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Full text of "Italian pocket dictionary; in two parts: I. Italian and English, II. English and Italian. Preceded by an Italian grammar"

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AT LOS a::gz:: 














District Clerk^s Office. 

Be it remembered, That on the twenty-ninth day of December, A. D. 1828, in 

the fifty-third year of the Independence of the United States of America, Hilliard, 

Gray, Little and Wilkin?, of the said district, have deposited in this office the title 

of a book, the right whereof tliey claim as proprietors, in the words following, to tcit « 

" Italian Pocket Dictionary : in two parts : I. Italian and English : — II. English - 
and Italian ; preceded by an Italian Grammar. By C. Graglia. First American, 
from the Fourteenth London Edition, with Corrections and Additions." 

In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, " An Act 
for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and 
books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein nion 
tioned ;" and also to an act, entitled, " An Act supplementary to an act, entitled, 
An Act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, 
and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein 
mentioned ; and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, 
and etching, historical and other prints." 

Clerk of the District of JUassachusetts 

Stereotyped at tnt 
Boston Type and Stereotijpe Foundry 


The general approbation with which this valuable little 
Dictionary has been received ; the rapidity with wliich/owr- 
teen editions have been exhausted in England ; and its uni- 
versal adoption by instructers in this country, are a sufficient 
recommendation of the work. Many errors of accentuation, 
orthography, &c. had, however, found their way into the 
text, which has been carefully revised, and compared with 
those of Alberti, Barberi, &c. 

In a Pocket Dictionary of so copious a language as the 
Italian, a complete vocabulary is not to be expected. In or- 
der to make the additions to this part of the work more use^ 
fui, the texts of the classics most commonly read by beginners 
\^ sre examined, and such words and idioms inserted from 
them, as were not contained in the former editions.* The 

- Thpoft ?idditions amount to about three thousand articles. 



works used for this jiurpose were the Scelta from Goldoni, 
J^otti Romane, Gerusalemme Liberata, the Tì'agedie of Monti, 
Prose Ballane, and Poesie Italiane, compiled for the use of 
Harvard University, &c. 

The Grammar, which is quite a useful compend, has been 
enlarged by some additions respecting articles, gender, num- 
ber, &c. 

Boston, Dec. 11, 1828. 






X HE Italian tongue has twenty-two letters. 

Letters. Sounds in English. Italian Example* 

A ah Casa 

B bay Becco 

C tchay, before e, t Cencio 

C hay, before a, o,u Bocca 

D day Dedito 

E a Bene 

F / Filosofo 

G djay, before e, t Gente 

G gay, before a,o,u Garbo 

H atea, is only a si.^n, ivilhoiU any ssiaid Hanno 

I ee Diritto 

J e«, long Tempj 

L i Latino 

M m , Manno 

N n Nano 

O Botta 

P pay Padre 

Q coo and hew Quaglia 

R air Parlare 

S es» Sartore 

T tay Tetto 

U «tor 00 Futuro 

V vay Vena 

Z ts Carozze 

Z di Zelo 

K Slid w are only used in foreign names. C ce .-—Xerxes, Serse ; Alexander, jllessandrOf 

fnppiies h, and w is changed into u before a vowel, cellent, eccellente. 

jjid V before a consonant. Ph becomes/;— Philosopher, filotofo. 

^ is commonly changed into t, ss, and sometimes 



On the lettera a, e, i, and j ; o, u, and v ; c, g, h, s, t, z, m, and n. 

N. B. For the sake of simplicity and brevity, the translation of the Italian words has been dispensed 
■unth, wherever it was fudged not to be absolutely wanted. Should any nuaning become necessary 
to the reader, the Dictionary is at hand. 

Ch sounds k : — chiodo^ chioma, chimico, che, ch%, 
read kiodo, kioina, kirnico, &c. 

G before a, o, u, sounds as in English : — gamba, 
gobbo, gusto. 

G before e and f has the sound of rfj, as found in 
the soft g of the English words gender, giant : — 
genio, gtsto, giro. 

Già, gio, giù, are pronounced dgia, dgio, dgiu, 
in one syllable, and the » his a faint sound : — Giac- 
do, giostra, giubba, 

Gna, gjie, gni, gito, gnu, cannot be represented 
by English sounds ; they are pronounced like the 
French words Espagne, migruni. lorgner : — Cam- 
pagna, agnello, incognito, igmido. 

G before li has a liquid sound, which the Eng- 
lish language has not, except, perhaps, in the won! 
million. It is nearer the French words j^ie, bouU- 
Icn, famille : — Figlio, migliori, medaglia. But it 
keeps the Endish sound in the words Anglicano, 
negligere, lugligente, negligenza, negletto, and its 
other derivatives. 

GG. When two gg come together before e or t, 
the tirst g has the soft sound of d, as in the English 
word edge : — oggetto, oggi. 

The letter h between g and e, i, strengthens the 
sound, «hich becomes then as the English words 
get, gift : — Ghiaccio, ghigno, botteghe, gheppio. 

Hence it appears that the letter h, although it has 
no sound of itself, contributes to alter the sounds of 
other letters, namely, c and g. For thus, c/u, chi, 
and ghe, ghi, by the interposition of an h, lose the 
sounds of ce, d,'ge, gi. It also serves to distinguish 
some words alike in sound, though ditferent in 
meanin»; : as han-no, they have, and anno, year ; 
ha, he lias, and the preposition a, to ; hai, thou hast, 
anil ai, to the. — ^Many persons write now these 
words and some othera without the h ; thus, ò, at, 
à, nmw, instead of ho, hai, ha, hanrw. 

S. This letter has two sounds, one strong, with 
some hissing, and the other soft, somewhat like 2. 
It is pronounced strong in the beginning of words, 
as in English, safety, srunuy : — sapere, santo, senno, 
subilo. It is commonly soft beU^•een two vowels ; 
as in caso, guisa, tesoro, rosa. Likewise before d, 
g, I, m. n, r, V ; as sdegno, sguardo, svelare, dis- 
viare. Yet it sounds harsh in così, thus ; *i, yes; and 
roso, rosa, from the verb rcdere, to gnaw. 

Sc before a, 0, u, sounds sia, sho, sku ; thus, 
scabro, scolare, scusa. 

A is always sounded broad, like a in alarm, 
father ; thus, padre, madre, amare. But a with 
an accent at the end of words has a quick, sharp 
sound ; thus the a in calamità, calamity, is sharper 
than it is in calamita, a loadstone. 

E has generally a close soimd, as in the English 
'Words pen, fen ; ibvis, maledire, credo. But some- 
times it is open, as in there; thus, bella, bene, cielo. 
No sure rule can be given on this point. 

/ sounds like double ec in sleep : — diritto, clmité- 

J is always a vowel in the Italian, and sounds like 
i, but somewhat longer, as y in the English word 
yield. Its chief use is to form the plural of nouns 
in io short, that is, pronounced in one syllable ; as 
tempio, temple, tempj ; principio, beginning, prin- 
cipi ; which otherwise would be confounded with 
tempi, from tempo, time ; and principi from prin- 
cipe, prince. It is also employed by some gram- 
marians in the tenses of verbs where 'two ti should 
meet ; but this ought to be done only when the two 
« form but one syllable, as cA' iostudj, che tu stvAj, 
&C. but not to seiitj, io udj, in which words the let- 
ters ri form two distinct syllables. 

O sounds sometimes open, as in the English word 
not :— pòvero, pópulo, tòlto : — Sometimes close, as 
in English note: — tamamc7ito, volere. Practice 
alone can teach the difference. 

Ì7has always the sound of u, as in the English 
word ruU, or of 00 in moon : — unico, pubblico, 

U before 0, in the same sjllable, is pronoimced 
faintly : — buono, ftwco, t'.omini. Except in duo, 
tuo, suo, virtuoso, in which the u has its full sotmd, 
because then the u and the o form two distinct 
syllables. In any other case, vowels combined to- 
gether form but one sound, as in miei, tuoi, stun. 

y, which is a real consonant, is pronounced as 
the English v : — verso, tavola, vélo. 

C before a, 0, u, sounds like h; as in casa, collo, 

C before e, i, sounds like ch in the English words 
child, check : — dcerone, cencio, cervice. In this case, 
when two cc meet, the first takes the sound of a sift 
* ; thus, accento, accidente, read atchcnto, atchi- 

When after ct follows another vowel, as riot, rie, 
cto, du, they must be pronounced in one syllable, 
and the t has a faint sotmd : — darwia, delo, docca, 


Se before e, t, sounds like «A, in the English word in anza, eiiza, onza; and in those words, which, 

tìume •.—scena, Santo. in Latin, and in Enslish words derived from the 

The sounds scia, scie, scio, sciu, fonn one syllable Latin, are written with a 2, a c, or a t, pronounced 

only, and the t has a faint sound : — sciatica, scien- like a soft t. Thus, for costanza, prudenza, jtla- 

za,.scioUo. gonza, Lazaro, azzvro, zodiaco, read costandsa, 

T is pronounced as in English. It was anciently prvderndsa, &c. 

used in some words derived from Latin, as luUione, No certain rule can be given to distinguish when 

gratia ; but the present orthography is 2. the 2 is soft, and when bi^:sh ; for, although most 

Z and ZZ. This letter, as well single as double, words written with a double zz have a sr^ng sound, 

has two sounds ; one strong, like ts in benefits, and many of them, however, have a soft sound ; such 

the other soft, like ds in Windsor. The strong are rezzo, mezzo, &c. 

sound is the most general : thus, for iwzze, fazzo- The double consonants must be distinctly pro- 
kilo, beUezza, zana, zio, zucca, read noise, fatso- nounced. Thus in reading inimenso, innocente^ 
ietto. &c - addio, reld'e, attentare, rea,l im-^men-so, inrnocen- 

The sound is generally soft in the words ending te, ad-dio, relel-le, at-tentare. 


a A'nima casa danza mtlsica paróla 

à Cecità felicità darà sarà parlerà 

e, close Mésso male pedóne maledire córrere 

«, open Bène ieri téma erba rèndo 

i Mirifico inimico chiavistèllo cfbo ripièno 

j S'udj tempj 

open Pòvero pópulo tòlto òggi amò 

close Tomaménto volére móndo ógni 

u before . . . . Buòno fuòco uòmini^— duo tuo suo 

io", lU)i Miei tuoi suoi 

t> Avéna move vo^emisventóra viatóre 

ITU Avventuróso misavvenlre avviso avvertènza 

co Castèllo cattivo cavalcare incanto mancare 

co Còllo coperto accorto giocondézza fico 

cu Cùcùlo ctipola accurato curvatura ctiria 

ce Cervèllo cento infelice facèto cèce 

et Ciceróne pacifico cicalatrice dieci cibo 

ce before e,i ... Accénto cappuccino accecare accigliare 

ce before a, o,u, . . Accanto accóncio accordare accusa 

eia Ciancia ciarlatano ciascheduno mancia 

eie Cielo ciecamente 

do Ciòcca cioccolata cioncatóre lùccio 

ciu Ciurma ciurmàglia ciùschero ciurmare 

cJi Chiòdo chiòma duchéssa chi che 

ga Gamba garbato gareggiante ragazza 

go Gobbo gótlb pèrgola règola pago 

gu Gusto gustoso aguzzare egualmente 

gè Gèmma germano degenerato agévole 

gi Girasóle girèlla agitatóre digito legióne 

già Giaciménto cei-vògia giardino giallo 

gip Giostrare giovanézza regióne prigióne 

giù Giunchiglia giumèlla giudèo digiunare 

gna Campagna pugnare ragnaléb cagna 

gne Agnèlle degnévole magnètico jiignere 

gni Dignilà incognito ingégni régni 

É7M) Ràgno'o indégno ignoranza ségno 

gnu Bagnuólo ignudo ognuno ignudare 

gli Figlia figlio mèglio medàglia quàglia 

gg ...... . Oggetto òggi protèggere leggerézza 


ght, ghi Fatlshe IvH^hi ghiàccio sberófano 

» strong Sapere santo studio stono senso 

* soft Sdesno sguardo guisa usuriére 

tea Scabro scacciàre'riscaldare invescato 

Jt» Scolare scoglio mescolato discolpa 

»eu Scusato scudo scucito scuòla 

•M . Scéna scégliere discépolo scematóre 

tei Scilócco disciplina scinto fàccia 

Kia Sciatica lasciato anibasciadóre sciagura 

tde ...... Sciènza scierpellone scientifico cosciél 

tdo Scioccamente ùscio iHsciolto fàscio 

««I» Asciuno sciugàto presciiitto sciugàre 

22, 2, like U . . . . Kózze fazzoléno zucca zio 
zz, z, hke di ... Zodiaco azzuro mézzo prudenza 
m, mm, n, mi, or any other doubled le ter, as bb, ddU ff. fcc 
Bambino fimbria immènso sómma dónde danno ina^nno 
dabbène addoppio diifùso ermellino ferro gattone làppola 
latte matto addolorato a&cendato a^uagfiànza baccante 
hallAndn favèlla gemiaio lippitùdine mott^gio. 



THERE are two accents in Italian, the grave 
C) and the acute ('). 

Gract acceiit. — 1. It ii put on nouns in tà and ii, 
which have the singular and plural alike ; as. leU/i, 
bontà, virtù, giotxntù. Such nouns ended former- 
ly in ade and ate, udeand lUe, and ihey are still used 
in poetry. 

2. On the third person singular of the preterper- 
feet tense of verbs, of which the iirst per.on ends in 
two vowels ; ih'is. ainò, credi, from amai, credei. 
But write without the grave accent viiise, prese, 
from vinsi, presi. 

3. On the first ani third person singular of everv 
verb in the future tense ; thus, ama-o, amerà, cré- 
derò, crederà, sentiri, ieiitirà. 

4. To make a distinction between words alike in 
onhogT^hy, but diiferent in siznification ; as. In, lì, 
there, la, the and her, li, the and they ; da, he sives, 
da. from; dì, day, di, of; «, yes and so. «".'one's 
self; £, he is, e, and ; però, therefore, pero, a pear- 
tree, &C. &c. 

Some other wonls are also wrirten wi^h the arava 
accent, such as più, more, giù. below, casti ar J ces- 
ta, there, cosi, thus, rio, already, cic: that n hich ; 
with many others, which practice will teach. 

5. When a word, having the errave accent, is 
joined to another word, the consonant of the latter 
word must be doubled, and the accent be taken off; 
thus dì and dà, joined to nU, become dimmi, tell 
me, dammi, give me ; farò and to are made farai- 

io, I will do it ; più and tosto become jnuttotto, 
sooner, kc &c. 

.iciue accaU. — This accent is used only on the t 
of words ending in io and ia, whenever io and ta 
are pronounced'tn two distinct syllables ; as, pazzia, 
desio, saUtrui, addio. 

Some writers use it likewise on words which 
have a double signification ; as, tenére, to hold, 
t'nere, tender ; ancóra, again, àncora, an anchor ; 
n'-'ttare, nectar, nettirt, to cleanse, ic but this nice- 
t\- is cot strictly observed now, unless the sentence 
should ofifer an' ambiguous meaning. 

Apostrophe and Elitioii. — The ^xistrophe is a 
mark to show that one or more letters are cnt off; 
and the elision is the cuniag off of those letters, 
Thev are used in the following cases : 

1. 'After the articles lo, la, li. gli, fe, and their 
oblique cases, before words that begin with a vowel, 
or when they are abbreviate-i : as, l'anima, Vonort, 
di' libri, a' padri, &c with the exceptions noticed 
in the following chapter. 

Yet, in poetrv, several licenses are taken, and we 
find to amore.' lo eccesso, lo impa-adcire, lo ingius- 
to ; and even Id'rniusto, Icrnìperadore, 

The f of the article il is cut off after a word end- 
ing wi'h a vowel, but not the vowel of that word ; 
as,'rMlto 'Z poise ; mi dica -l rtto nome, 

•2. Mi. ti, ci. vi, ne, si, di, receive the apostrophe 
before a vowel ; as, voi m'intendtie, egU I'mterufe, 
s'iusairaerà, &c However, ci suffas oo ab^«i 


viation before a and u, in order to avoid a harsh 

3. The words which have the grave accent, as, 
dirò, farò, felicità, &c. are never abbreviated, ex- 
cept che, with its compounds, perchè, balchi, sicché, 
&c. percV era, bench' arulasse, &c. 

4. These six words, uno, bello, grande, santo, 
quello, buono, liefore masculine nouos Ihat be^in 
with a consonant, are abridged thus; un, bel, gr?n, 
tan, ipul, buon ; — and btfoie vowels; — un, belV, 
grand', sanV, quelV, buon' ; as, un libro, un bel 
libro, gran cavallo. San Pietro, quel soldato, buon 
fane, — un amico, beli' uomo, grand' ingegno, 
SaìW Antcrnio, quell' amore, bium' oratore. 

But none of these words are aibridged, by correct 
writers, before feminine nouns, except grande ; as, 
gran barca. grojuC armata. 

Observe also, that neither these words, nor any 
others, should be abridged before an s impure, that 
ii, an » followed by a ainsonant ; as, specchio, stu- 
dio, &c ; therefore write btllo specchio, quelle stu- 

dio, &c Contrary examples are to be met w'th^. 
but they are incorrect. 

5. All words in the singular number, which haw 
one of the liquid consonants, /, m, n, r, before their 
final vowel, may lose their final vowel, imles* be- 
fore words that begin with * followed by a conso- 
nant. — Vowels are seldom lost in the plural nam* 
ber. — The vowels after 2 and r are ofterier lost than 
those after m and n : except in verbs, for then tha 
vowe! after m is very often cut off: as, attendiam, 
andiam, fi/igiarn, &c. for attendiamo, kc. 

6. Infinitives, joined to mi, ti, ci, vi, si, ne, lo, 
la, le. gli, or any other word to which they are 
united, drop their final e ; thus, per vederlo, sentirsi, 
pentirci, &c. instead of per vedere lo, sentire ti, 
pentire ci. 

As to minute exceptions concerning the apostro- 
phe and elision, they must be left to practice, or to 
larger treatises. This was thought enough for our 
present plan with yoimg students. 


NOUNS : Oender ; JVumber. 


1. Of nouci in e, some are masculine, and some 
are feminine. 

2. Nouns in o are masculine ; except la rtuino, 
the hand. 

3. Nouns in 3 are feminine : except a few Greek 
nouns ; as t7 tema, the theme. 

4. Nouns in i are feminine ; except di, day ; its 
compounds, lunedì, &c. and a few others. 

5. Nouns in u are feminine. 

1. General Rules. 
Masculine nouns make their plural in i. 
Feminine nouns in a form it in t 
Nouns in J or e forni it in i. 
Nouns ending with an accented vowel, or with i, 
or with te, are invariable ; except moglie, mogli. 

2. Particular Rules, 
Masculine nouns change 

Sing. Plur. 

a into t dramma drammi 

e " i padre padri 

M sculine nouns change 

into t 

chio ' 













periglio perigli 

bàcio bacì 

aio " ai 
ca " chi 
co " chi 
go " ghi 
Many polysyllables in co and go, 
have ci and'gt in the plural. 
Feminine nouns change 




after a vowe^ 












Invariable Terminations. 
Sing, if Plur. 

à bontà 

è « pie 

t crisi 

il, virtù 

te specie 

3. Exceptions. 
















legni, legne, legna 


gesti, geste, gesU 

ossi, osse, ossa 


vestigi, vestige, vestigia 

Many nouns in o make the plural in a and ( 

anello anelli, anella 

The form in a in these nouns is feminine. 



; have three definite articles, t7, lo, la. 







Masculine. Feminine, 

il lo 







i gli le 

dei or de' degli delle 
ai or a' asfi alle 
i gl'i le 

dai o)- da' dagli dalle 

of the 
to the 
from the 

to the 
from the 

I. The definite article il is used before masculine 
noims which begin with a consonant. — Book, libra. 

N. il libro 
G. del libro 
D. al libro 
A. il libro 
Ab. dal libro 

i libri 

dei or de' libri 
ai or a' libri 
i libri 
dai or da' libri 

II. The definite article lo is used before mascu- 
.ine nouns which begin with an s followed by a 
consonant, ?.nd sometimes before nouns beginning 
with 2. — S.udy, stiidio. Zeal, zdo. 

N. lo studio 
G. dello studio 
X>. alio studio 
A. lo studio 
Ab. dallo studio 

gli s'udj 
degli studj 
agli studj 
gii stu.Ij 
dagli stuclj 

in. The definite article la is used before femimna 
nouns which begin with a consonant. — House, ca»(u 
Singular. Plural. 

N. la casa le case 

G. della casa delle case 

D. alla casa alle case 

A. la casa le case 

Ab. dalla casa dalle case 

rv. The article to before a vowel. — Friend, amico. 

Singtdar. Plural, 

JV. l'amico gli amici 

G. dell' amico degli amici 

Z). all' amico agli amici 

A. l'amico gli amici 

Ab. dall' amico dagli amici 

V. The article la before a vowel.— Soul, ànima. 

Singular. Plural. 

N. l'anima le anime 

G. dell' anima delle anime 

D. all'anima alle anime 

A. l'anima le anime 

Ab. dall' anima dalle anime 

VI. Noims are also declined with the indefinite 
article uno, un, for the singular masculine, and 
una for the feminine:,m. and alcune, f. 
for the plural. 

The prepositions dl, a, and da, are used in the in- 
direct cases. Dt is made d' before a vorrei, and a 
is made ad in the same circumstance ; da suffers no 




Vn. Uno is used before masculine nouns, be^n- 
ling with *, followed by another consonant. 

N. uno scolare 
G. d'uLO scolare 
D. ad uno colare 
JL uno scolare 
JU>. da uno scolare 

alcuni scolari 
d'alc'jni scolari 
ad alcuni scolari 
alcuni scolari 
da alcuni scolari 

Vili. Un is used before other masculine nouns. 

N. un libro 
G. d'un libro 
I), ad un libro 
jì. un libro 
M. da un libro 

ne Una, feminine. 

N. una donna 
a. d'una donna 
D. ad una donna 
A. una donna 
M. da una donna 

aldini libri 
d'alcuni libri 
ad alcuni libri 
alcuni libri 
da alcuni libri 


alc'ine donne 
d'alcune donne 
ad alcune donne 
alcune donne 
da alcune donne 

X. Nouns without an article are thus declined : 
Beginning toitfi a 
N. Roma 

G. di R^ma 
D. a Roma 
A. Roma 
Ab. da Roma 

Beginning xttith a 
N. Avignone 
G. d'Avignone 
D. ad A vinone 
A. Avignone 
Ab. da Avignone 

Rcmarht.—X. The aride lo is never abridged in 
the plural, unless :he f^>lio-.ving noun begin with 
an i. Therefore «rie gV ingegni, gV injtru- 
menti, but gli amori, gli onori. 

2. TI* article la is never abridged in the plural, 
unless the followin» word begin with an e, as l'elo- 
quenze ; but write le arnl/re, le anime, le inven- 
zioni. Sec However, some noims beginning wiih e, 
which end alike in the singular and the plural, re- 
ceive the article le without an apostrophe. Thus 
write le effigie, the im-ijes, to distin^ish it from its 
singular, IVjffigie, the image. 

3. Wheuevcr the prepositions con, in, tu, per, 
in the sense of with, in, up n, for, or l/y. meet with 
the defini'e articles ti, lo, la, they are altered, as will 
be seen in :he following table : — iiel for in il ; nello 
for in lo, &c The Italian words printed in Italics 
have beconie obsolete. 

J> tl, nello ; nella, 
Col, collo ; colla, 
Su], tulio ; sulla, 
Pel,pe/Zo,- pena, 

C nei or ne*, n^li ; nelle, 
\ in the 

\ coi or co', con gli or co- 
} gli ; colle, vHih the 
\ su'" or sui, tugli ; sulle, 
\ upon the 

\peUi. pei or pe', per gli; 
X pelle, for the 
As, nd giardino, nello spirito, nella camera, 
Tif' giardini, ttcgli spiriti, nelle camere, S:c. 

4. When the prepositions in, per and crn, and 
also the particle nrm, meet with a word bejicning 
with an * followe ! by a consonant, an i b ad led to 
the word, for the sók- of pronuncia'ion. There- 
fore, instead of in strada, con spauento, non stare, 
you will find in istrada, con ispavento, nan istart 



Adjectiva. — AH the Italian adjectives end either 
in o or in e. 

The adjectives in o form their feminine singular 
in o, their masculine plural in i, and their feminine 
plural in e. 

The adjectives ending in e, in the singular, form 
their pluraJ in t, and they have the masculine and 
feminine alike in both numbers ; as. 

Dotto, ms. dotta, fs. dotti, mp. dotte, fp. learned. 

Cortese, m. and t, sing, cortesi, m. aiid t. plur. 

Adiec'ives always a^ree in gender and number 
with their substantives ; as. 

Un signore dotto e cortese — una donna dotta « 

Signori detti e cortesi — donne dotte e cortesi. 

Un prato verde ; una gonna verde ; i prat* 
verdi; le sonne verdi ; niealow. gown. 

Comparati es. — Ad'ec'ivs-s become comparatÌTes 
with the assisance of pi\, more, and maw, less ; 
thus, caro, dear; più caro, dearer; meno caro, lea» 



The particles via or me; assai, molto, in the 
sense of much, a great deal; a e often adifed to 
comparatives, to increase '.heir enerjj- ; as, Caare 
è Halo via piU, or ossa i j>iù , or nniltò più . fcliie di 
Pompào ; Csesar was njiìch more fortvinaie ilian 

La Krella I vie meno, or assai meno, or molto 
meno ostinata dd fratello ; the sister is far less ob- 
sdoate than the bi-o'her. 

The word than after comparatives, followed by 
an article, or a prououn possessive, is espressed in 
Italian by del, (LUo, della. de\ degli delle, suitable 
to the gender and number of the noun ; ms, 

L'.3jna è yià popolata deli' Eiavpa ; Asia is 
more populous than Europe. 

Questo giardino è ìneno largo deW vosfro ; this 
garden is not so large as yours. 

The word thayi not followed by an article, or be- 
fore proper names, is rendered by di ; as. 

Cicerone era più eUxpiaite di 'Hurtetisio ; Cicero 
was more elofjuent than Hortensius. 

So» JO meno ricco di voi ; I am not so rich as you. 

When the comparison is made between aJjec- 
tives, adverbs, verbs, or substantives, without arti- 
cles, than is rendered by ohe; as, 

The following adjectives are irregular in the formation of their comparatives and superlatives 
PositiiX. Comparative. Superlative. 

Siiono, good, migliare^ better, òttimo, the best. 

Cattivo, bad, peggióre, worse, p 

Grande, great, ììiaggiort, greater, 

Piccolo, little, minore, less. 

One may likewise say, più grande, più cattivo, più 

Mia sorella è più gentile die Iella ; my sister ì» 
more graceful than prett)-. 

Questo nìi darà più fatica che profitto ; this will 
give me more trouble thai profit. 

Egli parlava più dottamente che garbatamente; 
he sfoke more learnedly than politely. 

Superlatives. — The superlatives are formed by 
changing the last vowel of the adjective into issimó. 
with the variation of other adjectives in gender and 
number; as, 

Dctt-o, learned ; dottissimo, dottissima, dottissi- 
mi, dottissime, most learned. 

But if the article the be joined to most, then the 
superlative is expressed by il più, la più, i più, le 
pia ; as, ti più felice, la più felice, i più felici, le 
più felici ; the happiest, or the most happy. 

Sometimes the repetition of the positive' is enough 
to form a superlaive ; as, 

II tempo è freddo freddo; the weather is very 

Sofia è la bella delle belle ; Sophia is the finest 
woman in the world. 

Questo mi santra tedioso tedioso; I think this 
most tiresome. 

Observe that meglio and peggio, in the sense of 
in a better, in a uxjrse manner, are adverbs, and 
cannot be joined to substantives. Therefore say, 
tin migliort libro, a better book ; tui peggiore tem- 
perino, a worse penknife ; and not megl-o. jfggio. 
But say, farà meglio, farà peggio, he^will dò let- 
ter, worse. 

Adverbs of the superlative degree are formed by 
changing the last lener of the adjectives into issimd- 
mejite ; as from dotto, learned, is formed dcttissi- 
mamejitt, most learnedly ; from salito, holy, seat- 
tissirnamerJe, most holi'ly. S:c but this manner of 
expressing one's self must be used cautiously ; and. 

0. the worst 
0, the greatest. 
minimo, the least, 
instead of such long words, it is better to empby 
sutistantives. Thus, {oreloqueiitissimamaite, irri- 
prudentissimamente ; say, ra her, con massima 
eloquaiza ; am grandissima imprudenza. 

.àiigmentatives and Dimàmttvcs. — The signifV- 
cation of many nouis, both subsantives and adjec- 
tives, may be either increased or diminished, by the 
addition of certain syllables to their termination. 

1. The augmentatives, reducible to rules, are 
formed in one. m. cna, f. otto, ui. otta, f. to signify 
biniess and stoutness, in a good sense. 

"Likewise in accio, m. accia, f. to signify some- 
thing of a disgusting or contemptible bulk. 

The aildition ame expresses a great abxmdance 
of any thing. 


Libro, book ; librone, a very large liook. 

Kagazza. f. a girl ; ragazzma. a stout, jolly girl. 

Caia, a house"; casotto, casotta, a gocà, roomy 

Sala, a parlour ; salotto, a sood sitting room. 

Cavallo, a horse ; aivallcuxio. a great u?ly horse. 

Casa, a house ; casoicia, an uily, larse house. 

Gente, people ; gentame. a great 'crowd of people. 

Observe tlat many nouns have a naliral endic i in 
accia, accie, and amie, wiihout beinj augmentatives. 

Observe, also, that the augmentatives masculine 
often come from feminine nouns, as casone, m. from 
casa, f. 

2. The diminutives, reducible to rules, are formed 
in ino. elio. etto, vri'h the variations incident to ad- 
jectives and substantives in o ; as. 

Carino, ms. caritia, fs. carini, mp. extrinc, fp 
dear, pretty little creature, or creatures. 

P(yverelio, poverella, poverelli, poverelle, poor, lit- 
tle creature, or creatures. 



Libretto, a pretty little book, acquetta, a clear, 
Hna.ll stream. — Such Jiminutives denote, generally, 
aidearmeiii, and sniaUness. 

Other diminutives, ending chiefly in uccio, uccia, 
and uzzo, uzza, iuiicate somelbing small or con- 
temptible ; as. 

Cosuccia, a small, mean-looking house. 

Vomuzzo, a puny little fellow. 

Yet all these rules are liable to exceptions, Trhich 
nothing but practice caji teach ; for, besides the ter- 
minations which we have just given foraugmenta- 
tives and diminutives, nany other are freely used 
in feimiiiar conversation, and in books on light sub- 
jects. Thus, from dwina, a w omaa ; casa, a house ; 
lUn-o, a book ; may be formed the following aug- 
mentatives and diminutives : 

Doniume, a tall, stout, masculine woman. 

Donnoita, a tall, strong, healthful woman. 

IkmnacMi, an impudent, shameless virago. 

Datitietta, a pretty, little, prattling woman. 

Dotmicciuàla, a mean-looking little woman. 

Donniciiia, a pretty little wouian. 

Donnàccia, a vulgir woman. 

Domnacciàru, a bol.t. impudent, stout woman. 

Ca-icme, a very larse house, a ii^ansion. 

Caadccui, a large, >ll-coDtrived house. 

Catamejito, a well-built, roomy boose. 

Ca-iaUme and ceuo^re, a lirge, ruinous boose. 

Casolaraccia, a large, rfof.ess, decayed bouse. 

CanicciiMO, a small, w retched bouse. 

Casipola and cajrùjjola, a small, despicaliUs 

Castle, a poor, thatched cottage. 

Casella, a small, low-built house. 

Calotta, a snug, comfortable house. 

Casetta, a snug house, aito a neat kennel. 

Casdlùia, a vtiy little, but genteel house. 

CasMiru), m. ciueltirio, f. a neai, pretty cot. 

Casiiia, a very small bouse. 

Casino, a small, neat summer-house. 

Liirone, a bulky, hea\7 book. 

Lilraccio, an ujly, large book. 

Lil/ritolo and libèrcolo, a small, contemptible 

Lil/retto, a pretty, neat, lit'le bo'ik. 

Librettino, a very- little and pretty book. 

Libriccino, a very small pampble't. 

And so on, with lhou5,-uids of other words, in all 
the ranze of humour and whims; but few ausiucnt- 
atives and diminutives are admitted in a style strict- 
ly correct, beyond those in cmt, arru, aaio, for in 
creas^sg, and tliose in i/to, etto, eHo, for diminishing 

PRONOUNS Personal ; Potsessive ; Relative ; Demonstrative ; Indeterminate. 


We present here together the pronouns personal, both conjunctive and disjunctive ; upon which some i 
ttaiks will be made in the course of tliis chapter. 

First Person, Singular. 
Io. I 

IH me, of ine 
A me, mi, to me 
Me, mi. Pie 
fju me, from me 

Second Person, Singular. 
7V, thou 
Di te. of thee 
A te. ti. to thee 
Te, ti, thee 
Da tc, from thee 

Third Person, Masculine, Singular. 
£Wt, ei. e\ esso, he, it 
Di lui, of him 
A lui, eli, li, to him 
Lui, lo, il, him, it 
Da lui, from him 

Koi, we 
Di noi, of ta 
A 7ieri, ci, ite, to us 
Xci, ci, ne, us 
Da noi, from us 

Voi, you 
Di tJCt, of you 
A voi, m, to you 
Voi, vi, vou 
Da voi, from you 

E'^liru), ei, e', essi, they 
Di loro, of them 
A Inro, loro, to them 
Loro, gli, li, them 
Da loro, from them 



Third Person Feminine Singular. 
Ella, essa, she, it 
J)i lei, of her 
A lei, It, to her 
Lei, la, her, it 
Da lei, from her 

There are several other forms of this pronoun, 
chiefly poetical. Thus, elio, elii, el, 'I for egli ; elli 

E'llcno, esse, they 
Di Uro, of them 
A laro, loro, to them 
Loro, le, them 
Da loro, from them 

and filmo for eglino ; la for dia ; die for elleno; tOo 
for lui ; dli for Unro ; dia for lei ; and eUe for lóro, t 

The reflected pronoun se, one's self, is of all genders and numbers : 
Di se, of one's self, himself, herself, itself, themselves 
A se, si, to one's self, hiin elf, herself, &c. 
Sc, si, one's self, himself, herself, ttc. 
Da sc, from one's self, himself, herself, &c. 

In effecting this union, mi, ti, ci, siand vi, change 
the t into e, and become me, te, &c ; gli is changed 
into glie ; and loro remains the same ; as, 
iitoie darà, he will give me some. 
Ttiie darà, he will give thee some. 
Sene procurerà, he will get some. 
Glieiie darò, I will give him or her some. 
Cene darà^ he will give us some. 
Vene darò, I will give you some. 
Ne prwìutto Uno, I promise some to them. 
The place of laro, in the sense of to them, is alwa>9 
after the verb. 

In reading the following lines, you have only to 
suppose melo, mela, &c. to be in the place oi the 
asterisks.— Thus : melo darà, telo darà, &c he will 
give it to me, &c. 

This pronoun acf(uires still more strength and 
elegance by the addition of stesso, stissa. stessi, stesse, 
whirh are also often joined to the other personal 
pronouns : — per se stesso, per se stessa, per se stessi, 
per se stesse, by himself, herself, &c. Lo farò da me 
itesso, 1 will do it myself. 

With me, with thee, xjoith himsff, herself, &c. 
take the Latin turn, and are expressed by meco, te- 
so, seco. 

Esso is sometimes placed with the preposition con 
and a pronoun persoail, and it is masculine and 
feminine, as is its piural essi; thus, con esso lui, 
with him; ccm esso lei, with herj con essi loro, 
v/ith them, men or women. 

UNION of the conjunctive pronouns mi, ti, si, 
gli, d, vi. Uro, with the pronouns lo, la, li, te, and 
Tie, in the sense of some, a part of, of it, &c 

Melo mela meli mele * da-à,he will give it to me, them to me, &c 
Tdo tela teli tele * manderà, he will send it to thee, &c. 
Glielo glida glieli gliele * darò, I will give it to him, &c. 
Selo sda sdi sde * procurerà, he will procure it to himsdf, &c 
Cdo cela celi cde * dirà, he will tell it to us, &c. 
Velo vda veli vele * procurerò, I will procure it to you, &c. 
The ancients used glide for glielo, gliela, glidi; and sometimes gliene for glielo, gliela, glidi, aad glitk. 

The articles show sufficiently the gender and number. 




la mia 

i mid 

II tw 

la tua 

i tuoi 

II nw 

la sua 


II nostro 

la nostra 

i ìimtri 

Il vostro 

la vostra 

i vostri 

Il Uro 

la loro 


Before nouns of relation, or quality, in the singu- 
lar number, the definite article is not wanted, but it 
must be used with the plural number ; as, 

Mia sordla, di mia sorella, my sister. 

Vostro fratello, di vostro fratello, your brother. 

le mie, my, mine. 
k tue, thy, thine. 
U sue, his, her, its. 
le nostre, our, ours. 
U vostre, your, yours, 
le loro, their, theirs. 
/ nostri libn, our books. 
Le ruistre case, our houses. 
But say, le mie sorelle, i vostri fratdli. The 
pronoun "may, however, be transposed, and then 
the article is used ; as, il fratello mio, la tortOa 



Observe also, that all possessive pronouns a;rea 
in Englisti with the pnssasor of a thing, but in 
Italian, always with the trims possessed ; as, mio 
fratello ama sua moglie t U sue sorelle, my brother 

loves his wife and his sisters. Mia sorella ama suo 
marito, ed i suoi fratelli, my sister loves her luu'- 
baud and her brothers. 


All pronouns have a relative sisnificalion, but the following ones are peculiarly so called. 

Sin^lar and Plural ; Masculine and Feminine. 

La dama la di cui madre, or la cui madre, or 
la nuiàre di cui avete veduta, the lady whose 
mother you saw. 

/ soldati al di cui capitano, or al cui capitano, 
or al capitaiu) di cui parlammo, the soldiers to the 
captain of w boni we spoke. 

Vt, or la quale, sing, t, or le quali, pi., who, which, 
is applied to persons or things. 

In interrogative phrases, cAt, who? is applied 
to persons, che, what? to things, and qwalt to 

Che; ai che, di chi, or di cui ; a che, a eli. or a 
cui; da che, or da chi ; that, wlio, «hich ; of 
whom, whose, of which, &c. ; as, la donina che ve- 
dete, the lady whom, that, you see. // sigiwrc che 
vi parlava, the gentleman who, that, was speaking 
to you. / lil/ri che comprò, the books that, which, 
he bought. Le case che sono larghe, the houses 
that, which, are large. 

Di cui, after a ncun, is susceptible of an elegant 
transposition ; as, II signore il di cui padre, or il 
Oli padre, or il padre di ad coruisctte, the getìtle- 
man whose father you know. 


Questo, ms. questa, fs. questi, mp. queste, fp. this, these. 
Quello, m. quella, f. qudli, m. quelle, f. that, those. 
Costui, m, costei, f. costoro, m. and f. this, these; he, she, they, 
Colui, m. colei, f. coloro, m. and f. that, those ; he, she, they, 
Quello is made qiul before a consonant ; and 
qiuUli is often contracted into quei. — Quegli, in the 
sense of quello, quelli, is singular and plural. 

Qui and-tó are sometimes added to give more 
ftrength to the pronouns ; as-, questo qui, this one 
here ; quello là, that one there. 
Questi and quegli are often used in the singular 

iber ; as, questi fu felice, quegli sfortunato ; 
this man was happy, and that unfortunate. 

Cotesto, cotcsta, colati, coleste, in the sense of 
this, these, are still in use; but cotestui, this man, 
and cotestwo, these or those, have become obsolete. 
Codesto, codesta, &c. is a corruption of cotesto. 


Ogni, m. and f. sing, each, every. — TVtto, futta, 
tutti, tutte, signifies all, every one, a totality. 

Cicucheduno, ciascheduna, ciatcheduni, ciasche- 
dune ; and ciascuno, ciascuna, ciascuni, ciasciuu, 
wery one, every body. 

Qualche, m. and f. sing, some ; and in the plural, 
alcuni, m. alarne, f. some. 

AlcuiU}, alcuna, alami, alcmic ; and qualcuno, 
qualcuna, qualcuni, qualcune, somebody, some 

Veruno, veruna, veruni, verune, none, not one. 

Nessurw, 7ussuna, nessuni, nessune ; and ninno, 
niuna, niuni, ninne, nobody, no one. 

Certo, certa, certi, certe, some, some one ; a cer- 
tain one, certain ones. 

Tale, m. and f. sing, tali, m. and f. plural, such, 
such another, such others. 

Chiunque, m. and f. sing, whosoever, whoever. 

Qualu7iqut, m. and f. sing, whatever. 

Qualsivoglia, m. and f. sing, whatsoever, any. 

A^e, some, of it, of them. 

.3!tro, altra, altri, altre, other, others; which 
makes altrui, in its oblique cases ; as, d'altrui, ad 
altrui ; of other and others, to other and others. 
,^ltri is often used in the singular instead of altro; 
altri ride, altri piange, one laughs and the other 

6'i, one, people, men, they ; as, it dice, one ays, 
people say, it is said. 

Detached Observations on the Prorwuru, 

1. Ci and vi, which signify t«, to us ; you, to 
you, when they are personal pronouns, are likewiae 
adverbs, in the sense cf here and there, 

2. Ne, without any accent, is sometimes a pef»- 
sonai pronoun which'signifies us, to us; sometime» 
an indeterminate pronoun, in the sense of some, 
any, of it, of them, fee. But né, with the erav» 
accent, signifies ?wt, nor, neither ; and ne', wi'th an 
apostrophe, is an abbreviation of nei, in the; n/ 
campi, in the fields. 



3. Si, an indeterminate pronoun, in (he sense of as \rill appear by the following examples.— Si Ja 
ane,people, men, they, is of extensive use in Italian, written se, when it meets with ne. 

Si dicono incredibili co 
Si sono prese molte nav 
Non si pallidi pace, 
Se ne sajirà qualctie CJS 
Vi si domanda del pane. 

With many other turns which w 

passive verbs. 

Essmtial remark. — When the Italians wish to 
«how a particular regard, they make use of the tliird 
person of the verb, instead of the second ; that is, the 
third person singular, when they address one pei-son 
only, and the third person plural, if they speak to 
tnanv people. In such a case, cVla, lei, or sometimes 
x>ossig7wria takes the place of voi; and sua of 
vostra, for the singular, applied to men and women. 
Lor signori, masculine and feniinine, supjjly the 
second pei^on plural. Vossignoria is an abbrevia- 
tion of vostra signoria, and lor signori, of le signo- 
rie loro ; but ella or lei are now more fashionable 
than vossipioria. 

This manner of speaking will become quite fa- 
miliar, if we accustom ourselves tc the idea that we 
are speaking of a. person, instead of spe-akin-r to her, 
as will appear in the transposition of the following 

Singular, Masculine and Feminine. 
Ella or lei, she — you, sir, or madam. 
Di lei, of her — of you, sir, or madam. 
•S Ui, le, to her — to vom, sir, or madam. 
La, her — you, sir, or madam. 
Da lei, from her — you, sir, or madam. 

Plural, Masculine and Feminine. 

Lor signori, they — you, gentlemen and ladies. 

IH lor signori, of them — of you, geutlenien and la- 

A lor signori, to them — ^to you, gentlemen and ladies. 

Lor signori, le, them — you, gentlemen and ladies. 

Da lor sipuxri, from them — from you, gentlemen 
and ladies. 

The following examples will render these obser- 
vatious plainer ; — 

tiicy say nicrcdille things, 
they have taken many ships. 
t/iey say nothing of peace. 
VX will hear something of it. 
tlicy (ut you bread. 
have occasion to notice more at krge Ir 

our observations on 

Non può far meglio, 
vossignoria, per distrar- 
si dagl' impacci, che 
viaggiar !' Italia. Se 
ella entierà da Venezia, 
vedrà una città unica al 
mondo, per la sua situa- 
zione ; ma non sarà 
questa 1' unica cosa che 
la sorprenderà. 

Ferrara le farà vedere 
una bella e vasta soli- 

Bologna presenterà a 
suoi occhi un altro bel 

Non si scordi di Mo- 

come sta ella stamatti- 
na ? 

Buon giorno, signora, 
come sta ella? 

Benissimo per servir- 
la, la ringrazio. 

Signore, favorisca di 
bedersi, la pr^o. 

Le sarò sempre inti- 
mo suo amico. 

Tou cannot do better, 
sir, to divc-rl yourselj 
from affairs, than to 
travel through Italy, 
Should you alter it to» 
the side of Venice, you 
■will see a town, the 
only one in the world 
for its sitaation; hut 
this is not the only thing 
which will surprise you 

Ferrara will offer to 
you a beautifvdand vast 

£olog7ia will present 
to your eyes another fi.iu 

Do not forget Modena, 
as being the native plaxe 
of the illustrious Murar 

Good day, sir, how 
do you do thi» morn- 

Good day, madam, 
}iow do you do ? 

Very well, at your ser- 
vice, I thank you. 

Pray, sir, do me tht 
favour to be seated. 

J shall always be your 
mcst devoted friend. 

Strange as this phraseology may sound to an Eng» 
lish ear, it is indispensable to the Italian tongue, 
in speaking to one's superiors, and chiefly to women 
above the common rank. 


VERBS: Auxiliary; Regular; and Irregular. 

Ob. 1. The personal pronouns to, tu, &c. are 
placed above the tenses of the verbs, in the fnllnw- 
iDg pages, to distinguish the persons j but it will be 

better to conjugate the verbs without them, except 
in the three persons singular of the present of the 
subjunctive, and the first and second persons of tbe 



preterite tense of the same mood, on account of a 
similarity in the endings. 

2. As the persons who apply to the Italian tongue 
have commonly b^un already to learn either the 
French, the Latin, or their own language by rules, 
we suppose them able to conjugate an English verb ; 
Uierefore we have inserted the first person sinzular 
only, for the sake of brevity, and the neatness of the 

Sing-. 1. 

3. For the same reason we give the first peimi 
singular only of the compound tenses, as they are 
merely the repetition of the verbs avere or enoc, 
with the participle past of any verb. Thus, when 
we have ho avuto, it is easy to add hai avuto, ha 
avuto, abbiamo avuto, avete avuto, hanno amtto, 
&c. &c 

4. There are four tenses in all verbs, whether reg- 
ular or irre^lar, which have the same termination. 

The Imperfect of the Indicative. 

PI. 1. 


Future of the Indicative. 
rà remo rete 

Imperfect Conditional. 

rebbe remmo reste 

Sometimes, — chiefly in poetry : — 
ria riamo riate 


rianno & rebbono 

Preterite of the Subjunctive. 

The verb essere i 
the indicative. 

is the only verb which does not follow this scheme, and that only in the imperfect of 
Conjugation of the Autiliary Verb avere, to have. 

Participle past. 

Avere, to have, to possess. 
Avendo, con avere, coll' avere, 
Avuto, 7ns. avuta, fs. avuti, ni. 

in avere, nell' avere, having, in having. 


t^esent Tense. 
Written sometimes, 

/ have. 
Io, ttt. 
Ho, hai, 
ò, ài. 




Campou7id Tense, I have had. 
voi, eglino. 
avete, lianno.— ho avuto, &c. 
avete, anno. 


Aveva, avevi, 

aveva ; 


—Ihad had. 
avevate, avevano.— aveva avu'o. 


Ebbi, avesti. 



-Ihad had. 
aveste, ebbero.— ebbi avuto. 


I shall OT will have. 
Avrò, avrai, avrà ; 


— / shall or will have had. 
avrete, avranno.— avrò avuto. 


/ wotild, could, 
Avrti, a^Tésti 

should have. 
i, avrebbe ; 


—r would have had. 
avreste, avrebbero.— avTéi a\-u(o. 

• We likewise say, va, vi, va ; and perhaps vo should be preferred to va, as it distinguishes the fu-A 
person from the third ; but custom has prevailed, and va is now conmionly used instead of vo. 




che noi, 

che voi, 

— that I may have had. 

eh' eglino. 
abbiano.— abbia avuto. 



—that I ìnigìU have had. 
avessero.— avessi avuto. 


Preterii. That I may have. 

eh' io, che tu, eh' egli 

Abbia, abbia & abbi, abbia ; 

Preterite. That I might have. 

Avessi, avessi, avesse 

Abbi or abbia tu, have thou ; abbia egli, let hini have ; abbiamo noi, let us have ; abbiate voi, have ye ; 
àbbiauo e^iiuo, let tliem, have. 

Conjugation of the Auxiliary Verb èssere, to be 

Pretent. Essere, to be, to exist. 

Qerund. Essendo, con èssere, coll' èssere, in èssere, nell' èssere, leing, in being. 
Part. past. Stato, ms. stata, fs. stati, m. pL state, /. pi. been. 

Presciit Tense. 



Compound Tofìse. I have been. 



egn ; 

noi, voi. 





siamo, siete, sono. 

—sono stato, &.c. stati, &c. 


-I had been. 




eravamo, eravate, 

erano. —era stato. 



-I had been. 




fummo, foste, 

furono, —fui stato. 




—IshaU or vrillhave been. 



sarà ; 

saremo, sarete, 

saràiino. — sarò stato. 


I could, would, shmM he. 

—7 would have been 



sai^bbe ; 

saremmo, sareste, 

sarebbero.— sarei stato. 




— that I may have been. 


che tu, 


che noi, che voi, 

eh' eglino. 


sia & sii 

, sia; 

siamo, siate, 

siano. —sia stato. 


That Im 

xght be. 

—that I might have beei^ 




fossimo, foste. 

fossero, —fòssi stato. 

, & sia tu, 

: thou; sia egli, Id him be ; siàma noi. Ut us be; siate voi, be ye; siano ègliuo, let them be. 

The reader must have observed, that the com- 
pound tenses of the verb essere are not formed as in 
English, by the help of avere, to have, but of essere. 
to 6e. So that, instead of saying. I have been, I had 
been, &c, the Italians sav, / am been, I was been, 

Observe, also, tliat in conjugating the compound 
tenses of essere, the participle agrees always ni'h 
the nominative ; so Oiat a man must say, scrno stato, 
knd a woman, soiw stata ; for men, siamo stati, and 
I6r women, siamo state, &c. 

The verbs venire, to come, andare, to go, stare, 

to remain, are often used in the sense of es$ert ; 

Egli vien riputato per un uomo dabbene, he is 
looked upon as a very honest man. Ciò Vìi vien 
detto da molti. I am told so by many people. 

Io vo facendo qualche cosa pet vostro vantaggio, 
1 am doing somethinj to your advantage, .indrà 
tosto rovinato, he will be soon ruined. 

La cesa sta come vi dico, the thing is as I tell you 
Stavanw leggendo quaivdo vostro fratello entrò 
nella camera, we were reading when your brother 
entered the room. 



Regular Conjugation.'^ 

ere and ire. 

There are three regular conjugations in Italian, distinguished by the termination of the infinltife. 
First, in are, aio, ss, amare, amato, to love. 
Second, iu ere, utv, as, crulerc, creduto, to believe. 
Third, in tre, ito, as, seyilire, scutUo, to hear. 

Of the rerbs in are, some have the e long, as, dolnrc, ved re, tenfre ; and the others have it short, 
scrivere, perdere ; but their manner of being conjugated is noi ail'ected by that. 

, legem, 

General Paradigm. 







àto, mi. 


àti, mp. 



C red-era 






















; Cred.0, 































, Ani-ai, 








è ' 



érono > 
éttero J 

) étti. 


ét'te : 



^ Sent-ii, 













^ Cred-ero, 






i Sent-irò, 






f Am-eréi. 
xl. ^ Cred-erei, 








erébbe ; 












J. Cred-a, 
( ient-a. 

















r Am-assi. 







^ Cred^éssi, 



















^ Cred-i, 





i Senti, 





I. Regalar Conjugation in are, àto, through all its Moods, Tenses, and Persom 

Present. Amare, to love, to like. 

Gerund. Amando, eon aniire. coll' am.^e, in amare, nelp amare, loving, in loving. 
Part. yast. Amato, amata, amati, amate, loved. 














I did lovt, 
I loved. 
I shall lovt. 
I would Umc 

PnteTit. Ami, 
Preterite, Amà-ssi, 

che tu, M e^h 

die mt, 

cJìe voi, 


cA' eglmc, 

air. ina, fniaylove. 

ssero, / might /Ci'e. 


uuuo 1 

let lis love ; amate voi, leve ye ; amino eglino. 

Ama tn. love thou ; ami egli, lei h ii l 
let them love. 

All the verbs ii, are are conjugated iike amare, except andare, to go, /are, to do, rfare, to give, and Hare. 
to remain, with me verbs ending in care and fare, as, peccare, to sin, pagare, to pay, which will be noticed 
in their proper place. 

II. Regular Cirnjugatioa in ere, ixto. 

Present. Credere, to believe, to think. 

GennuL Credendo, con credere, col credere, in credere, nel credere, bcliemtg in, Wieoiii^, 
Part. past. Creduto, creduta, creduti, credute, believed. 





5 Cred-ei, 
\ Cred-etti, 



CA' 10, 



creile ; 



















rébbe ; 







di csh ; 

che r.LÌ, 

che VOI, 

eh' eslino. 


a ; 









C»ieli 'u, believe thou ; creda egli, 
I eglino, let them believe. 

' hiìn idieve: crediamo noi, 

US bcliece ; credete voi, Idieve ye ; 

in. Regular Conjugation in ire, ito. 

""•«rtt. Sentire, to hear, fed, perceive. 

Gerti7id Sentendo, con sentin», col sentire, in sentire, nel sentire, hearing, in hearing, 

t'ali post. Sentilo, sentita, sentiti, sentite, heard. 



Prtsent. Sento, 

Imperfect. Senti-va, 

Preterite. Sent-ii, 

Future. Senti-rò, 

Cotidit. Senti-rei, 

Sent-i, _ 


































3 ; 








Senti tu, hear thmi; senta e^i, lei him hear ; sentiamo noi. Ut fxa hear ; sentite voi, hear \ 
eglino, W therii kear. 

Conjugation of Verbs in isco. 

Amon^ the verts of the fiiird conjusation, ending in irr^ many are irregular in the present of tSe iiM^ie» 
tive au.l subjunctive, and likewise in the impentiv-é. All their' other tenses are lik£ taairt; ajid lijeat wi 
pr-^nt here by their first person singular oniy. 

Blandire, blandendo, blandito, to cares*. 

Premmt. Plandiseo, blandisci, blandisce; bund iàmo, blandite, blandiscono. 

hnperfed, fyc Blandiva; blandii; blandirò; blandirei. 

Present. Bland'sOL, blandisca, blandisca ; blandiamo, blandiate, blandiscano. 

PreXtrite. Blandissi, blandirsi, blandisse, &c 

Blandisci tu, blandisca e?!i ; blandiamo noi, blandite voi, blandiscano eglino. 
Many of the verbs in ire. «co, end likewise in are, o; as, colorare and colorire, to colour ; indurare aod 
indurire, &c to harden. — Pnets do r.n'. a!/. a5rs nb^crv»- th.; irre?ulanty in isco, and they write equally offro, 
and offerisco, mu^ge and nuiggisce, laiigiu and languisce, fere and Jerisce, &c. 

Conjugation of a Reflected and Reciprocal Verb, 
Reflected and reciprocal vert's are conjuzated alike in Italian. St, joined to the infinitive, uswen to 
on«'« telf ; and the persons in the other moods are expressed as follows : 
Sinj. mi, ti. si; myself, thyself, himself, herself. 
Plural, d, vi, si ; ourselves, yourselves, themselves. 
They seldom have the addition of the pronouns io, tu, egli, noi, voi, eglino, 
Divertirsi, to amuse ove's self. 
Divertendosi, anaising, or in amusmg on^stelf. 
Divertitosi, having amused one^t self. 

Present. I amuse myself, &c. 
Sing, mi diverto, ti diverti, si diverte. PI. ci divertiamo, v" divertite, si divertono. 
Andtoonwith the other tenses— mi iiveriiva; mi divertii; mi divertirò; mi divertirei; ch'io mi difOta; 
eji'io mi divertissi, &c. 


Divertih, amuse thysdf; divertasi, Ut him amuse himtdf ; divertiaiuoci, iet us amuse oursdvea, 
divertitevi, amuse yourselves ; diverlansi, let them amuse themselves. 

The compound tenses are conjugated with the verb essere : 

I have amused myself, &c. Siiig. mi sono divertito ; ti sei divertito; s' è divertito. Phir. ci siamo 
divertiti, vi siete divertiti, si sono divertiti.— .i/uf jo /or the other tenses : m'era divertito ; mi fui divertito ; 
mi sarò divertito, &c. — For the feminine : mi sono divertita ; ci siamo divertite. 

Remarks on here is, there is, 8fc. 

The English adverbs here and there are expressed in Italian by ci and vi. Ci is commonly used when 
■we speak of a place in which we are, and vi of a place in which we are not, as will appear in the follow- 
ing scheme : 

C è, ci sono, there is, there are ; her* is, hart are. 
C era, c' erano, there was, there were. 
Vi fu, vi furono, there has teen, there hace been. 
Vi sarà, vi saranno, there will be, siuj. and pi. 
C era stato, c" erano stati, there had teen. 

V era stato, v' erano stati, there had been. 
C'è? ci sono ? is there ? are there ? 

C era ? c- erano ? was there ? were there ? 
C era stato ? c' erann stati ? had there been ? 

V è ? vi sono ? is there ? are there ? 

V era ? v' erano ? was there ? were there ? 

V era stato ? v' erano stati ? ìiad there teen ? 

Non e' è, non ci sono, there is net. there are not. 
Non e' era, non e' erano, there was net, there were not. 
Non e' era stato, non e* erano slati, there had not been^ 
Non v' è, non vi sono, there is not, there art not. 
Non v' era, non v' erano, thire was mt, there were not. 
Non v' era stato, non v' erano sta:;, there had not been. 

Non c' è ? non ci sono ? is not there ? are not there ? 
Non v' era ? non v' erano ? was net there ? were not there ? 
Non vi fu ? non vi furono ? has not there been ? have not there beai ? 
Non v' era stato ? &c. &c. had not there beai ? &c. &c. 

_ The tone of the voice marks the difference between a simple affirmation or a negation, and an interroga- 
tion. Thus: — C è del pane, there is some bread. C e del pane? is there any bread ? ^fon v'erano 
molte donne nel giardino, there were not manv ladies in the garden. iVon u' frano molte donne nel giar- 
dàìo ? were there not many ladies ia the garden ? 

Remarks on the verb bisognare, in the sense o/must and ought. 

The verb bisognare is an impersonal verb of estensive use in Italian ; and its correspondent English verbs, 
must and ou^ht, not being impersonal, beginners fall into constant mistakes. To avoid this, let the Eng- 
lish phraseology, / must go, ycu must go, he must go, &c. be turned into it must that I go, it must thai 
ymi go, it must ihat he goes, &c. and then the following exapiples will be readily imderstood and applied. 

Bisogna eh' io di parli, 7 must speak to him. 
Bisogna eh' impariate questo, yiyu must ìearn this. 
Bisognerebbe eh' io Io facessi, I should do it. 
Ci bisogna morire, vx must die. 
Vi bisognava vederlo, you ought to have seen him. 
Bisognerà eh' egli mi paghi, he must pay me. 

We see by these examples, that che, after this impersonal verb, requires the subjunctive. 



Detached Remarks on Verbs. 

1. The Italians use frequently the infinitives of 
verbs, instead of nouns subsiaiitives, for the mascu- 
line bingular ; as, U sun parlai e m'annoia, his con- 
versation tires nie ; alio spuntar del gitn-no, at the 
break of day ; il piangere nasce souciUe dui ridae, 
tears often spring from laugliter. 

2. The infinitive is frequently used instead of the 
imperative, in negative phrases, chiefly in speaking 
to inferiors, or in poetry ; as, nan dir qtitsto alia 
moglie, do not tell this to your wife ; nun cMvdae 
il seno alla pietà, do not shut your breast to awn- 
passion ; nun ti lasciar vincere dall' ira, do not let 
yourself be conquered by auger. 

3. The participle passive, conjugated wi'h essere 
agrees always with its nominative ; as, la virtù e 
lodata, ma il vizio è tenuto a vile, virtue is praised, 
but vice is despised. 

The participle conjugated vrith avere agrees 
generally with its accusative, when it is placed after 
that accusative^ but it remains in the masculine 
singular, when it precedes its accusative ; as, ho ri- 
O">uto la vostra lettera, I have received your letter; 
la lettera die iu} ricevuta, the letter which I have 
received. Avevano fatto gran cose, they had done 
great things ; le gran cose che avevano fatte, the 
great things which Ihey had done. 

The participles present having and being, 
joined in English to a participle past, are elegantly 
omitted in Italian ; as, detto questo, tutt dalla co/- 
mera, having said that, he went out of the room ; 
finita la predica, vsdmino dalla chiesa. Ihe ser- 
mon being over, we left the church ; vedutolo, hav- 
ing seen him. 

Likewise, when, as soon as, or such like ex- 
pressions, are not expressed in Ilaliau, when tliey 
meet in English with the verb to have, or to be, 
joined to a participle past ; as, fatto eh' ebbe, as 
soon as he had done ; praitzato ch' avemmo, « hen 
we had d ined ; venuti di£ furono, as soon as they 
were come. 

4. The pronoun they, when used in the indeter- 
minate sense of one, we, people, men, it is, it xoas. 
&c., is rendered in Italian by si ; but by se, when it 
meets with ne; and the veib is put in a reflected 

form, ftitLer singular or plural, as happens to be the 
noun to which it relates. — Sometimes the Italians 
employ a passive turn, peculiar to liieir Language, 
with the lielp of the verb essere, whicli is often sup- 
plied by venire. — Let the following examples be 
caiefully observed : 

Si dice cosi ; 

Si dicono molte cose ; 

Si dirà, or dirassi che 
l'avete insult.ito ; 

Si loda l'uomo modes- 
to ; 

Si lodano gli uomini 
modesti ; 

Anuasi, or si ama d'es- 
s«e onorato ; 

Sieguansi i grandi esem- 

Mi si domanda uno scu- 

Mi si domandano tre 
ghinee ; 

Che si dirà di voi se fate 
ciò ? 

Si direbbe, or direbbesi 
che siete uno spende- 


Non se ne parla ; 
Cene sarà pailato ; 

Mi vien detto da molti ; 

Vene verrà scritto; 

Siete domandato ; 
Mi fii dato un libro ; 
Ci fìi scritta una lettera; 
Vi saranno mandate 
molle lettere ; 


It ts said so. 
People report 

Tlicy will say that you 

insulted him. 
One praises a modest 

Modest men are praised. 

One likes to be 

: saprà qualche co- 

Let us follow great ex- 

They ask me five shO- 

They' ask me thru guin- 

What will be said of 
you if yrru do so ? 

Or.i wojdd say that you 
are a spendthrift. 

We shall hear some- 

thing of it. 
People say ncthing of it. 
Tliey will speak of it to 

I was told so by many 

They will write it te 

Somehody asks for you. 
J receiven a book. 
They wrote a letter to M». 
You vnU receive many 



The following observa'ions will ^ea'ly facilitate 
the general system of the Italian irregular verbs. 

1. When a verb is irregular in the present of the 
indicative, it is always so in the present of the sub- 
junctive, and in the imperative. 

2. Verbs are irregular chiefly in the present of 
the indicative, the preterite of the same mood, and 
the participle past. 

3. Some verbs in n-Ve, i-Ve, long, and in nire, 
and likewise some in nere and cere short, contracted 
in orre and urre, form thcii future and conditional 
in rrò and rrei ; as, tenére, terrò, terrei • volére, vor- 

rò, varrei ; venire, verrò, verrei ; porre, porrò, por- 
ni ; condurre, condurrò, condurrei, &c. &c. — Fare, 
dare, stare, takt- arj, arti, instead of ero, era, in 
their future and conditional ; farò, farei, &c. 

4. Most of the verbs endins in l-'re and nr're Ion?, 
and in lire, and iiire, take a g in their present 
tenses and in the imperative; as, tenure, to hold, 
tengo, tenga; d.jVre, to grieve, dolgo, doga; sa- 
lire, to leap, salgo, salga ; venire, to come, vengo, 

5. Some verbs in rrrc and rtrc d rop the letter r 
in their present tenses and in the imperative; as, 


parére, paio, to appear ; morire, moio, and muoio, Thus, when you have erescOy moco, andassi, fee, 

to die. you have only to obsene their proper tenses in the 

Caution. — In the tenses wherein will be found paradigm, and you will readily form cresco, cresci, 

the first person singular only, the others may be cresce, &c. &c. 
formed easily by the General" Paradigm (page 19.) 

I. Irregular Verbs in are, care, gare. 

Andare, dare, fare, stare, and the verbs ending in care and gare, are the only irregular of the first con 

Infinitive. Gerund. Participle. 

1, Andare, andando, andato, to go, 

Ind, Vado or vo, vai, va ; andiamo, andate, vanno. Andava. Andai. Andrò or anderb. Andrei or 

Sub, Ch' io vada, vada, vada ; andiamo, andiate, vadano and vadìno. Andassi. 
Imp. Va, vada j and iamo, andate, vadano. 

2. Dare, dando, dato, to give. 

Ind. Do, dai, da ; diamo, date, danno. Dava. Died» or detti, desti, diede or dette or die ; demmo, deste, 

diedero or dettero or dierono. Darò. Darei. 
Sub. Ch' io dia, dia or dii, dia ; diamo, diate, diano or diino. Dessi. 
Imp. Da, dia ; diamo, date, diano. 

3. Fare, facendo, fatto, to do. 

Ind, Fo, fai, fa; facciamo, fate, fanno. Faceva. Feci, facesti, fece; facemmo, faceste, fecero. Farò. 

Sub. Ch' io faccia. Facessi. 
Imp. Fa, faccia ; facciamo, fate, facciano. 

4. Stare, stando, stato, to be, to live, to stop 

Ind. Sto, stai, sta ; stiamo, state, stanno. Stava. Stetti, stesti, stette ; stenmio, steste, stettero. Starò 

Sub. Ch' io stia. Stessi. 
Imp. Sta, stia ; stiamo, slate, stiano. 

The verbs in care and gare take an h in the tenses where the e or g: should otherwise meet before e or u 

Infinitive. Gerund. Participle. 

Peccare, peccando, peccato, to tin. 

Fregare, pregando, pregato, to pray. 

Pecco, pecc/ii, pecca; pecc/iiamo, peccate, peccano. 
Prego, pregAi, prega ; prer'iiamo, presrate. pregano. 
PeccAtrò, pecc/ierei. preg/ierò, prèg/ierei, lVc. &e. 

II. Irregular Verbs in ère long. 

Ob. There are but four vpibs in -re long, which are irrefular in their participles; namely, parért, 
parso; persuadere, persuaso; riinan-'re, rimaso; solére, sotto. Ali the others make their pai'ticiple 
in nto. 

N. B. Let this remar\ be attenti'jdy ccnsU^er-yì. — The third person singular and the third person plttra 
»f the preterite tense of the indicative, are f nncd f:oui the fijst ptrscni singular of that same tense j but 


the leaxnd person nin^ular, and the first and seamd perions plural, are commonly fonned from the in- 
finitive ; as, from doWre, giacere, conoscere, &c. &c., are formed, 

Bolsi, dolesti, dolse ; dolemmo, doleste, dnUcro. 

Giacqui, giacesti, giacque ; giacemmo, giaceste, giaajxtero. 

CunobH, conoscesti, conobbe; conoscemino, conosceste, conohhero. 

Infinitive, Gerund. Participle. 

1. Cadére, cadendo, caduto, to fall. 

fnd. Cado or caglio, cadi, cade ; cadiamo or caggiamo, cadete, cadono or cagiono. Cadeva. Cadd-1, 

esti, e ; emmo, este, erono. Caderò. Caderei. 
Sub. Ch' io cada nr caggia. Cadessi. 
Imp. Cadi, cada or caggia ; cadiamo, cadete, cadano. 

2. Dolersi, dolendosi, dolutosi, to complain, to ache. 

Ind. Mi dolgo or doglio, ti duoli, si duole ; ci dogliamo, vi dolete, si dogliono or dolgono. Doleva. Dol- 
si, dolesti, *tc. Dorrò. Dorrei. 
Sub. Ch' io mi dolga or dozlia. Dolessi. 
Imp. Duóliti, dolgasi ; dogiiàmoci, doletevi, dólgansi. 

3. Dovére, dovendo, dovuto, to owe. 

Ind. Devo or debbo or deggio, devi, deve ; dobbiamo, dovete, debbono or deggiono or deono. Doveva. 

Dovei or dovetti, dovesti, &c. Dovrò. Dovrei. 
Sub. Ch' io debba. Dovessi. 
Imp. Devi, debba ; dobbiamo, dovete, debbano. 

4. Giacere, giacendo, giaciuto, to lie down. 

Ina. Giaccio, giaci, giace ; giacciamo, giacete, giacciono. Giaceva. Giacqui, giacesti, &c. Giicerik 

Sub. Ch' io giaccia. Giacessi. 
Imp. Giaci, giaccia ; giacciamo, giacete, giacciano. 

5. Tacére, tacendo, taciuto, to be silent. 
Taccio. Taceva. Tacqui, tacesti, &c., like giacere. 

6. Piacére, piacendo, piaciuto, to please. 
Piaccio. Piaceva. Piacqui, piacesti, &c. like giacere. 

7. Sapere, sapendo, saputo, to know. 

Ind. So, sai, sa ; sappiamo, sapete, sanno. Sa|)eva. Seppi, sapesti, &c. Saprò. Saprei. 

Sub. Ch' io sappia. Sapessi. 

Imp. Sappi, sapjjia ; sappiamo, sapete, sappiano. 

8. Potére, potendo, potuto, to be able. 

Ind. Posso, puoi, può ; possiamo, po'ete, possono. Poteva. Potei and potetti, potesti, potè, &c Potric 

Sub. Ch' io possa. Potessi. — (No imperative.) — Poterò and poterci are the future and conditional of tha 

verb potare, to prune vines. 

9. Volére, volendo, voluto, to be willing, to wish. 
Ind. Voglio, vuoi, vuole ; vogliamo, volete, vogliono. Voleva. Volli, volesti, &c. Vorrò. Vorrei. 
Sub. Ch' io vojlia. Volessi. — (No imperative.) — Folcrd and volerei are the future and conditional of tin 
verb Vilare, to fly 


10. Persuadére, persuadendo, persuaso, to persuade. 

Tnd. PeT^uad-o. i, e ; iamo, ete. ono. Persuadeva. Persuasi, persuadesti, &c. Persuaderò. Persuaderei 

Sub, Ch' io persuada. Persuadessi. 

Imp. Persuadi, persuada ; peiiuad-iamo, ete, ano. 

11. Tenére, tenendo, tenuto, to hold. 
Ind. Tengo, tieni, tiene ; teniairo, tenete, tengono. Teneva. Tenni, tenesti, &c. Terrò. TerreL 
Sub, Ch' io tenga, tenja. teuja ; teniamo, leniate, tendano. Tenessi. 
Imp. Tieni, tenga, j teuiamo, tene e, tengano. 

12. Rimanére, rimanendo, rimaso, and rimasto, to stay. 

Itld. Rimango, rimani, rimane ; rimaniamo, rimanete, rimangono. Rimaneva. Rinmsi, rimanesti, &c 

RimaiTÒ. Rimarrei. 
Sui. Ch' io riniang-a. a, a ; rimaniamo, rimaniate, rimangano. Rimanessi. 
Imp. Rimani, rimanga ; rimaniamo, rimanete, rimangano'. 

13. Parére, parendo, parso, to appear. 

Ind. Paio and paro, pari, pare : paiamo, parete, paiono. Pareva- Parvi, paresti, &c Parrò. rarreL 
Sub. Ch' io paia, paia, .te Paressi. 
Imp. Pari, paia ; paiamo, parete, paiano. 

This verb is often taken impersonally ; as, m» part, or mt par, gh pare, ci pare, vi part, pare loro, &c. 
It seems to you, to me, to him, &c 

14. Solére, solendo, solito, to be lu^ed. 

IhcL Soglio, snoli, suole ; sogliamo, solete, sogliono. Soleva or era solito, eri solito, &:c— and so of ali the 
other tenses n hich are compounded of the verb esserr and the participle solito, m. scdita, f. thta 
sarò solito J sarei solito ; eh' io sia solito ; eh" io fossi solito, &c. 

15. Valére, valendo, valuto, to be worth. 

hid. Vaglio, vali, vale ; vagliamo, valete, vagliono. Valeva. Valsi, valesti, &c Varrò. Varrei. 

Sub. Ch' io vaglia. Valessi. 

Imp. Vali, vaglia ; vagliamo, valete, vagliano. 

- 16. Vedére, vedendo, veduto, and visto, to see. 

Ind. Vedo and veggio, vedi, vede ; vediamo, vedete, vedono and vedono. Vedeva. Vidi arid viddi, 

vedes'i, ircT Vedrò. Vedrei. 
Sui. Ch' io vedi and vessa. Vedessi. 
Imp. Vedi, veda ; vediamo, vedete, vedano. 

The compound verte follow the conjuration of their simple ; as, npcd-re, like vedere, &c 

III. Chief Irregular Verbs in ere, short. 

AH the irreguUr verbs in are short are reducible to one of the following terminations in their infinitive . 

qui ; participle to, uto. 

cotto to cook 

(xcanting) — shiru, 

conosciuto — know 

cresciuto — grow 

nato — i>e bom 

1. Ceri 

! ; preterite ssi, si, 


















to hurt 




— luixt 




— COiufltO 

Urre, and sometimes ur onlj-, contracted from cere ; as, addurre, and addur, from 
addìuere ; preterite s.-'i, future, rrò, paiiiciple Uo. 











— dusi 




— ussi 




sei ussi 



— dunò 
— urro 






— dotto 






to Iring 

— ocuduct 

— uifer 

— illdiUX 

— Uad in 

— yrixtxux 

— Uai Oack, 

— reduce 

— teJuce 

— tratuiate 

3. Jjere : preterite 4^', .sìi ; participle so, sso, to. 




















































perso and perduto 




The Terb cedere, to yield, b regular. 


— applaud 

— lÀim 

— bcnege 

— aik 

— tfnU up 

— deride 

— aa 

— include 

— biU 

■ lau^h 



4. Kdere ; preterite si ; participle eso, uso, osto, vio, to. 







to li^ht 








— turrender 







ascoso an^ asoosto 




— attend 




— oart found 




— dupitte 





dipesi and dipendei 

dipeso artd 

di pendute 










to descena 




— stretch 



fuso and fonduto 

— mett 




I and impendnto 

— hang on 




— hear, learn 




1 OTuf nascosto 

— conceal 








— take 




— prttaid 



reso and renduto 




— answer 




— comedcnon 




— separate 




— surprise 








and spanto 

— spiU, scatter 







— stretch, lead to 


tosi and tondei 



Fendart, to cleave, and pendere, to hang, are regular. 

5. Gere and g^ere ; 

preterite si 

■, ssi ; ] 

participle so, 

to, tto. 









to gird 














erto oTid eretto 

-lift up 










— come to 










— weep 





— paint 










— sprtns out 




sfiarso and sparto — fjvtaH 





— thrust 





— stretch oirf 









— anoint 





— correct 



















— protect 





— rule 





-uxor out 

The letter g is often transposed in many verbs of this class ; as, piagnere, pignere, dgnere, spignert, ftw 
piangere, pingcre, cingere, spingere, fcc 

6. Gliere ; preterite Isi ; participle Ito. 

Vert» of this class contract often gliere into rre, and even into r alone ; as, corre, cor, for cogliere ; thee 
the future ends in rrj, and the conditional in rrei ; as, 

Infinitive. Preterite. Participle. 

Cogliere, corre, and cor ; coUi, colto, to gather 

Ind. CogHo and colgo, cogli, coglie ; coglianM), cogliete, cc^liono and colgono. Coglieva. Colà, cogl- 
iesti, k.c Corrò Correi. 


Suh. Ch' io, co'Iia, and colga. Cn^liessi. 

Imp. Cogli, coglia, aiìd colga ; cogliamo, cogliete', cogliano. 


So are conjugated 




Accogliere, accorrp, accor 




Distoglifc-ie, distorre, distor 



— remove 

Raccosliere, raccorre. raccor 



— gather 

Scr-ffliere, scerre 

, scer 



— duxM 

Sciojliere, aciorre. scior 



— U7Uie 

Stogliere, storre, 




— take off 

Togliere, torre, 




7. Guere ; 

preterite nsi; participle iito. 





Distili icuere 




to nrite 



eb tinsi 


— piuout 

8. Lere; preterite Isi; 

participle to, so. 








avulso and avello te roa end 





— nverrìitt 





— jrull out 





— expel 





— pluck up 

9. Mere ; preterite ssi, si 

; ; participle sso, to. 







to keep undo 




— cXf^ress 




— irrn,r(3S 




— ojfprcsa 




— restrain 




— take up 




— consuine 




— pirsume 




— rtdean 

The verb premere, to press, Ls regular : pretno ; premei, premetti, and pressi ; premuto. 

10. A''ere contracted into orre ; preterite si ; participle sto. 

Verbs of this class contract nere into orre, ani even into or alone j as, porre, por, instead ofprmer». 
The future ends in rrò, and the conditional in rrei ; as, 

Infinitive. Preterite. Participle. 

Ponere, porre, and por 

posi posto 

Ind. Pongo, poni, pone ; poniamo arid ponghiamo, ponete, pongono 
Porrò. Porrei. 
Sub. Ch' io ponga. Ponessi. 
Imp. Poni, ponga ; poniamo, ponete, pongano. 


to put 
Poneva. Posi, ponesti, 

So are 
















to Ct'nflp09é 


















fra porrò 


11. Pere; preterite pi; participle tto. 
Present. Pretaite. Participle. 






12. Rere ; preterite si ; participle so. 
Present, Preterite. Participle, 




to interpon 

— oppose 

— delay 

— spoil 

— disturb 

— Tvsh out 

to run 

— run to 

— run togetha 

13. Tere ; preterite si, ssi ; participle to, so, and 





assisti and assistei 


to assist 


aversi and avertei 

avei-so and avertito 

— turn off 




— unite 


consisti and consìstei 


— consist 








— kneel 


insistei and insisti 


— insist 








— strike 




— promise 


resistei and resisti 


— resist 




— reflect 




— receive 




— shake off. 

14. Vere ; preterite ssi, si ■ 

; participle to, tto. 








to take a luncheon 




— impute 



assoluto and assolto 

— absolve 




— dissolve 

Movere or muovere mossi 


— move 




— resolve 

Piovere (imp. rei 

•tj piove and piovve 


— rain 




— write 


sMvei and solsi 


- untie 







vissuto and vivuto 


15. Bere. — The verb bevcre, to drink, 
is a regular verb, conjugated like cre- 
dere ; but it is often contracted in the 
following manner : — 

Infinitive. Gerund. Participle. 

Bere beendo bevuto, to drink. 

Ind. Beo, bei, bee; beviamo, beete, beono. 
Beeva. Bevvi, beestij bevve; teemmo, beeste, 
bevvero. Bero. Berei. 



Sub. Ch' io bea, beva, and bevva. Bevvessi, 
aiid bessi. 

Imp. Bei, bea ; beviamo, beete, beano. 

This contraction has something uncouth, and is 
not adopted by correct writers ; tlie regular form is 
by far jireferable. 

Assorbere, pret. assorsi ; part, assorto, to suck 
up, to al/sorb, is otherwise conjusated like crccUre; 
assorbo, assorbeva, assorberò, &c. 

16. ^rre ; contracted (torn verbs in ere. 
Verbs of this kind take commonly a drjiible gg in 
the present of the indicative and subjunctive, and 
in the imperative ; the preterite is made ui, the 
participle tto, the future rrv, and the conditional 

Infinitive. Preterite. Participle. 

Trarre and traere trassi tratto, to draw 

Iiid. Trao OTZti trajgo, trai, trae; traiamo and 
tn^f^b'ainiì, traete, traono a-,id traggono. Traeva. 
Trassi, tra-.:s'i, &c. Trarrò. Trarrei. 

.Sub. Ch' io tracia. Traessi. 

Imp. 'J rai, tra??^ ; traianio and tragghiamo, 
traete, traano and tragulo. 

So are conjugated its compounds : 

Infinitive. Preterite. Participle. 

Attrarre attrassi attratto to attract 

Contrarre contrxssi conti-atto — contract 

Distrane disti-assi distratto — take off 

Ritrarre ritrassi riiratto — draw out 

Sottrane sottrassi sottratto —mbtract 

IV. Iiresular Verbs in ire. 

Infin. Gerund. Prct. Part. 

l Dire, dicendo, dissi, detto, to^ffl?/ or <eZZ. 

Ind. Dico, dici, dice ; dicinmo, dite, dicono. Di- 
ceva. Dissi, dicesti, ite. Dirò. Direi. 

Sub. Ch' io dica. Dicessi. 

Imp. Dì, dica; diciamo, dite, dicano. 

Its chief compounds are, contraddire, to oppose ; 
ridire, to repeat ; maledire, to curse. 

2. Morire, morendo, morii, morto, £o die. 

Ind. Moro and muoio, mori, more ; moriamo, 
moritej morono, and muoiono. Moriva. Morii, 
moristi, mori, &c. Morrò a7id morirò. Morrei 
and morirei. 

Sub. Ch' io inora and muoia. Morissi. 

Imp. Mori, mora; moriamo, morite, morano 
and muoiano. 

The future and conditional morrò auil morrei, 
are preferable to morirò and morirei. — Morsi and 
mcrrso are the preterite and participle of mordere, 
to bite. 

3. Salire, salendo, salii, salito, to go up. 

Ind. Salgo (irw7 saglio, sali, sale ; sigliamo, salite, 
salgono a/id sagliono. Saliva. Salii, s.alisti, &c., 
sometimes salsi, salisti, &c. Salirò. Salirei. 

Sub. Oh' io salga and saglia. Salissi. 

Imp. Sali, salga w saglia ; sagliamo, salite, sal- 

4. Udire, udendo, udii, udito, to hear. 

hid. Odo, odi, ode ; udiamo, udite, odoivo. Udi- 
ta. Udii, udisti, ull, &c. Udirò. Udirei. 
iSu6. Ch' io oda, oda, oda ; udiamo, udiate, odano. 
Imp. Odi, oda ; udiamo, udite, odano. 

5. Venire, venendo, venni, venuto, to 


Ind. Ven»o, vieni, viene ; veniamo, venite, ven- 
gono. Veniva. Venni, venisti, venne, &c. Ver- 
rò. Verrei. 

Sub. Ch' io venga, venga, venga ; veniamo, ve- 
nite, vengano. 

Imp. Vieni, venga ; veniamo, venite, vengano. 

The letter §■ is sometimes found transposed in 
tiiis verb and its compounds: thus, vegno, vegrM, 
vcgiumo; instead of vengo, venga, vengnno. 

The chief compounds of mure are, convenire, to 
agree, rivenire, to return, sovvenire, to help, dx 
venire, to become, sveiiire, to faint, sconxxnire, to 
be unbecoming, pervenire, to come to, intervenire, 
to happen. 

6. Uscire, uscendo, uscii, uscito, to go 

or come out. 

Ind. Esco, esci, esce; usciamo, uscite, escono. 
Usciva. Uscii, uscisti, usci, &c. Uscii-ò. Uscirei. 

Sub. Ch' io esca, esca, esca; usciamo, usciate, 
escano. Uscissi. 

Imp. Esci, esca ; usciamo, uscite, escano. 

7. Gire and ire, and sometimes gir and 
ir, are chiefly used in poetry, and they 
have the follo wing tejises only .- — 
Gite, you go. Giva, givi, giva or già ; givamo, 

givate, givano, I did go, he. Gii, gisti, gi orgiò; 
gimmo, gis'e, girono, / went, l have gone, &c. 
Girò, girai, gira ; giremo, glrete, giranno, / loill go, 
&c. Girei, gires'ì, &c., / would go. Gissi, gissi, 
gisse ; gis'iimo, giste, gissero, / might go, &.C Gito, 
gita, giti, gite, gene. 

Ire, or ir. to go; ito, ita, iti, ite, gone. 

Iva, he did go ; ivano, they did go ; irono and 



iron, they vxiU. Irò, irai, irà, &c., / voiì! go. Irei, 
iresti, irebbe, &c^ / would go. Ite, go ye. 

InfinUive. Preterite. 
Aprire apersi 

Coprire copersi 

aperto to 

coperto ^ 

Infinitive. Preterite. 
5 oJèrsi tf > 
l offerii 5 

Influire intiu-si 



■ influenct 

Apparire {^^t^^H'^'S^l- appear 



Grammariaiis gire the name of licenses to soms 
peculiar chanres which writers have Diaile ia ihe 
formation of certain words, eiiher by leus heiiingor 
shonening them, or by altering tiieir u>ual orih -g- 

1. The third person plural of the preterite tense 
of the indicative, eniing in arcrno. is ofjcn c-iiirrac-- 
ed into aro ; as, anmrS. legaro, andcm.; for ama- 
rono, legaroTW, andarono. 

2. The letter v is frequently left out in some 
tenses, but chiefly in the ii.:p^rféctof the in iicative ; 
as, avea, potea, 'finia, scriviamr; dee, demw. bts, 
bea, &c, for iioeva,pUeva,fi3UL-<i, scnoeuainu, deve, 
devimo, hei-e, beva, fee 

3. The letters at are cut off in the participle past 
of verbs ; thus, instead of ix>lin;:o, adfrnato chi- 
nato, dentato, osato, we find colnio, adc/mc, chino, 
domo, c«o. 

4. The letter e is often found added, in ancient 
poetry, to the third person singular of the preterite 
tense of the indicative, and ti S'irne o'.her words ; 
as, amoe, ^arloe, canizie, fue, prue, glue, fee for 
amò, parlo, cantò, fit-, più, giù. kc — ^Sometimes o 
is adiled to verbs endi/is in tre ; as, rap'w, finic, 
empio, uscio, for rapì, fini, empi, us A. 

5. Sometanes g and gs are used ìnsea;! •>{ other 
letters ; as, seggio, veggio, caggio, reggendo, cheg- 

glio. speglio, Scc', icsteil of sjtUk vedo, cado, 

chiedo, vecchio, spejcchio, ice. 

6. Wé find e instead of a and t in the second and 
ttird person singular of the indicative ; as, cele for 
cela, celi ; serie for serba, serbi, te. 

7. The articles deVo. rieJla. degli, f'e:', cfc7.\ are 
often written by the poets, de lo, c^ la. de gli, de li, 

Besides these licenses, the Italian poets employ 
many words seldom used in pmsa, by v.bich 'hey 
f&nn a lans\ia=-e peculiar to themselves ; such are 
the following ones : 

Aer /or aria the air. Braiidi for spada, a swcrd. 
Carme far verso, verse or poem. È-ca. for cibo, 
food. Legno for vascello, ship. Lumi for occhi, 
eye». Palma for mano. AoJid, Squilla /or campa- 
nella, beU. Unqua, unquaoche, imquanco, for uuu, 

ever. Vate for poeta, a poet. Viri for uomini 
mm, heroes. &c- — Chieflv Latin words, of which 
thousands will be found in reading the poets, 

Expletiits. — These are cer*^n words which, in 
some particiJar locutiics, ceaac to have any rea 
meauing, and are employed only for the saie of 
greater eniphasis, or more elegance and harmony 
Tlie Italians give to ihose expktivts the name of 
ripieno, whicli literally signifies fill up. — The fol 
lowing words are those which are more frequeuily 
used as expletives : 

Pure, tnai, poi, già. così, mica, rum, via, egli 
dia, ISSO, mi. ti. ci, vi. si, 

LitepMr quel che volete ; say whatever ycu please:. 

E fvare arJite negarlo ? and do you dare to deny 

Ora sono pur disposti a venire ; they art runa 
daposed to arme. 

'loma mai sempre a dire di nuovo ristesse cose ; 
he is always repeating the same things. 

Non è poi vero quanto mi diceste ? is not what 
you told Tiu true ? 

Non vorrei già eh' egli partisse ; I would riOt ut 
glad that he should go away. 

Non credo già che ve n' avrete a male ; / do not 
bdxece t.\at you vMl le hurt try it. 

Con esso lei, con esso loro ; with her, with them, 

la. dottrina è di più gran prezzo che 7icn le ij- 
cbezze ; karrUng is cf greater value than riches. 

E" più dotto eh' io non credeva ; he is mon 
learned than I thought. 

It m: sin gio\-iretta ; I am ycung. 

1 1 mi credo che non è vero; I believe that it is 
net true. 

I giova!)! sono via pin inclinati a' piaceri che 
non allo studio ; youns people art more inclined to 
pleasure than to study, &c. &C. 

The limits of this short grammar do not permit 
me to be more diffuse ; but I earnestly recommend 
to Ihe learners to peruse all the idiomatical sen- 
tences inserted in the Dictionary, as this will greali 
forward their progress ia ihe Italian language. 





«I. masculine; /. feminine; ad. adverb; a. adjective; prep. 
preposition; pron. pronoun; part, participle; conj. conjunction j 
inter j. interjection. 


A prep, to, in, by. ^vith, at ; 
J why, towards, as, be- 
tween; a che piangi? why do 
you cry ? a tramontana, towards 
the north ; dolente a morte, 
grieved to death ; a nome del 
rè, in the name of the kins? ; a 
crédito, upon trust ; v' aspètto a 
casa, 1 shall stay for you at 
home ; da qui a tre giorni, in 
three days ; a forza di braccia, 
by strength of arms 
Ababbóccio, ad. inconsiderately, 

Abadéssa, /. an abbess 
Abantlco, ad. anciently 
Abate, m. an abbot 
Abadla, /. (badia) an abbey 
Abbacare, to be confused ; to 

search for 
Abbacchiare, to beat down with a 

Abbachlsta, m. an arithmetician 
Abbacinaménto, m. dazzling 
Abbacinare, to dazzle, dim, cloud 
Abbacinato, a. dazzled ; ària ab- 
bacinata, a foggy air 
A'bbaeo, m. arithmetic 


Abbadire, (badare,) to mind, take 
care ; abbaia a te, take care cf 

Abbadéssa, /. an abbess 

Abbadia, /. an albey [ness 

Abbagliaménto, m. dazzling, rash- 

Abbagliante, a. dazzling 

Abbagliare, to dazzle, delude 

Abbagliato, o. dazzled 

Abbàglio, m. dazzling 

Abbaiaménto, m. a barking 

Abbaiante, a. barking, baying 

Abbaiare, to bark, talk raslJy, to 
boast, to disclose 

Abbaiato, a. barked, bayed. 

Abbaiatóre, m. a barter, a slan- 

Abbaino, m. sky-light 

Abballare, to pick up 

Abballatóre, m. a packer 

Abbalordire, to stun 

Abbandonaménto, m. abandoning, 

Abbandonare, to forsake, quit, 
give 3ver; abbandonarsi, to de- 
spond, to give one's self over; 
abbandonarsi alle passióni, to 
give up to passion 


Abbandonatamente, ad. vehement- 
ly, violently 

Abbandonato, a. forsaken ; ab- 
bandonato da' mèdici, given 
over by physicians 

Abbandonatóre, ni. deserter 

Abbandóno, m. leaving, forsak- 
ing; lasciare in abbandóno, to 
leave at random 

Abbarbayliare, to dazzle 

Abbarbagliato, a. dazzled, con- 

Abbarbicarsi, to take root 

Abbarbicato, a. rooted, inveterate 

Abbarcare, to pile up 

AbbanVire, to fasten with a bar 

Abbarutfaménto, m. a scuffle; 

Abbamftàre, to disorder; abba* 
ruttarsi, to dispute 

Abbassaménto, m. fall, diminu- 

Abbassare, to pull, or bring down ; 
abbassar gli occhi, to cast down 
the eyes ; to abate ; to diminish ; 
abbassarsi, to humble one's self 

Abbassato, part, diminished, de- 


Abbasso, ad. below, down 
Abbas'iinza, ad. enoo^ 
Abbàie, m. abbot 
Abbàttere, to tbrow down; lo 
abate ; abbatter la vela, to strike 
the sai! ; abbàt-erbi. to meet 
with ; s'abbatte di dire, he hap- 
pened to say 
AbbattiméDto, m. weakness, faint- 
uess ; abbattiniéuto deiia mente, 
dejection of mind 
Abbattuta,/, destruc-ion 
Abbattuto, part, oppre^ed 
Abbatuffolare, to mix promisoo- 

Abbellire, to please, beau'ify 
Ablielliménto, ni. an ornament 
Abbellbe, to paint, adorn 
Abbellito, o. painted, adorned 
Abbenche, ad. alihouzh, notwith- 
Abbendàre, to bind, to crown 
Abbeverare, to wa»er 
Abbeverato, a. watered 
Abbeveratóio, m. a watering place 
Abbiadare, to give oars 
Abbicare, to heap up 
Abbiccì, m. the alphabet 
Abbiente, a. rich, capable 
Abbiettaménte. ad. meanly 
Abbiettare. to disgrace 
Abbiettézza, /. abasement 
Abbiètto, a. vile, abject, coctempt- 

Abbiezióne, /. atjeclion. 
Abbigliaménto, m, fiiaery, dress 
Abbigliare, lo-adoiii, faniish 
Abbisrliàto, part, fumishtd, trim- 

màì up 
Abbindolare, to deceive 
Abbioccare, to cluck Oike hens) 
Abbiosciàre, to fall; abbiosciarsi, 

to be dejected 
Abbisoeuire. to want, to be indi- 
gent; abbisogna eh" io vada, I 
must go 
Abbisognóso, a. indigent 
Abbisso, m. an abyss, a bottomless 

gulf, or pit 
Abbituniire, to ceacent 
Abbiurare, to abjure 
Abbiurazione,/. abjuration 
Abboccaménto, m, an interview, 

Abboccare, to fill up ; abboccarsi. 
to confer ; abboccarsi con qual- 
cheduno, to have an interview 
Abboccato, m. a glutton 
Abbocconàre, to cut very small 
Abbolire, to abolish 
Abbolizióne,/. abolishment 
Abbomiaabile, o. execrable 


detfs*, ha^ 
part. detested. 



AtbominaziÓEe, /. detestation 
Abbominévole, a, abom'Lable 
Abbominevolmaate. ad. abomina- 
Abbominóso, a. detestable 
Abbonaccìaiiiénto, m. a calm 
Abbonacciare, to pacify : abbonac- 
ciarsi, to grow calm ; il mar 
s'abbonAccia, the sea grovss calm 
Abbonaccialo, part, calmad 
Abbonaménto, jn. agreement 
Abbonare, to mend ; abbonarsi, to 

grow better 
Abboudaménio, m. abundance 
Abbondante, a. aboundins. plen- 
Abbondantemente, ad. plentifuDy 
Abbondaiiza. /. plenty 
Abbondaaziere, m. a victualing 

! comnjssioner 

! Abbondare, to abound 
Abl>ondévole, a. plentiful 
Abbondevolézia. /. abundance 
Abbondevolménte, ad. plenti- 
Abbnndosaménte, ad. copiously 
Aht<indòso, a. copious 

! At'bonire, to perfect ; appease ; 

I abbonirsi, to improve 

1 Abbordare, to board a ship, to ac- 

I cost one 

I Abbonio, m. access ; uòmo di facile 

abbórdo, an accessible man 
Abborracciare, to cobble 
Abborràre, to wander 

I Abborrénte, a. abhorring 
Abborrevole. a. detestable 

I Abborriménto, ni, abhorrence, ab- 

I horrency 

• Abborrire, to detest, 1-iathe 

i Abbarriio. fart, abhorred 
Abbottarsi, to cram one's self 

I Abbottinaménto, in. plunder 

I ALbDttinare, to pillale, rob. plun- 
der ; abbotlinirsr, to mutiny 

I Abbottonare, to button 

I Abbottonatura, /. button and but- 

! ton-holes 

j Abbozzaniéuto, wi. the first draught 

' Abbozzare, to sketch 
AbbozzA'A /. a rude draught 
Abbozzaticcio, a. lialf-sketched 
Abbozzato, part, begun 
Abbòzzo, to. the first draught 
Abbracciaménto, m. an embrace 
Abbracciare, to embrace ; to con- 

' taiu. include, to imdertake ; chi 
molto abbraccia, nulla stringe, 

I all gra»p, all lose 


I Abbracciata, f. arid Abbraccio, m. 

I an pmhrare 

Abbraciare, to set on fire 
I Abbrancare, to snatch, grasp 
I Ab' rtviare, to abridge 
! Abbreviatore, m. abndger 
I Abbreviatura, /. abridgment 
I Abbreviaziorie,/. abbreviation 
(Abbrivare, to t« imder way 
Abbrividare, and Abbrividire, ti> 

I Abbronzaménto, m. crisping, or 
I sun-burring 

Abbronzare, to tan, scorch, blast 
'Abbroslire, and Abbrestólire, to 
I roast, or toast 
I Abbruciaruénto, m. burning, or 

Abbruciente, a. burning 
Abbruciare, to bum 
Abbrunamento, in. a darkeninr 
Abbrunire, to make brown 
Abbrunire, to tarnish ; to become 

Abbrustiare, to singe 
Abbrustolare, to crisp 
Abbrustolire-, to tocast, scorch 
Abbuiarsi, to grow dark 
Abbm^ttare, to bolt, or sift 
Abburattórt, m. a bolter 
Abdicare, to resign 
Abdicato, part, al^iicated 
Abdicazióne,/, abdication 
Abecedario, m. the A, B, C 
Abetaia,/, a frr-grove 
Abéte, m, a fir-tree 
Abile, a. skilful 

Abilità. Abilitàde, and Abilitate, 
/. ability, address, art ; eli fece 
abilità al pagare, he gave him 
time to pay 
Abilitare, to enable 
Abii ita to. part, enabled 
Abilmente, ad. cleverly 
Abissare, to precipitate 
Abisso, m. abyss, obscurity, hdl 
Abitàbile, a. habitable 
Abitante, m. an inhabitant 
Abitare, to inhabit, to dwell m 
Abitato, part, inhabited 
.abitatóre, m. who inhabits 
Abitazioncélla, /. a small house 
Abitazióne, /. a haliitation 
Abitévole, o, convenient 
A'bito. m. dress, use, custom 
Abituale, a. habitual 
Abiiualménte, ad. habitually 
Abituare, to accustom ; abituarsi, to 

accustom one's self 
Abinóto, o. accustomed 
Abitùdine, /. a hahit 
Abitiiro, m. habitation 


Abiatìvo, m. ablative case 

Abolire, to abolùb, annul, repeal, 

Abolito, a. abolished 

Abolizióne,/, abolishment 

Abominàbile, a. see Abbomina- 

Aborrévole, a. abominable 

Aborrire, to abhor 

Abortare, Abortire, and Abortirsi, 
to miscarry 

Abortito, a. miscarried, abortive 

Abòrto, m. a miscarriage 

Abrogare, to annul 

Abrogazióne,/, abrogation 

Absénte, ALssnzia, set Assènte, &c. 

Abusare, to abuse, misuse ; abusarsi 
della paziènza, to put out of pa- 

Abusivamente, ad, abusively 

Abusivo, a. abusive 

Abuso, m. an abuse, disuse 

Acanino, a. cruel 

Acanto, rn. bear's-foot 

Acaro, m. a hand worm 

Acca, /. the letter H : non vale un 
acca, not worth a pin 

Accademia,/, an academy 

Accademicamente, ad. academi- 

Accadèmico, ni. an acsdemist 

Accadere, to happen, come to pais ; 
come tal volta accade, as it some- 
times happens ; nou accaie che 
voi mi diciate il contràrio, you 
need not tell me the contrary 

Accaduto, part, hapjiened 

Accaft are, to snap, to s.iatch 

Accagionamento, m. imputation 

Accagionare, to impute 

Accalappure, to eiisuare, to entrap 

Accalorare, to heat 

Accalorato, part, heated 

Accampaménto, ni. eccampment 

Accampare, to encamp ; accam- 
parsi, to pitch one's camp 

Accanare, Accaneiziire. aiid Ac- 
canire, to uncouple, (chase term) 

Accanato, a. {uri^us 

Accani'ajiièn'e, ad. furiously 

Accannelbie, to wind 

Accanto, ad. aside, near 

Accapezzare, to finish 

Accapigliaménto, m. plucking by 
the hair 

Accapigliare, to fall togetiitr by the 

Accapitol^re, to make head-bands 
for books 

Accappatoio, m. a kind of cloak 

Accappiale, to tie with a running 


Accnppiatura,/. slip-knot 
Accappoi^e, to make capons 
Accapricciàre, and Accapricciàrsi, 
to be struck with fear, or horror 
Accarezzaiuèuto, ni. caresses, al- 

Accarezzare, to flatter, wheedle, 

Accarezzato, part, flattered 
Accarezzèvole, a. flattering, wheed- 
Accp.mire, and Accamire, to fall 

foul on one 
Accisamento, m. wedding 
Acca-^re, 10 begin house-keeping; 

accasarsi, to marry 
Accasato, a. marri&i, settled 
Accascare, to happen [weakness 
Accasciaménto, ni. dejection anJ 
Accasciare, and Accasciarsi, to be 

debilitated and dejected 
Accalarraménto, ni. a cold 
Accatarrare, to take cold 
Accatarralo, part, who has got a 

Accatastare, to heap up 
Accattabrighe, m. a litigiousfellow 
Accattaniéato, m. beggary 
Accattapane, ni. beggar 
Accattare, to borrow ; to beg 
Accattato, o. borrowed 
Acca latóre, m. a mendicant, or a 

boi rower 
Accattatòzzi, m. a beggar 
Accatto, m. Accattaiira, ajid Ac- 
carterla, /. a loan ; (also) begging 
or borrowing ; fare un buon ac- 
catto, to make a good bargain 
Accattone, m. a beggar 
Accavalciare, to ride astraddle 
Accavalciato, part, seated astraddle 
Accavallare, to heap upon 
Accecaménto, m. blindness, mis- 
Accecare, to blind ; l'amóre acceca 

l'uòmo, love blinds a man 
Accèdere, to approach 
Accefl".'ire, to snatch with the teeth 
Accèggia, /. a woodcock 
Acceleraménto, m. ojid Acceleinn- 

za, /. hurry, haste 
Accelerare, to make speed 
Acccleratamente. ad. in a hurry 
Accelerato, part, hastened 
Accendere, to light ; to kindle ; to 

Accendèvole, and Accendibile, a. 

Accendimécto, m. burning ; in- 

citemtn', incentive 
Accen litóio, m. a match 
Accennaménto, m. a noJ or sign 


Accennare, to nod, beckon ; to pre- 
tend J m' é stato accennato* 1 ^'^ 
a bint 
Accennatiira, /. a sign 
Accensibile, a. conibustible 
Accensióne, J. a conflagration 
Accènto, m. accent ;" pronuncia- 
tion, tone 
Accentuare, to accent 
Accentuato, part, accented 
Accerchiare, to surround, to go 

AccerchieUare, to hoop 
Accertaménto, rn. confirmation 
Accertare, to assure, assert ; to war- 
rant ; v' accerto che lo farò, 1 
promise to do it 
Accertazióne, /. assurance 
Accertèllo, ni. a keetrel (a bird of 

Accesamente, ad. eagerly 
Accéso. ?/art. kindled'; accèso d'ira, 
in a iiassion ; accèso d'amóre, in- 
flamed with love 
Accessibile, a. accessible 
Accessióne,/, accession 
Accésao, ni. access, admittance 
Accessoriamente, ad. accesso- 

Accessorio, a. accessory ; il prin- 
cipale e l'accesiiório, the princi- 
pal and the accessory 
Accétta, /. an axe 
Accettabile, a. acceptable 
Accettare, to accept ; accattare una 
lèttera di càmbio, to accept a bill 
of exchange 
Accettato, part, accepted 
Accettaiòre, m. an accepter, a par- 
tial jud»e 
Accetàzione- /. acceptance 
Accettévole, a. acceptable 
Accettevolménte, ad. willingly 
Accètto, a. srateful ; far òpere 
accétte a Dio, to do things ac- 
cep'able to God 
Acchetare, to quiet, hush ; to ap- 
Acchetato, part, appeased 
Acchiappare, to ca'ch, to cheat 
Acchiappato, jmrt. caught 
Acchiocciolarsi, to sit squat 
A'ccia,/. thread ; an axe 
Accialattare, to cobble 
Acciabattato, part, cobbled 
Acciaccare, to squeeze ; to pound 
Acciacco, m, affront, wrong, in- 
Acciàio, m. steel 

Acciainolo, m. a s'eel to strike fire 
Acciappinàre. to do hastily 
Acciaituo, ni, a steel 


Acciaro, m. (see Acciaio) poetìcal- 
\y, a. sword 

Accidentale, a. accidenti!, casual 

Accidenialménte, adv. accideutally 

Accidente, m. accident, chance j 
per accidente, by chance 

Accidia, /. laziness, sloth 

Accidiosamente, ad. lazily 

Accidióso, a. slothful, idle, slug- 
gish ; un accidióso, a siuggard 

Aa:iecaménto. m. blindness 

Accigliarsi, to frowu 

Acclgnersi, aiid Accingersi, to pre- 
pare one's self 

Accigniioénto, m. preparation 

Accinto, a. ready 
'icció, CO 
the end 

Acciottolare, to pave 

Acciuffare, to take by the hair 

Acciuga,/, anchovy ' 

Accivlre, to provide, supply 

Acclamare, to esciairù, to applaud 

Acclamazióne,/. acc!ama;ion 

Acclive, li inclined 

Acclività,/, an .-i£cent 

Accoixare, to notch : accoccarla ad 
uno, to put a trick upon one 

Accoccolarsi, to stoop down 

Accodarsi, to follow close 

Accogliènza, /. reception : fare ac- 
ot^liénza, to make one welcome ; 
lièta accogliènza, a fciiid recep- 

Accògliere, to receive, entertain; 
to assemble 

Accoglimentaccio, m. cool recep- 

Aca^iménto, m. reception 

Aca^litóre, m receiver 

AccoRlo, m. acolye 

Accollare, to embrace ; accollarsi 
un débito, to take upon one's self 
another's debt 

Accnlpire, to accuse 

Accollato, a. criminal 

Accòlta./, an assembly 

Accoltellare, to strike with a knife 

Accoltellata, /, a thrust with a 

Accòlto, a. received ; gathered 

Acoomandagione, /. protection 

Accomandare, to recommend ; ac- 
comandarsi, to recommend one's 

Accnmmia'are, tD dismiss ; to dis- 
band soldiers ; accommiatarsi da' 
suoi amici, to take leave of one's 

Accommiatato, part, discharsed 

Accomodàbile, a. that mav be 


Accomodamento, ni. an agree- 
ment ; far l'accomodaménto d' 
una querela, to make up a dilfer- 

Accomodare, to amend, to agree ; 
accomodarsi, to sit down, "or to 
be reconciled 

Accomodatamente, ad. suitably 

Accomodato, a. suitable 

Accomodatrice.^. head-dresser 

Accomodevolménte, ad. suita- 

Accompagnaménto, 7n, a train, a 
retinue ; an accompaniment 

Accompagnare, to accompany ; ac- 
osmpagtarsi, to be a comjanion. 

Accompagnato, part, accompanied 

Accompagnatore, m. companion, 
or one" who accompauies (in 

Accomunaménto, m. community 

Accomunare, to put, or live 'in 

Acconcézza, /. ornament, con- 
veniency, opportunity 

Acconciaménie, ad, conveniently, 

Acconciaménto, m, an adjustment, 
a repairing 

Acconciare, to fit ; to niend ; to 
make ready ; acconciare il capo, 
to dress the head ; acconciaisi, 
to dress one's hair; to be rec- 

Acconciatamérte, ad. properly, 

Acconciatóre, m. a mender ; hair- 

Acconciatrice, /. a milliner 

Acconciatura, /. the ornament of a 
woman's head ; pèrder l'accon- 
ciatura, to miss one's aim 

Accóncio, m. advant3:re 

Accóncio, a. mended.' dressed, ad- 

Acconsentimécto, m. consent 

Acconsentire, to assent ; chi face, 
accocsén'.e, silence gives consent 

Accoppare, to knr>ck tkjmi 

Accoppiaménto, ni. imìon, con- 

Accoppiare, to ma'ch ; accoppiar- 
si, to couple one's self 

Accoppiato, part, coupled 

Accoppiatóre, m. one who joins 

Accoppiati) ra, /. conjunction 

Accoraménto, 'm. hèirt-grief 

Accorare, to grieve at heart 

Accorato, part, grieved, vexed 

Accoratolo, m. disaster 


AccoraziÓDe, /. tee AccoTzméato 
Accorciaménto, m. a shortening 
Acc-jrciare. to shorten, to diminisli 
Acccrciataménte, ad. summarily 
Accorciato, pari. shortened,abridg 

Accorciatnre, m. abbreviator 
Accorciatura./, decreasing 
Acconianiènto, m. and Accordan 
za, /. agreement in tune (in m'l 
sic)also conformity in sentimects 
Accordare, to tune,' to agree; ;o 

AccoHarsi, to conform one's self ; 

to play in unison 
Accordatamente, ad. unanimous 

Accordato, m, the keeping in a 

Accordato, o. tuned, agreed 
AccoTualorc, m. mediator 
Accordatrice, /. media'jii 
Accordatura,/, ta Accnrdamajto 
Accordèvoìe^ a. th« may be 

agreed, tuned, proportioned 
I Accòrdo, TO. agreement, harmony, 
consent ; métter d'accordo, to 
make friends 
Accórgtre, to make sensible ; ac 
cnrgersi, to perceive ; accòrger- 
si del suo errore, to own one's 
AccoTgévole, a. crafty 
Accorgiménto, m. foresight, ca- 
Accoxre, see Accògliere 
Accórrere, to run lo, to hasten ; to 

Accorruómo, inierj. help ! 
Accórso, part, rail to 
Accoriamente, ad. needfully 
Acconamenlo, nu shortening 
Accon.'ire, to shorten 
Accortézza,/, circumspection 
Accòrto, a. wise, prudent, crafty; 
sia'e accòrto a quel che fate, oo'n- 
sider w hat you do ; far accòrto, 
to forewarn ; accòrtosene, he per- 
ceiving it 
AccTsciire, to squat down 
AccfHtaménto, nu approach 
Accostante, a. supple, pliant ; 

vino accostante, pectoral wine 
Accostare, to approach ; accostar- 
si, to come neaj 
Accostalo ra./. connexion 
Accostévole, a. accessible 

si, to inure one's self 
Accostumauuaénte, ad. customa 


Accostumato, a. accustomed, good, 

honest, virtuo'is 
Accotonare, to nap cloth 
Accotonatore, m. he who naps 

Accovacciarsi, to lie squat 
Accovonale, to n-ake U() in sheaves 
Accoezaménto, m. striking one 

against another 
Accozzare, to butt at, to meet 
Accreditare, to give credit j ac- 
creditarsi, to get a name 
Accreditato, a. responsible, cred- 
Accréscere, to increase, to educate 
Accresciménto, m. improvement, 

Accresciuto, a. increased 
Accudire, to despatch, to take caie 

Accumuiare, to treasure up 
Accumulataménle, ad. atun- 

Accumulato, part, heaped together 
Accumulazióne,/. Accumulamén- 
to, m. ard Accumulanza, /. ac- 
cumulation, heap, collection 
Accuntaménte, ad. diligentlv ex- 
Accuratézza,/, care, diligence 
Accurato, a. careful, diligent 
Accusa,/, accusation, charge 
Accusaménto, rn. imputaiion 
Accusante, m. accuser 
Accusare, to accuse, impeach ; ac- 
cusarsi, to confess, to own 
A(^u3ativo, ri\. the accusative case 
Accusato, part, accused 
Aceusa'óre, m. accuser, informer 
Accusazióne, /. a complaint 
Acerbamén.e, ad. obstinately ; 

bitterly, cruelly, too soon 
Acerb.are. to exaspeiate 
Acerbézza,/, sourness, shyness 
Acerbità, Acerbitade, aiid Acerbi- 

tàte,/. asperity, shyness 
Acerbo, a. unripe, green, bitter, 
sad ; uva acért)», sour grapes ; 
under age; morte acerba, un- 
timely dea'h 
A' cero, m., a maple 
Acerrimo, a. very cruel 
Acèrvo, m. heap 
Acetàbolo, and Acetabulo, m. a 

Acetato, a. sour, soaked in vine- 
Acetlre. to grow sour 
Acéto, m. vinegar 
Acetósa,/, scrrel (an herb) 
Acetosella, /. pretty salad, wild 


Acetosità, Acetositàde, and Acetos- 
ilate,/. acidity 

Acidézza, and Acidità, /. sour- 
ness acidity 

A'cido, a. sharp, sour 

A'cino, m. the kernel of a grape 

Aconito, m. wolf's-bane 

A'cqua, /. water ; acqua sorgente, 
spring water ; acqua morta, still 

Acquacchiare, to grow weak 

Acquacela, /. muddy water 

Acquafòrte,/, aquafortis 

Acquàio, TO, sirJc 

Acqi;aiuólo, a. aquatic; m. a 

Acqua morta, /. standing water 

Acquare, 'o water (plants, &c.) 

Acqua rósa, or rosa'a, /. rose-water 

Acqiiartierai-i, to take a lodging 

Acqurirzéute,/. brandy 

Acquatico, a. that lives in water 

Acquato, a. vino acquato, wine 
and wa'er 

Acquattarsi, to lie, to squat 

Acquavite, /. branny 

Acqua vi va,/, spring water 

Acquazzóne, m. a great shower 

Acqueréccia, /. ewer 

Acquerellare, to paint in water- 

Acquerèllo, m. water-colour 

Acquedótto, see Acquidótto 

Acquetare, stt Acquietare 

Acquétta, /. wiue mixed with 
wa er 

Acquicela, /. rain 

Acquicèlla,/, rivulet 

Acquidóso, n. wa'ery, moist 

Acquedotto, TO. aqueduct 

Acquietare, to appease, pacify 

Acquisito, rn. acquisition 

Acquisi'o, o. acquired 

Acquisizióne, /. aitd Acqubtameu 
to, ra. acquisition 

Acquisire, to acquire, get, gain 

Acquistilo, a. acquired, obtainisd 

Acquistatóre, ra. acquirer 

Aeqiiistévole, a. acquirable 

Acquisto, TO. acquisition 

Acquitrino, m. a marsh 

Acquitrinóso, a. marshy 

Acquosità, /. humidity 

Acquóso, a. watery 

A'cre, a. sharp 

Acremente, ad. sfiarply, severely 

Acrimonia,/, sharpness, acrimony 

Acrimónico, a. corrosive 

Acrità, see, Agrézza 

A'cro, a. sour ; fierce 

Acròstico, TO. acrostic [cles 

Acrotério, m. acroters, or pinna- 


Acuiti^/, acuteneas 

Acùleo, m. sting 

Acume, TO. point, quick wit 

Acutamente, ad. smartly j risp6a- 
dere acutamente, to answer wit- 

Acu'ézza, /. see Acume 

Acuto, a. sliarp; pointed; i» 
gogno aci'i'o, shrewd wit; vóce 
acuta, shrill voice ; febbre acuta, 
violent fever ; accénto acfito, 
acute accent 

Ad, (a,) prep, to; ad Antonio, to 
Antony ; ad imo ad uno, one at 
a time 

Adacquaménto, to. watering any 

Adacquare, «o water 

Adacquato, part, watered 

Adanàre, to acconumodate ; adap 
giarsi, to b: slow, to take ooet 

Adagiato, a. rich 

Adagio, to. adage 

Aiiàgio, ad. leisurely, slowly 

Adamante, to. a diamond 

Ariamanlno, a. adamantine 

Adasprire, to provoke 

Adastiare, to envy 

Adattabile, a. that can be adapted 

Adattamente, ad. aptly 

Adattaménto, m. and Adattàn2a,j . 
application, adapting, aptness 

Adaitanie, a. one who adapts 

Adattare, to adapt, to fit ; adattirt 
see. Aiccomod/irsi 

Adat àto, part, adapted 

Alitarsi, to apply to 

Addebolire, to weaken 

Aldeboliménto, to. weaknesi 

Addecimare, to lay, or gather tbe 

AdJecs'ire, to condense 

Addentare, to seize with &• 

Addentato, part, bit, bitten 

Addentellare, to leave toothing 

Addentellato, m, a toothing 

Addéntro, ad, within 

Addestare, to awake 

Addestraménto, to. instruction 

Addestrare, to instruct, educate 
aldes'ràrsì, to exercise, practise 

Addestratóre, m, a gentleman 

Addi, ad. on the day 

Addiacénte, o. ad'acent 

Addiètro, ad. behind; per 1' ad 
diètro, formerly; lasciare addiè- 
tro, to leave off; méttere addiè- 
tro, to neglect 



Addiettivo, a. adjective 
Addimijida, /. demand 
Addiniandare, to demand, ask ; 
addìmandàre una grazia, to be^ 
a favour: addimandarsi, to be 
Addimandatrire, m. he who inter- 
Addimesticare, to tame ; addimes- 
ticarsi, to grow familiar 
Addio, adieu, farewell. 
Addirsi, to be proper 
Addirimpefto. prep, facing 
Addirizzaménto, ni. direction, con- 
Addirizzare, to make straight ; to 
put in the right way ; to instruct, 
train ; to ménd ; addirizzarsi, to 
take the road to 
Addirizzato, part, directed 
Additaménto, m. indication 
Additare, to point out, to show 
Additato, part, pointed out 
Addilatore, m. he who indicates 
Addivenire, to happen 
AddoblKunénto, rn. embellishment 
Addobbare to set off; ad^m, em- 
bellish ; addobbare una casa, to 
furnish a house 
Addobbato, part, adorned 
Addòbbo. 771. fin°ry ; dress ; ad- 
dòbbi di casa, household goods 
Addolciménto, 771. mitigation, calm 
Addolcire, to sweeten, soften, alle- 
viate ; to rule, to restrain 
Addolcitivo, a. lenitive 
Addolcito, part, sweetened 
Addolorare, to grieve ; addolorarsi. 

to be afflicted 
Addolorato, part, afflicted 
Addomandàre, to send for 
Addomesticaménto, »7i. familiarify 
Addwnesticare, to tame ; addomes- 
ticarsi, to be familiar 
Addomesticatóre, tti. he who tames 
Addómine. 771. the abdomen 
Addoppàrsi, to hide one"s self be- 
Addoppiamento, m, redoubling 
Addoppiare, to double 
Addoppiato, part, doubled 
Addoppia'tira,/. redoubling 
Addoppio, ad. doubly 
Addormentaménto, tti. sltimber 
Addormentare, to lull to sleep, to 
decoy, amuse ; addormentarsi, to 
fall asleep ; lasciarsi addormen- 
tare dalle lusinghe, to suffer 
one's self to be d&^ived 
Addormentato, a. sleepy, dmwsy 
Addonnire, set Addormentare 
Addossaménto, m. trouble, toil 


lay upon one's back : 
addossare la 'colpa ad uno, to 
lay the blame on another ; ad- 
dr/ssarsi la cura d'un negòzio, to 
take upon one's self the" care of 
an affair 
Addossa, ad. upon one's back ; 
upon, towards; l'abito che ho 
addosso, the clothes I have on ; 
métter le ùnghie addòsso, to lay 
hold ; métter l'occhio addosso, 
to cast an eye ; non ho dauàri 
addòsso, I have no money about 
me ; tené.ie addòsso alcuna cosa, 
any thing at one's own expense 
Addotto, part, induced 
Addottorare, to lake the highest or 

doctor's degree 
Addottorato, part, having taken a 

AddoitriBare, to instruct 
Addot'riualaménte. adv. learnedly 
Addottriaito, pari, instructed 
Addri:to, a. active, skilful 
Addurre, to bring, convev, allege, 

Adeguaménto, tti. equality 
Ade^are, to make equal, even, to 
compare, to balance an account 
Adegua'amén'e, ad. equally 
Adempibile, a. feasible 
Adémpiere, to accompb'sh. fim'sh 
Adempiménto, 771. accomplishment 
Adempire, to fulfil, to execute 
Adempitòre. 77J. whr» executes 
Adempiuto, part, fulfilled 
Adéntro, ad. inwardly, within ; 

tròppo adéntro, too far in 
Adeqnài~e, see Adeguare 
Ade^ua'amén'e. ad, exactly 
equal ; rispóndere adequaui- 
mén'e, to give a right answer 
Adequa'o. a. proportioned 
Adequazióne,/, equality 
Aderbare, to feed wi h grass 
Aderén'e, a. adherinj, "favouring 
Aderènza, /. and Aderiménto, m. 

adherence: clients 
Aderire, to scdhere 
Adescaménto, m. bait, enticement 
Adescare, to en*ice ; i sensufJi si 
lasciano facilménte a-tescare, 
sensual men are ea^ilv allured 
Adescito. pari, allured' 
Adesca'óre, 771, aiid Adescatrice, 

/. a w~heedler 
Adesióne./, aihesion 
Adèsso, erf. now, at this instant ; 

adéss' adèsso, by and by 
Adéstra, aà. on the right' hand 
Adétto, 771. an adept 
Adiacènte, a. adjacent, bordering 


Adiacenza,/, an adjacent place 

Adianto, in. maiden hair (a plant) 

Adimare, to bend ; adimàrsi, to 

A dio, ad. adieu, farewell ; dire 
a dio, to take leave 

A'dipe, 771, fat 

Adiposo, a. full of fat 

Adiraménto, rru anger 

Adirare, to anger, provoke; adi- 
rarsi, to be angry 

Adiratamente, ad. angrily 

Adirato, a. angry 

Adire, to accept an inheritance 
(law term) 

A dirimpetto, ad. facing, ovei 

A diritto, ad. straightly 

A dismisiira, ad. beyond meas- 
ure, immoderately 

A dispéco, prep, in spite of 

A'dito, 771. (accesso) access; se 
avrò mai 1' àdito di servirla, la 
servirò, if ever I have the op- 
portunity to serve yon, I will dc 

Adiunziòne,/. addition 

Adiutore, 771. helper, protector 

Adizione, /. accession (law term) 

Adocchiaménto, rn. a look, ogle 

Adocchiare, to gaze, to stare 

Adolescènte, 771. a young man 

Adolescenza./, youth 

Adombraménto,' m. shade 

Adombrare, (ofluscare) to over- 
shadow, to shade, to fancy, to 
sketch : adombrarsi, to «tart 
back for fear 

Adombrato, part, shaded 

AdoD-braziòne,/. a shade 

Adonare, to over.hrow, subdue 

Ad ònti, adL (a dispétto) in spite 

Adontare, to insuh 

Adoperaménto, tii. usage 

Adoperare, to use, employ; ado- 
perarsi, to interest one's self; 
voglio adoperarmi per voi, I wilì 
speak in your behalf 

Adnperatóre, tti. who employs 

Adoperaziòne,/. use 

Adop;~iaménto, 771. drowsiness 

Adoppiare, to give opium 

Adoppiato, ra. an infusion of 

Adorabile, a. adorable 

Adorare, to adore, worship 

Adorat/ire, tti. and Adoratrice, /. 

Adoratório, tti. a tesante 

Adorazióne, /. and Adoramóito 
T7?. adoration 

Adonlinaisi, to get ready 


Adornamente, ad. elegantly 
Adornaménlo, m. ornament, finery 
Adornare, to adorn 
Adomataniénte, ad. neatly, ele- 


ornato, part, adorned 
Adomatóre, m. aiid Adornatrlce, 

/. one who adorns 
Adomatijra, aiid Adomezza, /. 

decking, trimming, ele^nce 
Adórno, m. ornament 
Adórno, a. adorned, embellished 
Adottaménto, m. adoption 
Adottare, to adopt 
Adottativo, a. adopted 
Adottatóre, m. aitd Adottatrice, /. 

one who adopts 
AdoltAto, o. chosen, adopted 
Adottazione, /. ailoption [lion 

Adottivo, a. belonging to adop- 
A'dro, a. black, dismal 
A due a due, arf. two and two 
Aduggiameuto, m, a hurtful shade 
Aduggiare, to hurt plants by shade 
Adulante, a. flattering 
AdulAre, to flatter, lo fawn 
Adulato, part, flattered 
Adulatóre, m. aiid Adulatrlce, /. 

Adulatòrio, a. flattering 
Adulazióne, /. flatterj-, adulation 
Adotterà, /. adulteress 
Adulterare, to counterfeit, forge, 
adulterate iated 

Idultt-ratn, part, mingled, adulter- 
Adulteratóre, m. adulterer 
Adblteratrice, /. adulteress 
Adulterazióne,/, corruption 
AduTério, r?i. aduliery 
Adùltero, m. aiulterer 
Adulto, a. at full age ; età adftlts, 

Adrjiànza, /. and Adunamén'n, 
m. assembly, congregation, meet- 
ing [adunarsi, to meet 
Adunare, to assemble together} 
Adunata,/, see Adunanza 
Adunalóre, in. and Adunatrlce, /. 

one who collects 
Adunazióne, /. se£ Adunamento 
Aduncàre, to bend, crook; adun- 

càrsi, to grow crooked 
Adunco, a. hooked, crooked 
Adunghiare, to take in the claws 
Adunque, conj. then, therefore 
Adusare, to accustom; adusarsi, to 

be accustomed 
Aduslàre, to bum. and crisp 
Adustézza, and Adustióne, /.aridi- 
ty, dryness 
Adustivamen'e, ad. dryly 
Adustivo, a. drying, scorching 


Adusto, a. dry, scorch&i 

A'ere, in. aiid f. (aria) the element 

of the air 
Aèreo, a. airy, ethereal 
Acriniànte, m. he who divines by 

the air 
Aerimanzia. /. aeromancy 
Aeróso, a. of easy nianners 
Aescàre, see Adescài-e 
Afàto, 0, wi hered 
Afatiiccio, a. sickly and thin 
Art'nbile, a. atfacie, courte,ius 
Atlaliilità, Adabili ade, and Affa- 

bilitite,/. courtesy 
AtJal il ménte, ad. courteously, 

Aflacceudàrsi, to be busy 
Aliaccendato, a. busy [wise 

Afiaccettàre, to facet, to cut facet- 
Ad'acchinare, to do porter's work 
Attaccinre^ to make even 
Adacciarsi, to look out, to encoun- 
Atl'acciato, a. impudent 
.ili'aldire, to fold, plait 
Attalsire, to falsify, to counterfeit 
Airaniare, to famish, starve ; to be 

Aftamato, a. hungry, starved 
Aiianiire, to be hungry 
Altan»;ire, to grow muddy 
Ad'aniiaménto, m. anxie'y 
Atiann.inte, and Art'annevole, a. 

grieving, troublesome 
Afl'annare, to molest, perplex, 
trouble ; la vostra disgràzia mol- 
to m' affanna, I am very sorry 
for your misfortune ; afi'annarsi, 
to fret, strain, endeavour, at- 
Afl-uiiiàto, a. grieved, distressed 
All'Anno, ?n. trouble, vexation 
Ailannoiie, m. a busy-body 
Adaimonerla,/. eagerness 
Ad'annosaménte, ad. restlessly 
Ati'annóso, a. grieving, disagree- 
Atlardellire, to pack up 
Affare, m. business, affair, em- 
ploy ; questo è un' affare d' im- 
port-^nza, 'tis a ma'ter of conse- 
quence ; i miei affftri vanno 
male, I thrive not in my busi- 
ness; uòmo d'alto affare, a man 
of importance 
Affarsi, to suit, become 
All'asciare, to make into fagots, 

Affascinaménto, m. fascination 
AffascinAre, to bewitch, o charm 
Affascinatóre, m. bewifcher 
Ailascinatrlce, /. witch, sorceress 


Affastellare, to confuse ; to do any 

thing awkwardly 
Afl'aslidlre, to vex, to disturb 
Arta'icaménto, m. fatigue, toil 
Atl'atiKinte, a. indefatigable 
Allalicare, to fatigue, tire; affati- 
carsi, to work hard, to endeav- 
our; cosi va'l mondo, chi s'af- 
fatica per una cosa, chi per un' 
altra, so goes the world, some 
strive for one thing, some for 
another; m'affaticherò di so- 
disfarvi, I'll endeavour to con- 
tent you 
Att'aticato, a. tired, harassed 
AffaticatórCj m. and Afl'aticatrice, 

/. a laborious person 
Aff'atichévole, and Affaticóso. a, 

Aft'atto, ad. quite, entirely ; sono 
aft';i tto guai-lto, I am perfectly re- 
Affatturare, to bewitch, charm 
Ailatturatóre, m. a magician 
All'atturatrlce, /. a sorceress 
Allatturazióne,/. enchantment 
Aft'azzonaménto, m. ornament 
Artazzon.are, to adorn 
Aff]è, ad. faith, upon my faith 
Ati'ermaménto, m. affirmation 
Affermare, to affirm, assert ; affer- 
m.irsi, to establish one's self, 
to stop 
Afferma' ivamente, ad. positively 
Affermativo, a. affirmative 
Afl'ermatóre, m. he who afSrms, 

Affermazióne, /. assertion 
Afferrare, to hold fast, catch 
Affettare, to cut to pieces ; to 
hunrer after; affetl.are il parlar 
■Poscàno, to ailiect to speak Tus- 
Affettatamente, ad. with affecta- 
tion, eagerly 
Affettato, a. affected, studied 
Affettazióne,/, affecta'lon 
Affètto, m. love, affection 
Affètto, a. inclined 
Affettnosaméute, ad. affectionately 
Affettuòso, a. affectionate, oblig- 
ing, kind 
Aff'tzionàre, to enamour ; affezio- 

n'irsi, to take a liking to 
Affezionatamente, ad. with affec- 
Affezióne,/, love, benevolence 
Afiìbbiàglio, m. a buckle 
AflibbiSre, to button, to fasten to- 
se' her 
Affibbilo, a. fas'ened together 
Affibbia'jjio, m. a button-bole 


AfEbbiatùra,/. su Affibbiàglio 
Affidare, to encourage, to trust, 
commit ; atTidàrsi, to think one's 
self safe ; io ti vódio affidare 
ima credènza, I will intrust you 
with a secret 
Affievolire, to weaken, to debilitate 
Affievolito, a. weakened 
Afflgere, to bx, set [stop 

Affiggere, to gaze ; affiggersi, to 
Affiguraménto, m. and Affigura- 

zióne,/. recollecting 
Affigurlre, to know again j affigu- 

ràrsi, to imagine 
Affilare, to range, put in order ; to 

whet,' or sharpen 
Affilato, a. whetted, sharpened ; 
naso affilato, handsome nose ; 
volto affilato, a sharp face 
Affilatura, /. an edge 
Affinaménto, m. "perfection, re- 
Aifinarej to refine, whet, sharpen 
Affinatolo, m. a crucible 
Aifinatóre, m. refiner 
Affinchè, amj. to the end that 
Afline, a. a cnusin, a kinsman 
Affinila,^, affinity, alliance 
Affiocaménto, m.' and Affiocatura, 

/. hoarseness 
Affiocare, to grow hoarse, to grow 

Affiocato, part, hoarse, languish- 

. staring 
Affis.^re, aiid Affisare, to stare at; 

to stick 
Affisso, o. fastened, fixed 
Affittaiuólo. m. farmer 
Affittare, to let, to hire, to take a 

Affittato, a. let out 
Affittatóre, m. he who lets out a 

Affitto, m. rent ; cavMlo d'affitto, 

hacknej- horse ; pigliar ad aff'illo, 

to rent 
Affllgere, to aiSiict; affligersi, to 

be afflicted 
Afflittivo, o. afflictin" 
Afflitto, a. afflicted, distressed 
Afflizioncella,/. a little affliction 
Afflizióne. /. sorrow, grief 
Affluènte, a. abundant 
Affluentemente, ad. abundantly 
Affluènza, /. abundance, plenty 
Affocare, to set on fire [in? 

Affogiggine,/. stoppage of breath- 
Affogaménto, m. and Affogatura, 

/. suffocation, strangling 
Anbgare, to strangle, to chnke ; af- 
fogar nell' acqua, to disown 


Affogato, a. strangled, stifled 

Aflbllare^ to crowd 

AUbllàrsi, to rush upon 

Anoltamcnto, m. precipitation 

Afibltàre, affollarsi, to speak raj^jd- 
ly, to stammer, to nish upon 

Affondaménto, m. sinking, break- 
ing open 

Affondare, to sink ; to be drowned ; 
to overliow [into 

Aff-'Udatiira, /. sinking, digging 

Alibndo, a. deep, hollow 

Affóndo, ad. to the bottom 

Afforcare, to hang 

Affor'ificamènto, m. fortification 

Alìòrtilicàre, to fortify 

Afforzamènto, m. fortification 

Afforzare, to fortify; aiìbrzàrsi, to 

Affossare, to moat round 

Affralire, to weaken 

Afirancare, to make free; affran- 
carsi, to take courage 

Affrancato, part, freed 

Affràngere, to break 

Affranto, a. weakened, weary 

Affi atei laménlOj m. Ail'rateUanza, 
/. intimacy, familiarity 

AffratellarsiJ to live like brothers 

Alfreddare, to make cold, to grow 
colder; affreddàrsi, to catch cold 

AffreddatOjpart. grown cool 

Affrenaméuto, m. resrrainin» 

Affrenare, to restrain 

Affrettaménto, m. haste, hurry 

Affrettare, to hasten, make speed 

Affrettatamente, ad. hastily, quick- 
ly, speedily 

Affrettato, a. hastened 

A'Srica^f. Africa 

Aifricano, m. an African 

A'ffi-ico, ASricano, m. south-west 

Affrittellare, to fry 

Atìroataménto, m. aiid Affrontata, 
/. an attack 

Affrontare, to ens^je in front, to 
attack, provoke, or challenre 

Affrontato, a. attacked, al&onted, 

Affrontatóre, m. who attacks or 

Affrónto, m. affront, abase, a ren- 

Affiimicamènto, m. and Affiimi- 
cata,/. fumigation 

Afi'umicare, to smoke 

Affumicato, a. smoked 

AHuocire, see Aflbc^re 

Afltto, see Affitto [tion 

Aforismo, m. aphorism, proposi- 

Afretto, a. sourish 


Afrezza, /. sharpness 

A 'fro, a. sharp 

Afronltro, m. saltpetre 

Agàrico, m. agaric 

A'gata,/. (piètra preziósa) agate 

AgiX3.,f. a needle-full 

Agènte, m. agent, factor 

Aeente, a. active 

Agenzia, /. agency 

Agevolaménto, m. (acilitatioi) 

Asevolàre, to facilitate 

Agévole, a. easy to be done, swift, 

Agevolézza,/, facility, courtesy 
Agevolmente, ad. easily, quickly 
Aggavignàre, to clasp 
Aggelare, to make freeze 
Ao-gelazióne,/. freezing 
Aggentilire, to adorn, embellish 
Aggettivo, in. a noun adjective 
Agghiacciaménto, m. frost 
A^hiacciare, to freeze, congeal, 
quake ; agghiacciarsi, to be fro- 
zen ; mi s' agghiacciò il sangue- 
per la paura, fear chilled my 
A^hiacciàto, o. frozen 
Agghiàccio, m. a close (for sheep; 
Ag'hiadaménto, m. benumbing 
Agghiadare, arid Agghiadi re, to be 
benumbed [cold, wounded 

Agghiadato, part, benumbed with 
Aggiacenza,/. places adjacent 
Aggiacére, to be convenient 
ATginocchiarsi, to kneel down 
A'ggio, m. agio, premium 
Asgiogare, to yoke 
Asziogàto, a. yoked 
Aggiornaménto, m. adjournment 
Aggiornare, to appfiint a time • to 
summon ; to adjourn ; to be 
Aggiornato, part, appointed 
Aggiraménto, m. and Aggirata, /i 

'turning, going round, evasion 
Aggirare, to go about, to surround, 
to deceive ; aggirarsi, to wander, 
to lose one's way 
Aggiratóre, tm. an'rf Aggiratrf ce, /. 
cheat, deceiver [tence 

Aggiudicare, to adjudge, give sen» 
Ag^udic^to, a. adjudged 
Agjindicazióne,/. adjudication 
Agsingnere, and Aggiungere, to 
add, to join, to reach ; la vosfra 
fama aggitigne per tutto, your 
fame reaches every where 
Aggiùnta,/, increase, addition 
Aggiùnto, part, joined 
Aggiuntochè, ad. besides that 
Agjiunzióne, /. ajid Aggivign» 
mento, ITU addition 


A^pustaménto, m. agreement, ad- 

Aggiustare, to fit, to compound; 
reconcile ; aggiustare i conti, to 
settle accounts 

Aggiustatamente, arf. in good order 

Aggiustatézza, /. exactness 

Aggiustato, part, adjusted 

Aggomitolare, to wind round, to 
make into a clue 

Aggomitolato, part, wound up 

Aggottare, to pump out a ship 

Aggradévole, a. acceptable 

A^radiniénio, m. consent, appro- 

Aggradire, to accept, to receive 
kindly ; questa casa m' aggra- 
disce, this house pleases me 

Aggradito, j/art. accepted 

Aggi-aflire, and AggraiEare, to 

Aggranàre, to produce seed 

Aggranchiare, to benumb 

Aggranchiiio, part, benumbed 
with cold 

Aggranclre, to catch 

Aggrandimén'o, m. preferment, 

Aggrandito, part, elevated 

Ag.p:ippainénto, rn. taking, catch- 

Aggrappare, to grapple, gripe; 
aggrapparsi, to climb 

Aggratare, to please 

Aggraticciirsi, to wind, twist 

AggratiiUire, to chain, fetter 

Aggravamento, m. and Aggra- 
vazione, /. burden, load 

Aggravante, a. ag<ravaiiig 

Aggravare, to over-burden, to cast 
down ; aggravarsi, (o irow old- 
er; to wrong cue's self; to grow 

Aggràvio, m. imposi ion, injury 

Aggra7.iatami!iite. ad. gracefully 

Aggredire, to assemble, jointo- 
gethP'- [gafejl 

Aggregi'o, a. assembled, aggre- 

Aggre/nto, m. association 

Aggregazione, /. and Aggrega- 
ménto, w. assemblage, associa- 

Aggregji'ire, to collect in a flock 

Aggressóre, in. argressor 

Aggrinx'ire, to wrinkle 

Aggrinzato, a. wrinkled 

Aggrommare, to iuci-ust 

Aggroppare, to knot, to heap up 

Aggrotti! re, to frown 

Agjrottescato, m. grotesque work 


Aggrovigliarsi, to curl, to shrink 
AggrunjAto, a. curdled 
Aggnimolare, to hoard up 
Aggruppamento, ni, making a 

Aggruppare, see Aggroppare 
Agiuagliànza, /. and Agguagl la- 
ménto, rn. equality, justice, 
Agguagliare, to compare, to match, 
to level ; agguagliarsi, to com- 
pare one's self 
Agguagliataniénte, ad. equally 
Aiguagliatore, m. he who equals 
AgiHiagliazióne,/. uniformity 
Agguantare, to seize with quick- 
Agiuatai'e, to lie in ambuscade 
Aggua'o, m. ambuscade ; essere in 

agguato, to lie in wait 
Agguerrire, to train up in war 
Agguenito, part, versed iu the art 

of war 
Agguindolamento, m. winding to 

a skein, deceit, artifice 
Aggustare, to give pleasure 
Aghéta,/. litharge 
Aghétto, m. a tagged point 
Aghirone, m. a heron 
Agiaménto, m. ea e, conveniency 
Agiandna,/. damask work 
Agiatamente, ad. conveniently, 

Agiatézza./, convenience, wealth 
Agià;o, a. weal'hy, substantial, 
convenient, gentle, at leisure, 
lazy, slow, idle ; male agiufo 
delle cose del mordo, ill provid- 
ed with ihe necessaiies of life 
Agibile, a. feasible 
A'gile, a. nimble, ac'ive, swift 
Agilità, Agilitàde, aìid Agilitàte, 

f. nimbleness. swiftness 
Agilitàre, te render nimble 
A'gio, m. ea^e, conveniency; a 
vostro à^io, at your leisure ; se 
avrò àgio, if 1 can spare time 
Agire, to act 
Agitare, lO treat, to negotiate, to 

vex, to disquiet, agi'a'e 
Agitatóre, m. who agi'a'es 
Agitazióne,/, and Agitaménto, m. 

Aglià'a,/. a garlic ragout 
A'glio, m. gallic 
A'g-na,/. see Agnella 
Agnato, m. kinsman or cousin by 

the faher's side 
Agnazione./, kindred 
Agnella, /. a she lamb 
Agnèllo, ni. and Agnelletto, m. a 



Agnizióne./, a knowing again 

A'gno, m. a lamb 

A 'gnoio, m. an angel 

Agnusdéi, ni. an agnus 

A go, m. a needle ; ago da bùsftla, 

the needle of a sea-compass; ag* 

da capo, a bodkin ; sting 
Agognare, to covet ; to aspire 
Agognatóre, m. desirous, greedy 
Agóne, m. a large needle, a list 

for combats 
Agonia, /. agony, horror 
Agonizzante, a. dying 
Agonizzare, to be at the point of 

Agoràio, m. needle-maker, (also) 

a needle case 
Agostino, a. bom in August 
Agos'o, m. the month of August 
Agramente, ad. sourly, severely 
Agràrio, a. agrarian 
Agreste, a. rural, rustic 
Agrestézz,a,/. rusticity, acidity 
Agrestino, a. sourish 
Agrèsto, m. sour grapes ; mangle 

1' agrèsto in giugno, to spend 

one's rent before it is due 
Agrestume, m. acidity, sharp- 

Agn-tto, m. nas*urtium, cresa 

Agrétto, a. sourish 

Agrezzi, /. shaqiness, tartness 

Agricoltore, m. a husbandman 

Agricoltura, /. husbandrv- 

Agrifoglio, (allòro spinóso) m. 

Agri ^no, a. fierce, sour 

Agrimensóre, m. surveyor of land 

Agrimensura, /. land-surveying 

-Agrimonia,/, agrimony, olr liver- 

Agrió'ta, /. agriot, (a sour cherry) 

Agrissimamente, ad. most sharply 

A'gro, a. tart, sour; agro inimico, 
cruel en;'my; agre ripr^osióni, 
bitter chidings 

Agrodólce, a. half sweet, half 

Agrume, m. sharp fruits 

AguagManza,/. equ.ality 

Aguardàre, to lo'ik sharp 

AguastAre, to spoil, waste 

Asua are, to lie in wait 

Agua'àtrv, a. lying in wait 

Arua'atóre, nt. insnarer 

Agiiglia, /. an obelisk ; a needle 

ATUgli.'ita,/. a needle-full 

A<ugn.'lre, sec Ajognare 

Adunare, *ee AdunAre 

Agtira, and Aguria,/. a presage 

Agu'tllo, m. a tack 

Agutèzza, /. sharpnesi 


Aguzzaménto, 771. and Aguzzata, 

/. sliarpness 
Aguzzare, to sharpen, whet, file ; 

aguzzar 1' ingégno, to sharpen 

the wit; aguzzar 1' appetito, to 

whet the st mach 
Aguzzatòre, m. a grinder 
Aguzzatura,/, whetting 
Aguzzino, m. a slave-keeper, an 

inspector over galley slaves 
Aguzzo, a. pointed, sharp ; aver 

I' òcchio aguzzo, to be clever, 

or cunning 
Ahj oh ; ah, alas I ah vergngiia, 

fie, for shauie : ah lasso, alas ! 
Ai, to the ; ai libri, to the books 
A'ia,/. barn, threshing-floor, haJl 
Aimè, irUcrj. alas ! 
A'io, m. governor, tutor; A'ia,/. 

Aióne, m. vagabond ; andar alóne, 

to wander about 
Aita,/, help (in poetry) 
Aitare, to aid 

Aitante, a. courageous, vigorous 
Aiuòlo, m. a net 
Aiufaménto, m aid 
Aiutante, m. assis'.ant; aiutante 
maggióre, an adju ant in a regi- 
ment; aiutante di campo, aid- 
Aiutare, to aid, assist, relieve; 
aiutarsi, to use, make use of anv 
Aiutattvo, o. serviceable 
Aiutato, a. helped 
Aiutatóre, 771. Aiutatrice. /. helper 
Aiuto, 7>i. aid, assistance ; aiuto, 
aiuto, murder, murder ; il vostro 
libro m' é stà'o d' aiuto, your 
book has been useful to me 
Aiutrlce,/. she who helps 
Aizzaménto, 771. enticement, stir- 
ring [voke 
Aizzare, to set dogs to fight, to pro- 
Aizzatóre, 771. Àizzalrice, /. in- 
stigator, one who provokes 
Al, to the; al re, to the king 
A'ia, /. wing, protection ; ala d' 
armata, the wing of ar army ; 
ala di remo, the blade of an oar ; 
ala d' una chiesa, the aisle of a 
church ; tenérsi su 1' ali, to 
stand upon one's guard ; far ala. 
to make room ; star su 1' ala, to 
be just going 
Alabarda,/, a halberd 
Alabardière, tti. a halberdier 
Alabastrino, o. made of alabas- 
Alabastro, tti. alabaster 
AJacrilà, /. alacrity 


Alamanna, /. a kind of muscat 
grape [tout 

Alamanno, 77J. a German, a sur- 

Alano, 771. a mastiff 

Alare, m. an andiron 

Aiare, to fas en on wings 

Alatèrno, m. privet (a tree) 

Ala o, a. winged 

A Iba,/. the dawn of day 

Albagia, /. ostentation, pride 

Albagioso, a. proud 

Albana,/, a white grape 

Albèdine,/, whiteness 

Albeggiaiiento, tti. lustre 

Albeggiante, a. wliitish 

Albeggiare, to dawn 

Alberare, to set up ; alberare un 
àlben» di vascèllo, to set up a 
mast ; to plan: trees 

Albera'o, part, set up 

AJbercòcca,/. and Albercòcco, 771. 
*6e Albicocca, and Albicòcco 

Alberélla,/. aspen-tree 

Alberello, jt». a li tie vase 

Alberése,/. limestone 

Alberétto, 771. a shrub 

Albergaménto, jru see Albergo 

Albergare, to lodge, o dwell 

Alber»atiice. /. landlady 

Albergatr., part, lod^'ed 

Albt-rga'òre, tti. ho^t. inn-keeper 

Albèrgo, 7Ti. inn, lodgings ; mouth 
of a river 

Alberino, tti. a snrub 

A'lbero, rn. a tree ; àlbero di vas- 
cèllo, the mast of a ship; al 
primo colpo non cade 1- àlbero, 
the tree will not fall at the first 
stroke : and.xr sm per le cime 
detfli àlberi, to pretend to more 
than one ought 

Albicante, and Albiccio, a. 

Albicòcca,/, apricot 

Albicòcco, 771. apricot-tree 

Albiligiistre, a. as white as a 
privet flower 

Alb'uo, a. whitish 

A' bo, a. white 

Albore, 7)1. the dawn of day 

A'lbore, 771. (albero) a tree 

AlboitStto, 771. rumour, commotion 

Albiin-e, m. the while of an egg 

Alb'imo, 771. a white hazel-tree 

Alcaldo, m. alcaid 

Alcanzo, 771. a courier 

A'lce, 771. an elk 

Alchimia, /. the art of alchvmv, 
Cln^, trick [cliyn'iv 

Alchiniico, o. belonging to' al- 

Alchimista. tti. alchymist 

Alchimizzare, to j)ràctise alchymy 


Alcióne, m. halcyon (an aqaatie 

Alcorano, tti. the alcoran 

Alcovo, 7n. an alcove 

Alcunamente, ad. by no means 

Alcuna vola, ad. sometimes 

Alcuno, a. somebody, some 

A'le,/. wing 

Aleggiare, to spread one's wings 

Aléna,/, breath 

Alenaménto, 771, breath, breathing 

Alenare, to give or take breath 

Aleiiàrdo, m. leopard 

Alétta, /. a little wing; alétte de» 
pe^i, fins [last 

Alfa ed omèga, the first and the 

Alfabeticamente, ad. alphabet- 

Alfabètico, a. alphabetical 

Alfabèto, 771. alphabet 

Altana, /. a niare (so called by 
Bemi) [standard-bearer 

Alfière, and Alfiéro, 771. ensign,. 

Alfine, ad. at last 

A'lsra, aììd A'liga,/. sea-weed 

Algebra,/ algebra 

Algelirls'a, m. algebraist 

Alsénte, a^ cold, freezing 

A'lgere, to freeze 

Algore, 771. hard frost, cold 

Algóso, a. full of sea-weed 

A lia,/. wing of a building 

A'lice,/. anchovy 

Alidamente, ad. dryly 

A' lido, a. dry 

Alidore, 771. nee Aridità 

Alienàbile, a. alienable 

Alienamènto, m, separation, dis- 

Alienate, to part with; alienarsi, 
to wirhdraw, to part from 

Al ienataménte, ad. distractedly 

Alienato, a. alienated, wander- 
ing, strayed 

Alienazióne, /. separation, distrac- 
tion, alienation (cession of one's 

Alièno, a. foreign ; roba alièna, 
ano' her man's goods; weree; 

Alimentaménto, tti. food 
Alimentare, to nourish, feed 
Alimentàrio, 771. alimony 
Alimentato, part, kept, maintain- 
ed _ [nance 
Aliménto, ttj. nourishment, suste- 
Alimentcso, a. nourishing 
Aliósso, 771. a cockle 
Alipede, a. with winged fee 
Aliquòto, a. an aliquot part 
Alitante, a. panting 


Alitire, to pant [ing 

Alitare, m. pan'ins, short breith-l 
A'Uto, m. breach ^ far buon àlito, 1 

to sweeten ihef breath j vapour, I 

fume, s eajn I 

Aliveloce, a. s^v■i^t-^vinsed | 

A'lla, /. a public place; an ell 

Alia, to the; alia casa, to the 

bouse; alia buona, ad. in^nu- 

onsly; alia Francese, after the 

French fashi^u 
Allaccevole. a. entansling 
Allacciamènto, m. the art of in- 

Allaccip.r«, to insnare 
Allacciarice,/. an allurin? woman 
Allacciatun,/. binding, bufonin? 
Alla»aniéntc, m. and Alla^a^one, 

anrf Allagazióne,/. ìnuodation 
Allagare, lo overflow 
Allagato, part, overtloweo 
Allampanare, to ra^e with hun- 

Allampanato, a. thin 

Allai^gaménto, m. extension, a 

Allar5are, to enlarge, ami)!ify ; 
allargare la njino, to use libe- 
rality ;^àr il fréno alle pas- 
sióni, to gratify the passions 

Allargato, a. enlarged, ampli- 

Allargatóre, m. enlvger 

Allarmare, to alarm 

Allaniie, m. alarm 

AllAto, ad. near, ab-'ut; severe 
allato, to sit by; all'ito, allato, 
hard by ; è hulla all.'ito alL- ob- 
bligazioni che vi prefisso, it is a 
trifle to what I owe yiu. 

Allaf aménto, m. the sucking of a 

Allattónte,/. a nurse (who suckl -s) 

Allattare, to suckle ; poppare, to 

Alleanza, /. confederacy 

Alleato, a. confederate, allied 

Alleficarsi, to strike root 

Allegagióne, /. Allegaménto, m. 
tee Allegazióne 

Allegare, "to allege, quote, pro- 
duce ; to form a confederacy ; 
to set on ed je 

Allegato, a. allied, confederate 

Allegatóre, m. Allegatrice, /. 

All^azióne, /. quotation [fort 

All^geriménto, rru relief, com- 

Allesgerire, to ease, to appease ; 
alli^gerire 11 dolóre, to allay the 


Alle^gi-^re, to lighten 

AI!f-goiia./. allegory 

Alleg I icaaiénte, ad. allegoricaJy 

Allegorico, a. allegorical 

Allrgori-» a, m. an'allegorist 

Allegorizzare, to allegorize 

AH. granié:,te, ad. joyfully; star 
a!l:g aji.énte, to be merry 

Alleg^àn'e, a. cheerful 

AJlegr^je, oTid Allt^rarei, to re- 

AUe^ntivo, a. recreative 

Alle^Tiizza, /. joy; giorno d' alle- 
grezzi, rej icinz day 

jiliegria./. joy, gladness 

Allégro, a. nieny 

Allsnaniénto, m.' delay 

Allenare, to decay, to assuage, to 

Allei;irf, to soften, mitigate 

Allei.lto, a. s.fteiied 

Alleutaniénto, m. unbending, loos- 
ening ; slowness, njtigatioa 

Allen are, to lorsen, to- retard ; 
allen'àr la briglia al cavallo, to 
let loose the reiiis to a horse ; 
allentar la voce, to slop one^s 

Allentatura,/, a rupture 

Ailenzare, to bind 

AUissaniento, m. boiling 

Allessare, to boil 

Allèsso, m. boili^J meat 

Allèsso, a. boiled 

Allentare, and Allestire, to pre- 
pare ; alles Irei, to prepare one's 

Allestito, a. prefMired, got ready 

AlleanLire, lo dung 

Alletaménto, wu illurement, en- 

Alle'tAn'e, a. alluring 

Allettare, to allure, cnMce, charm ; 
allet àisi, to 'ake one's lodginss 

AUettaiva. f. and AUetta.lvo, m. 
see Allettaménto 

Alle"àto, a. enticed, alltrred 

Allettatóre, m. and Allcttatrice, 
/. enticer 

Aile'tévole, a. alluring 

Alleva nién'o, m, o/ui Allevatóra, 
/. education 

Allevare, to bring up, train up, to 
rear, to foster; to instruct, to 
teach [ed 

Allrv/ito, a, broustht up, instruct- 

Allevalice, /. nurse 

Alleviaménto, ni. relief, comfort 

Allevi.ire. to relieve, alleviate; 
allev.are il dolóre, to assuage a 

Alleviato, o. eased, appeased 


Allevia'óre, m. comforter 

Alliarza,/. a alliance 

Allibblre, to luru pale, to be a» 

Allibràrcj to record 

Alliev.'irsi, to grow up 

Allièvo, m. schilar, pupil 

Allignare, to 'ake root 

Allindare, and AlUndire, to adoni, 
embellish ; alliudan-i, to adom 
one's self 

Allinda óre, m. an embellisher 

AUiiiguàlo, a. prattling, chatter- 
ing ;^^antl blue) 

Allividiraénto, m. lividi y (Mack 

Allividire, to grow black aijad blue, 
or pale 

Alio, Alii, Agli, Alla, Alle, art. 
to t he, at he 

AUoccàr., to lie in wait 

Alloccheiia,/. the owl's holes 

Allòcco. 171. au owl, bo by 

AllodiMe. a. all-^dial (free) 

Allalialila,/. all-idiality 

Aliólin, m. allodial (any thing 

Alloi-b,/. alarfc 

Allogaginne, /. and Allogaménto, 
in. alease 

Allognre, to le% to farm ; allogarsi, 
to settle, se' up 

Aliga óre. m. landlord 

Allogri m é.i o. m. inn. lodging; 
levar .di a:iig;iarr.énti, to march 
off; allogii-uiiéjto di soldati, 
snldie^V quar ers 

Allogziante, a. a lodger 

Alhsgià'e, o lodge ; 'o dwell 

All'-gjiatore, m. h'>st, inn-keeper 

AIIÓÌ2T., m. *fe AllTggi-iménto 

AllTgliato, a. s'upid 

Allon'aiiamèii'o, m. and Allonta- 
n.iuza. /. disUnce, remoteness 

Allon'anare, to ,iemove, to drive 
away ; all-'n'arArsi, to go firom ; 
allontanarsi dalla, virtii, to for- 
sake virue; allon'anirsi dalla 
s'rida. to lose one's way ; allon- 
tanarsi dalla patria, to fly from 
one's coun'ry ; allon'anirsi dal 
suo soggètto, to ramble from the 

Allontanato, a. removed 

Alhppiire, to put to sleep 

Allóra, ad. then, at that time; 
d'allóra in qua, since; allora 
allora, at the ver)- time 

Alloro, m. he laurel tree 

AUorini, a. «-^f laurel 

Allóta, see Allora 

AllucciAre, to eye 

Allacignolare, to twist 


AllucinArsi, to mistake 
Alluda,/, sheep's leather 
Alludcuie, a. alluding 
Allùdere, to allude to~ 
Allumare, to set fire to 
Allime, «1. alum 
AUumiLare, see Illuminare 
AllumiuazióDe,/. su lilumi nazióne 
Allun^aOiénto, m, !en|f :hening, dis- 
tance, interval, remoteuess 
Aliunde, to leuzthen ; allungarsi, 

to remove from 
Aliunsàto. a. ienrhened 
Alluuaaiiira, /. prolongation 
Allupare, to s'ajre niUi hunger 
Allusi neire, to flatter 
Allusione, /. allusion, reference 
Allusivo, a. allusive 
Alluvióne. /. alluvion 
A'ima,/. ihe soul (in poetry) 
AlmaxAccare, to tuild casUes in 
the air [dar 

Almanacco, m. almanac, calen- 
Almàaco, and Alméno, ad. at 
leas! [mini's ship 

Almirante, m. an admiral, the ad- 
A'lmo. a. famous, excellent 
Aloè, m. aloes (a kind of herb) 

aloes (a shrub) 
Alopecia, aiid Alopezia, /. the 
fox's evil, the felling of the 
Alpe,/ the Alps 
Alpésrre, a. wild, mountainous, 
rocky ; parole alpèstri, rough 
Alpisno, a. who inhabits the 

Alps. Alpine 
Alqu-.nto, ad. somewhat, a little ; 
alquinto meglio, somewhai bet- 
Alquanto, a. some, not many; 

ajquaniiino, somebody 
Alaléria. /. a svins for children 
Altalenare, to swinj 
Altaleno. 171. a swing jate 
Altamente, ad. on high ; deeply ; 
ad a!'a voce. 1 - ud ; nobly, geu- 
ernusly. splendidly 
Aliana. /. a tenace 
Aliare, m. alar 
Altea, /. a sort of mallows 
Al'eribile, a. alterable, changea- 
Alteramente, gee Al.ieraménte 
Al'erajnénto, m. see Alterazióne 
Alterare, to alter, change; alte- 
rarsi, to erow anjry 
Alteratamente, ad. furiously 
Alterato, a. changed, angry 
Alterazióne,/, alteration, change 
Altercare, to wrangle, chide, scold 


I Altercazióne, /. chiding, alterca- 

Al.erézza, A]tieréz2a, and Alte- 
ri ria, /. osteniation, pride, in- 
solence, arrogacce 
AI cinaniénte, ad. by turns 
Alternare, to turn, to vary 
' AJtenaiiva,/. alternative 
'. Alieiuativaméute, ad. by turns 
I Altema'ivo, a. by luras 
i Alternazione,/, alternation 
Altèro, and Al!emso, a. proud, 

scornful, disdainful 

Altézza, /. height, loftiness : una 

svaiua dièci piedi d'allézTa. a 

siatue ten feet high ; dcpih ; 

power; sullimi'y 

I Altézza, /. highness ; S. A. R, or 

I Sua Altézza Reale, " his royal 

1 Alticcio, a. tipsy [lently 

Altieraméme, ad. proudly, ins.> 
Altièro, a. proud, haughty ; 
come va altièro nelle sue infa- 
mie ! how he prides himself in 
his infamy : splendid, magnifi- 
cent, noble J io vo altièro "delle 
grazie che ho rice^nite da voi, I 
think myself very much honour- 
ed with your favours 
Altifrondóso, a. nith a tufted top 
Altisonante, a. loud, sonorous 
Altissimamente, ad. very highly, 

most deeply 
Altissimo, m. God Almighty 
Al ti niiiine.f. height 
Aitivolinte," a. that flies high 
Alto, a. high, tall ; piii alto di 
me, taller than I; alto mare, 
high sea ; voce alta, loud voice : 
di'alto, from above; uòmo d- 
alto sapere, a Uian of great 
learning; dangerous, hazardous; 
panno alto, broadcloth ; mirare 
in al'o, to look above ; far alto, 
to halt ; far alto e tasso, to do 
as one pleases ; alro, (in music,) 
treble [halt 

A'lto, od. on hi;h ; fare alto, to 
Alrramente, ad. otherwise 
Altresì, ad. also, too, likewise ; 
io ho altresì ricevuto una lét- 
tei-a da lui, I likewise received 
a letter from hitn 
Altrettale, a. such another, the 

same thing 
Altrettanto, ad. as much, as 
much more ; così foss' io al"ret. 
tanto ricco che voi, I wish I 
was as rich as you 
Altri, jjcn. other 
Alirichè, ad. see Altroché 


Altrièri, ad. the day before yes- 

Altrimenti, ad. otherwise, else; 
non altiimèuti, just so, exactly 

A'Itro, pron. rei. other, another ; 
1' uno, e ì' altro, btiih ; né 1' 
uno. né I' altro, neither ; non 
volete altro? will you have any 
thing else ? alerò è dire, altro e 
fare una cosa, to say and do are 
two things ; per altro, how- 
ever ; non dite altro, speak no 
more ; senz' altro, without oil 

Altroché, ad. except, unless 

Altronde, ad. from elsewhere 

Alirotàle, a. quite alike, sncb 

All love, ad. somewhere else 

Altrji, proti, others; 1' altrùi 
other people's goods 

Altura,/, height 

Alifcàre, ajid Al veàrio, m. bee- 
hive [river 

A'I'.eo, m. a canal, the bed of a 

Alvino, a. from the lielìy 

Alunno, m. and Alunna, /. a pupil 

Alvo, m. the belly, the womb 

Alzàia, /. a cable" 

Alzaménto, m. elevation 

Alzare, to raise, to lift up ; alzar 
le véle, to hoist the sail ; alzar 
uno a qualche dignità, to ad- 
vance to some honours; alzàj 
le coma, to estol himself; alzar 
la voce, to lift up one's voice; 
alzar le carte, to cut the cards; 
alzAr I' ingégno, to contrive; 
alzar il gnigno, tó pout ; alzarsi, 
to rise up 

Alzato, yorf. risen 

A!za*ijra,/. lif ingup 

Amàbile, a. affectionate, obliging 

Amat:l:*à,/. affability, mildness 

Amabilménte,a</, amiably, friendly 

Auiadóre, nu a lover [>strn 

AmMgama.w, amalgam, (in chyin 

Amalganiare, to amalgamate 

Amante, m. a lover 

Amantemente, ad. lovingly, ten. 

Amanuènse, m. a copier 

Amaraccio, o. disasreeable, bitter 

Aniaraménte, ad. bitterly, giiev- 

Amaranto, m, amaranth 

Amare, to love; amSr mèglio, to 
choose; amo mèglio lo stùdio 
che i piacéri, I prefer study to 

A n'.aregeiaménto, m. bitterness 

Amar^giiire to imbitter, to af- 


Aj-.arézza, /. and Amaróre, rru 
bitterness, afflicion 

Aajarezzàre, Amaricare, tee Ama- 
reggiate [tent 

Amaritiidine, /. bitterness, disccn- 

Amaro, a. grievous, unhappy j 
cruel, bitter 

Amarognolo, a. slightly bitter 

Amalista,/. amethj-st 

AmaMvo, a. lovely 

AmAto, part, beloved 

Amatore, m. a lover 

Amatòrio, a. loving, amoroos 

Aniatrlce, /. a mistress 

Amazzone, /. amazou, a warlike 

Ambage, /. circumlocution 

Ambasceria, /. embassy 

Ambàscia, /. shortness of breath, 

Ambasciidore, m. ambassador 
Anibasciidoruzzo, m. a deputy 
Ambasciadrlce, /. ambassaJress 
Ambasciare, to pant 
Ambasciata, /. embassy, menage 
Ambasciatóre,rn. see Anibasciaióre 
Ambascióao, o. full of grief and 

A'mbe, Ambi, Ambo, pron, both; 

anibe le mani, b'lth hands 
Ambedue, Ambedùi, Ambedùo, 

pron. b^th 
Ambiànre, a. ambling 
Ambiare, to amble 
Ambidèstro, a. ambidexter, (who 

uses both hands alike) 
Ambidùe, Ambìdùi, Ambidùo, 
prnn. both [bieut air 

Anibieiite, m. circumference, am- 
Anibigiianiénfe, ad, ambijuiuslv 
Ambìgui'?),/, double meaning 
Ambiguo, o. ambiguous d'tubf- 
ful ; iinmo ambiguo, an irreso- 
lute man 
A'mbio, m. amble 
Ambire, to aspire to 
A'mbilo, m. cabal 
Ambizióne,/, ambition 
Ambizi'-'saménte, ad. ambitiously 
Ambizióso, a. ambitious 
Ambo, prcn. see Ambe 
Ambodue, Ambodùo, pnrn. both 
A'mbra,/. amber [amberJTÌ> 

Ambracanàto, a. perfumed with 
Ambracice, m. amber^n-is 
Ambrare, to perfume wi;h amber- 
Ambrétta,/, arabret (a flower) 
Ambrosia,/, ambrosy, ambrosia 
Ambrosiano, o. ambrosian 
Ambulatòrio, a. ambulatory 
, ad. agreeably 


Amendue, Amendùni, Amendùne, 

prcrn. Loth 
Ameni, a, Amenitade, and Ameni- 
tate, /. pleasantnes, Uelightul- 
ness [sweet 

An.éM, a. pleasant, delightful, 
Amf iliio, a. aiuphibious [tos 

Amianto, m. aniianthus, or asbes- 
Amicibile. a. amiable, atiàble 
Auiicàrsi, to reconcile, To get ac- 
quainleJ with [ly 

Amichévole, a. amicable, frieud- 
Amicjievolménte, ad, amicably, 
friendly ; vi parlo amichevo'l- 
meate, I fpeak to you as a friend 
Amicizia, /. friendship, amity 
Amico, m. friead ; amico strétto, 
an intii:iatt, a gallant j anuci, 
Amico, a, favourable 
A'miJo, m. s'aich 
Amis'à, An'.istade, and Amistate, 

/. friendship, aiiiaace 
Ammaccaménto, m. a contiision, 

Ammaccare, to crush, beat 
Ammacca'iira^/. bruise, contusion 
Ammacchiarsi, to hide one's self 

behiud a bush 
Ammaesli-amcnte, ad. learnedly 
Aiumaes'raménlo, m. Amnlae- 
sMii^za,/. iiistruction, education 
Ammaesti-i.-^ to instruct, teach 
Ammaeitrativo, a. ir.s-ructive 
Ammaes*rato, a. instructed, taught 
Aminaestralóre, m. a «ulor 
Amniaestratrlce, /. a governess 
Aminaestratùra, and Ammaestra- 

zióat, /. see Ammaestraménto 
Ammaestrévole, a. tractable 
Ammaestrevolménte, ad. with do- 
cility, sltilf,.ily [grow thin 
Ammagràre, and Ammagrire, to 
Ammaiarsi, to deck one'sself with 

Amniai.ato, part, covered or deck- 
ed wiih green bougbs, or flowers 
Ammainare, to strike, or lower the 

Ammalare, to grow sick 
AuimaJa'iccio, a. sickly 
Ammalato, a. sick, ill ; un am- 
malato, a sick person 
Ammaliaménto, m. enchantment, 

Ammaliare, to bewitch, charm 
Ammaliato, a. bewitched 
Ammaliatòre, m. a sorcerer 
Ammaliatrice,/, a witch 
Ammaliatura, /. see Ammalia- 

Ammaliziàto, a. grown malicious 


A mm anettare, to marjutle a prison- 
er, to dress one"b self 
Ammanettato, a. fettered [axe 
Ammannai:irc, to behead with an 
Ammannaiato, a. bcheaJeJ 
Am ma nnare, and Ammaanire, to 

Ammansire, to soften, to tame 
An;m.-uitare, to cover, to cloak and 

hide any thing 
Ammantato, a. covered, defended 
Ammantatiiia, /. a covering with 

a cloak 
Ammantellarsi, see Ammantare 
Anmianto, m. cloak, mantle 
Ammarciménto, m. putrefaction 
Ammarcire, to rot 
AmmarginJrsi, to cicatrize 
Ammartellàre, to torment, to give 

Ammassaménto, m. accumulatine 
Anmiabsare, ((are massa,) to treas- 
ure up ; (radunàrsi,j to get to- 
Ammassato, a. heaped np; 4ere 

ammassato, dense air 
Ammassatore, m. accumulator 
Ammasso, m. a heap 
Ammatassare, to n.ake into a skein 
Ammattire, to grow disiractei ; Jar 

divenir matto, to make na.f 
Ammanito, a. distracted, mad 
Ammattonamcnto, m. a paving 

with squai-e marble tiles 
Ammattonire, to pave with square 

brick;^, tiles, &c 
Ammattonato, a. paved with 

square bricks, &c 
AmmaUoiiAto, m. pavement 
Ammazzaménto, m. slaughter, 

mas&icre, carnage 
Ammazzare, to mi-rder; ammaz- 
zarsi, to kill one's self [H.« oi 
Anmiazz-asétte, m. a vapouring 
Ajiiniazzatòre, m. and Aninjizza 
trice, /. a murderer [?ea 

Aiimiazzeràre, to throw into tin; 
An^mazzerato, a. dried hard 
Ani mazzolare, to make msestays 
AiimielmAre, arid Ammemnia e, 
to sink in a mire ; ammenrnipr- 
si, to en'iaugle one's self in a had 
afiàir [in an instant 

Ajnmén, m, amen ; in un anm:cn, 
Ammènda, /. rtccmpens», com- 
pensation, fine, penalty ; con- 
dannar all' ammènda, io fine j 
incórrere 1' amnicr.di. t-i forfeit 
Ammend'ibile, a. orriiible 
Ammendare, to correct, reclaim, to 
indemnify ; a.-riiierdire il danno, 
to make gjod tlie loss ; ainmen 


dirsi dal bere, to refrain from 
AiiiRienilazióne,/. and Ammendo, 

711. reforma'.ioD, correction 
Ammésso, part, admitted 
Amméttere, to admit, receive; 
amméttere le giustificazioni di 
qualcl'.edùno, to give one a fair 
Ammezzaménto, m. division, half 
Ammezzare, to cut in two 
Ammezzalóre, m. one who divides 

in two 
Ammezzire, to be overripe 
Ammiccare, to wink 
Ammiccatnre, m. who winks 
Amminicolire, to prop, assist 
Amminlcolo, ni. support, help 
Amniinistrare, to idniinister, man- 
age, govern ; to supply, orallord 
amministrato, part, supplied 
Amministratóre, m, administrator, 

Amministratrice, /. administratrix 
Amministrazióne, /. administra- 
tion, government 
Ammiuutare, to cut small, to mince 
Anmiiràbile, a. wonderful, rare, 

A'iimirabiliìà,/. the marvellous 
Ammirabilmente, ad. Avonderfully 
Ammiragliato, m. office of admi- 
ral, admiialty 
Ammiràglio, in. admiral 
Ammirare, to admire, wonder at ; 

to be amazed 
Ammirativo, a. admiring 
Ammiróto, part, admired, won- 
deied at [admirer 

Ammiratóre, m. Anmiiratrlce, /. 
Armiiirazióne,/. admiration 
Ammissibile, a. admissible 
Ammissióne,/, admission 
Amniisurare, to measure 
Ammisuràto, a. temperate, sober 
Ammodernare, to make a thing 

Animogliaménto, m. marriage 
Ammogliare, to marry 
AmmoTlinto, a. married 
Ammoglia!óre, m. a match-maker 
Ammoi Ilare, to caress 
Ainmollare, to moisten, to be 
moist; to mollify, soften ; to let 
go, to let loose 
Ammollatlvo, a. moistening 
Ammollato, jiar<./»'or}i Ammollire 
Ammolliènte, a. emollient 
Ammollire, to open ; gli spinftci 
ammolliscono il ventre, spinage 
is loosening ; (ammollare,) to 
move, or affect 


Ammollito, a. loosened, softened, 

Ammoniménto, m. admonition 
Ammonire, to admonish, warn, ad- 
vise, reprimand 
Ammonito, part, admonished 
Ammonitole, in. admonisher 
Ammonizioncélla, /. paternal ad- 
Ammonizióne, /. admonition 
Anunontàre, to heaj) up 
Ammoutic^re, to heap up, to amass 
Anmionticchi'ire, to heap 
Ammonticchialo, part, heaped, 

piled up 
Annnorbare, to infect, taint 
Ammorbidaménto, m. gentleness, 

Anmiorbidàre, and Ammorbidire, 
to soften, loosen ; ammorbidirsi, 
to grow effeminate 
Anmiorsellàto, »7i. ahash 
Ammortaménto, m. extinction 
Ammorti'ire, to extinguish 
Ammor'lre, to extinguish, to cool 
Ammortito, part, extinguished 
Ammorzare, to quench, to repress ; 
mitigate; ammorzarla supèrbia, 
to humble pride 
Ammoscire, to languish 
Ammostare, to press grapes 
Ammostatóio, m. a wiae-press 
Aiiimozzicàre, to cut in pieces 
Ammozzicàto, a. cut in pieces 
Ammucchiaménto, m. a heap 
Ammucchiare, to heap, amass 
Ammuffato, a. mouldy [face 

Ammusare, to pout, to'meet face to 
Ammutare, to gi-ow mute 
Ammutinaménto, in. mutiny, com- 
Ammutinarsi, to mu'iny 
Aiumutinato, a. raised in mutiny 
Annnutinatóre, m. a rebel 
Ammuilre, see Anniiutare 
Anmmtolire, and Ammutolire, to 

be dumb, mute 
Animutolato, and Ammutolito, a. 

speechless, mute 
Amnistia,/, a general pardon 
A mo, 171. hook, a fish-hook 
Amómo, m. an aromatic plant 
Amorazzo, m. an amour 
Amóre, m. love, affection ; amor 
pròprio, self-love ; portar amóre, 
to love 
Amoreggiaménto, m. wooing 
Amoreggiare, to make love 
Amorétto, m. a little love 
Amorévole, a. kind 
Amorevoleggiàre, to cajole, to 



Amorevolézza, /. friendship, love, 
amorevolezzlna, kmd words 


Amorino, m. a little love 

Amorosamente, ad. amorously. 
friendly [lovely, genteel 

Amoroséilo, or Amorosétto, a. 

Amoróso, a. amorous 

Amoroso, m. lover, gallant ; amo- 
rosa,/, mistress, sweetheart 

Amoinito, 771. rising love 

Amovibili?, a. removable 

Ampiamente, ad. amply, full 

Ampiare, to enlarge 

Ampiézza,/, and A'mpio, m. ex- 
tent, amplitude 

A'mpio, a. large, wide, spacious; 
àmpie promesse, great promises 

Ampiogiovante, a. fit for many 
things [over a great empire 

Ampioregnante, a. one who reigns 

Amplèsso, m. embrace 

Ampliare, to extend, enlarge 

Ampliato, part, enlarged 

Ampliazióne,/. ampliation, (a law 

Amplificare, to amplify, to extol 

Amplificato, a. amplified 

Ajuplificatóre, m. amplifier 

Amplificazióne, and Ampliazióne 
/. amplification 

Amplissimamente, ad. at large 

Amplitùdine, /. amplitude 

A'mpio, see A'mpio 

Amijólla,/. bottle, flagon, phial 

Ampollina, /. a bubble 

Ampollosaménte,ad. bombastically 

Ampollosità,/, bombast 

Ampollóso, a. bombastic 

Anabattis!^^ m. anabaptist 

Anacoreta, m. anchorite, hermit 

Anacoretizzare, to live like a her- 

Anacreóntica, /. Anacreontic ode 

Anacreóntico, a. Anacreontic 

Anacronismo, m. anachronism 

Anagnóste, m. a lecturer 

Anagogia, /. anagogy, mystery, 

Anagogicamente, ad. mystically 

Ana.iramma, m. anagram 

Anagrammatizzare, to make ana 

Anàlisi,/, analysis 

Analitico, a. analytical 

Analizzare, to analyze 

Analogia,/, analogy, resemblance 

Analògico, and Anàlogo, a. analo 
gous, alike 

Ananas, m. pine-apple 

Anarchia,/, anarchy 

Anarchico, a, anarchical 


m. curse of excommu- 

Anatemizzare, to excommunicate 

Anatomia, /. anatomy 

Anatomicamente, ad. anatomically 

Anatòmico, a. aaatomical 

Anatòmico, and Ani.omisTa, m. 
an anatomiàt, a professor of 

Anatomm'izzàre. to anatomize 

A'natra,/. a duck 

A'ncu /. haunch, hip 

Ancella,/, maid, damsel 

Anche, ad. also, too, likewise; 
per anche, yel, as yet ; né an- 
che, nei'her, not; quanJ' anche, 
though, although ; vi sono sUto 
anche, I have been there also ; 
avrti fatto, quanJo anche fisse 
stato presènte, I would have 
done It, though he had been 

Ancheggiare, to wag one's legs 

Ancidere, to kill 

Anelila, /. a maid 

Ancipite, a. amphibious, doubtful 

A'nco, ad. also, yet, still 

A'ncor»,/. an anchor [nion; 

Ancóra, adi also, likewise, agam. 

Ancoraché, Ancorché, and An- 
coruiuindo, anij. though, al- 

Ancoralo, m. anchorage 

Ancorare, to anchor 

Ancùdine,/, anvil 

Andalijzzo, m. Andalusian horse 

Andaménto, m. gait, deportmen', 
a public walk 

Andimte, a. going 

Andantemén'e, a<t fluently, easily, 
without in'erruption 

Andire, to go ; andare a piede, to 
walk ; andare alla lunga, to 
draw out in length; andar a 
Tela, to sail; andarne la vita, 
life at s-alie ; andare ornato, to 
dress well ; andare a marito, to 
roarry ; an Jar bene, to succeed ; 
andar a secónda, to favour ; la- 
sciamo andare questo diicrso. 
let us talk no more of his; 
Ì vostri affari vanno a secón la, 
your business prospers ; ne' tem- 
pi andati, in time past; aulir 
fecsndo, o go about something; 
andare in collera, to beaiiiry; 
andar altero, to be proud ; an- 
darsene, to be gone ; a lungo 
andare, in ihe long run 

Andare, m. gait, step 

Andata, /. gait, act of going, a 


Andatacela, /. a very copious psirg- 

Andato, part, gone, past 
Andatore, m. a traveller 
Andatura^/, walking 
Andirivieni, nu windings, incohe- 
rent discourses 
A'udito, m. pajsare, enrrance 
Andróne, ni. anteciianit)er 
Aneddoto, m. an aiiecdoie 
Anelante, aiid Anelóso, a. pant- 
ing, blowing 
Anelire, to breathe short, to pant 
Anclazióne, /. six ft br.-ath 
Anéliro, m. shortness of breath 
Anellétto, and Anellioo, m. a 

sn:all ring 
Anello, m. a ring ; dar 1' anello, 
to be'.roth; anello di capélli, 
lock of fcair 
Anellòne, m. a large ring 
Anelloso.' a. made like a chain 
Anemometro, m. instrument to 

measure the force of wind 
Jnimone, nu a flower so oiled 
Aneto, m. dill 

Anfauaniéato, in. prating, nonsense 
AnfeMre, to ramble in discourse; 

anfanare!, to wan lar, to rove 
Acfinatóre, m. prattler, blab 
Anfioia,/. nonsense, prattle 
Anfibio, a. living in water or on 

Anfilx)logia, /. uncertain meaning 
Anfibolo^caménte, ad, ambigu- 
ously [scure 
Anfibologico, a. ambiguous, ob- 
Anfisci, ra. Amphiscians (inhab- 

it.Tiits of the torrid zone) 
Anfiteatro, m. amphitheatre 
A'nfora./. kilderkin 
Anfratto, m. a narrow, dark place 
Angariare, to force, to overcharge 
Ai^ria'óre, m. an oppressor 
Angelica,/, a plant so called 
Angelicamente, ad. like an angel 
Angclichézza, /. the likeness of an 

Angelico, a. angelica] ; viso an- 
gelico, charming face 
A'ngelo, ni. angel ; angelo cus- 
tòde, guardian angel 
A'ngersi, (in poetry,) to grieve 
Angheria, /. force, compulsion; 
io fo ciò per angheria, I am 
forced to do this 
Anzheriare, to compel, to oppress 
Aingiola, /. A'ngiolo, m. anzel 
Angiolétto, m. and Angiolétta, /. 

a little angel 
Angip<'irto, m. a him-again alley, 
a court 



Anglicano, a. Anslicai,; la ciak». 
Anglicana, the'churCn of Eng- 
Anglicismo, m. Anglicism 
Anglo, m. an Englishman (in 

Angolare, a. angular, cornered 
Angolarmente, ad. angularly 
A ngolo, m. angle, comer 
Angoloso, a. having angles 
Angore, m, griet, pang 
Angoscevole, a. sorrowful, painful 
Ar.goscia, /. and Angosciaménto, 

171. anguish, vexation 
Angosciare, to grieve, to vex 
Angosciato, a. sorrowful, distress- 
Angosciosamente, ad. serro wfollf 
Angoscióso, a. anxious painful 
A'ngue, m. a snake (in poetry) 
Anguilla,/, an eel 
Anguiuaglia, <ind Anguinàia, /• 

groin, a botch 
Angùstia, /. distress, scarcity ; an- 
gùstia dì tempo, shortness of 
Angustiare, to afflict, to harass 
Angustiato, aTid Angustioso, a. 

anxious, vexed, grieved 
Aug-jsto, a. n-orrow, close, small 
A'nice, nu the plant anise 
Anile, a. old, ancient 
A'nima,/. the soul 
Animad versióne,/, attention 
Animalaccio, m. a blockhead 
Animate, nu an animal, a stupid 

fellow, a dunce 
Animale, a. animal 
Animalésco, o. l)eastly 
Animaletto, m. animalcule 
Animalino, m. animalcule 
Animalità,/, animality 
Animalone, m. a great beast, a 

dunce, an awkward fellow 
Animaliiccio, and AnimaliizzD, m. 

Animante, a. what is animated 
Animare, to hearten, to animate, 

to give existence 
Animato, a. animated 
Animavversióne,/. animadversion, 

Aninvtzione, /. animation, (the 

forming of the soul) 
Auimélb, /. a sort of tongue ; ani- 
mèlla di pompa, the \-alveofa 
pump ; animella di vitèllo, 
sweet bread 
A'nimo, m, mind, understanding, 
courage ; volger nell' ànimo, to 
consider with one's self; ànimo 
vile, spiritless, sneaking; fani 


ànimo, to pick up courage; 
sotferir 1' ànimo, to have cour- 
age enough to ; dar 1' ànimo, 
bas'Jir 1' ànimo, to boast of, to 
pretend to 
Animosamente, ad. violently 
Animosità, Animositàde, and An- 
imosi àte,/. animosity, grudge 
Animoso, a. brave, valiant 
Animucoia,/. a silly soul 
A'nitra, /. a duck, drake 
Anitrino, m. a young duck 
Anitrlo, «I, nei'hing 
Anitrlre, to neigh, to whinny 
Annabat'ista, m. an anabap'ist 
Annacquaménto, rn. watering 
Annacquare, to mix water with 

Annacquato, a. mixed with water 
Aimaffiaménto, m. the act of 

Annaffiare, to water 
Annaffiato, part, watered 
Annaffiitoio, m. a watering pot 
Annàle, a. yearly 
Annali, m. annals 
Annalista, m. a writer of annaJs 
Annasare, to smell, to come to 

trial with one 
Annasato, a. smelled 
Annaspare, to wind yam 
Annata, /. year ; year's rent 
Annebbiaménto, m. dark weather 
Annebbiare, to cloud ; annebbiar- 
si, to blind one's self 
Annebbiito, a. overcast, blasted 
wftimegamento, m. the act of 

drow ning 
Annegare, to drown, to deny 
Aimegato, a. drowned 
Annega^ione, /. self-denial 
Anneghittire; and Anneghittirsi, 

to grow lazy 
Anneghittito, a. idle, slighted 
Anneramen'o, m. and Anneritiira, 

/. blackness 
Annerare, to blacken, to defeme ; 
annerarsi, to grow dark ; an- 
nerar la famad' uno, to blast 
one's reputation 
Annerato, part, blacked 
Annesso, part, annexed 
Annestaménto, m. grafting 
Annestare, to graft, to join 
Annest.ato, part, grafted 
Annèttere, to annex 
Aimevare, to refresh with snow 
Annichilaménto, m. annihilaion 
Annichilare, to destroy; annichi- 
larsi, to debase one's self 
Annichilato, part, annihilated 
Annichilazione,/, destruction 


Annidare, to nestle ; annidarsi, to 

Annientare, to annihilate 
Annientaménto, m. destruction 
Anninnàre, to rock, to lull asleep 
Anniversario, m. anniversary 
A'nno, m. year; capo d'anno, 
new year's day ; d'anno in anno, 
every year : mi par mill' anni 
di vedérlo, I long to see him; 
entrar negli anni, to grow old 
Annobilire, and Annobilitire, to 

Annobilito, a. ennobled 
Amiod-iménto, ni. the tying 
Annodare, to tie, to knit, to bind 

Annodato, part, tied, concluded 
Anno.Jatiira, and Annodazióne, /. 

see Annodamento 
Annoiaménto, m. weariness, 

Annoiare, to weary, to tire; an- 
noiarsi, to be displeased 
Aimoiato, a wearied, tired 
Annoinsaraente, ad. tediously 
Annoióso, a. tedious, we.arisome 
Annoiare, to freight (as ships, &c.) 
Annomare, to name, to call 
Annona,/, provisions 
Annóso, a. old, ancient 
Annotare, to remark 
Annotatóre, m. who makes notes 
Annotazióne, /. a note, remark 
Annottare, a>i(i Annottarsi, to grow 

Annov'-le, a. annual 
Annoveraménto, m. enumeration 
Annoverante, a. enumerating 
Annoverare, to reckon, to rank 
Annoverato, a. reckoned 
Annoveratnre, m. who computes 
Annoverevole, a. that may be 

Annovero, m, computation 
Annuale, a. yearly 
Annu.ile, m. (tutto il corso dell' 

anno) the vear 
Annualmente, ad. annually 
Annuàrio, a. annual 
Anruro'Are, to grow cloudy 
Annuiol'i'o. part, clouied 
AmHillagióue, /. and Annulla- 
ménto, ni. abolishing, suppres- 

Annull'ire. to suppress, abolish 
Annullato, a. repealed, abrogated 
Annuliatóre, m. suppressor, de- 
Annullazióne, /. abolishing, sup- 
Annumerare, to enumerate 


Annunziaménto, m, prediction, 

Annunziare, to foretell ; to declare 
Annunziato, part, declared 
Annunziatóre, m. foreteller, proph- 
et [tion 
Annunziazióne, /. the annuncia- 
Annùnzio, m. message, news 
A'nnuo, a. annual 
Annuvolare, to overcast 
Annuvolato, a. cloudy 
A'no, m. the fundament 
Anodino, o. anodyne 
Anòmalo, a. irregular 
Anonimo, a. nameless 
Anotomia,/. dissection 
Anotomlsta, m. anatomist 
Ansaménto, m. panting, short 

Ansante, a. ont of breath 
Ansare, to pant 
A'nsiaj /. perplexity 
Ansietà,/, sorrow 
A'nsio, a. sad, sorrowful 
Ansiosamente, ad. anxiously 
Ansióso, a. restless, grieved, tor- 
mented, anxious 
Antagonista, m. antagonist 
Antartico, a. antarctic, southem 
Antecedènte, a. foregoing 
Antecedentemente, ad. previously 
Antecedènza,/, precedency 
Antecèdere, to precede 
Antecessóre, m. p.edecessor 
Antelucano, a. before daylight 
Antemurale, m. defence 
Antenato, m. progenitor, ancestor ; 

antenati, ancestors, forefathers 
Antenna, /. sail-yard, lance, pole 
Antepenùltimo, a. before the last 

but one 
Antepórre, to prefer, to es'eem 
Anteposizióne, f. preference 
Antepósto, part, preferred 
Anterióre, a. foremost 
Anteriorità,/, priority 
Anteriormente, ad. before 
Antescritto, a. above-written 
Anteserràglio, m, a field gate, a 

fore close 
Antesignano, and Antessignano, 

m. standard-bearer 
Anticàglia, /. antiquity, monu- 
ments of antiquity 
Anticamente, arf. anciently, of old 
Anticàmera,/, antechamber 
Anticàto, a. used 
Antichètto, a. rather ancient 
Antichi'à, Antichitade, and Asiti- 

chitàte,/. antiquity 
Anticipare, to anticipate, to foretell 
Anticipatamente, ad, beforehand 


Anticipato, a. anticipated 
Anticipazióne, /. amicipatiou 
Antico, a. ancient ; all' antica, in 

the oU fashion 
Anticlii, m. ancestors 
Anticr.juizióne, and Anticonoscen- 

za,/. foresight 
Anticonóscere, to foresee 
Anticousisli^re, m. preserver of 

Anticorrere, to run before 
Anticorriére, m.- forerunner 
Anticórte, /. a fore court 
Antichristiàuo, a. antichristian 
Antichristo, m. Antichrist 
Anti cursóre, m. see Anticorriére 
Antidata, f. antedate 
Antiditto, a. foretold 
Antidire, to foretell [son 

Antidoto, m. antidote, counter-poi- 
Autlfona, f. anthem 
Antifonario, m. an anthem-singer ; 

a bonk of anthems 
Antifrasi,/, aiitiphnsis 
An-igiudicare, to prejudge 
Antiguai-dare, lo foresee 
Antiguàrdia,/, vanguard 
Antiméttere, to prefer, to esteem 
Antimònio, m. antimony 
Antimurare, to make a parapet 
Anlinniro, m. outmost wall 
Antinóme, m. a pronoun 
Antipipa, m. aiti pope 
Antipasto, m. dishes first served 
Antipatia,/, natural aversion 
An'ipatico, a. averse [to 

Antipatizzire, to bear an aversion 
Aniipaizzato, poW. hatefl 
Antipensire, to premeditate 
Antipensàto, o. premeditated 
Antipodi, m. antipodes 
Antipórre, to prefer, es*eem 
Antipòrta, /. and Antipòrto, m. a 

vestibule, entry-door, gate 
Antiprén iere, to take beiForehand 
Antiquario, m. an antiquary 
Anti'iuito, a. obsolete, old 
Antlijuo, see Antico 
Antisapére, to foresee [seen 

Antisapévole. a. that may be fore- 
Antisapijla,/. foresight 
Antiscorbutico, a. antiscorbutic 
Antiserràglio, m. a kind of fore 

court, or fore close 
Antlste, m. a prelate, a bishop 
Antitesi, /. a figure in rhetoric 
Antivedére, to foresee, to foreknow 
Antivedére, and Antivediménto, 

m. foresight 
Antivedi tore, m. who foresees 
Antivedutaménte, ad. with fore- 



Antiveduto, o. foreseen 

Antivegnénte, a. preventing, pre- 

Antivenire, to precede 

Antivenuto, part, preceded 

Antivigilia,/, the evenhig before 

Antologia,/ anthology 

Antrace, and Antracia, /. a car- 
buncle (precious stone) 

A ntro, m. den, cave, grotto 

AntropóÉLgo, m. can^iibal 

Anulare, and Anulàrio, a. per- 
taining to a ring ; dito anulare, 
the ring finger 

A'nzi, ad. rather, on the contrary, 
even, also ; non è solamente lib- 
erale, anzi pròdigo, he is not on- 
ly liberal, but even prodigal 

A'nzij prep, before ; anzi eh' io, 
moia, before I die ; andate via 
anzi che venga, go away before 
he comes 

Anzi, ronj. nay 

Anzianità, Auzianitàde, and An- 
zianitate,/. antiquity, seniority 

Anziano, m. senior 

Anziano, a. old, ancient 

Anziché, ad. sooner, before that j 
anzi p'.:re, rather than not 

Anzi che no, cui. rather, sooner 

Anzinato, a. first born, eldest 

Aoncinare, to make crooked 

AonestAre, to colour, cloak 

Aorcàre, to strangle, choke 

Aorcàto, part, strangled 

Aonnàre, (chase term,) to quest 

A òtta, ad. often ; a òtta a òtta, 
now and then 

Ap'irle, ad. aside 

Apatia,/, insensibility 

/pitlsta, in. indolent 

A'p::f. a bee 

Apeliota, m. east wind 

Apennino, ni. Apennine Moun- 
tains in Italy 

Aperire, to open [retic 

Aperitivo, and Aper'ivo, a. diu- 

Apérta, /. see Apertura 

Apprt.iménte, ad. openly, frankly 

Aperto, a. open, plain, bold ; un 
fióre apèrto, a blown flower ; 
risver uno a braccia afjérte, to 
receive one with open arms 

Apertóre, tn. who opens 

Apertftra, (i?id Aperzióne,/. hole, 
means, opportunity 

A'pice, m. top, height 

Aplcolo, m. a little height 

Apocalisse, and Apocalissi, /. 

Apòcrifo, a. apocryphal ; libri 
Apòcrifi, the Apocrypha 


Apogèo, m. apogeon, or apogee 
Apollineo, (di Apollo,) a. of 

Apologetico, o. apologetic 
Apologia, /. apology, defence 
Apologista, TTi. an apologist 
Apòlogo, m. apologue, fable 
Apoplessia,/, apoplexy 
Apoplélico, a. apoplectic 
Apostasia, /. apostasy 
Apostata, rn. apostate, renegado 
Apostatare, to apostatize 
Apostèma, / an imposthume 
Apostemàre, to suppurate, to ma- 
Apostemato, a. impostl.umated 
Apostolato, m. apostolate, apoetle- 

Apostòlico, a. apostolical 
Apòstolo, m. apostle 
Apostrofare, to put an apostrophe 
Apostrofataménte, ad. with an 

Apostrolat'ira, ond Apostrofazióne, 
/. the art of putting apostrophes 
Apòstrofe, m. an apostrophe (in 
rhetoric) [grammar) 

Apòstrofo, m. an apostrophe (in 
Ajiostumo, a. posthumous 
Apotégma, /. apophthegm, (a short 

and pithy sentence) 
A]X)teòsi, f. apotheosis (the deify- 
ing of a man) 
Appaciamento, m. pacifying 
AppacLire, to pacify, .issuage 
AppadiglionAre, to encamp 
Appadìglionàto, a. encamped 
Appagabile, a. that may be satisfied 
Appagamento, aiid Appago, m. 
satisfaction and content 

•ire, to satisfy, to please j 
altro non m- appago che della 
solitùdine, solitude is my sole 
Appagato, a. satisfied 
Appaiare, to pair, to match j ap- 
paiarsi, to join one's self 
Appaiato, a. matched 
Appales.óre, to discover, todeclare : 
ajipalesirsi, to make one's self 
Appale&'ito, part, discovered, re- 
Apjialtàre, to let, to farm 
Appaltatóre, m. farmer 
App.Mto, m. farm, monopoly 
Appaltòne, m. intriguing, that 

puts himself forward 
Appannfiggin, m. appanase 
Appannaménto, m. a>id Appanna- 

ton, /. dimness 
Appannale, to darken, to cloud; 



to tarnish, dtdlj to fell into a 

Appannato, part, caught in a 
snare, massive [dazzles 

Appannatoio, ni. what dims, or 

Apparare, to )eani, to prepare 

Apparato, a. learned 

Apparato, m. preparation; con 
apparato, sumptuously 

Apparecchiamènto, m. prepara- 
tion, furniture 

ApparPcchiàre,lo prepare, to treat ; 
apparecchiare la tàvola, to lay 
the cloth ; apparecchiarsi, to get 
one's sei ' ready ; to furnish one's 
self witu 

Apparecchiato, part, prepared 

Apparecchiatore, m. preparer, 

Apparecchiatura, /. and Apparéc- 
chio, m. preparation 

Appareggiare, to put in competi- 
tion, to match 

Apparentare, to match, to make 
one's felf familiar 

Apparentato, a. related to 

Apparente, a. plain, evident, 

Apparentemente, ad. apparently 

Apparènza, /. outside show, prob- 

Apparcre, to appear 

Appariménto,ni. apparition, vision 

Apparire, to appear, to shovr one's 

Appariscènte, a. handsome 

Appariscènza,/, a noble presence, 
a fine carriage 

Apparita, Apparizióne, and Ap- 
parsione, see Appariiiiéuto 

Appari lo, port, appeared 

Apparitore, m. a bailifF 

Apparizióne, /. apparition 

Apparso, part, appeared 

Appartaménto,, m. apartment, 

Appartare, to sever, to put asunder ; 
appartarsi, to withdraw 

Appai latamente, ad. asunder, se- 
cretly [set aside 

Appartato, pari, separated, chosen. 

Appartenènte, and Appirtegnènte, 
a. belonging, appertaining, suit- 

Appartenènza,/, appurteriance 

Appartenére, to belong, to regard, 
to concern, become 

Appassire, to wither, to decay 

Appassionaménto, m. pj^sion,' love 

Appassionare, to make one sufter, 
endure ; appassionarsi, to have a 
strong passion for any lliin^ 


Appa-sionataménte, ad. passion- 
ately [afleciiouate 
Appassionato, a. endureJ, suft'ered, 
Appa sire, and Appassirsi, to grow 

dull, dry 
Appastare, to stick, as paste 
Appellàbile, a. that may be ap- 
pealed [lant 
Appellante, m. appealer, appel- 
Ap]iellàre, to name, call, accuse, 
impeach^ to appeal to a higher 
court [peal 
Appellativo, a. susceptible of ap- 
Appellazióne, and Appellagióne, 
/. appeal to a higher couri, chal- 
Appèllo, m. an appeal, a challenge 
Appéna, ad. hardly, scarce 
Appenare, to sutler, to De distressed, 

to vex 
Appèndere, to hang, to hang up 
Appendice, /, appendix, supple- 

Appennecchiare, to fill a distaff 
Appensare, to design, to propose 
A{)pensatamènte, ad. maturely, 

Appèso, part, hanged, hung on 
A])pestàre, to infect, to corrupt 
Appestato, a. infec'ed 
Appetente, a. desirous, longing 
Appetènza, /. appetite, desire, af- 
Appetibile, a. desirable 
Appetire, to desire, to covet 
Appetitivo, a. that provokes ap- 
Appetito, m. appe'ite, desire 
Appetitóso, a. that provokes the 
stomach [wish 

Appetizióne, /. appetite, desire. 
Appettare, to have at heart, to in- 
terest one's self 
Appètto, ad. in comparison ; (for 
dirimpètto.) over against, facing j 
combàttere appètto appètto, to 
fight a duel 
Appiacevolire, to appease, to tame 
Appianare, to remove or surmount 

AppÌ3nàTf>, a. levelled 
Appiastrare, to cleave to ; appias- 
trare un dianimte, to set a dia- 
mond ; appiastrarsi, to stick 
Appiastrato, part, daubed with 
any thing viscous [tion 

Appi'asti-icciamènto, m. conglulina- 
Appiastricciàre, ajirf Appiastricci- 
care, to stick [cealing 

A pp lattaménto, m. the act of con- 
Appiattàre, to conceal ; appiattarsi, 
lo hide one's self 


Appiattatamente, ad. by stealtI^ 

Appiattato, part, concealed 
Appiccàgnolo, m. a hook, tenter 
Appiccamènto, m. hanging, or 

fastening to 
Appiccante, a. viscous, glutinous 
Ajjpiccàre, to tie, to fasten ; appic- 
carsi, to keep close, to stick, h> 
catch, to thrive, to slander; ap- 
piccarla ad uno, to play one a 
trick ; appiccar la zuli'a,'la bat- 
tàglia, to give battle 
Appiccaticcio, a. clammy, sticky ; 
male appiccaticcio, a contagious 

Appiccaticcio, m. a troublesome 

Appiccatlvo, a. contagious 
Appiccato, (1. fast, sticking 
Appiccatura,/, the ironwork of a 

window or door 
Appicciare, and Appiccicare, fc. 

stick fast to [lessen 

Appiccinire, to make smaller, to 
Appicco, ?«. connexion, union 
Appircolamènto, m. lessening, 

Appiccolàie, and Appicciolàre, to 

diminish, to retrench ; to lessen, 

shorten [the foot 

Appiè, and Appiéde, ad. down, at 
Appièno, ad. fully, entirely 
Appigionaménto, ni. rent of a 

house, or lodging 
Appigionare, to let, to hire 
Appigiónasi, m. a bill ujwn a door 
Appigliamènto, m. junction 
Appigliare, to follow ; appigliarsi, 

to confonr ''^; m' appiglio al 

vostro consiglio, I wili follow 

your advice 
Appigrirsi, to grow idle 
Appiilotàrsi, to trifle away ooe^ 

A'ppio, m. parsley 
Appiuóla, mela ap'piuóla, /. golden 

Appiuólo, m. the tree that bean 

the golden pippin 
Applaudente, a. who applauds 
Applàudere, and Applaudire, to 

applaud, to approve 
Applaudirsi, to have a proud gait 
Applaudito, part, applauded 
Applàuso, ni. applause 
Applausóre, ni. who applauds 
Applicaménto, ni. application 
Applicàbile, a. ajiplicable 
Applicare, to assign, to appoint; 

applicarsi, to set'about 
Applicatamente, ad. attentively 


Applicato, part, appliett 
Applicatóre, tu. who applies 
Applicazióne, /. application, dili- 
Appo, prep, with, by, near 
Appoco appòco, ad. by little and 

Apposgiamento, ni. an el bow-place 
Appoggiare, to support, to protect, 

to lean upon 
Appoggiato, a. propped 
Appoggiata, /. Appoggiatóio, and 
Appoggio, m. prop, support, 
Appollaiire, to roost 
Appomiciare, to rub with pounce 
Appónersi, to gues», to conjecture 
Apponiménto, »n. and Apponi- 

zióne,/. addition, appendix 
Appórre, to join, to add, to im- 
pute, to oppose; appórsi, tu 
guess ; a voi s' apiJÓne la sua 
disgràzia, they impute all his 
misfortunes to you ; che potete 
appórre a questo ? what have 
you to say to this? 
Apportante, a. that brings 
AppOi-tare, to convey, to procure, 

to cause, to relate 
Apportatóre, m. Apportatrice, /. a 

Appositiccio, a. added 
Appositivo, a. that ma;^ be joined 
Apposizióne, /. application, ad- 
Appósta, ad. on purpose 
Appostaménto, m. ambush, snare 
Appostare, to spy, to watch, to 

ApposUtamJiite, ad. designedly 
Appostato, a. iilaced 
Appostatóre, m. insnarer 
Apposticelo, a. added 
Appóito, part, added 
Appostolàto, m. apostolato 
Apposlolicaménte, ad. after the 

manner of the apostles 
Appos*oMco, a. apostolical 
Appostólico, m. (for papa) the 

Appóstolo, m. apostle 
Appremere, to press, to oppress 
Apprendente, a. that learns 
Apprèndere, to learn, to conceive, 
to teach, to apprehend ; appi'én- 
dersi, to adhere to ; appréndei-si 
d' amóre, to fall in love 
Apprendévole, a. comprehensible 
Appren(liméri'o,7n. learning, skill, 

Apprenditóre, m. scholar I 

Apprensibile, a, to be conceived I 


Apprensióne, f. jealousy, fear 
Apprensiva,/, comprehension 

Apprensivo, a. fearful 

apt to learn 
Appresentare, to show, to repre- 
sent another [ened 
Appreso, a. comprehended, thick- 
Apprcssaménto, m. approach, 

neiglibourhood [proach 

Appressare, to draw near, to ap- 
Apprésso, prep, near, by, after, 

next to 
Apprèsso, ad. after, afterwards; 

apprèsso a poco, almost, near 
Appressochè, ad. since, aininst 
Apprestaménto, aiid Appresto, m. 

preparation [ready 

Apprestare, to prepare, to make 
Appresiato, a. prepared 
Apprerziibile, a. valuable 
Apprez7aménto, m. valuation, 

estima' ion 
Apprezzare, to esteem, to appraise, 

to rale 
Apprczzatlvo, a. estimable 
Apprezzato, a. appraised, esteemed 
Apprezzatóre, m. an eateemer, 

Apprezzazióne, /. appraisement 
Approbare, to approve, to like 
Appr jbafo, a. approved 
App obazione, /. approbation, 

Approcciare, to approach 
Appròccio, m. approach 
Approcciato, a. approached 
Approdare, to arrive, to be profita- 
ble, to become valiant 
Approfittare, a«t/ Approfittarsi, to 

profit, to draw advantage from 
Approfondire, and Approfondire, 

to di^, to make deeper 
Approntire, to prepare 
Apiiropinquarsi, see Appressare, 

and its compounds 
Approptisito, ad. apropos, exactly 
Appropriarsi, to appropriate ; ap- 

pr ipiiare, to attribute, to affirm, 

to imitate 
Appropriato, part, appropriated, 

Appropriazióne,/, appropriation 
Approssimante, a. near, something 

Approssimare, to come nijh 
Approssimato, o. a] 
Apiirovàbile, a. lau- 
Approvagióne,/. approbation 
Approvare, to approve, to confirm 
Approvatamé.ite, ad. in an ap- 
provatale manner 
Approvato, a. approved 


Approvatóre, m. and Approw 

trice,/, approver, allower 
Approvazione, /. approbation 
Approvecciàrsi, to get some profit 
Aijpulcrare, to embellish 
Appuntaménte, ad. precisely 
Appuntaménto, m. agreement ; 
restare in appuntaménto, ta 
Appuntare, to sew, to blame, to 
sharpen, to set down, to find 
fault, to fix, appoint 
Appuntatamente, ad. exactly, dili- 
gently [upon 
Appuntato, m. an account agreed 
Appuntato, a. stitched, sharpened, 

Appuntatóre, m. critic, reformer, 

Appuntatura, /. mark 

Appuntell.ire, tosupport, to bear up 

Appuntellato, a. stayed, or prop- 
ped up 

Appuntino, ad. precisely, just 

Appunto, ad. precisely ; per 1' ap- 
punto, exactly ; méttersi in ap- 
punto, to get ready ; stava per 
partire per l' appunto quando lei 
venne, I wss going away the 
moment you came 

Appurare, to purify, to write fair 

Appuzzamento, m. stench 

Appuzzare, attd Appuzzolàre, to 

Aprico, a. sunny 

Aprile, m. April 

Aprimento, m. the act of opening 

Apriporta, m. a door-keeper 

Aprire, to open, to cleave ; aprirsi, 
to chop, to gauje, crack 

Apriiivo, a. aperitive 

Apritóre, rw. he that opens ; ajwi- 
tore di case, house breaker 

Aquario, m. Aquarius, a sign of 
the zodiac 

Aquàtico, a. aquatic, watery 

Aqueità, Aqueilade, /. see Ac- 

A'queo, a. watery 

Aquidòtto, m. an aqueduct 

A'quila,/. eagle 

Aquilino, a. hawked 

Aquilonare, a. northern 

Aquilóne, tti, the north, the north 

Aquo-it.à. / see Acquosità 

Aquóso, a. see Acquóso 

A'ra,/. altar 

Arab-SCO, a. Arabic 

Ar'ibile, a. arable 

Arico, m. amck 

Aràgua,/. and Ariguo, m. a spider 


Araldo, m. a herald 

Araniéuto, m. tilla^-e, ploughing 

AraDcia,/. aa orange 

Aranciata, /. a kind of cooling 

Aranciato, a. orange colour 

Aranciato, nt. orange-house, or 

Arancino, m. a China orange 

Aràncio, m. an oranije, au orange- 

Arante, a. ploughing 

Arare, to plough 

Arato, a nd Aratolo, m. a plough 

Aratóre, in. husbandman 

Aratro, m. plough 

Aratura,/, tillage, ploughing 

Arazzeiia, /. tapestry, manufac- 
tory, hangings 

Arazzière, ni. tapestry maker 

Arizzo, m. tapes ry 

Arbi triglia, /. arliilratìon 

Arbitràjite, rru that ajbit rates 

Arbitrare, to adjudge, regulate j to 
judge, value 

Arbitrariamente, ad. arbitrarily, 

Arhilririo. a. arbilmry 

Arbitrato, part, arbitrated 

Arbitrato, ni. arbiiraLion 

Arbi'.ratóre, m. arbiter 

Arbitrio, m. will, power; libero 
arbitrio, free will 

A'rhitro, -m. aiid A'rbitra, /. 
unspire, arbiter 

A'rbore, m. tree 

Arboreo, a. full of trees 

Arboréto, m. a place planted with 

Arboróso, a. woody 

Arboscèllo, Aibuscóllo, Arbùsco, 
Arbùsc'ilo, m. ArbuscJlla, Ar- 
bijscula, /. a shrub, or little 

Ai-busllna, /. renrf Arbusti no, m. a 
vine that climbs up trees 

Arbusto, m. shrub, sprout 

A'rca, /. chLst, cofler ; area di 
Noè, the ark of Noah 

Arcacela, /. an old trunk 

A'rcade, dnd Arcàdico, a. Arca- 
dian [er, knave 

Area-lore, m. a bowman, a deceiv- 

Arcile, m. ar-^h, centre 

Arcarne, m. skeleton 

Arcaiviménle, ad. secretly, pri- 

Arcangelo, ni. archangel 

Arc'ino. m. secret, mystery 

Arcano, a. secre',, mysterious 

Arcare, to btnd, to arch, to cheat, 


ArcAta, /. bow-shot; tirar un 
arcata, to pump one ; tiiar in 
areata, to j udge at random 
Arcato, a. arched, bent 
Arcatore, m. archer, bowman 
Arcàvola, /. great great grand- 
mother [fa' her 
Arcàvolo, ni. great great gnmd- 
Archeggiare, to beud like au arch 
Archeggiato, a. like a bow, or 
arch [pattern 
Aiche ipo, m. first example, or 
Archetlino, ?n. a bow (to play oa 

the violin, &c.) 
Aichét'.o, m. fiddle-stick 
Aichibugiàre, aiid Archibusare, 

to shoot 
Archibugiàta, and Archibusata, 

/. arquebiisade 
Archibugière, and Aichibusiere, 

chibiiso, m. a hana-gun 
Archimandrita, ni. leader, prelate, 

Archipenzolàre, to lake the level 
Archipéi.zolo, m. a plummet 
Architettare, to build 
Architétto, m. arciii.ect 
Aichitettoniconiéate, ad. architec- 

tunUly, skilfully 
Architt-ttòre, m. and Architet- 

trlce,/. architect 
Architettònico, o. of architecture 
Archile tura,/, architecture 
Archiviare, to record 
Archivio, m. archives 
Aichiv'sta, m. the keeper of the 

Arci, a Greek w;rd, which is used 

out of emj.hisis, or in joke, as, 
ArolbL-ili, a. very haiidoome 
Aicibeniisimo, ad. eiciedinglv 
well [drei 

Arcibriccóne, in. an aiTaiit scoun- 
Arcicónsolo, m. first consul 
Arcidiaconilo, -n. a'ciideaconship 
Arcidiàcono, m. archdeacon 
Arciduca, ni. arcndiika 
Arciducato, r)i. an atch'ukadom 
Arciduchéssa,/, archdutches"; 
Arcicl'.iiuemlssimo, a. most elo- 
Arciepiscopile, a. belonging to the 
archbishop [bowman 

Arcière, and Arciero, ni. arch.-i-, 
Arcifàr.faiia. /. and Arcifànfano, 

m. a h.abliler 
Arc fanfanare, to boast 
Arcifondatòre, m. first founder 
ArcigiuUaie, m. i juggler, a face- 
tious fellow 



Arcigi amcnte, ad. sharply 
Arcignezza,/. sharpness 
Arcigno, a. grim, sullen; ^ visa 

arcigno, to frown 
Arcimaestoso, a. most majestic 
Arcimaèstro, m. au excellent 

Arcimistro, wj. fii-st master 

A ciuientire, to tell a most impu 

dent lie 
Arcione, m. saddle-bow 
Arci[)elago, m. archipelago 
Aicipoeta, m. the first of poets 
Arcipohroiie, m. very idle, cow 

Arcipresbiterji.lo, and Arcipretàto, 
7J1. the dignity, office, and juris- 
prudence of an aicb-priest 
Aj-ci^jrele, »n. arch-priest 
Aiciricchissinio, a. veiy opulent 
Arcisqui'lto, a. very exquisite 
Al ci véro. a. most true 
Arcivescovado, m. a: chbishopric 
Arcivescovile, a. archicpiscopaJ 
Arcivèi.covo, 771. archili hoj) 
A'rco, 771. a bow ; arco, an arch, 
in aichilecture ; star coll' arco 
téso, to look about every way: 
arco trionfale, a triumphaì 
arch ; arco celèste, rainbow 
Arcnbalcno, ?n. raiii!)ovv 
Arcobiigio, see Archibùgio 
Arcolàio, 771. a reel 
Arcoiàj, 7j>. pi. castles in the air, 

Arcuato, o. crooked, arched 
Arcùccia, /. a sw e-ating cradle 
ArJèute, a. hot, burning, violent, 

amorous, desirous 
Ardeuteniéiite, ad. vehemently 
Ardènza,/, a grea heat 
A'rlcre, to burn, 'o be vehemently 

iu love, to s.'iiue, to be bright 
Ardiglione, tti. the tongue of a 
buckle [dom, courage 

Ardiménto, ni, inipud,;nce, fret- 
Ard:mentoso, a. bold, courageous 
Ardire, lo dare 

Ardire, 771. boldness, confidence, 
.isaurance [stoutly 

Arditamente, ad. courageously, 
Arditèllo, a. rather bold, pert 
Ardito, a. courageous, daring, in- 
solent, barefaced 
Ardóre, 771. heat, love, passion, 

zeal, longing 
Arduamente, ad. arduously 
Anluilà, ArduiLide, and ArduitAte, 
/. great difficulty ; steepness of a 
A'rduo, a. difficult, perilous 
Ard'jra, /. ardour, heat 


Arem, /. sand, jravel. arena 

Areoaio, m. ^laiiaior 

Arenosità, Artnfjsil? le. and Are- 

nositàle,/. saiidy matier 
Arenoso, a. saudy, iiavcUy 
Areopa^ita, m. Areiparite 
Areopai^iticn, a. bcluc^ÌD^ to an 

Areopàp, m. Areopagus 
Arfasatto, aiid Arfasa'iéllo, m. a 
mean, base, pitiful fi Uoiv, a pal- 
try fellow 
A'rgano, m. windlass, crane, iron 

AJi;entaio, m. sold or silver-smith 
Argentale, o. silver-coloured 
Aj^enfirio, 7/1. silver-suiiih 
A'^entàto, a. silvered over 
Ai^u!alore, m one who silvers 
Ardènte), a. colour of silver 
Argenteria,/, plate, s.l ver plate 
ArjeiiMera,/ sliver niine 
Ai^entiere, m. silver-smith 
Allentino, o. =ilver-col'iured ; suo- 
no argentino, cliar sound 
ArgéDto,m. silver ; arménto battO'o, 
coined silver ; arménto filato, 
silver wire ; nr^éato sf.Iimiilo, 
or arȎu'o vivo, quicksilver 
Ar;lrlia, and Argilla, /. white 

ciay, potter's earth 
Ar^)»li6so, arid Argillóso, a. clay- 
ish [banks, mnlr^ k'c 

Anciiiaméntn, m. the making of 
Ardnare, to fortify, to raise ram- 
pa r.s 
Ar^nAto, a. birked 
A'rgine. m. trench to resist inun- 
dation, larvier 
Ai^innso, o. full of hanks 
Argnone, m. a kidney 
Argomentare, to reason, to dis- 
Argomeo'à'o. part, argued 
Ai^gomen'a'ore, -m. a reasoner 
Argomentazione,/, argumentation 
Argoménto, m. rea-on, argument 
Argnmentoso. a. expert, convincing 
Arguire, to argue, to reprimand, 

to conclude, to infer 
Argunientaate, m. opponent, dis- 
Argumen'-ire, *Be Argomentare, 

and its deriva' ives 
Argutamente, ail. cunninziy 
Argutézza,/, a quibble, puu, witty 

ArgiVo, a. subtle, witt)-, brisk 
Argùzia,/, smartness, repartee 
^'ria,/. air, wind; mien, figure; 
in iris, in vain ; si dà dell'arie, 
be gives himself airs ; ària, air, 


tune ; far castella in ària, to 
build castles in the air 
Ariuaméuie, ad. drjly 
Aridiià, Aridiiàde, 'alid Ariditate, 
/. dryness [dry 

A' rido, a. barren, poor, wretched, 
Arie^giire, to look like 
Arienio, m. see Argènto 
Arietàre, to batter with a ram (a 

niachine of war) 
Ariete, m. Aries, one of the celes- 
tial signs ; battering ram 
Arid ta,/. a short air, crsong 
Arie'tiria, /. a little syng, or tune 
Ariiumética, /. arithmetic 
Arimnietico, a. arithmetical 
Aringa,/, discourse, speech; her- 
Aringamento, m. discourse 
Aringàre, to harangue 
Aringato, a. haranirued 
Aringatoie, m. speaker 
Aringhiéra,/. ctiair, pulpit, bar; 
lists [pulpit, bar 

Aringo, and Arringo, m, lists, 
Arlolo, in. diviner 
Arioso, a. lightsome, airy; pretty, 

Arista, /. chine of pork 
Aristarco, m. a severe critic 
Ai-istocratico, a. aristncratical 
Arist'crazl.!,/. aristocracy 
Aristolóchia, and Arisiológia, /. 

aristolochy, (hartwort) 
Aristotelico,' o. belonging to Aris- 
Aritmètica,/, arithmetic 
Arifniètico, m. arithmetician 
Aritnié'ico, a. arithmetical 
Arlecchino, m. harlequin 
Arlecchioàtta./. show nf harlequin 
Arlòtto, m. glutton, devourer 
A'rma, /. arms, (in tixe ancient 

fioets, "instea-i of alma) 
Arm.acf>lli, ad. cross-wise, (as a 

Armàdio, see Armario 
Armadùra,/. coat of mail, arms, 

prop, 'rt-.-sel 
Armaduretta,/. a lirht armour 
Armaiuolo, and Annàio, m. ar- 
mourer, cun-niaker 
AmiainentArio. m. armourer 
Arnian.ènto, m. armour, armament 

ship ; armarsi, to take up arms 
Amiàri ), and Armàdio, m. press, 

Armà'a, /. navy, fleet 
Annatamènte, ad. with arras 
ArDiàto, a. armed, harnessed 


Arma'óre, m. captain of a privateer 

Ai-ma;ùra,y. armour 

A'rme, aitJ A'rma, /. arms, ar 

mour, harness; muover l'armi, 

to declare war; far d'arme, to 

fight; far il viso delle arme, to 

look angry ; sospension d'arme, 

cessation of arms 

A'rnie, (in heraldry,) coats of 

Armezgieria, Armeggiata, /. Ar- 
meggio, ajtd Armeggiaménto, 
m. justing, tilting, or tourna- 
Armeggiare, to just, to run a tilt ; 
armeggiare \m vascèllo, to moor 
a ship 
Armeatgia'óre, m. a juster,gIadiator 
Armeggio, m. fighting in play 
ArmtUino, m. ermine 
Armentano, nu a cattle-keeper 
Armentàrio, a. belonging to cattle 
Arménto, m. herd, drove of cattle 
Armeria,/, aniiory 
Annetremèndo, a. dreadful in anni 
Armigero, a. martial 
ArmUla,/. a bracelet 
Armillare, a. like a hollow sphere 
Armipotènte, a. powerful in arms 
Aruiistlzio, m. short truce 
Aniionia, f. harmony 
Armnniaco, m. sal ammoniac 
Arn.ónie), and Armonióso, a. 
melodious [I7 

Armoniosamente, ad. harmonious- 
ArmonÌ77'ire, to make harmony 
Al niohizzàto, a. set in order or ar- 
Arm'oraccio, m. horse-radish 
Ain/^«s, m. implements, furniture, 
harness, ornament ; fortress ; ar- 
mcur ; esser bene in arnése, to 
be in good order; èsser male in 
anie-*, to be in a disorderly con- 
A'rnia,/. bee-hive 
Arnióne, m. a kidney 
Aroma'irio, m. druggist 
Ar oma'irhézza, Aromaticità, Aro- 
ina'icitàde, and Aromaticitate, 
/. aromatic, odoriferous quality 
of plants, &c 
Aroma ico, a. odoriferous, spicy, 

dirticult, whimsical 
Anmutico, m. a mirtuie of all 

sweet-smelling spices 
Arimalizzàre, to embalm, perfume 
A!nniatn, and Aromo. m. spicet 
A'rpa. anil A'rpe,/. harp lento, m. harping 
Arpegtxiare, to play upon the baip 
Arpia,/, a harpy 


Arpicare, to climb «p ; arpicar 

col cervèllo, to reflect 
Arpicordo, m. a. harpsichord 
Arpione, t71. a bin^e, hook, tenter 
A'rra,/. earnest 
Arrabattarsi, to endeavour 
Arrabbiaménto, m. rarins madness 
Arrabbiare, to rage, to "go mad ; 
arrabbiarsi, to grow veryangT)- ; 
arrabbiar della fame, to starve 
■wi:h hunger 
Arrabbiatamente, ad. outrageously 
Arrabbiatéllo, a. enraged, mad, 

Arrabbiato, a. mad, fierce, cruel 
Anafl&re, arui Arratftire, to snatch, 

to each, to tear witu hooks 
Arraffiito, a. vnrested, catched 
Arramacciare, to drive one in a 

Arrampicare, to dimb 
Arrancare, to go lame, to limp 
along [rowing 

Arrancato, a. voga arrancata, hard 
Arrandellàre, to bind tight, to hurl 
Arrandellataménte, ad. tigh'ly 
Arrangolare, to fly in a passim, to 

be impatient 
Arraiitolato, a. hoarse 
Arrapinato, a. peevish, morose 
Arrappire, to wtìu?, to wrest 
Arrappato, a. suaTched, wrested 
Arrappatóre, m. a ravisher, robber 
Arràta,/. earnest 
Arrecare, to brinar, to convey; to 
induce ; arrecarsi, to make it up. 
to consent ; clie novelle m' ar- 
rechi ? what Dews do you bring 
me ? ciò m'arreca meraviglia, 
that surprises me 
Arrecato, poit. brought 
Arreca'óre, rtu and Arrecatrice,/. 

one who brings, carries, &c. 
Arredare, to prepare, to equip 
Arrèdo, m. furniture, implements ; 
arredo di nave, rigginsr of a ship 
Arrenare, to run agrounS, to desist 
Arrendaménto, ni. a lease 
Arrendatóre, m. renter 
Arrendersi, to surrender, to stretch ; 

(speaking of plants.) to bend 
Airendévoie, a. tractable, easy 
Arrendevolézza, /. fleiibilitv, do- 
Arren^evolménte,£ui. submissively 
ArrenJebiliti, /. see Arrendevo- 
ArrenJiménto. m. a surrender 
Arreso, part, surrendered 
Arrestaménto, m. the act of arrest- 
Arrestare, to arrest, to detain ; ar- 


restarsi, to stay, to tarry ; arres- 
tar la lincia, to couch the lance 
Arrtitatore, m. one who arresa 
Arrèsto, vi. arrest, delay, decree 
Arretrarsi, to go back 
Arrezzare, to shade, to shadow 
Arricchimento, m. enriching 
Arricchire, to enrich, to adorn ,; 

arricchirsi, to grow rich 
Arricchito, part, enriched 
Arricci.imento, m. horror, dread 
Arricciare, to stand on end, to curl ; 

arricciar il muso, to disdain 
Amcciàto, a. curled [a wall 

Arricciatiira, /. the rough cast of 
Arridere, to smile, to favour; la 
fortuna arriJe alle nostre im- 
prése, fortune sadles on us 
Arriiì'àre, to plav at sweep-stakes 
Arringante, a. one who harangues 
Arringare, see Aringare, and its de- 

Arripare, to land 
Arriscbiaménto, ni, risk, danger 
Arrischiante, a. bold, hardy 
Arrischiare, to venture, to expose ; 

arristhiàrsi, to be bold 
Arriscbia'améate, ad. hazardously 
Arrischiato, a. perilous 
Arrischievole, a. bold, hardy 
Arrisicare, «ee Arrischiare, and its 

Arriso, part, faronred [rei 

Arriss'ire, arid Arrissarsi, to quar- 
Arrivàre, to arrive at, to overtake, 
to reach ; arrivar bene, to succeed 
Arrivaménto, in. and Arrivata,/. 

Arrivato, part, arrived 
Arrivo, 771, arrival, coming 
Arrizzare, to raise, to set uprigbt 
Arrecare, to gi'ow hoai"se 
Arroca'o, a. hoarse 
Arroccare, to fill a distaff; to castle, 

(at chess) 
Arrocchiare, to cut in pieces ; to 
cobble, to bungle [fellow 

Amgactaccio, nu a very insolent 
Am)gante, a. proud, h?uzhty 
Arrogantemente, ad, arrogantly 
Arrogantóne, a. very arrogant 
Arrojan2a, /. arrogance, pride, 
self-sufncicncT [gate, to claim 
Arrogare, and Arrogarsi, to arro- 1 
Arrogato, part, arrogated, claiir.ed 
Arrogere, to add, to give to boot 
Arrogiménto, m. addition 
Arrotare, to enlist; arrolàrsi, to 

enrol one's self 
Arrómpere, to break ; arrón-persi, 

to retire, to burst out 
Arroncàre, to weed 


Arroncigliare, to hook, to twKt 
Arrosare, to bedew, to sprinkle 
Arrossiménto, m. reddening,blu^ 

Arrossire, to blush 
Arrostirsi, to simple 
Arrostiménto, m. and Arrostitura, 

/. roasting 
Arrostire, to roast, to parch 
Arrostito, a. roasted; pane arro6ti> 

to, toast 
Arròsto, m. roast meat 
Arrotamènto, m. sharpening any 

cutting tool 
Arrotante, a. one who grinds 
Arrotare, to polish, to sharpen ; ar^ 

rotarsi, to be restless 
Arrotato, a. sharper^ed, smoothed 
Arrotatóre, and Arrotino, m. a 

Arroto, a. added 

Arrotolare, to make np into a ball 
Arrovellare, to be aniy, to make 

one mad with anger 
Arrovellataménte, ad. furiously 
Arrovellato, a. mad, furious 
Arroventainénto, m. making red 

Arroventare, to heat red hot, to 

make furious 
Arroventire, to become red hot 
Arrovesciaménto, r/i. arai Arro- 

VKciatùra,/, overthrow, ruin 
Arrovesciare, to ovenhrow, to 

confound, to destroy 
Arrovesciato, part, overthrown 
Arrnvéscio, ad. against the hair, 

the wrong way 
Arrozzire, to make rough, harsh, 

rufged : arrozzirsi, "to grow 

rough; il freddo arrozzisce le 

mani, eold makes the bands 

ArruS'5re, to entangle, or ravel ; 

arruflTirsi, to take' one another 

by lh2 hair 
Arruflato, o, entangled, uncombe* 
Arruftàtóre, m. he 'hat entangles 
Armffianare, to pimp 
Arrugginire, to grow rusty 
Arruiiarìàre, to bedew 
Arruotaforbici, m, a grinder 
Arrnoiare. see Arrotare 
Arruotol.'ire, see Arrotolare 
ArruTidare, to grow rourh 
Arruvidato, a. rough, hard) 
Arsclla./. a muscle, fish 
Alenale, m. a dock, arsenal 
Arsènico, m. arsenic 
Arsibile, a. combustible 
Arsicciare, to dry by the sua 
ArsSccio, a. half '.. u'rae»! 


Anióne, /. conflagration, exces- 
sive heat, thirst 
Jl'tsq, a. burnt, poor 
Arsura, /. burning heat, drought, 

extreme misery 
Artataménte, ad. artfully, inge- 

A'rte, f. art, slyness ; fare arte d' 
una cosa, to fullow a business ; 
per arte, con arte, ad arte, on 
purp';fe, maliciously, designedly, a. ar.ificial 
Artéfice, m. workman, artificer 
Arteticóllo, Arteticiuolo, and Arie- 
ficiilzzo, wt. an unskilful work- 
Artemisia,/, mugwort 
Arteria, /. artery 
Arteriale, a. arterial 
Arteriologla, /. arieriology 
Arterioso, a. arlerious 
Arterio ouiia, /. the opening of an 

arterj-, bleed! n» 
Arteriózza,/. a little artery 
Artética,/. the gout 
Artético, a. gou y 
Articélia, /. a business of a little 

pr' iht 
Articina, /. industry [pole 

A'rtico, a. the arctic or northern 
Articnl.ire, to pronounce distinctly 
Articolare, a. articular 
Articolatamente, ad. distinctly 
Articolao, a. articulate 
Ariicolazióne,/. articulation 
Arriolo, in. article, head, point, 

Artificiale, and Arteficiato, a. 

arlificial, ar'.ful 
Artificialmente, ad. artfully 
Artificiazione, /. (iu jiaiuting) 

care, art 
Artificio, m. industry, skill, in- 
strument, engine, implement 
Artificiosamente, ad. workman- 
like, craf ily 
Artificiosità, Artificiosi'ade, and 

Ar'ificio-.i';Ve, /. art, skill 
Artificioso, a. skilful, subtle, crafty 
Artigiano, m. tradesman, artisiv 
Artigiano, a. of an artificer 
Artigliare, to >eize, or scratch 

wi h he claws 
Artiglière, aiid Artigliéro, m. 

giinne"-, matross 
Artiglieria,/, ar'.illery, ordnance 
Arti »1 io, m. claw, talnn 
ArtigUóso, o. armed wi<ti claws 
Artimóne, ni. the niizzen sail ; 
àrbore dell' artimóne, the miz- 

Artista, m. tradesman, artisan 


Artistaménte, ad. artfully 

A'rto, a. pressed, narrow 

Artritico, a. articular 

Arùspice, m. augur, diviner, 

Aruspicio, HI. a soothsaying 

Alcana,/, ai' 

Arziro^'olànie, a. su Fantìstico 

Arzigogolare, to invent, to fancy 

Arzigògolo, rn. invention, device, 

Arzillo, a. lively, bold 

A'sce, /. an axe, a hatchet 

Ascella, /. arm-hole, arm-pit 

Ascendentale, a. linea 
tile,/, asceniing line 

Ascendènte, a. ascending 

Ascendènte, ni. (in astronomy) 
ascendant, horoscope, influence 
of the stars} ascendènti, ances- 
tors [trj' 

Ascendènza, /. rise, ascent, ances- 

Ascèndere, to climb, to mount 

Ascendiménto, m. ascending 

Ascensióne,/, ascension 

Ascensóre, wt. he who goes up 

Ascésa, /. ?sceut 

Ascéso, a. ascended 

Ascèsso, m. an abscess 

Ascé'ico, a. ascetic 

Aschiancio, a<'. across, athwart 

Aschiire, fo envy 

A'schi"», m. envy 

A 'scia,/, an axe. a ha'chet 

Ascialone, m. a bracket 

Asci'ire. to chip, to square 

A.cioiliere, to absolve, to release 

Asciolto, part, absolved 

Asciolvere, in. breakfast 

Asciolvere, to breakfast 

Asciu saggine,/, dryness 

Asciu ramento,)»!. drought, dryness, 
the drj-ing of 

A'ciuginte. a. drjing 

AsriuMre, to dry, to wipe 

Asciuga oil, in. towtl 

Asriu tamén'e, ad. drj-ly 

Asciuttézza, /. a?id AÌciùtto, m. 

Asci'itto, a. dry, lean 

Ascól'o. /. a7Ìd Ascoltaménto, m. 

Asc'I'ante, m. auditor, listener 

A'col^re, to listen, to mind 

A coli.atóre, m. and Ascoltatrlce, 
/. auditor, one who listens 

Asclt.-j'.inne,/. listening 

Ascolo, ni. hearinj; s'ar in as- 
cól'o, to he,arken priva;ely 

Ascóndere, to concfal 

Ascosamente, ad. st-cje'ly 

Ascóso, part, hid, lurking 


Asccstaménte, ad. secretly 
Ascólto, a. CJjncealed 
Ascritto, a. enrolled 
Ascrivere, to impute, to ascribe, 

to enrol 
A'sia, /. Asia 
Asiàtico, a. Asiatic; cosfilmi An» 

atici, Asiatic manners, loose 

Asilo, m. asylum, refnge 
A 'sima, m. the asthma 
A'sina, /. a she-ass 
Asin.'iccio, m. a fool, a booby 
Asinàggine, /. clownishness, ig- 

Asinàio, m. an ass-driver 

Asineggiare, to bray 

Asi!ièlla,/. alitile she ass 

Asinèlio, m. a little ass 

Asineria,/, ignorance, stubbonme» 

Asinescamente, ad. smpidly 

Asinésco, and Asinlle, a. stupid, 

Asir.lno, a. of an ass's breed, bru- 
tal, rustic, silly 

Asinità, Asrnitade, and Asinitàte, 
/. see Asiióggine 

A'siiio, m. an'ass, a dolt; àsino 
salvàtico, a wild ass 

Asinone, ?7i. a great ass, a stupid 

A'sma, m. asthma 

Asmàtico, a. as'hmatic 

Asolare, to breathe, roam, nmble 

A'solo, m. breath ; a button-hole 
Aspàrago, m. asparagus 
A'spe, 111. an asp, serpent 
Asperàre, to exasperate, to stir op 
Asperartèria, /. the wind-pipe 
Asperèlla,/, horse-tail' (a plant) 
Asperétio, a. a little harsh 
Aspèrgere, to sprinkle, moisten; 
aspérgtre di sale, di zùcchero, 
&c. fo strew wi'h salt, sugar, &c 
Aspersi 'óre, ni. he who sprinkles 
AsperiÀ, anrf Asperitùdine, /, 
harshness, severity, adversity, 
A'spero, a. harsh, cruel 
Aspersióne, and Aspèrgine, /. 

wefiiig, sprinkling 
Aspèrso, part, dashed, sprinkled 
Aspersòrio, m. holy-water-sprin- 
kler [markable 

Aspettàbile, a. respectable, re- 
Aspetl.'irf, to eypect, to wait; 
aspettare il tempo, to kill the 
time ; aspettare a gloria, to ex- 
pect wi'h impatience 
Aspettativa,/, expectation, hop* 
Aspettato, part, expected 


Aspettatóre, m. and Aspettatrlce, i 
/. expecter of any Jiing 

Aspettazione,/, aiùi Aspettaménto, 
nu expectation, hope, trust 

Aspeno, m. aspect, countenance, 
look, presence; nel primo as- 
pètto, at first sijht 

Aspide, and A'spido, m. an 
aspic cr asp 

Aspirante, a. aspiring; trómba 
aspirante, a sncking pump 

Aspirare, to aspire, aim at 

Aspiratamente, ad. with aspiration 

Aspirativo, a. that must be aspi- 

Aspirato, part, aspirated 

Aspirazióne, /. expiration, aspi- 

A spo, 771. blades, yard- windlass, or 
a reel 

Asportare, to transport 

Aspramente, ad. roughly, severe- 
ly: combàttere aspramente, to 
fisht obsiinaiely ; vivere a-'pra- 
mente, to live austerely 

A5pre;ri^n■.énto, m. provocation 

Aspre^iiire, to vex, exasperate 

Aspré'rto, a. a littie barsh 

Asprézza. /. harehness, severity, 

Asprigno, a, sourish 

Aspriti. and Aspri tùdine, /. tee 

A'spro, a. fierce, rugged, severe, 
c!on-t>ish ; lin£\:a aspra, a sa- 
tirical ton?ue 

A«afétida,/. asafcetiJa [ins 

Assa?maménto, m. the act of tast- 

Asa^iiare, to try, to taste j asag- 
jlàr l'oro, to assay sold 

Asag;i.\to, part. 'asTed 

Aaa^iStóre, m. taster, a ^ine-con- 
ner ; an assayer 

Assassiatùra, /. and Assa^o, it». 
proof, trial, essay 

Assii, m. pL many 

Assai, ad. enouib ; assai bene, 
pretty well ; assai piii, much 
more ; assai per, several times : 
assai per tempo, very early ; d' 
assai, ad assii, by a iWat deal 

Assaisinjo, ad. very much 

Assaissimo, a. very much, very 

Assalimento, m. aitd Assalita, /. 
assault, a-'acfc 

Assalire, to as=arit 
Assali;'"!, part, assarje-l 
A'salitóré, m. aiid Assnli'rice,/. 

assaiilter. ajzressnr. robber 
Assallan'e. a. assiilant 
Assaltare, to attack, assault 


Assalto, TTi. onset, attack; dar 
l'assalto ad una piazza, io storm 
a place 
Assannire, to bite, squeeze 
AssànBO, m. biting 
Assapére, to let know [ins 

Assaporaménto, t.i. the act of tast- 
Asaporare, to taste, to prove, to 

Assassinaménto, m, and Assassi- 

nattsra, /. assassinarion 
Assassinare, to murder privately, 

to rob 
Assassinato, part, assassinated 
Assa^uio, »7i. a*ai6Ìnation 
Assassino, m. an assassin, ruffian 
Asaziare, to satiate, to satisiy 
A'ae, /. plank, beard ; iLe axis 

(in mathematics) 
A^econdare, to second 
Assecuràre, see Assicurare 
Assedére, to sit by cr with one; 

assedérsi, to sit down 
Assediaménto, m. tee Assèdio 
Asediante, a. besieging ; gli asse- 
diane, the besiegers 
A^ediire, to besiege, to beset 
Asse<liito, part, beiezed 
Assediatore, tji. besieger 
Assèdio, 7»i. siese ■ volére una cosa 
per assèdio, to wish for a 'dunj, 
and to get it by hook or by 
Assesuaménto, ni. assignment, an 
income; far assegoaménto, to 
depend upon 
Assegnare, to asign, aUe?e, con- 
stitute [sjjaringly 
Assegcataménte, ad. paricularly, 
Ass^catèzza, /. savingness 
Assegxiaio, part, assigned 
Assegnazione, /, ojid Asségno, m, 

Aseguire, ns Eso^nire, and its 

Assemblare, to be like 
Assemblèa./. as5en:bly 
Assembiaglia, /. and A-^sembra- 

ménto, m, onset 
Assembrare, to asa^mble, to ap- 
pear; assembrarsi, to meet to- 
gether ; to draw up an army in 
battle, to resemble 
Assennare, to advise, warn 
Assenna'aménte, ad. wisely 
Assennatézza,/, sense 
Assennato, o, wise, judicious 
Assensione,/. cotisent 
Assènso, m. assent, consent 
AssentaméBt.o, m. absence 
As^ntsre, to keep od' [sit 

Asientarsi to absent one^s sel^ to 


Assentatóre, m. flatterer 

Assènte, a. absent, missing 

Assentiménto, m. consent, appro- 

Assentire, to assent, approve 

Assentito, o. approved, wise, can- 
tious ; stare assentito, to be upon 
one's guard 

AssenTa, and Aaséozia,/. absen c e, 

Assènzio, 571. wormwood 

Asserirsi, to grow late 

Asserenare, to make dear 

Asserente, a. who asserts 

Asserire, to assert, issure 

Asseriio. part, aflirmed [seif 

Asserragharsi, to barricade tme^ 

Asserrare, to press, squeeze 

Assèrto, a. affirmed 

Assertore, m. a defender 

Asserório, a. affirmative 

Asserzione, /. assenion 

Assessóre, ni. a justice, oonnsellor, 

Asses'.are, to counterbalance, to 
adjust, to agree ; assestar uno 
schiaffo ad imo, to give ont: a 
box on the ear 

Assetare, and Assetire, to mak» 
dry. to excite desire 

Assetato, a. dry, thirsty 

Assettaménto, ni. agreement 

Assettare, io adapt, to se.tle ; as- 
settarsi, to prepare one's sell; 
to fit 

Assettatamente, mi nea'ly, finely 

Asrettatore, m. who adjusts, a fol- 
lower [ornament 

Assectatura, /. dececcy, beauty, 

Assettatùzzo, a. dressed wiih af- 

Assètto, m. accommodation, agree- 
ment; méttersi in asseto, to 
make ready 

Assevàre, to'thitken, to congeal, 
to pant after 

Aseveranteménte, ad. constantly 

Asseveranza, /. aiid Asseven- 
mén'o, 771, affirmaiion 

Aseverire, to affirm, avonch 

Asseverativo, a. affirmative 

Asseverazióne. /. see Asseveranza 

Assieélla, /. a staif 

Assicuraméu'o, m. and Areicuràn- 
za,/. trust, confidence, assurance, 
certain T 

Assicu'àré, to aver, lo prranise ; 
assicurarsi, to dare, to be sure; 
v'assicuro che m"e stato detto, 
indeed I bave been told so ; as- 
sicurare un vascèllo, to ìk«k & 


Assicurato, part, insured 
Assicuratore, m. insurer 
Assicurarsi, to dare, to be sure 
Assicurazione, /. insurance 
Assidéuza, /. audience, presence 
Assiderare, to chill, to qualce 
Assiderato, o. chilled, benumbed, 

Assidersizióne,/. chilness 
Assidére, to besiege 
Assidersi, to sit dovm 
Assiduamente, a/i. assiduously 
Assiduità, Assiduitàde, and Assi- 

duitkte,/. avsiduity 
Assiduo, a. diligent, constant 
Assieme, see Insieme 
Assiepare, to enclose 
Assillare, lo ra?e, fume 
Assillo, 7!i. a Lurse-fly 
Assiiniglianza, and Assimilazi- 
one, /. resemblance, comparison 
Assimigliàre, tocompare, to resem- 
Assimilare, (o imitate, to copy 
Assimilazione,/, imllaticn 
Assioma, m. axiom, maxim 
Assisa, /. tax, duty, excise, livery, 

Assiso, a. sittin» 
Assistente, m. assistant 
Asykténza, /. presence, aid, help 
Assistere, to be present, assist 
A^sisito, part, assisted 
Assisti I rtre, m. a helper 
Assiuolo, TO. a honi-owl 
A'sso, m. ace at cards ; esser ridùt- 
to in asso, to be reduced to he%; 
lasciar in asso, to forsake quite 
Associare, to ace mipany ; associar- 
si, to associate 
Associazione,/. asso-:iation 
Assodamento, m. soliiity [settle 
Assod.'ire, to make firm, establish. 
Assodato, a. solid, steady 
Asso»<ettare, to subdue 
Assojfettiiiién'o, m. subjection 
Assolc;^re, to furrow, to pIouTjh 
Assolc;'it'),pa)'<. furrowed, ploughed 
Assol Ifire, to recruit, to enlist, p.ay 
AisoMfitn, part, i-nlised 
Assòlo, part, absolved 
Aisoln'aménte, ad. absolutely 
Assolilo, n. arlii'rary, abs'ilute ; 
per assolu'o, surely' [ne&s 

Assoluzióne, /. discharge, forgive- 
Assolvere, In absolve, quit, dis- 
charge, finish 
Assmi'in-, to charie, bur'ben 
Assomiili'inte. a. Ilk;, alike 
Assomi^liSnza. Ass-mii illazióne,/. 
and Assomigliaméuto, m. re- 


Assomigliare, to compare j asso 

migliarsi, to be like 
Assommare, to finish, perfect 
Assonante, o. harmonious, conso 

Assonanza,/, consonance 
Assonnaménto, m. sleep 
Assonnare, to lull askep; asson 

narsi, to fall asleep 
Assopito, a. drowsy 
Assorbente, a. absorbent 
Assorbiménto, m. swallowing 
Assorbire, arid Assoibere, to swal- 
low, absorb 
A-Ssordaménto, m. s'unning 
Assordare, and Assordire, to make 

Assortiménto, ni. suit, assortment 
election by lot [divide 

Assortire, to sort, to choose by lot 
Assórto, a. (in poetry) drowned 
Assottigliaménto, ri. aiul Assott' 
gliatiii-a, /. lessening, extenua 
tiouj perfection 
Assottigliare, to thin, to dimin 
ish, sharjien ; assottigliarsi, to 
fall away, grow lean, to endeav- 
our [sharpened 
Assottigliato, part, diminished, 
Assottigliatore, m. one who tliiiis 
Ass^zzlre, anil Assozzarsi, to make 

nas'y, to spoil 
Assuefare, and Assuefarsi, to ac- 
custom, to use 
Assuefatto, part, accustomed 
Assuefazióne,/, habit, custom 
Assuéto, part, accustomed, inured 
Assuetudiue,/. custom, long prac- 
Assuggettfre, to subdue, submit 
A-sunidiite, a. one who assumes 
Assumere, to assume, to exalt 
Ass into, part, taken, assumed 
Assi'mto, m. charge, care 
Assunzióne,/, assumption, promo- 
tion ; assunzióne, the assumption 
of the virgin Mary 
Assurdità,/, absurdity 
Asslirfo, m. absurdiy 
Assurdo, a. absurd, silly 
A'sM., aluA A'ste,/. spear, lance 
A'sac'i, TO. a kind of lotister 
As'allamento, 771. abode 
AsWlare, to stop, s'ay. rest ; astal- 

lUrsi, to fix one's abode 
Ast.'mte, a. auditor, a-sistant 
AstAta,/. a stroke with aspear 
Astato, a. armed with a spear 
Astèmio, a. verj- modera'e 
Astenérsi, to abs'aiii, refrain ; non 
posso astenérmi ii dirvi, 1 cannot 
forbear telling you 


Astergente, a. abstersive 

Astèrgere, to rub clean 
AsleriscQ, m. an as'erisk (in prinS 
ing) [stellalion 

Asterlsraa, m. an asterisni, or coo- 

Astersione,/, cleansing, purge 

Astersivo, a. abstersive 

Astiare, to envy 
Asticciuola,/. small spear 

Astinènte, a. forbearing, continent 

Astinènza, arid Astinènzia, /. ab- 
stinence, temperane*! 

A'stio, m. en\-y 

Astióso, o, envious 

Astóre, TJ». goshawk ; astóri ce- 
lestiali, the angels fby Dante) 

Astraere, a7ui Astrarre, to separate, 
abstract [the star» 

Astrale, a. starry, influenced by 

Astrattamente, ad. abstractly 

Astrattézza,/, abstraction 

Astratto, a. abstracted, severed ; 
in astratto, abstraclv 

Astrazione,/, abstraction 

Astretto, part, forced, con' trained 

Astrignènte, and Astringènte, a, 
binding, astringent 

Astri ngènza, and Astri ngénzia, /. 
act of binding, constraint 

Astrlugere, and Aslrl^aiere, to 
force, compel [unluckily 

A'stio, m. a s'ar; in duro astro, 

Astrolàbio, m. an astnlabe 

Astrologàstro, ni. a bad as'rologer 

Astrologare, to practise astrology 

Astròlogo, and Astrola^o, m, a»- 
trologer, fortune-teller 

Astrologia, /. astrology 

Astrologico, a. astrological 

Astronomia, /. astronomy 

Astronòmico, a. astronomical 

Astrònomo, to. astronomer 

Astniso, a. dark, obscure, difficult 

Astùccio, m. a case 

Astutaccio, o. crafty, an old fox 

Astutamente, ad. craftily,knavishly 

Astutézza, f. cunning 

Astti'o, a. crafty, subtle 

Astùzia, /. knavery, sagacity 

Atànte, a. robust 

AtAre, see Aiutare 

A'tavo, m. tlie great grandfather 

A'elsmo, to. atheism 

A'teo, and Ateista, m. atheist 

AiAnte, m. atlas 

Allè'a, TO. wrestler 

A'iè'ico, a. athletic 

A'tomo, TO. atom ; in un àtomo, 
n a moment 

Atrabile,/ black choler 

Atrabiliario, o. troubled with ths 


Atraménto, m. ink 
A'trio, m. a por.ico, vestibule 
A'tro. a. black, mournful, cruel 
Atróce, a. h-inous, terrible 
Atrocemeate, ad. airociouslv, cru- 
Atrocità,/. cniel*T, fierceness 
Atrofia,/, cnnsuiiiption 
Attaccaménto, m. union, connex- 
ion, atachmenl, | assion 
Attaccare, to hanj, fasten; attac- 
cai^i, to apply Tie mind, to en- 
gase oufc's self; attaccarsi un 
male, to ci:ch a disteniper ; at- 
taccar il fiioco, to -e' on fire ; 
attaccar la giiirra, to kindle wa- ; 
attaccirsi di parole, to quarrel ; 
attaccar la batt.ijlia. to ensure 
in battle ; attaccar lite, to pick 
a quar-el 
Attaaaticcin, a. ?uniniy. sluish 
Attaccito. part, tied, fas ered 
Attacca' li 'a, /. see Attaccaménto ; 
attaccatiira del pane, the kissin? 
crust [attack 

Attacco, m. sticking, cleaving to ; 
Atta^liare, to please, to suit 
Attamente, ad, suitably, con- 

Attanirliare, to pinch, tnrmen», to 
tear otf the flesh with red-hot 
Attapinamento, m. lamentation 
Attapinare. to complain, to groan; 

attapinarsi, to lament 
Attardarsi, to jrow la'e 
Attire, to adapt ; atlarsi, to suit 

one's self 
Attas'iire, to touch, strike 
Attecchiménto, ni, a growing 
Attecchire, to grow, to thrive ; to 

sit, or kni», fspeaking of fruits) 
Attecchito, part, grown 
Attedi I re. to weary, to be teJio'os; 

atteli.irsi, to grow weary 
Attediato, a, tired, importuned, 

slow. IsTy 
Attegrévolé. a. mimic 
Atteggiaménto, m. gesture, de- 
Atte?ii\nte, a. one full of gesticu- 
Attegziare, to mimic, to anima*e 
a statile, a pic'ure [ac ion 

Atteg3Ì3*amé3*e, ad, bein» full of 
Attegiiato. part, well represented 
Atteinénza. /. consanguinity 
Attempfu-si. to grow old, decay 
Arempa-etto, a. oldish, somewhat 

Attempalo, a. aged, elderly 
Atteznpatòtto, a. old, but vigorous 


Attemperaménto, m. moderati n. 

Attemperare, to govern, abstain, 

Attemperato, port, ruled, governed 
Attendaménto, m. encan^pment 
Attendàre, to encamp 
Arendàto, fart, encamped 
Attendènte, a. who waits 
Attèndere, to mind, consider, to 
wait ; to keep good a promise ; 
attèndere a fare, to continue ; 
attèndere il tempo, te- watch iLe 
Attendiiore, m, one that expects ; 
af.enditor di donne, fortune- 
I Attenènte, a. belonging to 
Attenènza,/, appurtenance 
Artenère, t • keep promise ; atte- 
nérsi, to hold fast, to belong to, 
to abstain [gently 

Atentaménte. a. carefully, dili- 
Atten'iàre, to a'tempt j attentarsi, 

to dare, to be l>oId 
Attenta o, part, attempted 
Attentalo, m. enterprise, a crime 
Arentatorio, a, unlavvful (law 

Attén'o, a, attentive, mindftd 
Attenuare, to make thin, lessen, ez- 


Arte, ua-n, part, weakened, wasted 

Attenuazione, /. dinjuishing (in 

law) the estenua' ion of a crime 

Attenzinxe. /. a/.rf A'tendiménto, 

m, atention. dilizecce 
Attergare, to ium the back upon 
Atierramèn'o, m. and Atterrazi- 
cine, /. casting, or cutting down 
Arerrare, to pull down, debase, 
humble, to ^ubmi^; atterrar gli 
occhi. TO look down : atterrirsi, 
to prosra'e one's self, to fear 
A*terrato, a. pulled down, overset 
Af erra'nre, rii. a des'royer 
Atterriménto, m. terror 
Atterrire, to a/Iriiht 
Atterri o. a. astoni>hed,discouraged 
A'erzire, to reduce to a third 
Attesaroérite, ad. attentively 
A'tésn. a. artentive. considered 
Attesoché, amj. because, whereas 
Afes'ire, to bear witness, attest ; 

attestarsi, to fLfht. dispire 
Attes'i'o. m. Attestazione, /. cer- 
A**e>!atóre. nu a witness 
A'fi. m. pi, ac'», or deeds 
At'iccia'o, a. ?tronz, well-liml>ed 
A' a. Attic 

Actignere, to draw, reach, arrive; ; 


attignere l'intendiménto d'on au» 
tore, to penetrate into the meaif 
ing of an author 
Attigniménto, m. draught 
Attignitoio, m. a bucket, scoop, 

Attiguo, a. contiguous 
Attillarsi, to adorn one's self fool- 
ishly [ly 
Attillatamente, ad, finely, spruce- 
Attilli'o, a, nice, elegantly dressed 
Anillatiira, and Attillatézza, / 

neatness, spruceness 
A'ttimo, 771. a moment, an instant, 

point ■ 
Attingere, to touch, to reach 
Attirire, to attract; attirarsi, to 
deserve [ture 

Attitùdine, /. aptness, fitness, pos- 
Attivamente, ad. actively 
Attività, /. activity, diligence 
attivo, a. quick, nimble, brisk 
Attizzaménto, rji. stirring the fire 
provoking, incensin» [tats 

Attizzare, to stir the fire ; to irri 
Attizzato, part, stirred, provoked 
A'no, 77U act, action, deed ; star in 
atto di partire, to be ready to go 
métter in atto, to pot in execu 
tion ; roaimer, gesture, sign, nod 
stava in atto come se volesse par 
lirmi, he looked as if he woul 
speak to jae 
A'tto. a. fit, suitable, agreeabk 
AtioUere, to raise 
Attònito, a. astoui^hed 
Attopato. a. full of ra's 
Attòrcere, aiid Attorcigliare, to 

tkvist, to tirine, wring" 
Attóre. 771, maker, doer^a piaintifi^ 

an actor 
Attorta, /. conduct, government 
Attomiajnénto, 771. compass, circuit 
Attorniare, to encompass, to en- 
close ; attomiire altrùi con beni- 
f ici, to load with kùidness 
Anórno, prep, atwut ; andar attór- 
no, or qua e I2, to go roand about 
AttoT+islJare, to wrap, roll, tv»-ist 
Attortigliato, a. twined 
Attero, a. wTUDj, twisted 
Attoscare, to poison 
Attoio. a. wanton, wagsish 
Attossicaménto, 771. the act of poi- 
Attossicare, to poison 
Attossicato, part, poisoned 
Attraente, a, attrac'in». engaging 
Attraiménto. jtj. attrac'ion 
Attrappire, to catch, to overreacli 
Attrappito, j>arf. seized, surprised 
Attrapperia, /. deceit, firaud 


Attrarre, to allure, to wheedle 
Attrattiva,/, power of charming 
Attratilvo, a. atiraclive 
Attratto, part, attracted ; crippled 
Attravers/ire, to traverse, to thwart 
Attraversato, part, crossed, tiav- 

Attraversatóre, m. one that crosses 

or thwai'.s 
Attraversi, ad. across 
Attrazione, /. attraction, contrac- 
tion of nerves 
Attrazzare, to rig a ship 
Attiazzatore, m. a rigour 
Attrézzo, and Aitràzzo, m. in- 
strument, engine, tool 
Attriluiiiiinto, ni. accusation 
Attribuire, to ascril^e, to iiupute ; 

attril/uli-si, 10 as-:ume, arrogate 
Attril'Ul o, part, attributed 
Attributo, m. an attribute or prop- 
Attrice, /. actress 
Attns amino, m. and A'tris'a- 

zione, /. melancholy, grief 
Attri L'mte, a. vexatious, troi. bla- 
soni e 
Attris are, to trouble, to grieve ; 

at'ris;.irii, to fret, lo vex 
AttrislA'o, a. vextd, grieved 
Attristire, to grow worse and 
worse [grievtrl 

Attri-itn, a. grown worse, vexed, 
Attri'Are, to mince; to defeat, to 

Attriiito. fail, minced, defeated 
Attrito, ni. an attrition 
Attrizione,/, at ri'ion 
Attrupiìàti, part, gathered together 
Attuale, a. ac'ual, real 
Atluali'.i,/. whit is ac'ual 
Attualmente, ad. actually, really 
Attunre, to do, perform 
Attuario, m. register, notary 
Attuàt-', part, effecled, performed 
Attùccii, m. a puerile ac'ion 
AttuftHmento, m. a plunging 
Attiiftare, to plunge : .ittutfarsi, to 
dive ; a'tuffarsi, ne' vizj, ne' 
dilètti, &e., lo give one's self up 
to vices, in pleasures 
Atttiff'ito, part, plunged, dived 
Atluft'atiira, aiid Attuffazione, /. 

AttuffJvoIe, a. apt to dive, con- 
venient for diving 
Attuóso, a. active, stirring 
AtturAre, to stop, to shut up 
Attut.'ire, to soften, mitigate; at- 
tutarsi, to grow calm, quiet 
Attutatóre, and Attutitore, m. a 
pacifier, an appeaser 


Attutire, to impose silence 
Audjce, a. audacious, presumptu- 
ous, courazeous 
Audacemente, ad. boldly, auda- 
Audi'icia,/. audacity, daringness 
Audijnza, a7ul Audiéuzia, /. au- 
dii uce 
Audire, to hear 
jiuditorato, m. an auditorship 
AuJilore, m. iufeiior judge 
Audi orio, m. a court, session- 

A ufo, a. gratis, for nothing ; vi- 
vere a ufo, to live a! free crjst 
A'ugr,/. grandeur, prosperity 
Au;ella ore, m. a bii-d-caxher 
Augdllé to, and Augellino, m. a 

Ir 1 bird 
Auiùllo, m. a bird 
Aug/ióre, t'. shade, cover 
AuguiiiériUre, to increase 
Aucuiiiiuta'o, part, augmented 
Auguiiientazione, /. augmentation 
Auiunijnto, m. increase 
Augur'le, a. of an au^r 
Au^ur^re, to conjecture, lo foretell : 
to wish [told 

Auju'àto, part, conjectured, fore- 
Augua óre, A'u^uru, A'ugure, m. 
ami Auguratrlce, /. soo.hsayer, 
auiur [tinn 

Au_'ùrio, m. guess, omen, divina- 
Augu:nso, a. supers iti us. scrupu- 
lous, iood-omened, ill-omened 
Augiis o. a. sacred, imperial ; au- 
fiiito in volto, a countenance 
full of majesty 
A'uh./. a r-yal palace 
A'ulico. a. I elonging to the court ; 
il coriil^lio àulico, the aulic 
council of the emperor 
AumenlJn'e. a. increasing 
Ai.meu'àre, to increise, improve 
Aumenta Ivo, a. increasing 
Aumenta óre. m. an improver 
Aumentazióne, /. increase, im- 
Auniénto, m. growth, addition 
AunAre, to assemble 
Auncicore, to 'ake away, ravish 
Auncinàrsi, to bow, bend 
A'ura, /. gale, breeze ; àura popò- 
lire, popuhr applause 
Aurato, a. goldlike, gilt 
A'ufeo, a. golden 
Auretta, f. a »entle breeze 
AuriC'lAre, a. auricular; la con- 
fessione auricoLIre, auricular 
c nfession [ing gold 

Aurifero, a. producing, or conlain- 
Auriga, m. charioteer 


Aurispicio, m. divination 
A' uro, m. (poe*.) gold 
Aurora, /. break of the day, dawB 
Ausare, to accustom 
Ausiliare, a. auxiliary 
Ausiliàrio, a. auxiliary troops 
Ausiliatore, m. helper, protector 
Ausilio, m. aid 
Ausonia,/. Italy (by poets) 
Auionico, a. Italian (by Bocc.) 
A'uspic-, m. director of the wed- 
ding (among the Romans) 
Auspicio, m. pi^esage, men, pro- 
tec' ion, guidance [ly 
Austeraiiien'-e. ad. aus'erely, stncl- 
AuseriUi,/. sharjmess, severity 
Aus èro, a. grave, reserved, sour 
Australe, and Auslrino, a. south- 
ern, southward 
Austro, r/i. sou b v/i d 
Au'euticaménte, ad. authentically 
Au eulicare, to authentica'e 
Aufen'icazione,/. au'henticafion 
Au én ic->, a. au-beriiic, original; 
per autèntico, io an authentic 
Au ógrafo, a. autographical 
Au ornato, m. autoii.aton 
Autore, rji. author, inventor, cause 
Autorévole, a. eredita:, le, imperi- 
Au orevolméii'e, ari. imperiously 
Autori'à,/. authority, power 
Autorizzire. to au h'lrize 
Au 0'Ì7i'A-o, a. au h uized 
Autrici',/, a' tliore^s 
Au una'ile. a. au u.oinal 
Au unno, m. au'unm 
Auzzarnénto, m. making sharp 
Auzzire, to sharpe.!, irritate, pro 

Auzzato, a. irrita'ei 
AÙZZO, a. keen, acu'e, smart 
Ava, /. grandmo'her 
Avaccio, m. speed, promptitude 
Avnccio, ad. speeli'y 
Aville, ad. downwards 
Avanru-'trdia,/. van;uard 
Avanla./. wrrtn;. in.'ury 
Avnnnótto, m. a simpleton 
Avanti, and Avàn'e, prep, before ; 

poco avàn'i, just now 
Avanti, ad. forward ; più avanti, 
fat-'her, deeper; av'mti che, ad 
before ; av.Anti, ra'her 
Avanzaménto, m. advancement, 

Avanzante, a. surpassing, abound- 
in», overflowing 
Avanzare, to set, to increase, im- 
prove, to remain ; avanzAr tem- 
po, to gain time ; avanzàni, to 


take coura^j voi m'avanzéte 
di molti anni, you are many 
years older than 1 

AvajizaJcci^, m. a cast off 

A\-anzato, a. in years 

Avanzo, m. remainder, residue, 
profit, gain 

Araraccio, a. stingy 

Avaramente, ad. nigjardly 

Avarétto, m. a little miser 

Avaria,/, avci-a^e (sta. term) 

Avarizia, /. avarice, greediness 

Avarizzàre, to be tfi^^ardly 

Avaro, m. a miser 

Avaro, a. avaricious, sparing 

Avaronàccio, and Avarone, m. 
wretched miser 

Ave. (Latin) God save you 

Avellana,/, filbert 

Avellano, m, filbert-tree 

Avèllere, to pull up 

Avello, nt. grave, tomb, sepulchre 

Avéna, /. reed, pipe ; oats 

Avente, a. baviu» 

Avere, to have ; aver a caro, to be 
glad; che avete? what is the 
matter ? far avere, to procure ; 
aver a sderno, to detest ; aver in 
ira, to haie ; aver in balia, in 
one's power ; aver per buono, | 
to take in good part ; aver ajio, 
to be at lei ure ; avérla con uno, 
to be an^' ; aver al sole, to 
have an estate ; a-er in costume, 
to be used to ; aver in grado, to 
accept ; aver in prègio, to value, 
to esteem : aver pentinién'o. to 
repent ; avc-r vóce, to speak ; si 
ha voce, 'tis whispered ; aver 
vòglia, to have a mind ; aver 
ragióne, to be riiht 

Avere, m. esti'e, liches 

Avéj-no, ni. hell 

Aversióne, /. aversion 

Avertere, to titm away, avert 

Avidamente, a/i. greedily, eagerly 

Avidità, Aviditade, Aviditate, and 
Avidézza, /. greediness, eager- 

A'vido, a, jreedy, covetous 

Avito, a. heredi ary 

Avocare, to carry a law-suit be- 
fore a c'.Ujt 

A' vola,/, ffran^mother 

A vnlo, ayid A vo. m. grandfather 

Avoltoio, aììd Avcltóre, in. vulture 

Avorio, m. jvory 

Avvallaménto, m. a cavity 

Avvallare, to let down, to descend 

Avvaloraménto, m. valour, power 

Avvalorare, to encourage ; avva- 
lorarsi, to take courage 


Avvampaménto, 771, burning, blaz- 
ing [ing 

Avvampàn'e, a. burning, inflam- 

Awampàre, to singe, to consume ; 
avva^upar d' amore, to bum 
with love ; avvampar d' impa- 
ziènza, to be impatient 

Avvantaggiare, lo have the advan- 

Avvantaggiato, o. advantageous 

A'vaiitàigio, m. benefit, interest; 
servirsi dell avvantaggio, to im- 
prove the advantage ; dair dell' 
awantà<gio, to give the odds 

Avvaniaggioso, o. advantageous 

Avvan aiii, to boast 

Avvedérsi, to perceive, to under- 
stand, find cut 

Awe 1, vole, a. clear-sighted 

Avvedimento, m. foresight, judg- 

Avvedutamente, ad. warily, pru- 
dently, carefully 

Avvedut'ézza, /. foresight, consid- 

Avveduto, a. wary, provident 

Avvegnaché, aju/Avvegnsaliochè, 
ad. beca'J^e, whereas 

Awelenan.éuto, m. poisoning 

Avvelenare, to poison 

Avvelenato, o. poisoned ; ànimo 
aweleiiato, transported with 

Avvelenatóre, m. poisoner 

Avvenènte, and Avenénte, o. 
handsome, genteel, agreeable 

Awen:;ntemente, ad. becomingly 

Av\ enéuza, and Avvenentézza, /. 
beau^-, grace 

Awenévole, a. fair, genleeL agree- 
able, pnper, fit, suitable 

Avveuevolézza, /. grace, comeli- 

Avvenevo'ménte. ad. handsomely 

Avvengachè. ad. because 

Avvenimento, and Avvento, m. 
chance, danger, event, arrival ; 
a tutto avvènimin'o, whatever 
happens ; Tavveniménfo di Cris- 
to, 'he feast of Advent 

Avvenire, to happen, to thrive, 
prosper; avvenirsi, to light 
upon. find, meet with; non t' 
avvenga più di far ciò, do so no 
more ; temo che non gli avven- 
ga qualcbe'a.sgràzia, I am afraid 
les' some misfortune should be- 
fall him 

Avvenire, m. future; per l'avve- 
nire, henceforth 

Awen*aménto, m. throwing with 



Awentire, to shoot, dart, fling; 
avventarsi, to run in, to rush 
Avventata^ce, /. imprudence, 

Avventatamente, ad. rashly 
Avveuta'éiìo, a. inconsiderate 
Avventato, a. shot, darted, giddy 

Avventizio, a. adventitious 
Avvènto, m. event, arrival 
Avventore, m. customer 
Avventtira,/. accident, adventure; 

air avventuia, bv chance 
Avventurare, aìid Avventxiràjsi, 

to venture, to run a hazard 
Avventuratamente, ad. happily 

Avventurato, a. happy, fortunate 
Avventurevolreéntc, ad. fiiriunate- 

ly, luckily 
Avventuriere, m. adventurer 
Avventurosamente, ad. luckily 
Avventuróso, a. successful 
Avventito, a. happened, befallen 
Avverare, to aver, to verify 
Avverato, a. averre 1, proved 
Avverblile, a. adverbial 
Avverbialniénte, ad. adverbially 
Avvèrbio, m. adverb 
Avverdlre, to make green, to be 

Awerificare, to verify 
Awe.-saménte, ad. poorly, misera- 
Avversàrio, m. adversary, opposer 
Avversario, a. contrary " 
Avversario, m. the devil 
Avversatóre, m. an adversary 
Avversióne, /. loathing, abhor- 
rence [fiiction 
Avversità, /. sorrow, misery, af- 
Avvérso, a. adverse, contrary ; 

opposi'e, unfortunate 
Avvèrso, prep, azainsf 
Avvertente, a. cautious, prudent 
Avvertentemén'e, ad. advisedly 
Avvertènza,/, care, hcedfulness 
Avvertiménto, m. admonition, 

Avvertire, to warn, advise, to in- 
form, take care ; stare avvertite^ 
to be upon one's guard 
Avvertito, a. warned, informed 
Avvezzrunéuto, ni. habit, cus*om 
Avezzai*, to accustom ; avvezzarsi, 

to inure ore's self 
Avvezzato, aìid Avvézzo, o. accus- 
tomed, inured 
Avviaménto, m. going, run 
Avviare, tob^in; avviarsi, to set 
I forward 


Avviato, a. forward, vrise, sober 
Avvicendaménto, m. succeeding 

Avvicendare, to do by turns 
A\'VÌcendévole, a. one after another 
Avvicioaméiito, rtu Avviciuanza, 

/. aporoach 
Avvicinare, to draw near; avvici- 
narsi, to approach 
Avvicinato, part, approached 
Avvijiiàre, to plant the vine 
Avvignato, o. planted with vines 
Avviliménto, m. constemation,fear 
Avvilire, to undervalue, vilify; 
avvilirsi, to despond, lose cour- 
age ; s'avvilisce alla minima dis- 
grazia, the least misfortune dis- 
heartens him 
Avvilito, a. astonishedj amazed 
Avviluppaménto, m. disorder, con- 
Avviluppare, to wrap up.entangle ; 
avvilupparsi, to perplex one's 
Avviluppatamente, ad. intricately 
Avviluppato, part, wrappe I u'), 
covcrej. All' avviluppata, ad. 
disorderly [ceiver. glutton 

Avvilujipatore. m. disturber, de- 
Avviiiaccia'o, O. drunk 
A vvinare,to mix wine with another [wine 

Avvinato, a. mingled, imbufrf wi h 
Avvinazzarsi, to drink plentifully, 

to get drunk 
Avvincere, arid Av^'inchiare, to 
tie up, to encompass, to compre- 
hanl ; avvinchiai-si, to be en- 
Avvincolare, and Avvinghiare, to 

Avvln'o, part, tied, wrapped 
Avvisàglia,/, combat 
Avvisaménto, rn. advice, news, 

prudence, reason 
Avvisare, to advertise, consider, 
remark ; to perceive, to imagine, 
to encounter 
Avvisa'aménte, ad. circumspectly 
Avvisato, part, advertised, pre- 
pared ; far avvisato, to give no- 
tice ; avvisato, a. wise, discreet, 
craf'y [rater 

Avvisatóre, m. monitor, prizer, 
Avvisati'ira,/. look 
Avviso, m. advice, opinion, news ; 
8'ar su 1' avviso, to be upon one's 
Avvistare, to observe attentively 
Avvisto, a. prudent, sensible 
Avvìticchianiénto, m. twisting ; 


Avviticchiare, to twist, to entwine 
Avviticchiato, a. twisted, twined 
AvvitoLnto, a. rough 
Avvivaniénio, m. reviving 
Avvivare, to enliven, give vigour ; 
avvivarsi, to grow strong, to 
Avvivato, a. revived 
Avvizzire, to fade away 
Avvocire, to follow I'he law, to 

Avvocarla,/, office of an advocate 
Avv.jc.'ita,/. patroness 
Avvocito, and Avvocatóre, m. a 

lawyer, protector 
Avvocatrice, /. a she-advocate, pro- 
tectrix [cate 

Avvocazinne, /. profession of adi.o- 
Avvol^'ere, to wrap, to roll, to 
banilKjozle ; avvòlgersi, to lose 
one's self, to stray 
Avvolr.iiiiénto, ììi. winding, twist- 
ing, cii.?a!iug [a cheat 
Avvol-ri'óre, m. he 'hat wraps up, 
Avvolmtatanienle, ad. rashly 
Avvoloiit.'iio, a. ra-sh, strong-headed 
Avvnlpinii-e, to dupe, dccrive 
Avvolp!nà!o,pnrt. df ivedjCaugtt 
Av\oU;'!r(-. in encompass 
Avvolticchiare, to wreath, vmp, 

Avvolto, a. \NTapped. involved 
Avvolt'ila :iiii'in~, ad. hastily 
Avvolt I't 1, a. wi-ajiped, enveloped 
Avvoli'::i,/. winding, obscurity 
Av'incnl'.. 771. uncle 
Aziènda, /. domestic atTairs 
Aziói.e,/. action, business, concern, 
claim, right ; intenl.'ir azione a 
quaichedtìiio, to bring an action ; 
azióne, claim, right ; ho azióne 
sopra questa casa, I have a right 
to this house 
A'zza, /. axe, hatchet 
Azzaiupàto, a. that has paws 
-Azzannare, to snap [tusks 

Azzann.'ito, a. caught with the 
Azzardire, to venture, to hazard 
Azziniare, and Azzi'irdo, m. haz- 
ard, danger 
Aczardoso, a. adventurous, bold 
Azzeccare, to strike 
Azzic'ire, to, shake 
Azzim.'irsi, to adorn on^'s self 
Azzimella,/. unleavened bread 
Azzimlna, /. a coat of mail 
A'zzimo, a. unleavened 
Azzoppare, to maim, cripple 
Azzopjiato, a. maimed, lamed 
Azzuflaménto, ni. quarrel, debate 
Azzufl^i-si. to come to blows, to 
driuk deeply 



Az^uflatóre, m. hasty, passiocate 

Azzuolo, a. dark blue 

Azzurricliio, a. azure 

Azzurriccio, Azzurrigno, Azzur- 
rino, and Azzurrognolo, a. 
coloured with azure, or blue sky 

Azzurro, m. azure, blue 

T)ABBA'CCIO, and Babbacci 
JJ one, m. a fool, a dunce 
Bàbbèo. 771. blockhead, fool 
Babbioiie, m. dull ftUow, block- 
B'lbbo, r7i. papa, dad 
Balbuassaggine, /. stupidity 
Babliuisso, a. simple, K>oiish, an 

a«kward fellow 
Babbumo, 771. monkoy, baboon ; 
babbuino, a monkcy-lace^l booby 
Bacalare, »7i. a great man, a great 

wit (ironical) 
Bacaleria,/. braggin», vaunting 
Bac'ire, to b'eed .voniis 
Bacato, and Bacalicelo, o. sickly 
Bieca,/, a bt-rry 

Baccalà, a7id Baccalare, m. stock- 
fish [a bacchanal 
Baccan.ile, »7i. a tumuliuous crov.-d, 
Baccaiiije, a. bacchanalian 
Baccanella,/. a rout, mob 
Baccano, m. noise, uproar 
Bncr.nnte,/. a priestess of Bacchus 
Baccelleria,/. degree of bnchtlor 
Baccelliere, aiid Baccelliéro, ni 

bachelor of arts 

Baccèllo, m. hu»k [dunce 

Baccellóne, m. shell, blockhead, 

E.acché;ia,/. a rod, mace ; conian- 

dare a bacchétta, to command 

imperiously; bacchétte, gantlet, a 

mili'ary punishment ; pass.artK;r 

le bacchétte, to run the gantlet ; 

bacchétta da vino, a tavern sign 

Bacchettita, /. blmv with a rod 

Bacclietlonclno, a. little hjTpocri'e 

BaccliéMone, m. and Bicchettoiia, 

/. a hyiwcrite 
Bacchettoneria, f. and Bacchetto- 

nisnn, m. hypnciisy 
Bacchi.ire, to cnUel 
B-acchiiita, f. a blow with a slick 
Bàcchico, <i. rf Bacchus 
Bacchinone, 771. a fool, duhce 
Bacchio, T7i. a stafT. a cud'.-el ; par- 
lar al biechi >. to ;alk nthly 
Bacco, 771. Bacchus 


Bachèca, m. z fine fellow, a block. 

head, a glass case 
Bacherozzolo, m. a worm, ?ruU 
Baciamano, nu a complmient 
Baciaménto, ?n. kissmg 
Badante, o. k' 


Bagaglióne, m. a soUier's boy, 

Baja'liiime, wi. bag and ba?n?e 
Baiadiuóle,/. pi. tattered clothes 
Bagàscia, /. harlot 
Bagascióne, w. strumpet's man 


Badante, o. kissin? .. „„ „ Ba-atella, f. trifle, toy ; baga-.elle. 
Baciapile, aicd_ Baoapolvere, "i- 1 **^f ^^"^tive expression) no such 
bi^ot, hypocrite . . ,. a thin', not at all 

aciare, to kiss ; baciarsi, to ki^ T^Aitèiif^re, m. aju-der 
one another ; baciar la scopa, to j H^^^^^'^^^^ ayid Bagatellùzza. 

ì a verv trifle, a tov 
Ba^attin-.; m. the smallest piece 

of money . 
- i?£réo, ni. a simpleton 

^iiaiiccio, m. a great block- 

Bassianàta, /. foolishly said, cr 
Bal'iàne, /. pi- enticements, fair 
"'^=, ■ ,' L/i),. f,i=«. nmmises 

have patience 
Baciare, m. kissinz, kiss 
Baciato, part, kissed 
Baciatóre, m. a kisser 
Baciatrlce, /. a kissing woman 
Bacile, m. abasia 
Bacinella,/, a till 
Bacinétto, m. a helmet 
Bacino, w. basin . 

Bado, m. a kiss ; un bacio di l^w ^_ o.ocuc. 

da, a treacherous ki^ „or*h ! Ba-iolare, to support, to prop 

""""'^ • „iotr>n B->'llvo.m. a bailiff 

Baciocco, m. a simpleton RVÒrialuolo m. ba'h-keeper _ 

. 1 or kfnd words, false promises 
lBai?iàno,m. blockhead, fool 

eive mauv kisses 
Baciucchio, m. a slight kiss 
Baco. 171. a worm, masgot, mite, 

Baròcolm^apricot (by the Siennese) 
Bacolino, m. a niargot 
Bicolo, m. a stick 
Bacucco, Jii. a hood, a cowl 
Bacùccola. /. a filbert 
Bada, used as an adverb ; tenere a 
bida, to keep at bay: star a hi 

Ba^^^'ie', o. moistening, washing, 
bSS'o wet, to wash; bagnar. 

ìi. to ba*he, or wash one's self 
iBainato,o. wet, washed 
Baeaa'órc, m. a bather 
B^gna^ùra. /. see Bagnamento 
Bamo, .11. a bath, bagnio, ci^tera, 
ba-hing-tnl>: bagno d acqua fred- 
da, the cold bath 


Badàegio, m. an amorous look 
Badal'occare, to trifle, to dally 

ÌBa";^«óK"mr a- little bath 

»is-s;v!ri"£ -^^£u^.;j -ass; 

R,*H^xca'6re m. an idler to play 

ffiùcS, m.' skirmish, play, di IBa |r., tpbark^ 

vereion Baét^ f- estamine (a French 

Badaménto, m. delav ,.,„J ,„fr^-^ 

Badare, ^f^^^^XVof ■;ke care Biilo; m. a sort of magistrate 
tr fling, take notice of. vake care, «a lo, t chestnut-colour 

to covet, to lor.k amorously upon Baio. «. tay o^^^ 
Badérla,/. a silly woman LJ^-'co «i a piece of money 

Badéssa,/, abbess l^Tout'fh^ farthings value _ 

SJ:t'^lu^^ B^l^do, m. an impertinent 

ItS'X^^^éa^-^^rr/. P^- and Irc^^Vn/Bliùcola, /. very 
^È^sÌii--.tì^b.c^°*es I frivolous thuig^ 

I Baiulo, TO. porter 
Balanino, a. of a whale 
Balaùstra, /. the flower of (he 

Balaustrata,/, balustrade, rails 
Balaùstro, m. a rail, a baluster 
Balbettante, a. stuttering 
Balbettare, and Balbutire, to stajn- 
nier, stutter . ,^ 

Balbo, and Balbuziente, a. tongue- 
tied, that tammers 
Balbuzie, /. stammering, shittenng 
Balbuzzare, and Balbuzzire, to 

Balcóne, m. balcony 
Baldacchino, to. canopy; spet- 
tare il baldacchino, to look for 
Baldamente, ad. boldly 
Baldanza,/, presumption; courage 
Baldanzeggiare, to I'je memly 
Baldanzosamente, ad. boldly, vai 

BaHalizosétto, a. bold, hardy, rash 
Baldanzóso, a. stout, valiant 
Bildo, a. daring, courageous 
Baldòria, /. flame, bonfire; far 

li.ilcìória, lo not, feast 
BaHràcca, /. harlot, drab 
Baléna,/, a whale; pigliare una 

baléna a secco, to raistaKe 
Balenaménto, m. l»?l>tning 
Balenante, a. shining, hnght 
Balenare, to lighten, to stagger 
Baléno, TO. lightning ; in un Me- 
no, in an instant ; far lo scoppio 
e'l baléno, to do a thing at once; 
arco baléno, TO. the rainbow 
Baléstra, /. crc«s-bow ; caricar la 

baléstra, to fill one's belly 
Balestralo, TO. a maker of l>ows 
Balestrare, to shoot, dart, hurt ; to 

vex, disquiet 
Balestrata, /. a bow-shot 
Balestrerla,/. a troop of cross-bow 

BaTesh-iéra, /. a loop-hole in a 

wall (to shoot through) 
Balestrière, to. a bow-man, a 
shooter , .„„„ 

Balestro, TO. a cross-bow, or stone- 
bow ; andare su' balestri, to 
have spindle shanks 
balla, to keep one in awe ; darsi 
in balia, to addict one's self; 
darsi in balla ai piaceri, to fol- 
low pleasures 
BaliAggio, TO. bailiwick 
Baliàtico, TO. the nurse's pay 
I Ballato, TO. power, authority 


Bàlio, ni. a tutor, a nurse's hus- 
Balioso, a slron;, lasty, robust 
Balire, to brin^ up, to govern 
Balista,/, warlike enfine 
Balivo, m. a niajisrate 
Balla, /. a baie of ^cx><h; farle 

balle, to pack aivay 

Ballare, t dance, to shake ; i denti 

mi ballam, my teeth are lx;s:; : 

ballar sulla corda, to dance on a 

rope i ballare in campo azzurro. 

to be handed 

Ballata, /. a dance, a ballad ; qual 

ballata, tal sonata, to rive lik 

for like; fornir la ballala, t( 

inake an end of any business , 

euidàr la ballà;a, tó Iiave the 

man^me:;t of any thing 

Ballatóio, m. a ^jalljry 

Ballatóre, aiid Ballerino, n 

Ballatrice, and Ballerina, /. a 

dancing woman 
Ballerino, m. dancing-master ; bal- 
lerino da corda, a r ipe-óaucer 
Balletta,/, a Urie baie 
Ballétto, m, a ballet, a dance 
Bàlio, TJi. dauc;;, ball 
Ballónchio, ni. a e mntry dance 
Ballane, m. a lar e baie 
Ballonzare, and BUlonzolàre, to 

dance without rule 
Ballòtta,/: vote, ballot 
Ballottare, to ballot 
Ballottazióne,/, baìbtin» 
Alla balocca, ad. rashly, heed- 
Baloccàgine, atid Baloccherla, /. 

trifles, nonsense 
Baloccaménto, ni. mistake, blun- 
der, amusement 
Baloccare, to amuse 
Balòcco, m. a booby, simpleton 
Baloccóne, ad. giddily 
Balordàggine, and Balorderla, /. 

Balórdo, a. dull, foolish, silly 
Balsàmico, a. balsamic 
Balsamino, m. balin-:ree 
Bàlsamo, and Bllsimo, m. balm 
Bàlteo, m. a belt 
Baluardo, m. a bulwark 
Balusànte, a. short-si :chted 
Balza, /. a rock, iill, cliff, down- 
fall, edge, border 
Balzana,/, lace or frinre 
Balzano, a. giddy-headed ; cerve'l 
balzano, a strange capricious 
Balzante, a. bounding, leaping 
Balz&re, to climb, bound, skip; 


la palla balza dal tuo, fortune 
smiles upon you; vi balzò la 
palla in mano, you liad a fair 
Balzatòre, m. a jumper 
Balzellare, to skip, to burden 
Balzelloni, ad. frisking, skipping 
Bilzeilo, m. adJilional burJen 
BUzo, m. rock, hill, clitf, rebound 
Bambagèlla, in. Spanish paint 
Bambagia, /. cotton ; castigar col 
baston della bambàgia, to chide 
mildly ; allevar nella bambàgia, 
to bring up delicately 
Ban;bagino, m. calico 
B.ambaiio, ni. see Bambàgia 
Bambagioso, a. soft (like cotton) 
Bambina,/, a little girl 
Bauibinà?gine, arul Bambineria, 

/. childishness, childish thing 
Bambinello, m. a little child 
Bambinésco, a. childish 
Bambino, m. a little boy 
Bimbo, a. sillv ; bambo, you 

Bambòccio, m. a simpleton, a doll 
B.uTibola,/. a puppet, doll 
Bamboleggiare, to do childish 
things [infant, babe 

Banibolino, and Bimbolo, m, an 
Bambolone, m. a large child 
Banca, /. an oflice, where soldiers 
are paid ; passar la bajica, to 
Bancàrio, m. a bank bill 
Binchettare, to give a feast 
Banchétto, m. a feast, a little seat 
Banchière, and Banchièro, m. a 

Banco, m. a bench, a shop coun- 
ter ; métter banco, to be a ban- 
ker; banco in una chièsa, a 
pew; banco di rena, a sandy 
Bancóne, m. a large bench 
Banda, /. side, sideways; dall' 
altra banda, on the other side ; 
métter da banda, to put aside ; 
banda, gang, band, company ; 
passar da banda a banda, to run 
through ; m' è sempre a banda, 
he is alwaj-s by me ; andare alla 
banda, to be ruined 
Bandeggiàre, to banish 
Bandegjiato, a. banished 
Banderuòla, /. a weather-cock 
~in liera,/. a standard, banner ; a 
bandièra, by chance; bandièra, 
a whore, a prostitute i 

Bandinella, /. a curtain, a towel 
Banlire, to proclaim, publish, I 
tell ; banish I 



Bandi'a, /. a proclamation, a priv- 
ileged place 
Banii 0, a. published, banished; 
tener cone baudita, to keep open 
Bandi o, m. an outlaw, an exile, 

a lii^-hwayman 
Bandiiore, m. a common crier 
Bando, m. a procla^i.a ion ; bando 
di lesta, a rewaid for taking a 
criminal; bando, banishment; 
dar II Landò, lo banish ; trar di 
bando, to recall (him banish- 
nie t 
Bandolièra, /. a bandoleer 
Bàndolo, m. he head of a skeia 
Bara./, a bier, coflìn, litter 
Barai) irta,/, a fray, altercation 
Banicàne, m. a kinJ of cloth 
Baracca,/, a baria^k, a lent 
Baraccare, to pitch tents, raise 

Baracchière, m. a sutler 
Baracc'izzi,/. a hut 
Barare, to cheat, overreach 
B I aria, /. k;iavery 
Baralr», m, dungeon, abyss, hell 
Bara'ta, / s'rife, quarrel, dispute 
Barafamento, m. and Baratta» 

zióne, /. exchange, truck 
Barattare, to barter, exchange, to 
cheat ; barattare una mercanzia, 
to run goods, to rout 
B.omlatóre, m. a trucker 
Baratteria./, bartering, deceit, trick 
B.arattiJre, and Barattièro, m. de- 
ceiver, cheat 
Baràfo, m. truck, exchanje, deceit 
Bar'ittolo, m. a pot for medicines 
Birba, rn. uncle 

Barba, f. beard ; far la barba, to 
shave ; barbe, root, principle ; 
alia barba, in spite 
Barbacane, m. barbican 
Barbaccia, /. a shabby, long beard 
Bavba-ia, /. brothel 
Barbagianni, m. an owl, a simple- 

Barbàglio, m. dimness of siAt 
Barbaramente, ayid Barbaresca- 
mente, ad. barb.arou-ly 
Barbare, see Barbicare 
Barbareggiare, to make barbarisnu 
Barbarésco, and Barberésco, a. a 

Barbary man ; barbarous 
Barbarésco, m. a Barbary horse; 

he who takes care of the barbs 
Barbt'irico, a. savage, cruel 
Barbàrie,/, cruelty, inhumanity 
Barbarismo, m. barbarism, sol» 

Bàrbaro, a. barbarous, cruel 


Barb-irossa, /. kiud of grape 

Bnibi.a,/. nx)is 

Bai'La ella,/, a slip of a tree 

Barba-o, a. bearded, full of beard, 

Ba:biziàle,/. a curb 

Bàrbero, »>i, a BarLary horse 

Barbitia,/. a litUe beard 

Barbicaii,émo, ni. the act of taking 

Bai bic're, to :ake root 

Birbicà'o-, a. rooted 

Barbicélia. arid Barbicina, /. a 
li- 'le root 

Barbijra, /. a barber's wife 

Barbière, m, a bai ber 

Barbieria, and Bai berla,/, a bar- 
ber's shop 

Bàrbio, ni. a barbel 

Barbogio, e. old and sil!y 

Barbone, m, a long beard, an old 
dotard, a shaggy dog 

Barbu^liaiaeuto, m. confused 

Barbugliare, to stammer 

Barbj'a, m. a helmet 

Barbuto, a. bearded, full of beard 

Barca, /. a barge, a boat ; far an- 
dar uno in Ijarca, to make one 
angry ; far una barca ad imo, to 
play "a trick upon ooe 

Bai ciccia, /. an old barge or boat 

Barcaiuolo, Barcarolo, àt^d Barca- 
ruolo, 111, bargeman, watermau 

Baicaa, /. a barge-full 

Baichctia, and Barchettina, /. a 
Utile boat 

Bàrco. m, a park [ing 

Baixollaniento, m, nodding, totter- 

Barcollante, a. nodding, wavering, 
ftajful, dubious, timorois 

Barcollare, to wave, reel, s'agger 

Barcellone, axL andar barcollóne, 
to stagger 

Barcóue, m. a ship 

Barda,/, a sort of saddle 

Bardamenrire, to caparison 

Bardato, a. caparisoned 

Bardatura,/, trappings for a horse 

Bardella, /. a pack-sjiddle 

A bardòsso, ad. without a saddle 

Bardòtto, ni. the wagouer's horse ; 
passar per bardòtto, to be scot- 
free [saltwort 

Barèlla, /. a hand-barrow, kali. 

Barellare, to carry in a barrow 

Bargagnare, to bargain, to cavil, 
or wrangle ; star in bargàgno, 
not to abate 

Barsèllo, m. a sheriff; dar nel 
barcélln, to meet with a bad 


Bargigli, m. pi. a cock's wattles 

Bariglione,»/», a cask, powdering- 

Barile, ni. a pip -, a hogshead, 
barrel ; baii ie da ruota, iiie 
-lock of a wlieel 

Bariletto, and Borilorto, m. a 
liule cask 

Bar^iontj. in. a musical term 

Barlettàjo, ni. a c KOj^er 

Barlètto, m. a hol^-fast, flask 

B;«.rl'jaie, m. dudi, a hiut ; no 
lion ; la vidi solamente al bar- 
luu.e, I had oi.iy a glimpse of 
her ; ne ho un liiilume, 1 know 
simcthiug 01 it 

Biro, aiid BariO, nu knave, cheat 

Baroccio, m. a cart 

Barocco, ai id Barticcolo, m. 
sharking, sponging 

Baroiue.iTj, in. barometer 

Barona, /. a baroness 

Bar-.«accio, m. rogue, rascal 

Barou;iggio, ni. baixiny 

Baj-oiiare, to beg, to sponge 

Baronata,/. roguei7 

Baroucclh, m. vagabond, rambler; 
3 little baron 

Baroncio, m. an idle, slovenly boy 

Barone, m. a bason, a vagabond ; 
barone di caaipo fiore, a pick- 
pocket ; baione di Frància, one 
that the pox 

Baronéssa,/, baroness 

Baronètto, ni. a barunet, or knight 
and baronet 

Baronia,/, barony 

Barra, /. bar, Darricado 

Barrare, to bar ; barrare la strada, 
to stt;p the way 

Barrato, a. enclosed, beset 

BaiTeria, /. a cheating in gaining 

BorricatJi, /. ban icado, intrench- 

Barrièra, /. bar, partition, bar- 
riers, (a martial spori) 

Birro, m. a chta' at gaming 

Barjfl'a, /. and Baruffo, m. fray, 

Barullire, to buy and sell as re- 

Banillo, m. a retailer, a forestaller 

B,arze!lè''a,/. a jest, a banter 

Barzellettare, to jest 

Basalisco, m. a basilisk 
. Basa, and Base, /. base, bottom, 
I ground [lar 

, Ba- aménto, m. the patten of a pil- 
I Bascii, m, a bashaw 
I Basette, /. pL whiskers 
1 Basettòne, m. one who has long 
I and fine whiskers 


B.asllica, /. ca'hedral church, roj-al 
niansiou, a court of justice 

Basilico, in. sweet btisil 

Ba^illsohio, and Baoiiisco, rn. a 

Ba-iuicnlo, m. fainting 

Eaiiuientiiccio, in. a s.voon 

Basile, to be at the point of death, 
to be in agony 

Basi o, a. expired, dead 

Basoso, a. stupid, dull 

Eai.^araèilte, ad. barely, meanly 

BassamJnU), m. a fall, diminution, 

Baciare, to b. ing down, to lower ; 
bassar gli occhi, to look down- 
wards;'bassir la testa, to stoop 

Bassa o, part, brought down, let 

Bassétti, /. the game of basset 

Bassétto, m. counter-tenor 

B.assé'to, a. smiewhat low 

Bassézza, /. meanness, lowliness; 
fare ima bassézza, to debase one^ 

Bassilica, /. the basilic vein 

Basso, a. low, shallow, base^ 
mean ; marèa bassa, low water 
paesi bassi, the low countries 
la gente bassa, the common peo- 
ple, the vulgar; il sole e già 
basso, the suu is going to set ; di 
bassa nascita, of a mean extrac- 
tion ; uòmo di tiàsso ingegno, a 
low-witted man ; basso discorso, 
a fiat discourse ; panno basso, 
narrow cloth 

Basso, m. bottom ; il basso d'ima 
montagna, the foot of a hill ; 
basso, the bass in music 

Basso, ad. basely 

Bassotti, m. pL a mess of maccaroni 

Bassotto, e. stout and short, strong- 

B.'sta, ad. enough 

Bàs'a,/. a long "stitch 

Bastàbile, o. lasting 

Bastàio,'?/!, a saJdler 

Bastalèua, (a) ad. witb ali one's 

Bastante, a. sufBcienf. able 

Ba<!ar.teniénte, ad. sufficiently 

Bastìnza. /. duration, sufficiency j 
a bastanza, enough 

Bastardàccio, and Bastardéllo, m. 
a mean bastard 

Bastardàggine, and BastardSgia, / 

Bas'ardèlla,/. a c"pper pan 

Bastardo, a. illegitimate 

Bastardume, m. bas'ardy 

Bastare, to be suffirient ; basta, i« 


non TÓllio vedério più, in short, 
l'il see him no more ; quel poco 
ch<i ho mi basta, I ara contented 
with that littJe I have 
Bastévole, a. sufficisnt 
Baste vol ménte, ad. eaough, well 

Bastia,/, a. rajnpart, trench, fence 
Bas'iére, m. a saddler 
Bastimento, m. a ship, ur vessel 
r.aiti 'ii'trs, to fortify with bastions 
Bastionato, part, fortified, &c 
Bastione, m. bastion, bulwark 
Basilta, /. fortress 
Basto, m. a pacfcsaddle, the ace of 
clut/s; da basto e da sella, fit for 
many things; non son uòmo a 
portar basto, I am not a man to 
bear an alfront ; serrare il basto 
adóoso ad uno, to press, or urge 
Bistonàccio, m. a club stick 
Bastonare, to culaci, to reprove; 
bastonare i pesci, to row ; man- 
dar a bastonar i pesci, to send to 
the 5alle)-s 
Bas onata, '/. a blow with a stick ; 

dar delle bastonate, to cudgel 
Bastonatura,/, blows with a club 
Basto, cello, and Bastoncino, ni. ; 

small stick or cudgel 
Bastóne, m. statf, support, prop 
baióni, m. pi. clubs at cards 
giuocar di bastóne, to beat 
EisTacone, m. a lusty man 
Batacchia,/, a blow with a stick 
Batacchiare, to beat, kno^ down 
EitAcchio, m. a cudgel 
Batis'ério, m. the baptismal font 
Batocchio, m. a blind man's stick ; 

a bell-clapper 
Bxtosta. /. noise, bustle, tumult 
Batostàre, to contend, to quarrel 
BattaJore, m. a thresher 
Battaglia, /. a battle, fight ; a 
squadron, a battalion ; battaglia 
navale, a sea-fight 
Battagliare, to fight, to skirmish 
Battagliato, part, fought 
Battagli atòre, m. a comlatant 
Battaglierésco, a. warlike, valiant 
Battaglièro, m. combatant, soldier 
Battazlievolménte, ad. ia a. fight- 


Battìglio, m. the clapper of a bell 
Battaglione, m. a battalion 
Battagliuola, and Battagliuzza, /. 

a skirmish 
Ba'telU'a,/. a boat-load 
Battellétto, m. a little boat 
Battèllo, m, a small boat, a skiff 
Battènte, o. beating, panting 


. the rabbet of a door 
or window 
Battere, to beat ; bàttere alla porta, 
to knock at the door ; batter la 
campagna, to scour the country ; 
bàttere i denti, to stiake with 
cold ; batter le palme, to clap 
hands ; bàtter il grano, to thre h 
com ; bàtter monéta, to coin ; I 
bàtter gli occhi, to .vink ; bàt- 
tere, to walk fast ; bàttersela, to 
go away ; in un bàtter d' occhio, 
in an instant; bàtter la barra, 
to quake : bàtter il ferro mentre 
egli è caldo, to strike the iron 
whilst 'tis hot ; bàtter il butirro, 
to chum ; bàtter 1" ali, to flutter ; 
bàtter il taccone, to travel on 
foot; bàttersi le guàncìe, to re- 
pent ; bàttersi, to fight a duel ; 
bàttere una citta, to batter a town; 
bàtter il fuòco, to strike fire; 
batter l' óre, to strike the hour 
Batteria,/, battery 
Battesimale, a. baptismal ; il fónte 
ba'tesimàle, the font in a church 
Battésimo, and Battésmo, m. ba])- 
tism ; tener a battésimo, to stand 
Battezzaménto, rrt. act of baptizing 
Battezzante, a. that christens 
Battezzare, to baptize 
Battezzato, a. christened, Mptized 
Battezzatóre, ni. a baptizei 
Batticuòre, m. palpitation, pant- 
Battifuòco, m. steel 
Battigia, /. the falling sickness 
Batiilmo, m. a carder of wool 
Rittilóro, m. a gold beater 
Bitti meato, m. strikinz ; batti- 
ménto di mani (per allegrézza) 
clapping ; battiménto di cuore, 
Battiuzécca, m. a coiner 
Battisóffia, and Batisóffiola, /. 

fright, start, out of fear 
Rat tis'ério, ani Battistèro, m. the 

font for baptism 
Bàttito, m. tremblins, palpitation 
Battitoio, m. su Ba'tènte 
Battitóre, m. he that s'rikes ; bat- 1 

titóre di strade, a scout 
Battitura, /. blow, stroke, thresh- Beccastrino, m. a mattock 

Beccà'a, /. a stroka with a bill 
Battuta, /. time in music; way ; j Beccatélla, /. a hawk's lurej a 
mad ; andar per la battuta, to trifle 
follow the course of the ^vorld ; i Beccatello, m. a bracket 
battilta di polso, the beating of Beccatóio, m. the trough of a bini- 
the pulse cage 

Battiito, part, beaten j via batttita. Beccheria, /. shambles, slaughter- 
a beaten road I bouse ; aud4r« alia beccheria, to 

Battuto, m. leads of a house 
Batùffolo, m. a heap [cheat 

Bailie, m. a trunk, a travellins 
Baulétto, m. a small trunk 
Bava, /. foara, drivel, thin, coane 
silk ; l)ava da' metalli, the dr(»« 
of metals 
Bavàglio, m. a slabbering bib 
Bavèlla,/, a coarse silk 
Bàvero, m. the collar of a cloak, 
a Bavarian [piece 

Bavièra, /. the visor of a head- 
Bavóso, a. slavering 
Bazza, /. good luck, a trick made 
at cards ; èsser di bazza, to get 
the better 
Bazzècola,/, frivolous thing 
Bazzica,/, conversation, company, 
things of small value j a game at 
Bazzicare, to con'erse, frequent 
Bazzicature,/, pi. trifles 
Bazzotto, a. somewhat hard, half 

Beare, to bless 
Beatamente, ad. happily 
Beatificare, to render happy, to 

Beatificato, part, beatified 
Beatìficatóre, m. and Beatifica- 

trice, /. that makes happy 
Beatificazióne,/, beatification 
Beatifico, a. beatifical 
Beatissimamente, ad. blessedly 
Beatitiidine, /. felicity, bliss 
Beato, a. blessed, fruitful 
Beato, m. blessed, saint 
Bieca,/, garter 
Beccàccia, /. a woodcock 
Beccaccino, m. a snipe 
Beccàccio, tti. an old he-goat, ras- 
cal, cuckold 
Beccafico, ttj. fig-pecker, bird 
Beccàio. andBecdiro, m. a butcher 
Beccalite, m. a litigious man 
Beccaménto, m, a peckin» 
Beccamòrti, -.n. a grave-digger 
Beccare, to peck, swallow, sip; 
beccarsi il cervello, to puzzle 
one's brain ; beccarsi su qualche 
cos.a, to catch somethin? 
Becraiéllo, and Beccherello, m. 


go to market ; came di becche- 
ria, butcher's meat 
Becchetto, m. prow of a boat 
Becchino, m. a grave-dijger 
Bécco, m. the biU or beak ; mouih ; 
helm of a ship ; pipe of a still ,: 
buck, goat, cuckold ; drizzare il 
bécco agli sparvieri, to attempt 
impossibilities ; ho trovato il 
becco più duro a mii^ere di 
quel che mi pensava, I found 
àe task harder than 1 thought it 
to be [cuckold 

BeccODCj m. a laree he-goat, a 

Beccùccio, m. the spout of a mug 

Beénle, a. drinking 

Befina, /. a puppet, an ugly wo- 

BeÈuàccia, /. a frightful phantom 

BéflFa,/. trick, banter, joke ; giuo- 
car da bèffa, to play for nolhiag; 
farsi beffe, to ridicule, jeer, ban- 
ter; beffa, trifles, frippery 

Beffardo, m. a jester, banterer 

BefiEàre, to rally, jeer, cheat, over- 
reach ; beffarsi, to scorn, to 
laugh at 

BeffàtD, part, jeered, laughed at 

Beffaióre, nu a mocker, jeerer 

Beffiatrice,/. a bantering' woman 

Beffeggiare, to mock, scoff, scorn 

Beffeggiatore, m. see Beffatore 

Beffivole, a. contemptibk', to be 

Beghino, m. a Bejuin 

Béfe Je,/. pi. tnflà 

Belaménto, m. bleatine 

Belire, to bleat ; to cry like chil- 

Belato, m. a bleating 

Bel bèllo, bald ! hold ! not so fast ! 

Bel che, m. a fine thing indeed ! 

Bellamente, ad. fairly, bravely, 
slowly, eloquently, neatly 

BeUatóré, m. and BellatHce, /. 
a warrior 

Bellétta,/, mud, slim% dregs 

Bellétto, rru paint, or wash for the 

Bellétto, o. pretty 

Bellézza, f. beau'y, prettiness 

BeUicato,'j)art. p'laced in the cen- 

Bellico, m. the navel, middle, cen- 
tre ; bellico dello scudo, the 
HOmbril of an escutcheon 

BéUico, o. warlike; bèllici stió- 
menti. instruments of war 

Bellicóncbio. »7i. navel-sTing 

Bellicóne, m. a pitcher 

BeUicosaroénte, od. in a warlike 


Bellicóso, and Belligero, a. miar- 
( tial, warlike, valiant [enou^'h 
I Bellino, a. pretty fine, handsome 
Bèllo, m. (bella. /beauty; opportu- 
I nitv ; war; aspettar il belb, o 
' wa'il for an opportunity ; sul bel 
I del discórso, in the middle of the 
discourse ; veder il bello, to know 
! the opportunity 
' Bèllo, a. beautiful, convenient, 
I proper ; bello e nuovo, quie 
new ; bello e fatto, quite finish- 
ed ; ^ il bell' umore, to be 
proud ; bello somerimes gives 
emphasis to an expression; di 
bel mezzo di, at noon ; mi costa 
dièci belle dóppie, it cosis me 
ten pistoles 
Bèllo, ad. prettily 
Bellone, a. very handsome 
BelluTióre, a. facetious, whimsical 
Bèlo, 7?j. bleaauj 
Belóne, m. one that bleats 
Belzebù, in. Satan 
Beltà,/, beauiv, fineness 
Bèlva,/, a wild beast [sonably 
Benacconciamènte, ad. very sea- 
Benaffetto, a. affectionate 
Benaguratamente, ad. with a good 

Benallevato, a. well-bred 
Benanda% /. money given upon 

g)iag away 
Benavventurataménte, ad. happily 
Benavventiu-anza, /. success 
Benawenturito, atid Benavventn- 

róso. a. fortunate, hajipy 
Ben bene, ad. very well, entirely 
Benché, ad. alihough 
Bènda, /. 'a band ; a fillet ; aver 
una bènda avanti gli occhi, to be 
blind-folded ; a mist befare the 
eyes; blinded by passion 
Beijd ire, to blind, to crown 
Benda'ijra,/. banlage 
Bendèlla, aìid BendercUa, /. a 

litUe fillet 

Bendone, m, lappets [chief 

Benduccio, m. a child's handker- 

Béne, in. good, benefit, intcres', 

happiness, satisfic'ion, favour, 

proper y; voler del bene, to have 

kindnes for : un uòmo da bene. 

a reputable man ; chi fa bene \ 

bene a-.pètti. do well and have ! 

well ; pidiar per bene, to tike I 

in sofvl part ; beni stàbili, beni j 

mobili, chattels 

Bène, ad, well, rirbl; voi dite 

bene, you say right ; bene, an , 

emphatic expletive; ve ne darò i 

ben una, TU eive you one; ben | 


vi sta, you deserve it ; sì ben^ 

Benedétto, a. blessed 
Benedetto, ni, the falling sickness 
Benedicite, /. grace at meals 
Benediciióre, m. a blcsser; who 

speaks well of 
Benedire, to consecrate ; Dio vi 

benedica, God ble=s you 
Beneditóre, m. be wbó blesses 
Benedizióne, /. benediction ; dar 

la l>ene'Jizione ad una cosa, I» 

have no band in a thing 
Benefattóre, to. benefactor 
Benefattrice,/, benefactres? 
Beneficante, o. beneficial, liberal, 

kind [person 

Beneficare, to do good, to benefit a 
Beneficato, part, benefited 
Beneficatore, m. benefactor 
Beneficènte, a. kind, obliging 
Beneficènza, /. beneficence 
Beneficiale, o. of a benefice, beae 

Beneficiare, to benefit 
Beneficiato, part, beneficed 
Beneficio, to. kindness, advantage, 

Beneficióne, m. a church-living 
Benèfico, a. liberal, kmd 
Benefizio, to, sec Beneficio 
Benemerenza,/, desert, merit 
Benemèrito, a. deserving well 
Beneplacito, w, good-will ; leave ; 

io fo a mio beneplacito, I do ai 

I please 
Bene spésso, ad. very of^en 
Benestante, a. rich, wealthy 
Benevivere, to live happy 
Benevogliènte, i benevolent 
Benevolentenieuie, ad. kindlv 
Benevolènza, and Benevogliénza, 

/. good-will, love, kindness 
Benevolmente, ad. kindly 
Benevolo, a. kind, affectionate 
Benfatto, o. well-shaped, well- 
Ben eli sta, he deserves it 
Bmificanza. /. beneficence 
Beniflcio, *« Beneficio [kindly 
Benignamén'e, ad. wurteously, 
Benigni'à, /. tenderness, goodness 
Benigno, a. courteous, loving 
Benino, ad. tolerably well 
Ben' insième, rru the whole of 
Benissimo, ad. very well 
Benivojliènza,/. bénevoknce 
Eenivolénte, cu friendly, h'imano 
Benivolo, a. affectionae, kini 
Benlavoràto, a. well done 
Benmontàto, a. well mounted 
Bennato, o. well bom, lucky 


Eens&i, ad. certainly | 

Benservito, m. a servant's char- 
Bensì, ad. certainly 
Bentenùto, a. well kept 
Bentornato, o. siate il bentornato, 

you are w elcome 
Benvolentièri, ad. very willins^ly 
Benvolére, m. favour, kindness 
Benvolére, to love ; si fa benvolére 

da tutti, he is beloved by all 
Benvoluto, a. well beloved 
Beone, m. a toss-pot, a toper 
Bercilócchio, m. a squint-eyed 
Bére, to drink ; bere un uòvo, to 
swallow an e^ ; mi convién 
berla, I must submit ; dar a 
bere, to persuade one to believe ; 
bersi una cosa, to tOce for grant- 
ed ; ber con gli occhi, !o devour 
with the eyes'; here o affogare, 
to be obliged to do a thing/ ber 
bianco, to be disappointed 
Bére, m. drink 

Bergamotto, r?i. the bergamof-free 
Bergolinire, to pun, to quibble 
Bergolo, m. a sort of ba^et 
Bergolo, a. fickle, simple 
Berillo, m. a precious stone 
Berlina, /. the pillory ; a coach 
Berlingaccio, to. Shrove Tuesday 
Berlingaménto, m. chit-chat 
Berlingare, to driuk freely; to 

talk at random 
Berlinga'óre, m. a jolly fellow 
Berlinzhiére, m. a gre«ly-?ut 
Berlinzhiéro,/, a talking jossip 
Berlingòzzo, m. a French brick, a 

small loaf (of bread) 
Bernésco, a. burlesque 
Bimia,/. a riding-hor4 
Bernòccolo, m. a swelling kcob ; 

a hard kernel 
Bernoccoluto, a. knobby 
Berrétta, /. flat cap. or bonnet ; 
trarsi la berrétta, far di berrétta, 
to salute with the hat ; avere il 
cervèllo sopra la berrétta, to 
proceed rashly in an affair 
Berrettaio, m, a' cap-maker 
Berrettino, m. a small cap 
Berrettino, a. artful 
Berretti'iccia, /. a little cap 
Berriuóla, /. a night-cap 
Berroviére, m. a highwavnian, a 

ruffian, a verger, a bead (e 
Bersagliato, a. injured, ruined 
B-^riàglio, m. a mark to shoot at, 
a lauzhing stock ; io sono il ber- 
sàglio della fortijna, I am the 
sport of fortune 
Bèrta, /. a trifle, gewgaw, fop- 


pery ; dar la berta, to joke, to 
banter ; berta, a magpie, a gos- 
siping woman; a rammer; a 
pavier's beetle 
Berteggiaménto, 771. a laughing at, 
a mocking [ter 

Berteggiare, to ridicule, jeer, ban- 
Bertejgiatóre, m. a mocker, jeerer 
Bertolótto, in. a sponger ; scrit-free 
Bertóne, m. one who keeps a mis- 
tress, a cropped horse 
Bertovèllo, m. a net made of twigs 
Bertuccia, /. aiid Bcrtticcio, wi.'a 

monkey, an ape 
Bertuccione, m. a baboon 
Berùzzo, m. a clown's breakfast 
Bérza,/. the shin-bone of the leg 
BerzAdio, see Bersàglio 
Bessàgine, and Besbcrla, /. fool- 
ishness, simplicity 
Bésso, a. simple, foolish, dull 
Bésso, m. one who stammers, or 

Bestémmia./, blasphemy, cursing, 
bad language [giiage 

Bestemmianiénto, 771. impious lan- 
Bestemmi,ire, to blaspheme, curse 
Bestemmiato, part, blasphemed 
Bestemmiatoriccio, m. a great 

Bestemmiatore, m. a blasphemer 
Béstia, /. a beast, a brute ; andar 

in bestia, to fall into a paision 
Bestiaccia, /. a nasty beast; a 

fool, a blockhead 
Bestiale, a. beastly, heavy, lump- 
Bestialità,/, bestiali'y. brutality 
Bestialmente, ad. beastly, nastily 
Bestifuiie, m. cattle 
Besticciuòla, aiid Bestiòla, /. a 

little living creature 
BestionnAccio, and Bestióne, m. a 

great beast, a brutish fellow 
Bestiuòla, /. a little creature; a 

Béttola, /. a cook's shop, a tippling- 

Bettolétta, /. a low public house 
Bettoliére, 771. keeper of a cook's 

Bettónica,/. betony. speed-well 
Bé'ula, and Betulla, /. a birch- 
Beuta, and Bevtita, /. drinkin» 
bout ; ad ogni bevuta, at every 
Béva, /. drink 
Bevanda. /. drink, potion 
Beveràggio, 77». drink, beverage, 
drinkinj-money [ing 

Beveratóio, m. a vessel for drink- 


Bèvere, to drink 

Beveria,/, drunkennea 

Bévero, ttu a beaver 

Beveronaccio, 771. a horse-berenge 

Beveróne, tti. a drink, a Urencta 

Bevibile, a. drinkable 

Beviménto, 771. drinking 

Bevitóre, m. and Bevitrlce, /. 
toper, tippler 

Bevitura,/. drinking 

Bezzicare, to peck, to scold, dispute 

Bezzicalo, part, pecked 

Bezzicatijra,/. a pecking 

Bezzi, 771. pL money ; non bo 
bezzi, I have no money 

Bi.icca, /. white lead 

Biada,/, com, oa's 

Bialaiuólo, 771. cim<handler 

Biadétto, 771. bluish paint 

Biancastro, Bianchétto, and Bian- 
cheggiante, a. whitish 

Biancastronaccio, 771. as white as 
snow [ne» 

Biancastróne, 771. excessive wìite- 

Biancheggiamémo, 771. whiteness 

Biancheggiare, to turn w hite ; il 
mare biancheggia tutto, a great 
storm at sea 

Biancheria,/, linen 

Bianchézza,/, whiteness 

Bianchiccio, a. « hitish 

Bianchiniènto, rn. a washing 

Bianchire, to whiten, to grow 
hoary ; al bianchir del giórno, 
break of day 

Bianchito, pcùrt. whitened, washed 

Birmco, 771. whi'e 

Bianco, a. white ; capelli bianchi, 
gray hair; letto bianco, a blank 
in a lottery ; lasciar in bianco, 
to leave a blank ; dar carta bi- 
anca, a carte blanche ; restar 
bi.\nco, to be at a loss ; bianco, 
pale, wan 

Biancòso, a. very white 

Biancospino, m. the hawthorn 

Bianciiccio. a. whitish 

Biàn'e, 771. a vagabond, a rambler 

Biasci.ire, to chew 

Biasciaménto, 77U chewing 

Biasimiire, to find fault with 

Biasimato, port, blamed, com- 
plained of 

Biasimatóre, 777. and Biasimatrlce, 
/. a blamer, a censurer 

Biasimévole, o. 

Biasimevolménte, ad. blamably 

Biàsimo, and Biàsmo, tti. blame, 
reproach, fault 

Biasm.^re, (in poetry) to bjarae, 
find fault with 

Bibbia,/, the Bible 


BSbere, to drink 

Bibita,/, potion 

Biblico, a. b;lor.gin? to the Bibte 

Bibliogmfia,/. UUioei-aj hy 

Biblioniàne, m. biblio^apher, i 
bookisti Dian 

Bibliomania,/. bib!icma:ia, (book- 

Biblioteca,/, a Iibrar>- 

Bibliotecario, m. k librarian 

Bica, /. a rick of com or hay. a 
heap ; montar su la bica, to' fly 
in a pa>sion [blower 

Bicchieràio, ni. a glass-maker or 

Bicchière, m, a sìass 

Eiccidjherx, /. a restless beast 

Bicipite, a. two-headed 

Bicòcca, /. a little cas'le. a village 

Bicórnia,/. a rising- anvil 

Bicòrne, Bicòrno, and Bicornuto, 
a. double-homeil 

Bidello, m. a bcadle 

Bidènte, m. a pitchfork 

Eidétto, ni. a little pony 

Biecamente, ad. squiutiniìy 

Bièco, (I. grim, stern, sour ; occhi 
bièchi, squinting eyes; rimirar 
con òcchio bièco, io look with 
an envious eye ; atto bièco, a 
bad action 

Biènnio, ir two years 

Biéta, orBiè'ola.y. beet 

Bietolone, m. a simpleton, a 

Biétta,/, a weke 

Bifójlio, m. double leaf 

Bifólca. /. an acre of land 

Bifolcheria, f. hi;sbandry, tillage, 
the charme of a farm 

Bifolco, m. a plr-u^hnian 

Biforcamènlo. m. separation 

Biforcato, and Biforcino, a. fork- 
ed, cloven ; piede biforctito, a 
cloven foot 

Biforco, m. a fork, apitchfork 

Bifórme, a. of two forms 

Bifròn'e, a. d'iuble-faced 

Bija,/. a cart, a chariot 

Bigamia,/, biiramy 

Elsamo, m. a man who has two 

Bigètto, m. a silk-worm 

Bigattolo, m. a worm that spoils 

Birero^nuólo, a. srayi-ih 

Bizhellóne, m. a boot y, a simple- 
ton [andrew 

Bishernio, m. a jester, a njerry- 

Bigherato, a. adorned with thread 

B1?hero, m, thread lace 

Bigiccio, o. grayish 


Bigio, a. russet, eray, brown 

Biglia,/, the biifiarxi-tall 

Bi^liardo, m. billiards 

Bigliétto, m. a billet, a note 

Bijconcia, /. a sort of great tub ; a 

Bilancétta, arid Bilancia,/, a bal- 
ance, a pair of scales ; ii?T il 
tracòllo alla bilancia, to turn the 
scale; èsser in bilancia, io be 
irresolu-e, in suspense ; bilancia, 
a hocp-net, the splinter bar of a 

Bilancialo, ?n, a scale-maker 

Bilanciaménto, m. examiiution 

Bilanciare, to balance, to exan.- 
ine, poiiJer, to waver ; bilan- 
ciarsi In aria, to hover in the 

Bilanciato, part, balanced 

Bilancière, m. the laiance of a 
clock or watch 

Bilancino, m. small scales 

Bilàncio, m, comparison, parallel 

"le, /. choler, anger, passi in; 
non mi fate montar la bile, don'i 
provoke me 

Bilènco, a. crooked 

Bilia, /. a p.acker's stick 

BiliSrio, a. bilious 

care, to set in equilibrium, to 

Bilicato, part, poised, levelled 

Bilico, nu balancin?, poising; 
s'ar in bilico, to be near falling 

Bi!in?uo, a. dc-cei;ful 

Bilióso, a. passionate 

Eil-ott.ito, a, spotted 

Biilen,/. a jest 

Bilis're, a. often years 

Bimbo, m. a suckin; babe 

Bimèstre, a. two month' 

Bimmòlle, m. a mus.ical term 

Biuire, to twin 

Binàrio, a. binary 

Binascéi!2a,/.thédcliverj- of twins 

Binato, m. a twin 

Binato, o. of two natures 

Bind^'lla,/. a ribbon 

Bindoleria,/, artfulness 

Bindolo, r>ì. a swin; 

Binocolo, m. a telescope of two 

Biòccolo, m. a lock of wool ; lana 
in biòccoli, a fleece 

Biografia, /. bio<rraphy 

Biojrafo, nu a biographer 

Biondeggiare, to look yellow 

Biondèlla, /. centaury, or sponge- 

Biondello, and Biondètto. a. fair 

Biondézza,/, a fair complexion 


Biòndo, o. fair, flaxen; capélli 

biondi, light hair 
Biórto, a. poor 
Bipartire, to divide in two 
Bipartito, a. parted in two 
Bipede, a. that has two feet 
Bipènne,/, battle-axe 
Birba, /. knaver>- : a wanderer, 
a sharper; bifter la birba, to 
mump about ; a phaeton 
Birtiante, atid Birbone, m. a beggar 
Birbonàccio, m. a rascal 
Birbonata, and Birboneria, /. a 

bad action, a fraud 
Birboneggiare, to he^ 
Bircio, a. near-sighted 
Biribisso, T7i. a hazard game 
Birilli, m. pi. nine-pins 
Biroccio, m. a cart 
Bii-occino, >n. a one-horse chaise 
Birra,/, beer 

Birracchio, m. a year old calf 
Eii-rèsco, o. wicked, impudent 
Bfrro, and Birrovlère, ni. a bailiff 
Bisàccia,/, a bag with two pouch- 
es; èsser alla bisàccia, to be re 
duced, to be very ooor 
Bisànte, and Bisantino, m, a span- 
gle [mother 
Bisarcavola, /. great great grand- 
Bisarcavolo, m. great great grand- 
father [grandmothe. 
Bisàva, and Bisàvola, /. greaf 
Eisavo, and Bisàvolo, m, ,-i great 
grandfather [lici'.iy 
Bisbeticamente, ad. oddly, fania» 
Bi~bè'ico, o. whimsical 
Bisbigliaménto, m. whispering 
Bisbigliare, to whisper, mutter 
Bisbijiia'òre, m. a whisperer 
Eisbigliafòrio, m. a. parlour graie 

(in convents) 
Bisbiglio, m. whisper, nunour 
Bib<a,'/. a gamiag-place 
Biscaiuòlo, m. a gamester 
Biicantàre. to sins repeatedly 
Biscnn'o. m. a duet 
BiscnzTa,/. a gambling-house 
Biscayxare, to trame 
Biscazzière, m. a samester 
Bisri^zzi. ni. and Bischènca,/. a 

dirfj- trick 
Bischero, m. a pin, peg 
Bischizzo, nu invention 
Blvcia, 771. a snake, adder ; cammi- 
nare a bi eia, to wind about 
Biscióne, m. a large snake 
Bisciunia,/. a little snake 
Biscolòre, a. motley, party-coV 

Biscottare, to bake twice 
Biscottato, a. twice baked 



Biscottino, m. a little biscuit, a 

fillii; on the nose 
Biscoito, m. a sweet biscuit; en- 
trar in nrur senza biscotto, to go 
hand over head 
Biscròma,/, a musical term 
Bisdòsso, ad. bare-backed j caval- 
car a bisdòsso, to ride wilhout a 
Bisestàre, to be leap-year 
Bisestile, and Biséstj, a. anno bi- 
sestile, leap-year 
Bisforme, a. see Bifórme 
Bisgènero, m. a grand-daughter's 

Bislacco, 0. capricious 
Bisless^re, to pat boil 
Bislungo, o. oblong 
Bisnipote, m. and f. great-grand- 
Bisnònno, m. c^eat-sr-ind father 
Bisogna, /. and Bisognaniéuto, m, 

business, labour 
Bisognare, an impersonal verb, 
used :n the third person singular ; 
bisógna, it must ; bisogna eh' io 
vada, I musi go ; ci bisógna nio 
rire, we must die ; mi bisognò 
partire, I was forced to go ; vi 
bisognerà farlo, 3 u must do ìt ; 
bisognerebbe che io glielo facessi 
sapere, I should let him know 
of it ; se vi bisognassero danari, 
if you should want money 
Bisogne'to, m. a trifling want 
Bisognévole, a. useful, needful 
Bisógno, m. want, necessity, sup- 
ply; aver bisógno di qualche 
cosa, to stand in need of; al bi- 
sógno si conósce un' amico, a 
friend in need is a friend indeed ; 
bisógno, convenience, ease ; ho 
tutti i miei bisógni, I have all 
my conveniences ; al bisógno, 
to the pii'-pose, opportunely ; a 
un bisógno, upon an occasion 
Bisognosaménte, ad. neelfully 
Bisognóso, a. needy, necessitous 
Bistentare, to be in want, distress 
Bistènto, m. distreis, penury 
Bisticciaménto, rn. dispute, debate 
BisticoÌTre, to strive, con'end 
Bisiccio, m. a pun, a qnibble 
Bistóndo, a. almost round 
Bis'órto, a. ;ror,ked, deceitful 
Bisunto, a. filthy, nasty ; un bistin- 
to, m. a sloven ; una bisunta, 
/. a slut [ing 

Bitórzo, anrf Ei'ónrolo, m. a swell- 
Pitrtrzol.ito, a>id Bitorzoluto, a. 
full of bumps, knotty, uneven 
(of wood) 

Bifime, m. bitumen 

bituminóso, a. bituminous 

BiiJl;i,/. thick plaster 

Bivio, m. the highway 

Bizza,/, anger 

Bizzaramènle, ad. oddly, smartly 

Bizzarria, /. conceiteduess, brisk- 
ness, whim, pasiion 

Bizzarro, a. whimsical, smart, 

Bizzóca, /. a woman that lives 
like a nun 

Biz^co, rn. a rustic, a puritan, a 
hypocri'e, a bigot 

Bizzocòne, m. a clown 

Blaii liniénto, to. allurement, blan- 

Blandire, to flatter, decoy, cajole 

Blandizia,/, caressing 

Blindo, a. kind, flattering 

RI«ifèmo, a. blasphemous 

Blasonare, to blaznn a coat of arms 

Blasóne, ni. heraldry 

Bloccare, to block up 

Bloccato, part, blocked up 

Bloccatura,/, a blockade 

Blòcco, ni. blockade 

Bo.ito, TO. bellowing 

Boattiére, to, a grazier 

Bobólca. /. a herdsman's, a plough- 
man's wife 

Bócca, /. the mouth, the taste; 
dire a h-icca, by word of mouth ; 
piacévole alla bócca, pleasant to 
the palate ; bócca, people ; ho 
più di dièci bócche a mantenére, 
I bave ten m"uths to feed ; stare 
a bócca apèrta, to hearken at- 
tentively; métter di bócca, to add, 
invent ;'parl.ira bócca apèrta, t-i 
speak too much ; esser largì di 
bócca, to talk inconsiderately ; 
io non ci vo' por bócca, I wo'n'l 
meddle with it ; esser di buòna 
bócca, to be a greedy eater ; 
bócca a bócca, face to face ; las- 
ci'ire a bócca ilnlce, to entertain 
one with fair hopes; la hócca 
d'un fisime, the mouth of a river ; 
la bócca delh stomaco, the pit 
of the stomach ; bócca di fuòco, 
fire arms 

Boccuccévole, a. Boccaccevol- 
niénte, ad. in the style of Boc- 

Boccaccia, /. an ugly mouth 

Boccile, TO. a mug ; egli è scritto 
pe' boreali, he is known by eve- 
ry body 

Boccata,/, a mouthful, a box nn the 
ear ; non ne saper boccata, to 
know nothing of the matter 


Boccétta, /. a button, bud of a 
flower, a phial [P'ng 

Boccheggiaménto, m. panting, ga- 

Boccbeggiare, to agonize 

Bocchétta,/. Bocchino, m. a small 

Bócchi ; far bocchi, to make 

Bòccia,/, bud, a bottle, a pimple 

B'iCciuolo, TO. a bud 
I Bocconcéllo, aììd Bocconcino, m. 
I a little bit 

Boccone, ad. groveling 

Boccóne, rn. a mouthful ; buoni 
boccóni, dainty bits; tagliare a 
boccóni, to cut" to pieces ; dar il 
boi-cónc, tu bribe 

Bocconghiotto, TO. a tit bit 

Boccuccia,/, a little mouth 

Bociire, to divulge, publish 

Bofonchiare, to grumble 

Bof>nchino. a. grumbling 

Bòria, /. first appearaace of the 

Borliènte, a. boiling, burning hot 

Boia, TO. an e.veculioner 

Boi ' rdo, 7/1. a boyard 

Bilcióiie. m. a battering-ram 

Boi Jroije, 7n. wool, blanket, cover- 

Bòlgia,/, bnlget, bar, portman- 
teiu : a hole in the ground ; far 
bòlgia, to make provision; bol- 
ria, a horrible daik place 

Bólla. /. bubble, blister, pimple; 
bólli acquaiuola, a watery blis- 
ter ; boll?, a stamp, a seal, a 
fiope's bull [factor 

Bollare, to stamp, t') brand a male- 

Boli^to, a. sealed, bnuided 

Boll ;nte, a. boiling 

Boil -fa, /'. passport 

BMIr-ttino, »n. a hill, a note 

Bolliménto, m.a boiling, the swell- 
ing of the sea 

Bollire, to boil, bubble up, fer- 
ment ; mille cose mi bollono 
ne!l' aiiimo, I have a thousand 
things in my mind ; tutta la cit- 
tà bolle, every body gnimbles; 
bnlllre a ricorsolo, to boil fast 

Bollito, a. boiled [tion 

Bollitura,/, boiling liquor, decoc- 

BoUizióne,/. a boiling; bollizióne 
di sangue, hot blood 

Bóllo, TO. a seal, a stamp 

Bollóre, TO, bubbling, spouting; 
bollóre d'animo, passion, anger 

Bòlo, TO, a pill 

Bólso, a. short-winded 

Bolzonire, to shoot at 

Bolzoaàta, /. a shot with an arrow 


BolzonAto, part, struck -with an 

Bolzóne, m. aba'tering-ram,or dart 
Bómba, /. a mai k, a bomb ; tornare 
a bomba, to return to one's pur- 
pose ; èssere a bomba, to live at 
Bombànza,/. feasting-, mirth, joy 
Bombarda,/, a mortar-piece 
Bombardaménto, m. bombardment 
Bombardare, to bombard 
Bombardièra, /. the place where 

the bomb is mouutal 
Bombardière, m. a bombardier 
Bombettàre, to sip 
Bómbice, m. silk-worm 
Bómbola, /. a pitcher 
Bonàccia, /. a calm at sea ; happi- 
ness, tranquillity 
Bonacciare, to grow caJm 
Bonaccióso, a. still, quiet 
Bonariamente, ad. graciously, 

Bonarietà,/, kindness 
Bonario, c. good, meek, kind 
Boncinèllo, m. the staple of a 

Boneggiare, to arrogate 
Bonifacimeuto, m. betterirg 
Bonificaménto, m. and Bonifica- 
zióne,/, a bettering, an improve- 
Bonificare, to amend, improve ; 

bonificarsi, to grow better 
Bonificato, a. mended, improved 
Bonfssimo, a. very good 
Bontà, /. goodness, excellence ; 
per bona, ior the sake of, upon 
account of [ing 

BerbogJiamento, m. noise, mutter- 
Borbogliare, to mutter, to grumble 
Borboglio, TO. a rumbling noise, 
uproar, quarrel [grumbling 

Borbottaménto, m. a muttering, a 
Borbottare, to grumble, to mutter 
Borbottato, part, muttered 
Borbottatóre, and Boi bottóne, to. 

mutterer, grumbler 
Bòrchia, /. a' stud 
Bordàglia,/, the mob, rabble 
Bordire, to beat, to board, to moor 
Bordata, /. a broadside 
Bordeggiare, to tack 
Bordellare, to frequent brothels ; 

andar bordellando, to wench 
Bordelliere, 771. ahnnter of brothels 
Bordelloj TO. a brothel, stews ; an- 
dare in bordello, go and be 
hanged ; fare il bordello, to ban- 
ter, to be vociferously merry 
Bórdo, TO. ship-board, the sides of 
a ttip ; andare a bórdo, to go 


aboard j bórdo, border, hem, 
Bordóne, to. a pilgrim's stafTj bor- 
done, the stumps of feathers in 
young birds J bordóne, a prop 
of a building 
Bòrea, /. the north-wind 
Boreale, and Bóreo, a. northern, 

Borgata, /. a borough, a village 
Borghése, and Borgése, to. a bur- 
gess of a town 
Borghesia,/, the state of a citizen 
Borghétto, m. a hamlet 
Borghigiano, m. see Borghése 
Bórgo, m. a suburb, borough, town 
Borgomastro, to. a burgomaster 
Bci ia, /. haughtiness, self-conceit ; 

aver bòria, to boast 
Boriàre, aiid Boriarsi, to be prond 
Boriosila,/. vanity, self-conceit 
Borióso, a. putfed'up, proud 
Bòrnio, a. one-eyed, short-sighted 
Bornióla,/. mbtake, blunder 
Bórra,/, hair to stuflf sstddles j su- 
perfluous words 
Borraccia, /. bad stuff; a vessel for 

wine in travelling 
Bórro, and Borróne, m. a gully 
made by a water-flood ; a gi-eat 
Bórsa, /. a purse, pocket ; tener 
bórsa strétta, to be stingy; far 
bórsa, to hoard money ; bórsa, 
a portmanteau ; bórsa da' mer- 
ciin*i, the Exchange 
Bors'iio, m. a purse-maker 
Borsaiuòlo, m. a cut-puree 
Borsellino, to. the fob-pocket 
Borzacchino, m. the buskin 
Boscàglia,/, woods, forests, groves 
Biscaglióso, a. woody 
Boscaiuòlo, to. a woodman 
Boscata, /. a grove 
Boscato, a. woody 
Boscaréccio, and Boscheréccio, a. 
rjral, savage ; ninfe boscherécce; 
Boschettino, arid Boschétto, to. a 
grove, a thicket ; a tree limed to 
ca'ch birds 
Boschigno, a. see Boscheréccio 
B-ÓSCO, TO. a wood, forest ; èsser da 
bosco e da rivièra, to be fit for 
any thing 
Bo^ciso, a. woody 
Bosforo, TO. straits 
Bòsso, m. the box-tree 
Bossolaio, TO. a box-maker 
B^issolo, TO. a boi, a dice-bos ; 

Botàmca, /. botany 


Botànico, a. botanical 

Botànico, m. botanist, herbalist 

Botare, to vow, or promise ; botAr- 
si a Dio, to devote one's self ta 

Boto, m. a yow 

Botola, /. a trap-door 

Bòtta, /. a toad, a blow, a stroke; 
armatura di tutta botta, armour 
musket-proof ; botta rispósta, a 
repartee ; botta, a pass in fenc- 
ing ; una tella botta, a fine stroke 

Bottaccino, m. a flask 

Bottàccio, m. a flask 

Bottaglie,/. boots 

Bottàio, m. a cooper 

Bótte, /. a cask, a vessel ; boots 

Bottéga. /. a shop 

BotlegTiia, /. and Bottegaio m. a 
shopkeeper [little shop 

Botteghetta, /. Botteghino, m. a 

Bottegóne, tri. a great shop 

Botticella, /. a small t^ad j a small 
barrel, a small bk)w 

Bottiglia, f. a bottle 

Bottiglière, to. a butJer 

Bottiglieria,/, a butler's room 

Bottino, TO. boot)', plunder; aoét- 
tere a bottino, to pillage 

Bòtto, TO. stroke, blow ; botto di 
campana, the toll of a bell. Di 
botto, ad. suddenly [suit 

Bottonatùra, /. the buttons of a 

Bottóne, m. a button ; bud of 
plants ; sputar bottoni, taunt ; 
dar o gittar un bottóne, to gi:>e 
a hint 

Bottonièra,/, a button hole 

Bottiime, TO. casks 

Bòve, m. an ox, shackles 

Bòve, /. pi. fetters 

Bovicida, TO. an ox-killer 

Bovile, TO. an ox-stable 

Bovina, /. cow's dung 

Bovino, a. of the oxen breed 

Bózza, /. a swelling; the rough 
draught in sculpture, or painting 

Bozzacchiùto, a. deformed, ili- 

Bo7z'ire, to sketch roughly 

Bozzétto, in. a bud. rough sketdl 

Bòzzo, ni. a cuckold, a block 

Bozzolàre, to pick up, to taste 

BozzoléUo, TO. a little swelling, a 

Bózzolro, TO. a swelling, tumour, 
the cod of a silk worm ; that 
measure which the miller claims 
for grinding ; a stone cut pyra 
midally ; a throng of people 

Bozzolóso, a. full of tumours 

Braccare, to quest (in the chaae> 


Braccheggiare, to haui.t, find out 
Bracché^.^io, m. quest 
Braccherla,/. houiids 
Bracchétto, m. a sctiin^-dn^ 
Bracchiere, m, a do^-kci'iier 
Bracci'ile, m. a bracelet 
Braccialétto, m. a little bracelet 
Bracci Ita, /. an armful 
Bracciate, a. fat, lusty 
Bracciérc, nu a lady's usher 
Bràccio, m. an arm, a cubit ; star 
colle braccia in cróce, to stand 
with one's arms across, to be idle ; 
a fjrza di liràccia, with main 
strength; far alle briccia, to 
wres ie ; il bràccio sccollre, the 
temporal power 
Braccinlluo, m. a little arm 
Braccinne, nu a s^reat arm 
Bracciolo, m. a lus'y arm 
Bracciuolo, m. the am of a chair ; 
sédii a brace uoli, an arm-chair 
Bracco, m. a setting-dog; bracco 
da qu^iglia, a spaniel ; bracco 
di manigóldo, a bailitt', a catch- 
pole ; bròcco da séi;uitn, a blood- 
hound ; bracco da fermo, a set- 
ting-dog ; bracco da leva, a 
Brace, /. burning coal 
Brache, Brachésse, a/uiBraghésse, 

/. pi. b'-eeches 
Brachieraio, m. a truss-maker 
Brachière, m. a truss 
Bricii, see Biàce 
Bracière, rn. a coil-pan 
Braci nòia, /. a sttak 
Bracone, m. breeches ; a coward 
Brado, a. young, (of cattle) 
Bradùme, m. bulls and calves 
Brage, and Bragia, /. sei: Brace 
Brago, m. slime, mud, clay 
Brama, /. desire, fondness, greedi- 
Bramante, a. wishing 
Bramire, to desire, to long for 
Bramato, a. wished for, coveted 
Bramito, m. the 017 of beasts, 
hissing ' [ly 

Bramo aménto, ad. greedily, fonj- 
Bramosia, /. a longing 
Bramóso, à. desirnas ; eager ; fond 
Branca, /. the fang, claw, pa"', 
gripe; a branch ; capitar nt-lle 
branche, to fall in'o one's hands 
Brancàre, to gripe, to seize 
BrancA'a,/. a handful 
Brancicare, to handle, to feel 
Brancica'óre, m. who handles 
Brancicóne, ad, groping in the 

dark, cravi'ling 
Br&nco, m. a herd, a drove, &c. 


Brancolare, to grope, to fumble 
Brancolone, aiid Brauconi, ad. 

groping along 
Branda,/, hammock 
Brandiniénto, ni. shaking 
Brandire, to brandish ; to tremble 
Brindo, rn. a sword 
Brandóne, m. piece, bit 
Brano, m. a piece, a part, a bit ; 
fii lacerato brano a brino, he 
was torn to pieces 
Brasca, /. a cabbage 
Brajsaia,/. a fa horn 
Bravàccio, a. a bully, a swafgerer 
Bravamente, ad. bravely, stoutly 
Bravate, to brave, aUrout 
Brava'a, /■. a biavado 
Brava'orio, a. threatening 
Braveggiare, to bi-ave it 
Braveria, /. valour, courage 
Bravo, a. valiant, courageous 
BrJvo, rn. a bully, a swaggerer 
Bi-àvo, interj. very well ! bravo! 
Braviira,/. spirit, courage 
Bréccia, /. a breach ; questo non 
mi fa bréccia, this thing does not 
affect nie at all 
Brétto, a. stei ile, barren 
Brève, aìtJ Brieve, nu a brief, a 

Breve, a. sh r!, brief 
Breve, ad. sliortly; in breve, in a 

short time 
Brevemente, and Brievemente, ad. 
briefly, shortly, in short, in a 
Brevi'irio, m. breviary 
Brevità,/, shortness, brevity 
B éz7a, /. cold breeze 
Brez7olóne, m. a coM wind 
Briachézza, /. drunkenness 
Bri'ico, a. diunk 
Briacfme, m. a drunkard 
Briareo, m. Briareus, a giant 
Bricca,/, a s'eep, sliaggy jilace 
Bricco, 111. an ass 
BricconSccio, m. a great rascal 
Briccon'ita,/. knavery 
Bricconcélla, /. a jade 
Briccóne, m. a knave, a cheat 
Bricconeggiare, to lead a rogue's 

Bricconeria, /. knavish trick 
Bifcia, aiid Brici"la, /. a small 

broken part ; a little crumb 
Briciolét'a,/. a morsel 
Brieve, .see Breve 

Brija, /. trouble, disquiet ; dar 
briga, to be troublesome ; briga, 
debate, variance, dispute ; com- 
prar le brighe a dan'iri cont?mti, 
to pick quarrels ; non voglio 


fante brighe. Til have nothing 
to do with it 
Brigadière, m. a brigadier 
Brii^inte, a. intriguing, cunning 

Brigantino, rn. a small pinnace 

that can both row and sai! 
Brigr'ire, to strive, to ehift, to be 
busy ; brigire una cirica, to 
niakfc interi-st for a place 
BrigJta, /. company, troop, crew, 
a brigade ; bris-Vta di starne, a 
brood of partridges ; andar di 
briyita, to go together 
Brigalélla,/. a select company 
Brisaiére, rn. a lirigadier 
Biiglia, /. a bridle ; córrere a 
tutta brlglijL, to run full speed ; 
a briglia sciòlta, headlon?, rash- 
ly ; tirar la briglia, to keep one 
under ; tener in briglia, to bri- 
dle, to keep in, to curb 
Brigliaio, in. a saddler 
Brigóso, o. li'iiious, quarrebome 
Brillamente, m. brightness 
Brill'inte, a. shining, ?;parkling 
Brillnnte, rn. a brilliant 
Brilirire, to sparkle, glitter, to leap 

for joy, to husk 
Brillato, a. cleansed 
Brillatóio, m. a sieve 
Brillo, m. jcy, gladness 
Brillo, a. tipsy 

Brina, and Brinata,/ white frost 
Bri n'ito, a. hoary, speckled, spot- 
Brindisi, m. far brindisi, to drink 

somebody's health 
Brinóso, a. frosty 
Brio, rn. mefle, fire, life 
Brióso, a. lively, mef.lesome 
Brisciaménto, m. a chilness, or 
shaking [ing 

Brivido, m. piercing cold, shiver 
Bròcca,/, pitcher, water-pot 
Rroct.'ire, to spur 
Broc'/i'a,/. a blow, rencounter 
Brocc'i'o, m. a brocade, lists 
Brocchière, m. a small buckler 
BrocciLire, to prick, to spur 
Bròcco, m. a peg, a shoot; dar 

nel bròcco, to hit the mark 
Bròccolo, m. sprou's. broccoli 
Broccoluto, a. full of sprouts 
Broccóso, a. ftill of knots; sea 

broccósa, knotty silk 
Bròda, /. swill, broth, mire; ver- 

s>r la bròda, to lay the blame 
Brodaiuòlo, a. loving broth, slo^ 

Brodettato, a. done in broth 
Brodétto, m. thin soup, broth; 


andar in brodétto, to feel great 
Brodo, »n. broth; kmentirsi del 
bròdo grasso, to complain of 
Brodolóso, a. slovenly, nastv 
Bingliare, to embroil', to intrigue 
Bròglio, m. tumult, noise 
BróUoj a. stripped, naked 
Bróncio, m. passion, vexrition ; 

fare il bróncio, to attack 
Bronco, m. trunk of a tree ; con- 
Broncóne, m, a branch, a vine-prop 
Brontolare, to grumble, to mutter 
Bronzino, a. sun-burnt 
Bronzista, m. a founder 
Brónzo, m. cast copper, or brass 
Brucare, to strip oif leaves, to go 

BmcLire, to itch, smart, bum 
Bruciata,/, roasted chestnuts 
Bruciatàio, m. a seller of roasted 

Bruciato, a, burned 
BruciolatQ, o. v^orm-eaten 
Briiciolo, m. a worm, shavings of 

Brucióre, m. burning, smarting 
Brucio, and Bruco, ni. a grub, a 

Bruire, to bustle, to rumble 
Brulicare, to stir up 
Brulichio, nu motion, stirring, 

Brullamente, ad. poorly 
Brullo, a. naked, destitute 
BruUotto, m. a fire-ship 
Bruma. /. ihe winter 
BrumAle, a. winiety 
Bruna zzo, and Bmnétto, a. brown- 
ish, swarthy 
Brunezza,/. s"tvar*hines3 
Brunire, to polish, burnish 
Brunito, a. poli hed, burnished 
Brunitóio, m. a burnishing stick 
Bramtóre, m. a burnisher 
Brunitura, /. act of burnishing 
Bruno, m, mourning; ponar il 

bruno, to wear mourning 
Bruno, a. brown, dark; una bru- 
na, a brown woman ; un bruno, 
a brown man ; briiuo, overcast ; 
àer bruno, gloomy air ; vista 
bruna, a melancb-^ly look ; co- 
lór bruno, a dull colour ; il reg- 
no bruno, hell 
Brunózzo, a. tawny 
Brusca, /. a brush 
Bruscamente, ad. bluntly, roughly 
Bruschétto, a. sourish 
Bruschézza, /. sourness, sharpness 



Bniscc, a. sour, tart ; vin brusco, ] per la città, they whisper aboo 
rough wine ; brusco, harsh, ill- the town ' [bow-net 

narored | Bùcine, /. Bucinétto, m. a net or 

Brusco, ad. sourly ; perchè mi [ Buco, m. a hole, a key-hole 
parlate cosi brusco ? why do you ! Bucolino, m a little hole 
speak so roughly to me ? I Budellame, nu the bowels or a> 

Bniscolo, m. a mote, a straw trails 

Brustolare, to scorch, or toast Budello, m. the gnt 

Brutile, a. fierce ; un brutale, a , Budrière, in. the belt 

brutish man, a clown 
Brutalità./, brutality, rashness 
Bnitalméùie, ad. brutally 
Bruto, m. a bru'e, a beast 
Bruttamente, ad. dirtily, dishon- 
Bnittaménfo, rru a defilement 
BruiUre. to soil, spot, stain: brut- 
tarsi le mani nel singue di qual- 
chedùno, to imbrue ones hands 
in blood ; bruttare 1' onore di 
qualcb'^ùno, to stain another's 
BruttAto. a. soiled, spotted, stained 
Bruttézza, /. ugliness, -jas'ineis 
Brutto, a. deformed, filthy, base ; 
brutto costume, a shameful cus- 
BrutTÙra./. nastiness, obscenity 
Bruzzàglia, /. the pxir, the rabble 
Bruzzo, m. the twilight 
Buàccio, m. a dolt 
Buajgine,/. dnlness 
Bubtxìlàre, to steal, to deceive, to 

Bubbolato, a. deceived 
Bùbbole,/, pi. idle stories 
Bsbbolone, m. a pra'iag fellow 

Biie, m. an ox : bue salvirico, a 
wild bull , lingua di bue, a 
neat's tongue ; bue, a blockhead 

Buéssa, /. acow 

Bufera, /. a sonn, a whirlwind 

Bufta, /. trifle, trick, cheat ; lare 
una bufia. to play a Tick ; prèn- 
dere una buffa, to take in jest 

Buffire, to trifle, joke, to play the 

Buffétto, m. a fillip ; pan buffétto, 
a French roll ; bufletio, a sort 
of cupboard 

Buffo, in. a whiS; a puff 
j Bùli'o, a. comic 

Buffonare, and BuSoneggiire, to 
play the buffoon 

Butibncino, m. a buffoon 

Buffóne, m. a buffoon 

Buffoneria, /. pleasantry, buffoone- 
ry, raillery 

Buffonescamente, ad. pleasantly 

Buffonésco, a. droll, jestinj 
! Bufol''ccio, m. a clumsy, ignorant 

Bùfolo, and Bùfalo, m. a bufialo, 

I a wild ex ; pelle di bùfolo, buff- 
skin [ble 

Bubùlca, or Bubulcàta, /. an acre ! Bufonchiare, to mutter, to grum- 
(of land) [he trave Bugia. /. a lie, a hand candlestick 

Buca, /. a hole ; buca sepolcrik, j Bnglardamén'e, ad. feJsely 
Bucrre, to pierce, to make holes Bugiardo, to. a liar, a lyiug man 
Bucato, a. bored, pierced Bugiardo, a. false 

Bucato, m. washing vrith lie Bugiardòne, m. a great liar 

Bùccia, /. ricd. bark, shell, skin ; , Bugiare, to lie. to bore, to pierce 
tutti d' una bùccia, all of the ; Bullétta, /. a fib 
same cask Borio, m. a bole 

B'lccina, /. a trumpet ! Bugione, m, a great lie 

Buccinare, to sound a trumpet ; si ' Biiglóssa,/. borate 

bùccina, they «ay 
Bùccio, ni. tee Bùccia 
Buccióso, a. barky 
Buccòlica,/, pastoni verses 
Buccòlico, o. pastoral 

B'ìgno, rru a bee-hive 

Bùgnola, /. and Bùgnolo, m. a 

sTaw basket 
Buiétto, a. darkish [cow 

o. belonging to the ox, or 

iBucentóro, m. the doge's great 

ship at Venice 
I Bucherarne, to. buckram 
I r.uchei-ire, to s'and a candidate 
I Bucherato, a. full of holes, pitted 
I Bucicare, to move, stir, jog 
Bucinaraénto, ttu muttering, a 

buzzing, hemming 
I Bucinare, to whisper ; si bucina . Bulicame, ni. a spring, a scwxw 

Bùio, TO. daikness ; far le cose al 

bùio, to act in the dark 
Bùio, a. dark, gloomy, difficult, 

Buiore, m. darkness, gloominess 
Bulbo, TO, scallion, or bulbous root 
BuIlySso, a. bulbous 
Buldriana, /. a harlot, a whore 


Bulicare, to bubble 
Bùliina, /. a e o .vd 
Bólimo, m. bulimy (cauine ap- 
Bulino, ni. a gravin; tool 
Balletta, /. a ticket, a warrant, a 

Bullcttino, m. a bill, a schedule 
Buonamente, ad. truly, inJeed 
Buonavòglia, m. a volunteer 
Buondì, TTi. good day 
Buono, a. good, wholesome, fit ; 
buon' aria, healthy air j buon 
mercato, a cheap bargain ; darsi 
buon tempo, to live well ; buòne 
paróle, fair words; far buon viso 
ad alcuno, to receive one kind- 
ly ; andate alia buon' ora, God 
bless you ; èsser in buon senso, 
to be in one's senses ; di buòna 
fede, sincerely ; di buóu volére, 
unanimously; di buòna voglia, 
willingly ; colle buone, fi. with 
good words ; tra'tir colle buone, 
to use one kindly 
Buòno, m. a I vantage; benefit; 
bi buòno, to make good, to 
grant; buon per me, well for 
Burattéllo, ami Buratto, rn. a 

bolter, a bol'ing clo'h for meal 
Burattin'ta./. puppet-show 
Burattino, m. (fant^ccino) a puppet 
Eurban2a, /. os*en;a*ion, vaunting 
Burbanzare, to brag, to boast, to 
glory [haughtily 

Biu-banzosamén'e, ad. proudly, 
Burbanyós-', and Burbanzisco, a. 

arrogant, presumptuous 
Bùrbera, /. a crane 
Burbero, a. (lus'ero) rude, rough, 
crabbtfd ; guarl'<r birbero, a 
sour or surly look ; vi<o brirbe- 
ro, a proul and a sry 'a^e 
Bùrchia,/, and' r alia b'lrchia, to 

steal, to cn)-.y af'er ano'.her 
Burch'éllo, ni. a b')a' 
Btirchio, m. a wherry, a li?h'er 
Buriasso, m. a blister, a bragga- 
docio ; a h raid 
Fùria,/, mockery, raillery 
BurHre, to ridicule, jeer, banter ; 

burlirsi. to 'oke 
Burla'óre, m. a ban'erer 
Burl -«CO, a. fice'I'iu";. merry 
Burlétta./, conrc onera 
Burlévole, a. wretche-l [jester 

Burlonnccio, and Burlóre. m. a 
Burrasca,/, a tempest ; córrer bur- 

rAsci, to run a risk 
Burrascóso, a. stormy 
Burràto, m. a precipice 


I Burratt&re, to discuss 
I Burro, m. butter 
Burróne, m. a cliff 
Bumiso, a. buttery 
Busbaccare, to deceive, to cheat 
Busbaccheria, f. craft, trick, shift 
Busbacco, a7ui Busbaccòne, m. a 

Bùsbo, m. sharper, cheat 
Bùsc-i. /. a s^axch ; darsi alla btis- 

ca di qualcheduno, to be in quest 

of somebody ; andir alia busca, 

to go a begging 
Buscacchiare, to procure 
Busc'ire, to hunt after, to watch for 
Buscato, part, got, caught 
Buscatòre, m. searcher 
Buschétte, /. pi. little sticks, or 

straw; tirar le buschétte, to 

draw lots 
Buscióne, m. a bush of thorns 
Busco, m. see. Bruscolo 
Buscolino, m. an atom, or mote 
Busecchio, in. garbage 
Biiso, o. empty, bored 
Bussa, /. trouble, grief, fatigue, la- 
bour ; a blow, a strok". 
Bussaménto, m. a knocking 
Bussire, to knock 
Bussilo, part, knocked 
Bussatòre, m. be that knocks 
Bus e,/. pi. thumps, s'rokes 
Bòsso, m. noise, box-tree 
B'issola,/. the manner's compass; 

perder la bùssola, to be at one's 

wit's end 
B'ista, /. a rase 

B'is'o, m. a bust, stays, bodice 
Butirro, m. bu'ter 
Bu't'igra, /. (caviale) the smoked 

span n of fish 
Bun^re. to throw, fiin». thrust 
Buferaio, a, pitted with the small 

Bùttero, m. a pock-hole 
Bùturo, 771. a kind nf fat clay 
Buz7ic'ire, to sneak away, to 

Bu72Ìchéllo, and Bi!7zichio, wu a 

whisperinj. a small Loise 
Buzzo, m. a pin-cus^hion 

CA, f. (for c-isa) 
Cài-ala,/, knowledge of secret 
Cabalista, m. a cabalist 


Cabalistico, o. mysterious 

CalK<tt.'iggio, m. cruising (sea term) 

Cacacciaco, m. a foolish fellow 

Cacaiuola,/. looseness, diarrbcca 

Cacalòccbio ! an interjection of 

Cacào, m. tu Caccào 

Cacapensieri, m. one who raises 
difficul y 

CacJre, to void, to evacuate 

Cacasàngue, nt. (dissenteria) a 
dysentery, a bloody flux 

Cacasòdo, m. a conceited fellow, 
one that aU'ects to be grave 

Cacastécchi, m. a niggardly fellcw 

Cacata, /. the easing of the belly, 
a baffle [wardly 

Cacataménte, ad. slowly, awk- 

Cacatéssa, /. a prostitute 

Cacaoio, m. a necessary house 

Cacatura, /. the action of easing 
one's self 

Cacazil)étto, m. beauisb, nice 

Caccabildole, /. cjoler)- ; dar cac- 
cabildole, to please the fancy, 
to fawn 

Caccio, m. a sort of almond 

Cacchione, n». a maggot, a larva 
of ihe bee 

Cacchionòso, a. full of maggots 

Càccia,/, hunting, chasing, game; 
prènder caccia, to fiy away ; 
dar ciccia ad un vascèllo, 'to 
give a ship the chase; egli ha 
tatto buòna càccia, he has had 
good sport ; andar in caccia, to 

Cacciadiàvoli, m. a conjurer 

Cacciaftànni, a. merry 

Cacciagióne, /. gtinie, venison ; 
bosco da cacciagione, a wood 
for hunting 

Cacciaménio, m, expulsion; turn- 
ing out 

Cacciare, to hunt, to pursue, to 
turn out; cacciar un grido, to 
cry. cr scream out ; cacciar gli 
occhi ad uno, to pull the eyes 
out ; cacciarsi in una compa- 
gn'a, *o mtrude into a company 

Cacci'ta,/. expulsion 

Cacciato, part, chafed 

Catciatoia,/. piacers 

Cacciatóre, m. a hunter, a perse- 

Cacciatrice, /. a huntress ; in for- 
ma di cacciatrice, in a riding 

C'ccole,/. pX. blear-eyednM» 

Caccolóso, a. blear-cved 

Cacherèllo, m. the dung of sheep, 
rabbits, &c 


Cacherla, /. dalliance, wanton- 
Cacheróso, a. quaint, soft, delicate, 
wanton ; far ii cacbei-òso, to be 
a beau 
Cachessia, /. a bad habit of body 
Cachèttico, o. .elico) hectic, con- 
Cachinno, m. a loud laugh 
Caciato, a. strewed with cheese 
Càcio, m. cl.eese; èsser pane e 

càcio, to be very intimate 
Caciuóla, /. flat, round cheese 
Cacofonia", /. cacophony 
Cacografia,/, fauli in writing 
Cacogratìzzàre, to wri'e incorrectly 
Cactime, m. top, height, summit 
Cadauno, j^rcni. each one 
Cadavero, and Cadavere, ni. a 
dead body [cadaverous 

Cadaverico, and Cadaveroso, a. 
Cadènte, a. falling, declining 
Cadènza,/. caJence in uiusic 
Cadére, io fall d nvn ; far cader 
morto, lo strikj dead, to happen ; 
cader nell' ànimo, to come into 
one's though's ; cader in discor- 
so, to fall into discourse ; cader 
in tàglio, 10 fall out for one's 
purpose ; cadére, lo decay ; ca- 
der anmiali'.o, to fall sick ; se 
cadesse mai, if ever it should 
happen ; non cade a voi di ri- 
prendermi, it is not your busi- 
ness to correct me 
Cadétto, m. a younger brother 
Cadèvole, a. frail, perishable 
Cadiménto, m. destrucJon, fall, 

setting, despondency 
Caduceo, m. the «and of Mercury 
Caducità, /. frailty 
Caduco, a. frail, perishable ; 
cad fi che speranze, deceiving 
hopes; mal caduco, the falling 
Caduta,/, fall, falling 
Caduto, a. fallen, abiect, cast down 
Caffè, ni. coflèe, coffee-house 
Caffeista, m. a coffee-drinker 
Caffettièra, /. „ cottèe-pol 
Caffettière, m. a coffee-house 

Caffo, m. an odd number, singu- 
lar, rare, extraoidir.ary 
Cagionamèn'.o, m. cause, occasion 
Cagionare, to occasion, inspute, 
charge [puted 

Cagionato, •part, occasioned, im- 
Casionatóre, ni. one that causes 
Caginncélla, /. a little cause, pre- 
tence [excuse 
Cagióne, /. cause, reason, motive, 


Cagionévole, a. sickly, valetudi- 

Ciglia, (from Calére) ove non 
ciglia a te, provided you care 
not for it 

Cagliare, to decay, to grow faint 

CAgna, /. a bitch 

Cagnàccio, m. a mastiff dog 

Cagnàzzo, a. ugly, livid 

Cagneggiare, to menace 

Cagnescamente, ad. surlily 

Cagnésco, a. doggish, brutish ; 
guardare in cagnésco, to look 

Cagnolétto, Cagnolino, Cagnétto, 
Cagnùccio, aiid Cagnuólo, m. a 
little dog, a puppy 

Cagnòtto, m. a bravo, a favourite 

CàFa, /. bay, road for ships ; duck- 
in r, a sea punishment 

Calabróne, m. a hornet 

Calafatare, to calk a ship, to stop 
her leaks 

Calafato, part, calked 

Calaniàia,/. Calamaio, m. an ink- 
horn, cr stand ; scuttle fish 

Calamandrlna, /. germander 

Calameggiare, to pipe 

Calamita, /. the loadstone, the 
needle of the compass 

Calamità,/, misery, distress 

Calamitare, to magnetize 

Calamitato, a. belonging to the 

Calamitosamente, ad. unhappily 

Calamitóso, a. miserable, dis- 

Cnlamo, m. a reed, a pen 

Calandra,/, the bird woodlark - 

Calàppio, m, a sliding knot, a 

Calare, to let fall, to cast down, to 
descend, decrease, decay, to ebb 
and flow 

Calata, /. descent of a hill, les- 
sening, fall 

Calca, f. crowd, multitude 

Calcagniire, to run away 

Calca^lno, m. the quarter of a 
shoe, the heels ; andar a calca- 
gnlni, to walk slip-b'iod 

Calcagno, m. the heel ; dar delle 
calcagna, to spur ; pag:ir di cal- 
cagna, to run away 

Calcaménto, m. pressing, treading 

Calcare, to press, tread upon, to 

Calcatamente, ad. closely 

Calcito, a. pressed, crowded ; via 
calcita, the kins's highway 

Calca '.óre, ni. a treader: calcatór 


d'uva, a treader of grapes ; caV 
catrlce,/. a woman treader 
Calcatura, /. a trampling under 

one's feet 
CAlce,/. lime 
Ci Le, ra. end of a lance 
Calcèse, m. a scuttle in a ship 
Calcètto, ni. a sock, pumps 
Calcicare, to resist, to trample 
Calcidóuio, and Calcedònio, m. a 

sort of precious stone 
Calcina,/, lime; calcina fioriìa, 

slacked lime 
Calcinàccio, m. rubbish, ruins 
Calcinare, to calcine, to bum to a 

Calcinato, a. calcined, reduced to 

Calcirazióne, and Calcinahira,> 
calcination, reduction to powde/ 
Càlcio, ni. a kick ; dar de" calci, 
to kick ; the foot ^ dar calci alla 
richézze, to despise riches ; dar 
calci al vènto, to kick the air, to 
be hanged 
Calcitrare, to kick, to resist 
Calcitrazióne,/. kicking 
Calcitrós»!, a. kicking 
C^lco, m. chalking (a design or 

Calcolaiuolo, m. a weaver 
Calcolare, to con.pu'e, calculate 
Calcolilo, fart, reckoned, com- 

Calcolatore, m. an accountant 
Calcnle, /. pi. a weaver's treadle 
Càlcolo, and Calculo, m. compu- 
lation, account [der 
Càlcolo, m. the stone in the blad- 
Calcoló50, a. troubled with gravel 
Calculire, to calculate 
Calculazióne,/. calculation 
Calda, /. the act of heaMng ; pig- 
li 're una calda, to ca'ch cold 
Caldàia, /. and Caldàio, or Cai- 
diro, m. caldron, kettle, pot 
Caldamène, ad. ardently, eagerly, 
furiously ; pregar caldamente, to 
entreat earnestly 
Caldina,/, a cold ; mid-day heat 
Caldano, m. a stove 
Caldegjiire, to pro'ect 
Calderaio, m. a brazier, or tinker 
Calderino, rru the goldfinch 
Calderóne, m. a great kettle 
Calderotto, m. a pot 
Caldemóla,/ 3 skillet 
Caldétio, a. milk-warm 
Caldézza, /. warmth, earnestness 
Caldità,/. heat 

Caldo, m. heat, protection, vig» 


Caldo, a. hot, wann, kind, hearty, 
proud. Caldo cai lo, ad. io a 
moment, immeJiately 
Caldiiccio, m. a sninll heat 
Caldura,/, sul'ry heat 
Calefalire, to caìk ships 
Calendària, m. an almanack 
Calénde, /. pU calends, the first 

day of 'he month 
Colente, a. non calJnte, careless 
Calepino, m. a calepiu (a dictiona- 


nere, to care, to be concerned 
for; il vostro onore mi cale, I 
am jealous of your honour; 
méttere in non calére, or cale, 
to neglect ; ho nie.sso in non 
calére o;ni pensiero di vendétta, 
I think no more of revenge 
Calésso, m. a cala^^h 
Caléstro, 771. san 1y, sterile ground 
Calla./, a jo, no;hin» 
Calibe, m. steel [onlnance) 

Calibrlre, to dispart, (a piece of 
Calibro, m. the s'amp, parts, tc. 

of a person ; the bore f a sun 
Càlice, m. chalice, commumon 

Calidi'À,/. heat, warmth 
Calido, o. hot, warm 
Califfo, m. a cnliph 
Caliarire, to grow dark, dim 
Caligine, /. mist, blindness, igno- 
Caliginóso, a. dark, mis'y, obscure 
Calla, aiid CalLkia, /. entrance, 

Callaiuola, /. a net, or snare 
Calle, tn. pa h, road, s'reet, pa:sa5e 
Callidi à,/. c'tift, cunning 
Càllido, a. craf y 
Calligrafia, /. the art of writing 

Calligrafo, m. a writin?-master 
Callo, m. a com, a lia-rl skin 
Callorla,/. dunginr fields 
Callosità,/, hardness of flesh 
Callóso, a. callous, hard 
Calma, /. a calm 
Calmire, to quiet, pacify 
Calmato, a calmed, appex-Jcd 
Calo, m. decay, diminuMnn, fall 
(of monpy, &c.) ; descen*. stream 
Calóre, ».-..'hea% warmth, love 
Caloria, /. fierce heat 
Calorifico, a. waroiin». heating 
Calorosamén'e, ad. arden'ly 
Caloróso, a. hot, of warm temper 
Calòscio, a. 'ender, d.-lica'e 
Calpestaménto, m. tramr'liii? upon 
Calpestare, to trample, slii^ht, 


Calpestita,/. high road 
Calpestato, a. trod, trampled 
Calpestatóre, m. a trauipler 
Calpestio, m. stamping, clattering 

with the feet 
Callisto, a. trodden [off 

Calterire, to gall, to rub the skin 
Calterito, o. sore, galled, iiupure ; 

consci inza calterita, foul con- 

Cal'e it'jra, /. scratch, encoriation 
Calugine, and CalOgàne, /. the 

Calumare, to veer the cable 
Cai inuia,/. slander [tract 

Calurniire, to slander, asperse, de- 
C'alunni.óto, a. calumniated, ac- 
cused falsely 
Caluiinia'óre, m. slaivierer 
Caluuniosamén'e, ad. fal-*ly 
Calunnióso, a. calumnious, false 
Caluria,/. manuring 
Calvare,' to nake bald; calv.arsi, 

to bec'tme bald 
Calvézza, Calvizie, /. and Cai- 
vizio, m. baldness 
Calvinismo, m. Calvinism 
Calvinista, m. a Calviuist 
Calvo, a. bald [head 

C'Ivo, m. the bald part of the 
Cil?a, /. stockings, a strainer, a 

Calzacela,/, old stockings 
Calzaiuòlo, m. a hosier [in?s 

Calzamcnto, m. shoes and stock- 
Calzante, a. easy to rome on 
Calz'ire, ti put on shoes and stock- 
Cai 7 -re. m. shoe, buskin 
Calzarittd, m. half-boot 
Calzarino, m. buskin 
Calz'ito. a. having shoes and stock- 
ings on 
Cal-atóia, /. a shoe-hom 
Calz^r-a./. stocking 
Calzettaio, m. a hosier 
C'bo, m. shoes and s'ockings 
Calzol'iio, m. a shoe-maker 
Calzoleria, /. a shoe-makers shop 
Calzóni, m. pi. breeches 
Cabuólo, m. the chape of a scab- 
Cam' glio, m. a coat of mail 
Camaleóne, /. the thistle 
Camale'in'e, m. a reptile chamelion 
Can anillla, and Camomilla, /. 

Camangiire, m. greens, dishes 
Camarlingato, m. chamberlain- 
Camarlingo, m. chamberlain 
Carnato, m. a stick 


CamAuro, m. the pope'» triple 

Cambellotto, m. camlet 
Canibiibile, a. chanreable 
Cambiadore, m. a ba:.ker 
Cambiale, /. a bill of exchange; 
cambiilt pa;;il)ile al latóre, a 
bill payable to bearer 
Cainbiamcn'o, m. aiid Cambiatu- 
ra,/, change, vicissitude 
Canibilre, to turn, cLanie, alter'; 
to exi-hange, to truck ; canibi.arsf, 
to ':hii;^fc colour ; cambiarsi 
in male, to derenerate 
Can.biito, a. aiterei, transformed ; 
é tutto can- b: to, lie is much 
al'enid, qui-e ano'hcr thing 
Cajnbia'ire, m. e.\chai) ;er ; banker 
Cambia'i'ira, /. change, fresh 
horses; andar per cambiatura, 
to ri.le po .; 
C.imbio, m. chaage, exchange ; in 
c'mbio, insteal ; collier in cam- 
bio, to be mistaken ; lèttera di 
C'mbio, abili of e\(:iange; cam 
bio secco, exchange witliout al- 
lowajic^ , rénler ',' cambio, to 
requite, to be even with one; 
dare a ca.iibio, to lend at interest 
C'ambis'a, Jii. a banker 
Cambri.a,/. lawn, cunbric 
Camera, /. chamber, room ; càme- 
ra bc'inla, furnished lodgings 
c'>me;n Ji letto, beii<hamber; 
cimerà d' udi.;nza, audience 
chamber; cuneia terr^-na, par- 
lour ; c'imera ("i [«ppa, a cabin 
Camer'ccin,/. a mise'-able room 
Camen'ile, a. tjelon^ng to a cham- 
Camerata, /. club, society ; un 

caiiier'i'x, a companion 
Camerétta,/, a little room 
Cameric-a, /. a chanibermaid 
Cameriere, m. a valet, groom 
Camerino, rri. clof ;, small room, a 

c-abin, (in a ship) 
Camerlln.'o, m. a chamberlain 
Camerniie, M. a large room 
Camerotto, ni. a dunjeon 
Càmice, m. a plies'. 's white gar- 
CaiTiicia, f. a shir», shift 
Camiciuola, /. a wais'coat 
Caminire, see Canminàre 
Cammèllo, rn. a cam I 
Cammèo, m. a precious stone in 
basso relievo [p,assenger 

Camniin'tnte, o. lrav«illing ; m. a 
Cammin'ire, to wallf. travel 
Camminare, m, a n arch, journey 
Camminata, /. a hail i a walk j 



fare una. camminata, to take a I Camuffato, o. disguised, masked 

walk [bl 

Camminatóre, m. walker, ram- 
Cammino, m. way, roa I, journey ; 
a chimney ; mettersi in cammi- 
no, to se't out on a journey; 
métter un negozio in cammino, 
to set a thing a going 
Camo, m. a bridle, bit, rein 
Camòrro, m. a clown 
Camosciare, to dress leather, to tan 
Camoscio, m. tanned lea'Jier ; 

Camòscio, a. fiat-nosed 
Camòzza, /. a wild goat, a chamois 
Campagna, /. the countiy, a 
canipaigii ; méttersi in raimpà- 
gna, to Take the fie'd 
Campaguuolo, a. rural ; un cam- 

pagnuólo, a countryman 

Campale, o. perlai ninj to the 

field; baltiglia campile, gioì- 

nata campale, a pitched battle 

Campaménto, m. encampment ; 

Campana, /. a bell, alembic, still ; 
far la campana, d'un pezzo, to 
do a thing at once ; aver le 
campine grosse, to be dull of 
Campanaio, mid Campanaro, m. 

a ringer, a bell-fiunier 
Campanèlla, f. and Campanèllo, 
m. a small bell ; campanèlla, 
the blue bell flower 
Campanile, m. a belfry, a steeple 
Campare, to preserve, to live ; 
campare dalla mòrte, to save 
one's self ; campar dalla giit- 
stlzia, to fly from justice ; non ne 
campò uno, not one escaped 
Campato, a. escaped 
Campezgiaménto, m. encampment 
Campersriire, to encamp, to shine, 

to set oil' 
CampégTÌo, m. Iotwot i 
Camperéccio, a. wild, rural 
Camperei lo, and Cam|jicéllo, m. 

a small field 
Campèstre, and Campèstre, a. m 
lal [tol 

Campidòglio, m. the Roman capi- 
Campióne, m. a champion, a jour- 
nal, a shop-bonk 
Campionéssa, /. a heroine 
Campo, m. a field, a square ; a 
camp ; il campo, to de- 
camp ; dar campo, to sive op- 
portunity ; dar campo apèrto, to 
give liberty ; campo della nave, 
the deck 
Camuffile, to disguise, to mask 

Camuso, a. flat 

Cauiglia, and Canagliiccia, /. 

mob, rabble 
Canile, rn. a canrj, kennel 
Canalétto, m. a little canal 
Cànapa,/, hemp 

Canapàia, /. a hemp-neld , 

Cànape, and Cànapo, m. rope, | 
cable I 

Canapè, m. sofa | 

Canapino, a. of hemp, hempen i 
Caiiapùccia,/. hemp-seed | 

Canarino, m. a canary-bird I 

Canata, /. scolding i 

Canatteria, /. many dogs 
Canattière, m. a dog-keeper 
Canavàccio, m. canvass, towel, | 
clout [blotting out I 

Cancellaménto, m. cancelliug, 
Cancellare, to cancel, deface, yield, 

to close with rails 
Cancellilo, part, cancelled 
Cancellatura, aiid Cancellazióne, 

/. cancelling, effacing 
Cancellerésco, a. belonging to 

Cancelleria, /. chancery 
Cancellière, m. clerk, chancellor 
Cancèllo, in. pales, balustrades, a 

Cànchero, m. a canker, sore 
Cànchero, and Cacchenisse, interj. 

Cancheróso, a. full of sores 
Cancrèna,/, a gangrene 
Cancren-ire, to gangrene 
Cancrenato, a. ganrrened 
Cancrenóso, a. gangrenous 
Cincro, m. Canceri a crab 
Candéla./, a candle 
Candelabro, m. a candlestick 
Candelàia, Candel.àra, Candelòra, 

a?!rf Caudellàia,/. Candlemas 

Candelliére, m. candlestick 

Candelòtto, m. and Candi'luTya, 

/. a small candle ; candelòtto di 

jhiàccio, an icicle 

Candènte, a. burniMg, red hot, 

Caadidaménte, ad. candidly 
Candidato, m. a caiididate for an 

Candidato, a. dressed in white 
Candidézza, /. brijhtness, sinceri- 
tj-, candour, purity [cent 

Càndido, a. white, sincere, inno- 
Candificàre, to heat 
Candire, to candy, or preserve 
Candito, a. zucchero candito, sugar 

Candito, m. candied fruit 


Candore, m. whiteness, sincerity, 

Cane, m. a dog; the cock of a 
gun; dog-star; cane livriere, a 
greyhound ; cane segiigio, a set- 
ting dog; cane bai bòne, or da 
acqua a shagged dog 
Canestrèllo, and Canestrino, m. a 
little basket [basket 

Canèstra, /. arut Canestro, m. a 
Cànfora, /. camphire 
Canforato, a. camphorated 
Cangiàbile, a. changeable 
Cangiante, a. changing 
Cangi ire, to chanje, turn, alter 
Cangiato, part, changed, altered 
Canicola, /. the dog-star ; do» 
days [daj'S 

Canicolije, a. arinmi canicolari, dog 
Canile, m. a dog-kennel 
Caninaménte, ad. dog-like, furious- 
Canino, m. a pup 
Canino, o. doggish, canine ; fame 
canina, canine hunger; denti 
canini, the eve te^th 
Canizie, /. old age, hoary hair 
C'lnna. f. a cane, a reed ; the gul- 
let ; an ell ; canoa d' archibuso, 
the iKurel of a gun ; canta d' 
òrgano, the pipe of an orjan 
canna da pescare, a fishing-rod 
Cannamèle, /. a sugar-cane 
Cannèlla,/, a ws'er-pipc; a spigot, 

a cock, cinnamon 
Carnei lato, a. seasoned with cin- 
Cannelléna, Cannellina, /. and 
Cannellino, m. a spigot, a cane, 
a reed 
Cannèllo, m. a reed, or pipe, a 

Cannéto, m. a place where canes 

and reeds grow 
Cannibale, a. rustic, rough fellow 
I Cannocchi Me, and Canocchiale, 
m. a perspective glass ; a tele- 
I Cannonila./, a cannon-shot 
Cannoncéllo, and Cannoncino, m. 

a little cannon, a wa'er-pipe 
Cannóne, m. a cannon; leggins, 
pipe ; cannóne del rollo, the 
Canuoncgjiare, to cannonade 
I Cannonièra, /. a hole to shoot 
I through ; a |>ort-hole 
Camioniére, m. a junner 
Cannóso, a. full of reeds 
Cannuccia, f. a small reed 
Càno, a. grav 
I Canòa,/, and Canoe, m. a canoa 


Cànone, m. a canon, or church- 
law [canons live 
Canonica, /. the place where 
Canonicale, a. canonical 
Canonicamente, ad. canonically 
Canouicito, m. a canon's place n 

a cathedral 
Canonichessa, /. a canoness 
Canonico, a. canonical 
Canònico, m. a canon 
Canonista, m. a cano-jist 
Canonizzire, to canonize 
Canonizzazióne, /. canonization, 

Canopè, m. a canopy bed 
Canòro, a~ harmonious 
Cànova, /. a cellar, a buttery 
Canovàio, m. a butler, a store- 
Cansàre, to remove, to escape ; 
carisar di pericolo, to secure, save 
Causato, a. taken away ; escaped 
Cat labile, a. proper to sing 
Cantacchiare, to sing badly, chirp, 

Can'iafavola, m. idle story, tale 
Cantambinco, m. a mountebank 
Cantaniénto, m. a son», singing 
Cant'inte, a. singing, gay 
Cantare, to sin;, to crow, praise ; 
cant'xr il vespro a qualchediino, 
to rattle, scold 
Cantaro, m. a stone weieht, a ton 
Cantata,/, a poem set to'music 
Cantato, a. messa cantata, high 

Can'atóre, m. a sinsei 
Cantatrlce,/. a female singer 
Can'erell.ire, see Cantacchiire 
Canterèlle, /. pi. canthariJes, 

Spanish flies 
Canterina, /. arid Canterino, m. 

a chanter, songster 
Càntero, t/i. a close-stool pan 
Cantertjto, a. angular 
Càntica, f. the Song of Solomon 
Canticchiare, to sing low ; to hum 
Càrtico, m. a spiritual son? 
Cantilena, f. a song, a ballad 
Cantilenàccia, /. bad singing 
Cantilenare, to sing 
Cantimplòra, /. a great botile, to 

put in an ice-pail 
Cantina, f. a cave, a cellar 
Cautinetta, /. a little cellar, an ice- 
pail [butler 
Cantin'ére, 07id Cantiniere, m. a 
Cantino, m. the smaller string of a 

musical instrument 
Canto, m. a song; canto, side; 
ID e sempre a cauto, he is al .vays 


near me ; canto (angolo), comer ; 
mettetelo in un canto, put i^ in 
a corner. A canto, ad. by, part, 

Canton'ita,/. comer, angle 

Can'oncéllo, aìid Cantonclno, m. 
a little corner, ur angle 

Cantóne, ni. a comer ; a cor- 
ner stone ; i treciici cantóni de- 
gli Svizzeri, the thir.een cantons 
of the Switzers [tiiutc 

Cantoniera, /. a stmmpet, a pros- 

Cantonijto, a. cornered 

Cantóre, m. a singer 

Cantucciàio, m. a pastry cook ; 

Cantticcio, m. a biscuit 

Canutamente, ad. prudently, cau- 
tiously [;ijajl.ess 

Canutézza,/, hoariness, whiteness, 

Canutiglia,/, tinsel 

Canuto, a. gray, hoary ; età canu- 
ta, old age 

Canzona, and Ca. zone, /. song, 
canzonet ; dar canzone, to gi-e 
fair « ords ; méttere in canzóne, 
to laush at ; èssere in canzóne, 
to be laughed at 

Cauzotiàre,~to tell idle stories; to 
sc)ff. banter 

Canzonatura,/, mockery 

Canz.inclna, arul Canzonétta, /. a 
short sfing 

Canzoniere, iti. lyric poems 

Càos, m. confusion, chaos 

Capaccio, a. obstinate, stubborn 

Capnce, a. capable, skilful, large, 

Capacità, Capaci'àde, and Capa- 
citate,/, ability, skilfulness 

Cajjaci'Are, to enai)le, to convince ; 
capacit/irsi, to be persuaxIeJ 

Capacitate, a. convinced, sensible 
of [amis) 

Capav'iito, a. pointed, sharp (of 

Capanna, Capannèllo, Capannuóla, 
aivl Capanné'ta, /. a cof age ; 
capanna del cammino, a mantel- 
tree [cottage 

Capanno, m. a tha'ched h^use, 

Capannója, /. an .assembly, club 

Capannriccia, /. a cradle 

Capaiinuccio, m. a bonfire 

Caparbieria, and Caparbietà, /. 
obs'inacy, wilfulness 

Capàrbio, a. f-owa''d, wilful, stub- 
bom ; spirito capàrbio, fierce, 

Caparra, /. and Caparraménto, m. 
earnest money 

Caparrare, to bespeak, to give ear- 



Caparróne, a. foolish, stupid 
Capassóne, a. silly, fr^jlish, dull 
C3|)àta,/. a blow ivjih the bead 
Capecchio, m. trash, or fiock 
Capélli,/, a kid 
Capellaménto, m. Capella*1ira, 

and Capellièra,/, head of hair, 

periwig, false hair, a hat box 
Capéllo, m. hair 
Capelluto, o. hairy 
Capel-.enere, aiid Capelvénero, rtu 

the herb maiden-hair 
Capere, to contain, to understand, 

to take 
Capestreria, /. elej^Jice, grace 
Capestro, m.- a rof;, baiter; a 

wicked fellow 
Capestn'izzo, m. a rascal, a rogue 
CajxJtto, m. a little head 
Cajievole, a. caparle; 
Cajiezzale, m. a b:ud; a bolster; 

èsser al capezzale, to be at the 

p'liiit of death 
Capézzolo, m. the nipple 
Capicório, m. a vestrj-keeper 
Capifuòco, m. an andiron 
Capillare, a. like hair, hairv-, 

Capillito.'o. hairy 
Capillizio, m. a h>:-ad of hair 
Capiménto, m. tapaciousness 
Capina'céc:e, ni, a live-hair wi» 
Capipàrte, and Capi[)ópoIo, m. the 

head of a party 
Capire, to comprehend, understand, 

hold ; Don capire in se stésso, to 

be overjoyei 
Capisól !o, m. bounty, gratuity 
Capitale, m. capital.' wealth, stock, 

esteem ; far capitale d'uno, to 

depend on ; facria capitale di 

me in tutto, dispose of me as yoo 

pi ea« 
Capitale, a. capi'al, principal 
Capi'alménte, ad. capitally ; fti 

punito capitalmente, hesutfeied 

Capitana,/, the admiral's ship 
Capi'an'inza, and Capitaneria, /. 

the command of an amiy 
Capitanare, to moke commanders 
Capitaaato, part, commanded, 

Capitanato, m. captaincy 
Capitanejgiàre, 'o command troops 
Capitano, m. captain, commander, 

governor; minis er of justice 
Capitare, to arrive at, to complete ; 

capitare male, to fall into mi»- 

fonune; capi'àr nelle mani, to 

fall into one's hands ; far capitar, 

to cause to be delivered ; gli farò 


capitare la vostra lettera, I'll 
send him your letter 
Capitato, part, arrived 
Capitazióne, /. poll-money 
Capitèllo, m. the head nf" a pillar, 

the head-ban>l of a bock 
Capitolante, m. a member of a 

Capitolare, to capitulate, to treat ; 

to divide into chaptri-s 
Capitolato, pcirt. capitulated 
Capitolazione, /. covenant, agree- 
ment [capiioline Jupiter 
Capitolino, a. Giove capitolino. 
Capitolo, m, a chapter; chapter, 
err assembly ; a chapter-house ; 
the head -baud of a book 
Capitoli, m. pi. accord, convention 
Capitombolare, to fai! headlong 
Capitómbolo, m. a tumble 
Capitóne, m. coarse silk 
Capitóso, a. obslinate 
C^po, m. head, beginning w end ; 
cause. Da capo, aa. ajain j da 
capo a piedi, from top to toe ; 
capo per capo, minutely; capo, 
chief, leader, captain ; s' è messo 
in capo d'ésScT il lìrimo poèta di 
Roma, he fancies himself to be 
the best poet in Rome ; métter 
nel capo, to make one believe. 
Capo, end ; in capo del mese, at 
the month's end ; venir a capo, 
to come to an end. Capo, a cape, 
cr promontory ; métter capo, to 
disburden ; riuianer col capo 
rotto, to have the worst ; far ca- 
po da uno, to apply to one ; far 
capo, to oppose, resist ; non aver 
altro in capo, to think of notliing 
else ; capr d'anno, new year's 
day ; capo di contrada, alder- 
man of a ward 
Capobandito, m. chief of banditti, 

of highwaymen 
Capobombanlière. m. a command 

er of bombardiers 
Capocaccia, m. a prince's chief 

Capòcchia, /. the head of a stick 
Capòcchio, a. silly, foolish ; un ca- 
pòcchio, a blockhead 
Capocénso, m. poll-money 
Capocróce, ni. a crcss-wav, m 
street " [en 

Capocuòco, m. a clerk of the kitch- 
CapogàttOjVn. the staggers 
Capogirlo, m. giddiness 
Capogiro, m. a frolic, crotchet. 

Capolavoro, m. a masterpiece 
Capolétto, m. the bed's head 


Capolevare, to fall the head fore- ] 

Capolino, m. a little head ; far ca- 
polino, to spy through a hole 
Capolo, ni. handle I 

Capomaestro, m. a master-builder, I 

a chief, superintendent | 

Caponàggiue, aìxd Caponeria, /. 

Caponamènte, ad. obstinately 
Capóne, a. obstinate 
Capóne, m. a stubborn man 
Capopiède, m. a folly, error 
Capopiède, ad. head over heels 
Capopòpolo, m. leader, ring-leader 
Caporale, m. a corporal, captain 
Caporale, a. principal 
Caporióne, rtì. a commander 
Caposóldo, m. a bounty 
Caposquadra, in. a commodore 
Capoverso, m. the beginning of a 

Capovòlgere, and Capovoltare, to 

turn upside doun [changed 

Capovólio, part, upside dovi n. 
Cappa, f. a cloak, the scallop fish, 

a churchman's cape 
Cappare, to pick; choose 
Cappato, part, picked, culled 
Cappèlla, /. a chapel, a piivate 

chapel ; musicians of a chapel ; 

maestro di cappèlla, a master of 

Cappellficcio, m. a large, bad hat 
Cappellàio, m. a hatter 
Cappellani!,/, a church-living 
Cappellano, m. a chaplain 
Cappellétta. and Cappellina, /. a 

small chapel 
Cappellétto, and Cappellino, m. 

a smart hat 
Cappellièra,/, a hat box 
Cappellin&io, m. a rack (to hang 

thinjs on) 
Cappèllo, m. a hat, a cardinal's 

hat ; cappél di fungo, the top cf 

a mushroom 
Cappellóne, m. a large hat 
Cappellijccio, m. an old hat 
Cappelluto, part, tufed, crested 
Càpperi ! intaj. see Cappita 
Càppero, m. capers 
Capperóne, in. a capuch, a cap 
Capperuccio, m. a camail, capuch 
Cappiètto, m. a sliding knot 
Càppio, m, a runnins; knot 
Cappita ! interj. heyday ! 
Capponàia, /. a mew, or coop, (to 

keep fowls in) 
Capponare, to capon 
Capponato, part, caponed 
Capponcéllo, m. a youag capon 


Cappóne, m. capon 

Capponiera, /. a sort of trench 

with loop-holes to fire out at 

Cappotto, m. a sort of cloak ; fcir 

uno cappotto, to capot at piquet 

Cappuccino, m. a capuchin friar 

Cappiiccio, nt. a cowl, a hood; 

Capra, /. a goat ; salvar la capra 
e i càvoli, do good to one with- 
out hurting another [herd 
Capraio, and Capràro, m. a goat- 
Capres'eria, /. a frolic 
Caprétta, aitd Caprettina,/. a she- 
kid [kid 
Caprétto, and Caprettino, m. a 
Capiibarbicornlpede, a. goat-foot- 
Capricciàre, to quake, to tremble 
Capriccio, m. shaking in a fever; 
freak, whim, fancy ; aver ca- 
prlcciod'una cosa, to long for any 
Capricciosamente, ad. capricioi'sly 
Ca|)ricciosità, /. extravagance 
Cap- icciós'), a. humorsome 
Capricorno, in. Capricorn 
Caprifico, m. a wild fig-tree 
Caprifoglio, and Caprifólioj m. 

honeysuckle, or shrub trefoil 
Caprijno, and Caprino, a. goatish 
Caprio, atid Capriuolo, m. a wild 

goat, a roe-buck 
Capriòla, and Capri uóla,/. a wild 
she-goat; capriòla, a caper ia 
Capriolare, to cut capers 
Capriolétto, m. a fawn 
Caprone, m. a he-goat, a cuckold 
Capòccio, TO. a little head 
Capzióso, a. captious 
Carabàttole,/, pi. rags, trifles 
Caràbe, m. a sort of amber 
Carabina,/, a carabine 
Carabinière, m. a carabineer 
Caracollare, to wheel about 
Caracòllo, to. wheeling about 
Caraffa,/, a flagon, a bottle 
Carati ina,/, a small flagon 
CaraiTóne, to. a large tlagon 
Caramente, ad. dearly, tenderly ; 
vi prego caramente, I entreat 
you ; me la pagherai caramente, 
you shall pay dear 
Caramógio, m. a dwarf 
Carapignàrsi, to quirk, to cavil 
Cara'àre, to consider, to deliberate 
Caratato, part, considered, pork- 

Caratèllo, to. a keg for liquor 
Carato, to. a carat ; uno sciòcco di 
ventiquattro carati, a great fool 


Caràttere, m. character, mark, 
print ; hand ; letter , dignity, 
Caratteristica,/, a characteiistic 
Caratteristico, a. characteristic 
Caratterizzare, to cliaiacterize, de- 
Caravèlla./, a small ship 
Carbonàia, /. a coal -pi ; ; a ditch, 
a dungeon, prison ; a coal- woman 
Carbonàio, m. a coal-man 
Carboncello. and Carbonchio, m. 

a carbuncle, a little coal 
Carbonchióso, a. burn', overdone 
Carbóne, »n. coal ; a niisùi'a di 

carbóne, plentifully 
Carcame, m. a carcass ; a carca- 
net (a chain of precious stones, 
Carcàre, to load 
Carcassa,/, a kind of bomb 
Carcàsso, m. a quiver for arrows 
Carcàto, a. loaded 
Carceramcnto, m. imprisonment 
Carcerare, to imprison 
Carcerato, a. imprisoned 
Carceratóre, m. he who imprisons 
Carcerazióne, /. imprisonment 
Carcere, m. or/, a prisoa 
Carcerière,»»!, a jailer 
Carciófano, Carciotalo, and Car- 
ciófo, m. ar ichoka 
Carco, m. charj;e, burden, load 
Carco, a. loaded ; t;\iesta nostra 
vita è carca di guài, this life is 
full of troubles 
Cardare, to card wool, to slander 
Cardato, part, carded 
Cardatóre, m. a carder, a slanderer 
Cardatura, /. airdin? 
Cardeggiàre, to card, to slander 
Cardeggiàto, part, car led, vilified 
Cardellétto, and Cardellino, 7»i. a 

finch, a linnet 
Cardinalato, m. cardinalsbip 
Cardinale, »»i. a cardinal, a hinge 
Cardinalésco, and Carlinallzio, a. 

belonging to a car linai 
Cardinali, a. pi. principal ; le 
virtu cardinali, principal vir- 
tues: punti cardm.'ili, cardinal 
points; nùmeri cardinali, cardi- 
nal numbers 
Càrdine, m. the hinge of a gate ; 
i càrdini de! mondo, the poles 
of the earth 
Cardo, m. a thistle ; a card for wool 
Cardosànto, »»i. a holy thistle 
Careggiare, to coax, flatter, whee- 
dle ; careggiare, to esteem, value 
Careggiato, part, coaxed, caressed 
Carèllo, m. a cushioa 


Carèna, /. the keel of a ship ; dar 

carèna, to careen 
Carenàgj;io, m. careening, or a 

careening place 
Carenare, to careen 
Carènte, a. needy, defective 
Carestia,/, dearth, scarcity 
Carézza, /. flattery; far carézze, 
to caress, fawn [tery 

Carezzamento, »»i. caressing, flat- 
Carezzàre, to caress, cajole 
Carezzato, part, caressed 
Carezzèvole, a. caressing, flatter- 
ing, alluring 
Carezzevolmente, ad. kindly 
Carezzina,/. allurement 
Carezzóccia, /. clownish caresses 
Càrica,/, burden, load ; the charge 
of a gun ; io ho la càrica di 
questo, I have charge of this ; 
dar la càrica al nemico, to at- 
tack the enemy 
Caricaménto, m. burden 
Caricante, a. charged 
Caricare, to load, burden; cari- 
care un archibùso, to charge a 
gun, to charge with a crime ; 
caricar la memòria, to clog the 
memory ; caricar uno di basto- 
nàte, to beat one severely ; cari- 
carla ad uno, to play tricks with 
one ; caricarsi, to take upon 
one's self 
Carica'aménte, ad. aggravatingly 
Caricato, part, loadtxi 
Caricatóre, »»i. and Caricatrice,/. 

he or she that loads 
Caricatura,/, a caricature 
Càrico, »n. burden, load, care, 
blame ; nave da càrico, a mer- 
chant ship ; dar il càrico di 
qualche cosa ad uno, to intrust 
a person 
Càrico, a. loaded ; càrico di vino, 

Cài le, /. rottenness 
Carina, and Carino, my dear 
Carióso, a. rotten, wormeaten 
Carisma, /. a grace, favour 
Carità, Carifc'ide, and Caritàte, /. 
charity; far la carità, to give 
alms ; carità pelósa, selfish 
Caritatévole, and Caritévole, a. 

Caritatevolmente, and Caritativa- 
mente, ud. charitably 
Caritativo, a. merciful, charitable 
Carlóna, /. alla carlóna, ad. 
coarsely, clownishly, cordially, 
Caline, m. a poem 


CarmeliLóno, »>i. a Carmelite friar 
Carminare, to card wool 
Carminalo, part, carded 
Caniiluio, m. carmine (fine red 

col lur) 
Carnàccia,/. carrion 
Carnaccio.o, a. full nf flesh 
Carnàggio, »Ji. flesh meat 
C;arnagióne, /. the complexion , 
una carnagione bianca e vivace, 
a fair, lively e mplexion 
Cam Ho, m. a. charnel-house 
Cari;àle, a. akin, carnal, sensual, 
humane, kind ; fratèllo carnale, 
an own brother 
Carnalità,/, sensuality, lust 
Carnalmente, ad. sensually 
Carname, m. carrion, carcass 
Carnascialare, to give up to unlaw- 
ful pleasure, gluttony 
Carnasciale, »»i. the three last days 

of the carnival 
Carnascialésco, a. of carnival 
C irne,/, flesh, meat, pulp of fruit ; 
èsser in came, to be fat ; far 
carne, to slaughter ; métter trop- 
pa carne a fuoco, to undertake 
too much ; carne grtissa, butch- 
er's meat ; tagliar fin alia came 
viva, to cut to. the quick 
Carnéfice, »»i. a hangnian ; execu- 
tioner ; a bloody-minded man 
Càrneo, a. fleshy 
Caniesalata, /. salt pork 
Cam sécca, /. salt meat 
Carnière, »7i. budget, pouch 
Carnificina, /. murder ; slaughter ; 

the place of execution 
Carnivoro, o. voraciou?, flesh-de- 

Caruosétto, and Carnóso, a, fleshy, 

Carnosià, /. fleshiness, canKsity, 

(a disease) 
Carnovale, m. carnival 
C.imovalésco, a. of the carnival 
Camuto, a. sec Carnóso 
Cfiro, »»i. dearness, scarcity 
Caro, a. dear, cosUy ; welcome, 
giateful, beloved ; mi sarebbe 
t'irò di vedérlo, I should be glad 
to see him ; tener caro, to value, 
esteem ; m' è più caro d' èsser 
in città eh' in campagna, I love 
better to be in town than in the 
Carógna,/, carrion, carcass 
Carognàccia, /. an old prostitute 
Caròla,/, dance, country dance 
Carolare, to dance count'ry dances 
Caròta, /. a carrot, a fib ; cacciar 
caio te, to lie; a me non fioche- 


réte questa ciró:a, you shall not 
make me believe so 

Carolacela,/, a rotten carrot, a no- 
torious lie [seller 

Carotàio, m. Sbber, liar, canot- 

Carotare, to tell a lie 

Carovana,/, a caravan ; a compa- 
ny of ships 

Carpare, to snatch f r^in ; 'o creep 
aloni, to walk upon all f jurs 

Carpentiere, m. ,. cartwright, a 
coach-maker, a carpenter " 

Carpicelo, m. a great quantity ; 
dare un buon carplccio, lo banj, 
thrash one soundly 

Càrpine, m. a linie-tree 

Carpione, m, a carp 

Carpire, to snatch 

Càrix), m. wrist [balsam-tree 

Carp'ibàlsamo, m. the fruit of a 

Carpone, ad. crawling : andar car- 
pone, til go crawling ; star car- 
pone, to sit squarting 

Carri:a, /. a cart-load 

Carritello, m. a kind of barrel 

Carreggiare, to drive a-eait 

Carrwrgiata, /. high-way, road ; 
uscir della carreggiata, to be 

Carreggia'.òre, m.,a carman 

Carreggio, nu cans, carriage, bag- 

Can-é'.ta, /. a kind of cart 

Carrettàio, nu .carman, carter 

Carrettata. /. car;-load 

Carretricra, /. driver, guide 

Carrettière, m. the carier 

Carrétto. JTU a wheelbarrow 

Carrettone, m, a wagon 

Carnàjgio, m. equipage, bagsage 

Carrièra. /. career, course, race" 

Carriuola. /. a truckle-bed 

Carro, m. a cart, a cart-load ; un 
carro di tìéno, a load of hay : 
carro trionfile, a triumphal car; 
carro, the great bear, a consiel- 
la'ion ; far il carro colla vela, 
to shift the sail 

Carròzza, /. a coach 

CajTozz-ibile, a. a place where a 
coach may go 

Carrozzài'». Vn. a coach-maker 

Carrozzare, to ride 

Carrozzala,/, a coach-full 

Carrozzière, m. a C'>achman 

Carrozzino, m. a small carriage 

Carruba, /. a sort of bean 

Carniccio, m. a zn-cart 

Carrùcola, /. a pulley 

Carrucolare, to insnare. overreach 

Carrucoletta, /. a small pulley 

Carta, /. paper j carte, cards ; 


giuocare alle carte, to play at 
cards; carte da giuoco, playing 
cards; dar le carte alla scoperta, 
to sp«ak ones mind ; far le 
carte, to deal the cards ; eira, a 
niip ; calta da navig ire, a sea 
chairt ; cirta, a page of a btxik ; 
Cir a amarezz-iia, marble parer 
Cartàccia,/, bad {aper 
Cartanonnàa., /. virgin parchment 
Car.apècora, /. parchment, vellum 
Car apèsta,/. macerated paper 
Car astracela,/, bio ting-paper 
Cai" asugànte,/. sinking paper 
Carta'a,'/. a page 
Carteggiare, to sail according to the 
compass; to keep a correspond- 
Cartéggio, m. correspondence 
Cartèlla, /. a book cover, inscrip- 
Cartellare, to challenge by letter, 

to write scandalous bocks 
Carèllo, m. a manifeso; a libel, 

a lampoon, a challenge 
Cartièra^ /. a paper-mill 
Cartilàgine,/, cartilage, gristle 
Cartilaginóso, a, cartilaginous 
Cartoccino, and Cartoccio, m. 

papers used by grocers 
Cartolàio, m. a slationer 
Cartolare, to page a book 
Cartóne, m. pasteboand. a cartoon 
Cartùccia, /. a bit of paper 
Casa, /. house, home, habia'ion, 
paren'age, family ; ove state di 
càa. wbere do you live ? star 
c^n l'occhio a casa, to mind one's 
business; aprir casa, to take a 
house ; èsser di casa, to be inti- 
mate ; casa m.aladètta, hell ; an- 
date a casa maladélta, go to the 
Casicca,/, a coat : a great coat, a 
surtout ; voltar casacca, to be a 
Casiccia, /, an old, ruinous house 
Casàccio, m. a strange accident 
Cassie, m. a hamlet," village 
Casalingo, a. domestic ; donna ca- 

salinsra. a housewife 
Casamatta, /. a sc^rt of fortification ; 
a jail for soldiers [farm-house 
Casaménto, ni. a large house, 
Gasare, to raarrj- 

Casata,/, and 'Casato, m. a fami- 
ly, a family name 
Cascagrine,/. a drowsiness 
Cascaménto, nu a fall 
Cascamòrto, m. far il cascamòrto, 

to be swee* uprn a woman 
Cascante, o. hanzingdown, fainting 


Cascare, to tumble, fall down 
cascar ammalato, to fiU sick; 
cascar nell' aninio, to bethink 
ones self; cascare, to fall into 
sin ; i denti mi cascano, I lose 
my teeth 

Cascata, /. a cascade 

Cascaticcio, o. frail, ruinous, de- 
cayed ; casa cascaticcia, a bouse 
rea ly to fall 

Casca oio, a, one who easily falls 
in love 

Casch^tto, m, a head-piece 

Cascina,/, a place to keep cows 

Casèlla, /. a su .all house, a cottage ; 
a break, a blank space 

Casereccio, o. belonging to a 
house ; pan casereccio, house- 
hold bread 

Casèrma, /. a barrack 

Casièra^ /. a house-keeper ; a ser 

Casière, m. the keeper of a house, 
prison, &c. [house 

Casina, /. and CaslLD, m. a small 

Casipola, /, a hovel 

Casista, m. a casuist 

Càso, m. chance, accident ; a caso, 
by chance ; dato il caso, put the 
case, suppose ; caso, business, 
case ; non fu caso, 'tis no mat- 
ter ; Èict ; caso di consciènza, a 
CP-se of conscience ; far cas.-i di 
qualche còsa, to make much of 
any thing ; caso che, in case 
that; uomo a caso, a careless 
man ; questo e il caso, this is the 

Casolare, m. a paltry house 

Casóne, m. a great house 

Casóso, a. anxious, pensive, care- 
ful [house 

Casótta, /. and Casòtto, to. a snug 

Cassa, /. chest, trunk, cask ; cassa 
da morto, a cofBn ; cà=sa d'arti- 
glieria, a carriage for ordnance ; 
cassa di lètto, a bedstead ; cassa, 
a bee-hive, a shrine ; cassa d'oc- 
chiali, the case for a pair of 

Cassacela./, an old chest 

Cassare, ti blot out, cancel, raze 

Cassato, part, crossed out, can- 

Cassazióne, /, anrulling, abro- 
gating, discharging 

Cassero, nu the breast ; an out- 
ward wall, the upper deck 

Casserola, /. a copper pan 

Cassétta, /. a box for cash, a 
church box for alms 

Cassetlàio, nu a box-maker 


Cassctrtna,/. casket 
C^asselllno, ni. a box, a drawer 
Cassrti'one, ra. a great box 
Cavsc. 'ùccia,/, a paltry box 
Cuisia, /. the drug cassia 
Cassioi.;, m. a cashier, a cash- 
keeper / 
Casso, m. the breast 
Casso, o. empty, void, vain, use- 
less, dismissed 
Cassóne, m. a larsre chest 
Castagna, f. chestnut 
Cas'aanficcio, in. chestnut bread 
Casta«;né'o, m. a plantation of 

Castanietta, /. castanet 
Castagnino, aruJ Castagno, a. bay, 

or chestnut-coloured 
Casti/iio, m. a ches!nut-tree 
Casta?inir.Io, a. chestnu'-colnured 
CastaluKrla, /. bailiifship, stew- 
ardship [s'eward, a farmer 
Castaldo, m. bailiffof a man-ir, a 
Castamente, ad. chastely, boues'ly 
Castellani!, /. government of a 

Jastella no, m. governor of a castle ; 

lord of a manor; a townsman 
Castellano, a. belonging to a casile 
Castellare, m. an old castle 
Castellétto, and Castèllo, m. little 
town, or castle; castèllo della 
nave, the forecastle of a ship 
Castellót'o, m. a large borough 
Castelluccio, m. a litile castle 
Castiganiento, ra. punishment, ed- 
ucation ['each 
Ca;i'iy';re, to reprimand, admonish, 
Cas*izn7!one, /. and Castigo, m. 

Cas'ità,/. chastity, purity 
C^to, a. chas'e, pure 
Castóne, m. that part of the ring 

wherein the s'nne is set 
Castorio, m. castor 
Cas'óro, and Castore, m. a beaver, 
a castor; un castòro, a beaver 
Castrametazióne, /. pitching a 
camp [a frclder 

Castrapórci, ami Castraporcelli, m. 
Castrare, to castrate, cut ; castrare 

un libro, to curtail a book 
Castrato, rn. a wether, an eunuch 
Castrato, part, castrated 
Castratvira, /. the part cur'ailed 
Castrènse, a. pertaining to a camp 
Castro, m. a castle, a fortress 
Castron.^ccio. and Castróne, m. a 
castrated lamb ; a blockhead, a 
booby ; a name of contempt for 
the soprano 


Castroneria,/, dulness 

Casuale, a. accidental ; una cosa 

casuale, an accident 
Casualità,/, casualty 
Casualmente, ad. accidentally, by 

Casiiccia, and Casùpola,/, a small 

house, a cotta<;e 
Casuista, m. a casuist 
CaSLiro, a. falling 
Casùzza,/. a poor little house 
Catacómba, /. a vault where mar- 
tyrs were buried 
Catafalco, m. a scafibld 
Catafratta,/, a coat of mail 
Catalètto, m. a bier, a cofiin 
Catalogo, m. a catalogue 
Catapécchia,/, a desert 
Ca'aplasma, m. poultice, cataplasm 
Catapulta, /. a warlike engine to 

shoot darts, &c. 
Catarrale, a. catarrhous 
Catarro, and Catarróne, m. a 

rlKtum, a cold 
Catarrosamente, ad. cafarrhously 
Ca'anyiso, a. which causes a cold, 

tliat has a cold 
Catasta, /. a pile of wood, &c., a 

funeral pile ; a certain measure 

whereby wood is sold 
Calast.ire, to tax 
Catasto, Ml. a tax, a fax-book 
Catàstrofe, f. catastrophe, fetal 

Catechismo, m. the catechism 
Catechis'a, m. one who catechises 
Catechistico, a. instnictive 
Catechizzare, to catechise 
Catecùmeno, m, one newly con- 
Categoria, /. ca'egory in logic 
t'ateg'iiicamènie, ad. categorically 
Cate;:órico, a. categorical 
Ca'ellii-.o, and Catèllo, tti. a little 

do?, a whelp 
Catellón ca'ellóne, ad. step by 

step ; andar catellón catellóne, 

to go softly 
Caténa, /. a chain, a necklace ; 

uscir di caténa, to get loose ; 

caténa d! monti, a long ridge of 

Catenàccio, m. a bolt 
CateiiAre, to chain 
Catenato, part, chained 
Catenella, /. and Cateatizza, /. a 

little chain 
Cateratta, /. a flood-gate, a sluice. 

a portcullis at a city gate, a fall 

of water, a cataract, disease of 

the eyes so called 
Catén'a,/. a multitude ' 



Catinaio, m. a potter 

Catinèlla, /. and Catino, m. an 
earthen basin 

Catóne, m. a stoic 

Catoniano, a. stoical 

Catorcio, m. a bolt 

Catrafósso, m. a precipice 

CatrJine, m. far 

Callabriga, m. a litigious fellovr ^ 

Cattano, in. a lord of a manor 

Cattare, to get, obtain; cattar la 
limosina, to beg 

C'lttedra, /. a public chair; a 
pulpit ; the papal see 

Cattedrale,/, a cathedral 

Cattedrante, m. a* master in a sci- 
ence [professor 

Cattedratico, rn. a lecturer, or 

Cativaccio, a. wicked, lewd, 
knavish ; un cattivacelo, m. a 
cheat, a bravo 

Cattivamente, ad. unjustly, treach- 

Cattivanzuóla,/. knavery, wieked- 

Cattivarv', to enslave, to master: 
to induce; cattivarsi 1' ànimo di 
qualchedùno, to win one's heart 

Cattivalo, part, captivated 

Cafiveggiare, to lead a bad life ; 
to grieve 

Ca*tivèllo, a. wretched ; contemp- 
tible ; egli è uu cattivèllo, he is 
a crafty rogue 

Catlivell ùccio, a. lean, weak 

Cattivézza^/, knavery, roguery 
"L'tività, / s- 
laiiv. mischief 

slavery, distress ; vil- 

Cattivo, o. captive, wicked; un 
cattivo, a slave, a rascal 

Cattolicamente, ad. as a caihoUc 

Cattolicità,/. Catholicism 

Cattòlico, a. catholic, holy, re- 

Cat!6!ico, m. a Roman catholic 

Cattura,/, catch, seizure 

Catturare, to seize, arrest 

Caudatàrio, m, a train-bearer 

Càusa, /. cause, motive, subject ; 
a c'lusa di, o del, for, on account 
of ; a causa che, because ; per che 
càusa ? on what account ? 

Causare, to occasion 

Cau-a'o, part, caused 

Cau=atóre, ni. an author, producer 

Causidico, m. a barrister, lawyer 

Càustico, m. a caustic 

Ciustico, re. caustic 

Cautamente, ad. heed fully 

Cautèla, /. caution ; wariness ; 9e> 
ciirity, bail ; assòlvere a cautèla, 
to dismiss upon bail 


Cautelare, to cau'.ion, warn ; cau- 
telarsi, to take a provident care 

Cautelilo, a. cautious, wary 

Cautèrio, m. a cautery 

Cauterizzare, to cauterize, bum 

Cautissimamente, ad. very cau- 

Càuto, a. wary, heedful 

Cauzióne, /. bail ; surety j dar 
cauzióne, to give bail 

Cava, /. a hole, a cave, a vault, a 
mine; a hiding-place, a din; 
cava di metalli, a quarry, a 
mine ; ca\-a del marmo, a 
marble quarry 

Cavadènti, m. dentist, tooth-drawer 

Cavalcante, o. riding 

Cavalcare, to ride on horseback; 
cavalcar il paese, to take a view- 
on horseback; to rule, direct; 
cavalcare a bisdòsso, to ride with- 
out a saddle 

Cavalc'ila,/. a troop, cavalcade 

Cavalcatolo, m. a mounting-block 

Cavalcatóre, m. a horseman 

Cavalcatura, /. any bea^t for the 

Cavaleiare, to sit astride 

Cavalcione, mid Cavalcioni, ad. 

C«vale?5iére, m. a li^ht-horse 

Cavalisra,/. a knight's lady 

Cavalieraio, ki. knighthood 

Cavalière, m. a trooper ; a knight ; 
a gentleman, a platform ; cava- 
lière, a nobleman ; c^vaIiér 
servènte, a lady's gentleman- 
usher; cavalier d' indùstria, a 
sharper, fortmie-hun'er ; èssere 
a cavalière, to have the advan- 

Cavai ierótto, m. a gentleman, an 

Cavalla, f. a mare 

Cavallaccio, m.ajade; abad horse 

Cavallaro, m. a carrier, a courier 

Cavallenjccio, a. fit to be carried 
by a horse; bara cavalleréccia, 
a horse litter 

Gavallerescaménte, ad. nobly, gal- 
lantly, genteelly 

Cavalleresco, a. gallant, free, 
noble ; dignità cavalleresca, 
esquireship, knighthood ; menar 
vita cavalleresca, to live like a 

Cavalleria, /. knizhthood ; caval- 
leria, cavalry, horse 

Cavallerizza, f, manege, riding- 

Cavallerizzo, m. a master of the 


Cavallétta, /. a locust, grasshop- 
per ; far una cavallétta ad uno, 
to cheat 
Cavaliétto, and Cavallino, m. a 
little horse ; cavaliétto, a hobby- 
Cavallina,/, a colt, licentiousness 
Cavalline, a. belonging to a horse ; 

mosca ca.alilna.'a horse-fiy 
Cavallo, 111. a horse ; auil;ir a ca 
vallo, to ride ; cavallo di razza, 
a stallion ; cavallo intiero, a 
stone-horse; cavallo maiino, a 
sea-horse ; dar un cavallo, to 
whip, to lash; far una cosa a 
cavallo, to act in a hurr)'; la- 
sciarsi levar a cavallo, to submit 
to imi)osiiion ; cavallo d'ailitto, 
a tiackney-horse ; ossir a cavillo, 
neither to lose nor win 
Cavallóne, m. a wave, surge, bil- 
low ; a gr^at horse 
Cavali jccio, m. apx)r little horse ; 

a cavallùccio, astraddle 
Cavalmarino, m. the sea-horse 
Cavalòcchio, nu an exciseman; 

pettifogger; wa=p 
Cavamacchie. m. a scourer 
Cavaménto, m. digging, undermin- 
ing, trenching 
Cavare, to draw, wrest, take 
away ; to dig ; cavrii« una for-sa, 
to dig a grave ; cavar di bócca 
un segréto, to get a secret ; ca- 
var uno del fingo, to assist, to 
raise from the dirt ; cavar uno 
di cervèllo, to tease to death ; 
cavarsi la vòglia, to satisfy one's 
de"iire; cavarsi la sete, to quench 
thirst; cavar acqua, to draw 
wa'er ; cavir sangue, to let 
blood ; cavir gli occhi, to pull 
out the eyes ; cavir le màcchie, 
to take out stains 
Cavasughero, m. a cork-screw 
Cavata, /. a discing, a trench; ca- 
vata di sacgus, a bleeding 
Cavato, part, dug 
Cavato, m. a h-ile. a pit 
Cavatóre, m. a di^'er, a miner; 
cavatór di dén'i. a teeth operator 
Cava ùra, /. a hole, a cave 
Cavélle, /. pi. simething; tu hai 

cavélle, some*hiug ails you 
Cavèrna. /. a den, a cave 
Cavernétta, /. a small cave 
Cavem'isita, /. depth, concavity 
Cavernóso, a. full of hole; 
Cavézza,/, a hal'er for criminals ; 
levar la cavézza, to set a' liber- 
ty ; romper la ca-ézza, to addict 
one's self to debauchery 


Cavezzina,/. a bridle 

Cavezzóne, m. a sort of muzzle for 
a horse [fish pickled 

Caviale, m. the roe of a certain 

Cavicchia, /. and Cavicchio, m. 
a wooden pin 

Caviglia, /. a pin, a peg, the peg 
of an ins'rumeut ; caviglia dei 
piede, the aiikle-bone 

Cavillare, to cavil, to wrangle 

Cavillatóre, m. a caviller 

CavilLazióne,/. aiid Cavillo, m. a 
wrangle, cavil, quirk 

Caviliosamente, ad. captiously 

Cavilióso, a. carping, captious 

Cavità,/. hoUowntss 

Cavo, a. concave ; luògo cavo, a 
deep place ; occhi cavi, hollow 

Cavo, ni. a mould to cast in; a 
cable ; a cape 

Cavolfiore, m. cauliflower 

Cavolino, and Càvolo, m. cab- 
bage; cavolo cappùccio, cole- 

Cavrétto, m. a kid 

Cavriola, /. a caper ; far cavrióle, 
to cut capers 

Cavriolètta,/. a little caper 

Cavriuola,/ a she-goat 

Cavriuòlo, m. a he-goat 

Cazióso, a. captious 

Cazza,/, a ladle 

Cazzare, to draw ; cazzar la scót- 
ta, to draw ihe rope 

Cazzavéla,/. a bird, (so called) 

Cazzottare, to strike hard 

Cazzotto, m. a blow ; far a ca» 
zótti, to box to firht with fists 

Cazzuòla,/. 9 r-'vel 

Ce, ffrmi. dot. and ace. plur. to 
us ; us ; ce ne mandò, he sent to 
us some ; qui ce la godiamo, we 
enjoy ourselves here. Ce, axL 
here, there ; non ce ne sono, 
here are none 

Cecaggine,/ blindness, error 

Cecàrè, to blind, to darken ; le 
passióni cécano i cattivi, pas- 
sions blind the wicked 

Cecato, part, blirded, darkened 

Cèce, ni. vetches ; non può tener 
cece, he cannot keep a secret ; 
insemàre ródere cece, to show 
one his faults 

Cechézza, Cecità, Cecitàde, and 
Cecitàte,/. blindness 

Cecino, 771. a wild swan 

Cedente, a. yielding 

Cedènza,/, pliancy 

Cèdere, to submit, to resign ; non 
vi cedo in nulla, I do not yield 


to you; cénere a chicchessia, to 
comply with any body's will; 
to renounce ; to grant 
Cedévole, a. flexible', pliant 
Cedevolézza, /. suppleness 
Cédola,/, a note, a schedule 
Cedrare, to season with lemon 
Cedra'o, m. citron-tree 
Cedrino, a. made of cedar ; tàvola 

cedrina, a cedar table 
Cedriuolo, m. cucumber 
Cedro, m. a citron, or cedar-tree ; 

di cedro, of cedar-wood 
Cedróne, a. ceJar-colonr 
Cedronèlla,/, a certain herb 
Cefàlica,/, a cephalic vein 
Cefàlico, a. cephalic, good for tlie 

Cèfalo, m. the mullet-fish 
Ceffata,/, a box on the ear 
Ceffatélla,/. a slap on the face 
Ceflkatto, TO. a sot, blockhead 
Cétfo, m. the snout of a doj ; an 
ugly face ; o che bel cett'o ! a 
pretty figure indeed i far ceffo, 
to dislike a thin; 
Ceffóne, m. a cuff en the ear 
Ceffùto, a. broad-faced 
Celamén'o, m.. a hiJin», conceal- 
ing; celameuto di cow rubate, 
concealment of stolen thin^ 
Celare, to secrete, dissemoie 
Celata,/. ca«ket, helmet 
Celaamente, ad. secretly 
Celato, part. hiJ, or hidden, con- 
cealed ; vi prego di tenérmi ce- 
lato, pray conceal me. In cela- 
to, ad, secretly, in secret 
Celatone, m. a large helmet 
CelebéiTÌmo, a. very much re- 
Celebràbile, o. laudable 
Celebraménto, m. celebration, ce- 
lebrity, reputation 
Celebrante, a. celebrating ; il cele- 
brante, the priest that celibrates 
Celebrare, to celebrale, comjnend 
Celebrato, o. solemnized, eminent 
Celebratóre, to. he that celebrates 
Celebrazióne, /. celebration, so- 
Célèbre, a. renowned, famous 
Celebrévo'.e, a. worthy to be cele- 
brated I 
Celebriti, Celebritàde, and Cele- 

britàte,/. solemnity; festival 
Celere, a. quick, swift ( 

Celerilà,/, speed, haste I 

Celeste, o. htaivenly ; celeste, sky- 1 

Celestiale, a. heavenly, divine 
Celestialmente, ad. celestially 


Celestino, a. blue, sky-colour 
Celia,/, ajokf;, a jest 
Celiare, to be cheerful, in jest 
Ce ilàto, m. a single life 
Celibatàrio, to. friar, a priest 
Cèlibe, a. unmarried ; viver cèlibe, 

to live in celibacy 
Celi Iònia,/, celandine 

Célia, /. a cave, cellar, a cell 

Ceil'iio, Cellàrio, and Cellière, to 
butler)', cellar 

Celléràii, /. and Celleràio, TO. a 
cellarist (in a monasten') 

Cellétta, and Celluzza, /. a little 
Cell, or room 

Celonàio, to. a carpet-maker 

Ceìóne, to. a carpet 

Celiitfiiine, /. highness, excellency 

Ceni: alo, aiid Cémbolo, m. cnn- 
bal ; figura di cèmbali, an ugly 

Cembanélla,/. au Cennamella 

Céna,/, supper 

Cenàcolo, ni. a supper-room 

Cenare, lo eat supper 

Cenato, part, supped 

Cenceréllo, to. a small rag 

Cenceria, /. a heap of rags 

Cenciàia. /. rags 

Cenciaiuólo, to. a deaJer in rags 

Cencinquànta,TO. (centocinquanta) 
a Hundred and fifty 

Cèncio, ni. a rag, a tatter ; non 
avéi- ciucio di che che sia, to be 
des itute ; mn posso trovar chi 
mi desse fuoco a cèncio, I have 
no help in the world 

Cencióso, a. rai?ed 

Cenerata,/, lie-ashes 

Céne-e, m. atidf. ashes ; il giórno 
delle céneri. Ash Wednesday; ri- 
durre in cénere, to destroy by fire 

Cenerèlla,/. a slender supper 

Cenericcio, a. ash-coloured 

Cenerino, a. grayish, ash-coloured 

Ceneróso, a. full of a^hjs 

Cenétta, /. a small supper 

Cennamèlla, /. a pipe, a flute 

Cénnamo, and Cinuamo, to. cin- 

Cennàto, a. indicated, designated 

Cènno, m. a sign ; a nod ; com- 
mand ; èrgiti "a cenni suoi, get 
up at her command : cenno, tin?, 
the tingling of a bell ; dare o far 
cenno d' una cosa, to mention a 
thing [ninety 

Cennovanta, a. a hundred and 

Cenobio, TO. a monaster}-, convent 

Cenobita, m. a monk 

Cenquarànla, a. a hundred and 



Censessanta, a. a hundred aitd 

Censettànta, a. a hundred and 
seventy [mortgage 

Censo, TO. tax; subsidy, reward; 

Censoràre, to censure 

Censore, to. a censor, critic; r^ 
former, comptroller 

Censoria,/, censorship 

Censuario, a. tributary 

Censura,/, reproof, criticism, judg- 

Censurare, to censure, chide, rep- 
rehend [buked 

Censurato, part, censured ; re- 

Cen:àuro, to. the centaur 

Cenfellàre, to sip 

Centellino, and Centéllo, TO. a sip, 
a small draught 

Centesimo, a. the hundredth 

Centina,/, a hundred, a frame 

Centinaio, to. a huiidred 

Centinàre, to bend ; make an arch, 
or vault 

Cento, a. hundred; mi par cento 
anni di vedérlo, I long to si^ 
him [Ur 

Centogambe, m. a sort of caferpil- 

Centomila, a. a hundred thousand 

Centone, m. patched-work, a po- 
em of borrowed verses 

Centrale, o. central 

Cèntro, to. the centre, the depth 

Centumviri, m. pi. the centumviri 

Centuplicato, and Centuplo, m. 
a hundred fold 

Centura,/, a girdle 

Centùria, /. a band of a hundred 
men ; a hundred years 

Centurino, m. a waist-belt 

Centurióne, to. a centurion ; the 
captain of a hundred men 

Ceniizza, /. a poor supper 

Ceppala. /. the root of a tree 

Ceppatèllo, and Cepperèllo, wi. a 
small stump 

Céppo, TO. the trunk, or sturap of 
a tree, a lo^, block ; stocks ; 
fetters; origin ; ceppo d'incti- 
dine, the stock of an anvil ; cep- 
po di case, a block of houses 

Céra,/, wax, wax -candle; torches, 
taper ; céra, (volto.) face, mien, 
countenance ; far buona cera, t» 
make one welcome; di buòna, 
cera, merrily 
Ceraiuòlo, to, a wax-chandler 
Ceralacca./, sealing-wax 
Ceramèlla,/, a pipe, a bag-pipe 
Céràsa, /. a cherry 
Cerasta. /. a serpent supposed to 
hai e boms 


Cerbàia, /. a plantation of green 

Cèrbero, m. Cerberus, the dog of 

Cerbio, m. a hart, a s'a^ 
Cérca, /. search, inquii-y ; andar 

alla ce'ca, to go a bs»^ing 
Gercante, a. searcher, a beggar 
Cercare, ' to seek, search,' stroll, 
ranible ; cercar del pane, to 
work for bread ; cercar il nodo 
nel giunco, to lònk out for diffi- 
culties : cercar uu partito, to look 
for a good bar^in ; cercar ro- 
gna, to seek trouble 
Cercata./, inquiry, search 
Cercato, part, searched, sought for 
l>rcat05*, m. a seeker 
Cercati'n-a,/. reseaich. requisition 
Cerchiaio, ?>i. a c ) per 
CerchiaiLc-nto, rn. act of hofping 
Cerchiiiit:, to hjop ; cerchiai-e una 
sécchia, to hoop a pailj cerchi- 
are, to «nrroujd 
Cerchilo, pari, surr-'unded 
Cercbiatijra, /. act of encircling, 

Cerchiétto, m. a STnall hoop 
Cérchio, m. a hoop, circle ; cérchio 
di ruòta, the circle of a wheel 
Cércine, m, a roll, a porter's knot 
Cérco, m. circle. ci:TU3 
Cercóne, tti. sour wine 
Cerebro, m. the brain 
CeremorJa. f. ceremony 
Cereni'ini'ile, m. a ritual 
Cerennniale, a. ceremnnial 
Cereria, f. chan Uer's sh-p 
Cerfoglio, in. the heib chervil 
Ceifiiglinne, m. dishevelled hair; 

Cerimònia,/, ceremony, rite 
Cerireiouiére, and C'eremoniére, 

ni. m.Tster of ceremonies 
Cerimoniosamente, and Ceremoni- 

t^saniéule, ad. courteously 
Cerimonioso, a. cerepiouious 
Céi-na, /. the refuse, choice 
Cernere, to sever, sift, pickj to 

Cernuto, part, separated 
Céro, m. a wax taper, a statue 
Ceróna, /. a large face 
Ceroso, a. wax\' 
Cerottino, m. a' little vras taper, a 

plaster of wax, &c 
Ceròtto, m, a wax taper ; a cere- 
Cerpellóne, in. an error, fault, 

Cerretano, m. a juggler, a quack 
Cerreto, m. a wood of green oaks 


Cerro, m. a green oak j a fi-inge ; 
a tuft of hair 

Cernito, a. full of green oaks 

Certame, in. fight, c mbat 

Certamente, ad. certainly 

Cenare, to combat 

Certézza, /. certainty, asurancs 

Cer'.ificaméuto, m. assurance, con- 

Cenificàre, to certify, ascertain 

Certiticato, a, assured 

Certificato, m. and Certificazione, 
/. a certificate 

Certissimamente, and Certissimo, 
ad. most certainly 

Certissimo, o. most certain 

Certitudine,/. certainty 

Cèrto, pran. some, some one 

CértOj a. certain, sure ; certa co- 
sa e, 'tis certaia. Di cero, al 
certo, per certo, ad, certainly 

Cèrto, ad. certainly 

Certóa,/. a Carti.usian monastery 

Cer osino, m. a Carthusian monk 

Ceniiao, a. a certain 

Cerùleo, o. sky -coloured 

Cerusico, m, a sur;eon 

Cerussa,/, white lead 

Cerva, /. a hind 

Cervellàccio, m. hair-brained, 
stubborn, conceited ; a poor 

Cervellà^ne, /. whim, maggot 

Cervellata,/, a kind of sausage 

Cerveliétto, and Cervellino, m. 
brair.less, bair-brained 

Cerve! liéra,/. a light helmet 

Cervellinaggine, / «vaciiy, blun- 

Cervellino, a, gid-'y 

Cervèllo, nu the brain; s'ar in 
cervéno, to take care; stilbrsi 
il cervèllo, to puzzle cnc'sbrains: 
métter il cervèllo a par ito ad 
uno, to maka auo'hcr doub'ful ; 
uomo di cervéìln, a wisr man 

Cervellóne, ni. aa extravagaixt. or 
silly man ; one who has power 
of inind 

Cervétto, m. a young stag 

Cèrvia, see Cerva 

Cerviatlo, m. a fawn 

Cervice, f. the back of the neck ; 
uomo di dura cervice, a stubborn 

Cervière, m. a lynx 

Cervièro, o. qui'cksighted j òcchio 
cer\'iéro, a lynx's eyes 

Ccrviétto, m. young slag 

Cèrvio, nu a stag, hart 

Cèrvo, m, a staj, hait 

Cervògia,/, beei- 


Cesare, m. Csesar 

Cesàreo, a. imperiai ; operazióne 

Cesàrea, the Caesarean operation 
CeselLire, to work with a cjiisel 
Cesèllo, m, a chisel 
Cèsio, a. that has Hue eyes 
Cesóie,/, pi. a pair of scissors 
Cèspite, and Cespo, m. turf, sod, 

Cespùglio, rn. bush 
Cespuglióso, ayid Cespugliato, a. 

bushy, thick 
Cessagione, /, intermption, cea-a- 

tion, departure, distance 
Cess.ame, m. scum of the people 
Cessamento, m. cessation 
Cessante, a. ceasing, negligent 
Cessare, to cease ; to avoid, escap?, 

dispel, mitigate ; la piòggia ce - 

serr», tosto, the rain will be cvor 

presently ; i rimèdj cessano il 

dolóre, remedies a-suate pain ; 

non può cessar dal bere, hi 

cannot forbear drinking 
Cessato, part, ceased 
C«s3zio;;e,/. cessation 
Cessione, /. cession, resignation , 

far cessióne di beni, to resign 

one's property 
Cèsso, tn. cessation, removal ; a 

necessary h^^use 
Cé.=sD, pari, riven up 
Cèsta, jf. basket, chest 
CestJccia,/. au old basket 
Cestàio, m. a basket-maker 
Cestèlla, /. and Cestèllo, m, ». 

li tie liasket 
Cestire, to sprout [bushy 

Cestito, aìid Cestùto, a. ihicX 
Césto, TO. a eauntlet ; a bush ; il 

césto di Vènere, Venus's girdle 
Cestóne, m. a large basket" 
Cesura,/, a syllable in Latin verses 
Céren,/. a giiitar 
Cetera. &c. "e^ ce-era, and so forth 
Ceterare, and Ceter^giàre, . to 

play 03 the gi'.itar 
CetersRòre, and Ceterista, m. a 

performer on the guitar 
Cetirizzare, to sing to the guitar 
Cèto, m. a whale; rank, dignity; 

an assemb'y 
Cétra, /. a cithern 
Cetrina, /. bahn, balm-gentle 
Cetriuóio, m. cucumber 
Che, that, which, whom, what, 

how, because, why, until, afler, 

when, as soon as, whatsoever, 

otherwise, than ; m'ha scritlo 

che non poteva venire, he wKte 

to me that he could not come ; 

il libro che m' avete mandato, 


tìie bock which you sent me : 
noa so che fere, I know no' what 
to do ; che volete ? what do you 
want ? dltd'li che venga da me, 
tell him to come to me j non ha 
che un cavallo, he has only one 
horse; che piccoli che grandi, 
both small and great ; che Iutiè- 
ri che Italiani, some English and 
some Italians ; che bella donna 
è ques'a ? whaX fine woman is 
this ? che sarei felice d' èssere in 
campagna : how happy should I 
be in tlie country ! datenii tem- 
po che poisa risiwndérgli, give 
me time that I may answer him ; 
che se non veni e ogd, anJerò 
via, because, if you don't come 
to day, I shall depart ; che non 
parli? why do you not speak? 
aspettate eh' io venga, stay till I 
corne; finita che avrò questa 
;ét:era, anderò, as soan as 1 have 
written this letter, 1 ohall go; 
sia che che =ia, whatsoever it 
iKiV be ; un bel che per andare 
in còllera, a fine subject indeed 
fir anger ; a questo me rispóndi, 
•> che mi parto, answer to this, 
otherwise I go ; è piii ricco che 
dótto, he is' rather rich thin 
learned ; che ce ? what is the 
matter? Che, (as a substai.tive,) 
thing, matter, subject 
Ch' e eh' è. ad. often, now and then 
Chéute, pron. what, of what soil, 

how great, whatever 
Chérco, /or Chérico 
Chérere, to demand, to wish 
Cbérica,/. a priest's shaved crown 
Chericale, a. belonging to a priest 
Chericalménte, ad. in a clerical 

Cbericato, m. clerkship, clergy, 

function of the clergy 
Chérico, m. clerk, clergyman, a 

learned man 
Chericóne, m. a fat parson 
Chericùzzo, m. a poor clergyman 
Chermes, m. cochi ileal 
Chermisi m. crimstu ; furbo, mat- 
to, ignorante in chermisi, a 
knave, fool, ignorant in srain 
Chermisini, a. crimson<oloured 
Chersonese, m, a peninsula 
Cherubino, m. cherub 
Chetamente, ad. by stealth, pri- 
ChetanJa,/. an acquittance, receipt 
Chetare, to quiet, silence 
Chetézza, /. calmness, silence 
Chetissimamente, ad. very quietly 


Chéto, a. quiet, still ; state cheto, 
be quiet ; ogni cosa era chcUi in 
casa, every l)ody was aóleep. 
Chéa>, chéto, ad. softly 
Chi, prun. who, w hoin, whoever, 
some, any one; sociù è, I know 
who he is ; a chi avete farlàto ? 
whom did you speak to ? chi di 
voi ha detto questo ? who of you 
said so? chi osserva i comac- 
daménti di Dio sarà salvo, who- 
ever obser\es the conunandments 
of God shall be avt<i ; clii dice- 
va una cosa, e chi un' altra, some 
said one thing, some another; 
non vi sarà chi dica il contràrio, 
no one svili say the- contrary 
Chiacchiera, /. chi;<hat 
Chiacchie-aménto, ni. prattling 
Chiacchierare, to chat, to prate 
Chiacchierata,/, chit-chat, tattling 
Cfciicchieratòre, in. a tattler 
ChiacchiercUa,/. idle talk 
Chiacchierino, m. a prattler, a 
b!ab [talker 

Chiacchieróne, m. a lon», tedious 
Chiacchillàre, to little-tatile 
Chiamaraénto, m. invocation 
Chiamante, part, invoking, calling 

Chiamare, to call, to name ; man- 
dar a chiamare, to send for; 
come vi chiamà'e ? what is your 
name ? chiamarsi contentò, to 
be contented ; chiamarsi vint:j, 
to rurren'ler one's self; chia- 
nti rsi offiso da qualcheduDO, to 
think one's self wronged; chia- 
mar fuori, to cliallenge 
Cliiam-ita,/. calling, election, sig- 
nal for oattle ; bitter la chiama- 
ti, to beat a parley 
Chiamato, part, called 
Chiamatòre, m. a caller, an in- 
voker [tion 

Chiàino, m. call, demand, invoca- 
Chiàna,/. a standing pool 
Chiamare, to impose upon 
Chiappa, /. bullock ; a thing easily 

CbiappTire, to sna'ch, pull, force ; 

to catch, overaUe 
Chiàppola, and Chiappoleria, /. a 

toy, tri tie 
Chiappolàre, to lay out one's cards 
Chiapp^lino, m. an iile, silly man 
Chi.ippoln, m. a denial, a refusal 
Chiara, /. the white of an eii 
Chiaramente, ad. clearly, plainly 
Chiaràre, to explain, resolve; chia- 

rarsi, to become fiir 
CLiarJa,/. gruel 


Chiarézza, /. light, brightnesg, 
saiisfac.ion. security, perspicui- 
ty, n jblsiiess of birih 
Chiarilicàre, to clarify, brighten, 

Chiarificato, a. clarified, cleared 
Chiarilicazioae,/. iUustration, evi- 

dcLce, plainness 
Chiariménto, m. and Chiarigióne, 

/. dcinonstration 
Ch;i.-:na,/. clarion, hautboy 
Chiarire, to clear up, explain, re- 

s';l ve, to grow clear 
Chiarità,/ lii;ht, splendour 
Chiarito, a. lucid, shining, evident 
Chiaro, a. clear, luminous, charm- 
ing, famous, hearty, certain ; lar 
chiaro alcico, to inform one; 
ciiiaro di luna, moonshine ; 
comincia a fer chiaro, the day 
Chiito, ad. clearly, plainly 
Ch tmre, j(1. splendour, brightness 
ChiarosciJro, m. (d'un ritratto) the 

light and shade (of a picture) 
Chiaiiiiuola, /. a trench, or ditch 

to C)nvty laia wa'er 
Chiassata,/, a mise, rjmour 
Chiai-a c!!'>,Chi^ssjtto,and Chias- 
so, »/(. a narrow saeel, lane, 

ChiiJ-.uob, m. a street {or lane 
that ha> no wav out) [boat 

^ Chiài--. f. a kir.d of flat-bottomed 
I Chiav.ircia. /. a large kej* 
j Chiavàccio, tn. a tolt 
I Cbiav:iio, and Chìavaiuólo, m. a 
I ti.rakay, a locksmith 

Chiavare', to drive in, to nail, to 
! l ck [locked 

Chinato, part, pierced, nailed, 

Cliiivatura, f. a fas'cning 

Chiave,/, a kty, authority, power, 
iiiP.uauce ; le chiavi, the keys, 
cr;he pope's authority ; chiave, 
a f i';tier town; chiave di vite, 
a ^ciew key ; Ìo tengo le chiavi 
rie! cuor di costui, I dispose of 
that man as I please 

Chiavrllàre, to nail 

Chiavellàta, /. a wound from a nail 

Chiavèllo, m. a nail 

Cniaverina./. javelin 

Chiavefa, f. a'li'.tle key 

CliiiviM,/. a common sewer 

Chiavichr:lTa,/. a sink 

Chìaviséllo, 771. a bolt for a door 

Chiazza,/, a scab 

Chiazzato, a. speckled, spotted 

Chicchera,/, a tea or coffee cnp 

Chicchessia, proTi. whosoever, any 


Chicchirillàre, to cluck, to prate 
Chicchirillo, m. nonsense 
Cbichè, pron. whosoever 
Chichinata, /. crowing 
Chiedente, a. requesting, or de- 
Chièdere, to ask, beg, sue for; che 

chiedete ? what do you Wint ? 

chièdere in prèstito, to borrow 
Chiediménto, m. request, petition 
Chieditórc, m. a petitioner 
Chiérica, /. see Chérica, and its 

Chiesa, /. a chnrch 
Chiesastra,/. a devotee 
Chiesétta,Cliiesicciuola, and Chie- 

slna,/. a little church 
Chiesettina, /. a chapel 
Chiesolastico, and Chiesolastro, o. 

a frequenter of chun;h 
Chièsta, /. a request 
Chièsto, fart, requested 
Chilificare, to digest 
Chilitìcazióne,/. digestion 
Chilindro, m, a water-snake 
Chilo, in. the chyle 
Chilóso, a. of the nature of chyle 
Chimera,/, chimera, fancy 
Chimèrico, a. imaginary 
Chimerizzóre, to dream, to fancy 
Chimica. /. chjTnistry 
Chimican:én'e,' ad. ch>TiiicaUy 
Chimico, m. a chymist 
Chimico, a. chymical 
China, /. declivity ; lasciar andar 

l' acqua alla china, to let things 

^0 as they will 
Chin,achlna,/. Jesuit's bark 
Chinare, to bend, to bow ; chinare 

il viso, to liok down ; chinar gli 

occhi, to cast down the eyes ; 

chinar la tes'a, to consent, 'sub- 
mit ; chinar la testa ad uno, to 

tiow ; chin.^rsi, to stoop 
Chinata,/, a descent 
Chinatamente, ad. privately 
Chinato, a. crooked, bent; colle 

ginocchia chinate, with bended 

China'ijra,/. a de-cent 
Chincaglia, and Chincaglieria, /. 

Ghinèa, /. an ambling nag ; chinéa 

Inglése, a gelding 
Chinévole, a. pliant, flexible 
Chino, ni. declivi'y, steepness 
Chino, a. inclined ; bended ; ca- 

minir cil capo chino, to walk 

with one's head down 
Chino, a. low, deep 
Chioccare, to beat, to strike 
Chiòccia,/, a brood hen 


Chiocciare, to cluck, to begin to be 
ill [to be faintish 

Chioccio, a. hoarse ; star chioccio. 

Chiocciola, /. a snail, the shell, a 
screw; a chiòcciola, screw -like; 
scala a chiocciola, a winding 

Chiucciùlètta, and Chiocciolina, 
/. a small screw, or shell 

Chiodaiuolo, m. a nail-maker 

Chiodare, to nail 

Chiodétto, m. a small nail 

Chiòdo, m. a nail ; aver fisso il 
chiòdo, to be resolved 

Chiòma, /. hair, head of hair, fo- 
liage ; trarre la chioma alla ròc- 
ca, to spin [tion 

Chiòsa, /. gloss, comment, esposi- 

Chiosare, to comment 

Chiosato, port, interpreted 

Cliiosatòre, ni. a commentator 

Chiostra./, an abode 

Chióstroj m. a cloister, a monas- 
tery ; chiòstro virgitt'ile, the 
neck of the womb, or matrix 

Chiòtto, a. quiet, siili 

Chiovàre, to nail up ; chiovàre 
l'artiglieria, to nail up cannon 

Chiovato, part, nailed 

Chiovatura, /. a nail-hurt in a 
horse's hoof 

Chiòvo, 771. a nail 

Chir;':gra,/. gout in the hand 

Chirégricò, a. gouty 

Chirògrafo, m. a bond ucJer one's 
own hand [palmistr\- 

Chiromante, m. one skilled in 

Chiromanzia, /. palmistry 

Chirurgia,/, surgery 
t Chirurgo, m. a surgeon 
I Chiseiare, to rake, weed op 
) Chilare, to quit, forsake 

Chitarra, /. a guitar 

Chhicchiurlàia,/. a buzzing noise 

Chiudènda,/, a palisado, pales 

Chiudere, to shut, contain, to bar, 
hide, conceal ; chiùdere il pugno, 
to clinch the fist ; il dolóre mi 
chiùde il cuòre, grief presses my 
heart; chiùdere gli occhi, toclose 
the eyes in death 

Chiudiinénto, m. enclosure 

Chiunque, jwora. whoever 

Chiùsa, /. an ecclosnre. orchard 

Chiusamente, ad. secretly, private- 

Chii'tso, m. enclosme [in 

j Chiùso, a. closed, covered, locked 
I Chiusura,/, enclosure, a lock 

Ci, there, here ; ci sono stato sta- 
mattina, I was there this morp- 
I ing : ci, to us : ci disse, he told 


us; non so quel che ci feréao, I 
know not what we shall do ; ci, 
ourselves; quando meniamo una 
vita sregolata, è segno che non 
ci amiamo, when we lead a dis- 
orderly life, 'lis a sign that we 
love not ourselves ; noi ci amia- 
mo come fratèlli, we love one 
another like brothers 
Ciabatta,/, an old shoe 
Ciabatte, /.pZ. old rags 
Ciabattàio, and Ciabattino, m. a 

Ciacciamellare, to chat idly 
Ciacco, m. a hog, a swine, a 

sponger, freebooter 
Ciaccóna, /. a chacoone, (a Span- 
ish dance) 
Cialda,/, a wafer 
Cialdonàio, m. a wafer-seller 
Cialtróne, m. a rogue, a villain 
Ciamtiélla,/. a certain cake 
Ciambellàio, m. a seller of cakes 
Ciambellano, m. a lord chamber- 
lain [a small cake 
Cian.bellétta. and Ciambelllna, f 
Cìanibellòtto', m. camlet 
Ciampicnre, to stumble 
Ciancerèlla, anrfCiancètta,/. trifle, 
toy, story, silliness, impertinence 
Ciancia,/, foppery, jfst, chit-chat 
C lanciaménto, m. a joke, prattling 
Cianciare, to plav the fool, toy, 

prate, chat, pratfle 
Ciancia óre, ni. a wag, a babbler 
Cianciatrice,/. a prating woman 
Ciancicare, to prate, to babble 
Cianciéro, a. prating 
Cianciolina, /. impertinence 
Ciancióne, m. idle talk, a prattler 
Cianciosaménte, ad. pra'ingly 
Cìancìóso, a. playful, wanton, 

chatty, pretty 
Cianfrusaglia,/, trash, riflraflF 
Cianghelllno, a. naughty, wicked 
Ciantellino, ni. a sip in drinkiagj 

bere a ciantellini. to sip 
Ciaramèlla, r/i. aiid f. a bagpipe, 

a babbler 
Ciaramellare, to prate 
Ciarla,/, prating 
Ciarlante, a. talkative 
Ciarlare, to prate [t^* 

Ciarlataneria,/, quackery, loquaci- 
Ciarlatano, m. a quack 
Ciarlatóre, m. a talkative man 
Cian^latrice,/. a gossip 
Ciarleria,/, talkativeness, chat 
Ciarliero, ni. a chatterer 
Ciarlóne, m. a tattler, a romance» 
Ciirpa,/. a sash, a scarf 
Ciarpe,/, pi. rags, tatte» 


Ciarpame, m. oU clothes, rags 

Ciarpàre, to cobble, to babble 

Ciaipiira, /. a bad woman, a drab, 
a slut 

Ciarpiére, and Ciarpóne, ni. a 
bad workman, a bungler, a shab- 
by fellow 

Ciascheduno, and CiascOno, prun. 
every one, each 

Cibàccio, m. bad, or coarse food 

Cibale, a. nutritive, nourishing 

Cibaménto, rn. nourishment 

Cibare, to feed ; cibar di speranza, 
to feed wi h hopes ; cibarsi, to 
live, (IT feed upon ; to please 
one's self; cibarci di frutte, to 
live upon fruit 

Cibazióne,/. food 

Cibo, m. food, victuals 

Cibòrio, ni. the pix, in which the 
host is kept 

Cibóso, a. frui'ful, plentiful 

Cibrèo, M. a made dish 

Cica, ad. not the least, none at all 

Cicada, and Cicala, /. a cerlaiu 
chii-piiii? in-ect 

Cicalàccia,/. idle talker 

Cica'amento, m. and Cicaleria, /. 

Cicalare, to chatter, to tattle 

Cical'i'n, /. and Cicaléccio, m. 
babbliiis, pi-atin? 

Cicala óre, m. a ?rea' talker 

Cicala'orio, a. chattering 

Cicala'rice, a?id Cicalicra, /. a 
prat'lin? f;ossip 

Cicalio, m. idle talk 

Cicalonaccio, m. a sreat talker 

Cicalóne, in. talkative person 

Cicatrice,/, a scar, a trick 

CicatrizzJire, to heal 

Ciccan'one, in, a mountebank 

Ciccióne, m. a felon, or tumour 

Cicérbi a, /. sov.'-thistle 

Cicérchia,/, chick-peas 

Ciceróne, m. a S'li'le, pica 

Cichini, m. a very little, a jot 

Cicisbea./, a coquet 

Cicisbeare, to dangle about women 

Cicisbe'ito. m. a7id Cicisbe.atùra, 
/. coquetry, gallantry 

Cicisbèo, ni. a. gallant; a sword- 

Ciclo, m. cycle 

Ciclome'ria,/. cyclometry 

Cicógna, /. a s'ork 

Cicognino, m. a young stork 

Cicórea. /. wild endive 

Cicurftre, to tame 

Cicù'a, f. heml 'ck. henbane 

Ciecamèiite. ad. blindly, rashly 

Ciecire, to blind 


Ciechità,/. blindness 

Cièco, a. blind, inconsiderate, con- 
cealed ; dark, gloomy ; cièca 
vita, an abject lifej lantèrna 
cièca, a dark lantern ; bastonate 
da cièco, hard bloNvs; in terra 
di cièchi beà'o è chi ha un òc- 
chio, in a land of blind men, 
hapijy he who has one eye ; un 
cièco, a blind nuin ; cièco d'un 
occhio, one-eyed ; alla cièca, 

Cielo, m. the heaven, paradise, 
air, sky, coun'ry, clima'e, the 
top, Ihe ceilin?; il cielo de! 
let'o, the tester of a bed ; il cielo 
d'un fórno, the 'op of an oven ; 
gli uccèlli del cielo, the birds of 
the air; cièl seréno, a serene 
sky. A cielo, ad. exremely 

Cièra, /. loik, countenance ; voi 
non avete buòna cièra, you do 
not look well 

Cifera, and Cifra. /. a cipher 

Ciferlsta, m. a writer in ciphers 

Ciglio, m. the eye-brow, the eye- 
lid, sight, look, ridge; voi mi 
fà!e incarcàr le cirlia, you sur- 
prise me; .aguzzar le ciglia, fo 
look steadfastly ; avere una cosa 
intra le ciglia, to have somelhing 
in view 

Ciglióne, nu a ridge (of land be- 
tween two fulTOVS) 

Cigliuto, a. that has thick eye- 
brows [to he weak 

Cigna. /. a girth ; s'iir sulle eigne, 

Cignalaccio, m. a large wild boar 

Cign.'ile, m. a wild boar 

Clgnere. to gird, to girdle, to hug, 
embrace, sun-ound ; clgner la 
spada, to gird on the sword 

Cijno, m. a swan 

Cignóne, m. a large girth 

Ci^-lnniónto, ni. creaking 

fi./-l're, to creak _ 

( i,"iiio. ni. a creaking noise 

til s'rini, a. s-ky-col^ur 

Cilès'ro. n. blue ; cilèsti-o azzurro, 

Ciliccio. and Cilicio, m. hair-cloth 

('ili, -'il./, a che'ry 

(ili^j-ii. m. chrry-tree 

Ciliiiióina,/. cereinony (in joke) 

Ciiln Irico. a. cylindrical 

Cilindra, m. a cylinder 

Cln.a, /. to]i. suinmit ; excellence, 
eminence ; cima d'uòmo, an 
eminent man; cima di ribaldo, 
an arch ro^ue 

Cim'ire, to shear cloth, to cut ofT 
the head 


Cimasa,/, see Cimàzio 
Cimato, part, shorn 
Cimatóre, m. a clo h-shearer 
Cima'Ora,/. shearing 
Cimàzio, m. a wave, an ogee 
Cimila,/, a batk 
Clnibalo, ni. a labour, cymbal 
Cinibérli, ad. èsser in ci'mljérli, to 

be gay 
Cinibolto, m. a fall, a tumble 
Cimbottolare, to fall 
Cimbóttolo, ni. see Cimbòtto 
Cimentare, and Cimentarsi, to 

attempt, venture ; cinien:àre la 

propria ripu'aziòne, fo e.xpo5e 

one's reputation ; cimeutarsi, to 

Cimentato, part, attempted 
Ciménto, ni. experiment; essay; 

métter a ciménto, to exixise, en- 

dan;er ; venir a cin.ènto, to 

come to a trial 
Cimentóso, o. hazardous [bug 

Cimice, /. and Cimiciòne, m. a 
Cimiére, Cimièri, and Cimièro, 

«1. the c rest of a helmet 
Cimino, m. cumin 
Cimi'ério, and Cimitèro, m. a 

Cimmèrio, a. Cimmerian, dark 
Cimurro, m. Ihe gl.anders; avere 

il cimurro, to be angry 
Cinabro, ni. cinnabar" 
Circi»! io, ni. a belt 
Cincigliòne. m. a laige belt 
Cincinno, m. a hair curl 
CincinnAto, a. curled 
CincLschiàre, io cut, hack; to 

hesi'a'e, stammer 
Cincischi.ato. part, hacked 
Cincischio, ni. a cut n.ade with a 

Cinerizio, a. ash-coloured 
Cingere, see Clgnere 
Cinghia,/, a girth for a horse 
Cinghiala, /. a vein in i horse, 

near 'he girthing place 
Cinshi.ile, ni. a wild boar 
CimrhjAre, to encompass, surround 
Ciniiì'ìMn.part. gi'ded, environed 
Cinzhintiìra, /. the girthing part 

of a horse 
Cinghio, m. circuit, a circle 
Cinrolo. ni. a jirdle, s,a-h 
Cinguet'amcnto, m. chit-chat, 

s'ammering, li=ping 
Cingue";!'^, to stammer, to lisp, 

'o warble 
Cingue»'a'nre. m. a pra'er 
Cinguet'ièra,/. a rra'ini woman 
Cinicamente, ad. cynically, with 



Cinico, a. cynical 

Cinico, m. a cynic philosopher 

Cinismo, m. the sect of the cynics 

Ciunamo, and Cinnamòmo, m. 

Cino, m. a wild plum 

Cinoglòssa,/, hountl's-tonswe 

Cinquanta, and Cinquantina, /. 

Cinquantesimo, a. fiftieth 

Cinque, m. and a. five 

Cinquecentésimo, a. the five hun- 

Cinquecènto, a. fiva hundred 

Cinquefòglie, /. cinqueloil, (an 

Cinquemila, a. five thousand 

Cinquènnio, m. five years 

Cinquina, /. five ; datemi una cin- 
quina d'uova, give me five eggs 

Cinta, /. and Cinto, m. compass, 
circuniference ; a girdle, a sash ; 
cinta di spada, a waist belt ; 
cinte di ferro, iron bars that 
bind a wheel 

Cinto, a. girdel 

Cintola, /. the waist ; tenérsi le 
mani a cln'ola, to stand idle; 
strétto in cintola, covetous, nig- 
gardly ; largo di cintola, liberal, 

Cintolino, m. a small girdle 

Cintole, /. pi. garters 

Cintura, /. Cintolo, and Cinturi- 
ne, m. a girdle 

Ciò, proti, that, this ; ciò mi piace, 
tliat pleases me ; fa^e ciò che vi 
piAce, do wha' you please; con 
tutto ciò, never'heltss 

Ciòcca,/, a bunch ; ciòcca di fióri, 
a nosegay ; ciòcca di cajxilli, a 
lock of hair 

Ciocché, pron. v/hat 

Circeo, r/i. log, stump 

Cioccolata, /. and Cioccolato, m. 

Cinccolatticra, /. a chocolate-pot 

Cioè, ad. that is to say 

Ciomperia, /. rudeness 

Ciómpo, m. carder, a clown, a 
rude person 

Cioncare, to drink, carouse ; to 
cut, to fell. maim, n ansie 

Cioncato, part, cut down, intoxi- 

Cioncatóre, m. a tippler 

Ciónco, a. drunken, cut, maimerl, 
lame; rim/isp ciónco d'un brac- 
cio, he lost an arm 

Ciondolaménto, and Cióndolo, m. 

Ciondolare, to hang (Wangling 


Ciondolino, m. an ear-ring 
Ciondolo, TO. any thing that floats, 

shakes, &c. 
Ciondolone, ad. danglingly; èsser 
per ària ciondolone, to hang 
dangling in the air 
Ciónta,/. a bastinado 
Cióppa,/. an under-petticoat 
Ciòtola,/, a cup, a basin 
Ciotolóne, m. a large cup, a bowl 
dottare, to whip 
Ciòtto, a. lame 

Ciòtto, and Ciòttolo, m. a flint, a 
pebble [pave 

Ciottolare, to stone to death ; to 
Ciottolata./, a blow with a stone; 
dar delle ciottolate, to throw 
stones [paved 

Ciottolato, part, stoned to death, 
Ciottolato, ni. a paved way 
Ciottolóne, m. a large fiint 
Cipigliare, o look askew 
Cipiglio, m. sourness, sullenness; 
guardare con cipiglio, to frown 
Cipiilióso, a. passionate, has*y 
Cipòlla, /. onion ; egli è più dóp- 
pio d'una cipolla, he is a treach- 
erous fellow; cipolla squilla, 
sea squill, a physical heib ; ta- 
gliar la cipòlla ad uno, to cut oft' 
one's head 
Cipollata, /. silliness, imperti- 
nence; non fa che delle cipol- 
late, he always acts like a fool 
CipoUitta,/. a'scallion, chives 
Cipollina,/, a shallot 
Ci{>ónT), m. blunder 
Ci|>résselo, m. cypress-wood 
Ciprèsso, m. 'he cypress-tree 
Ciprigna,/. Venus 
Circa, ad. about ; sono circa dièci 
anni, 'tis about ten years ago. 
Circa, prep, touching, concern- 
ing ; non --o che dirvi circa questo 
particolare, I know not wha» to 
say to you cncernin? this affair 
Circain'elleziòne./. a perfect com- 
Circo, m. a circus 
Circolare, to circulate, to dispute 
Circolare, ft. round : moto circo- 
lale, a circular motion 
Circolarmente, ad. circlewise, 

Circnl;''o, a. round, circular 
Circolazióne,/, circnh'i-n 
Circole'tn. 7R. a small circle 
Cirrnlo. m. circle, circuit 
Circoncidere, 'o circumcise 
Circncidimf'n'o. m. circumcising 
Circoucignere, to s-^rround 


Circoncinto, part, snrronnded 
Cii concisióne, /. circunxision 
Circonciso, a. circumcised 
Cii-cnndaménto, m. and Circon» 
dazione,/, the act of conipassing 
Circondante, a. surrounding 
Circondare, to environ, encom- 
pass; circondarsi, to dress one'» 
Circondijrre, to lead round 
Circotferènza,/. circuniference 
Circonflessióne, /. the act of turn- 
ing round 
Circonflèsso, a. circnmfles, bent 
Circonflèttere, to bend, bow 
Circonfulgere, to shii.e around 
Circonfuso, a. spread around 
Circonlocuzióne, /. circumlocution 
Circonscrlt'o, part, circuu.scriled 
Circonscrivere, to limit, to sur- 
Circonscriziòne,/. bound, limit 
Circonspétto, a. circunispect, cau- 
Circonspezióne,/. cautiousness 
Circonstaute, a. present, around 
Circons ?nza, /. circumslance ; 

Circonvallare, to trench around 
Circonvallazione, /. circumvalla- 
tion [seduce, abuse 

Circonvenire, to circumven', to 
Circonvenzióne, /. cheaing, de- 
ceit, fraud, circumven ion 
Circonvicino, a. neighbouring, 

Circoscritto, part, tee Circonscritto 
Circospèt'o, a. see Ci'conspétto 
Circospe7Ìóne, see Circonspezióne 
Circrs nne, to. a by-stander 
Circostanza,/, circumstance 
Circos'anzi.ire, to circumstantiate 
Circos'àre, to stand round 
Circuinienfo, to. a going about 
Circuire, to encompass ; to ramble 
about; circuire cogli occhi, to 
take a view 
Circuito, part, surrounded 
Circuito, TO. circumference ; cir» 

cul'o di panile, circun. locution 
Circuizióne,/, circuit, surrounding 
Circuliir . see CircolSre 
Ci cunclngere, to surround 
Cireséto, to. a cherry orchard 
Cirié;ia,/. the cherry 
Ciriégio, TO. a cherry-tree 
Cirimònia, Cerimònia, and Cer». 

mónia, /. ceremony 
Cirindóné, m. a new year's ^ift, 

r resent 
Cirus<a,/. ?urgerjr [geoa 

Cirtlsico, cavi Cini5i«).xn.3,,sqa« 


Cisàle, m. a boundary, a land- 

Cisalpino, o. cisalpine 

Ciscranno, m. a shelf for books 

Cispa, /. blear-eyedness 

Cispilà, Cispitàde, and Cispitate, 
f. a disease of the eye 

Cispóso, a. blear-eyed 

Cistèrna, and Citérna,/. a cistern 

Glstula,/. a basket 

Cltara,/. cithern, guitar 

Citare, to cite, summon, entice ; 
to quote, allege 

Citarista, m. a minstrel 

Citarizzare, to play upon the 

Citato, part, summoned, quoted 

Citatóre, m. one who quotes 

Citatòria, f. summons 

Citazióne,/, citation, summons 

Citerióre, o. neaier, nigher 

Citiso, m. a kind of shrub 

Citraggine, /. balm, mint 

Citrinézza, and Citrinità, /. the 

Citrino, a. citron-coloured 

Citriuólo, m. a cucumber 

Citrullo, m. a blockhead 

Città, Citlàde, and Gittate, /. a 
town, city 

Cittadèlla,/, a little town, a citadel, 

qttadina, /. a citizen's wifa 

Cittadinamente, ad. civilly; viver 
cittadinamente, to live privately 

Cittadinanza, /. a community or 
corj/oraion, privileges, freedom, 
civility, humanity 

Cittadinire, to paople a city or 

Cittadinello, m. a poor citizen 

Ci'tadinescaménte, ad. civilly 

Cittadinésco, a. ciizen-like 

Cittadino, m. a citizen, a countrj-- 
man ; buon cit'adlto, one faith- 
ful to his country 

Cittadino, a. of citizens; vita cit- 
tadina, private life 

Cittadone, m. a large city 

CiOcn, m. an ass 

CiafPigno, a. ready to seize 

Ciuffnre, to «ripe, catch • 

Ciuftstto, and Ciùtfo, m. a lock 
of hair, a toupee 

Ciuffole,/. pi. ti-ifles. nonsense 

'Ciurma,/, the crew in a galley; 
a crowd, amultitule 

Ciurmadóre, m. a wi'ch. a sharp- 
er, an impostor, a quirk 

Ciurmaglia,"/ mob, rabble 

Ciumi^ire, to cozen, to deceive 

CiormSrsi, to get drunk 


Ciurmato, a. charmed, accustom- 
ed '«'^vil 
Cium.ii6re, m. an enchanter, an 

Ciunneria,/. tricks, deceit 
Ciùschero, a. tipsy, drunk 
Civàia, /. peas, beans, kc. 
Civanza,/ benefit, profit 
Civanzàre, to provide, furnish ; 

civanzàrsi, to procure, spare 
Civanzo, m. interest 
Clve, m. a citizen 
Civétta, /. an owl ; a coquette ; 

far la civétta, to coquet 
Civettare, to play the w ag, trifle, 

Civetteria,/, coquetry 
Civettino, m. a vain young fellow 
Civico, a. of a city, civic 
Civile, m. a register 
Civile, a. civil, ailàble, genteel 
Civilista, m. a civilian 
Civilmente, ad. courteously, kindly 
Civiltà, and Civililà, /. civility, 

Clnde,/. slaughter 
Clamare, to speak loud 
Clamazióne,/. the act of speaking 

loud, invocation 
Clnmide, /. the upper vest of a 

Roman soldier 
Clamóre, m. clamour, outcry 
Clandestinamente, ad. priva'ely 
Clandestino, a. secret, private ; 

matrimònio clandestino, a clan- 
destine marriage 
Clangore, m. clangour, noise of 

Clarétto, m. claret 
Clarificare, to clarify liquors 
Clarino, m. clarion, a sort of 

Clariti,/. light, brightness 
Clàro, a. bright, illustrious 
Classe, /. a class, rank, order; 

esrli è un briccóne di prima 

disse, he is an arch rogue ; 

ci isse, a fleet of ships 
Cl'issico, o. classical 
Cl:'iudere, to comprise, contain 
Clausola, and Clausula,/, clause. 

Claustrale, a. monastic 
Cliuitro, m. cloister, monasterv' 
Clausura, /. a cloister, a close,' an 

Cliva, /. a club 
Clavicembalo, and Clavicordio, 

m. a harpsichord 
Clavicola. /. the clavicle, (the 

Clivo, m. a nail, a rudder 


Clemènte, a. gracious, merclfal 
Clemente.Tiénte, ad. Etvourably, 

Clementine,/. pL the constjtutioni 

of Clement the Fifth 
Clemènza, and Cleménzia, /. 

clemency, mercy 
Clericale, a. clerical 
Clèro, m. a clergyman 
Clessidra,/, a vessel for measuring 

time by running of water 
Cliènte, m. a client, a partisan 
Clientèla,/, patronage, protection, 

Clima, m. cliniate 
Climatèrico, m. climacteric 
Clipeo, m. a shield (in poetry) 
Clistèro, m. clyster 
Clivo, m. a hill 
Clivo, a. inclined 
Clizia,/ tum^l, a flower 
Cloaca,/, a sewer, a sink [the 
Co\ prep, and art. (con li) with 
Co, m. (poetic /or capo) 
CoabiL'ire, to live together 
Coaccadèmico, m. a feliow.acade- 

Coacervire, to heap up 

Co.adiutóre, m. an assistant 

Coadiu'oria,/. coad j utor>hip 

Coadiuvare, to help, assist 

Coadiuvato, part, assisted 

Cnadun'ire, to assemble 

Coaduriazióne,/. assemblage 

(Jloagul.ire. lo congeal 

Coaiulaniénto, m. coagulation 

C'~a?ula'lvo, a. coagulating 

Coarula7Ìòne,/. coagulation 

Coimilo, m. culli, rennet 

C'^artire, to limit 

Coar'aziòne, /. a s'raitenmg 

Coattivo, o. coercive 

Coazióne,/, coercion, constraint 

Cocca, /. the notch of an arrow, 
shaft ; a cock-boat; the tip of a 
spindle ; cocca del capo, the 
crown f)f the head 

Coctire, 'o put the bowstring into 
the notch of an arrow ; to ridi- 
cule, mock, scotf; cocc&rla ad 
un^ to trick 

Cocchétta, /. a notch 

Cocchia'»,/ a serenade in a coach 

Cocchière, m. a coachman 

Cocchijlia./. shell offish 

Cocchio, m. a coach, or coach- 

Cocchiume, m. a bunsr, a bung- 

Còccia, /. a pimple ; coccia d'uóvo, 
the shell of an ex? 

Cocciniglia, /. cochineal 


Còcco, m. cocoa ; 1' àlbero del 
cocco, a cocoa-tree 

Coccodrillo, m. a crocodile ; la- 
grime di coccodrillo, treacher- 
ous te? rs 

Còccola, /. a berry 

Coccollna,/. a little berry 

Coccolone, and Cocco'loni, ad. 
star coccolóni, to sit squat 

Coccovés^ia,/. an owl 

Coccoveggiare, to more like owls 

Cocènte, a. violent, burning; do- 
lore cocente, snianiuz pain 

Coccutisiinio. a. niost ardent, hot 

Cócere, ste Cuoce re 

Cochidia, /. cock!e-fish 

Cociménto, m. heat, smart 

Coclto, m. a river in hell, Cocytus 

Cocitura, /. arjì Cocin én!o,'m. 
boilin?, baking, roasting, dress- 
ina:, scalding 

C-ocler'ria,/. scurvy-grass 

Cocólla. /. a cowl 

Coconia./. a tea-kettle, (or boiler) 

C^coDieriio, nx. a water-melon 
ground, or seller 

Cocomerello, m. a small water- 

Cocòmero, m. a water-melon 

Cociizzo, and Cocùzzolo, m. pate, 
noddle, top 

Coda. /. tail, train; coda dì ca- 
vàlio, a horse's tail ; coda di 
pavóne, a peacock's train ; guar- 
dar colla coda dell' ncchio, to 
leer upon ; lisciar la coda, to 
flatter; nella coda sta il veléno, 
the venom is in the tail 

Codardamente, ad. conardly 

Codardia,/, cowardice 

Codardo, o. cowardly, timid ; un 
codardo, a j, ltron,"a coward 

Codazzo, m. rcticue 

Codétta, a little tail 

Codiare, to wa'ch, fo spy 

Codiatcre, m. an inquisitive man, 
a spy 

Còdice, m. code 

Codicillo. 771, a codicil 

Codimózzo, a. wi'bouf a tail 

Cediòne. and Codrióne, m, a 

Coduto. a. that has a tail 

Coegunle. a. coequal 

Coerède, o. cheir 

Coerente, a. coherent, agreeing 

Coerenza,/, coherence 

Coesióne,/, cohesion 

CoetToeo, o. otemporary 

Coetémo, a. coetemal 

Coèvo, a. coeva! 

Cofàccìa,/. cake, bun 


Cofani^ io, nu a trjnk, or basket- 
maker [basket 
Cofenctto, m, a small tnink, or 
Cofano, ni. a basket, chest 
Cogitabondo, a. pensive, sad 
Cogitare, to think, to reflect 
Cogitativo, a. thoughtful, musing 
Cògliere, to gather ; coglier il 
frutto delle sue fatiche, to reap 
the fruit of cue's labour; co- 
gliere il suo tempo, to take time : 
cògliere in iscambio, to take one 
thing for another; cògliere, to 
catch, to over.ake; còglier all" 
iniprovviso, to surprise in the 
feci ; mi colse in testa ccn un 
bastone, he hit me on the head 
with the stick ; il vostro pittóre 
v' ha colio molto bene nel vo- 
stro ritratto, your painter has 
made your picture a great like- 
Coglitóre, m. a gatherer 
Cognata,/, sister-in-law 
Cign-'ito, m. brother-in-law 
Cngn.'ito, a, related, connected 
Cognazióne. /. kindred 
Cògnito, pari, known 
Cognizióne,/, knowledge 
Cognóme, m. a surname 
Co^nominftre, to surname 
Coguouiinito, part, suraair.ed 
Cogi'.oscere, to know, (in law) to 

take cognizance of 
Cognosciuza, /. knowledge, ac- 
Cognosclbile, a. that can be known 
CoenosciutSssimo, a. most noted 
Coiaio, and Coiaro, m. a tanner, 

a lea'Jier-seller 
Coi'ime, TJi. leather, hides 
Coincidere, to coincide 
Còito, in. copulation 
Col, prcf. and art. with, the 
Coli. ad. yonder, there ; vedi colà 
quell' uòmo, see there that man ; 
coli un poco dopo, a short time 
after ; colà di state, in summer 
Colaggi-'i, and Colaggi uso, ad. be- 
low, down 
Colajióne,/. runn'ng through 
Colaménto, ni. a straining 
Colare, to strain, melt," liquefy ; 
di occhi ?li còlano, his eyes 
drop ; colftr a fondo, to sink 
Colascióne, m. a sort of guitar 
Colassìi. ad. there, above, yonder 
Cola'lvo, a. sTained, liquefiaLle 
Col.'.to, part, strained 
Cola'óio. m. a strainer, cullender, 



Colazióne,/, breakfast 

Colcare, and Colcarsi, to lie down 

Colèi, previ, rd. f. she; questa è 

colèi ch'in odio hai tanto, this is 

she that you hate so much 
Colendissimo, m. your worship 
Colere, to honour, revere 
Colezione,/. breakfast 
Colica,/, the colic 
Colico, a. colic 
Còlla, prip. and art. with, the 

colla vostra sorella, with your 

Colla,/, glue 
Collina, /. a necklace ; c:Uaiia di 

perle, a pearl necklace 
Collare, to glue, to paste togethe 

to let dow'n a rr pe, to hoist ; 

torture, rack, rive the strappai 
Collare, and Collarino, m. a ce 

lai, a band 
Collarettàio, m. a collar-maker 
Collaterale, a. collateral 
Collaterale, m. a paj-masterj 

judge, delegate, c^mniissary 
Collatore, m a patron (that'bas 

living in his gift) 
Collattaneo, m. a fos'er-brolher 
Collaudare, to praise 
Collazionare, to confront, to com 

pare [tion 

Collazióne, /. conference, colla 
Còlle, ni. a hill 

Colléga, ni. a colleasue [ion 

Collegaménto, m. union, conues- 
Colleganza, /. confederacy 
Collegare, to make an alliance, to 

connect, to join 
Collegato, part, allied, united 
Collegato, m. ally, confederate 
Collesatóre, tji. a plenipotentiary 
Collegaziónc,/. alliance, league 
CoUerialmécte, ad. wi'h consent 

of the college, in common 
Collegiare, to''cnnsult. confer 
Coll^.^ta,/. a cfillegiate church 
Colle^iSto, a. colle-na'e 
Collègio, rru a collere ; far colle- 
gio, to consult, to discourse upon 
CoUeppolire, to leap for joy 
Còllera, /. anger, wrath j èsser in 

collera, to be angry 
Collericamente, a^. angrily 
Collèrico, a. pas^i^nale, hasty 
Collètta, /. a collection ; collètta, 

a cillect, prayer 
CoUet'ivamente. ad. collectively 
Collettivo, a. collective 
CoUef-zio, ojid Colletto, a. cdk- 



Collétto, m. a hill ; collétto di cuo- 
io, a jerkin 

Collettóre, ni. a collector 

Collettoria,/, office of collector, a 
tax, levyin» 

Collezione, /. collection, compila- 

Collibéto, m. a collection 

Collic'irsi, to lie 

Collicéllo, m. a hillock 

Collidere, to dash together 

Colli^i'no, in. a mountaineer, 

Collimare, to aim at 

Collina,/, a hill 

Colline,/, pi. 3. row of hills 

Colline'ta,/. alit l.'hill 

C->lliquire, to liquefy 

Collirio, m. an eye-silve 

Colliii^ne, /. c-ill'ision, striking one 
a^ins: am'her 

Còllo, m. the nt'ck. shouldti icick ; 
portìr un bainliim in colh, to 
cam- a chil I iipin one's back ; 
fiir àllun5:'tre il colio ad uno, tj 
make one «ait 

Collocamén'o. m. (Tisposing of 
thin^ in order 

Collncire, to f)hce,se*fle ; coibcìr 
una f i:;lia. to nnTya daughter 

Collocìto. part, placed, se'tied 

Collocazime, /. placin», disposinr 

Collocuzione, /. communica'ion. 

Colloqiiin'ida,/. a certain fruit 

Collòquio, m. a dialogue, conver- 
sa'! -tn 

Cóllora, /. an^r 

Colloróio, a. choleric, bilious, 

Collotór'o, m. hypocrite , 

Collòttola./, nape of the neck 

Coll'idere, to be ?iiil'y of cnlhision 

Collusióne./, collusion, deoei' 

Collusivamen'e. a'l. collii ively 

Collusivo, a. done l>y collusion 

Colliivie,/. amul i-ude 

Colmare, to heap, to overflow ; 
colmar alcOno di beni, to load 
wih riches 

Colmata,/, fulness 

Colma'Cira, /. over-miwnire 

Cfilmo, m. sunin i'. hei rh'. fulnes» 

Cólmo, a. filled, haled. Al col- 
mo, a/f. full, full measure 

Col-f'inia. f. hard rosin 

Colómba. /. a dove, a pisf on 

Colomb'ccio, m. a ring-dove, a 

Colomb'iia. /. and Colomb.'iio, m. 
a pi jeon-hou'se 

Colombina,/, pigeon's dung 


Colombino, ni. ch%lk stone ; a 
small pigeon 

Colon.bino, a. dove-like, pure 

Cotóulb^, m. a pigeon j colombo 
salvi ico, a woo,i-pigeoii 

Colon, m. c iliu, the great gut 

Coloiiii,/. "olony 

Colonna,/, a pillar, a prop, a sup- 
port ; le colonne d' Ercile, Her- 
cules' pillars ; le colouue d'un 
letto. Ih; bed-pos s 

Col-.nn'iia, /. and Colonnato, m. 
a colonnade 

ColoDiicllo, 771. a colonel ; colon- 
nèllo d'un libro, coimnn in a 

Cobnn«ta,/. a li'Me pillar 

C lóm, ni. au iiihabitiutof a colo- 
ny, a hLsbandnian 

Coloricelo, m, bad cbur 

Coloramv-n'o, m. dying, or tinc- 
ture ; C'i|ora:iién'o degli occhi, 
pimnesi ' f the eyes 

Colorare, to colour, dye, paiut, 
stain, to adorn, beausify ; o 
cloak, to di guise [!y 

Coloralaminte, ad. feignedly. fai e- 

Colorito, o. col iurc3 ; lik=ly ; 
probable, false, counterfeit ; 
scuse colore' e, pretend. d excuse; 
un dir olorarn, a false, cr coun- 
terfei' di^cu-se 

Colori/ioiie, /. a olouring, embel- 
lishmen», ornament 

Colóre, »/j. cbur, pretence, ap- 
pearing; s'j'to colore, under p e- 
tence;'non v' è alcun colore di 
veri'.i, there is n appearance of 
Ini h ,^ colore del volto, com- 
plexi n [blush 

Col rét'o, m. a faint colour, a 

Colorire, i,e Colorire 

Col'iri'issinio, a. much coloured 

Colori'o, a. coloured ; un viso 
col irito, a blo^min ; countenance 

Cl-irito, VÌ. a colourin? 

Obritóre, m. a painter, limner 

Colon, frr-ii. ml. 'hose, they 

CilisVle, a. lik? a colossus 

Cniòsso, m. a large statue ; un co- 
lòs-io, a j'.an* 

Cólpa, /. An. offence ; confessóre 
le sue c-ilpe, to confes ; dar la 
cn'r», *o xx «i'li a faul' ; aver 
la colpa dì che che sia, to be the 
cause; chiamìrsi in colpa, to 
own one's fault 

C'^'lp'bile. a. suiltv, culpable 

Colpabiln;énte, ad. guil'ily. culpa- 
bly (in'o'an emr 

Colp;>re, 'o blame, to sin, to fall 

Colpeggiare, to «itrike 


I Colpetto, m, a lit le blow 
Co.pévole, a. faulty, guilty 
Colpevolmén'e, ad. criminally 
Colpire, to strike; to succeed ; ha 
colpito in quel che dejiderava, 
he succeeded in his hope 
CoVito.jL'art. sliUCK, .lucceeded 
Colpo, ill. a blow, a sJnikc ; colpo 
di f.rtuna, a lucky hi ; colpo, 
(azione) act, dee»!, attempt ; 
avJie fal'o un bel colpo, you 
have d me a tine tbiu;; ; un col- 
po da niaJb t i, a masterly stroke : 
render il col|>o, to rafuitc; di 
colpo, a un colpo, a; ouce ; col- 
po di tìglio, a cutting blow ; 
colpo mortile, a moral vound ; 
colpo di mare, a billow, surge, 
or a mighty sua , coI(K) di dis- 
grizia, a niisfonune ; colpo di 
dispei-azione, a dcsficra'eattempt 
Olita, /. gahering, levying of a 
tax ; far c Ir.a, to strike, wound 
C iltclla, /. a kuife ; a colter 

(pi lu ^bshare) 
Col ellccio, nx. a hanger, chopper 
Col ell.i a, /. a bl o.v, a cut ; far a 

cluir.le, to licht wi'h s.vorxU 
Col elli^ra, /. a shea'h, a ca^e of 

Coltcllin'iio, m. a cuiIer 
C-'ltel ino, m. a sniall knife, a pen- 
CoK^lli, m. a kuife; coltèllo da 

ciccia, a wood-k ife, h-anger 
C'hcllone, Tìì. a grca' knife 
Col'ivamsnto, m. husbandry, til- 
lage; worship 
Col ivii-e. to till, nianure, improve; 
col iv.'ir le arti e le scienze, to 
pronio'e arts and sciences ; colti- 
var la meuioria, to exercise the 
CjiI'ìviio,<. cultivated 
Col'ivaóre, m. a ploughman, a 

hu^ban (man, an encourager 
Col iva-.ra./. Iilla;e 
C'l ivazioce, / hiisbamtry, culture 
Col ivo, a. cui ivat d. ploughed 
Collo, m. ploughed land, worship^ 

Còl o, a. cul'ivated 
Colto, o. sa hered, cdlected ; 
chea'ed ; sur|>ri ed ; ij mi vién 
C'Ito, if I hive an "pporunity ; 
fii col o all' in provviso, he was 
'aken unawares 
Col ore, m. a bubandman 
Col'r^re. to pi u'h wi'h a colter 
C"lre. /. a quii', counterpane a 

pall. rod. or p rch 
Col.rice./. a feather-bed 


Coltrice, /. a woman employed in 

Coltricina,/. a little feather-bed 
Cóltro, m. a colter 
Coltrone, m. a counterpane 
Coltura, /. culture, tillage 
Colubriua, /. a culverin' 
Colubrinctta,/. a sniall culverin 
Colubro, m. an aider, a «cake 
Colili, proti, je, or that ; chi è 
collii che vi parlava ? who is he 
that spoke to you ? 
Colóro, m. colu're 
Coma, /. a head of hair 
Comandaménìo, m. command, or- 
der, precept 
Comand.\n-e, and Comandatore, 
m. a conuiiander, commaiidant 
Comanlrre, to command 
Comand'ta, /. the kinr's command 
Comandato, part, commanded 
CoDianda'órc-, m, cojijuacder 
Comandi ia,/. recommeRdatJon 
Connnio, in. order, cimmand 
Comare. /. a godmother, a gftssip, 

Coniato, a, hairy 
Conibaci'iDte, a. fitting into 
Combaciare, to fit 
Cominci T^i, to kiss one another 
Combattènte, m, a cnmba'ant 
Comliittere, to fi?ht, a tack, be- 
siese, to ari'ate, disquiet, opp-'se ; 
combitterie le sue pnprie passió- 
ni, t'l resist one's inclination 
ComVatiman'o, m. fijht, conflict 
Comli'll'óre^rn- a combaan: 
Combat'uto, part. combated, 

tou;ht. harassed 
Conibiat.ire. to dismiss 
Combi''o, m. dismissal 
Combinribile, a. that can be com- 
Combiuaménto, m. combination 
Combin l'è, to combine, to pl-)t 
Combinatóre, m. he who combines 
Combirazinne./. combination 
Combriccola. /. conventicle 
Combus'ibile, o. comfaus-ible 
Cojnbiis'ióne./. confiagra'ion 
Conib'iso, a. burnt, consumed 
Cóme. ad. as. like, how ; because, 
when. fee. ; come ! non volete 
venire ■" how ! will you mt 
come ? vive come se avesse mille 
lire all' a:ino, he li res as if he 
Lad a th'^usand per ann. : di»enii 
il come, tell me how : so ben io 
il cnme, I kno-v what wav ; 


see him, &c ; come prima, as j 
soon 3s 
Coniecctiè, and Comechè, conj. 

alfh'iusjh, because 
Coni<iJia,/. see Commedia 
ConientJre, to expound 
Comeut'irio, m. conunentaries 
Comentà'.o, part, commented 
Comentatóre. m. a commenta'cr 
Comen'azióne,/. a comment 
Coniéuio, m. exposition, comment- 
Coniéta,/. a comet 
Comiato, m, see Commiato 
Cou.icaménTe, ad. comically 
Comico, J71. author of a comedy, a 

Còmico, a. comic [a bouse 

Comi molo, jii, the top, or rid je of 
Cominciamento, m. a '«jinning 
Cominciinle, m, a berinner, a 

Coiiiinciire, to be^in ; al conin- 

ci're. at the beginning 
C-'minci I to, j:ar/. commenced 
Cominciatole, m. founder 
Cociincin, a. beiun 
Cornimi riu cuuiin-seed 
Comi àn"e, a. a'teiiding 
Cimitiio, m. con.pany 
Comitiva, /. attendants 
Coniito, m, a certain officer in a 

Conii7Ìo, nu cornicia 
Conmiacolire, to s"ain, blemish 
Coniméiiia. /. a play, a comedy, a 


Comn.edi'io, nu a comedy- writer. 

(contemptuously) [dian 

Commediante, jji. and f. a cime- 

Commeii'ire, to make comedies, or 

get them acted 
Commemorò bile, a. memorable 
Commemorire, to commemorate 
Commemorato, part, commenio- 

Conmiemorazione, /. remem- 
brance, commemoration 
Commènda. /. a commeudam 
Commend'ibile, a. commendable 
Commendabilmen'e. cd. laudably 
Comrr.endaménto, m. praise 
Commendare, to praise, to recom- 
I mend 

I Commendatario, and Commenda- 
I tore, m. one hat holds a benefice 
in commen.lam 

Commendatizia, /. a letter of rec- 
I ommenda'iiu 

Commen'a i/io, a. commendatory 
Commendato, part, praised, ap- 
CMne; come vedróUo, when 1 1 proved 


Commeiidaróre, m. and Commend 

atricef/. one that approves 
Commendazione,/, commeudation 
Conimendc\ole, a. wonhy to be 

Comu.ensile, m. a7id f. a guest at 

a feast 
Con.mensi.rare, to measure wje 

thing with another 
Comn.ent.are, ste Comentàre, and 

i derivatives 
Conimcicio, and Commérzio, rn. 
trade, correspondence, inter- 
course ; cnnimércio di lettere, a 
correspondence [office 

CoQiuiessaila, /. a commissioner's 
Commess.'irio,a7M/ Commissi rio, w?. 
a n.uster-masrer. a commissary; 
conimessario di ci tà, a judge by 
coramission, an eieculor 
Comme-sazió.-e,/. dclauchery 
Conuuessione, /. commission, or- 
der, manda'e 
Conimèsbo, part, apiointed, as- 
sise), conjiiitted, put together 
Commésso, m. a d^pu^y, a boarder 
Conuiie so, m, ai.a Comu.essùra, 
/. a seam, a chiik, a suiure; 
lavóro di ccìonésso, Mosaic 
C'mmestibile. m. food 
ConiDiesMbile, a. ea able 
Commestinne, /. a mixture 
Ccnuuettinte, part, enjoining 
Commettente, m. a correspondent 
Comméttere, tooomn.and, ctai^; 
intrust; tocomn.i: : vi commét- 
to i mici aSàri, I leave my af- 
fairs to you ; comniéfere alla 
fortuna, te hazard, to sin ; com- 
métter discordie, to make dis- 
cord [sedition 
Comme'tim.ile, rn. a firebrand of 
Commettitóre, m. he that com- 
Commettitura./, joining 
Commiato, m. leave, warning 
prènder commiato, to take leave 
chiider conmiiàto, to ask leave 
dar commi 'to, to disniis>; dar 
commiato ai piacéri, to bid adieu 
to pleasure 
Commilitone, m, fellow-soldiers 
Comminóre, to threaten, to firbid 
Comminatòria, m. conm ination 
Comminazióne,/. Ihrea'enin? 
Commi^:hiaménto, m. a mixture 
Commischi'ire, to mix. to jumble 
C"mmiscbiito, pari, mingled 
Cnmmiserabilmcnte. ad. lamentar 

Commiseraie, to take pity 


Commiserazióne, /. pity, com- ; Còmodo, m. advantage, gain, 
passion [cd i prolit, benetit, interest , a vostro 

Commiserévole, a. piteous, v?retch- 1 còmodo, at your leisure 

Comiiiissirio, m. a commissary 
Commissinniirio, m. a commission- 
er [order 
Commissióne, /. a commission, 
Commisto, paTt. mixed, jumbled 
Commisurare, to measure, to ad- 
just [derivatives 
Cómmodo, in. see Còmodo, and its 
Comiiiorante, a. resiJin? 
Cominftóso, a. vexed, tumultuous ; 
ànimo cimmósso, a disturbed 
inind ; pòpolo commòsso, a riot- 
ous people 
Commotivo, a. touching, moving 
Commoto, a. excited, irritated 
Commoviménto, m. disturbance, 

Conimovitóre, m. a disturber 
Commovitiira, Commovizióne.ojid 
Commozióne, /. commotion, dis- 
quiet, disturbance 
C'immunire, to strengthen 

Còmodo, a. conmiodious, profita- 
ble, good, rich, wealihy; èssere 
comodo, to be in easy circum- 
stances [command 

Compairòne, m. a partner in the 

Coiup'igiia, /. a companion 

Compagnévole, o. sociable, com- 
plaisant, of good company 

Compagnia, /. company, corpora- 
tion, society, club, co'ngregatijn, 
confraternity ; compagnia di 
soldati, a company of soldiers 
(di cavalleria,/ a troop of horse; 
andar in coBipagiiia, to go to- 

Compfigno, m. a companion, fel- 
low, mate, partner, equal 

Compagnone, m. (uòmo gioviile,) 
a good companion, a merry fel- 
low, a jovial man 

Companàtico, m. food, meat, any 
thing that is eaten with bread 

Commuovere, to move, stir, vex, ! Comparàbile, a. comparable, like, 
disturb, anger, provoke ; to | that may be compared 
frij;lit ; co.rimuóverai, to be agi- ! Comparagióne, /. comparison 
tatsd, moved Comparire, to compare, set to- 

Commuìaménto, m. change, alter- 
ation, commutation 

Commutante, a. changing, altering 

Commutare, to change, exchange, 
barter, truck, chaiTer 

Commutativo, a. changeable, in- 
. constant, uncertain 

gctner, conUT ; compararsi, to 

compare one's self with; to vie 

w ith one 
Comparttico, m. the state of being 

a god-parent, spiritual alliance 
Comparativamente, ad. compara- 

Commutazióne,/, exchange, alter- 1 Comparativo, m. comparative, a 
alion, (turbolènza,) commotion, | term in grammar [ed 

disturbance, uproar, tumult ; ; Comparito^ part, compared, liken- 
commuiazione di pena, commu- ] Comparazióne, /. comparison, 
talion of punishment parallel ; sènza compavazioue, 

Comn'ianiénte, ad. conveniently, without, beyond comparison; a 
easily, wi'h ease | comparazióne, in proportion 

C^imod'ire, (accomodare,) to fit, to | Compare, m. a god-father, a man- 
make fi', set up, dress, train | gosiiip 

Comodataménte, ad. conveniently, Comparigióne, /. appearance 
haudsomely, well I Comparire, to appear in public. 

Comodato, part, (accomodato^ fit- j go out, to appear before the 
ted, furnished, dressed judje, to malte a show, cut a 

Comodato, m. a loan (a law term) | figure [appearance 

ComodatÓ!-e, ni. a lender j Compariscenza, /. beauty, figure, 

Comodevnlménte,ad. commodious-; Comparita,/, appearing 
ly, comfortably ; Comparizióne, /.ic€ Comparigióne 

Comodézza, ana Comodità,/, con-' Comp'irsa, /. appearance, ouiside- 
venienc -, convenience, ease, op- 1 show ; far comparsa, to make a 
portunity; la comodità fa l'uó-1 figure, crshow; a summons (to 
mo ladro, oppor'unity makes a I appear in court;) an attendant, 
thief; la comodità d' una casa, j or dumb figure, in plays, operas, 
accommodations, conveniences &c. 
of a house ; (bèni, richèzze) .id- Comparso, part, appeared 
vantage, riches; far le sue corno- Compartecipare, aiid Compartici- 
diti, to void I pare, to partake with 


Compartécipe, o. sharer 
Conipartiménto, m. partition, di- 
vision, compartment 
Compartire, to partake, divide, 

share, impart, communicate 
Compartito, part, shared, divided, 

Compiscuo, m. a common 
Compassare, to measure with com- 
passes ; to ponder, consider 
Compassito, part, measured by 
the compass, pondered, consider- 
! Compassionaménto, m. compassion 
' Compassionare, to pity 
Compassioualòre, ni. a compa£sìoii- 

ate m,an 
Compassióne,/, pity 
Comj^assionévole, a>id Ccmpassi- 

vo, a. movin», pitiful 
CoD.passionevoIniénte, ad. pitifullj 
Compi'usso, m. a pair of compasses 
Compatiménto, m. conijiassion 
Compatibile, a. pardonable, com- 
patible, agreeing 
Compatibilità, /. compatibility 
Compatimento, m. compassion, 

paiiencp, indulgence 
Compatire, to comtiiiserate, to par- 
don ; mi compatisca se non s^u 
venti'o prima, excuse me that 1 
did no; come sooner 
Compatito, part, pitied, excused 
Compa'riótto, and Compatriot'a, 
m. he who is of the same country 
Compjtto, a. compact, solid 
Compazientemente, ai. pa'iently 
Compendiare, to abridge, to con- 
Compendiato, yar<. abri'I^ed 
Compendio, m. compendium, 
abridgment [slior ly 

Compendiosamente, a'i. briefly. 
Compendioso, a. compcndims, 
short [pen.-a'ed 

Compens.ibiIe, a. that can 1;,^ com- 
Comjiensaménto, m. and Comper.- 
sagióne,/. recompense, amends 
Conipens'i re, to make amends 
Compensi to, pari. rewardt;d 
Compensatóre, m. who compen- 
sates [pense 
Compensazione,/, amends, recom- 
Compénso, ni. eipeditnt, remedy 
Compera, Comperazione, /. ai'ii 
Comperaménto, m. purchaie, 
bargain, buying 
Comperare, to buv, purchase 
Compenito, part, bought, pu». 

Comperatóre, m. purchaser 
Competente, a. convenient, fit, 

suitable ; ora competente, a sea- 
sonable hour 
Competentemente, ad. comforta- 
bly j ho da vivere competente- 
mente, I have enough to live 
Competenza, /. debate, quarrel, 

competency, conveniency 
Compe ere, to be comi)etent, con- 
venient ; to quarrel ; non vódio 
competere con voi, I will have 
no competition with you 
Competitore, m. a rival 
Compiaciinte, a. complaisant 
Compiacenza,/, satisfaction, com- 
plaisance, condescension 
Compiacere, to humour, comply ; 
si compiaccia, be pleased, be so 
good [charming 

Compiacévole, a. a<n"eeable. 
Compiaciménto, m. pleasure, de- 
light [pleased 
Compiaciuto, part, delighted, 
Compi.'ignere, and Compiàngere, 

to bewail, lament 
CojftpiAn'o, part, regretted, missed 
Cornpi'inio, m. lamentation, con- 
dolence [perform 
Compiere, to finish, accomplish, 
Comj)iéta, /. evening prayers ; in 
su la compieta, towards the 
Conipiiliare, to em.brace, extend 
Compilare, to conipile. to collect 
Compilato, part, collected, dis- 
Compilatore, m. a compiler 
Compilazione, /. and Compila- 
ménto, m. compilation, collec- 
tion [plishing 
Compiménto, m. finishins, accom- 
Complre, to finish, to perfect ; non 
posso compire con tutti alla vol- 
ta, I canno! serve ali at one time 
Compitamente, ad. perfectly 
Compitare, to compute, to reckon, 

to spell 
Compitazione,/, spelling 
Compitezza,/, good breeding 
Compito, m. a task 
Compito, part, finished, perfected, 
excellent ; pagaménto compito, 
full payment 
Compitore, m. a finisher 
Compitura,/. seed 
Compiutamente, ad. perfectly I 
Compiuto, part, fini-^hed ; non so- 
no Ire anni compiuti, 'tis not 
quite three years 
Compleménto, m. complement 
Complessionato, a. complexioned ; 
len complessionato, strong, lustyj 


mal complessionato, weak, sick- 


Compi, ssióne, /. habit, constitu- 
tion, quality, nature, condition 
Complesso, m. embrace 
Complèsso, m. and Complicazió- 
ne,/, complication 
Con. plèsso, a. bulky, fat, stout 
Completivo, a. completing 
Complèto, a. complete 
Complicato, a. complex, compli- 
Complicazióne./, and Complèsso, 

ni. complicati )n 
C-mplice, m. and f. accomplice 
Complicità,/, th-i being an accom- 
Co'mplimeniare, to compiimene 
Compliménto, nu civilitj-, polite- 
Complimentóso, ad. full of compli- 
Complire, to compliment, to be 

Conijionénte, m. author, composer 
Componiménto, rn. conipoiiition. 

writing, deportment 
Comjionitore, vx. a compositor (at 

a printing-office) 
Compórre, to compound, mix, 
to agree, contrive, adjust ; com- 
pórsi, to compound with credi- 
Comportabile, a. tolerable 
Comporti re, to bear, to let pass; 
r aria lo comporta, the air re- 
quires it ; o cinlo, come lo com- 
parti ! heavens, how can you 
bear it ! cnmpoi-tarsi, to demean, 
behave, act, do 
Comportévole, a. tolerable, decent, 
becoming [borne 

Comportevolménte, ad. so as to be 
Compósi*o, in. the couiposite order 

of architecture 
Composi'óio, m. a composing-stick 
Compositóre, in. composer of mu- 
sic [position 
Composizioncélla, /. a short com- 
Composizióne,/. composition 
Compós'a, /. mixture; compósta 

di pére, preserved pears 
Compostamente, ad. neatly, clev- 
Compostézza,/, modesty, decency 
Compósto, m. mixture, compound 
Compó, a. composed ; paróla 
compósta, a compound word ; 
con ànimo compósto, with a se- 
date mind 
Cómpra, /. Compraménto, TO. 
piurchase, bargain 


Compra rg, to b, y, purchase, pro- 

Comprato, part, purchased 

Compialore, to. buyer 

Comprendèiiza, /. comprehension 

Comprèndere, lo comprthcud, to 
compromise, to surprise, to con- 

Comprendiménto, to. comprehen- 
sion, understanding, district, 
precinct [hends 

CouipreivlJIóve, TO. who 

I h . :n. wit, good sense 

( . '.'. intelligible 

(■ ! .'ri ,(.;«/ Comprensiva, 

j. crimp.'-cli.ension, apprehension 

Comprecsivaiiiénte, ad. wilh com- 
prehension [circuit 

Comprésa,/, and Compréso, to. a 

Compréso, part, comprehended, 

Compressioni to, a. robust, stout 

Compressióne, /. Compression 

Comprèsso, a. stout, pressed 

Comprimere, to press, strain to- 
gether, to restrain 

Compro, a. bought 

Comprobare, to approve 

Compromessj'irio, and Compro- 
missàrio, m. an umpire, arbitra 

Compromesso, to. compromise 
méttere in compromésso, to 

Comprométtere, to compromise, 
hazard ; comprométtersi, to en- 
gage, prom.ise; comprométtere 
V autorità, l'onore, &c. to ex 
pose one's character and honour 

Comproprietirio, m. co-proprie- 
tor (law term) 

Comprovaménto, to. and Com- 
provazióne,/, approbation 

Comprovare, to approve, allow 

Comprovato, a. approved 

Comprovatóre, m. an approver 

Cómpto, a. adorned 

Compugnere, and Compùngere, 
to vex, to grieve 

Compugniménto, m. compunclion 

Compulsare, to compel 

Compùngere, set Compiignere 

Compuntivo, a. afTecling 

Compt'mto, part, grieved, vexed, 

Compunzióne,/, remorse 

Computaménto, to. computation, 

Computare, to compute, reckon 

Computato, pari, enumerated, 


Computista, m. accountant 

Computo, m. reckouiu?, account 

Computrire, to rot to^e.her 

Comunale, a. comnon, familiar 

Comuoaloiénte, ad. (c<)muae- 
ménte,) commonly, generally 

Comunanza, /. cor't)orati.>n, com- 
pany, Eociet)-, C'j.j.iiiuuity 

Comunàre, io make cnr..iuoa 

Comune, m. the comiaons, com- 

Comune, a. cnmmnn, universal, 
usuai, trivial, vuliar 

Comtmella,/. a conipnon woman 

Comime-nénle, od. comniocly, 
vul^rfy [rj't.nicable 

Com'ir.iiJihr.c, a, aociab'e, «xim- 

Comi:;ti."airfnto. tu. ci>nimur.ica- 
tion, ;3ii>i:'iiif, intcrcr)une, a-i.-i Comunicatore, 
m. a ommnnic- ot 

Comunicare, t» inir.municate, im- 
port, róveal, converse ; comuni- 
carsi, te receive the oimmunion 

Comunicativa, /. facility in mak- 
in5 o Ltrs coinpivhcnd 

Comunica, ivo, a <:o;;iniunieative pari, imparted 

Comunit<it6re, n^ he who com- 
munìca es 

Comunid/ióne,/. communication, 
comniinucss ; the act cf making 

Ccmi'n:', r... the consecrated 
wale- <jJnii'.Ì5ered in the Ro- 
ma^ Ca'boiic church; a conse- 
crated wafsr, 'he host 

Comunióne, /. sacrament of the 
eucharist ; conununion 

Comunità, f. community, corpora- 
tion, company, society. Io co- 
munità. cuL in common ; dirs in 
comunità, to tell publicly, or in 

Comò no, a. comoion 

Comùnque, a^l. hovrever: co- 
mùnque si sia, however i'. be 

Con. prep. with ; con che, so that 

Conato, nu at empt 

Cónca, /. a lar^e vessel, a tomb ; 
shell, sea-shell 

Concatenare, to join 

Concaten'ito, paW. linked; nn dis- 
córso concatenato, a logical dis- 

Concatenazióne, /. and Oncafe- 
naménto, m. concatenation 

Concavàto, and Còncavo, a. con- 
cave, hollow 

Concavità,/, hollowness 

Còncavo, ny concavi y 

Concedènte, part, granting 


Concedere, to grxnt, permit, be- 
stow, acknowl?dje; concedere 
la sua figlia, to marry a daughter 
Coacedibiie. a. allowaile 
Concediménto, m. coa::esàion, per- 
Conceditcrc, m. ^ranter 
Conced'ito, part, granted, given 
Concènto, m. hamiOEV 
Conce/itramento, m. and Concen- 
trazione,/, concent la.inn 
Concentrire, to concentre; con- 

centrirsi, to penetrate 
Concentr'ito, a. oncea'red 
Conceatrico, a, cor.cea'ric 
Concépere, to conceive, to com- 
Concepibile, a. conceivable 
Concepiménto, m. conception, 

CoEcetlre, to conceive, to breed, 
to comprehend ; concepire spe- 
ranze, to entertiiu hope 
Concepito, pari. conceiveJ 
Concernènte, prep, concerning 
Concerren'e, and Concemevole, 

a. belonring 
Conceménra,/. relation, aflSnity 
Crncémere, to concern 
Concert.ire, to contrive 
Conc;rtà o, part, concer+ed 
Concertatóre, m. a contriver 
Concerto, rn. conce:-t, harmony; 
far una cosa di concino, to act 
by cinsenf 
Conce-sionirio, m. a grantee (law 
term) [sation 

Concessióne, /. permission, dispen- 
Con^esso, a. granted • 

Concetto re, to firm conceits 
Concertino, m. pe*ty conceit 
Conciato, m. conceit, fancy, esteem, 
repute ; ha perduto il cTncétio 
apprèsso di me, with me he has 
lost his credit; s' ha il concé'to 
d' uòmo dotto, he is esteemed 
learned ; jes', witty repartee ; 
un libro pièno di bèlli concetti, 
a book full of fine thoughts 
Concètto, part, conceived 
Concettóso, a. full of iests 
Concezióne, /. conception, com- 
Conchiglia,/, shell, sea-shell 
Conchiùdere, to infer, to con- 
clude; to convince ; to resolve ; 
to enclose 
Conchius'óne, /. conclusion, end, 

Conchiùso, a. concluded 
Cóncia, /. tar, barkj a tan vat, 
or pit 


Conciacil7ét'e, m. andf. a botch- 
er, a stockJng-mcnder 

Conciare, io nirnd, fi', dress, trim, 
abuse. Urne, castrate ; to adjust, 
a^e; conciar vini, to adultfr' 
ra'e wine ; conciar uno pel di 
delle feste, to ruin ; to spoJ 

Conciatétti, m. a tiler 

Conci-ito, jjoTt. mended, fitted, tc 

Conciatore, m. mender 

ConL-ia:-ira, /. a mending, dressing 

Conc'dere, lo cut in pieces 

C'^'ncièro, m. mending 

Conc'ilio, m. a council 

C ncilibile, a. that may be con- 

Concilili. lo, and Conciliabulo, 
m. a conventicle 

Conci 'J-iménto, m. reconciling 

Conciliare, to reconcile, to con- 
ciliate ; conciliirsi. to be recon- 
ciled ; conciliare il sonno, to 
obt;«in sleep 

Concili'ito, a. reconciled 

Conciliatóre, ni. and Concili» 
trice,/, a reconciler 

Conciliazione, /. agreement 

Concilio, m. a council 

Conci! iùzzo. m. a synod 

Concimare, to dung land 

Concimato, part, dunged, marled 

Concime, m. muck, marl, raend- 

Concitini'a,/. ornament 

Cóncio, a. dressed, mended, used , 

mal cóncio, abused ; assettato, 

fine, trim, compact 
Cóncio, m. concord ; ornament ; 

in cóncio, in readiness 
Couciof'-ssecosache, Conciofosse- 

che. and Conciofossecosa, canj. 

(ptrclie) because, seeing that 
Conciorire, to preach 
Conclóne, /. a sermon, an oration 
Conciosinche, Conciosiacosaché, 

cory". since, because 
Concisióne,/, concision _ 
Conciso, a. concise, succinct 
Conci'tnri'ile, a. coasistoriaJ 
Corcistorio, m. consistory 
Corc!'aniènto,rn. incitement, proT 

Conciti re, to provoke, incite 
Concitativo, a. apt to instigate 
Concitilo, part, moved, incited 
Concitatóre, m. disturber, mmti 

Concitazióne,/, a stirring up 
Concittadino, m. a fello w-citÌ2Hl 
CorcUmazìóne, /. applause 
CorclAve, »n. a conclave 
Conclavio, m. a closet 


C^l^cl-lvis■a, m. a conclavist 

C •il', lente, o. concluding 

Lxn,' iu Iciiieniénte, ad. conclusive- 

ly. ..-.i.'.ently 

Coutludcie, to finish, detennine, 

enclose, infer [inference 

Couchisione, /. end, consequence, 

Conclublvo, a. conclusive, con- 

Conclùso, part, concluded 
Conconiituite. o. accompanying; 
gTt'izia concinriitante, the coa- 
comi'ant jrace 
Concomitanza,/, goin^ wi'h 
Concordante, a. agreeable, agree- 
Coueordan7a, and Concordagióne, 

/. concordance, ajieement 
Concordare, to agree, to leconcile, 

to couform 
Concrirdataniénte, Concordaménle, 
and Concordevolniéute, ad. 
CoucnJàto, ni. a concordat, a 
cn:i,|act [upon 

C^ncnr'uito, a. agreeing, arreed 
Concorde, a. unanimous, peacea- 
ble ; di concòrde parére, cf the 
same opinion [ble 

Concordévole, a. suitable, agreea- 
Coucórdia, /. concord, harmony. 
peace; métter a concordia, to 
Concorj)onito, a. incorporated 
Concorrènte, m. compe'itor, rivai 
Concorrente, a. concurring 
ConcoiTénza. /. concurrence, rival- 
ship, canvassing 
Ccncorrere, to concur, to assemble, 
to compete, a°ree in opinion ; 
concórrere alle spese, to pay 
one's share [sort 

Concon-iménto, m. concourse, re- 
Concórso, m. concourse, re<»5rt 
Concórso, part, come together 
Concètto, a. digested, concocted 
Concn.-ióne./. digestion 
Coiicre're, to create, to beget 
Concrci'o, part, created, begotten 
Coiicrédere, to believe ; ÒDncré- 

dersi, to agree 
Concré'o. a. concre'e 
Concrezióne, f. cono ■ • ">n 
Concubina, /.'a enne./ i^e 
Concubinario, and Concubino, m. 

a concubine keeper 
Concubinato, m. concubinage 
Concubinésco, o. belonging to a 

Concùbito, 771. coming together 
Conculcaménto, m. and Concul- 
cazióne, /. trampling 


Conculcare, to tread on, to 
Conculcatóre, m. an oppressor 
Concuncere, to concoct, ('.igest 
Concupire, to covet, to desire 
Concupiscènza, arul Concupiscén- 

zia, /. conci.piscence 
Concupiscévole, and Concupisci- 
bile, a. concupiscible, desirable 
Coccupiscivo, a. concupiscible 
Concupiscibilità, /. unlawful de- 
sire, sensuality 
CoECuss;'(ie, to shake 
Concussatóre, tn. he that shakes 
Concussionario, m. a concussionary 

(law term) 
Concussióne, /. concussion, com- 
motion, extortion 
Concussi vo, a. shaking 
Condanna, /. "X)ndemnation, sen- 
C- iidannfbile, a. condemnable 
Ccndinnaménto, m. condemnation 
Coi:('aiiu''re, to condemn 
Condannato, part, cast at law, 

Ccndannatóre. m. a condemner 
Condannazióne, and Condaana- 

gióne,/. condemnation 
Condannivole, o. guilty, con- 
Condecènte, and Condecevole, a. 

decent, becoming 
Condecenleménte, ad. decently 
Condegnamente, od. worthily, 

Condemiia, /. desert, merit 
ConJésnio, a. worthy 
Condti.i^ire, see Condaimare, and 

its derivatives 
Co'idensaménto, m. condensation 
Condensare, to condense, thicken 
Condenso, a. thick, condensed 
Condescendsnte, a. complaisant 
Condescendénza, /. end Conde- 

scendimén'o, m. condescension 
Condescéudere, to condescend 
Condescensióne, /. crndescendenee 
Condescensivo, a. easy to conde- 
Condescéso, a. condescended 
Condiménto, ni. sauce, pickle 
Condire, to salt, to preser\e, to 

supply, to provide 
Condiscendere, see Condescéndere, 

and its derivatives 
Condiscépolo, -m. fellow-student 
Condito, a. built, founded 
Condito, part, seasoned 
Conditóre, m. a founder, author 
Conditura./, sauce, seasoning 
Condizionile, a. conditional, lim- 


Condizionalmente, and Condizio- 
natamente, ad. conài;ionally 
Condiz.ianàre, to prepare, dispose, 

Condizionato, part, qualified 
Condizióne, /. rank, condition, 
terms. A condizióne, ad. lipon 
Condoglienza,/. condolence 
Condolérsi, to con:plain, to coi> 

dole with 
Condoluto, part, condoled 
Condonàbile, a. pardonable 
Condontire, to forgive 
Condonato, pai-t. pardoned 
Condonatr'.re, m. he wiso pardons 
Condoaazióne,/. forgiveness 
Condótta, /. conduct, command 

prudence, wisdatr., carriage 
Condottiére, ni. captain, carrier 

a conduit, cansl 
Condótto, part, eonducted 
Condótto, m. conduit, pipe 
Conducente, a. conductjng 
Condùcere, see Condurre [in 

Conducévole, a. conducting, lead 
Conduclbiie, a. fit, proper 
Conuuciménto, m. conduct, man 
ajement, behaviour, deportiiient 
Conduplica.7Ìóne, /. repetition 
Condurre, to co-jjjct, lead, guiJs 
Conduttóre, a>ié Condacitóre, m. 

a leader 
Conduttura, /. a journey, wainage 
Con, prep, with; con esso lui, 
with him ; con esso meco, with 
me ; con esso seco, with him ; 
con esso teco, with thee 
Couestabile, m. a colonel ; a con- 
Conestabileria, J. the liigh coi> 

stable's jurisdi'-tion 
Confabulare, to talk together 
Confabulatório, a. colfoquial 
Confabulazióne, /. confabulation 
Cocfacénte, a. convenient 
Confa'-enz-a, /. agree-\bleness 
Confacévole, a. suitable 
Confare, to become, to be snits- 
bie; il vino non n;ì omtVi, vfine 
is not good for me; conff-nsi, to 
answer, to agree ; questo dis- 
córso non si confà ad un par 
suo, this way of talking doe» 
not become such a man as you 
Confederarsi, to confederate 
Confederato, m. a confederate 
Confederazióne,/, and Coufedera- 
mento, m. confederacy, alliance 
Conferènza, /. and ConJferiménto. 
m. conference, meeting 


Conferire, to confer, impart 

Conférma, ajid Confermagióne, /. 

Confenimre, and Confirmire, to 
confirm, establish, ratify 

Confermativo, r;i. a confirmer 

Confermato, part, confirmed 

Coufenr.atóre, m. a warranter, 

Confermazióne, /. confirmation 

Confénno, a. confii-med 

Confessaméuto, m. confession 

Confessare, to confess ; confessarsi, 
to confess to a pritst 

Confe&satóre, ni. a confessor 

Confessionale, caid Confessionàrio, 
m. confessional chair 

Confess one, /. confession 

Confésso, aruL Confessato, a. con- 
fessed [confessor 

Confessóre, and Confessòro, m. a 

Confettare, to preserve ; far stima, 
to cheri h ; confe:àre uno, to be 
civil to one 

Confettato, part, preserved 

Confetta'ore, and Confettiere, m. 
a confectioner 

Confetiira,/. a box for sweetmeats 

Confètto, a. preserved 

Confètto, ni. Confettura, and Con- 
fezióne,/, preserves, sweetmeats, 

Conficcaménto, ni. a fiiin^ 

Confic&'ire, to nail, fasten, to con- 
vict, convince 

Conficcato, part, nailed, fastened, 

Conficcatura,/, a fas'eninj 

Conficere, to consecrate 

Confidanza, /. trust, confidence, 
hope; abbi confidanza, despair 

Confidare, to trus*, confide ; confi- 
darsi, to depend upon one 

Confidato, pari, trusted, confided 

Confidènte, m. confidant 

Confidentemente, ad. confidently, 

Confidén?^ /. confidence, bold- 
ness, intimacy 

Confl?ere, see Conficcare 

Confisiménto, ni. a nailin; 

Confijurafo, part, resembling, 

Confijiirazióne, /. configuration 

Confinrinte, a. bordering 

Confin.ire, to border, to limit, to 
confine ; (esiliare.) to banish 

Confinato, part, confined 

Confine, and Confino, m. limits, 

Oonfirmàre, to confirm 


Confiscabile, a. confiscable 
Confiscare, to seize upon 
Confiscato, part, confiscated 
Confiscazibue, /. forfeiture 
Confitto, part, shot throtJgh, 

Conflagrare, to set on fire 
Conflagrazióne,/, conflagration 
Conflato, part, joined together 
Conflitto, m. conflict, combat 
Confluente, ni. conflux 
Confóndere, to confound, to de- 
stroy, to waste ; confondersi, to 
be confused 
Confondiménto, m. confusion 
Confonditóre, ni. who confuses 
Conformare, to conform ; confor- 
marsi, to conform one's self 
Conformativo, a. conformable 
Conformato, and Conforme, a. 

fashioned, shaped 
ConfoiTiiazióne,/. conformation 
Confórme, a. conformable, similar 
Confórme, ad. according, as 
Coiifomieménte, ad. pursuant to 
Conformévoie, a. suitable, agreea- 
Conformista, ni, a conform is* 
Conformità, f. conformity. In con- 
formità, ad. conformably 
Confortagióne, /. and Conforta- 

ménto, m. see Confor'azióue 
Confortante, a. comforting 
Confortare, to comfort, advise, en- 

Confortativo, Confortatòrio, and 

Confortévole, a. comfortable 
Confortatóre, m. and Conforta- 

trice, f. a comforter 
Confortazióne,/. aìid Confòrto, m. 

comfort, advice, corrobora'ion 
Ccnforfinàio, m. gingerbread- 
Confortino, m. ginserbread 
Confòrto, m. see Confortazióne 
ConfrAte, and Confiutéllo, ni. 

Confraternita,/, fraternity 
Confricazióne,/, friction 
Confrontare, to confront 
Confrontato, part, confronted 
Confrontazióne, /. confronting 
Confrrmto, m. confronting, con- 
ferring. A confrónto, ad. in 
Confusamente, ad. confusedly 
Confusióne, /. disorder, shame, 

Confuso, a. confounded 
Confutàbile, c. confutable 
Confutaménlo, m. confutation 
Confutare, to confute 


Confutatóre, m, a refuter 
Confutazióne,/, confutation 
Congedare, to give leave, to dil- 

miss ; congedarsi, to take leave 
Congedo, ni. leave, permission; 

d^r congedo, to dismiss | non 

posso dar quel che non e mio 

senza congèdo, I cannot give 

what is not mine without leave 
Congegnaménto, m. aiid Conge- 

gnatOra,/. assemblage, unite 
Congegnare, to connect, join 
Congegnato, part, connected 
Congelaménto, m. freezing 
Congelarsi, to congeal, freeze 
Congelato, part, congealed, frozen 
Congelazióne,/, congelation 
Congèrie, /. heap, hoard 
Consettùra, aìicl Conghiett&ra, /. 

Congetturale, a. conjectural 
Congetturalmente, ad. by guess, or 

Conzetturare, to conjecture 
Conghietturàle, a. conjectural 
Conghietturato, part, guessed 
Conshiet'uratóre, 7n. a conjecturer 
Congiugale, o. conjugal 
Consflugare, see Coniugare 
Congiugazióne,/. conjugation 
Congiùsnere, and Congiijngere, 

to join close ; congiùgnersi, to 

Coneiuznimento, and Congiungi- 

nn-nto, m. conjunction 
Coniiugnilóre, m. he who joins 
Conziiiynitura,/. joint, seam 
Congiùnta,/, a wife 
Conziuntaménte, ad. jointly 
Conziuntlvo, ni. the conjunctive 

mood [joined 

Congiuntivo, and Congiùnto, a. 
Congitmlo, ni. kindred 
Conziuntura,/. conjuncture, union, 

Còni^iuiiziòne, /. conjunction 
Conziiira, Congiurazióne. /. and 

Conziuraméuto, m. plot, con- 

Conziurnnte, m. a conspirator 
Conziuràre, to conjure, conspire, 

Congiunto, parf. conspired 
Coneiura'óre, m. conspirator 
Crmzl bazióne,/. congloba'ion 
Conzlnmerato, part, heaped ti^ 

Conzlu'inSre, to glue, knit, join 
Conzhi'inatlvo. o. viscous 
Conglutinazióne. /. arid Conglnti- 

naménto, ni. conglii'ination 
Congratularsi, to congratulate 


Congratulato, part, congratulated 
Congratulatóre, m. who congratu- 
Congratulatòrio, a. congratulatory 
Congratulazióne, /. congratulation 
Congrega, and Osngregazione, /. 

a congregation 
Congrejaniénto, m. an assembly 
Congregare, to assemble 
Congregato, part, assembled 
Congrèsso, m. congress, meeting 
Cóngi aa, /. a sufficient income 
Congruaménte, ad. congruously 
Congruén'e, a. suitable 
Congruènza, /. congruence, con- 
Congruo, a. congruous, proper 
Conguagli ai-e, to equal 
Conguaglio, tn. a levelling 
Coniare, to coin, to bind 
Coniato, part, coined 
Coniatóre, ni. a coiner 
Coniettóra, /. see Consetttira 
Conietturare, see Congetturare, and 

its derivatives 
Conigliera, and Coniglieria, /. a 

Coniglio, m. a rabbit 
Conio, TO. a wedge, a stamp for 

coining; (monéta) money 
Coniugale, a. conjugal 
Coniugare, to join, to conju-^te 
Coniugato, part, conjugated, mar- 
Coniugazióne, /. conjugation 
Coniuge, m. andf. consort 
Coniùgio, m. marriage 
Coniuntlvo, a. conjunctive [lar 
Connaturale, a. connatural, sinii- 
Connaturàre, to sympathize 
Connazionale, o. national 
Connessióne, /. connexion 
Connessila,/, affinity 
Connèsso, a. connected, joined 
Connestàbile, m. a constable 
Connèttere, to connect, join ; non 

connèttere, to speak nonsense 
Connivènza, /. connivance 
Connùbio, rru marriage 
Connumerare, to enumerate 
Connumeralo, part, enumerated 
Còno, m. a cone 
Conòcchia,/, distaff 
Conoscènte, a, knowing, thankful, 

Conoscentemente, ad. knowingly 
Conoscènza,/, acquaintance 
Conóscere, to know ; dar-i a co- 
nóscere, to make one's self 
known ; to acknowledse ; far 
conóscere, to prove ; conóscei-sì, 
to understand 


Conoscibile, a. cognizable, intelli- 
Conosciménto, m. and Conosci- 
tijra, /. sense, wit, judgment, 
Conoscitóre, to. a skilful man, a 

Conosciu'améute, ad. judiciously 
Conosciu'.issinio, a. much known, 

Connscii'ito, pari, known, noted 
Conquassamenio, in. splitting to 

Conquassare, to destroy 
Conquassato, part, destroyed 
Conquassaziòne, /. and Conquasso, 
m. havoc, destruction ; in 
conquasso, to go to niin 
Conquidere, to afflict, to conquer 
Conquiso, part, vexed, conquered 
Conquista, /. conquest 
Conquistare, to conquer 
Conquistato, part, subdued 
Conquistatóre, nt. a conqueror 
Conquisto, m. conquest 
Consacrare, and Consagrare, to 
consecrate [dedicated 

Consacrato, and Cons-agrito, part. 
Consacrazióne, o?w/ Consagrazióne, 

/. consecration 
Consanguineo, a. related, akm 
Consanguinita, /. relationsliip 
Consapévole, a. conscious ; far 

consapévole, to impart 
Consapevolézza, /. notice ; knowl- 
edge [flection 
Consapevolmente, ad. with re- 
Consciénza, /. see Coscienza 
Cònscio, a. knowing of. conscious 
Conscrltto, part, enrolled, regis- 
tered, written [register 
Conscrivere, to write, to pen, to 
Consecrare, see Consacrare 
Consecutivamente, ad. one after 

Consecutivo, a. successive 
Consecuzióne,/, acquisition 
Consegnare, to deposit, consign, 

intrust, to deliver 
Consegnato, part, consigned, de- 
livered, described [livery 
Consegnazìóne, /. deposition, de- 
Cousesuén'e, part, consequent, 

ensuinz. following 
Conseguente, ad. afterwards; per 

conseguente, consequently 
Consezuenteménte, ad. by conse- 
quence, in course 
Conseiuénza. f. consequence, in- 
ference, conclusion, sequel ; mo- 
ment, weijltt ; (termine in logi- 
ca,) consequence 


Conseguiménto, m. adoption, 

Conseguire, to obtain, get, gain, 
succeed in the pursuit of a thing ; 
(succèdere) to succeed, follow 
come next 
Conseguitare, to follow ; to acquire 
Consegui latóre, m. who obtains 
Consènso, and Consentiménto, m. 

consent, approbation 
Consen aneo, a. agreeable, conso- 
nant, convenient 
Consentire, to consent 
Consentito, part, consented 
Consentitóre, '.n. who consents 
Consequénte, n. see Conseguènte, 

and all its derivatives 
Consertare, see Concerf.are 
Consèrto, m. concert, harmony 
Consèrto, a. joined together 
Consèr%'a, /. store-house, pantry, 
preserves ; far consèrva, to make 
provision ; consèrva d'acqua, a 
water-house ; andar di conserva, 
(sea term) to keep company 
Conservabile, a. preservable 
Conservaménto, m. preservation 
Conservare, to preserve, defend ; 
conservarsi, to take care of one's 
Conservativo, a. preservative; m. 
a keeper, protector [saved 

Consenà'o, part, preserved, kept, 
Conservatóio, m. a reservoir 
Conservatóre, m. and Conservsk- 
I trice, /. preserver 
I Conservatòrio, m. a workhouse, a 
i nunnery 
Conservazióne, and Conserva- 

gióne./. preservation 
Consèrvo, to. a fellow-servant 
Consès-o, ni. assembly 
Consideràbile, a. considerable, re- 
markable [biy 
Onsiderabilmente, ad. considera- 
i Considerante, a. considering 
j Considerare, to think, to meditate, 
I to observe [ly 
Consideratamente, ad. considerate- 
Consideràto, part, considered 
Considera'óre, in. who considers 
Considerazióne,/, and Considera- 

ménto, m. consideration 
Consizliante, a. advising 
Consigliare, to advise ; consigliai 
si, to consult with ; lasciatevi 
considiSrdame. take my advica 
Consigliatamente, ad. .advisedly 
Consiglia'ivo, a. fit to advise 
Consigliato, part, advised 


Consigliatóre, nu adviser 
Consiglière, m. counsellor, an un- 
der pi lot 
Consiglio, m. advice, resolution ; 
council ; prender consiglio, to 
resolve ; star a consiglio, to talk 
secretly ; consiglio di stAto, a 
council board ; consiglio di Rusr- 
ra, a court-martial [temi) 

Consigiióre, m. a joint-lord, (law 
Consimìgliàre, to resemble 
Conslmile, a. reteinbling 
Consistén'e, a. consistent 
Consistènza, /. consistence ; 1' età 
della consistènza, the middle agt 
Consistere, to consist, to s and to- 
Cousislòrio, m. a consistorjr 
Consito, a. plan'eJ, grown over 
Consobri no, m. a oiusin-german 
Consociazióne, /. association, alli- 
Consodàle, m. a companion 
Consolaménto, m. comfort 
Consolante, a. comforting 
Consolare, to comfort, console ; si 
consola facilménte di questa pèr- 
dita, he is not much troubled for 
this loss 
Consolare, a. consular ; dignità 

consolare, consular dignity 
Consolarmente, ad. consul-like 
Consolatamente, and Consolatoria- 
mente, ad. cmfortably 
Consoiativo, a. comforting 
Consolalo, m. consulship 
Consolato, a. comforted ; questa 
piòggia vien consolata, this rajn 
is comfortable 
Consolatore, m. and Consolatrice. 

/. comforter 
Consolatòrio, part, comforting 
Consolazióne, /. comfort 
Console, aiid Consolo, m, a consul 
Consolidaménto, m. closing up, 

Consolidare, to enrisolldate. to con- 
fìnn, corrob irate ; consolidare 
l' amicizia, to strengthen friend- 
Coasolidatlvo, a. consolidating 
Consolidato, a. consniidated 
Consolidazióne,/, consolidation 
Cnnsomigliare, to conform 
Consoii.'inte. n. harmonious 
Consonante. /. a consonant 
Corisonanteménte, ad. conforma- 
Consonanza, /. harmony; vivere 
in consonanza con qualchediino, 
to live in good understanding 
with somebody 


ConsonAre, to agree, to sing toieth- 
er; ciò non consona Col mio in- 
teresse, this is not suitable to my 
Cònsono, a. concordant, agreeable 
Consòrte, m. anrlf. husband, wife ; 
ambo consórti, husband and 
Consorteria, /. a society, company 
Consórto, m. a companion 
Consòrzio,)/». fellowsliip,company, 

Couspirgere', to sprinkle 
Conspicere, to discern 
Consplcuo, sei Cospicuo 
Consjiirare, to plo!, coaspire 
CoiispirVto, part, conspired, united 
Conspiratòre, m. a conspirator 
Couspirazióne,/. conspiracy 
CoiL'^tàre, to appear ; to consist of; 
consta a tutti, every body knows 
Coustemazióne, /. consternation 
Constipàto, o. close, costive 
Constilulre, to constitute, appoint; 
constitulre alcuno in dignità, to 
prefer to honours 
Constitulto, part, constituted 
Constitulòre, m. he who constitutes 
Consfituzióne,/. constitution 
Constrétto, part, unstrained 
Constri^nere, aiud Costringere, to 

constrain, force 
Constrigniménto, and Costringi- 
ménto, m. compulsion 
Construlre, to build, to construe 

Construito, part, construed 
Coastnit^o, part, iuilt 
Constnitto, m. profit, gain ; non 
so che sarà il constrùtto di quest' 
aliare, I do rot know what will 
be the result of that affair 
Constnizióne, /. construction, 

Consuetamente, ad. as usual 
Consuèto, a, usual, accustomed ; 
queste sono cose consuete, these 
thin>^ usually happen 
Consuetudinario, a. usual, ordinary 
Consueifidine,/. custom, use 
Consulta,/, consultation 
Consultare, to consult, take advice 
C.onsult.'ito, part, consul'ed 
Consultazióne,/, consultation 
Consultivo, a. fit to consult 
Consultóre, m. counsellor 
Consumabile, a. consumable 
Consumaméiito, m. and Consuma, 

/. consumption 
Consumante, o. wasting, consum- 
ing, accomplishing 
Consumare, to waste, destroy, to | 


accomplish ; 
waste away 
ConsumallTO, a. consuming 
Consumato, part, consumed ; sa- 
piènza consumata, perfccl wis 
dom ; un uomo consumato, a man 
of experience 
Consumato, m. jelly [suiaer 

Consumatóre, rn. waster, con- 
Consumazióne, /. consumption 
Consumo, m. waste, decay 
Consuntivo, a. consuming 
Consunto, a, consumed 
Consunzióne,/, consumption ; con- 
sunzióne de' sècoli, the end of 
the world 
Consuonare, ite Consonare 
Consustanziabilìta, /. coDsobstan- 

Consustanzi.^le, a. consubstantial 
Cousustan-rialménte, ad. consub- 
siantially [tiation 

Consustanziazióne, /. consubslan- 
Contalina, /. a country woman 
Contadinèlla,/. a country lass 
Contadinèllo, m. a country lad 
Contadinésco, and Contadino, o, 

rustie, rude 
Contadino, m. a countryman 
Contado, m. fields, shire, country; 

the vicinity of a town 
Contàgio, 7»i. and Contagióne, /. 

infection, plague 
Contagióso, a. cnntagious, catching 
Contamente, ad. properly, hand 

Contamènto. m. an account 
Contaminabile, a. what may be 

Contaminamènto, m. pollution, 
defiling [feet 

Contaminare, to contaminate, in 
Contaminallssimo. a. quite polluted 
Contaminato, a. infected, defiled 
Contaminatóre, m. who pollutes 
Contaminazione,/, contamination 
Contante, a. reckoning; danaro 

contante, ready money 
Contare, to count; to settle; to 

value ; to relate 
Contato, part, reckoned, told 
Contatóre, m. a computisi 
Contatto, TO. touch, contact 
Contazióne, /. an account 
Cónte, m. earl, count 
Contèa,/, county 
Conteggiare, to compute 
Contégna,/. a grave, proud coun- 
Contégno, m. contents ; appear- 
ance; caminar in contèso, to 
walk with gravity 


Contegnóso, a. sober, grave 
Cootemperànza, J. j.roportion, 

Ck)uteniperóre, to adapt 
Coutemptrito, part, proportioned 
Contempsrazioiie,/. temper 
Conteaiplauiénto, m. e :utempla- 

Contemplante, a. coiitensplatin; 
Contempl:ire, to conlenip'.afe, view 
Coii'emplativo, a. couttmplative 
Conttmpla'òre, ni. a coiremplator 
Contenjplazitiiie, /. contemplation 
Oontemporaneaméule, ad. con- 

Contemporàneo, a. cnntt mporary 
Contemplare, to temper, moderate 
Contendinte, a. conieoding 
Contendé.iza, /. a cjntcu'ion 
Contendere, to quanti, debate, 

fight, to strive 
Contendevolniente, ad. liiigiously 
Contendiuiénto, m. c-jntention, 

Contenditóre, m. a qnarreller 
Contenènte, ad. directly 
Contenente, a. containing; conti- 
Contenènza, /. continence, capa- 
ciousness, gravity 
Contenére, to contain, comprise, 
refrain; contenérsi, to contain 
one's self [mien 

Conteniménto, m. moderation ; 
Contennèndo, a. despicable 
Conténnere, to despise 
Conten'aniente, ad. contentedly 
Contentaménto, m. content, de- 

Content/ire. to content, please, sat- 
isfy; contentare le sue vódie, to 
gratify the inclination ; conten- 
tarsi, to be contented 
Contentato, a. satisfied, pleased 
Contentatiira, /. content 
Conteutévole, a. pleasin? 
Ciontenté?za, /. content, pleasure 
Contentlbile, a. contemptible, 

Contènto, a. contented, pleased; 
non mi terrò mai cmténto se 
non lo vedo, I shall never be 
easy if I do not see him 
Contènto, m. contentment ; the 

Contenuto, part, contained 
Contenuto, m. the contents ; vi 
dirò tutto il contenti to, I shall 
tell you the ^tirv- 
Contenzióne, /[. debate, dispute 
Contenziosaiuénte, ad. coutentious- 


Contenzióso, o. quarrelsome 
Conterla, /. jet [contiguous 

Contermmale, and Contermino, a. 
Conterminare, to border upon 
Contésa, /. striving, struggling, 

Contéso, part, hindered 
Contéssa, /. countess 
Contèssere, to join, warp 
Contessina, /. young countess 
Contestàbile, in. C')nstable ; gran 
contestàbile, (in the order of St. 
Stephen,) the grand prior 
Contestare una lite, to brin.; an ac- 
tion at law [tent ion 
Contestazióne, /. pleadings, con- 
Contisto, a. woven 
Contèsto, T)i. con'ext 
Contézza, /. information, news; 
non posso dàrvene maggior con- 
tézza, I cannot tell you more 
about it 
Conticino, m. a small bill 
Contigia, /. ornament 
Contigiàto, a. adorned 
Contiguità, /. neighbourhood, con- 

tiguousness, nearness 
Contiguo, a. contiguous 
Continènte, a. containing; conti- 
nent, chaste 
Continènte, m. a con'inMt 
Continentemente, ad. chastely 
Continènza, /. circumference, con- 
tinence, firmness 
Contingente, o. accidental 
Contingeutcménte, ad. cnsually 
Contingènza,/, contingency, casu- 
Conti ngere. to happen 
Contingibile, a. tasiinj 
Contingibiliià,/. cisu.aUy 
Contino, m. a youn'^r cuuV^t 
Continovare, see Continuare, and 

its derivatives 
Con'inuamèn*e, ad. continually 
Continuaménto, m. Continua, 'aitd 

Con'inuazióne,/. continuation 
Continunnte, a. assiduous 
Continuare, to continue, to last 
Continuatamente, ad. peipetually 
Continuato, part, continued 
Continuatóre, m. a continuator 
Continuazióne,/, continuation 
ContinuitA,/. continuity 
Continuo, m. a close body 
Continuo, a. continual ; febbre 
continua, a continual fever. Del, 
or Al continuo, ad. incessantly 
Cónto, m. account, reckoning, 
esteem; métter a cónto, to dis- 
count ; far cónto d' una persóna, 
to esteem : non fa cónto di nes- 


si'mo, he values nobody ; nn no- 
mo di cón'o, a great man ; in 
cónto alcuno, by no means; a 
buon conto, cheap ; per che con- 
to, for what reason f far i conti, 
to settle ace unts; conti cbiàii, 
amici cari, even reckonings 
make long friends ; voi me ne 
renderete conto, you shall be ac- 
coua:able to me for it; non mi 
torna a conto, 1 do not find n^y 
account in it 
Cónto, a. known 
Contòrcere, to twist, wring, writhe; 

contorcersi, to make wry faces 
Contorciménto, m. contortion 
Coutonii'ire, to sketch the contour 
Contornarsi, to have recourse 
Contornato, part, sketched 
Contorno, m. precinc:, circuit ; 
contórni, the contours of a pic- 
Contorsióne,/, a convulsion, fit 
Contòrto, a. twisted, crooked 
Contra, prep, (cóntro.) against 
Contrabbandière, m. smuggler 
Contrabbando, m. prohibitel 
goods ; far il contrabbando, lo 
Contrabbasso, m. bass in music 
Contrabbatteria, /. counter-battery 
Contrabbilanciare, to counterbaf- 

Contraccambiire, to recompense, 

reward, to ti uck 
ContraccAmbio, m. mutual ex- 
change ; rèndere il con'raccar- 
bio, to be even with a person 
Contra cchiàve, /. a tal e key 
Conti-accifra, and Contraccifer.i, 

/. a key for deciphering 

Contraccuóre, •>?i. pain, grief; a 

conlraccuóre, aiainst one's will 

Contra chiglia,/, the keel of a ship 

Contrada,'/, country, provine*, 

CoafraddAnza, /. country dance 
Conti-addétto, m. contmdiction ; 
sènza contraddetto, without di»- 
Contraddicènte, a. contradicting 
Contraddicilóre, m. he who ccD- 

Contraldlre, to contradict, oppose ; 

contraddirsi, to falter 
Contraddirllto, m. fine, penalty 
Contraddistinguere, to distinguish, 

to signalize one's self 
Conti-additóre, ni. antasonist 
I Contraddittorio, a. contradictory 
Contraddittoriamente, ad, conlja- 
I dictorily 


Contraddiviéto, m. prohibited 

Contraddizióne,/, arid Contraddi- 
ciménto, m. coutradiciijn 
Contraddòte,/. jointure 
vjontradiàre, see Contrariare, and 

ali its derivatives 
Contradire, see Conti-addlre, and 

ali its derivatives 
Coutràere, see Contrarre 
Coutratlaciniénto, m. counterfeit- 
Coutrai&citóre, and Contraffatóre, 

m. Cdunterffiter, imitator 
Contrafl'ire, to counterfeit, mimic ; 
contraffarsi, to disgiUse one's self 
Contrail atto, <i. counterfeited, con- 
cealed, detoi-meri 
Contralfittùra, aiui ContrafiàziÓDe, 

/. counterfciliui 
Cuntrafi'rrle, m. a spur 
Comratfù^ /. counterfiigue, (in 

Con.ra^^énio, m. antipathy 
Contrai mento, th, a contract, con- 
Contraire, to oppose, resist 
Contrallé'tera,/. a couniermand 
Contrail lime, m. a false li:;ht 
Contiàlo, m. a countertreble 
Contramalla, /. a countercharm 
Coutramàrca, /. a countermark 
Contranimandire, lo countermand 
Contramnaudàto, m, a counter- 
Contrammàrcia,/, a countermarch 
Contrauiniina,/. a countermine 
Contmmniin.ire^ to countermine 
Contrammiràglio, in. a re.v-idmì- 
ral [poise 

Contrammoménto, m. counter- 
Contraoperazione, /. a contrary 

Contrapàrfe, /. first and second 

part (in music) 
Contrapotinza, /. resistance 
Contrappasso, m. the lex talionis, 

limb for limb 
Contrappelo, m. against the p^in 
Contrappesaménto, m. equilibrium 
Coatrapnesàre, to counterbalance, 

to weijh, examine 
Contrappéso, ni. a counterpoise, 

Contrapponiménto, m. opposi'ion 
Contrappórre, to oppose ; contrap- 
porsi, to be against; to interfere 
Contrapposizióne./, opposi'ion 
Contrappósto, ni. the opposite 
Contrappunto, vi. counterpoint ; 
far il contrappunto, to accompa- 
ny (in music) 


Contrariamente, ad. contrarily 
Contrariare, to contradict 
Contrarieli,/. opposition, disagree- 
ment; adversi'y 
Contrario, a. contrary. Per con- 
tràrio, ad. on the contrary. Al 
contràrio, ad. quite contrary 
Contràrio, in. the contrary 
Contrarre, and Contràere, to con- 
tract, covenant, to unite, join ; 
contrarre débiti, to run intodebt ; 
contrarre matrimònio, to couple 
in marriage with one 
Contrarrispondere, to rejoin 
Coutrarrispós'.a, /. a rejoinder, or 
duplication [change 

Contrascanibiamento, m. a counter- 
Contrascàrfia, /. a counterscarp 
Contrascritta,/. a ounterlrand 
Contrascrlvere, to write against 
Contrascritlo, m. a counterpart 
Contrassegnare, t'l countersign 
Contrassegnato, part, countersign- 
ed [nature 
Contra^sematóra, /. a counlersig- 
Ccntra-^zuo, m. a signature,mark, 

C-)n:rassi pillare, to counterseal 
Contrassigillo, m. a counterseal 
Contrasl'ibile, a. contentious 
Contrai'an lento, m. a dispute 
Contrastnn'e, a. resisting 
Contras are, to wj'hs'aud, resist; 
nini cr>ntrasliàniocon'ro il nostro 
d-s Ino, in vain we strive against 
our dfstiny 
Con'rastatóré, m, opposer 
Contrasto, m. and Contrastànza, 

/. debate, quarrel ; contrast 
Contràta,/. c mntry. (in poetr>') 
Con'rattamJnfOj'.n. and Contratta- 

gióne,/. dealing, trading 
Contrattare, to contract, bargain 
Contrattempo, m. mischance. Di 
contrattempo, ad. unseasonably ; 
fare una cosa a contrattèmpo, 'to 
do a thing unseasonably 
Contratto, rn. deed, instrument, 
agreement ; contratto di do.^a- 
zióne, a dee;! of gift 
Contratto, part, contracted ; Urne 
Contrattura,/, contract ion, shrink- 

Ccu'raurt.ire. to run against 
I Contravvallazióne, /. cou'ravalla- 
I tion [wi'h an evil eye 

Contravvedére, to look at one 
Contravveléno, m. counterpoison, 

Con'ravvenire, to infringe a law, 

custom, Stc. 
Contravventóre, m. offender 


Contravvenzióne, /. transigrenon 
Contravversità,/, contrariety 
Contrazione,/, conti action 
Contribuire, to contribute 
Contributo, m. contribution 
Contrihutore, m. who contributes 
Contribuzione,/, contribution 
Contr'impannAta, arid Contr'io- 

vetriala, /. a counteiframe (tor 

a n indow) 
Contrirsi, to he contrite 
Contris'aménte, ad. with contrition 
Contristaniéuto, m. and Contrista- 

zióne,/. afflicti^'n, grief 
Contristare, to afflict ; contristirsi, 

to be afflicted 
Contrlstatlvo, a. afflicting 
Contristato, a. afflicted 
Contristatore, m. one who afflicts 
Contritamente, ad. with contrition 
Coutritkre, to mince 
Contrito, a. minced ; contrite. 

Contrizione,/, sorrow for sin 
Cóntro, prep, against, contrary j 

dài-si contro, to falter 
Con'r ordine, m. a counterorder 
Contros'ómaco, ad. unwillingly 
Controv.'ire, to invent, feign 
Con'rovàto, pait. invented, de- 

Controvèrsia,/, debate, dispute 
Controversista, m. a controvertist 
Controvèrso, o. controversial 
Controvèrtere, to debate 
Controvertibile, a. doubtful, di»» 

pu nble 
Con umàcs, a. stubborn, rebellioua 
C^^n umacemén'e. ad. s'ubbomly 
Coniuiircia, /. and Contumace, 

«1. wilfulness, s'ubbomness 
Con'iimClia,/. aifront, abuse 
CoiiUimelioéaménte, ad. ontra^- 

Contuiiie'ìó<«, a. affrontive 
Conlurbaniènto, m. Conturbsigióne, 

and Conturbazione, /. disturb- 
Con'iirb'ire. to disturb, vex, to 

thn)W into a confusion 
Conturbato, a. disturbed, vexed 
("intusióne,/. contusion, bruise 
ConlMS'>. a. bruised 
Coiitutt'-ché, cerili, al'hough 
( octu'tociò, cojij. however, yet 
Convalescènte, a. recovering; ésBef 

convalescènte, to recover 
Convalescènza, /. recovery 
Convalidare, to confirm, strengtb* 

en ; convalidarsi, to get strength 
Convalidato, part, corroborated 
CoDvàlle,/. a valley 



Convenénte, m, deed, a^reemest ,: j ConTei-titóre, m. a converter 

osservare il convenéme, lo keep 

a promise [lation 

Convenénza, /. agreement, capitu- 

Convenévole, a. convenient ; con- 

venévol cosa è, it is rtasonable 
Convenévole, m, propriety ; fare i 
convenévoli, to make compli- 
ments; stare su i convenévoli, 
to stand upon ceremonies 
Convenevolézza, /. conveniency 
Convenevolissimamente, ad. most 

Convenevolménte.and Convenien- 
teméute, ad. commodiously, 
conveniently [is jrist 

Conveniènte, "m. a decency, what 
Conveniente, a. proper, suitable 
Conveniènza,/, decency 
Conveniménto, nu agreement, con- 
Convenire, to agree, to meet, as- 
semble ; to be necessary ; ci con- 
viene partire, we must part 
Conventire, to make one a doctor 
Conventazione, /. coronation (of 

Conventicola, /. and Conventicolo, 

in. private meeting 
Convènto, m. an assembly; con- 
vent, monastery, house ; bar- 
gain, an agreement 
Conventuale^ a. frate conventuale, 

a conventual friar 
Convenuto, part, agreed 
Convenzionale, a. conventioBal 
Convenzionarsi, to agree 
Convenzióne, /. covenant, con- 
Convèrsa, /. a lay sister 
Conversabile, a. 'sociable [r>- 

Conversamente, ad. on the contra- 
Conversante, a. conversant 
Conversare, to converse 
Conversativo, a. sociable, aSahie 
Convenatc, part, frequented 
Converafóre, m. who converses 
Conversazióne, /. and Conversa- 
ménto, m. discourse, assembly 
Conversévole, a. sociable 
Conversióne, /. conversion, trans- 
Convérso.parf. converted, changed. 
Per convèrso, ad. on the contrary 
Convèrso, m a lay brother 
Convèrtere, to change, to turn 
Convertibile, a. transformable 
Convertire, to convert, change ; to 
apply, to turn ; convertire" a se, 
to appropriate to one's use ; con- 
vertirsi, to be converted 
Convertito, part, converted 

Convessità,/, convexity 
Convesso, ìtu convexity 
Convèsso, a. convex' 
Conviare, to convoy, guard 
Conviito, part, convoyed, attended 
Convicino, a. neighl/ouring 
Convincènte, a. convincing, clear 
Convincentemente, ad. eviJently 
Convincere, to convict, convince 
Convinto, part, convicted, con- 
Convinzióne,/, conviction 
Convitare, to invite, to keep an 

open house 
Convitato, part, invited 
Convitato, m. a guest 
Convitatore, m. an inviter 
Convito, ITU banquet, feast 
Convitto, »n. intercourse 
Ccnviva, m. guest 
Convivare, to feast together 
Convivènte, a. living with others 
Convivere, to live together 
Conviviale, a. belonging to a feast 
Convivio, m. a feast 
Comdziare, to insult 
Convizio, m. insult 
Convocare, to call together 
Convocato, part, convoked, assem- 
Convocatóre, m. who convokes 
Convocazione. /. and Convoca- 

mento, m. convocation 
Convogliare, to convoy, attend 
Convòglio, m. a convoy 
Convofare, to marry again 
Convólgere, to wallow, tomble, 

Convólto, a. dirty, tumbled 
Con\-uIsioncèlla,'/. a slight convul- 
Convulsions,/, convulsion 
Convulsivo, and Convulso, a. con- 
Cooperaménto, ni. cooperatl.-in 
Cooperante, a. working together 
Cooperante, m. co-operator 
Cooperare, to co-operate 
Cooperatóre, m. a fellovr-worker 
Cooperazióne, /. co-opera'aon 
Coordinare, to arrange 
Coordinato, a. set in good order 
Coordinazióne,/, order 
Coortare. to encouraje 
Coòrte,/, cohort of soldiers 
Coperchiare, to cover [trick 

Coperchièlla, /. a cunning shift. 
Coperchio, m. a cover ; a lid ; il 
soperchio rompe il coperchio, 
too much of any thing is good 
for nothing 



Copèrta, /. a cover ; coperta d» 
lètto, a coverlet ; copèrta di lana, 
a blanket ; copèrta d'una casa, 
the roof of a house ; copèrta di 
vascèllo, the deck ; sotto copèrta, 
under pretence 
Copertamente, ad. secretly, closely 
Copertina,/, coverlet 
Copèrto, a. covered, dark, obscure ; 
parlar copèrto,ambiguous words, 
discourse; méttersi al copèrto, 
to shelter one's self 
Copèrto, m. a shelter 
Copertóio, m. a cover, roof; a 

double net 
Copertiira,/. cover, pretence 
Còpia, /. plenty, copiousness ; far 
copia di se, {prostitution ; còpia 
(esemplare,) a^copy, transcript, 
extract ; questo ci darà gran cò- 
pia di ragionare, this will afibrd 
US great matter for discourse 
Copiare, to copy, transcribe 
Copiatóre, and Copista, m. a 

Copiosamente, ad. copiously 
Copiosissimo, a. most plentiful 
Copiosità,/, abundance 
Copioso, a. abundant, froitful 
Copistaccio, m. a scrawler 
Ojppa, /. the nape of the head ; 
a cup ; servir di còppa, to be a 
Copparòsa, /. copperas, or vitriol 
Coppelli. /. a coppel ; argènto di 
coppèlla, fine silver ; méttere 
alla coppèlla, to put to a trial 
Coppellare, to try gjld or silver by 

liie coppel 
Còppe,/, phrr. cups, a suit of cer- 
tain cards, used in Italy. &c 
Coppétta,/, a cupping-glass 
Còppia, /. a couple, a pair 
Coppière, ra, a cup-bearer 
Còppo, m. pitcher, a cup 
Copponi, rru pi. chips 
Coprente, a. covering 
Ccpriménto. m. a cover: non ita 
copriménto adósso, he is quite 
Coprire, to cover, hide, dissemble ; 

si copra, put ou your hat 
Copritóre, m. a coverer, a tiler, 

Copritura,/, a covering 
Còpula, /. couplins, conjunction 
(>)pulàre, to couple 
Copulativamente, ad. copulative!? 
Copulativo, a. copulative 
Coràgiio, in. couraie, valour 
Coraggiosamente, ad. valiantly 
Coi-a^óeo, a. stout, brave, bold 


Carallino, a. coral coloured 
Corallo, m. coral 
Coralmente, ad. cordially 
Corame, n». dressed lea' her 
Coranijxjpolo, ad. iu public, open- 


Coramvóbis, m. a lusty fellow 
Corata,/, the pluck 
Coratèlla,/, the liver of aa animal 
Coratelllua,y. the entrails 
Corazza,/, a breas'.-plate, a cuirass 
Còrba, /. a basket; curbs, a dis- 
ease in horses' Ie?s ; corbe d'una 
nave, ribs of a ship 
Corbacchino, m, a silly fellow 
Corbàccio, m. a sort of raven 
Corbare, to pulf with pride 
Corbellare, to make a jest of 
Corbel la;óre,*m. he that jeots 
Corbellatura,/, scoffin? 
Corbelleria,/, idle Mutf 
Corbello, nx. a basket 
Corbézzola,/, the arbutus 
CorbézzoI >, m. arbulus-tree 
Corbicii;o, m. a young crow 
Còrbo, m. a crow ; aspettar il 

corbo, to wait in vaia 
Corboi.!,/. a purse 
Corcare, o go lo bed 
Còrda, /. a cord, line ; a match ; 

corda del collo, the tendons 
Cordame, m. cordage, the rigging 

of a ship 
Cordej^iaie, to be in a line 
Corùélla, /. tape, riband, small 

Corderia, /. a rope-yard 
Cordiale, a. sincere, affectionate ; 
nemico cordiale, a declared 
Cordi:ile, m. a cordial 
Cordiali à. /. coidiali'y 
Cordialniéiiie, ad. hsartily 
Cordicèlla, and Cordicìna, /. a 

small cord 
Cordién, m. a rope-maker 
Cordigliero, m. a cordelier, (a 

Franciscan f' iar) 
Cordigli", 171. a band, lie, string 
CorJogliàre, to grieve, be afflict- 
Cordòglio, m. erief, sorrow ; si è 
faUo gran cordòglio della sua 
morte, his death has been greatiy 
Cordojliosamente, wi. sorrowfully 
Cordoglióso, a. sorrowful 
Cordoncino, m. a small string 
Cordóne, m. a siring 
Cord^vauiére, m. a tanner, a shoe- 
Cordovano, rn. Cordovan leather; 


tirar il cordovano, to use shifts, 

to play fast and loose 
Core, nu heart (in poetry) 
Coreggia, and Coreggina, /. a 

strap ; tirare una coréggia, to 

break wind 
Coreaji'àio, m. a strap-maker 
Coreg.'iato, ra. a flail 
Cong^inne, m. a large strap 
Coregrafla,/. chorosraphy 
Coriandolo, and Conàndro, m. 

Coricare, and Coricarsi, to lie 

dow n, sloop down, slay 
Coricato, a. lying 
Corifèo, 771. the chief, principal 

Córjlo, ra. hazel-tree 
Corimbo, nx. ivy berries 
Corintio, tn. Corinthian order 
Corio, nx. the skin; (out of joke) 

Corista, 771. a chorister 

Corizza, /. a rheum stopping the 

Corna, /. fi. of Como, horns 
Corn.tcchia,/. a rook, a babbler 
Cornacchianiéuto, 77i. prating, 

Corna cchi.lre, to prate, chafer 
Coniaccliino, m. a young crow 
Comacchinne, m. x pra"ler 
Cornaménto, m. a tingling, or 

noise in one's fars 
Cornamusa, /. a barp'pe 
Cornamusare, to play on the bag- 
Corn.'ire, to soimd a horn 
Cornata. /. a blow of a horn 
Còrnea,/, a ponion of the eye 
Conieggi.are, to toss about the 

honis; \? luna corneggia, the 

moon is in its increase 
Còrneo, a. horny, whitish 
Cornétta,/, a musical instrument ; 

a s'andard, a troop of horse 
CoTié to, 77U a small horn 
Cornice, /. a cornice, a frame ; a 

Cornicióne, m. a larje fnme 
Cornicolito, part, honied 
Cornlfero, a. having hnrns 
Corniola,/, berry, hedge-fruit 
Coniiola,/. a cornelian 
Corniolo, nx. the cornel-tree 
Còrno, rn. horn : far le còma ad 
uno, to cuckold ; còrno, a cor- 
ner ; c^rno d'un esercito, (he 
wing of an army ; ficc'ir le coma 
ad uno, to reluce pride ; non 
vale un corno, not worth a pin 


Cornucòpia, /. plenty 

Corntito, a. homed; >/i. a cuckold 

Coro, 77J. chorus, choir; noitb- 

wcst wiud 
Corografia,/, choroeraphy 
Corografico, a. chorographical 
Corollàrio, 771. inference 
Corona, /. a crown, kingdom, 
chaplel ; tirsi corona d'una cosa, 
to take the advantage of any 
Coron-'iio, rrx. a chaplet-maker 
CorottUe, a. o( a crown 
Coronaménto, m. coronation 
C^ronAre, to crown 
Coronato, part, crowned, rewardea 
Coronazione,/, coronation 
Corpacciata, /. a belly-full ; far 
una corpacciata, to stuff one's 
Corpaccio, m. a bulky body 
CorpacciOto, a. corpulent 
Corpétto, 771. a doublet 
Corpicéllo, and Corpiclno, m. a 

weak body 
Còqjo, TTi. body, shape; socieity; 
bello di corpo, well->haped; 
egli ha il diavolo iu corpo, the 
devil IS in him ; combàttere 
corpo a corpo, to figlil ; aodAr 
del corpo, to void ; nascere ad 
un corpo, to be born at the same 
time; son nati ad un corpo, 
they are twins 
Corporale, a. corpora], mortal 
Corporal it;t, and Corporeità, / 

Corporalmente, ad. corporally 
Coi-poratura, and Corpulènza, /. 

bulk, size, plight 
Corporeo, a. bo<lily 
Coipulénlo, a. corpul*>nt 
Cor|iulènza,/. corpulency 
Coi-))ijscolo, ni. a corpuscle 
Corpusdòmini, tti. a certain festi- 
val, called Corpus-Christ i-day 
Corpiito, a. bulky, big-bellied 
Corpiizzo, nx. a corpuscle 
Córre, see Cògliere 
Corred.lre, to equip, furnish, adorn 
Corredato, parf. equipped 
Corrèdo. 7». provision, feast ; cor- 
rèdo di nave, riggine, tacklmg 
Correggente, part, correcting 
Corrèggere, to correct, to mend 
C'>rre?sé-ile, a. corrigible 
Correggimento, 771. correction 
Corregei'òre, 771. reformer 
Correggiuòlo, 771. a crucible 
Corregn^-re, to reign together 
Correlativo, a. mutually relaledi 


Correlazióne, /. a mutuai relation 

Corrènte, m. and f. a stream, a 
current, a courser, a dance 

Corrènte, ad. fluently 

Corrènte, a. running, swift; dis- 
posed ; monéta coi rente, current 
coin ; prezzo corrènte, market- 

Correnteménte, ad. currently 

Correntia,/, impetuosity 

Correnzia,/. the current, stream 

Còrrèo, m. an accomplice, (law 

Córrere, to run ; córrer la pósta, 
to jide post; córrer al fine, to 
be dyinsr; córrer nella memò- 
ria, to remember ; corre voce, 
they say ; £ir córrer voce, to 
spread news ; correr diètro ad 
imo, to entreat one ; córrer 
addòsso altrùi, to fall on, assault 

Correria,/, incursion, excursion 

Correspettivauiénte, ad. respec- 

Correspettivilà,/. relation, affinity 

Correspet'ivo, a. equivalent, cor- 

Correfaniéi;te, ad. correctly 

CoiTer;1vo, a. corrective 

Corretto, part, anien'led 

Correttóre, rn, and Correttrlce, /. 

Correttoria, /. a correctorship 

Correzióne, /. correc'inn, punish- 
men», repro'^f; correyióne degli 
abusi, reforiiiatir.n of abuses 

Corridoio, in. a spllery 

Corridóre, m. coverei way, scouts, 
a horse 

Corrière, m. a courier, an express 

Corriménto, m. a race ; corriménto 
di vènto, blowin; of th? wind 

Corrispondente, a. agreem» 

Corrispondènte, m. a correspon- 

Corrispondentemente, ad. aptly, 

Corrispondènza,/, correspondence ; 
proporinn, conne.\ion 

Corrispóndere, to airee with, to 
match, to deal 

Corrispósto, pa- (. an we"^ 

Corritóio, m. a kind of ;;allery 

Corritóre, ni. a scou' 

Corrivo, m. a silly f-llovY 

Corroborin'e. aiìd Cormbora<1vo, 
part, corroborated, or coirobo- 

Corroboriire, to sVenj'hen. confirm 

Corroborazione, f. c>niìm:a'ion 

Corródere, to eat into, fret, vex ; 


corrodersi il cuòre, to fret one's 

Corrodiménto, m. a gnawing 
Corronjpere, to depiave, debauch, 

spoil, bribe, pervert 
Corrompèvole, a. corruptible 
CorroDipiméuto, ni. corruption, 

Corronipitòre, m. a corrupter, 

falsilier, forger 
Corrosione, f. corrosion, gnawing 
Corrosivo, à. cnm.ding 
Curroso, a. corroded 
Corrottamente, ad. corruptly 
Corrottibile, a. corrupiible 
Corrotio, part, corrupted, bribed ; 

corrotta fede, broken faith ; te- 

stiniODJ corrótti, suborned, or 

bribed wimesses 
Corrotto, m. weeping, mourning 
Cornicciarsi, to be in a passion 
Corrucciato, a. provoked, angry 
Corrùccio, in. anger, passion 
Corrccciosaniènte, and Corruccia- 

taniènte, ad. angrily, peevishly 
Corniccióso, a. passionale 
Corrugare, to bend, contract one's 

brow, to wrinkle 
CoiTuscà'e, to glitter, to gleam 
Corruscazióne, /. gleaming, light- 
Corrusco, a. sparkling 
Corruttèla, and Corruzióne, /. 

corruption, spot, blemish 
Corrunibile, a. corruptible 
Comitiibili'.H./. corruptibility 
Corruttore, ni. corrupter 
Corruzióne. /. corruption 
Córsa, /. race ; corsa di cavalli, a 

horee-race [pirate 

Coris^le, and Corsare, m. corsair, 
Corsalétto, ni. (cràzza) a cuirass 
Cor;e^"ririre, to r^b at 3ea 
Corsegjiàto, a. piratical 
Corsia, /. a current, s-ream 
! CorsiéT-e, m. a courser, a s'eed 
Cor-iv.aménte, wi. running full 

speed ; pa-sar corsivamente una 

cosa, to take no notice of a ^hing 
Corsivo, o. running ; versi corsivi, 

flowing verses; stile corsivo, a 

smooth style ; carà'.teri corsivi, 

italic tvpes 
Córso, ni. course, stream, current, 

progress, career ; andar in corso, 

te pìra'e ; far il corso degli 

s'6dj,ton!ake a course of studies 
Córso,' part, pass»! ; run ; l'anno 

córso, last year 
Córso, a. native of C-orsica 
Corsóio, n. nmnin': ; cappio corsóio, 

a runiìin; kno'. a noose 


Cortàldo, m. a cropped horse; a 

bob ail 
Cortamente, ad. shortly, briefly 
Corte,/, a court ; uòmo di córte, a 

pleasant man; tener córte, to 

Corteare, to accompany a bride 
Cortéccia, /. bark, crust 
Cortecciuola,/. a small bark 
Corteggiare, to attend, court 
Corteggiatore, m. one that coiuis 
Cortéggio, and Corteggiaménto, 

m. a train, or retinue 
Cortegianèsco, o. of a courtier 
Cortegiania, /. coun-intrigue 
Cortèo, m. a train, or retinue 
Cortése, a. courteous, aliable 
Coriese^eiamènto, m. generosity 

living at a high rate 
Corteseggiare, to speud high, live 

Cortesemente, ad. courteously 
Cortesia,/, courtesy ; mi fàccia la 

cortesia, be so kind 
Cortézza, /. brevity 
Còrticc, m. bark 
Corticélla,/. a small yard 
Cortigiana, /. a comnaon woman ; 

a court lady 
Cortigianamente, ad. courtier-like 
Cortigiane) la,/, su Cortegiania 
Cortigianésco, a. belonging to a 

courtier; ceremónie, ccmpli- 

mènti coitigianéschi, fair empty 

Cortigiania, /. courtier's trick 
Cortigiano, ni. a courtier, a maffis- 

trate [court 

Cortigiano, a. of, or belonging to a 
Cortile, m. court-yard 
Cortiletto, arid Cortilùzzo, m. a 

little yard 
Cortina,/, a bed-curtain, veil 
Cortinàrio, m. betl-curtains 
Cortinato, part, curtained 
Córto, m. shortness 
Corto, a. short; córto di vista, 

short-sighted. Di córto, ad. 

shortly; tener córto, to keep in; 

leg;'r córto, to deal hardly 
Córto, ad. shortly 
Coruscire, «ce Corruscire, ano 

Corvétta,/, cunet 
Corvettare, to prance [vets 

Cor» etìatóre, m. a borse that cur- 
Córvo, m. a crow, or raven 
Crsa, /, a thing ; cose, things, 

business, af.àir, matter ; la rósa 

andò così, the affair went so; 

còse rSre, curióse, curiosities ; 

còse di cons^uénza, a serioas 


matter ; cose da nulla, baubles, 

Cosacchi, m. pi. Cossacks 

Cosacela,/, a bad thing 

Coscéndere, see Condescendere 

Còscia, /. a thigh ; còscia di pónte, 
the foot of a IJridge ; còscia di 
castrato, a leg of mutton ; còscia 
di manzo, a leg of beef 

Cosciale, m. cuisses (an armour of 
the thigh) 

Coscienza, /. conscience ; far 
coscienza, to make conscience, or 
scniple of any thing 

Coscienziato, a. conscientious 

Coscienziosamente, acL conscien- 

Coscienzióso, a. conscientious 

Coscinetto, m. a bag 

Coscritto, a. con cript, enrolled 

Coselllna, Coserella, and Cosetta, 
/. trifle 

Così, ad. so, thus, after this man- 
ner; egli mi disse cosi, he told 
me so; cosi, 1 wish; così, così, 
so, so ; così fa to, such like ; 
non ho detto così fatte cose, I 
did not say so ; ditegli così e 
così, tell him so and so. Così 
come, ad. just as. Cos! fatta- 
ménte, ad. in this manner 

Cosmetico, o. cosmetic (beautify- 

Cosmografia,/, cosmography 

Cosmografico, a. cosmoiraphical 

Cosmògrafo, m. a cosmogi-apher 

Cosmolabio, m. an instrument like | Cós'n, m. charge, expense ; sènza 
the astrolabe còsto, wilhou» any expense 

Cosmol-^gta, /. cosmolo'^ I Costola. /. a rib 

Cosmolog'j), a. cosmnio cjcal I C)stnht|ira,/. all the ribs 


Costaggiù, ad. here, below, yonder 
Cosante, a. constant, steadfast ; 

per costante, for certain 
Costantemente, ad. assiduously 
Costanza,/, constancy 
Costare, to cost ; caro mi còsta, I 

pay dear ; costare, to be plain ; 

far costare, to make evident ; 

còsta a tutti, every body knows 
Costassù, ad. there, above 
Costato, m. side, ribs 
Costato, part, cost 
Costeggiare, to coast along 
Costei, prcrn. /. she, or this 
Costellazióne,/, constellation 
Costerélla,/. abili 
Costernare, to lose courage; co- 

sterr.\rsi, to be affrighted 
Costernazióne,/, conster'aation 
Costì, ad. there, in that place 
Costiera, /. a shore, coast 
Costiere, in. a. coas'ing pilot 
Costinci, ad. thence ; uscite co- 
stinci, go from thence 
Costipare, to constipate, thicken 
Costipato, o. bound, costive 
Costipazióne,/, costiveness 
Costituire, to constitute, appoint, 

to raise, prefer [lished 

Costifui'o, fart, appointed, es'ab- 
Costi'uitòre, and Costitutóre, m. a 

Costituivo, a. constitu'ive 
Costituto, m. examination 
Costituzióne, /. institution, consti- 

tu'ii/n, decree, law 

Cosmopoira, and Coi>mop'>li'4n'>. 

m. a cosni'ipolite (an inhabitant 

ofthe worll) 
Còso, m. a ninny, silly ft;ll;>w 
Cospàrso, Cospìrto, and Cospé-so, 

part, screwed, wa'ered. scat- 
tered [disperse, sprinkle 
Cospèrgere, and Cospàrgere, to 
Cospètto, m. presence 
Cospètto, interj. zookers ! 
Cospettòne, m. a vap'mrin:; hector 
Cospicuo, a. clear, manifest 
Cospirare, to cinipire 
Cospirato, part, cin^pired, plotted 
Cospiratòr -, ni. c^nspin'or 

Cospirazióne, /. pb', combination Costruire, to build, to construe 
Còsso, m. a wart, hunch | Costrófo, in. profit, gain, in'cr- 

Cósta, /. a lib, 'iide. acclivity ; a cs's. con'ents, bottom; voglio 

coast ; andar cós'a còs'a, to coast sapere il cos'rùtto, I will know 

along 'he bnttom 

Cwta, ad. there, thither; via di 1 Cnstnitt-, far(. bull '. made 

coolÀ, get youhence i Cjstrutti'ira,/. buiHing, structure 


C'>s'oliére, m. a wood-knife, a 

CostoKna./. a small rib 

Costóro, pimi. m. pi. these, those 

Costrettlvo, a. as'ringent 

Cos'ré'to, part, constrained, forced 

Costrignere, an^i Conslrlngare. tn 
cons'rain, oblije; la necessità 
mi cwrlrne a fSre quel che non 
vorrei, necessity forces me to do 
wha' I would not 

Costri»n' n#iito, and Costringi- 
men'o, m. compulsion, violence 

Cosrizjone. /. constriction, con- 


Costruzióne,/, a building 

Costui, pron. m. this man ; this 

Costuma, and Costumanza,/. CU»- 
toni, usage, civility, intercourse 

Costumare, to be accustomed ; 
costumare alla córte, to frequent 
court ; costumare un cavallo, to 
manage a horse 

Costumatamente, ad. civilly 

Costuma !éz7ji,/. good manners 

Costumatissimo, a. most civil, 

Costumato, part, used, accustom- 
ed ; di buoni costumi, weU- 

Costumazióne, /. instruction 

Costume, m. custom, manners 

Costura,/, a seam 

Cosuccia, and Cosùzza, /. a trifle, 

Cotài, and Colali, pron. pL such 

Cotale, pron. such ; in cotàl modo, 
in such manner 

Cotale, m. a dunce 

Colale, ad. so, thus 

Cotanto, a. and ad. so much, so 
long, thus much ; perchè siéto 
stato cotanto a venire? why 
were you so long a ciiiiing ? 

Còte,/, a whet.«tone (in poetry) 

Coténna, and Cótica, /. the skin 
of the head 

Cotesti, prcn. this, this man 

Cotesto, a. this, that [these 

Cotestiii, pri/n. this ; pi. Cotestóro, 

Colidianaménte, ad. daily 

Colidiàno, a. daily 

Co'óima,/. a quince 

Cotngnà'.o, m. njarmalade 

Cotógno, m. quince-tree 

Cotóne, 771. cotton 

Cotomice, and Coturnice, /. » 
quail, a partridge 

Cótta,/, a coat, a su-rlice 

Cottlccio, a. half-baked 

Còtto. 771. cooked meat 

Còtto, o. cocked, drunk 

Cot'ùra,/. dressinj meat 

Coturno, 771. a buskin 

Cova. /. a hole ; a «ortoise-shell 

Covacelo, 07id Covàcciolo, m, 
den , 

Covlnte, a. ha'chii.g 

Covare, to ha'ch. brood ; covare il 
fuòco, to sit close to the fire 

Covala, /. eggs for a brood 

Covatura, a^ul Covazióne, /. 

Coverchiàre, to cover 

Covèrchio, 771. a covclet 

Coverti ua, /. a housing, a hon» 


Coverta, /. a cover, pretence 
Ck)vertamónte, ad. secretly 
Covertàre, to hide, conceal 
Covertalo, part, concealed 
Covertina,/. a horse-cloth 
Coverto, part, covered 
Covlglio, m. a hive 
Covile, m. a den, a cave 
Cóvo, aìid Cóvolo, m. a den, hole, 
lurking-hole, the form of a hare 
Covóne, m. a sheaf of com 
Covrire, (in poetry) see Coprire 

and its derivatives 
Cozióne,/. boiling-, dressing 
Cozzare, to butt, as rams; to 

strike, to contend 
Cozzata, /. a7ìd Cozzo, m. a blow 
with a horn ; che giova nelle 
fata dar di cozzo ? what signifies 
striving again;.! fate? 
Cozzóne, »i. a horse-dealer 
Crànio, m. the skuU 
Crapula, /. drunkenness, debauch- 
ery [cess 
Crapulare, to eat and drink to ex- 
Crapulóne, m. a glutton 
Crapulosità, /. gluttony 
Crassézza, /. filth, grease 
Crasso, a. fat, greasy; ignoranza 

crassa, a gross ignorance 
Crastino, o.' of to-morrow 
Cratéra, /. a bowl 
Cratère, m. a crater 
Cravatta, /. a cravat, a stock 
Creante, a. crea'ing 
Creanza, /. civility ; non sarebbe 
buòna creanza se voi faceste 
questo, it would not be civil 
you to do such a thing 
Creanzato, a. polite, well-bred 
Creare, to create 
Creativo, a. creative 
Creato, m. a minion, a creature 
Creato, a. created : mal creato, 

Creatóre, m. arid Creatrice, /. 
creatcfr ; ingégno creatóre, an 
original genius 
Creatura, /. creature 
Creaturina, aìid Creaturélla, /. 

little creature 
Creazióne,/, creation 
Crebro, a. (in poetry) thick, fre- 
Credente, a. believing; i credenti, 

the faithful 
Credènza,/, faith, belief, credit; 
pèrder credenza, to lose credit ; 
far credènza, to trust ; dire a 
credènza, to sell on credit ; 
pigliare a credènza, to buy on 
credit * 


Credenziéra, /. a cupboard, a 

Credenzière, m. a butler, confidant 

Crédere, to believe, trust 

Credibile, a. credible 

Credévole, a. credulous 

Credibilmente, ad. credibly 

Crédito, m. credit, trust, name, 
esteem, interest ; èssere in ere- 1 
dito, to be in vogue ; métter in 
crédito, to put in esteem 

Creditóre, m. creditor 

Ciedo,m. the creed 

Creduli:.!, /. credulity 

Crèdulo, a. credulous, easy 

Creduto, part, believed, supposed 

Crèma, /. ci earn 

Crèmisi, m. crimson 

Cremisino, a. crimson coloured 

Creolo, a. Cieolian 

Crepacciato, a. cracked, gaping 

Crepàccio, 771. crevice, gap 

Crepacuòre, rn. grief, sorrow 

Crepare, to burst, ch?p ; crepar 
di sete, to be thirsty 

Crepato, part, burst 

Crepatura, /. crevice, chink, 

Crepiiare, to crackle 

Crepolare, to burst 

Crepùscolo, in. twilight 

Crescènte, a. growing 

Crescènza,/, growth, increase 

Créscere, to grow, increase, en- 
large, nourish, multiply 

Crescévole, a. disposed to grow 

Crescimento. m. increase, growing 

Crescióne, m. water-cresses 

Crescitóre, m. increaser, approver 

Cresciuto, part, grown 

Crèsima,/, consecrated oil 

Cresimare, to confirm 

Cresimatore, m. he that confirms 

Créspa,/, wrinkle, curl 

Crespaménto, m. arid Crespézza, 
/. wrinklin? 

Crespare, to crisp, or plait 

Crespino, m. a kind of fritter; far 
crespèlli delle ciglia, to contract 
one's brows 

Créspo, arid Crespóso, a. wrin- 
kled ; capellatiira créspa, curled 
hair; viso créspo, a v.iinkled face 

Crésta,/, crest, top, height; crésta 
di gallo, a cock's comb 

Crestàia,/, a n-.illiner 

Crestóso, and Crestùto, a. crested 

Créta, /. chalk 

Cretóso, a. chalky 

Criare, see Creare, and its de- 

Cribrare, to sift, to bolt 


Cribrazióne,/. sifting 

Cribro, m. a sieve ; portar l'acqua 

col cribro, ;o lose one's time 
Cricca, /. a game at cards; a 

rout, a company 
Cricchi, m. crick, creak 
Cricchio, m. whim, caprice 
Crime, m. a crin.e 
Crimenlése, m. high-treason 
Criminale, aiid Criminóso, a. 
criminal, vicious; un crimioàle, 
a malefactor 
Criminalista, m. a lawyer in 

crimiiial causes 
Criminalmente, ad. criminally 
Criminàre, to prosecute, to blame 
Crimiiiazione,/. accusation 
Crimine, m. crime, sin, fault 
Criminóso, a. criminal 
Crinale, m. an ornament for th 

Crine, m. hair 
Crii.iéra,/. a horse's mane 
Crinito, and Crini'ito, a. hairy 
Criócca, /. a jovial crew 
Crise, and Crisi, /. crisis of 

Crisolito, m. a chrysolite 
Crisnpnsso, m. a ciirysoprasus 
Cristallino, a. bright, crystalline 
Cris alio. m. crystal ; il mormora 
de' liquidi rr)'=tàlli, the murmur 
ing of the clear stream 
Crislàto, a. created 
Cristfo, and Cris'ére, m. a clyster 
Cristianàccio, m. a bad Christian 

a good plain man 
Cristianamente, ad. Christian-lik 
Cristiane! la,/, a silly woman 
Cristianéilo. and Cn.-t:inóne, m. 

dandy, a mean, silly man 
Cristianésimo, m. and Cristianità 

/. Christianity, Christianism 
Cristiano, m. a'Christian 
Cristiano, a. Christian 
Cristianissimo, a. most Christian 
Cristiére, arid Cristièro, m, a. 

Cristo, ni. Christ 
Ci'ilério, m. good sense 
Critica, aìid Criticazióne, /. 

Criticamente, ad. cri'ically 
Criticare, to criticise, find fault 
Criticato, part, criticised 
Criticafóre, m. a criic, censurer 
Cri^ichétto, m. an ignorant critic 
Crl'ico, m. a critic 
Critico, a. criticai 
Crivellare, to sift, to bolt, to find 

fault with 
Crivellato, yart. sifted 


Crivella, -m. a sieve 
Croccare, to snap, crack, chart jr 
Crocchiare, to, iafle 
Cròcchio, m. p aiiii, cha'ting 
Crocclrióne, m. pratler, blab 
Cròccia,/, a crutch 
Crocciare, to cluck 
Cróce,/, a cross; tormen*, punish- 
ment; afflizióne, affliction j a 
òcchio e cròcd, at ranJom 
Cròceo, a. satt'ion-col >ured 
Crocesi^io, a~ marked with a 

Crocetta,/, a small cross 
Crocevia,/, cross- way, or street 
Crociaménto, m. alflic ion 
Crociare, to tormaiit. afflict 
Crociata,/. crusaJs, holy war 
Crociato, 'pari. crosseJ, afflic ed 
Crociato, m. tormen', su.fering 
Croclcchii, m. a erosi «a-. 
Crocidare, a»td Croci are, \:, croak 
Crocif Igje-^ to cruc'fy 
Crocifiriinien'o, m. aivi Crocifis- 
sióne^/, crucifixion 
Crocifisso, a. crucified 
Crocifisso, m. a crucifix 
Crocifissóre, m. 'h'^ crucifier 
Crocione, m. a lar?e cross 
Cròco, m. crocus, sa.fron 
Crogiolarsi, to drKS,or boil nicely ; 
to c^ck=^, paniper, or make 
much '-•f one's self 
Croffiuób, m. a crucible 
Cròio, o. hard, rou^h 
Crollamen'o, m. tossi n», jogging 
Croll'n'e, a. shaking, jolting 
Crollare, to shake, jolt, jo» 
Cròllo, m. a shake, toss, jerk 
Cròma, /. crotchet, quaver 
Cromàtico, a. canto cromàtico. 

chroma'ic music 
Crònaca, ami Crònica, f. chronicle 
Cronicaccia. f. a bad chronicle 
Cronista, and Chronichista, m. a 

Crònico, a. chronic, teiious 
Cronolosrta. /. chronolfi;y 
Cronològico, a. chronoh'zical 
Cronol-izlsta, m. chronobjist 
Cronólo^, m, chronoIn:rist 
Crosciare, to pour, to rain hard, to 

flinj, throw, s rike, to boil 
Cròscio, m. a bubblinr. squashin» ; 
cròscio d'acqua, a shower, tem- 
Crtsta./. crus*, scurf, scab; cròsta 
Francése, the French disease ; 
non intendere che la cròsta d'una 
cosa, to have but a superficial 
knowledge of a thin» 
Crostata, /. a kind of pastry 


Crostatùra, /. pavement, incrusta- 

Cros ino, m. toast eil bread 

Crostóso, and Crostuto, a. crusty 

Crostclliuo, m. a small crist 

Cruccévole, o. passionate 

Cruccevolu'jJDte, Crucciatamente, 
and Crucciosamente, ed, pas- 

Cruccia,/, a mattock 

Crucci'ire, to a .g^r, provoke ; 
crucciarsi, to be angry 

Crucciato, arid Crucciòso,u. angry, 
provoked [guish 

Crùccio, m. passion, anger, an- 

Cruciaménto, aikd Cruciato, n». 

Cruciare, to torment 

Cruciato, •part, tormented 

Crucialo, ni. torment 

Crucif iggere, S'Jt Crocifiggere 

Cri:'iaméu!e, a/l. bitterly, cruelly, 
blun ly, rashly 

Cru lel.iccio, a. cruel 

Crudèle, a. inhuman, fierce, bar- 
barous ; un crudele, a cruel 
man [e!ly 

Crudelissimaiiiéute, ad. most cru- 

Cruielisiimo, a. most cruel 

Crudelmente, ad. cruelly 

Crudeltà, /. cruelty, inhumanity, 

Crudétto, a. almost raw 

Crudezza, and Cruiità,/. crudity, 
rawne^. indigesfon 

Crudo, a. raw, unripe, cruel 

Cruent'ire, to make liloody 

Cruén'o. a. Dloody, horrible, 

Cruna, /. and Crino, m. the eye 
of a needle 

Crusca, /. bran ; the Florentine 

Cruscante, m. one who aims at 
exactness in the Tuscan law 

Cm ca'a,/. nonsense 

Cruschèllo, in. fine bi^n 

Cruscòne, t». coarse bran 

Cruscóso, a. full of bran 

Cubare, to lie 

CubAttolo, m. snare to catch birds- 

Cùbico, a. cubic, m cubical 

C'jhito, m. the elbow, a cubit 

Ciibo, m. cube, a solid body 

Cuccagna,/, an ideal country 

Cucchiaia, /. a charger, (for great 
guns.) a sliovel 

Cucchiaia'a,/. a spoonful 

CucchiaiJra,/. a spoon-case 

Cucchiaio, m. a spoon 

Cucchiaióne, m. a soup-spoon I 


Cucchiira, /. a trowel ; a cha/ger 
for gicil guns 

CiJccia, /. a couch 

Cucciare, to lie down 

Ci ccioliuo, m. a young whelp 

Cucciolo, aìid Ciiccio, m. a pupp]} 
a lap-dog 

Clicco, (/or uòvo.) »/i. an eg^, 
a favourite boy, a minion 

Cuccii, arid Cùcùlo, rru a cuckoo 

Cucina, /. a kitchen ; di buòna 
cucina, good for cooking 

Cucin-'ire, to cojk 

Cucinato, ■part, dressed, cooked 

Cucinicra, /. aiid Cucinière, m. 
a cook 

Cucino, m. a cushion, pillow 

Cucire, to sew, or -titch 

Cucito, pari, sewe-i, switched 

Cucitore, m. he that sews 

Cucitrice, /. a seuibtress 

Cucitura, /. 0/«d, m. a 
seam [ter 

Cuculiare, to lauih at, scofi^ ban- 

Cucu'ia ùra./. raillery 

Cuculia,/, a cowl, a hood 

Cuculiato, a. hoo.led, cowled 

Cùcùlo, >«. a cuckoo 

Cucwrbi'a,/. a distilling vessel 

Cuc'izza,/. a gourd 

Cucuzzolo, m, th top of the heaa 

Cuffia, /. a cap; cliflia da notte, a 

Cuffiàre, to eat immoderately 

Cugina,/, attd Cugino, ni. cousm 

Crii, yrtrn. whose, of which, of 
wh im ; di cui la bellézza, whose 
beauty ; a cui risposi, to whom 
I answered ; voi, cui fortuna 
tanto favorisce, you, whom foi^ 
tune favours so much ; da cui 
ebbi una favorévol rispósta, from 
whom I had a favourable answer 

CuL-itta, /. aivi Culo, m. the 
breech, bum ; culatta, the bot- 
tom of a church lamp ; culatta 
d'un cannóne, the breech of a 
gun [Rome, the Coliseum 

Culiséo, m. an amohitheatre at 

Culla, /a cradle 

Cull.'ire, to rock the cradle 

Ciilmine, m. sunamit, height 

Ciilm's m. stem 

CuliivSre, tee. Coltivare, and iti 

Cullo, m. worship 

Cumino, m. the h^rb cumin 

Cumulare, to heap, h^ard 

CumuJa'amènte, ad. abundantly 

Cumula' ivaménte, a" 

Cumulativo, o. accumulative 


Cumulato, part, heaped, hoarded 

Cumulatole, m, whr) accunuilates 

Cumulazione, /. and Cùmulo, m. 
accumulation, a heap 

Cuna,/, a cradle 

Cùneo, m. a weJje 

Cuniculo, m. a mine ; farcunlculi, 
to undermine ; a rabbit 

Cuòca,/, a cook 

Cuòcere, to dress meat ; to vex, 
fret; me ne cuòce il cuòre, my 
heart bleeds ; to concoct, digest 

Cuòcersi, to get drunk 

Cuociòre, m. smart 

Cuocitiira, /. CTikin^;, baking, &c. 

Cuòco, m. a man-c lok 

Cuoiaio, m. a lea h=r-dresser 

Cuòio, m. leather, skin, parchment ; 
tirar lecimia, to die 

Cuòre, m. hear', life, mind, soul ; 
pòrsi in cuore, to resolve ; hr 
cuòre, to cheer up ; far cuo' 
diiro, ti be (jb.tira'e ; predir di 
cuòre, to ent -tat ; aver a cuòre, 
to esteem ; crepar il cuore, to 
break one's heart. Con gi-an 
cuòre, a/i. coum; ously. A mal 
cuòre, ad. uiiwilliu^Iy. Di buon 
cuòre, ad. heir ily 

Clipere, to desire 

•Cupézza../, dep'h 

Cupidajnén e, ad. gla'ly, fondly 

Cupidigia, /. cove ousness, lus', 

Cupldine, m. (in poe'ry) Cupid 

Cupidissimo, a. most desirus 

Cupidit.ì,/. fon.lre-s, covetousness 

Cupido, ni. Cupi 1, love 

Ctipido, a. de irous, bn^.er 

CtJpo, o. dc-ep ; uòmo c'ipo, a cun- 
ning man ; nel cupo del mare, 
in the dep'lis '-f Uie sea 

Cupo, m. d"p'h 

Cijpola,/. a cupola 

Cuprésso, m. see Cipr.is50 

Cura, /. care, diligence; d5rsi 
cura, to nrind. Cura, parish ; 
cura d' ànime, cure of s'-uls ; 
cure amoróse, amorous torments 

Curàbile, a. curable 

Curagióne,/. cu '-e, curing 

Curaiidaio, m. bleacher 

Curante, part, caring, minding 

Curanza, /. care 

Curare, to value, es'eem ; non curo 
di voi, l es'eem you no' ; medi- 
ciré, to cure, attend, protect, de- 

Curat.i. f. the pluck 
Curatélla,/. the liver 
Curativo, a. medicinal 
Curato, m, a cuiale, a parson 


Curalo, part, cured 

Curatóre, m. and Curatrice, /. 

keeper, a guardian, a trustee; 

CurazioLj, /. cure 
Cùria,/, a court of justice 
Curiale, a. of he court, or council- 
Curialità,/. kindness, civility 
C urlandolo, m. coriander 
Curiosamene, ai., curiously 
Curiosétto, a. ra her curious 
Curiosità,/, curiosity 
Curioso, a. curious, inquisitive, 

rare ; un curioso, a curious man ; 

(dilettante di cose rare) a virtuoso, 
Curro, rn. a chariot 
Cursóre, m. a courser, a kind of 

messenger in the court of Rome 
Curùle,/. a curale ch.iir 
Curv.'ire, to curve, beud 
Curvato, part, curved, bent 
Curvatura, Curvezza, add Curvità, 

/. curve, crookedness 
Curvilineo, a. curvilinear 
Curvipedo, a. cloven-footed 
C'irvi, a. arched, bent 
Cuscinétto, m. a small pillow 
Cuscino, m. a cushiou, a pillow 
Cùspide,/, poin 

Custòde, ni. a k-eper, a guardian 
Cusódia, /. cus'ody ; dar in cu- 

s'ndia,'o commit to one's keeping 
Custodire, to keep g-'a^d 
Cu todi amén'e, wl. saf.-ly 
(Tustollto, part. kept, secured 
Custoditole, m. a keeper 
Cù»e,/. skin, bark 
Cuticola,/, cuticle, skin 
Cuvidós3, a. greedy [Russia) 

Czar, 171. the czar (emperor of 
Czarina, /. the czarina 


DA, prep, from ; da, about ; era- 
no da venti, they "ere about 
twenty. Da meno, of less wor h ; 
da più, of more ; da, to, for to ; 
buòno da mangiare, good to eat ; 
da, [with me, te, se, 1 irò.) alone ; 
io farò da me, TU do it by my- 
self ; da me, da te, at my house, 
at your house ; da, like as ; mi 
tn'tò da principe, he trea'ed me 
as a prince ; da, ti* ; donna da 
marito, a woman fit to be mar- 
ried ; da, to ; ques'e ne n sono 
cose da fare, things not fit to 


do. Da che voi volete così, 
since you will have it so; da 
banda, aside ; da l'èffe, in jest ; 
da indi inninzi, henceforward ; 
da indi addiètro, thence back- 
ward ; da indi in giù, thence 
downward ; da indi in poi,sincB 
that time ; da iudi in qua, hith- 
erto ; da indi in su, thence up- 
ward [thou. 
Dà, (from dare,) he gives, or give 
Dabb.-uaggine, /. simplicity, good- 
Dabbène, a. good, honest ; da uò- 
mo dabbène, as an honest man 
Daccapo, ad. anew 
Dachè, coti/. sinc« 
Daddovèro, ad. io earnest 
Dado, 771. a die 
Dàja, /. a dajger 

D.iino, m. a deer ; Dàina, /. a doe 
Dallato, ad. aside, near 
D' .allóra innJnzi, from that time,' 
d 'allora in poi, since ; d' allóra 
in qua, hitherto 
Da lungi, al a distance, far off 
Dama,/, a lady ; queen at chess; 
(donna amàt?,) a mistress; fa la 
dama, she assumes the fine lady 
Damaschino, a. of daniask 
Daineg.?i'ire, to cour the ladies 
Damerino, tti. a beau, a spark 
Damigèlla,/, a young lady 
Daniigéllo, tti. a page 
Damlna,/. a young lady 
D.'Ujima,/. a doe (in poetry) 
Danimàsco, sa Doinmàsco 
D-mo, 771. a beau, a lover 
DamOzZA, /. a low woman 
Da mólto, a. of worth, of merit 
Danaio, ajirf Danaro, m. pence, 
firthings : non ho dariari, I have 
no money [moneyed 

Danaióso, and Danaróso, a neh, 
Dinarésco, a. ready (of money) 
Danaro, m, money ; dauaari con- 

t-lnti, ready money 
Danar-'izzo, tti. small money 
Da nìén'e, a. wor hiess ; un uòmo 

da nién'e, an insiniificant man 
Dannàbile, a. damnable, blameable 
Dannabilmente, ad, damnably 

DannSre, to' condemn, to damn, 
to blame ; to erase. Dannare 
la ragióne to cancel a debt 
Dann.irsi, to damn one's self 
Dannato,^ art. damned, condemned 
j Dannati, pi. m. the damned 
Daima'óre, in. a condemner 
Dannazióne, /. damnation, con- 
I demualion 


Dannesgiaménto, m. damale 
Danneggiare, to damage, to hurt, 

to iost; 
Dannei'iàto, part. dama^eJ, hurt 
Dannerjia'ore, ni. he ihat docs hurt 
Dannévole, a. shameful, infamous, 
prejudicial [damnably 

Dannevolménte, ad. injuriously, 
Danniticare, to damage, hurt 
Daouificito, port, damaged 
Dinno, nu cost, hurt, damage ; a 

mio danno, to my cost 
Dannosamente, ad. hurifuUy 
DanuOiO, a. hurtful 
Dinte, a. giving ; tniT dante, e'l 
ricevt-nte, between giver and re- 
Dante, ni, a kind of leather 
Donteirsi/ire, to imitate Dante 
Dantésco, o. in the manner of 

Dau'e, the foet 
Da nulla, a. good for nothing 
D.in7a./. a dance ; èsser in dinza, 
to te alked of ; entrar in danza, 
to do ai o'hers do 
Dan7arf, to dance 
Danzatoli, m. and Danzatrice, /. 

a dancer 
Dariyéfa, /. a short ''ance 
Da ó;gi innanzi, ad. for the fu- 
ture ; da parte, asid -, secretly ; 
da jiarte a par'e, through ; da 
per -e, by himself; da per tutto, 
Dapperti 'o, ad. everj'where 
Dappiè, ad. from the foot 
Dappociggine, atid Dappochézza, 

/. ignorance, idleness 
Dappoco, a. idle, cowardly 
DapiKii, ofL since, af'er, afterwards 
Dappoiché, canj. since that 
Dappresso, prep, near, just by 
Da prima, ad. at first 
Da qua innanzi, ad. for the future 
Dardeggiare, to dart, cart, shoot 
Dardiéro, m. a bowman 
Dardo, m. a dart 

Dare, to rive ; to strike, beat ; dar 
addòsso ad uno, to fall upon ; dar 
conipimén'o, to finish ; dar ban- 
do, fo banish ; dar da dormire, 
to lodge ; dar f-^ndo, to casi an- 
chor ; dar il buon viiziio, to 
wish a good journey ; dar in uno, 
to meet one ; dar la baia, to iest ; 
dar la corda, to zive the strappa- 
do ; dar la mam. to consent ; 
dar a crédere, to make one be- 
lieve ; darsi ad un^, (parlando 
d'una d"nna,) to pr^i'ute her- 
self; darsi pace, to quiet one's 
■elf; darsi buon tempo, to live a 


merry life ; darla a gambe, to 
run aivay ; dar che dire, to give 
occasion to talk ; dar le carte, to 
deal a" cards ; dar (aver qualcne 
somiglianza) to incline to ; que- 
so panno dà nel rosso, this cloth 
inclines to red, or is reddish ; 
noa si dà a tutti d'entrare, ii is 
not permitted to every body to 
go in 

D.^i-sena, /. (U parte piii interna 
del por o,) a wet dock 

Da schérzo, ad. in jest 

Da sénno, ad. in earnest 

D'assai, a. (sufficiènte) sufficient 
very able ; tenérsi d'as&ii, to 
think one's self very capable 

DasiJzzo, ad. lastly 

Diux, /. a da e 

Da:arl;t, aiui Dateria, /. the data- 
ry's offic; (at Rr<mej 

Da ario, m. a Roman officer 

Dativo, tn. the dative case 

Da ivo, a. who gives 

Dato, part, given [that, &c. 

Di'o, o dato che, cmtj. suppjse 

Da óre, ni. and Datrice, /. a giver 

Dàt'ero, m. the date, a fruit 

Dittilo, m. a foot in Latin verse 

Dattórno, prep, about, nuud about 

Davante, or Davinti, ad. before ; 
pararsi davante, to remember 

D' avanzo, ad. overplus 

Da véro, and Davvéro, ad, in 
truth, in earnest 

Davvantàggio, ad. more, moreover 

Davidico, a. of David 

Dizio, m. cusroia, toll 

Dazione./, donation, surrendering ; 
daziou dell' anello, wedding- 

De', art. (/or delli,) of the. De', 
{for deve,) he must 

Dia,/, a goddess [passion 

D^baccare, to storm, to fly in a 

Debaccatóre, m. a furious man 

D:-bell.'ire, to overcome 

Debellato, part, vanquished 

Debellazióne,/, conquest 

Diliile, a. feeble, weak 

Debili à, and Debiliiaménto, m. 
feebleness ; debilità d' ànimo, 

Debilitire, to weaken, enervate ; 
debilitarsi, to grow weak 

Debili'ato, part, weakened 

Debilitazione,/, weakening 

Debilmente, ad. weakly 

Debitamente, ad. deservedly, justly 

Débito, m. a debt 

Débito, a. due ; obliged ; vi sono 
débito per tufi questi favóri, I 


am obliged to you for all these 

Debitore, m. a debtor 
Debi lizzo, m. a trifling nun 
Débole, a. feeble, wf^fe 
Debolétlo,a(»d Dckjlùzzo, a. weak- 

ish, faintisb 
Debolézza,/, weakness 
Debolmente, ad. weakly 
Dèca, and Decina,/, decade, ten 
Decacordo, m. a psaltery 
Decade, /. a decaiJe 
Decadenza./, decline, ftll 
Decadére, to dftsiy. decline 
Decadiménto, m. a decay 
Decadùo, part, declined 
DcC'iono, m. a fi:^re of ten anela 
Deci logo, ni. the ten commaikl- 

Decampare, to depart, to decamp 
Decanàio, m. a deanery 
Decaao, ni, a dean 
Decantare, to publish, to decaiy 

to boast, to extol 
Decantato, part, published 
Decapitare, to behead 
Decapitato, part. beheadeJ 
I>ecapitazicne,/. beheading 
Decennile, a. ten years old 
Decennàrio, a, of ten 
Decènne, a. dacennial, long 
Decènnio, m. ten years 
Decènte, a. decent 
D-jcenteménle, ad. decently 
Dccenviràto, m. decemvirate 
Decenviri, m. pi. decemviri 
Decènza, /. decency 
Decévole, and Dicevole, a. decent, 

Decevolézza, /. decency 
DechinAre, tee Dichinàre, and 

Decidere, to cut off. to decide 
Decifen'ire, to decipher 
D-cif rato, parr, deciphered 
Dècima, /. and Dècimo, m. tlie 

ti he, tenth 
Derim-bile, o. tithahle (law ferm) 
Decimile, a. decimal ; aritmètica 

decim'ile, decimal arithmetic 
Decimare, to decimate, to gather, 

or lay ti'hes 
Decimatóre, m. a tithin 
Dècimo, nu a tenth part 
Dècimo, a. tenth, foolish 
Decina,/, ten 
Decisióne, /. decision 
Decisivamente, ad. peremptorily 
Derisivo, a. decisive 
Deciso, a. determined 
Decisore, m. who decides 
Declamare, to declaim, inveigh 




Declamatóre, m. a declaimer 
Declamarorio. o. declamatory 
Declamazione. /. declamation 
Declara'orio. a. declaraiory 
Decliiv-bile, a. declinal'le 
Declinaménto, in. declination 
Declinare, to decline, decay ; to 
descend; abbassare to humble, 
depress , il tempo declina verso 1 
freddo, the weather grow» cold : 
la bellézza declina coU" eia, beau- 
ty decays with a^re 
Declinazione, /. decime, decay, 

Declino, m. decline, descent 
Declive, and DecUvo, a. bendmg 

down, descending 
Declività, /. and Declivio, m. de- 
clivity, descent 
Decollale, to behead 
Decollazióne,/, beheadmg 
Decorare, to adorn, embellish 
Decorazióne,/, decoration 
Decòro. 77J, srace, decorum 
Decòro^ a. decent, decorous 
Decorosamente, ai hoDOurably 
Decoroso, a. decirous. decent 
Decórso, m. a course, th^ end 
Decórro' a- parsed ; la campagna 

decórsa, the la-sr campaign 
Decòtto, nu a decocuon, a tranfe- 
rupt [cy (m law) 

Decozióne./ decoction, bankrupt- 
DecreroénTo. m. a decrease 
Decrepità, aiìd Decrepitezza, /. 

old age . 

Decrepito, a. decrepit decayed 

Decréscere, to decrease ; le acque 

decrescono, the waters ebb: 1 

giórni decréscono, the days grow 

shorter ^ . I 

Decresciménto, m. ice Decremento 

Decretale, m. decretals; decree, 

Decretalista. nu a canonist 
Decretalmente, ad. decisively 
Decretare, to decree, enact 
Decretato, part, decreed 
Decréto, m. decree, order 
Decréto, o. decreed 
Dècuplo, a. ten times as much 
Decurióne, m. captain over ten 
Dèdalo, a. skilful 
Dedicare, to dedicate, consecrate 

dedicarci, to devote one's self 
Dedicatória, and Dedica, /. dedi- 
Dedicazióne, /. consecration 
Dèdito, a. addicted 
Dedizióne,/, a surrender 
Dedóno. part, deducted, led out. 

Dedurre, .0 deduce, reduce; ^e- Deif.«to, ^^. dei^^ ^ J[o^ 

dùrsi, to resolve 
Deduzióne,/, inference 
Defalcamento, m. deduction 
Defalcare, to aba'e, deduct 
DefatijAre, to fatigue 
Defenire, ni. a defender 
Deferenza,/, deference 
Defenre, to defer, to delay, 

I Deificazione,/, deification (apoihb- 

Deilico, a. divine 

Deiforme, a. godlike 

l.eismo, m. deism 
' Deista, m. a deist 
I Deià./. divinity; deity 
1 Del. art. ». m. of the 

Delatóre, ni. an informer, spy 

ri^v-^k^^foryou '|g^i^^^4^-P^epu^-=' 
Defe^«. part, wear^ tired B ^gre^ Ta^delegate 

Deficiente, a. deficient Me-azione, / deleation 

Deficiènza. /. deficiency MetTbUe, (L delegable 

Definire, to denne Det'wnto, m, delight, plea.-rire 

Definizione. *. «€ Di!nnizn.uc, ^ , ^ ,_ „^'r>;ionèT<= and iti de- 

and its de 

Detioràre, *o deflower 
Deflorazione, /. defloration, or de- 
Deflusso, tn. flovrinj, illapse 
Deformare, to disfijure 
Deformazióne. /. deformity 
Deforme, a. deformed 
Deformemente, ad. defom.edly 
Deformità./, deformity 
Defraudare, to defraud 
Definto, a. deceased 
Definto, m. a dead man 
Deienerante, a. degenerating 
Degenerare, to degenerate 
De?enerato, part, degenerated 
Deèenerazióne./. degeneracy 
Degènere, a. that degenerates 
Degnamente, ad. worthily 
Degnare, aiid Decnarsi, to vouch- 
ee, tj value : se degnerete 

Delet'are, «1; Dilettare, and iU de- 
De'étto, m. a choice 
Delfino, nu the dauphin; a do^ 

phin (a fish) 
Deliberare, to deliberate 
Deliberativo, a. deliberative 
Deliberazióne,/, deliberation 
Delica:au.ente, ad. delicately 
Delicatézza,/, delicacy 
Delicao, a. delicate, weak 
Delminré, to corrode 
Delinsire, to draw, delineate 
Delineaménto, vi. delineation 
Delineilo, part, delineated, drawn 
Delineatóre, m. a designer, or 

Delinquènte, m. an offender 
Delinquere, to transgress 
Deliquio, »7t- a feintii^ fit 
Delirante, o. deUrious 
Dfclirrire, to rave 

sate, IJ value ; sc ^^^i.-.----- 
favorirmi, if vou condescend to 1 ^"'V;^ ;- j;)':"-:™. 
fàvonr me : con degno U vostra | ^ "f' "•" °^""'™' 
compagnia, I do not value your , g^ -^ - -^^ „ff,„ee 
company I - - ' • 

Degnazione, /. Cf-mplaisance 
Deenévole, c. senile. aiJktle 
Degnevoboécte, 'od. worthili 

Descificare, to make worthy 
Desnità./. dimi*y 
Dégno, a. wonhy. deserving, con 

venient, fit. suitable 
Degradire, to degrade, deprive 
Desradato. f-art. degraded 
Desradazione. f. degradation 
Deh 1 tTiIeri. alas ! 
Dei ! interj. gods ; Dei. C/ordevi.l I 

uelirto, m. crmic,*. 
Delizia. /.delijht. pleasure; aver» 
in deliaa, to doat on [merry 
Deliziare, and Deliziarsi, to make 
Deliziosaménie, ad. delicicudy 
Delizióso, a. delicious 
Del pari. ad. even, equally 
Del tutto, ad. entirely, quite 
Delubro, m. temple 
Delucidazióne, /. clearing up 
Delùdere, to delude, mock, de- 

Deludìménto, m. and Delusióne, 
/. delusion, chat 

thou muk.^ Dei, ar.p. m. of \^^^^^^:-;^^''' 
J--KA «. ^HAr\Hc I Dementare, to infuriate, to craie 


Demèrito, m. dement, punish- 
Democratico, a. popular 
Democrazia, /. democracy 
Demolire, to demolish 
Demolizione,/, a cieniolishing 
Demone, m. demon 
Demoniaco, a. furious, mad, pos- 
sessed of a devil 
Demonio, in. devil, i^emon 
Denàio, and Deo^MX), m. tee 

Denigrare, to darken, obscure 
Denigrazione,/, slandering 
Denodire, to un: le 
DenominAre, to name 
Denominativo, a. denominative 
Denomina'ord, in. a denominaior 
Denomina/ iòr;3,/. denomination 
Denotante, a. si;^ifyins 
Denotare, to denote, remark 
Denotazione,/, signification 
Densàre, see Condensare 
Densato, and Denso, a. thick, 

Densità,/, density, thickness 
Dent.'iccio, m. a Lad tooth 
Dentile, m. [Oouihshare 
Dentale, a. denial 
Deatame, m. and Dentatura,/, a 

set of tee h 
Dentare, to tee'h 
Dentato, a. toothed 
Dènte, m. tooth ; tener l'animo 
co' den'i, to be almost dead ; 
mostrare i denti, to look fierce ; 
pigliar il morso co' denti, to be 
obstinate; stare a den: i secchi, 
to be idle ; to be very poor 
Dentellato, jpart. denied, in iented 
Dentello, tik lace -lenling, notching 
Déntro, prep, within 
Denudare, to strip naked, expose, 

Denudato, a. aiked 
Denunzia,/, a declara'ion 
Denunzi.ire, to inform a'winst 
Denunziatóre, m. an informer 
Denunziazióne, f. and Denunzia- 

mento, m. den^inciation 
Deortazióne, /. di-sua-sion 
Dependénte, a. dependent 
Depcndenteménfe, ad. dependently 
Dependénza, /. dependency 
Depéndere, to depend ; farò tutto 
quel che depénde da me, I will 
do whatever lies in my power 
Depenn'ire, to erase 
Depilatòrio, m. ointment for hair 
Deploràbile, a. lamentable 
Deplorabilmente, ad. deplorably 
Deplorando, a. deplorable 


Deplori re, to deplore, bewail 
Deplorilo, part, deplored 
Deplorazione,/, laiiieniation 
Deponènte, a. deposing 
Deponènte, m. a verb deponent 

(in grammar) 
Deponiménto, m. deposition, evi- 
dence [leave 
Depórre, to depose, deprive, quit, 
Depositare, to dep'sit 
Depositàrio, m. trustee, confidant 
Depositeria, /. the depository 
Depòsito, in. trust, charge 
Deposizióne, /. a deposi, ion, degia- 

dation, evidence 
Depósto, part, deposed, put out of 
place : depósto ogni timóre, lay- 
ing aside all fear 
Depósto, m. attesta' ion, testimony 
Depravare, to corrupt, vitiate 
Depravato, a. depraved, spoiled 
Depravatóre, m. a corrupter 
Depravazióne,/, depravation 
Deprecativo, o. suppliant 
Deprecazióne,/, entreaty 
Depredare, to prey »\>^n 
Depredatóre, ni. a' robber 
Depredazióne, /. and Depreda- 
ménto, m. depredation 
Depressióne, /. depresion 
Deprèsso, a. depressed, low 
Deprimere, to depress, debase 
Depurare, to pur;;e, cleanse 
Depurato, part, cleaned, purified 
Depurazióne, /. depuration 
Deputare, to depute, .appoint ; a 
questa sorta d'Alberi bisógna de- 
putare un terréno grosso, we 
must choose fat ground for that 
sort of trees 
Depu'ato, part, deputed, sent 
Deput.azióne,/. deputation 
Derelitto, a. forsaken 
Derelizióne,/. forsaking 
Deretino, a. hind, last 
Deridere, to deride, scorn 
Derisibile, a. con'emptible 
Derisione, f. derision 
Derisivamente, ad. contemptibly 
Deriso, part, derided, laughed at 
Derisóre, Deriditóre, aiid Diri- 

sóre, m. derider, jeerer 
Derisorio, a. derisory 
Derivante, n. deriving 
Derivare, to derive; tutti i vizj 
derivano dall' òzio, idleness is 
the root of all vices 
Derivativo, a. derivative 
Derivato, part, derived 
Derivazióne, /. derivation ; deri- 
vazióne di voci, etymology of 



Derogàbile, o. disparageable 
Derogare, to derc^te, lessen 
Dero^'.orio, a. derogatory 
Derogazione,/, derogation 
Derrata, /. w are ; questo è a buóm 

derrata, 'his is very cheap 
Descendènte, a. descending 
Dcscendènza. /. tee Discendènza 
Descèndere, ace Discéndere 
Descènso, m. a descent 
Deschétto, ni. a footstool 
Désco, ni. a table ; stall 
Descrittibile, a. descrbable 
Descrittivo, o. describing 
Descritto, pari, described 
I Descrittóre, m. a describer 
I Descrivere, to describe 
Descrivibile, o, that can be d»- 

Descrizióne, /. description 
Desertiie, to v^-aste, spoil, destrOT 
Deserto, m. a wilderness 
Defèrto, part, abandoned 
Desertórc, in. a deserter 
Deserzióne, /. desertion 
Desiare, to desire (in poetry) 
Dssiito, part, (in poetry) desired 
Desideriibile, Desiderativo, ana 

De?iderévole, a. desirable 
Desiderabilmente, ad. desirably 
Desiderante, a. desiring 
Desiderare, to desire 
Desideratissimo, a. most desirable 
Desidera'ivo, a. desirable 
Desideratóre, ni. a desirer 
Desidèrio, rn. desire ; desidèrio di 

vendétta, resentment 
Desiderosamente, ad. eagerly 
Desideróso, a. desirous 
Desidia,/, idleness 
Designare, to design, assign 
Designazióne,/, design 
Desinare, to dine 
DesiiiJre, ni. and Desinata, /. » 

Desinènza,/, termination 
Desio, m. -'esire, lust 
Desiosamente, ad. ardently 
Desióso, a. desirous 
Desiràre, to desire, wish 
Desiro, jii. desire 
Desistere, to forbear 
Desolare, to desolate 
Desolato, a. desolated, mined 
Desolatòre, m. a desolator 
Desolazióne, /. desolation, min 
Desperazióne, /. despair 
Despétto, a. despised 
Despétto, m. spite, malice 
Dèspota, m. tyrant 
Despoticaménte, ad. despoticaBy 
Despótico, a. tee Dispòtico 


Dèspota, m. a despot 
Ddssa, yrmi. f. she herself 
Désao, ;.roii. m, be hiiriself ; fjuésto 
è desso, Ibis is he; questo non 
mi jar désso, I do noi ihink this 
is the sajiie 
Bestsoiiéuto, ni. awakening 
Destare, to a" ake, revive 
Destàio, o, awalied 
Deviatoio, m. ai arni-clock, waker 
Destaiore, m. auaker 
Desteri'à,/. dexterity 
Destinire, to design 
Destinato, part, destined 
Desinatanjénte, ad. fatally 
Destinazione, /. appointment 
Destino, 7?i. destiny, fete 
Destinilo, a. desiltute, deprived, 

Désto, a. avvaked, sprightly 
Destra,/, the righi hand 
Destiaix.éDte, ad. dexterously 
Deslregpàre, lo inanage dexter- 
Destrézza,/, dexterity, craftiness 
Destriere, and Destriero, m. a 

borse ; destriéra, /. a mare 
Dèstro, m. opportunity ; tbe neces- 
sary-house. Lo faro sùbito che 
mi vedrò il destro, I will do il 
as soon as 1 have an opportunity 
Dèstro, a. dexterous, propitious 
Desmlg^re, set Distrug^^ere 
Destruzione, /. see Distruzióne 
Desùmere, to infer, lo conjecture 
Desviare, to draw away, deprave 
Detenére, to detain 
Detentore, m. one that keeps 
wrongfully another man's estate 
Detenzione, /. a detention (law 

Detergènte, o. detergent 
Detèrgere, to scour, rub off 
Deterioraménto, m. aiui Deterio- 
razione./, depravation 
Deteriorare, to grow, or make 
worse [bounds 

Determinare, to determine, to set 
Detemriinataménte, OÀ. resolutely 
Determinativo, a. definitive 
Determinilo, part, de'ermined 
Determinazióne./, rf ''■■'ion 
Detersivo, a. cleansiii. 
Detèrso, part, clean*' \ 
Detestabile, a. detesTs.i'!e 
Detestabilmente, ad. detestably 
Detes'àndo, a. de'estable 
Detest.ire, to abominate, abhor 
Detestazióne,/, abhorrence 
Detrarre, to detract, slander 
Detratto, fiori, slandered 
Detrattóre, m. slanderer 


Detrazióne./, detraction 

Detrin.ènto, m. loss, damage 

Detriuientoso, a. hur.ful 

Detronizzare, lo dethrone 

Detriidere, to push do'.\ nwards 

Détta, /. a debt ; tagliar la detta, 
to come to an agreement 

Dettame, j?i, dictates, precepts 

Dettare, to diciate, to teach 

Detta'o, 771. diction, style 

Detla'o. fort. dictated 

Dettatore, in. the dictator 

Dettatura, /. dictation 

Détto, m. word 

Détto, pari, spoken, called ; détto 
fatto, said and done 

Deturpare, to disfigure 

Devas"améuto, m. devastation, 

Devastare, to waste, destroy 

Devastazióne, /. laying waste 

Deviaménto, in. deviation 

Deviare, to deviate, go from ; senza 
deviare dal nretro'discorso, with- 
out losing the thread of our dis- 

Devialo, part, deviated 

DevoW'o, part, devolved 

Devoluzióne,/, devolution 

Devotamente, ad. devoutly 

Devólo, a. devout, atfectionate 

Devozióne,/, devotion 

Di, prep, of; with, than, from, 
to ; più ricco di me, richer than 
I ; di giórno in giórno, from day 
to day : godo di vedérla, I am 
glaa to see you 

Di, m. day:" di dì, day time; a' 
gran dì, in the summer ; il di 
fra dì, the afternoon ; di dì in di, 
from day to day 

DI, {f.ortx dire)' di arditamente, 
spc^k boldlv 

Di.ibolicaménte, ad, diabolically 

Diabòlico, a. devilish, wicked 

Diaconato, m. deacnn^hip 

Diaconéssa./, a deac^nes? 

Di.acono, in. a deacon 

Diadèma, m. diadem, crown 

Diafanità,/, transparency 

Diafano, a, transparent 

Diastiaile, a. diagon..l 

Diagonalmente, ad. diagonally 

Dialèttica,/, logie 

Dialetticamente, ad, like a lo- 

Dialèttico, a. dialectical 

Dialénico, m. a logician 

Dialètto. 771. dialect 

Dialoghélto, 771. short dialogt:e 

Dialogista. 771. a dialogue-writer 

Diàlogo, m. a dialr-sue 


Diamantiiccio, 771. a bad diamoDd 
DJan.àEle, 771. a diamond 
Dian.annno, a. adaii^autine 
Diaiiierr' le, o. diau.eti ical 
Diamelraluiènte^ ad. dian^tricallj 
Diàmetro, 771. a diaiiiCter 
Dianjne : iuterj. lite deuce ! 
Diana,/, the nioming star 
Dianzi, ed. before 
Diàrio, 771. journal, diary 
Diarrèa, ajjd Diarria, /. theloos»- 

Di-scolo ! interj. the deuce! 
Diaspro, 771. jasper 
Diàsiole./. 'he heart's dilatation 
Diàvola, Diavolàccia, aiid Diavo- 
lésa, /. a leniiagant. she-devil 
un buon diavolàccio, a good 
natured fellow 
Diavoleria./, a devilish affair 
Diavolétto, m. a young devil 
Diàvolo, 7?i. devil, evil spirit; bl 
il diàvolo, to play Ihe devi] 
diàvolo scatenato, a devil incai^ 
nate ; sapere dove il diàvol 
tièn la cida, lo he cunning 
diàvolo di mare, the sea-cor 
Diavolóne. 771. a great devil 
Di balzo, ad. at once 
Di bando, ari. gra'is, for nothing 
Dibarbicàre, to' root up 
Di bassa léga, di bassa mino, a. 

base, low, mean 
Dib^saménto, 771. blì, abasement 
Dibasàre, to debase 
Dibassato, part, debased 
Dibas are, to unsaddle 
Dibastàto, part, unsaddled 
Diliàttere, to sh.ake. to beat, to de 

bale ; dibàttersi, to struggle 
Dibattiménto, and Dibàttito, m. 

collision, striking 
Dibattitóre, m. who debates 
Dibàtto, 771. a deba'e 
Diba'tuto. part, afflicted, dejected 
Di bel nuòvo, ad. arain 
Di bisógno, ad. necessarily 
Ditionarietà,/. afifàbility 
Diboscamento, 771. felling of trees 
Dib-oscnre, to cut down trees 
Dilxiscàto. part, cleared of tree» 
Dibótio, ad. immediately 
Dibrancàre, to dilate, spread 
Di brigata, ad. all tojether 
Dibrucare, and Dibruscàre, to 

prune, lop 
Dibruscato, part, pruned 
Dibucciàre. to peel bark 
Dibucciàto, part, peeled, barked 
Di tuón' ària. ad. cheerfully 
Di buon' ària, a. jovial, mexTj 


Ri bu6n mattino, ad. betimes 
Dicàce, a. ^rrulous 
Dicco, ni. banlj, causeway 
Dicèmbre, m. December 
Uicéiite, a. saying 
Diceria,/, ilihcourse, speech; tener 
diceria d'uua cosa, lo talli mucb 
of a lliin^ 
Di cèrto, ad. certainly 
DicervellJrsi, to think intensely 
Dicervellà'.o, a. hair-brained 
Dicévole, a. decent, handsome 
Dicevoièzza, /. convenience, de- 
Dicevolmente, ad. decently 
Dichiarare, to declare, publish 
Dichiaratamente, ad. plainly 
Dichiarativo, a. declaratory (law 

IMchiar.Hn, part, declared 
Dichiaratóre, vi. a declarer 
Tichiarazinne, f. and Dichiara- 
mènto, in. cleclaration, inter- 
preta' inn 
Dichiarlre, to clear up 
Dichinaménto, m. stooping down, 

descent, decline 
Dichinàre, to decline, decay, stoop 

Dichlno, m. decline, decay ; non 
bisógna molto per mètfeie un 
uòmo in dichino, the least thing 
disorders a man 
Diciannove, m. and a. nineteen 
Diciannovèsimo, a. the nineteenth 
Piciassélte, a. and vi. seventeen 
Dicibile, a. that can be said 
Dicilerare, to decipher 
DicifeiAtn, part, deciphered 
Diciferatore, vi. decipherer 
Dicioccare, to break off fruits, or 

Diciótto, m. and a. eighteen 
Dicitóre, m. speaker, orator 
Dicitiira, /. mode of speaking ; 
avere una bèlla dicitdra, to 
have a good delivery 
Di cólpo, ad. suddenly, at once 

— còlla, ad. out of hand 

— concordia, ad. unanimously 

— consér\'a, ad. together 

— con'inuo, ad. continually 

— córto, ad. shortly 

— córso, ad. in running 

— còsta, ad. close by 
Dicóro, ?n. decency, propriety 
Dicótto, part, withered, dried 
Dicréscere, to decrease, wane 
Dicuócere, to make a decoction, 

to dry in the sun 
Di cuòre, ad. heartily 
Didascilico, a. didactic 


Di déntro, prep, within 

Didiacciare, to thaw 

Didiaccialo, part, thawed 

Ui diètro, prep, behind 

Die, seem 

Dièce, and Dieci, m. and a. ten 

Dièsis, in. a musical tone 

Diè:a,/. diet, a diet (assembly) 

DiétrOj prep, behind, after; farsi 
in diètro, to draw back ; tirar in 
diètro un affare, to put off an 
affair ; tirarsi diètro qualche 
disgràzia, to bring some misfor- 
tune upon one's self 

DietroguArdia./. the rearguard 

Di fatto, <k/. effeciively 

Difèndere, to defend, protect, to 

Difendèvole, a. defensible 

Difenditòre, and Difensóre, m. 

Difenditrlce,/. a protectri.t 

Difensivo, a. defensive 

Difensiòne, /. defence 

Difésa, f. defence, support 

Diféso, part, defended 

Difettare, to stand in need of 

Difettivaméne, ad. defectively 

Difettivo, a. defective 

Difètt.,m. default, defect 

Difettosamente, ad. defectively 

Difettóso, a. defective 

Difettiiccin, and Difettùzzo, m. a 
small fault 

Difetluosità,/. imperfection 

Diffalcare, to aba»e, cut off 

Ditf 'Ico, m. defalcation 

DilliKa., /. fault, crime; per mia 
ditf I Ita mi trovo in questo stato, 
it is my fault that I am in this 

nillalt/ire, to fail, decrea'se 

Diffamare, to defame, slander 

DilLim.V.o, ^(irt. slandered 

Diftamafório, a. defamatory 

Diffamazióne,/, and Dilt'amamén- 
to, m. defamation 

Differènte, a. dittferent 

Differentemente, ad. differently 

Differènza,/, difference 

Differenziare, to distinguish 

Differenziato, part, distinguished 

Differiménto, ni. delay 

Differire, to differ, to defer 

Differito, part, delayed, put off 

Dift'erm.are, to refute 

Dilficile.o. hard, difficult 

Difficilmente, ad. difficultly 

Difficoltà. /. diflfìcul'v ; studiar in 
difficoltà, to love di'flìculties 

Diflflcnltàre, to s'art ditDculties 

DitEcoltóso, a. difficult 


Diffidinza, /. and Diffidi^ 
m. mistnist ' 

Diffidare, to mistrust, suspect 
Diffidato, par<. distrusted 
Diffidènte, a. mistrustful 
Diffidènza, /. diffidence 
Diflìnire, to define, or decide 
Diffmitaménle, and Diffinitiva- 

mènte, ad. definitively 
Diffinitivo, a. definitive 
Diffinitóre, m. a definitor in con- 
vents ; one who defines 
Diffmitòrio, a. definitive 
Diffmiziòne,/. definition 
Diffondere, to pour out 
Diffbndiménto, m. diffusion 
Ditlbmi.'ire, to deform, spoil 
Diff'omiataniénte, ad. deformedly 
Dirtormato, part, disfigured 
Difforme, a. deformed, ugly 
Diirormita,/. deformity 
Diffiisaménte, ad. diffusively 
Diffusióne,/, etfiision 
Diffusivo, a. diffiisive 
Diffiiso, a. diffuse, ample 
Difilare, to file off 
Difilato, part, marched off 
Di filo, arid Di filato, ad. without 

Difinimènto, 7)i. definition 
Difinire, see Diffini:-e, and its de- 
Diformare, see Difformàre, &c 
Di frésco, ad. lately, newly 
Di fuòri, ad. without 
Diga,/, a bank, mole, or pier 
Digeneràre, see Degenerare 
Digerire, to digest, discuss; digerire 
un affrónto, to brook an affront 
Digerito, part, digested 
Digestibile, and Digestivo, a. di- 
gestible, digestive 
Digestióne,/, digestion 
Digestlre, to arrange, order; to 

study, reflect 
Digestivo, a. digestive 
Digesto, a. digested, arranged 
Digèsto, 771. digest of civil law 
Digliiacci'ire, see Didiacciare 
Di già, ad. already 
DigiogAre, to unyoke 
Digiogato, part, unyoked 
Di giorno in giórno, ad. every day 
Dì siórno, ad. by day 
Digito, 771. a fin jer 
Di siii, prcp. below, beneath 
Di su di givi, ai', up and down 
Di;iiìgnere, to disjoin ; digiùgnersi, 

lo come off. leave off 
DisriunAre, to fast 
Digiunato, and Digiuno, part. 


TiA^T^' O'^e, m. a faster 

if^f^e,/. pi. ember weeks 

panino, m. fast, fa,tin5 

Jigiuno, a. fasting ; desirous ; già 
di veder costili non son digiuno, 
I have seen him before. A di- 
dimo, a. fasting 
Digiùnto, disjointed, parted 
Dignlssimo, o. most worthy 
Dignità, /. dignity, greatness 
Dignitóso, a, worthy 
Digocciolire, to drop 
Dirozzare, to cut the throat 
Digradaménto, r>i. a degrading, 

degradation (in painting) 
DigraJàre, to shorten, to descend 

by degrees, to degrade 
Dlgradalameate, aS. gradually 
Digradato, ^ar<. degraded 
Digradazióne, /. see Digradaménto 
Di grado in grido, ad. by degrees 
Di gran lunga, ad. by far, "much 

Digrassare, to take off fat 
Di grazia, ad. pray, prithee 
Digredire, to digress, swene 
Digressióne,/, digression 
Digressivo, a. digressing 
Digrésso, a. wandering 
Digrignare, io grin, to snarl 
Digrignante, «."grinning 
Digrign.ito. part, grinned, snarled 
Di^ossaménto, in. forming, sketch- 

Digrossire, to form, fashion 
Digrossato, part, fashioned 
Digrumare, to chew, ruminate, 

ponder, consider 
Digrum.ato, part, ruminated 
Digruminare, to ruminate, con- 
sider [ing 
Diguazzaménto, «i. motion, shak- 
Diguazzare, to shake, to stir 
Diguazzato, part, shaken, stirred 
Digusciare, to shpll 
Digusciato, part, shelled 
Di là, prtp. and ad. beyond, from 
thence; secóndo il costume di 
là, accon^ing to the custom of 
that country 
Di qua, di là, ad. here and there 
Dilaccare, to tear to pieces 
Dilacciàre, to unlace, untie 
Dilaceraméntn, jn. laceration 
Dilacerare, to rend, tear, mangle 
Dilacer.ito. vart. rent, torn 
Dilagare, to overflow 
Dilagatamente, ad. impetuously 
Dilagato, part, overflowed 
Dilancio, ad. direcily, at once 
Dilaniare, to lacerate, to mangle 
Bilapidare, to waste, squander 


Dilargare^ to thin, rarefy 
Dilata,/, delay 
DjLataraénto, m. widening 
Dilatante, and Dilatativo, a. di- 
Dilatare, to dilate, spread 
Dilatazione,/, extension 
Dilatorio, a. dilatory 
Dilavaménto, m. washing 
Dilavare, to wash away 
Dilavato, part, washed away 
Dilazioacdlla,/. short delay 
Dilazióne,/, delay, stop 
Dileiàre, to untie' 
Dileggiaménto, m. and Dil^óne, 

/. niockerv, scorn 
Dileguare, to deride, scoflF 
Dilegjiatézza, /. edrontery 
DilegiTiato, part, bantered 
Dileggiatóre, m. jester, banterer 
Di leggieri, ad. easily, probably 
Dileggino, m. a spaik, a fop 
Dilégfne, a. weak, soft 
Dileguare, to avert, to run away j 

dileguarsi, to go off; si dileguo 

come da corda cocca, he ran 

away as sw iff as an arrow 
Diléguo, m. disappearance 
Dilemma, in. dilemma 
Dileticare, to divert, flatter 
Dilelicaio, yori. ticklc-d, pleased 
Dilético, m. a tickling 
Dileticóso. a. ticklish 
Dilettàbile, a. (lelishtful 
l)ilet?alili!3,/. delight 
Dilet'abilnjente. ad. delightfully 
Dilettamento, nu delight 
Dilettante, m. a lover of any art 
Dilettare, to delight ; dilettarsi, to 

take a delight io any thing 
Dilettatóre, rh. he that delights 
Dilettazióne,/, delec'ation 
Dilettévole, a. delightful 
Dilettevolm.'n'e, arid Dilettosa- 

niénte, ad. delightfully 
Diletto, m. delight, pleasure ; 

andar a diletto, to go a walking ; 

prèndere a diletto, to laugh at 
Dilefo, part, beloved 
A dilètto, ad. on purpose 
Dilettosaménte. ad. agreeably 
Dilettóso, a. delectable 
Dilezióne, /. Lenevolence 
Diliberaménto, m. deliverance 
Diliberare, to set at liljerty; to 

deliberate^ resolve, purpose 
Diliberataménte, ad. considerately 
Diliberativo, a. deliberative 
DiliberJto, ;:u/f. determined 
Dilitierazione. /. determination 
Dilibràrsi, to tumble, trip 
Dilicataménte, ad. delicately 


Dilicatézza, /. delicateness, toIi^ 

Dilicàto, a. soft, delicate, weak 
Diligènte, a. diligent 
Diligentemente, ad. carefully 
Diligenza,/, diligence, care 
Diliquidare, to melt 
Diliquidato, a. explained 
Diliscare, to bone (tish) 
Diliticare, to tickle awa. 

Diloggi.ire, to remove, to stea. 
Diloggiato, part, removed 
Dilombarsi, to break the back 
Dilombato, part, broken-backed 
Di lontano, acL at a distance 
DilucidaDiénte, ad. plainly 
Dilucidare, to clear, explain 
Dilucidativo, a. illustrative 
Dilucidazióne, /. explanation 
Dilungaménto, m. distance, absencf 
Dilungare, to stretch, extend 

("ilungarsi, to ranible, to lengthep 
Dilungato, part, removed ; mi son 
molto dilungato dal mio pro- 
l^-sito, I have made a long di- 
gression from my subject 
Di lungi, ad. far' .fi". Di lungo, 

ad. continually 
Dilusióne,/. delusion 
Diluvtóre, to rain hard ; to over 

flow, to devour 
Diluviatóre, m. a glutton 
Dilùvio, tru deluge, grea.t rain, 

Diluvióne, ni. a glutton 
Dimagrare, to make lean, dimin- 
ish, lessen 
Dimagrazióre, /. the growing lean 
Dimanda,/, demand, request 
Dimandagione,/. a demand 
Dimandante, m. petitioner 
Dimandare, to demand, to request, 

to inquire 
Dimin da sera, and DLmandasséra, 

ad. to-morrow nisht 
Dimandatóre, ni. who demands 
Dim.ane, aiid Dimani, ad. to- 
morrow [to-morrow 
Diman 1' altro, ad. the day after 
Di maniera che, and Dimaniera- 

chè, conj. so that 
Di mano in mano, ad. successively 
Diraembrare, to dismember 
Dimembrito, part, dismembered 
Dimenaménto, m. agitation 
Dimenare, to shake, agitate 
Dimeno, ad. without, otherwise : 
con posso &r dimeno dì non 
ridere, I cannot help laughing 
Dimensióne,/, dimension 
Dimentare, to make, to be- 


Dimenticanza, and Dimenticàg- 
gine,/. forge:fulness 
Dimeaticàrc, to forget 
Dimenticato, part, forgotten 
Uimeuticalóio, m. oblivion; la- 
sciare nel dimenticatcio, to put in 
Dimentichévole, and Diméntico, 

a. forgetful 
Dimentire, to give the lie, to belie 
Dimessione, /. resignation 
Dimésso, poìt. left, laid aside, cast 

down, humbled 
Dimesticaménte, ad. familiarly 
Dimesticaménto, m. intimacy 
Dimesticare, to tame ; dimesticarsi, 

to familiai'ize 
Dimesticalo, a?id Dimèstico, a. 
tamed, familiar; sono dimèstico 
alla fatica, I am inured to labour 
Dimestichézza, /. familiarity, a 
taming [tinue, to cast down 
Diméttere, to pardon, to discon- 
Diniezzire, to divide 
Dimezzato, part, divided 
Dimidiare, to divide 
Diminulménto, m. decrease 
Diminuire, to diminish 
Diminuito, a. dimiuished 
Diminuitivo, a. diminutive 
Diminuzióne,/, diminution 
Dimissoria, a. f. dimissory ; lettera 

dimiswria, dimissory letter 
Di mòdo che, ad. so that 
Di mólto, ad. very much 
Dimónio, m. demon 
Dimòra, /. delay, abode 
Dimorare, to dwell, reside 
Dimorazióue,/. Dimoro, m. dwell- 
ing-place ; delay ; senza dimoro, 
without delay 
Dimoraménto, m. residence 
Uimor'mte, part, living, dwelling 
Dimoranza,/. delay, abode 
Dimorsire, to breaJc with one's 

DimosT'ibile, a. demonstrable 
Dimnslraméntn, m. demonstration, 

Di mostri nza,/. demonstration 
Dimostrrire, to show, testify 
Dimostra'! vaménte, ad. demon- 
strati ve-ly 
Dimostrativo, a. demonstrative 
Dimostrato, part, demonstrated 
Dimostratóre, m. a demonstrator 
Dimostrazióne,/, demonstration 
Dininzi, prep, before ; il verno 
dinanzi, the precedmg winter ; 
come dissi dinanzi, as I said be- 
fore ; dinànri che venga, before 


Dinasito, o. wi'hout a nose 
I Di nascóso, ad. secretly 
I Dinegare, to d>-ny, refuse 
; Dinegazióne,/, denial 
! Dinervare, to weaken 

Diniego, m. denial [stain 

I Dinigrare, to blacken, defame, 

Dinoccire, to break the head 
I Dinoccolarsi, to break one's neck 
I Dinodare, to untie a knot 
' Diuorainire, to name, mention 
: Dinominato, part, named, called 
I Dinominizióné,/. denominaiion 

Dinotare, to indicate, to examine 
I Di nòtte, ad. by night, nightly 
' Dintomamento, rn. drawing, con- 
I tours, limits 

Dintomire, to delineata 

Dintomato, part, delineated 
J Dintórno, ni. adjacent places ; the 
contoure (in drawing) 

D' intórno, d' intórno^ ad. rouad 
j about ; d' intórno a dièci anni, 
I about ten years ago 
j Dinudare, to strip naked, to display 

Dinumerare, to number 

Dinun-^razióne,/. enumeration 
I Diniinzia,/. declaration 
I Dinùnziàre, to charge, accuse 
I Dinunziativo, a. denouncing 
I Dinunziatóre, m. an accuser 

Dini-nziazióne,/. denunciation 
i Di nuòvo, ad. again, once more 
I DIO, m. GOD 

Dio, a. divine 

Diocesano, a. diocesan ; véscovo 
I diocesano, a. diocesan bishop 
[ Diòcesi./, diocess 

Dipanare, to reel, to wind 

Dì p'lri, ad. alike, e<iually 
I Dipartènza, and Dipartita, /. de- 
I Dipartiménto, rru a parting, par- 
I tition, division 

Dipartire, to divide, separate, de- 
I r-art 

! Dipelrre, to make bald 
: Dipelato, a. bald 
j Dipell'ire, to flay, to skin 
I Dipellito, port. 'skinned, flayed 
! Dipendènte, a. depending 
; Dipendentemente, ad. dependently 
I Dipendènza./, dependence 
I Diién^ert-, to depend on; quésto 
j beneficio dipènde dal rè, this 
living is in the king's gift; ciò 
dipènde da me, that"lies in my 
I power 
I Dipenaire, to erase 

Di per se, ad. by himself, apart 
] Di pldio, ai. is always joined with 
' d4re; dar di piglio, take hold 


Dipignere, and Dipingere, «9 

paint, describe 
Dipinto, part, pjnted, drawn 
Dipinto, m. fainting, a picture 
Dipintore, Dipigni;ore, and Di- 

pingitóre, m. a painter 
Dipintura,/, a picture ; painting 
Di pill, conj. moreover 
Diploma, m. diploma, charter 
Diplomatico, a. diplomatic 
Di pòco, ad. lately, not long sinte 
Di pòi, prep, after 
Dipopolare, to dispeople 
Diportaménto, m. behaviour 
Diportarsi, to divert one's self, ta 

Diportévole, o. diverting 
Dipòrto, 7)1. diversion, sport 
DiposiLire, tte Depositare, and iti 

Di pósta, ad. at once 

— prèsso, prq}. near by 

— prima, ad. first, before 

— qua, prep. this side 

— qua éntro, ai. from hence 

— qua giù, ad. from hence below 

— quando in quando, ad. now aod 

— qua sii, ad. from hence above 

— qui, di quinci, ad. from hence 

— quindi, ad. from thence 

— qui a pòco, ad. in short 
Diradare, to rarefy, to thin 
Diradarsi, to grow thin 
Diradato, part, rarefied, thinned 
Diradicare, to root up, to overtlirBW 
Di ràdo, ad, seldim 

Di ragióne, ad. by right 
Diramare, to spring out, to branck 
Diramato, a. prunai, lopped 
Diramazione,/, branching 
Dire, to speak, talk, relate ; Tolér 

dire, to mean ; che vuol dire ciò? 

what is the meaning of that ? 
Dii-edare, to disinherit 
Diredato, part, disinherited 
Diret.ino, m. the last, the back 
Direro, ad. behind, backward 
Direttamente, ad. directly 
Direttivo, o. directing 
Dirètto, a. straight, right ; directed 
Direttóre, rru director 
Direzione,/, direction 
Dirigere, to direct, rule, govern 
Di rilancio, ad. directly 

— rimando, ad. aga'n 

— rimbalzo, ad. accidentally 
Dirimènte, a. impediménto dirt 

ménte, an absolute impediroemt 
(that invalidates a marriage) 
Dirimere, to divide, to decide 



% rimpé'to, I 
over aspinst 
Di rin'.òppo, ad. with opposition 
Diripita,/. a precipice 
Diritta,/. slraii;ht road; a diritta, 

on the right hand 
Dirittamente, ad. directly 
l)iriltc2?A,/. squaring, or a row 
"■■'llto, atid Dritto, in. the right, 
..ilice, tax; niOiio up sail di- 
iritto vero, nob'idy knows the 
real tru'.h of it 
Diritto, and Dritto, a. sli-ai.sht, di- 
rect, just, crafiy; la diritta è di 
resti re dove siinio, the best is 
to stay whiire we are 
Dirltto,'a7ui Dritto, a/l. rightly 
niridoiie, m. an old fox 
Dirittura,/, inte^ity 
Dirizzaniento, m. diitc'ion 
DirizKinte, j;art. directing 
BirÌ77Are, to direct, to make 

s'rai!;lit, to address one's self 
Dirizzito, pari, made straight 
DirizTalOre, m. director 
Dliti, a. cruel 

DiroccanientD, m. dismautlin» 
Dirocc-ire, to destroy, demolish 
Dirocc'ito, part, des'roycd, ruined 
Diroccatole, m. a destroyer 
Dirocciare, to laii down from a 

Dirosr'ire, to deroja'e 
Dirogatorio, a. derogatory 
Dii"ómpere, to break, to soften 
Dironipiménto, m. interruption 
Dirtitt.^,/. aslDver 
DinMtauiénle, ad. immoderately ; 
pi.'insere diro'tainénte, to shea a 
^hower of tears [in? 

Dirrtfto, a, looie, soft, steep, pour- 
Dirovin.lre, to ruin, destroy 
nimz7;\re, to poli'^h, smooth 
Diro77.'ito. a. polished, instructed 
niru!:fin''re. to polish oti'nist 
Dirupamento, rji. a fall from a 

prt-cipicc, a precipice 
Dirupirc, to pr.cipit.-ite ; dinipar- 

sl, \'i throw one's self headlon? 
Dirupato, ^arf. faUeu from a preci- 
pice (pice 
Dinipo, and Pinii>.'ito. m. a preci- 
Dinifo, part, dem'ilisht-d 
Disabelllre, to make uily, or grow 

Disàlnlità,/. incap.acity 
DisabitAre, to dep'->piih'e 
Disabitato, pari, deserted 
Disaccéso, a. s-xXinpiUhed 
DisacconciaDiénte,'ad. uncivilly 
ni<accr>cci ■•, a. disonlerly, olicene 
l^ccordàre, to be out oV tune 

rino^ntro, prep. I Disai^erbàre, to assuage, a 

Disacerbato, part, assuagi 
DisacquistAre, to loose, free 
Disadattatine, /. impropriety 
Disadittamente, ad. foolishly 
l)i«ad;'ilto, a. unapt, unfit 
Disidórtio, a. careless, undressed 
Disatfaficàrsi, to rest one's self 
Disatfezionire, to alienate 
Disagévole, a. difficult, hard 
Disagevolézza,/, difficulty 
Disagevolmente, ad. with trouble 
DisaggradSre, to displease 
Disaggradévole, a. unpl'^nsant 
DisagSMa'£ll.ii)7i. f. iiif-rj(i;ility 
Disagila! ■-! ' ■ ; r [ly 

Disa^L'uij , • '. different- 

nisae^'u,,,;, .. „K :... r.ce 
Disagi.'.iv, to ii.iuM-, iii-urb 
Disaia'aniénie,a</. inconveniently 
Disagiato, a. troublesome, inPrm 
Disagio, in. inconveniency, pover- 
ty, want ; stAre a di&'igio, to be 
Disagiosaménte, ad. uneasily 
Disa.jir)so, a. inconveuiejit, uneasy 
Disamt.ire, to trouble 
Disaiuto, m. hinderance 
DisalbergTire, to remove 
DisalbergAto, a. wiihout lodging 
Disallogzi'tre, to dislnd-re 
Di s.'ilto, arf. immediately ; di salio 

in salto, leaping 
Disamftbile, a. unamiaWe 
Disanii'ire, to hate 
nis.uiiàto, part, hated, disliked 
Disania'.óre. m. hater, tiiemy 
Disamèno, a. disagreeable 
Di^amiclzia, /. enmity, grudge 
Dis'imin.x,/. examination 
Disaniìuaménto, m. examina'ion 
Disamin^nte, a. who examines 
Di'samin.'irc, to esamine, to weigh 
Di-aminazione,/. esamication 
Disamorire, to foi-sake 
Disamorato, a. wi'hout love 
Disamóre, m. ba'e, j-i'^Te 
D'iamory'vole, a. unkind 
Disamorevolézza. /. inspnsibility 
Disamoros'», a. ins^-nsible 
Disanimare, to di'^'iurase 
Disanimiito, o. lifeless, discouraged 
Disapparare, to unle.irn. fjnret 
Disappassirna^érzA, /. ini'.ilTiTence 
Disappassionato, a. insensible 
Disapplicare, to live lazily 
Disapplicatézza, and Disapplica- 
zióne,/, inattention 
DisapplicAto, a, inattentive 
Disappi-éndere, to unlearn 
Disapprensióne, /. c^nraje 
I Disappro\*ire, to disapprove 


Di-approvazióne, /. a disapproè» 

Disarborire, to nnmast 
Disargiaire, to demolish banks 
Disarginato, a. wi.bout banks 
Disarmaménto, m. disarming 
Disarmare, to disarm 
Disarm'do, part, disarmed 
Disarmonia, /. discord, irr^ulari 

ly, fault 
Disarmònico, a. discordant 
Disascóndere, to discover 
Disasprire, to appease 
Disassediato, a. no longer besieged 
Dis.aslràre, to l^il, to cause disaster 
Disastro, m. disaster, mischance 
Disastroso, a. disastrous 
Disattén'o, a. inattentive 
Disattenzione,/, inattention 
Disautorare, to degrade 
Disavanzare, to be a loser; disa 

vanzo mol'o in ques'a mercan 

zia, I am a great loser by thes« 

Disavanzo, nu detriment, loss 
Disavvaiitaggiare, to wrong, injure, 

Disavvan'iggio, m. disadvantage 
Disavvantagii'isaménte, ad. disaci' 

Disavvautaggioso, a. disadvant» 

Disavvedimelito. m. carelessness 
Disavvedutamente, ad. inconside» 

Disavveduto, a. imprudent, rash 
Disavvfrfén'e, a. unpleasant 
D!savvcréi:za,/. ugliness 
Disavven^-vole, a. offensive, ugly 
Disavveiiire. not to suit 
Disavv:nt<ira,/. misfortune 
Disavven'urx'aménte, arid Disy 

venturosamén'e, ad. unluckily 
DisavventurS-o, a. unlucky 
Disavventuróso, a. unfortunate ' 
Disavver'énza, /. inaJvertency 
Disavvezz're, to disuse 
Disawezzato, part, disaccustr 
DisaA-visamen'o, m. improdene» 
Disbandez;i'ifo, a. banished 
I Disbarhiré, to sbave the beard 
I Disbarba'o, a. beardless 
Disbarc-lre, to land 
Disbram-ire, to gratify 
Disbrancire, to sever, to part 
Disbrandiire, to disarm 
Disbrigare, to despatch, hasten; 

disbrigirsi, to disentangle oneS 

Disracciamento, m. expulsion 
Discscciire, to evpel 
Discaccialo, pai-t. expelled 


Discacciatóre, m. an expeller 
Discadére, to fall away 
Discadi men to, m. waste, dficay 
Discaduto, part, decayed, wasted 

Discalzare, to pull off shoes and 

Discalzo, part, barefooted 
Discànso, m., evasion 
Discàpito, i.-», lo^; ho fiitto con 
discàpito in quesio, I lost a great 
deal by that 
Discaricaniénlo, and Discàrico, m. 

Discaricare, to unload, ease 
Discaricato, part, di^char^ed 
Discamàre, to pick he flesh ofT 
Discaro, a. disajreeaMe; 1' ho 
molto a disc'iro, I am very soiry 
for it ; m' è discara la vita, my 
life is burdensome to me 
Discatenare, to unchain 
Discavalcare, to alight 
Discédere, to depart 
Discendén'e, part, descended 
Discendènza, /. extracion, race 
Dis'^ndere, to descend, to sjirin^; 
from [clivity 

Discendiméntn, m. descent, do- 
Discénso, m. descent 
Discensore, jm. who descends 
Discinte, a. learning 
Discènte, m. scholar 
Discepolato, m. schilarsliip 
Discépolo, m. aiid Discépoia, /. a 

Discernén'e, a. disceroins; 
Discérnere, to discern, perceive 
Discernévole, a. quick-si/h'ed 
Discerniménto, m. act of discern- 
Discemitfire, m. a skilful man 
Discerpere. (La'in word) to tear 
Discorre, to pick, separate 
Discésa,/, a descent 
Discéso, a. descended, descendent 
Discettare, to dispu'e 
Discetta/iòne^ f. a dispute 
Disceverare, to separate ; disceve- 
rarsi, to part with 
Dischiarare, to declare 
Dischialtàre, to degenerate 
Dischiattàto, part, dejenerated 
D^scbiavAre, to unlock 
Dischiédere, to permit 
Dischieràre, to disorder 
Dischiomare, to cut hair 
DischiOlere, to open, discover 
Dischiumare, to skim 
Dischiuso, a. open 
Discindere, to cut open 
Piscfjogere, to uogird 


Discinto, part, ungirded, unbound, 

Di^ciógliere, to untie, dissolve 
Disci'yliniénto, m. loosening, the 

discovery of a plot 
Discioglitore, m. he that interprets, 

explains, unties 
Disciol'.aménte, ad. rapidly 
Di^ciólto, a. untied, freed 
Disciórre, sec Disciógliere 
Discipàre, see Dissipare, and its de- 
Disciplina, /. ed'acition, discipline, 

correction, the stripes 
DiKjiplinare, to instruct, to scourge 
Disciplinato, a. disciplined 
Disciplìnévole, and Disciplinàbile, 

a. docile, teachable 
Disco, 9/1. quoit, disk 
Discolamente, ad. licentiously 
Discolétto, a. was'ish, knavish 
Oisc'lo, a. dishonest, lewd, saucy, 

Di.-oloraménto, m. paleness 
Uiicoloràie, and Uiscolorlre, to 
discolour; discolorarsi, to grow 
Discolorato, and Discolorito, o. 

discoloured, pale 
Disc-)lorazióne,/. paleness 
Discólpa, /. and Discolpaménto, 

m. excuse, justitication 
Discolpare, to excuse, justify 
Uiscomodità,/. inconvenience 
Discóinodo, a. inconvenient 
l)iscompa»n:'ibile, a. separable 
I)isconi]5a.'nare, to separate 
Disc ìnijiaguàto, part, unaccompa- 
DiscimpajTiati'ira, /. separation 
Disconipórre, to confound, to dis- 
Disconipos'é-zz-a, /. unbecoming- 

ntss, ne;fligence 
Discfmpósto, part, discomposed 
Disconciaménte, ad. unhandsomely 
Disc'inciare, to disorder 
Discóncio, a. unhandsome 
Disconcli'iso, a. br')ken 
I)i*concórdia,/. discord 
Di'ic mfess/ire, to deny 
l)isconfj?iere, to rout, defeat 
nisconfitta,/. rout, defeat 
Discinfitto, a. routed 
Disconfortare, to afflict 
Disconfórto, m. affliction 
Di«conoscén'e, a. uiiCTateful 
Discon-)scénza, /. in^ra'ilude 
Disconóscere, to take for ano'hsr 
Disconosciutamente, ad. unknow- 
Disconsentiménto, m. disagreement 



DisconsentSre, to disagree 
Disconsigl laménto, m. dissiuuion 
Disconsigli:ire, to dissuade 
Disonsigliàto, a. dissuaded, im- 

Disconténto, a. dissatisfied 
Discoiitinuàre, to leave oil" 
niscon'inuàto, part, discontinued 
Discontinuazibne, /. disconticu- 

Disconvenévole, and Disconve- 
niente, a. indecent [ly 
Disconvenevolniénte, ad. indecent- 
Disconvcniénza,/. indecency 
Discf)nvcnire, to misbecome ; di- 
sconviéusi a signor d' èsser si pir 
CO, it is unbecoming a gentleman 
to be so niggardly 
DiscoiK-'rto, a. discovered 
Discopriménto, m. discrvery 
Discoprire, to discover 
Disc.;pritóre, m. discoverer 
Discoragjiànte, o. discouraging 
Discora^giamento, m. discourage- 
ment, artVight 
niscorajgiàre, to dishearten 
Discoiàrc, to friL'hlen 
N. n. Such words as cannot be 
found I'V D'sro. I' Sco 

Disc ■ ;i-i:reement 

I)i-( .: ! . ..:. . -HI- 

Disc'T ' . :•. II M- . •:!'. irregularly 
Discordanza, /. discord, strife, d»- 
ba'e f jar (in music) 

Discord'ire, to dissent, disagree; to 
Discordi'o, a. out of lune 
Disc^'rdatòre, m. a litigious man 
Discòrde, a. discordant, jarring 
Discirdeménte, arf. disa^reeingly 
Discoriévole, a. contentious 
Discord-a,/. dissension, division 
Discordiòso, a. quarrels^me 
Discorrente, a. tattling, running 
Discórrere, to ramble, todiscourse , 
e C'isl va discorrendo, and so forth 
Discorrévole, a. wandering 
Discorriménto, m. a concourae, 

Discorritóre, m. a talker 
Discorsivo, a. discoursive 
Discórso, m. discourse, concourse, 

Discortése, a. uncivil, unkind 
Discorleseménte, ad. uncivilly 
Discortesia, /. discourtesy 
Discoscéso, a. steep 
Disco-céso, m. a precipice 
Discostamènto, m. departure, re- 
Discoslàre, to remove 
Discostàto, part, reraored 


niscósto, a. remote, far. Da dis- 
costo, ad. from afar off 
Discovcrto, a. discovered 
Discovriraento, m. discovery 
Discovrire, to discover 
DisoDvritore, m. discoverer 
Discredei! e, a. incredulous 
Discredénza,/. incredulity 
Discrédere, to disbelieve; discré- 
dersi, to undeceive one's self ; tut- 
to il mondo non me 1' avrebbe 
fatto discrédere, all the world 
could not have made me believe 
the contrary 
Discreditare, to discredit 
Discreditato, a. discredited 
Discrédito, ni. discredit, disgrace 
Discrepanza, /. dissension, a con- 
trast of opinions 
Discrepar-^ to disagree 
Discrescénza, /. decreasing 
Discréscere, to decrease, decry 
Discretamente, ad. discreetly,"wise- 
ly, warily, prudenUy, distinctly, 
clearly, plainly 
Discretézza, aiid Discrezióne, /. 

prudence, wisdom 
Discréto, a. discreet, prudent 
Discucire, to unsew 
Discuoiare, to skin an animaj 
Discussire, to discuss 
Discussióne,/', dicussion 
Discùtere, to examine, sift 
Disde^naménto, m. indignation 
Disdega'ire, to disdain, scorn j dis- 

degruirsi, to be angry 
Disdegnato, a. anny 
Disdegno, m. anger, disdain 
Disdegnosamen'e, ad. disdainfully 
Disdegnóso, a. disdainful, irritated, 

Disdétta./. con*Tadiction 
Disdétto, a. forbidden 
Disdicciato, a. unlucky at play 
Disdicévole, a. unbecoming 
Disdicevolézza, /. indecency 
Disdire, to refuse, deny ; to' be im- 
proper : di dirsi, to go from one's 
word ; disdire il fitto, to give 
warning [zióne, /. drying up 
Diseccaniénto, m. and Disecca- 
Diseccare, to dry, to wither 
Diseccativo, a. apt to dry up 
Disegnamén'o. m. design 
Disegnare, to design, sketch 
Disegnatóre, m. designer 
Disegnatùra, /. see Diségno 
Disegnétto, m. a sketch 
Disénio, m. design, sketch ; far 
disémo sópra una còsa, to set 
one's heart upon a thing j 

Di seguale, a. uneven I 


Disegualmente, ad. unequally 
Disellare, to unsaddle 
Disellato, a. unsaddled 
Disenfiare, to reduce a swelling 
Disenfiato, a. uot swelled 
Disennato, a. senseless 
Disensato, a. unwise, stupid 
Diseiiterla, and Disseuteria, /. 

bloody fluì 
Diseppellire, to unbury 
Diseppellì o, part, unburied 
Disequilibrarsi, to lose the balance 
Diseredare, to disinherit 
Diseredato, part, disinherited 
Diseredazióne,/, disinheriting 
Diserrare, to open, unlock 
Diserrato, part, opened 
Diserare, to ravage, spoil, waste 
Disert.ato, part, spoiled, pillaged 
Diserta'óre, m. a destroyer 
Disertazióne,/, a/id Disertaunénto, 

m. desolation 
Disért-^, a. desolated, abandoned, 

unhappy, miserable *" 
Disérto, m. desert, willemess 
Disertóre, m. a deserter 
Diservigio, m. an ill o.'fice 
Diservire, to disserve, to hurt 
Diservilo, part, disserved 
Disfaciménto, m. destruction 
Disfacitóre, m. a des'royer 
Disf,imaménto, m. defamation 
Disfamare, tn £11, to satia'e, to de- 
tame, traduce 
Disf.ire, to undo, ruin ; non mi 
lasciar così disfatto, do not leave 
me in this miserable state 
Disfatta,/, a defea', a rout 
Disfatto, pati, defea'ed. routed 
Disfavillante, a. sparkiing 
Disfaviilàre, to sparkle 
Disfavóre, m. displeasure 
Disfavorévole, a. unkind, adverse, 
contrary [bly 

Disfavorevolménte, ad. cnfavoura- 
Disfavorire, to oppose, cross 
Disfavoi-ito. a. oat of favour 
Disfermare, to enervate 
Disferrare, to draw out iron ; dis- 
ferrare un cavallo, to anshoe a 
Disferrato, part, unshod 
Disfida,/, challenre 
Disfidante, a. diffident 
Disfidanza, /. distrust 
Disfidare, to challenge, defy; to 

mistrust, suspect 
Disfigurare, to disfigure 
Disfisruratn, a. deformed 
Distìjurazióne,/. distijuring 
Disf inhere, to dissemlle 
Disfin^ménto. m. dissimulation 
' 118 


Disfinire, to define, explain 
Distìnitóre, nu who defines 
Disfioraménto, m. defloration 
Disfiorare, to deflower 
Disfioralo, part, deflowered 
Disfogaménto, m. relief 
Disfogare, to evaporale 
Disfogliare, to strip off leaves 
Disfogliato, part, stripped of leaves 
Disformare, to disfigure 
Di formato, part, deformo! 
Disformazióiie, /. deformity 
Disfbrme, a. irreinlar 
Disformità,/, deformity 
Disfomare, to take out of an oven 
Disfomire, to uofumish 
Disfomito, part, unfurnished 
Disfortunato, a. unfortunate 
Disfrancare, to weaken 
Disfrenaménto, m. profligacy 
Disfrenare, to unbridle 
Di sfrenatamente, ad. fiercely 
Disfrenato, a. unruly, fierce 
Dis^énio, m. aversion 
Disgittarsi, to be disheartened 
DIsriùngere, to disjoin 
Disgiungiménto, tti. separation 
Disgiuntamente, ad. separately 
Disgiuntivo, o. disjunctive 
Disgiùnto, part, disjoined 
Disgiunzióne,/, separation 
Disgombraménto, rru parting, clear- 
Disgombrare, to clear, to remove ; 
r aere comincia, a disgombrarsi, 
the air begins to clear 
Digradare, to dislike, despise, 
scorn ; io te ne disgrado, I do not 
thank you for it 
Disgradato, part, disliked 
Disgnidévale, a. disagreeable 
Disgradiménto, ?n. contempt 
Disgradire, to dislike, displease 
Disgr.'ido, 771. a disgi-ado, in spite of 
Disgrato, a. disagreeable 
Disgravaniénto, m. unloading 
Disgravare, to unload, ease 
Disgravidaménto. m. delivery 
Disgravidire, to bring forth 
Disgràzia, /. disaster. Per di^rà- 

zia, ad. nnfor'una'ely 
Disjraziire, to disgj-ace 
Dissrazia'amente. ad. unluckily 
Disgraziato, a. nnhappv, disagree- 
Disgrazioso, o. uncivil, rude 
Disgregare, to separate 
Disgregato, part, separated 
Disgrezazióne, /. dispersion; di» 
gregazione di spìrito, a wandei» 
ing of the mind 
to grin 


Disgroppàre, to untie 
Disgrossare, to sketch 
Disgua^liónte, o. unlike 
Disgua^liànza,/. inequality 
Disgua^liàre, to be unequal 
Disguagliàto, a. unequal 
Disgustare, to displease, vex ; dis- 
gustarsi, to bejin to loathe 
Disgustévole, a. disa;,'reealjle 
Disgusto, m. displeasure 
Disgustòso, a. iàà, grievous 
Disure, and Disiderare, to desire, 

wish, long for 
Disiato, and Disiderabile, o. de- 
Disidério, m. su Desiderio 
Di^idtrevole, a. desirable 
Disiderosaménte, ad. desirously 
Disideróso, o. desirous 
Disigillare, to unseal 
Disimpacciato, a. unimpeded 
Disimparni-e, to forget 
Disimpedlre, lo aid, to deliver 
Disinipegnare, to disengage ; dis- 
impegnarsi di sua parola, to 
call in one's word 
Disimpéfrno, m. disengaging 
Oisinclina/iòne, /. aversion 
Disinénza./. termination 
Disinfignere, or Disinfingere, to 

feign, dissemble 
Disinfìntaménte, orf. sincerely 
Disinfinto, a. sincere, simple 
Disinzannare, to undeceive 
Disinzannato, part, undeceived 
Disinganno, m. undeceiving 
Disinnamorare, to cease loving 
Disinteressato, a. impar'ial 
Disinteresse, m. disinterestedness 
Disinvitare, to disinvite 
Disinvòlto, a. free, dexterous, easy 
Dbinvoltùra,/. deiterity, vivacity, 

skill, ease 
Disio, m. desire 
Disiosamente, ad. desirously 
Disióso, a. desirous 
Disistancàrsi, to rest one's self 
Disistima, /. contempt 
Dislacci:'! re, to extricate 
Dislasire, to spread, extend 
Disleale, o. unfaithful, treacher- 
ous, false 
Dislealménte. ad. perfidiously 
Dislealtà,/, disloyally 
Dislestare, to untie, loose ; to ex- 
plain, to discover 
Disleghévole, a dissoluble 
Dislocftre, to dispiace, remove 
Dislogare, and Disluogare, to put 

out of place 
Dislogizióne./. and Dislogaménto, 
m. p'jitUiig out o/joiat 


I Dismagliare, to undo the mails 

Dismaiitàrsi, to uncloak 

Disuiarrinienln, m. consternation 

Dismembraménto, ni. a di^ieoi- 
I bering 

I DismeriTbn'ire, to dismember 
j Uismemora'o, o. stupid, forgetful 
I Dismentic'inte, a. for^^etting 
I Dismenticoiza, /. forgetfulness, 

Dismen'icare, to forget 
I Dismésso, fart, dismissed 
I Dismé'terc, to dismiss ; ho dis- 
I mésso di bére, 1 have kft oil' 
I drinking 

I Dismisura, /. excess. A dismisura., 
I ad. exceoliugly 
I Disniisur'ire, to go beyond the 
j bounds, to act without Uieasure 
I Disniisuratan;énte, ad. iuimode- 

_ rately [cessi ve 

Dismonacàre, to take one out of a 

DismontSre, to dismount, alight 
Di-montato, pa?-t. alighted 
Disniuòvere, to stir up. excite 
Disnamorire, to love no more 
Disnaturare, to change nature 
Disna»ur:'i*o, a. unna'ural 
Disneboi.ire, to grow fair 
Disnebbiato, a. unclouded 
DisnervAre, to enervate 
Disnervato, fart, vveakened 
Disnid.'irsi, to leave the nest 
Disnodare, to undo, uiitie ; to ex- 
Disnodcvole, a. easily un'ied 
Disnóre, m. (in poeiry) dishonour 
Disnudàre, to strip 
Disobbediénza,/. disobedience 
Disobbligr'inte. a. disobliging 
Disobblisantemén'c.rtrf. unpolitely 
Disobbligàre, to acquit, discharge, 

displease, disoblige 
Disobbligaziòne, /. requital, re- 
ward, displeasure 
Disoccupare, to free fr>ni care ; 
disoccHpirsi, to free one's self 
from business 
Disoccup'ito. a. at leisure, free 
Disoccupazione,/, leisure ; retiring 

from business 
Disolaménto, ni. desolation 
DisoHre, to ruin, lav waste 
DisoHto, jiart. de-^olated 
Disolati'ira, /. the cutting off the 

sfle of the shoe 
Disolaziòne, /. devastation 
Di-ones'à, f. dishonesty, obscenity 
Disonestamente, ad. dishonestly 


Disonest'.re, to di^honnor 
Disonestirsi, to ha dishonest 
DisoneslAto, a. (listioiiouratjle 
Disrinesto, a. lewd, dishouest 
Disonnarsi, to awake 
Disonoraménto, m. dishonouring 
Disonorare, to dishonour 
Disonorato, a. dishoi-oured 
1 disonore, m. and Disonoranza,^ 

Disouorévf le, a. dishonourable 
Disonorevolmente, and Disonora 

taménte, ad. disgracefully 
Di sojiéichio, ad. superliuoudy 

Di soppiatto, ad. secretly 
Diioppil'ire, to loosen the belly 
Di sopra, or Disopra, prep. abov- 

Di s «prappiii, ad. over and above 
Disorbitante, a. exorbitant, es- 

travazaut [gantly 

Disorbitanteménte, ad. exlrava- 
Disorbilànza, /. exorbitance 
Disoriinànza, /. disorder, confusion 
Disordinare, to dis^rde^; disordi- 
nare nel niaugiàre, to eat im- 

Disordinatamente, ad. disorderly 
Disordinato, a. saucy, insolent, 

Disonline, wj. confusion 
Di»irganirzà'o, a. that has the 

oriaas disordered 
Disorrévole, a. dishonourable 
Disorrevolménte, ad. disgracefully 
Di sórta che, conj. so that 
Disossare, to take out the bones 
Disotterare, to unbury 
Disotteràto, part, unburied 
Di sótto, prep, under 
Di sovèrchio, ad. too much 
Disovolàto, a. dislocated 
DispacGire, to cut asunder 
Dis^iacciàre, to despa'ch 
Disfk'iccio, m. despatch 
Dispai.'ire, to unmatch 
Di^par^ire, to forget 
Dispartito, f ari. forgotten, varioas, 

Dispaix-cchi, pron. pi. several 
Di>.parecchiire, to clear the table 
Disparénza,/. disappearing 
Disparére, m. variance, conteet 
Disparére, to disappear 
Uisparévole, a. transitory 
Dispergere, to disperse, scatter 
Dispargiménto, m. dispersing 
Disparì, a. unlike, uneven ; nù- 
mero dispari, an odd number ; 

nni siSmo disp'iri d'eli, we are 

not of the same age 


Dispariménte, ad. unequally 
Disparire, aiìk Disparére, to disap- 
pear [ured 
Dispariscénte, a. unsightly, di'Sg- 
Disparità, /. inequality; disparità 
d'opinioni, contrariety of opin- 
Disparito, a. altered, pale 
Disparménte, ad. unequally 
Dispartaménte, ad. bere and there, 

dispersed ly 
Disparte, ad. aside, apart 
Dispartire, to part, separate 
Dispart itaménts, ad. asunder 
Dispartito, part, parted- divided 
Dispartitóre, m. who uivides 
Disparutézza, f. slendemess 
Disparùto, a. thin, stende. 
Dispassionaniénto, m. apathy 
Dispastoiare, to take ofl' the fetters 

from a horse's le? 
Dispéznere, to extinguish 
Dispendere, to expend 
Dispèndio, m. expense, cost 
Dispendiosamente, adi costly 
Dispendióso, a. chargeable 
Dispennato, a. feaheiless 
Dispensa. /. distri bu'ion, dispensa- 
tion, a pantrj', a larder 
Dispensàbile, a. dispensable 
Dispeniire, to distribute, divide, 
tn administer [power 

Dispensati va, /. the dispensati ve 
Dispensato, part, distributed 
Dispensatóre, m. d'sjx-nser 
Dispensazione, /. and Disf«nsa- 
ménto. m. dispensa'ion. license 
Dispensiéro, aicd Disi>ensiére, in. 

butler, stewai-d 
Dispénto, part, extinmished 
Disper'ibile, a. despaired of 
Disperare, to despair; deh! perchè 
mi fate disperare? why do you 
tease me so ? 
Disperatamente, ad. desperately ; 

alla disperata, rashly 
Disperato, e despai rwì of, despe- 
rate [m. despair 
Disperazióne,/. a7)(/DisDeraménto, 
Dispèrdere, lo consume" 
Disperdime'nto, m. dispersion 
Dispergere, to scatter, to squander, 

Dispergiménto, m. scattering, ruin. 

rout, defeat 
Dispergitóre, m. a destroyer 
Disperse, nd. separately 
Dispersióne, f. dispersion 
Dispérso, part, dispersed 
Dìspéso. part, spent 
Dispettàbile, a. despicable 
Dispettàre, to despise 


I Dispettito, part, vexed, slighted 
I Dispetìévole, and Dispétto, a. 

despicable, contemptible 
Dispetlivaniéute, ad. disdainfully 
Dispétto, ni. an afl'ront, spite ; 
avere in or a dispétto, to despise. 
In dispétto, ad. in spite of 
Dispettosamente, ad. spitefully 
Dispettoso, a. reproachful 
Di-piacénte, a. displeasing 
Dispiacenza./. a7wi Dispiacére, m, 
displeasure, sorrow ; pigliar di- 
spiatsnza d'una cosa, "to take 
s-jmething ill 
Dispiacére, to displease; mi dis- 
piace non poténi servire, I am 
sorry that I cannot oblige you 
Dispiacévole, a. unpleasant 
Dispiacevclménte, ad. grievously 
Dispiacevolézza, /. arid Dispiaci- 
ménto, rn. discontent 
Dispiaciuto, part, displeased 
Dispianare, to explain, to level ; 
dispianaisi, to lay one's self 
Dispianato, a. plain, explained 
Dispiccare, to pull up 
Dispicciare, to despatch 
Dispiegare, to display, set forth; 

dirpiegàrsi, to stretch one's self 
Dispietaiaménte, ad. cruelly 
Dispietato, a. unmerciful 
Dispiito, m. an aifront, contempt 
Dispodes'are, to piit out of power ; 
dispodestarsi, to resign one's 
power, authority 
Dispogliare, foundress 
Dispogliato, part, undressed 
Disponiménto, m. disposition, or- 
Disponi'óre, m. who disposes 
Dispopolatóre, m. a destroyer 
Dispórre, to dispose, prepare 
Disfiosare, to marry 
Dispisitore, m. a disposer 
Disposizióne, /. disposition, ar- 
Dispostamente, arf. orderly 
Dispostézza,/. arility. grace 
Dispósto, part, disposed 
Dispoticamente, ad. despotically 
Dispòtico, a. arbitrary 
Dispotismo, m. despotism 
Dispregévole, a. despicable 
Dispregevolroénte, ad. scornfully 
Dispregiaménto, 771. con'empt 
Dispregi:xre, to despise, scorn 
Dispregiito, part. con'en,ned 
Dispregiatore, arid Disprezzatóre, 

rru despiser 
Disp-'^io, and Disprezzaménto, 
m. contempt, scorn 


Disprezzàbile, a. despicable 
Dispiezzante, a. disdaiuiul 
Disprezzautejriénte, ad. proudly 
Disprezzare, lo despise, slight 
Disprezzativo, a. contemptuoiB 
Disprezzato, part, contemned 
Disprezzévole, a. contemptible 
Disprezzevoiménte, ad. soomfully 

Disprèzzo, 771. contempt, scorn 
Disprigionare, to free from prison 
Disproporzionare, to disproportioa 
Disproporzionato, part, dispropor- 

Disproporzióne,/, inequality 
Disprovvedutamécte, ad. unaware» 
Disprovveduio, part, unprovided, 

Disprunàre, to cut thorns 
Dispulzellare, to deflower 
Dispumato, a. frothy 
Disputa,/, dipute, debate 
Disputàbile, a. disputable 
Disputaménto, t71. a?^d Dispat» 

zdone, /. disputation 
Disputante, a. disputant 
Disputare, to dispute, debate 
Disputativo, a. disputable 
Disputato, part, disputed 
Disputatóre, t71. a disputant 
Disquisizione, /. disquisition 
Disradicare, to root up 
Disramire, to prune 
Disredare, to disinherit 
Disredato, part, disinherited 
Disregolatamènte, ad. disorderly 
Disrómpere, to burst asunder 
Disnividire, to quicken 
Dissagrare, to pro&ne 
Dissagrato, part, polluted 
Dissalare, to unsalt 
Dissaporito, o. insipid 
Dissavoróso, a. insipid 
Dissecazióne, /. dissection 
Disseccare, to dry up 
Disseccativo, a. apt to dry 
Disseminare, to sow, spread 
Disseminatóre, 771. a dogmatize 
Dissennare, to make mad 
Dissennato, a. senseless 
Dissensióne,/, dissension 
Dissenteria,/, bloody flux 
Disien'èrico, o. troubled with tha 

bloorfy flux 
Dissentire, to dissent 
Disseparare, to separate 
Disserrare, to open, unlock 
Disserrato, part, unlocked 
Dissertazióne,/, dissertation 
Disservtre, to injure 
Dissestare, to disorder 
Dissetare, atid Dissetarsi, to que&ck 




Dissezióne, /. dissection 

Dissidio, m. dissension 

Dissigillare, to break a seal 

Dissillabo, m. dissyllable 

Dissimigliàn'e, a. unlike 

Dissimigli:'iuza,yi diflerence 

Dissimigliàre, to differ 

Dissimile, a. unlike 

Dissimilili'idine,/. unlikeness 

Dissimulare, to dissimible ; dissi- 
mulò la nionéta, he debased llie 

Dissimulatamén'e, ad. covertly 

Dissimulato, yart. dissembled 

Dissimula nr«, m. a dissembler 

Di^simulazione, /. hypocrisv, dis- 
guise [zione,y. dissfpation 

Dissipamen'o, ni. and Dissipa- 

Dissipare, to scatter ; la nébbia si 
dissipa, the foi; disperses 

Dissipatlvo, a. wasteful [ed 

Dissipalo, Tpart. dissipated, dispers- 

Dissipatore, rn. a waster 

Dissipazióne, /. a squandering 

Dissipii.), a. insipid 

Dissodare, to grub up, fo plough 

Dissolùbile, a. dissolvable 

Dissolutamente, ad. dissolutely 

DissolutézyjL, /. excess, licentious- 

Dissolutivo, a. dissolving 

Dissoluto, ■part, dijstroyed, debauch- 
ed, riotous 

Dissoluzióne,/, dissolution 

Dissolvènte, a. dissolvent 

Dissolvere, to dissolve 

Dissomigliinie, a. unlike 

Dissomigl i:'i nz-i, /. unlikeness 

Dissomigliare, to diH'er, vary 

Dissomigliate, a. unlike 

Dissomi;;liévole. a. did'erent 

Dissoa'inte, a,, disagreeing 

Dissonànya, /. jar in» 

Dissonn.'irsi, to awake 

Dissovvenire, to have forgotten 

Dissuadere, to dissuade 

Dissuasiónr,/. dissuasion 

Dissu.'isr), pari, dissuaded 

Dissuasòrio, a. dissuasive 

Dissuetùdine,/, disuse 

Dissuggellare, lo breik a seal 

Dissuggellato, a. unsealed 

Dissùria, /. difTiculty in making 

Distaccamento, w. a pulling away, 
a detachment (in war) 

Distaccare, to dnw by force; di- 
staccirsi, to part ; non posso 
dist.accftrmi da questo luó^o, I 
cannot leave 'his place 

DistagliAre, to cut in pieces, to 


Distagliatùra, /. separation, in- 

Dist.'inte, a. distant 

Uist'inza, and Distanzia, /. dis- 
tance, space 

Dis Are, to be distant 

Di st'ite, ad. iu summer time 

Dislemperaménto, m. djsiemper 

Distemperàiiza, aiid Distempera- 
tezza,/. intemperance 

Distemper6re, to dissolve 

Dis'emperalaménte, ad. exces- 
sively [position 

Dis'en.peratùra, /. disorder, indis- 

Dis'eiriperàlo, a. intempeiate 

Dis'éndere, to stretch, spread, ex- 

Dis'endimento, m. and Distendi- 
lùra,/. extension, stretching 

Distenebrare, to clear up 

Distenére, to restrain 

Distensione,/, extension 

Disterminire, to exterminate, ex- 

Dis*és.a, /. a stretching. Alia 
distésa, ad.sX large 

Dis'esaménte, ad. extensively 

Distéso, a. extensive, large, long; 
tutto dis'éso, sprawling 

Dis'ico. m. a disicli 

Dis'ilhménto, m. disillation 

Distill' n*c, a. distilling 

Disiillire, to dis'il ; distillarsi il 
cervèllo sopra qualche cosa, to 
puzzle one's braias about some- 

Dis'i1lito,p(rr<. distilled 

nis'illatólo, ■m. as'ill 

Dis'illa'oie, m. a distiller 

Dis' illazióne, /. dis illa'ion 

DistiniTuere, tn distinniish ; distin- 
guersi, to S'gtialize orif's self 

Dislin'amén'e, ad. (ìistinc'ly 

Dis in'lva, f. and Distintivo, m. 
mark, sign, token 

Disti'Vn, pari, distinguished 

l)is'in7Ì"ne, /. dislinc'ion 

nis'ó;rliere, lo divert from 

Distojliniento, m. the act of di- 

Diston^re, to go out of tune 

Distoreere, to twist, wreah 

Dis'ornaménto, m. hindevance 

Dis ornlre, to diver!, Iiipder 

D's'^rre, to dissuade, remove 

Dis'ortn. a. cruke-l, bent 

Dis'r^ere, and Distr'irre, to avert 
from; quamio mio invecchia in 
un vtzio, ditlicilni-n'e sene dis- 
tr/ic, an old sinner seldom re- 

_ pen's 

ifóro, ai' 


Distratto, a. absent 
Distrazióne,/, distraction 
Distrérta,/. distress 
Distrettamente, ad. rigorously 
Dislreltézza,/. severity 
Distrétto, a. presseif. crowded 
amico distrétto, intimate friend , 
parénti distrétti, near relation» 
Distrétto, m. districi 
Dìstribuiménto, m. distribution 
Dis'ributre, to divide, share 
Distribuito, yart. dìsribu'ed 
Dislribuitóre, m. distributer 
Distrib.itivaménle, ad. distinctly 
Disiiibutlvo, a. distributive 
Distributóre, m. divider 
Distribuzióne,/, distribution 
Distrigare, to diseuUngle ; to un- 
fold ; distrigarsi, to disentangle 
one's self 
Distrlgnere, to tie ; bind ; èssere 
distiéVodi p.afira, to be in a fright 
Distrignimènto, m. binding, tying 
Distrùggere, to destroy: distrùg- 
gersi, to melt 
Di.=trugginiénto, ni. and Distra- 
zióne, /. destruction, overllirow 
Distrugfitivo, a. destructive 
Distruggitore, m. a destroyer 
Distruttivo, a. destructive 
Distrtjtto, fart, destroyed 
Distruttóre, ni. a destroyer 
Dis'iirAre, to unstop 
Dis'iirbanién'o, m. and Distar- 

b.'in/a,/. disorder, confusion 
Disturbnre, to disturb 
Disturbato, fart, disturbed, disoi^ 

Disturbatóre, m. a disturber 
Disturbo. 771. distuib-ince 
Di sit. prip. above, upon 
Disiililiidiénte, a. disobedient 
l'isulibidientemènte, ad, disobedi- 
Disubbidiènza, /. disobedience 
Disubbidire, to disobey 
Di-ul.bidltd, part, disobeyed 
Di sùbito, oa. immediately 
Di'Uggelbre, to unseal 
Disngjell.'ito, part, unsealed 
DisusuaL'li'inza, and Disugualiti, 

/. inequality 
DisiiguMe. «.'unequal 
Disunialn-énte, ad. une<)ually 
Distmianftre, fo make inhuman ; 
disnman'irsi, 'o became inhuman 
Disunian.Mo, and Disumano, a. 

inhuman, cruel 
DÌM;nlbile, a. divisible 
Disunióne, /. a disunion 
Di-unlre, to disiini'e, divido. 
Perchè, crudo destino, ne disu- 


ntsci tu, s'amór ne stnnge? 
why, ciTic! destiny, do you j*irt 
us, since love uniies us ? 

Disunì taiiiéute, ad. st-jiarately 

Disumo, a. lean 

Disu^'iuza, /. disuse ; aver disu- 
sanza dun luo^o, lo be a stran- 
ger to a place 

Disusare, io disuse 

Disusatamente, ad. unusually 

Disusato, a. unusual 

Disuso, nu disuse 

Di suso, di sii, }.rep. above, upon 

Disùlil-^, a. useless 

Disutilità,/, useleisness 

Disutiliuénie, ad. uiiprofitably 

Disvalére, to pie.iudire 

Disvalóre, m. weakness 

Disvantàggio, di. disadva;it.Tge 

Disvarianicuto. tu. variatior- 

Disvariàre, to ditìér 

Disvariàto. a. dllicrent 

Disvario. j;i. dirii;reiice. Controver- 
sy, a niist\ke ; ve gran dii^vari" 
fra questo e quello, theit ìs a 
great diiìèrence between this 
and that 

Disvejiire, to awake [veiling 

Disvelaii.ciito. m. discovering, un- 

Disvel.ire, to unveil 

Disvel.ito, fart, discovered 

Disvel.itore. m. a discoverer 

Disvéllere, to pluck, to pull up, 
wrii g, get out 

Disveulre, to faint, waste, decay 

Disventiira./. n.i-fortune, mishap 

Disventuraaménte, ad. unfortu- 

Disvenfiir'ito, a. unlucky 

Disversinare. to deflour 

Disvérre, to roo up 

Disvestire, to undress 

DisverzAre, to disuse 

Disve?zrilo, part, disused 

Disvianiéntn. ni. a wandering 

Disviare, to draw ou' nf 'he way, 
to degeneiate ; disviarsi, to 

DÌBviataménte, ad. wandcingly 

Disviatézza, /. a s'raying 

Disnàto, a. wanderliu 

Disviatiire. m. ajirf Disviatrice,/. 
a wan'ferer, debaucber 

Disviluppare, to disentangle, ex- 

Disvisceràre, to disembowel 

Disvischiàrsi, to get rid of a scurvy 
business I 

Disviticchiare, to disembarrass I 

Disviziàre, to correct, reclaim ; ] 
purify ; disviziàrsi, to leave off : 
vice I 


Disvolére, to refuse 

L)Ì5volto, a. unembarrassed, fi«e 

Ditàglio, ad. with the edge 

1)1 a,/. j-Jl. the fingers 

Ditale, 771. a thin.Cle 

Di tàuto in tanto, ad. now and 

Ditello, 771. the armpit 

Ditenére. to de;a;n 

Dilerminàre, to determineà'o, a. determinate 

Diierminazione,/. resolution 

Uitesla^ione. /. deteslatiou 

Oito, ill. the linger, the toej il 
dito gròsso della mano, the 
thunib"j dito, an inch, a finger's 
breadth ; niostrài-e alcuno a dito, 
to point at one ; aver qualche 
cosa su la Jiuiita delle diia, to 
hai e a thing at one's lingers' 

Di tono, a. of two parts in music 

Ditrappfire, to ^teaJ 

Ditrài re, to usurp, to deprive of 

Di tratto, orf. suddenly [then 

Di tratto in tratto, ad. now ai:d 

nitrazione, /. detraction 

Diirinciàre, lo cut in 

IJitt.amo, ni. di tauy 

DittAre, to dicLa'e 

Di t' !o, ni. a dicta'e, a precept 

Ui'ta óre, 771. a dictator 

Dit a'onn, a. (^iclatnry 

liit'a'iira,/. dic'a'orsìiip 

Di 'óni^o, m. a diphthong 

Pi'uii^nre, to di^fi-.ure 

DÌMn->iri, 771. pi. duumvirs 

Diuré'ico, a. diuretic 

Diurno, o. d^ily 

Diu'uniaménte, ad. diumally 

niu'uniiti,/. Imi? continuance 

I)mT!irno, a. lasnng 

Diva, /. (in poetry) a goddess, a 

Pivazaménto, m. a wardering 

Divai:'ii-e, fo wander, mve 

Divalhménlo, 771. a descending 

Divallare, to desc- nd 

Divampare, to fl.Tsh, flame 

Divano, 771. the divan (in Turkey) 

Divaii'àzgio, ad. mire 

Divariare, to vary, differ 

Divà'-io, rn. difference, variance ; 
è grande il divàrio, the difference 
is great I 

Divas'aménto, 771. ajid Divasta- 
7Ìói;e./. devastation | 

Divecchiaménto, m. growing | 
youns I 

Di'vecchlSre. to grow young 

Divedére, to show, convince ; dare ] 
a divellere, to convince : vi darò I 


a divedére eh' avete torto, I wil, 

convince you that you are in the 

Divèllere, and Diverre, to pluck 

up, root up 
Divelliménio, in. plucking 
Divello, part, plucked out 
Divenire, to bcconic ; to befall ; 

il numero divenne più grande, 

the number grew greater; che 

diverrò? what will become of 

Diventare, to become ; diventar 

mille colóri, to change colour 
Diverbio, 7Ji. a dialogue 
Diventato, part, become 
Di véro, ad. tiuly, in truth 
Diversamente, nei. diversely 
Diversàre, to diltér 
Diversificaménto, m. difference 
Diveisiticare, to diversify, to vary 
Diversificato, jjart. diversified 
Diversificazióne,/, variation 
Diversifico, a. dilterent 
Diversione,/, diversion 
Diversi- à,/. \ariety, cmelty 
Divèrso, a. diverse, unlike, barba 

Divèrsi, pron. pi. divers, many 
Di vèrso, prep, towards 
Diver-orio, 77J. inn, tavern 
Divértere, to divert 
Diverticolo, 771. a diirression 
Divertiménto, m. act of diverting 

Divertire, to divert, interrupt ; di 

verllrsi, to take one's pleasure 
Divestlre, to undress 
Dive't:ire, to beat the wool 
Divettino, 7)1. beater of the wool 
Divezzare, to wean 
Divézzo, part, unaccustomed 
D' ivi, ad. from thence 
Diviare, tee Deviare 
Divia'aniénle, ad. nimbly, quickly, 

Diviato, a. quick 
Dividèndo, »ji. a dividend 
Dividente, a. dividing 
Dividere, to divide f dividersi, to 

separate, m. a sharer 
Divietamento, rji. prohibition 
Diviet.àre, to forbid 
Divietato, part, prohibited 
Divietazione. /. and Divièto, m. 

Divimàre, to set free [lentlv 

Divinamente, ad. divinely, excel 
Divinaménto, m. divination 
Divin'ire, to divine. ?iiess at 
Divinatòre, nu conjurer 


Divinaménto, m. and Divinazióne, 

/. conjuraiioa 
Divincolaiiiciiio, m. and Divinco- 

lazinaB,/. con;oilion 
Divincolare, lo wrest 
Divinila, J. dei;y, a god, a goddess 
DivinÌ7z.ire, to make divine 
Divinizzato, a. niade divine 
Divinizzazióne, y; a deifying 
Divino, a, divine [of arms 

Divisa, /". rlivision, a livpiy, a coat 
Divisaniiin'e. ad. separaely 

Divi&ire, to think, imagine, to de- 
scribe, divide; share, detenuiue, 
nivisatanién'e, ad. distinctly 
Divisato, part, s riped, diitigured, 
altere*! ; è lutto divisate, he is 
quite another man 
Divisibile, a. divisible, /. divisibility 
l)iv->iriiir:, f. division, disuiiion, 

Divisivo, a. separable 
Diviso, parf. diviJ-4 
Diviso, m. design, project 
Divisóre, ni. a divid,;r 
Di vista, ad. by si ;ht 
Divizia,/, plenty, arlluence; i frutti 
quest' anno sono in ^an divizia, 
fruit is this year very plentiful 
Divizióso, a. plentiful 
Divo, a. {in poetry) divine, excel- 
lent, heavenly 
Divo, m. adeily 
DivolMniénto, m. divul^in; 
Divol:?are, to divulge, (lublish 
Divolrarizzare, to translate into 

vulvar ianiua^e 
DivoUrito. part, divulged 
Divol^nzioiie,/. divulgation 
Divól^c-re, to wrap 
Divoracil.a, and Divoragióne, /. 

Divoramento, m. preeo'iness, abvss 
Divoramnnii, m. hector, quarrel- 
some fellow 
Divor-inte, a. devouring 
Divorare, to devour 
Divoratlvo, a. devouring 
Divorato, part, devoured 
Divoratura, and Divorazióne, /. 

Divòrzio, m. divorce, departure 
Divolaménte, ad. devoutly 
Divóto, a. pious, godly 
Divozióne, /. devotion 
Divulgare, to divulge, publish 
Divulgato, part, divulged 
Divelto, and Divulse, o. torn up 


I Dizionario, jn. a dicticnary 
Dizione,^, a word, diclion,domÌD- 

Doàna, /. set Dogana 

Dóbla, /. aìid Doblóne, rru a 

Doccia,/, an earihen conduit 
Uocci.ue, lo drop 
Docci:\t;ira, /. the act of pouring 
Doccio, aiid Doccióne, in, an 

earthen conduit-iiipe 
Dòcile, a. tractable 
Docilità,/, tractableness 
Documénto, rn. instruction 
D;>d,a-simo, a. the tweif.h 
Dodici, a. twelve 
Dodnui'e, 7n. ihree parts of four 
Dóga,/. s:aves 
Dogli le. a. ducil 

D)gàna,/, custoin-house, custom 
Dosaiiiéie, OT. cus'om-house officer 
Do_';ir:t, 10 gird about, to put, or 

inni I I he stav.;S 
Dri^'-, /)). df)ge, captain-general 
1)' nr;i in doln^ni, ad. every day 
DoJii. and Doglianza, /. grief, 

piiii, c'lHiplaiiit 
J>).;lie, /. pi. labour, travail (in 

cb M-bir:h) 
Doglióiite, a. grieving 
Doiclio. rn. a tun. ca<k 
Dogliosamente, ad. sorrowfully 
Doglioso, a. grieved 
Dój:ma, m. tenet, doctrine 
Dogin.^itico, a. dogmatic 
DoimatizZ're, to dogmatize 
Dogo, in. hull-do; 
D' ógni intórno, ad. on every side 
Dólce, a. sweet, fresh, pleasant, 

agreeable ; partirsi a bocca dolce, 

to retire quiie happy ; cune 

dolce parla 1 what a sweet, polite 

woman ! [by li'tle 

Dólce dólce, ad. azreeably, little 
Dolcemente, ad. softly, gently. 

fooli-hly [pleasure 

Dolcez-a, /. sweetness, charm, 
IVvIcia, /. swine's blond 
Dnlci'ito, a. sweet, charming 
Dolcioaiióro, a. melodious 
Doloilic.'irp, to calm, appease 
Dolcificazióne,/, a sweetening 
D ilclgno, a. sweetish 
Dolcióne, a. silly, dull 
Dólco, a. mild (of weather only) 
Dolentemente, ad. dolefully 
Dolènte, a. sorrowful, miserable. 

Oi.'iiè dolente ! tiilerj. alas ! poor 

Dolere, atid Dnlnriire, to grieve, 
sutler ; mi duole la test.a, my 
head aches ; b.-n ho di voi onde 


mi dòglia, I have good reaaoi ta iin of you 

Dolo. >/(. fraud 

iJolorato, o. aiflirted, vexed 

Dolore rn. pain ; i dolori del pirtO) 
langs in child-birih 

Doloriiico, a. painful 

Dolorosa.oien'e, ad. grievously, 

Doloroso, a. painful, sorrowful, 
unhappy, «vjckcl 

D'ilosaménie. ad. deceitfully 

Doloso, o. deceitful 

Dol'i'o, part, complained 

Dom bile, a. lamt-able 

Dom.'iii'la,/. ite Diui.^nda 

Domanliie, lo deu.and, request j 
inquire; il vostro padirine vi 
dnniMvix, your master wants 
you ; ve lo doniAndo in grazia, I 
entreat you ; domandar d'uno, to 
inquire af er one 

Doniauda sera, r,r Domandasséra. 
ad. to-morrow night 

DomandMo, part, remanded, a^ked 

Domanda'ore,7n. adeii;a:ider, dun, 
pelilinner [tion, suit 

Domandazióne, /. a request, ques- 

D om'ine. ni. see Dimine 

Dom.'m I'ahro, m. the day after to- 

Domare, to tame, huinbU-, conquer 

Dom'to. part. suMut'd 

I) iiiia ore, m. cmqueror 

D r.iiatina, m. to-morrow morning 

n.i,..i,.|Iio, ui. (Dio) God 

])■;:■ ;. :, '. -M:l.iy 

I) I I ,./ iiominicMe, a. 

i ^i: II lay ; l'orazióne 

-■ u. - 1,!. I , ilir Lord's prayer 
D niu i.icino. ,;i. a while friar 
Domesticire, see DimesticAre 
Domestichézza,/, familiarity, kind- 
ness, love 
Doniés'ico, 771. a senant 
I) niés'ico, a. familiar, tame 
Domév.ole, a. tameable, decile 
Domicilio, 771. h.abitation 
Domiinn'e, a. reiifning 
Domin^ire, to domineer; un monte 
che domina la città, a hill com- 
manding the town 
n oiiiinaióre. 77i. ruler, lord 
Dominazione /. and Dominio, ni. 

dominion, power, auhorily 
Dòmine, ?/«. sir. lord 
Dòmine ! i»ito ;/. the deuce 5 
Domiiiic.Me, a. dominical 
Dònima. m. a dogn.a [coloured 
Domma'ch'no, a. of d.aniask, TOM 
DommWo, 771. daninsk 
Doinmùtìco, a. dognii'ic 


Dòmo, part, subdue-i ; worn 
Donajinue,/. aiid Donaménto, vi. 

a gift, present 
Donante, o. giving 
Donare, to give 

Donatàrio, m. a donee (law term) 
Donativo, 771, a?ia Donazióne, /. 

gift, present, donation 
Donato, y art. sriven 
Donatóre, m. à giver 
Dónde ? ad. whence ? dónde, pron. 

Td. whereof, which, of whom 
Dondechè, a/i. wheresoever 
Dondolare, to swing, loiter 
Dóndolo, m. the thing swinging; 

volére il dóndolo, toìove a joke 
Dondolóna, /. a?<rf Uonlolone, nu 

a. loiterer. A dondolóne, ad. 

Donna,/, woman, wif;^, mis'ress; 

Nostra Dònna, 'he Vir rin Mary ; 

donna novella, a new-marrie'i 

Donnaccia,/, a silly slut 
Donnaio, and Donuaiiiolo, m. one 

who runs af'er women 
Donneare, to make love 
Donneggiare, to domineer, sway 
Donnescamente, ad. etfeniinately 
Donnésco, a. effeniina'e, wan'on 
Donnicciuola, Donnétta, aiìd Don- 

nicina, /. a mean woman, a 

Dònno, m. master, lord 
Dònno, a. eeiile, happy 
Dóimola, /. a weasel 
Donnóne, m. a large woman 
Dóno, m. gift, present ; in dono, 

as a gift 
DonÙ7zo, m. a small gift 
Donzèlla, /. a young la ìy, a maid- 
Donzello, m. bachelor, knight, 

bailitf. esquire, tipstaff. ser\'ant 
Donzellétta, f. a damsel 
Dòpo, prep. af'er. since, behind 
Dòpo che, cmij. aPer thai " 
Dóppia, y. pis'ole, a hem, flounce 
Doppiamente, a/ì. doubly 
Doppiare, to double, multiply, in- 

Doppiafiira, /. the act of doubling, 

Doppière, atid Doppiéro, rn. torch, 
taper Ldeceitfulness 

Doppiézza, /. slyness, eunninmess, 

Dóppio, m. donlile. twice as much ; 
è il dóppio pin ricco ili voi, he is 
twice as rich as you ; duplici'y ; 
chimes of bells 

Dóppio, a. donbb, decei'ful ; don- 
na dóppia, a pregnant woman ; 


febbre dóppia, a continual fever. 
A, il, or al dóppio, od. doubling, 
as much again - 
Doppióne, m. arSpanish pistole 
D' ora in ora, ad. every moment 
Dorare, to gild 
Dorato, a. gilt 

Uoni'óie, m. gilder ^ 

Doratui'a, /. aiid Doraménto, ni. 

Dorè, o.of gold colour 
Doreria,/, gold plate 
Dòrico, a. Doric , [low 

Dormalfuòco, m. a sleepy, idle fel- 
Dormentorio, Doruietitoro, ajiii 
Dormitòrio, jn. a dormitory (in 
conven s) 
Dormicchiare, and Donjjigliare, 

to sleep 
Dormiènte, a. sleeping 
Dormiglióne, in. sluggard, slum- 

Dormiglióso, a. sleepy, dull 
Dormire, to sleep ; dormire al fuò- 
co, to be negligent ; non si pub 
dormire e fai h guVrdia, one 
cannot do two things at once 
Dormit'jra, and Dormizióne, /. 

sleep, rest, the sleeping-time 
Dormitóre, m. see Dirmi»-lione 
Dòrso, m. the back of a beast; 

piegai-e il dorso, to submit 
Dosa, and Dòse, /. a dose of phvsic 
Dossi, m. pi. skins of squirrels ' 
Dossiere, and Dossière, m. a blank- 
et, coverlet 
Dòsso, 771, the back ; dar il dosso, 
to turn one's back ; levarsi da 
dòsso, to get rid of 
Dota, /. marria?e portion 
Dot.àre, to jointure, to endow, to 
bes'ow ; la iia'iira 1' ha dolfita 
d'una gran bellézza, nature has 
endowed her with jrea» beauty 
Dotato, yari. endowed, adorned 
Domatóre, 771. he tha> endows 
Dota2Ìòne, /. sranting a dowiy 
Dòte, and Dota,/, portion, dowry, 

Dótta, f. an hour, a favourable op- 
portunity ; fear ; tenére in dotta, 
to keep In suspense 
Dottamente, ad. Icame<Hy 
Dótto, a. learned 
Dottorale, o. dfictoral 
Dottorare, to take or give the de- 
gree of doctor 
Dottorato. 771. doctorship 
Dottóre, 771. teacher, doctor 
Dottoréllo, Dottonizz/i. and Dofto- 
riccio, 771. an ijnoraii' doctor 
I Dottoréssa,/, a blue-stocking 



Dottorévole, a. learned 
Dottrina,/, doctrine 
Dottrin'Jè, a. instructive 
Dottrinare, to instruct, teach 
Dottrinato, part, instructed 
Dottrinatòre, 771. an iustructer, aa 

insti tutor 
Dove, ad. where, whither; dóve 
andate? wheif are you going ? 
dóve, whereas, when. Dóve, 
771. (luògo,) a place; sapete il 
dóve ? do you know the place ? 
La dóve, ad. there, where 
Dovechè, ad. any where 
novech?sia. ad. wherever 
Diventale, to becou.e 
Dovente, a. owing 
Dovére, to owe ; must; deve èssere 
cosi, it must be so ; che dobbia- 
mo fere ? what timst we do ? de- 
vo andire in città, I am forced 
to go into the city ; mi deve diè- 
ci scudi, he owes me ten crowns 
Dovére, 771. duty ; farò il mio do- 
vére, I'll do my best ; più del 
dovére, more than necessary 
Da dovére, ad. in earnest 
Dovizia, /. s'ore, riches ; far do- 
vizia, to make presen's 
Dovizi Tsaménle, ad. plentifully 
Dovizióso, a. plentiful, rich 
Dovi'inque, ad. wherever 
Dovutamente, axi. worthily 
Dovuto, a. due ; dare ad ogntino il 
soo dovijto, to give every one his 
Dozzina,/, a dozen ; tenére a doz- 
zina, to board ; méttersi in doz- 
zina, to intrude one's self; poèta 
da doz/lna, a poe'as'er 
Dozzinale, a. mean, vile 
D zzinalménte, ad. \nilgarly 
Dozzinante, m. i l.oarler 
Drag:^iite,/. gum«1rajant 
Dragire, to clear out a river 
Draghin.'issa, /. a rapier 
Drigo, m. a dragon 
Dragomanno, 771. interpreter 
Dragona'o, part, dragoned 
Drajnne. tti. a dragon 
Draginléa, /. glass plantain (a 
plant) [piece 

Drnmma, /. a dram weight, bit, 
Dramma, t7i. a drama 
Dramm.Ttico, a. dramatic 
DrappelHre, to display the colours 
Drappellètto, t?i. a small troop 
Drapf^llo, r7i. a troop, a flag 
Drapperia,/, drapery, silk stufi 
Di-appicéllo, ni. ligh' silk s'utf 
Drappière, tji. a weaver ; mercanta 
di drappi, a mercer 


Drappo, m, silks, stuff, cloth ; 

drappo d'oro, cluth of gold 
Driàda, /. a wood nymph 
Drieto, prep, behind 
Llriltaménte, see Dirittamente 
Drittezza,/, rectitude 
Dritto, a. right 
Drizziire, to rise, erect 
Dròga, /. a drui 
Drogheria,/, drugs 
Diioghiére, ni. a druggist, grocer 
Dromedario, m. a dromedary 
Diùda,/. a sweetheart, a mistress 
Dni;!o,"m. a Hver 
DnVJn, a. skilful, valiant 
Drtiido, m. a Drui.1 
DuLbiaménle, Dubbiosamente, and 

Duhbi:ativaménte, ad, doubt- 
Dubbr'ire, to doubt,and. Dubbiézza,/, doubt, 

Dùbljio, m. doubt ; méttere in 

d iLbio, to doubt 
D;jb!jin, a. doub'ful 
Dubbi isità, /. uncertainty 
Dubbióso, Dubi òso, aiid Dubita- 

tl\c, a. dubious 
Dui. i! bile, a. uncertain 
Lui laiiiéuto, m. doubt, question 
l'ii i aiÉieriióv», a. doubtful 
Pi'l i'inza,/. uncertainty 
DubilAute, a. dubious, irresolute 
Dubiti re, to doub', suspect 
DubitAto, part, doub'ei 
Dubiazióne,/. uncertainty 
Dubitevnluiénte, ad. doubtfully 
Dùci, m. a general, commander, 

chic-f, a duke 
Duc.'ile, a. ducal 
Ducalmente, ad. like a duke 
Ducato, m. a dukedfim, a ducat 
Ducatóne, m. a ducatoon, a ducat, 

<jr ducket (a coin) 
D'dce^ m. (in poetry) a captain, 

general officer 
DucJa, /. a dukedom, dutchy 
Dicre, to lead, con ìuct 
DuchJa, /. the territories of a 

Duchésco, a. ducal, (of a duke) 
Duchéssa,/, dutchess 
Duchessina,/, a little dutchess 
Duchino, 771. a young duke 
Due, m. and a. two; tra due, 

cosi, cos), so, so ; indiflferently ; 

stare intra due, to be irresolu'e 
Duecènto, m. and a. see Dugénto 
Duellante, m. a duellist 
Duelli re. to fight a duel 
Due'.H'ore, and DueUlsta, m. 

dueller, or duellist 


Duello, m. a duel 
Duetanli, ad. as many more 
Duétto, m. a duet (in music) 
DugencinquAnta, m, and a. two 

hunJred and tif'y 
Dugénto, ?n. and a. two hundred 
Dulcicanoro, a. melodious 
DulcLticànte, a. softening 
Dulcificare, to soften 
Duinlla, or Duemila, m. and a. 

two thousand 
Dijriio, TO. (in poetry) bush, bri- 
ers, brambles 
Dumoso, a. thorny 
D:j!ii, /. plains, downs 
Dùnque, ad. then, what. Drmque ! 

non son io capace di farlo ? 

what ! am I not capable to do 

Duo, m. and a. (in poetrj') two 
Duodecimo, a. the twelfth 
Duolo, m. grief, pain, sorrow 
Duomo, Tji. a caf!:edra] 
Duplicire, t^ du'ble 
Duplicatamente, ad. doub'y 
lju),]':cli':i,prt:t. doubled 
Dupljcaziói:'.-,/. a dtiublinj 
Diiplicia, Duplicit/i'le, and Du- 

plici'Ate, /. riissinmlatiou 
Dii;àt:il -, a. ilurable 
Dural^ili à,/. ajn;inu.-ii:ce 
UuiTibiliiiéute, ad. continually, a. f. pi. haid (said of 

Diir,Ti:iénte, ad. cruelly, roughly, 

Dur'iiite, a. dunug, las'lng 
Durare, tolait, to continue, to hold 

out ; il Fuo dominio dura fiu 1.^ 

his dominions extend to that 

Durala,/, duration; questo tempo 

non avrà lunga dunila, this 

weather will not last long 
Durativo, o. lasting, steady 
Duralo, part, contii.ued 
Durétto, a. hanl, tough 
Durévole, a. durable 
Durevolmente, ad. continually 
Duré7za, Durevolézza, and Durila, 

/. rig.'ìur, ciuelty, continuance 
D(in, o. hard, finn, strong, robust, 

cruel, obstina'e, laborious, harsh ; 

capo duro, a bl-ickhead 
Du'titto, a. somewhat tough 
D^i"ile, a. malleable 
Duttilità,/, ductili'y 
Du'lore, m. a leader, guide 
Duumvirato, m. duumvirate 
Dutimviri, m. pi. duumvirs, (ma- 
gistrates in the Roman repul>- 




E ed, wnj. and ; questi e quello, 
J this and that 

E\, is; egli e, he is; cosi è, so it it 

E' (egli) he, it 

Ebanista, m a worker in ebony 

Ebano, m. ebony 

Ebbene, interj. well ! 

Ebbrézza, Ebbrietà, and Ebbria 
chizza,/. drui.kenness 

Ebbriaco, a. drur.k, ilruiAard 

E'bbro, and Ebbriòso, a. foolish ; 
ébLro d'amore, passionately iu 

Ebdomadàrio, m. head of the coo- 
vent for the week 

E'bere, to grow weak 

E'be'e, a. weak 

Ebolliménto, in. and Ebollizióne, 
/. boiling; ebollizióne di sangue, 
heat of blood 

Ebràico, a. Jewish 

Ebraismo, m. Hebraism 

Ebrèo, a. Hebrew, Jew 

Ebriirsi, to get drunk 

Ebriàto, a. drur.k, fuddled 

Ebrézza, and Ebrietà, /. drunkeu- 

E 'bro, and Ebrióso, o. drunken 

E'bure, m. ivory 

Eti'irno, and Ebùrneo, o. of ivory, 
white as ivory 

Eoatonbe, arid Ecatòmbe, /. a 
heca'omb (a sacrifice of a hun- 
dred cattle) 

Ecceiéute. a. exceeding 

Eccedentemente, ad. exceedingly 

Eccedènza, /. excess 

Eccedere, to surj^ass, excel 

Eccellènte, a. excellent 

Eccellentemente, ad. excellently 

Eccellènza, a»irf Eccellénzia, /. 
excellency. Per eccellènza, orf. 

Eccèllere, to excel 

Eccel:-an:énte, ad. kipily 

Eccelsi'ùdine, /. highness (title of 
a prince) 

Eccèlso, a. hiih, lofty 

Eccentricamente, ad. eccentri- 

Eccentricità. /. eccentricity, de» 
via'ion from the centre 

Eccèntrico, a. eccentric 

Eccessivamente, ad. excessively 

Eccessivo, a. excessive 

Eccésso, m. superiority, excea* 


Eccetera. /. (note of abbrevia- 
tion,) ic. 
Eccètto, and Eccettochè, conj. 
but, except [cept 

Eccettuare, and Eccettàre, to ex- 
Eccettuàtn, a. excepted 
Eccettuazione, and Eccezióne, /. 

exception, diijèrence 
Eccheggiàre, lo ech's to resound 
Eccidio, 771. ruin, slaughter 
Eccitaménio, m. incitation 
Eccitare, to instigate 
Eccitativo, a. excitine, provoking 
Eccitato, part, instigated 
Eccitatore, in. encourager 
Eccitazióne,/, sie Eccitaménto 
Ecclèsia,/, the church 
Ecclesiaste, or Ecclesiaste^, m. 
Eccìesiastes (a book of the Old 
Ecclesiasticamente, ad. ecclesias- 
Ecclesiastico, a. ecclesiastical 
Ecclesiàstico, m. a clergjTiian 
E eco, ad. behold ; ecco '1 vostro 
libro, here's your biok ; éccob 
li, there he is ; ecc i, then ; 
eccomi pronto, here I am ready ; 
eccoci arrivati, here we are ar- 
E'cco, m. echo 
Echeggiante, a. resounding 
Echeggiare, to echo, resound 
E'chió, m. hart"s -ongue (an herb) 
Eclissare, lo eclipse 
Eclisàto, part, eclipsed 
Eclisse, aitd Edi si, m. an eclipse 
Eclittica,/, ecliptic line 
E'co, /. the echo 
Economato, rn, stewardship 
Economia, /. econon-y 
Economicamente, nri. economically 
Econòmico, a. sparing, saving 
Ecònomo, m. an economist 
Ecònoma,/, a good h-usewife 
E convèrso, ad. on the contrary 
Ecùleo, m. an ins'rument of tor- 
ture shaped as a hoRe 
Ecumènico, a. general 
Edace, a. voracious 
Edacits,/. greediness 
E'dera,/. ivy 

Ederóso, and Ederàceo, o. full of 
ivy [fying 

Edificaménto, nu a buildinz, edi- 
Edifitóre. to build, edify 
Edificato, part, bui!', ediSed 
Edificatóre, m. a builder 
Edifica'órin, o. edifying [ing 

Edificazióne, /. edification, build- 
Edificio, and Edifizio, m. edifice 
Edile, m. a sort of magistrate 


Edilità,/, the office of edile 
Editore, m. editor 
Edito, m. edict, decree 
Edizione,/, edition 
Educare, to educate 
Educato, part, educated 
Educazione,/, education 
Edulo, a. esculent 
Efie,/. the letter F 
Eilèméride, /. ephemeris 
Efi'emiuaméuto, m. etiéminacy 
Elt'eminàre, to effeminate 
Ettéminaiaménie, ad. efiéminately 
Effeminatézza, and Elfeminaiàg- 

gine./. etìeniinacy 
Efifeminato, a. effeminate 
Efferatnniénte, ad. cruelly 
Eiferatézza,/. cruelty 
EtfcrSto, a. fierce, cruel 
Etftritp,/. fierceness 
Etlervescénza,/. heat, vigour, force 
Efiettivan.énte, ad. effectively 
Edettiviti, f. efficacy 
Efieflvo, d. eifective 
Effetto, nu eftect. success In 

efietto, ad. in fact ; l"ho fatto a 

quest' efietto, I did it with this 

intent; in effètto è come voi 

dite, really it is as you say 
Eiféttóre, m. a maker, a worker 
Eflfettuale, a, effectual 
Effettualmente, ad. effectually 
Effetruare, to accon.plish 
Elfezióne, /. execution, or efiect- 

Efficiice, a. efficacious 
Efficacemente, ad. ei5'ectually 
Efficàcia,/, efficacy 
Elìiciénte, a. efficient 
Effigiare, to diaw, to paint 
Effigiato, part, drawn, painted 
Effigie,/, image, picture 
Efflùvio, ni. an evaporation 
Effóndere, to pour out 
Effrenataméste, ad. excessively, 

Effreaato, a. immoderate, unruly 
Effusióne, /. and Effondiménto, 

m. effusion 
Efimera, /. a one-day fever; an 

animal which lives but one day 
Egénte, a. needy 
E sride, f. .Sgis, shield of Jupiter 
E'sli, prcn. he, him. it, they 
E'2lino. pron. pL thty 
Edi stes-so, pron. himself 
E'gloga,/. pastoral poem 
E^raniénte, ad. grievously 
Egregiamente, ad. egregiously, 

Esrègio, a. illustrious, egregious 
E'gro, a. sick, grieved, vexed 



Eguaglianza,/, equality 
Eguagliare, (Uguagliare) to equa] 
Egujle, a. equal, inpartial 
Egualità,/ equality 
Esualn;énte, ad. alike, equally 
Eh. interj. alas ! eh vattene via, 

pr'yihee begone 
E'ia, interj. come, come 
Eimè, (oiniè,) interj. ah ! ?las ! 
Eiulazióne./. lamentation 
Elaborare, to take pains 
Eialjorato, a. tlaborate 
Elargire, to bestow 
Elàstico, a. elastic 
Elasticità,/, elasticity 
EUto, a. proud, elated 
Elazione,/. haughtiness 
E'lce,/. the holm-oak 
Elef.inte, ni. an elephant 
Elefantino, a. belonging to an 

Elefarzia, /. a kind of leprosy 
Elegante, a. elegant, fine 
Elegantemén'e, ad. elegantly 
Eleganza./, elegance 
Elèggere, to elect, choose 
Elegia,/, an elegy 
Elegiaco, o. elegiac 
Elegiaco, m. a writer of elegies 
Elementàle, and Elementare, a. 

element.ary [ments 

Elementare, to compose of eie 
Elementàlo, part, composed of 

Eleménto, m. the element 
Elemosina,/, alms, charity 
Elemosinàrio, and Elemosinière 

a. almsgiver 
Elènco, m. cat-Jogue, index 
Elettivo, a. elective 
Elètto, part, elected, chosen, fine 
ElettorpJe, a, electoral 
Elettorato, TO. electorate 
Elettóre, to. an elector, title of* 

Elettrice,/, an electoress 
Elèttrico, a. electrical 
Elèttro, TO, amber 
Elettuàrio, m. an electuary 
Elevaménto, m. elevation 
Elevare, to raise, exalt, be prond 
Elevatézza, /. elevation 
Elevazióne,/, exaltation 
Elezióne,/, election 
Elicere, to extract 
Elicònio, o. Heliconian 
Elidere, to retrench 
Eligénte, m. elector 
Eligibile, a. fit to be cbosea 
Elisio, TO. Elysium 
Elisio, a. Elysian 
Elislre, TO. elixir, quintessencs 


Elìtrópia, / a precious s'one, of a 

green cohur, wiih red ^l0^s 
Kitrópio, m. the herb tunisol 
E'Ua, prrói. she, it ; \-uoi ella venir 
meco ? will you come with me, 
sir, or madam ? 
Elleboro, in. hellebore 
E'ilera,/. ivy 
E'Ui, (e»(i,) praiL. he 
Ellisse,/, ellipsis 
Ellittico, a. ovai 
Elmétto, and E 'Imo, ni. helmet 
Elocuzione, /. elocution 
El(S»io, ni. eulo^, praise 
Eloquènte, a. eloquent 
Eloquen'emsnte, ad. eloquently 
Eloquènza, and Eloquéuzia, /. 
eloquence [handle 

E'isa, /. and E'iso, m. a hilt, or 
Eluciiiiirio, a. explaining 
ElucubnH''efuHy wrought 
Elucubrdizióne, /. composing in 

the night-time 
Elùdere, to elude 
Emaciare, 'o make lean 
EmaeLito, part, emaciated 
Emaciaziòne,/. leanness 
Emaculito, a. p-"*, spo»'ess 
Emanare, to proce..-J from 
Emancip-ire, to set at liberty 
Ema.ncipMo, part, emancipated 
Emancipazióne, /. vmancipalion 
Emati'a,/. a bl'iod-stone 
Emblèma, m. emblem 
Emblemàtico, a. emblematic 
E'mbrice,/. tile; trifle 
Embrióne, m. an en.bryo 
Embróccare, to make an embroca- 
Emenda, /. emendation 
Emendabile, a. easy to be correct- 
Emendire, to correct, mend 
Emendato, part, corrected, amend- 
ed, improved 
Emendatóre, m. a corrector 
Emendazióne. /. and Emenda- 
ménto, Emendo, m. correction, 
Emergén'e, a. emereenf ; necessità 

emergènte, a pressing necessity 
Emergènza, /. and Emergente, m. 

emergency, accident 
Emergere, to emerge, swim 
Emèrso, part, risen, come out 
Emésso, o. emitteil, published 
Emetico, a. and m. emetical, 

Emicrania, and Emigrania, /. 

Emigrare, to emisrate [ing 

Eminènte, a. eminent, approach- 


Eminsnteménte, ad. ccnspicuously 

E.-ainènza,/. eminence 

Eiiiisfcrio, and Ei/a>f<;ro, m. 
hemisphere [lion, spy 

Eni issano, m. an emissii y, a slal- 

Emj:>sióne, /. emission, vent, 

Emitriteo, m. a semitcrtian fever, 
or ague 

Emme,/, the letter M 

E'molo, m. rival 

Emoluménto, m. emolument 

Emorroidale, o. of, or belonging to 
the piles 

Eniomoide,/. the piles 

Empet'.igine, /. a ring-worm, or 
tetter [ly 

Empiamente, ad. cruelly, wickcd- 

Empiastràre, to plaster 

Empiastràto, a. plastered 

Empiastro, m. a plaster 

Empiima, m. ga'hsring of matter 

Empiente, a. tilling 

E'nif iere, and Empire, to satisfy, 
fill, acconiplish 

Empiala, /. impiety 

Empidzza. /. impiety : an accom- 
plishing, performance 

Empiménto, m. a filling, stuffing 

E'mpio. a. cruel, impious 

Empireo, a. empyreal ; cielo em- 
pireo, the highest heaven 

Ernpireumatico, o. smelling of fire 

Empirico, m. a quack 

E'mpito, m. imi>etuosity 

Empito, a. lillai [niture 

EmpitTira, /. filling, stuffing, fur- 

Empiuto, a. full 

Empói-io, m. a market-place 

Emulare, to vie with, to strive 

Emulatóre, m. emulator 

Emulazione,/, emulation 

E'mulo, 771, a rival 

Emulsióne./, an emulsion 
] Encomiare, to praise 
I Encomialo, part, praised 
I Encòmio, m. encomium 
I Ei;deoaslllabo,a. of eleven syllables 

E'ndica, /. a purchasing of mer- 

E'ndice,/. mark, token 

Endivia./, endive 

E'neo, a. brazen 

Energia, /. energy, force 

Energicamente, <M. eneiwtically 

Enéi^co, o. energe'ic 

Energijmeno, 771. one possessed of 
a devil 

E'nfasi,/. emphasis 

Enfàtico, a. ernphatical 

Enfiagióne, Enfiatura, /. and En- 
fiato, m. a swelling, tumour 


Enfiaménto, m. arid Enfiazióna, 

/. tumour, pride, v miy 
Enfiar. , to swtU ; enfiarsi, to be 

pult'^ up 
Enfiatamente, ad. proudly 
EiifiaMccio, a. sonie hing swellec* 
Eiiiiaiivo, a. swelling 
Eutiore, m. imposihume 
Enfitèusi, 771. renting on condition 

of planting 
Enigma, and Enimma, m. a riddle 
Eiiigirialico, and Enimmàtico, a. 

Enne,/, ihele'ter N 
Enorme, a. enormous 
Enim.emccte, ad. grievously 
Enormi à, and Enonuézza, / 

E'nte, 771. a being ; ente reale, real 
exis'ence ; ente di ragione, an 
imaginary bring 
Entità,/, existence 
Entnnria'o, 771. an insect 
Entrambi,, aTid En- 

trnmbo, a. both 
En'raménto, 771. an entering 
Entrante, o. en'ering ; (ardito) 
b'lid ; ragióni entr'nti, convinc- 
ing arguments ; nil' entrante del 
mese, in the beginning of th« 
En'rAre, to enter ; entrare a tavola, 
to sit at table ; entrar in cammi- 
no, to set out ; entrar in ballo, to 
lead the dance ; entrar in altro, 
to change discourse ; entrare in 
parole, to begin a discourse ; en- 
trare ne' fa'ti d' altri, to meddle 
with another's atfeirs ; entrare in 
religióne, to ?n into a convent; 
en'r'ire in collera, to fell into a 
passion ; questa cosa non m'en- 
tra, I do not comprehend this 
Entrata. /. entrance, income, rent, 

Entrato, part, entered 
Ent.ratoi-e, rn. a man making an 

Entrat'ùra, /. entrance, acce» , 
avere entratCira con, to be ac- 
quainted with 
E'ntm, prep, in, within 
Entusi.àsmo, m. enthusiasm 
Entusiaste, 77». an en'husiast 
E'nula,/. elecampane (a plant) 
Enumeraménto, m. enumeratioR 
Enume.'Are, to enumerate 
Enumerato, part, enumerated 
Enumerazióne, /. enumeration 
Enunciare, to declare 
Enunciativo, a. expressive 


EnnncLMo, part, proclaimed, de- 
clare J 

Enunciazióne,/, expression 

Eòo, a. eas'ein 

Epàtica, J. liver-wort (a plant) 

Epatico, a. hepalic (belonging to 
the liver) 

Epàtta, f. the epact 

Epicèdio, m. a funeral song 

E'pico, a. epic, heroic 

Epicurèo, a. epicurean 

Epidemia,/, epidemic disease 

Epifania, / twelfih-day, epiphany 

Epi^;-ànima, 771. an epigram 

Epilessia, and Epilesia, /. epilep- 
sy, failing-sickness 

Epilèttico, a. epileptic 

Epilogare, to sum up 

Epilogazione,/. conclusion, end 

Epilogo, m. an epilogue 

Episcp'.le, o. episcopal 

Episcopato, m. a bishopric 

Episoilico, a. episodical 

Episodio, m. digression 

Epistola, /. an epistle 

Epistolare, a. epistolary 

Epistol'irio, m. letter-book 

Epitiffii. ?n. epi'aph 

Epitalàmio, m. nup.ial song 

EpUe'o, m. epi het 

Epitomare, to abridge 

Epitome, T?i. abridgmeat, abstract 

Eplttima, /. an epithem (an out- 
ward application) 

Epittimare, to make or apply epi- 
thems [of epithems 

Epittimazióne, /. the application 

E'poca, /. epoch, an epocha, era, 
period of time 

Epopèia, /. a heroic poem 

Eppure, ad. and evea 

Epulone, m. a glutton 

Equàbile, a. equal, like 

Equabilità,/, equality 

Equalità, /. equality, eveimess, 

Jlquamén'e, ad, justly 

Equanimità, /. equanimity, mode- 

Equànimo, a. moderate ^ 

Eqiiito, a. levelled 

Equatóre, m equator. tl>e rquinoc- 
tial line [division 

Equazióne, /. equai'^i-.. an equal 

Equestre, a. equestriin. belonging 
to a horseman, or kuirht 

Equiàngolo, a. equiangular 

Equicrure, m. isosceles 

Equidjs'-Anle, a. equidistant 

Equidistantemente, ad, equidis- 
tant ly 

Equidistanza,/, an equal distance 


Equil.^'ero, m. equilateral 
Equilibrare, to equiponderate 
Equilibrio, r>i. equilibrium ; mét- 
tere in equilibrio, to poise ; tener 
1' equilibrio, ;o k ep the balance 
Equinoziale, a. equinoctial 
Equino, a. of a hoi-se 
Equinozio, m. equinox 
£miipà<gio, rn. equipage, crew 
Kquij arare, to equal, to compare 
Equipo. derare, to wthb equally 
Equisèto, m. horse-taifcherb) 
Equi'.a,/. equi'y 
Equitàre, io ride Lorseback 
E'qui!e. m. a knight 
Equivalen'e, a. equivalent [ly 
Equivalentemente, ad. equivalent- 
Equivalènza,/. equivalence 
Equivalére, lo be equivalent 
Equivocale, a. equivocal 
Eq^ivrcaniènte, ad. equivocally 
Equivocante, a. equivocating 
Equiv care, to equivocate 
Equivocazióne,/, equivocation 
Equivoco, m. equivocation 
Equivrco, aitd Equivocóso, o. 

E'quo, a, just, equitable 
E'ra./. era 

Eradicare, to eradicate 
Era'Jicatóre, m. a desr-'-yer 
Eràrio, m. the exchequer, treasury 
E'rba, /. grass ; ogni mal erba 
cresce, ill weeds grow apace. 
Non è erba dal vostro orto, this 
is not of your doing. Far fàscio 
d'ogni erba, to go through thick 
and thin 
Erbàccia,/, weed 
Erba co]^:mbina,/. vervain 
Erbàggio, m. kitchen-herbs, herb- 
Erba eiJlia./. sweet majdlin 
Erbàio, >n. grass, pa ture 
Erbaiuòlo, m. an herbalist 
Erbàio, a. era'sy [words 

Erba trastulla, /. ribaldry, idle 
Erbétta,/, fine rass 
Erbolaio. r?i. an herb.alisf 
Erbos^, a. gra'sy, full of herbs 
Erbicce,/. pi. small herbs, parsley 
Erède, m. andf. heir, heiress 
Eredit^jgio, m. and Eredità, /. 

Ereditire. and Eredàre, to inherit 
Eredi'àrio, a. heredirary 
Eremita, ni. a hf-rmit 
Eremitàggio, and E'remo, m. 

Eremitico, a. solitary 
Eremitòrio, and Eremitóro, m. 
solitude, hermi'aje 


Eresia, /. heresy 

Eresiarca, m. chief of a heresy 

Ereticale, and Erètico, a. heretical 

Erelicanièn e, ad. herelically 

Erètico, Tji. a heretic 

Erètto, jjart. erec'ed, raised 

Erezione, /. erec ion 

Ergastolo, m. a prison 

Ergere, and Erigere, to erect, 

build, raise 
Erine, or E inni,/. j/L erinnys (the 

infernal furies) 
Erisamo, m. wild-cresses, hedge» 

Eni.afrodlto, m. hermaphrodite 
Ermellino, m. emnne 
Ermo, a. (in poetry) desert, eoli 

E'rnia, /. a rupture 
Erniària,/, a kind of plant 
Ernioso, a. ruptured 
Eròe, m. a hero 
Eroé^sa, /. a heroine 
Erogato, a. disbursed 
Ei-oicaniénte, ad. heroically 
Eroico, a. heroic, noble j vei 

eròico, heroic verse 
Eroicòmico, a burlesque 
Eroina, /. a heroine 
Erómpere, to burst out 
Eroico, a. amorous 
Erpicare, to harrow 
Erpicato, part, harrowed 
E'rpice,/. a harrow 
Errabóndi, a. fugitive 
Errante, and Enàtico, a. wander 

Errki-e, to err, mistake ; errare 

cammino, to lose one's way 
Errata,/, portion, share 
Errato, a. confu^d, mistaken 
Erre, /. the letter R 
E'rro, m. a hook, brace 
Erroneamente, ad. erroneously 
Erròneo, a. erroneous 
Erróre, m. error, fault, sin 
Errortjccio. m. a small fault 
E'rta, and Ertézza, /. declivity ; 

stare all' erta, to stand on one's 

E'rto. a. steep, upridit ; ^ l'erto 

e piano era un sentièro sghembo, 

between the hill and the plain 

there was an oblique path 
Erubescenza, /. bashfulness 
Eruca, /. the herb rocket, a cater- 
Erudiménto, m. learning 
Erudire, to teach, instruct 
Erodilaménte, ad. learnedly 
Erudito, a. learned, skilful 
Erudizione,/, learning 


Eruttare, to throw up, to belch 
Erutta'ore, m. a lieUher 
Eruttazióne,^, belctiing 
Eruzione,/, eruption 
Esacerbare, to provoke 
Esaceibito, pai1. irritated 
Esi;,'eriiite, o. exasperating 
Esa^eiare, to aiuplil'y 
Esai^eriiti, part, exaggerated 
Esaierazioue, /. amplilication 
Esòdio, ni. the sLxth part of an 

Esa^itire, to agitate 
Esaj^itazirtne,/. agitation 
Esai-.nàle, arid Esaj^ono, a. six- 

sidei (having six sides) 
Esàgono, m. hexagon 
Esalare, to exhale, steam, recre- 
ate; esalare gli ùltimi spiriti, to 
breathe one's last 
Esalato, part, exhaled 
Esalazióne, /. Esàio, and Esala- 
ménto, m. exlulation 
Esaltaménto, m. preferment 
Esaltare, to exalt, extol 
Esaltato, part, exalted 
Esal atóre, m. he that pralseth 
Esalazióne,/, advancement 
Esame, m. an exanjination ; a 

swarm of bees 
Esàmetro, m. hexameter verse 
Esamina,/, examination 
Esaminare, to examine, search, 

Esaminato, part, examined 
Esaminatóre, to. examiner 
Esaniinazióne, /. e.xamination 
Esàngue, a. pale, wan, dead 
Esanimare, to deprive of life 
Esànime, and Es'tnimo, a. lifeless 
Esasperare, tn irritate, incense 
Esasperato, part, irritated 
Esasperazióne, /. iiritalion 
Esattamente, ad. exactly 
Esattézza,/, punctuality 
Esatto, a. exact, strict, careful 
Esattóre, m. a collector 
Esaudévole, a. placable 
Esaudiménto, TO. and Esaudizióne, 

/. a hearing 
Esaudire, to grant 
Esaudito, part, granted 
Esauditóre, m. he thit grants 
Esaurire, to exhaust 
Esàusto, a. empty, exhausted 
Esazióne, /. exaction 
E'sca, /. food, bait, allurement; 
avvicinar 1' esca aJ fuòco, to ex- 
pose to danger 
Escandescènza,/, anger, \vrath 
E'scara,/. the scab of a wound 
Escaròtico, a. bringing a scab 


Escalo, m. a trap snare 
Eschievlno, m. municipal officer, 

E'òchio, TO. the beech-tree 
Esciàme, m. a swarm of bees 
Esciménto, m. a going out, sally, 

success, end, issue 
Esci re, to go out 
Escita,/, a w.ay out 
Esclamare, to cry out, exclaim 
Esclamativo, a. exclaiming 
Esclamazióne,/, exclamation 
Esclùdere, to exclude, reject 
Esclusione, and Esclusiva, /. ex- 
Esclùso, part, excluded 
Escogitare, to think, imagine 
Escolpzióne,/. justification 
Escomunicare, to excommunicate 
Escoriazióne,/. ajjrfEscoriaménto, 

TO. excoriation, a flaying 
Escrementale, and Escrementizio, 

a. feculent, dreggy 
Escreménto, m. excrement, dregs 
Escrementnso, a. excrtmentitious 
Escrescenza,/, excrescence 
Escursióne, /. excursion 
Escusàbile, a. excusable 
Escusàre, to escuse, justify 
Escusato, part, excused 
Escusazióne, /. an excuse 
Esecrabile, and Eseci-àndo, o. 

Esecrare, to curse, detest 
Esecrato, part, execrated, cursed 
Esecratòrio, to. a sort of oath 
Esecrazióne,/, execration, curse 
Esecutivo, a. executive 
Esecutóre, and Eseguitóre, ni. 

Esecuzióne, /. execution 
Eseguiménto, to. execution, pun- 
E'^e^uire, to execute 
E^cnjpigrjzia, ad. for exaruple 
Esémpio, TO. example, mod?l, 

Esemplare, to imitate, copy 
Esemj)làre, m. a copy, model, 

Esemplare, a. exemplary 
Esemphrit.\, /. equity, justice, in- 
nocence, integrity 
Esemplarmente, and Esemplati- 

vaménte, ad. exemplarily 
Esemplati vo, a. exemplary 
Esemplato, part, drawn, copied 
Esemp!ific'ire, to exemplify 
Esemplificato, part, exemplified 
Esemplificazióne, /. exemplificv 
tion rexemplar, copy 

Esemplo, m. ana Esémpio, m. 


Esentare, to exempt, discharge 

Eóeatito, part, exempted, freed 

Esènte, a. exempt, free 

Esenzionàre, to present one with a 

Esenzióne, /. exemption 

Esequiàle, o. funeral 

Esequiàre, to perform obsequies 

Esequiàto, a. buried 

Esequie, /. pi. funeral obsequiea, 

Esi-rcitAnte, a. exercising 

Esercitaménto, ni. exercise, prac- 
tice [cise, practise 

Esercitare, and Esercere, to exer- 

Esercitatlvo, and Esercitato, a. 

Esercitatore, to. exerciser 

Esercito, m. an army, a number 
of people 

Esercizio, m. and EscrcitaziÓDe, 
/. exercise 

Esereditare, to disinherit 

Esibire, to offer, present; m'esi- 
bisco di ser\irla, I olfer my ser- 
vices to you 

Esibita, /.'presentation (law term) 

Esibilóre, m. he that otters 

Esibizióne,/, offer, proffer 

Esigenza, /. exigency 

Esigere, to exact, reuuire 

Esile, a. 'hin, slender 

Esiliare, to banish 

Esiliato, part, banished 

Esilio, or Eslglio, m. banishment 

Esimere, to exempt, free 

Esimio, a. chosen, singular 

Esistente, a. existent 

Esistenza,/, existence 

Esistere, to exist 

EsistiniAre, to esteem 

Esitare, to sell, to hesitate 

Esitazióne, /. hesitation 

E'sitn, TO. issue, end, event, sale 
métter qualche cosa nel libro 
dell' èsito, to give a thing for 

Esiziale, a. destructive 

Esizio, TO. destruction 

E'sodo, TO. Exodus 

Esòfago, TO. the throat 

Esorbitante, a. exorlitant 

Esorbitanza,/, extravagancy 

Esorcismo, to. exorcism, conjura- 

Esorcista, to. exorcist, conjurer 

Esorcizzare, to exorcise 

Esòrdio, to. preface, preamble 

Esortare, to exhort, persuade 

Esortativo, and Esortatòrio, 0. 


£sóso, a. odious, hateful 

Esotico, a. exotic, foreign 

Espansióne,/, expansion 

Espediènte, a. expedient 

Espediente, m. means, expedient 

Espedii e, to despatch 

Espedito, a. expedited, ready 

Espedizione,/, expedition 

Espellere, to expel 

Esperientemente, ad. experiment- 

Esperiènza, and Esperiénzia, /. 

Esperiméntale, a. experimental 

Esperin.entàre, to experience, to 
make experiment 

Esperinientito, a. experienced 

Esperi nieiitatore, m. a niaker of 

Esperiménto, m. experience, ex- 
periment, trial, proof 

Espèrio, a. western, Hesperian 

E spero, m. the evening star 

Espertamente, ad. expertly 

Esperto, a. expert, skilful 

Espeiibile, a. desirable 

Espe t/inte, o. expecting 

Espettare, to expec', wait for 

Espettatlva, and Espettazione, /. 

Espiare, to expiate, atone 

Espiazióne,/, expiation 

Espirare, to die, expire 

Espirazióne, /. expiration 

Esplicàbile, a. explicable 

Esplicare, to explain 

Esplica ore, m. commentator 

Esplicazióne,/, explication 

Esplicitamente, ad. explicitly 

Esplicit-^, o. explicit 

Esplòdere, to explode 

Esplorare, to explore, search 

Esploratóre, m. sccmt, spy 

Esplorazióne, /. an exploring, 

Esponente, m. expounder 

Espórre, to expound, explain ; 
espórre l'ambasciata, to open an 
emba-ssy ; espórre i fancitjUi, to 
expose' children ; espórre alle 
fiere, to expose to wild beasts 

Espositivo, a. explaining 

Esp-^itóre, m. expositor, inter- 

Esposizióne,/, interpre'ation 

Espósto, fari expounded 

Espressamente, and E^préfso, ad. 
expre'sly, clearly, evidently 

Espre'isióne, /. expression, signifi- 

Espressiva,/, an expression 

Espressivo, a. expressive 


Espresso, a. plain, manifest, posi- 
Esprimente, a. expressing 
Esprimere, to express, utter 
Esprobare, to reproach 
Esprobazione,/. reproach 
Espugnàbile, aìid Espugnato, o. 
taken by force, or that may be, 
Espugiiare, to conquer, force 
Espugnatóre, ra. a conq eror 
Espugnazióne,/, a cnnquering 
Espulsione,/, expulsion 
Espulsivo, o. forcing out 
Espulso, pari, expelled 
Espurgare, to purge, cleanse, scour 
Esquisita ménte, ad. exquisitely 
Esquisitézza,/, exquisiteness 
Esquislin, a. exquisite 
Esquisitóre, m. observer, searcher 
Esse,/, the letters 
E ssec razione,/, execration 
Essémpio, ra. an example 
Essènza, and Esséuzia,/. essence, 

Esseuzi Jle, a. essential, necessary 
Essenzia!n\énte, ad. essentially 
E'ssere, to be, to exist, to become ; 
può essere, perhaps, it niay be ; 
che sarà di lui ? what will be- 
come of him ? sarò da voi do- 
mani, I will come to your house 
E'ssere, 771. being, state, condition ; 
di grand' èssere, of great quality ; 
le cose sono in buon essere, 
things are in a good way ; non 
conviene all' èsser mio, not suit- 
able to me [to dry 
Essiccante, a?id Essiccativo, o. ap't 
Essiccazióne, /. a drying 
Esso, proìì. he, it; con esso voi, 

along w ith you 
Essuto, part, been 
Est, m. east 

E'stasi, /. ecstasy, rapture 
Estate, and Està,'/, sumnier 
Estàtico, a. ecstatic 
Estemporàneo, a. extemporary 
Estèndere, to extend, stretch, en- 
large ; non m'estendo a dir più 
sopra questo soggètto, I will not 
dwell any longer on this subject 
Es'ensióne, /. ex'ension, extent 
Estensivo, and Esténso, a. ex- 
Estenuare, to extenuate 
Est«-i.uailvo, a. 'hat can lessen 
Estenuato, a. lessened, emaciated ; 

estenuato di forze, exhaus'ed 
Estenuazióne, /. extenuation, lean- 



Esterióre, o. external 
Esteriorità,/, the outside 
Esteriormente, ed. outwardly 
Esteimin.àre, to ex-terminate 
Esterniinàto, part, destroyed, e» 

Esterminatòre, ni. a destroyer 
Esterminazione,/, destruction 
Estemilnio, m. ruin, destruction 
Estemamèute, ad. extertally 
Estèrno, a. external, of yesterday 
E stero, a. foreign 
Estersi vo, a. detersive, cleansing 
Estesamente, ad. exteusively 
Estéso, a extended 
Estin.are, to es'eem, value, to ex- 
amine, appraise 
Estin;a:iva, f. discernmer» 
Estimato, jaTt. estimated, valued 
Estimatóre, m. valuer, rate- 
Esljmazione, /. esteem, judfanent 
Eslimèvole, a. estimable 
E'simo, m. Ln<post, fax, custom 
Estinguere, to exlinguish 
Estinguibile, a. quenchable 
Es'iiiguimènto, m. and Estin 

zioue,/. extinction 
E<tinguitóre, m. extinguisher 
Estinto, a. dead, extinguished 
Esiii-pamènto, m. extirpation 
Estirpare, to extirpate 
Estirpatóre, m. extirpator 
Estirpazióne,/, extirpation 
E-tivo, a. estivai, summer 
E'sto, pron. this 
Es'ollèuza, /. pride 
Estórquere, to extort 
Estórre, to except, exempt 
Estorsióne, /. extortion 
Estraneamente, ad. strangely 
Estràneo, and Estrànio, o. straji- 

ger, foreign 
Eslrano, a. foreign 
Estraordinariaménie, ad. extract 

Estraordinàrio, a. extraordinary 
Estrarre, to extract 
Estrattivo, a. bxtractive 
Estratto, m. an extract 
Estratto, Tpart. extracted 
Estravagante, a. ex'ravagant 
Estravagauza,/. extravagance 
Estrazióne, /. extraction 
Estremamente, ad. extremely 
Estremità,/, extremity, misery 
Estrèmo, t. extreme, last 
Esfrèmo, m. extremity 
Estrinsecamente, ad. extrinsically, 

evidently, externally 
Estrinseco, a. exterior 
E's*TO. m. poetic rage 
Estrùdere, to thrust out, to extnde 


Esuberante, a. exuberant 

Esuberanza, /. luxuriance, abun- 

E'sula,/. milk-thistle (a plant) 

Esulare, to banish 

Esulcerare, to make ulcers 

Esulcerazione,/, exulceration 

E'sule, m. an exile 

Esuliiiite, a. exultini^ 

Esultare, to exul", rejoice 

Esultazione,/, exultation 

Età, /. age ; (siicolo,) one hundred 
years, cen'ury [air, eiher 

E'tera, ai id E'tere, ?n. the pure 

Etèreo, a. ethereal 

Eternale, o. eternal 

Eternamente, ad. eternally 

Eternare, to eternize 

Eternità, /. eternity 

Eterno, a. eternal. Ab eterno, 
ad. from the be?inniii; 

Eteròclito, a. exiravagant 

Eterogèneo, a. heterogeneous 

E'tica, /. ethics, hectic fever 

Eticamente, ad. morally 

E'tico, a. consumptive ; moral 

Etimologia, /. e ymology 

Etimològico, a. etymological 

Etimologizzare, to form etymolo- 

Etimologista, m. etymologist 

Etiope, "Etlopo, aiid Etiopéo, a. 

E'tnico, a. ethn'c, pagan 

E tra, see E'tera 

Eucaristia, /. eucharist, sacrament 

Eucaristico, o. eucharistical 

EufòrMo, m. euphorbius (a tree) 

Euntico, m. an eu iich 

Eupatòrio, m. liverwort 

E uro, m. the east vv ind 

Europa,/. Europe 

Evacuaménto, m. evacaation 

Evacuare, to evacua'e, void 

Evacuativo, a. evacuating 

Evacuato, part, evacuated 

E vacuazióne, /. evacuation 

Evàdere, to escape 

Ev;^5izióne, /. interruption, dis- 
ti-action [ly 

Evangelicamente, ad. evangjlical- 

Evangélico, a. evangelical 

Evangélio, m. the gospel 

Evangelista, m. evangelist 

Evangelizzante, ni. an expounder 
of the gospel 

Evaporaménto, m. and Evapora- 
zióne, /. evapoi-ation 

Evaporare, to evapoi-a*e 

Evaporativo, a. evapoiating 

Evaporatório, m. evaporation 

Evéllere, to pull up 


Eveniménto,a7UÌ Evènto, m. event, 

Eversione,/, overthrow 
Evidènte, a. evident, clear 
Eviden'.eménte, ad. evidently 
Evidènza,/, evidence, perspicuity 
Evisceratóre, m. an emboweller 
Eviscerare, to disembowel 
Eviscerato, part, eviscerated 
Evitàbile, a. avoidable 
Evilire, to avoid, shun 
Evitato, part, avoided 
Evitatóre, m. a shunner 
Evi:azióne, /. an avoiding, shun- 
Evizióne,/, eviction 
Evo, m. age 
Evocare, to call for'h 
Evviva, inter j. long live ! huzza ! 
Ex abrupto, ad. abruptly 
Ex profèsso, ad. by profession 
Ex propós to, ad. on purpose 
Ex tèmpore, ad. in an instant 
Eziandio, ad. also, even 
Eziandio che, ad. although 

FABBRICA,/, building, fabric, 
workshop, manufactory 

Fabbricare, to build, form, frame 

Fabbricato, part, built 

Fabbricato, m. a block, or row of 

Fabbricatóre, m. a builder, work- 
man, in'riguer, liar 

Fabbricazióne, /. construction, 

Fabbrile, aìid Fabrlle, a. (in po- 
etry) belonging to smiths, or to 
any manual art 

Fabbro, and F'lbro, m. (in poetry) 
a sniith, forger, inventor ; fabbri 
si^nio noi delle misèiie nostre, 
we are the cause of our own 
Diisfir*unes [pose fables 

Fabuleggiire, to recount, or com- 

Fabulóso, a. fabulous 

Faccènda,/, business; far faccèn- 
da, to be busy [busybody 

Faccendiere, rn. an active man, a. 

Faccendiizza, /. small business 

Faccente, a. active, busy, brisk 

Faccétta, /. facet 

Facchinaccio, tn. a mean fellow 

Facchineria, /. work for a porte' 

Facchino, m. a porter, scoundrel 

Faccia, /. face, apptarance, out- 
side ; far fàccia, to dare ; non 


aver fàccia, to be without sbame. 
In fàccia, prep, over against 
Facciata, /. front, face 
Face,/, (in poetrj') a torch, splen- 
dour, light [taper, link 
Facèlla, and Facellina, /.flambeau, 
Facelamènle, ad. merrily 
Facèto, a. facetious, comical 
Facèzia,/, mei ry conceit, or say- 
ing [face 
Facialménte, ad. facing, face to 
Fàcile, a. ea^y ; uòmo fàcile, a 

ffood-natured man 
Facilità,/, facility 
Facilitare, to facilitate 
Facilménte, ad. easily 
Facimale, m. a naughty child 
Facimènto, m. work 
Facinoróso, a. villanous 
Facitóio, a. feasible 
Facitóre, m. a maker, doer 
Facoltà, and Faculta, /. power, 

faculty, riches 
Facoltóso, a. rich, wealthy 
Facondamente, ad. eloquently 
Facóndia, and Facondità, /. elo- 
Facondióso, a. fluent 
Facóndo, a. eloquent, fluent 
Faculta,/. power, weal ih, talenti 
Faggèto, m. a place full of beecb- 

Pàssio, m. beech-tree 
Fagiano, m. a pheasant ; guastar 
la coda al fabiano, to leave out 
the best of tht" s'ory 
Fa^iuol'ita, /. silliness 
Fagiuólo, m. a French bean 
Fagòtto, m. a fagot ; far fagotto, 

to bundle otf 
Faina, /. a polecat 
Falange, /. phalanx 
Falangio, m. a tarantula 
Falboi a. yellow, tawny 
Falcare, to bend, to crook, to de- 
duct, cut olF 
Falcristro, m. a hun'er's staflf 
Falcato, part, hooked, crooked 
Falce, /. a sithe, or sickle ; métter 
la falce nella biada d' altriii, to 
meddle with another's business 
Falcétto, m. a little sickle 
Falcliétto, m. a young falcon 
Falciare, to mow 
Falci ita,/, a blow with a sithe 
Falciatóre, m. a mower 
Falcidia, /. a law among the Bo- 
Falcinèllo, m. a bank martin 
Falcióne, ni. a cimeter 
Fàlcola, /. and Falcolótto, m. a 


FalcnnAre, to hunt v.'ith a falcon 
Falcone, in. havvk, falcon 
Falconeria,/, falconi y 
Falconétto, m. a yuung 6ilcon ; a 

piece of artillery 
Falconière, m. a i'.ilconer 
Falda, f. a fold, or piai', flake of 
3U0W, lock of wool, liair, flax, 
skirt, border, hem ; falda del 
monte, the side of a hill 
Faldato, o. folded 
Faldèlla,/, lint 

Faldellato, par^ folded, plaited 
Faldiglia,/, a hoop-pet:icoat 
Faldistòrio, m. a bishop's stool 
Faldone, m. a large fold 
Falegname, m. a carpeu'er 
Falimbello, m. a wag 
Fallace, a. deceitful, c afty 
Fallacemente, ad, dece if ill ly 
Fallàcia,/, fallacy, deceit, fraud 
Fallare, to fail, ollVnd, err, omit ; 
di poco fallò eh" IO non cadessi, 
I w:is very near failing 
Fallato, pari, failed [gressor 

Falla'ore, m. a deceiver, trans- 
Fallibile, a. fallible 
Fallibilità,/, lallibility 
Falliménto, in. fault, faiìin» 
Fallire, to fail, sin, arinsgress, de- 
ceive • [CT 
Fallire, m. error, fault, bankrupt- 
Fallito, part, failed 
Fallitóre, m. odénder 
Fallo, jji. fauH, error, trespass ; 
métter il piede in fallo, to rnske 
a false step ; verrà senza fallo, 
he will come without fail 
Falò, rn,. a : andare a 

Éir falò, goinj to be burned 
Falótioo. a. fantastical 
Falsamente, and Falso, ad. Éilsely 
Falsamonéfe, ni. a false coiner 
Falsàrda, /. a witch 
Falsare, to falsify [ing on) 

Falsariga, /. black-lines ({or writ- 
Falsàrio, and Falsatóre, >.*. an im- 

pos'or, forger 
Falseggiare, to falsify [sic) 

Falsétto, m. a false'titble (inmu- 
Falsidico, a. deceitful 
Falsificaménto, m. a falsity 
Falsificare, to falsify, counterfeit, 

forge, adulterate, ènibezzle 
Falsificato, part, falsified 
Falsificatóre, m. a falsifier 
Falsificazióne, /. falsification 
Falsità,/, falsehood, lie 
Falso, a. false ; méttere il piede in 

falso, to make a wrong step 
Fàlta,/. want. Éiult 
F«ltàre, to want ; be deficient 


Fama, /. fame, report 
Fame,/, hunger, scarcity j want 
Famelico, a. hungry 
Famigerato, a. famous 
famiglia,/, famày, retinus 
Famigliire. aivi Familiare, m. 
and a. servant, follower, a bal- 
lili; intimate [familiarity 
Famigliarità, and Familiarità./. 
F.aniigliarmente, aiut Familiar- 
mente, ad. fi-eely 
Famiglio, m. a senant, thief-'aker 
Famigliuóla,/. a small family 
Famosajiiénle, ad. publicly 
Famosi ;à,/. fame, report 
Famoso, a. famous, kno\vTj 
Faoiùccia. /. a small appetite 
Fanale, m. a lantern 
Fanatico, a. fanatic 
FauatisiMO, m. fanaticism 
Fauciuilaggine, /. ciiildishness, 

Fa'nci'jl'.a,/. a girl 
Fanciullaia,/. many boys 
Fanci'jlleria,/. childishness 
Fanciuilesciméii*e, ad. chiHishly 
Fanciullé?co, and Fanciullo, a. 

Fai:ciullétta, /. and Fanciulletto, 

m. a little girl, or boy 
Fanciullézza,/, childhood, infancy 
Fanciullo, and FanciuUùz^o, m. 

a child, a iKiy 
Fandonia,/, a lie 
Fanèllo, to. a linnet 
Fanfàlla,/. jeeFarfilla 
Fanfaluca, /. ?iiark, whim, fancy, 

gewgaws, ^rifles 
Faufano, m. a romancer 
Fanferina, /. jestinj, mocking 
Fangacc:o,"»i. and Fanghiglia, /. 

mire, puddle 
Fango, 771. dirt, clay; 6r delle sue 
parole fango, to break one's word 
Fangóso, a. dirty, sniry 
Fantaccia,/. a bad servant-girl 
Fantaccino, m. foot soldier 
Fantaio, m. a lover of waiting- 
Fantasia,/, fancy, imagination 
Fantàsima, njirf Fantasma, ni. and 
f. (in poetry) phantom, virion, 
Fan'asticaggine, and Fantastiche- 
ria, /. whim, caprice 
i antasticamén'e, ad. fantastically 
Fan'as'icare, to devise, invent 
Fan'asticatóie, m. a capricious 

Fantàstico, a. fantastical 
Fante, to. and f. man-serrant, 
maid-servant; foot-soldier 1 



Fantepiare, to perform domesti* 

Fanteria, /. infantry, foot 

Fan ésca,/, maid-servant 

Fanticélla,/. a servant -girl 

Fantino, rn. infant 

Fanticeria,/. malice 

Fantocceiia,/. childishness 

Fantòccio, m. a doll, a sksple- 

Faraone, to. a game of hazard 

Farchétola, /. a"teal (a bird) 

Farcialiòne, m. a sort of teal 

Fàrdà,/. spittle 

Fardaggio, m. ba^age 

Fardèllo, to. iruà, "bundle ; far 
fardèllo, to pack off 

Fare, to do, make; farsi, to ap- 
proach ; f itevi a me, come near 
roe ; farsi alla finestra, to con-c 
to the window ; tre mesi fa, 
three months ago ; al far dt-l 
giorno, break of day ; al for 
della notte, in the dusk of even- 
ing ; far-i tardi, to grow la'e ; 
fai- senjbiàctd, to dissemble '; 
far motto, to mention ; far aiuto, 
to assist 

Farei, /. a sort of serpent 

Faretra,/, a quiver 

Faretrato, a. armed with a quivei 

Farfall.a,/. butterfly 

Farfallóne, to. a la'e, a fib ; far 
un farfallóne, lo blunder 

Fàrfaro, m. footstool, coltsfx)t (.i 

Farina,/, meal, flocr ; qi;esto n-^^n 
fe farina, this is useless ; tu non 
sei farina da cialde, you are a 
cunning fellow 

Farinàccio, m. a die marked but 
on one side [mealy 

Farliwaceo. and Farinacciolo, a. 

Farinaiuòlo, m. a meal-seller 

Farin.Sta,/. broth, porridge 

Farinèllo, ni. an assassin 

Fariseo, to. Pharisee 

Fai-maoia,/. pharmacy 

Fàrmaco, to. a drug, remedy 

Farneticare, to rave 

Fametichézza. /. dotage, madness 

Farnètico, a. delirious 

Faro, TO. watch-tower, strait 

Farragine, /. mixture of grain, 
mixture of words 

Farricello, to. spelt, a kind of cora 

Farro, to. corn, wheat 

Farsa, f. a farce 

Farsettàccio, to. a jacket, a doublet 

Farsettaio, to. a jacket maker 

Farsétto, to. a doublet 

Fascétte, m. a little bundle 


Fàscia, /. a band, fillet; bambln 
tènero in fàsce, an infant in 
swaddling clothes 
Fasci:'ire, to bind, to tie 
lasciata,/, liga'ure 
Fasciatello, m. a packet 
Fasciato, part, swaddled j bo-jn:!, 

Faciatiija, /. a bandage, truss 
Fascina,/, a fa^nt 
Fascinàie, to faiot wood 
Fascinata,/, a ftnce 
Fascinatore, m. a wizard 
Fascinizioiie, /. and Fàscino, m. 

Fàscio, m. a bundle; a sheaf; 
fascis ; andare iu fàscio, to go to 
Fasci:ime, m. a heap of rubbish 
Fabciuola, /. a little band 
Fase,/, phisis 
Faiteiliccio, m. a lar^e bundle ill 

Fastclh, TO. fasrot, sheaf 
Fasti, m. pi. annals 
Fast idi ire, to mole:,t, disturb, vex, 

to disdain, som 
Fastidiato, part, molested, trou- 
bled, scorned 
Fastidio, TO. and Fas'idiosagpne, 
/. weariness, molesta- ion ; èsser 
in fastidio, to be tnubleiorie 
Fas'idiosanién e, ad. tediously 
Fastidiose ti, a. iniportum'e 
Fas'i!iós^, a. tedinus, loa lisnnie, 

dis liinful, monse 
Fas"i lire, to de'est, abhor, to 

wea'v, tire, l^atl-e 
Fasti 11 to, part, loahed, tired 
Fastidliinie, to. a peck of 'roubles 
Fasttj^io, to. hei'ht, elevation 
Fasto, TO. pride, pomp 
Fastosamente. aJ. vainly, proudly 
Fastóso, o. proud, haughtv 
Fó'a./. fairy 
Fatale, a. fa'al, '!es'.ined 
Fatalilf)./. fa'ali'y 
Fatalmente, ad. fa'ally 
Fa'àppio, nu a sort of bird 
Fati re, to destine 
Fata'amén'e, ad. lee Fatalmente 
Fata'ùra, f. a charm, sorcery 
Fatica, f. fati;?ue, toil ; mia fatica, 
my work, wa^es, reward ; le 
mie fa'iche, my waies 
Fatic'bile, a. laborious 
Fatic'-ccia, f. labour 
Fatirire, to tire, fa'ijue ; afati- 

c'lrsi, to labour 
Fa'ic''lo, o. weary, tired 
Fatichévle, a. lal)ori-i«s 
Fatjcosantónte, ad. laboriously 


Faticóso, a. laborious 

Fatidico, TO. a conjurer 

Filo, TO. fa'e, des iny 

Fatta,/, sort, kind, fashion 

Fa"tanién1e, ad. ellectively ; si 
fattamente, in such a manner 

Fatterello, m. a trifle 

Fatézza,/. feature, sliape, fashion, 

Fa'tibJIIo, »n. paint [ble 

Fattibile, and Fattévole, o. feasi- 

Faillccio, a. ficti:ious; vino fat- 
ticcio, adulterated wine 

Fattivo, a. active 

Fattizio, a. artificial 

Fatto, part, rione, made ; tanto 
fatto, so lar;::e ; un pomo 

Fatto, TO. fact, deed, ac ion; and 
pa' fatti suoi, to ^ about one 
business ; ho intéso parlare niolto 
nialede' fatti vnstii, I heard you 
very il! spoken of. Di fato, W. 
really so 

Fattoi;'ino, m. one that works at 
an oil presi ; a busybody 

Fa- :óio, TO. an oil press 

Fa'irtre, to. a doer, maker, fac'or, 
apprentice [ship 

Fatloria, /. fac'orship, steward. 

Fattorino, m. a sh )p4j"y 

Fa'to s'k. ad. there's thè point 

Fa'tucchiOn,/. a wi'ch 

Fatucchieria,/. wi chc-aft 

Fattoi ra, /. fashion, make, witch 
craf', charm 

Fa'ur'ito, fart, bewitched; vino 
fafurato. adidterated wine 

Fatuitci,/. stupidity 

F'l'uo, a. stupid 

Fàuci, /. ri. throat, gullet, a riv- 
er's riiou'h 

F'uiio, TO. faun, god 

Fàusto, a. for'iina'e 

Fail 'óre, to. a favourer 

Fà\a,/. a bean, a vote, pride, pre- 
simiption ; piilire due colómbe 
ad una fava, to kill two birds 
wi'h one stone 

Favagello, to. 'he herb celandine 

Favata, /. a ra'^'^ut made with 
l)eans, foolish p'ide 

Favellire, m. orirf Favella, /. 
speech, discoui-se, laniuare 

Favellamento, ni. a word, dis- 

Favellre, to speak, discourse 
favell'r con le mani, to stiike 

Favella óre. to. a 'alkT 

Favellio. TO. cai'din r. chat 

Favilla,/, a spark of lire 


Favillare, to sparkle 
Favillùzza,/. a little spark 
Favo, m. honey-conib 
Fàvola,/, a fable; èsser fàvola al 

rapido, to be the common Ulk 

Favol'.rc. and Favoleggiare, te 

tell stories, banter [riet 

Fav'de^iialore, ni. a teller of sto- 

Fa\ olisco, and Favoloso, a. fic- 

ti;i..iis, fabulous 
Fav'Ltia,/. a short story 
Favolone, to. a ron.ancer 
Favolosamente, ad. romantically 
Favoloso, a. fabulous 
Favoiiio, to. west wind 
Favore, in. favour, benefit, be- 
FavoreggiSnfe, a. favouring 
Favorei<iatore, to. favourer 
Favorévole, arid Favorabile, a. 
favourable ; lèttere favorévoli, 
It tttrs of recommendation ; il 
ciél vi sia favorévole, Heaven 
ixosjer you ! 
Favorevolmente, and Favorabil- 

n.Jiile, ad. favourably 
Fav'Tlre. and Favon're, to favour, 
as-is' ; nii favorisca, do me tha 
Favorito, TO, a favourite 
Favorito, a. favoured, favourite 
Fav'iiiort, to. a favurer 
Favelle, m. a bean-fitld 
Fa7Ìone, /. fa-hion, ac'ion; fee- 
tion ; essere in fazióne, to be on 
Fazioso, a. factious 
Fazzolé.to. TO. handkerchief 
Fé,/, see Fede, faith 
Fclbrfiio, TO. Ffbruary 
Fèbbre. /. fever ; febbre terzana, 
a ler'ian ajnie ; febbre perico- 
losi, a hard fr-ver 
Febbricit'n'e, a. feverish 
Feblirici'nre, to have a fever 
Febbricóne, to. a burning fever 
Felli iicoso.n. feverish 
Fiblrfugo, TO. febrifuge 
F:bl,r'le. a. belonging to a fever 
Febèo, a. poe'ic 
Fèccia. /. dre5;s; excrement; U 

fèeca del i)ópol", the mob 
Fecci.-.ia, f. bunjhole of a cask 
Ftcri'^so. a. full of dregs, ill-na- 
tured, tiresome 
Ficondamèn'e. ad., fruitfully 
Fecondare, to fruc'ify 
Fecoii'aóre, m. one that makM 

Fecor devole. a. fruitful 
F.-condita,/. "ertiliy 
Fecóndo, a. fruitful 


Fède, /. faith ; testimonials ; dar 
fede, to give credit : di buòna 
fede, sincerely ; uòmo degno di 
fede, a credible man 

f edecommeisàrio, 771. feoffee, he 
who is enfeotfcd 

Fedecommésso, part, committed to 
care [trust 

Fedecomméso, tjj. feoffment on 

FedeconjEéttere, to feoff 

Fedeié^o, a. credible 

Fedéle, a. faithful, hnnest 

Fedelmente, ad. feithfully 

Fedeltà./, fidelity 

Federa./, a pillow-case 

Fedià,/. filthiness 

Fèdo. a. fil;hy, fnul 

Fegatèlla,/, liverwort 

Fégato, m. the liver 

Fe^a'òso, a. diseased in the liver 

Félce, /. fem (an herb) [plant) 

Felcequercina, /. polypody (a 

Féle, m. (in poetry) ^1 ' 

Felice, o. happy 

Felicemente, ad, happily 

Felicità, /. happiness 

Felicitare, to felicitate 

Felicitatóre, ni, one that nriikes 
happy [a thief 

Fellóne', and Fèllo, m. (in poetryi 

Fèllo, a. impious, wickei 

Fellonescamente, ad. feloniously 

Fellonésco, a. felonious 

Fellonia,/, felony 

Félpa,/, plusb. shaj 

Feltrare, to filtrate, strain 

Féltro, m. felt [ship 

Feluca, and Felucca, /. a small 

Fémmina./, female, woman 

Femminàccia, /. a large, vile 

Femmìnàcciolo, a, effeminate, 

Femminèlla, /. a poor woman, a 
common woman [woman 

Femmlne'-i. a. belonsring to a 

Femminescaménre. aiid Femmi- 
nilmente, ad. etfeminaely 

Femminézza, /. female sex 

Femminièra, /. woman's apart- 
ment [feminine 

Femminile, and Femminino, a. 

Femminùzza, /. a despicable little 

Fèmore, m. thiih, thigh-bone 

Fendén'e. m. cut 

Fendere, to cleave, split, cut, 
sever, plouzh ; frndere i campi, 
to gni'^ up the ground ; la lSl"sa 
eH" Reno fèndono l'Olardru the 
Meuse and the Rhine go through 


I Fenditóio, m, a cleaver 
1 Fenditura,/, cleft, crack, chink 
Fenestra, /. see Finèstra 
Fenice, /. a phcenii 
Fenicontero, m. a sort of bird of a 

crimson colour 
Fenile, m. a hay -loft 
Fenòmeno, m. phenomenon 
TéT?L,f. (in poetrvj a wild beast 
Ferace, a. fruii fui [fui 

Ferale, a. deadly, n;ortal, moum- 
Ferétro, m. a coffin, tcn.b 
Fèria, TU. a festival, holyday 
Feriale, a. common,' ordinary, 

Ferialmente, ad, commonly 
Feiiàto, a. vacant ; giórno leriAto, 

Feriménto, ni, a wounding 
Ferino, a. wild, savage, fierce, cruel 
Ferire, io wound, strike, hit; la 
barca feri sopra "1 lido, the boat 
struck upon the shore 
Ferita,/, a wound, hurt, cut 
Ferità,/, fiercents». cruelty 
Ferito, part, wour.ded 
Feritoia, /. a loop-hole 
Feritore, m, a sti iker 
Férma. /. decree, arrest 
Femiàgiio, m. a buckle, clasp 
Femiaiuénte, ad. firmly 
Fern laménto, ni. otid Fermànza, 

/. the firmament, sky 
Tf ! r ■ r-, ;o '-■'^p. s ay ; fcrnii'rsi, 
::■ i-u^e. n.i ùn-iiii di non 
parure senza ve-iérlo, I was re- 
solved not to go away witiiout 
seeing him 
Fermata, /. res*, pansé 
Te', m-rn, part, stopped 
Fera.en'.nre, lo £enr;cnt 
Ferment.n'o. part, fermented 
Fermentazióne, /. leaven, yeast, 

Fet mento, m. ferment, yeast 
Fermézza./, firmness 
Férmo, a. firm, fast 
Férmo, m. a compact, deo^-ee 
Fero, a. wild, frerce, cruel 
Feróce, c. fierce, brave, horrid, 

Ferocemente, ad. fiercely 
Feròcia, and Fenxriia, "/. fierce- 
ness, cruel'y [ous s'ing 
Ferraccia, /.' •» fish with a poison- 
Ferraccio, ni, bad iron 
Fena;ns;o, m. lammas-day 
I Ferraio, tji. a smi"h 
I Ferraiuólo. ni, a clrak 
Ferraménti, rr. pt imn tools 
; Ferrare, to bind wi h iron ; fer- 
1 rare un cavallo, to shoe a horse 


Ferrila,/, an iron grate 
Ferrato, a. done with iron 
Ferra'ore, m. a farrier, smith 
Ferratiira, /. iron work 
Ferravècchio, m. a broker 
Fèrreo, a. of iron 
Ferrétti, m, small iron tools 
Ferreria, /. a quantity of iron 
Ferrièra,/, forge 
Ferrigno, o. hard, of iron 
Ferrod m. iron ; venire a' ferri, t» 
come to the feet: métter a' ferri, 
to chain ; Iwtteré il ferro mentre 
è ca'do, to strike the iron while 
it is hot [iron-like 

Ferrugiguo, and Ferruginóso, a. 
Fèrtile, a. fruitful 
Fertilità,/, fertility 
Fertilniénte, ad. fruitfully 
Feruggine./. rust 
Ferula, /. palm (3. plant) 
Fervènte, a. boilicg. ardent 
Ferventemente, ad. ardently, 

Fervènza, /. fervotir, heat 
Fervere, to boil, to laze 
Fervidamente, ad, fervently 
Fervidézza,/, fervency 
Ferv ido, anjd Fervoróso, a. fervent 
Fer\ ore. ni, fervour ; il fervor del 
sole, the heat of the son ; in snT 
fervore del giorno, in the middle 
of the day 
Férza./. v»'hip, scourse 
K.j^crpa, /. white vine (a plant) 
Féscin, ni. arid Fessura, /. chop, 

crack, chick 
Fésso, j-art. chopped, cleft 
Fcs'a. /., hclyday, joy, 
mirth ; far fdsta, to feai' ; feir 
fés'aa qualcbeduno, to use one 
kindly [merry, gay 

Festante, Mid Festeggiante, a. 
Festa re, to revel 
Festeggévole, and Festévole, a. 

Festeggevclmecte. cuid Festevol- 
mente, ad. cheerfully 
Fesiesrgi.-ucénio, and Festeggio, m. 

Fes'egriànte, o. gay, cheerful 
Festeggiare, to feast, solemnize, 

Festeréccio, a. bolyday ; panni 

festerécci, Sunday clolhes 
Fes'ichino, a. sea-rreen 
Festicaméii'e, and Festinatamente, 
arf. has ily [ously 

Fes'inare, to hasten, to act zeal- 
Festinaziòne,/. haste, diligence 
Festino, m. entertainment, baD, 


Festine, a. eager, prompt ' 

Festivamente, ad. solemnly, pleas- 

Festività,/, joy, gayety 

Feslvo, a. fesive, solemn; giórno 
festivo, hoi yd ay 

Festóne, m. a' festoon 

Festosamente, ad. merrily, joyfully 

Fes òso, a. merry, gay 

Festuca, /. fescue, siraw, mote 

Fetente, aitd Fetido, a. slinking, 

Fetidamente, ad. stiiikingly 

Feto, m. the feet us 

Fetóre., m, slink, stench 

Fétta,/, slice, cut, bit 

Fettùccia,/, nbaud 

Feudale, a. of the manor 

Feudatàrio, m. feudaory 

Feudo, m. feud, fee, fief 

Fiaba,/, fable 

Fiacca, /. a noise 

Fiaccamente, ad. weakly 

Fiaccaménto. m. a fracture, bruise 

Fiaccare, to break, bruise, cu", to 

Fiaccato, pari, broken, weakened 

Fiacchétto, a. a. little weakened 

Fiacchézza, /. weariness, feeble- 
ness, faintness 

Fiacco, a. weak, faint, weaiy 

Fiacco, m. ravase, ruin 

Fiàccola, /. t irch. flambeau 

Fiadóne, atid Fi.'ile, in. a honey- 

Fiala,/, via), botUe 

Fiamma, /. flame, splendour, 
blush ; mé'tere a fuòco e fiamma, 
to burn, destroy ; tiamma di va- 
scèllo, streamer 

Fianim;inte, a. flaming ; nuòvo 
fiammante, quite new 

Fiammas.11sa, /. a dry itch 

Fiammes'i'inte, a. blazinj 

Fiamme^^i ire, to slitter, shine 

Fianmiella, aiid Fiammét a, /. a 
little flame 

Fiancata, f. a blow on the side 

FianchegdAre, to flank, to sup- 
port, assist, to coas' alon? 

Fi.anchegsnAto, part, defended 

Fianco, m. ^ide; m'è sempre a 
fianco, he is always near me 

Fiancuto, a. broadsided, having 
large flanks 

FiAro, m. honey-comb 

Fiàsca, and Fiaschétta, /. a flat 

Fiascaio, m. a bot'le-maker 

Fiasche; ;i6 re, to buy wine by the 

Fiaschétto, m. a small bottle 


Fiasco, m. a flask 

Fiascóne, m. a large flask 

Fiata, /. time ; una fiala, once ; 
spesse fiate, often 

Fia'aménto, ni. breathing 

Fiatante, a. bieathing 

Fiat/ire, to breathe 

Fiito, m. breath, odour, word 

Fibbia,/, buckle, clasp 

Fibbiàgìio, and Fibbiàle, m. 
buckle, clasp 

Fibbiàre, to clasp, to buckle 

Fibbititta, /. a small buckle 

¥'\hn,f. fibre, filament 

Fibroso, a. fibrous 

Fibula,/, a clasp 

Fic'rccio, m. a little fig 

Fi.-M.i. ^. th^fi'-tree [in, a. that iiiay be driven 

Ficcaiii -nto, ?;i. and Ficcatùra, /. 
thrusting, driving in 

Ficcare, to fix, drive; ficc-^r gli 
òcchi, to fix the eyes; ficc'^rsi, 
to introduce one's self ; ficcar 
carò'e, to tt-U fibs 

FiccA'o, part, driven, thrust in 

Ficheré o, and Fichéto, m. a fig- 

Fico, m. a fig-free, a fii; fichi 
fióri, zreen figs ; fico secco, a 
dried fig 

Fidagiòne,/. a pledge, as.surance 

Fidànz,a, f. confidence, trus' ; sótto 
fid'nza, with prom-ise ; dar fidan- 
za, to ?ive bail 

Fidanz'ire, to warrant, to promise, 
to betroth 

Fiilanzito, part, betrothed' 

Fi lare, to trust ; fidarsi, to depend 

Fill Va,/, an oa'h of fideli'y 

Fidatamente, ad. cnnfident'ly 

Filito, oud Fido, a. trusty, faith- 

Fidecommlsso, m. see Fedecom- 

Fideli'à,/. fideli'y 

Fid'jcia. /. confidence, hope 

Fi lucialmente, ad. boldly 

Fiédeve, to wound, to lead to 

Fièle, m. gall ; non aver fièle, to 
be good-na»ured 

Fien.Tio, aiid Fien'de, a. belonging 
ts hav ; falce fieni ia, a sithe 

Fienile; ni. hay-hft, rack 

Fieno, m. hay 

Fiim,/. a wild beast, a public fair 

Fieramente, a-i. cruelly, fiercely ; 
fieramente accéso d'amóre, pas- 
sionately in love 

Fierézza, aiid Fierità,/. fierceness, 
dexterity, alacrity 


Fiero, a. cruel, savage, wild, arro- 
gant, proud 

Fiévole, a. feeble, weak, faint 

Fievolé2za, /. frailty, weakness 

Fie.olnién'e, ad. wcikly 

Fifa,/, a lapwing 

Fig'cre, see Ficcare [ter 

Figlia, and Figliuola, /. a daugb- 

Fiiliire, to bring f rlh, produce 

Figliistra, /. and. Figliastro, in. a 
daughter-in-law, son-in-law 

Figlia'iccio, a. proper to beget 

Figliatiina, /. the time a fema.<e 
goes with young 

Figlio, aiid Figliuòlo, m. a sod, 
a child 

Figlioccio, m. a godson 

Figliuola,/, a daughter 

Figliuol'iccio, m. a clumsy boy 

Figliuol 'ggin, 771. infancy 

Figliuol'inza,/. filiation, sonship 

Fiiliuolino, m. a li:tle child 

Figliuolo, m. a son 

Flgmre, to feign, forje 

Fign lo, m. abile, felon 

Figura, /. figure, fashion, form. 
Poiii'ni figtfra, let us s-ippo^e 

Figurbile. a. figurable 

Figurile, a. my-terious 

Figura ménte, ad. figuiatively 

Figuraménto, 771. a figure 

Fi rur^ire, to figure, fancy 

Fi£uraaménte, and Figurativa- 
mente, ad. figuratively 

FizuraMvo, a. figurative" 

Figur'to, part, figured 

Fi ru 'azióne,/, figure, form, aspect 

Figurina, f. a lit' le image 

Fila,/, file, row. Alia fila, ad. 
toge'her, one after another 

Filadóro. 771. a gold wire-drawer 

Filaménto, 771. a rtring, a thread 

Filire, to spin, to arrange; filar 
dell' oro o dell' argènto, to wire- 
draw gold or silver 

Filire, rii. a row 

Fila'itrófca. Filastróccola, Filatera, 
and Filat'éra, /. a story, tale, 
trifle, prolixi'y ; dire delle fila- 
s'rócche, to talk idly 

FiH'éria, f. phylac'ery 

Fila é<s.a,'/. a confused rank 

Fila'iccio, 771. a thread made of 
silk, spun silk 

Filitn^pnrt. spun 

Fila'ó'o, 771. spinnins-wheel 

Fila'ó'e, 771. and Filatrice, /. a 

Fil ■•••0, 171. a fine thread 

Fidile, a. filial 

Filiazióne,/, filiation 


Filièra, /. a wire-drawing instru- 
ment, a row 

Filiggine, /. soot [full of soot 

Filig'inóso, atìd Filig;inato, a. 

Filo, m. thread ; file di perle, a 
string of peai Is ; filo di feiTO, 
wire ; mandar a fil di spada, to 
kill with a sword ; per filo, ex- 
actly; filo delle reni, the back 

Filologia,/, philology 

Filòlogo, m. philologer 

Filoména,/, a nigh. ingale 

Filóne, m. the principal thread, 

Filónio, m. a sort of electuary 

Filóso, a. fibrous 

Filosofile, a. philosophical 

Filosofante, and Filosofo, m. phi- 
losopher [philosophize 

Filosofare, and Filosofeggiale, to 

Filosofastro, m. a snialterer in 

Filosofia,/, philo-ophy [ly 

Filosoficamente, ad. philosophical- 

Filosófico, a. philosophical 

Filosomia, /. physiognomy 

Filtro, m. a potion, charm 

Filugèllo, m. a silk-worna 

Filunguillo, m. a chaiBuch 

Filtizzo. m. a fine thread 

Fiba, /. a row, string 

Fimbria,/, hem, eìge 

Fimbriato, part, bordered 

Flme, m. duuz 

Finale, a. final, last 

Finalménte, ad. finally 

Finanze,/, pi. finances 

Finamente, and Finemente, ad. 
perfectly, excellently 

Finire, to desist, finish 

Finattantochè, aiid Finché, conj. 
until, as lonff as 

Fine, rn. a/idf. end ; giiignere al 
fine, to come to an end ; io 1' )io 
fatto a buon fine, I did it with a 
good intention 

Fine, n. crafty, subtle, thin, fine, 

Finestra, f. a \i-iii'lovr 

Finestrntn. a. tuli ot win-lows 

Finestréllrx, lìOfs'nyz^.. f. Fine- 
strino, a/id FinesU'jcoio, m. a 
litne window 

Fiiiestróne. m. a large window 

Finézza, /. fineness artifice, per- 
fection, civility, favour 

Fingente, a. pre'endin;; 

Fingere, to feign, forge, dissemble 

Finsiménto, m. fiction 

Fingitóre, m. a dissembler 

Finiénte, a. finishing 


Finiménto, m. conclusion 

Finimóndo, m. a great ruin, the 
world's end 

Finire, to finish ; chi ben vive 
ben finisce, who lives well dies 

Finita, /. end, conclusion, death, 
determinate Quantity 

Fii.itamente, aa. finitely 

Finitimo, a. close, near to 

Fini ti vo, a. finite 

Finito, part, finished 

Fiuo, a. fine, pure, good 

Fino. pre/), until, un'o; finaddésso, 
till now ; fin a RDma, as far as 
Rome ; fin dal tempo, from the 

Finocchio, and Finocchino, m. 
fennel; voglio la mia parte fino 
al finócchK), I will have my 
money to a farthing 

Finóra, ad. until now, thus far 

Finta,/, di-simulation, suise, feint 

Fintamente, ad. feignedly 

i"lnto, part, counterfeited, dis- 

Finzióne, /. fiction, invention 

Flo, VI. fee ; pagir il f i, to pay 
dear for [hoai-seness 

Fioc'i^jine, amd Fiocaiione, /. 

Fiocamente, ad. weakly, fain ly 

Fi^'ccire, t3 snow 

Fiòcco, m. and Fiocca, /. sfiow ; 
a tissel, tuft of hair; "un àbito 
coi fiòcchi, a fine suit 

Fioccóso, a. full of flakes, tufts, 

Fiochétto, a. hoarse 

Fiochézza,/, a hoarseness 

Fiòcina. /. a hook, or harping-iron 

Fiòcine, m. a inpe-stone 

Fiòco, a. hoarse, faint, feeble ; ac- 
que fiòche, still water 

Fionda, /. a slin? 

Fiondatòre, m. a slinger 

Fioraliso, m. blue-bottle, flower 

Fiorcappùccio, m. lark-?pur 

Fiordaliso, m. lily, flower-de-luce 

Fióre, m. a flower, bloom, blos- 
som ; fior di latte, cream ; fior 
di faìlna, flour; se tu mi volessi 
un fior di bene, if you loved me 
a little ; un fior non fa primavè- 
ra, a swallow does not make 

Fi'jreiifiàre, to blossom 
Fi'^rellino, and Fiorello, m. a little 

Fiorente, a. bloomin? ; stato 

fiorén'e, a flourishing condition 
Fio-en inamente, ad. like a Fior 




Fiorétto, m. a little flower ; a foil 

(to fence with) 
Fiorino, ?n. a florin (a coin) 
Fiorire, to blossom, to flourish, ta 

grow gray 
Fiorito, part, blossomed, elefted, 

hoary ; pasqua fiorita, Whitsun 

FioriturjL,/. a blossoming 
Fiorràncio, m. marigold ; a wren 

(a li;tle bird) 
Fiótola,/. flute 
Fiottare, to float 

Fiotto, TO. wave, flood, tide, crowd 
Fi ttoso, a. fioa:ing, tempestuous 
Firma,/, signature 
Firmaménto, m. the sky 
Firmare, to sign 
Fisamente, ad. earnesly 
Fisare, to fix one's eyes on a thing 
Fiscale, avvocito fiscale, m. the 

Fiscèlla, ar.rf Fiscina, /. a basket 
Fischiare, to wbis le 
Fischia'a,/. a whis'ling 
Fischia'ore, m. a whis.ler 
Fischio, m. a whisle 
Fisco, m. an exch quer 
Fisica,/, na'ural ph-losophy 
Fisicàggit;e,/. caprice 
FisicMe, a. na'ural, physical 
Fisitare, to invent 
F'sico, m. physician 
Fisico, a. physical 
Fisicóso, a. diflicul», scrupulous 
Fisiónomo, and Fisioniàute, m. 

Fisionomia, and Fisononiia, / 

Fisionomis'a, m. phj-siognomist 
Fiso, o. (in poetry) fixed, a"e,ntive 
Fiso, ad. fixedly," attentively 
Fisonómico, o. pliysiosrnoniical 
Fisonomista, m. physiognomist 
Fissamente, ad. attentively 
Fiss-ire, to fix one's eyes 
Fissile, a. that may be split 
Fisso, a. fixed, steady ; occhi fissi, 

a E'eady look 
Fistélla,/. a wicker basket 
Fistiare, to wbis' le. hiss [ing 

Fistierella,/. a kind of bird-catch- 
Fistola,/. a fis'ula, pipe, stem 
Fistolàrè, a. bebngin? to a fistula 
Fistolazióne, /. fistulation, ulcera- 
Fl-stoJt), m. a demon, deril 
Fis'ula,/ a pipe " _ 

Fitòne, m. spin» of divina'ion 
Fitonéssa, and Fitonissa, /. x 

witch, a woman comurer 
Fitónico, wi. a conjurer 


Fittst, /. stitch, acute pain ; quag- 
Fittaiuolo, m. farmer, tenant 
FittaoidDie, o/ui Fittivaménte, ad, 

Fittile, a. car hen 
Fitteréccio, m. solid measure of 

com, fic. 
Fitti vo, a. felled, formed 
Fittiziaménte, ad. feignedly 
Fittizio, a. tictiiious 
Fit-o, m. rent ; dare a fitto, to let 
Fitto, part, drive, thrust j a capo 

fit:o, he down 
Fittone, m. the principal root of a 

Fittuario, m. tu Fittaiuolo 
Fiuniale, a. river 
Fiumana,/, a river, whirlpool 
Fiuiuatico, a. of a river 
Fiume, rn. a river 
Fiuniic^ll I, Fiumicino, and Fiu- 

mctto, m. a rnulet, brook 
Fiutare, to ^uiell, lo scent 
Fiólo, m. the smell 
Fla?elIanióii!o, m. fla ellation 
Fla^ell'inte, a. scour^ioi; 
Flagellare, to whip, scourge 
Flagelliti, part, scourged 
Flagclliróre, m. a sciurger 
Flagellazióne,/, a ^nipoing 
Flagellato, m. a little whip 
Flagèllo, ni. a whip, punishment, 

Flagizio, ni. crime 
Flagizióso, a. criminal 
Flagrante, a. no oriius 
Flàmula, J. heart's ease fan herb) 
Flato, m. /!«'* Fhtuosi"'",/. wind 

in the body, in the stomach 
Flatuóso, a. lia'ulent 
Flautino, m. a small (lute 
Fl/iuto, m. a !iu e 
Fl.'ivo, a. yellow 
Flèbile, a.'ii.ournful. sad 
Fletio'.oujàrc, and Flnbotomire. to 

bleeJ [bleeding 

Fletjotomia, and Flobotimia, /. 
Flèmma, f. |)blegni. pa ience , 

Flemma iciti. /. he naure, quali- 1 

ty of phlegm 
Flemn!.i*:co. a. |hleama'ic 
Flessibil . n. plian . tenler 
Flesibilii. I. fi..\!bility 
Flessione f. al.. nììn< 
Flèsso, fa't. bent, ''eclined 
Flessuóso, vari, winding, binding, 

Flèttere, -n bend 
Flòrido, a. tio very, riorid 
Flòscio, a. fain', weak 
Fiona, J . a . eet 


Flottare, to float 

Fluène, a. flowing 

Fluidézza, and Fluidità,/, fluidity 

Fluido, a. fluid, tlueut, running 

iluid , in. a 

Fluire, to flow, run 

Flussibile, a. fluid, fluent, loose, 

slo hful 
Flussione,/, defluxion 
FICi so, m. flux J flusso e riflusso, 

ebbin; and flowing 
Flusso, a. transient 
Flutto, m. a wave 
Fluttuamènto, m. floating, a wa- 
Fluttuante, a. floating, uncertain 
Flut u.ire, to vacillale 
Fluttuazióne,/ a fluctuation 
Flut UÒSO, a. swelling with the 

waves, stormy 
Fluvi'ile, o. like a river 
Foca,/, a sea lion 
Focàccia, /. a cake ; render pane 

per focaccia, to requite 
Focàia, /. a flint 
Focaiuolo, o. flinty 
Foce, /. the throat; foce d' un 

flume, the niou h of a river 
Focherèllo, Focollno, and Focon- 

ctno. in. a lifle fire 
Focile, m. a s'eel to strike fire 
I Foco, m. (in poe'ry,) fire [dish 
'Focolare, m. a hearth, a chading- 
Focone, ni. pan of a gun 
F cosamèu e, a-i. ardently 
Focoso, a uiruly, furious, hot 
Fod. ra,/. a lining 
F ider'ire, to line 
F der.'ito. pm-t. lined 
Folera'iira. f. a liiiin», a fur-lining 
Frviem. rn. a cabLard 
Fn?a,/. fury, impe'uosity 
Fo iè"a, and Fogge'tlna, /. a 

lit le bonnet 
Fòggia, f. fashion, form ; se tu fai 
a ques"a fojgia, if you go on In 
thi-i manner 
Foglia. / a leaf: la fòglia delle 
paTile, the liieial sense of the 
Fojii'ime, m. leaves 
F -ir-re, to leaf 
Fo;lii-o, o. full nf leaves 
Fodijia./. a small leaf, a pint 
Fogliétto. m,as;i all shee' of paper 
Fórlir, rn. a leaf of japer; l'a^^r 
al un'> il f-'ilio bi'uco, to give 
one full p'l-ver 
Fo7l=óso. riìiff Fogli'Vo, a. full of,, 

rr c-'vere' wi'h Kavts 
Fó^a./. a c-mmon sewer 
Fognare, to in.oke sewers, or con- 


duits ; fognare le misure, to 
cheat in mea^ure 
Foguato, part, dug, dived into 
Foia,/, lust 
Fola, /. a story, a tale, a crowd, a 

Folaga, /. a coot, a moor-hen 
Folài;i, /. a flight ot birds, a puff 

of wind 
Folcire, to prop [fui 

F Igorànte, o. thundering, dread- 
Folg-irire, to thunder, to shine 
Folgorato, o. thundering 
Folgore, or Fiilgure, m. and f, 

thunder, lightning 
Fol^re, m. brightness 
Fol^ irt^giàn e, a. thundering 
Fol^reggiàre, to thunder 
Folia,/, crowd, multitude 
Folle, a. mad, foolish 
Foljejgiànle, a. playing the fool 
Folleggianicuto, m. folly, extravap 

Follegiiàre, to play the fool 
F' negoziatore, m. a fool, madman 
Fdlen:èi.te, ad. foolishly 
F Nètto, m. hobgoblin 
Follia, f. folly [husk, soeQ 

Folllcnla, /. arid Follicolo, m. 
Follone, m. a fuller, a dyer 
Fo| a,/, a con.pany, crowd 
Fo| amèn'c, ad. crowdin^ly 
Folio, a. hick; folte tenebre, a 

grea' darkness 
Fon.enfre, to foment, soak 
F- nienLàto. tart, f-imeulel 
Fomen'a'nre, m. a fomenter 
Fomen'azione./. fomen a'ion 
Fonièn o, rn. a poul ice. a plaster 
Foi; i'e, ni. an incentive, tinder 

Fonda,/, a purse, funds 
Foil 'aciio, m. a wanhouse-keepe» 
Fond'ccio, m. and Fondala, /. 

lees, dregs 
Fnn'hchè-*o, a small warehouse 
F''n''achière, m. a draper 
Fondaco, m. a warehouse, a shop 
FordTmen'Ic, fl. fundan.eiial 
Fon.ianicn rJmène, a?irf Fondata- 

n.en'e. nd. fundamentally, Itan^ 

edty. s"urdly 
Fondarne ''o. rn. foundation, basis, 

principle, bejinninr 
Fon^'re. lo lay f"uiida'ion 
FondS o. part, f'-unded : discórso 

fondà'o. a Iranird disci uise, 

verno fondato, the middle of 

F rla'-^rp, m. founder 
F'^n^a^ióne. f. f-'u da'ion 
Fondèllo, m. a buttou-hule 


Fóndere, to melt, to waste 
Fondei la, /. a foundery 
Fondigliuólo, m. lees, dregs of 

Fonditóre, in. a metal founder; 

speudlhrift, prodigal 
Fóndo, m. deptli, bottom, funds 
Fóndo, o. deep 
Fondato, yort. melted 
Fontima, /. fountain 
Fontanella,/, a little fountain 
FonLineo, and Fontaniéro, a. 

waterish, of a spring, or fountain 
Fónte, nu andf. fountain, aprine; 

font ; levare al foule un bambino, 

to stand godfather or godmother 
Fora, far Sarebbe (poetfcal; 
Foracchiare, to pierce through 
Foracchiato, a. pierced 
Foraggiare, to forage 
Foraggiere, m. a forager 
I'oraggio, m. fodder, forage 
Forame, m. a hole 
Foraneo, a. of a bar, court 
Forare, to penetrate 
Forasièpe, m. a sort of little bird ; 

a poor man 
Forata,/, a hole 
Foraterra,/, a dibble 
Forato, part, bored 
Foratóio, ni, an auger, piercer 
Foratóre, m. one that niakes holes 
Fòrbice, and Fórhicia, /. scissors 
Forticétte,/. ■pi, small scissors 
Fòrbici, /. pi. scissors ; the claws 

of a crab, or scorpion ; avért- 

uno nelle fòrbici, to have one 

imder one's th'imb 
Forbiciata,/, a cut, a snip 
Forbire, to furbish; foibfrsi gli 

òcchi, to rub one's eyes , forbirsi 

le lagrime, to wij* away tears 
Forbito, part, furbished, cleaned, 

Forbitolo, m. a fmbishing tool 
Forbottare, to beat asain 
Forbottalo, part, beaten 
Fórca, /. a pitchfork, a prong ; the 

Forcata,/, a fork-full, the opening 

of the legs 
Forcato, part, forked 
Forcatura, /. the parting of the 

Forrélla,/. a little fork 
Forcellùto, a. forked 
Foirhetta, and Forcina, /. a fork 

to eat with ; favellare in punta 

di forchétta, to speak with aiftc- 

Forchettièra./, a sheath for a fork 
Forchiùdere, to exclude 


Fórci, /. pi. scissors 

Forcone, m. an iron fork 

Forcutamente, ad. like a fork 

Forcuto, part, forked 

Forellino, m. a litUe hole 

Foréuse, a. of the bar 

Forése, m. arui f. a rustic, coun- 

Foresozzo, m. a country lad 
Forèsta. /. a forest 
Forestieramente, ad. stranger-like 
Forestière, a. sliange, foreign 
Forejtieria. /. a quantity of stran- 
gers ; an inn to receive stran- 
Forestièro, m. a stranger, guest 
Forèsto, a. savage, wild 
Forfartijra,/. cheat, imposition 
Forfecchia, /. a sort of worm with 

a forked '.ail 
Fòrfice, /. shears, scissors ; essere 

tra le forfici, lo be in danger 
Forficètte, and Forficlne, /. pi. 

little scissors 
Forficiata, /. a cut with the scissors 
Forfora, cììd Forforàggine, /. 

scurf, dandruff of the head 
Forière, m. forerunner 
Forièro, a. preceding 
Fórma, /. form, shape, figure 
Formàbile, a. which may be 

Formàggio, m. cheese 
Formale, a. formal 
Fom.alitfi./. ceremony 
Formalmente, ad. formally 
Fomiamèn'o, m. the creation of 

the world 
Formante, a. forming 
Fonuare, to form, make 
Foi-ma:aménte, ad. formally 
Formativo, a. forming 
Formato, part, formed, shaped ; 

uomo fomiàto, a grown man 
Forma;òre, m. fom:er, framer 
Formazióne,/, forming, formation 
Foni.èlla,/. a furrow, ditch 
Formentire, to ferment 
Fomientato, part, leavened 
Forménto, m. com, ferment 
Formica, and Formicola, /. an ant 
Formicaio, ant-hill, a throng, 

a crowd ; stuzzicare il formicaio, 

to run into mischief 
Fcmiicare, to be numerous 
Formicolàio, m. a swarm of ants 
Formicolamento, m. a prickling 

in the txxly like the stinging of 

Formicòne, m. a large ant 
Formidàbile, a. terrible 
Formidine, /. fear 



Formisùra, ad. excessively 
Formola, ar'd Fòrmula,/, fona 
Formosità,/. l>eauty 
Formoso, o. beautiful 
Fornace, /, kiln, furnace 
Ffrnacèlla, ani Fomacétta, /. 

furnace, a kiln 
Fornaciàio, m. a kiln-man 
Fornàia, /. a baker's wife 
Fornàio, m. a baker 
Fornèllo, m. a sniall oven, a stori 
Fornicare, to commit fornication 
Fornicatóre, and Fomicatoréllo^ 

m. fornicator 
Fornicatrice,/, a harlot 
Fornicazióne,/, fornication 
Forniménto, m. supply ; fomi- 
mèiito d'un àbito, trinunicg of 
clothes; fornimento di sèlla, tht 
harness ; da camera, furniture 
Fornire, to finish, to furnish, to 
adorn [adorned 

Fornito, part, furnished, endowed. 
Fornitura,/, ornaments 
Forno, m. an oven, a baker's shop 
non è in forno, ora è in su la 
pala, he is almost ruined 
Fomuòlo, ni. a lantern to hun 

birds by eight 
Foro, ?n. a "court of justice, 
market-place, a hole, a crack 
Forosètta, /. and Forosétto, nu 

little rustic 
Fòn-a, /. a defile, a pass 
For;*, ad. pei hap-, why; forse di 
sì, n.ay bt so ; forse di no, may 
be not ; forse non bello ? why 
nor handsome ? 
Forsechc, ad. perhaps that 
Forsennàre, to rave, to dote 
Forsennatàggine, and Forsenna^ 

tèzza,/. (blly, madness 
Forsenna'amèute, ait. madly 
Forsennato, a. mad. extravagant 
Forte, a. strong, sturdy ; desidero 
for'e di vedérlo, I àm very de- 
sirous to see him ; fa forte "tem- 
po, it is very bad wea'her 
Forte, m. Cower, strength, nerve, 
fortress [ously 

Fortemente, arid Forte, ad. vigor» 
Forterùzzo, a. ra'her strong, sour 
Fortézza, /. steadiness, fortitude; 
a forress; fortézza d' ànimo, 
Fr^r'ificàre, to fortify 
Foriificalóre, m. a fortifier 
Fortificazióne. /. jrid Fortifica- 
ménto, m. fortifica' ion 
Fortino, m. a .small f'rt 
For'itOdine,/. forti «de 
Fortóre, m. force, sharpness 


Fortuitamente, ad. casually 
Fortùito, o. accidenul ; caso for- 
tùito, chance 
Fortume, and Fortóre, m. things 

stroiijjly tasted 
Fortuna,/, fortune 
Fortunale, a. casual 
Fortun.ire, lo make fortunate, to 

try one's luck 
Fortunataménle, ad. luckily 
FortuiTito, o. fortunate 
Fortunegjiàre, to make hapj)y 
Fortunosamente, ad. by cliance 
Fortunóso, and Koriunsvole, o. 

fortui'ous, hazardous, fortunate 
Forvóglia, ad. against one's will 
Fòrza, /. force, power ; a foi-za, 
ad. by force ; far forza, to com- 
pel [violence 
Forzaménto, m. force, cmstnint, 
Forzare, to force ; fnrz'irsi, tdstrive 
Forza' amante, ad. bv foice 
FnrzAto, part, forced 
Forzato, m. a galley slave 
Forzatore, m, he that compels 
Forzerinàio, m. a trunk-niaker 
Forzévole, a. forcible 
Forzevolménte, ad. violently 
Forzière, m., chest, trunk 
Forzosamente, ad. forcibly 
Forzuto, aiìd Forzóso, a. strong 
Fescamente, ad. obscurely 
Fésco, a. brown, tawny, dark, 

Fosfòrico, a. phosphoric 
Fòsforo, m. the morning star 
Fòssa,/, ditch, trench, grave ; chi 
vién dalla fossa sa che cosa è'I 
mono, experience makes us wi^e 
Fossàccia./. a ditch 
Fossato, m. a little torrent 
Fossétta,/, a lit'le dich, or grave 
Fòssile, a. any thing dug up ; sal 

fòssile, mineral salt 
Fòsso, m. a ditch 
Fottivénti, m. a kestrel 
Fra, prep, (tra,) between, amongst, 
ÌD ; fra me, to myself ; fra quan- 
to ? in what time ? 
Fra, m. (for Frate,) brother. 

monk ; lazy rozue 
Fracassaménto, m. clutter, havoc 
Fracassare, to destroy, break 
Fracassato, part, broken 
Fracassio, m. crash, ruin 
Fracasso, m. crash, ruin, havoc, 

FracidAre, to rot, putrefy 
Fraci lizza,/, rottenness 
Fracidiccio, a. rotting 
Fricido, tt. putrefied : lingua frici 
da, venomous tongue 


Fracidiime, and Fracidiccio, m. i 

roiteiiness, puirefaction 
Fradici , a. wet, roilen ! 

Fra-r!l;irc, tee Flagellare, and its 

derivatives j 

Friuilr, a. brittle, frail 
Fi-aiiiizza, and Fragilità, /. brit- 

Fra^ilniénte, ad. weakly, feebly 
Fragnóie, to breiik 
Fragola,/, stra.vberrj' 
Fragore, m. noise; fragrancy 
Fragóso, a. noisy 
Fi-agrànte, a. fragrant 
IVagrànza, /. fnrri cy 
Frtle. a. weak, feeble 
Fi-al^j/za,/. *ue Fradiézza 
Fralmén'e, ad. weakly, leebly 
Framménto, m. fra.;iiiént 
Fraiiime-colàre, to mix, mingle 
Frammésso, m. a thing inserted 
Fiammésso, part, jiut betwein 
Fi'imme téTi' puling between ; 

in. a iT'j-ljet A e;n 
Frammé ti"e, to put among ; fram- 

nic'tersi, t i intermeddle 
Franmiischi.'ire, 'o mix with 
Frammisto, a. mixed 

Francamén'e, ad. freely, openly 

Francamin o, in. a safety, delivery 

Francjire, to free, release 

Franoescamési'e, ad. Fr.-nch-like 

FranresDim, m. a Franciscan 

Francesco, o. French 

Francese, a. French 

Francheggiftre, to cuntenance 

Franchézza, /. bddness, integrity, 
freedom, liberty 

Franchigia,/, franchise, privilege 

Franco, m. a fnnc 

Franco, a. free, bold, sincere, 

Francolino, m. a heath-c^ck 

Frangènte, m. misfortune, misery, 
a wave 

Fràngere, to break, spli' ; franger- 
si, to be filled with pity 

Frangia, f. frinje 

Franilliile. a. brittle, fragile 

Frangibilitn,/. frailly 

Frairiiménto, in. a breakini. 
trembling ; frangimenti, frag- 

Frannónnolo, m. an old fool 

Franlendere, to understand coutra- 

FrAn'o, part, broken 

Fraiizé'e, a. French 

Franzeslsmo. m. Gall'cism 

Frappa, / lajipet 


Frappilt >, part. ja4.;e I, cheated 
Frappatore. m. a >liafpci, b-aitcar 
Frapp.-ggiàre, io pain' r<liagcs 
Frappone, to inter|io-ic; ; senza 
fripporvi diiuora ale ma, with 
out any d. lay 
Fra|.'i)oslo, pat. inter.inrdJled 
Frasca,/, a b u,;h, a bush, biancb, 
an idle story, a vain man ; al 
buon vino non bisogna frasca, 
good wine n.els no bush 
Fra-c.i o, m. ai hour, a shade 
Fia cheg;iAre, io bu-tle, murmur, 
to play the l'iol [trifle 

Frascheria, /. wantonn>ss, jest. 
Frasche l.a, /. a small branch, a 
l'Iundcrer iprrson 

Frasche'iluo, m. a hin^-bralned 
Fra->chiére, m. an ine 'usant, giddy 

Frascoii.aia, y birliuz, fiwling 
Frasconi, m. pi. dead bnuches to 

bum ; silly 'bin; or <ayir.i 
Frase,/, phrase [dillany) 

Frassinèlla, /. fraxiiiella (bas ard 
Frassliieo, o. of a.h [wood 

Frassinéto, m. an asb-grove, or 
Fr'issino. m. an a^h- re 
Frastagliaraéiil'), m. find Frasta- 
glia'iira, /. a cu lini, a notch, 
nib, slit 
Frasla»lÌTnte, a. cu'tin». notching 
Fi-asa<liàre, lo cut, notch, to con- 
Frastagli\ta, /. confusion, disorder 
Frastaglia'amén'e. a '. confusedly 
Frasta di^'o, part, notched, cut 
Frast.'iglio, m. a cu', mb 
Frastenére. to de'ain 
Frastornare, to dis'urb, interrupt; 
frastornar uno dal cammino, to 
mislead [noise 

Frastuono, m. a soun I, confused 
Fra'-'ccio, m. a wick -ri friar 
Fnt.'into, a'I. nifan ■ bile 
F'à'e, m. friar, b-o bf-r, father 
Fra'ell'nza. f. bro he'hood 
FratelKnole. a. hm'he'ly 
FraelW-voIniintetirf. Tke a brother 
Fri'ellino, m. a yunier brother 
Fra'élln, m. brother 
FraVrta, /. a conven». monkery 
Frafern'fle, a. fraternal 
Fra-enMlmén'e, and Fratemv 

ménte, a'K brotberly 
Fra'prni'à, f. brfi he-hood 
Fraterno, a. fraenial 
Era'ésco, o. of a monk 
Fraticlda, m. fra'rid !e 
Fraticidio, m. murdering a brother 


Frattle, a. monkish 

Fratino, »/i. youag monk 

Fratisiui, m. monkery, monks 

Fiatta, /. a place, or bush of thorns, 
a rug^ place : ésere per le 
frane, fo be in a bad condition 

Frattaglie, f. the entrails 

Frattanto, ad. meanwhile 

Fratto, pait. brokec 

Frattura, /. a fractui-e 

Fraudato, part, cheated 

Fraudare, io cheat 

Fraudatóre, m. a cheat 

Fraude./. fraud, cheat 

FraudevolUiéute. ad. fraudulently 

Fraudoléute, a. frauriuleni [ly 

Fraudolen'eménte. ad. fraudulent- 

Fraudolcnto, a. fraudulent 

Fraudolènza, and Fraudolénzia, /. 

FravnU,/. strawberry 

Frazione. /. breaking 

Fréccia./, an arrow ; dar la &éc- 
cia, to borrow from every one, 
or to -liTront every one 

Frecciare, to shoot a dart, to bor- 
row [arrow 

Frecc'.^ta. /. the wound of an 

Frecciatore, m. an archer 

Freddamente, ad. coldly 

Freddare, to set cold ; "non la la- 
sciate freddare, make haste 

Fredd'ito, a. cold 

Freddézza./, coldness, icdiflference 

Freddicelo, and Freddolóso, a. 
coldish [coL; 

Fréddo, m. cold ; fa fréddo, it is 

Fréddo, a. cold, languid 

Freddii-a, /. cold, violent cold, 
slon-ness, idlene^ 

Fréga,/, desire 

Fregacciilare. to mark, trace _ 

Fresajione, /. and Fregaménto, 
m. nilibin;. fri: ion 

Fregaménto, ni. see Fregagióne 

Fr^re. to rub. to play one a trick 

Fregata,/, a frizae 

Fregato, part, rubbed 

Fregatura./, friction 

Fregiaménto, rru "mament 

FYKJire, to embellish, adorn 

Fregialo. pc.H, ajomed 

Fregiatiira, /. orrament, trimming 

Fréno, nu ornament, lace, trim- 
ming, glory, commendation, 
ho'tiour ; a frfeye in irchi'ecture ; 
a cut, scar, dishoaiur, infamy 

Frego, m. a line, a scar 

Frégola, /. spawnin», longin?, 
fancy : ali venne la frégola d'an- 
d&re alla canip^=ma, the whim 
tot* him to go into the country 


Frégolo, m. fish, spawn 
Fremebondo, a. horrible 
Fremènte, a. fretting, fuming ; 
cavallo fremènte, a neighing 
Frèmere, and Fremire, to rage, 
roa:-, fret [blmg 

Fremito, m. noise, roaring, grimi- 
Freaiio, m. a bridle-maker " 
Frenare, to bridle, ci-rb. repress 
Frenèlla,/. a bit of a bridle 
Frenèllo, m. a muzzle j string of 

the tongue 
Frenesia./, frenzy 
Freueticaméuto, nu delirium 
Fene'icaute, a. raving 
Frenetic 'ire, to lave 
Frenetichczza. /. madne^ 
Frenètico, a. mad 
Fréno, rru a horse-bit, bridle, curb, 
helm, management, conduct ; 
ródere il fréno, to fret 
Frequentare, to freqnent ; frequen- 
tare con qualcheduuo, to con- 
Frequen'ativo, a, frequenting 
Frequentato, part, frequen'ej 
Frequentatore, m. a fr^-quen'er 
Frequ-n! azióne,/, usage, rs-petition 
Frequènte, a. frequent, usual 
Frequentemente, ad. fit^ueatly 
Frequènza,/, frequency, resort 
Frescamente, ad. newly, just now 
Freschézza, /. freshness 
Freschètjo, a. cool, frft-h 
Fresco, »?!. and Frescura,/. cool- 
Fresco, a. cool, fresh ; pan frésco, 
new breid ; diplgnere a frésco, 
to pain* in fresco ; stiamo fré- 
schi, it is ha-d wirh us ; di fre- 
sco, arf. newly. lately ; è arriva- 
to di frésco, be is la'ely come 
Frè'o. m. a strai', sea 
Frétta, /. haste, speed 
Frettolosamente, ad. hastily 
Frettolóso, a. has-y 
Fricassèa,/, a fricassee 
Frigfere, to fry, to bum ; ho fritto, 

I am ruined 
Frigidézza,/, coldness 
Frigidità./, frijidi-y 
Frigido, a. cold, im'potent 
Frijione, or Fregione, ni. a kind 

of horse 
IViniuéllo, m. a chaffinch 
Friscèllo, m. flour, meal, mill-dust 
FrittS-a, f. a pancake, -imelet 
Frirélla."/. a fri*»er, a trifler 
j Fritto, part, fried, lost, dead 
FritHime, m. and Frirttira, /. fried 
I meat ■ 



Frivolo, o. frivolous 
Frizzante, a. sharp, smart 
Frizzare, 'o, to be sharp; 

uomo che fi Izza, a man of wit 
Frizzo, 7V1. an i'ching ; wit, saicasn 
Froda, /. and Frodamènto, m. 

fraud, deceit 
Frodare, to defraud, cheat 
Frodito, part, defrauded 
Frodatóre, m. a cheat 
Fròde,/, atìd Fròdo, m. fraud 
Frrylolén'e, and Frodolénto, a. 

Frod ilenteménte, ad, fraudulently 
Frodolèpja,/. fraud, deceit 
Frollaménto, m. tenderness 
Frollare, to make lender 
Frollo, a. tender, weak, faint 
Frómba,/. a sling 
Frouibatore, m. a siinger 
Fromb'i, tti. a whizzing noise 
Frómbola, /. a sling, a stone (to 

sling wi'h) 
Frombolare, io sling s*ones 
FiDmboliére, m. a siinger 
Frónda, /. a leaf 
Frondeg^ante, and Frondito, a. 

Frondeggiare, and Frondare, to 

produce leaves 
Frondifero, a. leaf-bearing 
Frondire, and Fronzire, to Ehoot 

forh leaves 
Frondóiin, and Frondiito, a. leafy 
Frond-jra, f. a qranlitv of leaves 
Frontale./, frontlet, he^dj-aM 
Frónte, f. the forehead, h -ad, face, 

front: alia fron'e dell' anruta, 

at the head of the army ; fortar 

in fronte il suo pensiero, to speak 

as one thicks ; s'il nome tuo nel 

mondo t^na fron'e, if you enjoy 

the esteem of the world 
Fronteigi.'ire, to resist 
Froufispizio, Frontespizio, and 

Fron'espicio, m. fron'ispiece 
Fron'iira. /. frontier of a country 
Frondóso, a. bold, brazen-faced 
Fronzuto, a. ereen, leafy 
Frr.sóne, and Fnisóne,'m. an os- 

prey (a bird) [gether 

Fró'ta, /. crowd ; in frotta, alto- 
Frottola./, a ballad 
Frottolare, to compose ballads ; to 

Frucóne, m. a blow wiih the fist 
Frujacchiaménto, m. a sounding, 

Frujacchiire, to sound with a 

FrurMe, a. fru»al, temperate 
Frugalità,/, frugality 


Frogalménte, ad. frugally 
Frugal^ to grope, sound, to seek 

Frujita,/. a eioping, souniing 
Frugatoio, ni. a long pole (such as 

bar^men use) 
Fruga'ore, m. one that tries 
Fru^fcro, a. fruitful 
Frugnuolàre, to go a birding, or 

fishing, with a lantern 
FruTDUolatóre, rn. a hunter with a 

Frugnuolo, m. a hunting lantern 
FrugoLóre, to poke, fumble ; fru- 
golare il fuòco, to stir t!ie fire 
frugolino, m. a child full of tricks 

and noise 
Frùgolo, m. a waggish boy 
Frugóne, ni. a broken piece of 

wo-d, a blow with one's fist 
Fruire, to enjoy 
Frub-.ione,/. fruition 
Fn)lla,/. a trifle, toy 
Frullare, to whiz, to roar ; il vento 

frulla, tbe wind blows hard 
Frullo, m. a whizzing, nothing at 

all ; non ne darei un fnillo, I 

would not give a pin for it 
Frullóne, m. a bolter to sift meal 
Frumentrrio, a. of com 
Frumen'iere, m. a sutler, pur- 

Fruménto, m, corn, wheat 
FruR.entóso, a. yielding wheat 
Frusciare, to vex 
Fnjsco, and Fruscolo, tn. straw, 

Fn'issi, m. a kind of game at cards 
Frus'a, f. a «hip, a scour?a 
Frus'aTno, m. fustian, dimity 
Frus'.ire, to whip ; frustare un 

àbito, to wear out clothes 
Frusfito, part, whipped, used, 

frustra'ed, deluded 
Frustatóre, m. a whipper 
Fru5fa'ório, a. vain, useless 
Frustatura,/, a whipping 
FrOs'o, m. a piece 
FrJsto, o. worn out 
Fnistra, ad. in vain 
Frustrare, to frustrate 
Frti'ice, m. shrub, sprout 
Fritia,/. fruit 
Fruttaiinlo, and Fruttaruólo, m. 

Fruttare, to yield, bear, produce 
Fruttato, part, fructified 
Fruttifero, Fru"évo e. Fruttifi- 
cante, and Fruttifico, a. fertile 
Fruttificare, and Fruttuàre, to 

Frutto, m. fruit, rent, interest 


Fruttuosamente, ad. usefully, prof- 

Fruttuosità,/, fruitfulness 

Fruttuóso, a. pron"iable, fruitful 

Fu, a. deceased ; il fu re, the late 

Fucato, par*, painted, dissuised 

Fucile, m. the steel to strike fire ; 
a musket ; fucile dell' archibù- 
gio, firelock 

Fuciaa,/. a forge 

Fucinata, /. a great number 

Fiico, m. drone 

Fuga, /. fii,-ht, escape ; a row of 
rooms, &c. ; méttersi in fòga, to 
run away, a fugue in music 

Fug-'!ce, a. sv.ift, fugitive 

Fugamenfo, m. rout, disorder 

Fu^ire, to chase 

Fugato, part, chased 

Fugatóre, m. he that chases 

Fugginte, and Fuggévole, a. fly- 
ing away 

Fu-rgiascaniénte, ad. by stealth 

Fug<iJsco, a. funtive " 

Fugiibile, a. avoidable 

Fuggifatica, m. an idler 

Fuggiménto, m. flight 

Fuggire, to ty away, shun, avoid ; 
m> fugge 1'' ànimo di \edério, I 
have not the courage to see hini 

Fu?gi a,/, flight 

Fu.'gitlccio, 'and Fuggitivo, a. 

Fuggito, part, fled away 

Fi'5:gi'6re, m. a runaway 

Fiifo, a. ob cure, dars 

Fulcire, to underprop 

Fulgén*e, a. shining, bright 

F:ilzere, to shine 

Fulgidézza, and Folgiditi, /. ful- 

Fùlgido, a. shining, bright 

Fulgorato, o. brilliant 

Fulgóre, ni. splendour 

Fuliggine,/, soot 

Fuligginóso, a. smoky 

Fulmininte, a. thundering 

Fulmiaire, to thunder, rage, to 
sentence, to be in a passion 

Fulminato, part, fulminated 

Fulminazióne,/, fulminatioa 

Fulmine, m. thunder-bilt 

Fulmineo, a. thunder-like 

Fulvo, o. yellow, ruddy 

Fumàcchio, m. fumidition, a coal 
which smokes much 

Fumaiuòlo, m. a smoky coal, the 

Fwnale, a. smoky 

Fumante, a. smoking 

Fumare, to smoke 


Fumiti /. a smoke made (or a 

Fumèa,/, smoke 

Fumicante, a. smoking 

Fumicare, to smoke, to perfome 

Fiimido, a. smoky 

Fuinjca2Ìone, Fumigazióne,/, and 
Funiigio, m. fumigaiion 

Fummàre, see Fimiare, and all its 

Fiimo, m. smoke, fune: conver- 
tirsi in fumo, to vanish, fume, 
vapour ; aver funio, to be proud 

Fumosità,/, fume, steam 

Fumóso, a. fumy, hausbty 

Fum'^stérno, rn. tuuiiiory'(a plant) 

Futiaiolo, m. a rope-maker 

FuiiAme, m. cordage 

Funata, /. many "people tied to- 
gether ; fare u:.a funata, to 
make many prisoners 

Futiditore, m. aslinger 

Fiine, m. and f. a. rope, rack, 
torture ; tenére uno in sulla firn-, 
to keep one in suspense 

Funebre, and Funèreo, a. funereal 

Fuceiàle, m. funeral 

FunesLire, to sadden 

Funés'o, a. fatal, unlucky 

Fùngo, m. mushroom ; fùngo ma 
rli'o, sea sponge 

Funjòso, a. fungnns 

Funicèlla./, a little cord 

Funicolo, m. a small cord 

Funzione,/, duty, function 

Fuòco, m. fire,' passion, discori, 
love ; ne metterei le maci .al 
fuòco, I could take my oath on 
it ; méttere troppa carne al fuòco, 
to undertake too many things at 

Fuóra, and Fuòri, ad. anipnp. 
out. abroad, from home ; fuor d: 
mano, out of reach ; fuor di mi- 
sura, very much 

Fuorché, prep, except, only 

Fuorchitidere, ict Forchiiid'ere 

Fuormisiira. ad. excessively 

Fuoi^olamcnte. ad. except 

Fuoruscito, m. an exile 

Furace, arid Furante, o. thit' ìdje 

Furare, to steal 

Furato, part, stolen 

Furatóre, m. a thief 

Furbaccio, m. -ozue, knave 

Furbamente, ad. cunningly 

Furberia, /. a cheat 

Furbescamente, ad. n^nishly 

Furbésco, a. dec^'itful 

Furbétto, rn. a knavish man 

Furbo, m. a knave, a rogue 

Fùre, 771. thief 


Furènte, a. razing 
Furétto, m. a ferret 
Furfaniàccio, m. a scoundrel 
Furfantare, to live the life of a 

Furfante, m. a rogue, rascal 
Furfenlélli, a;id Furfantino, m. a 

little ro^e 

Furfanteria,/, wickedness, wicked 

action [lain 

Furfen'óne, m. a ereat rosrue, vil- 

Fi'iria, /. fury ; psission ; a fùria, 

ad. furiously 
Furialménte, ad. furi'^usly 
Furibondài-e, and Furiare, to raje 

like a madman 
Furibondo, and Furiato, a. full of 

Ftiritire, m. harbinger 
Furinsaménte, ad. maliy 
Furióso, a. fierce, mad 
FurlAna, /. a dance 
Ftiro, o. thievish ; m. a thief 
Furóre, m. madness 
Furtivaniénte, ad. secretly 
Furtivo, a. stolen ; furtivo desio, 
unlawful desire [privately 

Ffirto, m. robbery ; di furto, ad. 
Fusa^iTÌne, /. the spitdle-tree 
Fusaio, m. spindle-maker 
FusaiuólOjTJi. a whirl for a spindle 
Fuscèllo, m. Straw ; meal, mill- 
Fusco, a. dark, brown 
Fusione, /. fusion, melting, thaw- 
ing [lar 

Ftiso, m. a spindle, shaft of a pil- 
Fuso, part, melted 
Fusóne, ni. a sort of sta^j a fusóne, 

ruì. plentifully 
Fùsta,/. a sort of light galley 
Fustagno, m. fustian 
Ftjsto, m. s'alk, stem, shank, trunk 

of a tree, shaft of a column 
Ftitile, a. trifling 
Futufamente, ad. for the future 
Futuro, a. future 


G ABB ADE '0. m. a hypocrite 
Gabbamenfo, m. a cheat, trick 
Gabbamóndo, m. a cheat, quack 
Gabbanèlla, /. ridinghood, or 

Gabbano, m. a felt cloak 
Gabbare, to deceive, jest: gab- 
bò rsi, to mis'ake 
Gabbato, fart, deceived 


Gabbatóre, m. deceiver 
G-'bLia./. a cage, a jail 
Gabbiàio, m. a cage-niaker 
Gabbiano, m. a sea-new, cob, gull 
Gabbiano, a. clownish, unpolite 
Gabbiata, /. a full cage 
Gabbière, and Gabbiero, m. an 

eniploymeut at sea 
Gabbjoliia,/. a sn.all cage 
Gabbionata,/, a bulwark 
Gabbióne, m. a lar^e cage ; mét- 
tere nel gabbione," to allure by 
Gabbo, m. jeering ; prender a 

gal bo. banter 
Gabèlla./, -oil, duty, tax 
Gabeilóre, to pay duty; non ga- 
bello quel che dite, I do not be- 
lie\ e a word of what you say 
Ckilt'lli^re, m. cusiom-bouse 

Gabirè to. m. closet 
Ga;gii, /. tbe scuttle of a ship 
Cia.-r-ia,/. acacia (a tree) 
Gaa-io, ?7i. hostage, fledge 
Gailiar-ianién'e. ad. briskly, boldly 
Gagliardezza, and Gazliardla, /. 

s^reiiicth, couraee, prowess 
Gagliardo, a. stout, s'rong j fej 

del gadi'irdo, lo brave it 
Gaglio, m. rennet, that turns milk 
Gaglioifccin. and Gagliófìo, m. 

rascal, rosrue, knave, coward 
GaglioiRjine, f. rogurry 
GagliofFauièntè, ad. roguishly 
Ga^liofferia. /. knavery 
Gaglioso, a. ciammy. glui=h 
Gailiuólo, m. cod. husk, shell 
Gfismo, in. a stable, sheepfold ; a 

in.-i7e. sr.are 
GaiTuolamèn'o» '"i^ Gagnolio, m. 

the howling of a dog " 
Gagnolare, to howl, roar 
Gaiamente, ad. merrily, pleas- 
antly, gayly 
Gaiétb,' a. cheerful, gay 
Gaiézza,/, gaye'y. cheerfulness 
Ginn. a. gay. joyful 
Gaioso, a. jay 

Gala. /. ornament, finery, dress 
star sulle gale, to follow the 
fashion [plant) 

Gal.inga, /. galàngal, (an aromatic 
Galnnte, a. accomplished, brave 
Galantemente, ad. genteelly 
Galanteria,/, civility, bravery 
Galan'ino. a. pretty, delicate; \ 
palantlnoj a beau, a spruce 
Galantuòmo, m. a gallant mai 
Gal'ppio, m. a trap 
1 GaLàssia,/. the milky way 


Galblkno, m. the gum i 
Galèa, and Galèra, /. a galley 
Galeazza,/, a double gallery 
Galeóne, m. a galleon 
Galeo'ta,/. a small galley 
Galeottaccio, m. a vile fellow 
Galeotto, m. a galley-slave 
Galèra, /. see Galèa 
Galla./ a gall nut, an acorn : luck ; 
èssere a gaila, to get the beN 
ter of 
Gallare, and Galleggiare, to swim, 

to esult, to tread like a cock 
Galleggiante, a. swimming 
Gallerra,/. a gallery 
Gallétto, ni. a'young cock 
Gallicicio, m. cock-crowing time 

of the night 
Gallina,/, a hen 
Gall inaccia, /. a useless hen 
Gallinaccio, a. of a hen 
Gallinàccio, ni. a kind of mosh 

room ; a turkey-cock 
Gallinàio, m. a poulerer 
Gallinèlla, /. a chicken 
Gallo, m. a cock ; gallo d'I'ndia, 

tu- key 
Gallonato, a. adorned with lace 
Gallóne, m. galloon, lace 
Gallòria, /. transport of joy; & 

gallòria, to make a holyday 
Gallòzza, and Gallozzola, /. 
nut-gall ; bubbles formed by raia 
in water 
Galiczzàre, to be merry, to laugh 
Galoppire, to gallop 
Galoppatóre, m. a galloper 
Galójipo, m. a gallop 
Galiippo, m. a poor object 
Gamba, /. leg ; dolersi di gamba 
sana, to complain without rea 
son ; darla a ^mbe. to run away 
Gambale, m. a stem of flowers 
Gambaruólo, and Gamberuòlo, m. 

see Gambièra 
Gambata, /. a gambol, a kick 
Gamberàccia, /. a sore leg 
Gambero, m. craw-Csh ; far come 

il gambero, to go backwards 
Gambétta, /. a wooden leg 
Gambettare, to play with one^ 

Gambétto, m. a trip up ; dare il 
gambétto ad uno, to trip one up 
Gambièra, /. armour for the leg» 
Gambo, m stem, stalk 
Garnbuccia,/. a small leg 
Gambuto, a. high-stalked 
Gàna. /. fare di gana, to do wil. 

lingly, with a good heart 
1 Gan' scia, /. the jaw 
I Gàncio, m. a hook 


Gangherare, to set on hinges 
Gangherato, a. on hini;es 
Gànghero, m. a hinsce,' pivot; dare 

ne' gàngheri, to lake tieed ; uscir 

da' gàngheri, to blunder 
Gara, /. strife, contention ; (are a 

gara, to be rivals 
Garabullàre, to cheat 
Garbare, to smile upon, please ; to 

have a genteel air 
Garbatamente, ad. jracefully 
Garbatézza, /. gracefulness 
Garbato, a. polite ; un uòmo gar- 
bato, a man of addrew 
Garbo, m. garb, carriage ; con bel 

gàrbu, civilly 
Garliiiglio, m. tumult j confusion ; 

méttere in garbùglio, to i)ut iu 

Gareggiaménto, m. see Gara 
Gareggiinte, a. strivin^ 
Gareggiare, to a utend ; gareggia- 
re nello s'.lidio, to study with 

Gareggiatóre, m. a rival 
Garegi;ióso, a. a litigiDus person 
GanJtto, m. the lhii?h, the ham 
Gargagliare, to murmur 
Garga;;liàta,/. a paddlinj, dabbling 
Gargautiglia,/. a necklace 
Gargarismo, in. gavgle 
Gargarizz-are, to gargle 
Gargozza, /. mid Gargozzùle, m. 

windpipe, throat 
Gariandro, m. a sort of precious 

Caribo, m. dance, ball 
Garofanare, to spice 
Garofanito, j>nrl. spiced 
Garòfano, m. clove, gillyflower 
Garontolare, to beat with one's 

Garosello, and Garóso, a. litigious, 

quarrelsome, stubborn 
Garpa,/. spavins 
Garrevole, o. scolding 
Garriménto, aiid Garrito, m. a 

Garrire, to chide, blame, sctOd, to 

chirp, warble, sing, cliatter 
Giarrito, vi. warbling 
Garritóre, m. a scolding man 
Garrulare, to pra'e [railing 

Garrulità, /. babbling, chattering. 
Gàrrulo, a. prattling, chat'ering 
Garza,/, a jay, a sort of magpie 
GarzonAccio, m. a stout lad 
Garzoncèllo, mid Garzoncino, m. 

a young lad 
Garzóne, m. a boy, a lad, servant 
Garzonézza, /. childho d 
Qaizonile, a. boyish, childish 


Garzonntto, m. a young nian 
Garzuòlo, m. the heart of herbs, 
&c. cabbage, lettuce, &c. ; a sort 
of hemp-seed 
Gastigaiinne,/, and Gastigaménto, 
rn, punishment, chastisement ; 
Gasiiginte, a. chastising 
Gas iifire, lo chastise, to teach 
Ciastiga'òre, m, punisher, censor 
Gas (go, m. Gastigat'jra, and Ga- 

stigazione,/. cbasti^-ement 
Gattaiuòla, /. a cat's hole 
Gatto, m. anrf Gàtla, /. a he-cat, a 
she-cat ; a warlike engine ; ven- 
der la gatta in sacco, to sell a 
pig in a poke ; far la gatta mor- 
ta, to dissemble ; voler la gatta, 
to be in earnest ; chiamar la 
g'tta, to speak plain 
Galiuo, m. a kitten 
Gattomammóne, m. a kind of ape 
Gattòne, vi. a large catj faj-e il 

gattóne, to connive at 
Gattozil>é'to, m. a civet cat 
Gaudentemente, ad. joyfully 
G'ludio, m. joy, mirth 
Gaudióso, a. joyful, glad 
Gav.izjro,/. Gavazzo, and Gavazza- 

ménto, 171. shout fjr joy 
Gavazzare, 'o rejoice much 
Gavazziére, m. he that rejoices 

with much noise 
Gavei-'zi ire, to regard 
Gavei^gino, m. a fop 
Gavétta, /. a bunch of music 
strings [throat 

Givi-nc, /. ph kernels in the 
Cavillare, see. Cavillare, and its de- 
Gavine. /.pi. the kmg's evil 
Gavòcciolo, m. a bile, a tumour 
Cavòncliio, m. a sort of eel 
Gavólta,/. a soit of fish 
Gazofilàcio. ni. trea-ury 
GAzza, and Cazzerà, /. a jay, a 

Gazzétta,/, gazette [noise 

Gazziirro, m. noi-e, thundering 
Gelaménto, m. and Celata, /. 

Gelare, to freeze, to be tr zen with 

cold ; gela, it freezes 
Gelataiciénte, ad. coldly, chilly, 

Gelatina, 'aM Geleria. /. jelly 
Gelnto, and Gèlido, a. frozen, ter- 
Géldra,/. rabble, mob of people 
Gelicidio, m. frosty weather 
Gelidézza,/, cooling, freshness 
Gèlo, m. ice, frast, cold 


Gelosaccio, a. very jealous 

GelosariiéLle, ad. jealously 

Gelosia, /. jealousy ; a lattice, or 

Gelóso, a. jealous ; negòzio gelóao, 
a nice point 

Gèlsa, /. a mulberry 

Gèlso, m. a mulberry-tree 

Gelsomino, m. a ja^ine, or jetsa- 

Gemèlli, m. pL the celestial sign 

Gemèllo, m. a twin 

Gemente, a. groaning 

Gémese, and Cernire, to groan; 
to drop, trickle 

Geminare, to double 

GeminAto, a. doubled 

Geminazióne, /. doubling, redit- 

Gèmino, a. double 

Gèmito, m. groan, lamenbng, 
complaint; spring, dropping of 

Gèmma,/, a jewel, a bud 

Gemmare, to bud, to shoot 

Gemmato, part, covered witi? 

Genealogia, /. genealogy 

Generàbile, a.'bejotten 

Cenerabilità, /. the power of e>' 

Generalato, m. generalship 

Generale, o, general 

Generale, rn. a general 

Generalissimo, m. and a. the su- 
preme commander, very gene- 
ral, common 

Generalità;/, generality 

Generalmente, ad. generally ; gen- 
eralmente parlando, commonly 

Gener.'inle, a. bejetting 

Generare, to beget, bring forth 

Generativo, a. generative 

Generato, part, begotten 

Generatóre, m. progenitor, &ther 

Generazióne,'/, arid Generaménto, 
m. generation, progeny 

Gènere, m. genus, species, sort, 
way, manner; gender; un gè- 
nere di vita, manner of life 

Genericamente, ad. see General 

Genèrico, a. generical, common 

Gènero, m. a son-in-law 

Generosamente, ad. generously 
I Generosità, /. generosity 
I Generóso, a. generous, fniitful 
I Gènesi, m. and f. Genesis (tb> 
I first book of Moses) 
I Cengia, and Gengiva, /. the puu 


Gfengiovo, TTi. ginger 
Geniale, a. agrceal.le ; letto genia- 
le, genial bed 
Genio, HI. genius ; a familiar 
spirit; wit, tai;n!s, jarts; an- 
dare a genio, to please 
Genitale, "o. genital 
Genitivo, m. the genitive case (in 

Gtni'o. a. be^otren 
GenJ:ore, m. fa' her 
Goni rice, /. mother 
Geni 'ira,/, binh; la prima geni- 
tura, blrthriiht; semen, casting 
one's nativity 
Gennaio, m. January 
GenL'iccia, Gen ail ia, /. and Gen- 

taaie, m. rabble, mob 
Gente, /. nation, men. people, 
cn-.vti. kindred, faii.ily ; la genie 
del re. the king's soldiers ; gen e 
a cavi'JIo, horsemen ; buona 
gén'e. g-x)d people ; di bassa 
géuv, of a mean extraction 
Genterèlla,/, common people 
Gentil ;óuua,/. a gen'lewnian 
Gentile, and Genfilj-to. a. gente*"!, 
noble, nice ; gentili, gentiles, 
Gentilesco, a. handsome, genteel 
Gentilésimo, m. hea-henisni 
Gentilézza. /. gentility, courtesy, 

Genlilire. to make coble 
Gentilità,/, hea henism, nobility 
Gentilizio, a. common to a coun- 
try, or family 
Gentilmente, ad. courteously, rich- 
ly, splendidly 
Gentilfitto, m. a nobleman 
Gentiluòmo, 771. a gentleman 
Gentiiccia. /. rabble, mob 
GenuflessióiiC, /. genuflexion 
Genuflèsso, a. kneeling 
Genuflettere, to kueel 
Genuino, a. natural, genuine 
Genziana./, gentian, felwort 
Geografia, /, geography 
Geografo, m.'geograptìer 
Geominte, m.^jeoniancer 
Geomanzia,/. a kind of divination 
Geòmetra, m. geometrician 
Geometria,/, geome'ry [ly 

Geometricamente, ad. geometritaf- 
Geometrico. a. je^raetrical 
Georgica./. agricultural poetry 
Geòrgico, a. ajrictiltara! 
Gerirca, m. ? hiih-priest 
Gerarchla, /. hierarchy, church 

government, embarra^ment 
Geràrchico, o. of heaven, heaven- 


I Gergo, atìd Gergóne, m. slang, 
I cant 

I Gèrla,/, a dorser 
1 Germana, /. sis er 
I Germànico, a. German [man 

I Germano, ni. brother, cousin-ger- 
' Germano, a. right, proper, true 
Germe, m. a bud, a shoot 
Germinare, -o bui, >hTol 
Germinire, m. a budding, shoot- 
ing forth 
Geraiinarivo, a. fit to engender 
Germogliajiiènto, m. a budding, a 

bud, or sprout 
Gemiogli^.n e, a. budding 
Germogliare, to bud, blos-^m 
Gemioglio, m. shoot, bud, bltKSom 
Geroglificare, to make hiert^lyph- 

Geroiclifico, in. biertelyphic 
Geroglifico, a. hieroglyphical, ob- 
Gerrctiéra, C order of the garter 
Gèrsa,/ a sort of paiut 
Gerfiudio, m. a gerund (in gram- 
Gessi to, and Gessoso, a. chalky 
Gess'T, m. chalk, plas'er 
Gèsta,/, pi. acts, exploits 
Geste^iiare, and Gestire, to use too 

much gesture 
Gèsto,- m. ac'ion, gesture, exploit 
Gesuita, m. a Jesuit 
Gefare, to throw, stioot, hurt ; 
gettar sospiri, to fetch sidis ; 
gettar via. to throw away : get- 
tar mot^o, to mention; gettare, 
to bud, bloom ; gettar la sorte. 
to cast Id's; gettar a male, to 
consume ; gettar i! tempo, to 
spend time ; settóre, to cast in a 
mould : settirsi ad una cosa, to 
apply one's self to a thing 
Gettata,/, a cast, a throw 
Cenato, a. thron-n, cast, melted 
Gettatore, m. caster, fo'inder 
Gètto, TJi. throw, cast ; cannóne di 
gètto, a brass cannon ; ad un 
getto di pietra, at a stone's throw 
Gheppio, Tìu kestrel ; tar ghéppio, 

to die 
GherbSno, m. the sou-!i-west wind 
Gherminèlla,/, iugg'inr tricks 
Ghermire, to snatch, seize 
Ghermito, part, sna'ched. seized 
GheróÉin", m. a gillyflower, or 

clove, pink 
Gherone, rtì. a piece, gusset 
Ghetto, m. an abode for Jews 
Ghazzo, TO. a moor, a negro 
Ghiacciaia,/, an ice-house 
Ghiacciare, to freeze 


Ghiacciilo, a. frozen 
Ghiaccio, m. ice 
Ghiaccioso, a. of ise 
Ghiacc.uolo, «j. icicle 
Ghiacinio. m. a >l'-iie so called 
Ghiado, in. extreme coll ; a ghiir 

do, with a sword-cut 
Ghiaigiuolo, 77». corn-flower 

Ghiàia, /gravel 
Ghiaiata,/, a gravel place 
Ghiaioso, o. sanJy, giavelly 
Ghianda,/, the acorn 
Ghiandiia,/. a^atkJaw 
Ghiindifero, a. bearing acorns 
GhiJiiidola, /. kernel in the flesli, 

Ghiand'iccia, and GhiaadùTza, / 

a small acorn ; tumour, swell- 
Ghiàra,/. gravel 
Ghiarabaldlua, and GhierabaldÀ- 

na,/. trifles, nonsense 
Ghiattire, to yelp 
Ghia2zertno,"77i. a coat of mail, 

sort of cuirass 
Ghiazzenxila,/. a cock-boat 
Ghiera,/, a ring, an nj:t)w 
Ghignantemèntè, ad. in smiling 
Ghignare, to snule, simper 
Ghignati, /. laught r in deriskm 
Ghignalore, m. a grinner 
Ghignazzàre, to laugh, grin 
Ghignett'no, aiid Ghignètlo, tti. a 

smile, simper 
Ghigno, 771. a smile 
Ghinèa,/ guiiiea 
Ghiotta, /. a dripping-pan 
Ghiottamén-e, ad. greedily 
G iotterellino. aiid Ghi'otteréllo, 

a. dainty, nice 
Ghiotto, TJ». a glutton 
Ghiotto, a, gr&;dy. desirous 
Ghiottóne, 77J. a glutton 
Ghiottoneria, 071^ Ghiotfomia, /. 

gluttony, daintiness, waggishiMss, 

Ghióva, /. clod, turf of earth 
Ghiòzzo, TO. a bit. morsel, a block- 
head ; a gudgeon (a tish) 
Ghiribizzare, to devise, forge, ny 

Ghiribizzatóre, to. a fantastical, 

whimsical fellow 
Ghiribizzo. 77J. a device, inventioa 
Ghiribizzóso, a. fantastic 
Ghirigòro, to. a dash, a stroke of 

a pen 
Ghirlanda,/, garland 
Ghirlandare, to 
Ghiro, 771. a dormouse 
Ghironda,/, a misical in 


Gii, ad. formerly, ^lready ; già la 
sera è venuta, i: is already night 

Giacche, coti/, since 

Giaccherà, /. a play, a roguish 

Giacchio, m. a sireep-nef, tram- 
inel ; pittare il giacchio tondo, 
to spare no person ; piltàre il 
giàcchio sul.a sièpe, to do a 

Giaccio, ni. ice 

Gi.icénte, a. lying, situated, seated 

Giacere, to be iniispoised, to lie 
down, to be situated ; Londra 
giace alla ripa del Tarai?i. 
London is situated on the 

Giacere, m. a hare's form, lodging 

Giaciménto, m. a lyin? down 

Giacinto, m. a hyacinth 

Giacitnio, m. bed, or loJgin» 

Giacitura,/, posture in lying, or- 
der, IT arrangement of words 

Giaciuto, part, lain 

Giaco, m. coat of mail 

Giallanilna, atid Giallomina, /. 
lapis calaminaris 

Gialle??i.'mte, a. yellowish 

Giallezgiare, to grow yellow 

GiaIlé"o, and Gialliccio, a, yel- 

Giallézza, /. paleness 

Giillo, a. yellow, pale 

Giallójno. and Giallògnolo, a. 
yellow, pale 

Giallos'into, m. a light yellow 

Giailoso, m. a sort of worm 

Giallóre, aiid Giall&me, m, yel- 

Gianilare, tn jes*. jeer 

Gi^nil», m. iambic verse 

Giamm'i. ad, never, ever 

Giammengola, /. a small matter, or 

Giannétta,/, a sort of arms, stick 

Giannertàrio, m, a soldier armed 
with a pike 

Giannettita, /. a Mow with a pike 

Giannenina./. half pike 

Giannetto, m. i Spanish horse 

Giannizzero, m, a janizary 

Gi.ira. /. a flajon 

Giarda,/, mockerr, trick 

Giardinaio, and Giardinière, m. a 
gardener [garden 

Giardino, and Giardinétto, m. a 

Giargóne, m. a stone so called 

Giirro, nu a jar 

Giattànzia,/. brag, boast 

Gi.iva,/. magazine, storehouse 

Gia.Tellótto, m. a javelio 


I Gibbo, m. a bump 
I Gibbo»-), and Gibbuto, a. liunch- 
I backed 
I Gibèrna,/, a scrip 
I Gièlo, m. ice, frost, cold 
I Giguite, nt, a giant 
I Gi/antescaménte. ad. giant-like 
Gigantésco, and Gigantéo, a. gi 
gantic [money) 

Giglikto, m. Florentine (piece of 
Gigliato, a. strewed with lilies 
Giilijto, j/J. a lily garden 
Gig! ietto, m. a small lily, fringe 
Glilio, m. a lily 
Ginépra./. the juniper-berry 
Ginepràio, and Ginepréto, m, a 

place where juniper grows 
Ginépro, m, a juniper-'Jree 
Gméstra,/. broom 
Ginestréto, m. a place where 

broom grows 
Gingia,/, the gums 
Gingillare, to be fantastic 
Gingillo.rn. a subtle but fantastic 

Ginnàsio, m. academy 
Ginnàsdco, a. belonging to ezei^ 

Ginnétto, m. a Spani.'h horse 
Ginnico, a, of a wrestler, of wres- 
Ginocchièllo, m. a hog's foot, or 

Ginocchiétto, m. a small knee 
Ginòcchio, vu a kree 
Ginocchióne, ad. kneelingly 
Giocare, to play 
Giochétto, m. a petty game 
Giochévole. a. merry, jocose 
Giochevolménte, ad. merrily 
Giòco, m. SKt Giuoco 
Giocofòrza, /. necessity, force 
(Giocolare, a. jocular, merry 
Giocolare, to juggle, or plaj leger- 
Gìocolarménte, ad. merrily 
Giocolatóre, m. aiugzler 
Giocolo, m. game, sport 
Giocondamente, orf. joyfully 
Giocondire, to rejoice ' 
Giocondato, a. contented, joyfi;l 
Giocondévole, a. joyful, aareeable 
Gi"condéz7A, and Giocondità, /. 

mirth, jollity 
Giocóndo, a. merry, gay 
Giocosamente, ad.'mtrtWy 
Giocóso, a. gamesome, sportful 
Giozaia, /. the dewlap of an ox ; 
ridie of hills [darnel 

Giojiiato, o. mixed with tares, or , 
Gióglic, T71. darnel ! 



I Giógo, m. a yoke, slavery, boa- 
I dage; top of a mountain 
Giogosa, a. moun ainou» 
Gioia,/, jewel, joy, mirth 
Gioiin'e, a. cheerful 
Gioiellato, a. set with jewels 
Gioiellière, m. a jeweller 
Gioièllo, m. a jewel 
Gioiosamente, ad. joyfully 
Gioióso, a. merry, cheerful 
Gioire, to rejoice, to ch-er, enjoy 
Giomélla, /. measure of two han^' 

Giorgeria, /. valour, courage 
Giornale, m. journal, diary 
Giornale, and Giornalièro, a. 

Giornalménte, ad. daily 
Giornata, /. a day ; a day's march ; 

a day's work; a gran gismàte, 

with speed. Alia giornata, ad, 

daily, now-a-days 
Giónio, m. day, 'day-light ; buon 

giórno, good morrow ; P aspètto 

di giórno in giórno, I e-^^/td 

him every day [combat 

Giòstra, /. justing, tilting, fight. 
Giostrante, m. a jusler, tilter 
Giostrare, to just 
Giostratóre, m. a juster 
Giovaménto, nu good, hene&t 
Giovanàccio, m, an unexperienced 

youth [young people 

GiovanSglia, /. youth, quantity d 
Gióvane, m. andf. a young persoB 
Gióvane, a. young, tender 
Giovaiiésco, a. of a youpg uaa, 

Giovanetto, o, very young 
Giovanézza,/, youth 
Giovanile, a. youthful 
Giovanilmente, ad. youthfully 
Giovanòtto, m. a fine young aian 
Giovare, to help, aid, profit, please, 

or deli°rhl ; il vino noo mi giova. 

wine does me no good ; a che 

giova ? to what purpose .' 
Giovatjvo, a. profitable, usefiil 
Giovatòre, m. an aider, helper 
Giove, m. Jupiter 
Giovedì, m. Thursday 
Giovènca,/, a heifer 
Giovenco, m. abuUx-k, I'.eer 
Giovenile, a. juvenile 
Gioventù./, youth 
Gioveréccio, a. agreeable, clean 
Giovévole, a. useful, profitable, 

Gìovevolézza,/. profit, utility 
Giovevolmente, ad. usefully 
Gioviale, o. jovial, plea<ant 
Giovine, tn. arid a. tee Gióvaae 


Oiovinino, o. of a jonnz man 

Oirà£&, /. a beast like a camel 
and panther 

Giraménto, m. a himing round, 
winding, wheeling 

Girandola,/, a sort of chandelier ; 
evasion, excuse, a wheel fire- 

Girandolare, to feign, devise, 

Girare, to turn, wind, rove, en- 
compass ; questo luogo gira tre 
miglia, this place is three miles 
about ; girare i danari, to as- 
sign money ; far girar il cervèllo 
ad UDO, to 'make one maU ; in un 
girar di ciglia, in an instant 

Girasóle, »7i.'sunilower 

Girata, /. turn, way, compass ; far 
una girata, to take a walk 

Girativo, a. circular, orbicular 

Giravolta. /. a turning and wind- 
ing ; dare una giravòlti, to take 
a lit'le turn 

Ginzióne, /. a turning round, vi- 
cissitude ' 

Gire, to go 

Giréilx,/. a small wheel, weather- 
cock, pulley, turnstile ; dar nelle 
girèlle, to grow mad 

Girellalo, m. a maker of pulleys ; 
an inconstant person 

Girèllo. 771. a circle, weatherock 

Girévole, a. light, fickle, winding 

Girialco, 771. a gerfalcon (a hawk) 

Giro, 771. a turn,^ tour. In giro, ad. 
by turns. Per giro, ad. roimd 

Giróne, tti. a great circle, or cir- 
cuit, a whirlwind 

Giròvago, a. wandering 

Gita,/, going, walking 

Gito, part, gone 

Gittare, to throw, cast 

Gittata, /. a cast, throw 

Gittate, a. thrown, ruined 

Gittatóre, in. a darter, a thrower 

Gitto, and Gittaméuto. tti. a throw, 
loss, damage. A gitto, ad. ex- 
actly, to a nicety 

Gii, ad. down, below, beneath ; 
già per le scale, down stairs 

Giubba, f. a petticoat, a coat 

Giubberèllo, and Giubbétto, m. a 
little doublet 

Giubbétto, m. the eallows 

Giubbilare, see Giubilare 

Ginbbiléo, m. a jubilee 

Giubbilo, m. joy 

Giubbc'ine, m. a doublet.undercoat ; 
córrere in giubbóne, to run very 


Giubilare, io rejoice 

Giubilatóre, m. one feaping for joy 

Giubilazióne, /. a77a Giùbilo, m. 

Giucare, see Ginocare, and its de- 

Giudaico, a. Jewish 

Giudaismo, m. Judaism 

Giudaizzare, to imitate the Jews 

Giudeèsco, a. Ju laic, of the Jews 

Giudèo, ?7i. 07uf Giudèa, /. a Jew, 

Giudèo, a. Judaical, of the Jews, 
obstinate, unbelieving 

Giudicaménto, m. judgment, opin- 

Giudicante, a. judging 

Giudicare, to ju -gs 

Giudicativo, aììd Giudicatório, a. 

Giudicato, m. jurisdiction, oflRce 
of a judge, judgment, sentence 

Giudicato, part, judged ; giudicato 
nel letto, given over by the phy- 

Giudicatóre, ttj, a judge 

Giudicatura,/, judicature 

Giudicazióne, /. judgment 

Giudice, 771. judge 

Giudichevolménte, ad. jusiy 

Giudiciàlé, Giudiziale, arid Giù- 
diciàrio, a. judicial 

Giudicialménte, arf. judicially 

Giudicio, and Giudizio, m. court 
of justice, judgment, sentence, 
decree, reason,' understanding, 

Giudiciosaménte, aìid Giudiziosa- 
mente, ad. ju'liciously 

Giudicióso, aììd Giudizióso, o. ju- 

Giùgero, 771. an acre of land 

Giùggiola,/, the fruit of the jujub 

Giuggiolino, a. sort of muddy red 
colour ; sirup of juiub 

Giuggiolo, 771. a jujub-tree 

Giùgnere, to arrive, join, reach, 

Giugniménto. 771. union 

Giugno, rri. month of June 

Giuladro, m. a buiToon 

Giulèbbe, and Giulèbbo, m. julap 

Giulivamente, aJ. ioyfuliy 

Giulivétto, a. joyful 

Giulività,/, gay'ely, mirth 

Giulivo, a. merry, gay 

Giullare, 771. bufl''x>n 

GiuUeria,/. buffoonery 

Giumella,/, two handfuls 

Giuménta, /. a breeding mare 

Giumentiére, m. a driver 

Giuménto, m. a 1 ibouring beast 


Giuncàia, /. and Giunchéto, wj. 
a place full of rushes 

Giuncare, to strew flowers 

Giuncata,/, cream cheese 

Giuncalo, a. covered with rushes 

Giunchiglia,/, jonquille 

Giunco, m. rush, bulrush 

Giuncóso, a. full of rushes 

Giùngere, see Giùgnere 

Giùnta, /. arrival, addition, in- 
crease,overplus. A prima giùnta, 
ad. immediately 

Giuntare, to join, to deceive 

Giuntatóre, 7Ji. a cheat, deceiver 

Giunteria, /. fraud, deceit 

Giùnto, part, arrived, joined, de- 
ceived ; a che son giùnto ? what 
am I come to ? a man giùnte, 
joined hands 

Giuntura,/, joint, seam 

GìuTcacchiàre, to play for trifles 

Giuocare, to sport, to 'play 

Giuocatóre. 771. a gamester 

Giuf>co, m. game, play, sport ; 
voglio vedére a che è'I giuoco 
I will see the end of this bus' 
ness [sity 

Giuocof-Vrza, f. unavoidable neces- 

Giuocolare, to play, toy 

Giuocolatóre, tji. a toyer, wanton 

Giuraménto, ni. an oath 

Giuranfeménfe, ad. with an oath 

Giurare, lo swear 

Giui-atam^nte, ad. upon oath 

Giurato, part, swnrn ; fratèlli giu- 
rati, sworn brothers 

Giuratòre, m. a swearer 

Giuratòrio, o. swearing j or to be 
sworn (law term) 

Giure, 771. law, jurisprudence 

Giureconsulto, »n. a lawyer 

Giuridicamente, ad. legally 

Giuridico, a. lawful 

Giuridizionile, a. belonging to a 
judge, or judgment 

Giuridizióne,/. jurisdiction 

Giurisperito, and Giurisprudénte, 
771. a la^vyer, jurist 

Giurisprudènza. /. science of law 

Giurista, 7». a lawyer 

Giusarma, /. a sort of hatchet use! 
among the anciea»s 

G iùso, ad. down, below 

Giusta, prep, according to 

Giiutaméntp, ad. justly, agreeably 

Giustezza, /. exactness, justice 

Giustificante, o. justifying 

Giustificare, to justify'; giustificS* 
si. to clear one's self 

Giustificafaménte, ad. justly, just> - 

GiusliJicativo, a. justifiable 


Giustificato, part, justified 

Giustificatóre, nu a justifier 

Giustificazióne, /. j ustification 

Giustizia,/, justice; chiamar in 
giustizia, to sue at law 

Giustiziare, to execute malefac- 
tors, to tonuen', vex 

Giustizière, ni. an executioner 

Giusto, a. just, ri^ht ; questo àbito 
è troppo giusto, this coat is too 

GiCsto, m. an honest man ; justice 

Giusto, ad. justly, precisely 

Giuvénca, /. a heifer 

GWba, /. a young plant, or slip 

Glaciale, o.' of ice 

Gladia'óre, nu gladiator, sword 

Glàdio, m. a sword 

Gianduia,/, kernel, gland 

Glandulòso, a. ^laiidulous 

Glauco, a. azure 

Glèba,/, glebe, clod of earth 

Gli, art. the ; gli scnlàri, the 
scholars ; ?li, prrm. to him ; gli 
dissi, I told him; gli pailil, I 
spoke to him 

Glòbo, m. a globe 

Globosità,/, roundness 

Globóso, a. globular 

Gloria, /. glory, honour ; aspettare 
a gloria, to wait with impa- 

Glori'inte, a. boasting 

Glori;'re, to praise, extol, to boast, 
praise one's self 

Gloriato, a. glorious; and Glo- 
rióso, famous 

Gloriazióne, /. ostentation 

Glorificare, jee GioriSre 

Glorificatóre, ni. glorifier 

Glorificazióne,/, glorification 

Gloriosamente, ad. glorìonslj, 
with honour 

Glorioso, a. glorious, vain 

Glósa, f. commentary 

G'.osSre, to conmienf, expound 

Glosafo, pari, commented upon 

dosatóre, m. commentator 

Glossario, m. a glossary 

Glùtine./, glue 

Glutinóso, a. glutinous 

Gnaffe ! intarj. faith ! ' 

Gnatóne, m. a parasite 

Gnaulare, to mew as a cat 

Gnène, prnn. (Gliene) 

Gnòcco, m. dunce, blockhead, a 
dumpling [dial 

Gnomone, ni, a gnomon of the sun- 

Gnórri, a. ignorant 

Gòbba./, hump 

Gobbétio, a. bumped 


Gòbbo, m. a bump, a hump-back- 
ed ; a Spanish this'le 

Gobbo, a. hunch-backed 

Goccia, aiul f jòcciola, /. a drop, a 
cnck in the wall, where the 
water enters [by drops 

Gocciare, and Gocciolare, to fall 

Gocciolaménto, m. a droppmg 

Gocciolante, a. dropping 

Gocciolato, part, dropped, speckled 

Gocciolatoio, m. gutter, drain 

Gocciolino,/, a small drop 

Gocciolo, m, a drop, a bit 

Gocciolóne, m. a dunce, a block- 

Gocciolóso, a. dropping 

Go.iènte, o. rejoicing; m, order 
of knighthood 

God-re, to enjoy, rejoice ; del pre- 
sènte mi godo, e mèglio aspètto, 
I enjoy what I have, and hope 
fT better times 

Godereccio, o. agreeable 

Cedévole, a. plea-<ant 

Godiménto, m. enjoying 

Goditóre, m. a luxurious person 

Goduto, part, enjoyed 

Goffi ggi ne, Gofferla, and GoflKz2a, 
/. dulness 

Gofftmènte, ad. foolishly 

Gólfo, a. foolish, stupid 

Gógra, /. an iron collar, string, 
net, emlarrassment 

Gózna, m. a villain 

Góla, /. the throat ; lust, passion, 

Gitlesriare, to wish 

Golétta,/, a goriet, a stock 

Gólfo, m. a gulf, a lay ; andire a 
golfo lanciato, to sail straight to 
k place 

Golosamente, ad. greedily 

Golr^ilà, /. gluttony 

Golóso, a. ravenous 

Golpito, o. bai, spoiled 

Gólpe, /. a fox, rust which fells 
upon com 

GoIp.)ne, m, a large fox, a saga- 
cious, crafty man 

Gómbito, m. elbow, a cubit 

Gómena,/, a cable 

Gomitata,/, blow with the elbow 

Gf)raito, m. elbow, cubit, anile 

Gomitolo, m. a ball of thread 

Gomitòne, ad. s'ar gomitóne, to 
lean upou the elbows 

Gómma,/, gum, a son of disorder 

Gonimar^bica,/. gum-arabic 

Gommifero, o. producing gimi 

Gfiimióso, a. gummy 

Gondola, /. a Venetian boat, a 



Gondolière, m. a waterman 
GoLfalone. m. a banner 
Gonfalonieri tico, m. the dignity 

of an ensign 
Gonfalonière, m. ensi?n 
Gonfia, m. a glass-maker, glasfr 

Gonfiagione,/, a swelling 
Gontianiéiilo, m. priJe, tumour 
GonfianLigoli,''a. Vasting 
Gonfiare, lo swell, to puff up, to 

behave proudly 
Gonfialo, part, swelled ; gonfiato 

di supèrbia, conceited 
Gonfiatoio, nu an instrument to 

fill a balloon, a cannon 
Gonfiature, r-i. a sweller, boaster 
Goijfiatljra, Gonfiézza, /. and 

Gonfio, m. swelling, tumour 
Gònfio, a. putied up, vain, 

proud ; paróle gònfie, boasting, 

swelling words 
Goufiotlo, m. a bladder 
Gongola, /. sore throat, swelling 

inihe glai-.ds 
Gongolare, to leap for joy 
Gònna, and Gonnèlla,'/, gown, 

Gonzo, a. stupid 

Gòra./, a, aqueduct, condait 
Gorbia, /. a ferrule ; the point of 

an arrow 
Górga, and Gór:ria, /. throat ; 

tirar di sórjia, to quav.^r 
Gorgheigiire, to quaver 
Gorghtrjiattòie, >»i. a warbler 
Gorghètto, in. a current of water 
Gorgièra,/, a neck-piece, ruff 
Gorgiine, m. a drunkard 
Górso, m. a depth of water, a 

Gorgo di aménto, m. a ;argling 
Gorgogliante, o. that grumbles !n 

the bowels [rattte 

Gorgogliare, to gargle, bubble, boil, 
Gorgogliato, a. gnawed by weevils, 

or mites 
Gorgóglio, m. a wartlinr, purling 
Gorgosrlióne, m. a weevil, mite 
Gorgò, /. and Gorgozzule, wu 

ffullet, windpipe, throat 
Góta, /. cheek, side 
Gotàta./ a slap, cuff, blow 
Gótta, f. gout 
Gòtto, m. a gla."*», a cup 
Gottóso, a. gouty 
GovemAle, ni. helm, rudder 
Govemaménto, m. government 

Governante, a, governing 
Goveni.'ire, to goverr.. nile 
Governato, part, governed 



Governatóre, m. governor i Gramatico, m. tee Grammitico 

Governatrice,/. governess ' Gramézza,/, misery 

Govcruazione, /. govenuaent j Giamigna, and Giamisnuóla, /. 

Goveruiii>e, m. duu^ ' dog-^-ass [weeJs 

Govèrno, »n. re»imen, care, con- Grauiijnato, fart, overgrown with 
duct, govemuieni ; helm; senza Gramigno, m. a sort of olive-tree 
govèrno, a! raninni ; lar mal Gramignóso, a. full of dog-grass 
govèrno, to spoil a ihii.g Grammàtica,/, grammar 

Gozziia, /. a wen • Grammaticale, a. grammatical 

Gózzo, TO. crop of a bird, a flask , Grammalicaloiéute, ad. grammat- 
GozzovlgUa, /. pleasure. mir;h ; ically 

far gozzoviglia, to mate merry Grammatico, m. grammariaa 
Goz20vigliire,tobe merry toge'her Grimo, a. wretched, poor 
Gozzovigliala, /. mirth, gowl liv- Gràmola, m. a brake (for flai) 

ing, revels Gramolare, to bruise flax 

Gozzuto, a. wide-'hroat':l Gramolalo, part, mashed 

Gracchia,/, a rook : m. a babbler Gr';m| a,/, the paw of a beast 
Gracchi.ire, to croak, prate, gab- Grana. /. grain, cochineal 
ble; lascia gracchiar gli uómiiii. Gran'iic, a. of cora, wheat 
let t!ie world laik ' Gran' jo, ?7i. granary 

Gracchiatóre, arid Gracchióne, tu. Granaiuolo, ni. cornchandler 

a prattler i Granare, to grain 

Griccub, m. a jackdaw, jay I Gran-iro, a. of wheat 

Gracid.irp, to croak I Gsan-ita, /. a broom, a granado 

Giacidatóre, m. a babhler, chat- ' GrilkiIo, m, pomegranate 

' Giuijàlo, part, graiiie-i, vigorous 
; Grana*. i zza,/, a little broom 
Granbéstia. /. a certain beast, an 
I eik 

I Grinchio, rn. a lobs'er. crab, craw- 

; fish ; Cancer, one of the twelve 

I signs of the zodiac; pigliar il 

■ ■ ■ . ~. _„. j^ 

sranciii voglion 
mòrder le baléne, they give 
•hemselves airs 


Gracile, a. sm.ill, thin 

Gracilità, /. thinness 

Gradare, to go s'ep by step 

Gradf.sso, in. a blaster 

Graia'aménte, ad. by degrees 

Grada7ióne, /. gradation 

Gradella,/, a grate, hurdle 

Gradévole, a. grateful 

Gradevolmén'e, ad. lovingly 

Gradiménto, m. favour, kiudness 

Gradino, m. s!eps I Gnincia,/. career in the ntouth 

Gradire, to accept, approve, to Gr'ncio, ae Grinchio 

mount up [ure, approved ' Giancip/'rro, m. a sort of sea-crab : 

Gradito, pnr<. accepted wi:h pleas- I pigliJre un granciporro, to mis- 

Grado, m. step, d^ree., dignity ; , take 

cio mi viene a grado," that Grancire. to sn-i'ch. to sxub 
plea'^s me; mio mal grado, Grancltn. part, hoiked in, snatched 
ajainst my «ill Grand.iccio, a. very gre^.t 

Gradu^'le, a. jradnal ! Grande, m. a n'-bleman, loid 

Graduaìménte, ad. sradual'v i G acde, a. great, la'-ge. tall, high 

Graduare, to distinguish "by de- ' Grandeggiare, to play the great 
grees. (o confer degress man 

Gradua*aménte, ad. gradually Grandemente, aJ. greatly 

Graduato, m. a gradinate I Grandut'o, a. somewhat big, or tall 

Graduazióne,/, gradation Grandcz/a, /. larrenes^ 

Graduare, to promote i Grandicciuolo, and Grandicèllo, 

Graffianién'o, m. and GraflSatùra, ! o. pretty big 

/. a sora'ch 
Graffiinte, a. scratching 
Graffi.^re. to scra'ch 
Graffanti, m. a hypocrite 
Graffiato, part, scratched 
Gràffio. TO. a ho^k 
Gra-jnunla, /. hail, drizzlin» 
GramAglia,/. mo-jrnini 
GramàrCf to Oiake unhappy 

Grandigia^ /. grandeur, greatness, 
j vani'y 

I Grandinare, to hail 
I Grandina'a,/. a hail-storm 
] Gràndine,/, hail, calamity 
I Grandinóso, a. temfie>tuous 
i Grandiósi, a. great. Irxughty 
] Grandire, to auinient. to prefer 
■ Grandito, part, augmented 


I Granduca, m. a grand duke 
j Granducato, to. a grand dutchy 
I Granduchéssa,/, a grand Jutcht-si 

Granèllo, to. grain,' corn, berry 

Granelloso, a. full of grains 

Granfatto, ad. so much, certainly 
IGninlia,/. a paw 
I Gi-anigione, and Granitura, /. 
j seeding, pounding seed 
I Granimènto, m. ' 

Granire, to seed 

Granito, part, grained 

Granito, to. grauite 

Granitóso, a. granitic 

G.-anmaè, to. grand-mastei, m 
learned nian 

Gramnerce, ad. I give thanks 

Grano, to. wheat, grain 

Gianosf), a. tuli of grain 

Grappa,/, the stem of fruit 

Grappare, to grapple, seize 

Gripiifi, TO. giappling 

Grappolino, aiùt Grappolo, in. a 
su.all bu.'icb of grapes, a cluster ; 
nuòvo grappolo, a blockhead 

Grascia, /. provision ; a court ot 
.lus'ice ; a Roman edile 

Grascino. in. a commissary of t>» 

Grassan lènte, ad. with fatness 

Grassatore, to. hijhwaynian 

Grassèlli?, to. -a little piece of fa' 
a sort of very fine lime 

Gtassatto, a. somewhat fat 

Graiwjzza. /. fa ness 

Grasso, a. fat, fertile, fruitfu: , 
questo fu un pat'o gr' sso per voi, 
this was a good bargain for you 

Gn>sso, m. fat ; s'are sul grasso, IO 
be in easy circomstances 

Grassoccio, o. fat, in good con- 

Graisóne, to. a very fat man 

Grassotto, a. prefy'fat 

G.-ass'ime, to. fat things 

Grata, /. a gra'e 

Gra'aniénte. ad. jratefu'ly 

Gratèlla, and Graicola, /. grid- 
iron, gra'e, huidle 

Graiiccia./. a bow-net, or wee! 

Graticcio, to. a hurdle, grate, iaJ- 

Gra'ificire, to gratify 

Gratificazióne,/, gratuity 

Gratis, ad. for co'hing 

Grati Udine,/, gratitude 

Grato, a. gratefiil. agreeable 

Grato. 771. will, desire, pleasure 

Grato, ad. volun"a-ily 

Grattac^jyi, m. itchin: of 'he head 

Gra"j*ménto, m. a scraVhing 

Grattare, to «cratch, claw, 


«crape ; grattar gli orécchi, in 

Grattato, pari, scratched, rubbed 

C/rattatùra, /. a scar 

Oratùgia, /. a .rater 

Grattugiare, (o ^rae 

GrattugiJto, part, grated 

Gratuitamente, ad. freely, for 

Gratùito, a. gra'i'itaus 

Gratulàote, a. oarratulating 

Gratulre, to congratulate 

Gratula òro. o. of c^llgratulation 

Gratula/ione,/, congni Liation 

Gravacelo, a. dull, h^sivy 

Gravame, ni. wei<h*. bur.ien 

GravamJn'o, m. weight, heavi- 
ness, du'y, tax, atiroiit, injustice 

Gravante, a. heavy. wei;h y 

Gravare, to , arjrava'e. trouble; 
mi girava molo riella vostra 
disgrazia, F am very sorry for 
your misfortune 

Gravà'o, part, loalen, injured 

Gravazióne, /. loading, gravity, 

Grave, a. heavy, majestic, grave, 
serious, finn 

Gravecéiiibalo. m. a harpsichord 

GravéJine,/. catarrh 

Gravemcn e, ad. ^ievbu?ly, seri- 

Gravé'to, i. rather troublesome, 
hard, difficult [weight 

Gravé77.a, /. heaviness, disquiet, 

Gravicenilalo. and Gravicembolo, 
m, li.a-psichoit} 

Gravidci7za, aiid Gravidanza, /. 

Gravido, a.' full, pregnant 

Gravità, /. zravity, authority, ma- 
jesty, wei^cht 

Gravit'ire, to gravitale 

Gravo^n'.éntè, ad. grievously, se- 

Gravoso, a. heavy, ponderous, 
anxious, agitated 

Grazia, /. grace, ajreeableness 
thanks ; di grVzia, I de>irf> you 
mi dica -!i grazia, pray 'ell me 
far gnzia, to forgive ; le grazie, 
the ■Traces 

Graziire, to favour 

Graziato, a. loa-led with kindness, 
gratified, srracious 

GrazioMmente, ad. gracefully, for 

Graziosi'a./. «racefulnesG 

Grazioso, a. graceful, agreeable 

Grecamén'e, ad. after the Grecian 


Greco, a. Grecian ; vento Greco, 
north-east wind [east 

Grecolevinte, it». ih3 east, north- 
Greririo. a. of the ficck, common 
Grtzre. m. fl'ck. herd, drove 
Gr:<r!n. f. flO(.k. sheepfol.l 
(;ré:;gio, (1. .Tide, unicilished 
Gre^i'jola, f. a little fi <k 
GrsriibiSle, m. an apron 
Grembi Va,/, a lapful 
Greojbi'ile, m. a » Oman's apron, 

a riJiug apron 
Grembo, " Olid Gremio, m. lap, 

mi Idle, womb 
Gremire, to gripe, lay hold of 
Gremito, a. thick, locked, shut 
Gréppia,/, rack, s'ali, jiiausfer 
Gréppo, Til. a jrecipice, a butt, a 

bank ; a broken ear hen pot 
Gré:o, Tii. liaiLk, a sandy around 
Gré'o, a. thick 

Grétola, /. bar of a care; way. 
means, opf/or'U'ii^y ; triv.'ir la 
gré'ola, to find 'he opporuni'y 
Gretnso, a. gravelly, sandy 
Grettamente, nil. nij:ran1ly 
Gretézza, and Gretitii'dine, /. 

avarice, meanness 
Gré'to, o. cove'ous, stingy 
Gicve, a. (in poetr)-,) heavy, 
weighty, grievous [ousiy 

Grevemente, ad. heavily, griev- 
Grézzo, a. caar e, clouni'sh 
Gricciolo, ra. cap-ice. fancy 
G.-iccione. m. a kind of water-fowl 
Gri !a,/. edi(t, rumour, reimrt 
Gridare, lo cry, scold, murmur (as 

Grida'a,/. CT, repnmand 
Gridatóre, m. a common crier 
Grido, m. cr\'. clamour 
Grieve, a. heavy, doll, grave, se- 
rious, maiestic' [ou-Iy 
Grievenién'e, ad. heavily, griev- 
GrifnCTJO, o. ravenous 
Grifire. to nib snou' arainst snout 
Grifo, m. snout, face of a man ; 
deliberar tutti tre di trov.'^r mo. lo 
d'tijnersi il grifo alle spese di 
Calandrino, ali three resolved 
to find me-ans to have a nice 
dinner at "he expens" of Calan- 
drino ; tòrcere il silfo, to »iin 
Grifló, and Grifone, m. a griffin : 
dare un srifone ad uno, to give 
a box on the ear 
Gridio, a. gray, erizzle 
Grilliia./. a barren place 
GrillAre, to simmer 
Grillétto. T71. tri'jer of a eiin 
Grillo, m. a cricket, grasshopper, 
maggot, whim 


GrillfSso, a. fantasticai 

Gnllol-dpa,/. insect 

Grimal Jél lo, ni. a picklock 

Grimo, a. wrinkled 

Grinza./, wrir.kb 

Grinzoso, a. wrinklel 

Gribfili'o, m. chrysolite 

Cri^opzio, m. a sort of topaz 

Gri-| i:nnlo, m. sow-thistle 

Grr (i:(ii-i,/. tar'ar, mud 

Grr)mn.;ilo, a. full of artar 

Groi.'a, and Gron l.iia, /. putter, 
the eaves of a house, a sort of ti)e 

Grr rd'nte, a. dropping 

Grondire, to drop, to flow io 

Gmpf a, /. crupper, rump ; portare 
in groppa, to lake up behind oa 

Groppièra./, crupper 

Groppo, 771. knot, bunch, knob; 
group ; solvere il gróppo, to 
clear adoubt 

Grf'pp/ine, 7n. crupper 

Groppóso, a. knotty 

Grossi, f. a gnsis, twelfrei" zen; 
alla gròssa, coarsely, g^^sly; 
grósa d'uu fiume, the Swelling 
of a river 

Grfissacciuólo, a. ill-budt, ill-maie 

Grossa rrni a. /. a sort of s'utt' 

Gros>amén*e, ad. clownishly, se- 
verely, rigidly, in a ?rea' quantity 

Grossefsi.ire, to b;- pomj/Ous 

Grosseria,/, dulness 

Grosse to, a. ra her la-re 

Grosé/Zi, /. aitd Grossi'ime, m, 
bi^i'ess, thickness, | rrgnancy 

Grossiéro, a. ilidl. s'upid 

Grós.-,o. m. the bi.'gi-st part; il 
giTisso (klla !jnml)a, iheralfofa 
leg: il gròsso d"iin e-ércl'o, the 
body of an aruiv ; véndere in 
gròsso, to sell by wholesale ; 
n;erc''nte in gi<>sso, wh'lcsale 
merchant; ve Io dirò al grosso, 
I will tell il you in general 

Gròsso, a. erea*, hu^e. coarse; il 
dito srósso, the thumb ; uònio 
di gròs n insésno. a s'upid man 

Grossolanamente, ad. clowniehly, 

C.Tissorino, a. C-arse, thick 

Grót'a. /. grotto, cave ; a «tecp 

Gni'tisca,/. ETo'esoue work 

Grotiicélla,/. a hollow, cavity 

Gròtto, m. a bi'tern (bi^j) 

Grot'óso, a. like a grotto. boUoir, 

Groviilióla, f. twistinr, winding 

Grii,/. the crane, a bird 


Grùccia, /. a stick, crutch 
Grufolare, to grunt, to grub 
Grugnire, to grunt, to growl 
Grugnito, m. grunting of swine 
Grugno, m. snout ; lar il gnigno, 
to scowl [benumbed 

Grullo, a. lulled asleep, drowsy, 
Gnjma,/. crust, tart 
Grumàto, m. a sort of mushroom 
Grumo, m. clotted blood 
Grumolo, m. a cabbage lettuce, 

the hejid of greens 
Grumóso, jmrt. clotted, thickened 
Gruògo, m. saliron 
Gruppétto, 771. a knot, lump 
Gruppo, m. a group, knot 
Grùzzo, and Grùzzolo, m. a heap, 
quantity, a heap of money, a 
Guadagnnbile, a. to be attained 
Guadagnare, to get, gain, deserve 
Guadagnato, part, gotten, gained 
Guadagnalòre, m. a gainer 
Guadagno, and Guadagnaménto, 
m. gain, profit ; méttersi a 
guadagno, to prostitute one's self 
Guadagnoso, a. profitable, lucrative 
Guadare, to ford, wade 
Guade, /. a sort of fishing net 
Guado, ni. a ford ; rompere il 
guado, to undertake a thing be- 
fore any body else 
Guadóso,'ct. fordable 
Guaime, m. after-grass ; blast 
Guài ! interj. wo ! alas ! guii a 

me ! wo to me ! 
Guaina, /. a sheath 
Guainàio, m. one that makes cr 

sells sheaths 
Guàio, m. misfortune 
Gualre, Guaiolare, and Guaiolire, 
to howl like a dog ; to bewail, 
to bark (as a dog) [pre«s 

Gualchièra, /. a calender, cloth- 
Gualcire, to rumple, crush, squash 
Gualcito, part, rumpled, crushed 
Gualdàna, /. an army, troop 
Gualdo, m. a defect, wound, sore 
Gualdrappa, /. a horse-cloth 
Guancia, /. cheek ; bàttersi la 
guància, to repent of something 
Guanciale, m. a pillow 
Guancialétto, m. a little pillow 
Guanciata, /. a box on the ear 
Guancióne, m. a sound slap 
Guantàio, m. a glover 
Guantiera, /. a silver basin, waiter, 

Guanto, rn. glove ; amor passa il 
guanto, among friends no cere- 
Guardi,/, a guard, er parry 


Guardacòrpo, m. a body-guard 
GuEjdadonna, /. a nurse 
Guardamacchie, m. the guard of a 

Guardaménto, m. a look, glsnce 
Guardanàppo, m. a napkin 
Guardanidio, m. a nest-egg 
Guardare, to look, to behold ; to 
keep guard, defend ; guardate a' 
fatti vostri, mind your own 
Guardaròba, /. wardrobe 
Guardaròba, m. a yeoman of the 
wardrobe ' [guard 

Guardatòre, m. a keeper, inspector. 
Guardatura,/, regard, a guard 
Guàrdia, /. guard ; prènder guàr- 
dia, to have a care 
Guardianeria,/. ofBce of a guardian 
Guardiano, m. keeper, guardian 
Guardinfante, m. a hoop-petticoat 
Guardi:;gaménte. ad. cautiously 
Guardingo, a. ciicumspect 
Guardingo, m. a cas'Ie, fortress 
Guard iòlo, m. a guard, guardian 
Guardo, m. a glance, lock 
Guarentigia, and Guarentia, /. 

guarantee, safety, defence 
Guarentire, to warrant, defend 
Guari, ad much, long, manv ; 
guari di tempo, a great while ; 
non è guari, not long since ; 
questo libro non è guari più bello 
<;. I mio, this book \; not much 
!'..->i.!l:;o;ì:er than n;ine 
Guarigióne, /. cure, recovery 
Guarire, to cure, to hesl, to re- 
cover ; guarirsi, to be cured 
Guarito, part, cured, recovered 
Guamàccia, /. night-gown 
Giiamellétto, m. a thin veil, or 

summer's garment 
Guaméllo. m. fustian 
Guarnigióne,/, garri-on 
Guarniménto, m. furniture, oma- 

men', fortification 
Guam>re, ice Guemire 
Guarni'ura, and Guarnizióne, /. 

trimming for clothes 
Guiscippa, /. a sort of ancient 

Guascherino, a. young, little (as 
birds in a nest) [Gascon 

Guasco, and Guascóne, m. a 
Guastàd-»,/. a decanter 
Guaslafsste. m. a disturber 
Guastaminto, m. ruin, w aste 
Guastames'iéri, m. one who un- 
dertakes what he knows little of 
Guastare, to spoil, mar, deprave, 
debauch ; to rot, squander, de- 
stroy ; guastarsi, to hurt one's self 


Guastato, a. spoiled 

Guastatóre, m. a squanderer j a 

Guaslatùra, /. and Guasto, m. 
spoil, desolation ; dare 11 guasto, 
to lay waste 

Guasto, a. spoiled 

Guatanriénto, m. and Guatatùra, 
/. a gazing, wa'ching 

Guatare, to look, watch, peep ; 
guatarsi, to behold one another 
with astonishment 

Guatatùra, /. look, eye, counte- 

Guato, m. snare, ambush 

Guittero, aiid Guatteraccio, rn. a 

Guazza, /. dew 

Guazzabùglio, m. mixture ; medley 

Guazzare, to shake, toss ; to wade, 
ford ; to rejoice 

Guazzato, part, shaken, waded 

Guazzatóio, m. a watering-place 

Guazzeróne,m. a fragment, a piece 

Guazzétto, m. mince meat, a hash 

Guazzo, m. a ford ; passar un 
fiume a guazzo, to ford a river 

Guazzóso, a. dewy, fenny 

Gubemàculo, m. helm 

Guèlfi, m. pi. Guelfe (a faction 
against the emperor) 

Guercio, a. squinting, one-eyed 

Guerigióue, /. and Gueriménto, 
m. cure 

Guerire, set Guarire 

Gueniigióne,/. a garrison 

Guemiméuto, m. a garrison, trim- 
ming of clothes, defence, fortifi- 

Guerclre, to store with ammuni- 
tion ; to adorn 

Guemito, part, stored, adorned 

Guemizióne, and Guemittira, / 
ornament, furniture 

Guèrra. /. war. strife, enmity; 
uòmo di guèrra, a soldier ; odiare 
uno a sruérra finita, to hate one 

Guerreg^-évole, and Guerreggìóso, 
a. warlike, threatening, terrible 

Guerreggevolniente, ad. terribly 

Guerrezgiaménto, m. a battle, 

Guerreesiànte, a. figliting 

Guerregdnre, to make war, quar- 
rel, dispute [war 

Guerreggiatóre, m. ore that make» 

Guerricciuóla,/. a slight skirmish 

Guerrière, m. a warrior 

Guerrièro, and Guerrésco, o. war- 
like, brave 

Gufare, to mock 


Gùb, m. aa owl 

Guglia,/, an oljelisk, a needle 

Gugliata,/, a oeedlcful 

Guida,/, guide [the flock 

Gu^Jaiuola, /. the leaiing of 

Guidalesco, m. a fraction 

Guidaméuto, m. conduct 

Guidante, a. guiding 

Guidare, to guide, govern 

Guidato, part, conducted 

Guidatóre, m. aiid Guidatrlce, /. 
a guide, director, governor, gov- 
erness, conductress 

GuidcrdonaniéDto, m. reward 

Guiderdonare, arid Guidardonire, 
lo reward, gratify 

Guiderdonato, part, rewarded 

Guiderdóne, and Guidardone, m. 
re want 

Guidóne, m. a rogue, cheat, knave 

Guidoneria,/. roiuery 

Guindolo, m. a reel, spindle 

Guinzàglio, m. a can^-knot, a hat- 

Guirminélla,/. a trick 

Guisa,/, way, manner, fashion ; in 
guisa, ad. like, so j in nissuna 
guba, by no means 
u!t;o, a. foul, sordid 

Guizz,inte, a. gliding, sliding 

Guizzare, lo slide along 

Guizzo, m. the sliding of a fish in 
water, or of a snake on land 

Guizzo, a. filed, withered 

Giimiua, /. a cable 

Gijrge, Tre. anlf 

Gùscio, m. bai k, scale, shell 

Gus'abile, a., that may be 

Gustacelo, t^ a depraved taste 

Gustaniéuto, m. a tasting, the taste 

Gus'are, to taste, relish 

Gus'.ttd, part, tasted 

Gustatóre, m. a tas'er 

Gustévo'e, a. pita ant 

Gusto, m. taste ; ho gran gCisto di 
vedérvi, I am jlad to see you 

Gustosamente, ad. pleasantly 

Gustóso, a. relishing 

Gutto, m. a cruet for oil 

GutturUe, o. guttural 


THE letter h formerly claimed 
its place in the Italian as «ell 
ac other languages. Modern 
writers, however, discard it as 
afCbrding no increase of sound to 


the vowels, and therefore 
For instance, hiwmo is pro- 
nounced uomo. The same rule 
is observed in all woi-ds ban- 
ning with this letter ; but, by 
putting it with the le ters c and 
g, aiid ihe vowels e, i, the h, be- 
tw een r, or g, has the sa.-ne sound 
as when the said two consonants 
are joined wi h o, o, u ; as, chi- 
tw, cht-to, gharàtie, ghiro, which 
must be pronounced thus, kino, 
heto, kc. It should, however, 
be used in the beginning of some 
worJs, as in ho, I have ; hoi, 
thou liasi ; ha, he ha.s ; hanno, 
tliey have; in order to distin- 
guish iheiii, more to Ihe eye than 
to the ear, from o, or; a, to; 
oi, to the ; also, anna, year. 

T THE ; i libri, the books 
••■J Iacinto, m. a hyacinth 
laculatório, a. short and fervent 
Iàculo, m. a spear 
lade,/. pZ. the Hyades 
lànibico, a. ia.Tibic (said of a kind 

of verse) 
làmbo, m. iambus 
laro, 771. the herb wake-robin 
Iàspide, 771. (diaspro,) jasper, a 

precious stone 
Lito, 771. (apertura,) hiatus, an 

Iattanza, /. jactation, vain-glory 
iattSre, to yelp, squeak 
latt'jra,/. less, niisfortime 
Iberno, a. of winter 
Iconoclasta, tti. iconoclast 
Iconomaco, o. averse to images, 

Iditide,/. a bubble, or blister 
Iddio, TO. (Dio,) G->d ; Iddio non 

vòglia. G id forbid 
Idea. /. i'lea 
Ideale, a. ideal ; of, cr belonging 

to an idea 
Ideare, to imagine, form ideas 
Ideato, part, imagined 
Idéntico, a. (he same 
Identità. /. identity, the sameness 

of a thing [month 

I'di, 771. ides, certain days in the 
Idiòma, iJi. idiom 
Idiòta, a. idiot, silly, foolish; un 

idiot?, an idiot, a fool, a ninny 
Idiotàggine,/, foolishness 


Idiotismo, 771. idiotisiB, thjcu 
sjjeech, expression 

Idiotizzare, to speak incorrectlj 

Idolatra, tti. tee IdolaTo 

lilolairaménto, tti. idolatry 

Idolatrare, to idolatrize 

Idolatria./, idolatry 

Idolàtrio, a. of, or belonging to an 

Idolatro, Tre. idolater 

1 df>lo, m. idol, image, or statue of 
(Jse deities; an object that one 
is fond of 

Idoneamente, ad. sufficiently, con- 
ve ieutiy, aptly 

Ido:ieità, /. fitness, aptness 

Idòneo, a. fit, proper 

I'dra,/. hydra, a fabulous serpent 

Idrtleo, 771. a sort of medicament 

I'dria,/. a sort of pitcher 

I'dro, m. a water-snake 

Idromànte, m. a conjurer 

Uromanzia, /. hydromancy, divi- 

Idromèle, m. hydromel, a decoctioa 
of honey and water 

Idropico, a. hydropical 

Idropisia,/, dropsy 

Idrostàtica,/, hydrostatics 

lenuole, a. winterly, hyemal 

léra, /. a sort of medicinal con&a 

lerarchia,/. hierarchy 

leratte,/. a precious stoce 

Ieri, ad. yes'erday 

lerlaliro, ad. the day before yes- 

lermattina, ad. yesterday morning 

lemòtte, ad. yesternight, the night 
before [short hand 

lero^lifico, Tn. cipher, a kind of 

lersera, ad. last night 

Ignaro, a. ignorant 

Igiiaióne, tti. a great eater, a man 
of no worth 

Isaàvia,/. ignorance, cowaxxlice 

I'?ne, Tn. fire 

I'gneo, a. igneous, fiery 

Imico'io, »ii. a spark of fire 

Ignito, a. flamin?, burning, shining 

IjTióbile. a. of mean birth 

Ignobilmente, ad. basely 

Ignobiltà, and Ign .biliii, /. mean 

Ignominia,/, ignominy 

Ignominiosaménte, ad. infamously 

Ignominioso, a. i^ominious 

Ignorantàgsine,/. folly, ignorance 

Ignorante, n. ignorant' 

Imoranteménte, ad. ijnorantly 

I;norantóne, -.ti. a coxcomb 

Ignoranza,/, ignorance 


.piorire, to be ignorant of; igno- 
ro la cagióne di ciò, I do not 
kn )w the reason of it 
Ignorato, a. unknown, hid 
Ignotamente, ad. unknowingly 
Ignoto, a, unkmwu, private 
Ignudare, to strip 
Ignudato, a?ìd Ignudo, a. naked, 

Iguana, /. a water-liza d 
11, art. the ; projj. hini ; il caval- 
lo, the horse ; il conosco, I know 
lim; il cui, (il di cui,) whose ; 
si sa il perchè ? do they say upon 
what accoun* ? 
I'lare', a. merry, joyful 
Ilarità,/, mirth 
n di che, ad. wherefore 
Illacciare, to tie, enibarrass, en- 
tangle, to be entangled 
Illanguidire, to languish, to be sick, 

or faint 
Illanguidito, a, lanniid, faint 
Illaqueare, to ensnare 
Illazione,/, inference 
niécebic, '.pi. allu'-emcnt, charms 
lUeci'anién'e. ad. unlawfully 
Illécit'i, a. uiila vful 
nieglttinio, a. ilieiitimate 
Illésb, pert, unhurt 
Illibato, pari, i nsp.otted 
Illibatézza, f. puri:y 
lUibe'àlc, a. illiberal, covetous 
niicitaniente^ ad. unlawfully 
Ullcito, m. a crime, wickedness 
lllimi'à'o, a. b''i;ndless 
lUlquiiire. t ■ liqi;efy 
Illucén'e, a. brilliant 
Illùdere, t'l illude ; delude, jeer 
llluniinaméu'o, >n. an illumination 
niumininte. a. enlijhteuing 
niuminire, 'o ilhiminate 
Illu^lina*iv^, a. illumina'ive 
niuminatn, part, enlir^h'ened 
niumi a'óre, m. enliihener 
Illuminazione, f. illumination 
niiisione,/. illusion, cheat 
Illùso, part, m'^fkr-'l, railed at 
Illusòre, m. a deceiver 
lllustramént'j, in. an illustratioa 
IllustrAn'e, a. 
mostrare, 'n illn-fae 
Dlus'ra'o, part. irii'.*'a»ed 
IlUistra">re, m. one hi' illustrates 
IllustTai''i:'>ne. f. explana inn 
Illustre, a. illu-'ri 'us 
niustremen'e ad. rminently 
nius'rézz-». /. illusra'iou 
Illustris imo. a. mns" illHs*nop5 
11 perché, n/f. why. wherefore 
hnkse. arid liiiA'b. f. (ir p-^e^) 
an image, figure, resemblance 


Imagine, /. see Immàgine, and all 

its derivatives 
Imbaccolito, a. bearing a pack 
Imbacuccare, to disguise, to mask ; 

to drcss, cover [ed 

Imbaccucà lo, part, disguised, mask- 
Imba^ato, a. wet, sagacious, cun- 
ning " [a rosej 
Imbalconato, a. purple (said of 
Imbaldanzire, to imbilden 
ImbalJanzito, part, imboldened 
Imbillare, to pack 
Imbalordire, to stun 
Imbalordito, part, stunned 
Imbalsamiire, to en>balm 
Imbalsamalo, part, embalmed 
Imbalsimire, lo become balsam 
Imbambagiato, part, wrapped in 

Imbambolare, to be affec'ed 
Imbambolato, part, aliec'ed, hav- 

inj tears in one's eyes 
ImbanJiménto, m. and Imbandi- 
gione,/, a dish, or mess 
Imbandire, to get dinner ready 
Inibandito. part, dressed, prepared 
In.barazzàre, 'o perplex ; inibaraz- 

z-arsi, to en'.ansle "ne's self 
Imbarazza, »i. confusion ; embar- 

ras ment, intricacy 
Iniba-berire, to grow barbarous 
Inibarl«rito, o, cruel 
Imliarbi^re, to grow childish 

'h rough are 
Imbarb-)ttìto, a. made like a hark 
IniDarcaniénto, m. embarcatiin 
Imbarcare, to embark ; inibarcar- 

si, to ensije ; iii.Karcarsi sen"a 

biscotto, hand over head 
Imbarcitn. part, embarked 
iDibarcatore, m. a s-a captain 
In.brci. m. embarcjtion 
Imbaidire, t > barb a hirse 
Iniba darsi, to become very amo- 

Imbardare, to allure, captivate, 

procure a friendship 
Inibarntre, to bnr ; imbarrare la 

strada, to s'op 'he way 
Imbarr'to, ptrt. barred 
In'Iasaniénto. m. a b.a.sÌ5 
Imbs c<r*a./. embisy 
Imbascia-iore, and Imbasciatòre, 

T>i. ani.bassalor 
ln'.^^-ci^■a, f. embassy 
Iniba c'a'rlce, /. an ambassadress 
Iniba-taHtr-", to dey^neni'e 
In ba •ardi'», a. d reiiera'ed 
Iiiitns'nre, to pack- aldle 
Imbas'imén'o, m. and Imin'tiUin, 

f. a bxs'in? on a piece of cloth. 

sewing on slightly 


Imbastire, to baste, or sew wifli 

long stitches, to lay a table, b» 

gin an altdr 
Imbasto, m. a pack-saddle 
Imbattersi, to meet » ith 
Imbatto, m. an obstacle, hinderanos 
Imbavagliare, to cover a person'i 

face, blindfold a person 
Imbavagliato, part, having the 

tace covered 
IniL.avàre, to slabber 
Imbeccare, to bill as birds, to bit a 

horse, to give one his own 
In.beccita, /. a bill-full ; pigliar 

r imbectìta, to be bribed, to 

swallow the bait [deceived 

Imbeccato, part, fed with a bill, 
Imbecherare, to suborn, corrupt 
Imbecille, a. weak 
Imbecillità,/, feeblene^ 
Imbelle, a. cowardly, fearful 
Imbelletare, to paint 
Imbellettato, part, painted 
Imbellire, to embellish 
Inibendare. !o bind, put a band 
Imberbe, a. beartiless 
Imberciare, to hit, stick 
luiberretóto, a. wi'h a cap on 
Imbertescare, to fortify with panr 

Imbertonarsi, to fall in love 
Imbestialire, tT become a beast 

mad, or cruel, brutish 
Imbestiali'o, a. like a beast 
Imbestiàrsi, to be like a beast 
Imbére, a7id Imbevere, to imbibe, 

inf'jse, to inspire, lo drink up 
Imbevuto, part, imbibed, &c. 
Imbiaccaniénto, m. a painting 
Inibiac^re, to paint with white 
Imbiadato, pari. s'i%m with com 
Imbiancaménto, m. a white-wash- 

Imbiancare, and Imbianchire, t* 

wash, whiten, to grow gray, to 

suborn, seJuce 
Imbianciito, port, whitened 
Imbiancatore, m. a whitener, 

Imbiancitura,/. washing 
Imbietolire, to be atfected, toswo«» 
Imbiettare, to put in the wedsre 
Imbiondire, and Imbiondire, to 

grow fair 
Imbisacciare, to put in a ba? 
Imbizzarriménto. m. waspishnes» 
Imbizzarrire, to fell in'o passion 
Imbizzarito. a. very aijgry 
Imboccare, to feed, cram ; to i» 

charge, disembojue, lo instruct 
Imboccato, port, fed, dischar^A, 



Bnboccatóra, /. a horse-bit, the 
entrance of a street, mouth of a 
Imbolare, to rob, steal 
Imbolatore, m. a robber, thief 
Imboli icaménto, m. blister 
Imbollicare, to break out into 
blisters [brea'h 

Imbolsiménto, m. straitness of 
Imbolsire, to be short-winded; to 

grow pursy 
Imbolsl'o, a. pursy [p 

Imbonire, and Imtmonire, to ap- 
Imborsare, lo pocket 
Imborsi to, part, pursed 
Imborsatóra, aitd Imborsazióne. 

/. a laying up in a purse 
ImboscAre, to lie hid 
Imboscata, /. and Imboscaménto, 

m. ambush 
Imboscato, a. in ambush 
Imboschire, 'o gnw will 
Imboschito, a. grown wo-vly 
Imbossolare, to lay the beams of a 

Imbottare, to put in a cask 
Imbottatóio, m. a funnel 
Imbottire, to quilt 
Imbottito, ^art. quii 'ed 
Imbotti lira,/, a quil'ing 
Imbozzimare, to s'arch 
Imbozzimilo, part. s:arched 
Imbracciare, to embrace, to put in 

one's arms 
Imbracciatura,/, a handle 
Imbranci-e, to flock tijether 
Imbrandire, lo han Ile a sword, *c. 
Imbra'tamnndi, m. a spoil-trade ; 
a busybody [soil, to stain 

ImbrattAre, ' and Imbruttire, to 
Imbn'tàto, part, soiled 
Imbra'tatóre, m. a dauber 
Imbrat'alùra, f. and Imbratta- 
ménto, m. fil'hiness 
Imbrfitto, m. dirtiness, food for 

fowls, hoi's wash 
Imbriacarsi, to tjet drunk 
Imbriartto, part, fu idlel 
Imbria;-a*'ira, Imbriachéz7A, /. 
and Imbriacaménto, m. drunk- 
Iinbriacóne, jn. a drurkird 
Imbricc^n'rf, to grow knavish 
Imbri?amén'o. m. perplexity 
Imbri.rfi'-e, to perplex 
Imbrig.'irsi, to shift, "ndeavour : 
non t' imb'-i^ir ("e' fi'ti miei, 
do not trouble yourself abou' my 
affairs [de'r 

Imbri'l'Sre, to bn''|p, to keep un- 
Imbrigli.ito, part, bridled 
Imbroccare, to aim at, to oppose 


Imbroccato, part, opposed 
Imbrodolare, lo toil, daub 
Imbrodolalo, part, daubed 
luibrogli-ire, to perplex 
Imbrogliato, part, perplered 
Imbro^lietto, m. slight dilHculty 
Imbròglio, and IiLbrogliamento, 
Til. trouble, confusion, encum- 
Imbroglione, m. a trifler, cheat 
InibrogliCiccio, ni. a l>ad atiair 
Imbronci ■ re, to be an^ry 
Imbronciato, a. angry 
Imbrunire, and Imbrunare, to 
grow brown, black, da;k; sull 
imbrunire, about du^k ; il tempo 
comincia al imbrunirsi, ti 
wea'her begins to gt->w cloudy 
Imbrusrhlre, to grow sharp 
Imbruschito, a. shar)), 'art 
Imbriit Ire, to grow uzly 
Imbucare, to put, or crt-ep in a hole 
Inibucit.ire, to wash wih lie 
Imbufonchiire, to grumble 
Imbuire, to become ignorant 
Imbullettare, lo stud 
Inibiillettàlo, part, that has a bill 
upon [g'eat stort 

Imbuondito, arf.abundan ly, mai y, 
Iniburchi/ire, to dic'a'e 
Imbusto, m. body, breast, bulk, 

Imbrt'o, m. a funnel ; 

coll' imblito, to swallow 
Imeneo, m. nup'ials [ble 

Imitibile, and Imitativo, a. imila- 
Imi'.in'e, a. imi'ating 
Imitire, to iniita'e 
Imitativo, a. imil-ible 
Imitatóre, m. and Imitatrice, /. 

Imitazióne, /. imi'a'ion 
Imniacchi.ire, to hide behind a 

Imma'-ulito, a. unspotted 
Iiimragin.'ibile, a. imaiindde 
Imma .'inaménto, m. imajina'ion 
Imma n'nàre. 'o ima.^ne ; imnn 'i- 
nirsi. to believe [rilv 

Immajinariamén'e, a^. imagina- 
Imma in.irio, a. imaTimry 
Immaiinativa,/. ima»inaion 
Immaginativo, a. imarinative 
Immazin.ito, a. ima-ini-d 
Imma 'inazióne./, fancy 
Imni.'igine./. imaje. pic'iire 
Inima'intvile, a. inven'ive 
Immajim-volménte, ad. in imagi- 

Immatinoso, a. fanciful 
ImmSgo./. fin poe'r\',) an image 
Immagrlre, to grow lean 


Immalsanlre, to weaken, enfedil* 
Imniancabilmcnlc, ad. iotalliblj 
Immane, a. outi 
I mmanifciiio, a. secret, privata 
IiiJOiaiii'.à,^. cruel y 
Immansuct'^, a. cruel 
ImniHntiu.nte, ad. immediatelT, 

Immarcescibile, a. incorruptible 
Imma ciré, lo pine away, io fret 
Imniar^iaa;o, a. joined 
I.nmaschertrsi, lo mask 
luioiaiicherito, a. disguised, d» 

Immastricci'ire, to plaster 
Immateri'ile, a. imiiialerial 
Immalerialménte,cui. iinn.a'erìallf 
lii.nia u'amén e, ad. unliri.ely 
Imii.a uro. a. unri| e 
lmmc<lia'aménle, ad. directly 
Iinmediii'». a. inime<lia'e 
Iiiimedióbile, a. remediless, inei^ 
rable ihone» 

Immeire, to give the lasle of 
liiinicliio. a. sv\eet, arretal.le 
iM.ii.elatùra, /. a mixing with 

Immèmore, a. fìrge'ful, un rratefoi 
Imiiienjor^liils, a. pas' mem -ry 
Inmiensaméiite, ad, immeuseljr 

iiitiiii ely 
Inmieiisi j,/. immensity 
Iniménsn, a. immense 

mérgere, lo iiiiner^re 
liiimeri'amJnte. ad. iiiideservedly 
Iiinieri'evoje. n. uiid serving 
Immerit's, a. unwnr liy 
Inin/ersione, f. dipping, plunging 
Imm-rs". u. i.:.niersed 
Inni ezz.ire, and Immezzire, to 

-.»• flag^.'y 

rnm.inén'e, a. imminent ; perf- 

c 'lo imminente, a ilire.V nin^ 

danrer [ion, 'hreat 

Iiiiniinénza. /. declivi'y. pmpen. 

iscricor 'iós'». (i. unmerciful 
liiini's n. (1. urmixed 
Iii^niisiirbilt:. a. uiimmsnrabltt 

f^bilp. (I. immove-»lle|:tì./. immobility 
Inmi'<liilmén:e, ad. immoveablT 

Inimoder' nza, /. ircon'inence, iiv 
enipcTince f^'^'T 

Inimodera'amJn'e. ad. inini'vieii 
Iirn'o'er'to. a. exce-sive, viib nt 
Inin»Of1t-.»amén'e. nd. immodesUj 
Immodèstia, /. ir m^t-s'y 
Iniiiiodéi"o.,a. in'm'Klr<I 
Inini'Unién'o. ni. a sacrifico 
Immolire, "o sac it^cc 
luimoUio, part, sacrificed 


Immolizióne,/. sacrifice 
InunoUaniento, m, a wetting, dip- 
pin?, soaking 
Immollare, to wet, dip, soak 
Immondézza, a/id Immondizia,/. 

filth, dirt 
Imniòndo, o, foul, dirty 
Immorale, o. immoral 
ImmorLalire, to immortalize ; im- 
mortalarsi, to be immortal 
Iimnonale, a, immortal 
Immortalità, /. immortality 
Immortalmente, ad. immortally 
Immòto, a. immoveable 
Immune, a. exempt, free 
Immmiita. /. immuniiy. exemption 
Immutàbile, a. immutable, un- 
Immutabilità, /. immutability 
Immutare, to change, vary 
Immut/ito, part, ohaojed 
Imrautabilaiénte, ad. unchangeably 
Immutazióne,/, constancy 
I'mo. 171. the bottom, lowest par" ; 
da imo a sómmo, from head to 
Imo, a. low, deep, rile 
Impacciamécto, m. enjbarrassment 
Impacciane, to hinder, to stop ; io 
per me non me n" impaccio, I 
do not trouble my head about it 
Impacciativo, a. troublesome 
Impacciat-^re, m, one who troubles 
Impacciato, part, hindered 
Impaccio. 771. hinderacce. obstacle, 
pain, vexation ; trar d'impaccio 
tmo. to relieve from 
Impadronirsi, and Impadronine, to 

seize, possess 
Impadronito, part, seized 
Impadulaménto, tti, growing 
marshy [swampy 

Impadulare. to be marshy, ór 
Impadulà'o. part, become swampy 
Impagibile. a. invrOuaMe 
Impagliato, o. packed with straw 
Im palandrana to. a, cloaked up 
Impalare, to impale 
Impalato, a. impaled, straischt as a 

Ircpa! azióne,/, an impaling 
Impalizzire. "to palisade 
Impalizz^to, part, palisaded 
Impallidire, to grow pale 
Imi»llidlto. a. pale 
hnpalmamémo, m. sh-ikinz bands 
Impalmare, to rive the hand, to 
promise ma.Tiaje, to shake 
hands " [trothed 

Impa!nri5*o, parL promised, be- 
Impalprbile. o. not to b« felt 
Impalpabilmente, ad. impalpably 


Impaludarsi, 'o grow marshy, 

fenny, moorish 
Impancare, to sit down at table 
Impaniare, to daub w ith birdlime ; 

to ensnare ; allure 
Impaniato, a, entangled in bird- 
lime ; in love 
Impanicciare, lo plaster, daub 
Impanio, 771. a trouble, enciun- 

b ranee 
Impannata,/, paper-windows 
Impannàlo. a. having paper, or 

linen sashes 
Im.pantanare, to be mired ; im- 
pantanarsi, to become a slough 
Imiiantanato, o. muddy 
Impappolito, a. dirtied, spoiled 
Imfa'racchiiie, to learn little 
Imparadisare, to make happy 
In^paragocAbile, a. incomparable 
Im| arinte. a. learning 
Imjaràre, to learu, teach 
Imparato, cu leanied 
Impàre, a. unequal 
Impareggiabile, a. incomparable 
Iir:paren'ére, to enter alliance, to 

Imparentato, part, allied, related 
Impari, a. unequal 
Ircparià./. inequality 
Imjiartibile, a. not to be divided, 

Imparzi'ile, a. impartial 
Impassibile, o. that cannot suffer 
Impassibilità, /. impassability 
Impasionare. to irritate 
Impastare, to knead 
Impastato, part, kneaded 
Impasto, a. fes^ing 
Impastocchiare, to trifle 
Impastoiare, to put shackles upon 

Injpastoiato, a. having shackles, 

Impastura, /. a pns'em, the place 

of a horse where the shafkles 

are tie.1 
Impa'iblle, a. insufferable 
Impatriare, to return to one's own 

Im.r^ttàre, to be qui»e clear, (ree 
Impaurire, and Impaurare, to 

Impaurito, part, fnjhtened 
Impavido, a. fearless 
Impazien'irsi. to grow impatient 
Impaziènte, a, impa-ient 
Impazientemente, ad. impatiently 
Impazien'fre, to lose patience 
Impariénza,/. impatience 
In.pazzaniénto, tti. madness 
Impazzire, to grow mad 


Impazzato, aruf Impazzito, a, mai, 

Impazzire, to be^jme mad 
Impeccàbile, a. that caimot sin 
Impeciare, to pitch, glue ; dov6n 

que va vi s'impecia^ there is no 

getting rid of him 
Impeciato, part, pitched 
Impeciatiira, /. a pitching 
Impedalare, to gather strength 
Imi>ediménto, m. binderance, bag- 
Impedire, to hinder 
Impeditivo, a. hindering 
Impedito, pert, hindered 
Im-peditóre, tji. one that hinders 
Impegnare, to pawn : impegnarsi, 

to engage ; impegnar la ede, to 

give one's word ; m' impégno di 

ferlo, I promise you I will do it 
Impegnato, a. engaged, promised, 

pledged [ness 

Inipégno, TTi. engagement, firm. 
Impegolare, to pitch ' 
Impegolato, j;art. pi'ched 
Impelagare, to embarrass, to be 

hindered [embroiled 

Impelagato, part, embarrassed, 
Impelnre. to pu. out hairs 
Impellere, to impel, force, shoot 
Impellicciare, to put oa a garment 

m.ade of skins 
Impéndere, to hang 
Impeadén'e, a. dubious 
Impenetritile, a, impenetrable 
ImpeneTabili'a,/. impenetrability 
Impenitente, 'a. impenitent 
Impenitenza./, impenitence 
Imjieimacchiàto, a. plumed 
Impennare, to be fledged, to prance 
Im.penn.ita, /. a penful of ink 
Impennato, part. Ced^ed. pranced 
Impennatura,/, fir^e, condemnation 
Impeimellàre, to give a strote 

with a pencil 
Impensatamente, nd. suddenly 
Imjiensàto, o. sudden, unforéeen 
Impensierire, a. pensive, thongfat- 

ful. puzzled 
Impcpare, to pepper 
Impelato, part, peppered 
Imperadore, and Imperatóre, m. 

an emperor 
Imperadrlce, and Imperatrice, /. 

an empress, queen, mistress 
Imperare, to comm.and 
Imperativo, a imperative 
Imperatorio, a. imperial 
Irr-p-ercettibile, a. imperceptible 
Impercettibilità,/, imperceptibility 
Imperché, m. the reason why 
Imperché, ad. because 


Imperciò, ad. therefore 
Imperciocché, ad. whereas, be- 
Imperdonàbile, o. unpardonable 
Imperfe'taniénle, a/l. imperfectly 
Imperfetto, a. imperfect 
Imperfezione,/, imperfection 
Imperiale, a. imperiai, eminent 
Imperialmente, ad. imperiously 
Impericoloàlre, to be iu danier 
Impericolosito, part, hazarded 
Impero, and Inipéi'io, ni. empire, 
monarchy. Con imperio, ad. 
Imperiosità,/, pride, arroj^ince 
Imperiosamente, ad. imperiously 
Imperioso, and Imperante, a. im- 
perious, rulin» 
Imperitamente, ad. i;norantly 
Imperito, o. unskilful 
Imperizia,/, unskilfulnesj 
Imperlaqualcósa, ad. v.herefore 
Imperlare, to embellish with 

pearls, to ornament 
Impennisto, a. unmixed 
ImpermuiAbile, a. unchangeable, 

Impermutabilità,/, immutability 
Impemare, to weigh, poise 
Impernato, part, poised, weighed 
Impèro, m. see Imperio 
Imperò, ad. therefore 
Imperocché, ad. because 
Imperscriltibile, a. that cannot be 

Imperscrutàbile, o. inconceivable 
Impersevcranza,/. incons;ancy 
Imperseverare, to be inconstant, 

Imperson.'ile, a. impersonal 
Impersonilo, a. corpulent, fat, 

well made 
Impersuasìbile, a. not to be per- 
Impertanto, ad. however 
Impertinènte, a. impertinent 
Impertinentemente, ad. imperti- 
Impertinènza,/, impertinence 
Imperturbàbile, o. that camiot be 
disturbed [ness 

Imperturbabilità, /. unconcemed- 
Imperver^ànte, a. raging, in a 

passion, disturbed 
Imperversi re, to ra»e, rave 
Imperversato, o. exasperated 
Impervertito, o. possessed, cruel, 

Imperver'tre, to pervert 
Impéso, part, hung, suspended 
Impestare, to infect, c-irrupt 
Impetigine,/, a tetter, ring- worm 


I Impetiginóso, a. having tetters, 
I ritig-worms 

I I'mpeto, m. vehemence, fury 
I Imperaij'one, /. an obtaining 
. luipetrare, to obtain j to be petri- 
I Impetratlvo, a. obtainable 
^Impetrnto, part, obti'ned, petrified 
Impetraiore, m. sujiplicator 
Impetrazione,/, entreaty 
Impetricato, a. hard like a stone, 
, s'ony 

Umpetiito, o. straight, upright, erect 
I Im|)etuosaniènte, ad. iiiipetuously 
Impetuosità,/, impetuosity 
I Impetuósi, a. imi>etuous 
Impiacevnlire, to make, render 

Impiagare, to wound, hurt 
Im[ ia^'ito, part, wounded 
Impiaia'ùra, /. a wounding 
Impiallacciare, to speckle, inlay 
Impiallacciatura,/, inlaid work 
ImiiianelUre, to ^ve with square 

Impiantarsi, to place one's self, 

lake a stand 
Impiastragióne,/. ingrafting 
Inipiastramécto,m. unctioD,anoint- 

Impiastrare, to plaster, pacify 

Impiastrato, paii. pla-tered, paci- 
fied [ing a plaster 

Impiastrazióne, /. unction, apply- 

Impiasfricciare, to apply a plaster, 
to daub 

Impiastricciato, and Impiastricci- 
ci to, part, daubeil, perplexed 

Impiastro, m. a plas'er, compact 

Impiccare, to hang ; impiccarsi, to 
ban» one's self 

Impiocatélli, m. a little villain 

Impiccitn, part, hanged : ognuno 
ha '1 suo impiccato all' ùscio, 
every body has his fault 

Impiccatolo,' a. old enough for the 

Impiccavira, /. .act of hanging 

Impicciare, and Impicciarsi, to 

Impiccio, m. encumbrance 

Impiccolire, to become little, to 
diminish [have lice 

Impid.Tcchire, to breed lice, to 

Impidocchito, a. lousy 

Impiegire, to employ; impiegar 
male, to misuse 

Impièro, 771. employ, place 

Impietà, /. impie'y' 

Impietosire, to assuaie 

Impietrire, and Impietrare, to 



Impietrito, and Impietrito, a. 

Impigliare, to stop, take, to em- 
broil, to bustle, put ontr's sell 
forward [tinbroiled 

Impigliato, part, taken, arrested, 
Impigl latóre, tti. one that arrests, 

or embroils, a busybody 
Impiglio, rri. trouble, care 
Impignere, to push, imi>el, to posh 

one's self, to be against 
Impigrire, to grow idle 
Impisrito, part, grown idle 
Injpigro, a. active 
Imiiillaccheràre, to fill with mtid ; 

to soil 
Impinguare, to fatten 
Irnpinto, part, forced, impelled 
Impinzare, to fill over; impinz&i^ 

si, to be filled 
I'mpio, a. cruel, wicked 
Impiombare, to colour with lead, 

to lead 
Impiombato, o. leaded 
Implreo, m. the hiihest heaven 
Implacibile, a. implacable 
Implacabilmente, ad. implacably 
Implicare, to entangle, ptri'lex _ 
Implicato, part, embarrassed, ia- 

Implicatóre. 771. an entangler 
Implicazióne, ttj. implication 
Implicilamèn'e, ad. implicitly 
Implicito, a. implicit 
Implorare, to implore, beseech 
Impoetirsi, to become a poet 
Impolitico, a. im|)oliiic 
Iiiifxilminàto, a', pale, yellow 
Impolpàre, to zrow fat, strong 
ImpnI'mnire, to grow lazy 
Impoltronito, o. la/j-, idle 
Impolverare, to powder, to dost 

one's self 
Impolverato, part, powdered 
Impimiciire, to rub with a pumice 
stone [lays on 

Imponitóre, 771. he that imposes, 
Imporcare, to furrow 
Imporporato, a. in purple 
Imporrare, to mould, grow faint, 

Imporre, to impo<.e a tax. to order 
Impnrtibile, and Iinportevole, a. 

hard, insupportable 
Importante, a. important 
Importanza,/, consequence 
Imixirtàre, to import, denote, mean; 
to amount to ; questo importa a 
me, tha' coircems me ; non im- 
porta, no ma-'er; il tutto im- 
porta dièci scudi, the whole 
comes to ten crowns 


Importunanién'e, and ImpnrtAina- 

taniéutr, ad. inipor'uua.cly 
ImportunAr , o lUiportune 
Impor una o. part, iuiiwrtuned 
Importunila./. in.()ortiini:y 
Imporijui, a. imublcsouie 
lujpositore, m. an ordcier, com- 

mauder, imposer 
Imposizione,/, imposition 
Imposse-s.arc, lo take a possession 
iDiposiibile, a. inipossiLle 
Impossiliili n, f. inipos&iLility 
Imposiibilitare, to render impossi- 
Inipossibilmén'e, ad. impo^ibiy 
Imposta, /. iuipos", tax, duty ; a 

window, or dxir post 
Impos'are, to fix a doir, or window 
Imposti o, a. placed to one's liking 
linpostat'ira,/. p'sts, door-case 
Impos'euiire, to impo*thunia'e 
Imi:iós'o.;p(ir<. orJcred.coninianded 
Inipos'òre, m. an impostor 
Inipos'iir-i,/. iniposure 
Impotènte, a. impotent 
Inipo'enya,/. impoiency 
Impoveiire, to grow poor, to im- 
Impoverì 'o, a. reduced to poverty 
liiipra'ic'il.'Ie, a. iniprac'icable 
Impratichito, a. conversant, accus- 
tom el 
Imprecare, to curse 
Imprecaivo. j:art. cnrsin» 
Imprecizione./. iuipreci ion 
Impregmiiiin o, m. aiid Impre- 
gna lira,/. pregna: cy 
Impreniare, to iinjreihi'e 
Imprejn'lo, jiart. imprema'ed • 
Irnprendin'c, m. a scholar, one 

who learns 
Imprenlere. »oleam, undertake 
Iiriprendjménto, ni. undcrtakio?, 

Imprenditore, m. he that be^ns 
Inij-ré-a, f. undertaking. ei,ter- 
rrisc, attempt, dtsi;;n, an em- 
blem, a device 
Imprèso, a. undertaken 
Imprèssion'ire, to insinuate, pre- 
Impressionitn, part, prejudiced 
Impressione, f. impression 
Impresso, a printed 
Impre^-Sre, to lend 
lmpfe=;'i'o. m. a loan 
Impretendènte, a. in JifTerpnt 
Imprezz' bile, <i. ines':nn!ile 
Iirpririon^re. 'o inipri-ion 
Impri Tionà*o, ^art. imprisoned 
ImprÌTÌonaórs, ni. he that im- 


Imprima, and Imprimamente, ad. 

hi^ , tirstly 
Ini) rimere, to print 
Inipriniieramente, ad. first of all 
Improbàbile, o. improbable 
Improbabilità,/, imp-obability 
Impmbia./. wickedness 
Improméssa, aitd Impromessióne, 

/. proE.ise 
In.pronjésso, part, promised 
Improméttere, to promise 
Impronta./, a print, type 
Improntainenle, ad. «ih impor- 
luni'y [iinpor uii'ty 

Iniprontaménto, m. impression. 
Improntare, to print, stamp, to 
impoiturie, to request ; to bor- 
Improntèzza, and Improntitudine, 
/. t-n-.reaty, solicitation, imjior- 
tuni y " [soii.e 

Ini) rori'o. a. importunate, trfuble- 
Imprónto. m. print, staaip, ima^, 

request, demand 
Impaperi o, m. a reproach 
Impr--piam.'nte, and impropria- 

niijn'e. a-*, improperly 
Improprietà, and Iiripropietà, /. 

Imjiroprio, and Impropio, a. im- 
Impr-^sperire, 'o be happy 
Improsperito, fart, become happy 
Improvaivo, a. that does not 

prove, make jood 
Improver-re, ti reproach 
iDiprovidauiente, ad. inconsider- 

Improvido, a. onheedful 
Improvvedutaménte, ad. impru- 

ImpWvediito, part, unprepared 
Improvvisanién'e. ad. suddenly 
Imprrjvvisinte, a. making of verses 
ex'empore [tempore 

Improvvi^^are, 'o make rhymes ex- 
Improvviso. part, unespec'ed 
Improv\isto, part, unprepared 
Impru'an'e, a. impnilenl 
Impniden'enién'e. ad. imprulen'ly 
Imprudènza, /. imprudence, indis- 

cre ion 
Imprunire. to enclose with hed;es 
Imp'ibe, anrf Irop'jbere, a. beard- 

lesc. unHpe 
Impu lènte, a, impiH-tit, saucy 
Impudentemiii'e. ad. impudently 
Impudènza, '. impudence 
Impudicamente, ad. wantonly, ob- 
Impudicizia, /. wantonness, im- 



mpuuico, a. loose, obscene 
n.puiTianiènlo, tj». grasping 
u.f/'jgnàre, to seize, gripe, grasj», 

to oppose 
mpugnàlo. part, seized, opposed 
mpuinatore, ni. he that opposes 
uuiugnatura, (di spada,) /. tlw 

hilt'of a sword 
mpurn-ozioue, /. opposition, hin- 
derance [unpolished 

mpulito, a. rough, unwrought, 
mpiilso, m. impulse, moLion 
Imp liso, part, impelled 
mpuce, ad. with impunity 
m|.unemén'e, ad. with impunity 
iiipuni k,f. impunity, indulgence 
mpuni améute, ad.' tee Impune- 
mpuntto, part, unpunished 
mpuntare, to point, to break off 
in discourse, to forget one's self 
n.punàto, a. stuck in, stopped 
mpuntigiio, m, punctilio. 

mpuramente, ad. impurely 
mpurita, f. impurity 
nip-jro, a. ot scene, immodest 
nipu'abile. a. imputable 
mpu'aménto. m. imputation 
mroLire, to in.pute ; imputare a. 

nnle. to blante ; imputare ad 

onore, to take it as an honour 
mpu'à'o, paH. impu'ed 
mpu-a'óre, m. an accuser, re- 

inputarióne, /. imputation 
nipii'ridlre, to rot 
mpu ri li'o, part, putrefied 
mpu7zolire. a/id Impuzzire, to 

mpuzzoli'o, a. stinking 
n. prep, in, in'o. at. for. upon ; 

sanò in ca-a, I shall bea' home; 

movendo in me gli occhi, turn- 

ini hi- eyes towards me 
n'ubile, o. incapable 
nabili'à,/. incapacity 
nabilitare, to disable 
nabiss^re, to swallow tip, ruin 
mbit^bile, a. uninhabitable 
nabitafo. a. uninhabited, solitary 
naccesslbile, a. iuaccejaible 
naccès=o. n. urapproached 
r.accordnbile. a. disarreeing 
nacerbare, to exasperate 
nacerbire, to grow violent 
nacerbito, part, exaspera'ed 
nace'are, and Inacetire, to be» 

come sour, to wet, to rub with 

nacetito, a. sour 
aacquaniénto, m. watering 


Inacquare, to water ; inacquare il 
vino, to mix wine with water 

Inacquato, part, mixed, diluted, 

Inacquósi), a. undiluteii 

Inaddiétro, ad. ftirmerly 

Inadeqiiàlo, a. inadequate 

Inagguaglianya, /. inequality 

Inagrire, aiid luagrestire, to grow 
sour [the barn floor 

Inaiare, fo spread the sheaves upon 

Inalbaménto, rn. a niakin» white 

Inalbare, to make while 

Inalberare, to mount a tree ; to set 
up ; inalberar la croce, lo set up 
the cross 

Inalberato, a. up in a tree 

Inalidire, to grow dry 

Inalterniiile, a. imniutalle 

Inalterabilità, /. imn:utability 

Inalterato, part, unaltered, un- 

In alio, ad. highly ; in alto mare, 
in the main sea 

Inalzare, to raise, advance 

Inamàbile, a. hateful 

Itamire, to take with a hook, to 

Inamarire, to imbitter 

Inamidare, to staich 

Inaniislire, to enter into friendship 
with any one 

Inammen i.'tbile, a. incorrigible 

Inanellare, to curl, pu' in rin,^ 

Inanellato, part, cur'ed 

Inanimare, to animate 

Inanimito, part, encouraged ; in- 

Inanimatóre, m. an encourager 

Inànime, a. inanimate 

Inanimire, to encourage 

Inanità,/, vacuity 

Inapérto, ad. openly 

Inappassionàre, to put in a passion 

Inappellàbile, a. not to oe ap- 
pealed from 

Inappetente, a. squeamish 

Inappe'énza,/. littleness of appetite 

Inarboràre, to plant trees 

Inarborato, part, planted with 

Inarcare, to arch, to grow crook- 
ed ; fare inarcar le ciglia ad uno, 
to astonish 

Inarcato, a. bent, crooked 

Inarcatóre, m. one that frowns 

Inargentare, to silver ovir 

Inargentato, part, silvered 

Inaridire, to dry up 

Inaridito, part, dried up 

Inarpicàre, to climb 

Inarrivàbile, a. inconceivable 


Inarsicciato, part, burnt, blasted 
Inarticolato, part, inarticulated 
Inasinire, to be a fool, an ass 
Inasperàre, to vex, exasperate, to 

become cruel 
Inaspe taiiiénte, (id. suddenly 
Inaspettato, part, unexpected 
Inasprire, and Inaspiàre, to exas- 
perate, become cruel, severe 
Inasprito, part, exasperated 
Inaudibile, a. not to be heard 
Inaudito, }art. unheard 
Inauiàro, a. gilt, ofgold 
In avanti, ad. before ; d' or in 

avanti, hen after 
Inavveduianiéule, ad. imprudently 
Inavvedutézza,/, imprudence | 

Inavveduto, a. unwary, heedless | 
Inavverteiileménte, and Inavverti- 1 

lamente, ad. incousideraely I 
Inavver'énza, /. inconsideration 
Iiiavvertlo, a. imprudent 
liia/ióne, /. in.icion 
hi In.'ve. ad. sh rfly 
Incaci re, to seavm with cheese 
lue alavciire, to become lean 
Inoalaverito, a. like a skeleton 
Iiicarli'ire, to stick to; to be at a 

s'aiid ; 10 nin aground 
Inca^liito, part, s'opped 
Ilici dio, nt. obstacle 
Incaliiipiare, to snare, to confound, 

to plot, embroil 
Incalcàre, to trample under foot, to 

press, squeeze, crowd 
Incalciamcnto, m. fiiijht 
Iiitalciàre, to hunt, drive away, 

fhasti, pursue 
Inc,aloin;'ye, to calcine 
IncalciiKto, par<. calcined 
liunlcolàbile, a. incalculable 
Incalliménto, m. callosity, a com 
Incallire, to sinw hard 
Iiicallito, par<. hardened [bald 
Incalvare, and Incalvire, to grow 
Incalzare, to chase, pursue 
Incalzato, part, chased, pursued 
Incal/alore, m. a persecutor 
Incalzonàre, to put on breeches 
Il 'Cambio, ad. instead 
Incamerare, to imprison in a 

chamber, to coi'fiscate I 

Incamerito, part, imprisoned, 

conliscated j 

Incamiciare, to whitewash a wall [ 

or house again ; to put on one's 

snirt, or shift j 

Incamiciata,/, a camisado 
Incamiciato, part, roughcasted, j 

covered with a shirt 
Incamiciatura, /. a roughcasting I 

of a house or wall 1 



Incaniminàre, to begin, to let out 
Incamminato, ji'art. foi «aided 
Incamutlàto, part, dis^'uistd 
Incancherare, and Incancherire, 

to f,-ster [trelied 

Incancheiito, part. f. stered, pu- 
Incanl'o, part, enraged 
Incannare, to wind bobbins, U> 

swallow up, devour 
Incannata, /. a s'ring of cherries ; 

intrigue, eniba: rassn.ent 
lucannucciàre, to cover wi'h Tctds 
Incannucciata,/, a sort of bandajre 
liicaniiucciàto, part, closed, kLut 

up wi'h reeds 
Incantaménto, m. a>id Incantv 

gioni,/. enchantmen: 
Incantare, to enchant, diami 
Incan:àto, part, enchanted 
Incantatóre, m. a sorcerer 
Incantésimo, aìid Itcàiilo, m. so 

enchantment, cbari.i, auction ; 

guastar l'iucàmo, to frustrai.: 

anoher'sdesigiis; andarvi come 

la biscia all' int'inm, to do a 

thing against one's will 
Incantucciare, to hide one's self lu 

a corner 
Incanu'iménto, m. gray hair». 

old age 
Incanutire, to grow gray 
Incanuti'o, ;;ar(. h/aiy, gray 
Incap:''Ce, a. incai'a)>le 
Incapacità,/, incapaci'y 
Incaparbire, to be cb-jti'Late 
Incaparbl'o, a. ob^'ina'e 
Incaparsi, lo be obs'ina'e 
IncapaiT.Ire, to give earnest, to en- 
sure a bargain 
Incapestrare, io snare, catch, to 

IncapestrSto, part, baltererl 
Incapestratura, /. U'aiiner of pu»- 

tingon a muzzle; a mark oi a 

muzzle or halter 
Incapocchi re, to become stupid 
Iiicaponire, to pci-sist, to be obsti- 

Incappare, to stumble, to fa" into 

a snare, to be ca*che(l 
Incappato, part, ca ched, si t I 
Incappellare, to put on one"» la., lo 

cover [hat 

Incappellato, part, covered wiili a 
Incapperucclàre, to be disguised, 

Incappiare, to entangle, to tie, to 

Incappiato, part, entanfrled 
Incappo, ni. stumble, (all 


Incappucdàre, to put on a hood, 

to cover, to vrmp 
Incappucciato, part, hooded 
Incapriccirsi, to fall in love 
Incaiare, to make dearer, to grow- 
IncarboEchiare, to take the colour 

of a carbuncle 
Incarcàre, to load, to chaise 
Incarcerare, to imprison 
Incarcerato, part, imprisoned 
Incarcera2Ìóne, and lucarcera- 

giòne^/. imprisonment 
Incirco, m. (in poetrv,) charge, 

Incarica./, a load 
Incaricare, to charge with, to trust, 

to command, to rail at 
Incaricato, part, charged 
Incàrico, nu charge, load, tax, 

affront, ofi'ence ; non voglio 

préndemiepe rincarico, I will 

not meddle wi'h it 
Incarnare, to stab in the flesh, to 

represent to the life ; incarnarsi, 

to aioume humin nature 
Incan.atino, tn. fiesh-coloured 
lucama'ivo. a. incarnative 
Incarnato, part, made flesh, flesh- 

Incarnazióne,/, assuming the flesh 
Incarognire, to become carrion 
Incarrucolire, to get out of the 

Incartare, to wrap in paper 
Incartesgiare, to set down, to write 
Incartato, part, wrapped in paper 
Incartocciare, to twist paper libe a 

horn, to roll up 
Incas>4re, to case up 
Incassato, part, packed up 
Incas'agnare. to furnish, adorn 

with wood ; to amuse or de- 
ceive hy fair words 
Incastelliriiénto. ni. a scafibld 
Inoastellire, to fortify 
Incastellato, part, fortified, shut up 

in a castle 
Incasto, a. unchaste 
Incastonare, to enchase 
Incastonato, part, enchased 
Incastonatura, /. enchasing, joint, 

Incastrare, to enchase 
Incastrato, part, enchased 
Incastratura,/, enchasing 
Incastro, m. buttress 
Incatarrire. to catch cold 
Incatenacciare, to £asten a door 

with a bolt 
Incatenare, to chain 
Incatenato, part, chained 



Incatenatura, /. chaining, joining 

Incatorzolimento, m, a moulder- 
ing of fruits 
Incatorzolire, to wither away 
Incatorzolito, part, faded, dried, 

Incatramato, part, tarred 
Iccani\Sre. to grr.w wicked 
Incattivito, a. wicked 
Incautamente, ad. unwarily 
Incàuto, a. negli«nl 
Incavalcare, to place upon 
Incavalcato, part, laid upon 
Incavalcatura, /. a laying one 

thing over another 
Incavallàre, to provide one's self 

with horses, to mount a horse 
Incarare, to dig 
Incavato, cu dug. hollow 
Incav attira,/, hollowing 
Incavernato, part, laid in a cave 
Incavicchiàlo, part, joined, set in 
Incavigliare, to peg, or pin 
Incavigliato, part, pinned, tied, 

joined together 
Incavo, m. cave, hole, di'ch 
Incèndere, to bum, to inflame 
Incendévole, a. easy to be burnt, 

Incendiare, to turn 
Incendiario, m. an incendiary 
Incèndio, and Incendiméntó, tn. 

conflagration, burning 
Incendentivo, a, kindling, setting 

on fire 
Incenditóre, m. an incendiary 
Incenerire, a7ìd Incenerare, to 

bum to ashes 
Incensaménto, m. and Incensata, 

/. a perfuming with frankincense 
Incensare, to offer incense, praise, 

commend [pan 

Incensière, m. a ceriser. perfuming 
Incensivo, a. indiming 
Incènso, m. incense ; dar I' in- 
cènso, to flatter 
Incènso, part, kindled 
Incensuràbile, a. Di:bl3jneable 
Incentivo, m. an incentive 
Incentrarsi, to meet in a centre 
Inceppare, to ch^in 
Incerare, to was 
Incerato, part, wased 
Incerato, m. oil-cloth 
Inccrconire, to grow sour (as 

wine does) 
Incertézza, Incertitùdine, /. and 

Incèrto, m. uncertainty 
Incèrto, a. tincertain 
Incèso, part, kindled, burnt 
Incespàre, to entangle, to grow, 

increase, to line or cover with 

Incessàbile, a. continual 
lucessabil ménte, aiìd Incessante- 
mente, ad. incessantly 
Incessànte, a. continual 
Incessànza, /. a7id Incessabilézza, 

/. continuance 
Incestare, to lay in a basket 
Incèsto, m. incest 
Incestuosamente, ad. incestuonsly 
Incesuóso, a. incestuous 
Incètta, /. a purchase 
Incettare, to buy (to sell again) 
Incettatóre, m. an engrosser, dealer 
Inchiavare, to lock 
Inchiavisrellàre, to bolt 
Inchièdere, to ask 
Inchièsta, /. inquiry 
Inchinaménto, m. proneness 
Inchinare, to humble, to submit, 

to affirm with a nod 
Inchinata,/, humiliation, a bow 
Inchinato, part, humbled 
Inchinazióne, /. humiliation 
Inchinévole, a. inclinable 
Inchino, m. a courlcby 
Inchino, a. inclined, bent 
Inchinuccio, »n. a slight reverence 
Inchi' dire, to nail ; inchiodare un 

cannóne, to nail up a piece of 

Inchiodato, part, nailed, spiked 
Inchiodatura, /. a prick in ^ 

horse's foot 
Inchiostrare, to slur with ink 
Inchiostro, m. ink ; scrivere ad 

uno di buon inchiostro, to write 

sharply ; il tuo inchiostro ison 

tigne, your credit is not good 
Inchiùdere, to enclose, contain 
Inchiùso, part, incliided 
Incialdarsi, to dress one's self in 

white [stumble 

Inciampare, OTid Inciampicare, to 
Inciampo, m, stun.bling, risk 
Incidènte, a. incident 
Incidènte, m. incident, event 
Incidentemente, ad. accidentally 
Incidènza, /. digression 
Incidere, to make an incision, to 

grave, to cut 
Incielare, to place in heaven 
Inciferato, and Incifràio, part 

made or written in ciphers 
Incignere, to impregnate 
Incinto, a. pregnant 
Incioccàre, to knock, or ran against 
Incipriare, to powder 
Incipriato, part, powdered 
Inciprignire, to exasperate, to fly 

in a passion 


In circa, prep: about 
Incirconclso, part, iincircumcised 
Incircnnscrlito, a. boundless 
Iiicischìàre, to mince 
Incisione, /. incision, engraving 
Inciso, part, cut 
Incisóre, m. a carver 
Incisùra./. incision, a cut 
Incitaménto, ni. aiid Incitazióne, 

/. a stirring, provolting 
Incitare, to incite 
Incitatlvo, a. inciting 
Incivile, a. uncivil 
Incivilire, to grniv poli'e 
Incivilmente, ad. uncivilly 
Inciviltà,/. ruJeness 
Incleméu'e, a. merciless, cold 
Inclemenza,/, severity ; inclemèn- 
za dell'? ria, del vento, &c., in- 
clemency of theair, ihe wind,&c. 
Inclinabile, a. inclinable 
Inclinaménto, m. inclining, dec- 
Inclin'm'e, o. inclining 
Inclinare, to incline, bend 
Inclinato, part. ben% dis|X)sed 
Inclinazióne,/, iiiclina'ion 
Inclinévole, a. inclinable, prone 
l'nclito, cu famous, noble 
Inelùdere, to include 
IncKisa,/. the enclosed letter 
Inclusivairiénte,"arf. inclusively 
IncKiso, part, enclose! 
Incoccare, to notch, st,\mmer 
Incocciarsi, to be obstinate 
Incodardire, ti despond 
Incoerente, a. discordant 
Incoerenza,/, disproportion 
Incogilabile, a. inconceivable 
Incògliere, to ca ch, surprise, to 

happen, befall 
Incognitamente, od, incognito, un- 
Incògnito, a. unknown 
I'ncola, m. an inhabitant 
Incollare, to arlue 
Incollato, part, glued 
Incollerire, to be aniry 
Incollerito, a. anjr)- 
Incolor.'ire, to colour, dye 
Incolp-ibile, a. blameless 
Incolp.'ire, to blame ; incolpare un 

altro, to lay the fault upon 
Incolpilo, part, blamed 
Incoi patore, m. an accuser 
Incolpévole, a. unblameable 
Incoltamente, ad. carelessly 
Incólto, a. uncultivated ; undressed, 

Incólto, part, happened 
Incombattibile, o. incontestable 
Incombènza,/, a commiKÌon 


Incombustibile, a. incombustible 
lucomincianiènto, m. aiid Inco- 

minciauza,/. a beginning 
Incominciunie, m. beginner 
Incominciare, to begin 
Incominciato, part, begun 
Incomincia'ore, m. a beginner 
IncosnmeosurJbile, a. incommen- 
surable [surability 
lucomniensurabiliti, /. inconm.eii- 
Incómm' do, m, tu Incòmodo, and 

its derivatives 
Incommutàbile, a. constant 
Incommu-abilità,/. constancy 
Incomodamente, ad. incommodi- 
Incomodare, to incommode 
Incomodici,/, iuconveuiency 
Incòmodo, m. trouble, disadvan- 
Incòmodo, a. inconvenient 
Incompar'ibite. a. incomparable 
Incomparabilnéute, ad. incompar- 
Incompatibile, a. disagreeing 
Incompalibilit.i, /. inconsistency 
Iiicomj>ens;'ibile, a. cot to be re- 
Incompetènte, a. incompetent 
Incompcteuteménte, ad. incompe- 
Incompetènza, /. iasufficiency 
Incompiuto, a. imj-erfect 
Incomplèsso, a. wi'hout mixture 
Incomport.'ibile. and Incomporté- 

vóle, a. intolerable 
Incomportabilraènte, ad. intolera- 
Iiicompósto, a. disordered ; simple 
Incomprensibile, a, incomprehen- 
sible [sibility 
Incomprensibilità,/, incomprehen- 
In comftne, ad. in common 
Incomunicabile, a. incommunici- 

Inconcepibile, a. mcouceivable 
Inconcepibilità, /. incomprehensi- 

Inconciliabile, a. irreconcilable 
Inconcludènte, and Inconcliiso, a. 

In conclusióne, ad. finally 
Inconciisso, part, unshaken 
Inconfusamènte, ad. confusedly 
Incongiimgibile, a. that cannot be 

Incongiùnto, part, divided 
Incongruènte, a. incongruous 
Incongruentemente, ad. improper- 


Incongruenza,/. Incongruity 
Incongruità,/, disproportion 


Incòngruo, o. incongnioos 
Inc')nocchi:'ire, to wu-.i a di 
Inconosciùlo, a. unknovn 
Inconcjuais. bile, cart, ui 
InconseguètUEa, f. inconsequence 
Inconsiderabile, a. inconsiderable 
Inconsidera'.aménle, ad. iucoosid- 

era ely 
Inconsiderato, a. rash 
InC'.nsiderazione, and Inconsidera- 
tézza,/, inconsideration 
Inconsistènte, a. inconsistent 
Inconsolàbile, a. inconsolable 
Inconsolabilmente, ad. inconsolv 

Inconstante, a. inconstant 
Inconstinza,/. inconstancy 
Inconsuèto, a. unusual [ly 

Inconsultamente, ad. inconsiderate 
IiiC msùito, a. inconsiderate 
Iiiconlamin'ibile, a. incorruptible 
Incontaminatézza,/, purity 
Incontaminato, part, uude'filed 
Incontanènte, incontinènte, ad, 

IncontenV'tbSe, a. insatiable 
Incontentabilità,/, insatiableneas 
Inontestibile, a. indisputable 
Incontinènte, o. unchaste 
Incontinènza,/, incoutinency 
Incònto, part, unadorned 
Incontra, prep, azainst 
Inconiramènto, m. a conference, a. 

Incontrare, and Inconlràni, to 

meet, to hai)pen 
IncontrasLibile, a. indisputable 
Incontrast.àto, part, incontested 
Incóntro, m. a rencounter, acci- 
dent, chance ; andar all' incón- 
tro, to meet j farsi in cóntro, to 
Incóntro, prep, against, towards 
Incontrover Ibile, a. not to be 

Inconveniènte, and Inconvenévole, 

a. inconvenient 
Inconvenientcménte, ad. incon- 
veniently [disturbance 
Inconveniénza, /. inconveniency, 
Incoraggiaménto, m. encourage- 
ment [encourage 
Incoraggiare, and Incora^re, to 
Incoraggiato, part, animate 
Incorare, to [lersuade, encouiagCi 

to take in one's head 
Incordare, to be benumbed 
Incordato, part, herwimhed 
Incordatura,/, a stiff neck 
Incomiciii'e, to frame 
Incoroaire, to crown 
Incoronalo, pari, crowned 


Incoronazióne, /. corona'ion 
Incorporil -, a. incorporeal 
Incorporali n, f. incorporeity 
Incorporaiiiéiito, m. iucorpjration 
Incorpiruc, to incorporae 
Incorporalo, part, incorpoia'ed 
Inc^rpDraziooe,/. ine rporation 
Incoi póreo, a. incorporeal 
Incorre, to surprise 
Incórrere, lo iucur ; incórrere in 

ejrori, to commit faults 
Incorre to, a. incorrect 
Incorri^'bile, aiid incorreggibile, 

a. incorri iible 
Inco-ri^ibìliià, /. obstinacy, stul)- 

Incormt'n, a. incorrupt 
Incorrntiliile, a. incorruptible 
Incorrut'iLili à.y. incori uptiiiliy 
Incorru:'.ib;lniénte, ad. incorrup i- 

Incorruzione,/, incorruption 
Incorso, m. meeting, encounter 
Incoi s^, p(i~t. incurred 
Incoriin' re, to set cur'ains round 
Incortinato, pari, surrouuded 
In c^scirfnza, ad. in conscience 
Iiicos ante, a. inconstant 
Incos aneménte, ad. incons'antly 
Incns''nza, and Incostanzia, f. 

Incolto, part, bciled, baked ; in- 
cotto dal sole, sun burnt 
Increanza,/, incivility 
Increnlo. a. not crea'éi 
Incredibile, a. incredible 
IncreHibilmérite, ad. incredibly 
Increduli'à,/. unbelief 
Incredulo, a. incredulous 
Increnién'o, m. increase 
lucrepazione, /. a reprimand 
Incré-cere, to' be tired ; to com- 
misera'e, to be sorry ; quan'o 
m' incrésce la sua conversazione ' 
how tired I am of his conversa- 
tion ! 
Increscévole, a. tedious 
Increscevolménte, ad. 'ediously 
Iccrescimén o, m. weariness 
Increspanoént'^, m. and Increspa- 
tura,/, a curl, or curling 
Increspare, to curl, to shrink ; in- 
crespare la fronte, to contract 
one's eye-brows 
Increspato, -part, cnrled, shrunk 
Incretnj^, to daub with clay 
Incrinare, to crack 
Incr^ciaménto, m. a crossing, in- 

tert« inin? 
Incroci'ire, /. cruise (a sea term) 
Incroci'''o, part, laid across 
Incrocicchiare, to croa 


Incrocicchiito, o. crossed, across 

Iiicroanre, to incrust 

IiiCrtólàto, part, crusted, rough- 

Ii.c;usfa*'ira,/. a crusting 
Inciiidelire. to grow cruel 
liicru elito, jjart. become cruel 
Incru lire, to make harsh, rough 
Inc^ uént , a. no- bloody 
liic'iscAie, to fill with biun 
I'm ubo, in. niarhtmare 
Ii:c-..le./. anvil 
Incii fine,/, an anvil 
Irci.Ic.ire, to inculcate 
Incr'ca amen'e, ojd. earnestly 
Inruidi n^part. inculcated 
Inc'il o.part. uncultivated 
ItcumbcKZa, /. charge: assumersi 
I' incumbemuL, to take upon one's 
self [to scald 

Incuòcere, to b^il or bake a little, 
Ii;cuor'ire, to ;ake in one's hiad 
Incuràbile, a. incurable 
Incur'i'o, a. uiicured 
Ii.ciria./. lieiligence 
Incursi'^ue,/. incursion 
Incurvare, to bow, bend : incur- 
vai rsi, to prostrate one's self 
Incu-Tafo, part, bent, crooked 
Incurva"'Cira, anrf Incurvazióne,/. 

incur\'ation. cr bending 
Incirvo, a. ben', crooked 
Incus're, to accuse, blame 
Incustodito, a. not guaided 
Incìdere, to thrust wi'h violence 
I'b laco, rr>. indijo (blue colour) 
Indai rr, to search into 
Indasazióne, and Indagine, /. a 

careful search 
IndSrn'^, ad. in vain 
Inlebil'rf. to grow weak 
Irdel iaménfe', ad. unduly 
Inrlebii're. to run in debt 
Ind hi''ito, part, indebted 
Indébito, a. undue ; ora indébita, 

an unseasonable hour 
Indebolire, to srow weak 
Inileb^llto, part, weakened 
Indecènte, n. indecent 
Indecentemente, ad. indecently 
Indecènza,/, indecencv' 
Indecisi, part, undetermined 
Indeclin'hile, a. indeclinable 
Indecoraménte, ad. shamefully 
Indéccre, a. (in poetry,) uabe'com- 

Indecoro, a. indecent 
Indefe<=saménte, ad. indefatigably 
Indefèsso, a. unwearied 
Indeficién'e. a. not deficient 
Indfficientenien'e, nd. continually 
Indeficienza,/, abundance 


Indefinitamente, ad. undetermi 

Indefinito, a. indefinite 
Indegcan.en'e, ad. unworthily 
Indegnarsi, to be angry 
ludeguazióne,/. indignation 
Indegni'à, Indegniiade, aiid Inde- 

gnitate,/. indigrii'y 
Indégno, a. unworthy 
Indelèbile, a. that cannot be cau- 

celltd, or blotted out 
IndeLbilmente, ad. indelibly 
Indemoniato, part, possessed with 

a devil 
Indènne, a, unhurt, safe 
Indennità, and Indennitàde, /. in- 
demnify [term) 
Indennizz-'ire, to indemnif)" (law 
Ind^nnizzazione,/. indet-mification 

(law term) 
Indéntro, prep, within, inward 
Independènte, a. independent 
Independenteménte, ad. independ 

Indepèndénza, /. independency 
Indeterminatamente, ad. indeter- 

Inde'.erminAto, a. undecided, wa- 
verins, doubtful [tir.n 

Indeterminazióne, /. indetermioa- 
Indettare, to agree, resolve 
Indevoto, a. ungodly 
Iiidevozióne,/. ungodliness 
I'ndi, ad. from thence; after, af- 
terwards ; indi a poco, a little 
after; indi a pochi di, a few 
days after fmonds 

IndiamantAre, to counterfeit dia- 
Indinna, a. Indian stuff, printed 

Indiato, part, de'fied 
Indiavolare, to fall into a ] 
Indiavolato, o. mad, furious 
Indicare, to show, indicite 
Indicativo, m. the indicative mood 

(in granmiar) 
Indicativo, a. dem'instrative 
Indicato, part, iudica'ed 
Indicazióne, /. ajid Indicamento, 
m. indication [finser 

I'i:-^ice, m. index, contents, fore- 
Indicere, to imitate 
Indicibile, and Indicevole, a. in 

etfable, unutteratle 
Indicibilmente, ad. inexpressibly 
Indicio, TO. sizTi 
I'ndicn, a. Indian, of India 
Indietro, ad. backwards ; volgersi 
indiètro, to look back; córrer 
indiètro, lo run after 
Indiféso, a. defenceless flar 

Indifferènte, o. indiflèrent, simi- 


Indifferentemente, ad. indifferently 
Indiaérénza, /. indifference 
Indigeno, a. native 
Indigente, tu inJiscent 
Indigènza, /■. indigence 
Indigesllbile, a. indigestible 
Indigestióne, /. indigestion 
Indigesto, part, indigested 
Indiguntn, part, provoked 
Indignazióne, f. indignation 
Indigróssf), ad. one with another ; 
comprare, or véndere indigrósso, 
to buy or sell wholesale 
Indimostràbile, a. not demonstra- 
Indire, to announce, tell 
Indirettamente, ad. indirectly 
Indiretto, a. indirect 
Indirizzire, to direct ; indirizzarsi, 

to set out 
Indirizzato, pari, directed 
Indirizzo, and Indirizzamento, m. 

Indiscernibile, a. imperceptible 
Indisciplinàbile, a. undisciplina- 
ble, indocile 
Indisciplinato, a. unruly 
Indiscretamente, ad. indiscreetly 
Ir.discr«'o. a. indiscreet 
Indiscrezióne, aìid Indiscretézza, 

/. indiscretion 
Indispàrte, ad. apart, aside 
Iiidis|)ensAbile, a. indispensable 
Indisjiensabilita, /. an indispensa- 
ble necessity [sably 
Indispensabilmente, ad. indispen- 
Iiidispettito, a. offended 
Indisjiosizione, /. indisposition 
Indispósto, part, indisposed 
Indisj)utSt)i!e, a. incontestable 
Indissoli'ibile, a. indissoluble 
Indissolubilità,/, indissolubility 
Indissolubilmente, ad. indissoliibly 
Indistintaménte, ad. confusedly 
Indistinto, a. indistinct 
Indìstinzióne,/. confusion 
Indivia,/, endive 
Individuale, a, individual 
Individualmente, ad. individually 
Individuare, to specify 
Individuazióne, /. a specifying 
Individuo, a. inseparable ; un in- 
dividuo, an individual 
Indivisamente, ad. inseparably 
Indivisibile, a. indivisible 
Indivisibilità,/, indivisibility 
Indivisibilmente, ad. indivisibly 
Indiviso, a. undivided 
Indi vóto, a. irreligious 
Indivozióne,/. irreligion 
Indiziare, to give suspicion 
Indizio, m. sign, token, notice 


Indizióne, /. Indication ; mutare 

indizione, to change condition 
I'ndo, a. Indian, from India 
Indocile, a. indocile, dull 
Indocilita,/, indocility 
Indolcire, Indolcire, and Indol- 
ciàre, to sweeten, assuage, allay 
Indolcito, part, sweetened 
rndole,/. inclination 
Indolènte, o. indolent 
Indolenza, /. indolence 
Indomàbile, a. untameable 
Indomito, a. fierce, unruly 
Indonn rsi, to seize upon 
Indoppiàre, to double ; l'Inghil- 
terra s' indóppia colla Scòzia, 
England and Scotland are con 
tiguous ; la vostra bellézza va 
indoppiàndo, you grow more 
beautiful every day 
Indorare, to gild 
Indn.-àto, part, gilt 
Indoratura, /. and Indoraménto, 

m. gilding 
IndormentAto, a. sleepy 
Indomientiménto, m. numbness 
Indcrmentlre, to stupify 
Indormire, to care very little 
Indnrmito, a. drowsy 
Indosso, ad. upon the back 
Indotato, a. without dowry 
Indótta,/, inducement 
Indottamente, ad. unleamedly 
Indottivo, a. persuasive 
Indótto, a. ignorant, induced, or 

Indottrinare, to instnict 
Indovina,/, prophetess 
Indovinare, to divine, foretell 
Indovinatóre, m, a diviner, con- 

Indovin.ìzióne, /. and Indovina- 
ménto, m. divination, divining, 
Indovinéllo.m. an enigma, a riddle 
Indovino, in, a conjurer, a guesser 
Indovino, a. prophetical 
Indovutamente, ad. unduly 
Indovuto, a. undue, unlawful 
Indizzaméuto, in. sorcery, sickness 
Indozzare, to bewitch, to' fall away 
Indi-agare, and Indracàre, to grow 

furious, to rage 
Indraconlto, a. furious, mad 
Indrappàre, to make cloth 
Indrappell.\re, to draw up an army 

in battle 
Indrieto, prep, behind 
IndrÌ7Z.irsi, see IiidirizzArsi 
Indnidtre, to grow amorous 
Indubi'àbile, o. indubit.ib'.e 
Indubitabilità, f. certainty 


Indubitabilmente, ad. undoubtedly 
Indubitatamente, ad. undoubtedly 
Inlubìt4to. a. undoubted 
Indurente, o, inducing 
Indùcere, tee Indurre 
Induciménto, m. inducement 
Inducitore, m. an enticer 
Indugévole, a. slow, late 
Indugiare, te delay, binder 
Indugiato, part, delayed 
Indugiatóre, m. a delayer 
Indugia, /. Indugio, and Indugia- 
ménto, m, a delay, hinderance ; 
senza indijgio, without delay 
Indulgente, a. indulgent 
Indulgènza, /. indulgence, forgive- 
ness, pardon 
Indùlgere, to indulge, grant 
Indtjlto, m. pardon 
Induménto, m. a dress fhard 

Induràbile, a. that grows easily 
Induraaiénto, m. hardness 
Indurare, and Indurire, to harden ; 
indurarsi, to grow hard-hearted 
Indurato, part, hardened 
Indurito, a. obdurate 
Indiirre, to induce ; indurre a tu 
multo, to stir up a rebellion ; in- 
diirre per forza, to force 
Indiistre, o. industrious 
Indùstria,/, industry 
Industriarsi, to do for the best 
Industriosamente, ad industrioiirìy 
Industrióso, and Industrio, o. in- 
Induttivo, a. inducing 
Induttóre, m. an enticer 
Induzióne,/, induction 
Inctiri'ire, m. su Imbriacire and 

its derivatives 
Inecl issato, part, eclipsed 
Inèdia,/, a diet, abstinence 
Inèdito, a. unprinted 
Ineffabile, a. ineflàbie, unutterable 
Ineffabilità,/, unutterableness 
Inettibilménte, ad, ineffably 
Intflficice, a. ineffectual 
Ineffic-icia, /. inefficaciousness 
Inesnagli-^nza, and Inegualità, / 

Ineguale, a. unequal 
Inelegante, a. inelegant 
Ineligibile, a. inelirible 
Ineluttàbile, a. unavoidable 
Inemendàbile, o. incorrigible 
Inenarràbile, a. not to be related, 

Inentro, ad within 
Inequàle, a. see Ineguale, rod iti 

Inequivalènte, a. not equivalent 
Inerbare, to cover with gras 

Inerente, a. inherent 
Inerènza, /. inherence 
Inèrme, a. unarmed 
Inerpicare, tc clin.b 
Inerte, a. slussish 
Intrudilo, a. ignorant 
Inèrzia,/, slotli 
Inesauribile, a. inexhaustible 
Inesaustibile, a. inexhaustible 
Inesausto, a. unexhausted 
Inescajuén'o, m. qllurenient 
Inescare, to ensice 
Inescato, part, allured, enticed 
Inescogitato, fort. ucfhoujht of 
InescusJbile, a. inexcusable 
Inescusabilniénte, ad. inexcusably 
Ineseguibile, a. not to be execued 
Inesercitabile, a. not to be exert- 
ed ; mon'e ineseici'abile, an im- 
practicable moun'ain 
Ineson'rbile, a. icesnrable 
Inesorabilniénte, ad. inexorably 
Inesperienza,/, inexperience 
Inesperto, a. inexperienced 
Inespi'sbile, a. inexpiable 
Inesplébile, a. insatiable 
InesplicSbile, a. inexplicable 
Inesprimibile, a. inexpressible 
Inespugnabile, a. imprc'Dable 
Inessiccàbile, a. inexhaustible 
Inestin.abile, a. inestimable 
Inestimabilmente, ad. inestimath- 
Inestinguibile, a. inextinsuish.ible 
Inestricàbile, aìid Inestrigàbile, a. 
inextricable [loss 

Ines'ricàto, part, entangled, at a 
Inetémo, ad. for ever 
iBettair.énte, ad. foolishly 
Inettitijdine, /. incapacity- 
Inetto, a. inept, foolish 
Inevit.ibile, a. inevitable 
Inevitabilmente, ad. ir.evitally 
Inèzia, /. folly 
Infaccendato, o, very busy 
Infeceto, o. in=ipid, cold ; uòmo 

infaceto, a sorry jester 
Infallibile, a. infallible, certain 
Infallibilità, aiul InMibilézza,/. 

IntiUibilmènte, ad. infallibly 
In fallo, ad. in rain ; tutti i colpi 
cadevano in fallo, all his strokes 
fell upon the around 
Infamare, to defame 
Infamato, part, defamed 
Infamalono, a. defamat^r^,' 
Infamazióne. /. and Infamaménto, 

TTi. defamation 
Infame, a. infamous 
Inf.imia. and Infamità,/, infamy 

Infindo, o. frightful 


Infanglre, to dirt, mire | 

Infangato, part, dirtied, full of dirt ' 

Infantastichire, to grow fantastical 

Infante, m. au infant, a child j 

Iuf6nte, a. infanto, title of the 

children of the kings of Spain 

and Portugal j 

Infanteria,/, loot-soldiers | 

Infantile, a. childish j 

Intinzix, aiid Infantilità, /. in- , 

fancy I 

Infarcire, to st\iff j 

liifard.ire, to besn;ear, foul I 

Infard:;'o, a. foul, dirty I 

Infaretrito, part', armed with a I 

quiver ' 

Infarinare, to powder with meal | 

Infarinate, pa^t. whiiened with 

D.eal ; superficial 
Infarinanira, /. small knowledge 
Irfastidimento, m. weariness 
Infastidire, and Infasiidiàre, to 

trouble, vex 
Infastidl'o, part, nauseated 
Infaticabile, and Infatigàtile, a. 
indefatigable [bly 

Infaticabilmente, ad. indefatiga- 
In fatti, ad. in fact 
Infatuare, to become s'upid 
Infatu.^to, part, infatuated, be- 
Infaustamente, ad. inauspiciousiy 
Infausto, a. unlucky, ominous 
Infecondità, /. barrenness 
InfetoLdo, a. barren 
Infetlele, a. infidel 
Infedelmente, ad. unfaithfully 
Infedera, and Infedelità, /. infi- 
Infedei^ire, to put on a pillow-case 
Infelice, a. unhappy 
Infelicen'.éate, ad. unhappily 
Infelicità, /. misfortune 
Infellonire, to grow ciuel 
Infellonito, a. cruel 
Infemminire, to be eiTeminate 
Infemminito, a. efl'eminate 
Inferióre, a. inferior 
Inferiorità,/, inferiority 
Inferire, to infer 
Infermamente, ad. weakly 
Infermare, and Infemiai-si, to fail 

Infermato, pari, infirm, feeble 
Infermeria, /. mfirmary, a conta- 
gion, or sickness 
Infermiccio, and Infermùccio, a. 
infirm, sickly [tirmary 

Infermière, m. overseer of an in- 
Infermità, /. infirmity 
Inférmo, o. sirk 
Infernale, a. hellish 


Inferno, m. hell 

Inferno, a. infernal, hellish 

Inferocire, to grow fierce 

I'nfero, a. infernal [cloak 

Inferraiuolàto, a. wrapped in a 

Inferrire, and Inferriai e, to chain 

Inferrato, a. and Inferriata, /. 
iron bars 

Inferrato, part, chained 

Infertile, a. barren 

Infervoiare, avid Infervorire, to 

Infervorato, a. fervent 

Infestaménto, m. and Infestagióne, 
/. molestation, trouble 

Infestamente, ad. importunately 

Infestare, to infest, annoy 

Infes'.à.o, part, infested 

Infestatore, m. a disturber, vexer 

Infestazione,/, molesiaiion 

Infèsto, and Infestévoie, a. trouble- 
some, noisome [horses 

Infeslùto, TO. the foundering of 

Infettare, to infect, taint 

Infettalo, and Infètto, part, at 
fected, tainted 

Infettatóre, to. a corrupter 

Infettivo, a. infectious 

Infeudare, to enfeoff (law term) 

Infeudazions, /. enfeolfinent (law 

Infezióne,/, infection 

Infiacchiménto, to. a weakening 

Infiacchire, to become weak 

Infiammàbile, a. combustible 

Infiamn.agiói.e. a7id Infiammv 
mento, TO. inflammation 

Infiammare, to set oc fiie, to in- 
flame, incite, incense, illimi>- 

Infiam.mataménte. ad, ardently 

InfianìUiatlvo, a. infiammative 

Infian.màto. part. infJamed 

InfiaB mazióne, /. inflammation 

Infiasiàre, to bottle 

Infiasc'to, part, put in bottles, 

Infialo, a. ptiffed up 

Inflcere, to infect 

Infidan;énte, ad. unfaithfully 

Infìdelità,/. see Infi^eltà 

Infido, ft. faithless 

Inficiare, to make bitter with gall 

Infierire, see Inferire 

Infievolin:ènto, m. weakening 

Infievolire, and Infiebolire, to 

Irfievoilto, part, weakened 

Infiggere, to nail, or drive 

Inf ignere, to feign ; infignersi, to 
disguise one's self; s' infinse di 
non saper otilla di queste coae, 


he pretended to know nothing 
of the matter [bled 

Iniignévole, o. feigned, dissem- 

Infigniménto, and "intÌDgiinénto, 
m. dissimulation 

Infignitore, aitd Infingi tore, m. a 

Infilare, and Infilzare, to thread, 
string: inlilzar un discórso, to 
tell a ions stor)- ; infila, e le p^c- 
tole, to fail ; infilzanti da se, to 
fall into the snare 

Infilzata,/, a ribl.le-:ow 

Infilzato, and Infilato, part, thread- 

Infimamente, ad. basely 

I'nfimo, a. lowest, extreme, vilest 

Infinattanto, and Infinat'antocbè, 
ad, until, until that 

Infinchè, and Infinechè, ad. since, 

Infin da ora, ad. henceforwards 

Inline, ad. in short 

Infin^rdas^ine, and Iiifingarderia, 
/. liziness 

Infingardire, to zrow idle 

Infingardito, and Infingardo, a. 
lazy, idle 

Infingere, to feign 

Infingiménto, m. and Infingi tù- 
dine, /. dissimulation 

Infinità,/, infinilv 

Infinitamente, aa. infinitely 

Infinito, and Infinitivo, m. the in- 
finitive mood (in grammar; 

Infinito, a. infinite. In infinito, 
ad. infinitely, endless 

Infino, prep, till, until ; infino dal 
principio, from the beginning ; 
infino ad ora, till now, from that 
moment; infino allora, until 
then ; infino a qu.iudo, until, 
when, how lonr ; aniò meco 
infino alla citii, he v.-ent with 
me as far as '.he city 

In fino a qui, ad. hitherto 

Infijioat!aDtf>chè, ad. until that 

Infin-xchiare. to impose 

Infinocchiatura,/, deceit 

Infinochè, ad. until 

Infinlaménte. ad. deceitfully 

Infinta ntn, and Infin'antocbè, ad. 
till, until 

Infinta, /. and Infinto, m. duplici- 
ty, dissimulation, disguise 

Infinto, part, feigned 

Infinzióne, /. simulation 

Infiorare, to blossom, to adom with 

In fiorire, to bloom, or blow 

Infirmiti,/, infirmity 

Infirmo, a. infirm 


Infi=d)re, to confiscate 

Infisso, part, fixed into 

Infistolire, to turn into a fistula 

Inflazione,/, swelling 

lcfles»Sbilfc, a. indexible 

Inflessibilmente, ad. otjstinately 

Inflessióne,/, inflection 

Inflèsso, part, bent 

Inflettere, to bead, curb 
nflitto, jca<. inflicted 

Influenza,/, influence 

lufluire, and Infiijere, to influence 

Influsso, part, influenced 

Influsso, and Infiuvio, to. influ- 
ence, flux 

Infocamento, Infuocamento, m. 
and Infocazione, /. coiiflagra- 
tion, heat, fervour 

Infocare, to heat, make red hot 

Infocato, a. on fire 

Infocazione, and Infuocazióne, f, 
heat, ardour 

I'nfola, and I'ufula,/. fillet 

Infóndere, to infuse, influence, 

Infondiménto, m. infusion 

Inforcare, to fork, hang 

Inforcato, o. caught with a pitch- 
fork [full 

Infrjrcattira, /. a body cleft ; a fork- 

Informàre, to inform; informarsi, 
fo .nquire 

Informato, part, informed 

Informatóre, m. informer 

Informazióne, /. information, edu- 
cation, insti-uction 

Infórme, a. formless 

Infornapane, m. a Inker's shovel 

Infom.ire, to put in the oven 

luf'jrnàta,/. an oven-full 

ItifornMo, part, baked 

Inf'Trsare, to put in doubt 

In forse, ad. in doubt, in danger; 
lasciare una cosa in forse, to 
leave a thing a' random ; io era 
in forse se dovessi farlo o no, I 
did not know whether I should 
do it or not [sour 

Infortire, to strengthen, to grow 

Infortunàre, to be shiinvrecked 

Infortunaménte, ad. unfortunately 

Infortunito, a. unfortunate 

Infortunio, m. misfortune 

Inforzare, to strengthen ; to grow 

Inforzato, a. strong 

Infoscato, part, darkened 

Infossare, to bury 

Infossato, part, laid in the grave 

I'nfra, prtp. between, among, 
amidst, in, about ; iufra il mez- 
■0 giórno, about noon ; infra me, 


within myself; infra, on this 

Infraci'lamento, and Infradicia- 

mento, m. corruption 
Infracidare, and Infradiciiire, to 

putrefy; infracii' uno, to im- 

portupe, or weary one 
Infracidato, and Infridiciato, vart. 

Infracidatiira, and Infradiciattra, 

/. rotteuucss, putreficion 
Infràgnere, aitd Infràngere, to 

break, crush 
Infragnitnento, m. and Infragni- 

lùra,/. a breaking 
Infragrànti, ad. in the fact 
Infraìiménlo, m. fain'.ness, or de- 
Infralire, to srow weak 
Inframessa, /. and Inframésso, nt. 

interposition [meddle 

Inframéttere, to insert, tr inter- 
Infranciosato, part, diseased 
Infrangere, to brt-ak 
Infrànto, part, broken 
Infrantolo, m. an oil-mill, or pre« 
Lifrantura,/. tec Infni-nimento 
Infrascaméuto, nu a stripping of 

Infrascare, to cover with branches, 

to entangle, involve 
Infrascritto, part, underwritten, 

Infrascrivere, to subscribe 
Infrazione, /. rupture, fraction ; a 

breach, violation 
Infreddire, to take cold 
InfreddaMvo, a. giving cold 
Infreddato, part, bavin? got cold 
Infreddatura, and Infreddagióne, 

/. a cold 
Infremere, to shudder 
Infrenare, to bridle, curb ; to keep 

under, or in 
Infrenesire, to grow frantic 
Infrequènte, a. rare 
Infrequenza,/, unfrequency 
Infrescamento, m. refreshment 
Infrétta, ad. in haste 
Infri^d.iute, a. cooling 
Infrigiri.ire, and Infrigidire, to cool, 

to grow cool, frigid 
Infrlmo, part, wrinkled 
Infrlngere, to infrinffe 
Infrondarsi, to shoot frirth leaves 
In fròtta, ad. in a company 
Infruscare, to confuse 
InlTusciito, a. dark, ambiguous, ob- 
Infruttifero, a. unfruitful 
Infruttuosamente, ad. unprofitably 
Infruttuóso, a, unfruitful 


Infnróie, to tie with ropes 
Infuni'iira, /. a bin ling with ropes 
Infundibulo, m. a funnel 
Infuocire, ste Infocai e, and all its 

Infurfantire, to grow knavish 
Infuriare, aiid Infuriirsi, to be mad 
Infuriatamente, ad. furiously 
Infrriato, a. furious 
Infusajnénte, ad. confusedly 
Infusióne,/, infusion 
Infuso, part, infused 
Infuturarsi, to grow old, or to be 

Ingabbiare, to put in a c-ige 
lagafi-giare, to en^^e ; inga^iare 

a usiira, to pawn 
Ingaggiito, part. en^aTe.d 
Ingagliaidia,/. weaki.ess 
Ingagliardire, to grow strong 
Ingagliardito, a. brisk, stroiig 
Ingalappiare, to catch in a trap 
Ingalluzzirsi, to be proud 
Ingalluziàto, a. proud 
IngambJre, to run away 
Ingangherare, to put, or hang on 

the hinges 
Ingannàbile, a. decei fui 
Ingannare, to cheat ; ingannarsi, 

to mis'ake ; s'io non m' inganno, 

if I mistake not 
Ingancato, part, cheated 
Ingannatóre, m. a cheat 
lugannsvole, 07wi Ingannabile, a. 

Ingannevolmente, ad. decei'fully 
Inganno, aiid Ingannaménto, m. 

cheat, trick ; Irar d' inganno, to 

IngarabulLare, and Ingarbugliare, 

to deceive, perplex 
Ingarbire, to adorn 
Ingastigito, part, unpunished 
IngastigazióneT/. impunity 
Ingegnamento, m. craft, cunning : 

Ingegnarsi, to endeavour ; cias- 
cheduno s'insegna, every body 

does what he can 
Ingegnere, and Ingegnéro, m. an 

Ingégno, m. genius, wit, craft 
Ingegn'saménte, ad. ingeniously 
Ingejnóso, a. ingenious, witty 
Ingeguuolo. m. malice, craft 
Ingelosire, to grow jealnus*o, a become jealous 
Ingeinmaménto, in. an adorning 

with jewels 
Ingemm'ire, to deck with jewels 
Ingemmato, a. idomed with jew- 


In generale, ad. generally 
Ingenerare, to engen ter 
Ingenerazióne, /. aiid Ingenera- 

ménto, m. generation 
Ingènito, o. inna'e 
Ingentilire, to become noble, to 

Ingentilito, o. ennobled 
Ingenuamente, ad. sincerely 
Ingenuità,/, sincerity 
Ingènuo, a. ingenuoiis. freebom 
Ingerirsi, to in'ermeddle 
Ingermatura, /. a sheath, covering, 

Ingessare, to chalk 
Ingessato, part, chalked 
bigessatijra,/. a chalking 
Iv^ii'D, a. inserted 
In;{hio timénto. m. a swallowing; 

pool, pit, abyss 
Inghiottire, to' swallow, abso-'b ; 

iughiotiire altrrii, to surpass one ; 

inghiottire un' ingiùria, to put uj- 

with an affront 
Inghiottito, a. swallowed up 
Inghiottitóio, m. the th'oat 
Inghirlandaménto, m. a crowning 

with a snrland 
Inghirlandare, to crown with gar- 
lands; fuor di qual mar chs; la 

terra inghirlinda, out of that sea 

which encompasses the earth 
Ingiac.'ire, to put on the cuirass 
Ingiallire, aiid Ingiallare, to dye 

or grow yellow 
Inginocchi.arsi, to kneel 
lujinocchiàtn, a. kneeling 
Inginocchi.itoio, m. a stool to kneel 

Inginocchiatura,/, a bending 
Inginocchia^ióne./. a geiiufiesion 
Inginocchione, and Inginoccliioni. 

ad. kneeling upon one's knees 
Ingiocnndo, a. displeasing 
Ingioiellare, to adorn with jewels 
Ingiovanire, to grow young 
Ingiii, ad. downward 
Ingiiigncre, to charge, command 
Ingiuncare, to strew rushes 
Ingiitnto. a. enioined 
Infi'Jria,/. injury 
Ingiuriare, to injure, abuse 
Ingiuriato, a. injured 
Ingiuria'ó"^, m."an injurer 
In?iuriosaménte, ad. injuriously 
Ingiuriósi, a. injurious 
Ingiustaminte, /id. unjustly 
Inriustizia,/. injustice 
Ingiuste, a. unjust 
Injloriósn, o. inglorious 
Injl'ivie,/. gluttony 
Ingobbire, to grow hump-backed 


Ingòffo, m. a fisticuff; bribery 
Ingoiare, to engulf, to swallow 
Ingolfare, to encounter the main 
ocean ; ingolfarsi, to gratify 
one's self 
Ingolfato, a, addicted, engulfed 
Ingollare, to swallow 
Ingollato, part, swallowed 
Ingombra-Tiénto, m. encumbrance 
Ingombrare, to hinder, stop, to oc- 
Ingombrato, a. hindered 
Ingnoibi-o, a7id Ingonibrio, m. im- 
Ingómbro, a. encumbered 
Iiigorbiare, to put a ferrule cm a 

Ingordamente, ad. greedily 
Ingortligia, and Ingoi-dia, /. greedi- 
Ingórdo, a. greedy, eaier ; prezzo 
ingordo, an exorbi.ant price ; 
struménto ingórdo, a sharp in- 
Ingorgaménto, m. gorging 
Ingorgare, to gorge ; fiiime che 

s' ingorga, a swelling river 
Ingorrfto, a. gorged 
Ingorgi^re, to "swallow down 
Ingozzale, 'o gorge, cram, swallo'v 
Ingrandiménto, m. advancement 

Ingrandire, to increase, enlarge, 

advance, to agjrandize 
Ingrandito, a. eclarged, advanced 
Icgrau.iitóre, m. an amplifier 
Ingrassaménto, m. a fattening 
Ingrassare, to fatten ; ingi'assàr 

campi, to manure 
Ingra-satlvo, a. fiittening 
Ingrassato, o. fat'ened 
Ingra'amenle, ad. ungratefully 
Ingraticolare, to enclose, to rail 
Ingraticol.ilo, a, railed 
Ingratitudine, and Ingratezza, /. 

Ingrato, n, ungrateful 
Inzravidaménto, m. ingtavidation 
In»Tavid.xre, to impregnate, to 

Insrrazinrs-, to ingratiate 
Ingrediènte, m. ingredient 
Ingrèsso, m. ingress, access 
Ingroppare, to add, to carry on 

one's hack 
Ingrossaménto, m. an increasing, 

swelling, thickness 
Ing.rossàre, to make big, increase, 

to get with child 
Ingrossato, a. gmwn bigger 
Ingrósso.oo. by the whole ; vénder 
all' ingròsso, to sell by wholesale 


Ingnignire, or Ingrognare, to be 

Ingrugnato, or Ingromato, a. angry 
Inguantarsi, to put on one's gloves 
Inguantato, a. tliat has gloves on 
I'nguine, m. grt)in 
In guisa, ad. like as 
Inibire, to forbid 
Inibita,/, iuliibition (law term) 
Inibitòrio, a. that prohibits 
Inibizióne, /. prohibition 
Iniezióne,/, iujeciiun 
InimicAre, to use like an enemy j 

ininiic'irsi, to make an enemy 
Inimic/ito, a. used like an enemy 
Inimichevolméute, od. like an 

Inimioizia, /. enmity 
Inimico, >n. an ertemy 
Inimicrj, a. unfriendly 
Inimitabile, a. inimitable 
In infinito, ad. infiniiely 
Inintelligibile, a. obscure 
Iniquamente, ad. perfidiously 
Iniquità,/, iniquity ; inequality 
Iniquilosn, o. wicked 
Iniquo, a. unjust 
Inijria,/. injury 
Iniuslizia, /. ii.jusiice 
Iniziale, o. initial 
Iniziare, to initiate 
Inizià'o, a. instructed 
Iniziatóre, m. a beginner 
Inizio, in. be.'inning 
InlacciSre, to fall into snares 
lulaccialo, a. in^yiared 
Inlanspjiiire, to become languid 
Inlaque'ire, to entangle 
Inlaudàbile, a. unworthy of praise 
Inleci'aménte. nd. imlawfully 
Inlécito, a. unlawful 
Inleggiadrilo, a. embellished 
Inlegittimità, /. illeiri'imacy 
Inlegittimo, a. ille^'i'imate 
Inletteril'o, a. unK-arned 
InlibrSre, to balance 
Inlividire, to bruise 
InlCinga, Inlungo, ad. mandar in 

lun^a, to procrastinate ; in lungo 

and.ire, in process of time 
Inmalincnnire, Inmalinconichire, 

and Iimialinconicàre, to be 

Inmarclre, to rot, putrf fy 
Innabiss.'ire, to be swallowed up, 

ruin, raze 
Innacerblre, to grow acid 
Innacquamento, m. a watering 
Innacqu.'ire, to water, soak, sprin- 
kle ; innacqu&re il vino, to mix 

wine with water 
lUDacqu&to, a. watered 


Innaffiare, to water 
Innaffiato, part, watered 
lunafBatóio, m. a watering pan 
Inna^restire, to grow sjur 
Innafberàre, to get up a tree 
Innalzaménto, m. and Innalza- 

tura,/. exaltation 
Im.alzare, to exalt, raise, advance, 

Innamid.nre, to s'arch 
Innanioracchi'irsi, to fall in love 
lunamoramjnto, aiuì Inu.-uiiorazza- 

niénto, 7)1. courtship 
Innamorare, to fall in love ; in- 
namor'irsi al primo ùscio, to fall 
in love at first sight 
Innamorala, /. a mistress 
Innamoratamente, ad. lovingly 
Innamorato, m. a lover 
Innamonito, part, enamoured 
lanamorazzare, to be in love 
Innanellare, to curl, to give the 

nuptial ring 
Iniianellalo, a. curled [animate 
Inninim.'ire, and Innaniniire, to 
Innanimàto, part, heartened 
Innante, and lun'in i, prep, (in 

poetry,) sec Inniinzi 
Innantichè, ad. before 
Innanzi, m. a model, original 
Innanzi, prtfp. before 
Innanzi, ad. rather, better, after- 
wards; andare innanzi, to grow ; 
venire inninzi, to present one's 
self ; piii iniiAnzi, farther; mét- 
tere innanzi, to pr0[)O-ie ; non 
andate pia inn.'inzi, ^ay no more 
Inn'inw tratto, ad. fiisl of all 
Innaridire, to grow dry 
Innarr;ibile, a. not to be told 
Innai^icciaio, m. a burning 
Inna'icnndere, to hide 
Innascoso, a. hid. concealed 
Innasp.^re, to wiiid ya'^n 
Innasprire, lo make' hard 
Innato, a. innate, natural 
Iniiatur;ile, a. unnatural 
Inn(;bbiàrsi, to grow dark 
Innebbri'ire, to make drunk 
Innegabile, o. incontestable 
Innestare, to ingi-afi 
Innestato, a. ingrafted 
Inne tallirà. Innes'p.sióne. /. and 
Innestaménto, rn. a graft, a scion 
Innèsto, m. a graft 
I'nno, m. a hymn 
Innobilita, /. i»nobili!y 
Innocènte, a. innocent 
Innocentemente, ad. innocently 
Innocènza, and Innocéuzia, /. in- 



Innoltrirsi, to advance, < 
Innominòio, a. nanielesà 
Innondare, tu Inondare 
Innóssio, a. harmless 
Innostràre, to cover with scarlet 

Inncvòre, to innovate 
Innovatóre, m. an innovator 
Innova-'ióne, /. cliange 
Inncvell'ire, to renew 
Inniiii:enibile, a. innumerable, 

Innumerevole, a, innumerable 
Innuzz<illre, to excite a desire 
Inobbediènte, a. disobedient 
Inobbediénza, /. disobedience 
Inoculare, to inoculate 
Inoculazione,/. in')culation 
Inodorifero, a. without any smell 
Inofficióso, a. uncivil 
In oirni modo, ad. however it be 
Inoliare, to oil 
Inoli.'ito, part, oiled 
. Inolirai'bi, see limoltr.'irsi 
I Inolilo, and Innóltre, ad. besides 
Inoiiib are, to shade 
Inondare, to overflow 
Inondazióne, /. and Inondaménto, 

m. inundation 
Inones'aménte, ad. dishonourably 
Inonesà,/. dishonesty 
Inonèsto, o. dishonest 
Inonorato, a. dishonoured 
I'nope, a. indigent 
Inoperóso, a. l.azy, idle 
Inopia. /. indigence 
Inopinnbile, a. credible 
Inopi nanamente, ad. unaware» 
Inopinato, a. unthouglit of 
Inopiiortuiiaménte, ad, unseasona- 
Inopportuno, a. unseasonable 
Inon'ire, to gild over; to hoaonr, 
beseech [ly 

Inonlinatnménte, ad. immoderate- 
Inordinatézza, /. confuion 
InoniinrVo, a. ou' of order 
Inorgoglire, to make proud ; inor- 
goglirsi, to grow proud 
Inor(.ellanièuto, m. a painting, a 

disijviise, to counterfeit, to adorn 

with false gold 
Inorpellato, a. coun'erfeited 
Inonidire, to shake for fear, to 
fri rhten [rous, cruel 

Inospi'de, a. inhospitable, barbae 
Inospialilà,/. inhospitality 
Inóspile, a. uninhabited 
InosservMiile, a. unobservable 
Inosservanza./, unobservance 
Inosservato, a. unobserved 


TnoStrare, to cover with porple 

In palése, ad. publicly 

In parafone, ad. comparatively to 

In parie, ad. panly 

In pani colare, adi parti cnlarly 

In perpetuo, ad. perpetually 

In persona, ad. personally 

In piedi, ad. f n foot 

In proltilo, ad. in profile 

In pùnto, ad. ready ; sono in plinto, 

I am ready 
In qua, ad.' since, this side; da 

allora in qua, since that time 
In quanto, atid In quanto che, ad. 
inasmuch as, concerning ; in 
quanto a me, as for my pjtrt 
Inquartàre, to quarter 
Inquieti,/, anxiety 
Inquietamente, ad', unquietly 
Inquietare, aiid Inquiellre, to dis- 
quiet, vex [trouble 
Inquietazione, /. the act of giving 
lnquietéZ2a., /. uneasiness 
Inquieto, a. unquiet 
Inquietùdine,/, disquiet 
Inquinare, to soil, pollute 
Inquisire, to accuse 
Inquisito, part, accused 
Inquisitore, m. inquisitor, sheriff, 

Inquisizinne, /. inquisition, search 
Inraccontàbile, a. that cannot be 

Inra^ionévole, a. iee Irrasionévole 
Inrazionabile, a. irrational 
Inregolare, a. gee Irregolare 
Inreliziosità,/. irrelision 
Inreligióso, a. irrelisious 
Inremediabile, and Inrimediibile, 

a. irremediable 
Inreprensibile, a. irreprehensible 
Inreprob:ibile, a. irreprovalile 
Inrepu^bile, a. unquestionable 
Inresoluzione,/. irresolution 
Inretaménto, m snares 
Inretare, to catch in nets 
Inretrattjbile, a. irrevocable 
Inrevocabilità, /. irrevocabiiity 
Inricchlre, to enrich 
Inrijidire, to grow stiff) hard 
Inritrosire, to grow unruly, «ly, 

Inriverénte. a. see Irreverènte 
Tnrossare, to dye with a red hue 
Inruvidire, to make hard 
N. B. For all other words begin- 
ning with /7ir. see In 
Insaccare, to sack, to bag 
Insaccato, part, baeged. sacked 
Insalare, Ins.ilinare^ and InsaJeg- 

giire, to salt 
Insalata, /. a salad ; non sono an- 


córa all' insalata, I have scarce i 
begun ' 

Insalato, a. salt, salted ; 

Insalatura, /. a salting, cr pickling ' 

Insaldare, to starch; to conlirm, 
assure i 

Insalsirsi, to become salt 

Insalùbrei o. imhealthy 

Insalvatichire, and Insalvaticàre, i 
to grow savage, wild i 

Insalvatichito, a. wild, savage ' 

Insanàbile, a. incurable 

Insanamente, ad. foolishly 

Insanguinare, to make bloody 

Insanguinato, part, bloody 

Insània, /. madness, folly 

Insanire, to grow mad 

Insanito, part, mad 

Insano, a, insane, mad 

Insaponare, to soap, flatter, cajole 

Insaponato, part, soaped 

Insaporarsi, to acquire flavour 

Insaziàbile, and "Insaturàbile, a. 

Insaziabilità, and Insazietà, /. in- 
satiability, unsatisfiedness 

Insaziabilmente, ad. insatiably 

Inscampabile, a. unavoidable 

Inschiavire, to enslave 

Inschidionàre, to put upon the spit l 

Insciènte, a. ignorant 

Inscritto, part, inscribed I 

Inscrivere, lo inscribe, to write, or ' 
to engrave an inscription I 

Inscrizióne,/, inscription 

In-^rutabile, a. iir.penetrable ! 

Inscùlto, a. engraved, impressed r 

Inscusàbile, a. icexcnsable 

Inségna,/, arms, colours, marks j 

Insegnaménto, m, document, iu- j 
struc'ion j 

Insegnare, to teach | 

Insegnativo, a. irstmctive i 

Insanito, part, taught I 

Insegnatóre, m. a teacher I 

Insegréto, ad. secretly ; 

Inseguire, to pursue ' ; 

Inseliciàto, part, paved i 

I Inseliciàto, m. pavement I 

' Inselvàrè, arid Inselvaticare, to 
I grow woody; inselvarsi,' to take 
I refuge in a wood i 

I Insempràto, a. immortalized | 

I Insensatamente, ad, foolishly, ' 
I madly ' ; 

Insensatàggine, and Insensatézza, 
j /. stupidity, folly, madness 
I Insensato, a.' foolish, senseless j 

j Insensibile, a. insensible 
, Insensibilità,/, insensibility _ I 

Insensibilmente, ad. impercepti- 
1 bly, by degrees i 


Inseparàbile, a. inseparable 
Inseparabilmente, ad. inseparably 
InsepóUo, a. unburied 
Inserenàre, to clear up, to chefir Mf 
Inserenato, a. serene 
Inserire, to insert 
Inserito, part, inserted 
Inserràre, to shut up 
Insertare, to graft 
Insertazione,/. grafting 
Insèrto, part, inserted 
Inserviènte, a. good, useful, fit 
Inserzione, m. fnsertion 
Insetare, to wrap up with silk 
Insetto, m. an insect 
Inseverlto, a. grown severe 
Insidia,/, snares, deceit 
Insidiare, to lie in wait, to contrive 
Insidiato, part, plotted, contrived 
Insidiatóre, m. a traitor 
Insidiosamente, ad. treacherously 
Insidióso, a. ensnaring 
Insième, and Insiememénte, ad, 

together, likewise, with 
Insieme, or Ben' insieme, m. (in 

paintms,) the whole 
Insiepàrsi, to hide one's self ina 

Insigne, a. renowned, excellent 
Insignemente, ad. notably 
Insignificante, a. insignificant 
Insignire, to decoratei" adorn 
Insignito, part, adorned 
Insignorire, to make one master 
Insinattànto, Insintanto, Insintao- 

tochè, ad. until 
Insino, Insinochè, and Insinché, 

prtp. tìV,. until 
Insinqua, ad. as far as here 
Insinuire, to insinuate ; insinuarsi, 

to steal, creep in 
Insinuazióne,/, insinuation 
Insipidamente, ad. foolishly 
Insipidézza./, insipiditj-, fiatne» 
Insipidire, to become insipid 
Insipido, a. insipid, unsavoury 
Insipiènte, a. foolish 
Insipiènza, and Insipienzia, /. ig- 
norance, foolishness 
Insistènza,/, obstinacy 
Insistènte, a. pressing' 
Insistere, to insist, persist, to be 

I'nsito, a. inna'e. natural \, 

Insoave, a. unpleasant 
Insociabile, a. unsociable 
Insofferènza,/, intolerable Durden 
Insofficien'e, a. see Insufficiènte, 

and its derivatives 
Insoifribile, a. insufferable 
Insoggettàbile, a. untameable 
Insognarsi, to dream, fancy 


Imógno, m. dream, fancy 
Insolcare, to draw the plan of a 

Insolènte, a. insolent 
Insolentenicnte, ad. insolently 
Insolentire, to erow saucy 
Insolenza, aiid Insolénzia, /. inso- 
Insòlito, a. unusual, rare 
lusollare, to grow soft, to diminish, 

Insolllre, to rise up in arms 
Insolùbile, a. indissoluble ; argo- 
ménto, problema, &c insolù- 
bile, an argument, a problem, 
&c. that cannot be solved 
Insolubilmente, ad. inJissolubly 
In sómma, ad. at last 
Insonnàre, to lull asleep 
Insonne, a. sleepless 
Insónte, a. innocent, harmless 
Insopportibile, a. insuppor:able 
Insordire, to deafen, to become 

Insorgere, to rise against 
Insormontàbile, a. insurmountable 
Insórto, part, risen up [suspect 
Insospettire, to grow suspicious, to 
Insospettito, a, suspicious 
Insostenibile, a. unwarrantable 
Insozzare, and Insozzi re, to foul, 

stain, grow dirty 
Insperàbile, a. unhopeil-for 
Insperatamente, ad. unexpectedly 
Insperato, a. unexfiected 
Inspérsere, to sprinkle 
Inspessaménto, m. coudeusity 
Insf)ett6re, m. an inspector 
Inspezióne, /. inspection 
N. B. The letter 71, in the follow- 
ing words, as far as Instupid'ito, 
may be left out : see Ispezióne 
laspirire, to inspire with, to sug- 
gest, to prompt 
Inspira 'o, part, inspired 
Inspiratóre, m. he who inspires 
Inspirazióne, f. and Icspiramento, 

■m. inspiration 
Inspontàneo, a. involuntary 
Instàbile, a. unstable 
Instabilità,/. instaLility 
Instancàbile, a. indtia'iiable 
Instancabilmente, ad. iiidefatirably 
Instanfinearoén'e, ad. immediately 
Instautàneo, a. momentarj', done 

in a moment 
Instante, m. an instant 
Instante, a. eamesJ, urgent 
Instanteménte. ad. instantly 
Instànza, and Ins'Anzia, /. in- 
stance, solicitation ; ad irwtanra 
vòstra, at your re<}uft.t 


Instare, to urge, insist, press 

Instaurare, to renew, rebuild 

Insterillre, to grow barren 

Instile, to insigate, suggest 

Instiga'o, part, iusrl^atcd 

Instiiatóre, m. ins'iiator 

Instigazione, /. and Instigaménto, 
m. ins'igation 

Instillàre, to ins'il, infuse, pour 

InstilLito, part. ins'Uled 

Instinto, m. ins inct 

Instituire, to insiitu'e; instituire 
alcuno erède, to make somebody 
one's heir 

Instituta,/. institutes 

Inititutis'o, m. a reader of the in- 

Ins'itó»o, m. an institute, an estab- 

Insti'utore, m. an insti»utor 

Instituzione, /. institution, instruc- 

Instruire, to instruct 

Instruito, part, instructed 

Icstrumenlile, a?id Instrumentàrio, 
a, instrumental ; mùsica instru- 
mentàle, instrumental music 

Instniménto, m. instrument 

Instruttlvo, o. instructive 

Instrùtto, part, instructed 

In-itnittore, m. a tutor 

Instruzión?, /. instruction 

InstapMlre, to be sur|)ris<?d 

Initupidito, part, stupitied, sur- 

In sii, ad. above ; andare in sii e in 
dii, to zn up and down ; da due 
in sii, except two ; in sit la tàvo- 
la, upon the table 

Insucidàre, to grease, foul, sail 

Insuéto. a. unusual 

Insufficit^nte, a. insufiicient 

Iii5ufEcieatcménte, ad. insufficient- 

Insufficienza,/, insufficiency 

In sul, ad. upon ; in sul far del dl, 
by break of day ; in su'I bel del 
discórso, in the middle of« the 

Insulàno, a. insular 

Insulsàgine, /. duiness 

Insulso, a. foolish 

Insultare, to insult 

Insultato, a. aiFrouted 

Insulto, m. an insult, affront 

Insuperàbile, a. insuperable 

Insiaperbire, to ?row proud 
Insuperbito, a. proud 

InsOrsere, to rise against, to resist 

by force 
Insórto, part, risen up 
Insuso, ad. above, on high 


Insussistente, a. not snbsistent, not 

Insu-òistéiiza, /. the invalidity of 

any thing 
InsusurrJre, to murmur 
Intabaccarsi, to fall in love ; to 

give one's self up 
lutaccire, to jagg, no'ch, to offend, 

hurt, injure, conract a debt 
Intaccato, part, jagged, notched, 

injured, wounded 
Inticcatùm, /. a notching, or notch 
Intagiìaméuto, m. incision, cut 
Intagliare, to engrave, to carve: 

intagliare ad acqua forte, to etch 
Intagliato, part, engraved, carved, 

proportioned, well shaped 
IntaaIia'ore,m. an engraver, carver 
Int;iglio, m. and Intagliatura, /. 

an engraving, carving; intaglio 

d' acqua forte, an etching 
Inta^liuzzàre, to njincp 
Inianiburàr*!, to accuse, impeach 
In'amburazióne, /. impeaching 
Intanire, and Intanarsi, to hide 

one's self in a cave 
Intanfirsi, to grow mouldy 
In angibile, a. impalpable 
Intanto, ad. inasmuch, in the 

Intanloche, ad. whilst, so that ; 

aspettatemi qui intanto cb' 10 

venja, stay here til! I come 
Inta'lamento, 7». worm-hole 
Intarlare, to be moth or worm- 

Intarlato, a. moth or worm-eaten 
Intarsiare, to inlay 
Intarsià'o, part, inlaid 
Intarsia' una,/, inlaid work 
In'artaritn, a. covered wi*h 'artar 
Intasaménto, m. and In'asattira, 

/. the act of stopping, an obstruc- 
Intas.'ire. to -«t slits close together, 

to fill with tartar 
Tn'ascàre, to pocket up, to seize 

Intas&'i re, to bend a ix>w 
In'àtto, part, unlourhed 
Intavohre, to wairscot. or rail in ; 

to make a drawn eanie at chess, 

draughts, tc, to set in notes, to 

pla«* t)oards ; in'avnlire un ne- 

gn^io, to propound an al^r 
Intavolato, vart. wainscoted 
Intavolatura,/, wainscn'. rule, in- 

strucMon, a tablaMre (music 

Intesràle, aiirf Intesrante, a. inte 

gral ; p rti in'esràli, the part» 

which make up the whole 


Integralmente, ad. completely 
Integramente, ad. honestly, exactly 
Integrare, to make entire 
Integrato, part, made entire 
Integrila, /. integiity, perfection, 
sincerity [.just 

Integro, a. whole, entire, honest. 
Intelaiare, to put upon the loom 
Intelaiatura, /. the skeleton of a 

building, &c. 
Intellettiva, /. and Intelletto, m. 
understanding, intellect, capacity 
Intellettivo, o. iutelleclual, rational 
Intellettuale, a. intellectual 
Intellettualità,/, intellectual facul- 
Intellezióne,/, intelligence 
Intelligènte, o. intelligent, well- 
knowing, skilletl, leai-ned 
Intelligenza, /. knowledge, corre- 
spondence, learning ; intelligen- 
za secreta, a collusion, deceit 
Intellijere, to understand 
Intellii^ibile, a. plain, easy 
IntelUgibiliiiénte, ad. intelligibly 
Intemerata, /. perplexity, conspira- 
Intemerato, a. undefiled, pure 
Intemperante, a. intemperate 
lutemi.eranza, and Inteniperatùra, 

/. excess, inteuijierance 
Intemperàrsi, to grow temperate 
Intemperato, a. immoderate, ex- 
Intempèrie,/, intemperature 
Intempestivo, a. unseasonable 
In tempo, ad. in time 
Intendènte, m. an attendant, a con- 
noisseur [knowing 
Intendènte, a. intelligent, skilled, 
Intendènza,/, understanding 
Intèndere, to understand, to design, 
intend, to agree together; intèn- 
der gli òcchi, to fix one's eyes 
latendèvole, a. in'.ellisible 
lutendevolménte, ad, learnedly, 
carefully ^ 
Litendimènto, m. unlerstandin», 
intention, meanins; èssere d'in- 
tendiménto, to understand one 
another, to play booty 
Intenditóre, ni. an understanding 
man; a buon inlenditrtr poche 
paróle, a word to the wise 
Intenebraménto, m. a darkening 
Intenebrare, and Intentbrlre, to 
darken [plesed 
Intenebrilo, part, obscured, per- 
Intenerlre, to mollify, s'lflen; in- 
tenerirsi, to he aBftc'ed 
Intenerito, part, mollified. softened 
Intensamente, ad. intensely 


Intensivo, and Intènso, a. intense, 

Intentamente, ad. attentively 
Intentare, to attempt 
Intentato, a. attempted ; not tempt- 
Intentazióne, /. attempting 
Intènto, m. design, intention 
Intènto, a. ateutive, ready, dis- 
IntenzionAle, a. intentional [ly 
Intenzionalmente, ad. intentioiol- 
Intenzióne,/, intention 
Intepidire, to grow lukewarm 
Interame, rn. the entrails 
Interamente, ad. entirely 
Intercalire, to add, to insert 
Intercalare, m. intercalai- or odd 

Intercédere, to intercede 
Intercessione, /. intercession 
Interces<)re, tji. a mc-diator 
Interce'l'ire, to intercc-pt 
Intercétt'», pari, intercepted 
Intercezióne,/, intercepting 
interchii'idere, to enclose 
lu'eicldere, to divide in two, to 
hinder [columns 

Intercolònnio, m. space between 
Interdétto, m. interdiction, suspen- 
sion, prohibition 
Interdè'to, part, forbidden 
Interdire, and Intei-dicere, to pro- 
hibit, forbid 
Interdizióne,/, and Interdieimén- 

to, m. a suspension 
Interessante, a. interesting 
Interessare, to interest 
Interessalo, /iHÌ. inierested, con- 

Interèsse, and Interesso, m. inter- 
est, profit ; loss, prejudice ; ba- 
dare a suoi interèssi, to mind 
one's nwn business 
Interézza,/. ec'irei:ess 
In'eriez one, aiid Interehiezlóne, 
/. interjection (a sudden ex- 
I'nl'^iini, ad. meanwhile 
Interiora, /. pi. and Interiori, m. 

pi. en'rails 
Interiore, m. mind, heart 
Interiore, a. internal, interior 
Inferiormente, ad. internally 
Inferito, m. dea'h 
Iiitr-rlineTre, to inferirne 
In'erlineAre, a. between line and 

In'erlineAto. part, interlined 
Interlocutore, m. a speaker, acfor 
Interlocutòrio, a. inteilncu'ory 
Iutennè<lio, m. an interlude 


Intermèdio, o. intermediate 
lutermeritire, to be benumbed 
Intermésso, part, intermitted 
Interméttere, to interrupt, discoih 

Intermettiménto, »n. discontinn 

Intermèzzo, a. intermediate 
Interminato, o. boundless 
Intermissióne, and Intermittènza, 

/. intermission 
Intermlsto, part, intermixed 
Intermittènte, a. intermitting 
Inttvmittènza,/. infermittency 
Internamente, ad. internally 
Internare, and Internarsi, to pene- 
Internato, part, pierced through 
Intéino, a. internal, inward 
In'érno, m. the interior 
Internùn2Ìo, m. an internuncio 
Intéro, a. entire, perfect, ingenious 
Interpellare, to summon 
Inferpellazióne,/. a legal call 
Interpeti-are, see Interpretare, and 

its derivatives 
Interpolato, part, interrupted 
In'erponiniènto, ni. iaterjxjsition 
Interpórre, to interpose 
Interpositóre, m. intercessor 
Interposizióne,/, interposition 
In'eiivSsto, part, interjxjsed ; inte»- 
pósti alfju.'inti dl, some days after 
Interpretare, to interpret 
Interpretativo, o. interpretative 
Interpretalo, part, interjirett 
Intei-pret.azióne, /. interpretation 
Inlerpre'e, and Interpretatóre, m. 

an interjireter 
Interpunzióne,/, punctuation 
Interrare, and Inlerriare, to do 

over with clay ; to bury 
Interrito, and Interriato, part. 

glazed, pale 
Interrégno, m. interregnum 
luferrogrire, to examine 
Interroi^to, part, questioned 
I Interrogatòrio, m. and Intern^»- 
I zìòne! /. examination 
Interrómpere, to intenupt. slop 
I Interri)mpi mento, ni. and Interru- 
zióne,/, interniption 
Interrótto, part, interrupted 
Interruttóre, m. an in'errupter 
Ihier-ecare, to cut asunder 
Intersecato, part, «.ut asunder 
Interserire, to insert 
In'erserito, part, inserted 
Intersezióne,/, intersection 
Inters'izio, m. interval of fime 
In'ertenére, to detain ; isteitenérà, 
te dwell 


Interteniménto, m. entertainment 

Intervallo, m. interval 

Interveniménto, m. intervention 

Inter\enlre, to happen ; interve- 
nire ad una cosa, to be present 

Intervènto, ra. presence 

Intervenuto, part, happened, en- 

Intéia,/. intention, understanding 

luteamente, od. attentively 

Inteschiàto, a. stubborn 

Intéso, pai J. understood 

Intéssere, to weave 

Intessiito^ part, woven 

Int-jstarsi, to be obstinate 

Intestato, o. stubborn, intestate 

Intestino, a. intestine 

Intestini, m. pi. intestines 

Intesto, part, woven 

Intiepidire, and Intiepidire, to 

Intiepidito, and Intiepidito, a. 
codI, lukewarm 

Intieramente, ad. entirely 

Intiero, a. entire, perfect 

Intl^nere, to dip, soak, steep 

Intimamente, od. intimately 

Intimare, to si^ify 

Intimazióne,/, intimation 

Intimidire, to ^w fearful 

Intimidito, a. timid 

Intimido, o. bold, intrepid 

I'ntimo, a. inward, intimate 

Intimorire, to terrify 

Intimorito, part, frighted 

Intlng(,lo, and Intinto, m. a ragout, 
sauce, ^ravy 

Intinto, part, soaked, plunged 

IntintCira, /. dipping, ilyin; 

Intirizzaménto, m. a stitT-nin» 

Intirizzire, and Intirizzire, to 
stiffen, to be benumbed 

Intirizzito, part, slilfened 

Intisiclilre, to ?row consumptive ; 
far divenir tisico, to cause a con- 

Intilolaménlo, m. a title 

Intitolire, to entitle a thin? to, to 
inscribe, ?ive a title ; intitolarsi, 
to assume 

Intitol'ito, part, entitled 

Intitolazióne, /. title, dedication, 

Intncc.'itiile, a. infanjible 

Intolleribile, a. intolerable 

Intollerabilmente, ad. intolerably 

IntoUer^inle, a. inipa lent 

Intonacare, and Iiitonicire, to 

Intonaco, Intonicito, and Intonici, 
m. planter 

Intonare, to tune, to sing 


IntonAto, part, tuned, resounded 
Intonatóre, m. a tuner, singer 
Intonazióne,/, tune 
Intonchiare, to be eaten up with 

Intonicatura,/. rough-cast 
Intònso, a. unshaven, unshorn 
Intoppaménto, in. hinderance 
lntoj,pire, to meet with 
In'oppo, 771. a meeting, obstacle 
Intoràre, to put one's self in a 

Intorbidaménto, tv», and Intorbida- 

zióne,/. a troubling 
Intorbidare, Intorbidire, and In- 
torbare, to make thick, or mud- 
dy ; to disturb, vex, confound 
Intorbidito, o. thick, muddy, trou- 
Intormentiménto, m. numbness. 
stiffness [stiff 

Intormentire, to benumb, make 
Intorniare, and Intorneàre, to sur- 
round, encompass 
Intorniaménlo, 771. a turn, turning 

Intorniato, part, surrounded 
Intórno, prep, about, concerning; 
all'intórno, round about ; guardar 
in'ómo, to look about ; la Intór- 
no, thereabout; d'ogni iut^rno, 
from all sides; v' ho cerei to 
in'ómo intórno, I have lookei 
for you everywhei-e 
Intorpidire, to grow stupid 
Intorpidito, part, stupid, drowsy 
Intortjcciàto, OTid lotórto, a. twist- 
Intossicare, to poison 
Intossicato, part, poisoned 
Intozzàie, to grow thick 
I'ntra, prep, between, amongst 
Inlrabescire, to fall in love 
Intrabiccolire, to clamber up 
Intrachiudere, to enclose, encom- 
Intrachiftso, part, shut up 
Intradue, a. doubtful, uncertain 
Intnfifto, ad. entirel^r 
Iiitralasciaméuto, m. interruption, 

Intralasciire, to interrupt, to inter- 

me<IJle, leave off 
Intralasciito, part, interrupted 
Intralciaménto, 771. an intrigue, em- 

Intralciire, to embarn«. involve 
Inti-ilriatrira, /. intricacy, entan- 

Inirftmbo, OTld Intramendtie, o. 

both, both tosether 
Intraménto, tti. en'rance 


Intraméasa, /. interposition, media* 

Intramésso, part, interposed 
Intraméltere, to put between ; ut- 

traméttersi, to intermeddle 
Intramischiinza,/. a mixture 
Intramischiàto, a. mixed together 
Intramissiór.e, /. mediation 
Inframmezzare, to interpose 
Intransitivo, o. intransitive 
Intrinte, a. iusinuatiog 
latrapórre, to interpose 
Intraprèndere, to intercept, to un- 
Intraprcndimento, tti. enterprise, 

Intraprenditore, a7id Intraprensóre, 
771. an undertaker [prise 

Intraprèsa, /. undertaking, enter- 
Intrapréso, a. under'uiken 
Intrare, to en'er 
Intrarómpere, to interrupt 
Intratéssere, to intermix 
Intrattàbile, a. intractable 
Inlrattinto, ad. in the mean while 
Intrattenére, to entertain 
Intratteniménto, 771. delay, stop 
Inlravenire, to happen, l»efall 
Intraversare, to cross, to lead 

astray, go astray, to oppose 
Intraversitc, a. lai! across, crossed 
IntraversatCira, /. opposition, cross- 

Intrecciire, to weave, twist 

Intrecciil.i, part, woven, twisted 

Intrecciatolo, r7t. ornament for the 
head [knot 

Intrecciatura, /. a ire's, grsriand. 

Intréccio, a7id Intrecciaméuto, m. 
mixture, tress, twist 

Intrementlio, a. shaking for fear 

Intremire, to shnke for fear 

Intrepidamente, ad. in'repidlf 

Intrepidézza,/, intrepidity 

Intrèpido, a. intrepid 

Intrescire, to involve. Intricate 

Intric'ire, see In'rigire 

Intridere, to temper, dilute, allay, 
soil, dirty, stain 

Inlrisimen'o, t71. intrigue, per- 
plexity, diificultv 

Intrigire, and Intrici re. to embroil, 
confound, mingle, perylex 

Intrija'aménte, ad. intricately 

IntriiT^to, a. intr cate 

Intriritore, m. a shufBiug fellow 

In'rigo, m. intriiue 

Intrinsìcaméute, ad. intrinsically 

Intrinsicare, to grow intimate with 

In'r'.isicàto, part, intimate, famil- 


Intrins}chézza./. familiarity,friend- 

ship, intiuiacy 
Intriosico, a>id Intrluseco, o. inti- 

Intrlnsico, and Intrinseco, m. an 

intimate friend 
Intriso, ni. dough 
Intriso, part, kneaded, tempered 
Intristire, to grow wicked 
Intristire, to dry away, not lo grow 
Intrócque, ad. (by Dante) at the 

same time 
Introdotto, part, introduce 
Intrcduciniénto, m. an introduc- 
Introducitóre, m. an introducer 
Introdurre, to introduce 
Introduttóre, m. introducer 
Introduzióne,/, introduction 
Intròito, ni. entrance 
Intromessióne, /. introducing 
Intromesso, m. dainty dishes 
Intromésso, part, introduced 
Introméttere, to let in; intromét- 
tersi, to intermeddle 
Intronare, aiid Intruonare, to stun 
Intror-ato, part, stunned 
Intronatiira, /. arid Intronaménto, 

tn. stunning 
Intronfiare, to put one's self in a 

Intronizzare, to enthrone 
Intrudere, to intrude, thn;st in 
Intruppare, to enlist 
Intrusióne,/, intrusion 
Intruso, pari, intruded 
Intuitivamente, ad. intuitively 
Intuitivo, a. intuitive 
Intuito, m. a locking upon 
In tutto, ad. quite, entirely 
Ihtnzzire, to blunt, abate, repel 
Inubbidiénza, /. disobedience 
Inubbriacare, to make, or get drunk 
Inudlto, a. unheard of 
Inuggiolire, to set one a longing 
Inùgnere, to anoint 
Innguale, o. unequal 
Inulto, a. unrevenjed 
Inumanamente, ad. cruelly, inhu- 
Inumanità,/, inhumanity 
Inum-ano, a. barbarous 
Inam.ito, a. unburied 
Inumidire, to mois'en 
Inumidito, part, moistened 
Inurbanità,/. incivili:y 
Inurbano, a. uncivil, discourteous 
Inusato, and Inusitato, a. not in use 
Inusiiaménte, ad. uncommonly 
Inùtile, a. useless 
Inutilmente, ad. in vain 
lire, tee Inugjiolire 


luvadere, to attack 

Invagarsi, to be charmed with 

Invaghicchiire, to be a little amo- 

Invaghiménto, m. desire, love 

Invaghire, to inflame with desire ; 
invagirsi, aiid invaghirsi, to fall 
in love 

Invaghito, a. in love 

Invaiare, artd Invaiolare, to grow 

Invalidamente, ad. vainly 

Invalidare, to annul 

Invalidità,/, invalidity 

Invàlido, a. weak, invalid, of no 

Invalorlre, to smw strong 

Invalso, a. estaolished 

Invanire, to grow proud, to baffle 

In vano, ad. vainly 

Invarcibile, a. impassable 

Invaribile, a. invariable 

Invariabilmente, ad. constantly 

Invasare, to invade, a'tack, possess, 
to be surprised, dip, plunge ; in- 
vasarsi qualche cosa nella me- 
mòria, to iniprint a thing on 
one's mind 

Invasato, parf. possessed, amazed, 
stupid ; invasato nel giuoco, ad- 
dicted to gaming 

Invasazióne, /. possession, be- 

Invasellare, to put into a vessel 

Invasióue,/. invasion 

Invàso, part, invaded [en 

Invecchiare, to grow old, to weak- 

Invecchiato, part, grown old 

Invecchiuzzàre, to waste, decay 

In véce, prep, instead 

Invedovito, a. widowed 

Inveire, to inveiih against, censure 

Invelenire, to in-i;ate 

Invelenito, part, exasperated 

Invendicato, part, unrevenged 

InvenenAto, a. poisoned 

Invénia, /. humiliation, worship, 
superfluous words and actions 

Invenire, to find 

Inventare, to invent, desire 

Inventariare, to maie an invento- 

Inventàrio, m. an inven'ory 

Inventato, part, invented • 

Inventiva,/, ingenuity, fancy 

Inventóre, aìid Inventatóre, m. in- 

Invenzióne,/, inven'ion 

Invér. prep, towards 

Inverdire, to grow green 

Inverecóndia./, inipudence 

Inverecóndo, a. iiiur.cdest 


Inverislmile, a. improbable 
Inverisimilitùdine,/. unlikelihood 
Invermigliare, to redden, to make 

Inverminaménto, m, corruption, 

breeding of worms 
Inverminàre, to breed worms 
Inverminato, part, corrupted 
Invernare, to winter 
Invernata, /. a winter 
Inverniciare, to varnish 
Inverniciato, part, varnished 
Invemiciattjra, /. a varnishing 
Inverno, m. winter 
In véro, ad. in tiaith 
Invèrso, prep, towards, against 
Invertere, to invert, to overturn, to 

Inverzicare, to flourish, wax green 
Invescare, and InvescbiàrCj to in- 

snare, to daub with birdlime 
Invescato, part, entangled 
Inveschiatrlce,/. who captivates 
Investigàbile, a. not to be traced 
Investigaménto, m. an investiga- 
Investigare, to investigate 
Investigato, part, investigated 
Investigatóre, 771. a searcher 
Investigazióne, /. investigation, 

Investire, to invest ; investire un 

vascèllo, to board a ship 
Investimento, ni. Inves'igióne, and 

Investitura, /. investiture 
Invetpiar*^, to ^vr old 
Inveterato, a. inveterate 
Invetràre, and Invetriare, to re- 
duce to glass 
Invetriata,/, a glass window 
Invetriato, part, glazed 
Invettiva,/, invective, railing 
Invertivo, a. railing ; paròle in- 
vettive, abusive words 
Inveziòne, /. invective, exclama- 
Inviaménto, m. a way, or means to 
Inviare, to send ; inviarsi, to set 

Inviato, part, sent 
Inviato, ni. an envoy 
Invidia,/, envy 
Invidiàbile, a. enviable 
Invidiaste, a. envious 
Invidiare, to envy 
Invidiato, part, envied 
Invidiosamente, ad. enviously 
Invidiatòre, m. an envious man 
Invidióso, and I'nvido, a. (inpo 

e'ry,) invidious 
Invietàre, to grow rank, or obsolete 
Invigilare, to watch 


Invigorire, to stren^hen 
Invigorito, part, strengthened 
Invilire, lo Jiicoura^e 
Invilito, part, aifri^hted 
laviluppaméato, m. confusion 
Inviluppare, to wrap up 
Inviluppilo, part, wr.ipped up 
Inviluppo, m. tuiidle, parcel ; 

confusion, disorder 
Inviucibile, a. unconqujrable 
Invincidire, to sofien, to grow soft, 

Invio, m. direction, address 
InvioUbi e, a. inviolable 
Inviolabilineute, ai- inviolably 
Inviai to, a. inviola'e 
laviolJnto, a. mild, gentle 
Inviperire, and Inviperire, to 
ra^, to be fierce, cruel, to 
Inviperito, part, enraged 
Inviàcàre, to insuare [els 

Inviscer re, to penetrate the bow- 
InviiChiire, to daub with birdlime 
Invisibile, a. invisible 
Invisibilità./, invisibility 
Invisibilmente, ad. invi:>:b1y 
Invitaménto, m. an invita:ion 
Invitare, to invite, allure, entice; 

iiivitarsi. to invite one's self 
I-vit-ita,/. invita ion 
loviiato, part, invited 
Invitatóre, m. an inviter 
Invitatòrio, a, in-.i:.atiry 
Invitévole, a. invitin' 
Invito, a. a^inst one's will 
Invito, m. Invitata, and Invitazió- 

ne,/. invitation 
Invitto, a. iiuineible 
Inviziare, to corrupt, spoil, alter 
Invizzire, to wither, decay 
Invocare, to call upon 
Invocato, part, invoked 
Invocatóre, m. he that invokes 
Invocazione,/, invocation 
Invoglia,/, a wrapper 
Invogli ire, to give a desire; invo- 
gliar 1' appetito, to whet the ap- 
Invogliato, a. with longing, desi- 
rous ; wrapped up 
Invòglio, m. bundle, parcel 
Involare, to rob, steid; involarsi, 

to disappear 
Involito, a. stolen 
Invola'óre, m. a thief 
Involjere, to wrap up, to cover 
InvoUinien'-o, m. a beating about 

the bush 
Involio, m. theft 

Idvò'.o, ni. theft [rilr 

Involontariamente, ad. involunta- 


Involontàrio, m. an involuntary 

Involontàrio, a. involuntary 
Iavol|)are, lo be bliihted 
Involpire, to griw cunnin; 
la vol a, ad. ab jut, here and there; 

an lar iu volia, to go ab;;ut ; njct- 

tere in volta, to nut to flight 
Involtare, to w.-ap ip 
Involto, m. a Ixile 
Involto, piirt. wrapped, involved 
Involterà, /. a rounJ-about dis- 

Involuto, part, involved 
luvòlvere, to wrap up 
Involviniciito, m. and Involuzion -, 

/. a wrappi:;g up, craft, diceii ; 

involvimeu'o di lingua, aa idle 

Imulnerabile, a. invulnerable 
Inzaccherare, to cover with dirt 
Inzaccherito, a. dirty 
Iuzi;npo<u;iiE, to impose upon 
Inzavarl ire, to soil, to grease 
Inzavardato, part, dirtied, spotted 
Inzeppaméuto, m. a heap 
Inz^pjiire, to gather up, amas 
Inzibet^aio, part, perfuuied 
inz.iccolito, a. having wooden 

sh)es [cnanie 

I-zo'ichire, to grow awkward, 
luzuccher'ire. to sugar 
luzuccher'it 1, part, sugared 
I uzupiKunénto, m. soaking 
Inzuppare, to sop, or siak 
Inzuppilo, part, soaked 
Io, prmi. I, myself 
Ionico, a. Ionic 
Iota, m. io'a, jot ; non vene darei 

un iòta, I would nat give you a 

tittle for il [bole 

Ipèrbole, and Ipérbola, /. hy|)cr- 
Ipeib-ileggiire. to exaggerate ' 
Iperlxjlicunente, ad. hyperboli- 

cally [bclical 

Iperliolico, and Ipérbolo, o. hyper- 
Iperlioreo. a. nortlicrn 
Iperico, tn. SL John's wort 
Ipétro, a. hyp.;thral 
Ipoclstiie,/. the herb cisfus 
Ipocouirla./. melancholy 
Ipocòndrico, a. hypochondriacal 
Ipocrisia,/, hvpocrisy [cri'e 

I|)^rri"a, aTM/ìpócrilo. m. a hypo- 
Ij/ócri'o. a. hj-pocri'ical 
Ip'icritnne, m. a great hypocrite 
I|jOs.irca,/. a sort of dropsy 
IpAJstitico. a. hyposla'.ical 
Ipotéca, /. mortgage 
Ipoteca -e, to pawn 
Ipitecirio, m. mortgagee 
I Ipotesi,/, hypothesis 


Ipotetico, a. upposiiitious 
Ippoiiiane, m. a bit of flesh on 

loreliead of a colt 
IplKipoiaiuo, m. a sea-horse 
Ipsofilto, ad. preaeutly, iu 

I'ra, and Iracondia, /. anger, 

Iracon lamente, ad. angrily 
Iracondo, IracJodo, Iraondióso, 
and Iracuiidioso, a. hi^ty, pas- 
Irare, to be angry 
Irascibile, a. jas-iionate 
Ira.M;ibili a,/, wri'h, anjer 
I Iraaiiijulc, ad. au,rily 
I Irilo, a. angry 
! I TCO, m. a ht-goat 
I Ire, to go 

I Ireos, nu a flower-de-lace 

I I ride, and I'ri, /. (ia poetry,) 

Ironia,/, irony 
Irouicajiiin'.e, ad. ironically 
Ir^miw), a. ironical [diatB 

Irra-li.u-e. aiid liraigiare, to irra- 
IrrailiAto, part. Irradiated 
Irra.liazioiic,/. irradi ition 
Irraggia o, part, irrxltated 
Irragionev <le, a. uureis'>nable 
Irragiouevolmcuie, ad. unreason 

Irra^lionabilità,/. unrtasonableDiSi 
Inaziouabilméntc, ad. unreasona- 
Irreconci I libile, o, irreconcilable 
Irrecuiieribile, a. irt ec «vcrable 
Irrcfragibile, a, uuJcuiable 
Irregolare, a. irregular 
Irregolari it, /. irregularity 
IrregolataiiiJn'e, ad. irreguLarly 
Inregol -t •, part, disorlcrcd 
Irreinediibile, a. renielilew! 
Irreiiiiislliilv-, a. uupanlonable 
Irremissibilmente, ad. uupaidosa- 
biy [ed 

Irremuner'bile.a. not to be reward- 
Irreniuuerato, a. int rewanied 
Il re^n/abile, a. irreparable 
Irreparaljilménte, art. irreparably 
Irre.ircnsibilc, a. faul'less 
Ir-e<jui,-to, a. res'less, uneasy 
Irresftluto. a. irresiilute 
Ir-etlre, to net, insuare 
Irretito, part, cauihi in a ne< 
Irreverente, a. irreverent 
Invvcrenleméute, ad. irreverently, 

I^-eve'énJa,/. rudeness 
I-revocàbile, a. irrevocable 
Irrioirdevole. o. unmindful 
Irridere, to deride 


Irrigare, to wet, moisten 
Irrigatóre, m. he that «aters 
Irriffidlto, a. hardened 
Irriguo, a. watering 

Irrisione,/, derision [rider 

Irrisore, m. a m cker, jeerer, a de- 

Irritaniénto, m. irritation 

Irritare, to incense 

Irritativo, o. provoking 

Irritato, part, irritated 

Irritaipre, m. a p.:- iker 

Irritazione,/, irritation 

Irriverénte, a. see Irreverènte, and 
its derivatives 

Irrugginire, to rust 

Irruggini to, a. rusty 

IrrugiaJare, to sprinkle 

Irsuto, aìid Irto, a. (in poetry,) 

I'schio, HI. a holm-oak 

Isiaco, a. of Isis 

I'sola,/. island, isle 

Isolano, m. an islander 

Isolato, pari surrounded with wa- 
ter, that stands by itself 

Isoletta, /. a lit'le island [herb) 

Isópo, a/id Issopo, m. hyssop (an 

Isòscele, a. isosceles 

Ispezione, /. ste Inspezione, and 
its derivatives 

I'spido, a. rou;li, bristled 

Ispignere, to efface, put out 

Ispirare, to inspire 

Ispressaménte, ad. expressly 

Istan'aneaniénle. ad. instantly 

Istant.aneo, a. instantaneous 

Istante, hi. monjent. instant j in un 
istante, in an instant 

Istantemente, ad. instantly 

Istanza, /. instance, entreaty, soli- 

I^tire, to insist 

Istèrico, a. hysterical 

Isiésso, -pron'.see Stésso 

Istigare, to instigate 

Istinto, 7/1. instinct 

I stmo. m. an isthmus 

Istòria,/, history 

Istoriale, a. historical 

Worialménte, ad. historically 

Istoriato, a. set out with figures, 

Istoricauicnte, and Istorialménte, 
ad. historically 

Istórico, in. an historian 

Istòrico. a. historical 

Istorietta, and Istoriella,/. a little 
stor)-, a tale 

Istorió'grafo, m. historiojrapher 

Istrascuratàggine, /. negligence 

I'strice, m. porcupine 

Istrióne, m. a comedian 


Istromento, m. an instrument 

Istruire, see Instrulre 

Istrutto, part, instructed 

Istupidito, part, stupihed 

I ta, ad. yes 

Itìlico, a. Italian 

Iterare, to do over again 

Iteratore, m. he thai does a thing 
over again 

Itineràrio, m. itinerary 

I' 10, part, gone [dice 

Ittèrico, a, having the yellow jaun- 

Itterlzia,/. the jaundice 

Iiigero, m. an acre 

lijgo, 771. yoke 

Iugulare, a. jugular 

Iure, 771. law 

luridicaménte, ad. lawfully 

lurldico, lurisperlto, a?id ' lurista, 
m. a lawyer 

lui-isdiziòne, /. jurisdiction, au- 

lus, m. law, or right 

lusiatronito, m. patrona|e 

lusqueslto, in. acquired right 

lusquiimo, 7?i. henbane 

I va,/. St. John's wort 

I'vi, ad. there 

l 'zza,/, anger 

Izzappaie, to dig 

LA, art. and pron. the, her, 
she ; la donna, the woman ; 
la vedo, I see her 

Là, ad. There ; andate là, go there ; 
là giù, below ; qua e là, here 
and there ; córrer qua e là, to 
run up and down ; jàssàr più là, 
to search into 

Labirda,/. halberd 

Labbio, 771. lip 

Labbro, 77i. a lip, brim, edge 

Labbruto. a. lipped 

Labe,/, stain 

Laberinto, tti. maze, trouble 

Làbile, a. sliding, slippery 

Labóre, m. toil 

Laboriosamente, ad. laboriously 

Laboriosità,/, labour, trouble ' 

Laborióso, o. laborious 

Labrùsca,/. a wild grape 

Lacca, /. a bank, descent, a leg ; 
lacca di salvaticlna, a haunch of 
venison ; lacca di castrato, a leg 
of mutton ; céra lacca, sealing 

Lacchè, m. a running footman 


Lacchétta,/. a racket, leg, bnttock, 

Lacchezzlno, and Lacchézzo, m. a. 

dainty, or savoury thing 
L-iccia,/. a shaJ-fish 
Laccio, m. a snare, a noose ; uscir 

dal làccio, IO get out of trouble 
Lacciuolo, m, a springe to catch 

Laceraménto, m. a laceration 
Lacerante, a. tearing 
Lacerare, to lacerate, tear ; to de- 
fame, slander 
Lacerato, part, lacerated, defamed 
Lacerazione,/, a tearing 
Làcero, a. torn, ragged 
Lacerto, m. the aj-m 
Laco, 771. a lake 
Lacrima, /. see Lagrima, and all_ 

its derivatives 
Lacuna, /. a fen, or mar^.h 
Lacunàle, a. like a marsh 
Lacunóso, a. full of fens or marshes 
ladano, tti. laudanum 
Laddóve, ad. provided that, there, 

Ladra, /. a robber 
LaJKiccio, 771. a vile robber 
La J ri no, m. a pilferer 
Ladro, 771. a thief, a robber 
Ladro, o. bad, nas'y ; non fii mai 
vista la piu ladra cosa, there 
nevtr was a more disgracing 
Ladronàia, /. a set of thieves, a 

gang ; maleadministrati^m 
Ladroncèllo, 771. a young thief 
Ladróne, 771. a robber 
Ladroneggio, m. robbery 
Ladmnésco, a. of a robber 
Laéntro, ad. there, within 
Lagèna, /. a flagon 
Laggiii, o7id Laggiijso, ad. down, 

Laghetto, 771. a lake 
Lagna, /. grief 
L^namènto, tti. and Lagnanza,/. 

Lagnàre, and Lagnarsi, to grieve, 

moan, bewail 
Lagnèvole, a. plaintive 
Lagnosamente, ad. with complaints 
Lagnóso, a. plaintive 
Lngo, m. a lake, concavity 
Lagrima, /. a tear 
Lagrimaie, hi. the comers of flit 
eyes, from which the tears pro- 
Lagrìmàre. to weep 
Lacrimévole, and Lagrioiàbile, a, 

Li^riraósa, a. weeping, wofui 


Laguna, /. and Lagùme, m. moor, 

feo, bog 
LAi, m. pi. moans, plaints, cries 
LaicAle, a. secular 
Laicauiéute, and Laicalménte, ad. 

profanely, unlearnedly 
Laico, a. secular, if^norant, silly 
Liico, m. a layman 
Laidamente, ad. ugly, basely, 
filthily [ty 

Laidézza, aiid Laidità, /. deformi- 
Laidire, aiid Laidàre, to foul, soil, 

Laiditn, part, befouled, dirtied 
Laido, a. ugly, defoiiiied, dirty 
L'aliro ièri, ad. the day before yes- 
Lima, /. a blade, a thin plate of 
metal; a plain, open field ; ve- 
nire a mézza lama, to come to a 
Lambiccare, to distil ; lambiccarsi 
il cervèllo, to puzzl • one's brains 
Lambiccito, pari, distilled 
Lambicco, in. a still 
Lambiniénto, m. a lapping 
Lambire, to lick, to lap 
Lambitlvo, m. an tlectuai-y 
Lanilirtisca,/. and LambrCisco, m. 

wild grapes 
I^ambrusc'ire, to grow wild 
Lamentiliile, a. lamentable 
Lamentabil ménte, ad. lamentably 
Lamentànza, /. lamtnta'ion 
Lament/ire, and Lamentarsi, to 

Ijjnentato, part, lamented 
LamentatfJre, m. a lamenter 
Lamentat'irio, a. plaintive 
Lamentazione,/, lamentation 
Lamentévole, a. plaintive, lament- 
Lamentevolmente, ad. lamentably 
Laménto, m. complaint, groan, 

Lamentóso, a. lamentable 
Làmia,/, a lamia (sea dog) 
L-amia\re, to drizzle 
IjLmiera, /. a cuiiass, an iron pla'e 
L:'imina, /. a plate of njelal, a 
blade [metal 

I>aminrtso, a. made like pla'e^; of 
Limmia, /. a witch, a sorceress, 

a fairy, a nymph 
I^ampa, /. a liiht 

L^pada, and L'impade,/.a lamp 
Làmpana, /. a lamp 
Lampanàio, m. a lamp-maker 
Lampante, a. brilliant, shining 
Lampare, to shine, to blaze 
Lampeggiaménto, m. a lustre, 


Lampeggiare, to shine, blaze, flash 
Lampeggio, and Linipo, m. a 

flash, blaze, lightning 
Lam|)óne, m. ra'^pberiy 
Lamprèda,/, a lamprey, eel 
Lana,/, wool, fleece 
Lanaiuolo, m. a clothier 
Lanàto, a. wo jlly 
Liince,/. a balance 
taiicèlta,/. a lancet, alitile lance; 
the gnomon of a dial, hand of a 
Lància, /. a lance, a spear 
Lanciare, to hurl, dart, throw, 
sli'>ot, to strike, or wound with 
a lance [a lance 

Lanciita,/. a darting, a blow with 
Lanciito, part, huikd, darted 
Lanciato' e, m. a lancer 
Lincio, m. a jump, rousing a deer, 
stalling a hare, unkenneling a 
fox ; di prinio làncio, at -hu first 
s roke [dart or javelin 

Lancioniérc, ni. a thrower of a 
Lanciot Are, to wound with a dart 
Lai'.ciottà'.a, /. a wound of a dart 
Lanciòtto, in. a dart, or javelin ; 

a lancet 
L'mli,/. a plain, common field 
Linfa,/, orange- water [rous 

Lmgudnle, a. faint, feeble, amo- 
Languidézza,/, faintness, weakness 
Languido, a. languislring 
Languire, to lan^iii-.b. pine, droop 
L-iijguóiL-, in. v.ri\kw^\ feebleness 

l,ini;'it(i, pa t. mangk- 1, torn 

Liiiiatrire, in. he that Duinglea, 
or tears to pieces 

Lanière, m. a lanner, a starhawk 

Lai'lfero, a. employe I in the wool- 
len business, laniferous 

Linificio, m. wofdleu manufacture 

Lanifico, a. woolly 

Lanigero, a. pipduring wool 

l.inlno, m. a worker of wool 

Lanista, ni. gladin:or 

I/'ino, a. male nf wool 

I«anós.i, a. woolly 

Laiitènia, /. a lantern ; mostrar 
altrui liiccioie per lantèrne, to 
make one believe any thing 

Lanternaio, m. a lantern-maker 

Lanternuto, a. )hin, lantern-jawed 

Lanùgine,/, down, wool, cotton 

Lanuginóso, a. downy 

Lanuto, a. woolly 

L'inzo, m. a German foot-soldier 

I.aonde, ad. whereupon, therefore 

La ove, ad. there, where 

I-ap^zio, rji. sorrel 

Lapida, /. a stone, tombstone, tomb 


Lapidare, to stone, pelt with stone» 
Lapidàrio, m. a lapidary, a jewel- 
Lapidato, part, stoned 
Lapidatóre, m. one 'hat stones 
Lapidazinne, /. lapidation, stoning 

to death [precious stone 

Làpide, m. a stone, a tombstone, a 
Lapideo, a. stony, hard 
Lapidoso, a. stoi:y, full of stones 
Lapillàre, to cut into small stones, 

10 crystalize 
Lapillàto, a. cut into small stones 
Lapillo, m. small stone, flint, a 

Lapislàzzalo, Lapi Iiizzari, I^pi»- 

lizznli, and LapislJzzuli, m. 

lapis lazuli, a sky-coloured stone 
LàpfKila, /. burdock, bur 
Laque^to, part. p. led, boarded 
Lard'ire, to lard 
Larìa'iìra,/. a larding 
Lardellare, and Lardare, to lard, 

Lardèllo, m. a piece of lard 
L'lnio, 771. lard 

Lanlone, m. bacon [f""y 

Largamente, ad. largely, freely, 
Larg'.re, to enlarge 
Largato, part, enlarged 
Lari'heiiiare, to give leave, to deal 

Largheggiatóre, rn. a spendtbrifl 
I.arghèt'o, a. wide 
Larzhèzza, /. bread 'h, widpness , 

liberality, bounty, abundance, 

liberty, leave 
Largimènto, m. lib.Tali'y 
Largire, to give, to lavish 
LareÌ7,ióne, /. gift 
Largo, c. broad, wide, large. Al 

largo, ad. larsely ; parl.r largo 

d'una cosa, to sptak al large upon 

a thing 
I-àrgo, m. breadth, space, lati- 

tule; farsi far largo, to ro.ake 

one's self to be respected 
L'irgo, ad. largely, abundantly ; 

andar l'irgo da che che si sia,' to 

avoid all difficulties 
I^rgtira./. wideness. extcn' 
Lari, m. pi. lares, househol i ,'xls 
L'lrice, m. the larrh-tiee 
Laricino, a. of the larch-»re-j 
Laringe,/, the lar\nx, or thro it 
Lim, rn. a sea gull 
Lirva, /. a ehost, phantom, a viz 

ard, a mask 
Lasagna,/, a kind of paste 
Lasajnàìo, m. one that makes 

thin paste [lit-ad 

Lasagoóne, m. a coxcomb, a block- 


I.àsca, /. a mullet 

Lasciamento, m. a leaving 

Lasciare, to leave, to forsake, to 
aban loD ; la;cià!einelo vedére, 
let rue st-e it ; lasciate stare, lei 
thai al )ne 

Lasciato, part, left, abandoned 

L^cio, m. a legacy, will 

Làscito, ill. a léiacy 

Lascivamente, cud. wantonly 

Lascivétto, a. wanton 

Lascivia./, wantonness 

lasciviintc, a. lustful, lascivious 

Lasci vlre, to grow wanton 

Lascivo, cu lascivious ; paróle la- 
scive, obscene words 

lasa,/. a collar for hunting dogs 

lassa, i7ittri. alas : 

Lassare, to vvea y, tire ; to allow 

Lassativo, a. laxative 

Lassato, part, wearied 

Lassézza,/, lassitude 

Lasso ! inter j. alas ! 

Lasso, a. wearied, tired, fatigued, 
unhappy, miserable 

La.=sii, mid Lassiiso, ad. (in poe- 
try,) there, above 

Lastra, /. a flat, bioad stone ; porre 
uno in su le lastre, to kill one 
upon the spot 

Las'raiuólo, m. a pavier 

Laslrato, part, taken in a snare 

Lastricare, to pave, to prepare 

Lastric.ilo, part, paved 

LastricTto, m. pavement 

Lastrico, in. the pavement : con- 
dursi al làstrico, to come to be»- 

Lastri'catùra, /. a paving 

lastróne, m. a large stone (to pave 
• with) 

latebra. /. obscur.ity, lurking-place 

Lalénte, a. secret, hidden 

Laten'eménte. ad. privately 

Laterale, a. side-way 

Lateralmente, ad. on the sides 

Latere, to hide 

Laterizio, a. of brick 

laterlna,/. a sirk, privy 

Latinaraente, ad. largely, comfort- 
ably, like the Latins 

Latinità./, the Latin tongue 

Latinizzare, and I,atinare, to speak 
or write Latin, to play the pólant 

Latino, m. the Latin "tonjue, lan- 
guage, speech ; I.atino di cucina, 
low Latin ; cantavano gli augelli 
ciasciino in suo Latino, the birds 
sang every one in 'heir way 

Latino, o. 'Latin, plain, intelligi- 
ble ; spacious, lai^e ; vela latina, 
the mizzen-sail 


Latino, ad. in Latin 

La itire, to hlJe oue"s self 

Latitùdine, /. latitude ; largeness, 

Lato, m. side ; lasciare da lato, to 
leave aside. A lato, aiid Allato, 
ad. by, near 

Latóre, m. beai-erj latóre di leggi, 

LUra, see Ladra 

Latraménto, m. barking 

Latrare, to bark, to cry 

Latrato, m. a barking 

Latrato, pari, barked, bayed 

Latratóre, m. a barker 

Latria, /. worship (due only to 

Latrina, /. a dunghill, a privy 

Latro, »(i. robber 

Latrocinio, m. theft, robbery 

Latrocino, a. detestable 

Latta,/, tinned iron, tin 

Lattaiuolo, in. young tooth 

Lattante, a. sucking ; nutrice Lat- 
tante, a wet nurse 

Lattare, to give suck 

Lattata, /. orgeat 

Lattato, part, suckled 

I^ttatrice,/. a nurse 

Latte, in, milk; latte rappréso, 
curdled milk ; vitella di latte, 
a sucking calf; fratèllo di latte, 
a foster brother ; Utte di galli- 
na, the best; la bocca gli puzza 
di latte, he is very young 

Latteggiinte, a. miìky 

Latteo, a. lacteous, Uiilky 

Latterunlo, m. curdled milk 

Latticinio, m. milk food 

Latliciuóso, aiid Lanifero, o. 
milky (speaking of plants) 

Lattime, m. scuif 

Lattimóso, a. scurfy 

Lattónzo. and Lattónzolo, m. suck- 
ing calf 

Lattovàro, LattuArio, and Latfua- 
ro, m. an elrctuary 

Lattuga,/, lettuce 

Lauda, /, a hymn, praise 

Laudàbile, o,' laudable 

Laiadàre, see Lodare, and its de- 

Laudato, part, praised 

Laudevole, a. laudable 

Laudevolniénte, ad. laudably 

Làurea, /. crown of laurel 

Laureato, a. laureate ; poèta lau- 
reato, poet laureate 

Laureo, a. of lauiel 

Laureola, /. spurge-laurel 

Lauréto, m. a laurel grove 

Làuro, m. laurel 


I Lautamente, ad. gallantly 

I Lautézza, /. gallantry, magnifi- 

i cence 

' L^uto, a. fine, stately 

Lauzzino, m. he Uiat lashes the 
I galley-slaves 
I Lavacapo, m. a rebuke 
' Lavaceci, ni. a blockhead 

Lavicro, m. a bath, bagnio, font 

Lavagna, /. a slate 

Lavam'ine, m. wash-hand-stand 

Lavaménfo, m. a washing 

Lavanda,/, lavender (herb) 

Lavandaia, and Lavaudara, /. ' 
a washer-woman 

Lavare, to wash ; lavar la testa ad 
uno, to speak ill of one ; lavar 
la testa all' àsino, to lose one's 

Lavascodélle, m. a scullion 

Lavativo, m. a clyster 

Lavato, part, washed 

Lavatóio, m. a laundry 

Lavatiira,/. a washing, lathing 

Laveggio, m. a kettle, or pot 

LavénSola,/. lavender (herb) 

Lavoracchiare, to work slowly 

Lavoràccio, m, cluffisy work 

Lavon'mte, m. workman 

Lavnrare, to work, labour: lavo- 
rar a giornate, to woik by the 
day ; lavorare di sotto, to work 

Lavorativo, a. arable ; giórno la- 
vorativo, a work day 

Lavor'ito, pari, tilled, ploughed, 
worked [bandman 

I>avora'óre, m. worknian, hus- 

Lavorerla, a»jJLavoriéra,/. a cul- 
tivated land 

Lavóro, and Lavorio, m. work, 

Lazzeretto, in. a pest-house 

Lazzero, nu a leper, a bejjar 

Lazzeruóla. /. a small medlar 

Lazzeruólo, m. a medlar-tree 

LazEtto, a. sourish 

Lazzézza, and Laizzìù,/. sourness, 

L'-zzo. a. sour, tart 

Lazzo, m. drollery, jest ; tenére il 
lazzo, to comply with 

Le, art. /. the ; le donne, the wo 
men. Le,pron, to her, them ; le 
conósco, I know them ; parla 
tele, speak to her 

Leale, o. loyal, honest 

Lealmente, a -f. lovallv 

Lealtà,/, fidelity, 'loyalty 

Leardo, a. dapple 

Lébbra, and Lebbrosla, /. leproqr 
(a dry scab) 


Lebbróso, o. leprous 

Lebéte, m. a. caldrca 

Leccaménto, m. the act of licking 

Leccapiatti, m. a parasite 

Leccarda, /. dripping-pau 

Leccarde, a. greedy 

Leccare, to iicfc, lick up 

Leccalamécte, ad. ad'ectedly 

Leccato, part, licked, pedantic 

Leccatóre, m. a sponger, or greedy- 

Leccatura,/, a scratch 

Leccéte, m. intricacy, maze 

laccio, m. holm-tree 

Lécco, m. gluttony, lechery 

Leccóne, m. a glution 

Lecconerla, and Leccornia, /. 
gluttony, daintiness 

Lecctjme, m. a dainty, or titbit j 
an excitement 

Lecere, imp. it is permitted 

Lecitamente, ad. lawfully 

Lécito, a. lawful 

Léga, ayid Leginza,/. league, alli- 
ance, alloy, a league (three 

Legacela,/, a garter 

Legaccio, m. a strin». band, garter 

Legale, a. le^, lawful 

Legalità,/, legality 

Legalniéute, ad. legally 

Legame, m. liga'.urt-, connexion 

Legamén'o, m. and Legatura, /. 
binding, union 

Legjre, to tie, bind, constrain ; le- 
garci, to nake a league ; far le- 
gati, te bequeath ; legar 1' àsino, 
to sleep veiy sound 

Legatàrio, m. legatee (law term) 

Legato, m. the pope's legate; a 

Legato, part, tied, bound 

Legatóre, m. a binder ; legatóre di 
libri, a book-binder 

Legatura,/. ligature, fillet 

Legazióne,/, legation 

Légge, /. a law 

Leggènda,/, legend, a silly story 

Leggendàrio, m. legendary 

Lèggere, to read ; ti leggo in fronte 
iltuo diségno, I know your de- 
sign ; mandare i vestiti a lèggere, 
to pawn one's clothes 

L^erézza, arid Leggi erézza, /. 

Leggermente, ad. lightly, swiftly 

Leggiadramente, ad. beautifully, 
charmingly, sharply 

L^giadrétto, a. genteel, agreeable 

L^iadrla,/. beauty 

Leggiadro, a. handsome 

Le^iàdro, w. a lover 


Leggibile, a. legible 
Leggicraménte, ad. lightly 
LegiiOre, nd. very easily 
Lezgiero, Leggieri, ajid Leggiere, 
a. light, (^liy, little, slight, swifl. 
Alia le.^^iéra, ad. rashly. Di 
leggieri, ad. easily 
Lesgierménte, aiid Leggeramente, 

ad. lightly 
Leggio, m. a vvriting-desk 
Leggitóre, ni. a lecturer, reader 
Legióne, /. a legion 
Legislaivo, a. legislative 
Legislatore, m. a lawgiver 
Legislatura,/, legislative authority 
Legislazione,/, legislature 
Legista, »n. a lawyer 
Lejittlma,/. portiou by law 
Legittimamente, ad. lawfully 
Legittimare, to legitiniate 
Legitiimàto, part, legiiini.ited 
I.egittimazióue,/. legitimation 
Legittimità,/, ".egitimacy 
Legittimo, o. lawful 
Legna, aììd Légne, f. pi. firewood 
Legnàggio, m. family, race, pedi- 
gree [tirpenter 
Legnaiuòlo, and Legnauiàro, rn. a 
Legniinie, m. timber 
Legnare, to cut wood 
Legnata,/, a blow with a stick 
Légno, m. wood, a ship 
Legnóso, a. wotjdy 
Legirizia,/. liquorice [&c.) 
Legume, m. pulse (as peas, beans, 
Lei, proni, pers. f. her 
Leliare, to dally, to linger 
Lémbo, m. hen'i, edge, holder 
Lemme-leniHie, ad. gently 
Léna,/, strength, vigour, breath 
Lendine, m. à nit 
Lendinóso, a. full of nits 
Léne, a. kind, humane (in poetry) 
Leniénte, o. softening 
Ixtnificaménto, r?i, sopness 
Lenificare, to ease, assuage, miti- 

Lenificativo, a. lenitive 
Leniménto, m. a softening^ 
Lenire, to soften 
Lenità, and Lenitàde, /. lenity 
Lenitive, a. lenitive [ant 

Léne, a. faint, weak, flexible, pli- 
Lenocinie, m. pimping, charm 
Lenóne, m. a pimp 
Lentamente, ad. slowly 
Lentàrsi, to slacken 
Lènte, and Lenta, /. lentils, a lens 
Lenteménte, ad. slowly 
Lènte palustre,/, water-lentil 
Lentézza, /. slowness 
Lenticchia,/, a small lentil 


Lentiggine,/, a freckle, pimp)* 

Lcuiii:;inoso, a. ircckled 

Lentischio, m. the lentisk-tre« 

Lenti, ad. slowly 

Lènto, a. slow, idle, gentle 

Lentnre, m. heavines^s 

Lènza,/, an angling-line 

Lenzuolo, m. a sheet 

Leoncèllo, and Leoncino, m. a 
young or little lioa 

Liaone, m. a lion 

Leonine, a. leonine, of a lion 

Leopardo, m. a leopard 

Lepidanjénte, ad. pleasantly 

Lepidézza,/, facet iousness 

Lèpido, a. pleasant, jocose 

Leporaio, a7id Leperàrio, m. park 
for hares, a warren 

Lepóre, m. gracefulness 

Leppare, to rob, steal 

Lepràtto, m. leveret, or young hare 

Lèpre, /. a hare; far lepre vèc- 
chia, to be cautious ; uno leva la 
lepre, e unalire la piglia, one has 
the trouble, and another the 

Leproncèllo, and Leprotic, m. a 
young hare, a leveret 

Lerciàre, to soil, sully 

Lèrcio, a. dirty, foul 

Lesènte, a. injuring [nes« 

Lésina, /. an awl, thrift, sparing- 

I-esióne, /. wrong, hurt 

Lése, part, wronged 

Lessare, to boil 

Lessato, part, boiled 

Lessatura,/, a boiling 

Lèssico, m. lexicon (a dictionary) 

Lessicògrafo, m. a lexicographer 

Lésso, m. a boiling ; lx>iled meat 

Lésso, a. boiled 

Lestamente, ad. nimbly 

Lestézza, /. nimbleness ; cunning^ 

Lés'o, a. nimble, quick 

Letale, a. mortal, deadly 

letamàio, m. adunghili 

Letamare, and Letaminàre, to 
dung, manure 

Letamato, part, manured 

Letame, m. dung, muck, marl 

Letaminamènto, m. Letaminatiira, 
and Letaminazióne,/. a manur- 
ing, marling [manure 

Letami nóso, part, covered with 

Letanie, arid Lelàne,/. pL litany 

Letàrgico, o. lethargic 

Letargo, nu and Letargia, jt 

Lelicóso, a. litigious 

Letificante, a. trejoicing 

Letificare, to make glad 


Letificato, a. joyful 

Lv tizia,/, niinh, joy 

Lèttera, ;. a letter ; lèttera di càiii- 
bio, a bill of exchange 

Letterale, a. litetal 

Letteralmente, ad. literally 

Letter'irio, a. literary 

Letterato, a. learned 

Letterato, in. a learned man 

Let'era'ùra,/. leamin; 

Letticciuolo, m. a little bed 

Lettièra,/, a bedstead [in?-pan 

Lettiga, /. a horse-litter, a waim- 

Létto, jjart. read 

Lètto, m. a bed 

Lettóre, tjj. a reader, a lecturer 

Letteria, /. a lectureship 

Lettucciuo, atid Lettùccio, m. a 
couch, a couch bed 

Lettura, /. reading, a lecture 

Leiito, m. a Iute 

Lèva, /. a lever ; leva da milizia, 
raising soldiers; méttere o dare 
a leva, to lift up with a lever ; 
far leva di soldati, to enlist sol- 
Levàbile, a. moveable [temi) 

Levadóre, ni. a tax-gatherer (law 

Levaldina, /. a thcfi, i obbery 

Levaménto, m. a raising 

Levante, m. the east ; andare a 
levante, to turn highwayman 

Levante, a. rising 

Levantino, a. one born in the east 

Levare, to lift, heave, to takeaway ; 
levar il bollóre, to boil ; lev.^r 
soldati, IO raise soldiers ; levar il 
cappèllo, to take ofFthe hat ; le- 
varsi, to get up ; levar le cirte, 
to cut at cards ; levar la piànta, 
to take a draught ; levare il capo 
to be puffed up with pride 

Levata,/, a raising up; levata del 
sole, the sun-rising ; un uòmo di 
gran levata, a man of conse- 

Levato, part, drawn, copied ; stóre 
a orécchie levate, to be attentive 

Levatóio, m. a drawbridge 

Levatóre, m. a puffer 

Levatrice,/, a midwife 

Levazióne, /. a lifting up 

Lève, a. light 

Levistico, m. the herb lovage 

Levità,/, levity 

Levitare, to ferment 

Levrière, m. t sreyhound 

Lèzia, /. and Lezio, m. endear- 
ments, caresses 

Lezióne,/, lecture, lesson 

Leziosaggine, /. softness, effemi- 


Lezióso, a. wanton, effeminate 

Lezz'ire, to stink 

Lézzo, m. stink 

Lezzós •, a. stinking 

Li. art. the ; 11 turni, the rivers. 
Li, pron. to him ; li ho détto, I 
told him; Ij, them 

Li, ad. there ; eccolo lì, there it is 

Llb-izione,/. and Libameuto, ni. 
a libation 

Libamiua,/. pi. perfumes 

Libare, to taste, to sip 

Libbra./, a pound weight ; a livre, 
a pound sterling 

Libecciata,/, a gale of south-west 

Libéccio, m. the south wind 

Libèllo, m. libel 

Libénte, a. willing 

Lilen'Ie, a. liberal ; parolctta lib- 
en'ile, a licenious word ; arti 
liberali, the liberal arts 

Liberalità,/. liberality 

Liberalmente, ad. liberally 

Liberamente, ad. fteely, absolutely 

Liberaniénto, m. delivery 

Liberare, to free, release 

Liberato, part, freed, released 

Liberatóre, m. a deliverer 

Liberatrice,/, liberatrix 

Liberazióne, and Liberagióne, /. 

Libèrcolo, m. pamphlet 

Libero, a. free, frank 

Libei-tà,/. liberty 

Libertinàggio, and Libertinismo, 
m. debauchery [man 

Libertino, m. the son of a freed 

Libér'o, m. one made free 

Libidine,/, lust, sensuality 

Libidinosamente, ad. lustfully 

LibidÌDÓso, a. wanton, sensual 

Libito, in. pleasure [ac) 

Libra, /. Libra (a sign of the zodi- 

Libràio, m. a bookseller 

Libraménto, nt. a weighing ; libra- 
ménto della luna, the libration 
of the moon 

Librare, to weigh, consider; li- 
brarsi, to balance cr poise one's 

Librato, part, weijhed 

Librazióne,/, libration 

Libreria, /. a libi-ary ; the book- 
selling business 

Lib''icciuóIo, m. little book 

Librétto, and Librettino, m. a lit- 
tle book 

Librone, m. a large book 

Libro, m. a book 

Licènza, and Licenzia, /. license, 
leave ; licentiousness 


Licenziaménto, m. a dismission 
Licenziare, to disn.iss, disband 

licenziaisi, to lake leave of 
Licenziato, part, dismissed ; nn li- 
cenziato, a licentiate 
Liceuziatura,/. license 
Licenziosamcn'e, ad. licentiously 
Licenzióso, a. licentious, loose 
Licere, itnp. to be law fui ; non 

mi lice sperir ciò, I cannot hops 

that ; Se mi lice dirlo, if 1 may 

say SO 
Lichene, m. lichen 
Liei, ad. here 
Licilaménte, ad. lawfully 
Liei ézza, " 
Licito, a. ' 
Licóre, 171. {in poetry,) a liquor 
Lido, ni. bank, shore 
Lienteria,/. lientery (a disease) 
Lietamente, ad. gladly, merrily 
Lietézza,/, joy, mirth' 
Lièto, a. merry, cheerful 
Liéva,/. a levér [way 

Lièva liéva, ad. stand out of the 
Liève, and Lève, a. Wsjit 
Lievemente, ad. swifily, easily 
Lievézza, and Lieviti»,/, lightness 
Lievitare, to ferment 
Lievitato, part, fennented 
Lièvito, m. leaven 
Ligfime, m. a tie, binding 
Liganiénto, m. a Ii<rament 
Ligamentóso, a. full of ligaments 
Ligàre, to tie, bind 
Ligio, a. subject to. servile 
Ligittimare, see Legi'timàre, and 

its derivatives 
Lignàggio, m. race, lineage 
Ligneo, a. woody 
Ligustro, m. a privet, shrub 
Lima, /. file, correction ; esrli è una 

lima sorda, he is a contriving 

Limàccio, m. mud, mire 
Limaccióso, a. muddy, miry 
Limare, to file, consume, wafxe ; 

to polish 
Limato, part, filed 
Linia'iira,/. filings, file-dust 
Limbèllo, and Li m bel Iticelo, m. 

shavings of leather 
Limbiccàre, to distil 
Limbicco, and Lajabicco, m, a 

Limbo, m. limbo 
Limitare, m. threshold 
Limitare, to limit 
Limitativo, a. that limits 
Limitato, part, bounded 
Limitazióne,/, limitation 
Limite, m. limits, bounds 


Limitrofo, o. borJering (law term) 
Llm's in. Olire, mud, dirt 
Linione, m. a lemou 
LiDioiiea,/. leniODade 
Limosina,/, alms 
Limosiii/in!e, a. mendicant 
Limosia^re, to beg, to give alms 
Limosiiiario, m. an alms-giver 
Limosinato, part, begged 
Limosinatóre, Lìmot>ìiiiére, and 

Limosiniéro, m. alms-giver 
Limosità,/, muddiness 
Limóso, a. muddy, miry 
Umpiduzza, /. clearness, bright- 

Limpido, a. transparent 

Lince, m. a lynx 

Linceo, o. of a lynx, keen-sighted 

Lindamt'ote, ad. fluently 

Lindézii, and Lindùra, /. neatness 

Lindo, a. neat, spruce, fine 

Linea. /. a line, lineaze 

Lineal ménte, and Linearmente, 
ad. in a direct line [lure 

Lineaménto, tn. lineament, a fea- 

Lin&ire, to draw 

Lineario, a. linear 

Lineito, part, delineated, /. delineation 

Linfa, /. wa;er fin poetry) 

Linfàtico, a. full of water 

Lingeria,/. linen 

Ungua, /. tongue ; pigliSr Ilngia, 
to inquire; avere il cervèllo 
l:ella lingua, to say Well and do 
ill ; egli ha messo la lingua in 
molle, his tongue runs upon 

IJngua buòna,/, bugloss (herb) 

Linguaccia, /. a bad tongue 

Linguacciuto, m. a prater 

Lingitóggio, m. language 

Lingua serpentina, /. the herb ad- 
der's tongue 

Lingueggiare, to chatter 

Linguélla, /. a strainer 

Linguettire, to stammer 

Lingurtso, a. chattering 

Liniménto, m. a liniment, or thin 
ointment [linen 

Lino, ni. line, flax ; pamio Uno, 

Linséme, m. linseed 

Liocòrno, ni. a unicorn 

LiofAnte, arid Lionfinte, m. ele- 

Lione, ni. a lion 

Lionessa,/. a lioness 

Liopirdo, m. a leopard 

Lippitùdine, /. blear-eyedness 

Lippo, a. blear-eyed 

Liquefare, lo liquefy 

Liquefitto, port, liquefied 


Liquefazióne,/, a liquefying 

Liquidamente, ad. clearly, easily 

Liquidare, to liquefy 

Liquidazióne, f. liquidation, set- 
tling accounts 

Liquidine, to become liquid 

Liquidità,/, liquidity 

Liquido, a. liquid, fluid, clear, 

Liquido, m. a liquid 

Liquirizia,/, licorice 

Liquóre, ni. liquor 

Liquorétto, m. a light liquor 

Lira, /. a lyre, a harp 

Lirico, a. lyric; poèta lirico, a 
lyric poet 

Lisca, /. fish-bone ; a triflft ; the 
coarse herds of flax or hemp 

Liscezza^ /. smoothness 

Liscia,/, a sleek stone 

Lisciamente, ad. fluently 

Lisciaménto, m. smoothing 

Lisciare, to smooth, polish, flatter, 

Lisci-lrsi, to paint 

Lisciato, part, smoothed 

Lisciatóre, m. a polisher 

Lisciatura,/, polishing, printing 

Liscio, ni. paint 

Liscio, o. polished, smoothed 

Lisirvite, j^ a cordial 

Lista, /. list, band, fillet, stripe, 
roll, catalogue 

Listare, to strip, to lace 

Listella,/. a small square 

Liiame, m. dung 

Litargia, /. lethargy 

LitArgico, a. lethargic 

Litargirio, Li'argiro, and Litar- 
gUio, m. litharge ; silver gilt 

Lite, /. strife ; variance ; a suit at 
law" ; muòver lite alia sanità, 
to take physic when one is well 

Litigamento, »)i. contest, dispute 

Litigante, m. a pleader 

Litigare, and Liticare, to litigate 

J^itigAto, part, contended 

Litigatóre, ni. a pleader, a liti- 
gious wrangler 

Litigio, m. strife, debate 

Litigióso, a. quarrelsome 

LI to, m. a shore 

Litologia,/, liihology 

Litorale, and Littorie, a. belong- 
ing to a shore 

Litteràle, a. literal 

Litteralménte, ad. literally 

Litteràrio, a. literary 

Litteratura, /. literature 

Littóre, m. a Roman lictor 

Lituo, ni. augur's stafi" 

Litura, /. a blotting off 


Liturgia,/, liturgy 

Liuto, and Leùto, m. a lute (mu 

sicaJ instrument) 
Livèlla,/, a level 
Livellàre, to level, to make levd 
Livellano, m. a tenart, or oopr- 

Livellato, part, levelled 
Livellatóre, m. a leveller, a lord 

of the manor 
Livello, m. tribute-money, a level 
Lividézza,/, envy, spite, ìividity 
Livido, a. livid, black and blue« 
Lividóre, m. and Lividura, /. 

livi'Jity, en\-y 
Liviritta, ad. just here 
I Livóre, m, envy, rancour; a Ìivid- 
ity (black aod blue spots) 
Livorosamente, ad. maiignaatly 
Livoróso, a. envious 
Livrèa,/, livery 
Livràre, to deliver, to finish, to 

wear out [P^les 

Lizza, /. list, career ; a rampart, 
Lo, art. in. the ; lo stùdio, the 

study ; pron. him, it ; lo vedo, 

I see him, or it 
LocAle, a. lo<al ; costumi locali, 

local customs [ally 

Localmente, ad. locally, person- 
I^ocàuda,/. lodging ready furnished 
Locandière, m. one that lets ready 

furnished lodgiugs 
Locare, to place, ^settle, lay up in 

some place 
Lacato, part, placed, settled 
locazióne,/, position, place 
Loco, TO. (luògo,) pla'-e; opportu- 
nity, time 
Locusta, /. locust, an iiaect, a 

shell fish, a lobster [guage 

I.ocuziòne, /. locution, phrase, lai- 
Loda./. praise 
I.od.'ibile, a. laiidnble 
l/)dabiliià,/. what is commendable 
Lodamènto, m. a praising 
Lod.ire, to praise, commend ; lo- 

d,'irsi d' uno, to be well satisfied 

or contented with one 
Lodativo, a. demonstrative 
I>3datóre, m. a praiser 
Loiiito, part, praised, commended 
Lode,/, praise, commendation 
Lodévole, a. laudable, commenia- 

Lodevolmente, ad. laudably 
Lodo, TO. opinion, sentence 
lySdola, /. a lark (a bird) 
Loggia, /. a lodge, an open galle» 

ry, a high terrace 
Lògica. /. loeic 
Logicale, o. logical, of logic 


Logricare, to subtilize 

Logtco, m. a logician 

Logico, o. logical 

Loglio, »)i. lure, darnel, cockle- 

Loglioso, a. full of cockle-weeds 

Logorare, to « ear, waste 

Logorato, part, worn 

Logorizia,/. licorice 

Lógoro, »n. a lure (a hawk's lure) 

Lógoro, a. ragged, worn out 

Lola,/. dirlinKS, dirt 

Lóica, /. see Lògica, and its de- 

Lòlla,/, chaff 

LolUgine,/. cuttle-fish, VI. loin, haunch, flank 

Lombrico, ni. an earth-wonn 

Lome, ste Lume 

Longauimilà,/. patience 

Longevo, a. long-lived 

Longinquità, /. ice Lontatunza 

Longiuquo. a. distsmt 

Longitudinale, a. longitudinal 

Longitùdine, /. longi ude 

Lontaciméme, ad. far, afar off 

Lontananza, /. diitaiice 

Lonaiiare, to send away, to endure 

Lontano, a. tar distant. Da lon- 
tano, ad. at a distance 

Lóntra, /. an otter 

Lónza, /. a panther 

Lonzo, a. enervated 

Lòppa, /. chaff, the husk of com 

Loquace, o. loquacious 

Loquacità,/, talkativeaess 

Loquèla, /. speech 

Lordamente, ad. nastily 

Lordare, to foul, dirty ' 

Lordézza,/, nastiness 

Lórdo, a. nasiy, filthy 

I/OrdJra, /. a7id Lordiin-.e, m. 

Lorica, /. a ccat of mail 

Lóro, fron. to them, 'hose ; dissi 
loro, I told them; il loro libro, 
their book ; il loro, their prop- 
erty [dull, blunt 

Lósco, a. purblind, short-sighted, 

LotAre, to plaster with earth 

Lóto, m. mud. dirt, mire 

Lotolénto. Lotolénte, and Lotóso, 
o. muddy, diry [bate 

Lòtta, /. a wrestling, dispute, de- 

Lottare. aiid Lotteggiàre, to wrestle 

Lottatóre, m. a wrestler 

Lotto, rru lottery, lot, chance 

Lóva./. a she- wolf; a prostitute 
Lubricare, to loosen 
Lubricativo, o. loosening 
Lubricità, caid Lubrìchézza, /. 


Lùbrico, m. a slippery place 

Lùbrico, o. slippery, fallacious, 
deceitful, loose in the belly 

Lucchétto, ni. a padlock 

Lucciante, m. an eye (jocosely) 

Luccicante, a. shining 

Luccicare, to shine 

Lùccio, m. a pike 

Lùcciola,/, a glow-worm 

Luccioljto, ni. a kind of glow- 
worm [at Florence) 

LÙCCO, m. a gown, a robe (worn 

Luce, /. light, brightness ; the 
eyes ; méfere alia luct, to pub- 
lish a work; venire in luce, to 

Lucènte, a. shining, bright 

Lucere, to sbiue, to be bright 

Lucèrna, /. a lamp 

Lucemàta,/. a lamp full of oil 

Lucèrtola, and Lucèrta, /. a lizard 

Luchera,/. mien, look 

Lucidamente, ad. brightly [plain 

Lucidare, to elucidate, unfold, ex- 

Lucidato, part, illustrated 

Lucidézza, and Lucidità,/, light 

Lùcido, a. bright, lucid 

Lucifero, m. the morning star, 

Lucificare, to shine 

Lucignolo, m. the wick of a can- 
dle' or lamp : a distafl-fuU 

Liico, ni. u grove 

Lucrativo, a. lucrative 

Lucro, m. gain, profit 

Lucrosamente, ad. gainfully 

Lucróso, a. profitable 

Lt'iderp, to play, six)rt 

Ludibrio, ni. a mockery 

Ludificare, to deceive, cr jeer 

Ludificazióne, /. a mocking, or 

Ludimagistro, ni. a school-master 

Ludo, ni. play, game 

Lue, /. plague, pestilence ; lue 
venerea, the venereal disea^ 

Lùffo, m. a bundle 

Lùgere, to mourn 

Lùglio, ni. the month of July 

Lugubre, a. mournful 

Lui, m. a wren, (a lit'le bird ;) 
tirerebbe a un lui, he is a sharp, 
ftinjy man 

Lui, jir'cnn. he, him ; di lui, of him 

Lulssimo, himself 

Lumaca, /. a snail ; scala a lu- 
maca, a winding s'air-case 

Lumacóne, m. a large snail, a 
sneaking fellow 

Lume, ni. light, brightness, knowl- 
edge ; eyes ; far lume ad uno, to 
. light one pagare il lume e i 


dadi, to make an end of as 
Lumepiàr», to illuminate 
Lumièra, /. a torch, or light; a 

lustre, a chandelier 
Luminare, m, luminary 
Lumjnazioce,/. illumination 
Lumiuèllo. ni. socket of a lamp 
Luminosità, a7ìd Lumiuositàde,/. 

brightness, splendour 
Luminóso, a. luminous 
Luna,/, the moon, a month ; luna 
nuòva, the new moon ; luna 
crescènte, a half moon ; luna 
scema, the wane of the moon 
Lunare, a. lunar 
Lunare, ni. the lunar course 
Lunaria,/, lucary (an herb) 
Lunàrio, tn. an almanac ; far do 

lunàrj, to be emlarrassed 
Lunarista, m. an almanac maker 
Luratico, a. lunatic, whimsical 
Luriàto, a. like a half moon 
Lunazióne, /. and Lunaménto, m. 
lunation (the course of the mon) 
Lunedì, m. Monday 
Lùnsa, ad. long ; .olla lunga, at lor§ 
run; andar "in lunga, to linger ; 
n;an'd* in lunga, to put off 
Lungagnola, and Lunghiéra, / 

a kind of net, a tedious speech 
Lungamente, ad. long while 
LÙDge, ad. far, a great way off (in 

Lunghésso, ad. along, near 
Lunghézza, and Lungheria, /. 

length, duration 
Lungi, ad. far, distant, near by 
Lungi, prcji. along ; lungi la riva, 

neai-, along the shore 
Lungo, o. long ; bnxlo, cr ginlebbe 

lungo, broth, weak julep 
Li'ingo, ad. a long time 
Lungo, prep, along, near 
Luògo, ni. placeiroom ; cèdere iJ 
lu^go, to gifTthe preference; 
avere il luògo, to have the pre- 
cedency ; non ho luògo di créder 
altriménte, I bave no reason to 
believe o'herwise ; non trovar 
luògo, to have no shelter 
Luogotenènte, m. lieutenant 
Luogotenènza,/, lieutenancy 
Lupa, /. a she-wolf, a prostitute 
Lupanare, m. a brothel 
Lupattino, and Lupidno, m. a 

young wolf 
Lupésco, Lupigno, and Lupino, (L 
belonging to a wolf, of the na- 
ture of a wolf 
Lupino, m. lupine (» sort of pulse) 
Lupo, m. a wolf; chi ha U 


lupo per compare, porti il can 
«otto il nuotéllo, never trust a 

L'jpo cervière, m. a IjTix 

Luppolo, m. hops (an herb) 

Liìrco, m. glutton 

LùriJo, o. black and blue, or pale 

Lusignuólo, m. a nightingale 

LÙ5C0, a. purblind 

L'iiiuga, Liiaingherla, /. and Lu- 
singaménto, m. flattery 

Lusingare, to flatter, ci^ax 

Lusìn^to,par<. flattered 

Lusii gatóre, m. a fla'terer 

Lusinghévole, a. flatterin; 

Lusinghevolmente, ad. flatteringly 

Lusiugbiéro, OTìd Lusingliicre, a. 
Jlaitering J uu lusinghièro, a 
flatterer [out of jointj 

Lus Azióne, /. a luxation ';the i>eing 

Liiss), in. luxury 

Lussureggiare, lo be wanton 

Lus,iirià,/. sensuality 

Lussuriàrt-, lo be sensual, to be 

Lussurióso, a. wanton 

Lustra,/, den, cave 

Lustrale, a. lustrai, purifying 

Lustrante, a. shining, bright 

Lustrare, to illustrale, polish, bur- 

Lustratóre, m. he who calenders 

Lustratura, and LustrazioaCj /. a 
fiolishing, lustration (a sacrifice) 

Lustre,/. jjL siiiib, evasions 

Lubtri:io, m. lustring, a cloth ; 

Lustro, a7UÌ Lu«tróre, ni. lustre, 
splendour ; the space of five years 
(in poetrv) 

Listro, a. bright, polished 

Lu.àre, to lute, or cover with clay 

Lutiranismo, m. Lutheranism 

Lu if:golo, m. a potter 

Luto, m. dirt, mud 

Lutoso, a. muddy [bat 

Lù'L^/. w resiling, a debate, com- 

Luttire, to lament, mouia 

Lutto, in. mourning 

i,utiuosamén:e, ad. mournfully 

Luttuoso, and I^utlóso, o. sorro'.v- 
ful. sad 

Lutuléuto, a. muddy 


MA, conj. but, nay ; ma che prò ? 
to what purpose ? 
M&cca,/. plenty, store 


Miccatélla,/. a defect, flaw 

Maccheria, /. a calm, stillness 

Maccheióni, m. jjI. a sort of paste ; 
un niacclieroue, a blockhead 

M'lcchia, /. spot, s'ain ; a note of 
infamy ; a bush, or bushy place ; 
monéta alla macchia, bad mone)- 

Macchiare, to stain, spot blur 

Macchia'o, part, stained 

Màcchina,/, n^achine, plot 

Macchin;'ile, a. mechanical 

Macchiiiamcn'o, m. a macbioation 

Macchinare, lo contrive 

.Macchinato, yort. plored 

Macchinatóre, m. plotter 

Macchinazióne,/, plot, device 

Macchinista, m. a machinist 

Macchiòne, m. a thick bush 

iLicchióso, a. spot ed 

Macciangher), a. strong-limbed, 
dull, stupid 

>Iicco. rn. beans boiled to a mash. 
A macco, ad. plentifully 

Mice, /. the middle husk of a nut- 
meg [bu"chcr 

Macellaio, and Macellirrj, m. a 

Macellire, to butcher, kill, waste 

Macèllo, m. shamble, si lUghter 
house ; massacre 

Macer'ire, to steep, or soak, to 

Macerato, part, macerated 

Àiacerazióne, /. infusion, mortifi- 
cation, macera' ion 

MJcero, a. mactrated, soaked 

Macerooe, ni. a kind of parsley 

Ma chf i ad. but what ? machè, 

Micia, /. a heap of stones, a lurk- 
inj-hole, a secret place 

Macigno, m. a kind of stone; 
pijtra macigna, a very hard 
s-one [Oiin. pale 

Macilènte, and Macilènto, a. lean, 

Macilenz.a, /. leanness 

Macinaménto, tn. MacÌDat<in,arMÌ 
MacinAta,/. a grinding 

Mncinàre, to grind 

Macin.ito, pari, ground 

Macinato, m. flour, meal 

Macini'óìo, m. an oil-inill 

Mac!na;6re, m. a grinder 

Micine, ojid Macina, /. a mill- 
stone; èsser alla màcine, to be 
very poor 

Maci'illa,/. a brake fir flax 

MiciulLare, to ma^h flax 

Mic.-o, a. lean, thin 

M'lcula, /. a spot, stain, a note of 

Macul'iré, and Macolire, to slain, 
blemish, to beat soundly 


Maculizióce, /. a staininSi «pot 

Maculoso, a. spotted 

Madama,/, madam 

Madamigèlla, /. a yonng lad^ 

Madcmo, o. maternal 

M idia,/. a hutch, a trough 

Màdido, a. danip 

Madie, and Madiò, ad. in troth, id 
faith fMiry 

^ladonaa, /. ma-la-Ti, the Virgi» 

Madre, and Matre, /. mother; 
(cagióne) cause, occasion, origin, 
sprinz, roof, a m'juld or frame 
to cast any thing in ; madre di 
Ktie, a foster moher 

Maflreggiire, to be like onrt 

Madreperla,/, mother of pearl 

Madreselva,?, hont-y-suckle 

Madrevite,/, the worm of a screw 

Madrigale, and Madrlile, m. mai- 
rigal, air, song, jKJem 

MadrizaleggLire, to write or sin? 
mairi.jals [mother 

Madrina, /". a miJ.vife; a god- 

Maestà, MaestAde, and Maestate, 
/. majcs'y; delitto di lesa mae- 
stà, high treason 

Maestosamente, and ^laesterol 
mèn'e, ad. najes'irally 

Maestóso, ajid Alatstivole, a. ma 
jestic [tresi 

Maèstra, and ^Tiestrésia, /. mis- 

Mxestr'iie, m. ihe north-west wind 

Maestri re, to give one the degfee 
of d<ctor, or master of arts; to 
teach, instruct 

Maestràto, m. mapstrary 

Maestràto, a. one made a doctor, 
&c. [men 

Maestranza,/, a company of trade»- 

Maestrévolei a. ni-r^terly 

Maestrevolm-.nte, ad. curiously, 

Maestria, /. art, skiU, address, 
cunning, autli^ri^y 

Macs'ro, a. skilful, chief; strida 
maèstra, the high road ; mal 
n^aéstro, the falling sickness 

Maèstro, m. m.ister, cr teacher; 
maèstro di casa, a stewari ; mae- 
stro di càmera, a lord cham- 

Miga,/. a sorceress, a witch 

Marigna, /. aitd Magajnameato, 
m. fault, blemish, d-.f=ct 

Majagnnre, to corrupt, spoil ; faint 

-Ma?agn4fo,parf. corrupted, tainted 

Magagnatura,/, a default 
Magazziniere, m. a w arehojsemaa 
Magazzino, m. a war.:bjUC 


Malése, and Maggiatica,/, a fal- 
lo»" ground 
Màggio, m. month of May 
Màggio, a. greater 
Maggioranza, /. superiority 
ilaTgiordómo, m. a steward 
Ms^ióre, a. greater, elder, supe- 
rior; maggióri, forefaiiiers; dare 
ii suo maggióre, to do ihe utmost 
Maggiorello, m. a litile older 
Maggiorènti, m. pi. Ilie chief men 
Maggioria,/. superiority 
Ma^iomiénte, ad. more; better, 

Maggioruato, m. the eldest 
;\làghero, a. lean, thin 
Magia,/, magic [migic 

MagicMe. aiul Migico, n. magical, 
Magicalménte, a/i.'inagically 
Magióne,/, abode, habitation 
Magióstra, /. hautboy (a large 
. strawberry) 

Magi'iteriàto, m. a f-eemnn's right 
MagisTéro, aììd r.hjistério, m. 
woiknianship ; discipline; in- 
struction; a doct'.r's dsgree 
jiagistiile, a. magisterial, great, 

Ma?istrali'T,/. doctrine, science 
Majisiralinénte, ad. chiefly, learn- 
edly [tribunal 
Mails rA'o, vi. maiistrafe, a court, 
Z\Iagistntr;ra,/. magistracy 
Magistrcvole, a masisterial 
Màglia,/, mail, armour ; a stitch, 

a net, a web in the eye 
Magliàto, re. made of niail 
Slàglio, m. a mallet, a beetle, mail ; 
far con màgli i, to do one's worst 
Magliuòlo, m. layer, shoot 
M:ignanimi(à,/. greatness 
MagnAnimo, a. magnanimous 
Magnano, m. a locksmith 
Magnate, a. principal ; i magniti, 

Magnesia, /. majnesia (a minersJ) 
Magnete,/, 'oadstone 
Magnetico, a. maanetic 
Msgnificair.én'e, ad. s'ately 
Magnilìcaménto, m. a praise 
Magnific.'ire, to magnify 
Magnifica to. par!, extoìled 
Magnifica'óri-, m. a praiser 
Magnificente, and Magnifico, a. 

Mamificsnza, /. magnificence, 

Majnifico, a. magnificent 
Magniloquènza,/, emjjhasis 
Mamllofjuo, a. emphatical 
JlagnihVJine,/. greatne^is 
iVta^no, o. treat, eminent 


Mago, m. a magician 
^15 ;o, a. magical 
Magramente, ad. poorly [lean 
Magrófo, and M.agrino, a. thin, 
Magrézza, /. leanness, scarcity 
Magro, a. lean, meager ; giórno 
màgrn, fish-day; mangiar di ma- 
gro, to forbear meat ; il magro, 
lean meat ; terréno magro, a 
barren ground ; far oiàgro, to eat 
fish ijast 

Mài, ad. never ; mai pììi, once, at 
Maiale, m. a hog 
Malesia,/, majesty 
M;iinò, ad. no, no* at all 
Màio, m. a green b''Ugh 
Maiòlica,/, earlhenv are 
Maioranst, /. marjoram (a sort of 
herb) [inheritance 

Mc^ion'isci, m. an elder brother's 
Maioniomo, 7n. a s'eward 
Mai più, (Ù/. never before ; mai 

sempre, always 
Maisi, ad. yes. truly 
Maiiiscola, /. capi'al htter 
Malaccólfo, a. ill-received 
Malaccóncio, a. ill-used [ate 

Malaccòrto, a. artless, inconsider- 
Malacrejic7a,/. incivility 
MaIa;iétto, pari, rursad 
Maiadire, arjrf MalaJicere, to ci^-^e 
MalaJ izióne, /. m.\lediction, infec- 
tion, plague; a cursing 
Malafat'a,/. a slip in \"caving or 

knitting'; a miiiake, an error 
M,)lairéttc, a. inimical 
Malafitta,/, ground that shrinks 
Malagévole-, a. diScuIi 
Mala<;evoiozza,/. difT-cil'y 
Malage-cK^Iméi-.ta, nr. cirTcultly 
Malagiato, part, unprovided 
Malagiira,/. a bad omen 
Malasrarato, a. onf':rrunats 
ilalagùrìo, m. a bad omen 
Malagurióso, a. ill-omened, unhap- 
py, ill 
Malaménte, ad. badly, cruelly 
Malandare, lo rain one's self 
Malandato, a. •wretched 
M^landHno. m. a robber 
Malandrino, a. roguish, knavish 
Malanno, »7i. misfortune, disaster 
Malappropósito, ad. unseasonably 
Malardito, a. nsh. impn:dent 
Malarrivato, a. unfortunate 
Malassètto, n. disordered 
Malaticcio, a. ?ickly 
Mal.àto, a. sick, ill ' 
Malatólta, or Mala tolta,/, a rob- 

Ijery, thep : a t.-ix, impost 
Malattia,/, disease, sickness 
Malauguróso, n. ill-omened 
• ISO 


Vfalaventiira,/. misfortune 
Malavòglia, and MalavogUenza,/. 

ill-will, malevolence 
Malavveduto, a. imprudent 
Malavventurato, a. unfortunate 
Mala\'ven;urosaménte, ad. unfor- 
Malavvézzo, a. ill-bred 
Malazzato, a. sickly [word) 

Malbigattó, a. ill-niinded (a lov» 
Malcadijco, m. falling sickness 
Malcapitato, part, ruined, undone 
Malcauto, a. imprudent 
IMakompósto, part, disordered 
Malcóncio, a. abused [sant 

Malcondescendénte, a. nncomplai- 
Malcondòtlo, pari, ill used 
Malconoscènte, a. ungrateful 
.Alatconsigliito, a. inconsiderate 
Malconten'.o, o. discontented, ill 

Malcostumato, a. uncivil, 'indecent 
Malcreato, a. ungenteel 
Malcubato, a. sickly 
Malcurante, a. ■^upine, careless 
jVLaldicénte, and Maldicilóre, a, 

Maldicenza,/, slander 
Maldispósto, a. ill-minded 
Maldurèvole, a. of a short duration 
Mile, m. evil, mischief, harm, 
damage ; sicknesc, dise.ase ; far 
male, to do wrcng; farsi male, 
to hurt one's self 
Male, ad. ill. badly; avere a male, 
to take it ill [slanderer 

Malèdico, a. sbnderiug ; m. a 
Maledire, to curse [plagiie 

Maledizione,/, cnrse. malediction. 
Malèfica,/, a sorceress 
Maleficiito, part, bewitched 
Maleficio, m. witchcraft, crime 
Malèfico, aìid Maleficiòso, o. mis- 
chievous ; m. a sircerer 
Malevolènza, and MaJevogliénza, 

/. hatred 
Malèvolo, a. malignant, envious 
Malfaciménto, jji. a crime 
Malfare, to do wrong 
MalC'itto, m. a crime, guilt 
Malfatto, part, deformed 
Malfattóre, m. a malefactor 
Malfatloria./. witchcratt 
Malfond.i!o, a. ill-grounded 
Malfrancese, m. the venereal di» 

Malgoverno, m. slaughter 
Malgradito, a. unacceptable 
Malgrado, yrep. in spite of 
Malgrado, m. displeasure, spite; 
vostro malgrado, in spite of your 


Malgrazióso, o. disajreeable 

Malia, /. sorcery, witchcraft 

Maliarda,/, a witcri 

Maliardo, m. a sorcerer 

Malifizio, m. see Maleficio, and 
its derivatives 

Malignamente, ad. maliciously, 

Malignare, to grow malignant 

Malignità, /. malice, hatred ; a 
disorder in the air 

Maligno, a. malicious, hurtful; 
wi.the devil 

Malinconia,/, melancholy 

Malinconicamente, ad. ssully 

Malincònico, a. melaiiclioly 

Malinconióso, and Maliuconóso, 
a. melancholy, sad, sorrowful 

Malincòrpo, and Malincuòre, ad. 
cantare a malincuòre, to sin/ 

Malintéso, part, misinformed 

Malióso, o. enchanting 

Maliscalco, m. a quarter-master, a 
farrier, a nofalen;an 

Malizia, /. malice, craftiness, 
qualify, disease, sickness, in- 

Maliziare, to grow wicked 

Maliziato, ami Miliziòso, o. ma- 
licious, mischievous 

Maliziosamente, ad. maliciously 

Malleàbile, a. malleable (said of 

MMleo, TO. a hammer 

JMallevadóre, m. aiid Mallevado- 
ria,/, bail, security 

Mallevare, to bail one 

Mallevato, m. aiid Malleveria, /. 
a bail, security [nuts 

Mallo, m. the green shell of wal- 

Mal maestro, m. the falling sick- 
ness [use 

Malmenare, to afflict, torment, ill 

Malmérito, m. an ill office 

Malmettere, to squander away 

Malmóndo, m. hell 

Malnato, a. uncivil, rude 

Malo, a. bad, ill 

Malóra,/, andar in malóra, to ruin 
one's self [fu'sed 

Malordinato, part, disordered, con- 

Malóre, m. evil, disease 

Malparato, o. destitute, depraved 

Malpiglio, m. angiy look 

Malpratico, o. unexperienced 

Malpreparato, a. ill-prepared 

Malprb, rn. hurt, damaze 

Malprocedere, m. incivility 

Malpròprio, a. improper 

Malprovvediito, a. ill-provided 

Malsani*, /. ill habit of body 


Malsanlccio, c. sickly 

Malsano, a. unliealthy, insane, 

Malsicuro, a. uncertain 
Malsiiicéro, a. unsincere 
Malsoill'rénle, a. iinpatien 
Malta,/, dirt, mud, mortar 
-Maltòlto, m. tax, exaction 
Malfornito, a. rough, unpolished 
Maltrattaménto, to. ill usage 
Maltrattare, to ill use, abuse 
Maltratiito, part, ill uted 
Maltrovauiént-), to. a bad invention 
Malùria,/. bad omen 
Malusato, part, ill-employed 
Malva^ /. mallows (a sort of herb) 
Malvagia, /. malmsey wine 
Malva!;iaiiiénte, ad. wickedly 
Malv'i;ir), o. wicked 
MaUagione, ra. a villain 
Malva;,Mh,/. wickeduess 
Malvavlscliio, rn. marsh-m.illows 
Mai vedére, to look with an evil 

Malvedùto, a. hated 
Malvestito, part, shabbily dressed 
Malvicino, TO. an ill neighbour 
Malvisto, part, hated 
Ma! vivo, a. half dead 
Ma'.voglicute, a. malevolent 
MalvoleniJri, ad. unwillingly, 

wi'h (l)/Ticiil!v 
Malvolére, TO. ill-will 
Malvoluto, a. odious, hateful 
Mamma, /. manim? ; a woman's 

breast (m poetry) 
Manimabicco, tn. a blockhead 
Mammana, /. a governess, a mid- 
Mammèlla, /. a breast 
Mimmola,/. double flowers 
Manimolinn, a. childish 
Mammolo, ni. a chill, an infant 
Mxiiimone, and Mammóna, to. 
the god of riches ; a marmoset, 
monkey, wild cat 
ManAta, f. a handful 
Minca, /. tlie left hand 
Mancaménto, m. vice, crime, want 
Manciinza,/. want, defect, slip 
Mancare, to want ; to fail ; man- 
car di parola, to break one's 
word ; mancir il colpo, to miss 
one's aim ; mancar d'animo, io 
be disheartened 
Mancato, part, wanted 
Mancatole, in. an ijnfai'hful man 
Mancepp'ire, to emancipate 
Manceppa7ióne, /. emancipation 
Manchévole, a. imperfect 
Manchevolézza, and Manchér^a, 
/. fault, imperfection 


M'incia,/. driiikiog-money 

Manciata,/, a handful 

Mancino, a. left-banded ; bto 

mancino, the left side 
Manco, TO. want 

Minco, ad. less; né manco, nei- 
ther; non manco, not at all ; 
manco male, so much the better ; 
venirsi manco, to faint away 
Mincf), a. defective, less, left 
Mandaménto, m. a mandate 
MandSre, to send, order, inform, 
ac<]uaint ; mandar a dire, to send 
word ; mandar fuóra, to pour 
out ; mandar ad eflelto, to ef- 
fect ; mandar male, to squan- 
der ,■ mandar giù, to ruin ; to 
swallow down ; man'iàr via, to 
dismiss; mandar in lungo, to 
Mand.ita,/. a sending 
Mandatàrio, to. a coniffiissioner 
Mand'ito, part, sent 
Manfi.ito, TO. an onJer, warrant 
M.indola, and Mandorla, /. an al- 
nioiid [strument) 

Mandola,/, cithern (a musical in- 
M.Tiidorlo, TO. an almond-tree 
Mandra,/. a flock, herd, stable 
Maudracchia,/. a prostitute 
Mandr.^ola, /. mandrake (a plant) 
Mandri/ile, and Mandriano, m. a 

keeper of large cattle 
>!andrll(o, to. a slap 
Manducare, to eat (Latin word) 
Mane,/, morning 
Mai:< /viabile, and Maneggévole, 

a. iiaclable 
Maneggiamen'o, m. manasement 
Mai-eggii'ire, to govern, direct, to 
feel, touch ; manejgi'ir un ca- 
vMlo, to manage a horse; ma- 
neisiàrsi, to stir about 
Maneiiiàto, part, handled 
Maiiei^xiatóre, to. a manager 
Ma!:é»/io, rn. a riding-house ; a 
luzoijalion, management; ma- 
néirio occiilto, a plot 
Mam-ila,/. asheaf 
Manére, to remain, stay 
Manescalco, to. ice Maniscalco 
Manescamente, orf. with one"! 

bands - 

Manésco, a. handy, oflf ban*, pas- 
sionate, an?rv 
Manétte, /. pi. "handcufTi 
Manfanile, TO. the ban lie of a flail 
Manganare, to calemler 
Man?inélla, /. a cross-bow 
Manganèlle, /. pi. benches (io 

Manganèllo, to. a cross-bow 


Màngano, m. calender, mangle 

ilangereccio, a. eatable 

Mangeria,/, extortion 

Mangiàbile, a. eatable 

ilangiaférro, m, a cut-throat, a. 

Mangiaménto, m. an eating 

Mangiapane, m. one good for noth- 
ing but to eat, an idler 

Mangiapélo, m. a moth, tiny (a 
worm) [food, victuals 

Mangiare, m. the act of eating, 

Mandare, to eat, waste 

Mangiata, /. bellyful! 

Mangiativo, a. fit to eat 

Mangiato, part, eaten 

Mangiatóia, /. a manger, a fable 

Mangiatóre, m. an ea'.er 

Mangióne, m. a great eater 

Mania,/, madness 

Maniaco, a. mad, furious 

Mànica, /. a sleeve, the handle of 
a knife, &c. j questo è altro paro 
di màniche, it is quite another 

Manicaménto, m. an eating, a cor- 
roding, cfT corrosion 

Manicare, to eat, (low word ;) ma- 
nicarsi, to detest one another 

Manicarétto, vi. a ragout 

Manicheito, m. a small handle 

Manichino, m. a ruffle, a muff, a 
small handle 

Mànico, m. a handle ; mànico d' 
un violino, the neck of a fiddle ; 
uscir del mànico, to be extrava- 

Manicòtto, m. a muif 

Manicóttolo, m. a hanging sleeve 

Manicristo, m. a kind of confec- 
tion [haviour 

Manièra,/, manner, way, sort, le- 

Manieràre, to adorn 

Manière, and Maniero, m. a 
pleasant and noble hou=e 

Manièro, a. tame, tractable 

Manieróna, /. a noble manner 

Manieriso, a. mannerly; lender 
manieroso, to civilize 

Manifattóre, m. workman 

Maoifa"ii.-a, /. workmanship, 
manufnctory, aflairs, business, 
art, skill 

Manifestamente, ad. plainly 

Manifestaménto, m. manifestation 

>Ianifestare, to manifest 

Manifestato, part, manifested 

Manifestazióne,/, manifes'ation 

Manifesto, a. plain, evident 

Manifesto, m. a proclamafinn. 
proposals [bracelet 

Maniglie, m. and Maniglia, /. a 


Manigóldo, m. executioner ; knave 

Jlanimésso, a. cut 

Manina, /. and Manino, 771. a 
little hand 

Maninconla, /. see Malinconia, and 
its derivatives [hands 

Manipolare, to work with the 

Manipolare, a. soldato manipolare, 
a common soldier 

Manipolazióne, /. composition 

Manipolo, m. a handful ; a mani- 
ple (used by popish priests) 

Maniscalco, ni. fanier, smith 

Manna, /. manna, an exquisite 
food ; a sheaf of corn 

Mannàia, /. an axe, a hatchet 

Mannaro, a. lupo mannaro, a man 
of the wood, or satyr 

Mannerino, m. a lan'ibkin 

Mano, /. hand, hand-writing ; 
aid, assistance ; porter la mano, 
to favour ; cader per mano, to 
happen ; menar le mftni, to 
beat ; menar per mano, to lead ; 
tener mono, to assist ; fuor di 
mano, out of the way ; ligner le 
mani, to bribe ; uscir di mano, 
to escape ; venire alle mani, to 
come to blows; alzar le mani, 
to beat ; avere iu mano, to have 
in one's pnner; métter tra le 
mani, to inti-ust with one 

N. B. For a more copious collec- 
tion of idiomatica! phrases, com- 
pounded with Mino, see Al- 
berti's or Baretti's Diet. 

Manométtere, lo make the first 
cut ; to set free ; to destroy 

Manòpola, /. a gauntlet; 3 half 

Manoscritto, m. a maruscript 

Manóso, a. soft, Irac'abie 

Manotenénza, /. see Manutenzióne 

Manovalderia, /. tuili m 

Manovaldo, ni. a tutor, or guar- 
dian of women 

Manovale, and Manoóle, m. a 
manual, a bricklayer's labourer 

Manovèlla,/, a lever 

Manòvra, /. the tackling, or the 
working of a ship 

Manro\ éscio, and Àlarrovéscio, m. 
a back stroke 

Mansàre, to tame 

Mansionàrio, m. a chaplain 

Mansióne,/, abode; baiting 

Mnnso, a. mild, tame 

Mansuefare, to tame, appease 

Mansuefatto, par<. tamed 

Mansuéscere, to grow tame 

Mansuetamente, ad. meekly 

Mansuèto, a. mild, tractable 


Mansuetùdine, /. meelmess 

Mantacare, to blow 

Màntaco, m. bellows; the longs 

Jlantéca,/. pomatum 

MantelUre, to cloak ; manteliars^ 
to cloak one's self 

Mantellètta,/. a rochet 

Mantelllno, m. a veil, a cnrtain 

Mantèllo, m. a cloak ; sotto man» 
téllo, under colour; coat a 
colour of a horse 

Mantenente, ad. just now 

Mantenére, to keep, maintain, sup- 
port ; mantenérsi, to subsist, live 

Manteniménto, m. maintenance; 
manteniménto in possésso, a pos- 
session adjudged upon a full 

Man tenitóre, m. a preserver 

Mantenuto, part, maintained 

Mantice, m. bellows 

Mantiglia,/, a woman's cloak 

Mantigtióne, m. a large cloak 

Manille, m. a towel 

Manto, m. a cloak, a mask, pr^ 
tence, a woman's cloak 

Mantóre, ad oftentimes 

Mantrugiare, to rumple, to handle 

Manuale, a. manual ; m. brick- 
layer's labourer 

Manualmente, ad. manually 

Manùbrio, ni. a handle, lever 

Manucàre, to eat 

Manumissióne, /. manumissjon, 
(law term) 

Manuscritto, m. a manuscript 

Manutenzióne, /. a possession ad- 
judged upon a fuU trial 

Manzo, m, an ox 

Manzofta,/. a heifer 

Maomettano, nu a Blahometan 

Mappamóndo, m. a map 

Marachèlla,/, a spy ; a deceit 

Maragnuóla,/. a hay-stack 

Marànie, m. refuse, parings ; 
abundance of every thing 

Marangóne, m. a joiner, diver, a 
bird; one who dives 

Maràsmo,m. marasnius (a disease) 

Maraviglia, /. wonder. A mara- 
viglia, ad. wonderfully 

Maravigliabile, and Maraviglié- 
vole, a. wonderful, astonishing 

Miravigliamènto, m. admiration 

Maraviiiliarsi, to wonder 

Maravigliosamente, ad. wondei»- 

Maraviglióso, o. marvellous 

Marca,/, token, sign ; a country 

Marcare, and Marchiare, to mark, 
to border upon [ral) 

MarcassSia, /. marcasite (a mine- 


Marcito, part, marked 
Marcbé^a, and Marchesaim, /. a 

Marchesato, m. a marquisate 
Marchése, m. marquis 
Marchio, atid Majrco, tre. mark, 

Màrcia, /. and Marciume, m. cor- 
ruption, pus, thick matter 
Marciapiede, m. causeway, foot- 
Marciare, to march, rot, putrefj- 
Marcido, and M\rcio, a. rotten ; 
a tuo marcio dispétto, in spite of 
Marci^lióne, /. corruption 
Marcióso, part, corrupted, rofien 
Marcire, to be rotten 
&Iarciùme, m. rottenness, mean 

Marcorélla, /. mercury (an herb) 
M4re, ni. the sea; mar grosso, a 

rough sea 
Marèa, and Mareggiata, /. the tide, 
tìax and refiux ; marea missiina, 
spring tides ; aita marèa, high 
Mareggiare, to float npon the sea ; 

mareggiarsi, to be sea-sick 
Maréggio, m. the billowing of the 

Marémma,/, near the shore 
Maremmino, a. maritime, marshy 
Maresciallo, m. a marslul 
Marésco, a. marine 
Marése, tn. a niarsh. pond 
Marezzare, to marble, vein 
Marézzo, nt. a riiarbling 
Màrga,/. marl {a sort of manure) 
Margarita, and Margherita, /. 

Mar,'heritina./. a daisy (a flower) 
Alargine, m. a scar ; margin, edje, 
border, or brim [try) 

Màrgo, TTu margin, bank (in poe- 
Margolalo, m. and Margòtta, /. 

a layer (of any riant) 
Mai^otfire, to se: layers 
Margutto, a. u?ly and malicious 
Maricéllo, m. a bay. sulf 
Marina, /. the sea coa>-f. Marina 

marina, ad. alon? the sea coa^t 
Marinaio, Marinaro, Mariniére, 

aiid Mariniéro, m. a mariner 
Marin/ire, to pickle 
Marineria,/, a naval army 
>IarinéiC0, 'Marinarésco, and Ma- 
rino, a. belonging to the sea; 
vento marino, the west wind 
MariolSre, to cheat, trick 
Marioleria, /. a cheat 
Mariòlo, m. a rogue, cheat 


Mariscàlco, m. marshal 
Maritàggio, m. marriage 
Maritale, a. marital, of a husband 
Maritamen'o, m. matrimony 
Maritare, to marry 
Maritato, part, married 
Marito, >/i. husband, spouse 
Marittimo, a. maritime 
Mariuolcria, /. a knavish trick 
Miriuolo, nu a knave, cheat 
Marmàglia, /. the mob 
.Marmo, m. marble 
MarmorAria,/. sculpture, carving 
Marmoràrio, m, a stone-cuKer 
Marmoiato, m. incrustation of 

pieces of marble 
Marmorito, a. marbled 
Marmòreo, a. like marble 
Marmòtta, /. and Marmotto, m. 

a marmot 
Maroso, m. a wave, billow ; a 
marsh, a bog;jy place ; perturba- 
tion of the mind 
Marra,/, pick-axe, mattock ; ferro 
di due marre, (he anchor of a 
ship ; ferro di quattro marre, the 
anchor of a galley 
Marraiuòlo, m. a piineer,a del ver 
Marrano, m. a traitor 
Marrétto, m. a mattock 
Manltta,/. the right hand 
Marritto, a. riiiif-handed 
Marritto, m. a slap 
Marrobbio, m. horebound (a sort 

of herb) 
Marricchlno, m. ^Toroco 
Marróne, m. a nia'tock ; chestnuts; 

far un marróne, to lil under 
Marroniito, m. an orchard of chest- 
Marr;)vé-cio, m. a back -stroke 
Marie, m. Mars (a planet) 
>rarte !1, m. Tuesday 
Martellare, to hammer ; tease, 

pla'ue, to bea*, or pant 
Martellata, /. a blow with a ham- 
Jfartello, m. a hammer 
Marinéilo, wi. a craue (an engine) 
MartirAre, to torment 
Manlre, m. vexation, pang 
M'irlire, m. martyr 
Martirio, and Martiro, m. marlyr- 

d^m, pain, torment 
Martirizzaménto, m. martyrdom 
Martirizzare, to mar»yr ; niarti- 

ri7zArsi, 10 torment one's self 
Mart irizr^to, part, m-artyred 
Martirològio, m. martyrólosry 
Màrtora,/, mar'en (an animal) 
Mirlore. m. a martyr ; a clown 
Martoréllo, m. a poor fellow 


I Martoriaménto, m. the rack 
Martoriare, Martirjre, and Mario» 

rezzàre, to rack, to torment 
Martorio, ajid Martòro, m. to^ 
I ment 

MArza, /. a graft, or graiT 
I Marzaco to, m. a kind of ointment, 

cr paint 
j Abrzapàne, m. marchpane 
Marziale, a. martial, warlike 
Marzo, jn. March 
Marzocco, m. a fool, a cast or 
I painted lion 
Marzolino, and Marzuólo, o. b«- 

longing to, or growiu» in the 

month of March 
Mascigno, a. cunning, crafty 
Mascalcia, /. a farrier's art 
Mascilrone, m. a ruflSan, a soldier 
Mascèlla,/, jaw, cheek 
Mascell.are, m. side teeth 
Mascherilo, m. seller of masks 
Mà:.chera, /. a ma-k ; cavarsi la 

màschera, lo sfitak '••ne's mind 

frtely ; mandar in màschera, to 

steal'a thing 
Mascherare, to mask 
Maschrrita,/. a ma-querade 
Mascherati, part, masked 
Mascherizzo, m. a livid mark 
JIascherone, nu a sculptured Of 

paiute i head 
Maschiamente, ai. manly 
Maschiéiza./. virili y, manhood 
Maghile, o, manly 
Mischio, m. the male 
MSschio, a. masculine, manly ; 

maschi pensièri, noble thoughts 
Maco!ÌDÌ;à,/. the being a male 
Mascolino, and Masculine, a. 

Màscolo, a. manly 
Masnada, /. a troop of soldiers, a 

£amily, a company 
Masnadière, m, a soldier, robber, 

Màss-a, /. heao ; la massa del 

sanrue, the Mood ; far massa, to 

hoard up 
Massàia, /. housewife 
Massi io, m. as'eward 
Masseria, /. a farm-house, a quan- 
tity of goods 
^tass'eri7ia./. fumi'ure.sparingnes» 
Jtassicciaménle, ad. solidly, mai 

Massiccio, a. massy, strong 
Màssima,/, maiini, rule 
MassimanWn'e, ad. especially 
Màssime, od. 
Ma-simo, a. sunreme, very great 
Masso, ni. a rock, a large stone 


Mastello, m. a bucket, pail 
Masticare, mid Masticacchiare, to 
deliberale upon, to chew ; ma- 
sticar pateruóstri, to play the 
Masticato, part, chevred 
Mastica ura,/. aiid Masticaménto, 

m. chewed meat 
Masticazióne,/, mastication 
Mastice, m. mastic, (a gum ;) lip- 
Mastiettare, to thrust in a hook for 
a hinge [a door 

Mastiettatùra, /. the iron work of 
Mastiétto, m. a hook for a hinge 
Mastiso, m. a mastiti' dog 
Màstio, m. the male 
Mastra, /. mistress 
Mastro, m. master 
Mastro, a. principal 
Mastrusciére, m. a door-keeper 
Matassa,/, skein, heap, parcel 
Iklatassata, /. several skeins ; em- 
barrassment [nation 
Matem?.tica^ /. mathematics, divi- 
Matemàtico, m. a mathematician, 

a conjurer 
Matematico, a. mathematical 
Materassàio, m. a mattress-maker 
Materasso, m. aiid Materassa, /. 

quilt, mattress 
Materia, and Matéra, /. matter, 

subject, cause 
Materiale, a. material 
Materiali, ni. pi. materials 
Materialità,/, the substance of mat- 
ter [coarsely 
Materialmente, ad. materially, 
Materuale, a. ma'ernal, mo'herly 
Maternamente, ad. motherly 
Maternità, /. maternity, mother- 
Matèrno, a. maternal 
Matita, /. pencil, or crayon 
Matitatóio, m. a pencil-case 
Matraccio, ni. a retort (a glass ves- 
Matre, /. a mother 
Matricàle, m. mother-wort (herb) 
Matrice,/, womb, monld 
Matricida, m. murderer of a moth- 
er, matricide 
Matricidio, m. matricide, murder 

of a mother 
Matricola, /. matricular, book, 
money paid at setting up iu any 
Matricol.'ire, to matriculate 
Matrisna,/. mother-in-law, a roush 
mother ; far viso di matrigna, to 
Matrignàre, aiid Matrigneggiàre, 


to use roughly, like a mother-in- 
Matrimoniale, a. matrimonial 
Matrimònio, in. matrimony 
Matrina,/, midwife 
Matrialvia,/. clary (a sort of herb) 
Matròna, /. a matron 
Matronale, a. matrou-like 
Mattaccinata,/, a wanton trick 
Mattaccio, m. a droll, fool 
Mattaccino, m. a pantomimica! 

Mattamente, ad. madly 
Mattare, to mate (at chess) 
Mattegriàre, to play the fool 
Alattematica, / see Matemàtica, 

and its derivatives 
Matterèllo, m. a wanton fool ; a 

roller (to .thin dough with) 
Mattéz7à, aiid ^Matteria,/, foolish- 
Mattia, /. follv 
Mattina,/, morning 
Mattinare, to sing under one's mis- 
tress's window at sun-rising 
Mattinata,/, a serenade, a morning 
Mattino, 771. the morning 
Matto, a. mad, foolish, large 
Mattonare, to pave with square 

Mattonato, part, paved 
Mattonato, in. a pavement 
Mattóne, m. brick, an arrant fool 
Mattoniéro, 771. a brick-maker 
Mattutinàle, a. matutinal 
Matntfno, m. morning-prayer; 

matins ; morning 
Mattutino, a. of the morning 
Maturamente, ad. maturely 
Mahiraménto, 771. maturation 
Maturare, to ripen, to tinish 
Maturùto,part. ripened, old 
Alaturazione, Maturèzza, and Ma- 
turità, /. ' maturity, ripeness ; 
wisdom', moderation 
Maturo, a. ripe ; età matiira, ad- 
vanced age ; uòmo matijro, a dis- 
creet man ; consiglio maturo, 
mature judgment 
Mausoleo, iti. a sepulchral edifice, 

Mazza, /. a club, a mace ; menar 
la m.'izza tonda, to sjjare nobody ; 
mazza da pado, a malie! ; con- 
durre alla mazza, to betray 
Mazzacavallo, 771. an engine to 

draw water 
Mazzafrasta, /. ballast 
Mazzamarróne, tti. a blockhead 
Mazzamiirro, 7)7. the crumbs of 
sea-biscuit [mallet 

Mazzapicchiare, to strike with a 


Mazzapicchio, 771. a mallet 

Mazzasétte, 771. a bravo 

Mazzata,/, a blow with a sticS 

Mazzeranga, /. a rammer 

Mazzerangàre, to ram 

Màzzero, m. a knotty stick 

Mazzétta,/, a mallet 

Mazzétto, 771. a small bundle 

Mazzicare, to ben*, bang 

Mazziculàre, see Tombolare 

Mazzière, 771. a mace-bearer 

Mazao, 771. a bundle ; mazzo di 
carte, a pack of cards ; mazzo di 
fióri, a nosegay ; alzar i mazzi, 
to run away 

Maz-zocchiaia, /. a woman that 
dresses hair ; the whole hair of 
a woman's head, a large bundle 
of any thing 

Mazzòcchio, tti. a kind of corn j 
the sprouts of succory ; tuft of 
hair, a band, crowd, troop 

MazzocchiCito, a. knotty, crabbed 

Mazzolino, »7i. a nosegay 

Mazzuòla,/, a small stick 

Mazzuòlo, 771. a little bundle, or 
nosegay ; a pick, a kind of ham- 

Me', ad. (far meglio,) better, or 
{for mézzo,) middle (in poetry.) 
Per me', ad. through the middile. 

Me, pro7t. me 

Meandro, 771. windings 

Me\re, to pass 

Meato, 777. a pore of the body 

Meccanicamente, ad. mechanically 

Meccànico, o. mechanical, vile 

mean, low 
Meccanico, m. a mechanic 
Meccanismo, 771. mechanism 
Meccére, 771. master (jocosely) 
Meco, pron. and prep, with me 
Medàglia,/, medal 
Medaglióne, m. a medallion 
Medairlista, 771. medallist 
Medemo, a. (see Medésimo,) same 
Sledeimamènte, and Medésimo, 

ad. likewise, also 
Medesimézza, and Medesimità, /. 

identity, sameness 
Medésimo, o. same, self; io me- 
désimo, myself 
Medésmo, see Medé^imo 
Mediante, prep, by one's help, by 

means, throuih, amidst, between 
Mediare, to intervene 
Mediataménte, OTirf Mediante, ad. 

mediately, by means 
Mediato, a. interposed; cocmto» 

dious, tit 
Mediatóre, 771. mediator 


Mediazióne,/, mediation 
Medica,/, luceru (herb) 
Medicàbile, a. curable 
Medicaménto, aìid Medicarne, m. 

Medicante, ni. a physician 

Medicare, to heal, cure 

Medicastro, Medica-stróne, and 
Medicastrónzolo, m. a medicas- 
ter, a quack 

Medicàio, part, medicated 

Medicatóre, m. a physician 

Medicazione, /■. a remedy 

Medichessa,/ a Temale physician 

Medichévole, o. susceptible of cure 

Medicina,/, physic, medicine, the 
art of physic 

Medici 11.1 le, a. medicinal ; m. 

Medicinalmente, ad. physically 

Mèdico, ni. a physician ; medico 
d' acqua c^tla, a quack 

Medico, a. medicinal 

Medio, ni. the middle finger 

Mèdio, o. of the middle 

Mediocre, a. modera'e 

Mediocrenicnte, ad. indifferently 

Mediocrità,/. mediocri;y 

Meditare, to meditate 

Meditatamente, ad. designedly 

Meditativo, a. given up to medita- 

Meditilo, part, medi'a'ed 

Meditazióne, / ojid Meditaménto, 
m. medita'ion 

Mediterr.'ineo, a. Mediterranean ; 
Mare Medi'err.'ineo, the Medi- 
terranean Sea 

Meglio, Of', bet'er, best, rsther 
more ; and:'ir di bene in mèglio, 
to grow better and better; alia 
méjlio, fir the best 

Megliorire, see Migliorare, and all 
its derivatives 

Mèla, / apple 

Melacchi m, o. very sweet (of wine) 

Melacitola, f. balni-f ntle 

Melacotn^na, /. a quince 

Meladdolcitu, a. sweetened with 
honey [pnme.Tauate 

Mela^na, and Melairan'ila, /. 

MelagrAno, m. pomegranate-; ree 

Melanconia,/. moUi.chily 

Melanconico, a. niclmchnly 

Melans:ig,'iiie, aiid Melens'm^ine, 
/. folly [orange 

Melanincia, and MelSns'^h,/. an 

Melaràncio, and Meling lo, m. 
an oranje-tree 

Melàrio, m. a lice-hive 

Melassa,/, treacle (lees of sugar) 


Melata, /. the August dew ; an 

Melato, a. honeyed, sweet as honey 
Mèle, m. honey ; mèle, /. })l. 


eliso, a. silly, foolish 
lèto, r/j. au 
Melichlno, m. 
Mèlico, a. melodious 
Mellfcro, a. fruitful in honey 
Mèliga, /. Turkey corn 
Melii-sa,/. balm-gentle 
Mellificare, to produce honey 
Melllfliin, a. mellifluous, sweet, 
agreeable [blockhead 

Mellóne, m. a water-melon; a 
Melma,/, mud, dirt 
Melmóso, a. mu Idy 
Ml), rn. an apple-tree 
JMelnc^ ó,'no, ni. a quince-tree 
Mclolia, and Melòde,/, melody 
Melodiosamente, ad. melodiously 
Melodióso, and Melòdico, o. me- 
Melogranàto, rji. pomegranate-tree 
Membrana, /. membrane, skin 
Membranóso, a. membranous 
Meiiibrare, to remember 
Mèmbro, m. limb, member 
Membruto, a. strong-limbid 
Mèninia, f. mud, dirt 
Memon'diile, a. memorable 
Memor-'inilo, and Memorévole, a. 

MenioMre, to call to mind 
Memorativa, /. the memorative 

Miiiioralivo, a. memorative 
Mrmorito. part, mentioned 
Mèmore, a. mindful, recollecting 
Memòria, /. memory, remem- 
brance ; memoir ; impanire a 
memòria, to learn by heart 
Memoriale, m. memorial, memo- 
Mi nioriòso, a. memorable 
Meni'iriiiccia,/. a short memory 
Ména, /. negnliation, state, con- 
dition, quality I 
Menajeiia, f. a'mcnajrery (a yard) 
Menale, f. the chord of an engine 
Menamén o, m. behaviour, a con- 1 
ducting; agitation, motion I 
Menale, to lead, to bring, to loos- 1 
en. to produce, to beget; men'ir 
un pfigno, to beat, to strike ; ' 
men'.r Ijuòno, to irran! ; men^r , 
per la lunga, to delay; menAr! 
le m'ini, to beat, strike ; menar I 
móglie, to marry ; men'ir via, to 
take away; mcn.1ir i giórni, to i 
spend one's days ; menar a capo, I 


; to accomplish ; menar in serrà^ 
I gio, to eiibla\u 
Menarróiio, m. a jack 
' Men.'ita, /. a handful ; a leading 
' Menilo, yaiY. conducted 
I Menatole, m. a conductor 
Menatijra, /. a joint, motion, agi- 
Méncio, a. thin, tender; lank 
Mènda, /. amendment, penalty, 

forfeit ; defect, vice 
Mendace, o. lying 
Mendacemente, ad. deceitfully 
Mendàcio, rn. a falsehood 
Mendire, to amend 
Mendicante, a. begging ; un men- 
diciinle, in. a beggar ; frate 
mendicante, a begging friar 
Mendicare, to beg 
Mendicalo, a. begged 
Mcndicalóre, ni. a beggar 
Mendicazióne,/. a begging 
Mendicit.!, Mendiciiàde, and 

Mendicagióne,y. beggary 
Mendico, a. poor, begging 
Mendico, m. a beggar 
Mèndo, »(i. reparation, fault 
Mendóso, a. faulty 
Mènno, a. beardless, defective, 

vvaii'ing. vain 
Meno, ad. \ss, ; il meno, the least ; 
non jiósso far di n:eno, I cannot 
forbear ; non si può far di meno, 
one cannot do otherwise ; a 
meno, unless; esser da meno, to 
be inferior ; venir meno, to 
faint away 
Menomaménto, m. a decreasin» 
Menoni:'in7a, /. fault, want, dimi> 

nutiin. depression 
Menomi re, and Menomenire, to 

Menomalo, pnrt. lessened 
Menomo, and Mèuimo, a. less, 

Mènsa./, a table; app<recchiàr la 
mènsa, to lay the cloth ; mensa 
episcopilf, bishijiH revenue 
Mei.sMe, a. belonging to the labi» 
Mènsola./, a bracket, a corbel 
Mensuile, a. monthly 
Mèn'.a,/. mint 
Men'Ale, a. belonging to the mind, 

Mentalmente, a/1, men'ally 
Mentastro, m. wiM niint 
Ménte, /. understanling ; por 
mén'e, lo reflect ; imparare a 
mén'e, lo set by heart ; uscir di 
ménte, lo f irgot , sapere a ménte, 
to know by hear» ; tenére a 
ménte, to remember ; métter la 


ménte di fuor del tondo, to rave, 
be half luad 

Mentecattàa:gine,/. foolishness 

Mentecatto,' a. mad, foolish 

Menticare, to forget 

Menticiirvo, a. inclined to madness 

Mentire, to lie ; mentire le sue 
parole, to dissemble ; mentire 
altrùi, to 5!ve one the lie 

Mentila,/, a lie 

Mentitaniéiite, ad. falsely 

Mentito, a. false, lying 

Mentitóre, m. a liax 

Mento, rru chin 

Mentóstn, ad. later 

Mentovare, and Menzionare, to 

Mentovato, a. mentioned 

Méntre, or Mentrechè, ad. whilst ; 
méntre ch'io vivo, as long as I 

Mentùto, a. with a long chin 

Menzionò re, to mention 

Menzionato, part, mentioned 

Menzióne,/, mention 

Menzo^ia,/. a lie 

Menzognèro, a. lying, false 

Meramén'e. ad. merely 

Meravigliare, see Maravigliire, 
and i's derivatives 

Meraviglia,/, wonder 

Mercanieggi.ire, to trade 

Mercantessa, /. merchant's wife 

Mercantile, o. mercantile 

Mercanzia, and Mercatanzia, /. 
goodn, merch,anriise 

Mercire. to trade 

Mercafm'e, and Mercante, m. 
merchant, tradesman ; far oréc- 
chie di mercante, to pre'end not 
to mind ; mercante in disgrosso, 
a wholesale dealer 

Mercatanlone, m. an opulent 

Mercatore, to cheapen, to trade 

Mercato, m. mai-ket, a bargain ; 
treaty ; commodities ; a buon 
merc'i'o. cheap 

Mercatura, /. the art of trading 

Merce. /. comuiodity, goods, mer- 

Slercè, /. help, aid, compassion, 
pity ; mercè, gran mercé, I 'haiik 
you ; mercè la quale, by means 
of which; and:' re ail' altnji 
mercè, to implore one's assist- 

Mercechc, ad. because 

Mercéde, f. reward 

Mercenariamente, ad. mercenarily 

Mercen.irio, a. mercenary 

Merceria,/, mercery 


Mereiàio, m. mercer 

Mercimònio, m. an illicit trade 

Mercoledì, and Mercordi, m. 

Mercorélla,/. dog's caul 

Mercuriale, a. mercui ial 

Mercùrio, in. mercury, quicksilver 

Mèrda,/, excrement 

Merdóso, a. filthy, defiled 

Merènda,/, collation 

Merendare, to eat one's collation 

Merendóne, ni. a blockhead 

Meretricare, to play the stnunpet 

Meretrice,/, a strufiipet 

Meretriciainénte, a/J. whoringly 

Meretricio, m. wenching, whor- 
ing, a bawdy-house 

Meretricio, a. meretricious 

Mérgere, to plunge 

Mèrgo. m. a diver (bird) 

Meridifino, m. meridian 

Meridiano, o. meridional, southern 

Meridion'ile, a. southerly 

Meriggiano, and Meriggio, a. 
meridional ; of i.' nu ; far la 
me! iggiàna, to take a nap after 

Merig^iire, to put one's self under 
a shade 

Meriziio, Merigge, rm. and Me- 
-rijgia, /. mid-day, noin 

Merigsióne, ad. at'noin-day 

Meritamente, ad. deservedly 

Meritaménto, m. a revi ard 

Meritare, to deserve, to reward ; 
meritar d' uno, to do one a piece 
of service 

Meritato, part, deserved, due 

Meri'évole, a. deserving 

Meritevolmente, ad. deservedly, 
duly, justly 

Mèrito, m. desert, reward, merit 

Mèrito, a. deserved 

Meritoriamente, a-^. meritoriously 

Meritòrio, a. meritorious, deserv- 

Merlare, to build bat !emen*s 

Merlétto, Merlo, and Merluzzo, 
m. lace [bird 

Mèrlo, m. a battlement ; a black- 

Merlótto, m. a Inj^e- hf ad 

Merluzzo, m. a mei well (a small 
I cod) 

Mèro, a. mere ; acqua mera, clear 

water; mero sciocco, a donn- 

riaht fool (mon'h's pay 

1 Mesata, /. an en'ire m'.ntli, a 

j Méscere, to mix or pinr 

Meschiaménto, m. and Meschiàn- 
I za. f. mixture, a mixing 
I Meschina,/, a senant-ma.d 
1 Meschinamente, ad. pDorly 


Meschinéilo, and Meschinétto, <k 

poor, wretched 
Meschinità, and Mescbinia, / 

Diisery, poverty 
Meschino, a. miserable 
Mèschio, a. mixed 
Mesch'.ta,/. mosque 
Mesciróba, m. a ewer 
Mescitóre, m. a cup-bearer 
Mescolaménto, m. and Mescolin- 

za, /. mixture, miscellany, a 

salad of small herbs 
Mescolare, to mix, blend, meddle 

mescolar le càrie, to shuffle the 

cards [ly 

Mescolatamente, ad. promiscuous- 
Mescolato, part, mixed, blended 
Mescolatu.'a,/. a/id Mescuglio, m, 

a mixture 
Mése, 171. month 
Mesentèrio, nu mesentery 
Méssa, /. a mass,a service at table 

a s'ock, a shoot, sprout 
Messaggei ia, /. an embasjf 
Messaggi.ire, and Messa^iero, m. 

Messàggio, ni. a messenger 
Messale, in. missal 
Mèsse,/, harvest 
Messère, m. sir, master j icessér 

si, yes, sir 
Messia, m. the Messiah 
Messione,/. reniiilance, 771. abud 
Mésso, TO. messenger, a sergeant, 

course at 'able ; mésso di lunr^ 

the rainbow 
Mésso, j<art. put, placed 
Messóre, m. a reaper 
Mestamente, arf. 6a;lly 
Mestare, to mix, stir 
Msstatóio, TO. a too! to mix with 
Mestica, /. a print, impression 
Mesticare, to plaiter a cloth to 

paint upon 
Mestière, Mestièri, aiìd Mestiéro, 

TO. business, trade, want ; aver 

nriestiére dì qua'tiin', to want 

money ; la mestière, it must 
Mestizia,/, melancholy 
Mèsto, a. sad, pensive 
Afést'Ia. /. a ladle ; a trowel 
Mestolóne, and Méstola, m. a 

fool, a loggerhead 
Més'njo, m. monthly courses 
Sléstruo, o. monthly 
Mestùra./. a mixture 
Metà, /. the half, moiety 
Méta, /., boundajy 
Meaflsica,/. metaphysics 
Metafisicàle, and Metafisico, a 



Metafora, /. metaphor 
Metafòrico, o. niet.ijjhorical 
Metaforizzare, to speak metaphor- 
ically [lie, metalline 
Metàllico, and Metallino, a. metal- 
Metalliére, m. he who works on 

Metallo, m. metal 
Metamorfosare, to transform 
Metamòrfosi, o/irf Metaiuórfosc, /. 

Metatesi,/', metathesis 
Meteora,/, a mtileor [teors 

Meteorològico, o. belonging to me- 
Metlccio, o. mongrel 
Meiodicauiunte, ad. methodically 
Metòdico, a. methodical 
Metodo, m. metho ', rule 
Metricamente, ad. in verses 
Mètrico, a. mctricil 
Metro, m. metre, measure in verse 
Metròpoli,/. metroì)olis 
Metropolitano, a. metropolitan 
Méttere, to put, lay, set, place, 
situate ; méttersi, to set about ; 
méttersi in cainniino, to set out ; 
métter compassione, to move ; 
méttersi in cuòre, to resolve; 
méttere in assètto, to prepare; 
méttere in abbandóno, to fors-alce ; 
métter la tàvola, to lay the cloth ; 
méttere alla vola, io set sail ; 
métter amòre, to fix the attec ion ; 
méttere a fil di s)iada, to put to 
the swoni ; mé'lcie a sacco, to 
pillage ; nicttL-i' pai'ira, to fri,'hl- 
en ; métter boilé,'a, to set up in 
business ; métter indùi^io, to de- 
lay ; métter le mani addòsso, to 
seize ; métter sotto sopia, to put 
topsy-turvy ; méttersi a córrere, 
to be;in to run; méttersi alla 
strada, lo gf) upon the highway ; 
méttere addòs-;o, to accuse ; mét- 
tere alla via, lo get ready ; to set 
cut; méttere a partito, to pr • 
pose; méttere a péttn, to e ■lu- 
pare ; métter cuòre, to encouia,', : 
métter innanzi, to propose; iii> '- 
ter in forse, to doubt ; niéttiMe 
in novèlle, lo rail at; métter in 
punto, to get ready ; méttere 
nella via, lo show oiie the way ; 
méttere in òpera, to accomplish, 
to mike use of ; métter in serbo, 
to put by 
Mettilòro, m. a gilder 
Mezzaiuòlo, m. a farmer 
Mezz-^na, /. the inizzen-sails, a 

square brick ; a procuress 
Mezzanamente, eul. to so ft ion 
Mezzanità, /. mediocrity ; media- 


Mezzano, m. a mediator, interces- 

Mezzàno, o. middle, middling 
Mezzare, to grow flag y 
Mezzina,/, a pitcher 
Mézzo, a. ovt-rripe 
Mézzo, ni. the middle, half; nel 
mózzo del caimnim, hilf-way ; 
in quésto nic/Z(, in the mean 
while ; produrre in mézzo, to 
alliba; torre a mézzo, to lake 
in common ; mézzo ubriAco, 
half drunk ; means, aid, media- 
tion ; an lArne di mézz/), to be a 
victim to ; star di mézzo, to be 
Mézzo, a. middling 
Mezzobusto, in. a bust, or half bust 
Mezzocérchio, m. a semicircle 
Mezzocolore, m. a weak colour 
Mezzodì, Mezzodie, and Mezzo- 
giorno, m. noon, noon- lay ; the 
southern parts of the world ; the 
south, south wind 
Mezzoriliévo, ni. basso-relievo 
Mi, prmi. me ; to me ; mi piace, 
it pleases me [ /. mewing 

Miagolamén'o, m. aiul Miagolata, 
Miagolare, to mew 
Mica, ad. not, not at all ; non vorrei 
mica che voi er&léste, I would 
not have you believe; mica di 
pine, crumb of bread 
M'c'iute, a. shining, bright 
Miccia,/, match 

Miccino, OT. a litMe [a she-ass 
Miccio, ))j. ami .Miccia, /. an ass, 
Micidi.\le, and Micida, ni. mur- 
derer [derin; 
Micidiàrio, and Micidiale, a. mur- 
Micio, m. a (at 
Microsc'ipio, 7)1. microscope 
Midólla,/, marrow, pi'h, crumb 
Midóllo, ni. marrow", subs'ante,the 
bes' ; p<rveiilre al midóllo, to 
• i 'i • purpose 
"1 : >. m. a blockhead 
'I. ! - . /. full of marrow 
M. I , I// Mile, m. honey 
Miètere, to reap, mow, crop, gather 
Mietitóre, m. a reaper 
Mie'itijra,/. harvest, crop 
Mietuto, part, mowed, reaped 
Miifa, ad. no! at all 
Migliàccio, m. a mille* pudding 
Migliàio, ni. a thousand ; a miglia- 
ia, by thou-^an Is 
.Midiaròla,/. sh >•, hail-shot 
Miglio, m. a mile ; mille», birse 
Mizlioraménto, m. aTiendment 
Migliorare, to mend, grow bettor 
Migliorilo, part, grown better 


Migliore, a. better, best 
Mignatta,/, a leech 
Mignéllo, m. a miser 
Mignolare, to bl<x>ni as the oliv» 

Mignolo, m. the little finger 
Mignoiie, m, darling 
Migrare, lo migrate 
Mila, pi. of Mille. ihoii«uiÌB 
Milensiggine, /. fooli-hness 
Mil nso, a. silly, f >olish 
Milióne, m. a million 
Militante, a. niili'ant; la chièsa 

militante, the church militant 
Mili'àre, to bear arms, to militate 
Militare, a. mili'ary ; òl-diuemlli- 

tire, knighrhood 
Militatore, m. a warrior 
Milite, m. a soldier, a knight 
Milizia./, militia, the art of war; 

milizie, troops [to boast 

Millanlàre,to amplify ; millantarsi, 
Millanta'òre, m, a vaunter 
Millanteria, /. nnd Millanto, m, 

boasting, bragging, ostentation 
Mille, m. dTid n. thousand ; a 

mille a mille, by h'usands; star 

in sul mille, to loi-d it 
Millèsimo, a. tlioiiandih 
Millé.iiiir?, m. a thousand years, 

the da'e of coins, <:c. 
MilUfo:;lie, m. milfoil (.an herb) 
Milza,/, the spleen 
Mimico, a. mimic 
Mimo, m. a mimic, a buffoon 
Mina,/, half a bushel, a mine 
Min.acctivolt;, aiui Minaccióso, a. 

nidiaci ng [threat 

Min.ccia, and Minacciatijra, /. 
Minarci ire, to thrt-ateti 
Minacciato, /larr. menaced 
IVlin/iccio, m. hnaf 
.Alinaccifiso, a. full of threats 
Min'icc, a. threatening 
Mini re, to mine 
Minatóre, in. a miner 
Minatorio, a. threatening 
Minchi inire, toiest, to banter 
Minchionatóre, ni. a railer 
Minchiona'ura,/. Ini'ter, raillery 
Minchioneria, /. folly, foppery, 

joke, ies', error, fault 
Minchi"ne, m. a tdnckhead 
Minerale, a. mineral 
Miner'de, ni. minerals 
Minestra,/, pottage, soup 
Minest'^re, to serve up soup 
Minestrina./, a li.'ht soup 
Minsherlino, a. thin, lean 
Miniare, to paint in miniature; 

miniirsi, to paint 
Miniatóre, m. a miniature painter 


Miniatóri,/, miniature 
>Iiniéra./. mineral, a mine 
MinieràJe, o. mineral ; acqua mi- 

nieràle, mineral water 
Minimamento, ni. diminution 
Minimire, to diminish 
Minimo, a. least 
Minio, m. vermilion, painting 
Ministèro, aiìd Ministério, ni. 

Ministrare, to officiate, administer 
iDnlstra, and Ministratrice, /. 

Ministro, m. a minister 
Minoranza,/, minority 
Minorare, to lessen 
Minorativo, a. diminutive 
Minóre, a. less, least; m. a minor 

(in lojic) 
Minorità,/, minori iy 
.Minuàle, a. of a Idw descent 
Minùgia, /. pL and Minùgio, m. 

a gut, intestine 
5Iinuire, to diminish 
Minuscolo, a, least 
Minuta,/, a minute [fully 

Minutamente, ad. minutely, care- 
Minutézza, and Minuteria, /. a 

trifle, smallness 
Minuto, m. a minute : ad. precise- 
ly, very small ; véndere a minuto, 

to sell bv retail 
Minuto, a. thin, exact, particular: 

popolo minuto, the common 

Minuzia. /. a small thing 
Minuzzame, m. a great many bits 
Minuzzare, to consider, to mince 
Minuzzilo, part, minced 
Minùzzolo, m. a morsel 
Mio, pron. my. mine 
Mira, /. aim", intent; pigliar di 

mira alcùm. to prosecute one 
Miràbile, a. admirable 
Mirabilia./, wonders 
Mirabilmente, ad. wonderfully 
Miracolo, m. miracle, wonder 
Miracolóne, ra. a grea' prodigy 
Miracoloio, o. miraculous 
Miriglio, m. a looking-glass 
Mirando, a. wonderful 
Mirare, to behold, to aim at 
Mirato, pari, beheld, viewed 
Miratore, m. a spectator 
Mirifico, a. wonderful 
Miro, o. surprising (in poetry) 
Mirra, /. myrrh 
Mirteo,' and Mirtino, a. of myrtle, 

or made of myrtle 
Mirtéto, m. a niyrfle-jmve 
Mirtillo, TO- a niyrtle-berry 
Mirto, ni. myrtlé-tree 


Misilla,/. pickled pork 
Misaltare, to pickle pork 
Misantropo, m. a man-bater 
Misavvenimento, m. misfortune 
-Misavvenire, and Miscadére, to 

>Iisavventùra, /. mischance 
Miscea,/. old stuffe, trilies 
Miscellàneo, a. miscellaneous 
Mischia,/, riot, frav, dispute 
:Mischiànza, Mischiiti, /. a,id Mis- 
chiamenlo, ni. mixture, medley 
>iischiàre, to mix, blend; mis- 
chiarsi, to Lnternieddle 
Mischiataménte. ad. confiisedlv 
Mischiato, m. aiid Mischiatura,/. 

a mixture, medley 
Mischiato, o. mixed 
Mischio, 771. mixture 
Misconoscènte, a. ingrate 
Misconóscere, and ]VIÌ5C(^nóscere, 

to despise, not t" care for 
Misconténto, a. dissatisfied 
Miscredènte, a, miscreant 
Miscredènza,/, increlullty 
Miscrédere, to misbelieve 
Miscùglio, J7U a mixture, adultera- 
Misdlre, to slander, to contradict 
ìliseràbile, and Miserevole, cu 

Miserabilità,/, calamity [rably 
Miserabilmente, ad. poorly, mise- 
^liseraccio. a. poor, wretched 
Miseramente, ad. miserably 
Miserando, a. wretched 
Miserazióne,/. compassion 
MiseréUo, a. wretched 
^liserè'?, have pity 
Miseria, ; wretchedness, avarice 
Misericòrdia,/, mercy [fuHv 

Misericordiosamente, ad. merci- 
Misericordióso, and Misericorde- 

vole, a. merciful 
Misero, o. sid. wretched, covetous 
Miseria, /. stinsiness, miser\-, pov- 
erty " '[vene 
Misfire, to do wrong, to contra- 
Misf'.lto. m. misdeed " 
>risfattóre, m. a malefactor 
Afisleàle, a. disloyal 
Mislealtà,/, disloyalty 
Miso, part, put 
Missionario, 771. a missionary 
Missióne,/, mission 
Mis'amente, ad. mixedly 
Mistério, and Misiéro,"m. myste- 
ry, secret 
Misteriosamente, a7id Misterial- 

ménte. ad. mysteriously 
Misterióso, ajuf Mistico, 'a, mysti- 
cal, obscure 


Misticamente, ad. mysticany 
Mistichità,/. mystery 
Mistione, /. mixture 
Misto, 771. a mixture 
Misto, part, mingled 
Mistura, /. mixture 
Misvenire, to feint away, to mis- 
Misventura,/. a misfortune 
Misura, /. measure, rule, order ; 

romper la misura, to baffle. 

Fuor di misura, ad. excessively ; 

a misura che, according as 
Misuraménto, tti. measuring 
Misurare, to measure 
Misura'aménte, ad. moderately 
Misuratézza, /. moderation 
Misurato, part, measured 
Misuratóre. 771. a land surveyor 
Misurazióne. /. ^ee Misuramento 
Misurévole, a. measurable 
Misusàre, to abuse 
Misuso, 771. abuse 
Mite, a. gentle, mild 
Mitemente, ad. mildly 
Mitera- f. a paper cap 
Mitenno, a. rogubh 
Mitigaménto, m. mitigatioc 
Mitigare, to pacify 
Mitigativo, a. lenitive 
Mitigato, part, allayed, eased 
Mitigazióne,/, mitisation 
Mitologia,/, mythology 
Mitologo, hi. a mvthoìogist 
Mitra, a7UÌ Mitrià,/. a mitre 
Mitrire, atid Mitriare, to make a 

Mitrato, o. mitred 
Mitridato, m. a mithridate 
Mo, ad. now. even 
Mobilàre, to furnish 
I ifóbile, 771. movements, movea- 
I bles 

I Mobile, a. lisht. moveable 
' Mobilità,/, mobility, inconstanc>- 
; Mi-^-céca, ni. and /. a blockhead ; 

idleness cr fr^ìlishnes 
Moccicare, to be full in the nose 
Moccichino, ni. handkerchief 
Moccicóne, ni. a dunce 
M-ìcciconwia, /. foolishness 
Moccicóso, and Moccioso, a. 

Móccio, m. snot 
Moccollia,/. a mu<broom 
Mòccolo, 771. snuff ct a candle cr 

lamp ; a bougie ; the tip of the 

Moda,/, mode, fe'hinn 
Mòdano, m. a mould, model 
ModellSre, to frame 
Modèllo, 771. a model, rcle 


Moderare, to moderate 

Moderatamente, ad. moderately 

Modei-àto, a. moderate 

Moderatóre, m. a moderator 

Moderazióne, and ModeraDza, /, 

Modèrno, a. modem, recent 

Modestia,/, modes y 

Modesto, a. mrnlest 

Mi'id'.co, a. moderate 

Modificare, to mo-^ify, liii't 

Modificato, a. limited, moderated 

Modifica2Ìór;e, /. modifiuition 

Módio, OT. a bushel (a Latin word) 

Mòdo, m. manner, fashio'_, cus- 
tom ; trovar mòdo, to tind the 
■p'ay ; oitre mòdo, very much ; 
di modo che, inasmuch ; a mio 
mòdo, as I please ; ad o;ni 
mòdo, by all means ; far in 
mòdo, to endeavour J in che 
mòdo ? how so ? 

Modulare, and Modolare, to mod 

Modulazióne,/, art of tuning 

Modulo, m. a model 

Mòggio, ni. i certfvin measure of 
corn ; mòggio di grano, a bushel 
of corn 

Mòiio, a. dull, st.ipid 

Mo^^liania, and Moglicma, /. my 

Mò^liala,/. thy wife 

Mop;liàzzn, m. nuptials 

Móglie, Mogliéia, and Mogliére, 
/. a wife [ments 

Moine, /.pJ, endearments, allure- 

Moiniérr, 771. a coaxer 

Mòla, /. a mill-stone ; tympany, 

Molato, part, sharpened 

Molccre, to soothe 

Mòle,/, a heap ; 1' immensa mole 
del mondo, the vast structure of 
the world ; la mole dell' impè- 
rio, n eight of command 

Molestamente, ad. grievously, 

Molestaménto, m. vexation _ 

Molestare, to moles», vex, disquiet 

Molestato, part, molested 

Molestatóre, m. a troublesome 

Molestevole, and Molestevile, tt. 
troublesome, uneasy 

Molestia,/, molestation 

Molèsto, a. troublesome 

Mòlla,/, a spring 

Mollame, m. soft flesh 

Mollare, to loosen, unbend 

Mòlle, a. wet, weak, feeble, soft, 


Mòlle, /. pi. fire-tongs 
Molleggiare, to spring 
Mollemente, ad. WKdily, slowly, 

ertemi nalely 
Mollétte./, pi. pincers 
Mollèzza,/, sof nt-ss, delicacy 
Mollicfljjf. crumb 
Molliccio, a. soft, wet 
Mollifìcamènto, m. a mollifying 
Mollificare, to mollify, soften 
Mollificallvo, a. softening 
Mollificato, ^arf. mollified 
MoUificazióne,/. mollification 
Moll ire, to soften 
MoUitlvo, a. softening 
Mol'izie, /. softness [ne^i 

MoUóre, and Mollume, 791. damp- 
M0I0, m. mole, pier 
Molòsso, m. a bull-dog 
I'lolliccio, m. mud, dirt 
Moliiplicabile, a. multiplicable 
Moliiplic'ire, to multiply 
Mol'iplicA'L, part, mulliplied 
Moltiplic;iziòne, /. aìid Moltipli- 

camento, in. multiplication 
Molliplice, a. various 
-Moltiplicitn,/. multiplicity 
Moltiplico, nt. muliiplicalion 
Moltitùdine./, mullitude 
Molto, a. much, many 
Mólto, ad. much, greatly ; molo 
bello, very pretty ; mcllo mè- 
glio, much better; molto a buon 
óra, very early 
Mólto, 7H. a great quantity 
Momentaneamente, ad. shortly 
Momenaneo, a. mon.eiitanc^'us 
Moménto, m. mument, impor- 
tance : aftare di moménto, busi- 
ness of consequence; amoméutì, 
Mòna, /. su Mònna 
Mònaca,/, a nun 
Monacale, a. monki'h 
Monacire, to shut up in a nunnery 
MonacAto. fTi. the nion.astic stale 
Monachino, tti. a gnat-snapper (a 

Monachismo, m. a monkish life 
Mònaco, rn. a monk, drone 
Monarca, m. a monarch 
Minarchla,/. monaichy 
Minirchico, a. monarchical 
Monaro, tTi. a miller [convent 
Monastèro, and Monastério, rn. 
Monastico, a. mona-^tic 
Moncherino, m. a stump, (handless 

Mónco, a. maimed 
Mondnccio, m. a vile world 
Mondamente, ad. cle-uily 
Mondaménto, m. a cleanìcg 


Mondana,/, a common 
Mondanamente, «/.'. v/orldly 
Mondano, a. w.irldly; un inO0 

dàno, 771. a worMIiiig 
Moiid.ire, io peel, pan-, cleanse 
Mondalo, part, cleansed 
Mondatura, and Mondazióne,/, a 

paring, cleansing 
Mondézza,/, neatness 
Mondezzàio, m. a dun;hill 
Mondiale, a. worldly ; la mAccbi 

na mondi.'ile, the world 
Mondificaménto, 771. a cleansing 
Mondificàre, to cleanse 
Mondifìcazióne, /. niundificatioo 
Mondiglia,/, chaff, paring 
Mondizia,/, cleanliness 
Móndo, a. dean, neat, pared 
Móndo, 771. the world ; unìvente ; 

mankind ; dar al mondo, to be 

brought to bed 
Monelleria,/, knavery 
Monellésco, n. knavish 
Monello, m. knave ; cheat 
Moiié'a, /. money, coin ; bàtter 

mont-ta, to coin 
MoiKl'cria,/. heap of money 
Moiiel;i2-rio, m. a coininz of money 
Monet le, to coin; falseggiar U 

monéta, to coin false money 
Monetà:o, part, coined 
Monet iére, tti. a coiner 
Mongóna, a. vitèlla mong^na, a 

Monile, 771. a necklace 
Moniménto, 771. monument, ad 

Monif)ólio, 771. monopoly 
Monire, to warn 
Monistéro, and Monistério, tii. a 

monastery, a convent 
Monitòrio, 771. a monitory 
Monizióne,/, see Ammonizióne 
Mònna, /. mistress, dame, a sne- 

Monòcolo, a. one-eyed 
Monoconto, and ^tonacòrdo, m. 

monochord (an instrument) 
Monoi'la, /. monody 
Monopolio, 77J. monopoly 
Monopolista, 771. 1 monopolist 
Monoslllata, /. mid MonosilLaoo, 

7)1. a monosyllable 
Monotonia, 771. monofonv 
Monòtono, a. of one ana the same 

Monsignóre, 771. my lord 
Monstruóso, a. monstrous 
Mónta, /. the coupling the male 

with the female 
Montagna,/, mountain 
Montagnóso, a. mouotainoui 


Montambànco, m. a quack doctor 
Montaménto, m. a uiouu'ÌDg 
Montauiiro, ni. a ir.ouLtaineer 
Montanèllo, in. a linnet (a bird) 
Montanino, and Montanesco, a. 

boorish, nislic ; belonging to 

Montano, a. mountainous 
Monfàif, to mount ; to cover, (as 

anin.aU do ;) to ?row ; increase ; 

mon'.àre in coll:;ra, to grow 

Montata,/, ascent, progress 
Jlontato. jiart. mounted 
Montatóio, m. a niounting-block 
Montaiore, m. a stallion 
Mónte, m. mriun!aini hill, a heap. 

lun;p. A monti, ad. in a great 

Montichilo, m. a hillock, hill 
Montóne, m, a ram, Aries, (a ce- 
lestial sign ;) a loggerhead, a 

Montuosità./, an eminence 
Montuoso, a. mountainous 
Monuménto, »Ji. monument 
Monzicchio, in. a heap, a lump 
Mora, /. muUierry, (a fruit ;) mora 

prugnola, a blackleirj-j a heap 

of sfones 
Mora./, delay 

Moragsine,/. delay, slowness 
Moraiuola. /. a mulberry 
Morale, a. "mrral 
Mori le, /. morality, moral. 
Moralista, ni. a nioralist 
Moralità, /. morality- 
Moral izz.'-. re, to moh^-ize 
Moralizzito, ;5art. moralized 
Moralmente, ad. morally 
Morato, a. black, or blackish 
Morbetio, in. an indi-position 
Morbidamente, ad. delicately 
Morbidaménto, ni. a softening 
Morbidé?zx, /. softness, wanton- 
ness, delica'teness 
Morbido, a, soft, volnpjous, 

smooth, delicate 
Morbisciato, a. sickly, sic-'c 
Mortx), m. the plasu'e, confag on 
Morbt>gàllico,Tn,'he French disease 
Morbóso, o. disirased 
Mòrchia, /. dregs of oil 
Mordace, a. sliarp, biting 
Mordacemente, ad, aitirically, 

Mordacità, /. sharpness, mordacity 
Mordente, m. a whiting (a colour) 
Mordente, a. sharp, tart 
Mòrdere, to bite, to censure ; tene 

laro mòrdere le braccia, I will 

make you repent it 


Mordicamento, and Mordiménto, 

ni. a bite 
Mordicire, to corrode, fret 
Mordicativo, a. sharp, biting 
Mordicazione,/. mordacity 
Mordi ore, nu a biter, detracter 
Mordi-'jra,/. a bite 
Morèlla, /. morel, or garden night- 
Morello, a. black 
Morènte, a. dying 
Moresca, /. a Moorish dance 
Morésco, o. Moorish 
fiorétto, a. tav.ny 
Morfèa, /. the morphew (a lep- 
Mòrtìa,/. the mouth (jocosely) 
Morflre. to devour 
Mc ria, /. plague, contagion 
Moribondo, a. dying : 'esser mori- 
bondo, to be ar the point of 
Moriccia,/. ruins 
Morice, ajidMorici,/.yZ. the piles 
M'iriénte, a. dying 
M'lrigerare, to insect [ty 

Morigeratézza,/, obedience, civili- 
Morigeràto, a. civil, dutiful 
Morione, ni. morion (head-piece) 
Morire, to die, expire ; morir di 
fame, to stane : morir di vò- 
glia, to long .or ; ' morir di chec- 
chessia, to be passionately fond 
of any thing 
Mormoracchiare, to speak ill 
Mormoramén'.o, m. a murmur 
Mormorf.rte, a. murmuring 
Morrno.nre, to murmur, mutter, 

whisper, ''uzz; slander 
Mormoratore, «i. a detracter 
Mormorazióne,/, detraction 
Mormoreggiare, to warble 
Mormorio, m. mnrmtu-, buzzing, 
detrac'ion [tree 

Mòro, ni. a Moor ; a mulberry- 
Moròide, /. fi. see Morice 
Moroso, a, slow, tardy 
Mòrsa,/, toothing; a'comer stone. 
or brick left for more building ; 
a vice (an iron press; 
Morsellétta, m. a pill 
Morsèllo, m. a bit. a mouthful 
Jlorsicàre, and Morsecchiàre, to 

Morsicattira, and Morsecchiattira, 

/. a bite 
Mòrso, m. a bite; dardi mòrso, 
to bite ; the bit for a horse ; a 
mouthful, a morsel 
Mòrso, part, bitten 
Morsiira./. a biting 
Mortadella, /. Bologna sausages 


Mortàio, m. a mortar j pestar V 
acqua nel mortaio, to labour in 

Mortale, a. mortal 

Mortalità./, mortality 

\iortalmeute, ad. mortally 

lilòrte, /. death. A morte, ad. 

Mortèlla, /. myrtle 

Morticelo, 0. half dead j color 
morticelo, pale colour 

Monifero. o. mortal 

Mortificaménto, m. see Mortifica- 

Mortificare, to mortify; to check; 
mortificar le passióni, to con- 
quer the passions 

Mortificativo, a. mortifying 

Mortificato, part, mortified 

Mortificazióne,/, abstinence 

Mortine, and Mortina, /. set 

Mòrto, m. a corpse 

Mòrto, a. dead, pale ; acqua mòrta, 
standing water 

Mortòrio, and Mortòro, m. funersl 

Morvidaménto, m. sec Morbida- 
ménto [the measles 

Mcrvigliòne, and Motliglióne, ni. 

Mosca, /. a fly ; ncn si può aver 
il mele senza mosche, there 
no rose without thorns ; p.-gll'r 
le mosche per ària, to be easily 

Moscado, m. musk ; noce moscàda 
a nutmeg 

Moicaio, m. a swarm of flies 

>;oscaiuò!a, /. a ssfe 

Moscardino, and Moscardo, m. 
sparrow-hawk, a tassel 

Moscatèllo, rn. muscadel wine 

Moscato, ni. daj pie-gray 

?Ir>schéa,/. a mosque 

>toscherlno, ni. a gnat 

Moschettare, to wound with a 

Moschettata, /. musket-shot 

Moscherteria, /. a vollev of mns- 

Moschettière, m. a musketeer 

Moschétto, m. a musket 

Móscio, a. flabby, soft 

Moscióne, ni. a gnat, (a little fly ;) 
a great drinker 

Moscóne, ni. a hornet 

Mòssa, /. the first motion ; mossa 
d'armi, a march; mosse,/, p/. 
the starting-place ; dar le mosse, 
to give the signal 

Mòsso, part, moved 

Mostàcchio, m. whiskers 

Mostacciàccìo, m. a frightful bee 


Mostacciita, /. a7id Mostaccióne, 
TO. a box ou the tar 

Mostàccio, m. face 

Mostarda, /. mustard 

Mósto, m. must, new wine 

Móstra, /. a show, an appearance ; 
muster, review; far la uios:ra, 
to pass muster; a mark, si;^n, 
token [demous'iation 

Mostranientn, m. a show, showing, 

Mostrare, to show, denionsliute, 
discover ; to fci^n 

Mostrato, part, shewed 

Most razióne,/, a show 

Móstro, Tit. a monster 

Móstro, part, showed 

Mostruosamente, ad. monstrously 

Mostruosità,/', monstrous.ess 

Mostruóso, a. monstrous 

Mòta,/, mire, mud 

Motivare, to men'ion, propose 

Motivato, part, mentioned 

Motivo, m. motive, cause 

Motivo, a. fit to move 

Mòto, m. motion, impulse 

Motóre, m. mover 

Motóso, a. dirty, muddy 

Mòtta,/, a clod 

Motteggiar»!, to jeer, laugh 

Motteggiato, part, jeered 

Motteggiatóre, m. a banterer, a 

Motteggievole, and Motteggióso, a. 
facetious, merry 

Mottéggio, TO. a jest, joke, banter 

Mottétto, rn. a jeer, joke 

Motto, m. motto, w device ; a 
word, a jest ; gittàre un motto, 
to mention ; non ne fate mólto, 
say nothing of it ; far mo to ad 
alcuno, to salute one ; motto di 
rimando, a witty answer 

Movènte, a. moving 

Movere, to move, stir 

Movibile, and Movevole, a. move- 

Moviménto, to. Movitiva, and 
Mozióne, /. motion ; fare una 
cosa di suo pròprio moviménto, 
to do a thing of one's own head 

Movitivo, a. affecting; m. origin, 

Movitóre, m. a mover 

Mozzaménto, to. mutilation, maim- 
ing, a cutting otf 

Mozzare, to cut off 

Mozzato, part, cut off 

Mozzétta,/. the episcopal dress 

Mozzicóne, to. a stump 

Mózzo, o. cut off 

Mózzo, TO. bit, fragment ; mózzo 
di stMla, a stable-boy ; mózzo di 


nave, a ship-boy; mózzo della 

ruma, the nave vr stock of a 

wheel ; mozzo di càmera, a 

MozzoiÌBcchi, m. pettifogger 
Mf.cchio, TO. heap, mass, pile 
Muccllàggiiie, /. mucilage (a vis- 
cous extjaction) 
Mucella/ pinoso, a. mucilaginous 
Mucia, aiui Muscia, /. a puss, a 

cat [effeminate 

Mùcido, a. musty, mouldy; soft, 
Mucil:ii:;ine,/. jiiucilage 
Mucila,r4;ino50, a. mucilaginous 
Mucino, TO. a kitten 
Muosiia,/. sliminess 
Mucóso, o. mucous, slimy 
Muda,/, a mew, or mewing 
Miula, f. a change, tuin ; a muda, 

by tu;ns 
.Muil.rc, to mew (to cast feathers) 
MuiKi, /. nr'ulJiuess 
Mulf'fe, to grow musty 
Murliiio, and Mijdb, o. musty, 

Muretto,' m. a beau, ^park 
Mug -H.i^riue./. see Mucella'gine 
Mug^hia-iiénto, m. a bellowing 
Mugghiare, to bellow, or roar 
Mùgghio, TO. bellowiug, roaring 

(of ihe liou) ; a groaning noise 
Muggire, to bellow, r.iar 
.Mi;«rito, til. bellowing 
M114I1 -t'.n, tn. a lily of the valley 
Mu.'ii.'tio, rn. a miller 
j\l j.'iieie, to milk 
Mii<ola!iiéiito, and Mugolio, m. 

Mugolile, and Mugiolàre, to yelp, 

to grraii, lament 
Mula. /. a mule ; a slipper ; ao 

obstinate wonian 
Mulicchia,/. a crow 
Mulacchiàia, /. a prating; a flight 

of cniws 
Mulattière, TO. a muleteer 
Muli-ni'a, /. the miller's fee for 

Mulièbre, a. womanish 
Mulin'ire, to revolve in one's minJ 
Mulinàro, w. a miller 
Mulinèllo, TO. a hand-mill 
Mulino, TO. amili; tirar 1' acqu:\ 

al suo mulino, to bring grist to 

the mill 
Mulino, a. muiish 
Mulo, TO. a mule 
Multa,/, a fine, or penalty 
Multilóquio, m. idle discourse 
Multilustre, a. old 
Multiplicamènto.rTU multiplication 
Multiplicàre, to multiply 


Multiplicataménte, ad. divenehf 
Mulliplicàlo, part, multiplied 
Mul iplicatore, m. a multiplicatof 
Muliiplicazioiie,/. mul'iplication 
Muliplice, a. various, djifeient 
Miil iplicilà,/. multiplicity 
MultiiU'iine,/. multiiude 
M.imiiiia,/. muuiiijy 
.Muniere, sei M'i^nere 
Municipale, a. municipal, belong- 
ing to the fieedom of the city 
Municìpio, rn. a free town 
Muniliceiiza,/. liberality 
Munlfic-o, a. splendid, liberal 
Muniniéoto, rn. scs ^Ionimcnto 
Munire, to store, to fortify 
Munistéro, and Munistèrio, m. 

monastery, convent 
Munitório, ni. admonition 
Muiiiziòue, /. fortification ; mam- 
zióne di guèrra, ammunition; 
.ammunition bread 
Mono, TO. gift 
Mùnto, part, milked 
Munuscolo, TO. a small girt 
Muòvere, to move, stir, alter, taks 
oil'; muòvere a pieti, to touch 
one's heart ; ritornai al luògo 
onde mi mossi, I went back to 
the pKace from whence I came; 
questa strada muòve da qui fin 
alla borsa, this street reaches as 
far as the bank 
Muràglia,/, a w.all 
.Murile, a. mural 
Muraménto, to. walling 
Munire, to wall about ; miu^re 
una porta, una finèstra, to shut 
up a door or window 
Murato, pa/■^ walled 
Muniiórc, to. a mason 
-Murèna,/, a lamprey 
Muriccia, f. a heap of stones 
Miiricciuo'lo, TO. a little wall 
M'liv), TO. a wall; muro d'una 

città, ramp.arts 
Miisa,/. muse, a pipe, a flagelet 
Musiico, TO. mosaic work 
Mus'ire, to gaze, stand idle 
MuscAto, /. a nutmeg 
Musc.'itn, part, musked ; Tin ma- 

sc.'itn, muscadine wine 
Muschio, and Miisco, m. mon, 

Muschinso, a. mossy 
.Muscolare, a. muscular 
Miiscoleggiàre, to articulate 
Muscolo, TO. muscle 
Muscolóso, a. muscular 
Musèo, TO. a museum 
Museruòla,/, nose-band, muzzla 
Mùsica, /. music 


Mnsic41e, a. musicil 

Musicalmente, ad. musically 

Musicare, !o play music, lo sing 

Mùsico, a. musical 

Mùsico, m. a musician 

Muso, m. muzzle, snout, face, 
phiz,( jocosely,) mouth, grimace; 
tòrcere il muso, to njikè faces 

MÙK), a. pensive, musing 

Musoliéra,/. a niu?2le 

Musóne, m. a dallier, delayer ; a 
boi 0)1 the ear, a surlj- fellow 

Jlusómo, J71. a dallier, a dunce 

Mussohna,/. Mùssole, ajid Musso- 
lino, 771. muslin 

Mustàcchi, 771. pL wh'sksrs 

Mustélla, /. a weasel (Latin) 

Mustio, 711. moss, musk 

Mula, /. chanje, alteration ; muta 
di Cini, a pack of hounds ; muta 
di cavalli, a set of horses. A mu- 
ta a muta, ad. by turns [able 

Mutàbile, and Mu cvole.a. change- 

Mutabilità,/. mutability- 

Mutabilmente, axL changeably 

Mutande,/, pi. trowsers 

Mutare, to change ; mutar verso, o 
vita, to alter one's course ; mu- 
tarsi, to put on one's shirt or 

Mutato, part, cliansred 

Mutazióne, /. aìid Mutaménto, m. 

Mutilare, to mutilate 

Mutilazione, /. aud Mutilaménto, 
771. mutilation 

Muto, and Mutolo, a. dumb 

Mutolezza,/. dumbness 

Mutuamente, ad. mutually 

Muiuazione, /. reciprocation 

Mutuo, a. mutual 

AIuzzo, o. between sweet and sour 


NABISSA RE, to bluster, rage, 
destroy, ruin [boy 

Nablsso, 771. hell ; a mischievous 
Nàcchera, /. a kettle-drum, a 
child's rattle, snappers, any small 
animal ; mother of pearl 
Naccherino, tti. a kettle drummer 
Nàiade,/. a water-ns-mph 
Nanfa, /. orange-tlower water 
Nano, 771. a dwarf, a shrimp 
Nipo, m. turnip 
Nappa,/, a tassel, a puff 
Nappello, 771, aconite (a plant) 
Nappo, rji. a cup, or bowl 


Narciso, and Nardsso, tti. daffodil 
(a plant) 

Narcotico, a. procuring sleep 

N.irdo, 771. spikenard 

Nari, Nàre, and Narici, /. pi. the 

Narice, /. a nostril 

Narrante, a. relating 

Narrare, to relate 

Narrativa, /. a narrative 

Narrativo, a. narrative 

Nairato, part, related 

Narratore, tti. a relator 

Narrazióne, Narraginne, /. ttTid 
Narraménto, 77i. recital 

Nasale, a. nasal (through the nose) 

Nasare, to scent, to smell 

Nasata, /. a reprimand, a rude 

Nascènte, a. growing, rising 

Nascinza,/. nativity, biilh ; swell- 
ing, tumour 

Nàscere, to be bom, to spring, pro- 
ceed, produce, happen 

Nascimento, 771. birth, rise, be- 
ginning, nativity 

Nàsci'a,/. extraction, descent 

Nascóndere, to hide, conceal, dis- 
guise [in; 

Nascondévole, a. hiding, conceaf- 

Nascondlelio, and Nascondiménto, 
77J. a hiding or lurking hole 

Nascosaménte,a7id Nascostamente, 
ad. secretly, hiddenly 

Nascóso, and Nascósto, a. hidden, 
concealed. Di nascósto, ad. 

Naso, 777. nose ; rimaner con un 
palmo di naso, to be put out of 

Naspo, m. a reel 

Nissa,/. a fishing-net 

Nàsso, TTI. a yew-tree 

Nastràio, 771. a ribbon-maker 

Nastro, 777. ribbon 

Nasttircio, and Nasturzio, m. 

Nasuto, a. long-nosed 

Natale, m, and Natività, /. nativi- 
ty ; il Santo Natale, Christmas 

Natale, a. native 

Natalizio, a. na*al, of one's birth 

Natàre, to swim (Latin word) 

Natatóre, m. and Natatrice, /. 

Natatòria, /. a pool, or pond 

Nàtica, /. buttock 

Natio, a. native 

Nativo, o. native 

Natività, /. nativity ; la natività 
del Signore, Christmas 

Nàto, part, bom 


Nàto, 771. son 

Naiiice,/. a water-snake 

Nàt'a, /. a trick, a bunch (a soft 

tumour in the mou'b) 
Natura, /. naiuie. Di sua natura, 

ad. naturally 
Natun'ile, a. natural, easy, free, un- 
affected ; bastard 
Naturale, 7>i. nature 
NaturaUzza,/. nature, way, custom 
Naturalista, tti. natuialist 
Naturalità,/, naturality 
Naturalizzato, part, na'mralized 
Naturalmé te, ad. n.aturally 
Naturarsi, to become natural, or 

Naturato, a. natural, innate 
Naufi-agire, to suffer shipwreck 
Naufragato, and Nàuti ago, o. ship- 
Naufràgio, m. a shipwreck 
Naufragóso, a. tempestuous, dan 

Nauseaménto, tti. Nausa, and 

Nausea,/, loathing 
Nauseante, a. loathing 
Nauseare, to naussate" 
Nauseato, part, nauseated 
Nauseóso, a. nauseous, na^ty 
Nauta, TTI. a sailor, a pilot 
Nautica,/, art of sailing 
Nàutico, a. nautical 
Navale, ttj. a dock-yard 
Navale, a. naval 
Navata,/, a ship's freight 
Nave, /. a ship, boat ; la nave 

c"una chièsa, the nave or body 

of a chureh 
Navét'a,/. a small ship 
Navicare, su Navigare, and all itg 

Navicèlla,/, a boat, a barge 
Navicellàio, tti. a watemian 
Navicella ta,/. a boa'ful 
Navigàbile, a. navigable 
Navigante, tti. sailor, mariner 
Navigare, to sail 
Navigato, part, sailed 
Navigatóre, 771. a sailor 
Navigazióne,/, navigation 
Naviglio, Navllio, Navile, and 

Navlgio, TTI. a fleet, a ship 
Navile, o. naval 

Navóne, tti. a turnip, a loggerhead 
Nazionale, a, national 
Nazióne,/, nation, people, extrae- 

Né, coTij. nor, neither ; ne l'ho 

caro né l'amo, I neither esteem, 

nor love you ; né l'uno né l'altri!^ 

Ne, pron. of it, of them ; ne bo, I 


have some; non ne ho, I have 

Nébbia, /. mist, cloud ; imbottir 

nébbia, to lose one's time 
Nebbiélta,/^. a litjht mist 
Nebbionàcoio, aìid Nebbióne, m, 

a very thick mist, or fog 
Nebbióso, a. misty, cloudy 
Nebula, /. a fog, mist 
Nebulóso, a. cloudy 
Néce, /. death 

Necessariauiénte, ad. necessarily 
Necessario, a. necessary 
Necessario, m. necessaries ; privy 
Necessità, /. necessity 
Necessitare, to force 
NecessilAto, part, necessitated 
Necessitóso, a. necessitous 
Ne&.ndé7za, Nefandlgia, and Ne- 

fanditi,/. wickedness 
Nefando, and Nefàrio, a. wicked, 

Nefasto, o. unlucky 
Negabile, a. deniable 
Negaménto, m. negation 
Negare, to deny 
Negativa,/, nt^tion, a denial 
N<^tlvaménte, ad. negatively 
Negativo, a. negative 
Nega2ióne,/. negation 
Negghiénza, /. lazmess 
Neghittosamente, ad. negligently 
Neghittóso, a. lazy, idle 
Neglètto, part, n^lected, despised, 

disregarded [neglect 

Negli jenLire, and Negligere, to 
Negligente, a. negligent careless 
Negligentemente, and Negletta- 
mente, ad. negligently 
Negligènza, arui Neglezióne, /. 

neglect [negotiator 

Negoziante, m. dealer, merchant, 
NegoziAre, to trade, negotiate, 

Negoziato, part, negotiated 
Negoziato, TO. a trea'y 
Negoziatóre, to. negotiator, trader 
Negoziazióne, /. negotiation 
Negòzio, TO. trade 
Negozióso, a. careful 
Negreggi.'ire, to be blackish 
Negrétto, a. blackish 
Negrezza, /. and Negrórc, m, 

blackness swarthiness 
Négro, a. black 
Ne^raminte, to. magician 
Negromàntico, a. necromantic 
Negromanzia,/, a conjuration 
Némbo, TO. a sudden storm 
Nembóso, a. stormy 
Nemica,/, enemy 
Nemichévole, a. unfriendly 


Nemico, m. an enemy 

Nemico, a. adverse, cross 

Nemistà, /. enmity 

Nemméno, ad. not at all, not even 

Néo, TO. a mole, a patch 

Neólito, TO. a convert 

Nepitella, /. the herb catmint 

Né più ne meno, ad. neither more 
nor less 

Neppure, ad. not even 

Nepóte, TO. andf. nephev?, niece 

Nepùta,/. mint (an herb) 

Nequitóso, o. wicked, vicious 

Nequizia, and Nequità, /. wick- 
edness [sinew 

Nèrbo, TO, (nervo) a nervt, a 

Nerboruto, and Nerbtito, a. ner- 
vous, stout [a. nervous 

Nerbóso, Nérveo, and Nerl)oróso, 

Nereggiaménto, TO. blackening 

Nereggiante, o. blackish 

Nereggiare, to grow or incline to 
black [a. blackish 

Nerétto, Nericcio, and Nericante, 

Nerézza,/, swarthiness 

Néro, a. black, wicked 

Nèrvo, TO. nerve, sinew, vigour, 
strength ; un buon nervo di 
gente armata, a number of arm- 
ed men ; èssere di Luón nèrvo, 
to be robust 

Nervosità,/, strength, vigour 

Nervóso, and Nervdto, a. nervous 

Nesciènza, /. ignorance 

Néscio, and Nesciènte, a. ignorant 

Nèspola, /. a medlar; nèspolo, 
TO. a medlar-tree 

Nessuno, a. nobody ; nessuna cosa, 
nothing at all 

Nestaiuóla,/. a nursery-ground 

Nésto, TO. a graff, cion 

Nettamente, ad. neatly, mannerly, 

Netlapànni, to, a scourer 

NettAre, to clean, scour, to make a 
sudden flight 

Nettare, to. nectar 

Nettatlvo, a. cleansing 

Nettato, part, cleajised 

Nettatóio, TO. a broom, a brush 

Nettatura, /. aiìd Nettaménto, to. 
a cleaning, a cleansing 

Nettézza,/, cleanliness, neatness 

Nètto, a. clean, neat ; cosciènza 
cèlta, a clear conscience ; portar 
via di nétto, to carry ofTat once ; 
feria nètto, tn do it cUverly ; ho 
guadagnato dièci dóppie aì net- 
to, I have cleared ten jxiunds. 
Giuocàr nètto, to proceed cau- 

Neutrale, and Neutro, n. neutral 


Neutralità, /, neutrality, indifla» 

Neutralmente, ad. neutrally 

Nevàio, Nevàzjo, <ind Nevàzzo, 
TO. a great abundance of snow 

Néve,/, snow 

Nevicare, and Nevire, to snow 

Nevicóso, a. snowy 

Nevóso, o, snowy 

Nibbio, TO. a kite (a bird of prej) 

Nicchia,/, a niche 

Nicchiaménto, to. a groaning, or 

Nicchiare, to lament 

Nicchio, TO. a cockle-fish 

Nidiàce, TO. a fool, a dunce 

Nidiata, and Nidàta,/. a nestful 

Nidificare, to build a nest, to 
breed, to sit 

NIdio, and Nido, m, a nest, a 
roost, habitation 

N legare, and Negare, to deny 

Niégo, TO, a denial, refusal 

Niènte, and Neénte, to. nothing ; 
not at all ; non ho dormito 
niènte la notte passata, I did not 
sleep at all last night 

Niènte affatto, ad. nothing at all 

Nientedi manco. Nientediméno, 
and Nientemeno, ad. never- 
theless, and yet, notwithstand- 
ing, however 

Nitfo, TO. snout, bill ; levar il nlffo, 
to pout, frown 

Nighittóso, a. idle, lazy 

Nimbóso, a. stormy 

Nimicare, to hate, persecute 
nimicarsi, to quarrel 

Nimichévole, a. inimical 

Nimiclzia,/. enmity 

Nimico, TO, an enemy 

Nimico, a. adverse 

Nimistà,/, hatred 

Ninfa,/, a nymph, fairy 

Ninfea,/, a water-rose 

Ninfèmo, to. hell 

Ni.nnàre, to lull to sleep, to rock 

Nipóte, TO. andf. nephew, niece 

Nipotlna,/. a little niece 

Niquità,/ iniquity, cruelty 

Niquitóso, a. furious 

Niscóndere, see Nascóndere, and 
its derwatives 

Nissiino, a. nobfxiy 

Nitidézza, /. brightness 

Nitido, o. bright, shining 

Nitóre, TO. cleanliness, or bright 

Nitrire, to neigh 

Nitrito, TO. neighin» 

Nitro, TO. nitre, saltpetre 

Nitróso, a. nitrous 


Niùno, frcn. nobody 

Ho, ad. DO ; dico di no, 1 say no 

Nòbile, a. nolle 

Nobili à./. nobility 

Nobilitare, to niake noble ; nobili- 
tarsi, to make one's self illus- 

Nobilitato, part, ennobled 

Nobilmente, ad. nobly 

Nobiltà, and Nobiliìàde, /. no- 
bility, nobleness 

Nòcca,'/, knuckle, joint [pilot 

Nocchiere, and Nocchiero, m. a 

Nòcchio, rn. a knob, or knot 

NocchiorotìO, Nocchióso, Nocchio- 
rtto. Nocchieruto, Nocchieròso, 
and Nocchiolùto, a. stony, 
knotty, knobby (speaking of 

Noccioiino, m. a small fruit-stone 

Nòcciolo, and Noccioletto, m. a 
fruit-stone ; non valére una ma- 
no di nòccioli, to be good for 
nothing; sono due ànime in un 
nocciolo, they are like hand and 

Nocciuóla, /. nut, filbert 

Nocciuolo, m. a nut-tree 

Nóce, m. a walnut-tree ; /. wal- 
nut ; noce del coll", the neck- 
bone ; noce del piede, the ankle- 
bone ; una noce non suona in 
sacco, one cannot accomplish 
what manv can 

Nocella-/, a filbert, hazel-nut 

Nocemoirfda, /. nutmeg 

Nocén'e. aiid Nocévole. a. h^l^t^il 

Nocenlino, m. a foundling 

Nócere. to hurt 

Nocévcle, aiid Nocivo, a. hurtful 

Nocevohnenle, ad. mischievously 

Nocimento, aiid Nocuménto, m. 
nuisance, hurt, damage 

Nociuto, part, hurt 

Nocivamente, ad. pemicionsly 

Noderòso. Nodóso, and Node'rùto, 
a. knott)-. knobby 

Nòdo. T77." knot, knuckle, joint ; 
nodo corsóio, a running knot, a 

Nodosità./, knottiness 

Nodóso, a. knotty 

Nodrice, /. a nurse 

Nodriniénto, 7>i, food 

Nodrire, to nourish 

Nod ri to. part, nourished, kept. 
mainTained [ment 

Nodritura, /. education, nourish- 

Noi, pron. we, ns 

Nòia, /. vexation, sorrow ; ill 
words; venire a noia, to dis- 


Noiàre, to weary, to tire 
Noiàto, part, tired, wearied 
Noievole, and Noióso, a. tedious, 

Noiosamente, ad. tediously 
Noleg^are, to freight 
Nòlopojid Noléggio, m. freight; 

Nomare, to name (call) 
Nome, rru name; renown 
Nomenclatóre, m. nomenclator 
Nomenclatura, /. nonjenclalure 
Nòmina, /. nomination 
Nominanza,/, name, fame 
Nominare, to name ; call ; to pre- 
sent to a living 
Nominatamente," ad. one by one 
Nominativo, m, the nominative 
case [famous 

Nominato, part, named, called, 
Nominatore, ni. a patron 
Nominazióne, /. nomination, pre- 
Nomlsnia, m. a medal 
Non, ad. no, not 

Nona, /. a none, one of the canon- 
ica hours [years old 
Nonagenàrio, a. fourscore and ten 
Noncorrispondenza, /. dispropor- 
Noncurante, a. supine 
Noncuranza,/, carelessness 
Nondiméno, atid Nondimanco, ad. 

nevertheless, alihough 
Nondormire, in. want of sleep 
None, /. pi. Roman nones 
Nonesercizio, m, want of exercise 
Non meno, ad. not less, not only 
Norma, /. grandmother 
Nocnannome, a. anonymous 
Nonnalurale, a. unnatural 
Nònno, m. grandfather 
Nonnulla, /.nothing 
Nòno. a. ninth 

Non ostante, conj. notwithstanding 
Non per ciò. and Non per ciò di 

meno, see Nondiméno 
Non so che, I know not what ; xm 

non so che. a something 
Nònna,/, a rule, model 
Nòrte, TJi. the north 
Nòsco, ad. (in poetry) with ns 
Nostrale, a. of our town, or 

Nòstro, prcn. our, our own 
Nòta, /. a note of infamy ; mark, 
sign [tniiuent 

Notàbile, n, notable. rerr.arkable. 
Notabilmente, ad. notably 
Notàio, m. a notary 
Notamente, m. swimming 
Notando, a. remarkable 


Notire, to note, sign ; to remaik ; 
to follow the notes ; to swim 

Notarla, and Noteria, /. proC» 
sion of a notary 

Notàro, m. a notary 

Notato, part, signed, marked 

Notatòre, ni. a swimmer 

Nolatiira./. a swinmiing 

Noieria, /. a notary's profession 

Notévole, a. notable 

Notevolmente, ad. notably 

Notificare, to notify 

Notificato, part, notified 

Notificazione, /. artd Notificamén- 
to, m, notification 

Notizia, /. knowledge, notice 

Nòto, part, known, noted 

Nòto, m. the south wind 

Notcmia, /. anatomy 

Notomlsta, m. anatomist 

Notomizzare, to anatomize 

Notomizzàto, part, anatomized 

Notoriamente, ad. notoriously 

Notcrietà,/. notoriousness 

Notòrio, a. notorious 

Noióso, part, stained, spotted 

Nettare, to grow dark 

Nottata,/, a whole night 

None, /. night 

Nntteténifo. and Nottetémpore, 

ad. in the eight time 
i Nó:tola,/. a tat, a wooden latch 

Notlolàta,/. a whole night 

Nottole, m. a bat 

I Nottolóne, m. one who is active 
I in the night 

Notturno, a. nightly 

Novaniéate, ad. newly 

Novanta, a. ninety 

Novantèsimo, a. ninetieth 

Novatore, m. an innovator 

Nòve, a. nine 

Novella, /. a story, fable, tale, 
novel : news 

Novellare, to relate tales, to prat- 
tle ; novellarsi, to renew itself 

Novellata, /. a tale, story 

Novellatóre, m. a relator 

Novellista, m. a news-monger 

Novellizia, /. the first fruits of tha 

Novello, a, new, modem 

Novellnzza,/. a facetious tale 

Novèmbre, m. November 

Novèna, /. nine days 

Noverare, to number 
\ Noverazióne, /. a numbering 
I Novèrca./, a mother-in-law 
j Nòvero, m, a numoer 
I Novésimo, a. ninth 
: Novilunio, m. new moon 
I Novissimo, a. very new 


Novità,/, novelty ; che novità son 
queste ? what is ali this ? 

Novizia, /. a novice 

Noviziato, m. probation-time ; a 
place where imvices are kept 

Novizio, m. a new mauk [fui 

Novizii), a. uneiperiencéii, unskil- 

Novizinne, ni. an idea, notion 

Novo, a. new 

Nozione, /. notion, idea 

Nozze, /. pL i)iarria;re 

Nozzeré80>, lU nuptial 

Nube,/, a cloud (in poetry) 

Nubile, a. marriaseable 

Nubilita,/. cloudiness 

N'jbilo, atid Nubiloso, «. cloudy, 
gloomy, dark 

Naca, /. nape of the neck 

Nudamente, ad. nake-ily 

Nudare, to strip naked ; to de- 
prive, to baffle 

NulAto, a. naked, deprived 

Nudi'À,/. a^kedness 

Nodo, a, naked, uncovered ; un 
paese nudo d'acqua, a country 
without water 

Nudri mento, m. nourishment 

Nudrire, to r.ou'ish, feed 

Nudrito, part, nourished 

Nudritóre, m. a tutor 

Nudritiira,/. nourishment 

Nutazione,/, a trifle 

Niì;ola, /. tee Nùvola, and Its 

Nugnlositi,/. cloudiness 

Nuvoloso, a. cloudy 

Nulla, m. nothinjr ; non ne so nul- 
la, I know noihin» of il ; vuoi 
tu nulla ? do you want any 
thin?? per nulla altra ragióne, 
for no other rea&^u 

Nullalimt-nri, ad. however 

NuUi'à,/. mithlnmecs 

Nullo, a. null, void 

Nume, aìid Nùmine, m. Deity 

Numerftliile, a. numerable 

Numerile, a. numeral 

Numerire, to number, count 

Numeràrio, a. numerary (of coin 

Nuniérativo, a. numerical 

Numerato, f>art. numbered 

Numeratore, m. numerator 

Numerazióne,/, numeration 

Numerico, a. numerical 

Nùmero, m. number, a quantity 

Numerosamente, ad. numerously 

Numerosità,/, aliundance 

Numeróso, a. numerous 

Nummo, rn. money 

Nunciànte, a. aiid m 


Nunciare, and Nunziare, to an- 
nounce, tell 

Nuncupativo, a. nuncupative, (ver- 
bal ;) lestaniénio nuncupativo, 
nuncupative w ill 

Nunziàio, m. and Nunziatura,/, 
the ofiice of a nuncio 

Nunziàio, part, announced 

Nùnzio, m. the pope's 
dor ; a messenger 

Nuòcere, to hurt, prejudice 

Nuora,/, daughter-in-law 

Nuotare, to swim _ 

Nuòto, m. a swimming ; passar 
un fìùme a nuoto, to sw im across 

Nuotatóre, m. a swimmer 

Nuòva,/, news, notice 

Nuovamente, ad. newly 

Nuovo, a. new, inexperienced ; 
moslràrsi nuòvo, to diii-iemble; 
io son nuòvo, I want exj^rience 

Nùro,/. daughter-in-iaw 

Nulribile, a. nourishing 

Nutricaménto, m.' nourishment 

Nutricare, and Nutrire, to nour- 
ish ; nutricarsi, to feed upon 

?jutricato, part, nourished 

N '.trice, y. a nurse 

Nutriménto, m. Nutrilùra, Nu- 
trizióne, ani Nutrica2Ìone, /. 
nourishment, nurture 

Nutritivo, Nutrimentòso, Nutri- 
chévole, and NutrimentAle, a 
nutritive [brought up 

Nutrito, pari, nourished, fed, 

NuvolSto, m. a creai many clouds 

Nùvolo, m. and yùvdl^ Jf. cloud ; 
nùvolo di pécchie, a s warm of 
bees ; nùvola di buriana, fog 

NuvoKsità,/. cloudiness 

Nuvoloso, o. cloudy 

Nuziale, a. nuptial 

Nuzialmente, ad. wedding-like ; 
vestito nuzialmente, in a wed- 



OÌ7iterj. ; oh : conj. or, 
) either 
Obbediente, and Obediénte, a. 

Obbedienteménte. aa. obediently 
Olibed lènza, /. submission 
Obbedire, and Obedire, lo obey 
Obliedlto, part, obeyed 
Obblelt.'ire, and Obiettare, lo ob- 
ject, oppoae 



Obbictto, cmd Obiètto, m. in ob 

ject, motive 
Obbiétto, part, opposel 
Obbiezione. /. objection 
Obblatore, m. an olferer 
Obblaziòne, /. olfering 
Obbliamealri, m. and Obbliànza, 
forgetfulness, oblivion 

bliare, to forget 
Obbliàto, part, forgotten 
Obbllco, a. obliane 
Obbligante, a, ouliging 
Obblitràre, lo oblige, lo engage ; 

obbligarsi, to be bound 
ObbligAÌo, part, obliged, bound 
Obbligatòrio, a, binding 
Obbligazione,/, and Obbl igaménto, 

m. obligation, tie, engagement ; 

fare un obbligazione, lo give 

I O'bbligo, m. obligation, duty 
I Obblio, m. oblivion 
Obblióso, a. lorgeiiul 
Obbliquamente, ad. indirectly, 

Obbliquità,/. crookedness 
Obbliquo, a. oblique, crooked 
Obblito, part, forgot'en 
Obbliviónr, ajid ObliviÓDe, /. 

Obbrobrio, m. infamy, disgrace 
Ot'brobriosaiiiérte, aid. infamously 
Obbrobrioso, a. opprobrious, ig- 
Obbumbrare, to overshadow 
Obbumbrazióne, /. anovershadow- 

ObeUsco, m. an obelisk 

Obiettóre, tee Obbiettare, and its 

Obióso, a. suspicious 

Oblato, m. a lay friar 

Oblatóre, m. a bidder at a sale 

Oblatratòre, m. a slanderer 

Obliare, see Obbliire, and its de- 

Obliterare, to erase 

Oblòngo, o. oblong 

O'bolo, m. a small coin 

Obtrertazióne, /. detraction 

Obtùndere, to blunt 

O'ca,/.agoose; a simpleton 
I Occàre, to harrow, to grub 
I Occasionale, a. occasional 
j Occasionare, lo occasion 

Occasionilo, part, caused 

Occasione,/, occasion, ri^'enee 
I Occaso, m. (occidente,) the west, 
j fine, end, death 

Occhi.iccio, m. a larre eye ; ftire r»c- 
1 cbiàcci, to look with'ac evil e)e 


Occhiàia,/, the hollow of the eye 
Occhialàio, m. a spectacle-maker 
Occhiàie, j/i. spectacles, teles- 
copes; dènte occhiàie, an eye- 
toolh ; occhiali di conserva, pre- 
Occhiare, to eye 

Occhiata, /. a look, glance, cast ; 
an ogle, a shee]}'s eye ; dar un' 
occhiata ad una cosa, to cast 
one's eyes upon any thing 
Occhiato, a. full of eyes 
Occhiazziirro, a. blue-eyed 
Occliiesr^iàre, to ogle, to look to 
Occhiellatura,/, button-holes 
Occhièllo, 7?i. a button-hole 
echio, m. an eye, sight, a bud ; 
an oval, (chiefly in churches ;) 
occhio mio, my dear, my pre- 
cious ; esser I' òcchio d' alcuno, 
to be one's favourite ; l' òcchio 
vuol la parte sua, we must please 
our ejes ; far d'occhio, to wink ; 
guardar sott' òcchio, to ogle ; a chiùsi òcchi, to walk 
wiihout fear ; in su gli òcchi, or 
negli òcchi, before one's face; 
piagnere à cald" òcchi, to weep 
bitterly ; gettar 1' òcchio, to cast 
an eye upon : guardare con mal 
òcchio, to look askew ; in un 
bitter d' rccliio, in the twin- 
kling of an eye 
Occhiuto, a. full of eyes, or buds 
Occidentale, a. westerly 
Occidente, m. west [rivatives 

Occldere, see Uccidere, and its de- 
Occiplzio, m. the nape of the neck 
Occoltàre, to conceal (in poetry) 
Occorrènte, a. happening 
Occorrenza, /. occurrence, want 
Occórrere, to happen, occur ; to 
come to pass ; to meet ; to pre- 
sent one's self, to want, to be 
needful ; con occórre che mi 
scriviate, you need not write to 
me ; v' occórre niènte ? do you 
want any.thing ? 
Occorriménto. m. a meeting, a 

Occórso, m. a meeting, want 
Occórso, po^f. ha 

Occultainènto, m. and Occulta- 
zióne,/, a hiding, concealing 

Occultare, to conceal 

Occultato, part, concealed 

Occultezza, /. secrecy, a hiding 

Occfilto, a. occult, secret 

Occupare, to poss<!ss ; occuparsi, 
to apply one's self : occupare una 
casa, to occupy a house 


Occupato, part, usurped 
Occupatóre, m. an usurper 
Occupazióne,/, and Occupaménto, 

m. business, trade, occupation 
Occursiòne, /. a meeting 
Ocèano, m. ocean, sea 
che, amj. or else 
Oculare, a. ocular, (of the eyes ;) 

testimònio oculare, an eye-wit- 
Ocularmente, ad, with one's eyes 
Oculatamente, ad. cautiously 
Oculaiézza,/. circumspection 
Oculato, a. ocular 
Oculista, m. an oculist 
O'da, ayid O'de,/. an ode 
Odiare, to hate, detest 
Odiato, part, hated, detested 
Odièrno, a. dailv, hodiernal 
Odièyoie, Odibile, a»if' Odiàbile, a. 

odious, hateful, heinous 
O'dio, m. and Odiosità, /. hatred, 

odium, aversion 
Odiosamente, ad, oliously 
Odióso, a. hateful, odious 
Odonibile, a. sweet-scented 
Odoraménto, m. and Odorazióne,/. 

an odour, or smelling 
Odorante, a, odoriferous 
Odorare, to smell, io scent, to find 

Odfirato. a. odoriferous 
(jd.ìràlo, 771. sense of smelling 
Odóre, nu a smell, odour, hint. 

knowledge ; dar di se buon 

odóre, to have a good character : 

avere odóre d' una cosa, to have 

a hint of a thing 
Odorifero, Odorltico, and Odoróso, 

a. odoriferous 
Odoróne, m. .-» s\''eet smeli 
OiTendènte, o. ntfending 
OtTéndere, to olténd 
Otl(?ndèvole. a. otTtn.'-ive 
Oflendicolo, m. an oLs'acle 
Otfcndiniénto, m. an otìér.ce 
Otiendi'óre, m. an ofiender 
OtTensióne, /. injury 
Oiìénsivo, a. offensive 
Otìensóre, m. an offender 
Offerènte, a. offering 
Offerire, and Offèrere, to offer, 

Offiiria, /. offer, proffer ; andare a 

offerta, to make an offering 

[Fèrto, ^art. offered 
Offenòrio, m, offer.ory 
Oitesa,/. offence, injury I 

Offéso, a. offended | 

Officiale, m. an officer I 

Officina,/, a shop ( 

Officio, m. an office | 



Officiosamente, ad. officiously 
Otficiosità,/. urbanity, kindness 

Officióso, a. obliging 

Offrire, to ofier 

Offuscaménto, m, and Offiisca- 
zióne, /. a darkening 

Offuscare, to darken 

Offuscato, part, darkened, dimmed 

Oficeria,/. office, vestry 

Oficio, and Ofizio, m. an office 

Oficióso, a. officioBs 

Oggettàre, to propose 

Oggetto, m. an object 

0'^, ad. to-day ; oggi a otto, this 
d.ay se'ennight ; star d'oggi iB 
dimani, to wait for to-morrow 

Oggidì, and Oggigiorno, ad, now 

Oggimai, ad. now 

O'glio, m. oil 

Ognaccórdo, m. a psaltery 

Ogni, o. every, each, all 

Ognidì, ad. every d;iy 

t^issanti, nu All-saints' day 

Ognr\-ólta che, ad, when, when- 
ever [alwa\'s 

Ognóra, Ognótta, OTjd Ogniótta, <ùi. 

Ognuno, prmi. everj' bcdy 

Oi, cr Ohi, intirj. alas \ ah ! 

Oibò, iuterj, fie ! fie on it ! 

Oiniè, and Obiniè, interj. alas I oh ! 

Oisè, inlcr]. alas ! poor be, or she 

Oitii, irUerj. wo to thee ! 

Olà, intfTJ. oh ! ah ! 

Oleàceo, a. oily 

Oleistro, m. ^vild olive-tree 

Olènte, a. cioriferous 

Oleóso, a. oily, greasy 

Olezzare, to smell 

Olfare, to smell 

Oliandolo, m, an oilman 

Oliato, part, oiied 

Olibano, m. incense 

Oligarchia,/, oligarchy 

Olimpiade,/, olympiad 

Olimpico, d. Olympic 

Olimpiònico, m, a conqueror in 
the Olympic games [in awe 

O'lio, ni.' oil ; tener l' olio, to keep 

Oliò», a. oily 

Olire, to scent, smell 

Oliva./, olive, olive-tree 

Olivastro, a. swarthy 

Olivéto, m. a grove of olives 

Olivo, m, an olive-tree 

O'lla,/. apot 

Olméto, in. a grove of elms 

O'lmo, m. an elm-tree 

Olocàusto, TO. a burnt-offering 

Olóerafo, a, testaménto ològrafo, 
will all written with the testa 
tor's own hand 


O'ltra, prep, see Oltre 
Oltracciò, ad. moreover 
Oltrachè, coiij. besides that 
01 tracotanza, /. insolence 
Ol:raggianiénto, m. aiid Oltrag- 

gerla,/. an outrage 
Oltraggiare, !o abuse, affront 
Oltraggiato, port. allronteiijOflend- 

Oltraggiatóre, m. an abusive man 
Oltràggio, m. outrage, abuse, ex- 
cess. A oltràggio, od. excessively 
Oltraggiosamente, ad. outrageously 
Oltraggióso, a. outragcr-us, abusive 
Oltramare, ad. beyond sea 
Oltramarino, m. ultramarine, (a 

colour;) a. foreign 
Oltramiribile, a. most wonderful 
Oltramagnànimo, a. most magnani- 
OllramisuràtOj a. immense 
Oltramodo, ad. extraorJinarily 
Oltramondàno, o. celestial 
Oltramontano, a. beyond the moun- 

tams, northern 
Oltramónti, ad. beyond the moun- 
Oltranza,/, an outrage. A oltran- 
za, ad. excessively 
Olirapa'^sàre, to go beyond 
Ollrapossénte, a. omnipotent 
Ol trarsi, to advance 
Oltraselvajgio, a. very wild 
O Itre, prep, besides, 'beyond, very 
far ; venir oltre, to come nearer ; 
andar oltre, to go farther 
Oltreché, aiid Oltredichè, rnnj. 

moreover, besides that 
Oltremare, ad. beyond the sea 
Oltremiràbile, a. most admirable 
Oltremisura, arid Oltramisura, ad. 

beyond measure 
Oltremódo, aìvi 01tramó<lo, ad. 
very much [tains 

Oltremónti, ad. beyond the moun- 
Oltrenómero, ad. innumerably 
Oltrepassare, to surpass 
Omàccio, m. a silly man 
Omàggio, m. homage, respect 
Ornai, ad. now, at present 
Ombè, ad. now, well 
Ombelico, m. navel ; ombelico di 

vènere, navel-wort 
O'mbra, /. shadow, shade, ghost, 
spirit, protection ; patronage ; 
all' ombra delle vostre ali, under 
your protection; umbrage, sus- 
Ombràcolo, aiid Ombràculo, ni. a 

shady place, or protection 
Ombra.raéDto, m. a shadow 
Ombrare, to start, as a horse 


Ombritico, a. starting, skittis!» 
Oii.bràtile. o. shaijy. feigned 
Ombrato, part, shaded 
O'mbre, m. ombre (a game at 

Ombreegianii-nto, m. Ombratura, 
a/idOnilH-a^ióne, /.shade, shad- 
Ombreggiare, to shade 
Ombreggialo, pari, shaded 
Ombrèlla,/, umbrella 
Ombrellàio, in. an umbrella-maker 
Ombrellitio, in. parasol 
Ombréllo, »n. an umbrella 
Ombrifero, a. shady 
(Jmbrosità,/. shade, darkness 
Ombróso, and Ombrifero, o. shady, 

dusky; skittish 
Omelia,/, a homily 
O'mero, m. shoulder, back 
Omésso, part, omitted 
Ométtere, to omit, leave out 
Ométto, 771. a little man 
Omicciuolo, rn. a silly man 
Omicida, m. a murderer, a hctmi- 

Omicidiftle, and Omicidiario, a. 

Omicidio, n\. manslaughter 
Omissióne, aiid Oiniiiissióne, /. 

Ommésso, set Omi^sso 
Oniméttere, su Ométtere 
if mo, m. man 

Omoiéneo, a. of the same nature 
OnvAnAvK; to approve of 
Onifiln^azione, /. .approbation 

(law term) 
Omologo, a. agreeing 
Omònimo, a. himonyroous 
Onioróso, a. full of h'u.Tiours 
O'nasTo, m. aiid O'nagra, /. a 

wild ass 
Oncenso, 7n. frankincense 
(yncia,/. an ounce, an inch 
Onclno, m. a nook 
O'nda, /. wave, surge, billow ; 
onde, (in poetry,) the main. A 
onde, ad. floating ; andar a onde, 
to stajger 
Ondante, a. floating 
OndAta,/. a surge, a rolling wave 
Cnde, ad. whence ; therefore 
Ondechè, ad. from whatever place 
Ondeggi-aménto, m. floating 
Ondejgiftnte, a. waving 
Ondegsri.'ire, to rise in waves, to 
disturb, perplex ; ondeggio in 
un mar di pensieri, a thousand 
thoughts rush on my mind 
Ondóso, a. wavy, full of waves 
Ondunque, ad. even-where 
107 " 


Oneràrio, a. More oneràrio, x 

guardian in trust 
Oneroso, a. heavy 
Ouest.i,/. honesty 
Onestamente, ad. honestly 
Onestare, to embellish, cloak, eoi- 

Onestato, a. honest 
Onesteggiàre, to act bonestlj 
Ones o, m. decency 
Onèsto, ad. honestly 
Onèsto, a. honest ; modest 
O'nice, f. an onyx 
Onninamente, ad. entirely 
Onni[Xjtén!e, and Onnipossènte, a. 

almighty ; 1' Onnipotènte, God 

Onnipotènza, /. Omnipotence, AI- 

Onnisciènza, /. omniscience 
Onnive<lénte, a. all-seeing 
Onorabile, Onorévole, ojirf Ono- 
rando, a. honourable, deserving 

Onorante, a. honouring 
Onoranza,/, honour 
Onorare, to honour, to respect 
Onoràrio, m. fee, reward 
Onoratamente, a/i. honourably 
Onoratézza, /. reputation 
Onorato, a. honoured, loyal, hon<at 
Onore, in. honour, respect 
Onoitvolèzza, and Onorificènza,/. 

dignity, honour 
Onorevolmente, ad. honourably 
Onorificare, su Onorare 
Onorifico, a. honoured 
Onrànz.!, see Onoranza 
O'nta, f. scorn, disgrace ; ad onta 

tua, in spite of your teeth 
Ontano, m. an elder-tree 
Onlare, to dishonour 
Ontosajnénte, ad. shamefully 
Ontoso, a. shameful 
Onusto, a. laden, loaded 
Opacità,/, opacity, darkness 
Opaco, a. opaque,' dark 
Ojiefice, m. artisan 
O'pera, /. work, labour, action, 

deed ; an opera (a play) 
Operàbile, a. feasible 
Operàggio, m. a work, deed 
Operagióne, /. operation 
Operàio, nx. a workman 
Operante, a. acting, operating 
Operante, m. agent, workman 
Operare, to work, operate, act 
Operativo, a. operative, laborious 
Operato, part, employed 
Opera'óre, m. operator 
Operazióne, /. OTtd Operamènto, 

m. operation 


OperétU,/. a little work 
Operóso, a. active, laborious 
Oplfice, arid Opefice, m. a work- 
Opimo, a. rich, majnificent 
Opinare, to think, to fancy ; to 

vote, or give one's opinion 
Opinióne,/, opinion 
Oppiare, to give the opiate 
Oppiato, m. the opiate 
Oppilare, to obstruct, stop 
Oppilito, part, stopped 
Oppilativo, a. oppila'ive, stoppins 
Oppilazione, /. obstruction 
Oppinione, /. opinion 
O'ppio, m. opium; the poplar- 
tree [against 
Oppórre, to oppose : opporsi, to be 
Opportunamente, ad. opjiortunely, 
conveniently [sity, need 
Opportunità,/, opportunity, neces- 
Opportuno, a. seasonable 
Oppositaménte, ad. oppositely 
Oppósito, a. opposite ; l' oppósito, 
or 1' oppósto, the reverse ; mi 
disse tutto 1' oppósto, he told me 
the reverse 
Oppositóre, m. an opposer 
Opposizióne, f. and Ópponiméntc, 

m. opposition 
Oppósto, m. the contrary 
Oppósto, a. opposed, contrary 
Oppressóre, to oppress 
Oppressióne, and Oppresstira, /. 

Opprèsso, part, oppressed 
Oppressóre, and Oppressatóre, m. 

an oppressor 
Opprimere, to oppress 
Oppu^naménto, ni. an attack 
Oppugn.-ire, to oppose, confute 
Oppu?!iAto. part, opposed 
Oppugnazióne, /. opjiosition 
O'pra, /. (in poetry,) work, deed 
Oprire, to work 
Oprire, to open 
Opulénte, a. opulent 
Opulenza, /. riches, -wealth 
Opùscolo, m. a tract, or small 

Otvl,/. an hour, time ; va in buon' 
ora, God speed you; d' ora in 
ora, from time to time ; di buon' 
ora, early, betimes ; in poco d' 
ora, in a short time. Tu sei 
venuto nella tua mal' ora, you 
are come in an unlucky time for 
O'ra, ad. now ; oia l' uno, ora 1" al- 
tro, sometimes one, sometimes 
O'ra,/. a breeze 


Oràcolo, m. an oracle 

O'rafo, m. a goldsmith 

Oramai, ad. now 

Orire, to pray, adore, to ma 

Orata,/, the gold-fish, or dory 

Orato, o. gilded, prayed 

Oratóre, nu an orator. 

Oiatori aulènte, ad. eloquently 

Oratorio, TO. an oratory, a chapel 

Oratorio, a. oratorical, of an orator 

Orazióne, /. prayer, an oration 

Orb icca, /. a berry 

Orbare, lo blind, to deprive 

Oibàio, a. blind, deprived 

O'rbe, m. orb, sphere 

Or bene, and Orbe, ad. well, well 

Grbezza, /. a depriving 

Orbicolire, a. orbicular 

Orbiculo, m. a pulley 

O'rbita, /. an orbit, or the rut of a 

Orbi'à,/. bliwlne!^ 

O'rbo, o. blind, or deprived 

O'rca, /. an ore, or whirlpool (a 
sea fish) 

Orchestra, /. orchestra, a jallery, 
or place for musician-; to play in 

O'rcio, m. a pitcher, ju», jar 

Orci')l' i->, m. a potter 

Orcipóggia, /. larboard sheet 

Orciuólo, m. a jug, a pitcher 

Oreo, TO. a hobgoblin, (a spirit ;) 
Pluto, hell 

Ordigno, and Ordegno, m. an en- 
gine, tool, machine 

Ordinale, a. ordinary, usual 

Ordinalménte, ad. orclerly 

Ordinanza, /. and Ordinaménto, 
m. ordmance, decree, law, or- 
der, array 

Ordinare, to order, range, dispose ; 
to ordain (to confer holy orders) 

Ordinariamente, ad. usually, gen- 

Ordinàrio, a. common, usual. All' 
ordinàrio, ad. at the usual rate, 
as formerly 

Ordinàrio, m. the ordinary : the 
fifist (a courier) (tinctly 

Ordina'amente. ad. orderly, dis- 

Ordia-itivo, o. ordinal 
I Ordinato, part, ordered 
' Onlmatóre, rn, a disposer, con- 
' tri ver 

■ Ordinazióne, /. ordination, order, 
I decree 

O'rdine, m. order, disposition, 
j files ; a religi'ius order ; all' ór- 
} dine, re.idy ;'és^er 1 ene in órdine, 
I to be weil-dressed ; mal in ór- 


dine, ill-dressed. In órdine, ad. 

with regard to 

Ordire, tp w-up, to plot 

Ordito, part, weaved, projected, 

Ordito, m. a weaver's warp 

Orditóio, »n. a loom 

Orditóre, to. a weaver 

Orditura, /. a warping, or weaving 

Orecchiare, to listen 

Orecchino, m. an ear-ring, a pen 

Orécchia, /. and Orécchio, m. an 
ear ; parlar all' orécchio, to 
whisper ; dar oréechio, to heark- 
en ; star colle orécchie levate, to 
hearken attentively ; far orécchie 
di mercante, to 'give no ear ; 
tirar gli orécchi, to reprimand ; 
cantar a orécchio, to sing by ear ; 
venire alle orécchie, to have no- 

Orecchióne, to. a large ear; an 
orillon, in fortification ; orec- 
chioni, rn. pi. a swelling about 
the ear 

Orecchiuto, a. lar^e-eared 

Oréfice, to. a goldsmith 

Oreficeria, /. a goldsmith's trade, or 

Oreiia,/. gold-plate 

Grezza,/, and Orézzo, TO. a zephyr, 
a gentle gale 

Orezzaménto, to. a fresh gale 

O'rfana,/. orphan 

Orfanézza, and Orfanità,/. orphan- 
Ì5m (the slate of an orphan) 

O'rfano, and Orfanello, m. an or 

Organale, o. organical 

Oi^'mico, a. or;anic 

Orsanista, to. an organist 

Organizzare, and Organare, to or- 

Organizzato, a. organized ; voce 
organizzata, a melodious voice 

Oi-ganizz,izióne,/. an organizing 

O'igano, TO, an organ 

Orgoglio, TO. pride, arrogance 

Orgodiosaménte, ad. haughtily 

OrgoTlióso, o. proud, lofty" 

Oriafiamma,/. ori flam e 

Oricalco, TO. brass, yellow brass 

Oricàrmo, to. a bottle for sweet wa- 
ter [with) 

Oricéllo, m. orcel (a mineral to dye 

OricWcco, and Orichlco, m. a 

Oriciinlto, a. that has golden hair 

Orientale, a. oriental, eastern 

Oriente, m. orient, east 

Orificeria, /. tee Oreficeria 


Orìfido, «nrf Orifizio, m. orifice, 
entry, brim [plant) 

Origano, m. wild nurjoram (a 

Originale, m. the original 

Originale, aiid Originàrio, a. origi- 

Original naénte, ad. originally 

Originare, to give, or "lake, 'begin- 
ning, to originale 

Origine, Originaziòne, /. and Ori- 

Origliere, m. a pillow 

Orina,/, urine 

Orinile, m. urinal, cliamber-pot 

Orinare, to urine, to make water 

Oriolàio, and Oriunlaio, m. a 
clock or watch-maker 

Oriolo, and Oriuoio, m. a clock, 
or watch ; oriuoio a polvere, an 

Orióndo, a. descended from another 
country, or province 

Orióne, m. Orion (a constellation) 

Orire, to rise, spring from 

Orissimn, a. of very fine gold 

Orizzontale, a. horiz/infal 

Onzzon'alniente. ad. horizontally 

Orizzónte, m. horizon 

Orlare, to hem 

Orlato, part, hemmed, selvaged 

Orlati! ra,/. hemminr 

Orllccio, Til. the kissing-crust ; a 
brim, hem 

Orlicci;izzn, m. a little crust 

O'rlo, m. hem, selvage, e-jge 

O'rma,/. tract, trace, foois'e[) 

Ormài, ad. now (in poeiry) ue 
Oramai, and Ornai 

Ormare, to trace 

Ormeggiarsi, to moor acr~* 

Ornamentale, a. ominieiml 

Ornaménto, m. ornament, dress 

Ornare, to adorn 

Ornatamente, ad. eleeauily 

Ornato, part, ad'mied 

Ornato, and Ornaménto, in. or- 

Omatiira,/. an adorning 

O'mo, m. the wild ash 

O'ro, TJi. gold ; ciò che luce non è 
sempre oro, ali is not gild that 
glitters; star nell' oro, to live 
well ; oro sodo, solid gold ; oro 
potàbile, potable gold 

Oròbànche, m. strangle weed 

Crobo, m. a kind of tares 

Orologio, m. clock, or watch 

Oròscopo, m. horoscope 

Orpelli re, to conceal, cloak, dinsem- 
ble, to adorn with tinsel 

OrpeiUta, part covered, disguiseJ 


lOrpéllo, m. tinsel 

Orpiménto, m. orplment 

Orrinza, /. tee Onoranza 

Orreni'aménte, ad. cruelly 

Orrendo, a. horrible 

Orrettizio, a. nbrcp'iiious 

Orrévole, a. honourable 

Orrevr.lménte, ad. honourably 

Orrezince, /. obreption (law term) 

Orribile, a. horrible 

Orribilméo'e, orf. horribly 

Orridézza, Orribiliia, and Orridità, 
/. horror 

O'rrido, a. horrid, hideous 

Orróre, m. horror 

Orsa,/, a she-bear 

Orbila,/, complaints, gibberish 

Orsitio, rn. bear's cub 

Orsino, a. of a bear 

O'rso, m. a bear : a shovel ; pigliar 
1' orso, to get druij£ 

Orsù, iiita-j. come I away ! oiur- 
a<e ! come on ! 

Ort;iggio, nu greens, herbs 

Ortica./, a nettle 

Orticheggi^re, to sling with nettles 

Orticello, m. a litilf garleo 

O'rtn, rn. a garden ; birth, nativi- 
ty ; east (in poetry) 

Ortodossia, /. orlhoJoiy (a true 

Oriodosso, a. orthodoi [ing 

Ortografia, /. orthography, spell- 

Ortografico, a. orth'-sraphical 

()rtnì:ralìz7jre, to s|h.I1 rightly 

Ort I'.no, a. garden _ 

Ortol.^n^, m. a gardener ; au Orio- 
Ian (a bird) 

Or via ! i>i/erj. ser Jrsò 

Orvietano, m. Orvielan 

Onira. f. gold-plate 

Or/a:iinlo, m. a stv (a sore in the 

Orzi re, lo bring the ship to wind 

Orzri'a, /. a barley dccoctioii 

Or70, r7i. barley 

Ose re, to dare 

Os' ério, m. a cnira.'S 

0-cenaniéii(e. ad. obscenely 

Oscenità,/, obscenity 

<)<cim, a. obscene, filthy 

Oscuran.én'e, ad. darkly 

Oscuraniénto, m. a darkening 

Oscurtre. to darken, to cloud ; to 

OscurAto, part, darkened 

Oscuri'.a, O^^eurazirme, and Oscu- 
rJzza,/. darkness, ob-curily, ig- 

Oicùro, a. obscure, dark : morte 
oscura, an ignominious death 

Oscuro, ad. darklv 


Ospitile, and Oipitàbile, a. hca 

pi table 
f)»pi!àle, m. hospital 
Ospitalità,/, hospitality 
f>ipitalméute, ad. hospitably 
Ospite, m. guest, «ranger, boM, 

inn-keeper, landlord 
Ospiziàre, to lodge, to entertain 
Ospizio, m. an hospital fjr mucks ; 

a dwelling-place 
Oss.'ilida,/. sorrel (an herb) 
Ossame, m. a heap of b^nss 
Ossatura,/, disposition of the bona 
Ossecrare, to supplicate 
(ysseo, o. bony 
Ossequiare, to be obsequious 
(Jsiéquio, m. obsequiousse» 
Ossequióso, and O^sequéi.te, a. 

Osservàbile, a. observable 
Oss'Tvamenio, m. and Osser\-a- 

gione, /. observation 
Oservànte, o. respec'ful 
Osservàn7A, /. observance, remark 
Osservare, to observe, revere 
Oss;rva'ivo, a. remarkable 
Osserva to, part, observed 
Osserva'óre. m. observer 
Osservatòrio, m. an observatory 
Osservazióne, /. observation 
t)ssésso, a. possessed 
Ossidióne. /. siege 
O'sso, m. bone 
OsMito, and Ossóso, n. bony 
Osticolo, m. obstacle 
Ostaggio, ni. hiTS'age 
Ostónte, a. opposing. NoBOstArite. 

COTij. notwiihstamiiog 
Ostare, to oppose 
Ostalóre, rn. who opposes 
O'ste, m. and f. an inn-keeper, 

guest ; a hos', an army ; far il 

cònio senza 1' oste, to reckon 

without the host : venir all' oste, 

to engage in ba'tle 
Osicggiamento, m. an encampment 
Osteigiare, to eoramp, to anack 
0>tei;Aggio, m. an inn 
Ostcllàno, in. an inn-keeper 
Ostelliere, and Ostèllo, m. an inn, 

abode, or lodging 
Ostélo, m. stalk, blade, stem, cr 

shank of a plant 
Ostensibile, o. demonstrable 
Ostentare, to boast 
Ostentatore, m. bnas'er 
Ostentazione,/, and (X; en laménto, 

m. ostentation 
Ostento, m. prodigy 
Osteria. /. tavern, iim 
Ostés:sa, /. hostess 
Ostetrice,/. a midwife 


O'stia, /. the consecrated wafer, 

the host, a victbn ; a wafer 
Ostiario, »n. a door-keeper 
Ostico, a. morose, surly 
Ostière, aìui Ostiéro, m. a lodging, 

or an inn ; an inn-keeper 
Ostile, a. hostile 
Ostilità,/, hostility 
Ostilmente, ad. inimicaily 
Ostinarsi, to be stubborn 
Ostinato, o. obstinate 
Ostinazióne,/, obstinacy 
Ostracismo, m. ostracism 
O'strica, /. oyster 
stro, m. scarlet ; the south-west 

Ostruire, to obstruct 
Ostruttivo, a. obstructive 
Ostruzióne, /, obstruction, bin- 

Ostupefare, to astound 
Otriaca, /. treacle (a sort of medi- 
O'tro, and O'tre, m. a leather bag, 

to put oil or wine in 
Otta, /. an hour, or time. A otta 

a otta, ad. every time 
Otta per vicènda, ad. from time 

to time 
Ottagésimo, a. the eightieth 
Ottagonale, a. octangular 
Ottalmia,/. blear-eyedness 
Oftàlmico, a. blear-eyed 
Ottangolare, and Ottangulare, o. 

Ottlngolo, m. octagon 
Ottanta, a. eighty 
Ottantèsimo, a. the eightieth 
Ottanzétte. o. eighty-seven 
Oltarda,/. a buzzard (a bird of prey) 
Ottàre, to wish 
Ottativo, m. the optative mood (in 

Ottava, /. eight days ; a stanza of 

eight verses, octave in mus-c ; 

ottava di Pasqua, first Sunday 

after Easter 
Ottavo, 771. the eighth part 
Ottavo, a. eighth 

Ottempei-are, to obey (Latin word) 
Ottenebrare, to darken 
Ottenebrazione, /. darkness 
Ottenére, to obtain, get 
Otteniménto, m. acquisition 
Ottenuto, part, obtained 
O'ttica,/. optics 
O'ttico, a. optic, optica! 
Ottimamente, ad. perfectly well 
Ottimate, m. the chief man in a 

O'ttimo, a. perfectly good 
O'tto, a. eight 


Ottóbre, m. October 

Ottomano, o. Ottoman 

Ottonàio, 771. a brazier, tinker 

Ottóne, rji. brass 

Ottuagenàrio, aTid Ottogenàrio, a. 
eighty years old I 

Otturare, to slop j 

Ottusità, a7id Ottusézza, /. blunt- 
ness, stupidity 

Ottùso, a. obtuse, blunt 

Ouest, 771. west 

Ovàia,/, ovary, or roe 

Ovale, and Ovato, a. oval 

Ovazióne, /. ovation (a triumph at 
Rome) I 

O've, od. where; provided that; 
óve siete ? where are you ? 

Ovechè, ad. wherever 

Ovéro, a7ìd Ovvéro, C07y. or 

Ovile, m. sheepfold ; dwelling- 

O'vo, see Uòvo 

O'vra,/. work (in poetry) 

Ovveraménte, conj. or, else 

Ovviare, to obviate 

Owiazióne,/. a hinderance 

O'vvio, a. common, trifling 

Ovunque, ad. wherever 

O'zio, 771. a7id Oziosaggine, /. 

Oziosamente, ad. idly 

Oziosità,/, idleness 

Ozioso, a. idle, lazy 

Ozzimato, a. full of sweet basil 

Ozzimo, 7Ji. sweet basil 

PACATO, a. easy, calm 

A Pacca, /. a blow, wound, 

Pacchiare, to eat greedily ; to eat 

together (vulgar> 
Pacchióne, tti. a glutton 
PacciótfaL, /. gluttony [filth 

Facciume, and Pacciame, 771. dust. 
Pace, /. peace; con buòna pace, 

with leave; porre in pace, to 

pacify, calm 
Paceficarc, see Pacificare, aad its 

Pnciare, to pacify 
Paciaro, ii. a peace-maker 
Paciénza,/. patience 
Pacière, 7>i. mediator, peace-maker 
Pacifero, a. bearing peace 
Pacificibile, tt. placable 
Pacitìcaménte, ad. peacefully 
Pacificaménto, 771. act of pacifying 


Pacificare, to pacify; paaficarei, 
to be reconciled 

Pacificato, part, pacified 

Pacificatóre, rn. a pacificator 

Pacifico, a. pacific 

Padèlla,/, a frying-pan; the whirl 
bone of the knee ; a bed-pan 

Padellalo, and Padellaro, m. a 
maker or seller of frying-pans 

Padellata, /. a panful 

Padiglióne, in. a pavilion 

Padre, 771. father; padri, ances- 
tors, fathers; (of the church, of 
a state, &c.) 

Padreggiare, to be like one's father 

Padróna,/, a mistress 

Padron.iggio, and Padronato, m. 
protection, patronage 

Padronanza,/, superiority 

Padronàta, m. patronage, pro 

Padroncina, /. young mistress 

Padróne, 771. master, lord ; patron ; 
protector; padrone di casa, 3 
landlord ; padrone di cause, a 
lawyer ; padróne di vascèllo, 
captain of a ship ; ella è pa- 
dróne, do as you please 

Padroneggiare, to command, to 
patronise, protect, defend 

Padroneria,/. ste Pad iinato 

Padronéssa, /. a mistress 

Padiile, m. a marsh, a bog 

Padulòso, o. marshy 

Paesano, 7». peasant 

Paesano, a. of the same country 

Paese, m. country, land, region ; 
tutto '1 mondo e paese, one may 
live any where; scoprir paese, 
to view', observe 

Paesétto, m. a landscape 

Pailùto, a. plump, fat 

Paga, /. pay, salary ; egli è nna 
cattiva paga, he is a bad pay- 

Pagabile, a. payable 

Pagaménto, tjì. payment 

Paganamente, ad. pagan-like 

Paganèsimi-», m. pasanism 

Pagànico, aad Pagano, a. pagan, 

Paganizzare, to live like a pagan 

Pagano, ra. a pagan 

Pagare, to pay ; pagarsi di ragióni, 
to be reasonable ; pagar d' in- 
gratittidine. to be ungrateful j 
pagar il fio, lo be punished ; 
pagar di contanti, to pay ready 

Pagato, pari, payed 

Paratóre, m. pay-master 

Pasatoréllo, m. a bad pay-znastw 


Psggino, m. little page 

Pàggio, 171. page, servant 

Pagina,/, a page of a leaf 

Pàglia, /. straw, chalf ; col tempo 
e colla pàglia si niatùran le nè- 
spole, time brings about every 
thing; fuòco di pàglia, a blaze; 
uòmo di pàglia, a mean, pitiful 

Pagliàccio, and Pagliericcio, m. 
small straw, a straw bed 

Pagliàio, m. a rick of stravr, a 
rick of reaped com 

Pagliolàia, /. dewlap (of an ox, 
cow, &c.) 

Paglióne, in. chopped straw 

Paglióso, a. full of straw ; vicious, 

Pagliaccia, /. a bit of straw 

Pagliuóla,/ spangle 

Pagliuólo, m. chafi; small straw 

Pagliuzza,/, a bit of straw 

Pagnòtta,/, a small loaf 

Pago, a. contented (in poetry) 

Pago, m. payment [pie 

Pagimàzzo, and Paonazzo, a. pur- 

1 agóne, m. a peacock 

Pavoneggiarsi, to admire one's self 

Pàio, m. a pair ; pàio di carte, a 
pack of cards 

Paiolata, /. a kettleful 

Paiuólo, m. a kettle, pot 

Pila, /. shovel, spade ; the ladles 
of a water-mill wheel 

Paladino, m. a hero, paladin 

Palafitta, /. a fence of pales 

Palafittare, to drive in piles 

Palafittata,/, a pile-work 

Palaf leniere, m. groom of the sta- 

Palafréno, m. palfrey, a state horse 

Palàgio, m. palace 

Palamita, /. a pilchard (a kind of 

Palanca,/, board, lath, palisade 

Palancato, m. a boarled fence 

Palàndra,/. a bomb ship 

Palandrano, m. and Palandrana, 
/. a great coat [&c. 

Palare, to pale, fence, to prop trees. 

Palata,/, palisade ; a shovel-full 

Falatinàto, m. palatinate 

Palatino, m. palatine 

Palatino, a. of the palate 

Palato, m. the palate ; taste 

Palato, part, paled, propped 

Palazzo, m. a palace 

Palchétto, m. a scaliald ; palchétti 
d' un tefitro, boxes [hovel 

Palchistuólo, m. a penthouse, or 

Palco, m. a fioor, stage, scaffold ; 
the b^rns of a deer 


Palèo, m. a whipping-top 

Palesaméuto, m. a declaration, re- 

Palesare, to declare ; pales.àre a 
tutti, to proclaim 

Palesato, part, declared 

Palesatòre, m. a revealer 

Palése, a. public, manifest 

Palesemente, ad. openly [place 

Paléstra, /. wrestling, a wrestling- 

Pal-strita, m. a wrestler 

Palétta,/, afire-shovel 

Palétto, m. a hasp (fora casement) 

Palettóne, m. a shoveller (a bird) 

Palicciàta,/. a palisade 

Pàlido, a. pale 

Palificare, to palisade 

Palificata,/, a palisade 

Palificato, part, palisaded 

Palinodia,/, a recantation 

Pàlio, m. a pall, mantle, canopy ; 
a prize ; córrere il ]>àlio, to run 
a race 

Paliótto, m. an altar-piece 

Paliscalmo, and Palischcono, m. 
a skill; canoe, or sbip-boat 

Palizzata, /. and Palizzàto, m. 

Palla,/, a ball, bowl, bullet ; aver 
la palla in mano, to have in one's 
power ; prender la palla al bal- 
zo, to seize an opiHjrtunity ; la 
palla balza in sul tuo tetto, for- 
tune smiles upon you 

Pallaccórda,/. a tennis-court 

Pallàdio, a. of fallas 

Pallafreniére, m. a groom of the 

Pallilo, m. a marker(at tennis,&c.) 

Pallamàglio, m. game of ball 

Palleggiare, to play at tennis, to 

Pallènte, a. pale (in poetry) 

Pallerlno, m. a player at tennis 

Palliaménto, m. palliation 

Palli.'ire, to palliate; palli.'ire una 
malattia, to patch up a d istempcr 

Palliativo, a. rimèdio palliativo, a 
palliative remedy 

Palliato, part, palliated 

Pallidèzza,Pallidità,/. ond Pallóre, 
m. paleness 

Pallidiccio, a. palish 

Pàllido, a. pale, wan 

Pallidóre, m. p.aleness 

Pallini, m. pi. shot 

Pàllio, tn. mantle, pall ; palliation, 

Pallóne, m. a balloon (a foo!-ball) 

Pallòttola,/ a hard ball 

PaUottolièra, /. a notch in a cross- 



Palma, /. a palm tree ; pri» ; 

palm ^tbe inner part of the band) 
Palmata,/, a blow with the band ; 

dare la palniàta, to bribe a 

magistrate, victory 
Palménto, m. a mill; a winepress; 

macinare a due (ólmèuti, to get 

two ends at once 
Palméto, m. a palm-grove 
Palmière, m. a pilgrim 
Pàlmite, m. branch of a vine 
Palmizio, m. a palm-tree 
Palmo, m. a span 
Palmóne, m. a bough 
Palo, m. a pale, a slake, a lever 
Palombaro, m. a diver 
Palomblna, /. a sort of gr^pe 
Palònibo, m. a wild pigeon; a, 

kind of dog-fish 
Palpàbile, a. palpable, plain 
Pallore, and Palpeggiare, to feel, 

touch, flatter, coax 
Palpatóre, m. a flatterer 
Palpebra, /. the eye-lids 
Palpeggiare, to handle, feel 
Palpeggiatiiia,/. a gentle touch 
Palpilaménto, m. a panting 
Palpitante, o. panting 
Palpitare, to pant, throb 
Palpitazióne,/, palpitation 
Pallonàio, a. beggarly 
Paltóne, m. a vagabond 
Paltuneggiare, to beg about 
Paltoneria, /. beggary, dissoluto- 

Paltoniere, m. a wandering beggar, 

a debauched fellow 
Paludàle,a7u2Paludàno, a. marshy, 

Paludaménto, m. apaludament, (a 

coat of armour among the Ro 

Pallide,/, andm. a marsh, bog 
Paludóso, and Palustre, o. marshy 

fenny, moorish 
Palustre, a. fenny, boegy 
Palvesàta, /. a pavoisaide, a target 

fence [arm 

Palvése, m. a shield, a defensive 
Panipanàta, /. a burning uf vine- 
leaves in wine-vessels 
P.àmpano, m. vine-leaves 
Panipanóso, and Pamplneo, a. full 

of vine-leaves 
Pampinlfem, a. bearing vine-leaves 
Pàmpino, m. a vine-leaf 
Pampinóso, o. covered with vin* 

Pana,/, pitch 
Panacela, /. a confection to pr»- 

serve wine 
Panàce, m. and Panacea,/, wound- 


wort, or panacea (a universal 

Panàgjio, m. a provision of bread 

Panata,/, a paoado (a soupj 

Panattiira, /. a pantry, a shep- 
herd's scrip, a breai-'basket 

Patuttiéra, m. a baker, pantler 

Panca,/, a l)encb, a stool 

Pancàccia, i. a bench ia public 
places where people meet to 

Pancacci uo'.o, th. a corn-flower 

Pancale, m. a bench-carpet 

Pancata,/, a full bench 

Pància, /. paunch, belly 

Rnciéra./. a cuirass 

Panciolle, oà. stare a panciòlle, to 
wan' for nothin; 

Panciuto, a. bi^-bellied 

PanconceUà;o, ■part, covered with 
laths Ll^ bs 

Pancnncellatura, /. covering with 

Panconcilb, m. a lath 

Pancóne, m. a plank, a board, a 
bench for a joiner 

Panaftto, m. a panaJo 

Pandere, to publish (Latin word) 

Pandette, /. ■pi. pxndect! 

Pane, m. breaJ ; render pan per 
focàccia, to hi revensed ; pan di 
zùcchero, a susar-loaf; pan di 
céra, a caks of wax ; pane àzzi- 
mo, uuleaven»^ bread ; pan fré- 
Bco. new bread : pan sécco, stale 

Panario, m. panesvric 

Rnesnrisa, m. a panegyrist 

Buiéllo, m. bonfire 

Panétto, m. a li-le loaf 

Pània, /. birdlime ; panie amo- 
róse, amiroiis snares; la pània 
non tenne, the thin» did not suc- 

Panicela, /. paste 

Panichina, /. a strumpet 

Pànico, m. panic, millet (a grain) 

I^ico, a. i)anic 

Paniera,/, a baket 

Panieràio, to. a basket-maker 

Paniere, m. a ba ket 

J^nificarsi. to become bread 

Paniòns, m. a lime-twi» 

Paniuzza, Pani izzoìa, /. and Pa- 
niózzo, m. a small lime-twi» 

Fumaiuòlo. ariA Panniére, in. a 

Pannat'jra. {. and Panne^iaménto. 
m. dnpery (a term in painting) 

Panneg^àre,'lo p^int drapery 

Pannèllo, m. a oi^ce of cloth 

Pannicèllo, and Pannicolo, m. a 
little cloth; diaphragm, midri£f 


Pannina,/. wooDen cloth 

Fànn •, m. cloth ; panni, clothes ; 
starsi ne" suoi paimi, to be con- 
tented with what one has 

Pannòcchia, /. the ear of Indian 

Pannolino, m. linen-cloth 

Pantalóne, m. pantaloon (a mask) 

Pantano, m. a marsh, fen, l)05 

Pantanoso, a. marshy, miry 

Panttone, m. pantheon 

Pantèra, /. panther ; a draw-net 

Panterino, a. of a panther 

Pantòfola, /. a slipper [-itory 

Pantràccola, /. an old woman's 

Pantofola,/, a slipper 

Panza,/. paimch, belly 

Fanzine, /. pL nonsense 

Panzièra, /. a cuiras 

Paolino, jn. a bird, a fool 

Pàolo, m. a silver coin [pie 

P 'onazzo, a. violet coloured, pur- 

Paóne, m. a peacock 

Paone^jiàre, to s rut 

Paonèsa, /. a peahen 

Papa, m. the pipe 

Pap'de, a. paj'al [ties 

Papàiso, m. a priest of fajsedivini- 

Papato, m. papacv, the pope's di;- 

Papàvero, m, poppy ; pipivero 
erriMco, a wild poppy 

Paperéllo, and Papcriftj, m. a gos- 
ling (young zoo'^) 

Paperino, a.'of a goose, papal 

Pàpero, m, and Pàpera, /. a green 

Papésco, a. papal, popish 

Papi I iòne, m. butterfly 

Papilla./, the nipple 

Papiro, m. papyrus, (a plant ;) a 
sheet of paper 

Papista, m, a papist 

Pappa,/, pap (an infant's food) 

Pappacchióne, m. a glutton, block- 

Pappafico, m. a hr^4 

Pappajnllo, ni. a parrot 

Pappalardo, m. hvTXxrite, a glutton 

Pappalécco, m. a dainty bit 

Pappare, to sormatidlze 

Pappatóre, m. a ?ree<!y gut 

Pappino, 771. a servant of ?n hos- 
pi'al [mash 

Pappo!àfa, /. an idle s^ory ; a hash- 

Pappóne, m, a devourer 

Parabola./, parable, a fable 

Parabolano, rn. a great talker 

Parabolano, a. false, vain 

Parabòlico, n, f«rabolical 

Paraoéntesi, f. paracentesis, or tap- 
ping for the dropsy 


Paràclito, m. the Comforter, or 

the Holy Ghost 
Paracuór», m. lungs 
Paradiso, m. paradise ; paradiso 
terrésre, the garden of Eden ; 
méttere una cosa in paradiso, to 
extol a thing up to the sky 
Paradòsso, m. a paradox 
Paradòsso, a. paradoxical 
Parafèma,/. paraphernalia 
Parafrasare, to paraphrase 
Paràfrasi, /. a paraphrase 
Parafraste, m. a parapliraser 
Faràggio, m. a comparison 
Paragon.'! bile, a. comparable 
Pai-agonànza, /. comparison 
Paragonare, to compare, to equal 
Paragóne, m. a touchstone, a com 
parison ; far paragone, to put in 
competition ; métter in para- 
gone, to set against ; oro di para 
gone, pure gold. A paragóne, 
ad. comparatively 
Paràgrafo, m. paragraph 
Faralàsse,/. a parallax (in astrono- 
my) [parison 
Para'i jllo, tji. a parallel, a com- 
j Paralello, a. parallel 
; Parai Ì5Ìa,/. palsy 
; Paralitico, a. paralytic 
Paralogismo, m. a paralogism 
Paraméulo, m, furniture ; rich 

clothes, ornaments for a hiorse 
Paranioscbe, >n, a fly-flap 
Parapètto, m. breas'-work 
.'Parapiglia,/, coufiis ion ; crowd : 
I disfirder 

iParAre, to adorn, dress, deck, to 
parry, keep ofi'; pilar un colpo, 
to parry a blow ; par'in^i dinan- 
zi ad alcuno, to present one's self. 
Parasóle, m. a parasol 
Paiassiiico, a. para=iilical 
Parassito, m. pa asite, «punger 
Pai-asitóne, tn. a barefaced para- 
Parata, /. rampart, a parade 
ParaTin, m. a partition 
Parato. 771. tee Paraménto 
j Fari'o. part, adonied, decked, pr»- 
I j.areil, realy 
Pa'^atiira, /. aloming 
Paravènto, m. a screen 
Parca, f. death, destiny ; le parche, 

the fa-es 
Parcamente, ad. sparingly 
Farcere, to forgive, to spare (Latin 

Farcita,/, raodera'ion 
Farro, a. parsimonious, saving, 

sober, moderate 
Parco, m. park 


Pardo, m. a leopard 

Pare, set Pari 

Parécchi, and Parécchie, o. pU 

Pareggiàbile, a. comparable 

Pareggiaménto, m. equality 

Pare;i;iàre, to equal, coiii|>are 

Pare^fiatdra,/. equuli y 

Paréglio, 071(1 Parèlio, m. parheli- 
on, mock-sun 

Parentado, m. jrarentage, kindrel, 
eitraclion, birth ; fare un paren- 
tado, to make a match ; róuiperc 
un parentado, to bi-eak a match 

Parentale, a. parental 

Parénte, a. akin, related ; un pa- 
rénte, a kinsman [rentage 

Paren'ela, and Parenteria, /. pa- 

Pareiilésco, a. paternal 
f. parenthesi 

ile, a. parental, cordial, 

Parentório, a. (set. Perentòrio,) sud- 

Parére, to seem, appear ; to think, 
jud?e ; mi par osi, so it ap- 
pears lo me ; che ve ne pare •■ 
what think y^u of it ? parérsi, 
to show one's' self 

Parére, m. opinion, judgment, 
esteem, ihniisht ; al mio parére, 
in my opinion 

Paretàio, m. place where the net 
is spread [ wal I 

Paréte, and Pariéfe, /. a partition 

Pargoleggiare, to grow boyish 

Pargolétto, o. and s. childish, 
young; an infant 

Pairgolézza, /. infancy 

Pàrgolo, m. an infant 

Pari, m. a peer (a title) 

Pari, a. equal, alike ; pari p^ri, 
very equal ; pari, an even num- 
ber; cosi si tratta co' pSri miei ? 
is it thus you deal wi'h men of 
my rank ? posso farlo al par di 
voi, I can do it as well as you 

Pari, ad. equally 

Parieiiria, a7u/' Paritària, /. pelli- 
tory of the wall [mento 

Parificaménto, m. see Pareggia- 

Parigino, m. bean, a fop 

Pariglia, /. a double point (at dice) 

Pariménte, ad. likewise 

Parità,/, equality 

Parladore, m. a speaker 

Parladfiia, /. a speech 

ParlamenlAre, to confer in parlia- 
ment, to corne to a parley 

Parlamentàrio, a. parliamentary 

Parlaménto, m. parliameat ; a 
speech, discourse 


Palante, a. speaking; un mal 
parlante, an ill tongue 

Parlantina, /. talkativeness; a 

Parlauiioo, a. talkative 

Parlare, to speak, talk ; parlar alla 
mu'a, to speak by signs ; parlar 
fuor de' denti, lo spe:ik plain ; 
parlar all' ària, to speak at ran- 
dom [ley 

Parlare, m. a 'alk, discourse, par- 

Parlasia,/. palsy 

Parlata, /. a speech 

Parlalo, part, spoken 

Parlatore, m. speaker, orator 

Parlatòrio, m. parlour 

Paila'iira,/. a disourse 

Parlético, a. paralytic 

Parlévole, a. e.v[iréi>sible, talking 

Parlottare, to mutter 

Pirma,/. buckler 

Parnàsso, m. mount Parnassus 

Paro, m. a pair, couple 

Piroco, m. a rector of a parish 

Parodia,/; parody 

l'aròla, f. word ; pèrder la paróla, 
to lose one's speech ; romper le 
parole in bócca, to interrupt ; 
venir a pamie, to come to hard 
words ; far paròla, to mention ; 
masticar le parole, to think be- 
fore one speaks; anmiazz,ir le 
paróle, to clip ons's words ; 
chièdere la paròla, to ak leave ; 
non far paròla, to be silent 

Parolaccia,/, lewd language 

Parolàio, m. a tattler 

Parolétta, /. caress 

Parolina,/, a sw<«t woH 

Parolona, /. and Parolone, m. an 
emphatic word 

Parolozza, /. a rough word 

Paroslsmo, ?n. paroxysm 

Parotide,/, parotis (a swelling) 

Parpaglióne, m. a butterfly 

Parricida, m. a parricide, mur- 

Parricidio, m. pari'icide 

Parròcchia./, parish 

Parrocchiale, a. parochial ; chièsa 
parrocchiale, parish church 

Parrocchiano, m. the parish priest ; 
panncchiini, parishioners 

Pàrroco, m. a parish priest 

Parrucca, /. peruke [parrot 

Parrucchetto, m. a paroquet, a 

Parsimònia,/, thrifliness 

Parso, part, seemed, appeared 

Parte, /. part, share ; parly, fac- 
tion ; in ogni parte, every where ; 
in qualùnque parte, wherever : 
da parte a p'lrte, througb ana 


through; da parte di tutti, re 
the name of all ; ditegli da 
parte luia, tell him from me ; 
«tar da parte, to withdraw ; da 
parte in pane, throughout; dar 
parte, to impart. A pirte, ad. 
aiide, apart ; [Arte |)er parte, 
separately ; io son parte in que- 
sto ne^zio, I am concerned in 
thisafiair; in nissOna parte, no 

Partechè, ad. meanwhile 

Partecipante, a. participalmt', 

Partecipare, atid PartiripSre, to 
participate, to impart, acquaint 

Partecipe, and Parlèfice, jti, part- 
ner, sharer [viiion 

Parteggiaménlo, m. partition, di- 

Parteggiàre, to follow party 

Partenére, to appertain, belong 'o 

Parvènza,/, departure 

Partlbile, arid Partèvole, a. sepa- 

Par;icélla, f. particle 

Participatore, m. a sharer 

Farticipaziòne, /. participation 

Participio, m. participle 

Particola,/, a jiarticle 

Particolare, a. particular, pecL»- 
liar ; un particolare, a private 

Paricolareggiàre, lo de'ail 

Particolarità,/, particularity 

Particolarizzire, to gi ve a particu- 
lar account of, to particularize 

Particolarmente, a/t. particularly, 

Particulire, o. (see Particolare, and 
its derivatives;) particular 

Partigiana, /. a Iarli^an (halbfrd) 

Partigi'ino, m. a partisan, a fa- 

Partiménto, m. (j«/i Partigiòne,/. 
partition, departure 

Partire, to share, divide; partirsi, 
to depart, set out 

Partlt.i, /. a departure; (parte) a 
porliin ; (divisa) devise, colour ; 
partita, a match, a set ; fare ui-» 
partita, to play a game; l'ultima 
parlila, death [tentively 

Partilamènte, ad. distinc'ly, at- 

Partllo, m. way, means, manner, 
bargain ; condition, resolution ; 
danger, hazard ; non vòilio mé^ 
tere a partito, I will not endan- 
ger ; a mal partito, to an ei- 
tremi'y ; mèt'ere il cervèllo a 
partilo, lo puz^.le ; prènder par-