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ftec&K professor of Romance Languages in the University of Nebraska ; member of tbe Nobel InsHtvA. 

of tbe Swedish Academy in Stockholm ; author of various work* on Romance, 

Germantc f and Indo-European Philology, etc. 



University of Rome 


Instructor ; University of Nebraska, 


Copyright, 1901, 


Copyright, 1929, 



December, 1956 


IT is the aim of this work to meet the long-felt need of an 
Italian and English dictionary, based on the foremost recent 
authorities, and embodying a copious selection of modern words, as 
well as important obsolete ones, presented in a practical and yet 
etymological form. 

The main features of the work are explained below. 


The chief authority followed has been Petrocchi's N~ovo 
dizionario scolastico. But at its side have been consulted especially 
Petrocchi's Dizionario universale delta lingua italiana^ Rigutini- 
Fanfani's Vbcabolario italiano^ Zambaldi's Vocabolario etimo- 
logico italiano, and Baretti's, Millhouse's, and James- Grassi's well- 
known dictionaries. 

The vocabulary embodies a considerably larger number of 
Italian words than ordinary dictionaries of a similar size, and many 
more than Rigutini-Fanfani's large Italian dictionary. Almost 
every modern word contained in Petrocchi's c scholastic ' dictionary 
is quoted, and also a large number of rare or obsolete words, 
especially such as are indispensable in reading Italian classics. 
These are mainly from Petrocchi's c lingua fuori d' uso, 5 and are 
marked with a dagger (|). It should be noted here, however, that 
the obsolete abstracts in -tate, -tade, and -tute^ -tude, as identical 
with the modern in -tct and -, have been consistently omitted as 
unnecessary repetitions. 

Irregular forms of inflection are noted with their words, and 
also largely as titles in their alphabetical order. The full* conjuga 
tion of each simple irregular verb is given below the verb, and the 
conjugation of their compounds by proper reference, either directly 
or by pointing out the composition. 

Idiomatic phrases are usually given only when not self- 
explanatory ; and, on the whole, space for idioms has been econo 
mized in favor of a large vocabulary. 


The pronunciation is marked principally by subscript signs 
(as explained p. vi), such a method being the most direct, unequiv 
ocal, and free from confusion. 

Etymologically related words are grouped together, observing 
the requirements of convenience and absolute alphabetical sequence. 
Such grouping will serve the threefold purpose of both etymological 
and mnemonic association, of space-saving, and of facilitating the 
search for words, by enabling the student to pass easily from one 
group to another. 

The division of the group-words is made chiefly with reference 
to Italian spelling and pronunciation, and to space-saving. This is 
done with some disregard of etymological division, which could not 
be consistently carried out. 

The words are not grouped with reference to immediate deriva 
tion from each other, which would have necessitated very numerous 
groups, but simply with reference to near relationship of some kind. 
Hence the etymological word of the group is not necessarily the 
actual source-word from which the others are derived, though it 
may be so, and, as a rule, comes nearer to it than the others. 

The derivation of current Italian words, when known, is 
briefly denoted in brackets after each word occurring singly, or 
after that word in the group which comes nearest the etymological 
source. This latter word is divided by a heavy hyphen ( - ), or, in 
case of compounds, by double heavy hyphens ( = ); and, besides, if 
not found first in the group, preceded, for ease of reference, by 
double bars ( || ). Other words are divided by slight single or (for 
compounds) double hyphens ( -, or =). These conventional division- 
marks can cause no confusion, as Italian ordinarily uses no hyphens 
at all. 

When the derivation of a word is unknown or questionable, 
this is denoted by an interrogation-mark above or before the sug 
gested etymology. Suggestions are purposely rare. Besides the 
more immediate source of the Italian word, sometimes a remoter 
source is also indicated in parenthesis, especially when this may 
help to explain the present meaning, or to suggest a familiar form. 
To aid non-classical students, the meaning of source-words, when 
differing from the immediate sense of the Italian word, is given. 
For the same reason Greek words are transliterated. For rare and 
obsolete words (those marked f) no etymologies are given, except 
for special reasons, as when they underlie current forms. 


English cognates^ from whatever source, when not evident at 
first sight, are in SMALL CAPITALS, but only once, and under the Italian 
head- word, provided the English cognate occurs there, and in a form 
also sufficiently suggestive for derivative words. 


though more immediately based on previous works of a similar 
scope and purpose, yet, like the Italian-English part, has indications 
of pronunciation (cf. page iv), and etymological connections (by 
grouping). Light hyphens (-) are here conventional, while the 
heavy ( - ) stand for English hyphens between the members of a 
composite word. The requirements of the varied utterance and 
accentuation of English words have here necessitated a less rigorous 
grouping of kindred words than in the Italian-English part ; and, 
as the source of the Germanic elements of English is unfamiliar to 
the ordinary student, no etymologies (except as suggested by the 
grouping and by the frequent Italian cognates) are attempted. 

Also here a large number of obsolete words (marked f) are 
given as an aid to the Italian student of English classics. 

Dr. Giuseppe Bico has assisted me in revising the manuscript 
of the entire Italian-English part, and my pupil, Mr. J. L. Gerig, by 
much secretarial work, as well as aid in reading the proofs. 

It is in the hope that this dictionary, though imperfect, may 
contribute its share to a scholarly study of a language whose liter 
ary treasures, besides their intrinsic value, have had so great an 
influence on the shaping of English literature, that it is now sub 
mitted to the public. 


LINCOLN, NEB., May 1901. 



> know Italian sounds well, a correct pronunciation of the examples in thy 
lists below will be of service. 

1. Accent-marks. Though usage varies, Italian is ordinarily written without any 
other accent-sign than the grave ( % ) for accented final vowels (whether pronounced 
close or open). Accent-signs on other vowels are therefore conventional in this work, 
to mark the accented vowel, and, in part, its pronunciation. 

2. The Italian accent is less energetic than the English, and all syllables are 
ittered more evenly. 

3. Silent letters are in italics (e.g., i in agio, g in le^no). 


4. Italian vowels are uttered with a clear, full sound, and rarely dimmed like the 
English unaccented vowels. 

5. An accent-vowel is ordinarily long before another vowel, or one consonant, or a 
mute + r, I ; otherwise short. Unaccented vowels are short. 

6. List of the vowels with pronunciation signs : 


a a = a in ask (Webster) ; 5 : am.a ; pall a 

e e = e " bey (without vanish : French I) ; 5 : xsxene ; detto 

ie = e met; 5: texna; terra 

i = i " police; 5 : * . . . . vidi; illico 

6 o = o " no (without vanish) ; 5 : loro ; sotto 

6 = o " orb; 5: dro; porto 

OL n u " rue; 5 : tmo ; usiirpo 

y = Ital. i before vowel (cf. below) : yard 

vowei-coinponnds : each vowel has its own sound, though un 
accented i, u are lightly uttered : . . . . leoae ; fiore ; cudre 


7. Consonants omitted below are pronounced as in English (unless in italics, 3), 
observing that d, t are dental (formed near the base of the upper teeth) ; and that in 
uttering double consonants the tongue-contact is protracted (as if to allow for two 
consonants) before it is broken. 

8. List of consonants with their pronunciation signs : 
e = k: caro 

= ch in chest: . . -eera 

. . . gorgo 

. . . gemte 

1 = Fy: .... 011, SLglto 

s s in so , . . . SHOMO 

s = s in rose (z) : . rosa, s*barra 

s = sh in shall: . . scelta, oasoia 


z = Eng. dz: . . . zero, mamzo 

n riy : . . . . ie^/no (Un'yo) 

JT, dental and trilled (sharply as initial or after consonant) : pardla, ricco, padre 




conoscere bene i suoni inglesi bisogna imparare la pronunzia corretta 
degli esempi inglesi nelle liste sottostanti. 

1. I segni di pronunzia delle vocali accentate sono messi SOPRA le vocali ; gli altri 
segni (- di -c e th. eccettuato) SOTTO le lettere ; accumulate. 

2. Le lettere corsive (come e di sono mute: able, fatten, 
though (ugh mute). 


3. Le vocali non accentate con un segno sottoscritto si pronunziano come le vocali 
accentate collo stesso segno, benche meno distintamente (ed a, , o senza sdrucciola- 

4. Le vocali senza segni si pronunziano come le vocali col segno breve (a, e, ecc. 
a, e, ecc.), benche meno distintamente. 

5. U accento inglese e discendente e piu energico dell' accento italiano. 

6. La pronunzia delle parole ripetute non e indicata, fuorche per ragioni specials 

7. Vocali coi loro segni convenzionali : 


a = a, del ital. la: ......... dam<ee 

a a = a, pm piatta : ......... at ; attest 

a a = a, piu guttur. e lungo : ...... harmony ; harmonious 

a a = fra a ed 6 : .......... all ; although 

4 a = 6 : ............. "was ; qualification 

a a (a)= e chiusa, sdrucciol. in i (**) : . . . . fate ; emanate, senate 

a a =: ............. care ; welfare 

a =e: ............. again 

a = e, piu indistinto : ........ templar 

e e = e aperto in del : ........ met ; con-eept 

e e = e, ma lungo : ......... wkere ; wb.rein 

e e = e chiusa, sdrucciol. in i (eT 1 } : . . . . eight ; 6spri/ 

e e()= : ............. mo concrete, e/vent 

e e = eu del f rancese leur : ....... term ; termination 

ew e-w = u : ............. few nephei^ 

5 i = i breve, awicin. ad e : ...... *** 5 infer 

} | i lungo : ........... mien ; quarantine 

i i = a'y : ............ fine ; empire 

i i e : ............. fir ; nadir 

i =y: ............. onion 

6 o = o di notte, awicin. a a ingl. : . . . . hot ; dogmatic 

o O(Q)= o di loro, sdrucciol. in u (<f u } : . . . no; locality; doaniaiou 

5 9 = 5 : . . . . ...... .. 6rl> ; orda/'n 

6 g = u lungo : . ...... . . . . m5ve, f5ol ; ha^f-m^on 

6 o = u breve : . . . ..... ... "bosom, foot ; needful 

6 o =&:* come ; handsome 

o o =:...........' worker ; operator 

di o| = S'y , . . . . - * - - - - o|l ; coal-oil 

*in on = a'n :.....-. . - . ont ; hothonse 







= era : MOW 

= u lungo : rule ; ferric 

= u breve : . full ; -fal 

= fra 6 e 6 breve : "but 5 submit 

= y'u (dopo d, t, s, I quasi ):...., foeo-iity ; 

== e : urn ; sojourn 

= i : my ; deifjgr 

= 1: ffrd 


8. Le consonant! omesse si prominziano in inglese come in italiano, osservando tut* 
tavia che d, t si formano piu in dietro. 

=k: cart 

ne ==s: ell 

c ~ sk : ferocious 

ck = c di ce: . . . chap, ckest 
g = g di gala: game 

= h aspirata : have 

= jitaL: joke 

= n palatale : . . song, livingr 
= k: pique 

= qu ital.: quest 

= senza vibrazione distinta, 
e formata contro il pala- 
to anteriore (-r finale d 
muta nel sud dell* IngMl- 
terra) : . roll, rear, fathe.7 

= 9 di se: .... sell 


= s di rosa: . . . 

rose, as 




= s sonoro : ... 



= sc di scelta: ... 

ske, skuxi 





ck : 



= t colla punta della 

lingua fra i denti : 



= tk sonoro : . . 

the, hath* 


= u- di uovo : . . . 



h w ; 



gz : 



= k'sk : . . . 



gs : 





ADJ., adjective. 

ADV., adverb. 

agr., agriculture. 

alch., alchemy. 

Am., American. 

anat., anatomy. 

antiq., antiquity. 

Ar(ab.\ Arabic. 

arch., architecture. 

arith,, arithmetic. 

ART., article. 

artil., artillery. 

astrol., astrology. 

astron., astronomy. 

aug., augmentative. 

auxil., auxiliary. 

Bav., Bavarian. 

bot., botany. 

car., caressing (endearing). 

car. dim., caressing dimin 

Cath. rel., Catholic religion. 

carp., carpentry. 

chem., chemistry. 

coll., collective. 

com., commerce. 

CONJ., conjunction. 

contr., contraction. 

cook., cookery. 

dial., dialectic. 

dim., diminutive. 

disp., disparaging. 

disp. aug., disparaging aug 

disp. dim., disparaging di 

d y., dyeing. 

ficcl., ecclesiastical, 

echoic, onomatopoetic. 

Eng., English. 

engr., engraving. 

nt., entomology. 

F., feminine. 

/am., familiar. 

fenc., fencing. 

fig. t figuratively. 
fort., fortification. 
JFr., French. 
Fut., Future. 
gard., gardening. 
geol., geology. 
geom., geometry. 
Ger., German. 
Gr., Greek. 
her., heraldry. 
horol., horology. 
hort., horticulture. 
hunt., hunting. 
hyd r., hydraulics. 
ichth., ichthyology. 
IMP., impersonal. 
I(nd.\ Indicative. 
invar., invariable. 
IKTR., intransitive. 
INTERJ., interjection. 
iron., ironically. 
Impf., Imperfect. 
IRR., irregular. 
It., Italian. 

I've, Imperative. 
jest., jestingly. 
jur., jurisprudence. 

L., Latin. 

leg., legal. 

lit., literature. 

I. L., late Latin (vulgar or 

log., logic. 

M., masculine. 

mam., mammalogy. 

man., manege. 

mar., marine. 

math., mathematics. 

mech., mechanics. 

Tried., medicine. 

metal., metallurgy. 

mil(it)., military art. 

min., mineralogy. 

mus., music. 

myth., mythology. 

K., noun-substantive. 
nav., naval. 
OFr., Old French. 
OGer., Old German. 
OHG., Old High German, 
opt., optics. 
orni., ornithology. 
P., Past. 

paint., painting. 
Part., PART., participle. 
pers., person. 
pharm., pharmacy. 
ptiil(os.'), philosophy. 
phys., physics. 
pi., plural. 
p. L., popular Latin. 
poet., poetic. 
pol., politics. 
pop., popular. 
Pres., Present. 
PREF., prefix. 
PREP., preposition. 
Pret., FRET., Preterit. 
print., printing. 
PROX., pronoun. 
REFL., reflexive. 
rel., religion. 
rhet., rhetoric. 

Scand., Scandinavian. 
sculpt., sculpture. 

s(ing)., singular. 

Stybj.), Subjunctive. 

Swed., Swedish. 

Sp*, Spanish. 

surg., surgery. 

Syr., Syriac. 

tech., technology. 

theat., theatre. 

theol., theology. 

TR., transitive. 

triv., trivial. 

typ., typography. 

vet., veterinary artc 

vnlg., vulgar. 

go'dl., zoology. 

t, obsolete word or meaning. 
* before a word, hypothetical form. 
II, sign to help find the etymology- word within a group. 

-, in Part I, division-sign of the etymology-word of a group ; in Part H English 
hyphens between members of compound. 

-, division-sign of other than etymology-words. 
=, division-sign between members of a compound. 

s, division-sign between members of a compound which is also the etymology- word 




a i [L.], p. : a (the letter). 

a 2, before vowel ad [L. ad], PREP.: at; to; 
for ; (oceas'ly) by, with, in ; on ; according 
to, as : casa, at home ; cavallo, on 
horseback ; mente, by heart ; poco 
poco, little by little, gradually; quanta 
penso, as I think ; che pro ? of what use ? 

a% for ai = a i, 'to the/ 

aba. . , for words not found under aba. . , 
cf. abba. . 

aba-dessat =badessa. -diat=ao&aa*ia. 
-ta-e-eio, disp. of -te. ||aba-te [L. abbas 
(Syr. abbti, father)], M.: abbot; (Rom. 
Cath.) priest (clergyman), -tino, dim. 
of -te. -tone, augm. of -te. -tonzolo, 
-twi-c-eio, -tu-e-etac-eto, -tucolo, disp. 
of -te. -zia, -ziale = abbazia, -ziale. 

ttbba-camento, M. : musing; raving. 
II -care [-co], INTR. : computef; muse 
(fancy) ; puzzle one's head ; rave. 

abbac-c^Iamento, M. : knocking down 
(fruit) ; lowering (of price). ||-cMare 
[oaccAio], TR. : knock down with a pole 
(as fruit, etc.) ; knock down ; sell cheap : 
una ragazza,marry a girl poorly (merely 
to get her married). -cMata, F.: knock 
ing down ; cudgeling. -c7iiato, PART. : 
knocked down; dejected; humiliated. 
-e/t/iatura, F. : knocking down. 

abba -c /lino [-co], M. : simple arithmetic. 
~c7tista, M. : arithmetician (us'ly disp.). 

abba-ei-nare [bacino], TR. : blind by 
torture ; f dim (obfuscate, eclipse), -nato, 
PART. : injured (of the eyes). 

abba-co [L. abacus, counting-board], M. : 
arithmetic ; counting : aver poco , be a 
poor computer. 

abbadaref = badare. 

abbadia abbazia. 

abba-^liamento, M., -grltanza, F. : 
blindness; delusion. H-gliare [bagliore'], 
TR. : dazzle; beguile; INTR.: be dazzled 
(be blinded), REFL. : make a mistake. 

abbai-amento, M. : barking. ||-are 
[ban'], INTR.: BAY (bark, howl); sing 
poorly; carp, -at a, F. : barking (yelp); 
yell. -at ore, M., -atora, -atri-ee, 
F. : barker ; babbler. 

abbaino [?], M. : dormer-window. 

ab-baio [-are], M.: barking, -baio, M.: 
jojuch harkirg. -baitfne, M. : loud barker. 


abbal-lare [balla], TR.: emBALE (pack 
up), -latore, M. : embaler (packer), 
-linare, TR. : roll up (a mattress for air 
ing the bed), -lottare [ballotta], TR. ; 
handle, fumble with ; manage ; put to 
the vote. -lottatura, P.: handling, 
-lottio, M. : much or frequent handling. 

abbalordire [balordo], TR. : stun (dull). 

abbambolato [JamooZa], ADJ. : doll-eyed 
(with expressionless eyes, languid-eyed). 

abbau-donare, TR. : abandon (relin 
quish, forsake) ; REFL. : give one's self up 
(yield), -dcaiatamente, ADV.: in an 
abandoned manner ; hopelessly, -donate, 
ADJ.: abandoned (forsaken); hopeless. 
-donatore, M. : deserter. (|-dox&o [cf. 
OFr. bandon, power], M. : abandonment 
(forsaking, desertion): in , in utter 
neglect or disorder. 

abbar-bagrliaxQLeiito, M. : dazzling ; de 
lusion. Il-ba0|f are [bagliore], TR. : 
dazzle (daze, stupify). -bagrlio, M.: daz 
zling; delusion. 

abbarbicare [oar&a], INTR. : take root. 

abbarcare [oarca], TR.: load up (pile up). 

abbarraref = sbarrare. 

abba-rnfTainento, M.: scuffie; quarrel. 
H-rnffare [barvffa], TR. : put in confusion 
(jumble together); REFL.: scuffle (wrangle). 
-mffio, M. : violent wrangle. 

ab-bassazn ento, M.: lowering; debasing. 
H-bassare [oasso], TR. : lower (depress ; 
diminish, reduce); deBASE; cast down; 
INTR.: abate, -bassata, F.: lowering; 
reduction; humiliation, -lasso, ADV. 
PREP. : below ; dovm ; down-stairs : i 
cappelli! hats off! i tiranni! down 
with the tyrants ! 

abba-stante, (vulg.}=- bastante. -stanza 
[cf. bastanza], ADV. : sufficiently (enough). 

abbatef, etc. = abate, etc. 

abbat-tere \battere], TR. : beat or knock 
down (BATTER down, overthrow) ; cut 
down, ABATE (lower, humble); REFL.: be 
downcast (be distressed); hit or happen 
upon. -timento, M. : beating down 
(overthrow) ; dejection ; f aintness ; lan- 
guidness; debasement. 

abbatufolare [batvfolo], TR. : make a 
bundle of; throw into a heap (throw in 

4 abbattuto 

abbattiato [part, of abbattere], ADJ.: 
struck down; downcast (depressed); hum 

abba-za [a&atfe], P.: abbey; abbotship. 
-ziale, ADJ.: abbatial. 

abb-edario [a, I, c, d], M. : spelling- 

abbellart = abbelUre. 

abbel-limento, M.: embellishment. 
lire [bello], TR. : embellish. -litiara, 
F. : embellishment ; ornamented story. 

abbenc7tt> (vulg.) = benche. 

abbendaret, TK. : gather ; join ; crowd 

abbrtscart, TR. : fortify with battle 

abbeve-rar [Severe], TR. : water, give 
drink to (animals) ; soak ; BEFL. : drink. 
-ratoio, M. : watering-trough ; horse- 

abbiadare [biada], TE. : feed with oats. 

abbicare [bica], TR. : heap up ; join. 

abbi&ei [a, b, c], M. : alphabet. 

abbiente [abbiare^ = avere], M. : pos 

abiett. .f = abiett. . 

aTjlbi-firHamejito, M. : attire (dress). 
||-flrliare [L. habilis, ABLE], TR. : attire 
(dress, HABIT, array). -gKatura, P.: 
attiring; attire. 

abbindo-lamento, M. : deceit (cheat, 
trick). ||-lare \bindolo], TR. : deceive 
(delude, beguile, cheat) ; reelf. -latnra, 
p. : deceit (artifice), -later, M. : de 
ceiver (beguiler). -latura, F. : artifice. 

abbiosciaret, TR. : cast down (deject). 

abbiso - rja.are [bisognare], TR. : need. 
-0nvol, ADJ. : needing, needy. 

abbiur. .f = abiur. ., M. : interview. H -ca 
re [&occa], TR. : snatch (with the mouth); 
fill to the brim C mouth 7 ) ; RECIPR. : have 
an interview; confer, -cato, ADJ.: filled 
(full) ; brimful ; palatable (toothsome, deli 
cate, of agreeable flavour); sweetish; eat 
ing anything (easily satisfied), -cattoa, 
F. : snatching ; filling (to the brim), -oo- 
n.are,TR. : cut into morsels ('mouthfuls')- 

abbom. .f = abom. . 

abboim-e-eiamesito, M. : calm. ||~eia- 
r [bonactia], TR. : calm (pacify) ; REFL. : 
grow calm. 

abbo-naxnento, M.: subscription. ||-ma- 
rei H?r. abonner (borne, limit)], TR.: (agree 
to pay limited sum, hence) subscribe ; con 
tract; REFL.: subscribe. 

a&boiiare 2 [buono], TR. : assent to, ac 
cept, approve (grant); allow (deduct); 
REFL. : improve ; grow calm. 

al>bon-daiitment, ADV. : abundantly. 
-damentot, M. : abundance, -danza, 
F. : abundance ; floodf . -danziaf, F. : 

abundance. || -dar [onda], INTR. : abound. 
-dvolf, ADJ. : abundant, -dezzaf, P., 
-dezzof, M.: abundance, -don, M.: big 
talker; wiseacre. 

aTb-Tboiilr pmoTio], TR. : appease (pacify, 
calm) ; meliorate ; mature, -bono, M. : 

ab-bordaggio, M. : boarding (of a ship) ; 
approach. ' ||-bor dar [6orrfo],TR.: board 
(a ship) ; approach (accost), -bordo = 
-bordaggio. -bordoa, M. : boarder. 

abborra-efainiato, M. : bungling. 
||-eiare [borra], TR. : bungle (botch). 
-ciatlira, F. : botch-work, -eioa, M., 
--cioiia, F. : bungler. 

abborraref, TR. : fill with stuff ; super- 
add; INTR.: err. 

abborri. ,f, abbort. .f = aborri. ., 
abort. . 

abbotti-namentot, M. : plunder (booty). 
||-nart, TR. : plunder; REFL.: mutiny. 
-natoref, M.: plunderer. 

abbotto-nare [bottone], TR. : button. 
-natura, F. : buttoning. 

abboz-zaxaento, M. : rough draught, 
(sketch). ||-zar [bozza], TR. : sketch (out 
line); rough-cast; rough-hew; shadow forth. 
-zatamente, ADV. : roughly (in outline). 
-zati-e-eio, ADJ. : half -sketched ; half- 
blown, -zatore, M.,-zatri-ee, P.: sketch- 
er. -zatura, p., abboz-zo, M. : sketch- 
(ing) ; rough draught ; outline ; embryo. 

abbozzolare \bozzolo\, REPL. : agglomer 
ate ; form its cocoon., M. : embrace. || --ia- 
r \braccio], TR. : emBRACE ; devote one's 
self to ; contain, -eiata, P. : embrace. 
-eiatore, M. : embracer. -eia=tntto, 
M.: meddler-in-every thing. -eo, M.: em 

abbra-eiaref, TR ; : set on fire. eia- 
mentot, M. : setting on fire. 

abbran-oare [branca], TR. : seize firmly 
(grasp) ; clasp, -cator, M. : grasper. 

abbr -, M. : abridgment. 
||-viar [breve], TR. : abbreviate (abridge, 
shorten): per , in short, -viata- 
mnt, ADV. : in an abridged manner. 
-viativo, ADJ. : abbreviatory. -via 
tor, M., -viatri-c, P.: abridger. 
-viatw.ra, -viazioue, F. : abbreviation 

ab-brivar [riva], INTR. : (nav.) sail or 
steam out (be under way): -briva, 'for 
ward!' -brivo, M. : sailing; course * 
prender I' , set out. 

abbrividaref, -diref = rabbrividire. 

abbron-zaocMare, TR. : tan slightly. 
-zamento, M.: bronzing; tanning. 
||-zar[&ro?i2;o],TR.,iNTR.: bronze; secret 
tan (sunburn), -zatello, -zati-e-eio, 
ADJ. : slightly sunburnt, -zatura, F : 


scorching. -zir[&r07iz0], INTR.: be bronzed | 
or sunburnt. 
.abbrost. .f abbrust. . 
abbm-eiabilef = bruciabile., M. : slight burn. 
-eiaec/ilar, TR. : burn slightly, ~eia- 
merato, M.: burning. || eiar [brueia- 
re], TR. : burn; consume, -eiati-e-eiof, 
M. : burning. 

abbm-aaxnento, M. : mourning. || -mare 
[bruno], TR. : drape in mourning; REFL. : 
put on mourning, -air [bruno], TR.: im- 
brown ; INTR. : be sunburnt ; grow dusk. 
-abbrus-tiaret, -tiref, TR. : singe 
(scorch), -tolixnento, M. : scorching ; 
toasting, -tolaref, ll-tolir [L. per- 
ustulare (ur ere, burn)], TR.: scorch; toast 
(crisp), -tolita, F. : slight toasting. 
abbrn-timento, M.: brutalization. II -ti 
re [bruto], TR., INTR. : brutalize. 
ab-bniaxiLento , M. : darkening. II -buia- 

r [buio], TR. : darken (dim); conceal. 
abbuono = abbono. 

abburat-tamexito, M. : bolting (sift 
ing). || -tar [buratto], TR. : bolt (sift); 
abuse ; INTR. : talk tediously ; REFL. : 
ffidget. -tata, F. : sieveful of flour, -ta- 
tone, M. : great babbler, -tatore, M. : 
bolter (sifter), -tatiira, F. . bolting. 
abbuzzire [buzzd], TR., REFL. : overload 

(the stomach) ; be cloudy. 
abdi-care [dicare], INTR.: abdicate 

(resign), -cazione, F. : abdication. 
aber-rar [errare], INTR. : err ; deviate. 
-razione, F. : aberration (deviation) ; 
error of judgment. 

abe-te [L. abies], M. : fir-tree, -taiaf = 
-tina. -tella, F. : felled fir-tree. -ti- 
(n)a, P.: fir-forest, -tino, ADJ.: sea 
soned with fir-leaves (of drinks), -tof, 
for abete, 

ab-ittamnt, ADV. : abjectly, -iet- 
taref TR. : cast down, -iettezza, F. : 
abjectness. ||-itto [L. -jectus, cast off], 
ADJ.: abject (despicable); unpleasant. 
-iezione, F. : abjection (meanness), 
ab-igato [L. -igere, carry off], M. : cat 
tle-stealing, -igeo, M. : cattle-stealer. 
abi-1 [L. hcMlis], ADJ. : ABLE (capable, 
skilful), -lita, F. : ability (skill), -li- 
tare, TR.: enable ; qualify, -litazione, 
F. : enabling; qualification. -lmnt, 
ADV.: ably (skilfully). 
- a-bissar, TR.: throw into an abyss 
(engulf). ||-bisso [Gr. d~bussos, bottom 
less], M. : abyss. 
abi-tabile, ADJ. : inhabitable, -tacolo, 
M. : habitation, -taut, ADJ.: inhabit 
ing; M. : inhabitant. (I -tar [L- 
bitare], TR.; inHABiT; INTR.: reside 
-tato, PART.: inhabited; M.: inhabited 
place, -tator, M . -tatri-e, F. : in- 

acatalettico 5 

habitant. -taziome, F. : habitation, 

abi-to [L. habitus], M. : HABIT (custom); 
dress (garment, clothes; PL. suit of 
clothes) ; temperament : pigliar V , take 
the cowl (go into a monastery), -time, 
M. : scapular (shoulder-scarf), -tuale, 
ADJ. : habitual, -tualmente, ADV. : ha 
bitually ; usually, -tuar, TR. : habituate 
(accustom). -tnatzzat, F. : state of 
being accustomed (custom, 'habitualness). 
-tuazionet (vulg.) = -tudine. -tudi- 
nario, ADJ.: habitual, -tmdin, F. : 
habit, -tiiro, M. : (poet.) humble abode. 
ib-iurar [L. jurare, swear], TR. : ab 
jure ; renounce (recant), -libra, F. : ab 
juration. -rarazidnt, F. : abjuration. 
ablative [L. -vus], M. : ablative. 
ablu-emte [L. -ens], ADJ.: abluent. 
-zione, F. : ablution ; cleansing. 
abne-gare [LJ, TR. : abnegate (deny). 
-gazion, F. : abnegation. 
abo-lire [L. ab-olere], TR. : abolish; 
annul, -litivo, ADJ.: abolishing, -li- 
zione, F. : abolition. 
abolla [?], F. : (old) military dress. 
abomaso [L. a&, omasum, tripe], M. : 
abomasum (fourth stomach of a rumi 

aboaai-nabil, -nando, ADJ. : abomi 
nable. H -mar [L. -nari], TR.: abominate 
(abhor, detest), -nazion, F. : abomi 
nation (detestation), -nevole, ADJ.: 
abominable (execrable), abomi-nio, M.: 
abomination, -nosof? ADJ. : abominable. 
aborigene, ADJ. or S. : aboriginal ; PL. : 
aborigines (natives). 

abor-rn.te, -rvolf ADJ. : abhor 
rent (repugnant, detestable), -rimento, 
M. : horror. H-rir [L. ab-horrere], TR. : 
abhor (loathe). 

ab-ortare, or -ortir, INTR.: be abortive 
(miscarry), -ortivo, ADJ. : abortive. 
||-drto [L. -tus], M. : abortion; abortive 

abra-drf = radere. -siont, F.: 
abrasion (rubbing off). 
abro-gar [L.], TR.: abrogate (repeal). 
-gazione, F. : abrogation (repeal), 
absemtet := assente. 
abside [L. -da (Gr. apsis, curve)], F. : APSE. 
abst. .f = ast . 

abn-sar, TR. : abuse (misuse) ; impose 
on. -sazion, F, : abuse. -siontj F- 
desertion, -sivo, ADJ. : abusive ; base. 
|| -so [L. -sus], M. : abuse ; disusef. ~i- 
vameHte, ADV. : abusively. 
ac- = ad-. 

aca-eia [L. (acus, sharp)], F. : acacia. 
acamto [L. -thus], M. : acanthus. 
acatalettico [Gr. -tikos *not 
tive'l, ADJ. : aeatalectic. 

6 aeatalessia 

acata-lessia [Gr. -iepsia, 'in-comprehen- 
sibleness'], p.: acatalepsy, -lettico, M.: 

aeattolico [Gr. a-, not, e. .], ADJ. : non- 

acca, F. : h (the letter) : un* , a noth 
ing; non vale uri , he is worthless. 

acca-demia [L.], P.: academy; uni 
versity, -demico, ADJ.: academical; 
M.: academician, -demicamemte, ADV.: 
for fun, by the way. 

acca-dere [L. cddere, fall], IRR. (cf. 
cadere), INTR. : befall (happen); (esp. with 
non) import (be of importance); REFL. : 
fit (become), -dimentot, M. : accident 
(chance), -duto, PART.: happened; M. : 
happening (incident). 

accaffaref , TR. : snatch away. 

accagio-DLamento, M. : imputation. 
||-nare [cagione], impute (ACCUSE of). 
-natoref, M. : imputer (accuser). 

acca-gKamemto, M. : coagulation. 
ll-01iare [caglio], INTR.: COAGULATE. 
-grliatura, F. : coagulation. 

accalap-piacani [cane], M. : municipal 
catcher of unmuzzled dogs, dog-catcher; 
scamp (cheat). ||-piare [calappio], TR. : 
insnare (inveigle), -piatore, M. : cheat 
(deceiver), -piat-dra, F.: insnaring, de 

accalcare [calca], TR. : crowd. 

accaldare [caldo], REFL. : be flushed with 

accaloraret, TR. : heat. 

accanibiaret, TR. : exchange. 

accampamare [campana], TR. : shape 
like a bell. 

accam - pamento, M. : encampment. 
|| -pare [campo], INTR.: encamp; REFL. 
encamp (pitch one's camp). 

accampio-namento, M. : registering 
(registry). ||-nare [campione], TR. : reg 
ister (real estate). 

aooanalare [canale], TR. : channel. 

acca-naref, -neggiaret = -nire. 

acca-xtimettto, *M*. : fury ; pertinacity. 
|| -mire [cane], TR. : infuriate; iNTR.f or 
REFL. : be infuriated (grow mad); persist. 
-nitamente, ADJ.: furiously (rabidly). 
-aito, ADJ. : infuriated (furious, rabid). 

accan.nel-lam.ento, M. : winding up 
bobbins. |j-Iare icannello], TR. : wind up 

accanto [a, canto J, PREP, or ADV. : aside ; 
beside; near. 

accapa-e-eiamento, M. : (mental) weari 
ness. ||-ciare [capaecio], INTR. or REFL. : 
feel one's head weary, be (mentally) wea 
ried, -eiato, ADJ. : (mentally) wearied. 
-eiatura, F. : (mental) weariness. 

accaparrare [oaparra], TR. : engage or 
take by paying earnest ; buy up (forestall). 


[capo], TR. : level ; place 
even~(stones) ; fit ; finish off. 

accapi-firKamemto, M.: scuffle. li-0H4* 
re [capeflo], REFL. : take one another by 
the hair ; scuffle, -^liattira, F. : scuf 
fling; hair-pulling. 

accappatoio [cappa], M. : mantle ; comb- 

accap-piare [ca,ppio], TR. : tie ; gin 
(snare), -piattira, F. : running knot 
(snare), -piettare, TR. : ensnare. 

accappo-nare [cappone] t TR. : capon; 
REFL.: shiver (shudder), -natura, F. : 

accaprie-eiaret, INTR. : shudder. 

accarez-zamemtot; M. : caressing. 
||-zare [carezza], TR. : caress (fondle); 
flatter, -zativof, ADJ. : caressing, -za- 
tore, M., -zatri-ce, F. : caresser; flat 
terer, -zevole, ADJ. : flattering. 

accarnaref, -airef, TR. : pierce (into 
the flesh of). 

accarpionare [carpione], TR. : cook like 

accarto-e-eiare [cartoccio], TR. : wrap up 
in a cornet ; curl up. 

acca-samento, M. : wedding (marriage). 
||-sare [casa], TR. : wed; REFL. : marry; 
begin housekeeping ; build (houses)f. 

accascaref, INTR. : chance (happen). 

acca-sciamento, M. : debility; decay. 
||-sci"are [?], TR. : weaken (debilitate); 
REFL. : become feeble (by age, etc.) or de 
jected; decay. 

accastellare [castello], TR. : arrange in 
a pyramid ; fortifyf; provide with a fore- 

accatar-ramentof, M. : catarrh ; cold. 
1 1 -rare, INTR. : contract a catarrh, -ra- 
tiira, F. = -ramento. 

accata-stamento, M. : piling up. II -sta 
re [catasta], TR. : pile up. 

accat-tabrig7te [briga], M.: (indecl) 
quarrelsome fellow (brawler), -tainen- 
to|,M.: begging. -ta=panef,M.: beggar. 
||-tare [L. captare, take], TR., INTR. : ask 
alms (of); beg; borrow; get. -tatore, M.: 
beggar, -tatozzif , M. : professional beg 
gar, -teria, F. : borrowing ; begging, 
-tino, M. : one asking for alms (alms- 
collector), accat-to, M. : loan; sum 
collected; gain: pigliar ad , borrow. 
-tolica (all' ), ADV. : beggingly ; by 
way of borrowing, -tone, M. : vile beg 
gar ; impostor, -tonaggio, M. : profes 
sional begging (beggary)* * 

accaval- caref, TR. : mount upon. 
||-eiare] cavallo], TR. : stand astraddle of 
(straddle) ; span, -eione or -eioni, ADV. : 
astride : stare , be mounted, -lamen- 
to, M. : skipping over, omission; super 
posing, -lare. TR. : skip (a stich in knit- 


ting), pass over; superpose, -lat&ra, 
F.: omission (skipping); superposition. 

accavif/Kar [caviglia], TR. : wind (on 

a-e-ee-caxnento, M. : blindness ; error ; 
obstruction. ||-care [ceco], TR. : blind, 
dim; INTR. become blind; tarnish, -ca- 
tore, M. : blinder; deceiver, -catura, 
F. : blinding; cavity. 

a-e-eedere [L.], TR. : draw near (approach). 

a-G-eefiaref, TR. : seize (with the teeth). 

a-c-ceggiaf, F. : woodcock. 

a-e-eeie-ramento, M. : acceleration; 
swiftness (haste). ||-rare Mere], TR. : 
accelerate (speed); REFL. : make haste. 
ADV. : swiftly (in a hurry) . -rativo , ADJ. : 
accelerating, -ratore, M., -ratriee, P.: 
accelerator, -razione, /.; acceleration 

a-e-een-dere [L. (candere, shine)] IRR. ; 
TR. : kindle (light, set on fire); inCENSE 
(excite); REFL. : kindle (catch fire), -di- 
Mle, ADJ. : that may be kindled (inflam 
mable, combustible). -dimentot,M.: kin 
dling (setting on fire), -ditoio, M. : lighting- 
stick, -ditore, M. : kindler (inflamer). 

Pret. acce-si, -se; -sero. Part. -ceso. 

aeennare, TR. : make a sign to (nod 
to); beckon; indicate; hint; feign (pre 
tend), -cennaturat, F. : nodding. 
li~eenno [cennd], M. : sign (nod). 

ae~eensi"bile, ADJ.: inflammable (com 
bustible), -eensione, F. : burning (con 
flagration). eenso [poet, for- ceso, part, 
of -cendere], kindled (inflamed). 

a-e--eentare, TR. : accent, -eentato, 
PART. : accented, -eentatura, F. : ac 
centuation. H-eento [L. ac-centus (ca- 
nere, sing)], M. : accent; tone; voice; 
(mus.) expression. 

a-e-eentrare [centra], TR. : concentrate 

a-e-een - tnare [-to], TR. : accentuate. 
-tnato, ADJ.: accentuated; pronounced. 
-tnazione, F. : accentuation. 

a-e-eer-c/iiamento, M. : encircling. 
||-cMare [cerckio], TR. : encircle (encom 
pass); hoop. 

a-e-eerito [? cera], ADJ.: red-faced 

a-e^er-tamento, M. : ASSURANCE ; ascer 
tainment (confirmation), -tare [certo], 
TR. : make certain (assure) ; ascertain. 
-tatamentef, ADV. : assuredly. 

a-e-eesamentef, ADV.: ardently. H-eeso, 
PART, of -cendere. 

a-e-ees-sibile, ADJ.: accessible (approach 
able), -slbilita, P.: accessibility, -sio- 
ne, F. : accession ; access ; fit. lla-e-ees- 
so [accedere], M. : access (approach, road) ; 
fit ; suffrage, -sorio, M. : accessory. 
-so? foment e, ADV. : accessorily. 

accidemtalita ? 

a-e-ees-tiiaento, M. : tufting. U-tire 
[cesto], TR. : tuft. 

a-e-e&tta [old accia = azza], F.: HATCHET; 
fatto coll' , rough-hewn. 

a-e-eet-taMle, ADJ. : acceptable. -ta"bi- 
lita, F. : acceptability. H-tare \L. accep- 
tare (capere, take)], TR. : accept (receive). 

a-e-e-ett&ta [accetta], P.: blow of the 

a-e-eet-tatore, M., -tatriee [-tare], P.: 
accepter, -tazione, F. : acceptation; 
acceptance, -tevole, ADJ.: acceptable 

a-e-eettino or -na, dim. of accetta. 

a-e-eezione [L. ac-ceptio], p. : acceptation 
(of a meaning). 

ace/* e-tamento, M. : quieting (calming). 
II -tare [ehetare], TR. : quiet (hush; ap 
pease, calm). 

acc/iiap-pare [cMappa], TR. : snatch 
(catch, seize) ; cheat (trick), -patello 
or -parello, M. : artifice (catch). 

acc/tinaref = chinare. 

acc/iio^eiolar [ckiocciola], TR. : wind 
(twist like 'snail') ; cause to crouch or squat; 
REFL. : squat ; sit cowering ; cuddle up. 

ac=cMuderef,TR.: enCLOSE. -cM-dsif, 
pret. -cMlisof , part. 

a-eia [L. acia], P. : thread (in skeins). 

a-e-eiabat-tamento, M. : botching (bun 
gling). H-tare [ciabatta], TR.: cobble 
(botch, fix carelessly), -tio, M. : frequent 
botching, -tone, M., -tona, p. : botcher. 

a-e-eiac-camexito, M. : squashing. || -ca 
re [-co], TR. : squash (bruise, pound). 
-cat a, F. : squashing, -catura, F. : 

a-e-eia-e-emare [? ak. to L. agere, act], 
REFL. : bestir (busy) one's self, work hur 

a-eeiacco [? ciacco], M.: illness (indis 
position); misfortune. 

a-e<eia-iai*e, TR. : convert into steel ; tip 
with steel, -iatiira, F. : conversion into 
steel ; steeling, -ieria, F. : steel-works. 
Ha-e-cia-io [L. acies, sharp edge], M. : 
steel; swordf. -iolimo, M.: small file; 
steel-bead (for lady's dress). -i(n)61o, 
M. : file ; steel (for sharpening knives). 

a-e-eiamliellare [ciambella], TR. : form 
into a cake. 

a-e-eiappinare [?], REFL. : act hastily, be 

a-e-eiarino, M.: steel (to strike fire with). 
||-ciaro [-ciaio], M. : (poet.) steel; sword. 

a-e-eiar-paraento, M. : botching. H-pa- 
re [eiarpa\, TR. : do slovenly (botch), 
-pataxnente, ADV.: slovenly. -pa- 
tore, M. : botcher, -pio, M. : botchikg. 
pone, M., -pona, F. : botcher. 

a-e-ei-dentale, ADJ. : accidental, -den- 
talita, F. : accidentality. -dental- 

S accidentalniente 

snout, ADV. : accidentally, -dentate , 
M. : apoplectic fit ; stroke. ||-dente [L. 
-dens, -dent- (cadere, fall)], M. : accident 
(chance; mishap; property of a word); 
apoplectic fit. -dentu-eeiot, M. : little 

a-e^ji-dia [Gr. a-kedia, carelessness], F. : 
indolence (idleness, sloth), -diosamemte, 
ADV. : lazily (idly), -dioso, ADJ. : indo 
lent (idle, lazy) ; M. : sluggard. 

ae-ei-giiamento, M.: gloom; sadness. 
|[-01iare [ciglio], EEFL. : knit one's 
brows (frown); look sullen or gloomy. 
-gliatamente, ADV.: sullenly; sadly. 
-grliato, ADJ. : sullen ; gloomy ; sad. 
-grliatura, F.: sullenness; gloom, -fifl 
n&re, TR. : provide with brows. 

a-ei-gpaert = accingere. -^n 
M. : preparation. 

a-eiieccare [cilecca], TR.: mock (de 
lude); tantalize; flatter. 

a-e-eixi.-ei0xi.are [incignare], TR. : rumple. 

a-e-eingere [L. cingere], IRR. (cf. c. .); 
REFL. : "gird up one's loins ; prepare one's 
self; set about, --into, PART.: girt; 
prepared (ready). 

a-eio [a cio], CONJ. : to the end that; 
that. -ec7fc [che], or che, CONJ. : in 
order that. 

a-e-eiotto-lar [ciottolo], TR. : pave with 
pebbles; clatter, -lat&ra, F. : stone pav 

a-eircoadart T ^- ' surround. 

a^-eismaret, TR. : cut asunder. 

a-e-eiuFare [ew/o], TR. : take by the 
hair; catch. 

a-e-eiuga [?], F. : anchovy. 

a-e-eivetta-re [civetta], TR.: (hunt) lure 
(birds) with the owl; entice (seduce), -to, 
PART. : excited ; ADJ. : tried ; cautious. 

a-e-ei-vim.en.tot, M.: provision, -viref, 
TR. : provide. 

accla-xnare [L, (damare, call)], INTR. : 
acclaim (shout applause) ; TR. : acclaim ; 
elect by acclamation, -mazdoue, F. : 
acclamation (acclaim). 

acclixnar or -nmtar [cZima], TR. : 
acclimate, -matise. 

acclimaref, -nof = inclindre, -no. 

accli-ve [clivo], ADJ. : declivous (sloping). 
-vita, F. : acclivity. 

ac-oMdere [L. (daudere, CLOSE)], IRR. ; 
TR.: enclose, -cliiso, part, -clusa, F.: 
enclosed letter. 

Pret. ocelli-si, -se ; -sero. Part, accluso, 

accocoare [cocca], TR. : fix (the thread) 

on the spindle; adjust, give (a blow, etc.); 

strike; cheat; ffi x: awoccarla a uno, 

cheat, entrap one. 
accoccolare [Sp. aclocar (ak. to duck)], 

REFL. : sit, squat ; stoop down. 
acco-damento, M. : tying together. 


||-dare \f,od<i\, TR. : tie (horses, etc.; 
together by the tail ; REFL. : tie one's 
self to (follow closely), -datiara, F. : 
tying together. 

ac-coglnza, F. : reception (welcome). 
||=cd&Uere, IRR.; TR.: receive (welcome); 
accept (approve, consent to) ; COLLECT (as 
semble) ; INTR. : happen ; REFL. : assem 
ble (meet). -co0IimeiB.ta-e-eiot, M. : 
cool reception. -co^Iimemtof, M. : 
gathering (assemblage); reception, -co- 
grliti-e-eiof, M. : picking up. -cogrlitdret, 
M. : gatherer. 

accolito [Gr. akdlouthos, following], M. : 

accoi-lare [collo], TR. : put on the back 
("neck"), load; yoke; REFL.: take charge 
of. -latario, M. : public contractor. 
-latiira, F.: upper part of a dress, ac- 
ool-lo, M. : load (on the neck of a beast 
of burden) ; contract. 

accolta [-cogliere], F. : assembly. 

accoltel-lantef, M. : stabber. H-lar 
[coltelld], TR. : stab. -later e, M. : stab 
ber; gladiator. 

accoito, PART, of cogliere., F. : trust ; share, -man- 
dante, M. : sleeping partner (share 
holder). ||-mandaret [L. mandare, in 
trust], TR. : recoMMEND ; give in charge ; 
fasten. -anandatario, M. : trustee ; 
agent, -mandigia, F. : trust; protec 
tion (guardianship). -mandita, F. : 
partnership ; stock company. 

accomandolare [comandolo], TR. : tie 
up (the broken thread in a warp). 

accomiatare [comiato], TR. : dismiss 
(let go) ; bid good-bye ; REFL. : take one's 

accomignolaret, TR. : join like the 
rafters of a roof ; combine. 

accomo-dabile, ADJ.: accommodable 
(adjustable), -damento, M. : accommo 
dation (adjustment) ; agreement. || -da 
re [comodo], TR. : accommodate (adjust, 
arrange) ; compromise ; suit (please) ; 
REFL.: conform one's -self ; come to an 
agreement; make one's self comfortable 
(sit down) : la 5' accomodi, please be 
seated, -datamente, ADV.: suitably 
(justly); seasonably, -dativo, ADJ. : suit 
able; seasonable, -dato, ADJ.: adapted; 
convenient (suitable). -datore, M., 
-datri-ee, F. : accommodator (fitter); F. : 
tire-woman (milliner). -datura, F. : 
adjustment; agreement. -daziont, F.: 
accommodation (adjustment), -devol- 
mentefy ADV. : conveniently. 

accosBipa-r/iia'bile, ADJ. : that may be 
accompanied or matched, -r/namento, 
M. : accompaniment ; suite (retinue). 
[compagno], TR. : accompany 


(attend, escort) ; join with (match) ; 
REFL. : accompany one's self ; join one's 
self ; marry, -grmatore, M., -grnatri-e, 
F. : accompanist ; companion (attendant). 
-grnatiira, F. : accompaniment ; train, 
accomn-sianiento, M. : community; par 
ticipation. || -Hare [comune], TR. : make 
common (put in common); REFL.: make 
one's self familiar; mingle freely (with 
people); accompany. 

accora-eezza, F. : suitableness ; finery, 
-eiamezite, ADJ. : properly. ~eia- 
anQMto, M. : adjustment ; skill. ||~eiare 
[p. L. *comptiare (L. comere, co-emere, put 
together)], TR. : fit (together); set in order; 
adorn (deck) ; settle ; reconcilef ; marryf; 
(cook.) preservet ; REFL. : adapt one's self ; 
deck one's self; settle; go in service: ra- 
gioni, settle disputed accounts ; rsi del- 
r anima, prepare for death, -eiatamen- 
tef, ADV. : properly, -eiatore, M. : ad 
juster; hair-dresser, -eiatriee, F. : tire 
woman (milliner), --eiattira, F. : adorn 
ment, head-dress : perdere I' , be frus 
trated (miss one's aim), -einie, M.: repair. 
accon-eio, ADJ. : adapted (fitted); oppor 
tune ; ADV. : suitably : in , suitably, sea 
sonably; M.f: convenience; gain. 
accoadiscendere f ^ condiscendere. 
acconifirliaret, TR. : draw up (the oars). 
accomsen-timeatot, M.: consent. || -ti 
re [consentire], TR. : consent or agree to 

accontarej, TR. : balance (level); (fill 

acconto [conto], M. : part paid. 
accoppare [coppa], TR. : give a death 
blow to (on the 'head/ knock down). 
accop-piabile, ADJ. : matchable. -pia- 
mento, M. : coupling (copulation, match). 
||-piare [coppia], TR. : couple (join, yoke, 
match): REFL. : form a couple (pair); walk 
two by two. -piatore, M. : coupler; 
match-maker, -piatura, F. : coupling; 

acco-ramento, M. : affliction (grief). 
|| -pare [core],iRR.t ; TR.: grieve (to the 
'heart'), afflict ; REFL. : be deeply grieved. 
-ratdio, ADJ.f heart-rending ; M. : knife 
for killing hogs, -razionef, F. : grief. 
fPr. accubro, etc. : ub, where accented. 

accor-eiable, ADJ. : that may be short 
ened, -ciamento, M. : shortening (con 
traction). ||-etape [eorto], TR. : shorten 
(cuRTail, abridge); contract; REFL.: grow 
short (decrease, shrink), -eiatamentef , 
ADJ.: briefly (in a word), -eiativo, ADJ. 
shortening, -eiatiira = -ciamento. 

accor-dabile, ADJ.: that may be ac 
corded ; agreeable, -damento, M. : ac 
cordance (accord, agreement), -dante, 
ADJ.: accordant (agreeing, harmonious) 

accreditare 9 

-damza, F. : accordance. [|-dar [L. cor, 
HEART], TR. : accord (make agree, recon 
cile ; grant) ; tune ; REFL. : agree ; harmo 
nize (be in tune), -datamente, ADV. : 
harmoniously; unanimously, -datore, M. 
reconciler (peace-maker); tuner, -da- 
trie, F. : mediatrix, -datura, F. : ac 
cord ; consonance (harmony). -deVoIef 
ADJ. : agreeable, acedr-do, M. : accorr 
(harmony); agreement; (compact): essen 
d' , be agreed (agree); harmonize; met- 
tere d' , reconcile. 

aecor-gere [L. ad, cor-rigere, correct], 
IRR.; REFL.: infer (conclude); discover 
(perceive, observe), -gimento, M. : sa 
gacity (providence, prudence). 

Pret. accbr-si, -se ; -sero. Part, accbrto. 
accorre, abbrev. of accogliere. 
ac=correre, IRR.; INTR. : run or hasten 
to; run after (pursue): accorr'uomo! help I 
-corsi, PRET. of -correre or -corgere. 
-corso, PART, of -correre. 
accortamente [corto], ADV. : prudently ; 

accortaref = accorciare. 
ac-cortezza, F.: prudence; sagacity (cun 
ning). H -corto [-corgere], PART.: per 
ceived, etc.; ADJ.: prudent (provident); 
wary (cunning) : male , imprudent ; fare 

, warn, advise ; stai , be attentive. 

accosciare [coscm],REFL.: squat; cower. 
acco-stamento, M.: approach (access), 
-stante, ADJ. : approaching (near); nearly 
like ; pliant (supple): persona , near rel 
ative. ||-stare [cosa], TR. : ACCOST (ap 
proach) ; bring near ; be like ; REFL. : ap 
proach (draw near) ; conform or ally one's 
self, -statmra, F. : approach; connec 
tion, -stevolet, ADJ. : of easy approach. 
accos-to, PREP, or ADV.: beside; near 
(close to). -tolat&ra, F. : wrinkle 

accostu-manzat; F.: custom; practice. 
|| -mare [costume], TR.f: accustom (in 
ure); REFL. : accustom or inure one's self. 
-mataMiesitt> ADV. : usually, -mate, 
ADJ.: accustomed (customary, usual); civil, 
accoto-mare [cotone'], TR. : raise the nap 

accova-iare [covactio], REFL.: lie 
down in a lair ; cower down ; crouch. 
-eiolare, REFL. : nestle (squat down). 
accovonare [covone], TR. : bind up in 

accoz-zabile, ADJ.: that may be gathered. 
-zaglia, F. : congregation (mass, mob). 
-zamento, M. : gathering (collection, 
mass). ||-zar [cozzo], TR. : throw to 
gether (join indiscreetly); gather; REFL.: 
congregate (gather), -zatore, M. : gath 
erer, accoz-zo, M. : gathering (crowd). 

accredi-tars [c^edito], TR. : accredit 



-tato, ADJ. : accredited ; authorized ; 

ac-crescenzat, P.: increase. ||=ere- 
scere," IRR. ; TK, : inCREASE (augment). 
-crescimento, M. : increase (growth). 
-crescitivamemte, ADV. : increasingly. 
-crescitivo, ADJ.: increasing, -ere- 
scitore, M. : increaser. -cresciuto, 
PART. : increased (grown). 
accrespart TR. : crisp (curl). 
acc-a."C-<eiare [cuccia], REFL.: -ciolare, 
REFL. : crouch (lie down). 
accudire [L. -dere (cudere, forge), join], 
INTR. : attend (to work); apply one's self. 
accu-lare [culo], TR. : place with the 
back against ; move back ; place ; REFL. : 
rear ; sit on the haunches (squat down) ; 
take one's lodgings, -lattare, TR. : dump 
down on the back. 

aconnm-lamento, M. : accumulation. 
||-lare [cumulo], TR.: accumulate (heap 
up), -latore, M., -latri-ee, F. : ^accu- 
mulator. -lazione, F. : accumulation. 
accn-ratamente, ADV. : accurately. 
-ratezza, F. : accuracy; diligence. ||-ra- 
to [cura], ADJ. : accurate (careful). 
accii-sa, F. : accusation (charge), -sa- 
Tbile,* ADJ. : accusable. -samemto, M. : 
accusation, -saute, M., F. : accuser. 
||-sare [L. (causa, CAUSE)], TR. : accuse 
(impeach); reproach; confess (i.e. accuse 
one's self); acknowledge (a letter); own; 
REFL. : accuse or blame one's self; confess. 
-sativo, M. : accusative (case), -satore, 
M., -satora, F. : accuser. -satorio, 
ADJ.: "accusatory, -satri-ce, F. : accuser. 
-sazionet, P.: accusation, -sanzat, 
F". : imputation. 

a-eefalo [Gr. a-, not, kephale, head], ADJ. : 

a-eer-bamente, ADV. : with acerbity 
(sharply); prematurely, -betto, ADJ.: 
sourish (tartish). -bezza, F. : acerbity 
(asperity); tartness, -bita, P.: acerbity 
(asperity). IJa-eer-bo [L. -bus (acer, 
sharp)], ADJ.: acerb (sour); harsh (severe). 
4-eero [L. acer], M. : maple-tree. 
a-eerrimo [sup. of acre], ADJ. : most sour. 
a-eertello [?], M. : kestrel (hawk). 
a-cervof, M. : heap (pile). 
a-ee-tabolo, -t&bulo, M. : vinegar 
cruet, -tato, ADJ.: acid (sour); tart. 
-tifioazione, P. : acetification. -tiref, 
become acid (sour). Ha-ee'-to [L. -turn 
(acer, sharp)], M. : vinEGAR. -tosa, F.: 
acid drink ; sorrel (plant), -tosella, P.: 
wild sorrel (plant), -tosita, F.: acidity. 
-toso, ADJ. : acetous (acid, sourish). 
Ao/ieroai-te, p. : Acheron (river in the 
Nether World) ; infernal regions, -teo, 
ADJ. : Acherontic (infernal). 
Acftille, M. : Achilles. 


a-ei-detto, dim. of -do. -dezza, P. : 
acidity, -dificare, TR. : acidify, -di- 
caziono, P. : acidification. -dino, 
ADJ.: sourish, -dita, P.: acidity. ||a-ei- 
do [L. -dus (root ac- t be sharp)], ADJ.: 
acid (sour, tart) ; M. : acid, -dulare, 
TR. : acidulate, a-ei-dnlo, ADJ. : slight 
ly acid (sourish), -dnme, M. : acid mat 

a-ei-no \L. -nus], M. : grape-stone, -no- 
sot, ADJ. : full of grape-stones. 

aconito [L. -turn], M. : aconite (plant). 

acotiiedone [Gr. a-, not, kotyledon, cup- 
shaped], ADJ. : acotyledonous. 

ac-qua [L. aqua], F. : water ; rain : 
cedrata, lemonade ; concia, perfumed 
water ; dolce, fresh water ; di latte, 
buttermilk ; whey ; itiorta, stagnant 
water ; pazza, diluted wine ; rosa 
(or rosata), rose-water; viva, spring 
water; far , (nav.) leak, -qtiac- 
cMarf) REFL. : hide one's self, -qua-c- 
eia, P.: disp. of -qua: bad (muddy, 
putrid) water, -qiia-eedrataio [cedro, 
citron], M. : (ambulant) vender of drinks 
(as lemonades, etc.). -qua0lare, TR. : 
curdle, -quaio, M. : water-pipe (con 
duit) ; draining ditch ; sink ; greed. 
-quaiolo, M., -quaiola, P.: water- 
vender ; ADJ. : aquatic, -quamarima, 
F. : aquamarine (gem). -qua=pen- 
dentef, M.: declivity. -<jua=p&iidere, 
INTR. : slope towards the water, be decli 
vous ; M. : declivity. -quare*{" TR. : 
water ; (nav.) take in water, -quarello 
= -querello. 

acquartie-ramento, M. '.lodging. || -ra 
re [quartiere], TR. : provide with quarters 
or lodging (lodge). 

acqu- [acqua] : =arzentet, M. : brandy. 
-astrinof- M. : marsh (bog); ADJ.: 
marshy, -ata, F.: heavy shower; (nav.) 
water-supply, -atico, ADJ. : aquatic. 
-atile, ADJ.: aquatic (watery), -atot, 
PART. : watered. 

aequattare [quatto], REFL.: squat 

acqua-vite, p. : brandy, -zzone, M. : 
heavy burst of rain, -zzosot, ADJ. : rainy. 

acque- [acqua] : -dotto [L. ductus, led], 
M : aqueduct, '-o, ADJ. : aqueous (watery). 
-re-e-eia, P. : ewer ; basin, -rella, P. : 
light rain; water-colourst- -rellare, 
TR. : paint in water-colours, -rello, M. : 
aquarelle (painting in water-colours); 
watery or diluted winet- -rugiola, P. : 
drizzling rain. 

acque tare, poet, for acquietare. 

acquetta [acqua], F. : light shower ; 

acqui- [acqua]: --eella, P.: light rain. 
-do-e-eio [ducere, lead], M. : drain (water- 


conduit); AQUEDUCTf. -dosof, ADJ.: 
aqueous : humid (damp), -dotto = aque- 
doHo. -drinosof = acquitrinoso. 

acquie-scenza, P. : acquiescence, -ta- 
mento, M. : quieting ; quiet (tranquillity). 
N-tare [L. quietus, QUIET], TR. : quiet 
(calm, appease, pacify). 

acqiai-reute [L. -rere (qucsrere, seek), 
acquire], M. : acquirer (buyer), -sir, 
TR. : acquire (purchase), -sitivo, "ADJ.: 
entitling (to acquire or possess), -sito, 
ADJ.: acquired; M. : acquisition, -sta- 
Mle, ADJ. : acquirable (obtainable). 
-stamentof, M. : acquest (purchase). 
-stare, TR. : acquire (purchase); fcon- 
quer. -statore, M. : purchaser, -ste- 
vol, ADJ. : acquirable. -sto, M. : acqui 
sition (purchase). 

acqu-itrimo, M. : marsh (bog), -itri- 
no so, ADJ. : marshy (boggy), -olina, F . : 
light rain, -osita, F. : aquosity (wateri- 
ness). H-oso [acqua], ADJ. : aqueous (wat- 


a-cre [L. acer], ADJ.: acrid (pungent, 
sharp, harsh), -credine, F. : acrimony 
(sharpness), -cremente, ADV. : sharply 
(harshly), -crezza, F. : sharpness, -cri- 
monia, F. : acrimony (sharpness), -mo- 
nicof, ADJ. : acrimonious. 

aero -"bat a [Gr. dkros, high, bdinein, go], 
M. : acrobat, -"baticamente, ADV. : 
acrobatically, -"batico, ADJ. : acrobatic. 

acromatlco [Gr. a-, not, chroma, colour], 
ADJ. : achromatic. 

acropoli [Gr. -lis\, F. : acropolis (high 

acrostico [Gr. dkros, extreme, stichos, 
line], M. : acrostic. 

acroterio [Gr. dkros, high], M. : acrote- 
rium (pedestal). 

a-cuire [L. aeus, sharp point], TR. ; 
sharpen (whet), -cuitaf, -cuitadef? 
-cuitatet, F. : acuteness (sharpness). 
-cnleo, M.: goad (sting); prickle. 
-ciime, M. : acumen; sharp pointf. -cn- 
minare, TR. : sharpen. 

acustica [Gr. akouein, hear], F. : acous 

acu-tamente, ADJ.: acutely (sharply). 
-t=angolo, ADJ.: with acute angles. 
-tezza, F. : acuteness (sharpness, wit). 
II -to [L. acus, sharp point], ADJ.: acute 
(pointed, sharp ; shrill), -ziangolot = 

ad [L.], PREP. : for a before vowel sound. 

ad-acjTiamento, M. : watering (irriga 
tion). ||=acquare, TR. : water; irrigate. 
-acquatura, F. : watering. 

ad-agiare, TR. : place gently or with 
care ; lay down ; make comfortable ; REFL.: 
lie down (comfortably), -agiatof, ADJ. : 
laid down; comfortable (easy); in an 



easy position, -agino, ADJ. : very gently 
or softly. Il=agio, ADV. : slowly ; gently ; 

adamante [Gr. -mas], M. : diamond. 
-tino, ADJ. : adamantine. 

Ada-mo, M. : Adam, -mi tic o, ADJ. : 

adasperaref, TR. : exasperate. 

adastaref, TR. : hasten. 

ad - astiamexito f , M. : spite ; envy. 
li=astiare, TR. : envy. 

adat-tabile, ADJ. : adaptable. -tai>i- 
lita, F. : adaptability, -tamento, M. : 
-tanzaf, P.: adaptation. ||-tar [L. 
aptus, apt], TR. : ADAPT (adjust, fit, accom 
modate), -tazionet, F. : adaptation. 
-tato, ADJ.: adapted (fit, proper); skilful. 
adat-to, ADJ. : apt (fit). 

ad=dare, IRR. ; REFL. : addict one's self ; 

addaziare [dazio], TR.: subject to toll 
or duty. 

ad-deMtare, TR. : indebt ; impute. ll=de- 
liito, M. : imputation. 

addelboliret, -biliref = indebolire. 

adde-eimaref, TR. : TITHE. 

addeu-samento, M. : thickening. ||-sa- 
re [denso], make dense (thicken). 

adden-tare [dente], TR. : seize with the 
teeth (bite), -tatiira, F. : seizing with 
the teeth ; notch, -tellare, TR. : indent 
(dovetail); provide with toothing-stones. 
-tellato, M. : toothing-stone; corner 

ad=dentro, ADV. : inwardly ; within. 
-dentrare, REFL. : ENTER (into). 

adde-strabile, ADJ. : teachable, -stra- 
mento, M. : preparing (instruction). 
||-strare [destro], make skilful (drill, 
instruct; prepare); break in (a horse); 
REFL. : practice (exercise), -stratoref, 
M. : teacher ; gentleman usher ; groom. 

addetto [addire], ADJ.: assigned; per 
taining; attached. 

addi or a di: 'at the day'; date. 

addia^eeiaret, etc. = agghiacciare, etc. 

addia-eentef, ADJ. : adjacent. 

ad=dietro, ADV. : behind; backwards: per 
V , formerly (heretofore); essere con, 
be behind in; dare , go backwards; met- 
tere , neglect ; tenere , hold back (re 

addimand. .f = addomand. . 

addimest. .f = addomest. . 

ad=dio, ADV. : ADIEU (farewell). 

addire [L. ad-decere], REFL.: be proper 
or suitable ; become (suit). 

addirimpettof, PREP. : over against. 

ad^dirittura, ADV.: directly; openly; 

addiriz-zamento, M. : straightening; 
direction. H-zare [diritta], TR.: make 



straight (straighten); set right (correct); 

instruct; raiset; directf, apply t; dedicate; 

REFL.: become straight (straighten out); 

mend, -zatoio, M. : bodkin (to dress 

the hair), -zatore, M., -zatri-ee, F. : 

straightener ; arranger. -zatura, F. : 

straightening (correcting); parting of the 

addi-tamento, M.: pointing out. ||-tare 

[dio],TR. : point out (indicate), -tatore, 

M. : pointer out (indicator). 
addittof, ADJ. : assigned ; dedicated ; des 


t = avvenire. 

addi-zI0mal 9 ADJ.: additional, -zioma- 
re, TR.: add together (sum up), -ziome 
[L. ad-dere, ADD], F. : addition. 

addo"fo-Tbam.ento, M.: ornament; attire. 
bare [?], TR. : adorn (deck, decorate); 
adapt, -"batore, M. : ornamenter. ad- 
ddb-Bo, M. : decoration (finery); orna 
mental furniture. 

addo-eilire [docile], TE. : render docile; 

addogaref, TR. : stripe. 

addol-care [dolco], TR. : soften (turn 
mild), --einaento, M. : sweetening (soften 
ing). -eir e [dolce] , TR. : sweeten (soften) ; 
alleviate; content, --citivo, ADJ. : soften 
ing; lenitive. 

addolorare [dolore], TR. : afflict; tor 
ment ; REFL. : be afflicted (grieve). 

addomand. .f = domand. . 

addoine [L. abdomen], M. : ABDOMEN. 

adomesti-cabile, ADJ.: that may be 
domesticated (tamable),, M. : 
domesticating (taming). H-eare [domes- 
tioo], TR. : domesticate (tame); cultivate; 
civilize ; soften ; familiarize : con, be 
domesticated, etc. ; grow familiar, -eato, 
ADJ. : domesticated (tame); familiar, -ca- 
tore, M. : tamer, -catura, F. : domes 
tication (taming); civilizing. -cftire, TR.: 
render less rough (soften) ; domesticate., ADJ. : abdominal. H -do- 
mine = -dome. 

addoppare [dopo], REFL. : hide one's self 

. behind. 

addop-piamento, M.: doubling. ||-pia- 
re [doppio], TR. : double, fredouble ; fold. 
-piatore, M., -piatora, F. : one who 
doubles, -piatnra, F. : (re) doubling. 

addormen-tare [addormire], TR. : put 
to sleep (lull) ; make drowsy or lazy ; as 
suage ; REFL. : go to sleep ; be benumbed ; 
die: -tarsi nel Signore, die in the Lord 
(die in peace), -tato, ADJ. : sleepy (drow 
sy); lazy, -tat ore, M.: one that lulls 
asleep ; tiresome person ; opiate. 

addoriniret, REFL.: fall asleep., M. : burdening ; burden 
(charge), -dossare, TR. : load upon one's 


back (load, charge) ; REFL. : take upon 
one's shoulder, or upon one's self; take 
charge of. ||=ddsso, ADV. : upon (one's) 
back; upon or about (one); at: abbaiare 
, bark at ; dare , fall upon ; assail ; 
accuse ; mettere , charge with (impute) ;, 
metier e le mani , lay hold of, apprehend; 
porre gli occhi a, cast an eye upon ; 
dare a, assail ; harm, wrong ; accuse. 

addotto, PART, of addurre., M. : making a doctor. 
|| -rare [dottore], TR, : make or create a 
doctor ; doctor ; (iron.) doctor ( = teach 
evil), -rato, ADJ. : created doctor., M. : instruction ; 
erudition. ||nare [dottrinare],.: in 
struct (teach); REFL.: study, -nata- 
mente, ADV.: learnedly. -nato,ADJ.: in 
structed; learned. -atiirat,F.: learning. 

addrappellaret, TR. : form in line of 

addr(i)etof = addietro. 

adduaret, TR. : couple. 

adrdiicere [LJ = addurre. -du-eibile,. 
ADJ. : adducible. 

addurare = indurare. 

ad-durre [L. ad-ducere], IRR. ; TR. : bring 
(on) ; produce ; convey ; cite ; allege. 
-dussi, prei. -duttore, M. : abductor. 

Pret. addiis-si, -se; -sero. Fut. addiirro, 
Cond. addierrki. Part.: addotto, 

ad-eguamento, M, : equalizing ; even 
ness. ||-eguare [L. cequare, make EQUAL), 
TR.: equalize (balance) ; proportion; level. 
-eguatamente, ADJ. : equally ; propor 

ad-empibile, ADJ.: feasible. ||=em.- 
piere or = empire, IRR.; TR.: fulfil (ac 
complish, execute), -empimientot, M. : 
fulfilling, -empitoref, M. : accomplisher. 
-empiuto, ADJ. : fulfilled (accomplished). 

adentrof, ADJ. : entered ; ADV. : within. 

adequ. .f ^ adegu. . 

aderbaref , TR. : feed with grass. 

ade-rente [aderire] f ADJ.: adherent; M. 
adherent ; favourer, -renza, F. : adher 
ence; attachment. 

ad-ergere, IRR. ; TR. : raise up, extol. 

ad-erimentof, M.: adherence. ||-erire 
[L. ad-hcerere], INTR. : ADHERE (stick); 
consent; approve, -erito, ADJ.: attached 
(to a party, etc.); consented to. 

ad-escamento, M. : bait (allurement). 
||-escare [esca], TR.: bait (allure, entice). 
-es cat ore, M. : allurer. 

ad-esione [-erire"], F.: adhesion (adhere- 
ment); consent, -esivo, ADJ.: adhesive 
(adherent), -eso, ADJ. : attached. 

adespoto [Gr. a- not, despotes, master] ; 
ADJ. : without the author's name (said of 
books, etc.). 

adesso [L. ad ipsum, 'at same/ sc. tern- 


pus, time], ADV.: at the instant; now; 
alwaysf : adess' , just now, presently. 

adia-eente [L. jacere, lie], ADJ. : adja 
cent (contiguous), -eenza, p. : adjacency 

adianto [L. -tus], M. : maidenhair (fern). 

adiettiv v t = aggettiv. . 

adimaref, TR. : bring or cast down ; bend. 

adi-pe [L. adeps], M. : fat (grease), -po- 
sita, F. : adiposity (fatness), -poso, 
ADJ. : adipose (fat). 

adi-ramento, M. : anger. ||-rare [ira], 
REFL.: grow angry or IRATE, -rata- 
anente, ADV.: angrily, -rato, ADJ.: 

adire [L. ad-ire, go to], TR. : come into 
the possession of (an inheritance); inherit. 

adirosof, ADJ. : irascible (hasty). 

adi-to, PART, of adire. adi-to, M. : ac 
cess (entry); opportunity. 

adiizt. . f, adinv. . aiut. . 

adizione [adire], F. : accession (to prop 
erty); inheritance. 

adizzaref aizzare. 

adofFaref addobbare. 

adoc-c/<iame3ito, M. : look (glance, 
gaze). ||-c7tiare [occhio, eye], TR. : eye 
(look or stare at). 

adole-scente [L. -scens], ADJ. : adoles 
cent ; M. : youth ; young man. -seenza, 
F. : youth. 

adom-'braniento, M. : shadowing (um 
brage). H-"brare [ombrd], TR. : shade ; 
overshadow; obfuscate; blind; shadow forth 
(sketch, delineate); fancy ; suspect ; fsym- 
bolize. -"brazione, F. : adumbration ; 
umbrage ; faint sketch. 

adonaref, TR.: subdue; oppress; REFL.: 
be subdued (be humbled); surrender. 

A done, M. : Adonis. 

ad=onestare, TR. : make appear honest; 

adonide [-?ie], F. : adonide (plant). 

adou-tare [onta], REFL. : be indignant 
(be offended), -tosof, ADJ.: insulting 

adop(e)-raMle, ADJ. : that can be used : 
-ramento, M. : use. H-rare [opera], TR. : 
make use of (employ); REFL.: exert one's 
self (endeavour), -rato, ADJ. : used (em 
ployed), -ratoref, M. : operator, -ra- 
zionef, F. : use ; exertion. 

ado-raMle, ADJ. : adorable. -raMlita, 
F. : adorableness. -ramento, M. : adora 
tion, -rante, M. : adorer ; worshipper. 
|| -rare [L. (or are, pray)], TR. : adore, 
worship, -rat 6 re, M. : adorer ; worship 
per. -ratoriot,M.: oratory; temple (for 
idols), -ratriee, F. : (female) adorer or 
worshipper, -razione, F. : adoration 

adordinaref* REFL. : prepare one's self. 



adorezzare, INTR. : be shady. 
ador-rnabile, ADJ. : that may be adorned. 

-namente, ADV. : elegantly; neatly. 
-namento, M. : adornment (ornament). 
||-nare [ornare], TR. : adorn (deck, em 
bellish). -matameiit. ADV. : in an orna 
mental manner (elegantly), -mate, ADJ. : 
adorned ; M.f : adornments, -natore, M. : 

adot-taznento, M. : adoption. -taHte, 
ADJ.: adopting; M. : adopter. H-tare[cf. 
ottare], TR. : ADOPT, -(taf)tivo, ADX : 
adoptive, -zione, F. : adoption. 

adovraref = adoprare. 

adrof = atro. 

adug-giamesito, M. : blighting shade. 
il-gfare [uggia], TR. : overshade; blight. 

adiignaret = augnare. 

adu-lante, ADJ.: flattering (adulatory): 
f flatterer. ||-lare [L. -lari], TR. : flatter. 
-latore, M. : flatness, -latorio, ADJ. : 
adulatory (flattering). -latriee, F. : 
flatterer, -lazione, F. : adulation ('flat 

adult e- ramento, M. : adulteration. 
-rare, TR. : adulterate ; falsify ; f INTR. : 
commit adultery, -ratdire, M. ; adulterer. 
-ratriee, F. : adulteress, -razione, F. : 
adulteration (corruption); forgery, -rino, 
ADJ. : adulterine ; counterfeit. adtdt&- 
rio, M. : adultery. |!adiilte-ro [L. ad 
to, ulter for alter, another], ADJ. : adul 
terous ; M.f : adulterer. 

adiilto [L. -tu$ (ad-olescere, grow)], ADJ. : 
adult (grown up)., M. : uniting (assembling); 
collection -nanza, F. : meeting (assem 
bly). ||-nare [L. ad, to unus, one], TR. : 
UNITE (bring together, assemble, convoke); 
REFL. : come together (assemble, meet). 
-nata, F. : assembly (meeting), -natdre, 
M.: collector, -nazionet, F.: union (col 

ad-nncaref, TR.: bend into a hook (curve), 
II -unco [L. unctLS, hook], ADJ. : aduncous 

adiii&que [L. ad tune], CONJ. : then, there 

adu-staref, TR.: scorch, -stezzaf, F.: 
scorching, dryness. -stivamentef , ADV.: 
scorchingly ; in a dry manner, -stivof , 
ADJ. : scorching ; dry. ||adu-sto [L- -stus 
(urere, burn)], ADJ.: adust (scorched, 

ae-re [L. aer], M. : (poet.) AIR, wind. 
-reatof, ADJ. : aired, ae-reo, ADJ. : 
aerial. -reolito or -redlito [lithos, 
stone], M. : aerolite. -r(e)onauta [Gr. 
nautes, navigator], M. : aeronaut, -reo- 
nautica, F. : aeronautics, -reonau- 
tico, ADJ. : aeronautic(al). -reostato 
[Gr. statos, placed]. M.: aerostat (balloon). 



-rixaamzia, -romamzia [Gr. manteia, 
divination], F. : aeromancy. -ro. . cf . 
-reo. . -rose, ADJ.: airy; sprightly; 

aescaref = adescare. 

af- for Lat. ad, ' to/ in composition. 

a-fa [? Gr. hapht, kindling], F. : sultry or 
suffocating heat (sultriness) : fare , an 
noy, tire, disgust. -ato, ADJ.: withered 
(blighted); weak, -fat&e-eiof, ADJ.: 
languid (sickly). 

afelio [Gr. ap6, from, helios, sun], M. : 

aferesi [Gr. apt, from, airein, take], M. : 

affabi-le \L. fari, speak], ADJ. : affable 
(e&sy of approach), -lita, F. : affability. 
-Imente, ADV. : affably (courteously). 

affa-e-een-damento, M. : busy occupa 
tion (diligence). jl-dare [faccenda], 
REFL. : be very busy (hustle about), -da- 
to, ADJ. : very busy ; occupied, -dona, 
F., -done, M. : very busy person. 

affa<;-eettare = sfaccettdre. 

affaccMnare [facchino], REFL.: work 
hard (like a 'porter') ; toil (drudge). 

afifa-e-eiamexito, M. : smoothing. || -eta- 
re [faeeia], REFL. : show one's self ; look 
out; appear; present one's self; aspire. 
-eiatamente, ADV.: boldly, -etato, 
ADJ.: bold. 

aftagottare [fagotto], TR. : bundle up. 

affaitaref, REFL. : adorn one's self; con 
form one's self. 

affal-dar [folda], TR. : fold up (plait). 
-dellare, TR. : fold, wrap up. 

affalsaref, TR. : falsify, adulterate. 

affa-mare [fame], TR. : FAMISH ; starve ; 
make hungry, -mate, ADJ.: famished 
(starved) ; needy ; wretched, -matore, 
M. : f amisher. -matuzzof, ADJ. : starved- 
looking (object), -miref , INTR. : starve. 

afFangaret, TR. : splash with mud (soil). 

afFaii-namento, M. : anxiety ; vexation, 
-nante, ADJ.: suffocating; grievous, -na- 
re, TR. : suffocate; afflict (grieve, over 
come); REFL.: grieve (vex one's self); 
strain ; strive. -natamente, ADV. : 
anxiously ; grievously, -nato, ADJ. : suf 
focated; grieved; anxious, -natore, 
M.: vexer. Haffan-no [?], M. : short 
ness of breath; anguish; anxiety; pain. 
-nona, F., -none, M. : troublesome per 
son (busybody), -noneriaf, F.: meddle 
someness, -nosamente, ADV. : with 
difficulty (of breathing); painfully; anx 
iously, -noso, ADJ.: suffocating (sultry); 
grievous (troublesome). 

affardellare [fardello], TR. : make up 
into a bundle (bundle or pack up). 

af=fare i, M. : AFFAIR (business) ; quality 
(station, rank) : casa di mal , brothel ; 


donna di mal , prostitute. =art 2 . 
IRR.; IMPERS., REFL.: suit (become), -fa- 
ra-e-exo, M. : wretched affair, -farino, 
M. : trifling affair (trifle), -farome, M. : 
big affair; good affair. -farii-c-eio, 
-fam-e-eia-c-eio, M. : wretched affair. 

afFasciaref, TR. : tie in fagots (bundle). 

affasci-namento, M.: fascination, -nan- 
te, ADJ. : fascinating (bewitching). ||-na- 
re [fascino"], TR.: fascinate (charm), -na- 
tore, M. : charmer (bewitcher). -natri- 
ee, F. : charmer; sorceress, -nazionef, 
F. : fascination. 

affa-stellare [fastello], TR. : make a 
bundle of; jumble together, -stellio, 
M. : jumble. 

afFasidi(a)rt, TR. : trouble (vex). 

affatarof; TR. : charm; render invulner 
able; bewitch; embellish. 

affati camento, M. : fatiguing; tired 
ness ; toil. || -care [fatica], TR. : fatigue 
(tire) ; harass ; REFL. : toil ; strive, -ca- 
to, ADJ.: fatigued (weary); harassed. 
-c/tevolef , ADJ. : fatiguing (wearisome) ; 
painstaking, -cosof, ADJ.: fatiguing; 

af=fatto, ADV.: perfectly; entirely; quite; 
at all : niente , nothing at all. 

affattu.-ramen.tof, M. : sorcery. U-rare 
[fattura], TR. : charm (bewitch), -ra- 
zione | , F. : sorcery. 

affazo-nanientot, M.: ornament. 11 -na- 
't Lfaaione], TR. : adorn (embellish). 

af=f e t, ADV. : in faith * upon my faith. 

affegataret, REFL. : be afflicted. 

affer-mamentot, M.: affirmation, -nxan- 
te, ADJ.: affirmative. ||-mar [Jirmare], 
TR. : affirm (assert); REFL.f: become 
firm or strong; be confirmed, -xnata- 
mente, ADV.: affirmatively; assuredly. 
-mativo, ADJ. : affirmative (positive), 
-mativa, F. : affirmative, -mat ore, 
M., -matri-ee, F. : a person who affirms 
(maintainer). -mazione, F. : affirma 

affer-ramento, M. : grasping, -ran- 
te, ADJ.: grasping; M.: battle horsef. 
|| -rare [ferro], TR.: grapple (grasp, 
gripe) ; comprehend ; hold ; (nav.) land. 
-ratoiof, M. : grappling-iron; tongs. 
-ratore, M., -ratriee, F. : grappler. 

affet-tamentof, M. : affectation; adorn 
ment. H -tare [i. -to; 2. fetta], TR.: 
i. affect (pretend); pretend to (covet); 
adorn ; REFL. : be affected ; 2. cut in slices 
(slice, cut up), -tatamente, ADV. : af 
fectedly; eagerly, -tato, ADJ.: i. af 
fected; 2. sliced. -tatort M., -ta- 
trieef, F. : affected person, -tatura, 
F. : slicing, -tatuzzo, ADJ. : much af 
fected, -tazione, F. : affectation. 

affet-tivo, ADJ.: affecting (touching). 


if a$fet-to [L. a/ectus (af-ficere, toncli)], 
ADJ. : AFFECTED (touched) ; burdened ; M. : 
affection (passion, tenderness) ; desire, 
-tuosamente, ADV. : affectionately (ten 
derly), -tuosita, P. ; affectionateness 
(affection), -tuoso, ADJ.: affectionate 

affiezio-aare, TR. : make affectionate or 
fond (enamour) ; REPL. : get fond of (be 
come attached to, fall in love), -nata- 
mente, ADV.: affectionately (fondly), 
-nato, ADJ. : affectionate (fond), -n-cel- 
la, F. : slight affection, Haffezio-me 
[affetto], F. : affection (tenderness; mor 
bid condition); (math.)-f property; ferram.)t 
inflection, -nevolef , ADJ. : affectionate, 

affiammaret = inflammare. 
affiatare [fiato], REFL. : become confident 
or familiar. 

affi"b-MafirHot, M. : buckle (clasp). -Ma- 
mento, M". : buckling. |I-"biare [fibbia], 
TR. : buckle (clasp) ; button : -biarla ad 
uno, play one a trick, -"blatoiof, M. : 
buckle, -biatura, P. : buckling (clasp 
ing) ; clasping part (of a dress) : hooks 
and eyesf; buttonsf. 
af=fiocaref , TR. : thrust in ; fix. 
affi-dare tfede], TR. : conFEDE; entrust; 
REPL. : confide (one's self) ; trust ; rely. 
-dato, ADJ.: confided; trusty; certain; 
M. : confidant, trusty friend, -datamen- 
tef ADV.: confidently. 
affiefrolaret, INTR. : debilitate. 
affLe-nare ifieno], TR. : fodder; forage. 
-nata, p.: foraging, -nire, INTR.: 

affievo-limento, M. : weakness. H-lire 
[fievole], TR. : enfeeble (weaken) ; INTR., 
REFL. : grow weak (weaken). 
af=figgere, IRR. ; TR. : stick up (placards, 
etc.) ;" post ; fix ; f astenf ; nailf ; REFL,f : 
look fixedly (stare) ; apply one's self. 
affiguraref [figura], TR. : recognize; 
recollect ; REPL. : fancy. 
affi-Iamento, M. : arranging in files; 
whetting. ||lare [fila], TR.: arrange 
in a file or row; file (sharpen, whet); 
iNTR.f : file (march in files), -lata, F. : 
slight sharpening (setting), -lato, ADJ.: 
arranged in a file ; sharp(ened) ; long and 
thin (face), -latura, F.: sharpening; 
sharp edge, -lettare, TR.: (mas.) smooth 
(the points between brick with the trow 
el) ; tie (the threads of a net), -letta- 
tura, F. : smoothing, etc. (cf. -lettare). 
affi-Iiare [L. filius, son], TR. : take in as 
a member (in a society, etc.) ; associate 
REFL.: join. -liazione, p.: associa 
tion; society. 
affi-namento, M. : refinement. ||-na- 
re [fine], TR.: refine; purify; sharpen 



REFL. : become refined or purified, -ma- 
toio, M. : crucible (melting-pot), -ma- 
tore, M. : refiner, -natiira, P. : refine 

ffin-cftet [ ft fine che], ADV. : to the end 
that; in order to; that, -ei di = a 

fine di > in order that. 

affi-ne2 [L. af-finis Cto-border'), neigh 
bouring], ADJ.: kindred (akin); M. : kins 
man (relation), -mssimo, ADJ.: very 
closely akin, -nita. P.: affinity (kindred). 

affi.o-camentof,M.: hoarseness. j| -caret 
[fioco], INTR.: get hoarse, -catot, ADJ.: 
hoarse. -cat-drat,F.: hoarseness. -cM- 
mento, M. : becoming hoarse (hoarse 
ness). -c7ilre, INTR., REFL. : get hoarse. 

afiBLoratof, ADJ.: ornamented or embroi 
dered with flowers ; damasked. 

affirmaret = affermare. 

af-iisare =r fissare. -fissamentof, M. : 
gazing at. =fissaref, TR.: affix; fix 
one's eyes upon (gaze at) ; REFL. : apply 
one's self, -fissi, PRET. of -figgere. -fis- 
sione, F. : affixing. ||-fisso [PART, of 
-fi99ere], ADJ.: fixed (fastened); eager; 
M. : placard (bill) ; affix. 

affit-tai(u)olo, M.: tenant (lease-holder). 
-taate, M. : landlord, -tare, TR.: lease 
(rent); hire; freight; REFL.: be let (let). 
-tatore, M.: leaser; landlord; freighter. 
-tazioHef, F.: leasing, -tevolef, ADJ.: 
to be leased or let out. -tire, TR.: render 
thick or frequent ; INTR., REFL. : grow 
thick or frequent, (jafiit-to [fitto], ADJ.: 
affixed (fastened); M.: lease; rent, -tua- 
lef, M.: tenant; farmer, -tuario, M., 
-tuaria, F.: lease-holder; tenant (renter). 

af-fliggente, ADJ.: afflicting (painful). 
H-fliggere [L.fligere, strike], IRR ; TR,: 
afflict", grieve, torment ; REFL.: be afflicted 
(grieve), -flissi, PRET. of -jliggere. -flit- 
tivo, ADJ.: afflicted; grievous, -flit- 
to, PART, of -Jliggere. -flizioue, F.: af 
fliction. -fLizioiL-eella, p.: dim. of -jli- 

Pret. afflis-si, -se; -s&ro. Part, afflitto. 

afflosoire [floscio], INTR. : become flabby 
or loose. 

afSn-ente, ADJ.: affluent (abundant). 
-eutemente, ADV.: abundantly, -enza, 
p.: affluence (abundance). jl-ire [L. 

fluere, flow], INTR. : flow on or together ; 
flow in abundance (abound), '-sso, M. : 
afflux; congestion. 

affocare [fuoco], TR.: set on fire (inflame). 

affo-gagginet or -gagfonef, F., -ga- 
memto, M.: suffocation." U-gare [fogo], 
TR.: sufpocATE (smother); drown; REFL.: 
be suffocated or stifled, -gate, ADJ.: 
suffocated ; extinguished ; overloaded ; f u- 
riousf: uova te, poached eggs, -ga- 
toio, M.: place of suffocation, (jig.) oven. 



affol-lare [folia] , TR. : crowd together ; 
throng; stuff. -latamente, ADV.: in a 
crowd; greedily. 

affol-tamentot, M.: thickening; precipi 
tation. || -tare f TR. : crowd or press 
upon ; INTE. : hurry, -tataf, p. : haste, 

affom-damemto, M. : foundering (sink 
ing). || -dare [fondo], INTR. : POUNDER 
(go to the * bottom,' sink); TR.: sink, -da- 
to, ADJ.: sunk; shipwrecked; ruined. 
-datore, M. : sinker ; wrecker, -datu 
ra, F. : sinking, -dot f r a fondo. 

afforestierare [forestiere], INTR. : be 
come a stranger. 

af=ortificare, TR. : fortify. 

a=ortmiato, ADJ. : fortunate. 

affor-zat, ADV. : by force, -zamentot, 
M.: fortifying. -zaret, TR. : strengthen, 

affos-samento, M. : ditch; trench (in- 
trenchment). ||-sare [fossa], TR.: ditch ; 
intrench, -sat&ra, F. : intrenchment. 

affragnere t = af ranger e. 

aflra-I&ret, -Href, TR. : enfeeble. 

aiFran-caMie, ADJ.: capable of being 
freed, -camento, M. : freeing (eman 
cipating). ||-care [franco], TR. : free 
(FRANCHIZE, emancipate); REFL.: be freed ; 
become vigorous, -cato, ADJ.: freed; 
M. : freeman. 

af=frangeret, IRR.; TR.: break; violate. 
-franto", PART. : broken ; fatigued. 

afirappare t, TR. : cut (mince). 

affratel-lamento, M. : brotherly affec 
tion (intimacy). ||-lare [fratello], TR. : 
make brothers; REFL.: become brothers 
(in affection). 

affreddaret, TR. : cool. 

affrs-nainento t, M. : check (restraint). 
-nart> TR.: bridle (curb, check). 

a=resoo, M. : fresco. 

afFr t-tamen-to , M. : hurry (speed) . -tan- 
za, F. : hurry. ||-tare [fretta], TR. : 
urge (hurry, speed, despatch), -tata- 
mentef , ADV.: hurriedly, -tosot, ADJ. : 
hasty (hurried). 

aJFrico [L. -eus], M. : south-wind. 

afirittellare [frittello], TR.: fry (eggs) ; 

affron-taaneato, M. : affront ; assault. 
|| -tare [fronte], TR. : affront; assault 
(attack) ; REFL. : meet face to face ; as 
sault each other, -tatat, F. : assault ; 
encounter, -tatot, ADJ. : affronted ; as 
saulted ; face to face, affron-to, M. : 
affront (insult). 

affn.mi-camento,M.: fumigation, ll-ca- 
re [fumo], TR. : fumigate ; smoke dry. 
-cata, F. : fumidity. -catura,F.: fumi 
gation (smoking). 

affu-sare [fuso], TR.: form into a spindle 

or shaft (taper), -sato, PART. : taper 
ing, -sellare or -sollare = ~$are. 

af=fusto, M. : gun-carriage. 

afomia, F.: aphony. Hafono [Gr. a-, not, 
phone, voice], ADJ. : aphonous (voiceless). 

aio-rismo [Gr. aphorismos, definition], 
M. : aphorism, -ristico, ADJ. : aphor- 
istic(al). -risticasnemte, ADV.: aphor- 

afoso [afa], ADJ. : suffocating (sultry). 

a-rettot, ADJ. : sourish, -frezzat, F - 
sourness; asperity. ||-rot, ADJ.: sout 

afrodisiaco [Afrodite], ADJ. : aphrodisi- 

agame [Gr. a-, not, gdmos, marriage], F. : 

agape [Gr. agdpe, love], F. : love-feast. 

agarico [L. -cum] M. : agaric. 

agata [Gr. Achdtes in Sicily], F. : agate. 

agata [ago], F. : needleful. 

agave [L.], F. : agave (plant). 

a-genda [L., 'to be done'], F. : note-book 
(memorandum). ||-gente [-gire], ADJ.: 
acting ; active ; M : agent ; manager, -gen- 
zia, F. : agency. 

agevo-lamento, M.: facilitation (ease). 
-lare, TR. : facilitate (help). || age vo 
le [L. agibilis (L. agere, act)] ADJ.*: easy 
(manageable, practicable), -lezza, F. : 
facility (ease) ; civility (courtesy), -lino, 
ADJ.: easy, manageable. -Imente, ADV.: 
easily (readily). 

aggafParet = accaffare. 

aggallato [galla], M. : marshy ground. 

aggan-eiare [gancio], TR.: hook, -g/te- 
rare [ganghero], TR. : hinge. 

aggavigrnaret, TR. : grasp (seize). 

aggecc/ilret, REFL. : respond. 

ag-geggare, INTR.: (pop.) muse; TR. : 
arrange; dress, put on. ll-geggip [?j, 
M. : trifle (worthless thing) ; p'erplexity. 

ag-gelaret, TR.: congeal (freeze), -gela- 
zioket, F. : congealment ; jelly. 

aggentiliret = ingentilire. 

ag-gettare, INTR.: project (jut out), 
-gettivo, ADJ., M. : adjective. ||-$;etto 
[L. ad-jectus, 'thrown upon/ joined], M.: 
projection (prominence, jutting). 

aggft-ermiflrliaret, TR. : grasp. 

agg/iia-e-eiaxaento, F.: frost. || eia- 
re [ghiaccio], TR. : freeze (congeal). 

ag~gfciadaret, INTR. : be frozen or be 
numbed with cold ; be horrified. -gMa- 
dot, M. : horror. 

aggJtindare [ak. to Eng. wind], TR. : 
trim (adorn). 

aggia-enzat, F.: adjacency. ||-eeret 
IRR. ; INTR. : be adjacent ; suit. 

agginoccMaret; REFL. : KNEEL. 

agg^ot i, for ho, I have. 

aggio 2 [agio], M. : exchange ; discount. 


aggiogare [giogo], TR. : put the yoke on | 


aggiogMatofj ADJ. : mixed with tares. 
aggior - namento, M. : adjournment ; 
d'awn. ll-nare [giorno], TR. : adjourn ; 
illuminef ; appointf ; INTR., RBFL. : dawn. 
aggi-ramento, M.: surrourding (circum 
venting); evasion. H-rare [girare], TR.: 
surround (enclose); take in (deceive) ; INTR.: 
go or roam about ; REPL.: go around (ram 
ble), -rataf, F. : turning round; dwin 
dling, -ratore, M., -ratriee, F.: ram 
bler ; deceiver (swindler) ; bewitcher. 
aggindi-caiite, ADJ.: adjudicating; M. : 
a*djudicator. H-care [giudicare], TR. : 
adjudge (award), -catario, M. : benefi 
ciary (to whom a thing is adjudged), -ca- 
zione, F. : adjudication (award). 
agginf/n. .f = aggiung. . 
ag=giiiiigere, IRR. ; TR. : join ; add ; 
reach ; RBFL. : join (meet together)., M. : joining; addition; 
supplement, -giimsi, PRET. of -giungere. 
-giimta, P.: addition, -giuntare, TR.: 
join; add; sew together, -giuntatiira, 
F.: joining; joint, seam, -gi-anto, PART. 
of giungere: joined (added)*; adjunct (as 
sistant), -giunzioaet, F.: joining; ad 

agginraref , TR. : swear ; conjure. 
aggiii-staMle, ADJ. : adjustable, -sta- 
mento, M. : adjustment. H -stare [giu- 
sto], TR.: adjust (set to rights); direct; 
REFL. : adjust one's self ; agree, -stata- 
mente, ADV. : rightly (properly), -sta- 
tezza, F. : justice, -statore, M. : ad 
juster (regulator), -statura, F.: ad 
justment, settlement. 
aggloxne-razneuto, M. : agglomeration. 
|| -rare [L. glomus, ball], TR. : agglomer 

agglu.ti-xiam.ento, M. : agglutination 
(gluing). [l-mare [glutine], TR ; : agglu 
tinate (glue together), -nasione, F. : 
agglutination (gluing; joining of words). 
aggoVbire [gobbo], TR. : make hunch 

aggomitola-re [gomitolo], TR. : make 
into a clew or coil (wind up); REFL.: form 
into clews or groups, -tii.ra, F. : form 
ing into clews. 

aggotta-re [gotto], TR.: bail (a boat) 
pump, -tura, F. : bailing. 
aggra-dare [grado i], INTR.: be agree 
able (please), -devole, ADJ. : agreeable 
(pleasing), -devolmeate, ADV.: agree 
ably, -dimento, M.: agreeableness 
pleasure, -dire, TR. (3 Sing, -da, im- 
pers.): accept with pleasure (receive 
kindly); like, -dito, ADJ.: gladly ac 
cepted; agreeable (acceptable), -duiref 
REFL. : make one's self agreeable. 

aggrnppamento 17 

aggraffaref, TR.: clasp. 

aggraifignare [granfiaft, TR.: claw, 
clutch; rob. 

aggrampare f = aggrappare. 

aggranare f, TR. : grain (form into 
grains) ; INTR. : seed. 

aggranc7ii(a)re [granchio], TR. : be 
numb with cold., M. : aggrandizement ; 
increase (rise). ||-dre [grande], TR. : 
increase (enlarge) ; REFL. : grow. 
tggran-fiare [granfia], TR.: claw, grap 
ple, -fk/nare, TR. : rob. 
Lggrappare [grappa], TR. : grapple ; 
grasp (catch); REFL.: clutch (cling). 

aggratiref = aggradire. 

aggratie-eiare [graticcio], TR.: entwine; 
REFL. : become interwoven ; be entangled. 

aggratigHaref , TR. : fetter ; imprison. 

aggra-vam.ento,M.: aggravation, -van- 
te, ADJ.: aggravating; overcharging. 
||-vare [grave], TR. : overload (over 
charge); aggravate; aggrieve; accuse; 
REFL.: grow heavy, be aggravated; be 
aggrieved, -vazionef , F. : overloading ; 
aggravation. Wio, M.: excessive burden, 
weight; aggravation; injury; imputation. 

aggra-ziare [grazia], TR.: be grateful 
or pleasing to (please), -ziatamente, 
ADV.: gratefully; pleasingly, -ziatino, 
ADJ. : pleasing (nice), -ziato, ADJ. : 
pleasing; graceful; genteel. 

aggredire [L. gradior, advance], TR. : 
assault ; offend, (Eng.f ) AGGRESS. 

aggre-gamento, M.: aggregation. H-ga- 
re [L. grex, flock], TR. : aggregate, -ga- 
to, PART. : aggregated ; M. : aggregate ; 
assemblage, -gazione, F. : aggrega 
tion ; assembly, -ggiaref, TR. : collect ; 
REFL. : herd together. 
aggres-sione [aggredire], F. : aggres 
sion (assault), -sore, M. : aggressor. 
aggrez-zaref, or -ziref? INTR.: be be 
numbed with cold. 

iggricc7i/iare"{", TR. : cramp with cold. 
aggrin-zare, or-zire [grinza] t TB~: wrin 
kle (shrivel). 

aggrizzaref, REFL. : be stiff with cold. 
aggrommaret, INTR. : get covered with 
tartar (incrustate). 

aggropparef, TR. : wrap (tie); heap. 
aggrottare [grotta], TR.: le ciglia, 
knit one's brows (frown), embankf (a 
ditch); repairf. 

aggrotte-scaref, INTR.: fall into the 
grotesque, -scatof, M. : grotesque. 
aggrovi-grliare, or -gliolare [grovi- 
glia], TR. : 'curl up (twist up); entangle. 
aggrn-mare [grumo], REFL. : curdle (co 
agulate), -molare [grumolo], REFL. : 
form into bunches, 
aggrnp-pame'nto, M.: grouping; union; 

18 aggrirpparo 

forming a bunch or knot. H-pare [grup- 
po], TR. : group, collect, heap up; knot 

feggrnzzolare [gruzzolo], TR. : scrape 
together (hoard up). 

aggua-fifHamearto, M. : equalizing. 
-gliaiizat, F.: equality; conformity; re 
semblance. !I-#Hare [L. aqualis, EQUAL], 
TR. : equalize; make even or smooth; 
compare; REFL. : become equal or even; 
compare one's self (with). ~0Katamen- 
te, ADV.: equally (proportionally). -c/Ka- 
toro, M. : equalizer. -f/HazioHef, F. : 
equality; conformity. aggna-^Iio, M. : 

aggnant&re [#w0n,fo], TR. : clutch (catch 
suddenly); rob; reef. 

aggnard. . t = guard. . 

ag-gmat&ref [OGer. wahten, "WATCH], 
TR. : lie in wait for ; spy. -gaato, M. : 

agg-neffaref , TR. : join. 

aggnerrire [guerra], TR. : inure to war 
(harden, train). 

aggaindo-lamexrto, M. : reeling off; 
artifice. U-Iare [guindolo],.: reel off; 
wind up ; lead by the nose (trick), ag- 
guincLoIof = guindolo. 

aggustare [gusto], INTR. : give pleasure 

ag/tero [L. acer], ADJ. : sour (sharp). 

ag/tetto [ago], M. : shoe-string (with 
metal point). 

agftia-e-eiot, M. : helm (rudder). 

agMronef = airone. 

agia-ref [flgio], TR. : adapt ; accommo- 
d'ate; place, -tamemte, ADV.: commodi- 
ously (with ease), -tezza, P.: ease (com 
fort); wealth, '-to, ADJ.: adapted; con 
venient ; in easy circumstances (wealthy) ; 

agibiief, ADJ. : feasible. 

agi-le [L. -Us], ADJ.: agile (nimble), 
lively, -lita, F.: agility. -Imente, 
ADV.: nimbly. 

agio [?], M.: ease; convenience; comfort; 
leisure : dar , give time (to pay); pren- 
der , take one's ease. 

ag-re [L. agere], TR. : ACT ; operate ; 
proceed, -tamentof , F. : action ; agita 
tion (stir), -tare, TR. : agitate (stir, ex 
cite); molest; plead; REPL.: be agitated 
(be disturbed): una lite, carry on a 
law-suit. -tat6re, M., -tatri-ce, F. : 
agitator, -tazion-eella, F. : slight agi 
tation, -tazione, F. : agitation. 

ae/li, for a gli t to the. 

agli-ata, P.: garlic sauce, -aio, M.: 
garlic bed. -etto, M. : small or young 
garlic, -ettin.0, M. : little bit of a gar 
lic. HagrK-o [L. allium], M. : garlic. 

agnaf , F. : she-lamb. 


a0na-to [L.-ius (natus, born)], M.: agnate 
(kinsman by the father's side), -tizio, 
ADJ. : agnatic. -zione, F. : agnation. 

agraael-Ia, F. : little she-lamb, -laio, M.: 
dealer in mutton, etc. -latura , F. : 
lambing time, -lotto, M. : lambkin. 
-lima, F. : little she-lamb. -lino, M. : 
lambkin; ADJ.: of lamb (lamb-). ||a<7:al- 
lo [L. agnus, lamb], M. : lamb(kin). -lot 
to, M. : big lamb ; PL. : (perh. from anel- 
lo) dumpling stuffed with meats. 

et, P. : recognition. 
mot, M. : lamb ; swelling. 

agmiscLel [L. Agnus Dei, 'Lamb of 
God']', M. : Agnus Dei (image of the 
Lamb ; prayer at Mass). 

ago [L. aeus], M. : needle; hand (of a 
clock); stile (of a dial); sting (of a bee, 
etc.) ; spire ; compass needle : da testa, 

ago^uare [agonia], TR. : desire anxiously 
or eagerly (long for), aspire to. 

ago-no [Gr. agon (dgein, lead)], M. : agon 
(contest for a prize at the public games 
in Greece) ; (poet.) contest, fight ; wres 
tling ground; battle-field. -nia,F.: agony. 
-nista , M. : wrestler, -nistica, F. : 
agonistics (athletic exercise), -nistico, 
ADJ. : agonistic(al). -nizzaaite, ADJ. : 
agonizing; in agony (dying), -nizzare, 
INTR. : writhe with agony, agonize, be dy 

agoraio [ago], M. : needle-case; needle- 
maker or seller. 

ago-stiniano> ADJ. : Augustinian. -sti- 
no, ADJ. : of August (born or ripening in 
A.). Hago'-sto [L. Augustus], M.: August 
(the month). 

agramente [agro], ADV. : sharply. 

agr-aria, F. : (science of) agriculture. 
ario [L. ager, field], ADJ. : agrarian 
(agricultural), -este, ADJ.: agrestic 
(rural, rustic), -estementet, ADV.: ru 
rally (rustically), -estezzaf, F, : rus 

agr _ estino f, ADJ.: sourish (tartist). 
llesto [agroi], M. : kind of sour grape; 
sour grape juice (verjuice), -ostosot? 
ADJ.: sourish, -estumef, M.: acid thing, 
acids, -ettino, dim. of -etto. -etto, 
ADJ.: sourish (somewhat acid); M. : acid 
ity, -ezza, F. : sourness (acidity). 

agri- [L. ager, field] : -colaf, M. : tiller, 
farmer (husbandman), -coltore, M. : 
agriculturer (farmer), -coltiira, F. : 
agriculture (farming). -fogrKo, M.: holly. 
-mensore, M. : field -surveyor (-'MEAS 
URER')- -meusura, F. : field-surveying 

agrimoailaf, F.: agrimony (liverwort). 

agri-ottaf, F. : egriot: persa, mar 


agro i [L. acer, sharp], ADJ. : sour (ACID, 
ACRED); sharp (severe); disagreeable 

agro 2 [L. ager, field], M. : territory (esp. 
of a city). 

agro=dol-ee, ADJ. : sweet and sour. 

agro - nomia [agro 2], F. : agronomy 
(science of agriculture), -nomico, ADJ.: 
agronomical, agro-norno, M. : agro 
nomist (agriculturist). 

agrumef, M. : acid herbs (pot-herbs). 

agnagl-tanzaf = eguaglianza. 

agnardaret, TR. : guard (take care of). 

aguastaret, TR. : WASTE ; spoil. 

aguatf. . = agguat. . 

ag4c-c7ilat [ago], P.: knitting-needle. 
-cMare, TR. : stitch (sew). 

gtt-0|at> F.: eagle; Roman standard; 
obelisk; steeple; needle, -grlia-e-eiot, 
M.: standard, -grliaref, TR.: se"w (stitch). 
-grliataf, F.: needleful, -glionet, M.: 
sting; incentive, -glidtto f7 M. : young 

agugrx&aret = agognare. 

agmuentaret = aumentare. 

agnnaret = adunare. 

agur. .f = augur. . 

agn-teilo, -tetto, ADJ.: rather sharp; 
M.: tack, -tezza, F.: acuteness. Ilagw- 
to [L. acutus, sharp], M. : long nail. 
-zzamento, M. : sharpening, -zzare, 
TE. : sharpen (whet), -zzata, F. : rapid 
sharpening, -zzatoref, M. : whetter. 
-zzattlra, F. : sharpening (whetting). 

aguzzino [Sp. alguacil], M.: guardian of 
galley-slaves ; tyrant, hard fellow. 

aguzzof acuto. 

afcl, -me, INTERJ. : oh ! alas ! 

ai, for a i, to the. 

aia i [L. area], F.: threshing-floor ; garden- 
plotf ; AREAf ; halof : menare il can per 
2 t drag 011 t ( a discourse, etc.) in aim 
less length. 

aia 2 [aio], F. : perceptress (governess). 

aiata [aia i], F. : sheaves on the thresh 
ing-floor ; threshing-floor full of sheaves : 
romper I' , begin threshing. 

aiatof, ADJ.: rambling: andar , ramble 

aiettaf, F. : hotbed. 

aimef ahime, 

aio, pi. ai [Sp. ayo, master], M.: preceptor, 
tutor (in a private house). 

aionef, M. : rambler. 

a=ire, M. : leap ; run, free course ; direc 

airone [OGer. heigero], M. : HERON. 

ait. . (poet.} = aiut. , 

ai(u)6-la [areola"], F.: garden-plotf- -lof, 
M.: bird-net. 

aia-tamento, M. : aid (help), -tante, 
ADJ.: aiding (helpful); strong; M.: helper 



(assistant) ; adjutant : di campo, aide- 
de-camp, -tare, TR. : aid (help, assist); 
REFL.: help one's self (avail or help one's 
self), -tatof, M.: help, -tatore, SL 
-tatri-ee, F. : helper (assistant), -te- 
vole, ADJ. : aiding (helpful) ; favorable. 
Haiu-to [L. ad-jutum (juvare, help)], 
M. : AID (help, assistance); PL. auxiliary 
troops, -tore, M., -tri-ce, P. helper. 

aiz-zamento, M. : incitement provoca 
tion. ||-zare [Ger. hetzen], TR. : incite ; 
set (dogs) upon ; irritate (provoke), -za- 
tore, M., -zatri-ee, F. : inciter (instiga 
tor), -zosof, ADJ. : provoking. 

al, for a il, to the. 

aia, pi. -li (poet, -le) [L.], F. : wing (of a 
bird, structure, or army): far(e) , form 
a line (to honour some one passing); stare 
sull' e t be just going. 

alaTbar- da [Ger. helm-barte, 'helmet- 
splitter 7 ], P. : HALBERD, -data, F. : hal 
berd thrust, -diere, M.: hallebardier. 

ala-bastrino, ADJ.: of alabaster, il -ba- 
stro [L. -bastrum], M. : alabaster. 

ala-cre or ala-cre [L. -en's], ADJ.: 
alacrious (brisk, lively), -cremente, 
ADV.: with alacrity (briskly), -crita, P.: 

alamar(r)i [Sp. -mar], M. : ornamented 

alano [Alani\, M. : bulldog. 

alare [L. ad larem, *to Lar' (domestic 
deity)], M. : andiron. 

alata [aia], F. : stroke of the wing. 

alatemo [L. ~nus], M.: privet (shrub)' 

alato [aia], ADJ. : winged ; flightyf. 

al"ba PJ. -bus, white], F. : break of day 
(early dawn). 

alba-gia [?], F. : great vanity (conceit). 
-gioso, ADJ. : conceited. 

albana [albo], F. : kind of white grape. 

albanese, M. : light cavalryman. 

albatroi [L. arbutus], M.: (6oi.) arbutus. 

albatro 2 [fr. Ar.], M. : albatross. 

al-bazzaxao [albo], M. : limestone, -be- 
dine, F. : whiteness, -beggiainento, 
M.: dawning, -beg^iar e,*iNTR. : dawn.; 
break (of day). 

albe-rare [albero], TR.: plant with trees; 
mast (a ship), -ratura, F. : tree-plan 
tation; masts, -relloi, M.: sort of 

alberello 2 [?], M.: earthen vase (pot). 

aTberese [albo], M.: limestone. 

albe-reta [-ro], F., or -reto, M. : tree- 
plantation (grove), -retto, M.: small 
tree (shrub). 

alber-gagionef, F., -gamentof, M.: 
staying at a hotel ; lodging, -gare, TR.i 
lodge; harbour; DTTR.: lodge (reside, 
stop), -gato, PART.: lodged; M.: lodgesf 



-gator, M., -gatra-e, F. : innkeeper; 
hotel-keeper (landlady), -g7teriat, 
public inn. -gTtetto, M. : small inn. 
Halber-go [OGer. heri-berga, ( army- 
shelter'], inn; hotel. 

alfee-rino, dim. of -ro. albe-ro [L. 
arbor], M. : tree; poplar; mast; (mec.) 
shaft, shafting: di trinchetto, fore 
mast, -rone, M. : big tree. 

al-bicantef, -bi-e-eio [albo], ADJ.: whit 

albi-cocca, F.: apricot. -cocco [Sp. al- 
bari-coque (fr. Ar.)], M. : APRiGOT-tree. 

al-bino, ADJ.: whitishf; M.: albino, -bis: 
domenica in , Sunday after Easter. 
II -bo [L. -bus], ADJ.: white f; fig-like 
(with ref. to a special whitish fig); tipsyf ; 
M. : book of records, -boraref, INTR. : 
dawn, -b or ,M.: dawn (aurora), -biigi- 
ne, F.: albugo, -bum, M.: album, -b'ii- 
ane, M. : white of the egg. -bumima, 
n., F.: albumen, -bnminato, ADJ.: al 
buminous, -burno, M.: white hazel-tree. 

alcaico [L. -cus], M. : alcaic (meter). 

ale a-lesc orate, ADJ.: alkalescent, -le- 
scenza, F. : alkalesceus. ||alca - li, 
[Ar.], M. : alkali, -lino, ADJ. : alkaline. 
-lizzare, TR. : alkalize. 

aIe"[Gr. alkQ, M. : ELK. 

al-eea [L.], F. : vervain (plant). 

alcfcermes [fr. Ar.], M. : sort of sweet 

alofti-mia [fr. Ar.], F. : alchemy, -'mi- 
co, ADJ. : alchemical, -mista, -misti, 
M.: alchemist, -mizzaref, INTR.: prac 
tice alchemy. 

aLeione [Gr. alky on], M. : HALCYON; king 

alco-ol [fr. Ar.], M. : alcohol, -olico, 
ADJ.: alcoholic, -olismo, M.: alcoholism. 

alcorano [fr. Ar.], M. : Alcoran. 

alcova [fr. Ar.], F. : alcove (recess). 

al-cunc// e, M. : something. || [L. 
aliquis unus\, PRON. : some one (some 
body); some : a wlta, sometimes. 

al-dia, -diana, F., al-dio, -dione, M. : 
[1. L. -dus], half-freed serf. 

alea [L., 'die'], F. : fate. 

aleatico [?], M. : sort of black grape ; 
wine made from it. 

aleatorio [alea], ADJ. : contingent ; un 

aleggiare [aZa], INfR. : stir the wings 

ale-naf, F. : breath (respiration), -na- 

m.emtof, M.: breathing, -naref, INTR.: 

breathe, -mosof, ADJ. : panting. 

ale par dof == leopardo. 

alessifarmacof, M. : counterpoison. 

alet-ta [ala], F. : small wing; fin; iron 

brace, -tato, ADJ. : (her.) with varie 
gated fins. 


alfa, F. : alpha (Greek a), -betica- 
mente, ADV. : alphabetically, -betico, 
ADJ. : alphabetical, -beto [Gr. beta, j8], 
M. : alphabet. 

alfanaf, F. : mare. 

aliiere [L. aquili-fer, EAGLE-BEARER], M. : 
ensign-bearer (ensign); bishop (at chess). 

alfine [alia fine}, ADV. : finally. 

al(i)-ga [L. alga], F. : alga; seaweed. 
-goso, ADJ. : full of seaweeds. 

al-gebra [fr. Ar.], F. : algebra. -;e- 
brico, ADJ. : algebraic, -gebricameii- 
te, ADV. : algebraically, -gebrista, M. : 

al|jntet, ADJ. : algid (freezing), al- 
geret? IRR- J INTR.: freeze. algore| r 
M. : extreme cold. 

algoso = aligoso. 

alia, vulg. for ala, wing of a building. 

aliaref, INTR. : fly. 

alias [L.], ADV. : otherwise * also called. 

alibi [LJ, M. : alibi. 

ali-eef , F. : anchovy. 

alidadaf, F. : alidade (quadrant). 

ali-do [arido], ADJ. : arid (dry) ; M. : dry- 
ness, -dezza, F. : aridness. -dor, M. : 
dry season (dryness). 

alidorato [ala, dorato], ADJ.: gold- 

alieggiaref == aleggiare. 

alie-nabile, ADJ. : alienable, -nabili- 
ta, F. : alienability, -namento, M. : 
alienation; separationf. -nar, TR. : 
alienate; transfer; REFL. : become alien 
ated or estranged ; withdraw, -nata- 
inente, ADV.: giddily, -nataria, F. y 
o, M. : receiver of alienated 1 property. 
-nato, ADJ. : alienated (estranged) ; dis 
tracted (mad), -nator, M. : alienator. 
-nazione, F : alienation; estrangement; 
distraction; separationf. Hali-no [L. 
alienus], ADJ. : alienf (foreign) ; disin 
clined (reluctant, averse). 

alifiorito [ala, fiorito], ADJ. : with flow 
ery wings. 

aliga = alga. 

ali^erof, ADJ. : winged. 

alimen-tamento, M. : nourishing (ali 
ment), -tar i, TR. : nourish (feed). 
-tar 2, -tario, ADJ.: alimentary: pen- 
sione , maintenance, -tator, M., -ta- 
tri-e, F.: nourisher. -tizio, ADJ.: ali 
mentary. ||alimen-to [L. -turn (alere, 
nourish)], M.: aliment (food, nourishment). 
-tosof, ADJ. : nutritious. 

alina [ala], F. : little wing. 

alina [L. ab, from, lined, line], F. : sub- 
paragraph; clause. 

aliossof, M. : ossicle ; cockle. 

aliottof, M. : ruffle. 

aliped [ala, piede], ADJ.: with winged 


aliquamtot, ADJ. : aliquant; unequal. 

aliquoto [L. alia-quoto], ADJ. i aliquot. 

aliseo [?], ADJ. : trade-: venti ti y trade- 

all-tare, INTR.: breathe gently; pant; 
M. : panting. ||41i-to [L. halttu,s], 3d.: 
breath (breathing); breeze*; odour f. 
-t(n)6sof, ADJ.: bad smelling. 

all ', alia i, f or a la, to the. 

alla2f, F. : market-place; ell. 

alla-e--eiamento, M. : lacing; allure 
ment. ||-eiare [laceio], TE.: laee ; bind 
(tie up); catch with a lasso or sna,re; 
catch ; allure ; entangle. - -la-tivot, 
ADJ. : catching ; alluring, -etcrtua, F. : 
lacing; buttoning; bandage. 

aUa-gamento, M.: deluge (Inundation). 
|| -gare [lago], TR. : deluge (overflow, in 
undate), -gaziomef, P.: overflowing 

allampasiato [Idmpaw], ADJ.: emaci 
ated ("transparent like a lamp'), very 

allampare [lampo], INTB. : bum with 
thirst (parch). 

allar-gam.euto, M. : enlargement; ex 
tension. 11 -gare [largo], TR..: enlarge 
(widen, extend, dilate) : la, maw, be 
open-handed, -g&ta, F,: enlargement or 
stretching (made in haste), -gatiaia, F.: 
poor enlargement or stretch. -gat6io, 
M. : instmnient for enlarging ; stretcher. 
-gatone, M.: enlarger (amplifier), -ga- 
tuira, p. : enlargement. 

allar-mare, TR. : alarm; RBFL. : be 
alarmed. llallar-me [all 'arme, 'to 
arms ! '], M. : alarm. - xnaxiie , ADJ. : 

allas-sameiitot, M.: LASSITUDE, weari 
ness. H-saref, TR.: fatigue Oire). 

al=lato, ADV., PEEP. : beside; by: , 

close by. 

allat-tamnto, M.: giving suck. |[--ta- 
re [latte], TR. : suckle (give suci to). 
-tatrice, F.: nurse. 

all = a le, to the. 

alle-anza, F. : alliance. H-avre [Fr. oi 
lier (L. ligare, bind)] ; BEFL. : ally one's 
self, -ato, ADJ. : allied (confederate) ; 
M. : ally. 

alleccomire [leccomiri], TB.: allure; 

alleilcaret, INTR. : take root ; cultivate 

alle-gabile, ADJ. : that may "be alleged. 
-gamento, M. : allegation; setting on 
edge. || -gare [legare], TR, : ALLEGE (ad 
duce) ; ALLOY ; TR., INTR. : promise well 
(of fruits, etc.) ; set (the teeth) on edge ; 
REFL.f : league one's self (form an alli 
ance), -gator e, M. : alleger. -gazio- 
me, F. : allegation , quotation"f; alloyf". 



alleggera. . f = alleggeri. . 

allegge-rimettto, M. : lightening (eas 
ing, relief). U-rire [leggero], TE. : light 
en (ease) ; ALLEVIATE (reLiEVE, mitigate) ; 
REFL. : remove one's clothes. 

alleggtaref = alleggerire. 

alle-goria [Gr. dllos, other, agorein, 
speak], F. : allegory, -goricamemte, 
ADV. : allegorically. -gorico, ADJ. : al 
legoric (al). -gorista, M. : allegorist. 
-gorizzare, INTR. : allegorize. 

alle-grament, ADV. : cheerfully (gaily)* 
-grantef, ADJ.: cheerful -gramzat, 
P.: cheerfulness, -grare, TE.: gladden 
(cheer), -gretto, dim. of -gro. -grez- 
za, F. : cheerfulness (joyousness). -gria, 
F. : gladness (merriment). Halle-gro- 
[L. cdacer], ADJ. : cheerful (merry, gay) ; 
brisk (ALACRIOUS); tipsy, -gro-e-eio, 
-grw.-eio, ADJ. : joviai (good-humoured). 

alleluia [fr. Heb.], M. : hallelujah : vec- 
chio quanta , old as hallelujah (very 

alle-naxnentot, M.: respite (delay), -na- 
ref, INTR.: decay; slacken; take breath; 
TE.: strengthen (fortify); REFL.: take 
breath, -sairef, TR, : soften ; mitigate ; 
INTR. : be gentle. 

allen-tagione, F. : hernia (rupture). 
-tament'o, M. : relaxation ; slowness. 
H-tare [lento], TE. : render more loose 
(relax, slacken) ; rarefy ; REFL. : be re 
laxed (get slack) ; have a rupture (hernia). 
-tatura, F. : hernia (rupture). 

allenL-zamentot, M.: ligature (bandage). 
||-zaref , TR. : bandage ; swathe. 

alles-samentot, M. : boiling. H-saref, 
TR. : boil (stew), alles-so [lesso], ADJ. : 
boiled ; M. : boiled meat. 

alle-stimento, M. : preparation. H-sti- 
re [lesto], TR. : make ready (prepare). 

alletamaret, TR. : manure (dung). 

allettaiuolot, M. : decoy-bird. 

allet-tamento, M. : allurement (charm). 
-taate, ADJ.: alluring (attractive). || -ta 
re [i. L. al-lectare (la,cere, allure) ; 2. 
letto\, TR. : i. allure (entice, attract) ; in 
vite ; 2. cause to lie down (lay) ; strike 
down ; REFL. : lie down (of grains, etc.) ; 
take to one's bed ; nestle, -tativa, F. : 
allurement (charm), -tativo, ADJ. : al 
luring (attractive), -tato, ADJ.: i. al 
lured (attracted) ; 2. bed-ridden, -tato- 
re, M. : enticer. 

alletterato [lettera], ADJ.: lettered 

alle-vamemto, M. : bringing up (educa 
tion). ||-vare [levare], TR. : bring up 
(educate ; foster, raise), -vato, ADJ. : 
educated ; M. : pupil, -vatore, M., -va- 
tri-ce, F. : educator ; raiser, -vatura, 
F. : bringing up (education) ; fostering 

22 alleviagiom 

(raising), -viagionet, F- ' alleviation, 
-viar, TR. : alleviate (ease); REPL. : lie 
in. -viaziom t> F - : alleviation. 

allianzaf = alleanza. 

alliTj(l>)ir [livido], INTR. : be amazed. 

alli-ljrameiito, M.: booking. ||-"brare 
[libro], TR. : book (register), -brazio- 
m, F. : booking (registration). 

alli-e-eiar [liccio], TR. : pass (the woof) 
through the warp; set (the teeth of a 

alli-eeref , TR. : allure (entice). 

allietar [lieto], TR. : gladden. 

allie-va, F., -vo [allevare], M. : pupil 
(scholar) ; foster-child ; foal ; calf. 

alligatat, F. : enclosed letter. 

alligator [Eng. -tor], M. : alligator. 

alli^zLare [legno], INTR. : take root (grow, 

allin-dart, TR. : make nice or spruce 
(deck), -datoref, M. : embellisher. 

alli-neainento, M. : alignment. ||-nea- 
r [lined], TR. : ALIGN. 

allinguatof, ADJ. : talkative. 

alliqui-dart, TR. : render liquid (melt). 

allisciaref = lisciare. 

allistaref, TR. : lace (embroider). 

allitterazipne [L. ad, to, litera, letter], 
F. : alliteration. 

allivella-re [livello], TR. : level, -zio- 
n, F. : levelling. 

allividir [limdo], INTR. : grow livid or 
pale (pale). 

allo, for a lo, to the. 

allocaref, TR. : locate (place). 

al-locca-e-eio, M.: big ugly owl; stupid 
loon. |l-locca, F., -Idcco [L. alucus] : 
M. : owl. -loccon = -loeaccio. 

allocnzione [L. logui, speak], F. : allo 
cution (address). 

al-lodial, ADJ.: allodial. -16dio [? OHG. 
al-od, 'all-free'], M.: allodium (freehold). 

allodola [L. alauda], F. : skylark. 

allo-gameato, M. : lease. ||-gar [luo- 
go], TR. : LOCATE (place) ; settle; employ; 
invest (money) ; give in marriage (marry). 
-gator , M. : landlord, -gatri-e, F.: 
landlady, -gazione, F. : employment. 

allog-^amntot,M.: lodging, -giare, 
TR.:* lodge; INTR., REFL. : lodge ('dwell): 
alia prim* osteria, yield to the first 
reason, -giator, M., -giatri-e, F. : 
landlord; landlady. Hallog-gio [loggia], 
M.: lodging-place (lodging-nous^, inn). 

allof/Hato [loglio], ADJ.: mixed with 
cockle-weed; stupid. 

allongaret, TR. : remove. 

allonta-namento, M. : removal ; re 
moteness. H-nar [lontano], TR. : re 
move (send away); repel; REFL.: go 
away (depart), -nato, ADJ.: removed; 
remote (distant; far-off). 


allo-patia [Gr. dllos, other, ptitho$i suf 
fering], F. : allopathy, -patico, ADJ.: 


allop-piamemto, M. : drugging, -pia- 
r, TR. : mix with opium; drug; REFL.: 
drowse (fall asleep ; slumber), -picaref, 
INTR.: drowse (slumber). ||alldp-piof 
= oppio. 

allor-a [all' ora], ADV.: at that time 
(then) ; recently : quando, when ; 

whilst; , just then; d' , of that 

time; then; da , from that time (thence); 
d' in poi, thenceforward (from that 
time on) ; per , by that time. =cB., 
=:quando, ADV. : when. 

alloro [L. laurus], M. : LAUREL. 

allottaf, ADV. : at that time ; then. 

allottare [lotto], TR. : put on lottery. 

allu-iare [luce], TR. : gaze at (eye). 
-eigrnolare [lucignolo], TR. : make a 
wick of ; twist ; rumple, -cinar, TR. : 
dazzle; beguile; REFL.: be hallucinated; 
err. -einazion, F. : hallucination. 

alluda [L. -luta], M. : sheep's skin. 

alludere [L. ludere, play], IRR.; INTR.: 
allude, hint. 

Pret. allusi, -so ; -sero. Part, alluso, 

allumaca-ro [lumaca], TR. : mark with 
a snail-track; stripe, -tiira, F. : snail- 

allumareti, TR.: kindle (light). 

allu-mare2, TR. : alumize. Hallu-me 
[L. -men], M. : alum(en). -miera, F. : 
alum-mine, -mina, F. : alumine. 

alltuni-nar, vulg.for illuminare. -na 
to, ADJ.: bright (clear), -naziome, vulg. 
for illuminazione. 

allami-nio [attumina], M. : aluminium. 
-noso, ADJ. : aluminous. 

allian-gamento, M. : lengthening (pro 
longation, extension). ||-gar [lungo], 
TR. : lengthen (prolong, extend, stretch) ; 
REFL.: stretch one's self; extend; remove. 
-gativo, ADJ. : lengthening (extending). 
-gato, ADJ.: lengthened (extended); 
distant, -gatura, F. : lengthening (pro 
longation, extension) ; added piece. 

allupare [lupo], INTR. : be hungry as a 

al=lusi3igaret, TR.: flatter (wheedle). 

allu-sion [-dere], F. : allusion, -sivo, 
ADJ. : allusive. 

alluvion \L. luere, wash], F. : alluvion. 

alma [anima], F. : (poet.) soul. 

almagesto [fr. Arj, M. : almagest. 

alma-naccare, INTR.: puzzle one's 
brains; cast about; build air-castles. 
11-n.acco [?], M.: almanac : far -nacchi = 
almanaccare. -naooMo, M. : constant 
puzzling, -nacona, F., -nao6ne, M. : 
great muser (phantast). 

al=manoo, ADV. : at least. 


al=mesio, ADV. : at least. 

almiragrliot, -rantef = 

almo [L. -TOWS], ADJ. : nourishing ; "great 
(immortal) ; soulf. 

alo-e [Gr.], M. : aloe, -eticof, ADJ.: 

alone [ala], M. : HALO. 

alosciaf , F. : hydromel. 

alpaca [Sp. (Peruv.)], F.: (zool.) alpaca; 
alpaca (fabric). 

al-pe [Celt.], F. : alp ; PL. : alps, -pe- 
stre, (poet.) -pestro, ADJ. : Alpine, 
mountainous ; rugged, -pigiano, ADJ. : 
Alpine, -pinismo, M.: love of (climbing 
the) Alps, -pinista, pi. -ti, M.: Alpinist, 
(alp-climber, mountaineer), -pino, ADJ. : 
Alpine; PL.: alp-soldier; mountain-guard. 

alqnan-to [L. ali-quantum], ADV. : some 
what; ADJ.: some (some few). =une 
= alcune. 

alsij, ADV. : also ; too. 

alt ale -na [L. tolleno], F.: seesaw; swing. 
-Mare, INTO.: seesaw; swing, -no, M. : 
swing-gate; lever. 

altamente [alto], ADV.: highly; great 
ly; nobly. 

alta-re [L. (? altus, high)], M.: altar; sa- 
erifizio deW , mass, -rello, -rino. 
M. : small altar ; family altar : scoprire 
gli i, reveal the tricks. 

altazzosof, ADJ. : haughty (proud). 

altea [Gr. -thaia\, F. : marshmallow. 

alte - rabile [-rare], ADJ. : alterable. 
-rabilita, F. : alterability. 

alteramente [altero], ADV.: haughtily 

alte-ramentot, M.: alteration. |[ -ra 
re [altro], TE. : alter (change) ; deterior 
ate; upset (the stomach); EEFL.: change; 
grow worse; be excited; grow angry. 
-ratamentet, ADV.: angrily, -rativo, 
ADJ. : alterative, -razione, F. : altera 
tion (change), -razion-eella, F. : little 

alter-care [L. -ri (alter, other)], INTR. : 
altercate (wrangle), -cazione, F.: alter 
cation, alter-co, M. : wrangle. 

a-lterego [L. alter, other, ego, I], M.: alter 
ego (close representative). 

alte-rello [-ro], ADJ.: somewhat high. 
-rezza, F. : haughtiness (arrogance, dis 
dain), -rigta, F. : arrogance. 

alter-namente, ADV.: alternately, -na- 
re, TE. : alternate, -natamente, ADV.: 
alternately, -nativa, F. : alternative. 
-nativamente, ADV. : alternatively. 
-nativo, ADV.: alternate; reciprocal. 
1 1 alter-no [-nus (alter, other)], ADJ. : 
altern (alternate) ; successive. 

al-tero [alto], ADJ.: haughty (proud). 
-tetto, ADJ. : somewhat high, -tezza, 
F.: highness; height (elevation), -tezzo- 

am 25 

so, ADJ.: arrogant. -tie-eio, ADJ.: 
rather high or tall ; gay (slightly intoxi 
cated), -tieramente, ADV.: haughtily; 
nobly, -tierezza, p.: haughtiness, -tie- 
ro, ADJ.: haughty (arrogant, proud); 
lofty, -timetria, F. : altimetry. -ti= 
metro, ADJ.: measuring the height. 
-ti=piano, M. : elevated plain. -ti=so- 
no, -ti=sonan.te, ADJ. : high-sounding. 
-tissimo, ADJ.: most high; the Most 
High. -ti-tonante, ADJ.: sounding 
from on high, -titiidine, F. : altitude 
(height). -ti=Trolaiite, ADJ. : high-fly 
ing. |!al-toi [L. -tus], ADJ.: high 
(elevated, lofty ; upper ; tall ; loud) ; deep ; 
ADV.: loud; M. : height; (mus.) treble; 
full sea ; abyss : in mare, on the open 
sea ; ad wee, aloud ; fare e basso, 
play the lord; avere degli ti e bassi, 
have ups and downs. 

alto 2 [Ger. halt}, M. : halt: fare , halt 

alt ore, M., -trl-ee [L. alere, feed], F. : 

al-tr amentet, ti = altrimentL -tre= 
sif, ADV.: likewise; too. -trettalef, 
ADJ.: such like, similar. -tre=tanto, 
ADV.: as much; as much again, llal-tri 
[L. -ter], PRON. : another ; some one, any 
body, -trierif , M. : day before yester 
day, -trimenti, ADV.: otherwise, al 
tro, ADJ. : other ; different ; M. : another 
thing : -tra cosa, something else ; per , 
in other respects, however ; se avviene, 
if something new happens ; che, except 
that; se non , at least. -tro=c/ief, 
ADV.: except that (unless), -tronde or 
$ [pnde], ADV.: on the other hand; 
elsewhere. -trove [ove], ADV.: else 
where, -trni [L. -er-tawc],PEON.: other 
people (others) : V , other people's prop 

alt-dra [alto~\, F. : height (high place) ; 
heightf (elevation, loftiness); latitudef; 

alturitaf = autorita. 

aldnna, F., -mo [L. alere, nourish], M. : 
alumna, -nus (in sense of pupil, scholar). 

al-veare, M.: beehive (alveary). al-veo r 
M. : river-bed; channel; alveus. -veolo, 
M. : socket ; bee cell, alveole ; cup (of a 
flower), -vino, ADJ.: alvine. ||-vo [-ms> 
cavity], M. : belly ; womb ; centref. 

alzabile [~zare\, ADJ.: that may be raised. 

alzaia [L. helcium\, F. : towing cable. 

al-zainento, M.: raising (lifting). ||-za~ 
re [alto'], TR. : raise (lift, elevate, hoist) ; 
INTR., REFL. : rise, -zata, F. : elevation 
(rise), -zato, ADJ. : raised (lifted up) ; 
risen (got up), -zatdra, p.: elevation 

am- [L. ad, to], PREF. 

24 amabile 

ama-bile [amare], ADJ.: amiable (agree 
able), -bilita, P.: amiableness. -bil- 
memte, ADV. : amiably. 

amaca [Sp.], F. : hammock. 

amado-raf, F., -re, M. : lover. 

amadria-da or -de [Gr. hdma, together, 
drus, oak], P.: hamadryad (tree nymph). 

amalga-ma [Gr. mdlgama t emollient], 
p.: amalgam, -mare, TR.: amalgamate. 
-mazionet, P. ' amalgamation. 

aman-te [amare], ADJ.: loving; M. : 
lover; sweetheart, -temente, ADV.: 

amauuense [L. -sis], M. : amanuensis ; 

amamzat, P. : love ; mistress ; desire. 

ama-ra-e-eio [-ro], ADJ.: very bitter. 
-ra-e-eiola, F. : genet (broom). 

amaraco [Gr. -rakos], M. : MARJORAM. 

amarameute [-ro], ADV. : bitterly. 

am.aran.-to [Gr. a-mdrantos, undying], 
M.: amaranth, -tino, ADJ.: amaranthine. 
-toidi, M. : family of amaranths. 

amara-sca, p. : egriot. ||-sco [amaro], 
M. : egriot (sour cherry) tree. 

amare [LJ, TR. : love, like : meglio, 
like better, have rather. 

ama-reggiare, TR. : embitter ; INTR. or 
REFL.: "grow bitter, -re^giolaf, P.: 
motherwort. -retto, ADJ. : somewhat 
bitter (tart) ; M. : almond-cake, -rezza, 
p.: bitterness (rancour). -rezzart> TR - : 
embitter, -ricantef, M. : bitter medi 
cine; PL.: bitters. -ricaref,TR.: embit 
ter; INTR.: grow bitter, -ri-e-eio, ADJ.'- 
somewhat bitter (tart), -rimo, ADJ. : 
somewhat bitter; M.: almond-cake; egriotf . 
-riref = -reggiare. -ritiidiae, P.: bit 
terness, grief. ||ama-ro [L. -rus], ADJ. : 
bitter ; M.: bitter (ness). -rofirnolo* ADJ.: 
somewhat bitter, -roref, M.: bitterness; 
severity -rulentof, ADJ. : bitter, -ru- 
me, M. : very bitter thing. 

ama-sio, M., -sia, F. : lover (paramour). 
il-ta*[-re], F. : lady-love. 

amatista [Gr. -thustos], F. : amethyst. 

ama-to[-re],ADJ.: beloved (dear), -tore, 
M.: lover, -torio, ADJ.: loving; amatory, 
-tri-ee, P.: sweetheart; paramour. 

amaurdsi [Gr. -rosis (-rds, dark)]^ F. : 
(med.) amaurosis. 

amaz-zone [Gr. -2:071], P.: amazon. -zo- 
meo*, -zonio, ADJ. : amazonian. 

ambagi [L. ~ges], P. PL. : ambages (cir 
cumlocution) : senz 1 , without uncertain 
ty, clearly. 

ambasoeria = ambasciata. 

ambasoia [?], p.: pain (grief); anxiety; 
shortness of breath. 

amba-sciadoref = -sciatore. 

amba-sciaref; INTR.: grieve ; be short of 
breath (pant). 


amba-sciata [1. L. -ctia], F. : 
commission, -sciatora. P., e, M.: am 
bassadress, -dor; commissioner. -sca- 
tri-ee, P. : ambassadors wife. 

ambasctof = -scia. 

ambef [L. -60], PRON. : both. =dwe, 
=duif, =duof, PRON. : both. 

ambiaref [L. -ttare, walk], INTR.: AM 
BLE; pace. 

ambidiiet = ambedue. 

ambiente [-bire], ADJ. : ambient (enclos 
ing) ; M. : surrounding air. 

ambi-guamente, ADV.: ambiguously. 
-gmta, F. : ambiguity, ambi-gno [L. 
-guns (amb-igere, drive about)], ADJ.; 

ambio [-biare~\, M. : AMBLE. 

amb-re [L. (ire t go, go round)], TR. : de 
sire eagerly (covet); Eng.f AMBITION. 
ambi-to, ADJ.: coveted, ambi-tot, M,: 
ambit (circuit), intrigue, -zioxi-eella, 
F. : slight ambition, -zione, p. : ambi 
tion; eagerness, -ziosa-c-eio, ADJ.: pos 
sessed of low ambition, -ziosamemte, 
ADV.: ambitiously, -ziosetto, -ziosino, 
-ziosello, ADJ.: somewhat ambitious. 
-zioso, ADJ. : ambitious ; desirous. 

ambo [L.], PRON. : both. =duet, -duof, 
PRON. : both. 

am-bra [? Ar.], P.: amber, -braref, TR.: 
amber, -bretta, F. : sort of mallows. 

ambro-getta [?], F. : paving-brick. -g- 
MLO, M. :*old coin, 

am-brosia [Gr. -brosia (d-mbrotos, IM 
MORTAL)], P.: ambrosia, -brosiauo, 
ADJ.: Ambrosian. -brosio, ADJ.': am 

ambu-lante, ADJ.: ambulant; ambula 
tory. ||-lare [L., walk], INTR.: (jest.) 
go or run away, -lanza, P. : ambulance. 
-latoriof, M. : walk. 

ame-namente, ADV.: agreeably. -n.i- 
ta, p.: amenity. 1 lame -no [L. amcenus 
(amare, love)], ADJ.: pleasing (agreeable). 

ametistof = amatista. 

amfibio = anfibio. 

amentef = demente. 

amiauto [Gr. -tos, in-corrupt], M. : am- 
ianth (asbestos). 

am.i-ca, P.: lady-friend; sweetheart, -oa- 
bilef, ADJ. : friendly ; AMIABLE (affable). 
-camezLte, ADV. : amicably, -care, 
REPL. : form a friendship. -c7tevole 
ADJ. : AMIABLE (affable), -c/tevolezza, 
P.: amicableness (amiability). -c7tevol- 
xnente, ADV.: amicably, -cissimo, 
ADV. : most friendly, -eizia, P. : friend 
ship. Hami-co [L. -cus (amare)], M. : 
friend; ADJ.: friendly. -c6ne, M.: great 

amido [Gr. d-mulos, 'un-ground'], M.: 
amidin (starch). 


amista [L. amicitas], p. : AMITY (friend 

amittof = ammitto. 

ammae-cameiitot, M. : bmise. II -ca 
re [macca], TR.: pound (bruise, crush); 
depress, -catiira, p.: bruise (contu 

ammaecMaret, REFL. : hide in a bush. 

ammae-straMle, ADJ.: teachable (do 
cile), li-strar [maestro], TR. : teach; 
train (discipline), -strativo, ADJ. : in 
structive, -strator, M., -stratri-ee, 
P. : teacher (trainer), -strazioaef, P. : 
teaching, -strevolef, ADJ.: teachable 

ammagrlia-re [maglia], TR.: cord; bind 
or tie up. -tlira, P. : tying up (binding). 

ammaiaret, TR. : deck with leaves and 

ammainare [?], TR. : take in or lower 

ammala-re [male], INTR., REPL. : fall 
sick; TR.: make sick; infect, -ti-e-ciof, 
ADJ.: sickly, -ta, P., -to, M.: sick person 
(patient) ; ADJ. : sick (diseased), -tti-e- 
eiof, -zzatof, ADJ. : sickly.,M.: bewitching. H -Ha 
re [malia], TR. : bewitch (charm), -lia- 
tore, M.: enchanter (magician), -liato- 
ra, -liatriee, P. : enchantress (sorcer 
ess), -liatiira, P.: witchcraft, charm. 
-liazione, p. : witchcraft (sorcery). 

ammali-ziaref, -zire [malizia], TR. : 
make malicious. -zi(a)to, ADJ.: (grown) 

ammandorlato [mandorlato], ADJ.: loz- 
enged ; M. : lozenged wall. 

ammanettare [marietta], TR. : MANACLE 

ammanie-ramexito, M. : mannerism; 
studied ornamentation, -rare [maniera], 
TR. : work or embellish in a mannered 
style ; decorate studiously, -ratiira, P. : 

ammanaiaret, TR. : behead. 

amman-nare [manna, sheaf], TR.: gath 
er in sheafs ; collect ; arrange, -na- 
mentof = -nimento. -nellare, TR. : 
bundle, -nimento, M. : gathering, -mi 
re, TR. : put in order (arrange), -nrfrnL- 
ra, P. : gathering ; arrangement. 

ammam-sare, -sir [manso], domesti 
cate (tame); soften; appease. 

gunman-tare, TR. : cloak ; palliate ; dis 
guise, -tatiirat, P. : cloaking, -tella- 
pef , TR. : cover with a mantle ; palliate. 
HammaxL-to [manto], M.; (poet.) mantle 

ammareiref, INTR. : putrefy. 

ammargmaret, REPL. : = marginare. 

ammartellaret = martellare. 

ammas-samento, M.: massing (accumu- 

lation). ||-sar [massa], amass (heap up> 
accumulate), -satore, M. : accumulator. 
-si-e-eiare, TR. : make massive or com 
pact ; REPL. : get compact, ammas-so,, 
M. : mass (accumulation, heap). 

ammatassar [matassa], TR. : wind into 

amniat-timento, M.: maddening trouble. 
II -tire [matto], INTR.: go mad (be dis 
tracted), -tito, ADJ.: maddened (dis 
tracted, crazy). 

ammatto-namento, M. : brick paving. 
II -nare [mattone], TR.: pave with brickL 
-uato, ADJ.: brick-paved; M.: pavement; 
paved square, -natura, P.: brick paving. 

ammaz-za=gatti, M. : old worthless gun 
or weapon, -zaxnento, M. : massacre- 
murder. ||-zare [mazza], TR. : murder 
(massacre) ; kill ; overcome ; bore ; outdo- 
(at cards) ; REPL. : kill one's self ; toil 
hard. -za=sette, M. : bully (swaggerer). 
-zatoio, M.: slaughter-house; toilsome 
work ; ADJ. : toilsome, -zatore, M., -za- 
tri-ee, P. : murderer. 

ammazzeraref := mazzerare* 

ammazzolare [mazzo], TR. : form into- 
bunches or nosegays. 

am.melm.aret, -memmaret, REPL.: 
sink into the mire. 

am(m)en, -me [Heb.], INTR.: amen. 

am=menare, TR. : bring; give. 

ammen-eire [mencw], TR. : thin. 

ammen-da [menda], P.: amends; re 
form; penalty, -dabile, ADJ.: amend 
able, -damentof, M. : amendment. 
-daref, TR.: amend; reform; repair; 
REPL. : improve, -dazionef? P. : amend 
ment; amelioration. 

amme(n)-nicolare, TR., INTR. : support 
by trifling or fanciful argument ; trifle ; 
indulge in fancies, il-nicolo [L. ad-mi- 
niculum (manus, hand), light support], 
M. : trifle (plaything) ; fanciful word (play 
of word), -nicolona, p., -nicolone, 
M. : trifler; phantast. 

ammensare [meTisa, sc. espiscopale], 
TR. : add to a bishop's income. 

ammexLtaref = rammentare. 

am-messo, PART, of -mettere. I|sm4t- 
tere, IRR. ; TR. : ADMIT ; receive. 

ammez - zamento, M. : division ; half. 
||-zare [mezzo], TR.: divide in two; do 
half ; half complete ; cut short (words) ; 
meet half-waysf; INTR. or REPL.: be di 
vided in two ; be half completed, -zato- 
ref, M. : divider in halves; MEDIATOR. 
-zire, INTR.: be divided in the middle; 
be half completed. 

am - miccare [? mica], INTR.: wink; 
beckon, -micco, M. : winking ; nod. 

ammi^Horaret = migliorare 

ammi(n):nieol. . f = amme(n)nicol, 


ammmistragioiie - strag/one f = -strazione. 
||-strare \ministro] f TR. : administer. 
-strati vo, ADJ.: administrative, -stra- 
tore, M. : administrator, -stratora, 
-stratriee, P. : administratrix, -stra- 
torio, ADJ.: administrative, -strazio- 
me, F. : administration. 

ammiraniret = diminuire. 

amminntaref, TR. : MINCE (hash). 

aiumi-raMle [-rare], ADJ.: admirable; 
wonderful. -rabilita, P. : admirability. 
-rabilmemte, ADV.: admirably; won 

ammi-ragrliato, M. : admiralty ; admiral- 
ship. H-ragrKo [Ar. al-emir], M. : ad 
miral; princef; governorf. 

ammi-ramexLtot, M. : wonder; admira 
tion, -rando, ADJ.: wonderful; admir 
able, -ranzaf, P.: wonder (marvel). 
II -rare [L. -rari (mirari, wonder)], TR. : 
regard with wonder (cf. arch. Eng. ad 
mire ; marvel at ; admire) ; REPL. : be as 
tonished (marvel), -rativo, ADJ. : mar 
vellous; admirative. -rato, ADJ.: re 
garded with wonder (marvellous); ad 
mired, -ratore, M., -ratri-ee, P.: 
admirer, -razione, P.: wonder (sur 
prise; admiration). 

ammi-si, PRET. of ammettere. -ssibile, 
ADJ.: admissible, -ssibilita, F. : ad- 
missibility. -ssione, p. : admission. 

ammistionet, p. : mixture. 

ammisn-raret, TR. : measure, -ratof, 
ADJ. : moderate, -ratameutef, ADV. : 

ammitto [L. am-ictus (jacere, throw), 
mantle], M. : upper vestment of a priest ; 
AMICE (white linen worn about the neck 
and shoulders at Mass). -, M. : furnishing ; 
furniture. U-liare [mobile] f TR. : fur 

ammodernare \moderno~\, TR. : modern 

ammo - gliamento, M. : marriage. 
II -firl tare [moglie], TR. : give a wife to ; 
marry (a son); REPL.: marry (get mar 

ammoi-namentof , M.: dalliance. ||-na- 
ref, TR. : caress (fondle). 

ammol~lain.entof,M.: steeping; soften 
ing. ||-lare [molle], TR. : unstretch 
(loosen); soften (mollify); (us'ly immo- 
lare) soak (steep) ; cudgel; answer sharp 
ly, -liente, ADJ. : emollient ; softening. 
-limento, M. : softening, -lire, TR. : 
soften (mollify); relax; REPL.: be softened; 

relax; calm, -litivo, ADJ.: softening; 
emollient; laxative. 

ammo-niaca [Gr. -niakd\, F. : ammonia. 

-niaeale, ADJ.: ammoniac(al). -nia- 

oo, M, : ammoniac. 


ammosiigCoiief = ammonizione. 

ammo-nimento, M. : admonishment, etc. 
|| -mire [L. monere, teach], TR. : admon 
ish; warn; (hist.) tax; forbid, -nito, 
PART. : admonished, etc. ; M. : admonish 
ment ; prohibition, -mitore, M., -nitri 
de, P.: admonisher. -nizion-eella, P.: 
light admonition, -nizione, P. : admo 
nition (warning ; reproof) ; prohibition. 

amznon-tatamente, ADV.: confusedly., M. : massing. ||-tare [mon- 
te], TR. : pile or heap up (amass) ; INTR. : 
amount, -tico/iiare, TR. : heap up. 
-ticellare, TR. : form into small heaps. 

ammor-bante, ADJ.: sickening; stink 
ing. H-bare \morbo\ t TR. : affect; sick 
en ; INTR., REPL. : sicken ; stink. -M- 
damento, M. : softness; effeminacy. 
-bidaret, -bidire, TR. : soften; ener 
vate (render effeminate); REFL. : grow 
soft or effeminate. 

ammorsellatot, M - minced meat and 

ammor-tamentot, -tare = -timento, 
-tire, -timento, M.: extinction (quench 
ing) ; swoon. ||-tiro [morte], TR. : MOR 
TIFY (deaden) ; extinguish ; lame ; wither ; 
make swoon ; Eng.f amortize ; INTR. : be 
extinguished; decay; swoon, -tizza- 
mento, M. : extinguishing ; withering. 
-tizzare, TR. : pay by instalments (amor 
tize). -tizzazione,F.: redemption; amor 
tization : cassa d' , sinking fund. 

ammoriridire [morvido], TR. : weaken 
(soften, render effeminate). 

ammorz. . = smorz. . 

ammosc'ire [moscio], INTR. : wither (fade, 

axumos-fera [Gr. atm6s, vapor, sphatra, 
sphere], p. : atmosphere, -ferico, ADJ.: 

ammosta-re [mosto], TR. : press (the 
grape), -toio, M.: wine-press, -tore, 
M. : grape-presser ; vintager, -tura, P.: 
grape-pressing ; vintage. 

ammott. .f, ammov. . = smott. ., mov. . 

ammozziccaref, TR. : cut to pieces. 

ammuc -, M. : piling up ; 
heap, il-c/j/iare [mucchio], TR. : heap 
or pile up. 

ammueidire [mucido], INTR. : grow mus 
ty or rancid. 

amnmf-faret, ~f*r& [mitfti], INTR. : be 
come musty or mouldy. 

ammuin. .f = ammoin. . 

anmmlinare \mulino\, TR. : whirl 

ammuiL. .f = ammon. . 

animus are, INTR.: pout; REFL."f: meet 
face to face. 

ammu-taref, -tolaref = ammutire. 

ammuti-namento, M. : mutiny. ||-na- 
re [?], REFL. : mutiny (revolt). 


anuim-tire, -tolire [muto(lo)], INTR. : 
become mute or dumb ; be embarrassed or 
nonplussed, -tolito, ADJ. : dumb (speech- 



anmio [Gr. -nios], M. : amnion (membrane 
round the foetus). 

ammi-stia [Gr.-nestia(a-, not, mndsthai, 
remember)], p : amnesty, -stiare, TR. : 

amo [L. hamus], M. : fish-hook. 

amoerre = moerre. 

amdmo [Gr. -o?i], M. : amomum (plant). 

axnorae-eiaf, P. : horse-radish. 

amo-razzo, M.: light or illicit love. 
I|amo-re [L. amor], M. : love (affection ; 
beloved person or thing); regard; charity: 
proprio, self-love ; per mio, for my 
sake; per 1 J di Dio, for God's sake; 
essere in , be in favor with ; andare in 
, be in heat, rut (of animals), -reg- 
giamento, M.: love-affair, -reggia- 
re, TR. : make love to (flirt with); fondle. 
-retto, M. : slight love or affection (incli 
nation), -revole, ADJ.: loving (affec 
tionate, affable) : air , affectionately. 
-revoleggiare f ^ -reggiare. -revo- 
lezza, F*. : affability (cordiality); kind 
ness, -revolmente, ADV.: affection 
ately; kindly, -revoione, aug. of -revole. 

amorfo [Gr. a-, not morphe, form], ADJ. : 

amo-rino [-re], M. : little Cupid ; charm 
ing baby; mignonette; tete-a-tete (S- 
shaped) sofa, -rosamente, ADV.: lov 
ingly, -rosellof, ADJ.: amiable (pleas 
ing), -rosino, ADJ.: nice. ||-roso [-re], 
ADJ. : loving (amorous, affectionate) ; M. : 
lover (gallant, wooer), -rottof, M.: nas 
cent love. 

amosclno [L. damascenus], M. : DAMSON 

amovi"bi - le [movere], ADJ. : movable. 
-lita, p. : movableness. 

am-piamente, ADV.: amply, -piaref, 
TR. : amplify (enlarge, extend), -piezza, 
p. : ampleness (largeness, extent), ||am- 
pio [L. -plus], ADJ. : AMPLE (large), -pio- 
giovantet, ADJ.: very helpful, -pio- 
veggentet, ADJ. : broad-sighted, -pio- 
sof", ADJ. : ample, vast. 

amplamente = ampiamente. 

amplesso [L. -plexus (plectere, wind)], 
M. : (jest.) embrace. 

ampli-amento, M. : enlargement, -are, 
TR. : enlarge (extend), -ativo, ADJ.: 
enlarging, -atore, M., -atri-ee, P.: 
extender, amplifier, -azione, P. : en 
largement, -ficamento, M. : amplifica 
tion, -fie are, TR.: amplify (enlarge); 
exaggerate, -ficatore, M., -ficatriee, 
p. : amplifier, magnifier, -ficazione, F. : 
amplification ; exegesis. -tAdin, P. : 

amplitude. II ampl(i) -o [L. amplus], ADJ. : 
ample (broad). 

ampol-la [L. ampulla], P. : ampulla (cru 
et, vial); bubble; inflated expression. 
-lettaf, p. : small vial ; hour-glass. 
-lina, dim. of -la. -losamente, ADV.: 
in an inflated or bombastic manner, -lo- 
sita, p.- bombast; fustian, -loso, ADJ.; 
inflated; bombastic. -1-dzzaf, p.: small 
vial; hour-glass. 

ampu-tare \L.putare, prune], TR. : ampu 
tate, -t azione, p.: amputation. 

amTierre = moerre. 

amuleto [L. -turn], M. : amulet. 

anabattista [Gr. and, again, baptizein, 
baptize], M. : anabaptist. 

anacard(i)o [l.L.],M. : ancardium (plant). 

ana ee, --eto [Gr. dnisori], M. : anise. 
-eiato, ADJ. : anise-flavoured, -eino, 
M. : sugar pill (with anise-seed). 

anacoluto [Gr. a-, not, akdluthos, follow 
ing], M. : anacoluthon (want of gram, se 

anaco-reta [Gr. ana-chorein, retire], M.: 
anchoret, -rite, -retico, ADJ.: anchor- 

ana - credntica [poet Anacreon], P.: 
anacreontic, -creontioo, ADJ.: ana 

anacromismo [Gr. and, back, chronos, 
time], M. : anachronism. 

an-afora [Gr. and, back, pherein, carry], 
P.: anaphora. 

anagrlifo [Gr. and, up, gHphein, engrave], 
M. : anaglyph (ornament in light relief). 

ana-gogia [Gr. and, up, dgein, lead], P. : 
anagogics (spiritual interpretation), -go- 
gicamente, ADV.: anagogically. -go- 
gico, ADJ. : anagogic(al). 

akagram-ma [Gr. and, again, grdphein, 
write], M. : anagram, -matico, ADJ. : ana- 
grammatic(al). -maticamente, ADV.: 
anagrammatically. -matismo, M. : ana- 
grammatism. -matista, " pi. ti f M.: 
anagrammatist. -matizzare, TR. : ana- 

analettif, M. PL. : analects. 

an=alfabeto [Gr. an-, not], ADJ.: unable 
to read ; illiterate ; M. ( ta, f.): illiterate. 

ana-lisi [Gr. and, back, luein, loose], P. : 
analysis, -lista, pi. -listi, M. : analyzer. 
-litica, p.: analytics, -litico, ADJ.: 
analytical, -liticamente, ADV.: ana 
lytically, -lizzare, TR. : analyze. 

ana-logamente, ADV. : analogously. 
-logia, P.: analogy. -logicamente, 
ADV.: analogically, -logicb, ADJ.: ana- 
logic(al). -logismo, *M. : analogism. 
liana-logo [Gr. and, after, logos, ratio], 
ADJ. : analogous. 

ananasso [fr. Peruv.], M. : ananas ; pine 



.ana-pest [Gr. ana-paiein, strike back, 
reverse], M. : anapest (*-"-", i.e. a 're 
versed' dactyl), -pestico, ADJ. : ana- 

an-arc7ila [Gr. a-, not, arehe, head], P. : 
anarchy. -aro7iico, ADJ. : anarchic(al). 
-arc/iista, pi. -archisti, M. : anarchist. 

anastrofe [Gr. and, back, strtphein, 
turn], F. : anastrophe (reversed construc 

ana-tema or -tema [Gr. and-thema, set 
ting up], P.: anathema (ban), -temizza- 
re, TR. : anathematize (excommunicate). 

ana-tomia [Gr. ana-tome, dis-section], 
p.: anatomy, -tomicamente, ADV.: 
anatomically, -tomico, ADJ. : anatom- 
ic(al). -tomista, pi. ti, M.: anatomist. 
-tomizzare, TR. : anatomize (dissect) ; 

ana-tra [L. anas] P.: duck, -trella, P., 
-trino,M. : young duck, -troecolo, M. : 
young duck ; short fellow, -trotto, M. : 
young duck. 

anca [? Ger. hanke, HAUNCH], P. : haunch ; 
hip : dare d'anche, run away. 

an-eella [L. -cilia], P. : maid-servant. 

ancfoe [L. hanc, this, sc. horam, hour], 
ADV. : also, too, even : ne , not even ; 
neither ; quand' , although. 

ancMIosi [Gr. ankuldsis], F. ; anchylosis. 

an-eid. .f = uccid. . 

an-eile [L.], M. : ancile (sacred shield). 

an-eillaf = ancella. 

an-cipitef, ADJ. : uncertain ; amphibious. 

an-eisof, PART, of ancidere. 

anco = anche: per , as yet. 

ancoif, ADV. : to-day. 

ancora [L. hanc horam, this hour], ADV. ; 
yet, still ; now ; even ; again : che or 
ancor(a)cM, even though ; although. 

ancora [L.], F. : anchor. 

ancorac/tef, see ancora. 

anco-raggio [-ra], M. : anchorage, -ra 
re, TR. : "anchor. 

ancor=c/*>e, see ancora. 

ancoretta, dim. of dncora. 

anc-ddine [L. in~cus (cudere, beat)], F. : 

an-damenta-e-ciot, M. : bad walk, -da- 
mento, M. : walk (gait, carriage) ; pro 
ceeding, -dante, ADJ.: going; easyf; 
M. : andante (easy gait), -dantemen- 
te, ADV.: continuously (without inter 
ruption), -dantino, M. : andantino. 
II -dare [?], IRR. ; TR. : go ; move ; M. : 
walking, gait ; PL. garden-walks ; alleys : 
rsene, go away; disappear; decline; 
in colera, get angry; (alV)incon- 
tro, go to meet ; a marito, marry ; 
a monte, interrupt ; pelegrino, go wan 
dering ; a seconda, go with the stream 
(prosper) ; al peggio , at the worst. 


-data, P. : going away ; walk ; move 
ment (of the bowels), stool, -dato, ADJ.. 
gone ; past ; ruined ; wasted, -datoref, 
M., -datri-eef, P.: walker: di notte, 
nightwalker. -datiira, F. : manner of 
walking (gait), -dazza-c-ciof, M.: violent 
disease, -dazzo, M. : passing or super 
ficial fashion ; epidemical disease. -dir= 
jUvieni, PL. : going and coming ; me 
ander (windings); digressions. 

Ind. : Pres. <vb or vd do, vat, vd ; andid- 
rno, audate, vanno. Fut. and(e)rb. Cond. 
and(e)rci. Subj. : Pres. vada, etc. : anditb* 
mo, andidte, vadano* I've vd, anddte. With 
tras- t and ri- } regular. 

andito [L. ad-itus (ire, go)], M.: entrance ; 
passage ; landing (of a staircase). 

andriemne [Pr.], M. : (jest.) old garment. 

androgino [Gr. an&r, man, gune, woman], 
ADJ. : androgynous. 

androne [?], M.: palace entrance (portal); 
entrancef; avenue; waiting-room. 

aned=doto [Gr. an-, not, ek-dotos, given 
out, published], M. : anecdote, -ddtico, 
ADJ. : anecdotic(al). 

ane-lante, ADJ.: pantingf; desirous. 
||-lare [L. (halare, breathe)] ; INTR. : 
breathe strongly! (pant, Eng.f ANHELE) ; 
be breathlessly eager, desire eagerly (long 
ardently), -lanzaf, P. : ardent desire. 
ane-lito, M.: strong breathing (panting). 

anel-Iaref, TR.: provide with rings ; curl. 
-latdrat,F.:curliness; curled hair, -let- 
to, -lino, M.: little ring. ||anl-lo, pi. 
-Li or (lit.) -la [dim. of L. anus, ring], M. : 
ring; ringlet; link; thimble (ring-like): 
dar (prender) I' , marry (be married); 
giorno deW , wedding-day. 

ane-lo [-lare], M. : (poet.) panting; breath 
less, -losof, ADJ. : short-breathed (asth 

ane-mia [Gr. an-, not, hdima, blood], F. : 
anaemia, -emico, ADJ. : anaemic, 

anemone [L.] , -molof, M. : anemone. 

anes-tesia [Gr. an-, not, aisthesis, feel 
ing], P. : anaesthesia, -tetico, ADJ. : 

anfa-namento, M. : rambling, incoherent 
speech. ||-nare [variant of affanare],in.: 
ramble about ; talk at randomf. -nato- 
ref, M. : pratter. -neggiaref, INTR.: 
talk foolishly, -niaf, "p. : talk; non 

anfiTbio [Gr. amphi, both, bios, life], ADJ. : 

anfi-bologia [Gr. amplii-Wlos, casting 
about, ambiguous, I6gos, speech], F. : am 
phibology, -"bologicamente, ADV.: 
ambiguously, -bologico, ADJ.: amphi 
bolic (ambiguous, doubtful). 

annteatro [Gr. amphi, around, thtatron], 
M. : amphitheatre. 

anfi-zione [Gr. amphikttiones], M.: Am- 


phictyons. -zionico, ADJ. : Amphicty- 

anfora [L. amphora], F. : amphora (Rom. 

anfrattof, M. : narrow place. 

amga-riat [L.], F. : forced service, -ria- 
re, -rieggiare, TR. : overtax (burden). 

ange-la/F. : angel. -letta, F. : little 
angel, -licamente, ADV. : angelically. 
ange-lleo, ADJ. : angelical. ||ange-l 
[Gr.' dngeloSy messenger], M. : angel : 
custode, tutelar angel ; pane (or cibo) de- 
gli i, commnnion. -lottof, M.: old coin. 
-lii-e-eio, M. : little angel. 

anger e [LJ, TR. : lighten ; anguish. 

ang7ieria [fr. Pers.], F.: hateful tax; 
imposition; violence. 

angi-na [anger e\ F, : quinsy, -nose, 
ADJ. : quinsy (as adj.). 

angio-la, -lo, (pop.} for angela, -lo. 
-letta, -letto, -lino, dim,; dead child. 

angiportof, M. : portal; blind alley; 

angli-canismo, M. : Anglicanism. ||-ca- 
no, ADJ. : Anglican, -eismo, M. : Angli 

ango-lare, ADJ. : angular, -larmente, 
ADV.: angularly, -larita, F. : angular 
ity, -letto, M. : small angle. ||amgo- 
lo [L. -lus], M. : angle ; corner. -16 so, 
ADJ. : angulous (full of corners). 

an-gonia (vulg.) = agonia. -goref, M.: 

ango-scevolef, ADJ. : painful. [|ango- 
scia [L. angustia, narrowness], F. : AN 
GUISH, -scianxe'site, ADV. : painfully. 
-sciamentof, M. : anguish (affliction). 
-sciare, TR. : anguish; distress (grieve); 
REFL. : be grieved (grieve) ; fret, -sc-iato, 
ADJ. : in anguish (grieved, distressed) ; 
anxious, -sciosam.en.te, ADV. : distress- 
edly (with grief), -scioso, ADJ.: uis- 
tressed (grieved); anxious. 

an-gue [L. -guis], M. : (poet.) serpent. 
- gui = crinito, ADJ.: snake - haired. 
-gnilla, F. : eel. -guillaia, F. : place 
where eels are found, -gnilletta, -gnil- 
lina, F. : small eel. 

anguinaia [L. inguinalia], F. : groin. 

anguriaf, F. : watermelon. 

angd-stia, F. : narrowness; distress. 
-stiare, TR. : compress; distress, pain; 
REFL. : be distressed, -stioso, ADJ. : dis 
tressed ; anxious. ||aagd-sto [L. -stus], 
ADJ.: narrow, tight; close; stingy; miser 

ani-eef, --eiof = anaccio. 

anilef, ADJ. : (poet.) aged (old). 

ani-ma [L.], F. : soul ; life ; breastplate : 
render V , give up the ghost, -ma-e- 
eina, F. : poor soul ; wretch, -mala-e- 
ei o, M. : great ugly animal ; stupid dunce. 

asmerare 29 

-male, H ; animal, -maiescaznenie, 
ADV.: like an animal; beastly, -male- 
sco, ADJ. : animal, -maletto, M. : small 
animal ; animalcule, -malettn^e-eia-c- 
eio, M. : ugly little animal, -n&alitaf, 
F.: animality. -malone,M. : big animal. 
-malu'e-eio, -maliizzo, M. : ugly ani 
mal, -mante, ADJ. : animating ; beingf 
(animal). -mar,TR. : animate; encour 
age, -matamente, ADV : animately. 
-mato,ADJ.: animated (lively), -matore, 
M., -matri-ee, F. : animator, -mawer- 
sidnef , F. : animadversion ; chastisement. 
-mazioae, F. : animation, -mella, F. : 
sweet-bread; sucker (of a pump), am 
mo [L. -mus], M. : soul, esp. as heart; 
mind (understanding); sentiment; affec 
tion ; courage : di buon , with all my 
heart ; farsi , pick up courage. -mo- 
samente, ADV. : courageously (boldly). 
-mosita, F. : animosity, -rnoso, ADJ.: 
animated; courageous (valiant); Eng.f 
animose ; hostile, -mu-e-eiaot, M. : small 

aMisetta [anace], F. : anisette (cordial). 

ani-traf, etc., -troccolo = anatra, etc. 

annac - ^namento, M.: watering. 
ll-Q^nare [acqua], TR. : mix with water 
(water) ; temper ; mitigate. - quati-c- 
efo, ADJ.: somewhat mixed with water 
(dilute) ; M. : admixture of water. 

annaf-fiamento, M. : sprinkling, H-fia- 
re [L. in-ad y flare, blow], TR. : sprinkle 
(water), -fiata, F. : sprinkling, -fia- 
tina, F. : light sprinkling. -fiatoio t 
M. : watering-pot (sprinkler). -fiat-n.ra t 
F. : sprinkling. 

auna-le [anno], ADJ.f: annual. -li 
M. PL.: annals, -list a, M. : annalist. 

annasaref = annusare. 

anna-spare, TR. : reel into skeins, -spio, 
M.: violent gesticulation; agitation. ||am- 
naspo [OHG-. haspa, HASP, spindle], 
M.: reel (for winding yarn), -spona, F., 
e, M. : busybody; jack-of-all-trades. 

anna-ta [anno], F. : year (esp. with ref 
erence to products) ; year's profits or in 
terest, -ta-e-eia, F. : bad year, -tina, 
F. : (iron.) little yearly interest, -tti-e- 
cia, F. : bad year. 

anneB-Mainento, M.: cloudiness; gloom. 
II -blare [nebbia], TR. : surround with a 
mist or fog (befog) ; cloud ; obfuscate ; 
mildew; REFL : become obfuscated or 

anne-gamento, M. : smothering ; drown 
ing. H -gar e [L. necare, kill], TR. : 
smother; drown. 

annegazione = abnegazione. 

annegftit-timentof , M laziness, -ti 
re [neghittoso], INTR. : grow lazy. 

anne-rare \nero\ 9 TR. : blacken, -ri- 



mento, M. : blackening ; blackness, -r- 
re, TR. : blacken (darken) ; tarnish ; 
INTR., REPL. : grow black ; darken, -ri- 
tura, P. : blackness. 

an-nessi, PRET. of -nettere. -messione, 
p.: annexation. ||-nesso, PART, of -n$t- 
tere: ANNEXED (joined); M.: annex; part. 

anne-stamento, M. : grafting ; inocula 
tion. II -stare [variant of innestare], TR.: 
(in)graft, insert, -statura, F. : graft 
ing ; insertion, anne-sto, M. : grafting. 

an-nettere [L. nectere, bind], IER. ; TR.: 
combine ; bind together. 

Pret. an-nettii or -ntsst, -nett& or -ntsse, 
etc. Part, ann&sso. 

annetto, dim. of anno. 

annicM - lamento, M. : annihilation. 
|| -lare [L. nihil, nothing], TR. : ANNIHI 
LATE; annul; dismay; humble, -lazio- 
nef, F - annihilation, -lire = -lare. 

annidare [nido], TR. : build (a nest)f ; 
nestlef ; harbour (have in mind) ; REFL. : 
nestle ; settle (get into). 

annien-tamento, M. : reduction to noth 
ing (annihilation). H-tare [niente], TR. : 
reduce to nothing (annihilate). 

annigMtt. . t = aneghitt. 

annistiaf = amnistia. 

anniversario [L. -rms], M.: anniver 

anno [L. -nus], M. : year: d' in , 
from year to year: capo d' , new year. 

annolbiliret = nobilitare. 

anno-dameuto, M. : tying; knot. II -da 
re [7100*0], TR. : tie (knot) ; join, -datn- 
ra, F. : tying. -diccMato, ADJ.: 
lightly tied. 

annoi-ame'nto, M. : annoyance ; weari 
ness. || -are [now], TR. : annoy ; weary ; 
REFL. : be annoyed ; grow weary, -ato- 
re, M. : annoyer. -osof, ADJ. : annoying 

annolaref = noleggiare. 

annomaref = nominare. 

anno-na [L. annus, year], F. : (a year's) 
provisions (victuals), -nario, ADJ. : per 
taining to provisions (of provisions), an- 
no-so, ADJ. : of years (old ; ancient). 

amnota-re [nota], TR. : annotate (note). 
-riare, TR. : fit or qualify for a notary. 
-tore, M. : annotator. -zione, F. : an 
notation ; observation (remark). 

annot-tare [notte], IMP. : become night ; 
grow dark; pass the night, -tiref 
= -tare. 

axmovellaref, TR. : misinform ; beguile. 

aimove - raxntento, M. : enumeration. 
1 1 -rare [novero], TR. : number (count). 
-ratoref, M. : counter, -revolef , ADJ. : 
that may be counted (computable), an 
no ve-rot, M. : reckoning (calculation). 

anxm-ale [anno], ADJ. : annual (yearly) ; 


year's profit or allowancef ; yearf ; anni- 
versaryf. -almente, ADV.: annually. 
-ario, M. : annuary, year-book. ann^L- 
c-eio, M. : bad year. 

animgolaret = annuvolare. 

amnn-ire [L. ad-nuere, nod to], INTR. : 
nod assent; assent, -ente, ADJ.: assent 
ing, -emza, P. : consent. 

annnl-Iamento, M. : annulment. || -la- 
re [nullo], TR. : annul (render null ; nulli 
fy; cancel), -lativo, ADJ.: annulling. 
-latore, M. : annuller (abolisher). -la- 
gionef, -lazionet, F.: annulment, -li- 
ref = -lare. 

ammxiieraret :::::: annoverare. 

ammn^i. . = annunzi. . 

anxnm-ziare [71^712:10], TR. : announce; 
predict, -ziata, p.: the Virgin Mary 
receiving the Annunciation; picture of 
the Annunciation, -ziatore, M., -zia- 
tri-ee, P.: announcer; foreboder. -zia- 
zione, p.: annunciation; Lady-day, an- 
num-zio, M. : announcement; advertise 

ammo [anno], ADJ. : annual (yearly). 

annusare [naso], TR. : bring under the 
nose (for smelling, etc.) ; smell at ; test ; 
(smell out) guess; suspect; REFL.: find 
each other by smelling (of dogs) ; grow 
attached to one another. 

aim-euro - lamento, M.: clouding up; 
cloudiness. ||-lare [nuvola], TR. : cloud ; 
INTR., REPL.: cloud up (grow cloudy). 
-lato, PART. : cloudy, -liref = -lare. 

ano [L. -nus, ring], M. : anus. 

anodino [Gr. an-, not, odtine, pain], M. : 

an-omalia, F. : anomaly. ||-dmalo 
[Gr. an-, not, homatts, even], ADJ. : anom 

andnimo [Gr. an- t not, 6numa t NAME], 
ADJ.: anonymous. 

anorma-le [Gr. a-, not, ndrma, RULE], 
ADJ.: abnormal; irregular, -lita, p.: 

an-sa [L.], F. : handle (of a vase) : dare 
(prender) , give (take) boldness; en 
courage, take courage, -sato, ADJ.: pro 
vided with a handle. 

an-samento, M. : shortness of breath. 
H-sare [-sio], INTR. : pant (breathe short). 

anseatico [Ger. hanse], ADJ. : Hanseatic. 

an-sia, -si eta, F. : anxiety. ||an-sio 
[L. -xius], ADJ. : anxious. 

ansi-ma [asma], F. : difficulty of breath 
ing (asthma), -mare, INTR.: breathe 
with difficulty. 

an-siosantente, ADV. : anxiously. H-si6~ 
so [-sio], ADJ. : anxious. 

ansola [L. -sula (-sa)], F. ; clapper hook 
(of a bell). 

antago-nismo, M. : antagonism. ||-ni- 


sta [Gr. anti, against, agonistes, combat- 
tant], M.: antagonist. 

antartico [L. -cus], ADJ. : antarctic. 

ante [L.], PREP. : before. 

ante--eedente, ADJ.: antecedent (pre 
ceding), -eedentemente, ADV.: an 
tecedently, -eedenzaf, F. : antecedency 
(priority). ||~eederef [L. cedere, go], 
TR. : go before (antecede ; precede), -ees- 
sora, F., -eessore, M. : predecessor. 

*mte=fatto, M.: Eng.f antefact; previous 

antelmintico [Gr. anti, against, elmins, 
worm], M. : vermifuge. 

.antelncano [L. ante, lux, LIGHT], ADJ. : 
preceding daybreak. 

antelnnare [L. ante, luna, moon], ADJ. : 
preceding the appearance of the moon. 

antenmrale [antimuro], M. : rampart. 

ante=nato, M. : forefather (ancestor). 

anten-na [L J, F. : sail-yard ; lance ; log 
(trunk); antenna (feeler); sailf. -naref, 
TR. : provide with feelers, -netta, dim. 
of -na. 

Antenora [Antenora, Trojan deemed a 
traitor], F. : 'Antenora' (place of punish 
ment for traitors, in Dante's Inferno). 

antepenultimof = antipenultimo. 

ante=porre, IRR. ; TR. : put before ; pre 
fer, -posi, PRET. of -porre. -posizio- 
ne, F.: placing before ; preference, -po- 
sto, PART, of -porre. 

antera or ant era [Gr. anther 6s, flowery], 
F.: anther. 

anterio-re [L. -r], ADJ. : anterior (prior, 
former), -rita, F.: anteriority (priority). 
-rmente, ADV.: anteriorly (previously, 

ante = scritto, ADJ.: written before or 

antesignano [L. ante, SIGNUM, sign], M. : 

ante=veniref, IRR. ; INTR. : come before 
or first. 

&nti- [L. ante or Gr. anti], PREF. : before ; 

nti=andaref,iRR.; INTR.: go before. 
anti=1>a0no, M. : bath-room cabinet. 
,nti=bra-e-eio, M. : forearm. 
antica-01ia [antieo], F.: antiquitiesf . 
worthless" old stuff; old person, ~men- 
te, ADJ. : anciently (formerly). 
anti=camera, F.: antechamber (wait 
ing-room); servants in waiting: fare 
wait to be received. 

anti-catot [-co] = antiquato. -cfteg- 
giaref? INTR.: follow ancient customs 
-cftetto, ADJ.: rather ancient or old- 
fashioned, -cfoezzaf = -chita. -cM, 
PL. of -co. -cMta, F.: antiquity (an- 
cientness ; ancient relics or customs) 
(Jest.) old person. 



anti-ei-pamento = -pazione. II -pare 
[L. ante, capere, take], TR.: anticipate; 
pay in advance; pay out; INTR.: come 
beforehand ; REFL.: act quickly or prompt 
ly, -patamente, ADV.: by anticipa 
tion (beforehand, in advance), -pat, 
PART. : anticipated, etc. ; precociousf, out 
of tunef; M. : sum paid in advance, -pa- 
zione, F. : anticipation ; foresight ; sum 
paid in advance, -pazion-eella, dim. 
of -pazione. 

anti -co [L. -quus], ADJ.: antique (an 
cient, old); M. : antique (ancient art and 
manners) ; -cM, PL. : ancients (esp. 
Greeks and Romans) ; ancestors, -cn-e- 
eio, dim. of -co. 

anti=cogrnizi6ne f , F. : precognition, 
= cogrn6sceref, IRR.; TR.: foreknow; 

anticolerico [anti colera], ADJ. : coun 
ter-active of cholera. 
anti=correref , IRR. ; TR. : run before ; 

outrun, -corrieref, M. : forerunner. 
anticortef , F. : fore-court. 
nti = cristianot, ADJ.: antichristian. 
-cristof, M. : antichrist. 
anticursoref, M. : forerunner. 
anti=data, F. : antedate. 
antidettof) ADJ. : foretold, aforesaid. 
anti-di-eimentot, M. : prediction. =di- 
ref, IRR. ; TR. : predict. 
anti=diltnriano, ADJ. : antediluvian. 
anti-dotariof, M. : dispensatory, anti- 
doto [Gr. -doton (didonai, give)], M.: anti 

anti=f"bl>rile, ADJ. : antifebrile. 
anti-fona [Gr. phone, sound], F.: anti- 
phon, anthem, -fonario, M.: anthem- 

antifrasi [Gr. -phrasis], F. : antiphrasis. 
anti=giudicare, TR. : prejudge. 
antigrafo [Gr.-^Ae],M.: antigraph (tran 

anti=gnardaref, TR. : foresee, -gnar- 
diaf, P., -guardot, M. : vanguard. 
antilogia [Gr.], F. : antilogy. 
antilope [?], F. : antelope. 
anti=meridiano, ADJ. : antemeridian. 
anti=metteret, ntR.; TR.: place before; 

antimo-nio [?], M. : antimony, -niale, 
ADJ.: antimonic. 

anti=muro 9 M. : front-walk ; parapet. 
anti=nato, ADJ.: born before; first-born. 
anti=nome, M.: first name. 
antinomia [Gr. anti, against, nomos, 
law], F. : antinomy. 
anti=papa, M. : antipope. 
anti=parte, F.: first settlement (of a 

anti=passato, ADJ. : past (last, ult). 
anti^pasto, M. : course served after the 



meat ; (in some countries) side-dish served 
before table. 

anti-patia [Gr. anti, against, pathem, 
suffer], F. : antipathy, -patioo, ADJ. : 

an.ti=pensaret, TR. : premeditate. 

anti=peiraltimo, ADJ.: antepenultimate; 
M. : antepenult. 

antipode [Gr. anti, against, pous, FOOT], 
M.: antipode. 

amti=p6neret, =porref = anteporre. 

anti = porta, P.: (us'ly) -pdrto, M. : 
anteport (outer gate) ; vestibule ; outwork 
(before the gate of a city); (typ.) half- 
title, bastard title. 

anti=prenderet, IRR.; TR.: seize before 

anti-qtiaria, F. : antiquarian science; 
antiquities, -quario, M. : antiquarian, 
-qiaato, ADJ. : antiquated. || anti-quo 
[L. -quus (ante, before)], ADJ. : antique 
(ancient, old). 

aiLti=saia, F. : front hall or parlour. 

anti=saperet, IRR. ; TR. : foreknow. 
-sapevolef, ADJ.: foreknowing (prog 
nostic), -sapntaf, F. : foreknowledge, 
foresight, -saptrtof, PART. : foreknown. 

anti=scritto, ADJ.: written before (afore 

antisettico [Gr. anti, against, septikos, 
putrefying], ADJ. : antiseptic. 

antisterico, ADJ. : anti-hysteric. 

anti-stat, -ste|> -stite, M.: head; chief; 

anti=strofe, F. : antistrophe. 

anti=tesi, F, : antithesis. 

antitopeia [Gr. anti, against, topos, 
place], F. : change of place by poetical li 

ant i= vanguard! a, F.: scouts preceding 
the vanguard. 

anti=vedere, IRR. ; TR. : foresee, -ve- 
dimentot, M. : foreseeing, -vedito- 
ref, M. : foreseer (foreboder). -vedu- 
tamente, ADV. : with precaution, -ve- 
duto, PART, of -vedere. -veggente, 
ADJ. : foreseeing, -vegj^emza, "F". : fore 
sight (prevision). 

anti-ve<;M.entef, ADJ.: preventing. =ve- 
niref, IRR. ; TR. : come beforehand with 
(anticipate); forestall; prevent, -venli- 
tof, PART, of -venire. 

anti=vigilia, F. : day before the eve. 

antologia [Gr. dnthos, flower, legein, 
gather],* F. : anthology. 

ant ono -ma si a [Gr. anti, instead, onoma, 
NAME], F.: antonomasia. -mastico, ADJ.: 

antra-ee [Gr. -thrax], M. : anthrax. 

antro [L. -trum], M. : cave ; den ; grotto. 

antropo- [Gr. dnthropos, man] : -fagia 
o], F. : anthropophagy, antropo- 


fago [Gr. phagein, eat], M, : cannibal ; 
PL. : anthropophagi, -logia [Gr. logos, 
discourse], F. : anthropology, -morfi- 
smo [-morfo], M. : anthropomorphism, 
-morfo [Gr. morphe, form], M. : manlike 
animal ; PL. : anthropomorpha. 

asanlare [L. -lus, little ring], M. : ring- 
finger; stone set in a ring; ring-shaped 
eclipse ; ADJ. : for a ring. 

amzi [L. ante], ADV. : instead ; on the con 
trary ; rather, nay ; bef oref. 

anzi-fi often for anti-. 

anzia-nita, p.: ancientness (antiquity); 
per , by seniority, -nitico, M. : seni 
ority (eldership). ||anzia-no [L L. an- 
tianus (ante, before)], ADJ. : old ; senior ; 
M. : senior ; elder- -notto, ADJ. : rather 
old (oldish). 

anzi=c7te, CONJ. : before that; rather 
than ; besidesf. 

anzidetto [ante detto], ADJ. : aforesaid. 

aocc/tiare, etc. = adocchiare, etc. 

aoliato = oliato. 

aomlbrare [ombra], TR. : shade ; INTR: ; 
be shaded. 

aonio [Aonia], ADJ. : Aonian (pertaining 
to the Muses). 

aorcaref, TR. : hang. 

aoristo [Gr. a-, not, horizein, define], M. : 

aormare j 7 TR. : trace. 

aorta [Gr. -te], F. : aorta. 

aj- [L. ad, to], PRBF. : ap-. 

apa-tia [Gr. a-, not, pathein, suffer], F. : 
apathy. -tista,pl.-iisto',M.: apathist, cold 
person, -tisticamemte, ADV. : apathetic 
ally, -tistico, pi. ci, ADJ. : apathetic. 

ape [L. apis], F. : bee. 

a-periref = aprire. -peritivo, ADJ. : 
aperitive (opening), -pertarnente, ADV.: 
openly (publicly), -perto, PART, of 
-p(e)rire. -pertonet* ADV - : wide open. 
-pertore, M. : opener, -pertura, F. : 
aperture (opening). 

apetalo [Gr. a-, not, p. .], ADJ. : apetalous. 

apiaxio [ape], M. : apiary. 

api-<ee [L. apex], M. : apex (summit, top), 
climax; tonic accent: un , a smallest 
bit. api-colof, M.: small peak. 

api = cultore, M. : bee-breeder. =cul- 
tiira, F. : apiculture. 

apiro [Gr. a-, not, pfir, FIRE], ADJ. : in 

aplustre [L.] or -stro, M. : poop-orna 

apo- [Gr. apo, from, away], PREF. : apo-. 

apooalisse [Gr. apo~kaltiptein, un-cover], 
F. : Apocalypse. 

apocope [Gr. ap6, kdptein, cut], F. : apo 

apocrifo [Gr. ap6, kruptein, hide], ADJ. ; 
apocryphal (doubtful). 


apodittic [Gr. apo-deikttinai, point 
out], ADJ. : apodictic(al). 

apodo [Gr. a-, noi, polls, FOOT], ADJ.: foot 

apodosi [Gr. apo-dosis, giving back], p. : 

apofisi [Gr. apo-physis, off-growth], F. : 

apoftegma, -temma [Gr. apo, phthen- 
gesthai, speak], M. : apo(ph)thegm. 

apogeo [Gr. apo, gaia, earth], M.: apo 

apdgrafo [Gr. apo, grdphein, write], M. : 
apograph (copy). 

Apol-line [-lo] } M.: (lit,) Apollo: stare 
in , fare (eat) sumptuously, -lineo, 
ADJ.: Apollonic. 

apolo-getico, ADJ.: apologetic. ||-gia 
[Gr. apo, I6gos, speech], F. : apology (de 
fense), -gist a, M.: apologist, -giz- 
zare, INTR'.: make apology, apdlo-go, 
M.: apologue; allegory. 

apo-plessia [Gr. apo f plessein, strike], 
apoplexy. -plet(t)ico, ADJ.: apoplectic. 

apo-stasia [Gr. apo-stasia, STANDING 
OFF], F.: apostasy, apd-stata, pl.-stati, 
M. : apostate, -statare, INTR.: aposta 
tize, -statri-eef , F. : apostate. 

apo-stemaf [Gr. apo-stenai, stand off], 
F.: aposteme (abcess). -stemare, INTR.: 
suppurate, -stemato, ADJ.: affected 
with an. abscess, -stemaziene , F.: 
apostemation (formation of an abscess). 

apostillaf = postilla. 

apo-stolato, M. : apostleship. -stoli- 
camente, ADV.: apostolically. -stoli- 
co, ADJ.: apostolic, jlapo-stolo [Gr. 
apo-stellein, send off], M. : apostle. 

upostro-faf = -fo. -fare, TO.: apostro 
phize. i|apostro-fe [Gr. apo -strophe, 
turning off], F. : apostrophe (rhetorical 
address), apostro-fo, M.: (gram.) apo 

apotegma, -temma = apoftegma. 

apoteosi [Gr. apo, theotin, deify], F. : 

appa-eiaref, -eifilcar [pace], TR.: 
pacify (appease, calm). 

appadiglionare [padiglione], TR. : use 
as a pavilion or tent ; pitch (a tent). 

appa-gaMle, ADJ.: that may be ap 
peased or satisfied, -gamentot, M,: pa 
cification: contentment. U-gar [paga- 
re],TR.: appease (satisfy, content), appa- 
gof, M. : contentment. 

appagliaiare [paglia\,TB,.: stack (hay). 

appai-amento, M.: coupling (match 
ing). |1 -are [paio], TR. : pair (couple, 
match) ; join, -ato, PART.: paired (matched, 
suited to one another), -atura, F. : 
coupling (matching). 

ap=palesare, TR. : discover (reveal). 



appallidiref inpallidire. 

appallott(ol)are [pallottola], TR.: form 
into small balls or pellets. 

ap-paitare, TR. : contract (bargain), 
lease, -paltatore, M. : contractor; 
leaser. ||-palto [root pact- in L. pac- 
tum], M. : PACT (contract, agreement, 
lease) ; place for making contracts ; to 
bacco-shop, -paltone, M. : big talker, 
intriguer (meddling fellow). 

appanare [pane], TR.: reduce to the 
use of bread. 

appauicare [panico], TR. : accustom 
(birds) to millet. 

appannaggiof [L L. ap-panare (L. pa- 
nis, bread)', "furnish with bread], M. : ap 
panage; income. 

appam-namento, M. : dimness, tarnish. 
||-nar Ipanno], TR. : cover with a piece 
of clothf ; dim ; tarnish (dull) ; veil ; catch 
in a spider's web|; ensnaref. -nato, 
ADJ.: dimmed, etc.; abundant, -natoio, 
M. : that which dims; veilf; rubbing 
cloth (for horses), -natotto, ADJ.: 
rather fat or fleshy, -natura, p. : cov 
ering (with cloth)t ; veiling ; dimming, 

ap-param&atot = paramento. ||=pa- 
raref , TR.: prepare ; adorn ; vest ; meet. 
-parato, PART.f: prepared, etc.; M. : 
preparation; adornment; pomp; appa 

apparec-c/iiamentot, M.: preparation ; 
PL. : goods. [|-cMar [parecchio], TR. : 
arrange; prepare; set (the table); REFL.: 
prepare one's self (get ready). -cMa- 
taf = -chio. -c7iiatorf, M., -cMa- 
tri-eef, F. : preparer, dresser, -c/iia- 
tura = -cMo. apparec-c/tlo, M.: ar 
rangement (preparative); apparatus (im 
plements); preparation; (paint.) ground 

appareggiaref = pareggiare. 

apparent a. ,f ^ imparenta. . 

appa- rente [-rire], ADJ.: apparent; 
visible, -rentemente , ADV.: appar 
ently, -renza, F. : appearance ; appari 
tion: per , for appearance's sake. 
|[-rrf = rire. 

apparir/liare [pariglia], TR. : match or 
brace (horses); REFL. : combine (for an 
evil purpose). 

appa-rire [L. -rere], nt,R. ; INTR, : AP 
PEAR, -riscente, ADJ.: apparent; visible; 
striking (splendid); graceful, -riscen- 
za , F. : appearance ; splendid appear 
ance (splendor, stateliness). -rita, P.: 
first appearance, -rizion., -rsionef, 
F.: apparition, -rso, PART, of -rire; ADJ. : 

Ind. : Pres. ap-parisco or -pdio, 
part, -parisce or -j>Are ; -paifcttio (rare), 
rite t -pariscona or -p&ieno* Pret. 

34 appartantento 

or -jdrsi or -Jdrvz, etc. (opt'ly -pars-, -jbarv- \ 
in i, 3 sing., 3 pi.). Subj. : Pres. ap-$arisca 
or (rare) -pata, etc. 

appar-tamento, M. : apartment. II -ta 
re [parte], TR.: set apart (separate); 
REPL. : withdraw one's self (retire), -ta- 
tamente, ADV. : apart (separately). 

apparte-nente, -g/nentet, ADJ.^: per 
taining (belonging); suitable, -nenza, 
P.: pertaining; appurtenance. H-nere, 
[L. ad, $er-tinere, hold to, belong], IRR. 
(cf. tenere); INTR.: pertain; belong; be 
related; be a member; concern; become 
(agree) : questo non w* appartiene, that 
does not concern me. apparte-nni, 
PRET., -nuto, PART, of -were. 

appas - saret = -sire, -simento, M. : 

appassio-namento, M. : growing pas 
sionate; passion, -nare, REPL.: con 
ceive a passion, or ardent desire (desire 
eagerly), -natamente, ADV. : passion 
ately, -nato, M. : impassioned (passion 
ate) ; strongly affected. 

appas-sire [passo], INTR. : wither (fade); 
become stale or old. -sito, ADJ. : with 
ered ; stale (old). 

appastaret = impastare. 

appel-labile, ADJ.: appealable. -la"bi- 
lita, P. : liability of appeal, -lagionet, 
p., -lamentot, M.: appeal, -lante, 
ADJ.: appealing; M. : appellant. ||-lare 
[L.], TR.: call; summon; cite; INTR.: AP 
PEAL, -lativo, ADJ.: appellatory; M.: 
(grram.) appellative: lasciare il proprio 
per V , leave the certain for the un 
certain, -latorio, ADJ.: appellatory. 
-lazione, P.: appellation, appel-lo, 
M.: call; roll-call; appeal; challenge. 

ap=pena, ADV.: hardly (scarcely): -j-cAe, 
as soon as, no sooner than, -penaret, 
TR. : pain (distress). 

aprpendere, IRR.; TR. : append; hang 
up; suspendt; weight- -pendiee, P.: 
appendix; feuilleton (serial story at the 
foot of a newspaper), -pendizie, P. PL.: 
gratuity (of eggs, poultry, etc.) to the 

Pret. ap-p6si or (rare) -gendti. Part. a$- 

appennecc/j/iaret, TR. : fill the distaff. 
Appennino, M.: Apennines; ADJ.: Apen- 

ap=pensaret, TR. : think out; foresee. 

-pensatamentet, ADV.: on purpose 


appeso, PART, of -pendere. 
appestare [peste], TR. : infect. 
appe-tente = -titoso. -tenza = -tito* 

appe-teret [L. petere, seek] = -petire. 

-ti*bile , ADJ. : desirable ; pleasing, -tire , 

TR. : desire ; INTR. : feel a desire ; have 

an appetite, -tito, M. : appetite ; strong 


desire, -titosamente, ADV. : with ap 
petite ; eagerly, -titoso, ADJ. : appe 
tizing; attractive, -titoref, M. : appe 
tizer, -tiziome, P. : appetite ; desire. 
appettare [petto], TR. : have at heart; 

ap=petto, PREP.: opposite (in compari 

appez-zameato, M. : detached piece of 
land. ||-zare [pezzo], TR. : piece togeth 
er, -zatura, p. : piece ; piecing ; joint 

appia-eeret = piacere. 
appia-eevolire {piacevole], TR. : render 
agreeable; soften. 

appia-namento, TR.: levelling; smooth 
ing. II -nare {piano], TR. : render level 
or smooth (level ; plane). 
appia-strare [impiastro], TR. : stick 
(fasten) ; fit ; REPL. : adhere, -strie-cia- 
meuto, M. : sticking (conglutination). 
-stri-c-eiare, TR. : stick (glue). 
appiatt. . = rimpiatt. . 
appi-ccagrnolo, M.: hook; crook, -cea- 
mentot, M.: tanging up; fastening. 
-ccante, ADJ.: sticking (glutinous). 
||-ccare \Jj.picare (pix, pitch), tar], TR.: 
stickt; joint; attacht; hang up, kindle 
(a fire); REPL.: joint; meett; catcht; 
hang one's self ; kindle : ilfuoco, kindle 
the fire (fire), -ccati-e-eiot ADJ. : sticky; 
contagious; M.: importunate fellow, -eca- 
tivot, ADJ.: sticky; contagious, -eca- 
toiof, M. : hook ; hold-fast, -ocatura, 
P. : fastening ; hanging. -e-ciatTira, P. : 
candle fee (paid for candle burned). 
appicco-lame ntot, M. : diminution. ||-Ia- 
ret, -lire \piecolo], TR.: diminish (lessen). 
aprpie, PREP. : at the foot or bottom. 
ap=pieno, ADV. : completely (quite). 
appig- gtonamento, M. : house-rent 
(rent). "||-gionare [pigione], TR. : let; 
rent out (a* house, etc.) -gidnasi, M. : 
('for rent') placard or notice (announcing 
a house for rent). 

ap=pi0lare, REPL. : attach one's self to 
(choose), -pifirpo, M. : pretext ; trick. 
appigriret = impigrire. 
appillottaret, EEPL. : linger (loiter). 
appin-zare fpinzd], TR. : sting, -zatu- 
ra, P. : sting. 

appiot, M. : parsley ; celery. 
appiola, P., -Io [Gr. dpion], M. : pippin 

ap-piombo [or a piomlo], ADV. : perpen 
dicularly (PLUMB). 

appioppare [pioppo], TR.: tie (a vine) 
to a poplar; join; apply; give (a blow, 
etc.); fix. 

ap-pisolare [jmoZo], REPL.: take a 
nap (slumber). 
applau-dente, ADJ.: applauding; M. : 


applauder. H'-deret,-dire [L.plaudere]. 
TR. : clap the hands ; applaud, -ditore, 
M.: applauder. applau-so, M.: applause 
(plaudit) ; noise, -soref, M. : applauder. 

appli - cabile, ADJ.: applicable, -ca- 
mesitof, M. : application. II -care [L. 
plicare, fold], TR. : APPLY (fit); REPL. : 
apply or devote one's self, -catamen- 
te, ADV.: diligently (intently), -cato, 
ADJ.: applied; prone. -eatore, M. : 
applier ; fitter, -cazione, F. : applica 
tion; assiduity. 

appot, PREP.: near; by; with; ADV.: in 

appode-r amento, M. : farming. lj -raref 
[podere], TR. : farm; REPL.: take to 

appo - diamento f M . : enf eoffment. 
||-diaret, TR. : enfeoff. 

appog-giamentof, M.: elbow prop ; sup 
port. H-jy-iare [1. L. ap-podiare (L. po 
dium, elevation)], TR. : support (against 
some elevated object) ; lean ; prop ; REPL.: 
support one's self (lean) ; seek protection ; 
trust, -giatoio, M. : support (prop). 
-gtatura, P.: supporting) ; leaning; 
appoggiatura (passing tone). appog- 
go, M. : support (prop) ; protection. 

appollaiare [polio], REPL.: roost; lodge. 

appomi-eiaret, TR. : rub with pumice. 

ap=p6neret = apporre. -ponimentot, 
M., -ponizionet, P.: addition (supple 
ment). H=p6rre, IRR. ; TR. : put; affix; 
impute (attribute); object; blame; REPL.: 
guess (conjecture). 

ap-portare, TR.: bring; cause; an- 
nouncet; allegef. -portatore, M., -por- 
tatriee, P. : bringer. 

ap - positamente, ADV.: on purpose; 
appositely!, -positivof, -positiziof, 
ADJ.: put on (fictitious). ||=posito, 
ADJ.: intentional; subjoined!- -posizio- 
ne, F. : addition ; apposition. 

apposolare [posola], TR. : harness ; bur 

ap=posta, ADV. : on purpose (expressly). 
-postamento, M.: lyiig in wait (am 
bush), -postare, TR.: watch or lie in 
wait for. -postatoref, M. : waylayer. 

apposto, PART, of apporre. 

appostol. .f = apostoL . 

appozzare [pozza], TR. : make pools of ; 
REPL. : fill with water. 

appra-timento, M.: making into a 
meadow. ||-tire [prato], TR.: make a 
meadow of. 

appregiaref = apprezzare. 

appren-dente, ADJ.: learning; M.: learn 
er; apprentice. Happren-dere [L. ad- 
prehendere, seize], IRR. (cf. prendere): 
TR.: learn (Eng.f apprehend); seizef; ap- 
prehendf; RBPL.t: hold to; take root: 

approssimazione 35 

kindle, -de vole, ADJ.: that may be 
learned, -dimento, M. : learning; ap- 
prehensionf. -dista, pi. -disti, M. : ap 
prentice. -siMlef, ADJ.: conceivable. 
-sione, p.: apprehension, -sionire, 
REPL.: apprehend, -sivaf, P.: faculty ' 
of conception, -sivo, ADJ. : apprehensive 

appresemtaref, TR. : represent (show) ; 
REFL. : appear. 

appreso, PART, of apprendere. | 

ap-pressamento, M. : approach, -pres- 
sare, TR. : put or draw near; REPL.: 
approach. H=presso, ADV. : near (hard 
by); almost (nearly); a little later (soon); 
afterwards: I' anno , the following 
year ; a poco, about ; poco , soon af 
terwards ; cAe, after that (since). 

appre -, M . : preparation. 
|| -stare [presto], TR. : make ready (pre 
pare); provide; REFL.: prepare one's 
self (get ready), -stato, ADJ.: prepared 
(ready), appre-stof, ADJ.: prepared; 
M. : preparation. 

apprezia. .f = apprezza. . 

apprez-zabile, ADJ. : appreciable ; val 
uable, -zameuto, M. : appreciation; 
estimate. |l-zare [pregio], TR. : appre 
ciate ; value (rate), -zativof , ADJ. : to 
be appreciated (commendable), -zatore, 
M. : valuer (appraiser). 

approb. .f = approv. . 

ap-pro-e-eiare [L.propius, nearer], REPL.: 
approachf ; make approaches to (a fort). 
-pro-e-cio, M.: (besieger's) advanced work 

ap-prodare [proda], INTR. : come to 
shore (land); profit; (agr.) bank; border 
(with vines). 

approfittare [profitto], INTR. : profit. 

appro fon-damento, -dixnezito, M. : 
deepening; investigation, jl-dare [fon- 
do], TR. : deepen ; go deep(er) into (exam 
ine thoroughly, investigate). 

approntare [pronto], TR. : prepare well, 

appro-piamento, M. : adaptation ; ap 
propriation. H-p(r)iare [prop(r)io],TR.: 
apply properly or fitly (adapt); comparef; 
applyf; imitatef; REFL.: appropriate; 
appro achf. -piatamente, ADV. : with 
propriety; conveniently, -piato, ADJ.: 
adapted; convenient (suitable), -pia- 
zione, p. : adaptation ; appropriation. 

appropino^naTef , TR. : approach. 

approposito = a proposito. 

appropria. .f = appropia. . 

approssi-mamento, M. : approach. 
j| -mare [prossimo], TR.: approach; 
REPL. : approach (draw near), -mativa- 
snente, ADV.: approximative^, -ma- 
tivo, ADJ.: approximate, -mazione, 
F. : approach ; approximation* 

36 approvabiie 

appro-vabil, ADJ. : approvable. -va- 
gionef = -vazione. -vaxnentof, M., 
-Vauza, P. : approbation. ||-vare [L. 
probare, deem good], TE. : approve ; con- 
firm, -vatameate, ADV. : with approv 
al, -vatore, M. : approver, -vazioa, 
p.: approbation. 

approve-e-e^aref, INTR. : profit. 

approwigio. . = approvisio. . 

upprowlsio-iiaiiaejito, M. : provision 
ing; supply. H-nare [provisioned TR. : 
provision (supply). 

apptm-tamente, ADV. : precisely, -ta- 
mento, M. : appointment (stipulation, 
agreement); pay (Eng.t appointment). 
H-tare [punta], TR. : point (sharpen) ; 
point (direct the point of) ; direct ; set ; 
fix; stitch (together); jot down (note); 
blame (reprove), -tatina, F. : four dots, 
-tato, ADJ.: pointed, sharp; stitched; 
noted ; formal, -tatora, P., -tatore, M., 
-tatrice, P.: pointer; stitcher; censurer. 
-tatnra, F. : pointing ; marking ; cen 
sure, -tellare [puntello], TR. : prop 
(support). -tin.o, M. : brief note; prom 
issory note; receipt ; ADJ.: quick in repar 
tee '(ready); ADV.: with precision (exactly, 
just in time), appim-to, M.: brief note 
(record or sketch) ; cheque ; censure ; 
ADV. : precisely (exactly) ; yes, indeed ; 
but just, hardly: per I' , yes, indeed; 
surely ; hardly ; mettersi in , get ready. 

appurare [puro], TR : purify (cleanse). 

appuz-zamento, M. : stench. H-zare 
Ipuzzo], TR.: fill with an offensive smell or 
stench (infect). 

apr-ente, ADJ. : opening, -ico, ADJ. 
open to the sunlight (sunny); luminous 
fond of the sunlight, -ilaute, ADJ. 
(pop.) of April, -ile, M.: April, -inien- 
tof, M. : opening. ||-ire [L. a-perire 
(par ere, produce)], IRR. ; TR.: open (open 
up; disclose; discover; RBPL.: open (burst 
open); expand, -itivof, ADJ.: opening 
(aperient), -itof = aperto. -itore, M., 
-itriee, p. : opener; housekeeper; box- 
keeper, -itiira, F.: opening; disclosure. 

Pres. Apro, etc. Pret. apt-rsi or aprii } ap^r- 
se or a-pri; apirsero or aprirono. Part, aptirto. 

apside [Gr. dpsis, arch], F. : apsis. 

aqii-a. .f = aequa. . -ario [L. -rius], 
M.: (astr.) Aquarius ; aquarium, -e. .t = 
acque, . 

a^ni-la [L.], M. : EAGLE. -legia, F. : 
ranunculus, -lifero, ADJ. : eagle-bear 
ing, -lino, ADJ. : aquiline (of an eagle ; 
hooked), -lonare, ADJ.: northerly. -16- 
ne, M.: north wind; Eng.f aquilon. -lot 
to, M. : young eagle (eaglet). 

aquo. . = aequo. . 

ara [LJ, F. : small altar. 

a-ralbesco, ADJ.: Arabian; M. : ara- 


besque. H-ral&ico [Arabia], pi. -rabici, 
ADJ.: Arabic. 

arabile [arare], ADJ. : arable. 

arabo, ADJ. : Arabian (Arabic). 

ara-f/naf, -{/not = ragna, ragno. 

aral-do, or-da [OGer. heri-walto, army- 
servant], M. : herald, aral-dioo, ADJ. : 

aramento [arare], M. : ploughing (culti 

aran-cta, F. : orange, -eiata, F. : or 
angeade (lemonade), -eiato, ADJ. : or 
ange-coloured ; M. : orangery. -e(i)era, 
F. : store-room for oranges, -eina, F. : 
little orange, -cimo, M. : small orange- 
tree. Haram-cio [? fr. Pers.], M. : or 
ange-tree, -eione, ADJ, : orange-col 
oured ; M. : orange-colour. 

ara-re [L.], TR. : plough (cultivate), -ti- 
(v)o, ADJ. : cultivable, ara-tolo, M. : 
(vulff.) plough, -tor, M. : ploughman ; 
husbandman ; ADJ. : ploughing, -torio, 
ADJ. : agricultural, ara-tro, M. : plough. 
-tiara, F. : ploughing (tillage). 

araz-zeria, F.: tapestry-wares, -ziere, 
M. : tapestry - maker ; tapestry - seller, 
llaraz-zo [Arras, French city], M. : tap 
estry (hangings). 

arbiatrof = laberinto. 

arbi-tra, F. : arbitress. -traggio, M. : 
arbitration, -tramte, ADJ. : arbitrating ; 
M. : arbitrator, -trare, INTR. : arbitrate 
(decide) ; REFL. : make up one's mind. 
-trariaznente, ADV.: arbitrarily, -tra- 
rio, ADJ. : arbitrary, -trato, PART, of 
-trare; M. : arbitration (arbitrage); re 
form commission, -tratore, M. : arbi 
trator (umpire), arbi-trio, M. : free 
will; absolute power; arbitrary act (ar 
bitrament, pleasure). ||arbi-tro [L. 
-ter], M. : arbiter (arbitrator). 

ar-boratof, ADJ. : woody. Harbo-ref 
[L. -r], M. : tree (=albero). -boreo, 
ADJ.: arboreous, -bores-eente, ADJ.: 
arborescent, -boretof, M. : grove, -bo- 
rizzato, ADJ.: arborized. -boroso, 
ADJ.: woody, -boscello, M., -boscellaf, 
F. : shrub, -bustimof, M. : wild wine, 
-biasto, M. : shrub, -'butof, M.: arbute. 

arc- [Gr. archi-, chief, first, old], PREF. : 

area [L.], p. : cask or tomb (of stone) ; 
ARK; bierf; boxf; treasure. 

ar-cade [Arcadia], ADJ. or M.: Arcadian. 
-cadico, pi. -cadici, ADJ.: Arcadic; 
tender; simple. 

arcadoref, M. : ARCHER. 

arca-ico [Gr. -ik6s~\, ADJ. : archaic. 
-ismo, M. : archaism. 

arcal [-ca], M.: arch (of a doorway); arc- 

arcamef = carcdme. 


arcanamemte [arcano], ADV.: myste 
riously (secretly). 

arc=angelo, -amgiolo, M. : archangel. 

arcane* [L. -nus (area, chest)], M. : arca 
num (mystery); ADJ.: hidden (secret). 

ar-caref [-co], TR. : dart, shoot (an ar 
row); ARCH; cheat, -cata, p.: arch ; touch 
with the fiddle-bow; bow-shotf (distance); 
intervalf. -cato, ADJ. : arched (curved). 
-catore, M. : archer (bowman); cheat. 

arc=avola, F. : great-great-grandmother. 
-avolo, M. : great-great-grandfather. 

ar-ee [L.], p. : fort. 

a,rc7i-eggiaref , TR. : arch (bend). 

arc7ieo*logia [Gr. archaws, old, logos, 
discourse], p.: archeology, -logicamen- 
te, ADV.: archeologically. -logic o, ADJ.: 
archeologic(al). arcTted-logb, M. : ar- 

arc/ietipo [Gr. arche-, chief, ttipos, 
stamp], M. : archetype. 

ar-c7tettino, -c/tetto [arco], M. : small 
arch; bird-pole (to catch birds); trick; 

arc7*l- [Gr. archi-, chief, first], PREF. : 
archi- : for words not found under archi-, 
cf. arci-. 

arc7tiaciLto [arco, acuto], ADJ.: with a 
pointed or Gothic arch. 

arc7iiatro [Gr. archi-, chief, iatros, phy 
sician], M. : archiater. 

arc7ii!mgi. . = archibus. . 

arc7ii-"bnsaref, TR. : shoot, -"bnsata, 
P.: arquebuse-shot; gun-shot, -"busier af, 
P.: loop-hole, -frnsiere, M. : arquebusier. 
H-Tsuso [?], arquebuse. 

arcM=diacono = arcidiacono. 

arcM=giimasio, M. : first university (so 
called in Rome and Boulogne). 

arc7ii=mandrita, M. : archimandrite. 

arcMmf. . = alchim. . 

arcM=pexidolo or=penzolo, M.: plum 

arcM-tetta, F. : architect ; architect's 
wife, -tettare, TR. : build (construct) ; 
contrive. ||-tetto [Gr. archi-, chief, 
tekton, workman], M. : architect, -tet- 
tonicam.en.te, ADV.: architectonically. 
-tettonico, ADJ.: architectonic(al). -tet- 
tomef = -tetto. -tettdra, F.: architec 

arcM=tra-ve, M.: architrave, -vata, P.: 
arrangement of architraves, -vato, ADJ. : 
architraved. -vatura, P.: placing of 
architraves ; architraves (collect.) 

arc7ti-viabile s ADJ. : to be (or that may 
be) registered, -viare, TR. : register 
(record), -viatiira , -viaziome, P. : 
registration. ||arc7ti-vio [L. ~vum], M. : 
archive (record office), -vista, pi. -visti, 
M. : archivist (recorder). 

ar-ei-, PREP. = archi-: = "hello, very 

arem 37 

beautiful. =1ieuissiz!io, ADJ.: exceed 
ingly well. ="briccone, M. : scoun 
drel. ="fonffone,M.: archfool. =diacomo, 
M. : archdeacon, -dmca, M. : archduke, 
-dmcale, ADJ.: archducal. -ducato, 
M. : archdukedom. -dmcT^essa, P. : arch 

ar-eiere [arco], M. : archer. 

ar-ei=fanfano, M. : great boaster (swag 

r-'Ci^iiameate, ADV.: gniffly. ~i- 
f/^ezza, gruffness (crossness). 
[?], ADJ. : gruff (grouty, harsh). 

ar-ei=mastro, M. : head-master. 

ar<eione [arco], M. : saddle-bow. 

ar-eipelago [Gr. aigio-pelago, 
Sea], M. : archipelago. 

ar-ei=prete, M.: archpriest. -pret-ora, 
p. : office of archpriest ; archpresbytery 

ar-ei=spedale, M. : chief hospital. 

ar-ei-vescovado, M. : archbishop's resi 
dence, -vescovile, -vescovalef , ADJ. : 
archiepiscopal. -vescovato, M.: arch- 
bishopry, ||=vescovo, M. : archbishop. 

arco [L. -cus], M. : arc(h); bow (the weap 
on); fiddle-bow; eyebrow: e0/ J deWosso 
o della schiena, with all force or energy; 
ad , like an arch. =baino, M. : rain 
bow. =lsalestro, M., =l>alista, F. : ar- 

arcolaio [?], M. : reel, winder ; phantast ; 
jugglerf : PL. : whims (castles in the air). 

ar-coH-eellof, dim. of arco. -come, M.: 
great bow. 

arconte [Gr. drchon, ruler], M. : archon. 

ar-cuato [arco], ADJ.: curved (bent). 
-c-d-c-cio, M. : cradle tester. 

ar-dente, ADJ. : burning (ardent, passion 
ate), -demtemente, ADV. : ardently. 
-denza, p.: ardour; heat; burning de 
sire. Har-dere [L.], ntB. ; INTR.: bum. 
Pret. drstj -se; -sera. Part. drs0. 

ardesiaf, P. : slate. 

ardir/Kone [Fr.: harde, stick], M.: tongue 
of a buckle. 

ardi-mento, M. : boldness (impudence). 
-memtoso, ADJ.: bold (impudent), -men* 
tosamente, ADV. : boldly. IJardi-re 
[OGer. hardi, HARD], INTR. : be bold (dare, 
venture); M. : boldness (daring) ; impu 
dence, -tamemte, ADV. : boldly, -tello, 
ADJ. : rather bold, -tezza, F. : boldness 
(daring) ; HARDihood, impudence, ardi- 
to, ADJ. : bold (daring). 

ardore [L. -dor], M. : ardour (fervour); 
passionate desire. 

ar-dnamente, ADJ.: arduously, -dni- 
taf, P. : arduousness. liar-duo [L. or- 
duus, steep], ADJ. : arduous (difficult). 

ard-draf = arsura. 
area [L.], F. : area. 
arem [fr. Ar.], M. : harem. 

38 arena 

are-ma [L.], P. : sand ; arena (amphithea- 
tre); shoref; landf. -maeeo, ADV.: 
sandy, -aario, ADJ. : sandy ; M. : sand 
stone ; PL. gladiators : grotto, a, cata 
comb, -nosita, F. : sandiness. -n.6so, 
ADJ.: sandy. 

aremtet, ADJ. : arid (dry). 

areola [area], F. : small area (spot). 

areo. .f = aero. . 

areo-pagita, M. : areopagite. |J-pago 
[Gr. -pag'os], M. : areopagus. 

arfa-sattello, -satto [?], M.: vulgar 
thing or fellow. 

arganello, dim. of -gano. argano [?], 
M. : lever (windlass, capstan). 

argen-taiof = -Here, -talef = -tino. 
-taref, TK. : silver (plate with silver). 
-tato, ADJ.: silvered (plated with silver); 
silvery, -tatoref, M. : one that silvers 
over, argen-teo, ADJ. : silvery, -teria, 
silver-plate, -tiera, P.: silver -mine. 
-tier, M. : silver-smith, -tifera, P.: 
silver-mine, -tifero, ADJ. : argentifer 
ous, -tino, ADJ. : silver-coloured (sil 
very). Hargen-to [L.-tum], M.: silver; 
moneyf : 'vivo, quicksilver (mercury). 

argiryK. .f = argill. . 

argil-la [L.], p.: argil (potter's clay). 
-1'a-eeo, ADJ.: argillaceous, -loso, ADJ.: 

argi-nale, M. : long dam or causeway. 
-namento, M. : embankment, -nare, 
TR. : build (an embankment or causeway). 
-natura, p.: embankment. ||argi-ne 
[L. ag-ger (ad, gerere, bring), heap], M. : 
embankment (bank, causeway) ; barrier. 
-3i ell o, -netto, -nino, dim. of -ne. 
-none, aug. of -ne. 

argogrli. . = inorgogli. . 

argomen-ta/bile, ADJ. : subject to argu 
ment (debatable), -ta-e-eio, M. : bad ar 
gument, -tare, INTE. : argue (reason); 
conclude")*; REFL.f : strive, -tatore, M. : 
arguer (reasoner). -tazione, p. : argu 
mentation. ||argomen-to [L. 'turn], M. : 
argument; proof; subject (plot), -tosof, 
ADJ. : persuasive. 

argonauta [Gr. -tes], M. : (myth.) argo 
naut ; (zool.) -ta. 

argu-ire [L. -ere], INTR.: argue (infer, 
conclude) ; reprimand.f -meat. . = ar- 
goment. . 

argu-tamente,ADV. : ingeniously, -tez- 
za, p. : subtlety (finesse, witty conceit). 
Ijargii-to [L. -tus (-ere, argue)], ADJ. : 
sharp-witted (subtle, ingenious), argu- 
zia, P. : qu'sk-wittedness; subtility; wit 

aria [L. aer, AIR.], P. : AIR (atmosphere) ; 
mien (style); (mus.) aria (air, song): colpo 
d' , cold (catarrh) ; non esser , be in 
opportune ; darsi , put on airs (pre- 


tend); fare , clear; aver I 1 di, look 
like ; a , at about. 

ari-damemte, ADV. : dryly, -dezza, P. : 
aridity. ||ari-do [L. -dus (arere, dry)l 
ADJ. : arid (dry). 

arieggiare [aria], INTR. : resemble 

arieii" ,f = argent. . 

ar-ietare, TR. : batter (ram). ||iete [L 
aries], M. : ram ; battering-ram ; aries. 

arietta [aria], P. : arietta (short aria). 

arimm. . = aritm. . 

aringa [OGer. harinc], P. : HERRING. 

arimgf. . = arring. . 

ariolof, M. : diviner. 

arioso [aria], ADJ. : airy. 

arisinf. . = aritm. . 

arista [L.], P. : chine of pork. 

ari-stat = resta. 

aristaroo [Aristarchus],u.: severe critic. 

aristo - cratico, aristo - crate, ADJ.; 
aristocratic (al). ||-crazia [Gr. dristos, 
best, kratein, rule], r. : aristocracy. 

arit-metica LUr.-mos, number], p.: arith 
metic, -xneticamente, ADV.: arith 
metically, -xnetico, ADJ.: arithmetic- 
(al); M.: arithmetician. 

arleo-cMnata, P.: buffoonery, -chi- 
nesoo, ADJ. : buffoon. H-c/ilno [?], M.: 
harleqaiu (buffoon). 

arlottof, M. : stupid fool. 

arniaf = arme. -collof, ADV. : ad , 
over the shoulder ; across. 

armad. .f == armat. . 

armadietto, M. : small clothes-press. 
Harma-dio [L. -rium (arma, weapon)], 
M. : clothes - press, -dione , M. : large 

armadillo [Sp.j, M. : (zool) armadillo. 

ar-mai(u)61o, M. : armorer; gunsmith. 

- mamentariof, M. : surgical instru 
ments, -mamento, M. : armament. 
-mare, TR. : arm (equip), -mario = 
-madio. -mata, p.: armament (military 
forces, land and uaval) ; force, troop; 
(rare) army; navy (fleet): di mare, 
fleet ; di terra, army, -inatamente, 
ADV. : with arms, -matella, P. : small 
fleet, -mat ore, M.: equipper (of ships); 
privateer, -matura, p.: armour (breast 
plate) ; armament ; framework, timber- 
work. Har-me [L. -ma], P. : arm (weapon); 
armour: Manca, bare weapon; corta, 

* short weapon' (dagger, pistol, etc.); 
dafuoco, fire-arm ; d'asta, spear, lance; 
mso dell' , sullen look; far d' , fight. 
-meggeriaf, p.: tournament (joust). 
-meggevole, ADJ.: fighting, -nieg- 
giamento, -megg/are, INTR.: wield 
weaponf ; fightf; jou'stf; fumble ; be con 
fused; be puzzled, puzzle one's self. 
-meggfatore, M.: fighterf; tilterf; agi 
tator! * -meggio, M : agitation ; brawl, 


-meggfome, M., -meggiona, P.: 

body "(meddling fellow)." * 

armellinat* -nof = ermellino. 

ar - memtariof , ADJ.: of cattle, M. : 
herdsman. Ij-memto [L. -mentum], M. : 
herd of cattle. 

ar-meria [arme], p.: armory (arsenal). 
-xnigero, ADJ. : warlike. 

armil-la [armo], p.: bracelet (armlet, 
armilla). -lare, ADJ. : armillary. 

armistizio [1. L. -stitium], M.: armistice. 

armof [L. -mus], M. : shoulder. 

armo-nia [Gr. harmoma], p. : harmony. 
-mialet = -nico. armo-nica, p.: har 
monica, -nicamente, ADV.: harmonious 
ly. arm.6 - nico , ADJ.: harmoni(cal) ; 
harmonious, -niosamente, ADV. : har 
moniously, -nioso , ADJ. : harmonious. 
-nizzamento, M. : harmonizing, -niz- 
zare, TR. : harmonize ; accord. 

axnnorae^iof, M. : horse-radish. 

arnese [Eng. harness], M. : HARNESS 
(armourf; gear); implement (utensil); ap 
paratus ; vestment, dress ; baggage|; bad 
fellow : male in , poorly attired. 

ar-nia [?], p.: bee-hive, -niaio, M. : 
place for bee-hives. 

arnica [?], p. : (pharm.) arnica. 

arnione [L. remo],M.: kidney; PL.: REINS. 

aro [area], M.: ARE (100 square meters). 

aro-ma [Gr.], P.: aroma, -matariot, 
M. : seller of aromas (druggist), -mati- 
cfoezgat, -mati-eitaf, P.: aromatic 
quality (fragrance), -matico, ADJ.: aro 
matic; spicyt; extravagantf; M.: aromaf 
(perfume), -matizzare, TR.: aromatize 
(perfume), -matofj ADJ.: aromatic; M.: 

arpa [O.Ger. harpha], P.: HARP. 

arpa - gon&ref, TR. : harpoon; -grapple, 
ll-gonef, M.: harpoon. 

arpeg-giamento, M. : harping. |[-gia- 
re [arpa], INTR.: play on the harp; h'arp. 
arpeg - gio, M. : harping ; arpeggio. 

arpese [L. harpa t hook], M.: crampiron. 

arpia [L. harpy a], M.: harpy; miser. 

arpicare [Fr. harpe, olaw (Gr., sickle)], 
TR. : climb up. 

arpicordo, M.: harpsichord. 

arpione [L. harpa, hook], M. : hinge; 

arpista, M.: harpist (harper). 

arra [L. harra], P. : earnest-money. 

arrabattare [? Ger. arbeiten, work], 
REPL.: work hard (strive). 

arraVb lament o, M.: madness. 11 -Ma 
re [rablna], INTR.: be infected with 
rabies; be mad or furious; be much 
troubled ; REFL. : get troubled or vexed : 
dalla fame, die of hunger; starve; 
dalla sete, die of thirst. -Matamente, 
ADV. : madly. -"biateUo, ADJ. : vexed 

arri-e-eiaxnemto 3J? 

(irate). -Mato, ADJ.: seized with rabies 
(mad, furious); too salt; in a hurry; 

arraff(i)are [raffio], IE.: snatch; grapple. 

arrama-e-eiareft TR. : drive in a sledge. 

arrampieare [rampare], REPL.: climb 

arrancare [ranca], INTR.: hobble along; 
row with full speedf. 

arran-eidiref, INTR. : become rancid. 

arrandeIlare[ra?ideZZ0],TR.: fling away; 
(beat down) ; sell cheap ; tighten (with a 

arrangolaret, INTR.: fret; be uneasy; 
be angry. 

arrantolatof, ADJ.: hoarse; rough. 

arrapi-nare [rapina], REPL.: toil hard 
(strive), -nato, ADJ.: passionate ; eager. 

arrappa-ref = arraffare. -toref , M. : 

arrasparef = raspare. 

arrataf = arra. 

ar=recare, TR. : bring; cause; reducef ; 
attributef; allegef. 

ar-redare, TR.: ornament; furnish. ||-re- 
do [?], M. : ornament ; equipmentf. 

arrem-lmggto, M.: boarding (a ship). 
II -"bare [Gf.Hem&em, wrench], INTR.: be 
boarded, -"bate, ADJ.: boarded; jaded. 
-batiira, p. : boarding. 

arre - namento, M. : running aground 
(stranding). H-nare [rena], INTR. : run 
aground or ashore (strand) ; fail., M. : lease, -datoref, 
M. : renter. ||ar=rexx.dere, IRR. ; REFL. : 
surrender (give up ; yield) ; comply, -de 
voir, ADJ. : yielding ; flexible (supple) ; 
docile. -devolezza, P.: flexibility; 
docility, -devolmente, ADV. : pliantly ; 
submissively, -dimentof, M. : yielding 

arrequiaref = requiare. 

arreso, PART, of arrendere. 

arre=stamemtot, M. : arresting (arrest). 
II -stare [resta], TR.: arrest; seize (catch); 
REPL. : stop ; restrain one's self, -sta- 
zionet, P., arre-sto, M. : arrest. 

arre-tare, -tioaref [rete], TR. : catch in 
a net (ensnare). 

arre-trare [retro], TR. : hold back 
(check) ; REPL. : go back (recoil), -tra- 
to, ADJ. : drawn back ; checked ; left be 
hind; unpaid; M. : arrears. 

arrettiziof, ADJ. : possessed (by demons). 

arrezzaref, TR. : shade (screen). 

arri or arri la [?], INTERJ. : get up ! (to 

arric-cMmento, M. : enrichment ; or 
namentation. H-c7tire [ricco], TR. : en 
rich ; ornament ; INTR., REFL. : become 
rich ; be enriched (be adorned). 

arrie-eiazaento, M.: frizzle; shiver; 



horror (fright). H-e-iar [riccio], TE. : 
bristle or curl up (put on end) ; frizzle : 
il musot, get furious; un muro, 
rough-cast a wall, -eiatiira, F. : bris 
tling; curling; rough-cast. arri-e-oio, 
M. : rough-cast wall., M.: 
curling; curls, -eioiare [riccioZo], TE.: 
curl, -eiolato, ADJ.: curled; curly. 
-eiolin. .f = -tioL . 

arricorda. .f = ricorda. . 

ar=rider, IEE. ; TE. : smile upon (favour). 

arriffaref, TE. : raffle ; stake. 

arrin-ga [OGer. hring, EING], P. : HA- 
EANGTIE (public oration) ; pleading, -ga- 
mexito, M.: (jest.) harangue (long speech). 
-gare, TE. : harangue ; plead before. 
-gatort, M. : haranguer. -g/teriaf, 
P.: harangue (pleading), arrin-go, M.: 
lists; barf : difender V f, accept a chal 

arriparef, INTE. : land. 

arris - c 7? i ante, ADJ.: risking (ventur 
ous). \\-chi&ro [rischio], TE., EEFL.: 
risk (hazard; venture), -cMatamerate, 
ADV. : hazardously ; daringly. -c7iiato, 
ADJ.: risked; risky (hazardous; venture 
some), -c hie volet, ADJ. : venturesome 
(rash), arris-cfciof = rischio. 

arri-si, PEET., -so, PAET. of arridere. 

arrisic. . = arrischi. . 

arrissaref, INTE. : wrangle (quarrel). 

arristia. . (vulg.) = arrischia. . 

arri - f == -vo. H-var [L. 
ad ripam, 'to the shore'], INTE.: come 
ashoref ; arrive ; come to the end ; reach|; 
suffice ; succeed ; hit ; TE. : join ; overtake ; 
equal : bene, succeed well ; be well re 
ceived ; non ci -vo, 1 cannot reach it ; it 
is beyond me. -vato, PAET. : arrived, 
etc. : ben , welcome ! arri-vo, M. : 

arrizzaref = rizzare. 

arrolblnaret, TE. : dye with madder. 

arrocaref , INTE. : grow hoarse. 

arroccare [rocca], INTE. : castle (at 

arroccfciare [roccMo],TR. : cut to pieces ; 
cobble ; botch. 

arrocfcire [roco], TE. : make hoarse, 

arro-ganta-e-eio, ADJ. : very arrogant ; 
M. : arrogant fool. -gantart, TE. : 
treat with arrogance, -gante, ADJ. : 
arrogant ; M. : arrogant fellow, -gante- 
mente, ADV. : arrogantly, -gamtone, 
ADJ. : very arrogant, -ganza, P. : arro 
gance. 11 -gar [rogare], TR. : adopt; 
EEPL. : arrogate; claim (assume), -ga- 
ziorne, F.: adoption, arro-gere, IEE. ; 
TE. : join (add, give to boot), -gianen- 
tof, M. : addition. 

arro-laxnento, M. : enrolment. H-laref 
[r(u)olo] f TE. : enroll (enlist, register). 


arro2iiprt = rompere, 

arroncaref, TE. : weed (root out), 

arron-eigliar [ronciglio], TE. : grapple; 
EEFL. : writhe (twist). 

arros-sameiito, M. : making or turning 
red. ||-sare [rosso], TE. : make red; 
INTE. : turn red. -simento, M. : blush- 
(ing). -sir, INTE. : turn red ; blush. 

arrostaret [rosta], TE. : fan away (flies); 
fan ; agitate ; twist. 

arro-stimentof, M. : roasting, -stire* 
TE. : roast ; toast ; cheat : manzo -stito, 
roast-beef. Harro-sto [OGer. rost, grid 
iron], M. : roast meatf ; blunder. 

arro-taf [-to], F. : addition; overplus: 
per , in addition, moreover. 

arro-tamento, M. : whetting, -tante. 
ADJ. : whetting ; whetter (knife-grinder) ; 
whetstonef. || -tar [rota], TE. : grind 
(on a grindstone), whet (sharpen) ; smooth; 
grind; murmur; rack (stretch on the 
wheel) ; EEFL. : strain one's self (strive) ; 
clash by the wheels (of carriages), -tato, 
PAET. : ground, etc. ; dappled, -tat&ra, 
F. : grinding (whetting ; smoothing), -ti- 
no, M. : knife-grinder. 

arroto, PAET. of arrogere; M. : aid; ad 

arrotolar [rotolo] t TE. : make a roll of 

arrovel-lare [rovello], TE. : make an 
gry (infuriate) ; EEFL. : get angry, -la- 
tamente, ADV.: furiously, -lato, ADJ.: 
angered (furious). 

arr oven-tare [rovente], TE. : make red- 
hot, -tatura, F. : heating red ; glow. 
-tixnento, M. : getting red-hot, -tire, 
TE. : make red-hot (us'ly -tare), INTE.: 
grow red-hot, -tito, ADJ.: red-hot (glow 

arrove-sciameiito, M. : overthrow. 
||-seiar [rovesciare], TE. : turn upside 
down or about, overthrow; EEFL.: get up 
set ; turn the wrong way, take a bad turn. 
-sciatura, F. : overthrow, arrove- 
scio or a rovescio1[, ADV. : on the wrong- 
side, contrary to expectation, contrari- 
ously, badly. 

arrozzire [rozzo], INTE. : become rough ; 
TR. : make rough. 

arrubinare [rubino], TE. : redden, RUBY. 

arruf-fare [ruffa], TE. : dishevel, ruffle. 
-fataanente, ADV. : in a ruffled or dis 
orderly way. -fato, ADJ. : dishevelled 
(disorderly), -fio, M. : great disorder. 
-fona, F., -fone, M. : great disturber. 

arruggmire [ruggine], INTR. : grow rus 
ty ; rust (of iron, plants or grain) ; be set 
on edge (of teeth). 

arruol. ,f, arrnot. . = arrol, ., arr ok . 

arruvidire [ruvido], TE. : make rough; 
INTE., EEFL. : grow rough. 


arsenal [darsena], M, : arsenal. 

arseni-cale, ADJ. : arsenic(al). -cato, 
ADJ. : arsenicated (arsenic). 

arseni-co [L. -cum], M. : arsenic. 

arsi i [Gr. -sis], M. : arsis. 

ar-si 2, PRET. of -dere. -sifoilef, ADJ. : 
combustible, -sie-eiaref, TE. : scorch. 
-sie-eio, ADJ. : scorched, -sione, F. : 
conflagration. j|-so, PART, of ardere: \ 
burnt, -sii.ra, F. : burning heat ; smart. 

artare [L.], TR. : constrain (force), ta- ' 
xnente, ADV. : with constraint (art- ' 

ar-te [L. ars], F. : art ; skill ; artifice 
(cunning): ad , on purpose. -te=at- 
to, ADJ. : artificial, -tefi-ee, M. : artifi 
cer, artisan (mechanic), -tefreellof, 
disp. of -tefice -tefreiatof, ADJ. : arti 
ficial; fictitious, -tefi-eiof = artifizio. 
-tggia*t INTR. : use artifice. 

arte-ria [GrJ, F.: artery, -riale, ADJ.: 
arterial, -rioso, ADJ. : arterial. 

artesiano [Artois, in France], ADJ. : ar 

artet. .f = artrit. . 

artezzat, F. : narrowness ; want. 

arti-eellaf, F. : small art ; poor trade. 

artico [Gr. arktikos (drktos, bear)], ADJ. : 

artico-larei, TR. : articulate (joint ; ut 
ter); pronounce, -lares, ADJ.: articular, 
-lataznemte, ADV.: articularly (jointly). 
-lato, ADJ.: articulated, etc.; contracted 
(like a il to al, etc.); M. : series of (legal) 
articles; articulate, -lazione, p.: ar 
ticulation, -lista, pl.-fo"sta,M.: author of 
articles (writer). ||artieo-lo [L. arti- 
culus (artus, member)], M. : article: 
difondo, leading article (leader). 

arti-ere [arte], M. : artisan (mechanic). 
-fi-eiale, ADJ. : artificial. -fi<sialmen- 
te, ADV. : artificially, -eiato, ADJ. : ar 
tificial, -fi-eio, M. : artifice (cunning). 
-fi-eiosamemte, ADV.: artfully (cun 
ningly), -fi-ciosita, F. : artifice (cun 
ning), -fi-cioso, ADJ. : artificial ; artful 
(cunning, crafty, astute), -fizi. . = -fid. . 
(z more common in -fizio, -fiziato). -gia- 
nello, disp. of -giano. -giamo,* M.: 
artisan (mechanic) ; ADJ. : of* an artisan 
or mechanic (workman). 
arti01iart, TR. : seize with the claws. 

artir|ie-re [arte], M.: artilleryman (gun 
ner), -ria, F. : artillery, -rof = -re. 
arti-gflio [L. articulus, joint], M. : claw 

(talon)] clutch. -^rHoso, ADJ. : clawed. 
artimonet, M. : mizzen-sail. 
ar-tista, pi. -tisti [-te], M. : artist, -ti- 
stica3nente, ADV.: artistically, -tisti- 
co, ADJ. : artistic(al). 
arto i [L- -fas], M. : joint. 
artof 2. ADJ. : narrow (cramped). 

ascingatiira 41 

ar-tritico, ADJ.: arthritic(al). H-ti-i- 
t(id)e [Gr. drthron, joint], F. : arthritis 
(gout). [Gr. Arkt-ouros, * bear-ward'], 
M. : Arcturus ; (poet.) Great Bear. 

arii-spi-ee [L. haru-spex, t entrail-observ- 
er'], M.: aruspex (augur, soothsayer). 
-spi-eiof, M. : augury, -spi-eina, F. : 
augur's art (aruspicy). 

arzan. .f = arsen. . 

arzente = ardente. 

arzigo-golante, ADJ. : fanciful (fantas 
tic), -goiare, INTR. : fancy ; be fanci 
ful or fantastic, arzigo-golo [cf. giri- 
gogolo], M. : captious remark ; quibble ; 
sophistry ; deceitful word, -golona, F., 
-golone, M. : cunning fellow. 

arzillo [?], ADJ. : brisk (sprightly); juve 
nile; pungent; tipsy. 

as- [L. abs, for ab, OFF, from ; ads, for ad, 
to], PREF. : abs-, as- ; as-, to, by. 

asbesto [Gr. -tos] f M. : asbestos. 

asce = ascia. 

asoelia [L. axilla], F. : armpit, 

ascen-dentale, ADJ.: ascendant, -den- 
te, ADJ.: ascending; ascendant; M. : as 
cendant (ancestor), -denza, F. : ascent ; 
ancestry. ||ascea-dere [L. (scandere, 
climb)]; IRR. (cf. scendere); TR. : ascend 
(mount) ; amount ; surpassf ; approach. 
-dianentof, M. : ascent, -sion, F. : 
ascent (rising); Ascension (-day), -sio- 
nale, ADJ.: ascensional, ascen-sof, 
M. : ascent, -sore, M. : elevator, lift. 

asce-si, PRET., -so, PART, of ascendere. 
-saf> F. : ascent. 

ascesso [L. abs-cessus, 'OFF-going'], M.: 

a-sceta [Gr. asketes (askein, exercise)], 
M. : ascetic, -scetico, ADJ., M. : ascetic. 
-scetismo, M. : ascetism. 

asc7iio = astio 

a-sc/a [?], F. : AXE : fatto con , roughly 
made; sentenza coW , blind sentence. 
-sciare, TR. : shape with the axe (cut, 
smooth), -sciata, F. : stroke of the axe 
or hatchet ; careless sentence. 

a=scfdf/Keref, IRR.; TR. : dissolve (re 
solve); untie; accomplish (fulfill), -scidl- 
to, PART. =sciolvere, IRR.; TR.: break 
fasting ; breakfast ; M. ; collation (break 

ascissa [L. ab-scissus (seindere, cut)], F. : 

ascitizio [L. sciseere, seek to know], 
ADJ.: adscititious. 

asctn-gagginef, F.: dryness. -ga=ma- 
no, M.: towel, -gamento, M. : wiping; 
dryness. ||-gare [L. ex-suecare (succm, 
juice)], TR.: dry up; wipe away; console; 
rob; INTR.: diy. -gatdio, M.; towel. 
-gattira, F. : drying; wiping, -tta- 



mente, ADV. : dryly, -ttare = -gare. 
-ttezza, F. : dryness. ascin-tto (for 
-gato), ADJ.: dry (arid); lean (emaciated); 
reserved; M.: dryness; dryland, -ttore, 
M. : drought. 

asc61-taf> F. : listening ; sentinel, -ta- 
mentoty M. : hearing (listening), -tan- 
te, ADJ.: listening; M.: listener (auditor). 
|| -tare [L. auscultare (auris, EAR)], TR. : 
listen to, hear ; lend an ear to (attend to, 
heed); auscultate, -tatore, M., -tatri- 
ee, F. : listener (auditor), -tazione, 
listening; auscultation- ascolto, M.: 
hearing; heed, attention: dar (porgere) 
, give heed (attend) ; mettersi in , 
become attentive ; stare in , be listen 
ing (be an eavesdropper). 

a-scondere = nascondere. -soos. . t == 
nascos. . 

a-scrissi, PRBT., -scritto, PART, of -scri- 
vere. =scrivere, IRR.; TR.: ascribe (as 
sign, attribute) ; reckon (number) ; enroll ; 
REFL. : rank one's self : a onore, con 
sent as an honour (be honoured by). 

as-faltico, ADJ. : asphaltic (of asphalt). 
|| -f alto [Gr, dspfialtos], M. : asphalt. 

as-fissia [Gr. a-$phuxfa, ' non-throbbing 7 ], 
F. : asphyxia, -fissiato, ADJ. : asphyx 
iated, -fittico, ADJ.: asphyctic (as- 

asfo-delo, -dillof [Gr. asphodelds], M. : 
asphodel, DAFFODIL. 

asiatico [Ana], ADJ. : Asiatic. 

asilo [Gr. -dsulon, 'in-violable'], M. : asy 

asimaf = asma. 

asi-na, F. : she-ass, -na-e-eio, disp. of 
-no. -naggine, F. : asininity (ignorant 
stupidity).' -naio, M.: ass-driver, -na- 
ref, TR., INTR.: travel on an ass. -nata, 
F. : asinine act ; riding or journey on an 
ass. -nella, F. : young she-ass, -nello, 
M. : little ass (young ass) ; rafter, -ne- 
ria, F. : asininity (stupidity, stupid act or 
words), -nescamente, ADV. : stupidly. 
-neseo, ADJ.: asinine (stupid, dull). 
-netto, M. : little ass. -nino, ADJ. : 
asinine ; stupid ; rude, -nita, F. : asi 
ninity (stupidity); rudeness. Hasi-no 
[L. -nus], M. : ASS (donkey) : salito (or 
bardato), person who has become rich and 
haughty, upstart ; buscar dell 1 , be called 
ignorant ; far come V del pentolaio, do 
as the potter's ass, shut one's self up 
against an approach, -none, M. : great 
ass (blockhead). 

as-ma [Gr. dsthma (dein, blow)], F. : asth 
ma, -ntatico, ADJ. : asthmatic. 

asolare [esalare], INTR. : breathe gently ; 
REFL. : take an airing, asolo, M. : breath 
of air: dare , dry in the air or sun; 
prender , take an airing. 


aspaltof = asfalto. 

asparageto = sparagiaia. 

aspef == aspide. 

asper-aref, TR. : exasperate (provoke)* 
=arteria, F. : windpipe (us'ly trachea). 
-ella, F. : horse-tail (plant). ||-etto 
[aspero], ADJ. : rather harsh. 

a-sper|jere [L. spargere r strew], IRR. ; 
TR. : sprinkle ; besprinkle with holy water. 
-sperges = aspersorio. -spergimet? 
M.: sprinkling; sign, -spergitoref, M.: 

Pret. asp^r-si, -se ; -sero. Part, aspbrso. 

aspe-ritaf, -ritw.din.ef = asprezza. 
aspe-rof = aspro. 

a-spersi, PRET. of -spergere. -spersi6- 
ne, F. : sprinkling (aspersion). IJ-sper- 
so, PART, of -spergere. -spersorio, M. : 
aspergill (holy-water brush). 

aspet-tamentof = -tazione. -tante, 
ADJ. : expecting, etc. ; M. : spectator (by 
stander), -tanzaf = -tativa. ||-tar 
[L. a-spectare (specere, look)], INTR. : ex 
pect (wait for, await) ; look for, (desire) ; 
linger (stay) ; REFL. : appertain, belong : 
a gloria (or a braccia aperte), expect 
or wait contentedly, -tativa, F. : ex 
pectance (hope, expectative) : metier in 
, retire (an officer, etc.) for the time 
being (until possibly called into service 
again), -tatoref, M. : expecter. -tazio- 
ne, F. : expectation, hope (confidence). 
aspet-to, M. : ASPECT (sight) ; air, view ; 

aspi-de [Gr. aspis], -dof, M. : aspic. 

aspi-rante, ADJ. : aspiring, etc. ; M. : 
aspirant (candidate): tromba , suction- 
pump. 1| -rare [L. spirare, breathe], TR : 
breathe ; aspirate (pronounce with a 
breathing) ; aspire to (wish for) ; INTR. : 
(be a candidate), -ratamente, ADV. : 
with aspiration, -rato, ADJ. : breathed ; 
aspirate (d) ; aspired to (desired), -ra- 
zione, F. : aspiration (breathing; aspir 

aspo [OGer. haspa], M. : reel (HASP, spin 

aspor-tare [L. a(b}s-portare~\, TR. : carry 
away (transport); cut away (tumours, 
etc.). -tazione, F.: transportation ; cut 
ting away ; operation. 

a-spramente, ADV. : harshly, -spra- 
mento, M. : difficulty ; fear, -spreg- 
giamento, M. : exasperation, -spreg- 
giare, TR. : exasperate (provoke). 
-spretto,ADJ.: somewhat harsh, -sprez- 
za, F. : asperity ; harshness ; tartness. 
-sprigrnino, ADJ. : tartish : vino , sort 
of white wine, -sprigrno, ADJ. : sharp 
(tart, sourish), -spritaf = -sprezza. 
||a-spro [L. asp&r], ADJ.: harsh (rough, 
sharp ; fierce) ; acrid (sour) : shrill 


assa-e-eia [asse], P. : bad board. 

assaccommannaret, TR. : plunder. 

assaet-tamento, M. : sharp pain; eager 
ness, -tare [saettare], INTR. : give a 
sharp pain ; sting, offend ; suffer ; KEFL. : 
strive eagerly. 

assa [Pers.], or =fetida, p. : assafoetida. 

assag-giameiito, M.: tasting; assay. 
H-giare [a-, saggiare], TR. : taste ; begin 
eating j get a drubbing; test (assay). 
-giatore, M.: taster; assayer. -gia- 
tiaxa, F.: tasting; assaying, assag-gio, 
M.: tasting; assaying. * * 

sss-ai [L. ad, satis, enough], ADV.: 
enough; very, quite (pretty); much; ADJ.: 
much _ (many) _; M.: (pop.) enough; great 
quantity ; weight : piti, much (many) 
more ; per tempo, very early ; volte, 
many times ; parer , seem strange ; 
uomo d' , man of weight, valiant man. 
-aissimo, ADV. : very much (extremely). 

assalef [asse], M. : axle, axle-tree. 

assa-limeiLto, M. : assault. H-lire [sa- 
Zire],iRR. ; TR.: ASSAIL (ASSAULT, attack). 
-litaf, F. : assault, -litor e , M., -litriee, 
F.: assailant (assaulter). -Itabile, ADJ.: 
assailable. -It ante, ADJ.: assailing, M.: 
assailant. -Itare [intens. of -lire], TR.: 
ASSAULT. -Itatore, M. : assailant; as 
saulter, assa-lto, M. : assault (onset). 

Ind.: Pres. as-salisco or -sdlgo, etc. ; ~sa- 
liamo or -salgkidmo, -salite, -saliscono, -sdl- 
gono. Pret. as-salsi or -salii; -salse or -saLi; 
-salsero, -satirono. Subj. : Pres. as-salisca 
or -saiga ; etc. Part, assalito. Poet, forms : 
Pres. Ind. assdglio ; Sub. assdglia. 

assanmaref = azzanare. 

assaperef = sap ere. 

assapo-ramento, M. : tasting; savour. 
|| -rare [sapore], TR. : savour (taste); 
enjoy, -rire, TR. : savour. 

assas-sinamento, M. : assassination. 
-sinare, TR. : assassinate (murder) ; ruin, 
-siuio, M. : assassination. ||-sino [fr. 
Ar., ' drinkers of hashish'], M. : assassin 

assavor. ,f = assapor. . 

assaziaret = saziare. 

asse i pi., axis, axis], F. : board (for build 
ing), plank ; AXLE -tree ; AXIS ; diam 
eter ; hand (of a quadrant) ; lever. 

asse 2 [L. as], M. : small Roman coin ; (leg.) 

assec-caref = seccare. -cTtire [secco], 
INTR. : become dry (dry). 

asseoondare = secondare. 

assecnrarej = assicurare. 

assecut. ,f = eseeut. . 

as=sederet, IRR. ; INTR.: sit down; re 
side ; be ; live ; TR. : seat ; REFL. : sit 
down (be seated), -sediamentot, M. : 
siege, -sediare, TR.: beSIEGE. -sedia- 
tore, M., -sediatriee, F. : 



-sedio, M. : SIEGE ; importunity (teasing): 
largo, blockade. 

asse-^nabile, ADJ. : assignable. -rna- 
mento, M. : assignment ; allowance ; ex 
pectation : far sopra, rely upon. 
Il-Sriaare [L. ad-signare, ^IGN or mark 
out'], TR. : assign, allow (a certain sum, 
etc.) ; determine, fix (a condition, etc.), 
attribute; consignf; allegef; notef; lim- 
itf). -gnatanneate, ADV.: economic 
ally; thriftily, -grnatezza, F. : economy; 
thrift; reservedness. -grnato, ADJ.: 
assigned, etc.; reserved; economical; 
thrifty, -flrmaziome, F.: assignment; al 
lowance ; fixing. asse~0no, M. : assign 
ment; allowance. 

assegai, .f = consegui. . 

assem-Ma. t, -bla. .f = assembra.. 
-blea, P.: assembly (meeting), -"bra- 
grKaf, F. : clash (combat), -"bramen- 
to, M. : assembly (union). H-1jrare [L. 
ad, simul (similis, alike), together], TR., 
REFL.: ASSEMBLE (unite); iNTR-t*. seem; 
resemble ; imitate, -brea = -blea. 

assexnpraref, TR. : copy, 

assen.-n.aret [senno~\, TR. : advise (warn); 
make sensible or prudent, -natameate, 
ADV. : judiciously (wisely), -natezza, 
F. : sense (judgment), -nato, ADJ. : sen 
sible (judicious, prudent), -airef, TR.: 
make sensible ; REFL. : be prudent (act 

as-sensionet, -sense [-sentire], M. : 
assent (approbation, consent). 

as-sentare i [-sente],TR.i absent; remove; 
REFL. : absent one's self (be off). 

ass en - tare 2 -j-., TR. : flatter; INTR. : = 
-tire; sit down, -tatore, M. : flatterer 
(fawner), -tazionef , F. : adulation. 

assente [L. abs-ens, * off-being'], ADJ.: 

assen-timento, M. : assent (consent). 
-tire [L. (sentire, feel)], INTR.: assent 
(consent) ; approve ; feelf ; TR. : inform. 
-tito, ADJ.: assented; judicious (wary): 
andare (or stare) , be all attentive ; he 
upon one's guard, -tof = -*o. 

assenza [assente], F. : absence. 

assenzio pL. <Lbsinthium\ t M.: absinth(e) ; 

asserare [sera], INTR., REFL. : get late ; 
grow dark. 

asserella, F. : dim. of asse (little board, 
etc.) ; PL. : mattress-boards. 

asserenaref = rasserenare. 

asse-rente, ADJ. : asserting ; M. : assert- 
er (maintainer). -rimentof = -rzione. 
||-rire [L. as-serere, join to], TR.: AS 
SERT; affirm. 

asserpolare [serpe], REFL.: worm (twist). 

asserragliare [serraglio], TR. : barri 
cade (obstruct). 

44 asserrare 

asserraref = serrare. 

asser-tivamentef, ADV.: affirmatively. 
-tivof, ADJ. : assertive (affirmative). ||as- 
ser-to [L. -tus (serere, join)], ADJ. : as 
serted (affirmed) ; M. : affirmation, -td- 
pio, ADJ. : assertory (affirmative), -zio- 
ne, F. : assertion (declaration). 

asses-sorato, M. : assessorship. |[-s6re 
[L. -sor (as-sidere, sit by)], M. : assessor 

asse-stamento, M.: adjustment (arrange 
ment). II -stare [sesto], TR. : adjust (ar 
range); (nav.) stow; REFL/J": adjust one's 
self ; fit together (agree), asse-sto = 

asse-tare [sete], TR.: make thirsty, -ta- 
to, ADJ. : thirsty; greedy, -tiref = -tare., M.: arrangement, -ta 
re [L. as-seditare, make sit, fit], TR, : set 
in order (arrange, adjust) ; trim ; REFL. : 
adjust (fix) ; fit one's selff ; be seated ; 
prepare. ~\ -tatamentet, ADV. : fitly ; 
neatly, -toref, M. : regulator; attirer; 
follower, -tatura, F. : arrangement ; 
propriety (fitness); trimming, asset-to, 
M. : arrangement; order; seatf: male in 
, ill-disposed. 

asseve-ramentof, M. : assurance, -ran- 
te, ADJ.: assuring. -rantemente, 
ADV.: with asseveration (assuredly), -ran- 
za, F. : asseveration (assurance, asser 
tion). || -rare [L. (severus, SEVERE, strict)], 
TR. : asseverate (assert, affirm), -rati- 
vo, ADJ. : asseverative (assertive, posi 
tive), -razionet = -ranza. 

assi-eella, -eina [asse], F. : small board ; 

assicu-ramento, M. : assurance ; secur 
ity ; trust ; boldness, -ramzaf , F. : as 
surance (security) ; trust. H-rare [sicu- 
ro], TRv : secure (assure, guarantee) ; fix ; 
insure ; take in (sails) ; REFL. : make one's 
self sure (insure one's self; take couragef). 
-ratamente, ADV. : securely (with cer 
tainty), -ratore, M. : securer ; insurer. 
-razione, F. : assurance (security) ; in 
surance : societd d' , insurance company. 

assidenzaf, F. : assistance ; presence. 

asside-raxnento, M. : benumbment. || -ra 
re [L. siderari (sidus, star), be influenced 
by the stars], INTR., REFL. : be benumbed 
with cold (be frozen) ; TR. : benumb with 
cold (chill), -razione, F. : benumbment 

as=sidere, IRR. ; TR., iNTR.f : seat ; be 
siege; assist; REFL.: sit down. 

Pret. assi-sif -ss / -sero. Part, assiso, 
assi-dnamente, ADV. : assiduously, -dui- 
ta, F. : assiduity. ||assi-duo [L. -duus 
(as-sidere, SIT by)], ADJ. : assiduous. 
Assiexne [L. ad, simul, together], ADV. : 


assiepare [siepe], TR. : hedge in ; ob 

as-sillaref , TR. : sting (smart) ; torment. 
||-sillo [L. asilus], M. : ox-fly (gadfly). 

assimi0la. . f == assimila. . 

assimi-lamento, M. : assimilation ; like 
ness. ||-Iare [simile], TR. : assimilate. 
-lativo, ADJ. : assimilative. -latore, 
M. : assimilating agent, -lazione, p. : 

assindacaref, -dooaref ^ sindacare. 

assiolo [L. asio\ t M. : horned owl. 

assid-ma [Gr. axwma (axios, worthy)], 
M. : axiom, -maticamemte, ADV. : ax- 
iomatically. -matioo, ADJ. : axiomatic. 

as-sisa, F. of -sifso: tax (impost) ; uni 
form ; livery, -sise, F. : assize (assizes). 
||-siso, PART, of-sidere: seated. 

assistente, ADJ.: assisting; M. : assist 
ant, -sistemza, F. : assistance (pres 
ence; aid). H-sistere [L. (stare, stand)], 
IRR. ; TR. : assist (aid) ; INTR. : be pres 
ent, -sistiref = -sistere. -sistoref, 
M. : assistant. 

Pret. assis-tbi or (pop.) -titti. Part, as- 

assi-tare [sitoz], TR.: smell (scent); give 
an offensive smell to ; REFL. : accustom 
one's self, -tato, ADJ. : scented ; bad- 
smelling, offensive. 

assito [asse], M. : (partition-board) ; floor 
board; paving-board. 

asso [L. as, unity], M. : ACE : e asso fisso^ 
it is perfectly certain ; V , he is num 
ber one; it is excellent; restare in , 
be forsaken. 

asso-e-eiameiito, M. : (giving) partner 
ship in cattle. H-c-iare [soccio], TR. : 
lease out (cattle). 

asso- taMIe, ADJ.: associable. ||-eia- 
re [socio], TR. : associate (make an asso 
ciate, take into partnership; join); at 
tend (a funeral procession) ; bring; REFL.: 
become a partner; subscribe, -eiato, 
ADJ. : associat(ed) ; M. : associate ; sub 
scriber. -iatore, M. : solicitor for 
subscriptions, --eiazione, F. : associa 
tion ; funeral procession. 

asso-darnento, M. : consolidation. || -da 
re [sodo], TR. : make solid (consolidate,, 
strengthen) ; REFL. : get compact; persist. 

assogget-tare [soggetto], TR. : subject 
(sub'diie). -timentot, M. : subjection. 
-tiref, TR. : subject ; INTR. : be subjected,. 

assolare I [solo, ground], TR. : beat or 
pick down. 

assolare 2 [suolo, alone], TR. : place or 
leave alone. 

asso-lare 3f [sole], TR. : expose to the 
sun. -latio, ADJ. : sunny (southern). 
-latof, ADJ. : exposed to the sun (sunny) 

assolcare [solco], TR. : furrow (plough). 


assol-damento, M. : enrollment (of sol- ' 
diers). H-dare [soldo], TR.: enlist; EEPL.: 
enlist (enter as a volunteer). i 

assolftoniref , INTR. : grow sulphurous. 

assolid. .f = consolid. . 

as - solsi, PRET., -solto, PART, of -sol- 
vere. -solntameiite, ADV.: absolute 
ly, -solntezza, F. : absoluteness, -so- 
Intismo, M. : absolutism. -soluto, 
ADJ.: absolute (positive), -solut6re, 
M. : absolver. -solmtorio, ADJ. : abso 
lutory (clearing), -soinziom., F.: ab 
solution (acquittal), -solvente, ADJ. : 
absolving, =sdlvere, IRR.; TR. : ab 
solve (acquit); free. 

Pr et. as-sol-vei or -solvetti or -stilsi. Part. 
as-soliito or -sblto. 

assomarefi, TR. : load. 

assomarets, TR. : conclude ; finish. 

assomi-r/Hante, ADJ. : resembling (sim 
ilar). -gKameirto, M., -r/Kanza, -grlia- 
zionef, F *"- resemblance. H-grliare [L. 
similis, alike], TR.: compare; INTR., REFL.: 
resemble (be like). assomi-grKof, M. : 

as-sonant e, ADJ. : assonant (concordant). 
-sonanza, P.: assonance (harmony). 
li=son.aret, INTR. : sound (resound). 

assone [asse], M. : big board (plank). 

asson-naref [sonno], TR. : lull asleep 
(make drowsy) ; REFL. : fall asleep, -na- 
to, -nito, ADJ. : asleep ; sleepy ; dull., M. : drowsiness. H=so- 
pire, INTR : become sleepy or drowsy. 

assor-tiente, ADJ.:. absorbing (absorb 
ent). -Mmento, M. : absorption. !l-T>i- 
re [L. -bere (sorbere, suck)], IRR. ; TR. : 
absorb (suck up). 

Pres. as-sorbisco or -sorbo, etc. Part, as- 
sorbito or -sbrto. 

assor-damento,M. : stunning. H-dare, 
-dire [sordo], TR.: stun (deafen); INTR., 
REFL. : become deaf. 

as=sorgere, IRR. ; INTR. : rise politely. 

assor-timento, M. : assortment ; lotf . 
H -tire [sortire], TR. : assort (furnish, 
equip); sort (match); draw lots forf (raf 
fle off). 

assorto, PART, of assorbire. 

assotti-^Iiameato, M. : subtilization 
(thinning, refinement). ||-0Kare [sot- 
tile], TR. : subtilize (thin, refine); render 
thin or lean ; sharpen ; REFL. : grow thin ; 
be sharpened. -#liativo, ADJ. : attenu 
ating, -gfliatore, M. : subtilizer. -gli&- 
tura, F.T subtilization (thinning); sharp 
ening; refinement. 

assoz^aref == insozzare. 

assne-fare [L.-/acere,make accustomed], 
TR. : accustom (inure), -fatto, ADJ.: 
accustomed (inured), -fazione, F.: ac 
customing (Eng.f assuef action), custom. 



Hassne-tof [-tu$], ADJ.: accustomed. 
-tddine, F. : custom. 

assuggettiref = assoggettare. 

as - siuaere [L. -sumere (take)], IRR. ; 
TR.: assume (undertake); raise up (exalt). 
-smmsi, PRET. of -sumere. -simta, F. : 
Virgin Mary (Madonna); Assumption 
(festival of the Virgin Mary taken into 
heaven), -sikaito, PART, of -sumere: as 
sumed ; M. : undertaking, task ; charge. 
-stmzione, F. : assumption ; elevation 

Pret. assun-si, -se ; -sero. Part, assunio* 
assnr-damente,ADV. : absurdly, -dita, 
F. : absurdity. Hassiir-do [L. ab-sur- 
dus], ADJ. : absurd ; M. : absurdity. 
ass&rgere = assorgere. 
asta [L. (h)asta], F. : spearf ; lance; (us'ly) 
staff (pole) ; handle ; auction (a staff being 
set up as a token of authority) ; stroke 
(in writing) ; growth ; form : d i ban- 
diera, flagstaff ; mettere all' , sell at 
auction ; bell* di donna, well-formed 

asta-ee, -cof [L. -cus\, M.: astacus (craw 

astal-Iamentot, M. : abode. H-laref, 
REFL. : install one's self ; set up one's 
abode (put up). 

a-stante , ADJ. : standing by (present) ; 
bystander (spectator) ; attendant (assist 
ant). H= stare, INTR.: stand by (J>e 
present); insist. 

a-statat, F. : thrust of a lance, -stato, 
ADJ.: armed with a lance; M. : (Rom.) 
lance-soldier. H-stet~ asta. -steggia- 
re, INTR. : make strokes or flourishes (in 
writing), -steggiat&ra, F. : forming 
strokes (in writing). 
astern, .f = astin. . 
astexnio [L. abs-temius (temum, wine)], 
ADJ.: abstemious. 

as-tenente, ADJ.: abstinent. H=ten.e- 
re [L. abs-tinere, hold off], IRR. ; TR. : 
ABSTAIN. -tensione, F.: abstention 

as-tergenie, ADJ.: abstergent (cleans 
ing). 'll=tergere, KR.; TR. : absterge 
(cleanse), polish. 

aste-risco [astro], M. : asterisk. -p- 
8HLO, M. : asterism. aste-ro, M. : (bot.) 
aster, starwort. -roide, M. : asteroid. 
as-tersion, P.: abstersion (cleansing). 
-tersivo, ADJ, : abstersive (cleansing). 
-tersi, PRET., -terso, PART, of ter- 

astetta, dim. of asta. 
astiare [astio], TR. : envy (grudge). 
asti-e-eiola,-ellot, dim. of asta. 
asti-nente [L. abs-tinens, 'off-holding'], 
ADJ.: abstinent, -nenza, F. : absti 



a-stio [?], M. : envy; grudge; spite. 
-stiosamemte, ADV. : enviously, -stio- 
so, ADJ. : envious (spiteful). 

astivamentef, ADV.: hastily (promptly). 

astore [?], M. : goshawk. 

astraeref == astrarre. 

astragalof [Gr. -Zos], M. : ankle-bone; 

astraggo, PEES, of -trarre. 

astralt, ADJ. : astral. 

as = trarre, IRE.; TE., INTE. : abstract; 
EEPL.: turn away one's mind, -trassi, 
FEET, of -trarre. -tratta^ginef, F-- 
abstraction ; absent-mindedness, -trat- 
tamente, ADV. : abstrac(ted)ly; absent- 
mindedly, -trattezza, F. : abstractness. 
-trattivof, ADJ.: abstractive, -trat- 
to, ADJ. : abstracted (abstract) ; absent- 
minded; eccentricf: in , in the abstract 
(abstractly), -trazion, P.: abstraction; 

a-str tto , P AET. of -string ere. - str ign. . 
= -string. . -stringent, ADJ.: astrin 
gent. ll=strngere", IRR.; TR.: astringef 
(constrict, reduce); conSTRAiN (force). 
-strinsi, FRET, of stringere. 

astro [Gr. -stron], M. : heavenly body ; 
STAR. =labio [Gr. lambdnein, take], M. : 
astrolabe, -logar, INTR. : astrologize; 
prognosticate, -lo^ia [Gr. I6gos, speech], 
p.: astrology, -logico, ADJ.: astrologic 
al, astro-logo, *M. : astrologer, -no- 
mia [Gr. nomos, law], P.: astronomy. 
-nomicamente, ADV.: astronomically. 
-n.6m.ico, ADJ. : astronomical, astrd- 
nomo, M.: astronomer. 

as-tmseria, p. : abstruse thing (abstru 
sity). ||-truso [L. abs-trusus (trudere, 
thrust)], ADJ. : abstruse (hidden, obscure). 

astu-e-eio [?], M. : case (box). 

astu-tamente, ADV. : astutely (craftily). 
-tezza, P. : astuteness (craftiness, cun 
ning). I|astu-to [L. -tus] f ADJ. : astute 
(crafty, cunning), astu-zia, p. : astute 
ness (craftiness, art), -zietta, p. : cun 
ning, trick. 

at- [L. at- for ad, to], PREP. : at, etc. 

a-tantet, ADJ.: helpful; vigorous, -ta- 
rf, TR. : help, -tatoref, M. : helper. 

ata-va, F. : great-grandmother, -vismo, 
M. : atavism. II ata-vo [L. ad, avus, 
grandfather], M. : great-grandfather. 

ate-ismo [-0], M. : atheism, -ista, M. : 
atheist, -is tic o, ADJ. : atheistic. 

ateneo [Gr. athenaion, temple of Athene], 
M. : athenaeum ; university. 

ateo [Gr. a-, not, theos, god], M. : atheist. 

ateroma, -oxnata [Gr. atMroma], M. : 
atheroma (tumour). 

atlante [Gr. Atlas], M. : ATLAS. 

at-leta [Gr. athletes (dthlos, prize], M. : 
athlete, -letico, ADJ. : athletic. 


atmosfer. .f = ammosfer. . 

ato-naetto, ADJ. : small atom, -mismo, 
M. : atomism. -iiiista,M. : atomist. -mi- 
stica, ADJ.: atomistic. j|ato-mo [Gr. 
d-tomos, uncut], M. : atom (particle) ; mo 

atonia [Gr. a-, not, tonos, tone, strength], 
p.: atony. 

atra-bile [L. ater f black, bilos, bile], F. : 
black bile (spleen). -MHar, -MHario, 
ADJ. : atrabilious (melancholic). 

atra-mentario, ADJ.: black. ||-mn- 
tof [L. -mentum, ink], M. : black colour. 

atrio [L. atrium), M. : atrium (vestibule); 

atro [L. ater], ADJ. : black ; horrible. 

atro ee [L. atrox], ADJ. : atrocious (hein 
ous), -cement, ADV. : atrociously, -ci- 
ta, P. : atrocity. 

a-trofia [Gr. a-, not, trephein, nourish], 
F. : atrophy, -trofioo, ADJ. : atrophic. 
-trofizzare, TR.: atrophy; REFL. : be 

attao-caMle, ADJ.: that may be at 
tacked (assailable), -ca^nolo, M. : hook ; 
cavil (pretext). -ca=lite, M. : litigious 
person (wrangler), -camento, M. : at 
tachment, -ca = panni [panno], M. : 
clothes-rack. H-car [tecca], TR. : AT 
TACH (fix, stick) ; harness ; communicate 
(disease, etc.) ; begin ; ATTACK (assail) ; 
INTR. : stick (adhere) ; be united ; be at 
tached ; take root (thrive) ; stutter ; 
REPL. : be attached (unite); stick (ad 
here) ; litigate : un avviso, post a bill ; 
gli abiti, hang up clothes : il dente, 
eat what is agreeable ; il fuoco a, set 
fire to ; -carla con, litigate (quarrel, come 
to blows) with, -eatezza, P.: attach 
ment. -cati<jio, ADJ.: sticky (viscous). 
-cativa, P.: attaching quality; stickiness. 
-catoio, M.: attaching instrument, -ca- 
tiira,p.: attachment; adhesion. -c7tino, 
M. : litigious person, quarrelsome person. 
attac-co, M.: attack; attachment; point 
of attachment; hold; span (of horses), 

atta-rliar' [faglid], TR.f : cut ; REPL. : 
fit (suit) ; comply. -#HoIare, TR. : chop 

attalentaref, TR. : please ; agree with. 

attamentef, ADV. : aptly (fitly). 
Lttanagrliare [tanaglia], TR. : tear with 
red-hot pincers (torture). 

attapi-uamento, M. : dejection (wretch 
edness). H-nar [fapino], EEFL.: toil 
hard; lament. 

attapezzatof = tappezzato* 

attard . .f = tard. . 

attaref = adattare. 

attastare = tastare. 

attec-cMmento, M. : thriving (growth). 


11-cfoire [tecchire], INTR. : grow (grow 
well) ; TE. : prosper. 

attediaref = tediare. 

atteg-giameiito, M. : attitude (posture). 
Jl-giar [atto], TR. : ADAPT (give the right 
expression or position to) ; EBFL. : (a) 
enact; gesticulate; imitate, -giatoref, 
M. : gesticulator. -gievole, ADJ.: imi 
tating; gesticulating. 

atte0ii.eB.zat, P.: continence; calmness. 

attelaref , TR. : draw in battle-array. 

attem-paref [tempo], INTR.: grow older; 
delay, -patello, -patetto, ADJ.: some 
what old. -pato, ADJ. : in years (grow 
ing old), -patdtto, ADJ.: rather old. 
-patu-e-eio, ADJ. : not very old (young). 

attempera. .f = tempera. . 

att en-dame nto,M.: encampment. H-da- 
re [tenda] ; KEPL. : pitch one's tents (en 
camp, settle). 

at-temdente, ADJ.: attending; M., P.: 
attendant; agent. ||=tendere, IRR. ; 
TR. : pay attention to; INTR.: attend; 
pay attention (mind) ; await ; expect : 
a fare, continue; la promessa, keep 
one's word, -tendibile, ADJ. : worthy 
of attention, -tendimentot, M. : at 

attenelirare [tenebra], INTR.: grow dark. 

at-tenente, ADJ. : holding to ; belonging 
to ; M. : kinsman, -teaenza, F. : appur 
tenance; relationship. H=tenere, IRR.; 
INTR. : (ap)pertain, belong ; REFL. : belong; 
hold on (stick to) ; follow. 

attentam&nte [-tento], ADV.: attentively. 

atstentare, TR.: attempt (venture); 
REFL. : venture (have the courage) ; take 
the risk, -tentato, ADJ.: attempted; 
M. : criminal attempt (crime), -teuta- 
torio, ADJ. : unlawful. 

attento pL.. -tus], ADJ.: attentive; dili 

atte-maamento, M. : attenuating. -JLTL- 
ante, ADJ.: attenuating (diluent). H-mia- 
re [tenue], TR. : attenuate (THIN) ; weak 
en, -xmazione, F. : attenuation; ema 
ciation; weakening. 
attenuto, PART, of attenere. 
atten-zion-eella, P.: little attention 
U-zione [-dere], P.: attention; applica 

attergare [terga], TR.: place behind 
withdraw ; RBFL. : get behind ; go back. 
atter-ramento, M.: overthrow. 11 -ra 
re [terra], TR.: cast to the ground or 
down (overthrow ; prostrate) ; humble 
REFL. : humble one's self; debase one's 
self I- -rimento-j-i, M. : deposit. 
atter-rimentofs, M. : terror. H-rir 
DJ. terrere], TR. : terrify (dismay) ; REFL. : 
be frightened ; despond. 
atterzaret, TR. : reduce to a third. 



atte-sa, P.: expectation, -samente, 
ADV. : attentively. ||-si, PRET, of -ndere. 
H-so, PART, of -ndere; attended, etc. ; 
awaiting; cautious (careful): eke, 
seeing that ; because. 

attestaref 1 [testa], TR.: join end to end; 
REFL. : press close ; come to blows. 
attes-tare2 [teste], TR. : attest (testify 
to) ; call to witness, -tato , PART. T>f -tare ; 
M. : attestation (certificate), -tore, M. 7 
-tri-ee, P.: attester (witness), -tatmra, 
p.: jointure. -tazidme, P.: attestation 

jrttezzat, P. : aptness ; ability. 
atticamente [-co], ADV.: in an Attic 
style; elegantly. 

atti-c-eiato [?], ADJ. : thick ; sturdy. 
atti-eismo, M.: Atticism; elegance. ~ei r 
sta, M": writer in the Attic style, -eiz- 
zare, INTR. : atticize (use the Attic style), 
flatti-co [Gr. -kos], ADJ. : Attic ; elegant ; 
M. : (arch.) attic. 

attiepidaret, -dire [tepido], TR. : ren 
der tepid or lukewarm (cool). 
attign. .f = atting. . 
ittiguo [L. -guns (tangere t TOUCH)], ADJ.: 
contiguous (adjacent). 
attilla-re [ ? atto], REFL. : dress one's 
self with pedantic or studied care; fit 
well, -tameate, ADV. : affectedly ; ele 
gantly, -to, ADJ.: affectedly dressed 
(dandyish) ; well-fitting, -tezza, p. : af 
fectation, in dress, -tino, ADJ.: neatly 
dressed; becoming, -twra, P.: affecta 
tion in dressing ; studied elegance. 
attimo [variant of dtomo], M.: moment 

atti-nente [L. at-tinere, hold to], ADJ. : 
pertaining (relating); M. PL.: relatives 
(kindred), -nenza, P.: relationship (kin 
ship) ; PL. : appurtenances ; relatives. 
at-tingere [L. (tangere, TOUCH)], IRR.; 
TR. : ATTAiNf (reach) ; draw (water, etc.), 
raise ; derive ; learn ; perceive : cogli 
occhi, discern (perceive), -tiugimen- 
to, M.: drawing (water, etc.), raising; 
learning, -tingitoio, M. : instrument 
for raising, bucket, -tingitore, M.: 
raiser, -tingitura, P.: 'drawing of 
water; raising, -tinsi, FRET,, -tinto, 
PART, of -tingere. 

attiraf/liot, M.: equipment (equipage). 
at=tirare, TR. : ATTRACT, draw ; REFL. t 
draw upon one's self (attract, win). 
attitare [L. actitare (agere, ACT)], TR.: 
proceed with (a legal action) ; treat. 
attitudine [a^(>2], P.: APTITUDE (tal 
ent); attitude. 

atti-vamnte, ADV.: actively, -vita, 
P. : activity. Hatti-vo [L. -vus], ADJ. : 
active : debtti -m, outstanding debts. 
attiz-zamento, M. : stirring up the fire; 



provocation. ||-zare [tizzo], TR. : stir 
up (the fire) ; excite ; provoke, -zatoio, 
M. : poker ; inner part of the fireplace. 
-zatore, M. : exciter, -zino, M. : liti 
gious person. 

atto i [L. actus (agere, drive)], M. : action; 
act (deed; document, contract); sign; 
legal procedure: mettere in , put in 
practice or execution (perform) ; stare in 
, be about, be ready ; dare I' , set in 
motion ; fare l r di, act as if (appear) ; 
neir eke, at the moment when -,Jare li 
ti (leg.), summon; mettere in ii, allege. 
atto 2 [L. aptus (apere, join)], ADJ. : APT 

(fit, proper) ; skilled., ADJ.: toning (tonic); M. : 
tonic. ||-nare [tono], TR. : tone up ; in 

attondare [tondo], TR. : round. 
at-tonitaggine, P. : amazement. H-td- 
nito [fomo],"ADJ.: astonished (amazed). 
attopatof , ADJ. : full of rats. 
attorare [tor 6], TR. : mate (for breeding). 
at=torere, -tor-eiaref, -tor-eififlia- 
re, TR. : twist (wring) ; wind up. -tor- 
cifirHaaneiito, -tor-eimeixto, M.: twist 
ing (twining) ; winding up. 
atto-re [L. actor (agere, do)], M. : actor ; 
agent; plaintiff, -riaf, F.: management. 
attor-neggiaref = attorniare. -mia- 
mento, *M. : enclosure (paling), -ma 
re [tornio], TR. : enclose (surround) ; be 
set. Hattor-no [torno], ADV., PREP.: 
around (round about) ; about : girare , 
ramble about ; stare a, be about, at 
tend closely, besiege, watch assiduously, 
attorrare [torre], TR. : pile up. 
attorsaret [torre], TR.: pile up (esp. 
lumber) in tiers. 

at-torsi, PRET. of -toreere. -torti.<;Ka- 
mento, M.: twisting; entanglement. 
-tortigrKare, TR. : twist (twine or wrap 
around) f entangle. ||-tdrto, PART, of 

attoscare [tosco], TR. : poison (infect). 
attosof, ADJ.: awkward; disagreeable 

attossi-cagione, F., -camento, M. 
poisoning, -cante, ADJ.: poisonous. || -ca 
re [tossico], TR. : poison, -catore, M. 

attrabaccatof, ADJ. : encamped. 
at - traeiite, ADJ.: attracting; attrac 
tive (charming), -traeref = -trarre 
-traim.ento'f* = -trattiva. 
attraggo, PRES. of -trarre. 
attrap-paref, -pire = rattrappire. 
atstrarre, IRR. ; TR. : ATTRACT (draw 
allure, charm), -trassi, PRET. of -trarre 
-trattevolef, ADJ.: soft, -trattiva 
F.: attraction (charm), -trattivitaf 
ff. : force of attraction, -trattivo, ADJ. 


attractive; enticing iforza -trattiva, force- 
of attraction, -tratto, PART, of -trarre. 
-trattoref, M., -trattri-eef, F. : at 
tracting agent ; charmer ; inveigler. 
tttra-versamemto, M. : traversing ; im 
pediment, -versare, TR. : traverse (cross) ; 
thwart ; REFL. : oppose one's self (to). 
-versato, ADJ.: traversed ; crossed out ; 
opposed. ||-verso [traverso], ADV., PREP.: 
crosswise (obliquely); across (through); 
badly ; in bad part. 

attrazione [attrarre'], F. : attraction. 
it-trazziare, TR. : equip. H-trazzo- 
[disp. of -trezzo], M. : trifling or worth 
less utensil (small tool). 
attre-e-c'iaref = intrecciare. 
at-trezzista, M. : stage-furnisher. ||-trez- 
zo [?], M. : implement (tool). 
attri-Tjiiiliile, ADJ. : attributable, -"bui- 
mento, M. : attributing (imputation). 
||-Traire [L. at-tribuere (bestow)], TR.: at 
tribute; assign; impute; REFL.: claim 
(arrogate). -Tmtivo, ADJ.: attributa 
ble; imputable. -Tbuto, M.: attribute. 
-"buzione, F. : attribution. 
attri-ce [attore], F.: actress; defendantf. 
attri-sta. . = rattrista. . -stive [tristo], 
INTR., REFL. : grow sad (be affected) ; be 
come thin or sterile. 

at=tritaref = tritare. -trito, ADJ.: 
attrite (repentant); M. : attrition (fric 
tion), -trizione, F.: attrition (compunc 
tion ; frictionf). 

attrup-pamento, M. : gathering. || -pa 
re, REFL.: troop (gather in troops or 
crowds) ; crowd together ; gather. 
attua-le [L. -Us], ADJ.: actual; effec 
tive; real; present, -lita, F.: actuality. 
-Imente, ADV. : actually (really ; at this, 

at-tuare [L. (actus, act)], TR. : actuate ; 
execute (effect, perform) ; trainf ; con- 
trolf ; REFL. : apply one's self intently. 
-tuarioi, M.: notary's office or dignity. 
-tuario2, M. : actuary (notary, clerk). 
attiie-e'o, dim. of atto. 
attuff. . = tvff. . 

attuiaret, TR. : offuscate (darken). 
attuire = attutire. 
attuosot, ADJ. : active ; efficacious. 
atturaret = turare. 
attu-taref [? L. tutus, safe], TR. : calm 
(quiet); quench; lay (dust) ; REFL.: grow 
calm, -tatoret, M. : pacifier, -tire, 
TR. : calm; control; silence, -titoret, 
M. : pacifier. , TR. : sew. 
aueupio [L. -pium (avis, bird)], M.: bird- 

au-da-ee [L. -dax], ADJ.: audacious (bold). 
-da-eemextte, ADV.: audaciously, -da* 
eia, F. : audacity (boldness). 


Audi, .f = udi. . -tore, M. : presiding 
judge ; auditor (in a court), -toriof , M.: 
auditory ; audience chamber ; court-room. 
Aufo = ufo. 

auge [? Ar. aug, apogee], p. : high credit 
(glory) : vivere in , live as a great 
lord ; live in glory. 

au-gellatoref, M. : bird-catcher, -gel- 
lo," pi. -gelli or -gei [L. -cellus (avis, 
bird)], M. : (poet.) bird. 
auggiare [uggia\, TR. : shade. 
an.gika.-re [ugna], TR.: claw; clutch; cut 

slanting, -tura, F. : slanting. 
augumeut. .f = aument. . 
augu-rale, ADJ. : augurial. -rare, TR.: 
augur (foretell); have a presentiment off. 
-rato, ADJ.: augured; M. : augurer's of 
fice : bene , well begun or finished, -ra 
ter e, M., -ratriee, P. : augurer (sooth 
sayer). |laugu~re [L. augur (am*, 
bird)], M. : augur (Rom. diviner, orig'ly by 
the flight of birds, etc.). -riaref = 
-rare, augu-rio, M. : augury (omen). 
-rosameute, ADV. : by (good or bad) 
augury ; ominously, -roso, ADJ. : augur 
al (significant, ominous). 
augusto [L. -tus (augere, increase)], ADJ.: 

august (solemn). 
anla [L.], F. : assembly-hall. 
auledot, M. : fiute-player. 
aulemtet, ADJ. : fragrant. 
aulico [-Za], ADJ.: aulic (of the court, 


auliret, TR. : perfume. 
aumeu-tameutof = -to. -tare, TR. : 
augment (increase), -tativo, ADJ.: aug 
mentative, -tatore, M., -tatriee, F. : 
increaser. -taziouef = -to. llaumen.- 
to [L. augere, increase], M. : augmenta 
tion (increase, growth). 
aumettaret = umettare. 
aumil. -t = umil. . 
anna, .f = aduna. . 
ann-cicaret, TR. : rob. 
auu-eiuare = uncinare. 
aung7tia. . = augna. . 
aura [L.], F. : gentle breeze ; air ; auraf 

popolare, popular favour. 
au-raref, TR.: gild, -reliaf, F.: chrys 
alis, -reatof, ADJ. : woven in gold. H au- 
reo [L. -reus], ADJ. : of gold (golden) 
glorious, -reola, F. : aureole (halo, glo 

auretta [-ra], F. : light breeze (zephyr). 
auri-colare [L. -eula, dim. of auris 
EAR], ADJ. : auricular. 
aurifero [auro], ADJ. : auriferous. 
auriga [L. (aurea, bridle, ago, lead)], M. 


aurinot, ADJ. : gold-coloured (golden). 
aurispic. ,f = aruspic. . 
auro (poet.) = oro. 

auzz 49 

i-urora, pop. -rora [L.], F. : aurora 

tusaref , TR. : accustom (inURE). 
ansi-Iiare, -liario, ADJ.: auxiliary; M.: 
auxiliary verb; PL.: auxiliaries, -liato- 
re, M.: helper. Hausi-liof [L- ami- 
Hum], M. : assistance (help). 
msof , ADJ. : bold (daring). 
au-spicato, ADJ. : augured. ||au-spi-c 
[L. -spex (avis, bird, specere, view)], M. : 
augur (diviner) ; protector (patron), -spi- 
eio, -spizio, M. : auspice (presage ; pro 

auste-ramente, ADV.: austerely, -ri- 
ta, p.: austerity. ||auste-ro [L. -rus 
(Gr. aurein, parch)], ADJ.: austere (se 
vere) ; morose ; poor (of food) ; sour (of 

au-str ale, -strinof, ADJ. : austral (south 
ern). IJau-stro [L. -ster], M.: south; 
south wind (auster). -striaco [Austria], 
pi. -ci t M. : Austrian. 
aut, aut pL] ADV. : either, or. 
lutenti-ca, F. : authentic proof, -ca- 
meute, ADV.: authentically, -care, 
TR.: authenticate (prove), -cazioiie, P.: 
authentication, -eita, P.: authenticity. 
Hautenti-co [Gr, autds, self], ADJ. : au 
thentic ; authoritativef; per 1 authen 

auto i (wig.) = avuto (cf. avere). 
auto 2 da fe [Port. 'ACT of FAITH'], M.: 

auto= [Gr. autds, self], PREP. : auto-. 
auto^iografia, F. : autobiography. 
auto = erata, P., -crate [Gr. krdtos, 
strength], M. : autocrat, -cratico, ADJ. : 
autocratic(al). -crazia, P.: autocracy. 
autodafe = auto dafe. 
auto=grafia, P.: autography. autd= 
grafo, M. : autograph. 
aut 6 =ia a [Gr. mdtos, force], M. : automa 
ton (self -moving machine), -matico, 
ADJ. : automatic(al). 

auto-uomia, P.: autonomy. auto=uo- 
mo [nomos, law], ADJ. : autonomous. 
autopsia = autossia. 
auto-re [L. auetor (augere, produce)], M.: 
author, -revole, ADJ.: authoritative, 
-revolezza, P.: authoritativeness. -re- 
volmente, ADV.: authoritatively, -ri- 
ta, P. : authority, -toritativo, ADJ. : 
authoritative, -rizzare, TR.: authorize. 
-rizzazioue, P. : authorization, -roue, 
M. : "great author, -ru-e-eio, M. : wretched 

autossia, [Gr. autds, self, opsis, view], P. : 

autriee [-tore], F. : authoress. 
au-tuunale, ADJ : autumnal. [|tuuuo 
[L. -tumnus], M. : autumn. 
auzz. . = auguzz. . 

50 av 

av- [L. ad, to, ab, from], PREF. ad-, ab-. 

ava [avo], P. : grandmother. 

ava-e-eevole f ADJ.: solicitous; swift, 
-eezzaf, F. : solicitude ; hurry, -eiaref, 
TR. : hasten, ava-e-eiof , M. : solicitude; 
hurry ; ADV. : in haste (quickly) : o tardi o 
, sooner or later. 

avalet, ADV. : soon (presently). 

avanf = avanti. =giaardia, F. : van 

avania [fr. Turk.], F.: imposition (orig. 
by the Turks on the Christians); exaction; 

avannotto [uguanno], M.: young fry; 

avautaggiof = vantaggio. 

avaa-t*(i>oei.), -ti [L. ab, ante, before], 
PREP, or ADV. : before (of place or time) ; 
forward : d' ora (or da qui) in , hence 
forward ; andare , go before; go on 
(proceed); essere , be advanced; farsi 
, present or introduce one's self; pas- 
sare , pass beyond (leave behind). -ti= 
camera! = anticamera. =c/tet, CONJ. : 
before that, -ti = gnardiaf = avan- 
guardia., M. : advancement 
(progress). -zare,TR. : advance; present; 
pass beyondf (outstrip, surpass); INTR. : 
advance, proceed ; be over and above, re 
main; escape; REFL.: advance; be ready; 
anticipate!; take couragef: mi basta e 
me TI' za, I have enough and to spare. 
-zati-e-eio, M. : remnant (scrap). r zato, 
ADJ. : advanced ; over and above ; left, 
remaining, -zatoref, M. : advancer. 
-zettof, M. : trifling remnant, -zevolef, 
ADJ. : superfluous, avan-zo, M. : (what 
is over and above) remnant; remainder, 
rest; saving (profit); PL.: old remains 
(ruins) : d* , over and above, more than 
enough, -zu^eio, -ziigrHo, -zikgrliolo, 
zmxne, M. : disp.of-zo; poor remnants 
or scraps, etc. 

ava-ra-e-efo [-rd], ADJ. : very avaricious 
(niggardly), -ramente, ADV.: avari 
ciously, -retto, M.: little miser, -rez- 
zat = -mm. 

ava-xia [Ger. haferei], F. : particular 
AVERAGE (damage to ship or cargo). 
-riare, TR. : cause damage to ship or 
cargo, -riato, ADJ. : damaged. 

a va- rizia, F. : avarice. -rizzaref, 
INTR.: be niggardly. ||ava-ro [L. ava- 
rus], ADJ. : avaricious (greedy) ; sparing ; 
M. : miser, -ronae^io, M. : wretched 
miser, -rone, M. : great miser. 

ave [L.], INTER J. : ave ! all hail ! 

avella-naf, F. : filbert. -not,M.: filbert- 

avelleref = svellere. 

avello [lavello, tub], M. : grave (tomb). 

avemmaria [ave Maria], F.: Ave-Maria. 


avema [L.], F. : oats ; shepherd's pipe. 

airere [L. habere], IRR.; TR. : HAVE; 
(sometimes with an abstract noun to be 
rendered by *be' and an adject); M. : pos 
session (property) ; PL. : riches : caldo 
(freddo,fame, paura, etc.), be warm (cold, 
hungry, afraid, etc.) ; (lit.) have warmth, 
etc.; Usogno y need ; faccia, be like ; 
agio, be at leisure, have time ; vo~ 
glia, have a mind ; a caro, be glad ; 
a sdegno, disdain (despise) ; al sole, have 
landed property ; in costume, be accus 
tomed ; in grado, accept ; in odio, 
hate ; in pregio, value (esteem) ; per 
buono, take in good part ; averla con, be 
angry with. 

Ind.: Pres. h& or b, hai or hi, ha. or A," 
abbi&mO) avete, h&nno or Anno. Pret. ^bbi^ 

Rare forms : Pr. 1. 1. aggie, 3. dve : 4. ^- 
mo. S. ^.Aggiaj 6 .dggiano. Pret. 6. ebbono. 
Fut. a've}rb. Cond. 1.3. a(vr}ia; 6.(avr}ia- 
no. Ger. abbi&ndo. Part, ai'tto. 

Averno [L. -nus], M. : Avernus (lake in 

Campania with poisonous vapours) ; (poet.) 

hell ; ADJ. : Avernian. 
aversi. .f = avversi. . 
aversof, PART, of avertere: avert. 
avi-damente, ADV.: greedily; eagerly. 

-dezza, -dita, F.: avidity; eagerness. 

llavi-do [L. -dus (avere, wish)], ADJ.: 

avid (greedy) ; eager. 
avironaret, TR. : environ (surround). 
av-to, ADJ.: ancestral (hereditary), av-o 

[L. ai7Ms],M. : grandfather; PL.: ancestors. 
a=vocare, TR. : appeal ; (Eng.f avocate) ; 

take up. -vocazione, F. : appealing. 
avogad. ,f = avvocaL . 
avo-la, F. : grandmother. ||-lo [avo],M. : 


avolt(e)r. .f = adulter. . 
avoltoiof, M. : vulture. 
avorio [L. eboreus, of ivory], M. : IVORY. 
avorniot, M. : laburnum. 
avillso, PART, of avellere: torn up. 
avimcolot, M. : uncle. 
avu-to, PART, of avere. ~ta, F. : gain. 
awal-lamento, M. : sinking down ; low 

ground; cavity. ||-lare [valle], INTR.: 

sink or crumble down (cave in); flow down; 

TR. : let down (sink) ; sign as security (at 

the bottom of a note), -latura, F. : 

hollowness., M. : strengthening; 

valour. || -rare [valor e], TR.: strengthen 

(invigorate, animate); REFL.: be strength 
ened (be encouraged). 
awam.-pam.ento, M. : burning ; flame. 

||-pare [vampa], INTR. : flame (blaze, 

awan-taggiamento, M. : advantage 

(gain). ||-'taggiare [vantaggio'l, TR. : 


advantage ; improve ; increase ; REFL. : 
derive advantage ; get the better, -tag- 
gio, M. : advantage: <f , more, -tag- 
gioso, ADJ. : advantageous. 

avvantaref = vantare. 

av = vedere, IRR. ; INTR., REFL. : per 
ceive; foresee, -vedimento, M.: per 
ception; foresight; prudence; cunning. 
- vedntamemt e , ADV.: providently 
(prudently), -vedutezza, P. : foresight 
(sagacity), -ved&to, ADJ.: provident 
(prudent, cautious). 

awe.</, -dlocJtef, CONJ.: al 

awele-namento, M. : empoisonment. 
ll-nare [veleno], TR. : poison, -matore, 
M., -n.atri-e, F. : poisoner. 

awe-nente, ADJ.: graceful (genteel, 
pleasing), -neatementef, ADV : grace 
fully, -aemza, P.: grace (elegance). 
-nevole, ADJ. : graceful (genteel), -ne- 
volezza, P.: grace (elegance), -ne- 
volmente, ADV. : gracefully, -uiente, 
ADJ. : coming (future), -nimento, M. : 
EVENT (incident) ; successf ; comingf ; 
accessf. ll-uire (L. ad-venire], IRR. (cf. 
venire)', INTR.: come to pass, happen; ar- 
rivef; derivef; succeedf; REFL.: become 
(suit, fit, be adapted) ; fall in withf ; M. : 
future (futurity); gracef (elegance): per 
I' , henceforth, -niti-e-eipf = -ntizio. 

awen-tamento, M. : blowing out ; rush. 
II -tare [vento], TR. : blow out ; pronounce 
boldly; shootf (hurl); INTR.: make a 
big impression ; impose ; REFL. : rush up 
on, -taggme, P.: rashness, -tata- 
mente, ADV.: rashly (inconsiderately). 
-tatello, ADJ. : hair-brained, -tatezza, 
p. : rashness (temerity, imprudence), -ta- 
to, ADJ. : rash (inconsiderate, hasty). 

awen-ti-e-eiot, -tizio [-ire], ADJ. : ad 
ventitious, awen-to, M. : advent; ar 
rival, -tora. P., -tore, M. : customer. 

avventrina?e [venire], INTR., REFL. : get 

avventu-ra [avvenire], P.: adventure 
(occurrence; riskf); goodluckf. -rare, 
TR. : adventure (hazard) ; REFL. : run the 
risk (venture), -ratamentef, ADV.: 
fortunately; at a risk, -rato, ADJ.: 
hazarded; fortunate (lucky), -revol- 
mexrtet, ADV. : luckily, -riere or -rie- 
ro, M. : adventurer ; soldier of fortune. 
-rosamentet, ADV.: luckily. -roso, 
ADJ. : lucky (fortunate) ; adventurous. 
awenuto, PART, of avvenire. 
avve-ramento, M.: averment (confir 
mation). H-rare [vero], TR. : aver (con 

av-verbiale, ADJ.: adverbial, -ver- 
bialmente, ADV.: adverbially, -ver- 
"bio [verbo], M. : adverb. 



avverdire [verde], INTR. : become green 
or verdant. 

awerificaref = verificare. 
avverro, FUT. of avvenire. 
avver-samente, ADV.: adversely; m- 
fortunately. -sare, TR. : turn against 
(oppose), -sario, ADJ.: adverse (contra 
ry); M. : adversary (opponent), -sativo, 
ADJ. : adversative, -satore, M., -satri- 
ee, F. : opposer (adversary), -sazionef, 
F. : opposition, -sion, P. : aversion. 
-sit a, p.: adversity. j{avver-so [L. 
ad-versus (vertere, turn)], ADJ.: adverse 
(contrary; hostile); hurtful; FREP.f: 
against; opposite; M.f: adversity: per 
, on the contrary. 

avver-tente, ADJ.: advertent (careful, 
circumspect), -tentemente, ADV. : ad 
vertently (carefully), -tenza, P. : ad 
vertency (needfulness, care), -timeii- 
to, M. : advice (counsel); (Eng.f adver 
tisement), li-tire [L. ad-verier e (turn)], 
Pr. -to or -tisco, TR. : advise (apprise, in 
form ; Eng.f advertise) ; admonish ; ob 
serve (pay attention to), -titamente, 
ADV.: advertently (carefully), -tito, 
ADJ.: advised, etc.: stare , be upon 
one's guard. 

av-vezzamentof, M.: custom. ![-vez- 
zare [vezzo], TR. : accustom (train), -vez- 
zato, or pop. -vezzo, PART. : accus 
tomed ; trained, -vezzaturaf , P.: habit. 
av-viamento, M.: beginning. H-via- 
re [via], TR. : start (begin) ; set on foot ; 
prepare ; REFL. : set out. -viato, ADJ. : 
started ; introduced, -viatnra, F. : be 
ginning ; preparation ; first kindling. 
avvi-een-damento, M. : alternation. 
H -dare [vieenda], TR.: alternate; REFL.: 
alternate (change bv turns), -devolef, 
ADJ.: alternate. 

awi-ci-namento, M.: approach(ment). 
-nanzaf, P.: approach. 11-n.are [viri- 
no], TR., REFL. : approach, -nato, ADJ. : 
approached ; near (close). 
awifirnare [vigna], TR. : plant with vines. 
awi-limemto, M. : abasement ; humilia 
tion. H-lire [vile], TR.: degrade (de 
base, Eng.f vilify); deject (discourage); 
REFL. : degrade one's self (be degraded) ; 
lose courage, -litivo, ADJ.: degrading 
(debasing) ; depreciative ; discouraging. 
-lito, ADJ. : degraded, etc. ; weakened. 
avvilup -, M. : entanglement. 
11-pare [viluppo], TR. : envelop (wrap up); 
entangle (confuse) ; REFL. : get entangled 
(get bewildered), -pata, P. : confusion : 
all y -, helter-skelter, -patamente, 
ADV.: confusedly, -patdre, M., -pa- 
tri-ee, p.: wrapper; entangler; cheat. 
-patura, p. : entanglement. 
awi Tia-eiatot = -nazzdto. jf-iiare 



[vino], TR. : imbue with wine (as casks, 
to remove the woody odour), -nato, ADJ.: 
imbued with wine ; drunk ; wine-coloured. 
-nazzamento, M.: getting tipsy, -naz- 
zare, TE. : make tipsy; REFL. : get tipsy, 
-nazzato, ADJ. : tipsy. 

av-vin-eere [L. vindre, bind], IRR. (cf. 
vineere) ; TR. : bind (tie up), -irinc/iia- 
ref = -vinghiare. -vin-ei^liare [vin- 
ciglio], TR. : bind with twigs, etc., fasten. 
-ving7tlare, TR. : tie ; clasp ; REFL. : 
embrace, -vinto, PART, of -vineere. 

awiottolaret, INTR., REFL. : set out. 

awi-sagrlia, F. : encounter (petty fight). 
-sam.eM.tof, M . : advice ; observation. 
||'sare [I.L. visare (L. videre, see), show], 
TR.*: advise (give notice to, apprise, in 
form); warn, think 1% guessf; aim atf; 
perceivef ; contrivet ; EBFL.f : perceive ; 
[viso] meet face to face ; have an encoun 
ter. -satam.exi.tet, ADV.: advisedly. 
-satore, M. : adviser; informer; (theat.) 
call-boy; judgef. avvi-so, M.: advice; 
news; advertisement, placard: a mio , 
in my judgment or opinion; stare (met- 
tersi) suU , be upon one's guard. 

avvis-tare [vista], TR. : judge at view 
(estimate) ; give a fine appearance to 
(show off nicely). -tato, ADJ.: attrac 
tive; prudent. 

awisto, PART, of avvedere. 

awl-tare [vite] r TR. : screw tight, -tic- 
c7tiamento, M. : twining ; twist, -tic- 
cMare, TR.: twine (twist), -tire, INTR.: 
plant vines, -ti-e-ciare [viticcio], TR. : 
twine (like vines), -tolatof, ADJ. : twin 
ing (tortuous). 

awi-vame'nto, M. : reviving. H-vare 
[vivo], TR.: vivify (enliven); REFL.: be 
quickened (recover), -vatore, M. : re 

aviz-zart -zire [vizzo], INTR. : become 
soft (of fruit) ; wizen ; fade ; PART. : soft 

awo-oare, INTR. : practice law ; pleadf. 
-cariaf, F. : lawyer's profession or office. 
-cat a, F. : lady advocate ; Patroness (Ma 
donna), -eatessa, F.: lawyer's wife. 
H-oato [L. ad-vocatus (vocare, call), one 
'summoned' in aid], advocate (doctor of 
law, entitled to plead civil and criminal 
causes) ; lawyer, -catore, M. : advo- 
catef; magistrate (in the Republic of 
Venice), -catorio, ADJ.: advocatory (of 
an advocate), -catiicolo, M.: pettifog 
ger, -c a tor a, F. : advocate or lawyer's 
profession, advocateship. 

awooolaref* TR. : deceive 

awoga. .f = avvoca. . 

awoggolaref* TR. : twist, wrap up. 

av=v61gere, IRR.; TR.: wrap round (roll); 
REFL.: 'turn about; become twisted; be 


mistakenf. -vol^imento, M.: wrapping 

or turning round ; winding ; tortuosity ; 

deception, -volgolaref, TR. : entangle. 
awolon-tatamentet, ADV.: willingly. 

-tatot* ADJ. : willing ; arbitrary. 
awolpaoo/tiaret, RBFL. : bewilder one's 


awolpinaref; TR. : deceive. 
awolsi, PRET. of avvolgere. 
awoI-taccMare'j", INTR. : turn to and 

fro ; ramble. ||-tare [voltare], TR. : wrap 

up ; turn around, -tato, ADJ. : wrapped 

up ; twisted (entangled), -tatura, F. : 

wrapping ; winding, -ticc/tiare, TR, : 


awolto, PART, of avvolgere. 
awolto-lare [volto], TR., REFL.: roll 

(round); whirl; ramble; wallow, -lata- 

mente, ADV.: confusedly, -latura, 

F. : rolling or rambling about. 
azienda [? Span, hacienda, farm], F. : 

public or private administration (manage 

azimut [fr. Ar.], M. : azimuth. 
azio-ua-e-ea, disp. of -Tie. -n-eella 9 

dim. of -we. ||azi6-ne [L. actio], F. :, 

action ; act (deed) ; subject (of a play) ; 

(leg.) cause ; stock, share, -nista, M. : 

shareholder, -n-0-e-eia, P.: mean little 

azoto [Gr. a-, not, zoe, life], M. : azote- 


azza [cf. ascia], F. : battle-axe. 
azzampato [zampa], ADJ. : provided with 

azzan-iiameaito, M. : seizing with the 

teeth. ||-nare [zanna], TR. : seize with 

the teeth. 
azzar-dare, TR.: hazard. ||-'do [fr. Ar.], 

s.': hazard, -doso, ADJ.: hazardous. 
azzecoare [zecca], TR. : hit (strike); hurl; 

catch, guess. 
azzerolo = lazzarolo. 
azzi-caref , TR. : move ; REFL. : stir ; be^ 

busy, -catoref, M. : bustler. 
azzi-ma, F.: unleavened dough, -mare, 

TR. : perfume ; adorn ; polish, -mella,, 

F. : unleavened wafer. ||azzi-mo [Gr. 

d-zimos, un-leavened], ADJ. : unleavened ;, 

hardf; M. PL. : Easter (of the Jews) or 1 

seven days after Easter. 
azzit-taref , -tiref, TR. : silence (stop). 
azzollaref , TR. : kill with clods. 
azzop-paret, -pire [zoppo], TR. : make 

limp; INTR.: limp (hobble), -patof, -pito, 

ADJ. : lame (crippled). 
azzuf-famentot, M< . S t r if 6t J|.fare- 

[zvffa], REFL. : come to blows (fight, join 
battle), -fatore, M. : wrangler. -nof 
M.: bailiff. 
azzudlot> ADJ. : dark-blue. 

,re, INTR.: incline to azure- 


colour, -rie-eio, -rigno, ADJ.: slightly 
azured (sky-coloured). ||azziir-ro [1. L. 
lazur (fr. Pers.)], M. : AZURE". 

b, bi [L.], M. : b (the letter). 

"ba-, disp. pref. (cf. 613). 

baban. [bau], M. : bugbear. 

bab-"b. . [ba-ba, infantile BAB-ling] : -Tba-e- 
eio, disp. of -bo; ADJ.: silly, -ba-e-eio- 
net, M.: fool, -baleo, ADJ.: silly. -Tba- 
locco, ADJ. : dull, heavy. -Tbeo, ADJ. : 
silly; M. (bea,f.): silly person (fool). -bi- 
no, car. of -bo. -bione, aug. of -beo. 
-"bo, M.: (/am.) father (dad), -buassag- 
gine, F. : silliness. -Vaasso, ADJ". : 
foolish (stupid). 

"balsbii-e-eia [fr. Ar.], P. : toe-slipper. 

Ibablmino [?], M. : BABOON ; fool. 

"ba"bbiiscot, ADJ. : big and tall. 

Ba-bel(l)e [fr. AssyrJ, P. : Babylon (city 
of Assyria) ; babel, confusion. -bilonda, 
= Babele. 

"ba-ca-e-eio, disp. of baco. -caio, M. : 
silkworm raiser, -care, INTR.: be worm- 
eaten, -carozzo, M. : little worm (grub) ; 
robber, -cati-e-cio, ADJ. : worm-eaten ; 
somewhat unhealthy, -cato, ADJ. : hav 
ing worms ; sick. 

"bacca [L.], P. : berry ; pearl. 

bac-cala, -calarof [Sp. -aZao], M.: dried 
cod, stockfish. 

bacca-lare [L. -larius], M. : wiseacre, 
pretender to wisdom, -leriaf, P.: bach 
elor's degree ; arrogance. 

bacca-nale [Bacco], M. : bacchanal (feast 
in honour of Bacchus), -n.aria, p.: 
feast of Bacchus, -'no, M.: loud talking. 
-'nte, P.: bacchante (priestess of Bac 
chus), -'ref, TR. : dance ; revel, -'tof, 
ADJ.: drunk. 

ba-e-eella [-cello], P.: silly woman, -eel- 
laio, M. : bean-field, -eelletto, dim. 
of -cello. 

"ba-e-eelliere [Fr. bachelier], M. : bach 
elor's degree; bachelor; wiseacref. -eel- 
lierato, M. : bachelor's degree. 

*bae-eellino, ADJ. : of the bean variety ; 
like a bean. || --cello [-ca], M.: bean or 
pea (with the pod); pod (shell); simpleton, 
--eellone aug. of -cello. 

"bacc7iet-ta [bacchio], P.: stick; rod. 
-tare, TR. : beat with a stick: una 
cosa, sell a thing for very little, -tata, 
p. : blow with a stick, -tina, car. dim. 
of -ta. -tino, dim. of -to. -to, M. : rather 
large stick, -tona, P., -tome, M. : devo 
tee (penitents being touched with a rod, 
by the priest); bigot; hypocrite, -tone- 



ria, P., -tozdsmo [cf . -tone], M. : bigotry; 

"bac-c/iiare [bacchio], TR. : knock down 
(with a 'pole'); killf, murder, -c/iiata, 
p. : beating. 

baec/iieo, ADJ. : Bacchian (drunken). 

"bacc7iil(l)6n-a, P., -e [?], M. : simple 
ton; idler. 

bacc/iio [baculo], M. : big stick ; pole ; 
young lambf. 

ba-e^eifero [bacca], ADJ. : producing ber 
ries ; bacciferous. 

Bacco, M. : Bacchus (god of wine); wine; 

bac7ie-eaf, P.: show-case, -cof, M., 
-cat, P. : showy person. 

Ibac7ie-re!lo, dim. of baco. "bacli- 
rozzo, -rdzzolo, M. : worm (grub). 

"ba-eia= basso, M. : profound reverence; 
humility, -mano, M. : kiss on the hand; 
compliment. -mento, M.: kissing (sa 
lute). =pile [pila, font of holy water]^ 
M. : bigot; hypocrite. =polvere, M. : 
hypocrite. ||ba-eare [6acioi],TR.: kiss 
(salute) ; REPL. : kiss one another ; M.f : 
kiss. =santi [santi, saints], M.: devotee ; 
hypocrite. Tba^igiio, M. : kiss. 

"ba-eile, M. : basin, -eiaella, p. : small 
basin. --einetto, M.: helmet -piece. 
H-cino i [1. L. bassinus], M. : BASIN, vase. 

%a-eino2, dim. of -do. H-'-eioi [L. 
basium], M. : kiss (salute). 

"ba-e/02 [1. L. opacivus, OPAQUE'], ADJ.f. 
shady (in the shade). 

Im-eione, --ciozzo, aug. of-cioi. 
cMare, TR. : kiss repeatedly, 
c7tio, M. : repeated kissing. 

"ba-co [L. -cus], M. : worm ; silkworm. 
-colino, dim. 

"bacolof :=: -culo. 

*bac-dcco, M. : cowl (hood). 

"baculo [L. -lum], M. : stick ; staff. 

"ba-da [-dare], P.: delay: only in stare 
(tener) a , delay, detain, keep expec 
tant, -daggio, M. : expectation, hope. 

1>ada-lic7tibt, -Iisc7iiot, -liscof, M. : 

"b a da-16ne, ADJ.f: idle; M. : great idler 
or trifler; choir-desk; large fig.f -luo- 
care, INTR. : loiter, watch ; skirmish ; 
assaultf; investf. -luccatoref, M. : 
assailant. -Mccof, M. : slight skirmish ; 
trifling diversion; trifle, -mentof, M. : 
delay. l|bada-re [?], DTTE.: observe 
carefully (be attentive); mind; losetimef; 
REFL. : avoid danger. 

"baderlat, P* : frivolous woman. 

ba-dessa [L. abbatissa (cf. abate)], P.: 
ABBESS, -dia, P.: abbey, -diale, ADJ.: 
(jest.) large, fat. 

badi^liamentof , -digrliof ,M.: yawning. 

badile [L. batillo], M, : shovel. 



ba-fetto, -fimo, dim. of ~fo. ll-fo [?], 
(us'ly pi.), M. : mustache, -fona, P.: 
bearded woman, -fone, ADJ., M.: heavy- 
bearded (man). 

bagaf i [Fr. bague = It. &acca], F. : gem. 

ba-gafs [1. L.], P.: leather bottle, -ga- 
gdio, M. : baggage; knapsack. -gagrUii- 
me, M. : mass of baggage, -gascia, P. : 

bagat-tella [? bagai], P.: bagatelle 
(trifle), -tino, M. : small coin; worthless 

"bag -goo [?], M. : fool; ADJ.: foolish. 
-gianata, P.: foolish act. -giano, M.: 
fool (simpleton). 

baggiolaref , TR. : support, rest. 

bag/i er [Ger. wagen], M. : four-wheeled 
carriage (or WAGON). 

bagfre-ro [? baga], M. : coin (farthing). 
-rone, M. : big copper coin. 

bagiof, M. : kiss. 

bagrliore [? la-, lueore], M. : flash. 

ba-rnaiolo, M. : bath-attendant, -gna,- 
mento, M. : bathing (wetting). -<;nan- 
te, M., F. (us'ly pi.): bather, -0uare, 
TE. : bathe (sprinkle, wash, moisten; RBFL.: 
bathe, -firnatura, P. : course of baths ; 
time for bathing, -{/netto, dim. of -gno. 
||-grno [L. balneum], M.: bath. -0nolo, M.: 
bathing with water, etc. (to ease pain). 

ba-gordare, INTR. : revel ; tiltf (joust). 
||-gordo [L L. bufurdium], M. : revelling 
company ; lance (pike)f- 

bai=a i [?], F. : BAY. -ettaf, dim. 

bai=a 2 [?], F. : joke. -6ttaf, dim. 

baiettone [baio], M. : lining goods (chest 
nut coloured). 

baiaref = abbaiare. 

bailamme [Turk.], M. : hubbub. 

bai-lo [L. -ulus, porter: ak. to Eng. 
bailiff], M.: city magistrate; official. -Href, 
TR. : rule (govern). 

bai-o [L. badius], M.: chestnut colour. -6c- 
co, M. : four farthingsf (from the colour); 
worthless man ; boor, -oocone, aug. of 

"bai-oiiac-eXof, disp. of -one. || -6ne [aug. 
of baia2\ 9 M. : big or bad joke; joker 

*baionet-ta [Bayonne, Fr. city], P. : bay 
onet, -tata, p. : bayonet thrust. 

"baiosof , M. : lover of jokes. 

"baiuoaf, p. : nonsense, trifle. 

"ba-lascio or -lasso [1. L. -lascius], M. : 
kind of ruby. 

"balan-staf, p., -stof, M. : pomegranate 

TbalaTi-stro [Gr. -stiori], M. : small balus 
trade, -strata, p. : balustrade, -stra- 
to, ADJ. : balustraded. 

Iml-fcettamentc^M.: stammering, -bet- 
tante, M.: stutterer (stammerer), -bet- 


tare, TR., INTR.: stutter (stammer), -"bet- 
tio, M. : continued stammering, -"foezza- 
ref, INTR.: stammer. 11-Jjo [L. -bus], 
ADJ.: stammering. -Tbotiref; -"bnssaref, 
-Iratireti -"fonzzaref , INTR. : stammer, 
-"biizi, P. : stammering, -"buzziente, 
ADJ.: stammering; M., P.: stammerer. 
-Imzziref, INTR. : stammer. 

Balcano, ADJ., M. : Balcaii, 

feal-cof [L. ~cus], M. : floor ; scaffold ; 
horns of a stag, -cone, M. : balcony. 

bald.aoo7ti.iio [Bagdad], M. : baldachin 

bal-damente, ADV.: boldly, -damza, 
F. : boldness (self-confidence), -danzeg- 
giaref, INTR. : possess boldness ; act 
Boldly, -danzosainente, ADV. : boldly, 
-danzosetto, dim. of -danzoso. -dan 
zoso, ADJ. : bold (courageous), -dellof, 
ADJ. : bold, -dimentof, M. : boldness. 
H-do [Ger. bald], ADJ.: BOLD, -ddria, 
p.: bonfire. 

baldracca [?], F. : harlot. 

ba-lena [L. -Icsna], p.: whale ; whalebone, 

b ale-name lit o, M. : lightning. ||-na- 
re [-leno], INTR. : flash. 

baleniere [~lena] t ADJ.: whaling; M. ; 

ba-lenio, M. : frequent lightning. H-le- 
no [?], M. : lightning (flash). 

balenotto [-lena], M. : young whale. 

bale-stra [L. balista], F. : cross-bow; 
(typ.) galley, -straio, M. : bow-man. 
-strare, TR., INTR. : shoot (hurl) ; trans- 
piercef. -strata, p.: bow-shot; length 
of a bow-shotfj gun-shotf. -striere, 
M. : bowman, -strinof, dim. of -stro. 
-*stro, M. : crossbow, -stro no, aug. of 
-stro; kind of breadf. -stru-e-eto, M. : 
kind of swallow. 

ba-li [L. baiulus, 'carrier/ ak. to Eng. 
bailif], M. : commander (in knighthood). 
-Ha i, P.: authority (power). ba-lia2, 
P.: wet-nurse, -lia-e-eia, disp. of -Ha 2. 
-liaggio, M. : office of a commander; 
magistrate; BAILIWICK. -Katico [cf. 
-lia 2], M. : nurse's pay. -liatof, M. : 
bailiff's rank. ba-Iio [-tax 2], M.: hus 
band of a nurse; preceptorf. -liona, 
aug. of -liaz. 

bali-sta [L.], F.: ballista. bali-stioa, 
F. : ballistics. 

ball a [OGer. balla], P.: BALE, sack: a 
balle, in abundance. 

bal labile!, M. : ballet (dance), -lado- 
ref, M. : gallery of a ship, -lamentof, 
M. : wavering; dancing. ||-lare [ak. to 
Eng. ball], INTR. : dance, waver, -lata, 
P. : BALLAD ; intriguef. -latella, -la- 
tetta, dim. of -lata. -latina, dim. of 
-lata. -latoio, M.: gallery, terrace, -la- 
tore, M., -latri-ee, F.: dancer, -leriaf. 


P. : dancing, -lerina, F. : wagtail, -le- 
rina, F., -lerino, M.: professional danc 
er; dancing-teacher, -iettare, INTR. : 
jump, dance, -letto, dim. of -lo. -lo. 
M.: ball (dancing), -lomchiaref, INTR.: 
dance badly. -lonc/iiot, M. : country 
dance, -lonzarei, INTR.: dance badly. 
-lomzolare, INTR. : dance carelessly ; 
jump about, -lonzolo, M. : awkward 

bal-16ttat [? palla], F.: little ballf; boiled 
chestnut (dim. of -la), small bag: naso 
a , thick nose; balloting ball, -lot- 
tare, TR. : ballot, vote, -lottazione, 
F. : balloting, voting. 

bal - neario [L. -neum, bath], ADJ. : 

ba-loccagginet, F.: nonsense, -locca- 
re, TR.: trifle (away time) ; REFL.: divert 
one's self (with trifles); trifle away or lose 
time. -loccJteriat, F. : silly diversion. 
-locco [-daluceo], M. : toy, amusement; 
clownf. -loceone, M. : blockhead. 

balogiaf, F. : boiled chestnut. 

balogio [ak. to barlume, which cf .], ADJ. : 
feeble ; dull (heavy) ; sultry (indicating 

ba-lordaggine, F. : foolishness (stupid 
ity). -loVdamente, ADV. : foolishly. 
-lordiaf, F. : foolish act. H-16rdo [? lor- 
do], ADJ. : dull ; indisposed. 

bal-samaret, TR. : embalm, -samlco, 
ADJ. : balsamic, -samina, F. : balsam. 
-saminof, M. : balsam-tree. (Cbal-sa- 
mo [Gr. -samon], M. : BALM. 

balsof, M. : jump ; sheaf. 

balsolataf, F. : fear. 

bait a [?], F. : in dar (la) , upset (esp. 
of boats). 

balteo [L. -teus], M. : BELT. 

Baltico, ADJ., M. : Baltic. 

baluardo [Ger. bollwerk], M. : BULWARK, 
bastion, fortress. 

ba-lnginare [ak. to -logio], INTR. : flash; 

balusaxitet, ADJ. : short-sighted. 

bal-za i [-zo], F. : cliff, rock. 

bal-za 2 [L. -teus, BELT], F. : trimming- 
band; fringe; white * streak' or spot (on 
horses), -zana, F. : white * streak ' or 
spot (on horses), -zano, ADJ.: white- 
* streaked ' = dappled horse ; two-coloured 
(arms or insignia) ; scatter-brained. 

bal-zare [? Gr. -Kzein, throw], INTR.: 
jump, leap, -zellare, INTR. : skip, jump. 
-zello, M. : small leapt; special tax. 
-zellone, M.: skipping (leaphig). -zo, 
M. : jut (cliff) ; jump. 

bam-bagellof, M.: rouge puff, [[-bagta 
[L., Gr. -bdkion], F. : cheap cotton : (jig.) 
di , weak, delicate, -bagino, ADJ.: 
cotton; M.: thin goods, dimity, -bagiof, 



M. : cotton, -bagioso, ADJ. : of or like- 

bambara [ Afr.], F. : game of cards 
(similar to primero). 

bam-berottola, P., lo,M.: rather large 
child, -bina, F. of -bino. -bimaggine, 
F. : childishness, -"binaia, p. : nurse (in 
noble families), -binaio, M. : lover of 
children (spec'ly old person), -binata, 
F. : childish act or speech, -binella, 
-bimello, dim. and car. of -bino. -"bl 
uer ia, F. : childishness ; childish act. 
-binesco, ADJ. and disp. of -bino. -bi- 
netta, -biaetto, dim. of -bina and 
-bino. H-bino [? a lost -bo, cf. -&oZo], M.: 
child (under eight years of age). -bof y 
ADJ.: simple, -bo-e-eeria, F. : childish 
act; childishness, -bo-e-eiata, F.: child 
ish act; caricature, -bd-e-eio, M.: large,, 
fat child ; simple person. 

bam-bola, P.: puppet (of rags, etc.), 
doll; little girlf. -bolinaggine, P.: 
childishness. Jl-bolo [Gr. -b'alos], M. ; 
little boy. -bolone, M. : fat child. 

bambu [Ind.], M. : bamboo. 

banano [Indj, M. : banana. 

ban-ca, F. : BANK ; soldiers* pay-office ; 
bench (of galley-slaves), -ca-e^cio, M. : 
large shelf or board; bench, -carlo, 
ADJ.: pertaining to a bank, -carotta, 
F. : bankruptcy. -eJtetta, dim. of -ca~ 
-cTtettare, INTR. : banquet, feast. -c7iet~ 
to, M. : banquet; car.f of -ca or -co: 
rowers' benchf. -cMere [-ca], M. : bank 
er ; cambist, -cfcina, F. : porch or gar 
den bench; elevation of ground (behind 
which soldiers take aim) ; foot-path. H-oo- 
[Ger. bank, BENCH], M.: writing desk; mag 
istrate's desk; street-vender's counter; 
sand-bar. -co=gro, M.: transference of 

ban-da [Ger. band], F. : BAND (strip ; fu 
neral band or drapery; troop; band of 
musicians); part of a door; sidef. -da- 
ref, TR.: trim with bands, -deggiaret* 
TR.: proclaim; banish. -della,F>. hinge. 
-deraio, M. : maker of ensignsf; ensign- 
bearerf ; church decorator. -der(u)61a t 
P.: flag (on a vessel); vane (weather-cock); 
fickle person, -diera, P.: ensign; flag 
(of a ship), -dleraio, M. : maker of 
ensigns, -dinella, p.: towel (on rol 
lers); pulpit cover. 

ban-dire [-do], TR.: announce (in church); 
banish, -dita, F. : private grounds, -di- 
to, ADJ.: proclaimed; banished; M.: BAN 
DIT, outlaw: a corte, royal or public 

ban-dista [-da], F. : member of a band. 

ban-ditore [-dire], M. : proclaimer (pub 
lic crier). ||-db [L L. -num], M. : decree; 
banishment ; condemnation*!". 


Bandolier a 

bamdoliera [banda], M. : shoulder-belt; 
soldier's belt. 

bamdolo [-da], M. : head of a skein. 

bara [OGer. ftara], P.: BIER, coffin; litter. 

barabiiffa [barujfa], F. : scuffling ; riot 

barac-ca [barra], F. : barrack ; bath 
house. -cMert? M - : sutler, -cu-e-eia, 
dim. and disp. of -ca. 

baragozzo [? Afr.], M. : trifle. 

baraonda [Sp. -rahunda], F. : confusion 

ba-rar [~ro], INTR. : cheat (at play). 

baratro [L. -trum], M. : deep, dark 
place ; abyss (hell). 

Tbarattat, F. : contention. 

barat-tamento, M.: exchanging. || -ta 
re [Gr.prdttein] f iE.: exchange (BARTER); 
cheat; deal with swindlersf; embroil one's 
selff. -tatore, M.: exchanger, -tazio- 
net, F. : exchanging, -teria, F. : bar 
tering, -tiere, M.: swindler; hucksterf. 
-to, M. : exchange ; swindle. 

barattolaf , F. : water-fowl. 

barattolo [? 1. L. veratrum], M. : vase ; 
pot (for medicines, conserves, etc.). 

bar-ba [L.], F. : beard ; force (strength) ; 
root; unclef: in, alia , in spite of. 
-babietola, F. : beet-root, -bacan, 
M. : barbacan, fortification, -baeeia, 
F.: rough beard, -bagiaimi [Fr. barbe 
a Jean], M. : owl ; simpleton. 

barbagrlio [bagliore], M. : dazzling ; dizzi 

bar-balacc7iiot,M.: dotard, -bandroc- 
cof, M.: lazy person, -banot, M.: unclp, 

barbaramente [-ro], ADV.: barbarously. 

barbar [-ba], TR. : take root ; play a 

bar-bareggiar, INTR.: speak or act 
barbarously;* commit barbarisms. -Tba- 
rescamente, ADV. : barbarously, -ba- 
reseo, ADJ. : barbarous, bar-bari, M. 
PL. : barbarians (northern nations not 
under Roman rule), -barico, ADJ.: bar 
barous, -bari, F. : barbarity (cruel 
act) ; barbarous manner of speaking or 
writing, -barismo, M.: barbarism; sole 
cism, bar-baro [Gr. -baros], ADJ.: bar 
barous (fierce, gruel) ; M. : barbarian. 

barbarossa [-ba], F. : sort of grape. 

barbassdro [varvassoro, vassal of low 
rank], M. : wiseacre. 

bar-bata [-&<&], F. : roots. -Ibatolla, 
F. : layer, sprig ; kind of herb (eaten in 
salad), -batof, ADJ. : rooted ; wise ; val 
iant, -bazzale, M.: curb (check); fetter. 

bar-beraref, INTR. : play horse ; whirl 
about (of a peg-top), -beresco, M. : 

. groom of barbery horses ; barbery horsef . 
Hbar-bero [Barberia], M. : BARBERY 
horse; race-horse. 


barbtta [-ba], F. : small, thin beard. 

bar-bicamanto, M.: taking root. ||-bi- 
car [-ba], INTR. : take root ; grow. 

barbi<jef, ADJ. : pertaining to a sheep ; 
F. : sheep; ewe. 

bar-bi-eella, -bi-eima, dim. of -ba (in 
sense of root), -bicolaf, dim. of -ba. 
-bicone, M. : large, coarse beard ; main 
root. -Mere, M. : barber (hair-dresser). 
-bieriaf, F. : barber's shop, -bigi, M. 
PL.: whiskers. ||-bino [-5a], M. : "small 
beard; piece of cloth to polish razors; 
miserf; ADJ.: lacking ability, -bio, 
-bo, M. : barbel (kind of fish). -bi=ton- 
sore, M. : barber, -bdgio, ADJ.: old, 
imbecile; M.: dotard, -bolina, F.: very 
small root, -boa, M.: aug.of. -ba; long 
thick beard ; water-spaniel, -bozza, F. : 
horse's under- jaw; = -bozzof, M.: helmet- 
front (for cheek and chin), -bu-einof, 
ADJ. : slightly bearded. 

barbu-/lt'amento, M. : stammering. 
||-/lare [ak. to barbottare], INTR.: stam 
mer ; speak confusedly. 

bar-buta [-ba], F. : helmet with a deep 
visor; helmeted soldier. -bikto, ADJ.: 
heavily bearded. 

bar-ca [L.], F.: bark (small boat); affair; 
confused heap, -ca-c^ia, disp. of -ca. 
-oaiolo, M. : boatman ; ferryman, -ca- 
menare, REFL. : save one's self, -ca- 
rola, F. : barcarolle (gondolier's song), 
-cata, F. : boat-load (boatful). -c7^eg- 
giar, INTR. : ride in a boat (for plea's- 
ure)t; REFL.: save one's self, -c/teg- 
got, M. : boat-riding, -c/tere-c-c/of, M.: 
large number of boats, -cfoetta, F. : 
small boat ; pleasure-boat, -o/iettaidlo, 
M. : boatman, -c/^ettima, -o7&ettiuo, 
-o7^etto, -e7ittii-e-eo, dim. of -ca. 
-c7e,mo, M. : hunting-boat (used in 
marshes). -coilaineMto, M. : wavering. 
-collar, INTR.: stagger, waver (totter). 
-collio, M.: continuous wavering. -o61- 
lof, M. : wavering, -con, aug. of -ca. 
-onllare == -collar e. -ciiil6ne 9 -cul- 
loui, ADV. : waveringly. 

bar-da [1. LJ, F. : caparison, -damen- 
tart, TR. : caparison, -daamentot, 
M. : trappings (of a horse), -dare, TR. : 
caparison ; harness. 

bardana [1. LJ, F. : burdock. 

bardassa [?], M. : naughty or ill-bred 
boy; rogue. 

bar-datura, F. : caparison (trappings of 
a horse). ~dIla [-da], F. : pack-saddle. 
-dellaret, TR. : put on a pack-saddle, 
-dellone, M. : large saddle (used in train 
ing colts), -digllo [Fr. -rfe, piece of ba 
con], M. : kind of marble (white and ceru 

bar-do [Celt, -dus], M. : bard (poet, esp. 

Ib ardocucnllo 

of the north), -docuctillot, M. : bard's 

bardotto [-da], M. : mule ; apprentice. 

"ba-rella [-ra], p. : handbarrow, litter ; 
PL. : eye-glasses, -rellare, INTR. : rest ; 
carry on a handbarrowf. -rellone, M. : 

bareriaf , p. : cheat ; swindle. 

foar-gagriaaret, INTR.: bargain, -ga- 
gnot, M. : negotiation. 

"bar-gella, P.: crafty or talkative woman. 
-geilin.o, M. : small coin (coined under 
tKe first Bargelli). i|-gello [1. L. bari- 
gildus (Ger.)j, M. : commander (in Italian 
city); chief of bailiffs; sheriff; residence 
of the commander ; slanderer. 

"bar-giaf [-60,], p.: dew-lap (of oxen); beard 
(of goats). -gi#lio, M. (us'ly pi.): gills 
(of a cock), '-gigrliutof, ADJ.: having 

Tjarigellof = bargello. 

"ba-rigrliom-emo, dim. of -riglione. -ri 
g/Hone, M. : barrel (cask), -rilaf, P. : 
= -rile, -rilaia, p. : place where bar 
rels are (cooperage), -rilaio, M.: cooper. 
II -rile [I L. -rilus], M. : BAKREL; bee 
hive; old Florentine coinf. -riletto, 
dim. of -rile, -rildtto, M. : medium- 
sized barrel, -rlettof, M. : small barrel. 
-r lionet, M. : small barrel. 

"bari-tono [Gr. barus, heavy, tdnos, tone], 
M. : barytone voice; barytone singer, 
-ton ale, ADJ.: barytone, -toneggia- 
re, INTR. : possess or imitate a barytone 

"barla-e-eio [bis-, L. laxus, lax], ADJ. : 
spoiled (egg) ; slightly ill. 

"bar-letta [for -iletta, of -He], p. : travel 
ler's flask (barrel-shaped), -lettaio, M. : 
cooper. -16ttat = -toa. -lozzo, M. : 
small barrel. 

barlume [bis-, L. lumen, light], M. : dim, 
uncertain light ; (fig.} weak idea. 

baruaMta [Barnaba], M. : Barnabite 
(member of a religious order); ADJ. : of a 

baro [?], M. : cheat, swindler (at cards). 

baroccfoismo [-rocco], M. : awkward 
(clumsy) work ; uncouthness. 

ba-ro-e-eiaio, M. : carter (drayman). 
-ro-e-eiata, P.: cartload; very fat wom 
an, -ro-e-eiaaio, M. : cart-lender; street- 
vender, -ro^-eimo, M. : small vehicle 
(cart). ||-rdeeio [L. bi-roteus] M.: 'Two- 
wheeled' waggon (cart, handcart) ; great 

ba-rocco [-roco, in sense of oddness], 
ADJ.: BAROQUE; awkward; much orna 
mented; kind of usuryf. -rdccolof, M. : 
kind of usury, -roccume, M. : quantity 
of odd, strange things, -roco [mnemonic 
word], M. : baroko (kind of syllogism). 



"ba - rometrico, ADJ. : barometric(al). 
fl-rometro [Gr. bdros, weight, metron, 
MEASURE], M. : barometer. 

"ba-ronaggio, M. : barony, -romale, 
ADJ.: baronial, -ronaret, INTR.: play 
the knave, -romata, P. : wicked deed ; 
despicable thing. -roncello, M. : idle 
(good for nothing) boy. -ron-eino, M. : 
son of a baron. H-rone [Fr. -ron], M. : 
baron ; game (with dice) ; knave (vaga 
bond) ; title given to saints and to Christf ; 
great lordf. -roaeriaf, P.: wicked 
action, -ronescamente, ADV.: knavish- 
ly. -ronesco, ADJ. : knavish, -rones- 
sa, P. : baroness, -ronetto, M. : bar 
onet, -ronevolef , ADJ. : noble, valiant. 
-ronia, p. : barony; company of baronsf; 
company of noble, valiant menf; rank 

"bar-ra, [1. L.], P. : BAR (in a court-room ; 
metal platet). -raref, TR.: bar; cheat. 
-reria, P.: deceit, fraud. -ricare, 
TR. : barricade ; REPL. : protect one's self 
by a barricade, -ricata, p. : barricade, 
-rieraf, P. : barrier (balustrade) ; pali 

"bar-rire [L.], INTR. : roar (of elephants) 
-rito, M. : roaring. 

"barrd-c-eio and der., cf. baroceio. 

"baruf-fa [ryffa], P. : quarrel. -of, M. : 
quarrel ; intrigue. 

Barugioli [?], in : tra ugioli e , all in 
all, altogether. 

"barnl-laxet, TR.: retail; roll, -'lot, 
M. : disp.: huckster; simpleton. 

l>arzellet-ta [?] P.: joke; funny story. 
-tare, INTR. : joke. 

"basal = base. 

foasa-lisc/tiot, -liscof , M. : basilisk. 

"basal-te, -to [L. -tes], M. : basalt. 

"ba-samento , M. : base (foundation), -sa- 
re [-se], TR., REPL. : found (establish). 

"base/ a, M. : pop. for pascici. 

"ba-sciaref, TR. : kiss. H-seiof, M.: 

base [Gr. -sis], p.: base (foundation); 

"baseof, ADJ. : stupid (dull) ; M. : simpleton. 

foaset-ta [?], P. : mustache ; whiskers, 
-tinif, M. PL.: whiskers, -tone, M. : 
big-whiskered man. 

ba-silica [Gr. -silike (-sileus, king), royal 
palace], p. : basilica (Roman public hall ; 
cathedral), -silicale, ADJ.: pertaining 
to a cathedral, -silieo [Gr. -silikon, 
king plant], M. : sweet basil, -silisco 
[Gr. -siliskos, king lizard], M. : basilisk. 

"basimento [-sire], M. : fainting. 

basmaf, P. : pottage. 

basino [for bombasino], M. : bombasin. 

basire [Celt, bas, dead], INTR. : die, faint. 

feasofEaf, P. : pottage. 

68 "basoso 

Imsosot, ADJ. : stupid, dull. 

Bas-samente [basso], ADV.: humbly; 
basely, -samemtof, -sanzat = abbas- 
samento, abbassanza. -saref = abbas- 
sare. -setta, P. : skin of a slaughtered 
sheepf; broken flask ; (fig.) dwarf ; basset 
(game of cards), -sett&re, TR. : kill, 
-setto, ADJ. : dim. of -sot J small violin, 
-sezza, P.: lowness, humility; abject- 
ness ; base thingf. ll-so [l.L.-sus, thick], 
ADJ.: low, short; shallow (of water); 
base (mean) ; wretched ; ADV. : below, 
down ; basely ; M. : profundity (depth, bot 
tom) ; bass; bass viol. -so=rilievo, 
M.: basrelief. -sotto, M. : dim. of -so; 
short person ; mess of macaronif. -sura, 
P. : low place or condition. 

liasta i [OFr. -stir, BASTE], P. : basting ; 
wide fold (to lengthen a garment). 

Ibasta 2 [-stdre], INTER J. : enough ! stop ! 

Imstagiot, M. : porter. 

Imstaio [-to], M. : pack-saddle maker. 

Im-stante [-stare], ADJ. : sufficient, -stan- 
t entente, ADV. : sufficiently, -stanza, 
P.: in a , usually abbastanza, in suf 
ficiency, sufficiently, enough; durationt; 

Iba-stardaj, P.: small galley, -star- 
della, F. : stew-pan ; sauce-pan, -star- 
dello, M. : foundling, -stardigiat, 
p.: being a bastard. ||-stardo [~sto], 
ADJ. : bastard (illegitimate ; false) ; bor 
rowed; M. : bastard, -stardume, M. : 
(disp.) number of bastards ; false things ; 
useless growth (of plants). 

Imstare [?], INTR. : suffice ; last ; subsistt- 

"basterna [? -stare], F. : ancient chariot. 

%a-stevole [-stare], ADJ.: sufficient. 
-stevolezzaf, P. : sufficiency, -stevol- 
mente, ADV. : sufficiently. 

%astiat, P. : bastion ; fortress. 

Tbastiere j , M. : pack-saddle maker. 

Ijastimento [OFr. -tir, build], M. : ship. 

Ibastina [-to], F. : light pack-saddle. 

toa-stionar, TR. : fortify with bastions ; 
REFL. -stion at a, F. : defense of bas 
tions, -stion, M. : fortification; bas 
tion. H-stiret [OFr. -stir], TR.: build, 
-stitaf, F. : palisade ; fortification. 

imsto [?], M. : pack-saddle; troublesome 
weight ; heavy care. 

Imsto-nare, TR. : beat, cudgel, BASTINADE 
("cane"); sell cheaply, -nata, F.: beat 
ing, -natiira, P.: beating, -n-eello, 
dim. of -?ie. -neino, M. : cloth (of wool 
and lace) ; tea-roll, -n-eione, aug. of 
-ne. ||basto-ne [? basto], M. : stick 
(cane), staff; chicken-roost; emblem of 
rank ; staff of commandt (cf . Eng. baton) ; 
PL. : clubs (at cards), -nieret, M.: mace- 
bearer; lictor. 

imstraoonet, M. : fat man. 


Isastorovescio [basto], M. : gutter. 

tja-taccMaf, P.: bastinade. -taeeMa* 
re, TR., REFL.: beat (cudgel). -tacc7iia- 
taf, F. : bastinade ; blow. ||-taccMo 
[L. *-taculum (-tuere, hit)], M. : bell-clap 
per ; big stick ; pole. 

Jiatassaref, TR. : shake. 

liatataf, F. : sweet potato. 

"Batista [Baptiste of Cambrai, inventor], 
ADJ. : of fine cambric, lawn, batist. 

"batdcc/ilof, M. : blindman's staff. 

Ibatolo p], M. : priest's mantle; fold of 
the cowlf ; f oundationf. 

"ba-tosta [?], p. : agitation (disturbance); 
contention ; battlef (combat), -tostaref, 
INTR. : dispute (quarrel). 

Tbat-ta#lia [1. L. -ualia (L. -tuere, 
strike)], F.: BATTLE; battalion f. -ta- 
f/Hare, INTR. : wage battle (us'ly in fig. 
sense); TR. : fightt; beat in wallsf. -ta- 
grliataf , P.: blow in battle. -ta^Keraf, 
F. : bastion, fortress, -tagrlieref, ADJ. : 
fond of battle. -tagrKero, ADJ.: ac 
customed to battle ; fond of battle, -ta- 
grKerosof, -tagrl6vole f, ADJ.: war 
like, -tagrlio, M.: bell-clapper, -tagrlio- 
ne, M. : battalion; crowd; soldier of a 
battalionf. -taf/Kosof, ADJ.: warlike; 
quarrelsome, -tagrlista t> M. : battle- 
painter, -tagrliuolaf, dim. of -taglia. 
-tagliuzzaf, dim of -taglia. 

"batteggiaref , TR. : baptize. 

*bat-teliata, F. : boat-load, -tell^tto, 
dim. of -tello. -telliere, M. : boatman. 
||-tello [-to], M. : small boat : di sal- 
vamento, life-boat. 

"bat-tente, M. : folding-door ; frame (of a 
mirror, etc.); knocker. ||bat-tere 
[L. -tuere], TR. : beat (strike, knock; 
overcome) ; chatter ; scour ; REFL. : fight ; 
fight a duel ; i denti, chatter (from 
cold, fever); le died, strike ten; le 
mani, applaud; moneta, coin money. 
-teria, F. : battery; quantity of mer 
chandise ; breachf ; artillery firef : da 
cucina, kitchen utensils. 

Imt-tesimale, ADJ.: baptismal. |(-te- 
simo [Gr. baptismos], M. : BAPTISM. 
-tesmof, M. : baptism, -tezzamentof, 
M. : baptizing, -tezzare, TR. : baptize ; 
name (a thing) ; REFL. : receive baptism ; 
il vino, thin, adulterate the wine. 
-tezzatore, M. : baptizer. -tezzatorio, 
M. : baptismal font. -tezziere, M. : 

batti- [battere] : ="baleno, in un , in 
a moment. =coda, F. : titmouse. =core, 
M. : cf . -cuore. -culof, M. : thigh armor ; 
kind of sail. =cm6re, M. : palpitation (of 
the heart); fear. =fianco, M.: partition 
board (of a stable). =f(u)6co, M. : steel 
(to strike fire). 


foattif 6Hef , M. : citadel. 

"battifredof, M.: tower; rampart; mov 
able tower (for attacking a fort). 

!>atti- [battere]: -gif or -gef, P. : falling 
sickness; convulsions. =iano, M. : wool- 
carder, -loro \V oro], M. : gold or silver 
beater. =mano, or -mani, M.: ap 
plause, -mentof , M. : beating (esp. ap 
plause). Ibatti-o, M.: beating. =portof, 
M.: entrance (into a ship). =s6fRaf, 
P. : sudden fear. 

"battis-teriof, -tero [Gr. baptisterion], 
M. : baptismal chapel ; bathf . 

"battl- [battere]: =strada, M. : outrider. 
"batti-to, M.: beating (of the heart), 
pulsation; trembling (fear), -toio, M.: 
club; folding-door, -tore, M. : beater. 
-t1ira, P. : beating (thrashing) ; imprint 
of the hammer; punishment. 

"battof, M.: rowboat. 

"bat-tolaf [-fere], P.: clatterboard. ~to- 
laret, INTR. : chatter. 

battu-ta, p.: pulse-beat; beating time 
(in. music). ||-'to [battere], ADJ.: beaten, 
M.: condiment; pavementf, Tuscan coinf. 

batuf-fo, or -(f )61o [?], M. : heap. 

"bail [echoic], M. : dog's bark ; one who 
causes fear (fright). 

"bamdof, ADJ. : bold. 

*bam-le [? L. baiulus, 'carrier'], M.: cof 
fer, trunk, -lotto, -lino, M. : dim. of 
~le; jewel or workbox. 

Bausette [ban, sette], M. : fear. 

"bautta [?], P. : domino. 

ba-va [?], P.: saliva; slobbering; poor 
silk ; profile, -vagrlino, dim. of -vaglio. 
-vagrlio, M. : bib ; gag. 

Ba-varese, M., P., -varo, M. : Bavarian. 

ba-vella [-t?a],p.: kind of silk. -Vera, 
P.: cape, -verina, P.: embroidered 
collar. -Vero, M.: collar, cape, -vetta, 
P.: <fo"m.t of ~va; scum, -vettine, P. 
PL.: dough; broth, -voso [-m], ADJ.: 

bazza [OGer. baze, gain, ak. to Eng. better], 
p.: "bargain (cheap purchase); good luck; 
winning card ; projecting chin ; trickf (at 

bazzana [Ar.] P. : tanned sheepskin. 

bazzar [Ar.], M. : bazar. 

bazzar-at, or -of, cf. baratto. 

baz-zecola [dim. of -za], P.: folly; trifle. 
-ze'scot, ADJ.: low; clownish (coarse). 
-'zica, P.: game of cards, -zicare, 
INTE.: play -zica; fight duels; frequent 
(of a place), -zicattirat, F.: folly; 
trifle, -zicotto, M. : making a point (at 
-zica). -zicottone, M. : term in card- 
playing, "baz-zina, p., baz-zino, M.: 
small purchase. 

bazzoffia [zuffa], P.: coarse food (thick 
pottage); long, confused composition. 


"bazzotto [? Ger. besotten, boiled], ADJ. : 
soft boiled (of eggs); half-done; unskilled. 

be [echoic], M. : bleating. 

toe', ADV.: for bene. 

foea-re [LJ, TE. : beatify (make happy); 
bless; EEFL.: take pleasure in. -ta- 
mente, ADV. : blessedly, -t&nza, P. : 
bliss, beatitude, -tificare, TE. : bless 
(beatify); magnifyf. -tifieazione, P.: 
beatification ; function of the high priest 
(at mass), -tifico, ADJ. : beatific, -tittt- 
dine, p.: beatitude (bliss); title of the 
pontiff, -to, ADJ.: happy (contented); 
beatifier (elect of Paradise). 

beca [-co], p. : woman of low rank ; slat 

"beccaf, P. : scarf (worn by university pro 
fessor); band; garter. 

"bec-cabile [-co i, BEAK], ADJ. : that may 
be picked, -ca-c-eia, P.: woodcock, -ca-e- 
eiao, M. : snipe. -ca-eeio, disp. of -co. 
-calico, M. : fig-pecker. 

"beccaio [&ecc.o 2], M. : butcher. 

"becca=m6rti, M.: grave-digger. 1>ecca= 
peso! [pesce], M. : sea-bird. il"becca-re 
[6eccoi], TE.: peck (eat) ; strike with the 
beak; win; obtain by cunning; EEFL.: catch: 
-carsi il cervello, puzzle one's brain. 

"beccarellof , M. : Md. 

"beccastriaof, M. : mattock. 

bec-cata [-co i], P. : blow with the beak ; 
beakful. -catellaf, P.: hawk's lure; 
trifle, -catello, M. : bracket, -catina. 
dim. of -cata. -catoio, M. : food-box 
(in bird-cages), -catura, P. : pecking. 

becc/te-rellof, M. : dim. of 6ecco 2 ; kid. 
[l-ria [6ecco2], P.: butcher's shop; kil- 

beccTticof, ADJ. : good for coughs ; pec 
toral. [6ecco 2, in anal, with beccaio], 
M. : grave-digger. 

beccoi [?], M. : BEAK; mouth; point (of 
various objects, as lip or spout of a pitch 
er, etc.); beak of a ship; mallet: aver 
paglia in , share a secret. 

bec-co 2 [?], M. : goat ; cuckold, -cone* 

"bec-cii-e-eio [dim. of -coi], M. : spout. 
-cnzzare, TE. : freq. of -care. 

*be-eerata, P.: insolent word or act. 
ll-'-eero [pecoro], M. : vulgar man; cyn 
ical, insolent man. -eeroiia, -eero- 
ne, aug. -eerume, M. : vulgar crowd; 

beco [L.pecus], M. : dull (stupid); rustic. 

be-faaa [Epifania], P. : Epiphany; goblin 
(bringing gifts to children at Epiphany); 
gift ; ugly woman, -fana-e-cia, disp. of 
-fana. -fania, P. : Epiphany. 

bef-fa [?], P. : derision (scorn), -fardo* 
ADJ. : jesting; M. : jester (banterer). -fa- 



re, TR. : ridicule (jeer at, scorn): -far- 
si d' una cosa, not to care for a thing, 
scorn a thing, -fatore, M., -f atri-ee, 
P.: mocker, -feggiamemto, M. : de 
rision (ridicule), -feggiare, TR.: freq. 
of -fare, -fevolet,' -fivilef, ADJ. : ri 
diculous ; contemptible. 

"bega [?], F. : contention, trouble. 

beg/tina [1. L. -gardus (ak. to Eng, beg)], 
p. : lay-sister ; beguine ; bigot. 

begrli, PL. of bello before vowel or s im 

be01=(n)6niiiii, M. PL. : garden balsam 

begolaref, INTR. : trifle. Hbegoief, 
p. PL. : foolish talk ; trifles. 

bei r, PL. of bello before consonants (exc. s 

bei 2 or bei [Turk.], M.: bey (Turkish 

bei for bello before consonants. 

"b -lament o, M. : bleating. ||-lare [L.], 
INTR. : bleat ; cry ; calif. - Xato , M. : 
bleating, -latore, M., -latri-ee, P.: 
bleater, crier. 

belgico, ADJ.: Belgian. 

"belio [-lare], M. : continued bleating. 

belgiuinot, M. : benzoin. 

bell' = bello. 

bella=do:gma, F. : belladonna. 

bellamente [-ZZo], ADV. : gracefully, well; 
beautifully t; gentlyf. 

bel-laret, INTR. : wage war. -Iat6ref, 
M. : warrior. 

belletta [?], P.: sediment; mud (mire). 

belletto [-ZZo], M. : paint (rouge). 

bcl-lezza [-Zo], P.: beauty; abundance, 
-lezzina, dim. of -lezza. 

Ibellico [umbilico] t M. : navel. 

bellico [L. -urn], pi. -ci. ADJ. : pertaining 
to war. 

Ibelllcoii-eto, M. : umbilical cord. 

belliconef, M. : beaker (bumper). 

bel-licoso [L. -lum], ADJ. : warlike (mar 
tial); inciting to warf. -liger ante, ADJ.: 
belligerant. -ligero, ADJ. : warlike. 

bellimbiisto [6eZZo in busto], M. : dandy 

belKi&o [6eZZo], ADJ. : rather pretty. 

bellirioot, M. : myrobolan (plant). 

bel-lo [L. -lus], ADJ. : beautiful (fine ; 
gracious); gentle; M. : beauty; fine op 
portunity; (fine) thing, -io-e-cio, dim. 
car. of -Zo. -lone, aug. of -Zo. -losof, 
ADJ. : beautiful. -lo=spirito, M. : wit: 
far il , act insipidly. -I=nm6re, M., 
p. ; gay person. -Inria, F. : superficial 

"be-lof [-lare] , M. : bleating, crying, -lone , 
M., P. : wailing person (esp. child). 

belta = bellezza. 

[L. -lua,\, F. : wild beast. 


bel=vedere, M. : belvedere (point com 
manding a fine prospect). 

belzebii [Heb. Baal, lord], M. : Beelzebub. 

belzTiixao [?], M. : benzoin. 

bembe [bene-bene] t ADV. : well, well. 

bemolle, cf. bimolle. 

"ben-, for bene in compounds. 

"ben.=andata, P. : farewell-money. =an- 
gmrato or "ben augur at o, ADJ. : aus 
picious. = awentnranza , P. : good 
luck; prosperity. =c/ie [che], CONJ. : 
(al) though. 

"beai-da [cf.banda],?.: band; veil, -da 
re, TR. : blindfold, -datura, F. : band 
aging ; blindfolding, -done, M. : bonnet- 
strings; trimming, -dii-e-eiot, M. : child's 

Tberne [L. bene], ADV.: well; M.: good (ad 
vantage) ; property (wealth) ; peace (quiet) ; 
PL. : goods, property (possessions) : farci 
, sell well; operare , work, act up 
rightly ; trattar , have good manners ; 
spesso, very often ; si , most cer 
tainly ; vestito, decently, becomingly 
dressed ; vestito , dressed in rich gar 

fceue-detta, P.: electuary; thunderbolt. 
-dettino [Benedetto, Benedict], ADJ.: 
Benedictine, M. : drink made by the Bene 
dictines, -detto, ADJ.: blessed; longed 
for ; M. : slight convulsion. =dieeref , 
CJL. -dire, -di-eite [L.], grace (at table), 
-die ola, F. : trifling ecclesiastical office. 
||=dire [dire], IRR. ; TR. : bless, conse 
crate ; exalt ; become spoiled (of things) : 
mandar uno a farsi , send any one to 
perdition, -ditoret, M., -ditri-eef, F. : 
blesser. -dizione, F. : benediction; con 
secration : dar la , wish to know no 
more of a thing. 

Like dire , except : Pres. bene-ctico or ' 
(pop.) -disco. I've benedict. Impf, bene-dictoa 
or (pop.) -diva ; Subj. : bene-diccssi. Pret. 
bene-dissi or (pop.) -dii, 3. -disse, -di ; 6. -dis- 
sero } -dirono. 

feeiaesfare, IRR. ; INTR.: act honestly; 
BENEFIT, -fattivof, ADJ.: benefiting. 
-fatto, M.: benefit; service, -fattore, 
M.: benefactor (philanthropist), -fattri- 
ce, P.: benefactress. -Scare, TR.: benefit 
(do good to), -ficatoref, M. : benefac 
tor, -fi-eentef, ADJ.: beneficent, -fi-een- 
za, F. : beneficence. -Jfikualet, ADJ. : 
pertaining to an ecclesiastical benefice. 
-fi-elarefy TR.: benefit (do kindnesses to). 
-ii-eiata, p. : benefit (for an actor), -fi- 
eato, cf. -fiziato. -fi-eio, M. : kind 
ness; benefice, "bene-fico, ADJ.: benefi 
cent ; benefiting, -fiziaref, TR. : benefit. 
-fiziato, M. : beneficiary, -fizio, M. : 
kindness (service) ; benefice ; gain ; utility; 
advantage, -fiziotto, M. : benefice. 

, us'ly pi., F, : merit (de-* 


sert). H=merito, ADJ.: well-merited; 
M. : man of merit ; servicet- [L. -citum(placere, PLEASE)], 
M. : approbation (consent ; will, option). 

be:o.=essere or "ben essere, M. : pros 
perous condition (of health, fortune, etc.) ; 

bene-stante, ADJ.: well-conditioned, com 
fortable ; healthy. ||=stare, M. : approv 
al (of accounts, etc.). 

< bexLe-vo01ien.tety ADJ.: benevolent, -vo- 
glienzat, P.: benevolence, beme-vo- 
lef, cf. -wlo. -volememtet, ADV.: 
benevolently, -volentementef, ADV.: 
with benevolence, -volenza, F. : benev 
olence, -volmente, ADV. : with benev 
olence. Hbe2a.e=volo, ADJ. : benevolent 

ben=fatto, ADJ. : well made ; good feat 
ured : cuore , kind ; generous. 

bextiamino [Beniamino, Benjamin], M.: 
beloved, favorite child. 

bemi-ficaref,-fi-eeiizat,-fi-eiof, cf. be- 
ne-jicare, etc. 

be- nit/name ate, ADV.: benignantly 
(kindly), -nigrnita, P. : benignity (good 
ness ; kindness). U-nigrno [L. -nignus], 
ADJ. : benign (kind) ; mild (of weather) ; 
not dangerous (of sickness) ; propitious. 

bemino [dim. of bene], ADV.: pretty well; 
well : per , quite well, good. 

benivofirl. . = benevol. . 

bennat, P. : mountain cart or sled ; fold ; 

bexi.=:aato, ADJ. : well born ; happyf ; for- 

beuone \bene\, ADV.: very well (excel 

ben = servito, M.: testimonial; recom 
mendation ; recompensef. 

ben=si, ADV. : certainly ; but. 

bea=tornato, M. : welcome. 

"ben=trovato, M. : welcome (greeting, 
j salute). 

, ben.=veimto, M. : welcome: dar il , 

ben-vofirlieatet, ADJ. : benevolent. U=vo- 
lere, IRR.; TR.: wish well, love; M. : 
benevolence, love: farsi , make one's 
self loved ; prender a , take under one's 
protectionf, adopt ; love. -voluto, PART.: 

benzina [belzuino], P. : benzine. 

be-6ne, pop. for -vone, M.: tippler, drunk 

berbero or -pi, M. : barberry. 

berbi-eef, F. : sheep ; lamb. 

ber-eiare [?], INTR. : howl (shriek). 

ber-eiloceMof, M. : squint-eyed; near 
sighted person. 

ber-eio [-ciare], M. : howl ; scream. 

bere or bevere [L. Mbere], IRR. (cf. be- 

bersagliare 61 

vere) ; TR. : drink : grosso, be very cred 
ulous ; dare a , make (any one) believe ; 
bersela, berselo, believe blindly; una 
cosaf, believe a thing readily (' swallow'). 

bergamasca [Bergamo, Italian province], 
F. : kind of dance. 

berga-motta [Turk.], F. : bergamot. 
-motto, ADJ. : bergamot. 

berg/iinellaf , F. : gossip ; low woman. 

bergolinaref, TR. : quiz, rally, ber- 
goiof, M. : blockhead ; big talker ; fickle 
person; willow-basket. 

beri-cocolaiof, M. : honey-cake (or gin : 
gerbread) seller. -c(w)dcolof , M. : honey-* 
cake (gingerbread). 

beriilo [L. -ryllus}, M. : beryl. 

berlicc/ie [?], M.: (jest.) devil (dickens). 

berlinai [?], F. : pillory; gallowsf. 

berl-na2 [Berlino, Berlin], P.: berlin 
(coach), -nese, ADJ.: Berlinian. 

berlin-ga-e<eino, M. : second Thursday 
before Lent. H-g&eeo [?], M.: fat 
Thursday (last Thursday of the carnival) ; 
fat person, -gamolof , M. : big talker ; 
big eater, -gamentof, M. : babbling. 
-garef, INTR.: babble, chat (after a 
meal). -gatoret,M.: big babbler. -gMe- 
ret, M. : big eater, -gozzat, F. : coun 
try-dance, -gozzo, M. : big cake. 

bernabita = barnabita. 

bernaeiaf , F. : barnacle. 

berneecJfce [L. ebronicus], M. : essere> an- 
dare in , be a little intoxicated. 

ber-neggiare [Berni, Ital. humorist], 
INTR. : write in a humorous vein, -ne- 
sco, ADJ. : burlesque. 

berniaf , F. : woman's cloak. 

ber-noecMof, -moccolo [bis-, nocchio], 
M. : protuberance, knob: aver il di 
qualcosa, have a mind (inclination) for a 
thing, -noccoletto, -noccolino, dim. 
-aioecoluto, ADJ. : full of knobs. 

berret-ta [1. L. (L. birrus, 'red,' viz. 
cloth)], F. : barretta (priest's cap) ; lady's 
bonnet; cap; red berries of shrubs: 
rossa, cardinal's hat ; aver il cervello so- 
pra la , be without judgment ; far di 
, salute a person, -ta-e-eia, disp. of 
-to. -ta-e-eio, disp. of -to. -taio, M. : 
maker or seller of bonnets, -tino, dim. 
of -to; ADJ.: malignant; wretched, ber- 
ret-to, M.: cap (with a vizor): frigio, 
republican emblem ; ducale, ducal coro 
net; da notte, nightcap; far di , 
salute a person, -tome, aug. -tw-e-eia, 
-tik-e-eio, disp. dim. of -to. 

berriaolaf , p. : dim. of berretta ; house- 

berro-vaglia, F. : crowd of armed men. 
||-viere [OFr. -vier, inhabitant of Berry], 
M. : armed man ; bailiff ; audacious soldier. 

ber-sagrliare, TR. : shoot at a target; 



(Jig.} torment through enmity. -saglie- 
re, M. : sharpshooter. H-sagKo [?], M. : 
bull's-eye, target ; mark, bntt ; encounterf 

berta [?], F. : pile-driver; trick; triflef: 
dar la , deride, scorn. 

"bertalbello, M. : same as bertuello. 

"berteggiare [-to], TR. : deride, ridicule. 

"bertes-ea [?], P.: parapet; bricklayer's 
hodf ; bench f. -tescaref, INTR.: fortify 
with parapets ; puzzle one's self. 

feertoldo [Bertoldo], M. : foolish man. 

bortoaet, M. : cropped horse ; high ship. 

"foertovellot = bertuello. 

fcer-t&e-eia [-to], P.: monkey; ugly gos 
siping woman, -tu-e-eiata, P. : foolish 
act. -ttt-e-eina, dim. of -tuccia. -tu-c- 
eiof, M.: monkey, baboon, -tu-e-eione, 
aug. of -tuccio. 

"bertnello [1. L. vertebolum (-tere, turn)], 
M.: fishing-net. 

Ijernzzof, M. : peasant's breakfast. 

"berzat, P. : calf of the leg. 

"berza^Kof = bersaglio. 

"bes-sagginef, P.: foolishness, "bes-sof, 
ADJ.: foolish; stolid. 

bestem-mia [Gr. blasphemia], F. : BLAS 
PHEMY ; false judgment, -miamentot, 
M. : blaspheming, -miare, TR., INTR. : 
blaspheme, -miatopa, P., -miatore, 
M.: blasphemer, -mione, M.: continuous 

be-stia [L.], P.: BEAST; cruel man; ig 
norant person : andare (entrare, saltare) 
in , fly into a rage ; eonoscere rumor 
delta , know with whom one has to ^o. 
-stia-e-eia, disp. of -stia. -stiaio, 
keeper of animals, -stiale, ADJ. : bes 
tial (brutal); enormous, -stialita, p.: 
bestiality; stupidity. -stialmeate,ADV.: 
in a bestial manner, -stiame, M. : herd 
of cattle, horses, etc. -stie-eiuolat, 
dim. = -stioluccia. -stilitaf, P. : same 
as -stialita. -stiola, P. : small animal ; 
ignorant person, -stiolina, -stiolino, 
-stiold-e-eia, dim. of -stia. -stioua-e- 
eio, disp. (applied to persons), -stione, 
M.: aug. of -stia; coarse, wicked man ; very 
ignorant man. -straola^-s&oZa. -stiud- 
lo, M. : small animal ; ignorant person. 

"bet-tola [for bevettola (bevere, drink)], 
p.: ale-house, tavern, -tolante, M.: 
frequenter of ale-houses; tippler, -to- 
liere, M. : ale-house keeper. 

"bettonica [L.], P.: betony (plant): esser 
piti conosciuto detta , be very well 

fee-tula or -tnlla D^J* F. : birch-tree. 

be-nccft. ., -ut. . = be-vuceh. ., -ut. . 

"be-va, p.: time when a wine is fit to drink ; 
quality of wine, savour; (Jig.) true ele 
ment, forte, gift : i sonetti son la sua , 


sonnets are his forte, -vamda, P.: drink; 
potion, -veraggio, M. : drink (esp. for 
animals); drink-money; recompense*)", -ve- 
ratdio, same as abbeveratoio. ||be*ve- 
pe, or bere [L. bibere], IRR. ; TR. : drink 
(cf. bere). -veriaf , P.: drinking (merry 
making), -verino, M. : drinking cup in 

Pres. leva or (pop.) fee, etc. Pret. bfrvvi 

feevero, M. : BEAVER. 

*be-verone [-vere], M. : drink (for horses 
and cattle); medicinal drink, -vibile, 
ADJ.: drinkable, -vilacqtiaf, M.: water- 
drinker. -vimentot,M.: drinking, -vi- 
tore, M., -vitri-ee, P.: drinker, -vitii- 
raf, -vizionef , P. : drinking, -vone, 
M.: hard drinker; tippler. -vnccTtiare, 
iNTR.:/reg. of -re. -vuta, P.: drinking. 
-vntma, dim. of -vuta. 

foezzi-care [ftcccoi], TR., REPL.: peck; 
TR., INTR.: peck (food); dispute (quarrel). 
-cata, P. : blow with the beak, -catd- 
ra, F. : wound from a beak. 

bezzo [L. bi-assis } double coin], M. : small 
Venetian coin ; PL. : money. 

M- [L. bis, TWICE], PREP.: M-, TWO-, 
double [cf. bis-], also disparaging. 

"biacca [Ger. bleich, pale], P. : white lead. 

Macco [? ak. to black], M. : species of 
non-poisonous snake (coluber milo). 

Ma-da [?], P.: horse-feed, oats, etc.; 
PL.: grains in general, -daiolo, M.; 
grain-seller, -dare, TR. : feed (animals). 

Madettof, ADJ. : clear azure ; M. : blue 

Mau-castro, ADJ.: whitish, -castro- 
ne, aug. -c^eggiamei&to, M. : whit 
ening. -cTieggiare, INTR.: become white 
or pale ; grow'hoary or gray, -c/teria, 
F. : linen or cotton clothes, -c/iepim-c- 
cia, dim. and disp. -c7iezza, P.: white 
ness, paleness. -cM-e-eio, ADJ.: whit 
ish. -cJtimento, M.: whitening, bleach 
ing. -cMre, TR.: whiten : bleach ; polish. 
IIMan-co [OGer. blanc], ADJ.: white; 
pale; hoary; M. : whiteness, brightness; 
blank. -comangiaret, M. : blanc 
mange, -cone, 'ADJ.: white-skinned; 
M.t : kind of falcon, -coref, M. : white 
ness, paleness, -cosot, ADJ. : very white. 
-cospino [-co, spino], M. : white thorn, 
hawthorn, -cume, M.: quantity of white 

"biantef, M. : vagabond. 

bia-scia, p. : saliva, slaver, -sciamen- 
to, M.: chewing. -seia=mid611e, M., p.: 
chewer. H-sciare [? L. bloesare], TR. : 
eat slowly (chew, munch); eat without ap' 
petite; mumble (words): una lingua, 
speak a language badly. -scia=posari, 


M.: mumbler of prayers; bigot; hypo 
crite, -scicare, same as -sciare. 

%iasi-mabile, ADJ. : blamable. I! -ma 
re [L. blasphemare, BLASPHEME], TE.: 
BLAME (censure); grieve (lament), -ma- 
tore, M. : blamer. -me vole, ADJ.: 
blamable (reprehensible), -mevolmen- 
te, ADV.: reprehensibly. biasi-mo, M.: 
censure, blame ; reproof. 

biasmaret, Masmof, same as biasima- 
re, biasimo. 

biastemaret, INTR.: same as bestem- 

biba-eef, ADJ. : bibacious ; M. : drinker. 

33ibbia [Gr. biblia], F. : Bible ; tiresome 

biberef , same as bevere. 

bibita [-bere], F.: drink (of medicinal 

biblico [Bibbia], ADJ.: Biblical, scrip 
tural ; reader in churchf. 

bibHo- [Gr.W&Zfcm,book]: -"filo(Gr.<pM- 
los, friend], M.: bibliophile, biblio-gra- 
fo [Gr. grdphein, write], M. : bibliogra 
pher, -grafia, F. : bibliography, -gra- 
co, ADJ.: bibliographical, -grafica- 
mente, ADV.: bibliographically. bi- 
blid-mane, -mane, M. : bibliomaniac. 
-mania, F. : bibliomania, -teca [Gr. 
theke, box], F. : library ; collection of 
books (bearing on a particular subject). 
-tecario, M.: librarian. -tec/ietta, 
dim. and car. of -teca. -tec/tina, car. 
dim. of -teca; collection of small books 
(in the same edition). 

bica [OGer. biga], F. : heap, pile. 

bic-cMeraiof, M. : maker or seller of 
beakers. jl-cMere [Ger. becher], M. : 
BEAKER, drinking-glass ; beakerful, calyx 
(of lichens)t. -cMeretto, dim. -cfcle- 
rino, M.: dim.; choice liquor or wine. 
-cTiiero t == -chiere. -c/tierone, aug. 
of -chiere. -cMerotto, M. : medium- 
sized glass. -cMerifceeio, dim. and 
disp. of -chiere. 

M-e-eiaeatot, M. : offensive weapon. 

M-e-eicuoca [ak. to 6icocca], F. : worth 
less house or thing. 

"bi-eicletta, M. : safety bicycle, -eieli- 
sta, M. : bicyclist. ||--eclo [bi-, Gr. 
kuklos, circle], M. : bicycle (old style). 

M-eipite (L. bi-ceps, TWO-HEADED], ADJ. : 

bicocca [?], F. : small fortress or castle 
(us'ly upon a height); worthless housef; 

bicolore [bi-, L. color], ADJ.; two-col 

bi-cdme, -corno [6i-, L. cornu, HORN], 
ADJ. : bicumous, TWO-HORNED, -cdrnia, 
F. : double-pointed anvil. -corxrato, 
ADJ. : having two horns. 

bigiu 63 

biciispide [bi-, L. cuspis, point], ADJ. : 
(arch.) double-pointed. 

bidalef , M. : foot-soldier. 

bidel-la, F., [L L. bidellus (Ger.)], -lo, 
M. : custodian of a university, etc. (BIDEL, 

bidente [L. bi-dens, TWO-TOOTHED], M. : 
pitch-fork ; mattock ; two-pointed sceptre 
(of Pluto). 

bi-ecamente, ADV.: squintingly. I|-eco 
[obliquo], ADJ. : squinting ; sad. 

bi-ennale, ADJ.: lasting two years; bi 
ennial. IS-enne [bi-, L. annus, year],. 
ADJ. : two years ; second year (of a Uni 
versity student), -exmio, M. : space of 
two years. 

bie-tola [L. beta], F.: beet, -tolaggiae, 
F. : fool, simpleton, -tolina, dim. of 
-tola, -tolone, M. : stupid person ; spin- 

bietta [?],F.: wedge; (typ.) wooden quoin. 

bif-f a [?] , F. : levelling-st ake. -fare , TE. : 
mark off with levelling stakes. 

bi - folc/t eria, F. : tillage (husbandry) ; 
state of a ploughmanf. H-61co [L. bu- 
bulcus (bos, ox), plougher with oxen], 
M. -folea, F. : ploughman (tiller, farm- 
labourer); boor. 

"bifonc/tiar = bofonchiare. 

bifor-camento, M.: bifurcation. H-eare 
[bi-, L.forca], REFL. : bifurcate, -cato, 
PART.: bifurcated, -eatrira, F. : point 
of bifurcation, bifor-cof, M.: double 

biforme [bi-, "L. forma], ADJ. : having two- 
forms or shapes. 

bifronte [bi-, L. frons], ADJ. : having two- 
fronts or faces ; two-faced (deceitful). 

bifdlco = bifoleo. 

biga [L. biga (bis, TWICE)], F. : ancient 
two-horsed coach. 

biga-mia, F. : bigamy. Hbigamo [L. 
-mus (bis, TWICE, Gr. gdmos, marriage)!^ 
M. : bigamist. 

bi-gattiera, F.: silk-worm establishment. 
Ij-gattof [? ak. to baco], -gattolo, M.r 

bi-gellof, M. : coarse gray cloth, -gero- 
gfnolof, ADJ. : grayish. 

bigfoel-louare, INTR.: loiter about. 
H-16na, P., -lone [?], M.: aimless person, 
(gawky idler ; dolt). 

big/i eraio'f, M. : buffoon. 

bigfoe-rato, PART.: trimmed with lace. 
-ritto, M.: lace, libigfte-rot [?], M.: 
thread-lace; fringe. 

bigfoinaf, -no = beffh. . 

bi-gi-ciot, ADJ.: grayish. H-gio [?]^ 
ADJ*. : gray; sadf. -giognolo," ADJ. ^ 

bigionef, M.: figpecker. 

" * * v r " \ bijou, jewel], M.: beautiful thing. 

64 biglietto 

Ii0let-to [Fr. billet], M. : billet (note) ; 
ticket : di msita, visiting card, -tin.0, 
dim. of -to. 

ligo(l)16uef = biffhellone. 

Iji-gon-eia, p.: vat; measure; university 
chair ; pulpit : a bigonce, in great quanti 
ty, -goiteetta, dim. of -goneia. ||-gon- 
eto- [L. -congius, certain wine measure], 
M. : large vat. -goneiole'tto, dim. of 
-gondola, -goa-eiolo, M. : small vat. 
-gon.6na, aug. of -goncio. -gom-eind- 

10 = -gondola. 

M-gordaref, INTE. : tilt (joust). ||-gor- 
dot = bagordo. 

bi-gotteria, P.: bigotry; hypocrisy. 
H-gdtta, p., -gotto [Fr. bigot], M.: bigot; 

bigutta [bi-, L. guttus (-tta, drop), ves 
sel], p. : soup or porridge kettle (used by 
the poor) ; great quantity of porridge. ^ 

bi-lan-eetta, din. of -lancia. || -Ian- 
eta [L. -tee], P.: BALANCE (pair of 
scales; emblem of justice); square fish 
net ; spring-tree bar (of carriages) ; PL. : 
sign of the zodiac : tener pari la , be 
impartial ; pesar colla delV orafo, be 
very scrupulous. -lan-eiaiof, M. : scale- 
maker, -laneiamento, M.: balancing; 
pondering, -lan-eiare, TR. : balance ; 
weigh (consider carefully, ponder) ; weigh 
with sealesf ; REPL.: retain one's equilibri 
um, -ian-eiatameiate, ADV. : in bal 
ance, -eiatore, M., -eiatri-ee, F.: bal 
ancer, -lan-eiere, M.: pendulum; balanc 
ing-pole; accountant, -laneina, dim. 
of -lancia. -lan-cino, M. : coach-horse ; 
driver, postilion; helper; spring-bar, -lan- 
eio, it. : balance ; ledger ; account : fare 

11 , keep account of expenses. 
bilaterale [bi-, laterale], ADJ. : mutually 

binding (of a contract). 

Bile [L. bttis], P. : bile ; fury, anger. 

bilencof, ADJ. ; twisted, bow-legged. 

Mliai [Fr. bttle, billiard ball], P. : pocket 
of a billiard table : tirar (far) , play 
(an opponent's ball) into the pocket. 

biliafz, P.: packer's stick. 

biliardo [-liai], M. : billiard table; bil 

bi-liar [-le], ADJ. : biliary ; bilious, -lia- 
rlof = -Hare. 

Isilicare, TR. : weigh, counterpoise ; build 
air-castles ; REFL.f: poise one's self. JIM- 
11 oo [L. umbilicus, navel, centre], M. 
equipoise ; hinge ; centre of a thingf : in 
, perfectly poised ; essere, stare, tenere 
in , be poised ; be in suspense ; be un 

M-lingme [fo*-, L. lingua], ADJ.: bilingual 
deceitful (person), -lingmof = -lingue. 

biliome pz-, milione], M.: billion (million 


"bilioso [-le], ADJ. : bilious ; choleric. 

Mliorsat, F. : hobgoblin ; fright. 

Miiottatot, ADJ. : spattered ; speckled. 

billa [echoic], INTEKJ.: chick! chick! (call 
to chickens). 

Mllera [?], F. : joke, jest. 

Mill [-rilli\ 9 M. : skittles (game). 

billioa = bilione. 

billo [?], M. : turkey-cock. 

Ml-tat, -tadef, -tatef = oelta. 

bil-o-str [bi-, L. lustrum], ADJ.: of ten 

Bim-"ba, F., -"bo [see bambino], M. : very 
young child: fnio, exclamation of amaze 

M-mensil, ADJ. : bi-monthly, -mestra- 
1, ADJ. : bimestrial (lasting two months; 
happening every two months). U-mestr 
[L. -mestris (bis, twice, mensis, month)], 
M. : space of two months ; ADJ.f : ripening 
in two months (grain). 

M(m)moll [bi-, nolle], M. : B flat. 

bi-narf, INTO. : twin. ||-mario [L. -na- 
rius], ADJ. : BINARY (double) ; M. : rails. 

bi-nascenzaf. P.: birth of twins, sn&to, 
ADJ. :"(arch.') joined, matched (columns) ; 
twin-bornf; having two naturesf. 

biuda [Ger. winde], F. : pulley. 

Mndellaf, F. : ribbon. 

bindo-lar, TR. : perplex; cheat. -1- 
ria, F. : artifice, cheat, -lino, disp. 
dim. of -lo. Hbindo-lo [OGer. winden], 
M. : pulley; swing; cheater (knave), -lo 
rn, aug. of -lo. 

binoculo [L. binus, double, oculus, EYE], 
M. : BINOCLE (us'ly opera-glass). 

Mnomio [I.L. -mius], ADJ. : binomial ; M.: 

"biocco-letto, dim. of -occolo. llliidcco- 
lo [L. flocculus (floccus)], M. : FLOCK of 
wool : land in bioccoli, fleece ; un di 
cera, cocoon ; raecattare i , play eaves 
dropper. -Mto, ADJ. : woollen. 

"biodo(lo), M. : (boL) club-rush. 

Mo-grafia [Gr. bios, life, grdphein, write], 
p. : biography, -grafico, ADJ. : biograph 
ical. Md-grafo, M. : biographer. 

Mon-da-e-eio, disp. of -do. -deggiar, 
INTR. : be or appear fair ; ripen (of corn). 
-dellof, dim. of -do. -detto, ADJ.: 
somewhat fair, -dezza, p.: being fair. 
-die-eto, -di-e-ee, ADJ.: inclined to be 
fair, -dino, dim. and car. of -do. 
Hijion-do [Ger. orig.], ADJ. : BLOND, fair; 
M.: blond person, -dona, -done, aug. 
of -do. 

Mordaref = bagordare. 

M-dsca [floscio], P.: wet snow; thin, 
tasteless soup. -dsciof = -oscm; ADJ.: 
soft ; loose : a , indistinctly ; athwart. 

biottof, ADJ. : poor, miserable. 

bi=partire, TR. : divide in two. 


Mpede [L. bi-pes], ADJ.; biped (TWO- 

bipinellat, P. : (bot.) pimpernel. 

M - qqnadro [bi, quadra], M. : (THUS.) 
natural sign, -quadrate, ADJ. : biquad 
ratic ; M. : fourth power of a number. 

biraccMo [? disp. of birro], M. : rag, 

bir-ba, F. : idling youth ; rascal ; malicef; 
fraudf: far la , go idling, play the 
street Arab; batter e la, , go a-beg 
ging, -bacc/tidla, dim. and car. of -ba. 
-ba-e-ea, disp. of -ba. -ba-e-eiona, 
-ba-e-eione, aug. of -ba. -"haute, M.: 
rogue. -banteria, F.: roguery (fraud); 
vice, -banteseo, ADJ.: roguish (dis 
honest), -barelia, -berella, dim. of 
-ba. -bata, F. : roguish act or word. 
-beria, F. : deception (fraud), -besco, 
ADJ. : idle, worthless ; fraudulent. Jl-*bo 
[ak. to furbo], M. : knave, cheat, -bo- 
naio, M. : haunt of knaves, -bonata, 
F. : knavery (fraud); piece of botchery. 
-"boiL-eelio, -bon-eella, disp. dim. of 
-bone, -bona, F., -bone, M. : wicked 
person; ADJ.: wicked (fraudulent), -bo- 
neggiare, INTR. : be wicked or fraudu 
lent*. * -boneria, F. : knavery. 

bir-eio [?],ADJ.: short-sighted; squint-eyed. 

bireme [L. -mis (remus, oar)], F. : bireme 
(double-oared ship). 

biribaraf, M. : intricate game ; squabble. 

biri-bissaia, F. : winning card (at biribi). 
-bissaio, M. : stake-holder (at biribi). 
[|~bissi [?], M. : biribi (game). 

Mri - c7iiaata, F. : impertinent act. 
ll-c/iima, F., -c/iiao, M. : [* bricchino, 
dim. of bricco]; impudent girl or boy; 
street urchin ; rascal. 

birillo [?], M. : billiard-ball (placed with 
five others forming a cross). 

biroldo [L. -rotulus], M. : kind of sausage. 

Tbirra [Ger. bier], F. : BEER. 

"birracc/iiof, M. : calf a year old. 

bir-rac7tiolo [-ro], dim. of -ro. -ra<e- 
eio, disp. of -ro. -raglia = sbirraglia. 

bir-raio [-ra], M. : brewer, -reria, F. : 
brewery ; saloon ; number of bailiffsf . 

bir-resco, ADJ. : pertaining to a bailiff. 
II -ro [L L. -rus], M. : bailiff, policeman: 
dar le sue ragioni a' birri, give one's ac 
count to one unwilling to hear it, 

birrone [birra], M. : strong beer. 

birrovieref = berroviere. 

"bis [L.], ADV. : TWICE, bis-, ber-, ba(r)- 
[? L. bis, or mx, hardly], disp. pref. (very, 
badly, perversely, etc.). 

bisa-e-eia [bi- t sacea], F.: large purse, 

Msan-te [Bisanzio], M. : ancient Byzan- 
tian coin ; spangle ; tinsel ornament, -ti- 
mo, M. : small spangle. 

bisnouno 65 

bis=arcavolo, M. : great-great-grand 

bis=avo or -avolo, M. : great-grand 

bisbetico [?], ADJ. : grumbling ; dissatis 
fied ; strange, difficult. 

bis-bigliamento, M. : whispering. H-bi- 
grliare [echoic], INTR. : whisper ; buzz. 
-bi<;Iio, M. : whispering. 

bisca [?], F. : gambling-house. 

bis=cantare, TR.: sing low ; hum. -can- 
tareilo *f , M. : low singing ; humming, 
ii -canto i, M. : duet. 

biscaato2 [bis, canto (ak. to Eng. cant? 
corner)], M. : two-cornered nook ; retired 

biscaz-zaf, disp. of bisca. [}-zare [bis 
ca], INTR.: frequent gambling-houses. 
-ziere, M. : gambler. 

biscazzof, M. : mean joke or trick. 

bisc7tenco [?], M. : impoliteness ; mean 
joke or trick. 

bis-c7ierettof , M.: small peg. bis-c7te- 
rof , M. : peg (of a stringed instrument). 

Msc7tetto [for deschetto], M. : shoemaker's 

bisc7tiz-zaref , INTR. : muse ; pun. bi- 
scMz-zot, M. : caprice, whim ; pun, play 
on words. 

biscia [?], F. : serpent, snake. 

bisoio-la, -iona, F. : kind of cherry. 
-lina, dim. and car. of -la. -lino, dim. 
and car. of -lo. Hbiscio-io i [?], M. : 

"bisciolo 2 [echoic], ADJ., M. : lisping. 

bi-scione, aug. of -scia. 

biscoloref, ADJ. : two-coloured. 

bis-cottare , TR. : bake hard, -cotteria, 
F. : biscuit or cake shop, -cottino, M. : 
little sugar cake; light slap. |j=c6tto, 
ADJ.: hard-baked; M.: BISCUIT; sugar 
cake, -cottone, aug. of -to. 

bis=croma, F. : (mus.} demi-semiquaver. 

bis^cugina, F., =cugin.o, M. : second or 
thjrd cousin. 

bises-tare, INTR.: be leap-year, -tile, 
ADJ.: bissextile. Hbises-to [bis-, L. 
sextus], ADJ. : bissextile. 

bisgemerof, M.: grand-daughter's hus 

bisillabo [bi-, sillaba], ADJ., M. : dissyl 

bislac-co, ADJ.: whimsical; odd; M.: 
whimsical person, -cone, aug. 

bislealet, ADJ. : disloyal ; M. : traitor. 

bislessaref , TR. : scald ; boil. 

bis=Mmgo, ADJ. : oblong. 

bismuto [?], M. : bismuth. 

bis=nip6te, M., F. : grandnephew, grand- 
niece; PL.: descendants. 

bis-nonaa, F. : great-grandmother 
||=nonjDio, M. : great-grandfather. 



~bi-s60ua, P. : affair ; business, -so^aa- 
mentot = -sogno. -sogaaare, IMPERS., 
INTR. : be necessary (be needed, etc. ; cf , 
ex.): mi , 'it is necessary for me, ! 
I need, I want; I am in want of. -so- 
0xievole, ADJ.: necessary. -sofirino, 
dim. and car. (ironical) of -sogno : quando 
il picehia aW uscio, when poverty 
knocks at the door. H-so^rno [?], M. : 
want (need ; necessary amount) : tutti i 
bisogni del mese, the month's expenses ; 
dormire il suo , sleep as much as one 
requires, -sogrmoso, ADJ. : needy, poor ; 
M. : poor person. 

"bisonte [L. -son], M. : bison. 

bissillabo = bisillabo. 

bissontef = bisonte. 

bisso [L. byssus, cotton], M. : fine linen 
(used by the ancients). 

Mstantef, M. : instant. 

bisteoca [Eng. beefsteak], F. : beefsteak. 

bis-tentaret, INTR.: hesitate; put off. 
ii-tentot, M. : procrastination; pain. 

bis-ti-e-eiar [?], INTR., RECIP.: contend; 
dispute. -ti-eio, M. : dispute. 

Ijistintot, ADJ. : twice dyed. 

"bis-tondato, ADJ.: roundish (somewhat 
round). ||=tondo, ADJ. : round. 

Tjistornaref, TR.: divert; (fig.) overturn. 

bis-tortaf , P. : winding ; distortion ; me 
dicinal plant. I(=torto, ADJ.: twisted; 

bis=trattare, TR., RECIPR.: treat badly; 

bistu-ri [Pistorium, Pistoja, where made], 
-rino, M. : bistoury (surgeon's knife). 

Msulco [L. ~cus (sulcus, furrow)], ADJ. : 
bisulcous (two-furrowed); cloven-footed. 

bis =ih]Lto, ADJ. : very greasy ; filthy. 

Mtontonef, M. : large fig. 

bi-torzof [bi-> L. tortus, twisted] = -tor- 
zolo. -torzolatof, ADJ. : having warts ; 
knotty, -torzolo, M.: wart; knot, -tor- 
zoltito, ADJ. : having warts or knots. 

"bitter [Ger. bitter], M. : bitters (alcoholic 

Mtn-me [L. -men], M. : bitumen ; chalkf. 
-minoso, ADJ. : bituminous. 

bivac-eare, INTR.: bivouac. ]|bivac-co 
[Pr. bivac (Ger. bei-wache, t by-watch')], 
M. : bivouac. 

Mvalv-e, -o, ADJ. : bivalve. 

"bivarof , M. : beaver. 

Mvio [L. bivium (bis, via, road)], M. : 
cross-roads; uncertainty. 

"bizantino [Bisanzio, Byzantium], ADJ.: 

"bizza [?], p. : slight, passing anger. 

Mzzar-ramente, ADV. : strangely (odd 
ly), -ria, P.: strangeness, oddness. ||biz- 
zar-ro [?], ADJ. : bizarre (strange, odd ; 
fantastic); spirited (of horses) ; irasciblef. 


Tbizzeff (a) [?], M., ADV. : in great quan 

bizzd-ofeerof, IIMzzd-cof, ADJ. : bigot 
ed; hypocritical; M. : bigot; hypocrite. 
-coaef , M. : big fool. 

Mzzo-setto, -sine, dim. of -so. IIMz- 
zo-so [bizza], ADJ. : quick-tempered. 
biz-ziicat, -zngaf, P. : tortoise ; turtle. 
Man-damente, ADV.: blandly, -di- 
mento, M. : blandishment (caress ; flat 
tery), -dire, TR. : allure, caress; flat 
ter, -dizie, F. PL. : blandishments (ca 
resses ; flattery). ||-do [L. -dus], ADJ. : 
BLAND (gentle ; mild). 

blas=emiat = bestemmia. -fomiof = 

blasznaref = biasimare. 

bla-son.e [OGer. bias, torch, ak. to Eng. 
blaze], M. : blazonry ; coat of arms, -so- 
nico, ADJ. : pertaining to blazonry. 

blaterare [L.], INTR.: babble (prate con 

blattaf, P. : cockroach. 

bleso [L. blcBsus], ADJ.: tongue-tied; lisp 

Moo -care, TR. : blockade, libido -co 
[Ger. block], M. : block ; blockade. 

blu [Fr. bleu], INVAR. ADJ.: blue; M.: the 
colour blue. 

boa [L.], M.: boa (serpent; woman's neck- 

boa-to [L. -re], M. : roar (bellowing). 
-ttieref* M. : grazier. 

bdbbia [ak. to bombo], p. : loose, wobbly 

bobolcof bifolco. 

bocoa [L. bucca], p. : mouth ; opening s 
acqua in / hush ! 

booca-e - -eesco [Boccaccio], ADJ. : like 
Boccaccio, -cevole, disp. of -cesco. 
-eevolmente, ADV.: after the manner 
of Boccaccio. 

boccae-eia, disp. of bocca. 

bocoa-la-eio, disp. of -le. ||bocca-le 
[L. baucalis], M. : bocal ; decanter ; liquid 
in the decanter. 

booca=porta, P., -porto, M. : hatchway 
(of a ship). 

toccata [bocca], p. : mouthful ; slap (on 
the f ace)f. 

bo-e-eetta [dim. of boccia], p. : phial. 

boccfteg-giamento, M.: gasping. H-gia- 
re [bocca]', TR. : gasp (for breath). " 

boc-cTietta [bocca],F.: small mouth; small 
opening, -chino, M.: car. of -ca: pout; 
mouthpiece (cigar-holder). 

bo-e-eia [?], p.: glass (goblet); bud; false 
invention; PL.: wooden balls, --eiare, 
TR. : smash ; fail (in an examination). 

bo-e-einof, ADJ. : bovine ; M. : calf. 

boeio [-cm], M.: goblet; bud. -eto- 
letto, dim. of -cioZo. ~e(n)6Io, M. : 


section of a windpipe ; pipe ; socket, 
burner (gas-) ; graf tf ; = -do. -eiolo- 
so f, ADJ. : full of buds, -eiona, dug. 
of -cia (vase), -eione, M. : large glass. 
-eindla, F. : small rosebud. 

Ibdcco [?], M. : chestnut (used in playing); 
worthless fellow; fool. 

boc-coma [-ca], -cone, aug. of -ca. 
-coneello, dim. of -cone, -con-eino, 
M. : dim. of -cone; any pleasing thing. 
-cone, M. : mouthful ; big pillf : dare il 
, corrupt with bribes; lavorar a boc- 
coTii, work amid interruptions ; rarely = 
-coni. -coni, or a, -coni, ADV. : lying 
upon one's face, -cu-e-eia, car. of -ca. 
-ctizzat = -cuccia. 

"bo-eef [= wee], F. : voice ; vote. ~eia- 
re, INTR.: call out; give a bad reputa 
tion. -eo, M. : continued calling. ~eio- 
ne, M., -eiona, P. : loud talker. 

bodola [?], p. : trap-door. 

bodoniano [publisher Bodoni], ADJ.: per 
taining to Bodoni : edizione a, Bodoni's 

boexno, M.: Bohemian. 

bof-fi-ee [? sqffice], ADJ.: soft, delicate; 
plump (woman or boy): pane , raised 
bread, -fleiona, -freione, aug. of 

bo-foncMare, INTR.: mutter, grumble. 
il-foncMof [?], M. : wasp, hornet. 

begat, P. : chain ; prison. 

bogia [?], F. : mark, blemish on the skin. 

bogrlientet, PART, of bollire. 

bo-ia [L., string of cow-hide], M., INVAR.: 
hangman, -iessaf , F. : hangman's wife. 

bol-eionaref, TE. : strike with a batter 
ing-ram. H-eionet, -zonef, M.: batter 

bol-dronaiof, M.: seller of hides. ||-dro- 
net, M. : hide ; fleece. 

bol-getta, p.: dim. of-gia; large bag for 
carrying letters. ||bol-gia [L. bulga], 
p.: large wallet or valise : 'le bolge delV In 
ferno, the circles of Dante's Inferno ; the 
ten trenches of the eighth circle. 

bolide [Gr. -Us, missile], M. : meteor. 

bolinof = bulino. 

bol-la [L. bulla}, p. : bubble ; boil ; pim 
ple; ball; BULL (Pope's letter); PL.: seals 
(of ancient emperors), -lare, TR. : seal : 
stamp, -lario, M.: collection of Papal 
bulls, -latore, M. : sealer; stamper. 
-latura, F. : sealing (stamping), -len- 
te, PART, of- lire: boiling, hot. -letta, 
and derivatives = bulletta. -li -li, M. : 
ebullition ; uproar, -licamentot, M. : 
swarming, -licaref, INTR.: swarm, -li- 
-eella, dim. of -la. -lieiattola, F.: 
dim. of -la (esp. pimple), -li-eina, dim. 
of -la. -limento, M.: boiling; bubbling. 
-lire (Pres. -Zo), INTE.: boil, bubble. 

-lito, ADJ.: boiled. -Htura, P.: ebul 
lition ; decoction. -lo, M. : seal ; stamp. 
-lore, M. : boiling ; anger (rage), -lori- 
mo, dim. of -lore, -loso, ADJ.: pimpled. 
-M-e-eia, dim. of -la. 

bolof, M. : bole (clay); (med.) bolus. 

bologrnino [Bologna], M.: Bolognese coin. 

bol-saggine, P.: pursiness (esp. of horses). 
II -so (L. pulsus], ADJ. : asthmatic; weak- 

bolzo-naref, TR. : strike with a batter 
ing-ram, -aataf, P.: blow with a bat 
tering-ram, libolzo-nef, M.: battering- 
ram ; stamping-iron (for medallions, etc.). 

boxnba [?], p. : bomb ; boasting ; idle sto 
ry; mark (butt); game (similar to game 
of 'tag'): stare, tornare a , come back 
to the subject., F. : boldness ; pomp (mag 

bombar-da [bomba], F. : bombard (mor 
tar; part of an organ), -daxnento, M. : 
bombardment, -dare, TR. : bombard. 
-diera, p.: embrasure (for a bombard); 
gun-boat. -diere,M.: bombardier, -die- 
rof == beone. -done, M. : bombardo. 

bombero [?], M. : blockhead. 

bombettaret, TR. : tipple. 

bombi-ee [Gr. -byx], M. : silkworm. 

bombo [?], M. : (child.) drink. 

bombo-la, P.: decanter (short -necked 
bellying vessel), -letta, dim. 

bom-bona, P., -bone [-6a], M.: boaster ; 
foolish talker. 

bozueret, -rot, M. : ploughsnare. 

bomicaret = vomitare. 

bompresso [Eng. bowsprit"], M. : bowsprit. 

bo-na-e-eia [buono], p.: calm (at sea); 
time of tranquillity, happiness ; good- 
naturet. -na-e-eiare, INTR., REFL. : be 
come calm, -na-e-eio, ADJ.: good- 
natured (kind - hearted). - na-e-eione , 
aug. of -naccio. -nai6so, ADJ. : calm,. 
tranquil. -na=ntano, p. : extra fee, tip. 
-namentet, ADV.: kindly; truly; as 
well as possible, -nariamente, ADY. : 
kindly, in good fait? -narieta, p. : 
good-nature, affability, -nario [buono],. 
ADJ.: good-natured; candid; credulous. 
-naritat = -narieta. -na=vorKa, M.: 
young doctor (esp. student-doctor in a 

bon-einello [bolcione], M.: staple (of a 

bon=gnstaio [gusto], M. : person of good: 
taste, -ifioa, P.: cultivating. -iHca- 
mento, M. : improving, cultivating, -ifi- 
care [ak. to Eng. boni-fy], TR.: render 
fit for cultivation; redeem (lands); credit 
an accountt* -itat = -td. -ino, dim* 
and car. of bono. \\ bon-o [L. -us], ADJ. * 
good (pop. for buono) ; ' good/ as in per 



500 lire, good, for 500 lire, -oznia [-OTOO], 
F. : good-nature, -oma-e^eio, <^sp. or 
ear. of -oino. -oxnini [-omo], M. PL. : pi. 
of -omo; ancient Florentine tribunal (of 
twelve men). =omo, M. : good-natured 
man. -one, aug. of bono. -ta, P. : good 
ness (kindness); goodf (advantage); 

feonzot, M. : bonze (Chinese or Japanese 

"foorat, P. : kind of serpent. 

"bo-ra-e [ArJ, ADJ., P.: borax, -ra-eico, 
ADJ.: boracic. 

"borMgif, M. : lisper ; blockhead. 

< bor- < bb{7KameiLtot M. : muttering. 
H-'bogliaref, TR.: murmur; whisper. 
-"bof/Ho, M. : muttering ; uproar. 

"borboi-tamento, M. : muttering (grum 
bling). H -tare [barbottare, disp. of bal- 
bettare] , INTE. : grumble (mutter) ; TR. : 
speak (a language) badly; EEFL. : speak 

"borljottino [?], M.: ragout; dish; nar 
row-necked vasef. 

"borbot-tio [-tore], M. : continued grum 
bling, -tona, P., -tone, M. : constant 

"bor-cJiia [?], P.: stud; boss; ornament. 
-cMaio, M. : maker or seller of studs, 
etc. -c/fcietta, -cMettina, -cftlna, 
dim. of chia. -cMona, aug. of -chia. 

bor-daglia, P. : rabble (populace). ||-da- 
re [from a lost -da, cudgel], TR. : beat; 
work hard. 

Tbor-datino or -dato [-do], M. : blue and 
white linen cloth, -deggiare, INTR. : 
beat (against the wind), tack. 

"bordelleriaf, P. : trifle. 

"bordello [Fr. -del\, M. : brothel ; tumult. 

*bordo [OGer. bort], M. : (nav.) board ; bor- 
derf : andar a , go aboard; persona di 
alto , person of great authority and im 

"bordo [Bordeaux], M. : bordeaux (claret). 

Tjordome [aug. of -da (cf. -dare)], M. : pil 
grim's staff; first wing-feathers; beamf 
(plank); (mus.) bassf. 

"bo-rea [Gr. Boreas], M. : (poet.) north; 
north-wind, -reale, ADJ. : boreal, north 

bor-gata, P. : borough, -gatella, dim. 
of -gata. -gJtese, M. : burgess (burgher, 
citizen). -g7*esa, p.: burgesship (bur- 
ghership); the citizens, -g/iesu-e-efo, 
disp. dim. of -ghese. -g/tettino, dim. 
of -ghetto, -g/^etto, dim. of -go. -g/il-e- 
ei'olo, dim. of -go. -g/dgiana, p.: 
villager, -g/tigiano, M.: burgher (villa 
ger). Ifbor-go [Ger. burg], M.: BOROUGH ; 
town; suburb, -gomastro [Ger. mei- 
ster], M. : burgomaster, -gik-e-eio, dim. 
of -go. 


Iso-ria [-rea], P. : inflation, vanity ; arro 
gance, pride, -riare, REFL. : be arrogant 
or proud, -rione, M. : very arrogant 
person, -riosamemte, ADV.: arrogantly. 
-riosetto, dim. of -rioso. -riosita, P. : 
arrogance, pride, -rioso, ADJ. : inflated 
(arrogant, proud), -rin-eeia, disp. dim. 
of -ria. 

"borniot, ADJ. : short-sighted; squint-eyed. 

"borniolat, P. unjust decision. 

"bor-ra [1. L. burr a], P.: clippings (of 
rags, hair, etc.); stuffing; shabby coat; 
trash, worthless thing; (pop.) strength. 
-ra-e-eia, P.: disp. of-ra; canteen, -ra-e- 
eina, P.: lichen. -rag(g)inef, P.: Bor 
age, -rana, P.: borage "(plant.), 

"bor-ratello, dim. of -ro. |jTb6r-ro [Gr. 
bothros, trench], M.: ravine, hollow (formed 
by a flood), -rone = burrone. 

16r-sa [Gr. bur so,, hide], F. : PURSE ; bag 
(for money) ; portmanteau ; swelling ; ex 
change: far , hoard money, -saiof, 
M. : maker or seller of purses, -saiolo, 
M. : pickpocket, -sellino, M. : purse, 
-sello, -setta, dim. of -sa. -setti- 
n.a. dim. of -setta. -sifirlio, M. : extra 
money, -sina, dim. of -sa. -sone, M. : 
large purse, -sottof, M. : rather large 

"borzaccftlnot, M. : buskin. 

foos-caglta, p.: woods, forest, -ca- 
firHa-e-ciaf, disp. of -caglia. -caiola, 
P. : forester's wife, -caiolo, M. : forester. 
-eaiuolof, M. : forester, -cataf, P.; 
boscage (grove), -catof* ADJ. : woody. 
-c/tere-e-cio, ADJ. : pertaining to woods ; 
forest-; dwellerf in a forest, -c/iet- 
tino, dim. of -co. -c/tetto, M. : grove ; 
place for snaring birds, -c/tivo, ADJ.: 
wooded ; planted with trees. ||"bos - co 
[1. L. buscus], M, : forest (woods); grove; 
(fig.) confusion, -coso, ADJ.: full of 

"bos-sinof, dim. of -so. irbds-sof [L. 
buxus] = -solo, -soletto, -solino, dim. 
of -solo, "bos-solo, M. : box-tree ; small 
box; poor-box. [Gr. botdne, pasture], P. : bot 
any, -tanico, ADJ. : botanical ; M. : bot 

"bo-tar ef,TR.: vow (consecrate), "bo-tof, 
M. : VOTE; simpleton. 

"botolaf , F. : trap-door. 

"botolo [?], M. : small, snappish dog ; (fig.) 
furious man. 

"botro [cf. 6orro],M.: mountain-pool: esser 
un , be a big eater. 

"botta [? OGer. butze, knock], P. : swelling 
(from a blow) ; blow ; shot ; toad (as 
'swelled up') ; fat person. 

tjot-ta<e3iata. P.: bottleful of water. 
-ta-e-eino, M. : small bottle. lJ-ta-e-eo 


[-te], M. : BOTTLE (flagon) ; kind of thrushf. 
-ta-e-etolo, M. : small bottle. 
"bottaglief , F - PL - : water-tight "boots. 
fcot-taio [-te], M. : cooper, -tame, M. : 

quantity of casks. 
"bottarga [?], F. : kind of caviar. 
Ibottata [botta], P.: sharp word or phrase; 
obscure phrase ; harm ; blowf (of firearm). 
"botte [L. buttis], F. : cask, barrel. 
"botte-ga [Gr. apo, from, theke, reposi 
tory], F. : shop, -gae-eia, disp. of -ga. 
-gaia, P., -gaio, M. : shop-keeper; pro 
vision-dealer, -gaute, M. : shop-attend 
ant, clerk, -g/ietta, car. dim. of -ga. 
-g/i-ino, M.: dim. oi-ga; place of illicit 
traffic; lottery, -gona, aug. of -ga. 
-g&eeia, disp. dim. of -ga. 
"botti-eella [botte], dim. of botte; <2im.f 
of botta. -eello, dim. of botte. -einai, 
dim. of botte. 

"botti-eina 2 [botta], dim. of botta. 
"bot-ti-eino, dim. of -te. -tigrlia [-te], 
F.: BOTTLE; wine. -tigHereffM.: BUT 
LER (steward); maker or seller of liquors, 
-ti^rlieria, p.: wine-cellar; wines; wine 
shop, -ti^liaa, dim. of-tiglia. -ti^lio- 
na, aug. of -tiglia. 

"botti-naio [6o#e],M.: well-digger. footti- 
no i , M. : dark pool. 
Iiottiiio2 [Fr. butin], M.: BOOTY (plunder). 
"bot-to [-to], M. : "blow: di , suddenly; 
ad un , together. 
"botto-aaio, M. : maker or seller of "but 
tons, -natura, F. : buttonholes, -m-eel- 
lo, -n-eino, dim. of -tone; PL.: very 
small earrings. Htootto-ne [botta, swell 
ing], M. : BUTTON ; BUD ; earring, -tomie- 
ra, F. : row of buttons. 
"bd-ve pj. bos], pi. -vi or buoi, M. : ox. 
-vilef, M.: ox-stall, -vina, P.: dung. 
-vino, ADJ. : bovine. 

bozza [ak. to OGer. butze, knock], P.: 
rough dressing-stone ; freestone ; rough 
sketch; swellingf ; foolish storyf; PL.: 

Tboz zaccMo, -zaccMone [6orsa], M. 
withered, swollen plum. 
*bozza*e-ea, disp. of bozza. 
lioz-zagof , -zagrof, M. : buzzard. 
*boz-zato [~za], M. : (mas.) bossage. -zt- 

to, M. : rough sketch or draft. 
*bdzzima [?], P.: gum-water; weaver's 

starch ; poor mixture. 
"bozzinaf, P. : boiling, cooking. 
"bozziniaigat, F. : rattlesnake. 
"bozzo i [bozza], M. : rough sketch. 
I)6zzo2 [ak. to pozzo], M.: pool; rough 
stone, freestone. 

bozzo-Iaio,M.: dealer in silk-worms, -la 
re = sbozzolare. -laro, M. : sugar-cake 
seller. HTbozzo-lo [L. bombueius], M. 
chrysalis (cocoon) ; knot in wo^l ; lump in 



fiour; measure of grain that the miller 
takes as his pay for grinding, -loso, 
ADJ.: knotty, lumpy. -Mto, ADJ.: knotty. 
S>ra-ca [LJ, F, : leg of breeches; breech- 
cloth (diaper) ; (nav.) stopper, cord used 
on board ship. -c7i,e, PL. : BREECHes ; 
small - clothes. -calcine, M . : loose- 
breeched fellow (who wears the breeches 
hanging slovenly), sloven : a or -caloni, 
hanging slovenly; negligently, -care, 
INTR. : be a busybody, -cato, PART.: 
grasso , very fat, 

sraccare [bracco], TR. : scent (of dogs) ; 
(fig.) hunt for (aspire to, seek). 
irae-eetto [-cdo], M. : dim. of -ecio: a 
, arm in arm. 

irac-c/ieggiare [-co], TR. : freq. of -ca 
re. -c/ieggo, M. : scenting (seeking). 
-cJteriat/F. : pack of dogs, -c/tetto, 
dim. of bracco. -c7iieref , -oMerof M. : 
keeper of dogs. 

br&e-ea, PL. of -do. -eiaraolaf, F. 
= -dale. -eiale, M.: armed plate; bar; 
ancient armor for the arm; bracelet. 
-eialetto, M. : bracelet. -eCante, M. : 
arm-worker ') labourer, -oiaref* TR. = 
abbracdare. -eiata, F.: armful; em- 
bracef. --eiatella, P.: small armful. 
-Giatellot, M. : kind of cake, -efatvi.- 
ra, P.: measure of the arm. -ei&re, 
M. : one that gives a lady his arm ; lady's 
escort, -eino, pL -na or -ni, dim. 
and car. of -do. !l-eio, pi. -cm (lit. 
sense), or -d [L. braehium], M. : arm; 
length-measure (cubit), -eiolo, M. : arm 
of a chair ; baluster. ~eioji.e, aug. of 
-do. -iotto, aug. of -do ; plump arm. 
-einolot = -dole. 

"bracco [Ger. braclce], M. : BRACH (hunting- 
dog); police-officer. 

"bra-ee [? Ger. -sa, fire], M.: live coals; 

"bra-efoe [-ca], P. PL. : see -co,, -ofcetto- 
ne, M. : (arch.) ornament of an arch. 
-cMeraio, M. : truss-maker. -cMere, 
M. : truss, -c/iina, dim. of -ca. -cM- 
no, M. : busybody ; gossip. 
"bra-eiaf [-ee], F. : live coals, -eiaiolo, 
M., -eiaiola, P.: maker or seller of coke. 
-eiere, M.: brasier. -eiiaa, P., -cimo, 
M. : kindling -seller; dirty person; bad 
painter, -eiola, P.: fry. -eiol&tta, 
dim. of -ciola. -ciolina, car. dim. of 
-dola. -eiuolat ^ -dola. 
"bracof, M. : mire, mud. 
for ae one, aug. of -china. 
"brado [L. bravus], ADJ. : untamed, wild. 
"bradipo [Gr. bradupous, slow-footed], M.: 

(2:067.) sloth. 

bradonet, M. : 1 lose sleeve. 
bracLume'j', M. : herd of wild cattle. 
foragef, P. : live coals. 

70 "bragliesse 

bra-gfoessef = -che. -gMeref =-chiere. 

bragiaf , P. : smoldering coals. 

brago [Ger. brack], M. : mire (mud); 

"bra-ma [?], p.: great desire. -man- 

gieref, M.: appetizing disk, -mare, 

TR., INTE. : desire (wish). 
bramino [Hindoo], M. : Brahmin. 
bramitof, M. : cry or howl of animals. 
bra-mosamente, ADV. : eagerly, -mo 

sia, F. : great desire, eagerness, -ano- 

sita = -mosia. j[-moso [brama], ADJ. : 

desirous (eager). 
bran-ca [LJ, F. : claw; clutch; BRANCH 

(part of anything, as branch of science, 

etc.) ; pawf . -caret, TR. : clutch, snatch. 

-cata, F. : handful, -catina, dim. of 

-cata. -cfoettino, dim. of -ehetto. -efoet- 

to, dim. of -co. 

[Gr.], F. : branchia, gill of 

"bran-eicamento, M. : handling. II ei- 
care [-ca], TR. : touch, handle, -eica- 
tnra, F. : touching; sign, mark. ~ei- 
cone, M. : touch-all ; meddler ; = -co- 
ftmef. -co, M. : herd (flock); assemblage. 
-colare. INTK.: grope along, -colone, 
-coloni, ADV.: gropingly, -cd-e-eia, 
dim. of -ca. 

"bran-da [?], F. : camp-bed (cot), -del- 
letto, -dellino, dim. of -detto. -dello, 
M.: tatter; bit (fragment). 

"bran-dire, TR.: BRANDISH; be 
excited, -ditore, M. : brandisher. -do 
[OGer. brant], M. : BRAND (sword). 

brandonet, M, : rag ; piece. 

brano [?], M. : piece (bit, esp. of goods). 

brascaf, F. : cabbage. 

bra-va-eeio, M. : disp. of -vo; bully. 
-va-ei<me, disp. aug. of bravaccio. 
-vamente, ADV.: bravely; resolutely. 
-vare, TR.,INTR.: brave (defy); threaten. 
-vata, p.: defying; severe reproof f. 
-vatoriof, ADJ.: threatening, -vass- 
zata, F. : boasting, -vazzof = -vac- 
cio. -vazzone, M.: bully (swaggerer). 
-veggiare, INTR., FREQ.: bluster (bully); 
prance (of horses), -veria, F. : braving ; 
bravery (courage), -viere [?], M.: yel 
low-hammer. || -vo [L- -vus], ADJ. : skil 
ful (expert, excellent: us'ly after the 
noun); brave (courageous); M.: bandit, 
ruffian: alia -va, in a few moments. 
-vttra, P.: bravery; skill; fiercenessf. 

-Tndria = -vura. 

Itre-e-eia [OGer. breeha], F. : BREACH 
(opening in a wall): far , (Jig.) persuade, 

make an impression. 
"brenna [?], F. : jade (worn-out horse). 
brenta [?], F. : bowl (cup), 
"brettof, ADJ.: miserable; foolish; sordid. 
"bre-ve [L. -vis], ADJ. : BRIEF (short); M. : 

BRIEF ; papal letter ; charm worn around 
the neck (trinket); (mus.) note held two 
beats; statute; ADV.f: briefly; in (fra) 
, shortly, -vememte, ADV. : briefly 
(shortly), -vettare, TR.: patent, -vet- 
to, M. : decree ; patent, -viaref , TR. : 
abbreviate, -viario, M.: breviary, -vi- 
eeliof, M.: lime-twig, -viloquenza, P.: 
brevity (conciseness of speech), -vilo- 
qniof , M. : compendium ; brief discourse, 
-vita, F. : brevity. 

brez-za [? orezzo], F. : cool breeze, -zet- 
ta, -zettima, -zoiina, dim. of -za. 
-zone*, M. : strong breeze. 

"briaf , F. : measure. 

*briac7tezzat> F.: trouble (affair); drunk 

foria-co [ubriaco], ADJ.: drunk, -cone, 
M. : drunkard. 

briccaf, F. : precipice (steep place). 

"bricc/tettot, M. : little mule ; ass. 

bri-e-ei-ca [ak. to brincello], F. : trifle. 
-care, INTR. : be absorbed in trifles. 

bricco i [Ar.], M. : coffee-pot. 

briccof 2, M. : ass. 

briccolaf, F. : catapult. 

bricco -nac-eio, disp. of -ne. -nata> 
P.: knavishness (roguery). -n<eello, 
dim. and car. of -ne. Hbricco-ne [?] y 
ADJ.: knavish (roguish); M.: knave (rogue). 
-neggiaref, INTR. : be a knave, -neria, 
F. : f o'guery. 

bri-eiaf, p.: crumb of bread, bri- 
-eiola, dim. of -cm. -eiolino, dim. of 
-ciolo. bri-eiolo, M. : bit (very small 

brievef = breve. 

bri-ga [?], F. : trouble ; noisef . -ga- 
diere, M. : non-commissioned officer; 
brigadier, -gaataggio, M. : brigandage. 
-gante, M. : brigand; hired soldier; 
rascal; PART.f: intriguing, -gantello, 
dim. of -gante. -gantino, M. : brigan- 
tine. -gare, INTR. : scheme, intrigue ; 
TR.: scheme for. -gata, p.: company 
(troop) ; friends ; flock of birds ; crowdt r 
familyf ; bundlef (mass of things), -ga- 
ta-e-eia, disp. of -gata. -gatella, 
-gat in a, dim. of -gata. -gTiella, M. : 
mask in Italian theatre. 

brigidino [made by nuns of St. Brigida], 
M. :* small cake ; tassel. 
ri-glia [OGer. brittil], F. : BRIDLE ; PL. : 
reins, -grliaio, M. : maker or seller of 
bridles, -grlietta, -grKettina, dim. of 
-glia. -f/lione, aug. of -glia. -grlioz- 
zof, M. : snaffle (muzzle). 

brigosof, ADJ.: quarrelsome; difficult j 

brilla [?], F. : rice-mill. 

"bril-lamento, M. : brilliancy. -Ian- 
tare, TR. : cut into facets ; sprinkle 


with sugar, -lante, M.: "brilliant; the 
funny man ; ADJ. : brilliant. H-lare [?], 
INTR. : be brilliant (scintillate, shine, 
sparkle), -latoio, M. : rice-sieve, -la- 
tiira, F. : cleaning. 

brillo [?], ADJ. : tipsy. 

bri-na [L. pruina], F. : white-frost (rime). 
-mare, INTR. : fall as white frost, -ma- 
ta, F. : fall of frost; frost, -nato, 
ADJ. : frosted, whitened (hair, beard). 

"brim-cello [variant of brandello], M. : 
crumb, bit. -dello, M. : piece, rag (of 
clothing). -dellorae, M. : ragamuffin 
jslovenly person). 

"briii -dare, INTR.: propose a toast. 
||brin-disi [Ger. leh bring* dir's, 'I 
bring it to thee'], M. : toast (health); 
poem read at a banquet. 

brinosof, ADJ. : hoary. 

"bri-o [?], M. : vivacity (spirit); couragef. 
-os am eat e, ADV.: vivaciously, -osetto, 
dim. of -oso. -oso, ADJ. : vivacious (spir 
ited; frisky); gay. 

brisciamentot, M.: shuddering, shivering. 

bri-scola [? Ger. pritschen, strike], F. : 
trick at cards; PL.: blows, -scolare, 
TR. : strike, -scoliua, -scolino, dim. 
of -scola. 

bri-vidio, M.: continued shivering or chill. 
Hbri-vido [? L. frigidus], M. : shivering. 

brizzola-to [?], ADJ. : speckled, -tura, 
F. : speckled appearance ; checker-work. 

brob-biof, -"brief, M. : opprobrium. 

brocca i [Gr. prdchous, cup], F. : pitcher 
(jar); contents of a jar. 

broc-caf 2, F. : twig, -caref *, TR. : urge 

broc-caref2 [1. LJ, TR. : stitch, -ca- 
tello, M. : brocatel ; variegated marble. 
-catino, dim. of -cato. -cato, M. : bro 
cade; stockadef; palisadef. 

broc-c7i,etta [-ca i], F., -ch-etto, -c/ti- 
no, M. : small pitcher. 

broccMere [1. L. buccularius\, M.: buck 

"brdc-co [-C02], M. : splinter; sproutf. 
brdc-colo, M.: broccoli ; blockhead, -co- 
letto, dim. of -colo. -coldsof, -colu- 
to, ADJ. : having sprouts. 

"foro-da, F. : thin soup; wish-wash; miry 
water : dare la addosso a uno, give a 
person all the blame, -daio, M. : soup- 
seller, -dettato, ADJ. : done in broth. 
-detto, M. : egg -soup; Spartan soup. 
-dicc/tio, M. : thin soup; (fig.) heavy 
dew ; mud. -di^rlia, F. : more common 
ly -diccMo. H"br6-do [OGer. brod], M. : 
BROTH (soup); (fig.) insipid composition. 
-dolino, M. : dirty child, -dolone, M. : 
slovenly eater, -doloso, ADJ. : of broth 
> (broth-) ; dirtyf (greasy). 
brodoaej, M. : sleeve ornament. 



brogio [?], M. : dullard. 

"bro-grliare, INTR.: scheme (plot, intrigue); 
be agitatedf. ||"bro-firlio [? brolo], M. : 
scheme (plot, intrigue) ; seditionf ; tu- 

brollof, ADJ. : naked ; miserable. 

brolo [Celt.], M.: garden ; park; garlandf. 

"bro-mo [Gr. bromos, bad smell], M. : bro 
mine., M. : bromide. 

"bron-e/tl, PL. : cf. -co. -c/iiale, ADJ. : 
bronchial, -cfrite, F. : bronchitis. 

bron-eio [?], M. : grudge ; anger. 

"broil -co [?], M. : sprout: stem; trunk: 
-chi, bronchial tubes, -come, M. : big 

"bronto-lare [ak. to Gr. brontdo, sound], 
INTR. : mutter (rumble); grumble, -lio, 
M. : continued muttering, rumbling, -lo 
ne, M. : grumbler. 

bron-zare, TR. : bronze, -zatdra, F. : 
bronzing, -zino, ADJ. : bronzed (bronze- 
coloured), -zista, M. : bronze -worker. 
Ii"br6n-zo [?], M. : bronze; PL.: bronze 
works (objects of art). 

"broscia, more commonly sbroseia. 

liru-care [-co], TR. : eat off leaves (said 
of worms, sheep, etc.); gather leaves. 
-catore, M. : one that strips off leaves. 
-catmra, F. : stripping off leaves. 

br-n-eeate, ADJ.: burning. -eiaecMa- 
re, freq. of -dare. ~eiain.e > iLto, M. : 
burning; conflagration. ~ea=pelo (' burn- 
han- 7 ): (a ), ADV.: tirare a , fire at 
close range; prendere a , suddenly. 
||-eiare [ak. to L. perurere, 'burn up'], 
TR. : burn; cauterize; INTR.: burn, be 
hot. -eiata, F.: roasted chestnut, -eia- 
taio, M. : seller of roasted chestnuts. 
-eiatie-eio, M. : bits of anything burned. 
-eiatina, car. dim. of -data, -eiatii- 
ra, F. : cauterization. 

bru-eio = bruco. 

bru-eio = bruciore. 

bru-ciolatof, ADJ.: worm-eaten. Hbrm- 
ciolof, M. : small worm ; chip (bit). 

bru-eiore [-ciare], M. : itch, smart. 

bruco [L. -chus], M. : little worm (grub); 
button-loop ; button-hole. 

bruiret, INTR. : rumble (of the bowels). 

brullazzof, ADJ. : blear-eyed. 

bruli-came, M. : swarm (mtdtitude). 
H -care [bollicare], INTR.: swarm. ~cMo, 
M. : swarming. 

brul-Iamemtet, ADV. : miserably. I!-Io 
[?], ADJ.: naked (bare); very poor (miser 

brulotto [Pr. -lot (-ler)], M. : fire-ship. 

brumal i, F.: ship-worm. 

bru-ma2 [L., 'fog'], F.: (poet.) winter; 
(fig.) old age. -maio, M. : Brumaire (2d 
month in the first French republic), -ma 
le, ADJ. : (poet.) brumal, wintry. 



bm-mazzof, ADJ. : slightly brown, -nel- 
lo, ADJ. : brownish, -nellu-eeio, dim. 
of -%o. -mottisio, car. dim. of -netto. 
-mezza, F. : brownness (swarthiness). 
-mimento, M. : burnishmg. -nire, TR. : 
burnish (polish); clean*!", -asitoio, M.: 
burnishing (polishing) tool, -nitore, M. : 
burnisher (polisher), -mitura, P. : bur 
nishmg (polishing). ||-no [OGer. bruri], 
ADJ.: BROWN, dusky (poorly lighted; dark); 
M.: brown; mourning, -adito, ndzzof, 
dim. of -.o. 

brmdlot = brolo. 

Brusca [OGer. brusta}, F. : BRUSH for 

brnscamente [-seo], ADV.: brusquely 

bm.scaret TR. : prune (trim). 

"brmsc/iett [-ca], P. PL.: game of cuts 
played by children. 

bm-scTietto, dim. of -sco. -sc7tezza, 
p.: brusqueness (rudeness). H-sco [?], 
ADJ.: brusque (rough, rude, abrupt); harsh; 

brusco-llno, dim. of -scolo. Hbrtisco- 
lo [-sea], M. : mote, particle (in the eye). 

Brmsio [ak. to bruire], M.: buzz (confused 
murmur); uproar; praise (applause); great 

brttstolaret, TK. : toast, grill, 

bra-tale, ADJ.: brutal, -talita, F.: bru 
tality, -talmente, ADV.: brutally. -teg- 
giaref, INTE.: act, live as a beast. H-to 
[L. -tus, stupid], M, : brute (beast); ADJ.: 
without reason, -ttacc/d.61o, dim. of -tto, 
-tta-e-eto, disp. of -tto. -ttamente, 
ADV. : meanly, -ttare, TR. : soil, stain. 
-tterello, ADJ. : rather ugly, -ttezza, 
F. : ugliness, -ttino, dim. of -tto. -tto, 
ADJ.: ugly; disagreeable; gloomy; thought 
ful, -ttoret, M., -ttura, F. : ugly thing. 

1)71111111 [echoic], INTERJ. : boom (of guns). 

bru.zza0la [?], F. : mass (mob, rabble) ; 

briiz - zico [bar- luzzico, ' twi - light ' ], 
-zof, "briiz-zolo, M. : morning-twilight, 

"bua [Sp.], F. : childish word for pain 

Tju-a-e-eiof, M. : disp. of-e, dunce. |[-a-c- 
-eiola [bue], F,, -aidlo, M. : dunce. 
-a-e-exolata, F. : foolish acts or words. 
-aggine, -assaggine, F. : stupidity; 
awkwardness (clowmshness). 

"fouljalinot, M. : young buffalo. 

BuB'bola i [?], F. : HOOPOE (crested bird). 

Ibulb-lbola 2 [Gr. bonbon, swelling], F. : 
trifle (nonsense); foolish story, -bola- 
re, INTR. : thunder; hum; shiver; TR.f: 
squander one's means, -"bolata, F. : 
nonsense, trifle, -boliera, F. : bridle- 
rein. ImVboIo, M. : bell (on a horse or 
dog). -Bolone, M. : babbler. -boiie,M. : 


bubo. -Tiomico, ADJ.: bubonic, -bnlaf 
= bubbola. 

1m 1m [echoic], bow-wow ; noise, cry. 

bulralcat, F. : acre of land ; kind of 

bm-ca [OGer. buck = Ger. bauch, paunch], 
F.: cave ; narrow valley; hollow (pit, hole). 
-caccMare, freq. of -care, -ca-e-eia, 
disp. of -ea. -care, TR. : pierce (perfo 
rate, bore); REFL. : prick one's self.^ 

buca-taia, F.: washerwoman. -taio,M.: 
washerman, -tino, dim. of -to. (jbuca* 
to [?], M. : BUCKing (washing); washing 
(things to be washed), -tnra, P.: bucking 
(washing), -turina, dim. of -tura. 

biiecfrero [Gr. boukaros], M. : reddisb 
clay (used in making vases); vase (J ar )5 
dark red colour. 

bu-e-eia [?], F. : bark ; peel (hull) ; skin. 
-eiata, F. : blow from a peeling. 

btwj-eicata [?], F., as in: non sapere 
una, , know nothing of the matter. 

bn-e-eieret? M. : butcher. 
&eoi - n.a [LJ, F. : trumpet (of the an 
cients). -naref,iNTR.: trumpet; divulge. 

bu-e-eino [L. -nus], M.: buccinum (whelk). 

bu-c-ef o [-cm], M. : surface of hides (skin). 

bu-c-eiolof, M. : reed ; length of a joint. 

bu-e-ciosot, ABJ. : having skin. 

buccola [L. bucula], F. : earring. 

buc-colica [Gr. boukoliMs, pastoral], F.: 
bucolic, -colico, ADJ. : bucolic. 

bu-eefalo [Gr. Boukephalos, Alexander's 
horse], M. : (jesL) Bucephalus (charger, 

bn-cellof, M. : young ox. 

bu-eem-tdriot, -tor of, M. : bucentaur. 

buc/ieramet, M.: buckram (coarse cloth). 

bu. - c/terare *}* [-co], TR. : make holes, 
pierce. -cTterato, ADJ. : full of holes. 
-c/terella, F. : small hole, -c/ierel- 
lare, TR.: pierce, -c/^erello, M.: small 
hole. -c7ietta, dim. of -ea. -cftetto, 
dim. of -co. -cMna, dim. of -ca. -c/ii- 
HO, dim. of -co. 

bu-eiaceMot, M. : young ox. 

bu~ei, INTERJ.: hush. ||~eieare [-lica- 
re], INTR., REFL. : stir (move gently). 

bu-eiuare [buccina] } INTR.: sound abroad, 

Tm-eine [?], F. : fishing-net ; partridge-net. 

bu-eintoro [Gr. boukentauros], M. : bu 
centaur (Venetian state barge). 

bu-co [-ea], M. : hole; small, dark room. 
-coiina, dim. of -ca. -colino, dim. of 
-co. -cone, aug. of -co. -cu/e-eio, dim. 
and disp. of -eo. 

bu-dellamef, M. : entrails, bowels, -del- 
lino, pi. ne or na, dim. of -dello. 
Hdello [L. botellus, little sausage], M. : 
BOWEL (intestine) ; ns'ly pi. -deilone, 
aug. of -dello. 


bndrieref; M. : shoulder-belt. 

tra-e [L. bos], pi. -oi, M. : ox; (Jig.) 
dunce, -essaf, P. : cow. 

bnfa-la, F. of -lo. -lata, F. : buffalo- 
race (held at Florence) ; poetry written 
for this occasion, -lino, ADJ. : of buffa 
loes, buffalo. Hbufa-lo [Gr. boubalos], 
M. : buffalo (wild ox) ; blockhead, -lo 
ne, aug. of -lo. 

Ira-fare, INTR.: storm and snow, -fera, 
F.: hurricane; hailstorm, -ffa, P.: blastf; 
jestf (trifle) ; hood, cowl, vizor, -ffare, 
INTR. : blow ; jestf ; banter, -ffettaret, 
INTR. : pant, -ffetto, M. : BUFFET, light 
slap; ADJ.: pan , light bread, jl-ffo 
[?], M. : puff (gust of wind, blast) ; ADJ. : 
curious ; comical ; M. : comic actor or 
singer, -ffonaref , INTR. : play the buf 
foon, -ffonata, F. : buffoon's trick, 
bult'oonry. -jFoneella, F., -ffom-eello, 
M. : dim. of -ffona and -jfone. -ffona, 
p., -ffone, M. : BUFFOON, jester, -ffo- 
neggiare, INTR.: play the buffoon, -ffo- 
neria, F. : buffoonry. -ffonescameML- 
te, ADV.: as a buffoon, -ffoiiesco, -ffo- 
mevolef , ADJ. : buffoon. 

Imfolot, M. : buffalo. 

Trafome/iiare = bofonchiare. 

Ibugia i [ak. to Ger. bose, bad], F. : lie 

bizgia2 [Bugia, Algerian city], F. : fiat 

b-a-gia-e-eia [-giai],disp. of-giai. -giar- 
da-e-eio, disp. of -giardo. -giarda- 
mente, ADV.: falsely. -giardello, 
dim. of -giardo. -giarderia, F. : lie. 
-giardiaio, dim. of '-giardo. -giardo, 
ADJ. : lying (false) ; M. : liar : pero , 
kind of pear, -giardolo, dim. of -giar 
do. -giardone, aug. of -giardo. -giet- 
ta, dim. of -gia. 

"bu-gigattolo [disp. dim. of -gio], M. : 
small room; hiding-place, ll-giof, M. : 
hole ; ADJ. : pierced. 

bu.-g6ne [-giai], M. : big liar. -gra 
eia*, -giikzza, dim. of -gia. 

Tbu^Iiaret, INTR.: be agitated; come to 

Ira^ltolo [ak. to buiolo], M.: small barrel ; 
tub "(bucket). 

"bn^Iione [Fr. bouillon], M. : brothf ; con 
fused mass. 

= bugliolo. 
[?], F. : bossage. -grnato, M. : 

Tra-grnaf 2 = -gnola. 11-srno [?], M.: bee 
hive ;" small, restricted place, bii 
F. : straw basket, etc. ; pulpit. 
letta, -firnolina, dim. of -gnola. 
f/nolo, M. : small basket for fruits, etc. 
-gFaolonef', aug. of -gnolo. 

Iraie-eiot, M. : slight darkness. 

burbanzoso 73 

buiaa [bue], F. : cow-dung. 
bninot, ADJ. : bovine. 
bn.-o [?], ADJ.: dark (obscure) ; M.: dark 
ness, obscurity; night; (jest.) lockup. 
-ioref, M. : darkness. 
Iralbofi, ADJ. : austere, morose. 
bml-bo2 [L. -bus], M.: BULB; eye-ball. 
-bos, ADJ. : bulbous. 
bnle-siaf, F., -siof, M. : pastern. 
biilgaro [Bulgaria], M. : kind of dark 

red leather. 

buii-caxaet, M. : bubbling springs, source; 
crowd, -caref , INTR. : boil ; bubble up j 

b-dlimaf , F. : crowd, throng. 
bnlimot, M. : bulimy (illness which causes 

uli-:naret> TR- engrave, -nista, M. : 
burinist (engraver), fibula-no [OGer. 
bora, auger], M. : burin (graver) ; engrav 
er ; engraving. 

bI-Ia [LJ, F. : neck ornament worn by 
Roman boys ; = bolla"f. -letta, F. : 
small nail ; shoe-tack ; upholsterer's nail ; 
passportf ; lottery ticketf. -lettaio, M.: 
nail- seller, -iettame, M. : quantity of 
nails. -lettaret) TR.: embellish, strength 
en with nails, -lettina, dim. of -letta. 
-lettiaaio, M. : ticket-seller, -lettino, 
M. : bulletin; billetf; permitf (passport); 
theatre ticket. -lettone, M. : large up 
holsterer's nail (for decorating). 
bnlsinot, M. : pursiness ; shortness of 

bum [echoic], M. : boom of cannons. 
buol, PL. of bue. 

bnonaccordof, M. : harpsichord. 
budn for buono before consonants (exc. s 
impure), -amano = bonamano. -amem- 
tef = bonamente. -angnratof, ADJ.: 
auspicious; fortunate. -a=voglia = bo- 
navoglia. =datof, ADJ.: abundant. =fat- 
tof, M. : benefit. =gnstaiof = bongu- 
staio. |lbn.on-o [L. bonus], ADJ.: good 
(excellent ; kind ; docile, strong ; genuine); 
M.: good; advantage: di buon'ora, early: 
far buon mso, give a kind welcome ; una 
buona volta, at last; essere in buone 
acque, be favourably situated. =6minif 
= bonomini. 

burat-tare, TR.: bolt, sift, -tellof, M.: 
sieve, bolter, -tinaio, M. : puppet snow 
man, -tinata, F.: poor dramatic per 
formance, -tino, ADJ.: a&wbirba-tiw, 
rabble ; M. : puppet ; puppet-show ; dim.^ 
of -to. ||bnrat-tot P ak. to L. burrus t 
red ; red texture], M. : thin goods (bomba- 
zin) ; sieve, bolter 

burban-za [?], F. : pride, vanity, -zaref, 
INTR.: boast, -zescof, ADJ.: proud, -zo- 
samente, ADV. : proudly, -zoso, ADJ. : 
proud, vain. 

74 Irarbera 

Imrbe-ra [?], P.: crane for raising 
weights; capstan, -ro, ADJ.: severe 
(austere); sullen. 

"fonrcMellesco [Burchiello], ADJ. : in the 
style of Burchiello (comic poet). 

tmr-e/iielletto, -c/ilelKno, -cfclello, 
dim. of -chio. II -cMo [ak. to rimorchio], 
M.: transport-boat. 

"bare [L. -ris], P. : plough-handle. 

trareHaf, P. : prison (dungeon). 

Bur-gogaa, F. : Burgundy, -gogmef e, 
-gof/none, ADJ. : Burgundian. 

Irariaiiot, M. : kind of wine. 

"bnriassot, M.: instructor (of tilters) ; 

Imriceo [1. L. -ricus], M. : ass. 

Irar-la [?], F.: deceit (trick); joke. 
-lare, TR. : deceiver ; INTR. : joke (ban 
ter); REFL.: laugh at. -latoref, M. : 
joker (wag; banterer). -lescamente, 
ADV.: jokingly (banteringly). -lesco, 
ADJ.: burlesque (ludicrous); bantering 
(facetious), -letta, F.: dim. of -la ; farce 
(light opera), -levolef, ADJ. : jesting. 
-lierof, ADJ.: jesting, facetious, -lo- 
na-e-eio, disp. of -lone, -lona, F., -lo 
ne, M. : joker (wag), 

Irarof , ADJ. : dark. 

Trarocra-tico,ADJ.: bureaucratic. H-zia 
QFr. bureau, Gr. kratein, govern], F. : bu 

Imrraio [-rro], M. : butterman. 

burr a -sea [? Jorea], F.: hurricane; 
storm; misfortune, -scftetta, dim. of 
-sea. -scoso, ADJ. : stormy, threatening. 

"bur-rato, ADJ.: with butter, buttered, 
ii -ro [butirro], M. : butter. 

Irar-rou-eello, dim. of ~ne. H-rone [ak. 
to borro], M. . deep rr vine ; precipice. 

Tmrrosof, ADJ. : buttered ; buttery. 

busaref , TR. : pierce. 

busbac-caref,lNTR.: deceive, -c/teriaf, 
p.: deceit (cheating), -'cof, M.: deceiver. 

busberiaf, F. : imposture. 

bus-ca, F.: search; inquiry: andare in 
(alia} , go searching at random, -cac- 
cfriare, TR. : go in search of. -c=alfa- 
na, F.: miserable nag. |l-care [Sp. -car 
(-co, BUSH}], TR. : seek or hunt after (of 
dogs) : (Jig.) win by effort ; hunt up (find, 
get); REFL.: procure one's self: di 
botte, or -carne, get a drubbing. 

Imsc/ierio [?], M. : noise (bustle) ; crowd. 

fcusc/iettat = bruschette. 

tm-scionet, M.: thorny bush; jungle. 
-scof,M. : straw, -scolinof , dim. of -co. 

busec-c7*ia [Lomb. -ea (buzzo), stomach], 
F., Imsec-cMo, M. : intestine ; sausage. 

busnaga [Sp. bisnaga], F. : fennel-like 

busof, M.'. hole; ADJ.: pierced; empty, 


Ms-saf,F.: blow (stroke); trouble; sorrow, 
-samemtot, M. : beating. H-sare [? L. 
pulsare], INTR. : beat (strike), knock at a 
door, -sata, F.: (Jig.) hurt;^ quarrel, 
-satima, dim. of -sata. -satdref, M. : 
beater, knocker, -se, F. PL.: slap; hurt. 

Ims-setto, M. : polisher (shoemaker's tool). 
j| -sof [L. buxus], M. : BOX-tree; little box; 
noise. Ijtis-sola, F.: manner's compass ; 
hand-cart; horse-brush; house-door. 1ms- 
solof, M.: little box. -solotto, M.: little 

"bussonet, M. : BASSOON. 

Tbu-sta [-xida (L. -xus, Box-wood)], P.: 
paper-Box; box (case); envelope, -staia 
[-sto], F. : maker of stays, -staio, M. : 
maker of stays, -sto, M. : BUST ; stays 
(corset); trunkf of the body ; monumentf; 

"butir-ro [L. butyrum], M. : BUTTER, -ro- 
so, ADJ. : containing butter ; butyraceous. 

lmtta=fa.dri, M. : call-boy in a theatre. 
=la, F. : closet, wardrobe. ||lmtta-re 
[OGer. bozen, knock], TR. : throw; decry; 
REFL.: let one's self down ; be discour 
aged, -ta, F. : sprout, shoot. 

Tmtterato, ADJ.: pock-marked. ||"but- 
tero i [?], M. : pock-mark. 

"buttero 2 [?], M. : cow-boy. 

"butterosot, ADJ. : pock-marked. 

Tmzzicare [ak. to bucicare], INTR. : move, 

"buzzi-cTiellof , M. : little noise. -ccMof, 
M.: whispers. 

"buz-zo [OGer. butze], M. : stomach ; pin- 
cushionf ; ADJ. : cloudy : 2 tempo , it is 
cloudy weather, -zone, M.: aug. of-zo; 
one who has a large stomach. 

"buzzurro [?], M. : Swiss who sells roasted 
chestnuts, polenta, etc. 

c -ei [L.], M. : c (the letter). 

oa'f , for casa, house. 

caba-la [Heb J, F. : cabala (Jewish doc 
trine); cabal (intrigue), -lare, INTR.: 
cabal (plot); form wild projects; circum 
vent (deceive), -letta, F. : lively melody 
(at the end of a song), -list a, M. : cab- 
alist. -listico, ADJ. : cabalistic, -lone, 
M. : plotter (meddler). 

cabina [Eng. cabin], F. : cabin in a ship. 

caca-diibbi, M. : (vulg.) eternal waverer. 
-iola, p. : diarrhoea. =pensierif, M. : 
suspicious fellow. ||caoa-re [L.], INTR. ; 
void (the bowels, CACK). -rella, P.: 
diarrhoea. =sodo, M. : important pre 
tender; pedant. =stecc7ii, M. : miser. 
caca-ta, F. : evacuation, -toio, M. : 


water-closet, -tura, p.: excrement of 
insects, caeca, p. : (child.) excrement, 
cacea-lbaldole, p. PL. : blandishments, 

cac-cao, -caos [Mex.], M. : cocoa (palm 
or nut). 

cac-cftiatella, p.: small white loaf. 
||-c7dot,M.: vine-sprout or shoot, -c/iio- 
ne, M. : worm of the bee; PL. : flies' eggs. 
-cMondsof, ADJ. : full of worms. 

ca<e-ia, P.: CHASE (hunt, hunting); 
game. ~eia = diavoli f, M.: conjurer, 
-eta^ione, F.:game (prey), -eiamen- 
tof, M.: chasing away. ||-eiare [1. L. cap- 
tiare (L. capere, take)], INTR.: CHASE 
(hunt); spur on; expel; pursuef; EEPL. : 
intrude one's self, -eiata, p.; hunt 
(pursuit); expulsion, -eiatoia, p.: punch; 
driver, -eiatora, p. ; hunting-coat : al 
ia , in the manner of hunters, -eia- 
tore, M. : hunter (sportsman) ; light- 
armed soldier, -eiatriee, P. : huntress. 
-eia=vite, P. : screw-driver. 

ca-e-eiucco [?], M. : highly seasoned fish- 

eacco-la [caeca], P.: dirt in sheep's wool; 
rheum, -loso, ADJ. ; rheumy (bleared). 

ca-eetto [-do], M. : small cheese. 

cac7? e-rello [caeca], M. : dung (of sheep, 
etc.). -roso, ADJ.: awkward; disagreeable. 

ca-c7iessia [Gr. kach-exia, bad condition], 
P.: (med.) cachexy, -cftettico, M.: suf 
ferer from cachexy. 

cac/iinnof, M. : burst of laughter. 

ca-eiaia, P. : place for keeping cheese. 
-eiaia, P., -eiaio, M. : cheese-maker. 
-eiaiola, p., lo, M. : cheesemonger. 
=>eimper(i)o, M.: cheese-cusfcard. H-eio 
[L. -se^s], M. : CHEESE : essere pane e , 
be very intimate; essere come il su* mac- 
cheroni, be useful, opportune, -eiola, 
p.: small round cheese, -eiolino, M. : 
small fresh cheese, -eioso, ADJ. : case 
ous, cheesy. 

caco- [Gr. kakds, bad] : -fonia [Gr. pho 
ne, sound], P.: cacophony (disagreeable 
sound), -fonico, ADJ.: cacophonic (harsh- 
sounding), -grafia [Gr. grdphein, write], 
P. : cacography (bad spelling). 

cacihnet, M. : summit. 

ca-davere [L. -daver], -daveroi, M., 
corpse (cadaver), -daverico, -dave- 
rosof, ADJ. : cadaverous. 

cadaunof, PRON. : every one (each). 

caddi, PEET. of cadere. 

ca-dente, PART., ADJ. : cadent (falling) ; 
f ailingf. -denza, P. : cadence ; pause. 
-denzato, ADJ.: havmg cadences. H-dere 
DL. caderel, ntR. ; INTR. : fall. 

Pret ca/-o&", -de; -dero. Fut, cadrb. 
Poet, forias: cdg-gi t -giono ; c&ggia; cadti, 



cadetto [L. *capitettus (caput, head)], M.: 
cadet (younger son; military student); 
ADJ.: younger. 

ca-devolef, ADJ.: frail; falling, -dimen- 
tof, M.: fall, -ditoiaf, F.: (fort.) port 
cullis; loophole, -ditoiof, ADJ.: falling. 

cadmio [Gr. kadmeia], M. : cadmium. 

eadn^eo [L. -duceus], M.: caduceus (wand 
of Mercury, carried also by heralds). 

ca-dn-eita, p. : caducity (frailty) ; lapsed 
will or contract, -duco [L. -ducus], ADJ.: 
caducous ; frail, transitory : mal , fall- , 
ing sickness (epilepsy), -d-dta [-dere}l\>, 
p.: fall; relapse; mistake, transgression. f 
Il-duto, PART, of cadere. 

caendof, GER. : seeking : andare , seek 

caf-fe [Pr. cafe (Ar.)], M. : coffee (plant, 
berry, or drink); cafe" (coffee -shop). 
-fea-e-eio, disp. of -fe. -fe=ans [-/e, 
Ger. haus], M. : COFFEE-HOUSE, -feino, 
car. dim. of -fe. -feist a, pi. sfi t M. : 
coffee-drinker, -fettiera, P.: wife of 
a coffee-house keeper; coffee-pot, -fet- 
tiere, M. : coffee-house keeper. 

caf-fetto, dim. of ~fo. ||-fo [? capo], M.: 
odd number; fortune; ADJ.: odd. 

CafPro, N. : Caffre. 

cafnraf, P. : camphor. 

c 'Sg* 1L tt' ADJ. : falling. 

ca-g^onamemtot, M > : cause. -gCona- 
rej TR. : cause (occasion), -gionatore, 
M. : causer, -gion-eella," p. : slight 
cause. ||-gi6ne [occasione], P.: OCCA 
SION (cause*, reason), -gionevole [who 
gets sick from slight * cause'], ADJ.: weak 
(sickly), -gionoso, ADJ.: sickly (infirm). 

car/lia SUBJ. of calere. 

ca-f/Iiare, INTR.: curdle (coagalate) ; 
quaiif. \\~glio [L. coagulum], M.: rennet. 

ca-0na IL. -nia (-nis, dog)], P.: bitch; 
low woman, -pm&eeio, -grxm-e-eia, 
disp. of -Tie. -gnaia, -grnara, P.: bark 
ing of a pack of dogs; (fig.) uproar. 
-gnazzot, M. : big ugly dog ; ADJ. : dog- 
like, ugly; violet -coloured, -grxiesca- 
m^nte, ADV. : surlily, threateningly, 
-grnescp, ADJ.: doggish: guardare 
(stare) in , look at angrily, -gaetto, 
dim. of -Tie. -grninaf , P., -firninof , M. : ^ 
little dog. -grnola, dim. of -gna. -jgrno-" 
letto, -{/noliiia, -#nolmo, dim. of 
-^Tia, -Tie. -gnotto, M.: hireling ('serving 
dog'), tool ; hired bully. 

caicco [Turk.], M.: caique. 

oaimano [Carib.], M.: cayman (alligator). 

Ca-ina, P.: place in the last circle of 
Dante's Inferno. l[-ino, M. : Cain ; trai 

cala [-Zare], P. : bay, cove. 

calabracft [?], M., INVAE.: game of 
cards (between two). 

76 calaTbrese 

cala"bre-se [Calabria], M. : pointed f el- 
hat, -sella [?], F. : game of cards (one 
against two), -sellista, pi. sti, M. 
skilful player of -sella. 

cala"brone [L. crabronis], M. : hornet 

cala-faof, M. : calker. ||~atar [Ar.] 
TR. : calk, -fato, M.: calker. 

cala-maiata, F. : blow with an inkstand 
-maietto, -maino, dim. of -maio 
II -maio [L. -marium (-mus, reed)], M. 
inkstand; ink-fish. -xnain-&eo, disp. 
dim. of -maio. -mandreaf, F. : ger 
mander (plant), -maretto, M. : little 
ink-fish, -maro = -maio. 

calameatof , M. : going down. 

calamistro [-mo], M. : curling iron. 

calamita [L. -tas], F. : calamity (mis 

ealami-ta [? calamo, reed; ref. to the 
pivot of the needle], F. : loadstone (mag 
net) ; magnet needle (of a compass). 
-tare, TR. : magnetize, -tazione, F. : 

calami-tosamente, ADV. : disastrously, 
ll-toso [-id], ADJ. : calamitous (wretched). 

calamo [L. -mus], M. : cane (reed). 

calamdra [Gr.], F. : woodlark. 

calaudrmo [character in Boccaccio], 
M.: simpleton. 

calaudro [cf. -dra], M. : mocking-lark. 

calappio [OQ&T.klappa],u.i snare; (fig.) 

cala-pranzi [-re, pranzo], M., INVAR.: 
dumb-waiter, cala-re [Gr. chaltin, 
slacken], TR.: lower; INTR.: decrease; go 
down (in price), cala-ta, F.: going down, 
fall; declivity, -tima, F. : lowering of 
the voice. 

calbigia [?], F. : kind of fine grain. 

cal-ca [-care], F. : crowd, multitude, -ca- 
l>ile, ADJ.: that may be trodden under 
foot. -ca=fogrli, M.: paper-weight, -ca- 
firniiio,M. : heel (of a shoe, etc.). -cagrno, 
pi. -caffni or -cagna [L. -neum], M. : heel. 
-ca=lettere, M. : paper-weight, -mento, 
M.: trampling. (1-earei [L. (calx, heel)], 
TR. : trample (tread upon) ; oppress. 
eai-eare 2 [-ce i], M. : calcite (carbonate 
of lime), -careo, -cariof, ADJ.: cal 
calca-ta [-re], F. : trampling ; highwayf . 

-tamemtef , ADV. : closely, -toio, M. : 

copying instruments; gun sponge; charger 

for loading cannons, -toref = -toio. 
ealcatri-eef , F. : cockatrice (fabled ser 

calcatura [-care],F.: trampling, crushing. 
calee i [L. calx], F. : lime, CHALK. 
calee2 [L. calx, HEEL], M. : now only in 

in , at the foot of the page ; butt-endf 

(of a lance, gun, etc.). 


cal-cedonio [Kalkedon, Chalcedon], M. 

ealeesef , M. : (nav.) topmast. 
cal-eestrdzzo [? calcei, L. structus, 
piled up], M. : cement, mortar, 
cal-eetto [-ce2, heel], M. : low shoe, 
pump ; cloth shoef . --eiantef , M. : foot 
ball player, -eiearef, TR. : trample 

cal-ei-ma [ak. to calce i], F : lime ; mor 
tar. -nabile, ADJ. : calcinable. -na^ 
-e-io, M. : rubbish (in old walls); broken 
bricks, -aaaio, M. : lime pit ; lime-trough. 
-mare, TR. : calcine, pulverize ; scatter 
lime (to fertilize land); REFL: become 
lime, -matoriof, ADJ. : pertaining to 
calcination, -aatiira, F. : calcination. 
-mazione, F.: calcinating, -xiosita, F.' 
liminess. -no so, ADJ.: of lime ; like lime. 

caXeio [L. calx, HEEL], M.: kick; butt- 
end of a gun ; staff of a lance ; game at 

cal-cistriizzo [calce], M. : mortar. 

calei-trare [L. (calx, heel)], INTR. : kick 
(calcitrate). -trazionef, F. : kicking. 
(Jiff.) resistance, -trosof, ADJ.: kicking. 

calco [-care], M. : counter-drawing ; light 

cal-cografia, F. : calcography (engrav 
ing in brass); calcographical studio. 
-cografico, ADJ. : calcographical. ||-cd- 
grafo [Gr. chalkos, copper, grdphein, 
write], M. : calcographer (engraver in cop 
per or brass) ; printer or seller of prints. 

calcola [-care], F. : weaver's treadle. 

calco-laMle, ADJ.: calculable, -lare, 
TR.: calculate; suppose (think); INTR,,: 
compute by calculus, -latore, M.: cal 
culator. -lazionef,F. : calculation. -let- 
-to, dim. of -la. Hcalco-lo [L. cal 
culus, 'pebble,' used in reckoning], M. : 
calculation ; stone in the bladder, -losof, 
ADJ.: calculous (stony), calcd-saf, F. : 
street (road). 

calcul. .f = calcol. . 

cal-daf [-do], F.: heating, -daia [L. -da- 
ria],F.: CALDRON; kettle; boiler, -daiet, 
M.: kettle; boiler, -daiata, F.: kettle- 
ful. -daietta, dim. of -da. -daino, M.: 
brasier (warming-pan), -daiona, -daio- 
n, aug. of -daia, -daio. -damoiaf, dim. 
of -daia. -damenie, ADV. : warmly, 
vehemently (used only in fig. sense), -da- 
na, F.: burning in the face or head; 
warm room where bread may rise; heat 
of summer f; pleurisy f. -danmo, M.: 
small brasier. -dano, M.: brasier. -da- 
arn-e-eio, disp. dim. of -dano. -darof 
=^-daia. -deggtfare, TR.: favour, -de- 
raio, M. : brasier. 

caide- relief, II-riao [cardellino], M.: 


calderdnef , M. : large kettle. 

calde-rottino, M.: small tea-kettle. 
H-rdtto [caldaro], M. : small kettle : tea 

caldei-agiof , M. : goldfinch. 

cal-derridlaf, F. : small kettle or boiler. 
-detto, ADJ.: rather warm, -dezzaf, 
F.^: heat; passion, -di-e-einolof, M. : 
slight heat, -dinof, M. : sunny spot. 
II -do [L. -idus], ADJ. : warm, hot ; M. : 
heat, -du-eeino, car. dim. of -duccio. 
-dii-e-efo, dim. of -do. -dura, F.: heat, 
heat of summer. 

ea-ie [3. Sing, of -lere] : it imports : avere 
in non , pay no heed to. 

calefa-eientet, -ttivof, ADJ.: calefa- 
cient, heating, -zionef, F. : calef action. 

caleidoscopio [Gr. kalos, beautiful, sko- 
pein, see], M. : kaleidoscope. 

ca-lem for -lende. -lendario, -lem- 
darof , M. : calendar. H -lende [L. -lo 
re, call], F. PL.: calends, -lendimag- 
gio, M. : Florentine festival, May 1. 

calendula t, F. : calendula (marigold). 

calenzolo [?], M. : greenfinch. 

calepino [author Calepio], M.: first Latin 
dictionary ; big volume. 

caleref, DEFECT. ; INTR.: care, be con 
cerned for : TiOTi me ne cale, I don't care 
about it. 

Ind. : Pres. cale', (poet.) Impf. cctUva,. 
Pret, calse. Sub]. : Pres. c&glia. Impf. ca~ 
li-sse. Ger. calendo. Part, caluto. 

cales - sabile, ADJ.: passable for car 
riages, -sa-e-eio, disp. of -?e. -saute, 
M.: driver, -sata, P.: calashful. Hcales- 
se [Bohem.], M.: calash (light carriage). 
-sina, -sino, dim. of -se. cales-so, 
M. : calash. 

calestro = galestro. 

calettaf, F. : slice, bit. 

calet-tare [?], TR. : join closely (close 
up) ; adjust. 

calia [-lare], F. : gold or silver filings ; 
rubbish ; tiresomeness. 

ca-libet, M. : (med.) steel. 

cali-"brare, TR.: calibrate (find calibre 
of) ; proportion, -"bratoio, M. : calibre 
compasses, cali-bro [Ar.], M. : calibre; 
instrument for measuring the bore of a 
cannon; (fig.) quality (character). 

cali-<ee [L. -x], M. : chalice (communion 
cup ; cup ; caHx). -eetto, -eino, dim. 
of -ce. -eiome, M. : large cup ; kind of 

calico [city Calicut], M. : calico. 

caliditat, F. : calidity, heat. 

ca-lijBPato, M. : caliphate. H-liffo [ArJ, 
M. : caliph. 

ca-ligaref, INTR.: become dark, H-li- 
gine [L. -ligd\ t F. : mist (fog) ; darkness. 
-liginoso, ADJ. : dark (caliginous). i 

ealvinlsta T7 

cal-laf, F.: field-path, -laia. F.: path; 
openingf; sluicef . -lai(u)61at F.: snare 
for rabbits. H-le [L. -Us], M. : (poefa 
path, by-way. 

calli-ditaf, F. : cunning, calli-dot. 
ADJ. : crafty (callid). 

calH-gra^a, F. : calligraphy, -grafi- 
co, ADJ.: calligraphic. Hcalli-grafo 
[Gr. kalos, beautiful, grdphein, write], M.: 

oal-lista, M. : chiropodist (remover of 
corns, etc.). H-Io [L. -lum], M. : callosity, 

callone [ealla], M. : sluice, lock (in ca 

cal-losita, F. : callosity, jl-loso [-Zo], 
ADJ.: callous. 

callotta [Callott, Italian painter], M. : as 
mfigura del , grotesque person. 

cal-ma [Gr. kaftina, heat], F. : CALM (at 
sea) ; tranquillity, -mante, M. : anodyne 
(soothing medicine), -mare, TR. : calm, 
quiet ; REFL. : become calm, -moi, ADJ. : 

calmof 2, M. : twig, graft. 

calo [-lare], M. : diminution, descent. 

calogpiaaf, F. : calumny. 

calomela-no [Gr. kalos, beautiful, me- 
las, black], -'nos, M. : calomel. 

caldmaco = canonico. 

ca-16re [L. -Zor], M. : heat ; (fig.) enthu 
siasm, -loria, F.: improving land (by 
manuring or rotation of crops), -lorico, 
M. : caloric, principle of heat, -lorifero, 
M. : heater, furnace, -lorificof, ADJ.: 
calorific, heating, -lorino, M.: slight 
heat,, ADV.; ardently. 
-lorosita, F. : heat, -loroso, ADJ. : 
hot; fiery, -lord-e-eio, M.: slight heat. 

caloscla [PrJ, F. : GALOSHE (overshoe). 

calosciof , ADJ. : weak, feeble. 

cal-pestamentof, M.: trampling upon. 
11-pestare [-ce, pestare], TR. : trample 
upon, -pestatore, M., -pestatri-ee, 
F. : trampler. -pestio, M. : stamping. 

calte-riref, TR. : injure, -rituraf , F. : 

calucof , ADJ. : miserable, frail. 
.lAggiaet F- down (of birds). 

calumaret, TR. : (nav.) let out the rope, 

calun-nia [L. calumnia], F. : calumny 
(slander) . -niare , TR. : calumniate (slan 
der), -niatore, M., -niatrie, p.: 
calumniator, -niazionef? F- - calumny. 
-miosame:nte,ADV.: slanderously, -nio- 
so, ADJ. : calumnious. 

calvaref, TR. : make bald. 

IveHof , ADJ. : fine (said of grains). 

calvezza [-w], F. : baldness. 

calvi - nismo [Calvin], M. : Calvinism. 
-mista, M.: Calvinist; (jest.) bald person. 



. eal-vizie, p.: baldness. Hoal-vo [L. 
-vus], ADJ. : bald. 
cal-za [L. -cea (cf. -ei0)], P.: stocking; 
strainer ; blow-pipe : di disfatta, very 
tMn or weak ; tagliare le -ze a, speak ill 
of ; tirar su le -ze a, worm out a secret 
from, -za-e-eia, disp. of ~za. -zai(n)o- 
lof, M.: hosier, -zaxuento, M., pi. ti 
and to: shoes and stockings, -zante, 
ADJ. : (fig.) neat, suitable, -zare, TR. : 
put shoes, gloves, etc., on, put or fit on ; 
REPL. : put or fit on (shoes, gloves, etc.) ; 
INTR. : fit smoothly, look well ; M. : shoes 
and stockings, -zatoia, F. : prop ; shoe 
horn, -zatoiof, M. : shoe-horn, -zatu- 
ra, P. : covering for the feet ; shoes and 
stockings, -zeronef , M. : coarse stock 
ings, -zerotto, M.: half-hose, -zetta, 
dim. of -za. -zettaia, P., -zettaio, M.: 
hosier, -zino, M. : half-hose, sock, -zo- 
laio, M. : shoemaker, -zolaiu-e-eio, M.: 
poor shoemaker, -zoleria, p.: shoe 
maker's shop, -zona-e-ei, disp. of -zoni. 
-zoneini, car. dim. of -zoni. -zon- 
eioni, aug. of -zoni. -zone, us'ly in 
pi. -zoni, M. : breeches. -zonu-e-ei, 
disp. of -zoni. -znolof, M.; wedge, 
prop; ferrule. 

eama^lio [cap(o) t head, maglia, armour], 
M. : CAMAIL (neck-armor). 
camaleon-te [Gr. ckamai, on the ground, 
leon, lion], M. : chameleon (lizard with 
shifting colour); (Jig.) one who has no col 
our in his politics, -teo, ADJ. : pertain 
ing to the chameleon, -tessa, p.: female 
of the chameleon. 
oamangiaret, M. : esculent herbs. 

camarlin-ga, P. : convent-matron ; lady 
in waitingf . -gato, M. : office of cham 
berlain, -gfreria, P. : ofiice of chamber 
lain, -'go [Ger. kdmmerling (hammer, 
CHAMBER)], M.: CHAMBERLAIN; treasurer, 

camato, us'ly scamato. 

camauro [?], M. : Pope's cap. 

cambelldtto = cammellotto. 

cam-Male, p.: bill of exchange. -Ma- 
letta, -Malina, -Mal&e-eia, dim. of 
-le. -Mamento, M. : change. -Ma= 
monete, M. : money-changer. H-Mare 
D. LJ, INTR.: CHANGE (transform); TR.: 
exchange; REPL.: change colour. -Ma 
rio, ADJ.: of exchange (CAMBIAL). -Ma- 
tore, M.: banker, -Matnraf, P.: 
change. -Ma = valuta, M. : money 
changer. cam-Mo, M.: exchange : liber o 
, free trade, -liista, M.: banker (cam 

cam-braiaf , P. : cambric. |[-"bri (Cam- 
brai, where made], M. : cambric. 

oamelia [Jesuit Camelli], p. : camellia. 

came-ra [L., vault], p. : CHAMBER (bed- 1 


room); chamber (of commerce), etc. -ra 
le, ADJ. : of a chamber (deliberative 
body), -rata i , pi. ti, M. : comrade (com 
panion). -rata2, F.: division (of stu 
dents in a school); dormitory (for each 
division), -rella, F. : dim. of -ra ; cell 
containing the seed of grain, -riera, 
p.: lady's maid, -riera-e-eia, disp. of 
-riera. -riere, M. : valet, gentleman's 
servant; prelate's title, -rierina, car. 
dim. of -riere. -rina, P.: small, pleasant 
room, -rirno, M. : dressing-room in a 
theatre, -rista, p. : maid of honour. 
-rona, aug. of -ra. -rone, M.: very large 
room; disp.: large uncomfortable room. 
-rottof = -retta. -ru-e-eia, -ruzzaf, 
disp. dim. of -ra. 

ca-ini-ee [L L. -misia, cf. Eng.f camis], 
M. : alb (priest's garment), -mieetta, 
dim. of -micia. -nti-eia, P.: shirt, smock. 
-mi-eia-eeia, disp. of -micia. -mi^iata, 
P.: profuse perspiration (as causing change 
of 'shirt'); night-attack (by soldiers in 
white shirts, Eng.f CAMISADE). -miina, 
p. : child's shirt, -mieino, M. : smock, 
CHEMISE, -mi-eiola, p.: flannel waist 
coat, -mieiolaia, P., -mi-eiolaio, M.: 
waistcoat seller, -mieiolina, dim. of 
-miciola. -miiol6ne, M. : heavy waist 
coat, -mieione, M. : coarse shirt, -mi- 
eidtto, M. : blouse, -mi-eiuolaf, P.: 
flannel waistcoat, -misclaf, P. : shirt. 

caxnin. . = cammin. . 

cammeista [cammeo], M. : engraver of 

cammellinot, M. : camlet. 

cammello [Gr. kdmelos], M. : camel. 

camme-lloto [1. L. camelotum f camel's 
hair], M. : camlet (a fabric), -lopardof , 
M. : camelopard. 

cammeo [L L. camceus], M. : cameo. 

cammi-naMle, ADJ.: fit for travel. 
Jl-nare [Celt., ak. to Fr. chemin, road], 
INTR. : walk ; travel ; M. : walking ; gait. 
-nata, P.: walk; hallf. -natora, P^ 
-natore, M.: walker (pedestrian, ram 
bler); traveller, -natura, P.: walk, 

cammi-Metto, M.: small fire-place (grate, 
Eng.f CHIMNEY). -niera,p.: fire-screen; 
mantel-mirror, cammi-no i [Gr. kdmi- 
nos], M. : hearth (fire-place) ; chimney. 

cammino 2 [-ware], M. : walk, road. 

camof, M.: rein; bridle. 

camomilla [Gr. chamai-melon t earth-ap 
ple], p. : camomile. 

ca-ntorra, p.: name of a secret (self- 
seeking) Ital. society, -morrista, M.: 
schemer. H-morro [Sp. chamorro t bald], 
M. : weak, languid person ; bore. 

camo-soiaref, TR. : dress chamois leath 
er, -sciatnraf, p.: dressing chamois 


leather, -sclmof, ADJ.: of chamois 
leather ||camd-scoi [?], M. : CHAMOIS 
chamois leather. 

camos-etof 2, ADJ.: flat-nosed CEne.t CAM- 

camozza [-moscio i], P. : female of the 

campaccMaref , INTE. : live in want, be 

cam-pagna [-po], P. : open country or 
field, country, CAMPAIGN, campagna). -pa 
0ML(n)61o, ADJ.: of the country, country- 
(rustic); M.: countryman, -painolot, 
ADJ.: rural, -pale, ADJ.: in the field; 
(fig.) fatiguing: battaglia , pitched 
battle ; giornata , fatiguing day. -pa- 
mento [-pare 2], M. : provisions. 
campa - na [Campania (where first 
made?)], P.: bell (church-bell); glass- 
shade (to protect from dust); alembic: 
averele -ne grosse,bQ hard of hearing; 
far la tutta d' un pezzo, do a thing 
without interruption, -na-e-eia, disp. of 
-na. -na-e-eio, M. : cow-bell (ram's bell, 
etc.). -naio, -narof, M. : bell-ringer. 
-nella, p. : little bell ; campanula (bell- 
flower); door-bell; door-clapper (in form 
of a ring); nose-ring (of animals); ear 
ring, -nellina, dim. of -nella. -nel- 
lino, dim. of -nello. -nello, M. : hand 
bell; little bell, -xdl&e-eio, disp. of 
-nile. -nile, M.: campanile (bell-tower); 
belfry : idee di , intense love of one's 
town or neighbourhood, -niletto, -ni- 
lino, dim. of -nile. -nilista, M. : love 
of one's own town, -nina, p.: small bell. 
-nino == -naceio. -none, M. : big bell. 
cam-pare i [-po], TEL: us'ly scampare, 
save; INTR.: escape. ||-pare2 [-po], 
INTR. : live (more pop. than vivere) ; TR. : 
nourish (maintain); (paint.) paint the 
ground of; sculpture in relief, -peg- 
giamento, M. : encampment; camp. 
-peggiare, INTE.: encamp; set off in 
relief; besiegef. 

campeggio [Campecke], M. : Campeachy 
wood, logwood. 

cam-pere-e-etof, ADJ.: rural, -perel- 
lo, M.: small field. H-pestre [-po], ADJ.: 
campestral, rustic, -pettino, -petto, 
dim. of -po. -picc7iiare, INTR. : live in 
want, -pieello, M. : small field. 
campigiana [?], P. : very large brick. 
cam-piot, ADJ.: of the country, -pio- 
nario, M.: sample-book, -pion-eino, 
M. : small sample, -pi one, M. : cham 
pion; sample; registry-book; ledger; 
rule, model, -piref, TR.: (paint.) paint 
the ground of. -piteUof, M. : small field. 
||-po [L. -pus], M.: field (plain); (fig.) 
freedom ; camp ; field of battle ; field of a 
shield ; ground of a picture, -poraiolo, ' 


M. : farmer on shares, -pore-e-eio, ADJ. : 
of the country. -po=santo, M. : ceme 
tery; devastated place. -pnccMare, 
INTR.: be poor, -p&e-eio, M.: small 

camnfFare [capo muffare\, TR., REFL. : 
muffle up (mask, disguise); cheatf. 
canrasof, ADJ. : camous (flat-nosed). 
ca-naeeio, M.: big ugly dog. H- 
[-ne\, p.: canaille (rabble). -na 
eia, disp. of -naglia. -nafirjiata, p.: 
act of the rabble. -a^rliesco, ADJ.: 
pertaining to the rabble. ~-aa#H6me, 
M, : rabble : gathering place of the rabble. 
-naio, M. : keeper of dogs. -*ai(ii)61o, 
M. : kind of sweet grape. 
cana-le [L. -Us], M.: canal; channel; 
irrigating-difcch. -letto, -lino, dim. of 
-le. -M-eio, M. : little canal, gutter. 
oana-pa [L. cannabis], p. : HEMP, -paia, 
P. : hemp-field, -paio, M. : dresser and 
seller of hemp, -palef, M. : rope, halter. 
cana-pef, M. : hemp-rope. 
cana-pe [Pr.; ak. to Eng. canopy], M.: 
sofa, -peino, M. : small sofa. 
canapetto [-po], M. : small rope. 
canapigrliat, P. : kind of wild duck. 
cana-pino, ADJ.: hempen; M.: hemp- 
dresser. |jcana-po [-pa], M.: big rope, 
cable, -pm-e-eiaf, P.: hemp-seed. -p&le, 
M. : stalk of hemp. 

canari-na, p. [Canarie], -no, M.: ca 
nary-bird; singer with a small voice; 
ADJ.: yellow. 

cana-ta [cane], p. : reproof, -tteyiaf, 
P. : pack of dogs, -ttieref, M. : dog- 

canava-e-eio =: canovaccio. 
cancan [FrJ, M. : cancan (vulgar French 

canel-labile, ADJ.: that can be can 
celled, -laxnentof, M. : cancelling. 
-lare, TR. : cancel (erase). -14ta, P % : 
railing (rail-fence), -latina, dim. of 
-lata. -lato, PART., M.: railing (rail- 
fence), -latore, M., -latriee, P.: 
canceller, -latmra, -lazionef, P.: 
cancelling (erasure), -leresco, ADJ.: 
belonging to chancery, -leria, p. : chan 
cery; chancellor's residence. -Hera, 
P.: chancellor's wife, -lierato, M.: 
chancellorship. -Here, M.: registrar, 
chancellor, -lino, M. : small lattice. 
II can-eel lo [L- -tow (dim. of cancer, 
lattice)], M.: cancel, enclosure, lattice, 

can~eeroso, ADJ.: cancerous, -cfoerl- 
no, M.: small canker. Hcan-cfoero [L. 
-cer, crab], M. : cancer (us'ly ~cro) ; (fig.) 
evil (trouble), plague; wretch; INTEEJ. : 
misery! fudge 1 -c/terone, M.: big 
canker, -cfceroso, ADJ. : cancerous. 

80 cancrena 

eam-erema [Gr.gdngraina (grain-, gnaw)], 
F. : GANGRENE, -erenare, INTR., REFL. : 
gangrene, -crenoso, ADJ. : gangrenous. 
cancro [L. -eer, crab], M. : cancer (ulcera- 
tion ; sign of the zodiac). 
cande-la [L. (-re, be white)], F. : candle. 
-labro, M. : chandelier, -laia, -lara, 
F.: Candlemas, -letta, F.: small candle; 
(med.) bougie. -(l)liere, M. : candle 
stick, candelabrum, -lona, F., -lone, 
M.: large candle. -Idra, F.: Candlemas. 
-lotto, M. : thick, short candle, can- 
de-ntef, ADJ. : shining, candent. 
candi-damente, ADV. : candidly, -da- 
xnento, M. : whiteness, -dato, ADJ.f : 
attired in white ; M. : candidate (Rom. 
candidates dressed in white), -dezza, 
F. : whiteness, -dissimo, ADJ.: very 
white. Hcaadi-do [L. -dus], ADJ.: 
white, pure; ingenuous (sincere), -fi- 
caref, TR. : make very hot. 
can-dire [Turk.], TR. : candy, preserve. 
-dito, PART.: candied; M. PL.: sweet 

caa-dof, ADJ.: white. ||-dore [L. -dor], 
M. : whiteness ; purity, simplicity. 
ea-ne [L. -nis], M. : dog; low person 
(rascal); dentist's key; cock of a gun; 
dog-star (Sirius); -nea, F.: barking of a 
pack of dogs. 

cane-fora [Gr. pharos, bearer], F. : girl 
who brought baskets of flowers, etc., to 
Pallas, cane-stra [L. canistra (Gr. 
kdneon, basket)], F. : small willow basket; 
light carriage. ' -stra-e-eia, -stra-e-eio, 
disp. of -giro, -strata, p.: basketful. 
-strina, -strino, dim. of -stra, -stro. 
cane-stro, M.: basket (pannier), -stru-c- 
eio, disp. dim. of -stro. 
canetto [cane], M. : small dog. 
canfora [ArJ, p.: camphor, -rato, 
ADJ.: camphorated. 

can-giabile, ADJ.: changeable, -ga- 
mento, M.: change, -giante, ADJ.: 
changing; changeable "(of colours), 
il-giare [eambiare], TR. : CHANGE (ex 
change); REFL.: change one's mind. 
can-go = -giante. 
cangrenaf , p. : gangrene. 
ca-ni-e-eiata, P.: batch. Hnieeio 
[-nna], M.: bed of reeds or pipes; drying- 
bed (for chestnuts). 

ca-nieidio, M. : killing of dogs. H-ni- 
cola [-Tie], P.: Canicula (dog-star); dog- 
days, -nicolare, ADJ. : canicular. -n- 
cnlaf , F. : dog-star. 
canidof, ADJ. : white ; candid. 
ca-nile [~ne] t M.: KENNEL; miserable 
room or bed. -nina, P.: small bitch. 
-ninamente, ADV. : like a dog. -nino, 
car. dim. of cane; ADJ. : canine. 
canizie [L. -nities], P.: white hairs of age. 


canizza [-Tie], F. : bay (of dogs). 
can-na [L.], F. : cane, reed; stick (staff); 
pipe (tube); barrel of a gun; measure of 
length, -naiof, M. : weaver's drawer : 
reed basket for grains, -namelef, P., 
M. : sugar-cane, -nata, F. : blow with 
a cane, -neggiare, TR. : measure with 
a rod, survey*. " -neggiatore, M. : sur 
veyor's assistant, "-nella, P.: small 
waterpipe (conduit); tube; faucet; bad 
practice; cinnamon. -neUatof, ADJ.: 
cinnamon-; seasoned with cinnamon. 
-nelletta, dim. of -nella. -nellet- 
to, -nellino, dim. of -nello. -nellina 
= -nelletta. -nello, M. : joint of cane ; 
weaver's reel ; small tube, syphon, -nel- 
lone, aug. of -nello. -neto, M. : place 
full of reeds, -netta, dim. of -na. 
cannibale [-6a, Caribbean word], M. : 

canmie-ei. . = canicei. . 
can-nonata, F. : cannon-shot ; idle story. 
-non-eellof, -non-cino, M. : small can 
non. ||-none [-na], M.: big cane or tube ; 
cannon. -noneggiamento,M.: cannon 
ading. -noneggYare, TR. : cannonade. 
-noniera, p.: embrasure; porthole; gun 
boat: ADJ.: of a gunboat, -noniere, M.: 
cannoneer, gunner, -nosof, ADJ.: reedy 
-nu-ecia, disp. dim. of -na. 
cannutif/lia = canutiglia. 
canof, ADJ. : gray-haired. 
canoaf, F. : canoe. 
ca-noccft/iale [canna occhiale], M. : te 1 - 

escope. -nocc/tiof, M. : vine-prop. 
canonei [cane], M. : big dog. 
ca-none2 [Gr. kanon, rod, rule (kdne, 
reed)], M. : canon (church law) ; land-rent ; 
PL. : catalogue of Greek classics (by Alex 
andrian grammarians). -uonica, ?.: 
priest's residence. -ncxdcale, A.DJ. : 
canonical, -nonicamente, AD V . : ca- 
nonically. -nonicato, M.: canonry. -no- 
nicfoessa, P.: canoness. -noni-eita, 
F. : canonicalness. -nonico, ADJ. : ca 
nonical ; M. : canon (member of a cathe 
dral chapter), -nonista, M.: canonist. 
-nonizzare, TR. : canonize; authorize. 
-nonizzazione, F. : canonisation. 
canopef, M. : sofa. 

canoro [L. -rus (-ere, sing)], ADJ. : melo 
dious (canorous). 
canosc. . f = conosc. . 
ca-nottiere, M. : canoe-man. || -motto 
[Sp. canoa (Carib.)], M. : canoe. 
canova [L. -naba, hutl, F. : wine-shop; 

canova-e-eio [-napa] f M. : rough cloth for 
dusting or polishing, dusting-rag; em 
broidery-cloth; CANVAS. 
cano-vaia, F. [-va], -traio, M. : store 
keeper in a convent. 


can-sare [L. campsare], TR. : remove, set 
aside, -satoiaf , P., -satoiof , M. : ref 
uge (shelter). 

ean-taMle [-tore], ADJ.: that may be 
sung; M. : cantibile (passage in music). 
-taecJiiaref, TR. : sing low (hum). -ta= 
favola, F. : idle story, -tafera [vari 
ant of tantafera], P.: tiresome song, -taio- 
lo, ADJ. : singing (of birds) ; M. : decoy- 
bird, -tam^banca, p., -tam"banco, 
M. : mountebank (humbug), -tante, M., 
p.: singer. ||-tare [L.],INTR.: sing; cele 
brate (praise) ; TR. : sing ; M.j : song. 

cantaride, P. canter ella. 

cantaro [Gr. -tharos, cup], M. : cantaro 
(anc. weight). 

caztta=strie [-re], M., INVAR.: singing 
beggar, canta-ta, p.: cantata, -tore, 
M.: cantor (singer). 

canterella [Gr. kantharis, beetle], p. : 
cantharis (blister-fly). 

eamterellare [-tare], INTR. : sing low, 
hum; warble. 

canter ellot[-tero],M.: small vase; tinsel. 

canterino [-tore], ADJ.: singing; M. : 
(jest) singer. 

cantero [Gr. kdntharos], M. : vase, cham 
ber utensil. 

canter-dtof , ADJ. : angular (cornered). 

can-tica [-toi], F. : song (poem in parts). 
-ticc/tlare, TR., INTR.: sing low. can- 
tico, M. : canticle (religious song). 

cantiere [L. -terius], M. : dockyard. 

camti-lena [-tare], F. : tiresome music. 
-lenaref, TR. : compose poor music. 

cantixnpldra [L. canna impletoria], F. : 
wine or water-cooler. 

canti-naj [? ak. to canova], F. : wine-cel 
lar ; sutler's shop ; wine ; cavet- -netta, 
dim. of -na. -niere, M. : butler. 

cam-tino, M. : treble string of a violin, 
etc. || -to i [L. -tus], M.: singing; song; 
canto (part of a poem) ; ballad. 

can-to 2 [?], M. : corner (angle, CANT) ; 
side : a , near, beside, -tonale, ADJ.: 
cantonal, -tonaref, TR. : divide in parts ; 
REFL. : withdraw, -tonata, F. : angle, 
corner, -tome [aug. of -to], M. : part, 
side; cornerstone; canton. -tomiera, 
F. : corner closet, -tomiere, M. : cus 
todian of a high road, -toniito, ADJ. : 

can-tora [-tore], P.: nun singing in a choir. 
-tore, M. : singer ; choir-leader, -toria, 
p. : singer's gallery, -torino, M. : hymn- 
book, -tncc/iiare, TR., INTR. : sing low. 

can-ta-e-eiaio, M. : biscuit maker or sell 
er, -tn-e-eimo, dim. of -tuceio. H-tu-e- 
eio [dim. of -to 2], M. : corner; small 
piece or part ; bit of bread ; biscuit. 

ca-mi-e-eia-c-eio, -im-e-eio, disp. of -Tie. 

tsaxra-tamentet, ADV.: with judgment, 

cape 81 

prudently. H-tezza [L. canities], F. : 
gray hairs, hoariness of age. 

cannti^lia [canna], F. : gold or silver 
embroidery; spangles. 

caniito [L. -tus], ADJ. : gray-haired. 

can-zona, F. : song, -zonac-eia, F. : 
bad song, -zonare, TR. : banter, make 
fun of. -zonatore, M., -zonatriee, 
P.: banterer. -zonatoriamente, ADV.: 
banteringly. -zonatorio, ADJ. : banter 
ing, quizzing, -zonatnra, F. : bantering. 
-zoneina, P., -zon-eino, M. : canzonet. 
-zon-eiona, -zon-eiome, aug. of -zone. 
Ij-zone [L. -tio (-ere, sing;], M. : song 
(CHANT) ; ballad : mettere in , make fun 
of, deride, -zonella, P.: mettere (man- 
dare) in , make fun of, deride, -zo- 
netta, dim. of -zone, -zoniere, M. : 
collection of songs; song -book. -zo- 
nite-eia, disp. dim. of -zone. 

cao-s, -sse [Gr. chaos, space], M. : chaos. 

ca-pa-cina [-JDO], F. : pain in the head; 
confused feeling, -pa-e-eio, M. : bad man. 
-pa-e-eiuto, ADJ.: big-headed (said of 
vegetables, etc.). 

capa-ee [capire], ADJ.: capacious; ca 
pable (able), -eissimo, ADJ. : superl of 
-ce. -eita, P.: capacity; ability, -eita- 
re, TR.: capacitate; persuade; INTR.: be 
or become capable : non mi -cita, it is not 
to my taste, -citato, PART.: convinced. 

eapagritof , M. : sharp-pointed weapon. 

eapameno or capo ameno, M.: gay, whim 
sical person. 

capan-na [Celt, caban], P* : barn (shed) ; 
CABIN (hut). -na-eia, F. : miserable 
hut. -nella, dim. of -na. -nello, M.: 
group (talking in secret); small hutf. 
-nettof , M. : small cabin. =nisc6nde- 
re, M. : game of hide-and-seek, -no, 
M. : hut used as hiding-place by fowlers ; 
hut ; cupola, -nolaf , F. : small hut. 
-none, M.: hay-loft; large room. -nuc- 
ia, F, : disp. dim. of -na; representa 
tion of the birth of Christ (hut of wood, 
figures of wax, etc.). -nti-e-eio, JLisp. 
dim. of -no. 

capar-Maggime, P.: stubbornness, ob 
stinacy. -Viamente, ADV. : stubbornly. 
-Meria, F. : stubbornness (obstinacy). 
Hcapar-Mo [capo], ADJ. : stubborn (head 
strong) ; M. : obstinate fellow, -biolo, 
ADJ.: rather stubborn. 

capar-ra [? cape, take, arra, pledge], F. : 
earnest - money (pledge), -rare, TR. : 
give earnest to ; hire ; engage. 

capa-ta [capo], P.: blow with the head; 
inclination of the head, -tina, dim. 
of -to. 

cape [3. Sing, of caper e], find room: nel 
baule non ci (does not find place in the 
trunk), cannot be packed in the trunk. 

82 capeccliiaccio 

ca-pecc/da-e-eio, M. : rubbish. ||-pec- 
cMo [L. -pillus, hair], M. : flock (coarse 
part of flax or hemp). 

capellaf, F. : she-goat. 

capel-laeei, M. PL. : ugly hair. -lato.- 
ra, P.: head of hair. -Hera, P.: hair of 
the head, -limo, dim. of -lo. ||capel-lo 
[L. capillus], pi. -li or capegli, M. : hair. 
-Mtof, ADJ.: hairy, having much hair. 
=venere, or capel venere, M. : maid 
enhair (plant). 

ca-perozzolo, M. : rounded head or ex 
tremity, -pestreria, P.: strangeness, 
whim. H-pestro or e [L. -pistrum (-put, 
head)],M.: halter; rope for hanging crim 
inals ; monk's girdle ; criminal. -pe- 
struzzo, dim. of -pestro. -petta-e-eio, 
disp. dim. of -petto, -petto, M. : head 
strong (capricious) fellow, -pettu-e- 
eia<e<eio, disp. of -pettaccio. 

capevolef, ADJ.: capacious; intelligent. 

eapezzale [capo], M. : bolster ; pillow. 

capezzolo [Sp. cabezo (L. caput, head), 
hill-top)], M. : nipple. 

capi-dogrliaf, P., H-dd^rlto [capo olio], 
M. : sperm-whale. 

capigrpaf, p. : quarrel (scuffle). 

capi-gliatnra, P.: hair, head of hair. 
II -Hare [L. -llus, hair], ADJ.: capillary. 
-llarita, F. : capillarity. 

capimexrtot, M. : (Jig.} capacity (compre 

capi=nera, p., =nero, M. : black-headed 
linnet, capi-no, car. dim. of capo. 

capire [L. -pere], INTR. : contain (iRR.); 
comprehend (understand). 

Pres. cd-fe ; -pano : in sense of ' contain.' 
capi-tale [capo], ADJ.: capital (princi 
pal; mortal); M.: capital, stock, -talet- 
to, -talino, dim. of -tale, -talista, 
M. : capitalist, -talizzare, TR. : capi 
talize (convert into capital); INTR.: amass 
capital, -talmentej, ADV.: capitally; 
mortally, -talii-e<eio, disp. dim. of 
-tale, -tana, p. : admiral's ship ; (jest.) 
captain's wife, -tanare, TR. : lead, com 
mand, -tanato, PART.: provided with 
commanders; M. : captaincy, -taneg- 
giare, TR.: command; INTR.: be cap 
tain, -taneria, p. : coast region under 
a sea -officer's command; officer's resi 
dence ; captaincyf. -tano, M. : captain ; 
chief (commander of an army), -tare, 
INTR. : arrive ; (fig.) come into the mind ; 
with di and inf. : happen, -tazione, 
P.: poll-tax, capi-te (in), ADV.: in 
chief: generate in , general-in-chief. 
-tello, M. : capital of a column, -tola- 
re i, ADJ.: capitular. -tolare2, INTR.: 
capitulate; parley; divide into chapters}. 
-tolarmente, ADV.: capitularly. -to- 
lato, M. ; capitulation, document contain- 


ing terms for surrender, -tolazione, 
p.: term of surrender; capitulation; en 
listment, -toletto, dim. of -tolo. -to- 
limo, ADJ.: dim. of -tolo; capitoline. 
capi-tolo, M. : CHAPTER; head (sub 
ject); poem of triplets; chapter (body 
of canons) ; assembling-place or assem 
blage of monks, -tolu-e-eio, -toluzzo, 
disp. dim. of -tolo. 

capi-tombolare, INTR.: fall head over 
heels (tumble). ||=t6mbolo [capo tom- 
bolo], M. : tumble. -tom"bol6ni, ADV. : 
in tumbles, -tondolo = capitombolo. 
capi-tone [L. caput, head], M.: tangle of 
silk-thread; thick eel. -tosof, ADJ. : 
headstrong, obstinate, -tozza P.: pollard. 
-tozzare = scapitozzare. 
capo [L. -put], M. : head; mind; chief; 
summit, origin, end; promontory: a (in) 
al mondo, to the end of the world ; 
in a (di) tre anni, at the end of three 
years ; far , arrive at. =*banda, M. : 
leader of a band of musicians. =bandi- 
to, M. : chief of banditti. =Tirigazite, 
M.: chief of brigands. =ca<e-eia, M. : 
head huntsman. =can.ixu>, ADJ.: hav 
ing a head like a dog's. capo-ccMa, 
P. : head of pins or nails. capo-ccMo, 
M.: blockhead. -ccMone, M. : big dunce. 
capo-e-eia, pi. -cci or -ccia, M. : head of 
a country-family; foreman (boss). =coco, 
M. : head cook. =comico, M. : head 
comedian. =CUOCO,M.: head cook. =d'- 
pera, M. : masterpiece ; gay person. 
=fila, M. : first soldier of the file. =fitto, 
ADJ. (ADV.): head downwards, -gatto. 
M.: staggers (vertigo), -girlof, =giro, 
M. : dizziness. =lavoro", M. : master 
piece. = letto, M. : tapestry (hangings 
originally behind head cf bed), -le- 
varef, INTR. : fall head foremost, -li 
no, M.: dim. of -po; dot over the i : il sole 
oggi fa , the sun is hardly visible to 
day. =lista, M. : head of the list. =lno- 
go, M.: chief place or town (residence 
place), ^maestro, M.: master-mason; 
architectf. =m.andria,M.: herder, shep 
herd, capo-na, F. : stubborn woman. 
-naggine, p. : stubbornness (obstinacy). 
capo-ne, M.: big head ; stubborn fellow ; 
blockhead, -neria, P. : stubbornness. 
=parte, M. : head of a party or faction. 
=piede or =pie, ADV. : as far , turn 
upside down. =popolo, M. : head of the 
popular party. =posto, M.: chief of a 
guard, -rala, p. : hospital matron, -ra- 
lato, M. : corporalship. -rale, M. : COR 
PORAL; overseer, foreman ; ADJ.f: princi 
pal, -raletto, M. : young corporal, -ra- 
M-e-eio, disp. dim. of -rale, -ranof, 
M.: chief (master), -rie-eiof, M.: fright, 
horror. =riona, P., =rione, M. : chief, 



principal (term of reproach). =rovescio, 
ADV.: head downwards, topsy-turvy, ^sea- 
la, M. : head of the stairs. =sc(u)6Ia, 
M. : founder of a school (in art or letters). 
=setta, =settario, M. : head of a sect. 
=s61dot, M. : increase of pay; soldier 
with extra pay. =sqnadra, M. : com 
mander of a squadron (commodore). =stre- 
gone, M. : (jest.) chief of sorcerers. 
=tam"bmro, M. : head-drum. =tasto, 
M. : peg (of stringed instruments). =ta- 
vola, M. : head of the table ; ns'ly per 
son at the head of the table. =verso, 
M. : beginning of a verse ; verse. =vol- 
^ere, TE. : turn upside down; REFL.; 
overturn. =volto, PART, of -volgere. 

cappai [Gr. kappa], M., INVAR.: k (the 

cappa2 [L L.], F.: CAPE (hooded cloak) ; 
monk's cloak : sotto la del sole (del cie- 
lo), in this world, -magxia, F. : state- 
cloak of cardinals, etc. 

capparet, TR. : choose. 

cap-pella [-pa, cape (of St. Martin, kept 
in a chapel)], F.: CHAPEL; oratory; ehap- 
lainship ; band of choristers ; head of 
large nails: maestro di , director of 
church music, -pella-e-eia, F. : kind of 
lark. ~peHa-e<eio, disp. of -IU. -pel- 
laia, F.: hatter's wife, -pellaio, M. : 
hatter, -pellanato, M.: office of chap 
lain, -pellania, F.: chaplainship, living. 
-pellano, M.: chaplain ; assistant priest. 
-pellata, F.: blow with the hat; hatful: 
a -pellate, in great quantity, -pelletta, 
dim. of -pella. -pelletto, M.: small hat. 
-pelliera, p.: hatbox. -pellina, dim, 
of -pella; of -pello^. -pellinaio, M.: 
hat or clothes rack, -pellino, car. dim. 
of -pello. ([-pello [-pa, cape (part used 
as cap)], M. : hat ; head of a still ; head 
of nails, -pellone, aug. of -pello; aug, 
of -pella. -pelli*e-e a, dim. of -pelle. 
-pelM-e-eio, disp. of -pello. -pelMto, 
ADJ. : crested, tufted (used of birds). 

cap-pereto, M. : caper-bed, cap-peri, 
INTERJ. : exclamation of surprise, llcap- 
pero [Gr. kdpparis], M. : CAPER (spice). 

cap-peronef, M. : large peasant's or car 
rier's hood, -peru-e-eiof, M. : hood. 
-petta [-pa], F.: small cape ; light cloak. 

cappietto [cappio] t j&.: small knot; small 
bunch of ribbons. 

cappina [cappa], F. : small cape. 

cappio [L. capulum], M. : knot ; knot or 
bunch of ribbons. 

cappi-ta, -terina = capperi. 

cappo-naia, F.: capon-coop, -nare, 
TR. : capon, -niello, M. : young capon. 
||cappo-ne [L. capo], M. : capon, -nie- 
ra, F. : (fort.) caponiere (covered way). 

cap-potta [-pa], F. ; long cloak; woollen 

cap ; woman's hat. -potto, M. : capote, 
long cloak ; capot (at the game of piquet). 
-p-a-c-eiaiof, M.: hoodmaker or seller. 
-pTLe-cina, F. : Capuchin nun : insalata 
, kind of salad, -pm-e-eino, M. : Capu- 
chhi friar: i -puccini, the church and 
monastery, -p&e-eio, M, : CAPOCH (cowl, 
hood); 'headed cabbage.' 

ca-pra [L.], F. : she-goat; goat-skin. 
-praggisie, F.: goat's -rue (plant). 
-praib", M., -praia, F.: goat-herd. 
-pretta, F. : kid. -prettina, F., 
-prettimo, M. : small kid. -pretto, 
M. : kid, -prezzof, M. : CAPER ; CAPRICE, 
whim, -pri-e-eiare = rac-capricciare. 
-pri-e-eio, M. : CAPRICE (whim); shiver- 
ingf. -pri-e-etosameate, ADV. : capri 
ciously, -pri-e-eiosetto, M. : capricious 
fellow, -prie-eioso, ADV.: capricious; 
M. : capricious, whimsical fellow. -pri= 
corno, M. : Capricorn. -pri=fico, M. : 
wild fig-tree. -pri=6^1io, M.: honey 
suckle, woodbine ; caprif ole. -pripiiof, 
ADJ. : goatish, -prina, F. : kid. -pri- 
no, ADJ. : caprine, pertaining to a goat. 
-priot, M.: roebuck, -priola, F.: roe; 
caper; capriole, -prioletta, (iron.) dim. 
of-riola. -prioletto, M. : fawn, -prio- 
lo, M.: roebuck. !S-pro [L. coper], M.: 
goat : emissario, espiatorio, scape 
goat, -prone, M. : large goat. 

ca-prugginaz-e, TR.: notch (the staves of 
a cask).* -prugginatoio, M.: instrument 
for marking notches, jj-prdggine [?], 
F. : notch (in the staves of a 'b'arrel, for 
fixing the bottom). 

capsula [dim. of L. capsa, case], F. : 
capsule, case; pod: da fucile, cap 
(primer of 'a gun). 

oapziosof, ADJ. : deceitful. 

earalmttol [L. grabatulus, couch], F. 
PL. : in pigliar le , take one's belong 
ings (in leaving a place). 

caramel, F. : yellow amber. 

oaraM-na [?], F. : carbine, -xdere, 
M. : carbineer. 

caraoca [Dutch kraeke], F.: carack (large 

cara - collar e [Ar.], INTR.: caracole, 
wheel. -collo,M.: caracole, turning about. 

caraf-fa [? Ar.],F,: carafe (glass bottle). 
-fina, F., -fin.0, M. : small carafe. 

cara-mella [? ArJ, F.: candied fruit. 
-mellaio, M.: maker or seller of candied 
fruits, -mellare, TR.: crystallize sugar. 

caramente [caro], ADV. : dearly. 

caramogiof , M. : dwarf. 

carataret, TR. : weigh very carefully. 

oara-tello [carro], M.: keg (cask), -tel- 
letto, -tellino, dim. of -tdlo. 

oarato [ArJ, M. : carat; twenty-fonrtk 



caratte-re [Gr. charakter], M. : charac 
ter (letter; handwriting; type; quality). 
-rista, M.: actor who creates a part, -ri- 
stica, F. : characteristic, -ristico, ADJ. : 
characteristic, -rizzare, TR. : charac 
terize, -rone, aug. of -re. -rik-e-eio, 
disp. dim. of -re. 

caravella [L. -rabus], F. : caravel (ship). 

oarbo-naia [-ne], P.: charcoal - place 
(charcoal-stack); pile of wood; (jest.') 
prison ; moatf . -naio, M. : charcoal- 
maker or seller, -narismo, M. : car- 
bonarism. -mar, M. : carbonaro (mem 
ber of the 'Carbonari' revolutionary so 
ciety, 1808-15). -nataf, F. : carbonado 
(salt fried pork), -nato, M. : carbonate. 
-m-eelio, dim. of -bone. 

earbosi-cMo [L. carbunculus], M. : car 
buncle (gem; boil); smut, mildew. -cM6- 
sof, ADJ. : affected with mildew. 

earbo-n-eimo, dim. o-ne. jjcarbo-me 
[L. carbo], M.: coal; charcoal; mildew, 
smut ; carbunclef : a misura di , meas 
uring by wholesale; in abundance; 
fossile, pit-coal, -nella, F.: small coal ; 
burning coal, -meria, F. : Carbonarism. 
carbd-nico, ADJ. : carbonic, -niera, 
P.: charcoal-shed or depot, -nifero, 
ADJ.: carboniferous, carbo-aiio, M. : 
carbon, -nizzare, TR.: carbonize ; REFL.: 
become carbon. 

carbihicolot, M. : carbuncle. 

car came [?], M. : carcass. 

carcaref, TR. : load. 

csarcassa [came cassa], P.: carcass; 
breast of a chicken ; hulk of a ship. 

carcassof, M. : quiver. 

caree-ramexLtot, M. : imprisonment. 
-rare, TR.: incarcerate (imprison), -ra- 
rio, ADJ. : of a prison (carceral). -ra- 
zione, p.: incarceration. Hcar-ee-re 
[L. career], M. or (us'ly pi.) F. ; prison. 
-riere, M. : jailer. 

car-^eiofaia, F. : field of artichokes. 
-eiofamof, M.: artichoke, -eiofetto, 
-ciofino, M. : small artichoke. ||-*eidfo 
[Ar.], M.: artichoke; dunce, -eidfolaf, 
p.: artichoke. 

earcot, ADJ. : loaded. 

cardamdmo [Gr. -morz,], M. : cardamom. 

car - dare [ear do], TR. : card (wool) ; 
slanderf. -datore, M.: carder, -da- 
tnra, F. : carding, -deggiaref, TR.: 
card; slander. 

cardellino [?], M. : goldfinch. 

oar-dia [Gr. kardia] f M.: cardia (HEART). 
-diaco, ADJ.: cardiac, -dialgia, p.: 
cardialgy, heartburn. 

oardina-lato, M. : cardinalate. [jcar- 
dina-le [car dine], ADJ.: cardinal; M. : 

cardinal; cardinal bird (finch); hinge f. 

-lesco, ADJ.: pertaining to a cardinal. 


-lotto, dim. of -le. -lista, M.: adherent 
of a cardinal, -lizio, ADJ.: of a cardinal. 

cardine [L. -do], M. : hinge ; foundation : 
cardini del mondo, poles of the earth. 

ear-deto, M. : field of thistles, -ditto, 
dim. of -do. ||-do [L. -duus], M. : thistle * s 
card (for combing wool), -dosa-eeliof 
-done, -du-e-eio, M. : artichoke sprout. 

careggiaref , TR. : caress ; esteem. 

careilof, M. : pillow, cushion. 

care-ma [L. carina], p. : keel, -naref t 
TR. : CAREEN (for repairs). 

ca-rentef , ADJ. : wanting. ||-restia 
[L. -rere, want], F. : scarcity, famine. 
-restosof, ADJ. : dear, expensive. 

carettof , M. : reed (rush). 

ea-rezzai [L. -rus, dear], p.: caress 
attention (care). -rezza2 [~ro], P. 
dearness (costliness), -rezzare, TR. 
caress, fondle, -rezzatore, M. : cares- 
ser. -rezzeVole, ADJ.: caressing. 
-rezzevolmente, ADV.: caressingly* 
-rezzina, dim. of -rezzai. 

cariaggio = carriaggio. 

cariare [earie], TR., INTR. : make or be 
come carious. 

cariatide [Gr. Karudtides, priestess], P. : 
caryatid ; (jest.) clumsy support or prop. 

oari-ca [-co], P.: CHARGE (office); burden 
(care); charge (of a gun): a fondo 
determined attack, -care, TR. : CHARGE* 
load; add to; accuse, -catamente, 
ADV. : affectedly, -cato, ADJ. : affected 
(insincere), -catore, M. : loader, freight 
er, -catura, p.: charge (load); affecta 
tion; caricature, -catnrina, dim. of 
-catura. -cat-arista, M. : caricaturist. 

carieef, F. : reed, rush. 

carico [earro], ADJ.: pop. for caricato; 
M. : load (burden); blame; CHARGED 

carle [L. -ries], F.: caries (disease of 
bone); decay. 

cariiio [-ro], M. : darling (dear). 

cariola [earro], F. : wheelbarrow ; knife- 
grinder's cart. 

cariosof, ADJ. : carious (decaying). 

cari-ta [caro], F. : CHARITY; love; fa 
vour. -tatevole> ADJ. : charitable, -ta- 
tevolmente, -tativaikemtef, ADV.: 
charitably, -tativof, -tevolef, ADJ.: 
charitable, -tevolmeutef, ADV. : chari 

carlino [Carlo], M. : carline (small coin). 

carme [L. -men], M. : (poet.) verse, poem. 

carmelitano [Carmelo, where the order 
was founded], ADJ. : Carmelite ; M. : Car 
melite friar. 

carmi-maref , TR. : card (wool) ; (med.) 
expel wind, -aativof , ADJ.: carminative, 
expelling wind. 

carminio [1. L. -mesinus], M. : carmine. 

car - mae-eia, disp. of -ne. -maeeid- 


sof, -sia-e-eMtot, ADJ.: fleshy, -nag- 
giof, M. : meat; carnage, -nagione, 
p. : carnation, flesh colour, -naio, M. 
O'esi.) charnel house, -nainolof, M. 
game-bag; bag. -nale, ADJ.: carnal 
of same blood (related), -malita, P. 
carnality, -malmente, ADV.: carnal 
ly, -name, M. : mass of human limbs 
or corpses ; quantity of bad meat, ~na- 
scialaref \_-ne scialare], INTR. : give 
one's self up to excesses, -nasciale 
[-nascialare], M. : carnival, -nascia- 
lesco, ADJ.: pertaining to the carnival. 
-nato, M. : carnation, flesh colour, jl-me 
[L. caro], P.: flesh; meat; PL.: appear 
ance (complexion) ; health ; pulp of f ruitf. 
-nefi-ee [L. carni-fex], M. : executioner 
(hangman); cruel man. -nefieina, p.: 
carnage; torture. car-neof, ADJ.: 
carneous, fleshy. -ne=secca, p.: salt- 
meat, -nevalata, P.: carnival pleasure. 
-ne=valo, M. : carnival ; festival, merry 
making, -nevalesco, ADJ.: belonging 
to the carnival, -nevalino, M. : amuse 
ment, small pleasure; first Sunday of 
Lent (which is a continuation of the Car 
nival), -nevalone, M.: gay festival. 
-ni-e-eto, M. : fleshy side of raw skins; 
scrapings or shreds of skins, -ni-eino, 
ADJo : flesh-coloured ; pale rose-coloured. 
niera, P., -nieref, M.: game bag. 
-nifi-eina, p.: carnage; torment, -ni- 
voro, ADJ.: carnivorous; M.: carniv 
orous animal, -nosita, P.: fleshiness; 
(med.) carnosity (fleshy excrescence). 
-noso, ADJ.: fleshy (carnous) : muscoli 
-uosi, large muscles, -noval. . (pop.) 
= carneval. . -xrntot, ADJ. : fleshy. 
caro [L. -rus], ADJ.: dear (valued, costly); 
M.: dearness; scarcity!; ADV.: dearly; 
at a high price. 

caro-rna [L. caro, flesh], F. : poor horse 
(jade); corpsef; CARRlONf. -^na-e-e 
F. : worn-out horse. 
card-la, F. : dance (ballet). H-lare [L. 
caraulare], INTR. : dance a ballet. 
carosello [?], M.: exhibition on horseback 
(by,several persons) ; merry-go-round. 
caro-ta [L.], P.* carrot; idle story, fib: 
piantare (vender) -te, tell foolish tales. 
-ta-e-eia, disp. of -to. -taio, M. : fool 
ish talker, -taref, INTR.: tell foolish 
stories ; fib. -tieref, M. : foolish talker. 
carotide [Gr. -tides}, P. : carotid artery. 
earovana [Ar.], F.: caravan; large com 

carparef, INTR.: walk upon all-fours: 
TR. : snatch; arrest. 
carpentieref* M. : carpenter. 
carpi-no [L. -TIUS], M. : hornbeam (tree), 
-net a, p.: place planted with horn 
beams* carpi-no, M. : hornbeam. 



car-pio [1. L. -pd\, M. : carp, -pione, 
M.: carp. 

carpire [L. -pere], TR. : obtain unlawful 
ly (snatch) ; wrestf . 

carpitaf, p.: woolly cloth; woolly cov 

car-po [Gr. karpds], M. : wrist (carpus). 
-poae or -poni, ADV.: on hands and 
feet, on all-fours. 

car-r adore, -raio, M. : cartwright. -ra 
ta, P.: cart-load; great quantity, -ra- 
tellot, M. : keg (cask), -reggiabile,. 
ADJ.: passable for wagons. -feggtare t 
TR. : conv}' by carts or wagonsl * -reg- 
giata, F.: wagon track (cart-road), -reg- 
giatoref, M. : driver, carter, -reg^io, 
M. : carting, conveying by wagons ;* M.f : 
great number of carts, -retta, P. : cart ; 
carriagef; gun-carriage, -rettaio, M.r 
carter, -rettata, P.: cartful, -ret- 
tella, P.: small four-wheeled carriage. 
-rettiere, M. : carter, teamster, -ret- 
tino, M. : small pushcart, -retto, M. : 
pushcart, -rettonaio, M. : carter, team 
ster, -rettonata, p.: large wagon- 
load, -rettone, M. : tilt-cart, large wag 
on (dray), -riaggio, M. : baggage wag 
on ; baggage of an 'army, -ri-eellof, M.: 
small wagon, -riera, P. : career, race ; 
career (life). -ri(u)ola, p.: wheelbar 
row; trundle bedf ; litter. Sicar-ro [L. 
-rus ( currus)], pi. -ri, or -ra (rei. to the 
contents), M.: wagon, CAR; wagonload: il 
di Boote, Charles* Wain, Great Bear, 
-ro-e-eio, M. : war chariot (of Italian re 
publics), -rozza, p.: coach, carriage. 
-rozzabile, ADJ.: passable for carriages, 
-rozzae-eia, disp. of -rozza. -rozzaio^ 
M. : carriage-maker, -rozzata, P. : car 
riagef ul. -rozzetta, F. : light carriage. 
-rozziere, M. : carriage-maker; (jest.) 
coachman. -rozzino,M.: small carriage. 
-rozzone, M. : aug. of -rozza; big profit. 

ca(r)-riiba, F.: carob-bean, St. John's 
bread. H-nalibio [Ar.] y M. : carob-tree. 

carrucaf, F. : pulley. 
carrd-eio [carro], M. : go-cart for chil 

oarruco-la [camtca], P. : pulley : unger 
le ~U 9 flatter, bribe, -laref, TR. : draw 
up with pulleys, -lina, F. : small pulley. 
car-ta [L. ckarta], F. : paper (leaf of pa 
per) ; card ; printed paper ; chart ; legal 
document; map; playing-card. -ta"bel- 
lof, M. : pamphlet, -ta-c-eia, P.: bad 
paper, -ta-ceo, ADJ.: of paper, paper. 
-ta=gloria, P.: altar-scrolls, -taio, M.: 
paper-maker. -ta=pecora, P.: parch 
ment; documents written on parchment. 
-ta=pesta, P.: papier-ma'che'. -tarof* 
M. : paper maker. -ta=stra-e-eia [e. 
stracdo\j F.: wrapping-paper; worthless 

86 carteggiare 

writing. -teggare, INTR. : keep up a 
correspondence;* TR.f: study (a nautical 
chart); glance overf. -teggio, M. : cor 
respondence by letter ; collection of let 
ters, -tella, F. : label; bond, govern 
ment bond ; ticket (in lottery), -tellet- 
ta, -tellina, dim. of -tella. -tellino, 
dim. of -teko. -tello, M. : posting-bill, 
placard ; sign-board, -tellone, aug. of 
-tello. -ti-cino, M.: pamphlet of additions 
and corrections, -tier a, P. : paper-mill. 

carti-lagime [L. -lago], P.: cartilage 
(gristle). * -lagineo, -laginoso, ADJ. : 
cartilaginous (gristly). 

car - tisaa, F. : dim. of -to, ; worthless 
card (in a certain game); (mus.) solo: 
di spilli, paper of pins, -to-e-eio, M. : 
paper-cornet (cornet); CARTOUCH (car 
tridge); (arch.) scroll, -tolaio, M.: sta 
tioner, paper seller, -tolare, M. : copy 
book ; TR.f : page a book, -tolaro, M. : 
stationer, -toleria, p.: stationer's shop. 
-tolina, F. : small strip of paper ; label ; 
post(al) card (or postale). -tona-e- 
eio, disp. of -tone, -ton-elmo, dim. of 
-tone, -tone, M. : pasteboard; cartoon. 
-ta-e-eia, P.: CARTOUCH (cartridge); 
small piece of paper, -tu-e-eiera, F. : 

cariibot, M. : pop. form for carrubbio. 

carm-e-eio [-ro], ADJ. : very dear. 

carun-cola [L. caro], -cnla, F. : CAR 

carvit, M. : caraway plant. 

casa [L.], F. : house ; household, family ; 
home : di eampagna, country house ; 

di commercio, mercantile house, firm ; 

di correzione, bridewell ; faccende di 
, household affairs ; a , home. 

casaeca [?], P. : kind of coat or jacket ; 


casa-eia, disp. of casa. 

casane-eio [-so], M. : mischance: a , 
botchingly, carelessly. 

casaccone, aug. of -cca. 

ca-sale [-sa], M. : hamlet, village, -sa- 
lingo, ADJ.: domestic: pane , home 
made bread. -sa=matta [matto], P.: 
casemate, -samento, M. : large apart 
ment house (block, tenement-house), -sa- 
ref = accasare. -sare-eeio = case- 
reccio. -sata, F. : family, race, -sato, 
M. : family name. 

cas-caggine, F. : weakness ; drowsiness. 
-camentot, M. : falling, fall. -ca=mor- 
to, M. : in fare il , make passionate 
love to a woman, -cante, ADJ.: fall 
ing; weak, failing, H-care [? ak. to 
cadere], INTR.: fall; fail; TR.f: fell 
(throw down) : le braccia, discourage ; 
more common than cadere. -cata, F. : 
fall; waterfall (CASCADE), -catella, P.: 


dim. of -cata ; little cascade, -cati-e-cio, 
ADJ.: frail, perishable, -catoio = -cante, 

casc/ietto [-co], M. : small or light helmet, 

caseimlrra [Cascemir], F. : cashmere. 

easel-ma, F. : cow pasture and dairy ; 
cheese-form (of beech-wood); thin board 
(of beech), -naio, M. : dairy superb' 
tendent. ||casc-of [cacio], M. : cheese. 

casco [Sp.], M. : casque (helmet). 

ca-seggiato [casa], M. : group of scat 
tered "houses, hamlet, -sella, F. : little 
compartment (in pods, etc.); small square 
(made by ruling, etc.); closet, -ser&e- 
eio, ADJ. : domestic, -serma, F. : cas 
ern, barracks, -setta, F. : pretty little 
house, -settina, -si-ei61a, F. : very 
small house, -siere, M., -siera, P.: 
one that has charge of a house ; steward, 
housekeeper. -si<7liano, M., -sig/lia* 
na, F. : in the same house as another. 
-sile, M. : wretched hut. -simmaf, F. : 
small cottage. ||-sino [-so], M. : country 
or suburban residence; club-house; public 
house, -sipola, F. : miserable little 
house; hovel. 

ca-sissimo, ADJ.: superl. of -so; very 
suitable, or capable, -sista, M. : casuist. 
-sistica, F. : casuistry. ||-so [L. -sws], 
M. : case (chance) ; accident ; case of a 
noun : a pensato, with premeditation. 

ca-sd-e-eat [~sa\, P.: large, ugly house. 
-solar e, M. : lonely hovel; hamlet. -s6- 
na, P.: large house, -somei, M. : very 
large plain house. 

ca-sone 2 [-so], M. : casuist ; pessimist. 
-soso, ADJ. : fearful, afraid. 

ca-sotta [-sa], rather large house, -sot- 
to, M, : sentry-box. 

oaspita = cappita. 

cas-sa [L. capsa], F. : CASE; chest; trunk; 
coffin ; treasury; (typ.} type-case, -saio, 
M. : trunk-maker or seller. 

cassalef* ADJ. : mortal, deadly. 

cassa=madiaf, F. : kneading-trough. 

eassamentof, M. : cancelling, annulling., F. : chest used as a bench. 

cas-sare [L. (-sus, empty)], TR. : erase; 
cancel (abolish, Eng.f CASSATE); dismiss. 
-satiira, F. : cancelling (cassation), -sa- 
zione, F. : cassationf : corte di , court 
of cassation. 

cassero [Sp. alcdzarl, M. : citadel (fort 
ress); (nav.) poop. 

casset-ta [cassa], p.: small box (casket); 
drawer; cash-drawer; letter-box; alms- 
box; coach-box; dust-pan, -ta-e-eia, 
disp. of -to. -taiof, M. : box -maker. 
-tata, F. : boxful, -tina, dim. of -ta. 
-timo, M.: (typ.) box, compartment of 
case, casset-to, M.: small box, casket; 
drawer, -tou-emo, dim. of -tone, -tone, 
M. : bureau, commode. 


cassia \L. casia], F. : (med.) cassia. 

cassie-ra, F., -re [cassa], M. : CASHIER. 

cassiligmeat, F. : cassia bark. 

eassina [cassa], F. : small box; salt-box. 

eassi-meiise [Cassino], -nese, ADJ. : of 
the order of Mount Cassino ; M. : monk (of 
that order). 

cas-sino [-sa], M. : small dust-cart, -sofi, 
M. : chest (thorax). 

cassof2, ADJ. : vain; annulled. 

cas-sona-e-eio, disp. of -sone. -son-cel 
lo, -som-eino, dim. of -sone. H-s6iie 
[-sa], M. : large chest or box fesp. for 
grain, flour, etc.); tool-box; packing-box; 
munition-wagon. ! 

cassula = capsula. \ 

casta [Sp., pure race (L. -tus, 'chaste')], ! 
F. : caste, class. ! 

casta - grna [L . -nea] , F. : CHESTNUT. 
-0xi.a-e-eaio, M. : seller of chestnut- 
cakes, -grna-e-eio, M * chestnut-pudding. 
-jr/neto, M. : grove of chestnut -trees. 
-<7netta, F. : small chestnut; CASTANET. 
-'{/no, M.: chestnut-tree; chestnut-wood; 
ADJ. : chestnut or bay-coloured, -0ni*e- 
eia, disp. of -gna. -0n(u.)61ot, ADJ. : 

castal-deriaf, P.: stewardship. H -'do 
[1. L. gastaldius], M. : majordomo (stew 

castamente [-sto], ADY. : chastely. 

castel-la-e-eio, disp. of -lo. -lana, F. : 
castellan's wife, -laneria, -lania, F.: 
(office of castellan) ; castellany. -lano, 
ADJ.: of a castle or castellan; M. : castel 
lan, -laref, M.: old ruined castle, -let- 
to, M.: dim. of -lo; bank register of 
good clients. Ucastel-lo, pi. -li, (rare) 
-la [L. -lum, (eastrum, camp)], M. : castle 
(fortified place ; fortress, fort); engine of 
war ; capstan ; deck, -lotto, aug. of -lo. 
-lu-c-eio, disp. of -lo. 

castiga. . = gastiga. . 

castif/ltano [prov. Castiglia], ADJ.: Cas- 
tilian ; Castilian coin. 

castigrlionef = castelletto. 

castigo = gastigo. 

ca-stimonia, -stita, F. : chastity (pu 
rity). [I -Sto [L. -Stus], ADJ.: CHASTE 


caston [?], M. : bezel or collet of a ring. 
ca-storiof, M. : castoreum. H-storo [L. 

-sior], M. : castor (beaver). 
castrametazione [L. castra, camp, me- 

tari, MEASURE], F. : castrametation (art of 

ca-strapor-eelli, -strapor-ci [porco], 

M.: gelder. |l-strare [root leas, cut], 

TE. : castrate, -strato, M. : castrate 

(eunuch); mutton, -strattkra, -stra- 

zione, F. : castration. 
ca-strense, ADJ. : pertaining to a camp, 



camp-. ||-strof [L. -strum, camp], M. : 

ca-stroma-e-cio, disp. of -sir one. -stron- 
-eello, -stroa-eino, M. : young wether ; 

simpleton, il-strone [-sir are], M.: wether; 
blockhead, -stromeria, F. : stupidity; 
silly talk. 

casna-le [caso], ADJ. : casual (accidental). 
-lita, F. : casualty. -Imeate, ADV.: 
casually (by chance). 

casii--e-ea [casa], cas'd-cola, casu- 
pola, F. : small wretched house, hovel. 

cata- [Gr. katd, down, under, mis-], PREF. : 
cata-: -clisma, pi. -elismi [Gr. kltizein, 
wash], -clismo, M.: cataclysm, -comlba 
[Gr. kombe, vault]* F. : catacomb (burial 
vault), -cresi [Gr. chresthai, use], F. : 
catachresis. -falcjo [?], M. : catafalque ; 
scaffoldf. -lessl [Gr.-Zepm, 'down-tak 
ing *] , -lessia , F. : catalepsy, -lettico i , 
ADJ.: cataleptic. -Iettico2 [Gr. -legein, 
leave], ADJ. : catalectic. =letto,M.: litter; 
bier, -logare [-^o],TR.: catalogue, -lo- 
g7tmo, M.: small catalogue, cata-logo 
[Gr. legein, say, count], M. : catalogue, 
list. -peccJtia [?], F. : miserable hut; 
deserted placet . -plasma [Gr. pldssein, 
mould],M.: cataplasm (poultice), -piilta 
[Gr. pdllein, hurl], p.: catapult, -rrale, 
ADJ. : catarrhal. - 7 rro [Gr. hrein, flow], 
M. : catarrh, -rroso, ADJ.: catarrhous. 

catartico [Gr. katharos, pure], ADJ. : ca 
thartic (al); M. : cathartic. 

catarzo [?], M. : coarse silk (used for tas 
sels, etc.). 

cata*sta [Gr. katd-stasis, * down-setting'], 
F.: pile of wood; pile, mass; funeral pilef. 
-stale, ADJ. : pertaining to taxes, tax. 
-stare f = accatastare. cata-sto, M. : 
impost (tax); tax-book. 

catastrofe [Gr. -phe (strephein, turn)],, 
p.: catastrophe. 

cata^Lnot, PRON. : each one. 

cate- [= cata-] : -c7fcesi [Gr. echein, sound]^ 
F.: (theol.) explanation, of doctrine. -c?ii- 
smo, M.: catechism. -c7iista, M.: cate- 
chist. -c7iistico, ADJ.: catechistic(al). 
-Ghizz&T&j TE.: catechise, -eismof = 
-chismo. -cTanieno, M. : catechumen. 
-goria [Gr.], P.: category, -gorica- 
mente, ADV.: categorically, -gorico, 
ADJ.: categorical; positive. 

cateiano [Catalogna], M.: Catalan plum. 

ca-tellinof, -tellof, M. : little dog, pup 
py, -tellont, -teUonef, ADV.: very 
softly, -tellone, M. : rather large dog. 

cate-na [LJ, F.: CHAIN; ridge; key, 
iron band to strengthen walls, -nsle-eio* 
M. : bolt, -naref = incatenare. -mel- 
la, -nina, F. : small chain, -nona, F., 
-none, M. : large chain, -imzzaf, F. : 
small chain. 



caterat-ta [Gr. katardktes], F. : sluice 
flood-gate; cataract (fall; eye-disease) 
portcullis, -taiof , M. : sluice-guard. 
caterva [L.], P- : troop, division of an 
army ; contempt ; crowd. 
eateto [L. -thetus], M. : cathetus (perpen 

dicular line). 

oati-ma-e-eio, disp. of -no. -maio, M. 

crockery or earthenware seller ; potterf 

-nella, P.: wash-handbasiu; basinful 

-nellata, p. : basinful, -nelletta, P. 

-nellirao, M.: small handbasin. -netto, 

M.: small basin. ilcat-no [L, -nus, 

dish], M. : basin, vase (bowl). 

cat one ggi are, INTR. : do as Cato. 

catorbia [?], p. : (jest.} prison. 

ea-tor-eio [L L. -thucium], M. : bolt. 

-torzolo, M. : knot (in wood), -torzo- 

Into, ADJ. : knotty. 

catragiznorot, M. : vertigo, dizziness. 

eatrame [Ar.], M. : tar. 

catriosso [?], M. : carcass, skeleton. 

cattabrigaf = accattabrighe. 

cattanof, M. : CAPTAIN. 

cattaret, TR. : procure, acquire. 

catte-dra [Gr. kathedra, seat], P. : cath 

edra (instructor's chair; bishop's seat); 

CEAmf. -drale, ADJ., p.: cathedral. 

-drante, M. : (iron.} professor, lecturer. 

-draticamente, ADV. : (iron.} as a lec 

turer. -dratico, ADJ. : (iron.} instruc 

tive; authoritative; M. : professor. 

oatti-va<e<eo, ADJ.: very wicked, bad. 

-vaggiof, M. : captivity, -vamentef, 

ADV.":* wickedly; badly, -vanzaf, P.: 

captivity; rascality, -vamzudlaf, p.: 

roguery. ||-vare [1. L. captivare], REFL.: 

CAPTIVATE (charm); TR/j": imprison, sub 

due. -veg^iaref , INTR. : lead a wicked 

life, -vella-e-eiof, M.: miserable wretch. 

-vello, dim. of -vo. -veria, -veria, 

-vezza, p.: wickedness, rascality, -vita, 

F.: wickedness; idlenessf; captivity f- 

catti-vo [L. captivus, captive, slave], 

ADJ.: bad, wicked; unfortunate; M.: bad 

man, CAITIFF. 

oatto [Gr. kdktos], M. : (lot.) cactus. 
cat-tolicamente, ADV.: according to 
the Catholic doctrine, -toli^ismo, M. : 
Catholicism, -tolieita, F. : catholicity ; 
Catholic world, il-tolico [Gr. katholikos, 
universal], ADJ. : catholic ; of the Roman 
Catholic faith ; universal! ; M. : Catholic. 
eattu-ra [L. captura], P.: CAPTURE; ar 
rest. -rare, TR. : seize ; arrest. 
cam-dale [L. -da, tail], ADJ.: caudal. 
-datario, M. : prelate's train-bearer. 
-dato, ADJ. : having a tail. 
canlef, M. : stem (stalk). 
cau-sa [LJ, p. : cause (reason) ; suit (ac 
tion at law; case); interest, -sa-e-eia, 
P.: bad cause, -sale, ADJ.: causal, -sa- 


lita, F. : causality, -salmente, , ADV. . 
causally, -sare, TR. : cause (occasion), 
-satoref, M. : author, agent, -sidico, 
M. : counsellor (advocate). 
causti-ca, P. : caustic curve, -eita, F. : 
causticity. ||causti-co [Gr. -kos (kawin f 
burn)], ADJ.: caustic(al), burning; M. : 

cau-tamente, ADV.: cautiously. |j -to 
la [-to], P. : caution ; guarantee (surety). 
-telare, INTR.: use caution; REFL.: take 
precautions. -telatiyo,ADJ.: cautionary. 
cante-rio [Gr. -terion (kaiein, burn)] K 
M. : cautery, -rizzare, TR. : cauterize. 
-rizzazione, p. : cauterization. 
can-to [L. -tus], ADJ.: CAUTIOUS; insured. 
-zione, P.: guarantee (security); cau- 

cava [cavoi], P.: cavef; quarry; mine. 
-denti [cavare dente],M.: dentist. = fan- 
go [cavare],M.: dredging-machine. cava- 
^rno, M. : kind of basket. 
ca-valcaLile, ADJ. : that can be ridden, 
-valcantef, M. : postilion, -vale are, 
INTR.: ride horseback ; TR.: ride (a horse); 
domineerf. -valcata, p. : riding on 
horseback; cavalcade, -valcatoiof, M.: 
mounting-block, -vale at 6 re, M.: horse 
man, -valcatara, p. : horse, any rid 
ing animal. -valca=via, p. : covered 
passageway, -valc/ierescof = -vallere- 
sco. -vaLeiare = accavalciare. -val- 
-eione, -val-ei 6ni = accavalcione. -va- 
leggieref, -valeggiero|, M.: light 
horseman, -valierato, M. : knighthood. 
-valiere, M. : cavalryman (horseman); 
knight; cavalier: d'industria, sharper. 
-valieri = -valiere. -valierino, M.: 
young cavalier, -valierottof, M.: great 
lord, -valla, P. : mare, -vallae-eio, 
disp. of -vallo. -vallaro, M. : one in 
charge of a herd of horses; driverf. -val- 
leggiere, -valleggierof, M. : light 
horseman, -vallereis-eiof, ADJ. : fit to 
be carried by horses, -vallerescamen- 
te, ADV.: chivalrously, -valleresco, 
ADJ.: chivalrous, -valleria, F. : cav 
alry; knighthood (chivalry); valour, -val- 
lerizza, M.: riding-school ; horsemanship. 
-vallerizzof, M.: riding-master; esquire. 
-Valletta, F. : locust (grasshopper) ; fraud. 
-valletto, M. : small horse ; saw-horse ; 
wooden frame; easel, -vallina, p.: 
filly, -vallmo, M. : colt ; ADJ. : cabal- 
line (of a horse). ||-vallo |L. Callus, 
nag], M. : horse ; knight at chess ; horse- 
soldier; lively boy; dunef. -vallone, 
M. : large horse ; wave, billow. -vaM-e- 
eo, M. : sorry horse: a , on the 
shoulders, astride. 

3ava=ldccMo [Vocchio, as attacking the 
eyes], M.: wasp; hedge-lawyer (pettifog- 


ger); dishonest official; exactorf. -men- 
tot, M.: excavating, jjcava-re [cavoi], 
TR.: dig out, raise or bring out (from any 
thing deep), draw (water), lilt up; remove, 
free; excavate f: gli occhi a, treat 
badly, abuse; le penne maestre, pick 
out the feathers; pick; un vizio a, 
correct, reproach. =stivali, M.: boot 
jack. =stra-e-ei, M. : wormscrew ; gun- 
worm, cava-ta, P.: taking away, blood 
letting. =tappi, M.: corkscrew, -tina, 
F. : cavatina, short air. cava-tof, M. : 
cavity, -toret, M. : digger, miner, -tnra, 
F.: excavation. =tura-e-cioli, M.: cork 

cavellef, F. : trifle, nothing. 
caverellaf, F. : small hole or cavity. 
eaver-na [L.], F. : cavern, -nellaf, 
-netta, F. : small cavern, -nosita, F. : 
hollowness (concavity). -nose, ADJ.: 
cavernous, hollow, -niizzat* F. : small 
cavern, -dzzola, F. : very small (quarry). 
cavez-za [L. caput, head], F. : halter, 
bridle, -zata, P.: blow with a halter. 
-zina, p.: small halter, -zone, M. : 
cavezon; snaffle, -znolaf, P.: small 

caviale [fr. Turk.], M. : caviar. 
ca-vicc/tia, F, : large peg or hook. IJ-vic- 
cMo [L. clavieulus (clams, key)], M. : 
peg, hook ; pile, -vifirlia, F. : peg, hinge ; 
ankle, -vigliof = -vicchio. -vigK 
lof, M. : small peg. 
cavil-lare, INTR. : cavil; seek excuses. 
-latore, M., -latri-ee, P.: caviller, -la- 
zione, F.: cavilling, carping, -litaf, 
F. : sophism. ||cavil-lo [L. -lum, jest], 
M.: sophism (false argument), -losa- 
mente, ADV. : cavillingly. -loso, ADJ. : 
cavilling; sophistical. 
ea-vita, P. : cavity. i|ea-vo i [L. -vus], 
ADJ. : hollow, concave ; M. : hollow ; mould ; 
open needlework. 

cavo2 [? L. capere, take], M. : cable, 

cavo-laia, p.: planting of cabbages. 
-laio, M. : cabbage field. -l=fiore, M. : 
CAULIFLOWER, -lino, M.: small cabbage. 
lloavo-lo [L, caulis, stalk], M.: cabbage ; 
COLE, -lone, aug. of -lo. 
ca-vrettof = -pretto. -vri(n)61af = 
-priola. -vrinolot = -priolo. 
caziosof, ADJ.; captious, insidious. 
cazzaf, F. : crucible ; ladle. 
cazzaret, TR. : haul in the cable. 
cazzarola [cazza], P. : stewpan. 
eazzica = cappita. 
cazzola [cazza], P. : trowel. 
caz-zottare, TR. : fisticuff. H-zotto [?] 
M.: fist; box (cuff). 

cazzuola [cazza] r P.: trowel; scent- 

celebramento S9 

-ee [ci], PRON. : us, to us ; ADV. : here. 

ee-caggine [-co], P. : (contempt.) CECITY, 
blindnes's. -caret = accecare. 

eeccai [abbr. of Francesco], F. : mag- 
ecca2 [echoic], P. : click. 

ee-ee [L. deer], M. : cniCKpea; small fleshy 

ee-eerof, M. : swan. 

eecfoezzaf, M. : blindness. 

ee-eiato [-ce], ADJ.: chickpea-coloured, 
-eina, F. : young, graceful woman. -e- 
no, dim. of -ce. -eio = ~ce. 

ee-eita, F.: cecity, blindness; infatua 
tion, li-ee-co [L. CCBGUS], ADJ.: blind ; in 
fatuated; dark; M.: blind man. -col- 
na, P., -colino, M.: blind young person ; 

ee-dente, ADJ. : yielding, flexible, fl-ee- 
dere [L.,go (away); yield], (IRR.) ; INTR.: 
CEDE, yield ; resign ; TR. : give up. -de- 
vole [-dere], ADJ. : _ flexible ; yielding. 
-devolezza, P. : flexibility, -dimento, 
M. : yielding, -dizionef, P.: cession, 
yielding. -do"bonis [L. bonus], M. : yield 
ing one's property. 

Pret, reg. or (poet.) ces-sz, ~se ; -sero. Part. 
ced 'do or c&sso. (So con-, inter-, retro-, sue-; 
others only reg.) 

-eedo-Ia [1. L. schedula], P.: note, bill, 
commission, -lone, M. : big bill, placard ; 

cedornellat = cedronella. 

-ce-drangolaf ,P. : (hot.) lucern. -draref, 
TR. : flavour with lemon. Jl-drato [-dro], 
ADJ.: of lemon taste or odour; M.: cedrat. 

-cedrinolof = cetriolo. 

-ee-dro \L.-drus] t T&.: cedar; lime, -dro 
ne, ADJ. : of a colour like cedar, -dro- 
nella, F. : (lot.) balm-mint, 

eedno [L. c<zdere f cut down], ADJ. : fit to 
be felled (Eng.f ceduous). 

eeduto, PART, from cedere. 

ee-falalga [Gr. dlgos, pain], p. ; cephal- 
algia (headache), -falico, ADJ. : cephalic. 
H-ee-falo [Gr. kephatt, head], M. : mullet 

-eef-faref = accivffare. -fata, F. : slap. 
-fatonef, M.: severe blow, il-eef-fo 
[L. caput, head], M. : muzzle, snout ; ugly 
face, -fonare, TR.: strike, slap, -fone, 
M. : slap on the face. 

eelabrot = cervello. 

ee-lamento, M.: concealing, 
PJ-], TR.: conCEAL, secrete, -l 
p.: ambuscade. 

eelataz [L. c&lare, chisel], P.: helmet. 

eela-tamente [-re], ADV.: secretly. 
-tnraf, P. : concealing. 

-eele~"bet = -6r. -"berrinio, ADJ. : superL 
of -bre. -"brabile, ADJ. : worthy to be 
celebrated, -"bramento, M. : celebra- 



tion. -brant, PART, of -brare; M. : 
celebrant, officiating priest, -"for are, 
TR. : praise; celebrate; perform, -"bra- 
tore, M. : celebrator, praiser. -"bra- 
zione, F. : celebration, performance. 
H-eele-bre [L. -ber], ADJ.: celebrated 
(famous), -brevolef, ADJ.: worthy of 
being celebrated, -brita, F. : celebrity ; 
famous man (fame). 

eelebrot, M. : brain. 

cele-re [L.eeZer], ADJ.: quick (swift), -re- 
mente, ADJ.: in haste ; swiftly, -rita, 
F. : celerity (speed). 

eele-st [L. calestis], ADJ.: celestial; 
skyblue-coloured ; M. : skyblue. -stiale, 
ADJ. : celestial, -stialmente, ADJ. : 
divinely, -stino, ADJ.: skyblue (azure); 
M. : azure. 

ee-lia [comedian Celia], F.: jest, joke. 
-Ha-e-eia, F. : bad joke. -Hare, INTR. : 
joke, banter, -liatore, M., -liatri-ee, 
F. : joker, 

-e-eHbato, M. : celibacy. ||-elibe [L. 
Calebs], ADJ.: celibate (unmarried); M. : 
celibate (bachelor). 

-eeliddniaf, F. : (bot.) celandine. 

-ee-lina [-lia], F.: little joke; slight 
trick, -liona, p.: big joke. -Hone, 
ADJ. : fond of joking ; M. : joker. 

-eel-la [L.], F. : CELL ; (jest.) small room ; 
cell of a beehive ; wine-cellarf . -laiof, 
M, : wine-cellar, -leraiof , M. : cellarer. 
-letta, F.: small cell. -lieref, M. : 
wine-cellar ; pantry. -Una, F. : small 
cell, -loriat, F. : brain ; head. - v lula, 
p.: cellule; small cell, -lulare, ADJ.: 
cellular, -Inloso, ADJ. : cellular. 

-eelo-naiof, M.: upholsterer, -eelo-mef, 
M. : counterpane; carpet. 

-celsitudimef , F. : celsitude, height. 

eembalo [L. eymbalum], M. : cymbal 

-eembanellaf = cennamella. 

-eembolo, pop. for cembalo. 

-eemen-tar, TR. : cement, -tazion, 
P.: cementation, (f-eemen-to [L. CCB- 
mentum, chip], M. : cement. 

-eeanpen-na, M., P.: (inept) person, 
ii-nar [variant of tentennare], INTR.: 
stumble, be inept. 

*5n, for cento. 

ee-oaa [L. ccena], F. : supper, -nacolo, 
M. : supper-room ; room where Christ gave 
the Last Supper ; Last Supper (painting). 
-nare, INTR. : sup. -nataf , F. : supper. 

^en-eerellof , M. : little rag. -eeriaf, 
F. : pile of rags, ~eaia, F. : heap of 
rags ; trifle, worthless thing, -eiaio, M., 
-eaiolo, M. : ragman, -eiata, P. : blow 
with a rag. -eino, M. : small rag ; very 
little. H-een-eio [? L. -to, patchwork], M.: 
rag (tatter) ; dust-rag ; old dress ; pi. -ci, 


dough, with eggs : dare in -ci, disap 
point ; esser ne 1 suoi -ci, be in the bloom 
of health and youth ; venir dal , loathe, 
disdain, -eioso, ADJ. : ragged, tattered. 

eene-ra-e-eio, M. : buck ashes, -ra-e- 
-eiolo, M. : bucking cloth, -rariof = 
cineraria, -rata, F. : lye. ||-eme-r 
[L. cinis], P.: CINDERS; ashes; (poet.) 
M., or le -ri: remains; il giorno delle 
, Le Cenerie, Ash-Wednesday, -rimo, 
ADJ.: ash- coloured, -rosfnolo, ADJ.: 
slightly ash-coloured (used in rataer disp. 
sense), -rone, M. : remains of ashes in 
the bucking cloth, -roso, ADJ. : scat 
tered over with ashes. 

ee-netta [cena], F. : delicious little sup 
per, -nina, F. : light supper. 

eeimamella [L. calamus, reed], F. : pipe, 
wind instrument ; flageolet. 

eennamo"!*, M. : cinnamon. 

eenno [L. cinnus], M. : nod, sign ; com 

-ce-noMo [Gr. koino-bios, ' common-life'], 
M. : monastery. - noMta , M. : monk 
(cenobite). -noMtico, ADJ.: cenobitic 

-eenotafio [Gr. kenos, empty, tdphos t 
tomb], M. : cenotaph. 

-eensalitof = cencioso. 

een-simento, M. : census, -sito, ADJ. : 
taxable. ||-een-sa [L. -sus (-sere, value)], 
M. : patrimony; rent (tribute); census. 
-sore, M. : censor (Roman magistrate; 
censor, of the press); critic, -soriaf, 
p.: censure, -sorio, ADJ.: censorious. 
-suario, ADJ. : censual ; taxable ; M. : 
tenant (renter), -suatof, ADJ.: taxed. 
-sura, F. : censorship ; penance estab 
lished by the sacred canons, -snrabile, 
ADJ. : censurable, -snrare, TR. : cen 
sure, criticise, -snratore, M. : censurer. 

<een.-tau.rea, F. : (bot.) centaury. H-tau- 
ro [Gr. kentauros], M. : centaur (fabulous 
monster ; constellation). 

-een-iellare, TR. : sip. -tellinare, 
freq. of -tellare. -tellino, M. : small 
sip : a -tellini, in sips. ||-tello [-20], M.: 
small draught (sip). 

een-tenario [-to], ADJ. : centenary (cen 
tennial); M. : centennial, -tesimo, ADJ. : 
hundredth; M. : centime. -ti=grado, 
ADJ.: centigrade. -ti=grammo, M. : 
centigram. -ti=Htro, , M. : centiliter. 
-ti = mano, ADJ.: having a hundred 
hands. -ti=metro, M. : centimeter. 

eentima [Fr. cintre], F. : (arch.) mould 
(support) for an arch. 

eentinaio, pi. -nai, -naia (f.) [cento], M. : 
hundred : a , by hundreds, abundantly. 

eenti-nare [-na], TR. : arch (bend into 
an arch), -natdra, F. : arching. 

-een-to [L. -turn], ADJ. : HUNDRED; many; 


M.: hundred; great number. -to=gam1>e 
Igamba], M. : galleyworm. -to=mla, 
ADJ.: hundred thousand; great many. 
-to=millesimo, ADJ.: hundred thou 
sandth, -tonc/iio, M. : centinody, knot- 
grass. -tome, M. : cento. -to=novelle 
lovella], M, : book composed of a hundred 

een-trale, ADJ.: central. -tri = fago 
[fugere, flee], ADJ.: centrifugal, -tri- 
naf, P.: seahog. -tri=peto [peter e, 
seek], ADJ. : centripetal. IS-een-tro [L. 
-trum], M. : centre, middle. 

-eento.mviro [L. -vir, * hundred-man'], M. : 

eentn-plicare,TR.: centuplicate. H-een- 
tn-plo [L. -plex], M. : centuple, hundred- 

eentiirat = cintura. 

-eem-turia [L. (-turn, 100)], p. : CENTURY 
(a hundred ; company of 100 men), -tn- 
rion, M. : centurion. 

-ee - im-e-eia [-no], -n-dzzaf, p.: poor 

eep-paia, -pataf , P. : stump, -patel- 
lo, -perello, dim. of -po. -picon, 
M. : (jest.) head. H-eep-po [L. cippus], 
M. : trunk (stump) ; block : di Natale, 
yule-log; PL.: fetters. 

ee-ra [L.], P. : wax ; wax-candle ; face 
(countenance): far buona , be in good 
health ; make one welcome ; di Spagna 
= -ralaeca. -raidlo, M.: chandler. -ra= 
lacca, P. : sealing-wax. 

<eeramellat = cennamella. 

ee-ramica [Gr. keramos, earthenware], 
p.: ceramics, -ramico, ADJ.: ceramic. 

>eerasaf = ciliegia. 

eerasta [Gr. kerdstes, horned], p.: ce 
rastes (horned viper). 

eerbaiaf , P. : forest of oaks. 

-eer-Tjiatto, M. : fawn. -Mattoliao, 
M. : very young fawn ; timid person. 
Il-eer-Mot [~w] f M. : stag. 

eerboneca [?], P. : very bad wine. 

eerbottana [ArJ, P.: tube; ear-trum- 
petf : sapere una, cosa per , know a 
thing indirectly. 

eer-ea, p. : search. -oa=brig7ie [briga], 
M., INVAR. : quarrelsome fellow. Ji-care 
[L. circare, go about], TR. : SEARCH (seek); 
inquire, -cata, P.: search, -catore, 
M. : searcher ; inquirer, -catdraf, P. : 

eer-cMa, P. : circle of walls about a city. 
-cMaio, M.: cooper. -cJilamentot, 
M.: hooping, -c/ilare, TR. : encircle, 
hoop. -eMatiira, P. : hooping. -cMel- 
lisio, M. : very small circle. -cMello, 
-cMetto, M.: small circle. Jl-eer-c/wLo 
[ctrcoZo], M. : CIRCLE; hoop; small ear 
ring; ring; assemblage; garlandf. -cfcio- 



lino, M. : small circle or hoop, -e/tio- 
ne, aug. of -chio. -eer-eine, M. : por 
ter's head-cushion ; padded cap. -co f = 
-chio. -con-eellof, M. : cress, -cone, 
M. : turned wine, -cuitof <== - cireuito. 

-eereale [L. -Us (Ceres)], ADJ. : cereal. 

eere-bellof, M. : cerebellum, -braie, 
ADJ. : cerebral. IJ-eere-'foro [L. -bruin], 
M. : cerebrum (brain). 

eeremo. . = cerimo. . 

-ee-reo [-ra], ADJ.: cereous (waxen); M. : 
wax-candle. -reria, P.: chandler's 
shop, -retta, F. : tube of hair-wax. 

-eerfogrlio [L. care-folium], M. : CHERVIL. 
(plant) ; loose lock of hairf . 

eeri-monia [L. (cerus, god)], P.: rite- 
(ceremony) ; formality (politeness). -m.o- 
niale, ADJ.: ceremonial; M. : ceremo 
nial; book of ceremonies, -moniere, 
M. : master of ceremonies, -moaiiosa- 
mente, ADV. : ceremoniously, -jnonio- 
so, ADJ. : ceremonious. 

eerino [eem], M. : taper, tube of hair- 

eerim-ta [L. -tha], p., -to, M. : honey- 

-eer-naf, P.: choice; worthless fellow. 
-nece/iiaret, INTR. : freq. of -nere. 

-eer-mecc/iio [?], M.: disordered lock of 
hair, -neccfciona, P., -neccMone, M. : 
person with disordered hair. 

eerneret, TR. : choose ; sift ; discern. 

-cermiera [Fr. cerne (L. circus, CIRCLE)] T 
p.: hinge. 

cernitope [cernere], M. : sifter. 

ee-ro [L. -reus], M.: large wax candle. 
-rona, P.: p* g. of -ra; large fat face. 
-roso, AD; 7axy. -rottino, dim. of 
-ro. -rotto [Gr. kerotos], M. : CERATE. 
(unctuous plaster); botch-work; languid 

eerpell. .f = scerpell. . 

eerrac-cMolo [cerro], M. : young bitter 
oak. -cMone, M. : large or old oak. 

-eerretano [?], M. : charlatan, cheat. 

eerro [L. cerrus], M. : cerris (bitter oak). 

-eertame [L. -men], M. : (poet) combat. 

-eer-tamente [-to], ADV.: certainly. 
-tamentof = aecertamento. -tanof y 
ADJ.: certain. 

eertaref, INTR. : fight, contend. 

eer-tezza, P. : certainty ; assurance, -ti-, M. : certification, -tifica- 
re, TR. : assure, .certify, -tificato, M. : 
certificate. -tificazioHef, P. : certifica 
tion. H-cer-to [L. -tus], ADJ. : CERTAIN,. 
assured; M. : some one; ADV.: certainly, 
in truth ; al , di , per , certainly. 

<eerto-sa [Fr. Chartreuse, first place], F. : 
Carthusian monastery, -sino, ADJ. : Car 
thusian ; M. : Carthusian monk. 

eertirui [certo U7W>], S PRON., M. PL.: some. 

'92 cemccia 

eern-e-eia, P.: disp. of -ra; unhealthy 

-eeru-leo [L. cosruleus], -eem-lo, ADJ.: 
(poet.) cerulean (sky-blue). 

eer&me [-ra], M. : cerumen (earwax). 

-ce-msiaf ^ cfiirurgia. -rnsico = chi- 

-eernssaf, P. : ceruse, white lead. 

-eerva [-w], P. : hind. 

eervei-la-e-eio, M.: madcap, -lagginef, 
p. : caprice, freak, -lata, p. : "sausage 
containing pig's brains, spices, etc. -let- 
to, M. : part back of the brain ; freakish 
personf. -Hera, P.: casque, -linaggi- 
nef, F-: foolishness, -lino, M. : little 
brain; giddy person; ADJ.: freakish, hare 
brained. ||cervello [L. cerebellum], 
M. : brain ; intellect, -lone, M. : great 
brain; (jig.} obstinate fellow, -lotica- 
mente, ADV.: fantastically, -lotico, 
ADJ.: fantastic, -luto, ADJ.: (jest.) 
brained, -Inzzo, M. : giddy person. 

-cer-vetta [-270], p. : young hind, -vet- 
tino, -vetto, M. : young stag, -eer-via, 
pop. for -va. -viatto, M. : fawn. 

-eervi-ee [L. -vfa]> F- : cervix, neck. 

-eer-vieref, M. : lynx. U-viero [L. -va- 
rius], ADJ. : of the lynx, lynx-. 

-eer-vietto,M.: young stag, -vino, ADJ.: 
of the stag, -eer-vio = -vo. -viotto, 
M.: rather large stag. H-eer-vo [L. -vus], 
M. : stag. 

-eervdgia [L. cervisia], P. : (jest.) beer. 

-eerzio-rare [L. certior, more certain], 
TR. : give notice (of a legal proceeding); 
instruct ; ESCERTAIN ; assure ; REFL. : as 
sure one's self, -razionef, P. : notice ; 

-eesa-reo [L. Ctesar], ADJ.: Csesarean (im 
perial), -rismo, M.: Caesarism. 

-eesarie [L. ccesaries], p. : long, loose hair. 

-eesel-lamento, M. : chiseling, -lare, 
TR. : chisel, sculpture. -1 at ore, M. : 
worker with the chisel, sculptor, -la- 
tura, p.: chisel work, -letto, -lino, 
M. : small chisel. H-eesel-lo [L. ccsdere, 
cces-, cut], M. : chisel, graver. 

-eesiof, ADJ. : blue-eyed. 

-ee-soiata, p.: blow or cut with scis 
sors. H-soie pL- ccedere, cut], P. PL.: 
SCISSORS, -soiette, p. PL. -soine, F. 
PL.: small scissors, -soione, F. PL.: 
big shears, -soiu-e-ee*, p.: wretched 
little scissors. 

-eespicaref = incespicare. 

-ees-pite [L. ccespes], M. : (poet.) = cesvo. 
ees-po, M. : heap of grass, etc.; turf. 
-pngrliatof, ADJ. : made of shrubs, -pu- 
^rlietto, M. : small shrub. -pn^rHo, 
M.: shrub, bush, -pu^rlioso, ADJ. : "full 
of bushes. 

<eessagionef, P. : cessation. i 


eessamef , M. : filth ; scum of the people, 

ees-samentof, M. : cessation, -saute, 
PART, of -sare ; M.f : debtor, -sar e [L. 
(cedere, withdraw)], INTR. : CEASE ; re- 
movef; escapef. -sazione, P.: cessa 
tion, -ees-si, PRET. of cedere. -siona- 
rio, M. : one who has surrendered his 
effects, bankrupt, -sione, P.: cession 
(surrender of property). ||-ees-soi, PART, 
of cedere; M. : cessation. 

-eesso2 [secesso], M. : water-closet; ex 
crement, dung. 

ee-sta [Gr. kiste, 'CHEST'], p.: basket 
(hamper); basket carriage, -staio, M. : 
basket -maker, -stellaf, dim. of -sta. 
-stellino, dim. of -stello. -stello, M. : 
small basket, fishing basket, -stina, 
dim. of -sta. -stinare, TR.: throw 
into the waste-basket, -stino, M.: small 
basket; fishing basket; go-cart, -stire 
accestire. ce-stoi, M. : bushy head, 
tuft of plants, etc. 

-eesto2 [L. castus], M. : cestus (gauntlet 
of Roman boxers); cestus-play. 

eesto3 [L. -tus], M. : girdle; girdle of 

ee-stone [-sto], M. : big basket (hamper). 
-sttkto, ADJ. : tufted ; bushy. 

eesnra pLi. ccesura (ccedere, cut)], F. : cse- 
sura (pause in a verse). 

eeta-eeo [L. -tus], ADJ.: cetaceous; M. : 

-cetera i [L. cithara], p. : CITHERN Gyre). 

-cetera (e ) = eccetera. 

eete-rator ef , -ristaf, M. : cithern-player. 
-rizzare, INTR. : play or the cithern. 

eetoi [L. ccethus], M. : order (class of 

-cetof2, M. : whale. 

-eetra = cetera. 

-eetriolo [L. citrus], M. : cucumber; ninny. 

c/tei -e [L. quern], PRON. : who, whom; 
which, that; what? ADJ.: which, what; 
CONJ.: that; than; as: che or -che*, 
whatever. c7ie2-e, INTERJ.: what! (excJ. 
of doubt, scorn, etc.), why ! / / im 
possible! c/te3 -e, CONJ.: abbrev. of 
perchd, poiche, ajfinche*: because (since): 
in order that (that); ADV.: till (until). 

c/te=c/te , PRON.: whatever. =e/ie=ssia, 
PRON. : anything whatever. 

c/fcelidrof, M. : poisonous sea-serpent. 

c7i elonitef, P. : toadstone. 

cTt-^n-tef, ADJ. : what(ever). -tunquef, 
ADJ.: whatever. 

o/iepi IFr.kepil, M.: 'kepi* (mil parade 

cTteppia [L. dipea], P. : shad fish. 

c/tercaf = cherica. 

cTiereref, TR. : seek, desire. 

cfteri-ca, P.: tonsure, -calef, ADJ.; 


clerical, -cato, M. : clergy. -e/i^etto, 
-c7iino, dim. of -co. c/ieri-co [L. 

clericus, clerk], M. : CLERGYman, priest. 
-c-d-e-eio, disp. of -co. -ctito, ADJ.: one 
that wears the tonsure, -cuzzo = -cue- 
do, -siaf, P. : clergy. 

c7*er-mes [ArJ, M. : chermes (kind of 
insect used as a dye), -misi, M. ; CRIM 
SON, -misino, ADJ. : crimson coloured ; 
M. : crimson. 

cTterii-'bico, ADJ. : cherubic, ll-rubino 
[Heb.], M. : cherub. 

c7testaf = chiesta. 

cTte-tamentef, ADV.: quietly; secretly. 
-tanzaj, p. : quittance ; calm from storm. 
'tare, TR. : quiet ; REPL. : become quiet, 
grow calm, -tezzaf , p. : quiet, -tino, 
M. : quiet little fellow. I|c7ie-to [L. quie 
tus], ADJ.: QUIET; silent: , very 
quietly, -tonef, ADV. : very silent. 

cTteimqnet = chiunque. 

c7ii [L. quiz], PRON. : who, whom, whoever. 

c7iiacc7iie-ra [Pr. claque], P. : chat (idle 
talk); false saying; chattering woman. 
-ramentot, M.: chat, -rare, INTR.: 
chat (babble); mumble, -rata, p. : chat 
ting ; tiresome talk, -ratore, M. : chat 
terer, -rinai, P.: chatter (babbling). 
-rina 2, p., -rino, M. : prattler (chatter 
box), -rio, M. : confused chatter (bab 
ble), -roma, P., -rone, M. : big talker; 
gossip. cMaceMllaref , INTR. : waste 
time in chattering. 

cTtia-ma, P. : calling the roll, cabling off 
names, -mamentot, M.: calling; ap 
peal. H-mare [L. clamare, ' CLAIM'], TR.: 
call; call to; name; REPL.: be named. 
-mata, p.: calling; electionf. -mate- 
re, M. : one that calls or appeals, -ma- 
zionef, P. : calling. 

cManaf, F. : swamp (marsh). 

cMantaref , TR. : deceive. 

c7tiap-pa, p.: CAFTure (catch); acquisi 
tion (gain). H-pare [L. capere], TR. : 
(pop.) CATCH (snatch); surprise. cMap- 
polat, P.: trifle ; frivolous man. -pola- 
ref> TR.: snatch; discard, -poleriaf 
= -la. -polino, M.: (jest.) worthless 
man. cMappo-lof, M. : mass of trifles. 

c7tia-ra, P.: white of an egg.- -ramente, 
ADV. : clearly; f aithfullyf . -raref, TR. : 
make clear, -rata, P. : beaten whites of 
eggs used for bruises, etc. -rellof, M. : 
wine with much water, -retto, ADJ.: 
rather clear, -rezza, P.: clearness, 
brightness, -rificare, TR.: clarify, clear. 
-rificazione, p., -rimentof , M.: clari 
fication, clearing, -rinaf, P., -rinof, M. : 
clarion, -rire, TR. : make clear; explain. 
-rissimo, ADJ. : most or very clear; title 
given to men of letters, -rita, P. : clear 
ness, splendour; explanation, -ritore, 

cbieditrice 93 

M. : one who clears ; explainer, -ritiira, 
p. : clarification. j|-ro [L. clarus], ADJ. : 
CLEAR (bright, sparkling; evident) ; ADV. : 
clearly; M.f: light, -rore, M. : bright 
light in a dark place. -ro=scnro, M. : 
(paint.) chiaroscuro, -rosof, ADJ.: 
(jest.) clear. -ro=veggenza [veggenza, 
sight], p. : clairvoyance.* 

cTtiassainolof , M. : trench (ditch). 

c7iiassata [chiasso], P.: noise, clatter; 
loud cries ; jest, joke. 

cTiiassatellof = chiassolo. 

c7iiassoi [L. dassicum, trumpet sound], 
M, : noise (uproar); jest. 

c7iias-so 2f [Ger. gasse], M.: alley; brothel. 
-solo, M. : narrow street, alley. 

cMas-sone [-so], M. : noisy person, -soso, 
ADJ.: noisy. 

c7tiat-ta, p.: ferry boat, li-to [dial, 
form of piatto], ADJ. : flattened, crushed. 

c7tia-va-e-eo [-w], M. : large bolt, -va- 
cmdref , M. : gold or silver clasp, -vaiof, 
-vainolo, M.: turnkey; locksmith, -var- 
da, P.: screw-bolt, -vardare, TR. : 
bolt, -vardetta, dim. of -varda. -varof 
= -vaio. 

c7tia-ve [L. clavu (clau-, CLOSE)], p. : key; 
tuning-key; stop-cock; (mus.) CLEF: sante 
-vi, pontifical coat of arms ; pontifical au 

cTiia-vellare, TR.: nail. -vellataf f 
P. : hurt from a nail, -vellof, M. : naiL 
-verina, p. : javelin. 

chiavetta, p.: dim. of ~ve; valve; key 
of a flute, etc. 

cMa-vica [L. clavaca (cf. cloaca)], F. : 
common sewer, drain. -vic7tetta, -vi- 
c7iina, p. : dim. of -vica. 

c7iia-viina [-ve], -Tina, P.: small key. 

oMa-vistellino, M. : small bolt, -vi- 
stello, M.: bolt, ll-vof [L. davu* 
(clau- f CLOSE)], M. : nail. 

c7ilaz-za [Ger. Jcletz], p.: scab. -zato r 
ADJ.: scabby. 

c7tie-ca [-co], P. : sweetmeat (confection). 
-caio, M. : seller of sweetmeats. 

c7iicc7te-ra [S^.jicara (Mexic.)],P,: smaK 
cup for coffee and chocolate, -retta, P.: 
very small cnp. -rone, M.: large cup. 

c7iicc7t essiat, PRON. : whoever. 

c7iicc7ii-riata, P.: continued crowing. 
Il-ric/ii [echoic], M. : crowing of the 
cock, -rillaref, INTR. : jest, trifle away 
one's time. 

chicco [Gr. Mfcfcos,husk],M.: grain (seed) 

c7de-dere [L.qucerere, seek], IRR.; TR.: 
ask (beg, reQUEST). -dimentof? M. : de 
mand ; petition, -ditore, M., -ditrie, 
p. : petitioner. 

Ind.: Pres. reg. or ch&g-go ; -gono. Pret. 
ckik-sz, -se ; -sero. Subj. : Pres. reg. or ck&g- 
ga, etc. Part, ch&sto. Poet, forms ck&g- 
'fft -giono ; chieggia t etc. 



cTzleggiaf , F. : precipice. 

cTiiereref = chiedere. 

c7ileriea 'and deriv. = eherica and deriv. 

c7tie-sa [L. ecclesia], F. : church, -setta, 
P., -settina, dim. of -sa. -si-e-eiola, 
disp. dim. of -sa. -sina, -sino, -sola, 
dim. of -Sffl. -soma, -sone, dug. of -sa 
(-sone esp. of large, simple structure). 

cMe-sta [-dtere], P.: request, petition. 
-sto, PART, of -dere. 

cMe-sm-e-eia [-sa], P., -siicola, P. : small 
ugly church. 

cJiilidrot chelidro. 

c7*lli-ero, ADJ.: chyliferous. -fica- 
mentot, M. : = -ficazione. -ficaref, 
INTR. : chylify, form chyle, -ficazione, 
p.: (med.) chylification. \\chilo [Gr. ehu- 
16s], M. : chyle. 

c/ii-logrammo [Gr. chilioi, thousand, 
gramma, gram], M. : kilogram, -lolitro 
[Gr. litra, pound], M. : kiloliter. -lome- 
tro [Gr. metron, measure], M. : kilometer. 

c/ti-mera [Gr. chimaira, she-goat], P.: 
chimera (fabulous monster) ; wild fancy 
(illusion), -merle amente, ADV.: chi- 
mericaily. -merico, ADJ. : chimerical. 
-merizzaref, INTR.: indulge in wild fan 
cies, -merizzatoref, M. : visionary. 

c7iimi-ca [Gr." chumia (-mos, juice)], P. : 
chemistry, -camente, ADV.: chemically. 
ehimi-co, ADJ. : chemical ; M. : chemist. 

c7iina i , china [China], F. : QUININE. 

c7ti-na2, P., -namentof, M. : incline 
(slope), jl-nare [L. clinare], TR. : in- 
CLINE (bend); lower; how; REPL. : bend 
(stoop), -nataf, P.: declivity, -nata- 
mentef , ADV. : in curves, -natezzaf, 
F. : curvity. -naturaf, P. : inclination. 

c/iia-car/Ke [Fr. quincaille (? ak. to 
Eng. clink)}, F. PL. : ironware, hardware. 
-cagrliere, M. : ironmonger, hardware 
merchant, -cagrlieria, P. : hardware 

f , PEON. : whoever. 
= chinachina. 

c7iineat P. : ambling nag. 

c7iinino [china], M. : quinine. 

cJiiuo [-nare], ADJ. : bent (inclined) ; cast 
down ; M.f : declivity. 

e7i/ioc-caf, P.: blow. H-eare [doc, 
echoic], INTR. : crack, swing (a whip); TR. : 
beat, cuff. 

c/t-ioccTiettaf , P. : small clump or tuft. 

c7tide--cia, P.: brooding hen. || eiare 
[L. gloeire, echoic], INTR. : CLUCK, -eia- 
ta, P. : brood of young chicks. 

c7iid-e-eof, ADJ. : sick (indisposed). 

c7iio-e-eo-la [L. coclea], P. : snail ; screw- 

holef : scala a , spiral staircase, -laio, 

M. : one that seeks snails, -letta, -lina, 

P., -lino, M., dim. of -la; twist. -16 na, 

p., -lone, M.: aug. of -la; old-style watch. 


cMocco [echoic cZoc], M. : crack of a 

c7tio-daia, P. : nail mould, -daiolo, 
M. : nailmaker. -dame, M. : assortment 
of nails, -daref = inchiodare. -deria, 
p. : forge where nails are made ; assort 
ment of nails, -detto, M.: small nail. 
||c7ild-do [L. elavus (claud-, CLOSE)], M. : 
nail: aver fisso il , be determined. 

c7tid-in.a [L. coma], p. : hair ; head of 
hair; lion's mane; leaves of trees; tail 
of a COMET, -mato, ADJ. : (poet.} hairy. 

c7tid-sa [Gr. glossa, tongue, language], 
P.: GLOSS (comment); spot, -sare, TR. : 
gloss, explain, -satore, M., -satri-ee, 
F. : commentator, explainer. 

c/tiosco [Turk.], M. : kiosk (summer house); 
small booth. 

c7tio-straf = -stro. -stretto, -strino, 
M. : small court or garden. ||c7iio-stro 
[L. claustrum (eland-, CLOSE)], M.: CLOISTER 
(covered court of a convent ; convent). 

c7iiotto [?], ADJ. : silent (taciturn, re 
served). = inchiodare. -vaturaf 
= inchiodatura. -vellof, 'c7iid-vot ^ 

cMr- [Gr. cheir, hand] : -agra [Gr. dgra, 
seizure)], F. : chiragra (gout in the hand). 
-agrico f, ADJ. : chiragrical. -ogra- 
fario, M. : creditor or debtor by virtue of 
a chirograph; ADJ.: chirographic(al). 
-ografo [Gr. grdphein, write], M. : chiro 
graph (bond under one's own hand). 
-omaxrtet, M. : chiromancer, -oman- 
ziaf, p.: chiromancy (palmistry), -nr- 
gia [ergon, work], P.: SURGERY, -urgi- 
camente, ADV.: surgically, -urgico, 
ADJ. : surgical, -mrgo, M. : surgeon. 

c7*isciaref , TR. : weed, hoe. 

c7tissisia [chi si sia], PRON. : whosoever* 

c7iitaref, TR. : quit ; abandon. 

c7w.tar-ra [Gr. kithdra], F. : GUITAR. 
-rina, -rino, dim. of -ra. -rista, M. : 
guitar-player, -rone, aug. of -ra. 

c7im [echoic], M. : horned owl. 

c/iiucc7iiiirlaia [echoic], F. : confused 

c7iiu-denda, F.: enclosure; hedge. ||c7tm- 
dere [L. claudere], IRR.; TR.: CLOSE 
(shut up ; finish, stop). -dimeaitot, M. : 
enclosing; enclosure. 

Pret. chiu-si, -se; -sero. Part, chiuso. 

c7iiunq[iie [L. qui-cumque], PRON.: who 

Mur-la, p.: foolish, trifling woman. 
-lare, INTR.: hoot as the owl. ||-lo 
[chiu], M. : small owl; CURLEW; bird- 
catching (with owls, bird-lime, etc.); 

c7z,m-sa, P.: enclosure; close (end of a 
letter, etc.). -samentef, ADV. : secret- 


ly. -si, PRET. of -dere. -sino, M. : 
stopper, lid, cover. H-so, PART, of -dere: 
closed ; enclosed ; (fig.) reserved ; M, : 
enclosure, -snra, P.: close of schools, 
etc.; lockf. 

ei [L. eccu Aie, Ho here'], ADV.: here, 
there ; PEON. : us, to us. 

-eiaf, P., INVAR. : tea. 

<eia-ba, M.: cobbler. H-batta [?], P.: 
house-shoe (slipper); old shoe; jaded 
woman, -battaiof = -battino. -bat- 
tata, P. : blow with a shoe, -battier ef, 
-battino, M. : cobbler. -battinii'e-eio, 
disp. of -battino. 

eiaec/te [eclioic], M. : crack, cracking 

eiac-cfcerino, M.: insolent youth. jl-eiao 
c/iero [eiacco], M. : insolent, ill-bred per 

*ea<e~eiare [-cAe], INTR. : talk without 
understanding; chatter. -eino, M.: 
foolish talker, chatterer. 

<eiaceof, M. : hog ; ADJ. : dirty, slovenly. 

eial-da [Pr. chaude (L. calidm, warm)], 
p.: small cake; wafer, -donaio, M. : 
wafer seller, -done, M. : cornet-formed 

e/altro-na, P. [geldrone (aug. of geldra)], 
-ne, M.: slovenly, vile person; rogue, -ne- 
ria, p. : slovenliness ; vile deed. 

eiam-bella [?], p.: round cake; roll. 
-bellaia, P., -bellaio, M. : cake-seller. 
-belletta, -bellina, dim. of bella. 

eiambellottof = cammellotto. 

<eiaxn.ber-laxi.ato, M. : chamberlainship. 
H-lano [OFr. chamber -lain, ' chamber- 
ling'], M.: CHAMBERLAIN. 

eiamao-lare [L.* clamulare (clamare, 
shout)], INTR.: talk much nonsense, tell 
foolish stories. ~lio, M. : foolish talker. 
-lone, M. : foolish talker, 

<eiaxnmengolat, P.: trifle. 

eiaxn-panellaf, H-panelle, P. : in dare 
in -panelle, make a slip ; do foolish things, 
jl-paref [zampa], INTR. : stumble, -pi- 
care, INTR. : stumble, trip, -picone, 
M. : stumbler. 

<eia-na [?], p. : ill-bred woman, -nata, 
p. : act of an ill-bred woman. 

eian-eerella, -eerullaf ,-cettaf, dim. 
of -cm. ll-eian-cia [echoic], P. : nonsen 
sical talk (fiddlef addle), idle story; trifle 
(worthless thing). ~eia=ruscole, P. 
PL.: trifles (worthless things; fooleries). 
-eiamentof, M. : prating; trifling. 
--e? are, INTR. : tell foolish stories ; prate : 
trifle, -eiatore, M., -eiatri-ee, P.; 
idle talker, trifler. -eicare, INTR. : stut 
ter ; drawl ; eat or work slowly, -eierof, 
ADJ. : prattling, -eiolinaf , dim. of -cm. 
-eione, M.: great talker or trifler; ri 
bald, -efosamentef, ADV.: in jest. 



-eiosof, ADJ.: prating; trifling, 
^rliare, TR. : mumble, talk indistinctly; 
INTR. : stammer, -frusagrlia = clan- 

eiangot-tare f? L. singultare, hiccup], 
INTR. : pronounce badly ; talk as a child. 
-tio, M. : jabbering (indistinct talk). 

eianina [cm?io2], p. : cyanin, blue colour 
ing matter of flowers. 

eiano i [-?ia], M. : ill-bred man. 

eiano 2 [Gr. ktianos, dark blue], M. : blue 
bottle (corn-flower). 

eian-ta [? pianta], p. : sole (of the foot). 
-tella, P.: house shoe, slipper; (jest.) 
too large a shoe. 

eiappe-ronef, P. : CHAPERON (hood). 
-rottof, M. : mantle, cloak. 

eiappo-la [Pr. eehoppe (Ger. schiippe, 
SHOVEL)], M.: flat graver, -letta, dim. 
of -la. 

eiara-xnellaf , P.: = cennamella ; big 
talker, babbler. -m ell are, INTR.: 
chatter; trifle. 

eiar-la, P.: idle talk, gossip. H-lare 
[disp. of parlare], INTR. : chatter (prattle, 
gossip), -lata, P. : continued chatter. 

eiarla-tanata, P. : trick, deceit, -ta- 
neria, p.: charlatanism, -tanesco, 
ADJ.: quackish. -tanisxno, M. : charla 
tanism. j|-tano [? ciarlare], M. : CHAR 
LATAN (mountebank). 

eiar- later e [~lare], M. : prattler (big 
talker), -leriaf, P.: chatter. -Here, 
-Hero, ADJ.: talkative, gossipy, -lone, 
M. : babbler (big talker). 

eiar -pa [? 1. Ger. schrap, pocket], p.: 
SCARF ; light wrap ; baldric ; old worn-out 
gown, -paxne, M. : old clothes, pile or 
rags, -paref, INTR.: bungle, -petta, 
-pettina, P. : small light scarf, -pie- 
ref , -pone, M. : bungler. 

easc(/ted)uno [L. quisque unus], PRON.: 
each one, every one. 

ei-balef , ADJ. : pertaining to food, nutri 
tive, -baxnentof , M. : food, nutriment. 
-bare, TR. : nourish, feed; REPL.: eat, 
nourish one's self, -baria, P. : victuals, 
food in general, -bario, ADJ. : cibarious, 
pertaining to food, -bazionef , P. : nour 
ishing one's self. H -bo [L. -Zms], M.: 
food (nourishment), -borio, M.: cibo- 
rium (case containing the host), -"bosof, 
ADJ.: fruitful. 

eibreo [?], M. : giblet, ragout. 

eica [L., bits, trifles], P. : a bit (the slight 
est thing): non ... , not a bit, nothing. 

eica-daf [L.], -la, P.: cicada (kind of 
locust); tiresome prater, -laio, M.: 
noisy place, -lamentof, M.: chatter 
ing, -lare, INTR.: chatter (babble). 
-lata, P. : babbling (tiresome talk), -la- 
toref, M.: prater, -latoriof, ADJ.: 



chattering, -le-e-eio, M., -leriaf, p.: 

chattering, hum of voices. -lina, F., 
lino, M. : dim. of -la; prattler (chat 
terer), -lio, M. : chatter, confused buzz 
of voices, -lona, F., -lone, M. : gossip. 

ica-triee [L. -trix~\, F. : cicatrice (scar) ; 
fraud f. -trizzare, INTR. : cicatrize. 
-trizzazione, F. : cicatrization. 

-eic-ca [deal, F.: cigar stub, -caiolo, M. : 
gatherer of cigar stubs. 

eiccantonef, M. : buffoon. 

eicc/ieraf = chicchera. 

eie-eia [? L. in-sicia (root sec, cut), 
minced meat], F. : (child, or jest.) meat ; 

flesh : fdi , slay, murder. -ei-e-eiolo, 

M. : small hit of bacon ; proud flesh in a 
wound, -eione, M. : fat man; tumour 
(boil)f. -eioso, ADJ. : plump. 

eieerbita [L. eicer, cfflCKpea], F. : herb 
used in salads. -eercMa, F. : lathyrus 
sativus (sort of vegetable). 

ei-ee-ro [L. Cicero], M. : pica type (in 
which Cicero was first printed), -rona, 
F. : learned woman, -rone, M. : (fig.) big 
talker, wiseacre; cicerone, guide, -ro- 
niano, ADJ. : Ciceronian. 

eicMnot , M. : very little. 

ei-eif/nat, F. : small lizard. 

ei-ei-sbeat , F. : coquette, -sbearef, INTR. : 
play the gallant. -sTbeatof, M.: gallantry. 
ii-sbeo p], M.: cicisbeo (gallant). 

-eic-lico, ADJ.: cyclic. II -lo [Gr. ktiklos, 
circle], M. : cycle, -loide, p.: cycloid. 
-lone, M. : cyclone, wind storm. 

oiclope [Gr. kukl-ops, 'round-EYED*],M.: 
Cyclop (one-eyed giant). 

eico-gna [L. -nia], F. : stork ; beam of a 
bellf. -firnino, M. : young stork. 

ei-cor&eeo, ADJ.: extracted from chic 
ory; chicory-. |{-coria [Gr. Mchora], F. : 

eicuta [L.], F. : cicuta, hemlock. 

-eiec. .f = cec. . 

eielo [L. cesium], M. : sky; heaven; atmos 

ei-feraf , F., Jl-fra [Ar.], F. : cipher ; sum 
(amount); device (monogram), -fraref, 
TR. : sign with one's initials. 

-ei-glio, pi. -gli or -glia \L. -Hum, eyelid], 
M. : eyebrow ; eye, face ; wink, nod ; edge, 
embankment; grassy rampart ; PL.: view. 
-grlionare, TR. : embank, -grlione, M.: 
raised edge of a ditch, embankment, bank. 
-firliuto, ADJ. : heavy-eyebrowed. 

eigrna [cinghia], F.: girth (CINGLE): le 
cigne della carrozza, springs of a coach ; 
esser sulle cigne, be ill or be out of funds. 

-eigrnale, more pop. than cinghiale. 

<ei-0nata [-gm], F. : blow with a girth. 

-grneref = cingere. 

eigrno [L. cygnus], M. : swan; poet. 

ei^rnone [cigm\ M. : large girth. 


-eigo-lamento, M. : creaking. ||-lare 
[?], INTR. : creak, rattle (as wheels), -lio, 
M. : continued creaking. 

-ei-golof , -gulot, ADJ. : little. 

eileeea [?], F. : trick. 

eilestrinof = celestinO' 

ci-li-e-cinof, ADJ.: of haircloth, -li-e- 
-eiof, -li-eiof, M. : haircloth. 

ei-liegia pi., cerasa], F. : CHERRY, -lie- 
giaio', M.: cherry seller, -liegio, M.: 
cherry-tree; cherry wood, -liegio na, 
aug. of -liegia. 

ei-lindretto, M. : small cylinder, -lin- 
dricaniente, ADV. : cylindrically. -lin- 
drico, ADJ. : cylindrical, ll-lindro [Gr. 
Mlindros], M. : cylinder ; roller. 

eilizio [Cilicia, in Asia Minor], M. : cilice 
(haircloth worn by penitents); torment 

ei-ma (L. cyma, cabbage sprout], F. : top 
(summit); eminence, -mare, TR.: shear 
(cloth); cut offf lop. -masa, F. : (arch.) 
cyma (moulding), -masetta, -masina, 
dim. of -masa. -mat a, F. : cloth-shear 
ing, -mat ore, M.: cloth shearer, -ma- 
tura, F.: cloth-shearing; dhearings of 
cloth, -maziof = -masa. 

eimbat, F. : bark, boat. 

eimbalot = cembalo^. 

-eimbellare j , INTR. : fall. 

eimberli [cimbalo] ; in , in high spirits 
(merry; tipsy). 

eim-ljottolaret,lNTR.: fall down, -"bot- 
tolof, M. : tumble. 

eimbraccola [echoic], F. : slut. 

eime-lio, -lie [Gr. keimelion (root kei~, 
lie), treasure], M.: valuable relic (an 

eimen-ta-e-eio, disp. of -to. -tare, TR. : 
(jig.) risk, try; REFL.: prove one's self. 
-tatore, M. : one that tries. ||-eimen- 
to [?], M.: risk (trial, proof), -toso, ADJ. : 

<eimi-ee [L. cimex], F. : bedbug, -eiaio, 
M. : place full of bugs, -eioue, M. : big 
bug. -eioso, ADJ. : infested with bugs. 

ei-mieref, |[ -micro [-ma], M. : crest of 
a helmet. 

eimino [L- cuminum], M. : cumin (plant). 

eimi-teriot, ll-tero [Gr. koimeterion 
(koiman, sleep)], M. : cemetery (church 
yard); silent place. 

ei-molo [-ma], M. : head of greens, -mo- 
sa, F. : selvage of cloth. 

einrarro [Gr. kumorrhous], M. : glanders. 

eina-brese, ADJ. : cinnabarine ; M. : cin 
nabar. Hcina-bro [Gr. kinndbar[\, M. : 
cinnabar, vermillion. 

ein-eia [echoic], -e=allegra, F.: tit 

ein-eigrHof, M.: belt, --einnof, M.: 
ringlet, lock of hair. 


<ein--eisc7iiare [?], TR.: hack (slash); 
mumble; INTR. : dawdle, -eisc/tiof , M. : 
hacking ; shred, -eisc/tione, M. : daw 

einematografo [Gr. kinetos, movable, 
grdphein, write], M. : kinetoscope. 

eijde-rario [L. -rarius], ADJ. : cinerary. 
-riziof, ADJ. : ash-coloured. 

eingallegra = cineiallegra. 

ein - gere [L.], IRR. ; TR. : gird ; sur 
round* enclose, cin-gftia [L. -gulum], 
F. : girth, CINGLE. 

Prat, cin-si, -se ; -sero. Part, cinto. 
eingM&le [L. singularis, lone], M. : wild 

ein-^rMaref, TR. : gird ; enclose. -g7tia- 
t-draf, P.: girding. -cm-gMof, M. : 
circle. II -ein - golo [L. -gulum], M. : 
girdle, belt ; CENCture. 
eingnet-tare [ak. to ciangottare], INTR. : 
lisp; mumble (mutter); chirp, -tatore, 
M.: lisper; mumbler. ~teria,F.: lisping; 
mumbling; chit-chat, -tiera, F., -tiere, 
M. : lisper; chatterer. 
eini-camente, ADV. : cynically. H-eini- 
co [Gr. kur-ikos, dog-like], ADJ. : cynical; 
M. : cynic. 

-einigia [L. cinisia], F. : CINDER (ember). 
eini^lta [Fr. chenille], F. : chenille. 
einismo [cinico], M. : cynicism. 
einna-mot; -momo [Gr. -momcm], M. : 

-einof, M. : kind of plum. 
eino-glossa [GcT.kuon, dog, g'iossa, tongue], 
F. : hound's-tongue (plant), -suraf, F. : 
(astr.) cynosure (in Little Bear)., ADJ.: fifty, -quant esimo, 
ADJ.: fiftieth, -qnantina, p.: about fifty. 
11-qu.e [L.quinque], ADJ.: FIVE, -que-een- 
tista, ADJ.. belonging to the sixteenth 
century ; M. : person of the sixteenth cen 
tury. -qne=-eento, ADJ. : five hundred ; 
M.: il , sixteenth century. -qne=fdfirKe 
[foglia], M. : cinquefoil (plant). -qne= 
mil a, ADJ.: five thousand, -quenniof, 
M.: space of five years. -qri.e=renie, P.: 
quinquereme. -qtdna, F.: five (at dice). 
-qnino, M. : five-cent coin. 
<ein-si, PRET. of -gere. -ta, P.: enclosure, 
circumference; girdlef. -tino,M.: priest's 
tunic. ||-to [-gere], PART., ADJ. : girded ; 
M.: girdle, cincture, cin-tola, P.: waist ; 
girdle, -tolino, dim. of -tolo. ciii- 
tolo, M.: string; garter, band; list of 
cloth, -tura, F. : cincture ; sash, -tn- 
retta, dim. of -tura. -turino, M. : 
small cincture ; narrow belt, -tnxone, 
M. : leather belt. 
eid [L- ecce hoe, *lo this'], PRON.: this, that. 
eiocca [Ger. schock, bunch], P.: bunch (of 
flowers, etc.), tuft. 
eioco/te -e [cid che], PRON. : that which. 



eiocc/tet-ta, -tima, F. : small bunch or 
tuft, jl-ciocco [Ger. schock, bunch], M. : 
stump, log of wood ; (fig.) blockhead. 

eiocco-lata [Sp. chocolate (ak. to cae- 
caos)],F.: chocolate, -latiere, M.: choc 
olate maker or seller, -latino, M.: piece 
or square of chocolate, -lattef, M.: choc 
olate, -lattiera, P., -lattiere, M.: 

-eioc-colina [-ca], P.: small bunch or tuft. 
-cntof , ADJ. : tufted, having clusters. 

cioe [cid e], ADV. : that is, namely. 

eiom-periaf, F. : stupid trick. H-eiom- 
po [?], M. : wool carder ; simpleton. 

eioncaref i = troncare. 

eionca-re 2 [?], INTR.: tipple, -tore, M.: 

cionco [cioncare i], ADJ. : maimed (muti 
lated); cut offt- 

-eiondo-lamentot, M. : swinging, jj-la- 
r [L. ex undulare],iNTR.: dangle (swing); 
loiter about; trifle, -lino, M. : small 
pendant or ear-ring, -eiondo-lo, M.: 
dangling thing; pendant; ear-ring, -lo 
ne, M.: procrastinator ; lounger: a~loni, 

eionnof , ADJ. : worthless. 

ciontaf, F. : blow, beating. 

eioppa [?], F. : (jest.) kind of petticoat. 

eioto-la [?], F. : cup or bowl ; contents 
of a cup. -letta, -lettina, F.: small 
cup. -16 na, F., -lone, M. : large bowl 

eiottaret, TR. : frustrate. 

ciottof, M. : pebble; cripple; ADJ.: lame. 
-lare, TR.: pave; throw stonesf. -lata, 
F. : blow with a stone, -lato, M. : paved 
road, -letto, M.: small stone, il-eiotto- 
lo [?], M.: pebble (fiintstone). -lone, 
M. : large stone. 

eiovettaf = civetta. 
i-pigrHa-e^o, M. : severe frown. !f-pi- 
glio [L. super-cilium, eyebrow], M.: 
frown, -pigrltoso, ADJ. : frowning, angry. 

eipol-la [L. ccepulla], P.: onion; (jest.) 
head ; large watch ; bulb ; gizzard of 
fowls, -laio, M. : onion-field ; onion sel 
ler, -lataf , F. : ragout of onions ; mix 
ture, -lato, ADJ.: knotty (said of wood). 
-latura, F. : knottiness. -letta, -H- 
na, dim. of -la. -lino, M. : little onion ; 
veined marble, -lona, aug. of -la. 

eiporrof, M. : crab. 

eippo [L. cippus], M.: cippus (half-column 
for marking something). 

ei-pressaia, F., -presseto, M.: plantation 
of cypress trees, -presso, M. : cypress ; 
cypress wood, -pressone, M. : large cy 
press tree, -ei-pria, P.: face-powder. 
-pri^rna, ADJ.: Cyprian; P.: Venus, Cyp 
rian goddess, -ei-prio = -pria. ti-ei- 
pro [Cipro, Cyprus], M. : Cyprus wine. 
eiragraf = chiragra. 



eirca [L.], ADV. : about ; around ; PREP. : 


eir-eensi, ADJ.: circensian (of the Roman 
Circus). || -co [L. -CMS, circle], M. : cir 
cus, -eolarei, ADJ.: circular: Utter d , 
circular. -eolare2, INTR.: circulate; ar 
gue t, dispute, -colarmente, ADV.: cir 
cularly, -colatoriof, ADJ. : circulatory. 
-colazione, p. : circulation, -coletto, 
M. : small circle, -eir-colo, M. : circle ; 
circuit; club. 

zircon- [L. eircum, around] : -eidere [L. 
ecedere, cut], IRR. (cf. decidere); TR.: CIR- 
CUMCISB. -idimentot,M.: circumcision. 
=-eingere, IRR.; TR.: gird, -eisi, PRET. 
of -eidere. -eisione, F. : circumcision. 
-eiso, PART, of -eidere. -damentof, 
M. : "surrounding. =dare, TR. : surround, 
enclose, -dario, M. : boundary, district. 
-dazionef, F. : surrounding. =durre, 
IRR.; TR. : lead around, -ferenza [L. 
ferre, bring], F. : circumference, -flesso 
[L. ftexus, bent], ADJ. : bent ; M. : circum 
flex accent. =ettere, IRR. ; TR. : twist 
around ; circumflex. =6nderef , ERR, ; 
TR.: circumfuse, pour around, -fuso, 
PART., ADJ.: scattered. =locnzi6ne 
[L. eircum-loeutio]., F. : circumlocution. 
-scr. .f, -sp. .f, -st. .'f=eirco-ser. ., etc. 
-vallare [L. vallum, wall], TR. : circum- 
vallate. -vallazione, P.: circumvana- 
tion. =venlre, IRR.; TR. : circumvent. 
-venzionef, F. : circumvention. =vi-ei- 
no, ADJ. : neighbouring, adjacent, -vo- 
Inzionet, F. : circumvolution. 

eirco- [circon-] : -scritto, PART, of -scrf- 
vere, =scrivere [L. circum-scribere], 
ERR.; TR.: circumscribe, restrict, -scri- 
zione, F. : circumscription, bounding. 
-spettamente, ADV. : circumspectly. 
-spetto [L. specere, look], ADJ. : circum 
spect, -spezione, F. : circumspection. 
=stante, ADJ. : circumstant, surround 
ing; M. : bystander, -stanza, p.: cir 
cumstance, particularity, -stanziare, 
TR. : circumstantiate, -stanziatamen- 
te, ADV. : circumstantially. 

eir-cnire [L. circum-ire], TR. : surround, 
enclose; go aroundf. -cuito, M. : cir 
cuit, extent, -cuizionef, F. : circui- 
tion; circuit. 

ircula. , = circola. . 

<si-regetot M. : cherry orchard, -rie- 
giof=ciliegio. -riegiu61ot,ADJ.: cher 

-eirimoni. . = cerimoni. . 

eirindonet, M. : present. 

cirrof , M. : ringlet. 

eisalef, M. : ridge, landmark. 

eiscran-na [am-, seranna], p.: arm 
chair ; old furniture, -'nof , M. : book 
shelf ! 


-eisio [L. -sium], M.: two-wheeled carriage 

eismaf = scisma. 

eisoi. . = cesoi. . 

i-spa [?], p.: blearedness; rheum (from 

the eyes), -spardof = -sposo. -spel- 

Hno, ADJ.: blear-eyed, -sposita, p.: 

blearedness. -sposo, ADJ.: blear-eyed; 

-eiste, pi. -sti or -stidi [Gr. Mstis, bag], 

p. : cyst. 

eister-eense [L. Cistercium, where found 
ed], ADJ. : Cistercian ; M. : Cistercian monk. 
eister-na [L.], F. : cistern, -netta, F. : 

small tank, -none, M. : large cistern or 

eisti-co [eiste], ADJ.: cystic, -fellea, 

p.: gall-bladder. 
eistiof, M. : rock rose. 
eitabile [citare], ADJ. : citable. 
eitaraf [L. cithara], F. : cithern (kind of 


eitare [L.], TR. : CITE (summon ; quote). 
eita-redico, ADJ.: citharistic (of the 

cithern). H-redo [-r<x], M. : cithara or 

cithern-player, -reggiaref , INTR. : play 

upon the cithara. -rista = -redo, -riz- 

zare = -reggiare. 
-eita-tore [-re], M. : citer. -toriaf, F. : 

summons, writ, -zione, p. : summons, 

citation; quoting. 
eiteraf = citara. 
citeriore [L- citerior], ADJ. : on this side 


eiternaf, F. : cistern. 
eitiso [L. eytisus], M. : cytisus (a shrub, 


^eitragginef, F. : balm-mint. 
-ei-trato [L. -trus, citron-tree], M. : citrate. 

ei-trico, ADJ. : citric, -trinezzaf, F. i 

yellow, -trinof, ADJ.: citrine. -tri(n)d- 

lof, M. : cucumber. 
ci-trnllaggine, F. : stupidity. H-trul- 

lo [L. -trus, disp. of L. -trus, citron (cf. 
Fr. citrouille, pumpkin)], M.: simpleton, 

dunce; fop; ADJ.: stupid. 
^ittaf , P. : girl. 

-eitta [L. rivitas], F. : CITY (town), -del- 
la, p.: citadel, -detta, dim. of -ta. 
-dina, P.: citizen's wife, -diname, 
M. : crowd of citizens, mob. -dina- 
mentef, ADV.: as a citizen, civilly. 
-dinanza, F. : citizens ; citizenship, -di- 
naret, TR. : people a city, -dinaticof, 
M. : right of citizenship, -dinello, M. ; 
young citizen, -dinescamente, ADV.: 
like a citizen, -dinesco, ADJ.: of a 
citizen or a city, -dine, ADJ.: of a 
citizen, civic; M.: citizen, -done, M.: 
large city, -d&e-eia, F. : ugly town. 
-e-ittof , M. : boy. -ittolaf , F. : little girl 
-ittolof, M. : little boy. 
eiti-ca, p.: ass. -caggine, F. ; obsti- 


nacy. -caio, M. : ass-driver, -ca^ello, 
dim. of -GO. -e7terell = -chetto. -c/te- 
ria, F. : obstinacy. -c/iesco, ADJ.: 
stupid, obstinate, -c/ietto, dim. of -co. 
!i-co [?], M. : ass; dunce. 

einf-fagrnot> ADJ.: griping, snatching. 
-fare, TR. : snatch by the hair; grasp, 
seize, -fetto, M.: small tuft of hair. 
II -fo [Ger. schopf], M.: tuft of hair, 
forelock, toupee; mane; tuft, -6na, 
p., -fone, M. : bushy hair ; person with 
bushy hair. 

iw.ffolef , F. PL. : trifles, nonsense. 

einllat fanciulla. 

eiiir-;ma [? (Gr. Jceleusma, oarsmen's 
song)], F. : ship's crew ; crowd, -mado- 
ref = -matore. -maglia, F. : rabble, 
mob. -mare, TR.: cheat, deceive; channf. 
-xnatore, M. : cheat, wizzard. -meria, 
F. : trick; charm. 

einsc/fcerof, ADJ. : tipsy. 

ei-vaia [L. -baria, food], F. : all kinds of 
pulse, -vaiolo, M.: seller of pulse, rice, 

eivan-zaf -zo. -zaref, TR- : provide ; 
advance, procure, -eivan-zo [? avanza], 
M. : advantage, benefit. 

civet, M. : citizen. 

eiveat, F. : osier sledge. 

<eivet-ta [Fr. chouette (ak. to Eng. caw?)], 
F. : owl ; coquette : far la , hunt with 
the owl ; allure, -tare, INTR. : hunt 
with the owl ; play the coquette, -teria, 
F.: coquetry, -tina, dim. of -ta. -tino, 
M. : young owl ; dandyf , fop. -tola, F. : 
coquettish girl, -tone, M. : absurd fop. 

-eivi-co [L. -cus], ADJ.: civic, -'le, ADJ. : 
civil; cojirteous; civilized; M. : register. 
-listaf, M. : jurisconsult, -litaf = -Ua. 
-lizzare, TR. : civilize. -Hzzatore, M. : 
^ivilizer. -lizzazione, F. : civilization. 
-Imente, ADV. : civilly. -It a, F. : civili 
zation ; civility, politeness. 

-eiviref, TR. : "procure, supply. 

eivoriof = ciborio. 

eladef, F. : slaughter. 

clamazionet, F. : invocation. 

clamide [L. chlamys], F. : chlamys (kind 
of cloak). 

clamo-re [L. cZamor], M. : clamour, -ro- 
samente, ADV.: clamorously, -roso, 
ADJ.: clamorous. 

clandes-tinamente, ADV. : clandestine 
ly. II -tino DJ. -tinus], ADJ. : clandestine 

clangor ef, M.: clangor, sound of trumpets. 

cla-rettof, M.: claret, -rifieare = 

cla-rinettista, M.: player on the clarinet. 
-rinetto, M. : clarinet: clarinet-player. 
U-rlno [L. -rus, clear], M. : clarinet. 

cla-rof = chiaro. roref = chiarore. 



clas-se [L. -sis], F. : class (order, grade). 
-sicamente, ADV.: classically, -si-ei- 
smo, M.: classicalism. -si-eista, M.: clas 
sicist, cias-sico, ADJ.: classical, -sijfi- 
ca1iiie,ADJ.: classifiable, -sificare, TR.: 
classify, -sificazione, F.: classification. 

clanso-Ia [L. dausula, (elaudere, ' close ')], 
F. : clause. -letta, dim. 

clan-strale, ADJ.: claustral; retired. 
Hcslau-stpof [L. -strum (~dere, CLOSE)], 


clansnlat = dausola. 

clausura [L. (claudere, t close *)]> F-: en 
closure, cloister. 

eiava [L.], F.: Hercules' club ; mace, club. 

clavi- [L. -s, key]: -^enifoalo, M. : harp 
sichord, clavi-coia, F. : clavicle, -eor- 
d(i)o, M. : clavichord. 

ciematide [L. -tis], F. : clematis (plant), 

cle-meBte [L. -mens], ADJ.: clement 
(mild), -ment entente, ADV.: mildly. 
-mentzssfmo, ADJ.: superl. of -mente. 
-menza, -aneiiziat, F. : clemency. 

cleri-cale, ADJ. : clerical, -cato, M. : 
clergy. |lelro [Gr. kUros, lot ; election], 
M. : clergy. 

clessidra [Gr. kleps-udra t hide-water'], 
F. : clepsydra (water-clock). 

clien-te [L. diens], M.: client; adherent. 
-tela, F. : cliertship ; clientele, clien- 
tolof, -tulot, M. : client (dependent). 

cli-ma [Gr. klima, inCLiNE], M. : climate. 
-materico, ADJ.: climacteric. cH- 
matof, M. : climate, -matologia, F.: 

clini-ca, F. : clinic, -came ate, ADV. : 
clinically. Hclini-cft [Gr. kline, bed], 
ADJ.: clinical. 

cli-peato, ADJ.: armed with a shield. 
||cli-peo [L. ~peus\ t M. ; shield. 

clistere [Gr. kludzein> wash out], M.: 

clivo [L. divus], M. : (poet.) declivity, hil 
lock; ADJ.f: sloping, 

clizia [Gr. klinein, incline], F. : sunflower. 

cloaca [L.], F. : sewer. 

clo-rato, ADJ.: chloric. |jclo-ro [Gr. 
Mows, yellowish green], M.: chlorine, -ro- 
formio, M. : chloroform. 

cln"b [Eng.], M. : club, association. 

co% for eon i, with the. 

coaM-tare [eon dbitare], INTR. : cohabit. 
-tatoref, M.: cohabitant, -tazione, 
F. : cohabitation. 

coadesione [con adesione], F. : cohesion. 

coadin-torato,H.: coadjutorship. -tore, 
M. : coadjutor, -toria, F. : coadjutor- 
ship. ||-vare [L. (juvare, help)], TR. : 
AID, assist. 

coaduna-re [L. (urms, ONE)], TE. : UNITE 
collect, gather up. -nazionet* F-* co " 



coa-golot = caglio. -gnlafaile, ADJ. : 
coagulable. -gniamentot, M. : coagu 
lation, jhgttlare [L.], TE. : coagulate. 
-gnlativo, ADJ. : coagulative. -gnla- 
zione, p.: coagulation, curdling, coa- 
gulot, M. : coagulum ; rennet. 

coar-taro [LJ, TE. : force, compel, -ta- 
zione, F. : forcing. 

50=attivo, ADJ.: coactive, restraining. 
f|=atto [L. -actus (cogere, force)], ADJ.: 
forced, -azione, F. : coaction, force. 

colalto [Ger. kobalt], M. : cobalt. 

cdcca [?], F. : corner or tip (of a handker 
chief, apron, etc.); tip or end (of a spindle, 
where the end is fastened); peak (of a 
mountain)! ; notch of an arrow ; arrowf ; 
fcowstringf ; cockboatf. 

coccarda [Fr. cacarde (cog, cock ; cock's 

crest)], F. : COCKADE. 

coccare, TE. : = accoccare; jeer, 

coe-eerello [-ccio], M. : small shard, frag 

coc-cMata [-chio], F.: carriage-drive; 
serenade (orig. in a coach), -cfciere, 
M. : coachman (esp. of private persons). 

coocTtixtaf, F. : country-dance. 

ode-cMo [? Gr. kochlos, 'cockle'], M. : 
COACH. -c7ii6ne,M.: large coach, -chin- 
mare, TR. : bung; quiz (bantar). -cMu- 
me, M. : bung, bung-hole. 

c&e-eia [?], F. : hilt ; (jest.) head ; swell- 
ingt; pimple. 

oo-e<eini0}ia [Gr. kftkkos, berry], F. : coc 
cus; cochineal. 

co-e-eino, dim. of -do. Hco-e-eio [?], 
M.: shard (potsherd). ei(n)61a, F.: 
swelling ; bite of a gnat. 

co-e-eiu-taggine [coccia, head], F.: stub 
bornness. c<*e-eM-to, ADj. : stubborn. 

oocco i = coccarda and cucco 

cocco2 [Gr. kokkos, kernel], M.: cocoa 
(palm or nut) ; cochinealf ; eggf . 

cocoode [echoic], M. : cackling. 

coccodrillo [Gr. kroMdeilos], M. : croco 

cocco-la [Gr. kokkos, berry], F. : berry ; 
(jest.) head, -larsi, INTR. : enjoy one's 
self, -letta, -lettina, F. : small berry. 
-linaf , ADJ.: in tosse , whooping-cough. 
lino, M. : plump child, cocco-lo, M. : 
enjoying one's self ; fat boy. -lone, M. : 
apoplectic stroke, -loni, ADV.: squatting. 

coccoveg-giaf, F. : coquette, -giaref, 
INTR. : eo'quet. 

co-eentemente, ADV.: hotly, sharply. 
-eente, ADJ. : burning (hot). IJco-eere 
[L. -quere], IRE. ; TE. : COOK ; (Jig.) dis 
please, grieve. 

Pres. c(i)b-cio t -cz, -ce ; cociamo, etc. 
(cube- or coc- accented, coc- unaccented), 
Pret. cbs-si y ~se ; -sera. Part, coito (rarely 
cociutO) 'grieved*)- 

f, F. : shell. 


co-cimento, M. : heat; scalding; coc- 
tion, digestion. ||-eiore [-cere], M.: burn 
ing pain, smart, -eitoiof, ADJ. : easily 
cooked, -eitnra, P.: cooking, decoc 
tion, --ciuto for the ordinary cotto, PART, 
of -cere; (jig.) grieved, displeased. 

cocleariaf, F. : scurvy grass. 

coco [L. coquus (-quere 'cook')], M.: COOK. 

cocolla [1. L. cuculla], F. : COWL, hood. 

co-comeraio, M. : watermelon patch; 
watermelon seller, -comerino, M.: small 
watermelon. ||-comero [pop. form of 
cucurbita, gourd], M.: watermelon; secret 
hard to keep : non saper tenere un al- 
r erta, be unable to keep a secret, -co- 
merone, M. : large watermelon, -ctkz- 
za [pop. for cucurbita], F. : (jest.) head. 
-ciizzot, -cuzzolo, M. : crown of the 
head ; summit, top. 

co-da [L. cauda], F. : tail; end; file; 
train, -dardamente, ADV.: basely. 
-dardia, F. : cowardice, -dardo, ADJ. : 
COWARDly, base; M.: coward, -dato, 
ADJ.: tailed, -dazzo, M.: train (attend 
ants), -dearef, TR. : follow, dog. 

codesto [L. eccu-tibi-iste], PEON.: that, 

co-detta [-tfa], F. : little tail, -diaref, 
TR. : follow at one's heels, spy. -diato- 
ref, M. : spy. 

co-di-ee [L. -dex (orig. trunk, tablet of 
wood)], M. : code, codex; ancient manu 
script : della lingua, dictionary, -di- 
eillare, ADJ.: codicillary. -di-eillo, 
M. : codicil ; addition to a writing, -difi- 
cazione, F. : codification. 

codi- [coda] : =lungo, M.: tomtit. =m.6z- 
zof, ADJ, : docked, clipped, codi-na, 
F. : little tail, codi -no, M.: stumpy 
tail; braid, coil of hair, codi-nzolo, 
M.: very little tail, -one, M. : rump of 
birds. =rosso, M. : redstart, redtail. 

codoj/natof = cotognato. 

co-done [-da], M. : large tail, -drione, 
M. : rump of birds, -dntof = codalo. 

co=egnale, ADJ.: coequal. 

co=erede, M. : co-heir. 

co-erente [L. co-hcerens (h&rere, stick)], 
ADJ. : coherent, -erentemente, ADV. : 
coherently, -erenza, F. : coherence. 
-esione, F. : cohesion. 

co=esistere, INTR.: coexist, -esisten- 
za, F. : coexistence. 

coetaneo [L. co-cetaneus (cdas, AGE)], 
ADJ. : coetaneous (contemporaneous). 

co=eterno, ADJ. : coeternal. 

coevo [L. co-avus (avum, age)], ADJ. : co 

cofa-e-eiaf, F. : pie. -einat, F. : small 

cofa-naiot, M. : cabinet-maker, -netto, 
M.: small coffer or basket. ||cofa-no 


|L. cophinus, basket], M.: COFFEE, cabi 
net^ basket^ 

coffaf, P.: (nav.) small basket (for biscuit), 

o git a- b on do, ADJ.: cogitabund, thought- 
fuL Hcogita-ref [LJ, ENTR. : cogitate, 
-tiva, F.*: cogitative faculty; thought. 
-tivof,ADJ.: musing, -zionef, p.: cogi 
tation; contemplation. 

cde/Ii, for con gli, with the. 

cofiflta [Gr. koleon, sheath], F.: Gwwrf.) 
scrotum; (/am.) coxcomb, fop: in , 
well dressed ; in good order (fine). 

4so0Kere [L. col-dgere], IRR. ; TR. : COL 
LECT (CULL, gather) ; strike ; catch ; com 



Subj.: Pres. cblga. Part, colio. Poet, forms : 
cogliO) etc.; cbgtia t etc. 

f = collp. 
coglione [~glia] t M. : testicle. 
co^li-tore [cohere], M.: gatherer, -tn- 

ra, F. : gathering, collecting. 
<eorxia-ta, F.: sister-in-law. Hcoama-to 

[L. cognatus, "with-born," cognate], M. : 

brother-in-law ; ADJ.f : cognate (kindred). 

-zione, p. : cognation (kindred). 
c60ni-to \L.~tus, (g}noscere, KNOW], ADJ.: 

KNOWN, -toref, M. : one who knows, 

discerner. -zion-eella, dim. of -zione. 

-zione, F. : cognition; knowledge; PL. : 

intelligence, instruction. 
cogrno [L. congius], M.: congius (liquid 

oo0n6-me [L. -meri\, M. : cognomen (sur 

name). -minare, TR. : surname ; EEFL. : 

take a surname, -minazionef, F.: cog 


cognosce. ,f = conosce, . 
cogolariai, F. : sweep-net. 
coi, for con i, with the. 
coi-aio [coio], M. : leather seller, -ame, 

M. : quantity of leather, -arof = coiaio. 

-attolo, M. : leather-scrap, -ettof , M. : 

leather jerkin. 
co-in-eidente, PART., ADJ.: coincident. 

-in-eidenza, p.: coincidence. Ksin.*!- 

dere, IRR. ; INTR. : coincide. 
coio [L. corxum], M. : hide (skin); leather. 
coito [L. -itus (ire, go)], M. : coition. 
coitosof, ADJ. : thoughtful. 
col for con il, collo (con 16) , with the. 
cola [L. -Zura], F. : colander (strainer). 
cola [L. eccu-illac, 'lo-there'], ADV.: there. 
cola=1>rddo, M. : soup-strainer. 
colaiizzaret, TR. : cuff ; vex, irritate. 
colag-grat, -giusof, ADV. : below, down 

there. * 
cola-mntot, M.: eolation, straining; 

thing strained. l|cola-re [LJ, TR. : per 

colate (strain); sift; melt: a fondo, 

sink (a ship). 

colasctone [?], M. : Italian lute. 

colassuf, ADV. : up there. 

cola-tie<eio, M. : strainings ; dregs, resi 
due, -tiot, ADJ.: perishable, -tivof, 
ADJ.: strauiable; dissolving, iicola-to, 
PART, of -re; M.f: percolation, colature. 
-toio, M. : strainer, filter, -tnra, P.; 
straining (colature, filtration). 

colazio-na-e-eia, disp. of -Tie. -n-eella, 
-ZL-eina, dim. of -ne. colazio-ne [coZ- 
lezione], F.: collation, breakfast, -net- 
ta, dim. of -ne. -nnc-eia, disp. of -ne. 

colcaref, TR.: lay down; INTR.: set (said 
of the sun). 

colei [/. of -Zwi], PRON. : (disp.) she, that 

colendissimo [coZere], ADJ. : most wor 

oolera [? Gr. chol$, bile], F. : cholera. 

c61erf, DEFECT.; TR. : venerate, wor 

Pres. cd-ti, -le. Part. c6Uo or culto. 

colezionej = colazione. 

coli"betot, M. : equivocal talk ; gossip. 

co-libri or -li"bri [Carib.], M.: humming 

colica [L. -cus (Gr. kolon, colon)], p.: 
colic, colico, ADJ. : colic, affecting the 

coliseo = colosseo. 

colizione = colazione. 

collai [Gr. kdlfa], F. : GLUE; cordf (used 
in torture) ; torturef- 

colla2, for con la, with the. 

collaliora-re [LJ, INTR.: collaborate, 
cooperate, -tore, M., -triee, F.: col 
laborator, fellow - worker, -zione, p.: 

collacrimaref, INTR. : weep with. 

colla-na [collo], P. : necklace ; collection 
(of cognate literary works), -nella, din. 
of -no., -none, augm. of -na. -nn-e-eia, 
disp. of -na. -re i, M. : yoke, collar (for 
animals); collar. 

collare 2, TR. : torture ; lower with a 
rope ; raise up. 

colla-retto [-?ia], -rino, M.: small collar; 
collar band. 

collataf, P. : blow on. the neck ; accolade. 

col-laterale, ADJ.: collateral (indirect); 
M. : collateral relative. 

collatoref, M. : collator, patron. 

collattaaeof, M. : foster-brother. 

colla-zionare, TR. : collate, compare. 
(I -zione [L. col-latio, bringing together], 
p. : collation (presentation of a benefice); 
contribution! ; conference")*; comparing^. 

collei, for con le, with the. 

colle2 [L. collis], M. : little hill ; mound. 

collega [L. (legare, choose)], M.: colleague 
(associate); leaguef. 

colle-gamnto, M.; joining, -gamza, 

102 collegare 

P.: joining; alliancef. !!-gare [L. col- \ 
ligare], TR. : join (unite); EEFL.: alLY or 
LEAGUE one's self, -gato, ADJ. : allied ; 
M. : ally, -gatdre, M. : uniter. -gazio- 
nef,F. : joining; alliance. 

colle-giale, ADJ.: collegial; M.: colle 
gian, -gialmente, ADV. : in common. 
-garef, INTR.: consult, -giata, F. : 
collegiate church, -giato, ADJ.: colle 
giate. II colle - gio " [L. -gium (-ga, col 
league)], M. : college ; society (assembly). 

colleppolaref , INTR. : shake ; dance for 

cdl-lera [Gr. chole*, bile], P.: choler 
(anger); choleraf. -lericameate, ADV. : 
angrily, -lerico, ADJ. : choleric (irrita 
ble), -lerosot = -lerico. 

collet-ta [L. cottecta, (leg ere, gather)], F. : 
collection ; contribution ; collect, -tare, 
TR. : collect, -tivamente, ADV. : col 
lectively, -tivo, ADJ.: collective, -tizio, 
ADJ. : collected ; picked up. 

colletto [oolle], M. : hillock. 

colie-ttore [-tta], M.: collector; com 
piler, -ttoriat, F.: collectorship. -zion- 
eella, -zion-eina, F. : small collection. 
-zione, F. : collection (mass); impostf. 

collicare = coricare. 

collide llo i [coZZo], M. : little neck. 

colli-eellos [eoZZe], M. : little hill, -gia- 
no, ADJ. : inhabiting hills. 

collimare (TL limus, oblique], INTR.: 
have a common aim, agree ; harmonize. 
colli-na [coZZe], P.: hill, -netta, F., 
nettof, M. : hillock. 
collino [collo], M. : little neck. 
colli<|Ti.a-ref , TE. : dissolve, melt, -zid- 
nef, F. : colliquation. 
collirio [Gr. koMrion], M.: collyrium, 


collisione [L. collisio (ladere, strike)], 
F*: collision. 

collo i, for con lo, with the. 
collo 2 [L. -Hum], M. : neck]; mountain- 

collo 3 [Eag. coit], M. : large package or 

collo -caMle, ADJ. : collocatable. -ca- 

mento, M.: collocation (placing). l!-ca- 

re [L. (locus, place)], TE. : collocate; 

place, -cazione, P. : collocation. 
collocnzionet, F. : collocution (parley). 
collodio [Gr. Mlodes, like glue], M.: col 
colloqtiio [L- -loquium (loqui, speak)] 

M. : colloquy (conference). 
col-losita,F.: stickiness. II-16so [-/ai] 

ADJ. : gluey (sticky). 
collostorto, M. : hypocrite, collo-tto- 

la, F. : nape of the neck. 
colla-si6ne [L. col-ludere, play with], F. 

collusion, -sivo, ADJ. t collusive. 


eollthrie [L. col-luere, wash, together], 
F.: mass, heap (of filth); throng. 
col-mare, TE. : fill up, heap up. -mata, 
P.. filling up; embankment, -snatura, 
F.: overfulness. -nugrnoty M. : covering, 
projecting, -migrnolof , M. : ridge, top. 
llcol-mo [L. -umen], u. : top (summit, 
CULMEN); height, culmination; ADJ.: over 
flowing; overloaded; convex. 
colo = cola. 

colofomiaf, F. : colophony; resin.^ 
coloxa-ba, F. : pigeon (dove), -"ba-e-cio, 
M. : ringdove, wood-pigeon. -laia, F-> 
-"foaiof? M. : dove-cote, -foamo, M. : sweet 
white grape. - Tiara f, F. : dove-cote. 
-"bario, M. : columbarium. -Tsella, F. : 
young pigeon, -"bina, F. : young pigeon; 
pigeon's dung. -Tbino, ADJ. : columbine : 
sasso -lino, pietra -bina, limestone. 11 co- 
16m-l)o [L. columbus], M. : pigeon. 
colon [Gr. kolon], M. : (anat.) colon. 
cold-ilia [L. (eolere, cultivate)], F.: colony. 
-male, ADJ. : colonial, -nizzare, TE. : 

colon-na [L. columna], F. : column (pil 
lar); division of a page; support (stay). 
-nato, M. : colonnade. -ella, F. (jest.): 
colonel's wife, -nello, M. : dim. of -na; 
COLONEL, -netta, F. : small pillar, -ni- 
no, M.: small column; gallery or balus 
trade pillar. 

colono [L. -lonus (-lere, cultivate)], M.: 
planter (colonist). 

colo-ra-eeio, disp. of -re. -ramentot, 
M. : colour, -rare, TR. : colour, tinge; 
disguise; REFL.f: paint, rouge, -rata- 
mente, ADV. : with pretence, speciously. 
-rato,PART 4 : coloured; specious, feigned. 
[|colo-re [L. -r], M. : colour; pretence; 
appearance. - retto , - rettino , M. : 
slight colour, tint, -rire, TE. : colour. 
-rista, M. : colourist, painter, -rito, 
PART. : coloured ; M. : colouring, complex 
ion, -ritore, M. : colourist. 
color o, PL. of colei and colui. 
colo-rone [-re], M. : deep, bright colour, 
-r-d-c-eio, M. : bad colour; pallor. 
colos-sale, ADJ. : colossal, -seo, M. : Ro 
man Coliseum. Hcolos-so [Gr. kolossds], 
M. : colossus, giant. 

col-pa [L. culpa], F.: fault (guilt); sin: 
chiamarsi in , own one's guilt, -pa- 
"bilef , ADJ. : culpable, -paref, TR. : in 
culpate, blame ; INTR. : be faulty. 
col-peggtaref , INTR. : beat, strike, -pet- 
tiuo, *M. : slight blow, slap. H-petto 
[-yo], M. : light blow. 

colpevo-le [colpa], ADJ. : culpable, -lez- 

za, F. : culpability, -lissimo, ADJ. : 

super!, of -le: most guilty. -Impute, 

ADV. : culpably. 

col-pire, TE. : hit, beat, strike, -pitore, 


M. : beater. ||col-po [Gr. kolaphos, cuff], 
M. : blow (stroke): di futile, gunshot; 
di mare, big wave, breaker. 

colposo [colpa], ADJ. : culpable, offensive. 

col-si, PRET. of cogliere. eol-ta i [co 
gliere], F. : collecting, gathering ; harvest, 
crop ; harvest-time ; collection! ; mill- 
damf ; impostf. 

col-ta2 [? for -pita (-pire), blow], in di , 
suddenly : fai f , hit. 

eoltaref = coltivare. 

coltel-la, F. : big knife (carving-knife, 
butcher's knife, hunting-knife), -ia-e-eio, 
M.: disp. of -la; (nav.) studding sail, -la 
me, M. : quantity of knives, -lata, F. : 
cut, stab, -letto, dim. of -lo. -liera,F.: 
knife-box, sheath. -lina, dim. of -la. 
-linaio, M. : cutler. Hcoltel-lo, pi. -li 
or -la [L. cultellus (cutter, colter)], M. : 
knife; poniard t (dagger); severe criti 
cism: a molla, clasp-knife; da tavola, 
table-knife; per , edgewise, -lone, 
aug. of -lo. 

colti-vaMle, ADJ.: cultivable, tillable. 
-vabilita, p.: being cultivable, -va- 
mento, M. : culture; veneration. H-va- 
re [1. L. (L. colere)], TR. : till, cultivate. 
-vato, PART., ADJ.: cultivated; M. : 
cultivated land, -vatore, M. : cultivator 
(tiller), -vatri-ee, F. : encourager. -va- 
tiirat,-vazi6ne,F.: cultivation, colti- 
vof, ADJ. : cultivable ; cultivated. 

coltoi, PART, of coltivare: cultivated; 
M. : cultivated landf; worshipf. 

cdlto2, PART, of cogliere: gathered. 

eoltoret, M. : cultivator. 

coltrare [collrd], TR. : plough. 

61-tre [L. culcitra, mattress], F. : pall ; 
eoverletf. -tri-cef, F.: feather-bed, mat 
tress: p.f of -tore, -tri-eella, -tri- 
-eetta, F.: small pall; small coverletf. 
-tri-cionat, F.: large mattress or feather 

coltro [L. culler], M. : colter. 

col-tron-cino, M. : light quilt. U-trone 
[-Ire], M. : quilt. 

coltiira [cullura],v.: cultivation; culture; 

eolm-'brina, F. : CULVERIN (long cannon, 
16th Cent.). 11 coln.-T>ro '[L. -ber], M. : 
(poet.) serpent. 

colni [\.L.*eccu-ittui, *lo-that*], PRON. : 
that one. 

colambariat, F. : vervain (plant). 

com- [L. cum, with], PREF.: com-. 

comai [Gr. koimafi, put to sleep], F. : 

aomaf 2, F. : head of hair. 

edmafS, F. : comma. 

<so=madref, F. : godmother, 

coman-damento, M. : command, -dan- 
te M.: military commander. H-dare 

comma 103 

[mandare]) TR. : command, -dataf , F. : 
royal command, -dativof, ADJ. : com 
manding, -datoref, M. : commander. 
-digiaf, P.: recommendation, coman- 
do,*M. : command. 

comare [comadre], F. : godmother. 

coma-ret? TR - deceive, -toref, M. : 

coxaatoso [comai], ADJ.: comatose. 

com-', M. : joining together ; 
junction. !l="ba-eiare, IKTR. : join to 
gether; TR. : fit together (cause to join); 
REFL.f : kiss each oiher. -"bagiamentof 
= -baciamento. 

com"bat-tente, PART. : fighting ; M. : com 
batant. Heomlsat-tere [batter e] t INTR. : 
fight (COMBAT); resist; TR. : contend 
against, -timeato, M. : battle, -titore, 
M. : combatant, -titri-eef , F. : virago. 

com-Mataref, TR. : dismiss. -Matof, 
M. : dismission. 

cozulii - f , M. : combination. 
11-nare [1. L. (L. binus,iwo and two)], TR. : 
combine (unite), -natore, M. : com 
biner, -nazione, F. : combination ; hap 
py chance. 

eoni=lsrccola, p.: conventicle; assem 
blage, noisy crowd. 

eomlra-rere [? L. co-amb-urere ('burn*)], 
TR. : burn, -stibile, ADJ. : combustible ; 
M. : combustible. -stiMlita, F. : com 
bustibility, -stione, F. : combustion ; 
scalding, comlm-sto, ADJ. : burned. 

comfoutta [? buttare], F. : crowd, confu 

come [L. quo-modo, in what manner], 
ADV. : as (like) ; how (in what manner) ; 
because (why); when. =c(c)/ief -e, 
CONJ. : although, notwithstanding. 

cement. . = comment. . 

coiae-ta [L. (Gr. kome, hair)], F. : comet. 
-tariot, ADJ. : cometary. 

comiato = commiato. 

comi-ca., F. : art of gesturing ; come 
dienne, -eamente, ADV.: comically. 
Hcomi-eo [L. -cus (Gr. homos, revel)], 
ADJ. : comical (ludicrous) ; M. : comic 

comi^iLolo [colmignolo], M. : ridge (of a 
roof) ; ridge-pole ; top of a rick. 

comim-eiamejato, M. : commencement. 
||-etare [L. cum, initiare, begin], TR.: 
commence (begin), -efatof, M. : begin 
ning, -eiatoref, M. : founder, comin.- 
eiot, M. : commencement. 

cominof, M. : cumin (plant or seed). 

comitantet, PART. : accompanying. 

comi-tato, M. : junta, commission ; as 
sembly, -tiva, F.: party, -ziale, ADJ.: 
comitial. Hooxni-zio [L. -tium (ire, go)], 
M. : comitia, assembly. 

comma [L. (Gr. kop-, cut)], F. : comma; 



head (paragrapli) ; (mus.) comma (small 

commacolaref, TR. : stain. 

comme-dia [L. com&din}, F. : comedy. 
-diaiof, M.: (disp.) comedy -writer. 
-diamte, M., P. : comedian, comedienne. 
-diaret, INTR. : write comedies, -diet- 
ta, -dina, dim. of -did. -diografo 
[Gr. grdphein, write], M. : comedy-writer. 
-didla, P. : short comedy, -diona, P., 
diome, M. : long comedy, -diu-e-efa, 
disp. of -dia. 

eommemo-rabile, ADJ. : commemorable. 
-ramentof , M. : commemoration. ||-rare 
[LJ, TR.: commemorate (celebrate), -ra- 
tivo, ADJ. : commemorative, -razione, 
p.: commemoration; memorial. 

comment-da, p. : benefice, revenue (from 
some order), -dabile, ADJ. : commend 
able. -daMlmetttef, ADV. : commend- 
ably, -damentot, M. : praise. ||-dare 
[L.], TR. : commend ; recommendf. -da- 
tario, M. : commendator. -datizia, 
p. : letter of recommendation ; recommen 
dation, -datizio, ADJ.: recommenda 
tory, -datore, M. : commander ; elder 
(in an order), -dazionef, P. : commen 
dation, -devole, ADJ.: commendable. 
-devolm.en.te, ADV. : commendably. 

commexLsale [con mensti], M., P. : table- 

commensu-rabile, ADJ. : commensura 
ble, -rabilita, p.: commensurability. 
Jl-raref [L.], TR. : commensurate; ad 

common-tare [L. explain (mens, mind)], 
TR. : comment ; annotate, -tarietto, 
M. : brief commentary, -tario, M. : com 
mentary, -tatore, M. : commentator. 
commen-to, M. : comment, annotation. 

commer-etabile, ADJ.: that can be 
traded. ~eale, ADJ.: commercial, -eial- 
meute, ADV. : commercially, -eiante, 
M. : trader, -eiare, INTR.: trade, carry 
on business ; TR. : sell. Hcommer-eio 
[L. -emra] , M. : commerce, business ; af 
fair ; intercourse, commer-ziof = -cio. 

com -mess at, P.: commission, order. 
-messariaf,F.: commissaryship. -mes- 
sariof , M. : commissary. 

commessazionef, P. : orgy, debauch. 

com-messionef, p. : commission. H-me"s- 
so [-metier e], PART. : committed ; M. : em 
ployee ; commissioner ; f ellow-boarderf : 
lavoro di , mosaic, inlaid work, -mes- 
s-dra, P. : commissure (J ^)- 

comme - stiMle [L. comestus (edere, 
EAT)], M. (us'ly pi.) : comestible (food) ; 
ADJ.: eatable, -stiome, p.: fast-day food 
(allowed by the church) ; mixturef. 

com-xaettentef, M. : committer, one who 

gives an order. ||=snettere, TRR. ; TR. : 


join, unite ; entrust, commit ; perpetrate* 
-metti=male, M. : mischief-maker ; slan 
derer, -znettitore, M. : committer, em 
ployer, -mettitura, F. : joining. 

commiato [L. com-meatus (meare, go)]> 
M. : leave, permission; furloughf; dis- 
missalf: prender , take leave, bid fare 

commilitone [eon milite], M. : fellow- 

eonimi - nare [L. -nari\ } TR. : MENACE 
(threaten), -natoria, P.: threat; pro 
hibition, -natorio, ADJ. : comminatory. 
-Mazione, P. : commination, menace. 

commiscMa. . = mischia. . 

commise-rando, ADV.: pitiable. ||-rare 
[L. -rari], TR. : commiserate (pity), -ra- 
zioae, P. : commiseration, -revolef, 
ADJ. : miserable. 

commi-si, FRET, of commettere. 

coxnmis-sariato, M. : commissaryship. 
||-sario [commettere], M. : commissary; 
commissioner, trustee, -sionario, M. : 
agent, broker, -sione, P. : commission, 

com-mistionet, P.: mixture. |I=misto, 
ADJ. : mixed. 

com-misuraf, P. : proportion (fitness). 
II=misu.rare, TR. : commensurate (regu 
late). " 

committente, PART, of commettere. 

commodof = comodo. 

commorantef, ADJ. : dwelling, residing. 

com-mosso, PART. : moved, -motof = 
-mossc. |i=movere, ERR. ; TR. : move 
(affect, touch); agitate (disturb); REFL. : 
be affected, -movimentot, M. : dis 
turbance, -movitore, M. : mover, ex 
citer, -mozione, P.: commotion, per 

commimiret, TR. : strengthen, fortify. 

commuoveret = commovere. 

commu-taliile, ADJ. : commutable. -ta- 
mentof , M. : commutation. ||-tare [L. 
(mutare, change)], TR.: commute (ex 
change), -tativof, ADJ. : commutative. 
-tazione, P. : commutation. 

como-damextte, ADV.: commodiously ; 
without effort, -dare, TR. : accommo 
date; adjust (fit); lend, -datof, M.: 
gratuitous loan, -datoref , M. : lender. 
-devolmentef, ADV. : conveniently, -dez- 
yM\ = -ditd. -dimo, M.: commode (chest 
of drawers), -dita, p. : convenience ; 
opportunity. ||eomo-do DJ- -dus (modus, 
mode)], ADJ.: commodious; proper: easy,, 
comfortable ; M. : commodity ; convenience,. 
leisure: esser , be well off. -done., 
M. : easy-going person. 

compadronef, M. : joint proprietor. 

com=paesana, P., =paesano 9 M. : com 
patriot (fellow-countrywoman, -man). 


compa-giiiaret,TR.: hold together, unite, 
Jlcompa-giaie [L. compages ,(pangere, 
fasten)], P.*: compages (joined structure, 

ompa-gzia, p.: female companion; com- 
panyf . -grzia-e-eio, M. : bad companion. 
-graescot, ADJ.: companionable; of a 
companion, -giieVole, ADJ. : compan 
ionable, sociable, -grnevolmente, ADV.: 
companionably. -grnia, P.: company, so 
ciety; association ; brotherhood ; company 
of soldiers, -f/aino, M.: dear little com 
panion, -gmtd-e-eia, disp. dim. of -gnia. 
jlcompa-jC/zLo [L L. -nio], M. : compan 
ion (associate ; partner ; fellow-worker) ; 
ADJ.: like, equal. -grDioiie, M. : boon 
companion, -^a-d-e-eia, -grnu-e-eio, car. 
dim. of -gna and -gno. 

companati-cat, P., -co [con pane], M. : 
any food eaten with bread. 

comparabile [comparare], ADJ.: com 

comparaggiof = comparatico. 

compa-ragtoiiet, P.: comparison. IS -ra 
re [L.], TR. : compare; REFL. : compare 
one's self. 

comparatico [compare], M. : standing 

compara-tivaznexite, ADV. : compara 
tively. H-tivo [-re], ADJ. : comparative ; 
M. : (gram.} comparative, -zioae, P.: 

compare [con padre], M. : godfather 
(sponsor); companion., P. : appearance, -pa- 
rii, PRET". of -parire. ||-parire DJ. 
-par ere], ffiR. (cf. apparire); INTEL: ap- 
PBAR, show one's self; appear in court. 
-pariscenzaf, P. : appearance, -pari- 
scionef, P. : comparison, -parita, P. : 
appearance ; outside show, -parizione, 
p. : appearance in court ; court-summons. 

comparone [-pare], M.: (jest.} large 

com-parsa [-parire], P.: appearance, 
show ; PL. : silent characters (in a play). 
-parso, PART, of -parire. 

com=parte-ipare, INTR. : participate 
with another, -parte-eipazione, P.: 
participating with, -parte-eipe, M. 
participator, sharer. 

com-partimeato, M.: division, compart 
ment. H=partire, TR.: divide (compart); 
impart; grant, -partitore, M. : di 

comparvi, PRET. of comparire. 

compascTiot, M. : pasture. 

oompas-sare [-so], TR. : measure with 

the compass ; weigh (consider). 

com-passionamentot, M. : compassion, 

-passionare, TR. : compassionate, pity, 

-passionatore, M. : compassionate per- 



son. il=passione, P. : compassion (pity). 
-passione vole, ADJ.: merciful; piteous., 
miserable, -passionevolmente, ADV. : 
pitifully, -passivof, ADJ. : compassion 
ate, merciful. 

com-passo, M.: compass; compartmentf: 
a , measuredly ; parlare col , speak 
in measured terms. 

compati-Mle, ADJ. : worthy of pardon ; 
compatible. -Mlita, p. : compatibility. 
-Mlmeaite, ADV.: compatibly, -zaen- 
to, M. : indulgence, pardon, jjcompati- 
re [patire], TR. : excuse ; pity. 

com=patridtta, M., P., =patri6tto, M.: 

com=patrdno, M. : patron saint ; patron 
of a benefice. 

com-pattezza, p.: compactness. f|pat- 
to i [L. -pactum (pingere, fix)], ADJ. : 
compact, dense, solid; (typ.) solid (un 
leaded); M.t: compactness. 

compattoy 2, M. : compact, covenant. 

compazientexaentef, ADV. : patiently. 

compen-diare, TR. : shorten, epitomize. 
-diatdre, M. : abridger. ijcompen- 
dio \L.-dium], M.: compendium (epitome). 
-diosamente, ADV. : compendiously. 
-diosita, p. : compendiousness. -dioso, 
ADJ. : compendious, 

compen-sa'bile, ADJ. : that may be com 
pensated, -sagionef -sazione. -sa- 
snentof, M. : recompense. H-sare pLJ, 
TR. : compensate (recompense), -sativo, 
ADJ. : compensatory, -satore, M. : com 
pensator, -sazione, P.: compensation. 
compen-so, M. : compensation, 

compera. . = compra. . 

compe-tente, PART., ADJ. : competent. 
-tentemen.te,ADV.: competently, -ten- 
tissimo, ADJ. : most competent, -ten- 
za, P. : competency : stare a , compete. 
[[compe-tere [L. (peter e, seek)], INTR.: 
compete; dispute; belong to (concern); 
be convenientf. -titore, M.: competitor. 

compia-eente, ADJ. : complaisant, amia 
ble, -eentissimo, ADJ.: superl. of -cen- 
te. -cenza, p. : complaisance ; compla 
cency. H-eere [piacere], IRR. ; INTR.: 
PLEASE (satisfy) ; REPL. : take pleasure 
in ; be pleased (condescend), -eevolef, 
ADJ. : complaisant ; delightful, -eianen- 
to, M. : pleasure ; condescension ; appro 
bation, compia-cqui, PRET. of -cere. 
-eiuto, PART, of -cere. 

com.=piangere ) IRR.; TR. : pity; bewail. 
-piansi, PRET. -pianto, PART. : pitied; 
M. : lamentation. 

com=piegare, TR. : fold together, en 

com-piei, PRET. of -pire. ilcpm-piere 
= -pire. -pieta, P.: complin (last ca 
nonical hour), -pii, PRET. of -pire. 

106 compigliare 

compigliaref, TR. : understand ; REFL. : 

compigliof , M. : beehive. 

oompila-mentot, M. : compilation. llcom- 
pilare [L. (pilare, plunder)], TR.: com 
pile (collect), -tore, M., -trie, F.: 
compiler, -lazioae, P. : compilation. 

corn-pimento, M. : completion, perfec 
tion, jl-pire [L. com-plere, FILL], IRR ; ; 
TR. : COMPLETE, acCOMPLiSH. -pitamen- 
te, ADV. : completely ; politely. 

Ind.: Pres. com-pio or -ptsco. Ipf. com- 
piva or -pitva. Subj.: Pres. corn-put or -pi- m 
sea. Impf. comrpissi or -piessi. I've com-pt 
or -pisci. Ger. compiendo. Part, com-pito 
or -piuto. 

compi-tare [variant of computare], INTR. : 
spell; TR.f: compute, -taziome, F. : 
spelling. . 

com-pitezza [-pire], F.: completionf; 
politeness, -pitissimo, ADJ. : superl. of 
-pitoi. -pitoi, PART, of -pire: com 
pleted; accomplished (polite). 

compito2 [variant of compute], M.: task; 
accountf : a , scantily, barely. 

com-pitore, M. : finisher, -piutamen- 
te, ADV.: completely. H -piuto, PART. 
of -pire. 

compla-eemzaf = eompiacenza. 

comple=ann.o, M. : birth-day; ANNiver- 
sary. -meato [L. -mentum (plere, FILL)], 
M. : complement. 

comples-sioaato, ADJ.: complexioned. 
-si one, F. : complexion ; constitution, 
-sit a, F. : complexity, -si-vameate, 
ADV. : complexly, -sivo, ADJ. : together 
(generally). Hcomples-so [L. corn-ple 
xus (plectere, twist)], ADJ.: complex; 
strong ; M. : mass, generality : in , in 

comple-tare, TR. : complete, -tivo, 
ADJ. : completive. j[eomple-to [L. -tus 
(plere, FILL)], ADJ.: complete, entire, -to- 
rio, ADJ. : complementary. 

compli-care [L. (plicare, fold)], TR. : 
complicate; REFL.: become complicated, 
-cazione, F. : complication. 

compli-ee [L. com plectere, twist], ADJ. : 
participating ; M. : accomplice, -eita, F. : 

compli-mesatare, TR. : compliment., ADJ. : complimentary ; M. : 
complimenter (envoy), -snemtino, M. : 
delicate compliment. H-mento [comple- 
me7iio],M.: compliment (courtesy), -mea- 
tosamento, ADV.: in a complimentary 
manner, -memtoso, ADJ. : compliment 
ary; M.: flatterer, compli-ref, TR. 
fulfil; complete. 

compluvio [L. -vium], M. : (arch.) com- 
pluvium (opening for 'rain' in Rom. build- 

com-ponente, PART. : composing, f orm- 


ing; M. : component, ingredient. I!-p6- 
nere, pop. for -porre. -ponimento, 
M. : composition; modestyf. -ponitorefj 
M., -ponitri-eef, F. : author ; (mus.) com 
poser. = porre, IRE.; TR. : COMPOUND 
(COMPOSE) ; form (arrange) ; conciliate!; 
REFL. : be composed. 

compor-tabile, ADJ. : supportable, -ta- 
bilmente, ADV. : supportably. ||-tare 
[L. (portare, carry)], TR. : bear (endure, 
tolerate, Eng. comportf) ; permit (al 
low) ; REFL. : conduct one's self ; contain 
one's self, -tevolmentef , ADV. : suffi 
ciently, compor-to, M.: days of grace. 

composi, PRET. of comporre. 

composi-to [L. -tus (ponere, put)], ADJ. : 
(arch.} ' composite, -toio, M.: printer's 
composing-stick, -tore, M. : composer; 
compositor, -tiiraf, F. : composition. 
-zion-eella, -ziom-eina, F. : little com 
position. -zi6ne,F. : composing; com 
position ; agreement ; component parts. 
-ziomii-e-cia, F. : poor composition. 

comrpossessione, F., =possesso, M. : 
joint possession. =possessore, M. : joint 

compo-sta, F. : compote, -stameate, 
ADV. : composedly, -stezza, F. : compo 
sure, llcompo-sto [-rre], PART.: com 
posed (mixed) ; sedate (serious) ; artificial; 
M. : composition (mixture). 

compra, F., -mentof, M. : purchase. 
Hcompra-re [L. com-parare, procure], 
TR. : buy (purchase), -tore, M. : pur 

comprem-denzat, F. : comprehension. 
Hcompren-dere [com-, p. .], IRR. ; TR. : 
COMPRISE (contain); comprehend (under 
stand). -diMIef, ADJ. : comprehensible. 
-dixnento, M. : comprehension; districtf. 
-ditivof, ADJ.: comprehensive, -dito- 
re, M. : he that comprehends, -ddnio, 
M. : ( jest.) understanding. -siMle, ADJ. : 
comprehensible, -sione, F. : comprehen 
sion, -siva, F. : understanding, intelli 
gence, -sivamemte, ADV. : comprehen^ 
sibly. -sivo, ADJ. : comprehensive. 

com-presi, PRET., -preso, PART, of -pren- 

com-pressa, F. : compress, -pressi, 
PRET. of -primer e. -pressione, F.: com 
pression, -presso, PART, of -primere. 
-primeate, PART., ADJ.: compressing. 
|| -primere [LJ, ntR. ; TR. : COMPRESS; 

Pret. compres-si t -se ; -sero. Part, com- 

compro, pop. for comprato. 

comproljaref = comprovare. 

compro - messo, PART., ADJ. : compro 
mised; M. : compromise (arbitration). 
-mettente, PART., ADJ.: compromising. 


Urmetterc [pro-mettere],lRR. m t TR.: coin- 
promise, endanger ; REFL. : compromise 
one's self . -misi,pRET. of -mettere. -xnis- 
sario, M.: arbitrator; referee, -xnitten- 
te, PART., ADJ. : compromising. 

com=proprieta,F.: joint proprietorship. 
=proprietario, M. ; joint proprietor. 

compro-vabile, ADJ. : approvable. -va- 
mentot, M. : approbation. j|-vare [L. 
-bare], TR. : approve (accept), -vatore, 
M. : approver, -vazionet, P. : approba 
tion, attest. 

compugn. . = compung. . 

compulsaref, TR. : compel (summon to 

comspiingere, IRE.; TR. : prick hard; 
afflict, grieve, -pnnsi, FRET, of pungere. 
-pHntamente, ADV. : with compunction. 
-pnntivo, ADJ. : touching, compunctious. 
-piinto, PART. : grieved, repentant. 
-ptrnziome, F. : compunction (remorse). 

compu-taMle, ADJ. : computable. || -ta 
re [L. (putare, reckon)], TR. : compute, 
calculate, -tista, M.: computer (ac 
countant), -tisteria, F. : accountant 
ship, -tistico, ADJ. : of an accountant. 
comp-a-to, M. : computation: ecele- 
siastico, church calendar. 

comii-nat = -ne (/.). H-nale [-Tie], 
ADJ.: common (public); comment (ordi 
nary), -nalmentef, ADV. : in common. 
-nalta, F. : community, -aanza, F. : 
community (participation); society, -mar- 
do, M. : communist. 

comime7iet comunque. 

com.-o.-iie [L. communis], ADJ. : COMMON 
(general; ordinary); M. : majority; gen 
eral public ; F. : community, town, -nel- 
la, F. : community!; common cause (in 
far , combine, connive), -nello, M. : 
small community, -nexnente, ADV.: 
generally, -nieabile, ADJ.: communica 
ble; affable]", -nicatoilita, F.: com- 
municability. -mieaaido, ADJ.: commu 
nicating ; M. : communicant (for the first 
. time], -nicare, TR. : communicate; 
REFL. : receive the communion (commune) ; 
INTR. : have intercourse. -nieativa,F.: 
faculty in imparting one's thoughts, -ni- 
cativo, ADJ.: communicable, -nica- 
zione, F. : communication ; communionf. 
-nic7iinot,M. : host (consecrated wafer). 
-nione, F.: communion, participation; 
sacrament. - nismo , M. : communism. 
-nista,M.: communist, -nita, F. : com 
munity, -native, more us'ly -nale. 
-umnof = -ne. 

comiin-cgtie [L. quomodo, how, utcum- 
que, soever], -quememte, ADV. : in what 
ever manner ; however. 

con [L. -cum], PREP. : with ; against ; 
cid sia, che = conciossiacke. 



conato [L. -nari, attempt], M. : attempt, 

con-ca [L. -cha, conch], F. : washing-ves 
sel, basin, tub ; tubful ; low place, valley ; 
shellj. -caio, M. : tub maker or seller. 

con=cana"bio, M. : exchange; recompense. 

concameraret, TR. : (arek) concarnerate. 

comcata [-ca], p. : tubful. 

eoncate-namento , M. : concatenation, 
li-nare [catena], TR.: concatenate (link 
together), -natiira, -nazione, F. : 
concatenation, chain. 

con=causa, F. : concause, joint cause. 

conea-vita, F.: concavity. !|c6mca-vo 
[L. -xu& (cayus, hollow)], ADJ. : concave ; 
M.: concavity. 

con<eedere [<!ott-,c..], IRR.; TR. : concede 
(.grant; admit). -AiMIe, ADJ.: admis 
sible, -dimento, M. : concession, -di- 
tore, M. : granter. -duto, PART. 

com-eento [L. -tus (com-canere, sing)], M. : 
harmony (concert). 

con-een-tramento, M. : concentration. 
||-tpare[ce7iro],TR.: concentrate; INTR.: 
meet in a centre, -trazioae, F. : con 
centration, -tricamente, ADV. : con 
centrically, con-een-trico, ADJ.: con 

con-ee-piMle, ADJ. : conceivable, -pii, 
PRET. of -pire. -pimento, M. : concep 
tion. ||pire [L. con-cipere (capere, 
take)], IRR.; TR. : CONCEIVE; form, 

Reg. : or (poet.) Pres. conci'-^e ; -ono. 
Part, conee-pjtto. 

oon-eer-nente, PART., ADJ.: concerning, 
relating to. -uenzaf, F.: concernment, 

interest, licon-cer-iieire [L., mix to 
gether], TR. : concern (regard), -nevo- 
lef, ADJ.: concerning, -tare [-fo], TR. : 
concert (bring into harmony) ; direct a re 
hearsal ; REFL. : agree to. -tat, PART. 
of -tare ; M. : agreement, concert, -ta- 
tore, M., -tatri-ee, F. : concerter, plan 
ner, -tino, M. : little concert, -tista, 
M. : concert-giver, concert-artist, con 
fer-to [part, of -nere], M.: concert (con 
certo, musicale); agreement: di , by 
agreement, jointly. 

con-ees-si, PRET. of concedere. -siona- 
rio, M. : grantee, -sione, F. : conces 
sion; grant; permission, -sivo, ADJ.: 
concessive. Hcon-ees-so, PART, of con 
cedere. -sore, M. : granter. 

con-eet-ta, F. : concept, -ta-e-eio, M. : 
poor idea, -tino, M. : idea, -tivo, ADJ.; 
conceptive. -tizzaref, INTR. : find ideas, 
utter witticisms. ||con<eetto [L. con- 
ceptus (capere, take)],M. : conceit, thought, 
idea, opinion; mind, -tome, M. : (jest. 
or iron.) good idea; great imagination. 
-tosaxnezifco, ADV. ; thoughtfully, -toso. 



ADJ. : full of ideas, -tnale, ADJ. : con 
ceptual, -tismo, M. : conceptualism. 
-tu-c-eio, -tnzzo, disp. of -cetto. con- 
eezione, P.: conception; Lady -day; 
thought, comprehension. 

eon-e&etta, P. : small shell. |(-c7iigla 
[Gr. konchilion (konche)], P.: CONCH, 
shell. -cMgKetta, -cTti^lina, dim. 
of -chiglia. -cMlia<eeo, ADJ. : composed 
of shells. -e7iili=f6rme, ADJ. : formed 
like shells. 

concMnd. . = conclud. . 

con-ea, P. : tanning, dressing^ tannery ; 
adulteration of wines f. ~eiaia = co?i- 
cimaia. -eiaiolo, M.: tanner, -eia- 
lana, F. : wool-comber. H-etare [1. L. 
comptiare (L. comptus, PART, of eomere, 
prepare, adorn)], TR. : dress (skins), tan ; 
eomb (wool, etc.); prepare, fix; belabour, 
whip ; spoil, soil. ~e atore, M. : tanner. 
-eiatnra, F. : dressing. 

con-eierof, M. : emendation, correction. 

coni-#liot = -Ho. -Habile, ADJ. : con- 
ciliable." -HaTiilita, P.: possibility of 
conciliating, -Habolo, M.: assembly 
(for an evil purpose); conciliabule. -lia- 
mento, M.: conciliation. -Hare, TR. : 
conciliate; EEPL. : become reconciled; 
settle (an affair). -Haref, ADJ.: con- 
ciliary. -Hativo, ADJ. : conciliatory. 
-Hatore, M.: conciliator, -liatri-ee, 
F. : peacemaker, -liazione, P.: con 
ciliation. Hcon-ei-lio [L. -Hum (caZare, 
call)], M. : council ; church, council ; delib 

con-ei-maia, P.: dung yard, -mare, TR.: 
dung, manure land. ||con-e-me [<xmcio], 
M. : manure, compost. 

con-einni-taj, P. : concinnity (elegance). 

con-eino [-cmre], M. : tan-bark, con- 
-eio, PART.: pop. for conciato, dressed; 
M. : dung; worthless thing or person; or 
nament (gildingf). 

coneiofossecosac/ie = eonciossiacosa- 

con-eio-nare, INTR. : preach; harangue. 
-natore, M. : concionator, preacher, -na- 
torio, ADJ.: pertaining to preaching; 
M.: preacher, -natrlee, P.: preacher. 
j|oon.-eo-ne [L. contio for con-ventio] f 
p. : CONVENTION (assembly), congregation ; 
sermon ; speech. 

con=eio=ssia(=cosa) = c7ie -e [ssia for 
sia], OONJ. : inasmuch asf ; now used to 
mock stilted or pedantic language. 

coni-samente, ADV. : concisely, -sio- 
ne, P. : concision. !|con-ei-so [L. -sus, 
(ccedere, cut)], ADJ. : concise (brief). 

con-ei-storiale, ADJ. : consistorial. -sto- 
riof, ll-storo [L- con-sistorium], M. : 
consistory; assembly. 

conita-xn.ento, M. : agitation. licon- 


eita-re [L. (-cire, stir)], TR. : excite 
(agitate, Eng. concitet); provokef. -ta- 
mente, ADV. : agitatedly, -tivo, ADJ. : 
exciting, stimulating, -tore, M. : incites 
-zione, P. : agitation. 

eon-eitta-dina. P.:fellow-citizeness. -di- 
nanza, p.: fellow-citizenship. li-dino- 
[cittadino], M. : fellow-citizen. 

concla-ve [L. (clavis, key)], M. : conclave 
(rooms where the cardinals are 'secluded' 
when choosing a pope ; the body of cardi 
nals), concla-viof, M.: closet, cabinet- 
-vista, M. : member of the conclave. 

conclu-dente, PART., ADJ.: concluding. 
-dent erne nte, ADV.: conclusively, -den- 
za, P. : conclusiveness. Hconclu-dere 
[L. (claudere, CLOSE)], IRR. (cf. accludere); 
TR.: conclude, finish; pressf, enclose. 
conclii-si, PRET. of -dere. -sionae-eia, 
p. : bad conclusion, -sionale, ADJ. : 
conclusive, -sioji-eella, dim. of -sione. 
-sione, p. : conclusion ; consequence : in 
, in fine, -sivamente, ADV. : con 
clusively, -sivo, ADJ.: conclusive, con- 
clu-so, PART, of -dere. 

con=co-eere, IRR.; TR.: digest (Eng.f con- 
coct); INTR., REPL. : change into nourish 

concolaf, P.: small shell; small hand 

concom.i-tan.te D^. -tans (comes, com 
panion)], ADJ.: concomitant, -tanza, 
F. : concomitance. 

concor-da"bile, ADJ.: concordable. -dan- 
te, PART., ADJ. : concordant, harmonious. 
-dantementef, ADV. : concordantly^ 
suitably. -danza,F.: concordance, agree 
ment, -dare, INTR.: agree; TR. : rec 
oncile, -datamentef, ADV.: harmo 
niously, -dato, PART., ADJ.: agreed* 
harmonious; M. : agreement; concordat. 
Hconcdr-de [L. -s (cor, HEART)], ADJ. : 
concordant (harmonious, unanimous), -de- 
me nte, ADV. : harmoniously, unanimous 
ly, -devolef, ADJ. : conformable, -de- 
volmentef, ADV. : harmoniously, con- 
cor-dia, F. : concord (harmony). 

c oncer-rente, PART., ADJ.: concurrent; 
M. : competitor, -renza, F. : competi 
tion. 1 1 cone or -r ere \con-, c. .], IRR.; 
INTR.: run together; concur; contribute 
(said of causes), concor-si, PRET. of 
-rere. concor-so, FART, of -rere; M. : 
concourse, throng. 

cone otto, PART, of concocere. 

con=creare, TR. : concreate (create to 
gether)- -create, PART.: innate (in 

concre-tamente, ADV. : concretely, -ta 
re, TR. : come to concrete terms ; con- 
elude, -tezza, P. : concreteness. II con' 
ere -to [L. -tus (crescere, grow)], ADJ.: 


concrete (specific); M.: concrete, -zione, 
F. : concretion. 

concnM-na [L. (cubare, lie down)], F. : 
concubine, -nario, M. : concubinary. 
-nato, M. : concubinage, conciibi-to, 
M. : lying together. 

concn.Ica-"bile, ADJ. : fit to be trampled 
upon. H -'re [L, (calx, heel)], TR. : con- 
cnlcate, trample upon, -tore, M., -triee, 
P.: trampler. -zione f, p.: trampling 

concTideere = concocere. 

concnpi-re [L. con-cupere], TR. : desire 
ardently, -scenza, -seenziaf, F. : con 
cupiscence. -'sceret = -re. -scevolef, 
ADJ.: concupiscible. 

concus-saref, TR. : concuss, shake, -sa- 
toref, M.: shaker. ||concus-sione [L. 
-sio (eon guatere, shake)], P.: concussionf; 
extortion, -sivof, ADJ.: concussive. 

condan-na, p. : condemnation, sentence ; 
fine, -nabile, ADJ.: condemnable. -na- 
gionef, P., -namentof = -na. ||-nare 
[con-, d. .], TR. : condemn (sentence ; re 
ject); compel, -nato, PART, of -nare; 
M. : condemned person (prisoner), -ma- 
tore, M. : condemner. -natorio, ADJ. : 
condemnatory, -nazione, p. : condemna 
tion, -nevole, ADJ. : condemnable. 

conde-een-tef, ADJ.: decent, -temen- 
tef, ADV. : decently. 

con-def/namente, ADV.: condignly. 
-degnitat, -deflrnitadef, -de^nita- 
tef, F. : condignness. H-degrno [L. -dig- 
nus (worthy)], ADJ. : condign (suitable). 

condenn. .f = condann. . 

conden-sabile, ADJ. : condensable, -sa- 
mento, M. : condensation, ll-sare [L. 
(densus, dense)], TR. : condense ; INTR. : 
"become condensed, -satore, M. : con 
denser, -sazione, p. : condensation. 
conden-sot, ADJ. : condensed. 

condescend. . = condiscend. . 

con-dimento, M. : condiment. H -dire 
PL], TR.: season ; assuage; provide abund 
antly ; soil (by spilling) ; preserve (pickle, 
cf . Eng.f CONDITE). 

condi-scendente, ADJ. : condescending. 
-scendenza,P.: condescension, ll-scen- 
dere [con, d. .], IRR. ; INTR. : condescend, 

con = discepola, p., -discepolo, M. : 

condi-scesi, FRET., -sceso, FART, of 

condito i [condire], PART. : seasoned. 

con.di-to 2f, ADJ. : built, formed, -toref, 
M. : founder, author. 

oondrfcdra [condire], P. : seasoning, con 

3on=dividere, IRR. ; TR. : share, divide 



condizio-nale, ADJ.: conditional, -nal- 
mente, ADV.: conditionally, -nare, 
TR. : season, prepare (said of food); pre 
pare, arrange, -natamente, ADV.: con 
ditionally, -nato, PART., ADJ. : prepared, 
fit; conditioned, -n-eella, dim. of -ne. 
!!condizi6ne [L. condicio], p.: condi 
tion (state) ; rank : a eke, on condition 

condo-01Canza, -fiflienzaf, -lenzaf, 
P.: condolence. jj-Iere [con-, d. .], IRR.; 
REFL. : condole with, condo-lsi, FRET. 
of -lere. 

con=dominio, M. : joint dominion. 

condo-naMle, ADJ. : pardonable. H -na 
re [COTI-, d. .], TR. : condone (pardon ; re 
mit), -natore, M.: pardoner, -nazio- 
ne, P. : condonation (pardon). 

condor e [Sp. (Peruv.)], M. : condor. 

con-dotta, p. : conduct ; transportation, 
management ; escortf. -dottiere, -dot- 
tiero, M. : (mil.) leader (captain) ; con- 
dottieref, pi. ~ra (leader of adventurers : 
14th Cent.); carrierf. -dotto, PART, of 
-durre; M.: CONDUIT (aqueduct; chan 
nel) ; conductf. -du-eeref = -durre. 
-dn-eevolef, ADJ. : conductive, -dn-ei- 
mentof, M.: conduct; proceeding, -dn- 
eitoref , M. : conductor ; instructor. 

condnplicazionef, p. : redoubling. 

con-durre [L. -ducere (lead)], IRR. (cf. 
addurre}* TR.: conduct (guide); (a) lead 
to (result in); inducef; REFL.: come to; 
conduct one's self, -dussi, FRET, of 
-durre. -dnttot = -^oo; M.: guide. 
-duttore, M., -duttri-ee, P.: conductor 
(manager); lessee; ADJ.: conducting. 
-dnttnraf , F.: conducting ; coach, -du- 
zione, P. : lease ; water-conveyance. 

conesta-'bile [L. comes stabuli, COUNT of 
the STABLE], M. : constable (superior mili 
tia-officer; court-officer), -"boleriaf, P.: 

confalrala-re [L. -ri (fabulari, speak)], 
INTR. : chat together (confabulate), -to- 
rio, ADJ.: confabulatory. -zione, p.: 
familiar talk. 

confa eente [-re], ADJ.: convenient (fit), 
--eentemente, ADV.: conveniently, -cem- 
zaf, P.: suitability, -eevolef, ADJ.: 
suitable, -eevolezzaf, P.: suitability. 
-eimentot, M. : conformity. 

confar-r(e)azione [L. -reatio (far, 
spelt)], F. : conf arreation (Rom. marriage 

con=fare, IRR. ; INTR., REFL. : suit, befit ; 
agree with ; harmonize. 

confastidiaref, INTR,, REFL.: grow tired 
of (be annoyed). 

confede-ramentot, M. : confederation, 
league. H-rare [L. (f&dus, league)], 
, REPL. : confederate, form a league ; 



TK. : join together, -rate, ADJ. : con 
federate; M. : confederate. -rativo, 
ADJ.: confederative. -raziome, F.: con 

confe- rente, PART., ADJ.: conferring. 
-renza, p.: conference, -reaziere, 
M. : conferree. -rimento, M. : confer 
ring. H-rire [L. con-ferre (bear)], TR. : 
confer (bestow) ; INTR. : confer (consult) ; 
contribute ; TR.f : compare, -ritore, ] 
-ritri-ee, F. : conferrer (giver). 
eonfer-ma, -mag6nef , F. : confirma 
tion. H -mare [L.'con-firmare], TR. : con 
firm (strengthen, ratify), -mativo, ADJ.: 
confirmative, -matore, M. : confirmer. 
-matorio, ADJ.: confirmatory, -ina- 
triee, F. : confirmer. -mazione, F. : 
confirmation, eonfer-mo, ADJ. : con 

confes-samentof, M. : confession, -sa- 
re, TR. : confess ; declare ; REFL. : make 
confession (to a priest), -satore, M. : 
confessor, -sionale, ADJ. : of the con 
fession ; M. : confessional, -sionario, 
M. : confessional ; oifice of confessor. 
-sion-cella, dim. of -sione. -sione, M.: 
confession, Heonfes-so [L. -sus], ADJ. : 
confessed, -sorato, M. : office of confes 
sor ; hour of confession (in convents, etc.). 
-soref, -sore, M. : father confessor. 
conlet-tare, TR.: candy; preserve, -ta- 
tore, M. : confectioner, -tier a, F. : 
candy-box, -tiere = -turiere. -tino, 
M.: small comfit. [Jeonfet-to [L. con- 
fectus (facere, make)], ADJ.: candied; M.: 
COMFIT (CONFECTION) : ( jest.} -ti di mon- 
tagna, dry chestnuts, -tura, F. : comfit, 
sugarplum, -tureria, F. : confectionery 
shop, -tariere, M.: confectioner, con- 
fezionare, TR.: make confections, eon- 
fezione, F.: mixture; artificial composi 
tion; comfitf. 

conficca-mento, M. : nailing. ||confic- 
ca-re jjzccare], TR. : fasten ; nail, -tii- 
ra, F. : nailing, driving in. 
confi-danientoj, M., -danza, F. : confi 
dence. ||-dare [L. con~fidere (trust)], 
TR. : confide (entrust); INTR.: CONFIDE 
(trust ; feel sure), -dente, ADJ. : confid 
ing ; M.: confidant, -dentemente, ADV.: 
confidently, -denza, F. : confidence ; fa 
miliarity (intimacy), -denziale, ADJ.: 
confidential ; familiar, -denzialmente, 
ADV. : confidentially, confi-dot, ADJ. : 

cou=figgere, IRR. ; TR. : nail. 
configu-rare [figura], TR. : configure, 
represent in a figure, -razione, p.: 

confi-nante, ADJ.: near, contiguous, -na- 
re, TR. : banish ; confine ; INTR. : border 
upon; REFL.: limit one's self. Hconfi- 


ne [L. (finis, end)], M. : confine (border) s 

con=fimgeref , IRR. ; TR. : counterfeit. 

eonfinoj pop. for confine. 

eonfl-sca, F. : confiscation, [[-scare 
[L. (fiscus, basket)], TR.: confiscate, -sea- 
zionef, F. : confiscation. 

confissi, PRET. of configgere. 

con-fitentef, ADJ. : confessing. [[-- 
teor [L., 'I CONFESS 'J,M.: confiteor (Cath 
olic prayer): dire (recitare) il , confess 
one's self. 

confitto, PART, of -figgere. 

conflitto pL. -fiictus (Jligere, strike)], M. 1 
conflict; opposition. 

con-flue lit, PART. : flowing together ; 
M. : confluence, -fiiaenza, F. : flowing 
together. H-flnire [L, -fluere (FLOW)], 
INTR. : flow together (meet). 

confon-dere [con~,f. . (pour)], IRR.; TR.: 
CONFOUND (CONFUSE, mistake); REFL.: be 
come confused. -di"bile, ADJ.: confus 
ing, -dimento, M. : confusion, -dito- 
ra, F., -ditore, M. : confounder. 

eonfor-mabile, ADJ.: conformable, -ma 
re, TR. : conform; REFL.: adapt one's 
self (comply), -mativof, ADJ.: conform 
able, -mazione, F.: conformation; con 
formity, llconfor-me [L. -mis], ADJ. : 
conformable, resembling ; ADV.: conform 
ably to (according as), -m.emen.te, 
ADV.: conformably (suitably), -me vo 
let, ADJ. : conformable ; like, -mista, 
M. : conformist, -mita, F. : conformity. 

confor-tabile, ADJ. : that can be com 
forted. -taTulmente, ADV. : comfort 
ingly, -tagtfonef, F.: comfort (relief). 
-tante, AD'J. : comforting, -tanti, M. : 
stomachics (cordials for the stomach). 
II -tare [L. (fortis, strong)], TR.: comfort 
(strengthen, encourage) ; REFL. : take 
courage, -tativo, ADJ.: comforting; 
M. : remedy (relief), -tatore, M., -ta- 
tri-ee, F.: comforter (of the condemned). 
-tazionef, F. : comfort, -tevole, ADJ. : 
that can be comforted, -tinaiof, M. : 
maker or seller of spiced cakes, -tino, 
M. : kind help ; kind of sweet spice cakef. 

confor-to, M. : comfort (consolation); ex 
hortation ; relief, last sacraments. 

eon=frate f, -fratello, M.: brother 
(fellow-member), -fraternita, F. : con 
fraternity (religious brotherhood). 

coniri-camento, M. : rubbing. H-care 
(L. (fricare, rub)], TR. : rub ; INTR. : rub 
off (FRAY), -cazione, F. : rubbing ; fric 

confronta - memtof, M. : confronting. 
|[confrontare [fronte], TR. : confront 
(compare); INTR.: be like, conform. 
-zionef, F. : confronting, meeting, con- 
fronto, M. : confronting (comparison) : 


a , compared to, comparatively ; star a 
, be equal to. 

eonfuggire, INTR. : flee for refuge. 

Qonfu-samente, ADV.: confusedly, -set- 
to, ADJ.: slightly confused, comfd- 
si, PRET. of confondere. H-siome [eon- 
fonder e], F. : confusion (perturbation) ; 
shame, -sissimo, ADJ. : superl. of -so. 
coafd-so, PART.: confused, indistinct: 
alia -sa, confusedly. 

coafa-taMle, ADJ.: confutable. -ta- 
mez&to, M. : confutation. ||-tare [L.], 
TR. : confute (disprove) : -tarsi da s$, con 
tradict one's self, -tativo, ADJ.: eon- 
futative. -tatore, M. : confuter. -ta- 
tdrio, ADJ. : confutative. -taziome, F.: 

eon-gedare, TR. : give leave to depart; 
dismiss, il-gedo [Fr. -ge (cf. commiato)], 
M. : leave (permission); farewell; leave of 
absence (furlough); discharge: dar , 
dismiss; (mil.) discharge; prendere , 
take one's leave, bid farewell 

conge -f/namento, M. : joining, union. 
-grnare, TR. : connect (join); adjust (put 
together, arrange skilfully). || conge 
r/no [ingegno], M. : joining (eonnectio'n); 

congela-mento, M.: congelation, jlcon- 
gel*a-re [eon-, g. .], INTR., REFL. : con 
geal, freeze, -tore, M. : freezer, -zio- 
n.e f , F. : coagulation. 

<son=genere, ADJ.: congeneric (of the 
same* kind). H-genito [L. -gentius (gig- 
nere, beget)], ADJ. : congenital (innate). 

conge-rie [L. -ries (gerere, bring)], F. : 
congeries (heap). ||-stione [L. -stio], 
F. : congestion. 

congettii - ra [L. conjectura (jacere, 
throw)], F. : conjecture, -rabile, ADJ. : 
conjeeturable. -rale, ADJ. : conjectural. 
-raiment e, ADV.: conjecturally. -rare, 
TR. : conjecture, -ratore, M. : guesser. 

cong/iiettur. . = congettur. . 

congiof, M. : leave of absence. 

conging. .f = coniug. . 

. .f = congiung. . 



congmn - gere [con-, g. .], IRR. ; TR. : 
conjoin (unite) ; REFL. : unite one's self ; 
fadd, annex, -gimento, M. : conjunc 
tion. -si, PRET. of -gere. -'tat, F.: wife. 
-tamente, ADV. : conjointly, -tiva, F. : 
(med.) conjunctiva, -tivite, P.: (med.) 
conjunctivitis, -tivo, ADJ., M. : conjunc 
tive (subjunctive), -'to, PART, of -gere; 
M. PL. : relations, -tibra, F. : juncture ; 
circumstance, -zione, F. : conjunction. 

congvo-ra, F. : conspiracy. ||-rare [L- 
(jurare, swear)], INTR.: conspire, con 
jure ; plot, -rato, PART. ; M. : conspira 
tor. -ratore, M. : conspirator, -ra- 
zione f, F. : conspiracy. 

conglobare [L. (globus, ball)], TR. : con 

conglomera-ref, TR. : conglomerate. 
-zionef, F. : conglomeration. 

conglutin. . = agglutin. . 

congratula-re [con g. .], REFL. : rejoice 
(with others, be glad); congratulate one's 
selff ; iNTR.f : give congratulation, -to- 
rio, ADJ. : congratulatory, -zione, F. : 

congre-ga, F. : assembly (gathering). 
-gamentof, M. : aggregation (union). 
-ganzaf, F. : congregation. [|-gare 
[L. (grex, flock)], TR. : congregate, -ga- 
zione, F. : congregation (assemblage) ; 
charitable association ; assembling place. 

congresso [L.], M. : congress (convention). 

con-grua, F. : endowment, allowance (for 
a parish), -grnamexite, ADV. : con 
gruously, -grnato, ADJ.: endowed. 
-gmente, ADJ.: congruent, suitable. 
-grnenza, p.: congruence, consistency. 
-gmita, P.: congruity. iicdaa-grno 
[L. -gruere, coincide], ADJ.: congruous 

con-gna^liare [con-, agguagliare], TR. : 
equalize; INTR.: be equal, -gixaglfo, 
M. : equalization. 

cbaia [? -nio 2], F. : fun (joke) : uomo di 
, jolly fellow (boon companion) ; far la 
, joke, jest. 

conia-re [cuneo], TR. : COIN (mint ; origi 
nate words), -tore, M. : coiner, -tura, 
F. : coinage. 

coni-camente, ADV.: conically. -eita, 
F. : conicalness. |[coni-co [eono], ADJ. : 

coniettur. .f = congettur. . 

conifer o [cono], ADJ. : coniferous. 

co-nigrlia-e-eio, disp. of -niglio. ~ni- 
Srliera, F. : rabbit-warren. |j-xii0lo 
[L. cuniculus], M. : CONEY (rabbit) ; cow 
ard, -mifirltolo, pop. for -niglio. 

cdnioi [cuneo], M. : COIN (wedge); stamp. 

conio 2 = cogno. 

coniti-gabile, ADJ.: able to be conju 
gated, -gale, ADJ.: conjugal, -gal- 
mente, ADV.: conjugally, ji-gare [Lu 
(root jug-, JOIN)], TR. : conjugate (verbs); 
marry, unite, -gato. PART., ADJ.: conju 
gate, -gazione, F. : conjugation, co- 
nin-ge, M. : spouse (consort). conixL- 
giof,*M.: marriage. 

coniun. .f = congiun. . 

con meco, pop. for meco. 

connatnra-le [natura], ADJ.: connatu 
ral (natural, proper), -lita, F. : connat- 
urality. -'re, TR. : render of the same 
nature, adapt. 

connazionale [nazione], ADJ. : of the 
same nation ; M. : native. 

coxi - nessamente, ADV. : connectedly. 



-nessi, PEET. of -nettere. -nessione, 
-nessita, p. : connection (continuity). 
il-nesso, PART, of -netter?,. 

connestabile = conestabile. 

conuettere [eo-, n. .], IEE. ; TE. : connect 
(unite). [L. -vere, wink], ADJ. : con 
niving, -venza, F. : connivance. 

connotate [notare], M. : personal de 
scription (on a passport, etc.). 

con-nuMale, ADJ.: connubial. H-nuMo 
[L. -Mum (nubere, veil)], M. : marriage. 

connnme-rare [numero], TE. : number. 
-razione, F. : connumeration. 

cono [L. -nus], M. : CONE. 

conoVbi, FEET, of conoscere. 

co-nocc/iia, F. : bunch of flax, etc., on the 
distaff ; (poet.} distaff, -noidale, ADJ. : 
conoidal. H-noide [Gr. konos, cone, 
eidos, form], F. : conoid. 

conopeo [Gr. konopeion], M. : mosquito 
net ; woman's baptismal veil. 

cono-scente, ADJ.; knowing; M. : ac 
quaintance, -seentementef , ADV. : 
thankfully. -scenza, F.: cognizance 
(knowledge) ; acquaintance, licono-scere 
CL co-gnoscere (KNOW)] IEE. ; TE. : "KNOW 
(cognize); comprehend ; experience ; taste ; 
EEFL. : acknowledge one's self, -scibile, 
ADJ. : knowable (cognoscible). -scibili- 
ta, F. : cognoscibility. -scimento, M. : 
reason, knowledge, -scitivo, ADJ. : per 
ceptible, -seitore, M., -seitriee, F. : 
connoisseur, -scitiirat, F. : knowledge. 
-sointamente, ADV. : knowingly, -sciu- 
to, PAET, of -seere. 

Pret. conob-bi, -be ; -bero. Part, cono- 

conqnas-samentot = -so. H-sare [L. 
(quassare, shake)], TE. : shake; dash. 
-sazionef, F., conqnas-so, M. : shak 
ing; discord (tumult). 
con-qnidere [L. con-quirere, seek for], 
niE. ; TE. : importune (with QUESTions 
etc.), annoy; afflict; CONQUEE; REFL. : 
fret one's self, grieve, -qnisi, PEET., 
-qniso, PAET. of -quidere. -quista, F. : 
conquest, -quistabile, ADJ. : conquer 
able, -qnistamentof, M. : conquest 
-quistare, TE. : conquer (overcome). 
-qnistatore, M., -quistatri-ee, F. : 

Defect.; Perf. conqui-si> -se ; -sero. Part. 

consa-cra"bile, ADJ. : that can be conse 
crated, -crante, M.: consecrator. ||-cra- 
re [L. con-secrare (sacer, sacred)], TE. : 
consecrate; authorize; EEFL.: devote 
one's self, -crazione, F. : consecration. 

consagra. . = consacra. . 

consan-gnineita, F. : consanguinity. 
||-gnineo [L. -guineus (sanguis, blood)], 


ADJ.: consanguineous; M.: kinsman, -gni- 
nita, F. : consanguinity. 
consapevo-Ie [con-, 5..], ADJ.: Conscious 
of : far uno, inform a person, -lezza, 
F.: consciousness. -Imente, ADV.: con 

conscenderef = condiscendere. 
conscienziaf = coscienza. Hcon-scio 
[L. -seius (seire, know)], ADJ. : conscious. 
conscrif . . = eoscri. . 
consecraf. . = consacra. . 
consecu-tivamente, ADV.: consecutive 
ly ; consequently. ||-tivo [L. -tus (sequi, 
follow)], ADJ. : consecutive, -zionef, F. : 

c<mse-0na, F.: consignment (commis 
sion) ; command ; slight military punish 
ment: dar un bimbo in , put a child 
out to nurse. H-grnare [COTI-, s. .], TE.: 
consign, deliver; intrust: alia memo- 
ria } commit to memory, -grnazionef 
= -gna. 

conse-guente, PAET., ADJ. : ensuing, con 
sistent; M. : consequence, -guente- 
mente, ADV. : consequently, -guenza, 
F. : consequence (result); authority, -gni- 
bile, ADJ.: obtainable, -giiinrento, 
M. : attainment. H-guire \con-, s. .], 
TE. : acquire (obtain) ; INTE. : follow (re 
sult) ; happen, -guitar e, INTE. : follow 
(ensue); TE.f: follow; obtain (wrongly). 
consen-so, M. : consent, -taneo, ADJ.: 
consentaneous (consistent, corresponding). 
-timento, M. : accord ; consent. ||-tire 
[con-, s. .], TE. : allow (grant); INTE. : con 
sent (agree, permit), -titamente, ADV. : 
consentingly. -titore, M. : consenter. 
-ziente, PAET., ADJ. : consenting. 
conseqnen. . = conseguen. . 
conserba|, F. : store-room. 
consertp [L. -serere, join], ADJ.: inter 
twined, joined ; M.f = concerto. 
conser-va, P.: preserve; store-room; 
store, pantry, etc. : d' acqua, reservoir 
of water ; de' pesci, fish-pond ; andar 
di , go together. -vaMle, ADJ. : con- 
servable. -vadoref = -vatore. -va- 
gionef = -vazione. ||-vare [L. servare, 
SAVE], TE. : preserve (keep; maintain); 
EEFL. : keep (last), -vativo, ADJ. : con 
servative, -vatore, M. : preserver ; con 
servative: liquidi -vatori, preserving 
liquids (alcohol, etc.). -vatorio, M.: 
refuge; workhouse; conservatory; acad 
emy; ADJ.: preservative, -vatriee, F.: 
preserver, -vazione, F. : conservation. 
-vevolef , ADJ. : conservable. 
consesso [L. -ssum (sedere, SIT)], M. : as 
sembly (assemblage). 
consettaiuolof, M. : fellow-sectary. 
conside-rabile, ADJ. : considerable. -ra~ 
"bilmente, ADV.: considerably, -ra- 


me'ntot, M. : consideration, -rando, 
M : consideration (stipulation), -ranzaf, 
F. : consideration, jl-rare [L. (sidus, 
star)], TE. : consider (meditate on ; esteem, 
regard; contemplate), -rataxnente, 
ADV.: considerately, -rato, ADJ.: es 
teemed ; thoughtful, -ratore, M. : con- 
siderer. -razion-eella, F. : slight con 
sideration, -razione, F.: consideration 
(deliberation ; regard) ; commentary, -re- 
vole, ADJ.: considerable, -revolmente, 
ADV. : considerably. 

consi-^Kaxnentof, M. : counsel, -glia.- 
re, TR. : counsel ; REFL. : consult ; re 
solve, -firliatamente, ADV. : deliberate 
ly, prudently. ~g\ i ato , PART. : counselled ; 
prudent, -^rliatora, F., -grKatore, M. : 
counsellor, -gliera, F., -grHere, M., 
F., -flrliero, M. : counsellor, -grlierino, 
M.: young counsellor, -grlietto, M. : 
brief counsel. Hconsi-grHo [L. -Hum}, 
M. : counsel (advice), resolution ; prudence ; 
remedy; council, -grliare, ADJ.: con- 

con-sixnigliaret, TR. : make alike. Jl=s- 
xnile, ADJ.: similar (alike), -similmen.- 
te, ADV. : similarly. 

consi-stente, PART., ADJ.: consisting; 
firmf, durable, -stenzaf, -stenziaf, F.: 
consistency; maturity. Hconsi-stere 
[L. (stare, stand)], INTR. (part, -stito): 
consist (in, in); persistf: non -ste, it does 
not matter, -storiof, -storo = conci- 

oonsobrinof, M. : cousin-german. 
conso-eiare [L. (sociare, join)], TR. : as 
sociate, -eiazionef, P.: consociation, 
league, consa-eto, M. : associate. 
consodalet, M. : companion. 
conso-labile, ADJ.: consolable. -la- 
xnentot, M. : consolation, -lantissimo, 
ADJ. : very consoling, -lanzat, F. : con 
solation. H-larei [L. (solari, solace)], 
TR.: console; REFL.: console one's self; 
congratulate one's self. 
consolare 2 [L. -sularis], ADJ. : consular. 
consola-tamente, ADV.: quietly, com 
fortably, -tissimo, ADJ. : perfectly con 
soled, -tivof, ADJ. : consolatory, con- 
sola-toi [-re], PART., ADJ.: consoled, 

consolato2 D^* -sulatus], M. : consulship. 
coxLsola-tore [-re], M.: consoler, -to- 
riamentef, ADV.: consolingly, -torio, 
ADJ.: consolatory, -tri-ce. P.: consoler. 
-zione, F. : consolation ; alleviation. 
console [L. consul], M. : consul. 
eonsoli-damento, M. : consolidation, so 
lidification. 11 -dare [L. (solidus, solid)] ; 
TR. : consolidate (render firm); REFL.; 
consolidate (grow firm, unite), -dativo, 
ADJ.: consolidative. 



consolof M. : consolation, comfort. 

consolot = console. 

consomifyliaref, TR. : make like., ADJ.: harmonious; M. : 
consonant, -nantementef , ADV. : con 
sonantly, -nanza, F. : rhyme ; harmony ; 
concord. IJ-nare [L. sonar e, sound], 
INTR.: harmonize, accord, conso-no, 
ADJ.: consonant. 

consopitof, ADJ. : overcome with sleep ; 

con=sorella, F. : sister (as member of 
the same sisterhood). 

con-sorte [L. -sors (sors, fate)], M., F. : 
consort ; partner, -sorteria, F. : polit 
ical clique ; companyf. -sortof = -sorie. 
-sorziale, ADJ. : of a society, -sorzio, 
M. : company, society. 

consostanz. . = consustanz. . 

consp. .f == cosp. . 

con = stare, INTR.: be manifest or evi 
dent ; be composed of. 

consti. .f, constr. .f = costi. ., costr. . 

consne-tamente, ADV.: habitually, ac 
cording to custom. Hconsue-to [L. 
-tus (suere, be used, suus, own)], ADJ. : ac- 
CUSTOMED (customary, usual, Eng.f CON- 
SUETudinal) ; M. : custom : di (per} , ac 
cording to custom, -tndinario, ADJ. : 
customary, -to. dine, F. : custom, habit. 

consn-laret, ADJ.: consular. Sl-lente 
[L. -Zere, consult], ADJ. : consulting, con- 
sn-lta, P.: consultation; consultation- 
hall. -Itamente, ADV.: deliberately. 
-Itare, TR. : consult ; INTR. : confer with. 
-Itativo = -Itivo. -Itatore, M., -Ita- 
trie, P.: consulter. -Itazione, P.: 
consultation; judicial opinion. -Itivo, 
ADJ. : consulting. oonstL-lto, M. : con 
sultation of physicians; written advice. 
-Itore, ADJ.: consulting; M. : consulter. 
-Itorio, ADJ. : consultative. 

consTL-ma, p. : consumption : andare alia 
, use up everything, -mabile, ADJ. : 
consumable. -ma=-eervelli, M., INVAR.: 
addle pate, -xu.axn.ento, M. : consump 
tion, sorrow, -xnanzaf, F. : consumption, 
ruin. H-mare [L. con-sumere (take)], 
IRR.; TR. : consume (waste; dissipate); 
perfectf; REFL. : be consumed (be used 
up) ; waste (pine away) ; pine (de, for)f. 
-matissimo, ADJ.: entirely consumed; 
very well skilled, -xaativot, ADJ. : con 
suming, -xnato, PART., ADJ. : consumed 
(worn out); skilled; M.: strong broth. 
-matore, M., -xnatri-ee, F. : consumer. 
-mazione, P.: consumption; waste; 
end: fin' alia dtfsecoli, till the end of 
the world, -me, M.: strong broth, con- 
sn-xno, M. : consumption, use. -ntivo, 
ADJ.: consuming, corrosive; M. : con 
sumption, consn-nto, ADJ. ; consumed, 



worn out; ruined, -nziome, P.: con 
sumption; decay. 

Reg.; orJ?r&t.c0sun-sz,~se; -sera. Part. 

consuonare*!* = consonare* 

consurgere = sorgere. 

consnstamzia-ie [sostanza], ADJ. : con- 
substantial, -lita, F. : consubstantiality. 
-lxn.eB.te, ADV.: consubstantially. 

Gonta-dina, P. : country-woman, -di- 
na-eeio, M. : rude peasant, -diname, 
M.: country crowd, -dinata, F. : stu 
pidity, foolish act. -dimelia, F. : pretty 
country girl, -dimescamente, ADV. : 
in a countrified way. -dinesco, ADJ. : 
rustic, countrified, -dinetta, F. : pretty 
village girl, -dinetto, F. : country boy. 
-dino, ADJ. : country ; M, : countryman ; 
peasant; rustic, boor, -dinona, -di- 
aone, aug. of -no. -motto, M. : strong 
country boy. ||eonta-do [L- comitatus 
(comes, COUNT)], M.: COUNTY! ; country; 
peasant (villager). 

conta-gef, F., Ijconta-gio [L. -gio (tan- 
gere, touch)], M. : contagion, -giosa- 
mente, ADV.: contagiously, -gioso, 
ADJ.: contagious. 

coutago-e-ee [contare goccia], M., INVAR. : 
dropping tube. 

contameiLtot, M. : counting ; account. 

contami-nabile, ADJ.: contaminable. 
-mamentof , M. : contamination. Jl-na- 
re [L. tangere, touch], TR. : contaminate, 
defile, -natore, M.: defiler. -nazio- 
ne, F. : contamination, -noso, ADJ. : 
easily contaminated. 

con-tante, ADJ.: counting; cash: dana- 
ro , ready money, cash. H-tare [com- 
putare], INTR. : COUNT; be esteemed; 
count (for) ; TR. : esteem ; relate, -tata, 
F. : enumeration, -tatore, M. : counter. 

oontatto [L.-tactus (tangere, TOUCH)], M.: 
contact (touch). 

contazione [contare], F. : counting. 

con-te [L. com-es (ire, go)], M. : COUNT 
(earl), -tea, F. : county ; count's estate. 

conteggiare [-to], INTR. : count up ; cast 
accounts, conteggio, M. : casting ac 

cento-gnat, F. : demeanour; proud de 
meanour (haughtiness), -gnenzat, F. 
circuit of a town (territory). Hconte- 
grno [-nere], M.: demeanour (esp. dignified) 
beTiaviour (conduct) ; gravity ; contentsf 
circuitf : in , with gravity ; stare in 
assume dignity, -grnosamente, ADV. 
gravely. -#n.6so, ADJ. : dignified, grave, M., -ranza, F. 
tempering ; proportion. ||-rare [LJ, TR. 
temper, regulate. 

comtempla-bile, ADJ : that can be con 
templated, -mentof, M.: contemplation. 


IS -'re [L. -ri (templum, temple, where 
auspices were taken)], TR. : contemplate, 
reflect upon, -tivaf, F. : contemplative 
faculty, -tivo, ADJ. : contemplative, -to 
pe, M., -triee, F. : contemplate, -zio- 
me, F. : contemplation : a di, in con 
sideration of. 

contempo-raneamente, ADV. : con 
temporaneously, -raneita, F. : contem 
poraneity. H-raaeo [L. -raneus (tempus, 
time)], ADJ. : contemporary. 

contempraref = contemperare. 

conten-denza, F. : dispute. Hconten- 
dere [con-, t. .], IRR. ; INTR. : contend 
(contest) ; quarrel ; cry out ; TR. : contest 
(prohibit) ; combatf. -devolmeatef, 
ADV. : wranglingly. -dimentof , M. : con 
test, quarrel, -ditore, M. : disputant. 

coa-tenente, ADJ. : containing ; ADV.f : 
immediately, -tenenzaf, F. : contents; 
gravity. ||=tenere, IRR. ; INTR. : CON 
TAIN (comprise) ; REFL. : contain or re 
strain one's self (refrain, forbear) ; de 
mean one's self (behave) ; be dignified. 
-tenimentof, M.: contents ; continence. 
-tenitore, M. : res trainer. 

eontenneret, TR. : contemn. 

conten-ni, PRET. of -ere. -taMle, ADJ.: 
easily contented, -tamento, M. : con 
tent, satisfaction. H-tare [-to], TR. : 
content; gain the approval of; REFL.: 
content one's self, -tatara, F. : con 
tentment, -tevolef, ADJ. : satisfying. 
-tezza, F. : content : mala , discontent. 

contentibilef, ADJ. : contemptible. 

conten-tino, M. : addition, overweight, 
extra, -tivof, ADJ. : containing. ||con- 
ten-to [L. -tus (tenere, hold)], ADJ.: con 
tent, satisfied, pleased ; containedf ; M. : 
contentment; contentsf. -tone, ADJ.: 
exceedingly content, --ate, PART, of -ere; 
M. : contents. 

conten-zionef [L. -tio (cf. -dere}], F. : 
contention, -ziosamentet, ADV. : con- 
tentiously. -zioso, ADJ. : contentious. 

eonteriaf, F. : glass beads. 

contermi-naley, ADJ. : conterminous. 
-naref, INTR. : confine (lie contiguous). 

conterra-neo [L. -neus (terra, land)], 
ADJ. : of the same country or village ; M. : 
fellow-countryman, -zzano = -neo. 

con-tesa, F.: contest (dispute, quarrel). 
-tesi, PRET. of -tender e. H-teso [-tende- 
re], PART. : contested, disputed ; forbidden. 

contessa [conte], F. : countess. 

contessere [con-, L .], TR. (part, -tesstito 
or -testo): weave together; entwine; 
compound (compose). 

contessina [contessa], F. : young count 
ess ; counts daughter. 

contestabile = conestabile. 

contesta-re [L. -ri (testis, witness)]r TR.: 


notify (legally) ; CONTEST, -zione, F. : 
notification; contest. 

com-testo [.-tessere], PAET. : interwoven ; 
M. : context, -testuale, ADJ.: pertain 
ing to the context. 

eontezza iconto 2], p. : notice, cognition. 

comti-ciiio [eoTifoi], M. : small account. 

conti-giaf, P. : ornament ; pretty trifle. 
-giatof , ADJ. : much ornamented. 

con.-tigni.ta, F. : contiguity. ||-tiguo 
[L. -tiguiis (tangere, touch)], ADJ.: con 
tiguous (adjacent). 

conti-nentale , ADJ.: continental. 
Il-nente [L. -nens (tenere, hold)], ADJ.: 
continent ; containing 1 )*; M. : continent ; 
contentsf; continuancef. -nentemeia- 
tef, ADV.: continently, -nenza, P.: 

contin-gente [L. -gens (iangere, touch)], 
ADJ. : contingent ; M. : proportion (quota). 
- gentememte f, ADV.: contingently. 
-genza, P.: contingency. contin- 
g'eref, INTE. : happen, -giTbile, ADJ. : 
possible ; casual. -gibilita'f, F. : contin 

contixio [conte], M. : young count ; count's 

conti-novare = -nuare. conti-novo, 
pop. for -niLO. conti-nna, F. : continu 
ation, -nnabiie, ADJ.: continuable. 
-nuamente, ADJ. : continually, -nna- 
mentof , M., -nnanzaf , F. : continu 
ation. -nnare,iNTR.: continue. -nmata- 
mente, ADV. : continuously, -nnativo, 
ADJ. : eontinuative. -nnatore, M. : con- 
tinuer. -nnazione, F. : continuation. 
-nuita, P.: continuity, liconti-nuo 
[L. -nuus (tenere, hold)], ADJ. : continuous ; 
M. : continuity. 

eontoi [compvto], M.: computation; (bill; 
accouNT; report, information); cause: 
aver ILUO in di t regard a person as; 
uomo di , man of worth; far , in 
tend ; substitute ; fatto il , all things 
considered; a buon , in conclusion; 
metier (tornar) , be profitable. 

contofs, ADJ.: known; ready; skilled; 
graceful, polite. 

con=tdrere, nau; TE.: CONTOET (twist, 
wring); RBFL. : contort one's self, "writhe. 
-torime:ato, M. : contortion. 
contor-iiare, TE. : surround; trace the 
contours of (sketch) ; EEFL. : resort to. -ni 
ne, M. : slight contour. Hcomtor-no 
[torno], M. : contour (outline); PL.: envi 

contor-si, PEET. of -cere, -sione, P. 
contortion, -tamente, ADV. : with con 
tortions. Hcont6i>to, PAST, of -cere. 

contra [LJ, PEEP.: against, contra-; PEEF.: 
(following single cons't us'ly doubled), 
-bljandiere , M. : contrabandist. =Vban- 



do, M. : contraband; contraband goods: 
di , clandestinely, -blmssista, M. : 
contra-basso player. =b basso, M. : con- 
tra-basso. -bbattentef* ADJ. : reper- 
cussive. =ccam"foiaTe, TE. : exchange; 
reward f. = ecamMo, M. : exchange; 
recompense. =ccassa, P.: extra case 
or covering. =ccava = eontroeava. 
=cc7iiaTre [chiave], p. : inner key ; dupli 
cate key; false key. =-e-eifra = eon- 
trocifra. =ccolpo, M. : rebound. =ccuo- 
re, M. : heartbreak, contra -da [L. 
contra, over against], p.: street; region, 
COUNTRY. =ddanza [danza], P. : contra- 
dance. -ddetto, -dctire = -detto, -dire. 
=ddirittof,M.: fine, penalty. =ddistin- 
gnere, IEE. ; TE. : (contra)distinguish ; 
label, -ddistinsi, PEET., -ddistinto, 
PAET. of -ddistinguere. =ddivietof , M. : 
contraband goods, -cldizionef, p. : con 
tradiction, -ddote, p. : marriage por 
tion (bestowed by the husband), -detto, 
PAET. of -dire, -diaref = -riare. -di- 
-eente, PAET.: contradicting, -di-ce- 
ref = -dire. =dire, IEE. ; TE. : contra 
dict; EEPL.: contradict one's self, -dissi, 
PRET. of -dire, -dittore, M. : contra 
dictor, -dittoria, P. : contradictory 
proposition, -dittoriamente, ADV. : 
contradictorily, -dittorio, ADJ.: contra 
dictory, -dizion-cella, F. : slight con 
tradiction, -dizione, p.: contradiction ; 

con-traente, PAET. of trarre. -traeref 
= -trarre. 

contra- [cf. the word]: -fflPacente, PAET.: 
counterfeiting; disobeying, -ffa-eimen- 
to, M. : counterfeit. ||=ffare, mR. ; TE. : 
counterfeit, imitate ; disobey; EEFL.: dis 
guise one's self, -ffatto, PAET., ADJ.: 
counterfeited ; deformed, -ffattore, M.: 
counterfeiter, -ffatturaf, -ffazione, 
P. : counterfeiting ; forgery, -ffe-ei, PEET. 
of -fare. =fforte, M.: counterfort ; iron 
bar. -Sorzaf, P.: counterforee. =gge- 
nio {contra genio], M. : antipathy, dislike. 
=ref , INTE. : be contrary, oppose. =llet- 
teraf, P.: countermand, -comtra-lta 
= contralto. -Itare = altare. contra= 
Ito [contra alto}, M,: contralto, -mman- 
daref, TE.: countermand, -mmanda- 
tof, M. : countermand. =minar-eiat, F. : 
countermarch. =mminaf, P.: counter* 
mine, -ntminaref, TE.: countermine. 
=mmirarlo [ammiraglio], M. : rear- 
admiral. =ntmomentot, M. : counter 
action. =nnatnralef , ADJ.: against 
nature. =ppassot,M.: retaliation. =ppe- 
lo, M. : against the hair : fare il a una 
persona, criticise a person thoroughly. 
-ppesamentof,M.: counterpoise. =ppe- 
sare, TE. : counterpoise; examine; EEFL. : 



balance one's self, -ppeso, M. : coun 
terpoise, -pponimentof, M. : opposi 
tion, -pporre [porre], IRR. ; TR. : oppose; 
REPL. : oppose, resist, -pposi, FRET, of 
-pporre. -pposizioncella, p.: slight 
opposition. -pposizione, P.: opposition, 
resistance ; antithesis, -pposto, PART, of 
-porre: opposed; M.: opposition, -ppnn- 
tista, M.: contrapuntist. f[=ppB.nto, 
M. : (mus.) counterpoint. 
contrargine [contra, a. .], M. : double 
dike, extra levee. 

contra - riamente, ADV.: contrarily. 
-riare, TR. : counteract (oppose ; thwart, 
Eng. CONTRARY f); contradict, -rieta, 
p. : contrariety, resistance ; adversity. 
Hcontra-rio [L. -rius (contra, against)], 
ADJ.: contrary (adverse); M. : opposite: 
al (per lo) , on the contrary, -rissi- 
mo, ADJ. : very contrary. 
con-trarre, IRR. ; TR. : CONTRACT. 
contra = scarpa f , P . : counterscarp. 
-scri. .f = controscri. . =sforzof , M. : 
opposite force. =ssegrnare, TR. : note, 
countersign, =sserno, M. : sign (mark, 
token); pi. -ssegni, personal description 

contrassi, FRET, of contrarre. 
contra -stabile [-stare], ADJ.: contest- 
able, -stabilmente, ADV. : opposingly. 
-stamentof, M.: dispute. = stamp a, 
P.: counter -proof, -stampare, TR.: 
counterprove. -stanzaf*, F. : dispute. 
= stare, TR.: resist (oppose, dispute); 
deny, -statore, M. : opponent, con- 
tra-sto, M.: opposition, dispute; con 

contrattabile [~tto], ADJ. : contractile. 
contrattacco [contra attacco], M.: (mil.) 

contratta-re [~tto], TR. : contract, bar 
gain, -zione, p.: negotiation ; commerce. 
contrattempo [contra tempo], M. : con 
tretemps (untoward accident) : di , un 

contrat-tile, ADJ.: contractile, -tHi- 
ta, P. : contractility. ||contrat-to [con- 
trarre], PART. : contracted ; M. : contract, 
agreement, -tone, M. : profitable con 
tract, -tnale, ADJ. : concerning con 
tracts, -tnraf, p. : contraction. 
contra = nrtaref, TR. : strike against. 
- wallazionef, P. : contravallation. 
=wederef , IRR. ; TR. : regard with dis 
pleasure. =weleno, M. : counterpoison. 
=wenire, IRR. ; INTR. : contravene (of 
fend against, break), -wentore, M. : 
contravener. -wenzione, P.: contra 
vention (violation), -wersitaf, p. : con 
troversy, contrariety. 

contrazione [contrarre], F. ; contrac 
tion, i 


contri-lj-aente, PART. : contributing ; M.: 
contributor. ||-"bnire [L. con-tribuere 
(grant)], INTR.: contribute; cooperate 
(concur). -1mto s> M. : contribution, -"bn- 
toref , M. : contributor. -Irazion-eella., 
p. : small contribution, -buzione, p. : 
contribution ; impost, tax. 

contrimboscata [contra imboscata], P. : 

contriref, TR. : bruise ; feel contrition. 

contrista-bile, ADJ. : saddening, -men- 
to, M. : sadness. |(contrista-re [L. 
tristis, sad)], TR. : afflict (sadden) ; REPL.: 
be afflicted, -tore, M., -tri-ee, F. : af- 
flicter. -zionef, P. : sadness. 

contri-tamente, ADV. : contritely, -ta- 
ref, TR. : crush (pulverize). Hcontri-te 
[L. -tus (terere, grind)], ADJ. : crushedf ; 
contrite, -zion-eella, F. : slight contri 
tion, -zione, F. : contrition. 

contro [L. contra], PREP.: against; oppo 
site to ; M. : contrary : il pro e il , the 
pro and the con; darsi , contradict 
one's self. =cassa, p.: outside case. 
=cava, p.: countermine. =-eifra, P.: 
key of a cipher. =data, P.: revised 
date, letter, poem. =nnestra, p.: op 
posite window. =fodera, P.: stiffen 
ing ; quilting. =forza, F. : counter-force, 
etc. =le$ge, F. : counter-law. =leva t 
p.: counter-lever. =ln-ee, F.: unfavor 
able light. =mar-eia, p. : countermarch. 
=mina, P.: countermine. =minare, TR.: 
countermine, frustrate. =nota, P.: an 
swering note. =parte, p.: opposing" 
side, -perazione [operazione], p. : coun 
ter-operation. =porta, p.: extra door;, 
heavy door. =prova, F. : counter-proof* 
contro-rdine [ordine], M. : counter 
mand. =scarpa, F. : counterscarp. =sce- 
na, p.: silent part of an actor (when 
some one else speaks). =scritta, F. : du 
plicate, copy. =scriveref, TR.: write- 
against, -senso, M. : opposite meaning- 
=stampare = contrastampare. =sti- 
molo, M. : debilitant drug, whatever 
weakens. =stdmaco, ADV.: with great, 
repugnance, unwillingly. 

con=trovaref, TR. : invent, feign. 

contro-versi, FRET, of -vertere. -ver- 
sia, P.: controversy, -versista, M. i 
controversialist, -verso, PART, of -ver 
ier e; ADJ.: controversial, doubtful. H=ver- 
tere, IRR.; INTR.: controvert, dispute. 
-vertiMle, ADJ. : controvertible. 

contu-'bernale, ADJ.: contubernal, liv 
ing together, -bernia, P., [l-Tiernio- 
[L. -bernium (taberna, hut)], M.: (mil.) 
tent -companionship; messmates; ADJ.: 

contu-maee, ADJ.: contumacious. H-ma- 
-eia [L.], F. : contumacy (wilful defiance); 


(nav.) quarantine : fare la, , put under 
quarantine, -ma-eiaie, ADJ. : contuma 
cious, -melia, p. : contumely, -me- 
lioso, ADJ. : contumelious. 
contimdere [L. (tundere, beat)], IER. ; 
TR. : contuse, bruise. 

Pret. contu~si, -se; -sero. Part, contuso. 

coxLtiirba-gioiiet, -'nza, p., -mento, 
M. : perturbation, agitation. licontnr- 
"ba-re [con-, L .], TR. : disturb, alarm ; | 
REFL. : be disturbed, -tivo, ADJ. : dis- \ 
quieting, -tore, M. : disturber, -zione, 
F. : perturbation, trouble. 

con-tiisi, PRET. of -tundere. -tusione, 
P.: contusion. U-indso, PART, of -tundere. 

con=tutore, M. : fellow-tutor. 

<&en=tutto=e7i.e, CONJ. : although. 

<Don=tn.tto=-eid, ADV. : nevertheless, yet. 

cou=tutto=questo, ADV. : notwithstand 
ing that. 

convale - seente [L. -scere (validus, 
strong)], ADJ., M.: convalescent, -scen- 
za, P. : convalescence. 

convali-dare [L. (validus, strong)], TR.: 
render valid (strengthen). -dazione, 
F. : strengthening (authentication). 

con=valle, P. : valley (vale) ; us'ly pi. 

con-vegrnat, P.: convention, -vegrno, 
ll-vegrno [L. *venium (venire, COME)], 
M. : convention; compactf. 

con-vellente, ADJ.: CONVULSIVE. |i-vel- 
leref [L. (vellere, tear)], TR. : tear or 
pull away, twist. 

comre-nentef, M.: fact; state; way; 
agreement; condition, -nenzaf , P.: agree 
ment ; convention, -nevole, ADJ. : suit 
able ; M. : convenience (conformity) ; PL. 
compliments, -nevolezza, p. : suitable 
ness (propriety), -nevolmente, ADV. : 
suitably, -niernte, ADJ.: convenient, 
fit; M.: suitableness, -nientemente, 
ADV.: suitably, -nienza, p.: conven 
ience, propriety ; compliments ; advantage. 
H-nire [con-, v. .], IRR. ; TR. : convene ; 
summon ; INTR. : agree (harmonize) ; suit ; 
be convenient; be necessary, conve-mii, 
PRET. of -nire. conve-nof, M. : need. 
-ntaref , TR. : covenant ; become ; admit 
as a doctor; crown with laurel, -nta- 
zionef, P.: crowning of poets, -nti- 
cola, p., -nticolof, M. : conventicle. 
-ntino, M. : small convent; asylum (re 
treat), eottve-nto, M. : convent ; assem 
bly, -mtuale, ADJ.: conventual; M., 
p.: monk, nun. -nuto, PART.: assem 
bled; M. : assemblage, -nzionale, ADJ.: 
conventional, -nzionaref, TR. : stipu 
late, -nzione, P.: covenant (treaty; 
agreement) ; convention (assembly). 

conver-gente, ADJ. ; convergent, -gen- 
za, P. : "convergence. Heoaver-gere 
[L. (verger e : turn)], INTR. : converge.* 



conver-sa, p. : lay sister, -samentot, 

M. : conversation, -sare, INTR. : con 
verse ; f requentf. -sativof, ADJ. : con- 
versative. -sat ore, M. : converser. -sa- 
zioncella, -sazion-eina. P.: short con 
versation ; small assemblage, -sazione, 
p.: assembly; conversation; social gather 
ing (party) : tener , hold a reception. 
-sevole, ADJ. : conversable ; sociable* 
-sevolmente, ADV.: sociably. con- 
ver-si, PRET. of -tire, -sione, p.: con 
version, change, conver-so, ADJ.: con 
verted ; M. : lay brother : per f , on the 
contrary, conver-teref = -tire, -ti- 
"bile, ADJ.: convertible, -timojito-jv 
M. : conversion. Jl-tire [L. -tere (verier e 
turn)], ntR. ; TR. (Pr. -to) : convert (change) ; 
(Pr. -tiseo) turnf ; REPL. : become con 
verted. -tito, PART., M. : convert, -ti- 
tore, M. : converter. 

Ind. : Pres. conv^r-to or ~ti$co^. Pret. 
. Part, 

con-vessita, p. : convexity. Hcon-ves- 
so [L. -vexus (where, carry)], ADJ. : con 
vex; M.: convexity. 

conviare f , TR. : convoy (escort). 

comri-emof, & D3m . adjacent (VICINAL). 

convia-^entemente, ADV.: convincing 
ly. -eente, PART., ADJ.: convincing. 
liconvin--eere [con-, v. .], IRR.; TR. * 
convince; REPL.: be convinced. ~ei- 
mento, M. : persuasion, -eitivof, ADJ.: 
convincing, convin-si, PRET. of -cere. 
-tissimo, ADJ.: perfectly convinced. 
convin-to, PART. : convinced, convicted. 
-zione, F. : conviction. 

con-vissi, PRET., -vissuto, PART, of -m- 

convi-tante, PART.: inviting; M. : host. 
II -tare [co-invitare], TR. : invite (to a 
repast), -tato, PART.: invited; M. : 
guest, -tatore, M. : inviter. 

convitigiaf, p. : covetousness, avarice. 

convi-td [-tare], M. : dinner, banquet. 

con-vitto, M. : school where students 
live and board (boarding-school, college) ; 
student of such a school, -vittore [el 
-vitto], M., -vittri-ee, P. : boarding stu 
dent (/. boarding-school miss), collegian. 
-vivaf, M.: boarder, -vivalef, ADJ.: 
convivial, -vivaref, INTR.: eat at the 
same table, -vivatoref, M.: fellow- 
boarder. -vivenza, F, : living together. 
II=vvre, IRR.; INTR.: live together. 
-viviof, M.: feast. 

convi-ziaref, TR,: injure, -ziatoref, 
M. : insurer. 

convizioso, ADJ. : desirous. 

convoca-mento, M.: assembly. ||com 
voca-re [con-, v. .], TR. : convoke, as 
semble. -zione, p.: convocation. 

con - vo^liare, TR. : convoy, escort. 



H*vdglo [Fr. -wi (L. via, WAY)], M. 
CONVOY (escort) ; procession ; train : 
funebre, funeral procession. 

convolaref, INTR.: fly together; run 

convdlgeref, TB. : roll. 

convolvolo [L. -vulus (volvere, twine)], 
M. : convolvulus (plant). 

convnl-sameiite, ADV. : convulsively. 
-sionaria, p., -sionario, M. : con- 
vulsionist. -sion-eella, P.: slight con 
vulsion, -sione, P. : convulsion, -sivo, 
ADJ. : convulsive. Hconviil-so [L. -sus 
(vellere, tear)], ADJ. : convulsed ; M. : con 

coone-stamento, M. : excuse, pretext. 
II -stare [co-, o. .], TE. : palliate, cloak. 

coopera-mentof , M.: cooperation, coo- 
pera-re [co- } o. .], INTR. : cooperate, 
concur, -tivo, ADJ. : cooperative, -tore, 
M., -trice, P. : cooperator. -zione, p. : 

coordina-mento, M.: coordination. Hco- 
ordina-re [co- f o. .], TR. : coordinate. 
-tore, M., -tri-ee, P.: adjuster (classifier). 
-zidnef, P. : coordination. 

coortaref, TR. : comfort, exhort. 

ooorte [L. co-hors, YARD, pen], F. : cohort 
(tenth of a Rom. legion) ; crowd. 

ooper-cMaref, TR.: cover. -eMellat, 
p.: small cover; fraud. -cMetto, M. : 
dim. of -cMo. coper- c7tio, M.: lid 
(cover), coper -si, PRET. of coprire. 
coper-ta, p. : cover ; excuse (pretext) : 
(Tuna, lettera, envelope; alia , se 
cretly, -tamente, ADV.: secretly, -ti- 
na, P. : small cover. Hcoper-to, PART. 
of eoprire: covered: al , in safety; 
parlar , speak ambiguously, -tola, p., 
-toio, M. : large lid. -tone, M.: large 
cover, -tura, P. : cover ; maskf . 

copia i [L. (ops, riches)], P. : copiousness 

copia 2 [cpppia], P.: copy, reproduction; 
book; imitation, -letter e, M.: letter- 
book; copying-press. 11 copia -re [co- 

piaz], TR. : copy; imitate, -tivo, ADJ.: 
copying, -tore, M.: copier, -tura, p.: 


copiglio, M.: beehive. 

copio-samente, ADV.: copiously, -si- 

ta, p.: copiousness, abundance. Jlcopio- 

so [copiai], ADJ.: copious. 

copi-sta [copiare], M.: copyist, -steria, 

F. : copyist's office. 
op-pa [L. cupa, cask], P.: CUP, bowl; 

oil vase (of a lamp) ; back of the headf : 

<P oro, excellent character; servir di 

, be a cup-bearer, -paia, p.: room 

for oil-jars. 

coppale [from Mex.], ADJ., M. : copal. 
oopparosa f , p. : copperas. 


cop-pelia [-pa], P. : COPPEL (cupel, cru 
cible) : oro di , pure gold, -pellare, 
TR. : cupel, refine, -petta, P.: cupping 
-pettone, M. : large cupping- 

coppia [copula], p. : couple, pair : una 

di pane, kind of fine bread, oblong loaf. 
cop-pier e [-pa], -pier of, M.: cupbearer. 
coppietta [-pia], P.: small couple; small 

oblong loaf. 
coppo [coppa], M. : vase (us'ly for oil ; 

jar) ; pantile (^shaped tile). 
copri-mentot,M.: covering, jjcopri-re 

[L. co-operire, cover], IRR.; TR.: COVER; 

conceal, palliate ; REFL. : cover one's self, 

put on one's hat. -tore, M. : coverer. 

-tura, P.: cover; pretext f. =vivan- 

de, M. : cover for dishes. 

= aprire ; but poet, also accent, cubpr- 
for copr-. 

copn-la [L.], p. : copulation ; conjunction. 
-laref, TR. : couple, -lativo, ADJ.: 

cor- = con (before r.) 

cora-e-eio, M. : bad heart, llcora-ggio 
[core], M. : courage, desire f. -ggiosa- 
mente, ADV.: courageously, -ggioso, 
ADJ.: courageous; M.: courageous *man. 

corale i [coro], ADJ., M. : choral. 

coralefz [core], ADJ.: CORDIAL. 

coral-laio, M. : worker in coral, -life- 
ro, ADJ. : coralliferous. -lina, p. : sea- 
moss, -lino, ADJ.: coralline, coral- 
lo [Gr. kordllion], M. : coral. 

coralmentet, ADV.: cordially. 

corante [L. -rium, leather], M. : dressed 

corampo-polo, -pnlo [L. coram, be 
fore, populus, people], ADV. : PUBLICLY. 

coramvobisf, M. : pompous man. 

corano [fr. Ar.], M. : Koran. 

cora-ta [core], -tella, p. : pluck, liver. 

coraz-za [L, coriacea (corium, leather)], 
CUIRASS, armour ; cuirassier, -zaio, M. : 
cuirass-maker, -zare, TR. : arm with a 
cuirass, -zata, p., or nave : ironclad. 
-zato, PART.: cuirassed, ironclad, -za- 
tura, P.: arming with a cuirass, -ziere, 
M. : cuirassier ; royal guard, -zinaf, p. : 
breastplate, -zone, M. : large cuirass. 

corba [L. -Us], F. : basket ; basketfulf. 

cor-baccMnof, dim*, -"bacc/iione f , 
aug. of -bo. -baref, INTR. : caw (like a 

corbel-laio, M. : basket-maker or seller. 
-lare, TR.: joke, rally, -latora, P., 
-latore, M. : jester, -latorio, ADJ.: 
jesting, ridiculous, -latnra, F.: raillery. 
-leria, p.: nonsense; absurdity; trifle, 

jest, -letto, dim. of -lo. -lino, M. : 
small basket : portare il , be a brick 
layer ; a -lini, in quantities. 1 1 corbel- 


lo [coroa], M. : round basket; silly per 
son (fool) ; testicle : a -li t 'basketfuls/ in 
great quantities; o -li! exclamation of 
impatience ; pshaw ! ~16na, P. : simple 
ton, -lone, aug. of -lo. 

cor-bezzola, p.: arbute berry. Jl-'bez- 
zolo [Ger. kurbiss, gourd], M. : arbute. 
-bezzolone, M. : large arbute tree* 

corM-einot, dim. of corbo. corljof = 

cdrbona [fr. Heb.], P. : corban, alms-box. 

cor care f = coricare. 

-cdr-da [L. chorda], p.: cord (thin rope); 
torture : a , in a line ; dar a uno, 
make a person talk, -daiof , M. : rope- 
maker, -dame, M. : cordage, -deggia- 
ref, INTR.: be on a line (with), -dellaf, 
-dellina, P. : small cord, -dellone, 
M. : corded cloth, -dettina, P.: twine 

eordia-cof, ADJ. : cardiac. Ilcordia-le 
[L. cor, HEART], ADJ. : cordial (affection 
ate); M. : cordial, -lita, p.: cordiality. 
-Imente, ADV.: cordially, -lone, ADJ.: 
very cordial. 

cor-di-eella [-da], -di-eina, P.: small 
cord, -diera, P. : tailpiece (of a violin, 
etc.). -di^liero, M. : cordelier (monk). 
-di#lio, M. : monk's girdle, -dino, M. : 

cor-dogliaref , TR. : pity ; INTR. : grieve. 
ll-ddficlio CL. -dolium (cor, HEART, dolere, 
suffer)], M. : heart-grief (great sorrow); 
lament, -dogliosamentef, ADV.: pain 
fully. -do/l*6so, ADJ.: sorrowful (pain 

cordo-naxe, TR. : cord ; quiz, -nata, 
P., -nato, M. : inclined plane (for steps). 
-natura, P. : quizzing, -n-eello, -nei- 
no, M. : small cord ; twine, itcordo-ne 
[cor da], M. : cord ; coping of a wall ; cor 
don (of troops): o -nil pshaw I -neria, 
F. : nonsense, trifle. 

cordo-vanieref, M. : shoemaker (Eng.f 
cordwainer). -vanof , M. : cordwain (cor 
dovan leather). 

core, us'ly cuore [L. cor], M.: HEART. 

coreg-gia [L. cor rigid (corium, leather)], 
p.: strap, leather-thong ; shoe-tief ; (vulg.) 
breaking of wind, fart. -g aio, M. : strap- 
maker, -gtato, M, : flail, -giolaf, P.: 
small leather- strap, -giolo, M. : kind of 
olive-tree; band of a "book; PL.: shoe 
strings or straps, -giuolaf, dim. of 
-gia. -gtaolo if, M. :*kind of olive-tree ; 

coreggruolot 2 = crogiolo. 

coreo * [choreios (chores, dance)], ADJ. : 
trochaic; M.: choree (Gr. meter = tro 
chee), -grafia, p.: composing dances. 
-grafico, ADJ.: dance, cored-grafo, 
M. : dance composer. 



coretto i [coro], M. : choir-room ; church- 

corettof 2 [-Ho], M. : breastplate. 

cdri [cuore], F. : hearts (suit at cards). 

coria-eeo [cono], ADJ.: coriaceous (of 

co-riambico, ADJ.: choriambic. ii-riam- 
bo [L. chor-iambo (cf. coreo, iambo)], M. : 
choriambus ( ^^ ). 

coriandolo, [L. -drum], M.: 
coriander (plant or seed). 

cori-Tbante [Gr. korubas] t M. : Corybant 
(priest of Cybele). -bantico, ADJ. : Co- 

coricare [L. coZ-Zocare], INTR. : lay down 
(COUCH); REPL.: go to bed; set (of the 
sun) ; spread. 

cori-eiattolo [core], M.: bad heart. -e~ 
no, M. : little heart. 

corifeo [L. coryph&us (Gr. -pM, head)], 
M.: coryphens (dramatic chorus leader); 
(disp.) chief. 

coriletof, M.: hazelnut grove. cori- 
lof, M. : hazelnut bush. 

co - rimMfero, ADJ.: corymbif erous. 
i!-rimbo [L. -rymbus], M. : corymb. 

corin-tio [L. -thus, Corinth], -zio, ADJ. : 
Corinthian ; M. : (arch.) Corinthian order. 

coriof [L. -rium], M. : hide, leather. 

corista [coro], M.: chorister (chorus 
singer); tuning-fork. 

corizzaf , p. : cold, rheum. 

corlaiaf , P.: parts about the heart; pluck. 

coma = corniola. 

cornac-c7eia [L.eornicula (comix, crow)], 
P.: crow; chatterer, -c/tiamentof, M.: 
foolish chatter. -cMaref, INTR.: croak, 
chatter. -c7iinot, dim,, of -chia. -cJiio- 
ne, aug. of -chia. -c7iru<e-eia, disp. 
dim. of -chia. 

cornaggine [corno], F. : obstinacy. 

cornamentof , M. : buzzing in the ears. 

cornanni-sa [L. cornu, HORN, mum r 
muse], F. : bagpipe, -saref , TR. : play 
upon the bagpipe. 

cop-naref [-w.o], TR. : sound the horn. 
-nata, P. : blow with a horn ; bugle-note. 
-natoref, M.: who sounds the horn, -na- 
tura, P.: shape or quality of animal's 
horns : esser di tale , be of such a dispo 
sition ; esser di gentile, have a delicate 
constitution, cor-nea, p.: cornea, cor- 
neo, ADJ.: corneous (hard), -netta, P.: 
cornet (mus. instrument; cavalry-flag borne 
by the buglerf ; flag-bearer, young officer ; 
troop of cavalry), -nettino, p.: little 
horn, -netto, pi. -netti or -netta (horns of 
animals), M.: small horn ; postilion's horn ; 
ear-trumpet; cupping-glass; (mus.) cor- 
netf. cor-niaf , p. : cornelian cherry. 

corni-ee [1. L. -ronix (ak. -rona, crown)], 
p.: frame; cornice. 



corni-eellof, dim. of corno. 

corni-eetta, p. : small cornice or frame. 
H-eiame [-ce], M. : cornice-work. -ia- 
mento, M.: cornice-work, -eiare, more 
commonly seorniciare. -eiato, M. : cor 
niced building, door, etc. -eiatura, p. : 
cornice-work ; framework. ~ema, F. : 
small cornice or frame. 

corni-eino [corno], M. : small horn. 

orui-ei6ne [-nice], M. : (arch.) entabla 

cor-mmo, pi. -nini or -nina ; dim. of -no. 
cdr-niof := -niolo. cor-niolai, P.: cor 
nelian cherry. -miolas, P.: cornelian 
(variety of chalcedony), cor-niolo, M. : 
cornus or dogwood tree ; cornelian cherry; 
ADJ.: cornus-, dogwood-. -m=pede, ADJ.: 
liorn-foot, hoofed ; M. : ( poet.) horse. 
!]cor-no, pi. (f.) -na or -ni (instrument), 
[L. -nu, HORN], M. : HORN ; arm of a river 
or street ; wing of an army ; end ; tip (of 
a flame); PL. (-na): infidelity (in marriage); 
impertinences : fiaccar le -na a, lower the 
pride of ; humble ; far le -na a, make a 
cuckold ; portar le -na, be a cuckold ; non 
valere un , be of no value. 

cor - nncdpia [L. cornu, HOEN, copia, 
plenty], P. : cornucopia (horn of plenty). 
-unto, ADJ.: cornute; horned; M.: cuck 

coro [L. chorus, choral dance], M. : CHOIE 

coro-grafia [Gr. choros, place, grdphein, 
write], p.: chorography. -grafico, ADJ. : 
chorographical. coro-grafo, M.: chorog- 

ooro-lla, P. : corolla, -llario, M. : cor 
ollary, llcoro-na [L.], P.: CROWN; 
royal dignity ; garland ; tonsure ; chaplet, 
beads, -naio, M. : chaplet-maker or 
seller, -xiale, ADJ. : (anat.) coronal. 
-namento, M. : crowning, -nare, TR. : 
crown, -nazione, P.: coronation, -n-ei- 
na, dim. of -na. -n-eiona, -n-eione, 
(jest.) aug. of -na. -nella, p.: small 

oor-pa-e-eiata, P.: stomachful. -pa-e- 
-cio, M. : clumsy body. -pa-e-eiuto, 
ADJ.: corpulent; capacious, -pettino, 
dim. of -petto, -petto, M. : under-waist- 
coat. -pi-e-eiolo, M. : little body, -pi- 
-eello, M. : small body, -pi-ciattolo, M. : 
weak body, -piemo, dim. and car. of 
-po. ijcdr-po [L. -pus], M. : body ; sub 
stance ; stomach ; society (order) ; corps 
of soldiers ; hulk of a ship, -pone, M. : 
large body, -p or ale, ADJ.: corporal, 
corporeal; M. : corporal (altar linen). 
-poralitaf, F. : corporality (materiality). 
-p or aim cute, ADV. : corporally, bodily. 
-poratura, p. : constitution, size, -po- 
razione, P. : corporation, -poreitaf , 


p. : corporeity, -poreo, ADJ. : corporeal, 
bodily, -pu-e-eio, disp. of -po. -pulen- 
to, ADJ. : corpulent, -pulenza, p. : 
corpulence, -puscolare, ADJ. : corpus 
cular, -p&scolo, M. : corpuscle (atom). 
-piisdomini [L., 'Lord's body'], M. : eu- 
chariot; Corpus Christi day. -putof, 
ADJ.: corpulent. -pnzzof, M. : ugly 

eorre = cogliere., M. : furniture, equip 
ment, -dare, TR. : furnish, equip. ||cor- 
re-do [?], M. : equipment (outfit, neces 
saries) ; complete assortment ; f eastf. 

correg-gere [cor-, r. .], D1R. ; TR. : COR 
RECT, chastise ; improve ; REPL. : correct 
one's self, -gevolef, ADJ.: corrigible. 
-gibile, ADJ.*: corrigible, -gimentof, 
M*.: correction; direction (guidance), -gi- 
tore, M.: corrector, -gituraf, p.: cor 

correfirnaref, INTR. : reign together. 

correla-tivo [relativo], ADJ.: correla 
tive, -zione, F. : correlation. 

correligionario [con, religione], M.: co 

corren-te [correre], PART., ADJ.: cur 
rent ; general ; ready, quick ; F. : current, 
stream ; M. : (arch.) scantling, crosspiece ; 
ADV. : freely, fluently, -temente, ADV. : 
currently; fluently, -tezza, P.: cur 
rency, -tiaf, P.: current, corren-ziafj 
p. : rush of water. 

cor-reo or cor-reo, M. : accomplice. 

cor-rerei [L. currere], HtR. ; INTR. : 
run, flow ; TR. : run, pass through : -re 
voce (fama), they say; per^ le poste t 
travel by post, -rere 2 = corriere. -re- 
riaf, more commonly scorrerm. 

Pret. cor-sij -se ; -sero. Part, cdrso. 

cor respet-ti vita, F. : mutual relation, 
equivalence. H-tvo [respettivo], ADJ. : 
correspondent, equivalent; M. : equiva 

corressi, PRET. of correcjnere. 

corret-tamente, ADV. : correctly, -tez 
za, F. : correctness, -tivo, M., ADJ. : 
corrective. jjcorret-to [correggere], 
PART.: corrected; ADJ.: correct, -tore, 
M. : corrector ; rector, -toriaf, P. : of 
fice of corrector or rector, -triee, P.: 
she who corrects, -turaf, p.: correc 
tion, corre-zionale, ADJ.: of correc 
tion, -zion-eella, -zion-eina, P.: slight 
correction, -zione, P. : correction ; cen 
sure : di 'lingua, correctness of lan 

corribof = corrivo. 

cor-rxdoio [-rere], -ridore, M. : corri 
dor; swift horse, courser; scout; ADJ.; 
running, swift, -riera, P., -riere, 
-rierof , M. : courier, messenger. 


oorrigiMlef, ADJ. : corrigible. | 

corrimeatot, M. : running (course). 
corri-spoadeate, PART. : corresponding. 
-spoadeatemeate, ADV. : correspond 
ingly, -spoadeaza, F. : correspondence ; 
affinity: a , opposite to, over against. 
||-spoadere [rispondere], ERR.; INTR.: 
correspond, agree with ; suit ; answer for, 
go security, -sposi, PRET., -sposto, 
PART, of -dere. 

oorrit. . = corrid. ., M. : runner, cor- 
rivameate, ADV. : readily. ||=rvo, 
ADJ. : ready ; (prone) ; ready of belief 
(credulous); ready to admit (yielding); 
free; M.f: dupe. 

corrobo-rare [L. (robur, strength)], TR. : 
corroborate (strengthen, confirm), -ra- 
mento, M. : corroboration. -rativo, 
ADJ., M. : corroborative, -razioaef, F. : 
cor=rodere, IRR.; TR. : corrode (wear 

away),, M. : corrosion. 
corrom-pere [cor-, r. .], IRR. ; TR. : COR 
RUPT (spoil); infect; bribe; REFL. : be 
come corrupt, putrify. -pevolef , ADJ. : 
corruptible, -pimeato, M. : corruption. 
-pitore, M., -pitrlee, P. : corrupter. 
corro-si, PRET. of -dere. -sione, F. : 
corrosion, -sivo, ADJ., M. : corrosive. 
|[corro-so, PART, of -dere. 
cor-rottameate, ADV.: corruptly, -rot- 
tibilet = corruttibile. il-rotto [eor- 
rompere], PART.: corrupted (corrupt) 

corm-e-eiare, INTR., REFL. : be (become] 
angry, -eiatameate, ADV.: angrily, 
-eiato, PART., ADJ. : angry. ||corru-e- 
eio [ak. to corrotto], M. : anger (wrath) 
-eiosameatef, ADV. : angrily. ~ei6sof 
ADJ. : choleric, irritable. 
corrugare [ruga], TR., REFL. : corrugate 

(wrinkle, frown). 

corr-appi, PRET. of corrompere. 

corru- scare, INTR. : coruscate (flash) 

-scazioae, P.: coruscation (glitter) 

llcorru-sco [L. coruscus, shaking], ADJ. 

coruscant (flashing). 

corrat-tela [corrotto], P.: corruption 

-tevolef, -tibile, ADJ.: corruptible 

-tibilita, P.: corruptibility, -tivof 

ADJ. : corruptive. -tore, M., -tri-ee, F. 

corrupter. corruzioae, F. : corruption 


cor-sa [-so], P.: running; course, race 
a (di) , very swiftly, -salef = -saro. 
corsaletto [Fr. -selet (L. corpus, body)" 
M. : corselet. 
*or-saresco, ADJ. : pertaining to a cor 
sair. 11-saro [-so], M. : corsair (pirate), 
-seggiaref, INTR. : be a corsair, -sec- 
gta'toref, M.: corsair, -serella, F. 
short run or course. 



orse-scaf, F. : javelin (spear), -scataf, 
p.: spear-thrust. 

or-settina, F.: short course, cor-si, 
PRET. of -rere. -sia, F. : current of a 
stream ; way, passage ; gangway, -siere, 
-siero, M.: (poet.) courser, steed, -si- 
na, dim. of ~sa. -sio, ADJ.: running^ 
flowing (said of water), -sivamexrtetv 
ADV.: cursorily, -sivo, ADJ.: running, 
cursive : carattere , running hand ; ital 
ics. i|cor-so i [-rere], PART. : run, etc. ; 
passed (last); M.: running; COURSE (prog 
ress; career; period); currency; race 
course ('corso'; public drive-way); car 
riage-ride ; cruise : aver , have a run ; 
be in vogue (be fashionable) ; fare un 
di studi, pursue a course of studies ; an- 
dare in , be a pirate. 
corso 2 [Corsica], ADJ. : Corsican. 
corsoiof, ADJ. : runningj sliding. 
cortaldof , M. : bob-tailed horse. 
cortamentef , ADV. : briefly. 
corte [co-hors, YARD, pen], p.: court 
yard; court; court-room: tener , en 
tertain, banquet. 

corte-e-eia [L. cortex], P.: bark (out 
side) ; crust : guardare alia delle cose, 
look at things superficially, -eina, F. : 
thin bark or crust, -eiona, P.: thick 
bark. -ioso, ADJ. : having a thick bark- 
-eiuola t = -cina. 

cor-teggiamento, M.: paying conrt. 
||-teggi*are [-te], TR. : court, -teggia- 
tore", M. : courtier ; flatterer. -teggio T 
M. : cortege (retinue), -tegianesco f t 
ADJ.: of a courtier, -tegtaniaf = -ii- 
gianeria. -teo, M. : retinue; bridal or 
baptismal train, -tese, ADJ.: courteous. 
-teseggiamentof , k.: liberality, -te- 
seg'giaref, INTR.: be courteous or lib 
eral* -tesemente, ADV.: courteously. 
-tesia, F*.: courtesy (politeness; affa 
bility); gratuity (drink-money), -tesio- 
la, P. : slight courtesy. 
cortezza [corfo], P. : shortness. 
corti-eef, M. : "bark, crust. 
corti-eella [corte], eina, P.: small 
court (of a house), -gianaf, P. : court 
lady; courtesan, -gianamente, ADV.: 
courteously ; in a courtly manner, -gta- 
nata, p.: act of a courtier, -giamello, 
M.: young courtier. -g<"aneria, p.: man 
ner of a courtier (Eng't courtiery); adula 
tion, finesse (flattery), -gianesco, ADJ.: 
courtier-like; fawning. -giamo,M.: court 
ier; flatterer; ADJ.: of the court, corti-le, 
M.: large inner court (court-yard), -letto, 
M. : small court, -lone, aug. of -le. 
corti-na [?], P.: curtain; bed-curtain; 
(mil.) curtain (part of wall between two 
bastions), -naggio, M.: bed-curtain. 
-maref, TR.: furriish with curtains. 



corto [L. curtus], ADJ. : short (CURT) 
ADV. : shortly : di , shortly ; venire all 
corte, come to a conclusion ; alle eorte, i 

cortk-e-eio i [eoro], M. : poor choir. 
corn-e-eio 2 [core], M. : bad heart. 
cor use. . = corruse. . 
eorvatta = cravatta. 
cor-vetta i [L. corbita (-bis, basket)], F. 
corvette (small war vessel). 
corvet-ta 2 [L. curvus, curved], F. : cur 
vet (leap), -tare, INTR. : curvet (leap) 
-tatore, M. : curveting horse, 
cor- vino, ADJ.: raven (jet black). ||cdr- 
vo [L. -vus], M. : raven : aspettare il 
wait for what never comes. 
co-sa [L. causa, cause], F. : thing; mat 
ter ; affair, business ; use, service : -se da 
nulla, trifles, -sae-eia, F., -sa-e-eio 
M. : bad thing. 

cosacco [fr. Russ.], M. : Cossack; bar 
barous soldier. 
cosarella = cosereUa,. 
coscenderef = condiscendere. 
coscen - ziosamente, ADV. : conscien 
tiously. i|-zioso [coscienza], APJ. : con 

co-scetta, dim. of -sda. -scetto, M. 
haunch (of meat). IJco-scia, pi. -see 
[L. coxa, hip], F. : thigh, haunch : del 
ponte, abutment of a bridge, -seiale, 
M. : CDISH (armour for the thigh) ; axle- 
tree of a coach f. 
co-scienza [L. eon-scientia (scire, know)], 
F. : conscience : in , in truth, truly. 
-sc/enzioso, ADJ. : conscientious. 
coseina, dim. of coscia. 
coseino f = cuscino. 
coseio [coscia], M. : leg, haunch of meat. 
co-seritto, PART, of -scrivere; M. : con 
script. H=serivere, IER. ; TR. : con 
script, enroll, -scrizione, F. : con 

cose-Ilina [cosa], -Iln^ia, F. : little 
bit of a thing, trifle. 
co=seno, M. : (geom.) cosine. 
cose-rella, -rellina, -relM-e-eia, 
car. dim. of cosa. cose-tta, dim. of 
cosa. -tta-eia, F. : ugly little thing. 
cosi [L. eccu-sic, 'lo-thus'], ADV.: thus, 
in this way: come, as, so; fatto, 

such ; , so so, moderately ; e , 

so and so. =cc7ie, CONJ. : so that. 
co-si-e-einola [-sa], F.: small, little thing. 
-sina, car. dim. of -sa. -sino, dim. of 

cosinetico, ADJ., M. : cosmetic. 
cos - micaxuenf e, ADV. : cosmically. 
llcos - mi co [Gr. kosmikds (cf. -mo)], 
ADJ.: cosmic. 

cosmo [Gr. kosmos, order, world], M. : cos 
mos, universe, -gonia [Gr. gonos, birth], 


F. : cosmogony, -gomico, ADJ. : cosmo- 
gonic. -grafia, F. : cosmography, -gra- 
co, ADJ. : cosmographical. cosmd- 
grafo, M. : cosmographer. -logia, p. : 
cosmology, -logico, ADJ. : cosmologic- 
al. -polita [Gr. -polites (citizen)], M. : 
cosmopolite, -politico, ADJ. : cosmo 
politan, -politismo, M. : cosmopolitan 

coso [disp. of cosa], M.: (indef.) thing 
(matter); simpleton (blockhead); money, 
measure : un d' otto metri, a matter of 
eight metres. 

cosoifiolat, F. : great confusion. 
co=spargere, IRE. ; TR. : sprinkle, scat 
ter, -sparsi, FRET., -sparse, PART, of 
-spar g ere. -sper. .f -spar. . 
co-spetta-e-eio, INTERJ. : zounds! con 
found it! M. : swagger f. -spetto, M. : 
presence ; aspect (sight) ; INTERJ. : zounds J 
-spettone, INTERJ.: plague on it ! -spi- 
cuita, F. : conspicuousness, distinction, 
||-spicuo [L. -spicuus (root spec, see)], 
ADJ. : conspicuous, distinguished. 
cospi - rare [co-, s. .], INTR. : conspire ; 
combine, -ratore, M., -ratri-ee, F. : 
conspirator, -razion-eella, F. : little 
plot, -razione, F. : conspiracy. 
cossi, PRET. of cocere. 
cosso [L. cossus, wood-worm], M. : pimple, 
costa [L. (rib, side)], F.: declivity, hillock; 

COAST : , along the coast. 

co-sta [L. eccu-istac f 'lo- there'], ADV.: 
there, in that place : fuori, there, out 
side. -staggii, ADV. : there below. 
co-stante, * ADJ. : constant, -stante- 
mente, ADV.: constantly, -stanza, F.: 
constancy, firmness. || -stare [L. con- 
star e, stand at], INTR.: COST; be evident t- 
costassii [costa, su], ADV. : there above. 
co-stato [-sta], M.: chest, ribs; sidef. 
-steggiare, INTR.: coast along; TR. : 
follow,* wind along, -steggiatore, M. : 

costei [L. eccu-iste-h&c, *lo-this-here j ], 
PRON. F. : that one, that, she. 
costella-re [stella], TR. : (poet.) sprinkle 
with stars, -zione, F. : constellation. 
coste-re-e-eio [costa], M. : pickled pork- 
ribs, -rella, F. : pretty little slope. 
coster-naref [L. con-sternere (ak. to 
STREW)], TR.: throw down; REFL. : be in 
consternation, be confused, -nato, ADJ.: 
astonished, confounded, -nazione, P.: 

costi [L. eccu-istic, 'lo-there'], ADV.: in 
that place, there : poi, in that case. 
co-stiera [-sta], p.: shore, sea-coast ; hill 
ock, -stiero f , ADJ. : sidelong, slanting. 
costi-pamento, M. : constipation. H -pa 
re [L. con-stipare (crowd)], TR. : consti- 


pate, -pazione, F. : severe cold (rheum); 

costi-tnente, ADJ.: constituent; M. : 
constituent assembly. H-tnire [L. con- 
stituere], TR. : constitute; organize (es 
tablish) ; EEPL. : surrender (submit), -tu- 
tivo, ADJ.: constitutive, -tuto, M. : 
hearing, examination (in court), -tuto- 
ref, M. : constituter. -tuzionaie, ADJ.: 
constitutional, -tuzione, P. : constitu 
tion; law. 

costo [costare], M. : cost (expense) : a 
nessun , at no price, in no way. 

costo-Ia [L. costula (costa, rib)], P. : rib ; 
main filament in leaves ; back of a knife. 
-latTira, P. : the ribs. -letta, F, : small 
rib; CUTLET, chop, -lieref, M. : broad 
sword, -lina, p.: small rib. -lone, 
M. : large rib; coarse man. -luto, ADJ.: 
{bot.) costal-nerved. 

,^>storo [-tuf\, PRON. PL. : those, these. 
pstoso [-to], ADJ. : costly, expensive, 

/o-strettivof, ADJ.: coercive; constrin 
gent, -stretto, PART., ADJ.: constrained, 
obliged, -strigneref, ||=strmgere, 
IRR. ; TR. : constrictf ; CONSTRAIN (oblige, 
compel) ; bindf . -stringimento, M. : 
constraint, force, -strinsi, PRET. of 
stringere. -strittivo, ADJ. : constrictive 
(binding), -strizionef, P. : constriction. 

co-str-aire [L. eon-struere (pile)], IRR. ; 
TR. : construct, erect ; construe, -strut- 
to, PART.: constructed; M. : (gram.) con 
struction; advantage, consequence, -strut- 
tore, M., -struttriee, P. : constructor. 
-strutturaf, -stmzione, P.: struc 
ture; construction. 

Reg. or Pret. costrus-si t -se ; -sera. Part. 

estui [L. eccu-iste-hic, 'lo-this-here'], 
PRON. : this fellow (in disp. sense). 

eostu-mat, P-: custom, -mae-eio, M.: 
bad custom, -manza, P. : custom (us'ly 
ancient) ; good breeding ; wayf. -mare, 
INTR. : be customary (be wont) ; TR.f: ed 
ucate ; accustom ; practice, -matamen- 
te, ADV. : politely, -matezza, F. : good 
breeding, -mato, PART.: educated, po 
lite ; habituatedf. -mazionef, F. : teach 
ing. ||costu-me [L. con-suetudo (suus, 
one's own)], M. : custom (usage) ; way ; 
morals, habit ; costume. 

costura [cucitura], F. : seam. 

co-su-eeia [~sa] t -smzzaf, P. : trifle (non 

cota-le [L. eccu-tale, 'lo-such'], PRON.: 
such a one ; ADJ. : such ; ADV.f : so, thus. 
-Imantef, ADV. : in such a way (thus). 

cotanto [L. eccu-tantus, l lo-as-much*], 
ADV. : so much ; so longf ; ADJ.f : as much, 
as many : due cotanti, twice as many. 

cote [L. co], F. : whetstone ; stimulus. 



co-tegMno, M. : kind of pork sausage. 
Jl-tenna [L. cutis, skin], F. : rind of ba 
con ; (jest.) skin of the head : metier su 
, fatten, -tennoso, ADJ. : swardlike. 

co-test o [-desto], PRON. : that (one), -te- 
stuif, PRON. : this fellow. 

coti-c/iino \L. cutis, skin], M. : kind of 
pork sausage, -cone, M.: hard-skinned 
person ; rude fellow. 

cotidian. . = quotidian. . 

cotiledone [Gr. kotuledon (kotule, hollow 
cup)], M. : (bot.) cotyledon. 

cotof, M. : thought. 

cot6-gna,P.: quince (sort of apple), -flrna- 
to, M. : quince preserve or marmalade. 
-firnino, ADJ. : smelling and tasting like 
quince. |[cot6-<srno [L. cydonius, quince- 
tree], M. : QUiNCE-tree. 

coto-ne [fr. Ar.], M. : cotton : fulmi- 
nante, gun cotton, -nerie, F. PL.: cotton 
goods, -nina. p. : calico, canvas, -noso, 
ADJ. : cottony, downy. 

cotorni-eef , P. : quail, partridge. 

cottai [?], F. : tunic (tabard) ; surplice. 

cot - ta 2 [cotto], F. : cooking ; baking ; 
quantity cooked; drunkenness; infatua 
tion: di tre , most complete, arrant; 
pigliare una , get drunk, -ti'6'eio, 
ADJ.: half-cooked or baked; half -tipsy; 
somewhat in love. 

cottimo [L. quotumus, of what number], 
M. : work by contract ; contract : lavora- 
re a , work by contract. 

cot-to [cocere], PART.: cooked; M. : cooked 
food, -tola, P.: cooking; preparation; 
disposition, -toio, ADJ.: easily cooked; 
easily falling in love, -tura, F. : cook 

co-turnato, ADJ.: wearing the buskin, 
buskined. {(-turno [Gr. kothornos], M. : 
cothurn (buskin): calzare il , write 

co-va, F. : brooding (hatching) ; hatching- 
place; denf., M. : thin hard 
cake (baked in ashes), -va-e-eiof, -va- 
eiolo [-t?o], M. : cave, den; (jest) bed. 
ll-vare [L. cubare, lie down], TR.: brood 
(hatch; plot); INTR.: sit brooding; linger 
idly; smoulder; stagnate (of water), -va- 
ta, F. : COVET (brood), -vatura, -va- 
zionef, F. : brooding (hatching). 

cover-cMare = coperchiare. iicover- 
ta [eoperta], F. : deck ; coverf, lid. -tl- 
naf, F. : saddle-cloth. 

covi-daref, TR.: covet, -ddsof, ADJ.: 

covififliaref, INTR. ; REFL. : shelter one's 
self. ~ 

oovigliot, M. : beehive. 

co-vile, M.: lair (den); (jest.) room; bed. 
HCO-VO [-vare], co-volof, M.: lair, haunt ; 
(jest.) bed. 



covon-eello, -eino, M. : small sheaf. 
|| co von. e [?], M. : sheaf. 

covr. . = copr. . 

eozionef, F. : cooking. 

coz-zare [?], TK. : butt (strike with the 
horns) ; INTR. : dispute (contend) : col 
muro, struggle in vain, -zata, F. : but 
ting (blow with the horns), eoz-zo, M. : 
butting (shock) : dar di , run against. 

cozzone [L. coctio, cooking], M. : matri 
monial agent ; agent. 

era era [echoic], F. : caw-caw of ravens. 
craif = era era. 

cra-nio [L. -nium], M. : cranium (skull). 
-niologia, F. : craniology. 

crap-olaf , crap-ula [L.], F. : gluttony ; 
debauch (cf. Eng. crapula, surfeit), -nla- 
re, INTE. : indulge in debauch, -nlone, 
M. : glutton, debauchee, -ulositat = -la. 

erasi [Gr. krasis, mixture], F.: crasis 
(contraction of vowels ; med.: mixture). 

cras-sezzaf, P.: fatness, -sizief, F. : 
(thickness). |j-so [L. -sus], ADJ. : crass 
(thick, gross, coarse). 

era-teraf, F.: cup; crater. Jl-tere 
[L. -ter], M. : crater. 

ravat-ta [Fr. -e (Cravate, Croat)], F. : 
cravat, -taio, M. : maker or seller of 

orazia [Ger. Jcreuzer (kreuz, cross)], F. : 
small Tuscan coin. 

crea-nza, p.: education, good breeding. 
-nzato, ADJ. : (jest.) well-bred. Hcrea- 
re [L.], TR. : create (produce), -tivo, 
ADJ.: creative, crea-to, PART., ADJ.: 
created; M.f: creature (servant): il , 
the world, -tore, M. : creator, -tri-ee, 
P. : creatress, -tiira, F. : creature ; de 
pendent, -tnrina, p.: dear little crea 
ture, -zione, F. : creation; appointment; 

crebbi, FRET, of crescere. 

crebrof, ADJ. : close (frequent). 

ere-dente, PART., ADJ.: believing, -den- 
za, P. : credence, faith ; confidence ; 
credit; pantry; cupboard: letter e di , 
letters of credit ; a - , on credit, -den- 
zetta, F. : small cupboard or pantry. 
- denziale, ADJ., M. : credential, -den- 
zieraf = -denza. -denziere, M. : 
butler; confidantf. -denzina, F.: small 
cupboard. -denzone, M. : credulous 
man. Hcre-dere [LJ, TR. : believe ; im 
agine (suppose), -devolef, ADJ.: cred 
ible; credulous, -dibile, ADJ. : credible; 
credulousf . -dibilita, F. : credibility. 
-dibilmente, ADV.: credibly, cre-di- 
to, M. : credit ; reputation, -ditore, M., 
-ditriee, P.: creditor, ere -do, M. : 
creed: in un , in an instant, -dnlita, 
P.: credulity, cre-dulo, ADJ.: credu 


ere-m.a, F. : cream (dish made of eggs, 
milk, sugar, etc.). ||-mare [L., burn], TR. : 
cremate, -matoio, M. : crematory, -xna- 
torio, ADJ. : crematory, -mazione, P.: 

cremis. . = chermis. . 

cremoref, M. : cream, essence. 

creo-la, P., -lo, M. [?] : Creole. 

creosote [Gr. kreas, flesh, sodzein, pre 
serve], M. : creosote. 

cre-pa, P.: cleft ; large opening (in walls). 
-pa-e-eia, P.: large crack, -pa-e-eiatof, 
ADJ. : full of gaps or cracks, -pa-e-eio, 
M. : large cleft or gap ; crepance. -pae- 
eiolo, M. : gap. -pa = c(u)dre, M. : 
heartbreak. ||-pare [L.], INTR.: crack 
(split), -patnra, F. : crack. 

erepida [LJ, p. : kind of sandal. 

crepi-tare [L.],INTR.: crepitate (crackle). 
crepi-to, M. : crepitation. 

crupolare, us'ly screpolare. 

creporef, M. : hatred, scorn. 

crepundef, M. or F. PL. : toys. 

cre-puscolare, ADJ.: crepuscular. ||-pu^ 
scolo [L. -pusculum], M. : twilight (JEng.f 

cre-soendo, M.: (mus.) crescendo. 
-scent e, PART., ADJ.: growing, crescent; 
P.f: crescent moon, -scenza, P.: in 
crease, growth. [lere-scere [LJ, IRR. ; 
INTR. : grow, incREASE ; TR. : augment. 
-scimento, M.: increase, augmentation. 
Pret. crtb-bi t -be ; -bero. Part, cresduto. 

erescione [?], M. : cress. 

cre-scitore, M., -scitri-ee, P. : increaser. 
-scinta, P.: growth. H-soiuto [cre 
scere], PART, of -scere. 

cres(i)-ma [cf. crisma], F. : CHRISMATION 
(sacrament of confirmation of faith by 
applying the chrism or holy oil), -man- 
do, M. : person about to be confirmed (cf. 
-ma), -mare, TR. : confirm (cf. -ma); 
REFL. : be confirmed. 

cresof, PART, of credere. 

cre-spa, P.: wrinkle, crease, -sparef, 
TR. : crisp (curl); INTR.: curl, -spellof, 
M. : small wrinkle; fritter, -spezzaf, F.: 
wrinkling. Hcre-spo [L. crispus], ADJ. : 
crisp (curled), -sputo, ADJ.: curled; 

cre-sta [L. crista], F. : crest (tuft ; sum 
mit); (jest.) woman's head-dress, -staia, 
P. : milliner, -staina, dim. of -staia. 

crestomazia [Gr. chrestos, useful, mo- 
thetn, learn], p. : chrestomathy. 

cre-stosot,-stutot, ADJ.: crested, tufted. 

cre-ta, pop. crS-ia [L. (Greta, Crete)], F.: 
chalk, clay, -ta-eeo, ADJ.: cretaceous; 
clayey, cre-tico, ADJ.: cretic (--). 
-tina, p., -tino [from the colour of the 
skin], M. : cretin (idiot), -toso, ADJ.: 


cretto [crepito], M. : crack (chink). 
cri [echoic], M.: crick, crack (sound): cri- 
cri, cricket's chirp. 
criaref = creare. 

cri-brare, TR.: sift; cleanse, -brazio- 
nef, F. : sifting, -bro [L. -brum], M. : 

eric [echoic], M. : crick, crack, -ca, P. : 
company of plotters, conspirators; flush 
of cardsf; kind of game, -c/ie = eric. 
-efciare, us'ly scricchiare. crie-e/tio, 
M. : crack; capricef. 

cri -mef, M.: crime, -menrlese [L. 
-men Icesa sc. majestatis, 'crime of of 
fended majesty'], M. : LEZB-majesty (high 
treason), -minale, ADJ.: criminal, -mi- 
nalista, M. : criminalist, -minalita, 
p.: criminality, -minalmente, ADV.: 
criminally, -minaret, TR. : criminate, 
accuse, -minazionet, P.: crimination 
(accusation), cri-mine, M. : crime. 
-minosita, P.: criminality, -minoso, 
ADJ.: criminal. 

cri -n ale, M. : comb; hair ornament. 
||-ne [L. -nis], M. : hair; mane: il 
d'un monte, summit of a mountain ; i -ni 
del cavallo, horse's mane and tail, -nie- 
ra, P.: horse's mane, -nito, ADJ.: (poet.) 
crinated (hairy), -no, M.: horse-hair (for 

crioccat, P. : crowd ; clique. 
cripta = critta. 
crisalide [Gr. chrusallis (chrusos, gold)], 
P.: chrysalis. 

crisantemo [Gr. chrusos, gold, dnthemon, 
flower], M. : chrysanthemum. 
ori-se, -si [Gr. -sis], P. : crisis. 
crisma [Gr. chrisma, unction], M. : chrism 
(consecrated oil used in some sacraments). 
crisolito [Gr. chrusos, gold, lithos, stone], 
M. : chrysolite ; (fig.) good wine. 
cristal-laio, M.: maker or seller of glass 
ware, -lame, M.: glassware, -lino, 
ADJ.: crystalline; M.: crystalline, -liz- 
Eare, TR. : crystallize; REPL.: become 
crystallized. -Hzzazione, P. : crystalli 
zation. Hcristai-lo [L. -lum, (Gr. kruos, 
frost)], M.: crystal -lografia, P.: 
crystallography, -lografo, M. : crystal- 

cristatot, ADJ. : crested. 
cristeot, M. : clyster. 
cri-stiana-e-eio, disp. of -stiano. -stia- 
namente, ADV.: as a Christian, -stia- 
neggiare, INTR.: approach Christianity 
-stianello, disp. of -stiano. -stian6 
simo, M.: Christianity, -stianissimo 
ADJ. : most Christian ; title of French kings 
-stianita, F.: Christendom; Christianity 
-stiano, M. : Christian; civilized man 
ADJ.: Christian: (jest.) ognifedel , every 
man, everybody. HCri-sto [Gr. christo 



(ckruin, anoint)], M. : Christ ; image of 
Christ (crucifix). 

cri-terio [Gr. kri4erion (-nein, sepa 
rate)], M. : criterion (discernment, judg 
ment). cr-tica,P.: criticism; critique, 
censure, -ticabile, ADJ.: criticisable. 
-ticamente, ADV. : critically, -ticare, 
TR. : criticise; censure, -ticatore, M.: 
critic. -ticTietto, disp. of -two. -ti- 
eisxno, M. : criticism, eri-tico, ADJ. : 
critical; M. : critic, -ticone, aug. of 

erit-ta [Gr. Jcrtip-te (-tein, hide)], p.: 
GROTTO ; subterraneous place ; CRYPT. 
-tdgama [Gr. gdmos, marriage], ADJ.: 
cryptogamian ; P.: cryptogamia. 
cri-vellare, TR. : cribble; sift. H-vello 
[L. -brum], M. : sieve, bolter ; CRIBBLE. 
croc-cante, ADJ. : crackling, brittle (said 
of f ood) ; M. : kind of almond cake. |j-ca- 
ref = -chiare. 
croccMa [?], F. : tresses. 
croc-c7ilare [root cro-, ak. to 'crow*], 
INTR.: rattle; cluck; chatterf. croc- 
c7iio, M. : circle (of conversing people); 
clique ; conversation : mettersi a , con 
verse. -cMonef, M. : chatterer. 
cro-e-ciaf, P. : oyster. 
cro-c-ciaref, INTR, : cluck. 
croccof, M. : iron hook. 
oro-ee [L. crux], P.: CROSS; trouble, 
sorrow, -eellina, car. dim of -ce. 
cro-eeo [L. -ceus (~cus, saffron)], ADJ.: 
(poet.) saffron-coloured. 
cro-eeriaf, P.: multitude of crusaders. 
li-ee=sigrnato = crucesignat*. -cetta^ 
P.: crosslet. -eiamentof, M. : afflic 
tion. -cCare, TR.f : join a crusade ; mark 
with a cross ; REFL. : assume the cross. 
-eiata, P. : crusade: di strade> cross 
road, -eiato, M. : crusader; tormentfs" 
ADJ.f : marked with the cross, -eicc/iio, 
M. : cross-road. 

cro-cidare [L. erocitare (crocire)], INTR. : 
caw, croak. 

cro-ciera [croce], P. : crossing (intersec 
tion); constellation. 

cro-ei- [L. crux, CROSS]. U=figgere, nua. ; 
TR. : crucify; torment; REPL.: mortify 
one's self, -fissaio, M. : maker or seller 
of crucifixes, -fissi, PRET. of -figgere. 
-fissine, p. PL.: religious association. 
-fissino, M. : small crucifix, -fissione, 
p. : crucifixion. -JKsso, PART. : crucified ; 
M. : crucifix, -fissore, M. : crucifier. 
croeione [-ce], M. : great cross. 
croeinolof = crogiolo. 
crooo [L. crocus], M. : (poet.) crocus, saf 

cro-giaref Dl ?& : roast - -S^olare, 
TR. : * roast ; REPL. : give one's self up to, 
pamper one's self, -^ioletto, M.: small 



crucible, -gidloi, M. : crucible, cro 
giolo 2, M. :" roasting ; slow cooking. 

croiof, ADJ. : hard (unyielding) ; clownish. 

crol=lare [co-rotulare (L. rota, wheel)], 
INTR. : shake, fall ; REPL. : fall headlong. 
crdl-lo, M.: shaking, jog; dar I' ultimo , 
die ; go to ruin. 

cro-ma [Gr. chroma, colour], F. : (mus.) 
quaver, -maticamente, ADV.: chro 
matically, -matico, ADJ. : chromatic. 
-molitografia, P. : chromolithography. 

cro-naca [Gr. chronos, time], P. : chron 
icle, -nac&etta, P.: short chronicle. 
cro - nica *f := -naca. -uicamente, 
ADV.: in a chronic manner, -nic/tistaf, 
M. : chronicler, -nieismo, M. : (med.) 
chronic illness. -ni-eita, P.: being 
chronic, cro-mlco, ADJ.: chronic, linger 
ing, -nista, -uografo, M. : chronicler. 
-nologia, F. : chronology, -nologica- 
mente, ADV.: chronologically, -molo- 
gico, ADJ.: chronological, -nologista, 
-nologo, M.: chronologist. -ndmetro, 
M. : chronometer. 

crosci. . = scrosci. . 

cro-sta [L. crusta], P.: CRUST (scale); 
crust of bread ; outside, -sta-eeo, ADJ. : 
crustacean ; M. : Crustacea, -stata, F. : 
pie, tart, -sterella, P.: very small 
crust, -stino, M.: slice of bread, -stone, 
M. : large crust, -stoso, -st^tof, ADJ. : 

crotalo [L. -talum], M. : rattlesnake (of 
the 'crotalus' species); crotalum (sacred 
to Cybele). 

cru-e-eeVo-let, ADJ. : irritable. -Imea- 
tf ADV. : irritably. 

eroeciaf = gruccia. 

cm-e<eiare [L. -Glare (crux, cross)], INTR., 
REPL.: grieve; TR.: torment, afflict, -e-eia- 
tamente, ADV.: angrily; sorrowfully. 
-e-ei atof, ADJ. : angry, provoked, crii- 
e-eio [cf. corruccio], M.: anger (passion 
wrath); torment, --e-eiosamente, ADV. : 
angrily, -e-eioso, ADJ.: angry. ~ee= 
si^rnato, ADJ. : with the cavalier's cross ; 
M. : cavalier with a cross,, 
M. : torment, -eiarsi, REPL.: mortify 
one's self, -eiccfeiof = crociecMo. ~ei- 
figgeref = crocifiggere. 

cru-'dainezite, ADV.: crudely, -dela-e- 
-eio, ADJ.: barbarous, -dele, ADJ.: 
cruel; painful, -delezzaf, -delitaf, 
P.: cruelty, -delmente, ADV.: cruel 
ly, -delta, F. : cruelty, -derof, ADJ. : 
cruel, -detto, ADJ.: somewhat crude. 
-dezza, -dita, F. : crudity. Hcru-do 
[L. -dus\, ADJ.: crude (raw; immature); 
harsh; (poet.) cruel, -entaref, TR. : 
make bloody, -ento, ADJ. : bloody. 

crdna [corona], F., erdnof, M. : eye of 
a needle. 


era. -sea [OGer. griische], P.: bran; 
freckle ; Florentine Academy (whose de 
vice, a sieve, denoted a sifting out of the 
'bran'): parlare in , talk affectedly, 
pedantically, -scaio, M.: pedant, -scan- 
te, M. : (jest.} member of the Delia Crusca 
Academy ; purist, -scataf, P. : tiresome 
speech, jumble. -sc7iello, M. : fine bran. 
-sc/ierella, P.: child's game, -sconet, 
M. : ninny, -scoso, ADJ. : branny (full 
of bran). 

crusta-eeof = erostaceo. 

cub are [eubo], TR. : (math.) cube. 

cabarets, REFL. : lie down. 

cu-"battot, M., -Tiattolaf, F. : bird-trap. 

eubatmra [cubo], F. : cubature. 

cubebe [fr. ArJ, M., P. : cubeb. 

cu-M-caxnente, ADV.: cubically. cubi- 
co [cubo], ADJ. : cubic, -enlariof, M. : 
chamberlain, -tale, ADJ.: cubital: let 
ters -tali, uncial letters. 

cubi-to [L. -turn], M. : elbow ; cubit, 

eubitosof, ADJ. : desirous. 

cubo [Gr. kubos], M. : cube ; ADJ. : cubic. 

cucca-grna [?], F. : great abundance ; CO- 
CAGNE (land of luxury, Utopia); feast cf 
climbing the greased pole (for prizes): 
albero di , greased pole, -grxiare, TR.: 
make one believe, deceive. 

cuecaiaf, F. : owl's nest. 

eu-e-eetta [-ccm], F. : sailor's bed. 

cu.c-cM.aia, P.: drag; rammer, -c/iiaia- 
ta, P. : spoonful, -c/tiaiatima, F. : 
teaspoonful. -c/tiaieraf, P.: quantity 
of spoons (in a case), -c/iiaino, M. : 
teaspoon. ||-cMaio [L. cochliarium 
(concha, shell)], M. : spoon; spoonful. 
-c/tiaione, M. : large spoon ; soup-ladle. 
-cMara, F. : trowel ; large spoon ; ladle 
for cannon. 

ciLe-eia, P. : dog's bed ; (jest.) bed. H~eia- 
re [Fr. coucher, COUCH], INTR.: crouch, 
squat, c-d-e-eiof = -ciolo. -eiolino, 
ADJ. : puppyish ; inexperienced ; M. : little 
dog ; simpleton, cw-e-eiolo, ADJ. : pup 
pyish; simple; M. : puppy; ninny, -eio- 
lotto = -ciolino. 

cucco [ak. to eoccode], M. : egg ; darling 

cnccu [echoic], M.: horned owl; horned 
owl's hoot. 

cuccuinof, M. : cuckoo. 

cuccuma [L. cucuma (coquere 'cook')], 
F. : kettle, coffee-pot: aver la , be fu 

cu-eimento [cucire\ 9 M. : sewing. 

cu-ei-na [L. (coquere * cook')], F. : KITCH 
EN ; cookery, victuals, -nabile, ADJ. : 
that can be cooked, -nare, INTR. : cook, 
prepare food : (fig.) una cosa, arrange 
a thing, -nario, ADJ. : of the kitchen 
(culinary), -natora, P., -natore, M. ; 


cook, -matura, F. : cooking, -miera, 
P., -niere, M. : convent cook; cookery- 
book, -ulna, -nino, dim. of -na. 
-nona, -none, aug. of -na. -nu-e-eia, 
disp. of -na. 

cn.-cire [L. con-suere (SEW)], TR. (Pres. 
-cisco, or -eio) : sew, stitch ; menzogne, 
weave lies. ~eto, M. : sewing; seam 
(suture), --eitora, P., -eitore, M. : 
sewer, -eitri-ee, P. : seamstress, ~ei- 
t-dra, P. : sewing ; stitches. 

cu-ciLliare, TR. : tease (banter), -lia- 
tura, P.: banter, -culio, -ciilo [L. 
-lus (echoic)], M. : CUCKOO. 

enciirM-ta [L.], p. : gourd ; cucurbit 
(distilling vessel), -ta-eee, p. PL.: cncur- 
bitaceous plants. 

cix-ciizz. . = cocuzz. . 

cuf-Sa [1. L. cofea (ak. to cupo)], P. : COIF 
(woman's bonnet), -fia-e-eia, disp. of 
-fia. -Hetta, -fina, dim. of -fid. -So 
me, aug. of -jia. -fiottof , M.: man's cap. 

cuco [Cfy/a, city in Bagdad], ADJ. : cufic. 

eugi-na [L. con sobrinus (ak. to soror, 
sister)], P., -no, M. : COUSIN. 

ctii [L., t to whom '], PRON. : whom, which : 
da , from whom, from which; di , 

cu-la-eneino [-lo], M. : end, bottom ; re 
mains (in a glass, etc.). -latta, P. : 
hinder part; breech of a cannon, etc. 
-legg^aref, INTR. : strut. 

ciili^e [L. -lex], M. : culex (gnat). 

cul-la [L. CUTICB], P.: cradle; (fig.} native 
place, -lamento , M. : rocking the cradle. 
-I are, TR. : cradle, lull. 

culmlfero [-mo], ADJ. : culmiferous. 

culmiae [L. -men], M. : culmen (summit). 

culmo [L. -mus, stalk (ak. to calamus, 
reed)], M. ; stalk (stem). 

cdlo lit. -lus], M.: bottom (breech, buttocks; 
bottom of glasses, etc.). 

cultell . . = coltell . 

cnl-tiva . . f = coltiva. . U-to [L, -tus 
(colere, till)], M. : cult (religion); venera 
tion; ADJ.: cultured, -tore, M., -trie, 
F. : cultivator, enl-tro, M. : sacrificial 
knife, -tura, F. : cultivation ; culture ; 

cnminot = comino. 

ciuiiolo = cumulo. 

cumn-lare, TR. : heap up (accumulate). 
latamente, -lativamente, ADV. : in 
a heap (collectively), -lativo, ADJ. : cu 
mulative. -Iatore,M.: accumulator, -la- 
zione, F. : accumulation, llc-n.iim.-lo 
[L. -lus, heap], M. : heap (accumulation). 

^mna, poet, for culla. 

eu-neiforme, ADJ.; ouniform. |{cu-neo 
[L. cuneus], M. : wedge ; kind of torture. 

rouii-colo, H.: (mil.) mine, tunnel, cimi- 
eolof \L.-culus, 'cony'], M. : rabbit. 

ctirsore 127 

cnntaf, F. : delay. 

cun-zia [?], P.: sweet rush (plant). -zi- 
raf, F - : scent-bottle. 

cnoc. . = coc. . 

cuoi. . = coi. . 

cnopriret = coprire. 

cno-r [L. cor], M. : HEART ; feeling, dis 
position ; courage : di buon , willingly ; 

far tanto di , be completely satisfied. 
-ri, P.: hearts (suit at cards), -ri^eixiot, 
M. : little heart. 

cu-paxnente l-po], ADV. : deeply, -pez- 
za, P. : depth. 

CHpi-daxnente, ADV.: eagerly, -digia, 
-dita, F. : cupidity (greed). i(cupi-do 
[L. -dus], ADJ. : desirous ; greedy. 

eiipo [L. cupa, tub], ADJ. : obscure (dark); 
deep; silent, reserved ; M. PL.: obscurity: 
mce cupa, deep voice. capo-la, F. : 
cupola (dome), -letta, -lino, dim. of 
-la. ciipo-lo, ADJ.: slightly dome- 
shaped, -lone, aug. of ~lo. 

c-d-ra [L.], P.: care (management); treat 
ment (of diseases); CURE, parish ; curate's 
residence, -rabile, ADJ.: curable. -ra= 
dentit, M. : toothpick, -ragione f f 
P.: care; treatment, -rand'aio, M.: 
bleacher, -raate, ADJ.: careful: me 
dico , attending physician, -rare, 
TR. : care for ; esteem (value) ; treat, 
cure ; cleanse, bleach ; REPL. : pay atten 
tion to (heed); care to (desire); INTR.: 

cura-taf , -tella = cora-ta, -tella. 

cura-tivo, ADJ.: curative. Hcura-to- 
[-re], M. : curate (parish priest), -tore, 
M.: curator, guardian, -tri-ee, F.: guard 

cuxattieret, M. : second-hand dealer; 

curazio nef curagione. 

cu-ria [LJ, F. : curia (division of Roman 
people) ; justice-court ; advocates (law 
yers); bishop's court or residence, -ria- 
le, ADJ. : of a court, curialistic ; M. : 
court, -rialesco, disp. of -riale: ADJ. : 
cavilli -rialeschi, court sophistry or fal 
lacies, -rialitat, F. : courtesy. 

cnriandolot = coriandolo. 

curiato [curia], ADJ. : pertaining to the 
curia : comizi ti, assembly of the curia. 

cnrieiattolat. P.: bad care ; bad remedy. 

curio-sa-e-eio, ADJ. : inquisitive ; imperti 
nent ; ridiculous, -samente^ ADV. : cu 
riously. Hsetto, M.: somewhat curious 
man. -sita, p.: curiosity; rarity. l[cn- 
rio-so [L. -sus (cura, care)], ADJ. : cu 
rious (anxious; inquisitive); odd (comical); 
M. : curious, queer man. 

cur-rot, M. : cart; roller, ij-sore [L. 
-sor (-r&re, run)], M. : messenger; porter; 



curdle [L. -Us], ADJ.: curule, official; 
M. : magistrate : sedia , curule chair. 

cmr-va, F. : curve, -vare, TR. : bend 

(curve) ; EEPL. : stoop, -vatura, F. : 
curvature, -vetto, M. : small curve, 
-vezzaf = -vita. -vi=lineo, ADJ.: cur 
vilinear, -vitaf, F. : gibbousness, being 
hunchbacked. j|-vo [L. -vus], ADJ.: 
curved ; crooked (stooping). 

-cusaref , TR. : accuse (blame) ; REFL. : ac 

cuse one's self. 

cu-seinetto, M.: small cushion. ||-scino 
[1. "L. Gulcitinum (L. culcita, mattress)], 
M. : CUSHION (pillow). 

eusciref = entire. 

ciisciita [L.], F. : monk's rhubarb. 

cnsomolat, F. : momentary fright. 

cusolieref, M.: spoon. 

ens pi -dale, ADJ.: (arch.) cuspidated. 
Hcuspi-de [L. cuspis, point], F. : cusp ; 
pointf; vertex. 

. cnsto-de [L. custos], M.: custodian (watch 
man), eusto-dia, F. : custody (charge ; 
care), -dimento, M. : custody, -dire, 
TR. : have in custody (guard); maintain 
(support); REFL.: nourish one's self well. 
-ditamentef, ADV.: accurately (care 
fully), -ditore, M. : custodian. 

cn-taneo, ADJ. : cutaneous. Hcu-te [L. 
-tis], F. : skin, -tica^na, F.: nape of 
the neck, -ticolaf, FT: cuticule (pel 

m-trettat, -trettola [? coda trepida], 
p.: wagtail. 

czar, -ina [Russ. tzar (L. Ctesar)], M., F.: 

. d di [L.], M. : d (the letter). 

'da [L. de], PREP.: from; by, near; with 
infinit. denotes fitness, capacity, etc.; 
after the verb 'avere' denotes obligation, 
convenience: padre, as a father; 
beffe, in jest ; che, since ; lofara se, 
he will do it by himself; far padre, 
act as a father ; per tutto, everywhere ; 
quello in poi (or in fuori), aside from 
that, that accepted ; poi in qua, since 
that time ; vero, truly, indeed. 

dablie-na-e-ef o, aug. of -ne. -naggine, 
F. : ingenuousness ; simplicity. HdaVbe- 
ne [da bene], ADJ. : good, honest : uomo 
, upright man; dabben uomo, block 

daccapo [da capo], ADV.: once more; 
from the beginning. 

daocTte [da che], ADV. : since. 
daddo-lo [infant's 'da'], M.: affected 
caress; affectation; nonsense, -lona, 


F., -lone, M. : affected person, -loso, 
ADJ. : affected, foolish. 

daddoverof, ADV. : in truth, seriously. 

da-dino, M. : small die or cube. I|da-ds 
[? dato (dare, throw)], M.: DIE ; cube ; ped 
estal, -dolino, dim. of -do. 

daffare, no pi. [da fare], M. : occupation 

da-ga [1. L.], F. : dagger, -gfoetta, F. : 
small dagger ; stiletto. 

dai/li, for da gli, da i, from the ; by the. 

dai-naf, F. : doe. -no [L. dama, deer], 
M. : deer. 

dallatof, ADV. : by the side of, by. 

dalmatica [Dalmazia], F. : dalmatica 
(long white tunic). 

dama [L. domina, mistress], F. : dame 
(lady) ; sweetheart ; game of draughts : 
bocca di , kind of sweet cake. 

damaggiot, M. : damage. 

damare [dama], TR. : crown (a man at 

dama-scato,APJ.: damasked (decorated). 
-soTtetto, M. : damask cloth or silk. 
-scftina, P.: damaskin (Damascus blade). 
-scfoino, ADJ.: damascene, damask. ||da 
ma-sco [Damasco, Damascus], M. : dam 
ask silk. 

da-meggiaref, TR. : play the dandy. 
-merino [-ma], M. : gallant (dandy). 
-migella, F.: young lady; maid of 
honour, -migellof, M. : youth, -mi- 
giana [Fr. dame, lady, Jeanne, Jane], F.: 
demijohn, -mina, car. dim. of -ma. 

dammat, F. : deer. 

damo [dama],M.; (vulg.) lover; betrothed. 

da-naia-e-ciof, M.: bad money, -naiof 
= -naro. -naiosof, ADJ.: rich in money. 
||-naro [L. denarius (deni,ten), denary], 
M.: money; small coin (farthing); twenty*. 
fourth part of an ounce; PL.: diamonds 
at cards, -naroso, ADJ.: rich in cash 

danda [Eng. dandle], P.: support-band 
(for children beginning to walk); mode of 

dan - gier o f, M. : damage, -naggio f, 
M. : damage, -nare, REFL. : deserve the 
torments of hell; torment one's selff; 
TR. : condemn ; cancel : far , cause to 
despair, -nato, PART.: condemned, 
damned ; M. : i -nati, the damned, -na- 
tore, M. : condemner. -nazione, F. : 
damnation, condemnation. -neggia- 
mentot, M.: damage, -neggiare, 
TR. : damage (hurt) ; REFL. : harm one's 
self, -neggiatore, M. : who harms or 
damages. * -nevole t, ADJ. : blamable ; 
harmful, -nevolmentef, ADV. : blam- 
ably. -nificaref, TR. : damage; con 
demn, -niof, ADJ. : harmful. || dan- 
no [L. damnum], M. : DAMAGE (harm) ; 


loss, prejudice: mio , the worse for 
me; recar , damage; be prejudicial. 
-nosamexte, ADV.: harmfully, with 
damage, -x&oso, ADJ. : hurtful (noxious). 

dante [L. dama, deer], M. : tanned deer 

dan-tegg/are [Dante], INTR.: imitate 
Dante, "-tesco, ADJ. : Dantean. -tista, 
M. : student of Dante. 

dan-za, P.: dance, ij-zare [Ger. tan- 
zen], INTR. : dance, -zatore, M., -za- 
tri-ce, P. : dancer. 

dapef, P. : food. 

dappertdtto [da per tutto], ADV.: every 

dap-pief , -piede [da piede], ADV.: from 
the foot ; from the bottom. 

dappo-caggine, -c/iezza f, F. : worth- 
lessness ; idleness. I[dappd-co [da po- 
co], ^DJ. : worthless, idle. 

dap-poi [da poi], ADV.: afterwards; 
after. -poi=c7&e, ADV.: since then, since. 

dappresso [da presso], ADV.: close to 

dapprima [da prima], ADV. : at first. 

dar-deggiare, TR.: dart, hurl, -dierof, 
M.: dart'ef; archer. I i dar- do [ASax. da- 
radk], M. : DART ; javelin. 

dare [L.], IRR. ; TR. : give, present ; de 
vote; grant; commit, assign; produce, 
yield; strike (shine upon); come upon, 
meet; REPL.: give one's self up to, occupy 
one's self with : dar da fare, cause annoy 
ance, grief; dar da pensare, cause to 
think ; villa eke doL a mezzogiorno, house 
facing south ; dar di capo, in, fall in 
with, light upon ; in, incline to ; dar 
gift, be in failing health, lose one's means ; 
darsela a gambe, take to one's heels ; dar- 
si, happen, be possible; darsi attorno, 
work for a thing ; darsi a conoscere, show 
one's self ; pud darsi, it is possible, it may 
be ; del tu, use thee and thou. 

Ind. Pres. db, ddi, da; didmo. ddte, 
ddn*.o. Impf. ddva. Pret d&tti or die di^ de- 
sti '. detit or dzede ; dJmmo, deste* dettero or 
diedero. "h ut. daro. Cond. darei. Subj. : 
Pres. diet, etc. Impf. dessi y etc. I've da" 1 , 
date. Ger. dando. Part. data. Old or 
poet, forms: diet, dti ; diero?io ; didssi, etc.; 
(Subj.) diet. ! 

darsena [fr. Ar.], P. : wet dock. 

das-salf, ADJ.: sufficient, -saiezzaf, 
p. : sufficiency (ability). 

dassezzof, ADV.: lastly. 

da-ta, P. : date ; patronage (of ecclesias 
tical benefices); nature f (quality); strikef; 
blow (in ball games), -tare, TR. : date. 
-taria f = -teria. -tariato, M. : office 
or rank of datary. -tario, M. : datary 
(officer of Roman chancery), -teria, p.: 
dataria (Roman chancery), -tivo, M. : 
(gram.) dative case ; ADJ. : dative (given 



by a magistrate). ||da-to [-re], PART.: 
given; given to; M. : gift; datum: esser 
, be in one's power ; in buon , in great 
quantity, -tore, M. : giver. 

dat-tero, M.: DATE (fruit). -tiHco, 
ADJ.: dactylic. ||dat-tilo [Gr. ddktu- 
los f finger], M. : dactyl (^^ i.e. like 
the three finger-joints). 

dattomo [da tor no], us'ly dintorno, in- 

da-vantef, -vaiiti [L. de, ab, from, 
ante, before], ADJ.: front; ADV.: in front 
of (before), -vanzale, M. : (arch.) 
window-cornice, -vanzo, M. : rest (re 
mainder), -vvantaggfof , ADV. : more 

dawero [da vero], ADV. : in truth. 

da-ziare, TR. : tax. -ziario, ADJ. : of a 
tax or impost. Hda-zio [L. -tio (dare, 
give)], M. : custom (duty; toll); custom- 
place, -zione, p.: giving (donation); 
surrender (deditionf). -zzaiolo, M.: col 
lector of customs. 

de- [L. de, of, from], PREP. : de-. 

de% for dei, of the. 

dea [L. (deus, god)], P. : goddess. 

debacca-ret, INTR.: rage; REPL.: be 
furious, -toref, M. : raving man. 

debbiof, M. : wood-ashes (for manure). 

debel-lamento, M. : conquest (subjuga 
tion), il-lare [L. (bellum, war)], TR.: 
conquer (vanquish), -latore, M.: con 

debi-le [L. ~lis], ADJ. : weak (Bng.f de- 
bile) ; pop. for debole. -lezza, -lita, p.: 
debility,, M. : weakening 
(debilitation), -litare, TR.: debilitate 

debi-tamente, ADV. : justly (duly), -ta- 
rello, M. : small duty or debt, lidebi- 
to [L. -tm (debere, owe)], ADJ.: DUE 
(proper) ; M. : DEBT ; DUTY : a , without 
paying, -tolo, M. : little debt, -tora, 
P., -tore, M.,-triee, P.: debtor, -tuo- 
lo = -tolo. -t-d-e-cio, disp. of -to. 

debo-le [L. debilis], ADJ. : weak (feeble, 
Eng.f debile) ; defective ; of little worth ; 
M. : failing (foible, defect), -letto, M.: 
dim. of -le. -lezza, p. : debility (weak 
ness); fault, -lino, dim. of -le. -lissi- 
mo, ADJ. : very weak or faint. -Lmente, 
ADV.: weakly, -lona, p., -lone, M.: very 
feeble woman or man. -lotto, ADJ.: some 
what weak, -lu-e-eio, disp. dim. of -le. 

de-ca [Gr. d&ka\, P.: group of ten ; decade. 
||-cacordo [ehorde, string], M.: deca 

decaddi, PRET. of decadere. 

decade = deca. 

deoa-denza, P.: decadence (decline). 
||-dere [de-, c. .], HER.; INTR.: fall off;, 
DECAY, -dimento, M.: decay (ruin). 



deca=edro [hedra, base], M.: decahedron. 
deca-gono [Gr. gonia, angle], M.: deca 
gon, -gr ammo, M. : decagram. deca= 
litro, M.: decaliter. deea=Iogo [Gr. 
logos, speech], M. : decalogue. 

decalvaref, TR. : render hald. 

Decamerone [Gr. dka, ten, hemra, 
day], M. : Decameron (tales by Boccaccio). 

deca=:metro, M. : decameter, -nato, 
[-no], M. : deanship. Hdeca-no fchief of 
ten], M. : DEAN; senior (of an organiza 
tion) ; decurion. 

de=cantarei, TR.: extol (laud). 

decanta-re 2 [canto], TR. : decant (pour 
off), -zione, F. : decantation. 

decapita-re [L. caput, head], TR. : de 
capitate, -zione, P. : decapitation. 

deca=sillal>o, ADJ.: decasyllabic; M. : 
verse of ten syllables, -stero [Gr. ste 
reos, solid], M. : decastere. 

deeenibre [L. -eember (decem, TEN)],M.: 
December, -eemvirale, ADJ.: decem- 
viral. -eemvirato, M.: decemvirate. 
-eenwiro [L. vir, man], M. : decemvir. 
-eennale, ADJ. : decennial; M.: ten years' 
history. -eenne, ADJ.: decennial, -een- 
nio [L. annus, year], M. : decennium. 

de - -eente [L. -cere, be fitting], ADJ. : 
decent (suitable), -eentemente, ADV.: 
suitably, -eenza, p.: decency (propri 
ety), -eevolef, ADJ.: suitable, --eevo- 
lezza, p. : suitability. 

de-eezionef, P. : deception ; error. 

dec Mar are = diehiarare. 

decftinaref, INTR. : descend ; decline. 

d&ei- [L. deeem, ten], PREP. : deci-, tenth 

de-eidere [L. (de, from, ccedere, cut)], 
IRR.; TR.: decide, determine; REFL. : form 
a determination. 

Pret. deci-si) -se; -sero. Part, deciso. 

de-ei-ferare, more commonly -frare. -fe- 
ratore, M. : decipherer, -frabile, ADJ.: 
decipherable. ||-frare [L. de, from, It. 
cifra], TR. : decipher (make out). 

dei=grainmo, M. : tenth of a gramme. 
de-ci=litro, M. : tenth of a liter, de-ei- 
xna, P.: tithe; (raws.) tenth, -male, 
ADJ. : decimal, -mare, TR. : (mil.) deci 
mate; destroy, -znatore, M. : tithe- 
gatherer, -mazione, P.: decimation. 
-minof , M. : TlTHE-book. |[de-ei-mo [L. 
-mus (decem, TEN)], ADJ.: TENTH; fool- 
ishf ; M. : tenth part ; ninnyf . -mottavo 
[attavo], ADJ. : eighteenth. 

de-eipula, P. : snare, trap." 

de-e-si, PRET. cf -dere. -sione, p. : de 
cision, -si vam elite, ADV. : decidedly, 
-sivo, ADJ.: decisive (conclusive). l|de- 
ei-so, PART, of -dere. -soref, M. : de 

declama-re [de, c. .], INTR. : declaim (re- 


cite ; speak aifectedly). -tore, M. : de- 
claimer. -torio, ADJ.: declamatory, -zio 
ne, P. : declamation. 

declaratdrio [L. -clarare, declare], ADJ.: 
declaratory (explanatory). 

declina-Mle, ADJ. : declinable, -men- 
tof, M. : declination. ||declinare [L.], 
INTR. : decline (sink ; diminish, fail) ; TR. : 
lower; (gram.} decline, -zione, P.: de 
clension ; decimation, declinof, M. : de 
clension; decline. 

de-clive [L. de, from, clivus, slope], ADJ.: 
sloping; M.: slope, -clivio, M.: declivity. 
-clivita, P.: declivity, -clivof, ADJ.: 

decolla-re [L. (de, from, collum, neck)], 
TR. : behead (decollate). -zione, P.: 

decom-porre [de, c. .], IRR. ; TR. : DE 
COMPOSE (separate); INTR.: decompose (de 
cay), -posi, PRET. of -porre. -posto, 
PART, of -porre. -posizione, p.: decom 

deco-rare, TR. : decorate, -rativo, 
ADJ. : decorative, -ratore, M. : decora 
tor, -razione, P. : decoration. ||deco- 
ro [L. decus, ornament], M. : dignity (de 
corum); ornament ; ADJ.f : decorous, -ro- 
samente, ADV.: decorously, -roso, 
ADJ.: decorous; proper. 

de-correnza, P. : passing away. H=c6r- 
rere, IRR. ; INTR.: pass away (elapse), 
-corsi, PRET. of -correre, -corso, PART.: 
passed (elapsed) ; M.f : course ; end. 

de-cotta-c-eio, disp. of -cotto. -cottino, 
dim. of -cotto. \\ -cotto [L. -coctus (co- 
quere, 'cook')], M. : decoction; ADJ.f: 
boiled, -cottpref, M. : bankrupt, -co- 
zione, p.: boiling; decoction. 

de-crebM, PRET. of -crescere. |j-ere- 
mento [-crescere], M. : decrement (de 

decrepi-taf, -tezza, P.: decrepitude. 
Hdecrepi-to [L. -tus], ADJ.: decrepit 
(broken with age). 

de=cresoere, IRR. ; INTR. : DECREASE (di 
minish), -crescimento, M. : decrease. 
-cresciuto, PART, of -crescere. 

decre-tale, ADJ. : decretal ; P. : decretal 
(papal letter); PL. M. or p.: decretal (body 
of canonical laws), -talista, M. : decre- 
tist. -tare, TR. : decree, ordain. ||de- 
cre-to [L. -turn], M. : decree (order). 

decvabito [L. -tus (cumbere, lie)], M. : ly 
ing down (decumbence ; decubitus). 

decn-mana [L. decem, TEN], ADJ.: (Rom.) 
of the tenth legion : i decumani, soldiers 
of the tenth legion, decu-plo, ADJ. : 
tenfold; M. : decuple, decu-ria, P.: 
band of ten soldiers, -rionale, ADJ.: of 
a decurion. -rionato, M. : decurionate. 
-rione, M. : decurion. 


deda-leo, poet. -leo [Gr. daidalos], ADJ.: 
dsedalian (ingenious). 

dedi-ea, p. : dedication (address), -ca- 
mentof = -cazione. ||-care [LJ, TR. : 
dedicate (consecrate) ; REFL.: devote one's 
self, -catoria, P. : dedicatory letter ; 
ADJ. : dedicatory, -cazione, P. : dedica 
tion (consecration). 

dedigrnazionef, P. : indignation. 

dedi-to [-tus (dare, give)], ADJ.: addicted 
(devoted), -zione, p. : surrender (dedi- 

de-dotto, PART.: deduced, inferred. H-dikr- 
re [L. (ducere, lead)], IRR. (cf. addurre); 
TR. : deduce (conclude) ; deduct, -dutti- 
vamente, ADV.: deductively, -dntti- 
vo, ADJ.: deductive, -dnzione, p.: de 
duction; proposition. 

defal-care [?], TR. : take away, defal- 
co, M. : defalcation (taking away). 

defatigaref, TR. : fatigue. 

defatto [difatti], ADV. : in fact. 

defensoref, M. : defender. 

defe-renza, P. : deference, jj-rire [L. 
de, down,/erre, 'bear'], TR.: defer (delay); 
defer (yield). 

defessot, ADJ. : weary. 

def et. . = difet. . 

de-feziouc [L. -fectio (de, from, facere, 
make)], p.: defection; desertion, -fi- 
eiente, ADJ.: deficient, -fi-eienza, P.: 
deficiency, de-freit [L., 'it is wanting'], 
M.: deficit. 

den-nibile, ADJ.: definable. IS-nire [L. 
(finis, end)], TR.: define; determine, -ni- 
tivamente, ADV. : definitively, -niti- 
vo, ADJ. : definitive (conclusive), -nito- 
re, M.: definer. -ni zione, p.: definition. 

deflora-re [L L. (L. jlos, flower)], TR. : 
deflower, -zione, P. : defloration. 

defliLssot, M. : defluxion. 

defor-mare,TR,: deform (disfigure), -ma- 
zione, p.: deformation, lidefor-me 
[L. -mis], ADJ. : deformed, -memento, 
ADV. : deformedly. -mita, P. : deform 

defran-dare [L J, TR. : defraud, -dato- 
pe, M. : defrauder. 

deMnto pL. -functus (fungi, perform)], 
ADJ.: defunct (dead); M.: deceased. 

degene-rare, INTR.: degenerate, -ra- 
zione, P. : degeneration ; debasement. 
lldegene-re [L. -r (genus, race)], ADJ. : 

df/li, for di, gli, of the. 

deglutizione [L. -titio], P. : deglutition. 

de-^namente, ADV. : worthily. -sria.aii- 
te, ADJ. : courteous. -grnare, TR. : 
deign ; INTR. : condescend ; REFL. : be 
pleased to. -grnazione, P. : condescen 
sion, courtesy* -grnevolef, ADJ.: polite. 
-^nevolmentef, ADV. : politely. 

delitto 131 

fiearef, TR.: make worthy, -^rnissimo, 
SIJPERL. ADJ.: most worthy. -</nitaf, p.: 
dignity. ||de-</no [L. dignus (decere, be 
fitting)], ADJ.: worthy; excellent. 

degra-dante, PART., ADJ. : degrading. 
II -dare [LJ, TR. : degrade, disgrace; 
REPL. : degrade one's self, -dazione, 
p. : degradation. 

dea [L L. dee, God !], INTERJ. : alas ! ah ! 

del i [L. plj, M. PL. : gods. 

del 2, for di i, of the. 

dei [fr. Turk.], M. : dey. 

dei-eidiof, M. : deicide. -ficamentof , 
M.: deification, -mcare, TR.: deify, -fi- 
cazione, P.: deification, dei-ficot, 
ADJ. : divine, jjdei-smo [L. deus, god], 
M. : deism, dei-sta, M. : deist, -ta, 
p. : deity (divinity). 

del, for di il, of the. 

dela-tore [L. -tor (de, from, ferre, 
'bear')], M.: accuser (delator), -zione, 
p. : accusation (delation). 

delebile [L. delere, destroy], ADJ. : dele- 
ble (erasable). 

dele-gar e [L. (legare, depute)], TR.: dele 
gate, commit, -gato, PART., ADJ. : dele 
gated; M.: delegate, representative, -ga- 
zione, p. : delegation. 

deleterio [L. delere, destroy], ADJ.: dele 
terious (hurtful). 

de-lettaref = dilettare. -lettof, II. . 

delfino [L. delphinus], M.: dolphin ; DAU 
PHIN (title of crown prince of France). 

delibare [LJ, TR.: (poet.) taste (try, 
Eng.f delibate). 

deli!) era -re [L. (librare, weigh)], INTR. : 
deliberate (take counsel); TR. : ponder 
(weigh), -tamente, ADV. : deliberately. 
-tiva, p.: deliberative faculty, -tivo, 
ADJ.: deliberative; M.: deliberative, -zio 
ne, P. : deliberation. 

delica-mentof = -tezza. -tamente, 
ADV.: delicately; daintily, -tezza, p.: 
delicacy; softness; refinement; PL.: best 
comforts, -tino, car. dim. of -to. ||de- 
lica-to [L. -tus (delicicB, delight)], ADJ. : 
delicate, tender ; refined, sensitive, -tiie- 
efo, ADJ.: somewhat delicate, -tura, 
p. : delicacy, nicety. 

delimaref, TR. : consume ; corrode. 

delinea-mento, M.: delineation. Hde- 
linea-re [LJ, TR. : delineate; trace. 
-tore, M., -tri-ee, P. : delineator. 

de-linqnente, PART., ADJ.: delinquent; 
M. : culprit. 11-linquere [LJ, INTR. : be 
delinquent (offend), -liqtdo, M.: swoon. 

de-liramentof, M. : delirium. || -lira- 
re [LJ, INTR.: be delirious (rave). -II- 
rio, M.: delirium (frenzy), -lirof, ADJ.: 
delirious; doting. 

delit-to [L. delictum (linquere, fail)], M.: 



crime (transgression; DELICT), -tmoso, 
ADJ.: criminal. 

delivraref , TR. : deliberate ; deliver. 

deli-zia [L. -cice], P.: delight, -zia- 
mentof, M. : delight, -ziare, TR. : de 
light ; REPL. : delight in. -ziosamente, 
ADV. : deliciously (delightfully), -zioso, 
ADJ. : delicious (delightful). 

della, delle, for di la, di le, of the. 

del-ta [Gr.], M. : delta (Gr. letter A ; A- 
shaped tract of land between rivers). 
-tdide, M. : deltoid muscle. 

delnbro \LAubrum (-luere, wash = expi 
ate)], M. : (poet.) temple. 

delu-dere [L. (ludere, mock)]; HtfL (cf. 
alludere); TR. : delude (frustrate, disap 
point), -dimentof, M. : delusion, de- 
lu-si, PRET. of -dere. -ditoref, M. : de- 
luder. -si one, F.: delusion, delii-so, 
PART, of" -dere. -sore, M. : deceiver. 
-sorio, ADJ. : delusory. 

dema-gogia, P.: demagogy, -gogico, 
ADJ.: demagogic(al). Il-gogo [Gf. de 
mos, people, dgein, lead], M. : demagogue. 

demandare [L. (mandare, intrust)], TR. : 
delegate, intrust. 

de-maniale, ADJ.: of a domain. H-ma- 
nio [OPr. demaine], M. : public DOMAIN, 
state lands ; superintendent of lands. 

de-mentaret, TR. : dementate, make in 
sane. H-mente [L. -mens (mens, mind)], 
ADJ.: demented, insane; M. : demented 
man. -menzaf, F.: dementia, imbecil 
ity (esp. from age). 

demerger ef, TR. : submerge ; INTR.: sink. 

demeri-tare [L. merere, deserve], INTR. : 
be unworthy of; TR.: forfeit, no longer 
deserve. -teVole, ADJ.: undeserving. 
demeri-to, M. : demerit; misconduct. 
-torio, ADJ. : undeserving. 

demersot, PART, of demergere. 

demertof = demerito. 

demo-craticamente, ADV.: democrat 
ically, -cratico, ADJ.: democratic. ||-cra- 
zia [Gr. -kratia (-s, people, kratein, rule)], 
F. : democracy. 

demoli-re [L. -ri], TR. : demolish (de 
stroy), -tore, M.: demolishes -zione, 
p.: demolition. 

demo-ne [Gr. daemon, divinity], M. : de 
mon (divinity; evil spirit), -nia-c-cio, 
M. : wicked spirit, -niaco, ADJ. : demoni- 
ac(al) ; wicked, -nietto, M., car. of -mo: 
cunning imp. demd-nio, M. : demon 
(evil spirit, devil). 

demoraliz - zare [de-, m. .], TR. : de 
moralize, -zazione, F. : demoralization. 

demotico [Gr. demos, people], ADJ. : de 

de-naiot = danaro. H-nario [L. -na- 
vius (deni, ten)], M. : denarius (Roman 
coin), -naro. . = danaro. . 


denegare \L.], TR. : DENY. 

denigra-re [L. (de, from, niger, black)], 
TR. : blacken (denigrate, defame), -zio 
ne, F. : defamation (slander). 

denomina - re [L.], TR.: denominate 
(NAME), -tivof, ADJ. : denominative, -to 
re, M. : denominator, -zione, P.: de 

denota-re [L.], TR. : denote (indicate). 
-zionef, F. : denotation. 

den-saref = eondensare. -sita, F.: den 
sity. II den-so [L. -sus], ADJ. : dense. 

den-tale, ADJ. : dental ; M. : ploughshare, 
-taznef, M. : quantity of teeth; teeth. 
-taref, INTR. : cut teeth ; indent, -tata, 
p.: bite, -tato, PART.: indented (notched). 
-tatnra, F.: set of teeth. [|den-te 
[L. dens}, M. : TOOTH ; notch : non tocca- 
re un , not to suffice ; la lingua batte 
dove il duole, the tongue speaks what 
is in the heart, -tecc/iiaref, TR. : nib 
ble, -tellato, ADJ.: notched, -tella- 
tnra, F. : indentation, -tellieref, M. : 
toothpick, -tello, M. : notch; (arch.) 
dentil, den-ti-ce, M. : dentex (fish), -tie- 
ra, F.: set of false teeth, -tino, M.: 
little tooth : metier un , grow in dig 
nity, -tista, M. : dentist, -tizione, F. : 
dentition, -tone, aug. of -te. 

dentro [L. de, intro, within], PREP. : with 
in, inside of ; ADV. : within, inwardly : es- 
ser a una cosa, occupy one's self about 
a thing. 

dentn-e-eio, disp. of -te. 

denuda-re [L.], TR. : denude ; make man- 
ifestf (expose), -zione, F. : denudation. 

denun-eiare = -ziare. denim-zia, 
F. : denunciation ; report ; PL. : bans. 
II -ziare [L. -tiare (nuntius, messenger)], 
TR. : denounce ; impeach, -ziatore, M., 
-ziatri-ee, F. : denouncer. 

depanperare [L. (pauper, poor)], TR. : 
pauperize, make poor. 

dependentef = dipendente. 

depennare [penna], TR. : cancel, erase. 

deeper ire, INTR. : lose one's health ; grow 
worse, deteriorate. 

depilatorio [L. pilus, hair], M. : depila 
tory (hair-removing). 

deplo-rabile, ADJ. : deplorable. II -ra 
re [L' plorare, lament], TR. : deplore; 
INTR.: lament, -ratore, M. : deplorer. 
-razionef, F- : deploration, lamentation. 
-revole, ADJ. : deplorable. 

deponente [deporre], ADJ.: disposing; 
(gram.) deponent. 

depopnlazionef, F. : devastation (pil 

de=porre, IRR. ; TR. : put down, lay aside ; 
DEPOSE (remove ; bear witness). 

depor-tare [L.], TR. : deport (exile), -ta- 
zione, F. : deportation (banishment)- 


de-posi, PRET. of deporre. -posit are, 
TR. : deposit, commit, -positario, M. : 
depositary, -positeria, P. : depository, 
treasury, il-poslto [L. -positum (ponere, 
put)], M. : deposit ; layer, -posizione, 
F. : deposition, testimony, -posto, PART. 
of deporre ; M. : testimony. 

deprava-re [L. (pravus, distorted)], TR.: 
deprave, -tore, M. : depraver, -zione, 
F. : depravation. 

depreca-lrilet, ADJ. : deprecable, pitiful. 
-tivamente, ADV. : deprecatively. H-ti- 
vo [L. -ti-ous (precari, pray)], ADJ. : dep 
recative, -torio, ADJ.: deprecatory, -zid- 
ne, F. : deprecation ; entreaty. 

depreda - mentof, M. : pillage. |Jde- 
preda-re [L. -ri (pr&da, prey)], TR. : 
depredate (plunder), -tore, M. : depre 
dator, -zione, F. : depredation. 

de-premeret = -primere. -premntot, 
PART., ADJ.: depressed, -pressi, PRET. 
of -primer e. -pressione, F.: depres 
sion, dejection, -presso, PART.: depressed; 
humbled, -primente, PART.: depri- 
ment (depressing) ; M. : (med.) : depresso- 
motor. Ij-primere [L. (premere, PRESS)], 
IRE. (cf. comprimere) ; TR.: lower; de 

depu.ra-m.ento, M. : depuration. I|de- 
pura-re [L. (purus, pure)], TR.: purify, 
depurate, -tivo, ADJ., M. : depurative. 
-tore, M. : depurator. -torio, ADJ.: 
depuratory; M. : reservoir (for depurat 
ing), -zione, F. : depuration. 

depn-tare [LJ, TR. : depute (appoint). 
-tato, PART.; M. : deputy (envoy), -ta- 
zione, F. : deputation. 

dere-litto [L. -lictus (relinquere, LEAVE 
behind)], ADJ. : derelict (abandoned), -li- 
zionef, F. : dereliction. 

deretano [L. de, of, retro, back], M.: hind 

deri-dere [de-, r. .], D3R. ; TR. : deride 
(scoff at). -ditoret = -s0re. -si, PRET. 
of -dere. -siMle, ADJ.: ridiculous, -sio- 
ne, F. : decision, scorn, -sivamente, 
ADV.: derisively, -sivo, ADJ.: derisive. 
deri-so, PART. : ridiculedf; M.: derision. 
-sore,* M. : derider. -sorio, ADJ. : deri 

deriva-mento, M. : derivation, jlderi- 
va-re [L. (rivus, stream)], INTR. : derive 
(have its source); TR.: derive, -tivo, 
ADJ.: derivative, -zione, F.: deriva 
tion (origin ; etymology). 

derivienif, M. PL.: windings ; digressions. 

dero-ga, F.: derogation, annulment, -ga- 
bile, ADJ.: that can be derogated. H-ga- 
re Ide-, r. .], INTR : derogate (repeal) ; 
disparage (slander) f. -gativo, ADJ.: 
derogative, -gatosio, ADJ. : derogatory. 
-gaziono, F. : deiogation (repeal). 



derra-ta pj. denarius, coin (cf. Fr. den- 
r$e)], f : farm -produce (in the mar 
ket: provisions, commodities); substance; 
prize f : e buona , it is very cheap ; far 
gran di, sell dog-cheap ; fare di se, 
prostitute one's self, -ta-e-eia disp. of 

de=rubare, TR. : rob (despoil). 

dervis [fr. Pers.], M. : dervish. 

desoen. . f = ducen. . 

de-sc/tetto, M. : dim. of -sco; cobbler's 
bench. ||de-sco [L. discus], M. : dining- 
table; butcher's table; bench (deskf); 
discus f. 

descri-ssi, PRET. of -vere. -tt"bilef, 
ADJ. : describable. -ttivamente, ADV. : 
descriptively, -ttivo, ADJ. : descriptive. 
-'tto, PART, of -vere, described, -ttore, 
M. : describer. Ifdescri - vere [de- t 
s. .], IRR. ; TR. : describe (depict), -vilbi- 
le, ADJ.: describable. -zioneella, disp. 
dim. of -zione. -zion-eina, car. dim. of 
-zione. -zione, F. : description. 

de-sertaret= disertare. |i-serto DJ. 
-sertus (serere f join)], ADJ. : desert (bar 
ren) ; solitary ; M. : desert : parlare al 
, speak without hearers. 

deservire f = servire. 

deserzionet = diserzione. 

desia. . = deside. . 

desiecare f = disseccare. 

deside-rabile, ADJ.: desirable, -ra- 
"bilmente, ADV.: desirably, -rante, 
ADJ.: desirous. H-rare [L.], TR.: DE 
SIRE, -rativo, ADJ.: (gram.} desidera- 
tive; desirable f. -ratore, M., -ra- 
tri-ee, F. : desirer. deside-rio, M.: 
desire, wish, -rosamente, ADV.: de 
sirously, -rosissimo, ADJ. : very desirous. 
-roso, ADJ. : desirous. 

desidiaj, F. : idleness. 

desigrna-re [L- (signum, sign)], TR. : de 
sign (intend), -zione, F. : intention. 

desina-re [? L. ccena, supper], INTR.: 
dine ; M. : dinner, -rino, M. : little din 
ner, -rone, M. : elaborate dinner, -to 
re f, M. : diner. 

desi-nente [L. -nens], ADJ.: desinent, 
ending, -nenza, F. : ending (desinence). 

de-sio, M. : (lit.) desire ; (pop.) any wel 
come thing, -siosamente, ADV.: eager 
ly, -sioso, ADJ.: (poet.) desirous (eager). 
H -sire [desiderio], -sirof, M.: (poet.^ 

desi-stere pL (stare, stand)], INTR.: 
(part, -stito) desist, cease. 

desola-inento t , M.: desolation, fide- 
sola-re pj. (solus, alone)], TR.: desolate, 
ruin, -toref, M. : desolater. 
F.: desolation. 

despera. . * = dispera. . 

despetto f = dispetto. 



des-pota [Gr. -potes, master], M. : despot. 
-poti. . = dispoti. . des-potof des- 

des-sa, -so [esso], PRON. (only with essere, 
parere): (she) he, (herself) himself; the 

desta-mento f, M.: waking. [Idesta-re 
[L. de-, ex-, citare (shake)], TE. : wake 
(rouse), kindle; REFL. : awaken, -tore, 
M. : awakener (rouser). 

desteritaf, P.: dexterity. 

desti-nare [L.], TE. : destine (intend). 
-natario, M.: addressee (person to whom 
a thing is addressed), -nazione, F. : 
destination (design), desti-no, M. : des 
tiny (fate). 

desti-tuire [L. -tuere (statuere, set)], 
TE.: dismiss (remove from office); aban 
don f. -tuito, -ttrtotj PAET.: dismissed, 
etc. ; ADJ. : destitute, -tuzione, F. : 
dismissal (removal from office) ; desti 
tution (lack). 

desto [destare], ADJ. : awake, lively. 

de-stra, F. : right hand ; right side : a , 
to the right, -strale f, M. : ornament 
(for the right hand), -stramente, ADV.: 
dexterously, -streggiare, INTE. : use 
reserve; "be skilful.* * -streggiatore, 
M. : contriver, -strezza, F.: "dexterity 
(cleverness), -striere, -striero, M. : 
charger (steed, Eng. destrerf : as led by 
the squire on the right hand). ||de-stro 
[L. dexter],^ ADJ. : dexterous (nimble) ; 
right; propitious f; M. : opportunity (oc 
casion, convenience) ; privy. 

destrn.. .f = distru. . 

de-s-dmere [L. (sumere, take)], IRE. (cf. 
assumere) ; TR. : infer, conclude, -sun- 
si, PRET., -stinto, PART, of -sumere. 

dete-neref [de, t. .], IRR.; TR. : detain, 
impede, -ntore, M. : detainer,, 
PART, of -nere; M. : prisoner, -nzione, 
F. : detention, imprisonment. 

de-tergente, PART., ADJ. : cleansing; M.: 
detergent. H=tergere, IRR. ; TR. : de 
terge (cleanse). 

deterio-ramento, M. : deterioration. 
II -rare [L. deterior, worse], TR. : de 
teriorate, impair, -razione, F. : dete 

determina - "bile, ADJ.: determinate. 
H-'re [L. (terminus, limit)], TR. : deter 
mine (fix, limit) ; induce (lead) ; REFL. : 
determine (decide), -tamente, ADV.: 
determinately (resolutely), -tezza, F. : 
determinateness. -tivo, ADJ.: determi 
native, -zione, F. : determination. 

de-tersi, PRET. of -tergere. -tersivo, 

ADJ., M. : detersive. |J-t&rso, PART, of 


dete-stabile, ADJ. : detestable. -Stan- 
do *j% ADJ.: execrable. || -stare [LJ, TR.: 


detest (abhor), -st a zione, F. : detesta 

de=trarre, IRR. ; TR. : DETRACT (take 
away); disparage; lessen, -trassi, PRET. 
of -trarre. -tratto, PART, of -trarre* 
-trattore, M. : detractor, -trazione, 
F. : detraction. 

detrira.en.-to [L. -turn (terere, rub)], M. : 
detriment (disadvantage), -tosof, ADJ.: 

detronizzare [trono], TR. : dethrone. 

de-tr-dderef, IRE. (cf. intruder e); TR. : 
throw down (detrude), -trusof, PART. 
of -trudere. 

detta i = debito. 

det-ta2 [-to], F.: saying, talk; good luck 
(at cards) t: esser in eon uno, be in an 
agreement with one. 

detta^li- ante, M. : retailer. ||-are 
[de-j tagliare], TR. : detail (particularize). 
-a tamente, ADV.: in detail, minutely. 
detta#K-o, M. : detail (particular) ; re 
tail : vendita a (or in) , retail sale. 

det-tame, M. : precept, dictates, -tare 
[L. dictare, intens. of dicer e], TR.: dictate ; 
suggest ; command, -tato, PART. ; M. : 
style of writing ; wordf, saying, -tatore, 
M. : dictator, -tatura, F. : dictation ; 
dictatorship, -taziomef, F. : dictate. 
Hdet-to, PART, of dire: said; named; 
M. : word ; saying : fatto, no sooner 
said than done. 

detur-pamento, M. : disfiguration, de 
filement. H-pare [L. (turpis, foul)], TR.: 
defile (pollute), -patore, M. : defiler. 
-pazione, F. : defilement. 

deutero = canonico [Gr. deuteros, sec 
ond], ADJ. : deuterocanonical. -ndmio 
[Gr. nomos, law], M. : Deuteronomy. 

devasta-mento, M. : devastation. ||de- 
vasta-re [LJ, TR. : devastate (lay waste,, 
destroy), -tore, M.: devastator, -zione, 
F. : devastation. 

de=venire, IRR.; INTR. : arrive at, be 
come, -veimi, PRET., -veniito, PART, 
of -venire. 

devia-anento = -zione. ||devia-re 
[L. (via, WAY)], INTR.: deviate (stray, wan 
der), -zione, F. : deviation (departure). 

de-vdlsi, PRET. of -volvere. -voliito, 
ADJ.: devolved, transferred, -voluzio- 
ne, F. : devolution, transference (of 
claims). [1- volvere [L. (volvere, roll)], 
TR. : devolve ; roll down ; REFL. : pass by 

devo- tamente, ADV.: devotedly, de 
voutly, -tissimo, ADJ.: very devoted. 
Hdevo-to [L. -tus (-vovere, vow)], ADJ. : 
devoted (zealous, devout); M. : devotee. 
-zione, F. : devotion (attachment ; piety). 

di [L. de, from], PREP. : of, from ; by, with; 
to (before an infin.) ; * than (in compar.); 


some, any (often with del art.): certo, \ 
for certain ; giorno, by day ; quella \ 
strega donna, (that) witch of a woman; j 
e pin bravo lui, he is braver than he; 
m' importa molto, it matters much to 

di [L. dies], M. : DAY. 

dia- [Gr. did, through, across], PREP. : dia-: 
-"bete [Gr. bainein, go], M. : (med.) dia 
betes, -betico, ADJ. : diabetic, -"boli- 
camente, ADV.: diabolically, -"bolico, 
ADJ. : diabolic, dia-bolo = -volo. 

dia-e--eiaia, p.: ice-cellar, ice-house. 
-eiare, INTR. : become ice, freeze; REPL.: 
freeze, -eiato, PART. : frozen ; M. : frost. 
--ciat-dra, P.: freezing; cold weather 
(winter); blemish in ice. ||dia~eo 
[ghiaccio], M.: ice; ADJ.: frozen. ~ei(u)o- 
lo, M.: icicle; ADJ.: fragile: dente , 
sensitive tooth. 

dia-ee. ., dia-ei. . pop. = giace. ., giaci. . 

diaco-x&ale, ADJ. : diaconal. -nato, M. : 
diaconate, deaconship. -ness a, P. : dea 
coness, -nia, p. : rank of cardinal dea 
con. Hdiaco-no [Gr. didkonos, servant], 


dia- : -dema [Gr. (dein, bind)], M. : dia 
dem ; aureole ; white fillet, -fanitaf, P.: 
diaphaneity, transparency, dia-fano [Gr. 
phainein, show], ADJ. : diaphanous (trans 
parent), -foretico [Gr. phorein, carry], 
ADJ. : diaphoretic, -framma [Gr. phrds- 
sein, inclose], M. : diaphragm, -framnia- 
tieo, ADJ.: diaphragmatic, dia-grnosi 
[Gr. gignoskein, KNOW], p.: diagnosis. 
-g-nostico, ADJ.: diagnostic, -gonale 
[Gr. gonia, angle], ADJ., M. : diagonal. 
-gomalmente, ADV. : diagonally, -let- 
tale, ADJ.: dialectal, -lettiea, P.: 
dialectics, -letticam.en.te, ADV.: dia- 
lectically. -lettico, ADJ.: dialectical. 
-letto [Gr. legein, speak], M. : dialect. 
-logare = -logizzare. -log/ietto, M. : 
short dialogue, -logico, ADJ.: dialo- 
gistic. -logismo, M.: dialogism. -logi- 
sta, M. : writer of dialogues, -logistico, 
ADJ. : dialogistic. -logizzare, TR. : give 
the form of dialogue", dia-logo [Gr. 
logos, speech], M. : dialogue. 

diaman-te [L. adamas, adamant], M. : 
diamond : essere un (di) , be very hard; 
be of a firm character, -tino, ADJ. : dia 
mond, adamantine ; M. : small diamond. 

diame-trale, ADJ.: diametral, diamet 
rical, -tralmente, ADV. : diametrically. 
ildiame-tro [Gr. did, through, metron, 
measure], M. : diameter : in (per) , dia 

diamine [euphem. for diavolo], INTERJ. : 
the dickens (the deuce). 

diana [L. Diana (dies, DAY)], F. : reveille: 
batter la , beat the reveille. 



di-anzi, ADV. : just now, a little while ago. 
diapason [Gr. (pas, all)], M. : diapason 

(compass or concord of tones). 
dia-rio [L. -rium (dies, day)], M. : diary 

(JOTJRnal). -rista, M, : diarist. 
dia-rrea [Gr.-rrom (A fern, flow)], -rrmf, 

p. : diarrhoea. 
diascolo [euphem. for diavolo], M. : the 

dl-asprino, -aspro [Gr. taspis], M.: 


diastole [Gr. (stellein, set)], p. : diastole. 

dia- [Gr. tke~, put] : -tesi, P. : diathesis. 
-tdnico [Gr. telnein, stretch], ADJ. : dia 
tonic, -trlba [Gr. tribein, rub], F. : dia 
tribe; dissertation. 

diavo-la, p.: shrew: una buona , a 
good creature, -la-e-eio, M.: disp. of 40; 
buon , good-natured fellow, -leria, P.: 
deviltry; confused affair; fantastic com 
position, -leseo, ADJ. : devilish, -lessa, 
p.: wicked woman, termagant, -leto, 
M. : great tumult, -letto, M. : little 
devil ; good -hearted fellow ; curl-pa 
pers, -lino, M. : car. dim. of -lo; mis 
chievous little imp. -Ho, M.: great 
crowd, great confusion, hubbub. Jldiavo- 
lo [Gr. did-bolos, slanderer], M.: devil, evil 
spirit ; good-natured fellow : avere il 
addosso, be furious; entrare il , appear 
ance of discord ; fare il e peggio, take 
great pains to prevent or undo a thing; 
sapere dove il ha (tiene) la coda, be very 
astute ; un scaceia V altro, a fresh mis 
fortune causes forgetfulness of the old 
ones; scatenato, lively boy. -lone, 
aug. of -lo. 

dibar-lbaret, -Tjicaref, TR. : uproot. 

dlbassa. . = sbassa. . 

dibastaref, TR. : unsaddle. 

dfbat-tere [di-,b. J, TR. : shake, chatter 
(said of teeth); debate; be enraged, agi 
tated, -timento, M. : public trial; shak- 
ingf ; disputef. -tito, M. : debate, -ti- 
tore, M. : debater. - r tof, M. : dispute. 
-tdto, PART, of -tere; ADJ.f: afflicted 
(cast down). 

dibona-riamentef, ADV. : courteously 
(Eng.f debonairly), -rieta, P.: cour 
tesy (debonairness). 

dibo-scamento, M. : thinning of forests. 
1[ -scare [boscd], TR. : deforest; cut out 

dlbottaref = dibattere* 

dlbrancaref, TR. : lop off, separate. 

dibmcaref, TR. : prune, lop. 

dlbu-e--eiameiitot, M.: barking (of 
trees), -eiaref, TR. : remove the bark 
from, peel. 

dica-ee [L. -x (dicere, talk)], ADJ. : chatty 
(Eng.f dicacious) ; pert, -eita, P. : di- 
cacity, pertness. 



dicaderet = decadere. 

dicalvaret, TE. : render bald. 

dicapitaref = decapitare. 

dicastero [Gr. dike, justice], M. : dicast. 

diearet = dedicare. 

dicatti [L. de capto, taken = gain], M. : 
as in aver , come off fortunately, be 
lucky enough. 

diccof , M. : dike, defense. 

di-eenibre, pop. for decembre. 

di-ee-ret [L.] = dire. ~ria, P. : tire 
some talk ; harangue. 

di-eervellare [di cervello], TR. : tire the 
brain of (tire to death, bore); REFL. : 
rack one's brain ; overwork one's brain. 

di-eessaret, TR. : stop. 

di-ee-vole [L. deeere, be proper], ADJ.: 
DECENT (proper), decorous, -volezzat, 
F.: suitableness, -volmente, ADV.: dec 

dicftiara-gionet, F., -mentof, M. : ex 
planation, jldicfciara-re [], 
TR. : DECLARE ; explain ; REFL. : declare 
one's intention; reveal one's self, -ta- 
mente, ADV. : avowedly (openly), -tivo, 
ADJ.: declarative (explanatory), -tore, 
M. : declarer (expounder), -torio, ADJ. : 
explanatory, -zion-eella, F. : short ex 
planation, -zione, F. : declaration (ex 
planation), dic/tiariret, TR. : clear, 

dic/ti-namentot, M.: decline; stoop 
ing, -naret, INTR.: DECLINE; stoop. 
dicTil-not, M. : going down (decline). 

dieia=ira.dve [died 7iove], NUM.: NINE 
TEEN, -nnovesimo, ADJ.: nineteenth. 
-nnovino, M. : "papal coin (in Tuscany). 
=ssette, NUM. : SEVENTEEN, -ssettesi- 
mo, ADJ. : seventeenth. 

di-eioile [dire], ADJ. : utterable. 

di-eifera. .f = deeifra. . 

di-eimaref, TR. : remove the top, clip. 

di-eiocca-re [ciocca], TR. : thin out the 
branches of (lop), -tura, F. : thinning 

dim-ottenne, ADJ.: eighteen years old. 
-ottesimo, ADJ.: eighteenth, -dtto 
[diecil otto], NUM. : EIGHTEEN. 

di-ei-tore [dicere], M. : speaker, -tiira, 
F. : speech (manner of expression). 

dicollaref = deeollare. 

dioo-ttof, ADJ.: boiled, dico-zionef, 
F. : decoction. 

dicre. ., dicri. . = deere. ., decli. . 

dicrollaret, TR. : shake. 

dicmdaref , TR. : sweeten ; appease. 

di-das calico [Gr. diddskein, teach], ADJ.: 
didactic (didascalic). -dattica, F. : di 
dactics, -dattico, ADJ. : didactic., M. : melting. ||~eia- 
re [di diacciare], INTR. : liquefy (melt); 


didottof, ADJ. : deducted. 

diet, M. : day. 

die for diede, PRET. of dare. 

die-ei, -eef [L- decem~\, NUM. : ten. -ee= 
xnila, NUM. : ten thousand, -ciaa, F. : 
group of ten, half a score. 

diedi, PRET. of dare. 

dieresi [Gr. did, apart, hairein, take]. F. : 

diesire [L. dies, day, irce, of wrath], M. : 
Dies Irae (hymn) ; day of wrath (Judgment 

diesis [Gr. did, through, hifaai, let go], 
M. : (mus.) sharp. 

dieta i [1. L. (L. dies, day)], F. : diet (as 

dieta 2 [Gr. diaita, way of living], F. : diet 
(course of food). 

dietamentef, ADV. : quickly. 

die-tetica [dieta 2], F. : dietetics, -te- 
tico, ADJ. : dietetic. 

dietreggiaref, INTR. : draw back. 

dietro [L. de, from, retro, back], PREP. : 
behind, after ; ADV. : afterwards ; behind; 
ADJ., M. : back, rear : , without inter 
ruption, very close ; far si correr , cause 
one's self to be entreated. =guardiat, 
F. : rearguard. 

difalc. . = defalc. . 

difaltaf = diffalta. 

difen-dere [L. de-fendere (strike)], 
ffiR.; TR.: defend, guard; uphold, -de- 
volet, ADJ.: defensive; defensible, -di- 
"bile, ADJ.: defendable. -dimentot, M.: 
defence, -ditoret, M. : defender, -si- 
bilet = -dibile. -sionet, F. : defence. 
-siva, F. : as in stare sulla , be on the 
defensive, -sivo, ADJ.: defensive, -sore, 
M. : defender. 

Pret. dife-si, -se ; -sero. Part, difeso. 

di-fesa, F.: defence ; fortification, -fesi, 
PRET. |l-feso, PART, of -fender e. 

difet-tare, INTR. : be defective, be lack 
ing in. -tivamentet, ADV. : defective 
ly, -tivo, ADJ.: defective. ||difet-to 
[L. de-fectus], M. : DEFECT (imperfection). 
-t os am eiite, ADV. : defectively, -toso, 
ADJ.: defective (wanting), -tu-c-eio, disp. 
dim. of -to. 

dif - falcaret, TR.: defalcate (deduct). 
-falcot, M. : deduction. 

dif-faltat,F.: default. -faltaret,lNTR.: 

diffama-mentof, M. : defamation. [|dif- 
fama-re [fama\, TR. : defame, -tore, 
M. : defamer. -torio, ADJ. : defamatory. 
-tri-ee, F-. : defamer. -zione, F. : defa 
mation, slander. 

diffe-rente, ADJ.: different, -rente- 
mente, ADV. : differently, -renza, F. : 
difference, dissimilarity, renziale, ADJ.: 
differential. -renziare, TR.: distin- 


guish ; differentiate ; REFL. : be different, 
differ, -renz-d-e-eta, F. : slight differ 
ence, -ribile, ADJ.: easily deferred. 
-rimento, M. : deferring (delay). H-rire 
[L. dif-ferre (BEAR)], INTR. : be different ; 
TR. : defer, -ritore, M. : one that differs ; 
one that defers. 

differ-mamentot,M.: confutation, -ma- 
ref, TR. : confute. 

difia-eile [L. -cilis (facilis, easy)], ADJ. : 
difficult ; crabbed, -eiletto, ADJ. : some 
what difficult, -eilmente, ADV. : with 
difficulty, -colta, F. : difficulty ; obstacle. 
-coltare, TR. : make difficult; INTR.: 
raise a difficulty, -coltoso, ADJ.: diffi 
cult, -cult. . = -colt. . 

diffi-damentof, M., -danzaf, F.: dis 
trust. || -dare [L. dif-fidere, trust], INTR. : 
distrust (doubt), -dente, ADJ. : diffident 
(distrustful), -denza, F.: diffidence (dis 

diffini. . = defini. . 

difion-dere [dis-,f. .], IRR.; TR. : DIFFUSE 
(pour out); REFL. : abound; enlarge upon. 
-ditore, M. : diffuser. 

diffor-mare = sformare. -matamen- 
-tef, ADV. : deformedly. diffor-me = 
disforme; deformed!- -mita = disfor- 
mita; deformityj. 

dif-fusamente [-fuso], ADV.: diffusely., PRET. of -fondere. -fusione, F. : 
diffusion, -fasivo, ADJ. : diffusive, ample. 
H-fdso, PART, of -fondere; ADJ. : diffuse 

difi-eiof = edifizio. 

difi-lare [di filo], INTR.: defile, go 
straight, -lato, PART., ADJ.: straight; 
ADV. : directly (straight ahead). 

difini. .f, diform. .f = defini. ., deform. . 

difte-rico, ADJ.: diphtheritic. H -rite 
[Gr. diphthera, membrane], F. : diph 

diga [Dutch dyk], F. : dike, bank. 

digamma [Gr. dis, twice, gamma], F. : 
digamma (old Greek letter). 

digeneraref = degenerare. 

dige-ribile, ADJ. : digestible, -ribili- 
ta, F. : digestibility, -rimentof, M. : 
digestion. ||-rire [L. di-gerere (carry)], 
TR. : DIGEST; endure; comprehend -ri 
tore, M. : digester, -stibilef = -ribi 
le. -stione, F.: digestion; comprehen 
sion, -stiref = -rire. -stivo, ADJ.: 
digestive, dige-sto, M.: digest (of ^w); 
PART.f: digested. 

digMa-e^ei. . = didiaccL . 

digiogaref, TR. : unyoke. 

digi-tale, F.: digitalis (plant); ADJ.: 
digital. Hdigi-tof [L. -few], M. : finger ; 

digiufirnere = digiungere. 

digin-nare [-no], INTR. : fast (abstain 



from food), -natore, M. : faster, di- 
giu-nef , F. PL. : fasting ; ember weeks. 

digitmgeref , TR. : disjoin. 

digmno [L. jejunus, dry, fasting], M.: fast 
(abstinence from food); ADJ.: fasting; 

digmntot, PART, of -giungere. 
ir/ni-ta [L. -tas (dignus, worthy)], F. : 
rank ; honour ; dignity, -tario, M. : dig 
nitary, -tosamente, ADV.: worthily 
(with dignity), -toso, ADJ. : dignified. 

digoe-etolaref, TR. : pour drop by drop. 

digozzaret, TR. : cut the throat. 

digrada mento, M.: gradation (of tints). 
i!digrada-re [L. gradus, degree], INTR.: 
descend gradually; go to the badf; TR. : 
blend colours; lessen objects, -tamen- 
tef, ADV.: gradually (by degrees), -zio- 
ne, F.: gradation (of colours, objects, 
etc.) ; degradation. 

digranaref, TR. : husk. 

digrassare [grasso], TR. : remove fat 

from : il brodo, skim the broth. 

digre-dire [L. de-gredi (gradus, step)], 
INTR.: DIGRESS (turn aside), -dito, PART.: 
digressed, -ssion-eella, -ssion-eina, 
p.: slight digression, -ssione, p.: di 
gression, -ssivo, ADJ.: digressive, dl- 
gre-ssot, PART. : digressed ; digression. 

digrif/nare [Prov. grinar], TR. : gnash, 
snarl : i denti, gnash the teeth. 

digros-samento, M. : rough-cast; rub 
bing off. IJ-sare [grosso], TR.: rough- 
hew, give shape to (a statue) ; polish (in 

digrnma-re [ruminare], TR. : RUMINATE 
(chew over again) ; INTR. : ruminate (chew 
the cud) ; eat much ; consider}*, -tore, 
M. : ruminator. 

diguastaret, TR. : WASTE, spoil; dissi 

diguazzare [guazzo], TR.: shake, mix 
(a liquid). 

digTLsciaret, TR. : husk, shell. 

dilaccaret, REFL. : cut, lacerate. 

dila-e^iaret, TR. : unlace, unfasten. 

dila-eera. . =: laeera. . 

dilaga-re [lago], INTR., REFL.: form a 
lake, -tamentef, ADV.: like an over 
flow ; furiously 

dilaniare [L. (lamiu, butcher)], TR. : 
tear (lacerate, dilaniate). 

dilapida-re [lapidare], TR. : dilapidate ; 
squander, -zione, p.: dilapidation; waste. 

dilargaref, TR. : enlarge. 

dilataf, F.: delay, -mento, M.: dila 
tion. |idilata-re [L. (latus, wide)], TR.: 
dilate (widen, expand) ; REFL. : dilate (ex 
pand), -tore, M. : dilator, -tdrio, 
ADJ.: dilatory (delaying), -zion-eella, 
dim. of -zione. -zione, F. : dilation (ex 



dila-vaxnento , M. : washing away. II -va- 
re [lavare], TR. : wash away, wear away 
(esp. earth by rain), -vato, PAET. : 
washed out ; faded (pale, wan). 

dila-zion-eella, P. : slight delay, jj-zio- 
ne [dilatare], F. : delay ; respite. 

dilegaret, TK. : unfasten. 

dileg-g iabile, ADJ.: ridiculous, -ga- 
zu.eB.tb, M.: ridicule, derision. H-gia- 
re [L. dis~, lex, law], TR.: ridicule "(de 
ride, quizz). -giatezzaf, P. : impudence. 
-giatdre, M. :* derider. -gmof , M. : ban- 
terer; gallant, beau, dileg-gio, M. : 
' derision; banter. 

dileginet, ADJ. : thin ; weak. 

dile-gnare [L. diliquare], TR. : make 
disappear, disperse; RBFL. : disappear 
(vanish) ; (fig.) go far away, -'gno, M.: 
disappearance : andare in , disappear. 

dilemma, pi. -mi [Gr.], M. : dilemma. 

di-letiearet, TR.: tickle, -leticof, 
M. : tickling. 

dilet-tabile, ADJ. : delectable (pleasing). 
-taMlita, p. : delectableness. -tamen- 
to, M. : delectation (delight), -tamte, 
M., F. : amateur, dilettante, -tanzaf, 
F.: delight, -tare, TR.: delight; REFL.: 
delight in, find pleasure in. -tatof, M. : 
delight, -tatore, M.: rejoicer. -ta- 
zionet, F. : delectation (pleasure), -te- 
vole = -tabile. -tevolmente, ADV. : 
delectably (pleasingly), -tivof, ADJ.: 
affectionate, jjdilet-to [L. dilectus (di- 
ligere, love)], ADJ.: beloved; M. : lover; 
DELIGHT, pleasure : a bel , for pleasure ; 
andare a , walk about for pleasure. 
-tosamente. ADV. : delightfully, -toso, 
ADJ.: delightful. 

dile-zione [-tto], F. : kindness ; spiritual 

diliTjeraf. . = delibera. . 

dilibraret, INTR., REFL. : tumble, fall. 

dilicaf. . = delica. . 

dili-geute [L. -gens (diligere, love)], 
ADJ. :* diligent (attentive), -gentemen- 
te, ADV.: diligently, -genza, P.: dili 
gence (attention) ; diligence (stage-coach). 

dilig* onei, F. : jest ; ridicule. 

diliquidaref, INTR. : become liquid. 

diliscaret, TR. : bone (a fish). 

diHtic. . = diletic. . 

diliver. .f = deliber. . 

dilizi. .f = delizi. . 

diloggiare \dloggw\, TR.: DISLODGE; 
INTR*. :" move (change one's lodging). 

dilom-bare [lombo], REFL. : strain one's 
back, -"bato, PART. : weak-backed, fee 
ble, -"batura, F. : lumbar strain. 

dilontanare [lontano], TR.: send away; 
REFL. : go away (withdraw). 

dilu-ei-damentet, ADV.: lucidly, plainly. 
|| -dare [lucido], TR. : elucidate (explain). 


-dazione, F. : elucidation, 
ADJ. : lucid (clear). 

di-luente, ADJ., M. : diluent. H-liure 
[L. di-luere (wash)], TR. : dilute, weaken. 

dilun-ga:m.entot, M. : delay; remote 
ness, ll-garef [lungo], TR. : stretch; 
remove ; retard ; REFL. : withdraw ; wan 
der away. 

dilusionef = delusione. 

diln.-vian.ot, ADJ.: diluvian. -viare, 
IMPERS.: rain hard, be a deluge; TR., INTR. : 
devour, eat greedily. -viator e, M. : 
glutton. ||diM-vio [L. -vium (root lu- f 
wash), M. : DELUGE (flood) ; abundance ; 
gluttony, -vione, M. : glutton. -vio- 
sot, ADJ. : diluvial. 

dimacc/iiare [maechid], TR. : clear of 
spotst ; clear of trees. 

dima-g/ierare, H-grare [magro], INTR.: 
become lean ; TR. : make lean, -grazio- 
net, F. : becoming lean. 

dimand. . = domand. . 

dimanet, dimani = domani. 

dizn.exo.'braret, TR. : dismember; tear 

dime-namentot = -nio. (j-nare [me- 
nare], TR. : agitate (shake); jolt, -na- 
zionet, P., dime-nio, M.: shaking (jolt 

dimensione [L. -sio], F. : dimension. 

dimentaret, TR. : dementate (deprive of 

dimenti-caggine, F., -camentof, M. : 
absent-mindedness (forgetfulness). -can- 
za, F. : forgetting, forgetfulness. I! -ca 
re [mente], TR.: forget ; disregard ; REFL.: 
forget one's self, -catoio, M. : forget 
fulness (oblivion): lasciare (metier e) nel 
, forget, -c/ievolet, ADJ. : very for 
getful, dimenti-eo, ADJ.: neglectful. 
-cone, ADJ. : very forgetful or absent- 
minded ; M. : forgetful man. 

dimentiret, TR. : give the lie to (contra 

dimeritaret = demeritare. 

di-m ess am eiite, ADV. : humbly, 
si, PRET. of -metier e. -messionet, F. : 
humiliation. ||-messo, PART, of -mette- 
re; ADJ.: humble, dispirited. 

dimestic. . = domestic. . 

dimetro [Gr. di(s), twice, metron, meas 
ure], ADJ. : dimeter. 

di=mettere, IRE.; TR.: DISMISS (dis 
charge) ; forget; pardon; abandont; ceaset; 
REFL. : resign (give up). 

dimez zamento, M.: halving, division. 
H-a-are" [mezzo], TR. : divide in the middle 

diminoy, M. : dominion ; will. 

dimi-xraendot, M. : (mus.) diminuendo. 
-Huimentot, M.: diminution, ll-nui- 
re PJ. -nuere], TR. : diminish, reduce; 


INTE. : lessen, decrease, -nutivamen- 
tef, ADV.: diminutively, -mitivo, ADJ., 
M. : diminutive, -nuzione, P. : dimi 

dimi-si, PRET. of dimettere. -ssione, 
p.: dismission, resignation, -ssdria, ADJ.: 
dimissory ; F. : dimissory letter. 

dimoiare [mo/Ze], INTR. : liquefy; thaw. 

dimol-to \molto\, ADV.: very much, a 
great deal, -tone, ADV.: (Jam. jest.) ex 

dixnoniof = demonw. 

dimo-ra, p. : stay, habitation, abode ; de 
lay. -ragonef, P. : stay, abode, -ra- 
mentof/M. : residence. -ranzaf = 
-ra. || -rare [L. demorari (mora, de 
lay)], INTR.: reside, stay, -razionef, 
dimo-rof = -ra. 

dimorsaret? TR.: let go from one's teeth. 

dimo - strabile, ADJ. : demonstrable. 
-stramento, M. : demonstration, -stran- 
zaf = -strazione. U-strare [L. de-mon- 
strare (show)], TIL: demonstrate (prove); 
REFL. : show one's self, -strativa, F. : 
demonstrative faculty, -strativamen- 
te, ADV.: demonstratively, -strativo, 
ADJ.: demonstrative. -stratore,M.: dem 
onstrator, -strazion-eella, -strazion- 
eina, F. : short demonstration, -stra 
zione, F. : demonstration ; sign ; mani 
festation, dimo-strof = -strato. 

di-mugrneret, -nmngeret, TR. : milk 
dry; empty, -nmntbf, PART., ADJ.: 

di-namica [Gr. dtinamis, power], P.: 
dynamics, -namico, ADJ.: dynamic, -na- 
mite, P.: dynamite, -namometro [Gr. 
metron, measure], M. : dynamometer. 

diuanzi [di in arm*], PREP., ADV.: before 
(in presence of, in front of); precedingf; 
ADJ.: front; M.: front. 
di-nastia [Gr. dundstes, ruler], F. : dy 
nasty, -nastico, ADJ. : dynastic. 
dinderlof, M.: tasselled ornament, fringe. 
dindo [echoic], M. : farthing (coin). 
dindon [echoic], ding-dong (of bells). 
dinega-ref, TR.: deny, -zionef, F. 

dinervaref, TR. : unnerve ; enervate. 
dinngrnixnentot, M. : fiction. 
diniego [dinegare], M. : denial. 
dinigraref, TR. : blacken. 
dinoc-care t [noccd], TR. : put out o: 
joint; break the neck of; INTR., REFL. 
put out of joint, -colato, ADJ.: unjointed 
(broken); languid (listless). 
dinodaref, INTR., REFL.: become sepa 
rated (joint from joint). 
dinom. .f, dinon. .f, 
nom. ., etc. 
dia-tornameiitof,M.: drawing contours 
environs, -naref, TE. : outline. II d* in 



tor-no r , PREP. : around, -tor-ni 2, M. 
PL. : environs ; contourf, outline. 
lin-adaref, TR. : denude ; uncover. 
dinnmera-ref, TR. : enumerate, -zio- 
nef, F. : enumeration. 
linimzia. .f = denuncia. . 
Bio, pi. dei (of antiquity) or dii [L. 
t], M. : God ; ADJ.f : divine : lavorare 
per Vamor di , work without compen 
sation ; faceia , voglia, God grant ; 
me ne guardi, God forbid. 
di-o-eesano, ADJ. : diocesan ; M. : dioce- ( 
san. if-o-eesi [Gr. dioikesis (did, through, 
oikos, house)*], P. : diocese. 
diot-tra [Gr. dioptra (did, through, root 
op-, see)], P., M. : dioptra. diot-trica, 
p.: dioptrics, diot-trico, ADJ.: diop 

dip an a -re [L. panus, ball of thread], 
TR. : wind, reel ; (jig.) clear up a con 
fused matter; eat heartily, -tnra, P.: 
reeling, winding. 
dipareref, INTR. : appear. 
dipar-tenza, F. : as in far le -tenze, bid 
farewell; departuref. -timento, M. : 
department; division; departuref- IS-ti- 
re [partire], TR.f: part (divide); INTR., 
REFL. : depart (leave), -tita = -tenza. 
dipelaret, TR. : make bald ; scorch. 
dipellaref , TR. : skin (flay). 
di-pendente, ADJ. or M.: dependent. 
-pendentemente, ADV.: dependency. 
-pendenza, F. : dependence; PL.: de 
pendent states. ||=pendere, IRR.; INTR.: 
depend, -pendnto, -peso, PART, of 

di-pigrneret, ||=pngere, IRR.; TR.: 
PAINT; DEPICT (represent); REFL.: use 
rouge, -pinsi, PRET. of -pingere. -pin 
to, PART, of-pingere; M.: painting, pic 
ture, -pintore, M. : painter, -pintn- 
ra, F. : painting. 

diplo-ma [Gr. (diploos, TWOFOLD)], M.: 
document ; diploma, -matica, F. : dip 
lomatics, -maticamente, ADV.: dip 
lomatically, -matico, ADJ.: diplomatic; 
M. : diplomat (ist). -mazia, F. : diplo 

dipopolaref, TR. : depopulate. 
diporref = deporre. 
di-portamentof, M.: deportment^ con 
duct. ||=portare, RBFL. : carry or de 
port one's self ; divert one's selff. -por- 
to, M. : amusement, recreation ; solacef. 
dipos. .f, dip-lit. . = depos. ., depuL . 
diradare [rado], TR. : thin (plants, etc.); 
REFL, : become thin. 

diradiearef, TR. : eradicate, rout out. 
dirama-re [ramo], TR.: thin off branches 
(thin out); separate, divide into branches. 
-zion-eella, F.: slight division, -zione, 
F. : branching (ramification). 



dirancaref, TR : spoil, root up. 

dirazzare [razza], INTR. : lose one's race 
(or family) qualities. 

dire [L. dicere], IRR. ; TR.: say, tell; 
mean, signify; call; M.: saying: dir la 
sua, add one's opinion; dir bene d'uno, 
speak well of one ; non mi vuol , I do 
not succeed ; I have no good fortune ; w- 
ler , mean. 

Lad.: Pres. di-co, -dor dp, -ce ; -cia 
-iff, di-cono. Impf . dicfrua. Pret. dissi, dicesti, 
disse ; dicemmo, dicste t dissero. Subj. : 
Pres. : dica, etc. Impf. dicessi. Fut. dirb. 
Cond. direi. I've di\ dite. Ger. dickndo. 
Part, detto. Old form: ditto. Of compounds 
benedire and maledire have Impf - in -dic&ua 
or -diva.; Pret. in -disse > -dissero or-tti, -di- 

diredare = diseredare. 

direaaret, TR. : sprain the hack. 

direptionef, F. : rapine ; destruction. 

diressi, PRET. of dirigere. 

diretanot ADJ. : hind, last. 

diretaref = diseredare. 

diretrof, M.: hinder, hack part; ADJ., 
ADV.: behind. 

diret-tam6ate, ADV. : directly, -tivo, 
ADJ.: directing. |ldiret-to, PART, of 
dirigere; ADJ.: direct (straight) ; directed 
(addressed); ADV.: directly, -tore, M. : 
director. -torio, M.: Directory of 
France, -triee, F.: directress, dire- 
jd.6ne, F.: office of director; official 
title or residence ; direction ; address. 

dirie-eiare [nccio], TR. : shell (chest 

dirideref = deridere. 

dirietof, PREP., ADV. : behind, after. 

dirigere [L. regere, guide)], IRR.; TR.: 
direct, manage ; address ; REFL. : go. 

Pret. dirts-si, -se ; -sero. Part, dirktto. 

dir-imente, ADJ. : annulling, invalidating 
(a marriage). ||-imeret [L. di$4mere\, 
TR. : divide ; break, annul. 

di=rimpetto, PREP., ADV. : opposite (to), 
over against. 

dirincontrof , ADV. : opposite to ; on the 

diripataf, F. : precipice. 

dirisionef = derisione. 

dirit-ta, p.: right hand; direct road. 
-tamente, ADV.: directly, straight. 
-tanzaf, -tezza, p.: straightness ; jus 
tice, uprightness. ||dirit-to [diretto], 
ADJ.: DIRECT (straight); just (upright); 
M. : right side ; right ; claim ; law ; title ; 
level f; ADV.: straight, directly: a , 
rightly, with reason ; ogni ha il suo ro- 
veseio, all good things have their bad 
sides, -tura, F. : straightness; judg 
ment ; impostf, tax. 
diriva. . = deriva. . 
dirivienif, M., INVAR. : windings, mean- 



diriz-zacrinef = -zatoio. -zamentof. 
M. : directing. || - zare [diritto], TR. : 
straighten; reform; direct (turn); REFL/J*: 
arise, -zatoio, M. : bodkin for the hair. 
-zatore, M. : manager, -zatri-ee, P.: 
directress, -zatura, F. : straightening. 
-zone, M. : thoughtless action; whim; 
stubborn insistence. 

dirof, ADJ. : impious, dire, cruel. 

diroc-camento, M. : destruction, demo 
lition. H - care * [rocca], TR. : destroy 
(ruin), -cat ore, M. : destroyer. 

diro-e-eiaref , INTR. : fall from a rock. 

diroga. .f = deroga. . 

di = r6mpere, IRR. ; TR.: soften (loosen, 
relax); interruptf , breakf; REFL.: become 
angry, -rompimento, M. : relaxation ; 
interruption*)*, -rottaf, F. : hard rub 
bing, friction. 

di-rottamente, ADV.: excessively. 
11 -rotto i [-romper e], PART., ADJ. : re 
laxed ; excessive : a , excessively, heav 

dirottofs, ADJ. : broken, steep. 

diroviaaref, TR. : ruin. 

diroz-zamento, M. : polishing; instruc 
tion. || -zare [rozzo], TR.: rough-hew; 
polish, instruct. 

dirubaref, TR. : rob. 

dimggi-naret : = -wire, -nio, M.: grind 
ing, gnashing. H-nipe[n^fme],TB.: re 
move the rust from: i denti, gnash 
the teeth. 

dim-pamentof , M. : falling down; preci 
pice. || -pare \rupe\ f INTR. : fall from a 
precipice (be precipitated); TR.f : precipi 
tate, -pato, PART.; M.: precipice, -pi- 
naref = -pare, diru-po, us'ly pi, -pi, 
M. : precipice ; craggy place. 

diruppi, PRET. of dirompere. 

dirdtof, ADJ. : ruined. 

di(s)- [L., apart], PREF. : dis-. 

dis = abbellire, TR., REFL. : lose one's 

disabilitaf, F. : inability. 

disabi-taref, TR. : depopulate. H-tato 
[abitato], ADJ. : uninhabited, -tazionef, 
F. : being uninhabited. 

dis=a-e-eentare, TR. : remove the accent 

disa-e^esof , ADJ. : extinguished. 

dis=a-eetto, ADJ.: unaccepted, unweL 

dis-accon^eiamente, ADV.: unsuitably, 
improperly. ||=acc6n-eio, ADJ.: unfitted 

dis-accordaref, REFL.: disagree. H=ae- 
cordo, M. : disagreement. 

dis=accTirato, ADJ. : inaccurate. 

disa-eerbare [acerbo], TR. : appease 
(quiet); REFL.: become calm. 

disacquistaref, TR. : lose- 


dis-adattaggine, p. : unfitness. -adat- 
tamente, ADV. : unsuitably. !|=adatto, 
ADJ. : unadapted (unsuitable, awkward). 

dis = adornare, TR. : deprive of orna 
ments; adorn unsuitably. =adorno, 
ADJ.: unadorned. 

disaflaticaref, REFL. : rest one's self. 

disaffe-zionare,TR.: disaffect. |!-zione 
[affezione], F.: disaffection, unfriendliness. 

disagevo-l* [agevole], ADJ. : difficult, un 
easy.* -lezza, p.: uneasiness. -Imente, 
ADV. : with difficulty. 

disaggra-daref, INTR. : be displeasing. 
-de vole, ADJ.: disagreeable. !!-dire 
[aggradire], TR. : displease; INTR.: be 

disagguagrli. .f = disuguagli. . 

dis-agiare, TR.: deprive of ease (dis 
turb, 'incommode), -agiato, PART., ADJ.: 
troubled; needy, -agiatore, M.: dis 
turber. H=ago, M. :* discomfort (incon 
venience); trouble; want, -agios o, ADJ.: 
inconvenient, troubled : tenere a , keep 

disagraref, TR. : desecrate. 

dis-aiutaref, TR.: hinder, -ai-dtof, M.: 
hindrance, impediment. 

disalberaret, TR. : dismast. 

disalbergaret, INTR. : leave home. 

disalloggiaref, TR. : dislodge. 

dis-amabile, ADJ.: unamiable. 
tef, PART., ADJ. : unloving. H=am.are, 
TR. : cease to love ; dislike. 

disaznbiziosof , ADJ. : unambitious. 

dis - amenita , F . : disagreeableness. 
|i=ameno, ADJ. : disagreeable. 

disami-eiziaf, F. : unfriendliness. 

disami-na, F., -n.amen.tot, M. : exami 
nation. -nantet,M.; examiner. H-naref 
[L. examinare], TR. : examine carefully. 
-nazionef, F. : examination. 

disammirazionej, p.: lack of admira 

disamo-rare, TR. : cause to lose affec 
tion; REFL.: lose liking for. -rato, 
PART., ADJ.: indifferent, -rata-e-eio, 
ADJ.: hard-hearted, cold. Hdisamo-re 
[amore], M. : want of affection (indiffer 
ence, dislike), -revole, ADJ.: unkind. 
-revolezza, p.: lack of affection, Tin- 
kindness, -rosof = -revole. 

dis=aaimare, TR. : dishearten, discour 
age ; REFL. : become discouraged. 

disappar aref, TR. : unlearn. 

disappariscentef, ADJ. : ugly. 

disappeteaza, F. : lack of appetite. 

disappli-care [applicare], REFL.: not 
apply one's self (be inattentive), -catez- 
za, F. : lack of application (inattention). 
-cato, ADJ.: indolent, -cazione, F.: 

dis = apprendere, IER.; TR.: unlearn. 



-apprensione, p.: fearlessness, -ap- 
presi, PRET. of -apprendere. -appreso, 
PART, of -apprendere. 

dis=approvare, TR. : disapprove, -ap- 
provazione, p. : disapprobation. 

disarboraret = disalberare. 

disargmare [argine], TR.: break down 
the ba'nks of (said of rivers, etc.). 

dis-armamentot, M. : disarming. f|=ar- 
mare, TR.: disarm; appease, -armo, 
M. : disarming. 

disar-monia [armonia\ t P.: lack of 
harmony, discord, -monico, ADJ.: in 
harmonious, -monizzare, INTR. : be 
out of harmony. 

disarticolare [articoloj, TR. : (mrg.) am 
putate at the joints. 

disascosot, ADJ. : disclosed, manifest. 

disaspriref , TR. : mitigate (relieve). 

disassue-fare [dis-, a. .], IRR. ; TR. : dis 
accustom; REFL.: become disaccustomed. 
-fatto, PART., -fei, PRET. of -fare. 

dis-astrare, TR. : hurt ; prejudice ; REFL.: 
damage one's business. |j=astro t M. : 
disaster; damage, -astroso, ADJ.: dis 

disatten-to [attento], ADJ.: inattentive. 
-zione, p. : inattention. 

disauto-rare [L. auctorare], TR.: re 
move from authority ; REFL. : be deprived 
of authority, -rizzare = -rare. 

dis-avanzare, INTR. : cease to advance ; 
lose ground (suffer loss). H=avanzo, M. : 
deficit, loss. 

disa wan. - taggiar e [avvantaggiare], 
TR. : lose an advantage, -taggio, M. : 
disadvantage, -taggtosamentef, ADV. : 
at a disadvantage*/ -taggioso, ADV.: 

disawe-dimentot, M.: inadvertence. 
-dutamente, ADV.: heedlessly, -du- 
tezza, F. : inconsiderateness, imprudence. 
H-duto [dis-, a. .], ADJ.: improvident (im 
prudent) ; inconsiderate (heedless). 

disawe-nente [avvenente'], ADJ. : unpre 
possessing (charmless, graceless), -nen- 
tezzaf, -nenza, F. : want of grace, of 
charm. -neVolef = -nente* -mref, 
INTR. : come inconveniently, -ntibra, F. : 
mishap, misfortune, -nturatamente, 
ADV.: unfortunately, -ntnrato, -ntu- 
rosof , ADJ. : unfortunate, unlucky. 

dis-awertenza, F. : inadvertency. 

dis-avvezzamentof, M. : disuse. ||=av- 
vezzare, TR. : disaccustom ; REPL. : be 
come disaccustomed. 

disawisamentot, M. : negligence. 

disban-deggi aref, -diref , TR. : banish. 

disbarattiret, TR. : dissipate. 

disbarbaref, TR. : root up. 

disbarcaret, TR., INTR. : disembark ; un* 

142 disfeassare 

dish ass are = slassare. 

di=sborso, M. : disbursement. 

dis="bramaref , TR. : gratify. 

disforaacaret, TR. : strip of branches 

di=sl>rigare, TR. : extricate, clear up; 
REPL. : rid or free one's self of. 

di-sca-etamettto, M. : dismissal ; expul 
sion. H=sca-eiare, TR. : send away 
(dismiss), -sca-e-eiativo, ADJ.: dismis 
sive, expulsive, -sca-e-eiatore, M. : ex- 

disca-deref, INTR.: fall away; waste; 
fall or return to (said of property), -di- 
mentof, M. : falling away ; decay, -diitof , 
ADJ.: fallen. 

dis-calzaret, TR. : strip of shoes and 
stockings, -calzof, ADJ. : barefooted. 

discansot, M. : escape. 

dxscapezzaref, TR. : lop off ; decapitate. 

di=scapitare, INTR. : undergo loss, -sca- 
pito, M. : loss ; injury. 

disearcaref , TR. : unload. 

discareraref, TR.: release from prison. 

dis - carieamento f = -carico. \\ = ca- 
ricare, TR. : unload ; relieve ; REFL. : 
ease one's self, -carico, M. : unload 
ing; exculpation. 

discarmaref , TR. : strip of flesh ; REFL. : 
become thin. 

dis=caro, ADJ. : unpleasant (offensive). 

discatenaret, TR. : unchain. 

discavalcarej, TR. : unhorse, throw; 
INTR.: dismount. 

discederef, IRR. ; INTR. : go away. 

di-scezidente, ADJ.: descending; M. : 
descendant, -scendenza, F. : descent, 
lineage. ll=soeadere, IRR. ; INTR. : de 
scend (go down ; spring from) ; TR. : de 
scend, -scendimentof , M., -scensio- 
nef, P.: descent, origin, -seensoref, 
M. : descendant. 

discentef, M. : learner. 

dis-centramento, M.: decentralization. 
H-centrare [centro], TR. : decentralize. 

di-scepola, F. : pupil, -scepolatof, 
M. : pupilage. Ij-scepolo [L. discipulus 
(discere, learn)], M. : disciple (pupil). 

discer-nemte, PART., ADJ. : discerning, 
understanding, -nenzaf, P.: discern 
ment; sign, lldiscer-mere [cernere], 
TR. : discern (distinguish ; perceive), -no 
velet, ADJ. : distinctive, -niMle, ADJ. : 
discernible, -nimento, M. : discernment. 
-nitore, M. : discerner. 

discerperef, TR. : tear to pieces. 

discervellare = dicervellare. 

disce-sa, F. : descent (going down ; de 
clivity), disce-si, PRET., [{disce-so, 

PART, of -ndere. 
discetta-ref, TR. : dispute (contend). 

-zionef , F. : contention. | 


disceve-ramzat, F. : separation, -raret* 
INTR. : dissever. 

disc Mar aref = dichiarare. 

disc/i-iattaref, INTR. : degenerate. 

disc/*iava-e-eiaref, TR. : unlock. 

discMavaref , TR. : open (with a key) y 

disc/fcioderef, TR. : refuse. 

diseMeraref, TR. : break the ranks of, 
disorder ; REFL. : quit the ranks. 

diseMestaf , F. : indigence. 

discfriodare schiodare. 

disc/tiomaret, TR. : disorder the hair of. 

dis=c7*iudere, IRR. ; TR. : disclose (open)., TR. : scum, skim. 

dis-cMusi, PRET., -c7iiuso, PART, of 

di-scifirneref, Il-scingere [dis-, c. J, 

- IRR. ; TR. : ungird (untie)', -scinsi, PRET. ; 
-scinto, PART, of -scingere. 

di=scidfirKere, IRR. ; TR. : DISSOLVE ; un 
fasten (loosen) ; REFL. : melt. -scio#li-, M. : solution, -sciogrlitore, 
M. : dissolver. -sciolsi, PRET. of -scio- 
gliere. -scioltamentef, ADV.: freely,, 
loosely, -sciolto, PART, of -sciogliere: 
dissolved, loose, free, -sciorref = -scio- 

discipli-na [L. (discere, learn)], F. : dis 
cipline (system of rules; subjection to 
rule ; training, instruction ; science ; chas 
tisement, penance); scourge (flagellant's, 
lash, whipcord), -nabile, ADJ.: dis- 
ciplinable. -nafeilita, F. : disciplinable- 
ness. -nanti, M. PL. : penitents, -na- 
rei, ADJ.: disciplinary. -nare2, TR. : 
discipline ; REFL. : do penance, -nata- 
mente, ADV. : according to rule or dis 
cipline, -natezza, F. : observance of 
discipline, -nevolef, ADJ.: disciplinable. 

discipulof = discepolo. 

dis- co [Gr. -kos], M. : discus (quoit); disk* 
-c6"bolo, M. : discus-thrower. 

discoccaref = scoecare. 

disco-lamentef, ADV.: dissolutely, -let- 
to, M. : idle youth. || disco -lo [Gr. dus- 
kolos, hard to cultivate], ADJ. : disorderly 
(dissolute, wild, vile) ; M. : dissolute per 
son (libertine). 

discolora-ref , TR. : discolour, -zioaef, 
F. : paleness. 

discol-pa [colpa\, F., -pamentof, M. : 
exculpation, vindication. -pare, TR. : 

discozn. .f = scorn. . 

dis-con-eiaref, TR. : disarrange, -con- 
ciof, ADJ. : disarranged ; unsuited ; rude. 

dis= confess are, TR. : disavow (disown). 

disconf. .f = sconf. . 

disco-nd'b'bi, PRET. of -noscere. -no- 
scenzat, p.: mistaken knowledge; lack 
of recognition, ingratitude. (I-noscere 


[dis-, c. .], IRE. ; TR. : not recognize, -no- | 
scfratamentef, ADV.: ungratefully; with- j 
out being known, -nosefrato, PART, of i 
-noscere; ADJ.f : unknown. 

dis-consentimento, M.: dissent, jjscon- 
s entire, TR. : dissent (disagree). 

disconsi-^liamentot, M. : dissuasion. 
-firliaref, TR. : dissuade. 

disc oils, .f , discont. .f = scons.., scout. . 

discon-tinuaret, TR. : discontinue, -ti- 
nuatamentet, ADV. : interruptedly, -ti- 
nnazionef, F. : discontinuation, li-ti- 
nno [continuo], ADJ. : discontinuous. 

dis-eonvenevole, ADJ. : unsuitable, un 
becoming, -convenienza, F. : unsuit- 
ability, incongruity. H=comrenre, ffiR.; 
INTR. : misbecome, be unsuitable, -con- 
venni, FRET, of -connire., 
PART, of -convenire. 

discop. .f , discora. .f = scop. ., Bcora. . 

discor-damentot, M., -danza, F. : dis 
cord; dissension, -dare, INTR.: be dis 
cordant (disaccord) ; disagree ; (Eng.f dis 
cord) ; cause discordf ; be distantf . -da- 
tor ef, M. : disputant. ! I dis cor -de [L. 
dis, cor, HEART], ADJ. : discordant (disso 
nant) ; disagreeing!- -demente, ADV.: 
discordantly, -devolef, ADJ. : discord 
ant, discor-dia, F. : discord (strife). 
-diosof , ADJ. : quarrelsome. 

discor-rendo, GER. : discoursing : e via 
, and so on. U-'rere [dis-, c. .], IRR. ; 
INTR. : DISCOURSE (talk) ; run or ramble 
aboutf : far i morti, change a testa 
ment. -reVolef, ADJ.: flowing, -rimen- 
tof, M. : discourse ; flowing ; concourse ; 
running about, -ritore, M., -ritrlee, 
F. : discourser (talker), discor-sa, F. : 
tedious talk (nonsense); affected wittiness. 
-sa<eeo, M. : stupid discourse, -setto, 
-sino, M.: pretty little speech, discor- 
si, PRET. of -rere. -sivof , ADJ. : discur 
sive, discor-so, PART, of -rere: dis 
coursed, etc.; M. : discourse; reasoning. 
-sone, M. : long discourse. 

discortesef = seortese. 

discosceso = scosceso. 

discosctaret, TR.: disjoint the thigh; 
INTR. : be rugged or steep. 

disco-stamento, M. : removal, departure. 
j| -stare [costa], TR. : remove, put away ; 
REFL. : go away, withdraw, -stato, di- 
sco-stoi, ADJ.: removed; distant, di- 
sco-sto 2, ADV. : far off. 

discovriref = seoprire. 

discrasia [Gr. dus, bad, krasis, mixture] 

F. : (med.) dyscrasia. 

discre-dentef, ADJ. : incredulous, -den- 
zaf, F. : incredulity. ildisere-dere 
[dis-, c. .], TR. : discredit (disbelieve) 
REFL. : change one's opinion, -ditamen- 
tot, M. : discredit, -ditave, TR. : 



credit (deprive of credibility ; disgrace) ; 
REFL. : disgrace one's self, discre-di- 
to, M. : discredit, loss of favor. 

dis-crepantef , ADJ. : discrepant, -cre- 
panza, F. : discrepancy, difference. 
||=crepare, INTR. : be discrepant (differ, 
be at variance). 

discrete, .f = decresce. . 

discre-tamente, ADV.: discreetly, -tea* 
za = -zione. -tivamente, ADV. : dis- 
cretively. -tivo, ADJ.: discretive (dis 
cerning), jjdiscre-to [L. -tus (cernere, 
separate)], ADJ. : discreet (prudent, just, 
fair) ; moderate (mediocre) ; fair (quite 
considerable), -zione, F. : discretion. 

discriminalef, M. : bodkin for the hair. 

discrit. .f, discriz. . = deserit. ., descriz. . 

discrollaref, TR. : shake, toss. 

discn-eiref , TR. : unsew, rip out. 

disculminaret, TR. : remove the top, un 

discnoiaref , TR. : skin. 

dis-cussaref = -cutere. -cnssi, PRET. 
of -eutere. -cnssione, F. : discussion, 
debate, -ciisso, PART, of -cutere, ||-cA- 
tere D^ 1 - quatere, shake], ntR.; TR. : Dis 

Pret. reg. ; or discu$~$ t ~se ; -sera. Part, 

dis-degnamento, M.: scorn, anger, -de- 
(/nanzat, F. : disdain. H=degrnare, TR.: 
disdain (scorn); INTR. : be disdainful, -de- 
grno, M. : disdain, -degrnosamente, 
ADV. : disdainfully, -degrnoso, ADJ. : dis 
dainful, angry. 

dis-detta, F. : refusal; denial; (fcuai.) 
bad luck (esp. at play). H-detto [-dire], 
PART. : refused ; M.f : refusal, bad luck. 

disdi-ee-volef , ADJ. : indecent ; improp 
er, -volezzaf, F. : impropriety, -vol- 
mentef, ADV. : improperly. 

dis=direi, IRR.; TR.: unsay (retract); 
deny; forbid; withdraw: il fitto (or 
la casa), give notice to quit. 

disdire 2 [L. dis decere^ be fitting], INTR,: 
be unbecoming (be unsuitable). 

disdissi, PRET. of disdirei. 

disdoro [L. de-decorus, shameful], M. : dis 
honour, shame. 

diseforiare*! , INTR.: become sober again, 

disecc. .f = dissece. . 

dise - grnamentof = -gno. 1-firnare 
[di-, s. .], TR. : design (delineate, draw; 
describe; plan, intend), -gmatoio, M.: 
crayon-case, -^rnatore, M., -grnatri-ee, 
F. : designer, -grnat&rafv P.: design. 
-^netto,-grnno,M.: pretty little sketch. 
dise~rno, M. : design (sketch; intention); 
art of drawing: colorire tin , put an 
idea into practice. 

disegnal. . = disugual. . 

disellaref , TR. : unsaddle. 



dis=enflare, TR. : disinflate; reduce the 
swelling of. 

disennatot, ADJ. : out of one's mind, fool 

disensatof, ADJ. : dull, insensate. 

disenteriat = dusenteria. 

dis=ecgriilil)rio, M. : disequilibrium. 

dis=eredare, TR. : disinherit, -ereda- 
zione, F. : disinheriting, -eredef, ADJ.: 
disinherited; M.: disinherited person, -ere- 
ditaret = -dare. 

diserraref, TR. : open, unlock. 

diser-tamento, M. : desolation. || -ta 
re [ak. to deserto], TR. : destroy (ruin) ; 
INTR. : desert, -tatore, M. : destroyer. 
diser-tof, ADJ.: deserted (solitary); M.: 
desert, -tore, M. : deserter. 

diser-vigtot, M. : bad turn (unkindness). 
-viref, TR. : disserve, harm. [disfare], M. : undoing 
(destruction), -tore, M. : undoer (de 
stroyer), -tura, F. : undoing. 

disfamare = sfamare. 

dis=fare, IRR. ; TR. : undo (destroy, de 
feat); REPL. : dissolve; rid one's self (di, 
of): -far si in lacrime, burst into tears. 
-fatta, F. : defeat (rout of an army). 
-fattiMle, ADJ. : that can be undone or 
destroyed, -fatto, PART of -fare, -fat- 
toref , M. : destroyer. 

disfavillaref, INTR. : sparkle. 

disfavor. , = sfavor. . 

dis-fazionet,F.: destruction, ruin, -fe-ei, 
PRET. of disfare. 

disferenziare \differente\ t TR. : distin 

disfermaref, TR. : weaken, make less 

disf err. .f, disfid. .f, disfig. .f = sferr. ., 
sfid. ., sfig. . 

dissfmgeref, IRR.; INTR.: dissemble. 
-fiagimentot, M. : dissembling. 

disfimret = definire. 

disfioj- ., disfog. .f = sfio. ., sfog. . 

dis-formare = sformare. ||- forme 
[forma], ADJ.: unlike, different, -for- 
mita, F. : diversity, difference. 

disforniref, TR. : unf urnish, 

disfortnnato = sfortunato. 

disfrancaref, TR. : disfranchise. 

disfren. .f , disgann. .f = sfren. ., di- 
singann. . 

disgiugrn. .f = disgiung. . 
dis=gL.ngere, IRR.; TR. : disjoin (sep 
arate); distinguish; unyoke, -giimgi- 

mento, M. : disjunction (separating). 

-gfdnsi, PRET. of -giungere. -giunta- 

mente, ADV. : disjointedly (sep'arately). 

-gmntivamente, ADV.: disjunctively. 

-gi^ativo, ADJ.: (gram.) disjunctive. 

-giunto, PART, of -giungere* -ginn- 

zione, F. : disjunction, separation. * 


disgo. .f = sgo. . 

disgra-dare [grado], TR. : put to shame ; 
de'grade (disgracet); descend by steps or 
degrees!, -devole, ADJ.: unpleasant, 
-dimento, M. : disapprobation, contempt. 
-dire, TR.: dislike, disgra-do, M. : 
despite : avere a , dislike, have an aver 
sion for ; a , in spite of. 

disgraticolaref , TR. : deprive of grating 
or bars. 

disgratof, ADJ. : disagreeable. 

disgrava. . = sgrava. . 

disgravidaref, INTR. : bring forth. 

dis=grazia, F. : misfortune (ill luck, mis 
chance) ; disgrace (disfavour) : per , un 
fortunately, -graziar e f r= disgradare. 
-graziatamente, ADV. : unfortunately. 
-graziato, ADJ.: unfortunate, unhappy 
(wretched), -graziosof, ADJ. : quarrel 

disgre-gabile, ADJ.: that can be sep 
arated, -ganzaf = -gazione. ||-gare 
[L. grex, flock], TR. : separate (disunite, 
Eng.f disgregate). -gativo, ADJ. : sep 
arating, -gazione, F. : separation. 

disgrev. .f, disgrif/n. .f = disgrav. ., 
digrign. . 

disgropparet, TR. : undo. 

disgross. .f = sgross. . 

dis~gna01iaazat, F., -guaf/liof, M.: 

disgn-stare, TR. : disgust ; offend ; REFL. t 
be disgusted, -stevole, ADJ.: disgust 
ing, -stevolezza, F. : disgustfulness. 
||disgd-sto [gusto], M.: disgust (aver 
sion, dislike), -stoso, ADJ. : disgusting. 

di-siaf, F.: desire, -siaref, TR.: desire. 

disid. ., disig. . = desid. ., dissig. . 

dis=impa-e-eiare, TR. : disencumber (dis 

dis=imparare, TR. : unlearn (forget). 

disim.-pegio.are [impegno], TR. : disen 
gage (release); perform (achieve); REFL. : 
get through, get off: -pegnarsi di sua 
par old, keep one's word, -pegrno, M. : 
disengagement (release). 

disinaref = desinare. 

dis=incautare, TR. : disenchant. 

disinclinazionef, F. : disinclination. 

disinenza = desinenza. 

dis-infettante, ADJ., M. : disinfectant. 
H=infettare [infetto], TR. : disinfect. 
-infezione, F. : disinfection. 

dis^infmgeref , 1KB,. ; TR. : dissemble. 

dis=ingannare, TR.: disillusion (unde 

ceive); REFL.: be disillusioned (be unde 
ceived), -inganno, M. : disillusion. 

dis-innamoramento, M.: ceasing to 
love. ||=inamorare, REFL. : cease being 

dis^inse^nare, TR. : unteaeh ; teach th 
opposite of. 


dis- inter essato, ADJ.: disinterested.; 

jj=interesse, M. : disinterestedness. 
disinvitaref, TR. : countermand. 
dis-involtamente, ADV. : easily, grace 
fully. H=involto, ADJ. : unembarrassed 

(self-possessed, easy ; graceful), -invol- 
tura, P.: self-possession (ease, grace); 

boldness ; levity. 
disio, disirot = desire, desio. 
disistaxLcaret, EEPL. : rest one's self. 
disisti-ma [dis-, stima], p.: disesteem; 

disrepute, -mare, TR. : disesteem. 
disla-e-eare [laccio], TR. : unlace. 
dislagaref, REPL. : overflow. 
disle. ., disloc. . = sle. ., slog. . 
dis=!odare, TR. : dispraise. 
disloga. . = sloga. . 
dismagaref, TR.: err; deviate; REFL.: 

separate one's self. 
dismar/liaref, TR. : break the meshes; 

(jig,} tear flesh with the nails. 
dismalaref, TR. : cure. 
dismantaref, REPL. : remove one's cloak. 
dismarr. .f, dismem. .f = smarr. ., 

smem. . 

dismemoratof, ADJ. : unmindful. 
dismezi-taret, -ticare = dimenticare. 
dismettere = smettere. 
dismisu-ra [dis-, m. .], P. : excess : a , 

excessively, -ranzaf = -ra. -raref, 

INTR. : exceed the measure. 
dismodato = smodaio. 
dismonacaref, TR. : uncloister; REPL.: 

leave a cloister. 
dismontare = smontare. 
dismuoveret, TR. : dissuade; disturb; 

REPL. : change one's mind. 
disnatnra. . = snatura. . 
disnebbiare [nebbia], TR.: free from 

mist or clouds. 

disnervaref, TR. : enervate. 
disnidaret, TR. : take from the nest ; 

REFL. : leave the nest. 
disno-dare [nodo], TR. : unknot, undo. 

-devolef, ADJ. : that can be untied. 
disnoref = disonore. 
dis=nudare, TR. : denude. 
disobbedi. . = disubbidi. . 
dis-obbligante, PART., ADJ.: disoblig- 

in'g. ^obbligare, TR.: free from obliga 
tion (Eng.f disoblige), -obbligo, M. : 

release from obligation. 
dis=occnpare, TR.: disengage (release); 

REFL. : rest from labor (take one's ease). 

-occnpato, ADJ. : unoccupied (at leisure). 

-occnpazione, P. : leisure. 
disolamentot, M. : desolation. 
dis-onesta, p.: dishonesty, -onesta- 

meute, ADV. : dishonestly. -onestaref ; 

TR.: dishonour; REFL.: disgrace one's self, 

IJsoa&sto, ADJ. : dishonest ; indecent. 
disonnaref, REFL. : awake. 



disono-ramento, M., -ranzaf, P. : dis* 
honour, disgrace, -rare, TR. : dishonour 
(disgrace); REFL.: disgrace one's self. 
-ratore, M. : he who dishonours, iidiso- 
no-re [onore], M. : dishonour (disgrace). 
-revole, ADJ. : dishonourable, -revol- 
mente, ADV. : dishonourably. 
disoppi-Iante, ADJ., M. : deoppilative. 
||-lare [dis-, o. .], TR.: clear (Eng.f deop- 
pilate). -lativo = -lante. 
di=s6pra, ADV. : over ; above. =sopra= 
piu, ADV. : over and above, besides. 
disorbi-tante, ADJ. : exorbitant, -tan- 
temeate, ADV. : exorbitantly, -tanza, 
p.: exorbitance. ||-tar0 \prbita}, TR.; 

disordi - na-e-eio, M. : great disorder. 
-naiuento, M., -nanzaf, F. : disorder. 
-nare, TR.: disorder (disturb); INTR.: 
exceed, be immoderate ; REPL.f : be con 
fused, -natamente, ADV.: in a dis 
orderly way; lawlessly, -nato, PART., 
ADJ.: disorderly; irregular; dissolutef. 
-nazionef, P. : disorder, ifdisordi-ne 
[or dine], M.: disorder (confusion); irregu 

dis = organizzare^ TR. : disorganize ; 
REFL. : be confused. 
disormeggiaref, TR. : uncable. 
disornaref, TR. : disadorn. 
disorpellare [orpello], TR. : strip of tin 
sel ; bare (unmask). 
disossare [osso], TR. : bone. 
disossidare [ossido], TR. : reduce the 

disottanof, ADJ. : lower (inferior). 
disotterrare = dissotterrare. 
di=sotto, PREP., ADV. : below, beneath. 
disp. ., often sp. . 

dispa^-cfamentot, M. : speed. (|~eia~ 
re [L. pedica (pes t foot), fetter], TR. : Dis* 
PATCH (telegraph) ; exPEDite. dispa-e- 
-eio, M. : dispatch (message, official let 
ter; telegram); coursef, expeditionf. 
dispaiare [paio], TE.: unmatch (dis 
unite, separate). 

dis=pararef , TR.: unmatch ; unlearn, for 
get, -parato, ADJ.: disparate (dissim 

dispareceMf, PEON. (M. PL.): a great 

disparenzaf, F. : disappearance. 
dis=parerei, M.: slight dissension, dis 

dispa-rerefs, INTR. : disappear, -revo- 
lef , ADJ. : passing, fleeting. 
di = sparger e f, IRR. ; TR. : DISPERSE* 
-spargimentof, M. : dispersion. 
dispari [L. dis-par (par, equal)], ADJ.: 
unequal (odd, uneven); differentf. -mem- 
tef , ADV. : unequally. 
disparire and deriv. = sparire and derir. 

146 disparita 

disparita [dispart], F. : disparity (differ 

disparmentet, ADV. : unequally. 

dispar-sif, FEET., -sot, PART, of -gere. 

dispar-te, ADV.: apart: in , in a place 
apart ; tenersi (stare) in , not aspire to 
honours, etc. H-tire [L.], TB.: part, 
separate (disputants); divide: V ami- 
st&\, break the friendship, -titamenteti 
ADV. : separately, -titore, M. : divider. 

disparat. .t = sparut. . f , M. : 

dispastoiaret* TE.: unfetter a horse; 

dispaveataret = spaventare. 

dispen-dere [L. (pendere, weigh)], IRR, 
(cf. spender e)', TR. : dispend; spend, di- 
spen-dio, M. : expense, costs, -diosa- 
mente, ADV.: expensively. -dioso, 
ADJ. : expensive, -ditoref, M. : spend 
thrift, dispen-sa, F. : dispensation; 
distribution; privilege; instalment (part, 
number of a book) ; pantry (larder), -sa- 
Mlet, ADJ.: dispensable. -sagione t, 
F., -samentot, M. : distribution; im 
munity, -sare, TR.: dispense, distribute ; 
exempt; RBFL.: dispense with, -satore, 
M., -satri-ee, F.: dispenser, -sazionef, 
P.: distribution; dispensation, -siera, 
F. : housekeeper, -siere, M. : steward, 

dispentot, ADJ.: extinguished; destroyed. 

dispe-rabilet, ADJ.: desperate, despaired 
of. -ragConet, -ranzat, F. : despera 
tion, li-rare [spero], TR. : not hope for ; 
deprive of hopet ; INTR. : despair ; REFL. : 
be desperate, -ratamente, ADV. : des 
perately, -ratezzat, F. : despair, -ra- 
to, PART., ADJ.: desperate (beyond hope); 
M. : desperate person ; madman : alia -ra 
te, desperately, -razione, F. : despera 
tion (despair); sorrow. 

dis=perdere, TR.: waste (squander, scat 
ter)., M. : waste (dissi 
pation), -perditore, M. : squanderer. 

di=spergere, IRR. ; TR. : DISPERSE (scat 
ter, diffuse); waste, -spergimentot, 
M.: dispersion. -spergitore,*M.: waster. 

dis=per=se, ADV.: by one's self, alone, 

dis-per=d, PRET. of -pergere. -persione, 
F. : dispersion, -perso, PART, of -per- 


dispesof, PART, of dispendere. 
dispet-tafcilet, ADJ. : despicable, -ta-e- 

- -eio, M. : despicable affront. -tart 

TR. : despise ; REFL. : be vexed, -tevo- 

let, ADJ.: disdainful, -tivamentet, 

ADV. : disdainfully. |[dispet-to [L. de- 

spicere (look)], M.: DESPITE (malignity; 

anger); contemptt: a (per) , in spite 


of; avere in , despise. -tosa<5io, 
disp. of -toso. -tosamente, ADV.: de- 
spitef ully. -toso , ADV. : despiteful ; saucy. 
-tosii-e-eio, -tosuzzot, dim. of -to so. 
-t-d-c-eio, M. : sauciness. 

dispia-eezite, ADJ. : displeasing, -een- 
tissimo, ADJ.: most (very) displeasing. 
-eenza, P.: displeasure; grief. ||-eere 
[dis-, p. .], IRR. ; TR. : DISPLEASE ; vex ; 
REFL. : be displeased ; feel sorry, -eevo- 
le, ADJ. : unpleasing. --eevolezza, F. : 
displeasure, --eevoliiiente, ADV.: un- 
pleasingly (disagreeably), -eimento, M.: 
vexation, grief, -einto, PART, of -cere. 
dispia-cqtii, PRET. of -cere. 

dispianaret, TR. : level ; REFL. : stretch 
out (lie down). 

dispiaixt. -t, dispicc. . = spiant. ., spice. . 

dispi-e-eiaret, TR. : dispatch, hasten. 

dispiega. . = spiega. . 

dispie-tanzat, F. : inhumanity, -tata- 
mentet, ADV.: pitilessly, inhumanly. 
-tatot, ADJ. : pitiless, cruel. 

dis=pigiiere t, =pingere t> IRR- ', TR. : 
cancel, blot out. -pinsit> PRET., -pin- 
tot, PART, of -pingere. 

displi-eeuzat = dispiacenza. 

dispod. ., dispo^/1. ., dispol. . = spod. ., 
spogl. ., spol. . 

dis-ponente, PART, of -porre ; M. : dis 
poser. H=po3iere = -porre. -pottiM- 
le, ADJ.: disposable, -ponimentot, 
M. : disposal, order, -ponitivo, more 
commonly -positive. -ponitoro, M. : 
regulator, bestower. =porre, IRR. ; TR. : 
DISPOSE (arrange, put in order); persuade; 
REFL. : prepare one's self, -poai, PRET. 
of -porre. -positivamemte, ADV.: dis- 
posingly. -positivo, ADJ. : disposing, 
enacting; p.: enactment, -positore, 
M., -positri-ce, F. : disposer, -posizio- 
ne, F. : disposition ; intent ; order, -po- 
sta, F. : disposition, -postamentet, 
ADV. : with order, -postezza, F. : dis- 
posedness, readiness. -posto, PART, of 
-porre; ADJ.: disposed, adapted; well 
madet, nimble. 

di-spoticam.en.te, ADV.: despotically. 
II-spotico [despotal ADJ.: despotic, -po- 
tismo, M. : despotism. 

dispre-gevole, ADJ.: despicable, -ge- 
volmente, ADV.: slightingly, -gia- 
bile, ADJ. : contemptible, -giamento, 
M. : contempt. ||-giare [dis-, p. .], TR. : 
DEPRECIATE (hold to be of little value); 
look down upon (despise), -gtativo, 
ADJ.: depreciating; M.: depreciative suf 
fix, -giatore, M. : scorner. dispre- 
gio, M. : scorn (contempt), -zzabile, 
ADJ.: contemptible, -zzantemente, 
ADV. : scornfully, -zzare [prezzo], TR. : 
deprecate (hold to be of small value) : look 


down upon (despise), -zzatore, M., 
-zzatri-ee, p.: scorner. -zzevolef, 
ADJ.: despicable, -zzevolmentef, ADV.: 
scornfully, dispre-zzo, M. : contempt. 

dispri. ., dispro. . = gpri. ., spro. . 

disp-drof, ADJ. : impure. 

dispn-ta, F. : dispute, discussion, -tabi- 
le, ADJ. : disputable, -tante, M. : dis 
putant. j| -tare [L. (putare, clean)], 
INTR. : dispute; discuss; EEPL. : contest. 
-tativo, ADJ. : disputative. -tato, ADJ. : 
disputed, controverted, -tatore, M., -ta- 
tri-ee, P. : disputer, arguer. -tazione, 
F. : disputation ; argument. 

disqnisizione [L. -sitio (queerer e, seek)], 
P. : disquisition (dissertation). 

disradicaref, TE. : eradicate. 

disrag. .f, disreg. . = srag. ., sreg. . 

dis=r6mperet, ERR. ; TE. ; break off. 

dismvidiref , TE. : remove the rust, 

dissagraref, TE. : desecrate. 

dissalare [saZe], INTE.: freshen salt 

dissan-gnare [sangue], TE. : remove 
blood, bleed, -gain are, TE. : wash off 
blood (from skins, etc.). 

dissa-pitof, ADJ. : insipid. ||-pore [so- 
pore\,ii.i disagreement (quarrel), -pori- 
tof, -vorosof , ADJ.: unsavory, tasteless. 

disseca-re [L. (seeare, cut)], TE. : dissect. 
-zione, P. : dissection. 

dissec-camento, M. : desiccation. II -ca 
re [L. siccus, dry], TE. : desiccate; KEPL.: 
become dry. -cativo, ADJ. : desiccative 

disseletare [selce], TE. : tear up the 
pavement of. 

dissemina - r e [semino], TE. : dissemi 
nate (scatter), -tore, M. : disseminator. 
-zione, P. : dissemination, 

dissennare [senno], TE.: deprive of sense. 

dis-sensione, p. : dissension. |i=seaso, 
M. : dissent (discord). 

dissen-teria [Gr. dus, ill, enteron, intes 
tine], P.: dysentery, -terico, ADJ.: 

dis-sentimento, M. : dissent. ! i=s en 
tire, INTR. : dissent, -sen.zien.te, PAET., 
ADJ.: dissentient. 

dissepara. . = separa. . 

dis=seppellire, TE. : unbury, dishiter. 

disrserrare, TE. : unlock. 

disserta-re [L. dis-serere (join)], INTE. : 
discuss (dissert), -zion-eella, F. : brief 
discussion, -zione, P. : dissertation. 

disser-vigiof = -mzio. -viref, TE.: 
disserve (harm), -viziof, M. : disservice 
(ill turn). 

dis=sestare, TE. : derange ; REFL. : be in 
disorder, -sesto, M. : d&order. 

dissetare [sete], INTE. : quench thirst. 


dis-settore [L. -sector (secare, cut)], M. : 
dissector (anatomist), -se zione, p. : dis 

dissi, PEET. of dire. 

dis-sidente [L. -dens (sedere, SIT)], ADJ. : 
dissident (disagreeing); M.: dissenter (in 
religion), -sidio, M. : dissension. 

dis=sigiliare, TE. : unseal. 

dis-silla"bo, ADJ.: dissyllabic; M. : dis 

dissimigrlia. .f = dissomiglia. . 

dissimi-Ie [dis-, s. .], ADJ. : dissimilar, 
unlike, -litudine, p.: dissimilitude, 

dissimnla-re [dis-, s. .], TE. : dissimu 
late (pretend), -taxnente, ADV.: dis- 
semblingly. -tore, M., -tri<ee, P.: dis 
sembler, -zione, F. : dissimulation. 

dissi-pabile, ADJ.: dissipable. -pamen- 
to, M.: dissipation. H-pare pL- (sipare, 
throw)], TE.: dissipate (disperse), -pata- 
mente, ADV.: wastefully. -patezza, 
F.: dissipation, -pato, ADJ.: dissipated; 
scattered, -patore, M., -patr-ee, p.: 
squanderer, -pazione, P.: dissipation. 

dissipitof, ADJ. : insipid. 

dissodare [sodo], TE. : till (plough). 

dissoileitn.dinef, P. : slowness. 

disso-MMle, ADJ.: dissoluble. -lml>i- 
lita, P.: dissolubility. -Intamente, 
ADV.: dissolutely, -lutezza, p.: disso 
luteness, -lutivo, ADJ. : dissolvent. -In 
to, PAET. of -Ivere; ADJ.: dissolute. 
-Inzione, F. : dissolution, disso-lvei, 
PEET. of -Ivere. -Ivente, ADJ., M. : dis 
solvent, lidisso-lvere [dis-, s. .], IBB. ; 
TE.: dissolve; EEFL.: dissolve, melt. -Ivi- 
mento, M. : dissolving, melting. 

dis-somigrlianza, p. : unlikeness. \\-so- 
migrliare, INTR., EEPL.: be unlike, be 

dis-sonante, ADJ.: dissonant, -sonanza, 
P.: dissonance; incongruity. H=sonare, 
INTE. : be dissonant. 

dissonnare [sonno], TE,, REFL. : awake. 

dis=sono [L. sonus, sound], ADJ.: dissonant 

dis-sotterramento, M. : exhumation. 
||=sotterrare, TE. : disinter, dig up. 

disssoweniref, IER. ; INTR. : forget. 

dis=snadere, ZEE. ; TE. : dissuade, -sna- 
si, PEET. of -suadere. -snasione, p.; 
dissuasion, -snasivo, ADJ.: dissuasive. 
-snaso, PART, of -suadere. -snasorio 
= -suasivo. 

dissnetudine [L. -da (suescere, be used)], 
F. : desuetude (dismse). 

dissngare [sugo], TR.: deprive of juice 
or sap. 

dissnggellare = dissigillare. 

dissnxia [Gr. dns- t bad, ofiron, urine], P. ; 

di-staccamento, M. : detaching; de- 



tackment. -stacoanzaf == -staccamento. 
U=staccare, TR. : detach, pull away. 
-staccatdraf, p.: detaching, separat 
ing, -stacco, M. : separation, parting. 

dista-0Karef, INTE., EEFL.: intersect; 
TR. : cut apart. -^Katuraf, P.: cut, 

di-stante, ADJ. : distant (far), -stanza, 
-stazLziaf, P. : distance. H=stare, IRR.; 
INTR. : be distant (be remote). 

distasaret, TR. : unstop. 

distemperare = stemperare. 

dis= tend ere, IRR. ; TR. : distend (stretch 
or spread out); REFL. : dwell or enlarge 
upon. -tendibile, ADJ. : distensible. 
-tendimento, M. : distension. 

distenebrare \tenebr u], TR. : clear up. 

dis=teneref, IRR. ; TR. : hold back, detain. 
-tenimeutot, M. : detention. 

dis-tensione \_-tendere\ t P. ; distension 

disteimtot, PART, of distenere. 

disterminaret = sterminare. 

dis-tesa, p.: extent; expansion: alia , 
at large; diffusedly. -tesamente, ADV.: 
extensively, -tesi, PR*ET. of -tendere. 
H-teso, PART, of -tendere. 

disti-c/tetto, dim. of -co. Hdisti-co 
[Gr. dis, twice, stikos, row, verse], M. : 
distich (epigram of two verse-lines). 

distil-lamento, M. : distilling. H-lare 
[L. (stillare, drop)], TR. : distill, -latoio, 
M. : still, distillery, -latore, M. : distil 
ler, -latorio, M. : still, -lazione, p.: 
distillation, -leria, p. : distillery. 

di-stingTi.ere[L.],niR.; TR.: distinguish, 
separate; REFL. : distinguish one's self. 
-stiuguibile, ADJ. : distinguishable. 
-stixLsi, PRET. of -stinguere. -stinta- 
mente, ADV.: distinctly, -stintivo, 
ADJ.: distinctive; M. : sign, characteris 
tic, -stinto, PART, of -stinguere ; ADJ. : 
clear, distinct, -stinzioiveella, P.: 
slight distinction, -stinzione, p.: dif 
ference ; distinction, honour. 

Pret. distitt-si t -se ; -sera. Part, distinto. 

dis =6011 ere, IRR. ; TR.: dissuade, di 
vert, -tofirlimento, M. : dissuasion. 
-tolsi, PRET., -tolto, PART, of -togliere. 

Alston. ,f, distor-e. .f, distorn. .f = 
ston. ., store. ., storn. . 

distorre = distogliere. 

dis-torsione, p.: distortion, contorsion. 
K-torto f PJ. -tortus (torquere, twist)], 
ADJ.: distorted; unjust. 

dis-traeref, =trarre, IRR.; TR.: distract 
(divert); REFL. : divert one's mind, -tras- 
si, PRET. of -trarre. -trattamente, 
ADV.: distractedly, -tratto, PART, of 
-trarre. -trazion-eella, P. : slight dis 
traction, -trazioxte, p. : distraction 
(diversion). i 


di-strettaf, P. : distress (need), -stret- 
tamentefy ADV. : severely, -strettez- 
zaf, F. : severity. Ji-stretto [-string e- 
re], PART.f, ADJ. : pressed, needy ; M. : 
district, province, -strettuale, ADJ. : 

distri - Tbiiixneiito f , M. : distribution. 
H-buire [L. dis-tribuere (tribus, tribe)], 
TR. : distribute ; range, -"butivamen- 
te, ADV. : distributively. -butivo, ADJ.: 
distributive, -butore, M., -"butri-ee, 
p. : distributer, -buzione, P. : distri 

distrigare = strigare. 

di-strigrneref, -stringeref, TR. : bind 
close; pinch, -stringimeutof, M.: 
binding, pinching. 

di=st rugger e, IRR.; TR. : DESTROY (de 
molish).* '-stmggibile, ADJ.: destruc 
tible, -struggimentof, M.: destruction. 
-stmggitivo* = -struttivo. -stmggi- 
t6re,*M., -struggitri-ee, F. : destro'y'er. 
-strussi, PRET. of -struggere. -strnt- 
tibilef = -struggibile. -stnxttivo, 
ADJ.: destructive, -strdtto, PART, of 
-strug 'gere. -strnttore, M. : destroyer. 
-strnzione, p.: destruction, demolition. 

disturaref, TR. : uncork. 

dis-tnrbanzaf, p. : disturbance. ||-tnr- 
bare [L. (turba, disorder)], TR. : disturb. 
-turbatore, M., -turbatri-ee, F. : dis 
turber, -turbo, M. : disturbance. 

disnbbi - diente, ADJ. : disobedient. 
-dientemente, ADV. : disobediently. 
-dienza, P. : disobedience. H-dire [06- 
bedire], TR. : disobey; INTR.: be disobe 

disndiref, TR. : appear not to hear. 

disuggellaref , TR. : unseal. 

dis-ngua^/lianza,F.: inequality, -ngna- 
f/itare, TR. : render unequal. ||=ugua- 
le, ADJ.: unequal, unlike, -ngualita, 
P.: inequality, -ugnalmente, ADV.: 

dis-nmanaref , TR. : divest of humanity; 
REFL.: become inhuman. ||=njnano, 
ADJ. : inhuman. 

disumidire \umido\, TR. : remove the 

dis=ungere, TR. : free from grease. 

dis - unione, P. : disunion, division. 
Hnmire, TR.: disunite (separate); REFL.: 
be separated, -unitamente, ADJ.: sep 
arately, -nnito, PART.; ADJ.: separate. 

disiintof, ADJ. : empty (vain). 

disuria = dissuria. 

disurpare = usurpare. 

dis-nsanzaf, P.: disuse, -usare, TR. : 
disaccustom, -usatamente f , ADV. : 
against custom, -nsato, ADJ.: disused, 
obsolete; unusual. Hdia-uso, M. : dis- 
use, desuetude. 


dia-ntila-e-eio, ADJ.: utterly useless, 
good for nothing. Urn-tile, ADJ.: use 
less, -ntilita, F. : inutility, useless- 
ness, -utilxnente, ADV. : uselessly. 

disva-leref, TR. : harm, -loref, M. : 
little value. 

disvantaggo = svantaggio. 

disvariare't, INTR. : vary. 

disvel(l). ., disvi. . = svel(l). ., sm. . 

dis=volere, INTR.: unwill (will the re 

di-ta, PL. of -to. -tale, M.: finger-stall ; 
thimble, -tata, F. : slap with the finger ; 
sign, mark (left by the fingers). 

ditellof, M. : arm-pit. 

diten. . f, diter. t = deten. ., deter. . 

diti-rambeggtare, INTR.: write dithy 
rambs, -raznbico, ADJ.: dithyrambic. 
ii-raxnbo [Gr. dithurambos, name of 
Bacchus], M. : dithyramb (hymn to Bac 

di-to [L. -gitus], pi. -ti or (/.) -to, M. : 
finger, inch : grosso, thumb ; migno- 
lo f little finger ; legarsela a , not to for 
get (an injury) ; mordersi il per nna 
cosa, repent a thing ; mostrare a , point 
at. di-tole, F. PL. : fungus (mushroom). 
-tone, aug. of -to. 

ditono [Gr. dis, two, tonos, tone], M. : in 
terval of two notes. 

ditrapparef, TR. : rob (swindle). 

di=trarref, IRR. ; TR. : take away; DE 
TRACT (defame), -trazionef, F.: detrac 

ditrin-eiaref, TR. : cut, hash. 

ditta [ditto, old part, of -dire], F. : firm 
(commercial house). 

ditta -ref [L. dictare], TR.: dictate. 
ditta-tof, M. : dictation; adage, -to 
re, M. : dictator, -torio, ADJ.: dicta 
torial, -tnra, F. * dictatorship. 

dittof, M. : saying, maxim. 

dit-tongare, TR. : diphthongize. || -ton- 
go [Gr. dis-, twice, phthongoSj sound], M.: 

ditnrparef , TR.: defile (Eng.f diturpate). 

din-rno [L. -rnus (dies, DAY)], ADJ.: 
diurnal (daily); M. : diurnal (prayer-book); 
(zool.) diurnal bird, -tnraamente, 
ADV.: for a long time, -tnrnita, F. : 
diuration. -turno, ADJ. : lasting (Eng.f 

diva [LJ, F. : goddess. 

diva-gamento, M.: roving (divagation), 
fl-gare [L. -vagari (rove)], INTR., REFL. : 
rove (ramble, wander); TR. : distract (di 

dival - lamentof, M. : descent, going 
down, -larefi INTR., REFL.: descend 

divam-pamento, M. : shining, blaze. 
11 -pare [di-, v. ".], INTR. : burn (blaze). 



divano [Ar. daiwan, council], M. : divan 
(Turk, council ; couch ; assembly hall). 

di-variaref , TR., INTR. : vary, -variof, 
M. : distraction ; interruption. 

divastazionet, F. : devastation. 

divecc/iiaref, TR. : make young ; renew; 
INTR. : grow young. 

di=vedere, IRR.; TR.: let see (show): 
dare a , demonstrate, -vednto, PART. 
of -vedere. 

di-ve<;leret, =vellere, TR.: uproot. 
-vellimentof, M. : uprooting, -velto, 
ADJ.: uprooted; ploughed; M.: deep dig 
ging ; ploughed ground. 

di= venire, IRR. ; INTR. : become ; derive. 
-venni, PRET. of -venire, -vent are, 
INTR. : become, -veimto, PART, of -ve 

diverbio [verbo], M. : dispute. 

di-vergente, PART. : diverging, -ver- 
genza, F.: divergence. H=vergere^ 
ISLR. ; INTR.: diverge. 

diverref, TR. : uproot, dig out. 

di-versamente, ADV. : diversely, -ver- 
saref, INTR. : be different, -versifiea- 
re, INTR.: vary; TR. : diversify, -ver- 
sificazione, F.: variation, change, -ver- 
sionef, F. : diversion (amusement ; strat 
agem), -versita, F. : diversity, -ver 
so, ADJ.: diverse; stranget, Horrible. 
-versoriof, M. : lodging, inn. -verte- 
ref, TR. : divert, -verticolof , M. : sub 
terfuge ; digression, -vertimento, M.: 
diversion (pastime). H-vertire [L. di- 
vertere, turn], TR. (Pres. -verto) : distract^ 
divert ; REFL. : be diverted. 

divestiref, TR. : undress, divest. 

divettare \_di vetta], TR. : prune. 

divez-zare [vezzo], TR. : disaccustom ; 
wean (children) ; REFL. : disaccustom one's 
self, -zato, divez-zo, PART., ADJ. : dis 

di-viaref [ma], TR. : deviate, -viato, 
ADJ.: direct; quick; ADV.: hurriedly^ 
right aw AY. 

di-videndo, M. : dividend, share. H-vi- 
dere [LJ> IRR. ; TR. : divide ; part (sep 
arate), -videvolef, ADJ.: divisible. 
-viditoref, M. : divider. 

Pret. divi-si, ~se; -sero. Part, diviso. 

di-vietamentof = -vieto. fl=vieta- 
re, TR. : prohibit, forbid, -vietazionef^ 
F., -vieto, M. : prohibition, forbidding. 

divimaret, TR. : untie (loosen) ; REFL. : 
disentangle one's self. 

divi-namente, ADV.: divinely. Jl-nd- 
re [-?w>], TR., INTR. : divine (predict, pres 
age), -natore, M.: diviner, -aatorio, 
ADJ.: divining, -nazione, F.: divination. 

divinco-labile, ADJ. : that can be twist 
ed, -lamento, M. : twisting. ||-lare 
\di-j v. .], TR.: twist, wring ; REFL.: writhe. 



divi-nita, F. : divinity, -nizzare, TR. : 

deify, -nizzazione, p.: deification. ||di- 
vi-no [L.'-nus], ADJ.: divine. 

divi-sa, F. : device, insignia ; livery ; 
share ; manner, wayf. -samente, ADV. : 
separately. -samento, M. : design, 
thought; differencef, division; devicet- 
-sare, TR. : devise (plan, think out) ; 
consider; diversifyf. -satamente, ADV.: 
distinctly. -satof, ADJ. : variegated ; 
disfigured, divi-si, PRET. of -dere. -si- 
bile, ADJ.: divisible, -sibilita, F. : 
divisibility, -stone, F. : division, -sivof, 
ADJ. : divisible. Hdivi-so [-dere], PART. : 
separated, -sore, M.:' divider; divisor. 
-sorio, ADJ. : dividing. 

di-viziaf, F.: abundance; PL.: riches, -vi- 
ziosof, ADJ. : rich. 

divo [L. -vus (deus, god)], ADJ. : (poet.} 

divolga. .f = divulga. . 

di=volgeret, IRR.; TR.: roll, wrap, -vol- 
tof, PART. 

divora--eitat, F.: voracity, -mento 
[-re], M.: voracity, gluttony. =montit, 
M., INVAR.: braggart. II -'re [L. de-vo- 
rare], TR.: devour, -tore, M., -tri-ee, F.: 
devourer. -zionef* F. : devouring. 

divorzio [L. -tium (vertere, turn)], M. : 

divot. . = devot. . 

divnl-gamento, M. : divulging, publica 
tion. H-gare [L. (vulgus, crowd)], TR. : 
divulge (publish), -gator e, M., -gatri- 
-ee, F. : divulger. -gazionef = -ga- 

divulsof, PART, of divettere. 

di-zionario, M. : dictionary. fl-zione 
[L. dietio (dicer e, say)], F.: diction (phrase, 
word) ; districtf ; powerf . 

46i, PRES. IND. of dare. 

do 2, M. : do (first note of the scale). 

doanat = dogana. 

do-bla = doppia. -bletto, M. : kind of 
cotton stuff. -b(b)16ne [Sp.], M. : doub 
loon (Spanish coin), do-blof = doppio. 

do-e-eia, F. : CONDUIT (duct) ; canal ; show 
er-bath. II ciare [L L. ductiare (du- 
cere, lead)], TR., INTR. : pour down ; take 
shower-bathsf. -efatdra, F. : lotion; 
shower-bath. do-e--eiof = -cia. ~e^o- 
nata, F.: conduit, --eione, M.: large 

do-ei-le |L. -Us (docere, teach)], ADJ.: 
docile (tractable), -lita, F. : docility. 
-Imente, ADV. : tractably. 

docu-meutare, TR. : provide with doc 
uments (document). || -mento [L. -men- 
turn (docere, teach)], M. : document ; pre- 
ceptf , instruction. 

dodeca- [Gr. do-deka, twelve]: -edro [Gr. 
h^dra, base], M. : dodecahedron, -'gono 


[Gr. gonia, angle], M. : dodecagon, -sli 
labo, ADJ. : dodecasyllabic ; M. : dodeca- 

dodi=-eeniiet, ADJ. : twelve years old. 
-esimo, ADJ. : twelfth. Hdodi-<ei [L. 
duo-decim\ NUM. : twelve, -ci^mila, 
M. : twelve thousand, -eina, F. : dozen. 

doga [Gr. doche, cask], F. : stave (of a 
cask, etc.). 

dogale [doge], ADJ. : dogal. 

dogame [doga], M. : quantity of staves. 

doga-na [?], F. : custom-house or ofiice ; 
administration of customs, -nale, ADJ.: 
of customs, -niere, M. : custom-house 

dogare [doga], TR. : put the staves on (a 

do- gar ess a, F.: spouse of the doge, -ga- 
to, M. : dogate, office of doge, lldo-ge 
[L. dux, leader], M. : doge. 

dogft-ettof, M. : young mastiff. 

do-tfl/a [L. -lor], F. : pain, grief ; PL. : 
pains of labour. -#lianza, F. : lamenta 
tion, complaint, -grliarella, F. : slight 
pain, -firlie, cf. -glia. -gliente^, ADJ. : 

do-firKettof, dim. of -glio. Udo-grKof, 
M. : cask. 

do - r/liosamente, ADV. : sorrowfully. 
H-0K6so [-glia], ADJ.: sorrowful (pain 
ful), -firli-d-e-cia, F. : slight grief. 

dogma. . = domma. . 

dogof, M. : mastiff. 

dol-ee [L. dulcis], ADJ.: sweet (mild, 
gentle); ADV.: softly; M.: sweetness. 
-eemente , ADV. : sweetly (softly) . ~eez- 
za, F. : sweetness ; PL.: pleasures, dol- 
ei, M. PL. : sweets (confits). dol-eiaf, 
F. : swine's blood, -eiastro, ADJ. : sweet 
ish; sickening, -efatot, ADJ.: sweet 
(charming), -eicandrof, ADJ.: melo 
dious, -eificare, TR. : sweeten, dulcify. 
-eificazione, F.: dulcification. --ei^/no, 
ADJ.: somewhat sweet, -eione, ADJ.: 
very sweet ; dullf , silly. -eoret, M., ~ei- 
tudinef, F. : sweetness, --eiume, M. : 
sweetmeats, dol-co, ADJ.: mild, pleas 
ant (said of weather). 

do-lent e, PART., ADJ.: doleful (sorrowful). 
-lentemente, ADV. : sorrowfully, -len- 
ziaf, F.: pain, sorrow. j|-lere [L., suf 
fer], IRR. ; INTR. : give pain (dot. pain, 
ache) ; REFL. : suffer (grieve) ; complain : 
mi (dat.) -le il capo, my head aches. 
-HceMare, -li-e-eicare, INTR.: feel a 
slight pain or grief. 

Ind.: Pres. dblgo,d(uYoU, d(u)ble ; doglia- 
mo or dolghiamo,, dolete, dblgono. Pret. dol- 
', -estz, ~se; -tmmO) -ste, -sero, Fut. dorrb. 
Cond. dorrei. Subj. : Pres. dblga t etc. Pve 
d(u}c>li; delete. Part, doluto. Poet, forms ; 

dollaro [fr. Eng.], M. : dollar. 


dole [L. dolus], M. : fraud (trick), 

dolo-ranzat, P.: pain, -raret, TE. : 
give pain, afflict ; EEFL. : suffer, complain. 
-razionet, F. : pain, i'ldolo-re [L. do 
lor], M. : pain (anguish, sorrow), -retto, 
dim. of -re. -rificof, ADJ.: painful. 
-rosamente, ADV.: sorrowfully, -ro 
se, ADJ. : painful (sad ; dolorous), -rn-e- 
eio, M. : slight grief. 

dolo-samente [dolo], ADV. : fraudulently, 
deceitfully, -sit a, p.: fraud, artifice. 
dolo-so, ADJ. : fraudulent. 

dol-si, PEET., -sutof, -iito, PART, of 

dolz. ,f= dole. . 

domabile, ADJ. : tamable. 

doman-da, -dagionet, F.: demand, req 
uisition, -dante, M.: demandant. 11 -da 
re [L. de-mandare], TE. : DEMAND (ask). 
-datoret, M.: demander. domau-dof, 
M.: demand. 

doma-net, -ni [L. de, mane, morning], 
ADV. : to-morrow : doman a sera, to-mor 
row evening ; doman V altro, day after to 

doma-re [L.], TR. : TAME (break, subdue). 
-tore, M., -triee, F. : tamer. [di mattina], ADV.: to-mor 
row morning. 

domatdra [-mare], F. : taming. 

Domeneddio [L. dominus, lord, Dio], M. : 

domeni-ca [L. dominus, lord, master], 
p.: Sunday, -cale, ADJ.: dominical, of 
Sunday; M. : Sunday clothes, -cana, 
F. : Dominican nun. -cano, ADJ. : Domin 
ican; M. : Dominican friar. 

do-mestica, F. : domestic, maid, -me- 
sticamente, ADV.: familiarly, -me- 
sticare, TR. : tame, domesticate, -me- 
stic/tezza, F.: domesticity, familiarity. 
||-mestico [L. -mestieus (-mus, house)], 
ADJ.: domestic, familiar, tame; M.: do 
mestic, valet. 

domevolef, ADJ. : tamable. 

domi-eiliare, INTR., REFL. : install one's 
self, take up one's abode. ||-ilio [L. 
-cilium (domus, house)], M.: domicile 

domi-nante, ADJ.: dominant, rulhig. 
H-nare \L. -nari (dominus, master)], 
TE. : dominate, rule over ; INTR. : be dom 
inant, -nato, ADJ. : dominated, ruled ; 
M.f: power, dominion, -natore, M. ; 
-natri-ee, F. : ruler, -nazione, F. : 
domination (sway), domi~ne [L. voc. of 
-nus, lord], M. : Lord, -neddio = do~ 
meneddio. domi-nicof, ADJ. : of ^God ; 
dominical, domi-nio, M. : dominion. 
domi-no, -no, M.: dominoes (game): 
domino (mask). 

domitof, PART. : tamed. 



dom-ma [Gr. dogma, opinion], M. : dogma 
(tenet), -matica [-ma}, F. : dogmatics. 
-maticamente, ADV. : dogmatically. 
-matico, ADJ.: dogmatical, -matiz- 
zare, INTR. : dogmatize. 

d'omo i [for domato], ADJ. : tamed. 

ddmo2 [L. domus], M. : housef ; dome (ca 
thedral) : in Petri, in prison. 

don or don [L. dominus, lord], M. : don 
(Span.), Sir, lord. 

dona-gionef> M. : donation. -mentof 
M.: gift, il dona-re [L.], TE.: donate. 
-tario, M. : receiver of a gift (donee). 
-tivo, M.: donative (gift), -tore, M., 
-triee, p.: donor (giver), -t-draf, P.: 
gift, -zione, F. : donation. 

donde [L. de, from, unde, whence], ADV. : 
from whence ; why. =cfc>e -I, ADV.: what 
soever be the reason. 

dondo-lare [?],TR.: swing; dally; REFL.: 
loiter about, -lio, M. : continued swing 
ing, dondo-lo, M. : swinging object; 
pendulum; delayf: voler il f, love a 
joke, -lona, F. : lounging, idle woman. 
-lone, M. : dangler; lounger, -loni, 
ADJ. : as in a -loni, dangling. dondeehe. 

donna [L. domina, mistress], F.: woman; 
wife; mistress: da camera, maid, 
waiting-woman. -naccJFiera, disp. of -na. 
-na-eeia, disp. of -na. -nae-eina, dim. 
of -na. -na-e-cinata, F.: young woman's 
act. -naccola, F. : gossip, -naiolo, 
-nainolof, M.: admirer of women, -nea- 
ref, INTR.: court, flirt, -neggiaref, 
INTR.: lord it (domineer), -nescamen- 
te, ADV. : like a woman, -nesco, ADJ. : 
womanly, -netta, car. dim. of -na. 
-ni-e-eiola, disp. dim. of -na. -ni-e-eio- 
lata, P.: act of silly woman, -nina, 
car. dim. of -na. -nino, M.: little grace 
ful woman, -'nof, M.: master, lord ; ADJ.: 
good, kind, don-nola, P. : weasel, -no- 
na, F., -none, M. : large, well-formed 
woman, -motta, P.: disgraceful woman. 
-im-eeia, dim. of -na. -nu-e-eia<e^ia, 
disp. of -nuccia. -nncola, P.: poor, 
wretched woman. 

do-no [L. -num] } M. : gift (present; talent): 
in , as a gift, free, do-noraf, P. PL. : 
bride's clothes. = dunque. 

dondzzo(lo)t dim of -no. 
don-zella [-na], P.: DAMSEL (young girl). 
-zelletta, p.: dim. of -zella; cookey. 
-zello, M.: bailiff (constable); knight's 
esquiret ; valet, -zellonet, M. : loiterer 

doplarej, TR. ; redouble. 
dopo [de, poi], PEEP.: after; behindt ; 
ADV. : since, afterwards : che or -c&e 
-e, ADV., CONJ. : after that, when. 



dop-pia, P.: flounce; pistole (coin), 
-piaxnente, ADV. : doubly ; deceitfully, 
-piare,TR.: double. -piatnra,F.: doub 
ling, -piere [because having double 
candle], -pierof, M. : chandelier, -pie- 
ruzzof, M. : small torch, -piezza, p. 
being double ; duplicity (deceit). ||dop- 
pio [L. duplus], ADJ. : DOUBLE ; deceitful 
(crafty); M. : double; chime, -pione, 
M. : double (second copy of a book in 
libraries); doubloonf (coin). 
do-ramentof, M. : gilding. ||-rare [L. 
de-aurare (aurum, gold)], TR. : gild, -ra- 
tore, M. : gilder, -ratura, P. : gilding ; 
PL.: ornaments, -re, INVAR. ADJ.: gold 
colour, -reriaf, P.: things of gold, gold 
plate, etc. 

dori-eismo, M. : doricism. ||dori-co 
[Gr. -ko's], ADJ. : Boric. 
dor-malfnocot, M. : drone (sluggard). 
-mentorio, M. : dormitory. -micc/iia- 
re, INTR. : nap, doze, -xniente, PART., 
ADJ. : sleeping, dormant ; M. : sleeper. 
-miglf aref = -miechiare. -million 
p., -mij/Hone, M. : great sleeper (slug 
gard), -migliosot, ADJ. : sleepy (drow 
sy). H -mire [L.], INTR. (Pres. -mo) : sleep; 
M. : sleep (repose); sleeping-place: al 
fuoco, be negligent, -mita, P.: long 
continued sleep, rest, -mitoref, M. : 
sleeper, -mi tori o, M. : dormitory, -mi- 
trieef, P.: sluggard, -xnizionef, P.: 
dor-sale, ADJ.: dorsal (of the back). 

lidd-rso [L. -sum)], M. : back. 
do-sare, TR.: mix. doses, dose. Hdo-se 
[Gr. dosis, giving], p. : dose. 
dossier ef, dossier of, M. : coverlet; 

dosso [L. dorsum], M. : back; pi. dossi, 
skins of animals. 

do-ta = -te. -tale, ADJ. : dotal (per 
taining to a dower), -tare, TR. : ENDOW 
(bestow), -tat ore, M. : bestower ; giver 
of a dowry, -tazione, P. : dotation (be 
stowing a dowry). ||do-te [L. dos], p. : 
gift; dowry (portion); talent, -ton a, 
P. : large dowry. 

dottaf i, P. : hour, good opportunity. 
dot-taf 2, p., -taggiof, M. : fear. 
dottamente [doito], ADV. : learnedly. 
dottaref, INTR. : be afraid, be suspicious. 
dot-to [L. doctus (docere, teach)], ADJ. : 
learned : alia dotta, in a learned manner. 
-tora-e-eio, M. : pitiful doctor, -torag- 
gine, M.: (jest.) doctorship. -tor ale, 
ADJ.: doctoral, -toraref, R. : give the 
degree of doctor; REFL.: take the doctor's 
degree, -torato, M.: doctorate, -tore, 
M.: doctor, -toreggfare, INTR.: act 
the doctor, display one's learning, -to- 
rello, disp. dim. of -tore, -toresco, i 


ADJ.: doctoral, -tor ess a, P.: learned 
woman, doctoress. -toretto, -torino, 
car. dim. of -tore, -torone, M. : great 
doctor, -toru-e-eia-e-eio, disp. of -to- 
ruccio. -toru-e-cio, disp. of -tore. 

dottosof, ADJ. : doubtful. 

dottri-na [dotto], P.: learning, erudition; 
doctrinef. -nale, ADJ.: learned; doc 
trinal, -nalmente, ADV.: doctrinally. 
-namentof, M. : instruction, -naref , 
TR. : instruct, -nario, M. : doctrinaire. 
-natoref, M. : instructor. 

dove [L. de, from, ubi, where], ADV. : 
where, whither. =c7ie, CONJ. : although. 
=cc7tessia, ADV. : wherever. 

do-vere [L. debere], IRR.; INTR. : owe 
(be obliged, must, be to), M. : DUTY, task : 
egli deve venire domani, he is to come to 
morrow, -verosamente, ADV.: right 
fully, -veroso, ADJ. : DUE (proper). 

Ind. : Pres. dtvo or diblo, dlvi or dki, 
dbue or debbe or dee ; dobbiamo, dov 'te, devo- 
no t debbono. Pret. dov, t or dovetti. Fut. 
dovrb. Cond. dovrei. Subj. : Pres. dbva. or 
debba^ etc. I've lacking. Poet, forms : 
, -giono or deuno. (S.) dtb-bia, -biano 

dovi-zia [L. -tia (dives, wealthy)], p. : 
abundance (wealth), -ziosamente, ADV.: 
abundantly, -zioso, ADJ.: rich (abun 

dovunqne [dove (L. unguam, ever)], ADV.: 

do-vntamente, ADV.: DULY (rightly), 
ll-vnto, PART, of dovere. 

dozzi-na [dodicind], P.: dozen; board 
ing : stare a , board ; tenere a , keep 
boarders ; di , of the dozen (= little 
value), -nale, ADJ. : common (ordinary). 
-nalmente, ADV. : commonly ; meanly. 
-nante, P., M. : boarder. 

drag/tettof , M. : cock of a gun. 

drag/dnassaf, p. : rapier. 

drago [Gr. drdkon], M. : dragon. 

dragomanno [Ar.], M. : dragoman (in 

dra-gona, P. : ensign (standard). [I-go- 
ne [-go (troops carried an ensign with a 
dragon on it)], M. : dragoon. 

dramma i [Gr. drachme, handful], P. : 
dram : a a , little by little. 

dram-ma 2 [Gr. drama (drdn, do, act)], 
P. : drama, -matica, p. : dramatic art. 
-maticaxnente, ADV. : dramatically. 
-xnatico, ADJ.: dramatic, -matizza- 
re, TR. : dramatize, -matnrgia, * M. : 
dramaturgy, -matnrgo, M. : dramatist. 

drap-pelletto, M. : small band, or troop. 
||-pello [OProv. tropel (dim. of troupe)], 
M. : small TROOP of soldiers (band). 

drap-pellone, M. : tapestry, hangings. 
-peria, P. : silk draperies, -petto, M. : 
light silk stuff, -pieref, M. : silk-weaver. 


i!-po [1. L. -pus], M.: silks; merceiy; 
dress (clothes) |. 

drento, dreto = dentro, dietro. 

dria-da or -de [Gr. druds (drus, tree)], 
F. : dryad. 

drixLgolaref, TR. : jog, shake. 

dritt. ., drizz. . = diritt. ., dirizz. . 

dro-ga [? Dutch droog, dry substance], P.: 
drug; PL.: drugs ; spices, groceries, -ga- 
re, TR.: spice (season). -gfteria, p.: 
drug-store; spice-store, -g/tlere, M. : 

dromedario JL. -rius (Gr. dramein, 
run)], M. : dromedary. 

drd-da, F. : mistress, sweetheart, -de- 
riaf, p.: fondling, amourous caresses. 
H -do [OGer. drut, friend], M.: lover; 
gallant; ADJ.f : amourous. 

drui-dieo, ADJ. : druidic(al). !!drdi-do 
[L. Druides (fr. Celt.)], M.: druid (ancient 
Celtic priest). 

drnsoiare = strusciare. 

dna-le [L. duo, 'two'], ADJ.: dual. -H- 
smo, M., -lita, F. : dualism ; duality. 

du. - bbiamente, ADV. : irresolutely. 
-bbiaref, INTR.: doubt; fear. -bbietat, 
-bbiezza, F. : doubt; irresolution; sus 
pense. Hdu-bbio \L.-bius (duo, 'two')], 
ADJ.: doubtful (uncertain); M. : doubt. 
-bbiosameiite, ADV. : dubiously, -bbio- 
sitaf, F. : dubiousness, -bbioso, ADJ. : 
doubtful (dubious); irresolute. diL-biof, 
M.: doubt, -bitabile, ADJ.: uncertain 
(dubitable). -bitamentof , M., -bitau- 
zaf, F.: doubt, -bitare, INTR.: be doubt 
ful, -bitativamente, ADV.: doubt 
fully, -bitativo, ADJ. : doubtful, -bi- 
tazion-eella, dim. of -bitazione. -bi- 
tazione, P.: doubt, -bitevolmentef, 
ADV.: doubtfully, -bitoso, ADJ.: doubtful. 

du-ca [L. dux (ducere, lead)], M. : leader, 
chief ; DUKE, -cale, ADJ. : ducal, -ca- 
to, M. : dukedom (duchy); ducat (coin). 
-c atone, M. : big dacat. -ee, M. : cap 
tain (military leader) ; guide, -eeaf, F. : 
duchy, -c/i-esco, ADJ. : (disp.) ducal. 
-c7iessa, F. : duchess. -c7iessina, F. : 
young duchess, -c/ietto, dim. of -ca. 
-c/iino, M. : young duke. 

due [L. duo}, NUM. : TWO ; M. : two : mere 
(stare) fra , be uncertain ; tener tra , 
hold in suspense. =-eento, ADJ., M.: two 

duel-lante, ADJ.: duelling, fighting; M.: 
duellist, -lare, INTR.: fight a duel, -la- 
tore, M. : duellist, -lista, M.: expert 
duellist. Hduel-lo [L. -lum (duo, TWO)], 
M.: duel. 

due = mila, ADJ., M. : two thousand. 
-nnale [anno], ADJ.: biennial, due-tto, 
M.: duet. 

dn-^entesimo. ADJ.: two hundredth. 



j ! -gen to [L. ducenti (duo, two, centum, 
hundred)], ADJ., M. : two hundred, -gen- 
to=mila, ADJ., M.: two hundred thousand. 

duinof, M. : two aces. 

dulcamara [man DJ, M.: quack (charla 

duleificaref = dolciJLcare. 

dulia [Gr. douleia, servitude], F. : dulia 
(worship of angels and saints). 

diumla [due mila], ADJ., M.: two thousand. 

du-ino [L. -mus], M. : thornbush (briers). 
-moso, ADJ. : dumose (full of briers). 

dnna [Celt.], F. : DOWN (sand hill). 

dunqiie [L. ad, to, tune, then], ADV.: 
then; what? 

duo [due], M.: duet (duo), -de-eimo, 
ADJ. : twelfth, -decuplo, ADJ. : twelve 
times more, -denario, ADJ.: duodenary, 
of twelve, -demo, M. : duodenum (first 
of the small intestines). 

duole, cf . dolere. d(n)61o, M.: pain, grief. 

dudxno domo. 

dupli-care, TR.: duplicate, -catamen- 
te,ADV.: doubly. -cato,PART.: doubled; 
M. : double, duplicate; (typ.) doublet. 
-cazione, F. : duplication, jidnpli-ce 
[L. du-plex, double], ADJ.: double (two 
fold), -eita, F.: duplicity (dissimula 
tion), duplo, ADJ., M. : double. 

du-raf, F.: duration; obstinacy, -ra- 
bile [-rare], ADJ. : durable. -rabilit& 
P.: durability, -rabilmeiite, ADV.: 
perpetually, -rapine [L. -racinus, berry], 
ADJ. : hard, tough, clinging (said of fruit). 
-ramente, ADV. : hardly, harshly, -ra- 
mentof, M.: durability, continuance. 
-rante, PART., ADJ.: during, lasting. 
-ranzaf, P.: duration, -rare, INTR.: 
endure (last), resist (hold out): fatica, 
bear labour ; chi la dura la mnce, he who 
holds out, conquers, -rastro, ADJ.: 
somewhat hard, -rat a, p. : duration. 
-raturo, ADJ.: durable, continuing, -ra- 
zione|, F. : duration, -retto, ADJ. : 
tough, hardish. -revole, ADJ. : durable, 
lasting. -revolezza, F. : durability, 
lastingness. -revoliaente, ADV. : last 
ingly, -rezza, F. : induration, hardness. 
-ritaf, F. : hardness, -rlindana [?], 
F.: Rowland's sword; sword. Hdd-ro [L. 
-rus] f ADJ.: hard (strong; rude, cruel); 
stubborn ; M. : hardness : capo , block 
head ; di bocca, hard-mouthed (said of 
horses); star (tener) , be firm, -rotto, 
ADJ.: slightly hard. 

dut-tile [L- ductUis (ducere, lead)], ADJ.: 
ductile (flexible, malleable), -tilita, F. : 
ductility, dut-tof, M.: duct (canal). 
-toref , M. : leader (guide). 

du-umvirato, M. : duumvirate. ||-TBHI- 
viro [L. -um-vir, * Two-man '], M. : duum 


e i [L.], F. : e (the letter). 

e 2 [L. et], CONJ.: and ; then ; both : e . . . e, 
both . . . and. 

e% pop. for egli, essi. 

e [L. est] : is. 

e- [L. ex t from], PREP. : e-, ex-. 

eba-nista, pi. ti, M. : ebonist (cabinet 
maker). |ieba-no [L. ebenus], M.: ebony. 

eb-be for ll-bene [e bene], ADV.: ah well, 
well now. 

ebbio [L. ebulum], M. : dwarf-elder. 

eb-brezza, P.: drunkenness (inebriety); 
intoxication, -briac/tezza, P.: drunken 
ness, -briacof, ADJ.: drunk, -brietaf, 
F.: drunkenness, -brioso = -bro. ||eb- 
bro [L. ebrius], ADJ. : drunk (inEBRiATE); 

ebdom. .f = eddom. . 

ebenof ebano. 

ebe=ref, INTR. : grow weak, faint, -tag- 
gine, F. : stupidity, -tazionef, F". : 
Bluntness; thickness. Hebe-te [L. he- 
6es], ADJ. : blunt (dull, HEBETATE, stupid). 
-tismo, M. : dullness (stupidity). 

eboi-limentot, M. : boiling. H-liref, 
INTR.: BOIL (cf. bollire). -lizione, P.: 
boiling; ebullition. 

ebr-aicam.en.te, ADV.: Hebraically. -ai- 
co, ADJ.: Hebraic(al). -aismo, M.: He 
braism, -aista, pi. ti, M. : Hebraist. 
-aizzare, TR., INTR.: Hebraize. j|-eo 
[L. hebrcsus], ADJ., M. : Hebrew. 

ebrezzaf, ebri. .f = ebbrezza, ebbri. . 

ebulo, poet. = ebbio. 

eb-uref [L. ebur], M. : IVORY, -urneo, 
-Timof , ADJ. : ivory, ivory-white. 

ecatombe [Gr. hekaton, HUNDRED, bous, 
ox], F.: hecatomb (sacrifice of * 100 oxen'), 

e-e-eedente, ADJ. : exceeding, --eeden- 
temente, ADV. : exceedingly, -eeden- 
za, F. : excess (superfluity). H-eedere 
[L. ex-cedere (c., go from)], IRR. (cf. cede- 
re); TR. : exceed (go beyond, surpass). 
-ceduto, PART, of -cedere. 

e-e-eellente, ADJ.: excellent, -eellen.- 
temente, ADV. : excellently. ~eellen- 
tissimo, ADJ. : most excellent (a title). 
-eellenza, -cellenziaf, P.: excellence; 
excellency. H--eellere [L. ex-cellere (root 
ceZ-, rise)], TR. : excel, --eelsamente, 
ADV. : in a lofty manner ; highly. ~eel- 
situdinef, P.: highness (title), -eelso, 
ADJ.: lofty (sublime); M. : God. 

e-e-eentricamente, ADV. : in an eccen 
tric manner. eentri-eita, P.: eccen 
tricity. II eentrico [L. -centros (Gr. 
ek, out of, kentron, center], ADJ. : eccen 


e-e-eessivamente, ADV. : excessively. 
-eessivita, F. : excessiveness. -essi- 
vo, ADJ.: excessive. ||-eesso [L. ex- 
cessus (cedere, go away)], M. : excess (im- 
moderateness) ; passion; exaltation (ec- 
stacy)f : &IV , excessively. 

e-c-eetera [L. et c<ztera~\, F. : et cetera 
(and so on). 

e-e-cettaref, TR. : except, -eetto [L. 
ex-ceptus (capere, take)], ADJ.f : excepted ; 
PREP., CONJ. : except (save; unless); M.f : 
exception. ~eettuabile, ADJ.: excepta- 
ble. -eettuare, TR. : except. ~eet- 
tuativo, ADJ. : exceptive, -eettna- 
to, ADJ.: excepted ; PREP.: except, --cet- 
tuazionef, P.: exception, -eeziona- 
le, ADJ.: exceptional, -eezione, F.: ex 
ception; censure. 

eccMmosi or ecc/^imosi [Gr. ek-chumo- 
sis], p. : ecchymosis (livid" spot). 

e-e-eidio [L. ex-cidium (ccedere, cut)], M. : 
slaughter (carnage); ruin. 

e-c-ei-tabile, ADJ. : excitable, -tabili- 
ta, F.: excitability, -taxnento, M.: ex 
citation ; incitement, -tante, ADJ. : ex 
citing. |I -tare [L. ex-citare (citare, 
rouse)], TR.: excite, incite (provoke ; stim 
ulate), -tativo, ADJ. : exciting; stimu 
lating, -tatore, M., -tatri-ce, F. : ex 
citer ; instigator ; (eleetr.) excitator. -ta- 
zione, F.: excitation; excitement; stim 

eccle-siaf [Gr. ek-klesm (kalein, call), 
assembly f], F. : church, -siasticamen- 
te, ADV.: ecclesiastically, -siastico, 
ADJ. : ecclesiastic(al) ; ecclesiastic person 

ee-clissarnento, M. : eclipsing, -clis- 
sare, TR. : eclipse (obscure). ||-clisse 
[L. -lipsis (Gr. ek-leipein, LEAVE out)], 
M.: eclipse. 

ecco i [L. ecce, lo !], ADV. : lo, behold, here 
(is, are), there (is, are); combines with 
pers. and demonstr. pron. : mi (lo me ! 
here I am), ci } ti, velo; e&ef, 

eccof 2 =. eco. 

ec/teggiare [eco], INTR. : echo (resound). 

ec/tinof, M. : hedgehog (esp. sea-). 

ec7iiof, M. : heart's-tongue (plant). 

eclettico [Gr. ek-lektikos (-legeirij se- 
LECT)], ADJ., M. : eclectic. 

ecliss. .t := - eccliss. . 

eclittica [Gr. ek-leiptikds (leipein, 
LEAVE)], F. : ecliptic. 

eco [Gr. echo], M., F. : echo. 

eco-nomato, M. : stewardship ; steward's 
office ; administration of ecclesiastical 
goods. ||-nomia [L. ozconomia (Gr. oikos, 
house, nomos, rule)], F. : economy, -no- 
micamente, ADV. : economically, -nd- 
mico, ADJ. : economic(al) ; frugal, -no- 


mist a, pi. ti t M.: economist (student of ' 

political economy), eco-nomo, M.: stew- j 

ard ; manager ; economizer ; parsimonious ! 

fellow. 1 

ecnleo [L. equus, horse], M. : rack (instru 
ment of torture). 
ecnmenico [Gr. oikoumenikos (-mene, 

'inhabited/ sc. world)], ADJ.: ecumenic(al). 
ed e> and. 

eda-ee [L. edax (edere, EAT)], ADJ. : eat 
ing (consuming); voracious, -eita, P.: 

eddonnadario [L. hebdomadarius (Gr. 

Ubdomos, SEVBNth)], ADJ.: hebdomadal, 

-madary (weekly). 
ede-ma [Gr. oidema (oidein, swell)], M. : 

oedema (tumour), -matico, ADJ. : oedem- 

atous. -nratoso, ADJ. : cedematose. 
Eden [Heb., * garden'], M.: Eden. 

ede-ra [L. hedera], F. : ivy. -ra-eeo, 
ADJ. : of ivy. -roso, ADJ. : ivied (full of 

edicola [L. cedicula (cedes, temple)], F. : 
little chapel ; shrine ; cell ; kiosk. 

edifi-cam.en.tof, M.: building, -cante, 
ADJ. : edifying (upbuilding). H-care [L. 
cedi-fieare (cedes, building, facer e, make)], 
TR. : build, build up, construct ; EDIFY (up 
build), -cataf, F.: edifice, -cativof, 
ADJ. : upbuilding ; edifying, -eato, ADJ.: 
edified, -eatore, M., -catriee, F. : 
builder; edifier. -catorio, ADJ.: edify 
ing, -cazione, F. : building; edifica 
tion (upbuilding), edifi-eio, -zio, M. : 
edifice (building ; structure). 

edi-le [L. oedilis (cedes, building)], M. : 
aedile (edile, Roman magistrate superin 
tending public buildings, etc.) ; ADJ.f : of 
an aedile. -lita, F. : aedileship. -lizio, 
ADJ. : of an aedile. 

edi-to [L. e-dere, give out], ADJ. : edited ; 
published, -tore, M., -trice, F. : editor, 

editto [L. e-dietum (dicere, say)], M. : 
edict (decree). 

edi-ziona-e-eia, disp. of -zione. -zion- 
eina, disp. , dim. of -zione. II -zione 
[L. -tio (e-dere, give out)], P.: edition; 

edraf = edera. 

educa-nda, F. : boarding-school miss. 
Ijednca-re [L. (ex, out, ducere, lead)], 
TR.: educate, -tivo, ADJ.: educating. 
-tore, M., -tri-ee, F.: educator; instruct 
or (teacher), -torio, M.: girls' school 
(female institute), -zione, F.: educa 

ednliot, M. : relish ; victuals (eaten with 
bread) ; (Scotch) kitchen. 

efexneridef = effemeride. 

efPaLilef, ADJ. : effable (utterable). 

efi ? e, F. : f (the letter). 

enmero 155 

effemeride [Gr. ephemeros Qiemera, day),, 
p.: ephemeris. 

ef()em(ni)i-namento, M. : effeminacy- 
il-nare [L.femina, woman], TR. : effemi- 
nata (weaken), -natamente, ADV. : 
effeminately, -natezza, P.: effeminacy, 
-nato, ADJ.: effeminate (unmanly), -na- 
tore, M., -natri-ee, P. : effeminating. 

effe-ratamente, ADV. : inhumanly, -ra- 
tezza, F. : ferocity. ||-rato [L. -ratus- 
(ferus, wild)], ADJ. : FEROCIOUS (inhuman, 
barbarous, cruel), -ritaf, F. : ferocity. 

efferve-seente [L. -scens (fervere, boil)], 
ADJ. : effervescent, -scenza, F. : effer 
vescence; fervor. 

effet-tivamente, ADJ.: effectively, in. 
fact, -tivita, F. : effectiveness (effi 
ciency) ; efficacy, -tivo, ADJ. : effective 
(efficient) ; real, IJeffet-to [L. ef-fecius 
(facere, do)], M. : effect ; impression - r 
ware ; result (end) ; execution (accom 
plishment) : recare ad , carry out, ac 
complish ; in , in fact ; per di, by 
reason (virtue) of ; per questo , to that 
purpose, therefore, -tone, aug. of -to* 
-toref , M., -trieef , P. : effector, agent ; 
actor, -tuale, ADJ.: effectual; real 
-tnalmente, ADV.: effectually; really 
(in fact), -tnare, TR. : effect (accom 
plish, carry out), -tnazione, P.: effect 
ing; accomplishment (execution). 

efi.-ca<ee, ADJ. : efficacious (effectual, po 
tent), -ca-cemente, ADV.: efficacious 
ly, -ca-eia, P.: efficacy. -caissimo, 
ADJ. : very efficacious (most efficient). 
||~eiente [L. ef-ficiens (facere, do)], ADJ.: 
efficient; effective (operative), -eienza, 
p. : efficiency, efficacyt- 
effi-giamento, M.: image (likeness). 
-giare, TR. : image (represent). eM- 
g i)e [L.-gies (fingere, FEIGN )],F.: effigy; 
representation; aspect, -gietta, car. 
dim. of -gie. 

enlmero [cf. effemeridel, ADJ.: ephem 
efflorescenza [L. ef-Jlorescere, bloom 

out], F. : efflorescence. 
ef-flusso, M. : efflux (effusion). If-fln- 
vio [L. -fluvium (jluere, FLOW)], M. : ef 
fluvium; exhalation. 

effon-dere [L. ef-fundere], TR.: pour 
out (EFFUSE, shed), -dimento, H. : ef 

effrazione [frangere"\, P.: (leg.) breaking 
into; burglary. 
effrenat. .f = sfrenat. . 
effumazione [L. -mare, FUME], F. : fum 
ing (reeking). 

enn-si, PREP, of qjfmdere. -sion-eella, 
dim', of -sione. -sione, F.:- effusion. 
lleffn.-so, PART, of e/ondere. 
efimerof = ejfimero. 



efod [Heb.], M. : ephod (high priest's gir 

eforo [L. epk-orus (Gr. kordn, see)], M. 
ephor (Spartan magistrate). 

egentef, ADJ. : needy, indigent. 

egestidne [L. -tio (gerere, lead)], F. 
e'gestion (evacuation ; excrements). 

egida [L. cegida (Gr. aigis, goat-skin)], 
F. : segis (shield ; protection). 

egira [fr. Ar.], F. : hegira. 

Egi-tto, M.: Egypt, -ziaco, M.: kind 
of ointment, -ziano, ADJ.: Egyptian. 
egi-zio, ADJ. : Egyptian. 

4gli [L. ille], PRON. : he ; it. 

eglixLG [egli], PRON. : they. 

egloga [L. (Gr. ek-legein, pick out)], F. : 

ego-ismo [L. ego, I], M.: egotism (selfish 
ness), -ista, pi. ti, M., F. : egotist. 
-istico, ADJ. : egotistical (selfish). 

egramentef, ADV. : reluctantly. 

e- gregiauiente, ADV.: egregiously. 
11-gregio [L. e-gregius (grex, crowd)], 
ADJ. : e'gregious (uncommon). 

egresso [-ssus (gradior, go)], M. : egress 

egritudiziet, F. : infirmity 
egro [L. ceger], ADJ. : sick. 

egnagl. . = uguagL . 

egnal. . = ugual. . 

eft or eh, efti, eTwn [echoic], INTERJ.: 
ah I ha! so! hallo! hem! ahem! 

ei , for egli (pop. also for eglino). 

eiaf , INTERJ. : come ! courage ! 

eiacula-tore, -torio [L. -ri (jacere, 
throw)], ADJ.: ejaculatory. -zione, F.: 

elf, for egli, lui, per il. 

elaf , INTERJ. : oh ! alas ! 

ela"bora-re [L. (labor, work)], TR. : elah- 
orate. -tezza, F. : elaborateness ; refine 
ment, -zione, F. : elaboration. 

elargire, TR. : give liberally. 

elasti-eita, F. : elasticity. ||elasti-co 
[Gr. eldunein, drive], ADJ. : elastic. 

ela-teria or us'ly -teridi [Gr. -terion 
(-tere, driver)], PL. : family elaterida (ela- 
ters, beetles), -terio or-tere, M.: power 
of expansion (elasticity). 

ela-tof , ADJ. : elate (haughty), -zionef, 
F. : elation (haughtiness). 

elee [L. ilex], M. : holm-oak. 

eldorado [Sp. el dorado, *the golden' 

land], M.: El Dorado (imaginary rich 


elefan-te [L, elephas], M. : elephant. 

-tesco, ADJ. : elephantine, -tessa, F. : 

she-elephant, -tiaco, ADJ. : elephantine; 

elephantiae. -tiasi, F.: elephantiasis. 

-tmo, M. : small (young) elephant ; ADJ. : 

<ele-gante [L. -gans (e-ligere, elect)], ADJ.: 


__ .,; graceful. -gantemente,ADV.: 
elegantly, -ganza, -ganziaf, F.: ele 

eleg-gere [e- t Z. .], IRR. (cf. leggere}; 
TR.: ELECT, choose, -gente, ADJ.: elect 
ing, -gfbile, ADJ. : * eligible, -gibili- 
ta, F.:" eligibility, -gimento, M".: elec 

ele-gia [L. (Gr. elegos, plaint)], F. : elegy. 
-gia'co, ADJ. : elegiac ; M. : elegiac poet. 
gietta, dim. of -gia. -giu-e-cia, -giu.z- 
za, disp. dim. of -gia. 
elei-son. or -sonne [Gr. eleeson, 'have 
mercy'], M.: 'eleeson' (part of the Mass 
or Litany). 

elemMccof = lambicco. 
elemen-talef =r -tore, -tarei, ADJ.: 
elementary, -tar of 2, TR. : compose of 
elements, -tariof, ADJ.: elementary. 
llelemen-to [L, -turn], M. : element. 
elemosi-na [Gr. eleemostine (eleein, pity), 
charity], F.: ALMS (charity), -nare = 
limosinare. -nariof, M. : almoner. 
-niere (/. -mera}, ADJ.: eleemosynary 
(charitable); M. (F.): almoner (alms-giver). 
-nuzza, dim. of -na. 

elenco [Gr. -chos, control], M.: index 

elet-ta, F. : election (choice), -tiva- 
mente, ADV.: electively (by election). 
-tivo, ADJ.: elective. ||elet-to, PART. 
of eleggere. -torale, ADJ.: electoral 
-torato, M. : electorate (electorship). 
-tore, M. : elector, -tri-ee, F. : elec- 

elettovariof = elettuario. 
elet-tricamente, ADV.: electrically. 
"tri-eismo, M. : electricity. -trieita,F.: 
electricity, elet-trico, ADJ.: electric- 
(al). -trizzare, TR. : electrify, -triz- 
zatore, M.', -trizzatri-ce, F. : electri- 
fier. Helet-tro [Gr. eleUron, amber (the 
friction of which revealed electricity)], 
M. : amber ; electro- (in many compounds, 
as) : -troforo, M. : electrophore. -tro- 
metro, M. : electrometer, etc. 
elettuario [L. -rium (? Gr. leiehein, 
LICK)], M. : electuary (medicine). 
eleva-mento, M. : elevation. Heleva- 
re [L.], TR. : elevate (lift up ; raise); pro 
mote ; exalt, -tezza, F. : height (emi 
nence), -'to, PAET.: elevated, etc.; lofty, 
sublime. -tore,M.: elevator; ADJ.: lifting. 
-zione, F.: elevation (raising; height). 
ele-zionaref, TR. : elect. U -zione [L. 
-dio (legere, choose)], F. : election (choice). 
eliaco [Gr. heliakos (he'lios, sun)], ADJ. : 

eli-ca or -eel [Gr. helix, 'twisted'], F. : 
helix (non-plane curve; rim of the ear); 
screw (propeller); (astron.) Great Bear: 
scala a , steep spiral staircase. 


eli--eef2 = eke. --eetof, M.: holm- 

e-li-eeref, TR. : elicit. -li-eito, PAKT. 
Eli-cona [Gr. HeliMn], M.: Helicon 

(mount of Apollo and the Muses), -co- 

nio, ADJ. : Heliconian. 
elidere [L. (Icedere, hurt)], IRR.; TR.: 

elide ; suppress (annul, neutralize). 

Fret, eli-si, -se ; ~sero Part, eliso. 
elig. . = elegg. . 
elixnina-re [L.(ex, limen, threshold)], TR.: 

eliminate, -nazione, p. : elimination. 
elimosin. . = elemosin. . 
elio- [Gr. helios, sun] : -metro, M. : heli- 

ometer. -scopio [Gr. skopein, examine], 

M. : helioscope, -tipia [Gr. tupos, type], 

p.: heliotypy. -tropxa [cf. tropio], P.: 

sort of heliotrope, -tropio [Gr. tropos, 

turn], M. : heliotrope (turnsole; blood 

elisi, PRET. of elidere. 

Elisio, poet, for Eliso; ADJ.: Elysian. 

elisione [elidere], P. : elision. 

eli-sir or -si(r)re [Ar. eliksir], M.: elixir. 

Eliso [Gr. ElUsion], M. : Elysium. 

eliso, PART, of elidere. 

elitrop. . = eliotrop. . 

ellai [L. ilia], PRON.: she; it. 

ellaf 2, P. : starwort. 

elle, name for I, which see. 

elleboro [Gr. -ros], M. : hellebore (herb). 

elle-nico [Gr. Hellenes, Greeks], ADJ.: 
Hellenic, -nismo, M. : Hellenism, -ni- 
sta, M. : Hellenist (one versed in Greek). 

elleno [ella], PRON., P.: they. 

ellera [cf . edera], F. : ivy. 

ellif, for egli , eglino. 

el-lisse [Gr. -leipsis (leipein, LEAVE)], P. : 
ellipse, -lissi, P.: elipsis (omission), 
-litticamente, ADV.: eliptically, by 
omission, -littico, ADJ. : eliptic(al). 

el-matot, ADJ.: helmed, -metto, M. 
dim. of -mo; helmet. !|el-mo [Ger 
helm], M. : HELM(et). 

elocuzione [L. -cutio], P. : elocution. 

elo-getto, dim. of -gio, -giare, TR. : eu 
logize, -giatore, M.: eulogizer. ijelo- 
gio [L.-g'ium (Gr. eu, well, Ugein, speak)] 
M.: eulogy, -gista, pi. ti, M.: eulogist 
(writer of eulogies), -gistico, ADJ. 

elo-qnente [L. -quens (logui, speak)] 
ADJ. : eloquent, -quentemeate, ADV. 
eloquently, -qneaza, P.: eloquence 
elo-qnio, M.: (manner of) speaking 
address; discourse. 

el-sa [OGer. helsa], P., -sof , M. : HILT. 

elncu"bra-re [L., work out by lampligh 
(lux, light)], TR. : lucubrate; elaborate 
-zione, p. : lucubration ; elaboration. 

erMdere, ERR. ; TR. : elude. -Indente 
ADJ. : eluding, -lisi, PRET. -1-dso, PART 



sma-eiamento, M. : emaciation. |i-ia- 
re [L- (macer, lean, MEAGER)] ,^ra. : ema 
ciate ; REFL. : emaciate (grow thin). ~eia- 
zione, p. : emaciation (leanness). 
emana-re [L. (manare, flow)], INTR.: 
emanate, flow; TR. : send out (publish). 
-zione, P. : emanation ; promulgation. 
eman-eipa-re [L. (m-, transfer)], JR. : 
emancipate (a minor, etc.), free, -tore, 
M., -tri-ee, P.: emancipator, -zione, 
F. : emancipation. 

ematosi [Gr. haimdtosis (haima, blood)], 
M. : hematosis. 

emBle-xna [Gr. (em-Ullein, throw in)], 
M. : emblem, -maticamente, ADV.; 
emblematically, -anatico, ADJ.: em 

emlari-ee [L. imbrex (imber, rain)], M. : 
roof tile : scoprire un , reveal a secret. 
-eiata, p. : blow of a tile. 
em-hrione [Gr. -bruon (brtiein, swell)]^ 
M.: embryo, -"brionico, ADJ.: embry 

emeu-da, P.: emendation. -daMle, ADJ.: 
emendable (corrigible), -daxuento, M. : 
emendation, jj-dare [L. (menda, fault)], 
TR. : emend (amend, correct), -dativo, 
ADJ.: emendatory. -datore, M., -da- 
tri-ee, P. : emendator. -datorio, ADJ. : 
emendatory. -dazione, P. : emendation; 

e-mergente, ADJ.: emergent, -mer- 
genza, p.: emergency. il=mergere t 
IRR. ; TR. : emerge, rise up. 
emerito [L. -tus (merere t merit)], ADJ. : 
emeritus (honorably discharged). 
e-mersi, PRET. of -mergere. -mersioae, 
F. : emersion. H-merso, PART, of -mer- 

emetico [Gr. -k6s (emein, VOMIT)], ADJ. f 
M. : emetic. 

e=mettere, IRR. ; TR. : emit (give forth ; 
send forth), -messo, PART. 
emi= [Gr. hemi-, half]: -eiclo, M.: hemi- 
cycle. -crania [Gr. krdnion, skull], P. : 
(med.^ hemicrania (MEGRIM, MIGRAINE). 
emi-grare [L. (migrare, pass)], INTR.: 
emigrate, -grato, PART.: emigrated; 
M. : emigrant (specif, political, as the 
French emigrants after the Revolution). 
-grazione, P. : emigration. 
emi-nente [L. -nens (-nere, stand out)], 
ADJ. : eminent (lofty), -nentememte, 
ADV.: eminently, -nentissimo, ADJ.: 
most eminent (title of cardinals), -nen- 
za, F. : eminence (elevation ; title of car 

emi=plegia [Gr. plege, stroke], F. : hemi- 

plegia (p'alsy of one side), -sferico, 

ADJ. : hemispheric(al). -sfero, -sferiof 

[sphaira, ball], M. : hemisphere. 

emis-sario [L. -sarium (mittere, send)], 



M. : emissary ; spy ; outlet, drain ; stal 
lion, stone-horse, -sione, F. : emission; 
letting (of blood). 

emisticMo [Gr. hemi-stichion, half-line], 
M. : hemistich. 

mute, name of the letter m, which see. 

emolliente [L. -liens (mollire, soften)], 
ADJ., M. : emollientl 

emolnmento [L. -turn (e-moliri, bring 
out)], M. : .emolument (pay). 

emo- [Gr. haima, blood]: -rragia [hreg- 
nunai, burst], P.: hemorrhage.^ -rroi- 
dale, ADJ. : hemorrhoidal. -rrdidi [Gr. 
hrein, flow], P. PL. : hemorrhoids, -ttisz 
[Gr. ptuein, spit], P. : hemoptysis, -ttdi- 
co, ADJ. : affected with hemoptysis. 

emozione [L. e-motio], P. : emotion. 

empetiggine [L. im-petigo (im-petere, 
attack)]," P. : impetigo (pustular eruption). 

empiamente [-JMO], ADV. : impiously. 

empiastr. .f = impiastr. . 

em-piente, PART. : filling. Hem-piere 
= -pire. 

em-pi eta, -piezza [-pio], P. : impiety. 

empimento [-pire], M. : filling up. 

mpio [L. im-pius] t ADJ.: impious, in 

empire, or less com. -piere [L. im- 
plere], IRE. (cf. compire); TR.: FILL up; 


empireo [Gr. em-pHrios (pilr, FIRE), in 
fire, fiery], ADJ,: empyreal; M.: empyrean 
(supposed highest heaven of pure fire). 

empi-ricamente, ADV.: empirically. 
llempi-rico [L. -ricus (Gr.peira, trial)], 
ADJ.: empiric(al). -rismo, M. : empir- 

empito, pop. for impeto. 

em-pito or -piuto, PART, of empi(e)re. 

emporio [Gr. -rion (em-poros, "on the 
road,'' trader)], M. : emporium (mart; 

einut/n. .f = emung. . 

enm-lante, ADJ.: emulating; emulous. 
H-lore [L. cemulari], TR.: emulate (vie 
with), -latore, M., -latrice, P. : emu 
lator (competitor), -lazione, p.: emu- 
ktion (rivalry). 

e-mnlgente, ADJ.: emulgent. H-mul- 
geref [L. (mulgere, MILK)] ; mR. ; TR. : 
emulge (milk out); drain. 

Pret. emiil-s, -se ; -sero Part, emulsa. 

enralo [L. (zmulus], ADJ. : emulous ; M. : 

competitor, rival. 

enmlsione [emulgere], P. : emulsion. 
e-2n.ungeref, TR. : milk out; drain. 
onarmonico [Gr. ~kos], ADJ.: enharmo- 

en-eefa-lite, -litide [enMphalos, brain], 

p.: encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). 
enc/iiridio [GT.-cheiridion (c^efr, 

M. : manual. 


en-ei-clica [Gr. enkuklos, 'circular'], P.; 
encyclic (esp. papal letter or circular). 
-clopedia [Gr. paideia, instruction], p. : 
encyclopaedia, -clopedico, ADJ.: en- 
cyclopsedic(al). -clopedista, pi. ti, M. : 

enclitica [Gr.-klitihds [klinein, LEAN)], 
ADJ., P. : enclitic. 

enco-miare, TR. : laud, praise, -mia- 
stef> M. : encomiast, -miastioo, ADJ. : 
encomiastic(al). -miatore, M., -mia- 
tri-ee, P.: encomiast (panegyrist). ||n- 
co-mio [Gr. -mion (komos, revel), festive 
song to Bacchus], M. : encomium (praise). 

ejidef = indi. 

endecasillabo [Gr. hendeka, eleven], 
M. : endecasyllable. 

en-demia [Gr. (demos, people)], P.: en 
demic, -demico, ADJ. : endemic(al). 

endi-caj, p. : magazine ; purchase ; fore 
stalling. -cain61ot,M.: forestaller. -ca- 
ref, TR. : buy up, forestall. 

endi-ee [pop. for indiee], M.: nest-egg, 

eneof, ADJ. : of bronze. 

en-ergia [Gr. -fogeia, (rgon, WORK)], F. : 
energy, -ergicamente, ADV. : ener 
getically, -ergico, ADJ. : energetic (al). 

energumeno * [Gr. -goumenos (ergein, 
WORK)], ADJ. : possessed by an evil spirit ; 
M. : energumen. 

eaerv. . = snerv. . 

en-fasi [Gr. emphasis (phainein, show)], 
p.: emphasis, -faticamente, ADV.: 
emphatically, -fatico, ADJ.: emphat- 

en-fiagion-eella, -fiagion^ina, dim. 
of -fia'gione. -fiagion'e, P.: inflation 
(swelling), -fiam'ento, M.: inflation; 
pridef. ||-fiare [L. in-flare (BLOW)], 

INTR, : INFLATE (swell, puff Up) J TR.f : 

inflate; embolden, -fiato, PART.: swol 
len, etc.; proudf. -fiatura, p.: infla 
tion (swelling; pride f). -fiaturma, 
dim. of -fiatura. -fiatuzzof, dim. of 
-fiato. -fiazionef, P.: inflation (swell 
ing; pride), en-fiof, ADJ.: swelling; 
swollen, -fiore, M. : inflation, swelling. 

enigm. ,f = enimm. . 

enim-ma [Gr. ainigma (ainos, tale)], 
M. : enigma. -maticamente, ADV. : 
enigmatically, -matico, ADJ.: enigmat- 

enne, the letter n (which see). 

eime(a)- [Gr. ennea, NINE]: -'gono, M.: 
enneagon, etc. 

exmicof = etnico. 

enologia [Gr. oinos, WINE], P.: science 
of wine-production. 

enor-me [L. -mis (norma, rule)], ADJ.: 
enormous, -memente, ADV. : enormous 
ly, -mezza, -mita, p. : enormity. 


ensiforme [L. ensis, sword], ADJ. : (bot.) 

ente [L. ens (esse, be)], M. : being. [Gr. enteron, intestine], ADJ. : 
enteric (intestinal), -teritide, -terite, 
F. : (med.) enteritis. 

entita [ente], p. : entity ; importance. 

ento-matat, P., ento-mof [Gr. en-to- 
mon (temein, cut), in-sect (as nearly cut 
in two)], M. : insect, -mologia, P. : en 
tomology, -mologico, ADJ. : entomo- 
logic(al). -znologo, M. : entomologist. 

entragnat, P., -graof, M. : inside; en 
trails (bowels): di buona , of good 

entram-"bi, -Tiof [L.inter, between, ambo, 
both], ADJ. : both. 

en- train ento, M. : entrance, -traiite, 
ADJ.: entering; beginning; penetrative, 
meddlesome; M. : entrance; beginning; 
meddlesome person: il mese , next 
month, -trare, INTR. : enter; begin; 
penetrate; TE.f: enter, make enter; M. : 
entering, etc. : in ballo, engage one's 
self ; in bestia, fly into a passion ; 
in parola, open a discourse ; in santo, 
be churched (of women after childbirth). 
-trata, p.: entrance; beginning; pre 
lude ; income ; rent, -trata-e-eia, disp. 
of -trata. -tratore, M. : enterer. -tra- 
tdra, P.: entrance ; access ; entrance fee ; 
familiarity : avere con, be familiar with. 
!Jen-tro [L. intro}, ADV., PREP. : within. 
-tro=metteret, IRR. ; TR. : introduce. 

entusi-asmare, TR.: make enthusiastic 
(enthuse)." H-asmo [Gr. enthousiasmos 
(theos, god)], M. : enthusiasm, -asta, pi. 
-asti, M.: enthusiast, -astico, ADJ.: en 

enulat, P. : starwort. 

enumera-re [L.],TR.: enumerate, -zio- 
ne, P. : enumeration. 

eimn-eia-re [L. enuntiare (nuntio, mes 
senger)], TR. : enunciate (express; pro 
nounce), -tivo, ADJ.: enunciative. -zio- 
ne, P. : enunciation. 

ennnzia. . = enuneia. . 

enviaref, TR. : show the way. 

eof = io. 

eoof, ADJ. : eastern (morning). 

e-pa [? Gr. hepar, liver], P. : paunch (bel 
ly), -pa-eetaf, disp. of epa. epa-tef, 
M.: liver, -paticaf, P.: liverwort. ~pa- 
ticof, ADJ. : hepatic. 

epen-tesi [Gr. -thesis (epi, by, m-tithe- 
nai, put" in)], P. : epenthesis (insertion). 
-tetico, ADJ.: epenthetic(al). 

epi- [Gr. epi, upon, by], PREP. 

epicamente [-co], ADV. : epically. 

epi^-eiclo, M. : epicycle. 

epico [L. -ctw (Gr. tpos, tale)], ADJ., M.: 

epnlone 159 

epicra-si [Gr. krasis, mixture], P. : cure 
by refrigerants or lenitives, -ticamen.- 
te, ADV.: now and then, at intervals, -'ti- 
co, ADJ.: applied (medicines) at intervals. 

epicnreo [philosopher Epicurus], ADJ. : 
Epicurean; M. : epicnre. 

epi-demia [Gr. (epi-demos, "among-peo- 
ple'j], P.: epidemy. -demico, ADJ.: ep- 

epidermide [Gr. -mis (derma, skin)], p.: 

epifania [Gr. epi-phdnia, ap-pearance], 
p.: Epiphany (church festival, 6th of Jan.). 

epigastrico [Gr. ga&t&r, belly], ADJ.: epi 

p-grafe [Gr. -graphe (grdphein, write)], 
p. : epigraph (inscription), -grafia, P. : 
epigraphy, -grafico, ADJ.: epigraphic- 
(al). -grafista,pL ti, M.: epigraphist. 
-gramma, M. : epigram, -gpranmiati- 
co, ADJ.: epigrammatic(al). -gram- 
metto, dim. of -gramma. 

epi-lessia [GT.-lep&a (lambdnein,tak&)], 
p.: epilepsy, -lettico, ADJ.,M.: epileptic. 

epilo-gamentot, M.: epilogue, summary. 
-garef, TR. : sum up. -gazionef, P.: 
epilogue, epilo-go [Gr. -gos (epi, after, 
Ugein, say)], M. : epilogue. 

epi-scopale, ADJ. : episcopal, -scopa- 
to, M. : bishopric, -scopio, M. : bishop 
ric ; bishop's palace. Slpi-scopof [cf . 
vescovo], M. : BISHOP. 

epl-sodicamente, ADV.: episodically. 
-sodico, ADJ.: episodical. iS-sodio [Gr. 
ep-eis-odos, 'by-in-way'], p.: episode. 

epistilio [L. -Hum (Gr. stulos, column)], 
M. : epistyle (architrave) 

episto-la [L. (Gr. stellein, send)], P.: 
epistle ; letter, -lare, ADJ. : epistolary. 
-lario, M. : letter-book, -larmente, 
ADV. : in epistolary way. -ietta, dim. of 

epital(f )io [Gr. -tdphios (tdphos, tomb)], 
M. : epitaph. 

epita-lamico, ADJ.: epithalamic. if -la 
mia [Gr. -Idmios (thdlamos, bride-cham 
ber)], M. : epithalamium (nuptial song). 

epiteto iGx.-thetos (^Ae-,put)], M.: epithet. 

epito-mare, TR.: epitomize, abridge. 
-matoref, M. : epitomizer, abridger. 
!lepto-me [Gr. -me (temnein, cut)], $$.., 
p. : epitome. 

epoca [L. -cAa], P. : epoch (culmioating 
point) ; period ; (pop.) time. 

ep-6dico, ADJ. : epodic. Jl-odo [Gr. -ode 
(od, song)], M. : epode (after-song). 

epo-pea, -peiaf [Gr. epo-poiia t epos- 
poem], P. : epopee (epopoeia). 

eppnre [or e pure], CONJ. : nevertheless 

epn-laf [L. -lum] t P. : feast, -lonac- 
-eio, disp. of -lone, -lone, M, : great 

160 epulonesco 

feaster (luxurious feeder), -lonesco 
ADJ.: feasting, -lonismo, M. : exces 
sive feasting. 

eqji- [L. cequus, equal]: -abile, ADJ. 
equable, -abilita, p.: equability. -abil- 
mente, ADV.: equably, -alef, ADJ. 
equal -alitaf, p.: equality, -amen- 
te, ADV.: equally (equably), -aaiime 
[L. animus, soul], ADJ. : equanimous, just. 
-animita, F.: equanimity, -atore, M. 
equator, -atoriale, ADJ.: equatorial. 
-azione, F. : equation. 
equestre [-iris (equus, horse)], ADJ. : 

eqrii- [L. cequus, equal] : -angolo ADJ. : 
equiangular, -distante, ADJ.: equidis 
tant, -dis taut erne ute, ADV. : equidis- 
tantly. -distanza, p.: equidistance. 
-latero, ADJ. : equilateral, -librare, 
TR.: equilibrate (balance equally). -librio 
[L. libra, balance], M. : equilibrium, equi 

equine* [L. -nus], ADJ. : equine. 
eqni-noziale, ADJ. : equinoctial. II -no- 
zio [L. -noctium (nox, NIGHT)], M. : equi 

equi-paggiare, TK.: equip, fit out ; man. 
ll-paggio* [Fr. -page, ak. to Eng. skiff], 
M. : equipage (baggage) ; equipment (out 
fit); crew. 

eqni- [cf. above] : -par are, TR. : equal ; 
compare, -pollente [L. pollens, strong], 
' ADJ. : equipollent (of equal power), -pol- 
lenza, F. : equipollence. -poaderan- 
tef, ADJ. : of equal weight, -pondera- 
ref, INTE. : equiponderate (be of equal 
weight), -ta, F. : equity (justness). 
eqni-tare, INTR.: ride on horseback, -ta- 
zione, p.: equitation (riding on horse 
back). Heqni-tef [L. eques (equus, 
horse)], M. : rider. 

equi- [L. aquus, equal] : -valente, ADJ., 
M.: equivalent, -valentemente, ADV.: 
equivalently. -valenza, F. : equiva 
lence. =valere, IRR. ; INTR. : be equiv 
alent (be of equal value), -vocalef, 
ADJ.: equivocal, -vocamente, ADV.: 
equivocally, -vocamento, M. : ambi 
guity, -vocare, INTR.: equivocate (mis 
take), eqni-voco [L. vox, VOICE), ADJ. : 
equivocal (ambiguous); M.: misunderstand 
ing, mistake : prendere , be mistaken, 
misunderstand, -vocoso, ADJ.: ambig 

eqiio [L. cequus, equal], ADJ.: equitable 

era i, IMPERF. of essere. 
era 2 [1. L. am], F. : era, epoch. 
eradio. .f = sradic. . 
erario \L. cerarium (CBS, copper)], M. : 
public treasury (exchequer). 
er-*ba [L. herba], F. : herb (grass): 


, weeds ; trastulla, procrastinating ; 
in , growing, young (e.g., dottore in , 
one studying to become a doctor; man- 
giare il grano in , consume anything by 
anticipation or before fully gotten posses 
sion of), -ba-e-eia, F.: disp. of-ba; weed. 
-baeo, ADJ.: herbaceous (grassy), -bag- 
gio, M. : esculent plants, pot herbs. 
-baio, M. : weedy place, -baiolo, M. : 
herbalist (gatherer or seller of herbs). 
-bale, ADJ.: herbaceous, grassy, -ba- 
rio, M.: herbarium, -bataf, F.: corn in 
the blade, -bato, ADJ. : grassy, -bet- 
ta, -bi-e-efola, dim. of -ba. -bieina, 
-bina, F. : small esculent herb, -bivo- 
ro [L. vorare, eat], ADJ.: herbivorous. 
-bolaiof , M. : herbalist, -boltua, car. 
dim.of-ba,. -"boTa.Te'f=-borizzdre. -bo- 
rista, M. : herborist (collector of herbs). 
-borizzare, INTR.: herborize (collect 
herbs), -borizzatore, M.: herborist, 
-bosetto, dim. of -boso. -boso, ADJ. : 
herbose (grassy, grass-covered), -bu-e- 
eia, F. : disp. dim. of -bdj scanty grass. 
-bn-e-eina, dim. of -buecia. 
Er-cole, M. : Hercules, -colino, ADJ. : 
bow-legged, -culeo, ADJ. : herculean. 
5re-daf = -^e. -dare, TR. : inherit, 
llere-de [L. heres], M., F.: HEIR, -dita, 
F., -ditaggtof, M.: heirship; heritage 
(inheritance), -ditare, TR. : inherit. 
-ditariamente, ADV. : by inheritance. 
-ditario, ADJ.: hereditary, -ditiera, 
F. : rich heiress. 

et = erigere. 

ere-mita, pL -miti, M.: hermit, -xnitag- 
gio, M.: hermitage, -mitano, M.: sort 
of religious order, -mitico, ADJ. : her- 
mitic, solitary. Here-mo [Gr. Mremos, 
solitary], M. : hermitage ; lonely place. 

eresi-a [Gr. hairesis, taking for one's self, 
choice], F.: heresy, -area pi. -archi [Gr. 
archos, ruler], M. : heresiarch. 

eressi, PRET. of erigere. 

eretaggto, M. : heritage. 

ereti-ca-e-eio, disp. of -co. -eale, ADJ.: 
heretical. -ca(l)mente, ADV.: hereti- 
cally. ||ereti-co [L. hcsreticus (cf. ere- 
sia)], ADJ. : heretic(al). 

ere-tto, PART, of erigere; ADJ.: ERECT 
(upright, straight), -ttore, M. : erector. 
-zione, F. : erection ; establishment (in 

ergastolo [L. -tulum, WORKhouse], M. : 
prison, penitentiary. 

ergere [erigere], IRR.; TR.: ERECT 

Fret, tr-si, -se ; -sero. Part, trto, 

ergo [L.], CONJ. : ergo (therefore). 
s-rigenzat, F. : erection ; establishment. 
Il-rigere [L.], IRR. (cf. dirigere); TR.: 
ERECT (raise ; construct). 



[L. herma (Gr. Hermes, Gr. deity)], 
p.: herma, hennes (small column with a 
Hermes-head, or other head), -frodito 
[L.-phroditus (Hermes, Aphrodite, in one 
body)], M. : hermaphrodite. 
ermellino [L L. armellinus (Armenia)], 


ermenenti-ca [Gr. hermeneutike, inter 
preting], P.: hermeneutics. -co, ADJ.: 

ermesinof = ermisino. 

er-meticamente, ADV.: hermetically, 
li-metico [Gr. god Hermes, inventor of 
alchemy], ADJ. : hermetic(al). 

erinisino [island Ormus], M. : sarcenet. 

erxao [eremo], ADJ.: solitary; M.f: her 

er-nia [L. hernia], P.: hernia (rupture). 
-niaria, p.: rupturewort, -niario, 
ADJ.: hernial. -nioso, ADJ.: affected 
with hernia. 

e-rodeatef , ADJ. : corrosive, -roderef 
= rodere. 

erd-e [L.Am>s],M.: HERO, -essaf = -ina. 

ero-gabile, ADJ.: that can be bestowed 
or laid out. H-gare [L. (rogare, ask)], 
TR. : appropriate (money), bestow (Bng.f 
^rogate). -gazione, p. : bestowal (dis 
posal, Eng.f erogation). 

ero-icamente, ADV.: heroically, -i-eiz- 
zare, TR. : make a hero of, lionize. 
|[ero-ico [eroe], ADJ. : heroic(al). -i=co- 
mico, ADJ.: heroi-comic. -idef, M. : 
heroic person. -Ina, p. : heroine. -i=sa- 
tirico, ADJ. : heroi-satirie. -ismo, M. : 

e=roxnpere, ntR. ; INTR. : burst forth. 

ero-siome [L. ~ s i (rodere, gnaw)], P.: 
erosion (corrosion), -sivo, ADJ.: erosive, 

erotico [Gr. -kos (eros f love)], ADJ. : erot- 

er-pete [Gr. herpes (herpein, creep)], M. : 
herpes (skin eruption), -petico, ADJ.: 

erpi-camento, M. : harrowing ; clamber 
ing f. -care, TR. : harrow; clamberf. 
-catoioft M. : net for quails, -catura, 
p.: harrowing. erpi--ee [L. hirpex], 
M. : harrow. 

er-ra"bondo, ADJ.: errant (vagrant), 
'ramemto, M.: error, -rante, ADJ. 
erring (roving); in error: cavalier e , 
knight-errant. H-rare [LJ> INTR. : err 
(roam, wander) ; mistake, -rata or -ra- 
ta-corrige, P.: errata (list of errors); 
for -rata\'- -ratamente, ADV.: erratic 
ally, -raticot, ADJ. : errant (roaming) 
erratic, -rato, PART. : erred, etc. ; mis 
taken, confused. 

erre, p. : the letter r (which see) : perder 
F , get confused; he tipsy. 

er-ro [-rare], M. : vulg. for -rore. -ronea- 
mente, ADV. : erroneously, -roneita, 
P. : erroneousness (error), -roneo, -ro- 
nicof , ADJ. : erroneous ; rambling, -ro- 
ra-e-eio, disp. of -rore. -rore, M. : error, 
mistake; blunder, -roretto, -rorm-e- 
cio, dim. of -rore. 

ersi, FRET, of ergere. 

er-ta, P. : ascent (acclivity); (fig.) atten 
tion, guard (as from a hill): stare alF , 
be upon one's guard, keep a sharp* lookout; 
air / look out I challenge of sentinels; 
confortare i cani all' , stir up one to 
something unpleasant, -tezza, p. : steep 
ness. Jjer-to [-gere], PART.: erected; 
ADJ.: steep; arduous. 

erulje-sceiitet,ADJ.: erubescent, -scem- 
z(i)af, P. : erubescence (blush). 

erdcaf, P. : ROCKET (plant); caterpillar. 

err-dimento, M. : erudition; instruc 
tion. JI-dir [L. (ex, rudis, RUDE)], TR. : 
instruct, teach, -ditamente, ADV.: 
eruditely (learnedly), -dito, ADJ.: eru 
dite (learned), -dizione, p. : erudition. 

e-rumperef = -romper e. -rutto, PART. 
-rnttare, TR.: erupt (eject); ERUCT 
(belch), -ruttazione, p.: eruption; 
eructation, -mttivo, ADJ.: eruptive. 
-ruzione, p. : eruption ; efflorescence. 

esa-eer-bamezito, M. : exasperation, 
{(-"bare [L. ex-acerbare (asper, rough)], 
TR.: irritate. -Imziome, P.: irritation. 

esacordo [Gr. hex, SIX, chorde, string], 
M. : hexachord (old nms. instrument). 

esager a-re [L. ex-aggerare (a^-^er,heap)], 
M. :* exaggerate, -tivo, ADJ. : exagger 
ative (exaggerated). -t<6re, M., -tri-ee, 
p. : exaggerator. -zione, P. : exaggera 

esagi-taref, TR.: agitate; vex (tor 
ment), -tazione, p. : agitation ; vexa 

es-agonato, ADJ. : hexagonal. ilagono 
[Gr. hex, six, gonia, angle], M. : hexagon. 
esa-labile, ADJ. : exhaiable ; evaporable. 
-lamento, M. : exhalation; recreationf, 
diversion f. [i-Iare [L. ex-halare 
(breathe)], INTR. : exhale, evaporate ; TR, : 
breathe out or forth, -lazioae, p. : ex 
halation ; evaporation. 
esaldiref = esaudire. 
esalof = esalazione. 
esal-tamento, M. : exaltation. H-tare 
[L. ex-altar e (altus, high)], TE,: exalt 
(magnify, extol), -tato, ADJ. : exalted ; 
excited, -taziome, P. : exaltation. 
esame i [L. ex-amen, weighing], M. : ex 
amination (examen). 

same 2 [L. ex-amen (agmen, troop)], M. : 
swarm of bees. 

esametro [Gr. hexd-metros, 'six-metric*], 
ADJ.: hexametric(al); M. : hexameter. 



esami-na [esamei], -nanzaf, P.: exam 
ination, -mare, TE. : examine, -masite, 
ADJ. : examining, -nato, PART. : exam 
ined; person examined, -natore, M., 
-natri-ee, F. : examiner, -nazioae, P., 
-met, M. : examination. 

esangue [L. sanguis, blood], ADJ. : blood 

es-animare, TR.: dishearten. H-animo 
[L. ex-animis (anima, soul)], ADJ.: soul 
less, lifeless. 

esantema [Gr. ex-dntkema, 'out-bloom-^ 
ing'], F.: (med.) exanthema (eruption). 

esar-ca or -oof [Gr. ex-arckos (drchein, 
rule)], M. : exarch; viceroy, -cato, M. : 

esaspe-ramento, M. : exasperation. 
Ij-rare [L. ex-asperare (asper, rough)], 
exasperate (provoke), -razione, p.: ex 

esat-tamente, ADV. : exactly, -tezza, 
p.: exactness. |[esat-to [part, of m- 
gere], ADJ.: exacted; exact (precise, 
accurate), -tore, M. : tax-gatherer, col 
lector, -toria, F. : collector's office. 

esau-dibile, ADJ. : grantable. -dimen.- 
to, M.: hearing and granting. H-dire 
[L. ex-audire (hear)], TR. : hear favorably 
and grant (grant), -ditore, M., -di- 
tri-ee, P.: granter. -dizioaef, P.: 

esan-riMle, ADJ. : exhaustible. [j-rire 
[L. ex-haurire (draw water)], TR.: EX 
HAUST (use up), -rito or esau-sto, 
PART.: exhausted. 

es=antorare, TR. : exauthorize. 

esazione [egatto] t P. : exaction. 

es-ca [L. (ed-, EAT)], P.: victualsf; bait 
(decoy); tinder, -caiolo, M. : tinder- 

escaude-seente [L. ex-candescens (can- 
descere, glow)], ADJ. : kindling with wrath 
(flying into a passion); flashing, -scen- 
za, P.: sudden wrath (violent passion, 

escandoiaf, P. : (nav.) cabin. 

esca-ra [Gr. eschdra], F. : ESCHAR, SCAR. 
-rotico, ADJ. : escharotic. 

escato [eca], M. : decoy -place; snare 

escavazione [L. ex-cavatio (cavare, 
hollow)], P. : excavation. 

esc/iettaf , dim. of esca. 

escMof, M. : beech-tree. 

esciamef = sciame. 

escidiof = eccidio. 

esc-imentof, -ire, -ita = usc-imento, 
-ire, -ita,. 

esclama-re [L. ex-clamare], TR. : ex 
claim, -tivo, ADJ.: exclamatory, -zio- 
ne, P. : exclamation. 

es-clndente, ADJ.: excluding. || -clu 

es emplo 

dere [L. ex-dudere (close)], IRR. (cf. 
accludere) ; TR. : exclude (except), -clu- 
si, PRET. of -cludere. -clusione, F. : 
exclusion, -clusiva, F. : exclusion ; ex 
cluding vote (veto, at papal election). 
-clusivamente, ADV. : exclusively. 
-clusivismo, M. : exclusiveness. -elu 
sive, ADJ". : exclusive, -olnso, PART, of 
-cludere. -clusdrio, ADJ. : exclusory. 

escogi-taMIe, ADJ. : devisable. ||-ta- 
re [L. ex-cogitare (think)], TR. : excogi 
tate (think out, devise, contrive), -tati- 
vaf , P. : thinking faculty. 

escolpazionef, F. : exculpation. 

escomnnio. .f = seomunic. . 

escoria-re [L. ex-coriare (corium, skin)], 
TR.: (med.) excoriate, abrade, -tivo, 
ADJ. : abrading, -zione, F. : excoriation. 

escre-mentizio, ADJ.: excrementitious. 
-mento [L. ex-erementum (cernere, sift)], 
M. : excrement. 

eserescenza [L. ex-crescere, grow out], 
F. : excrescence. 

escre-tore or -terio [L. ex-cernere (sift), 
excrete], ADJ.: excretory, -zioae, p.: 

esculentot, ADJ. : esculent. 

escursione [L. ex-cursio (currer'e, run)], 
P.: excursion; raid. 

esens. .f = scus. . 

eseera-liile, ADJ. : execrable, -"bilita, 
P.: execrableness. -bilmente, ADV.: 
execrably. I|esecra-re [L. ex-(s)ecrare 
(sacer, holy)], TR. : execrate, abhor, -zio- 
ae, F. : execration. 

esecu-tare [L. ex-seguere, follow 0"t], 
TR. : execute, -tivo, ASJ. : executive. 
-tore, M., -trlee, F. : executor, -trix ; 
executive ; executioner (hangman), -zio 
ne, F. : execution. 

ese-gesi or -gesi [Gr. exegesis (dgein, 
lead)], P.: exegesis (interpretation), -ge- 
ta, -pL-geti, M.: exegete. -getico, ADJ.: 

ese-guibile, ADJ. : executable (feasible). 
-guimento, M. : execution. H-guire 
[L. ex-sequi (follow)], TR. : EXECUTE (per 
form), -gnitoref , M. : executor. 

esem-pi=grazia, ADV., F. : for instance, 
e. g. !|esem-pio [L. ex-emplum (emere, 
take)], M. : example, -plare, ADJ. : ex 
emplary; M. : pattern (model); specimen 
(copy) ; TR.f : copy (imitate), -plarita, 
F. : exemplarity, exemplariness. -plar- 
mente, ADV. : exemplarily. -plativof , 
ADJ.: exemplary, -plificare, TR. : ex 
emplify, -plificatamentef, ADV.: by 
way of example, -plifieativo, ADJ.: 
exemplifying. >plificatoref, M. : ex- 
emplifier; copier, -plificazione, P.: 
exemplification. -pli=grazia = -pigra- 
zia. esexa-plof = -pio. 


esen tare, TR. : exempt ; excuse, (iesen- 
te [L. ex-emptum (emere, take)], ADJ.: 
EXEMPT, -zionaret, TR. : exempt, -zio- 
ne, P. : exemption. 

ese-quia = -quie. -quialef, ADJ. : ex- 
equial, funeral, -quiaref , TR. : bury, 
ilese-qiue [L. exequice (sequi, follow)], 
F. PL., -'quiof , M. : exequies (obsequies, 
funeral rites). 

esequiref = eseguire. 

eser-eente, ADJ.: exercising (practicing) ; 
following (a profession). Heser-eeref 
[L. ex-ercere (arcere, shut upj], TR. : ex 
ercise, -eitabile, ADJ.: exercisable. 
-citamento, M.: exercise; effort, -ei- 
tare, TR. : exercise (practice; train). 
-eitativof, ADJ. : exercising, -eitato- 
re, M., -eitatriee, p. : exerciser. ~ei- 
tazione, p. : exercise, eser-eito, M. : 
army ; host, -eizio, M. : exercise (prac 
tice) ; pursuit ; theme : far V , exercise ; 

esered(it)aref, TR. : disinherit. 

es-ibre [L. ex-hibere (kabere t have)], TR.: 
exhibit (present) ; REFL. : offer one's self. 
-ibita, F. : exhibition, -ibitore, M. : 
exhibitor, -ibizione, p. : exhibition. 

esi-gente, ADJ.: exigent; pretentious. 
-genza, F.: exigency. {lesi-gere [L. 
ex-igere (agere, drive)], IRR. (part, esatto); 
TR. : EXACT (require peremptorily), -gi- 
"bile, ADJ.: that may be exacted, -gi- 
bilita, F. : capability of being exacted. 

esiglio = esilio. 

esiguo pL exiguus (ag- f weigh)], ADJ.: 
small (thin, exiguous). 

esila-rante, ADJ.: exhilarating. |j-ra- 
re [L. ex-hilarare (cheer)], TR. : exhila 
rate (cheer). 

esile or esile [L. exilis], ADJ. : slender, 

e-siliare, TR.: exile, banish, -siliato, 
PART.: exiled; M.: exile. H-silio [L. 
ex-(s)ilium (solum, SOIL)], M. : exile ; ban 
ishment : terra d' , world. 

esilita [esile], F.: slenderness; feeble 

es-imere pi,, ex-imere (emere, take)], 
IRR. ; TR.: EXEMPT (free), -imio, ADJ. : 
select (excellent, Eng.f eximious) ; famous. 

Pret. esi-mei) -mksti, etc. Part, esknto. 

esis-tente, ADJ. : existing, -tenza. F. : 
existence, llesis-tere [L. ex-(s)istere 
(stare, stand)], "IRR. (Part, -tito); INTR.: 
exist, -tito, PART, of -tere. 

esistim. . f = stim. . 

esitabilei [-tare 2], ADJ.: salable. 

esi-tabile 2, ADJ. : dubious, -tamentof, 
M. : hesitation, -tanza, p.: hesitancy, 
hesitation. H-tare i [L. hcssitare (hm-, 
stick)], INTR. : hesitate. 

esitare 2 [-io], TR. : turn out, retail, sell. 

espettazione 163 

esitazione [-tare i], F. : hesitation. 

esi-to [L. ex-itus (i-, go)], M. : exit, issue; 
event; success; sale; denouement (of a 
drama), -ziale, ADJ.: of fatal issue, 

esodo [L. ex-odus (Gr. kodos, road)], M. ; 

esofago p. L. -gus], M. : oesophagus. 

esonerare [L. ex-onerare],TR.: exonerate, 

esorbi-tante, ADJ.: exorbitant, -tan- 
temente, ADV.: exorbitantly, -tan- 
za, F. : exorbitancy. H-tare [L. ex-or- 
bitare (orbita, track)], INTR. : go beyond 
the limit (Eng.f exorbitate). 

esor-eismo [L. ex-orcismus (Gr. korkos r 
oath)], M. : exorcism, -eista, pi. ti, M.: 
exorcist. -istato, M. : third minor cler 
ical order, -eizzar-e, TR. : exorcise. 

esor-diente, ADJ.: beginning; M.: begin 
ner; debutant, esor-dio, M.: exordium, 
fl-dire [L. ex-ordiri], INTR. : begin. 

esorna-ref, TR.: adorn, -tivo, ADJ.: 

esor-tante, ADJ.: exhorting. H-tar* 
[L. ex-hortari (excite)], TR. : exhort, -ta- 
tivo, ADJ.: exhortative, -tat ore, M., 
-tatriee, F. : exhorter. -tatorio, ADJ.: 
exhortatory. -tazion-eella, dim. of 
-tazione. -tazione, p. : exhortation. 

esoso [L. ex-osus (odi, hate)], ADJ. : hate 
ful, detestable. 

esoterico [Gr. -rikos (6so, within), inner]- 
ADJ.: esoteric(al). 

esotico [Gr. exotikos (exo t outside)], ADJ.. 

espan-deret [L. ex~pandere (spread)], 
IRR. (cf. spandere) ; TR. : expand, -sibile, 
ADJ.: expansible, -sibilita, P.: ex 
pansibility, -si one, F.: expansion; ef 
fusive sentiment (confidential manifesta 
tion of sentiments). 

espe-dieate, ADJ. expedient; fit (proper), 
il-diref = spedire. -dit. .f = spedit. . 

espellere [L. ex-pellere (drive)], ffiR.; 
TR. : expel. 

Pret. reg. ; or esjfrul-si, -se ; -sero. Part. 

espe-rienza, F. : experience ; experiment. 
-rieuzu-e-eia, dim. of -rienza. -rimen- 
tale (us'ly sperimentale), ADJ. : experi 
mental, -rimentare, TR.: experiment ; 
experience, -rimentatore, M. : exper 
imenter, -rimento, M.: experiment; 
exhibition (proof); examination; expe 
rience. ||-rire [L. ex-periri (per~ire, 
go through)], TR. : try. -rtamente, 
ADV. : expertly, espe-rto, ADJ. : expert 

espet-tibilef, ADJ.: desirable, -tamtef, 
ADJ.: expecting, jj-tare [L. ex-(&)pec- 
tore], TR. : expect (look for : us'ly aspet- 
tare). -tazione, F. : expectation. 

164 espettorante 

espetto-rante, ADJ., M.: (med.} ex 
pectorative. || -rare [L. ex-pectorare 
(pectus, breast)], TR. : expectorate, -ra- 
zione, p. : expectoration. 

espia-re [L. ex-piare (plus, pious)], TR. : 
expiate (orig'ly by 'pious' rites), atone for 
(= spmref). -tore, M., -trice, F. : ex- 
piator. -torio, ADJ. : expiatory, -zione, 
p. : expiation. 

espila-re [L. ex-pilare (rob)], TR. : ap 
propriate unlawfully (things held in trust), 
swindle (rob), -tore, M., -trice, P.: swin 
dler, -zione, P. : swindling (robbery). 

espira-re [L ix~(s)pirare (breathe)], 
INTR. : breathe out (expire), -zione, P. : 

espletivo [L. ex-pletivus (plere, PILL)], 
ADJ.: expletive. 

espli-cabile, ADJ.: explicable. U-care 
[L. ex-plieare (fold)], TR. : explicate (ex 
plain), -cativ^, ADJ. : explicative, -ca- 
tore, M. : explicator; explainer, -ca- 
zione, p.: explication (explanation). 
-eitamente, ADV.: explicitly, espli- 
eito, ADJ. : explicit. 

es-plodente, ADJ.: exploding, -plo- 
dere [L. ex-plodere (clap)], IRR. ; TR. : 

Pret. esplb-si, -se ; -sero. Part. esj>U$o. 

esplora-re [L. ex-plorare (plo- r FLOW)], 
explore (search, sound) . -tore, M. , -tri-ee , 
p. : explorer, -zione, P. : exploration. 

esplo-sione, p.: explosion, esplo-si, 
PRET. of -dere. -sivo, ADJ.: explosive. 
esplo-so, PART, of -dere. 

espo-nente, ADJ.: exposing; M. : expo 
nent, espo-ngo, espd-ni, etc., PRES. of 
-rre. -nibile, ADJ.: that maybe exposed, 
-mitore, M.: exposes, [jespo-rre [L. 
exponere (put)], IRR. (cf . porre) ; TR. : EX 
POSE; risk; represent; relate; explain 
(interpret) ; REFL. : expose one's self. 

esporta-re [L. ex-portare\ t TR. : export. 
-zione, P. : exportation. 

espo-si, PRET. of -rre. -sitivo, ADJ. : 
expositive (explaining), -sitore, M., -si- 
tri-ce, P. : expositor (interpreter), -si- 
zioae, p. : exposition ; explanation, 
(lespo-sto, PART, of -rre: exposed, etc. : 

fanciullo , foundling. 

espres-samente, ADV.: expressly, -sio- 
ne, P. : expression, -siva, p. : expres 
sion, force of expression, -sivamente, 
ADV.: express(ive)ly. -sivo, ADJ.: ex 
pressive, espres-si, PRET. of esprimere. 
(Sespres-so, PART, of esprimere: ex 
pressed, etc. ; express ; explicit (precise) ; 
ADV.f : expressly. 

es-primente, ADJ. : expressing ; expres 
sive, -primer e [L- ex-primer e (press)], 
IRR. (cf . eomprimere) ; TR. : EXPRESS ; de 


esprolb. .f = rimprover. . 

espropria-re [L. exproprius, own], TR. : 
expropriate, -zione, P. : expropriation. 

espu-grnabile, ADJ.: expugnable. ll-grna- 
re [L." ex-pugnare (pugna, fight)], TR. : 
expugn; take by assault, -grnatore, M.: 
expugner. -gnazione, P.: taking by 

espial -si, PRET. of espellere. -sione, 
p. : expulsion, -sivo, ADJ. : expulsive. 
Hespnl-so, PART, of espellere: expelled. 
-sore, M. : expeller. 

espiin-gere [L. ex-pungere (prick)], 
IRR. (cf.'pungere); TR. : expunge; cancel. 
espun-si, PRET., -to, PART, of -gere. 

espur-gabile, ADJ. : that may be expur 
gated. II -gar e [L. ex-pur gar e (purge)], 
TR. : purge (clean) ; expurgate, -gato- 
riof, ADJ. : cleansing, -gazionef, F. : 
purging; spitting. 

esqmsi-t. .f = squisi-t. .; -toref, M. : 

esse, F. : s (the letter). Cf. also esso. 

essecr. .f, esseg. .f essemp. .f^s 
esecr. ., etc. 

es-sendo, GER.: being : che or- sendo- 
ehe -e, CONJ.: inasmuch as (since), -sen- 
te, ADJ.: existent (existing), -senza, F. 
essence, -senziale, F. : essential ; M. 
essential part, -senzialmente, ADV. 
essentially. j|es-sere [L. esse], ntR. 
INTR.: be (exist); become; be about; be 
ing; M.: being (existence); state (condi 
tion): per, be about, be near, be ready; 
altrove, be absent, be inattentive ; 
di sua signoria, be one's own master ; 
fatto fare, fatto il messere, be led by 
the nose ; in se, be in one's senses ; es- 
serci per la sua, be concerned in it, have 
to do with it : che e'%? what's the matter? 
che e stato? what was the matter? s j io 
fossi in voi, if I were you ; sia pure, be it 
so ; per, be about, be near ; dar V , 
call into being, create. 

Ind.: Pres. sono, sit, 1> ; sidmo, siete, $6- 
no. Impf. era. (h'o), &ri t era ; eravdmo, era.- 
udte, krano. Pret. fui, fostl^fu ; fummo, 
foste^furono. Fut. sard, Cpnd. sarei. Subj.: 
Pres. sia, sii, etc. Impf.^/owz", etc. I've sit; 
sid.U. Part.: Pres. lacking. P. stato. Poet, 
forms : Pres. 2. siki; pi. $l-mo, -te. bnno. (S.) 
sie i szeno. Impf. feramo, krate. (S.)y^jrj2"; 
6.fussero or fossimo. Fut. 3,. f to. or fie ; 6. 
fiano. Cond. i., 3. saria orcfbrai 6. saria- 
no at fbrano. Pret. z.fusti, 3. fi'te ; $.fuste } 
6.fur(n)o,foro. Ger. sendo. Part. suto. 

essi, PL. of esso. 

essi-cante, ADJ.: drying up. H-care 
[L. ex-siccare (dry)], TR. ^ dry up (exsic 

esso [L. ipse, self), PRON. : this ; he (/. 
she), it. 

essoterico = esoferico. 

est [Germ. = Eng. EAST], p. : east. 


estantef = essent e. 

estasi [Gr. ek-stasis, 'EX-STATE' (being be 
side one's self)], F. : ecstasy. 

estate [L. cestas], F. : summer. 

esiatieo [estasi], ADJ. : ecstatic. 

estempo-ralef = -rdneo. -raneamen 
te, ADV.: extemporaneously, -ranee, 
ADJ. : extemporaneous, estempo - re 
or ex tempore [L. ex tempore, ' out of 
time'], ADV. : extempore. 

esten-dere [L. ex-tender e (stretch)], IRE.; 
TR.: extend, -diliile = -sibile. -di- 
mento, M. : extension, -simile, ADJ.: 
extensible, -siome, P. : extension, -si- 
vamente, ADV.: extensively, -sivo, 
ADJ.: extensive, -*sof = est eso. -sore, 
M. : extender ; (anat.) extensor ; compiler. 

estenna-re [L. ex-tenuare (THIN)], TR. : 
extenuate; emaciate; impoverish, -ti- 
vo, ADJ. : emaciating, -zione, p. : ex 
tenuation; emaciation. 

esterio-re [L. exterior], ADJ. : exterior, 
external; M.: exterior; outward appear 
ance, -rita, P.: outside, -rmen.te, 
ADV. : externally, outwardly. 

estermin. . =r stermin. . 

ester-namente, ADV.: externally, -na- 
ref, TR.: manifest, ester-no, ADJ.: 
external (outward); foreignf ; of yester- 
dayf : scolari -ni, day-scholars. Ijeste- 
T-O [L. extents], ADJ. : external ; foreign 
(esp. of goods); M.: foreign countries : al- 
l , abroad. 

esterref atto [L. ex-terre-facere, terri-fy], 
ADJ. : terrified (frightened). 

estersivof, ADJ.: detersive (cleansing). 

es-tesamente, ADV.: extensively, -te- 
si, PRET., -teso, PART, of -tender e: ex 
tended (enlarged). 

esteti-ca, P. : aesthetics. II -co [Gr. ai- 
sthetikos, perceptive], ADJ. : sesthetic(al). 

esti-mat = stima. -maMlef = stima- 
bile. II -mare [L. mstimare], TR.: esteem. 
-mativaf, P.: estimate; fancy, -ma- 
zione, P. : esteem, regard, esti-mo, 
M.: appraisement, tax-register; impostf, 

estin-guere [L. ex~($)tinffv<ere (quench)], 
IRE. (cf. distinguere); TR.: extinguish. 
-guibile, ADJ.: extinguishable. -gni- 
' mento, M. : extinction, -guitore, M. : 
extinguisher, estin-si, PRET. of -guere. 
-tivo, ADJ.: extinctive. estia-to, PART. 
of -tinguere. -zione, P. : extinction. 

estir-pamettto, M. : extirpation, jjpa- 
re [L. ex-(s)tirpare (stirpes, root)], TR. : 
extirpate, -patdre, M., -patri-ee, P. : 
extirpator, -pazione, P. : extirpation. 
es^-vo, -valef [L. CBstivus (astas, sum 
mer)], ADJ. : sestival (summer-). 
estot questo. 
es-tdglieref = -tollere. -tollemz(i)at 



p.: pride. || -toller e [L. ex-toller e Gift}], 
IRE.; TR.: extol (exalt), -tolsi, PRET., 

-toltO, PART. 

es=to:reere or -torq-aeref [L. ex-tor- 
quere (twist)], D3R. ; TR. : extort (wrest). 

estorref , IRR. ; TR. : take away ; except. 

es-torsi, PRET. of -toreere. -torsioe, 
p. : extorsion. -torto, PART, of -toreere. 

estragfudieiale = stragiudiciale. 

es-traneamente, ADV.: extraneously. 
K-traneo [L. extraneus (extra, outside)], 
ADJ. : extraneous (foreign, strange); M. : 
stranger; foreigner. 

estraord. .f = straord. . 

es=trarre, IRR. ; TR. : extract, DRAW. 
-trassi, PRET. -tratto, PART.: ex 
tracted; M. : extract; abridgment. 

estravag. .f = stravag. . 

estrazione [estrarre], F. : extraction. 

estre-mamente, ADV.: extremely, -mi- 
ta, P. : extremity, estre-mo [L. extre- 
mu$], ADJ. : extreme, utmost ; M. : ex 
tremity; (gen'ly pi.) point of death: es- 
sere aW or agli -mi or in extremis, be 
at the point of death; fino air , until 
the last. 

estrinse-camente, ADJ.: extrinsically. 
-camento, M., -cazione, P. : the mak 
ing extrinsical, estrinse-eo [L. extrin- 
secus (exter, outside, secus, beside)], ADJ. : 

e-stro [Gr. oistros, horsefly; rage], M. : 
poetic rage or inspiration ; freak ; mar 
tial furyt. -stroso, ADJ. : freakish. 

estirdderef, IRR. ; TR. : extrude (expel). 

e-strueref, TR. : build up. -struttof, 


estn-antef, ADJ. : fervent. !|-aref [L. 

(Estuare], INTR. : estuate (boil up, swell). 

-ario, M. : estuary. 
esturljaref , TR. : expel ; fling off. 
esTLber-ante, ADJ. : exuberant, -ante- 

iaente, ADV. : exuberantly, -anza. P.: 

exuberance. Jl-are [L. ex-uberare (u5er, 

udder)], INTO. : exuberate, abound. 
esu-laf , F. : milk-thistle, -lare, TR. : go 

into exile. 
esiilee-ramexito, M.:exulceration. ||-ra- 

re [L. ex-ukerare], TR. : exulcerate. -ra- 

zione, p. : exulceration. 
esnle [L. exul], M. : voluntary exile. 
esul-tante, ADJ. : exulting, -tanza, F.: 

exultation. 11-tare [L. ex-()uZtore (sa- 

lire, leap)], INTR.: exult (leap for joy). 

-tazione, P. : exnltation. [L. ex-humare (Jiumus, soil)], 

TR. : exhume, -zione, F, : exhumation. 
esmriref , INTR. : be hungry. 
esistof , ADJ. : burnt ; consumed. 
eta [L. cetos], F.: AGE; epoch (generatkm, 




e-tere or -teraf [L. cether (root aith-, 
burn)], M.: ether, -tereo, ADJ.: ethereal. 
-terico, ADJ.: ethereous. -terio = -te 
reo. -terizzare, TR. : etherize. 

eter-nalef = -no. -nal(e)mentet, 
-namente, ADV. : eternally, -nare, 
TR. : eternize, -nita, P.: eternity, ||eter- 
no PJ. ceternus], ADJ. : eternal ; ADV. : 
eternally ; M. : eternal ; time everlasting : 
ab , from time immemorial; in , 
forever; I' , the Eternal, God; mai in 
, never. 

etero- [Gr. Mteros, other]: -'olito [Gr. 
klinein, bend], ADJ. : heteroclitic (irregu 
lar), -dossia [see next], p. : heterodoxy. 
-dosso [Gr. doxa, opinion], ADJ. : hetero 
dox, -geneita [see next], P.: hetero 
geneity.* -geneo [Gr. genos, KIND], ADJ.: 

e-tesia [L. -sice (Gr. Uos, year)], P. PL. : 
trad'e winds, -tesio, ADJ.: etesian (pe 

etica [-co], P.: ethics; also P. of -co. 
-mente, ADV. : ethically. 

etie/ietta [Fr. Etiquette (I. Ger. stikke, 
stick, tack affixed as a label)], P. : label ; 
etiquette (ceremony). 

etico i [Gr. ethikos (ethos, custom)], ADJ. : 
ethic (al). 

etico 2 [Gr. JieUiUs (Uxis, habit)], ADJ. : 
hectic(al) ; M. : hectic. 

etimo [Gr. Gtumos, true], M. : etymon. 
-logia, P. : etymology, -logicamente, 
ADV.: etymologically. -logico, ADJ.: 
etymological, -logista, pi. i, M. : ety 
mologist, -logizzare, INTR.: etymolo 

etiologia [Gr. aitio-logia, * cause-descrip 
tion'], "p.: aetiology. 

et-nico [Gr. ethnikos (Hhnos, people)], 
ADJ. : ethnic(al) ; paganf ; M. PL. : pagan 
writers, -nograiia, P.: ethnography. 
-nografico, ADJ.: ethnographic(al). -no- 
grafo, M. : ethnograph. 

etraf, P. : ether ; air. 

ettagono [Gr. heptd, SEVEN, gonia, angle], 
M. : heptagon. 

ette [L. et, and], M. : mere trifle. 

ettolitro [Gr. he-katon, * HUNDred/ li tra, 
measure], M. : hectolitre. 

en- [Gr. efi-, well] : -carestia or -cari- 
stia [Gr. cMris, grace, thanks], P.: eucha- 
rist; communion, -caristico, ADJ.: 
eucharistic(al). -femisnio [Gr. pMnai, 
speak], M. : euphemism, -fonia [Gr. pho- 
n$, sound], P. : euphony, -fonico, ADJ. : 

eunuco [Gr. eunt, bed, echein, keep], M. : 
eunuch (in the Orient having charge of 
the women's apartments). 

eu-rixnmia, -ritmia [Gr. eu-, well, hruth- 
mos* rhythm], P. : eurythmy, symmetry. 


evacna-mento, M. : evacuation. ||-*re 
[L.], TR. : evacuate, -zioa-eella, dim. 
of -zione. -zione, p. : evacuation. 

evadere [L. e-vadere (go)], IRE. (cf. inva 
der e) ; INTR. : evade (escape). 

evag. .f = svag. . 

evan-gelicamente, ADV.: evangelical 
ly, -gelico, ADJ.: evangelical. -gel(i)o 
[Gr. eu-angelion, 'good -message*'], M. : 
gospel (evangel), -gelista, pi. -gelisti, 
evangelist, -gelizzare, TR.: evangelize. 

evapo-raMle, ADJ. : evaporable. -ra- 
mento, M. : evaporation. ||-rare [L.]^ 
TR. : evaporate; vanish, -rativo, ADJ.: 
evaporative, -zione, p. : evaporation. 

eva-si, PRET., eva-so, PART, of -dere. 
-sione, p.: evasion, -sivamente, ADV.: 
evasively, -sivo, ADJ. : evasive. 

evelleref = svellere. 

even-imentot, even-to [L. -tus (venire, 
COME)], M. : event, -tuale, ADJ. : eventu 
al, -tualita, P. : eventuality. 

e-versionef, P.: overthrow, -versof, 
ADJ.: opposed, -versoref, M. : over- 
thrower (destroyer). 

evi-dente [L. e-videns (m"^ere,see)], ADJ.: 
evident; clear, -dent e mente, ADV.: 
evidently, -denza, p. : evidence ; clear 

e=vin-eeret, IRR. ; TR. : vindicate. 

evira-re [L. (vir t man)], TR. : emascu 
late (Eng.f evirate), -zione, p. : emas 

evi-tabile, ADJ.: evitable (avoidable). 
II -tare [L. (vitare, shun)], TR.: AVOID; 
escape, -tazionef, P. : avoiding. 

evizione [L. e-victio], P. : eviction. 

evo [L. cevum], M. : AGE, time. 

evoca-re [L.], TR. : evoke (conjure). 
-zione, P. : evocation. 

evoe [L. euoe (Gr. eiioi)], INTERJ. : euoe ! 
(exclamation in honour of Bacchus). 

evolnzione [L. -lutio], F. : evolution. 

ewiva [e viva], INTERJ. : long live ! hail ! 

ea: [L.], PREP. : ex, ex- ; by : professo, 
by profession ; proposito, on purpose, 
designedly, -tremis, essere in , be 
in agony ; be dying. 

eziandio [L. etiam, also, It. dio], ADV. : 
even, yet, also : che, although, however. 

f effe [L.], M., P. : f (the letter). 

fa [L. fa-muli, in a hymn], M. : fa (mus. 

faVbri-ca [L. fabrica (cf. fdblro)], p. : 

fabric (building); FACTory; manufactory. 

-cabile, ADJ. : that can be built, -ca- 

mento, M. : building (fabric, structure) 


cante, M. : manufacturer, -care, TR. : 
build (construct); make (manufacture). 
-cato, ADJ.: built; M. : building, -ca- 
tore, M., -catriee, F. : manufacturer, 
-catorio, ADJ.: manufacturing, -cazio- 
ne, P.: fabrication, -c/ietta, dim. of 
-ca. -eiere, M. : workman (operative) ; 
(eccl.) administrator; maker f. -cone, 
aug. of -ca. -en-e-eia, disp. of -ca. faV 
"bri-le, ADJ. : fabrile. 

fablbro [L. faber (root/ac,do)],M.: black 
smith; inventorf. 

falral-f =favol~. 

fa-e-eell-f = /ueeZZ-f . 

fa-e-een-da [L. facienda (facer e, do)], P. : 
business (afFAiR). -deriaf, p. : house 
work ; fussiness. -dettaf , dim. of fae- 
cenda. -diera, P., -diere, M. : busy 
body, intriguer, -dina, -dola, dim. of 
faceenda. -dona, P., -done, M. : busy 
person, -dosof, ADJ. : busy (bustling). 
-dn-e-ee, -du-c-eia, disp. of faceenda. 
-dnola = -dola. fac-een-te =facente. 

fa-e-eet-ta [dim. offaccia], P.: small face ; 
facet, -tare, TR. : facet, -tato, ADJ. : 
faceted, -tina, dim. offacda. 

facc/ii-nae-ef o, disp. offacchino. -nag- 
gio, M.: custom-house porter's fee. 
-nata = -neria. -neggiare, INTR.: 
work as porter. -neria,*F*. : porter's act 
or word; rude act or word (rudeness). 
-nesco, ADJ. : porter-like. ||iacc/ii-no 
[?], M. : porter ; rude fellow. 

fa-e-eia [L. fades, face], p.: FACE ; appear 
ance; outside; page; impudence; wallf : 
wltar , change sides ; non guardarv in 
nessuno, be impartial; far , grew 
impudent, dare; a fresea, without get 
ting disturbed ; di , opposite, -eia-e- 
-eia, disp. of -da: fare una , be hu 
miliated, -ciale = -iale. -eiata, P. : 
fagade ; page. ~eio, PRES. of fa(ce)re. 
-eiola, P.: magistrate's collar (with pen 
dent starched slips in front) ; eighth part 
of sheet of paperf . -eiona, -eione, aug. 
of ~da. -einolaf = -eio&r. fa-e-ef i 
= -da. 

fa-ee 2 [L. fax, torch], P. : torch ; lightf . 
-eellaf , -eellina, dim. of ~ce. 

fa-eente, ADJ.: doing; busy; (= confa- 
cente) fit (proper). Hfa-eeref =/are. 

fa-etamente, ADV.: humorously, PA- 
GETiously. --eetare, INTR.: jest, be fa 
cetious. H~eeto \]L. -eetus], ADJ. : face 
tious (Eng.f PACETE, humorous), -eezia, 
p. : facetious saying (waggery), -eezio- 
la, dim. of -cezm. 
faeial-e [L. fades, face], ADJ. : facial 

-mentef , ADV. : face to face. 
fa-eidanno [facere, danno], M.: rural 

thief; knave. 
faei-le [L. -lis], ADJ.: facile (easy); con- 



venient ; probable : uomo , good-natured 
man. -lino, dim. of -le. -lita, p. : 
facility, -litare, TR.: facilitate (make 
easy), -litazione, p.: facility; reduc 
tion in price, -lm.en.te, ADV.: easily. 
-lone, ADJ. : aug. of -le; ready to yield. 
fa-ci-malef, M. : mischievous fellow. 
-mentof , M. : doing (performance), fa- 
-ei-molat, F., -molof , M. : sorcery, -no- 
roso, ADJ. : addicted to violence, outra 
geous, -toiof, ADJ. : PEASible. Jj-tore, 
M., -tri-ee [facere], p.: maker, FACTOR, 
agent, -tnraf = fattura. 
f acolaf, P. : small torch. 
facol-ta [L.facultas], P. : faculty (power) ; 
PL.: goods, riches, -tativo, ADJ.: in one's 
power ; optional, -tcso, ADJ. : wealthy. 
fa - condazuente, ADV.: eloquently. 
-condia, p. : eloquence (fluency), -con- 
diosof , ADJ. : eloquent (fluent), -condi- 
taf, etc. = -eondia, etc. li-condo [L. 
-cundus (fari, speak)], ADJ. : eloquent. 
facsimile =fassimile. 
factotum. =fattotv,m. 
facnlt. .| =facolt. . 
fadof, ADJ. : insipid. 

fag-geta, P., -geto, M.: beech-grove. 
IJ-gio [L. -us], M.': BEECH-tree. -gioia, 
-ginolaf, F. : beech-nut. 
fa*gia-na, P. of -no. -naia, P.: pheas- 
aritry. -no [Gr. phasianos (Phasis, river)] , 
M. : PHEASANT, -notto, dim. of -no. 
fagf o-Iata, p. : mess of beans ; silliness. 
-letto, ear. dim. of -/o. -lino, dim. of 
-lo. ||fag(u)d-lo [L. phaseolus], M. : 
kidney-bea'n ; blockhead. 
a-flrliare, TK. : discard (at cards) !l-#lio 
[Sp./a^o,FAiLure], M.: discard (at cards). 
afirn-of, ADJ.: dissembling (cunning but 
pretending awkwardness), -onef, aug. 
fa-gottino, dim. of -gotta, -gottista, 
M.: bassoon-player, li-gotto [?], M.: 
bundle ; (mus.) bassoon : far , pack up ; 
die. -gottone, aug. of -gotta. 
faina [?], P. : polecat. 
falange [Gr. phalanx], P.: phalanx; great 
number ; digital bone. 
falarica [L.], P. : heavy dart. 
f alas co, M. : bog grass. 
fal-caref , TR. : bend over. -castrof,M.: 
bill-hook, -cato, ADJ.: with a scythe. 
-catoref, M. : -catri-eef, F, : armed 
with scythes. f| -ee [L. falx] t p. : sickle, 
scythe, -eetto, dim. of -ce. -eiare, 
TR. : mow. -eiata, p. : scythe-cut, -eia- 
tore, M., -eiatri-ee, P. : reaper, mower. 
-eiatiira, F. : mowing time, -eiferof, 
ADJ. : armed with a scythe. 
ial-einello [faleo], M. : speckled magpie., --eiolo [false], M.: grass-sickle. 
-eione, M. : large forage cutter mounted 
on a bench. 



fal-co [1. L.], M. : falcon : e un , he's a 
daring one. -conaref, INTR. : hawk. 
-con-eello, dim. of -cone, -cone, M. : 
dug. of -co; hawk; (miZ.f) falconet (small 
cannon), -coneriaf , F. : hawk-training. 
-conetto, M. : falconet, -coniere, M. : 

fal-da [OEG.falt], P.: FOLD, plait; stra 
tum; flake (of snow); streamer (of flame) ; 
tail (of dress-coat); dress-coat; brim (of 
hat) ; base (of mountain) ; loin (of beef) : 
a a f , little by little ; di in f> 
everywhere, -dataf, F. : quantity of 
plaits ; lint, -della," F. : lint, salved band 
age ; ten pounds of woolf; cheatf. -del- 
lataf , -dellinaf , F. : small plait, lint. 
-dellato, ADJ.: plaited (folded); made 
into lint, -digrlia, F. : hoop-petticoat. 
-dino, M.: (iron.) short- skirted coat, 
scant coat, -distoro [OHG. falt-stuol\, 
-distoriof, M.: (eccZ.) bishop's chair. 
-dolina, dim. of -da. -dona, -done, 
aug. of -da. -doso, ADJ.: folded, folding. 

falegrname [fare, legname], M. : car 
penter; joiner. 

falena [Gr. pMlaina], F. : moth ; ashes 
(on burning coal; of paper); puffball; 
flighty person. 

falere [Gr. phdlara], F. PL.: metal cor 

falerno [mount Falernus, Italy], M. : Pa- 
lernian wine. 

falimbellot, M. : unsteady fellow. 

fal-la, F. : leak (in ship) ; FAULTf. -la- 
"bilef, ADJ.: deceitful, -la-ee, ADJ.: fal 
lacious (deceitful); disappointing, -la- 
-eementef, ADV.: fallaciously (deceit 
fully), -la-eia, F. : fallacy (deceit; 
sophistry ; error) ; trick, -lantef, ADJ. : 
failing ; deceitful, -lanzaf, F. : error ; 
defect, -lare, INTR.: be mistaken; FAiLf 
(miss) ; sin. (err). -Iat6ref, M., -la- 
triee,f F.: transgressor, -lentef, ADJ.: 
failing ; missing, etc. -lenzaf = -lanza. 
-lifcile, ADJ.: fallible, -iMlita, F.: 
fallibility. -Iigi6nef=-lo. -limento, 
M. : failure; 'bankruptcy. Il-Hre [L. 
fallere], INTK. : FAIL, mistake ; want ; go 
bankrupt ; sinf ; TR. : miss (blow, shot) ; 
omit (in copying) f; err ; deceive ; offend ; 
M.f: error, fault, -lito, ADJ.: failed: 
di mente-f, insane ; imbecile ; M. : bank 
rupt, -litoref, M. : transgressor, -lo, 
M. : FAULT, error ; miss : senza , with 
out fail. -Idref, -Mra = -Zo. 

falo [? Gr. phalos, shining], M. : bonfire : 

fare un , waste a fortune quickly. 

falop-pa [?], F. : unfinished cocoon ; ly 
ing braggart, -pone, aug. of -pa. 

fa-lotie/* eriaf , F. : extravagance ; fan- 

tasticalness. -loticof , ADJ. : extrava 
gant (eccentric). 


faipala [Fr./aZ&aZa], M. : FURBELOW. 

fal-samente, ADV. : falsely, -samento, 
M.: falsehood. -sa=monete, M., INVAR,: 
counterfeiter (of money), -sardaf, F. : 
sorceress, -sardof, M. : sorcer. -sare, 
TR. : falsify, counterfeit ; alter ; violatef ; 
deceive f. -sa=redine, F. : false-rein. 
-sa=riga, F. : ruled sheet to put under 
unruled paper, -sario, ADJ.: falsifying; 
M.: forger; counterfeiter, -satore, M., 
-satrlee, F. : falsifier ; counterfeiter. 
-satura, F. : insertion (lady's dress), -seg- 
giaref, TR.: falsify, -setto, M.: fa'l- 
s*etto. -sidicof, ADJ.: false-speaking. 
-sificaMle, ADJ.: falsifiable. -sifica- 
mento, M. : falsification ; counterfeiting 
(forgery), -sificare, TR. : falsify; coun 
terfeit; show to be falsef. -sificato, 
ADJ.: falsified, -sificatore, M.,-sifi- 
catri-ee, F. : falsifier. -sitcazione,F. : 
falsification, -sita, F. : falsity ; lie ; im 
posture. || -so [L. -sus], ADJ. : false (de 
ceitful ; lying) ; counterfeit ; ADV.: falsely ; 
M. : falsehood, -suraf -sifcL 

fal-tat, F. : FAULT; want (need), -taref, 
INTR. : want (lack). 

fa-ma [L. (fari, speak)], F. : fame (rep 
utation), -maref , TR. : divulge. 

fa-me [L. -mes], F. : hunger; craving 
(eagerness) ; famine (dearth) : avere , 
be hungry, long for. -melico, ADJ.: 
famished; hungry. 

famigerato (jama], ADJ. : notorious ; fa 
mous* (in bad way). 

fami-0Ka [L. -Zia], F. : family; house 
hold. -grKa-e-eia, disp. of-glia. -firliar.. 
= -miliar.. fami-f/lio, M.: bailiff (ser 
geant) ; servant, -firliola, disp. dim. of 
-glia. -rliona, F.: aug. of -glia (nume 
rous; rich; powerful), -^liuolaf = -glio- 
la. -liar e, ADJ.: familiar (intimate); M.: 
intimatef; servant, -liarita, F.: famil 
iarity, -liarizzare, REFL. : become fa 
miliar, -liarmente, ADV. : familiarly. 

fa-xnosamente, ADV.: famously; noto 
riously, -mositaf, F. : fame; renown. 
||-moso [fama], ADJ.: famous; splendid: 
libello , defamatory pamphlet. 

fa-nm-e-eia, F. : joe. dim. of fame; small 
appetite, -nrnlentof, ADJ. : famished. 

fana-le [Gr. phanos, lantern], M. : light 
house, lantern or tower ; street-lamp ; car 
riage-lamp; lamp for illuminations, -let- 
to, dim. of -le. 

fana-tico [L. -ticus, inspired (fanum, 
temple)], ADJ. : fanatic ; M. : fanatic, -ti- 
smo, M. : fanaticism. -tizzare, TR. : 
make fanatic. 

fan-eel. . =fanciul. . 

fan-eiul-la, F. : girl. -lae-eo, disp. of 
-lo. -laggine, F. : childishness, -laiaf , 
F. : troop "of boys and girls, -leggiare, 


1NTR. : be childish, -leriaf = -laggine. 
-lesca, -leseamente, ADV.: childishly. ! 
-lesco, ADJ. : childish, -letta, p. : lit 
tle girl, -letto, M. : little boy. -lezza, 
P.: childhood; childishness, -lino, car. 
dim. of -lo. Hfan-etul-lo [fame], M.: 
young child, boy. -lone, aug. of -lo. 
-luzzo = -lino. 

fan.d6-E.ia [Fr. fantome, phantom], F. : 
bragging lie; fable, -niona, F., -alo 
ne, M. : bragging liar. 

fanello [?], M. : linnet. 

fanfaleccof , M. : childish, affected ac 

fanfaMca [1. L. famfaluea (Gr. pompko- 
luka, bubble)], F. : fable (idle story) ; tri 
fle (gewgaw) ; sparkt- 

fan.-fano [?], M. : malicious babbler. 
-fara, P. : band (of music), -farona- 
ta, P. : braggardism (boasting), -faro- 
ne, M. : braggart, fan-fera : a , by 
chance, -ferinaf, F. : joke. 

fan-ga [Goth, /am], F. : soft mud, mire. 
-ga-e-eio, pop. of -go. -gala, F. : mud 
dy street, -gatura, P.: (med.) mud- 
bath. -gM-e-eio, dim. of -go. -g7ii- 
#lia, p., dim. of -go: mud in grinder's 
trough, -go, M. : mud, (Jig.) slime (of 
vice) : uscir del , get out of a scrape ; 

far d' una cosa, misuse, -gosita, P. : 
muddiness. -goso, ADJ. : muddy. 

fangottof = fagotto. 

fanul-lona, P., -lone [/are, nulla], M. : 

fan-ta-e-eiaf, F.: disp. of -te; scullion. [fawte], M.: (joe.) private 
infantry soldier, -taiof, M. : lover of 

fan-tasia, P.: FANCY, imagination; ca 
price, "whim; (mus.) fantasia: a , at 
pleasure; di , improvising. -tasia- 
eia, disp. of -tasia. -tasima, M. : (pop.) 
phantom (spectre), -tasioso, ADJ.: ca 
pricious, -tasm-e-eia, disp. dim. of 
-tasia. H-tasma [Gr. phdntasma, appa 
rition (phamein^ appear)], M.: FANCY 
(conceit, imagining) ; phantom (ghost) 
-tasmagoria [Gr. ageirein, gather], F. 
phantasmagoria, -tasmagorico, ADJ. 
phantasmagorical. -tasticaggine, F. 
fantasy, whim, -tasticamente, ADV. 
fantastically (visionarily ; oddly), -ta- 
sticare, INTR. : build air-castles ; fancy 
(imagine ; devise), -tasticatoref , M. : 
muser (imaginer). -tasticfoeria, P.: 
fancy, -tasticftetto, car. dim. of -ta- 
stico. -tastico, ADJ. : fantastic (vision 
ary, odd ; whimsical) ; M. : whimsical per 
son, -tasticona, P., -tastico ne, M. 
visionary (dreamer). 

fan-tei [L. infans, child], M.: infantry 
soldier ; knave (at cards) ; ridiculous bul- 



ly; servantf. -te2, p.: servant-maid. 
-teggiaref, INTK. : serve, wait upon. 
-teria, P.: infantry, -tesca, F. : ser 
vant-maid, -ti-cellaf, F., -ti-cellof, 
M.: (dim.) servant, -ti-cmof, -tiginof, 
M. : little boy ; baby, -tilitaf, P. : in 
fancy ; childishness, -tineriaf, F. : mal 
ice; cunning, trick, -tinezzaf, F. : in 
fancy, -tino, M. : jockey; crafty man; 
little boyf. -to-e-eiata, P.: silliness; 
puppet-show (silly spectacle). -to-cn.o, 
dim. of -toccio. -t&e-eio, M.: puppet; 
booby, -to-e-eiona, -to-e-etone, aug. 
of -toccio. -tolino, M. : (poet.) babe; 
little boy. 

fara-"bolona. p., -li clone, -"bulone 
[Gr. parabola, parabola], M. : great talker 
(who does little). 

farahutto [Sy.faraute (Fr. he rant), HEE- 
ALD ; meddler], M. : rascal. 

Faraone, M. : Pharaoh ; faro (game). 

far-e&etolaf, p., -eisrlionef, M. : teal 

f ar-daf, P. : dirty thing ; phlegm, -dag- 
giof, M. : baggage. -dataf, P.: blow 
with dirty rag; bundle of dirty rags. 
-delletto, -dellino, dim. of -dello. 
-dello,M., dim. offardo; bundle. H-dof 
[Ar.], M. : spice-bag (skin bag to contain 
cloth bag of spices, etc.). 

fare [L. facer e], ffiK. ; TE. : do (make, 
compose) ; act (personate) ; cause ; com 
mand; be; concern (matter); be enough 
(suffice) ; fit (suit) ; crack (wall) ; REFL. : 
make one's self ; become ; approach : far- 
la ad uno, play one a trick ; questo nonfa 
per me, this doesn't suit me ; due mesifa, 
two months ago ; Milano fa da 400,000 
abitanti, Milan has 400,000 inhabitants; 
fagotto, depart ; che mfa egli che vm- 
ga o non mnga? what is it to you if he 
comes or not? al del giorno, at break 
of day ; al delta notte, at dusk ; la In- 
na fece ieri, it was new moon yesterday ; 

acqua, (nav.) leak ; aiuto, lend as 
sistance, aid ; (or /am) la barba, shave 
(one's self) ; bello, set off, adorn ; 
bocca da ridere, smile ; caldo, be hot 
weather ; capo ad uno, have recourse 
to one ; le carte, deal (at cards) ; 
caso di, make account of ; clear up ; fatti 
con Dio, good-by, adieu, farewell ; fer- 
ba, mow ; faccia, grow impudent ; farle 
ad uno, cheat one; fiasco, fail (play); 

leforche, feign ; non fa form, no mat 
ter ; forza di vela, crowd sail ; f red- 
do, be cold (weather) ; furore, make a 
hit (play) ; U Giorgio, strut, give one's 
self airs ; del grande, put on style or 
state; grazia a, forgive, pardon; 
lontano, send, drive away ; a meta, go 
by halves ; mot to di, mention, speak of ; 



le noTief, secure beforehand ; oste- 
ria, keep inn; a pugni, box; la 
quaresima, keep Lent ; scala, touch at 
a port; sera (e sabato), pass one's 
time ; idle ; sicurta, give bail for ; 
silenzio, be quiet ; ogni prun fa siepe. 
every little helps; un sonno, take a 
nap; spese ad uno, keep, maintain 
one ; testa a, oppose, resist ; torto 
a, be unjust to ; wrong ; vago uno (di), 
make one charmed (with), make one en 
amoured (of) ; charm one ; vista, feign ; 

vela, set sail ; vento, be windy ; 
vita, live ; voglia a, induce, entice ; fa- 
tevi a me, come here ; farsi beffe di, make 
fun of, jeer, make light of ; farsi allafi- 
nestra, look out of the window ; farsi alia 
porta, go to the door; farsi alle scale, 
come to the stairs; farsi sera, draw to 
wards night ; farsi tardi, grow late. 

fare (facer p <?t): Ind. : Pres. fo or fdccio, 
fdi,fd ; faccidmo, fate, f anno. IrapLfaceva. 

Part.: Pres. factinte. Past, fdtto, Ger. fa- 
c%ndo. Poet, forms : Ind. : Pres. z./dct, 3. 

face. Impf./Az. vet.fei,festi;ftmmo,feste, 

f&ro(ito}. Subj. : Imfl.f&st. 

fare-tra [Gr. pharetra (pherein, BEAR)], 
F. : quiver (for arrows), -trato, ADJ.: 
bearing a quiver. 

farfal-la [L. papilio], F. : butterfly, -let- 
ta, -lina, car. dim. of -la. -lino, M. : 
small butterfly (which damages grain) ; 
volatile person, -lone, M. : aug. of -la; 
great blunder ; dandy. 

farfaniccfcio [fanfano], M.: little bully; 
upstart boy. 

farfa-ra, F., -ro [L.far, grain, meal], M. : 
(bot.) coltsfoot. 

fari-na [L. (far, grain, meal)], F. : flour 
(meal): lattea, malted milk ; fior di , 
finest flour ; non essere schietta , not be 
sincere ; esser propria, be one's own 
work, words or deeds ; questo non fa , 
this doesn't pay. -na-eeo, ADJ. : farina 
ceous, mealy, -namolof , M. : seller of 
legumes, oil, etc. -nata, F.: porridge, 
mush, -nellof, ADJ. : roguish ; M. : rogue. 

-fa-ringe [Gr. pkdrunx], F.: pharynx. 
-ringeo, ADJ. : pharyngeal. 

farinoso [farina], ADJ.: yielding much 
flour; floury; whitened. 

fari-saico, ADJ.: pharisaieal. -seismo, 

M. : pharisaism. ||-seo [Gr. pharisaws 
(Heb. parask, separate)], M. : pharisee 

farlmgottot, ADJ.: speaking confusedly; 

jabbering; M. : jabberer. 
farma - -eentica, F. : pharmaceutics. 

--eeutico, ADJ.: pharmaceutical. -eia, 

F. : pharmacy, -eista, M. : pharmacist. 

ilfarma-co [Gr. phdrmakon], M. : drug, i 


-cologia, F. : pharmaceutics, -copea, 
F. : pharmacopoeia. 

farneti-camex&te, ADV.: frantically. 
-camento, M. : frenzy, -care, INTR. : 
rave, dote. ||farneti-co [frenetico], 
ADJ. : frenetic (mad, doting) ; M. : frenzy 
(raving, doting). 

farnia [L. -nea], F. : large-leaved oak. 
faro [Gr. Pharos, island off Alexandria], 
M. : pharos (lighthouse ; guide). 
farragg. .f =farrag. . 
far-raginaref, TR.: mix, jumble. ||-ra- 
gine pL -rago (far, grain, meal)], F. : 
mixed fodder; mixture (hodge-podge). 
-raginoso, ADJ.: farraginous; mixed. 
-ragof, F. : farrago (medley, jumble). 
-rat a, F. : cake made of farro (a grain). 
-ri-eellof, M.: coarse meal, -ro, M. : 
a grain (eaten roasted without grinding, 
in pottage). 

far-sa [L -cire, stuff], F.: FARCE (ludi 
crous comedy) ; doubletf (quilted) ; stuffed 
foodf. -sataf,F.: doublet-lining, -sett a, 
F.: dim. of -sa; doubletf. -settaiof, M.: 
doublet-maker, -settina, dim. of -sa. 
-setto, M. : doublet 'quilted), -settone, 
aug. of -setto. 

fa-scetta, p.: dim. of -scia; corset,' metal 
strips binding barrel to gun-stock, -scet- 
taia, P.: corset -maker, -scettino, 
-scetto, dim. of -scio. H-scia [L. (root 
fasc-, twist : cf . fascio)], F. : bandage ; 
swaddling bandf; outside bark: in , 
in fasce, in infancy ; bruciata^, torrid 
zone, -soiare, TR. : swathe ; bind ; en 
viron, -sciataf, F.: binding; bandaging. 
-sciato, ADJ. : bound ; swathed, -scta- 
tura, F.: binding; bandage; ligature; 
truss, -scicolaref, TR.: bind in fagots ; 
ADJ.: fascicular. -scicolatof, ADJ.: 
FASCICLED (of roots), -scicoletto, dim. 
of -scicolo. -scicolo, M.: part (of book); 
fasciclef. -scina, F. : small fagot ; fas 
cine, -scinaia, F.: place to keep fagots. 
-scinaio, M. : maker or seller of fagots. 
-sciname , M. : fagot-wood, -scinaref i , 
INTR. : make fascines. 
ascinare2 [L. (1 connected with root 
fasc- of fascia, etc.)], TR. : fascinate. 
fasoinata [-Tiarei], F. : revetment of 

fasci-natoref, M., -natricefs, F.: sor 
cerer; sorceress; charmer, -n.azi6n.ef, 
p.: fascination; sorcery. 
fasoi-netta, -netto, dim. of -na. 
fasoino [L. -num\, M. : fascination (charm, 

fa-scinottaio, M. : kindling-seller, -sci- 
notto, M. : kindling -fagot. Ufa -scio 
[L. ~sci$ (root fasc-, twist ; cf. -scia)]" M. : 
bunch, bundle of twigs, grass, etc.) ; fas 
cine (fagot): PL.: fasces; ancient triple- 


barrelled gun : fare (T ogni erba (un) , 
mix everything confusedly ; mix good and 
bad; abuse everything; live recklessly; 
andare in un , go to ruin, -seiola, 
dim. of -scio. -sciolina, dim. of -sciola. 
-scm-eeiof, dim. of -scio. -sciimief , 
M.: rubbish-heap, -soinolaf , P., -scmo- 
lo f, M. : dim. of -scia; fillet. 

fase [Gr. phdsis (phainein, show)], P.: 
phase (of planet). 

fasservizi [/are, servizi], M. : common 
servant; chore-boy. 

fassimile [/are, simile], M. : facsimile. 

fast el-la, cf. -lo. -la-c-eo, disp. of -lo. 
-letto, -lino, dim. of -lo. !!fastel-lo 
[fascio], M. (pL li or as f. la): bundle, 
fagot (of corn, wood, to carry on back). 
-lone. aug. of -lo. 

fasti [LJ, M. PL. : fasti (Rom. calendar ; 

fasti-diaret, TR.: disgust (annoy); REFL.: 
be disgusted, fastidious ; loathe, lifasti- 
dio |li. -dium, loathing], M. : weariness 
(tediousness, vexation); anxiety (care) ; 
disgust (aversion, loathing); filthinessf; 
(euph.) lice: aver in , loathe, -dio- 
sa-e-eio, aug. of -dioso. -diosaggine, 
F.: annoyance, troublesomeness. * "-dio- 
sam.en.te, ADV.: tediously, tiresomely. 
-diosello, -diosetto, disp. dim. of 
-dioso. -diositat = -^osa^i7ie; FAS- 
TiDiousness. -dioso, ADJ.: wearying (both 
ersome, importunate); FASTiDiousf; insa- 
tiablef . -dire, TE. : annoy (importune, 
weary, disgust); lNTE.f: be disgusted (be 
annoyed), -dm-e-eio, dim. of -dio. -diu- 
mef, M. : quantity of troubles. 

fastigio [L -gium], M. : (arch.) coping; 
top (summit); loftiness. 

fastigiosot i [fastidio], ADJ. : wearying, 


f a-stigiosof 2, ADJ.: pompous; proud. 
H-sto*i [L. -stus, pride], M, : pomp (lux 
ury, ostentation). 

fasto2 [L. -tus], ADJ.: giomo , court- 
day ; propitious day. 

fa-stosamente, ADV.: pompously, -sto- 
sita, p. : pompousness. H-stoso [-sto i], 
ADJ.: pompous. 

fa-ta [L. -turn], F. : FAT (elf), -tagio- 
mef, F - : enchantment, -tale, ADJ.: 
fatal (predestined), -talismo, M.: fa 
talism, -talista, M.: fatalist, -tali- 
ta, F. : fatality (destiny), -talxnente, 
ADV. : fatally, -taref, TR. : decree (des 
tine); charm; make invulnerable, -tata- 
mentef, ADV.: fatally, -tato, ADJ.: 
fated ; invulnerable, -tatibra, p. : sor 
cery, enchantment (charm). 

fati-oa, p.: FATIGUE (hardship); labourf; 
wages ; reward. -caMlef, ADJ. : capable 
of fatigue, Eng.f fatigable, -caia, p.: 



painful work. ||-care [L. -gare], TR.: fa 
tigue; exhaust; annoy; REFL. : exert 
one's self, strive, -catore, M., -catri- 
ee, F. : hard worker, -eftetta, dim. of 
-co. -cTievolef, ADJ.: industrious; toil 
some, -cosamente, ADV. : laboriously. 
-cosetto, ADJ. : rather fatiguing. -c6- 
so, ADJ. : fatiguing ; difficult, -cu-e-eia, 
dim. of -ca. 

fatidico [L. -cus], ADJ. : prophetic. 

fatig. .-\=fatic. . 

fato [L. -turn], M. : fate, destiny. 

fat-ta [-to], F. : kind (sort, species ; fash 
ion); dung of wild beasts; scent (of 
game): esser sulla di, be on the track 
of. -ta-e-eto, disp. of -to. -tamente, 
ADV. : si (or cosl) , in such a manner, 
so (Fr. tellement). -terello, M. : triple; 
nothing. -teVolef, ADJ.: FEASIBLE, -tez- 
zaf , F. : form, feature, -tezze, F. PL. : 
features (lineaments); makef; shape. 
-tiaf, p.: witchcraft (charm), -tibel- 
lof, M. : rouge, -tibile, ADJ. : feasible 
(possible), -ti-e-eio, ADJ. : robust, -tie- 
eione, aug. of -ticcio. 

fattispe-eie [L. facti species, kind of 
fact], M. : (leg.) case in question ; report 
of a case. 

fat-tivof, ADJ.: efficacious; Eng.f FAC- 
Tn^. -tiziof, ADJ.: artificial. H-to 
[fare], ADJ.: made; complete; grown-up; 
ripe ; M. : FACT (deed, action) ; business ; 
behaviour; case (matter, affair): (f ar- 
mi, small combat; detia , no sooner 
said than done ; di , really, indeed ; a 
gran , a great deal ; in sul , immedi 
ately; tanto , so big (indicating size); 

(adverbially before a noun), after; st- 
no a aprile, till after April. 

fat-toiano, M. : (pop.) olive-oil presser. 
H-toio [frantoio], M. : ojive-press. 

fat-tora, p. : factor's wife. (I -tore [fa 
re], M. : FACTOR ; steward ; anthorf ; ar- 
tisanf; brokerf; shop-boyf; peg-topf: 

supremo, God. -toressa, P. : factor 
or steward's wife ; housekeeper, -toret- 
tof, M. : shop-boy, -toria, F.: steward 
ship ; steward's establishment, -torino, 
M. : shop-boy; messenger-boy; spit-jack. 
-torid-e-cia, disp. of -toria. 

fattotum \L.fac-totum, ' do-all *],M.: fac 

fattucc/iie-ra, p., -re, -ro [? L.facti- 
cius, artificial], M. : sorcerer, -ess ; witch. 
-ria, p.: sorcery (witchcraft); FBTICHISM. 

fattnoL-ra [/are], P.: work (of artisan); 
making; cost (of work); charge; wages; 
invoice; creaturef; witchcraftf. -rare, 
TR.: falsify; adulterate (wines, etc.); be* 
witchf . -rato, ADJ. : adulterated ; be- 
witchedf. -rina, car. dim. of -ra. -'rof, 
ADJ. : to be done. 



fatn-ita, F. : fatuity. ||fatu-o [L. -us], 
ADJ.: fatuous (silly); flighty: fuoco , 
ignis f atuus. 

fan-el [L. fauces], F. PL.: jaws (throat). 

fan-na, P. : fauna, jlfau-no [L. -nus], 
M.: faun. 

fau.-stam.en.te, ADV. : fortunately, pros 
perously. |lfau-sto [L. -stus (favere, fa 
vour)], ADJ.: auspicious (FAVOURable, hap 
py, propitious), -tore, M., -triee, F. : 
FAVOURer; accomplice. 

fa-va [L. -ba], F, : bean ; ballot-marble ; 
foolish pridef; triflef : metier alle -ve, 
put to vote ; a cruda-f, without exami 
nation; uccellare a -vet, deceive, -va- 
gello, M. : (bot.) celandine, -vaggine, 
p.: plant (used as vermifuge), -varella, 
F.: bean-pottage, -vata, F.: vain boast 
ing; bean-mealf. 

favel-la [L. fabella (fari, speak)], F. : 
speech; tongue (dialect); nationf: tener 

a unof, be unwilling to speak to one, 
be angry, -Lun.en.tof, M. : speech. 
-lare, M.: speak; TK. : say. -later ef, 
M., -latri-eef, P.: prattler, -liof, M.: 

fa-verella =r -varella. -veto, M.: bean- 
field. ||-vetta, F.: car. dim. of -va; 
bean-pottagef ; pridef. 

favil-la [L.], F.: spark (cinder), -laref, 
INTR.: sparkle, scintillate, -letta, -li- 
aa, dim. of 4a. f avil-lof, M. : spark. 

favo [L.favus\, M.: honeycomb. 

favo-la [L. fabula (fari, speak)], P.: 
FABLE (story; invention), -la-e-eta, disp. 
of -la. -laref. INTR. : tell stories ; talk. 
-leggevolmentef, ADV. : fabulously. 
-leggiare, TR.: fable (tell stories, fable) : 

dff , laugh at, mock, -leggiatore f, 
M., trieef, F.: fabler, -leseof, ADJ.: 
fabulous, -letta, car. dim. of -la. -16- 
nef, M. : bragging liar, -losamente, 
ADV.: fabulously, -loso, ADJ.: FABULOUS. 

fa-vomelef, M. : honeycomb, -vonef, 
M. : honeycomb ; very proud man. 

favdniof , M. : (poet.) west wind. 

favo-rabilef, ADJ.: favourable, -raref, 
TR. : favour, -ratoref, M., -ratri-ee, 
F. : favourer, protector. ||favo-re [L. 
-r], M. : favour; sympathy (kindness); 
approval; aid: letter e di , letters of 
recommendation, -reggevolef, -reg- 
giantet, ADJ. : favourable, -reggiare, 
TR.: favour, aid. -reggiatore, M*, -reg- 
gj'atri-ee, p. : favourer, aider, -revole, 
ADJ. : favourable, -revolmente, ADV. : 
favourably, -rire, TR. : favour (help): 
-risca di dirmi, please tell me. -rita, 
p.: prince's mistress, -rito, ADJ., M. : 
favourite, -ritoref, M., -ritri-eef, F. : 
favourer, -rosof, ADJ.: favourable. 
-pu-e-eio, disp. dim. of -re. 


favule [fava], M. : bean-field ; bean-sow 
ing (for improving lands) ; beanstraw. 

Fazio [Bonifazio] : esser Fra t fare , 
exercise charity ; spend freely for others. 

fa-zionariof, M. : factionist. -zionato, 
ADJ. : PASHiONed (formed). ||-zione [L. 
factio (root fac-, do)], F. : FACTION ; FEAT 
(exploit); battle; military service; senti 
nel; actionf; taxf: esser in , be on 
duty, -ziosamente, ADV.: seditiously, 
f actiously. -zioso, ADJ. : factious (sedi 
tious, rebellious); M. : factionist (rebel). 

faz-zoletto, -zolof [?/accm], M. : hand 

fe (pron.^e), (poet.) for -de. 

febbra^eia, disp. of -Ire. 

febbraio [L. februarius], M. : February. 

feb-lire [L. febris], P. : fever, -bretta, 
dim. of -bre. -bretta-e-eia, disp. dim. 
of -bre. -"bri-cellaf, dim. of -bre. -"bri- 
-eiattola, dim. of -bre. -briema, dim. 
of -bre. -bri-eitaf, P.: feverishness. 
-bri-eitante, ADJ.: feverish, -bri-ei- 
taref, INTR.: be attacked by fever. 
-bricone, M. : violent fever, -bricoso, 
ADJ. : giving fever, -brifugo, ADJ., M. : 
febrifuge, -brile, ADJ. : febrile, -bri- 
na, dim. of -bre. -brona, -brone, 
aug.of-bre. -brosof = -bricoso. -brii-e- 
-eta, -bruzzaf, dim. of -bre. 

fe-beo, ADJ.: poetical. (|Fe-bo [Gr. 
Photoos ('bright')], M.: Phoebus (Apollo; 
sun), -bef, -beat, F - " Phosbe (moon). 

fe-cale, ADJ. : fecal. Hfe-e-eia [L.fcex], 
p.: sediment; dung; PL.: dregs, lees. 
-e-eiaiat, P.: faucet hole (for emptying 
the dregs of a barrel), -e-eioso, ADJ.: 
dreggy, feculent, -e-eiume, M. : mass 
of dregs ; rabble. 

fe-ei, PRET. of fare. 

feiale [L. -lis], M. PL. : fecials (Roman 
priests, sanctioning treaties, etc.). 

fecola [L. fax, sediment], P.: fecula; 

fecon-dabile, ADJ.: fecundable. -da- 
mente, ADV.: fruitfully, prolifically. 
-dare, TR. : fecundate (make fruitful). 
-dativo, ADJ.: fecundating. -datore,M., 
-datri-ee, P.; ADJ.: fecundating (fertiliz 
ing), -dazione, P.: fecundation, fe- 
con-diaf, -dita, P. : fecundity, -de- 
volet, ADJ. : fruitful. ||fec6ndo [L. 
fecundus~\, ADJ. : fecund (fruitful). 

fe-de [L.fides] : P.: FAITH; credit; certifi 
cate: mani in , ring representing 
clasped hands ; atto di , prayer (Catho 
lic) ; fare atto di , take on faith. 

f edeconi - messario f , M . : trustee. 
||-messo [L. fidei-commissum, committed 
to FAITH or trust], M. : trust deed, feoff- 
ment. -metteret, TR. : deed in trust. 

fe-dele [-de], ADJ. : faithful; M. (esp. pi.); 


devotee, believer ; vassalf. -delmente, 
ADV. : faithfully, -delone, joe. aug. of 
-dele, -delta, p. : fidelity. 

federa [Ger. feder, feather], F.: pillow 

federa-le \L. fader alis (fcedus, league)], 
ADJ.: federal, -lismo, M. : federalism. 
-list a, M.: federalist, -'to, ADJ.: feder 
ated, -zione, p. : federation. 

fedifrago [L. fcsdi-fragus, league-break 
ing], ADJ. : promise-breaking; M.: promise- 

fedimentof =ferimento. 

fedi-na [?], p. (us'ly pi): mutton-chop 
whiskers, -nona, -none, aug. of -na. 

feditoref, M.: i . kind of soldier ; 2.=fe- 
ritore ; ADJ. : predatory (of birds). 

fega-ta-e-eio, M. : daredevil, -tello, M. : 
cooked liver, -tino, dim. of -to. ||f ega- 
to [L L. ficatum (L. jicus, PIG), 'fig-fat 
tened,' applied to goose liver], liver; (jig.) 
courage (boldness), -toso, ADJ. : bilious ; 
having liver-spots, moth-patches; liver- 
coloured ; M. : bilious person. 

feif, PRET. of fare. 

fel-ee [L. jZZiz], P.: fern. -eeta, P., 
-eeto, M. : fernery ; ferny place. 

felef =fiele. 

feli~ee[L.-x], ADJ.: happy, -eemente, 
ADV.: happily, fortunately, -eita, p.: 
felicity (prosperity), -eitare, TR. : felici 
tate ; make happyf. 

felino [L. -Us, cat], ADJ. : feline. 

fellef =fiele. 

fel-lo, ADJ.: wicked; melancholy (dole- 
fnl)t. -lonamentef, ADV.: wickedly. 
II -lone [1. L. -o, felon], ADJ. : (poet.) rebel 
lious, perfidious; felonious, -loneriaf, 
p.: rebelliousness, treachery, -lonesca- 
mente, ADV.: rebelliously, treacherously: 
-lonesco, ADJ. : rebellious, perfidious; fe 
lonious; cruelf. -lonessaf,F.: perfidious, 
cruel woman. -Ionia, p.: conspiracy, 
rebellion; treachery; infidelity; infamy; 
felony, -lonosof, ADJ. : rebellious; felo 

f elpa [?], P. : plush. 

fel-trare, TR. : full (thicken in a mill); 
cover with feltf ; filterf. -tratibra, F. : 
fulling. ||f61-tro p. L.filtrum (OHG. 
Jilz)l M.: felt; (rare) filter. 

ieMca [fr. Ax.], P.: boat (for sail or 

fern., .f =/emm. . 

femmi-na [L. femina, woman], P.: fe 
male (woman); wifef; socket, -nae-cio, 
disp. of -no. -nella, p.: dim. of ~na ; eye 
let, eye (for hook); false shoots (of pruned 
vine), fexnmi-neo, ADJ.: (poet.) femi 
nine; effeminatef. -neseamente, ADV.: 
like a woman, -nesco, ADJ. : womanish, 
effeminate, -netta, dim. of -na. -nez- 



zaf,F.: femininity. -nieraf,p.: woman's 
apartment; PL.: women -folks, -nile, 
ADJ.: feminine, -nilmente, ADV.: 
femininely. -nilita*f, P.: effeminacy, 
-nino, ADJ.: feminine; effeminatef. 
-no-e-eia, car. aug. of -na. nii-e-eia, 
-n-dzzaf, disp. of -na. 

fe-morale, ADJ. : femoral, life-more 
[L. -mur], M. : thigh-bone. 

fen-dente, M. : cut (with sabre, etc.). 
Ofen-dere [L. findere], IRR.; TR. : split 
(cleave); cut (as air, water ) REFL.: crack, 
split (as stones, etc.). -difeile, ADJ.: 
cleavable. -dimentof, M. : fissure, split. 
-ditoio, M. : cutting-block for quill-pens; 
splitting-blade of grafting-knife, -dito- 
re, M., -ditriee, F. : splitter, -ditnra, 
p. : split (cleft, fissure). 

Pret. fendli or fen&ttt. Part, fend&e 

feneratoref , M. : usurer. 

feniee [Gr. phoinix], P. : phoenix ; (fig.) 
rare thing. 

fenicottero [Gr. phoiniko-pteros, red- 
winged], M. : flamingo. 

fenilef, M. : hafr-loft. 

fenomeno [Gr. phainomenon (root pha, 
shine)], M. : phenomenon. 

feraf =fiera. 

fera-ee [L. -x (root /er, BEAR)], ADJ.: 
PERtile. -eita, P. : fertility. 

fera-le [L. -Us (root/er, BEAR)], funereal 
(orig. pall-bearing) ; cf . Eng.f feral, fune 
real ; ADJ. : funereal (deadly, dismal, sad). 
-Imentefi, ADV.: funereally. 

feralmentef 2, ADV.: FtERcely (cruelly). 

ferentari [LJ, M. PL.: light-armed Ro 
man troops. 

f ereref = ferire. 

feretrio [L. -trius (root/er, BEAR)], ADJ.: 
Giove , Jupiter Feretrius (to whom were 
BORNE trophies). 

feretro [L. -trum (root/er, BEAR)], M.: 

fe-ria [LJ F.: holiday (Eng.f ferie); 
(eccl.) week-day (ordinary day) : term, 
Tuesday, -riale, ADJ.: ferial; week 
day; (eecl.) ordinary. -rialmente, 
ADV. : commonly, -riare, INTR. : make 
holiday, have vacation, -riato, M. : va 
cation (esp. of courts) ; ADJ. : holiday. 

feridore =feritore. 

ferifirnofi, ADJ.: coape-grained (bread). 

feri0nof2, ADJ.: ferine (savage). 

ferimento [-rire], M. : wounding. 

fe-rinita, P. : ferocity (savageness, cru 
elty). H-rino [L. -rus t wild beast], ADJ.: 
ferine (savage ; PERocious). 

fe-rire [LJ, TR. : wound: non so dove 
wglia andar a , I do not know what he 
aims at. -rito, ADJ. : wounded, -rita i , 
p. : wound (hurt). 



ferita 2 \_-rino], P.: savagery (cruelty). 

feri-toia, P. : embrasure ; loophole, -to 
re [-re], M., -triee, F. : assailant. 

fer-ma, P.: enlistment; confirmation!; 
agreementf; assurancef., M.: 
clasp, hasp, -mamente, ADV.: firmly 
(tenaciously), -mamento!, M. : FIRM- 
ness ; confirmation (fortification) ; stop 
page; firmament, -manza!, P.: confir 
mation ; bail. H-mare [L.firmare, make 
FIRM], TR. : stop, stay, impede; contract 
(as service, engagement of actor, singer) ; 
fasten ; cook slightly (to prevent taint) ; 
attract (Roma -ma, per la sua grandez- 
za) ; lockf ; establish! ; resolve! ; strength 
en! ; fix! ; EEFL. : stop ; linger ; stay ; for 
tify one's self ; wed! ; endure! : Z' am 
mo, make up one's mind; decide; la 
wee sopra una parola, emphasize a word. 
-mata, P.: stop (halt; pause) ; camp (of 
soldiers), -matina, dim. of -mata. -ma- 
to, ADJ. : stopped ; written ; M.! : agree 
ment, -matura, P. : stoppage ; clasp.^ 

fe mien-tare, INTR. : ferment, -tati- 
vo, ADJ.: fermentative, -tazione, P.: 
fermentation. Hfermen-to [L. -turn], 
M. : ferment (yeast). 

fer-mezza, P.: firmness (steadiness); 
clasp (of necklace, etc.); stability!; se 
curity!; ratification!; rigorousness! (of 
laws) ; assurance!- -mezzina, ear. dim. of 
-mezzo,, -mino, car. dim. of -mo. Hfer- 
mo [L. firmus], ADJ. : FIRM ; (fixed ; con 
stant, resolute) ; still ; sound! (in mind) ; 
M,: certainty; steadiness; agreement; 
ADV.! * firmly, certainly : Id, sentinel's 
call, steady there ! (to angry person) : ca 
ne da , setter-dog; canto , plain 
(Gregorian) chant ; dare un a una co- 
sa, establish certain conditions ; dare un 

alle carni, cook to prevent taint ; s' era 
, he had stopped; notte -ma, deep 
night; per , certainly, "sure thing"; 
punto , period (punctuation) ; tenere il 
, hold to opinions strongly ; terra -ma, 
continent ; viso !, serious, resolute face ; 

in posta, general delivery, poste res- 

fero!, poet, forfiero. 

fe-ro-ee [L. -rox], ADJ. : ferocious ; fierce 
(cruel) ; fiery ; (joe.) severe, -ro-e enten 
te, ADV.: ferociously; fiercely (cruelly). 
-ro-cta, -ro-eita, -ro-eitade!, -ro-ei- 
tate!, P. : ferocity. 

ferra^-eia [/erro], P. : sting-ray (fish) ; 
gilder's crucible; gold-leaf box. -eio, 
M. : worthless iron. 

ferragosto [L. ferice Augusti], M. : first 
day of August. 

fer-raietto, dim. of -raio. ||-raio [-ro], 
M. : ironworker, smith: fabbro , iron 
worker, locksmith, blacksmith. 


ferra-iolino, M. : strip of silk or cloth 
worn by priests about their necks and 
hanging behind. ||-i(Tx)61oi [?], M. : 
large cloak ; anything large, bothersome : 

fare un (said of hunters who kill game 
instantly); (vulg.) accidente a , apoplec 
tic stroke. -i(n)olii-e-eio, disp. dim. of 

ferra-indlo!2 [/erro], M. : locksmith. 
-menta, P., -menti, -mento!, M. : 

hardware, ironmongery. 

ferrana [farragine], F. : maslin (mixture 
of grasses). 

fer-rare, TR. : iron (bind with iron) ; shoe 
(a horse) ; shackle! ; nail! ; REFL.! : arm 
(for war) : lasciarsi , be under another's 
thumb, -rare-e-eia, F. : coarse hard 
ware ; implements, -rata, F. : iron grat 
ing; prison!; hoof-print, -rato, ADJ.: 
ironed; shod; iron!; resolute!: strada 
-rata, railroad; a diaccio (ghiaccio)? 
(fig. of horses), hard-bitted ; not afraid of 
misfortune, (of people) very rich!, -ra- 
tore!, M. : FARRIER, -ratura, F. : iron 
work ; implements ; horse-shoeing (FARRI 
ERY), -raveee/ilo, M. : old iron-seller, 
second-hand dealer, -razzolo, M. : iron 
worker, fer-reo, ADJ. : (lit.) iron ; ro 
bust, -reria!, P. : implements, -ret- 
tino, dim. of -retto. -retto, M., dim, 
of -ro: small brace ; ADJ. : gray (of hair). 
-riata, F.: iron grating, -riera, P.: 
smithy ; iron-works ; blacksmith-pouch ; 
iron-mine!, -rigrno, ADJ. : f erreous (esp. 
of colour or taste); iron-gray; obstinate!; 
strong!, -rino, dim. of -ro. ||fer-ro 
[L. -rum], M. : iron ; implement (tool, lit. 
and fig.); weapon; flat-iron; curling- 
iron; horseshoe; PL.: shackles; skates: 

metier e a efuoco unpaese, destroy ev 
erything ; venire a' ferri, come to con 
clusions, -rolino, dim. of -ro. -ro= 
via, p. : railroad, -roviario, ADJ. : 
railroad, -mgineo, ADJ. : ferruginous 
(rust-coloured).* -ruginosita, P.: fer- 
ruginosity. -ruginoso, ADJ.: ferrugi 
nous (containing "iron in solution), -rn.- 
minamento!, M. : solder, -runiina- 
re!, TR. : solder, unite,, dim 
of -ruzzo. -rdzzo, disp. dim. of -ro 
adoprare, aguzzare i , sharpen the wits 

ferti-le [L. -Us (root fer-, BEAR)], ADJ. 
fertile, -lita, p.: fertility. -lizzare,TR. 
fertilize. -Imente, ADV. : fruitfully. 

f erdcola!, P. : little wild beast ; disgust 
ing insect. 

ferula [L.], p.: ferule; umbelliferous 

feruta!, P. : wound. 

fer-vente, ADJ. : fervent ; boiling, -ven- 
temente, ADV.: fervently, -ventez 
za!, -venza, P. : fervency. 


fer-vere [L.], DEFECT. ; INTR. : be fer 
vent (evince ardour, burn) ; boilf. -vez- 
zaf, F.: heat, -vidamente, ADV.: fer 
vidly, -videzza, M.: fervor, fer-vido, 
ADJ. : fervid (ardent), -vore, M. : heat ; 
fervor (zeal) ; boilingf . -irorino, M. : 
mild reproof ; short, fervid speech, -vo- 
rosamente, ADV. : fervently (warmly). 
voroso, ADJ. : fervent (zealous). 

Ind. : Pres. ^.fer-ve; 6.-vono. Irapf. 
ferveva. Subj. : Impi.fervesce. Part. Pres. 
fervente. (j&c.fervendo. 

fer-zaf, F. : whip-lash : del sole, sun's 
heat, -zaret, TR. : whip. 

fescen-mino [city Fescennio], ADJ. : fes- 
cennine (referring to obscene Latin po 

feseeraf, F. : (bot.) bryony. 

fessif, IMPERF. SUBJ. of fare. 

fes-so [part, of fendere], ADJ.: split 
(ciackedj ; M. : Fissure, crack ; cleft, -so- 
lino, dim. of -so. -siira, F. : fissure 
(split) ; narrow passage, -surima, dim. 
of -sura. 

fe-sta [L. (sc. dies, day)], F. : holiday ; 
FEAST ; rejoicing (gaiety) ;far a, feast; 
welcome ; far la a, slaughter (animals) ; 
rot ; eat jfar a una cosa, enjoy a thing 
much ; far la a una eosa, consume a 
thing; eonciare (aecomodare) per il dl 
delle -ste, give a drubbing, thrash, -sta-e- 
eia, disp. of -sta. -staiolo, M. : (eccL) 
feast-director, -rftante, ADJ.: joyful. 
-stanzaf, F.: festival; joy. -gtare, 
TR., INTR. : feast, -steggevolef, ADJ. : 
festive (joyful), -steggfiamento, M. : 
rejoicing; fete, -steggiare, TR.: cele 
brate (events) ; feast." * -steggiante, 
ADJ. : feasting, -steggiato, ADJ". : feast 
ed, feted. -steggat6re, M., -steggia- 
tri-ee, P.: feaster; celebrator. -steg- 
giof , M. : rejoicing. -stere-eit>, ADJ* : 
festal (holiday), -stevole, ADJ.: fes 
tive (merry), -stevolezza, F. : festivi- 

. ty (rejoicing), -stevolmente, ADV.: 
festively (joyfully). 

festicTtin.0, ADJ. : bright green. 

fe-sti-e-eidla, dim. of -sta. -sti-eina, 
'ear. dim. of -sta., ear. dim. of 
-sta (esp. religious). 

festi-namentef, ADV.: quickly, -nan- 
zaf, F. : haste, -naref , INTR. : hasten. 
-natamentef, ADV.: quickly (hur 
riedly), -nazionef, F. : haste. II fe- 
sti-nofi, ADJ. : quick (hasty, Eng. festi- 

fe-stino2 [-sto], M. : entertainment ; even 
ing party, -stivamente, ADV. : festively. 
-stivita, F. : church festival ; joyous wel 
come, -stivo, ADJ. : festal ; abiti -ttivi, 
Sunday clothes, -st&e-eia. P.: kind 
welcome, -ston-eino, car. dim. of -stone. 



-stone, M. : FESTOON (garland), -stosa- 
mente, ADV. : festively (joyfully), -sto- 
setto, ADJ.: rather festive, -stoso, 
ADJ. : festive (joyful). 

festu-ca [LJ, P., -co, M.: FESCUE; bit of 
straw; mote. 

fest&e-eia, dim. of festa. 

fe-tente, ADJ.: stinking, Hfe-teref [L. 
iduSf stinking], INTR. : stink. 

fe-ti-e-eio [Port. ~fo*o, magic], M. : fetich. 
-ti-eismo, M. : f etichism. 

feti-damente, ADV. : fetidly. Hfeti-do, 
-doso [L. f&tidusj, ADJ. : fetid ; assa , 
assafoatida. -dame, M. : mass of cor 

feto [L. -tus], M. : f cetus. 

fetdre [L. -tor], M.: fetor (disgusting 

fet-ta [? L. vitfa t band], M.: cut, slice 
(us'ly of food) : fare (tagliare) a -te, cut 
up ; massacre, -tina, -to lima, dim. of 
-ta. -tona, -tone, aug. of -ta. -tw-e-ee, 
-t&e-et a, disp. dim. of -ta. -tn-e-eina, 
dim. of -ta. 

feu-dale, ADJ. : feudal, -dalismo, M. : 
feudalism, -dalita, F. : feudality, -da- 
tario, M. : feudatory (vassal). J|f en-do 
[1. L. -dum (OEG.feod)l M.: FEUD (allot 
ment of land, fief) ; FEE for same. 

fez [fr. Turk], M. : fez (Turkish cap). 

fiafca Ifabula], F. : fib ; story. 

fiac-ca, F. : languidness ; low act (mean 
ness); noise (disturbance!). -caMle, 
ADJ. : breakable, -ca-collo, M. : danger 
ous person; a ,in break-neck man 
ner, -camente, ADV.: flabbily; wearily 
(weakly), -camento, M.: fracture (break, 
rupture), -care, TE. : break; fracture; 
weaken ; debilitate, -cato, ADJ. : broken. 
-catoio, ADJ. : breaking, -catnra, F. : 
fracture (breaking). -cTietto, ADJ.: rather 
tired. -c7*ezza, F.: weakness ; lassitude ; 
imbecility, ilfiac-co [L. jlaccus, flabby, 
flap-eared (? root, /me-, break)], ADJ.: 
FLACCID; weak (weary); M. : bruising; 
drubbing ; ruin| ; ravagef. 

fiacco-la [L. facula (dim. of /ex)], F. : 
torch, -letta, -lima, dim. of -la. -lona, 
aug. of -la. 

ac-cQna, p.: exhaustion: lassitude. 
II -cone, ADJ.: aug. of -co; M.: languid 

Sadonef, M. : honeycomb. 

fialaf, F. : phial. 
fialet, F. : honeycomb. 
fiain-ma [L, flamma], F. : FLAME; pas 
sion; sweetheart; forked pennant, -man.- 
te, ADJ.: flaming (fiery red), -mare, 
INTR. : flame (bum). -ma=salsaf, p.: 
itching (of salt iheum). -mata, F.: 
bonfire. -mateUa, -matina, dim. of 
-ma. -megglare, INTE. : flame, shine ; 



sparkle; glitter, -meggiamte, ADJ.: 
flaming, -mella, dim. of -ma. -mesco, 
ADJ.: flaming; bright, -metta, -met- 
tina, dim. of -ma. -miferaio, M. : 
match-seller, -xnifero, M. : friction- 
match; ADJ.f: flammif erous ; kindling; 
burning, -miiia, -molina, car. dim. of 
-ma. -moref, M. : inflammation. 

Han-care, TB. : strengthen the sides of 
(arches, etc.), flank (guard the flank of). 
-cata, F. : spur-blow (in flank) ; cutting 
saying ; side (of building or piece of fur 
niture); (nav.) broadside, -c/teggia- 
mento, M. : reinforcement, -c/teggia- 
re, TR.: reinforce; flank (stand along 
side). -c/fceggiaHte, ADJ.: flanking. 
-efteggiato," ADJ. : flanked, -c/tetta, 
p. : waist (of garments). l|fian-co [? L. 
flaccus, soft, viz., part], M. : FLANK, side. 
-cntof , ADJ. : long or broad-sided. 

fia-sca, F.: (large, short-necked) FLASK. 
-sca-e-eia, -sca-e<eio, disp. aug. of -sea. 
-scaia, p., -scaio, M. : flask-seller or 
re-coverer. -sc7teggiare, INTR.: fail (in 
an undertaking or play) : buy by the bot- 
tlef. -sc&etta, F. : small flask; pow 
der-flask, -scftetteria, F. : wine-shop. 
-scTtettina, dim. of -schetta. -sc/tet- 
tino, dim. of -sehetto. -scTietto, -sc7ii- 
no, dim. of sco. Hfia-sco [1. L. fiasco 
(L. ms, vase)], M. : (long-necked) FLASK ; 

far , make a failure (vase-maker, who 
spoils glass -lump, makes bottle of it). 
-scone, aug. of -sco. -scu-e-eio, disp. 
of -sco. 

fiata [? ak. to t/ice], P.: time; spessefiate, 
many times. 

fia-tamentof, M. : breathing, -tare, 
INTK.: breathe; pufff. -tata, F.: bad 
breath, -tino, car. dim. of -to. ilfia-to 
[L. flatus (flare, blow)], M. : breath ; wind ; 
strength : non mangio , I eat nothing ; 
strumenti a , wind-instruments; a un 
, d* un, , in a moment ; in a breath ; 
very quickly ; un , a trifle ; rimetter il 
in corpo t encourage ; cheer up. 

fiatolot, M. I VASSAL. 

fiato-ref, M.: FETIDNESS, -'sof, ADJ.: 


fib-Ma [L. -ula (figere, FIX)], F. : buckle. 
-biaiot, M.: buckle-maker, -Maref, 
TR. : buckle ; fasten. -Metta, Mettina, 

car. dim. of -bia. -biona, aug. of Ha. 

-bione, M. : harness-buckle. 
ft -bra [L.], F. : fibre; force; will. 

-brilla, F. : (hot.) fibrilla ; fibril, -brina, 

F. : fibrine. -brosita, F. : fibrousness. 

-broso, ADJ.: fibrous. 
fibula [LJ, F. : fibula. 
fi-ca [-co], F. : figf; female pudenda: 
far le -che, snow contempt (by pointing at 

with the thumb between index and long 


finger) ; affront, -ca-e-eio, disp. of -co-. 
-caiaf , F. : fig-tree. -c=albo, M. : kind 
of fig. -cato, ADJ. : full of figs or fig- 
trees ; M. : fig-cake. 

fic-eabile, ADJ. : that can be fixed, -ca- 
meiitot, M.: thrusting in; setting. -ca= 
naso, M.: busybody (meddler; inquisitive 
person). Jl-care [L. figere], TR.: drive 
in ; (FIX, set) ; stick in ; make believe ; 
INTR. : meddle ; REFL. : intrude one's self : 
-cam in testa (or nella mente), be ob 
stinate ; persist, -caturaf , F. : thrusting 
in; (fixing). 

fiefte-retof, -'tof, M. : fig-plantation. 

fic-cfrino [-care], M. : intruder (meddler). 

fi-co [L. -cus], M. : fig ; fig-tree ; grimace ; 
compliment: cercare de' -chi in vetta* 
puzzle over difficulties ; far ,miss, fail. 
-co=secco, pi. fichisecchi, M. : dried fig. 
-coso, ADJ.: grimacing; affected, com 

fi-daf, F. : security; safe-conduct; pas 
ture, -danza, F. : faith, conFlDENCE. 
-danzare, TR. : betroth ; guaranteef. 
-danzata, F., danzato, M. : betrothed. 
dare [L. -dere], TR. : trust ; conFlDE : 
i bestiami, guarantee pasture for cattle ; 
de' denarij give credit for money; 
-darsi y trust one's self ; -darsi di, trust in ; 
rely upon, -datat, P. : oath of allegi 
ance, -datamentet, ADV. : confidently. 
-datezza, F. : trustiness, -dato, ADJ.: 
trusted ; faithful. |j-de. . [L. -des, FAITH] : 
-de=commesso, M. : deed of trust. -de= 
conunissario, M. : trustee. -de=ius- 
sione [L. iussio t command], F. : security 
(surety). -de=iussore, M. : guarantor 
(surety). -Htaf, P.: fidelity, -del.. 
=fedel. .f -do [L. -dus], ADJ.: FAITH- 
ful. -d-d-eia,F.: conFiDence; trust, -du- 
eialef , ADJ. : fiducial, -du-eialxnente, 
ADV. : fiducially, confidently, -du-eiaria- 
mente, ADV.: fiducially. -du-eiario, 
ADJ., M.: fiduciary, -du-efosamente, 
ADV. : confidently, -dnetoso, ADJ. : con 

fiebo-lef, ADJ. : FEEBLE, -lezzaf, F. : 

fie-deret, TR. : strike ; wound, -ditoref, 
M. : striker. 

fiele [L./eQ, M.: GALL (bile; malignity, 
rancour) ; jaundice. 

fie-naia, ADJ. : pertaining to hay : falce 
, scythe, -mile, M. : hayloft. ||fie-no 
[L. fenus], M.: hay; forage, -noso, 
ADJ. : full of hay (as grain, straw). 

fiera r [L. /era, wild], F. : wild beast. 

fie-ra2 [L. feria f feast], P.: large PAIR; 
market ; gift bought at fair : fredda, 
poor fair ; rotta t it's a ruined affair. 
-raiolo, M. : seller at fairs. 

fie-ramente, ADV.: fiercely, -rczza, 


p.: Intrepidity; spiritedness Giveliness). 
ilfie-ro [L. ferns, wild], ADJ.: FERO- 
cioust; FIERCE; intrepid; severe; viva 
cious (lively ; spirited), -riicolaf i , p. : 
little wild beast. 

fierueo-laf2 [jierai], F.: poor little 
fair. -lona, F. : torch-lantern (at fairs). 

nevo-le [L. flebilis], ADJ. : FEEBLE, weak. 
-lezza, F. : f eebleness., debility. -Ixnen- 
te, ADV. : feebly (faintly). 

fifaf, F. : lapwing. 

figgere, figeref [L. figere], IRR. ; TR. : 
FIX ; drive in ; determine : -gersi in capo, 
be obstinate ; bad, imprint kisses. 

Pret.yr-jz ; -sero. Ps.ri.fhso wc/lito. 

fi-grlia, F.: daughter. -#lare, TR.: 
bring forth (young). -0Kastra, F., -rlia- 
stro, M.: step-child, -grKata, P.: litter 
(of dogs, etc.). -grliati-e-eia, ADJ. : pro 
lific (of beasts), -grliatiira, P. : delivery ; 
birth ; breeding time. !|fi-#lto [L. -lius], 
M. : son (boy ; child) : -gli della terra, (leg 
endary) giants; -gli della luce, (eccl.} 
God's elect, -grlio-e-eia, F. : god-daugh 
ter, -glio-e-cinot, -grlioeeio, M.: god 
son. -</liola, dim. of -glia. -#liolame, 
M. : flock of sons; plant-shoots. -0lo- 
lanza, F. : progeny, -<grlioletto, -grlio- 
lino, dim. of -gliolo. -0K61o, M.: dim. 
of-glio; esserfuori di-glioli, be past the 
age of conception ; entrare in -glioli, be 
gin to have children; luon , good-na 
tured fellow, -i/liolona, F., -<7liolo- 
ne, M. : big, fat child. -gKolu-e-eta, 
-^rKoM-e-ef o, disp. dim. of -gliola, -glio- 
Zo.~~glin.ola = -gliola. -^liuola-e-etof, 
= -gliolaccio ; filiation, -firji 
M. : filiation. 

ngmentot, M. : figment ; fiction. 

figrneref =jingere. 

figrnolaret =frignare. 

Hsrno-lo [OHG. jfonel, M.: felon; boil. 
-loso, ADJ. : having boils. 

ngn-lina [L. vessel (fingere, form)], F. : 
pottery-making, -lino, ADJ.: ceramic. 
Sign-lot, M. : potter. 

fign-ra [L. (Jingere, form)], P.: figure; 
body; shape; face; portrait; statue; 
model ; type ; character (in novel) ; face- 
card : far , appear well ; dance-figure ; 
far luona , distinguish one's self ; keep 
one's obligations ; far la di, have ap 
pearance of; poniam f> ^ us suppose, 
for example, -rabile, ADJ.: fignrable. 
-raMlita, P.: figurability. -racia, 
disp. of -ra. -rac-eio, disp. of -ro. 
-ralef , ADJ. : figurative, -ralmentef, 
ADV. : figuratively, -ramentof , M. : fig 
uration ; figure ; representation, -rante, 
ADJ.: figuring; M., P.: (theat} figurante. 
-rare. TR.; figure, represent (in art); 
symbolize; resemble; INTR.: appear; 



feign; REFL. : imagine, -rato, ADJ.: 
figured ; represented (in art) ; figurative 
(of language) : canto , chant with full 
score music, -ratamente, -rativa- 
xnente, ADV.: figuratively, -rativo, 
ADJ. : figurative ; mystical -ratore, M., 
-ratri-ee, F. : figurer; former, -razio- 
nef,F. : figuration, -reggiare, INTR.: 
be rhetorical, use figures of speech, -ret- 
ta, dim. of -ra. -rettina, car. dim. of 
-retta. -rina, P.: dim.of-ra; statuette. 
-rinaio, M. : image-vender, -rino, M. : 
fashion-plate ; dandy, -rista, M. : figure- 
painter, figti-ro, M. : bad, ugly person. 
-rona, dug. of -ra. -rone, disp. aug. 
of -ra. -ru-e-eia, disp. of -ra. 
fi-la [L. -lum], p. : file (row, suit) : atta 
(or di) , consecutively, -labile, ADJ.: 
that may be spun, -la-e-ee, -la-e-eia, 
-la-c-cieaf, P. PL.: threads, ravellings. 
-la-e-eicoso, ADJ. : likely to ravel, -la-e- 
-eione, M. : sort of fish-line. -la=dro, 
M. : gold or silver wire-drawer, -lamen- 
to, M. : filament, fibre, -lamentoso, 
ADJ.: filamentous, -land a T p.: silk- 
spinnery. -landaia, F. : silk-spinner. 
-landra, P.: worms in hawks; marine 
plants (attaching to ships). 
nlan-tropia, P. : philanthropy, -tropi- 
camente, ADV. : philanthropically. -tro- 
pico, ADJ. : philanthropic. Hnlan-tro- 
po [Gr. phil-dnthropos, friend of man], 
M.: philanthropist. 

fi-larata, P.: long row. -larei [-Za], 
M. : row (of plants, teeth, houses, etc.). 
H-lare2 [-/o],TR.: spin; wire-draw; spin 
out (discourse); pay out (cable); shed 
(blood) ; INTR. : leak (as casks) ; rope (as 
liquids) : grosso, be prodigal or unscru 
pulous ; sottile, be shrewd, -laretto, 
-larino, M. : dim. of -re i ; sandstone 

nlarmonico [Gr. pMlos, loving, harmo- 
nia, harmony]; M.: music-lover; ADJ.: 

fila-strocca [Jila\ t P. : rigmarole, -ta- 
mente [-Zo], ADV. : as if spun (of speech, 
excuses), fila-tessa, P.: file; rigma 
role, -tie-eio, M.: coarse silk (drawn 
from hatched cocoons), jjnla-to [-re 2], 
ADJ. : spun ; M. : thread : il d e' ragna- 
teli, spidefs web. -toio, M.: spinning- 
wheel; candle-wick machine; spinning- 
room; spinning-mill, -tora, P.: spin- 
ning-girL -tore, M. : -tri-ee, P.: spin 

filat-tera, p., -terio [Gr. phulax, guard], 
M.: PHYLAcrery; amulet. 
fi-latura [-Zare2], P.: spinning, -let- 
tare, TR. : stripe (in weaving) ; insert (in 
sewing), -lettatnra, P.: striping; in 
sertion, -lettino, dim. of -letto. -let- 



to, M. : car. dim. of -lo; (fowler's) net- 
line ; snaffle ; fillet (of beef) ; ligament (of 
tongue, etc.); fine wire (holding gem in 
setting) ; bezel (of watch, etc.). 

filia-le \L.filiu$, son], ADJ. : filial. -Imea- 
te, ADV. : filially, -zioae, P. : filiation. 

filibuster [Sp. -ter (Eng. freebooter)], 
M. : filibuster (pirate). 

S-liera [filo], p.: wire-drawing iron. -li- 

forme, ADJ. : filiform. 
filig-giae[li./tt%0],F.: soot, -giadso, 
ADJ. : "fuliginous (sooty). 
fi-ligraaa [-lo], P. : filigree. -ligraaa- 
to, ADJ. : filigree-like. -Map, dim. of -lo. 
alip-pica [-po], P. : philippic (invective). 
-pino, ADJ. : oratorian ; M. : Oratorian 
monk (order founded by Philip Neri). [|fi- 
lip-po [Filippo, Philip], M. : silver coin 
(with head of King Philip). 
fi-lo, pi. -li or -la [L. -lum], M. : thread ; 
string ; wire ; series (of ideas, etc.) ; edge 
(of sword, etc.) ; bit ; particle ; long, nar 
row loaf ; PL. : lint : -- or di , at all 
costs ; fil , trickling (of liquids) ; 
deW acqua, current of the stream ; d? ac 
qua, tiny stream of water ; andare per il 
delta sinopia,' chalk walk/ actor speak 
to the purpose ; batter e il (or della 
sinopia), snap the chalk-line ; esser un , 
be a rail (very lean) ; esser in , (of sea 
sons) be well advanced, (of persons) well- 
disposed ; d' erba, spear of grass ; far le 
-la, be ropy (liquids, cheese) ; di legno, 
grain o* wood ; mandare (or metier e) a 
di spada, put to the sword ; mettere uno 
in (or sul) suof , put one on his right 
road ; per , exactly ; delli reni, spine. 
filodrammatico [Gr. philos, loving, 
dr&ma, play], M. : amateur actor ; ADJ. : 
dramatic (society). 
alogo =filologo. 
filoliao, dim. of filo. 
alo-logia, P. : philology, -logico, ADJ. : 
philological, [{aid-logo [Gr. philo-logos, 
word-lover], M. : philologist. 
alo-mela, -mena [Gr. Philomela (who 
was changed to a nightingale)], p. : (poet). 

fi-loadeate [filo, dente], M. : embroidery 
canvas (one thread to each loom-tooth). 
-lone, M.: aug. of -lo; vein (of ore, water, 
etc.). ~16so, ADJ. : thread-like. 
filoso-fa, P. : female philosopher ; would- 
be wise woman, -fale, ADJ. : philosophic : 
pietra , philosopher's stone, -fante, 
disp. of -fo. -fare, INTR. : philosophize. 
-f astro, disp. of -fo. -f egg/are, INTE. : 
philosophize, -fescamente, ADV. : so- 
phistically. -fesco, ADJ.: sophistical. 
-fessa, p. : female doctor of philosophy. 
-fetto, car. or disp. dim, of -fo. -fia, 


p.: philosophy; (typ.) small pica. alos6> 
aca (alia ), ADV.: philosophically, -fi- 
care, INTR.: philosophize. -Scamente, 
ADV.: philosophically, filoso-fico, ADJ.: 
philosophic, -fiao, disp. or iron, of -fo. 
1 1 16 so -fo [Gr. pkilo-sophos, friend of 
wisdom], M.: philosopher, -fone, aug. of 
-fo. -fd-e-eio, -fuzzo, disp. dim. of -fo. 

filosomia [jisonomia], P. : (vulg.) phys 

fil-trare, TE. : filter. H-tro i [L L. -trum 
(Ger. -)], M. : filter ; filter paper. 

filtro2 [Gr. philtron], M. : philter. 

filugello [? L. filucellum], M. : silkworm. 

filungaello =fringuello. 

fil-uzzo, dim. of filo. Ufl-za D- L. -itium 
(L. -um, thread)], P. : row, string (of things) ; 
pamphlet; basting. 

fini-bria [L.], p. : fringe (hem, border). 
-"briato, ADJ. : fringed (bordered). 

fi-mo, -mef [L.-miis, dung], M.: manure. 

fia =fino. 

fina-le [fine], ADJ.: final (definitive) ; M.: 
(mus.) finale; (typ.) tailpiece: prigione 
, life imprisonment, -lita, p.: finality. 
-Imente, ADV.: finally, -mente, ADV.: 

fiaan-za [Fr. -ce], P. : finance, -ziaria- 
aieate, ADV. : financially, -ziario, ADJ. : 
financial, -ziere, M. : financier. 

fi-aar ef, INTR. : finish (cease) : far , kill. 
-aattaatocfce -^, [or jm a tanto che], 
ADV. : until, as long as. H-ae [L. -nis], M., 
p.: end (extremity); M. : aim (intention); 
ADJ. : fine (minute, exact) ; superior ; ex- 
pertf ; bravef : alia , finally ; non lo fa 
per nessun , he does not do it for ulte 
rior ends ; stare in , be dying, -ae- 
aieatef, ADV. : finely. 

fine-stra [L. fenestra (ROOT /a-, show)], 
p.: window; opening; breach; 0"es2.)eye; 

fare una sul tetto a uno, get what 
has been denied by resorting to higher 
authority ; secure that desired by another. 
-stra-e-eia, disp. of -sir a. -strata, p. : 
'window-slam* (in contempt); sun-burst. 
-stratof, ADJ.: windowed; M. : row of 
windows, -strella, -stretta, -striaa, 
car. dim. of -stra. -striao, dim. of-stra. 
-strdae, aug. of -stra. -stru-&eia, 
disp. dim. of -stra. 

a-aetto [-Tie], M.: fine wool cloth, -aez- 
za, p. : fineness ; excellence ; politeness ; 
finesse; artifice. 

fiageatef, ADJ.: feigning. l{La-gere 
[L.], IRR. ; INTR. : FEIGN ; TR. : simulate ; 
dissimulate, -gimeatoj, M. : feint (de 
ceit) : -gitoret, M. : feigner. 

Pret. fin-si, -se ; -sero. J?zxt.finto. 

a-aieatef, ADJ. : finishing, -aimeato, 

M. : finishing off, conclusion, end, finish, 

(last) ornament ; jewelry set ; service (of 


china, etc.) ; PL. : harness (of draught 
horses). -ni=moiido, M. : end of the I 
world ; final destruction, -aire, TR. : 
finish (end, complete ; use up) ; kill ; INTR. : 
end (cease) ; die ; REFL. : be out of pa 
tience : sentirsi , be famished or used 
up. -nitat, P. : end ; death, -nita- 
mente, ADV. : finitely, -nitezza, F. : 
perfection, -ultimo, ADJ. : adjoining ; 
M. : bordering countries, -nito, ADJ. : 
finished ; bounded ; perfected ; hopeless ; 
tired out. -nitiira, p. : end ; finishing 
touches. j!fi-no [L. -nis, end], PREP. : 
until ; as far as ; ADJ.f : fine, subtle ; skil 
ful ; brave : Jin a luglio, until July ; fin 
anche, even ; Jin a (tanfo) che, as long as ; 

Jin che oiji.nche, until ; Jin da, since, from ; 

Jin allora or Jin cTallora, even then, then ; 

Jin a qui, until now, to this point ; Jino a 
or a, orjinora, hitherto ; until now ; Jin da 
quando? since when? fin da, since. 

finoc-cMetto, -cMettino, dim. of 
-chio. Hfinoc-cMo [L. fceniculum], M. : 
PBNNeL -'cM, INTERJ. : zounds! good 
heavens! -e/iiona, p.; fennel-sausage. 
-c/iione, aug. of -chio. 

finora = Jino a ora: until now. 

finsi, PRET. of fingere. 

fitt-ta [-to], P.: FEINT; feigned blow; 
false-pocket ; pocket-flap, -ta-e-eio, disp. 
of -to. -tamente, ADV. : deceitfully. 

fintantoc/i e = Jin a tanto che. 

fin-tino, dim. of -to; half -wig. Hlin-to, 
PART. Qf-gere: feigned; false, -zione, p.: 
FICTION; feint; invention. 

fio [OHG. feod], M. : FlEFf : pagare il , 
pay dear (for). 

fiocaggine [-co], F. : hoarseness. 

fioc-ca', ADJ., F. of -co; F. : instep of 
shoe or foot (Le. r place for the bow-knot). 
-care, INTR. : fall in flakes ; abound, -ca- 
to, PART, of -care; ADJ.: adorned with 
bows. -cTtettato, ADJ.: adorned with 
little bows, -duetto, car. dim. of -co. 
I i fio c- co lL.Jioccus], M. : bow-knot (bow) ; 
flock (lock of wool) ; flake (of snow) ; 
tasself ; tuf tf : co' ~chi, in pomp ; of ex 
cellence (tip-top, of high grade) ; in -chi, 
richly and affectedly dressed, -cosof, 
ADJ.: flaky; hoary. 

fio-cTtetto, dim. of -co. -c/iezza, F. : 

fio-eina [L. fu&cina (ak. to fork)], P.: 
fish-spear; trident. 

fifreix&e [L. floces, dregs], M. : skins and 
seeds of grapes, etc. 

fioco [?], ADJ. : hoarse ; weak (of sound) ; 
faint (of light), 

Honda \L.funda], F.: sling, -tore, M.: 

fio-raia, p., -raio, pi. -rai, M. : flower- 
seller, -ralisof =fiordaliso. -rame, 



p.: flowers (esp. painted or sculptured). 
-r=cappile-eto, M. : larkspur, -rdali- 
so [Fr.fieur de Us], M. : fleur-de-lis. Jlfio- 
re [L.Jlos], M. : FLOWER (flowering-plant; 
bloom ; choicest part ; virginity) ; mould 
(on wine) ; a particle (the least) ; PL. : 
clubs (at cards) : a di t at the level of 
(on the surface of) ; d i latte, cream ; 
<f ogni mese, marigold ; di rame, ver 
digris ; TioTi piovve , it has not rained 
a bit ; se tu mi wlessi un di bene, if 
you loved me a little ; di zolfo, flowers 
of sulphur, -r egg i are, M.: bloom, FLOUR- 
ish. -rellimoi * -relief , M. : floweret. 
-rente, ADJ.: flowering; flourishing. 
-rentinamente (cf. -rentino), ADV. : in 
Florentine way. -rentineggtfare, INTR.: 
affect Florentine speech. -Ventinesco, 
ADJ.: Florentine, -rentinismo, M.: 
Florentine idiom, -rentinita, p. : Flor- 
entinism. -rentimo [Firenze (L. Floren- 
tia, "the flowering"), Florence], ADJ. : 
Florentine; M. : Florentine dialect: alia 
-rentina, in Florentine fashion. -ret- 
tare, TR. : be extravagantly flowery. 
-retto, 11.: dim. of -re; (mus.) turn, 
grace-note ; (lit.) choice passage ; fencing 
foil (Eng.f floret); (dance) fleurefcf; 
kind of sugarf., car. dim. of 
-re. -rino, M. : florin, -rire, ENTR. : 
flower; flourish; scatter flowers, -ri- 
seente, ADJ.: flowering; flourishing. 
-rista, p. artificial-flower seller or mak 
er ; M. : flower-painter, -rita, p. : flow 
er decoration; flowers strewn before a 
procession, -ritezzaf, P.: florescence. 
-rito, ADJ.: flowered: abito , new 
suit ; -rita truppa } picked troops, -ritu- 
ra, P.: flowering; flourishing, -rran- 
-cino [-r-rancio], M. : gold-crested wren. 
-r=ran-eio, M. : marigold, -rdme, M.: 

fiosso [?], M. : narrow part of shoe-sole. 
fidtolaf, P. : FLUTE. 

fiot-tare, INTR. : gurgle ; murmur ; grum 
ble; sob. -tio, M.: continual sobbing. 
!|fiot-to Ulutto], M.: surge, wave; crowdf; 
furyf. -tosof, ADJ.: billowy (tempestu 

fir-ma [-mare], P.: signature, -ma- 
mento, M. ; firmament ; f oundationf. 
firmano [Pers. -man], M. : firman (edict). 
firma-re [L., strengthen], TR. : sign ; ap 
prove, -tario, M. : signatory. 
fisa. . = fissa. . 

fisarmonica [Gr. phti&a, breath, harmo- 
nia, harmony], P. : harmonium. 
fisca-le [fi&co], ADJ.: fiscal; M.; chan 
cellor of exchequer: amocato , public 
prosecutor, -le^gtare, INTR.: be cross- 
examined. -Imente, ADV. : fiscally. 

, P. : wicker-basket (curd-basket). 



fiscM-are [L. fistula, reed], INTR. : whis 
tle ; whiz (hiss) ; have buzzing in the ears ; 
be penniless, -ata, F. : whistling; hiss 
ing, -atore, M.: whistler; hisser. -erel- 
la, P. : bird-whistle ; bird-decoying, -et- 
tare, INTE. : whistle in snatches, -et- 
tio, M.: continual whistling, -etto, M.: 
little whistle. flse7ii-o, M. : whistling 
(whistle) ; hiss, -ione, M. : whistling- 
duck; curlew. 

fiscio. [Fr. fichu], M., INVAR. : lady's neck- 

fi-scinaf, P.: wicker-basket. H-sco [L. 
-scus, basket, thin purse], M. : FISC ; pub 
lic treasury. 

flsi-ca [Gr. phusikos (phusis, nature)], F.: 
physics ; science of medicine, -cagginet, 
p.: sophistry; whim, -cale, ADJ.*: phys 
ical, -camente, ADV. : physically, -ca 
ret, INTR.: sophisticate; fancy, -eia- 
nof, M, : physician, fisi-co, ADJ. : physi 
cal, natural; M. : physicist, -coso, ADJ.: 
sophistical; fanciful. 

fisima [Gr.phusema], F. : caprice (fancy). 

fisio-logia [Gr. phusio-logia, 'nature- 
discourse'], P.: physiology, -logico, 
ADJ.: physiological, fisio-logo, M.: physi 
ologist. [Gr. mantis, diviner], 
M. : soothsayer by faces, -nom. . =fiso- 
nom. . 

fiso [fisso], ADJ. : fixed ; attentive ; ADV. : 

fiso-^noinonia [Gr. phusio-gnomonia, 
1 nature-KNOWledge'], F. : physiognomy. 
-nomia [Gr. nomos, law], P. : physiogno 
my (countenance), -nomista, M. : physi 

fis-samente, ADV.: fixedly, -sare, TR.: 
Fix ; stare at : -sarsi sur una cosa, think 
too intently on a thing, -sato, ADJ.: 
fixed ; M. : agreed thing, -sazione, F. : 
fixation; "brown study"; obstinate, 
strange opinion, -si, PRET. of figgere. 
-sionef, P.: fixing; driving in. H-so, 
PART, of figgere: fixed (firm; constant). 

fistellat, F. : basket. 

fistia. . = fischia. . 

flsto-la [L. fistula, reed], P. : reed-pipe ; 
fistula. -lare, ADJ. : fistular (hollow) ; 
INTR. : fistulate. -lazione, F. : becoming 
fistular. fisto-lot, M. : fistula, -losof, 
ADJ. : fistulous. -tnlatoref, M. : piper. 

f it-ta, F. : mud-hole (sticky place, hole) ; 
crack ; dig of the spade (spade's depth) ; 
(disp.) crowd (gang, herd ; heap) ; dent. 
~taiolo,M.: tenant farmer, -tamente, 
ADV.: thickly, -tezza, p.: thickness. 
fit-tile, ADJ. : fictile (of clay), -tivof, 
ADJ. : fictive. -tiziamente, ADV. : fic 
titiously, -tizio, ADJ.: fictitious. ||-toi, 
PART, of figgere; ADJ.: FIXED; transfixed; 
crowded; thick; close -woven; M. : rent 


(hire, "fixed price"); ADV.: quickly: a 
capo , with head downwards ; dare a , 
rent ; di meriggio, at high noon ; di 
-to, notte, at dead of night ; di verno, 
in depth of winter; rincarare il , be 
indifferent to threats. 

fittof 2 > PART, of finger e. 

fittone [Gr. phuton, plant], M. : tap-root. 

fitton. .f = piton. . 

fittnariof, M. : tenant farmer. 

fiu-ma-e-eio, disp. of -me. -m-alef, ADJ. : 
FLUMINAL. -mana, p.: swelled river. 
Hfiu-me [L. fiumeri], M. : river; great 
flow (eloquence, tears, etc.). -metto, 
-nii-eello, M. : rivulet. -miiattolo, 
disp. dim. of -me. -mieino, dim. of 

fin-tare [L.fiutare], TR. : snuff (for odours) ; 
smell; scent; tryf. -ta=sepolcri, M. : 
(disp!) antiquarian, -tat a, F. : smelling 
(snuffing), -tatina, F. : gentle smelling. 
-'to, M. : sense of smell ; act of smelling. 
-tone, M. : tattler. 

fizionef = finzione. 

fLabello [L. -Hum], M.: feather-fan in 
papal procession. 

fla<si-ditaf,F.: flaccidity. fla-e-ei-dof, 
ADJ.: flaccid. 

flagel-lamentot, M. : flagellation, -la- 
re*, TR. : whip (scourge) ; inveigh against ; 
REFL. : discipline one's self, -latore, M., 
-latri-ee, F. : flagellator. -lazione, P.: 
flagellation ; picture representing scourg 
ing of Christ, -letto, M.: small whip. 
Hflagel-lo [L. -lum], M.: whip (scourge); 
scourging ; calamity : a , in great quan 

nagi-ziosantentef, ADV.: flagitiously. 
-ziosof, ADJ. : flagitious. 

fl.a-gra.nte [L. -grans (root flag-, blaze)], 
ADJ. : flagrant (notorious). -graref , 
INTR. : be inflamed. 

fla-minato, M. : office of flamen. ||ffla- 
mine [L. -men], M. : flamen (Rom. priest). 
-minica, F. : flamen's wife. 

fLanella [Fr. -nelle], F. : flannel. 

na-to [L. -tus, BLOWing], M. : flatus (wind 
from stomach, belch), -tnlento, ADJ.: 
flatulent, -tnlenza, -tuosita, F.: flatu 
lence, -tnoso, ADJ.: flatulent; windj. 
fla-utino, car. dim. of -uto. -utista, 
M. : flutist, fla-nto, M. : FLUTE: a , 
obliquely (of cuts in timber). 

flavot, ADJ. : yellow. 

uebi-le [L. -Us (flere, weep)], ADJ.: 
mournful. -Imente, ADV.: mournfully. 

fle-bitide, -bite [Gr. phlebitis (phleps t 
vein)], F. : inflammation of veins, -boto- 
niaref, TR. : let blood, -botomia, F. : 
phlebotomy, -botomo, M. : phlebotomist. 

flem-ma [Gr. phlegma, inFLAMMation], F. i 
phlegm, -maticamente, ADV. : phleg- 


matieaily. -mati-eitaf, P.: quality of 
phlegm ; coolness, -matico, ADJ. : phleg 
matic, flem-mone, M.: phlegmon (tu 
mour), -monoso, ADJ. : inflammatory. 

fles-siMle [L. flexibilis], ADJ. : flexible. 
-sibilita, F. : flexibility, -si one, p.: 
flexion. iLes-sof , PART, offlettere. -s&re, j 
ADJ. : flexor (muscle) ; M. : flexor muscle. ! 
-suosita, P. : flexibility, -suoso, ADJ. : j 
flexuous. -s-draf, P. : flexure. i 

fletof, M. : weeping (tears). 

fletteref, IRR. (part, ftesso) ; TR.; bend 

fllbustierot, M. : filibuster. 

fLobotomiaf = flebotomia. 

fLo-e-eidof, ADJ. : flabby. 

flo-r(e)aie \L.flos, FLOWER], ADJ. : floral ; 
F. PL. : festival for Flora, -ridamente, 
ADV. : floridly, -ridezza, F. : floridness. 
fld-rido, ADJ.: florid, -riferof, ADJ.: 
floriferous. -rilegio, M. : anthology. 

flo-scezza, p.: flaccidity. -sciamente, 
ADV.: flaccidly. Hflo-scio [L. fluxus 
(root nu- % FLOW)], ADJ.: soft (of paper 
or ciotn;, flaccid ; weak (in character). 

flot-ta \L.fluctus (flu-, FLOW)], P. : fleet. 
-tamentot, M. : ship's gauge, -taref, 
TR. : float, -ti#la, P. : flotilla. 

fln-ente, ADJ. : fluent ; copious ; border 
ing on a river (of towns) f; M.f: river. 
-idezza, -idita, F. : fluidity. flri-ido, 
ADJ. : fluid, flowing ; M. : fluid. II -ire [L. 
-ere], INXR. : FLOW, run. -ore, M. : fluor 
spar ; gonorrhoea. 

flns-sibilef, ADJ. : flowing, fusible, -si- 
T>ilitat,F.: fluidity; fusibility, -sione, 
p.: fluxion. |j-so [L. fluxus, FLOWing], M. : 
flux; tide; tide-like movement; ADJ.|: 
transitory, fleeting. 

frdt-to DL. fluctus (root flu-, FLOW)], M. : 
surge (billow),, M. : fluctu 
ation, -tuare, INTR. : move as a wave ; 
fluctuate (waver), -tnante, ADJ. : fluc 
tuating, -tuazione, F. : fluctuation ; un 
certainty, -tnoso, ADJ.: billowy; tem 

fhiviale [L. -alis (root flu- t FLOW)], ADJ. : 

foca [Gr. pMJce], F. : (zool.) seal. 

fo-ca-e-eia [-co], F. : flat, hard cake : ren 
der pane per , render like for like. 
-ca-eetnola, dim. of -caccio. -ca-cef, 
ADJ.: ardent (fiery), -caia, p. : flint. 
-car a, F. : kindling instrument (of iron). 
-carino, -carolo, M. : fireman, -cati- 
co, M.: hearth-tax, -cato, ADJ.: fiery red. 
fdee [L. fauces, throat], F. : river-mouth ; 
gorge; street-opening. 
fo-c7*erello, dim. of -co. -c/iista, pi. 
ti, M.: seller or maker of fire-works; fire 
man, -c/tettolof, M.: hearth; house. 
Jlfo-co [L. -ctw], M. : fire: family; hearth ; 

folaghetta 1$ 

passion; poetic fire; caustic; acidity (of 
wine) ; funeral pile ; focus : arder uno a 

lent o, cause one to pine away ; dare 
al cannone, fire a cannon ; dire (fare) cose 
di , say (do) strange, terrible things; 
fare neW orcio, hatch a plot secretly; 

di leone, fierce fire; mettere troppa 
carne a , have too many irons in the 
fire ; di paglia, fleeting ardour ; sal- 
vatico, ring -worm, -col are, M. : fire 
place; (lit.) = -co. -colino^car.dim.of 
-co. -cone, M. : aug. of -co; priming- 
pan ; touch -hole, -cosamente, ADV. : 
ardently, -cosetto, dim. of -eoso. ~co- 
so, ADJ. : fiery, ar3nt, amourous. 

fode-ra, P.: lining, -rare, TR. : line. 
-rato, ADJ. : lined, -ratoref, M. : rafts 
man, -ratibra, p. : lining, -rettaf , P. : 
pillow-case, -riaa, car. dim. of -ra. 
Jifode-ro [Goth, fodr], M. : scabbard 
(sheath); raft; pelissef; fur for liningf. 

foga Lfuga], F. : impetuosity. 

fog-gettaf, P.: small cap. Ilfog-gia [?], 
P.": 'manner (fashion, custom)*; ancient 
cowlf . -giare, TR. : fashion, form. 

fo-glia., P.*: leaf (esp. of mulberry); petal; 
FOIL ; silvering (for mirrors ) : d' oro, 
gold-leaf ; a , one by one. -g\i&e- 
-cia, disp. of -glia. -01ia-eeio, M. : 
disp. of -glio; waste-paper, -grliaeeo, 
ADJ. : foliaceous. -grliame, P. : foliage ; 
leaf-work, -grliaref, INTR.: produce 
leaves, -^rlfata, p.: sheet of paper 
and that wrapped in it. -grliatof, 
ADJ.: foliaged, leafy. -#Katri.ra, p.: 
leaf-work. -#Hetta,p. : dim. of -glia; 
snuff made of stems ; wine measure. 
-0lettina, dim. of -glietta. -glietto, 
dim. of -glio. -</lina, car. dim. of -glia. 
Uf6-01io [L. -Hum, leaf], M.: sheet of 
paper; POLIO; gazette: bianco, carte 
blanche ; a , one by one ; aprire it 
, explain, make known, -gliolina, 
car. dim. of -glia. -grHolimo, car. dim. 
of -glio. -firliona, aug. of -glia. -glio- 
ne, aug. of -glio. -grlidso, ADJ. : leafy. 
-pliu-c-cia, dim. of -glia. -grliii-e-eio, 
disp. of -glio. -^Hnto, ADJ. : leafy. 

fo-gna [? (ak. to L.fundus, bottom)], F. : 
sewer; drain; drain-hole (in flower-pots); 
greedy eater. -#n.are,TR. : provide with 
sewers (drain); elide (letters): le mi- 
sure (or le casiagne), give short measure 
(by leaving empty spaces), -gmatura, 
p.: sewer-making; elision (of letters). 
-grnone, aug. of -gna. 
fogo [fauci], M. : choking by food. 
foia pL.furia], P.: lust (rut). 
fola i $j.fabula], F. : joke, idle story. 

fola-ga \L.fulica], F. : moor-hen, 
ta, car. dim. of -aa. 



folata [wlata], F. : gust (of wind); flight 
(of birds). 

fol-eiref , TR. : prop, support. 

f olgo - r ante , ADJ. : flashing. - rare , 
INTR.: flash (lighten); TR. : fulminate; do 
with lightning speedf. -ratof, ADJ. : quick, 
hasty; splendid. Hfolgo-r [L.fulgur], 
M.,F.: thunderbolt; splendorf. -reggia- 
re, INTR. : flash Qighten) ; do with 'light 
ning speed. 

folio : 1*71 , of folio size. 

fol-la, F.: 'press" of people ; crowd ; multi 
tude, li-lar [1. 'L.fullare (L.fullo, ful 
ler)], TR.: full or work (felt); press (hides). 

fol-le [L. -Us, bellows (later, grimace of 
puffed cheeks)], ADJ. : foolish, -leggia- 
meato, M. : foolishness, -leggiare, 
INTR. : act foolishly, -leggiatore, M.: 
one who plays the fool, -lenient , ADV. : 
foolishly, -letto, M. : hobgoblin: un 
vero , he's a regular imp. -lezzaf, 
-lia, F. : folly ; insanity. 

follico-laf = -lo. -lare, ADJ. : follic- 
ular. -lato, ADJ. : in form of follicle. 
Ufollco-lo [L. folliculus, little sack], 
M. : follicle; capsule. 

follonef, M. : fuller, dyer. 

folloref , M. : folly. 

fol-taf, F. : crowd, -tamente, ADV. : 
thickly, in crowds, -tezza, F.: thickness. 
H-to [L.fultus], ADJ.: thick; numerous; 
M. : thick, crowded part. 

fomen-ta [L. -turn], P.: fomentation; 
poultice, -tare, TR.: foment (excite). 
-tatore, M., -tatriee, p.: fomenter. 
-tazidne, P., fomen-tof, M. : fomen 

fomi-te [L. Jomes, tinder], M. : evil incen 
tive, -tof, M. : tinder ; incentive. 

fonda i [L. funda, sling, purse], F. : hol 
ster; purse. 

fondaf2 = -do. 

fondacaio [-daco], M. : cloth-seller, dra 

fonda-e-eio [-do], M. : dregs, remnants. 

fonda-c/tetto, car. dim. of -co. -c7iie- 
ref, M. : cloth-seller, draper. Hfonda- 
co [Ar.fonduq, shop], M. : draper's shop ; 
provision shop ; draper (cloth-seller). 

fon - damentale, ADJ. : fundamental. 
-damentalmentet, ADV. : fundament 
ally. - dame nt are, TR.: lay founda 
tions of ; found. -damento,M.: founda 
tion; basis, -dare [L. fundare], TR.: 
FOUND; lay the foundations of; REFL. : 
-darsi in (sur) una lingua, know a lan 
guage well, -data, F. : dregs (grounds ; 

sediment); remnant, -datamente, ADV.: 

with foundation; justly, -dato, PART. 

of -dare; ADJ. : versed in ; deepf. -da- 
tore, M., -datri-ee, F. : founder, -da- 

zione. F. t foundation; founding. 


fonde-re \L~fundere, pour], IRR. ; TR. 
FUSE (cast); blend (colours), -ria, F. 
foundry ; essence factory. 



, -se ; -sere. Pa.rt. 

fon-dezza [-do], F. : depth, -diario, 
ADJ.: that concerns ground, funded: libri 
-diari, deed-books. 

fondibile [-dere], ADJ. : fusible. 

fon-dieria [fondo], F. : ground-tax. -d- 
#lio, -digrliolo [-do], M. : dregs (lees, 

fonditore [-dere], M. : caster in metals. 

ion-do [L.fundus], M. : bottom; depth; 
bed (of river); back part; conclusion, 
ground-colour; fund; ADJ.: deep (pro- 
FOUND): a , profoundly; andare a , 
sink ; articolo di , leading article ; dar 
, waste ; cast anchor ; -di del caffe, cof 
fee-grounds ; -di di maggazino, unsold 
goods, remnants; in , in conclusion, 
finally ; lati -di, large rural estates ; dar 
, dissipate, ruin, -duraf, F. : deep hol 
low; depth. 

fondutof, PART, of -dere. 

fo-neticamente, ADV.: phonetically. 
||-netico [Gr. phont, voice], ADJ. : pho 
netic, fo-nica, F. : phonics, fo-ni- 
co, ADJ.: phonic. -no = grafo [Gr. 
grdpho, I write], M. : phonograph. -no= 
logia [Gr. logos, discourse], F. : phonol 

fon-talef, ADJ.: original, -talmentef, 
ADV. : originally, -tana, F. : fountain. 
-tanella, F.: car. dim. of -tana; (anat.) 
fontanel; issue: di gold, pit of the 
throat, -taneof, ADJ.: belonging to a 
fountain, -taniere, M. : fountain-keep 
er or custodian, -tanina, dim. of -tana. 
-tanof, ADJ. : belonging to a fountain. 
-tanone, aug. of -tana, -tanosof, 
ADJ.: that has fountains, {[fon-te [L. 

fons], p. (M.): fount (spring; source; ori 
gin) : sacro , baptismal font ; levare al 
un bambino, stand sponsor for a child. 
-tie&lla, dim. of -te. -tieina, car. 
dim. of -te. 

fora =fuori, 

foraccMare [L./orare], TR.: BORE full 
of holes. 

forag-gere, M. : forager, -giamento, 
M. : 'foraging, -giare, INTR. : forage. 
-g(i)ere, M.: forager. ||forag-gio [Fr. 

fourrage (Goth, fodr)], M. : forage ; fod 
der (horse's rations). 

forame [L. -men (cf . forare)], M. : small 
hole (aperture). 

foraneo [L- foris, outside], ADJ. : (eccL) 
vicario , priest (with authority in rural 
parishes); forensicf. 

fora-re [L.], TR. : BORE. =sacco, M. : 
brome-grass. =siepe, M.: wren, -'taf, 
p.: aperture (hole). =terraf, F.: dibble. 


-tini, M. PL. : kind of macaroni, -'to, 
PART, of -re: animo , ungrateful dispo 
sition ; capo , hair-brained person ; aver 
ie mam -te, be extravagant, -toio, M. : 
drill, anger, -toref, M. : borer; anger. 
-tiira, F. : boring, piercing. 

forbi ci, (pop.} -ee [L. /or/ex], F. PL.: 
scissors; metal-shears; claws (of crabs, 
scorpions, etc.); vine-grub; (jig.) obsti 
nate person: -ci/ obstinate one ! le sono 
state > they persisted in spite of all. 
-eiaiot, M. : scissors -maker or seller. 
-eiata, p.: scissor-eut. -cine, car. 
dim. of -ce. -etone, M. PL.: aug. of -ci; 

ibrbi-re [OHG* furlan}, TR. : furbish, 
polish ; clean : gli occhi, rub the eyes ; 
le lagrime, -wipe away the tears, -ta- 
xnente, ADV.: in, polished manner, -tez- 
za, F. : neatness ; polish ; purity of style. 
forM-to, PART, of -re; (of writings) ele 
gant, faultless, -toiof, M.: polishing 
tool, -tore, M., -triee, F. : polisher; 

forliottaref , TR. : beat ; revile, 

for-ca [L. /urea], F, : fork (pitchfork, 
hayfork) ; gallows (gibbet) ; anythingf orked; 
mischievous boyf; forked road: da , 
villainous; far , play truant; far le 
-che, pretend poverty or pretend ignorance 
(of something), -cata, F.: forkful; 
crotch of the legs, -catella, F. : small 
forkful, -catof , ADJ. : forked. -cat- 
raf, F. : forkedness. -eella, F. : dim. 
of -ca ; sternum ; wishbone, -efte, F> PL.: 

forc/te -e [fore c&e], CONJ. : except. 

for-c/ietta [-co], p.: table-fork; mnsket- 
restf : parlare (favettare) in punta di , 
talk with affectation. -c7tettata, p.: 
table-forkful; fork-thrust, -c/tettiera, 
p.: fork-case, -cfretto, M.: two-pronged 
iron fork (for hanging or Trahooking things) ; 
forked twig, -c/iettone, M.: carving- 

forcJiraderet , IRR. ; TR. : exCLBDE (shut 

for-eina [-ca], P.: hairpin; harpoon f; 

for-eipe [L. -ceps, tongs], M. : forceps. 

for-conata, p. : pitchfork-thrust. II -co 
ne [-ca], M. : pitchfork ; fork of roadsf. 

forcostumanzat , F. : bad custom. 

for-cttto [-co], ADJ.: forked, -cuta- 
xnentef, ADV. : f orkedly. -c-dzzaf , F. : 
dim. of -ca; rascal. 

fo-ref =fuori. -rellima, dim. of -ro i . 
-resef, M. : peasant ; ADJ. : rustic, -re- 
sellof, dim. of -rese. -reuse [-ro2], 
ADJ. : forensic, -res^zzaf , F. : (pretty) 
peasant girl -resozzof, M. : (handsome) 
peasant lad. 



fore-sta [L. foras, outdoor], F. : forest. 
-stale, ADJ.: pertaining to forest, -sta- 
riaf, -steria, P.: guest-quarters in con 
vent; crowd of foreigners, -stieraio, 
M.: convent guestmaster. -stieramen- 
tef , ADV. : in foreign manner. -stiere t 
-stiero, M.: FOReigner; outsider; guest. 
f ore-stof, ADJ. : wild, savage ; uninhab 

forrriaref , IRR. ; INTR. : transgress ; TR. : 
deceive, -f attof, M. : misdeed, -fattu- 
rat, F. : knavery. 

for-fre. .f =/or&ic. . -fecc/iia, F.: fruit- 
worm (maggot) ; earwig. 

forfo-ra [L. furfur, bran], F. : dandruff ; 
scurf, -roso, ADJ. : scurvy. 

f ori = fuori. 

forie-re [L L. fodrarius (Goth. JMr, 
forage)], M.: quartermaster; forerunner. 

for-nta [L.], F.: form (shape); manner 
(style); formula; model; mould; cheese- 
mould; cheese: di cahetta, stocking- 
frame; di cappello, hat-block; di 
scarpe, shoe-last ; a (t) di, in shape 
of, like; per cAe, in manner that. 
-mabile, ADJ. : shapable. -maggiaia, 
M.: cheese-monger, -xaaggio, M.: cheese. 
-maggiolo, dim. of -rndggio. -maio, 
M. : last-maker, -male, ADJ.: formal. 
-malista, M. : formalist, -malita, F. : 
formality, -malizzare, INTR.: wonder 
?,t (be surprised " or scandalized at) ; 
definef. -malmemte, ADV.: formally. 
-mamentot, M. : formation, -mare, 
TR. : form (fashion, design, make) ; make 
up; mould (cast); REFL. : be formed; 
grow ; imagine (conceive). -matainLen.- 
te, ADV.: in due form; well made. ~um- 
tello, ADJ.: round (of handwriting). 
-mativo, ADJ.: formative, -mato, PART. 
of -mare; well-built (of persons); M.: 
size of book ; f ormf : ben , of regular 
form, -matore, M v -matri-ee, F. : 
shaper; caster in plaster, -mazione, 
p. : formation, -zuella, F. : hole to plant 
trees in; spavin; PL.: tinder-cake; tes 
sera; floor-tile; tesselated ornament. 
-mellato, ADJ. : tesselated. 

for-meataxet, INTR. : ferment, ff-men- 
to i tL.fer7nentum], M.: yeast. 

formen-tof 2 [frumento], M.: wheat. 
II -tome, M. : Indian corn. 

formetta, dim. of -ma. 

formi-ea [L.], P.: ant; St. Anthon/s 
fire (erysipelas), -caio, M.: ant-hill. 
-caret, INTR.: swarm, -cTietta, dim, 
of -ca. formi-cola, p. : ant. -eolaio, 
M. : ant-hill ; crowd : ztuzzicare il , stir 
up a hornefs nest, -colamemtot* M.: 
pricking (tingling), -colamtc, PART, of 
-colare. -colare, INTR. : swarm ; tingle 
(as benumbed flesh, like ants' biting) ; M. : 



cola questo piede, my foot's asleep, -co- 
letta, -colina, dim. of -cola, -colio, 
M. : FORMication, tingling ; swarming, -co- 
lone, M. : large winged ant : essere (or 
fare) il di sorbo, be firm; be un 
moved, -ed-e-eia, dim. of -ca. 
' formi-daMle [L.-dabilis] 9 AD3.: formid 
able. -d.aMlmen.te, ADV. : formidably. 
formi-dinef , P. : fear. 

formola = formula. 

for-mosita, p.: shapeliness (beauty). 
[I -mo so [L. -moms], ADJ.: shapely (beauti 

forinn-la [L.], P. : formula, -lare, TR. : 
formulate, -lario, M. : formulary. 

or-B.a<ee pL. -nax], P. : FURNACE ; kiln. 
-naeella, -na-eetta, dim. of -nace. 
-na-eiaio, M. : furnace-tender ; kiln-man : 

della calcina, lime-kiln, -na-eiata, 
p.: furnaceful. -na-eina, dim. of -nace. 
-naia, p. : baker's wife, -naina, dim. 
of -naia. -naino, dim. of -naio. -naio, 
M. : baker : assicurarsi il , find sure 
means of support, -nata, p.: batch. 
-nello, M.: cooking-stove; camp-stove; 
chemist's furnace ; sauce-pan. 

fornica-re [L. (-nix, arch ; later brothel, 
because under arches)], INTB. : fornicate ; 
TR, : falsify, -tore, M., -tri-ee, P. : f or- 
nicator. -zione, F. : fornication. 

for-nimento, M. : furnishing ; thing fur 
nished ; f urnituref ; harnessf ; adornment. 
-nimentnzzo, dim. of -nimento. ||-nire 
[?], TR. : FURNISH (providet) ; finish ; ex- 
ecutef. -nito, PART, of -nire ; ADJ. : 
adultf: ben , he's well fixed; M.f: 
furniture ; trimming, -nit ore, M., -ni- 
tri-ce, F.: furnisher; wholesaler, -ni- 
tnra, p.: furnishing; contract to fur 

for-no [L. furnus], M. : oven ; hake-shop. 
-nnolot, M. : lantern. 

fo-ro i [-rare], M. : hole (aperture). 

fo-ro 2 [L. -rum (-ras, outside)], M. : forum 
(tribunal), -rosetta [L. -ras], F. : peas 

for-ra [OFr. feurre], F. : ravine (gorge). 
-rone, aug. of -ra. 

forse [L. -saw], ADV. : perhaps : essere in 
, be in doubt ; di si, it may be so ; ivi 

a tre miglia t about three miles from 
here ; , possibly (not probably) ; 
senza , certainly ; che or ch$, per 
haps that ; it may be that. 

for-sennaret [fuor senno], INTR. : rave. 
-sennataggine, p.: madness; extrav 
agance, -sennatamente, ADV. : madly. 
-sennato, ADJ.: mad; SENseless; ex 
travagant, -senneriat, F.: madness; 

forsif = forse. 

for-te [L. -US'], ADJ.: strong (robust, 


firm) ; brave ; energetic (arduous) ; strong- 
flavoured ; ADV.: vigorously ; loudly ; sound 
ly ; M. : forte (specialty) ; fort ; strongest ; 
best portion or person; highest number: 
color e ,fast colour: nel della mischia, 
in the thick of the fight : non ti paia , 
may it not seem hard to you ; tempo , 
bad, stormy weather ; fuggir (or dndar) 
, run away fast, -temente, ADV.; 
strongly; stoutly; bravely; vigorously; 
loudly, -teruzzof, -tetto, dim. of -te. 
-tezza, F.: fortitude; force; constancy; 
fortress : andare in , sour (of liquids). 
-ti-e-cio, ADJ.: rather strong-flavoured. 
-tificaMle, ADJ.: fortifiable. -tiSca- 
mentot, M. : fortification, -tificaxe, 
TR.: fortify; strengthen, -tificante, 
-tific&tivo, ADJ.: fortifying, -tifica- 
tore, M.: fortifier, -tificazione, P.: 
fortification, -tigrxio, ADJ.: sourish, -ti- 
lizio, -tino, M. : small fort (redoubt). 
-titndiaet, F. : fortitude, -toref, M. : 
strength (of odour or taste); sourness; 
-tori, PL. : sourness of stomach. 

for-tuitamente, ADV.: fortuitously. 
ll-t-dito [L- -tuitus (fors, chance)], ADJ.. 
fortuitous (casual). 

fort-dine [-te], M. : strong, savoury stuff. 

fortu-na pL.], p. : fortune ; chance (ac 
cident, luck) ; prosperity ; tempest : darsi 
alia , give one's self to despair ; tener 
la per il ciuffo, be prosperous, -na-e- 
eia, F.: ill luck, -naggio, M.: storm. 
-nalef, ADJ.: accidental*; tempestuous. 
-naref, INTR. : suffer storm at sea ; TR. : 
bless, make fortunate, -natamente, 
ADV. : fortunately (luckily), -nato, ADJ. : 
fortunate, -neggiare, INTR.: hazard, 
-nevole, ADJ. : "fortuitous. -n6na, aug. 
of -na. -nosamente, ADV. : happily ; 
by chance, -noso, ADJ. : hazardous ; un 

f or-turaf, P. : force (strength) ; valour. 
-tuzzo, ADJ. : sourish. 

foruncolo [L. furunculus (fur t thief)], 
M. : boil (felon). 

forviare [fori t via], INTR. : wander from 
the road ; stray. 

fdrvieif = forbid. 

f orvo^ltaf, ADV. : against one*s will. 

fdr-za [-te], P.: FORCE (strength); PL.: 
forces; troops; gymnastics, equestrian 
sports : a , or a viva , by violence ; 

far , force, constrain ; per , against 
one's will; per di, by strength of, 
with the aid of. -zamentof, M. : con 
straint, -zare, TR. : force (compel) ; 
REFL. : strive, -zatamente, ADV. : con 
strainedly, -zato, PART, of -zare; ADJ.: 
constrained ; excessive ; M. : galley-slave ; 
convict : lavori -zati, galley labour, -za- 
tore, M., -zatri-ee, F. : gymnast, -ze- 


rinaio, M. : coffer-maker, -zevolef, 
ADJ. : FORCIBLE, -zevolmentef, ADV. : 
forcibly, -ziere, M. : coffer (strong 
box), -zieretto, -zierettino, dim. of 
-ziere. f or-zof, M. : force ; effort, -zo- 
ref, M. : strength (of flavour) ; sourness. 
-zosamente, ADV.: vigorously; im 
posed by the law. -zoso, -znto, ADJ. : 
sturdy (vigorous) ; valiant. 
fo-scamente, ADV. : obscurely, gloomily, 
llfo-sco [L. fuscus], ADJ. : dark (obscure, 
gloomy, Eng.f obFDSCATE): guardatura 
-sea, sad look. 

fo-sfatico, ADJ.: phosphatic. -sfato, 
M. : phosphate, -sforescente, ADJ. : 
phosphorescent, -sforescenza, F. : phos 
phorescence, -sforico, ADJ. : phosphor 
ic, ilfo-sforo [Gr. phosphoros (phos, 
light)], M. : phosphorus. 
fos-sa [L.], F.: ditch (trench); grave; 
granary cut in tufa-rock, -sa-e-eia, disp. 
of -sa. -sarello, dim. of -sato. -sa- 
ta-e-eiof, disp. of -sato. -satello, dim. 
of -satct. -sato, M. : small torrent ; drain. 
-serella, -serello, dim. of -sa. -set- 
ta, car. dim. of -sa. -settino, dim. of 
-setto. -setto, dim. of -so. -si-eella,, car. dim. of -sa. fos-sile, 
ADJ., M. : fossil, -silizzare, TR., REFL. : 
fossilize, -silizzazione, F. : fossiliza- 
tion. fos-so, M. ; large open ditch, -so- 
na, aug. of -sa. -sone, aug. of -sa. 
foto-graiaTe, TR.: photograph; REFL.: 
have one's self photographed. H-grafia 
[Gr. phos, light, grdphein, write], F. : pho 
tography; photograph, -grafico, ADJ.: 
photographic, f oto-grafo, M. : photog 
fotti=veatot M.: kestrel, wind-hover 


fra i [frate], M. : FRIAR (BROTHer). 
fra 2, fra- [in/ra], PREP. : between, among, 
in: noi aUri, among ourselves; 
tre giorniy in three days; poco, in a 
short time ; quanta? in what time? 
tanto, in the meanwhile; ma, in the 

fracas-samento, M. : crash (smash, noisy 
breaking). H-sare [fra, L. quassare], 
TR. : crash (break violently) ; REFL. : ruin 
one's self, -sato, PART., ADJ. : smashed ; 
very poor: dalle fatiche, broken with 
fatigue, -satwraf, P.: crash ; smashing. 
-sio, M.; uproar, clatter, fracas-so, 
M.: uproar ; great quantity : far , make 
great noise in the world. 
fraccurradot, M. : legless puppet : fare 

i di, make faces, grimaces. 
fea-idaref , INTR. : putrefy, -eidezza, 
p.: rottenness, -cidi-e-eio, ADJ.: soak 
ing; rotting; M. : soaking; rottenness 
l|fri~eido \L.-cidus (root /rac-, BREAK), 



soft], ADJ.: soaked; soft (Eng.f fracid), 
decayed : tu m 1 hai , you have wearied 
me. -cidumef , M. : putrid mass ; wear 
iness ; wearisome person, -di-eezzaf, F.: 
rottenness, fra-di-eio [by metath. fr. 
-cido], ADJ. : soaked ; decayed ; corrupt ; 
M. : soaking (wet condition, wetness); 
corruption: innamorato , deeply in 
love ; malato (vulg.}, very ill. -di-eiii- 
me, M. : soakage ; mass of rottenness. 

fragaf, F. : strawberry. 

fragel. .f =fiagel. . 

fra-gile [L. -gili s], ADJ. : fragile ; deli* 
cate* (of persons), -gilezzaf, F.: fra 
gility; weakness, -gilita, F.: fragility, 
frailty (weakness); ch'angeableness. -gil- 
m elite, ADV.: fragilely. -gm.en.tof> 
M. : fragment. IJ-firxieret z=frangere. 

fragola [L. -#a], F. : strawberry. 

fragoref i, M. : FRAgrance. 

fra-gore2 [L. ~gor (root frag-, break)] r 
M. : crashing noise, -gorio, M. : clatter. 
-goroso, ADJ.: noisy, -goso, ADJ.: noisy 
(tumultuous) ; sonorous. 

fra-grante [L. -gran$\, ADJ. : fragrant. 
-granza, F. : fragrance. 

ra(i)-le \L. fragili$\, ADJ.: fragile; M.: 
(poet) human, body, -lezza, F. : frailty. 

ra=mescolare, TR. : interMix (mingle). 

fra=m.ezzare, TR. : interpose. 

frammen-to [L. fragment umj t M. : frag 
ment, -ttt-e-eio, dim. of -to. 

irammeseolare = frameseolare. 

fram-messo, PART, of -mettere; ADJ. : in 
serted; M.: insertion, -mettente, ADJ.: 
meddling (troublesome). SJ-metter lfra t 
mettere], IRR.; TR.: interpose, insert; 
REFL. : mediate : la lingua, lisp, -met- 
timentot, M. : interposition. 

franuniscMare [/ra, mi&chiare\ t TR. : 

fra-na [? L. fragmina, fragments], F. : 
landslide, -nare, INTR. : slide (of earth 
or rocks). 

fran-cagionef, F. : exemption. -ca- 
xnente,* ADV. : frankly (freely), -ca- 
mento, M. : franking, freeing, -care, 
TR.: frank; free, -catura, P.: frank 
ing; postage, -eescamentef, ADV.: 
in French fashion, -eescamo, ADJ., M. : 
Franciscan. -cTteggiare, TR.: assure; 
encourage. -c7?ezza, F.: frankness; 
boldness; freedom; exemptiont- -clti- 
gia, pi. -ge or ~gie, F. : franchise (exemp 
tion; privilege); sanctuaryf (for crimi 
nals). Hfran-'CO [QEG.franeko, Frank r 
also free man], M. : Frank ; franc ; sanc- 
tuaryf; ADJ.: frank; bold; privileged; 
duty-free; speedy, expert: di porto f 
postage paid. -co=T631o, pi. i or (rare) 
-chibotti, M.: postage-stamp. -coHno, 
M. : heatheock. 



Iran-gent e, PART, of -gere; M. : unfore 
seen 'accident, difficult case; breakerf. 
Hfran - gere [L.], IRR. ; TR. : break, 
smash ; crush (olives, etc.) ; INTR. : break 
(as a wave). 

Pretfrdn-si, -se; -sero. ~P3.rt.frdttto. 

fran-getta, dim. of -gia. ||fran-ga 
[Fr. -ge (Lujm&rm)L p.: FRINGE; unt'rue 
additions to a story, -gaia, F., -giaio, 
M.: fringe-maker or seller, -giaref, TR.: 

fran-gibile [-gere], ADJ. : frangible (brit 
tle), -gibilita, F.: frangibility (brittle- 
ness). "-gimentot,M.: breaking; weak 
ness; fragment. 

frangione, aug. offrangia, 

franmassonef, M. : Freemason. 

franaonnolot, M. : dotard. 

franoso [-nare], ADJ.: liable to slip or 
slide (of earth). 

fransi, PRET. of j ranger e. 

fran-tendere [fra, intendere], IRR. ; TR.: 
misunderstand, -teso, PART, of -tender e ; 
ADJ.: misunderstood. 

f raii-to, PART, of -gere; ADJ.: crushed, 
etc. -toio, M. : olive-crusher; place 
where olives are crushed, -toiano, M. : 
olive-crusher tender. -ttimare, TR. : 
crush to pieces, -tumef, M., -tumi, 
M. PL. : mass of fragments. 

franz. .f = franc. . 

fraoref , M. : fragrance. 

f rap-pa, F. : foliage-painting; fringe f: 
scalloping (of dresses) f. -pare [?], TR.f : 
cut fine (mince, slash); fringe; cheat; 
INTR.: paint or draw foliage; chatterf. 
-patoref, M. : chatterer ; cheat, -peg- 
gzare, INTR. : paint or draw foliage. 

frap - ponimento, M. : interposition. 
!l-porre [fra, porre], IRR.; TR. : insert, 
interpose; REFL.: mediate, -posto, PART. 
of -porre. -posizione, F. : interposi 
tion; mediation. 

frasario [-se], M. : collection of phrases ; 
pet phrases. 

fra-sca [? ak. to L. root frag-, BREAK, 
split], F. : bough, bush ; tavern-sign bush ; 
inconstant person ; PL.: idle stories ; gew 
gaws ; vanities : saltare di polo in , di 
gress from the matter, talk ramblingly ; 
metier la , open an inn. -scame, M. : 
quantity of branches, -scato, M. : shady 
recess made with boughs (bower); thick 
copse. -sc7teggiare,iNTR.: rustle; jestf, 
play fool. -sc7ieggo,M.: rustling, -sc/ie- 
relia, dim. of -sea. -sc/i-eria, P.: trifles 
(gewgaws), -scftetta, p.: dim. of -sea; 
twigs arranged for fowlers' nets; (typ.) 
FRISKET. -sc7tieref , M. : frivolous man. 
-scolma, dim. of -sea. -sconaia, F. : 
place for fowlers' nets ; ground too bushy; 
tree too much branched; anything too 


much ornamented, -scone, M.: aug. of 
-sea; seminar e i -sconi, (of chickens) 
stretch wings through weakness ; (of per 
sons) feel weak or used up. -scume, M.: 
quantity of boughs. 

fra-se [Gr. phrdsis], F. : phrase, -seg- 
giaxnento, M. : phraseology. -seg- 
g/are, INTR. : phrase ; use many phrases. 
-seggiatore, M. : phraser, -seologia, 
P.: phraseology, -setta, -settina,"-s- 
na, dim. of -se. 

fr as -sin ell a, p. : false dittany; hone. 
-siueo, ADJ. : ashen, -sineto, M. : ash- 
grove. I|fras-sino [L. fraxinus], M. : 

frasta-f/liamet, -rliamento, M. : cut 
ting (slashing) ; cut (slash, notch). |i-grlia- 
re [fra, tagliare], TR. : cut (cut up, 
slash); notch; stammer f; talk confused- 
tyt- -firliataf, F. : cutting; confusion. 
-^Hatamente, ADV. : fragment arily ; 
confusedly. -gli&tura.'f, P.: notch; 
eyelet, frasta-firpe, F. PL.: entrails. 
frasta-grlio, M. : open work (fret-work). 
-firUikme, disp. of -glio. 

fras^temeref, IRR. ; TR. : keep waiting. 

frastono [fra f tono], M. : din (noise). 

fra=s torn are, TR. : frustrate (impede); 
disturb, -stornio, M. : disturbance. 

fra-stuolot, -stnono = -stono. 

frasd-e-eia, disp. dim. of -se. 

fra-tacc/tione, M.: big fat monk; (JesL) 
disp. aug. of -te. -taccMotto, M.: 
stocky, heavy-set monk, -ta-c-eio, disp. 
of -te. -taglia, F. : crowd of monks 
(disp.). -taio, ADJ.: fond of monks: 
zucca -taia, winter pumpkin, -tata, 
p. : monkish misdeed. |[fra-te [L. -ter, 
BROTHER], M.: FRIAR; hood-like tile for 
ventilating ; silk worm failing to make co 
coon; kind of fish; brother f; PL.: dough 
nut, -tellame, disp. of -telli. -tel- 
lanza, p.: brotherhood (fraternity). 
-tellastro, M.: jbalf -brother, -telle- 
sco, ADJ. : (disp.) brotherly, tellevo- 
le, ADJ. : brotherly, -tellevolmente, 
ADV.: fraternally, -tellino, car. dim. 
of -tello. -tello, M. : brother : car- 
nale (or germano), full brother; di 
padre, half brother by father's side; 
di madre (or uterino), half brother by 
mother's side ; -telli cugini f first cousins ; 
di latte, foster-brother, -tellu-e-eio, 
dim., of -tello. -telmof, M. : my brother. 
-teltof, M.: thy brother, -teria, F. : 
brotherhood; friary (community of monks). 
-ternalef, ADJ.: fraternal, -ternal- 
mentef, -ternamente, ADV.: frater 
nally, -t ernita I , F. : fraternity (brother- 
liness). -ternitafs, p.: (rel.) fraternity. 
-ternizzare,!NTR.: fraternize, -terno, 
ADJ.: brotherly, -tescamente, ADV.: 


monkishly. -tesco, ADJ. : monkish, -ti- 
eello, dim. of~te. -ti-eidaf, M.: fratri 
cide (person), -ti-cidio, M.: fratricide 
(crime), -ti-cino, dim. of -te. -tilet, 
ADJ.: monkish, -tino, ADJ.: (disp.) 
monkish ; M. : dim. of -te. -tismo, M. : 
monkery, -tone, aug. of -te. -trieida, 
M., F. : fratricide (person), -tri-exdio, 
M. : fratricide (crime), fra-tria, F. : 
Greek phratria. 

fratta [Gr. phrakte, hedge], F. : thorny 
hedge ; briar patch : esser per le te t be 

fratta-glia [L.fractus, broken], F. (us'ly 
pi.): entrail; medley (rubbish). -01iaio, 
M. : entrail-seller. 

frattanto [fr&, tanto], ADV. : meanwhile. 

frattempo [fra, tempo], M. : interval. 

frat-to, part, of f ranger e: canto , par 
taking both of Gregorian chant and mu 
sic, -tura, F. : fracture; (geol.) fault. 
-turare, TR., REFL.: fracture. 

fratite-eio, dim. of -te. 

frau-dantef, M. : defrauder. -dare, 
TE.: defraud, -datoref, M., -datrieef, 
F. : defrauder. Hfrau-de [L.fraus] f F.: 
fraud, -devolef, ADJ. : fraudulent, -do- 
lentef = -dolento. -dolentemente, 
ADV.: fraudulently, -dolento, ADJ.: 
fraudulent, -dolenza, P.: fraudulency 

fravo-la [fragola], F.: strawberry, -laia, 
p., -laio, M. : strawberry-patch. 

frazione [L.frangere, BREAK], P.: FRAC 
TION (morsel). 

fre-e-eia [Ger. flitsch], P. : arrow ; com 
pass-needle; (geom.) versed sine of an 
arc : dare la f, cheat, cozen, -eiare, 
INTR. : shoot an arrow ; dart ; TR. : cozen, 
cheat. -eCata, P.: arrow-shot (arrow- 
wound); sharp word,, dim. of 
-data, -eiatoref, M.: archer. ~eio- 
sof , ADJ. : quick (prompt). 

fred-damente, ADV.: coldly (indifferent 
ly), -dare, TR. : make cold ; kill ; REFL.: 
grow cold: non la lamate , make 
haste, "strike while the iron's hot." 
-dato, part, of -dare, -dezza, p.: 
coldness (indifference); slowness, -die- 
eio, ADJ. : coolish. -dino, dim. of -do. 
i[fred-do [L. frigidus], ADJ.: FRIGID 
(sold); phlegmatic (indifferent); M.: cold; 
indifference ; PL. : cold viands, -doloso, 
ADJ. : chilly ; sensitive to cold ; M. : chilly 
person. -doref, M. : coldness, cold. 
-dosot* ADJ. : chilly, -ddtto, ADJ.: cool 
ish ; M. : coolness, -dura, F. : coldness ; 
cold weather ; silly repartee : dire -dure, 
talk nonsense, -duraio, -durista, M.: 
silly talker. 

fre-ga, p.: desire; spawningf; rubbing: 
essere in , be in heat, be amourous. 

f re qttentat ore 


-ga-e-eio, disp. of -go. -ga-e-eiola- 

re, TR. : rub gently, -ga-c-eiolo, disp 
dim. of -go. -gagione, M. : FRICtion ; 
rubbing, massage, -gamento, M. : rub 
bing. |!-gare [L. fricare], TR.: rub; 
cancel (by lines) : uno, swindle one ; 
-garsi intorno a uno, curry favour with 
one. -gatai, P.: rubbing, polishing; 

fregatas [?], F.: frigate. 

frega-tiaa [-re], F. : slight rubbing, -td- 
ra, F. : rubbing, friction. 

fregetto, dim. of ~gio. 

freg/ietto, dim. of -go. 

fre-giamento, M. : ornament, -giare. 
TR. :* ornament (decorate), -giatmra, F. : 
decorating ; border. Ijfre -*go [L L./ri- 
gium (Phrygice, Phrygians)],* M. : carved, 
embroidered or painted ornament ; border ; 
decoration (medal). 

fre-go [-gare], M. : line (stroke) ; erasure : 
dare (or fare) un , cancel ; erase ; fare 
un ad uno\ , to injure one. fre-gola, 
F. : spawning ; longing, desire, fre- 
golof, M. : shoal of spawning fish. 

fre-mente, ADJ. : raging, fuming, chaf 
ing, lifre-mere [L.], INTR. : roar, howl ; 
chafe, fret ; tremble with rage or pas- 
sionf . -rnitaref , INTR. : freq. of -mere. 
fre-mito, M. : roaring, raging; trem 
bling; neighing. 

fre-nabile, ADJ. : restrainable. -naiof , 
M. : bit-maker ; (rail.) brakesman. |[-na- 
re [LJ, TR.: curl:) (restrain ; brake), -na- 
tore, M., -natri-ee, P.: restrainer, 
brakesman, -nellaf i, P.: bit (curb). 

renella2 =flanella. 

fre-nello [-nare], M. : ligament (esp. of 
tongue) ; muzzlef ; necklacef ; braceletf . 

fre-nesia [Gr. phrenesis (phren, mind)], 
P.: FRENZY (delirium), -neticamejite, 
ADV.: frantically. -neHcamento, M.: 
frenzy, -neticante, PART., ADJ. : fran 
tic (raving), -neticare, INTR. : rave (be 
delirious). -netic7iezza,P. : frenzy, -jae- 
tico, ADJ.: phrenetic; frantic (mad); M.: 
madman, fre-nico, ADJ. : phrenic, -ni- 
te, F. : inflammation of diaphragm, -ni- 
tide, P. : phrenitis. 

freno [L. -num], M. : bit ; restraint ; brake : 
a sciolto, with loose rein ; attargare (or 
rallentare) il , allow more liberty; 
tenere a (or in) , restrain, hold to one's 

freno -logia [Gr. phr&n, mind; ttgos, 
discourse],*p. : phrenology, -logico, ADJ. : 
phrenological, freao-logo, *M. : phren 

frennlo [-wo], M. : ligament. 

frequen-tare, TR. : frequent, -tativo, 
ADJ.: (gram.) frequentative. -tato 9 
PART.: frequented, crowded. -tatore s 



M.,-tatriee, F. : frequenter, -tazione, 
p. : frequenting, haunting ; (rhet.) resume. 
(Sfreqiien-te [L. frequens], ADJ. : fre 
quent (ordinary), -temente, ADV.: fre 
quently, frequen-za, P. : frequency 

fres-camente, ADV.: freshly (recently). 
-cante, M. : fresco-painter. -e7tetto, 
dim. of -co. ~c7^ezza, P. : freshness (cool 
ness). ~c ft/mo , dim. of -co. j|fres-co 
[OHG. /rise], ADJ.: FRESH (cool; re 
cent, new-made) ; ruddy ; M. : coolness : 
di , recently, just now ; dipingere a , 
paint in fresco ; forze (or milizie) fresche, 
raw troops ; prendere il , enjoy cool 
ness, take the air ; per il , very early, 
after dawn, -co-e-eio, ADJ. : ruddy, -co- 
lino, dim. of -co -cura, P. : coolness, 
sharpness (of air) : prender una , get 
chilled, catch cold. 
fretof, M. : the sea. 

fret-ta, p.: haste, hurry, li-tare [L. 
fricare], TR. : scrape (ship's bottom). 
-tazza, p. : (nav.) hog, scouring brush. 
-teriaf , P.: haste, -tevole, ADJ.: hasty ; 
nimble, -tolosamente, ADV.: quickly, 
hastily, -toloso, -tosof, ADJ.: quick, 
hasty, nimble. 

friabi-le [L. -Us], ADJ. : friable, -lita, 
P.: friability. 

fricassea [Pr. -cassee], P. : fricasee. 
frieref, M. : friar ; Christian knight. 
frig-gere \L.frigere\, mR.; TR. : FRY; 
INTR. : sputter ; whine (pule) : buone pa 
role e -gi, fair words but no fulfillment ; 
mandare a farsi , send or bring to 
ruin ; be ruined (lost) ; non avere di quel 
che si -gej not to have brains or good sense. 
-gi=lraco), M. : child's whining, -gio, M.: 
sound of frying, hissing, -git ore, M. : 
frier ; vender of fried viands.* 

PT&t.JrU-sz J -se ; -sera. Part.,/H#<?. 

frigi-dario, M. : cold-bath room, -dez- 
za*, -dita, P. : frigidity ; ague ; indiffer 
ence; impotence. Hfrigi-do [L. -dus], 
ADJ.: frigid (cold, chillyj; infertile; im 

frigionet, M. : Friesland horse. 

fri^rnare [Ger. flennen, grimace], INTE. : 
whine, pule. 

fringuello [L. frigilla], M. : chaffinch. 

frinzello [?J, M.: botched mending; scar. 

fri-sare [Fr. -ser],TR.: hit foul (billiards, 
tennis, etc.). -sato, M. : striped cloth. 
-so, M. : foul stroke. 

friscellof , M. : mill-dust. 

frissi, FRET, of friggere. 

frt-ta, F. : frit, -tata, F. : omelet : 
cogli zoceoli, stuff ed omelet ; fare una , 
make a mess of it ; rivoltare la , correct 
one's self, contradict one's self, -tati- 
ma, -tatiar , car. dim. of -tata. -ta- I 


tone, aug. of -tata. -tella, p. : fritter; 
grease-spot (on clothing) ; fopf . -tel- 
letta, -teliina, car. dim. of -tella, 
-tellona, -tellone, aug. of -tella. 
Hfrit-tp, PART, of friggere ; ADJ. : un 
done, ruined; M. : fried eatables, -tumef, 
M., -tura, p. : frying ; fry, mess ; fried 

frivo-lef, ADJ.: frivolous, -lezza, p.: 
frivolity. ||frivolo \L. -lus], ADJ. : friv 

friz-zamentot, M. : smarting; sharp wit 
ticism, -zante, PART, of -zare; ADJ.: 
pungent (sharp). ||-zare [?], INTR.: smart 
(sting ; be pungent) ; be witty, -zo, M. : 
sharp, witty saying ; smarting (pricking). 

fro-daf, P., -damento, M.: fraud (cheat 
ing). -dare,TR.: defraud. -datore,M., 
-datri-ee, P.: defrauder. [|fro-de [L. 
fraus], P. : FRAUD (deception), -'do, M. : 
smuggling; smuggled goods, -dolen- 
tef, ADJ.: fraudulent, -dolentemen- 
te, ADV.: fraudulently, -doleuto, ADJ.: 
fraudulent, -dolenza, P.: fraud (fraud- 

frol- lament 6, M. : making tender (of 
meat), il-lare [L. *friculare (fricare, 
rub)], TR. : make tender or "high" (of 
meat); INTR.: become tender, -latura, 
p. : tendering (of meat), frol-lo, ADJ. : 
tender, " high," enervated. 

f rom-baf , F. : sling, -batore , M. : slinger. 
-Tiof, M. : whizzing, crash. Hfrom-'bola 
[?], F.: sling; slingstone. -"bolare, TR. : 
sling. -bolatoref, -boliere, M.: 

fron-da {L.frons] f P.: leafy branch, bough, 
twig ; cf . Eng. FROND ; leaf. -deggan- 
te, PART, of-deggiare; ADJ.: leafy/ -deg- 
giare, INTR. : bring forth leaves, -di- 
-eella, dim. of -da. -diferof, ADJ. : 
frondiferous. -diref, INTR.: leaf out, 
-ditof, PART, of -dire; ADJ.: leafy, -do- 
sita, P.: leafiness. -doso, ADJ.: leafy. 
-dmaf,P.: foliage, -dutof, ADJ.: leafy. 

from -tale, ADJ.: frontal; M. : frontal 
bone ; frontlet. Ilfron-te [L./rous], p. : 
front ; forehead ; face : a , or alia , 
opposite ; alia dell' esercito, at the head 
of the army ; da , facing, opposite ; far 
, resist ; andare a , scoperta, not to 
be afraid (or ashamed) of anything ; stare 
a , cope with, resist; voltar , turn 
face, -teggiare, TR. : front, face, -te- 
spizio, M*. :* frontispiece ; fronton (pedi 
ment). -ticMmatot, ADJ.: downcast; 
abashed, -ti-eina, car. dim. of -te. -tie- 
ra, F. : frontier, boundary, -tispiziof 
= -tespizio. -tista, M. : proprietor of 
water or street frontage, -tone, M.: 
frontal; chimney-back, -tosof, U)J : 
bold (cheeky). 


fronziret = -dire. 

fron-zolo [L. -deolus, little leaf], M. : rib 
bons ; tassels ; ornaments, -znto, ADJ. : 

frosone [Fr./rzjis07i], M. : bullfinch. 

frot-ta [flutto], P., -tof, M.: crowd, 
throng, frot-tola, p. : idle jest ; non 
sense; ballad, -tolaref, INTR.: jest, 
banter; write ballads, -tolona, -tolo- 
ne, ADJ.: bantering (jesting); F., M.: 

fro. frn [echoic], M. : frou-frou (rasping, 

frn -care [L. * fur care (/urea, PORK)], 
INTR. : grope ; search ; sound with a stick ; 
TR. : search (seek diligently) ; excitef, in- 
citef. -eata, F. : groping; searching; 
blowf. --eiandolo, M. : oven -mop. 
-cdnet, M.: pole; sounding-stick; pike- 
pole; club; fist-blow. 

frn - gaccMamento [frucare], M. : 
searching; sounding, -gacc/tiare, TR.: 
sound with stick, search ; INTR. : grope. 

frnga-le [L. -lis], ADJ. : frugal, -lita, 
p.: frugality. -Imente, ADV.: fru 

frn-gamento, M.: groping. |[-gare 
[-care], INTR. : grope (fumble); TR.: sound 
(feel with stick); search; excitef, goadf. 
-gata, P.: groping; goadingf, pokingf. 
-gat6iof,M. : fish-driving pole, -gator e, 
M., -gatri-ee, p. : groper, searcher. 

frn-gifero DL. frux, fruit], ADJ. :_ grain- 
bearing, -givoro, ADJ. : vegetarian. 

frn-rnolare, INTR.: go fowling with 
lantern; explore with a lantern, -gno- 
latore, M.: lantern-fowler. H-grndlo 
[fornuolo], M. : fowling lantern : andare 
a , be night-prowling; entrare nel , 
fly into rage, . = -gno. . 

fmgo-lare [frugare], INTR. : search with 
the snout, -letto, -lino, car. dim. of 
-lo. frago-la, p., -lo, M. : restless, mis 
chievous child. 

frn- if, M. : enjoyment. ||-ire [L. friwr], 
TR. : enjoy, -itivo, ADJ. : (theol.) enjoy 
able, -izione, P. : fruition ; enjoyment. 

frnl-la, P.: trifle, -lana, p.: scythe, 
jj-lare [?], INTR.: whiz (whir); REFL.: 
hasten ; TR. : beat up (as eggs, chocolate): 
far , make go, run, keep to one's duty ; 
far uno, make one hasten. -lino, M. : 
egg-beater; whirligig; triflef- frnl-lo, 
M. : whirring; hand-millf; toyf. -lon- 
eino, dim. of -lone, -lone, M. : bolting- 
chest ; hand-millf; four-wheeled calashf . 
frnmen-tario, ADJ. : relating to grain : 
legge-taria, corn-law, -tieref, M.: vict 
ualler, ilfrumen-to [L. -turn], M. : grain. 
-tone, M. : maize, -tosof, ADJ.: grain- 
frnnuniaref, INTR. : fuss. 



fm-sciaref, INTR. : pry around ; TR. : an 
noy (importune), -scio, M.: rustle, 
ijfrn-scof [?], M. : dead twig (on tree). 

frnsone [Fr./rtTisoTi], M. : bullfinch. 

frnssii =Jlussi. 

frns-sif 2, M. : primero (card-game); flush: 
stare a , hold a flush, -sof, M. : = -si; 

firnsta [L. fustis], p.: whip (scourge); 

frnstagno [Postal, city in Egypt], M. : 


rn- stare [-sta~\, TR. : whip (scourge; 
lash) ; wear out : farsi , make one's self 
laughed at. -stata, F. : scourging (cas- 
tigation); censure, -statina, dim. of 
-stata. -statore, M.: scourger (flogger). 
-statnra, P.: whipping, scourging, -sti- 
no, M. : switch (riding-whip) ; fop ; snap- 
pert- frn-sto, ADJ.: worn out; ragged; 
M. : bit (morsel) : a a , bit by bit. 
-stone, M. : large, green switch. 

frn-strat [L.], ADV.: in vain, -stra- 
neo, ADJ.: vain (fruitless), -strare, 
TR. : frustrate, baffle, -stratorio, ADJ. : 

frn-tiee [L. -tex], M. : shrub. -tiello, 
-ti-eetto, dim. of -tice. 

frnt-ta, pi. -ta or -te, F. : FRUIT, -taio- 
lo, -tainolof , M.: fruit-seller, -tame, 
M. : fruit, -tare, INTR. : bear fruit ; be 
proliferous ; produce profit, -tato, PART.: 
fructified ; planted with fruit ; M. : prod 
uce, -terella, car. dim. of -ta. -teto, 
M.: fruit-patch, orchard. -teVolet, ADJ.: 
fruitful (fertile), -tieello, car. dim. of 
-to. -tiddro, M.: Fruetidor (12th Fr. 
Rev. month), -tiera, P.: fruit-dish (des 
sert-dish), -tifero, -Hferosot, ADJ.: 
fruitful (fertile), -tificare, INTR.: fruc 
tify, bear fruit; produce; yield profit. 
-tincato, PART, of -tificare. -tifica- 
zione, p.: fructification, production; 
profit, advantage, -tifico, ADJ.: fruitful 
IJfrnt-to [L. fructus], M.: fruit (prod 
uce); fruit-tree; profit; rent: -ti fuor 
di stagione, (Jig.) inopportune happenings ; 
del denaro, interest ; -ti di mare, small 
shellfish, -tnaret = -tare, -tnosa- 
mente, ADV.: fruitfully (profitably, lu 
cratively) . - tnosita f , - tuositade f , 
-tnositatet, P.: fertility (abundance). 
-tnoso, ADJ. : fruitful (profitable). 

fa i fa [echoic], M. : confusion (disorder). 

fat 2, F. : valerian (herb). 

fa 3 [Pret. of mere], ADJ.: deceased Gate). 

facatot, ADJ. : feigned (affected). 

fni-lare, TR.: fusillade, -tata, P.: 
fusillade, -lazione, P. : fusillading (miL 
sentence). l|fni-le [forile (foco, fire)], 
M. : fire-steel; fire-lock gun; musket (rifle)* 
-liere, M. : fusileer. fai-na, F-* 



forge: infernale, hell, -nataf, F. : 
great quantity, -netta, dim. of -no,. 

fuco i [L. -cus], M. : drone-bee. 

faco2 [L. -ews], M. : fueus, rock-lichen; 
red dye. 

fu-ga [L.], P. ; flight (escape) ; fugue : 
di stanze, suite of rooms, -ga-ee, ADJ. : 
fugitive, transient, -ga-eemente, ADV. : 
fugitively, transiently, -ga-eita, F. : fu- 
gacity. -gare, TR. : put to flight (rout). 
-gat ore, M., -gatri-ee, F. : putter to 
flight, pursuer, -ggaf =fuga. 

fug-gent e, PART, of -gire; ADJ.: swift 
(fleeting) ; M. : runaway, fag-gere f= 
-gire. -gevole, ADJ.: fugitive (flying; 
transient/, -giascamente, ADV.: fugi 
tively. -giasco, ADJ.: fugitive ; M.: fugi 
tive: alla-giasca, as a fugitive, -gibile, 
ADJ.: avoidable. -gi=fatica, M., "INVAR.: 
work-shunner (idler), -gildzio, M. : pas 
time (recreation), -gimento, M. : flight. 
II- gire [L. fugere]', IRR. ; INTR.: flee, 
move swiftly; take refuge; TR. : shun 
(eschew) ; run away withf, elope ; con 
ceal t; smuggle f. -gitaf, F.: flight. 
-giti-e-eiof, ADJ.: fugitive, -gitiva- 
mente, ADV.: fugitively; transiently. 
-gitivo, -gitof, ADJ.: fugitive; tran 
sient; M. : 'deserter (runaway), -gito- 
re, M., -gitri-ee, F. : fleer (fugitive, de 

Pres. f&ggo, fuggi, etc. (Subj.) fugga. 
Vvtfuggi. Poet. : Pres. Subj./z^jVz. 

foiot, M.: thief; villain; ADJ.: thievish; 
hidden (dark, obscure). 

ful-eiref, TR. : prop (sustain). 

fal-gente,ADJ.: shining (brilliant). Ijfdl- 
geref [L.], INTR.: be refulgent (glitter, 
shine, blaze), -gidezza, giditaf, F. : 
fulgency (splendour), ful-'gido, ADJ.: 
fulgent (brilliant, resplendent), -go- 
ratof, ADJ.: refulgent, -gore, M. : 

fnligg. . =~jiligg. . 

fnlmi-cotone [Fr. -colon], M. : guncot- 
ton. -namento, M.: fulmination. -nan- 
tef, PART, of -nare; M. : sulphur match ; 
percussion -cap (capsule), -nare, TR. : 
strike with lightning ; fulminate ; anathe 
matize, -nariof, ADJ.: thundering, -na- 
to, PART, of -nare; dumfounded. -nazio- 
ne, F. : fulmination; anathematization. 
!|fulmi-ne [L. fulmeri], M.: lightning, 
thunderbolt, fulmi-neo, ADJ.: thunder 
ing; fulmineous. 

fdl-vidof ADJ.: brilliant (shining). [|-vo 
[L. -vus (-gere, shine)], ADJ.: fulvid (fawn- 
coloured, tawny). 

fu-niacc7tio, M. : smoky charcoal; vol 
canic smoke-jets or pools; fumigation. 
-maiolo, M. : chimney-pot ; smoky char- 
coalt- -malef, ADJ. : smoky, -man- I 


te, PART, of -mare; M. : firef. -mare, 
INTR. : smoke, fume ; steam ; be enraged ; 
TR. : smoke (tobacco), -maria, F. : (bat.) 
fumitory, -mata, F. : smoke-signal ; 
smudge against frost; tobacco-smoking, 
-matina, car. dim. of -mata. -mate- 
re, M. : smoker, -meaf , F. : fumes from 
the stomach, -micare, INTR. :freq. of 
-mare; TR. : fume, smoke, -micazionef, 
F. : fumigation. -micoo, fd-mido, 
ADJ. : smoky ; steaming; fuming (of wine). 
-migazione, F. : fumigation, fa-nun. . 
=fum. . |lfu-3no [L. -mus], M.: fume 
(smoke ; vapour) ; vanity (pride) ; nothing 
(a trifle), -mosello, -mosetto, dim. 
of -moso (fig.) -mosita, F. : smokiness. 
-moso, ADJ.: smoky; smoking; fuming 
(of liquors) ; haughty (vain) : vino , 
rich wine, -most er no, M. : (lot.) FUMI 

fa-naio, -naiolo [-Tie], M. : rope-maker 
or seller : far come i -nai, retrograde, go 
backwards, -nambolo, -nambulo, M. : 
funambulist (rope-walker), -name, M. : 
ship-tackle (cordage), -nata, p. : a rope- 
ful: fare una , get many prisoners, 
make a raid. 

fnnditoret, M. : metal founder. 

fane [L. -nis], F.: rope; torture-rack: 
un po* plti , a little more help ; stare 
sulla , be in suspense. 

fa-ne*bre [L. -nebris], ADJ.: funereal. 
[|-nerale [L. -TIUS], M. : funeral, -ne- 
reo, ADJ. : funereal, -nest are, TR. : 
sadden (afflict), -nesto, ADJ.: calami 
tous (sad; fatal). 

fdn-ga [-go], F. : mould, -gala, F : 
mushroom-bed ; (disp.) swarm (crowd). 

fdngere [L. -gi\, TR. : perform (exercise). 

fnn-g7j ettino, car. dim. of -go. -gTiet- 
to, dim. of -go. -g7tire, INTR.: get 
mouldy. 1 1 fun-go [L. -gus], M.: fun 
gus (mushroom ; tumour) ; candle-snuff : 

far le nozze co'funghi, be niggardly, -go- 
lino, dim.^of -go. -gosita, F.: fun- 
gosity. -goso, ADJ.: fungous, mouldy; 
snuffy (of candle). 

foni-eella, F., -cello, M,, -eina, F. : 
dim. offune; twine, -eolare, ADJ.: 
funicular; umbilical. fnni=colo, M. : 
umbilical cord. 

fan -si, PRET. of fungere. -zionare, 
INTR. : perform functions, officiate, -zio- 
nario, M.: functionary, -zion-eella, 
-zionina, dim. of -zione. H-zione 
[L. -ctio (-gor, perform)], M.: FUNCTION 
(duty, office). 

face. . =foc. . 

fa6-ra = -K. -rc7ie -e, PREP.: excepted 
(save). -rcTiinderef, TR.: shut out 
(exclude), -re/idnsot, PART.: shut out 
(excluded). -ref = -rt. ||fad-ri \ 


ras], PREP.: without; out ; beyond ; except : 

di, except; di re (-ra\ outdoors; 
fuor , through and through, quite 
through; in , except, saving ; fuor di 
maniera, extraordinary, extraordinarily; 

di mano, out of the way, rather dis 
tant; fuor di modo (tfordine), extraor 
dinarily ; esser di $3, he delirious ; 
di strada, out of the road, lost; di 
tempo, inopportune, (mus.) out of time; 

d' (dell') uso, obsolete ; via, out of 
the way, distant ; fuor voglia, unwillingly. 
-r=useito, M. : exile. 

fara-eet, ADJ. : thieving, -m.en.tof , M.: 
theft (robbery). Hfura-re [L. furari 
(fur, thief)], TR.: rob; REPL.: steal away 
(abscond), -toref, M. : thief (robber). 

fnr-hacc/iiola, -"bacc/iiolo, car. dim. 
of -bo. -baccMona, -"bacc/tione, 
dug. of -bo. -hacc/tiotta, -baccMot- 
to, dim. of -00. -"ba-e-eio, aug. of 
-00. -"ba-e^fona, -"ba-e-eione, aug. of 
-bo. -"bamente, ADV. : slyly, -"beria, 
P.: shrewdness (slyness ; astuteness), -Te- 
riola, car. dim. of -beria. -fresca- 
mente, ADV. : astutely (shrewdly), -"be- 
sco, ADJ.: shrewd (sly, astute): lingua 
(or parlare) -besca (or -oeseo), thieves' 
slang, cant, -"betto, dim. of -bo. ||far- 
"bo [OHG. -Ian, polish], ADJ.: shrewd 
(sly) ; swindlingf ; rascallyf ; M. : shrewd 
fellow ; roguef (scoundrelt). -"bone, aug. 
of -bo. [L. -rens], ADJ. : FURIOUS. 

farettof , M. : ferret. 

far-fanta-e-eio, disp. of -fante. -fan- 
taggine, F.: knavery, -f ant are, INTR.: 
live" vicious life, -fante, PART, of -fare; 
M. : rascal (knave) ; ADJ. : wretched (vile) ; 
f alsef . -fantello, dim. of -fante. -fan- 
teria, F. : knavery, -fantesco, ADJ. : 
rascally, -famtino, ADJ. : rascally : lin 
gua -fantina t rascals' slang, -f ant one, 
aug. of -fante. H-fare [L.foris facer e, 
act beyond (the right)], TR. : cheat ; ex 

furi-a [L.], F. : fury (passion ; impetuos 
ity); hurry, -ae-eia, (Lisp. aug. of -a. 
-aimentef, ADV.: furiously, -aref, 
INTR. : be infuriated, -atof , PART. : fu 
rious. -Iboadaref, INTR.: be furious, 
frantic, -"bondo, ADJ. : furious (raging, 

fariere =foriere. 

furi-etta, dim. of -a. -osameiite,ADV.: 
furiously (vehemently), -osetto, dim. 
of -oso. -osita, F. : furiousness. -oso, 
ADJ.: furious. 

fnrlana (and volg.fruUana) [district oi 
Friuli\, F. : furlanian dance. 

fn-rof, M. : thief, -romsellof, dim. of 
-ro. -roxief, dug. of -ro. 



Paro-re [L. -r], M. : fury (rage; vehe 
mence); furore ("hit"): far arouse 
enthusiasm, -reggiare, INTR. : make a 

for-terello, dim, of -to. ~tivam.en.te, 
ADV.: furtively, -tivo, ADJ.: furtive. 
Hfdr-to [L. -turn (fur, thief)], M. : thef t, 
booty : di (per) , furtively, secretly. 
Parmicolot, M. : boil. 
fa-s&e-eio, disp. of -so 2. -saggine, F.: 
spindle-tree, -saio, M. : spindle maker 
or seller, -saiola, F. : spindle -rack. 
-saiolo, -sainolof, M. : whirl for a 
spindle, -sarola = -saiola. -sata, F.: 
spindleful. -sato, ADJ.: spindling (ta 

fnscel-letto, -lino, M.: dim.of-lo: cer- 
care col , search with minuteness or ped 
antry; rompere il , break friendship. 
lifuscel-lo [fusto], M. : twig (stick) : -li 
impaniati, limed twigs; rompere U r 
break friendship, -lino, dim. of -lo: 
cercar col , search diligently, hunt for. 
fusciac-ca [Ger./iiA,oc^e,heel (to which 
sash hangs)], F. : wide sash ; pendent ends. 
-co, M. : canopy for crucifix. 
fusciarra [? fustiaria, flogging], F. : 

fuscof , ADJ. : dark, gloomy. 
fusel-lato, ADJ.: spindling (tapering). 
-la-tar a, F. : tapering (giving spindle- 
form), iifosel-lo [fuso 3], M. : axle-end ; 
wooden cylinder in paper-mill. 
fu-si, PRET. of fondere. -sibile, ADJ. : 
fusible, -sibilita, F. : fusibility. 
fu-siera [-502], p.; spindle-holder. -si= 
forme, ADJ. : spindle-form. 
uHsione, F. : fusion (melting), ijfia-so i, 
PART, of fondere: fused (melted, liquefied). 
fu-so2, pi. -si or -sa [L. -sus] t M.: spin 
dle; shaft; custom -officer's sounding- 
stick ; bell-founder* s wooden model ; ar 
bour of mill; pi. -sa, purr: fare le -sa, 
purr; far le -sa torte, be unfaithful to 
one's husband, fa-solo, M.: dim. of -so; 
shin-bone ; axle of millstone., M. : two-year-old stag : a , in 

fusorio [-soi], ADJ.: relating to metal- 
melting : forno , fusing-furnace. 
fdsta i PJ. -tis], F. : light galley. 
fostafs, F. : small torch. 
fosta^no [Fogtat, in Egypt], M.: FUSTIAN. 
fu-staio, M. : saddle-frame maker, -sti- 
eello, M. : small stalk, -stigare, TR. : 
flog, -stigaaddne, F. : flagellation. IJfa- 
sto [L. -stis, club], M.: stalk; trunk; 
framework (of furniture, etc.) : ddL& 
ehiave, barrel of a key ; detta stadera t 
arm of steelyard, -std-e-cio, dim. of -sto. 
fataf, F. : flight. 
fdti-le [L. -Us], ADJ. : futile (vain), -M- 



ta, P. : futility. -Imente, ADV. : ftt- 

iutn-ramentef , ADV. : in future, \\fu- 
tu-ro [L. -rus], ADJ., M. : future : anno 
, nest year ; i -ri, posterity. 

g gi [L.], M. : g (the letter). 

gabba=deo [-re], M.: bigot, hypocrite. 
-mento, M. : deceit. =mondo, M., IN 
VAR. : deceiver (Eng.f gabber). 

gabba-nella, F.: hospital blouse, -net- 
to, dim. of -Tio. Hgabba-no [? cf. Eng. 
gabardine, Sp. gabdn)], M.: rustic cloak or 
frock; clumsy overcoat, -none, aug. of 


gab-bare [-60], TR. : deceive (cheat), dis 
appoint (Eng.f GAB); deridef; beguilef: 
-oam d' uno, jeer at. -lja=santi, M., 
INVAR.: bigot; hypocrite, -batore, M., 
-batri-ee, p.: deceiver, impostor Ccf. 
Eng.f gabber), -bevole, ADJ.: deceit 
ful, contemptible. 

gab-bia [L. cavea, cavity], P.: CAGE, 
aviary ; prison ; olive or grape bag ; ox- 
muzzle ; (nav.) top (for top-mast rigging). 
biaio, M. : cage-maker. 

gabbiano [L. gavia, sea-mew], M. : gull ; 
(fig.) fool. 

gab-biata [-bia], F. : cageful (of birds). 
-biere, -biero, M. : (nav.) top-man. 
-bietta, -biettina, -biola, -biolina, 
dim. of -bia. -bionata, F. : large cage 
ful (of animals); (fort., hydr.) gabionade 
(structure of gabions), -bion-eello, dim. 
of -Hone, -bione, M. : large cage (esp. 
compartment owl cage); (mil., hydr.) ga 
bion. -bm-eia, dim. of -bid. 

gabbo [Fr. gdber (ASajx. gabban, mock, 
GAB)], M. : mocking : pigliare (prendere) 
a OTfarsi di, laugh at, mock, make 
light of; (fig.) veil. 

gabel-la [Fr. -Ze], F. : excise-tax ("oc 
troi"); excise custom-house; government 
salt-houset : fare il minchion per non pa- 
gar , pretend ignorance to avoid trouble 
or expense, -labile, ADJ. : taxable, du 
tiable ; (Jig.) approvable, admissible, -la- 
re, TR.: assess, levy tax on; pay (tax); 
credit: una cosa per, make a thing 
pass as or for; una cosa, accept a 
thing as true. -Here, M. : exciseman; 
tax farmerf- -lino, -lotto, disp. of 

gabi-nettino, car. dim. of -netto. H-net- 

to [Fr. cabinet], M.: cabinet; private 

study ; closet ; cabinetf (chest of drawers). 
gabrina, F. : hag (from character in 



gabro [?], M. : (min.) serpentine. 

gag-gia Gr. akakia, thorn-tree], F.J 
acacia-flower, -gioi, M. : acacia. 

gaggio 2f , M. : GAGE (pledge) ; hostage ; 
salary ; reward : morto, lost capital. 

ga^rliar-da, F.: old dance, -damente, 
ADV. : vigorously, -dazzof, disp. of -da. 
-dezza, F. : strength (esp. of liquors) 
-dia, F.: robustness, vigour. HgagrKar- 
do [Celt, gall, strength], ADJ. : strong, 
robust; powerful: alia -da, vigorously, 
valiantly ; borsa -da\, full purse ; vino , 
rich wine. 

gagrliot, M. : rennet. 

ga^rHof-fa-e-eio, disp. of -fo. -faggine, 
F. : worthlessness, doltishness. -famen- 
te, ADV. : doltishly. -feria, F.: worthless- 
ness ; scurrilityf. Ilga^rHof-fo [?], M. : 
worthless fellow; dolt; ADJ.: coarse, 
brutal ; worthless ; knavish, -fone, aug. 
of -fa. 

gagliosof, ADJ. : containing rennet. 

gagltuolot, M. : seed-vessel (pod shell). 

3ujnot, M. : lair (of wild beast); stable, 
fold; intrigue; abdomen. 

gagrno-lamento, M.: yelping. H-lare 
[?], INTR. : yelp, whine. 4io, M. : whin 
ing, yelping. 

ga-iamente,ADV.: gayly (merrily), -let- 
to, dim. of -io. -iezza, p.: gaiety, joyous 
temper, llga-io [OHG. gahi], ADJ. : GAY 
(merry, joyful, bright); well provided. 

ga-la [OFr. -Ze], p.: strip of galoon or 
lace; finery (ornament) , gala (pomp): con 
, gracefully ; di , merrily, cheerfully ; 
frankly ; far , be merry, feast ; giorno 
di , gala day ; star sulle -le, love dres 
and finery; follow the fashion, -lano, 
M. : elegant bow(-knot). -lante, ADJ.: 
gallant (showy, gay in dress, elegant); 
given to love (amourous); M.f: gallant 
(lady's man, cicisbeo); ADV.: =-lante- 
mente. -lanteggiare, INTR. : play the 
galant. -lantemente, ADV.: elegantly; 
gallantly (in a gallant or polite manner). 
-lanteria, P.: finery (elegant thing, 
trinket, small article of jewelry, Eng.f 
gallantry); gallantry, politeness, atten 

galantina Q. L. -latina, JELLY], P. : ca 
pon pie. 

galant-ino, dim. of galante. -ontino- 
ne, disp. aug. of -omo. -omismo, M. : 
act of a man of honour, honourableness. 
=dmo, M. : man of honour, honest man. 
-omone, aug. of -omo. =uomo = -omo. 

galappio [calappio], M.: trap (snare, 

galassiaf, F. : GALAXY ; milky way. 

galateo [Galata, suburb of Constanti 
nople], M. : Galateo (book by Casa, which 

teaches manners); civility (good breeding). 


gala-tidaf, H-ttite [Gr. gala, milk], p.: 
galactite (milk-stonef). -ttofagof, M.: 
one who eats milky foods. 

gal-"baniferot, ADJ.: producing galba- 
mim. jl-bano [L. -banum], M.: galbanum 
(gum of Syriac plant). 

gald. .f = gaud. . 

galea i [L. (cf . Eng. galea)"], P. : helmet. 

galea 2 [?], F.: GALLEY. 

galearef, TR. : deceive (cheat, impose 
upon); make fun of (laugh at). 

galeato [galea i], PART.: GALEATED (wear 
ing a helmet). 

galeatoref, M. : deceiver (cheater). 

galeazza [galea 2], p. : large galley. 

galefiaret, TR. : ridicule ; laugh at. 

ga-leone [-Zea2], M.: galleon (1'pan. ship), 
large galley; (Jig.) vagabond, cheat (knave). 
-leottaf, F.: (nav.) galliot. -ledtto, 
M. : galley-slave (convict); cheat; pimpf ; 
pilotf. -lera, P.: galley; punishment; 
place of punishment. 

ga-lericulof , dim. of -Zero. U-lero [L. 
-lerum (-lea, helmet), cap], M. : fur cap; 
pontiff's cap ; priest's cap. 

ga-lestrino, ADJ. : of clay. H-lestro 
[?], M. : kind of clay, -lestroso, ADJ. : 
of clay. 

gali-gaio [L. caliga, shoe], M. : tanner 

gali-gamentof, M. : dimness (of sight). 
||-garet, INTR.: be dim-sighted, be in 
volved in a mist. 

galionef = galeone. 

galiossof, M. : skittles, nine-pins. 

galla [LJ, F.: gall-nut; tumour; bubble; 
glandf; acomf; pillf J berryf : star a 
, float. 

gallaref i [? galla], INTR. : float ; exult 
(be elated); be proud. 

gal-lare2 [-Zo], TR.: fecundate (of the 
cock). -Iastr6ne=-Zero?ie. 

Kalleg-giainento, M.: action of floating. 
H-giare [? galla], INTR. : float ; be very 
gay (have excessive joy). 

galleria [1. L.], F. : GALLERY ; tunnel. 

gaUerone [galld], M. : large cock. 

galletta i , p. : kind of grape. 

gallettaf 2, F. : goblet. 

gal-lettino, dim. of -letto. H-letto 
[-Zo], M. : young cock ; leguminous plantf. 

galletti [galetta], M. : thin cake. 

galli-ernio [gallo], M. : cock-crow ; mid 
night (when the cock crows). 

galli-eismo [Gallia],M.: gallicism, gal- 
li-co, pl-ci, ADJ.: Gallic (French): morbo 
, syphilis. 

gal-lina [graZZo], P. : hen : di Farao- 
ne, prataiola, Guinea hen ; gobba, In 
dian, hen ; regina, wood-hen ; latti di 
, beverage composed of eggs, milk and 
sugar, something rare and exquisite j 

gamberello 19$ 

mugellese, one who looks younger than he 
.really is; giuoco delle -line, private lot 
tery ; andare a , die, go to ruin ; man- 
dare a , fling away, ruin. -lina-eeia, 
disp. of -Una. -linae-ei o, M. : turkey- 
cock; mushroom, -linaeeo, ADJ.: gal 
linaceous, -linaio, M.: chicken-coop; 
chicken -thief; one who runs a private- 
lottery. -Konef, M.: bad capon; block 
head, jlgal-lo [L. -lus], M. : cock ; = 
-Zon'af: d* India, turkey-cock; di 
montagna, heath-cock ; far il , mettere 
su , put on airs (be arrogant) ; U 
delta ckecca, ladies* man; piti largo d?un 
f, avaricious man; piu bugiardo che 
un f , great liar ; piu seoperto d? un , 
great boaster. 

gal-lonare, TR. : ornament with galloon 
(lace), -lon-ein.0, dim. of -lone. H-lone 
[? -a], M. : GALLOON (lace) ; flank (side)f. 

gal-loria [-Zo], P.: clamour (noise, ex 
altation) i far , "be haughty, -loria- 
ref, INTR. : be clamorous (exultant). 

gal-lozza [-Za], -lozzola, P.: gall-nut; 
swelling; bubble, -luzzaref, INTR.: 
thrill with joy (exult). 

galop-pare [?], INTR.: gallop. -pata r 
F. : galloping; race, -patore, M. : gal 
loper, -pino, M. : useful person, errand 
boy. galop-po, M. : gallop ; (of persons) 
andare a , go in great haste, 

galoscta [?], F. : galoche. 

gaMppof, M.: kind of soldier; (fig.) ab 
ject man. 

galva-nico, ADJ.: galvanic, [[-niszno 
[inventor Galvani], M.: galvanism, -niz- 
zare, TR. : galvanize. 

gam-Tm [L.], F. : leg (lit. or fig.); (mus.) 
bar : andare a -be alzate (or -Jxde), go to 
ruin ; andar di buona o mala , go will 
ingly or unwillingly ; aver a una cosa, 
know how to do a thing, have much prac 
tice; darla a -be, take to one's heels; 
dare alle -be a uno, hurt one with words 
and actions ; esser in -be, be well, though 
old ; fare di sotto , do with much ease ; 
guardar la , take care ; mandar a -be 
levate, trip up one's heels, ruin; met- 
tersi la coda, o la ma, fra le -be, walk 
fast ; metier si, rimettersi in -be, recover ;, 
mettersi il capo^ fra le -be, go away for 
shame; raddrizzare, addrizzare le -be 
a 1 cani, fatigue one's self in vain ; iwn reg- 
gersi in -be, be very weak on account of 
sickness or old age ; stare bene, o male, in 
-be, be strong or weak, -"bae-eia, disp. 
of -ba. -"bale, M.: shoe -last; stock,, 
trunk (of tree)f; cuishf. -Tiata, P.: 
kick (blow with the leg) : darla , sup 
plant another in love, -"berae-eia, P.I 
ulcerated leg. 

gam-"bereUof , dim. of -6ero. [Igam- 

194 gambero 

"bero [L. -barus (camera, arch), sea- 
crab], M. : crayfish ; (typ.) doublet : di 
mare, lobster ; far come i -fieri, go back 
wards (be unprogressive). 

gam-berone, M. : varicose or swollen 
leg ; long-legged fellow, -beruolo, M. : 
greave (leg armour), -betta, disp. dim. 
of -ba. -bettaret, INTR. : kick the legs 
about, -betto, M. : dare a uno il , 
trip up one's heels ; (Jig.} injure, -biera 
= -bale, -bina, -bino, car. dim. of -ba, 
-bo. II -"bo [L.-&a, hoof], M.: stalk (stem); 
joint ; trunkf (of tree) ; limb (of letter, 
stroke)f. -bona, -borne, aug. of -la, -bo: 
dare , grow insubordinate, -bii-e-eia, 
disp. of -be. -bulef, M. : cuish (thigh- 
guards), -butof, ADJ.: thin -stalked; 

gamella [Fr. -lie (L. camera, vault)], F. : 
(mil.) tin-can used for mess. 

gam-ma [Gr.], F.: gamma (third letter 
of Greek alphabet), -ma-dtte, -maut, 
M. : (surg.) bistoury (small knife). 

ga(m)m-dr-ra [? Sp. eamarro], P., -rino, 
M. : petticoat ; woollen cloth. 

ganaf, F. : (pop.) di , willingly (with 
pleasure) ; di mala , unwillingly. 

ga-nascta [L. gena, cheek], P.: jaw 
bone (jaw); PL.: jaws (of pincers, vise, 
etc.); part of a gun which holds the flint 
(flint -box). -n.asci.Do, car. dim. of 
-nascia. -nascionef, M. : slap on the 
face ; (mus.) Italian lute. 

gan-eetto, dim. of -do. -eiata, F. : 
grasping with a hook. Hgan-eio [? L. 
cancer, crab], M. : metal-hook (hasp). 

gaugfte-rare, TR. : fasten to or set on 
hinges, -ratiira, F. : place where a 
thing is hinged -rella, /ewi. of -ro: 
maglietta, stitch or mesh in netting, -ret- 
to, -rino, dim. of -ro. [[gang7ie-ro 
[? L. cancer, crab], M. : hook (clasp); 
hinge : stare ne* -ri, take heed (be on 
one's guard); eat?ar de' -ri, take off one's 
guard ; dare, fare un ,give the slip (run 
away); uscir de* -ri, esser fuori de 1 -ri, 
get angry ; uomo fatto a -ri, grumbler. 

gan^lio [Gr. -glion], M. : GANGLION 

gango=la [glandula], P.: gland; king's 
evil : far a uno, spite one with a cer 
tain action. -16s o, ADJ.: glandulous; 

Ganime-de [L. Ganymedes], M. : Gany 
mede ; dandy (fop), -dnzzo, disp. of -de. 

ganniref, INTE. : yelp. 

gan-za [?], F. : mistress, -zare, INTR. : 

be in love, -zerino, M. : "spark, -zo, 

M. : lover (paramour). 
gar a [?], p.: competition (rivalry): a , 

in competition with ; vincere la , carry 

off the prize. j 


garabnJlaref, (IN)TR.: confuse (disar 
range) ; deceive (defraud) ; be idle. 

garagolf. . = caracol. . 

gara-mon-eino, M. : bourgeois (kind of 
printing type). H-mone [printer Gara- 
mond], M. : long primer type. 

gar-ante [MHG. war ens'], M. : WARRANT, 
GUARANTEE; surety; (naut.) rope's end. 
-antire, TR. : GUARANTEE (act surety); 
save (render secure), -anzia, F. : guar 
anty (security, warranty). 

garavinaf, F. : sea-gull. 

gar-ba-e-eio, M. : disp. of -bo; impolite 
ness (incivility; impolite action), -bare 
l-bo], INTR. : please (be agreeable, suit) ; 
begracefulf. -batamente, ADV.: grace 
fully; politely, -batezza, p.: polite 
ness (gracefulness, gentility), -batino, 
car. dim. of -bato. -bato, PART. : grace 
ful, pleasing; polite (civil): un lavoro , 
work done elegantly, skilfully ; troppo , 
too kind (expression of thanks to one who 
has done a kindness); (iron.) il signo- 
rino, impolite, uncivil man. -beggiaref, 
INTR.: please (suit, be agreeable), -bi 
no i, car. dim. of -bo. -bino 2, M.: south 
west wind. II gar-bo i [?], M. : manner, 
esp. graceful manner (grace, elegance); 
taste; skill; ornament: uomo di , 
courteous man; a , good (excellent); 
well; gracefully. 

garbo2 [OHG. harw (= Ger. herb)], ADJ.: 
tart (sharp, bitter); harsh (rude). 

garbuglio [?], M. : confusion, intrigue; 
agitation : di venti f, whirlwind ; met 
ier in 1 embroil (disorder, confuse). 

gareg-giamento, M. : contention, emu 
lation. *j[-giare [#ara], INTR. : compete 
(rival), -gtatore, M., -giatri-ee, F. : 
competitor (rival), gareg-giof, M. : 
contention, -gioso, ADJ.: contentious. 

garent. . = garant. . 

garetto [OFr. -ret], M. : Achilles' tendon ; 
(naut.) top-rim. 

garga-firliaref [ak. to gorgo], INTR.: 
sing noisily, -firliataf, F. : clamour. 
-nella, used ADV. : bere a , drink with 
out putting the vessel to the lips, gulp 
down. -nti^rHat, p.: neck-lace, -ri- 
smo, M.: gargle (GARGARISM). -rizzare, 
TR.: gargle (Eng.f gargarize). -rozzo, 
M.: throat (crop, craw), -'ttaf, P: throat. 

gargia [? cardia], F. : gill (of fish). 

gargo [? OHG. karg t bad], ADJ.: crafty 
(knavish, sly). 

gargotta [Fr. -gote (root ^ar#-, swallow)], 
p. : chop-house (paltry eating-house). 

garibof, M. : dance (ball). 

g arc-fan a, ADJ.: of October pears; of 
cloves, -fanaref , TR. : give or impart 
the odour of cloves, -fan at a, F. : plant 
good for wounds, -fanato, ADJ. : which 


smells like carnation or cloves : viola , 
kind of gillyflower, fearo-fano [Gr. 
karuo-phullon, 'nut-leaf'], M.: aroma of 
cloves or carnation ; clove ; gillyflower. 

garone = gherone. 

ga-rontolare, TR. : (vulg.) strike with 
the fist. H-rontolo [Gr. gronthos, fist], 
M. : fisticuff (blow under armpit). 

garosellof = carosello. 

garosot, ADJ. : contentions. 

garpaf , P. : spavin ; PL. : galls. 

garrese [?], M. PL.: withers, shoulders 
(of domestic animals). 

garret- taf, -to = garetto. 

gar-revolef, ADJ.: menacing; scolding 
(rebuking), -riaaemtof , M. : chiding (re 
buking, reprimand). ||-pre [LJ, INTO. : 
warble (chirp, chatter); TR.: scold (re 
prove, reprimand, chide), -rissariof, 
ADJ. : garrulous (talkative), -rito, M. : 
{poet.} chirping (warbling) ; rebuff (repri 
mand), -ritore, M. : scold (grumbler). 

gar ra-Xam eiite, ADV.: in a prattling 
manner, -litaf, F. : garrulity (loquacity); 
slander (calumny), Ijgarm-lo [L.-lus], 
ADJ. : GARRULOUS (talkative). 

garza [Sp. (L. ardea)], F. : white heron. 

gar-zare, TR.: card cloth, -zatore, M. : 
one who cards cloth, -zella, F. : instru 
ment for carding cloth. ||-zo [car do], 
M. : cardf ; carding of cloth : dare il , 
card, -zolo, M.: heart of lettuce or 
cabbage;" wax drawn and bleached; fine 

garzo-linof , M.: little boy (child). Hgar- 
zo-na, F., -ne [ak. to Fr. gargon (der.?)], 
M. : farm-servant ; shop-boy ; boy ; bache- 
lorf. -nastrof , disp. of -ne. -niello, 
-n<eino, dim. of -Tie. -neggiaret, 
INTR.: make one's self young. * -netto, 
car. dim. of -ne. -nevolmentet, ADV.: 
boyishly (childishly) ; like a young man. 
-nezzaf, F. : boyhood (childhood) ; youth. 
-nilef, ADJ. : boyish (childish), -ndttof, 
aug. of -ne. 

garzuolof = garzolo. 

gas, (vulg.) gasse [word made by v. Hel- 
mont], M. : gas. -ometro, M.: gasome 
ter, -osa, F. : drink, potion, -oso, ADJ.: 

gasti-gagionef, F.: CASTIGATION (pun 
ishment, chastisement), -gamatti, M. : 
whip; chastiser. -gaiaentof, M. : pun 
ishment (chastisement). H-gare [L. cas- 
tigare], TR.: CASTIGATE (chastise, punish); 
correctf ; reprimandf (reprove), -gatez- 
za, P.: purity of style, -gatore, M., 
-gatri-ee, P.: CASTIGATOR (chastiser). 
-gatm*af, -gazionef, P.: castigation 
(chastisement), gasti-go, M.: castiga 
tion (punishment, correction); annoying 
musical instrument. 



ga-stralgia, F. : gastralgia. -stri-ei- 
smo, M. :" gastric affections. Hga-stri- 
co [Gr. gaster, stomach], ADJ. : gastric ; 
of gastric fever : svghi ci f gastric juice. 
-stronomia [Gr. -ster, -nomos, law], F. : 
gastronomy, -stronomico, ADJ.: gas 
tronomic, -stronomo, M. : GASTRONOME 

gat-ta [-to], F. : female cat: ckiamar la 

, call things by their right name 

(speak plain) : far la morta (or la 
di Masino), "play possum'* (pretend inno 
cence); uscire di morta, or mogia, quit 
deceit and show clearly one's intentions ; 
ei eova! there is a snake in the grass ! 
non portar in sacco, speak freely ; t?o- 
ler la , act seriously, be in earnest ; ne 
cane ne , neither one thing nor the 
other, -ta-e-efo, disp. of -to. -taia, 
-taiola, F. : hole in a door for cats (cat's 
hole). -ta=morta, pi. gattemorte, F. : 
"playing possum ^ '. far la , "play pos 
sum." -tesco, ADJ. : cat-like, gat-tiee, 
M. : kind of tree, -ti-eida, M. : cat-killer. 
-tigliare, TR.,RECIPR.: litigate; vex one's 
self on account of nothing, -tino, M. : 
dim. of -to ; kitten. Hgat-to [L. cat(t)u$], 
M.: cat; engine of war for battering walls 
(battering-ram) ; machine for driving in 
piles (pile-driver): essere il di casa, 
be in great confidence with a family, go 
and come freely ; esser quattro -ti y be few 
persons in a family (be few) ; frugato"f, 
gaping countryman, -to^mammone, 
M. : marmoset (species of ape), -tone, 
M. : aug. of -to; tomcat; (fig.) cunning 
fellow : far il , play the simpleton. 

gattoni Igotoni], M. PL. : mumps (inflam 
mation of glands). 

gat-to=pardo, M. : ferocious beast. -to= 
zlbetto, M. : civet cat. jj-tu-e-efo, M. : 
disp. of -to; sea-dog (kind of fish) ; hand 

gau-deamus [L., Met us rejoice*]: stare, 
vivere m , live joyously, -dente, 
ADJ.: rejoicing: frati , monastic or 
der, -dentone, aug. of -dente. ilgait- 
dio [L. -dium], M. : joy (gladness, re 
joicing), -diosamente, ADV. of -dioso : 
(lit.) with pleasure, -dioso, ADJ.: joy 
ful (very glad) : misteri , part of the 
Rosary which records the happiness of 
Virgin Mary. 

gavaz-za, p., -zamento, M. : immoder 
ate merriment (excessive joy). H-zare 
[L. gaudere, rejoice], INTR. : jump for joy 
(rejoice exceedingly), -zieref, M. : loud 
or noisy rejoicer. 

gaveg giaref, TR*: court (woo). -g- 
nof/M.": wooer Qover). 

gavetta [?], p. : bundle of musical strings ; 
wooden bowlt (porringer). 



ga-vu/ne [caw], F. PL. : cavity beneath 
tlie armpits where wrestlers grasp one 
another, -via. . = gangol. . 

gavoncMo [?], M. : marine eel. 

gavotta [Gavots, inhabitant of Gap, in 
France], F. : kind of sea-fowl or sea-fish ; 
gavot (a dance). 

gaz-za [OHG. agalastra (= Ger. elster)], 
p.: 'magpie; (fig.) babbler (chatterer): 
pelare la senzafarla stridere, take ad 
vantage of one without his perceiving it ; 
che ha pelata la coda^f, great cunning. 
-zarra, P. : joyous uproar. -zella, 
p*. : dim. of -za; gazelle (antelope), gaz- 
zera, P. : magpie, -zerottof, M. : disp. 
of -za; stupid fellow. 

gazzet-ta [orig. a coin, the cost of the 
paper (L. gaza, treasure)], P.: GAZETTE 
(newspaper) : battere le -te, tremble with 
cold, -tante, M. : (disp.) eager news 
paper reader ; newspaper writer, -tiere, 
M. : (disp.) journalist, -tino, M. : dim. 
of -ta: fare un , essere un , relate 

gebof, M. : he-goat. 

ge-lamento, M. : congelation (freezing). 

*||-lare [-lo], TR., INTR. : freeze (congeal) ; 
quail; curdlef- -lata, P.: frost, -la- 
tamente, ADV. : frostily (coldly), -la- 
tina, P. : jelly, -latinoso, ADJ. : GEL 
ATINOUS (gelatine), -lato, ADJ. : frozen ; 
cold (chilly); terrified (frightened); M. : 
sherbet (ice-cream). 

geldraf, P. : crowd. 

ge-lieidiot, M. : frosty weather, -li- 
dezza, P. : state of being frozen ; insen 
sibility, ge-lido, ADJ.: GELID (cold, 
chilly, frozen). J!ge-lo [L. gelu, cold], 
M. : freezing weatEer; coolnessf; sugar 
crustf- -lone, M. : chilblain; aug. of 

gelo-saeeio, aug. of -so. -samente, 

"ADV.: jealously; carefully; anxiously. 
~sia, P. : jealousy ; care ; lattice (Per 
sian); apprehensionf (anxiety), llgelo- 
so [L. zelosus (zelus, zeal)], ADJ. : jealous 
(envious); solicitous; careful; delicate: 
qffari -si, delicate affairs ; consuetudi- 
ne, scrupulous habit. 

gel-saf, F. : mulberry, -seta, p., -seto, 

'M. : land planted with mulberry trees. 

-sino, dim. of -so. ||gel-so [L. celsus 
(cellere, rise)], M. : mulberry-tree. 

gelsomino [Ar. jasmin], M. : JASMINE 

geme-bondo [-re], ADJ.: lamenting (plain- 

gemel-lo [L. -lus], M., ADJ.: twin: -li, 

'(astron.) Gemini. 
ge-mere [L.], INTR.: moan (lament, 

'groan) ; drop (trickle down) ; creak ; print 

(stamp), -mi care, INTR. : trickle lightly. 


gemi-nare [L. -ni, twins], TR. : gemi- 
*nate (double), -natura, P.: action or 
effect of geminating. -nazione, p. : 
gemination (reduplication, doubling), -ge- 
mi-no, ADJ. : geminous (double) ; M. PL.: 
(astron.) twins. 

gemiref = gemere. 

ge-mitio [-mere], M. : trickling, sweating. 
"ge-mito, M. : moan. 

gem-ma [L.], F. : GEM ; eye (of a peacock 
'feather) ; bud. -mar of, INTR. : bud 
(sprout) ; gem. -mato, PART. : jewelled 
(studded with gems), -metta, dim. of 
-ma. -xniera, P. : gem (jewel), -mife- 
ro, ADJ. : gemmiferous ; of soil producing 
precious stones. 

gemonie [L. -monia, sighs], P. PL. : scale 

* , stairway of great prison at Campi- 

genat, P. : cheek. 

gendar-me [Fr. gens tfarmes, 'men at 

'arms'], M. : gendarme; (pop.) carabinier. 
-meria, p. : gendarmery. 

genea-logia [L.], genealogy, -logico, 

'ADJ.: genealogical, -logista, M.: 'gene 

generabi-le [generare], ADJ. : that may 

'be engendered, -lita, p.: productive 

gene-"brof, M. : juniper-tree. 

genera-late, M. : generalship; rank of 

"general. || genera -le [L. -lis], ADJ.: 
general (universal) ; M. : general (com 
mander) : spacciare pel , deal in generals 
(avoid details); uscir de r , come to par 
ticulars, -lissimo, ADJ. : superl. of -le; 
M.: generalissimo (general-in-chief). -li 
ta, P.: GENERALITY, -lizzare, TR. : 
GENERALIZE. -1m en.te, ADV. : generally 
(almost always) ; in the greater part. 

gene-ramentof, M. : generation, -rau- 

"te, PART, of -rare, -rare, TR. : generate 
(produce, engender), -rativaxnente, 
ADV. of -rativo. -rativo, ADJ. : genera 
tive, -ratdre, M. : generator, -razio- 
ne, P.: generation (progeny); kind 
(race, species); quality; genesis; pro 
ceeding of second person of Trinity from 
the Father. ||gene-re [L- genus], M.; 
GENUS (kind) ; '(gram.) GENDER ; species 
(nature) ; system : in (opposed to spe 
cies), in general; un di vita, coarse 
kind of life, -ricamente, ADV.: GEN- 
ERICALLY. gene-rico, ADJ.: generic, 
common: attbre , generic actor, -rino, 
car. dim. of -re. gene-ro [L.gener], M. : 

genero- samente, ADV.: generously. 

'-sita, P.: GENEROSity (magnanimity). 
ligenero-so [L- -^^> noble], ADJ. : gen 
erous (noble, magnanimous) : vino , 
strong wine , terrene , very fertile land. 


genesi [Gr. genesis], p. : genesis ; genera- 

"tion (birth). 

genetliaco [Gr. genethliakos (genetkle, 
"birth)], ADJ. : genethliacal (of or pertain 
ing to nationalities); M.: nativity (birth 
day); calculator of nativities, astrologer. 

gengia = gengiva. 

geagiovof, M. : ginger. 

gengi-va [L. gingiva,^ gum], P. : (anat.) 

"gum", -vetta, ear. dim. of -va. 

genia [Gr. gened, birth], p. : (disp.) race ; 

ge-nia-e-eio, disp. of -nio. -niale, ADJ. : 

"genial (pleasing), -nialita, P.: genial 
ity (sympathy), -nialmente, ADV.: 
genially. Jige-nio [L. genius], M. : ge 
nius (spirit, demon) ; genius (talent); incli 
nation (character, temper): andare a v 
please ; con , with satisfaction, -nita- 
"bilef , ADJ. : generative, -nitale, ADJ. : 
genital : terra , native land, -nitivo, 
M. : genitive case, ge-nito, ADJ. : gen 
erated (born); M. : ch*nd(son). -nitore, 
M.: father, -nitri-ee, p.: mother, -ni- 
tura, p.: generation (birth); seed. 

gennaio [L. Janus}, M. : January : sudar 

"di , give one's self much trouble ; fare 
sudar di , cause one to think. 

genologiaf, P. : GENEALOGY. 

genovef, P. PL. : ceremonies. 

genovi-na [Geneva], P., -mo, M. : Genoese 


gensomino = gelsomino. 

gen-ta-e-eia, -tagrlia, P., -tame, M. : 

'disp. of -te; rabble (mob). Hgen-te [L. 
gens], P.: nation (people, family); men (per 
sons): far , assemble; smettere di far 
, cease making one's self noticed ; cease 
being eccentric ; grande, camicia corta, 
one who pretends to be rich and is really 
not; di searriera, vagabonds; a 
piede, o a cavallo, militia, -terella, 
disp. of -te. -til -donna, p.: lady, -til, 
ADJ. : genteel (courteous, pleasing) ; gentle 
(tame); delicate (weak, tender); M,: gen 
tile (heathen, pagan): colore , rather 
pale; panno molto , very soft cloth; 
terra , fruitful earth; fico , fig of 
delicate flavour; carne , tender meat. 
-tilescamente, ADV.: heathenly. -ti- 
lesco, pi. sehi, ADJ. : pagan, -tilesi- 
mo, M. : gentilism (paganism), -tiletto, 
ADJ. : pretty (nice, neat), -tilezza, p. : 
gentility (nobility) ; courtesy (affability) ; 
grace; paganism (gentilism). -tilino, car. 
dim. of -tile. -tiKre,TR.: ennoble (make 
genteel), -tilita, P. : gentilism (heathen 
ism), -tilizia, P.: gentility (nobility). 
-tilizio, ADJ. : of a noble family, -til- 
mente, ADV. : gently (nobly, courteous 
ly, gracefully), -tilomo, -tilnomo, 
M. : gentleman (nobleman). -tUdttofi M. : 

germinare 197 

gentleman, -tina, dim. of -te. -tm-e-eia, 
disp. of -te. -tu-e-eia-e-eia, -e-ee, P.: 

disp. of -tuccia ; dregs of the rabble. 

genn-flessione, p.: genuflection (kneel- 

*ing). -fiesso, PART. : kneeling. |[-flet- 
ter [L L. -flectere (genus, knee, flectere, 
bend)], IRE.; INTR,: kneel (bend one'a 

^e-muLnaineiLte, ADV.: genuinely (truly). 
-nninita, p.: genuineness, li-muno 
[L.-nuinus], ADJ.: genuine (natural, true): 
andare, venir , be sincere. 

^enzia - na [L. gentiana], p. : gentian, 
bitterwort. -nina, p.: gentianim (ex 
tract of gentian). 

geo- [Gr.gaza, earth] : -desia [Gr. daisia, 

"division], P.: geodesy, -iietico, ADJ.: 
geodetical. -gonia [Gr. gone, genera 
tion], P.: geogony. -grafia [Gr. grd- 
phein, write], F. : geography, -grafico, 
ADJ.: geographical. geo-grafo, M. : 
geographer, -logia [Gir. logos, science], 
p. : geology, -logico, ADJ. : geological 
geo -logo, M. : geologist, -mante [Gr. 
manteia, divination], M.: geomancer. 
-zaantico, ADJ. : geomantic. -manzia, 
P. : geomancy (kind of divination), geo- 
metra, M. : geometrician ; land-surveyor. 
-metria [Gr. metron, measure], P. : ge 
ometry, -metricamente, ADV.: geo 
metrically, -metrico, ADJ.: geometri 
cal, geo- metro f, M. : geometrician. 
geo-rgica [Gr. ergon, work], P.: Georgia 
(treatise on agriculture); Georgics (poems 
of Virgil), -rgic/tetta, dim. of -rgica. 
geo-rgico, ADJ.: georgic. -rgofilo [Gr. 
ergon, work, philos, lover], M. : one who 
is fond of agriculture, -statica [Bng. 
static], P. : geostatics. 

geranio [L. -nium], M. : geranium. 

ge-raroa [Gr. hierdrckes], M. : HIEEABCH 

"(high -priest, head) : supremo , pope. 
-rarc/iia, p. : hierarchy (church-govern 
ment); order of angels ; intriguef. -par- 
cMco, ADJ. : hierarchical. 

gere-mia [Jeremiah], M.: one who la- 

*ments ; one who predicts misfortunes. 
-zoiata, P. : long sorrowful discourse. 

gerent [L. gerens, carrying], M. : man- 


gerf alcot, M. : gerfalcon. 

gergo [OPr. gargon], M. : jargon (slang, 

"cant, argot). 

gerla [L. gerula, porter], P. : buck-basket 

'(dorser, pannier). 

ger-mana,F.: sister (full sister), -mana- 

'jnentef, ADV.: sincerely (truly); broth 
erly, [l-maiio [L. -manus], ADJ.: real 
(true, sincere); M. : brother; wild-duck: 
cugino , cousin-gennan. 

ger-me [L. -men], M. : germ, seed (fig.) 
son (offspring, descendant), -miiiar, 



TR., INTR. : germinate (sprout) : procreate 
(produce), -minativo, ADJ. : capable of 
germinating (germinative). -minazione, 
F. : germination, -mogrliamento, M. 
budding (sprouting), -mogrliare, INTR. 
bud (sprout, blossom), -mogrlio, M. : bud 
(sprout, shoot, blossom). 
gero-glificare, INTR. : make hieroglyph- 
*ics. H-glifico [L. hieroglyphicus (Gr. 
hieros, sacred, glupkein, carve)], ADJ. : 
HIEROGLYPHIC; M.: hieroglyph. 
gerrettieraf = giarrettiera. 
gersaf, F. : kind of rouge or paint. 
gerdndio [L. -dium], M. : gerund. 
gesminot = gelsomino. 
ges-saio, M. : plaster-vender; maker of 
'plaster figures, -saiolo, M. : maker of 
plaster, -sare, TR. : plaster ; chalk (of 
wine), -sato, PART.: plastered, -setto, 
M.: chalk, \\ges-so [L.gypsum],M.: gyp 
sum ; plaster." -soso, ADJ. : plastered. 
ges-ta, F. PL. : GESTS (notable actions, 
'achievements, exploits) ; SING.: expedition 
(enterprise); armyf; race (progeny)t: le 
Canzoni di Gesta, les Chansons de Geste 
(OFr. Romances), -tare, TR. : bear 
(carry), -tazione, F. : gestation, -teg- 
giaref, INTR.: gesticulate, -ticola-, M. : gesticulation, -ti col are, 
INTR. : gesticulate (make gestures), -ti- 
colazione, F. : gesticulation, -tio- 
ne, F. ; management (administration of 
affairs), -tire, INTR. : make gestures. 
ges-to [L. -tus (gerere, bear, perform)], 
M. : gesture (movement); achievement (ex 
ploit) ; management f (care, administra 
tion), -tore, M. : manager (administra 

Gesu, M. : Jesus Christ: buona notte , 
good-bye to it (when a thing is lost or 
ruined); far , join the hands in an atti 
tude of prayer, -ato, M. : member of the 
order of St. Jerome, -ita, M. : Jesuit 
(member of Society of Jesus); impostor. 
-iticaxnente, ADV.: jesuitically ; craf 
tily, -itico, ADJ. : Jesuitical (belonging 
to the Jesuits); crafty (false, deceitful). 
get-tamentof, M. : throwing (hurling). 
* j| -tare [L. jactare], TR.: throw (fling; 
cast); cast out; vomit; REFL. : throw 
one's self (upon); let one's self fall (from); 
give| : in carta, sulla carta, write ; 
fuori, vomit ; un sospiro, heave a sigh ; 
via, cast off, give away ; le parole 
al vento, lament in vain ; il proprio, 
squander one's money ; motto, mention 
(talk of); Pabaco, cast accounts; 
I 1 occhiOf glance ; a tergo, take no ac 
count of ; buona o mala ragione, ad 
duce good or bad reasons ; I' inchio- 
stro, write nonsense; in preghiera, 
pray; gettarsi via, go mad, get angry. 


-tata, F.: cast (throw); sprout, shoot (of 
a plant), -tatello, M. : foundling (bas 
tard), -tato, PART. : thrown : abito che 
par a suo dosso, dress which suits one 
exactly, -tatore, M.: squanderer; caster 
(of metals), get-titof, M.: throwing 
(casting); vomiting; expectoration (spit 
ting), get-to, M. : throw (cast); jet 
(gushing-forth); sprout (shoot of a plant); 
stalk (stem of flowers); plasterf (mortar); 
incrustation! : far d' una cosa, throw a 
thing away (waste or squander a thing); 
far , lighten a ship in a storm (throw 
overboard); fare il f> divide, share (of 
calculators); il primo , rough copy 
(first draught); far di , cast metals. 
-tone, M. : counter (at cards). 

g/fceffof, M. : balcony (projection). 

g/ieppio [?], M. : kestrel, bird of prey. 

g/teri0lo [Gr. kdrion], M. : kernel of a, 

g/ier-minella, F.: juggler's trick (leger 
demain). ||-mire [gremire], TR. : catch; 
snatch (with claws or talons), -mitore, 
M., -mitriee, F. : catcher (snatcher). 

gfcerofan, .f = gar vj un. . 

gTierone [OHG. gero, point of a lance], 
M.: gusset (bit, piece): pigliarsela per un. 
, run away. 

g/ietta [?], F. : gaiter (leggins). 

g/ietto [Heb. ghet, divorce], M.: ghetto 
(Jews' quarter); Jews of a city: fare un 
, make a great tumult by all speaking 
at once. 

g/tezzo [?], ADJ.: black, swarthy (of a 
grape about to mature); M. : kind of 
mushroom ; filth ; kind of crow ; negro. 

gMabaldanat, F. : toy (trifle). 

g/tia-e-eescof, ADJ.: icy (frozen, cold). 
~eaia, F. : ice-house, -eiaio, M. : GLA 
CIER, -eiare, TR., INTR.: freeze (con 
geal). Hg/iiao-eio [L. glacies, ice], 
ADJ.: icy (frozen); M. : ice. -eiuolof, 
M. : icicle ; split or crack (in jewels). 

gftia-eeret = giacere. 

g/iiadof, M. : excessive cold ; ice ; knife. 

gftiaggtnolof, M. : iris (sword-grass). 

2j/iia-i'a [L. glarea], F. : gravel (pebble). 
-iata, F. : act of scattering gravel; 
gravel-road. -16 so, ADJ.: gravelly (sandy). 
-iottolo, M. : small gravel (sand), -iuz- 
za, dim. of -ia. 

gMan-da [L. glans], F. : acorn ; mast ; 
acorn-formed projectile ; manner of curs- 
ingf : unguentaria, medicinal fruit. 
-daia, F. : jay, jackdaw, -daiotto, 
dim. of -daia. -dellinof, dim. of -da. 
-difero, ADJ.: producing acorns, -di- 
na, F. : dim. of -da; vase for odorous 
essences. gMan-dolaf, F.: gland, -du-e- 
-eia, -ddzzaf, disp. of -da, 

g/iiaraf =fhiaia. 


g/darafoaldanaf, P. : nothing (trifle). 

g/tiareto [#Mam], M. : pebbly bed (of a 

0/tiazzerinof, M.: cuirass (coat of mail, 

gMazzeraolaf , F. : pinnace (kind of an 
ancient ship). 

g/iibelliiio [emperor of Weibelingen], 
ADJ., M. : Ghibelline (favourer of the 
German emperor : 12-13. Cent.). 

g7iiera [?], P. : ferrule, ring of iron; kind 
of dartf ; medicine composed of aloesf. 

gMerabaldanaf = ghiarabaldana. 

g/derato [ghi era], ADJ. : furnished with 

g7iievat = ghiova. 

g7iifirliotti-na [Dr. Guillotin], P. : guil 
lotine, -nare, TR. : guillotine. 

g7il-grna, p.: sinister, bad face; bold, im 
pudent face, -gna-e-eia, disp. of ~gna. 
il-gnare [?], INTR. : sneer; grin, -firna- 
ta, p.: burst of derisive laughter, -gna- 
toref, M. : sneerer. -r/nazzare, INTR. : 
laugh loudly (burst out laughing), -grnet- 
tno, dim. of-gnetto. -gnetto, dim. of 
-gno. -<7no, M. : sarcastic or malicious 
laugh (sneer) ; jester (banterer) ; flatter 
ing, fawning smilef. 

g/tin-daref, TR. : hoist, -dazzof, M. : 

guinea [Guinea], P. : guinea ; kind of 
dimity cloth. 

g/iing/teri [agghindare], ADV.: badly 
knocked ; clothed finely. 

g/ilo [?], M. : boom-sail 

g/tiot-ta, P.: dripping-pan, -ta-e-eio, 
disp. of -to. -taxnente, ADV. ; greedily 
(gourmandly). -terello, dim. of -to. 
-tereHin.0, dim. of -terello. JIg7ti6t- 
to [L. glut(t)o], M. : gourmand (GLUTTON); 
ADJ. : gluttonous ; covetous : ci bo , food 
for gourmands ; un boceone , good dish. 
-ton^eello, dim. of -tone, -tome, aug. 
of -to. -toneria, P.: glutton's food; 
gluttony; wickedness (iniquity), -tornia, 
p.: gluttony (avidity, greediness), -ta 
me, M. : glutton's food. 

g7iiozzo [L. gobius], M. : gudgeon (small 
fresh -water lish) ; blockhead (clown) ; 
dropf : & acqua'f, nothing, very small 

g/iiriMz-zare, INTR.: fancy (imagine). 
-zatore, *M. : whimsical, fantastical per 
son. gTiirlbiz-zo [gkiro, bizzarro], M.: 
whim (caprice, fancy), -zoso. ADJ. : whim 
sical (fantastical, capricious). 

g7tirigoro ighiro], M. : flourish (with the 
pen): eamminare a , walk in a zigzag 

g7iirlan-da [?], p.: garland (wreath); 
(astron.'f) constellation (crown): morire 
coUa , die a virgin (die unmarried). 



-daio, M. : one who makes or seFs gar 
lands, -daref, TR.: crown with a gar 
land, -dellaf, p.: small garland, -det- 

ta, car. dim. of -da. 

g7iiro [L. glis], M. : dormouse. 

g7tirdiLda [giro], p.: hurdy-gurdy. 

gMsa [Ger. giessen, pour], p. : cast-iron. 

gia, IMPERP. of gire, go. 

ga [L. jam], ADV. : formerly, once (in for- 

"mer days); already, now; yes; certainly 
(truly): di , formerly; al tempo di f, 
in the most ancient time; f, of dead 
people, late. -cc7te -e, ADV. : since that, 
since ; because ; now that. 

gfacc7teraf, P.: trick (joke); spavin. 

gz'acc/iiata [giacchio], P.: cast of the 


giace/iio [L. jaculum, javelin], M. : cast- 

* ing-net (trammel): gettare il tondo, be 
impartial ; gettare il sulla siepe, do a 
thing without profit, 

gia-e-eiot, M.: ice; den of the stag or 


gfa-cente, PART.: situated; lying ex- 

* tended: ereditd , unclaimed estate. 
H-eere [L. jacere], IRR.; INTR.: He 
down ; be situated ; dependf , consist : qui 
giace, (of a discourse) the point, -eiglio, 
M. : paillasse (straw-bed) ; kennel, ^ei- 
mentof, M. : lying down ; (fig.) forget- 

Ind.: Pres., giaci, giace ; giac- 
(c)idmo, giacete,^ giacciono. Pret. gidc-gui, 
-gue ; -quero. Subj.: Pres. gidccia. 

gia--eintino, M. : kind of precious stone- 
'||eiato [Gr. hudkinthos], M. : hyacinth. 

ga-ei-toio, M. : place for lying down 

'(bed, lair). H-tdra [giacere], P. : act of 
lying down (posture); manner, place and 
position of lying down ; (poet) placing of 
the accent ; attitudef, movementf . gia- 
ci-uto, PART. : lying down (stretched 

giaco [?], M. : coat of mail (cuirass). 

giacula-toria [L.jaeulatorius] f P.: short 

giaggiolo [L. gladiolus, little sword], M. : 
"irisl * 

giagnaro [Braz. yaguara], M. : JAGUAR. 

giallamma [L. calamina], p. : calamine. 

gial-lastro, ADJ.: yellowish, -leggian- 
"te, PART. : yellowish. -leggiareVlNTR.: 
grow yellow (turn yellow, *b*e yellowish). 
-lotto, dim. of -lo. -lezza, p. : yellow 
ness (yellow), -lie-eio, ADJ., M. : yel 
low. -lifirn.0, ADJ. : pale yellow, -lino, 
ear. dim. of 4o. Hgial-lo [L. galbus], 
ADJ., M. : YELLOW. -ld#mo, -lo^molo, 
ADJ. : of a faint or pale yellow, -loli- 
no, M. : dry colour used in mixtures. 
-loref, M. : yellowness (paleness, sallow- 
ness); JAUNDice. -lo=santo, M. : JAUN- 



dice. -lo=santo, M.: yellow colour ex 
tracted from a plant. -l&e-eio, dim. of 
-Zo. -lame, M. : excessive yellowness ; 
yellow-spot ; gold money. 

giam-baret, INTR. : jest (jeer, laugh at). 

'-beggiare, TR.: mock. giam-bico, 
ADJ.": 'iambic. li-bo [Gr. idmbos, stroke], 
M.: iambic: dare il a uno, deride 
(laugh at); volere il di qualcuno, have 
sport with one. 

giammai [gift, mai], ADJ. : never (at no 


giammemgolat; F.I bagatelle (trifle, 


giandarm. . (pop.) = gendarm. . 

gian-netta [?], P.: lance (spear, dart); 

"cane, -nettariof = -nettiere. -net- 
tata, F. : blow with the lance or spear. 
-nettiere, M. : lancer (spearman, pike- 
man), -nettina, dim. of -netta. 

giannettof, M. : genet (kind of Spanish 


giannettoue, aug. of giannetta. 

giannizzero [fr. Turk.], M. : janissary 

"(Turkish soldier); official of the Roman 

gianse-nismo [Giansenio], M. : Jansen- 

"ism. -nista, M. : Jansenist ; rigorist. 

giara [fr. ArJ, F. : JAR ; cup (vase). 

giardaf, F. : spavin (puffed sinews); 

"mockery (joke); trick. 

giardi-naggio, M.: art of cultivating gar- 

"dens. -netto, M.: car. dim. of -no; fruit 
(in a lodging-house pastry); ice-cream of 
different colours, -niera, F. : gardener's 
wife ; herb-woman ; pot of flowers (flower- 
stand); kind of carriage; necklace f. 
-niere, M. : GARDENER, gtardi-no 
[Ger. garten], M.: GARDEN ; paradise (love 
ly country); cesspool (water-closet)t- 

giardonet, aug. of giarda. 

giaretta, dim. of -giara. 

giarrettiera [Pr. jarretie're], F.: GAR- 

"TER : ordine della , order of the garter. 

giarrof, M. : JAR (pitcher). 

giat-tanzaf, -tanzia, F.: JACTANCY 

'(vainglory, brag), -turaf, F.: ill-luck; 
destruction (loss). 

giavaf, F. : store-room of a ship. 

giavazzo [Gr. gagdtes],M.: black bitumen. 

gfavellotto [?], M. : javelin. 

gib-bat, F., -"foot [t. -bus], M.: hunch 

"(protuberance, hump); eminence (height). 
-bosita, F. : gibbousness. -boso, ADJ. : 
humped (gibbous; hunchbacked); ele 
vated (raised). 

giberna [?], F. : cartridge-box; pouch. 

gic7te-ro [Sp. cfiieharo, pea], M. : colo- 

" cassia, -roso, ADJ. : full of colocassia. 

giga [Ger. geige], F. : ancient musical in- 

"strument ; jig (dancing air). 

gigaa-ta-eeio, aug. of -te. |[gigan-te 


[L. gigans], M.: giant: entrare nel % 
oppose a thing, be obstinate, -teggia- 
re, INTR.: be gigantic; (fig.) surpass 
(surmount)t- -teof, ADJ.: gigantic, -te- 
scamente, ADV. : in a giantlike manner. 
-tesco, ADJ.: gigantic; disproportion 
ate, -tessa, F. : giantess. 

gi^K-a-eeo, ADJ.: lilaceous (like a lily). 

*-ato, ADJ. : lilied ; marked or strewn with 
lilies ; sowed with liliesf. -etc, M. : bed 
of lilies, -etto, M. : dim. of ~o; kind of 
lace. llgifirH-o [L. lilium], M.: lily; 
flower-de-luce; (fig.) emblem of purity. 

gilda \Gilda, cap. of Libbia], F.: kind of 

"odourous water. 

gin[Eng.], M.: gin.^ 

gine^eo [Gr. gunaikeion (gun$ f woman)], 

"M.: gynseceum (part of a house for 
women); feminine conservatory f. 

gi-nepraf, F.: juniper - berry. ^ -ne- 

"praio, M. : place planted with juniper 
trees; labyrinth (intrigue, intricacy). 
H-nepro [L. juniperus], M. : juniper- 

gine-stra [L. genista], F. : broom-plant 

"(GENET), -strella, F. : dying broom. 
-streto, M. : place abounding in genets. 
-strevole, ADJ.: broomy (full of broom). 
-strina = -strella. -stroue, M.: kind of 

gingiaf = gengiva. 

gingil-lare, INTR., REFL.: waste one's 
"time on trifles (procrastinate), -lino, 
M. : one who makes his way through base 
ness or hypocrisy. Hgingil-lo [L. cin- 
gillum, small girdle], M. : trifle (toy, play 
thing); trifling-work; small picklockf. 
-lone, M. : one who wastes his time (tri- 

gingiva = gengiva. 

gin-nasiale, adj. of -nasio. H-nasio 
*[L. gumnasium], M. : gymnasium (school 
below the lyceum; class, gymnastic 
school), -nastica [Gr. gumnastes], F. : 
gymnastics, -nastico, ADJ.: gymnastic. 

ginnetto [?], M.: genet (Spanish stallion). 

gin-nico [Gr. gumnikos], ADJ.: gymnic 
"(of athletic exercises), -nosofista [Gr. 
gumno-sophistes], M. : gymnosophist. 

ginoc-cMata, F.: blow with the knee. 
"-cfciello, M. : hog's foot; knee-plate; 
wound in the knee of a horse, -c/tlno, 
car. dim. of -chio. Hginoc - cMo, pi. 
-chi or (/.) -chia [L. gehuculum, dim. of 
genu], M. : knee. -cMonef, -cMoni, 
ADV. : kneeling (upon one's knees). 

gof, INTERJ. : get up, go on (to horses) : 
'andare , go softly or gently. 

giocacc/iiare = gioeucchiare. 

gio-care, IRR. ; TR. : play (sport) ; wa- 
"ger (stake) ; risk losing (lose) ; joke (jest) ; 
rob (cheat)t ; speak jestingly (rail) : di 


bastone, know how to use a stick, beat 
(cudgel) ; di furberia, <T ingegno, di ma- 
lizia, play with sagacity ; di maestria, 
play In a masterly manner ; di mano, 
play with skill ; (jesting) cheat ; 
netto, fair play; sul &icuro, be snre 
of winning; di spada, know how 
to handle a sword; <T autorita, use 
authority, act by authority ; d' una cosa, 
make fun of a thing, -cata, F. : con 
tinual game ; stake ; manner of playing. 
-cata-c-eta, disp. of -cata. -catina, car. 
dim. of -cata. -catora-e<eio, disp. of 
-catore. -catore, M., -catriee, F. : 
player (gamester), -catorone, aug. of 
-catore. -cattolo, M. : useful toys or 
trinkets, -cfcerellare, INTE. : play little 
and at intervals, -cfrettino, dim. of 
-chetto. -cfretto, dim. of -co. Slgid- 
co [L. jocus], M. : game (play, diver 
sion); athletic exercise; JOKE (jest); 
mode of action or proceeding; art 
(artifice, trick) : far , deride (make fun 
of) ; brutto or cattiw , base trick ; ogni 
bel dura poco, continued jesting 
wearies ; chi ha cattiw rimescola le 
carte, who is poor desires a revolution of 
things ; di parole, pun ; marziale^, 
war ; a buon f , seriously ; a , for a 
joke (for fun) ; delta cieca, blindman's- 
buff. -co = 6rza, ADV.: esser , be 
necessary, -colare, INTE. : play tricks 
(amuse one's self), -colatore, M., -eo- 
latri-ee, F. : jumper, -colino, dim. of 
-co. gioco-lof, M. : sport (jest). 

Ind.; Pres. gi ( n}b-co, ^hi ) etc. : (u$ ac 
cented; *o, unaccented. 

gfocon-damente, ADV.: merrily (joy 
fully), -dare, TE.: render joyful (re 
joice); enjoy one's self, -devolef, ADJ.: 
pleasing (delightful, rejoicing)f. -dezza, 
-dita, F. : jocundity (joy, mirth), llgio- 
cou-do PL. jucundus, pleasant, agree 
able], ADJ. : jocund (joyful, gay, merryf) ; 
flourishing (of plants). 

gio-cosamente, ADV.: JOCOSELY (mer- 

*rily). -cosita, F.: jocoseness (mirth, 
gaiety). |]-coso [-co], ADJ. : jocose (play 
ful, merry) ; burlesque (of writers) ; (mus.) 
comic, cheerful (allegro) ; content, -cuc- 
oMare, INTE. : play (freq.) ; play some. 
-cti-e-eio, M.: little sport; little diver 

giocnl. . = giocol. . 

gio-gaia [L. jugalia], P.: dewlap (of 
*oxen) ; chain (of mountains) ; nape of the 
neckf. -gatico, M. : amount paid neigh 
bours for ploughing a field with their own 

giogant. . = gigant. . 

gio-^liato, ADJ.: mixed with, darnel. 
"t, M. : darnel. 



gio-go [L. jugum], M. : yoke ; (fig.) ; slav- 

*ery (servitude) ; tutelage, guardianship ; 
peak of a mountain, -gosof , ADJ. : moun 
tainous (girded with mountains). 
LO-ia [L. gaudia, pi. of gaudium], F. : 
JOY (gladness, delight) ; precious stone 
(JEWEL); (iron.) jewel ; a reinforce of 
the mouth of a cannon : bella, cara , 
tiresome person; mia, my love (my 
jewel) ; far f , rejoice ; far a uno^, 
entertain or feast one. -iale, ADJ.: joy 
ous (happy), -ialita, F. : joyousness. 
-iante, PART. : joyful (merry), -iellar, 
TE. : ornament with jewels; set or em 
bellish jewels, -ieliato, ADJ.: adorned 
or ornamented with jewels, -ielleria, 
F. : jeweler's art ; jewel-store, -ielliere, 
M.: jeweler, -iellino, dim. of -iello. 
-iello, M. : jewel; an excellent, lovable 
person; very valuable thing, -ietta, 
dim. of -ia. -ioref , M. : joy (contentment, 
mirth), -iosamente, ADV.: joyfully. 
-iosetto, ADJ. : somewhat joyful, -ioso, 
ADJ. : joyful (merry) ; vigorous (flourish- 
ingf ). -ire, INTE. : be in joy (rejoice). 

gfdlitof, M.: enjoyment (pleasure); re- 


giollarof, M. : buffoon. 

giomellat, F. : two handfuls. 

glorgeriaf, F.: bravery (valour). 

giorgina [Georgi, Russian scientist], F. : 

"dahlia (a flower). 

gior-na-e-eo, disp. of -no. -nala-e*eio, 

"disp. of -nale. -nale [-no], M. : journal 
(newspaper; diary); day-book; ADJ.: DI- 
UENALf (daily), -naletto, -nalino, 
car. dim. of -nale. -aaliere, M.: day-la 
bourer (workman); ADJ.: daily, -nalie- 
ro, ADJ.: daily, -nalista, M. : jour 
nalist, -aalmente, ADV. : daily, -aa- 
lu-e-eio, disp. of -nale. -nante, F. : 
day-girl ; turn at service (in the Brothers 
of Mercy), -narello, iron, or car. dim. 
of -Tio. -nata [-TZ.O], F. : term of a day ; 
day's work; daily gain (daily income or 
revenue); day's journey; field-battle 
(fight); epoch, period, day (of Bible); 
life (human existence) : le Cinque -nate t 
battles against Austrians in 1848 ; far , 
come to a battle; compiere la sua , 
die ; mvire alia , live without thought 
of the future ; alia > in , daily (every 
day, by the day); a gran , swiftly 
(quickly). -nat&&ea, disp. of -nata. 
-xLatina, car. or iron. dim. of -nata. 
-nea [Pr. journee from -nata], F. : ancient 
coat ; soldier's cloak ; robe (clerical vest 
ment) : mettersi la , undertake to main 
tain a thing with great arrogance, {{gior- 
no [L. diurnus, of the DAY] ; M. :" day ; 
midday; daybreak; time; life (exist 
ence); a , at daybreak; a ~ni, some 



days, at times ; a' miei , in my day (in 
my youth) ; buon , good day (good morn 
ing); di in , from day to day ; di , 
during the day ; essere, stare in , be up- 
to-date (be posted on daily events) ; farsi 
, become daylight ",fare di notte , work 
at night and sleep during the day ; eri- 
tico, critical day (of the sick) ; nero or 
magro, fish-day; il gran , judgment 
day; ogni ne passa uno, gently life 
passes away ; tvtf i -ni, every day (always, 
' continually). 

gios-tra [Prov. jostar (L. juxta, near)], 

*P.: JOUST (tournament); trickf (decep 
tion); jestf; skirmishf. -trante, M.: 
tilter. -trare, INTR. : have a joust, tilt ; 
roam about, dispute, strive; cheat (de 
ceive); combatf; woundf. ^ -tratore, 
M. : combatant (champion, tilter). -tro- 
ne t M. : one who roams about. 

Giotto, M.: Giotto (famous painter): fare 
'un come , draw a circle with a steady 
hand ; tondo come V di , round as the 
of (i.e. dull in comprehending, cred 

giovamento [giovare], M.: aid (relief); 

'utility, advantage. 

gio-vana-e-eio, M. : disp. of -vane; wild 

'young man. -vanagfliaf , P. : multitude 
of youths ; youth, -vanastro, M. : wild, 
reckless youth. Hgio-vane [L. juve- 
nis], ADJ.: youthful (young); tender; 
new ; careless (incautious) ; M., F. : young 
man (youth) ; young woman : tempo^, 
spring, -vame^giaref, INTE.: play 
the youth (act a b'oy). -vanellof , ~va- 
nescof, ADJ.: young (youthful), -va- 
netto, ADJ.: youthful; M.: youth; young 
man. -vanezza, F. : youth; thought- 
lessnessf ; juvenile pleasuref . -vamile, 
ADJ.: JUVENILE (young), -vamilmen- 
te, ADV. : youthfully (in a youthful man 
ner). -vanin.0, car. din. of -vane, -va- 
nottino, car. or iron. dim. of -vanotto. 
-vanotto, M.: any. of -mne or -vine: 

giova-re [L. juvare], INTE.: be useful; 

"be of use ; AID (help ; favour) ; pleasef : a 
che giova f of what use? to what purpose? 
mi giova credere, I am ready to believe ; 
giova sperare, it is well to hope, -tivof, 
ADJ. : useful ; pleasing, -toref, M., -tri- 
ee, F. : helper (aider). 

Giove [L. Jovem], M. : Jove (Jupiter). 
*giove-di [L. Jovis dies, day of Jove], 
M.: Thursday. 

gio-venca, F. : heifer. ||-v&nco [L. ju- 

'veTicus], M. : young steer (bullock). 

giove-nezza, F. : youth, -nile, ADJ.: 

'juvenile (of a youth). Ji-ntu [L. juven- 
tus], F. : youth; youths (number of young 


gio - vere-e-eio [-vare], ADJ. : pleasing 

'(agreeable), -vevole, ADJ. : helpful (prof 
itable). -vevolezzaf , F. : utility (use, 
advantage), -vevolm.en.te, ADV.: use 
fully (profitably, advantageously). 

gio-viale [Giove], ADJ. : jovial (pleasant); 

"of Jovef. -vialita, F. : jovialty (gaiety). 
-vial one, aug. of -male. 

giovin. . = giovan. . 

gira [girare], F.: indorsement (of a prom- 

'issory note); turningf (turn, revolution). 
-capo [-re, capo, head], M. : dizziness 
(vertigo), -dito [-re, dito, turning about 
the finger], M. : whitlow. 

giraffa [Ar. garrafah], F. : giraffe. 

gira-mento [-re], M. : vertigo ; rotationf 

"(revolution), -mondo [-re, rove, mondo, 
world], M. : vagabond (tramp), gira-n- 
dola, F. : catherine-wheel (firework); 
voluble and fickle person; turning or 
wheeling round; intrigue (perplexity, 
maze) ; fancy (chimera, fanciful conceit) ; 
strange thought (caprice) : c?ar foeo alia 
, say what one thinks, decide or resolve 
on a certain proposition ; dar nelle -ndole 
go mad. -randolare, INTR,: roam about 
(rove); turnf (wheel); fancyt (muse); 
craftily findf- -ndoletta, -ndollna, 
dim. of -ndola. -ndolino, M. : fickle 
person; weathercock, -ndolona, p., 
-ndolone, M. : roamer. 

giranio = geranio. 

gi-rante, M.: indorser. H-rare [-ro], 

"TE. : turn (wheel, whirl) ; encircle (sur 
round, enclose) ; revolve ; (fig.) be care 
ful or cautious ; circulate (of money) ; 
wind (of streets) ; get spoiled (of wine) ; 
feel giddy; have extravagant ideas (be 
capricious) ; get angryf : una camMd- 
le f indorse a note ; di lordo, largo, 
avoid a difficulty ; nella memoria, nel- 
la mente, remember, -rarosto [-rare, 
arrosto], M. : spit (roasting-jack), -ra- 
sole [-rare, sole], M. : sunflower ; gira- 
solef (opal-stone), -rata, F. : turn (rev 
olution) ; hand (at cards) ; circulation ; 
indorsement, -ratario, M. : the person 
in whose favour a note is indorsed ; first 
indorser. -ratma, P.: dim. of -rata; 
short walk, -rativof, ADJ.: circular 
(that turns about), -rato, PART. : arro- 
sto , cooked on the spit, -ratona, 
aug. of -rata. -ravdlta [-rare, volfa], 
F. : quick turn (turning) ; gyration (wind 
ing). -ravoltare, INTR. : turn about. 
-razionet, P.: gyration (turning around). 

gire [L. ire], DEPECT. ; INTR. : (poet.) go ; 


Ind. : Pres.^ gidmo, gite. Imp! . giva. or 
gia . Pret. gistil gimmo> giste, girono. Fut. 
girb. Cond. j&rh'. Subj.: freLgissi. Part. 
gi-rella [-ro'], p.: disc (to play with),- 


pulley; (fig.) voluble person; political 
backslider ; rowel of a spurf ; wheelf (of 
cheese) ; capricef (whim) ; weathercoekf: 
dare nelle -relle, go crazy, -rellaiof, 
M, : maker or vender of discs or pulleys ; 
(Jig.) inconstant fellow, -rellare, INTR. : 
take short walks for diversion, -relli- 
na, dim. of -rella. -rello, M. : heart 
or bottom of an artichoke ; round-steak ; 
ring; circlef; whitlowf. -rellonare, 
INTR. : walk about continually (loaf), -rel- 
16 na, P., -rellone, M. : loafer, -ret- 
tino, dim. of -retto* -retto, dim. of 
-ro. -revole, ADJ. : that can turn, easi 
ly turning ; fickle (inconstant, voluble). 
girifalco, girfalcof [Ger. geier, vul- 
"ture,/aZ&, hawk], M.: gerialcon. 
girigogolo [?], M. : flourish with the pen. 
gi-ro [L. gyms, circle], M. : GYRE (circu 
lar motion, turn, rotation) ; circle (cir 
cumference, circuit) ; complete turn ; cir 
cular voyage or journey; circulation (of 
money, etc.); brim (of a vase); circular 
rows : in , about, around, by turns ; H 
del visa, contour of one's face ; del 
periodo, disposition of words in a sen 
tence; per , roundabout, -ronda = 
ghironda. -r6n.e,H.: aug. of -ro: andar 
a or -roni, ramble about, -ronzare, 
-ronzGlare, INTR.: ramble or wander 
about, -rovago, ADJ.: vagabond (rov 
ing or rambling). 

gi-ta [gire], p.: excursion; jaunt: far 
' f take exercise (walk about). -terI- 
la, car. dim. of -ta. 
gitof, PART. : gone. 
gittaionef, M. : (lot.) coriander. 
gitta. . = getta. . 

git-tof, M. : throw; jet; mortar; ADV.: 
'precisely (exactly, directly). 
gittonef, M. : coriander-seed. 
giti [giuso], ADV.: down, below; down 
'with: di II, about there; approximately ; 
andar , go down ; go out of use ; grow 
worse in health; lose interest; mandar 
, swallow; believe; ruinf; ridar , 
get sick again, get worse; tirarla a 
uno, slander one behind his back. 
gab-ba [fr. Ar.], P.: swallow-tailed coat 
"(dress-coat); mane; petticoatf. -ba-e- 
ela, disp. of -ba. -bereUof = -bettino ; 
dim.of-betto. -betta = -betto. -bette, 
P. PL.: gibbet (gallows), -bettina, -bet- 
tino, car. dim. of -betta, -betto. -betto, 
M.: dressing-jacket; gibbet. 
giub-bilare [L. jutrilare], INTR.: re- 
* joice ; TR. : grant a pension (give a sine 
cure), -bilazione, P. : rejoicing (feast 
ing, jubilation), -bileo, M.: jubilee. 
-Mlosof, ADJ. : overjoyed. 
giuVbon-eello, dim. of -bone. Ji-bone 
*[-&a], M. : coat of coarse cloth. 



giubil. . = giubbil. . 

gf nca. .f = gioca. . 

ginc-carello, -cfeerello, dim. jf -co. 

*-cata, F : foolish action, -c/teria, P. : 

senselessness, giuc-co [?], ADJ. : fool 
ish (silly). 

gin-daico, ADJ. : Jewish, -daismo, M.: 
'Judaism, -daizzare, INTR.: judaize. 
Si-deo [Judm], M.: Jew (Israelite); ADJ. : 

giudi - cabile, ADJ.: judicable (which 
'can be judged), -cainejitof , M. : judg 
ment (decree, opinion); penalty (punish 
ment), -care, TR. : judge (pass judg 
ment upon, decide); condemn f; leave, 
will (bequeath in testamentsjf ; desire to 
be. -cativo, ADJ.: judicative, judiciary. 
-catof, M.: judgment; jurisdiction; dis 
trict of a judge, -catore, M M -catriee, 
P.: judge (decider)f. -catdrio, ADJ. : 
judicatory (judicial) ; of judiciary astrol 
ogy- -catrnra, P.: judicature, office, 
dignity (of a judge), -cazione, p.: 
judgment (sentence), flgindi-ee [L. 
judex], M. : judge (magistrate); doctor of 
lawsf; jurisprudent. -c/ievoLmentef, 
ADV. : justly (judiciously). ~ei. . = -zi. . 
-ziale, ADJ.: judicial; of judicial astrol- 
ogyf. -zlalmente, ADV.: judicially. 
-ziariaf, P.: jurisdiction of a judge. 
-ziario, ADJ.: judiciary (judicial); M. : 
astrologer, giudi-zio, M.: judgment 
(reasoning, understanding); court of jus 
tice (tribunal) f ; indicationf (sign), -zio- 
so, ADJ.: judicious (prudent), -ziosa- 
mentet, ADV. : judiciously. 
gitiggfaref, TR. : judge (decide). 
giB.ggio-la [L. jujuba], p. : fruit of the 
jujiib'e-tree : andar e in broda di -U, 
show great content, -lena, p. : (uneom.) 
the plant sesame, -lino, ADJ. : jujube- 
coloured (yellowish - red), gitiggio-lo, 
M.: jujube-tree. 

gmfirnere, etc. = giungere, etc. 
^iu-<;n.o [L. Junius], M. : June. 
giu-golare, -gulare [L. jugutaris], 
"ADJ.: jugular. 
giuladro = giullare. 
giu-lebbare, TR.: cook in sugar (of 
'fruit); sweeten too much, [j-lebbe D. L. 
julapiumj, -lebbof , M.: julep : 4ebb& lun- 
go f, prolix discourse. 

giu-liaf, P.: kind of odorous herb, -lia- 
"naf , F. : soup of herbs and vegetables ; 

ginliazLzaf, P. : jollity (joy). 
gi&lioi [Pope Julius], M.: jule (small 
'silver coin); Julyf. 

giuK-ofs, ADJ.: gay (joyous); M.: joy 
"(happiness), -vameate, ADV.: gladly 
(joyously), -vettofr dim. of -w. -vi- 
taf, P. : joy (gayety). Uginli-vo [OFr. 

204 giullare 

jolif, ak. to Eng. jolly], ADJ. : joyous (jol 
ly, content). 

gitil-lare [L. joculator], M.: merry-an- 
"drew (buffoon, jester), -laresco, ADJ. 
comical (antic, foolish); of a buffoon, 
-leriaf , F. : buffoonery. 
giumella [gemelfa], F.; measure of two 

jpn-menta, F. : mare ; prostitute f : le- 
gar la, f, tie the mare, sleep well. 
-mentier e t, M. : ass -driver; stud- 
keeper. H-mento [L. jumentum], M. : 
beast of burden. 
giuna-ret = digiunare. 
giim-caia, p. : place of rushes, -car of, 
*TR. : strew with rushes and flowers, -ca- 
ta, F.: junket. -c/tigrKa, F. : jonquil 
(species of the narcissus or daffodil). 
!Igiun-co [L. juncus], M.: rush (bulrush): 
cercare il nodo net , seek difficulties 
and defects where there are none. 
giim-gere [L. jungere], IRR. ; INTR. : 
"arrive; TR. : JOIN (unite); overtake; in 
duce t; reduce t; cheat f; hitf- -gi 
mentof, M. : joining (junction, union)." 

Ind.: Pret. giun-si, -se ; -sero. Pa.rt.giun- 
to. Poet, giugn. . 

gi/aniperot, M. : juniper-tree. 
giim-ta, F. : addition (increase) ; appen- 
*dix (to a book); junta (assembly, council); 
joint t; arrival f: di , into the bargain 
(to boot); a prima f di prima , at first 
(in the beginning), -tare, TR. : sew to 
gether (unite); deceive (cheat), -tato- 
ref, M. : cheat (rascal), -teria, F. : 
cozening (fraud, cheating). Hgtnn-to 
[-gere], PART.: arrived; swindled! (de 
ceived), -tura, F. : articulation (join 
ing); con junction f- 
giuoc. . = gioc. . 
giu-raddina, -raddiana (vulg. euphe- 
"mism) = -raddio. -raddio [giuro, a, Did], 
INTERJ.: (angry) oath, giu-raf, F.: oath ; 
conspiracy (plot), -ramento, M.: oath: 
dar il , administer the oath, -rante- 
mentef, ADV. : on oath, -rare, INTR.: 
take an oath; TR. : swear; affiance (be 
troth): giurarla a uno, swear revenge 
against one ; un ujficio, un magistrate, 
swear to exercise an office conscientiously. 
-rato, PART. : bound by an oath (sworn) ; 
M. : juror (jury-man); conspirator f: don 
na -ta, fiancee (bride-elect), -ratoref, 
M., -ratri-ee, F. : swearer, -ratorio, 
ADJ. : JURATORY (sworn) : cauzione ria, 
oath to put one's property at the disposal 
of the government, -razionef = -ra 
mento. ||gfu-re [L. jus, law], M. : law 
(jurisprudence): in , according to law. 
-re=consulto, M.: jurisconsult; civilian. 
-ri, M. : jury, -ridicamente, ADV. : 
juridically (lawfully), -ridieita, F. : 


jurisdiction, -ridico, ADJ.: juridical 
(lawful, legal), -risdizionale, ADJ.: 
jurisdictional. -risdizione, -ridizio- 

ne [L. jurisdictio], F.: jurisdiction; 
power (authority); place over which juris 
diction is exercised : di sangue~f, power 
of condemning to death, -risperito [L. 
juris-peritus], M. : jurisconsult (learned 
lawyer), -risprndentef = -risperito. 
-risprudenza [L. juris-prudentia], F. : 
jurisprudence, -rista, M.: jurist; civil 
ian, giu-ro, M. : oath : far d' assas* 
sino, take a desperate oath. ||giu-s [L. 
jus], M. : law (jurisprudence) ; right (jus-^ 
tice). -sdi-eente, M. : judge. 

giusof [L. de-orsum, 'down- turned ']> 
'ADV.: down, below. 

gius=patronato, M. : right to confer a 

giusquiamo [fr. Gr.], M.: (bot.) henbane. 

gidsta [L. iuxta, near], PREP. ; according 
*to, inasmuch as, conformably to; nearf 
(hard by) ; withf. 

giustac(u)6re [Fr. just-au-corps], M. : 
'close coat. 

gius-tamente, ADV.: justly (rightly). 
'-tezza, F. : justness (precision) ; punctu 
ality; (typ.} the equal length of a line 
-tificabile, ADJ.: justifiable, -tifican- 
te, ADJ. : justifying, -tificare, TR. : 
justify; prove; regulate: clear f (jus 
tify, exculpate); REFL.: justify or clear 
one's self (prove one's innocence), -tifi- 
catamente, ADV.: rightly (justifiably, 
in a justifying manner), -tificativo, 
ADJ. : justificative, -tificatore, M., -ti- 
ficatri-ee, F. : justifier (defender), -ti- 
ficatorio, ADJ.: justificatory; justifica- 
tivef. -tificazione, F. : justification 
(vindication), -tizia [L. justitia], p.: 
justice; execution; (pL) judges (tribunal); 
gallowsf (gibbet): far la coWascia, 
coll' accetta, render justice freely ; chia- 
mar in , sue at law ; andare alia , 
go to execution; originale, state of 
innocence, -tiziare [-tizia], TR. : exe 
cute (put to death) : una persona, re 
duce one to a most pitiful state, -tizia- 
to, PART.: judged (executed, punished). 
-tizieratof, M. : jurisdiction, -tiziere, 
-tizierof, M. : hangman (executioner) ; 
judgef- -tiziosof, ADJ. : just (upright), 
llgi-ds-to [L. Justus], ADJ. : just (equita- 
bl'e) ; upright ; precise (exact ; opportune) ; 
necessary; useful; ADV.: precisely (just 
ly): per dirla -ta, to speak the truth; 
conto , exact account ; appunto, pre 
cisely for that. 

glabaf, F. : sprout (twig, shoot). 

gla-eiale [L. -lis] t ADJ. : glacial (icy). 

gladia-tore [L. -tor (gladius, sword)], 
M.: gladiator, -torio, ADJ.: gladia* 


tonal, gladio t, JL: sword (poniard, 

glan-dtila, -dolaf [L. (dim. of giant)], 
P.: gland; kernel, -dnlare, ADJ.: glan 
dular, -duletta, dim. of -dula. -dtt- 
li=forxne, ADJ. : glandiform, -duldso, 
ADJ.: glandulous. 

glastof, glastrof, M.: (bot.) woad (a 
plant used for dyeing). 

glau-co [L. -cu$], ADJ. : sea-green (ceru 
lean). -cM, M. PL. : kind of fish popular 
among the Romans, -coma, M. : glau 
coma (disease of the eyes). 

glavef, M. : swordfish. 

gleba [L.], p. : turf (clod) : servi delta , 

gli ("L. itti\, ART., M. PL. : the ; PRON. : to 
him; (fam.) to her; to them; them; it 
(that); ADV.f: there (yonder). 

gli-eerina [Gr. glukeros, sweet], P. : gly 

gliconio [fr. poet Glukon], M.: kind of 

glie-, for gli hefore Zo, la, le, ne. 

glifo [Gr. gltiphos], M. : glyph. 

glit-tica [Gr. gluptike], ? art of carv 
ing precious stones. -to=graia, p.: 

glo, us'ly [echoic], M. : gurgle (in 

pouring from a hottle): fare , drink. 

glo-bettino, dim. of -betto. -betto, 
M. : dim. of -60; globule. !iglo-bo [L. 
-bus], M.: globe (sphere, earth, ball); 
band of soldiersf. -bosita, p. : globosity 
(rotundity), -boso, ADJ. : globular (glo 
bose, round), -bnlare = -boso. -bu- 
letto, dim. of -bulo. glo-bulo, dim. 

of -bo. 

glori-a [L.], p. : glory (reputation, honour, 
praise) ; heaven; verse of a prayer; kind 
of grapef : andare a , have great satis 
faction or delight ; aspettare a , await 
with great anxiety ; farsi d* una cosa, 
boast of a thing ; sonare a , ring the 
bells for joy ; non tutti i salmifiniscon in 
, not all hazardous undertakings are 
successful, -riare, EEFL.: take pride 
in ; boast ; hold one's self in esteem ; TR.f : 
glorify (praise, make glorious), -riatof, 
M. : glory; PART.: glorious (magnificent). 
-riazionef, P.: vainglory (ostentation, 
pride), -rificaxnentot, M. : glorifica 
tion (act of glorifying), -rificare, TR.: 
glorify (praise) ; take pridef (boast, brag). 
-rificativo, ADJ. : able to glorify, -ri- 
ficatore, M., -rificatri-ee. P.: glorifier. 
-rificazione, P.; glorification, -riosa- 
mente, ADV.: gloriously ; vainly (haughti 
ly, conceitedly), -riosetto, dim. of 
-rio&o. -rioso, ADJ.: glorious (famous, 
illustrious) ; vainglorious (proud, haughty): 
vino , generous wine ; misteri -osi, glo- 



nous mysteries (of the rosary), -riw-e- 
eia, -riuzza, disp. dim. of -rid. 

glos-at,-sa [L., tongue], P.: gloss (note, 
exposition), -aref, -sare, TR.: gloss 
(expound, comment upon), -sario, M.: 
glossary (vocabulary), -atoref, -sato- 
re, M. : glosser (commentator), -sema, 
M. : explanatory word. -sograJKa, P. : 
glossography. -sografo, M. : glossogra- 
pher. -sologia, p. : glossology. 

glot-ta, -tide [Gr. gldtta, tongue], P.: 
glottis, -tologia, F. : glottology. -to- 
logico, ADJ. : glottological. 

glucosio [Gr. glukeros, sweet], M. : glu 
cose. " 

gluma [L., hull, husk], P. : glume. 

gMti-ne [L. gluten], M.: glue; coagn- 
lum (clot of blood) ; any viscous substance. 
-nosita, p.: glutinosity. -noso, ADJ.: 
glutinous (viscous, sticky), gluti-nof 
= -ne. 

f/nacc7iera = nacehera. 

f/naFat, F- : prostitute. 

gnaffet, ADV. : in truth ! by my troth 1 

{/natonet, M. : glntton. 

gna-o, -n [echoic], M.: mewing (of a 
cat), -ulare, INTR.: mew. -ulata, 
p. : mewing, -ulio, M. : continued mew 
ing, gnan-lo, M. : mewing. 

r/n.6cco [?], M. : dumpling; dunce (block 
head, simpleton). 

gno-met, P. : gnome (maxim), gno-mi- 
co, ADJ.: gnomic. !ign6-mo [Gr. gno 
me, intelligence], M. : gnome (genius). 
-mone [Gr. gnomon], M. : gnomon, in 
dex (of a sun dial), -moaica, p. : gno- 
monics. -monioo, ADJ.: gnomonical. 

gnorri [ignore], M., INVAR. : far lo , 
feign ignorance. 

grnos-tiei [Gr. -is, cognition], M.: gnos 
tics, -tico, ADJ. : nobody; none. 

gob-ba, p.: hump (hunch, prominence). 
-ba-e-eio, disp. of -bo. -betto, car. 
dim. of -bo. !!gab-bo [L. gibbus], ADJ. : 
humped (humpbacked; hunched; GIB 
BOUS); curved; winding; M.: hunchback; 
hunch (hump; bulge); artichoke plant* 
-bone, (/am.) andar , go bent, -buz- 
zof , dim. of -bo. 

g&e*eia, -eiola %*guttea (L. guttaj], P. : 
drop; earring; (arch.) guttse; crackf: ffl 
a , drop by drop ; acddente a -ciok, 
apoplexy, -ciare, -efolare, TR. : drop 
(pour out by drops) ; INTR. : drip (fall by 
drops) ; be desperately in love withf. 
-eiolamentot, M.: dropping, -etola- 
toio, M.: gutter (drain), -eiolatdra, 
p. : dropped wax. ~ei oletta, eoliiia f 
dim. of -eiola. -eiolino, dim. of -ciolo. 
go-eolo, M. : drop (small quantity of 
liquid, the least drop) ; least bitf. ~cio- 
lone, M. : aug. of -ciola and -cf olo ; (fig.) 



dunce (ninny). -efolosot, ADJ. : Crop 
ping, -eiolotti, M. PL.: munitions or 
provisions for hunting. 
go-dente, PART.: enjoying; possessing; 
PL.: of monks belonging to a religious 
order of knighthood, li-der [L. gau- 
dere], (IRR.); INTR.: enjoy (take pleasure ; 
rejoice) ; possess : la, vita, spend life 
in enjoyment ; un podere, receive the 
rents of an estate ; le tasse, be exempt 
from taxes; godersela, enjoy one's self. 
-dere-eo,-devole, ADJ.: pleasant (giv 
ing pleasure, agreeable), -devolmente, 
ADV.: agreeably (pleasantly, with joy). 
-dibile, ADJ.: enjoyable, -dimento, 
M.: enjoyment (pleasure), -diosof, ADJ.: 
joyful (merry), -ditore, M.:^good fel 
low (jovial companion), -diktat, ^ P. : 
gaiety (revelry, enjoyment), -duto, 
PART.: enjoyed. 

Fut. goderb or godrb. Cond. god(e)rti. 

gof-faggine,F.: awkwardness (stupidity). 
-fame'nte, ADV.: awkwardly (ungrace 
fully), -feggiare, INTR. : act awkward 
ly, -feria", "-fezzaf, P.: awkwardness. 
||gof-fo [?], ADJ.: awkward ; astonishedf ; 
M. : awkward person; kind of game at 
cards, -fone, aug. of -fo. -fdtto, ADJ.: 
a little awkward. 

g6f/na [?], P.: iron collar or band; pil 
lory; (fig.) rogue. 

go-la [L. gula], P.: throat; gluttony; 
gluttonous or greedy person; conduit 
(pipe); defile; appetite (desire): sentirsi 
un nodo alia , want to cry ; far un pec- 
cato di , want a thing badly ; mentire 
p er 9 ii e m the throat ; parlare in , 
speak low; di monte, defile (gorge). 
-la-eeia, disp. of -la. -laref, -leggia- 
ref, INTR. : covet (want, desire), -let- 
tax, P.: car. dim. of -la; collar; (Jig.) 
gluttonous person ; necklacef; mouldingf . 

goletta2 [Fr. go$lette],F.: schooner (small 

goletto [gola], M. : neckband (of a shirt), 

goliardo [?], M. : student (in the Middle 

golfo p. Gr. kdlphos], M. : GULF (bay) : na- 
vigare a lanciato, sail in the main sea. 

go-lino [-Za], M. : fillip in the throat. 
-losamente, ADV. : greedily, -losita, 
P. : gluttony (lust), -lose, ADJ. : greedy 
(gluttonous, desirous). 

gol-patof, ADJ.: of a fox; mildewed 
(blasted, blighted). Ilgol-pef [volpe], P.: 
fox ; blight (mildew), -ponef, M. : cun 
ning fox ; old wily fox. 

gombina [?], P.: thong (of a flail); ridgef 
(between furrows). 

gombitot =gomito. 

gomena [?], p. : cable. 


gomlref = vomitare. 

go-mitata, P.: blow with the elbow. 
llgo-mito, pi. -i or -a [cubito], M. : el 
bow; arm; angle (corner); cubit (meas- 
ure)f : alzar il , be fond of drink. 

gomi-tolaret, TR. : reel (wind) ; REFL. : 
gather into groups or clusters, -tolmo, 
dim. of -tola. Hgoml-tolo [L. glomus\ 
M. : ball or clew of thread ; cluster of 
bees ; subterfugef : della terra, globe. 

gomito-aef, -ai, ADV. : leaning on the 

gom-ma CL. gummi\, P.: gum; kind of 
venereal disease (bubo)f: turca, in 
cense; arabica, gum arabic. -mi- 
fero, ADJ.: gum-producing, -moso, 
ADJ. : gummous (gummy). 

gomo-naf, P.: cable, -nettaf, P.: dim. 
of -na; tackling of great guns. 

gon-dat [Gr. kondu, cup], P.: bark (boat). 
gon-dola, p. : gondola, -doletta, car. 
dim. of -dola. -doliere, M. : gondolier 

gonf alo-ne [OHG. gund-fano, battle-flag]* 
M. : gonf anon (standard, banner, flag): te- 
nere il , direct (be at the head), -nie- 
rato, M. : dignity or office of the stand 
ard-bearer; time which that office lasts. 
-niere, -nierof, M. : standard-bearer 
(ensign) ; supreme magistrate of the Flor 
entine republic ; head (chief)f. 

gon-fiat, M. : glass-blower, -fiagginet, 
-fiagionef, P. : swelling, tumour." -fia- 
mento, M.: swelling; pride (haughti- 
ness)f. -fiairavoli, M. PL.: vainglo 
rious, boasting man. H-fiare [L. con- 
flare, blow up], TR. : swell, blow out ; puff 
up (with pride); INTR.: swell; become 
proud (be puffed up with pride) ; be 
swollen with anger, -fiatof, M. : swell 
ing; pride, -fiatoio, M. : instrument 
for filling with gas or air ; syringe (squirt). 
-fiatore, M. : puffer (flatterer) ; inflater. 
-fiatura, p.: effect of swelling; haughti 
ness; flattery, -fietto, dim. of -fio. 
-fiezza, P.: swelling; pride, gon-fio, 
ADJ.: swollen; proud (conceited); bom 
bastic, turgid (style); M.: swelling, tu 
mour : andar , show vainglory, -fiore, 
M. : small swelling, -fidttof , M. : swim 

gon-ga [?], P. : tonsil, gland ; swelling of 
the tonsils (sore throat), -golare [-golo], 
INTR.: jump for joy; be transported, -go- 
so, ADJ.: glandulous ; of sore throat. 

gongrof, M. : conger-eel. 

goniometro [Gr. gonia, angle, matron, 
measure], M. : goniometer. 

gon-na [? ak. to Eng. gown}, -nella, p. : 
petticoat (skirt); coatf; vestf; human 
bodyf. -nella-e-eia, disp. of -nella. 
-nelletta, -nellina, dim. of -nella 


-aellino, M.: child's dress. -neUo, M.: 

kilts, tunic, -nellone, aug. of -nello. 

-neH&e-ea, disp. dim. of -nella. 
gonorrea [Gr. -rrhoia (gonos, genital, 

rheiTij flow)], p. : gonorrhoea. 
gonzo [?], ADJ.: credulous (simple); too 



gora [?], p. : conduit, trench ; mill-race : 
una di sangue, flow of blood. 

gorbia, p.: ferrule (at lower end of a 
cane); chisel; gougef. 

gordiano [Gordio], ADJ. : Gordian. 

gorello, M. : dim. of gora; small water- 

gdr-gaf, P.: throat (gullet, windpipe). 
-gera, p.: collar or ruff of fine cloth; 
gorget (armour for the neck), -geretta, 
-gerina, dim. of -gera. -g/teggia- 
mento, M. : trilling (quave, shaking). 
-g&eggiare, INTR.: trill (quaver, shake); 
warble; gnimblef, rattle (of the intes 
tines), -gfteggiatore, M.: triller ; 
warbler. -gfteggio, M.: trill (shake). 
-gftetto, dim.' of -go. gor-gia, p.: 
prolonged and aspirated pronunciation of 
consonants; gullet (throat) f; tremulo 
(trill)f. -giera, P.: = -gera; throatf; 
cover (lid)." -gieretta, dim. of -giera. 
-gionef, M.: drunkard (toper), f Igor-go 
[L. gurges],M..: vortex (whirlpool); gulf 
(abyss). -gogrliamento, M. : gurgling. 
-goflfl^are* INTR.: gurgle (bubble up, 
boil); get wormyf. -gogrliato, PART.: 
worm-eaten (wormy), -go^lio, M. : gur 
gling (bubbling); rumbling or rattling in 
the throat or intestines, -gogrlione, 
M. : (zool.) weevil (mite); kind of birdf. 

gor-goiie, gor-gone [L. -gona (Gr. -gos, 
terrible)], P.: (myth) gorgon; shield of 
Minerva, -goneo, -gonio, ADJ.: gor- 
gonian ; (Jig.) hard ; fierce. 

gorgoranot, M. : grogram (silk stuff). 

gorgoz-zaf [gargozza],F.: throat (gullet). 
-z-dle, disp. of -za. 

gorilla [fr. Afr.], M. : gorilla. 

gomaf , P. : gutter (drain). 

gdrraf, P. : kind of ozier ; coarse woollen 

gor-zarettof, -zarinof , -zerinof , M. : 
collarette (small ruff). 

go-ta [? L. gabata, platter], p. : cheek ; 
cheek-piecef (of a helmet): stare in -te, 
be reserved or grave ; cappucio,a-te, hood 
(cowl), -ta-e-eia, disp. of -ta. -tata, 
F. : slap (cuff), -tellimaf, dim of -ta. 

gotico [GotQ, ADJ.: Gothic; (typ.) Old- 
English (black-letter). 

gotina, car. dim. of -ta. 

goto, ADJ. : Gothic ; M. : Goth. 

go-tona, -tone, aug. of -ta. 

got-ta [L. gutta, drop], P. : GOUT ; dropf : 
serena, disease of the eyes, -tato, 

ADJ. : spotted, -tazza, p. : scoop (skeetl 
got-to [L. guttus, vase], M. : goblet (bowl, 
cup), -tdso, ADJ.: gouty. -t&eea, 
-tuzza, -dim. of -ta. 

gover-nalef, M. : helm (rudder) ; helms 
man, -namentot, M. : government (di 
rection). -Haute, ADJ. : governing ; p. : 
governess. IS-nare [L. gubernare}, TR. : 
govern (manage); steer (pilot); take 
care of ; manure ; season : tiTiof, dress 
one. -nativo, ADJ. : of government. 
-natora, disp. or iron, of -natore. -ma- 
tore, M. : governor; helmsmanf. -na- 
tri-ee, p.: governess. -nazioneT, p. : 
government, -niutef, M. : soil (manure). 
goyer-no, M. : government ; supreme ad 
ministration, constitution; state; strength 
ening (of wines) ; manure : sbarra di , 
hand-gear-rod (reversing lever). 

goz-zaia, p.: matter gathered in the 
throat ; goitref (wen) ; inveterate hatredf . 
{|goz-zo [gargozzo], M. : crop (craw, in- 
gluvies); goitre ; watering-troughf ; crusef 
(kind of cup) ; kind of fishing barque. 

gozzo-vif/lia igaudiMlia], p. : revelling. 
-vigrltare, INTR.: feast (revel, stuff). 
-vifirjiata, P.: revelry (stuffing), -viglto 
= -viglia. 

gozzuto [gozzo\ t ADJ. : having a wen or 

gracc7*i-a, P.: crow, jackdaw ; chatterer 
(babbler), -amento, M. : croaking ; prat 
tle, jl-are [L. graculus, jackdaw], INTR. : 
croak; prate (chatter) ; scream ; grumble- 
say vain or untrue things about another. 
-at a, p.: croaking; chat. -atore, 
-one, M. : croaker; prattler (babbler). 
graccM-o, M.: noise of croaking or 
prattling, graceolot, M.: jackdaw, crow. 

gra-ei-dare [L. -Hare, cackle], INTR. : 
CROAK; cluckf (cackle), -datore, M., 
-d atri-ee, p.: croaker ; prater ; slanderer. 
-dazione, P. : croaking ; cluckingf ; cack- 
lingf. -doso, ADJ.: croaking; chatty, 

gra-ei-le [L. -Its], ADJ. : slender (small, 
thin) ; weak, delicate, -letto, -lino, dim. 
of -le. -lita, p. : slenderness (thinness) ; 
weakness, delicacy. 

gra-eimolo {racimolo], M.: bunch of 
grapes; glean. 

gradaf, P. : gridiron. 

gra-daggiot, M. : favour; pleasure. 
H-daref [-do], INTR.: be divided by de 
grees; descend by degrees, TR.: grade; 

gra-dassata, p.: bullying. H-dasso 
Dniight G.], M. : cowardly bully. 

grada-tamente [grado], ADV.: grad 
ually (by degrees), -zione, p.: grada 

gradellaf, F. : fishing-basket (hurdle). 



gra-devole [-dire], ADJ.: pleasant, agree 
able (acceptable), -devolmente, ADV. : 
agreeably ; gratefully ; with pleasure, -di- 
mento, M. : acceptance; satisfaction; 

gra-dina, F. : fine dented chisel ; indenta 
tion, -dinar e, TR. : smooth with the 
chisel, -dinata, P. : flight of steps, -di- 
natnra,F.: chiselling; indentations made 
by it. ||-dinp [-do 2], M. : step (stair); 
large step ; chiself. 

gra-dire, TR. : accept with pleasure ; ap 
prove of; have desire; please (satisfy, 
content) ; recompense! (reward) ; iNTR.f : 
advance forward, ascend by steps, -dto, 
ADJ.: agreeable (welcome), -divamen- 
tef, ADV.: with much pleasure. II gra 
de i [Li. grains, pleasing], M.: pleasure 
(gratification, gratefulness) ; will ; favour : 
di luon , with pleasure (willingly) ; a 
mal or mal , unwillingly ; vi saprd , 
I shall be obliged to you ; venire in f, 
have better luck ; quando vi sard a 1> 
when you please ; sentii f , feel grateful ; 
a tuo ft a t y onr pleasure. 

gra-do2 pj. -dus], M. : grade (step, de 
gree); rank (dignity); (math.) degree; 
stairf ; species, naturef : tener il , pre 
serve one's dignity ; were in , have in 
esteem ; a a , gradually (little by 
little) ; di ~\ , spontaneously ; di in , 
successively, -duale, ADJ.: gradual ; M.: 
prayers after the epistle, -dn.alxn.ente, 
ADV.: gradually (by degrees), -duare, 
TR. : graduate, -duato, PART.: grad 
uated ; having rank or degrees, -dnata- 
mente = -datamente. -duatoria, p.: 
document containing graduated list of 
creditors, -duazione, P. : graduation. 
-duiref, TR. : ennoble. 

graf-fiamento, M. : scratch (scratching). 
-fiare [$o], TR. : scratch (claw) ; cut : 
roba, steal things, -fiasanti, M. : bigot, 
hypocrite, -fiata, p. : scratching ; mark 
of scratch, -fiatina, dim. of -fiata. 
-fiatdra, p. : scratch (slight tear], -fiet- 
to, M. : dim. of -fio ; little scratch ; mark 
ing iron. Hgraf-fio [OFr. gra/e (OGer. 
krapfo y hook, clasp)], M. : scratch ; hook. 

gr-amto [Gr. grdphein, write], M. : graf 
fito (kind of fresco painting), -afia, P. : 
mode of representing words in writing. 
-afieamente, ADV.: graphically, -afi- 
oo, ADJ. : graphic, -afite, P. : graphite 
(plumbago, blacklead). 

gra-0n(u)dla [-ndine], P. : hail ; small 
hailf; great quantity*}" : conoscer la 
della treggea, distinguish the good from 
the bad. -#nolare, INTR. : hail. 

gramaglia [Sp. -malla, coat of mail], P. : 
mourning clothes ; 0?#.)t darkness. 

granxaref , TR. : grieve (afflict, vex). 


gramatica. .f = grammatica. . 

gramezzaf, P. : sorrow (misery). 

grami-grna [L. -nea], P.: dog's-grass; 
sentir naseer la , hear the slightest 
noises. grami-grnot, -firuolo, M. : spe 
cies of the olive ; ADJ. : covered with 
dog's-grass. -0ndso, ADJ. : full of dog's- 
grass, -xia-eeo, ADJ.: gramineous. 

gram-ma [Gr., letter ; small weight], P. : 
gram (me). 

graxnznati-ca [L. (Gr. gramma f letter)], 
P. : grammar ; Latin languagef. -cale, 
ADJ.: grammatical, -calm.en.te, -ca- 
mente, ADV. : grammatically, -c astro, 
M. : (disp.) wretched or poor grammarian. 
-c/teria, P. : pedantic grammatical mi 
nuteness, grammati-co, M. : gram 
marian; Latinistf- -cu-e-cia, disp. of 

gram-mo = -ma. 

graxno [ am], ADJ.: wretched (mis 

gramo-la, p.: hemp -brake; kneading 
apparatus. H-lare [?], TR. : mash (hemp, 
etc.) ; knead, -lata = granita. -latura, 
p. : mashing flax or hemp ; kneading. 

grampaf , P. : claw (paw, talon). 

gramiifFat, F. : grammar. 

gran = grande. 

gra-na [-no], P.: grain; cochineal; 
roughness of the surface; kind of bad 
tobacco. -na01ia, P.: fusion of gold 
and silver into grains. -na#lie, F. PL.: 
grains in general, -naio, M. : granary; 
of corn (cereal), -naiolo, M. : corn- 
merchant (corn-chandler), -nare, INTR. : 
uncom. form of -nire; TR.f: reduce to 
grains, -nata, P.: broom; grenade; 
sort of a late plumf: esser di casa piu che 
la , be very familiar with ; pigliar la 
, send away every one from an office ; 
saltar la f> b& ^ ree f rom the superin 
tendence of parents or tutors, -nataio, 
M. : broom maker or seller, -natata, 
P. : blow with a broom, -natetta, -na- 
tina, dim. of -nata. -natiere, M. : 
grenadier, -natino, M. : small broom; 
daisyf. -nato, M. : pomegranate; gar 
net; granulated f; vigorous f; hardf. 
-natona, -natone, aug. of -nata. -ua- 
tuzzaf, disp. of -nata. 

granbestia or gran "bestia, F. : elk. 

gran=can-eelliere, M. : lord high chan 

gran=cane, M. : title of nobility in the 

gran=cassa, F. : one who beats the bass 
drum in a band. 

gran--eevolat, P.: crab. -cTtlesca- 
mente, ADV.: backwardly. -c/iiesco, 
ADJ.: crab -like, backward. -c7tiessa t 
F. of -chio. -cMetto, dim. of -chio. 


gran-e/iio [dim. of L. cancer], M.: cms- | 
tacea gen'ly (crayfish ; crab) ; CANCER ; 
cramp-iron (carpenter's holdfast); claw i 
of a hammer ; cramp : d i mare, lob 
ster; avere il alia searsella, spend 
money unwillingly ; a secco, pinch ; j 
prendere (or pigliare) un (a secco), be 
deceived, make a mistake; piu lunatico 
de* -eM, madder than a March hare. 
-cMoliso, dim. of -chio. -c/iione, 
aug. of -ckio. ~ei=porro, M. : grample 
(very large crab) ; great error (blunder) : 
pigliar un , make a blunder, -eiref, 
TR. : seize (grasp, snatch); rob (steal). 
gran-dxle-eio, disp. of -de. iigran-de 
[L. -dig], ADJ.: great (large, huge); tall 
(high); grand (sublime; eminent); princi 
pal; noble; M.: adult; nobleman, grandee; 
ADV. : greatly : nel piu gran verno, in mid 
winter ; di eta, old ; venir in alcuna 
eosa, perfect one's self in a thing; essere 
con twiof , be a greatly esteemed favourite ; 
notte f, long nights ; vino t, strong 
wine ; vita f , severe, austere life; gran 
mercato'f, cheap; gran pezzo"f, great while ; 
stare in sul , be grave and serious ; stare 
alia, f , live in great style, -deggiare, 
INTR. : play the great man; show pride (put 
on airs). - dement e, ADV.: greatly 
(much) ; noblyf; valoronslyf. -detto, ADJ. : 
dim. of -de; rather large, -dezza, F. : 
greatness Qargeness) ; grandeur (nobility, 
sublimity) ; excess (luxury) : dare a 
nno^ t render homage to one. -dezzata, 
P. : ostentatious luxury, -di-eello, -di- 
<, -di-c-efuolof , car. dim. of -de. 
-digxa, P.: pride (haughtiness); great- 
nessf . -di01i6ne, M. : large overgrown 
boy. -diloquenza [-de, eloquenza], F. : 

grandi-nare [-Tie], IMPERS.; INTE.: hail. 
-nata, p.: shower of hail; hailstorm. 
ligrandi-n [L. grando], p. : hail ; kind 
of pottage ; storm ; calamity (great mis 
fortune); small tumourf. -ulna, dim. 
of -ne; bit of pottage. 
grandino, car. dim. of grande. 
grandinosof , ADJ. : of hail; full of hail; 


gran-diosamente, ADV. : grandly (mag 
nificently) ; haughtily, -diosita, F.: 
grandeur (magnScence, sumptuousness). 
-dioso [-de], ADJ. : grand (imposing, ma 
jestic); grandiose (pompous, ostentatious). 
-diref, TR.: enlarge (increase); raise. 
-do = -dine, -done, aug. of -de. -do- 
re f = -dezza. -dotto, ADJ.: rather 
large, -dnca [-de, dueaj, M.: grand- 
duke, -ducale, ADJ. : grand-ducaL -dn- 
cato, M.: grand-duchy, -duch^ss 
p.: grand-duchess. 
gra-nelletto, -nelliao, dim. of -nello. 



ll-nello [dim. of -no], M. : grain (corn) ; 
seed or kernel (of fruits); testicles; bit 
(very small portion); duncef (blockhead). 

-nelloso, ADJ. : granulous (granular). 

gpran=farro [L./ar, grain], M. : spelt. 

gran.=fatto ADV.: great deal (much): 

fia, is it possible that? 

gran-Sa [OHG. krampk], P. : claw (clutch, 

talon), -fiata, F. : scratch (pinch, cut). 
ran^gnardia, p. : guard (^-and guard, 

gra-nifero [grano, grain, L.Jerre, bear], 
ADJ.: graniferous. -nigione, p., -mi- 
m.eB.tof, M. : act of becoming seed (run 
ning to seed), -aire, INTR.: seed (be 
come seed) ; TR. : yield seed or grain, -ni- 
ta, F. : ice (of lemon, orange, coffee, 
etc.). -xiitico, ADJ.: granitic, -niti- 
forme [-nito, formal, A^J- : granitiform. 
-Bito, ADJ. : granitic (grainy) ; solid 
(stout, firm) ; M. : granite ; form of seedfc 
stone-chiseif . -nitoio, M. : stone-chisell 
-nitore, M. : one who grains metals, etc. 
-aitndra, p.: going to seed; graining; 
milling (of a coin), -nrroro [-no, L. co- 
rare, devour], ADJ. : granivorous. 

gran-maestro, M. : grand master ; very 
leamedf or very able man. 

gpraxrnier-ee, gran zneavee -e, J&DV.: 
gramercy, I thank you. 

grano [L. granum], M. : GRAIN (corn); 
seed ; granule ; grain-weight ; very small 
quantity : ogni uccello conosce il , every 
one knows what is good. 

gra-noccMa [ranocchia], P., -noccTiio, 
M.: frog. 

gra-none [-no], M. : gold or silver twist 
sewn on embroidery (pearl), -mosof, ADJ.: 
full of grains (well-grained, grainy, gran 
ulous). -3tt=turco, M. : Indian corn, -nn- 
lare, ADJ.: granular; TR. : granulate 
(reduce to grains), -nnlatoio. M. : place 
where metals are granulated ; granulating 
sieve, -nulazione, P. : granulation, -im- 
loso, ADJ. : granulous. 

gran=visir, =visire, M. : grand vizier. 

grap-pa [OGer. 'grapfo], p.: hook, GRAP- 
pling-iron (grapple); brace, crotchet (in 
printing) ; fine brandy ; stem of cierriest. 
-paref , TR. : grapple (seize, catch), -pi- 
no, M.: grappling-iron; grapnel: a 
manof, hand-grapple, -pof* M.: grap 
pling (snatching, catching), -poletto, 
-polino, dim. of -polo, grap-polo, 
M.: bunch or cluster of grapes : nuow , 
doke , fool (blockhead); a Hf, in 
quantities. -poli*eio, disp. of -polo. 

gra-seiaf, F.: fat (lard, grease); provi 
sions; gain (advantage, profit), llgra- 
ce [OFr. granche, GRANary], P. PL.: pro 
visions (victuals); magistrate who super 
intends the markets, -sceta, p.: ricl 



grass land, -scere, -sciere, 

M. : commissary (superintendent of the 

graspof, M. : grape-stalk. 

grassa-H&eio, disp. of grasso. -xaente, 
ADV. : with fatness ; largely. 

gras-satore [L. -sari, go about], M. : 
highwayman (assassin), -sazione, p. : 
highway robbery. 

gras-sello, M.: bit of fat; flower of 
lime ; kind of figf. -setto, ADJ. : pretty 
fat. -sezza, p.: fatness (embonpoint, 
plumpness) ; richness (opulence) ; densi- 
tyf (thickness), -sino, ear. dim. of -so. 
H -so [crasso], ADJ. : fat (greasy, plump) ; 
wealthy (rich); advantageous; fertile; 
M. : fat (flesh) ; abundance : e che cola, 
he is excessively fat; discorsi -$i, slip 
pery (wanton) discourses; terreno , 
fertile land ; riso , loud burst of laugh 
ter; patto , good bargain; giorno di 
, meat day ; stare sul , live in plenty 
(be wealthy) ; parola -sa, obscure word ; 
alia -saf, with advantage; il piu 
d' un paese, most fertile part of a prov 
ince, -so-e-eio, ADJ. : rather fat. -so-e- 
-eione, aug. of -soccio. -sottino, ADJ.: 
dim. of -sotto; rather fat. -sdtto, ADJ.: 
pretty fat. -sottone, ADJ.: aug. of 
-sotto ; rather fat. 

grassulat, F. : fine, delicate fig. 

gr assume, M. : disp. of -so; fat sub 
stance ; manure. 

grastaf, P. : flower-pot. 

grata [L. crates, hurdle], P. : grate (of a 
convent, etc.) ; gratef ; gridironf. 

grataxnente [grato], ADV.: graciously 

gra-tella [-to], P. : gridiron (small grate); 
fish-basket, -tie-eia, P. : bow-net, -tie- 
-eiata, P.: trellis-work, -tz-e-eio, M. : 
hurdle; lattice-work, -ti-e-e^nolat, P.: 
small hurdle, -ticola, p. : grate ; grat 
ing; gridironf. -ticolaref, TR. : gra- 
ticulate, form a network, -ticolato, 
M. : grating; trellis-work, -ticoletta, 
-ticolina, dim. of -ticola. 

gratifica-re [L. ~ri (-tus, favor)], TE. : 
gratify (favour, oblige) ; benefit ; bestow 
on. -zione, P.: gratification; gratuity 

gra-tis [L.], ADV.: gratis (gratuitously, 
for nothing). -tis=dato, ADJ.: given 
gratuitously, -titudine [L. -titudo], P.: 
gratitude (gratefulness); grateful and 
gratuitous thingf . -tivof, ADJ. : gratu 
itous. |igra-to [L. -tut], ADJ. : grateful, 
pleasing, welcome ; obliging (kind, affable); 
acceptable (agreeable); M.f: will, incli 
nation; pleasure: dibuon f> willingly; 
a 1> gratis ; contra , unwillingly. 

grat-ta=1ragiat, P. : scratching ors crap- j 


ing brush. -ta=capo, M. : (Jam.) trou 
ble (vexation, care) ; scratching of the 
headf. -tamento, M.: scratching (scrap 
ing). II -tare [Ger. kratzen], TR. : scratch 
(scrape, GRATE) ; grind ; tickle (flatter) : 

la tigna a uno, beat one ; dove piz- 
zica, dove prude, scratch where it itches ; 
egli avra da , he will have enough to 
do ; il corpo, la panda, do nothing ; 
gli orecchi-\, flatter, -tat a, p. : scratch 
ing, -tati-e-eiof, M. : act of scratching. 
-tatina, car. dim. of -tata. -tatura, 
p.: scratch (scar), -tino, M. : engrav 
er's tool, -tugetta, -tugina, dim. of 
-tugia. -tug'ia, p.: grater: esser un 
caciojra due - 1 - , be weak between two dan 
gers, -tugiare, TR. : grate, -tugi- 
jiia, dim. of -tugia. 

gra-tuiret = -tijicare. -tuitamen- 
te, ADV. : gratuitously, -tuito, -tui- 
to [L. -tuitus], ADJ. : gratuitous (without 
recompense, gratis); voluntary, without 

gratn-laref [L. -la,ri\ t INTR. : congratu 
late, -latorio, ADJ.: congratulatory. 
-lazionet, P. : congratulation. 

gra-va-e-eio, ADJ. : dull (heavy), -va-e- 
-eiolo, ADJ.: somewhat heavy, -va-c- 
-eione disp. of -ve. -vame, M. : burden ; 
taxation, -vamento, M. : grievance, 
oppression; imposition (tax); seizure; 
weight (burden) f ; aggravation (sur 
charge) f; extortion f- -vante, ADJ.: 
heavy (burdensome), -vanzaf, P.: heavi 
ness; anguish (grief), -vare, TR., INTR.: 
press with a weight (load, burden); be 
sorry ; seize in execution ; trouble (aggra 
vate, vex, wrong)f ; weigh heavyf ; com 
plaint (moan): coll' accento, accentuate. 
-vativof, ADJ. : heavy (grievous), -va- 
zionef, P. : weight (heaviness, gravity), 
llgra-ve [L. -ms], ADJ. : grave (serious, 
dangerous); heavy (weighty, ponderous); 
strong (great); slow (dull, idle)t ; ADV.: 
gravely; M.f: gravity (weight): esser 

ad alcuno, be troublesome to any 
one ; d' eta or d' anni, old ; capitelli 
troppo -vi t (arch.) capitals with too much 
ornament ; di suono, deep, low sound ; 

in famiglia, with a large family ; 
aver a una cosa, be displeased, take 
a thing amiss; parlare sul , speak 
seriously (speak about serious things). 
-vedinef , p. : heaviness or cold in the 
head, -vemente, ADV. : heavily, -ven- 
zaf, P. : torment, anguish (grief), -vet- 
to, dim. of -ve. -vezza, P.: gravity 
(heaviness, weight); impost (toll, tax); 
rigidity, roughness ; injuryf ; seriousnessf; 
trouble (vexation)f : recarsi a , take it 
as an affront, -vi-e-eiudlof, ADJ.: some' 
what heavy. 


gravi-eemlbalo [clavicembalo], M.: old 

gra-vidamento, M., -vidanza, -vi- 

dezzaf , F. : gravityf ; pregnancy ; ful 
ness, ligra-vido [-ve], ADJ.: preg 
nant ; very full ; laden, -vina, F. : ma 
son's hammer. -vi=sonairfcef, ADJ.: loud- 
sounding, -vita, p.: gravity; austere 
dignity (majesty, graveness). -vitare, 
INTR. : gravitate, -weigh, -vitaziome, 
F. : gravitation, -vosamemte, ADV.: 
heavily (hardly, severely), -vosino, dim. 
of -voso. -voso, ADJ.: heavy (ponderous); 
troublesome (tiresome, fatiguing); severe 
(rigid); grave (momentous), -vm-e-eio, 
dim. of -ve. 

gra-zia [L. -tia], F.: GRACE (elegance, 
comeliness; forgiveness, pardon; favour; 
sympathy (love, affection); service, -zie! 
thanks I thank you: dar , confer a 
benefit or favour ; salva tua , with your 
permission ; colpo di , death-blow ; far 
, pardon ; in wstra, for your love ; 
di , pray; trovar , be pleased; le 
Grazie, the Graces, -ziabilef, -zia- 
lef, ADJ.: worthy of pardon or favour. 
-zia-e-eia, disp. of -zia. -ziare, TR. : 
pardon (absolve); grant a favour to. 
-ziato, PART. : absolved (acquitted) ; 
ADJ.: graceful, -zietta, car. of -zia. 
-ziolaj, F. : (bot.) water-hyssop, -zio- 
sam eiite, ADV.: graciously, -zio set- 
to, -ziosettino, ADJ. : car. dim. of 
-zioso; pretty, nice, -ziosita, F. : ele 
gance (gracefulness); gracious act. -zio- 
so, ADJ.: graceful (agreeable, elegant); 
gracious (kind); gratefulf (pleasing, ac 

gre-ca [-co], F. : kind of ornament ; wom 
an's dress, -cale, M.: north-east wind. 
gre-camente, ADV. : in the manner of 
the Greeks. -c7ieggiare, INTR. = -ciz- 
zare; incline to the 'northeast, -c&etto, 
-cftino, dim. of -co. -eismo, M. : gre- 
cism or Greek idiom ; erudition in Greek 
thingsf. -eista, M.: Hellenist (one 
learned in Greek), -eita, F.: Greek; 
knowledge of Greek, -eizzare, TR.: give 
a Greek form to speech;* use grecisms. 
llgre-co [L. grcecus], ADJ.: Greek, of 
Greece ; M. : north-east wind ; Greek lan 
guage; Greek wine; place where fl"k 
wine is drunkf. . 

gre-gario [L. -garius], ADJ.: gregarious ; 
low (common): soldati -gari, common 
soldiers. Hgre-gge [L. grex], M., -ggia, 
F.: flock (herd, crowd): barbuto, go'ats ; 
useir di -ggia, depart from established 

greggio [?], ADJ.: rough (raw, unpolished, 
uneducated, clownish): seta -gia, raw silk. 

greggin.61at, dim. of greggia. 

gregoriano [Pope Gregory], ADJ. : Gre 

grem-Malata, -"biulata, F. : apronful 
(lapful). -"biale = -biule. -biata, F. : 
apronful ; small quantity, grem-bio 
(vulg.) = -bo. -Mule, M. : apron : uomo 
di f, artisan (workman). -Mulino, 
dim. of -bo. Hgrem-'bo [L. -ium], M. : 
lap (bosom); middle; uterus (womb); 
apronf ; apronf ulf : gettarsi in a uno, 
rely completely on one ; gli si pud metier 
il capo in , he can rest assured on his 
account ; andare a aperto"f t proceed 
with liberality or ingenuity. 

gremigraaf = gramigna. 

gre-mire [OHG. krimmari], TR. : CRAM, 
fill; REFL.: be filled, fill up. -mito, 
ADJ. : full (thick, covered with). 

greppia [OHG. Jcrippa], F.: CRIB (manger; 
rack) : buona , good food for filling up ; 
alzare la , take away the manger ; (fig.) 
measure the food for, a family (give with 

greppo [OHG. Hep, CLIFF], M.: steep 
(side of a mound or ditch); steep place; 
broken earthen vase:/ar or greppino"f f 

gres [Pr. gres], M.: sandstone (GRIT). 

greto Ighiareto], M.: sandbank (shoal); 

gretola [L. craticola], F.: bar (of a cage), 
chicanery (cavilling); pretense; splinter 
or chipf. 

gretoso [greto], ADJ. : shoaly ; sandy. 

gret-t am eiite, ADV.: miserly (niggardly). 
-teria, -tezza, F.: stinginess (penurious- 
ness), -tino, dim. of -to. Iigret-to 
[OHG. grit, avarice], ADJ. : parsimonious 

greve [L. gratis, (stingy)], ADJ.: (lit.) 

grezzo = greggio. 

gri-c-iolot, M. : whim (fancy, caprice). 
H-cionef , M. : kind of water-fowl. 

gri-da, F.: ban (proclamation); reportf; 
reproof f (reprimand) ; cryf, shriek (of sev 
eral persons), -damentot, M. : outcry 
(clamour). ||-dare [L. quvniari, wail], 
INTR. : cry out (bawl) ; TR. : reprove 
(scold) ; showf (divulge) ; murmurf (purl) ; 
M.f: act of crying out; rebuke: ac- 
corr* uomo, call for help ; la croce ad- 
dosso sopra uno, speak ill of one. -data, 
p.: outcry; reprimand (rebuke), -dato- 
re, M.: crier (public crier, proclaimer); 
bawler. -dio, M. : bawling (clamour). 
-do, M. : cry (shriek) ; bird of rapine ; rep- 
utationf (fame, renown): alzare, lemre 
, acquire great fame, raise a noise; 
metter in , spread a report ; dar , 
abuse ; a f , crying. 

grievef, ADJ.: (poet.) heavy; grievoua. 



-mentef, ADV.: heavily; grievously 

gri-fa-e-eio, disp. of -fo i. -fagno, ADJ. : 
of a rapacious bird, -faref, TR. : rub 
the snout against, -fata, P.: injury 
made by muzzle, gri-foi [OPr. grif, 
ak. to Eng. gripe], M.: snout (muzzle, 
mouth): wltare, torcere il , frown 
(show anger, disgust); unger il (die 
xpalle d* altri, eat at others' expense. 

gri-fo2, -fone [OFr. grif (L. grypkus)], 
M. : griffin ; slap in the face. 

grigio [I L. griseus (OGer. gris, gray)], 

ADJ. : GRAY (GRIZzly). 

grillaia [grillo], P.: barren, unfruitful 

grillanda =r ghirlanda. 

gril-lare [-Zo],iNTR. : simmer (boil with a 
hissing) : il cuore a un uomo"f, begin to 
get enamoured, -lettare = -lare. -let- 
to, M. : trigger ; spring of a Jew's-harp ; 
(vulg.) clitoris, -lino, car. dim. of -to. 
ligril-lo [L. gryllus], M. : cricket; whim 
(fancy) ; block to play bowls with ; mov 
able or swing bridgef ; engine of warf : 
indovinala , fortune book; pigliare 
or toccare il f g e ^ cross, be provoked. 
-lolinot, car. dim. of -Zo. -lonet, M.: 
dug. of -lo ; down : fare a lei , waste one's 
time, -loso, ADJ.: capricious (whimsi 
cal). -lo=talpa, M. : gryllotalpa (mole- 
cricket), -lotti, M. : (mil) silk of the 
epaulets ; fringe of the ornaments. 

grimaldello [?], M. : pick-lock. 

grimot, ADJ.: wrinkled. 

grinfia = granfia. 

grin-ta [Ger. grimm, GRIM], p. : sinister 
face. -za, F. : wrinkle: cavare il corpo 
di -ze, eat one's bellyful (after having 
suffered with hunger), -zetta, dim. of 
-za. -zolina, car. dim. of -zo. -zoso, 
-zof, ADJ. : wrinkled. 

grippe [Fr. (ak. to Eng. gripe)], M. : la 
grippe (influenza). 

grisot, ADJ. : GRAY (GRIZzly). 

grisoli-tat, P., -to {crisolito], M. : chryso 

grisopazio [L. chrysoprasus], M. : green 

grispignolof, M. : sow-thistle. 

grissino [fr. Piedm. grissin), M.: very 
thin bread (like sticks). 

grofanof = garofano. 

grogiolare [crogiolare], TR., REFL. : be 
pleased with. 

grom-ma [?], P.: tartar (crust, argal); 
sediments (of water), -mato, -moso, 
ADJ. : full of tartar (tartarized, incrusted). 

gron-da [L. grunda], P.: eaves (gutter, 
pi. spout) ; pantile ; ADV. : a , jutting 
like eaves; inclined, -daia, p., -daio, 
M.: eaves; water which falls from the 


eaves : fuggire V acqua sotto le , jump 
from the frying pan into the fire, -dare, 
INTR.: drop (fall in drops), -datoio, M.: 
brow or coping of a wall, -deaf = -da. 
-deggiaref, INTR.: freq. of -dare, -do 
me, M*.: terra cotta placed under the eaves. 
-don -doni, ADV.: andare t camminare 
-don -doni, walk slowly with the body bent. 

grongo [L. congrus], M. : conger. 

grop-pa [Fr. croupe (Ger. kropf, pro 
tuberance)], P.: crupper (rump): aver 
degli anni suLla , be many years old; 
andar in 1> ba an accessory ; nonportar 
in f, not to bear an affront, -pata, 
P.: sudden start of a horse, -piera, 
p. : crupper (saddle-strap), -po, M. : (lit.) 
knot; groupf; bag (packet)f; gustf (hur 
ricane), -pone, M. : (Jam.) crupper (rump, 
back) : non ne volere sul , not desire to 
work, -poso, ADJ. : knotty. 

gros-sa [-so], P. : gross (twelve dozen) ; quan- 
tityf (mass): alia , by the lump ; dormir 
la , sleep profoundlyf. -sa-e-eio, disp* 
aug. of -so. grds-sa=granat, P. : gros- 
de-Naples (cloth made of silk and mohair). 
-samente, ADV. : roughly, -seggtaref,. 
INTR.: be proud, -serello, car. 'dim. of 
-so. -seriaf, p. : working large articles 
in gold and silver; dulness (awkwardness). 
-serof = -siere. -setto, -settino, dim* 
of -so. -sezza, p. : bulk (volume) ; big 
ness; coarseness; clownishness. -siere,. 
-sierof, M. : wholesale merchant ; ADJ.f : 
gross (solid) ; stupid (clownish), -sista, 
M. : wholesale merchant, llgros-so [L. 
-sus], ADJ.: big (great, large); gross 
(coarse, rough); fat (corpulent); preg 
nant ; M. : thickest part of a body (bulk) ; 
piece of money; thicknessf (bigness); 
pregnancyf; ADV.: in great quantity, 

heavily ; coarsely (grossly) : udito , 

little deaf ; vino , muddy wine ; star 
con uno t maintain a reserved demeanour 
towards one; negoziante in , whole 
sale merchant, -solanamente, ADV.: 
in a coarse manner, -solano, ADJ. : ugly 
(coarse, homely) ; dull, -sone, M. : aug. of 
-so; piece of money f. -sotto, ADJ.: 
rather thickf. -snme, M., -sura, p. : 
coarse, thick material; bulk (bigness); 
ignorance (rudeness). 

grot-ta [L. crypta (cf . cripta)] t P. : grotto 
(cave) ; bank (dam, ridge)f ; steept, pre 
cipitous place, -terella, car. dim. of 
-to. -tesca, F. : grotesque painting, -te- 
scamente, ADV.: grotesquely (strange 
ly), -tesco, ADJ.: grotesque (strange, 
odd) ; M. : grotesqueness. -ti-eella, -ti- 
eellina, car. dim. of -to. grot-tof, 
M. : grotto (cave) ; pelican, -toso, ADJ. : 
full of grottoes ; hollow (cavernous) : ci- 
glia ~tosa t frown. 




[garbuglio], P.: twining 
(twisting), -vigrliolo, M. : knot. 

gru, grae, gmaf [L. grus], P. : crane. 

gm-e-eetta, -eettina, dim. of -cia. 
gru-e-eia [L. crucea* (erux, CROSS)], 
P. : crutch ; kind of 'dibble ; door-handle 
(door-knob) ; instrument for planting sprigs 
of trees ; clothes-hook ; wooden legt : te- 
ner sulla t keep in suspense. eata, 
p. : blow with a crutch. 

grae = gru. 

graera [Gruyere, in Switz.], M. : kind of 
thick cheese. 

grnfolare [? grifo], TR.: grab up; REFL.: 
roll about (like a hog); iNTR.f: grunt. 

gragare [echoic], INTR. : coo (like pig 

gru-gna-e-eio, disp. of -gno. -Duetto, 
-griiiiLo, dim. of -gno. H-grmre [L. 
grunnire], INTR. : grunt, -^rnito, M. : 
grunting, -grxdtore, M. : grunter. -0zio, 
M. : snout (muzzle); fai -- 7 far il ~te- 
ner , frown, pout, -praona, -pnone, 
disp. of -gno. 

grul-laggine, F.: silliness; depression. 
-leria,V. : act or speech of a simpleton. 
H-lo [?], ADJ.: silly; depressed; M.: sim 

grit-ma [gromma\ 9 F. : tartar (crust). 
-matof, M. : kind of mushroom, -me- 
re-e-cio, M. : after or second crop of hay. 

grn-metto, dim. of -mo. H-mo [L. 
-mus, little heap],M.: clot of blood; bud 
of a flowerf. -moletto, -molino, 
dim. of -molo. gru-molo, M. : core or 
pulp of cabbage, lettuce, etc. -moloso, 
ADJ.: pulpy, -moso, ADJ.: grumous 
(clotted, curdled). 

gruogot, M. : saffron. 

grap-petto, M.: dim. of -po; (mus^ lit 
tle group, -pito, ADJ.: naturally pol 
ished (of diamonds). !l-po [groppo], M. : 
group ; packetf (parcel) ; wreathf ; knocf. 

girdz-zof, M. : hoard ; heap (pile). Hgriiz- 
zolo [?], M. : hoard of money. 

gnadabile [guadare], ADJ.: fordable 

gnada-^naf = -gno. -firnabilef, ADJ.: 
attainable; fruitful (productive). -#na- 
mentot, M. : gain (lucre). H-firaare 
[OHG. waidan-jan (Ger. weideri), pas 
ture], TR.: GAIN (win, acquire ; earn); be 
get (generate)f. -grnata, P.: winning. 
-#natore, M., -rnatrie, P.: gainer 
(winner), -grneriaf, P. : Si-gotten gain ; 
covetousness (avarice). -firnetto T M. : 
small gain, gnada-grno, M. : gain (prof 
it): mettere a , put out at interest; 
meitersi a , prostitute one's self, -firmuc- 
c/iiare, TR.: make small gains; begin 
to gain. -0ira-eiof, -^qawzzof, M. : 
small gain. 

gna-dare. TR. : ford (wade), -def, F. 
PL. : kind of a net. IJ-do [Genn'c, ak. to- 
Eng. wade}, M. : ford (shallow passage) : 
rompere il , break the ice; entrare 
ml , examine (try), -dosof, ADJ.: 
fordable (passable). 

gn.a0Kan.zat = ugnaglianza. 

gnaguelof == evangelo. 

gnai = guaio. 

gnai pL. vai\ 9 INTERJ. : beware ! woe ! 

gnaimet, M. : after-grass. 

guai-na [L. vagina], P.: sheath (scab 
bard) ; lace-string (of a garment or shoe);, 
cofferf (casket, purse), -naio, M. : scab 
bard-maker, -nella, p. : carob-tree. 

gna-io [L. VCB, alas !], M. : WOE (calamity, 
misfortune) ; wailing (howling) ; yelpf (of 
a dog): guai a te/ woe to you; a , 
cruelly (fiercely, barbarously), -iolaref, 
INTR. : grieve (lament, moan) ; yelp (howl). 
-ire, INTR.: howl (yelp, wail); ADV.f: 
scarcely, -ito, PART. : wailing ; M.: howl 
ing (yelping). 

gnal-care [OHG. walchan], TR. : press. 
cloth, -c/iiera, p. ; fuller's mill (cloth- 
press), -cftieraio, -cMerai. M. : full 
er (cloth-presser). 

gnaLcire = ggualeire. 

gualdana [OHG. woldan, assault], P. : 
hostile incursion. 

gnaldof , M. : defect (imperfection) ; wood 
or forest for birds. 

gnaldrappa [?], P. : horse-cloth (saddle- 
blanket, caparison). 

gnale. .f =: uguale. . 

gnaler-ei of , -cMo, ADJ. : loathsome 
(filthy, slovenly). 

gnalopp. .f = galopp. . 

guanaco [fr. Peruv.], M.: llama (Peru 
vian sheep). 

gnaneia [OGer. wcLnkia (= Ger. wange*)]? 
P.: cheek; side; facef. -eialata, p.: 
blow with a pillow, -eiale, M. : pillow 
-^ialetto, dim. of -eiale. -eialimo, 
dim. of -dale, -eialoue, aug. of -dale. 
-eiata, p. : cuff (slap, blow on the face). 
-eiatina, dim. of -ciata. -eloxtef, M.: 
sound slap. 

gna-nina. P.: extract of guano. li-no 
[fr. Peruv.], M. : guano. 

guan - taio, M. : glove-maker (glover). 
-tiera, P.: glove-basin. II -to [Swed. 
-z;a7i^e], M. : glove : gettare il , chal 
lenge ; daref or donare il , give security 
for one's promise ; dar nel f fall into 
one's clutches, fall in the snares. 

guara^not, M. : stallion. 

gmaraguatof, M. : guard (sentinel). 

gnarantiref = garantire. 

guar-da = ~dia. -da="bosc?ii, M. : wood- 
ranger (forest-keeper). -da=ca;rtfre-eit> 
M. : fire-guard. -da=c6rjM>"(% M. : body- 



guard (life-guardsman). -da=coste, M. : 
coast-guard (preventive-man). -da=cno- 
re, M. : corset (bodice). -da=ddiwat, 
F. : midwife. -da=gotef, M. : cheek cov 
ering. -da=maec7iia, P. : guard (of a 
gun). -da=mano, M. : hilt (guard of a 
sword). -da=mentot, M.: look (glance); 
guard (repository); consideration; respect. 
-da=nappa, F., po, M.: napkin (towel). 
-da=n.asot, M. : nose-guard, -danfan- 
te [-da, infante}, M. : hoop (hoop-petti 
coat). -da=mdio, M. : nest-egg. -da= 
portone, M.: porter. ||-dare [OHG. 
warten] t TR. : GUARD (watch; WARD, de 
fend, protect) ; regard (behold, perceive) ; 
face ; (law) have retroactive effect ; REFL.: 
abstain from; take care off (care for); 
avoidf (shun); retainf; referf (allude): 
-date a'fatti vostri, mind your own busi 
ness ; lefeste, keep holidays ; in sil, 
look up ; a traverso, look askance ; 
spesa, be parsimonious; di, abstain 
from. -da=rol>a, F.: wardrobe; ward 
robe keeper. -da=sigilli, M. : minister 
of justice ; keeper of the seals, -data, 
F. : hasty look (glance), -data-e-eia, 
disp. of -data, -datina, car. dim. of 
'data, -datore, M., -datri-ee, F. : 
guardian (defender, inspector), -datura, 
p.: look (regard); guard (protection). 
-da=vrvande, M. : pantry, guar-dia, 
F. : guard (watch) ; assistant, nurse ; sen 
tinel; protection (defence); fang-tooth of 
a dogf : esser di , be on guard ; far la 
, watch ; prender , take care of (have 
care); di spada, hilt of a sword; mor- 
ta, scarecrow ; aver , be careful, atten 
tive ; avere a , guard (have in custody). 
-diana, F. : shepherdess, -diamato, 
M. : duty of the guardian, -dianeriaf, 
F. : guardianship, -diano, M. : guardian 
or superior of a monastery ; keeper of a 
flock or herd ; vine shoot with two buds : 
della strada f errata, line -keeper., M. : hoop-skirt, -dinga- 
mentef,ADV.: cautiously (warily), -din 
go, ADJ.: cautious (wary); diligentf; M.f; 
citadel (fortress), -didlo, M. : guard 
house (aentry-box). -do, M.: look (re 
gard); view (aspect). 
gnaren tiaf, -tigf a, F.: guaranty (sure 
ty), -tire = garantire. 
gnari [OFr. guaires CPr, gutrefl, ADV.: 
much, long : non e, it is not long since. 
gna-rlbile [-rare], ADJ.: curable (reme 
diable), -rigione, F., -rimentot, M. : 
cure (healing); recovery. ||-rire [OFr. 
-rir (OHG. war j 'an, WARD)], INTR.: recover 
one's health, cure ; TR. : cure (heal) ; 
cleanse (purge)f ; defend (protect)f. 
guar-nacca, -na-e-eiat, F. : dressing- 
gown (morning-gown). -naccTilno, dim. 


of -nacca. -naceone, aug. of -nacca. 
-nellettof , dim. of -nello. -nellof , M. : 

fustian; fustian gown, -nigione, p.: 
garrison, -Blmento, M .:" equipment 
(munition, provision); garrisonf; defensef. 
||-nire [OFr. -nir (OHG. warnon, pro 
vide)], TR. : furnish (equip; rig; fortify; 
GARNISH), -nitnra, F. : furnishing (trim 
ming), -nizione, F. : furnishing (esp. 
trimming, garnish, garniture). 
-aascfrerinot, ADJ.: belonging to the 
nest ; young (little). 

gnas-conata, F. : gasconade (boasting). 
|| -cone [Fr. Gascogne], M.: Gascon; 

gnaseottof, ADJ.: half -cooked (half- 

Cnasta-daf, P.: decanter (phial), -det- 
taf, -dina, dim. of -da. 

gnasta=feste, M. : feast-disturber, -ta- 
mento, M. : spoiling, destruction. -ta= 
inestieri* M. : trade -spoiler; bungler. 
||-tare [L. vastare], TR. : WASTE, spoil 
(ruin, deteriorate, destroy) corrupt; fall 
in lovef; REPL. : get spoiled ; gi'ow rotten 
(putrefy), -tatore, M., -tatrie, F.: 
spoiler; pioneer; kind cf soldier, -ta- 
t-dra, P. : devastation (wasting, spoiling), 
-to, ADJ.: spoiled (ruined) ; abused; enam 
oured withf; M. : ruin (destruction, havoc) ; 
bewitching creaturef; food composed of 
boiled fruit : aver il sangue con uno, 
hate a person ; stomaco , stomach out 
cf order; cane 1 ma ^ dog; uomo , 
man in love ; dar il f, lay waste, deso- 
latef; menare a , spoil. 

gua-tamentof, M. : watching (observing, 
spying). ||-taret, TR. : look at (watch, 
spy) ; observe ; consider, -tatoref, M., 
-tatri-cef, F.: watcher (spy. gazer), -ta- 
tura, F. : look, gazing ; guard, -tot, M. : 
ambush (trap, snare). 

gnatter. . = sguatter. . 

gnattiref, INTR. : yelp (bark, howl). 

guaz-za, p. : dew. -zabufirliare, INTR. : 
confuse (mix), -zalmfjrlfo, M.: medley 
(confusion, mixture), -zare, TR. : ford 
(wade); lead a beast through water; shake 
(agitate, stir); INTR.: be agitated, -zata, 
p.: fording (wading); shaking, -zatoio, 
M. : watering-place, -zeronef, M. : gus 
set (gore); shred (bit, piece), -zettino, 
dim. of -zetto. -zetto, M. : hash (minced- 
meat, ragout). II -zo [?], M.: dampness; 
distemper, water-colours; fordf; water 
ing-placet; mud (mire), -zoso, ATI.: 
splashy (damp, wet) ; muddy. 
gnbbia [?], p. : team of three ; big cart. 
gnbernacolot, M. : rudder (helm). 
gueffat, F. : cage ; prison ; small mass of 
gneffof = ghefo. 


gnelfo [Welf, German family], M.: Guelph 
(supporter of the Pope: 12-13. Cent.); 
Florentine coin ; ADJ. : Guelphian. 
gnereia-e-eio, disp. of -do. llgwep- 
-eio [?], ADJ. : squint-eyed. 
gmerigiomet = guarigione. 
guerni. . = guarni. . 
grier-ra [OHG. trerra], P.: WAR (strife); 
discord ; hindrance (obstacle) : far aUa 
strada, assassinate ; far posar la , inter 
mit war (make a truce), -regge-volet, 
ADJ.: warlike (martial), -reggevol- 
mentet, ADV.: in a warlike 'manner, 
-reggiam.en.tot, M.: act of making war 
(fighting). -reggSare, TR. : make war 
(contend, fight), -reggiatore, M., tri- 
ee, F. : warrior (fighter), -resco, ADJ. : 
warlike (fit for war), -riaref = -reg- 
giare. -riato, ADJ.: guerra fa, skir 
mish, -ri-e-eiola, F. : dim. of -ra; small 
war. -riera, F. of -riero. -rieref, 
M.: warrior (soldier), -riero, ADJ.: war 
like (valiant); contending; M. : warrior 
(fighter), -rifirlia, F.: guerrilla-warfare. 
-rigrliero, M. : guerrilla (bushwhacker). 
gu-fa-e-eio, disp. of -fo. -faref, TR.: 
mock (scoff)- -feggiaref, INTR.: hoot 
or screech like an owl. f!-fo [OHG, Mf], 
M.: owl (screech-owl); amice (priest's 

gu-grla [aguglfa], F. : obelisk, -grltata, 
F. : needleful, -gliatina, dim. of -glia- 
ta. -glietta, dim. of -glia. 
gngnolino, M. : small acorn-bud. 
gni-da [-dare], F.: guide (conductor); ci 
cerone (guide-book); (mil.} guide; guide- 
rein; rut (track of a wheel); rail (of a 
railroad): a di, under the direction of. 
-dabile, ADJ.: that can be guided or led. 
-daggiof, M.: toll (excise); turnpike. 
-daiola, F., -daiolo, M. : leader of the 
flock (bellwether) ; ringleader. 
gnidalesco [?], M. : ulcer or sore on the 
back of a horse ; trouble ; ailment (mala 
dy); grief. 

grudamentot, M. : guiding, conduct