAc, dnbharacli, adj. shady. 
"OubAnAiu, dubharaidh, a jointure, Sh. 
*Oub-b]\eAC, dubh-bhreac, s. m. a young trout. 
"Oubceirc, dubhcheist, s. a motto, superscription, 

"Oubcon, dubhcon, s. war, strife. 
', diibhchosach, adj. blackfooted ; s. black 

"OubcuAige, dubhchraige, s. a ring ouzel, Sh. 
"OubciAOfóeAC, diibhchroidheach, adj. black- 
hearted, joyless. 
■Oubcinl, dubhchuil, 1 , , 

-OubbAol, duhhdiiaol, i '• ^ '''^'^''°- 
"OubTDÁn, dubhdan, s. m. a burnt smell, soot. 
"OubxjÁUAC, dubhdanach, adj. fatal. 
X)iibéun, dubheun, s. a didappcr, a diver. 
"OubfocAl, dubhfhocal, s. m. an enigma. 
"OubJAll, dubhghall, s. m. a Dane. 
"OubglAi-, dubhghlas, adj. dark gray. 
"Oubjonni, dubhghorm, adj. dark blue, livid. 
X)ubjo)\niA'ó, dubhghormadh, s. making black 

and blue. 
"Oubic, dubhith, s. a pudding, Sh. 
"OublAOt), dubhlaod, s. wintry weather. 
X)ubbAt), dubladh, s. a covering, lining, a sheath. 
"OubtAijiin, dublaighim, v. I double. 
"OubbAit), dubhlaidh, adj. wintry, dark. 
"OubUMceAC, dubhlaitheach, adj. melancholy. 
"OiiblÁn, dubhlan, s. m. a challenge, defiance. 
"OublAUAim, dubhlanaim, v. I challenge, defy. 
"OublAtiCAcr, dnhlantaclit, s. challenging, defi- 
■QubloclAUAC, d'd>hlochhvta<:h, s. m. a Dane. 



"Ouliioic, duhhloith, s. f. melancholy. 

"Oubloice, diibhloitlie, adj. melanclioly. 

■Oubluijnii, duhhdfjhim, v. I double, fold. 

'OubneulAiii, diddnienlam, v. I obsciu-e, darken. 

"OiibiiAC, duhhrach, adj. shady. 

"Oub^iAC-o, dulhrachd, s. f. care, attention, sin- 

'OubuAC'OAc, duhhrachdach, adj. earnest, sincere, 
sedulous, attentive. 

•OubiiAt), duhliradh, s. a shade, an eclipse. 

'Ottb|WÓAC, dubhradhach, adj. shady. 

'Oiib]uiA-ó, duhliruadh, s. a dark brown colour. 

'OiibiiA]', duhhras, s. ra. a house, room, habita- 
tion ; a gloomy wood. 

"Oubiión, duhvon, s. m. grief. 

X)ub)iónAC, duhronach, adj. grieved, sorrowful. 

"Oubi'mbAl, diddisivhhal, s. m. black stream, Sh. 

'Oub]-t>Miii, dii/iIisJdaini, see "oublÁn. 

"OubfiiAiiuvn'ic, didihshnamliaidhe, s. m. a water 
fowl called diver, or didappcr. 

"Oubi'^Aic, dubhsraith, s. f. a foundation. 

"OubfinbeÁc, dubhshuileach, adj. black-eyed. 

"OúbcAb, dubhtal, adj. doubtful, uncertain. 

'OÚC, duck, s. m. ink. 

"OucÁit), ducaid, s. f. a ducat. 

'OucAn, duchan, s. m. war, battle. 

"OucAiin, duchann, s. m. music, i. e. ceob, o. g. 

"OucA]-, dachas, s. m. a visage, countenance; 
also see •ouccaj'. 

X)úv,dud, s.f the ear ; atingling of the car ; a horn. 

*Oút)A, duda, s. steel. 

'Oiir)Ac,f?i<(7rto/i,adj. having ears ; horned, ragged. 

"Oi'i-oAine, dudaire, s. m. a trumpeter. 

'Oú'OAmeAC'o, dudaireachd, s. noise of horns or 

'Ou'obAC, dudlach, } 

see 'oublAct). 

'Ou'obACTi, dudlachd, ) 

•OuDOg, dudog, s. f a box on the car; a small 
horn or trumpet ; a measure of liquids con- 
taining a dram. 

"OuJAccAT), dughacJitadh, s. bequeathing. 

'Ou JAccAim, diighachiaim, v. I bequeath. 

*Oui, din, s. houses, habitations, i. e. ccajai]-, o. g- 

"Ouib, duibh, see ■oóib. 

X)w\}ce, duibhce, s. a prince, a leader, Matt., ii. G. 

'Oubciof, dubhchios, s. f black rent, tribute. 

X)iiibe, duiblic, adj. compar. of 'oub, black. 

-Om-he^-o, duibhead,\ '■ ^ackness, mk. 
"OuibéAgÁn, duibheagan, s. m. depth, an abyss. 
"OuibéAgAnÁc, ditibheaganach, a. deep, profound. 
"OuibeAbi, duibheali, adj. quick, nimble, active. 
"OuibeAjicA, duibhearlha, adj. vernacular. 
"Oinb^eAiin, dnihhgeann, s. a sword, a dagger. 

"Ouibjein, dinbhghein, s. a stranger, a foreigner- 

tiuibgemce, duibhgeitde, s. the Danes, the black 

"OinbiliAÚ, duib/nliath, s. the spleen. 

T)úibléAT), duiblead, s. m, a doublet. 

"OuibleAnn, dtdbhleann,s.i. confirmation; bili- 
ousness, melancholy. 

THuh^^eAnwAC, didbhleannacJi, adj. bilious; me- 

"OuibleAuncAc, dnibJdemmtach, adj sad, melan- 

'OuibleAnncAcx), duihhleanntachd, s. f woe, 

"OnibneulAc, duichneulach, adj. bihous, murky. 

"OuiJAiii, duigham, v. to cluck as a hen, Sh. 

"Oúil, duil, s. {. an element; a creature; delight, 
pleasure, desire, hope ; partition, distribution. 

"OuibbeAH, dinlbhear, s. leaves of trees. 

'Ouilbi]\, duilbldr, adj. anxious, sad, melancholy. 

■Ouilbi]\eACT), duilbhireachd, s. f. sadness, gloomi- 

"Ouilcinne, duilchinne, s. hire, wages, i. e. Iuac 
I'AecAin, 0. g. 

"Ouile, duile, s. m. a servant. Cor.; a pleasant 
country ; a foor creature. 

"OinieACAn, duileachan, s. m. a trout. 

t)uibeACt), duileachd, s. doubt, suspicion. 

"OuilcAt), duilead, s. the arch of a bridge. 

'OmleAiii, DuUeamh, s. God; Creator. 

■OuileA^-g, diideasg, s. a kind of marine plant. 

"OuileAi-j-iiA-liA'bAn, duileasg-7ia-habhan, a. 
broad-leaved pond-weed ; potamogetan natans. 

"Ouitgne, duilgne, s. wages, hire, a premium. 

X)ú)li5nii, duilighim, v. I desire, hope. 

"Outluii, didlim, V. I delight, take pleasure in. 

"OuiUnne, duVinne, s. tribute. 

'Oinlle, Duille, s. m. God. 

„ ,. , .„ ) s. a leaf of a tree or book ; 

^«iUe,cí.ífc I afold,sheath,scabbard; 

-OuiUeos, dmlleog,'^ Heb., \hh. 

"OuilleAbA^t, dmlleabhar, s. m. the leaf of a book. 

"OuibleAbiiAC, didllcabhrach, adj. full of leaves. 

"OuillcAC, diiilleach, s. m. fohage.,, lidlleaeh, ) adj. leafy, full of 

"OuilLeogAc, dudleogach,) leaves. 

'OuilleACAii, dinlleachan, s. a small book, leaf 

of a book. 
'DuilleAiiiuib, duilleamhidl, adj. skilled. 
"OrnXXeMXiAriAcvifDuUlearnhanaclid, s. f. theGod- 

"OuiileAifiAncA, Didlleamhanta, adj. of the God- 
"OuibleAU, diullean, s. m. a spear; sec also ■ouil- 

X>\\\\Xe-^yw\,dulUeann, s. m. a pin, thorn, a brooch 




"OuiLteog, duilleog, dim of •ouille, a leaf. 
'Oiii'LleogA, duilleoga, s. a folding door. 
'OuitleojAC, duilleogacli, adj. leafy, full of leaves. 
'Oinlleoj-'bAice-bÁn, (luilleog-bhaite-ban, white 

water lily; nyiiipha?a alba major aquatica. 
'Ointleoj-bAice-buTÓe, duilleoij -hhaite-huidlíe, 

yellow water lily; nympliaia lutea. 

hhrigUde!^ ^ nipplewort, 

„ , 1 '' . . 7 .„ ; dock cresses ; 

J -.p "^ I lapsana com- 

"Omlleoj-iiiin, duiUcog-mldn, J 

*Oiilbeo5-iu\-c]utiúiieACCA, duilleog -na-cruitli - 
neaclita, s. comou liverwort ; hepatica vulgaris. 

*Oiiilleiii\, duilleur, adj. of or belonging to a leaf. 

'OuibliAi-j, duilliasg, s. palmated fucus, dilse. 

*OuilbA]-5-nAin-beATiii, duilliasg-nam-beann, 
s. moutain laver, Sh. 

X) 11 ibbni 5 AT) , dti illiiighadh, s. putting forth leaves . 

'Oi]illiun-).-eicleAn, duilliur-feithlean, honey- 
suckle, wood-bine ; lonicera, periclymenum. 

*Ouilbiim-]-)Duiiic, duilliur-spuinc, coltsfoot ; 
tussilago fai-fara. 

*Ouibl,n'iiob, duillniMol, s. f. a caterpillar. 

TDinin, duim, adj. poor, needy, necessitous. 

"Ouine, dinne, s. m. man, either male or female, 
a man, any one ; Welsh, dyn ; Z,at., homo. 

"OuineAc, duhieach, a. doubtful gender. 

*OuineAniU\cx), duineamh-'i s. manHness, man- 
lacJid, > hood,maniiilness, 

'Ovuie-\mL\y,duineamhlas, ) kindness. 

'OmneAiinjii, didiieamhuil, ad. manly, manlike. 

'OumeAbAió, duineabhadh, s. manslaughter, mor- 
tality; Heb , bath, to make desolate; hatha, 

"OinneAn, duinean, s. m. a manikin. 

'OiiineACA, duineata, adj. manly. 

t) lime-ice AC, duine-itlieach, s. m. a cannibal. 

'OiiimbAt), duinibhadh, s. cannibalism. 

"Ounin, duinn, 1 pron. to us; i. e. ■oo inn or 

TDuinne, duinne, J pnn. 

"OumoiixciieAc, duinoircneach, s. m. an assassin. 

'Oinnce, duinte, part. shut. 

'Oinji, duir,s. an oak tree ; the letter t) ; Welsh, dai: 

'Ouipb, duirbh, s. f. sickness, disease. 

" AUA ^'Al-oblieA]- lAp lllOCA 

1]' niHTA Ainm loo jopcA, 
'Oui'n'b ^Ac jaIa^a imA be 
Ga]- Aec Ainni -oo f-ÍAinre", For. Foe. 

*Oúii\'beA]icAc, duirbh ear tach, adj. mutinous. 

"Ouipc, dinrc, s. f a dirk, a dagger. 

'Oúii\c, dinrc, see -ouAi^rc. 

'Oui];ce, duirce, s. a beiTy. 

"Ouijie, duire, s. £ a wood or grove of oaks; adj. 
compar. of loun. 

"Oui^Ae, duire, \ s. hardness, stupidity, ob- 

"OuijveAt), duiread,) stinacy difficulty. 

"OuiiiineAbpA^A-o, duirmecdihroffhadh, s. cabal- 

"Oúipf-ion, duirshion, s. a tempest; a hurricane. 

TDui]-, duis, s. f. a crow; a stupid person; a pre- 
sent; a hand; wealth, riches, a jewel; a claef; 
love, esteem; adj. wonderful, strange. 

"Oui^xill., duischill, s. f a sanctuary. 

'Oin]-eAb, duiseal, s. m. a spout. 

T3úi]-5ini, duisgim, v. I awake, rise, raise. 

"Oini-jiobbA, duisgiolla, s. a client. 

"Oúi]'! jim, duisighim, see •oúi]"5iiti. 

"Oi'npjce. duisighihe, Tpait. awaked. 

"Oúii'iit JAÚ, duisiughadh, s. awaking. 

tJuifleoj, duisleog, s. ■ouibfj, sea weed. 

"Ouij'ojtAc, didsoglach, s. m. a client. 

"Ouic, duit, pron. to thee; i. e. vo cu. 

"Ouic, duith, s. £ infamy; i. e. ■docIa, i. e. •oocbú, 

X)uicbAip, duithbhair, adj. deformed, dark, 

"Ouitce, duithche, s. a country, region, territory ; 

"Ouiccepn, duithchern, adj. without fame or vic- 
tory; i. e. 5An cbu jau cejui. Conn. 

'Ouici|i, duithir, s. £ dawn. 

XiúV, dul, s. TCI. a thought, desire; a satirist; a 
snare, trap, spring, gin; fishing with nets; 
the terraqueous globe. 

"Oub, dul, s. m. an excursion, expedition, 4 
Mast. 1397; every elemental and vegetable 
creature of God; " cuj ■oia curiiAbcA a]\ t)ui- 
bib An cAÍiiiuin (-oo Cobum cilbe) niuji 

ACAIT) C]\Ainn AJA^' cboCA AJA^ buibeAnuA", 

etc., B.C.C; see also •oob; s. m. a lock of hair 
or wool. 

"OubA, dula, s. a pin, a! peg. 

"OubAccA]», dulachtar, adj. intolerable; i. e. vo 

"OubAijim, dulaighim, v. I desire, I wish. 

'OubAnn, dulaim, v. I snare, trap. 

TDulbA]!, dulbhar, adj. doleful, unpleasant. 

"OubbAiiAc-o, dtdbarachd, s. £ dolefidness, gloomi- 

"OulcAu, dulchan, 1 s. avarice, covetous- 

"OubcAnAct), dulchanachd, ) ness. 

"OubcAUAc, dulchanach, adj. dirty, miserable, 

"OubcAoinceAc, didchaointeach, adj. mournful. 

"OubcAon, dulchaon, s. m. a lamentation. 

"Oub-jrA-bAiiii-eAi-buij, dul-fadaimh-Easbuig, s. 
the Sacrament of Confii-mation. 

"OiibbÁu, dullan, see •oubbÁn. 

"OubriiAijie, didmhaire, adj. allowable. 





'OutfAine, dulsame, s. f. a female satirist; i. e. 

beAti cÁince, o. g. 

"OtilcA, dulta, part. gone. 

"OulcAob, dultaohh, s. m. a page of a boolc. 

"Ouiii, dumh, s. a mist, cloud, darkness. 

'OuiTiA, dumha, s. a place of gaming. 

"OiiitiIa, dumhla, adj. bulky, thick. 

"OuiribAt), dumhlad,\ ■, n • 

^ . 1 ' , , , 'Vs. bulkmess. 

"OuniLA]', dumluas, J 

"Ouriibuijiin, dumlduighim, v. I crowd. 
*Oiin, dun, s. m. a fortified house or hill, a for- 
tress, fastness, a city. 
"OúnA-ó, dunadh, s. a camp, a dwelling; a shut- 
ting, closing, fastening ; a multitude. 
"OunAig, dunaigh, s. m. a liost, an army, i. e. 

l^buAJ, 0. g. 
"OimAim, dunaim, v. I shut, barricade, button, 

lace, confine, secure. 
"Oi'inAnf dutian, s. m. a little hill or fort. 
*OunAot,Ai j, dunaolaigh, s. a dunghill. 
/OúnÁiíA]', dunaras, s. m. a dweUlng, habitation. 
"OunbAiiAC, dunbhallach, s. a mere fellow, Sh. 
'OunbAblAt), dunbhalladh, adj. brindled. 
'OúnT)éA]\, dundear, s. m. an apartment in a 

convent for prayers and penance. 
"OunjJ-oiLpjce, dunfJtoilsigJtte, s. a manifesto, SIi. 
'Ounj.niijeA-ó, dunfuigheadh, s. stopping. 
'Oúnlío]', dunlios, s. i. a palace. 
"Oun-tu]', dun-lus, great figwort; scrophularia 

"OuniiiAiAbA-o, ditnmharbJiadh, s. m. homicide; 

'OimtnA]\bAiiii, dunmliarhliaim, v. I commit 

homicide, or murder. 
X)\inmA\\ht'\c,duntnharhlithach, s.m. a homicide. 
TDiinn, dunn, s. m. a doctor, teacher; a dun 

"Oi'mphopc, dunphort, s. m. a fortified castle. 
"OuncA, dunta, part, shut, closed. 
"OúnceAC, dunteach, see T)ihToéA]A. 
"Oup, dur, s. m. water; adj. dull, hard, stupid, 

obstinate ; dark ; firm, strong ;i.e. ■OAinjeAn.o.r/. 
"Oú)iAct), diirachd, s. m. see ■oub]\Act); good 

will, a luck penny. 
'OújiAc'OAc, durachdach, see tiubiiAC-OAC. 
'Oii]\Act)ín-tnónA, duracdin-mona, round leaved 

sun dew ; moor grass ; drosera rotundifolia. 
'Ou|\Aictie, duraic7ie, s. a cabal. 
"OujAAij, duraig, s. f an attempt. 
"OupAin, dia'ain, s. a dull, obstinate fellow. 
"OiiiiAin, durain, adj. affable; coolmg in water, 

*Oú]íAncAC-o, durantachd, s. f rigidity, rigour. 
'OujiA]', duras, s. a house, habitation. 
"Ounb, durb, s. m. a distemper, a disease. 

"Oi'ipbAc, durbhatli, s. m. a cell. 
"Oúnbo-OAc, diirbhodach, s. m. a dunce. 
"OúiicluAi'AC, durchluasach, adj. hard of hearing. 
Xi(\\\c\\omeé,c,du7xhroidlieach, adj. hard-hearted, 

merciless, base. 
'Ou)\t)aI,, durdal, s. cooing. 
'Oun'oÁn, durdan, s. a humming noise; a mote, 

"OunjA, durga, "^ r •] 

TDupjAncA, durgantaS ' J' ■" -i ' 
'0\\\\^é\\-'(A\\\c^e, durfher-fairge, sea hardgrass; 

rotbollia incurvata. 
'Ou]\l,ui', durlus,ts. water cresses. 
"011)111, du7'n, s. m. a fist. 
X)i'i )in ATóm , dui'naidlwi, adj . fast-binding ; " Uai n- 

15 GoJAn imbAi'ó ui ■ooiiinuib'L, coint)eAl,bA-ó, 

AgA)' iDo ]\mne a caiaawiia-o ■oi'ipnAi'om", 4 

Mast. 1419. 
"OuitnAi'c, durnasc, adj. quick, nimble; i. e. 

obAnn, 0. g. 

'Oupjiog, dui'rog, s. f a maggot. 

"OunrA, dursa, 1 , 

_-, ' ' , > s. m. a crack, a noise. 

T)iiHl-An, dursan, ) ' 

"Oujij-An, dursan, adj. sorrowful, hard, difiicult. 

TDiijiceAC, diirtheach, s. m. a foundation, a cell, 
a hut, a cabin, church or temple. 

*Ou]iunT:A, durimia, adj. rigid, morose. 

"Ou]', dns, in order to, to the end that ; it is writ- 
ten in old MSS. for x>o poy ; a mark of the past 
tense ; " Á^'eAt) •ou]- irucc", 4 3fast. 1434 ; s. m. 
a fort, protection, refuge. 

"Ou]-, dus, \ n 

"Ou^-Iac, duslach, J " ' 

'Otii-<!kCC, dusacht, 1 s. watchfulness, wakeful- 

■Oii^'A]', dusas, j ness. 

*0ii]VM5ce, dusaighthe, part, awaked. 

Ouj-Air, dusait, s. f a place of refuge. 

"Oui-aI, dusal, adj. dusty. 

"OurAHA, dusara, } ,. ^ 

„'''., J, >- s. m. a chent. 

T)u]-A]\At), diisaradk, ^ 

'Oiq'gAt), dusgadh, s. m. elevation, erection ; state 

of being awake ; " Ua me a)\ 1110 •óuj'gA-ó". 
"Oi'ii-gAini, dusgaim, v. I awake. 
IDúi-gAiiAiii, dusgairm, s. f a calUng, appellation. 
■Oúl'guijceoi]^, dusguightheoir, s. m. a monitor, 

one who awakens. 
"OufbAin, diislain, s. f a gloomy, retired place. 
"Oúj-lAinneAC, duslainneach, adj. gloomy. 
"Oui'linj, dusling, s. dust. 
"Ouj'ogbAc, dusoglach, s. m. a client. 
"Ou^yAn, diissan, s. a dozen; vulg. 
■OucACAji-olbAriiAticA, duthachar-ollamhanta, a. 

fee farm. 
"OucAi-ó, duthaidh, s. a land, country, ] 






"OucAin, duthain, s. f. deceit. 

"OucAn, duthan, s. a nation. 

"OitcAii, duthar, adj. grim, stem, unpleasant, 

"On CCA, duthcha, adj. genuine. 
"OuccA^i, duthchar, s. m. a fee-farm. 
"OuccA]-, duthchas, s. the place of one's birth, an 

hereditary right; a lawful custom. 

"OuccA^AC, dutJichasach, adj. of one's country; 
natural to one by his family, hereditary, corn- 

•OuccAiiiuit, duthchamhuil, adj. of a good family. 

"Oucic, duthith, s. a pudding. 

"OucitACT), dutJtrachd, s. diligence, assiduity. 

*OuciiAcx)Ac, duthrachdack, adj. diligent, urgent. 


E is the fifth letter of the Irish alphabet, and the second of the five vowels, of the denomination of CAol or slender small vowels. 
It is sometunes short and somethnes long, and thus answers the Gr. E and H, as CapeUus ingeniously observes of the Latin. 
E vocalis, says he, duarum Grtecarum vim possidet ; nam ciim corripitur, epihon est cum producilor, ctn est. It is in 
Irish called éAl3<l, or éAV&, from éA'ÓA, the aspen-tree ; Latin, populus iremula, which is commonly called cp^Min ciMocan, 
and is not unlike the name of the Greek vowel ijra and the Heb. kefh. It is commutable only witli I, and is very often, 
but more especially in ancient manuscripts, written and used for I indiffcreutly, and we find this indirt'ertnice common to 
the Latin, as dii for dei, keri for kei-e, vespere and vesperi, cinis and ciner, impubes and impubis, otnnis for o«i«cs, from decem 
is formed undecim, from emo and premo is formed redimo and comprimo. E is the prepositive vowel in the five diphthongs 
and triphthongs called tii cuig h-eiibA or h-e&'ólxi-ó, or the five ephthongs, viz., ea, eo, eoi, eti, ei, and of these the 
Hebrews have ea, as Heb. scaleu, Lat. tranquillus, etc. But Gr. and Lat. have both cm, and ei, as Lat. heu, hei and Gr. 
fv, Lat. bene. Gr. eldu, Lat. video, etc. 

G, e, pron.he or it; if é, ciAhe? is aninterj. eh ! 
oh ! alas ! Heb. hah ; s. pity, i. e. cpuAJ, o. g.; 
it is a negative particle. When prefixed to 
■words whose first vowel is broad, it is gene- 
rally written ca; and before words whose 
first vowel is slender, it is often written ei ; 
a. thin, lean, meagi'e. 

GaIja, eabha, Eve, a woman's name. 

CAlbAU, eabhadk, s. the aspen tree; populus 

eAlJAUA, eabhadha, the diphthongs and triph- 
thongs beginning with the letter e. 

CAbALt, eabliall, s. a burning coal, it Don. 


GAbpA, eahhra, the Hebrew tongue. 

eAbpAc, eabhrach, s. m. a Jew, a Hebrew; adj. 

Jewish, Hebrew. 
GAbpAt), eabhradh, s. m. h'on ; Hebrew. 
eAbjiAi]-, eabhrais, s. f the Hebrew language. 
GAbpon, eabron, s. m. a pan, a chaldron; a skip, 

GAb)\ón, eabron, s. jollity. 
GAbjiuic, eabhruith, a. i. broth, soup. 

GAbu)A, eabur, s. m. ivory. 

Gag, eac, s. f the moon. 

Gac, each, s. m. a horse; a war-steed; adj. 
any; Lat, equus. 

Gacac, eachach, adj. abounding in horses. 

Gacáu, eaclian, s. m. a reel to wind yarn. 

Gacatiac, eachanach, adj. stormy, blowing. 

GACAn-jAoice, eachan-gaoithe, s. a blast of whii-1- 

Gacauii, Eachann, s. m. Hector. 

Gacaotdac, eachaodach, s. m. a horse-cloth. 

Gaca^ica, eacartka, adj. stupid, clownish. 

Gaccah'i, eaccamh, s. chance ; 'oo éACCAiii, it hap- 
pened ; a meeting. 

GACceA]ic, eacceart, see éíjceÁjic, 

Gaccio|1, eachcJiior, s. horse-comb. 

GACcriAinc, eaccnairc, s. the time past, the 
preter tense ; praying to God, a petition. 

Gaccoi^, eaccoir, see éAjcóin. 

GACComÍAim, eaccomlilaim, v. I omit. 

GACcombAn, eaccom/i/a?i. Is. m. injustice, 

GACcoriic|ioiii, eaccomhthrom,j oppression. 

GACconn, eacconn, s. m. rage, want of sense ; f e, 
éAj A^A^" conn. 






eAcconn<xc, eacconnach, V^Í' ™^,^' «^*f 

eAccor^r^^^t, eacconnaidh, ( geous doting, ab- 
) surd, ioobsh. 

eAccon-t)uine, eaccon-duine, s. m. a foolisli 

e-ACcoi'g, eaccosg, s. m. the face, countenance, 
likeness; appearance; dress; a degree; a 
framing or building. 

eAccoi-miiiL, eaccosmliuil, adj. unlike. 

&AccoiMÍniil,e, eaccosmlmile, 

GAccoi^ni uileAct), eaccosmhuil- 

eAcT), eacJid, s. f. a deed, exploit, feat, act; con- 
dition, state; a law. 

Gacua, eachda, adj. clean, pure, neat, decent. 

eAC'OAi]\e, eachdaire, s. m. an historian. 

eACT;AipeAc, eachdaireach, adj. historical. 

GAc-oAiiieAct), eachdaireachd, s. f. history, chro- 

GAct)Aii\iin, eachdairim, v. I chronicle. 

GACt)Aiin, eachdahn, v. I do, I act. 

eACT)]\AnAC, eachdranacJi, s. f a foreigner. 

CAC'D^iuin, eachdruin, s. history. 

GAceAi\nAt), eacearnadh, a. unhandy, soft. 

e-AcÍAC, eacJdach, s. m. a servant, postboy, courier. 

e-AclxMin, eachlann, s. m. a stable. 

GacIai-j, eacJdasg, s. {. a rod, a goad, a horse 

GAcleij, eacldeigh, s. a farrier. 

GAcmAC, eachnac, \ v. to happen, to fall out, 

GAcmong, eachmong, J come to pass. 

Gachiacc, eacmackt, s. causing discord; i. e. 

GAcniAc, eachmadh, s. whipping ; t-Ái]! "o'eActn aú. 

GACiiiAinj, eachnhaing, s. f. happening; need. 

Gachac, eacltnacli, s. m. blasphemy. 

GAcnA-o, eaclinadh, s. manifestation, spending. 

Gacjia-ó, eachradh, s. horses. 

Gacha-o, eacradh, s. a pen, fold, cincture. 

6ac|iai|', eachrais, s. f. a way, method; i. c. 
I'lije; a fair; rowing. 

eAc]iAnn, eachrann,s. m. a bramble; an impedi- 
ment, stiunbling-block. 

Gachu]', eachrus, s. m. a house. 

GAc--|'néine, each-sreine, s. a courser, saddle horse. 

Gacc, eacht, s. f an accident that moves sorrow 
or compassion, catastrophe, death ; a covenant. 

Gacc, eact, see eAcn. 

eACCAC,eac/ítac/í, adj. deed-doing; " tli Sio)\Uif 
111 ó]\ éACCAc", iTeaí.; s. m. a messenger; adj. 
manful, powerful. 

GaccaiiiuiL, eachtamlmil, adj. conditional, doing 
great things. 

Gaccóa, eachtdha, adj. pure; i. e. jIaii. 

Gacc|\i.w, eacfdradh, s. m. an adventure. 

GACcpAU, eachtran, "I s. a foreigner, an ad- 

GACc)\AnAC, eachtranach,) venturer. 
GAculJATo, eachihhaidh, adj. unfit. 
Gat), ead, s. m. knowledge, science, music ; 

jealousy, suspicion; obloquy, reproach ; zeal ; 

it is a negative particle ; it comes before vowels 

or the letters ir or c in compound words. 
Ga'ó, eadh, s. time, opportunity, season; pron. 

he, it ; iy CAX), it is ; 111 lieAU, it is not ; s. law ; 

i. e. 'olije; a guard, protection; i. e. coiriiet), 

Gaua, eadha, v. he went or was 'sent ; i. e. •00 

cuAró,no '00 cinneA-ó, o.g.; a. requisite, lawful. 
GAt)At), eadhadh, the letter e ; the aspen tree. 
GAtiAijini, eadaighim, v. I clothe, dress. 
GAt)Ait, eadail, s. f profit, benefit, advantage ; 

prey, spoil, booty, treasure. 
GABAileAc, eadaileach, adj. rich, profitable. 
GatjaiIi]', eadailig, s. the Italian language. 
GA-OAilleAc, eadailleach, s. m. an ItaHan. 
Ga-oaiIc, Eadailt, Italy. 
GAt)Ain5ion, cadaingion, adj. defenceless. 
GAtiAingneAct), eadaingneachd, s. f. weakness, 

GAt)Ai]\e, eadaire, s. m. a jealous person. 
GATiAijitTieA]', eadairmeas, s. art; invention. 
GawaL, eadal, see oa-oaiI. 
GAt)AlAc, eadalach, adj. profitable. 
GA-ÓAin, eadham, s. m. iron. 
GA'OAn, eadan, s. m. the forehead, face, counte- 

G'Stxxfí, eadhan, 1 . tt t cv 

rs . 7; 7 > s. ivy; Hederafelix. 

GA'OA'onAn, eadliadnan,) ■' ' 

GA'OAn An, eadanan, s. m. a frontlet. 


GAt)A]\, eadar, see em^]\. 

Ga'oa]!, eadar, written for |.'eAt)Aj\, knowing. 

Ga'oa]\a-ó, eadaradk, s. di\ásion, interest. 

GA-OAjico^'Aoro, eadarchosaoid, s. discord, 4 Mast. 

GA'OA^ijAin, eadargain, see-eA'0A|A)'5Ain. 

GA'OAiijn, eadarghna, s. ingenuity. 

GA'OAjijnA, eadargna, s. separation, desertion. 

GA'0A]\5nAitn, eadarghnaim, v. I know, distin- 

GA'oA)\5Ui'óe, eadargJmidhe, s. supplication, inter- 

GA-OApjuiTDceoip, eadar ghuidhtheoir, s. m. a 
mediator, intercessor. 

Ga'oa]\Láiíi , eadarlamli, s. m. temporary happi- 
ness ; i e. i'én UAi]ie, 0. g 

Ga-oajmiai'd, eadarnaidh, s. f fraud, malice, deceit. 

GA-OAiuiAi-oeAC, eadarnaidheach, adj. crafty. 

Ga-oahi-caha'ó, eadarscaradh, s. separation, di- 




e-A-oAin-jAin, eadarsgain, s. interposition, parting, 

eA-oA)\-foliii', eadar-sholns, s. m. twilight. 

eA-oÁ|\-c)>Ac, eadar-trath, s. noon or dinner time. 

OA-olJui-oe, eadhhhuidhe, s. ingratitude. 

CA-óbm-óeAc, eadhbhuidheach, adj. ungrateful. 

eATJil-ulAinj, eadfhulaing, adj. intolerable, im- 

GAtiiiiAiiie, eadmhaí7-e, s. jealousy. 

CAT3tiiAH, eadmhar. adj. jealous, zcaloiis. 

CADtiiAiMct), eadmharachd, s. jealousy, zealous- 

&^x>meo-ÓAfíAc,eadmheodhanach, adj. immediate, 

&At)óit), eadoidh, s. despair. 

GadoiJ! JA111, eadoighigham, v. to despair, Sh. 

e-A-ooitiiin, eadoimhin, adj. shallow. 

eAT)óccAi', eadothchas, s. m. despair. 

eADÓécAi-Ac, eadothchasach, adj. despairing, de- 
sponding, hopeless. 

e^At)occA]-<MiTi, eadotJichasahn, v. I despair, de- 

GAt)on, eadhon, conj. namely; to wit, viz., i. e. 

C&v>]\AX), eadradh, adj. unfruitful, i. e. écco]\- 
CAC, 0. g.; s. m. lust, adultery, i e. ■oi\ui|- no 
AUALqiAriAj'; a division. 

e-ADHAinn, eadrainn, pron. between us. 

&At)i\AnnA, eadranna, dangerous to meddle with. 

e-At>)\ib, eadribh, pron. between ye. 

eA-ójiocAip, eadhrochair, adj. unmerciful. 

GAti^iocc, eadroeht, adj. plain, manifest, clear. 

eA-o]iuit), eadruidh, s. lecherous jsersons. 

e^AT)CAi]\i]'eACT), eadtairiseachd, s. f. alienation, 
ill will. " 

e-ATDCAijii^-JAm, eadtairisgliam, v. to put out of 

GA'orA^\lj)Ac, eadta7'bhach, adj. unprofitable. 

Ca-ocahha, eadtharra, pron. betwen them. 

eA-Dro)ii\Ai', eadtorras, s. m. mediocrity. 

O-wrtAW, eadtlaith,'^ -,. 

^ . . . J. ? adi. courageous, un- 

eAT)cLAiceAc, eadt- > •'^ ^ j ", 

,.,,,' 4 daunted, strong. 

laitheach, ) ' ° 

eATJcjieoiji, eadtreoir, s. imbecility, irresolution. 
eA'ori\eot\Ac, eadtreorach, adj. irresolute, weak, 

e-A-ociiócAii\, eadtrocair, 1 s.f cruelty, 

GAT3r|\ócAineAc-o, eadtrocairenchd, | severity. 
GA'oc]\ócAi-neAC, eadti'ocaireach, adj. unmerciful, 

merciless, pitiless. 
CAt)cnoin, eadirom, adj. light, brisk, nimble, 

eAT>q\oiiiACAn, eadtroma-^ s. m. lightness, ease, 

rhan, > comfort, bright- 

eAT)cnuinie, eadtritime, ) iiess, shining. 
eA-ornoiriAn, eadtromnn, s. m. a bladder. 

GAtJC^iomuijun, eadtromidghim, v. I alleviate. 

&At)ciiomA5A-ó, eadtroinaghadh, s. alleviation, 

e-A-ocuUxnj, eadtulang, s. m. Injury; adj. inca- 
pable, unable. 

GA-ocuiilAl3|\At), eadturhhhradh, s. a solecism. 

eAX)U5A-ó, eadughadh, s. clothing, dressing. 

GATSuijee, eaduighthe, part, clothed, attired. 

e-AtDuijceoip, eaduightheoir, s. m. an attircr, 

Babuiicaiti , eadurchamh, adv. of old. 

e-Aj, eag, a negative particle; s. m. the moon, 
i. e. SATJA, 0. g. ; death ; a notch. 

Gaja, eciglia, gen. of Aij, ice, lice gaja. 

Bajac, eagliach, adj. deep. 

eAgAini, eagaim, v. I die, perish. 

eAjAÍ, eagal, s. f. fear, dread, terror. 

OajaIIac, eagallach, see eAjl-Ac. 

GAJAblÁn, eaghallan, s. m. a piper. 

CAjAn, eagan, s. m. a bottom; a gizzard. 

6aj5A]\, eagar, s. m. order, class, cuitum a 
u'eAgA]; ; a row, bank, bin. 

eAjAiiAitn, eagaraim, v. I arrange, set in order. 

CAjbj^oc, eagbroch, s. m. a carrion. 

e-AjcAiji, eagcair, s. f. falsehood. 

eAjcAome, eagcaome, s. f. a sob, dying groan; 
a complaint. 

CAgcAO]!, eagchaor, s. m. a sounding line. 

e-A5ceA]\c, eagceart, adj. unjust, incorrect. 

GAgcoin, eagcoir, s. f. injustice, injury, wrong. 

GA5cói)\eAc, eagcoireach, adj. unjust. 

^ .1 7, "1 s. oppression, in- 

e-AgcomLAnn, eagcomhlann, I • ;• • ■ . 

eAsco.iicnom, eagcomhthroni,^ JliJ^Slty.'''^' 

Gajcou, eagcon, s. folly. 

Cajco^iac, eagcorach, adj. unjust, oppressive. 

e-A5có)\ui5ce, eagcoruighthe, part, injured, 

e-Ajcoi-j, eagcosg, see eAccofj. 

eAjcoi-iiuiil, eagcosmhuil, adj. unlike, various. 

eAgciiATJAc, eagcradach, see eijcuei-omeAC. 

GA5C)\UAit), eagcruaidh, adj sick, weak, impo- 

GA5C]iUAf, ecycruas, s. infirmity, sickness. 

GajcuIjai-o, eagcubhaidh, adj. unfit. Improper. 

GajcuHiacc, eagcianhacht, s. impotence. 

eAgci'iniAccAC, eagcumJiachtach, adj. impotent. 

eAjlA, eagla, s. m. fear, dread, terror. 

O-ajIac, eaglach, adj. fearful, timid; horrid. 

CajIai]', eaglais, s. f a church. 

GAjlAii^eAc, eaglaiseach, s. m. a churchman. 

6A5ÍAiin, eaglaim, v. I fear, deter, affright. 

&A5'LAi]'eAc, eaglaiseach, ~\ adj. of or belonging 

CAjlAq-eAriuiii, eagkn-> to the church or 
seam/inil, ) clergy. 





GajUmj'-cacuja'd, eaglais-chathighadJi, s. tlic 

Church militant. 
eAgÍAii'-ii eAiii CA, eaglais-neamhcha,B. the Chinch 

e-AjiÁn, eaglan, s. m. a biting. 
edgiAj'TJA, eaglasda, adj. ecclesiastical. 
G-AjiugAT), eagbighadh, s. frightening. 
GAjtiiA, eagma, s. order. 
&A5TÍ1ACC, eagmhacht, see eAjcvniiAcc. 
eAgtiiAÍf , eagmhais, s. f. reputation, fame ; piep. 

without, An eAjifiAi]" lAiiiie. 
e-A5riiAi]'eAC, eagmhaiseach, adj. very great. 
GAgmin, eagmiti, prep, about, nigh to, by; s. a 

winding, circuit, meander. 
Gajiia, eagna, s. f. wisdom, prudence ; a salmon. 
e-AjriAc, eagnack, adj. wise, prudent; s. m. blas- 
phemy ; a complaint, reproach ; cause of grief, 

eAjnACT», eagnacM, s. f. prudence. 
GAgnArá, eagnaidh, adj. foolish, i. e. ecconnATO, 

i. e. ecciAl.ÍAit), o. g. 
eAgnAi'óe, eagnaidhe, a. m. a philosopher, a wise 

GAjnAityeAC, eagnaidheach, adj. prudent, wise. 
eAjnAiuim, eagnaidhim, v. I complain, accuse. 
GAgnAinc, eagnairc, s. f. love ; a. fervent prayer 

to God. 
&A5nA!)ie, eagnaire, adj. querulous, complaining. 
GAgnAi]', eagnais, prep, without. 
eA5nA]iCAi](e, eagnarcaire, s. m. a mediator. 
eAjnunie, eagnuidhe, adj. expert, judicious. 
eAjnuiueAct), eagnuidheachd, s. f science. 
&>^^r)wtpe,eagtiuightlie, part, deplored, lamented. 
Gaj^ía'óa, eagradha, s. enemies, i. e. eA]-^<yt\me, 

eA5HA"ÓAiiii, eagradhaim, v. I address, aj 

cAjnA-o, addressing. 
e-A5i\Ait), eagraidh, s. a fence. 
GAjpAiueA']', eagraidheas, s. enmity, {. e. e^y- 


e-AJ^iAijitn, eaghraighim,! v. I set in order, 
GAjpAini, eagraim, j digest, ordain 

eAg^'AiTilA, eagsamlili 
eAj'pAiiit.Act), eagsam, 

, J s. f strangeness, 

2lacM, j- variety, diver- 


eAjjAiiilugA-o, eagsamlilughadh, s. varying, 

eAji-Aiiiluijim, eagsamhluighim, v. I diversify. 

GAgi'Atiutii, eagsamhuil, adj. singular, match- 
less, strange, various, dissimilar, mixed, extra- 

. ordinary, surprising. 

GaL, eal, for tieAl, a swoon. 

GaIa, eala, s. f. a swan. 

GAlA-biiit)o, enJa-hddlie, St. John's wort, see 
AXf-]- iinii)ic. 

GaIac, ealacJt, s. m. a pin or peg to hang any- 
thing on. 

GaIaó, ealadh, 
GaIawa, ealadha, 
GaIa-oadi, ealadhain, 

3. skill, knowledge, art, 
science, prudence, wis- 
dom, a trade, occupa- 
tion, a mode, a mood. 

GaI,at)aiii, ealadhain, s. f. logic. 

GAl.At)AncA, dalad/ianta, adj. artificial, learned ; 
curious, ingenious ; alert, quick, ready. 

GAtAÚAncAC, ealadhantach, adj. artificial. 

GAbABAticoin, ealadliantoir, s. m. an artificer. 

GaLaio, eakndJi, s. f music, merriment. 

GAlAme, ealaidhe., s. cattle. 

GAtAiTDim, ealaidhim, v. I steal away, desert, 
elope, stray, stalk. 

GAtAiticeAC, ealaidhtheach, s. m. a revolter, de- 

GaLaiii, ealamh, adj. quick, nimble; i. e. AcÍAni, 
o. g. 

G-AbAng, ealang, s. m. a fault, flaw. 

GaIa^, ealar, b. m. salt. 

©AbbA, ealbha, s. a herd or drove. 

_ 1 , "i adj. malicious, spiteful, 

GAbc, ealc, I ■' • 1 1 ^ 

_ 1 . 77 > envious, malevolent, 

GAbcmAr, ealcmhar, j" j^^^^ ^j^^^g.^,^ 

GAbcumj, ealchuing, s. a great band, or bond. 

GaIj, ecdg, s. m. the face ; an old name of Ire- 
land; adj. noble, excellent. 

GAbb, eall, s. m. a trial, proof, essay; see CAbr, 
and eAbcA. 

GAbbA, calla, s. a fit, i. e. cAem. 

GAbbAbA]!, eallabhar, s. {. an echo, i. e. itiac AbbA. 

GAbbAbAi]\, eallahhair, s. f. confirmation, proof 

&'\11'\'bM\\,eallabhair,\s. £ a vast number, a 

GAbbAjAi]!, eallagair, j great multitude. 

GAbbAc, eallach, s. improperly for ceAbbAc, 

a load; 


s. m. cattle of any kind ; 
an artful trick; a battle; 

adj. gre- 

xUaighe, s. m. household stuff, fur 

eallamh, s. m. wonder, astonishment; 
cattle given as a portion ; plenitude, perfec- 
tion, soundness; i. e. loinbÁme, 0. g. 

G-Abbóg, eallog, s. f a log, a bracket. 

GAbb^-cAt), eallscadh, s. extreme heat. 

GAbbnn, ealltin, a razor, a sword. 

GAbo-ú, ealodh, s. an escape. 

GAboj&t), ealoghadh, s. eloping, stealing away. 

GAbfCAÚ, ealscadh, s. coziness. 

GAb^-j, ealsg, s. a scold. 

GAb^-gAib, eahgail, s. scolding. 

GAbc, ealt, see eAbcA and eAbcAin. 

GAbcA, ealta, s. repentance. 




,eaUa, ) 
in, ealtain, C 

s. a flock, herd, covey, drove, 
trip, rout, pace, sounder, 
tribe.^'^'aiI,, ealta-assail, a pace of asses. 
eAlcA-DAiii, ealta-damh, a drove of bullocks. 
GAÍCA-éunn, eaVía-eiínn, a covey or flock of birds. 
Ga Lc A- •pA-6-co]ic, ealta-fiadh-tJiorc, a sounder 

of wild boars. 
GAlcA-jAbAii, ealta-gabar, a trip of goats. 
GAlcA-niAt)ui-óe-Al,CA, ealta-maduidhe-alta, a 

rout of wolves. 
GAlcA-niAiiCAC, ealta-marcach, a troop of horse. 
GaIca-iiuic, ealta-much, a herd of swine. 
GAlcAnie, ealtaidhe, adj. white. 
GaIi'ijax), ealugliadh, see eAboJA-ó. 
GaIuijuh, ealuigliim, v. I elope, steal off. 
GAluijceAC, ealuightheach, s. ra. a fugitive. 

„ . , \ > adi. double. 

GAniAiicA, eamhanta, J ■' 

GATÍiAini-e, eamhainse, s. m. wisdom. 

Gaiíia]\, eamhar, s. m. protection, covering. 

CAiiiuAt), eamhnadh, s. a doubling; a fold, sheath 
or doublet ; i. e. ■oúbbAt), o. g. 

GAiiitiAi-oce, eamhnaidhtlie, part, doubled, o. g. 

6AinpAT0, eampaid, s. f. a kind of stone. 

e-Aiiiumi'e, eamhuinse, s. wisdom. 

e-AU, ean, s. m. a bird, a fowl; water; adj. any; 
s. a cause or reason, i. e. \'At ; a. manifest, ap- 
parent, i. e. 1.-011.41-. 

Gaíiac, eanach, s. m. a moor, a marsh. 

GAUAc-gAivAiu, eanach-garaidh, s. endive. 

Cahai-c, eanasc, s. a tie, engagement. 

e-AnAycAt), eanascadh, s. tying, binding. 

CAtibAnn, eanbharr, s. froth of water, {. e. uaii 

GAubiiuic, eanbhruith, s. f broth, soup. 

GAncAinn, eanchainn, see incmn. 

GAncon, eanclior, adv. anywise, at all. 

6attoa, eanda, adj. simple, single. 

e-AiTOACt), eandachd, s. unity. 

eAniTAi-o, eanfaidh, s. declaring, explaining. 

GAnponn, eanjionn, s. an osprey, a kite. 

Gauj, eang, s. m. a year ; a point of land, a gus- 
set ; the track of a foot or hoof 

Gaiijac, eangach, s. m. a fishing net, a chain of 
nets, for salmon or herring fishing ; a babbler ; 
adj. talkative, vociferous. 

Gaii JA-OA, eanghadha, adj. clean, pure, i. e. glAit, 
o. g. 

GaiijIa, eangla, s. an annivei-saiy, feast. 

GAnjiAiin, eanglaim, s. a lining. 

GAnjlAii", eanghlais, s. f small mixed drink, as 
milk and water, etc. 

GAngÍAiii, eanglamh, s. m. liberality. 

GAiiy;lón, cavghhr, adj. of one voice or speech. 

GAiignAin, eangnatn, s. m. generosity, prudence. 

GAtigriATÍi, eangnamh, s. m. dexterity at arms. 

GAngtiAiiiAC, eangnamhach, adj. generous, pru- 

Gauji'a-o, eangsad, v. they went forward or 

&&n1ó,i]\e,ea7ilaire, s. m. a fowler, birdcatcher. 

GAnbAcoin, eanlatJioir, s. m. a fowler. 

GAnbAcoii\eAc-o, eanlathoireachd, s. f fowhng. 

GATibuijceoip, eanluightlieoir, s. m. a poulterer. 

GAnl,uii\eAct), eanluireachd, sec eAuLatoiiieAct). 

GAnbtiic, eanluitk, s. bu-ds. 

GATinec, cannech, adj. innocent, guiltless. 

GAni-ACATD, eansathadh, adv. at once. 

GAnpiAiii, eansnamh, s. an aquatic bird. 

Gauca, eanta, adj. coi"pulent. 

Gaiicój, eardog, see i-eAucoj. 

GAncoii'5, eantoisg, adv. on purpose, in one bulk. 

GAnco)\c,mntor<, any manner ; ■o'Aon cf oi\r. 

Gauuaih, eamiair, s. f bad weather; adv. at 
once, one hour. 

GAnuc, eanuc, s. m. an eunuch. 

GAnuii'ge, eanuisge, s. a water fowl. 

Ga]!, ear, s. the east; prop. oii\. 

Gai\, ear, s. m. a head ; the fin of a fish, 

Gaiiau, earadk, s. a refusal; fear, teiTOF, distrust. 

GAHA-ÓAin-i-neine, earadliain-sreine, s. reins of a 

Ga|\ai5, earaigh, s wares, merchandise. 

GAi\Airn, earaim, s. riding; v. I refuse, deny. 

GAUAif, earais, s. f the end or tail. 

GaiiaI, earal, an exhortation, caution. 

GaiiaLac, earalach, adj. cautious, provident. 

GAiiAbAijnn, earalaighim, v. I exhort. 

GAiAAl-Aif , earalais, s. m. forecast, providence. 

GAi,b, earb, 1 ^ ^^^^^^^_ 

Gaudoc, earboc, J 

GAnb, earb, ) re ^ 

GeibAt,, earbadh, \ ^' ^^ ''^'''^ ' ^^o'^'^^»^^- 

GApbA, earba, s. an occupation, employment. 

GApbAX), earbadh, s. telling, relating. 

GAiibAib, earbail, s. f. trust. 

GApbAit, earbhail, v. died. 

GAiibAii% earbais, s. inhibition, commanding. 

GAi\bAiin, earbaim, v. I trust, rely, confide; bid, 

GAi\bi-A, earbsa, s. confidence, reliance, trust. 

GAnb]-Ac, earbsach, adj. confident, sanguine. 

GAnbubb, earbidl, s. ni. a tail; i. e. \A\\-hA\X. 

GAnbull-nij, earbull-ngh, stinking cranesbill; 
geranium robertianum. 

Ga^c, earc, s. m. water; the sun; any beast of 
the cow kind; adj. red, speckled; s. m. a 
salmon ; a bee, honey ; a tax, tribute ; heaven ; 
a rainbow. 



eo,|\CA-iucti<\, earca-ivcna, wlilte cows with red 
ears ; i.e. cmeLbo, i. c bÁ yiiTOA ó "oeAiijA, Br. L. 
G<.\i\CA'ó, earcadhiB. filling, swelling, replenisliing. 
e-c\i\cc\ill, earchaiU, s. a prop, post, pillar. 
eA^icAille, earcliaille, s. a baning, hindrance. 
GA]\cAil.'LAni, earcaillam,Y. to erase, Sh. 
eA^icAnn, earcaim, v. I fill, replenish. 
&A]\cA'Lb, earcliall, s. loss. 
eAUCAtinnl, earcamhuil, adj. heavenly, sweet. 

GAncAn, earcan, s. delicacies. 

G'\]\cAovi, earcJiaoin, adj. splendid, very bright. 

Gaucaoh'i, earchaomh, adj. noble. 

GA]>c-ÓAt), earcd/iadh, s. making red, o. (j. 

&-x]\cx3A0i]-, earcdaois, v. they would or were 

wont to assemble; i. e. z\onó\.-\X)\\-; o. g. 
GA|\ct)ACA, earcdatlia, adj. coloured red. 
eAiic-o^iiucn, earcdhriuehd, s. m. mildew. 
GAjictuAC]iAc, earcluachrach, s. m. an eft, a 

horse leech. 
eA]\ci\A, earcra, s. a deficiency, eclipse. 
Cahchat)a, earcrada, a. transitory, inconstant. 
CAnciiAt)Ac, earchradJiach, adj. finite, transitory. 
Cajadac, eardach, s. m. a feast, solemnity. 
GÁjTOAlÁn, eardalan,\ s.m. a vagabond; a piper, 
GAiiTJAnAb, eardanal,) a trumpeter. 
e-Ajieo, eared, adv. whilst. 
BAni'tAit, earfhlaith, s. a nobleman, a grandee. 
GAiiflAiceAC, earfhlaitheach, adj. aristocratical. 
eAuí-ÍAiceACTj, earfhlaitheachd,') ■ , 
eAJ,KAiéeAr, earfhlaitheas, ] '' ^^^tocracy. 
Ga^\]:uaccha, earfhuaecra, s. forewarning. 
GA^g, earg, s. m. a hero, a champion ; a chest ; 

Ga]i JAbAib, earghabhail, s. a miserable captivity. 
GAnJAbAim, earghahhaini, v. I apprehend, make 

Bó.\\^'\\m,eargaim, v. I build, frame. 
e-AH5Ai]xe, earghaire, s. m. prohibition, hindrance. 
Gahjai|\iiti, eargJiairim, v. I forbid, prohibit; 

e-A]\JAbÁn, earglialan, see eAnt)AtÁn ; adj. noisy, 

eA^\5AHAt), eargaradh, see eAugAijie. 
eA^iglÁn, earglan, s. m. a trumpet. 
e-A^gnA, eargna, adj. intelligent, learned; s. 

conception, quickness of apprehension. 
eA^>5nA, eargna, \ s. m. knowledge, learn- 
eA^ignAit), eargnaidh,) ing. 
GAUgriAt), eargnadh, s. devastation, destruction. 
^ApnAit), earnaidh, adj. magnificent, worthy, 

GAnflAmeAC, ear naidl teach , s. m. a hero; adj. 

GAUgnAim, eargraim, s. an impediment. 

e-Ai\5nAini, earghnaimh, s. a feast, preparation. 

CA]\bAb]iAii6, earlabhraidh, s. m. an advocate. 

Cai\Iac, earlacli, a. diíFusive. 

6ahIat), earladh, s. loosening, remitting. 

&^]\t<\m, ea7-la7nh,adj. noble, grand, august; s. 
an earl ; a noble person. 

eA)nnA, earma, \ 11 " cr 

&A]unAi-óeAfA, earmaidheasa,} ^' ^^ '^P^'^o- 

e-A]iniA-o, earmadh, s arms. 

GA]\ti, earn, s. barley. 

©AiinA, earna, adj. knowing, experienced; s. a' 
troop, company ; ingenuity. 

CAnnATJ, earnadh, s. redemption, payment, as- 
sessment ; promulgation, extension ; prophecy. 

GAnnAj, earnagh, s. ii-on. 

GAjinAit, earnail, s. i. a part, share, endowment, 
department in any science ; a sort, kind. 

e-A]\nAil.eAC, earnaileach, s. m. a divider, a 

GAnnAiii, earnamh, see eAiijnArii. 

&A]\nÁ)', earnas, s. m. a bond, a tie. 

GAnnbA]", earnbhas, s. m. death by the sword ; 
i. e. lA^inbAi', i. e. hÁ.]- ó iA|iAnn, o. g. 

GA]\iinet)e, earnnede, s. watching, guarding. 

eA]\iD, earp, s. m. a lie. 

Ga)!]!, earr, s. m. an end, conclusion, tail, boun- 
dary; a champion, a hero; adj. noble, grand. 

Cajijiac, earrach, s. m. the spring season. 

&A|inAt), earradh, s. ra. dress, habit, armour. 

Baiiiuw, earradh, 1 s. m. wares, goods, com- 

&A]\HAi-óe, earraidhe,) modities, accoutrements. 

eAiinATJAnuAC, earradhantach, adj. faulty, bad. 

CA|mÁfo, earraid, s. f. an error, fault, mistake. 

GA]i]iAit)e, earraidhe, adj. vernal. 

e-AmiAmeAc, earraideach, adj. erroneous; wrang- 
ling, cross. 

GAjijiAimjce, earraidighthe, adj. aggrieved. 

e-AH]\Ai-ó)\eA]', earraidhreas, s. f. the dogbriar. 

e^A^iHAiceA]!, earraithear, v. to be served or at- 

Ga]\)15A1]', earrgais, s. heroic actions. 

GAjipjAoic, earrgaoith, s. a flying shaft, dart, or 

GApivlAit), earrlaidh, s. a servitor. 

&Ai\ninn, earrinn, 1 c ^^ j 
„ ' I, ' ,. ' > s. f. the end. 

eA)>i\Linn, earrhnn, J 

CA'|\]uinn, earrunn, s. m. a share, action, division. 

einiiui'AiT), earrusaid, s. a sort of loose wrapper. 

6A^\6AicneAiiiAc, eartliaitneamhach, adj. su- 
premely bright, splendid, pleasing. 

GA]icAbriiuin, eartalmhuin, s. yai'row, Sc. 

GA^toJAt), earthoghadh, s. preference, first 
choice ; i. e. cét)co jA, o. g. 

&Af, eas, s. m. a cataract, waterfall, cascade; 
j/eb. , eshed, a pouring or flowing of water; is 





a negative or privative particle, which, when 
prefixed to words, gives them an opposite 
meaning, as CAi]TOe<\|-, friendship, eAUCAi]\- 
■oe.\]', enmity. 

eoii'íX'ó, easadh, s. ackness, disease ; "oon c-eA^'A-o 
^.-iiAi^ A oróeAt) ; s. rebellion. 

eo^ivxec, easaetJt, s. health ; see quot. at "oui^ili). 

CAfAenA-o, easaenadh, s. expulsion, banish- 

GaI'ap;, easar/, s. a pheasant, Sli.; a weasel. 

ecxiVMUim, easaidliini, v. I expel, banish. 

e^i-Aille, easaille, s. dispraise, disparagement. 

eA]-Ailli5ini, easaill{ghi>n,\: I debase, dispraise. 

Cai-aihi, easaiin, v. 1 make, I do. 

Gaj-aih, easair, s. f. excess; " 1xi]~oe]ic rriAg TIaj- 
iiAiib AúbAp cAoipj iiAneol,u]'AC T)o é^ q\e 
eA^vM]» óiV', 4 Mast. 1405. 

Gai-ai];!), easaird, s. a schism, a bad condition. 

eA^'Aicijim, easaitighim, v. I displace, dislocate. 

eA]-At, easal, s. m. a tail. 

&A]-AnitAi]i, easamlair, s. an example, copy, 

e A]- Alii In 151 111, easamJduighim, v. I vary, varie- 

eA]'AoncA, easaonta, see eAj'AoncÁcx). 
eA^'AoncAC, easaontach,'\ &dj. dissentious, re- 
e-A^-AoncA-OAC, easaon- >■ pugnant, disagree- 

tadkach, ) able, rebellions. 

CAi-AoncACT,, easaon- ^ ^ ^ .^^^^^ ^isobe- 

^t^'^'^d^ ^ \ dience, rebellion. 

eAj-AoncAf , easaontas, } 

eA^-AonctiJA'o, eamontughadh, s. schism. 

eAi-Áii, easar, 1 , ^^^ ^ ^^^^^^^^ 

GAi-A^it), easard,) ' 

eAi-AHTj, easard, 3. a quarrel, foul play. 

eAi-A]i5Uin, easar guin, s. f. a tumult. 

eAi'AnUiijeAC-o, easarluigheachd, s. f. an incan- 

eAi-A^ibuijini, easarluighim, v. I bewitch, charm, 

eA^-bA, easba, adj. little ; vain, silly, idle, absurd. 

eAi'bAt), easbadh, s. vanity, idleness; i. e. •oirii- 
AoineAf, 0. g.; want, poverty. 

eA^'bATJAC, easbadhach, adj. deficient, vain, silly. 

eA^-bA-o-bjioJAt), easbadh-broghadh, s. the king's 

eAfbAit), easbaidh, s. £ loss, want, defect, ab- 

eA^-bAin, Easbain, s. £ Spain. 

GA]-bAb, easbal, s. ra. an apostle. 

Ca^IiaIoi-o, easbaloid, s. £ absolution. 

GAybAivcA, easbarta, s. evening prayers. 

eAi'boc, easboe, s. m. an order among the ■ojiaoi 
or fire worshippers ; a bishop. 

eAj-boj, eaebog, s. m. a bishop. 

GA-pbogoioeAcc, easbogoid-^ s. £ a bishopric, a 
eacht, > diocese, a see, 

GAi'buijeAcr, easbidgeacht, ) prelacy. 

CA^'buit), eashuidh, see eA|'bAit). 

e-Afbui-oeAC, easbiddheach, adj. poor, defective. 

Ca^x, ease, s. water ; the moon ; adj. old, ancient. 

GAixAi^voeAc, eascairdeach, adj. inimical, un- 

eA^-CAiji-oeAf , eascairdeas, s. m. enmity. 

GAiXAijie, eascaire, s. m. prohibition, e.Kcom- 

eA]XAl, eascal, s. m. a storm; the armpit. 

&A]-cÁn, eascan, s. m. an old man, an elder; the 
moon ; water. 

eAi-CAiin, eascann, s.m. awater bucket ; s.f an eel. 

CAiXAOin, eascaoin, adj. rough. 

e-Ai-CAOineAi', eascaoineas, s. roughness. 

Ga^-cau, easear, s. m. a fall; shooting into ears, 
as com ; a leap, a jump. 

eATCAi^A, eascara, 1 ^ ^^ adversary, enemy. 

e-AiXA^Ait), eascaraid,) ■' •' 

eA^xiiA, eascim, \ s. m. an alley, lane, 

GAfcUACÁn, eascnacan,) avenue, entrance. 

Ga^'ciia'o, eascnadh, s. ascension. 

eA]'cob]iA-ó, eascobhradJi, s. relief, help. 

1 adi. dirty, filthy, 

eArcom^^^, easeoman, \ nasty, foul, i. V 

GA]'coiiiAncA, eascomanta, ■' y^. 

Gai^cottiaca, eascomata, adj. satisfied. 

&Aixoml,A, eascomla, s. departure, departing. 

GA^'cong, eascong, s. water. 

eA]Xon5]\A, eascongra, s. a cry, proclamation. 

eA]xonn, easconn, s. m. an old man, an elder; 
the moon; water; an eel; adj. foohsh, i.e. 
iieiiiicéibVijce, 0. g.; nimble, active. 

eA]'Ci\A, eascra, s. a rocky ridge. 

eAixjiATJ, eascradh, s. a cup, a drinking vessel; 
walking, stepping. 

e-Aix]\oi-óeAct), easchroidlieaclid, s. £ disagree- 

Ga]xu, eascu, s. m. an eel. 

GA^XAiXApn, easeastarr, v. he prayed, i. e. •oo 
juni) ye, o.g. 

e-A]-^, easg, s. m. the spleen. 

e^y\,easg, 1 3. t^e moon. 

e-AfjA, easga, j 

eAX^.yeasga, 1 ^_ 
e-Aj-jAii, easgan, j 

an eel. 

GAfjAit), easgaidli, s. a quagmire; aboil; adj. 

easy, sensible, ready, nimble, active, officious. 
GA]-5Ai-óeAcc, easgaidheacht, s. £ facihty, agilit}', 

speed, hnpetuosity. 
GA^-gAine, easgaine, s. a curse, cursing. 
GA]-5Aip, easgair, s. £ a storm, a humcane ; a 

warning, proclamation. 




e>.\f jaI, easgal, s. m. a sound, a noise ; storm, 
i. c. ArifAt), 0. g.; roaring of waters, i. e. JAiji 
U]xe, 0. g. 

GA^'gAii, easgan, s. f. an eel. 

Caj-ja]!, easgar, s. m. a cutting oiF, or demolish- 
ing ; the plague ; a grain of corn, a keinel. 

eAi'j^lbAineAC, easghhaineacli, adj. lunatic. 

Gi.\]'5leAi'At), easgleasadh, s. confusion. 

eAi-jiiA-o, easgnadh, s. climbing, ascending. 

Ga]'5iiaiiii, easgnaim, v. I climb, ascend. 

GAi'gob, easgob, s. m. a bishop ; Welsh, esgob. 

eA]-5iiAiin, easgraim, v. I ask, beg, beseech ; fall. 

eAi-jitix), easguid, s. f. a hough or ham. 

GAj-gub, easgul, s. m. a wave. 

e-A^'i-oe, easidhe, adj. conspicuous, remarkable. 

eAi'ionnpACA)', easionnracas, s. m. perfidy, dis- 

e^Afionnpuic, easionnruic, adj. dishonest. 

G:A\~\ih-yiy.,easlahhair, adj . wide, i. e. fA\\\y\x\-^,o.g. 

eAi'iÁb]iA, easlabhra, s. bounty, courtesy, affabi- 

e^AfbAin, easlain, adj. sick, infirm. 

GArlAme, easlaine, 1 c ■ ^ • c -^ 

„ ' 1 , , . ' > s. I. sickness, mfarmity. 

&A]'LAince, easlainte,) •' 

e-Ai'lAincBAc, easlainteach, adj. sick. 

eAj^téme, easleine, a shroud, winding sheet. 

e-A]'loc, easloch, s. m. a lake or pool. 

CAi'iiiAij, easmaigh, s. a lath, a spar. 

GAftriAii, easmail, s. f. a reproach, reproof; de- 

GA]-mAibceAc, easmailteach, s. m. a reproachful 

eA]'nA, easna, s. a rib. Mull. 35. 

©Af nAt), easnadh, s. music, song, melody ; time ; 
a sigh. 

G-Aj'tiAt), easnadh, \ s. the want of web for the 

e-A]'nArJ, easnamh,) loom. 

GAf Ó5, easog, s. f a weasel, a squirrel, an eft. 

eA^'oiii, easoinh, ~i 

e<.\]'oniAn, easomhan, > s. welcome. 

eAj-oninA, easomhna,) 

e-Ai-omoiTj, easomoid, s. f. dishonour, disrespect. 

eA]-otiiói-oeAC, easomoideach, adj. disrespectful. 

eAi'otióm, easonoir, s. f dishonour, abuse, theft. 

GAfononAc, easonorach, adj. dishonourable, 

eA^-oncAC, easontach, adj. rude. 

GAf opi), easord, s. misrule, riotousness. 

eAfó|TOAc, easordach, adj. factious, confused. 

e-Ai'ón-oúJAt), easordughadh, s. disorder, confu- 
sion ; wishing things different from what they 
are, Sh. 

eAi-ojigAin, easorgain, s. f striking, contending 
iu fight; contrition. 

eAi-ojijAini, easorgaim, v. I hurt, offend. 

eAi-o^ijuA-o, easorgnadh, s. squeezing, crushing. 

GAi'iiAt), easpadh, see eA^^bAu. 

GAi-iDv\i\CAin, easpartain, s. f. twihght, vespers. 

eAi'puiccoi-oeACc, easpuiccoideacht, s. f. a bishop- 
ric, diocese. 

eA]-]Dui5-bÁn, ertítpi%-5aíí,s. greater daisy, ox eye 
daisy ; chrysanthemum, leucanthemum. 

eA^-puigeAC, easpuigeach, adj. episcopal. 

e-Ai'puijeAct), easpuigeachd, s. f episcopacy. 

GAppuij-i^peAin, easpuig-speain, s. the herb ox- 
eye daisy. 

CA|-]AAn, easran, see eApoiii ; s. a dispersion, 

GApiiAnnÁic, easrannait, s. the world. 

GÁy]\AO'.ce, easraoite, adj. loose. 

QAyyMhAm, eassamhain, see eApoiii. 

G-ApcA^ipuing, eastarruing, s extraction. 

GApcÁc, eastat, s. m. an estate ; vulg. 

eAfc^iA, eastra, s. a cistern. 

6A]-uAnv\t), easuanadh, s. scummings, skimmings. 

eApuAtiAim, easuanaiw, v. I scum or skim. 

OAfuijiij, easuirigh, adj. inactive. 

Ca]-útíu\1, easinnhal, adj. disobedient, irreverent. 

GApúiiiÍA, easumhla, ~\ s. m. disobedience, 

6A]-úmlAct), easumhlachd, > obstinacy, 

eA]-úiiilAp, easumhlas, ) haughtiness. 

e-ApútiibAC, easumhlach, s. m. a disobedient per- 

eApu]\i\Aim, easurraim, s. disrespect, disobe- 

GA]'uniiAniAC, easurramach, adj. disrespectful, 

eAinmjiuiiiAct), easurrumachd,') s. f. disobedi- 

&^\Ytí\\]\umA-^AX),easurrumagh-y ence, rebel- 
adh, ) lion. 

&Apu)i]\ut)A]', easurrudlias, s. m. jiresumption, 

e-Apup)iut)ApAC, easurrudhasach, adj. presump- 

Gaca, eata, s. old people; adj. old, ancient; s. 
cattle and their offspring, Keat.; corn, 0. g.; 
V. gone, sent. 

Gacac, eathac, s. ra. a mute. 

CACAC, eatach, s. m. an elder, aged person ; i. e. 
^'eAnoi)i, 0. g. 

Gaua-o, eathadh, s. going. 

GACAiTie, eathaide, birds. 

Gacaiih, eathahn, v. I go. 

GacaI, eatal, s. m. pleasure, delight; flight; the 
world ; adj. mild, gentle, silent, modest ; pure. 

GACAÍAt), eataladh, s. a flight. 

eACA]\, eaihar, s. a vessel, ship, boat. 

GACAnuAiBe, eatarnaidhe, waylayers; i.e. iiic-o 
eil*5<^ f^'SeA", 0. g. 

GacIa, catla, s. sadness, dulness. 




eAcU, eathla, s. prayers, supplication. 

e>.\cU\itii, eatlaim, v. I fly. 

CvXconjvA, eatorra, pron. between them. 

Caco]\i\ai', eatorras, s. raediocrity. 

eAcop]\CAC, eatorrthack, adj. barren. 

(ÍACO]\iiCAc-o, eatorrthachd, s. f. barrenness. 

CAquvc, eah-ath, a. untimely. 

e-AC]\..\c<ic, eatrathach, adj. late. 

e>\c]ieo]\Ac, eatreorach, adj. weak, silly. 

eAC]Aeuiii, eatreum, adj. weak. 

GACi\otii, eatrom, adj. light, slight, phrenetic. 

&ACHoniA-ó, eatromadh, s. exhonorating, allevia- 

e^Ar]\oinÁn, eatroman, s. m. a bladder. 

Gacchaiii, eattrain, s. interfering, going between, 
interposition; '"OoncAU, Ttu\c lllliAoiteAC- 
lAin til ClieAÍLAij cijeA^inA ua lllAine ■oo 
liiA^ilJAt) •o'u]\con fAigic occ eAcpAin Aiiiuin- 
ci]\e yein ^'O]» A]\oile", 4 Mast. 1424. 

GAcpuime, eatruime, compar. of eAq\oni. 

eACi^uune, eatruime, 1 ^_ ^^ j^^ 

eACtiunnAT), eatruimaa,) ° ' •' 

eArco]\A]', eattoras, s. m. mediocrity. 

eArqwcAi]^, eattroeair, s. f. prey, spoil; unmer- 

GAcq\ocAine, eattrocaire, s. cruelty. 

eAcci^ocAipeAC, eattrocaireach, adj. unmerciful. 

CAcuAicceAtl, eatuaithcheall, s. m. imprudence, 
folly, unskilfuhiess. 

GAcuAVAinj, eatualaing, s. f injury; protracted 


GbA|\, ehar, s. m. mire, dirt. 

ebeiufbuAij, ebeirsluaiffh, s. mountain sage. 

ebi)\, ebir, s. f report, character. 
ebÍAt), ebhladh, s. a kilt ; a burning coal. 
GblAC, ebklack, adj. full of embers. 
Bblinj, eblding, s. f a skip, spring, leap. 
eblij^cAU, ebhligeadh, s. skipping, bouncing. 
Gblój, ebhlog, s. f embers. 
eb]\Ac, ebrach, adj. miry, duty. 
eb^iAt», ebi-ad, v. said, 4 3Iast. 906. 
eb^iioncA, ebhrionta, s. a yoimg castrated goat. 
&bi\oc, Ebrocli, the city of York. 
eb]wti, ebron, s. a kettle, caldron; iron. Cor. 
Gb)\on, ebhron, v. he, etc., rushed or sprang ; i. e. 

eblinj, i. e. X)0 biti^. 
6bub, ebhul, s. m. a coal of fire. 
&c, ec, s. an eclipse ; i. e. e^ic^AU, Cor. 
Ccc, ecc, s. death; i. e. ■o'écc ]'e, he died. 
&CCAÍ, eccal, adj. pusillanimous; i. e. cin jaI 

A)ce, Cor. 
ecciAbbATo, ecciallaidh, adj. foolish. 
GcciTiAir, eccmais, s. f possession, 4 Mast. 1426. 

CccnAijAC, eccnairc, s. f. prayer, intercession; 

adv. the time past. 
GccneAC, eccneac/i, s. reproof, reprehension, 


GcconnAiu, ecconnaidh, see ecciAÍlAit). 

eccoiinbA, ecconnla. In- • •,, 

_ , . > adi. unwise, silly. 

GccpionnA, eccrionna,) -^ ' •' 

ecco|^, eccosg, s. m. model, shape, likeness; 


ecc|\A'OAc, eccradaeh, adj. spiteful, unfliithful. 

Gcc^iAioe, eccraide, s. enmity, spite. 

Gee, ece, adj. clear, evident, manifest. 

Gcec, ecet, v. they saw, espied, tried ; i. e. vo 

GcniAcc, ecmacht, s. f. impotence. 

GcnA, ecna, s. eating, spending. 

Gen A, ecna, \ adj. plain, clear, evident, 

Gcp'oe, ecside, J manifest. 

Gc](Aibx)ec, ecraibhdhech, adj. irreligious, Vis. 

Gcc, edit, s. m. death ; a deed that moves com- 
passion ; a deed, exploit. 

Gccoiji, echtoir, s. f a man of exploits; hence 

Gt), ed, s. m. jealousy; envy; profit, advantage; 
defence, protection ; getting, obtaining, find- 
ing; i. e. V*5''''^ "0 gAliAib, 0. g. 

GiT), eid, / '• °^"^^- 

Gt)Ál, edal, s. m. a treasure. 

G-oáIac, edalach, adj. rich, having treasure. 

G-ÓA1T1, edhamh, s. ra. iron. 

GoAoij, edaoigh, adj. uncertain. 

G-óbei]\ciin, edhbheirtim, v. I dedicate. 

Gt)T)]\eimiiii, eddreimim, v. I catch at, aspire to. 

G-oéijneAC, edeighneach, adj. castrated. 

G-oeÁn, edean, s. m. a receptacle. 

GuAnbouc, edarbhort, s. fate, fortune; " et)A)v 
bo]ic, i. e. nonien TDO-j-eom, f. c. ]"eoii iioj^éAn 
Iai]' via ■opAÍcib", Cor. 

Gdca^aId, edearbh, adj. false, uncertain. 

Gt)el, edel, s. prayers, orations. 

GiDit), edidh, adj. ugly, deformed. 

G-Qim, editn, v. I catch, apprehend. 

Gt)i)i, edir, see eATiA]\. 

GT)ipe, edire, s. hostages. 

G-oi^ijbimnii, edirglimim, v. I endure, snfier. 

G-oiiuiieAUoncoiiA, edirmheadhontoir, s. ra. a me- 

GT))iiA]t, edmhar, adj. jealous. 

Gt)on, edhon, see eAt)oin. 

Gonocc, edrocht, s. glory; " ^lo jAb pA-opAicc 
po]\c AjAj- cÁlÁit) jcoije iilAib iin eT)nocc", 
B. P.; adj. clear, bright, shining, resplendent, 
plain, manifest. 



G-oceAtigCA, edteangtha, adj. dumb, mute. 
GyeACT), efeachd, s. eflfect, consequence, great 

C|.-eAct)Ac, efeaehdach, adj. eíFectual, sensible; 

that has done great things. 
epi\c, ejirt, adj. without a monument, Cor. 
e5ce».\]\c, egceart, s. m. iniquity, injustice. 
GgcjuoniKv, egcrionna, adj. foohah. 
G51PC, Egipt, s. Egypt. 
egipceAC, Egipteach, s. m. an Egyptian. 
GgniAcc, egmacht, s. -weaknesa, impotence. 
egtiiiL, egmliil, adj. handsome, Sh. 
6501-5, egosg, s. a form ; 50 0501-5 lopsoile. 
e5i\Ait)eAi-, egraidkeas, s. f. enmity. 
Gi, ei, a negative particle. 
G-iAit), e-iaidh, s. grief, sorrow, affliction, Cor. 
Gibipc, eihhirt, s. f. a saying, report, character. 
&ibiic, eibhilt, s. f. recovery from sickness. 
eibLeo>T), eihlead, s. interjection. 
GibleAt), eibhlcadh, s. failing, wasting, dying. 
GilJleo5, eibhleog, s. f a spark of fire. 
Gibleo5AC, eihhleogach, adj. full of live coals, 
eibbgini, eibJilighim, v. I die, perish; sparkle, 

Giblic, eiblit, an interjection. 
Giblni5, eibhling, s. f. a spark of fire. 
GicciaIau, eiccialadh, s. dotage. 
GÍCCÓ1H, eiccoir, see eA5CÓii\ 
GiceAnnAt), eicearnadh, adj. unhardy, soft. 
GicIk\i5, eicliliaigh, s. a farrier. 
GiT), eid, s. f tribute, tax, subsidy. 
em! eidh! interj.hey! 
Gi-o'oi5ce, £Íddighte, s. ingratitude. 
Gi-oe, eide, 1 s. cloth, apparel, raiment, 

Gi-ocAt), eideadh,) armour. 
Gi-ooA-o, eideadh, s. di'essing, arming; catching, 

GiT)eAt)Ac, eideadhach, adj. attired, armed. 
CibeAnAn, eidheanan, s. m. an ivy bush or bough. 
GibeAnn, eadheann, s. m.ivy; gen. oiijne. 
enJenÓ5, eidhenog, see ei-óeAiiÁn. 
eit)eAi\béA, eidearbhtha, adj. loose, dissolute. 

ei-oeAnÍAi', eidearlas, adv. hurly-burly. 

ei-oeAiiiiAit), eadearnaidh, s. fraud, malice, am- 

Gioeiiiiin, eideimhin, adj. uncertain, doubtful. 

eioeininioct), eideimhniochd, s. f. doubt, uncer- 

eroroeAc, eidideach, s.m. a cuirassier. 

Gm^i^, eidigh, adj. ugly; i. e. 5nÁnnA, o. g.; s. 

eit)i5im, eidighim, v. I clothe, dress, cover, arm. 

Croib, eidil, s. f. a prayer. 

eiiiibeAc, eidhileach, a. pious, holy. 

Giumco, eidintc, adj. doubtful, »S/i. 

Gi-oioni.'AbtAm, eidiorfallatnh, s. space. 

GmioiAfonn, eidiorfhonn, s. a distance. 

eiT)ioi\f5Ai\Aim, eidiorsgaraim, v. ' 

eixnon-f-olluf , eidior-shollm, s. m. twilight. 

Gi-oin, eidir, see i:ei-oii\. 

GitJin, eidir, prep, between; s. f. a captive; adj. 
easily found, common; i. e. i-oitajaIa, eg.; 
s. Í. sense, knowledge, gain. 

GitJipceAnc, eidircheart, s. an equal, distributive 
right, Ballim. 13 — 2. 

&m^]\ceA]\T:-yQC^]^,eidirceart^focal, an interpreta- 

einiiA-oeAbbAt), eidir dhealbhadh, s. a difference, 

CmiiTOeAbbcA, eidirdhealbhtha, adj. distinct. 

Gi-oii\-óeAbÚ5A-ó, eidir dhealughadh, s. a differ- 
ence, separation, division, distinction. 

emip-oeAluigim, eidirdliealuighim,Y. I separate, 
divide, disjoin, distinguish. 

6i-o)]\t)il5in, eidirdilgin, s. devastation, ravaging. 

eit)ii\5)n, eidirghin, s. distinction, interposi- 

Groiligleo, eidirgldeo, s. a decree, judgment. 

eroingleo-ÓAC, eidirghleodhach, adj. decretal, 

GfoingleoUAitii, eidirghleodhaiin, v. I judge, de- 

Gitiii\5UAill,e, eidirguaille, s. the region of the 

GiniiijuTÓe, eidirghuidhe, s. m. Intercession. 

Gi'0iH5Uit)iiii, eidirghuidhim, v. I intercede. 

Gi-oiiiguTOceoiii, eidir glmidhtheoir, s. m. an in- 
tercessor, mediator. 

Gnjiptén, eidirlen, s. f. captivity. 

Git)iniiieot)Ati, eidir mheodhan, s. m. intervention, 

GitniAmeoUAiiAc, eidirmheodhanaeJi, adj. media- 

Gi-oinnieo-OAnAi]ieAC, eidirmheodhanaireacJi, adj. 

Gi-oiiuiieobAnAiiieAct), eidirmheodhanaireachd, 
s. interceding. 

GiTDiiiiiieoTDAnuigce, eidirmheodfiamiigJde, adj. 

GitniATTiiniuJAt), eidinnhiniughadh,a. interpreta- 
Gix)iiAriiiniU5Aiin, eidirmhniughaim, v. I in- 
GiT)iiiceAn5ACT), eidirtheangachd, s. translation, 

GiT)iiiceAn5iii5ceoiii, eidirtlieangidghtheoir, s. 

m. a translator, an Interpreter. 
GitJipcine, Eidiriire, s. the Mediterranean. 
GiT)rnéAii, eidlrean, adj. weak. 





6it)i|\ciiiAC, eidirtltriatk, s. interregnum. 
&\x)ho-6, eidh Hod h, }s. a plea, a cause; de- 
Qmhom, eid/iliomh, S maud of debt, claim. 
CnjneAC, eidhneach, adj. full of ivy. 
enotieAn, eidhnean, s. m. a branch of ivy. 
ei-oneokii - CAltiiuinn, eidhnean - talmhuinn, s. 

gi'ound-ivy; glecoma hederacea. 
ei-oiie, eidhre, \ ^ -^^ 

eit))ie5AC, eidhregach, ) 
6iró]\eo>c, eidhreach, adj. icy. 
6it)|ie>.\t), eidhreadh, s. icing. 
&it)|\eAnn<\c, eidhreaniiach, s. m. an icicle. 
6i-ó]\eACA, eidhreata, part, iced, frozen. 
Git)ni-o, eidhridk, s. f. ice. 
6i]:eAct), eifeachd, see ei^eAct). 
Gi|reAct)Atiiuil, eifeachdamhuil, adj. eflfectual. 
GijreAfAC, eifeasach, adj. serious, 
eijceilt, eigceill, s. dotage. 
Gig, eig, a. free, willing. 
G15, eigh, s. f. tlie moon. 

" 5t"é stuAn AgAi' ei5 é\'c^, 
CoLc buvt), iiiAjv AJii^N^ éijfe 

LoÉA^\ éT)«.\C ; blC ilAliljlA, 

"OotneAcbAliAimii ■o'eAi-ÍA'b]\A",Fí)?'. Foe. 

615, e?(jf/i, s. f. a roar, shout. 

6156, eiglie, s. a file. 

&ijeAc, eigheaeh, adj. clamorous. 

GijeAX), eigheadh, s. evocation, shouting. 

eigccAnc, eigceart, s. injustice, iniquity. 

Cigceill, eigceiU, s. dotage, folly. 

frigceibbije, eigceillighe, \ adj. iiTational, brutal, 

eijciAllATO, eigciallaidh, j absurd, silly,f©oHsh. 

GijciAlbAO, eigcialladh, s. dotage, folly. 

eijciAllóA, eigcialldha, adj. irrational. 

eijcmnce, eigcinnte, s. hesitancy, doubt, incon- 

■^adj. imcertain, doubtful, 

&^■^cmr\^:e, eigcmnte, § hinumerable, incalcu- 

CijcinnceAC, eigciim-\- lable, not to be com- 
Uacli, W prehended, not re- 

3 solved upon. 

CijcninceAct), eigci?inteachd, s. hesitancy, doubt, 

GijcneAi-TDA, eigcneasda, adj. i-ude, dishonest. 

dgcneA^-OACt), eigcneasdachd, s. f. forwardness, 
rudeness; dishonesty. 

ei5cont)At), eigcordadh, s. jarring. 

6i5Ci\ei-oeAiii, eigcreideamh, s. m. infidelity. 

GijcuemmeAC, eigcreidmheack, adj. infidel, irre- 

eijcuionriA, eigcrionna, adj. unwise, imprudent. 

e-ij^cpionriACT), eigcrionnachd, s. f. imprudence, 

Gije, eige, s. a web. 

GijeAiii, eighcamh, s. f. a shout, cry, call. 

eijeAriicotn, eigheamlithoir, s. m. a crier. 
GigeAn, eigean, s. m. force, violence, compulsion ; 

necessity, need ; adj. lawful, right, just; scarce, 

GigeAriACAt), eigeanacliadh, s. constraint. 
CigeAucAC, eigeantach, adj. violent; necessary, 

needful, needy. 
GijeAticACT), eigeantachd, s. f violence, force. 
eijeAiicA]', eigeantas, see eigeAU. 
BijcA]', eigeas, s. a learned man. 
G151, eighi, s. science. 
&i 51111, eighiin, v. I ehout, cry, call. 
615111, eigÍ7i, see eigeAii ; adj. truly, surely; 

necessary, certain, some, 
eijipc, Eigipht, Egypt; i. e. í Cofoc, the coun- 
try of the Copts. 
GijipccAC, Eigipteach, s. m. an Egyptian, 
eigiiue, eiglidhe, adj. mean, abject, weak, faint 
Gigli-oeAcc, eiglidheacht, s. i. abjectness. 
Gigtiun, eigmJiin, adv. about; i.e. ciincioll. 
Gijne, eig7ie, s. f. a salmon. 
GijiieÁn, eighnean, see AijneÁii. 
eigiiijiiii, eignigliim, v. I force, compel, ravish 
Gijiiijce, cignighthe, part, forced, ravished. 
GigniuJAt), eigniughadh, s. forcing, ravishing, a 

Gijjie, eigJire, see ei-ojie. 
61 j^ieACA, eighreata, see ei'opeACA. 
ei5]'e, eigne, s. the learned ; see quot. at eij ; a 

bard, poet. 
e-ijfeAc, eigseach, s. m. a school, study; adj. 

615P, eigsi, s. art, science, learning. 
Gigpt), eigsidh, s. an enemy; i. e. eccpAiDe, no 


GibAin, eilain, s. an island, S/i. 
GitAi];, eilair, s. a path or track. 
CilbeAC, eilbheacli, s. m. a scold. 
Gibe, eilc, s. f an elk ; robbery, spoil. 
GibceAt), eilceadh, s. depredation. 
Gilciiii, eilcim, v. I rob, spoil. 
Gibniuuct), eildriuchd, s. roundleaved sundew. 
Gile, eile, adj. another, other. 
Gile, eile, 3. a prayer, oration, adoration. 
GileAC, eileach, s. m. a mill-dam. 
GibeACÁ-ó, eileachadh, s. an alien. 
GileACTDAini, eileachdaim, v. I alienate, part wnh. 
Glim, eilidh, s. f. a hind; Heb., aceleth. 
Gilijini, eilighim, v. I accuse, charge. 
Gilijce, eilighthe, part, accused, challenged. 
Gibgceoi)!, eilightheoir, s. m. a creditor, accuser. 
G1I101Í1, eiliomJi, s. sueing. 
Gilioc]\oin, eiliotrom, s. m. a hearse, bier, coffin. 
GiluiJAf), eiliughadh, 3. accusation, accusing 
charging, calling to account, demanding. 





^\X, eill, s. f. a thong, a latchet; a precipice, 
i. e. i:ai1,1, ; an advantage, opportimity ; a flock, 
• herd, drove ; an ell. 
eiLljeAi), eillglieadh, s. burial, interment. 
CiilneAt), eillneadh, s. corrupting, spoiling. 
GiLlce, eillte, a. softened, mollified. 

„1 ' . .! j7 > s. imcleanness, pollution. 
etLneAt), eilnead/i,} ' ^ 

eilnigim, eilnighim, v. I coiTupt, spoil, violate. 

6-1 tc, eilt, s. f. a fawn. 

e-itceAcc, cilteacht, s. f. a turning of tlie stomach. 

&\'it\]\e<\c,eiUMreach, s. m. a pilgrim, a foreigner. 

eilu JAt), eiliighadh, see eibugAU. 

&im, eim, s. f butter. 

e-iiii, eimh, s. f a haft, hilt, handle; protection, 

sanctuary; i. e. •oiueAn ; a tail; adj. quick, 

active, brisk, ready. 
einibjAeii;, eimbreith, s. an abortion, embryo. 
eiiiit)Ae, eimhdhae, s. hairy; i. e. ponncAC. 
&iriit)eAt), eimhdeadh, s. renouncmg, quitting; 

" git) be cetiyeii, '5A mbi bcAn, tiac em^\ v^ 

éx) eiiiit)eA-ó", T.D. 
einTDeAb, eividJieal, s. a drink prepared hastily; 

i. e. tieoc iitbtiiAtjceAp 50 hobÁn \x>-\\\ coijie 

AjAj' "oaIjac, 0. g. 
Giiii-óni), eimhdhidh, s. a refusal, 
eniie, eimhe, s. a cry, a call. 
GiiiieAc, eimheach, a. nimble, swift. 
eiiiieAct), eimhcachd, s. f. obedience, compliance. 
eiiiiéiT), eimeid, s. f scarcity, want, need. 
Ciiii).-!]-, eimhfs, s. f. ready wit. 
eimTOe, eimide, s. m. a poet of the lowest order, 
eninlc, eimltilt, s. f. procrastination, delay; adj. 

tardy, slow, dilatory, prolix. 
6niiiTii, eirnhim, see eijiin, 
(^nin]», eimhir, s. f. emery. 
Cuiiteog, ehiihleog, see Aibbeog. 
Cm, ein, adj. one. 
CitieAc, eineach, s. m. protection; cuj cét) bó 

inA éineAC ; a face, countenance ; an armistice. 

eu^e^Ur,eineachas, \ ^^^^^'^ff^' ^^^^Mity, ge- 

' ' ' ) nerosity. 

eineAclAn, cineacldan, s. m. protection, defence, 

emeAclAn, e»iC(K7i/a?i,s.m. redemption, amends ; 

tribute due to the chief for his protection. 
Gin'j.'eACt), einfeaclid, adv. at once ; An emyeAct), 

eing, eing, gen. of cAUg, a track. 
Cinjin, einghin, adj. only begotten. 
Cingine, eingire, s. m. a pursuer. 
Gnn-6, einidli, s. f. anything. 
GuniiciTi, einrithcid, adj. of equal size. 

einne, einne, adj. hairy, i. e. -ponncA. 

&inneAC, einneach, s. anybody, somebody. 

eirinit), einnid, s. f. generosity. 

dn)\eAT), eim'ead, s. one thing, anything. 

GincijeAf , eintiglieas, s. f. cohabitation. 

&ipeAlAini, eipealaim, v. I die, perish. 

GipebAt), eipeladh, s. perishing, dying. 

6iplii]\c, eiphirt, see eibi]\c; s. f. wages, hire. 

Cipil-cil, eipistil, s. an epistle, a letter. 

Gi]ibAll, eirhall, see eA^ibAbb. 

GqibeAc, eirbheach, s. f. a wasp. 

OmbeA]\n Aim, «VWimrnaim, V.I transgress, break. 

6i]\bei]\c, eirlheirt, s. f moving, stirring. 

Gi]ibei]\cim, eirbheirt{m,v. I move, stir. 

Gi)\biii, eirbhir, s. f. indirect inquiry. 

ei^ibijACAC, eirbhireach, s. one that asks indirectly. 

CqicbcAC, eircbheach, s. f. a wasp. 

eiiiceAiiniil, eirceamhuil, adj. heretical. 

Gijie, eire, s. a burden. 

e-qie, Eire, Ireland. 

ei]\eAc-o, eireachd, s. beauty, fairness. 

GineAct), eireachd, 1 

eiJieActjlp, eireachdas, ] '■ ^^^&^&^'^'^^- 

eiHeAct)Ap, eireachdas, s. beauty. 

G-i]ieAC'OAriibAc, eireachdamhlach, s. f. comehness. 

eiHeACT3Aiiiiiib, eireachdamhuil, adj. fair, beau- 

e-i]ieA-ó, eireadh, s. a burden, weight, .ff^eai. 

Cqiéinij, eireirigh, s. a wake or sitting up with 
the dead ; drying of corn in a pot for grind- 
ing ; the grain and bread so prepared. 

6i]ieo5, eireog, s. f a pullet ; an icicle. 

Gipje, eirghe, s. assistants, auxiharies; mutiny, 

a rising of the people. 

6iiite, eirnhe,\ • ■ 

„'*-'.' . v , > s. an uprising, resurrection. 

eijiij, eirigh, J r o 

eilijeAcT), eirgheachd, s. í'. the act of rising. 

e-ijAJini, eirghim, v. I rise, pass on, advance; 
mutiny ; erect ; mount. 

eijigionnAc, eirgionnach, s. m. a pursuer. 

6i]Aic, eiric, s. an amercement, fine, ransom, 
forfeit, reparation. 

GquceAc, eiriceach, s. m. a heretic. 

GiliiceAcc, eiriceachi, s. f. heresy. 

&]]wó, eiridh, 1 s. a congealment,frccz- 

equTJeAcc, eiridheacht, J ing. 

Gini-oiii, eiridin, s. f attendance on a sick per- 
son ; the person so attended. 

Gqiij! eirigh/ interj. arise! up! s. a vicerov, 
chief governor. 

Ginije, eirighe. Is. f. a command or 

Gi^igcAcx), eirigheachd, J government. 

eq\itn, eirim, s. riding, going on liorseback; 
a summavy, abridgment; aj po eqiim ua 




ei^in, eirin, s. f. the eye-tooth. 

&i)\inn, Eirinn, s. an oblique case of Giive, 

GintocAc, eiriocach, adj. heretical. 

e-iniontiAc, Eirionnach, s. m. an Irishman. 

Q^\\^\-, eiris, s. f. an era, an account of time, chro- 
nological history ; a friend ; mistmst. 

e-i)M]-eACT), eiriseachd, s. f. chronology. 

6i]>le, eirle, s. f. a piece, a fragment. 

d]-le, eisle, s. a fragment; advice. 

&i]"iioc, eislioch, s. m. destruction. 

6mne, eirne, see ei]\le. 

eipiieA-o, eirneadh, s. a gift, present, favour, pay- 
ing; 5ti)i Ab aiíiIai'ó pn ]\o ei^neA-o cio]-. 

eiiMiini, einiiin, v. I pay, give, bestow; receive, 
call for. 

Gi]ip, eiV)', s. a shield; gen. of eA)i)\, an end; 
snow, ice ; Welsh, cira ; deafness. 

eii\)\i-ce, eirrsce, s. a trunk, stump. 

6iH)'eAct), eirseacJid, s. f a rising up. 

Gii\]-itii, eirsim, v. I arise. 

Ci]', eis, s. a man; Neb., aish; a band or troop ; 
a footstep, trace ; death. 

Oi]-c, eisc, gen. of ia]'C ; s. f. a lopping off. 

eil'ceAcc, eisceacht, s. f. exception, exclusion. 

Gi)"ceAt), eisceadh, s. cutting; i. e. géAji^iAt). 

eij-cini, eisciin, v. I cut off, except, exclude. 

Gi^-ceApcu^-, eisceaptns, s. m. blame, reproach. 

G-i]'cin, eiscir,s. f a ridge of mountains. 

Gij-Tje, eisde, s. a trunk. 

Gil-oeAct), eisdeachd,) s. f. hearing, attention, 

&ii-oeA-ó, eisdeadh, ) listening. 

eii'-o! jce, eisdighthe, part, heard. 

Gifoijceoi)», eisdightlieoir, s. m. an auditor. 

G-ifT)ini, eisdim, v. I hear, listen. 

Gil-OA-o, eisead, s. seeking, research. 

Gij-eAn, eisean, pron. he, himself. 

Gi)'eAnc, eiseart, s. an emigrant, emigration. 

Gij-eAiXAii, eiseastar, v. he prayed. 

Gil-ei]\5e, eiseirghe, s. f resurrection. 

G"i|-einjiin, eiscirgliim, v. I arise. 

Gij-eolAC, eiseolach, adj. rude, ignorant, unskilful. 

Gi]']>eoit, eisfheoil, see oippeoib; venison. 

1 b ' V. ' I s. f. a fish-pond. 
ííil-gLmii, eisghnn,) ^ 

&\y^\]\, eisgir, see ei^-cin. 

C)]-), eisi, s. the loins, /. e. ApA-ónA, o. g.; track, 
footsteps, i. e. iroilieAcc. 

Gij'ib, eisibh, s. pairs, accompaniments, i. e. jac 
111-0 bif A cco]iAit) no A p]:ocAin a ceile, o. g 

Cii-ibiiii, eisibhim, v. I drink. 

Gij-fo, eisidh, s. an enemy to peace ; a denuncia- 
tion of war; "|\o cui]ieApcAn a ei|'iot)A a 
nÁi]TOe gAn f-uipeAc". 

e-ip-óe, <>(.??>//)£•, adj. light?nmc, lucid; v. he was; 

" ColJcAC «A lllA-OA-OAin A-óbA^í cijeAjinA 

eipt)e AiíA-óucAió ^-ém 'o'ég", 4 Mast, 1411. 
eij-meACT), eisidheadid, s. f. restoration. 
Gi]'ii!)nii, mM//iíí«, v. I sit. 
Cipii, eisil, see ei^^éoÍAc. 
Giptn, eisim,Y. 1 trace, hinder. 
Gipiii, eisimh, see eipb ; adj. near, close at hand. 
ei]Mnnib, eisinnil, adj. weak, infirm. 
Gipocc, eisiocht, s. f. a fool, a silly person. 
erj-io-oAn, eisiodhan, adj. unclean. 
Gi]"i 0111 Alb, eisiomail, s. dependence, reverence. 
Gi]-i 0111 Alice, eisiomailte, adj. unequalled. 
GipioiiiAb,ei'síomaí, s.m. valour, courage, bravery. 
GipioiiiÍAi)i, eisiomlair, s. f. example, pattern ; a 

parable. Job, xxvii. 1. 
&ipoiiibAi]ieAc, eisiomlaireach, adj. exemplary. 
Gi]-!]!, eisir, s. f. an oyster. 
Q\pt, eisith, s. f. debate; war. 
e-i]-binn, eislinn, 1 adj. weak, infirm, 

eii-lmncAc, cislinneach,) pregnable, assailable. 
Gif lif , eislis, s. f. neglect, mistake, forgetfulness. 
Gil'iiibi\eACA, eismbreaiha, s. fi-ee, fair, or just 

judgment ; laws of or for freemen. 
Bipinbueic, eismbreiili, s. f. false judgment. 
GipncAC, eismeach, adj. lying, false; unready. 
eipieACT), eisreacJid, s. f. an orphan. 
&\\-]\eme&v,eis7'eidheadh,s. scattering, loosening, 
e-ipceACT), eisteac/id, s. death, Sh. 
GipceAct), eisteachd, s. listening, hearing. 
CipceA]!, eistear, s. an art, trade. 
Gipciiii,et«íjm, V. I hear. 
Gicce, eithce, adj. ugly, i. e. 5|iAiinA. 
Gice, eite, s. a quill, feather, wing ; a piece added 

to the ploughsliare ; a refusal. 
GiceAC, eiteacli, s. wings, fins; a refusal. 
GicoAC, eitheach, s. m. a lie, falsehood, perjury, 

mistake ; cug cú ■o'eiccAc, you he ; an oak. 
GiceACAt), eiteac/iadh, s. refusing. 
GiceAccAib, eiteaccail, adj. volatile. 
GiceAt), eitlteadh, s. a refusal, denying, falsifying. 
GireAlbAc, citeallach, s. flying, bouncing. 
6iceAp, eithear, s. m. a boat. 
Giceog, eitcog, s. f a quill, feather. 
Giceoqi, eit/ieoir, s. m. a liar, perjurer. 
GiciA]\, eitiar, s. a demon, 
eicib, eiiibh, 1 ^^, 

G1C151111, eithighim, v. I foreswear, abjure, refuse, 

deny, contradict, 
e-iciin, eitim, s. f. danger, hazard. 
GicioIIa'ó, eitiolladh, s. flight. 
Giri)!, eitir, s. f an opportunity. 
Gitiji, eitliir, s. f. justice. 
Gici)\eAC, eitireach, adj. winged. 
Ginnjlcot), eitirghleod, s. distinction. 




BicioUmiii, eiliolaim, > -w a 

Gict-Aim, eitlaim, y ' ■^' 

e-icl-eAt), eitleadh, s. f. flight. 

Gicleo^, eiileog, s. f. a bat. 

GicLeoJAC, eiileoghach, adj. flying. 

eicteopAcc, eitleoracht, s. flying. 

Gicne, eithne, ") 

eicneAc, eithneach, > s. m. a kernel. 

&icneACATi, eithneachan,) 

&ic]ie, eitre, s. f. a furrow. 

GirUe, eithre, s. a salmon ; a burden ; an end, 

conclusion ; the tail of a fish. 
Byt\ieAC, eithreach, s. m. a wilderness. 
GiqieopAC, eitreorach, adj. feeble, weak. 
&ié]AiceAcc, eithriceacht, s. i. heresy. 
eic^MceACCA, eithriceachta, adj. heretical. 
Gicpi-ó, eitridh, s £ a trench, furrow, ditch. 
GicfeAcc, eitseacht, s. f departure, death, 
eicag, eittigh, a. ugly. 
GIa, ela, see caía. 
eiÁjA, elaga, s. an eclogue. Cor. 
Glc, elc, adj. bad, vile, malicious. 
eicAipe, elcaire, s. m. grief, sorrow, pain. 

eie, ele, 1 s. m. a bier, a litter. 

GLeAT)]\An, eleadhran,) ' 

GlcAj-cAii, eleastar, \ see jreLeAf cp|i ; an 
GteAi'C]\AiTi, eleastram, j iris. 
e-lcAtnAc, eleathrach, s. m. one that carries a 

bier, a bearer 
Gl,eAé]\Aim, eleathrahn, s. f an election. 
GleACjiAin, eleathrain, s, f a bier, a litter. 
Glefleog, elefleog, s. i. a stinkiug orach ; arti- 

plcx ohda. 
Gleinenc, element, s. an element; vulg. 
elecjiom, eletrom, s. m. a litter. 
Gil, ell, s. m. a flock, a multitude; a battle; 

hazard, danger. 
GlleA, ellea, s elecampane ; helenium. 
GlceA]', elteas, s. a gadding heat aflecting cattle. 
GlceA]-Ait)eAcc, elteasaidheacht, is. f warmth, 
GlceA]'eriilAcc, elteasemhlacht, ) heat. 
Glcon, elton, adj. steep, up-hill. 
Glut), eludh, s. ingress, i. e. x)ol AfccAc, o. g. 
Grii, emh, an expletive particle, Lee. 11, 2. 
GmcAC, emheach, s. m. a niggard, refuser. 
Gn, en, s. m. a bird; water, i. e. ui^-ce, o. g.; adj. 

one; used only in compound words, as luce 

éndje; v. behold; see i. e. fé\.\c, o. g.; s. 

Gnb^oc, enhroth, s. pottage ; i. e. " en uif ce aja]' 

bi\oc AiAbAji", Cor. 
Gnb]unce, enhruithe, s. broth ; i. e. " uij-ce 

b]Miice, i. e. ui^'ce ].'eolA'', Cor. 
GnceAiniAij, encheannaigh , s. the comb of a cock. 
GncAc, cncacJi, s. m. a shirt or smock ; weft. 

GiiAclAnii, enaclann, see eineAclAUU. 

Gii^TA'o, enfad, V. I will discover, manifest. 

GnlAic, enlaith, s. birds, a flock of birds. 

Gntie! enne! interj. behold! sec! 

Gng, eng, s. a track or footstep. 

Gn]\AC, enrach, adj. alone, solitary; proper, just. 

Go, eo, s. f. an ear; a salmon; Welsh, eog; a 
tree, the yew tree ; a grave, a place of inter- 
ment; a peg, pin, bodkin, nail, thorn, point; 
praise; adj. good, worthy, respectable; s. 
knowledge, science. 

GobpAc, eobhrat, s. m. a head-dress, coif, cap. 

Goc, eoch, s. groaning, sighing. 

GocAi-ó, Eochaidli, s. m. a man's name, gen. 

GocAi)i, eacltair, s. f a key; a tongue; the brim, 
brink, edge ; the gills of a fish ; a yoimg plant, 
a sprout ; a right angle. 

Goco, eocho, plur. of cac, a horse, B. Fionnch. 

Goc]\AC, eochrach, s. m. the gills of a fish. 

Goc]iATó, eocliraidh, s. ra. a keeper of keys, a 

Goj^AU, Eoghan, s. m. Owen, a man's name. 

GoJAUAcc, eoglianacht, s. £ the descendants of 
Owen the Great; " i. e. eojAuiocc, i. e. locc 
cenel, i. e- cenel ]\o cm ó GoJAii", Cor. 

Gojunn, eoghunn, s. youth. 


GompAUACT), eoinfJiiadhachd, s. fowling. 

GoinfeAljAipe, eoinsliealgaire, s. m. a fowler. 

Gomcige, eointighe, a hen-coop, a fowl-house. 

Goi]\, eoir, s. £ a brim, bound, border. . 

Gol, eol, \ s. m. knowledge, science, philoso ■ 

GoIa]', eolas,) phy, art, a charm, nostrum. 

GoIac, eolacJi, see eolui-óe; adj. knowing, 
skilled, learned, scientific, expert. 

GolAit), eolaidh, s. nobility. 

GolcA, eolcha, s. the learned ; a bard. 

GolcAijie, eolchaire, s. m. sorrow, mourning. 

GolcAiiieAC, eolchaireach, adj. mournful, sor- 

GoljAC, eolgach, adj. knowing, skilful. 

Goluit)e, eoluidhe, s. m. a guide, director. 

Goluil, eobcil, s. notice, Sh. 

Goluf , eolus, see coIa]-. 

GonATJAn, eonadan, s. m. an aviary, a cage. 

GonunAoi-oeAt), eondraoidlieadh, s. divination 
by birds. 

Go]ib|\AC, eorbhrat, s m. a cap, a coif 

GojuiA, s. £ barley; hordeum distichon. 

Go)\nA-be5, eariia-heg, s. f b(^re, bigg. 

Gojip, Eorj), s. Europe. 

Gof, eos, V. said; <xti eoj-, it was said. 

GorA^HA, eotarra, see eAcopiiA. 

GpelAÚ, epcladh, s. dying, perishing. 




epeo>c, ejoheach, adj. strong, vehement; Heb., 

apliic, channels of torrents. 
e-ibeACC, eplieaclit, greatness, magnitude, 
e-p, er, adj. great, noble, good; Heb., ereel, great, 

powerful ; s. a champion, hero, i. e. Iaoc. " 
e]iA, era, s. denial, refusal. 
6pAt), eradh, s. f. apparel. 
ei\l!)AiLc, erbhailt, s. f. death, destruction. - 
CjibeAC, erbeach, s. m. a blister. - 
&\\c,Erc,s. m. Heaven; anybeastofthecowklnd. 
&\\c<\, erca, v. slew, killed, wounded ; i. e. coj'CAip 

110 ■00 ceA]\, 0. g. 
G\\cm\., ercail, s. filling; i. e. bionATii, o. g. 
epceAblAn, erceallan, s. m. a pole, stake. • 
GpceAnncAi-oe, ercheannchaidhe, adv. most cer- 
. tainly, assuredly. 
epcointiieAO, erclioidmheadh, s. caution, care, 

avoidance ; i. e. i-eAcnAX), o. g. 
Gpcuece, erchrethe, adj. transitory, frail. ■ 
ei\ebet|\c, erebeirf, s. f. a burden, carriage. 
GpeAiiAc, ereanach, adj. late. 
GjiejAC, eregach, s. m. ice. 
e-niruACCjAA, erfuaccra, s. m. forewarning. ■ 
e-]i§Al!)Ait, erghabhail, s. taking, 
epnin, Erinn, an oblique case of Gijie, im- 
properly written for G))\e, Ireland. 
enioniiAC, Erionnach, s. m. anirislunan; adj 

G]>bAl!)HAi-ó, erlabhraidh, s. an advocate, inter- 
cessor; " Ij' e buf bpecerri ocop bu]' ept-Ali- 
liAi-o •oóib ibbo in "bpACA", Vis. Ad. 
e\\V^m,erlainh, s. the All Holy or God ; " tllibe 
gAn JAoi t)'Aoii- An enLAiii" ; a saint, a holy 
man ; a prince. 
e)\le, eric, s. counsel, advice. 
C^Htiióji, ermhor, s. m. much, a great part, the 
most part; " Ro loi]XC]'eAcpt)e bAile mej- 
]v\tii]\A'ÓAin A5A]'e|\iiió]inAcí)ie", 4Mast. 1455. 
&l\niAii, ermail, s. f a sign, prognostication. 
eiincAT), erneadh, s. payment; propagation of 

epoj, erog, I g ice 

GpojAc, erogachjj 
B\\^, err, s. m. an end, tail, fin. 
GiijiAit), erraid, s. f. a mistake. 
e-f , es, s. an ox ; food, i. e. biAt), o. g. 
CpbA, esbJia, adj. dead, i. e. e]'beo, Cor. 
e-fcepcu]', esceptus, opposing, 
e^-oo^i, esdor, a halter; Heb., ezor. 
e-i-eAcÍAn, eseathlan, a. mysterious, dark. 
ercon, escon,'\ ^ , , , /-f 

O.L ,. „ „, > s. a water bucket, Cor. 
e-]-c]iA, escra,y ' 

Ci-eiii, esemh, s. a yoke of oxen ; " i. e. éf , i. e. 

■OAtii ocA^- I'eiii, i. e. co^iaic", Cor. 
Gyen, esen, s. m. an unfledged bird. 

Gi'nAt), esnadh, s. a sigh, a moan. 
e]-]iéniieAC, esreimeach, adj. deviating. 
&]']', ess, s. f a ship or vessel. 

^IT'^^'. , Is. death. 

GcfCAcc, etseacht, ^ 

&]ye, esse, s. a fish. 

GcA, etha, s. corn, ApbAp, o. g. 

ecA]\, ei/iar, s. a ferry boat, i. e. ecop, i. e. eÚAió 

Ó ó|\ CO bó]i 11A bAbAnn, Cor. 
Gcce, eic/te, s. deformity, ugliness, 
eece, ethche, s. scarcity, thinness, few in number. 
GcAnj, etang, s. a mute. 
&ciói3eAC, Etiopeacli, s. an Ethiopian. 
Gcitije, ethinge, adj. mute, dumb. 
Ccj-eAcc, etseacht, s. death, 
eq-ib, etsidh, s. hearing, listening, i. e. é)]'ceACc. 
Qure, ette, s. age. 

GcaonAC, ettionach, s. m. an eunuch. 
ecro]icAC, ettorthach, adj. unfruitful, barren. 
Crrjiet^'ijiiii, ettreisighim, v. I awake. 
eccuACAib, ettuachail, see eAccuAicceAlb. 
GccuAibgneAC, ettuailgneaeh,\ adj. insufferable, 
eccuAbAinj, ettualaing, ) i.e. vo-fuhxm^. 
GccuaIaihj, ettualaing, adj. incapable, unable. 
6ucc, eucht, see éAcc. 
Gut), eicd, see éAX). 
GuTDAC, eudach, see éA'OAC. 
eut)ACÁn, eudachan, s. m. a clothier. 
eu-OAÓ, eudadh, s. clothing, dressing. 
euT)Ál, eudal, see eABAib. 
QutiaIac, eudalach, adj. rich. 
eu-oAU, ewcian. s. the forehead. 
Q\i-om6.Y,eudmhar, adj. jealous, zealous, invidious. 
eut)tiiA|iAcr), éMC?7?í/íarac/í(í,s.f. jealousy, zealous- 

Gu-ooccA|', eudothchas, s. m. despair. 
Gu'oiuiiiiAn, eudruman, s. m. the bladder, 
eug, eug, s. f. dying, death. 
GugA-o, eugadh, s. dying. 
eujAim, eugaim, v. I die, perish. 

eujAfs, eugasg,^ >= 

eu^h]\ot, eugbhroth, see eAjbjioc. 

eugcoi]!, eugcoir, s. f. wrong, injustice. 

eujcopAC, eugcorach, adj. injurious, unjust. 

6u5C]uiAi-ó, eugcruaidh, s. m. a sick person; adj. 
sick, weak. 

eujc^iUAp, eugcruas, s. m. sickness, infirmity. 

6u5cut)cpom, eugcudthrom, adj. dissimilar, un- 

CugpoJA^i, eugfoghar, s. dissonance. 

eu^jrojAjiAC, eug/ogharach, adj. dissonant. 

Guj-biop, eug-lios, s. a church-yard. 

eusnAio, eugnaidh, | ^^. i^^^ti^nal. • 

CujconAit), eugconaidh, } •' 





e-ujtiiAi]', eugmhais, see éAjiiiAi]'. 
digriAC, eugnach, s. m. reproach. 
GujI'AiiitA, eugsamhla, s. distinction. 
e-u5]v\riiuii, e!í^sa?n/ím7, adj. matchless, various. 
euU-6, euladh, 1 desertion. 

CuLoJAT), euloghadli,) ^ 

GuLaijuh, eulaighim, v. I escape, desert. 

„1 V . I • ; ,7 . > s. m. a deserter. 

GuLAi5ceoi]A, eulaightkeoir, J 

CulyAncA-o, eulfartadh, s. slumbering. 

e-utoj, eulogh, see eul,At). 

Cun, ci/n, s. m. a bird, a fowl. 

GunATJAn, eunadan, s. m. an aviary, a cage. 

eunADOi^i, eunadoir, s. m. a fowler, a birdcatcher. 

6unAT)oip-inAl.luicce, eunadoir-malluichte, the 


eui-jno, eusgidh, s. m. a morass, slough. 

eucj\om, eutrom, see éAcc|Aoni. 

eunAt)oiiieAcc, eunadoir eacht, s. fowling. 
GunbiMc, eunhhrith, s. broth, gravy. 
G-unponn, eioi/zoíiíi, s. the kite. 
e-uncpoi-óeAC, eunchriodheach, adj. timid, hen- 
Gun].-05lAt), eunfoghladh, a horn-owl. 
eunÍAic, eunlaith, s. fowls, birds. 
CunUMin, eunlann, s. ra. an aviary. 
Gunlion, exinlion, s. a fowler's net. 
eun-UA|-Al, eun-uasal, s. a foreign bird, Sh. 
Gun-uifge, eun-uisge, s. a water fowl. 
Gu)A, eur, s. a safeguard. 
GujiA, eura, s. a denial, refusal. 
GuniiiAineAct), enrmaireachd, s. f. galloping", rid- 

f the moon. 

euTS, eusg, \ ^ 

eui'jA, eusga,j 

&u]-^ó.x), eusgadh, see eA]^ux>. 


•p is the sixth letter of the Irish alphabet, and is called by our gi-nmmari.ans Coni-ome tag, or a weak 
fixing a full point over it, or subjoining an h, it loses all force in the pronunciation ; asxion fheAT\ or <^ flii)\ is pronounced 
•oon eAi\ or & 1]% to the man, man. & f-éite, his generosity, is pronounced & éite, etc. It is called ipeApn, from ireAnn, 
commonly |reÁ)\nÓ5, the elder tree. Lat. alnus. It is the same with the Hebrew vau, because the figure and sound of 
both letters are very nearly the same. This letter agrees in many words with the Latin V consonant, as l^eAp, a man, 
hence in the obUque and plur. fip, Lat. t'tV ; pop, true, Lat. verus; piori, wine, Lat. vinum ; focAl,, a word, Lat. voca/is, 
•peigit, a vigil, Lat. vigilia. It often corresponds with the Gr. * or p^, as y&^■t, prononnced fiig, a prophet; Gr. 
ipnyog; and Lat. votes; feA^I and ^TAta, deceit, cheating; Gr. favXoQ; Lat. vilis. VeigA, a beech tree; Gr. (jir)yoi:\ 
Lat. fagus, etc. When a tittled or aspirated b is prefixed to f, it is prononnced like V consonant ; as from -pAtJA, 
long, A b-pAT), is pronounced a vad; a 'bpuAipe, is pronounced a vuaire. It is evident that the Greeks and Latins have 
also observed a close original affinity with regard to the letters f, b, v, and ph ; as 6 for v ; Lat. base for vase, cibica for 
civica ; Ir. beAl^A, a spit ; Lat. veru ; and again, v for b, as aveo for abeo, vobem for bovem ; It. bo ; vesiias for bestias ; 
and sometimes 6 for f, as bruges for /ruges, as Cicero relates, and Ir. bun, the bottom of anything; Gr. /SevfloE, and Lat. 
fundum; Ir. bpeim, a terrible sound, Gr. Ppefuo, hat. fremo, to sound or rattle; and again, /is used for 6, as sijilare for 
sUiilare, which the French call siffler, afvobis for ab vobis. Hence, we commonly say siiffero for subfero, etc. We find 
that B was anciently used among the Greeks (or ph, and Plutarch tells us that the MacedonLans always said jiiKnnrov for 
^iXnrTTov; and Festus says that they used aXfiov for a\(fiov; Lat. album. Note, that in words beginning with the letter 
f, it is quite eclipsed, and of no force in the pronunciation, when it happens by the course of speech t'.iat d, t, m, or bh 
"is prefixed to "it. Ex. TiYeoit, of flesh, ■o'peAjv or to a man, are pronounced deoil, dear, etc. r-feAp, thy husband, 
u'peóib, thy flesh, arc pronoiuiced tear, teoil ; in'peAp, ni'peóil, are pronotmced mear, meoil, etc. Ap b'pp, our men, A]\ 
Ib'peApAn, our land, our ground, are pronounced as if written dr bhir, or ar vir ; ar bhearam or ar vearan. So that 
the initial /is quite eclipsed, and taken no notice of in the pronunciation, though it always stands in the writuag, for 
presei-viug the radical frame of the word. 

IpA, fa, improperly written for f ac, cause ; is a 

conj. that; " c]\eAT) A,n |:ac |-a ngAinceA]^, 

Cpioin) ■oe"; is an interj. fie! for bA, but), 

was, were ; yA hi An cinjeAn ; is a prep, under, 

to, unto ; fA'n ccLÁ^i, under the table ; |:A'n 

coibb, to the wood ; when prefixed to a noun 

substantive it makes it an adverb ; adv. against. 

VÁ cut, fa chul, 1 1 1 1 1 

",. . ■^ /• Ji ■ > adv. backwards. 
T-A "ojuiinii/a dliruim,) 

■JTA cotiiAi]\,/a chornhair, adv. before. 

"PÁ f)ei)\eAT), fa dheireadh,&,A-v. at length, lastly. 

VÁ TJeoiuj/a dheoidh, adv. finally. 

■pÁ ■Ó0, fa dlio, adv. twice. 
■pÁ beAc, fa leath,\ adv. apart, distinctly, sepa- 
■pÁ ^-eAc, fa seach, ) rately, one by one. 
■pÁ ]ie ceibe, fa re cheile, adv. together. 
■pÁ t\\^,fa thri, adv. thrice. 
"PA cuAHAim, fa thuaraim, adv. towards. 
Ip^hAl, fabhal, s. m. an expedition, journey. 
JTAbAbb, fahhall, s. m. a fable, romance ; a re- 
port, account; " "Oom ■ooibjio]' AO clumnii 


^AbAÍZ'X]', fabhalias, s. m. profit, gain, income. 
■pÁbAii,/(í6/irtr, s. a favour, friendship. 





\:Ab<y]\, /abhar, s. the eyebrow, eyelid, tlie eye. 

VAb<.\)iAc,/aWta/-<i67i, adj. favourable. 

VAbnA, fahhra, a. February; a veil, curtain, 

VAb)\v\,/ai/ira, \ 9. eyebrows, eyelashes, 

].\\b]iAncA, fabhranta,] eyelids. 

V\vb]u\ini,/aí'Amí//í, v. I favour, befriend. 

JTAbiiAticAC, fabhrantach, adj. favourable. 

\:^tQ\]\]'e, fabhtlioirse, s. negligence. 

i.\\bcoini-eAC, fabhlhoirseach, adj. negligent, 

YAc,fac, s. m. a kind of spade; a turf spade. 

{Tac, fach, s. the hole in which a lobster is found, 

y AC AC, /achach, s. m. a puiEn. 

VacaiIC, /ac/iatY/, adj. full of woods. 

VACAim, /ac/taim, s. matter, cause, reason. 

i-'ACAin, fachain, s. f a calling; temptation; 
fighting, engaging. 

PacaI, facal, see yocAl. 

VacIac, faclach, see ].-ocIa6. 

^'acc, /cíc/ií, s. f a battling or fighting ; question ; 
i. e. ■pA^-]\Ait)e, 0. g. 

Vaccuacc, /ac/íÍHac/tí, adj. just. 

i-'A-Oj/aJ, s. length. A]; ].-At), in length, An |-a-o, 
whilst, CA pA-o? how long? is put for ].-Á X)0, 
thy, 5HAin ]:at) peACAroib, S. A., 49; under 
your or thy ; i. e. J.-A 'oo. 

VA-o,fad 1 ,^^^. ^ ^^ji_ 

1-A-OA, /cícía,) '' ° 

"Pa-ó, fadh, s. a cut ; a cause ; science. 

■pA^oAt), fadadh, s. a kindling, lighting. 

■pADAU-cluAij-e, fadadh- cluaise, s. priming of 
a gun, a match, Sh. 

'^•yoA-6-c\\\.\MX>,fadadh'Cruaidh, s. part of a rain- 
bow in stormy weather, which sailors call a 
dog, Sh. 

VA-OA-o-fputnce, fadadh-spuince, s. touchwood, 

]-\\'OAi'óini ,fadaidhim,v. I kindle, excite, provoke. 

y^AVAtpm, fadaighim, v. I stretch, lengthen. 

IpAVA^X., fadaU, s. f delay, lingering, proUxity. 

yÁ-óÁA, fadhail, see pÁjÁit. 

Vatdaiih, /atZíiim, see yA-OAijiin ; v. I expound, 
explain ; Heb., fatsa. 

y<\x)AÍAc, fadalach, adj. tedious, lingering. 

fAVAÍA^m, fadalaim, v. I linger, procrastinate. 

yAxtAlzACtfadaltach, adj. long-jointed. 

Í-'A-ób, /a£Í/í6, s. m. a raven; a goddess of war; 
a question, riddle ; a knob, knot, bunch, ex- 
crescence ; a mole ; opportunity ; a fault. 

PA-ob, fadhbh, s. m. cutting, wounding, i. e. 
yoTDutbAt), i. e. gcApiiAB, no ceA^cATJ, o. ij.; 
accoutrements; " Ua|iIa ó ConcobAin yAilje 
A)\A ccui i)-in c'l]!, »-^5^^ ]io lontJi'Aij IIIac 

510UA phÁccnAig AgAf nA 501U ^iip \\o 
T^HAOincA-o Iaii" \'o\\\\a, aja]' ^opocup AUÁ^t, 
AjA^ i:iJAii\i'eAC A liunnnii c-oaIa iiióha 
■oeitJeAO, -D'Aipm aja]' u'^Aiub nA njAÍl", 
4 Mast. 1421. 

\:AX>h,fadhb, see ).-eAt)b. 

pA-obAC, fadhbhach, a. intricate. 

y<\x)hÁ\i, fadhban, a. m a mole, hillock. 

^AthcAoi , fadhbhchaoi, s. a labyrinth. 

VA-ocliiAi-Ác,/(iíic7i/íís<if/í, adj. long cared. 

\:AX)CoyAt,/adchosach, adj. long legged. 

yA-ov\\omAnAC, /addromaiiach, adj. long waisted. 

yAX)é\u,fadhein, pron. used for pétn in old MSS. 

Í-'A-óeoij, fadheoig, adv. finally, after all. 

„ . . J- j/7 • 7 • 7 'i s.f longanimity, 

VATDi.-o,5,T)e, fadfhoighide, { patience, long 

i:AT)j.-UAlAin5, fadflmalmng, j fyffe,;ng, 

PATDfUAlAngAC, /nfZ/7iitaZa/iyae/i, \ adj. long 

j-'A-opuAlAnjAi-ó, fadflmalaiigaidh, ) suffering. 

■pATJlAit), s. fadhlaidh, s. loosing. 

yAv\.A)m, fadhlaim, v. I distinguish. 

i-'AtJoj, fadogh, s. kindling, ceine nió]\ -oo 

^aví-aoí^aX^c, fadskaoghalach, adj. long_ lived. 

i-'A'oi-nui'oenAC, fadstuiderach, adj. studious, S. 
A. 29. 

yAtiz,fadht, s. the breath. 

ipAVteATi'^AC, /adtheangach, adj. long tongued. 

^AVÚ-^AV, /adughadh, s. stretcliing, lengthening 

fAeltiiAC, faelmhac, s. m. an educated person, a 
son of learning. 

^AQmAX), faemhadh, see pAoiíiA'ó. 

p Aec AX), /aeí/íacZ/i, s. killing. 

^AQÍMm, faethairn, v. I kill. 

„ . ^ ^, '^ an inclination to laughter, 

^AezeJaethe ( j^ j^^^ ^^^.^^^ ^„ 

fAeceA-o, /aei/ieaa/t, ( . . ° ' 

Papa! fafa! Interj. O strange! 

yA^,fagh, s. m. a field. 

"PAgA, fagha, s. m. a deathglving dart; i. e. 

xipocJA; an attempt; an offer. 
p'ÁjÁib, fagail, see pÁgbÁib. 
pÁjAil, faghail, s. getting, finding, obtaining. 
^a^mI, fagail, adj. desolate. 
pÁ5AÍm, /a^a»«, v. I leave, quit, desert, vacate. 
pÁjAini./aíií/wíOT, V. I get, obtain, find. 
PajaI, fagal, s. omission. 
Pa5aI,/(/^A«?, s. m. power. 
PajaIca, /tf^/itite, part, gained, found, won. 
pA5Al,cAC,/a^/í«ííaí7í, ^adj. profitable, 

\:.xt^.\lzMY(iA.c,faghaltaiseach, ^ advantageous. 
pA5AlcAp,/a^/íaiíaá, s. m. gain, profit, advantage. 
yAt^A\\\-\c, fagharsach, adj. insipid, nasty. 
yk^AA, fagbhail, s. leaving, quitting. 
pÁ5bAiiii,/a^6/iaí!rt, v. I forsake, quit, abandon . 





ir^jbATTi , faghbliam, v. to strip, Sh. 

y<\-^-\]-^, fagisg, adv. near, Sc. 

y■^■z^ó^X),fago^d, s. a faggot. 

i-VgcA, fagtha, part, forsaken, forlorn ; ailj. cruel, 

Paic, /aí'c, s. f. a spai'kle. 

i-Vic l/aú'/ interj. see ! behold ! 

í^■^^ce, fake, s. a stitch, a tatter; jau ].-«Mce ■oon 

1-\\ice, faiche, s. f a field, a plain. 

)-\\iceACC, faicheacht, s. walking in the fields. 

y-s\ceAcv, faiceachi, s. i. luxury. 

y^MceM), faicheadh, s. seeing. 

y mcqaV^c, faicealach, adj. evident, manifest. 

pAice<\l,ACT), faicealachd, s. f. evidence. 

yMce-\\X, faicheall, s. wages, reward, salary. 

VÁiceAllAC, faicheallach, s. m. a lamp, light, 
candle; adj. luminous. 

■pA'ceAtiiuil./ai'cmw/iMiV, adj. important; adv. in 
a trice. 

fAicil, faicil, s. f. caution, guard, watch. 

■|.\\icileAC,/ai«7iac^, adj. cautious, wary. 

j.\\icill, /aic/íí7/, see |-c\iceAlt. 

VAicitieAC, /aicA?7foít7í, adj. earning. 

VAicillnii,/(í/ci7/ím, V. I guard, watch. 

yMc\m,faic{m, v. I see. 

yMc\n,J\drui, Is. seeing, sight, the counte- 

■j.\\i c)-i n.faicsin, ) nance. 

}-\\icioll,/rtic/í2oZ/, see fAiceAlL 

yMc-\o\-, faichios, s. fear; prop, i-aiccio]'. 

Vaic]-ioiiac, faicsionacli, adj. visible. 

VAicfionrA,/ai«io??ta, part, seen, beheld. 

yi\m, faiJIi, departure, going, exhaustion ; i. e. 
t]\Ai5 no iniceAcco.i/. ; v. yo, or "oó ].-Ái-ó,to go. 
" Uo \\\m CAH CAlpA uile", St. F. 
" Uo I.-A1-Ó A ]-pi)>uc ■oo cum nuiie", Brog. 

yÁm,fuid/i, s. m. a prophet. 

Í:ATóbile,/(ííV//i?;/ii7(;, s. the beech tree. 

V'Ai-oe, faide, adj., compar. of pA-oA; s. length. 

y^.n>e..\cr, faideacht, s. f longitude. 

yi\\x}e-yo6^\\,faid/ieado!r, s. m. a prophet. 

yM-úeAX)ó\]\Q,i.cT),faidheadoireachd, s. f the gift 
of prophecy, prophesying. 

yMX>eAmw\,,faidheamhiiil, adj . prophetic ; criti- 
cal, witty. 

pAiTjeocAin, faideocham, v. to deceive, Sh. 

yA-meo-^,f(iideog, s. f. lot, chance ; a green plover. 

■pAiTjiT), faidid, s. Í. distance. 

y^mmm, faidhidin, s. f patience. 

yMm^ei^czJaidigheacht, s. f. longanimity, longi- 

•pATOim, faidhim, v. I give up, yield; devise, 

VAit>ip,/(«VZ/«V, s. a fair; vulg. 

yMW\\m. faidhirin, s. f a fairing, a L'ift. 

VAit)peAc, /fli&eac/i, adj. lumpish. 

■pÁij, /ai<//i, s. m. a prophet; a soothsayer; beg- 
ging by patent or leave in Scotland ; a trick- 
ster, Sh. 

pÁiJTDe, faighdhe, s. help, succour, i. e. con^- 
nAiii, 0. g. 

yk\■^e6.■oó^\\, faigheadoir, see pÁióoA-ooip. 

yMx^eoX^x), faigheoladh, s. day. 

y.s\i^\,faighidineach, adj. patient. 

j-'Aijim, faighim, v. I speak, talk. 

yMt^m,fa'ujhin, s. a sheath, scabbai-d, case. 

yMx^e,fa{ghle, \ s. woids, talk, conver- 

pAijlcAt), faighleadh,) sation. 

yMÍjlec>.x), faighleadh, s. ivy; taking hold of 

Pai jLeAun, /«/(//i/m»m, s. f. an armoury. 

y^^-gye, faigse, adv. near. 

yi..A,fail, a. f the hiccough; a rim or border 
round the edge of a pot, bucket, etc.; a 
ring, a wreath, a ring, a collar; company, 
society ; fate ; a place ; an inclosure, a fence ; 
a circle; adj. fatal; generous; s. f. a den, a 
resting place. 

1.''Áilbe,/rti7('í/ie,s. emptiness ; adj. lively, sprightly 

i-\\ilbeAcr,/<M7/>/ieac/i<,) s. f. liveliness, spright- 

yMVbeó.y,fa{lbheas, ) liness. 

j-'AitbeAcc, failhheacht, s. f. emptiness. 

yA\Vbe'\X), failbheadh, s. vegetation. 

yMVóe^^■^,faUhheag, s. a ring. 

y.\\1he\m, failheim, s. blasting as of corn. 

yMlhyii'ww.failhhiqhim,^ t • i i- 

i- 11- ^ -111 ■ r V. 1 quicken, enhven. 

\MVó\m,fadbhiin, J ^ 

VAilc,/ní7c, s. f a mouth, a gap, opening; a hair 

lip; stammering, stuttering ; a blow, buffet. 
yM\,ce,failce, s. batliing. 
■j."'AilceAnn,/ai7feaJin, s. a lid. 
■pAilce-cec, failce-teth, s. hot baths. 
y M\^c\m, failcim, v. I bathe. 
VAilcip, faikis, s. i. a pit. 
JTAil-cluAipe, /ai7-cíiírtisí, s. f an ear ring. 
■pÁiL-con,/rti7-c/iO??, s. a dog kennel. 
'Í:Ail-ciiAc,/aí7-CMac/i, s. m. the mouse ear; vulg. 


yÁ)1e,faile, s. a smell, scent; hedging. 
yh'leo.'bAX), faileabhadh, s. death. 
'|:ÁileACAti,/i!í7eí7c/ia?í, s. m. an earring. 
j.\\ileAp,/(i?7£a«, s. m. a shadow. 
■pÁileo3,/aí7t'0(/, s. f a hillock; the hiccough. 
yAiVe-cum\\-s, faile-cumhi-a, s. a sweet smell. 
■}:Áil5eAc,_/ai/^ííí£"/i, adj. poor; abounding with 

yi.]1^]m,faUgim, v. I beat or cut; «'.Sg. bwAibim, 

no 5eA]']\Am, o. g. 
yÁi'ix,\]-,failgis,v- you strike or cut; i. e. buAilip, 

no jeAniiAp, 0. g. 
yiwlm, fadidh, s. exhaling, exhalation. 





yc,\h^te<\c, failif/Jitheach, s'. clandestine design. 

■Í-\\iliiii,/at7i;«, V. I smell. 

í.\\ilnnnne>.\L,/(u7m/ti<í/ie«/, s. m. a collar. 

y.s\\,mpm,fa{l)iigJHm,v. I fail. 

yhln-w^s-ojfailniughadh, s. failing. 

VaiII, fal/l, s. f. leisure ; barratry, guile, knavery. 

V<-\ilt, faill, s. f a cliíF, precipice; prop. Á1LI, 
advantage, opportunity ; the hiccough ; teacli- 
ing, exposition; ruling, dominating; serving. 

VaiII, faill, \ s. f. a kernel, a hard lump of 

yMlhn, faillin.j flesh. 

^MXXe, faille, s. danger, decay. 

Yh\Xei.n, faillean, s. m. a young sucker fioni the 
root of a tree ; root ; root of the ear. 

,,-1, • J' -ii J7 "i s. neglect, failure, omis- 

v.- 11 • 'í -IT 1 r sion:rAn i:AiLb?;e,with- 

UAh^e,faúhghe, ^ outfall. \ ^ 

y^ MlXe \m\i\\^, failleamlmil, adj. deceitful. 

j-'Aillije, fuiliighe, s. lapse. 

pÁillijeAC, failliglieach, adj. negligent, heedless ; 

^MVhi^-im, failUghim, v. I fail, neglect, delay. 
\:Ái'\Xn\t^.xti, failUughadli, s. failuie, faihng. 
i^M\Xmm,faiUmhidh, s. f emptiness. 
^MXXnejfaillnc, s. a consumption. 
■pAil,'L^'eAc,y(n7/seai.7i, adj. sudorific. 
)^M\X.Y\-^\m,faillsigInm, v. I perspire. 
VvmIiii, /az77?i, s. the tiller of a ship. 
j.\\il-nunce, /<u7-»«<ic;e, s. f a hog sty. 
'P'i'l'l'eoj, failreog, s. f a hillock. 
\:M\.\e\iV^, faihheula, s. a motto, superscription. 
VÁilce, failte, s. welcome, salutation ; a shield, 

see quot. at cob]\A. 

■pAilceACj/flZ/Cftic/i, adj. welcoming, agreeable. 

■pÁilo-5,/(íi7íd(//í, s. an invitation. 

yhtripm, failtig/nm, v. I welcome, salute. 

yi.\1zni^A-o, fdltiugadh, s. salutation, greeting. 

1-''Áilchi,/ffi7íi/i, s. f an intermeddler. 

yiwi-\e,faime, s. f a border, hem. 

i\\m,/««i, 1 r. • , - 

r, . -^ /. • > s. I. a nng, see Okin, Ainiie. 

]-Aine, fame,) ^' ' 

\:i.mce, fa'mclie, s. m. a fox. 

^■^mvie\Ac,faindelach, s. m. a fool, a silly pereon. 

'PAiiie,/aiiie, s'. f a wart; weakening, lessening, 

)-\\ni5,/«i)i^, s. f a kind of Irish coin; a raven: 

a carnivorous bird. 
''fMn-z^e,fain<je, s. m. an insignificant fellow. 
■pAinic \fainic.' interj. take care ! beware ! 
■|.\MnijiTii,/a/;íí'í//ii'm, v I fail. 
\:i^m\.eo-c^,fainleog, s. f. a swallow, prop. Ainbeog. 
y:-s.mnóX), fainnadh, see ponnAt). 
■pÁinnej/amíií, s. £ ignorance; s. m. a ring. 
]-\\inne*.vll, fainneall, s. a fanuel or handful of 

straw used for thatcliing. 

PAtnni, fainni, s. the pores of the body. 
■pAi]A, /aiV, prep, on, upon; s. f a ridge, an emi- 
nence; the rising of the sun; " "Oia bitn y\\\ 
I'Uin, ■oiAÍim )rj\i ):aii\". Coll. CilL; an answer. 
■pAijib, /aíVÍ», s. f weeds. 
YA'\]\h]\c, fairhre, s. a notch, impression; a fault, 

stain, blemish. 
]^A\]\b]\\-xt'X-i]\,fairbhnathai)', s. f a word, a pre- 

■pAipbjuj, fairbhrigh, s. £ excess, i. e. 1iiiaii\- 

ctt), 0. g. 
]rAi]\cÁn, /atVcAan, s. m. a knot. 
^M\\ce,fairee, s. £ a mallet; extent. 

VAi^ce, fairche, s. £ a diocese, paiish, churcli 

■pAijiceAbl, /azVcea/Z, s. £ a reward. 

'PAi]icibl,/air«7/, s. f a pot lid, cover, etc. 

■pAiUcbe, faircle, s. the uppermost extremity; 

■pAi]TO|iei]', fairdlireis, s. £ a bramble. 

^M\\e,faire, \ s. watch, watching, watch- 

\^M\\, faireadh, J fulness, vigilance. 

■pAine !/aiVá.' interj. watch! guard! take care! 
behold! fie! 

^M\\eAc, faireach, adj. watchful. 

■pAiiieACA-o, faireachadli, s. a wakening, watch- 

y^M]\eo-^, faireog, see ^-Ailjieóg. 

yÁ^]\eo^,fa^reog, s. £ a kernel, gland; a hillock. 

■pAineójAc, faireogach, adj. pertaining to the 

yM]\yo^^A■^, fairfonadli, s. warning. 

l-'Ainje, fairge, s. £ the sea, a sea or wave, brine. 

y:A\\\^eo\\\,foirgeoir, s. m a seaman, a sailor. 

^^A^\\^^\^■eo^\\, fairgseoir, s. m. a spy. 

■pAtjiij, fabigh, s. £ a parish. 

|.\\ini5An,/«mi/art, s. note of admiration. 

^^■\\\\\x;im,fairighiin,\ v. I watch, guard; per- 

\:M\\\m,fairim, ) ceive. 

"PAium, /aiVi«, s. £ a swarm, a multitude. 

yó.\]»-^]-\onAC, fairigsionach, s. m. a brave, war- 
Uke champion. 

■pAijii)-, fairis, prop, and pron. along with him, 

\^A-\\\\u^A-ó, fairiughadh, s. perception, watchful- 

pAi|\nieA-ó, fairmheadh, s. position, situation. 

■pAi]uiiim,/aiVmiOT, s. a train, retinue. 

XM\\ne.\cr3, fairneaclid, s. £ a meeting. 

'^<^\]\r\\c,fiirnic,\. came, obtained, •oof pAipinc- 
CAi]i, i. e. "00 t;A]ibA].-Ai]i, UA -oo ceAjAiiii, 0. y. 

V<Mimicim, fairnicim, v. 1 obtain, get, invent, 

1-\\i]\feAn5, /a?Vsm))5',"|_ adj. wide, large, ox- 

VAin]-in5.yí!i>si';!í/, J tended, spacious. 





\^A^]\p^•\■^e, fairsinge, "i s. plenty, largeness, 

■pAijii'ingcAct), fairsiii- > extent, wideness, 
geachd, ) widtli. 

1^i'^\\y\r\■z^e(^ci.^tl , fairsingeachadh, e. enlargement, 

XM\\YW\-^\m, fairsingim, v. I enlarge, extend. 

y<i^\\\^o^^, fairsion, prep, and pion. upon. 

^M'\\'\y<ió-^,fairspeog, s. f. a large gull. 

■j-'Aijine, fairthe, s. f. a feast; adv. Eoon, quickly, 
immediately; adj. prepared; swift. 

■pÁi|iceAc, /aírí^íac/i, adj officious, watchful. 

^M\\teicó, fairtheadh, s. a feast, wake-goose, sup- 

'PAi)icleACA'ó, /aM'<?eac7ía(íA, 6. overcoming. 

\:Mycecd), faisceadh, s. pressure, pressing; apen- 
fbld, a fold. 

X^'^ycy.e, faiscre, s. f. compulsion, violence. 

VAifome,/aisf/t/!e, see ^'Aij^cme. 

s. m. a fold, a povmd, an 
- enclosure, a bond, tie. 


VAi^'jeAT), faisgeadh, 

XM\vjsA-b,faisgeadh, s. m. a equeezing, impoimd- 

■pAi|'5eAn,/a4'^é'aw, s. m a clieese press. 

pAiygcAiiiuil.,, faisheamhuil, adj. compressible, 
compressed, flat. 

y:■^^\•■^\m,faisgim, v. I squeeze, wring, compress, 
oppress, bind, tie, strain, urge. 

\:A\YQpe6.b, faisgneach, s. m. a cathartic. 

^^■\\^-^te, faifigtlie, part squeezed, compressed. 

\.s\\vfekr\,faisgthean, s. m. a press; a sponge. 

^"AipT)in, /amrfm, see fAi^cine. 

jrÁipjim,/aísíV/7íi»i, see yeipjiTn. 

^•wynee^cx), faisneachd, s. f. prophesying. 

ir<M]'nei]', /aisneis, s. f. intelligence, rehearsal. 

Í.\M]'néif , /ais«m, adj. speakable, intelligible. 

■pAi^-n ei]-! m ,faisnemm,\: I certify , publish, relate. 

ipMyrC'^Tioyy, faistecmoir, s. m. a soothsayer. 

■j.\vi)'cine. /«/«Zí'ííí, s. prophecy, omen. 

■Í.\M]'cineAc,/tít.í<HiCrtc/i, s. m. a soothsayer, augur, 
prophet, wizard. 

y^AiyzmeAcv, faistineacltd, s. auguring. 

ij^Myz^mm, faistí7iÍ7n, v. I prophesy, foretol. 

ipA^t, faith, 8. f. heat, warmth; apparel, raiment. 

XA'^tJaitJ,, 1 ^^ j.gj^ .^ J 

XMx:ce, faiihche,) ' ^ ' 

1fMche,faiihe, s. f a laugh. 

fMtceACX), faitJicheachd, s. a stalking gait, walk- 
ing in the fields. 

\^A\tceAmvu\.,faitJic7ieam7iidl, adj. stately. 

■pAicceA)',/"ai<e/ims,s.m.foar,apprehcnsion ; bafh- 

yMtc\-6, faiihcJiidh, s. a green or plain. 

X^ttbmeiJt, faiihchidheach, adj. agrarian. 

X'^'^tt\omt'S, faithchiomtha, adj. hemmed. 

i-'Aice, faitJie, s. f the hem of a garment; one 
fold of cloth, a crease. 

lpiS-\ve<sc,faiteack, adj. fearful, shy. 

\^<s}teóx), faitheadh, s. failing, dying. 

y<x:zeAl,faiteal, s. light; music. 

yÁ:€e&]\ faiteas, see ^'aiccca]'. 

y^^^te^mw,faitheimid,a. afield, green, Sk. 

■pAiCTJiof, faitighios, s. f reluctance, dread of 
bad consequence. 

pAiciLceoii', faitJdlteois, s. ra. a broker. 

■pAicitii ,/aí</iíTO,s. the hem or borderof a garment ; 
V. I clothe, Sh. 

"^Mtmne, faitMnne,s. i. a wart; a firebrand. 

]^■^■\t\o\,zó^\, faithioltoir, s. m. a broker. 

\Mt^\\\.eo-^,fait]drleog, s. f a swallow, a lapwing. 

).\\icliof,yáí</í/ioí, s. f. a wardrobe. 

pAiclio)-ói]i,/tii<///íosotV,s. m. a wardrobe keeper. 

^^'^■\tr\e&m^,faitllneann, s. a liking. 

^^c^tr\e^\m^,fait]lneann,\ adj. resplendent, pleas- 

VAicniont), faithniond, J ing to look at. 

^Mtnm, faUhnidh, s. f. a gland, a wart. 

pAicfe,/a2<«e, s. m. the south, southern point. 

■pAicfCAC, /ajíséac/i, adj. southward, southern. 

■p<5.t, /rt/, s- m. a grudge, malice; a prerogative, 
privilege ; " ci]' V^\\ ^áLa ^-o |aia-oac •oilpe 
CACA felijA", Br. L. ; a king, privileged per- 
son; a scythe, a spade, a trifle; a wall, hedge, 
fold, circle ; much, plenty, power, opulence ; 
guarding, tending cattle; learning, science; 
hence imf pAib; a field that has never been 
tilled or broken, O'Donovan. 

X^V-vioy, fal-dos, s. m. a thorn-hedge. 

\:iX-rnor\óxi, fal-mhonadh, a peat spade, Sh. 

■pÁl,A, fala, s. spite, grudge, fraud, treachery. 

■i-\\bAC, falach, s. m. ablanket, veil, covering; Á 
■bpAtAc, incognito, "D'yAbAC, to abscond, Ag