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Full text of "Items of genealogical interest in the Springfield daily news and the Springfield leader of Springfield, Greene County, Missouri for 1927"

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(Deaths, marriges, births, anniversaries, etc.) 

in the :\&tV e ~' \ 

_ .-■ 

\ ^ 


,ci G' 


and the \ P *o^?« .^v .^1 . 

SPRINGFIELD LEADER \ ^1$^ \ ^^3---' " ' 

of Springfield, Greene County, Missouri 




Pages 1--792 
January 1, 1 927-- August 23, 1927 

with an index for the entire year \fih Kl 

at the end of Part 2 ^ d1 ^ 

Wm. K. Hall tf?1 

33 Westmoreland Place u > 
St. Louis, MO 63108-1227 
June 6, 1998 



was an evening newspaper which also published Sunday morning. The following issues are 

Friday, February 11, 1927 

Tuesday, February 15, 1927 

Tuesday, March 1, 1927 

Tuesday, April 5, 1927 

Tuesday, April 26, 1927 

Saturday, Apirl 30, 1927 

Tuesday, May 31, 1927 

Monday, July 4, 1927 

Thursday, July 14, 1927 

Wednesday, July 20, 1927 

Friday, August 5, 1927 

Sunday, August 14, 1927 

Thursday, August 18, 1927 

October 5 through October 8, 1927 

October 28 through October 31, 1927 

Thursday, November 10, 1927 

Thursday, December 22,1927 


was a morning newspaper. The following issues are missing: 
March 1 through March 13, 1927 
Friday, March 25, 1927 
Sunday, March 27, 1927 
Saturday, May 21, 1927 
July 1 through July 16, 1927 
Wednesday, September 28, 1927 
Friday, December 23, 1927 

The microfilm file of the Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, newspapers begins in 
1844. Many of the early newspapers had only a brief existence. There are gaps in the files. 

Almost all of the early newspapers have been indexed up through 1927. For many of the 
years there are abstracts as well. Each year has its own index and the index is to date of the 
newspaper item, so that a person with the index and access to the newspaper file could quickly 
locate the item for which he was searching. 

From 1940 to date actual clippings from the newspaper have been included as well as 

The Springfield—Greene County Library, P. O. Box 760, Springfield, MO 65801, has the 
old newspapers on microfilm and also has all the abstracts, clippings, and indexes as hard 
bound books. 

The library of the State Historical Society of Missouri, 1020 Lowry Street, Columbia, 
MO 65201 also has all the old newspapers on microfilm and also has most of the abstracts, 
clippings, and indexes—some in book form and some on microfilm. 

Other libraries which have most of the abstracts, clippings, and indexes (but not the full 
newspaper files) are the Family History Library, 35 N. West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 
84150 and the DAR Library, Memorial Continental Hall, 1776 D. Street NW, Washington, DC 

The Ozarks Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 3494, Springfield, MO 65808 has many of 
the abstracts and indexes for sale. 


The newspaper made errors: John Dutton was really John Hutton. Names are 
misspelled. Dates are wrong. Many events—even deaths—were not mentioned in the paper. 

I made mistakes. Microfilm is often blurry and indistinct. Numbers particularly are 
difficult: 2s and 3s look alike; 6s and 8s look alike. Items were scattered about. Who would 
think of looking for a birth announcement among the want-ads? Items were overlooked 
because headline writers tend to be cutesy: "Prosecutor Jones Gets New Assistant" actually 
means his wife gave birth to a son. A marriage was reported under the headline: "To 
Consolidate." It is easy to overlook such whimsical items. 

Many items deliberately omitted often mention family relationships. Before radio and 
television the almost universally practiced recreation was visiting— usually relatives. There 
were thousands of items reporting such comings and goings: "Lucy Belle Smith returned to 
Ashtabula, Ohio, to visit her grandmother Violet Voles." Such items were not included in this 
index but nevertheless often reveal family relationships. The reader (if he has enough patience) 
might do well to read through such items. 

The reader is strongly urged to CHECK EVERYTHING. He should check the microfilm 
himself. He should check with other sources: birth and death certificates, tombstone records, 
probate records, funeral home records, city directories, census records. Fortunately the 
Springfield-Greene County Library has many of these records. 



m R s 

5 M T W T F S 

4 5 q 7 8 

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 
30 31 

mR{i n 3 4 5 

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 
27 28 

MAK T"2 3 4 5 

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 
27 28 29 30 31 


1 2 

3 4 5-'6 7 8 9 

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 

VY3 4 5 6 7 
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 
29 30 31 


12 3 4 
5 6 7 8 9 10 11 
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 
26 27 28 29 30 

5 M T W T F S 

M-Y J 1 1" : V 2 

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 

A W3 4 5 6 

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 
28 29 30 31 

1 2 3 

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 

18 19 20 21 22 23 24 

25 26 27 28 29 30 

rm e 7 a 

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 
16 17 18- 19 20 21 22 
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 
30 31 


12 3 4 5 

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 
27 28 29 30 

1 2 3 

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 

18 19 20 21 22 23 v 24 

25 26 27 28 29 30 31 

1701 • 














































Page 1: The will of Zula M. Sperry was filed for probate. 
Page 3: Miss Willie Marie Moore and Mr. John W. Carner were married.** 

Miss Jean Wells and Dr. II. P. Packard were married.** 

Jess Calhoun was appointed to administer the estate of W. T. Calhoun, deceased. 

Marriage license: Lawrence George Watkins and Freda Guenther, both of 

Marriage license: Ralph E. Stiles and Josie Shook, both of Springfield. 
The will of William S. Carter was filed for probate. 
Page 8: James McMahan was found dead.** 
Lee A. Calvin died.** 
Mrs. J. C. Wasson died.** 
Helen Louise Langley died.** 
John P. Howard died.** 
William' D. Reynolds died.** 
Mrs. Florence McDowell died.** 
Mrs. Sarah Margaret Elder died.* ' 



Prominent Resident of Web- 
ster County Dies Aftej^Brief 
liineee at Famll/Home. 

James McMahan. a: year* old, 
prominent h.islness iiuiii of Web- 
ster cour.lj. was found dead In his 
ted nt the fanill\ home at Soj - 

llli.lir. Mo. :U C :ii> o'clock \i-lrr- 
,!:,i morning The dtcident had 
L< • n 1.1 i.nly a few days 

)•..! id.- print •-'« >. irs Mr Mc- 
M,.i..n lia.l !.••• ii iSie principal 
owner of Hi'- Seyinoui Furniture 
; nd I'lidi-rtuklny comimny. Ho 
wa« one •■'. tin' principal stock- 
holder* of tb- Bank or Seymour, 
belas an oHIoer and a director ol 
that institution. Ho bad boon con- 
noctod with that bank lor many 

Ho «u ono of tbo founders or 
ths UoUkhau-Hut Supply com- 
pany, of* of iho largest tomato 
conning firms la (bis ssctlon. Mr. 
McMahan also owned ono or tbo 
largest farm* In this section and 
luid ImnJltd and raised a great 
deal of live stock. 

K l: MoMiilimi. only son of the 
deceased. Is president of the Bank 
nf Seymour, and lias been Inter- 
ested with father In various 
other businesses for years. 

Mr. McMahan was a member of 
I hi 1. O. O. K. Lodge. No. 3<i3: tha 
Seymour Musonlc l-mlce No. ^S. 
\ l" & A M . unci iho Modern 
VVuuilmen of AmerlAi. 

Mrs. J. W. Cuson. a slBter of Mr. 
McMahan, of this city, left yeater- 
iluy f>>r Seymour. 

S K. Trimble, vice president 
and cashier of lh« Union National 
Lank of this city. Is a cousin of the 
deceased and. had been associated 
in business with Mr McMahan for 

j ears. Mr. Trimble left yesrtarday 
lor Seymour. 

Several locnl business men ars 
planning to attend the funeral of 
Mr. McMuliun. which probably will 
i... |.<-M Sunday nl Seymour Inter- 

! iiu'iil "ill '" made In the Masonic 

| ■ ' mi Iffy nl Seymour. 

' Ml Mi-M.ilwiii Is survived l>j the 

I tvidow, une sun, 11. K. McMahan. 
Seymour; one dauKhter, Mrs. John 
Miller, ..f Oklahoma City: one 
brother, W. T, McMuliun. Marsh - 
fli-lil. an.l four Mil'ts. Mrs. T. W. 
rnsoli, Sprln^fli'hl; Mis, A. B. Cos- 
ter. MarshfleUI: Mrs. P. T. Hyde. 
Mar.shfleld, und Mrs. W. H. OUvor, 


and Mrs. George Q. Moore 
rleston, Twui, announce the 
of their dougtatsr, Willie 
to Mr. John W. Carner of 
6nringllsld. Mo., on August 4. l»i». 
ML . Xioodon, Tnoa, The marriage 
*)m* kept secret unUl Saturday, 
•Peytnber 18, wben Miss Anna Mc- 
Oary entertained with a luncheon 
1 1 oh si" borne to announce the mar- 
rts^pa. The large living room and 
room were decorated with 
greens and potted 
Mrs. Carner Is the second' ' 
titer of Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge 
iQ. Moore. Mr. Carner Is the son of 
Mr. and Mrs. X. H Corner. 1620 
North Jefferson avenue, aprlng- 
XWd. Mr. and Mrs. Carner are 
■pending the holidays with Mrs. 
Oarner's parents und other rela- 
tives in Charleston, Tenn., and 
•fter January 1, the young couple 
Will reside In Springfield. Mr. 
Carner Is an employe ol the Krlsco. 

,, Miss Jesn Well. Weds. 

„., • Miss Jean Wells, who has been 
eloinif missionary work In Tabriz, 
I'sraia. for the past seven years 

■ Under the direction of the board of 
missions of tho hirst Presbyterian 
church and Is well known In 
Springfield, was married on 
Christmas day to Dr. II. P. Pack- 
ard of Tabriz, also a missionary. 
Announcement of the marriage 
Waa received by Dr. J. T. Bacon. 

. pastor of the Clrst Presbyterian 
*• ~ ■ - 



Funeral aarrtoe. for Le* ▲. Cal- 
vin. 19 yaara old. who died Wadaaa- 
dty at hla home on rout* 4 attar a 
brief lllneaa. will be held at 11:S* 
o'clock thla morning at Brighton. 
Hev. W. Z. Stovall will conduct the 
service* and burial will b« under 
the direction of the Kllngnar Un- 
dertaking company. The decedent 
la eurvlved toy one daughter. Mr*. 
W. H. Martin. 616 North NetUeton. 
thu city. 

Mr a. J. «.'. Wusson died at 3:30 
icmi'iduy afternoon at her home In 
Nlxo, Mo., following a brief Ulnees. 
IVneral arrangements are Incom- 

J'uneral at-rvlcea for Helen Lou!*o 
I, Infant d»mlii t r of Mr. and 
Mra. "^rather Langley. ltflO Weal Wal- 
nut street, who died \\ edneaday m«rn- 
itig, utrr held yesterday iiiumln** ut 
i 'lane. Mo. Interment wan made In 
A i demon ctmeltry at Crane under 
•ho direction of the 1'axson Funeral 

William V. Reynolda. SI year, old. 
died yesterday afternoon at 6.1> 
i. clock at nn home In Spokane. Mo. 
The I'uJy Wki brought to Springfield 
oy the Kllngnar L'udert**lng ceo- 
I»ny. Funeral arrangement* are In- 
complete but eervlcea will probably be 
held thla afternoon with Interment la 
Clear Creek" cemetery air. Reynold* 
la aurrlved by two son*. Hoeea Reyn- 
olda. who operatea a garage in thla 
city, and Lecpnld "Lev" Reynclda. 
wlc la employed by the International 
I'erveeter company of this city. 

»*un«r*l **rvio*a tor J aha P. Howard. 
U years old. a veteran of the Cl»ll 
war. who died Sunday night,** Braa- 
eon. Mo., attar a brief llliaaa. were 
l.eld yeatarday afternoon. Rev. John 
Crockett, of thla city, officiated at the 
eervtoea which were held at the Na- 
tlcnal cemetery. 

I'uneral eervlr*a for lira. Horenc*! 
Mi Dowell, 6i \enrs old. who died at 
| her home In Chicnfro. were held rvt 2 
o'i h,. k yeaterday afternoon ut the 
K'lngner Funeral chapel with Inter- 
ment 1n Maple I'nrk cemetery. Mrs. 
MrPnwell formerly lived in this rl'.y. 


Mrs. Sarah Margaret Elder. 62 roar* 
old. died nt 11:50 o'clock ]aat night at 
her home. :1!5 State street. She la aur- 
\lved by the husband, J. W. Elder. 
„,,,■ f. ..i daughters. Mrs J. C Itus- 

Hell. Mr- I 
Elder yntl 
held at i:S 

mmn I ..•' * "I« MN« I.titr.i-ln 

Miss May in I :iu.r. nil < f 

Kuneral Hervicee will b<> 

) r.clock Sunday afternoon 

at the home Interment will be In 
riovne cemetery uniler the dirertlon of 
the Pnwn Funeral home. 

Page 1: Miss Harriet Blair, daughter of Mrs. Emily Newell Blair, a widely known 
author, and Newton Melville Forsythe of St. Louis were married December 31 in Joplin. 

Page 10: Miss Willmetta Piichford and John C. Lee of Cedar Gap were married Sunday, 
December 26, at Cedar Gap. The bride is the daughter of G. T. Piichford and the groom is the 
son of Mrs. J. L. Lee of Springfield. 

Mrs. Hallie Maurene Herman died.** 

Mrs. Ella J. Wasson died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Margaret Elder died.** 

Lee A. Calvin died.** 

William D. Reynolds died.** 

Shelby Lejeune died.** 

James McMahan died.** 

Mrs. Derella Woods died.** 

Mrs. Laura Sands died.** 

Mrs. Sarah E. Hammock died.** 

George Washington Phelps died.** 

MJbfco. BAataUi BaaPaUa. 

Funeral ewrvloe* lor Mr*. cw**t* 
aaUryaxvt Klflff. 02 raoc* old. wl>o dUd 
at 1180 o'clock Tnuraday nt^t.-aitil 
be h«W at 3:80 oclock Sur-lay aft- 
ernoon at tne nocne. 230 West riuate 
aUiect. Interment will be made In 
Payne oemetery uxulcr tUc dlroctloa 
at tbe Paxeon funeral numo. 


Mr*. KUa J. Waawn. wife of J. O. 
Waawon. died ut a:i3 o'clock Tnura- 
day afternoon after a> brief lllnnea 
Funeral •erricee will be neld at 1 
oolock Sunday afternoon from tne 
Nlxa Gnrtatlau cnurch, wlta Inter- 
, uiout In Olenn oenjetery under dlrec- 
. Uuo of tne T. B. Onafftn Undertak.- 
] lug company of Oxairk. 



iruMnU service* will be bald >* * 
o'clock Monday afternoon lor Mrs. 
Hslne Maunot Herman. 3* r«" o*d. 
who uiod at noon yeetsrdar in a lo- 
o*l hospital. lnt**m«a* will b. ium 
In Basjelwood oanMterr under the «U- 
raoUon of the Aim* Voinoryr Funer- 
al noma. Sb* U survived by Uio hu»- 
band. her mother. Un M. L. Lord, 
two sister*. Mia* Kettle Lord and UIm 
Margaret tacit, kod one brother. 
Charley. *U of aprlntffUld. 

wkiELUV narrm. | 

BhalOY Lejunc. son of. Mm. Alfred , 
Lejuno of Schofleld. Mo. was Hhed , 
Monday in an explosion at Ventura. | 
CbI according to word received here. 
Th* body 1* beta* forwarded to Scho- , 
field for burTnl. Funeral arrange- ' 
lineiit* aro Incomplete but they prob- 
ably will bo held Monday at Scho- 
flcld cemetery under the direction 
of MutchliuBOQ-Dlue lTr.flertnh.lng 
company of Bolivar. Mo. Mr L*-. 
j June and several other pernoiu. were 
: klllad when an. explosion occurred at 
; uu oil refining company In Wn- , 
turs. He la survived by u wile uiul I 
Uls mother. I 

rUnenJ aervloes tor Lee A. Calvin, 
j 60 years old, who died Wednesday 
it ht» home on route No 4. were 
, held at 11:30 o'clock. yesterday morn- 
: In* at Brighton. Rev. W. K. Btovall 
I officiated at the services. In terme-ot 
I was made under the direction of the 
Kllngnef Undertaking company. The 
decedent is rurvlved by a daughter. 
Mm. W. H. Martin. 615 North Nettle- 
ton avenue, this city. 


Funeral service* for William D 
Reynolds. 83 years old. who oBed 
Thursday afternoon at his home in 
Spokane. Uo, were bald at 1:80 
j o'clock thla afternoon at the Klh-vg*- 
xver funeral chapel. Interment was 
made In Clear Qwea cemetery. 


Mr*. Sarah E. Hammock, BO year* 
Old. died lait nitwit at her bom*. l«fa 
West Atlantic street. Bn« u survived 
by om sen. Frank, of the boaw ad- 
dress. Funeral asrviees will a* bald 
at 10 o'clock Sunday morning at the 
WWy^ Funeral chapel. Inurmcnt 
wlUeb* mad* in 


Funeral aerrlcee for James Mo- 
Mattan. tn year* old. who dlod at hi* 
; home la Seymour, Mo.. Thursday 
morning, probably will be held to- 
morrow aftarnoon. although It ha* 
not bean definitely decided. Inter- 
meat wiU be made In tho Maaonlo 
oemetery *t Seymour. A number of 
mends of Mr. McMahan. of thla city, 
will attend the funeral. Mr. Mc- 
Mabm vm a prominent business 
m i" of Seymour, having operated 
the Beymour Furniture and Under- 
taking company for the pant 34 

funeral aervloca for Mr*. Dcrella 
Wood*. . Who died Thuraday at the 
horn* of a sister. Mr*. A. B. Strain. 718 
K»*t Page etreet. were held at the 
Presbyterian church .ut Oolden City 
yesterday afternoon. Services were 
conducted by the Kllngner Under- 
taking company of UU* city, oho 1* 
survived by one son. L. C. Wood*, of 
Plttaburg. Kan., and two sisters, Mrs. 
Rose Hutton and Mrs. Btraln. boCa of 
this Olty. 


• Qeorg* Waahlngton Phelps. tt» year* 

old. died suddenly at 8 o'clock this 

morning in hu room, 337 South 

I Campbell avenue, of heart disease, 
runaral arrangements are incomplete. 
but they will be under the direction 
.of the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral borne. 
1 Very little 1* known about Mr. 
Pnelp's home and hi* relative*. He 
came to Springfield about 10 year* 
| ago. A search Is now being conducted 
lor hi* relative*. According to Jewell 
F. Wlndle, coroner of Greene county, 
.several papers. , port-folio* and other 
j document* found in Mr. Phelpe' room, 
lead hi* to believe that the decedent 
. might have relative* and property. 

Rtnoe coming to Springfield. Mr. 
Pnelpe peddled pencils and other ar- 
ticle*. H* waa a veteran of the Civil 


Funeral arrangement* are Incom- 
plete for Mrs Laura Sands. 30 years 
old. who .died at 8:30 O'clock last 

I night .at bier home,.,786 East Madison 
street. Interment will be made In 
Hexelwood cemetery, under the di- 
rection of the Ptutson Funerul home. 
Sne I* survived by her mother. iU»- 
L>»Uy M. Long, and two slatere. Ida 
and Anna Long, all of SprmftlekL 

Page 1: E. E. E. McJimsey sold the Republican to Edson K. Bixby and Joel H. Bixby of 
Muskogee, Oklahoma, and the name of the paper will be changed to the Daily News.** 
Page ?: Miss Beatrice Beckner and Mr. Fred Bennett were married.** 
Page ?: Early Days in Springfield.** 
Page ?: James McMahan died.** 
S. Hurst died.** 

Dr. Dan Fenton died Wednesday at Mount Vernon. 
C. A. Hovis, a farmerjust east of Mountain Grove, died December 26. 
Mrs. M. J. Miller of Newburg went to Bourbon, Mo., where her sister died. 
Page ?: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our son Joe Edmonson," signed 
by C. J. Edmonson and family.** 

Card of thanks from relatives of Clyde W. Doran.** 

Funeral to 
•Afternoon at 
Baptist Church. 

Mknri** for James Mo- 

Iilisslin. IT year* old. prominent 
~[ nutria— BOB* of Seymour who warn 
Mi «Md HI Me bed <-arly Thurs- 
' mominr.. 'Will oe bclil al - : 
oCaX* this uttrrnooii ki the Hnp- 
tl«t chnrcn In Seymour. Interment 
^in tollow lii i*.e Masorn.' <■• ■<■>•■■ 
, tery and Will BToUubly he under ( 
i the 4Jrectloo of ItkUtiuU orders :»t I 

inilJWWHIl Of Whllll III* «ln.«-l'Tit ' 
WM -a member. 

a tew day* previous to hl» 
Mr. McMahiin had been 111 
n| able to continue. In* 
about the nous*. II was 
^Cnt that his condition »v.»s 
[MB MoMahan mated Ilia! 
up about 1 o'clock on lhe 
y ot hi* daath and COIU- 
«t a alurht chill, but (■■■on ; 
to hla bed. When Mrs. , 
_ awoke In the mornlnu ! 
. ,tound that her husband li id 
died tome time during t ri -- i-ail. 

■ - .pffipr hi* life, the decedent h:id 
IFta»&«.'a.n actlvo part In civic. o\ - 

1 *T QVlCIlUlJ lilliJ UUallH'to** ilf-ill- 

4 Webster county. Hv nad it\—I 

^ooi^'jUnn In tho suiu- legislature 
m.nd 'tor II yeara had been rn:i>"' 
«f Boyroour. He *ai promlne»lI> 

'aaapclated with vurloua bu«ln"Mf 

'propositions In Seymour. 

Tb* decedent wan a plonei r i ■■ ■* > 
tdaot of Webster county. Imvtnii | 
been" horn on a farm near S- 

. 1U If 6 "- 


_j relative, and friend* 
attendance at the mnrriagu. 
Beatrice Beckner. youngest 

of air. and Mrs 1. M 

of Buffulo. to Mr. IV'M 

d«lt. moii of Mr. una Mi-, i'. W 

of Charity, whl.-h t<«>k 

riatnaaa tv» at tli« home of 

rlde'a iuu-ents. Tin- i-ou|il" will 

,' their home on a f ami near 

Orove. The brlil'R: "om in :i 

of Lieutenant ilirttrrixit 

Bonnet i. 


■u/e wish to thank our neighbors and 
for their sympathy «u»d ae- 
nce during- our recant bereave- 
at In the loss of our eon, Jee 
oneonr W« alio wish to thank 
.. J. T Bacon and W. 1- Starae. 

We wish to thank our frlsnd*. 

ralitraliiirg and relative! for their klnd- 
n«*s and sympathty during the slck- 
■mm of our son and brother. Clyde \V. 

' Doraa. who pasaed away Dec. 18. We 
alio with to thank the Springfield 

■ Water Ca,. and employe* of tho p.;rr.; 
rasj station for their kindness and 
eympelhy. We thank Rrother Walter 
Prophet for hi* consoling words, alao 
the singers and all for tru} beautiful 


Mr*. Jane C. Doran, Mlaa Ida Doran. 
(Mrs. ' Mattle Bryant. Mr. and Mr*. 
<J. H. Coulter and family. Mr. and 
Mr*. A. M. Doran and family. Mr. and 
aire. V.. II (Jarrlett and family. 1 


; MILLER. Mo —H. Hur-i died at ' 

his 1 n. t of Miller Wedii"«.tii> 

evening from Injuries received 
| when hia foot wua oru.heil whil« . 
j working on the state highway I 
I south of Miller tn September, lllood I 
j poisoning cnua.xl hln death. Sur- 
viving him arc his v. If»> und sl\ 
email children He was burled III I 
Sycamore cemetery Thursday aft- I 

I Ml. (HI | 


fl Jlmaev 

y saw The neuspuper will 

b« publish. J ;: ||, itn pretienl VY.,1- 

nut street plant. Hit new manage- 
ment having iloscd u long lime 
lease ill i > J 1 1 . »,- 

Th. ■ w-hi nut inndi- 

public approxl- 



■ ■ - 

and J. H. Bixby New 
Mier* of Publication — Im- 
riminu to Be Mad* 
Walnut Street Plant. 

t: Jkv Jsi. JC. UcJlmaey. for twenty 
(*«■• editor and publisher of the 
fwlaaftislil Republican announced 
lagt gdght that he had sold the 
■Owpaper to Edson K. Buui and 
J«*J( H. BUby of Muskogee, uklu.. 
•usd th«lr ukuciuut 

Actual transfer • •£ the urupert) 

of the old year, M 
but the nv« ■<»!. 
editorial charge 

n>ornltiM • losue. 
will remain » itb 
the capuciu ul 

Ahoc I ii> ■ » III 
the purcha^- •>'. ii 
flbout u bt'ul'i ol 
jieaa tin ti - , - 

. McJlll, »■ > J. lid. 
>-l ;» will lli,l take 

until 'l'uf»d»l 

Mr. McJlmsoy 

ihe newspaper In 

•ontrlbullng cdl- 

Ihi- lilxbys In 
.• Itepublll'ull iri- 

| ,| , .i.ln. 1. I.Usl 



nturning ■...,, ■].,,..„. 

Democrat mnii .mil evening | 

^>»»l>«m In Muskogee. Okie. 
iiiiby will become editor 
and. George K. old*, 
editor of the Hu- 
wlll be managing 
marubers of the pros- 
gtalT of the Republican will be 
retained but all department* will 
to augmented with new men. Mr. 
by aald. ft". 11 Brunkhorst will 
City editor. 

H. Wheeler, formerly ailmr- 
msnsgcr of tbe Phoenix and 
-Domocrat of Muskogee, will 
• advertising manager. 
With Tnsads y " laeue the name 
will be chanced to the Sprigeftield 
lagUy Ktwi. "Th« noma -st SeVa lm 
fnit* expressive or iha -**UBy" '«•" ' 
Ufa hew paper." Mr. Blxby aald. 
*%f« ehall publish first a newspev- 
per. owing allegiance to no party, 
clique nor organization, printing all 
of the news fenrlesal> and vvlUiout 
cclor or favoritism." 

The newspaper will Immediately 
he enlarged unJ improved, the new 
owner* declined, and aa Moon nn 
arrangomenl-- can be madi'. per- 
il«p« within twu weeks, .. Monday 
morning edition will be added »err- 
lpg the public with seven news- 
pera a week at the old subacrlp- 
prlce charged for alx. 

Early Days In Springfield 

(Continued from las* Woe*.) 

throughout the country. Truo 
enough, there were ten* 
of aoldlera — five of cavalry and five 
of Infantry — under Colonel Cop- 
plnger. but It seemed that they 
were powerless, pructlcally, ao for 
us putting down crime waa con- 
cerned und making It u safe locality 
to reside In We thought uf Blaine 
119 being up at Augusta, .Maine, and 
ul being gloomed II H the li' puWIrj" 

i .indldii to for president. The tele- 
phone hail been the only civilized 
looking thing we hud sfen slnre 
leaving Springfield. We were In- 
I. ii mi d. however, that your Uncle 
Samuel was the only perso" there 
vi ho could afford such a luxury, 
mid even at that only Illustrious 
people, like Chief Bushyheud and 
urmy officers, were allowed to talk 
over It, It being u local line con- 
necting the urmy barracks wltll a 
general store run by .i uiuawman 
named J. W. Scott and running on 
over to Muskogee, where In con- 
nection with the Weatern I'nlon 
telegraph line, a message could be 
gotten through to Washington In 
.is-.- of an Indian outbreak or oilier 
unusual and important happening 
I'o' now we wer* witnessing a few 

i --.ii out West" stunts, lu.-rolv - as ., 

...r-.ou for our especiaj lirilefn 
l( se< med. There was ,, flight of 
>ii>.'ie steps leading up to the front 
entrance to the Scot I store A 
crowd of cowboys busied them- 
selves boosting broncos ovor the 
■ tip and riding through the. store, 
firing off their nlxshootnm as they 
went out at .the back door. 

Preeently an ambulance did ,!•• ,• 
It vca.s a . f on.' .:..'• -, i| 

contraption and reaeaabled a«(n«- 
what Chaxlajr Lhimara* old I < > at 
Guard tend wagon, and mad* a 
devil of an unuaual noiaa, Captain 
A. Beckarly C. ItacCaolay. bead of 
the post hospital, was In co m m a n d. 
Meeting up with a man of enough 
distinction to warrant parting hi* 
name In the middle didn't startle u« 
a whit, but we actually became daf- 
fy when a dashing youag fallow, all 
dolled up In a straight Jacket, with 
gold buttons and white glovaa. an- 
swering to the high-sounding cog- 
nomen of "Corporal. of the Ouard - ' 
alighted and gave us a salute with 
a great wave and flourish of the 
right hand, which. If there had been 
a railroad near, we would have 
taken for a brakeman's Tiigh ball" 
to pull out, that all the rods were 

iiy now we had been Joined by 
the chuplln of the post, sua old 
fashioned Presbyterian paxaon 
named Allen. jKhe w}th ■ aaarcely 
anything to de- except pray for th« 
officers and soldiers and draw a 
captain's pay. amounting to (260 
per, with the uauol perquisites 
thrown in. which included free 
house rent and free access to Ibe 
post commissary. Chief Bushy- 
ht :u1 had already passed his f.ask 
ootore scenting his holiness. There 
hud to be due and quick apologies, 
of course, und we felt more than 
relieved w-btn the chaplin began a 
story ori Fort Oibeon. 

"This old town la rich both in 
tradition nnd romance and In 
things not quite so romantic." be 
ejaculated Chief among the K'.us- 
iiiuja tin >i:.i :.n\e. made h'ori 


Olbeon famous la ex-Chlsf WTUlem 
P. Hois. He U a son of the great- 
aat Chieftain the Charokaaa ever 
knew. John Boot, who ruled with 
an> Iron band (or forty years with- 
out a break. He la a graduate of 
Princeton and waa awarded the 
chleftancy aa tba successor to hU ■ 
uncle but for aoma reuon tailed to 
» in popularity and waa aoon ta- 
booed. He poaaeaaea tha greatest 
string of Kn«Uib of any Indian 
mho ever lived. Hoards of hl» 
tribesmen often bad prayed for the 
privilege of touching the lapel of 
his coat, while countless thousands 
uf other nationalities hud wept ut 
the sublimity of his oratory. He 
lives up yonder on the hill on a 
typical southern plantation of 
thousands of acres of Ibe i :■ h \in- 
ullotled public domain of the Chero- 
kees. tended by ex-Negro slaves, 
who look alter the personal wel- 
fare of the eld Itoss famllv thu 
H.une as when In the rlnvs i.f real 
liuiiiuU luinduire. Ami then there 
was Washington Irving, who 
camped on this very spot while 
gitthcrlntr materia! for his 'Stories 
of the 1'ralrles.' Next In Impor- 
tance was Oeii Zarh.iHah Taylor. 
later to becoii.e president of the 
I'nlted States whi «a- ■■umniander 
of Fort uibson for onlj a brief pe- 
riod. Jc- I - "» aa 

destined to i-ui sucb an Important 
figure In American history. win 
given command ol this l«»n Imme- 
diately after frrad'.iutii.'u from West 
I'olnt. .Sec that uid luinbled down 
log house over ther. That was 

the headquarters and home of tha 
great Confederate chieftain before 
going Into tho .Mexican war. Be- 
sides eo many of the celebrities of 
the early days Fori illbs.i" boa-sts 
a jrreat many persons l:X modern 
fa ri.e Kor li..- ::t i ■ with 

ua rtcbt aow Tom Starr. Ball*. 
Starr. Henry Starr. Jim French. 
BUI Doolla and other, outlaw and 
train robbers of even higher and 
greater renown. Being a live army 
post, wa also are full of society and 
things not quite so sociable. Wa 
bava axnjjw caateena. too. one for 
officer. aaSd one /or privates. Both 
places are very wet places. The 
only dry place on the reservation 
is the dusty drill ground. We have 
an admixture of every known race, 
and a few totally without origin. 
We have an army rifle range, but 
you will note that most of the 
shooting t» K"l»»- r "ti down here 
around the I'erclval hi. .re. at bar- 
ber pules, i hutch *W-t-piea and tiay 
windows. There la a livery suable 
over the way. but the horsey for 
diversion aro employed In exercise 
01 the front porches of sturas or 
drl\en in at the front doors and 
out at the back door, and for a 
change. vice versa. Jay Gould 
built a railroad down our main 
street, parallel to the single row of 
busjness houses that you notice 
over there, and pulled up stakes 
without surfacing the track, so we 
have to walk two miles up to the 
depot and back, four miles In all. 
to get over the track and back to 
vhere we started from. Our com- 
mercial Interests didn't require the 
railroad any mole than It did the 
depot and the im-movul of both for 
that matter would have been a 

great saving In both shoe leather 
and physical exertion In getting 
from one place to another. In the 
heyday of her being we were a 
great river traffic town, but In re- 
cent years lack of wuter and gen- 
eral n«g|ect of the Grand and Ar- 
kansas rivers by tre government 
has left most of the steamboats 
high and tlrj Uul the old fort re- 
ceived Its greataax honor tho other 

day when James Q. 
rived. Tho town bad boss) eav 
qui rive and tip-too of eatpoetaaew 
In anticipating the arrival of auen 
a distinguished personage and nat- 
urally went into bystortos. Tho 
reception was overly 
the parade from afoot 
the fort tremendously _ 
spectacular, army tinsel, guttering 
in the sunlight In ail tho varied 
colors of the rainbow, with noisy 
banda. shrieking tom-toms, march- 
ing veterans and eons of ve t oes n s. 
outlaws and ex-outlaws, train rob- 
bers and would-be train robbers, 
politicians — rquawman and Indian — 
straight ani crooked: Indian mis- 
sionaries and miscreants, ending In 
a grand finale at night In a Jam- 
boree of tremendous and demoral- 
izing proportions, continuing Into 
the wee <nia' hours of morn, the 
effect and after-effects being ri- 
larlous and rejuvenating. As a co- 
incidence, almost. Mr. Blaine be- 
came violently 111, whether from fa- 
tigue In traveling, over-indulgence 
In Joy-water or over-excitement, 
attending the festivities, or from 
personal physical weakness of less 
acute origin, "nobody here ever 
knew. I put on a 'flash* to the As- 
sociated I'ress. Quite simultane- 
ously I was swamped with queries 
rrmii a.l 1 he big newspapers of the 
cuunirv enquiring aj» to the seri- 
ousness ,.f the illness of the great 
.Mann* siati-sman. one from the 
New York World. In particular, re- 
quested hourly temperature, pulse. 
respiration, etc. Meantime all the 
doctors available for miles around 
had been summoned. Dr. Leo E. 
Bennett of -Muskogee. Dr. F. B. 
Former of Vlnlla. Dr. II. C. Tread- 
well of TnhteqilHh, Dr <~allahan of 

lied and the 

monopolised this. U 

days before anytbl*mr be 

reached the outside World. 

when the daily pones* bsnrJs. to «t>*j 

rlv«. they contained Bttio exoa-pt. 

what had been written In editorial 

rooms and resurrected from news- 

paper morgues. many cacryln*t , 

front page streamers heralding the 

death of America's greatest stales- 


(To Be Continued Next Week.) 


Page 1: E. E. E. McJimsey, for twenty years editor and publisher of the Springfield 
Republican, sold the paper to Edison K. Bixby and Joel H. Bixby of Muskogee, Okla. Mr. 
McJimsey will continue as contributing editor. 

Page 3: Card of thanks by A. A. Douglas and others.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Laura Sands died.** 
Adonijon W. Clingan died.** 
Mrs. Sarah E. Hammock died.** 
George Washington Phelps died.** 
James McMahan died.** 
Mrs. Hallie Lord Herman died.** 
Mrs. Ella J. Wasson died/ * 
Mrs. Sarah Margaret Elder died.** 
Card of thanks from Paul Curtis and others.** 
Page 7: Card of thanks from Jane Doran and others.** 

Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our son Joe Edmonson," signed by 
C. J. Edmonson and family. 

Page 13: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Robertson of 1 048 East Belmont street announce the birth 
of a son Robert Charles Robertson on December 3 1 . 

James B. Ryan, 59, died last night at his home 801 Eagle street and will be buried 
in Hazelwood cemetery. He is survived by the widow and four children. 

MUM. HAI.l.lfi HLUMAN". 

Kuneral nervlcn will be held at j 
'o'clock Monday afternoon tit the Almii i 
. Lutur.ryr-r Kunt-ral Uonif for Miv Hal- 
• l:r Lord Herman, 20 years (>:.!. wli>. 

Idled rriday at noon lu a local b<w 
ptj^l.. luuniMOt wW be mad* la 
KMMlwaod cemetery, tibe U aurrrv- 
' ed by the huaband. tl. Krwd H«muA; 
j her mother, Jir». U. M. Lord, el 
I rJprlngiteld; two elatera. Mlaa Dettie 
■ Lord, of th!a riry. ina Mr*. Margaret 
f u i»« «i l l . of New Urockuon. Aia.. by one 
|k~yUMc*. CUiIm Lord, or Waabin«-u>r.. 
DV C : by one ua. John rr«u>rlck 
wid an kiuit, Mra. jixUett* Crawloru, 
oX AUna. Ohio. 


[ UMH. LAl'kiJk. iMkXtXk 

funeral eerTlcee wtil b* b«td 
arttO o'clock tbla aft«ruOoa 
JPaxaon funeral houie for 
BaMi, 20 y Mil old. wbo 
o'clock friday ni^nt *t b*r b — •, 


at the 
Mr*. L— u:. 
at »:W 
kwet MadUon «tre«t to temwn t wrtll 
be mulr in Haielwood eeroarter-y Bhe 
.» eurrlved by hrr mother. Ur». D*H»y 
M. Lori*. anrt two •*»««*■. I* 1 * 1 and 
Ann* Ion*-, all or aprtnjjtleld. 


A. W. t'USOAX. 
W Cltn«an. «l ymn o*d. 
died yeeterday a/terngon at bU home. | 
JM03 Weal Nichols ttreel. following a i 
llngerlUK lllnca. Kunera3 aervlcea | 
will be held a: J o'clock Monday aft- 
' orxuH»ii at the CamoOell •rmu- M. k 
icburrh. Interment will 1* mile In 
National cemetery under 'HI dl- 
of U.e rCUhtfuer funeral 
Mr. CUntfan had live . la fhle 
for a number of years. He 
in of the Civil War The 
•ecedent .» fu:uicJ by the widow j 
and three rli«Jd-en. Eugene Cllngan. ; 
mid M:s« Ell" Clingan. ol trie home 
udrireaa. and Mra. V. Monlaeth. Dallas, 
Tex. ' 


recti on 
I chapel. 
. a* u vet* 

Mai*. KiXA J. UASHON. 
/uuwtl e«rvloca will be held at 1 
o'clock thia kluraooa at the Nui church for Xl - EIU J 

jWwaaon. wife Of J C W^v;,. w :.,. 

, dU-d at Iter home TftUridltj »! leniom 
after u brief Illness. .uterairm u:]| 
be made lu Glenn cemetery under i.i- 
recliou of the T. 11 C.tatflti Under- 
taking compuuy ol u...n. 

Mils. r«All.\tl HAMMOCK. 
F\m«al hervlcrh »!ll be held af 10 
■c-rlocl: ihi* inorn:r.»j at the KUn|ner . 
funeral c.aptl foi Mn. 6»rali E 
llanunock. »0 yean. old. who died rrl- 
Oay uUlit at ber home. 1401 Weal At- 
lantic atreet. Interment will be ma^e 
tn Kaat Lawn cemetery tihe U t,ui • 
vived by one #on. M.nk. of the boaie 

MHS. S.VK All i:i.l*l It. 
Kuneru! aervicci lor Mr?-, i^rah Mar- 
i!arrt Lldcr. 63 years old. who uicd 
iTliiir'diiy ni^ii'. •.. :: ur i.< i j at u : i%l ) 
jo'eloch lliio i« I •-:■:: -on ul U:e homr. 
| VJ.'i Wf.t Siiute atrei't. liitrrtnent.wiil 
• hi* iiiRde in fay UK cemetery tinder the i 
[direction <if ihr Pnxaon rtinorKl honi. 1 j 

t Mill) Ol' TlllliNKit. 
I We wUH to thauk our many friends 
laud ' nelKhbom fr»r their kludnese audi 
laympathy during tne lllueaa audi 
death of our aou. Joseph Ctirtla; aho 
for the many beautiful floral offer- . 






Funeral aervlcea for Jame* M^Mt. - 
)un. f!7 yenr* old. who died ;.' :.-• 
homr in Seymour, Mo . Thursday 
morning, will be held this afternoon 
(Interment will be made III the Ma- ' 
►onlc cemetery ot 6eymour. A num- 
ber or friends of Mr. MfMahMi ol •!>•• 
•vltv will nuend the (UUeral. , Ml 
MiMnhuii was a 'ppoml"e:it bUf!l<e«- 
man of 8eyinour, hurti.c c permed t!:e ; 
ijevmour Furniture and Undertnfctti'J 
I coir. par. y for the pa*t 24 yew* 

O. W. FHBLP9. 

ta arc inoocn- 
Ffeelpe. i 
- Oa*4 In , 
fStratn Oenrptoen twntw, 
I yen tefdwy morning at o'clock. Mr. 
iphrlp* died a* a reault of heurt db>- 
tmm m3 &mS/ *4 M- WJnala^. coroner of 

'fn an effort to locwte relatlrea of the 

decedent Little la known In reRard | 

to Mr. Phe!pa' home. He carnr to 

I Springfield about 10 yeurt. apo Many 

persona In Sprinftfleld v.:'.i ren:riij»j»r 

I htm *-» the man who nipped on 'heir 

•front porch with his cane and »-ke<i 

I to nharpen kitchen k::lirv aciw-o:* <>r 

to file saw*. He also peddled penr]!* 

and other article* 


tri+aa* »od prtgMw for thatc kte*Y- 
neew'tn ti-n. <U*Ul of ow «w awo. 
<Uy«M W, Doran, who »■■■»* »«wy P*^ 

employee of the water etetloci tor 
UMtr kind new and aympatby in. onr 
eed bere*>v«&ent. Alao thank Brother 
Walter ProplxH for ni» o on a olBn 
words, the eiagera and ot w r f o iw for 
the bautlful flower*. 




We wish to expreaa our heart felt 
thauke for the care and attention en 
kindly green ua in onr late bereare- 
ment. the atckneaa. e)ee>U> 
of our dear mother end (re 









AND MP.. 1- . 


We wleh to thauk our marry friend* 
and neighbors for their Lludneae audi 
aympathy during tne nines* and I 
death of our aon. Joseph CurtU; al?o 
for the many beautiful floral offer- 




Page 3: James H. Orr died.** 

There is a poem in memory of 'little May"--[Mae Newberry].** 
Page 5: Earl Appleby committed suicide.** 

Everett Wommack died.** 
Page 9: Miss Harriet Blair and Mr. Newton Forsythe were married.** 

There is an item in memory of Lola Dye.** 
Page 10: C. O. Langdon died.** 

James McMahan died.** 

Mrs. Hallie Lord Herman died.** 

Mrs. Ella J. Wasson died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Margaret Elder died.** 

William Bartelsmeyer died.** 

Mrs. Laura Sands died.** 

Adonijah W. Clingan died.** 

Mrs. Sarah E. Hammock died.** 

Mrs. Isabella Creson died.** 

Mrs. Mary Windle died.** 

Isaac Blair died.** 

Bobby Lee Hoffman died.** 

Mrs. Julia L.Elliott died.** 

John C. Baumberger died.** 

Jane Ellen Jay born.** 

Keith Tyndall and Alice Clem were granted a marriage license.** 





«** s^oplsxy aartjr «b*» 

failed to rally. 

P n w t y 

«••« pcoanlnant throughout wuHmva 

UlMWt, b*Vln» kMB«MSMM WUfc 

widow, oni son. Kuu wommack. ood- i 
nee ted with Frl*co *y*t*m in th* I 
opocua egeata ofnoo here; by om 
daughter. Mis* Uuble Woousack dep- 
uty cleric In Arthur B. Finch - * cTfice 
by two elater*. Mr*. J. H. Hartley, of 
»«4 North Campbell avenue: by three 
brother*. Prank M., M. V. and John F ' 
Woiyuek. all or n««j- Fair drove. Mo. I 

with hi* parent* At tllf P— Mf A*** 
utw, pommlt<*Ml susdidaVt »:*o *V»»ook 
u*» nl*cht At a local tvotalnf beuMbt 

far about thro* years, ana. 

ly In chars* of tb* Qreaa* 
oounty tino. 

Mr. Wocamuk we* apparently In 
good health ye*t*ra*y and hi* death 
thia momiuf waa a *bock to hla fam- 
ily a* well a* to a boat of friend*, tie ' 
ooraplalned of feeling bad laat nlgnt. 
membera of th* family atatad. Karly 
thia morning, now* vex. he «u strick- 
en with apoplexy. Mo became 'Uncon- 
aatoua. Ill* condi t ion grew worse ana 
jfL* died at 11.20 o'clock. 

Mr. Wommeok vu bom and reared 
In th* northwest part of -thia county. 
, *eer Pair Qrove. Ha waa known 
throughout that aectlon of the oounty 
a* a farmer. Ha cam* to npxlngfleld 
m 1910 tnd took charge of th* 
county farm, located north wwat of 
thl* city. He had charge of the conn- 1 
ty lann eight years und w»» aaked to 
regain, for a longer unn. 

fil'Kotwiber. 1934 he waa madu 
r>rputy TJnni* Oottwnbsiooar by X*ttb 
Mooaua-v *?***• 9cmm»mknm of M**» 

dona much In tna trp-VuUdla*: ct tbli 
tun and cmiMi Kwlp- 
tton." H* waa. tmtUm in th*. p**v 
fbrnats** «• fete «u1*w which, iri~a 
great la ia wii a, waa ra *poin fr a a far Hit 
food raoord »a that capacity. 

BA waa ea — Ml— of flva oaun- 
Ha* in thi* district. District Wo. 1* U 
rrsTirin ati l Of Oraana. Laded*. Wabatar, 
Pall— and Polk counties. 

Tna decadent had been a nacxnbar of 
tat* Oadar aUuff baptist church n*** 
Pair Chrov* praftttoaJly ail h*» ilf e. It* 
aaember of aao\l Modern 

known Maaon. 
I Punaral armngsmwnt* ar* InooOMlat* 
but serrtc** wUl b* in charge of tb* 
Kllnf&eT Punaral chapel. Interment 
probably wUl b* mad* naar Pair Qrove 
but d«ftnit* arrangement* have not 
bean made, Banding th* arrival of , 

Mr. Watninaok U aurvlvaa by the 

rx4san an Arnbulaaba 

■j^s^e^e^S'S* *■)*>■ «Hta «r^af ^*«v^ 

Uv* man waa takan ID BU John** boa* 
pltal. Bo dlad a* ba waa being takan 
into th* hospital... .-.;.-. 

Mr. Appi*by^i poxanta-atalad thai 
yaraarday ba waa b acna Mr dto nar and 
waa apparently tn cood apart**. Laat 
night about • o'clock ba applied at • 
rooming bouse, 404 % Wast Walnut 
•unset, for a room. Bo oama out of 
hi* room about ftrao o'clock and par- 
son* noticed something was wrong 
with him. 

Parson* who mveatigatsd th* case 
claimed thai an smpty bastlo with • 
carbolic acid label on It waa found 
In the room. He waa taken to a loosw 
ho*pltal in a Herman H. LohmayaT 

Tb* d soeeded la aurrtred by the par- 
enta, four brother*. R. A. and Claude 
Appleby, of Springfield, Jarre Apple- 
by, of Phoenix, Aiir., Clay Appleby, 
of Clay, Okie., and by one alatar, Mr*. 
E E. Campbell or thl* city. 

T"uneral service* probably will be 
held Wednesday atfernoon although 
not definite arrangementa hav* been 
made pending the arrival of relatives. 
Interment will be made In ML Com- 
fort cemetery under the direction of 
the Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral 

Mr. Appleby waa Injured about a 
year ago while working for a local 
transfer company. Since that time 
be bad been unable to work. 


1^ In M emoriam 

In memory of our dear itttl* May 
Who paaaad away one year 


Boasswhara back of tb* sunert 
Wbera loealtna** never dies. 

She dwell* m a land of gtory 
Wttb dream* in bar mtad eyea. 
And Uughter Uvea all about bar 

and mueic sways th* air— eh* i. t+- 

from ail thought* of -ulnae* 

w"*^, ***** ■»» Ut •*■ Mrs. O 
W. Solomon. c*so H Hewberry. 
*t*rry and Harvey Smith. 


■ -i' •vrrnwj^.iir- 

to Mr. Now tea 

St, Louis. 

in* *H UJM 

city. Oti 

labVay *od 

IP's Episcopal 
*«a one or the 
lings of recent 
rhe bride w» 
hs year itwo 

«T gTMt-CTM 

uhlontd of 
jimminga of 
j*o be«a la 
L«oedee.\ Hir 
»oe cap 
ook and 111 
latron of hi 
ore a peril 
nd carried a 
be brides, 
eorgette c 
^i style. 
::e&. Trie 








deemalds wars 

Mies Jenol 

uujj. Jr. 

at a*, ttuu 

a* JopUa and 

prominent wed- 

la that city. 

la a area* of 

had belonged to 

•ad wa» 

corded silk vita 

1 leco which bad 

family for many 

dreee wee s> wtute 

carried e prayer 

ttiu valley. The 

Mr*. WUIlira LmUii. 


is of ivory nature 

onlsl bouquet, while 

gowua were of ivory 

fleta in correspond* 

eld sheaves of C41U 

orations si uie cburcb 

ere carried/ 1 '' In green and white. 

rucep':on*> abcut 150 quests wat 

eld at ine/i-'Jio trier Uie ceremony 

llw Blair i u. graduate of Kemper 

ucd £>uuhei college end lim» 

een rctcrtsned lr. this clry when the 

•jiit* of f.ecda here. Mr. Foreythe. 

'fco :s u,'/rudutete of Ann Arbor. 

l:clj . is c ciiectca with tbc WesUr.g- 

o*ae EJftrlc crmpany in ei U>ul* 

cere ti»coup!e vill make ttielr home 

iter cc^ipletion of a wedding trip u> 

Jew Ortana. 



J4DU H. Orr, 75 ""ears old. former 
attorney for the Prleoo Lines, died 
Sunday at his hams In Kansas Clry. 
Mo., according to word received here 
by hla brother. W. J. Orr. 830 East 
Walnut street. 

The iiociucd wu born In Pike 
county. Mlaeourl. and moved to Kan- 
•u City In 1N3 to become the gen- 
eral right of w»j agent and claim 
agent with the ICenass City. Pitta- 
burg, a. Oulf railroad. 

Prior to that tone he had been with 
the Hannibal 4c St. Loula railroad, 
then under construction from Kanaaa 
City to Port Arthur. Tei 

Later he was attorney for the Mis- 
souri Pacific road and until a fea 
month* ago. when he retired, he wae 
assistant district attorney for the 
Kneco under hU brother. W. J. Orr. 
of thu city. 

Jamee H. Orr ■wae In the eervlce ol 
the P il eo o IS years. while hie brother. 

for Kaneaa City to attend the funeral. 
wtiloh will h« held at 3 o'clock tomor- 
row afternoon. interment le to be 
"nide In Klmvood cemetery at Kin- 
.•%»« City. 

The drceaaed le survived by the 
a'tdow, Mrs. Dolly Orr of the home, a 

if the home. 

son. Ernest N. Orr. of Kansas City; 

and a daughter. Uxn. Albert/ Newlon 


The first marriage license of 1937 
waa leeued this morning by Recorder 
Jack McXee to Keith Tynuall and 
Alice) jBMOe-' both of Bp^tngfsOd, The 
raoortrer also bwuad a license to a. S. 
Ivsy and Fannie Crenshaw, both re- 1 

aid^i to BfcrtajpiHL ■•••• i 

In lovtnar w*w»ff*44'*- <Wf darting 
team wb*» 
today Only 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederics: J. Jay of 
Oklahoma City. .Okla.. announce Uie 
birth of a daughter. Jane VUen, on 
December' »0. Mrs. Jay wae for m e O * 
Mlae Mary Belle Mlnerd. 

ikitow the poignancy of our alien t 
tbeartatcbe.'of the) KrtaX Us** U 

In silence for enxr dear Lola that 
.loved so wall. More and more each 
'day we mlae bar. Boma caay thina 
'the wound U healed, little knowing 

the sorrow that Ilea artttUa our hoaru 

uouccaled.. . . 

When I close nay f jr*» at tuaM s> 
dream cornea to me. t se em to eoe 
her dear, awvet face, to look: etuln 

■ Into her cyea. 

' The dream of Umm rolls sadly. Our 
heart-ache rant be healed. But aUll. 
each day brings nearer the time when 
through this lonely year, we hope to 
n»"«'i aculn our darling Lola dear. 

Si-dlv mtu-ad by Motbe-r. Facber, 
■ •nit*. Mrs .l« e Puyr.e Mm. Ueorgr' 
•.:i(ii n-'d Ml*. Rt.m Wiitr 








C. O. Langdon. about 70 yuara old, 
formerly a linotype machinist at The 
Springfield Lead**, died MconUy la 
Los Ang el**, Calif, according to wurd 
received her*. Mr. Lengdon bad bseu 
employed aa a linotype mcchlnliit at 
tba Los Aa***** Kxamlner for cotn* 
| time 

Mr Lanifdon resided In Springfield 
for three or four years, coming her* 
from Pittsburg. Kan., wbers he raid- 
ed Tor some time and wiui employed 
ou a newspaper aa a linotype machin- 

Many years ago. Mr. L»ngdon uras 
residing In Colorado working cm a 
newspaper when toe famous Cripple 
Creole ooal mlnera' strike occurred. 

The pnprr Mr Un«don wna *Ti - lt- 
Infl for wee favorable to the strikers 
and some deputies employed by the 
strike -breakers were sent to umaeli up 
the newspaper plant. 

While tearing up the nrwnpapcr'a 
equipment, one of the rieputle* shot , 
Mr. L*jigdon. ahutterlriK hi* rl^ht Jiw- j 
bone. Afterwarda, Mr. Langdnn Wrote] 
a book re/vlewlnic the atrlke. 

W'litli the KlCIiI IIiuUull picture. 

'•vswisassd" OM r*.~-wM« nj*Mi. awvwaafi 
"shots- were made of the Interior of 
the I>on Angrlco Kxamlner. In one J 
place In the picture Mr. Ltftngdon was 
abewn In cloaeup In the Examiner I 
rompo.-lng room. 


Funeral eervlcee were held ybater- | 

day dflrrnoon at Seymour for Jamea : 
McMaheu. 67 ye»re old. prominent 
resident of Webster county, who died 
Thureday morning at hla home In- I 
lerment »u iruide In inc. Muaoiiic ' 
cemetery A number of frlenrla and ' 
relatives from Springfield attended. 
the funeral. 


Puneral aervlces for Mrs. Sarah ' 
Margaret iiidcr, cj years old. who 
died Thursday night, were held at I 
2 30 o'clock Bunday afternoon at the ' 
home, aas West State straat. Inter- I 
ment Was made In Payne cemetery] 
under the direction of the Paxaon I 
PuneraJ bom*. 

, wruu*M HAWxrcLMwrtom. 

Word was, received her* -this word- 
ing of the death In 8t. Louie, of 
William Bartelsmeyar. M years old. of 
410 South Dollison evfwntte, of this 
city. Mr. Bertel aa. ee eg wet m eag e r 
of the L. K. Wright rtors» company" 
at Mount Vernon for 80 years and ' 
for the past five yssvra baa been as- 
sociated with the Schweiueer Brothers 
firm in this city. The deceased is 
survived by the widow of the borne 
and two eons. Klmer M. and Wlnfleld 
K. Bartelameyer. both of St. Louis. 
Funeral arrangements are Incom- 
plete, but probably will be held her* 
Wednesday af tern con. 


Puneral- services were held at 3:30 
o'clock Bunday afternoon at the Pag- 
uon runeral borne for Mrs, Laura 
Bands, 30 years old. who died Friday 
night at her home. 736 Cast Madl- 
ion street. Tnterment Was made la 
Haxe!wood - cemetery. t 

Ptinwrai eurvlo** were held at V 
o'ckitat tola afternoon at the Attn* 
Lobmsryer funeral bom* for Mrs. Hal- 
ite lord Herman. %i yesvm old, vt# 
died Prltkey at noon in a local boa- 
pttaJ. Interment «.**« made m Banal - 
wocxl casaarWiry- Bbe Is survived by 
the rrusband. bar mother, two alsttr*. 
one brother, her son and an aunt. 

MUk. sOJLA Vt'SflbOS, I 

puneral aerrloaa were held at I . 
o'clock thk* afternoon at the Hlx* 
Christian church for Mrs. Kll*. J.. 
Waaaon. who died at bar hom* 
Thuraday aftamoon after a brtef 111- j 
no*-. Inbarmant was man* In OWaa 
cemetery under the direction of the | 
T. B. Chaff in Undertaking company 
of Ocarfc. 

itounv Hoffman. 

UObby Loe Hoffman, the 13-montha- 
Old son of Mr and Mra. Pred C Hoff- 
men, died thla morning -at the home. 
IWJet North hubtienon avenue. Puner- 
al aervjeta will be held at 3:30 o'clock 
Tueadey afternoon at the home with 
Interment in Oreenlevm cemetery un- 
der the direction of the Klingner 
Puneral home. Other than the par- 
eULa. the deccaaed U survived by the 
grandparent*. Mr und Mrs C F Hoff- 

MR*. Jtl.lA KU.10TT 
Mrs. Juli. L. KUtott. 71 years old. 

* ell-known reeldent of Oreene coun- 

llsirriTY''le| J fcaeTi" .^^ ^^_ . _^ 

dpr tn g Tt eld. toUoertag a Ungwru^Tai^ 
loaaa. • Jam, -jaUntg U Um ad*, 
U. -- ^rttr^f^iaTfliiiifeneltli r^ r 
dortnet the) OM1 War sua4 ».. 
bAnMUng oMbactw of this c4ty 

stsvastoU auuoo, » mtm of Mr. mag 
Sara, fclttoct. vw kilted to thai PnU- 
tppUMis during the bpaniah-Am^ioan 
war. The only ralaU«e who lurnra 
Mxe. kouoa is m nleoe m Ukaam *. 

Mr*. KUlott resldtd la Rprtngrvald 
during tb« conflicts of the Civil Wax. 
Puneral aemoes will be bald at 230 
o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the 
Aim* Lohmeyer Puneral home. Inter- 
ment will be mad* In Hanelwood 


tftod Sunday moratod ** 
rout* Ho. 10. Idialk*. , 

field Oh* U HIM «T * 

Mi*. Alio* J., Watt**, o£ 
fcy *x 

rta aad ytsnk w*Jt*r. 

aftamoon M a- *"?*?•* J?£?Z 
chapel. tnurn»«nt wttl b« «nad« m 
Daxiiortu c*m«t*ry. 

JOHN C. UAlMtltUOfcH. 
John C. Baumberger. 77 year* old. 

died yesterday afternoon at II o clock | 
at his home In Brooklin*. following a , 
brief Illness, hintmi service* wUJ o* \ 
held at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday alt 
ernoon at the rraebytenan church of 
BrootiliA*, Ho Interment will bo 
made In BratAkline cemetery under 
the direction cj W. L. Starac. under- 

Mr. Baumberger was a prominent 
farmer of this section. He came to 
the United State* Irom Swltcerland 
mora than 63 years ago. He came to 
Greene county immediately after ar- 
riving In this country, and ha* realded 
In or near Brooklinc since that time. 

He Is survived by the widow, oiie 
anu^'hier. Mrs. H. E Wilrioit. of route , 
Mo. 4. Broosilne; three mas). William ' 
Beumbarger. of route Ho. 1, Brook 1 loo; [ 
Henry Baumberger. Sp rin g fi el d , route | 
No. 7; John Baumberger, of Hobart. 

a. W. CUWGAK. ' 
runeral aarftoe* tar Aoo aQ ah W. 

tcilngan. II year* old. *bo died bal- 

| urday afternoon at his home, 130* 

We*l Nldhola street, W*r* held at 1 

,o"ck«c* thu afternoon at the Oarnp* 

bell avenue la. X. church. Interment 

was mad* In the Rational cemetery 

I under the direction of the eCltrvgner 
runeral chapel. Tne ds c sassd, Who 
was a veteran of the C1*U war. la. 
survived by the Widow . and three 
children. ^'.:- .:.'-■.' 


runeral services war* held at 10 

o'clock Sunday, morning at the 

* Ki i ngrwir * runecel .cnepel ■.■.far Mr*. 

' Sarah S. H e mrpon fc, aft rear* old, woo 

died Friday night. .«t b.*rl*Mo*v 1*01 

Mr*. Mary Wlndle. •* years old. 
wife of I. Wlndle. of route Mo. ft. 
SprlngfleM died Sunday morning at 
uw Bom*, runeral ea- n r l tee will be 
held at 11 o'clock Tues d ay m o rnin g 
at the magna* runeral chapel. In- 
terment will be -made In OrsenMwn 
ce m et er y. 


Isaac Blair. 33 -year -old eon of John 
Blair, died yesterday morning at the 
home. 830 East Oarfleld street. ru- 
neral services were held at 8 o'clock 
thU morning at in* home. The body 
«u then taken overland to Conway 
by the Kltnirner yjr.erfcl chapel for 

Page 1: Earl Appleby committed suicide.** 

Page 5: Miss Harriett Blair and Mr. Newton Melville Forsythe were married. 
Page 8: Marriage licenses issued.** 

H. E. Ivey and Miss Fannie Crenshaw were married.** 
Page 9: There is a notice in memory of "our dear little May."** 

Card of thanks.** 
Page 10: Everett Wommack died.** 

H. N. Fryer died.** 

Mrs. Mary Windle died.** 

Isaac Blair died.** 

William Bartlesmeyer died.** 

Mrs. Isabella Cresan died.** 

John C. Baumberger died.** 

Mrs. Julia Elliott died.** 

Bobby Hoffman died.** 






p Krlth 



ill nnd 

Alice Clern. 

••..(i ,.f 




i. i. 



lid 1 


•• (.'r^nnhiivs. 

1 ..■)! I.f 






R. E. Ivey, clerk In the Kruoo 

office* here, and Mia* Fannl* 

Crenshaw, also of Springfield, were 

, married at U o'elook Sunday norm 

1 by Judge C. A. Hubbard, at hi* 

'residence. 1M1 St. 'Loul* •treat. 

iThey left tot a honeymoon la Ala- 

Ibama. | 

i a. 

Funeral nervier for Inu Blair. O. 
nrho died Sunday morning at his home 
at !Crt l'.'u»t Qarl'leld Mrrtt. w«» held 
at n o clock >iM-rUit) morning- hl tUu" 
home. The body waa then taken to 
Oonway for burial under direction of 
the Kllngner Undertaking* company. 
Mr. Blair was the aon ot John Blair. 

Masons Will Conduct Servloes 
| at Grave: Veteran Frisco 
Engineer Expires 

ass? s "&s~^s.«s 

direction »f the Mi"'"" 

«*ss«^sffi «. vasts 

' direction of Ibhi order. 

bT throughout ^» "n l ?»T« ,£d 
came to Springfield In "««*2 
look the management of the urw« 

J. l-i. nariirj. . hT .,. .ruthrra, 

iS*. "lot n.« Fair Grove. Mo. 


Funeral aervlce. for William Bar- 

tlfdnu-yer. W. <16 South Dolllaon ave- 

MK- . vhn dlcii yesterday In St- I,<.ui.«. 

vi '1 If h.-IH :i( ?'3n .nVlork tomorrow 


II .N . I I : ■ 

rv Trysr "ft " " 
FrUMO anmniT toe ««t«imi FeW. 

'^rtj^t*. will be bald »J > 

J^San A»a»u. »**"« chu *f h JifU 
win be foOewed by totarme.t to «a* 
TaWcsmetery under direction of the 
Herman Uohroeyer Funeral home. 

M? Fryer hi .urvlved by tha widow, 
on. sonR U «■*>•«• * nJ one d * U *"" 
ter Era. N- *- *»*«*+ »" °' 8 £i"*" 
lu'dfth. mother. Mr.. Busan Fryer. 
of Coffeyvllle. Kan.. a ruster. Mn 
U-. I Barlo*. of CoffsyrlUg Kan 
and Mr. J. O. Smith, of E«*t St. 
l/oul* III. 


Fun-rat s--rvl-.-e. for Mrs. Mat* 

Wlndle W. »ho dl.-d Sunday inornin* 

.. t ,h„ "hon..- ..n Kout* No. -". "Ill l-e 

dd at II clock thlr» mornlne at the 

Kllnener Funeral chapel and wilt be 

lolU'Wi ■. »> • ' ' '- e '' 

I . eme.ery 

afternoon at the Paxaen iTunereJ 

Mr. Bartleimeyer waa for the past 
five years connected with tha SchwetV 
aer brother, firm here. He la aur- 
vlved by the widow, of .Springfield, 
and twu sons, timer H. and Wlnfl.UI 
iiarll.einr) er. both of tit- La>UU\. 

Fu"et-et services for Mr*. Isabella M. who died at » oclock Ban- 
day i t«ht at the home of her daugh- 
ter Mra Alloa J. Walter, of r outs M. 
will be held at li*> o'olaok tojnarrow 
afternoon at the Kllngner funeral 
chapel Interment will follow In Dan- 
forth cemetery. Mr.. C.eaan Is sur- 
ged bv on. daughter. Mrs. Alice 
Walter, and .1. grandchildren^ Be-^ 
n horn... Margaret. Ro>\ Marie and 
prank Walter. 


»-,,„ raVe.rvlce. for John C. Baum- 

b«"r S »»o dW Sunday at hi. 

,, r m , in will be held a 

" ., ".•!: afternoon a he 

\:;.: ill run .hureh Ht nrookllnr 

•i i„ lull. .wed with interment 

" lirw'.'kllne r.-metery under direction 

''Vr ' Iikumhcreer U -U"lV*d by^hB 
»,.!„«• one daughter. Mr.. R. K. vv " 
no!, of rTute No. 4.; thre, 

hm, 'WlUtoia »»u»>Wf. •*•■!*•*? 
No. L BroeklUMi Heatfy Baamhergar. 
of roou No. T, •vTtogtuJd: a«4 Join 
UauoUmr. a t Hobsv rt. 010*. 


Funeral serrloas tor Mrs. Julia 

I Klllott. 71. Who died at «:» o-cloc* 

I Hunday aXtemoon at h«f home on 

I route No. 11. will ha ******* 

1 o'clock thl« afternoon at the Alma | 

Uihmcyer Funeral homo and will b. 

lolloped by interment In HaaelwooJ 

cemetery. She waa the widow of J. K. 

Elliott a Confederate veteran, and Is 

survived only by a niece In Arka:.»as. 


Bobby v ««»» n !^";»S55^ 

ton of Mr. and Mrs. rred C. «•*«• 
died yaatorday •»««»»»« at "JJ""! 
at IMS Robberaon avenue. Funarsa 
"rvl«. will be held at ^^^ 
thla afternoon at the home and will 
be followed by interment n «J*»°- 
lawn cemetery under direction of the J 
Kllngner Undertaking- ctynpany. Tl>« 
boy Is aurvlred by the parent, and 
the irrandnarenta. Mr. and Mr.. <■.. r ■ 
Hof fman. 


We wish to thank our u al dhhw a ad 
friend, tor their sympathy and aa- 
al.tance during oair recent tlUMtv 
ment In the loss of our ao». Jao 
Kdmonson. Ws also wis* to thank 
Dr. 3. T. Bacon and W. X* BteMkt,/ 



*Wedding at Jofilin 
Interests S pringf ieUians 

7 A waddlruj In Joplln of eonalder- 
•JjIo Interest locally, due to the 
number or friend* here oi the 
Wide, took place at 4 o'clock Fri- 
day afternoon at St. Phlllpa Kpls- 
fsapal -church when Miss Harriett 
Blair, only daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Harry Blair became the l>rldo 
of Mr. Nnrloa Melville Korsythe of 
s»L 1„ouIh. Tho bi Idr'a ulleiidunt-i 
Included Ml.-a Krancra lUlmann oi 
HprlngnVld. Mlaa Ma belle Mal- 
thrwa, Mia* Junoi Mn'vy. Mr« 
William l.eslln ami Mr». CliurliM 
ItUilr. Jr. Tht* bildi- uori' u fiooi. 
or Hie year 1780. of *rccn corded 
xllk. with irliiunlllKK o( real lace, 
wb.i'.i I. . ii worn >■> la-r |»r«-at- 
KrentRraiidmothcr. Slit- carried val- 
!«■> lilies mil prayer i»o»k which 
bad been carried by her mother hi 
her own weihllnti Tin- i-i-llplt; will 
reside In •->'■ Louts win re Mr. 
Foray the- Is connected with tin- 
Westlnchouxe. Electrical company. 
Anto'nii the K".e.sts were Mr. .mu 
ilr» Harry l»ur»t .mil >-on. Mr. 
I«ob-rt [iuf»t; Mr. and Mrs Wil- 
liam rilin.iiin and Mi. William 
! ..., -, |.| I: ..[.•! Mi - Ml i eai • ' 


In memory of our dear Hula lUay. 
who passed away one year ago today, 
January 3rd. 

Somewhere back of the sunset where 
loveliness never died, abe dwells In a 
land of glory with dreanip In her lifted 
tyom, and laughter Uvea all about her 
and music sways on the air. She la 
far from nil thouehts of sadness. The 
flowera of vanished April, the lout 
gold of summer's mirth are wrapped 
like a cloak about her who hurried 
loo soon from earth and we who have 
known her splendor, a beauty that 
brought 6wlft teara. will cherish her 
Vision alwuya to brighten I ha drlftlnif 

You who know us may think th^ 
u'ihiihI It healed, but today we mourn 
for heil and ran never forK**t the cheer 
she hiouicld to our home and we Ionic 

for a Kiln.; of Itrr sweet face once 


Badly mimed by her loved ones — 
Mr. and Airs. Oeo. Solomon. Harry 
and Harvey Smith, Oeo. H. Newberry 
and other relatives. 1A 


■ mi- m « w > e.-j| 

., ahe.yW< 


runernl advices for lOarl Ap- 
I'leby. 44. who killed himself U+u- 
dsv night In a roomlhf hous* by 
drlnkliiK n quantity of polnon. will 
u* held at 1:16 o'clock this after- 
noon at the bom* of hta Barents, 
?1JJ North Qrant aveaua. Ths body 
wl'l then be takau to aioual Com- 
fort for burial under dlr^dHlmw of 
Herman Lohmeyer KunsraiMloiis*. 

Appleby had lived with his par- 
ents and waa bom* for dumer Bun- 
day, at which time he aMi*mwrt In 
normal spirits. About • o'clock 
Sunday evening*, he took a cvotn at 
404H West Walnut street, where 
l.i- drunk the poison. 

Coroner Jewell K. Wlndl* sold the 
man bad evidently been actuated by 
a wplrl! of despondency. 

Page 1: The Springfield News appears for the first time today.** 
Page 6: Divorce suits filed.** 

Miss Pansy Crenshaw and Mr. B. T. Key were married.** 

Marriage license: Anthony Simmons and Julia Payne, both of Springfield. 
Page 9: Bobby Lee Hoffman died.** 

H.N. Fryer died.** 

Everett Wommack died.** 

Mrs. Julia Elliott died.** 

William Bartlesmeyer died.** 

Mrs. Isabelle Creson died.** 

John C. Baumberger died.** 

Mrs. M. E. Crane died.** 

Earl Appleby died.** 


> 1*1"" Issasssiy'lassaMassM 

M/. aod ten. n -".Oml 
>m*a ••***•«. aod Mr. B. ?. trrr.. maa 

.Of MX*y 1- T- *>«7i <»* »o«a*a sCtoa-- 

taroug-A atraou*. war* qularUy msjtrtaai 
somUmUij aJfUsr ttW a a r a gnfiny on Ik* 

Irvarjd*, apsiclaJ for a two — pi n trtp 

"I I 

Jtnllwwiy gaaMsMaM " 

i~j»* of aycioftuu. 


W.aOO» *.i.'t%Jt..JW>»4** 

<oui Mr*. <fv*Ji C« t iol T o n ^ a . J*SVC| oi^ 
/••trftuy UHiTOtoal* imt««nri.»ne \.-.- 
rn.tde to Or<wu Uwa «u««u-y v~«— . 
Dm ohvouoa/U Ov* WjU*^^w Vw~. 
cbapvl. > - • 

' JUL •£ KuYitsi. x 

^tautr*! eenrtaM* VWJ *>• ^—^ -• •>-.- 
o'clock touunvw ■ttwaOQM m4 ttw 

i*i%hlku Anoo* sV«yfie* anuy w m ku- 
H. M. *ry»«r, «o yw**e «bl. Vrtw duu aft 
•:i0 oXuuiU jt mm &f *<nw.iw«t) *jtw 

» ,!■,», u-ll., IPT Ha« *-» kUdl hfi.i.K. w~- 

MorUr «M>oi«)^jru iMrwu\Mi* L*r. sryv- 
i«~j W«Xk «. IKtimoo ane'uw*'' .— „,.— . 
ywr*. toumrvant will Ww c ~ J« to 
in. ■ t L—w^ CvuwU«7 >..>■! ».." uu «kw- 

Uon of tu» li>a' n ,i... U. - ■/ *~- aTtt« 

ium*1 li.tnn, Mir. JrVyw — «*u4vt%wd L, 
iX_. wLuu, out ,w.i . L*. I* k*r>«u\ .-«.... 
o**« a. it'uuf. kur*. ia. aX MtMV aU 
of opnca;Cl«la: tl-» laofhenr, Mrt 
on — n iW, of Oua»/fJi*. > r -4, , — 
air*. J. O. m.-HUi. of k—t o.. LouU. 


.f. C. 
)"uncrel eervloee lor John O. B*kuu.» 
btrver. 77 year* old. who. dl»4 eua» 
*y at hie home In Broor.llne. vlTt tw 
leld at ^:30 o'clock Wedncnday s/ti/r- 
noon lit the Presbyt<Tliiii churci 
Brook] inn. Interment will be made 
In Brookllne cemetery uihIt dlrectimi 
of W. I.. Btarnf. undertaker. 



Kunerel eenrlces lor Mrs. Mary Wtn- 
dle, 64 yearn old, who died Sunday 
morning at the liomo on rout* No. 
V mere held at 11 o'clock thla morn- 
ing at the Kllngnri Funeral r.hape'J. 
i Interment »»»<i made In Oreenliiwn 
remetcr> . 


Funeral (-errlces were lield at Jop- I 
llll. Mo., for Mr*. M. E. Crane, "who 
died January 1. 1B27. at tha home of 
; Iiit daughter. Mri> W M. Stephcn- 
, noil of .Tophi) 8h« 1% »urTier>d by 
'three daiiKhtero. Mm ^ H Smith of 
Wor.m, Mr» W. M Htephennon of 
|joplln. and Mre B F. KynJou o! 
' Pprlnfrfleld: and by one brother. .1 . | 
L Conrad of Redfleld. Kan : by eerrn 
Brand children and mx rrrat-(rrano- 1 
• children. 

nsvEMJunrr wotoucic 

h J **rvLo«* tor Krorwtt Woaaa- 

— ,-. -o yvi_i"» old. wloo di*d ym<t«r- 

o»j DMMTUa^i »t hi* ~bom«. 000 Worth 

t ^i^^UvJi _v«jju*. foUowto^ a atxok* 

> . -i^^Ai-^j. wui km bald ad J^Q 

. v,.-^_ Thursday w^twrnooa «•• «^. t 

1— J... _^ will b« >n r -1 t la 

- -.•• .- — c rf .ma t <ary uxiow thw dl- 

-Un,u»t Iruu^rkl homo. 

— (frava will h« v^adax 

-. - . m>. I.Vfc.ijulo loOfje 

d/hlCb Lu«( d n-*ir*g»f1 Wail 

..._„i,v. ji v w^» ul«o a member of 

...^ J v,<__i jjujcrii Woodin»a of Axuar- 

. _. _i..u a £a»£at>»r of Ovdar Bluff 

. aptlat cjiuxch U*mX JTmiX Orovc. 

Ho araa born uoair rmdx Orovc whora 

' ho .pout moat ot hi* aarly life, iror 

irltjlit yeans ho Waa • u parln ten a en ( of 

Ihe Ore-ene oounty farm near 8pr1ng- 

lleld and for the paat thre-e years 

I wa« deputy ifuxa* wardon of thl* dl»- 

*to »„.. M a.^iiAi i>y u^ wi*#4^w C4*4 

I fcuUi >ruJ W«»fimacLr. ^^rnirfftftfiiath 

iu« *V*»4» a/wtem to Um ^(Cciai 

' - ,~ik". OCttoa ivara{ Iby att« dMMhUt 

iu— ltubl# Vounmaqic: by two auuna! 

Ur*. J. M. Uaituy of Mei Kortb Ckmp- 

h*U «»wiu«; by Uurwi brotbara, VrwUc 

-i. V. and John T. Woonuck all 

-w.' urov*, Uo. 

.-— 4j. w«JiXa kUXIOTT. 
lfUA«rml aarrloaa will ba bald »t 3:M 
o'clock toaiorrow aXvaruooa for Mm 
Jull» KUlott. 71 /Mxa out. who dlwt 
6una»y afternoon at bar homo on 
j route No. 11. aprlntffum. borrloaa will 
i a conducted at the Alma Lohm#y*r 
r-uneral tiwut with Intormeut In 
1 — --Iwuiij C\;xi.ctory. 

»»il,iulAM liAWTlLiiSMEVEH. 

4- uurr.l aci'vlr«a for William Bar- 
i.e»iucyej-. bj yeaxa old. Of alo flouth 
Dolllaon avanue. who dl*d yesterday 
In at. Loula. will be held at 3:J0 
o'clock Weadn«»day afternoon at the 
l'axaon funeral home. Mr. Bartlaa- 
meyer wait for the paat fl»e yeara 
I connected wlih the Bchw»lt*er 
Urotncra flrui hara. lia is survived 
by the widow of bprtnsflald sad two 
uona. Klmsr 1*. ajad VTUuT^ela fee 
ui«Jt-> MU. U. ttt, Xxftila. 

-jijCSll'T — , uJg- '. ' ~? *&$mrrt 
* "MRS. I8ABE1XE CU»l»ON. 
Kuneral aerVlcea will be held st 1 :*0 
o'clock Wedneaday afternoon at the 

Kllnjrner funeral cliapel for Mri. 
lxabella Cresou, «4 yeari. old. who 
died at 9 o'clock Sunday mornliiK at 
<he home of her daughter. Mm Alice 
J. Walter of route No 10. Springfield 
Interment will be made In Danforth 



U, ^pjK*wre*i Today 

^^to" «££ iTbud,. Joe. H 

ro |D«. »u1 A. J- *-» , Oe<10 , 8 *.nd 

m « later K»W 10 J» inr * b , thfm 10 
U B . Oedde. Mid »*W r »* BOlJ ,l„ 

. „ wurrur "J w . u> . lu „„. 
I paper 10 H * ' E E McJiuiMf 

uiopo»ru " r " lo 
[unci ""^'fr,,, c.u.i. are "'»<• l )U *'' 

i.aki. /vr:*:.r.uv 

; Briel fune»l nervier, were held *t | 
!j 15 o'clock thi-» nfteimoon at the | 
1 home. 3133 lUmwy avenue for Earl i 
'Appleby. 44 year, old. who com- 
mitted .uiclde Sunday night by, 
SrinllaS * quantity of carbollo acid. 
TnrtSay *« then "ken ov«Und 
to Ml. Comfort church. e*«t or, 
Bprlngrield. where the main funeral 
Xarvlce. «rrt held Inurrnent »u 
made in Mi Comfort c*me«ry under 
the direction of the Herman H. Loh, 
meyer Funeral home 



t*m mum u* «»«*"«rt tUtd 

the ^atwxujn mi ">• **»*•«• •» ■€«■•, ■ 

T*e loUowtn* »uit* were nje4: , 

JaAee U. WUkereOO *4paln»* L«ttte 
wuk*raWm- Th*y *»••■• m»m*«l la 
Uarcb. int. and U»ed together un-l 
Ul Jabuiay. .WW. ' _ ., _,: 

• o*«vt* O. BtrttMrar *«»i»«t Oejrt *.) 
Btrlnfer. They were iuarri*d la Oc- 
tober, 1W3 iSA, e*j*Lf»ted la ««*»• 

Page 1 : Olavia G. Stringer sues to divorce Cai 1 E. St. ingei . y 
1923 ' Floyd S Eley sues to divorce Haze, Eley, The, were married September 28. 
Page 2 Dr J. M. Wilkerson sues to divoree Letue Wilkerson.** 
Page 3: H. N. Fryer died.** 

Mrs. Julia Elliott died.** 
George Washington Phelps died.** 
William Bartlesmeyer died.** 
Mrs. Isabella Creson died.** 
J.C. Baumbergerdied.** 
M.H.Lett died.** 

Rubin J. Teeters died.** m^hand Dr J M. Wilkerson 

Page 6- Mrs. Lettie E. Wilkerson answers the charges he. husband Dr. 
made in his divorce suit. [This is a long article.] 

•**- H. N. FRYER 

• faen U aarvloaa tor JA. N. lYyer. 1ft, 
Wao <M«1 at 4:M o'clock Monday attar- 
-Boon at tha homa at KM North Boula- 
C«. wU) t« ttaid at I.-40 o'ciook tbU 
aturnoon at tha I*ythl»n Avaoua Bap- 
u*< church. Hr. rryer wu a yriaco 

^£ur*to»»t wiU ha roada U Baat 
Lawn cm.iwy unaar direction of th» 
ilariuau H. L*hmar»r runaral noma. 


r^ ««rvlc«» for Mn. Julia 
KUott. 71. who dUd Sunday afuroooo 
at bar lioma on route No. 11. will b« 
hild »t - W oelock thU aftamoon at 
, t- Alma Urtuneyef iMnaral hwna. 
im.nn.nt »U1 follow In H*«alwood 

Kuneml »«rvlccii will be held at 10 
oelock tM« morning- at the Alran 
Liibiwyrr Funeral homo for Ceorst- 
Waahtns-.on I'h'U'". «*■ ^h" <"•* 
January 1 ul XTS a Booth Campbnl 
jwur lnlermcnt will f«How In H«- 
KrlKood ccuittery. 

Funt-ral icrvloeH f"r William l»«r- 
Heameyer, U, »t 41B South Uolllaon 
av.niio. who dl.'d Monday In St. LouU. 
will be held at Z o'clock thla afternoon 
at the Tuxton Funeral home. 


WHkeraon, Relating < S( 
Courtithlp, Claims He Was 
TrtokOd Out of $30,000 in; 
Property Hero ! 

HpOO much Interest In bar bus- , 
-^ band's property and anotbar man 
ar« charged against hia wlta by 
Dr. J. M. Wllaereon. Capitalist anil 
ii-nrnl physician. In asking a dt- I 
voi co from Lsttls VV'Ukerson. The 
petition was filed yesterday. 

Wllateraon. »1 ysara of ass and . 
thrice married, took his preser%. 
wit,, on March 11. lilt, after sT] 
courtship of a day. She la SI. 

In hli petition he ullegea that j 
the "lived In tbe homo us u J 
stranger and treated . him with ( 
acorn and contempt." He charges ■ 
lurlher that she. apent part of her ! 

lln-.u "running about ut night* . 
with another man." 

Tho couple separated last Sun- I 
day. I 

She's Thrice Wed, Too. 

The doctor alleged tha/ hi* wife 
obtained from hLm property to the 
value of nearly 130,000. and that 
oho collected rentals totaling $400 
duo him. Another churge 1h that 
his wife frequently called on hla 
tenants and advlacd thotn not to 
pay rent to anyone hut her. 

The present sirs. Wllksrson. who 
U furs her tblrd and present but- 
liugo was Mrs. Leltle Sheppard. 
csme to Springfield from Conway. 
wh>ie ehe» had resided, only a few 
da) a shs met Doctor WU- 
krrnuit.. Shs was In search of a 

house that shs might rant, sv 
referred to Doctor Wllkerson 
W«. 8v*lft Romance. 
During tho conversation. In which 
Mr«. tihepparil '. Informed > Doctor 
\\ llkfrson that. Shs needed a houie. 
he Informed her that he needed a 
housekeeper. They were married 
'the next day. and until Sunday had 
hud.- their homo at ths Wllkerson 
residence. »27 North Jefferson ave- 

lector 'Wllkerson U the owner 
o! extensive buslneHs and residency 
pit I — rty lure, iui tloular ly In Vfitiii 
In I mjnii an the Court liousu eec- 
tlon. ! 

. : 


fill Sir 


' "Tunsral senrloee for Mrs. T—*^"^ 

Ossan. M, who dlsd Suodsy^Bomlaa 

at ths horns of her daughter, Mrs. 

..-dates. J. Walter, of pouts' Mo, M, 

I Springfield, will bs held at !:*> o'clock 

. (Ms. aX ternoon at the Kltngo-ar runaral 

chapel. Interment will follow to Dan- 

«%*U» osmstsry. 


Funeral Ssrvloss for J. C. Baum- 
sergsr. T7, who dlsd Sunday at bis 
sbsd* la Breokllne, will bs bald at »:» 
•'jtlscit this afternoon at fne Presby- 
terian church at Brookllne. Interment 
wl21 follow In the Ilrookltns osmstsry 
coder direct. on of W. L. 8 tarns. 


Information has been received here 
of the death of M. II. Lett, of Man- 
gum. Okla.. who wss a former resi- 
dent of Springfield and was at one 
time foreman of »/ie old Gulf shops. 
A, M. Lett, of Pprtngfleld. a son. has 
left to attend the funeral. 

Rubin J. Teeters. 17-mnoth»-old son 
of Xlr. and Mrs. A. M. Teetere, of W7 
<'ollege street, died at 8 o'clock last 
idrht after a brief Illness. The Infant 
la survived by the parents and one 
slater. Bern ce Funeral service* -will 
be held Thuraday moraiog St ths 
Scaroe morti>=..-,-. Interment will fol- 
low la Wuelwood cemstery. 


Page 7: Rubin J. Teeters died.** 

M.H.Lett died.** 

H.N. Fryer died.** 

Evertett Wommack died.** 

Mrs. Julia Elliott died.** 

William Bartlesmeyer died.** 

Mrs. Isabella Creson died.** 

John C. Baumberger died.** 

George Washington Phelps died.** 

Mrs. James A. Gann died.** 
Page 13: Miss Fanny Crenshaw and Mr. R. E. Ivey were married.** 

Miss Isabel Stroup and Mr. Thomas F. German were married.** 
Page 14: There is an item in memory of Edward H. McFarland.** 


MMVincM rou child. 

nmtnl aervlcea tor Rubin J. Tret- 
U-munihB-old Hon of Mr and 
Mra. A M. Tfflto. or P47 Collar 
•treat, who d.'ed «i u o'clock U»< 
alchl after * brief Ulne**, will be 
held Thr*d*y morning at the Starne 
mortuary. Inlcrmeul will t>e made 
to Haaelwood cemetery. 


M. H. I KTT. 

M H. Lett, or Miuiyum. 

OkU. < 
formerly of Springfield, died Mon-'j 
amy. according to word received, bore. 
Mr. Lett m* at one lime foreman of 
tbe old Gulf ahopa. A. M. Lett, of 
Springfield, a sou. has left to attend 
uue funeral. 

I . — 

II. N. Ull 

' Funeral aervlcea were held at U.30 
l< clock till* afternoon at the Pythian 
Avenue Baptist church lor H. N. 
Frver M ycara old. who died Mon- 
day afternoon alter h Unr.ering Hi- 
i,«m at liu home, uoj North Boule- 
vard avenue Interment was made In 
E»al Lawn cemetery Under the direc- 
tion of the Herman H. Lohmeyer tu- 
neraJ home. Mr. fryer had been ft 
i Ftuk.-o engineer lor *cvernl yeur». 


Funeral aervlcea for Everett Wom- 

| mack. 4o yeora old. who died Mon- 
day morning at hln home. 896 Nor»*i 
Campbell will be lukl Kt i 30 

lo/clock Tburaday afternoon lit the 

! residence. Interment will be made In 
Maple Park cemetery under the direc- 
tion ol the Klinpner funeral home, 
bervlcea at th<- grave will be under 

I Hie auitpicea of the HeadnlC lodge. 

Mra Jamea A. Oman. Ta year* old. 
died thin morning at the home of her 
' ton, Arthur W. Oann. 1000 Nortb 
Campbell avenue, follow in* a linger- 
ing lllneaa. She 16 survived by one 
daughter. Mra. Laura Hall Of Spring- 
field, and her aou. Arthur W. Cann. 
Funeral aervlcea will bo held •»* 1 
1 o'clock "Thursday afternoon at tbe 
home of tbe son. Interment will be 
made In Hazelwood cemetery under 
the direction of the Kllngner Under- 
laklni; company. 

!' "T 


ruuaral a*rvlce» were held at 3*0 
o'clock thla> afternoon for Mr* Julia 
Elliott. 71 old., who dlod Sunday 

taraanaooa at bar hoot* on rout* W*>. 

Ml. BprtUKfleld- Service* were con- 
ducted at tbe Alma Lohmeyer fu- 
uerei borne with interment in Hazel- 
wx>od cemetery 


Funeral services were held at 330 

' o'clock thl* afternoon for WlUUin 

1 Bartleameyer. 60 yearn old. of 410 

South Dolltaou avenue, who died 

Monday In St Loula Service* were 

held at the Pax*on Funeral home. 

,- Funeral aervlcea for Mra. Isabella. 
Croon. 04 yenri old. who died at 

' o'clock Sunday momlng at the borne 
*f bar daughter. Mra. Alrce J. Walter 
of TRout* Wo. 10. Springfield, were 
bald »t 1:30 o'clock Una Uftemoou 

< at KllwjneT Funeral chapel. Inter 


made la 

' •" '•'!•: (I t\ 

J. C. BACMJaSBOItS. > '■„ 
Funeral aenrleaa tor John C 
B-umhergor, TI ywara old. who «Uad 
Sunday at hi* home In Brookl lo *. 
•are held at 330 o'clock tbta aftar- 
noon. Interment waa maid* to 
Brookltne cemetery under tha dlreo- 
tlon of W. L. Blame, undertaker. 

G. H. rHELTH. 

Funeral • aervlcea am bald ft 10 
o'clock Uila morning lor Oaorge 
Wanhington Pbe'lpa, T7 year* old. Mr. 
Pbelpa died last Saturday at 33XH 
South Campbell avenue. Service* 
were held nt the Alma Lohmeyer 
Funeral home with Interment In 
Haze I wood cemetery. 


InMemariam I 

la loving memory or Edward K. 
Mcjrartaod. our baaoaaal »— 
father. eoe», Mid btrotbar, w4»a , 
ad tnu Ufa. Pau wnb ar *•. !■>*- 

paaoaful be your *Urm bar. 
Blaaeed be your nam*. 

In Ufa wa loved you daarly, 
Xa death, wa do the aaaae. 

Tou are ton*, but not — ■ 
Never will your memory tod* 

Owaeteal thought* will forever 
linger around tha grave where 
your body la laid. 

Sadly mlaaed by 




LAND. , wmx 



i a. 

Mt* *?*( •ox'* * • " >»»«> o ■ ** >/ <4.ij 

UuiM BfcUMag/. 
.* M*** Mumy' OMttttMMr. rtwutf1ii*»r «V 

•u*. ••»* m*. ©• w. oMMibMv. «r noi- 

aad Mr. B. Jt Xwy. «» «f 
iHm. U. J. Itvjr. <rf Jpraih rtwWnapi 
»rcau«. wuaw quietly meuTtod Bundety. 
J>aiyuary a. aod left imi»cdi»t*iy *rt«r 
UM otrrwnony on the rtoridav »peclai 
tor a two w<xk-» trip la Uio touOi. 


Page 3: There is a sketch and photo of Rev. H. J. Cockerill, who was born near 
Scarborough in Yorkshire, England. 
H. N. Fryer died.** 
Mrs. Julia Elliott died.** 
George Washington Phelps died.** 
William Bartlesmeyer died.** 
Mrs. Isabella Creson died.** 
J. C. Baumberger died.** 
M. H. Lett died.** 
Rubin J. Teeters died.** 
Page 5: Miss Fanny Crenshaw and Raymond Edward Ivey were married Sunday. The 
bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Crenshaw of South Holman avenue and Mr. Ivey is 
the son of Mrs. L. J. Ivey of South Kimbrough avenue. 

Page 6: Marriage license: Reggie Lee Mitchell, 2 1 , of Brown Springs and Katherine 
Holder, 19, of Clever. 

Page 11: There is a poem in memory of Edward H. McFarland.** 
Page 12: Everett Wommack died.** 
Rubin J. Teeters died.** 
Mrs. Jane Gann died.** 
Fred Nelson 1 litchcock died.** 
Emmett Malenowsky died.** 
Clyde Cunningham sued to divorce Minnie Cunningham.** 



Funeral eervlcea for H. N". Fryer. SO. 
v.-ho died at «-lo o'clock Monday after- 
noon at the home at V02 North Boule- 
vard, will be held at -:o\> o'clock thla 
ulternoon at the 1 'ylhlan Avenue Bau- 
nat church. Mr. Fryer »u a Frlaeo 

Interment will be made In Kaat 
L»»n cemetery under direction of the 
Herman H. Lehmeyer Funeral home. 

Funeral aervlcea for Mra. Julia 
EXIott, 71. who died bunday afternoon 
at her homo on route No. 11. will be 
h<ld at 2:30 oclook this afternoon at 
the Alma lxihrotcr Funeral home, 
lpl.imewt Will follow In HaieUvood 
».■» ir.eteO . 


I uncial mvl,i-3 for William Uur- 

UeMneyer. C», of 41G South Dolllaon 

r.\ 1 1. ii... w h.. ils i Monday In St. I.oul*. 

will hi. h.M r.i '. ii'i'lurk iIiIm nfI>-riionn 

i ..t II. e I'llXNf.!! I v .:n.rul home. 


Funeral services will be held at 10 
o clock this morning at Win Alma 
l..ihnw>rr Funrral home for Ceorgi- 
Wn!,hlnB-ton Fhrlps, 69. who died 
January 1 ui 3T.\i South 
cvenue. Interment will follow In Ha- 
jteluooU cemetery. 


In loving- ZaBUT of Edward It. 

UuFarlaod. 'our beloved huabeuod, 
father. »on and brother, who depexted 
thla life December M. UCe. 

Feaceful be your alumber; 

Bleaaed be your name. 
In II ft< wo loved you dearly. 

In death wo do the umi. 

You are cone but not forgotten. 

Never will your memory fude. 
Sweoteet thought* forever will linger 

Around the grave where your body 
la laid. 

Sadly mlaaed by Mra. E. IT. MoFar- 
land. Dorothy Jane iMoFarland. Mr. 
and Mra. J. K. McFarland. brothera 
and aletera-ln-law. 1A 



Reverend Hale to Officiate at 

Funeral With Masonic 

Service at Grave 

Funeral services for Bvorett 

I Woromack. *«. who died Monday 
[ morning :il Ills homo. »9S North 
| < .uiii'l"" avenue, will !>*• held it 
I ■ So i.'rlix W this allM-n<wn at the 
|>e«ldoneo. ' T*i» tovrmnmd L***^ 
1 tiaJa. tutor', of Kim u*ptut 
^Uih. will o-dwot U. MtMM 

P»Ub^»rw«: wOl Inoluda Bo»V T _* 
Harrison, chairman of the Qj*an# 
county republican central commit* 
tee. Arthur B. Finch, former ra r 
corder of deeds: Jeaae. E- Hmlth. 
cunty clerk: Carl \Y. <lurdner, 
Masonic officlai; Judge W. R-. tior- 
auch and Keith McCana*. atate 
came and flah oommlaaloner. 

Intormonl will folow In Maple 
lurk cemetery under direction of 
the Kllnmer funeral home. 8«r\ - 
Icea at the grav* will be conductgd 
l<\ the Masonic lodge. 

Mr. Wonimack wan a. prominent 
furmer of thla dlctrlct, had oper- 
ated a Olreone, county farm for sev- 
eral years and at the time of hU 
death hold the office of deputy 
U iiiii' commissioner of this district. 
Iln wui appointed to thlH office by 
Keith M.i'.inse. Mate enmo com- 

Funeral servHee for J. C. Baunv- 
Irrttr. 77. who died «UDd*f at hi* 
home In Breoklloe. will be held at ?» 
o'clock thle afternoon at the Prssby- 
t.rlan church at Brookllne. Interment 
will follow in the Brookllne cemetery 
i i der direct. on of W. L. Starne. 


Information has Iwn received here 
of the death of M. If. I>-tt. of Man- 
gum. Okla., who wee a former resl- 
■ l-iit of Springfield and wae at one 
tiro* foreman of t/ie old Oulf shops. 
A, M. Lett, of Springfield, a aon, has 
i«-ft to attend the funeral. 

r.ubln J. Teeter*. 17-months-oId eon 
of Mr. and Mre. A. M. Teeters, of W7 
O.llege street, dletl at » o'clock last 
night after a brief Illness. The Infant 
la eiirvlye/i by inn parents and one 
sister. Bern'ce. Funeral eervlcea will 
>.» held Thursday morning nt the 
Starne mortuary. Interment will fol- 

•.Cj»i»Ol»J pOO«l«>|l U| M0| 

Funeral service* tor Rubin J. 
Teeters. 17-month-old aon of Mr. 
nnd Mm. A. M. Teetere, »47 Col- 
lege street, will he. huld thla morn- 
ing nt the starne mortuary. Inter- 
ment will follow In llaxlewood 

l"uneral M-rvlres for Mrs. Jano 
rami. T?. who illeil yesterday 
'morning <it th« lioinu of her son, 
Arthur W. 11:11111, 1S80 North Camp- 
Veil avenue, will be held at 1 
(.clock this afternoon at the home. 
Intoi in. nt Will be mail.- In llaxcl- 
\\ nod cenietci y under direction of 
the KHntniT funeral home. Mrs. 
i;ann Is survived by tho eon. Ar- 
thur W, Oann, ami mu> iluught. r.. 
Air- l.i urn 11.11 •■! Si .rlngnclil. 

I'll. I V- Is. :i IlilcllCOCk. llif:.Ht 

I aon of Mr. ana 



after a brt«i fTtp esw . * ••■ TTear-taxomr 

la survived by the parents and poe> 
I slater FonaraJ arra n» a nv *Ti U Ma 
; incompieta, but wlU b* beleTfiooar 

d traction of the Herman H. Loh- 

iiieyer funeral home. 


runeral aervlcea for Em me it 

Mulenoweky, 61. who died yaatar- 

day at the home on route No. 11, 

{ will be held at 11 o'clock tumor- 

I row morning at Rohberson Prairie 

church. Interment will tie made hi 

I tiihiHTHun Pruiric cemetery under 

direction of the Kllnjrn.-r funernl 

hi. me. Mr. Nlalenowsky Is siirv'lv.^'i 

l«J two brnthiTH. Otto of S|>ring- 

lleld and Frank of Willard. and 

two half-brothers. Will and Henry 

r-ehmldt, of Willard. 

Clyde Cunningham yeeterday filed 
Htiil fur n divorce from Minnie 
funninghuin. Ho claima his wife 
w:ih unwIllinK to permit him to cor- 
i,.i I., i- live i-liililren b> a former 
marriage. Ilm! .-lo-> lu-ulected her 
household duties, and that she left 
horn* on November U 4U»4 >*)av. fw- 
taaejd to return- Thajf W«*a »*ar- 
rled July S*. 1»1V 

, ■ — i— . v'WA4 

Funeral aervtoM for Mrs. Iwhalln 
Citwoh, M, who died Sunday morning 
at the home or her daucMar. Mra> 
Alloa J. Walter, or route Nik- UV 
SprtncrtaM. will be hatd at 1:» o'dtdok 
thle afternoon at the Kllnrnar Funeral 
ihapel. Interment will follow In Dan* 
f( rlli cemetery. 


Page 6: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our husband and father," signed 
by the Clingan family. 

Page 7: Floyd S. Eley sues to divorce Hazel Eley.. They were married in September 

Page 11: Charles C. Woody died.** 
Emmett Malenowsky died.** 
Paul Montgomery died.** 
Rubin J. Teeters died.** 
Mrs. James A. Gann died.** 
Everett Wommack died.** 
Fred Nelson Hitchcock died.** 
Lucille Alene Swenson born.** 
Page 15: Miss Margaret Willmouth and Mr. George Berlin Lozar were married.** 




Cbarlea C. Woody. M yeara old. 
| widely koown retired former of 
Oaark. CttrUtUu couuty. died at 3:30 
o'clock thin morning at hu home in 
that city rn.ll.-r a brief 1 lines* of heart 
trouble, according to word Tecclvrd 

Mi. Woody i-oniplitlnrd of heurl 
trouble about 10 o'clock laat uighi ] 
Hit nondltlno pre* worse steadily and , 
he died early this morning. 

He l«,kur\ivcd "by the widow, two. 
sons. Hotter Woody former star ath- | 
!efr <jf ibr gprlllgflcld Teuchcra rol- ' 
Jepe uIuj in now coaching ul Hou»- ! 
ton Mo., and Hex Woody, of Ozark: 
by two daughters. Pauline of Califor- 
nia Mil- Kathleen Woody, of 
O/.urk The deceased nlso i» survived 
hv <>r.e brother. Will Woolly, of 0:-irt ■ 
and iwii »iater, Mr:. llllen kiarrlngu>:i. 
O ark. tend Mrs. Alice l-ungntou. oi 

Mr Woody IimcI resided in <•;■ ncur 
O/.-ui- practically all in:, i.ic. funeral, 
iiiu-.i.t riiickln are Incomplete, pending Iroin the daughter in C'allf i.'iua. 
hu; interment will he made In Use 
Pr-mlilllii cemetery, hic: mile* jiuith- 
fi t>! O/^trK. under direction of I lie . 
<"!in*fin Undertaking com puny oi 

MlMt IMA Wed*. 
Mra. Will Roark. WO Cherry etreeX 
announce* the marriage of her 
daughter. Margaret Wlllmotb. to Mr. 
Oeorga Berlin IjnakX of Yuma. Ariz.. 
<^n January 2. IPU7. at Turw-on. Arlr. 
Tin bride la a graduate of tne brnlor 
lllCh school, attended the Southwest 
«late Teachers college, and lor sev- ( 
eral vea.rt hni been a student a»- , 
•uitni m the public library. The; 
groom IN. ii srud<:»:c oi : he ftenlor 
Hir-h school, unci «lso attended 
Teachers college The young couple 
alll muke their h^nie in Yuma. An?... 
•"here M. Lorac Is employed en Ihe 
S.-Jthe::. r-.'-'.t'.r. railway 


'■"■"■ ' "A^ttH" !' ! ^ 



Iruuarai eannoaa wtil be bald at 11 
o'clook tosssorrow n>iiilii(C ** Robber* 
aon Prwirte c^uron tor tomartt MaJe- 
nenraky. SI ywapr* old. arbo died TKM- 
oay at Um boaa* cm «~<a* Mo. 11. In- 
twnueaH wiU fee. twit la RofebatMai 
Prmlrto oametcry unoiar too amotion 
of the Kllngner PuneraJ boras The 
daoedant la survived by two brotnera. 
Otto, at bpring field, and Prank, of 
WltUrd. and two haJtf-brotbara. Will 
and Hanry Schmidt, of Wtllard. 

Paul Montgomery. 21 yeara, old. 
died at 4 a* o'clock ywaterday alW- 
noou art} Um bona* of his parents In 
Otsark. Mo., after a abort lllnesa. Fu- 
neral aeTVIcea will be held at 3 
o'clock Prtday afternoon from the 
Ozark Baptlat church, with Interment 
In the Ozark oametery tinder direc- 
tion of the Chafflu Undertaking 
company Montaomory graduated 

from O/ark High ecbool two yeara 

Puneral aanrlcea for Rubin J. T**t- 
era. 17 -months -old aon of Mr. and 
Mrs. A. M. Tretern. of 047 College 
«:--et. who died Tueoday night, were 
held this wonting at the Starne 
mortuary. Interment was made In 
Hajcelwood cemetery. 


Wa alncerely appreciate tha kind- 
n<s«a of our neighbor* * nd ° ie , 
thougbtfulnesa of our friends duiinf I 
th« lllnasa and death of our husband j 
and fktnar. 



runcrei services were held at 1 
o'clock this afternoon at the horn* of 
k ton. Arthur W. Oinn. 1S«0 North 
Campbell avenue, for Mrs. Jimw A. 
Oann. TJ years old, who died yestsr- 
day. morning. Interment ml made 
In Haxeiwood remttery under ibo di- 
rection of the Kllngner runersi 


runersi eerrloe* tor Krsrvu Wc*»» 

maok. 48 years Old. who died Monday 
morale at hi* noma. Mft hprth Gamp, 
ball avenue were held at 3:30 o'clock 
this afternoon at the residence. Her. 
Lewis M. Hal*, pastor of First flap- 1 
tlat church. olllclaUd. 

Pallbearer* war* B-su J- Uarrtsoji. 
chalrmau of the Orseno county Bs- 
publican central commltvaa: Arthur 
b rtneb. former recorder of aiadi : 
Jess* E. Smith, county dark; Carl W. 
Gardner, Masonic orfldal: Judge W. 
K Oorauch and Keith McO anse. 
alate game and flalt commissioner. 

Interment w»s made in Maple Park 
cemetery under the direction of the 
Klhujuer runereJ home, Barrioae »t 
the rrava were under the auspices 'd 
< the Masonic lodge. 

Kunerel oer\ toes tor e*red Nelson 
'Hitchcock, infant win of Mr. arid Mra 
Nelson Hitchcock. fl»0 East Belmont 
•treet. who died yesterday afternoon. 
were lield *t 10:30 o'clock thla tiwru- 
iiiK Th* t/Ody wbj> than taken ovec- 
Und to Avu. Mo., by the Herman H 
Ix>hmryrr funeral home for burial. 
The Infant .» survived by the parcels 
ot:d one daughter. 

Mr. and Mra. lPaul C. Swenaon. of 
Sacramento. Calif.. announce the | 

'birth of u daughter. Lucille Alene. on, 

'December 38. lead. Mra. Bwensou wu I 

formerly Ml*s Rosalind Kelley of this , 

city ) 

Vice president of FWt Eh 

nanoial institution in Pcflk 
County Had Been III for\But 
Two Weeks v •'£'< 


Financier Was Prominent Jn 
Masonic Circles and* Numer- 
ous Springfield Crursns Will 

Attend Rites 

Page 1: Willard B. Dunnegan died.** 

ness of two weeks. 

Mr. Ounhuguu waa a member of 
the MlMOurl Bunkeri' association 
for nuuiy years. 

' Father Hurvivee Him. 

Hit father. J-udb-e "T. H. B. Diw- 
negan,' 81; years old, founded (he 
Polk County bank end despite, hie 
advanced -afo, continues to serve 
us „ president. Two other ■ sons. 
John and Benton, are associated 
JeJU»jJ*tm.ia,|h.e .BolUfat rjauk^AJKf 
other brafhesi M^tthW "TOnnnetrsjC 
dtad two year* ago, it, m, &V $ ■ 

Mr. Dunnegaa •stared his fa- 
ther's bank aa. a young- %maj) and 
remained with ths institution 
throughout his life, lie never mar- 

When It became known on the 
streets of Bolivar that WOlard 
Dunnegan bad died, there waa a a 
general sApressUu of rases ^ One 
prominent business* man declared 
that "Bolivar had lost Its out- 
standing citizen." 

In Masenio Orders Here. 

Mr. r>unne«ran waa a member ot 
the, Knights Templar organisation 
and the Abou Ben. Adbem fctnrlne 
of Springfield. ' ■'. 

He Is survived by hi* father.' 
three brothers and three sisters. 

Punt-nil arrangements havo not 
been Completed Loil services iiroh- 
ably will be held Sunday afternoon 
at Bolivar. 

Many bankers and MasOnlo. offi- 
cials of Springfield will go to Boli- 
var to attend the funeral. 

Wluard B. Pu "Paga n , *♦ Jaarsj 
old. vice president of- ther PoBt 
County bank, the first bank In 
Polk county, and one of the out- 
standing figures In Masonic cy- 
cles in Southwest Missouri. , «*•* •* 
his home in Bolivar yesterday aft- 


Mr ifrunnegao expired of a cojn.- 
pllcatlon ot diseases after, an UU 



P „ 0(1 r Thomas H. Scudder died.** 

Pafe 5: The Castner children of West Plains think they are hens to an estate- 
Page 7- Dr. J. C. Lindsey has an old powder horn.** 
H.-ni-v Humuhrey of Buffalo has an old bell.** 
Page 14 ^ Qy^ CunnTngham sues to divorce Minnie Cunningham. They were mamed 

in July 1926. 

R.K.Hart died.** 
Mike Calvey died.** 
E. Liepman died.** 
Emmett Malenowsky died.** 
Mrs. Mary Salley died.** 
Mrs. Maxie Cowden died.** 
Mrs. Susan Jane Fawcett died.** 
Paul Montgomery died.** 
C. C. Woody died.** 
WillardB. Dunnegan died.** 
Page 15: A marriage license was issued at Ozark, Christian county, to Floyd Russell and 

Ida Skerd, both of Springfield. 


•v y-mfly ^rftmimiat la Society 

— 0<uuv H«r» to K*i*bU*li 

a ticking Want. 

TtiuiuM W- levuadar. fr*M Deluutr, 
ttc. Louto. dlad at Ot Lukes hospital 
yseterday incrnlug. Me had b*sn 111 
for Mini tlma. Hs *H • «on of ths 
tats WUIUum K. Oouddar, prominent 
in St. Louto •ofltaty. Scudder U *ur- 
»h*j by hi* widow »nd * daughter, 
rrences N. rudder. Hs was ou years 


Mr Bcudder resided In eprtntrflsld 
ffc-r several years. Ho c-ame hem n« 
head of a necking company Mrtled 
Henry Amu it Co. Ttit concern run 
along very well for some time, but 
km finally caught 111 the paalo of 
1893. and went bankrupt 
A Diank Ixmui. 

The old first National bank bad j 
been absorbed by another bank In , 

ihoM day* and tom» of tho Ames 



WattT *LJtlNt>. etQ . Jan. 7 — UUt 
KaUtsclna Owrtnsr of Wwt Plains and 
her tare* young brotbera. June*. 
Jotfn and William Caatner . bate filed 
cklma in the Surrogate Court of 
Onandega county. New York, at Syra- 
cuse, for a ahare of tbe eatale of 
Oeorge Oasuier. wno died In Byracuae 
two year* ago leaving no known helra 
and an estate aald to be valued at 
»1 36.000 

Mlu Ceaiuer and her brothera are 
the children of Mrs. Koaanna Caal- 
ner of Weat Plain* and the late Wil- 
liam Henry Caatner. a merchant of 
Ashland. aCy., who died In 1017. He 
la believed to have been a relative of 
Oeorge Caatner of Syracuse 

Neither Mrs. Caainer nor her child- 
re u know what wi« the relation- 
ahlp between tb? children's 
and Oeorge Caatner of Byrecuse but 
are depending upon an aunt, alias 
Charlotte Caatner. of lioutou. O. to 

'aid them In establishing their claim. 

I Too aunt also has filed claim for a 
ahare of the estate 

sales Kathertne Caatner la a Junior 
in tbe Weet Plains High school. She 
also la a local Olrl facout patrol lead- 
er end le> secretary of the local Olrl 
Bcout organisation 


i-Lui*r«J t^arrtoaa were held 1 1 
Vclock ibU womlng at Hobbcrson 
?ralrle church -lac kilxunetl saalaww- 
aky. 01 ywars old, who died Wednes- 
day «t ib«. homo on route No. 11. 

Interna »*^ io.d« In ftobt»r*on 

under the direction 

.... . runeral borne The 

( u survived by two brothers. 

Otto of OpnngfUld. and Frank ot 

WllUrd. and two half-brothers. Will 

and Henry Schmidt of Wlllard. 

014 Powder lloru. 

Dr. C. 3. Llndsey. wbo realdes a 
short wmy north of Buffalo, has ui 
old powder buru with is a nioel In- 
teresting relic 

liu father. Mr S. W. Llndeey. a na- 
tive of Dalles county and resident of 

fr» y*»r» of •**, "to XINOr «• drw 

tlue* mouths ud M days, ***■**& ' 
QrWiig th* phun*. be fail **> VftnU 

" t»mou* km OwmW 4ji9pm 

a large bunch-of ebswp through, 
wc»u«rou. giwf m JpMttaf fir 


o^bMUaM Mm* Mr. Unmr 

dgbV ir--f as* *Ma) 
OaTHMI •est' Mat «Ma>« 
Mr. Ilndwy ■*»»•• tkvi 
fur three any*, but could not 
aavlsb uja with them, TpssT Mr. Oar- 
m« bib;" 1 ■ Mr. Irnssey pah* up kuw 
of tug oatue be «M driving bod tb u> 
Ok* )oum»y ooa tinned. 

Kit Carson took quit* a liking to 
\bm young mau from Dallas county, 
for Llndsey w»« lively and likeable. 
ko be gee* 1 lad— y a splendid powa«f 
born. Tbia has ba«a kept end a* the 
on* Dr. O. J. Llndsey baa. 

It la beautifully engraved ail over 
wltb figures: and Images of snakes, 
together with wording. It wu made 
in 17aJ by Wullem ftette. according 
to in* wording on tb« born. Hit » 
large one. mort tban a foot In 
length, and la made from lbs left 
born of a cow. Tbe Inside la worn 
tbln where It bung against tbe pt- 
aona carrying It. 

It baa becu exhibited at three 
world* fairs — at Philadelphia,' Chi- 
cago and St. Louis — and took tbe 
blue rlbbona. 

First to Ring. 
Henry Humphrey of Buffalo has the 
first bell that ever rang In Buffalo. 

Seventy-nine year* ago John Hum- 
phrey, lather of Henry Humphrey, 
who had come from Kentucky a few 
years before, opened a tavern known 
as tbe Star tavern. In Buffalo, Whsre 
the Howard CBtnnon home now 
) stands. Tbla was tbe first tavern in 
Buffalo. A bell about the sire of s 
man'* hat was placed on tbe tavern, 
and for 30 years It announced the ar- 
rival of meal time. 

Blnoe' falling Into disuse. Henry 
Humphrey haa kept It, and will tena 
It to Canada In a few weeks by the 
W T. Hunt family, to his dsughter. 
Mrs Jack Williams of Klllam. Alberts. 
Canada. , 

Mr. Humphrey la now tbe oldeat 
1 Uring native of Buffalo who haa 


Col. H. K. Hart, ¥7 years of eg*. 
well known p io neer of this section, 
died at the home of his daughter." 
Mrs. J. H. Hendrtx. at Ponce dt Leon 
today at noon. 

Colonel Hart came to Oreena ooua- 
,ty overland from Ten nmn In IMS 
• and made his home bere until eight 
I years ago. when be went to live with 
this daughter at whose borne be died. 

Colonel Hart was a eokmel In the 
' federal army during tbe Civil war. 
He is well known to residents of this 
rlty end has many friends 1# Spring- 
field and this section. 

Jitackmao: W. if. Halt of Tampa, Fie-: 
Alvoree Hart of Springfield, and S. 

IK. Hart of Los Angeles: and two 

i daughters. Mrs. J. H. Hendrtx of 
Ponce de Leon, and Mrs. Hollle Alex- 
ander of Tulsa, Okla. 

Funeral services will be held at 3 
o'clock Sunday afternoon at the Alma 
Lobmeyer Funeral borne. Services 
will be conducted by Rev. F. L. Mof- 
fatt. Burial will be In Haaelwood 



m i .... i. n i um 

Mike Calvey. eg years old. died at 
13:06 o'clock this afternoon at the 
home, 1130 North Orant avenue, after 
a lingering Ulneae. For tbe past 80 
ysam Mr. Calvey bad been employed 
aa a coach painter at tbe aouth side 
and west Frisco shops bere. - He was 
a wsll-known Democratic worker. 

He Is survived by tbe widow, three 
daughters, Catherine. Mildred and 
Marie, of the home: and one son. 
Paul, also of tbo boms; and also by 
an* brother. Luke Calvey. of Spring- 

The deceased was a member of tbe 
Woodmen of the World. Knights of 
Columbus, and American Yeoman. 
Funeral arrangements are Incomplete 
hue -will be held under tbe direction 
s( the Merman M. Lseimryer Funeral 



k. l.lapmtam. las years vW, resident 
of aVwemarharett, Oensany. died yee- 
esrday morning, ae o ord iug to word 
reoetrcd hece by his son. Richard 
Llepsnan. Mr. liepman is survived by 
tbe widow, four daughters and three 
sona Cjrily two of the survivors are 
■n tbe United CUtes. these bemg 
ftlcherd Liepman and Al Liepman of 
Los Angelcu. 


OaUwy. Ol »U Kw*t PaolOo vUrawt. «w 

4M4 U A fc**i hwgttri :ft rtwd»f •*»-. 

•Vstdoa, «rtS ba bald at ».*</ oMUcxk 

«U»4»r «tt*n"H"V <Mvt«M vUJ* V* 

*m4»u»* «Mt*«te.< LtaWnMai- inn b» 

kuade In Mapl* T*jm (wiMUry unumr 
the oir*oUo» or the JCUng-n-er Uuao- 

Mr*. »*iUy U.aunrhrad by Um bi*a- 
b»nd. three chlldiwa. Uuk Uoyd 
**»* Oo*M*it*re.; bar i»mtu. Mr. and 
tin. aOray awl**, *f.Bprtn«t**bi: ov« 
•Utar. Mr*. Wma rack, of ftprln*;- 
fuld: and three) broxb«»a, Klmui 
■elm. e>f Capitular HUM, Lmh«mw 
fe«(M of thie city, and Albort »m«*e of 
nvukturn, Kan. 

Mra. Ma*l* OoWdea. M ywax* ***i. 
wife of Dr. W. M. Oowdwa. of l&Htt 
North JaOereon «»»uu«, dMd at 4 
o'clock yeattarday afternoon after * 
luigerln*; lll nwi . fXinsral •orrtov* 
Will be held »t 2 O'clock loa'ftirasr 
ilUrao«a si the Kllngner Pun oral 
atiapal. Hjt *\ U. Cowden will of« 
nouae at tb* «*ni««i. iuta-UHut | 

will be made lu Maple V*»iv ■ 



• UrMfUMa Jane Pawoett. HI >v«4- 
old. dleld tola moenlna; at Ui* family 
hocne In P*4r Qrors. Bhe la eur- 
vivwd by uU too*. Warran O. Pww- 
ostt. MeAlaater, OaJ*.; Hobvrt A, IXiU • 
«ad U^ U Pawoett, all of Pair Orov-t: 
J. J. >**wc»tl, K m> t *t City. »nj W. JC. 

' r vwewit, aprlncfleld. and by on« 
d*utfbt*r. lira. D. B. MoerofV r*ir 

lOrorv. euvo/t ftuierM **rr}o** wig be 
bald at 11 o'clock ttonday morning 
from the family naUdenca. with Uiwr- 
luoiii In Mount Oomtorf oema-tary uu- 
a«r duecuMi of Uv* Undertakm*- oo**- 

_ ..._ 

t. C. WOODY. 

C. C. Woody. M years old. prqmln- 
<*nt farmer of Oeark. Mo, died' At 4 
o'clock yeebrrday morale at hla home 
following an attack of heart die**** 
Mr. Woody had lived Ln or near Ozark 
practically all of hla lire. 

U* m» aUJftaivwd by hi* motber. th* 
widow. : two »ori» Item vir'nn**, 

| igoaaarty -»< 1> » . ch « < r a woitaya bwfc.«U 
,^««ii «o*Wa* BooMOtp HMb •obooi. 
and Bar Woody, of Ooark: by. gg 
daucbtera. • rHLtUm*. of TuUra. Cai.. 
aivd athlm , of Oajark; mad, two 
•latar. Mra, KU*tt Uamacton, of t>arfH. 
«od Mm. Alloa * inajuii. of BAxtwr 
dprtiigj. Kan. 

*'■ — ^'"TW'AWky WlMOOMkkY. •" 

IMaarai a«n}oii# for Paul Moo«> 
(oaaary. 31 ywan old, wbo dtad at tbo 
horna of hia pananU at Oaark, Mo, 
Wednesday aftaraooo. war* bald at 
3 o'clock tola afternoon at tba Oo~r*. 
baptltt cburcb, wltb Intarmaot Ui tba 
Oxark caniatary ondar tba dtreoUoa 
of tbc Chaff In Undartakln^ oosipaAy. 
i^oatdocaary yraduatad troui Ox>ark 
Kl<|b acbool two yoara ag^}. 

»ILL.\w» ». DVNNKOAN. 

Sunarml aarvtoea probably will be 
b«ld Sunday aftcmooa at Bolivar for 
WUlard B. Dunctftn, 00 yaara old. 
vice president of the Polk County 
bank, wbo died at hla noma In Bol- 
ivar yeatarday afternoon. 

Mr. I>unno,»u wua >n ouutandink 
itrurw In M»4K>nlc circle* in eouth- 
weat MtMOurl. The hank, of which 
he waa vloa, waa the f Irat 
ln Polk county. He waa a member of 
the Missouri Bankere' aaaoctatlon for 
'nukny yeara. 

Mr. Du uric. an •» father. Jud«*> TJf B 
l>uun«<an. M ywira old. who founded 
tba Polk county bank, and deapttc 
hie advanced a*-*, continue* to eerve 
aa praeldent. Two other aona. John 
and Benton, are associated with him 
lu the Bolivar bank. 

The deceased entered hl» fathex'i 
bank a« a young man and remained 
with the institution throughout hie 

Mr. Duone B au »«o a member of the 
«ay»- his Templar organlr^tton and 
the Abou Ben Adhem tfbrlne of 
opriiigflcld He la aurvlved by hla 
lather, thrve brothers and three ala- 
lera. tie was never married. 


Page 1: Anniversary ofMarmaduke's attack.** 
Page 5: R. K.Hart died.** 

Mrs. Matilda J. Sweaney died.** 
Madison Campbell Vinton died.** 


Page 9: Mr. and Mrs. George H. Tulloch celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary.** 

Ludwig H. Stebbins, a wealthy Sarcoxie farmer, left a will which is now being 
contested by Louie Dittburner as guardian and curator for Lena Dittburner, a sister of the 
deceased, who is of unsound mind, and by Lewis Stebbins, William Stebbins, Rose Finley and 
Fannie Colton, nephews and nieces of the deceased. These are the only heirs. The last 
surviving son of Mr. Stebbins died before his father. [This is a long article.] 
Page 10: Henry Haines died.** 

Mrs. Mary Salley died.** 

Mike Calvey died.** 

Mrs. Maxie Cowden died.** 

Mrs. Susan Jane Fawcett died.** 

Willard B. Dunnegan died.** 

Perry Thompson died.** 

ss* HMU,| i ii 'III l y i nj i , i , i i ii i . i 


'..•■;.'.■.*?* r* 

Hi»iorio Battle of Bprlngliold W*» ***/$& 04 Y< 
Today—City W»« Well *ortif Ud, ^^ji^fj^v 
Bm« for Pednmd Troo^,V» *W* Twriio^^K, 


uuty-four !•**• . «40 today Uw 
■*UW *f MmmMU m toafotv 

Tb* betti* of Springfield wa* 
fought Jknutf; a. leas, and *»»• » 
struggle ,OT tr> * ooutrol of the lowu 
with th* Coiif*u«r*i« »sneral. John 
8. Marmaduke. leading th* attack. 
and with lb* Union general. S. II. 
Portar defending. 

Tb* Confederate ktuik was un- 
•ucc***Tul. but the fight raged In 
tnd around the Utile torn all day. 

Osnaral U>rmMluk«. Oeneral Joe 
ahelby and Colon*! Knunrlt McDon- 
ald ware th* leaders of the southern 
army which daahed up from North- 
•ru Arkansas with Intent to overrun 
Bouthwe*t Mlaaourl. with Bprlngfleld 
only a tentative objective when th* 
expedition •carted 

The plsn in the attack on the 
loan <•»» to aelr* the considerable 
quantities of frdrral military h tores 
held there for the use of the "army 
of th* frontier" a* the Union force 
In ttiia part of the stale «>• called. 
Town Has Army llasc. 

oprlngfteld vu a well fortified 
town and had been In the prucrahle 
poaaaaalon of the federal author! tie* 
for many months It was under the 
command of Oeneial K D Brown 
aud wu th* baae of supplies and 

aaUitary **pot tor u>* Uakav **m* 
erf. lb< »mV>«^< or tb* "»w»Jf u 4 
tx n^uaf- wtuch wa* . Utlhtlg 
in nortbw*»t*ra Arkansas wxwHsr 
ronu&sul of Oaaaral John at- Bcbor 
flald and Oapanl Blunt. Dm *»**•*- 
oemg iuuon«) on tb* Ar ran sa* 

r i yfif 

WaUa* epflDttflald va* but a waUaU 
town la tb* atxttaa. tt wa* «f great 
importaocs during tb* CleU war, and 

— — — T^ - . M. 

I wu to* atorm twatar around wbiob 
I raged many struggle* of greater or 
leaa Importance tor tbr** yeara. 
U ill lone of dollars- worth of army 
supplies dime and went through tSk 
town, and th* Importance of kaepfjaar 
It out of Confederate bands wa* w*U 
understood by the government 

After the battle of Wilson crwsk. 
August 10. 1BC1, flv* forts wer* 
built here by th* Union force*. mo»l 
of this work being done In 11X12. 
Port No. 1, which was also c*U«d 
Port Brown, stood about on* and a 
quarter mile* northwest of the pub- 
lic square. Port Mo. 3 wa* at th* 
west end of Walnut street. Fort Mo. 
3 was In the southwest part of town. 
This fort wait never fully completed. 
Port No. 4 accupled ground near 

|wn*r* tb* Mouth stmt OhrUttiuttl 
I church now gtanda and crtmmanaitd_ 
tb* southern approach** to the city. ' 
Port Mo. a wu In th* *a*t part of 
town. It waa built near tb* B«rry 
spring on th* old fit. l>nuts road, 
part of which u praoUcalty Identical 

with portions of fit Lo-tit* street. 

Port No 4. wa* tb* objective of 
Vlarmaduke't attack and waa con- I 
n*ct*d wtth Port Mo. 3 by rift* pit*. 

All the foru were well supplied with 
artillery, there being •omi heavy 
runs at No. 1. 

federal tlarrlson Weak. 

At the time of the battle the fed- 
eral (terrlnon here aas weak. There 
, were eight companies of the Klght- 
wiUi loaa here, under Col Cook, 
and ten rompanlas of the Third klts- 
| sourl State alllltta. numbering about 
j 5O0 nirn. under Colonel Walter King. 


However. n«r by. and scattered | 

'over Greene and adjoining countlee. 

were the Seventy -second, and wvtn- 

jty-fourth Miaaourl mllrtle. while at 

; few UniirN - march of Springfield. 

were other alRte troops 

Purine the first week of January. 
lfle:i ::in;ori< of a Confederate ad- 
vance r.;i Spring? Irld from North 
Arkansas began to dlaturb the enl- 
ivens and «* the rumor became a 
certainty, many persona fled from . 
the towt! 

In Oei.eral Marmaduke's brief re- i 
port of hla operation* he aay* that 
when he Jeft hla ba*o at Loulsburg. i 
Ark . hla object »a* not primarily . 
so much to capture 6prlngfleld us ! 
to linrHjui the rear of General Scho- 
field « irmy :n Nonh«'f»i Atkaiisun. 
and force . Blunt to abandon the 
I Arkansas river. Hla nplea, however. 
m^urUtut Ukat lb* garrison u*r* vtu* 
with, ana brtaifUvf blm Intelligence 
if ttao xaluaAO* evore* In Bprtagflala*. 
no dotaraUoad to iUU» a ewtft blow 
as Uf iradaraia bar* end If po— i hU 
^»iui« Um lowu Wad xh* euppUwi*. 
DM** gurprt*e> Attack. 
ataraukduka marched uortti cm 
oortngfiald In two column*, one un« 
der Ool Joeepu C Porter which va* 
to raov* from Pooabont**. Ark.. 
through Hartvtll* end UarshfUld 
and effect a Junction with Marma- 
duke* command south of Spring - 
fleld Marmaduke himself led the 
main lulumii which canto out of 
Arkansas Into Taney county «ud 
theno* north to Oprtngfleld 

On the evening of January 7. 
ac-oula reported to Oaticral brown 
thai a tare* of Confederate* v.»« 

rapidly approaching the city from 
the aiulli Sloan Immediately die- 
patched lu<^«iii;rr,. 10 Oolonel Hea- 
rs Bhepparn's Setent v-wiond regi- 
ment and Colour! Marcus Jooyd'a 
tsevenly-fourUi regiment. elate tnl- 
lllla. and to posts of atate troop. Ui 
Dade. Christian and Webster couu- 
I lies 

I Evrrv soldier that could bear arms 
I -about I.30O were in the hoapltala 
I at the time of the attack — waa called 
I to t(.c defrnae of the city 
) I' la aald thai t?ccauae of like 

weakened condition of the Kcdcral 
forcea General Brown counaeled a re- 
treat, but Colonel* Sbeppard and 
Boyd, both of whom realded in 

Springfield, prevailed on blm to 
make the defense. 

« on federate* Taaw Oa**-*- 
At daylight. January 0. courier* 
daahed Into town declaring that 
Mar:, i. duke. Sheloy and McDonald 
had attacked Ozark during the night, 
burned the Ur.lon fort, drive the 
Fourteenth MImmmih in I lit la Mailoned 
'here out of ton!: and *irr In pur- 
suit of them They a«ld the Con- 
federates weir headed for Spring- 

At the Name time detachments 
from varloun mtlUa gioup* were ar- 
riving in Springfield ur.ii General 
Broun prepared v. ; 1 1 .. v i ^- < > i Ui inert 
the Southerners 

The attack on the env becun oarlv 

lit the morning, when a tore* of Con* 
federate cavalry ancoun tared King a 
r*«ltu*ut -on the at. Louu road and 
awa beaten back The entire Con- 
federate fort-e then formed to the 
aouthcaet and advanced. Captain 
Col Una. of General Shelby* brigade, 
bewail ahelllng Kortn 3 and 4 with 
i«*.> held pie.ea SUeJla from theee 
p»« fell rapidly on the two fort* 
.ii. n near the public aquare One 
• hell atrticli the «>ld l.yon house, later 
known a* the Southern hotel, and 
i»c< *lru. k the old tit. Paul church. 
I.ieiite::ant Hoffman replied with the 
(tuna of run No A and a aharp ax- 
I tilery duel rnxued tie lleraine l.cnral. 
l'i£hlli>K xion became general 
around Korl No 4 and along the 
r'ayrttei'.lli road. Sltelby'a cavalry- 
uieu dismounting and fighting on 
fool, a procedure they objected to It I 

- r-rnc. vklien the order wan given | 
M.r:iii(dnl.c llrowti ret'kleaaly cipoaed 
linaell lo i lie danger and elicited 
'lie adniiuiatratloi! of the Confetlrr- 

itea uv i.u'n,' the entire length of 
Bhelbr'a brigude who rcfuaed to fire 

■ i. liiin yelling. "Uou't ahoot that 
man! l^ei him go!" Later In the 
day. about 3 o'clock p m. Broan 
»«« wuoiidrcl wlillc atanding at the,' 
corner of blate and South atreeta, 
directing the movements of \\\a men. 
Me turner! oyer the command lo 
Colonel Crabb and was taken to the 
rear Oi'.e of hla arma waa shattered 
»i«ve the ellxiw. 

The flerceat part of the battle be- 
gan about 2 30 p m . when the C'on- 
federate fon:e moved toward I lie 

federate* awtnunood 
M Or*. tQOt ,«>,C«fc, 
•ttMMC 4tMag 'ibm 
from *tr**v t* 

r^ch-d CoU*g« Btr-tt. QM-fr*l StWfW 
parti and U«\rtcituxl O9MM T. B. 
Joom advanoad mU*4bth*»m. 1* -UH). 

awwity we a ad miittim and j-MtMtf: 

-tavaai ki «k |Q Maun» VwlltMl tJWWfc 

whlla th» gun* of Fort Mo. 4 kapi tip 

an tnoaaWnt firo ojh Um Oo-tiadar. 

*tm. » \ 1 . ' |i 

Counter Attack Bocce— ful. 

Tho tlghung woo ao ftaroa lawr* 
I that the old Toney reoldonc* at ' 
Market and Mount Vernon atraeta 
wma rlddlad with bulleta. and nine 
eSpOaraai atattooed In tho hotia* ««r«| 
killed. Many dead Federal* and, 
confederate* were picked up at the* 
corner after vb» batUe I 

About 3 .o'clock In the afternoon 1 
General Shelby led a gallant attack , 
on Fort No. 4. The attack waa met 
l»v iii'Hita under Captain Phillip* 
axid deiachmenu from the Klght-t 
•eufli Iowa, rcgulara. and the battle 
at that point waa between riflemen' 
of both aide*, the firing being rapid 
and deadly. The Conferedatca • were 
driven back and abandoned their at- , 
tempt at the fort. 

There waa more or leas fighting J 

31 1. 

into the night, but no more serious j 

attempt to atorm the town were . 

made, rirlng ceased about midnight 

and the attacking force withdrew to 

the p;»;i:r lo Uic «ouUif«»l 

Colonel Porter, like Orouchy. wUo | 

(ailed Napoleon at Waterloo, failed to 
| come to the aaslstance of Marma- 

duke. He vta expected in iiinnli 
t from the eaat and join Marmaduke 
; south of Springfield. bill ivs the 
I fight loat 63 killeti and wounded, j 

than he hnd expected, he w».s not 
| present at (he battle 

«'<inf.-iUTulr« Itrcln 
I hr Federal* reinulnril iiudci arms 
| all night, but the next morning it 
, tit seen that the Confederates were 

In rette*i j 

The wuujt lose** In killed 
*JOMno»*>l ■ Ml not. «a*flDIUlyn. IBMWIU 
though the Mtnl reanelH— «**» 
mar* MeurftUt* computed Umh» V*** 
of the .>r« n « n u. ft. Berw^e**v 
ond milium, which rendered ^rejra** 

- •*«»«s»;- J 

ni night At tiir time of the battle 
Liter* »u no town along the Jordan 
It *u forest for the moat pert. 
Bouuvllle Mreet w ni ralle<1 In mUl- 
•-'v'n "North street" 

or mortally •mrrrrvrVnt Thf -v< 
er*U kwi«»t «r*j*jiB»»rwa»sfl*sw 

tta t*wa' 

■WAv •, .«*sl 



wounde d O uufede/ av 

aliv* JUHMT *»■ >* AX! 

•ear* t*fc*a *w*y wr 

aduke aod Shelby t o th ir r*tr**t- 

ward UarahDasd sum! w-** n*»» tal- 
lowed by the Union fore**. 

»re*ral Offlm Klltetf. 
*m«m the l"*d*r*J Miked war* 
Major A. C. Ore*** or lb* aeretfty- ! 

MroM.rninnnt. awl Coptatn* Joofc- 
ton Ball aod 4. B. rertdae, of the; 

sain* orgwnbxalloo. Captain WtllLani 
R Blue of Company C. Jtight**tith 
Iowa, and Captain Joaeph Van Met- 
er of Company H Of th* **me regi- 
ment, war* mortally wounded aiul 
i'~1 a few Oays later Confederate i 
officur* killed w*r* Major John 
Bowman and Captain Tltworth. 

Colonel Eromctt McDonald and 
Colonel John M. Wymer of the Con- 
federate force* that fought at 
Springfield, were killed at Hartvllle. 
January 11. when their force* en- 
countered the rirat Iowa Calvary. 
Colonel Porter wm alao mortally 
wounded at Martvllle and died a 
urek later at I.I (tie. 'Rock. 

From the moat accurate flgurea 
available It haa .been eatlinated that 
Broun had 1.664 man engaged In the 
bsttle wild Marmaduke had about 
2.1X1(1. though the exact number of 
Confederate* was never reported. 

Bomr of the dead who fell in the 
battle of Bprlngfleld arr eeld to have 
been hurled In Uio Jordan valley 
uorllienM nf Uie public square and 
that floods washed otauy bone* out 
of the shallow gravea year* after- 
ward" Negroes believed the valley 
was 'haunted," and tbere were grue- 
some lalrn told of ghosts seen there 


Mi.v Matilda J. Bweauey. died at 
the home of her eon. John J. Bwean- 
rv. near Cabool. thl* wee*. _ -- 

' Mrs, Bweaney l» eald to have been 
107 year* of age »* the Urne of her 
death According to the autemeat 
of her ion. arte wa» born near Chica- 
ne November 1J. 1819. and came to 
, Missouri with her parent*. Mr. and 
Mr» William Callletou. when abe was 
I three year* of *gc. the family loca- 
! tifp near the preaent town of Marah- 

I Followlna; l»e.r marrlaae to John J 
S\\ H'cy lived In «he Indian 
TcfTltory and eeveral place* in Bouth 
Mlaitoxni Her hti*band. Jobll J 

s„,, lW v died «i">ii' Jfl year* agt» at 
• he aire of 7fl The Umlly moved to 
i Htjool from Chrtotlan county early 

le^l full 

M,, pweaney. althougrr very old. 

v »,. nhlr to talk Intelligently of the 
r*[i\ nava Hi Boutli Missouri altuoxl 
up iititll the time of her death. She 
rrpiTTihetrd vIMttne; the present alte 
o' spr.ncfifld when t» girl of 16 
•.ear* of »~ r H ^ r B t»«ed ^n* 1 there 
A », r:.!v '"le I05 cnbln there and 
, l«»»'i "tcrr conducted by John 
1 ■niiiiichi She htnted thai her 

Uthtr. William Callistun. was the 
> ■-.( person burl'd In 'he MarshfMd 
, .emetery 

CvteWsvv* AnnlrcYaory. 

Mr . and " Mr». — Otargr M T ui iooa-r 
living aero** tb* road ttor Hopodale 
school houae. on rout* *. celebrated 
the flfty-ecveittb annleeraary of their 
wedding Thuraday. Mr. und Mrs. 
Tulloch were married In Andrew* f 
county. Mtaaourt. on January 0, 1670. 
hi id Jived In that part of the state 1 
lor a manUr of yeaxa. When they I 
left north Mlaaourl they came to ' 
Springfield and bought a farm nortft 
nf the city, -sher* they lived until . 
1 9 IB. when they bought the farm 1 
i.eur O.ark where they now rerlde i 
They have five children living, alM> 
four craiidchlldnrn and one great- \ 
n.iudchild. Helping tlieni celebrate ' 
the occablon yesterday, the Ladle*' I 
A:1 of the llopedale liaptlot. church , 
held an nil-day meeting iit the Tul- 
!och home, and a leuat of good 
^i.MiibS woo rprrad In their honor «t 



Violin Maker, Maker of Viols da Gamba, 

Violas D'Amore and Other Historical String Instruments 

P. O. Box F 

Arlington, Mass. 02174 

VI0I5 Oa Gamba 

all sties 
Violas O'Amora 
Authentic Coplai or Museum 


Phone 617 - 646-3479 

July 1, 1975 

Mrs. Frances Seyfarth 
1505 Grand View Drive 
Champaign, 111. 61820 

Dear Mrs. Seyfarth: 

I am presently involved in the geneological study of the 
history of my family. In the library of the New England 
Geneological Society, of which I am a member, I discovered 
your book Springfield 1880 . On page 25 of the book I found 
.some biographical material on my great grandfather Roswell K. 
Hart. I am currently trying to trace the geneology of his 
father, Henry Hart, married to Barbara Lambeth. I have a 
great volume of materials to work with here, but I need to 
know the county in which Roswell K. Hart was born (in North 
Carolina) or some further information on his father, who 
served in the War of 1812 and was also from North Carolina. 
In your book you list the date of birth of Roswell Hart as 
June 7, 1829. What was the source of this information? 

There is also a mention of clippings. Since our library 
does not have these clippings, where might I get photostats of 
them? I have not been able to get back any further than Henry 
Hart and any information you might be able to give to break 
this impasse would be most helpful. 

I will be visiting my last remaining uncle, Arthur Hart, 
in Springfield the 16th of this month. I hope to do more research 

Our library here is very extensive and I would be very happy 
to supply you with information if your own sources are incomplete 
at any point. 

Thank you very much for giving this your attention. 


Richard Hugh Hart \ 
RE/ ah 



Ho Came Here in the Tennes- 
see Invasion of Southwest 


*oaw Ui una early iiwwi> aua 
4"*vi» of Urotm* county wu Poktoai 
ItotMali K.— Harw"tf7~ yioars oldr~whO 
•ulloa »t iioju »u.Uu-d».y i»l uic home 
of u daughter, Uta. J. 11. Hendrix 
at Ponce d« l-»«an • Colonel liari uus 
a Veteran of Lh« Civil Wlir and a 
pjommeut fanner and etockaian of 
this county. 

Funeral services for Colonel ii^i 
trill be nolo ui a o'clock ounuay oTtcr- 
ncon >i. the AJuiu Lnhmeyer Funeral 
homo with Kev. F L. Moftett, of- 
UclaUni,'. interment will i>u made Ln 
Hoxrlwood cooietery. 

Bum in v«iiw.«to of pioneer luiiicr 
«-nd mother. Colonel Hurt cuue u> 
this count) wteu a young' ujuh with 
till p.rtmu lie ww .. uolOlei In the 
Civil wur unci fi'i Mil vi'urs after the 
wur wu« a prominent farmer nut; 
stockman in Wiinou uiwuahip. Greene 
oounty. Hi- retired from active work 
In' 1UH5 when h<- sold nin farm 
Liuv.-d to BprliiK.' icl.1 

ile rrMdud in bj'.i lu|:licl.l . Until 
about right ye'urh »K'' when he innvec! 
to iho hou-o o; -. daughter lit I'oiicu 
as Luou where he ill. -a yesterday, 

A TcuilrsaiTjii. 

Tho decedent »'u-v Ijuin June 

tKc*. .In Nortu Carolina. At u»c ..^c 
of four, with his jiorruUn he moved 
to hoCUord county. Teun., where he 

»rov to manhood. He received, his 
od&fj*tion la Teimea»e<> achoo.e. 

. Colonel hart who the t-'-u ol Henry 
fcnd Barbara Hail, nattrea cf North 
Cttroliim who i-iiini in this country 
ijn ftlhcj \.iu. .1 soltlisr In the ...... of 

laii. Aha aervea five, yea™ in the 

«.vKuii wws- with Ore*t Britain Mid 
uouvat two years ui ill* Indian wisra 
]ib"lor to that period. . . 

Tu* iMiaiiy dBOajstod. of etght ehil- 
uijmu. Cokincl Hart being U*> *»** **> 


OftUauss kiart was *b yesuw old wtou 
W-inaae-th* trip o-verh»xva in a ww*oa 
thixa Tiaimmai to Or©one county 
with his parent* The family reached 
h^.ro December 3. ISO's- Many haid- 
ahlps were experienced along m« 
Journey aluce trails had to be cut 
Mid th«rp w»» d*ngcr - W .bo Iwartwl 
from the Indiana. * 

Tounf Halt, upon reaching thla 
county, engaged In funning and atocJt 
rvhdng. However, ho do«lt tomewhat 
in th« tewoing bdaineaa land, prior to 
Uui G1«U wii, aoid fruit, flour and 
XiocoriiM and'trudod with (he IndUuia. 
UetMuiae a Holdler. 

At iihe outbruak of the Civil ww, 

| jttu onJtMted ha Uprlngfleld In the home 

! jfuaa-atf. and in August, ltttia. he «u- 

1 n«tod In Company B, 6evcr.ty-aecond 

I Mlaaourt Btatc Mllltla. Federal army 

He wae at one time in charge o;[ 

a. company of men. ranking ns major, 

iand covered the retreat of the Union 

*r«y from aprtngfleld to Bolla. At 

the cloap of the war. ho wu <)ia- 

cJaar««>d with honor aa lleuumant- 


| Ho then returned home and ru. 

xagod In farming and rahung stock 

< In Vftlaoa townahlp. "He profited in 

*bJLa Induatnr uutU 18M. He cam* to 

gpr lngfl a Ut \an4 bought a home on 

Colonel Han. was married February 
2. l&bti. In Springfield l<> Mai y J. 
boa), who was born near Wllaon 
(tiaaa. Hi* wtfa «u the daUghUr of 
Daniel and Nancy Bea). carlv aettlers 
-* Uda county. To Colonel Han and 
hla who «wr« born *cven children, 
jix of which are now living. One died 
in lufancy. 

Wn>. Hart died February 2d, J»i4, 
*t the aye of do yearn. 

Poliucally. Colonel Harl «mg a 
XVniocrat. lio waa a aiemhri of the 
Chrltttlaii church and belonged to 
John Matthewn Po<f Oruiif! Army of 
the liepubllc, .u tiprmgfltld. 

The cliildrcii who survjve hlni are 
iour »*nta. A. T. liart of bprhujfleld, 
prominent otockman: W. H. Hart of 
Tampa. Fla.; Alvoree Hart of Bprlng- 
j"itJd. and a. K. Uart of Loa Angelea, 
Calif.; and two daugbterts, Mra. J. H. 
HKUdrht of Ponce do Leon, and Mrs. 
Hollle Alexander cf Tulta, Okla. " 

a °i 

H9M1 Balnea. 17 year* .old, o f 
•voach. Mo, died at t o'clock tbl 
•ofntof In a local ho«pttal toUowtni 
» Ijw day.' Ulnaaw. H. u MirrlTtd 
by the mother, one brother and four 
alators. Tha body waa taken to Leba- 
non. Mo., tha af Urnoon. prom there 
the body waa taken overland to 
Roach. Mo., for funeral aenrlcee and 
burUL The body waa prepared for 
»»«**»» «T Um tiennan H. Lohmerer 
fuaereJ borne. 

MIW. »aA»V -AhlAY. 
Funairal aanrteee for Mra. Mary 
9aJJfy. SO year. old. of .14 .teat Pa* 
olflc atreet. who died In a local hoa- 
pltal Tburaday afternoon, will be 
held at 3:30 o'clock tomorrow after- 
noon. Serrlcee will be conducted at 
'■he Robberaon Avenue Baptist 
-hurcb. Interment will be made In 
Maple Park cemetery under the di- 
rection of the Klingner Funeral 
nome. Mrs Salley Is survived by 
he husband, three children. her 
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Elrey Boles, of 
lprtngfleld; one sister, snd three 

-. I 

Madteon CaoorpbeU *\* *OlCyik jP» *»«g 

old. pioneer far»«r awi fii« Wg> <» 
Otmm county. dMef a* l****? 
thle aborning at 1*1* IvuiTi Wwi Baon- 
nil* avenue, following a brief Win**" 
Mr. Vinton wu bom »»•»"« 
of ■pHafflilrl tn thd Cnsop- 
mUwM roed on MopawbeT M. 
Mo w>a a mm* «£ Bewnuef B- 
Mervwret Sugwlet* Vtuton. 
of (too well-known PJOOMT 
of thle county. 

Mr. Vinton* Uttwr cmw to OrU 
county from Tab— I in WU- Ha 
«m * laniMr and rt O Bfc— a 

IfaUmi O. Vinton, wwa taken to 
Bt. Loui. by hie father when he wee 
ebt yearn old. vtur* he nved uuul he 
wee 14 yeara old. lie then returned 
to bU uailva county. He began uu 
bueluoaa caxaer by clerking In a lo- 
cal »tore. He vent to Marabfleld, 
Webeur county, eborttv after return- 
ing bere where be worked In a atore 
for eeven yeara. 

He returned to Bprlngfleld end en- 
gaged Ui tbe mercnarvllelng buetneee 
i in 1«WK). After eelUng out thle buel- 
neaa be atarted a eboe atore. TliU 
store, which operated under tbe firm 
luune of Vluton-Baxtcr tthoe cuni- 
pany. •Tbe Jumbo Shoe Store." wee 
lot-iL«d on tbe aoutb aide of tbe 
public oquare. 

He aoiu bin Interest In tbla e»t»b-. 
ItaliniriU in iwn and bought a iivrm 
in Jackaon township. Tbla farm can- 
titird of MO acree. which u#~ brought 
itp to it high nuif of improvement | 
«.i^i cultivation. U» operated a Ua±ry 
lou tnu farm for a number of ywara 
Mr. Vtntoo waa ftre* aeacrtod la 
| 187S to Elleabeth McOlnty. FOUX 

children ware born to tbia mawTlage- 
HU wife cued Dacotnbar e. 1«K». in 
ftprtngrield. and Mr. Vintun married 
uu, u— io d»i>u.. To uu» union 
wu born oiu child. Juliet Lew Ytn- 
tnn. wlio now rnaiuea In spring- 

Mr. Vinton a flrat wife «m a 
daughter of A C. McOUHT. HU wire, 
who now aurvlvre hliu. wae tbe 
daughter or P. Dwbba arm 
Wife, pioneer settlrra ot tbla county. 

The decadent" l»' aurvlved by tbr 
widow, oua daughter. Mlu Juliet Lee 
Vinton; by four wu*. Harry Campbell 
Vtuton. of Morencl. Aru, Jarucs 
Kearuey Vinton, or Ajo. Arlx.: Walter 
Berry VlntOH. BlrarTunf. Mo: Wllllarn 
Abncr Vinton. I04d boutb Fort ave- 
nue, bprlngfleld: be la el»o aurvlveo 
by one alater. Un John W. WtUlanu. 

of u.n Wet.1 Waluul alreet: out 
brother, rlamuel a Vinton. Jr.. 31b 
Kltubrough auret, ftprlugtlcld 

Funrral arrangements bave not 
ihth > iittiplFird but wnlrm prvib- 
«bl> will bo held VTeUucadaT af tor - 
uuou liileriuetil will be nudo in 
Mrvplr Parle ccuielery under tho dl- 
irttiDn u( vv. 1.. atamf. undertaKcr. 


Funeral arevloao for Mike Calrey. ' 
U yoara old. who died yea Ur day ait-. 
ernoon at the bouw. 1180 North 
Orant avenue, alter a MnferlAf 111- 
nree, w.ul bo held at 8 o'clocH Mon- 
day aaornln«. 6*nrioe* «U1 be held 
at Immaculate Oonocptlon Catholic 
church^ mtermant will be made In 
«t Mary'a cemetery under tbe direc- 
tion of the Herman H. i-ohmeyer 
funerol home. Mr. Calvey had beer 
an employe of the Prleco Kallroad 
i-ouipauy in the ooacb department for 
30 yeexa He W eurvlvad by the wid- 
ow, three Oaughtere. Catherine. Mil- 
dred and Marie, of the home, and 
one eon. Paul, aleo of tbe home, and 
by one brothor. Luke Calrey oi 
dprlngfleld. He wu a member of tbr 
Woodmen of the World. Knlghta ot 
Columbua and American Yeomen. 

Pui>cxal eervlcee were held at 1' 
irlock thla afternoon at the Kllug- 
ter Fvineral chape' ,or Mra. Mast* 
'."owden. io ye.'ir» old. wife of Dr W 
H. Cowden. of 1340 North Jeffrn>or> 
ivenue. who died at 4 o'clock Thurs- 
day afternoon. Interment waa made 
in MAple Park cemetery' 


Mild. «l)0AK FAWCk-TT. <% 

ktnef funeral . aervtoea for Mra. 
ouaen Jane Pawcett, 01 yeara old: 
who died Friday morning at the; 
tamlly borne In Pair Orove. will be 
held at 11 o "cloak Sunday morning. 
Tbe eervlcee will be 'conducted a% 
'he family home with interment In 
dount Comfort cemetery under tba 
Cllngner Undertaking eompany. Mr*. 
Tawoetl la aitrvlved by alx aona. «'».•- 
en C. Pawcett. McAMater. Okla.: 
toberl k". Dell and R. L, Kawcett. 
all of Fair Orove: J- J-. Pawcrtt 
Kaneae City, and W. B. Pawcett. 
Springfield, and by one daughter. 
Mra D. E. Kogern. Pair (trove 

IV. 11. |>l NNEtl.t.V 

Funeral aervloee were held at 2 
o'clock thle afternoon at bolivar for 
Wlllard B. Dunnegan. 00 yeara old, 
who died at hta home there Tburadey t 
afternoon. Mr. Dunnegan waa rice I 
preeldem of the Polk County bank. 
HI* father. Judge T. H. B. Dunucgan. 
who la 03 yeara old. wee the founder 
of the Institution 

The deovdent we& a member of tbe 
Knigbta Templar and of tbe Abou 
lien Adbem Mhrine of Springfield. 
He waa alao a member of the Mia- 
aourl Bankera' aaaoclatlon. 

Ha waa uever married. He U sur- 
»lred by hla father, three brothers 
and three, aletcre. 



Word h*» been received of the 
death of Perry Thompeon. well known 
Frteco p aea e ngcr brmkeman. at St. 
LouU. Mr. Thompson* death follow- 
ed fcn operation performed at the 
Prteco boapltal. Hli condition bad 
b**n eerloue lor a long time. 

HIM borne wu In Oklahoma City 
and he had a paeaengcr run on Noe 

t wA t. eat ei Meufi> 


Page 1: Mrs. A. C. Daly died.** 

Page 3:Mrs. Sue E. Clingan, widow of A. W. Clingan, was appointed executrix of his 
will. It mentions three children Eugene L., Sue Ella and Iva May Clingan. 

There is an account and photograph of Judge T. K. Bowman. 
Page 5: Madison Campbell Vinton died.** 

John F. Miller died.** 

Henry Haines died.** 

Mrs. Mary Salley died.** 

Mike Calvey died.** 

Mrs. Susan Fawcett died.** 

Perry Thompson died.** 

There is an article about Mrs. Nancy Ann Price, who is now 100 years old.** 
Page 9: Mrs. Matilda J. Sweaney died.** 

Page IB: Everett Wommack, 46, died last week at his home 995 North Campbell 
avenue. He was deputy game commissioner of this district. 

Page 4B: Miss Jessie Wood and Charles Keet McClure were married.** 

Page 5B: Frances Nabors sues to divorce Estus Nabors. They were married in 1920. 

Marriage license: Elmer E. Green, 26, of Parma, Mo., and Ethel L. Lee, 21, of 
Stuttgart, Ark. 

Page 6B: Merritt W. Morton died.** 

Page 7B: Mrs. Mildred Thomas and Mr. Henry Elmore were married last week in 

J. Lyle Ellis of Joplin, Bird Ellis of West Plains, Dave Ellis of Seymour and 
Robert Ellis of Ava went to Mountain Grove for the funeral of Mrs. W. C. Ellis. 

Son born To Mr. and Mrs. Bert Roberts of Wichita, Kansas, formerly of Miller, 

Mrs. Fred Walton and Mis. J. M. Steele of Monett went to Tulsa for the funeral of 
their niece Mrs. Carl Wasson. 

Mrs. C. H. Ring of Monett went to Eufaula, Kansas, where her daughter-in-law 
Mrs. E. W. Lyman died. 

Mrs. R. B. Hagood died and was buried in Humansville, Mo. Her husband lives in 
Amarillo, Texas. 

Page 8B: John Perl Cox was appointed guardian for Alberta Cox, a minor. 

Charles E. Smith was appointed guardian for Rosco, Malcolm and Orville Keltner, 

Nettie L. Elam sues to divorce Oscar B. Elam. They were married August 22, 
1897, and have children. 

Page 2C: Miss Jessie Wood and Charles Keet McClure were married.** 
Page 8C: Early Days in Springfield.** 

<.'■ . 


. Judn /»hn H. Falrman In probata 

yesterday appointed John Perl 

guardian " for Alberts Cox. a 

. and Charlie K. Smith ruarrtlan 

tor Rosea. Malcolm and Orville Kelt- 

e*r. minors. Each minor nvrni a sne- 

Mto fr H i atiar* In flv» and a half acres 

Orunt count ic land. 



Merritt W. Morton, T*. died about 
10 o'clock laat night at hla bonk* at 
2127 North WeUer arena* attar a 
Uncaring lllneea. Funeral arranga- 
menu are Incomplete. Burial win 
be In Oreen Lawn cemetery under 
direction of tbe Klln«*ner Under- 
taking company. f 

flpBP flmt&Op years are theimrdt 

* Ask'lfra. NubtAbd Price, 

County's oldest citizen, wbp has 

the same home since 1848. She has been 

a resident of Greene county for Op* ye a r n 

and remembers when land near the public 

Square sold for $1.26 an acre. 

She celebrated her 100th birthday Nov- 
ember 27 and hundreds of relatives and 
friends gathered from all sections of the 
Ozark region to join in the anniversary. 

Mrs. Price waa born in East Tennessee. 
She came to the Ocark region when a small 
gtrl and the family faced many hardships 
in making the trip in a covered wagon. Oxen 
were used Instead of horses. 
QHE was married December, 1848, to Terry 
Griffin Price. Her uncle, Brigg Simms, 
performed the ceremony. 

She traces her family tree back to the 
Revolutionary wlir. Her father, who died 
at the age of 116, fought in the Revolution- 
ary war, the war of 1812, Indian wars, the 

ALL of the stores and houaas in Spring- 
^ field at that time oomuated of tog cabin* 
and wild life. existed within a mile of^OH 
square. ' * 

The only hotel here at that time was a log 
cabin affair and was owned by Nick Smith. 
There was one dry goods store. Daniel 
Berry was the owner. A small grocery 
store, operated by Robert McElhaney, sup- 
plied the village and surrounding territory 
with provisions. 

The Price family made few trips to 
Springfield because of slow travel. In those 
days, it was a big task to shop in Spring- 
field, the trip requiring from daylight to 
dawn. Today, it is possible to leave the 
Price home northeast of Springfield in ant 
automobile and return home within an hour. 


,.mttM M«tk 
of iJnrliig/leld talvu a proiulnexO. 
farmer cad HMMJ a* w » 11 •* 
boauMea man of this aactlun. 

ror eeveral year*. Mr. Vinton waa 
engaged In raerohandlelna- bu»ln*«* 
In Springfield. In 1878 he wa* mar- 
ried, to Mle* Elizabeth McGlnty. 
wtaa died In 1888, Four children 
war* born to thle union. Mr. Vin- 
ton,- «m again married to Mlse 
Ileaele and one Child was 
bom to Uj1» union. 

Mr. Vinton la, aurvlved by the 
widow, one daughter. Mlae Juliet 
l*e Vinton; by four aona. Harry 
Campbell Vinton, of Morencl. Artx.: 
Junw Kearney lnton, of AJo. Aria : 
Walter Berry Vinton. Strafford. 
Mo.; William Abner lnton. 1046 
South Fort avenue. Springfield; he 
la alao aurvlved by one alater, Mra- 
John W. Wllllaraa. of 884 Weat 
Walnut it reet; one brother. Sam- 
uel 8. Vinton. Jr., 816 Klmbrough 
ntreet, Pj ringfleld. 

Funerul services probably will bo 
held Wednesday' afternoon. Inter- 

t«r yuod*r tba direction of w. I* 

et»r»a. J k 


lira. Sue E. Cllngon, wljow of A. W. 
Canaan, yealerday »•■ appointed In 
probate court a* the executrix of hla 
will. The Instrument, aalde from 
minor bequeala. provides that the 
property go to the widow during ''«-" r 
lifetime and at her death be dlvldnl 
equally among the three children. 
Bugene L., ttu* EUa and Iva Hay 

John F. -Millar. |T. of Iff W*«t 
Pujlar etrit died at »:4» ©Clock 
]aM night IB a local faoapltal aft*r 
a Ywtaf lUaeaa. Mr. Millar til en- 
gaged In buelnee* In Springfield 
«BtU the Urn* of hie tllnaaa He 
had Uvad near Seymour tha «ree.t- 
«r part of hla Ufa. 

JTunoral service* wUl b* hold at 
the Btaxne mortuary at 11 o'oloolc 
tomorrow morning. Interment will 
follow In tha Maaoalo # cemetery 
near Saymour. 

Mr. Vinton la aurvlved by one 
daughter, Mr*. C. J. Sherwood, of 
Minneapolis. Minn.; two aUtar*. 
Mra. J. C. Griffin. Kanaaa City, and 
aire. J. C. Shaner, St. Louie, and 
four brothers, M. C. Millar. Say- 
mour., Grant Miller. Springfield. L 
D. Miller. Conway, and S. W. Mil- 
lar, Springfield. 

Henry Hnlnes. 17. of Roach. Mo, 
died at 1 o'clock yeaterday morning 
after brief Illness In a local hoapl- 
taJ, He la aurvlfed by the mother, 
one brother and four alatera. The 
body was prepared for burial, by 
tha Herman H. Lohmeyer funeral 
home nnd waa taken to Lebanon 
yeaterday afternoon, thence to 
Roach. Mo, for funeral service*. 


r*J aftr-lo*. tor 'Mr*. 

14. -a* «4 E««fc-J 

Of? Thuraday 
ba hal* -At tilt 

afternoon at 
I«a*>uat church. 
In Munta Park oamai 
'directum Of tha mingnaf T/8- 
dartaalhg company. 

— T ' 
•>*'"• Ml KB OALVKY 

i Funeral aarvloaa tor UUu OaJray,' 
88. Who died Friday afternoon, will 
be h*ld at 8 o'clock Monday morn - 
Jrujf at ImmaoulaU Coobaptlon 
Catholic church. Interment. Will 
follow In St. Mary'a cemetery un- 
der direction of the Herman H. 
lohmeyer funeral home, 

Funeral aervicee for Mra. Susan 
Fawcett. 81. who died Friday morn- 
lug at her home In Fair Grove, will 
bo bald at 11 o'clock thle morning 
at the family home.. Interment will 
follow In Mount Comfort cemetery 
under direction of the KJlogner 
Undertaking company. 


Information haa been received by 
relatives here of the death of Perry 
Tboropeon In a St. Louis hoapltaJ, 
following an operation Mr. Thomp- 
son waa a Frisco brukeman and 
waa well known In Springfield. Hla 
borne waa in Oklahoma City. 


Auto Running Wild Crashes 
Into Another Machine; Mrs. 
Daly, Former Resident, Well 
Known Hers 

T^RS. X. C. DJLL.Y. •« yeera eld. 
for mur yeavra a resident a* 
Bprtngflald. died a* TO* o'clock ls*t 
cKhl in a Monetl hospital from In- 
juries sustained there when struck by 
an automobile driven by Alex Spear, 
of MoiMtt 

fcucar U a aonlnlaw of M. E. Qullo.4. 
owner of the UlUlox theater hurt. 
Fender Strikee .Woman. 

Mra Daly had just finished »hoppln» 
lu a ilonett store said was croaalUK 
the street whan »t~w U ettld to «"" I 
driven down the street at high ipm<1, 
a fender striking Mrs, Daly. 

A Calloway axubulanoe wee caUed 
and Uri. Daly wu taken to the Wee! 
hospital wban It waa found that both 
arms and legs war* broken. Mrs 
Daly alao Buffered Internal 'Injuries, 
libe died at 7 ISO o'clock. 

Wban he dlecovered thai he h*al 
•truck Mrs. Daly, >oun* Bpeer Jumped 
from the automobile while It waa lu 
motion and ruahod to bar aid. The 
drlvarlaaa automobile creaked Into 
another machine and waa demoaabed,. 
No Charges piled. 

No charges had -been filed agaluat 
bo»e.r up u> an eaxly bour thle 
morning . . 

Mrs. Daly la survived br a deugh- 
Xtr^ uru. Pete Martin. -of Monatt. and 
a granddaughter. Josephine Martin. 

.. - 

■»e»»»»»»s»-e» — 


wtuC"SS^*c ut. ««£. 

Tt uT end Mra. Zona I**** 
r^77 lrf t Jfc. trfclcb took »***• 

*„ST^- •* • £*«* ■* r 

C^Sgo. Tho hrld. «- *• -^V? 1 
MrTj Omar Moore and haa> fre- 

About 100 gW. attended *•*•«- 
din* and the raeopUOn Wh teh tdj 
lowed at the noma of the brider. 

O wedding 1 which wlU too ©X In- 
terest U» many Sprtnxftold people 
took pUoa January 1 in PhoanU. 
Arte, when Mle» Jessie Wood, for- 
merly of thle city, became the 
bride of Charles Meet McClure o. 
Florence. Arlx. The following Is an 
extract of the ovent ea given by <,!>" 
phoenix Herald: 

•■The wedding took, place at high 
noon at tho homa of Mx. and Mra 
Dolph Morris on North Sixth ave- 
nue. The liouoa waa beautifully 
decorated for the occasion I" green 
mid gold. The Impressive service 
was rfad by the rtev. Victor Alex- 
ander Hule. pastor of the First 
lTisl'jterian church of Phoenix. 

"The bride wore a blue cloth 
dress with trimmings of metal ur.d 
.i golJ lace hat with nrcessorlea to 
mulch. She fuxrlfd n hrldal hnu- 
quet if y ' ilow uu'r-i-shPiLTt ros''b!i':«. 
MiiH L'orlnna Dut-iuUr played the 
wedding murch from ljohengrlr. dn 1 
durlns the ceremony played the 
new arr.uieTeinont of "I-o\» fc"- 
Fiowers." t.\ AlJrlch. 

i.j ■.. McCIure i.u-^ L< mi u i« .1- 

.'• m ..f Phoenix for mv it:i] n i'.Y.h 

n.r.i; :.i ro '.< ui: : ; - .i.< :•• ■ ■ 

.i n 


.: 1 

• !. ..I i ;n le> 
. ..olr <1 lr <■• :<-r n: 
■ j-r*-s^y tei ;^n rli ui i '. M i M 
:-. : c-l.t J r. tj c inn. . ;. :■ i '■.' M; 
n^el of Veteran* ol l'i!.:t-t. 

Ilr 1b OOli'lei ■!»•.! Willi l.'.e Shell I'll \ 

i.;nnan>' wltfi M-^ilviiiiirli re 111 ) 

VtorvAoa, Aria. Xmmlki lofty Itot^ 
lowing- the oeremonjr Mr. and Mra. I 
MoClure left for their lutttre hoiue 
Is Tlorence.* 

Urs. Matilda J. SWeaney Wat 1 

Oldest Resident of South: 

western Part of $tatn» 

Mrs. Matilda J. IrwwaMey. UT rears 
etd. a resident of the Oeark raeioo 
for IM years, ta dead at her home near 
Qahaol. aaooreUiisf •» «Msw reeetvae 
here last Bight. 

Mrs, Bweaney waa ualj to be the 
aldaat oltlssa of oouthom s l lsa o a rt . 
She was born near Chicago November 
IX. 1119. and three years later, cajne 
with her parents to Hprtualleld. U.t»r 
art t ling at Marshfleld. 

She was married to John J. Sweaney. 
who died 24 years ago at the age of 71 

Mra. Uweaney waa svble to talk oolor- 
fully of early days la southern 14 ls- 
aeuii. £he reiuembared vtaitlng the 
present alie of Springfield when a »irl 
Vt > lbtb old. 

Oifly one log cabin and a small store 
were lure a! that time. Her father. 
William ralllalon. ni the flnrt por- 
aon burled In the Marshfleld cemetery. 


Early Days In Spr%r!HW$& 

* (.Continued from Last Weak.) .. i •_ - 

Five minutes liter our cavalcade. 1 philosophical manner, although ho 

which by now had bean Joined by waB known to have felt greatly the J 

an escort from the Fourth cavalry, adverse comment on Col. Copping- ) 

beaded by Second Lieutenant VT - a aoeial ^osluon. Something had | 

Thomas H. Slavens. who wu ap- to ^ done to correct this, a* far j 

pointed to West Point from the old i a8 u waJ| po „i D i.. g 0i through tha i 

Seventh Missouri Congressional dU- mnuence of the great Maine states- | 

trlct by Congressman "Silver Dick' „ mni the colonel was advanced eev- j 

trlct by Congressman "Silver Dick 

Blund or Lebanon, mounted on 

runted on , praJ polntu ln blm t ^ vay standing, 
white horses, purely out of respect Thl g done over the head> f 

wi. 0.0 m^»»«». *- — — v - 

to the great esteem in which Cnler 
Bushyhead was held by the army, 
drew up In fruin of the Copplnger 
home, a very pretentious brown, 
cut-stone edifice that stood midway 
among a row of more unpretentious 
residences occuiiled by other army 
officers of lesser rank. The home 
of Col. Copplnger, of course, was 
provided by the government, and as 
FT Gibson in those times was a 
iii:;i:... j ,■•■ : ul iniportiuu'o, no c.\- 
ptnsc was spared In the, construc- 
tion of a heme that had every con- j 
venlence. Besides. Hie government , 
laid for the oj.k.'p and there wis : 
always appropriation enough to j 
provide aU the comforts which u. ■ 
family of the distinction of Cof. 
Coppinger required and was en- 
titled to. 

After a great amount of **™*** 
a nd bowing and pawing ot the 
earth. In regulation army and red 
tape custom, a butler, houseman and 
army of other domestlo dignitaries l 
of greater or less rank, and an army jl 
of noisy dues, running from com- 
mon poodle., sporting red ribbon 
roUaro. to Imported mastiffs and I 
l„I.-eared deer l..unds. appeared to j 
hid us welcome. Col. Copplnger and | 
Chief Bushyhead had been on' 
Intimate social terms for a -core of , 
\enrs and. of course, wo all relt at and more than "*!«""; 
When Col. Copplnger married Mr. 
Blalnes favorite uaUffhter there 
was generally much unfavorable 

inis was uoue over ute uvuui «i 
men who were directly ln line of . 
promotion and naturally created I 
bad feeling, and Mr. Blaine him- | 
belf was severely criticised by the 
public and newspapers generally. ' 
both Inside and outside his own 
political party. Anybody who ever', 
knew Blaino, or had ever kept 
track of his record ln Congress, was . 
not surprised, however, as be oould j 
not be swerved from a course, i 
once his mind hud been made up 
to act. This was one of tha great j 
outstanding qualities of the man ' 
Mid oi'e tliM especially '•■■ ■! cared 
him to th« American people an a ' 
statesman. He could not bland the ] 
attacks the army, especially, was ] 
making on his son-in-law. Co!. Cop- I 
plnger was being derided as not 
having come from West Point.] 
I This, they considered, was a de- j 
I feet that should bar him from full 

. ! .' . ul . . ::. o-' o * f . ■■■ ' 

social way. 

Naturally. the Democrat*, who 
were already grooming Ororer 
Cleveland as the prospective Demo- I 
cratlo candidate, for president i 
against Blaine, took advantage of 
this army rumpus to belittle Blaine. 
The Couklln-Blatno fued woe at IU 
holgbth, too, and thla added tire to 
the flames. The Conklln taction 
would go to moat any extremo to 
sidetrack Blaine and \hey took up 
the cudgel against the Maine states- 
man on account of the Copplnger 

was generally much unfavorable j | ^ Ther# wer- ^^^ r^ 

comment, and more particularly in , Qf ^ intimate rela 

r r.hscuri 
army circles !!■• «i «.„„ | 

rank In the army und. besides, there j 
was said to be great discrepancy ln ; 
years. She was n hnnilsome. buxom) 
,-lrl and tmd mhrrit.-d much of her j 
illustrious father's endowment of 
W lt and superior Intelligence gener- 
B 'ly besides all of Hie R«ud °. ua11 " 
tles of a mother noted for her com- 
mon, every day hard sense and ex 

bllngs then of the Intimate rela- 
tions existing betweeh Blaino and 
his wife, before their marriage, and 
the dirtier Democratic newspapers 
were printing advance hint* of 
what later developed Into a dis- 
graceful personal presidential cam- 
paign, ln which many army officers 
of both high and low rank, through 
their contempt and hatred of Blains 

mon. everyday hard sense ana «" fonnlnswr sought td 

ceptlonal capability for # the .task land %ff*2£FtS** 

P1 ated upon her ns a mother atid I 
the no doubt veVy trying ■»* **•> 
some took of performing tha nodal 
juUss In a horn* that had by now 
through Mr. Blaine's prospective 
OM-Utoay for tbo preatd e ncy. b*- 
oom. the meoca and spotlight of the 
naUon. Col. Copplngar. whflo an 
aristocrat ln every aense of the 
word, was oald to be of rttlring ana 
taciturn disposition. After the mar- 
riage, Mr. Blaine U sold to have ac- 
cepted tho eltuatlon ln a purely 

the whole BlabM tasnfly. ■•» 

counter club and charj* <***£ 
publicans brought forwWd Cleve 
Und's liaison with Mary Hil»i«.ta 
which an Illegitimate child wa. 
born. As these scandals .persisted 
and as there eeemed no *«rond 
,, (l „ which a decent campaign 
might b« conducted, the voters ac- 
cepted the situation as purely R 
case of -Jog eat dog" and voted ac- 
ccr.lingly. Cleveland triumphed lx- 
cuuso an old fool named Burchard 


uiniy uniform of a colonel and. ap- 
peared very dignified and distinct 
In bearing-. His hair bore a ting* 
of gray, tut otherwise he dd not 
appear to b« weighty with years. Ha 
bowed moat graciously, shook Chief 
Bushyhead's hand fervently and In 
a Jolly good nature greeted us with 
a hearty welcome. Servants raj 
quite helter-skelter in every- direc- 
tion. The Colonel's body guard wafc 
a large six-footer and wore a brace 
"f regular!, in uri! 
i jji re w <-i i- se\*( 
besides u 
kee servants. 

tf'.ins a foot long. 
Negro women, 
.'ullblood Chero- 
An army of tnesaen- 

V' !rtw-elser a ad 

Iw •' said Chief 
long time bo- 

made a speech in Madison Square 
Garden. "Rum, Romanism and Re- 
bellion." Its Import and meaning 
ivldently being that If Blaine were 
elected president the country would 
become a Catholic nation, on ac- 
count of which It was claimed some 
twelve hundred Republicans switch- 
ed over night and Toted for Cleve- 
land, giving him New York state 
and the presidency tiy this bare 
margin. Ther* never wns anything 
to ih.- 1 '..i h"'.ic bugbahoo concHrninj- - 
Blaine I" h:i« li.i-i niifl. rvept 
Col. Co|i|iinrer was a Catholic, who 
l.ud been plained a dispensation by 
LhC pope .11 j' ... - daughter, 

who supposedly was a Proteutant. 
Cleveland iskriowledged the Halplr. 
affair. Whatever became of Um 
Illegitimate too , history rlonaiTt 
aeera to be able to record. Perhaps 
It's best to allow the dead past to 
bury Its dead. Editor II Cu'.lagh. 
In the light of all subsequent his- 
tory. Is entitled to credit for the 
most comical paragraph appearing 
during this memorable campaign, 
having said In the Globe-Democrat 
that Cleveland was the only presi- 
dential candidate who ever was able 
to remove ins collar without un- 
buttoning It. 

However, during all the up* and 
downs i. <. .<!. Cuppingt-r, Ci.i> f 
Rushyn- ad niiiaiiied loyal. An ef- 
fort wii made to oust the Co!oi.-I 
from command at Port Gibson aii.I 
i.ury him in some obscure and far 
away ■ • ii-rn ..miy post. (').:• 
. i • j''. mi guard an.: lie 
Mi 11 fit pri mlnetit i 'he: 
;.--. Choctaws. Chickasaw* 
an.l Seminolcs that visited Was: 
Ingion and loilgeu a protest. Tills 
created a row at home. Democratic- 
Churokco politicians also protested 
vehemently against chief Bushy- 

I head's activities, especially 'p'-l 

, urlng Cherokee goveromant appro- 

! prlatlona to further the cause of 
the Blaine-Copplnger army flgbt. 

I Chief Busbyhead was a rank, Re- 
publican. He loved a scrap and 

I won out for re-election and also 

I succeeded in having Col. Coppinger 
retained in command at Port 

By now CoL Coppinger bad ap- 
peared personally on the front 
porch. - He was dressed In full 

Page 8: Charles E. Smith was appointed curator for Roscoe Keltner, Malcome Keltner 
and Orville Keltner, minors. 

John P. Cox was appointed guardian for Alberta Cox, a minor. 

John F. Miller died.** 

Mrs. Susan Jane Fawcett died.** 

Willard B. Dunnegan died.** 

Col. Roswell K. Hart died.** 

Mrs. Mary Salley died.** 

Mike Calvey died.** 

Mrs. Maxie Cowden died.** 

Madison Campbell Vinton died.** 

Twins born to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Varley.** 

Bt; I ,. 

ke. ?,. ' : . 

gers ran to and fro over the broad 
parade grounds in front with orders 
for officers and non-coms. Present- 
ly we were ushered into a large re- 
ception room. As was invariably 
the custom in those days, we were 
Immediately served with drinks — 
h'ird liquors. Muni 
light wines. 

"Don't care If I 
Rushyhead. "It's 
tween drinks." 

"That's what one governor aald 
to another, once upon a time, I be- 
to another governor, ouce upon' a 
time I believe," responded Col. Cop— 

1 plnger. pleasantly, e^s he -took a bant 
thimbleful of Jamaica rum. 

We were still on the water waggon, 
ourselves), but oouldut ressrt. attar 
much persuasion, finally compro- 
mising on a small bottle of Bud. 
Tbe chaplln had a good whisky 
mouth. That la. It appeared to 
bold, and he fulped down a snot of 
utralght Kentucky bourbon. 

Just then "Saggy" Sandere, a 
full blood Cherokee and speaker of 
the legislature. arrived. "Saggy" 
was not only all that, but he was 
also "sogga/"* and very "saggy. He 
weighed about 100, was broad as 
long and looked any thing but hu- 
man. His hands resembled hams, 
his feet were as Inhuman as his 
Jaws, which protruded like a Berk- 
shire porker'a Would "Saggy" have 
"one" on CoL Coppinger? Sure and 
he would, not only a lonesome "one" 
out "several." In fact. "Saggy's belt 
was uncomfortably slack and he 
could get around a barrel without 


Page 18: Miss Jessies Wood and Charles Keet McClure were married.** 

Miss Mark K. Weddell and Mr. Charles Richard Thurston were married.** 
Miss Louise Yerkes and Mr. Roscoe J. Barreet were married.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Ab Morris, formerly of Urbana, Mo., was killed Christmas day in an 

automobile accident at Long Beach, Calif.** 
Merritt W. Morton died.** 
The will of Patrick Martin was filed.** 
Edward Gay Wafey died.** 
Sue E. Clingan was appointed executrix of the will of A. W. Clingan, who died 

January 1. 

Killed Christmas Way. 

U.r» Ab WorrU. formerly of Urbane. 
J4j>. mm Instantly killed In a motor 
cwr wreck Ju»t *» »he was entcring 
\jout Beach. California In a car were 
laurel Walker, iris 1*0 daughters, a 
Mrs. Anderson, mid Mr* Morns When) 
Just nvfrrlriK l-on* besch a pollc* far J 
r»n into them and lh«i uieca resulted! 
in the Instant U.-atti of tho elderly I 


McCInr«.W»ML ' " tiWf 

A Vbdding or tuuch Interest to 

KuiAtty ttpringnsid poopto took pie*>e 

January 1 to Phoenix, Arison*, wuo 

UUa Jeeelee Wood, formerly of this 

olty. b*cuu the bride of Charles 

JUet McClura of Florence, Arlnona. 

The following to ta extract of to* 

•vent mm given by tbe PboenU Hokidi 

wod,»n. but »U U.c u'.hrr *.cup4nu ql j •The Wedding took VlM JM at high 

the car were not Hurl The car wee ( |w)oa ftt ^ j^^ ^ ^ ^^ 

IDolph Morris on. North Blath »vw»ue. 
The bouse was beautifully decorated 
tor tbe occasion to green on4 boM. 
Tim Dinars eel ve eervlce we* read by 
«J*e Mw. Victor Alexander ftuM, pM- 
toir of the First Presbyterian church 
ml VU&ntU. The bxMe wore e> blue 
•wtoUt dreae with metal trimmings 
laud * «ol<l Uce bet with s cce es or le* 
•o match, end oexrled a, bridal bwu- 
«jwt' of yellow eweetbeext rosebuds. 
Tine wedding march wee ple>yed by 
etlt* Cor inn e DuemJer wbo also play- 
ad Qm new ajrran^moent of 'Love and 
*towwrt*~by Alancn. during' tbe cere- 
uxuny. Mre. been a res- 
ident of Phoenix for 'several months. 
earning bare from tsprmgfteld. Mo, 
wbere whe wee well known among 
ohurch end musical olrclee. being at 
on<i time cbolr director et tbe North 
*Ud* Presbyterian church. Mr. Mc- 
Clure U retiring commander or 
JU-m-ioop* poet of Veterans of Foreign 
Waxir. He is connected with the tJhell 
Oil company with headquarters In 
irior*ttco. Artooua. Immediately fol- 
lowing the ceremony. Mr. ana Mre. 
McCfure lert for their future home In 
Florence, followed by the Rood wlahee 
mi their many frleuda la Phoenix." 

utmost completely tori) up. Mrt 

Morris w*. the mother of Mr* Laurel 
W»)ker. is an aunt of Homer Yea__<r 
ne»r Elk too. Hickory county eh* left 
about three months ago for the west 
Tli* hu*b«.nd. Ab Morn* w *» eecl" 
nentally Killed In L'rtielia ~ime twelve 
year* »t<<> "> breaming entangled In 
the machinery <>t .. kinaii f;rit.'- mill >'« 
»bs ruitliiti <^t m*t pl»«e M' »iid 
^r» Morris mere *r\\ known ritwena 
of Dallaa unri HI<-kory ivjiintlea Mr 
kiorri.n was u carpenter by trudo and 

h«lrx<l to bltlld Itie i)ie»n;t public 
achool tmlldluK m lfermlt« tt o aoino 3a 
years i>t', ' 

Marrtege of Interrat. 

K«v» of the marriage of Mlee Loulae 
Yertee of Clllcego, who ha* been a 
frequent vialtor In U)U city, bevluv 
berti tin- Kimt ul l>er aunt. Mre. J. 
Omar Moore, of Kaat araotdi etrvMJt 
roed, ha* been received here. Mi«j 
Yeraea »u married on December iO 
at 7 p m. at the Morgan Park Meth< 
odUt church to Mr. Hoacoe J. Berreet, 
Jr . of that city 

Will It riled, 
T!ir will of the late Patrick Martin, 
who pa>eed away a »horl time ago at 
lu» home in Mouett. wan filed In pro- 
bale court at Caaavllle YVedneaday 
lis son. Peter Murtiti. raaluer of the 
Ceti'ral St«te Bunk o! Mount, was 
nenied executor. «o *cr\r without 
bond Thceelate In the l.r^til Ihul 

I liu been record In Barry county and 
:» expected to have a \ uluatlon of ut 

aal *-i*0.000. 

Tbav'eetete foea to the member* of 
^i« Marun family. 

Mart lit W. Morton. T3 yean old. 
died Uet night at 10 o'clock at hie 
home, 3337 North Weller avenue. 
Kuneral amuifemente ere Incomplete, 
but burial will be made In Oreiu- 
lawn cemetery under trie direction of 
the Kllng ner Underteklrm company. 

Tbe nuuTlage or MUe Mark K. Wed- 
unill of uiu city iawd Mr. fJhartoa 
bUobard Tbtiretoa of OfctobaMel City. 
Ckkha. w»* quietly enlemnUed at tbe 
home of a Preebyterlan minister oT 
I thet city on _J>counber 31. Mrej 
Tbuntton has been employed in the 
PYUoo general office* hero and Mr. 
Thuretou la connected with the Daw- 
son Produce company In Oklahoma 
Olty. where the young coupler will 
make their home. 


?***■» *. UUUt. «7 ywar. t4* tor to. 
. gw* Uum years m, roatcreru of Burln*- 
1 field ana formerly o/ Utrmour Mo. 
died at T:*a o'clock nun lU^tit in * lo- 
cal hospital following * brief Illness 

PUneral •#rvl.-i>« will o. held *» n 
oVtock Monday naonutm *t the fctlarno 
mortuary. Intornirnt Will be made 
»n tho Masonic cemetery ncur Sey- 

Mr, Miller was associated In a e<v - 
ond burn store while In Ihln city »t,U 
resided st C»38 Poplar street. HI* limn* 
until Uum year* ago. was at Seymour. 
ii* U survived by out daughter. Mm 
O..J. ttlicraiood. of Minneapolis, Mum ; 
by two aistera. Mn> J C. Orintn. ut 
* * r »s»a CUy, Mo, tud Ur«. J. o uhau- 
er. of St. Lou la: by four brothers, M. 

j C. Miller, of beymour. Or.i.t Wilier 
*ud tl. W. Miller of Springfield; and 

j I. D. Miller, of Coi.wey. Mo. 

| MavH. BUb^N r'AWCuSYT. I 

i Artaf funeral •ervloas for t-i_ uu« 

I e»n Jane Pawcevt, 01 year* old. who 

■' aiod Irridsy worn nig wi Urn raunly 

' home tu Pair Orove. will be held at 

11 o'clock ttiu morning The services 

will U. conducted at the family rxv.1- 

Osnoo with interment Ui Mount Ccui- ' 

fort cemetery tinder the direction <«" 

the Kliugner I'ndertaking company 

B4ie la survived by Ml ooiui nnd One , 



M. P. \ INTO.N. 

Puhoral arrangements for Madison 
Campbell VlntOll. 70 yenrn old. who 
died Saturday morning n! f.t» borne. 
ia.SH BOOnVlllo avenue, have :•()•. brrli 

completed. Interment ».:ii be uiudo in 
Map.e Park cemetery under tbc dlr»c- 
""" e»f W I H-.i-i •<• undertaker 
said ferm-u- «_l tlus county. He va> 
turn aud rwuvd in n.i* county ana 
wm associated with much of the 
•axly growth of tnu dutnet. He io.-- 
marly Onuratud - shoe store on tho 
south aide of the public square, later 
oeilii.h out and moving on a farm 
which he purchased 

lie la nirnrtd by tn» aidou. one 
daughter. Miss Juliet Lscn Vinton: by 
i lour soli*. Harry Campbell Vinton of 
iMorencl. Arlr.; Juiin Kearr.ey Vlni^i. 
lof AJo. Ariz; Walter Berry Vinton. 
Strafford. Mo.; William Abner Vinton. 
104O South Port avenue, Springfield. 
He In also survived by one «i.ur, Mrs. 
John W. Williams, of v:\ Weat Wal- 
nut atxe«t; one brother. Biunuel b. 
Vinton. Jr., JI5 Klmbrou^b tvcuu . 

Cr. ~ 


r uiiaral aMmloua for Colonel boa- I 
vuli )£. Ua>rt. 87 ye»m old. who died 
»t noon Pviday at the home of a 
Oau^Unr »t Ponoe da Laoo. will be 
held at a o'clock tola afternoon at th* 
Alnxa Luhm*yw funeral home. Hev. 
r*. L MofTett will officiate and Inter- 
ment alll bo inade lu Hatel*u.^i 

Colonel Hart wao prominently I 
known In thu oounty. He wan a vet- ' 
eran of the civil waj and ulnce that 
nmo had en^ao-ttd in farming »;id 
otock ralolr.^ llf rnme from Ten- 
n«»*e« to IhU county vlien Ua yeara 
ita. -^ 

^n« U aur»lva%l by four aona. A. T. ■ 
nun of i»i>rtimfleid. proinlnant atock- 
.-— i.: W. H. Mart of Tampa. Pie..'. Al- ' 
»ocw Hart of bprtiurTleld >nd rJ K^, 
Hart of Loa Aim>'i<». Oal.. and two 
aati^-bt««», Uira. J. H. Mendrtx of 
Poncw d« Uon lutd Vara. Uollle Al- | 
cxalKlor Of Tula*. Okl*. 


Ain»rol «~Trtc*a for Mra. aa^ry 
• o*D«y. 30 y«.«ra Old.or VI* TCa*t PA- 
' ctflo atre«t who died In a local hoa- 
ptuil Tburaday afternoon, will be held 
at ii:30 o'clock Uila afternoon. B«r»- 
lcw» will t>a conducted at the Bob- 
bertoii Avenue tuptlat church. In- 
terment will be made in Maple Park 
cemetery under the direction of the 
illlUaUar Puncrul home Mrs. bailey 
I la lAirvlvod by U.o huaband. three 
'children, hor paienta. Mr. and Mra. 
iOr*y ibolt*. of bprtutcfleld; one ala- 
' Ur. and lhJ«o b*xtneie. 

SllUlt: CALVtV. 

r\i«ral acrvicca for Mike C'alvry, 5J 
yea--* old. who died Priday afternoon 
at the home. 1110 North Grant Ave- 
nue, after a llriyxrinic ltlneoa. will be 
held at o'clock Monday morning. 
o-trvic- will be conducted at Inunao- 
uUit Oonc»^tlon Ontbollo church. Ln- 

Loriuwnt will but made In bt. Maxy*a i 

i*tu*wry uuoortlii dhwotiun of I 
Herman H. Lohmeyvr Puneral tMwile. , 
Mr. Caivey had been an employe of] 
tho Prlaco railroad company In th» 
coach department for 30 years. He la ' 
ourvlvrd by vho widow, three daugh- 
tera. Catherine. Mildred and Marie. 
of the home addreaa. and one eon. 
Paul. ....... of the home, und by one 

brother, Luke Oalvcy of Springfield. 
He waa a member of the Woodmen 
of the World. KnlghU of Columbu* 
axtd American Yeomen. 


PMneral aervlcoa wero held uC 3 
o'clock Satiirday afternoon at the 
kLlluguer Punnral chnpel for Mra 
MaJtle Cowden. Od yearn old. wife of 
Dr. W. 11. Oowd«n. of l>ib North Jef- | 
("Mil avenue, who died at 4 o'clock I 
Tburaday afternoon. Interment wu j 
— Ao in Muplo Pork cemetery 


I.IM» \KI> \\ IKKV l»K ll». 

Mra Helen Todrt. of 1000 South 
rremont dvcniif. left yrMcrduy tot 
Birmingham. Mich . 10 attend funer- 
I h1 wrvlctt l'or her brother-m-law. 
Etiv.-u.ra Oay Wafey, who died Satur- 
J day morning following u brier :il- 
I neu of pneumonia. Mr. Wafey nur- 
« rlcd J0rt«pblu« WUleke. o£ tUU .city. 




i Funenu Mr v low wrro hald at 3 
oaock j—uramy tfmrnoon at Boll- 
var. Mo . for Wlllard B. Dunne K a«. 60 
years old. who died at hla home there 
Tr.uraduy ulwnioon. Mr Dunnejjan 
*»« vi,-e prrr.!Ueiu of the Polk Coun- 
ty b«nk Ho wm also a member of 
the linlKht* Templar and of the Aboaj 
Ben Adhrm Klirllie .,f 5pri:^f!rlu 
and a member of the Missouri Danit- 
<t&' uAflOclatlon. He Is aurvlved by 
hia father, three brothers und threo 

Mr. rikd Mrs J R Varley of Cr- 
nianiown. Plillu . »rr Lhe purrnt* of 
twin glrU. Murgaxei A... ^ua Muxy H.. 
bom u few day* *#o. Mr Varloy a. i 
the Kin of Mr i,i;,1 Mr. w K Var- ! 


of Wiir a8t M 2: Ka ' henne Cas , lner and her b,othe| s James, John and William Castner, children 
o iWilham Henry Castner and Rosena Castner, file a claim against the estate of Geo ge Gamer 
ot Onandago county, New York, who died without heirs in his home at Syracuse. William 
Hemy Castner was a mercham in Ashland, Kentucky, and died there in 1917. His widow and 

wi.'t: Z" P,ams - Ma Miss Char,otte C — of '— 0hio - is * — or 

^ Page 6: Nettie L. Elam .sues to divorce Oscar B. Elam. They were married in January 

^TT SS™,?? l ° div0rCe Cstus Nabors - The y wer e married in August 1920 
John k Miller died.** 

Mrs. Susan Jane Fawcett died.** 

Roswell K. Marl died.** 

Mrs. Mary Salley died.** 

MikeCalvey died.** 

Mrs. Hattie Bell Fields died.** 

Charles F. Grove died.** 

James T. Wilson died.** 

Madison Campbell Vinton died.** 

Mrs. A. C. Daly died.** 

Mrs. Mattie A. Hightower died.** 

Miss Anna McLaughlin died.** 

Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed R. Thompson.** 

Marriage license: Herman Murphy Curtis and Helen Margaret Hartley both of 

Page 7: Merritt W. Morton, 73, died Saturday at his home 2327 North Weller avenue 
and was buried in Green Lawn cemetery under direction of the Klingner Funeral home 
Page 12: Card of thanks.** 

lur. mud Mr* tui H. Thouipaon, H. 
H 3. announce Hie birth of u son. 
lUtlph Hollo*. ay. December 30 

w* wUb to Uuuik our uuuay Mwdi 
•owl luvl^hboTa lor ihclt Unitn— ■ Mad 

tb* txaaviutul rior*li offering. w ^*^ 1 

ami. mmkViam. w. «.. Amuwy. • :- 

«Jfad family. 

*»■ »nd MKa. CLAY APPUCBY 

a-ud Iiually. 
u " **w« VllbuJ CXADDE APP UCB Y 

and family. 
l»^i fctul Mud. JAHMIC APJTIJEBY 

and family. 



aunm —— 

aoMN r. millxk. 

runarel •*!■▼»©•* wax* haid *» »» 
Tvkx>k thla morning tt th* Bterue 
nortuaxy for John K. Millar. 67 y**r* 
.id who died B»turd*y night In a lo- 
1*1 uoapltal following * brief Mure*. 
Interment we* made In tba Maeonlo 
ccm*t*ry at Seymour. Mr. Millar for- 
merly reelded at Seymour but for tho 
o**t three jre*>re ho had been a real- 
dan l of tiprlngfUld 

MMN. Kl'HAN iaw< i:ii. 
Brief funeral eervio** for Mra. Bum 
'ana r*w«ett. 91 yeara old. who died 
rruuy mornlai at the family henna In 
Pair Oro»e. were hald at 11 O'clock 
Tw»t*rd*y morning Benrlce* wr™; 
■■•mducted at th- family residence. 
with interment Hi liounl Comfort' 
cemetery under the directum of the. 
Xllngner Undertaking oonipmy Bhe I 
, ,ur*lv*d by aU wiu and oua 

COLON til. H. K. IIAKl 

runerel eervlcea for Colonel Roe.* ell 
« Hart. 07 year' old. Who died at 
noon rn'day at the home of a davigh- i 
•r' at Ponce de Leon. »rtt held .it ■» 
>vlock Sunday afternoon at the Alma 
^ihmeyee funeral home Kev. r . L 
.aoffelt offlclatad and Interment wee 
made In Haxelwood cemetery 

^in-ral aervlce* for Mr. Mary tfal- 
• y 30 years old. ol BU Pacific atrrcl 
arlltl died in a local hoapllal Thursday 
iftrrnoon. wera held at U. 30 O'clock 
lunday afternoon barvlcee were held 
*t the Bobbereon avenue Bnptlat 
church Interment w*ji made in 
Maple Park cemetery under the dire. - 
•ion of the Kllnguet Funeral home 
4x». Bailey 'a aU"Mved by til" l»Ui»- 
Mkud three children, her parent*. Mi 
,nd Mm Elrey Bole*, of Hprlmff Irl.i 
gjja jg . «** Una* W**a**f*. 

Ura- Battle Ball Molds, M years old. 
wife of Thorn** B. Pleads, dl-d thw 
aiMMruiug at her home an rout* 1, 
bprtngflMd. Bb« la eurrtYsd by the 
bitfbaud. two eons, aaacfc FVald*. of 
Wichita, HUB*.. John Paaataa, of bprtug- 
fiald: by on* daughter. Van* Ptelde of 
hi»rtn*n*id; by the rather and one 
•Wlsr. M**. T i---- B*U»y. of aUklamd." 
Mo. IfuxaereJ ■*«**€*« will be^bsld at 
a o'clock TUHday eXVernoon at Lib- 
erty o*u*t*ry. tan mil— north**** of 
• Bartngflsad, 

cuabjjcs r. OavOVtS. 
Gharla* T. Qrore, 18 yoara old. of 
llli boonnll* twiuo. died thla 
morning at tha bom* of hi* gra-nd- 
ptncu, Mr. and Mra. B. V. tdmond*. 
' rimer*! a*rrtc*a will ba held at 2 
o'clock Tuaaflay *ft*rnoon at (he 
aUiaiiw ruusrai chapal. IbUorincni 
*nil ba m*da In OtxnUam oematcry. 

' M. C. VINTON. 

runrral aarvlcea for Madlaou Oauip- 
b*U Vinton. 70 ya*ra old. plonaar 
mercliant. fanner and atockman. who 
died baturday monilng. will b* held 
from the family raaldence at 1»M 
itoonvllla *veuue. Tu**d*y after- 
noon a.t 3:30 p. m. Itinera! eervlcee 
will be conducted by Prof J. R. Bob- 
rrt*. who *lao performed the mar- 
rla«e ceremony lor Mr ami Mra Vin- 
ton Kuueral afrvlcea were delayed | 
pending the arrival of two *on*. 
J*me» K. aitd Harry C. v in ton from 
. ArUcona. and Mr*. W. T. Vinton, a Ma- 
ter of the widow from WMin*. Axle. 

Thr decodent l« aurvlvefl by the 
I widow, one daughter. Mian Juliet Lee! 
Vinton; by lour eona. Harry Campbell ■ 
i Vinton of Morencl. Ariz; Jame« 
Keari-.c. Vinton of Aj>. All/.. Waiter. 
Berry Olnion. Sirnfford. Mo: William ; 
Abncr Vinron. io^o t^uth Fort *ve- \ 
I1UC , Bprlngfteld. ife t» alao aurvlved • 
by one alatrr. M/a. John W Williams 
i«.f 034 Walnut street: one 
brother. Samuel 8. Vhu.m. Jr.. 31o 
I KimbrouKh avenue. Bprliigflrld 

Interment will be In Maple Par.t 
remeterv under the direction of the 
uiame UurtertualnK company 

MUM. A. <'. UA1.V. 

Funcial aervlcea for Mrs A C 
Haly M yenr* old. a former rebUient 
ul BprliiBflcld. who died at 7.30 
oVUx-k baturday night in a Monett 
hoanltal 'followlhK Inlurles received 

when run w«m i»r*«> 

tew hour* aartlatf Saw* 
o'clock Una tnoraintr;*^. 
body va* th*» *** , *^i7r.'i:"^>^ 

Bt Mary* oemetainr wtth *h* «•?■■ 
rather P J. OTJriaooU ottlonvtln*. 1*» 

^Mra. I>aiy had J**** ftn.Uhart *4>nir> 
HUH tn a Motwtt atore and Ml 
Srollng the atreet whan a oar. drtt-n 
by Ale* bpaax. Ux»thear-ln-Uw of J*. * 

her*, atruck h*T- 

Thj MaMaaj wa» bahun to » hoe- 
plbaT Vamae *»*d > fe« houra 


aire XMly la »unrl*»d by two 
dBUChtera. Mr*. Pwve Martin of aao-l 
nett Mo.: Mra. rhrrabbwum «rCb**-^ 
u- Pa.: by on* hrotnar. U. O. Miaywa 
of Bprlnglleld. and a gra n ddau gh ter. 
Joacphtna Marun. 


Vunerai ■arrl u a* tnn held ftt«. » 
o'clook thla uornlnc •• launaoulate 
Ouooeyeuon Oatbollc cnurah for Mike 
Calvey. b* year* «-*< who died Friday 
afteriMoa at Uia bom*. 119a) North 
Orwut atuiM, after a Ubgcwrlnc 111- 
b***. Iabwnnant »u BBBM In St. 
kjuary'a utmMmtf undar aha aUmettaa 
of the H*rm*n U. Inlnnwyec runaraJ 



Wit* Anna McLaughlin , 30 y^-, 

old. of 500 Ewt Orutid atrvet. da>ucn> 

Ur oX tko lata Chiorjo lacLaUfc-hlha 

JM***) ^r iif ltiyil ^i lrtlilli 1 w>ai jfc ffyyiar 
uU*»*4**» ©X th* OCxlOlWwt MlaaOOrl 

tawMai T«vchara ooiu^e. At Um udm 
04.' lilwf dwatn ttAu wwt toatruotor at 
^UttUCOewwrtU* iH*>h edbooi. oha w*« 
ik rju*ia»b*r of Alpha- Ta*i Via. 

Tu« daoedent 1* aomvad by tha 

uu*lh«r, Mxa. Qaorg* McLautftOUi of 

thla city: by oao brothar, btvphan 

I !M.cL*vU£hlln; and two u*u:»-«. Kutta 

aul LllUau Mclaughlin. 

Funaral aarvloaa probably will Ka- 
li*, la at 2:80 o'clock toauarow after- 
noon at tha Herman H. Lo&mayer 
Fiin-ral home, liiurment will be) 
audi in kjAieeilwood osmctary. 

JyiM T. WIlttON. 

ja£a«* t: wilou. t» 7**n old, aiad 

, tuu» nwimiiiK at bat boaM on nut* 4, 

five mil** vwtol Uprlngflald. rolkrw- 

i--». wlldrfrwV 1»w w «MM, V. JJU AM*. 

Oiuwi^ WiUoaj by two <Uujchu«<; 
WuU U» WU»ou or «ba ■ bxa»«; Ah4l 
Unt. Ctyda Tuck, or Jaftaraoui City,] 
Vlo.: b/ tar** *Ut«v». Ml*. X. A. Klttr 
diiok and Un. O. T. JSaaaatt.- o< l£f> 
wood. Mo., and Mm. X. *. Wca, oi , 
Outario, Oola.; and by tarta brothara, : 
u. V. Wllaon. J. M. \hl*m and W. U 
Wiltou. all or jUwooo, MO. Mmana 
earvloa* will U» hald at 1 o'clock Wad- I 
j.«*»a»y afternoon »; th« bom*, under ' 
tha direction or tha iDinjrnor runaral ' 
home liii«rumia will b« rnitd* la 
OUi.r C'r»«k ctuitur). , 


JrMnaral aervlcaa for Mrs. Mattta A. 

highiower. 70 ye-aru old. wife of J. T 

H1|rhtow«r. of iooa North Lyxm avo- 

uuc. who diod thta morning at iha 

1 riome. will be lipid -at 3 o'clock Wad-' 

o««a*y a ftam n ou Scrvlcaa will -o* 

conducted at th« ICtlajner runeral 

,cL»i>el. Interment wlU b« «ad« In I 

1 c*x*«tery. 1 


Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

Page 12: Miss Roberta Wagner was killed.** 

JOFUN, Mo.. Jan. ia— (iPMUu 
Roberta Watrnar. 20. was Ullad la- 
•tantly whan a motor car In wbieh 
•ho and three other peraona war* 
riding collided with a taxlc&b at a 
atreet lnteraecUon hern laat night. 
The taxlrab driver and tkiiea Wifiur'i 
ectnpanloni were Injured aaverely. 

We vUh to thank our many frlanda 
and nUchbora for their klndnea* and j 
aymnatbty during- the recent death of 
our beloved aon and brother; alao for 
(he beautiful floral offerings. 




Ifc'.R. AND M3tS. R. A. APPLEBY 


Page 6: The will of John C. Baumberger was filed for probate. 

Orren Burch died.** 

Florence June Perry died.** 

Mrs. R. L. Duree died.** 

Mrs. Haltie Fields died.** 

Charles F. Grove died.** 

Mrs. Mattie Hightower died.** 

Miss Anna McLaughlin died.** 

Madison Campbell Vinton died.** 

Mrs. Sarah A. Mitchell died.** 
Page 9: Mr. and Mrs.Alex Calhoun celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversaray.** 

Marriage license: Rollin F. Andrews and Leonia B. Price, both of Buffalo. 
Page 14: Card of thanks.** 



Moony Hukw yrox4_ Oui-of- 
Tx> wu for Celebration Din- 
ner und itecdptlon 

TWay rnark* u.* fiftieth »uuiv»/- 
e»ry of the m»rrl».«;<i of I4r. and Urn. 
Ale* Oalhoun. «Uo timith U*l»w»M 
kHiiut. Tin c*lebratUm look i>» 
form oT a fianlly ainnur at noon, at 
which tbare vrrr« 81 tiueata. all Of are menitiera of the faintly or 
Ultimate friend* of the elderly couple. 
and a reception from * to a thl* »vo- 
ntng Mr Calhoun l« 7<» jr*wri of *<* 
and hlf »ifo u 72 They were married 
January 11. 1U77. Ill Independence. 
M» and moved i.i thl* *.ity In li«**. 
Inratlng flr»l on Ueriton nvftnif Mr. 
Calhoun »»« for oeteral yrura owner 
and president of the Calhoun liutfgv | 
and luipltuueut company beia lie" 
■ u bom In Concord. Del. unci Mm. 
Calhouu'* hlrthplace le Iride prudence. 
IXtali children, three boy* ana rour I 
,<:.-:». ail of whom am lino in ►'I'liil 1 
the celebration. 13 nn»nrtc-nlldroii and 
three (Teat-rrmnclchllclren comprlae 
the offspring of Mr and Mr*. Oal- 
houn- The children *Jf Mm 
Oewgii C(l(hU'ii\n»vm Calhoun. 
»bu la connected with the Ford Brua* 
nompsriT and M«ry » Calhoun, all 
of thla city: Ou; H Calhoun. Waltero. 
Okla: I. M Calhoun Horner. Tr« : 
Mr*. IUrr> NelBOll, Walter. Mo. and 
Mr- H H . .agiiua Pltuburgli. Pa 

Mr and Mm Calhoun were remem- 
bered by their many frlrpdb with 
flower* and other gift/., the children 
and eranorhilUren preaetiiliHj them 

««u» *. pun* of "fcxMujuooai. Tim 
Iwum contained many ba***Vu ot 
iIovniv of vwrloua but*, and h kug 
labia tur IU>11 gu**U al MOCU fa 
tin* ucwr mi a maeare* a*** fc*4 
lit wuite and cold -and bearing th« 
uuiai "Alw" and "du.ia." and lb* 
date*, "lilt" and "16*7." Qold o*tt- 
dUu *tood In glea* holder*. 

Other honor gueeta at tha goldvu 
weeding. t>»«uiet tha bride and brlde- 
rrooiu. were Mm E. C. Montgomery 
anil Blue 'bprlna*. Mo. a ooualu of 
Mra 1'alnoiltl, and Mr T W Record* 
f Indonendrnre arc the only living 
rti«-«t» *1„, uttcuU«d the wedding 00 
ve»ra v a(0. _ 

Mr" forfiQUii la well known han» on 
iuvh.ii: or hl» aitivlty In helplna 
huiUI i p Hi* fcouUieuat purl of lbj«. 
,It\ The Klicfla n1 lie dinner were 
>* 'follow*' ' Mr and Mm. Ouy Cal- 
tiouti i-ii'l rhUdifli. Virginia and 
| Starry, of WaS'era. Okla : Mm. Hurry 
' v, i^.ii .iiul lir-ly .faiir of Walter. Mo.: [ 
Mr and Mr* r 11 Magn'u* and aoiu.. | 

t'« ;! Ji n: <i .l-l,n. i>| Pit 1-burKh. Pa: | 

| Mr I. M i mi, ,ii-i Hnn;<T. Te*.. Mr 

und Mi.- C U Ki-:iy and Lillian I.oq- 

'«- Mr p;ir| Mr- .lo*e;>), t'rlKhton 

-n-i whlldreii. 0»»n;<\ Muurlre. M«ry. 

Uuild. Uetly Ja:n- and Murcarcl; Mrii' 

C H VWll n ,.,| , !,:l,|ri:.. Sll^allIla xtul 

Mury Mjrvuel ,,n f 

Hev C 11 llricno former 

•:.<• Si Paul MeMi'Kllvl Eplaci.pal 

■ !.-^.'. (. lii •Ahli-Si Mr mid, Mra. Cat. 

fiouij have be«n acflve alnce their 

-eaiuence hen and Mr» MontKomerv 

«-iid air. Ilccorda. 

SilKalilia xtul . 
Hprtiigrield: I 

rly pu»«or of j 



Orren Burcli. 04 year* old. died thla 
morning at the home. 1308 Eaat Com- 
mercial atreet. after a lingering.- Ill- 
lira*. He U aurvivrd by thn widow: 
revan aona. Edward. Hancy. John and 
Charles Burcli. all of Bprlngfleld: and 
Erneat. Uurducr uud Henry Duroil, of 
St. Lonl*: and bv one daughier. Mr*. 
Will I_oy. of Fort Hmith. Ark . and one 
brother and one Mater, both of Pull- 
man. Mich. Funeral cervices will be 
held at 1 o'clock WctUirvtuy ufler- 
r.ooik at the home. 1 lie body will 
then bo taken overland to Murah- 
fleld where inlernienl will be :<-aae 
under dirprtlnti of tin- Klln>(iier L'n- 

nkkvmks i 4>n i lui.n 

r uncial kci'vlii'u :..i l../n-i... 
Perry. Infant dauchur uf Mi 
Mrs Steve Per: j "17 Wi*M P.irl: 
belli yeM«Tii:iv |ifIeir«H)!i m th<' 
Lohnipyrr Funeral hjiuc with iiitn- 
ment In HuM'lw>x>d i einctery The in- 
rant 1« Mirvivci! bv tho pareilla t>i:r 
brother, uiul two .-.tUTt. 

J i. i .«- 

ttl'l c 


OUU- U. U til'KKU. > 

I lfu**re4 MSirtOt* ««• h*ld a^li 
Otlook %|iM womlnt at HayorvUie. la.. 
lor Mra. R- L. Dure*, 80 yoart old. 
forniwly of thla city, who died at her 
homa In that city laat Sunday night 
afar * llugarlng «Una« Mra. Durae 
forroarlr waa altaa Fern Jaater and 
until alx yaara ago raalded here with 
.ier atater. Mr*. O. C. Cavln. 


PunanU aaoicwi for Mra. flattie Bell 
Plaid*. 3d year* old. will b« held thla 
afternoon at 9 o'clock at Liberty 
cemetery, tan mile* of the 
city. Mra Plelda died yeaterday diorn- 
•ng. nha 1« aurvleod by the huabaud. 
two aona. Mark Plalda of Wiomit*. i 
Kau., John Field*, of Springfleldi by 
on* daughter. Vera Field*, of Bpnng- 
rield: the father and oue ulaler. Mr*. 
Uaala Halley. of EJkiand. Mo. 


CHARLEM V. uunxt:. 

Funeral eervleee for Ctnio, y I 
'trove. IB year* old. of 1815 BoonciHe" ' 
•veuue. who died yesterday tnuratng, ! 
» 111 be held at a o'clock tin* afternoon j 
at the KlinKii-r Funeral chapel in-! 
'. tenueat will be made in Grerniawu 
cemetery ■/ . 


(Funeral W.-l'ktrM for Mrs Matttr' 
Highumcr. VO yt-iira old. of 1605 North 
Lyon avenue, will be held at IS o'clock 
Wednesday afternoon at Hie Klinguer 
funeral chapel Mn> HlRblOwer died 

Monday mornjui: Ijhi rmtiit -%>*if-b^- 

tn*de in Circcniawu cemetery. '• 

...... i 

SllHH ANNA McLAI 4.111.1 V 

Funeral »ervlce» for M1«a Anns Me- ' 

.Leughltn. jo year* old. uco Bust 

I Grand, will he lieici *i 230 tt'rtru k ' 

| this afternoon ut'tl-.e Herman H. Loh- • 

jr.ryr' F\i".cr;;! limine and *;:i \ JV lOI ,. j 

durleit by Ilcv. Glen li. Walic:*. In-; 

termeut will be made In the liaxel- j 

wood cemetery. > 

M1M McLaugtUiu y^y« m loruior *lu- 

dsnt of the Southwest SUt* IWah- 
ere college and at the Um* at tWr 
death *u principal at Um Buagmora-. 
villa High achool. 

Tha daoeaaed la survived by ■• the 
mother. Uq. George MctaMlglUiB. of 
thla city: by one brother. Otephao 
McLaughlin, and two sisters, miian 
and Ruth McLaughlin. 

Funeral acrilrea for Madlaou Camp- 
bell Vlneou. 70 years, old. of ISM 
Boonvillc avenue, who died Saturday 
at hit home, will be held -this attar- 
noon at 3:30 o'clock. Prof J. R. Rob- 
erta will conduct the services. In- 
terment will be made In Maple Park 
cemetery under the direction Of tha 
SUrne Undertaking company. 


Mm barah A. Mitchell. 70 years old, 

died at in 55 o'clock this morning at 
the homo, 760 Wes: Olive 6treet. S'.ir 
1* survived t)>- three daughter*. Mr* 
W. F Lyons. Mra Bert Bell, both of 
Hie l.onie iwlrire*«. and Mm. Ruaaell 
Hubbard, of Junction Ctty. Kan., and 
hy two son*. W A Mltrhell. of Sar- 
io*ie. iind Floyd Mitchell, of Buffalo 
Flu, rial service* will be held at 3 
o'clock Thursday Afternoon at Run- 
neb Chapel near Buffalo, under the 
direction ot W, I. Bturue. undertaker. 


We sincerely appreciate tn* kind- 
nes* of our neighbor* and tha 
thour.htrtilneaa of our friend* during 
the lllnea* and death of our Wife, 
mother, sister and daughter. 






r-' I 


Page 5: Miss Laura Brock Owens and Mr. Charles Wade are engaged to marry.** 
Page 7: There is an account of Bert S. Lee.** 

Page 8: A daughter, Jeanne Carolyn Ferbrache, was born January 9 to Mr. and Mrs. F. 

Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

w"a slnoerelr appreciate tha kln d n— a 
mt our nel#ht>or» and tha ihoiuhtrul- 
uoi at our frleMe during- the llln aa* 
and death of our wile, mother, slater 
and daughter, i 



TMt and Mr*. J e ai s a Vranldto 
r* Owens of 8u .tasec* **v» •»' 
nooAoed tha iimaWianf ■' ot ■ thatr 
daua-hter. Laura Brook, to Mr. 
Cbarlea Wads Moody of this city- 
The wedding will Uk» peso* ' la 
fit. Joseph at tha home of the 
bride', parents early In February. 
The bride-to-be spent the holiday* 
In Springfield aa the west of her 
sister. Mrs. Jack Cooper. »** South. 
National avenue. She ha* fre- 
quently visited here and la popu- 
lar with members of the younger 
aoclety eat. Mr. Moody U caahls* 
of ths MoDanlel National bank. 


Bart .B- La* 

' Ke l« prpuo 

has actively punsued 

wklcH !■ Masonry. ( 

Mr. Lc» Is ihe only man. now liv- 
ing. In Missouri . ,j . 
who has held 
office over all U>* 
grand Masonic 
b o d 1 • • of tha 

J Considered one 
Of the most prom- 
inent Masons In 
the -Pnlted States. 
Mr. l»ee has held 
five titles In that 
organization. He 
Is past grand high 
priest of the grand 
chapter of Royal 
Arch Masons, past 
Krand mnpl^r ni the 
of Royal and Select 
post grand commander of the grand 
i commiinilery of Knlk'liU Templar 
and la now general grand master of 
trie general grand council of Royal 
and Select Musters of [lie diked 

Because of these duties. Mr. Lee 
la railed lo many points of the 
country and .it times outside the 
United Stales. 

Although his Maaonlc duties take 
much of his time, Mr. Lets Is active- 
ly associated with several organi- 
zation* in the city and Is pronil- 

B. S. Lee 

grnnd council 
M.'Mters; nnd 

nently Identified with,, two large 

business firms. 

lie In vice- president and treas- 
, Uifi of me Itoliart-Lee Tie fulll- 

puny. with offices in tho 1-anders . 

building. The company has operat- j 
led nloiUj the for ■»" years! 
[and h.i.< maintained headquarter* ■ 
E In Springfield during llie greater 

part of that time. Mr. Lee sis 

Is • 

president of tba Hprtngfletd W*ra- 1 
.house and Transfer co m pany, which I 
operates three storage plants In the 
city. - 

Ue u a mwnbtr of Ut* Rotary 
club, the Chamber of Commerce, 
the Country club and la a charts* 
member of the old Spring-field club, 
lie Is treasurer of l>rury college 
nnd chairman of the finance com- 
mittee of that institution. 

Mr. also has served as presi- 
dent of the Y. M. C. A. for the past 
II years. Is a member of the execu- 
tive committee of the Boy Scouts 
unit Is a commlsslner of the Greater 
[Springfield Council of Boy Scouts. 
Air. Lee and bis family live at 
|l?I4 "Washington avenue. Mrs. 
who before her marriage was Miss 
Mabelle Llngsweller. of Lebanon. Is 
prominently affiliated with a num- 
ber of women's organisation of 
the city. She Is p-st president of 
lijororls and past regstnt of Daugh- 
ters of the American Revolution. 

The family Includes four sons 
and one daughter. Laurence Lee 
Is associated with his father In the 
lloliart-Lee Tie company, Francis 
■ conducts an Insurance office 111 
the Landers building, Raymond Lee 
■ is secretary of the Springfield 
Wurehouse and Transfer company, 
'and Richard Lee. younger son. has 
Dot yet entered business. The daugh- 
ter Is Mrs. Fred Aab, of Springfield. 


Page 4: There is a long article about the Washington family of West Plains showing 
how they are related to George Washington.** 
Page 8: Mrs. Sarah A. Mitchell died.** 

Mrs. Maria Avaline Strickland died.** 
Mrs. Mattie Hightower died.** 
Oren Burch died.** 
John Bishop died.** 
Mrs. Bernice Ford died.** 

Marriage license: Oliver Edgar Hendrickson of Pacific, Mo., and Clara Olive 
Neill of Buffalo. 

Page 9: Fred Blanset and Miss Althea Kirkpatrick were married.** 

Three burn to death near Lamar.** 
Page 10: Ed Steward died.** 

Krcd Blanset, oi Potts Camp. Miss.. 
»nU Mlsa Klrkp.ntrlrk. of Sey- 
iioiir. Mo . vyrre married Inst night at 
> o'clock at I lie. .Colonial hotel. Rev.'of Seymour, officiated. 
Ilie c-'H-V left this morning for 
'1,1:3 C:i:.;i» ' where thry will Ifuake 

;i»:r ham*. 


LlCUUttk.)) ts WCU. 
ftecordcr Jack W. UcJCse today U- 
% Uoanas for the nurlt|t of 
OUncr Kdsar H*»drlckaoa. of Pacific. 

frtfr _ T»n*1 *7si in Pass's ssalll Sal slUaassW. 



; »f 

i " 

MMirr Impressed t>\ Nam** 
In drVing iiuo family htatoflea in 
'•Vet r:»:n» and Howell count* th.. 
eel r.»::i. QuilS ; ,i; f ago dla.ovcir.1 

■at many ofihe ui.i pioneei (eiulllee 
fio eei* among t he first lo i-amt up, 
it of the Virginia*. (ti« I'arullllee, 
►"if. KrlKlirty .mi Tenuraaee Into 

• •■•..llifiii uurki ei <• pro- 

• silinee family nuiiM are prjt.illi- 
lit Identified with tlio early history 

lit* older allies ana hi many lam- 
ia of the Oawras ere fouuu uuo 

Uul W. 1*. SchUUn*-. president or the 
Twin Cities Ullk Products Co. of 
Minneapolis end 8*.. Paul. who iLki Ii 
a ii»wip«p«r man uia writer or <<...,- 
• •■•■•»•. .■ :.ot*. vu deeply tmj.rr..«. 

I by th«m liuxluc a w«ut vlalt to \»v.. 
Plains Wft only u-r* u.t.» auiouf 
I lha (k_aiiHvj of the OawL* the eclon 
, o! *»j|)' alalesmeh. and military h«- 
ross, but la lha Washington family. 
Wwi hUjtiu has a hi*t rapreesutetlon 
of th* family of no Iwua a im(K).i. 4 w 
that O*org,e Wxiuuntuii hunaelf. »4u 
lbs fiuuliy L.UUii'7 u not inarwly m 
msttsr of tr^AiUou. out a nislWr of 

Con xKjuaQUy 11 U not eurprUum 
to use a popular ahum eapreeelou. 
' that Lb* i.oriiiMB vriur ui a rvoetil 
Visit fit Wast Plains igot a 4:1.-1 "klca" 
lout ol UMiUli| alia. Ms-Tths Waefiln u - 
I too. u employe*. In th* office of the 
• local inarmer* aUcb* n k < end 10 Icaril 

J tUl »&•( Uaxi-e WU UOt 11. at cl/ all 
awldaat. out lUal ahe could hand him 
proof of h«T Claim lo k Itiatilp to lt,f 

1 larnii; of th* llluairlou* cherry tree 

I chopper. 

The writer, wno u w r" fv-faliim». 

la prealOt-ni Of the Twin Clllea Milk. 
fToducsra Co.. of Mlnnvspolla and at 
>aui- He vuau-a West IMaltut 0.1 a 
lecture tour and wi inviiwl to u(k«k 
bsre Wfore U-» lucj.l Parmer* auaocl- 
atlOiO. Ma had bswn vUHliig k'MiOUe 
ae-ciloo* of the Ozaraa and a an fery 
IhtiMv I rr. p r i-»»«^" ..... ., r •■»)•,> 

bw. vie.- lend of Atr.t:;... ahd e»peclel- 

*■)/ wtUi it* people la fbcc. ha w._ w 

tnU'-h imp mn i l that when he return - 

Iau oa wrote a lengUty article on the 
Oae-rfc*. for the Northfleld Newa. of 
Nonhileld. Uinn . of which ha la a 
i cor. tn bulla* e«i:tor Wmi Plain* got 
r^oj-« than a lion 'a ahaxw of the Oaarfc 
publicity In the article, but Mice Mar- 
li^at WaahlnfVoti ran aauy M'lUi looel 
Cf lha Wrat P'.alna co>iinin The fol- 
K>wlO| la ui excerpt frooi Mr. tknil- 

I 1.1.4 » ajrUcia in the Minnesota 110*4- 
.1 appasra thai In tha aatUaznent of 
]0'r K.aiitrj ail *«< tried lo head Ula 
k~" '. ! ro of Ko'i • f'tTi^lfv tr. £ti 

vv«; Very lt« vc.'. nurtli ot aoutl. 
jttO wUn the Oaa/ita were aeltled muij 
[>«ara a^o It waa people from the Vlr- 

ktiilaa axid U>* CajviUriaa that traaiuwl 
, luviu,,» JlCelltuOaV wiu TVnnaaata al»4 
over the aaUalealppI rlraf Into wiuUV 
•m U.jawoU(1 aiMl aik.uau. Ttialr Ufa 
tu LUa woodad taliU aJOd tha ■aMaBtaVUM 
of tha **»% mad* th«uen natural lnhat4- 
tanta t\f u country 04 tha eaine topo«|- 
■ a ill. 1 in tit* wast Many of (ha 

Ikamaa fovind In ilia aouttiasat roaat 

»>»!«» u-aay Ua tnaoad » wrat, 
•--iu Uiatr (ound there 

K* I viewed with oulmalcal (laiioaa 
the palnuu of the (tore*, at Wnai 
riaiim Mo . tlio oilier day and ~~t 
intiurtuced to a few of lha cower* 
I r*v.-Ctinl»*d not a frw of the tiaxuae 
I had hvard In \intlnta only • few 
i'»ri a<JU and .-ailed the attention of 
iaaxiaticr' A * Uaf lo tula. "Oh. >oa." 
ha aaJd. txirua Into tna office and I 
will tntroducw you to one whoa* name 
. U aa wwil known m any In Ataanov" 
• I followed and he prwaeatad ma to a* 
|»*r*i a little lady ai you could find 
I In many day> (ravel and aald: ~l pra- 
muI aula* Martha Weabl nylon." Nat- 
urally I waa aurprlead and my firat 
aalutat.'oil waa "Are you the genuine 
article or a counterfeit?" fine mod- I 
I v.Uj i.wu/«i me that aba waa tha gen- I 
1 ulna article and to pro** it ahe pro- I 
oucad bar family pedigree for seven I 
,-p.i.UUU aoa 1 haa) to aCaJX»wloCVa;B 

t— »i I wit* sure in tha preeeoos of roy- i 
a I btood — not rrdm Houxr.aota wbare I 

I tu< Marlae ai*U Tlly-trethe are quarree- 
U14 oritr IrVrdlnand'a crown before the ) 
uLu^uIit U through wtth hun — hull 
r.-J auusi'tcan royally that helped to j 

>,a~*e~» *i»» d^saiaiwi ui Plat OeVred ' when the* «recw l» the tt»ak- 1 

iW pawiey Kkile aaasrth* ■ s h e la a 
Iwei. Ua-wevsi-eywat. otwlaberu UwaUtr— 
•aajaJt vw Xaatrsvet her ramlly sree aod 
Uy It euk be*>ere o»e sAd. dear read- 
er. I will give it to you a* 1 trot It 
troviia her. word for word 

John y-1-r-lf- •*-'"■'- t(f*** fnandfaUk- 
*r sV OsAtfe Waehlnyton emlirat.J 
D*Mat l'auTtb aCU^Uild Ul BbOUt the 

resr llast. 

AiufUatiu* Wwaihittglon. fathwr •( 
OOsvlts WsssataalsWa lolawuiarrliMl With 
aa>«* r-i-f y ikVall hi IT34. by whowt he 
had tvuX eoai a>Co on* dauahter. 
Osorge. John. n*mtti*l. Charles, and 
Kett) who marrl«<t <VI lfle|dln|| ** w ' 
i« «if mreaertokaburg 

Charles Washlli4'ton. tw^ther of j 
Oeurife Wasnlngtoii and fifth . hllil of, 
Auurvurtlne Wa*hlii#<«»n r»«r hla e«w»»iid | 
■ wife waa tK>ri\ ae-iut i:>» and died 
I N* uierried Mlldrwl Thi»tiit..n dai^gh- | 
tee of Col rruiwle Thorntoa ofl 
ayotievuwl county Vimlnle He was| 
a rcdonel in tha American army, war 
oi ITh» Hail law»»e: 

let Oeo AUguatn.a. horn. I7d3. In 
(•tatflord couoiy. Vlrlynla 

aatd. 4>*ruued. uoi 11 1705. «t-rtord 
oo*ao«y. Virlnhia • 

»ra. ITancla. hoiu 177a. hhe mar- 
rvad idol Murgese hall 

4th. Mllored. born 1777 Oh* mar- 
ried a air Hammond of Virginia. 

ItaUud '^r .i-.itigi.-i. 1 Und aon Of 
Ctuartse Wrihlng"^" aemred In the 
Ajnrncaai army aa captain, lived.; In 
I ITsOertceabuni. Va . and moved to 
! the ICanawha Valley 1 now West Vlr- 
lgmtai about 17t>4. married Dorothea 
' OuarDer Had laaue' 
1 hsjnuel T WmIiu^uiii. lat son of 
I twunuel WaaJiUig-ton was bom In loud. 
I Married Wllhelmtna Hudaon who waa 
fborr. July 7- IBM. and di'Ci July 71. 
I mi He dUod In Oxiahon-a in ItfoO 

■ '; 


l»i. VflUUua W. W**hiU(iU>n. bom > 

January 16. UJ1. 

tod J***e D Wa-h Ins-ton. bom' 

lanti M 1*33. and <nr<i !f. l»GO. m*r- 

-►-. 3a.-*h " 

I 'lUl.t ) 

w**t yuyj=i» *•'•; . < > :c .*'" : , i 
Miaeuwrt. in »■*•. WW** elid ohll- 
o^o r^wldo •• W**» Halo*, MMaOuTt. 

»ro. a*n»al Kdwafn We*«. 
bora M.srub «. la**; «U4 May •. Utt 

4U». k*»rU»* Mary, born July •*• 
)»**« aini*d Andrew Jackson Bom- 

uth. Kow-t j. w^m*toa. b*»n 

r*bru*JV Id. la*G. Uwbari -*• Weatt- 

intftou died unmarried ^J 1 "*"** 

r*£hr«J in the b*tU* or a*"***"* 

„Ui. Juotui h. w*a»to<*«>. **» 

Ootob*~r II, 1*4*. ^^ , 

•jiK Q fa ^. p WlrtlajUfc fccwTo it»"»>» 
u,*. ou U.. lUuawh*. rive*. ™*£» 
county. Wee* VlrntoU. •» l***" 1 *?,* 
bostoui Married end h*e tow enll- 

drw>. «11 »UU. 

j.-~. u D. WwlumUn. eun of o*u»- 
u „l t WaehiUston. bora March *•. 

!*». died in »*». »**! h* u *L ^ r . 
let. Oulle. Kuiei*. I>oil«w. Robert. 

tt^nu" *l lrt Daniel • 

1>»,j.|iiI a W**iun*u>i>. youa*«et 
l-oll ,.r J«-.« r> W**hin»-u>n. born 
(June «3. 1*"*. >n Caldwell oounty 
MUecurl. Ttiu u my father. Married 
acharlott* MaUld* Hooper or We-t 
Puuu*. Mi— »url. JhtU J-^^ . 

let, Jo»»o D. born Au«. 13. lb#l. 
2nd William D. bom April,*. 1WH 
3rd. Chiile* R .. born July »• *•***• 
«Lh O»o. ».. born J*u. *■**•• 
au»~ OU) V- bora Jum ». 1*01 
Oib Ova U. bom Ool. 11. **~L 
7ih kUu-tb* O . boru April 12. lv*or. 
rnu t« m*. -Ml children bom at 
W,«i >»l*l.a». Uii-ourt. 

JOTUMI. Jen. 11.— Mra. J. D. Janet** 
_ n I M m received iniorttu»uon of the 
d-eth of her brother. Captain «d 
■vivmt. «bloh oocurrwd y*«ter«l»y < 
mornln* «l • UtU» Bock.. Arlc. ho«- 
pluJ tb« body *TU *rrlv» kl Aim*. 
Art. «bU »ft«T>oon for fuurral i^rv- 
Km »4Ml burl»4. Uk« mw i m Mid. 

j*r at«w«rd w*» M y»^» old »ad 
^■r— i M o»pt*in in ito« Oont»d«r»t<j 

■j«y duilnc **>• C**" w * r - H * V** 1 " 
^clp«i*d in U* b.tti«« of WlUo.1 

-Cuiiii. rr— ©prm*ruia: t»»» nid**. 

j. r »lrl» Orw»« »nd other*. H« v»* » 
rwtlrod cooufccvotr and had vtMtod in 
Joplln oa nura*rou« occ**iaua. 


LAMAR. Mo., Jan. 13— (A. PI— 

Un lui AmbUr. M y**ra of •«•. and 

bjar two aanllrrT children w*»o burn- 

'«d to OMib ibU uorium in a fire 

that d«atror*d lh*lr home. 11 mU*» 

uorth ol herr. -w.^,„ 

Hm. Ambler, the father, wma b«,dly 
bum«d and thr«*e or four other chil- 
dren aho leapod from an upatalr* 
window, wrrf uijurrd. one of whom 
is in a here with the father, 
auftoruitf from a unale ami 
other Injurled. 

.; 1fJfcri4,euWtt-<Vl.lU***W>T 



Punarai ««rvlo«« will to* b«ld at S 
a-ohMk Tburtdavy irfurn«m at Rua- 
n*u Chapwl. n»ar Buffalo, for mto. 
BajKh A. UlUthell. 70 yw»u» old. who ■ 
mw y«Ma«day moraine »» lb.* bA??*| 

io WtMOllT- .tr**t. m$n*m+Ul 

U ' ^yrf j ' >j M^^ f^y<i al i M *»i » « rW p 

MM*. MAkUA oTKir*tAM> 
punarwl aorrloaw for Mr*. Maria 
AvaJln* ItUlcklahd. d*u*hter of Oap- 
Uln WlUlant JonM aud Mra. ICll** 
j M)M . who diad Monday at her home 
In Walnut Orova. w«m held at 10 
o'clock thla roontln* at the home. 
Interment waa made 111 llarelwood 
oemetery. Mra. otrlckland la aur- 
Ttvad by her children: Mr*. B. A. 
aaoore. Walnut Orove; T 1». Strick- 
land. Oalena. Kali : Mr». J. A. 
Dowiium. r»rt l^avenworth. Kan.; 
Mr, Homer t* U>oney. Hpringf leld. 
laud Ml** A«i>es btrlckland. Walnut J 
| Orove. I 


JobO bUho(», M yawra. a reterau ol 
U.e Otvll W»», dlad thla mornLu« at 
the ha*n* of ft aoo, J. W- Blabop. UTI 
Hurtfe B—Wl atwoue. Punaral - 
Um will a*> kakld »t SAO 
TTrnnr»e»r urtwruoon at Mouat _ 
chunat. tatomnaoot will be tnada in 
km najaii ill, cwaiMHary under the dlrac- 
Uaat «4 ««* WTlrir'** Punecai chapel 
MET bawajaiii ejaja w pMoawr rwalwakit of 
tfeta ewatf. «« !• aunrlved by Uura* 

Iaoa*. J. W- Itubop of thU city. W. 
U WiMy. of ViahttaorrUt. »**-: Aad 
Q. a. wmrw>t». of PX»rt fMxt. Kan.; by 
l*w aieaaoa. Mm. W. J, Kladar. of 
ajrt^yjt »4| w .; Mn. *U» Oooper, of f*t. 
L«*ika>: tI-4 by on* brother. Jamas 
i mian sjf| BcmatteCtoaV w. Va. 


Uf. Kterulee Pord. formerly of 
aprtntrfleld. died Baturday at har 
home In Welilntffoid. Vermont, ac- 
cordluf to word received here. A 
daughter of Mra. rotd. Mra. B. J. 
burpraaant. fonaerly realded at 1710 
Waet ObetfCnut street. Springfield. 

Th* deoadent u aurvlved by throe 
eooa, '¥" Vauabu. Warreu Vaufhn. 
aad Oylw*et«f lrord: and by j two 
daughter*. Mr*. R. J. Buprenant and 
Mr*. Oeorgo W. AUea, ell of WaHla«- 
lord. Vermont. 



runtul aervlcee for Mrs Mat lie 
High tower. 70 ye»ra old. of 1005 North 
Lyon tvrnuf. were held at 2 o'clock 
this afternoon at the Kllngner 
Kuneral chapel Inlemienl via nude 
j Sit llrr^nlsw II cemetery Mra lll^h- 
I lower died Monday mornliiK 


funeral services were held at I 

I o'clock ihu afternoon at the home. 

! 1308 East Comercial at reel, lor Oren 
Burch. t>4 years old. who dlcn Tue«- 
day morning. following a llngrrtiiK 
lllntfu TTir body waa taken overland 
to Uarshlirld by the Kllngner runeral 
home where interment waa made. The. 
decendent I* survived by the widow: 
aeven aon. Edward. Rancy, John and 
Charlas Burch. all of Springfield: and 
Ernest. Gardner and Henry Burch. ol 
Bi I.OUU: and by one daughter Mia 
Will lx>y. of l*ort Bm'itU. Ark . and one 
t)roU}«r and. one sj»ler t both of Pull- 

Page 1: Mrs. Sarah Mitchell died.** 

Page 2: There is an item about C. C. Keller, Greene county farm agent. He was born in 
Jonesboro, Ark., 3 1 years ago. He has been married two years. 
Marriage licenses issued.** 

Inventory of the Everett Beazley estate was filed.** 
Page 3: There is an item about John Ferguson.** 

Page 12: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Calhoun observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary.** 
The will of William S. Carter was filed in probate. The widow Mrs. Frances 
Carter and a son William Carter are to be joint executors. 






electoral o»oa> ■ ••'*♦'»•> 

Dispensing Justice alx days of 

the weak at tba ag« of U yaaxa. 

This 'double record ia bald 'by 
Judge John Ferguson, of Iberia, 
Mo, who was elected aa a "re- 
publican justice of the peace 
lu that township in 1878, and 
has held that office without 
Interruption ever since. 

He is now entering upon his 
forty-ninth consecutive . year 
as justice of the peace In 
Ibtrlu. That probably consti- 
tutes a world's record. 

In spite of hla advanced age. 
the Judge takes un active part 
In clvlo affairs ot his commu- 
nity and in administering the 
duties o fhU office. He 1 4 
senior vice - commander of 
the Department 'of Missouri, 
C!. A. It. 

Judge Ferguson was born In 
Dumfries, KootlanJ, on Christ- 
mas day. 1838. 


Mother and Two Children Per- 
ish While Husband and Three 
Other Youngsters Leap to 

LAMAR. Mo.. Jan. It.— {"F) — Mr*. 

Rex Ampler. 35 year* of »g«. and 

her two smallest children were 
burned to death thta mornlnr In a 
fire that destroyed their home. 11 
inile-i northeast of hero. 

Hex Ambler, the father, was 
budly burned and three or four 
ether children, who leaped from an 
upstairs window, were Injured. One 
Is In a hoepltal hero with the 
lather. Buffering from a broken 
•mkle. and other Injuries. 

Pours Gas On Coal*. 

The fire atarted when Amblor 
poured gasoline upon smouldering 
coals 'n n heutlii^r niove In the 
bedroom downstair*, where he and 
I, Is - wife and two Bmrtlleflt children 
i .:, ' t.i-.-n si.- ,i:nc. 

Ills clothing afire, Ambler smoth- I 

?Wed Fifty Years t 
v. Springfield Couple 
y Hold Celebration 

Sir. and Mr*. Alex Oalhoun, K6 
ftsjitl* lxia*are. avenue, >rsterday ob- 
MM their fiftieth wedding annl- 
l3**lj with a family dinner at 13 
o'clock. Thirty-one giiedtii. all rela- 
tive* or iotiniate friend*, were present. 

A' reception «u held from 4 o'clock 
}asi>rd*> afternoon to » 1/ cluck lu*t 
j>tgbl and »core* of friends called la 
pAy their renpect» to like couple. 

Mr. Calhoun I* "( year* old und Mr* 
Calhoun i* TV. They wer.- married a_l 
independence, trio., Januai) LI. IsTti 
aod can-.e to Sprlnfc-fleld In Hi»« 

Mr. Calhoun organlred tl,f Calhoun 
Buggy and Implement company hcri 
aj\d served a* pre*ldant of tiie con- 
oern for many year*. 
• f,v™ children, all "f whom attend- 
ed the anniversary dinner yeMerday. j 
«j* new prominent In \ ariou* Bttv'tlons 
of the country. They ate: Mr*. 
George Crlghton. l»avld Calhoun. 
Mary Calhoun, all of Sprln^flcldl Cu/ 
1C. Calhoun, Waller* "k|a '- M. 
Csahoun. Horner. T<-»-" s Nlr " J 1 i» r r v 
N*I»oii. Walker. Mi. . u nd Mn P. H. 
Megnu*. llttatiurKh. P» 

Flowers and other Kifls weie re- 
orlved from many stale*.* Lioanasa: Paul td««r 
IVarson. II. and Chlorla Louis* 
Carmlchaai. 17. both of Hnrtngfleld : 
Oliver Kdgar Hondricaaon. 57. Pa- 
cific, and Clara Olive Nettl. 14. 


^^fl,, : ;:^- 


Funeral service* for Mrs. Sarah 
Mitchell, 70. who died Tuesday, 
morning at her home at 780 Waat 
Olive street, will . be held at 1 
o'clock this afternoon at Randal* 
chapel near Buffalo. Interment will 
follow under direction of W. X_ 

a maart»r •* «*. 

aajr tacit, **tO- J_ 

Amble* *u*ao*ered< th*t W* 

utdtwo cnUdreo lui u.t Wt Uk» 

bedroom, Tb* housa wi* ».»**» 

of flame* a** t— OB* *JM '*■••»*>• 


An tnyeeti»TiUon by Cmrl Ko- 
na^ata, coroner, led to- the belle* 
that (he wife and children were 
smothered by the flame* before 
they could escape*. 7 

Only ths bones of the threi were 
found when the Are had burned 
out. i]/ 

Alden la a coal miner. 

Page 3: There is a poem in memory of Mattie A. Hightower.** 

There is a notice in memory of Everett Wommack.** 
Page 5: Mrs. Maggie Gillespie died.** 
Page 8: John Bishop died.** 

Mrs. Susan J. Orsborn died.** 

Mrs. Sarah A. Mitchell died.** 


An Inventory of the estate of thf 
Into Everett BeaxJey was filed In 
probate^ court yesterday. The es- 
tate wa* appraised at } J MOO. The 
administrators are Mr*. Lowe H. 
Hcnaley, the widow, and \V. W. 


Mrs. Lydia Lyle died.** 

William Ricketts died.** 

Births reported.** 

Divorces granted.** 

A. A. Douglas was appointed to administer the estate of Lucinda G. Douglas who 
died December 25, 1926. 

Marriage license: Paul Edgar Pearson and Chloris Louise Carmichael, both of 

Page 9: Adah E. McConnell was appointed guardian for Frank Eugene Cooper and Ruth 
E. Cooper, minors. 

Page 14: Card of thanks from Mrs. H. N. Freyer and others. 

In Memoridm 





, iu memory of M*tu* a, uightowar. 
*«* to .who p mrt «nr«'J«a«wnhMi 
Dee* Ma4. you b*** fpnM'r fv^ 
oo«« mm* ¥& Jl .^j£^'j£&fe£ -^St j ■ * '■ 

)J*u*~ Ood murf bate bte w»y 
You have goo* to a beeutful man- 
In a land no. bright. so fair; 

We are happy to know, a* 
W* tnuct lei you ko. 
You are safe in that home "over 

Vou have * rlrcle of fncucU. 
Thej- will mlw. you; 
Long will your memory be 
Cherished in the heart* of your 4ovcd 

Aunt Mattle. we all mis* the*. 
Written by request by 




Another wood man goto*, (matched 
away by the r*l«ntl*M hand of Death 
in the height of hU etretigih and 
ueefulnea*. and when the aun of lire 
had but barely p assed the meridian. 
ETvenett Wommack U no more. 

Varan*-, temperate In all thine)*, 
•nargodo. ha aarrnart built for a hun- 
dred year*. Tan hour* before hi* go- 
ing. Aarae.1. the death ang«l. would 
have p a w a him by, believing he bad 
mlstajt*n the door and that there 
was no call from htm ther*. 

The end came suddenly^ without 
warning, leaving hi* friend* and lov- 
ed once bewildered and stunned. He 
was too young to die. 

Aa county and state official bu 
record la without bio; or stain. 

Aa husband, father, brother, friend. 
he was beloved. 

Beelde his all too early grravo I 
mingle my tears with the tear* of hla 
loved ones. 

1 mourn for him. He wa* my 
friend. J. O. W. 


^r" *'* 1 ** rr »o*» »«r* held at 3:*0 
| • Block tola afternoon at Mount Oar- 
«**1 church for John bishop M 
freer* old. who died Wednesday morn- 
;Um at the home of a aon J w 
. Bishop. IITT Horth Roger* *v*nu* In- 
|t*rm*nt was made In Haaelwood cem- 
etery under the direction of the 
aUtogner runaral chapel. Mr. Bunco 
wwc a veteran of the Otrtl wax and a 
pioneer resident of thi* county. 

MM. ftl'ftA* ORanoktN. 

runaral aerrtce* for Mrs. ftuaan J. 
Oreaorn. ad year* old. who died Wad- 
n aaaay at bar home three ml)** north 
uf wuefford. were bald at 11 ©clock 
ihU morning at the Method Wt Epis- 
copal church at Strafford Interment ' 
was made In Cedar Brook cemetery 
four miles *esi of r*tr Orove. under 
| '.he direction of the Kllrurner FMneral 
.chapel Mrs Orsborn Is survived by 
(one eon. William Orsborn. and by one 
daughter. Mrs Belle Wells, both of 



l"unerel services were held at 3 
! o'clock this afternoon at Runnels 
Chapel, near Buffalo, for Mre. Sarah 
A. Mitchell. 70 years old. who died ' 
Tueaday morning at tho home. 700 
Wast Olive street. Services were held 
under the direction of W. L. Sterne 

funaral arrangements are as yet in- 
complete for Mrs Lydta Lyle. *3 years 
old. wife of William Lyle of 330 North 
Summit a»cnue. who died at 1 r 30 
o clock last night at the home. She 
U survived by the husband, five eons 
William. Hardin. Clinord, Jack and 
Marlon, and two daughter*, Ruth and 
TalVsUeh \ 



Forty-five divorce decree were 
granted tbla morning Is division on« 
of the circuit court by Judge Ouy D 
Klrby. The court oontinutd and reset 
40 cuw and five were dlic nl sse d . The 
divorce) docke* Included 100 mUom, 
10 of which will eh heard thU after- 
noon. All d«er»M granted today 
want by dafauK. 

The court roocn of division on* wee 
so crowded when court opened thl* 
morning that Judge Klrby dacldad to 
hold the hearing* In the criminal 
court room, which U much larger- !i 
Aside from partlaa u> tbe various j 
caaaa and thalr witneea+e. many spec- 
IllOtt pushed and crowded to g«Ju I 
a favorable position u> hear the teetl- ; 

The following decrees ware grant- 
ed: Oertrude Brlckar va. P. Brtcksr. 
decree for divorce and cuatody of two 
minor children with allowance of «»0 
per month for their aupport; Orac* 
Bernard v* C L. Bernard. decree 
I granted and former name raatored; 
Mary T. Carpenter re Harry C. Oar- 
! penter. decree granted Including care 
i and custody of minor children and 
[•13 per month for their tuppon; . 
Martha Cook v* Ocorgn Cook, decree J 
granted and care and euetody of: 
minor children given plalnttrf: Vlr- j 
ginla Pearl Bolea va. Alfred P. Boles. | 
decree for plaintiff: Beaale May Cloud 
va Harrleon E Cloud. deoree for 
plaintiff Harry O Orlfflth va May 1 
Griffith, decree for plaintiff; Anna 
Mllia ve Hrrachel Mill*, decree for the ■ 
plaintiff, l.ula Arrowood va. Harry , 
Arrowood. decree granted plaintiff 
ar.d maiden name reetored: Pansy 
Avrrs re Murray W Ayre*. decree for 
plaintiff and cart and cuatody ol 
minor child: Anna Calton va. Oeorge 
Calton. decree for plaintiff: Sylvia ; 
Diaon VI Otlbert W Dtaon, decree j 
for plaintirf and cuatody of two ml- I 
nor children: Clifford Edmondeon v*. 
Ada Edmondaon. decree for plaintiff; 
Lule Evan* r* D Evana. decree for 
plalrrttff and maiden name reetored: 
■ Mable Tlr.n v* W M Finn, decree 
for plaintiff and oere and custody of 
two minor ohlMrwn with **0 y*t 
month for tb*sr evpport; K atha ri ne 
Ormy va. Marry X. Orav. decree for 
plaintiff and maiden neio* of Kath- 
arine Oerdner raatored: BUteiU Oood- 
eon va Prank M. Ooodeoo. decree for 
plalatitt. former nexus reetored and 
court allowed »*4 for auorueya* fee; 
Henrffette. Chile* va. W. P. Ch il es, 
decree for plaintiff end maiden name 
of Henrietta Kleher restored; EJtse- 
betb Hill va. Bobsrt H. Hill, decree 
for plaintiff; liuth HorVan va Oecar 
Horton. docree) for plaintiff: Violet 
Hobey re. Lewrenoe Uobwy. daorea for 
plaintiff: aaay BArdtman v». William 


| former umi restored: Clarice John- 
| eon va Floyd Job neon. Hjedt for 
p la in tiff and her former name re- 
stored: Margartit MTuykendall va. Ion 
Kuykendell. decree for plaintiff; 
Myrtle Knight va. Lester Knight, de- 
oree for plaintiff and cuatody of two 
minor children; J. W Brookina vs. 
Olga BrookOn*. deoree ror plaintiff; 
Ida May Lynn va. Paul Lynn, decree 
for plaintiff and maiden name of Ida 
May Miller reetored; John B. Mlddff 
v*. Vera Mldclff. decree for plaintiff; 
Ellen M.Moore va. Will H. Moore, de- 
cree for plaintiff: Jennie Nlchola vs. 
John Henry Nlchola. decree for plain- 
tiff: Jeannett* Popp v* Clayton 
Popp. decree for plaintiff and maiden 
name of Jeanette Phillip* reetored; 
Mae Sharp v* Ree Sharp, decree for 
plaintiff end former name restored: 
Claud Thorp va. Nellie Thorp, decree 
for plaintiff, custody of minor chil- 
dren and slfl per month for their 
support. Edna Phillips va E. 6 Phil- 
lip*, decree for plaintiff: Mablc Tour- 
tcllotte vs. Kaymond Tourtellatte. de- 
cree for plaintiff, cuatody of minor 
children. *A0 per month allowed for 
their support; Audi* Pratt va. Em- 
mett Pratt, decree for plaintiff; Joe 
Pearadn vs Jennie Pearson, decree for 
plaintiff; Nellie Preenell va. Harloy 
Preanell. decree for plaintiff; Mine 
Wilaon va James Wilson, dec ree for 

plaintiff and bar 

dy of, mln*a- 

orf; Katie * 

tan, deoree for plaintiff. John M- 

Bhae VsVasV JklU4i BeU*V decree fox 

tieoted^or pl^USX. W 



decree for plaintiff and 

The toUoeJeVC 
OT< Illlt tBT aWs w ff se eT. tl: <i Minnie 
Baldwin va. WlUlaiu H. Baldwin: a 
U. Bearer va. Minnie Beaver; ZslU 

Okie V*V at. P. Oede: Charlee ML Burg* 
♦a. LHs BttTgo: Alio* P. nail vs. Olar- 
ance Bell; fltvweth V. Pbrreotor *■. 
lferbert W anm Dmi John W. D*vm va. 
Haawi Moor* Davis; Al C. Jeokaoo va. 
Dora Jackeuo: Oiad]a Jama* va. Km- 
ueU A. Jamesj; sUckvmrd U. 
va. Edith May Mi-rowan; Boao 
login va. Luther »a*arwri«1n: Bthel 
Alien va. Otia Allen; J. Jloward An- 
deraon va. Kmzne Anderaon; Thul* 
Brown va. John W. Brown: Aaley 
Baldwin va. Oeorge B. Baldwin; Har- 
old A. Ooa va. Trule O. Ook; Martha. 
Church va. Ma ran Church; Panay 
Porahae va. Coin B. Porahee: Pearl K- 
Engle vs. Eugene w. Kngle: Bertha V.i 
Pord vs. James E. Ford: Helen Oeer 1 
va. John Oeer; Huth Orlarwoid vs. 1 
Cecil Orlawold: Opal Huddleeton vs.' 


I Oeoar middleeton; Butot Hartwlck ; 
v*. John H. Hartwlck: R. w Pntch-; 
ird ve. Ruby Prllchard; Axel O.' 
Ltndetrom ve. Ckllle LincUtrom: Ul- { 
lie Miller re. Clyde Miller; Veeta Mc- I 
Cot v* Dave MoOoy: B. T. Nlcbolean 
ve. T. L. Hlcholeon; Rupert L. McMlel 
ve. Ell* McNeil: Aim* Neece ve. Kern | 
Neece: Xlele Orendorf v*. Thoma* i 
Orendorf : R. B. Stowe ve. Minute I 
Stowe; Blanche Taylor ve. John t \ 
Taylor; Laura J. Patera ve. Albert Pe- 
tere; Racheel Wooldrldge ve. H. O. ' 

' Wooldrldf*. Emily B. Wolfe ~ve7~WelT| 

1 ter Wolfe: R. M. Whitienburg v». 
Berth* Whlttenburg, V!oi» Redlfer ve. 

. Thorn** Redlfer. and Leon* Cunning - 

! hem ve. H. B. Cunningham, 

The following cu m were rlUmleeerl: 

' Irv* Adkln* ve. Out C. Adklne; Jen- 
nie Derldeon ve. Leo T. Davldeon: 
Merle Phllpov*. Kverett Pbllpa; Irene 
O'Bannou ve. Webeter D. 0*Bannon. 
end W. C Yen Aradale ve. Nell P. Van 

runerml eenrtcoe for Mr*. Maggie 

Ollleeple 4 . who died at her home at 
13P5 Eaet Commercial etreet. Monday. 
will be held at 9:80 o'clock tomorrow 
• fvernoon. Service* Will be contfuot- 
«d tt Er^too avenue M- S. cou^oto. 

\\V wlili to thank our many 
fr:«-nd« and Telatlvee for their klnd- 
nt-te end evmpathy In the reewnt 111- 
■ <•*» ir<\ nrath of our dear huabehd 
i..k1 fi tlior 




WUuam »Uoka**. m yeare oM. died 
thie iBtiilm at hu bom* MU North 
Summit avenue, following a lingering 
Wneoa Re le survived by the widow] 
OM daughter, Mr*. O. B, KaaUr, and 
one grandeon. BlUy Baale*. ail -of 
Springfield. Puneral eervioee win he 
he'd at 4 o'clock Friday at the home. 
- "*•— '-» nn»u wUl orfleiate 
and Interment w*W •* enade Ul Map** 

.*> <«nder the direction of 

the Kllngner Puneral borne. 

_ 1 




aad Mre. John X. rwareoa. of 

Hill addition, a nn ou n oe the 

birth of a daughter. Millie Lou, os 

January It at the Springfield Bep- 

'tlet hospital. Mr. Peareon la Sport* 

'■drtor of 'the Leader and Mre. Pear- 

.eon wae formerly Mlee Rachel Etcher. 

Mr. and Mre. P. M. Perbacbe an- 
nounce the birth, of a daughter 
1 Jeanne Carolyn. January 3. at Burga 
i hospital. 

Page 1: There were 47 divorces granted but this is a "human interest" story and does not 
list names. It mentions: 

Mrs. Virginia Pearl Boles suing to divorce her husband. 
Anna Martin Mills suing to divorce Herschel Mills. 
Page 3: Mrs. Lydia Bell Lyle died.** 
Page 12: Gordon L. Springfield was killed.** 


Vrs. Lydia B*U LrU. 
WUDam Lyle. a 
aoe. died at U J» ©*. 
the home. Fuaerml 
t«otrpl«« bat will V 
direction of the ~~" 
borne. \ ■ :<*»» 

Mr*. Belt I* eorvtvod by " 
band, *«-. n ton*. William, 
Clifford. J*ek and Kartoa. 
dauahtera. Ruth and 



("■.onion I>. SnrlnKfiold. believed 'o ■ 
have relatives here. 1ms been killed j 
In Rlarkfoot. Idnho. 

This Information, mrnfcer ils U» ! 
detail, was received t>y wire l"*' 
nijcht by A. C. Uoehm. ohl«-f of 1">- | 
lire, from the coroner nt Ttlti^k f»fi . j 

Page 1: Robert F. Wolf died.** 
Page 6: Card of thanks from Thomas Hightower.** 
Page 14: Isom Moore was killed.** 

Grandpa Sanders died.** 

Five die in a fire near Lamar.** 

Card of thanks from family of J. T. Wilson.** 
Page 15: Divorces granted.** 

A marriage license was issued at Bolivar to Boyd Dickey and Alice Dickens, both 
of Springfield. 

Mrs. Lydia Lyle died.** _., ... 

0381443 -" " SAL T LAKE CITY UTAH 84150 

5 I- 

William Ricketts died.** 

Robert Fennimore died.** 

Marriage license: Aries R. Housden and Mary Hartley, both of Springfield. 
Page 19: Card of thanks from Mrs. Sarah Burch.** 
Page 20: Card of thanks from Mrs. M. Calvey and others.** 

Tbiity-aight default ttlrotoo 

(ranted tnla morning In division 
two of tba circuit court. Judge Ouy 
D. Klrby presided at the hearings, aa 
Judge Warran L. White waa unable to 
oail tba divorce docket In bta division 
dua to Ulnaaa. Jud|« Kiiby granted 
47 default daeraaa yesterday tn di- 
vision on*, making a total of M de« 
erase granted by him In two days, 
which, according to court attaebea. 
surpasses tba records of all otbar 
Oraana county circuit Judges. 

Tba courtroom waa again crowded 
to capacity whan court rouwntd at 
B o'clock, although tba docket for 
this mornlng'a call wma lighter than 
yesterday 'a oookst. Ttn? %vsr e "2 
eases on the division two divorce 
docket. all of which were called th'a 
morning, and Judge Klrby alao heard 
three dlrorce action* that were left 
over yrsurrdsy from division one. 
There were twenty-nine cases con- 
tinued thle morning end eight sc- 
tlona were dismissed. Judge Klrby 
did not designate any ra-aettlng 
datea. leaving this to the discretion of 
Judge White, when he returns to the 

The court was celled on tune and 
again this morning to remind the at- 
torneys representing parties suing for 
divorce, to obtain witnesses who had 
--.nowii tne party asking for divorce 
for at lea&t five yearn In many of 
the esses character witncfc&es were 
put on the stand who testified that 
the had been acquainted with the 
plaintiff for as abort a time as six 
months. Judge Klrby warned! the at- 
torneys thst from this time on di- 
vorces will he reluaeu unless the char- 
acter witnesses can preperly qualify. 

Decrees wers granted to persons 
ranging In age from 18 years to 65. 
and during the entire morning only 
one woman appeared on the stand 
without bobbed hair Judge Klrby 
was not long In granting that party 
a divorce. 


Defeat t 

The following default decrees were 
grantad: Lisa Fox vs. Jeaae B. Pox. 
decree for plaintiff, custody of two 
children and »38 per month for their 
support. John M. Clark v« Mary 
Clark, decree for plaintiff. Ella Louise 
Howell vs. J. D. Howell, decree for 
plaintiff and maiden name restored; 
Roue Attaway vs. Thomas Attaway. 
decree for plaintiff and custody of 
one child; Floyd Alexander vs. Msndy 
Alexander, decree for plaintiff: Alonao 
Bybee vs. Clara Bybee. decree for 
plaintiff: Jewel Buckingham VS. Earl 
Buckingham, decree for plaintiff, cus- 
tody of child and al& pier month for 
support of child: August Baker vs. 
Stella Baker, decree for plaintiff; 
Minnie Barnes vs. Jesse Barnes, de- 
cree for plaintiff, custody of three 
children. «60 per month for support 
of chlldreu and »J6 attorney fee: F. 
W. Cantrell vs. Ellrabeth Cantrell. 
decree for plelut'.ff: Bertha Chandler 
vs. Robert Chandler, decree for plain- 
tiff and maiden name restored: Lou 
Ella Crothera vs. William D Crotbera. 
decree for plaintiff; William M 
Crouch vs. Prlscllla Crouch, decree for 
plaintiff: Clementh Droecemlller vs. 
PVed Drocemlller. decree for plaintiff 
Mid maiden mime restored: Chapeea 
Ellington vs. Opal Ellington, decree 
lor plaintiff: It. U. Hough v«. Dorothy 
Hough, decree for P 1 * 10 tiff a nd cus- 
tody or two 

vs. Stewart HaeaV 
restoration of maiden 
attorneys fee; Leola Hard men 
Paul K. Hard man, deoree tog 
and restoration! » 

man. deore* for ptotngjfr 
tlon of maiden name; Ftocenoa 
vs. o. T- Jane*, decree tor- plaintiff 
and custody or minor child: 'Jewell 
i Kef-chum vs. Fred M. Ketcbum. «te- 
crao for plain uft and laaWoralloo of 
maiden name: La Varna st a t u p ar ea. 
George M. Kemper, decree for plain* 
tiff and custody of child: Anna. Law 
Murray vs. H. H. Murray, decree tor 
f»Ui n+lff su e) 9 » at tor ney 'a f ew , O ttW 
iMalone vs. B. J. Malone. decree (rant- 
ed for plaintiff and maiden name re~ 
1 stored; Agnes M Parka vs. Clifford w - 
Parks, decree for plaintiff and maid- 
en name restored I Lena Richards vs. 
Ennls Richards, decree for plaintiff, 
custody of three children. »36 per 
month for support of children and 
a~» attorneys fee: William bchoen- 


field va. Sophie Bchoenfleld. decree 
for plaintiff: Orover C. Tucker va. 
je*Mr M. Tucker, decree lor plaintiff; 
No:a Ellen Turner vs Frank D. Turn- 
er decree for plaintiff: An.anda E. 
Thte* v* Clarence I Thles. decree for 
p.»!i::nf. I'listoily of t»c children. »nd 
$io !"■:• :no;,'ii far auppon of child- 
ren: Myrtle M. Williams vb. Ed W11I- 
lamis decree for plalnlilf and ma:den 
name restored: L. H Watson vb Theo- 
dora X. WaUou. decree lor platntlfl. 
Homer Watmnnn vs. Itrlce. Walnman. 
decree for plaintiff; J K. Ball vs 
Emma Ball, decree for plaintiff. Opal 
Mary Stringer vs James E. Stringer, 
decree for plaintiff. custody of three 
children and restoration of maiden 
name; Klliel May McGloncy vs. Ben 
F. McOlancy. decree for plaintiff and 
realorttlon of maiden name: Ruth M 
Grlswold w. Ci-nil Oripwold. decree for 
Iplaiutlll and restoration or maiden 



Case* Ceattnaed. ""HI 

The following caeee were continue* : g 
Clara Rhodes t*. Truman »«»»••; 
Bueleh Tlndall vi. Henry TlndaU. ^ 
r-. Oruver re Mabel Orueer: Jai 
D Layer ve Ethel B. Layer; Id*. Hev 
; ey vs. Horace B. Howler. J*?** 
Bran-tetter re. Charlee »«*«« , 
Hurley Bibbs ve. Maggie B'.bbe: Lavon J 
CUne vs W. J. Cllne; Llla Huffman vs. , 
i John Huffman; Warren Mundaj -vs. 
I Athena Munday: Florence Mlttrucker 
l V e J O. Mlttrucker; Flare Sweringer 
've! -William Bwerlncer; Alma Appleby 
vs. Sajn Appleby. Kofcalle Bodlne vs. 
Charlee Bodlne; Sara Curry re. Cora 
Currv; Eugene Cook vs Alblna Cook; 
Lucille Dycus vs Bailey Dycus: Lore 
May Ellis vs. Sherman Ellis; H. at. 
Oordon vs. Jennie Gordon; R. H. 
Horner vs. Verna Horner. W^A. Kind- 
ht vs Hnttle Kinder: Vera May MH1- 
aap vs. Olenn Mlllsap; Kf fie McCeuley 
ve Orover McCauley; W. F. A. Smith I 
vs Dolllfl Smith; Oortrude Stone > vs. 
Harry Stone. Bertha Saaa v». Fred 
Baas' Clara PtiM-y va. Edwin O. Pusey. 
The following cases were dismissed: 
CeorKla Hnlstcad vs. Edwin Haletead: 
Lena Lake vs. Harold Lake; Henrietta 
Williams vs. Alvln Williams; William 
Holmes vs By I vie Holmes; John B. 
MrCu'.lough vs. Carrie McCullough; 
Coleman Browcr vs. Alta Brower; R 
N BbtIcss va. Sarah Bayless. __ 


'Publisher of Columbus News- 
papers Sewing Machine 
Man in Springfield. 


I Ol.UMBUB. Ohio. J»»» '• ■■*•■ 
P t ■ Robert F. Wolfe, our of Uir niot.l 
picturesque figures :n the buv.ii'v-- 
ar.d poUtfal Hie o: Ohio, died lod:.V 
III n fall from the frurlh flour of :he 
Columbus Ulapatch bulling 

As publisher of the DKpatch si.d 
,bc Columbus St«u- Journal, haul- 
er manufacturer and politician. 
Wolfe occupied a unique position in 
Ohio Rated a millionaire, he had 
climbed from newspaper «»* "" the . 
B-reeU of New York, to a po-nlon of 
recognlred power In U><- »:"«'- 
Ihla state. He wa.-. GG .*■»:* »» . 

HI, death wccil.^ 1 appa.M. I- 
when ho lo-t «». balance and .fell 
while opening a r:ndow of Ills of 
flee A moment before lie had com 
plaluod of feeling M while U> ' 
adjoining office of William A 
land, cartoonist of the IJIepati It 



Mi Wolfe muny yetrs n*o *as n 
resident of'.thl Mr was In 
the sewing machine bu.sinei* herw. 
Springfield people who went to 
Columbus, often visited Mr. Wolfe 
and talked over old llmen. 



Wo wleh to eatend our tbanAa and 
apprectauon to our many friends and 
neighbors for their kindness during 

I the Illness and death of our huaband. 

! father and brother. J. T Wilson. 

' Signed -Wife. Children. Brother and 

! Sister. 


We wiah to oatend our thauAs and 
apprectauon to our many friends and 
neighbors for their kindness during 
[the lllneas and death of our huaband. 
! father and brother. J. T. Wilson, 
i Signed -Wife. Children. Brother and 
; Sister. 


Wo wish to thank our many friends 
and neighbors for their kindness and 
sympathy shown us during our recent 
bereavement iu the lose of our be- 
loved husband and father and 
brother. Also for the many beauti- 
ful floral offerings 

LUKE F. CA1.VEY. Brother. 


5 3. 



'■>*■'■ nre TtBtlsas ■ b Hss V 

In a sing* omM in a atogw irairei 
in * oountry pwniwrr two t™ 1 ** tnm 
^L u>etr home* now ia eihss, otic* 
.ESt the charred bodies of Mr* R« 
Ambler and b«t» smell *m Tom- 
rlSd Jas*. » J*** ©id. ware burled 
this afternoon. I 

In a bleak, setting- of snow and 
oold. brief and simple funeral eerflcee 
tm held at the grave, with a eblver- 
I ng group of neighbors and frtende lu 

The three perished in a fire that i 
destroyed the Ambltr home. Four 
otbar mtmbtn of Um family, the 
father and three children, wers in- i 
Jured in the tragedy. They ere In a | 
hospital at Lamar, but all will re- . 
cover. Only one member of the fam- 
ily of eight escaped Injury Bhe la a 
daughter. Ardena. 17 yeere old. 

and declared etaolnJCTAOIN 

Coroner Carl KonanUt of Barton 

c ounty, sa tq no tn fllifl* laaufl b«~ 

"odnau'cied Into tne deaths. He made 
and investigation and declared the j 
I tragedy to hare been "a aad eccl- , 
I dent" He believes the mother and 
l two children, who were in bed when 
a etove exploded, causing the fire 
were suffocated batfor* they were able 
to escape. 

The fire occurred when the father , 
dashed gaaoltne into the store to 
-tart a fire, believing coftle In the 
I store of the night before were dead 
'An eiploslon resulted and the dwell- 
■<cg soon was a mass of flame*. Amb- 
ler e clothes were Ignited, and he was 
severely burned before he smothered 
•the flames with a blanket. 
I lis shouted to bis wife to take the 
'two email children and leave the 
! bouse oy a window. He thou«ht she 
'bad done this, until ll was too late 
I to go to her reecue Ambler ran up- 
stalm where four other children were 
fiom the upstairs window. The} 
leaped, but three were injured, one 
receiving a broken ankle. Beslree 
I Ardena. the children are Cecil. 13 
I (ears old; John. 10 and Opal. 1 


IS fislXED BY 


StvtatM- 555 vOld.YottOi 
XaiUatly Silled In Wood* 
In Stone County. , '• 

.vaer-oid son 
of sat. and atra Oewrge Moors, wtea 
U*e to th. Dry MoHow "omual* 
smith of Crane, was Instantly klUad 
when a falling tree caught him and 
broke his neck. : 

i The boy in company with bis 
{brother wae working in the timber at 
■cran tie making They bad prepared 
- w. jiiLai»*U_lra«-unhuXixom ^ 
W ware working and had HnlslM*!; 
tne eawtng. "ban laom alepped beven , 
. *mm naosa down the bill from the 
trae^b^hlTSothar ftolahad the! 
££r\«lns, Asthe tree started to fall . 

hill in the spot where thaboy *£ , 

rrHe-re- ^^J2*XZSt«\ 
tw? awTV but dW not have time to: 
\\Vi SaXr of the branches of the Ua. .j 
S^ C onV of them caught him aero- 
the chest, breaking his neck as he 

f *Tha body of the young man was 

rus father was called to chop away 
U* branch- that held him to the 
ground - 

Tries at Age of 10J. 
Orandpa Bandera. 

r*""l* .... -.r. st Hurley. N 


tlXSnc^ana 7 ktodnaak during the 
mnas. and death of our «t«f l»* 
binr.nd father and for tU. b^U- 
ful floral offerings 

i ll^. tut rear Mr. Banders has atusncl 

iSSt were^mducUd^eJS « 
jbuTuTmade in the^hort cemetery. 

Our haarta are* 
Wa misa tract 
But 'wban UM 

flown. i 

To meet blm wa will go. _ • ,j 
!We rata would ha.t blm wlttt i»r 
•tut Jesus knoweth best. 
And 'hen • thought that br.uga us 
our oreclou* on" at re*t 
our prr^. ^^ 8 aq».H BURCR 

t dsatfw to thank ■>• many frlanda 
a&d naKhbora. Pythian Blstera. and 
man of tha West shops for their kind* 
neat shown in tha recent lUneae and 
death of say dsar wtf t, Mrs. Uattia 


THOVtAB mOsTTOWsTJa. Husband. 



Funeral eervtoee for Mra. ttrdia. 
is year* old. who died Wadnaaday 
night at tlM borne at 33fl North Sum- 
t'* "inrr — %> * 1,< ** " ■'•'■•*■ 
thia afternoon. Service* war* I»e*d 
at ths Kllngner funeral chapel, with 
interment In lilt, Lawn oemetciy. ' 

Funeral service* wen bald at 4 
o'clock tht* afternoon at too boon, 
aooa North Summit avenue, for wil- 
llam Rlcketta. 08 years old. »Uo died 
Wednesday. Rev. O. B. Drake offi- 
ciated and Interment was mada In 
Maple Park cemetery under the di- 
rection of the Kllngner funeral home. 

Robart Feunlmore. Jr.. the 10-year- 
old eon of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fen- 
nlmore. of 053 North Franklin avenue, 
died thla morning at 1 o'clock at the 
home. Funeral eervloea will be hald 
at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning at 
the home. Interment will be mada in 
Danfortb cemetery under the direc- 
tion of the Alma Lohrneyer Funeral 
home. The deceased U survived by 
the parents, two brothers, Boyd and 
Leonard, and one slater. Marie. 


Page 1: Robert Fennimore died.** 

Page 6: There is an item about W. W. Thomas.** 

-see*** ** *— ' *P^ 


^Tqlks You Know 

Informal Qlimpee* and Sidelight* 
en Preminsnt Sprlngf leldiane. 

TIT \V. THOMAS. p:«r»SJ«nt <f 
*' ' lb* i*i»rlngft»ld liuali.caa -•>■- 
Itgs. had confidence In the futu.: » 
of Springfield as 
an » d ucaUonal 
crnlrr when 'lie 
ram* here from 
Mlchlean to at- 
tend Menderaon 
sic a d e m y, 1 t 
miles fait of 
here. , \ 

He wag a mare 
aoy then. 

Today Spring- 
field lat.rVog 
nlsed as the 
Athena of south- 
western n t a tee. 
md the boy wlio Thomas. 

came h'-re lo attend u. llltlo acad- 
emy, now t<ui of existence, is one 
of the noted educutors of the state. 

Doctor Thomas served 11 >-«er* 
as superintendent of schools, hi* 
term extending from I9ii to 142*. 

A brief sketch of Doctor Thomas' 
< durational career follows: 

Oruduute. Henderson academy. 

Graduate, Delaware Baelnve* • I 
leKO, Delaware. Ohio. i 

Graduate and postgraduate. Mis- i 
souri university. 

Postgraduate. New York univer- 
sity. ' 

President, (Southwest Missmur: ] 
Teachers' association. 

President, Missouri Stale T< 
er.«" assof iat'i'ti" 

'Head, department of education. 
Springfield State Teachers college. 

1107-1 J. . ., 

Superintendent Springfield pub- 
lic schools, 1912-H. • 

He now is president of Spring- 
field Ttuslneas college.. 

Poctor Thomas also Is serving 
on ih* hoard of trustees of Morris- 
vllle and Cottey colleges. He Is n 
member of the state education 
commission for Missouri for the 
Southern Methodist church. 

Doctor Thomas served as pre- 
siding officer at the national con- 
ference on character building, held 
in .Tuly, 1915, at Monte Ne. Ark. 

1 lie is a Klwanlan and member of 

j the Chamber of Commerce and 
has always been prominent In civic 

i affairs of Springfield. 

I Mr. Thomas Is a member of St. 

j Paul M. E. church. Mr. and Mrs. 
Thomas reside at 722 Cherry 
street. They rteve two sons, Ed- 
Mur. a field representative for the 

, business college, and Carl, mali- 
nger of the Kentwood Arms hotel 


Funeral servioas for Robart Fenni- 
more, Jr.. ie-yeax-oid son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Robert Fennimore, ^ an North 
FrnnkUn arenas, -who died at 1 o'clock 
yesterday morning at the home, win 
be held at 10 o'clock this morning at 
the residence. Interment will be In 
Danforth cemetery under direction of 
the Alma Lofcmeyer Funeral borne. 
The ba«-' la -survived by U>« parents. 
*■»" ~ 


jtDlrector. ' nation com a 
character building. Hi*. 
''President, Morrlsvllle- c o 11 e g e, 

' ivtue, MowftM#^I^r>g--*- 

, Preal 


Page 1: George Kellogg was killed in Florida.** 

Page 5: C. M. O'Bryant was appointed to administer the estate of Edmund D. Miller 
who died December 29, 1926. 

Page 9: Mr. Efton Hardin of Springfield and Miss Cleta Massey of Mountain Grove 
were married December 24, 1926.** 

Page 10: Rose P. Taylor sues to divorce George S. Taylor. They were married in May 

Boyd Dickey and Alice Dickens, both of Springfield, obtained a marriage license 
at Bolivar. 

George Kellow of Springfield, Mo., died January 14 in West Palm Beach, Florida, 
of bullet wounds received during an argument with Walter Hoffman, also of Springfield, Mo. ' 

Marriage license: Clyde Melvin Beaver and Olive McArthur, both of 

Robert Fennimore died.** 

Births reported.** 

There is an item in memory of Rev. K. L. Kemm. 

William Renfrow of West Plains is critically ill.** 




WlllUm Renfrow. 04 years old, the 
oldest rltlMii of Weat PUmi 

f>n>b*bly the oldest In Howell county. 
I critically ill with pneumonia at bM 
homt two mile* southwest of West 

Plains. He ha» rx-rn 111 for the lut 
three days, and no hope chiUrtr la 
entertained fur l»l» recovery. 

Mr Kniiniw h»>ii been •> resident of 

Howrll county flB years'! having come 

here rroni Kentucky, «hm he ll»ed 

near Doling Oret-n. Hla wife alao h»» 

I iirrn ill with pneumonia but Is ron- 

I vuleaclng, Several of their children 

|:»:eoi! the nurd min'h bedalde 

cnuVs Ui'iilnni of Springfield, a 
I ci.ii.i|4oii of the aged man. la In Weat 
I Plains rt hla bedalde. aa also are a 
I minion of other grandchildren. 

Clyde Melvin Beaver and OUIe Mc- 
Arthur were Issued e> marriage license 
thla morol&l by Recorder Jaok W. 
UcKm. Both parties reside In Bprtn*;- 
fleid. 1 


Funeral service* were held at 10 
ovi.w-k tld* morning at the home of 
IHobert Keuntniore, Jr.. the 10-yeer- 
old eon of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fen- 
inlmore. of e.^ North Franklin avenue, 
iuhi> died yesterday mornlny Inter- 
I nient we* In Danforih cenic- ' 
> tery under the direction of the 
J Kllngner Funeral home The de- 
ceased la evirvtved by the parent*, two j 
bruUiuia. Boyd and Leonard, and one 
, slater, Marie. 



W£8T PALM DKACH. Fl*.. Jan. IS. 

One mnn u dead and another suf- 
fering from serious Injuries hero to- 
day following an argument over the 
Mexican situation 

George Kellogg of (Springfield. Mo.. 
died today front the effects of three 
bullet wounds and W. H. Hoffman. 
also of rfprlngfluld. lie* In a hospital 
with a bullet wound In his hip while 
five other men are sought by the po- 

Tl*r- men were chance acquaintances 
eating dinner together In n Palm 
Bench cute when they entered Into an 
argument on the Mexican situation, 
police said, which lea to blows and 
then shots. 

The five men acrught. e*c«ped from 
the cafo while a waiter *bji summon- 
ing police 

As far na can be learned here 
George KVllngg and W. H. Hoffman 
are not realdente of Springfield 

In Memoriam 


In loving memory" of our dear hus- 
band and father. Rev. K. L. Kemm. 
who died 10 years ago today. January 
15. 1017. 

Bleased are the dead who die- In 

.the Lord. From henceforth, yea aalth 

j the Spirit, that they rest from their 

lemurs, and their work* do follow 



Mr *nd Mrs. Efflc Dinhman, of 
S'rafford. announce the birth of a 
'dauphter. Bulnh Martha, on Novem- 
.ber 20. 

- Ur and Mrs Clyd** O. Vanrtlver of 
8un/ford. announce ttMr birth of a 
aon. Louis C. on November 12. 

Mr. and Mrs William Franklin 

Dishman. of Btra/ford. announce the 

'birth of a dtt'.KiUe^ Martin, Wlixaaa. 


Mr Efton Hardin of Springfield 
and Mlu Clclu Mahaey of Moin:luln 
Orove were married at the residence 
of Justice Hllaabeck. Decrmber 24, 

— o ■ • 


The Daily News for Sunday, January 16, 1927, is missing. 



Page 3: There is a poem in memory of the Stokes baby.** 

Card of thanks from J. W. Bishop and others.** 

Card of thanks from Fawcett family.** 
Page 5: Card of thanks from B. S. Edmonds and others.** 
Page 6: W. R. Crigger sues to divorce Clara Crigger. They were married in March 

There is a notice in memory of Rev. E. L. Kemm.** 
Page 13: There is a poem in memory of William J. Wunderlich.** 
Page 24: Mrs. Margaret Harris died.** 

John E. Bertram died.** 

Robert Fennimore died.** 

Mildred Maralyn Martin born.** 

Divorces granted.** 

r.\nn or thanks. ; 

We with to express our thanks to 
thr many friends and neighbors for 
thrlr kindness and sympathy shown 
us during the Ulnaes snd death of 
our dear mother. Mrs. Himn Jane 
Pawoet;. and for the beautiful flow- 
en AI>.o thank thr Frank B. Smith 
l-aundry Co. xnd the Frisco coach 
shop.- fir l lit' beautiful flowers they 


Hit- i.i;;luiCu uuU ,iujia<.uiJd.mi. 

In Memoriam 




in toeing memory of bur dear hut- 

band and father. Rev K. L, Kemm. 

who died 10 year* ago todty. January 

It. 1917. 
BXmmta mn the dead woo. died ta 

the Lord Prom h*ne«fonh, yea aaltb 
t ih« Sptnt, that they teat irom thatr 
; labours, and their works do follow 
I them. 

Dear baby, you have left us. 

On- long year you have been among 

•elorrd thou hast been by all 

We think of you In alienee. 

No one can see us we*p. 

For oft our pillow* are wet with tear* 

While other* are asleep. 

'JWewell our pre«lou* baby 
The time will not be long 

In .Wus' rar.aonn-d throng 

Sadly missed by 




5 7. 

In Memoriam 



to. Margaret Harris. 7a year old. 

! widow of the late J. WlllUm Harris. 

of near Blwood. Mo., died yesterday 

morning ** her home following a 

lingering lllneea. 

Mr*. Harris «h a pioneer resident 
of Qnm county, having redded near 
Klwood tor mora than 00 yew. she 
was born In Tennessee and came 10 
(tail county when a young woman. 

To* decedent U survived by three 
eona, John and James Harm, of El- 
wood. and Sain Haxrla, of Pair Orove: 
by seven daughter*. Mia* Jen ole and 
Uim Uartha Haxrla, of Klwood. Mrs. 
Vennia Squibb of Republic: Mrs Vldle 
Crum. of Klwood: Mra. V*<rgie etracke, 
of Klwood; Mra. Mary Barren, of 
Springfield; and Mra. Julia- Ramsey, 
of Klwood. 

Funeral service* will be held at 2 
1 o'clock Monday artamoon at the M. E. 
church of Republic. Interment will 
be made in Evergreen cemetery at 
Republic under the direction of the 
R. E. Thurman Undertaking com. 


John E. Bertram. S3 years old. died 
at « o'clock yesterday afternoon at bis 
home. 630 New street. The decedent 
Is survived by the parents. Mr. and 
Mrs. W!~»ra H. Bertram. Funeral 
services will be held at 2:30 o'clock 
Monday afternoon at the KJtngner 
Funeral chapel. Interment will be 
ntade In Brick church cemetery, lo- 
cated ft mile* northwest of Spring- 


Funeral services were held at 10 
o'clock Saturday morning at the fam- 
ily home for Robert Fennlmore Jr 
the 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs' 
Robert Fennlmore. of 032 North 
Franklin avenue Interment was 

amde In Dunfortb cemetery under the 
direction of the Alma Lohmeyer Fu- 
neral home. The deceased la surviv- 
ed by the parents .two brothers. Boyd 
and Leonard, and one sister, Marie. 

We Wish to than* our friend* aad 
neighbors for their klndoeea and sym- 
pathy during the Ulneaa sad death 
of our bekrved grandaon and nephew, 
Charles Orove. We also thank each 
one for the beautiful floral offerings 
Wo are deeply grateful to the M- W. 
A. and Mr. eV a- Toung. the MffJVHI' 
noy and the choir. 

• «. EDMONDS and Family, 

CMAB. EDMONDS and Family. 

CLAUD EDMONDS and Family. 

PRANK EDMONDS and Family. 

In loving memory of our •tot* Jul* 
band, daddy, uncle and grmnafbtnaT. 
Mr. Wm. J. Wunderllcb. who passed 
away one year ago. Jan. 10. 1920. 

'No one knows the allent boartachee. 
Only those who have loet can tell 
Of the grief that is borne in silence. 
For our dear one. we loved eo well. 

More and more each day we miss you. 

Friends may think the wound Is heal- 

But they little know the sorrow 

That lies within our heart* con- 

We miss your dear, smlllnn face. 

But you l«ft us a memory Hist 

None on earth can take your place 

Peaceful be your sleep, Dear Daddy. 
Ood took you home. It was His will | 
To be with the angels In that heov- | 

enly home. 
Where no pain or sorrow ever comes 

Badly missed by | 

Mr* Lena 8. Wunderllch. 

Dr and Mrs. Ray C Wunderllch. 

Mr and Mr- Harold Kelson. 

Wllllnm J Wunderllch. 
I Dr. Urania L. Uemmert. 

Marjoric Ruth Wunderllch. } 

* . ~ ~j ■ « ; — ; '- * ; fm$ 

'& ■■■'- K1RBT QRANT8 DIVOBP"*^ 
Judge Oujr D. Klrby yeatarday :pr*- 
slded in both divisions of toe circuit 
court, due to Judge Warren Whites 
abeenoe. Several motions were heard 
in each division, also several defauU 
decreee of divorce were granted. 

In division one Judge Klrby' granted 

Ella M. Mopre a divorce from Will H. 

Moore and allowed the plaintiff »25 

for attorney fee*. In division two ho 

granted Samuel O. Curry a divorce 

from Cora Curry, and Hanel Hill 

Hoops a decree of divorce from Claude 

Hoop* In the latter caae the court 

: also granted the plaintiff the custody 

'of a minor child. In the divorce 

1 action of Susie Nance against Je«o 

I Nance, the court ordered an alias) 

•umman* issued to Jackson county. 



We wlah to thank our' many 
fn*nd* and neighbor* for their loving 
help and sympathy during the Uln— 
and death of our father and brother, 
and for the many beautiful floral 
offerings. We also wlah to thank 
Rtv. L. O. Adam* for conducting the 
funeral service, and all thoee who 
took part In the singing, and every 
one who had any part In the funeral 








Mr. and Mn. I. P. Martin of 828 
Weit Central street announce the 
birth of a daughter. Mildred Maralyn, 
on January li. 

Page 1: Will Williams was found dead.** 

Bower* MM '' ^^ ^^ "' ^ * ^ '^ ^ " C W3S formerly a farmer near 

Mr. and Mrs. John Wooten of Bowers' Mill celebrated their golden wedding 
anniversary. They were married January 1, 1876, near where they now live. THey have three 
hying children: George L. Wooten of Carthage, Mo.; Frank Wooten of Red Oak and J C 
Wooten of Bowers Mill. One daughter died a few years ago. There are 1 9 grandchildren and 
Carthage ^^^ The ^ is John M y ron Cathers > son of Mr. and Mrs Cecil Cathers of 

Mrs. A. Allen, living two miles east of Miller, died Tuesday and was buried in 
Sycamore cemetery. She is survived by three sons and one daughter 

Janua 6 ^ ReinSmkh of Monett and Miss Edith Fleetwood of Wentworth were married 

Mrs. Shelia Curnett of Clinton, Mo., died. She was the sister of Mrs. Ernest Reiss 
oi Bolivar, Mo. 

Miss Irma Ruth Coffman and Mr. Velcer Webster of Tulsa, Okla., were married 
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Coffman, formerly of Lebanon, Mo. 

Alfred Morrow died January 1 at his home in Waynesville. He had been married To the first union three children were born: Mrs. Nettie Flannigan of Newburg Frank 
Morrow of Oklahoma, and Huse Morrow of Waynesville. To the second union was bo'rn one 
child Mrs. Lula Roberts of Springfield. Mr. Morrow was 76 years, 2 months and 29 days old 
Page 4: There is an item about Raymond L. Potter.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Nancy V. Hartley died.** 

\*" S — 'T ■ . pa 

'Hold Funeral Rites 

For Woman Burned 

To Death in Home 

Funeral services were' held at 
Carthage yesterday morning for 
Mra. Nancy V. Hartley. 7». who died 
early Saturday momlnt from burns 
received when her clothing became 
United from a pipe she waa smok- 

Mrs. Hartley's daughter. Mlaa 
Delia Hartley, left her mother an- 
ting In the kl^hen amoklng her 
pipe while ahe 0>it outdoors to at^ 
tend to some d \ When she re- 
turned, her mo^-*r was lying on 
the floor with her clothing in 

Bha extinguished the flamea but 
net until her mother's lac* and tor* 
■o had been charred and the re- 
mainder of tor body badry burned. 
floe 014 noM 

' a»4 Mrs Joha Woolen, wko 
I a mtW east «>f riesoue on the 
oetobrated their golden 
ling "recently. They were mur- 
January 1. I17i. at h home 
■uarlere of a mile from wh«rc 
Bve. They are the parent* 
three living children. One 
laughter died a few years ago. 
|51»» IlTlng children are George U| 
I.tVoaum of Carthago. Mo.: Wank , 
1 Woolen of »ed i'ak and J. C. 
|Wootati nl llowors MUL There 
i II grandchildren nml one great- 
^.jat grandchild, the latter being 
[John Myron Cnther". amall son of; 
At. and Mrs. Cecil Cathers of Cur- I 
•hage. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. John \ 
I Wooten ore pioneers of Jasper and 
i r^wrence counties. 


Folks You Know L 3 

Informal QUmpasa aevi tJoellflht* 
•n Prwmlnsnt ipWnt*lsleliana. 


T^llOM candy 1,0 the city commla- 
" alon may be somewhat of a 
hurdle, but Raymond U Potter, 
commissioner or public vtlUUaa. 
made It. Of course. It wasn't ona 
JumA aa hurdle 
might Imply. ba- 
cauie tea, coffee 
and aplcea came 
alone I" lna 

"How did you 
happen to run for 

thin place, any- 

way?" the com- 
missioner was 
jiB^-il i"-s lie ant In 
I hla office checking reports. 

Commissioner Potter leaned back 

Not All Row*. 
"At the requeat of my friends and 
because I'd had the pollll:a' bee In 
my bonnet for aome lime." he I 
finally answered. "And I'm glad II 
did. too. for I like the -work, even If 
It hasn't been all roeee." 
| rt.-mnrklng that he lfttd quite an 
extensive acquaintance -when he 
threw his hat In the ring, the rom- 
m'.sskoei gavf n Utile iiccounl el 
himself in explanation. 
: "My parents moved to Rprlne- 

i yaara .|<>: b« ttli Widt' 
started a gf aoa tj i star*. ,.I^w 
there, daHrarta* 
and aft ar 
In this w»» I 
school mad , 
Before uum« >H a » tb#* 
I ■fltffHI+Hl t* *» t* 
Aftar eempteUas tkat wort I 
ed In the office of a wholesale house 
and finally became bookkeeper. 
LlWee to Meet People. 

"But I Hbsd to d*al with people. 
ko I waa glad to have a caaaoe aa 
city salesman. After a few rears of 
that. In which I rot acquainted wit* 
a lot of people, mim frienda aad I 
entered the candy manufactorta* 
business " 

Here Commlasioner Potter paused. 

"The candy was sweet, all right" 
he remarked, '"but the axperlenoo 
waa bitter." 

Then rame another round aa city 
salesman In tea. coffee and spires, 
when the call to office sounded. 

"I've tried to look after tha de- 
partment here just aa I would after 
my own business." the commission- 
er said. "That's the only fair way. 
Am! I've found my experience aa a 
salesman helps, for after all much 
In both fields of work is dealing 
with the public. 


-V«w*4f?PJHf9^ B ?r'^- <* 


Tha wind' wasass about tha orum^ 
Wing walls eC an eld storm cellar oa 
the BetterUadeo farm sevthwwst of 
(ha city. Tha swelling house, of 
whlsb tha eeaar anas a part, was de- 
stroyed by fire long ago, aad oaly tha 
ruined foundation, remain. 

Tha cellar has no door, but It af- 
fords a shelter and for the past sev- 
eral weeks has been tha revelry piaco 
of men of uncertain employment and 
bat d reaa 

Residents of the vicinity have pro- 
tested against the gatherings and 
bava threa t ened to dynamite tha cel- 

Laborer's' Body Found. 

And now death has intervened. 

Ushered by the moaning winds, the 
reaper touched clammy fingers to the 
forehead of Will Williams. Itinerant 

I'rrsons Investigating} the tales of 
other Itinerants, who. claimed that th. 
cellar bald Williams' body, found the 
corpse yesterday morning. The body 
was cold and stiff, pitched forward 
with the head In the dead ashes nt 
a fire. He apparent)' had been dead 
two 'days. 

Bottle Contains Alcohol. 

The bushy red hair had. been singed 
and a slight bruise showed above the 
rlrhl eye. Two bottles were found 
heaeath the body, 
ared alcohol lahaV, 
eeastalaed a smatf oaaptftr 'as* that 

The body WM taws* br «V S. «g«, 
manager of tha septic urnka aearhy. 
A Paassa amanlaaoa was eaJMfl aad 
tha body denvered ta C sioasr JewaO 
R. Wlndls. who stated }hnt aa au- 
topsy would be made today by Dr. 
Hurray C. Stone. • '• 

Relatives of the dead maa laelada 
hla mother aad two slaters. M vtnsT pear 
Fair Grove, and three brothers, Troy. 
of ISM Bast AUaatta street, Rartag- 
flrld. and Jaha and Tom. who n>e 

l.ortbeast of Fair Orovs. 

• ■ \t •* • 

Alfred Morrow died suddenly i a Ms 
home In Waynesvlllc on January I. 

iV'/T. He had been rnrtrrl*d twice. *l'u 
Iht first union were burn thre*i chil- 
dren' Mrs. Nettle Flanolgen of New* 
I urje. Frank Morrow of Oklahoma, 
ilnae Morrow of Waynes vllU. And to 
the set ontl union une child Mrs. i.ula 
J Ki.berts of Springfield, lie died ut 
! th» age of '*> >r»r« _' months and J* 
, »u.»a.. Funeral Services were hold 
I lust week 

, tl ymr* old, died 

^w*Sfw^ha bag. 


farraarly a farmer 

iirs. Krnest Kelss received a mes- 
«"«. hir sister. >tr, sheila Cur- 
iit-H of Lllnton. M„ . had died 

I ■ 

I mi. I - 1 





Page 3: William Renfrow died.** 

Page 5: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our wife and mother," signed by 
I. Windle and family. 

Page 6: Rose Ann Thompson died.** 

John E. Bertram died.** 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Cause died.** 

Mrs. Margaret Harris died.** 

Daumann infant died.** 

Earl Ray Ellis died.** 

Will Williams died.** 

Miss Elizabeth Schmidt died.** 
Page 10: Card of thanks from Cleve Comstock and others.** 

oldest citizen o: 


Tie Botineat Prosper* on 

White Elver— Child Caught 

in Steel Trap. 

William Renfrow ,' qr, M tnn Old. 

the oldest citizen of Wc«t Plain*, and 

one of the oWnt In Howell county, 
died at hli home two mtley southwest 

of West Plain* follo wing * brief st- 

-t a c k, orjw BHwaac 

Mr. Renfrow. who waa among the 
wall known pioneer residents of How- 
all county, bad lived there for forty- 
ma year*. Born In Butler county. 
Kentucky. September 7. 1830. Mr. 
Renfrow came to the Missouri Oearks 
in ieTO. locating on the farm south- 
west of West Plains, where he baa 
since lived and where his death oc- 
curred this morning. 

The death of Mr. Renfrew marks 
the passing of the last charter mem- 
ber of the First C hris tian church of | 
w ctl m i ni. M r . Renf rew having been , 

one of the llttlr group who urfcunized . 
| the church here many years *ko. j 

j Despite his sdvancert age Mr. Ren- , 
. frow did not uutll recently become ; 
'feeble and was a famllnr figure on; 
the strtets of West Plains, coining : 
; to the city to market his farm pro- i 
'ducts and to transact other hliwlrtraa j 
He did not care for the speed .of the . 
automobile, but w*6 content with h'.i 
liorse and buggy, even declining to j 
permit someone elso to harness and 
unharness his horse when he mude ] 
trips to town. Ouly a few yesis ago 
be was seriously injured In an en- 
counter with an lnfurlbii'd bull, 
j which attacked him In a field on his 
| farm. Despite his years Mr. Renfrgow 
emerged victorious in the encounter, 
end although it w as feewwT ' 
ed cutckly and was soon able to 
leading an active life again. 


ouM Ann Tnocapeon, three years of 
•rs. died bete th«e morning et 11 
o'clock et the horns of .her sunt. 

She Is eurrreed by her mother and 
tfatber. Mr. anil Mrs. Charles E. 
Thompson, of R. F. D. No. 2. and by 
one slater, Oene. 

Funeral amnffiawiS) are In charge 
of the aim* Uohmeyer PUneral home 
are incomplete. 


funeral eerTlcae were held at 2:90 
o'clock this afternoon far John %■ 
jgSjrti — , M year* «U. who died at 4 
ptotook Saturday afternoon at hu 
ihoine. &3d New etraet. Services were 
h«id at the Kllngner Puneral chapel 
with tnsermeut in Brick Church 
tiemetery. located A miles uortbweat 
of Springfield. The decedent is eur- 
tiTad by the parents. Mr. and Mrs. 
Oriniam H. Bertram. 


runeral aarvlcee for Mra. Elisabeth 
At Csum. 03 years old. pioneer resi- 
dent of the Oxarks. who died Satur- 
day at her home In Webb City, fol- | 
Sowing a lingering Illness, will be held ■ 
tomorrow at her home town. 

Mrs. Cause isme to the Osarks 46 | 
>ear» ago. She Is survived by her 
husband, three children: 13 grand- 
children and 6 great grand-children. 


Puneral services were held at 2 
,~ clock this afternoon at the M E 
[church of Republic for Mrs. Margaret 
plarrls. 7tJ years old. widow of the late 
^J. William Harris, of near Elwood. 
who died Saturday morning at 
liber home. Interment stdll be made In 
Jtvergreen ouwwry «t laepisbbe under 
Ithe direction of the R. K. Thurman 
|l Undertaklne rornrmnr 




i Funeral Mruffi 
fplete for WIU WflltMMM. who ni ya«- 
f-verday mornlnj foudn dead lo an Old 
iralUr of a raasdanoa In Um eouthweat 
.part of tit* cftty. The body of Will- 
1 lame wm rewind by 4. ■■ Qutnn. man- 

old house. . W«| 

WlJUen* bad be*n dead sTj^aNhtty 
two clave. Jewell K. W indie, coroner 
of Oreene county. elated thie moro- 
liuj Coroner Windle abated that Mr. 
William*' doath we* cmw < from «J- 
cohoUc rxrtennrnt. It «m not known 
whe the man wa* m u»e cellar. 

wuiiaana M rarrtvMI by hie mother 
end two stater*, hvinr near Pair 
Qrmre. and three araahere. Troy, of j 
1 Hi Erst Atlantic etreet. «prm«-neid. ' 
and John and Tom. who live north- 
eaat of Pair Oroee. 


Mice Elifcabeth Bchmldt. a trained 
-nurae living at 472 Eaat Kim etreet. 
died of heart disease Sunday after- 
noon at Billings. Funeral bervtccs 
will be held Tueeday morning at 10 
o'clock at the Catholic church In 

Miu Schmidt Is survived by three 
•inters. Mr*. Johanna Schmidt of 
Springfield. Mr*. J. R. Oarbee of BUI- ' 
lngs. and Mrs Joe Bcharffer of Mus- 
kogee. Okla., and two brothers. Dan • 
Schmidt mud William Schmidt, both ( 
of Billings. I 

r.\nu or thanks. 

We want to thank each and everv 
one for the kindness shown ua in the 
death and burial of our son, Ico Con 
stock We also v.vnt to j„ :t .ik t ",e ■ 
Strafford Baptist church and hl K h I 
/rhool for the beautiful *«,- ^o\ 
our thank., ,o J W KlmaW ' 


OSCAR WUJLOVQIIllY ar.d famllr 
L B comstock and family. 
F. J. COMSTOCK and 1 irmly 


Funeral eervloes were hsld at 3 
o'clock yesterday afternoon at the 

|Stamr mortuary fo- the Infant Ml) 
-of Mr and Mrs Ed C Diunmim, of 

^tRoutr No 2. Lebejirm. vbo died early 

t*iunday rxtorulug In a local hospital. 

r Interment was made In Maple Park 


I Tlie body of Earl Ray Ellla. 26 years 
(old. or Thayer. Mo . a ho died at 8:20 
o'clock bunday evening In a locnl ' 

llOhplt O I, _W.|lfi_XuX'AJiX£letl -tU . Ill* -hom* -| 

'j this afternooii on the "Sunnyland ." 
'Funeral services a'lll be held at I I 
u> cluck, tomorrow afsauaaect *vl 
-church, northeeat of Mr One**? 1 
termem «m b* mad* la OU>e 
church oametsry. The body «ss pre- 
pared for burial by the Alma Loh- 
Jmeyer funeral home. 


Page 1: Charles R. Fulbright was killed.** 

Page 3: Mrs. Nancy V. Hartley died.** 

Page 4: There is an item about Jessie E. Smith.** 


Folks You*Know j 

laferwiel Qllmpaea and Sidelight* 
on Prominent 8prlnofleldlan». 

j IJryJhe. accompanied thato— not, n«w~ 
ifcjar^on the piano.'? : 'A*te^$| 
. -I started to rid* 4u»aebaak *a 

VOU'XT! heard ot the Wllow who 

toots his own horn.. Well. Jeesle 

R Hmlth not only can toot his own 

hoVn but several of them. That, 

XllEjni'uu Suiioo) 
-njoi) am Xo) ^oibj 
ok jnq '»3IJJ0 
jo; uiu oj peu, eq 
e«jno.-> jo '1 J »P 
.(lunn.i bo EOJinp 
H|q i\i\M PjajJayil 

l.URaOp '.MASMOlt 

] Folks who knew 
him declare that 
as an infant he 
even cried music- 

Hut even r-nuntr 
!■■ • ur.u sirn! music 
his time. «<*sse E. 6mith. 

don't occupy alt his time. 

"There are lots of thlnre I irke 
to d'o." ho remarked. "I like to hunt 
rnl>blls nnd quail nnd ko fishing and 
rijc hoisrbacW. I'll admit I don't 
have much time for those thlnrs 
nowadays, but I don't overlook an 

A Native of ArUsntat. 

Smith was born In Nettlcton. Ark . 
In 1893. but ho didn't tarry there 
lnn£ H' 9 parent* moved lo Dl# 
Hay In the name state, jind nalural- 

•poa aa T oould 

t*jW oountr olern ti— ym *mw~ 
had several dandy antmals, %nd X 
•pent lota of time when I was a 
youacatee ' rldlna; throoch Um 

«rpoda,^?r::v 4^5 f ^p!^? : ^* 

'Then came attention to Innate, 
and the lessons began. Before lone 
youna Smith was a capable I per- 
former with a violin, a cornet, a 
clarinet, the drums and traps or al- 
most any other Instrument you need 
In an orchestra. 

The family moved to Springfield 
In 1S0S. nnd young Smith made hie 
musical debut here an a member of 
the bund that was organized In con- 
nection with the Drury college cadet 
corps. H., ployed the cornet With 
that organization. 

Hs Lov.i to Hunt. 

"But It haan't all be>n music by 
any means." the county clerk, who 
made his how In politics by run- 
ning Kllis J. Cogley'a close race 
fur city commissioner of revenue 
remarked. 'Tor I like to hunt and 
fish too well." 

Ami not Infrequently as ho lasues 
n hunting an.! rishlnir license. Smith 
has a faraway look In his eye«. and 
you '"< s-'-i" liitt lips frame the 
wnnls* • 

"I wish ] was going along." 
Smith « hn la married and has a 

little daughter, resides nt 30 West 

Scott street. 


Laura Sornbeak, daughter, 
I John Horn beak, one of the 
.of Greene county. 


Mr. Fulbright 
on* 'of tb* leading 
Osark*. Shortly after 

Springfield In 1SST. "he* 
several townsltes and 

Pioneer Citizen Dies in 
lance on Way to H 
Officials to Continue 
tigation Today > 


Helped Develop Nunwt* 
Townsites and Other .Pro 
erties; Fathere Was Pro* 
.nent in Bank Circles 

I prominent Sprlngfle 

j fatally Injured at 6:45 o' 
i night when struck by an 
jblle driven by H. M Prew 
South Boulevard. 

Mr. Fulbright died a few 
later whllA hoi»ir »nV»T< •- 
bu tn«f to 8t: JBW6V 

investigating officer* 
that Mr. Prewet* .weald ha 
of blame. 

* > s 



" ■ » "_ ■ £ 
The accident 
Boulevard. *• feel 
trance to Phelpa OtOMi,,, 
Prewett was driving a 
south, on the , Boulevard, 
plained, when two cars.' 
usually bright lights, cams 
south. Mr. Fulbright 
cross the Boulevard Jua* 
two car*, stepping 
of Mr. Frewett a machine, 
ware no eyewltneaaaa to" tl 

•dy. *?"'* L % i ;;JK 

Mr. Frewett ate#U 
In a few feet, of t*W 
called a Paxson atnbolanee 
FulbrlKht died whUe being UlMM' 
the hoe pi I u I. burgeons said h* fc| 
sustained a fractured skull *»Or 
l<rukt-n !.«•>. k. 



Mr. Fulbrlchi was born 
spi iiiKfiewl «-n May 4. l«*l. the so 
of Judge John Y. Fulbright, oo» 
the founders of Springfield SJ 
(•resident of the Farmers and Me. 
ehunts bank until his death In M 
Charles FulbrtRht went to 

In Christian county and 

a hardware store from 
1 He returned to Sprint 

and organised the -C. R- 
i real estate and Inauraaoe; 
'. He was married in lttf <.' 

H E. Lee and Bert 8- 

platted the town of . 1 
Taney county.- now the- ] 
on Lake Taneycomo. 

He also was Interested 

[mining ventures In South* 

'»<«uri and Northwest Ark 

, eral new mining location 

ftnade b> Mr. Fulbright In 

karuuta Oxarl-s. 1 

lie a'.df! in ..:i;anlzing 

fbank at Branson and ret 

Interest in Tain-;. county 

until- his death. Several i» 

tracts In Stone. Taney, Gree n e's, 

Christian lOUi.Uea were dlspoajsdF 

tCU> l.l... ' I j .:■ ■ — Ul 1*111 S IU-JU. 



Because of his knowledge 

•' values in the Ozark region, 

resent e.i the state tux con 

many tunes in appraising VaneV < 

ues. For several yeurs past, he i 

resented the probate courier 

'' ■!'.•■ iMUf.ty on mherltanc 

I r ■ > t . 1 • 1 1 i.- mi.. I wns called upo 

eral times l.y the circuit' 

settle i.tlld vulue disputes). 

! The Fulbrlglu name has 

Isuclated wiiii practically 

| earlier history of Green* 

Fulbright springs, the 

'S prim.' fir Id's water soppry.'l 

! ■•! Hi--: l> was part ojf^ 

, 1 i.i. i LKlit holdings. >** 

I Several roesabara of 
( were engaged In buaLaeasj < 
early days of Sj 




Coroner Jewell E. 

the body last night Am ^3 

will be decided upon today, 

Wlndle said and the 
I will be continued 
! wett reported the 

lice headquarters and 
.the hospital to of fell 

Mr. Fulbright Is 
I widow. Mrs. .Laura 
1 one son. J. Max Folk 

associated with 
lance and realty firm. 

Mrs. Mary G. Carson oi 1 
I and Mrs. Lucy £. Hi 

manavUte. also survive 1 


d Funeral 
r Woman B 
To Death in 

Funeral sanrtoee were held at 
Carthag-s yesterday- morning: for 
atra. Nancy V. Hartley. 78. who died 
early Suturriay morning from to urn* 
received when her clothing; became 
tgmlted from a pipe she was amok- 

Mr* Hartley, daughter, Miss 
Delia Hartley, left her mother alt- 
tin* In the kitchen smoking her 
pipe while Hhe went outdoors to at- 
tend to eome duties. When ahe re- 
turned, her mother WM lying- an 
the floor with her clothing- In 

She extinguished the flames but 
not unyi her mother's legs and tor- 
no hud been churned and the re- 
mainder of her body badly burned. 
^Iie uld nut regain consciousness. 


Page 1: Charles R. Fulbright killed.** 

Mrs. Mamie Leake died.** 
Page 9: Charles R. Fulbright died.** 

John Jarrett died.** 
Page 13: F. Beeler Eskridge and Miss Irene Lavender were married.** 
Page 14: Roy Gisler died.** 

Francis Caldarera died.** 

Robert Henry Harbison died.** 

Powers child died.** 

Miss Elizabeth Schmidt died.** 

Will Williams died.** 

Agnes Arm Gabriel born.** 

Divorce suits filed.** 

Laura Branstetter divorced Charles Branstetter. They have minor children. 


Hoy Olaler. "-yi-nr-oUt eon of Mrs. 
Delia OUh'i. run North Main avenue. 
>!:i-il ihm iiiiiruiiiK nl « local lv>*- 
;•:(«! Hi- is Mirvlvrtl by arvrn 
Itrolhera. Wliltntlt. Harry. Whiter. Ar- 
thur Mill ClfnriCC I.angley. of Bprlng- 
'ifhl. and Paul niul Joseph Olaler. 

'""■'■■ I i.ii.i.^i.i.iiI. ... In liipl H 


Punarel eervlcaa were hald at 1 , 
oVtock tun afternoon at Olive Church I 
cemetery. DOrthtuI of Fair Orove for 
Will Willisana, alio waa found dead | 
Sunday mornUi« In an old call are of I 
a residence in the oouthweal pari oi 
the city. Interment waa made in, 
Olive Church cemetery under the dl- I 
rectum of the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 
home. WUUama died of aJoohoUc 
polaoBlnc although It waa not known 
why ha was In the cellar, Jewell K. 
Windle. coroner of Oreena count* ! 

hut hmlal will be under direction oil 
tin' KttUKiirr 1'ndi-rthkiiiK roMipany 

I HAM is < W.DAHrUA. 

I'uncinl service* wore hold al 10 • 

« cluck this muriilllK at the Herman; 

ii i^iimewr Kuneral home lor. 

Uriit«-|« ( iildarrra. the lulant miii of . 

Mi mid Mrs .»,ie rsiuiarcrn. who died' 

\ iln\ wf'.rrii' 


[Us\ry* cmauwy. 

Ml III II l'"'tl! lull- 

- .'. . ,-.b,t» U K l| 
'2. » J,. 17**1 

mihk rmzaiiktii mhmidt. 

F'uiirrnl services were held r| 10 
, •'.liH-k this; ui the embolic 
church ttl Hillnut-. lor eltea fclllr-iUjetli 
Mcbmldt. a trained nurse, who resid- 
ed at 472 East Elm street. Mlas 
I Schmidt died Sunday afternoon at 
|flillln K » of heart dlseaee. Brie Is sur- 
uinl by three rlMers and two broth- 



Funeral Services (or C. R. 
Fulbright to Be Held To- 
morrow Afternoon. 

Charles R. Fulbright. ft* year* old. 
prominent In Spring field business cir- 
cle.. »*s killed almost InsU.ntly. at 
46 o'clock lul night when struck 
by an automobile a* be attempted to 
nosii stret In the 1300 block on 
South Boulevard. The cor wu* driven 
»)•• H M Prea'.tt. who resides oi>l> a 

■ trior: i!:-l»sic« from where llic hc- 

i .••.on.', occurred 

i A:i ambulance »»< summoned fol- 

i lowing thr accident hut Mr Fulbright 
»„> apparen'.iv i-.i;id 'x-forc St arrived 

• Ke wa. i*k<i. u. th" St bos- 
, ;>.:al wfccir ni'dlcul rxuuiinatlon uus 
' mud'- 

The Kcc:dtr.; occurred Oil the South 

i Bottleviu-d ft few fret north of the en- 

■.rar.'e to Phelps Grove pufk Mr 

• Pre*::; «r/ driving * Dodge roadster 
iar.rt traveling south ht » speed '->: 
. koo.;-. *6 li.ii" uii hour, he told of- 


from the south 

th* care. U« euppad directly In tfaa 

Rttroc tbw-mieitf niMhi**, 7 Mr. 
IbrlgM waa kefooked to the pave- 

Hi* body waa found about ten leet 
from the automobile vtth hit head 
lying on the pavement and hla body 
Juat off the concrete. PrewUt claim- 
ed he worked hla brake* Juat e» eoon 
•a ha eew mat ha wa» going to hit 

■ the man. Physician* stated that Mr. 
iFuibrijhi received a fractured skull 

and u biokcn uccn 
i Inqueit Tonight. 

! An Inquest will be neld at Viol 
I o'clock tonight by Jewell F. Wlltdlt, « 
jrorouar of Qreene coui.ty The in- 1 

quest will be held at' the Alma Loh- , 
jmryer Funeral parlor* w D Wab- 
.ater. of 1143 South Boulevard, and A. j 

J Blewua. of 133a Boulevard, jrlll be 

■ summoned as witnesses. Theoe two j 
men were the first to arrive on the i 
scene after the ao'ldem Mr. Web- ! 

' »tcr operate* u store ul the corner of . 
tite Boulevard and Bennett and Mr : 
■Fulbright was on his way to the atore 


abcit Ui( atvlsenl occurred 

Funeral service* for Mr. Fulbright 
wUl be Iteld at 3:30 o'clock tomortow 
afternoon at South Avenue Christian I 
church Interment 'will be made 

, _., dge Job ti Y: 

! Fulbrtght. one of the founders of 
I Springfield and former president of; 
i the Farmers' aud Merchant* bank. 

Mr Fulbright went to Sparta. In 

Christian county and conducted a . 

hardware store from 1887 to 1897. He 1 

I returned to Springfield In 1»«7 andt 
•organized the C. ft Fulbright real' 
estate oi.d insurance ageir.y 

Well Known III Orark". 

Mr. Fulbright was recognized a* one! 

of the leading rein :ors of the Ozarlta 

Suort ly after returning to Springfield 

' lu 1897. he promoted several town-' 

Ber; S. \jer. he platted the town of 
BrbRKiR. ;:. Taney county, now the 
.*n[e»; town on U»ke Thui-y.omo 
I Chart** ft. Fulbright waa married In • 
1 ie«7 to Mlas Laura Hurnbemk, daugh- 
ter of Major John storubeak. on* of 
I the pioneer* of Qreau* county. 

The decedent aldad in organising 
the fire* bank at aWmneon and retain- 
' ad hla in teres r In Taney county aialm 
until hi* death Several large tracU 
in Stone. Taney. Oraau* aAd Cbrta- , 
tian counties wrere dtapoaed of recent - 
'. i v by Mr. Fulbright'e »'i.-in. 
i ' lie was lutereeted In s«veral mining 
venture* In Bouihwaat Mlaaourl and 
Northwest Arknnaaa. 
J Ijiwyers of Springfield often called 
on M Fulbright to aid ihern In hind 
tritleuieuu because- of his knowledge 
of hind »*:ues lu the O/ark region 
He also repreaeuted tha* ala ws tax 
conunlaslon luany timet UI appraUUig 
Und values. For aeveral years be 
I represented the probate court of 
; Gnei.e\v.inty on stale Inheritance 
'. tax problem* 

i Mr Fulbright Is survived by the 

widow Mrs. Laura Fulbright. and mm 

laon J* Max Fulbright. who wan a>- 

laoctaied with him In the tn«uram:e 

a-d realty f'.rm /»'0 slstcrH. Mrs 

Marv'ti Carson of Sprliif.flrld and 

•m--*' wucy E llublr. or Humauaville. 

also survive him. 

T&t. decedent's mother. Mrs Martha 
Haden Pulbngbt. died last Beptcndser 
at the age of 81 years. Hla father 
died tn una . 

Vnlted l/xlge No S. A F A A M 
a 1.1 have charge of the servlcea at 
i'he crave Members of the lodge 
a-.M meet ** I 30 o'clock tomorrow 
tfternoon r* the Maoonlc temple 

Mr and Mrs. Harry Gabriel, who 
raaida northwest of Springfield, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter. 
Agne* Ann. on Thursday. January 18. 
at St John* hospital. Mr. Oabrlel 
corns and opctes the Gabriel deie 
j?n Souih a»tJtUe, 

Char ta* B. VMlbclght. ptcmt&m* lo- 
cal bttlp— mo, who** Ufa w snuff- 
ed out Monday night *&•» n» *" 
nut dawn *jw killed by an uutoa** 
bile, we* loo wall known thr/ugnqwt 
tit* OmmH rajloo tor any.ajrtb* ©* 
•eooodary ability to ettatapt *° P*^* 
claim hia snertU. Most oert»4nly b« 
tu ■uocasaful in buelnee*. but wbon 
wo moat death face to too* u» Ilia* 
high way. such suwoeea doe* w»w»» 
■akt up taw qwahUsa by wtalah wo 
*ra Judged by shoe* »b* kMrw "• 
Woe can Um auooeass* attained 
in tat* trusins** i wM *erve a* * *taad 
arm toy whioh to wolgh Um trua worth 
of Chart** Pulkrtght 

Tint of aJJ. Charts* Fulbrtgbt wm 
• man born of the sturdy pioneer par- 
entage and aa a youth saw truth, 
loyalty, friendship and hoosety en- 
•tirinrt at tba family ftnoide. 
Throughout hat Ufa ha dung to tba 
etmpl* leaching* which be r*c*lv*d at 
hi* moUur'i knee, where, aa a bab«. 
ba wu UUfbt to llap hU evening 
prayer. He worshiped tba Ood of 
bis father* without lending an ear 
to tha tbaorlaa of tboaa wbo seek to 
destroy tha only hope man can lay 
claim to whan ha kaapa his rsndasv- 
cmj wtth deeth. Ka was old-fashion- 
ed enough to bellev* the* frtande ara 
tha mlle-poete which mark ona'a way 
to eaooea*. Ha waa convinced that 
tharo waa aae a athlPgj aacrad In tha 
Dmm of hu oountry and that bomwa j 
wwra ahitnaa and not maraly •dittoes | 
fasti ion »1 by arohltaota from marbla 
tl*b* and eand, He waa. . aboea . all. 
fair and truthful, giving tha man 
who w»a down, tha banaflt t)f tha 
doubt. Broad mlndad enough to r*a- 
Ut» that thara waa always room lor 
doubt, ha spent no Uma In doubting 
thoaa who piofse— d to be bta frlnda, 
but accepted them with tha aajne 
but accepted them' with the nmt 
wbo^baartad TaOcwabtp Of wntoh ha 
waa thrtca worthy. Hla mettle wm 
aevw questioned, but bad been tarn- 
pared In tha botUnf oil* of aorrow 
and expertono*. Ha waa -nevar too 
buey to laugh at a Joaa. or a* ea- 
■tan*** 1 in pereonal affair* aa to dla- 
regerd um bar af a efcUd. Ma Jewed 
tha great tuahwi, fur thara, be- 
naatb tha blue doane of lata van be 
could oaet aatde the worrlee of thla 
realm of oaab reglaaara and ledgera 
and «uwm aa anaa aa awen with hla 
Creator. He eraa aoeor aa happy aa 
whoa hunting and flahlng In hi* na- 
tive Oemrk hUla. Beoauae of hla lova 
i for nature and tba open epaoee ha ac- 
quired much tend Tboaa wbo knew 
him beat reals** tha* hla v**t bold- 
lug* were not purobaeed eolefy for in- 
vestment. Hla friend* hare often 
haard to eay: "My farm* give me a 
ohanoa to get out in the open and I 

am Just anough of a hill bUly to en- 
)oy every moment of the time.- Many 
local aportamen can raoall numaroua 
m)oy«hla hunting and flahlng excur- 
sions with Charlie. He waa an excsl- 
ent companion on auoh tripe for 
•.her* waa scarcely a valley or core In 
the Oxark region that waa unknown 
to him and at every roadside cabin 
■Mm latch atiing waa on the ouUlda 
or Charlie. Nor U thla Idle praia^ 
or our Ozark resident*, aa a rule, art 
latoundlngly accurate In their Judg- 
nsnt of man and they reoognlead in 
-baj-laa Fulbrlgbt a man who would 
ot aacnfloe friendship on the altar 
! avarice. 

Juat on* little story and than we 
lil ltave thl« man to others who are 
■ettar quallllad to extol his virtues. 
Several years ago Ur. Fulbris. ht and 

Mr, laulbridb** aaaonUta. 
„ that tha •qtsftttar ba ibroad I 
to leave tha land. and. Mb* no lit- 
tle parauaalon, OhaiU* adttod that, 
such aoUeo might bo In kMpiugjwItb 
tba polkUea of good butdataw. Mr. 
fulbrlgbt and hi* associate vlattad tha 
traot and paused beside a, laiww spring 
to quench their thirst. rHrched on 
the side of a bill juat above them 
waa a nna- room log c*>M n, lrUft afc* 
-c nimrm f aafliy lack ing oowraaa many 
of tha tlmbera In the doorway of ■ 
the cabin, wwtcblng tham with anxl- > 
oua eyee. stood a wo m a n , aged beyond 
her year*, with two til-kept, tow- 
beaded youngster* clinging' to her 
skirts. In front of the house lay a 
rusty bull-tongue plow ylth its shovel 
turned up toward the aun. A crow- 
bait horse waa tlea to a aapllng near , 
the cabin and the bark weji gnawed 
from the trunk aa high a* the horse | 
could reach. 

"Suppose you were turned loose 
with that bull-tongne plow, with that 
old horse on that rocky hillside to 
make a living for that woman and 
two children." aald Mr. Kulbrlght to 
his companion. 

•I fruea* Td be a little slow with 
my rent." was the reply. 

"I gueaa you would, too. and so 
would I." responded Mr. fulbrlght. , 
What do you say we let them alone. I 
They won't um much land and If they | 
car* make a living It will be better 
than turning them out. Maybe we 

11 collect our rent later on. You 
can't tell " 

"Let's go to town." reaponded his 
associate, and the squattera ware not 
ordered oil the land. 

— T. M. 6. 

I .. 

' *r'.itvi<'>: i ou mil .11. 

Thr lltlanl Mill of Mr ultd Mie \ 
■aiue* P. Powers. ->f 2007 Mi>Mu:i ave- 1 
me. died si I oVW* W thin nuniinn 
«i the tu'ine The itrVfdl'lll '•* stir- ' 
u\fd by ihe iMirviits, une kisler and 
wo brothers f'unerul aervice* were 
"je'd lhl» iifteniiion at irre "Hlsrue ( 
jiitoituaiy *n> Intrrinrr.i in Ha/cl- 
j *\hhI ti-mcliry 


of Omaha. Neb ; Mrs. W. H. Cain, of : 
Henderson. Iowa; Mn. A. P. Mc- i 
Henry, of Vancouver. Wash. 

Funeral Hrrungements have not . 
Dren completed, but will be Under the 
direction of the Almn l^n.iuyer 
I-unerul home. 

Mrs. Mamie Leake Fails to 

Regain Strength After 

Second Operation. 

Mr*. Mamie Leak*. 46 jrear* oM. 
wife of the Reverend E. F. l.e»ke. j 
pajstor of I lie South Avenue Christ- | 
lati church, d;ed at 10 o'clock this 
morning In a lorn! horpltel follow- • 
inK several days illness. 

Sometime ago. Mm. Leak* under- 
went an operation. A mxxuui opera- 
lion was nsceaaary and wm perlomi- j 
ed a few days ago. She failed to 


runaral 111 'In ■■ for John Jaxrett. 
M raare old. who died at U:M o'clock 
Mo&dar moralist at bU bom* on 
routo Ho. 1. •fftaNPn^*. will bo h»M 
al * o^Bteok Tburaday afternoon at 
Qtbson Ohapal. ll*v Most Miller will I 
oftiouu and InUmMut will b« mad* 
in beuth Haaalwood cam ataxy under 
cha direction or tha W. T. Oampball 
rjMiwtoklng company. 

Tho ilimiiasil wae a mambar of 
axiraka Lodge No. 3». A. P. * A. M. 
Ha la •urrrvod by the widow, two 
daughter*, KachMl WUUama. Maggie 
Axtdereon. both of Chicago. III., two 
aon*. Jemea and Albert of the home 
• druaa and one atapaon John Speel. 
of »t. Loula. - 

Mra. Loak* -was well Known In thia 

city having been associated with 

.church affalra for the pa<t 10 years. 

'She wof. a member of Chapter B. O. 

of the P. r. O. 

Horn In Iowa. 
Mrs Lcike who born lu (.'lurk 
county. lown. In 18-71). Iter father. 
K M. Adkln*. now resides In Ked , 
Oak. Iowa. She wn» married to the i 
Rev. E. P. Leake at Heiiclrraon. Iowa, j 
in I860 They leslded for a number '■ 
of years at Independence, Mo., and ' 
tome 10 yeBra oko they moved to 

StflnitfhJd — ' 

Mrs I.rtike whs ihe inoihet of eight i 
children, seven o! whh'li uie now liv- 
ing ' The children nre: I.owi'11 l-eake, • 
Sunday editor of the "Rocky Mouh- I 
lain Newa'-fA Denver. Dole.; L*»b* 
Leake, A taaa^on In tha* I*** Summit > 
high school >*t . L**a Summit, N. Y.- 
Donald Laaka. a teacher lb a took! i 
junior high aohool: fYancla Leake, 
manager of a hotel at HoldenrtUe. i 
Okie.; Richard, a year*, old. of the j 
Uoaie addreaa: Dorothy Laake, who t* 
emploved In the Frisco office build- ' 
lug here, and Margaret Laabe. a »iu- 
dent of the State Teacher* college. I 
To Mr. and Mra. Leake, two" a*U of ' 
twlna were born Donald and Fran- 
cis l.eiike. are I win*, and Dotnlhy 
l.cake. and Marie, who died wbru al« 
year old. were twin* 

Mra Leake is alao survived by her 
father. R. M. Adkiua. of Red Oak. 
Iowa: her hueband, Rev. E. I*. Leake; 
and three sisters. Mra A. P. Braun. 

IHVOHl'K MITS ni i:ii 
Two aiilta for dl»n~« " *' 

I thla morning in the office of the rlr- 

'cult clerk tnd ». . . ... 

docket for the May term of the eir- 

jcuu couxc. The. following actions 

I were /Ued: 

J Prancea Kenaon against Elzle Hen- 

Ison. They were married In October. 
190:i. mid lived together untU April. 
1033. The plaintiff allegea abandon- 
ment on Uie part of the defendant 
as hia cause for action. 

Jewell Trogdon agatnst L. V. Trog- 

1 don in the petition the plaintiff 

I stale* that they were married In 
June. 10X1. and lived together until 

I January. 1077. 8hc alleges general In- 
dignities on the part of the f.ofend- 
ant «» her eaune for action. 

Healer Esk ridge Married. I 

Mr. and Mrs. Ouy 11. Eskrldge. lBftS 
Douglas avenue, have mad* public j 
news of th* marriage of their son. P 
Easier Eafcrldge. to Mlas Irene Laven- 
dor of Kaufman. Tex... at Ozark. Mo 
The marriage took place April 24, 

— o--"- 

■ajajt olrt *on of Mr. and 
LsHoy Harbison of route 
Ipringfleld, died at 9 o'clock this 
aioriilng lu a local hospital, following. 
v brief Illness Funeral services will 
'** held at a 30 o'clock Thuraday after 
soon at t h e u s a i- n i muituai y: — rnHF 
nant will bo mad* In East La* n 
>em*tery B#v. H. Bpoeht will otfttdnko 
tt the ssrvires 




Page 2: Jewell Trogdon sues to divorce L. J. Trogdon. They were married June 15, 

W. R. Crigger sues to divorce Clara Crigger. They were married in March 1920. 
Frances Henson sues to divorce Elzie Henson. They were married October 29, 

Marriage license: Nathan Earl Nichols, 36, and Jessie Holladay, both of St. Louis. 

Marriage license: William Roe, 42, and Lulu Andrews, 40, both of Springfield. 

William Roe and Lulu Andrews were married yesterday. 
Page 3: The divorce suit of H. M. Gordan from Jennie Gordan was dismissed. 

There is an item about A. C. Boehm.** 
Page 4: There is an item about C. T. Patterson. 

Page 5: Miss Irene Lavender and Mr. Beeler Eskridge were married.** 
Page 7: There is an item about Al R. Sampey.** 
Page 12: Charles R. Fulbright was killed by an automobile.** 

Mrs. Mamie Leake died.** 

Rose Ann Thompson died.** 

Roy Gisler died.** 

Robert Henry Harbison died.** 

Powers infant died.** 

npKH detection of harta* besa) 
8prtn«fJeW« flrsi i| os *f o w 4 <■ 
bald, by A) It Sampey. praasttt etiWf 
of detectives, with a staff of teten 
plain clothes men working under hla 

The chief alio wai the first cs#- 
tatn -of police several years ago, 
holdlnFthat offjce 
until a permanent 
police captain was 


Chief Bunper 
haa been n mem- 
ber of. the B print - 
fleW police force I 
since 1»03. first j 
serving os a pa- i 
trulman and later 
oprra ting as a I 
pluln i lollies man. | 
About kIx years j 
ago the detective, 
department waa ; 
created and" Sampey has served, ns • 
chief of that department since. 

Chief Sampey has a hobby, which 

Is the assembling of an extensive | 

rogues' 'gallery. He haa made u I 

I cnoil start on Ihia gallery and now! 

|h;in a In in*- number of photographs j 

i of the "Kfiiun homo crirnlnall." | 

C'lilet Sampey wan born near Ash, | 

iCrovo und with his parents mo\'ed j 

to Springfield when nbout six year* 
! old. The rlileTs father.' Thomas 
i Sampey, was a butcher and meat 
j pucker. 

Chi. f and Mr* Piiiiipoy llv< 
Monroi' street. 

^llce A. C 


a> school 

Chief Boehm 

Al R. Simply 
I'holo by Lytlfl 

C I 1 

teacher at Hermann. U,o. 

Today- ha is rated aa on* of to* 
most efficient po- 
, lice chiefs In fhul 
section of tit* 
country. - 

The chief 
born "in Hermann 
and lived there 
.unit 1*10. In that 
" Vfar he came to 
C*rl ngfleld and 
for the rnsii'.r.R 
five year* oper- 
ated an lnsur- 
nnro nnd real es- 
t li t n office. lie 
later entered tli- 
offlce of Ellla J. Cogley as a li- 
cense inspector. 

He waa appointed chief or police, 
in 1*23 fcy Mayor W. £. Vreeman. 
Ihirlng this time the force haa In- 
creased both In sire and efficiency. 
The force now lists 4Q_ officers. In- 
cluding three motorcycle officers 
eight detectives and one police 

Chief Boehm haa made a thor- 
ough study of the finger print ays* 
tern and la rated aa an authority on 
such methods of Identification. ■ 
" Chief ami Mrs. Itoehm live at 
llOn Cherry Mrect and have six 
children, four elrls and two boys. 
These are llnrlnn. 21; Helen. 1»; 
Eleanor Mae, 10; Arthur. Jr.. 8; 
Dorothy Ann. C; Martha Washing- 
ton. 2. 



Lifelonq Friend to Cdnduct 

Services With Masons at 

Grave; Prewett Absolved 

i Funeral services .t>r,Ct»a*Je«M 
Tulbrtght. ** years «>»*• F» ■*" 
killed when «trucl(f<ttyiMww«rn*» 
hllr Monday evening", WlTf be'nera 
at 1:10 o'clock^ this •attewoonyai 
the South Avenue Chrirtlan church 
Services will be conducted by Judge 
J. R. Roberta, a Ufe lons^ftlead.of 
the family. 

Pall bearers wlU be Dr. J. H. Ful- 
brlirht. R. E Lee. T. E Hembeak, 
J. B. Carson. H. B. "Wann and A. T. 

Miwni Officiate at Grave 
Services nt the crave -will be un- 
der direction of United Lodge No. 6, 
A. F. and A. M. Lodge members 
will assemble at the Masonic temple 
at 1:30 o'clock thl» afternoon. 
Burial will V- mnde In Haxelwood 
rfrnetery under dlreotlom of the 
Paxson Funeral home. 

II. M. Prewett. driver of the car 
which struck .Mr. Fulbrlghl. »'»» 
absolved of blame by a coroner's 
Jury meeting last night at the call 
of Coroner Jewell E. Wlndle. 

The Jury's Verdict. 
The following verdict was return- 
ed by lh<> Jury: 

"We the Jury find that Charles 
Fulbrlghl came to his death from .1 
fractured skull and a fractured neck | 
caused by being struck by an auto- 
mobile driven by II. M. Prewett. 
According to the evidence submit - 
led to the Jury we (urlhvr una the 1 
accident was unavoidable." 

The Jury was composed of Emery , 
ll* Schneider, foreman; Frank W. 
Wright. D. W. R. Cox. William P. | 
Shores. Benjamin Lippinan and J. 
L. Carroll. 

. Mr. Fulbrlgbt Is survived by thej 
widow. Mrs. Laura Fulbrlgbt. ©no 
•on. J. M. r'ulbrlght and two slater*, j 
Mrs. Mary O. Carson, of Spring-; 
field and Mrs. Lucy E. Hubble, of: 
Hnmantrllle. ' i 


Funeral services , %op, Boes.-aan 
Thompson, 4-year-old daughter c* 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Thompson. 
of route No. 2, who died Monday 
morning at the home of an atnrt ta 
Springfield, will be baM at, 1:** 
o'clock this afternoon at the Alma 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. The Rev- 
erend Lewis M. Hale, pastor of the 
First Baptist church, -will officiate. 
Burial will be made In Haxelwood 
cemetery. •' - ■ \- t 


Mrs. Mamie Leake, 4D years old. 
died at 10 o'clock yesterday morn- 
I Ing In a local hospital following an 
1 illiitiiu* ■ 1 .• «. .1.1..: d«i)a. Mr:;. !-■■«! ■' 
j was tin vlfo of Reverend 12. F. 
Leake, pastor of South Avenue 
Christian church. 
1 Mrs. ly.'ike had been actively en- I 
gaged in church work In Spring - 
lleld for the past 10 years and was 
a member of Chapter BO of P. E. O. 
She was torn In Clark county, 
Iowa, in 1896. For a number of years 
they lived at Independence, Mo., 
the Reverend Leake at Henderson, 
moving to Springfield 10 years ago. 
Her <-iher, R. nt Adklns, now JeJ 
a resident or Red Oak, lowa. 

Mrs. Leake le. survived b y he r 
husband; ' seven children. JLswell 
Leake. Denver. Col.: Leslie Leake, 
Lees Summit, N. Y.~. Donald Leake, 
a teacher In a Springfield Junior 
high school; Francis Leake of Hoi 
denville. Okla.; Richard. 8 jasare 
old, of the home address: Dorothy 
Leake, who Is* employed In the 
Frisco office building here, and 
Margaret Leake, a student of South- 
west State Teachers college; the 
father. R. M. AdkJns, of Red Oak. 
Iowa; and three sisters. Mrs. A. 
p. Braun of Omaha, Neb.; Mrs. W. 
|H//CWb Of Henderson, Iowa, ^an* 
Mrs. A. P. Mcllenry of Vancouver,] 

Funeral arrangements are lncom- ' 
plelo pending the arrival today ^of 


Funeral services for Rose Ann 
Thompson, 4-year-old daughter of; 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Thompson, j 
of route No. ? who died Monday | 
morning ui the home of an aunt. In, 
Springfield, will be held at. 2:J0 
o'clock this afternoon nt the Alma) 


Roy (Jiylcr. 9-yeur-uld son of Mrs. | 
;>.lla Ulster, 636 North Main ave- 1 
tiue. died yesterday morning In a 
local hospital. He Is survived by!' 
seven brothers. Wlllia, Harry. Wal-I; 
ter. Arthur and George. Langley, of' 
Springfield, and Paul' and Joseph 
Ui.sler. Funeral arrangements are j 
incomplete but will be held under I 
direction of the Kinlgner Funeral 

Funeral services for Robert Henry 

Harbison. 3-year old son of Mrs. 

Otto Hai bison, of route No. i, who 

died at 9 o'clock yesterday morning 

in a local hospital, will be 

Xi 10 o'clock tomorrow 

the Starne mortuary: 

end H- Specht wlU 

will be made In Bast Lawn 

tery- • 



Serv loss, for the Infant 
Mrs. Jamea r. 
Marion avenue, who died at 1 
o'clock yesterday morning were 
'held yesterday afternoon at the 
Starne mortuary*. Interment 
made In Hare I wood 

J#-»*ll Tre**** h*e filed ■filt in 
rlrrult c<mrt for divorce from. Lv jV 
Trodgna, She aiierea the husband 
has been eo quarrslaome as to 
make a continuance of the marriage 
relatlonebip Impossible. Thay 
married June 16, If!!. 

W. R. Crlgger yeaterday f Had oult 
In circuit . court for divorce from 
Clara Crlfaer. He allcgaa frequent 
al-scnce' from home. They- ware 
' miirrl<«<l in March. 1920. and sepa- 
rated litat July. 

Charging that liar hueband aban- 
doned her nearly ' four yeara ago. 
I'nncfi Henaun filed ault for dl- 
vorce from Elite Henaon. Thay 
wrre married Ocotober J». 1»0J. 

Announce I 
Secret Marriage- 

Announcement haa bean mad* of 
the marriage of Miss Irene Laven- 
der of Kaufman. Texas, to Mr. 
llevler fTskrldge of .thla city on 
April 24. 1921. The marriage took 
placo nt fhtark and wm not an- 
nounced until yesterday. Mra. Eak- 
rldito la .a former atudent of Drury 
coIIcrk ana in a member of Zel.i 
Tiiu AlphA aororlty. Mr. Eakrldge 
lit tended T>rury college and Mla- 
eourl univcralty ana in a member 
of 'Sigma Nu fraternity. 

! William Roa and Lulu Andrewe. 
I iwiii i'.' *»i«i lliK'leUI, were married 
I nt tin* court houae yeaterday by J. 
i \V. Tli>pln. presiding Judge of the 
I county co*irt. 

Marriage Licensee t Nathan Earl 
N.. Iioln. .IS. and Jeaale Holladay. 
both nf St. lunula: William Roe. 42. 
:ind I/.ilu Andrewe. 40, both of 
S| rlnrfleld. 


Page 2: Card of thanks from I. Windle and family.** 
Page 4: Rose Ann Thompson died.** 

Robert Henry Harbison died.** 

Charles R. Fulbright died.** 

Barney Wyre died.** 

Mrs. Alice Wheeler died.** 

Mrs. Mamie Leake died.** 

Mrs. C. J. Sims died.** 

Roy Gisler died.** 

Norma Lee Smith born.** 
Page 7: There is a poem in memory of Mrs. W. F. Oldham.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 11: Miss Leta Killingsworth and Mrs. Clifford Edmonson were married.** 

*•*■ — » r.n\ it i:« T(in cmr.n. 

Funen.1 oerv'rea wrre held nt 1 30 
o'clock thla uftnnoon at the Alma 
Lohmeyer funeral bom* for Ihm Ann 
Thompson. 4-ye*r-oirl tftufhtar of 
Mr. ana Mra. Charles F. Thompson. 
of route Mo. 9. who died Monday 
morning at tha home of an aunt In 
thla city Tha Rev. Lewie M. Halo, 
pastor of the Flret Baptlet church, 
officiated. Interment waa mad* In 
;ilai*lwood cemetery 

robekt h habbihok. 

Funeral eenicea for Robert Henry 
Harbison, of route No. o. who died 
yesterday morning la a local houpltal. 
will be held at 3 30 o'clock tomorrow 
aftemoon at the Btarne mortuary. In- 
terment will be made in Eaat Lawn 
re-tr.eiery Rev H. flpecht wlU of- 


Barney Wyre, 60 yeara old, of 

I Pleasant Hope. Mo., but recently of 
thla city, died thla morning In a local 

The decedent la survived by the 
widow, fie* dsughtere, Mrs. Oarrl* 
irryeert of Srmngpeld: Mra. KoU 
Johnaoa of UprUigAaW. Mra. Winnie 
Chrlaman of- Sulphur Springs, Ark..: 
Mra. Helen Martin of Ventura. Calif.: 
M:ae Johnnie Wyre of Springfield: by 
fouf brother". Frank Wrre of Brook- 
J1M; 6*m Wyr* 9 t> BprtngfWrL 

Phillip Wyr* of Springfield and Dee 
Wyre of Topeka. Kan. 

Funeral arrangements are Incom- 
plete pending arrival of relative*. In- 
terment will be made in Pleaaant 
Ridge cemetery, near Fair Orove. 
tinder the direction of the Kllugner 
Funeral home. 


Ctmrtm K. raintight. 

Puneral services for Charles R. PuJ- 

brtgbt, M years old. were held at 2:30 

i o'clock this afternoon at the South 

avenue Christian church. Judge J. Ft. 

Robert* a lifelong friend of the fam- 

i lly. officiated. Interment «u made 


In Hazelwood cemetery. 

Pallbearer* were. Dr. J. H. Pul- 
biight. R. E Lee. T E. Hornbeak. J. 
8 Caraon. K. B. Wann and A. T. 

Services at the grave" were under 
the. direction of United lodge. A. T. , 
and A. M Interment was mad* un- 
der the direction of the Paxson fu- 
neral borne. 

Mr. Pulbrlght was killed Monday 
night when struck by an automobile 
driven by H. M. Prewett. The acci- 
dent occurred on South Boulevard a 
; abort distance north of the entrance 
| to Phelpe Orove park entrance. 
• Mr Prewett wu absolved of blame 
by » coronfr'K Jury last night at an 
loquott conducted by Jewell E. Win- ■ 
die. <-oroner of Oreene county. i 

The fellowlnir verdict was returned 
i by the Jury "We. the Jury, find that 
I |Cb«rl»j» PulbrlRht came to hla death I 
from a fractured skull and a frac- ■ 
•tured ner.k. caused by being struck 
. t>7 sr. at: immobile driven by II. M 
Prewett According to the evidence 
submitted to the Jury we further 
(tad the aoctdamt «M unavoidable" 
The verdict was signed: by Emery 
L Schneider, foreman; Prank W. 
Wright. D. W R. Con. wniiam P. 
Shores. Benjamin Llppman and J. L. 

Mr. Puibrtght t* ■orrtead by the 
widow. Ian. Laura ' Pnlbclght; one 
son, 3. U. Pulbrlght. and two sisters, 
Mrs. Mary O. Oaraoa at Springfield 
and Mr*. Lucy E. Hubble of Humans - 
I rule. 



Puneral services will be held at 2 
o'clock tomorrow afternoon for Roy 
Olsler. 0-year-old son of Mrs. Delia 
Olsler. 6.16 North Main avenue, who 
dlrd yesterday morning In a local 
. hospital. Interment will be made 
' In East Lawn casnxssry under the di- 
rection of tha aUtagner Puneral 


Mrs. Alios Wheeler. 48 years old. 
died this morning at her home. 2140 
North Boulevard. Puneral services 
will be held at 11 o'clock Thursday 
morning. Interment will be mads In 
Pleasant View cemetery. 90 milt* 
northeast of Springfield, under the 
direction of the 'Kllngner Puneral 
home. She la survived by the hus- 
band. J! E. wheeler: by one son. 
Henry Wheeler; by throe daughters. 
Clara. Mary and Beatrice Wheeler of 
the home, and by three sisters and 
five brothers. 

In ple ti i6tiam "t 

- In loving memory of our dear wife, 
mother and grandmother. Mrs. ,W. P.: 
Oldham. who paired, away nine; 
t9> years ago today. January 10. 1918. 

No one knows the silent heartaches. ! 
Only those who have lost can tell • 
Of the tiTlct that Is borne In alienee, 
Kor our dear one wc loved eo well. ; 

Moie nud more each day we miss you. ' 
Friends may think the wound Is : 

But (hey little know the sorrow 
That lies within our hi arts con- 
We miss your 'dear, smiling face, ' 
But you left us u memory that 
None on earth can take your place. 


IfUrtlesvlllc. Oklu 





Puneral services for Mrs. Mamie 
Leake. 40 years old. wife of the Rev. 

: E. P. Leake, pastor of the South Ave- 

i liue Christian church, who died yes- 
terday morning "In a local "hospital. 

! win be held at 2 30 o'clock tomorrow 
afternoon. Services will be held at 
the South Avenue Christian church 
with Rev. J. H. Jones and Judge J 

i R. Roberts officiating. Interment 

will be made In Maple Park cemetery 

under the direction of the Alma Loh- 

meyer funeral home. 

Mrs. Leake la survived by her 

father. R. M Adklns of Red Oak. la.. 
' and by her husband and seven chil- 
[ dren and three sisters. ■ . 

She was well known In Springfield 
i church circles and was a member of 
^Chapter B O of P.. E. She had re- 
sided In Springfield about 10 year*. 

Puneral aervlcea for Mrs. O. J. 81ms. 
jform.V* ot Springfield, who died at 
;her home In St. Loula. Sunday morn- 
ling, were held yesterday. Service 
I were conducted at St. Rose Csthollc 
I church. C. J. 8lms. husbarfti of the 
deceased. Is a brother of Miss Marie 
Slma. of 805 North Robberaon avrnuc. 


I •.- ■ ■ - ~*^~:f 

L >fARWAOE UCBNBEfl. "-Vi* : •. 

i^ltnjUam Roe and Lulu Andrews, 
ft»f.ta o|.Snrtngf4«ld. v ^^^ 

;, . W»ttWai;iteL;«,clKae awl Jessie, r 
.] Uui&tojd both g| Si, Ly-^, 

il JAftuJsM"*ild.: 

I . ■■ 




— h k asa w. awa o. amu ta, war 

Ferg-uaon. »tidim, announce the ar- 
rival of a daughter. Norm* on 
j»nu»rr IS at St. John's hospital. 

I.iiinoiiaoii-Kllllniswoil li. 
VJJ&*. '•"» K.llllli£BWortt» anil Mr 
dlfioiri Eitinoneou both of thla, my 
v»rr (justly iimrrlfU at the home of 
!.*-• W Wlntiu of Helton. Mo., 

Ulii:: s<1.i»". J.u.uury in Tliry will make, 
thi : ' 11' in-- 111 this el 1 v. 


Wo wtah to thank our frtowia «n4 
Mtchtton for thtix kuutaMK tap tin 
lovely floral onartnca at the death 
of our beloved wife and mother 



Page 1: Mrs. Alice Wheeler died.** 
Page 7: There is an item about Martin V. Crain.** 

' 1 - r h 

Tour rolicemen 

Belna Another of • ***— , Iff- 

treduelng the Member, of ' 
Springfield'* Blueooate 

ITIAltMKR, rancher, locomotive en- 
gineer, groceryman and police 
officer are some of the titles held i 
by Martin V. Craln. captain of po- j 

Uce. . ._,.. _ , v > 

" 'Captain Craln w»i bora in lrT* 

on a farm near 
Fair Grove and 
until he- was !1 
years old remain- 
ed on the home 
farm. When he 
became of age he 
moved to Rprlng- 
fleld and took em- 

I ployment in the' 

! Frluro shops. Aft- 
er two yeans he 
was promoted to 
locomotive fire- 
man i.n a freight Martin V. Crsin 
run. lie fired fi>r 

four >ear>i and was then made lo- j 
romotlve engineer t>n the eastern 

I division. He held this position f or | 
six years I 

Seeking rtlverfllfted work, lie left' 

I I In- Krlscn :md was the successful | 
[candidate among a large niiinli'-r "1 ' 

applicant* i"i the position, of »>u|>er- , 
I Intendeni <.t the Greene county 

funn He held this position for | 
four years and then removed to • 
Colorado where he operated a ranch. 
for three vearH. 

Returning to Springfield. Captain 
Craln purchased a grocery atore, 
operating that business tor two 
years, li* 1»20. he sold the atoro 
and Joined the Springfield polloe 
force ae reserve officer. Hla flrot 
promotion come In UJ8 when he 
was made desk Hergeant and one 
year later he «>■ promoted to the 
position of captain of police, •which 
he-has held since. 

Captain and Mrs. Craln live at 
1913 Lyon avenue. They have two 
daughters, both nf whom ure mar- 
ried. They »rc Mrs. Irma Nelson 
and Mrs. Lillian Totter and both 
live in Springfield. 

Funeral servteea . for 
Wheeler. 45. whj> died 
i her heme *M0 North 
will be held at 11 o'clock thla 
lng at the Pair View 
miles northeast of '. 
Burial will be made In 
View cemetery under 
Kllngnsr Funeral home. 
Wheeler t« -aurvlve4 as/ 
luind J. K Wheeler, one 
Wheeler three daughters, 
Mary and Beatrice W 
three sisters and five 

Page 2: J. C. Murry died.** 

A. Howell died.** 
Page 4: Card of thanks from William Lile and others.** 
Page 6: Arbaleeta White died.** 

Robert H. Harbison died.** 

Mrs. Alice Wheeler died.** 

Mrs. Mamie Leake died.** 

Roy Gisler died.** 

Barney Wyre died.** 
Page 9: Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Fielder of Kingsbury street announce the birth of a daughter 
Mary Frances Fielder on January 16. 


Pansy Ayres and Murray W. Ayres were divorced. They have a minor child. 
Marriage license: James M. Evans and Lulu May Jackson, both of Springfield. 
Page 10: There is a poem in memory of Gladys Thompson.** 



8a ut Up From Howell Ooiutfy 

'.'■-' 8prlngft«l4- 

K» uxl a twtutn Mt*m|»%B» aaoapa 
rry piaad fwiMy ** Mi» *r»t«b 
theft and «ii gi**n th* «.hra*-y**r 

sentence ■ '_'. . 

M~M«r4 from Jefferson City today 
«l«r* thsi Murrya body waa tahan 
i.. KirMviU* for burial, but do f>ot 
•t-i* who arranged tor tha burial. 


"' 'H I ■i'i ' M^t.ii. - 

j. o. Mutt*. M »«•>« ••»• *«• 
bu> horn, in wt* Plato. •«"» •*• 

tu **ut*nc*<l to a *••*•»« ^5«' t ?w 
p*nH*ntl*ry in September • >•». IW 
U^eay. uled in the P-"^"*'!^^ 
null ,t jefl*r*on City on* nvmtta 
J^'nacember » Death *•* ««• w 

J? ifa mywry «» W-t Pkjtn- aao- 
ST who did not MWM JJ 
™«iU» «« Murry. did not rea*sl nJ* 
S^Utr?»«» m d-U.. To peniten- 
tiary official, h* b»d «l»au "»• «*•*?• 
"fj t Murry. Tula*. Oil. . a. the 
^eTf hi. f.ther and n~«~t of 
ImT hi it mMuiet announcing, hi* 
oe*th -4r. -?n?«o the addr— glT« 
aod failed to bring rwpllee. 
A M«» Hreawer. 

^^or' le*. of a 'high -"PP-r. » 
describe him in alann. posed M • 
£velln\ -.— during th. Pjerod 
he made h* horn. In West PUKta 
but acquaintance, begau to •"•P~l 
tiult !.• "" not connected with any 
company, slthoufih he made rajiular 
SEfto and out of the city A&oU 
b«ran to be rumored that h* bad 

fered -mail article, from local ^stnre. 
However he never became Involved 

n ,he Jummer of 1924. when he *m 
.rre-ted In Springfield on a charn l Of 
•trtllnK *00 from the caah ?™ w " 
m the. .t«t* automobile llcervae 
(bureau !n SurlnKfleld However. he 
returned th* money to th* "Utomo- 
btl. Ilcana* bureau and waa. r*l*a**d. 
4, Thefl laae. 
On hi. w.y to Bprlngfl.ld he had | 
■■ at U* *Ur*iT9n**r~*mB* 
la Aldan, whar* U wag charged h* 
stole a watch He was brought back 
from aprtngtl.ld to faos a larcany 
charge for the th.ft of tb# watch, 
and •thlle awaiting trial here ha as- 
raped thraa time* from th* Howall 
county Jail. Each tlm. bowavar. he 
*aa captured Immediately, owing to 
the fact that he w** unaccustomed 
in hardarC'. and WU unable to get 
far away. The flrat Urn. ha aseapad 
it »m with John Oauldar. a notorlou* 
police charactar who wag a fellow 
pn..>ner, and wbo mad. good bl. own 
rape ,' 

AfMw hi. third aaaapa and racaa- 



WKtUT Pt^tlNH. Jan 20 "Uncle 
Billy" Howell. 7fl jrara old. a great 
nepbew of Jciah Howell. Oaarka 
pioneer In who** honor Howell 
county wa. named, died yeaterday In 
a taoall cottaga where ha made hi* 
baoM tba bag \wo or tbraa yaar.. 

M wW aV «M baa- baam bUgtd at&aa- 
boybood. waa U* awvaral yaara A 
county charge, all of his near rata- 
tivea having died He made hie 
home at the county farm until Mta- 
aourl v<it«d pen.lon* for her blind 
• Itlreni a few tear* ago When 
Howell waa awarde^l hi* p.nalon he 
i»fi m» ewitiity farm and u*«d hl« 
pro no 1 1 ovoney to pay far hi. c.a*p. 

aj though b* wm a to* to laaew th* 
cuunty farm. Hi (teeth he will return. I 
fur he U being burled Uua afternoon i 
la th* mil* o*m«t*ry on tb* oounty ] 
farm Th* funeral eervloa* ax* being 1 
eondurted b% the Ttev Bam I.. Roper. J 
paator of th* rtrat rraabytarlan 
church, who ha* bean bis friend and 
spiritual adrtaar. 

Unci* Billy waajba son of Eaon 
Howell s naph*w of Jowtah H owtll. 
1 wjiu aU~m Ci there ' 

_ j. aiiy record 

wm the first permanent eettier of 
1 Weet P'.alna a*.d Howell county. Tbo 
I Eaon Howell family lived at Thomtn- 
> villa, in Oregon county, for many 
I year*, but later also moved to Howell 
i county. Tber* yrwm numarou. 
branch** of th* Ho^*ll family in 
Huwell and Oregon county both be- 
fore Howell wa. aapaj'aicd from Ore- 
. gon county In 1BS7 and aUo later 
• Bo far aa I* known here. Uncle Billy 
Ibao no near rslaUvec living. 

CAftD OF T.1A2CK8. 

(tttrtBB th* Ulnasa and datOU of our 
daar «Ut, motbar and slaaar. aiao for 
tba basuUful floral o»t»i«tl£- ._._ 






x In Memoriam S 4 


|> w %* *b 

1M Ihnii eaaod ta^uo tar«a» 
tk* Hue* to fur, 
tlffct hand had piantad 
with lOBwst Mli 
* BW| MMMm 
h* had hoard a atfh. 
That **»* ho whaaparod aoftly 
lk*u mw mni cutler or ery. 
Who* ttM oroni&g «huowi are railing 
AM «• *r« WBN *U atoo*. , v „., . 
fg ««r BQMrt* cam* * l—gtog. 
ft Oesaty* oduM only be at home. 
We think of her a* on« who aleep*. 
au tr~ from gn«f end pain. 
And h*»ow ttk* happy day win com* 

on earth la dona. 
gopawhere Thoa* f BT TgW 


i you. on* bjr on*, 
ther. brother. 


Funeral Mrvlcw war* held at 11 
o-cjook this aborning tor Mra. Allot 
WbMln, « year* old. who died 
Wednoeday moraine el nor noma, 3140 
Nortli Boulevard. Interment wa* mad* 
in Pleasant View cemetery, SO mile* 
DorU)*a*t of Springfield. 


Funeral wnu-n for Mr» Mamie 
Leake. «• y*e>r* old. who died Tueeday 
fflcrolDf In a local hoapltal. war* held 
U ISO o'clock thia afternoon, fienr- 
loae were conducted at the South Ave- 
naa Christian church, with Rev. J. H. 
;«qm and 3uAs* J. B. Roberta oftinl- 
Afetnc- XntOroaeat «u made In Maple 
Park o— aotan uuder the direction of 
the Aim* Lohmeyer Funeral home. 

Mra. Leake wa* the wife of sthe 
R»»«reud X P. I.<-*ke, paator of the 
South Avenue Chrlatlan church. Be- I 
•Ida* her husband. Mr*. Leake la sur- ' 
vived by her father. R M Adklai. of 
Red Oak. la., and seven children and 
three waters 


wry un der 


Warn, tt»o- > t.ya*T-*14 

•t Mra Oolteta Oooola Of 

ear**** AlatlJMUr* 

a itat horn* j^uwrai 

MM at .:»0 otao«*f7 

at the horn*. lobar- 

In Omnia wa 

direction Of 


She wa* well-known In Springfield 
churvh circle* and wa* a member of 
| Chapter B O of P. X. O. She had re- 
j aided In Springfield about 10 years. 


"Pun* raT "Wmce* - w*Te~T*Ta — It — 7 
o'clock thi* afternoon for Roy Olalrr. 
tf-year-old aon of Mra. Delia Oleler. 
M« North Main avenue, who died 
Tueeday morning In a local hoapltal. 
Interment was made In Fast l«»n 
remetery under the direction of the 
Kllngner Funeral home 


Punaral aorvlot* wero bald at a 30 
o'clock thaa aftaraoon at Um ■tans* 
mortuary tor Robert Hanry Harbl- 
•on. of rout* No t. who died T u eeday 
rooming in a local hoapltal. lnUt- 
m*nt wa* made in E**t Lawn cams- 

Bee. H. Opeoht officiated 


j PUneral arrangement* are mcom- 
i plete for Barney Wyrt. ,00 year* old. 

of Pleaaant Hop*. Mo, who died yes- 

terday morning In a local hospital. 
' Iri'.»rment will be made In Pleasant 

Ridge cemetery, near Fair Orove. 

under the direction of the Kllngner 

Funeral home. 

Page 4: There is an item about Lon Sharp.** 

Page 5: A daughter, Mary Frances Fielder, was born January 16 to Mr. and Mrs. D. F. 
Fielder of Kingsbury street. 


Folks You, Know 

Informal Qlimpeea and Sidelight* 
on Premln«nt . •prtnsjflaldlaM. 

XJFTS In hi* preaeut Job bacauae 

he likes that kind ot work. Of 

course mora than the mera liking 

1 was required, for 
the Job la a po- 
litical office fill- 
ed by vote of the 

, peoplo and u *uc- 

! cnssful rac« ll 

The mnn who 

; likes his work 
nntl got Into It 
for thitt reason Is 
lx>n Sharp, city 
commissioner of 
hehalth and sani- 
tation, and for 
the p'ast ten years 
ronnectert with 
tin department. 

7»T always waa Interested In taeaHli 
mrk," Commissioner Sharp aaid. 
%>4 whan I cot •» opportJmJtr to 
setter « the department la 1»H al 
sanitary? Inspector I naturally ac- 
cepted. < I entered the department 
aa Istspector when ■m l iiiflsl s a * — * i 
ed the commission form of govern- 
ment." . -, • f .,;, 



Lota Mora Work 

sloner. When he entered the work 
In 19K the staff numbered air. It 
now lists 13. and both the territory 
and the population to be served have 
Increased greatly. 

Aftr serving as sanitary Inspector 
for sonio time, the duties of Inspec- 
tor of weights and measures were 
added to Sharp's work. After near- 
ly eight years as a member of the 
staff he ran for the office of com- 
missioner und was elected. He now 
Is serving his first term. 

The commlaalonar waa born In 
Texas, but decline* to aay Just when. 
His parents moved to Southwest 
Missouri when he waa a boy and 
he has made his home In this state 
since that time. With the emcep- 
i tlon of two years spent In St. louls. 
Commissioner Sharp has resided 
continuously In Springfield for the 
past 35 years. 

Varied Experiences 
The work of the commissioner. 
before his entrance Into the field 
of public liraltb. was very largely; 
along three types not ordinarily as- 
sociated with health work. He was 
a motorman for the Springfield 
Traction company, and later a me- 
i-iianio In the l'risco shops here. It] 
was this work ho left to enter the 
service of the city. 

A part of the time, however, he 
was employed as an erecting engi- 
neer In establishing: refrigeration 

Commissioner and Mrs. Sharp 
reside ii! Ijl? NoMh '""»! ii 1 1-: • ; ! live- 
iiue. They have no children 

The past ten years hava Been no 
alight Increase In the fore* and work 
of the department of health and. 
sanitation, according to the commlo- 

Page 6: Walter B. Vinton was appointed administrator of the estate of Madison C. 
Vinton who died January 8, 1927. 
Page 8: Glenn infant died.** 

Dorothy Leona Burk died.** 
Alfred B. Garrison died.** 
Barney Wyre died.** 
Betty Maxine Highfill born.** 
Page 9: Memorial services held for Joseph Marion McPherson.** 
Page 20: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our husband and father," 
signed by Mrs. M. W. Morton and family. 


I Dwrutnf Lsotu) Burk. the 1-montha- 
•M daughter of Mr and Mm Oaorsw 

' A Burk. of Mi DaJo atroot. ttlod thli 
Hiorntim at the h*m* following • 
tilisl tuuaaa funeral eeTYlrea will tx 
»»•!,• »'. ■% iV.-:r* k Huntley afternoon 

at Ilia home line la survived by the 
mtssu and one elator. The Kllrvgnor 
Funeral « hepel will hft»s oharje ot 
the eeolcre 

iunoM ro* emu*. 

TM IB*MI% OMafBtor ft Ut, 
Mra. «ma*» V. OsVaUV Ot I0U WtaTtB 

MM •% *M 
a« Um •urns 

Wto< %• H sBt n ro cematarr. n«*l 
Oemrfc. trtvat* utormani mi wad*. 



funeral aorvloaa for Barney Wyra. 
09 jraatra old. of Plaaaant Hope. Uo.. 
•ho djad WaJnts d sy morning in a 
:<«•: lKieplta.1. will ba held at 11 
f—.rr:X Sunday morning at Pleaaaal 
ludge catn»tar)r. ivear Fair Orore In- 
'.ern.rut »tli be made In f'leasant 
ft. at* rerr. < -trty under the direct Lou 
Oj LLs KLLUg tier Kunrrnl home. 

A. H. «»A«aU»ON. 
. Alfred » Oorrlaoo. Tt reo-re old. 

'tied Uvu morning «t hu boms, tM 
Wee* Court lUMt, fol»o*/tu« * brlaC 
UinMt It* U eur»1»*d by one ••»• 
H O Oerrteoti. of Hprlngfleidi oo« 
ttaugbter. Un UUiK Jonas, of Port- 
land Of* . end by one brother end 
two eieiers. ruu*r»l ■rrmngemenU 
i-r •- ~:i.u:*:e but iiilelliient will tH | 
mad* m Undiii Mllla cemetery. >m 
r.n •.:.» direction of ti»* Kindlier ru 

|.*f»l l.OUM 


•it. noutON. Mo* 



M, and Mrs J. M. Hlghftll of at» 
i W«*t Ttrk *tie*i announce the birth 
of » (Uuihur. Betty Mealue. ou Jan- 
uary • at Ot. Jabui hospital. Mrs. 
tn^hfUl ww* formerly Mies Ruth 
■Mnnwtt of Beyotour. 

«te«MDHNMrM,llN. M* 
J»b«taon bad tw • Btmbir oc 
Uirvnn county bar lor M •••£»- 
IMMlUUMI ot respect woro piaMd 
*•« tribute* paid bin by member* of 
the lomlitlwi. Mr. McPberooo woe. 
•m of the foreeoost lawyere of tbe* 
iuii and bod been Influential In . 
nolplnc young men. Ml* bobby waa 
helping younf men wbo were not 
able to got • etart In Ufa. Many of 
Itla younf friend* called on blm dur- 
ing hJoeaat Illness and atatod that ■ 
what success they had made of them- ] 
•alee*, they owed to J M McTheraun. | 
Mr McPboroao bad been ill for the I 
past five month*, having bad two I 
operatlona In Rochester. Minn.. Vnd 
one in Kanaaa City. He had apper- t 
ently recovered hu health when be ; 
«raa atrlcken with anoplesy and died. 
Bealdea being a member of the Law- 
trance County Bar association and 
engaged in the practice of law. he 
was the nrmldrn' (>f tlie Western Pro- 
tective insurance company of Kan- 
aaa City. 

Page 3: Mrs. Laura C. Andrew, formerly of Springfield, died in Exeter, Calif. 

Walter B. Vinton was appointed to administer the estate of Madison Campbell 

Marriage license: James Marion Evans, 23, and Lulu May Jackson, 22, both of 

Page 4: There is an item about Tom Watkins.** 
Page 15: Card of thanks.** 

(• ■• • 

TjV>RTY rears ago Tom "Watktaa, 

Sr.. was selling stereoscopes . 
over thai section or the country. At 
that time no parlor table was cpm- 
'.,.. . — v-» plete without Its 

r'': .-. decoration of 

stereoscope and 
mack of post- 
card views. 

•ens bank 

East Comlner- 

$3!BS>wa' Where he was 



clal street 
« holds ^ 

'of Important 

„ poaltlons . over 
Tom Watk.nt. Sr.^ ^ ^ 

which Is president Of the ttSard of 
education. \ 5» 

" Mr. Watkins was born near Oka- 
lonn. Ark., and until h<* was "\2t 
j years old lived on a fiinn. Kor one 
J year lie dally Journeyed to the near- 

to a general 

} ' ■ Seheel Teaeher, Tee 
When be became II, be went to 
Morrlsvllle. Mo., where he spent 
two years in ' attendance at Morris- 
rule college, then a flourishing tav- 
eUtutlon -of the South Methodist 
j church. After completing the two 
years he taught one term of school 
; near Wlllard, after which be took a 
j traveling position for three years, 
• selling the popular stereoscope. ' * r 
| air. Watkins settled In tjprlnffleld 
'in. 1890. entering the grocery bual- 
[ nesa. lie operated his store until 
; 1902 when he sold the business and 
jWKli 11. II. MrI>anlfL president of j 
'the ..Colon National Lank, organized 
I the* CI tlsen* bank. Jerome O'Hara 
: was elected president and W. L. 
i Garrett became , a stockholder. 
] These three men are still associated 
(with the -bank In the same capaci- 
ties aa at the time of organization. 
Has Msny Aetivities 
Mr. Watklne Is a member of sev- 
eral organisations, including the 
Chamber Of Commerce, the Rotary 
(club. Commercial club, and others. 
'He lias served for three years aa 
'president of the hoard of education. 
1 Mr. and Mrs. Watkins live at NIC 


North Robberson avenue and have 
(four children. thre« of whom live 
(in Springfield. These are Tom 
iWatkina. Jr.. assistant cashier In 
'the Cltlsena bank; Mrs. Olan Nlch- 
iols and Mrs. Mary Blalch. Another 

daughter, Mrs. Rufus Wells, Jr, 
.lives In St. Louis. 


%v« wish to thank our many friends 
and neighbor* for their kindness and 
sympathy shown during the Mines* 
nth', ilr.illl uf vur dear husband and 
rather and for the many beautiful 
fliTul offerings. We also wish to 
thank the Hev. U R. Grant fur the 
brautlful eulogy delivered, and Hev. 
J. B. LK>rs«y, who assisted In the serv- 
ice, and all those who took part In 
the singing; also Kureka lodge -.<■■. 
I.'. A. K. and A. M.. for their service. 



MRS. ItACilKfj WIT jM. VMM. 

yv. A!. Hi:.. I' -lAI'.KKTT. 

SHK>. MA'i'.lli: A.M'litSo.N. 

Mil. J< 'UN KTKKI.K. 1- X 

Page 3: There is a poem in memory of Mary M. Gann.** 
Page 4: Mrs. J. B. Montgomery recalls the early days.** 
Page 5: There is a notice in memory of M. W. Morton.** 

Card of thanks from Mrs. Diana Jarrett and others.** 
Page 7: Farabee infant died.** 

Dorothy Leona Burk died.** 

H.B. Higbydied.** 

Barney Wyre died.** 

Max Warren died.** 

Alfred B. Garrison died.** 

Henry Leidy died.** 

Benjamin F. Edmondson died.** 

Births announced.** 

Lillie F. Kelly sues to divorce Kepner V. Kelly.* 
Probate court docket for February is given.** 
Page 12: Marriage licenses issued.** 

The will of Lizzie M. Schmidt was filed for probate. She died January 16. 1927. 

• Altl» Or THANK*. 

W« Wish to thank our many 
fr tends an.1 neighbors fur ttielr kind* 
neaa and sympathy shovui during the 
llliieas and lira III ut our dear rtuaUuiul 
and father and tor the mall.v l*>autl- 
ful floral offrrliiKs Wr> also wish 
to tliank Rev I. K. Ureiil (or the 
beautiful eulogy delivered and Kev 
J 8 Dorsey, who assisted in the MTV- 
Ire. and all Utoae who louk part In 
the singing Also Eureka Lodge. No 
SB. A P. A- A M for their service 









Clarence Leonard KUlngton and 
Jetntmmab V. Wilson, both of Spring- 

eVi Ou!pn ana Anna Blbyue. both j 
§ OX S^lngUjJdj ■*« . ._J 


in Jovtng memory of 
mother and co m pa n ion. Mary M. 
Chum, who died on* year ago today. 
January 23. 1926. ' 
Just on* y*»r ago today you left u» 

At tb* eetting at tb* sun. 
Jonu said, nctom* O* y» Motoad >: . 

All you* work on aarth u don*. %•; 

Bwaatly Bleep today, daar mother. 

In a cold and aUent bad: 
Lonely here we are without you. 

Many are the teara we abed. 

You shall not be for g o tt en, mother. 

Never from our memory fade. 
Our loving heart* will always linger ■■ 

Around the grave where you were ! 

We all loved you too, dear mother. 

But we know Ood loved you beat 
And he has eweetlly called you 

To that mansion home to rest. 


Farewell, mother — oh. how we . miss ! 
Mo' more on earth your lace we aee 
Tin we meet you up In heaven. 
I There, rc-unlted. we all shall be. 

-Sadly missed by husband. T. L. 
Garni, and dear children. 


D»uf Mer of dot. J. 8. 
Pbelpt Spent Her Qirl- 
bood in Bpringftold. 

rttd LocM.f. * epoctal writer tOC 

t*. Mml. puhlUhed et Portlond. 
Ore b** m^nUjr published In thot j 
MMf • eorlee of lnwnl»«« with »*r*. 
J » Montgomery Mr. Montgomery | 
i* * d»u|hlrr of Oorernor John O , 
rh.lp. «n»r whom rhelp- county. 
U^ «»» uun*d Ml- M*ry 
r»v#ip« i»o« Mr* Montgom.iy epent ; 
h*r girlhood In PprmgftrUi Th. lu- 
l»rt'»w f. ill<>»« 

M „ j n Montgomery c*m» to 
r^e-.d with her hu*bor.d on i JUIT; 

October M. >tM. •* nor KS?JK I 

■«iM(i*id Mo, going to rhiuow | 
■pnngri.ia. —"- ■ niorrlege 

phl» immediately *n*f ' . . . an noo 
M, oloot«om.ry hod lnreeUd •W.000 

L: u. bregon to look the «u«*ry 
• wr .nd find further opportuniue. 

t-J' Ib'Mlimnt. 

early d»t». 
Upon unnm in -onlond. m Id 
M -» Montgomery. ~w« »*° l "> lne 
J^lrrtJi-^Wch ot thot time woe 

rV w'-rooollton. on th. comer of 
r-nt -udMorrUon .irceu rrorn 
JorVioud " -*nt to Th. D.JJ-. «d 

C.-.r.l prior U> our coding we.t. hod 
ril^mr hn.bend the poettlon of 
tJr:tor:.l governor of Wo-hlngum. 
bu; I H^a to mj If you .c- 
r«pt thot orfrr 1 r..'u~ to go »'»t 
• lib ,ou Why ohould we go out »i>H 
•ub)«t onrotUe* to th* hordonipeto 

£«£eT for Portland We went , to 
«T«h Oborto. hotel. which hod Ju*t 

£o w op2£^. «* «™ ■- »js 

^ ^ plMUl to me. Mr.. 
ranch beng * brtde el the time. 
J£^«aS« I wout to *•«£•. JJ^ 

a T bDtohOfl »* etwwrf 
!k. iTk word to »roh»toctur* when 

..,„„_, w« lived thoro for nearly 
«££» 1 bought the to* oe-t to th. 
- ^^o- tbo ooeoer. which w ee 

lory whw eJt our friend* nro n«rj» 

USTtoowi hgrof My hu.-g»<f«- 
eiiu«4 u* »rofr.jrw« ««»f- l"*"™^ 
trr— w»JU Wolto to Forttoad. *• 
•enl to Otrmpte by w»y of VlrtotU. 

• rr.Mi.g et Olirmple on September i. 
jrro At Olympic I »et Julio Mnd- , 
^y. whow fothor w»> o rroebyterieu 

r^rnert rwdetel Judge W B OHJ bri T . 
We rented ft furufcebod hou-o ot 
OiTUtpU Our uMt-door n»««hbof 

• ZTMr. I X Ute^en. -ho* huebend 
hka be^n II. firel twrltoflftl gov- 
, r ^or of W»-.,lngu»u territory. Aj 
I Uth efter o. »-re -tUod e. I .up- 
•oeed for the winter, ot O'^^' 
rrTbuebond went bocH to PhlUdel- 
!«'u. to btd on the conetruotlon of 
^. Hot then. Poclfu: reUro^l north of 
££%. obtained th. contr^t 
^T\«.»r bid for other etrrtrhee of 
S r^ r-rtlTln the end b- buUt 
li«-t th. entire roedwey from K-J- 

«^r.fc to TftOOOJO. ___. 

■wrf-k «• the Weet. 
-Willi my hu.bend in PhlledelphU. 

» th. Octoo* •% tbo ttoooc 
tTcoblod our offw. «nlch wuk- 
!2h!o I eull own th. ground^ Th. 
^^i 'oocupto. th. Mt. of our 

•ua hw. ^ ^^ cootrort. 

- itoid you thot my buebeaul •»- 
^J^be^otroct for buUdlng th. 
EX. etxetch of rood for the 
itartto.rn Pwctflc from Kolem* north - 
^^gT»en thet woe completed he 
tho oontrort tor buUdlng from 
la now Tboome. oouthwmrd. My 
tkmnd too*, me with blm to the 
— opoewl otto at Tooomo U> O.e e»w - 
EuTo7 tnoro w». no rood through 
tl»« o.n*. toreot growth. Oenerol M 
M. McCerw bod tokan up Uod there 
ta igwS ond bod etorted o town Com- 
■vencenont C»ty. ond he helped »t*rt 
o .owmlll there Th. termlnu. of the 
Northern Poclftc rood »o* »oc*u>U ] 
•bout two muee from hie holding.. | 
tUotigh. o* ooure*. the t*o cttle. 
vmtmi. It ooet my hue- 
■ to out too rtgbt of wmy 
Uw. boovy itotur through 
U now Tboom* thon It did to 
tbo rowdwwy ond Uy th. Uuok. 
_, nuftbosd wo. gi*«n tho 
to ooaptoto tbo Uet ItoX 
Oloo. oad roruond. When 
,b* jeortbem r»olflc become taeolred 
in naonctol dUTlculUee they owed my 
^i^anrt o*wr »»0J)00. He wo* ourn- 
p«Do to woonrt Itortborn Poclfc bond. 
ITwO o»nt. on to* doUor. Inoomuch 
.* th. bond, wwro eoUmg u low u • 
oorte on th* doUor .It wo. o oerere 
biow to u*. They ogToed. bowe-rer. 
ut oooopt the bood* »t pox In •*- 
t La*»for Ombwr Undo ft* glJU per 
Jm ^ TbJo enoblod my bue^ond to 
w«y timber Undo o» on octmol eoet 
^ [ a^out «3 ceoU on ocr*. H* hired 
•Ad bought eom* of the moel 



at m »«» •***- 

of tli* l*u- 

country K* b * d * bod ' 

N „ „ moat of which I eold 

T*lt» eftor my huebaod'a death 
Om mcU», w^lch 

to have on* Of Ui« baavteat 

of uabtr in tba rtat*. I aold 

•or WW The firm to which I 

MM It out •»• ooM •*•» •*©M0» 

tf tOaSfeOT fMM ttli aostkon Ot 

i of tte* Soft VtWMiMO earth- 

My fcUeWaiHl died to 

i a uoiflMOl l|a about 
aty. Ui aa on r l . It wwe 

for MY fMMBK. Mu> 8. Pbelpe. 

at the urn* tha. county waa era- 

■ ittiT- of coragreae Lata* 

_ aaioterl fWiai of Mle- 

eerrtng from ir» to ItM. 

T. at to* tttoe of Ita «ra 


i gyoamor*. 
hickory traaa Later, iron 
^ __^ j^n <|ao oeo rod there. To- 
4»7 W u °°* °* ***• wwaltby eounUee. 
TIM aVkkaol of Mfeoi tf thTa^gJo tmJ- 
traralty to kwatod at RolU. t»» oouat* 
eeat. i i 

' Till* of ftttM* • 
-I roual tail fOU bOW MoUo fOt IU 
nam*. Then* war* two feOtlOfia wbon 
Ult county wm» created. Ott* MW 
wantod the county named lor my 
father, and too olhee e/aa a up coa d. ■ » 
they wanud It named for aonoOM 
alar. My father* aid* won out. 
Father a/anted the county eeat nomad 
Maryevllle. after molhar. but It wii 
daoldad to make a oonoaa al o n to u»a 
other fMUon. ao thay wor» told they 
could nana tha county eeat. Tba 
leader of the oppoaitloa party owa ao 
autry about not winning out In tha 
oontaat to nam* too oounty that ba 
aald You con Boll tbo oounty- oaat 
Holla* af tar a hound dog 1 own that 
tan i much good ' Bo thay took htm 
at Ula word and named tha oouuty 
•aat Roll*. Juel aa tba town Kano. In 
Klamath rounty. ta alao It a mad ef Mr 
a dog Today. RoJIa la one of the 
tmi town* in that dtatrlct of MU- 
•ourl. which only goea to prove that 
it, the rharactrr of the cliloene of a 
ccerirnuiilly that count!, and not what 
the town l» named " 

»H In Memoriam _L 

> »-:"— ",■ I. , ° 

Hererenrt M. W Morton waa born 

Ptbruary Mtb. IMd. In Greene coun- 
ty. Mo. and died January Sth. IM7 

'ilia family mo*ed to Webatar oounty 
a hen he ni three yeara old and ba 
reaided there. until 31 yeara of age 

Ha «h married December Ird. 1674. 
to Miee Julia Willi* Tlte ooupla 
celebrated their golden weddlngun- 
utrWaary about ten yeara ago. There 
we* born to HiU unlcat eight children. 
Hire* of »ln<ti\ have paaeed away. 

i TIiom luine are aa followa: aire. Oer- 

I irurte tlhatinou of Oklahoma. Oarlanrt 
•ltd Hunter Morion. Mr*. Irene Tuck 
and lite Miun riolta and EUle. all 
o( H|Miitgfl*M Mr Morton la aur- 
nv«d by hi* wife, the above named 
children, htir hnUhera and four ala- 
ter*. clexen grnud-ihlldren and mimy 
otlirr Itinuw and lelatlxrn 

Ui MoiU'ii M-rvrd aa Maptut mill- 
utri ii Marmhfirltt. in aeveral 
> hur«lira in Hprlngflricl and other 
inwiu III Hoiilhweat Mlaaourl but wa* 
Imrr «-otu«»«'ll«-«t to give tip thr aervlce 
bn*uw »f iii. health Kuurral aerv- 
i. «i atetr held at the llanilln Me- 
morial rhurth nr the llrv J I. Leon- 
ant tuiiim ti\ Hr»- .1 A Koprr unci 
Hr» T II \V:lr« fii*hi«rd l») burlul 
at '.lir Uie'iiU*!! crinrlery 

Th» »illrr knew Mr Morton for 
i; arr. \r»r> n:.<l ran ti^.u Ira'tinoilV 
;o n. » 'fir n:.<: fil'hful llf«- and mill- 
latrv M' ' iff »-i»d Ion* but boir n 
:.•.!,•<- Auiynv: |>»*icini> 

— 31" ault lor dlvorco waa filed tbU 
mornliiK »n thr) orilca of the circuit 
i Ink by MHy i A - Kelly e^alnni Kepner 
V K»-lly Tlif plialiltirr fctatru that 

ii,'-, *':.e married l» •'"')'. ,ul4 - « intl 
iivt-d io.flhe.1* until- December. IWM. 
Hlte Hllescd Kcuural IndlKOlUee on the 
it»it m I 111! urfendant nx hrt ranee of 
kciioii Thi' cu:h! will lx> diK-keu-d lor 
thr May fim ot the tirtutt ccttrt. 


.1 1 I KONAIU) 


Mr. mil Mr». £x«ter L. Boprr o! 
417 t'.aii li.vnn aiinottnco the birth v' 
m daughter on Je.iiu.tiy 1R. nuric- 
Mary I/ee. Mr. Itopc- hah been MM; 
nectrd with the BpriiigZirltl Gjs km 
Eicctrlc company lor the piuH *l> 
years nk credit tuul) 

. Mr. nnd Mxa. Jobu Amo*. of 1U30 
I South Port avenue, announce tru 
I birth of n daughter, Vola Loo. ou 


•autvicoo roa cuiu>. 

Punatol eervioe* ware held at 4 
ovtoc* uaa anarnoon at tha homo 
for tha infant eon of Mr. *n4 Ml*, w, 
H. rorob-o. of ttS «o«% Boott »trwtt. 
who dad yaa*erday moral ng Intot* 
Boon i w made in qro«itow» oigno- 
tory under tha direction of the 
rlUugiier Puneral bom*. 


Funeral earvloes tor Dorothy Leona 
llurk. tha a-months-old daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Oeurge A. Burk. of 034 
Dale, street, who died rrlday mom- 
lug at the home, will bo held at 3 
o'clock tomorrow afternoon At tho 
boo*. SottIow win bo In charge of 
tho K l ln y ner Funeral chapel. Bhe u 
eurrtved by the parents and one ala- 
1 UT. 

Mr. and Jan. w. X. Lewis, of 840 
I Weal Bcoft etrwjt. WIU leave tonight 
, for OAiaJUoma City. , ■* xir. Larwls' 
i brother-in-law. H B. Hlgby. died In 
I that ' city yesterday morning. Mr. 
Higby had visited thl» city on a num- 
ber of nocaMo:i» mid uiu knon.ii by 
c.e.-.y pnviria here. Funeral aerViccs 
»!ll be held at 'J o'clock Monday aff- 
tiiuoii 111 Oklahoma CJIv. 




funeral service* for Barney Wyre, 
I 00 yeara old. of Pleasant Hope, Mo.. 
. who died Wrdneaday morning in a 
.local hoaplUI. will be held at 11 
o'clock tomorrow moniir.g at Pleea- 
ant Ridge cemetery under the. direr- J 
1 lion of the aUlngne r Funeral home, ; 


Mm* Wnrren. 21 yeara old. tiled yes- 
terday mnriiin^ n, ft,, i.ukr'.i hospital 
In M louts, M| t| lollowlliK it linnet - 
liu, llliiex*. The body will |>* for- 
warded to bprlngflekl for burin). Ku- 
neral arrangement* arc Incomplete 
pending arrival of tho body unci rein. 
Uvea The decedent !a atirt'lincl hv 
tho mother. Mr». Thome* C'arrifiun; 
i» Mepfnthci, Tlmmita (CJurrlKuii; |.<" 
<>nc brother Charley Win ten. ,',|| or 
Ht Iviiln. and l»y « jiurnbcr of irU- 
uve> cr tins ,-tt v 

•V V. UDMONDtO*. ■.".:,.,- 
ftenjamln F. a^tiwrmtUwri. W 7«tft 
old. died thte caorolttt at W* home, 
1703 but High atreet. The duoedent 
la aurrtvad by the wdow, three 
daufbMn, Mn. Moody Smth. un. 
Jewal Oreenjield Mr*. Vivian Edjnond- 
aon. nil of Springfield; by one eon. 
Bcnjamiu F. Cdtuondaoo. Jr.; one 
brother. James Edmondson, of Cnl- 
lornla. ana one sister. Mrs. M. C. 
Culvert, of Cap* Olrurdeau. Funeral 
aervtcen will be held nt 3 o'clock Bun- 
day afternoon nt the home. Inter- 
incut will tin made In Orcrnlaui: 
cemetery under the direction of the 
KJIngner Funeral home. 

A. II. <J\|(ltls<i\ 
Funeral in rmiKrmt-iil* uu- ii.vnn- 
plrtr foi Allied I). (le.rrl von. '»?> years 
old v.h.i iliril ThtllYMiil) iiKliiln,; t, ■. 
ho home. '.'Utl Weil Court Ml I'd Ai- 
: iii.i;i .1* ..: .*;■ 11 I'luil^c id ■ the 
KlliiKner I'iimim.iI Inline He l> Mir- 
wed by our khi. II it. G.trrsnn. 
Sprlr.Kf lelo, one daughter. Mrt MhIjIi- 
iloiim, Portland, ('it . and one brother 
and two alMrr* 


Henry Leldy. 73 yearn old. ('.led this 
morning mi the home of u dtuii;)itct. 
Mra" Prnnklln VII K11M Monroe Btreel. 

following; a, brUi Ulneee. Funeral Ar- 
nuigementa are liioompiete but they 
will be under the direction of the 
Alma Lohmryar Funeral home. The 
decedent hi eiirvtv*d by two aona, 
Fred Loldy. of Oprlngfleld and Harry 
Leidy. of Ftoraao*. Ky.. by three. 
daught«re. UN, HatUe Burrougha, dT 
Newark, N. J„ Mrs. Xdna Wella. of 
Kanaaa City. Mo., and Mra FrauUln, 
of thU city. » . 



Docket <f oeveaa in wbleh aeitietneaU 

ar» <t, la | ro<n ICaeoulore. AdmloUtrntora. 

1 niar,! lam and Cm.lon at tlte oomlrva 

r-eiMtiaiy taini of Uie Frobate Court of 

I Oreene County. Mlaaourl. commencing on 

the aarond Monday the fourteenth day of 

I rebrtiarj. ||J7. 

I All Cltaiioaa are retaroable on the 
flnt day of the lenn 

Arrlngton Carrie. deceaaa>d. Merrill M. 
I-on-en and John Schmook. Cxeculora; 

, Tlnal rVtllamrnl 

Adams. Carlton M. Opal O. and Verda 
; U , Mtnore, Arthur Adame, Ouardlan and 

Curator; llth annaal ewttUiueni, 
I Milton C , deoeaaed. Ourle B. 
baker. Ksecuirtx; Final BelOement. 

Huwlmtaii, Kir hard M. deceased. Lllllt 
Ctawr.iitl linnet t. Ancillary Executor de , 
Imiii|« |:.m; Kinal H^UWmri.t. \ 

1'akir. Br, r# E minor. A K HakeY. 
. liuarilian and Curator. Tlnal Bellletnent. 
lint n». tnimr May. Roy Ernest and 
Cthel Viola, ulnoru, William P. Uurna. 
Ouardlan and Orator; Ui annual aelUe- 
I nient 

Ilrown. Ben. deoauaad. Oreen Campbaj], 
Eaerutor; Final Seltlemenl 
J HI a c k U l r Mr-Mararta -V - trecweee-tt: -fmtlTt" 
OUekburu, kaeeutor; final etettaeroenl 

lircarr Slnlhii O , deceased. Ben H. An- 
deraon. Br , and Etta Uaugh. Cieculora; 
final rVrttlemeni . 


febri:ary ijth. i»tt. 

Mrlrirr. C'lnda W , deceased. Joe D •; 
, llurgraa. Administrator ; lit aeml-ann uaJ 
■ j »i Un»nt > ^"^ ^^ 

Bulger. Jamee, d««eased. Laura tlulger ' 
Welch ejtecutrlv t.i .,...• ...... ..1 

deeea to d, Rarry 
Ul eeml-nnnual 

IsrookabonJt. Mary, 
•rookabaok. a>ii«ulor; 

aWa>r, O*ofw« m , d 
aUnr, e^LgajRUlriitor; Ul gej«u-«iuuul Ml* 

Ulnghasa. JewU II. g>»aa*e<9. OhAfUr 
»!aaha»., tiwJRUtl lkl« ; Ul Miatl^aUMAl 
•autlemenl __a. 

UNHikar, Dorothy lUrte. minor. WTOiMR 
L. MoOunfy, e»-j>a»lle guardian aM»4 fHrB> 
lor: iih annuel MllUmrnl. 

fleyer Frgnilika. tnaane. Andrew W. 
FTieiUiufen. guardian and curator; Jrd 
annual aeltleinehl 


Carter, H It <i*eeue*d. Jinn A. Nairn*. 
puMI«- ■<, final ecUlement 

Child*, lloiaoe, deceased, Jeane* A. 
Nelnt*. public adenlliutrator; itlnal eat- 

wbdwbmday. mtmo dai\*» 
pbbbitaby nth. imt. 

CarWr, Thoraae, ainmnl.. BallM T. 
lUrttuf. administrate*-; final wUJmmM. 

Clara, l.nat, deceaied. Bit* Mar CMrk. 
administratrix, with the wtU annexed; Ut 
semi-annual *#iU«m*cit. 

Chandler. Wm. T. flirnnd, tWaaie J 
Chandler, eawoutrtx; In eaaat-ennoal tot- 
t lament. 

Ooopar. B. P., daoaaaad. M««g«o M. 
Ooopar. aaaouuk; l* aaml-annuul a*t~ 

tiuaUfaon, C A.. drr*»**j, Sen me Hcl- 
ton. administratrix; final Mttleiaeni. 

Oeult, Jacob 0% deoaaae.1, Inoa 0«4* 
uruith, •latuirU: *u»el MtiWMMt. 
•ATiuDAY, ■nrm day, 


CUhrelt. j*nni» it. deceased. Oaorie 
W. uehrelt, administrator j U» •amj-aju- 
nual »*ui«itmiit. 

Onrman, Ignore, mlnar. Loolee 0. Teed. 
auarrtian and curatrlx; Ut *eml*anuuai 

Ooutv, Neve, Oan and Mildred, enlnot*. 
K. X Ooutr. guardian *ud curator. eth 
annual settlement. 

Om-.frey. Donald N., deecaaad.* Bdward 
N Ctodlrey. guardian and curator; aih 
„ i annual Miulniifni 

Campbell. D O. deceased. ». A. Camp- Hendricks. I.uella Maria, daeeased. Pearl 
.Ti!-*. ,n,,u * lor: l,t eeml-aanuel aeU.Oarhee administrator; linal Mttlamant 


Hrnrirloke. Marry A., deceased. Pearl 

Co«ioo. Harold C. minor, a L. OottOtt. Oerbee administrator.' final aettlament 

, guardian and curatcc; 3rd annual aat- 

Camp. . .onraj, minor J. p. Camp, 
guardian and curator. ath annuaj settle- 

1 t-'omhi. Jo.rph Clay, minor. I. Wiener 
guardian and curator; tltb annual eut- 

i Urment. 

Horn. Barah. deceased. Julius Horn, 
firruior; finul M filament. 

Haroa. Ira 8. deceased. W. P Ander- 
•on. a'mlul'tralor, final settlement 

Horning. Mom»f It. deceased. Mary 
Agn*» Oabrlrl. aJao known aa Mr* Harry 
Uabrtel. executrix, final settlement. 

r«DKUAIIY «I«T, 1M1. 
llbrt*. Lewis, daoaaaad. Weyman Nlggo, 
adiaiiiialralor. 1st itml annual artlUment 
Morning. Helen Reaemarir. minor. Mary 

Col* otdon niryaun, Jr.. aaioor. — .. 
■•a* itobaon. tuartliao and curaurix MaM 
i annual MtUamant. w*n*. sma 

/ rmtrntOAt, rotmnv day. 

_ ntnuoAJiY irrnr, im. 

I fViea. .Alice M.. • deceased. T. O. 
administrator, finul •niirmrnt. 

ffizoU. ft la, drcrast.d. William O. OaJ- 
, land, atlminutrator with the will aanr-i. 
, rd. de honu non: final urtilfmTil 

| uuutkrl. John r. drcra»*rl. u II Oalt. \\ MoorVl. riheij, Vtlmi, and Thalma ml- 
admlniM.atnr *it„ « hc m , u Bnmxed: n ;)inora. Varna V. Bradley. « U b>o^' aSd 
"•' " : '-"r "" i curatrlt: loih annual «e(tlerneiu 

Haakina, Hoal J. mln»r, Hoel l| Bylvau 
■ uardlau and curator; eth aunuai t-tttla' 

Anra Clabrlal, tuardlaa and au/atr'u. Til 
" annual *ettlenienl 

Harlow. r»ra. lnrnm|»etenl. CI n rinu- 
; hinn. iiiauiiau and curator. Ut annual 

I *rtlWn>*lll 

I Oeiexna/ Haxah. da»04Mtf D. T. Miki, 

•dminiMralor; final aeiliamant. ^^ 

I nlZfOW 1 *- ° !••«••>«.. ttOWaoad. Bottle 

i ., 1> * ,r ^ ni P'». uatetilrtx; Ut aoaual 

r»A' , T T ' u "• """♦••"•'M*. rnl—r, ' Jurttor 
i>r*jrua. luardian and curator; Jrd an- 
; nual aetllement 

I I>ietrkli Cleargo MrDanlal anal Nancy, 
tmlnore. Oanrae D. MrDanfal. cvordlM 
: and ruratnr; ird annual aeuieotant 

Howard. e».j.ubllr guardian and curator: 
, atli annual aettlemrnt 

, »w, ■■■nual •*Hi*m»nt 

' rhilln. Wllma C . minor. William A Dy 

i , *.'.V » u,t * u *" •»«» curator, am annua 

1 aelil'fiMent — — —. — -»«. annual 

• pbiday. rirrH day, 

j rrantARY iiym. imt. 

1 tvaar. N^lllr. minor, Parah P. Dowar, 
I truaruiaja and ruralrU. 3rd annual aat- 
. tlrnunt 

{ >Ut»n, Tryphoa* B., decaaard. H. P. 
Peltnat and Karl Tt. Baton, axaeutora; 

J flliHl M-tl>:rirtit 

lUw.n. y.imrnr I.awtenre: Homer Olenn 
. and M«r» Mr a nor, minora; W. B. Bison, 
i auur.iian and curator; 4th annual a«tUa> 
I raent 

Yarf uaoJB. Johnny UaUU, Miner, Uiltt 
B. DuBuoue, tuaratao and auratrU; lUs 
" olf " 

annual MlUvoiinl 

PlnkalW, Oiann O.. daocaa**. Poarl L. 
Plniblner. tuacutrli: final aaUtamant. 

Parguaoit. Oarraanta C . inaana, Bmar 0, 
IkdM, ittardlau and curatrfx; final out* 

Ptrauaou. Cllli. Inaanu, Bmer O. Bladoa, 
tuardlan and tutatria. IM annual aal> 

Ilr*. Wilma. minar. Oladra flea rlubart- 
■on. (uardlau and curalru; ttit anauad 
acttletiiant. «•»«• 

I Inman. Parley A . Iiuane. J o CoKar 
aia-.lian a-id curator, eth annual arlile- 
m* nt 

Ji»;i*«. Arthur. lnmm|ieiaut, Ueorae J 
j Laldwell. «uatUiau and curator, ttb an. 
I nual aittlement 

I JohnMm. W. C , deer »»«d. LuU Johnaoa 
i adminUtratrla: 1st armi-annual aettlo- I 


tT.hRl'AtlY 5JRr>. IM7. 
1 J'A»un. John lianiri, d^craard. Trn- 

iiri.»f liellr Jen* up, executrix; Ut aeml- 
annual »i tt l*inri:t. 

Jonei. Ada. minor. Jamae A ■ Nelina, 
l»vMlr ruardian and curator; ut. annual 
sr l Urment 

Janes, Dorla, minor. Clara B Jan*«. ' 
euardlan and cur-atria; 10th annual aet- 

Kllllnfiworth. Charlaa Itormatt, minor 
Allra KUtlncaworth MoMahon, Ruardlan 
and curatrix; 7th annual larttlemmt 

ldliore. Laifka B.. d«-ceaj*d. w. M Kll- 
rorr. admlnlatrator; final aettlement 

JKannedy. Prank, deceaaed. Oeorie keu- 
nedy. administrator; Ut axraal-annaal aal> 
tiemant. * 

Ktulle. <»«vorue, dacaaaad, Barah A. 
Knrllr, executrix; Ut semi-annual arttle- 

Keen. Klna Chloe. minor. Porter W • 
Keen. K'laidleit and curaKjr^ l.M, annn.| 
»eti Srmeni 


I redy. Lancdon l.oe. miller, K„«»r LTviy 
llrtijniuiii. ruardian and curun^ nth 

, annual \r 1 1 I rrr "p 1 

.'" Till lltOAY.. NINTH DAY.; 

>T.Mtt'AKY TITH. I».T. 
t.ovr, l<-»:» C minor, Jo-.epti w Lov*. 
i curmlur; fllli tnnud settlement 

l.ane, J- M.. dccean-rd. Allle Lane, rx- 
eculrl*: 1st erml-annual arltleineni 

Undwi, D. J-. deoeax*d, Uftrle H. 
Lender* and The National Sank of Com- 
merce ID ei. Loula. Darl* IIIicr*. Trust 
OTficrr. executors, final *et* : — »v*nt. 

Liudxagr, fAnnl* CatfJocX. de*e*jr»4. 
Oeor»e 6n*»-**r *•*». ommuIM'; ttaml •**- 

° LaVrtlria. Marr A. daoaa*«»d. U. BM*o»# 
Larklru, exaautrlx; fUui a#tt**«»anl. 

Landart, .lohJt, aNM^f *"*U ****** 
and To* WlJ-iaalpal ValMf Traxt w«a~ 
pany of »l LouU, ajMxnjlnn; Ui •*nu« 
annual aedltumoat. 

Lee. Robt. K . d*o»Mil, Frank Hv 
Soheaffer. auecutor; 1*1 ea«UxjiuitAal •*'»- 
Oemant. • • 

Hiiihf»i. Joeephlne, deeeaaad. W. Or 
Matthewa admlnUlraior; fit*) aaittenani. 

Mooneynam. L. C. deceaeed. J. *• 
Uftoiiirbwa. adxalnletratw: final awitto- 

rXtflSAY, TKMixl DAY. 

rxBAUAkr mm. i»<t. 

Matthewa. Mra. A J. deoeaaed. A. J. 

Hurman. administrator with Uia win an* 
ftflid; final art element. 

Mann. Alfred, deceased. Ax;nee Mann, 
executrix; (mat ectllament. 

MlUI«an. UtTilu. decca*ed. O. C. Mall** 
kin, tifcutor: lit eeml-ennuiiJ awtUament, 

Moore. W. II. deoeaaed. DrucUla B. 
Moore, nrcutrlx; lit eeaU-*arui*J eeUJo~ 
i ment 

M»ry T. w dac —a ad . Jatiiaa A. NttaM, 
i pubnc edinlnliliator; l»t aewi-annuai 

MrClunry. Bailie 0. daiseaamd. Jama* K, 
M.Miff. nxecutur. flaaj eetllenleot. 

McAfee, M.uif JS^itaauuaKL.*^ ,C , AU» 
■ Afrr. MKTnrfilUU ator; ftaxl **iUe«vent. 

M. ( Mra. Ho»» A deeeaaad. 
J autre A. Ntl.iu, public aiUnlnlslievor; orUlomrut. 

Mv.Elwain. Harry Lea. minor, Anna Mjb- 
tlwaln, gtmraiiui and curmru, Ut annual 
aettle intnt 


February 5*rn. itr». 

MeOowen, tuunuel K , tnanne, Mary **«- 
Cowan. (ruarcUan and carittrlx; Jrd an- 
nua 1 eetUemer.t. 

McClu<tr. Addle. deotiaard. Joim 
• Rchrouok. edmlnlatrater with ttva will an- 
i neaed dr bouu nuu. 6ih xe.ial-iinniul ari> 

Nor. UU'Jia. minor. John A. Kaxrln«UiO. 
curator, ml. annual acttlaiaent, 

Nobleti. Mary Uabal and Edwtn aidnay. 
minora. W. Z. Qtovall. (ttarcUAn and cura- 
tor; l«t annual aaulemant. 

Naaoa. Mary A., dacaa-aed. W. r. Andtrr- 
aon. ix»cuU)f, final aettlemrrnt. 

Norman. Mary O. duceaiod, rrmnk H. 
Norman, admlnlatrator; llxial aetaJanMrnt. 

Noblllt, Nuncy T. decea*«<.1 k W. B. rraa- 
man, rxtcuioi. final M'tlleinetfL 

Nenno. Michael H. dec*aiiact, liarry D. 
! Durat. executor; final uettlumenV 

Norman. Mary L. ditcaai^d. Lacy H. 
Mllea, adnilulairatrli; final aettlement. 

nomiav, TWELrrn day, 

fLBKLAKY MTU, 1027. 
I Northcutt, Jojfph, CtKeajxrd. Elvln L. 
' Dtcxaraon. acttiUnistraldr; Ut aeiui-um- 
' uual aetti'-uiTit 

Oil. Th4KMl«ra. JMianadL Kllaa k**U CM* 
executrix; Ut eeml-anaual aotlUanaot. 

<>tu>n. C. L. dncwaaad, franMa W. Om- 
den. admloiatraUU; Ut iininl inn— I aol-* 

Opdioavi. T. O. daoaaxaMl. luwaal 0»>druhit 
admlnlaUaUU; 1st Mml-«XUUlaJ MiliM 

0»«n. Cttancy Louia. waao«x. rrmaxh V 4 
Owan. curaloe. lotn auxnual naOlaaxauil 

Futman, Martha Ann daicaaaad. J. W« 
YandeM. ei<Hntor. firuil atittlamaai. 

Price. OrvtUe La IUjjt. lthiuUxth «J»a 
Chailaa, minor* R. o Brruman. ctumtori 
7ln annual aclUein»nt. 

nins, AutiiM Marie, minor, Janxila K. 
lUf n n. guardian and Lx; «nt lta<- 
aua] Mttlement. 

MXUCH 1BT, Wei. 
Itackelt. Richard flanv lalllMlMr. 01**. 
i". Rackatt. taalaaaanlarj apaaxdt,^ tvez 
ann«al trttUmral. 

WaariM, ftuay JawaQ, axiuar. *W*I# -JL 
"ieaeaa Daivie, vvartttan axtd aaratranj tax) 
annaai aaiitleaiaail. ' ■ 

»k>bii**aci. John T. ileoaauwd. O. W. Wtafra 
luxon. adaiUnxtrator; final aatt l a»a fi| >. 

Hitter, Dirtd M , daccaiawd. Howard 4, 
nmer. admlnutrator; final aettlaaftaot 

it«Y»er, W. 9. dWO«»»a^d,-OlaTar-aV»p«« # _ 
administrator: final aetUemnnt. 

Hawaou. John, deoeaAad, Jannxa HUwKiti. 
adminliUalrU: lat iK-mt-annuaJ aattla- 

Hook. William If.. de«««*Ml. J«in«a W, 
Woo*, axacuiur. lat wema-annuaJ Mtila» 

Helrharrt. A. N daeaaaad. raionl* 
Rtirnard Daldwln. MUninlaUaUU; taaf 
aami-aunual aetUeawrit. 

Kii«cr». W. C. die©aai>»d. Jamea A. 
Helm., publl* admlnutrator with the will 
annexed: lat eeml-annual aettlernent. 
wr.ONZHMr. rOfatTltatNTM DAT. 
maui II iliu, l»:l 
Htlierta. William J. a»J Tahlula M. 

mi*. William RoberU, tuatdian aud 

iuiali)i; lat annual artlleinent 

Hiil,r«in. June, itilnor. Juaeph J. Hiche- 
nn. iriiarclian and curatui. lal annual 
»* lllrtt.ent . 

Rrelinrn, Margaret A decwaaed. Kxa M. 
■Wuorn. aumlulatratfU. lal aeial-annual 

Rmllh. Uarnuel. dfceued, Parry W. 
Bruit h. admJrilalrator . Ut e*ml-annual 
aet .lemenl. 

Bayer*, wnlUrd T. *»«ja«wad. Motllw IHaf- 
era, adauniitratru; UI auml-annttal att- 

Beawel. Mabel !».. incompetent, Tbomaal 
H. Old run. guardian and cttrator; 1** *ia- 
uual aettlement. 

BulU-na. Clara Ann, minor, Roy SoUana, 
curator; 3ad annual aettlemenL 

Bnnford. William B. dooeaxed. Oradr 
Holland Banford and rrank M. UoDavbd. 
executnri; final aaltlamanl. 

tUaman. William T. Jr., UttaUM, Mxjtla 
L. Howard, (uatdUo nnd curalor; •tb 
annual ueti lament. 

8 a. 


tbi'mday, nmrwDitm say, 

MAftbl WO. 1KI 1, 

Shade. Norlna, minor, J.><X -^ 

guardian and curator; Tth •"■"•l.***"* - 

Olirlton. tturel. minor. Ktbol Bta*lt©« 
nr».*ti. luurdiau and . curatrlx; Tth an* 
nual aclUeincnl. ' L- ■■■ Z' .. * 

rVhmldt. John, dicnuwi, W. R. B«tt# 
Hecutor; 8H> annual ••U'lament. 

HinMh OrUnd. minor, Allw B, Smith. 
KUdrdiau MMl curalrU; tth annual MW- 

^HnTdM. Hallay: Onrtl: mi*A •** *dn» 
minora, WlUUn U MoOurdy. fuardlaw 
and curator; lfeh naanuoJ wuowal. 
Baaaa. Kim«r B laoan*. BL 0. 1> 
guardian and ourodor; dito 

"sntward. K*w*rd AJaov} 
ElisabtHh. minora, Maud M. 
guardian and curatrUi; «th annual 
mant. - . 

TodhunUr, Ardalla. d— la nd , J 
N«lma, pufclio administrator; 
■MM. _, . 

Tipton. I H . dveaaoad. Jl 

public administrator, tinal aaUlomaat, 

Tlmrman. Mary A. fl. dacoaaad, J. CL 
Thurinan. admlnUtrutor; Ul 
nual avttlemanl. 

Thomiu. H«Um-a. minor. Add:. 
fuardian and curatrU. Ith aftnunl ••*- 

T(M,ih!i>»n. B«n)arnln, minor. , .knno 
Tootlutiaii Dolltaon. luardlaxi and cur»» 
Ull; 6tn annual acttirraeiit. 

Taylor. Harry Lendan; Jtaata Date und 
Lillian Murlan. minor*. W. ». Idaney, 
curator: 3rd annual i»ettl*mant. 


V»nd«rtord. Louise, minor, J. B. Van- 
i derlord nuardlan and. curator; tth annual 
I soli lament 

W»llt^TM>n. Waldo f. minor. Claude J. 
\ wtikcrvjn. gimrdian and curator: trd an- 
i nual settlement. 

• WalU. mora. Inaane. Leonard 
I guardian and curator. »Ui 
I tlrment 

i Whiti*. Ei telle E. InaaiM. Jay 'jV. •um- 
! mcEvillc. uuardi&a and curator;' nth *n- 
noaJ act tit meat: •_. _^ . ,, , uV ,,,, ,- 

MA«Cn »T8L :P17. 
Wl'.loufhby. Louann A dnaaaad. trap* 

A. WUloughby. odmialatruor; final «o£* 

Wright, Cliaa." J. doo—Md. KOk «l 
wnghl ritcutrt*; final oeUtetbont. ' 

Wad*. O O.. daooaaed, Alloa Wad*, nr- 
eoitru final oetllement. . 

Walltar. William A. duoaaaod, Joiu* BL 
Walker, ccacutrlx; final ettitenant. 

WllUumu. & T. ductal**. - OaUo 
llama, aaecutrU; lat r*nl-tnn»al • 

Wllaon. II. B. deceived, rtorwoou -f. 
Mitchell, executrix; ut eewj-unoaa 

Wlcaa. MMCXt*. d««»aaad.* W. ' it, , 
I «x«<eutrU; Ut a«ml<o.anuid irtilakiiaaur, 
""willtami. "Victor, minor. Marpiln 
j Howard, n-nubllc iruardlan and- curt 
• em annual KillenicnL. 

WorUifin, Mabel BunjiUUr 
curator; ,3rd 


E. Oormin, 



annua) m 


.Tin>WII! tT. JOLLrf. 

trr\t. of Probata Cou rt -jf 

Page 3: There is an article about Calvin Davis.** 
Page 5: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Clarence Leonard Ellington and Jemimmah Venettie Wilson were married. 

A son Robert Crane Duncan was born January 17 to Mr. and Mrs. R. C. 


James A. Bass and Velma Wilson were married.** 
Vesta McCoy and Dave McCoy were divorced.** 
Earl Baker and Dorothy King were married.** 
Thula Brown sues to divorce John W. Brown.** 

The divorce suit of R. M. Pritchard against Ruby Pritchard was dismissed.* 
Alice F. Bell divorced Charles C. Bell.** 
The will of Lizzie M. Schmidt was filed for probate.** 
W. A. Kinder divorced Hattie I. Kinder.* * 

Herman C. Ricketts was appointed curator for Franklin Brewer, a minor.* 
Page 8: H. B. Higby died in Oklahoma City. He was the brother-in-law of Mrs. W. E. 
Lewis of 849 West Scott street, Springfield. 

Page IB- There is an item about H. A. Gardner, a police sergeant. He was born in 1 88U 
in Springfield. He has been on the police force 17 years. He and his wife live at 746 South 
Campbell and have three daughters: Mrs. Frances Fielder, Mrs. Margaret Eshck and Miss 
Katherine Gardner, all of Springfield. 
George Burney died.** 
Page 2B: Max Warren died.** 
Barney Wyre died.** 
Dorothy Leona Burk died.** 
B. F. Edmondson died.** 
Henry Leidy died.** 
Page 4C: There is an article about R. Ritchie Robertson.** 


Page 6C: Walter Cottle, son of Wyman Cottle of St. Louis, died Monday in St. Louis. 
He was the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Cottle of Newburg. 

Ellis Calkins, formerly of the Phelps community [near Miller] died January 5 in 
Idaho. He is survived by his wife, three children, and one sister Mrs. Mollie Gale of Colorado. 

Ray Elliot, 45, died Tuesday in Joplin. He is survived by his widow, four sons and 
three daughters. He formerly lived on a farm near Miller, Mo. He was buried in Pleasant 
Grove cemetery near Miller. 

Glenna Dean Cox, aged 4 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cox of Monett, 
died January 1 7 and was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery. 

O. D. Smith died January 20. He lived east of Lebanon. 

The small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank White of Competition died Monday. 
Page IOC: Early Days in Springfield.** 

Yrisco veteran j 

on engine here 


Calvin Davis Served as Fire- 
man During Civil War; Ran 
Engine Into Vicksburg De- 
spite Grant's Forces 

ami has Ihm-ii living for many year* 
:it Wires' <':if" and Hotel Oil Colll- 
rncl-i'i.'il Mieet. lia\l!;^ bi on n.^ei. ■' 
,,en.sloti thirteen year* ugo by the 
lYIsco. ; 

\ ■.•.,! u.. i other day and ri.sked 

„; hill.t'-l-lf, he *•'•>! li>i i" lJ 

i IhhiUIki upstalm tlmt ■• ■■' ..'■•■• 
nil the Informall-m. Ha »er.t uy 
i Ik- nlalrs and to hid room aj.d then 
i. pencil a trunk uud took out two 
Imagaainea batoro the *uiw wu 
'*war% that ha wu bUnd.^^.S j.| 

' I Story tn MigulnM 

* h tho 



■ - ifM 

"Oat out Of hor^;?lf^,|ojg*k 
Things are getting- too Ttot to'anlt 



That's wh at Calvin Davl*. now 

MTind Usfsolavai^jfoidaaivpaaiT 

•doner on Jibe - r>tece aystera..iaaM 
When OinP Grants* forces bagnh 
to cot ft little too bear to Vlckm- 
burr. Mlaivfiln thotCMl war. 

Da-wla wa^.flringfan angina on 
ths Vlckaburg^Merlqlan road then, 
and the train had run Into Vlcka- 
burg In spite of the battle that wu 
being waged. The rest of the crow 
had fled, th* engineer Instructln* 
Davis to atay with the engine un- 
til he came back. , 
Bullet* Hit Engine 

Davla stayed for two houra, with 
t.ulleti skipping around through the 
atmoaphere. But when they began 
t.. pine avfclnat Hie englni" lie mad" 

up lux mind to atari the engine and 
clear out. Lluwn the road three or 
four inllea he left the engine and 
made hie way away from the city. 

»om there he came north and 
j;nt a Job firing on the Krl»CO. 

"I fired the first locomotive that 
mine Into Hprlngfield. that wai 
bark In 1M9. There waa nothing 
l-i.t M..oda all around then, and no 
pluco to got anything to eat near 
tht! tracks." I>avl» said the other 
day In a conversation with a re- 

Ho has been blind for five years 

|_ ThF magaainaav obp l osj 
rrtsos Emplorao % M— « la *&wors) 
both opened to the page* that ooo- 
talned stories about him. Thera it 
la he said." pointing to tbo wrong 
page of the magasina. It waa than 
that It waa discovered that bo la 

Heading the atorlaa aloud, the re- 
porter waa frequently interrupted 
by Mr. Davis who would affirm 
Thafa right" and then, giro tutor- 
eating details. 

"Wrecks?" he said in answer to 
a question. "Tea. I waa In a pretty 
bad one down In Mississippi. The 
Union soldiers had unsplked a rail 
and the engine turned over on me. 
All the others had lumped. But I 
waa In the tank. The hot water 
poured out to one side. Just miss- 
ing me. and when It had washed 
out a deep enough hole under the j 
tank I crawled out Just aa the men j 
came back to get me out." 

Fired With Wood. 

Another exciting time In his ex- 
perience aa u fireman that Mr. 
Davis recalled, waa back In the 
early days of railroading on the 
J'rlsco when the engines were all 
tired with wood, which was stock- 
ed at frequent intervals along the 
right of Way. 

"Near Wood Und llill there were 
large stacks ou either aide of tho 

I trucks and on Huh trip." Davis 
said, "we discovered that some one 

j had sot the wood on fire and flame 

I waa shooting across the tracka." 
1 waa firing for Hen Smith. 

He suld 'we've got to make the 
run; were going through. All of 
the windows in the engine cab were 
shut ar:d w a started. We made !'. 

i through, but :: scorched paint ou 
both Hides of tho engine." 

Mr. Davis lias been mnr-UH rw t, 

8 4. 

Both wives are dead. An adopted 
boy. Johnnie Oslforth, whom he 
raised, was killed In ;i railroad ac- 
ihlent near Jopltn about 1G years 
npo and Davis has boon living at 
ttlggs' hotel for a number of years. 

pBOA. «. Rjtchie Brtwtaia &fc 

^director of tbt Ufcaat Mlmt 
hand totbe world, '':.v^#Jlihrf 
yailseuuero, be U eredap»d wtta 
provtams; music* 1 (nttrac&n far 
mors atwdanta than any -fan —Ml 
clan. : There are at this Urns 11T4 
students under his personal super- 

When ha earns 
to Springfield IS 
years ago to be- 
come superinten- 
dent of music in 
ptlbllo schools, .ha 
had no presen- 
timent of the auc- 
ces.1 and fame 
which, he would 
acquire through 
his work here. 

"I came to 
Sprlnrfleld with 
fear and tretnb- 
linr." Professor Robertson said. 
'This was the largest city In which 
I had ever worked and I waa 
doubtful as to whether I could suc- 
ceed when put to auch a test." 
Organizes Famous Bend. 
In December. 1921. Professor 
Robertson- conceived the Idea of a 
Boy Scout band He placed the 
Idea before th* public and 60 Boy 
Scouts responded, forming- the 
nuoteua of the band which baa sbTwT 
become nationally famous. ) <p*l 

* mraeJfthS 

have rive* the band and myaetf 
most enthusiastic support durtns; 
tha paai free years, the actual ataa 
of the organisation Is little known. 
If called upon to do so. I could place 
on the streets of Springfield a Boy 
Scout band of «♦© pieces." Profi 
Robertson said. 

Since tha organliatlon of the 
band here. Innumerable Boy 8oout 
bands have sprung into aaJataaea 
throughout the country. 

Haa Many dtudents. 

Tha second largest organliatlon 
under Prof. Robertson's direction Is 
the Senior High school chorus of 
360 voices. He also directs the High 
School symphony orchestra of .40 
pieces, the High School band of 60 
pieces, the High School boys* glee 
club of 30 voices, the girls' glee club 
of <t voices, and the DeMolay band 
of 40 pieces. 

Professor Robertson was born In 
Burntisland, Scotland, and came to 
the United States In 1(00. Shortly 
after his arrival, he went to Louis- 
ana In search of rest and recupera- 
tion from a breakdown. He soon 
recovered und went to Pao'.a, Kan., 
where* hs took employment In a 
grocery store for a short time. He 

' atorstflwst y, : 
ben did yea Is 



road muslo^pUjr?^ 

? ^ay« Asr> iHssia 

Tha directs*- c«a>-a asry r mmarn- 
meat, froro flute to the mightiest 
of pipe orgaaa. At aa early as* ba 
area a prUe for pfcyta* a cooear- 
tina. When be was 10 years old, to 
made his first appearance aa a 
vocalist, alndar la (aa Mesa-Ian 
Oratorio In Scotland.'' 

The musical ability In tha Robert- 
son family la not confined to the 
father. Both the mother and the 
four children- pa—tssv ^-^frir al tal- 
ent. Mrs. Margaret Robertson Is 
thoroughly; acquainted with almost 
any Instrument. , The eldest son, 
James. 17. who Is a studsnt In 
Drury college. Is assistant conduc- 
tor of the Boy Scout band. The 
next son. David. 13. Is a student In 
Senior High school and Is studying 
the violin. A daughter. Margaret, 
Is In Junior High school and is an 
expert pianist. The youngest child 
Doreen, 7. will soon take up the 
study of the piano. 

r -*te*^;'-i'v- _.*.■'--■$£ J? i 

^ears Frisco's v 

Oaorae T. Burner." ticket agent and 
operator at the Frisoo railway station 
Mansfield. Mo., for the past 46 years, 
died suddenly at Mansfield yesterday 
njornlas; after a stroke of eppoplexy. 
Mr. Barney was 68 years old. 

JAinerel arrangemenU have not beea 
completed, but probably will be held 
at the home of a daughter. Mrs. O. D. 
Morris, lilt North Grant avenue. 

Mr. Burney Is survived by tha 
"Widow; four daughters. Mrs. Morris, 
Mr *. A. T. Newton, Holden. Mo. Mrs. 
Frank Beach. BL Louis, and Mrs, D. 
M. Picket. •** South Campbell avenue. 
Bprlnrfleld. and by one sister and 
several brothers. 

who formerly reeid- 

Pbelpe community died at 

to Idaho. January 6, 1927. 

Illness of paralyals- 

hlm are. besides his wife. 

illdren and one slner, Mrs. 

Gale, of Colorado. 

Uot died at his heme In Jop- 

Tuesday aft-rnoon. after a 

s Illness .it the age of 

Surviving arc his widow. 

ma Klllot. luur Sons and 

ughters. l)(".-?.lfed formerly 

on :i farm oi.e mile west of 

d w.os n highly respected 

n. I\jnt.-ral services were 

Methodist church In Miller. 

morning. Interment wan 

Pleasant Grove cemetery. 

Webb Is ill with pneumonia 

t his home In l'!.fl|)S, Mo.' 

both oldest**". Oaronoa^U--, 
ard KUlwrton. 4». and Js mimman 
Venottia Wltoon. I«. both ot Bprlwf- 
Peid; Jan.- A. Baa. li. •«« >£"» 
Wlto«m.~!l. both of «P*"**«*» J 
F.arl Barber. II. and Dorothy King. 
21. hoth of Republic; BonJanitB l* . j 
Bannstt, Kaoaaa City »•..*»* |* ? 
trloto. MaudW Hardin*. II. law- | 
rence, Kan. J 

— — — 
Clarsnoe Leonard Ellington anu 
Ijomlmmah Venettl* Wllara. both 
!<.f Sprlnrneld. were married nt the 
i-.Mirl he-use ycrti-rdsij by ■'• ^«; 
tTippln. presiding judgn of the | 
I'Mtinty court. 

! Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dunesn. 1407 j 
! North Itowm avenue, announce the j 
l.irth of a xon. Robert Crane Dun- , 
Iran, on Monday. January IT. 

The Rawarand Thomn H. Wile* 
! yeaterday morrled James A. Hna»j 
nml Velma Win* both of Spring- j 
".'M. The> ceremony was perform-, 
i-.| ; \l the court house 

JudQ. Guy D. Kirby in circuit] 

'court ve-lerdsy granted Vesta Mr- j 

\foy a default decr«-e of divorce, 

'■■■•in Diivf Mpi'ov j 

E»rl Baker and Dorothy Kino.] 
i,,iii of Republic. »■••"" married 
v.sterday at the court bullae by the 
Itev.rtnd Thomas II Wllea. 

Tho dlvoreo auit of Thulo Brown 
against John W. Brown, whloh baa 
heen pending- In division No. 1 of 
tha circuit court, wa* dismissed 
yesterday by tho plaintiff. 

.Fallowing a fcrlof hearing in cir- 
cuit court yesterday. Judxe Guy D. 
Kirby dismissed the pvtlllon of R. 
W. 1'rltchard tor divorce, from Ruby 
Prltrhard an«1 granted the wife the 
divorce on her crowbill. Jurist 
j Kirby held thnt the wife rather 
. limn the husband liad been the In- 
[ Jurr-d party. 

Alice F. Bell yesterday was', 

I grnnted a divorce from Charles C.I 

Hell by Judge Ouy D. Kirby In rlr- ( 

'cult court. Her former name of j 

Alice r. Keeblo was restored. 


The will of the late Little M.j 
Schmidt wns filed yeaterday In I 
probate court. 

udge Warren L. White in circuit', 
' courl yesterday "nwnrded W. .\.' 
Kinder i« default decree of divorce I 
! f'nin lliitll" 1. Kinder 

services for Met Warren. 
died yeelaruay la Si_ LouU, 
held at » v'clook Monday 
at Baored Heart Catholic 
* 'Burial will be made In East 
etery under direction of the 
Funeral ),oms. Mr. Warren 
tved by the mother, Mr*. 
Carrtgan; a stepfather, 
Carrlgan, by ona bruin t-r, 
Warren, all ut St. Louis, and 
a avunbar of relative. In Uil* city. 

Funeral BvrvRe» tor Uamey Wyre. 
Ot Pleasant ltupr, >lo.. who died 
sy, will be held ut II u'eluek 
< morning m l'lcusant l:id fc u eeiiia- 
under direction of the Klliign«r 


| Funeral services lor ix.roth) L*<.na 
Jurk, Infant daughter of Mr. unj 
Ueorare A. liurk. Kit Ualv street, 
I died Friday morning, will be held 
|t 4 o'clock this afternoon at the. 
ner Funeral homo. 


[Funeral services for H. 1". Kdmond- 
•8, who died yesterday morning. 
pill be held at 3 o'clock thin afleriiumi 
bis home at lTvH Kast HlKli nml 
W1U bu modu In Orveiiiuun 
ery under dliecilon of ibu Khug- 
Funeral home. 

■mondaun Is survived by the 

r. three daughters. Mis. .VI . « - 1 v 

Mrs. Jewel Greenfield, Mrs. 

Edmonds..,,, nil of ttprUigjFletd; 

I eon. Urnjainlii 1°. i;.lmondsun. 

p.J ona brother. James l'>.iiiwidsun, 

California. and one : M- . Mrs. 11 

t. Colvert, of Cape llirulo'u. 


Leldy. 73. died yesterday 
at Uie home of a daughter, 
.IfJnsnklln, 711 Kast Monroe street. | 
■ervlcea will be held nl E:M | 
felock Monday life: w' "i at th< 
Lohmeyer l'uncriil home. Mr, 
eldy Is survived by two buns. Fr.- 1 | 
ly of Springfield and Harry I^-ldy ' 
Florence. Ky.I by three daughter). 

Kettle IturroiiKhs. ...' N.wr.rk I 
J., Mrs. Ijlnu W. Us. "f Kansas 
r. Mo., and Mrs. Franklin, of l-'Ua I 

Mr. and Mrs. \V. K. Uewh). SO West 
Fcult street, left last night for Okla- 
homa City where tliry were called by 
I ho death of 11 II. Illgby, brother- 
in-law of Mrs l^-«is Funeral eerv- 
le. a will bo held at 3 o'clock Monday 

Judge John H. Fairman in pro-l 

1 hato court yesterday aPtwInled i 

Herman ('. illcketls cui-iIit for; 

rr-inUIn HreWfT, :i !••!"• ; , 

8 6. 

Early Days In Springfield 

(Continued from Lest Week.) 


,-, »„-. , wW« 5th£t#L, 

a» We hunched Chler Bushyhl 
too rlba with our elboWr V"' 
much for a man of your .«U 
to be In such cIom ssaoclat 
the class of men found here. — 
to think of It. Jamei O Blaine, the 
'Tlumed Knight of Maine." antag- 
oiilut of KoBcue Conklln. head and 
■houldrra of the Republican party 
and If he Uvea almoat aure to' be 
hla party's nominee for the preel- 
dency. la lying close by. perhaps 
upon hie death bed. Bushy- 
head, thla la awful! Why not get 
out and away from here at once?", 
We queried. 

Tlfe's^i&a '• 

We're Oh 
around h 
like ha ' 
man. Perhn 
crooked, *tr 
owned slaves. 

nduuuv yoat 
m>H**iM Wi a wnfle 
use we're all 
ou ae we Cherokees 
When the Civil war 
waa fought out' they were left on 
our hiinda. j Thla nlefrer lawyer la 
trying to get a claim through Con- 
green to give theae ex-slaves equal 
share with we Indians in all our 
lands and Invested and Inherited 
rights. He's not different from any 
id her nigger, only that he'e a Oem- 
iii'ral and would ko to Liberia as 
minister. He haa the same amell of 
any other African, but. bays, ne'e 
smart, and it wouldn't Burprise me 
:iny time* If the court of claims held 
ull these niggers to be Cherokees. 
with all their rights and Immun- 
ities." Chief Huabyhead continued. 
Whatever' may have been thu 
misgivings of hla tribesmen na to 
his short comings as to honesty, or 
whatever the estimates of hla in- 
discretions in a personal way, re- 
gardless of I'lilef ISushyheud'H pop- 
ularity, irrt-al hold upon his peopl* 1 
and dogged persistency and IcnacllV 
in hundlinK Cherokee affairs. Sena- 
tor Hell stood head and shoulders 
above any other Cherokee of Ills 
day. In Intelligence and endowment 

was ' both uneducai 

»ea<I had JL 

uth In mostmiags.' and 

ot been that ha waa 

uated he woul 
■and the real leads 
lnatead of Buehyhead 
John Roaa waa a greatTru 
never a statesman. Hla reign of 
forty odd consecutive years termin- 
ated In Irnomlny, it was claimed, 
when according to hla accusers he 
agreed to a treaty with * Albert 
I'lke. Confederate emissary, early 
In the Civil war. agreeing for a 
certain consideration to furnish a 
Confederate regiment, when sud- 
denly he changed hla tactics, went 
over to the Union cauae. appropriat- 

ing the proceedB of the agreement, 
and decamped for Washington, 
never again to return to his native 
heath, having died while an exile. 
Of courae. this atory 'was denied, 
it bobbed up. however, in every 
campaign for the chieftaincy and 


... of Princeton and aepbew 

'. the eld ch ieftain , Who had been 

Illed Inetatecraft and highly edu- 
ted. did become hla anooassor. ho* 
i rule waa claimed to be to abort 
.. etateamanahlp and so prejudiced 
n application, that it waa of brie* 
•jratlon and toially devoid of any 
Ullancy that might have made 
for atateemanahlp and usefulness to 
the Cherokeea. He possessed many 
unuaual and admirable qualities, 
however; prinolpejy, perhapa. that 
he never had a peer In hhj country 
aa an orator, and that hla personal 
character was unblemished. 7 He had 
awed miralde and drenched 
with tears the cheeks <of 
countless thousands In pub- 
lic speeches.' But back* of it all. It 
had l»een said, was a hatred, nar- 
rowness and prejudice that render- 
ed all hla talents nil] ao far aa 
ever Ingratiating himself into the 
hearts of his countrymen. Robert 
B. Koss. In direct line of blood suc- 
cession, was of less renown and al- 
most totally on unknown quantity 
He became treasurer of the Chero- 
kees. served with considerable dis- 
tinction in lesser capacities, but 
never was able to muster enough 
popularity to become rhicf. although 
lit.- ll.uj Have been a bit; enough 
man for the Job. He was of tacl- 

, turn disposition, said to be clonlah 
and a fellow who looked strictly 
after his own interests, having even 
been aivus. ,| ,„ politic;, | campaigns 
of withholding collections or fees 
that were of doubtful or questioned 
ownership. This seemed never to 
have tieen taken seriously by his 
people, as he always managed to 

'hold onto some minor office. One 
of the national pimtlmes of the 
Cherokees. however, was to question 
each other's honesty and It Is 
doubtful if any member of the tribe 
ever came cleai oi' uocusiitlon of 
some sort That perhaps, was na- 
tural enough, as their while broth- 

Pt all sumefi to _ 
the pockets of the Cherokees asal 
were aa busy aa bees In depleting 
the treasury. Talk of graft had be- 
come ao common that when a white 
man outsider had been sent In to 
perform some government duty, up- 
on being Introduced. It waa the cus- 
tom to inquire what his graft waa 
Senator Owen was yet In the 
making and Mhlle he was destined 
to and did become the real colossus 
of Cherokee statemen. aside from 
the advantageous distinction that 
Hvnator Owen was college bred and 
educated, we should proclaim Sena- 


tor liell easily ihf Hortenslus of 
Cherokee Jurisprudence and politic*, 
although he wo.i not a College man. 
He was nlmost un exact counterpart 
in looks and uuiok repartee of lite 
lute Senator \ •■>! and posscss-d al- 
most !. nili illy l.i* wealth of »_•■ 

c*sm*aiid* rfdicoie ««» ?**j£ij£j£ 

equalled even perhaps by ^• b "«^ 

himself * r«Hi«* 

\ quarter of a century later ChW 
Hushyheads prediction came trn*. 
Notwithstanding the best legal tal- 
ent "f America was employed, wltn 
n bulging treasury with which to 
carry on the light, by now »u<- 
mented with n fresh payment of 
several hunilre.l thousand dollars by 
the Cherokee' .Strip Live Stock As- 
xiiclatlun. pitted against him. this 
! astute negro lawyer and lobbyist and 
Democratic politician won out. The 
highest court of the land had de- 
creed that the Cherokees must divide 
up their lands and money "fifty - 
flfty" with their ex-NegTO slave*. 
ICach received a quarter section of 
land, besides tin equal Interest with 
native born tribesmen In n " ,n * 
Inherited and Invested property and 
money of the cherokees. Twenty- 
five years luter the 1'herokee coun- 
try became ri sovcrlgn state of 
America. Incidentally all these 
Negro alloteeB became millionaires 
over night in the hundreds of oil 
gushers that sprang Into being 
„ |M ,n their a'.' im-ns Tin Uzrles 
u:,\v. golfs lai«.-u Nothing but 

I'lerce Arrows go. 

And that's that Tint pre 

by a w* Jar WBffiMHi 
became president this Negro's long 
cherished dream of golag ta Liberia 
became a reality, aa 00* of th* 
flrat names sani to tba Senate attar 
Cleveland went " In wu "J. MTttoa 
Turner, to be minister to Liberia." 
That waant ao ©ad. Bat there waa 
more to follow. It eUU remained 
for this Negro to marry a whiu 
woman, which created each a fur- 
ore In Washington society and poli- 
tical circles, and more especially In 

I the ranke of the Democratic party. 

'that Turner was pufcllcly snubbed 
and ostracised, although through 
his wealth and Influence among the 
Negro element of the party he waa 
carried on the pay roll of the Demo- 
cratic party speakers" bureau clear 
on up to the time of his death. 
Years and years afterward, when 
Chief Bushyhead had become en- 
febled with age and weary of his 
task as chief, he waa still unrelent- 
ing and branded J MUton Turner .1* 
one of the most persistent, ao.da.i- 
011s and unmitigated lawera and 
lobbyists he had ever met during al- 
most a half century that he had 
been actively associated with the 
vital affairs of the Cherokee 

As the day 
...,,,... v Co! (' 


the more 

piles'* • >('- 

red liquor 

;,< ,1 , .1 ;,iut ttie tie 
and champagne flowed the lou dsr 
th* talk grew. Am~ 
sun boat down tmmerrAfwB 

long row of stone barrack 

aa the clear and sparUUsfc waters 
of the beantlful Grand' rlrer glist- 
ened like silver as they ruabed past 
the fort on their mad j and swift 
winding way to th* eea. The weat 
winds blew a thundrcus gale and 
the surface of Ft. UlLison's unkempt 
streets, guttered and washed by the 
floods of ages, often shifted over 
night to become on the - . morrow 
giant pyramids of sand, affording 
convenient supports for the one 
lonesome telephone wire running 
over to Muskogee, some six miles 
to the west Prairie dogs held hleh 
carnival along the bleak and deso- 
late river front in broad daylight, 
while gaunt, shaggy-tailed coyotes 
yelled hideous 'littles at night-time. 
Ureal Diamond rattle snakes, tlr- 
antulas ami centipedes, as If sleep- 
ing off a long dog-day drunk, lay 
motionless along the limestone 
ledges, while hoot owls galore sent 
up a hideous und mournful sound 
(To Be Continued Next Week) 

Page 5: George S. Burney died.** 

Benjamin F. Edmondson died.** 

Farabee infant died.** 

Dorothy Leona Burk died.** 

Barney Wyre died.** 

Max Warren died.** 

Alfred B. Garrison died.** 

Henry Leidy died.** 
Page 7: There is a poem in memory of Mary Ellen Flaherty.** 

Card of thanks from Earl Coonis and others.** 
Page 11: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Births reported.** 

Herman C. Ricketts was appointed curator for Franklin Brewer, minor child, 
residing at Deridder, La. 


unmul n. fit BNaY. 
O w t|i I ouraay. o» SMrm of •*•. 
1 died •♦ bi» bom* in ManartaM Oaiur- 
day iiuutting following ui attack of 

Mi »iiru»| wwa • veteran »«npkiye 
of the nurv, neving been with that 
onr»nta*iiou <ii* i<*at as yawre a* 
•fan* iw *»oe'*t.«r at W»u»(i»lrt 

»• >• eumted by lit* »!*>» and 
four deughiere. Mr* O D Morrla. 
IJJS N.'itTi (Irani t«l)U< Mi> II K 
N»»'.u, ll.ddaa. Mo. Mr* "Tank 
■ inti. •« Luufc, and Mn. D. M. 
t*Mhat. MO Oouta Co*ripw»ll avonua; 
antec *ad a wft wo* wfirtfcara. 
HmMil ihimiwi or* rnoota- 
but praoabry wUI b* bald la 
T u iiaay at tba bora* of 
oreia. tail Wnb Obmiav er*. 
I uue — 

-'' '■' - ■ 


rvnvaraJ wvicm nil M bald at 3 

i •*•»** Utta arveru«»aj a i ih* home 

tw Oen)an>in P Kdsuonrteon 4J yeax* 

,0m, »bodt«da» 1 taldaj tn oru l m ai ula 

ruiicn.1 eerWe* tor Dorothy Leon* • 
Burk the 3-month»-old daughter of ' 
Mr and Mr* O«or|f A Burk. of 0)4 
Davl* *\rr+: who "died hridAj- morning 
at UM hoc**, will b* held, at 3 o'clock 
Lbla afternoon at the home 6*rrlce* 
w\u im conducted bjr ihe Kllngiirr , 
Fuxwiral chapel 8he la •urvlved by- 
line parcr. - .* nf.t! one t>;«ict 

BtRSn' VYHF-. 

tow tar aWracy wyro, 

Off FlMeMHt Hope, Max. 

woo «U*d , W*dn*a4*y morning m a 
local boapllel OtU be bald al II 
orturt Monde* mornin g at Fleaeant 

HMkf nj mill '"" ""■*"*" 

of U*a eUlnguer Funeral uoror 

eot will ba made lit Orata tava 
j c iaailory iuxi«f tba direction of tha 
Kilivgiier Funeral home Mr Kdinohd- 
av«a la iunir»d by the widow, throe 
' *»u|M»r». Mr* Mooov Smith Mra. 
Jewell Unwiidild Ur* Vivian Bd- 
iwoc i rt aaa i , «|| of apeing-riald: by otve 
eon Benjamin F Edmondaon. Jr.: | 
oe»e brother. Jemea Kdmoodaon o f • 
California: and om aiai*r Mjj M. C. ' 
CoHert. of Cap* Olrardewu. 

+r.u\ irr.s i ok I'Hii.n. 

funeral K>nirf. *rrf held a: 4. 
o ck*-k )wifr»4) afternoon at the ' 
borne for the infant aon of Mr and ' 
Mra W N rarabe* o! «.! Eaat Boott 

• '-'♦*'• »r.o (Otj h* •.•;•-«»}' in6mliia>. . 
»~r»-rTr.eT.: » a* n.»^^ •.:; (»rrtinla«tl 
cemetery -mcr i:>r direction of Uie 
KUntfnrr *"uneral home 

HEMY l>.IU1 
i ryueral aarrlcea for Henry l-euw. 
n yaavr* old. * ho died Baturday j 
taorninj at the home of a daughter. 
Mr* Franklin. 711 E*at Monroe 
••rawt. kltowlni » br:ef llltieaw. uni- 
t« held at 2 30 o rlc«-k Monday r.fter- 
-,,. :i »• ;hf A^ma |yj. k -.«ri»)er Ftil.e.-i.i 
trn~ ' Ir.wnntr.l win be mxlf in 
t*jt U*rr ewtnetery The drcedent 
m aurriTed by two eon*. Fred Leidy. 
ot epetngtVeUl *imJ Harry Leldy. of 
rwoeccra Ky . by thre* dauichter». 
u_i H**.'.:e Burrougha. of rVrwvrk. 
S J Mra trint Well*, of Kar.iu.A 
^.-.f. itj, »---i M^a- T:*ntl*u. i>f l bin • 

tl )iwu« 4>Ml who «M«f WMoy morn* 

lu. la *V UalOw wOOMttU ID tt. 
UMjuav Mo- follow to* » Uafwrtag HI* 
noMw «UI b* bald at t •Track Mooooy 
rttornliuj at w OCfOw M*OTt Church. I 
Tba bodr «lll arrive In fturlugfleld ' 
utaMtjr luMrmantl will ba tnada In i 
uewt«U*«m mwi iTy unOar tht dirac- 
tkMk Of lb« Klliujnee Puuaral home 
TO* dec*dan» M eumvatl by the 
OMIW, Mra. Tlvoaua* Cavrrtgan. a j 
al«fi(ath«r Thomu (.*arrlgan. by one ' 
wfvtbar. l*ttarley Waiten ali «>f HI. . 
Lwula. and by a nuntbei of irlatlvea ' 
wf Ibta city 

ruoerai aJTaUVfaanonu are inoon.- ! 
plena for Alfred H Oartlann. ~lt> rear* . 
>-Ml a>b«* Uled Thur»U«i niuming at 
Mi borne. )M Weet Court euret. ' 
ArT*B|*mMiU are In chajg* vt the 
Kllnguar Funerwl home He la aur- 
»i»-ad by on* aon. H O Oarrieon. ; 
Op*1ngfleld **%• daughter. Mra Mable i 
Jocmo. PuetUikd. Ore . and one brother 
and two auter* . 

loiio oT j r off our darlliuj 

Moty nteii Flahany, 

thiof |Obtt of* today. 

»>MXtt>17 SO. IIM. 

to mt, 

ta kortaf bm 

Mlfl *MJBJ**OT. 

Our dMUmj cblM boa mtm 

Tkroa ywaxa OfO wxlAf. 
*llv* Ood btaovo, who knowvtb bott. 

Hath taJcen hex away. 

O wmkm 01*110, tout bmmmot atui 
•Wi itator wwu «o tivo, 

▼#• taual «ubmit to porfost wUi, 
Wbo ouui Urto to im fin. 

Thr toodar form dJdat Ood above 
NMd In the home oar there. 

lb brighten hearwn took our love. 
With Him to glory eharr. 

W* would not Cavil the* back ag atu. 
i Out ww aha! I rotne to Utee. 
ow altvg tuxl pioy In boavanlr atraJn, I 
TlU thy datvr too* waTl oaa. 

Oadiy ntUawd by father, mother and i 




Ben V. Bennett of Kuiiu city and 
Fatrecia M. Harding or Lawrence. 
Kits. Ik 

Rolla Id ward Jonas and Jeasie Hol- 
der, both of Oiom. 

Jamaa A. Bom and Vsima Wilson, 
bain of Spring field 

X»rl Barber and Dorolha Klnf . both 

of Republic 


4, BprtDffnui. annousM *£• 


We vltl. to thank our many friends 
BW lb*l *:r.dnaaa and sympathy 
sto«7i o. l-f th« steitneai ana death 
of cur Utile (UUfbtcr. Arraletta Also 
fo- 'A.r beautiful floral offerings 
x-NCE, OnLQrlporcnu. 


East Bt. f-ouls. .baa^aajahrdlu cmfwo 
rj„i Locust street, announoa the birth 
of a daughter on January 33. 

Mr. and M». Jook Bhodaa. rro 
north Main 'aT«NM. announce tne 
birth of a deughtsr on January «6 at 
1 tit John's bo»plt*l 

UT. and Mi*. A. B. MoOomba. U10 
BoonYltla tnnui, announoa tn« birth 
of a son on January 30. 

Ur and Mrs. Hsnnan Plumb. 1»50 
North Pickwick erenue. announce tha 
birth of a daughter on January ». 

Mr. sod Mr.. Lynn DaMW tf route, 
4. Springfield, announoa tha birth of 
a daughter on January 31. 

Page 4: There is an article about James M. Quinn. He was born near Wilmington, 111. 
Soon after his birth the family moved to Lebanon, Mo., and when he was 12 years old he came 
to Springfield. He organized the Quinn-Barry Tea and Coffee company but later bought out his 
partner. His wife is Mrs. Abbie E. Quinn. His son is John Quinn. Miss Catherine Quinn is his 
daughter. The family lives at 600 South Boulevard. 

Page 6. H. D. Higby died.** 

Benjamin F. Edmondson died.** 
Barney Wyredied.** 
Henry Leidy died.** 
Max Warren died.** 
George S. Burney died.** 
Mrs. Eva J. Otto died.** 
Adam G. Kimmett died.** 
Mrs. Stella Wagner Climer died.** 
John A. Ferguson died.** 
Mrs. Mary F. Largen died.** 
Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Anderson.** 
Page 9: Robert J. Jones sues to divorce Rosa Jones. They were married in September 


Page 13: Miss Patricia Maudie Harding and Mr. Benjamin F. Bennett were married.** 
Miss Nola Cox and Mr. James Roy Rice were married.** 

IMMMtt-lUrAtavj. ' " 
Mis* I'ousoia, Maudis Harding of 
Lawionce. Kan . eurt Mr. Benjamin T. 
Dennett, an employe of the Plggly- 
WUilly mores h»rc, *ere nulled in 
marrta** BUIlday afternoon al 4 
UVitM'k 1>V Ur\ 11 A W'wtl, «Xt Went 
DlvlatKU street. 

Mr. and Mrs. E W. Anderson. 703 
North Benton announce the birth of 
a daughter on .limitary 17 at the 
3prlnKlleld hospital. 


m. ik tnaiir 
h n Hit «y. * »et*re>n »mu>»«r of 

the rttwu i ">•■• dlwl »» ■••■ bomo ••• 

Oklahoma Ciiy Friday. 

Mr Hiri>v had bwn In falling 
h*4lth »i > •' iir »•■•■ "i a railroad as* 
citieui M-»ni»l vo*t» eg«>. and had not 
iwen able m uiimd iu hi* railroad 
do lie* 

Mr -ml Mre Higbv mad* their 
home In Moheit * k>hx! many year*, 
gom* (rum tlirre in Oklahoma City. 


v| \\ w lit HI. v 

Funeral Mitlin for Mux Wirrril, 
31 yenr* ol.l who died Krlrd-y morn- 
liii; in Si 1 uk.r « hospital In t*f l<iui». 
.• i. i-!<l ill li n . In. K 1 1 1 lf» uuirii- 
i-tl llrm i . hujeii The Kuly 
:. Sp: m^Ci'ld yentriduy. In-' 
■, nr- ■ v,as mad*. Ill (Irrfll Uwii 
rrmrti-ry ut.drr the direction of the 

auinatuer' Funeral bom*. Tit* deoe» 
ImTuiwm by u* mother, iln. 


it i. r.i»M«iM»*-«»>i 

' funeral wrvicee wen Iirld at :i 
; o'clmk yeelerday afternoon m the 
home fur lb' n Jam In r Edmoiideon. 
I** yemre old who died Saturday 
• Dwurulivjt at Ma home. I TO J fc**t rflKh 
•trwet Interment wm made in Ureen I 
I Uvn ceuoal-ry under Uie direction or I 
Kltn fliei Funeral houir 

Funeral Wrvloee for Dorothy I-eoda 
Dura, the U-oiotilha-old dtu|bUr of, 
Ur anal Mr*. Oeorge A. Burt of M4 
Dele Mm*. who died Friday atomlng 
M the hoot*, vera hold at 3 o'clock 
gMhSny afternoon at U>a hcunu. tin* 
k*e «*(-« In chariro of tha Klingner 
funeral borne The decedent la aur« 
Vlted by the tmrenin uml one alaler. 


I Funeral aervicee were held at U . 
o'clock tbla morning for Barney Wyre. | 
•0 yeera old. of Pleeeent Hope. Mo., i 
who died Wedueeday morning In a ' 
Itxai hoapltal Inicrnteiil wan made . 

■ In Pleaaant Hid-* cemetery under tha • 
direction t»f Ihe Kllhtfiter Fuiien.1 

home. i 


iiinhv i.Einv. 

Funeral nrrvifra wore held at 'J 30 
oYtouk tit I* atternoon for Henry l*idy, 
73 years old. who died Saturday inorn- 
lliti at ihr home id i« iliiiiKhlrr. Mm 
Franklin. Ill I'.hui Mom or nil ret. tol- 
lowing a lulef illii.-xn Hrr\li«-* were 
nmilui'iMl ki tin' Alma l<ohmeyer 
Funeral huiiir Inlrrmrnl w»* mado 
III t»»t l-«un remrtrry 

John A. Ferguson. 63 year* Old. a 

i veteran of the Civil wyur and a ptoueer 
reeideni of thle v oounty, dlad at 

iqttook le*t night at bis horn*. MM 
■est Thoman •treat, following a two 
weak* lllnaaa. Mr. Ferguaon •ulferad 
a atroka of parelyiu two weak* ago. 

I He waa a member of the O. A. R 

'.The decedent la attrvlTad by tha 
widow, one daughter, lire. Nellie 
Smith, of Springfield: one brother. B. 
R. Farguaon. of Hutrhlnaon. K*«.: one 
alater. Mlaa Mary Frrguaun. of Dellalr. 


Funeral arrangemenUi are Inrom- 
plete but they will »>r In rharge of the 
KHngnr-r Funeral home. 


cMattSr H NtUmtf tw« «*^« . ; 

ciBoko« ». ntwNirY 
Muwl aamvaa for Oeoxgw *. »ur* 

odiraiar for ttM *™*™£T\£t2Z 
*«Uy ttakurttar wronuag on in* »M*» 
! •• i n ■♦. reault of n*»rt 

dleeaau will be held at 10 o'clock to- 
(U.U..UW mowing at tba homo ol hla 
daughter. Mra, O. ft *f* W» 
I NorUt OretU atrauue. ^MNBt wW 
tya mad* in Uawlwood a»jr»M« unoar 
'ilia dltaetlon of the Faaaon Funeral 
: borne. __. , . 

Mr nuruey rode out of aprlngnaia 
on Uv» flrat train oparatad on tba 
aouthfrn branch of the Frlaeo. Tnle 
trip waa made In July. IM3 The rail- 
road at that time waa knowu aa U»e 
KaliaAa Oty. Fort Hioll and M awiptlM 

Ha baa alnce that time held aavaral 
poalUona a lib the Frlaeo. aa atatlon 
tele«rwph operator 

He la «urvlre*l t>y the widow, four 
daugblarat Mra. Morria. Mra. A. T. 
Newton. Ilotden. Ho : Mra D. Flckel. 
e-io bovitli Campbell avenue, and Mra. 
frank Br»<-h »i louU. by one alater 
and arrrtal brothera 

wra fSrw J Otto. 30 year. old. wife 
„r ?aul Otto, died Fr>day -t the 
UmuT nome in wmtleld. La., jf tar • 

brtef 1W»— or ru *T° n »ilrf taS 

-ViUired bT the bu^band. tw« 
?* JhTfrw Mr.-e* Kr. Pauline and 
flTe Tr O '-,• ^ ... "iree emu Oor- 
';„ Si-t and Camel Otvo. all of 
f he Vom-: ar.d b> two sutera. Mr-. I 
« K^-ic-fl of H-.rafford Mo., and. 

SSS 1 ^ Fair. -to^of Fir- Bap- j 
waa o«dt "* Mubeuv* S? 10 ' -'Il *^- 

rftlv»wi-7.'<wA» «Jrto06f» of W. U 
gumma, uneVertaket. 

MRH. MAKY 1-AKi.kN . 

Mia. Mary F. Largcn. 47 yeara old. 
•wife of Jamea A. Largcn. died thU I 
morning »t the home. 1001 Kaat Ooni- | 
menial alreel HUe I- eurvlyed >>y U>e 
lluahand and onr (InllKbter; Mlaa Mad- . 
ellne L«.rgen. of ll>o home addreaa. I 
Funeral arraiigrmriitH ■ are Incomplete; 
but tli" body will be l*krn overland 
by Ihe KIlnK'or Under luklng rompany 
• <i Hpuilu lomonow inurulliK. Intcr- 
menl will br made til Wright cemetery. 



j. - A. O. KIUMKTT. 

Adam O Klmmett. «1 y«ri old. 
dt*d at 9 JO oUock title) morula! at 
his hotn*. 734 South Or&nt aveou*. 
tottowiiui a llac«rtaf lluieee 

Mr. Kimmfd had rmldrd lit thU 
olty for * numb*i •>[ yeare. lie was 
a tailor br profraekMi. having work- 
ed for Mrtnl Springfield tailoring 
»jn>V* at dltfrirul iiiur- 

The devtHleni i» niivlTrti by tlir 
whtot, oue aou. Mariiu KJmineit of 
Um hooi* aodreea: on* daughter. Mra. 
Maurice Herbert ol Chicago. Ill ; on* 
Mother. Joe Klniiueil of HI Joeepli. 
ilo.; by on* aleter. Mra. Mary P*uk»u 
of St. JOMph. Mo. 

Funeral arrangement* are Incom- 
plete prndliiK word from relatlvee. 
bill will be Ui charge of the Herman 
H LohmryeT Funeral hotnr. 

Mat*. * TELL A « UNCI. . 
Mra Stall* Wa«ner Ciluier. as >e»re< 
old. died at 3 50 o'clock ButuUy 
njomlug at the horn? of |»#r parrnta 
* 2L™* M " Mike Wa«nar. uwt 

?.„ , T ^ cemeury under the dlrec- 

Funeral home Mr „ c ,, /nrr , • 
lived bv tier parents 

Murriugr .Mmimured. 
Ajliiouiii •iiirui ol lite umnltgo o( j 
alia-i Sola <• »•* ol Jdaranllcid, who h>i 
tn-ru u irr.tlriu !■! ini" <iiy lur I ue ■ 
|mw>i actnat intimitis miU Mr Janus 
lUi) Ul»T of lliv McMlnii barber shop | 
Urir )..'• Ihm u uiudc. 'luc youu k 
couplr itt luariiru by Itev. If. A.I 
vvi«-v: * ••' vv«m invisum hirrri. u 

U* J •• y :- "o" j 

- o--- 

Page 4: There is an article about W. E. Freeman.** 
Page 16: George S. Burney died.** 

!ou Know 


Folks , 

Informal Qllmpeea and Sidelight* 
en Prominant Sprlngflaldiana. 

IJR can hook »th* '-wlUaBt ' baas. 
brine down the crookedeet Oy- 
InR quail — and deliver an addrees of 
welcome that meet* with th« ap- 
proval of the hard-boiled political 
reporters of metropolitan newepa- 

I .miles and Oen- 
| 1 1< men, meet the 
I ni.niu — W. . H 
! I") c^man 

The mayor «e« 
tabllthed hle-repfi 
utallon aa the ■ 
bent of all In de- 
livering an ad- 
ilreas of welcomo 
when he opoKe l"i' ? 
the delegates ' *>( 
Hie mala demo- 
cratic convention 
held hire two 
year* ago. 


■■Kulkn." said the mayor. "I'm 
j glad joure here and 1 hop.- you 
'have ;i good time. Th.illk ywil." 

Pleased the Reporters una Ihn great) si address of 
[w<-k'ullle ever driiwreu undt-r sinil 
j |:ir rlrCulimtHliCea" ' S.n h was Mi 

' < •■' • fll-llt* • '. •i|'llil"* .t Til - I;iJ .- 

{Louis and Kahama ^Clty-if»em»papeT 

{men here to "coy>r^|bj^a>tbj»rtBf, 

But It'a In Vlo*tlnf^own i *ieorr*i 

i honest-to-gnodneta fishing; atream 

Ior following the dog* In the field 
that the nuyor ahlnn.'- Awl ns baa 
,a real aclance dt hla own. in tha 


flahlng Kama His on© rule la— '■ r 
~"If the other fellow'! having bet- 
ter luck, see Juat what he's doing 
and try It yourself " 

Notliing. says the mayor, is too 
small to be overlooked. Rven tho 
\. right of a sinker m.iy meun the 
difference betvvfeii a fine day's 
catch und meiely a nibble or two. 

Served As Sheriff 

The mayor also qualifies wlit-ii it 
comes to politics. He was u mem- 
her of the rity colincl) under th.^ 
old form of government, served four 
years us sheriff, and now Is In Ills 
second term as mayor. 

Just now, ho\vev»r, the mayor's 
attention is considerably engrossed 
In city uffiilra. lie it) Ftild lo I,. 
Inclined t.i i!>e belief ilia; the iu'..:* 
of ."VI 1'igiit-ld should he allowed to 
liallct on several bon 1 issues in ( .j . 
del lo find out definivdy what jiuh- 
llc sentiment is with reference lo 
proposed sewage disposul jdunl ex- 
pansion, viaducts and subways 

.Mayoi Ineinan. by the way. is 
ma: ' leil I !. , : ,,| \l , - | . ,.,.,, 

• ■• • i > > Hi nin.'i .< v , noe I in ;. 
have oi,,. auughler, -Mildred, now 
.Mrs. lleisihel |J ,.ii,.v 


Worked for Road Sii 
When He Rode Rret 
on Southern Branch 

first train that aver was operated 
on^j ti* • eouibero branch of Um, 
Frlaco.^tpsn the' Kinim City. Mr! 
Scott and Memphis Una. Thia trip 
was mad* In July, ISIS. 

Ha rod* on the train to afsnafUVI 
where he was to be one of tha first 
operators on the division. He has 
since been employed continuously 
with the company, having held 
positions In Mountain Orove, Cedar 
Oap and other towns along the 
route. - 

Only a few days ago the Frisco 
discontinued the service of the 
telegraph operator at Mansfield and 
Mr. llurney was transf erred to 
Cfiiur (Jup but had nut yel gone to 
thut place to tuke his new position 
Funeral Services Her* 

Funeral service* for Mr. Burney 
wll Ibe held at 1U o'clock tomorrow 
morning at the home of his daugh- 
ter. Mrs. O. D. Morris. 1316 North 
Grant avenue. Interment will be 
made in Hazelwood cemetery under 
direction of the PuxBon funeral 

Mr. Burney Is survived by the 
widow, four daughters; Mrs. Morris. 
.Mrs. A. T. Newton. Holden. Mo.: 
Mrs. D. Plckel, 640 South Campbell 
avenue, and Mrs Frank Beach. St. 
Louis; by one sister and several 

Page 3: Card of thanks from Bruno Glaubitz and others.** 

Page 12: Mr. and Mrs. John Hancock of Mount Vernon announce the birth of a son 
Virgil Hancock. 

George W. Putnam of Kansas City and Ruth M. Young of Springfield obtained a 
marriage license in Kansas City. 

Mrs. Stella Wagner Climer died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Davis died.** 

Mrs. C.W.King died.** 

George S. Burney died.** 

John A. Ferguson died.** 

H.D. Higbydied.** 

Adam G. Kimmett died.** 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Murray of 747 Pickwick avenue announce the birth of a son 
this morning. 

George 8. Burney, II years old, 
one of the first telegraph operators 
employed on the Sprlngfleld-Mem- 
phls division of the Frisco lines 
dropped dead on the Frisco depot 
platform at Mansfield, according to 
word received In Springfield last 

Physicians who were called said 
heart trouble caused death. Mr. 
Burney had run around a long 
fr»"lpht train to reach a passenger 
train on which he wanted to moll 
a post card. He fell unconscious as 
he reached the mall car. 

Funeral services lor Mrs Stella 
Wagner Climer. 3fl years old. who 

died BwiiiUv morning ut I he home 
of. hrr parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mike 
Wagner. J408 North Broadway ave- 
nue, were lirlrl at » o'clock this morn- 
ing at St. Joseph Catholic church. 
Interment whs made in Bt. Mary's 
< emetery under the direction of the < 
Herman 11. Lohmryer Funeral home, j 


Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Duvla. 77 years 
old. illrd this morning at lie- home 
I74« North Boulevard The deoe.-tent I 
:•• the wife of the lute .1. B DaVM 
She Is survived by two daughter*,; 
Mrs. Idrlla Russell and Ml at Nina I 
Russell, both of Springfield: by two 
sons. Fred Hollo way, of Mnlden. Ill . ( 
and J. W l>u\l*. of Oklahoma CIV/:! 
I»y one "tpder. Marv r* Km.x or !'.>!- 
umoUM, CMOa,, uid toy wm .brslnst, 
P J. White of Springfield. Funeral 

leervloea will bi 'hiki it 4 o^oc*' 
Wednesday afternoon at the IClUigner 
funeral chapel The body will then 
he taken overland Thursday to Dixon. 
Mo , lor burial. Services win he in 

! charge or the Rev A. B. Humphrey, 

! pastor of the Central Christian i 

i church. 


Funeral eervioes (or Oeorge 8. 
fiumey. M years old. who died sud- 
denly Saturday morning. *err held 
si m o'clock this morning at the 
home ol lix daughter, Mr*. O. D. | 
MorrU, IBIS North Or*nt ivfnui. j 
Imrrmrnt was m»ds In HubUwkI i 
cemetery under the direction of Ihe J 
Paxeon Funeral home. 

Funeral service* for John A. Fer- 
KUKin. 83 yesrs old. who died at 
o'clock 8undsv nlglit' at his home. 
1430 Cm h Tlinman street, will he held 
at 'J o'clock tomorrow afternoon ai 
the Woodland Height* Presbyterian 
church. Intermeut will be made in 
Maple Park cemetery under the di- 
rection of the rCllngncr Funeral 

MRS. V. w. kis<;. 

I Mr*. C. W. King. 00 years old. for- 
merly of thla city. dle<i at the home 
; of her daughter In Denrer. Colo.. 
'.Monday at 4:30 p. m. 

Mrs King had recently visited her 
daughter. Mm. F. J. Mayabb. 415 
j Kaet Pacific street. Springfield, and 
i had returned to Denver only a few 
| day* before her death. Mra.- King 
wm a pioneer resident of thin city. 
■ ha vine, lived here BO years before ro- 
• Itut to Denver where ahe has spent j 
tl-r |»oM *u yenre. Her husband died ! 
about our yrar ago. 

V-«- KIiir Is survived by three ' 

daughters. Mr* Maynhb of thin city. ' 

sort Mis B C. KlllliiRsworth nod 

Mr« P.rrtle Hrese of T>envcr. and two 

:sons. O V. King and Mltchrl King; 

'of Denver | 

Funeral services are to be held in 

Denver ! 

it. it. iiioitv. ; 

H D lllgby. veteran Frisco en- j 
gluecr. riled at his home In Okla- 
hrtmn City Friday, according to word 
received here Mr. and Mrs HlRby j 
i is d lived in Monetl for several years I 
before moving to Oklahoma City. j 


PuneriU services will be held at 
o'clock .tomorrow morning at 81. Ag- 
on* Cslhollo church fox Adain O. 
KJmmett. 81 years old. who died early 
yesterday morning at his home. 734 
South Orant avenue. Interment will 
be mnde In 8t Mary's remetery un- 
der the direction of the Herman 11. 
Lx>hxr\eyer funeral home. 


Mr. and Mr*. lUy «• Murray. 747 
Pickwick avenue, announce the birth 
of a son this mornTng^ ■-- 

Mr. an* Mra. John Hantook of 
Mtmnt t miwii announea tka birth 
•f a aon, Virgil, at the Burge boepit- 


Vtt> wish to thank our many friends 
for their klmttiee* and sympathy 
ehoan us In the death of our -won 
and brother, also for the beautiful 
floral offering* 

Mit and mus. nnrNO oiATjnrrz 


of Kanaaa City 
. ML Ttoong of Springfield , 
> srbtatoad a marrfcage Ucraee In Kan- 
aaa CKy y esreerday. 

s T S g r Jl Bea u ty ahoppa. aoa 
Walnut, pborse 3903-W. — Adv. 


Page 2: There is an article about T. O. Doss.** 

Page 4 There is an article about John P. Ramsey.** 

Page 7: Mrs. Emma Burney, 68, burned to death at the home of her son one mile east of 
Wishart. She is survived by three sons and a daughter. Her funeral services were held at 





oiks You Imiow I > 

Informal Glimpses and Bldetlghr* 
in PrwnliMnt Sprinafteldlan*. ' 

"IITHAT do you think of • man who 
elu-artj ■ receive* a good many 
complaint* yet has the temerity to 
Invite more? ■( 

That* John 1'.' Itamaey. city 
commiaaloner of afreets. 

"Cooperation" la the text on 

a**. «vi.-h .1 ...-•.- 

+'•<:' "\. in 1 s R I o n e r la' 
n-ail) to preach a I 

work moving a*» 
rapidly a* po**i- 
Ramsey t neroughfarea In 

aa rood a condition aa we ran.** 
the commiaaloner remarked. "But 
It Isn't possible foc^.our limited 
force to keep In touch with all the 
streets find avenues all the time-- 
especially since the limits were 

When Cooperation Lacking 
Ami here Is where Interested I 
residents get a chance to cooper- 
ate with real assistance and with 
I complaint. 

"Take the matter of keeping the 
'•Hived streets clean when the leaves 
, have fallen." said Commissioner 
j Ramsey. "We try- to clean the 
j paving then, and residents can help 
| by having their leaves In the street 
j before the cleaning If they expect 
the city to remove them 

►opera lion whet- tom 

ive- waited until Jh* 


from their yards into th 

& Then came a *ug*ea 

registering complaint' 

the department with Its Work.'. 

What Ha Want* to Know 

"Soma folks." ,«ald 'the -commie*! 

■loner, "are thoughtless and insist 

art throwing broken glass and other 

rtibbtsh Into the street with" th" 

Idea that the dfoy ran Ret- rid of 

It. . It the presence of such trash 

'•n the street Is reportrd to us; th* 

stun" ran !-• r< moved 

-■- "And w> like to know of places 

where work Is especially needed. 

i Of course we "can't, do everything 

j that Is desired, but If had rondl- 

] tlons ore reported to the depurt- 

| nient. »e are ready to iln the best 

i we ca,n" 

Commission"!' 1!'\ does not'. 
i (online all his thoughts to streets, i 
j however. He has time to he nn! 
'active worker In IP-nt"n Avenue 
Methodist < hurch and , 
also to he rhaneelloi' commander, 
land a trustee of Orient lodtje Xo. I 
j t»«. Knlehts of Pythias. j 

! The coinmisslonei- and Mrs. Ram- I 

I Key reside at IMS North Main nvo- I 
nue. They have fmii" children, all! 
I of whom arc married. 

I ! 

T. O. Doss 

Z<i additional 
furm six miles 

pORTT-THKiaffl *••» ot Hi* bar* 
*-* c .-been spent by Sergrt. T. O. Dow 

on farms la Green* and 0*ark 

Th* sergeant was born on a farm 
near Thornfleld. In Oiark county, 
and lived there 
until he waa 20 
y e a r a old. He 
received hla edu- 
cation In th e 
echoola ot th* 

At the age of 
20 he moved to 
a farm In Greene 
county, and when 
he waa 2S years 
old he was mar- 
ried to Miss Alice 
l ; urkohoad. For 
years he. lived on 
southwest of Sprinp field. 

' Serjeant Dobs was then appoint- 
ed aa deputy eheria ■ by Sheriff 
Oeorr* Spenoer. He roored to 
Springfield and held the office for 
four years. Upon completion of 
this term he operated hla farm for 
two years, ^although he maintained 
hla residence In Springfield. 

Four year* ago he waa appointed 
to the Springfield police force aa 
patrolman, holding that position 
for one year. For almost three 
years ho served, aa reserve officer 
and last November wns promoted 
l«i the position of desk sergeant, 
which he holds at the present time. 

S«rce,int Doss Is a member of 
the First Presbyterian church and 
of the Modern Woodmen of 

Tho sergeant has three sons and 
one ■daughter. Th-sc are: William 
j M. Doss, employed by tins Spring- 
field Grocer company: O. I). Doss 
of Tulsa. Okla.; H. A. Doss, em- 
ployed at tli- Springfield Grocer 
company, rirul Mrs Jessie, Iyoo Dll- 
laiil. who lives Willi lu-r father ut 
'.<! 1 New avenue. 


Funeral Services Held Yetter? 

day for Polk County Wo- « 

man; N(Mnquett Held . 

Funeral services wire held yes- 
jlenlay afternoon at Morriavllle for 
I Mrs. Emma Burney. 68. who was 
burned to death at the home or 
her son. one mile east of Wlshart. 
I Mrs. Burneys son and daughter 
'went to the barn Sunday afternoon 
!to attend to some stock and were 

go*, tout a QmJat&tjH^a&< 
heard Mreain* taUnlJV;^ .- ■-.-, i . %& 
Find Moth** In «*»•• ^ 

Rushing Into th* boose, they 
found Mrs. Burney In flame*. War 
clothing was burned from her body 
and Jhe died a few minute* after- 
ward*. The coroner of Polk county 
was called and decided that «n In- 
quest was unnecessary. Mr*. Bur- 
ney wo* believed to b,ave tried to 
fix ihe fire when the flame* ignited 
her clothing. The body was badly 
charred. . 

Mrs. Burney is survived by three 
sons and a daughter. Funeral 
services were held yesterday at 
Morrisvllle under the direction of 
the Hutcheson-Blue Undertaking: 
comrwiny of Bolivar. 

Page 2: There is an article about the naming of Rolla, Mo.** 
Page 7: John A. Ferguson died.** 

Mrs. Clara Dane died.** 

Mrs. Emma Burney died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Davis died.** 

Mrs. W. H. Martin died.** 

Henry B. Smithmier died.** 

Adam G. Kimmett died.** 

James Milton Davis died.** 

Mrs. Ella Weaver died.** 
Page 8: Card of thanks from Mrs. Delia R. Gisler and others.** ^^ 

Page 11: Miss Bernene Waggoner and Mr. Victor Clements dm*** **"*- ^ 

Chloris Louise Griffeth and Paul Edgar Pearson were married.** 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dunsmore celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary.** 

KUtieth AnitlirrwMjr. 
M- nt>d Mr> - Albert Ihinwiote f*l* 

eh rated their eutleth wedding annl- 
rrrsen l"»t Friday at tVrir home In 
":ti»\»i Scleral ■•Ulldrer.. irr.tiidrhll-' 

Idren and «r**>t .^dcMldr-n «£T«* 
with them the dlnnar *jj£"**' 

1 bwit.n chicken and vartou a othW del- 

nrinr* — wt-mnvmart wi Hut u hi 
New T.vk state and Mr* Dutwnoft 
in Michigan «heie they were mar- 
ried Mr imnemore -erred as a Union 
su'.illei lu ths Civil VVju. UeUU 
vrat* old and hl» »llt la 77 

I tllli OK THANK*. 
We wUh to thank our many 
rru>ndt and neighbors (or their kind* 
lie** sympathy and beautiful floral 
offerings, during Ihe alcknaaa and 
death of our beloved arm and brother. 

- o-- 
MIM Wrene Wagoner of M« J« 
Walnut street b«JlttlW^ 
Clement* or 

Mr Vl.lot Clement- o. Mountain 
i.,t Monday, the mrniony 
West Plain*. 

h >1 sN*reon«ortrfHh. 

r- On Sunday. January io. nt I a 
,o clock hlilh noon. Chloru Umlsr ' 
OMffath fcurl Paul Edgar Ptrarson j 
l were united in Mkrrlaf* at the home 
Of the bride s parents, Mr. and Mr*. 
R *0 Orltfeth. I4I« 'Writ Phelpc 1 
•treet Hrv. ■* U Italltra, pnrtor ol 
the College stteet U*l>U»t church, 
performed ihr ceremony. After the 
ceremony an elaborate dinner was I 
served by the bride's mother. In 
the f«H*r*t»l the table was a large 
wedding, cake, baked and beautifully , 
decorated by the brute's father. 11 O. , 
Orlffeth. Dinner waa laid for the 
following guests, ur and Mrs. F M ' 
Pearson, parents of the groom; Pau- 
line and MargurrUe Pearson, ulsters 
of the gltH>m. Hex K U Halite*. Ml. 
and Mrs T. J. Pearson anil daughter. ' 
Alia Mr and Mt» Harry lletnn utid 
children, lltlllr. Mai lite mid Muljorlr, 
Mlas Viola Craig, the hOal end hostess. 
Mr and Mm II O Uilftrth. utid rllll. 
1irn. I.'vr.-flt. Nrul and Jean 

Vlrw i'i> 

Ukliu: pUi'f " l 



Clerk Didn't Know How to 

Spell Namo and Wrote it 


J n Ciuttln In of the opinion that • 
Roll* we* not named for % dog. Mrs. i 
J. B Montgomery, or Portland. Or*.. 
daughter of Oovtraor John e. Pa*lp*, 
recently gate a version of tn« nau» 
ln« of Roll*. 8he'h*d been Informed 
Uutt » totai who objected to Darning ■ 
In- county Phrlp* *urcr«-<lrd In nun- 
lug the county «ul alter hi* dug la . Mr. (luri.n bellcvc.i mm U i 

i Named for Nlr Walter 

"Following, the early settlement of 

*oiu." Mid ur tiuatta. niM^iiuibab- 

Itanta dMiml the MUblUthiMnfof a 
puetoffica. IV BMttar Nil under die- 

; designate,! la draw up * petition to 
b» made tu the poetoffloe depart* 

^teni . f\wi^rnr VTTV«a^ nnHT ■ Twaeovn ca 

, wi» aotttr «Im* had turn* from Worth i 
. Catwliua. and mil i>r reepect to their 

I***** 1% w*» itacidoa to uk^ <u«i 

partmmt 10 immr th* - o*w offtc* ' 
Kaln.n ' The MTlvener, uot being 

I familiar ant) the North Carolina cap- i 
Hal or the iiidin of th* harolo fig- I 
ur**) of th* Ku**b*tbau pariod. wrote j 

'It phonetically ftoll*,'. and poet* ; 

' of lie* department adoptod the eug gas- ! 

>Upn aa written In the petition. . i 
**I heard thia qut-ntlon dteruaaed b'/ ' 

• eurh proatlurnt fli-.urra in nulla Ma- 
ture • • the Utr tleia K V, Mitchell. 

-Jiuttre r. c* Bland. Walbndge J. row- 
rll, .ml otl.'fv and 1 um quite euro 
I', it. luricct 1 Mare been pretty well i 
•rqiucmM with thai part of the state 
l'>r hniu >ii >rnr>> ami I never heart) 
«l ai.) uinrr rrraluu of the naming oi 

,JiulU." . 

jomn a. ncm«»c»0K 

FuuatU . 
•XXkU this 


_ at 8 


Matfhts Frtabytexian onurah lor John 
a. ftagiuaa; ts yaara oti, who died 
•uoday night at ha ho***, MM Uit 
Thoinan itreet lotarment vu mad* 
la Mapl* Park oamataty under th* 
direction "of th* rungnar Funeral 

- I Idh*. CUIU DANE. 

1 I Fuoeral e*rr|c*a for aire Clara 
.Dane. «7 year* old. of TSI Booavtlle 
'aeartue. who died at her horn* yas- 
I lerday morning after a brief nine— 
.•HI be held at 3 o'clock tomorrow 
! afternoon at tb* Alma Lohmeyer 
' run«r»i home Burial will be mad* 
in tn»i l«»u cameury. 

aire. D*,ne la survived by th* hus- 
band. Guy Dene; the mother, Mrs. 
Mary Henderson: two alatara. Mre. 
'beam* Crewaa. Pittsburgh. Pa, and 
Mra Ida Stapel. Marahfhud: thra* 
bothers. K. D . Floyd and Waltar 
Her.deraon. all of Pprtng-rieid.. 


Funeral K.-mrm for Mr*. Emma 
Bumej M )r«j« old. who waa burn- 
ro to dc»ih »t. the born* of her eon. 
ooe r;i:le r*at of Wiarmrt. were held 
jeaterda) a.'UTnoon at XlorrlaTllle. afternoon Mr* Burney'a • 

.aon and daughter went to the baxg 
to attend to aome atock. They heard 

*aln Durney cry for help. They ruah- 

i ed to the houae and found th* wom- 
an* clothe, on fire. Bho. died a few 

^minutei. J**.C . j 

Ur* Burcey u aurrlved by thre* 
aor.» and a daughter. Funeral aer- 
vice* were heid undvr the direction I 
of the Hu!^«on-B!ur Undertakir.r ' 
:. r..;..:.y c .' Bclliar 

I ^ A. O. RtMMBTT 

IMaanu aarrto** for Adam O. Kim. 
•Mil «l year* oM. who dlad Monday 
moetuod »i hi* home, m gouih 
Orant avooua. will be bald at • 
o'clock Thursday morning; at 01 
Ago** Oathollo church, la teaman t 
•HI be mad* In Pi. Maiy'* oamTi«rr 
under the direction of th* Merman 
M. Ix>hmey*r Funeral home. 

air. Kimmett waa boru lu Ohio. 
Me waa formerly a druggut at 8U 
Joa*ph. He la aurvlvad by hU wid- 
ow, a daughter. Mr*. Maurice Her- 
bert of Chicago, eud a eou. Martin 
Kinunett. of the home. 


.K W ^ rrt ./' M bw ' ,: *•*»•»•■ h*r* of 1 
the doath of Janie* JHIttnii Davit 70 
y»*« old. at the home of hi* daugh- i 
ter la Cbarlaaton. Ill Mr. DaeU for 
m year* waa a resident of aprUtg- 
field, leaving thla niy »bout two 
ye*r« ago | V rreide with hi* dauuh- 
«*r In Illlnoi* «"ugn 

Uurli>4- a iarg p . rl of n , ,, 

deuce here. Mr. Da, u mmm .„ ,„„, 
of The Ueader. bein, a aollcltor in ' 
he rural dletrlcu of thle avoUon ^ 
Me rettre.l ^v,r»| jrare before leav. 
:»« HjirtnufifM 

Ml Davis ua. k m « u pf d 
llgi-ua couvicUona and waa well 
known throughout tin, cUy a nd 
Oouthweat Mleaoun. He I. .irrlved 
by one daughter m fharleaton. III. 
another daughter lu London. En.- 
mad, and an* aon. WtUlam Dawla. i 


-..,— ,■„..,., 


PunaraJ mttIom tor UN. fanik 

d*tu, rr year* old. who «u*4 yoour- 

euy momlnc •« h*r botn*. 1741 North 

stout***!*, w*r* h«ld at 4 o"«k>ck thja 

art*i-Dcou *t uj« Kllncncr PunuraJ 

ch*p«i *w t a. a. Humphrey «t tbg 

Central Chruum church officiated 

The body will b* taken to DHwi. Mo, 

tomorrow for burial. Mr*. Davlti U 

survived by two daughters, Mr*. 

ldella Tlu»«tl .net Ulu Nil.* Ruaoell. 

i holt) of rtprlngf if la: by two prnit. 

1 rred flolloway of U«Jd«n. Ill . and 

I J W ixiu of Dtiihom* City; by 

' <>n» slater. Mary Y Knot of lloluen- 

, rill*. Okie : and try on* brother, P. 

; J Whit* of Bprtug-fleld. 

Word wan received here this luom- 
u<i front Boa i it.-. North Carolina, of 
the death of Mr. W. H Martin, M 
years old. mother of C. O and O. P. 
Mat tin. owuera of the Martin Broth- 
era Ptano corapain 

Mra. Martin had L-oon III for axac 
time C. O Martin returned veeter- 
4*1 from hu mother's bedside, u. P. 
iafcrun M M ttW biAUd* ot 1U» 
auOtfce* ww.*n jwB B l OUU. O. O. llir- 
♦in left U.U lUxruooti to rslum lo 
urns for ibt futvarel. 

Mra. Vila Wmw ot IMo Waat 
Olive atrswt revived word this mora* 
tag from 1»opl*r Mutt. Mo., ot the 

| death of har brothar. John (kmtt, 
64 ywra old. who dtod last night at 
hla lioros The decedent laarat flv* 
chlldrwa and four alsturs. "Hit ale-, 
tare ere Mra aUla Wa»« ©f UU 
city: Mr», Mary Ooodrlob, and Mra. 

i Barah In man. both ot Mount*!!) 
drove. Mo., and Mra Lilly Will, of 
Poplar Blurt. Mo Funeral services 
will tx> held tomorrow at Poplar! 
Ill tiff 

ML at 
Henry B. Brallruoar. 70 yaara old. 
, veteran r*tlr*d Frisco p— *ng*t ou- 
1 gtneec, died a* 10 o'clock UUi mom- 

Ins at lb* fanUly horn*. 10M North 
t Oampboll aranua> aJur a brief 111- 
i naa*. Mr, Bmlthmlar raurau trom 
1 service, fir* years ago after aertlrn it 
i rears with the Frisco. He had resided 

In Bpruirfleld '**> year. 
| The dwrwaawd la #unr|r*d by :fuur 
'son*. W. K Bmithntler. of JCana** 
cit). j c niuitiiiiiier, ot Chicago: it. 
C. runiUuuler. of U>« Axuralea, and H. 
B chnithmier. of Detroit ; and by two 
tl.uu liters, Mr* Joseph Ml Jet and MlM 
l*on» Binlthtnler. both of the hum* 
ailitrewa. rxuteral arraiigr>inriitfl ara 
liiiH>nipl*te, but will be held under 
tine, iiatl uf ihe llerinan II. Lnhincyrr 
I (tiirr. I liollir 

Page 4: There is an article about James E. Cox.** 
Page 10: Henry B. Smithmier died.** 

Mrs. W. H. Martin died.** 

Mrs. Clara Dane died.** 

A. G. Kimmettdied.** 

James M. Davis died.** 

John Garrett died.** 

John Ruppledied.** 


• MRS. W. H. MARTI.. 
Mrs. W. H. Martin. »4. of Bostlc 
N. C died at «:I0 o'clock Wednes- 
day morning-, according to word re- 
jcelved here yesterday. Mrs. Martin 
| was the mother of C. O. and O. P. 
; Martin, owners of the Martin Broth- 
jerg 1'lano company. C. CJ. Martin 
'returned to SprlnRflcId yesterday. 
:hls mother having shown conslder- 
r blc Iniprovcnient. for a few days 
before his departure. G. P. Martin 
[remained at the bedside. C. O. Mar- 
tin returned yesterday evening to 
attend services. 

John G:iriftt, 6i. died Tuesday 
nilih; .it lil« liuiitu In I'oplur lilur.". 
af hi illnn l<> Information received 

'.vlti.l.iv by Ills Klstor, Mrs. K!!;i 

IWemTW. of 7M O ^Mi i tr W^ 
ersl service, wfll be held Ot P*s*»r 

tBltdt today. Mr* 

laired by «▼• chlldrwajl 
te**.' The atster* ar* 
Weaver of this dtj: : M« Mgry 
Goodrlrh and Mr*. Sarah 
both of Mountain Orwew. Ma, 
Mrs. Lilly HU1U of Poolar Bhrff. 
. .V tr;* .■-"■' , '' 

Oa/swtt la *wr> 

rea «**■ t**sf a**' 

Funeral services for Mrs. Clara 
Dane, 37. who died Tuesday at her 

held at S o'olock 'this afternoon at 
tb* Alma Lohmayar Funeral bom*. 
Burial will follow in East Lawn 



, John R-jpt.le. a former resident 
Of Springfield, died *> hU home In 
Be*ttle. Wash^ on December U. 
According to word received yester- 
day from Mrs. Rupple by Mrs. A. 
J. Scott. 430 Klmbrough avenue. 

Mr. Hupplo. who Uved In Spring- 
field more than 10 year*, wowf to 
Seattle four >ears agOj where he 
lived until the date ot hla death 
He Is survived by hi* wife 
one son. Harry Rupple, 


Folks You Know 

Informal Glimpses and Sidelights 
on Prominent Springfieldiane. 


head of the Eng 
ltoh department 

,a» ^JJeury svcol- 

vBntT this JU 
merely oar >«{ 
his honori. 

"It will eur- ! 
prise 'a good 
many of the peo- 
pie," he laughed. 
. -to know i hat 1 
»in an ordained • 
mlnUter in the 
Daptlst ch.mli 1 «■»* ui dallied I"' 
isiv." ; 

Fam.liar With Many 6tat«i 
- I'eiliups this wax iw>wiewhat nat 
P«5B& fathetjgpi^m 
soben Buiil** 

»- ,J*w< «■;-'- 

4jfHngfl«*d can amy 

WM in the Indian «-_- - ^^^ 
le^ with Slltto* B-CjaJgjgS 
•k .Agency.", he t^^W*!*^ 
tffiret' •er»eant'lu ©ompe** -X * 

.hera/'t ■«■■'« V^'- **»«$■ 
Doctor Cox wai liorn at 
JlHnols. March lo. 1»»3 
3 »"P»al was the day befo., 

rtek's. and the city wua O 



|ern country^SW^Sne'S^achoo 

; Indiana, • JW%W^*hlga^;:£M«>J 

i Kentucky and Wot Virginia. H. lal 

'a KTU<iv*tq^m*km\ »*»>ool atf, 

I owmsvllle. Wd- 3 .* '.* &■ ~ . 

lit? taught l«r'« year* In the Oak-| 
I land City collegia iprufeasar- t of . 
; Biblical llteraturt^a* ; profeeeor* "«* | 
religious eUucatioii'al Hlllsvlile col- 
ics.-. iUH«vHl*."3Ulch..'-and for the 
• past six >far»J»l*»wi»<>'«" or ot J 
iKngllall at Drury. He has been 
| frwmman claaa officer thens for the 
I past five yeara. 

I From 1871 to 1877 he »ai a newa- 
i imuar editor and writer at Kvana- 

vnie ind . mam*** " "• • ' 

Aided Dry Crusaders 
lioctur Cox prepared all the pub- 
licity matter for the Antl-E>*luon| 
! league of Indiana during the legal. 
! fight which resulted In statutory 

prohibition in Indiana in 1917. 
PPl^Ji^onaV great deal of writ 
fink?' ; nWr'iiag w to'i$blleh*4 » ■nmnWr 
! books. ^flfU^fWle?* I» ;*Tbe Rlaf 


» orrltlhi is ""comlofir 
summer." he said, 'although 1 havgrf 

nothing definitely planned as yel» X 

shall go east, however, to do^lti 

where 1 can be close to the (treat 

'eastern libraries." ' ' -.■ '?,''''- 

He considers his best work, la to 
be found In "The American laaue." 
a magazine which he edited at In* 
dtanapolla. froth 1915 to 1917. ' ' 

His hobbles, so he says, are at h- • 

letlcs and fishing. While In col- ' 

j lege, be made a letter for three ' 

yeara, in .basketball. ,j 

l'rofessor Cox reads a great deal, 
although not* much ••modern" stuff. | 

He never nails a inu.kiu novel 
until It Is twu year. old. 

"Thus, I, Just last summer got 
around to reading 'Babbitt' and 
•Main Street'." < 

Professor Cox is vlre president of 
the University < lub, a member of 
the Modern Language society and 
Sigma Tau Delta. ' 

'assenrjer frotoeer.Wr 
Be Held'YoiWW 

Henry B. 8mlthmler. */0» died at 
10 o'clock yesterday morning at hU 
home at 10*4 North Campbell ave- 
nue, after a brief Ulneea. Funeral 
services will be held at 1 o'clock to- 
morrow morning at the. St Joseph 
Catholic church. Burial will follow- 1 
In 8t. Mary's cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Herman H. L*hmeyer 
Funeral home. 
Mr. Smlthmler waa a veteran 

| Frisco passenger engineer and had 
lived In Springfield for 38 years. 

Mr. Smlthmler la eurvlved by four 
eons. W. It. Smlthmler. of Kansas 
City; J. C. Smlthmler. of Chicago; j 
II. C. fnnlthmler, of Los Atigeles. | 
mid II. H SinlthmlfW. of Prtrolt; • 

.i.nil by two daughters. Mrs. Joseph 

iMllet and Miss Leona Smlthmler, 

(both of the home address. 


Funeral service* for Adam Q. 
Klmmett. «1. wlto died Monday »t 
his home 1*4 «•"»»» 0«"» nt avenue, 
will be held at t o'clock thte morn- 
ing at St. Agnea Catholic church. 
Burial will be made In St. Mary's 
cemetery under" direction of the 
Herman II. Lohmeyer Funeral 

James M. Paris. 70. for 25 years 
a resident of Springfield, died at 
the honiH of his daughter In Char- 
leston, 111., according to Information 
received here. He Is survived by 
the daughter and one son. William 
Davis, llulUlh, Minn. 


Page 6: The will of J. T. Wilson wh died January 10, 1927, was filed for probate. 

Marriage license: Emery Dale Rumsey of St. Joseph and Nancy Helen Anderson 
of Lebanon. 

Henry B. Smithmeier died.** 

Mrs. Clara Dane died.** 

Adam G. Kimmett died.** 

John Rupple died.** 

Jasper Leroy Reynolds died.** 

Mrs. Charles Martin died.** 

J. W. Judd died.** 

Billy Edgar Huntley born.** 
Page 9: J. Howard Anderson and Emma E. Anderson were divorced. 
Page 10: There is a poem in memory of Gerald Lee Jenkins.** 

Wt had » little treasure once, 

wa loved him, oh. ptrhtp* too wall 
For aeon ht .l.pv and dfid. ^ 

AU u dark u our dwalUBi; . 
£«»•& •« our baana today 

naa ronrvar pa mij away, 

SEJ^UX *>T *»*• «ooa to ratt. 
Throt jroara ago today. 
The Ood above, who knoweth beat 
Hath taken hln away. 

NJ5 T .« U .11 ,r w ,0rra dJd-t °°« »**>»• 
Nead to IM home o'ar tbara. 

^►^Sf***^ »•**«>- took our lor* 
With Him to (lory abara. V 

Fracloue Oarald. your memory ■till 
ah*ll ltn«ar White W« U** 
We nun aubmit to perfect will 
Who didat thaw to ua give. 

Dearest Oarald. tbO haat left ua 
And our loaa wa daaply xaal 
But lie Ood that haa bereft ua 
Ua can aJJ. our aorrow haaL 

Jet again wa hop* to meet tbea , 
| whan tha day of Ufa la r*ad- 

, When in buna with Joy to greet 

' Whin no farawell taar u abed 

Badly mlaead by Daddy and Mother 

i*. , J. w. J run. 

Funeral eervlota for J. W. Judd. 71 

|yaara old. fathar of Jay N. Judd, of 
tha J\idd Detective Agency here, who 
died last Friday at hu noma in Char- 
ley. Ky . were held yeaterday. Burial 

I waa made at Charley. Ky. The deced- 
rut m survived by five mxih. Jtmri. 
Lee. l-extrr an<i Itoltrri Judd of the 
hotnc_niHi Jay N. Judd. <>r this city; 

■ he Is also survived by |«u daughtera, 
Mi** Zorn Judd and Miu Claudia* 


Funeral service* for Henry B. 
I Bmlthmler, 70 > ram old. who died m 
; hla luime. 10J4 North Campbell «vc- 
, line, yruerday morning, will bo held 
| at 9 o'clock tomorrow tnoruing at tha ' 
'Ht. Joseph 'a Oa.u-.oiir churrh. Inter* 
incut will i>c iiiadc in ai Miiry'n rem- ■ 
rtery uudi r tho dim mod of 11m- Her- 
man If Lnhmeyer Funeral home. 

Mr. Bmlthmler wma a veteran paa-> 
Sanger engineer for tha rrlaoo and 
had lived in Springfield for 38 year*. 
Mr. Bmlthmler la aurvived by four 
•one. W. R Bmlthmler of Kansas City: 
J. C. Bmllhmier. of Chicago; H. C. 
Bmlthmler. of l<o* Angeles, and H. B. 
Bmlthmler of Detroit; and by no 
daughters. Mrs. Joseph Mllel and Mlas, 
Leone Bmlthmler. both of the home 


Funeral aervicea for Mrs. 


f \r 

Dane. 37 yeara old. who died Tueaday 
at her home. 731 Boon vi He avenue, 
were held at 9 o'clock this afternoon 
at the Alma Lonmayer Funeral home. 
Burial followed In East Lawn came- 
tary. . 

•■ -a*, 1 ■ ■ •^asaa'faaaaaaa-Bfj ^ . {. ,„ 

At»AMo. anantarrT.' :■'•■•.*.-■■ 

Funeral service* were held At 
' o'clock thin morning for Adam O. ( 
i Kimmett. 01 years qld. who died Mon- 
day ut his horn;, 734 South Ornnt 
avenue. Kervlcea were conducted at 
. St. Agnoa Catholic church. Interment 
• waa made In St. Mary's ccmotery un- 
,drr the direction of the Herman H, 
Lohmeyer Funeral home. 


Revwdrr Jars. W McKee today la- I 
»urxl a mairlage liretue to Emary ' 
t*alr Huuiaey of Bt. Joseph and 
Nancy lleleu Andaraon of Lebanon. 


MKS. ril.lHl.Jl-i MABTIX. i 

Funeral service* lor Mrs. Charles ) 
Martin. 84 years old. of Uosllc. N. C. . 
win) tlird Wednesday iiiuriiiiiK "I her , 
home follow) iu: a week* UIiicsh. will ; 
be held tomorrow afternoon. Mn. | 
Martin U the mother of C. O. Mar- i 
tin. president of the Martin Broth- 
ers Pinna company, ami G. P. Mar- • 
tn. vl«e president of the company, . 
ttti of whom have gout- to Bosilc. 

Mrs. Martin was a pioneer resident 
of Worth Carolina, flb* rtelded <m 
Um old bom* place at tbo time of 

five years iia ' ■".■'1^*^5«^^*'-^:«!iM 
Nine ©hiidren were born to Mr. end 
Mr*. Obartoa Martin, free Oi -bom 
are 90» HviM. Tbey aye 0. O. Mar- 
tin. and O. P. Martin of. thu city; 
Prank Martin, of BosUc.-t Broddus 

Martin, of Bostlc and " " " 


Lattlmoro. of BosUo. 

Mrs. Martin suffered a etroto oi 
paralysis about » WHt'W^^Hir 
nondiUon grew worse until v death 
earns ysaterdsy morn 1 1 if. 

Ths doors of Um Martin Brothers 
Piano company wilt b« closed vomor- 
sow afternoon. l*stcr Cok, secretary 
and mana**r of the company sold to- 

John ItuppU. * former reeldsnt of 
.Springfield.- died at his boms la -staff 
a tile. Wash., on December Si. ac- 
cording ' to word received yesterday 
from Mrs. Ruppls by Mrs. A. J. Scott, 
430 Klinbrough avonue. 

Mr. itupple. who lived in Bprinf- 
flrhl more than 10 years, want to Se- 
attle four yea. J ago. where he lived 
until (he ilftte of his death. Me la 
survived by bis wife ao«r" one son. 
Harry Itupple. . 

Jasper LeRoy Reynolds, three years i 
of age. son of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy 1 
Reynolds. 1001 East Brewer street. 

died ut the home tills morning after ! 
a brief lllneas. He la survived by the I 
motlier und father and two brothers, - 
.lames and William, and three sisters, | 
Esther. Dun ye and Elalee. | 

Funeral arrangements are lncom- . 
plete. Burial will be at East Lawn | 
cemetery. Arrangements ore in • 
charge of the Alma lx>hmeyer Funer- 
al home. 

Born to Mr. ana Mrs. O. E. Hunt- 
ley. 1107 North Roge avenue, a son, 
Billy Edgar, on Jan. 3u. Mrs. Huutly 
yra a formerly Aiicen Bowea, 

Page 1: Mrs. Charles Martin died.** 
Page 4: There is an account of Arthur Clark Daily.** 
Page 5: Miss Eva Smith and Mr. George H. Schellhardt were married.** 

Funeral services for Mr* Cbarlss 
Martin. H. wW' beheld, UiU afternoon 
at her horns in Boetlc. N. C. sirs 
Martin was t he mother of C O Mar- 
tin and Q. P. Martin. ewners of Um 
Martin Brothers PUno company bars. 
The slore will be elosed ibis after- 
noon. It was announced yesterday by 
Lester Cox. eecrstary and ssanafer 
of the company. ' 

Mr. and Mrs. A. U Smith. 1110 H 
North Bobbsrson svreQue, announce 
the ms4Tis«* of itbslr daochtflr. 
Bvn, to Mr. Osswaw a. BBnsfflisrdL 
aon of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Schell- 
hardt, 1M1 North Jefferson ave- 
nue, on January U. The marriage 
was solemnised at 7:10 o'clock at 
the home of Mr. ond Mrs. 8. V. 
Osburn In Ksnsss City, Kan. The 
Revsrend J. 8. Spears, pastor of 
the Christian church ef that city, 
officiated. Only a few Intimate 
fi lends wars present. Mr. and 
Mrs. Schellhardt will be at home 
after March 1 in gsnsss City. 



Folks You 

Informal Glimpses and Sidelight* 
en Prominant SprlngfSeldlene. 

TJKAD of eevernl large Industrie* 
In PprlnfjfleM and owtsSaadlnc 
fraternal rlrcle* of fcrprlngfield 
and theOaark re- 
gion torn ft years. 


Clark Ual'.r. «•>» 
came to Spring" 
field In lyot 10 
become secretary- 
treaaurer of the 
Crescent Iron 

A ^^*»*JfI works and head 

^L . W of the Springfield 

jPfc ^ *y Lumber and 

Cooperage cum- 
K«W mm tn the stale of Missouri 

ran equal ">• accomplishment* of 

Mr. Dally na a lead-r In fraternal 


II* «•■ grand <omniinder of th« 

Missouri grand conim mdry. Knights 

Templar Wi l*. I •- *. 

potentate of tin- Ahou 

shrine In It'll: was !•«•* 

ill.- s. i>::l«h i:ii» 

of Eastei 
the Sprln 

*I»j-lnk-tJeir««><0*t"fy* :,|ub - r: M ' C i( 
A.,' Kotury chibjand other organla*-* 
tions; H<w«sj#6creUry of the bldj 
Commercial olub years ago. 

Mr. DaQy*"w>» born In Clinton 
rounly. Ind.. October Zi. 1872. und 
I grew ti» manhood In Kansas.-. He 
Vas married on June 6. 18!#4 to Miss 
Aunusta M. Inglls, of Ualesburg. 

Ilr i.igjn JW» UusincSH career a« 
! n ethnographer with the Kansas and 
Texas L'uaJ companr in at. Louis J 
In ISM. I 

In 1901 be came to Springfield j 
and sine that time lias been Ident- 
ified with various Industries. He It 
pre»ldent of the Krank II. Smith 
' Laundry rompany. general managei 
iirThe ()nlWd*lr*na»^s^amP%ec- 
retary of the Hobartfb** Tire' com- 
pany. * * yw~- « 

Own* Large' Farm .- 
lit- assisted In organizing the 
i'nlted Iron Worke^JltpW one of 
the largest corporations of It* kind 
In the country. He .also was one 
of the organizers .' of the Smith 
laundry and together With $V. Q. 
iltathbonu now owns *J) of the atock 
', in the company. '■• _ j ; "i. i . ; . 
I Agricultural pursailfle^aJso Occupy 
-part of Mr. Daily's time. He Is the 
I owner of a 32 j-acra farm In Greene 
(county and has ar large herd of 
'. registered llolsteln cattle on the 

i I 1 "' 1 ' e. - ; 

leu Is ^rtlvr In cliurch 
i member of St. i'aul 
South. He has served 

luii ill boards dining 
> i-ttra. 




illy . 

i «. 

■ Ik 



i M 





ii i 



«' 1' 




Mive.t .■* 

lien Adhem 

lent of 

!uli here; served 

t!;o S|ii -n k: 'i* -d 

~ BRot u.e mat 

l/Wae patron of 
aptVr In HX>3;f ; 
Native p1 Indiana 
He also l*f-proinln*nt In tu*ln*se 
circle* of BprlngtleKU b*ln* a mem^ 
ber of the Chamber of Cominere«SI 

FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 28, 1927- %slui 
Page 2: There is a poem in memory of Nell O'Bryant McDonnel, who died three years 
ago today. This item is torn and the names of the people signing it cannot be made out. 
Martha A. Forbis died.** 
Page 20: This is either the first (or at least certainly one of the first) appearance of "The 
Waste Basket" which appeared on the editorial page. It included a variety of things such as 
letters from readers, reminiscences, comments. Later (in the 1930s) the Daily News also had a 
column called "The Waste Basket." 

Page 21 : Miss Eva Smith and Mr. George H. Schellhardt were married.** 
Page 22: Marriage license: George Turner of St. Louis and Jane Hilderbrand of 

Horace Bismark Clark died.** 
Ed P. Porter died.** 
H. B. Smithmierdied.** 
Mrs. Tobitha Sharrock died.** 
Mrs. Mary M. Lyman died.** 
P. P. Wells died.** 
Mrs. Wesley Young died.** 

R. N. Wommack was appointed administrator of the estate of Everett Wommack 
who died January 3, 1927. 

runeral eervlcea for H. B. Bmlth- 
mier. 70 yean old. were held at 
o'clock this morning at St Joseph'* 
Catholic church. Burial waa made 
la Bt. Mary* cemetery under the di- 
rection of the Herman H. Lohmeyer 
runeral home. 


Mr. and Mra. A. L. Smith. lllOU 
Berth Robbareon avenue. M tqou n w 
tha marriage of their daughter, Bra, 
to Mr. Oeorgs H Scbelthardt, eon Of 
Mr. and Un> M. W. Schellhardt, 1001 
North Jefferson avenue, on January 
M. Toe ceremony was performed at 
f 40 o'clock at the home of Mr. end 
lira. B. V. Oeburn In Kansas City, 
Kan-, the Reverend J. S. Spears, pss- 
lor of the Chrletlan church of that 
Cty. officiating. Only a few inti- 
mate frlende were present. Mr. and 
Mrs. Srhellnardt will bo at home 
after March 1 In Kautaa City. 

•>a)W|**4Mii*ii i «,i n-y. . -. w***z 

Funeral earvlcee tor Horaoa El*. 
mark Clark, aon of the lam Frank 
CUrtc. wara nam* Thursday M Wf 
ban* In Oaa Fmnciado, CnW. Mr. 
Cmrk la eurrt red by hit wife and 
four children, two sisters, Mrs. J. W. 
Orawford of Denver, and Mr*. Mary 
Miller of Oprlngfisld: one brother. 
Frank Clark. Jr„ Springfield, and the 
foUowlnc nleom and nepbewe: Mrs. 
Howard Harea and Bdwtn Olark of 
MUterton. Okie, and Harry J. Miller 
of Bprluglleld. 


ad P. Porter, ad years old, died 

this morning at bla home. aoofl Ram- 

eey avenue. Funeral eervlcea will be 

held at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon 

at the home. Interment will be made 

In Hardwood cemetery under the di- 

rscUon of the Pauon Funeral borne. 

Mr. Porter bad rwsldsd la Bprlng- 

Oeid tor a number oC Team. Ms waa 

a m ember of tha sttetgbm of Pythias. 

■b- Is s unn e d ' by %b» wide* and cm* 

•on. B. B. Porter; tbree daughter*, 

jMias maroalto Porter. Mia* Marjoris 

[Porter and Mrs. buna Shaw, of Chi- 

jesgo. 111..- by two step-daughters. 

J Mim Pauline Harrison and Miss Ines 

; Ward; and by one slater Mrs. Will 

, arclth. 

f. f. VtLLUi. 
Word «u received here this morn- 
UK that P. P WH1a „ rMM ™, 


m Lone Bats*. Oel. Mr. Walla was 
as yaars aid, and had bean very active 
ttbtU rsoaoUy. whan ha suffered a 
Btoesf *f paralysis, lie to surrtmd 
by two eons and two daughter*. J. P. 
Brails of «•• Obarry street, manager 

pany. W. <X Walls of Chkhasha, 
Okfcv; Kra. B, B. Jonas. Set Cbamr. 
Mrs. Owy BL McOulra. Long Saacb, 
Oak Funeral ananfamanta an tn« 
sBBsBsatB awaiting the arrival of tha 
Body. Xnaerman^wul be In Maple 


7 HS-, ,-. 

1st?, at the a** opti gear* u 
montha and on* day. She waa mar. 
rtad to Bamual D. Porbis April I. 
lati. to this union waa bom nlna 
ablldran. John Edward and OUla 
Jane praoadad their mother to their 
•asasUai bams. Tha other wTtu ara 
a* follows: Obarles Oleva,/ WlUlam 
Joseph, Robert Wesley. Sarah lAte- 
teshay and Ooeden Xtumbeth. 

TBa seven ablldran living all r*. 

sMa la and near Clever. Mo., with tha 

exception of Jamee. who lies at Re- 

: public. Mo. The children were all at 

; the bedside of their mother when the 

end came. 

Mrs. Porble profeesed faith lb 
Christ at the *j« of is. and united 
with the Chrlsuan church. She was 
loved by all who knew her. We can 
see her eugel hand beckoning us to 
meet her on that bright and beaven- 
ly ahoie To Aunt Martha, as all 
knew her. the, great Klvsr of Death 
wma only a little brook with angels 
guiding her across. Hsr bsalth in 
later years waa so frail It prevented 
her from doing sctlve work in the 
church: but nsvertbelsss sbs was each 
day of hsr life storing up for herself 
trssaurea In heaven Her sole ambl- 
iiou Ma* to serve J«u» and her fel- 
loa-men. Her life was s highly ea- I 
teemed example for her husbsnd. 
children and friends to follow. 

She leaves to mourn her loss her 
companion. seven children, four 
grandchildren, two sisters snd s host 
ofg relatlvee and friends. . 

Mrs. Mary M. Lyman. U years old. 
widow of the late Msjor wiutam H. 
Lyman, dtsd Thursdsy night at tbs 
hoens of her eon. Lib M. Lyman. In 
Oaklaud. Calif., after s brief lUnsss. 
according to word received bora. Mrs. 
Lyman was a former resident of 
Springfield and had been a member 
of the Pjret Christian church here 
since childhood and was wall known 
ui this vicinity. Bbe waa the 
mother of elx children, three of 
whom surrtrs hsr. They ara: Lib M. 
Lyman. Oakland. Calif.; Prank Ly- 
man of Olnubs, Calif., and Hart W. 
Lymsn. 1823 North Boulevard. 
Springfield. Bhe also u survived by 
two slaters. Un Robert Owens of 
NUa. Mo . aud Mrs. James Doran of 
Mua. and by one brother. William 
Doran. of Springfield, and by seven 
grandchildren and one great grand- 
child. Punersl eerrices will be held 
at a 40 o'clock Tuesday afternoon 
from the Stsrne Mortuary, with ln- 
twrment in Hszelwood cemetery un- 
i der direction or W. L. Starne. under- 


Mia. Wealay Tounf. U yaara ©M. 
formartr «* tnie city. <ned jartarday at 

ar boOM la iMfwmUi, tin , ao- 
oaRLlng - to »oe*d raoeirad bare tbia 
morotxtc by -A«r mo<ber-ln-Uw, Mra. 
Cbarie*T Ooak. of BM Weet TTa mlltn n 

Sbe U saxTtrad br *©«' eatere. Mr*. 
Attc* Mmmm— and to. OMrfto 
Kemp. boV of eprtnfneid; Ut*. ma 

Rarrl*. Fort 'Worth, Tta. and Mr*. 

Ola* Walter, «f lUobland, Mo, 

Tba dHMMl alao la survived by U>« 
nuaband. Wesley Young; the lather. 
Karri* Hadgapetn. of Springfield; and 
by tnree daughter*. Thelma, Virginia 
and Jon* Young, all of the home. 
run era] errant omen ts are Incomplete. 

Funcial service* were held at Z 
o'clock jesteraay afternoon at the 
Parson hmtn! home for Mr». Tobl- I 
tha •narrook, formerly of ■prlncfltlo, 
who died Wednesday at her home In 
8i, Louis. Mo. Burial waa mad* In 
Haaalwood cametarr. The body we* 

torwartted to Springfield j a ai st d ay 

and waa aeoatnpaalad by bar eotv Dr. 

Adrian D. Hscnola. of St. Loula. Mra. 

Bbarroek waa 83 yaar* old. 


Page 2: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 4: There is an article about Guy C. Gibbs.** 
Page 5: A son Billy Edgar Huntley was born January 26 to Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Huntley 

of 1 107 North Rogers avenue. Mrs. Huntley was formerly Miss Aileen Bowen. 

Page 7: R. N. Womack was appointed to administer the estate of Everett Wommack. 

[The name is spelled both ways.] 

Son born January 28 to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Brockert, 1409 North Lyon avenue. 

Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

Notice in memory of J. D. McKerall.** 


Folks You Know i 

Informal Ollmpaea and Sidelight* 
en Prominent Bpringfisldlane. 

DV PROFESSION an abstracter, 
by rholce an editor, and by 
election a circuit clerk. 

Thai's Ouy C. Olbba. who Mill 
likes to fish nnd has a hankering 
^ to bowl but 

^■T- B^ doesn't find tlinel 
jHpflH ft fur [ 

F W a FWLtt« - hartal 

been la tba aV 
■tract bualneea 
rear*. <»*** mx>- 
oumM to tba 
political term, 
ran tor office — 
i ftk and tfa* voters 

A- '**■■*, "ft balloted their 

approval. And If 
you don't belter* 
he really mad* 
some race. Just 
bear In mind that court house r«- 
| rort pictures him as the first 
i democratic circuit cleric In Qreeni 
' county since 'before the war." And 
i that means tho Civil war and not 
' ccii" International disturbance. 

Aside from bla other duties, 
I Olbba finds time to be secretary of 
1 the Rotary club, and la the founder 
I and editor of the Rotoxark. which 
! he publishes weekly for the bene- 
fit of Rprlng-fled Rolarlana. ' 

"I like to fish and 1 like to 
bowl." Gibbs confessed, "but. be- 
lieve rr.e I haven't found lime f"r 
anything like In ihe past [Hiee 
or four years." 

Guy C. Gibbs 

Rut It must Le admitted that 

Glhb* has another worry. This Isn't) 
I really hS own mind you. It's a I 
j sort of vir.iious worry He's won- 1 

('.rrlne' what the roor acl.ool 'each- j 
• rrs will do In three or four years 
i "Three or .'our y. ars from now." i 
j he remarked, "whenever « school ' 
I tencher cays *Rettv how about 

th"t~ half if tie r:rl« In the r<»->m 

Will rise. 
| 'And a minute later when she 
i says. 'Je.m what do you think?'' 

■],r. (••'•r- V"\!f v. '1 -e» up 
: Gibbs. ! y the way. Is married 
; and he nnd Mrs. Gibbs have a 3- I 
j year-old dvtbt'v whose name It 
'*':&. !- J-r.n. They 
j-". it- National nve- . 

may be 
reside at 


Marriage llcenaasi Qeora* Turner, 

M. 6a. Loale, and Jan* Hlldartwaad, 

M. Lebanon; Emery IJale Ramsey, 

j»T, St. Joseph, and 

Anderson. 7*. i*j£ujo"i 


1'Altl.i uF THAN KM 
Me wish to iX press our appreciation 
to our many friend*, lha Independent 
Oil Co.. and employees, Alma Loh- 
meyer Funeral Homo, for the many j 
kindnesses extended to us during the 
Illness and death of our little sun. i 

.Mr. and .Mrs Lielloy A. lie) m«. Ids 


» " " ■■" ••-■ » •«•»««■ ""> i ■ To linn It all ud be baa u«H 

,, . r ";„* nd , t e ' nr _ amll ." r _ wlth "'_ I ' **• t ^ ton h » Pro»e««I.'nSr5 

iV\ i# T'k 4T-J ^"v 1 "/ ,00d "•*••»• a* a clUsen, nelsbbor. 

dutiful boy. When be had »rown _- nd „„, ,_„,._ «',_ . , •?££_ 

To ir.f Dure la murh more than or- 
dinary satlnuss ntttndant on the death 
of a tellow mortal In the death of 
brother -. I>. McKerall. Away back 
amid the eunahlne of the peat, when 
the wrrld waa bright to me and Juet 
dawning to him he waa, a achool boy) 
of mine 

up and waa In college.. Ma father died. 
H« then came home and begun farm- 
ing. Marrying Mary Foater. they be- 
came the parental of ^flre children. 

aaoe of givtng (hem'rrllgtooa tralntng 
So they joined Ua; fmliruriu 
church, brlngrag all Uutlr children 
with them. From the atart they were 
•ntbualajclc members. I ' Boon after- 
wards he waa ordained an Elder, and 
waa erer ready for any taak th« 
church required Although a prorrea- 
alve and prosperous farmer he wa* 

I not hurrying to accumulate wealth, he 
rather aimed la Bet the beat out of 
lite a, he went along. Me haa told 
rae of hla happlneee especially ef the 
lM of Us lira ye* fee, and 4fta':m«n 
Has Joy. wh^n he rneela God. In the 
rtoeet ef prayer, tilt heart ufrlehl. 

To iiun It all up ha baa exemplified 

fclf ob- 
band and father. His laeC'tinsaago 
was, "I'm leaving St. John's hospital 
today. Teu have kept my room bright 
with flowers. You bar* sent other 
thine, that grew high on the, tree ot 
human need. I pray God to reward 
you according to your several needs " 

Though he haa paaed beyond the ken 
of mortal eyes; I have ad abiding 
faith that we shall meet again, where 
there la no r^re sadness. 

"Whosoever llveth and txlleveth In 
Me ahall never dle."-Johrt 11:26, 

The stars go down to rise upon some 
fairer ehere and there In tieaven's 

i diadem th«y shine forfver 
— Lytton 



Page 5: The will of William Bartelsmeyer was admitted to probate. Anna Bartelsmeyer 
is the executrix. 

The probate court docket for February is published. 
Page 10: The will of J. T. Wilson who died January 10 was admitted to probate. 
Mrs. Mary M. Lyman died.** 
Ed P. Porter died.** 
J. T. Darr died.** 
Mrs. Wesley Young died.** 
P. P. Wells died.** 

T L. Young divorced Ruth M. Young. 
Rosalee Bodine and Charles H. Bodine were divorced. 


Funeral service* will bo held at 
. J 30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the 
; Slant* mortuary for Mr*. Mary M. , 
* MmMi.« ynri old. widow ot .- the } 
lair Major .William H. Lyman, who i 
died Thursday night itt the hnme of 
iter aim, 1.1b U Lymnn. in Oakland, ' 
•t'el. following • brief illness. Inter- ! 
ir.r:tt win be made In lUxelwood crm- , 
>\>-.\ Thr l»*>dy will be forwarded 
!«• t-l'Mll^Itold. 

i: r. roHint. 
a&orning at hla homo, BOM Ramaey) 

hvwoua, -win be) haw at t o'clock Sun 

•ay Cttfi»M m the bom*. 
•ram will tat made UBaatlVOA* 

l.*!M».!(.i».V.»Jl' ..■ . i ■■. — - _____ i 


fi^?i^*:^|wri*.'-OAii«. 7 -. ■ "•-■■■'-• $ 

P j: T. Darr. #3 year* old. Civil War 
! veteran S Mid ft resident ot Spring* 
icmM lor man* yeere, dtod lut night 
[it T© ©Woo* Id a local hospital, lot. 
I lowing 'ft brief Uhiees. Mr. Darr re- , 
t elded at 1030 DoouvUle avenue. ( 

' Whtn tie came here in 1880. Mr. 
Daxr engsceri lu th" bnrlxr businrrs ] 
oty Commercial street. He eontluucd , 
\n< th»e business until hla, health 
r failed a few month* ago. Mr. Darr 1 
One of the early musician* of thla j 

rjtlv. having beeu a member ot sev- 
eral local bands end orchestra*. 

The decedent iu a member ot 
Trinity Lodge. No. 485. I. O. O. F.: 
•tap a member of Kiowa Tribe. No. 38. 
of. the order of Redmcu and Atlas 
Lodge; No. 313. of Knight* of Pythias 
Funeral srrvlcre will be held at 
3.30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at Ba- 
rred Heart Catholic church. Ilcv. 
iFcthrr u.-tly will officiate, Inter- 
ment uill he made in Cireenlnwn 
I cemetery under the direction of the 
iUenuau II. Lohmeyere Funeral home. 

UIVOKCE tilt.tNTi:». 

Judge Quy_ D. Kirby lu Division I 
one at the circuit court this morn- I 
Ing granted T. L. Young a decree I 

>ifl* MMESt Big fiit-ft Mt Zgtt Hh ' 

P. P. WKJX*. 
P. P Wei la. who «Had Friday. Jan- 
uary at, tn Lone Ba>*cto. CsUH.. wm 
born In Mortb California and tn htt 
early boyhood cam* wlUi nli parent* 
to Mluourl and mUM «n a farm 
•out* of MarabfWId. Me wan mar- 
nod to Mlaa Mary Pumpbray. ol near 
OalnaavUI*. Oauk eotintjr. wbo dUd 
February &. 1S18. To tb» union five 
children war* bom, four of whom 
aurme. Tb*y an»: William C. Well*. 
Chlckaaha. Oata.: Jamea P. WelU. 
6J8 Cherry •treet. manager of tbe lo- 
cal offlc* of the International Har- 
« rater company; **ra. Emma Jonea, 
f<2 Cherry urect. arid Mrt Mar- 
K u»rlte McOulre. of Long Beach. 
Calif France* Itachel Foster died 
P'pte.-r.ber 23. 1W>3 Mr Welln waa 
• ell asown in Webster and Qreene 
countiM. He wm* in tbe general 
merchandJaw bualneae In Heuderaon. 

Utit ff£fs& »taa Asia* ess 

i MK*. HE.HI.EV VOt'NU. 

I Funeral aervlce. for Mr.. Wealey 

Youu». aft yearn old. a former Spring- 
field resident, who died Thuraday at 
her home in Leavenaortb. Kan.. *»" 

; oe held Monday aUernoon at the 
borne, interment will be made at 
Leavenworth The decedent la jur- 
vlved by a mother-in-law. Mra. 

'charle* Cook. B25 We.t Hamilton 

'.ueet. of UUa c'.ty: by the hiuband. 

i tbir* daufbura. her Utber and lour 

I aUtera. *> * 


Page 6: Millard Howard, 43, Sunday at his home near Summit [near Miller]. He is 
survived by his widow and two children and his parents, who live in Idaho. He was a brother- 
in-law of Mrs. Georgie Swearingen of Miller. 

Son born January 22 to Mr. and Mrs. Ike Washau of Miller, Mo. 
Mr. Luther Odem died in Arizona and was buried at Dixon, Mo.' He was the son 
of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Odem of Dixon. 

Mrs. Maude Moore and Mr. Frank Houk of Newburg went to St. Louis where their 
sister died. 

Lee Blackwell and Miss Jerrine Gaddy of Rolla were married January 17 in Rolla. 
They will live in Newburg. 

John B. Veach of Fowler [near Mountain Grove] died Monday. 
William Meagher of Monett died Wednesday and was buried in the Mt. Calvary 

Page IB: William A. Pinkston died.** 

Page 4B: There is an article about Charley McCroskey.** 

Page 12B: Early Days in Springfield.** 


I'rlnif \> A. Pin kj ton. 21. 
• •alloned with the United >tat-s army 
as Manila. Phillpplst Island*, died 
'.her« January 34, according to word 
received h*r» by bis fatber. Oeorge D. 
Plnkalon. of tt» Eaat Walnut atraat, 
late yesterday afternoon, from Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Plnkslo- »v_ -J';;;-. j. :.: u iri L.e 
death aa a result of laceration of the 
spinal cord cauaad by an accident 
a hen diving. 

He had been In the Philippines for 
nearly three years. 

He !a survived by his parent*, threa 
brothers, Burt P. of the home addreaa, 
Clarence K . In th" Philippines, and 
James Q , In Kansas, and one slater. 
Elizabeth Pinkston. c( th* home ad- 

The body will prooably be shipped 
to (he t'nlted Sta'« for burial la - 
sLjrt time. 

Hownnl .lied Sunday I 
log hi In* lu.uio nut- Sninniil! 

■ f tor CI ploiiilH'.vll illlll'KK, ill i 

of 43 year*. ."• uni\ Ini: me' 
Idom iruil Uv.i cliilihv,".. mal 

nn. I m.-tlu l ■; hi) I. -lj. it. 

l" ««»iv Ii-ok \vetv hi-M 

ny fi f i.-ri>iM.u ut .- ,n::m: 

■h. l>ci cased w.i.. a hrnthei - 1 

of Mr». Cfnrg.r SnvuriiiRen. 

t-Aiti> op tiiaVks; r.f&T:! 

' the kindne M and <»> thpalhy'e.M 
(Is In the laat lllne.e aria death 

(leur Iiii^I.hii^ .%n.i l.tku #. _ ... 1 



of a ilenr ItUKband ,m,l father, ftf thr 
beaiitlful floral offering: and to the 
minister, and choir for their beauti- 
ful word* and errvice we wish to 
eipresn ,.;ir deeptst gratitude and 

MltS. .1 A. l"F.ltOt'S«i\ 
MRS Nlil.l.u: VMiTH. 



J Folks Ypii Know ; 

Informal GlimpMi and Sidelighta 
on Prominent Springfialdiana. 

.igi'KAKl.NU ,.| p;„.,.. r farniile* 
which. <.f curSe, ■ no one had 

iIuImk but ulildi tm'w lo In- 
; 'troduce the sub 

, . MocrocJCfyv Or 
Artef. «f;;fl» 


uunty superin- 
tendent of schools 
la known U» hla 
friend*,, f r * Mj 
When the- pop- 
ulation 1 n T«n-» 
n*(.s»» orul Ktm- 
turky Lfcomo lo« 
d e n a e a b out a 
century ag©; the 
M c <.' r»o- tik »V s 
sought the 'opfli 
spaces of the Oiarks and the 
foundrr of the family In thla sec- 
tion iliomeMraded a tract of land 

tlon to own 

OBlktlj* 1 

to^ba worked 

young MeCroskey entered Teacher, 
college, from which ho graduated 
"• I* 1 * 1 - *n*nded SErurj college 
nnd ha, a deg^e fifea ^ol school 
alio. $ i- f *! | f ■ , 

Both before iand After receiving 
M« degreea. *he, taught achooL 
E.ther a« a tea«h*r or as superln- 

if wm h *. h ' - " rved th# • cho * 1 - 
•* ^i"*rd. .Aah. drove. Walnut 

Grove and Republic. The fact that 

these schools w*ro approved by 

t ho state department of education 

! «rJ! r durln «* «*• administration of 

■ - M °Croekey or Immediately after 

»•!» strvfco or during hla time aa 

county superintendent la more 

than a coincidence. 

Having schools approve,' I 

I ly the stuto superintendent M Mc- I 

| « roik.-y v. hobby ^na raising pigs la:' 

.'■'« •»'-r«!-..n. n:.r n ":,o iia-l ie.,d- 

Mntrfhf reports of teacher*. | n the' 

itural bcliuuls de* UJ ,t to be read-, 

-y-K the ruarkef pu»;e of the Spring- ' 

j held Daily News.- i 

Serving ns n mediator in trou- 
<;«s il :: . t »in ,l-vf»op „„ w .,„,, 

'"*■" -' : -^ s- liuoi l.oaru li.fiiiijci.H 

Is Another lino of endeavor i„ 
nhlch Md'rnskey plays a leading 
role. More than one belligerent 
■ elegatlon l,a« been restored •., 
calm after A A , slt ,„ h , 9 t)fllco in 
the court lu.use. 
Mr. Mtl'ruskry is unmarried. 

along the dark, 
plorad oanyona 1 
;n var beyond ' 1 

* "O-o-a-o! o-o-a-o!" rang out la 
a deep baas, t Cherokee voice. 
Tl-o-wt h-o-w!» rSaggynSandara 
had rejoined the crowd, apparently 
not any worse off for i wear and 
tear while sobering up That, ex- 
clamation was »'• typical • fullblood 

<'h»rok»« greeUng for lack of a 

better way to axpreea himself In 

Kngllnh aa meaning > a; happy 

howdy do. Th* Chaplain waa villi 

pretty groggy and was feeling bad- j 

ly. He aat with bowed li-ad in I 

an obscure corner. C'ol.-Copplnger I 

hud disappeared and apparently 

,lind turned his guests <. over- to the- 

, 'bartenders. Chief IJujliylie'ad wax 

Tl* the middle of an inter^ajUng and 

fcinaplrlng atory. when, ; '^uddenj 

; "Major" Lyons came Jn. iAXler 4 

hearty hand ahakt add^ f>ryent 

greeting all around, he WOtlld taks 

• toddy, and then Joined J. Mitt oa 
.Turner, the celebrated Oegr* 'law- 
yer and politician; *h» i yet won 

'tarr>1ng at the wine. TWaj'TtfaJor'' 
l.yona waa the ldciitleaJ fellow whom 
wo had met earlier In the- day. 
when the Chief gave him a anort 
out of his big black bottle. ' The 
"Major" waa on hla way from 
v Tahlftquah and was heading for 
.Caldwell. Kan., headquurler* of the 
Cherokee Strip Uv» Ktock Aim' 



elation. Gradually he become great- J 
ly perturbed and tallied ' excitedly ' 
„i>ver an editorial appearing the day j 
previous In th.. Kansas t'ltyMar. ! 
ijulhidlng ti> thn reported rotten-, 
Beifj connected with the n-leasini; 
of. the t'herokic Wrlp and appeal- 
ing lo congTvaa lo appoint u ooin- 
mlsslon to apprai<«> the Htrlp land. \ 
appropriate It quietly — forcibly If I 
nti-d be— and opt-n it to white' set-' 
t!i ment nnd p;iy the I'herukera lal- , 
er, providing It was found 'that I 
1hey had a valid title. Th.- edltnr- 
liil wa.1 .1 upon f;iCtH «:ip- 
p«»ned t'i have be..n wrlttoii by t!;. 

ney waa So pleu 
rtslatorei were do 
*&•§!&■ °' ifX i.treai 
•raBift tucked away 
whece it could he ejlet«|t 
'-•OnV'lona fuiibl 
i»oJl and being al 
nad to that partlcu^. 
jnbacka or parhapaUs- > >-k 
*y»**«bc« could not stand fot?brUi? 
er>'. laW It upon the speakers" d*»K. 
wsfh s> suitable explanation. The 
speaker In turn announced that tmj 
, owner could recover same by -»•*. 
veallng hla IdsnUty and .calllng-for 1 
the *roll.- It is quite needless to 
aaj> that, nobody ever claimed too 
■aoney.' Fur many years It waa 
carried on different aci oui«t3 as tha 

"dough without un," finally 
b*lnB lost night of rompletely to 
tint tnuiaformailon »f government 
occurring later In the allotment of 
the Cherokee gram touniry nnd 
. renting the Mute of Oklahoma. <-• 

£(£. Cerltoiff^Cth* flWf «< thrfKan* 
iu city time*, and John W. i'lercy. 
Ht. Louis Bepubllcan. had aroused 
the lr© of -Major" Lyons, ulio on 
account of similar; exposures, and 
were virtually banished from the 
Cherokee country and forbidden to 
ever coma back. Llndsey continued 
his attack* em 'different assignments 
for the Star and was a power in 
■ outing the Strip cattle barons and J 
wiping out the. Indian government. 
Nobody of the band of early-day 
correepondenta In that country ever 
stood higher or was better liked 
generally than •Bob" Llndsey. 11a 
died a few years ngo while still 
active on the Star, Cnrlton gained 
notoriety with an article ncciisdiie 
Ht-nator lngullaof i>lagl.iri>n. Incuii- 

nertlon with the aenator'H master- 
piece, ■"Opportunity." '""I whs 
tn the haze of newspupcrdom in Jj 
Washington. J'iercy went to the ,| 
Indianapolis News and la now dean \ 
of Journalism in the l"iiivcr*ity of. 
Indiana. All Springfield remem- • 
bers what followed when the «reat 
run for homesteads was pulled off I 
in the Cherokee Strip. Hundreds; 
took part In the big rush and kc- | 
cured voluablo claims, and never | 
returned. Still other hundreds (jot i 
nothing and returned <!< ail ItuU,-. 
satisfied forever afterwards to con- , 
tlnue life In God's country, where, 

a m«a^.3i#tW*> B « a 

bappuieas an4 '' 

faced, U«*?. : _ 

M h « read tor**. Vjt.l«J»« -- 

of that icuMia^uaa— y»> **• ■*■ 

or two. when 'Major- Lyons turned 
land handed each a rather bulged 
oppearlng envelope. * 

•Who Is this •Major' LyoneT" we 
had u.«k. <1 Chief Bush'yhead once 
1,. fore earlier 'n. the day. who mere- 
ly ipplled that he was the attorney 
f„r the Cherokee Strip Live Stock 
Association. "Tell me more about 
lilm he's a smooth guy. all right. 
land crtalnly must have a history 
—won't you, Hushyhead?" 
I "Yes. the 'Major's' an amiable, 
iiiiie fellow, good mlxer'n every - 
| thing and generally appears at his 
lutst In rubber-soled shoes, as he 
'», lH i.iuiiuiit up In 'em and tralnei 
:.. KUin-.-'hoe With men like Ab 
liutbilu Congressman l'ee.1 ot 
Arkansas and other slick lawyers. 
•tie di>n"t know aauch law lUm-ett 
KiWb.e to Wfe ^b. oifeH.'«| 
more, of a legialative agm*. Tbay 
any be'a been known to pane errand 

*, enough wbex» I thoaglkt I - 
,uld?eoant It"* %*i?V$F#&ii}£P 
i? It wouldn't ha 

envelope* oon 


Olr UMIl (*Jla«*WW^» eaesssje™"-*-' w - ■— — 

aaa City Star la at dirty, lyto* ***«; 

and has'perslHfcently and malicious- > 
ly bellfn* the Cherokee people a»4 , 
besmirched the character of every 
decenl man llviar tn thla country. 
It Is the tool of old Payne and hla 
S ang of'-boomera* who would Ilka 
to overrun this fair country with 
white men. I never offered any- 
body any bribe. I have paid out 
much money, legitimately, but never 
a penny to anyone for a v ote or In- 

Klu»nce.;..,at/lV •AJ^S® bJ ^ U Wt 
Y.lndscyV imagmatWnjlle's^irunk 
Ihnlf the time, all ^fiedjup Ok new. 
charcoal liquor, Uke/tbey make o'er 
night down theTaJ|nIth*jl»ia»1niw 
hills and la totaJjjfl M aai A awl bl a. 
besldea" Juat tkanWenator^rDU*-- 
Wolfe entei^.^ ni^rnWfl aaaaJJ, 
pock-marked. ,.^a^Sadi ! j^ndlan.. 
with a wealth ot bjajk3ril»e4y h*to 
Ill- looked more than a halfbreed 
■ and spoke Chexoke* ftoently. He 
,lmd i~pp>. nlu»ayv.ladinn erea and 
anyone would obeferW Jrt > jglAnce 
that he wa. raateS-a^laaVao; 
time, after taking* it^wallow; 5 to 
Jotmr.g the 'Major* and Negro law- 
yer. The trio converaed k moment 

sides official documents lj$$&£ ""'*'' X 

The Chief only g&xed, reflectively. 
and answered. "Let's all .have one 
on ; the head - and slmiifcaei a oa* the* 

? Chore*., Mw^pmKO^f; 

mad rush for the mahogany furni- 
ture, a click, of glaaawara; land a 
dozen' or mora toasts to Cot Cop- 
plnger. -•"*...$.' ^j 

Regaining hla compoaura & the,. 
Chief added that 'for waya thai ara 
dark and tricks that axe vain," the 
white man has nothing on we In- 
dians. "Just now your own govern-- 
ment Is wrestling with the dirty 
Tweed scandal and General (now 
president) Grant Is not .above aue- 
&1& KvaVybodya 

plclonVl Every body** crooked. It 

would appear. NotwIthstandlAg our 
treaty with the UnlteJ SUtaa reada 
that the Cherokee* abaO own 
thB'W^bJyiirtee elmple. to *«>«)# 
man,; ndt in allotment, 'aa long- as 
graafcgrowaland water n^%W$2 
sldea*ifiarah>e«lng ' peacaahiaWaBd* 
unindjested aoaaeealon. It hjaa'LoM^ 
us hundreds of thousands of do!-, 
lara iatejy to keep Congreaa foraaa 
violating thla aacred obligation and; 
take our homes arbitrarily and' give 
them, to the white man. Most Of. 
thla money I handed out to lawyera. 
Home to professional lobbyleta and 
still more to downright crooked 
Congressmen, who have learned to 
trail my path like those hungry 
coyotes you heur yelping nut there, 
and who persist In fattening at our 
expense and misfortune. Intruder* 
from the states are overrunning our 
lands and your government Is do- 
ing absolutely nothing to expel 
them. If something Is not done Im- 
mediately there will be so many 
white men In our country that It 
will be Impossible to get rid of 


I them. Although i;-,i an Indian. I 

married a niece of I'nited State* 

Senator Butler. hluiMlf a Cherokee 

j u> blood, of iSouUi Carolina. Yon- 

I fTo B« Continued Next Week) 

Pa 2 e 4 EditfFT^ ^ 1 ^' JANUARY 30 > ^--LEADER 
^ 24 Page 4. Edith E. Combs sues to chvorce Albert Combs. They were married in March 

Page 5: Card of thanks from Mrs. J. A. Ferguson and others ** 
Page 16: Card of thanks from Mrs. Clara Dane and Guy Dane ** 
Page 17: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 18: Card of thanks from Mrs. G. S. Burney and daughter ** 
Page 22: There is a poem in memory of Joseph O. Harjung ** 

Card of thanks from Mrs. Anna Edmondson and others * * 
Page 27: Card of thanks from Mr. and Mrs. Leroy A Reynolds ** 

Myrtle Looney Tuck was appointed executrix of the will of J. T. Wilson 
Page 10: Anna Torbitt Wilson born.** 

William A. Pinkston died.** 

Mrs. J. C.Payne died.** 

Mrs. Wesley Young died.** 

P. P. Wells died.** 

Mrs. Mary M. Lyman died.** 

Ed P. Porter died.** 

J. T.Dare died.** 

Mrs. Cliffie M. McCann died.** 

Trotter infant died.** 

In Memoriam 

Mr. and Mr*. Cnarlaa Wllaoo. of 

kaaltla. Wlih., BBBOUBCk tb* blrUi 

♦f * dtufhur otx January 98. Mr*. 

j WTUon formerly «u MJa* Ann* Tor- 

I bill, of UiU city. 


f*>r tha kindnaaa and aympathy of 
lri«oA4 to tb* laal lllnfM and daatb 
of a d*ar huaband and father, for th* 
,ba*uutul floral offartnf. and to tha 
Journal*** and cnoir for UMlr baauU- 
ful worcu and itmc^ w« wlab to a*. 
praaa our dotpou gratltud* 


to kiting mamory of our d**r hua- 
'band and "Daddy". Jootph O. Har- 
Juuf. »bo paaaed aw*y ont Jr**r afo 
j loooj. Jan. tO. IMC 

, Ho on* know* the allrnt h**rUch*a, 
) Only thoaa who hav« lost ran ttll 
Of tr»« grlrf that H b»'i nt In allelic*, 
j r\* our daar on*, w* lovad ao wt U. 

aaur* and more each day »'« mlaa you. 

rritiaOa may llilbk me wound la 
' hamled. 

Bui th»y lit 1 1* kii"» Uie aorrow 

Thai I1M arlthln t.'.r I.A»|»a c,.i..«»led 
.■W«>-*»>— fmmt c'aai. ill II ,1. fmr" 

But you Irlt ua a memory that 
JNose earth can take yout pUir. 



VTi a-iab to toauk our Irian da ami 
naignhnra for to* IflBdB— I aboaru 

till of our , 

hMtntl ho your alaap. Drar Daddy. | 
Ood look TOM honif. it *»» Hi* »lll 

, To ba wltB lha attgrU lit llial liwiv. 

t anly bona. 
Wbar* no- poiB or aorrow tvrr ronira { 

!• afala. 

BOorad wUa. 

alao (or Ult baa 

daufBtar and atatrr. 
uUful floral citi • 

f too. 


Uadly ■Hand by 


I OS. 


v t triali to thank our many f rlrnda • 
for tna kind aympalby ahown ua dur- ' 
in*- in* llloaaa and daath of our be- 
)o««d huabaod *nd fatbar. Wa alao' 
«ub to tbank tba Rev*. Maryta and 
A.'tr.arr»>r.|t f«r their *t>rcia of eyni- 
na'.hy offered 



, William A. Pinkaton. 21 year* old. 
1 m of Mr. and Mra. Oaorge D. Ptnk»- 
I im. of this city. «Uad January 3d. at 
'wuiiu. P. I. according to word re- 
; ortved here by Um p««u. Mr. 
| PtsUcstoo nu to th*> V. B. army end 
I etwUened tn the Philippine Island*. 
; ruixr»i arrangement* bar* not beeb 
• coropletsd. 

Besides the pexrnte. Mr. Pinkaton 
■ te* survived by his wife and email 
' child: by three brotbere. Bart Plnks- 

toe. of thJi city: Clarence Pinkaton. 

PbUliplne UUnd. and James T. 

Pink* tor., of Tort Leavenworth. Ksn .: 

aid one sister. Mia* Elir-stxth Plnks- 

:.n. c: ir.:* city. 


Mr* J C Payne. M year* old. of ' 
Prairie Oro»e. Ark. died In a local 
hospital lul night following * Iin- . 
l«i(.('i;i»*M. The body will be for- 
• »rt!»«1 to Prmlrta Orove UiU morn- 

; tn* by tha Alma Lohmeyer fumr»l 
home, where eervloss will ba held at . 

{ 1 1»0 o'clock tbla afternoon. Mra. I 
Pima »s survived by tba husband. 

. bar parent*. Mr. and Mra. O. W. Ooae. ; 

I of Pram* drove: by two brother*, j 
Robert ai.d Le*ier Ooee; and one. sls- 

! tar. Mica Prancea Ooaa. ail of Prairie 

' Orore. 

P. P. WELL* ~i 

Punaral aarrtce* will ba bald at S } 
o'clock Wad n aaday afternoon at Um 
[ Mm* Lohmeyer Puaera 1 bona for P. 
! P. Walla, who died Prlday.-' January 
1 M). In Lone Beach. Calif. Tha body | 
1 will ba forwarded to Cprlngf leid. In- ' 
j utment will ba mada in Mapla Park I 
! cemetery. 

| Mr. WelU waa a former resident of < 
. this county. Ha waa In tha general ! 
1 merchandise business In Henderson. \ 
Mo . for severs I years. He moved 
from that place to Sprlngdalr. Ark., 
where he engaged In bualenea. Ha 
cams to Bprlngtlsld In 1004. where 
he had since raalded. He had been : 
a member of the first Baptist ' 
church for many year*. j 

The decedent la survived by four • 
children: WWIam C. Well*. Chicka- 
sha. Okla : James P. Well*. 038 
Cherry street, manager of the local ; 
office of the International Harvester . 
company: Mrs. Emma Jones. 043 
Cher.y street, and Mra. Marguerite , 
Med u I re. of Long Beach. Calif. | 



I PuorraJ service* for Mra. Wesley 

Tounf. SA year* old. a former Spring- , 

f leld rwsttss*. WHO deed TtaorsdwT at 

(tsar Isncn* tn Leaver.worlh. K»n . will 

be bt'.C Monday afternoon at Ihr 

ihome lnt«a>*t>t will ba mada all 
Laa»anwt»rthJ Tha dsoadent U eur-' 
•lead J»» • • : molhaT.ln-Uw. Mra. i 
, Charles Cook. 005 West Hamilton 
street, of. IBM C#t»: i by tba hualand., 
threa daughter*, her lather and four . 


Punaral aenrlcaa will be held at 3 JO 
o'rlnek Tuesday afternoon at the i 
Starne mortuary for Mra. Mary M. i 
i LyraAD. as years old. widow of tba 
; late Major William H. Lyman, wbo ! 
died Thursday night at tba horns of I 
her aoni Lib M. Lyman. In Oakland. ! 
Cal. Intarmant will ba mada In Ha- 
aalwood oeaxtetery. Tba body wtU ba 
forwardod to Bprlngfleld. 


Punaral sas-r ims for Bd P. Porter. M > 

Kra old. wbo died Prtday morning at 
Bona. 3006 Ramsey avenue, will 
Ba bold at t o'aioofc tbla afternoon 
Interment will be made in Haeaiwood 
j cemetery under tha direction of tba 
i Paxaon Puneral home. 


Mra. CUffi* M. McOann, 1,7 years old. 
wife of A. W. McOann. of R labi a nd , 
Mo-, died a* 10*0 o clock laat nlgbt 
at a local hospital Tba U eurrtved 
by the husband; thrwe children, tba 
MMMr. Mra. •*. W. CUftU, of Bieh- 
ssna by four brothers. Boot! Curtla. 
of Bprlngfleld: Oranellla and Charley 
CurUs of Bt. Louis, and Alfle CurtU 
I of Hicbjaod. and by on* els lee, Mn. 


»• BiehiahaV tot 
r Uodartakloi 

•**!» 5 s J. T. IsABB. ,, - 

rvaserai aaiHoaa wttt M batd at 
t« o-esowA QUa afta tooon at Baatad 
Haart Catholic church for J. T. Darr. 
M year* old. wbo died Prtday night 
at io o'clock nl a Iooe4 hoaplUl. Be*. 
Pather Thomaa Brady will offlcUU. 
iutaaa»ant will ba mada In <Jrraa«»; I 
lawn cemetery under tba dlrocOoo of 
Uta Herman H. LobaMTar Twatnl 
Sa,, Mr. our ww a awtaran of the 
civil war and had bean a reeldent of 
aprinafield tor many years. Ha re- , 
aided at 1*30 BoonvlUe avenue. He j 
waa a member of Trtoity Lodge No. 
4*5 I O O P.; elao a member of • 
Kiowa Tribe. No. M. of thajwdar of 
Ked Man and AtM* Lodge. No. JU. of 
aCnlgbt* of Pythias. 

' r '^ , ' ; '"*aioti« , i»tfw*i>iiw/^ , '''' M; 

Olaranoa Trottar, IwHno at bj old 
son of Mr. and Mr*, B. O. Trottar. of 
roota 9, Bnrtngftald, died last nlgbt 
at 740 ociook. Punaral aanrlcaa wlU 
ba bald at t:M> o-cloc* Monday after- 
noon at tba Btarna mortuary. In* 
t a rm a n t wtu ba aoada in Pattaraon 
- aoutb of Bprthgtleld. ' 


- iiW^<um r 9wr- •"'"J7 ' 

maiuuaok ugcnsbb. 

I;- Ink Cecil Brans and Vn JBmmbM. 

both of Springfield. 

Miuuice Whlta of IVpaia, Xutu 
and Bortha Minor o| BprtngfliiUI, 

LeuiUr J. Sim* mud LUtUa WlUiOlt, 
both or Spring! laid 
• ' ' ' V ' 

f ~ 


We srteb to dunk our many friend* 
neighbors for their kindness, 
sympathy and beautiful flowers, la 
our recent bwonnwnt 



>• fndepend- 

to our many friends, xne - . 
i mt Oil CO, end employe ^If"^" 
tueitt Funeral boms for the many 
iKn— «trnded to u. durtngthe 
, hum*. and death of our little eon. 
un akd una. ucboy a. # 



Pagel: William Mitchell died.** 

Page 4: There is a very long article about how Sheriff Bill DeLear shot and killed his 
son Jim DeLear who was a member of the Bald Knobbers. 
Page 7: Ed P. Porter died.** 

Mrs. Mary M. Lyman died.** 

Clarence Trotter died.** 


Mrs. Wesley Young died.** 

P. P. Wells died.** 

Mrs. J. C.Payne died.** 

Mrs. Clifford M. McCann died.** 

Mrs. E. A. R. George died.** 

Mrs. Alice K. Hawkins died.** 

Guy Orban Molen died.** 

Alfred B. Garrison died.** 

Births reported.** 
Page 13: Eugene F. Cook and Alvina M. Cook were divorced. They have two minor 
male children. 

Marriage license: Jesse Harvey of Bolivar and Lula Mae Greenwood of 

Card of thanks from Mrs. G. S. Burney and daughters.** 
Page 16: Mrs. John B. Montgomery recalls her father.** 

Stone County Man 
Breaks His Neck '.. 
When Horae Falls 


Wbu Um horse he vu tiding 
suddenly slipped and feu. WU- 
llun Mitchell. « years old. a 
larxnor residing naar Union City, 
Otbao county, sustained a broken 
neck at 9 o'clock this morning. 
JIo dlad within a lew minutes. 

At the time of the accident, 
Ifllcheil and two •on* war* rid- 
ing boiow to tha ofOoa of a neer- 
tiT yxaruca of tba peace. Tha two 
eons vara to bare baan arralgnad 
thJa morning bafora tba Juatloa 
of tba peace on chargas of dls- 
tursio*- religious worship. 


u> winii to thank our many frianda 
nr.ii iiri |hbor» for their kindness. 
..ympithy and beautiful flowers, in 
our recent bereavement. 



Mr. and Mrs A. X. Pearaon. 1013 
Jobnaon.' announce tha birth of a 
•on. Albert ~*d ward, on January SO 
at et. John's hospital. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roll* Bath. 823 Wast 
i; Madison street, announce the birth 
of a daugbtar. Suxanns, on January 




."' Tha memoir* of Mre. Joh* H, 
Montgomery ot PortUnd. Oregon, 
uw total pabliaantl, •*• •**$•** 
aMarahla InUraat to Uprlngtltirr 
'Mr only brother. John B. 
Phelpe." aeya Mm. Montgomery, 
"became a general In tha Civil 
war before bo waa 14 yearn of 
age. My father, John 8. Phulpa. 
rained a regiment in Mlaaouri, ot 
which ha waa colonel. Tbe battla 
ot Wllaon'a Creek took piece uaar 
oar farm a«ar Springfield. 
) Mother loaded (wo four-horse 
wi(on> with provision*, blankets 
and other supplies, an<l had Iwoj 
of our slaves drlvo them to thai 
battlefield, while aba had bur 
i colored driver lake her In tho 
i buggy. '-'" (be way to the battle 
she met 1'hll Sheridan. who 
stopped her and suggested Ihnt 
hr> drive lliu Icuui. while the! 
rulored driver rode hla hor«e. | 
\*fh<-n Ihey reached the sccno the 
lino <>[ battle waa formed, bh 
I father could only •&•*( toother 
briefly and tboa rtdn Ufik* ba< Jtbi 
l^laMU Mother hadtha<<l|r**r»i 
ef tke wegona unload the aop- 
iillaa in tbo field, and aha tent 
i ha Nairu driver* to a naarby pa*. 
tur* to kill aome abaep. Tho 
driver or the buggy «oi out twoj 
' largo kettles, nididn a fire, and an 
noon an the eheop were brought, 
motbor hogau maklm; broth. 
Within nu hour mother and a 
number of volunteer nurse* bad 
all lltejr i until do inking i-nr» ot 
j tbo wounded Iruiu the battle. 
Mother took cure of over 100 
wotinded nfl. r Ihe battle i>f Wll- 
aon'a t'reek. wbh h occurred eeven 
miles from our ho:ue near Spring- 1 
(Irlil lienerul I. ion's hcada. vinr- j 
tors wrrr located In .» house own-! 
oil by nir lather. The body of; 
<' I. von w.n brought by the' 
auldlera to bw headquartera. 
, Motnor want to bia headquarter* 
'and found them deserted, and the 
t-.uty of I'nienil I. yon lying on., 
1 1 .' dluir.q room lablo With It. 
1 ■ " i : : V • * I'trullll over I'. Mother 
«,:ii iur u local larpenler, had :i 
.f.'fln rniiib*. mid a twilight .•■he 
.... ■!.,. 1 , 1 \ i-r Oio-ral l.i on 
,.j ., . ...': .. .«: ■! brought in 


ita that neighborhood that mothari 


tow day* 

burled at nlghl In our family 
burying irround. Later, aoldlera 

will* a flug of truce came thera, 
eecurod the body and look II to 
Connecticut to bo burled. 

"nooaaaa largo numbers ot 
Bob thai mm in woalara Mlaaouri 
harbored buahwhaekcra. Oaneral 
Ewlng. commending the Union 
furi'es, iNHiii'd tho I'm iu hum Order 
No. II. ordering that the dwell- 
ing houaea and other bulldlnga ot 
these offender* bu burned. Tbo 
I order covered tbo weatern tier of 
I counties, from and Including Jark- 
-on county south, to and lnelud- 
Ing Jasper. I believe, flro countlos 
In all. Springfield, uk you know. 
Is In HOUtborU Missouri. Hun- 

dreds of refugees rime to Spring- I 
field, and to adjoining towns, such I 
an Carthage. Jopltn and else- 
where. Mother begsn gathering 
up the orphan children, find hn- 
fore long abo bad over 200 1 
motherless children for which aha, 
• as caring. If you will look I 
up ih-- old records, you will find 
I that congreaa voted 120.000 to J 
'mother tor tbo money ahe i>pent ! 
In raring for these motherless ] 
'children" i 

; Col. John Ik Phelp*. mentioned 
by Mra. Montgomery, built the 

" ttna raaldenoa now owned by Ivan 

i.Uek on Dolllaoa •troet, Col. 

; Phelpe realded there many yeara. 

ill* died aomo Umo ago. but waa 
one of the few man who taw a 
long hUtorlc akelch tn tho papera 
telUag of hla death long before he 
died. Mrs. John H Phelpa died 
before her buaband. A letter 
camo to Springfield lolllug of her 
death, but there was confusion 
and It wan given out thai Col. 
Phelp* bad dlod. Wuch apace, waa 
etwee, to the colonel and It waa 
aeveral daya before tbe truth 


•.'•■• • / 
CoL Elijah Galea had a. like ex 
parVaave. Ha waa United SUlea 
aaarahal of the dlrtrlct. Hla eon 
«M lit JJpringfleld. and a tele- 
gram came, aaylng "Death baa 
ccint." It referred to * friend in 
Kansas City, bat iu aasoclatc of' 
Galea* b«re opened tbe telegram j 
end 1urmi>e<J at thw conclusion It ' 


for Bd F. Port*!, 

old, who died Friday raonUn* 
•I hu hocot, SOOt Rtmitr Minut, 
MM at • o'clock Sunday eftsr- 
Intenaeot we* mad* In Hassl- 
eemstsvy under Um direction ol 
tha Feuon Funeral home. 


raJ serrtoss tor Mm. Mary M, 

Mr-JTek). widow of the 

Major wwum M. Lyman.' who 

Tsutrsdey bight at lb* hoax* of 

L Lyman, la Oakland. 

ae held at S40 p. m, TUM. 

will bs conducted at 

» IDI 

lac body la 
being forwarded to Sprtngfuid 


Funeral «*TTlce* for Clarence Trot- ' 
t*C 16-moo tot-old ton of Us and I 
Mra. E O. Trotter, of route No. 0. ; 
. Springfield. »ho died Saturday night. 
'were held this aiWroooa. Services 
'were eonduoted at tb« etarne mortu- 
ary. Interment vu in Patterson 
etsry. south of Springfield. 



Funeral services were held at 2 80 
p m- yesterday at Sacred Heart Cath- 
olic church for J. T. Darr. 83 yean 
oM- 'The Reverend Father Tboma* 
i Brady officiated. Burial was In 
'Oreenlawn cemetery under the direc- 
tion of the Herman H Lohmeyer 
Funeral home. 

Mr. -.Darr died at 10 p. m. Friday 
Ui a toosi hospital. Ha km a veteran 
of the Civil war and had been a res- 
ident of Sprtng fiaid for many year*. 
Ha resided at l»X> Boonrill* aranue. 

Mr. Oarr wee a member of Trluity 
Lode* No. m. I. O. O. P.; Kiowa 
Trtb*. No 3S. of the Order of Red 
Man. and AUaa Lodge. No. Sit. 
Knsjhu of Pythias. 


j Funeral service* for Otiv Orban 
(Molen. the 3-montlu-old son of Mr 
iJQdMr,. o. A. Molen. of Ml North 
-Frojpact •revue, who -died Saturday 
night -in a local hospital were held 
pMardar afternoon 4, iM) c > ti0<)L 
■artot wmff Map* perk eernetery 
tbs direction M the KUBfadf 


~ r *5 .P"* • WL '■**• d,t * JBBttsi? 
tl at hlo bom*. Ua West Oourt street, 

were held at SO ottock thla mornlhf 

at IB* sOlngner fubaral chapel. Rev. 

Bl A. vfeod of Centpbsll Avenue M. K 

ottteleted. Intarmtnt waa In 

. MOB cemetery, near Osark. 

-fMI >»> !•■:•.■ ' . .1 . .'- ^ 


• funeral atmeaa for Mra. Wesley 
, Vounc. M yaara oM. who •. ad Thurs- 
day at har bona la Leevenvrertb. 

• Kan . were held thla aftarnoon. Bur- 
) UI waa In Leavenworth. ' Mra. Young 

waa a former resident of Springfield. 

p. i". ntix>. 

Funeral service* will be held at 3 
o'clock Wed n esday afternoon at the 
1 Alma Lohmeyer FuneraJ home for P. 
P. ' Well*, who died Friday in Long 
B**ch. Calif. The body U being for- 
warded to Springfield. Interment 
»ni be m Maple Pork cemetery. 

>IK1. J C,\K. 

The body Df Mn. J. C Payne. 11 j 
tr«x» uld. of Prairie Grove, Ark., wlio 
£\~C in & ItA'Sl hrp.pu.-t I r3attirrlay 
night followUUk a inigTing llhieaa. 
terday morning by the Alma Lohmey- 
er Funeral home. Funere ae~vlcea 
were held yeste rday afternoon. 

Tha body of Mrs. OUtted MM*. 
Cann. 3 . yaara old, wlfa of A. W. Mo- 
Oann. of Richland, Mo. who dlad Sat- 
urday night In a looal hospital, was 
fonrrrdad to Richland for burial. 
I Burial will be In charge of the 
iKllngnsr* Undertaking oompany of 
1 this city. The decadent Is survived by 
: her husband; three children; mother. 
Ura. J. W. OurBs. of airland; four 
! brothara, Soott Ourtu. dttaottte of tha. 
Upr I ngflald Folio* -department \ Gran- 
ville and Charley Curtis of 0%. Loula, 
and Alfla Curtis of Richland, and by 
one sister. Mrs. Hubert nchels, of 


Mrs. K. A. R. George. 60 years old. 
widow of the late Dr. K. A. R. Osorga. 
died at the home of har niece. Mrs. 
BeMle M. Cl'Utfh of Willow Bprlngs. 
Mo., at <r30 o'clock yesterday after- 
noon. Tha body will ba forwarded to 
SpliiC'leld tonight. Service* will be 
;held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morn- 
ing at Union Grove chapel, near Fair 
Grove. Interment will be made in 
. Union Grove ■cem-tcvy under the dl- 
: rectlon of the Alma Lohmeyer Fu- 
neral horns. The decedent Is survived 
'. b two niece*, Mrs. Bertha Ferguson 
.and Mrs. Beesls M. Clougn. both of 
Willow Springs. Dr. K. A. R. Oeorge. 
deceased, practiced medicine at Fair 
, Orore and Buffalo for many year*. 


Puneral services for Mrs. Allco K 
Hawkins. 0a years of a G e. who dltrt ui 
her home In A.H. Ornvr Prianv. vrrr- 
hcld Saturday, with burl*l in the 

J «<""■' —J •* Aah Orove. 

f J *•»• B»wkias u survived by her 
hu*rj*nd. B. F. Hawklna: a son. Kirk 

j Hawkins, an atorney of Spring* Uld: 

*M daoghter. MUs Maud Hawklna. of 
A*n Orov*. two *UUr*. ' Mrs. J. A 

' *•"**' «• A^» Orov*. end Mra. H. C. 

1 * ar ? h>cfc ' of Chllbowee. Mo_ and two - 
brother*. Tboma* Kirkpetrtck and I 
l * J "- Klrkpeuick. both of Johnson < 


Page 1: Miss Claudia Lamun committed suicide.** 
Page 3: There is an article about John C. McKee.** 

Walter W. Amis died.** 
Page 5: A son Albert Edward Pearson was born January 30 to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. 
Pearson, 1912 North Johnson avenue. 

Page 8: Mrs. William Nade drowned.** 

John c. UTOHfe»i3wK«w5 

Missouri Horn* Saving! and Loan 
association, who rMtotlr w*» 
•tecUd potentate of Abou Ban Ad- 
bem Bhrlna. li nrantM u «<n 

oftheoutetand- ^^^^^"^ 

Itik urifiinlifrR 

throughout- tha 
■lute, a ■ wall a* 

la Springfield. 

Mr. McKee I 
Wns born la | 
Davenport, Iowa 
September n 
l»7(i. onil began ' 
tiuttllnfr fur a 
rareer at the ace 
of 11 (run. Ilo 
was identified 
wiiti various 

(OiMcrni In the 
nilJUle went, fln- 


•j&^tSnr a^Xancoiii. N«b, 

ha -''nerved as manager for -tha N 
tloaal Cash .Register company 

11* can>» here with tha same com- 
pany, 11, years ago and Immediately 
e*-me Into prolnence ar an organ - 
Iter in Springfield affairs. ' *■ *' 

lli« aided In the organization of 
the l!oy Scout couiuil here and 
served two fear* a* president of 
the Greater Sprlngfldld council. JnA 
eluding troops In the Orark region. 

He was elected a member of tha 
board of governors of tha Chamber 
of Commerce nn«l served until two 
>oars ago when he resigned to X* 
to >-t. Louis to tnke charge of a 
waving, nn,i loan company. "While 
In Si. I.*>iiH. In- wan elected presi- 
dent of iiiio ,.t I lie largest Sunday 

j School classes In 
I l'ii»ine*s meii of 

the city and the 
St. Louis offered 
1 lilni the < li.'ilrmunshlp of the Chum- 
I l"-r of cotniueri ■•■ membership drive 

. ■ ■ Mlllilll. ,-. 

Ilr refused the post because of 
■ the fscl tluit he was plunnlng to 
[mm* to Springfield to organize the 
.Missouri Hume ;-.i\iin.-s and Lou" 
I . otnpany of which lie i; now presl- 
1 ilcni. 

.Mi. McKee lives it IU"7 South 
j Iriiiiont street . lie i» :, member 
I •»• lilt! Kiwanix iluli a liieinlit'r of 
;he various Masonic bodies In 
Springfield and on th» board of dl- 
lectors of the Sprint; 'hid V. M. C. 
A. He Is also a member of the Tub- 
, rna<ie Presbyterian church. 

Miss Claudia Lamun, Bolivar 
Girl,' Commits Suicide In 
■VMttfttki EatJiirm at Tpm- 
porary Home 


. ear-old freshman at State 
Teachers college, committed sui- 
cide last "night by drinking poison 
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. 
Duncmn.'SM Dolltaon avenue, where 
•he had been living. Klae Umun'i 
horn* wu IB BoMvar.. 

Relatives and friends refused to 
I reveal the contents of several notes 
Miss Lamun left, but It was learn- 
ed that aha had been despondent 
for some time and had not attend- 
ed school for three weeks. 
Qavo Friend Note 

Miss Lamun had luncheon yea- 
terday with a friend. Miss Eunice 
Henschel. 1211 South Plokwlck 
avenue, and gave her a sealed 
note, saying; 

"Don't open this until you hear 
from me." 

Mlsa Henschel refused to reveal 
the note, but It waa learned that 
ha It Mlas Umun confided trials 
that Inspired her am. 

John F. Lamun. the girl's father, 
had come to Springfield yesterday 
to talk with bis daughter and 
started back lata in tha afternoon 
for Bolivar. On the way be wi 
Intercepted with the news of his 
| daughter's act. 

1 body of Mrs. William 
wife of a fermer living 
snutn of here, was found 
on the Nade farm this 
Mrs N'nde apparent!* 
mined suicide. 

■ •• : 

SELF . :\ 
. !»,— Thel 
Nad*.' 55 
five miles 
in a well : 
afternoon I 
had coo i 


Walter Woodaon Ami*. 75 year* 
old. died at the home of hU ion 
Everett L. Ante, Decatur. Oa, at M 
oelcwfc pm t erday morning. Funeral 

mtvioea will l>r> l>f 1U Wednesday 
niomliiK nt the homo of liln ilnuch- 
trr,' 1431 Knst Madison Mreet. at 
10:30 O'clock. ■ 

Burial will tuke place In the 
Haielwood cemetery. He l» survived 
'by a widow. Mrs Belle Lynea and 
:i son. Everett, both of Decatur. Co., 
and Mr* 'Lewis Lustrr of S*|irliiR- 
fleld. J \V. Brownlow, president of 
the Springfield Chamber of Com- 
merce, l» u nephew. 

Mr Amln wnn horn In Culleokn. 
Maury county, Term., and has brcn 
a traveling man a considerable purt 
of hla life. He was well known 
throughout the Male nf Missouri. 

The body will arrive this after- 
noon at 3:15 o'clock. 

Page 1: Walter Woodson Amis died.** 

The grave of J. Calhoun Miller was opened by grave robbers.** 

Miss Claudia Lamun committed suicide.** 
Page 2: There is a notice in memory of J. E. Butrick.** 

Page 13: The mother of J. D. Bowles died yesterday in St. Louis. Mr. Bowles formerly 
lived in Springfield. 

Mrs. Mary M. Lyman died.** 

P. P. Wells died.** 

Mrs. Amanda Matthews died.** 

Marriage license: Silo Hall and Jessie White, both of Springfield. 

Marriage license: Lacy Roy deMill and Freda Pauline Hall, both of Springfield. 
Page 14: There is a poem in memory of Iva Bookout.** 

1 deaths! 

Tiff I t"" «im»nmi ■l«BBM» 


Funeral MnrtoM «ni bald a* 1*0 
p. m today at the Btaraa mortuary 
tor -Mrs. Mary M. Lyman. M yaan 
old. widow of tba uu Major William 
H. Lyman, who died Tbureday night 
at Uie boot* of bar eon. Lil* M. Ly- 
uui, in Oakland. Calif. Burial waa 
In Haavlwood cameury. 

In Memoriam 

finehal or p. r. well*, 
Punaral »trrtOM wiu bo bald »» * 
o'clock Wednesday afternoon at th* 
Alma Lohmeyrr Funeral home (or | 
P P Well., who died rrtday In Long 
Bench. Calif. Interment will be in 
Maple Park cemetery. 


Us*. Amanda Matthew*. 78. died at 
n a. m. today at tba bom* of a 

, brother, Jaapor Jobnaon. In Walnut 
Orove Mr». Matthew* vu tba »up- 
m-jUifr of L K. Matthew* of tbl* city. 
lhoji conuected *lth the edvertla- 
;uk departrueut of The Leader. In 
addition to the etep-aon. Mr*. Mat- 
thew* la eurrlved by two brother*. 
Joaeph Johnson of Oklahoma and 
Jasper Johnson of Walnut Orove. 
ar.d by one brother. Mr*. Davl* of 

to matnory of bur darling daugh- 
ter and *Utar, Ira Bookout. who de- 
parted tbl* Ufa on* yaar ago today. 
February 1. IBM. " 

to Ui* graveyard aoftly sleeping. 

Where tha flower* gently wave. 
I.Jee on* we loved *o dearly. 

In her alirut. lonely grave. 

Penreful he your sleep, dear It*. 
It !i sweet to breathe vour name, 
In life a a loved you dearly. 
And In death ae do the tarue. 

Juat one yenr mo ynu left lie. 

How we m:»* you. Iva dear. 
And remember all your kindness. 

A* ■*<• f!.f«: a aslent tenr. 

fou shall r.evrr be forgotten 
N*v»r from i::r memory fsrle. 

Our hcBr'* »:!1 nl«.«y* linger 

Around the grate where yuu uerr 

Badly miaaed by Mr. and Mr*. O I 
W Bookout and *l*ter*. Qlady**. Lol« 
and Bobbie. 



father today bu*jr«4 

t and eorrow 
toa» IOm Claudia Umun, 19 years 
oM. until a week ago a student of 
Southwest Missouri Stat* Teaeohera 
>wM fcw i —to o bar Ufa 

The (trt at 4 o'clock, yesterday aft- 
mmmM*H suiode by dnuktnf 
•I tba bom aC Mr. and Mrs. 

J. A. Duncan. XU DoUlson avenue, 
wfctn aba bad been staying for a 
— ab. 

Tbsre we* no raaaon la tbe world 
for Ocaudaab dwtb. It we* uncalled 
for doapoodjancy over utu# things." 
bar fotber. John F. Umun. promt- 
nmi read estate man of Bolivar. Mid 
tnu moraine. 

Ho pertlcuisar despondency had 
b*m noticed by friends preceding the 
tragedy, they said tbla morning. H«r 
faiber explained that about a week 
»<o. when hit daughter dlscove -d 
tbat II would b« Impossible to ob- 
tton'her regent's certificate this term. 
Lbt gave up ber school work and was 
imnKVtillH ««*«"g up some other Una 
of work. 

Notes w*re left for Jar. Laruun and 
tor each of ber four brothers and 
tbra« sisters and for a friend. Mlas 
Bunioe Henachel. 1311 South Pick- 
wick avenue. 

Notes Not Made rubltr. 

Tbe oooUnu of tho note* were not 
r»raa-U<l. Mr. La-rriun **jd thli morn- 

b* bb< ojstotd hla letter, but 
\ WjgW not auk* n public 
WKU btW : lBU>trt4 hie children 
about htm awl all bad reed tbalr 
notaa. Tba tettora to tha aUtani and 
b rotba ra have not yet baan opened. 

«m aoatunc to tba note to 
worda ol endearment,* at, id 
Mr. .Leuntan. "It waa • vary eweet 
•attav ta wbe=fa OUudi* expressed bar 
affection for ma. 8ba waa an oba~ 
dlant and true girl and tbera waa do 
raaaon for bar deatb." 

Mlaa JRacaohel bad luncbeon wltb 
Miaiuwu ye sterd ay at noon and at 
tbar time Mlaa Lamun gave bar a 
easiest tetter, telling ber not to- open 
It "until you boar from me again." 
The note waa aald to give no reason 
for toe girl taking ber life. 

Mies Lamun bad known tbe Dun- 
can family where ahe w«« staying tor 
a number of years, having formerly 
lived next door to them at Bolivar. 
ahe bad been staying wltb Mr*. Dun- 
can while ber husband waa out of 
town on a buslneas trip. 

'Staggered From iuthrooiu. 

Teeterday morning tbe girl ate a 
hearty breakfast, took, one of the 
Duncan cblldrsn to school and spent 
part of tba remainder of the day 
down town. 8he returned In the mid- 
dle of the afternoon, laid a package 
on the table, spoke to Mrs. Duncan 
and Mrs. Minnie Shipley, a neigh- 

bor. airUbf to mmAa0»qmi tba* 
pasted into tba bJUbi-oom. A tav. 
suktuanU abtar aba eteguered from tba 

' Tra Ui^«raafa)--rsiaa» forgive 
ma," gasped tba girt. . 

Tbe Paxiion ambtOanoa waa called 
and tba girl waa tofcan to St, Johns 
hospital, where aba waa attended by 
Dr. W. r. Bewail. rrlsoo physician. 
Bba Urad about SO mlnuts*. 

Tba body waa taken to Bolivar thU 
mornlns by tba W. 8. Wblta Und/rr- 
tekiag company, Funeral eervlces 
wUl be bald tbare Tburaday after- 
noon at a o'clock at tba borne. 
Father Visit* Here. 

Mr. Lamun waa In Springfield 
ysaterday at tba time tba tragedy oc- 
curred. He bad been summoned to 
tola city to look after some proper- 
ty be owns here jand, because be 
wanted a ▼taltl wltb his daughter. 
came Sunday. Be spent Sunday aft- 
ernoon wltb ber and Sunday night 
went wltb ber to church. Yeeeter- 
day be told ber be would aee ber 
in tba afternoon but business mat- 
ters delayed him and when be arrived 
at the borne where aba was staying 
bis daughter bad gone for a short 
time. When be telephoned to know 
If aba waa there be was told to go 
to tbe hospital and when be reached 
there be found his daughter had 

Talented Musician. 

Miss Lamun was known as a good 
student and a talented musician. She 
was a graduate of Bolivar High school 
and had been a student of the Cot- 
tey college and last summer attended 
Bolivar Baptist college. Ill all these I 
schools she had made nn excellent [ 

Bhe Is survived by her father, four 
brothers. Byron, a student In Cum- 
berland university at Lebanon, Tenn.: 
Derrtll. of Monett: John. Jr.. of Boli- 
var, and Bernard, of Drumrlgbt. Okla.. 
and three sisters. Mrs. Alice Moore, 
of Drumrlgbt. MUa Willi* Lamun. a 
teacher, of Hominy. Okla.. and Mrs. 
Inea Darby, of Nevada. Mo. Her 
mother died about 13 years ago. 

In Memoriam 


l« -.— ... 

III lo\llu>- nvrnioiy of our tlmr hUR- 

Uwiiil and father, J. K Butrlrk. alto 
l'uu»eit away one >c.«r ■£•« today >'«t». 
rua'vv I. I»3fl 

4MI Is cink In our dwelling; 
Ismrly ate our heart* today 
r\>r the one we loved so deaily 
Mss foievrr passed awny. 

itadlV mlasrtl by Mr> J V. Ilmrl. I. 
i.;n! i' ililrrn. Ediwi. Wall t niiil Its v. 


Casket of J. Calhoun Miller, 

Niangua Pioneer, Slashed 

in Search. 


Rumor* clrcolated for years In 
Nlangua. Mo., that J. Calhoun Miller, 
who died la l»'-3. had buried a large 

1 amount of Bold with htm. «r* ground- 
lea* and mttart* of ghouls, who re«*nt- 
ry uaMTOMd Miner's cofflnta a small 

*1^*wbbMwsw r^"" 


whs mad* several day* 
by Hubert Jackson, employed on 
Iht J. I. Hamilton ranch near Nlan- 
gua, who notlcad a heap of fresh 
earth near the trr*»e. 

Officer* yesterday unearth e J the 
oUl-x«jtiiooe<l. copper-llued caake* in 
which Miller bad been burled and dis- 
covered It had been tampered a'lth. 
Tha ghoula bad cut a gash about two 
tert lone In the top of the casket and 
also had slashed the copper lining 
from end to end on the sides and 

There was nothing about the casket 
it u said that would Indicate a 
special compartment In which money 
could be concealed. Webster county 
ameers said today an lnveutig itlon 
la being made, but they bar* no clue 
as to the person or persons who 
tampered with the casket. 
.Miller Left Will. 

Wbcr. Miller, who was kuown ** 
~Onde Cal." died at bis home In 
Waofus, 14 years a**, he UO a wtD 
f iwwltii t- that has tnttrt 
ajiaw nirttn f to Mtwwn WUPOg 
OW la «u*V note* tad real aetata, 
•boom m •» his -if*. :■•' 

J, 0. OrtaMt, who bow u 

pany at aUrabfWM and 
of the ClUssms state Bank at Man. 
fua. said today ha bandied the Miller 
eauia for Mr*. MUer. Upon bar death. 
three rears Utar. she left the estate 
to John Miller, a nephew residing at 
BeDubuo, and Mr*. Albert Dodeon. 
torswsrly of mangua, Mr. Ortawsl 
•Uted. Between M.000 and W.000 of 
the estate was cash. 

Mr. Orlawsl said today that Mr. 
Miller was not a "miaer." but was a 
man who watched his money closely 

and did not spend car e less l y. 

1 helped to organise the Oitlsen* 
State Bank at mangua In 1907 and 
from the time the bank was organised 
until Mr. MlUer died, he always bad 
•everal hundred dollars deposited 
ihsra. H* kept most of bis money out 
on Interwrt." Mr. Orbsml stated. 

-Whm he died in ISO!. Boy Bogar- 
du. and rnyeeu seeled **; M1 "* r | J n 
the copper-lined casket which he had 
constructed years before, tberewa. 
nothing about It to Indicate a secret 
ogoipartment for storing money, and 
I did not see any money about W* 
body or any part of the casket. I also 
n*hjed to seal Mrs. Millers casket and 
Old aot see any goM *» °* * bout »*• 
Coustracted Two Casket*. 

Tsars before hi* death. Mr. Miller 
constructed two old -fashioned walnut 
cueu for himself and Mrs. Miller. 
He si*o obtained wnn sheet copper 
ind oon»u-ucu>d copper lining* th*t 
V.'.*<i *pu«!v Inside each caaket. After 
oompieting them, he stored them in 
an upstair, attto room •* ***22. ** 

JSad^rTa hum near ™*Z£J2Z 
tt*«i sold. tha farm and of^Tib 
rwsKianoa In Mlangu* . wB atS^P. 
Muksr apsnk ah time in rrowinftruok 
eraaa fruit* and handUnf MM. 
^\r».Yr*Mof deep religious oon- 
elotlon* and contribute* |i i^^ u *' T 
iowixo the erection of *•££*} 
rrae "WW Baptist church >*»?•"«£*; 
ft was aald he furnished moat jo*"* 

l^'J t £l^of*tb*?c££E: 
ne was not a member oi **»*» «»•««— 

being mora inclined to tha Holiness 
faith, it was stated. 

Haasors of Mwaey. 

Some time otter Mr. Miller died. 
rumors started that ha had burled a 
large amount of money in a secret 
compartment of his casket. 

When the oaket was removed from 
the grave yesterday. It appeared as 
If an attempt had been made aoms 
time ago to open the sturdy walnut 
bos. The most recent attempt was 
indicated by the long gash on tha top. 

Despite the fact he had been dead 
over 14 year*. Miller* body and 
clothes were sUll In good condition. 
It was stated. After an examination, 
officers returned Miller's body to the 
caakst and lowered the bos baok Into 
the grave. 

No attempt was made to rob the 
grave of Mr*. Miller, ofiloer* stated. 

Mr. Miller was SB years Old at the 
time of hi* death. In regard to the 
rumor he hoarded gold piece*. Mr. 
Ortsxal aald today that It was a cus- 
tom In those days to carry gold In- 
stead of bill*. "When I would see Mr. 
Miller hs would almost always have 
aoms gold pieces with him. but as far 
as I know be did not maks any 
special effort to collect a large number 
of them " 

Approximately 17s parson*, who 
came an b ar sea. in buririee. warons. 

«ufcomob(iea and on foot, were- at tha 
rraveyard near Klangua yesterday 
rhan the casket was removed from 
he grave, according to rrerecutlng 
vttoroer «. W. Mills of Marabrtald. Be 
aid today that the esse would be ln- 
eeUgated but that officers had no 
lue that might poestbly lead to an 


no— nitnc UHis atatexi tbat tbe 
<boo*a Miptrmtijr bad rtaowd tb» 
«4M tnjoa tbe grava and Ui«n lifted 
be c onpat H"'"f. linJde wbicb waa 
Jlilar'e body, tnxa tbe box. Th ta wm 
in ooJj way poealble for Urnm to all t 
£14 tklw of tbe copper lining, be aaid. 


for Walter Wood* 

TO yi+n old. who dJied at 

of Ala J »o. Everett L. 

Deoator. Oo~, reaterday. will 

•4 10*0 ft. in, Watfnwdav. 

wlU fee oooduotad at the 

Ml* If. Piahar. Ut 

Borial will bo la 

la survived by a 
•alia hram Amla. and a ; 
jtaav Svorttt. both of Decatur. Oa . 
apt A daughter, Mrs. Lewi* Luster, of 
J. W. BrownJow. preal- 
of tbo •prlngflakl Chamber of 
la a nephew. 
we* barn in Culeoka. 
county. Term., and hae b«n 
ealeeman, He waa well- 
tbroufhtout tbu atate. Tbe 
arrived in Springfield tbti aft- 

Page 1: Mrs. Mary E. Taggard died.** 

Mrs. Martha T. Terry died.** 

Harold Dickerson committed suicide.** 
Page 3: James S. Bristow died.** 

Page 5: Daughter born January 27 in Springfield to Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Nicholas of 
Boston, Mass. Mrs. Nicholas is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. E. Breech, 957 Kimbrough 

Page 6: Mrs. Annie R. Worman died.** 

Page 11: Card of thanks.** 

Page 12: C. M. Bussard celelbrated his fiftieth birthday.** 


, Mr*. Mary R TaaTard. widow Ot 

J. 8 Taf card, of FordlanJ. aUd at 

her home In that town at S'16 o'clock 

! yeeterday afternoon. Funeral aanioaa 

' will t>.> held at 2 o'clock tomorrow 

I afternoon at the Mathodlat church In 

• Fordlnnd. waa the motlier of J.- R. 

l.'ndertaklnc company. "Mr*. Tanard, 

who waa on* of the oldeat Mttlara of 

FoFVdland. waa tba mother of J. R. 

Xacfard. Frlaoo axen t at aejrnwnr, 

aad C. W. Taggard. Frteoo agent at 

rordlaad. ' %n 

;- JAME8 8. BRISTO^. -± 

Jamee e). Brlitow, «6. died last e»e- 
nh>r ln> a hoapltal In Savannah. Tdo . 
followinr a brief lllneaa. The body 
wtU arrive here tonight, funeral aerv- 
Icoa are not complete but will be helJ 
at the family home nine mllea eaet of 
r-prtnelleld on I lie Division etreet 
mail. Burial will be In Danfbrth 
r*.nvtcry under direction of TV. L 
Stnrn.-. undertaker. Mr. Brlatow had 
l»#en i\ renldent of Greene ewuntr all 
hi* llf* and In ■lirvtvrd hv the wldo» . 
. ni> .lmifhter. Mr« W I*. Y«'in»; of 
|Wa Mulne*. and one e<>n. K. II. Brl»- 
tcw. 1'oute 9. Springfield. 

\V t wIkIi to thnrik our many fringe 
nml i..-n:!ii»'ri i-r ih-w kiniln. •»» u'-t 
hiiumiIiiv in t li— illn«-»a »>"1 diith "' 
iur beloved fith.r; alfo for the beau- 
ii tut floral oiurine*. ? 


Mil. AN I- Alibi. J- M. MIUET^ 


W'orinatii foriip-r u-si- 

jgxield. died December -II 

In Oakland. Cal.. ucvord- 

_ itlon received here yea- 

.termeni waa In an Oakland 

Mia* Annie Lyman. Mr«. 

well known In .Sprint- 

_lty. Sbr waa the dauja- 

mid Hn. W. 11. Lyman. 

ints of thla county. 

Worman la eurvlv»d b> three 

U berry arid Frank Lyman 

CaL. and Hart Lyman, a 

Flro Company No. 1 In 

Mr*. Worman waa .» 

Mutacheler. well 


•& f 


Mr». Martha T Terry. «. mother of 
| Mr*. Sam W llarel* "t 9* .Svjtl> 
I Tick Wick avenue, died at 8 It o'clock 
I la*l nlaht In a local hoepltal. Funeral 
! rervlcip are Incomplete but will be 
' 1, Id under direction of the Paxaon 

Puneral home. Mri. Terry haa lived 
I In Bprintfleld for the paat 16 yearn. 

She hi aurvlred by two aons. K. W. 

Terry and William Terry, both of St. 

l.ouls. and one daughter, Mrs. Sam 

liaiBls, of Sprlnrfleld. 


!*■• ■&• i 

Dies Instantly of Self-lr 
Wounds but Bride 
Months Only Slight 
jured bv Bullet 


Sobs of Accusation of Inji 
That Suicide Hurl*. 
Efforts He Made to? 
His Son 

mer collect! student hew 

son of Col. R. p. Oickereon, 
' dent of th.. M K and T. : 

company ur Springfield, st 
i tatajly wound. d himself 


Th* shooting 
|r*l In, their room |b 


DlcJksraon. who had 
la« — + *¥*ii «tl 
l**t tww Jattsea U 
of hi* tatantloa to 

Kra. ntr.i— ^ 
cptrmMkd W tor 
tendon* to a form 
then retired to a 
*{*•» ** wroy» tha 
/Wen »♦ la u ewe d th* 



In a letter addressed 
Press." young- Dtckerson 

his father be notified c 
land blamed him for his 

| He said h„ made on* 
1 take while a boy and 
[ newspaper men to look up 
he said was printed In 
K»p!d.- M , ch neW9pQper3 m 
i tcmber 6. 1S13. 

The other letter, addressed 
father here, told of his t 
to kill himself and said 

held nothing: but dlsai 

(or him. 



at his homo. 4M 
street, whan 
of tha tragadjr. XIV 
haa bean 111 at ai* . 
aral day* of 

H* cried whan 
charge* contained In tha 
by his son. 

-You know 1 did 
my power to 
your* ba said to a I 

"His mother and I wa*a \ 
many years ago and aba 
of him. When bo 
school. I brought aim to 
and entered him In 
Ask any of the boya who' 
Drury at that time and 
tell you that ba noTor 
a thing. 

+ — 


"He did not Lake well to 

I life so I decided upon I 

|«:areer for him. 

' I bought a life scbol 

I him in a business college 
him (hat .m soon as he 
u.i'iviuu, i would start him. I 

! nesa. 

"He did not stay in 
college long and decided 

! around for a bit of 
did r.ot like this idea but 

■ that when he was ready 
down, my promise to 
business would still hold 
• The next 1 heard of 

I 1913. when he was In On 

J Mich. The story be refer* 
:. •••• ..'.mi! the 1913 lnclde 
tenia .hi accident he had 

, time. He mentioned 

I that I refused to pome tft 

Marriage News to 

"As a matter of fact, 
London at the time and 

I fled of the accident. I 
with him and spared nt»'< 
seeing that he was taken 

I "1 always sent nun 

; during recent years, he 
come here i.ften. We nevai 

: argument and 1 am at a>J 
plain the present 

not notify me that ha 

so I cannot discuss 

to Cbicaco Jaak 

parHonlam aa^sj 

bad bean cad* f 
Hl* mothar. 


Soene. at the little) Niangua, Webeter county, eamatary Monday whan 
tha coffin of Calhoun Millar, aged acoantrio, waa liftad from ita grava 
to verify report* that ghoul* had cut the copper caikat to loot it of 
hoarded gold. Miller made hi» own coffin — and ona for hie wife — in hil 
home at Niengua and ie believed to hive welded tha gold, which ha al- 
ways purchaaed at a premium, Into the coffin aa ha buildad it. 

The upper photograph reveal* a large rent in ona aide of the casket 
made by ghoule who robbed the grave eeveral dayt ago. Tha men etoop- 
ing over are examining a aimilar cut on the other aide. Thia rent re- 
veals a secret compartment or f«le« bottom, under the rest for Miller's 
htad. The L'.mpartment waa empty when officer* of Webeter county 
r»i*ed the coffin Monday. Lower photograph* ahow the walnut coffin, 
ttso fcu.t by Mlll.r, whioh «iotas*J,ttw •OPP" easiest. Tha Ui^ pJoca, 
torn from ths lop of th. ooffln^mlasJarfand wa, not In ths> ««|^Thf 
Dloturo revesls • smsll portion of Jtfi* orowd of spproic.matelv 200 people 
who gathered when tha grsvs was oponod Mondsy. Tha pieturoa war* 
taken by A. L. W.lliama of Nlsngua, , .,.„„»..- ^ 


Webster County Attorney Con- 
vinced Aged Eccentric's Col- 
fin Looted for Buried Gold 
Years Ago *\.r1> 


/^HOUl3Hvbo last week raised tha 
*-* copper casket of Calhoun Mil- 
iar. •uja4% ; e*oantrlo> of Nlangni. 
from iU gray* and ripped open »$■ 
metallic sides ■ to loot It oTUmt *<* 
Miner lavlbouiVod ,ta hMr<bo*gg 

In th*'" coffin ^whllo ho Mred 
"too Uto. 1 -* E. J W. Mills, prosecuting 
attorney of Webstar county, said 
but night 

Other robber* had preceded tljam 
more than 10 years ago. ProbaW 
within a ys*r afUr MUler w*i 
burled In r^bruary. Ml*. Mr. Mills 
declared, a* one of the long rent! 
In tho casket gave plain evidence 
of having; been made long; ago. 
Many Dure Ho Hid Gold 

"Whether tho old eccentric took 
much of hl« money with him fhl 
hln crave, and If he aid how large | 
waa the amount, will never be 
known." Mr. Mllla said. 

"Ho made the coffln — with one 
for hi* wife — In hie own home with 
his own hand* and he might easily 
have concealed within the false, or 
secret, compartment beneath the 
rest for his head, many thousands 

nf rlntlnr*. 

Farmer Under Suspicion 
"Our Investigation reveals that 
many people who knew the old 
man, among 'thorn many of bis 
close relatives, aro convinced that 
*x« concealed his a-oia In bus coffin.'. 
" Ghosrta ye*t*r«ay pomtod an Ma 
cuatrur finger at a farmer of weaV 
ster county who knew Calhooa 
Miller well. Across the span of 
IB ' yee.rn and more the country 
folks rocalled remarks which he 

had of the old man's fortune 
and hla declaration that he knew 
he Intended to take ""the greater 
part of bis riches with him. Of- 
ficers of the law also have evi- 
dence, they say. that thia tanner 
has within the past few months 
attempted to hire three or four men 

■ to open the grave. 

But should tho men responsible 
for raising the coffin a few. day* 
ago. be placed under arrest tha 

•mystery of -who first opened ta* 
crave will not have beam solved. 

Jfe fll 

^yersary^ * * 
of jyEs Bussard 
isfiplweryed Here 

r ? --if- .tJ .*-Hf*Tff' * ' . 

;jl Bussard was entertained In 
borne, ( miles south of Spring - 

fld. Sunday, by friends and rela- 
■ In observance of hla fiftieth 

'.Thoae who attended are aa ful- 


Ir. and Mrs. J. W. Bussard. Mr. 

and Mrs. P. 1*. I u in ii ii . .Mr. unJ 

Jtrs. N. It. Phillips. Mr. unJ lira. 

llewla Leslie. Mr. and Mis O. K 

.Baaaftrd and children. Eva -Mildred. 

Jsverett Lee and J ami-* Wesley, Mr. 

.*pd Mrs. Ralph Phillips and jon, 

; Sr.. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Harris and 

06am. J. W. and Wl'.lurd Truman. 

;4fr. and Mrs. Leslie West and 

Jr.. and Hulbert Ivan; Mr. 

'and Mrs. Marlon Mw: Mr ai,'l 

Mrs. John Muynurd; Pi ui.d Mis. 

.Armitrunft; Mr. ajid Mra. S. P. 

Osjin; Mr. und Mrs. It. B. Camp- 

bell: Mrs. Mollie Johnson: Mies 

Alice fctallrup and Mr. und Mrs. t°. 

XL BUbKurd. 

MIhsch Josephine I'.ri-az. u>. He! :• 
Denalow. Chloe Phillip*. Uorotliy 
Adanisun. June Cainpoell. I)cln< le 
-Buaaard; Veda. Juunau und Dona 
/Bgtelle Busaord; Helen and t'har- 
>UH>e Alexander. CSwundolyn ll< |en 
''Phillips, and Ituth i:::. n labile 
t. JMbei t lnnian. Id, I • 
faforeat Harrla. Slu'ltuii 
' lajalle. (,!,,, „ ,,,i j i 

! Ian Leslie. Iti, > i> 
■JflbBrlln Leslie. 

i t I'.u.ssurd 
■ 1 M.iyi.uld 

I I'hlllipa. 

and Itlley 




Page 1: Mrs. Nellie Herman died.** 

Harold Dickerson committed suicide.** 
Page 2: Card of thanks from the Smithmier family and others.** 
Page 6: There is a notice in memory of James C. Casedy.** 
Page 7: Mrs. Mary E. Taggard died.** 
Mrs. Amanda Matthews died.** 
P. P. Wells died.** 
James S. Bristow died.** 
Mrs. Martha T. Terry died.** 
John B. Phinney died.** 
Jacob Heckler died.** 
Miss Claudia Lamun died.** 
Divorce suits filed.** 

T. E. Fuzzell was appointed guardian for Lea Darr and Dorothy Darr, minors 
Page 13: Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Nicholas.** 

Page 17: Miss Laura Owen of St. Joseph, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Franklin 
Owen, and Mr. Charles Moody of Springfield will be married on Saturday. 

Miss Savannah Reagan, formerly of Springfield, and Mr. Harley Grey of Kansas 
City were married January 2. The bride is a cousin of Miss Zelma Brown of 2064 Pierce 
avenue, Springfield. 

| deaths] 


•. Brtatow. M yaar* 

Mary «• Toggor*. wMov or J. 
H. Toggard. of Pcrdiond. dlod at ha* 
boant tbaco «t a is p. m.. yaotarday. 

ruMt«t aortic** win h* b*i<t nt a 

p. a*, tomorrow at tit* MathodlM 
> «touroh lo PordUnd. «Mw Um dl- 
1 mttoa of Um suud* Undertaking 
' aooopooy Mr* TM**rd. wbo oroa on* 

of th* dMm( *eul»r» of rordloud. , 
, W*a UM toolbar of J. re Tm»m, 
; Prtaoo ogont ot fcimour. and c W. I 
'T»ii»m. Prtaw m»iu *t rordloud. 


t fwrroar of Or*»n» vounty, 
«Uod UM night In o boaptuu tn a»- 
vojuMh. Mo . rollowtng a bataf iltW 
Km T»* body wlIP ottito h*r* to- 
night. tMaMfol aorrtow will bo bold 
«t 1 rx au Prtdoy at th* Dabfonh 
rhaprl Rrv Ctoronco Wrtfhl will of- 

Mi* ADitiiii* Mailhraa. Ifl yaora 
old. dtad oi 11 o m. yaaierday »i Um 
no*** of o brother. Joopor Jobnoon. in 
Wwinut Orort on* wwa o etop- 
»wU>»f oILI Mat thaw*, of Oprun- 
AoM. dbo olao u eurpuod by torn 
brother*. Joseph Johnson, or OaUho- 
oa* and Jupft Johnaon. of. Walnut i 
Or©**, oad osi aister. Mro. Davie, of 

Twn- M 

Mr* a/ottha T, 

year* okL mother of Mr*. 
rUrfU, of M* South Pick- 
• »-* hm w , wbo UM M«» bight in a 
M«4l boMdMi. wtu bo boM at a JO p. 
a, Mobbcrow. Servicon will bo ooo* 
oMrMd bt tbo ftra* BapUet thureh on 
hotttb avottu* Tbo body will bo for- 
wwrOod bb BV loub Mo., tomorrow 
night. Tbt body woo prepared for ; 
burtoi by thr> Potaon Undertaking 
company Mr*, lorry >iad lived In 
"-prindftald r\>r It*..* peal IS year* Bhr 
u luiMtm by l*i> eon*. * W. Terry 
o wuilom Torry. both of tn i<ouii, 
ond ooo dougbtof . Mro bam Hargu, of J 
•prtngftoM. , 

tiro**, Burial will bo in Oooforth 
under th* direction of W, L. 
Mr. bi utow hod reeldad In thl* 
eouuiy all h'» I'l' H» owned n )»r«c ' 
form •*•! of 8|>nn«(l«ld. II* Is «W- { 
vivod by u>» widow, on* doughtor, 
Mro. W C. Young, of Dos Molnoa. 
toom: ono onn, B. M. Rrutow. routo 
No. •. frprtngfiold: throw olotoro, Mro. 
J W Murpby of IVollowar. Mo . Mr* 
W r t'omp. of Hlroftntd, Mm JtN^pli 
Mi.*« of 9iroffurd. *nii low hmthrr*. ' 
!»«/■ ttfl*C»* of (tprin k -rirl,t *ih| Will 
*.inm.-n» »«f MfitiPlil*. Trim 

iOMN IV rfttKNoY. I 

Jobn B Phlnu**. •» ycora old. wito 
lor anouy yowro w«« • ro*JU*nt of thl* 
i'IH dlMl RMMiday mx «h* liwnf or hi.» 
da tchtar. Mro Bomual O. l.loyu. n. 
RUahm City Mr rhlunay raaldad In 
tvain«-tl*ld from law tn 1923. when 
ha auettd tu Kan*** City to lira with 
hta daufhtar 

Tha d oco o aod la iurviv#d by a aon. 
*.►**•« *r r» Phluo*). Kanaa* City. l»UO 
dauohtar. Mr* ft tl Uoyd. Kanaaa 
C*»t» ona aUtar. Mr* B fNior. Kanaaa 
City and ulia.brufliar Hot>rr( A Phln- 
at*. MlUar, B. D. I 

Punoroi idrvtooo oroto hoM at I, 
o>MMb that ofMraoon at UM noma of | 
PbJnnoy in aUnaoa City. In* 
mod* in Mount Waob* I 
In that city. 


rtrxtutAJL HJkxo. 

PunovaJ aorrtoaa for P. P. Walla, 
who daad Mat PTiday lo Loom Booch. 
Oallf. wwtw haM at a oVIock UU* aft- 
ernoon at the Alma lohm-jtr F*u- 
tvrral home Interment war. In Maple I 
I'a.'a cerr.rtr.-v i 

aoa— . -e.. l<-»rl fm -.. ' llMi'iBRl 

. t — r- , / 

Harold DIckerson Kills Self 

After Shooting Bride of 

Two Months. 

■uttering hi* second attack of In- 
nut&M within aU weeks, OoL X. I". 
DIckerson la »eer ©allapss as result, 
of the death last night of hi* •on. 
Harold DIckerson. M years old, wha 
in e fit of jeelouey. killed hlmeelf 
*rt«r h* ehot hi* bctd* of etoly two 
month*, whom he accused or frltnd- 
■hip with *> former eultor. 

Colonel DIckerson U confined 10 
hU room at the family home. «a» 
Eaat Madison itrMt. and U receiving 
only immediate members of the fam- 
ily. He granted an Interview Ui.u 
morning to a reporter for The Lea rt ur. 
Detail* of the Chicago angle of the 
oaa* ware received here by Aesod.a- 
ted rtiiee. 

Colonel DtokaooB wee rtr*» irn- 
formad of the fat* of his eon let* 
last night whan ponce from Ohks»gt> 
called the Dlekereoa home.' Two 
Utters, both upbraiding his fatlaer. 
were written by Um young 
shosU y baton hie d*ftSa> 1 1t\ 
read to the father by few 

Vte* Lettem 
TtM Wilett iwwttNai.'j 

I snouted Vresa. IHftsJI 
The) jjaei j*J »W jr>d4 f , 

**ltu« be avetlfWe^Wf 

I Ut him enjoy It, ' 

• aeooeuf aauowe f 

"To OoL Richard ]*. 

Dear Dad: 

~T am kinuojr myaatf tanhvSU **« ff 
hop* you are eatiafled. 1, too. w*« 
your ton,' but Dor any b*rj> J awg e 
got from you I might a* wstt tesvw 
been a utrangsr. I am throuS/fc ^ith 
lire. It baa held nothing tor ids 
hut dlMppolntment. Take your 
damn ranch and leave It to whom 
you jileaae. A fraction or the money 

you h*vr thrown away would have 
asved mr. Well, enjoy thl* aj f 
know you will. The paper* will tell 
you ail about it 1 hare fought my 
leat fight and lost. 

"Your aon. (Harold)." 

The rormer officer or the Spanish- 

iUnsrioui wag Jos*. tola* 
ing as he burst Into 
Ing the last bitter wprda fit s^.gotV 
Relieved .fmfmmMx Ip^fgG 
t<hen quertJoned W -nomiaf 3f 
there could !»»• b#an •nr'-Ufttfj 
other than jsslousy to pro»p* th* 
act. be answered: "He must hatebeon 
umporsrUy insane. X thin* *?*«*• 
probably had a aUmgnmnt nt wm Wp 
wire and brooded orsr Jt until he) De> 
came unbalanced." 

•There was aomelhlng wro ng wit h 

, Harold when bs wrote tboss lettsw. 

be ooutlnued. He did not eren sign 

hU correct name to the one eddreewed 

' to To Whom Ik May Concern.*' HU 

' name 1* Harold end he signed it 

Richard. Then addressed me as Co.'. 

Richard P. Dickerson. and my flret 

name 1* Rollln. 

"Another thing that couvlure* nia 
that he was deranged is th«- Inco- 
herent way in which the letters were 

When questioned concerning the 

phrase lu the first note. "He. mr 

I fsther. because of my mother, ruined 

1 me. He la alone to b(jtnir.~. Colonel 

Dlckeraou aald that he believed that 

waa In reference to the separation 

1 with the mother, which waa effected 

1 shortly arter Harold - * birth. The 

mother. Mrs. Ortiee Whltleeon. live* 

at Oread Be olds. Mich. 

Offered te Help Hoe). 
*1 liavs uo Idee what Harold mseut 
by aocuelng me of permitting htm to 
play a game tit knew nothing or. 
aloue." he aald. "I always gave him 
advice and urged him to settle down. 
I even offerod to eetabllsh htm In 
buainea* and support him for a yea? 
If he would come here and lire. Lass 
year I -offered him to restock u> r 
ranch near Conway, Uo.. and he told 
me to take my damn ranch and go 
to hell with It." the Colonel sobbec. 
"Harold waa Jealoua or Roll In. m- 
14-year-old aon. I believe. He aald 
In hla letter addressed to ma that he. 
too. waa my eon; but ror any help 
he over got from me that be mlghD 
a* well have been a atrauger." 

"That hurt* me." he aobbed. "I 
offered to help hint many times. T 
never termed him money and of tor. 
I made hint a present or a huudrc-.'. 
dollar* or more. I ottered lilui an 
education but he waa not Inclined 
that way. After he graduated from 
hlKh arhool at Grand Rapid*, where 
he had been living wiui hi* mother. 
T placed him In Dr.iry college where 
hr apeut a year. 

"I thought that if I M ave him a 

. hualneae education that ue might be.- 

come Interested' In tomelhlng. so I 

bouRht him a life acholarahlp tn a 

bualneaa college, .which he took ed» 


ventage ol only a short time." . 

Found In Canoe Wo«b««4 . ; 
' * An incident nt Grand Rapid* In' 
1013. which U referred to In one of 
the notes, u attributed by the father 
to have ben the original cauee o( the 
. tulcldo. Dlckuraon was lound woucki- 
ed In a canot floatlne tinnn_» '•>•«• 

; neat Orend Rapid*. A friar* . ■**»#*[$ 
\anf, eald to ha*e bun with htm. 

wu aoouMd at the •hooUaf pT; 
\ young Dtokeraon. Oraf l». "*".''y 

- hava jumped wrta^.wi^jllwiJBW^ 

' -The aocldent left bin* with * 
l**ky heart waiaa," Oohmrt '9M 

leoo. eeid. me uaed to wqrrj ^abcu* 

1 the affair and ohrr. ere 

/ *^2f & i^SoSSr&R „ 
'ho attempted to oolle* to 
'cltfea but ww refuaed on aoeoustt . 
, the condition ot file heart. I Odd * 

1 »i light operation priforiucd and ba 

' finallv we» arcrpjrd In at. I**Ui». 
but after Iralnlntc. hrrsrne wore* and 
»m* dlM-liawrt *lior(ly brfore ho wai 
U> soil for Fiance He wo* 100 per 
cent man and aaa v/IIIIiif! to fight.** 
the falhrr proudly. 

i -I did not know Harold "*** to3 
Chicago until me police called lM< 
night. I he wu in X»nnm 
City working. I, had not beard ox. 
him lor a year " \ Va? 

llrlde W4* serond Wile. V-j 

i Colonel Dlckeraon eaid that wa.^ 
waa auprlaed lo know that hta eoa 

' bad remarried He wan grant** M 
divorce decrer III January. 1926, frora. 
Mr*. Edith Dlrkersou. nt Ht. Loul*. 

I The cuatody of a ll-months-old aon« 
Richard, woo awurded to the mother.. 

I Dlckeraoue brtde la aaid to b* to i-JSJi 
aertou* condition with- thlv» tol'irVft 
wound* at a Chicago hoapltal. CoX 

i one! Dickereon wired lata la*t nigh; 

1 for additional Information hyt ha* 

| not received a reply. ^ 

! The bride declared to Chicago poV 
lice at her hoapltal tbl» m o r n ing 
that Dlckeraou forced har to idarrfs 
him. "I waa afraid to rafua* httn. 1 * 
ahe »ald. "He threatened to kill; ma 
unlets I went with ihlm." «.' ; ">' . 
No-vord liua been reoclvad hat* a^ 

> to the funeral ar m n ge mt ? j »^^to^ 
I DlcJtoreoD. The fomlly «me«toMbr<fca' 

Dlckoraoo. Thr family •xjwlt»i , .W , **f' 
Informed bj" ..<-«->- .- 

time today. 

informed by Chicago crttcJola aoma 

f-v'. r «. 


/n Memoriam 

In living memory of our dear hu». 1 
hand and Ulnar. J ante* c Caeedr. of 
H^er.uile Mo. win, p^^j J,' 
Junta iv a \*j; . ' 


*>rmer Keaiilent Married. * 
| Mia* Savannah ltaacan. formerly of ; 
tM» city, wa* married January a, to I 
| Mr *■*•*•» Orry af Kanaka Ctty. whara 
I (bay wui mak* that/ bom* Mlaa 
, rtewgan la a couain of Mlai fcflm* 
Btwwu, 2004, i'lcxv-r ereuur. 




Widow of Uto Merchant 
Passes Away in New ' 
York City. 


to, erf ha* kv 



tha to&owiag 


at ' 

k to nu t i haaf aan i *» Www Tr»r« 

-4 CTattotokia tbav* to «a« har 

daughter. Mra. Davw Walabarwar, a&d 
boo— aa ffl wtUJ* thara. Har ftnar 
ohtldraai vara »i har badalda vnon 
aba died. ' 

Mra. Utmun bad apant about 4* 
ywar* at bar ltt» In Sprtngflald. Har 
Who died BVptember 14. 
.„. ^_ In bualneaa In thl* city 4JI 
rear*. harLng *atabllih*d the Herman 
Tailoring company. 

Xdgax Heruian l«ft hmn Sunday 
nlgbt for Haw Tork Otty whan In- 
formed that bl* mother waa critically 

III. ^_ 

Mra. Barman alao la *urTtv*d b-y 
tnraa daughter*. Mr*. W*l*berg*r and 
Mra. Jerome Bear and Mra. Hathan 
Rom. both Of St. Paul. 

The body will be eant tonight from 
Xrw York City to St. Uoul*. where 
funeral aamoea will be bald Friday! 



tow wiati to thaak our many frltnd* J 
and neighwora tor their klndnaaa ami , 
i »>rnj<«u»y in the lllneaa and drath nf 
our beloved father. Alao fur thr' 
beautiful fhual i>f(e'rl»ig«', 

kilt AM' MKd J M Mil .rV 


Born to Mr. and Mra. K. M. I*lo»- 
oia* of Doeton. Mae* , a girl. January 
37. at Sprtngflald Baptlat hoapltal. 
Mra Nlrhola* la the daughUr of Mr. 
and Mr. J. r C. Breech, of 067 Kim- 
brutiKli avenue. 


f '. "t aim III* oldest Inhabitant,"' 

iitdtng about Mm. JoUu ». Muiil-I 
£.>uti>r> : « memoir*. Mho nay* tnucll 
atw.ut Sotilhwtit Missouri, but Hi- 
ll* Hbwni hewlf. 1 know M«h» 
TOei* wfeott • Irtrl »ad h*v« olOtT 
wonderod about htr after leaving 
8pringn«>d. Doc* nh« mention 
anything of lh« kind?" 

' She certainly dura and haa led 
nit eventful lit*. »lu eomo w»>* 
hhf« rem natloun) character aud ha* 
nut nearly all world. fiitiinua, 
ih«r«ili'i«. \ 

"My huaband. J. 11. Montgomery. 
Iiu ill thr WVmI Hide rniiroada. We 
wi'iii i«» Knri»i»o in IkTT. where 
my buabuud hud hualut'aa « It li the: 
Krotrh proinotrTe uf I ho Weal Side 
roade." any* Mr». J. II. MoiiIkomi- • 
«t|>. "Ttnryv >ear» laler »" inude , 
another trip lo wo 'Ditnileo Heed" . 
and m»uip in! the othor wealthy 
railroad men hi Htotluud. My Juih- 
hund »'n« \>ald for Ills work H« u 
i miirai lor In the ImlldliiK of the 

..... .; >.||i ►)(• !■>■ i o\ .1 $:i him . 

;«„ |i« hwd inveittr.l heavily In I lie 
"lurk "f Hi—"- ro.'M % 

•Wh'-ll 'i;.'ll'Tlll M.llllo»|| V..I- 

• i.-i uil |irw*iiU'iit> 1 i<'<>k m> >i\ 
, hli'rin lu llerltil lo rx-u. n 
Eurupiaii education. Knur <>l in> 

Bt,ropean education. Ko«r of my 

tli children attended arhool in 

Uarlla Cor laraa year., My cou»l». 

W. \V. rhalpe. J wu» I'nllcd Htut*a 

nila'aier to aarmeuy at that time. 

>' At the, time Charlemagne Tow- 

%r waetembaaaadoe to Germany «« 

Wo anothar irt» to Kwaopo, Aa 

lha court w-aa la mournltiR on «o> 

count of tha aaaaaalnatlon of tbo 

king of Portugal, my prcaouta- 

! iloo to tbo kalaee did ant occur at 

' Iht rourt. We talked together 

' about -o mlnutee. Hlnro Iho 

World War It 1» not popular to 

prulM- lht> kateer, lull ncvrrlheleiei. . 

, 1 aw conalraluod lo aay thai he la 

o»e uf I ha moat nreompllehed and mm I «« mot. l.iitrr! 

no daughter uiid I wore Invited to 

lb* rourt ball, which waa a very 

brilliant (unction. 

"We epeot the winter at Waah- 

lagton. 1>. I*., returnlug lo Cor- 
oiauy In the »prlng. David J. Hill 
araa ambaaaador to Germany at 
that ttiuc. 1 went to tho annual 
rourt presentation and wo hud a 
very brilliant and Interesting wjo- 
trr. Prom Berlin wo wont toi 
i:c»pt nnd thcnir lo The llnK"*'! 
», u mii^t of Sir AlUn and Lady j 
Johnsion. Sir Alien Johnnlon was| 
ih« llritli-h ini"".i»ter. Ho look my j 
(Uufhtrr Margaret :ind myaclf lo 
I be court ball, where wc were pre- 1 
aeated to tho queen of Holland. 
LAler In the evening fche sent for 
me. and w« aat logethcr on Ihe 
•>o(a for half an hour aud had u 
very JnlerwUngialk."- . 

UMis risMU. I 

rui»cr»l Mrrricea (or litM Claudia . 

Uuun. 19. tthAent of SouUtwaat Mi»- ' 
•oun 8taU Taacbara coOaga. who took , 
b«r llfr tn • apell of dcapondrnc* 
Mandav ifurnoon. will be h*ld at tha ' 

i Ucjij lioaxi in Bolivar tomorrow »fi- . 

.•noon at 2 o'clock. • 

VtmarmJ amnc«ix>«nU at Bolivar axa ! 

in cnan[« of ih» W. 8 White Under- ! 

. taking coatfoj. vnieh trmoved the ■ 

[body to tbai cay y«a4«nlay. \ 



Two aulU for dlvorca wore fU0<| > Ml& 
the 'office of the circuit clertc i«te > 
yeatarday- aftarnoou. F~ tTrrh . lajfl 'J 
the plaintiffs r.llece c^ner^l, Irullgnt- v 
tie* on tho part of the Of Xtndan t» an*" 
their cau»« of acuona. Tata 
vrui be dockoiBrt^forAhaKiflr^ 
thir circuit cour&V &frtf ><&$$. x , 

Tha followine aulta were flliidii&fciSS 

William H. Brumiry 
Brumler. Tbeywetwf^ 
uary. 1924. and llvad, togottierT 
January. 1037. - r .j..;^--^ 

aien P. Oof felt agalnat Ploranc 
Coftelt. They • worefs, 
March. 1023, and lit 
tU r^aoamber.-lOW.'^ 

• ■ . ■ ,'J .A. t, 

iv. '. — o— '.- i .;!; j. : ■' ' ,' ., ■ 

mttiai taturOAe. 

The marrUga of Mtaa Lauia Owen 
Of St. Joaeph. dauchtar of Dr. and 
Mr*. Jamea Pranklln Otin of that 
arty: to Mra. Charlaa Moody, eaehier 
r>( the MrDanltl National bank here, 
will take place Saturday afternoon 
at S o'clock at the home of the bride*! 
nareata Mr. John Winn and Mr. 
Jack Cooper will be gueata from hare. 
The couple plan to make thatr home 
In thla city after March X at Kent- 
wood Armi hotrl. 


Page 1: C. W. Moody and Miss Laura Owens will be married.** 

Harold Dickerson committed suicide. * * 
Page 2: Miss Claudia Lamun died.** 
Page 3: Jacob Stephens died.** 
Page 12: Claudia Lamun committed suicide.** 

hint that he contemplated suicide 

Suloide Aftermath ' Reveals 
Mother Had Written to Bride 
Just Before He -Shot Her 
and Killed Himself 


it. jffffij* 

* t DJokareon » 



Displays *D*ar Dad' Letters 
He Received and Tells of 
Youth's Refusal to Accept 
Consular Post 


Sered a * poalUon Id thed Untt^4 
UtM ©enaular service, hla taAe* 

^S^J^wdir "The~WJSbad 

»prfuM a desire for such a place. 
the father said, and he had made 
several trKw eaat to obtain It for 
him. * 'At hurt when young- Dtekers 
■on was notified that he had been 
appointed he refused to accept. 

*>■ ■ ~ T ~* 


♦ — —- + 

Tr*> lather had also suggested 
th*t his son attend air agricultural 
colleeg that he might fit himself to 
take over the large Dickerson 
ranch near Conway. It was upon 
this ranch that Stanley Ketchel, 
whom Dickerson backed as a 
sportsman, met a tragic death 
The son. however, protested that 
he did nod want to go to college. 

and kitted hlmssi 
'hotel Tuesday night. . 

Merman Alexander. a tal}. ■tarter 
at the hotel where> X»?kei*Oh>*M 
employed as bellbo« T^Mwoay 
gave to the police «v W*** ,r » m 
the toy 1 * mother to th* #trb While 
its contents «U ftDt I»V*ftt|d» it. U 
•aid to have referred Jtfi *#$ ifrounf 1 
man'* despondence and po have 
suggested that he turft to^Kl^rln" 
for comfort. ! * h- -\ % ^. ' l 


♦ 1 ~^~r 1* 

Friends of the Dickereoa? family 
In Springfield laat night eocepted 
.the "Elwta" of the 1e4tt«f,aj^lvrta 
TCHckerson* <U* >ba DOTO-yai boie| 
here, a brother of R. TS Weberaoa. 
the boy"* father. HaxoMuoften con- 
sulted his uncle whetr *"blUe." 
friends said. 

. Elwln Dickerson u\»t night ad- 
mitted that he had received sev- 
eral letters from the young man 
within the past two weeks. "He 
was very despondent." he snld. "but 
Inn none of them did lie give any 


C W Moody, caehler of tbe Mc 
Daniel National bank, wtfl leave *o- v 
oaT for SL*Jo*.pra«,. r *d Betar-1 
day night he will 1 , be parried to 
Miss Laura Owene, of that city.- , 

Following the ceremody. Mr. anil 
Mre.' Moo^;r vrlUrd.^ on their 
honeymoon -. W hlobf,w*l tectade a 
months vtolt- b^ New ,' York and 
Washington, D.' f- 

They will ratusP/hare an March 
land make' their home at the Kent- J 



.T.irol) Stephens. 91. oldest citizen 
of Kldtin. was found ilt-ad In hed 
:»t his home, according to word re- 
ceived here." 

;»lr. Stephens \v:is Imrn In Liv- 
ingston. Clurk county. Mo.. In 183R. 
and moved to Miller county In 
1880 He served as nn officer of 
the Samuel McClure G. A. R. l'ost 
fcr many years. 




Funeral services 'will be 1>«U «t 
MP o clock this afternoon at Bolivar 
for MIm Claudia Laroun, l*-year-old 
Teachers college Student Who com- 
mitted suicide Monday afternoon at 
the' horn.- of a friend here. 

Bert Ires will be ooaducted by the 
Reverend C. A. Benny, paator of the 
Dollvar Christian church. Interment 
will be In Greenwood cemetery. 

■ ■■■ uia 


Borrowed Hat Started False 

Talk That Made Miss La- j 
mun, Sensitive Girl, End 
Life, Her Intimates Say , 



hat which eh • 
tram ev" friend bad 

freahmsji, to end her Ufa by drink- 
ing poison, friend, of ths girl said 
jMtVeJht, | , ■ •:'■ ■■ ■'"' I ! ' 

Tba hat belonged to a rotate? ma- 
tron with whom the girl had spent 
HTtnl dtyi. She had admired It 
and asked permission to woar It. 
Mutual friends recognlied the hat 

when Claudia Lamun appeared wlUv 
jtfet/.tbo school and the whispering* 
which swept across the campus and 
through the class rooms reached 
her ears. * " : ! 

Of Sensitive Nature 

"Claudle was of a very sensitive 
nature and any gossip or criticism 
hurt her deeply." one of her teach- 
ers said last night. She had come 
to me with gossip she had heard 
and I thought her heart would 
break." , 

From other women who knew the 
girl Intimately rulne emphatic de- 
nials List night Unit there bad been 
any love affair, ending in disap- 
pointment, In the girl's life. Coroner 
Jewell Wlndle said, after her had 
performed an autopsy that nothing 
was revealed which might huve 
caused the girl to take her life or 
render her despondent. 

Blames Malioioua Gossip 
Testordoy»Tii6'N«ws questioned 
twelve members of the (acuity of 
the college where Mies lamun was 
a student In an effort to find the 
cause ,of her suicide. One teacher, 
asking' that her name not be used, 
summed up the consensus of the 
others: "if you want the truth," 
she said. "I will tell you that ma- 
licious gossips and scandal mongers 
are responsible (or the girl's death." 

The girl's mother had been dead 
for 11 years and. this teacher said 
Miss Lamun confided In her. "There 
was not a better girl In the school." 
she Bald. She was a talented musi- 
cian and enjoyed her music." 

Idle gossip was also blamed by 
I he teachers for the girl's absence 
from the school for several days 
{ before she staggered Into a room at 
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. 
Duncan Monday evening and ex- 
claimed: "I've taken .poison. For- 
give me." 

Page 2: There is a poem in memory of Landon Ward Shipman signed by his mother.** 
Page 4: Harold Dickerson died.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Joe Bill Jones born.** 

Mrs. Nellie Herman died.** 

Claudia Lamun died.** 

Jacob Heckler died.** 

Mrs. Martha T. Terry died.** 

John L. Peck died.** 

John B. Phinney died.** 

Laura Marie Weatherman died.** 

John L. Peck died.** 

Mrs. Amanda Matthews died.** 
Page 5: There is a poem in memory of Landon Ward Shipman signed by his parents and 

Page 7: Joseph L. Smith sues to divorce Mabel E. Smith. 

Dana Beatie sues to divorce drain D. Beatie. 
Page 14: There is an item about the early cemeteries in Springfield.** 

There is an item about Miss Elizabeth Melton, a cousin of Andrew Melton.** 



runeral MnMH win u held at 
10*0 a. m. tooMnew for Jin, Nellie 
Rkmuutt ywioM, who die* Tuee- 
day svaoing la New York city. Tbe 
body tu forwarded to at. Louis lut 
night. Bursal will bo In ««. Louts. | 

Mr*. Mormon hod gone to New 
York about Christmas to vieit htr 
daughter, Mr* Dave WeUbergar. and 
rwtmi lit white there. Her four 
children woro ot tfaa bedside ol the 
time of her death 

Mrs Herman died tree than five 
months after the death of her hue* 
band. Daniel H Herman, who or- 
ganised the Merman Tailoring com- 
pany here 4S year* ago. Mra. Herman 
had lived In Springfield for 49 year*. 

run nil i amis nvrni. 

funeral aefvlcee for Uiu Claudia 
linu.n. ID yrwra old. student or Stale 
"I eat iters relies*, who committed sui- 
cide Monday afternoon, were held at 
3 p. m. today at the family home In 
Bolivar. Benrteea wora to charge of 

Wo ^»» • •"< ™Weo s^a^A's^^Pgyasasaa^BBj Wiaii 

ft' ."-'•■' '" ' '• . ' -i- 

f "' " ~Vaco» riciuul 

runeral eat-vlcae ware held at 10 
m. today tor Jacob Heckler. 05 
f+z* old. civil war veteran, who died 
morning at his borne. 1401 
tmiM. mrrtam voro con. 
ducted at the Church of Latter Day 
Batata on Dale at reel and burial waa 
la the National cemetery under tbe 
direction of the KHngner funeral 
bom*. Mr. Heckler la eurvlved by 
tour daughter*, Mra. Carrie Berry. 
Mra. B. I. Tthooe. Mra. Jseale Olllctte 
end Mrs. Maude Needle, all of 1 

runeral service* 'for Mrs. Martha 
T. Terry. M yeara old. were held at 
J 40 o clock this afternoon at the 
First Baptist church. Tbe body will 
he forwarded U> St. LouU tonight un- 
der the direction of the Paxeon fu- 

neral home. Interment will be In 8t 
i (tula Mra. Tarry waa the mother of ' 
Mra 0am W. Hargls. HI South Pick- , 
wick avenue. 

! . ! — •■ :.v :.-« ,-.• -V 

JOHN L. YflCK: --T 
John I*, rook, wno resides neai Ash 
Grove. Mo., died Thursday morning 
after a lingering Illness. He la sur- 
vived by his widow and six eons, 
Fletcher Peck, of Topeka. Kan.: Earl, 
Raymond, and Roy Peck, of Tulsa. 
Okla : Will Peck, of Florence. Kan., 
and R ILirrls Peck, of Springfield. 
runeral services will be at Wlllard at 
10 a. m . Friday. 

IV ;. JOkN L flCK. -H>U 

lk Mua'ss. raoiu n, died ai Sam, 
•oaky at hkt horn* on route No, 4. 
Walnut Orove. Mo., following a year's 
i Un aas, according to word received 
bares funeral earrioaf will bo held at 
10 a. so., tomorrow at the Billiard 
MtataedlM oburobAaurtal will bo In 
COT* Bortrus cametarv. under the d> 

reeUon of the Oroenwade UnderUglnf 
0t«panYorWular«v\t :^. 

Mr. Faofc'waa bom near Card 
apcta. Mohave* rtT»4»..a»d had. 
resided ta Oroono county ail hi* life. 
Ha Jaaurrivod by tunrtdow. MWvN. 
B. rook; at tho-homa addraos and -bf 
six eons. 8. D. reck, of Topeka, Xan.i 
K. H. Pack, of Springfield; W. 0. rook. 

John B. Fhuiney. 01 years old. for- 
merly of Sprtngf leld, died Monday at 
the hone ot his daughter. Mrs. Sam. 
n*l c. Lloyd. In Kansas city, runeral 
services were held at 3 p. m. yester- 
day in Kansas City. v 


Laura Marie Weatherman, one-year- 
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. 
Weatherman. 3328 North Robborson 
avenue. dl<*t this morning at. the 
home. Fuucrsl services will be held 
at 1 p ni tomorrow at tbe Robberson 
Prairie church, north of Springfield. 
Bur Is I will be In Robberaon Prairie 
cemetery under the direction of the 
Kllngner Funeral home. Tbe decedent 
Is survived by the parents, two broth* 
crs and ona*slatar. 


runeral eervloca for Mra. Amanda 
Matthews, 7i yean old. who died at 
the home of har brother. Jasper 
Johnson, at Walnut Orore, Mo., Feb- 
ruary 1. were held at 11 a, m. yester- 
day. Bervlree were conducted at the 
First Baptist chucb of Walnut Orove, 
with Rev. Sherman, pastor of the 
Walnut Orove Baptist church, offi- 
ciating. Burial waa made la Asher 
Creek . cemetery, located two miles 
east of Walnut Orove. 

Mrs. Matthsws was born In Polk 
county November 30. 1*48. She was 
united with the Oakvllle church In 
1874. She later moved her member- 
ship to Asher Creek church and waa 
it member at the time of her death. 

She l.t survived by one sister. Mrs. 
John Davis of Seattle. WhbIi : two 
brothers. Jasper Johnson of Walnut 

Orove. and Joe Johnson of Kaklcy. 
Okie., and an- adopted nleoe. Mr*. 
Oor* OrUfln of Menu. Tex.w ho waa 
at the bedside when death ^otma. 
j the M also survived by a number of 
niece* and" nephews . | 


"Hi* Mother. 


teat* for tha funeral and 
bwxtej of Harold Dlckeraon. eon of 
ft. F\ D»age*nin. bate not bean com. 
gg «Tt*V taiMd her* today. 
CT rljr TTW fc baa asked that tha 
w ltm sen. vto» Tbaaday ftlfM 
fcfOed lltmnlf altar ■hooting and ea- 
raomdy veuadJar hla brtde, be brought 
to a prtMJU kl for burtal. K* Mid, 
however, thai If the mother. Mr.. 
Oraoe WhltUaaay. of Orand Rapid*, 
Mich., wtahad to take the body there 
ba would Aot ob Joe t. H* and Mrs. 
Whittles*? were divorced when Harold 
wo* four year* old. 

It wa* expected that the body 
would be turned over to the mother 
today. BereTel relaUTe* or the fam- 
ily plan to go to Orand Rapid* If the 
burtal la there. 

Colonel Dlckeraon. who ye*t«rdey 
wma 111 u » mull of the abock, to- 
day wa* able to be up. lie waa con- 
fined to hla bad yaeterday. 
VmUrn Bad Utter*. 

ZJwln Dlckeraon, uncle of the young 
min, aald today that ha bad heard 
from hi* nephew aeveral time* re- 
cently. ~l bad noticed the deepond- 
jat attitude) wtilch he seemed to 
bar* - he **Jd. "Only a abort time 
,jo I Mat him money with which to 
go to 8t- LOUl*. The news of hi* 
marriage «u a *urpnt>« lo inc." 

EHcfceraon wa* employed at the 
Drake hotel at the lice of bis death. 
The whe*aaboum~ oTTuVTeon were 
unknown to Oolonal Dlckereon until 
Cbioago polloe noUflad hhn Tueeday 
.night of hi* death. They had not 
Korraepoodad tor more than a year. 
Coloinl Dickerwoo *ald. At that lima 
he wa* urging htm to lake over hla 
rvucii near Conway. Mo. or to accept 
a po*llk>n In the United Btalea ron- 
v .lar aervlre. The Coloiwl »*ld lhat 
liu M u wa* at firat eager lo do audi 
work, but after the poeiilon had been 
obtained for him. he refueed It. 

Dickeiaon leevea two children, one 
by each of hi* llrat two wive*. Ills 
toarrlag* l»*t December wa* hla third. 
U u aald that be had a eonaiderabl* 
«,i*t^ In truat which will revert to 
to* two children. 




In Mnmonam 

mJUS * jtwa 1 ^* 

landon Ward, you had to loave ut. 
1 If you could. Von would have atayrd, 
Uui Uod know* beat. 

Hut our memory aUU I* lingering/ 
. Around Um crave where you wars laid, 
mower* nay bloom, fade^and die; •' 
]lut our memory aha II last; 
-To forget wvuM be vain. 

iThe daya are. oh. eo lonely. 

"four kind voice ha* been hum/red In 

Your axiuling (ace and honeat blue 
1 '*>«• 
l Wa aea no more. ', 



| In Memoriarn 

o . o 

In loving memory of Unrton Ward 
Shlpman. who wna killed In an auto- 
mobile accident U» Springfield Kebru- . 
ary 3. 1928 
One year ago today, dear aon and 

. We laid you 'neath the oold. cold 

No one know* how we ml** you. Lan- 
Kobody know* — no one but God. 
Badly mlaaed by father, mother, 
brother and alstera. 

Many flpringfleld people hare 
prominent r*latlvee acatterrd over 
I he country, but they don't any much 
about it Mia* Kllrabclli Mellon of 
the Colonial hotel I* one. She 1* 
llrat eoualn of Secretary Andrew Mel- 
lon, but lan't a poor relation. She 
1 ueed to own the big J. C. Oardner 
farm, aoutheaat of the city, and la 
' a yuung woman of considerable 
meana and many acoomplUhment*. 
She expect a to go to Florida noon. 
end I'll It Mr* W. 11 llorlnr. who ha* 
1 gone into bu*|iitu In Florida. 


*?"r£2£- and Utii Joe^ooea, 

AN bffn named Jpe B1UV 




' V etw» «prlalfltld 

tb«r« ha** be*n Mv*nl oamttarlM 
dmv*4 Th*t« ww one* ooc down on 
taa Jordan and oa* en South Camp? 
hfU. ■■***»> w aoTwt to tin*. 
Uapla par* hM loaf baan one of tha 
most prominent of all our cems- 
lerlM The rbancaa are It will bo 
«niir|*d, aooonUng to plana and Baa 
room to atay. 

M.IRKI.W.K |.l< t.NSfc.S. 
- Recorder Jack McKee yesterday 1»- 
|e\ie<J a marriage license to Rupert L 

McNiel and Eale B. Ondwy, both* of 
•Wlllard. Mo. 
1 Jnenss) Deryrr of AHtmont, Kanaaa 

mod Ethel Helen K*x»telu of Bprlng- 

Harold Wrtfe-ht Weycandt or Tulsa. 

OUt, and Jessie Opal Thompson Of 

, OfMrlDfJield 

WEhMdA' ■ -.-• 


Junior high schools and U>alr da- 

8tuJy aald. "X be- 
ll* v* that aii prlfl 
elpal of a Junior 
high school, on 
ha* a wonderful 
opportunity to 

servo the public." 
Mr. Study hn 
written « number 
of - article* — ;-«n 
junior h 1 g h 
schools for . vorl- 
ou* e<1umtli>r)i<: 
publication*. *■ .One 
of these, dealing 

Page 1: Joseph L. Smith sues to divorce Mable E. Smith. They were married December 
25, 1925. 

Page 2: Miss Claudia Lamun died.** 

There is an article about Harry P. Study.** 
Page 3: William H. Brumley sues to divorce Lillie Brumley. They were married 
January 6, 1926. He has a daughter by a previous marriage. 

department at. Ton* achool for 
boy* at Fort Deposit. Md.. and head 
of the history department at the 
Horace Man*' high achool. New 
Tork Pity. He ha* been super In - 
< •inl.-i. t <.f publlu school* ut Xeo- 
doKlia and A ten loon, Kan. From 
there lie cam* to .Springfield as 
superintendent of the public school* 
three year* ago. " 

"I madq my*" way through college 

j '•>• •eljlnir "tereejrruphed view*." h* 

• aald. *"I mude one trip lo* England 

| on a cattle boat and told the atereo- 

graphed view* there.. 

Activ* in Many Club* 

"My in»«t unusual experience I 

had on that boat. 1 met Ellen 

Terry, the actress, and ■ had the 

pleasure uf shotting her throiich 

tt.O lotfll." 

I Athlutlfs <.f :,!l kind*. Lit pn.r- 
j :l<ui.n!y r.a.tuiill anj baseball, are: 
Mr. Study'* hobbles. 

Mr. .Study la president of the Uni- 
versity club and Civic Muelc asso- 
ciation, u member of the board of 
j governors of the t' ham her of Com- 
mere* arid a member of the Rotary 
club and Delta. Tau I.'clla. He at- 
tends the Grace Methodist Episco- 
pal church. 

Mr. .Study 1* married and hu* 
two children. 


wltli the' preliminary steps to be | 
j taken In organizing n Junior high 
school, waa : reprinted in booklet 
form a few year* ago. 

"I wrote n series »>f articles on 
this phase of the public school sys- 
tem," he said, "and It wa» my 
specialty until I took over the sup- 
erintendence of the entire public 
schools here and elsewhere.' 
Nat(v*'of Indiana 

Mr. mudy was born January t» | 
1171. at Fountain City.' Ind. He 
spent hie- boyhppd In Indiana and 
Kanaaa. j v -%•:%'. <L - ■ »" 

H* I* a gradual* of |ha Cedar* 
vale, Kant, high school, and of Boa- 
ton university,' 'Columbia univer- 
sity (Now Tofk City) and Baiter 
university. Baldwin,. Kan. 

He ho* 3 been principal of the 
high school* at Eureka and Otto- 
era. Kanaaa: head of the hlatory 



Funeral s rvloe* will be held at 
2:J0 o'clock .Ms afternoon at Bolivar 
for Vila* Claudia, Lamun. ls-reer-oM 
Teacher* oollege student who cojn- 
mltted *ulcld* Monday afternoon at 
the home of a fr'.end here. 

Services will be conducted by the 
Reverend C. A. Benny, pastor of the 
Bolivar ChrlaUaa church. Interenant 
will be In Orsuenwood cemetery. 


Page 1: Josiah Bricker died.** 

Edna Pelican committed suicide.** 
Page 6: Mrs. Ira Tindall died.** 

Harold Dickerson died.** 

James Edward Turner died.** 

Laura Marie Weatherman died.** 

James S. Bristow died.** 

Mrs. Maude L. Monroe died.** 

W.T.Wright died.** 

John L. Peck died.** 

George W. Thenicie died.** 

Wallace Reid Gray born.** 
Page 8: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 9: Blanche L. Miller sues to divorce Herman B. Miller. They were married in 
February 1926. 


r*th«r 8«u<U Mon«y For Ex- 

penaoi But Ho Is Unablo to 

do to Sturglt. Mich. 

Marold Dtrtw«. •*" • t .!S'wi'iIi 
(Mrkeraon. who Tureday i»U>»t "» ,wl 
himMll after ehootin§ and wounding 
",. wtfr. will be furled at Hlurila. 

rill be h'l<< lomnr> 


The eareicea — 

, ■>* • iternooti Mr and Mm. Jerome 

PL-kfr..'n. Kanaai '"»)• l' f t « ,HUr ,,,r 

, tiuiau to attain! ll»? luneral 

' "I waoiad trery much lo br»ug Max- 

'•M MM tor burial.- Ool. Wckerwo 

aeid today. *tnta hi* mother Uwauo 

ao iMMD we tobinf hun to brr old 

bona thai I wonawOUd. I aeut money 

tar Um fuaaraj expanaee thta morn- 

Ool Otokaraon aald that hi» health 
would hot permit him to atuiid the 
funeral Ma haa suffered two attacks 
of influaox* rrctnti). 


TtRXB* 1.1 r ANT DltS. 

Jama* Bdwwrd Turoar. infant aon 

, of Mr. tad Mra 6. W. Turner, of 430 I 

• Coay Oourt. died »hJ» morning. Pu- 

' neral aarvlcwa will be held nl 2 p n\ . 

, tomorrow at th* family h«mr. Burial 

will be in Mania Park ceun rxy under 

the dlrecUoe* of Um Kllngnet runrral 


Funeral aarvlcee tor 1-aura Maria 
Weatherman, 1- year -old daughter of 
Mr and Mra, W. J. Weatherman. 33» , 
Mortb Hobbwraou avenue, who died ' 
>r«tcrUay inonitaf at the home, were 
, held Nit I p an. today.' Senrioea wera ! 
' conducted «i the Hobbaraon Prairie 
| church with burial under the direc- I 
, Hon of the KUngnar Puneral home. I 
i The infant la aunrlvrd by the parents, ' 
J two brothers and out alatrr. 

1 • JAMCft *. RRTHTOIV. 

Puneral services wcra h e l d a t — 3 
p m. today for James 8. Brlatow. 89. 
who died Tuesday nl|ht In a hospital ' 
«•. Ba«anr:alt, Mo The services were 
held at the [>«nforlh cimpil north 
of Springfield and burial wu In the ' 
Dan forth crmetery under direction of 
W. L. Sternr. undertaker. Rev. Clar- 
tnc* Wright officiated. 

Mr Brmow U survived by his 
■m'.dow. s daughter. Mra. W. C. Young 
ol Dm la.; a aon. P. H. Bri»- 
. u>w. rout* 0. Springfield: four sisters. ' 
■ Mn J W. Murphy. Qalloway: Mrs 
J W. ror.dren. Mra. W. P. Camp and 
Mrs. Joseph Hicks, all of Strafford 
ni>d two brother*. Ben Brlatow of • 
(.Spring-field and Will Blmmons of , 
Mem phis, i 


Mra. Mauda L Monroe. 40 yeara old. 1 
wifa of O. n. Monroe, formerly ot . 
ikpriucfield. died at I •«. an. today 
at ber home In Plcher. Okie... accord- 
Him to word r wH i T wn here. Punaral 
. uervtcoa will be hold Sunday afternoon 
ut Ptcher. 

, Mra, Monro* WM baton bar mar. 

1 rtaare Mrw Maude Macon, of thU oity. 

■he la survived by her husband, 

'moAhor. Mr*. Ouete Macon, of thta 


lot osnaha Web.: a brothar. Clyde 
, kijkoon. of wnriitcfleld; and three cbit« 
dr«n. Ptad. kobart and Oatherin- 


;• . t. 

M. T. HHIOfT. > 

W T Wrl«l»l. ?• yeera • '. retired | 
editor and bntikt-r. died at "» 30 p. m. 
%«»«»ui»y at htt bom*. 90» North j 
rttwont iwnuf Moving, here from 
Richland. Mo Mr. Wright had made 
hi* h»in« here iJtic* 1M»- I 

Mr Wright l»arned the prli.t'r « 
uade whm a amell boy. He worked 

IWMI' M WM *t ha* 
liQUU HO. 7. 

Xm Ttatfoll. Jr.' 4JM u> 

•■:{£; a 

Kic^and lonum* morning by tta#| 

nam" ^.urdTr afternoon In Wch- 
ISid under IM eu.plcea of th» Ma- 
•oulc lodge- ' 

rubral ~r*Wea «»IMM •» »J »-. 
.. ,-^.r fo- John L Pec*. f7. who 
„.. „,!,:. h,m. ^..routrj^ V 

[•moif»?,__ __ 

!JJ2!rj\i»d»r iba tltraaruoo 


POII.A. Mo.. Feb. 4— (A. •»,»— 
Citnn Pallran. wife of Prank Pelloao. 
of NrwOMrit. Mo, commuted eulriig 
at brr horn* yeetarday. Mr*. PeJloin 
bad bMn to Roll*. to vtott bar moth* 

I rr. who «u IU In' Uvt boapltai typ* 

[ on her rtlurn to Newirurg. it u re- 
|Hjr»rd. aba wa« reprimanded by tier 
iiuabaud for belsg away from home. 

; Bn« went Into an adjoining oorr. and 

' look poleon. 


aided here ell bia Ufa. 

UKORCiaf W. TUBM«jK. i 

Mr* Mar^e rN»mr»n ot JtUPenn- 

geltnula avenue r ^^^ w *l 1 J| h J' | 
morning of the death of her bwthar. 
• in-law. oeorge VT ThenlcU. II mrg 
old «i hi» borne in Lawrence. Kae .» 
Mra Pnuer*»u will laara tonight to 
rltend the funeral. 

AVA. Mo.. Feb. 4.— (epeolaU— 
Carr/in* a galkm bucket when, be 
»Upp*d and fall on the toe at bia 
home in the Oo n d iiop o oet gbb o r hootU 
JoaUtb Srtekor. T7 JPOUI old. coffered 
I a fractured ekull when bia bead bit 



M> and Mr* 8 R Oray. of TuIm. . 

Ok la . announce the birth of a eon. 
' Waller* Reid Orav. on January 3fl 

Mra ttray I* thr rt»vi«ht»r of Mr. and 
. Mra. Waldo Landrra. 1096 South 
| Campbell avenue | 


Chert** W. Moody of Bprlugfield 
itttd Utara ». Owana ol at. Joaepb. • 

Albert Coeu and Edith Aleuutder. 
Ooth of aprtoftMM. ■.;■■•. 

, ■ . . . . ■ .; ' ■} ..J 

Page 1: Clyde B. Mack was killed.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Maude L. Monroe died.** 

George W. Phenicie died.** 

Turner infant died.** 

W. T. Wright died.** 
Page 12: W. T. Wright died.** 


\V. I'h«nl' 
In .Lawrence, 

~ Hum Pattaraon. 

arenue a atat«rlnlaw. Mr*. Patta re aa j 
4»fi tost nlsbt to attend funwal ear*- j 

I tJamrg Kdward Turner. Infant aaa 
of Mr. und Urc. i. W. Turnar. U» 
Uu«>- Court, died j •« iterday mornln*. 
J^ineral aorTleaa will b* hold at a 
o-clocx tkla aftoraoon tt th* horn*. 
Burial will b« In MapU Park came 
Ury und»r direction of th* KUnfntr 
funeral home. The Infant la »umr*d 
aw the parenu. ; 

\1 C \. 

WW Be Hell 

Lived in SprtngfUW 


BMV eoot-l 
front of hrs 

died at 6 10 o'cteoKj 

St. John's hospital ' 

Mr. UM.cH.rn death 

Sasulni in ayi »r»n<.'i 
Oka ground uroug 1 
tracks led. 



e> — — — — 

Hack waa ahot 8a 
when ha resisted the a 
lene highwayman to h 
aa be entered the drt 
home. When he 
volver. he was shot 
•audit und the bullet 
through the lung. The 
struck Ivan slack. Una 
who waa accompanying; 
face with a revolver, eef 
.Maclv was CAir)U>g.. <uiu v 
Mrs. Mack, who heard Hi 
reurhed tr-.e « er.e'ln lima 
chase to the bandit. 'i ", 

The basket, apparently,'; 
by the bandit to contain 
had In It onlr soiled 
store, a (ew steps from the 


pany. Ha traveled out of Springfield 
for eight years with thla company. 
He left thai work In 1»0» and a few 
months later opened a grocery store 
on Boonvllle avenue one block from 
the store which he operated at the 
time of his death. 

Mr. ?.l /It was at one time n 
member of Urio-Cumberland Presby.- 
terlan church, later transferring his 
membership to the Tabernacle 
Presbyterian church, of which he 
was a deacon. He also was n mem- 
ber of the United lodge No. B. A. F. 
snrl A M . snrt of the local chapter 
of Modern Woodmen of America. 


I e> £§ 

! Funeral service* for Mgt' 
. will be held Sunday at IJ 
'at the Tabernacle 

church, with the F 

Crockett officiating. Burial 
'■ low In Hazel w ood remat 

■Uracil, n of the Alma 

Kuuvnil h'.ni-. Services at 

wl'l It i. n !u. ted by Unit 

.N- A I iin J A. M, fjgj 

'Mr. Mack was a member. 
I Mr Muck Is survived 
[widow. Mrs. Flo Mack. 
; Ivan Mack, both of the 

_«ratt.vH* la . 

of Eagle Rock. ..Cai.;~ bj three 
MiWi, A 6. •€•**>' CTanda M*ct 
«aa C. A. Uaak. all of Sprtngflaldj 
two hfothar»-ln-Uw^W. H. Huai 

and Frank Portaer. both of SortrHr* 
field. He Is also survived by several 
nlacaa and nephews. Including Mrs. 
Frank Nichols, MUaea Lucy and 
Margaret Peyna. I. Ni ' Mack and 
Sidney Payne, all of Bprrogfleld 



Mr. Mack was 6S years oH and 

was born on a farm five miles south 
of Springfield on the Campbell ave- 
nue road. He spent all of his life 
In Oreene county. 

He was educated In Springfield 
schools and after graduation en- 
tared the employ of an express com- 

Mired/ Banker anife&&^ 
feijaski County iWaii-ono, 

'■'■ W. T. Wright. 7» yeare old/ re- 
tired banker and editor of. Pulaakt 
county, died at 7:60 o'clock laat 
night »t his home. »0» tforth T*e- 
moot avenue Mr. Wright had made 
his home in Springfield since 1?2». 
moving here then »om Richland. 

lie was a charter member of the 
lUchland Masonic lodge No. S85. and 
was master of the lodge for 10 

When still a »°>' Mr - Wr'i*ht stop- 
ped school li»;d began learning W 
printer's trade under hla father. 
David T. Wright, founder of the 
Christian Pioneer, then the only 
religious paper lu ths United States. 
The paper later become the Chris- 
Han fevansrellM nnd Is now publish- 
ed In St. Do-uls. 

For 10 years W. T. Wright was 

editor of the Waynesville Democrat. 

He founded the llichlar.d Minor In 

liuC Fur IS years ne was cashier 

lln the I'ulnskl county bunk 

Mr. Wright is survived by the 

I widow, Mrs. Mary J. Wright of 

h'prlngfleld. one daughter, Mrj. Erin 

(Smith of SprinKfleld. 

ne son. Frank 
.Wright of Springfield, und two rIs- 
i ters, Mrs. Kale Watson and Mrs. 
' Mary Wells, both of Oakland, Cal. 
! Funeral services and Interment will 
1 I.e held Saturday afternoon In Klch- 
| land und'-i auspices of the Masonic 
' lulnu of I l.e t"« ii 




• W. T. WRIQHT ■' : t 
Tha body of W. T- Wrlabt, wbo 
died at 7:10 o'clock Thursday avenlna; 

at hla horns. 90S North KVcmsnt are- 
nue. will bo forwarded thla mornlna 

> tor ih* yMtp* Ix>hm»r»r runarei bom* 
t* Richland, Mo., for burial, Funaral 
aarrtcea and burial will ba bald thar* 
qndw th**au*p1c«a of tha Richland 
Kaaonlr lodca. 

**■■ _ ■ •' 


_?•» tha Iw^, 
Cwdren. Fr.d. Robart. an 
l«*0 a sister. Mra. Vf. " 
Umuha, Mab. 

Page 1: Clyde B. Mack died.** 

Mrs. Mary Dinesky committed suicide.** 
Page 5: The probate court docket for February is published. 
Page 9: Mrs. Belle Presley and Mr. William Morrison were married.** 
Page 10: Miss Cora Horine died.** 

Akins infant died.** 

Perry infant died.** 

James Edward Turner died.** 

Clarence Leroy King died.** 

Wesley M. Stokes died.** 

W.T.Wright died.** 

Mrs. Iva Tindell died.** 

Memorial services held for J. T. Darr. 

-- iiT|fK>»a<m|ii Mini <** tbv 

Sarin* to rartfnd byTrnfUu 

wa» brothers: Mia* Harriett iicr«r» 

»«•<*. Calif.; Mr,. WHUamTwhlSf 
«*««* City;, Mm. Mltch^} P^t?l£ 

U? # »^S +"3F~ 3 Mr. and 



Clarence Leroy King. Jr., 3',4-ye*r- 

jolil non of Mr. and Mrs. oiarwic* 

I King, died early thi. morning aTthe 

home. 008 South Newton avenue! tol- 

! lowing a brief. Wneas. Funeral 7r. 

-*.H , ? ne . nU -* r " lnrom P |ft * «>ut burial 
will be in Kwt Uwn cernet l £ 

L hc dlre £i lon of W" A "*a Lohmeyer 
home The child I. aurvlvedby bu 
parent*, one brother, ciuy. hu grand, 
father. Jam,. King, and by two 
Krandmotbera. ' *TJ 


Funeral eenicea will be held at 1 
p. m. tomorrow for Wesley M. Stoke* 
M. who died at li p. m yeacerday at 
hla home. 3147 North KeUett avenue. 
Burial will be In Oreenlawu cemetery 
under the direction of the Kungner 
Funeral homo. Mr. Stoke* Is survived 
by bis widow, two daughtrrn, Mra Roy 
McDonald and Mra. Floyd Pamplln: 
two brothers. Oliver Stoke* of Coiturll 
niiUia. In... and George Stokea of 
Springfield: two slaters. Mrs. Lou 
Laythan of Springfield, and Mra. 
Frances Brown, of TuUa, Okla.. and 
live grandchildren, ail of Springfield. 


The body of W, T Wright, who died 
Thursday -at his home. 000 North 
Fremont avenue, will be forwarded 
by the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home 
to , Richland. Mo, Sunday morning. 
Funeral service* and burial will be 
held there under the auspices of tha 
Richland Masonic lodge. 

Jf the 

WDlZfcifjtffvU SltyiDff :<4L 
p. m. TdtUrday From W< 

waormiA.Lftii BalnirdvNigJit. 

A Mr? '*UMM*4 by 
Jwwaii m. wind** to umeUgata 
death of Clrw* m. MMk, trocar, whtoh 
occurred ** • JO' p. m. yesterday a* 
St. J<.*hus hospital from a gunahot 
wound InfUetad by ft ton* bandit »a*a 
Saturday night, viewed the body 
•arty this afternoon. 

Coroner Windls staled that no tn- 
queet would be held uuUI after lb* 
tuner*] and padding police lnreeU- 
fftUoo now tit progress. 

Ho charge* hare been filed against 
C. O. Branson, who wu uken luto 
custody re* tarda y by Sheriff Alfrod 
Owen for Investigation. The men le 
being detained In the county Jell. Ho 
refm e* to make any statement 

Funeral aerrtoM for Mr. Mack will 
be bald at a JO p. m. Sunday at the 
Tabernacle Pre s byte r ian church, with 
Kev. John Crockett officiating. Burial 
will to In Basel wood cemetery under 

! tne direction of tne Alma Lohmeyer 

> mineral borne. Services at the grave 
will be oooductad by United Lodge 

; Ho. 6. A. P. and A- M. 

ffao* ay, Highwayman. 
Mr. Mack we* abot laet Saturday 
night it til o'clock when a lone 
highwayman aoooafd him and hla 
eon. Ivan Mack. In front of their 
bone. 1114 BooovtD* avenue. Mr. 
Mack and hla aon were returning 
trocn their g iooery etora. two blocks 
aouth of their They dis- 
covered a man trailing a abort dU- 
tanca bahtnd tham. As they neared 
their rreidrnce. the man crossed the 

, street and ordered them to bait. At 
the aame time. Mr. Mack reached for 
his gun. The bandit ftred and the 
bullet etruck Mr. Mack In the left 
tide of his neck and emerged from 
the right eboulder. The blghway- 

im*n. \tk*x atxuck, joung. Mack, acroaa 

llbbblac » bMkti from 
end taking ft Mm on of 
lit. Mack, ran aoroa* the Mack lawn 
and disappeared down an allay. Mrs. 
•tack oaUed an embulano* and hat 
husband waa rushed to tha. hospital 
In waa conscious only a par*, of tha 
time, but gave officer* a description 
of hla assailant. 

Darn la Oreeu* County. 

Mr. Mack waa M yaart old and was 
bom on a farm fire mile* aoath, of 
Springfield on the Campbell avanu* 
road. He apent aU of his life In 
Greene county. 

Ha waa educated In Springfield 
schools and after graduation entered 
the employ of an express company. 
He traveled out of Springfield for 
eight years with this .company. Ha 
left this work In 1000 and a faw 
months later opened a grocery store 
on Boonville avenue, which he oper- 
ated at the time of hla death. 

lie was at one time a member' of 
tha Cumberland Preabjtertau church, 
later transferring hla membership to 
tha Tabernacle Presbyterian church, 
of which be waa a deacon. He waa 
a member of the ym ted Lodge Ho. ft. 
A. P. dad A. M, and of tha local 
chapter of' Modern Woodmen of 

Mr. Mack U survived by the 

Widow. Mrs. Y\o Mack, and on* eon, 

Ivan Mack, both of the home address. 

1 He also la eurvtved by two eletere. 

• Mr*. Walter Hunt of Springfield, and i 

JMra. J. K. Wright of Eagle Book. 

iCalrf-: three brothers. A: O, Claude 

sad C. A. Mack, all of Springfield; 

•and by several niece* and nephew*. 

' Including Mr*. Prank Nichols, Mlisei 

jLucy and Margaret Payne. I. N. Mack 

'and. Sidney Pay as, all oi Springfield. 



WEST PLAINS. Mo, Feb. »/— (Spe- 
cial)— Mra. Mary Dtnaaky. 64, wife of 
Orator Dtnenaky. a farmer raafdlng 
near Howard Ridge. Ocark county, 
committed suicide by hanging herself 
in a barn at the home of a neigh- 
bor, according to work received her*. 
She I* thought to have been taropor- 
arlly insane, due to despondency enrer 
tha loas of bog*, sf. *■ 'f 


Purcral aervlce* for Mr*. Iva Tln- 
dall. 39. who died Thursday at her 
home on route No. 7. Springfield, 
will be held at 3 p. m. Sunday. Rev. 
J. S. Doreey will officiate and burial 
will be In Hazelwood cemetery un- 
der the direction of the W. P. Camp- 
bell Undertaking company. Services 
will be conducted at the Campbell 
i undertaking parlors. 

-* i 



Freeiey And Mr. WlUtm 

<e united to marriage »t 

•renin* ** tb» Metbodiet 

400 Wert Df virion street. 

Rev. H. A. Hood. They 

1$4* l«dcth. Grant »*«7 



| H'SEKAI. tun IN KANT. 

I Funeral r>ervlce<i for the lnfnri; hon ' 
j of Mr. and Mm. Howard Perry of ' 
; 1000 East Chestnut a tree t. who died 
j yestcrdny afternoon, were hold at 10 - 

II a. m. today at the home. The body , 
waa taken overland by the Kllngner . 
funeral home to Frotem. Mo, for • 
1 burial. 

Funeral eenrlcee for Jama* Bdwrnxd 
Turner, latent eon of Mr. and UBaV 
«TW. Turner. 00 Oemf Court. wbd 
died Ttoterday morning, vera' held at 
3 p. m. today. Burial waa tn Maple 
I'ark cemetery under the direction of 
the Kllngner Funeral home. The In- 
fant la aurvtved fcy the parents. ~ 


Page 2: Clarence Leroy King, jr., died.** 

Akins infant died.** 

Wesley M. Stokes died.** 

W.T.Wright died.** 

Miss Cora Horine died.** 

Clyde B. Mack died.** 
Page 3: Another article about the murder of Clyde Mack. 

Page 6: Mr. and Mrs. George Woods of Monett heard that a great grandson was born in 
California. The parents are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lane. 

Son born January 28 to Mr. and Mrs. William Walpert of Monett. 

A daughter Lenna Marie O'Neil was born to Mr. and Mrs. Will O'Neal of Monett. 

Son born January 28 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams of Monett. 

A daughter Roxie Jane Wilson was born January 29 to Mr. and Mrs.R. R. Wilson 
of Monett. 

John Suttles, 79, died January 3 1 at his home in Monett. He will be buried in the 
I.O.O.F. cemetery. 

Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Breuer and Sue Betty of Newburg went to St. James for the 
wedding of his nephew. 

Mrs. Shattuck of Arlington [near Newburg] died and was buried in the Goodall 

Daughter born Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs. William Burris of Newburg. 

Mrs. Frank Pellican died Thursday. She leaves a husband and one son. 
Page IB: Bill Yates recalls the days of the bushwackers.** 

D. S. Atteberry is the youngest looking grandfather in Springfield.** 
Page 7B: Miss Belle Sheppard and Mr. Homer B. Rickard were married.** 


..ENCe'lUaOY^KlNO. JR. 

inoa Leroy Kjn». Jr.. two and 
-If ye* re old. eon' of Mr. and 
CJarence Klnc. dJad yeaiarday 
a# at the bom* of hla paroat* 
South Newton arenur. Funeral 

will b* heW at II b'rteck Oila , 
^ at the h<«m» Burial e. 111 be j 
In Eaat J^awn cemetery under ! 
Ion nf the A!ir~\ l«rtimei et Ku- 
kom. The cfctMi I* earttlwa b» 
renta. one Krorner, Oay. a 
ither. Jamaa Klnc. and two 
i there. 


.^yuneral perU-.n, I«r u* ir.fa-; 
3s» Shler r.f Mr Ud .V-. Her! AVr« 
aSS Nonh Nation*! B'on'j-. « (■ ^. <••»<! 
^Friday afternoon. »>r» heM ).-»•. r - 
SSr. Burial «■>■ mnl» In i>im- »»;i 
-eatnetery under rttr<cMon of the 
aar F\ir»ral home. 

eral ht-rvlcen i,.r Wes.ri M 
K. who 'Iter! 1'ililio «•. I :• 
H«7 N»>r«h Kr-ll^ti tvn, .• «!i: 
bald at 2 o'cliM-k Oil* afternoon at 
haras Burial will he nude h 
.tarn aanielery under direction 
tha Kllnimer runrrm home 


body of W. T. Wright, who I 

Thursday «t 111* |mi ( W ' 

rYemonl avenue, will 1m. f<<r- ■ 
ied to lUvhlanil, Mo. thle morn . 
by the Almn I<olmieyer Funeral 
for funeral mrvicrn and burial. 




'Bill'cjatei Marvels Now at 
Survival in Hectic Days 
When He Drove Oxen Team* 
Into the Public Square 



BdSPkat did you do jrty'-tMlggij 

$11 gmtm am." tha TUttor tt * m i\)jm . 

-1 ball*** rd have b**n lnepecting 

th* maid* of o»a of tha *tov**»" 

BUI touch*d and looked over the 

to, •€ *»e d -W*"- * *•* 

hmd to «*and there *» d taJt » my 

Th* B1U of into narratlva to Wil- 
liam Tataa. «4B>o«t IS-^ha will bo 
t< tho tw*nU*th of noxt month— 
who ll»** at «»• North Lron 

•traat. with a daughter. Mr*. Darl 

City Wasn't Much in Those 
Day*, He Relate*. Telling of 
Helping to Haul Supplies for 
the Government 

rpilK time li back In Ilie >>*"•" | 
*■ •BJU" Yatea !■ <"< hl " WR> , l " 
Hprlngfleld and to nl»"irt " "»"'" j 
out from Holla, or the f«-w itoraa . 
that conatltute the nuilrusifjhr 
t ml n I RoOa- - Bo to skills* • 
team of ox*n httebad to a w«« 
loaded with Bait, Iron and a cook 
•to** or tw*. H* to ..drtotac os*» 

In the habit of helping thamaatoaa 
to any hor**» th** oom. that way. 
Atone tha ctoarad path, otaddod 
with itumpi. tha wagon la bumping 
1U way. 


Baddanly out of tho wooda-ridoa 
a, band of man whom Tataa r*cog- 
ntoas aa tha draadod buahahachor*. 
Thay atop htm and begi* to rum- 
mac* among tha aacha and Iron. 
Tataa oan do aothln« hooauaa tha 
men are all armed ond ar. known' 
to ahoot with llttto provocation 

Now leta Jump a tow acore )«» 
to tha preaent- 

-But Juat than a croup of ool- 
ulera came riding- UP » na thing* 
began to uappon." "BUI" eald the 
other day. "A regular gun butlle 
atarted over the «uon. with every- 
body ahootlnc. It aaa m e d . But no- 
body rot ehoC and tha *wheckere 
turned around and -beat It off 
through Uie wood*." 



Bill toft Teuneeaae when be waa i 
11 and aa be wu one of the three] 
oldaat c-r the "U.e children In the j 
family ha waa accorded tha "priv- 
ilege" of "walking'' from old Ten- 
neeaee to Mlaeourl. The family 
made the trl;> In a covered wagon 
pulled by one team of oxen, but the 
thro* oldaat children had to walk 
moat of the time. 

"The wuuds mu full of deer an J 
wild turkeya were all around, eo 
•we didn't luck meat unytlme," U1U 
recalled. "And there waa ratUe- 
•nakea everywhere. RatUeanakeo 
and rattlvanakea. I carried a run 
and whenever one of the ratUera 
would ullck up lis head. I'd pop It 



Whan tha family raachad IlUnoto 
thay atoppad far tha wintar awl 
waited until th* rprtoc to oonaa on 
«* r aa ss w i rt . - 

It waa in 1161 that tha Tataa 
wwroe haltad amtdat tha wood* mad 
bruah of that part uf Mlaaourl that 
la now l'helpa county. They ware 
four or flva mtlaa from tha alta of 
gc— ant day Holla. Holla waa ona 
grocery atore then, «\d the railroad 
had not yet left Its tr.tcke. 

"We took our batohata and axea 
and out tha traaa to gat wood to 
build our 'ahanty. Bometlmaa wa 
eajAd cat a few nail a from tha 
•tor* flva mllea away, but much of 
tha time It waa like our grooary 
atoraa today, and didn't have tham. 
Whan wo couldn't cot tha •pike* 
•gag "a Mill I IT tha hoarda on. th* 
We'd brace Uwm up with 


7*Th* o'kaa. cot *car*dT**r'iijgs .JJLSJj^JJJ 

.ahootlng aad tor* off , down tha 
rwad, bumped ate two or the** 
traaa. boated th* yokoa. eraefcad tha 
asartoaa, aad ended up by amaan- 
tnr Into a tr**. -~ 4 

Thoaa dirty 


ran away with four . of our ho r aaa. 


tote the k» 
their guna In 




WfWLW 1 

'-- •^?v?*^d»S 

-Two •» o«f -ii*tltobor» Wit *or 
ttprtngfteld one nl«ht with a wa«on 
lo% d of rapuiMk i Thay 4l4a , t fat 
to Bprtnafleid ontlma and a waak 
,o by. «ttll they didn't ahow 

*» By tbU Uma a^pU^ajara*' 

UM aaataaa •^J^£3*i tr 
later mm ««J *baa4 •■**■ ^* mF 

.low a In lb. «««!•. murdered, aa« 
their k 

-Bat whoa. a Waah 
would moot up with *»* afthaaa 
armed gorillas or 
they'd hill them o" ^V*^.^ 
waant worth whUo to cmatara than 
and hang 'em 

lot breath from the hard run. "but 
that was some excitement." 

Mr. Tatea lived near Rolla for 
50 years, marrying" there. In 1909 
hi. went to Henver. coming back 
bore about five year* ago. Mr* 
Yates died .the twentieth of last 
month. She would have been 71 
this coming month. Mr. Yates - 
tlireo llvliui children. Mrs. Burl 
Cetchell. Claude. Yates nnd Harry 
Yules, all live In Springfield. 

"And your correct nnme Is Wil- 
liam Yates?" the visitor asked as 
be prepared to leave. 

"Hill," corrected Bill. 




Mr. and Mre. X S. 
UM North Clay avenue. 
the marriage of their 
Belle, to Mr. Homer B. 
Hannibal. Mo., which 
January ?5 at the home of 
Mra. L C. Williams at T 
Keverend W. ' O. Anderson 
the service. The couple .Will 
In Tulen. : - 

•We didn't huv. threshing rna- 
,.»iln.o or anything th-ee daya but 
hard work and «.M have la flail 
the » .. • »ut- A '" ut "" W * <1 

raise «u a Hvln". "'"'•• P-Woat, 
and wheat and corn. 

•1 mad., one trip to Hvrlngfleld 

driving behlii'l e»» government 

trains. 3: wagons to HUB fain. 

and six mules hooked up to each 

wagon, and 111 tell you there waa 

e,.m- mud «nd ruts U rained 

a-. !-. f-r right «l:U"s ""'' i''«hta 

land ti.e *»>e of my wagon acronad 

!•,. u .. mud. Those trains were 

haulln' supi-llen ai f:ir a- the 

Kwkles an.) farther That wua the 

last trip I made back In 18«4. 

■ \\>d unload at McElhaney's nt 


eral services lor Miss Cora 
Ine, tIio died Krtriay afternoon !n 
Jopttn hospital, w«il !••■ »..! at 
k tomorrow iimmlng at the fi: 
Catholic church. nurtsi will 
L Mary's cemetery under <51- 
Of the Herman H. lohmeyer 


mora Ilk* a Moekada 
than it 414 a. town. 

htm abouVtha tlma.a buttalo kapt 
you up-a"|tr-»*«ar. thrae boar* 
grandaddy. i <-** 

■ill grinned •hoeplahly. "■taara 
roamod around throo*h the wo«4a 
whwern thoy waatad U thaa. aad 
coa of than* aappa**»i te ahniia? 
n.. on* day when 1 waa by mywalt. 
He MM a rerln' after ma and 1 
skinned up a tree. Ha atood thara 
and looked at ma for bait an. nour 
and than «dfad off down tha klU 
gracing. Ilvty tame he'd duok hU 
bead I'd come down an Inch, and 
bed look up a«wln. Finally throe 
houra later I touched the ground 
nnrt tore off through the woods. 

fVnnrral eiTrloaa for Clyde B. Mser, 

■esVyaar-old rrt naryann who di*d rYl- 
•venl-g. wtu be hold at t» 
this afternoon ax the TeW- 
Preabytenian church, corner of 
street and South JJoulevard I 
Reverend John' T. Crockett. | 
of tl.e .'hurch, wll conduct the 
Marhd wtll be la Haaelweod 
under> fl* — TT'TTT.lTf 1hl laws 
er T>>n»wal h e m i. gs t rl u ss at 
tr»v« will >k* conducted by United 
IT. No t A T. and A. M. 
Mr. Mil k l.aij been a member of 
ikornacle iv, -tbrterlan church for 
years axtd waa a deacon In 
church He also waa a m smear 
fjta Modern Woodaoen of America. 
•Jfci .i v.> : . , > ' ! i -. -■- 

Ihhh-h-h." sighed Bill, all out 


yddh»**t- looking 
If tbera-fcr* tqr ; 

^OUttoMT.LOQKIK&iWMhtlMr to ■»»■*■!»' 

If not actually th* yc>u» «tat In year*. I* th* claim 
friends »dvanc* for D. B. Att*b»rry. nunirw of taw 
ba**m*nt department of Rap* Mora hot*. 

Mr. Atubarry hlmaali r*fu**» to otlu any olwim 
•xoepl th* i h* k* U* jTWIfX !• «P^t «< *T,« tMP. 
4*4 In th« eltr. - • *■ « 

"Ki.rty-twn would eaten m*." ho aaye whon aaked 

hi* age, adding that "•> mm aort of hat** to aAmlt 

how old h* la." ;. r ? ; "* : £ 

0**m*« in f.r •**« 'KW.Ino- 

"But I f**i aa good a* I irtr did, and drat bailor* 

Ihoraa a thing I oaavt do *a wall ** I *r*r did." 

HI* -I....*." aaya Mr. Atteberry. "kid." hlra 
*vtr) itiiy abutit b*lng tha 
father In HprlraYflald* And 
In y**r* hi* friend* would Ilk* to know about It. 

Mr. Att*b*rry'a only grandchild la a 1- 
Klil. Anna M*«. daughter of hi* oldaat aos, wnilam, 
Kim tit SI Iih* been married three y»*r» William 
Attrberry la numagor of a *tore at White Plain*. 
Both Parent* Aro Living 
Urandfalhi-r Atteberry waa 19 yaara old whon ho 
«aa iunrrl<-il He ha* three other children, Mag- 
dalen*, a etudent at Stale Taaohara oollog*: ffratrthan. 
a *tuJ*ut ut St-nlor High achool and Martha Ann, 4 
>e.u* ulJ, Hit' baby of the family. 

Hoth of Mr Atteberry'. parent* are living. HI* ■ 

laltifi .» ov. uii.1 ha* bern a dracon In the Baptlat I 

kliunii lui inab) yeara. Hla mother I* *«. They live | 

■rut Lagrange whore Mr. A tie berry 

waa born. 

Mr. Atteberry la the next to the 
youngeet In a family of eight chil- 
dren. He baa throe oMar brother* 
In the Baptlat ratniatry. The old- 
r*t Is «u "1 am a BapU*t. loo. but 
I uttend the Muthuduii church her* 
because my wife la a Metbodiat." be 

Named for Singer 

"At the time of my birth. Moody 

and Sanky, the travelling evangellat 

"n.1 singer who wer<i a* famou* 
I In their day a* Billy Sunday la 
'now, wore holding a revival meet- 
ing at Lagrange) Being strong 

Baptlata, my folk* tagged ma with 

Sanky aa a middle name." 
"To* kl<U at achool mad* It hot 

for ma calling m* by that nama 

but alnoe tbo** day*. I bay* given 

folk* to understand that It la Juat 


He h«» l,>Mn In th« dry good* 
buakoe** for more than IB r«*r*. 
and ha* bean manager of Rape 
I'uarmrnt sine* It waa atarted 
i eight yeHra itgo. H* la known aa a 
ahrawd buyer. 

Page 3: Card of thanks from John H. Kirkup and others.** 
Page 4: James Edward Turner died.** 

There is an article about Tom N. Douglas, of Stone county, the youngest 
prosecutor in Missouri. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Douglas of Crane. He has five 
brothers and four sisters. He was born December 8, 1903. 

Page 16: Miss Coila Melton and Mr. Joe B. Sigler were married.** 
Page 25: Births reported.** 
Perry infant died.** 
Clarence Leroy King died.** 
W. T. Wright died.** 
Akins infant died.** 


Miss Cora Horine died.** 
Wesley Stokes died.** 
Clyde M. Mack died.** 
Page 14: There is an article about Richard Henry Trevathan.** 
Card of thanks from Mrs. E. B. Porter and others.** 

Jtydge Treyathan Achieved 
^Ambition to Be Lawyer 
W Deiplte Handicaps. ^ 

; -An ambition created early In lift 
and persistently pursued along a 
«*aed program has been fully achieved 
by one of Springfield* citizens. That 
ambition was to be a full-fledged 
lawyer. . 

Richard Henry Trevathan. for 17 
yeara justice of the peace in Camp- 
ball township, la the man. 
'. 'Henry, aa he la known lo hla close 
frlenda. who are many, before the age 
Of ten years, determined on a career 
aa a lawyer. 

"'The remarkable thing about Judge 
Tvevathan's achievement la not the 
tact that hla ambition waa realized 
•vkrough persistent efforts, for all 
lawyers expend that neceaaary trait 
or character, but he attained hla suc- 
cess working under a handicap. A 
Clippie alnce 9 yeara of age. due to 
infantile paralysis, he now la wheeled 
ifi and from his office in an invalid's 

l l'ZA student, acbool teacher, grocer, 

oh worker.' deputy county recotd- 

larwyeT, a lover of nature and at 

it Justice of the peace— that la 

sut a few yeara eld; his father 
died when Henry was 18, yean old. 
Sotll early manhood, he waa under 

St guardianship, of hla stepmother. 
(■Attended school And a* the cam* 

tmw atudled law 

Born of pioneer 

the -atunly 

«j«elitiee of the early American bj£ 
tory maker*. $ '>,>•' *-j.>; ■< ■i-'.'m , 'MPii 
*:■-- • Bora hi TcoiiriiiB ! *PirW 
Judge Trevathan waa bom In Parte: 
Toon.. August 6. -1807. KU father 
waa Dr. H. H. Trevathan. who prac- 
ticed m ertlctne at Aah Own. Mo* for 
a abort while, and hie mother waa 
Buaan Jtoxier. He came ot Greene 
county in 1883 with bia father and 
brothera. Walter and Joseph Tbevs- 
Uten. They eetUed at Aah drove 
when Judge Trerathan waa 18 yeara 
old. Bla father practiced 

until he died 11 months later. Judge 
Trevathan continued living wltb hla 
•tepmother. 'whom hla father mar- 
ried shortly after coming here. 

They moved to a farm, near Brook- 
line where he continued bia acbool 
work In the Brooklnie public schools. 

Ziortly after completing school, be 
tered the grocery bualneas. This 
didn't ault him. He then taught 
two terms of acbool In the Brookllne I 
public schools. "I was no good at' 
teaching." the Judgo frankly ad-j 
mined. I 

Hia first real Job. aa he explained j 
It. waa when he was appointed deputy ; 
county clerk under T. K. Spraglna. , 
county rlrrk. He 'was next appoint- j 
ed uepuly county recorder. under 
Charles H. Oalrymple. He served two j 
ismie at Usee postuon <"** mmm tiuui 
oleoted county collector, serving from 
1897 to 1888. During eJJ thie time 
he never failed to grasp every oppor- 
tunity to etudy law. 

Entered Krai Estate Tlrlil. 
Following the expiration of his 
term aa county collector, be entered 
the real eatate field. Hia office waa 
in the old Star Clothing company 
fc nlWtlng; where the neerBtoree S2 
"Deary now stands, while in the real 
♦state business Judgo Treva than "had 
enemy opportunities to purauo '.' hia 
ambition. '■•■•": ™ T7$pu 

& ^JL"* *""*** w»* elected lor 
hie fifth consecutive term. '»• --v 

When admitted to the Mteiotsfl 
Bar aaeoeUtlon at Jefferson city. 
July 33. 1923. Judge Tre.vathan's life 
ambition waa realized. That for 
which he had been eo diligently striv- 
ing, a full-fledegd lawyer, at laat waa 

Judge Trevathan waa married to 
Mrs. **ura mixta in November i»n 
Mnj. Burke waa the widow oftt,UU 
Judge John T. Burks. 
/'-White on the subject of mat* 

Xv/- Judge Trevathan aald?^i 
led one man twice ha eo deva. 
»?Lmay be a record. .» least r mu Vt 
admit that the man u 

fOI remtnda jno of the time when 
a rather fleshy rwoman came into' my 
ottlco with a man about half her 
•tea awinging onto her arm and asked 
to be married. After they were mar- 
ried aha folded the marriage license 
neatly and said. 'Well, thia license 
makee a total of six for me. and with 
a few more I should have 

a pretty fact 

good collection. 

a pretty 


MU'A /iaokTm. **™ -^^j 

Mfh.i.fral Horvl.-rs lor Cljtlo M. Mack. I 
iSS 'years old. wcll-kr.r.vm grocer, who 
tiled Friday at «:»« P- ul •"*'.•; 
John', hoepW wtll be held at 2*0 | 
n m. today. Services will be eon- ; 
t ducted at the Tabernacle Pr«byter- , 
illan church, with Rev John Crockett , 
„tf| officiating. Burial will be lr» Hazel- ■ 
1 ' wood cemetery under the direction or 
i tho Alma Lohmeycr Funeral home. ] 
! Services at the K rnve wilL ba under ■ 
I the auspices of L'ultcd . bodge No. 5. I 
! A. F. A A. M. 

Mr Mac - .: v. as fatally wounded last 
■ Saturday ni C nt when a h»ghw*yniaii j 
'accosted him and" his son. Ivan, dl- 
I rcctlv In front of Uirlr home at 1324 : 
Sonvllle avenue. The bandit .hot 
Mr Mack through the neck and flea. 
Tho decedent bad been a resident 
of thla county ail hla lUc. For the 
past 15 years he had been in the 
grocery business. 

He is survived by the widow. Mr*, j 
Flo Meek, and one ban. Ivan Mack, 
both of the home rudrti.-: two sis 

.FOB WMT M*!^^ 

Funeral service* ^ *££**"*.•£ 
of Mr. andMra. Howard t Pe*T <**** 
East Chestnut street. »*» «^J*1£*J. 
SeVnooa, ware hid •* " "tSr^a. 
Urday at ttoa noma- Tfca **£*,££* 


a. m. today for Clarence I^-roy King. 

Jr 3 1-3 year-old eon of Mr. a:id 
iMr'a. Clarence King, who died ear.y 

yesterday morning at the «««»«» j 

South Newton avenue, following a I 

brief lllnesa. Durtal will te in East j 

Laxvu cemetery under tho direction 
I of the Alma Lohnwyrr Funeral honw. 

The child la aurvlved by his P«cn.-'. | 
'one brother. Guy. h^ gr-iadfatber, , ^ ^ w&li££ ^u^j, C t &&&£ 

James Ktug, and by two grandmota. iM, ~~ % _ t -- ■--£-_ — -- 


.-' '* TO HOLD FirNCRAL TODAY. "T ' 
The body of W. T. ^rigbt. who 

died Thursday at bis borne. tM» **urtb 
Fremont avenue, will be forwamed . 
by tho Alma Lolimeytr Funeral homo, 
to Richland. Mo, this morning. Fun- . 
■wal acTYlrra and burial .will he held, , 
itiure under the auspices of the Rich- 1 
laud Maaonlo lodge. mi 

field, and Mrs. J. E. Wright of Eagle j 
Bock. Calif : three brothers. A. O.. j 
Claude and C. A. Ma'.k. a:i of Sprtr?- 

Mvct >i-d Sldr.ry l-a;:e. 

Funeral services will be held at 3 
p Today for Wesley Stoke.. M. , 
who died at 11 p. m. yesterday at his 
bom 2147 Kellett avenue. Burial j 
wlU be in Oreenlawn f«^*^|22S 


hU widows two daughtera. ;M*4 W* 
SJeDonpld and Mra, W*Pffi£!g 
tmo brotbera. Oimr 8tok« *£*£, 
ell Bluffs. la, and Oeorge W^^f 

Rprlnffleld: two sister.. Mrs. Lew 

r'lvthan <f Sprlrcilrld. and Mrs. 

I Francos Brown, of TnlM. J OkU . and 

I live grandchildren all of Springfield. J 


We wlali to thank our many friends 

— -, for their kindness and the beautiful 

i ; ° 'Tb-otbS • Miss H"rr:ct llorine. ! fIor al offerings during the lUneas and 

lhr ^ C «.m Mrs AnnaH. Bush. Long ' a ,ath of our beloved htisband and 
BprlnrfleM. Mn.^Hja » ^^ ^ ^ Dr BoeeberTy and 

I Bcacb. Calif.. Mrs. ^^ M parr lm i Dr George for their service. and 

Brother Bacon for the wonderful ser- 
mon and the choir for the beautiful 
songs. A special aong sung by Mr. 
and Mrs. Arch Burgess. We are also 
'iirrateful to the Atlas Lodge. 313 
Knights of Fythlas. tor their kindness 
In our }aat berea veme nt. 

MRS. eV b.; RORTER. 







Funeral tcrvlccs were held at 3 p. J 
' m yesterday fur the infant daughur- 
tof Mr: and Mrs. Bert Akine. 3103 
| North National avenue, who died Fri- 
day nfternoon in at local hospital. 
I Burial-, was -In Grecr.'awn remeiTyj 
under tho direction of the Kllngncr 

Funeral .heme. ' .^iiBrs^ffliP 

vi^k rout HonivE. r 

Funen.1 awvlcea lor KUes Cor* H0- 

' nnc who gled Friday afternoon in a 

' spiul at Jopllu. lolmwlnj a brief 

i illness will be *e!d at a. m.. Mon r 

SyTt the St. Agnes Catholic church. 

Sfrlal will bo to St. «««t«T 

'under the direction of the Herman; 

i H. ..ohmeyer Funeral borne. Miss 

llorine I. survived by mjj al»te« and 

SSci«. caUfTiirs. ^e Ullmann. 
! iuo of Springfield. 



Funeral seKleea for James Edward 

•Turicr infant bom of Mr. and Mrs. 

i8 ^W Turner. 4'*> Cozy Court who 

died Friday morning, were held ^et 3 

J m.7«terday. Buttn ! "^r^Jo^'of \ 
I Park cemetwy u-.der the ^"^r *, 01 i vut. ainu «r 
tbeVungurr Funeral home. To* ift- M R. AND M 

l^uS&u* b, tb. IW^X!^ J ■ — 




' Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gamer. 2027 
rtamsry avenue, announce the oirtp 
of a daughter February 3.- 

A sou wo*- horn to Mr - and Mra - 
BuXord Sanders. W3 College •*"•£» 
Pebruary'3. '!!', i 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe long, of route 
No. 4. Springfield, announce the birth 
of a" eon January 81. ' . b? 

Bom., .to Mr. and Mr*, lister D. 
Oabome. 2313 Kellett •veauo. a ton, t 

Tu» marrtaga of UUa Coila Melton 
and Vr. Joe i B, aigler. both * of thla 
city, waa eotamntaed at Fayettertlle, 
Ark- Sunday at the noma of Mr. Slg- 
lert alatar. Mr*. It' P. CritchaU. and 
Mr. Crttcball. Rev. N. M. Regland. 
formerly paatbr In thta city, perform- ! 
ed tha ceremony. • j 


We with to thank our mauds and 
Melghrmra Mr. Kllngner and Bar. 
KU. for tha klndneas and sympathy 
tbown ua In tha death of our dear 
mother and alater. Also for tha beau- 
tiful floral offerlnga. and tha choir 
who so kindly aang. 




w§ ■ ■*■ Try""*** ' • __ 

sjsa^syW P * B« f 1 ^^ , m mm tm m m <mmm 


Page 2: There is an account of Allen C. Foster. He was born November 4, 1882, in 
Seymour, Indiana. He graduated from Franklin college, Indiana. He taught and then came to 
Springfield as a teacher and athletic director. He has also been a Boy scout executive. He was 
married in 1915 and has two sons and two daughters: Gordon, 11; James Allen, Lucille, and 
Florence Jane. He lives at 1000 East Central. 

Page 3: Mrs. Bessie Gilmore Overturf died.** 

lire tirade Ollmoro OYtrturf died 
at a nprn.»f teid haaaital / Bandar 
morning. Mho had bt-ra III for several 
> «-«ni and went u> the hospital for 
(mlrnnt about teras WMki a«o. 

Seemingly aaueh laMmaraB ls> ■satia.. 
•he bad ebuutad u a* ta her ansae at 
cava Bartaaa yaaaarBajr. ' 

eiu vii born near Wlllard April 17. 
T"9. and reelded near that town all 
of her life. r»he U survived by th* 
liuaband. Will Overturf; two aona, 
Juan Wesley and William; two daugh- 
ter*. Lueile and Ilk 11a* of the home 
address; her father and mother. Mr. 

and Mrs. J. It. till mo re. route t, WIW 
lard; five brollArs, W. B. Olbaeee M 
Loe Arurelee: W. & iJlkrore. RmiU *. 
Wlllard. Jl. C. Oltmor*: Wlllard. J. B. 
Ullmore. Jr.. Houte I. Hprln» field, and 
I>. E. OUmors of Aurora. Mo..: and 
ihnee staters. Mrs. E.M. Coffee. Barns- 
dall. tihle . Mrs. Kmma Brower. fan 
Antonio. T«»«. anil Mrs. It. J. Brim- 
eon ef Wichita. Kan. 

I'linrral eerrlree will br h* 1*1 nl tic 
Wlllard lia|«lit rhurvh Tuesday morn- 
ing «t II n'rlnek, Interment following 
In i»... IVmlev'a < •».-. ■.. I ... • • 
ii,r Hit* direction of tli** fSreetiwade 
I'liilrrtaaing company of Wlllard. 

Page 1: Inquest held into the death of Clyde Mack. 
Page 2: There is a notice in memory of J. A. Moser.** 
Page 4: Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 7: Bessie Gilmore Overturf died.** 

Miss Cora Horine died.** 

Mrs. Maule Augusta Belveal died.** 

Delmar James Sawyer died.** 

Blanch May Hicks died.** 

Roderick McGregor died.** 

Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Little.** 

A. R. Miller died.** 

James A. Nelms appointed administrator of the estate of John Motley. 


Roderick McOregor. died Sunday ; 

morning at hU home. 1437 Waahlng- ■ 

ton avenue. KunenU arrangements ; 

are incomplete but they will be under'; 

, the direction of the kllngner J"uu- < 

:er«l home. 


Blaueh May Hicks. Infant daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mra. Robert Hicks. 2130 
Bentou avenue, dlad this morning at 
t>e home. The body vw taken over- 
land by the Kllngner Funeral home 
I to Timber Ridge, near Marshflrld. for , 
i burial. 


Funeral service* for Mr*. BmiIi CUl- 
mor*. Ovarturf. 8ft, of WUlard. Vlo. 
who died Sunday morning la * local 
hospital. wiU be held *t U .«, m- 
Tuesday at the WlUerd Baptist 
church. Burial wlU b« in Wnlty"! 
Chapel esmetery un4«r direction of 
the Ortwwtd* Undertaking com- 
pany of WUlard. 

Mrs. Orarturt- had b*»n in felling 
health for two years. She osme to a 
local hospital three weeks ago for 
treatment. Iter health appearing to 
have improTSd. Mn. Orerturf plsnued 
to go home Sunday. She had resid- 
ed near WUUrd ail her We. 

The deceased is survived by her 
husband. Will OTerturf. two eons. 
John Wesley and William; two dsugh- I 
ters. Lucille and lis — Be of the home 

J ad drees: her father and mother. Mr. ! 

I «nd Mrs. J. B. Ollmore. route No. 3. 

i WUlard. five brothers. W. K. Ollmore 
of Los Angeles. W. 0. Gllmore. rouie 
No. 3. Wlllerd. K. C. Gllniure. Vi II- 

1 lard, J. B. Ollmore, Jr., route No. 3. 
Springfield, end D. E. Ollmore of 
Aurors. Mo.; snd three sisters, Mrs. 
E. M. Coffee. Barnsdall. Okla.. Mrs. 
Emms Brower. San Antonio. Texas, I 
and Mrs. R. J. Burnson of Wichita, 


runerai services were held at 9 
a. nv today for Miss Oora Horlna. who 
dlad Friday aftarnoon In a hospital 
st Joplln. Services were held at 8t. 
Agnes Catholic church with burial 
In St. Marys cemetery under -the di- 
rection of the Barman II. Lohmeyer 
runerai home. 


FuDeral aerrlcea were beld at 8 
p. m. today for Mrs. Maule Augusts 
Belvesl. wife of M. J. Belveal, 410 
Ksst McDsnlel street, who died Oun- 
j dsy morning following a lingering 111- 
| nese. Bcrrice- were conducted at the 
Starne Mortuary with burial in 
Oreeniswn cemetery. The deosdsnt 
Is e-urvrved by the husband and her 
mother, Mrs. r. H. Raymond. 


Delmsr James Sawyer. 23. died yes- ' 
terday morning at bis home. 815 \ 
Boonvllle avenue, following a linger- 
ing Illness. Mr. Sawyer bsd returned 
only a few days sgo from the western 
coast where he had been in the 
U. 8. navy, Funerel services will be 
held at 2:30 p. m , Tuesday, at the j 
1 Kllngner Funeral chapel, with the* 
. Rev. Wllca. pastor o; Grant Mrcel 
I Baptist church, officiating. Burial; 
j will be lu Haselwood cemetery. The , 
I decedent Is survived by the parents. 
i Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Sawyer: two 
| brothers. John and Carl, and one aia- 
1 ter, Doris, all of Springfield. 




Mr. and Mia. Henry Little, formerly. 

Tor*. Vo»*rao* tha birth *CT#>fH$ 
aatMrda y. fwbruary ■, . ' Stj- .■■• 


Word has been received bar* of the 
auddea death yastarday of A. R. Miliar, 
former editor of the Washington 
County Democrat, at his horn* In 

Washington, la. ' ' 

Mr. Millar -was prominent in Iowa 
Democratic circles and ran for gov- 
ernor In the November general elec- 
tion After disposing of his news- 
paper plant several years ago. be lec- 
tured In several southwestern ststes 
for a lyoeum comps »y. rearing last 


D. K. Richer, horticultural sgent for 
the Frlsoo Unas, who la s cousin -of 
the deceased. left this afternoon for 
Washington to attend the funeral in 
that city at 3:80 P- m. Tuesday. While 
in Washington. Mr. Elcher slso will 
vi. . his brother. Edward Elcher. who 
u e member of the Elcher and Liv- , 
inyiton Un~ firm of that city. • 

James A. NeUn* was appointed <*d- | 
nunlstrator this morning in the estate 
' of John Motley, who died February A. 
The appointment was made by Judge 
John & ngMA Jp. ..tfe. ptoJsm 


In mamory of J. A. Moaar, who died 

Fab. 7. 1931. ' 

«_ long yaara alnoe you have left 

And the wound It will not heal. 
But Its Ood who knowe the better 
For your dear heart cannot feel. 
Sadly instead by wife, 




George W. Blevms of Wlllsrd and 
-tvrtle Lee Huff of Springfield. 
I^SameTw-entan of Hertvill. and 
i Daur» Ladson of SulUvan. Ind. 
I jotocT5cN-U» and Edna Craw. 
I ford, both or Springfield. 

Everett Stevens -of Nowata, Oate, 
'and Thelma M. Coble of Walnut 
i Orove. 


Page 5: A son Henry Little, III, was born February 5 to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Little, Jr., of 
New York City. Mrs. Little was formerly Miss Agatha Daniels. 

Page 2: There are two poems in memory of Ida Throgmartin.** 
Page 5: Elmer William Medley born.** 

Page 7: James A. Nelms was appointed to administer the estate of Woody Reed who 
died in February 1924. 

Page 9: Margaret L. Randolph sues to divorce William B. Randolph. They were 
married in March 1919. 

Roy Skaggs sues to divorce Gladys Skaggs. They were married in March 1 922. 
Marriage license: Charles D. Rankin and Bertha Anderson, both of Oakland, Ark. 
Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Wagner celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.** 
Oliver Valaningham died.** 
Roderick McGregor died.** 
James Sawyer died.** 
Bessie Gilmore Overturf died.** 
Mrs. Bertha Scheidt died.** 

Flo E. Mack was appointed administratrix of the state of Clyde B. Mack who died 
February 4. 

Page 14: Card of thanks from Rev. and Mrs. S. W. Turner.** 




Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Wagner. 863 
North Campbell avenue, celebrated 
their golden wedding anniversary 
Sunday with a dinner at their home. 
They were married In Blandvlue, Ky.. 
February 4. 1877- 

Mr. and Mrs. Wagner have lived in 
Springfield more than 30 years. Their 
five children live here and are Lee 
Wagner. 1203 Ka-t McDaniel street: 
Hurry Wagner. 613 North Fremont 
avenue: Mrs. B. J. Wilson. 1050 West 
Harrison etreet; Mrs. Sadie Newport 
and Miss Minnie Wagner, of the home 

All the children and grandchildren 
were .at the dinner Sunday. 

Wr wish to thank our many friends 
for the kindness and sympathy, also 
the lovely floral offering, given us si 
Ute death and burial of our darling 
baby James Edward Turner. 
Our darling* babe haa gone to reat. 
God who knowetb beat baa taken 
bfin away. 
Oh precious babe your memory atlil 

Shall linger while we live. 
We must submit to the perfect will 

Of him who didst the* to us give 
Thy tender form did Ood above 

Need In thai home o'er there * 
To brighten Heaven with our love 
With him to Rlory ehare. 



l InMemoriam j 

killed just one jeer •*w,toda*,.F»1* 
'ruery •. 1W6. 

In the graveyard aofUy sleeping. 

Beneath the cold and aUenl clay. 
U the one we loved so dearly 

Who was killed one year •go totUj., 

Darling sister, how we miss you 

How our hearts are achlug still. i 

You place is \ scant in our nwne. j 

Wh:ch no one else can ever Ml. | 

No one knows the sorrow 

Th»t !;ea within our hearu con- 
But It * G«->d a ho kno»» the better. | 

Poc your dear heart cannot feel. . 

Oh. it was so hard to give you up. 
And leave the ones you loved so 

well: ! 

But thai vacancy up in heaven j 

Ood mould have no one elae flu. 

Badly missed by mother, slsten.. 
brother*, husband and children. 



— — ^— • 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Medley. 1063 
North Pro sp e c t avenue, announce the 
birth of a son. Baser WlUlem. Petoru- 
ary 3. 

Mr. Medley* father. Tom Medley. 
1 sthought to have the distinction of 
being the youngest grandfather In 
the city, as be a» only 41 years of age. 


Mrs. Bertha Scheldt. 63 old, 
\\\l- of K. O. Scheldt, died uL 9 p. m. 
■yesterday at her home. 1315 West At- 
lantic street Funeral services will 
[too held at 2:30 p. m Wednesday at 
tthe Kllngner Funeral chapel. Burial 
! will be 111 Green Lawn cemetery. 
OUW Valenrngham, U. died £•- 
terday afternoon at hi* born*, soil 
North Bummit iTtsut. The body 
wlU b* eent by tha Elln*ner Fu- 
neral hflBi tomorrow rooming to 
WUUfoe^, A*1t» tor bo rUU 

Roderick mcorxook. 

runaral eenrieee ware bald at J JO 
p. m. today tor Roderick McQregor. 
mho died Sunday morning at hla 
home. 1437 Washington avenue. 
Services webe held at the Kllngner 
runeral chapel with Rev. J. T. Ba- 
con officiating. 


Funeral services were held at 1 
p. m. today at the JUInguer Fu- 
neral chapel for Jamee Sawyer. 33. 
year* old. who died Sunday morn- 
ing at hU home. 813 Boonville are- 
nuc. Rev. T. H. Wiles, pastor of 
Grant Avenue Baptist church. of- 
; ficlsted and burial was In Hazclwood 


Funeral services for Bessie Oilmorc 

Ovcrturf. 3H. of Willard. Mo.. who 
Idled Sundav .morning In ft local ho»- 

pllul were held at 11 a. m. today at 
i the WiUard Baptlfct church. Burial 
I was In Wesley's Chapel cemetery im- • 
" der direction of the Oreenwadc Un- : 
jdertaKlng company. 



Page 5: Card of thanks from M. J. Belveal and others.** 

Page 8: J. D. Boles and Miss Grace Katherine Leonard were married.* 

There is a poem in memory of Betty June King.** 
Page 9: William J. Hardman died.** 

Mrs. Bertha Scheidt died.** 

William A. Walden died.** 

Gideon J. Bingham died.** 

^He'^^ppold executor of ,he „ U . o, his m o,her NeUie H. He™, 
Page 13: Mrs. May House and Mr. M. F. Hogan were married.** 


An action for divorce was «!««■»«' 
thn office of the circuit court this 
moVniri and will be docketed for the : 
Mav term of the circuit court. 

Margaret I.. Randolph has filed! 
.ult 5al»t William B. Randolph- 
They were" arrled in March. U19 and 
llyed together until September. 1934. 
to the petition the plalnUff alleges , 
abandonment on the part of the de- . 
fendant as her cauac of action. 

iiisii.\m> asks nivoRrE. 

A euit for divorce was filed toda> 
In the office of the circuit clerk b> i 
Roy Bkaggs against Glady* Skaggs. 
fn y the^tlUon the plaintiff BUt« I 
lhat tbey. were married In MarclU , 
1922. and lived together until Frbn- 
*rv 1924. He charge.-, abandonment 
on the part of the delendaul as his 
cause of action. The case : %M I be 
docketed for the May t«"»J> f court " 

i7icY;nseo to wkd. 

Recorder Jack McKce today issued 
a marriage license U> Charles IX Ran- 
kin and Bertha Anderson, both 6f 
Oakland. Ark. 


Information baa bean recelred beta j 
of the recant marriage ot J. D. Bolea, 
for merit ■uperlntendant of toe | 
Bprtngfleld Oe* and Electric com- 
Dany/end MU» Orace Katharine Leon- 
ard. Mr. Bolea U now chief engineer , 
of the Federal Light and Traction. 
[oouc*ag 1* **■* Tof x OAt7, 



Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mack. B04 
South Douglas avenue, announce the 
KB! I of « son. Oerald Alan, on rebru- 
ary 8. 

May House and Mn 

M F. 


married at Harrison. Ark.. ^>ruary " 
They will reside at Zinc. Ark. 


WUlUm J. Htetein, 77 years old. 
; formerly of Bpringfteld. died Monday 
night In a Bt. LouU bospitaJ after a 
brief tllne es. He U survived by five 
daughters, Mrs. M. O. Irby. at. LouU; 
Mr*. J. H. Backer. Springfield; Mr*. 
Once Luke, Kansas City, Mo.; Mr*. ! 
M. T. Malone and Mr* C A- Clutter, 
both of Wichita. Kan. and three aona. 
J. C. Hardman. Springfield: A. L. Hard- 
man. Wichita. Kan. and W. J. Hard- 
man. Of tlMH OltT. *»" an( J ijfo 
try e weWMM g i e ss a. lllllllllssi 

will be in St. Louis. . 


Funeral f mn t o tm verb held at a^o 
p. m. today for Mr*. Bertha Scheldt. 
66. wife of F. O. Scheldt, who died at 
9 p. m. Monday at her home. 1316 At- ' 
' lantlc street. Services were conduct- 
i ed at the KUngner Funeral chapel, i 
with burial in Oreen Lawn cemetery. ; 


Gideon J. Bingham. 93. Civil war 

veteran, died at 640 a. m. today at hi* 

home on route No. 1. Oalloway, Mo_ | 

following a lingering t|lne*n. Funeral J 

i *ervlce* will be held at 2 p. m. Thur*- : 
day at the family home with burial lb 

. Hatelwood cemetery under the direc- 
tion of W. L. Staroe. undertaker. 
The decedent la nurvived by three 

: daughters. Mrs. George W. Davis, of 

: route No. 3. Springfield: Mr*. May D. 

4 Davis, of 611 South Grant avenue. 

' Springfield: Mrs. Oram Oooch. or . 

'.Galloway: by four sons. J. W. Blng- 

I ham. of Osark, Mo., and C. A . S. J. 
and F. O. Bingham, all of Galloway. 

Mr. Btngharu had been a resident of 
Oreene county for 07 yean,, having 
come here when 25 years old. He 
served In the Union army during the 

• Civil war. He was n prominent 

i farmer. Rev. Harvey Humphrey, of 
the Central Christian church of this 
city, will officiate at the funeral. 



In Memoriam 


Funeral .services for William A. 

• Walden. 66. who died at 7:16 p. ni. ■ 
I yesterday at his home. 80S South MU- 

i aourl avenue, will be held at 2:30 p.; 
' m. Sunday. Services will be conduct- , 

ed at Christ Episcopal church . with ; 

Rev. "Walters officiating. Trinity Lodge 
, of the Odd Fellows will have charge 

• of the services at the grave in Maple 
Park cemetery. The Herman H. Loh- 

j meyer Funeral home prepared the 
I body for burial. The decedent 16 sur- ' 
; vived by his wife. 




wish to extend our sincere 

In loving memory of our darling 
baby daughter. Betty June King, who 
pasted away on* year ago today. Feb | 
0. 1026. 

t.e have a little treasure once I 

She was, our Joy and pride 

We loved ber — Ah. perhaps too well 

For soon she slept and died. 

Oh. our hearts within tbelr dwelling 

Lonely are our hearts today 

For one we loved *o dearly 

Dear Jesus came and took away. 

Sadly missed by father and mother. 
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. King, and grand- j 
parents. Mr. and Mr*. J. W. Oeorg*. ! 
and by all who loved ber. | 

thanks and appreciation to our many 
friends, for the kindness and aym- ! 
pa thy extended to us during the 
I sickness and death of our loved one. 

Page 7: William W. Livingston sues to divorce Ruth E. Livingston.** 
There is an article about Mrs. Nellie Gilham Burger.** 


p Married Twice 
^fok Second Divorce 

•pilE aeron.i marital venture 
was no snore aureeeaful than 
the first, areordtn* to a divorce 
■necltleei ttlea in elrrult eourt ye*-, 
etrtlay by William W. Llvlnc- 

■ton against -ituth K l.lvhiffaton. 
II* rhnritm that his wife, after 
having left hums three times, has 
flnnlly reftmed to live longer with 

The> Here married first mi I>e- 

-■•••■- -< I... * t I •- 01- 

»•.!■'. I i. ii July "i "'.'l Their 
>" -•.•»«! marital inutile In-Kun 
IX-tMlter V. i»Zt. urn I (hey Kr|>a I'- 
tt led two iuoiiUu later. 



Informal end StdeliaMe 
M Proewtotnt •pringflMtalMk 
» > 

Jy[*s. niuji aiLHAif Buiwim. I 

hprlngneld temperance worker. 
I* now earring her twelfth y**r *■ 
■tat* president of the W. O. T. U. 

•h. la alao edl 

tor of th. alia 

a «• arl Couneelor. 

«•!«»•! ill pllhllCn- 

***■■•» tw* art*' 


ilittlt re re*. 
0<-ndlnc a eoreterr 

v( Ui« national 

"I hern me In- 

ii-rraleri In trm- 

|' r i u n r «• work 
. when I wh Juet a 

rlil Mj i>«rcnl. 

luril In ItOOll- 

hou«> 111.. at the tlmr. I *n per- 

fgjfaMtf 'to httowd V W. C. "T." W. 

that kaar my Ht* baa «e* n «««- 
e*t*d to Ita eervlce, oaye Mrs. 

Sit* wee km to it. Louto r*« 

©•I red h»r education In Illlnoli 
m*tx> § and earn* to Missouri aa • 
temperance worker In 1114. 
Work.d In MaKioe 

■ha aenrod on' tha minimum 
was* commlaalun under Oovarnor 
Hrda, and on tha etat* board of 
charltlaa under Uovarnor Oardnar. 
Hhe w.a a member of the latter 
t*tMfi! for »l\ i rur.1 

Mr*. Burger rlalma to h* the 

| only temperance worker In tha 
i world who woa aver placed on tha 
I |<arr»ll of a foreign government 

I went lo Mexico In 1010 to 
mm the W <" T t' llieaBllge In 

(he mi liven of thai country. After 
I rnneldrr-ihle wnik and manv run- 

f.-i . lot m Willi President I Ma*. II 

1 Mii.illy perauailed hlni to eiipple- I 

menl f indr for the government In 

r " r.o ' n if'** i \|m-ii«*om of tho| 

• . I. mill. tempi-mil'-" Inatrurtlon 
' ii .. repulille T fliiMlli •ri'tirodl 
llli- clirrk." 

Mie wa* In Mexico on.- year. | 
writing temperance ll-HHiinM for the i 
•iJiooIm nml making apenklng lnura. ! 
The Mexican government fnrnlahed 
her freo traneportatlon and aided 
her In lier work. 

Work* for Other Ctuni 

**♦«• Mr*: WW. ' InfWrtoff 
ara primarily connected with torn- 
parmne* wwr*, Mt ktti mr »(• 
torU to «*rtow* other mm 

Ib addition to torvtnt •» atoto 
ewnmlttee* aa a lobbyist, aha la 
<rto* ■*•— Mm> a* too v ia nn a t*g. 

toktto* noimltoM 

"•»wral of the WBc t a.t*..l for 
have hacomo at wa " ah* eta tea. and 
named th* whit* alare bill, potto* 
woman bill, and Franoe* T.. Wlllard 

"I hava bea n ta ovary uni on of 
eagtalBtur* for th* paal 1* year*. I 
haven', lurn there tbla year yet, but 
tbey wont ret to running good 
wntO I get thaTO," obo laughed 

Mre Burger nlnn rlalma to have 
lectured In every atnle mid territory 
In tha nation, all through Mexico. 
and * large part of Canada. 

ftba la married and Uvea on Nun- 
ehlne Drive Her »-' -yeai -old father. 
who baa had aeveral annga puhllah- 
ad and har atopmother alao Uvea 
with her. 

Page 4: There is a poem in memory "our father," signed by Mrs. Lee Brown and 

Page 6: Lela Lenore Charbomean died.** [Charbonneau?] 
William A. Walden died.** 
William J. Hardman died.** 
Gideon J. Bingham died.** 
James Thomas Wright died.** 

Helen Harper was appointed administratrix for the estate of Bessie Higgins who 
died December 9, 1926. 

Page 7: William W. Livingston sues to divorce Ruth E. Livingston. 
Page 14: Marriage license: Theodore Holt and Beulah Keithley, both from Reeds 

n I no ham ri'M-RA' 

Funeral aervlcea woro held at 2 p J 
m. today *t the home on route No, I 

Jama* Thrana* Wright. 38 yearn old. 

Oallow.y M " lo, -Gideon J Bingham. I *"« »»" morning at hi, homo. *U1 
M who died yeotcntoy morning at hi. *«« "'^- fo..ow.n K a Ili.Rering t.i- 
92. wno aioa >°"^ i«„l«ood eerie- I '***" r^aneral »rr..ii,(rmri;iii are !r.- 
home Burt.1 wm *»»*»£»£ ^l ■ complete, but bur,.! will be In (Heen- 
thrry l»d.r_ ^ p d,r ~ il B 7__ > i., W w „l !-*m cemetery under the direction of 
Btame. undert*Jier. Mr Bingham waa Kllngner Funeral home 

a Civil war vet*ran aj»d a member of ] " ral nomr 

Central ChrUtlan, chvirch ,! ' 



! Funeral pt rm m tor Lea* 
ICbutonMi. latent daughter of Mr 
i and Mra. J. S. Chirtwmwn, ltd) How- 
lard imut, who died at 11 ao o'cioc* 
jUat night afttr • bntg Dtat, wui 
be bald m »*o p. m. le—an w at the 
Herman H I^nmeyer Funeral home 
Burial wiii ba In Haaalwood ceme- 


Funeral aarrlcaa for William J. 
. HarUman. 77. formerly of Springfield. 

who u!«d Monday night In a Bt. Louis 

hospital, will be held in 8t. Ixnila. 

He la aurvlved by five daughter*. 
.' Mra. U C. Irby. Bt. LouU: Mia. J. H. 
.Hacker. Springfield; Mra Grace Luke. 

of Kansas City. Mo.: Mra. M. T. Ma- 
i lone, aod Mra. C. A. Clutter, both of 
IWVcntta. Kao^-aavd, three epos. J. O. 
ITfardman. eprrngfleld: A. L. HartJ- 
j anaa. at WlabJee, and W. J. Kardmaa. 
I at ran—a Orty. TjMi . and aleo by eer- 
' «raj grandchildren. * 

In Memoriam 


A precmue on* from ua la gonf. 

A vou-a w« love*! u etlUed. 
A p;ere la vacant in our home 

That urm can be filled. 

Our dsar fatbar baa gone to 

To reign wttb Ood fararar blaat. 

Hi* rr.natt* will always praise 
A Saviour's lay*, redeeming grace 

1 so*«i> on. dear fatbar. H u p on. 

Take arlth Jesus thy perfect rest 
Although we ara DO« left alona. 

Tbou art abora. forever blaat. 

Sadly missed by Mra. Lee Brown 
and daugbtara. Margarat Bowles. 
Ernest Bowlee. MabM DeFord. 

Funeral aarrlcaa for William A. > 
WaJden. 00. wbo dlad Tuesday at bla • 
bomt. S50 South MJaaourt avenue. ' 
will be bald at 3:30 p. m Sunday at ( 
the Herman H Lolunayar funeral . 
borne. Interment will be In Maple ' 
Tark cemetery. - 

Mr. and Mra. Dewey Hawkins. 863 
ftouth Mlaaourl avenue, announce the 
birth of a daughter. Martha Ann. on 
February 7. 

Mr. and Mra. O. E. Helm. 11M 
North Proapect avenue, announce the 
birth of a aon. Omar Lee. on February 
A. Mra. Helm formerly waa Mlaa Mary 



■4? H.4« 

CAS* <vf T* V>b V f 

•**, «w> 2*. thank, jmt many IresntJe 
bM *»erg>KJ»or» T.-a ttett kJndaaaa 
-»>«wmt oiu-^jas ths fan * and daatb 
m. tur 4»av- V aawa nt . fatbar . and 
gr*4»u>*tt«r tn*r *ra4 ward* of eym- 
taaaO.1l ji— anli^ni aa* aWr French, 
W>* L-iCK K BL. Use Modem 
an* FKavv ampCoraav Wt 
-uw «r*a»Cii. tag the beautiful Ooral 

"aja.ej. wxyiST STOJLES 
aa«i f-v-irilMrer. ___ 

Page 1: James Thomas Wright died.** 
Merle S. Cross was killed.** 
Frank Butler tries to commit suicide.** 
John W. Gee died.** 
Veva Hood was killed in an automobile accident.** 

Ward waa received yesterday by 
James W. Oea. «7o North Nettle- 
too a>veoue. that his brother, John 
W. Oae. of Koabkonong. Mo, had 
dlad sadden]* Tuesday. John Oea 
waa wen known in Una eltr. Mr. 
Oee will not be able to attend hje 
brother's funeral on aaosuat at the 
•X bis alb. 

A& ^.i^vtSU, 


INin.t .1 -mil.* «lll !•«• h»l.l *l 
; lv 1. 1 !•■• k thle nftrrni>oii at the 
Kltti«n' r funrral chapel for Jamee 

M. wbe died y%a* 




aad Mrs. W. M. water, bath 
tag two brothers, 
a WrtfM Vert CeUJm 


Mtts Veva Hood of 
Fatally Injured N< 
town While Drivtn. 
Friend to Visit at 0] 


Brother Unaware of 
Continues on Trip, 
lance Overtaking Hi 
Break News of Her 

CUSTAININO a cruahed 

when her car OTertu ns ss H 
Veva Hood. 28 years old. of' 
City, nine miles west of Mount 
non. was mortally Injured 
o'clock last evening. The 
occurred on tha Carthage 
ubout three miles west of Ha 

Miss Hood died 30 minuted,! 
lowing the accident as ahei 
lng brought to Springfield^ 


by Mlaa Mrr» 
eld. also of Ht 

Hood wm j'toWn 

short distance 
o b ac ta red Ik* 7 lew at . 
causing bar U arrre W 
on into a CTmrassC 
Charlaa M. Dowdy, eaT I 

Both young wo m en 
from thalr oar, Mlaa 
lng out of danger, l 
machlna •truck Mlaa Hi 
head, er ush Ing her akalL ~k4 

Mr. Dowdy Immediately 
his car and attempted to aid ' 
Jured woman. A passing* 
sent to Halltown for tha 


After extrlcutlng Mlaa Hood' 
the wreckage and finding 
was Mill alive. Mr. Clark 
.Mutely started for HprlngfU 
II.iiiJ died, however, before 
btilanca arrived hers and 
taken to the Pauon Fun 
where tha body was prai 
hurliil. The body was reli 
night to Btotts City. Fu» 
rnngemrnlH are Incomplete. 

:.;. •« I loud •• I" utiier. 
driving the cur Just ahead 
ulster, did not heur the rolls 
r. nit limed on his way, unai 
Hie tragedy Hie first liulr 
tin- no 1. bin cuine when lha 

u bedllng hie Ulster's body, 

erltnik him. The two parties 
en mute in Ozark where thayl 

been r.ilU-d i. •■•lint l>f the te- 

ll.. »M illness * . r .■ ttlcli.l. j 

Mi-.-. H.....1 nnri the daughter i 
Mr. unit Miy. IS. K. Hood, of 
City. She l» ulso survived b| 
brother*, liyroll und lieorge, , 
two Mater*. Mm. lYiink 
Mrs. (Iruce I'alton. nil of 
City. Mlaa received he*" 
cation In Colons City and wa 
known throuKhout thut sectlc 
funeral ui rungements have 

Mla*i Simmons, who occu| 
.ar with Mlaa Hood and wl 
c.iped injury, is the daug 
Mi und Mrs. hllnur sluimoj 
stotts city. 

Frirfc EutHtvSon of Patter, 
In Critical CondlUon at Hot- 
pltal; Fathtr Professes to 
Bs Mystified 

VXPHElHIINn a desire to die "be- 
^ rtiiH he waa tired" l>«nk Hut- 
ler. IT. agent lor en Insurance 

maumnr -**♦ uiMriiw mm- 
•rand Jew* V. B-Uac, ISIS Wart 
Atlantic tr eat, alluuaH 

rnlt eulokle a* *iM * 

ntgfct by drinking 

■traet corner near hla homo. 

Physicians aald early thla morn- 
ing there Is Utile hope of his re- 
covery. %.- \\ 

Ilia young wlfa and parenta ' 
waited at the hospital throughout: 
tha night. . 

Relatives v"a at a loaa to ac- | 



count for the attempted sulclds. | 
lie had not Buffered financial re- j 
verses nnd there waa no trouble In 
the family, his father Mid. 

The Reverend Butler admitted 
hi* aon had (ailed to come horn* 
the night afore and aatd the young 
rmiii had confe«9e>l he was "ushani- 
ed ol hlmaeU." 

— r- 

accident uiki 

Marl* S. Cross Is Victim of 
Crash; Body Probably Will 
Bo Rotumod Horo for Fu- 
neral Rites and Burial 

«. ewe— i m. 

if »m— fiiii m*» 

of Mr. and tin T. 8. Cross of 
Oreve. dtsd Jkt !•:•• 

■•nkf In Bell Memorial 
■•■fatal. Kanaaa City* front Injuries) 
eaeialaed two hours earlier In a» 
automobile accident. 

Fw a ensl arrangements hare not 
been completed but lelatlvea auld 
yesterday thai service* probable 
would be held In Springfield Sun- 

After graduating from Spring. 
floM High acboel. CroM wag *m~ 
pie red In the office* of the Frank 
Ith Laundry company hero for 
eeveral years. Two years ago he 
resigned to go to Kanaaa City 
where he waa connected with tit* 
Natsiger Bakery company. 

Hie fattier and mother left 
•prtagfleld last night to return the 
body here Mr. Croea la president 
of ties T. 8. Cross Oil company of 
Ash Ores*, Cross was a nephew of 
J. W. Toon*, llll Roanoke avenue. 

The Leader for Friday, February 11, 1927, is missing. 

Page 6: There is an article about J. R. Roberts.** 
Page 12: Benjamin F. Griffith died.** 

Robert Melton Turner died.** 

Zack Livingston died.** 

James W. Gee died.** 


Benjamin T. Orlfftth. IT. 

jhls home. 1M1 Ramsey avenue, at 

it . H> o'clock' yesterday morning 'air. 

uniith "waa a retired blaokssaUa of 

the Krlsco. ■ %^W 

lla la survived by hi* widow; four 
sons, Martin of Seattle Wean : 
'""harlen of Purl Worth Texas: 
l*i ank of llranlte City and llirry 
of 8 pr Ins field, and a daughter. Mies 
Hasel Dean Griffith, also of Spring- 

Two brother* r-'nm flrifflth «.f 

Wlsttart. Me. slid Jeas of Lua An- 

igetes. and one sister, airs. Jane 

'.lolly of Portland. Or*, also sur- 

^ Ive. 

►"uneral services will be held nt 
t o'clock Runday afternoon. Burin I 
Kill lake plirt In the (Ireenlawnj 
Jcmetery. The 1 O. O. K. Indue J 
»lll have rharce nf lliv serv'"-'" ■•• 
■ ler the direction of llir KJinger 
| Funeral Horn*. ■ 


Funeral services for Robert Mel 
ton Turner. M. <•» imffnln. win 
lyeelerday morning In a lco 

llej ' 
has- I 

(It mllea east of Buffalo, 
wlUksaassr the direoOea of W. sV 
8tama, undertaker. 

Mx. ' Tamer la sunrtvod by Ml 
wtfa aad test chtldran. Thwy wM 
Mrs. Harden White. Mrs. Waits* 
Kaller. Mrs Jim Halney. Mrs. 

I lyeonard Hcroggtna. Mrs. Arthur 
Waits and Miss Mauds Turner all 
of Buffalo; and four sons. Bltf, Joe, 

i Klmer and Robert. Jr, Turner of 

I Buffalo. 

1 Zack Livingston, ft. died Wed- 
nesday morning at his home In 
Vera Cruz. Mo. Funeral arrange- 
ments are Incomplete pending the 
arrival of a daughter. Mrs. Lucy 
Murray of California Hs Is sur- 
\lved by the widow, three sons and 
two daughters. Mr. Livingston wag 
ii well known lumberman of Doug- 
las county. * "•■ 

i ■ 

.Jame* W. Gee, of Koshkonong. 
Mo., a brother of John W. Qee, of 
«T0 North Nettleton avenue, daed 
suddenly Tueeday. according to 
woed reeelved bare, w, Qee,W*aX 
well known to thle elty. Jeiru Oee 
will not b« able to attend ' hia 
brother'g tunaral on account el t*e 
hum** «€ hia wife. 

Folks You Know. 

Iwfarm al Ollmeeee •* 

0ft l^l^eWP H^aJWl ajl^tMw^Veaj^esWesxajaasjfc 

J ll. itUHKRTH. 7»-year-old !•>• 
• tlca ot,the peace, "never did 
smoke, never did chew, nor never 

•l.d l'-«-l the influence >if any In- 
toxicant.' he 6>- *»^ -t , 5V». 
dure* r * 

Today he lias a 
healthy. ruddy, 
complexion and 
hi* mild gray 
eye* twinkle with , •., 
humor when he £ 
lalka ll« l» Tl"l- 
iu lur l !•• humor- 
ou* advise h« 
give* to. miscre- 
ant* that come 
under 111" jiiil*- 

Jud«f Jloberta 
was born January I. I lit. In Ka- 
ron county, anil decline*. "1 ran re- 
membrr the trio. la a covered 
«'*(nn drawn l>> oxen, when my 
In mil v moved to the southern part 
of Ureene count v. when I was 
• i .. .• - •. . nr* ..1.1 

J. R. Roberta 

lie received hia primary educa- 
tion nl ncirk In a little dlatrlrt 
■Hu.oi. After finishing the oouieea 
at ttaark. ha apant four year* at 
Kureka. III. college and earned an 
A It. decree, Later he r.leo won 

the degree of A. M. at the unit 

Tniii'i elrnt i«r« nan he ■■■.iinr 

I.. •- j i •i.ifi. I.I ti. tench In the nhl 

jrrlrnte arhool tie taught there 

' for U« \ rn I * 

i rVi the' ih at five year* he taught 

■ litglory and inathrmutlca In the 

r-|.i l.i«f;. M lllah erhonl lie was 

thru 1 1. ■• te.| ■■oiiiiiy eiiprrliitendriit j 

? » ' •• '.« of (irerne county In ra parity he eerved for 10 

■At the end of my aervlcea aa 

[■nunty superintendent, the report 

|ul the elate auperlntendent. Mr. 

H.ias, hated ilre>-n> county «* the 

.■!.!.< tuuitty In the alule In i*'- 

i>«*ct of ln:pt ovemant* <»f schools, 

•.Aiiltiiry i oiiillilonH of arhoola. and 

t-.icher»." Justice Hnberts recall*. 

In 1191. Justice Roberta read a 

course In luw under Circuit Judge 
Juin<:a T. Neville, and was admit- 
ted to the bur. However, he never 

Me waa selected to teach In tha 
SprlacOeid Mra aokeel alter 
a a oeranty sv issrrasMkeesrl. 
unued teaching fnathamatioa and 
hlatory and a few «ouraaa In com- 
mercial law for 11 yeara. 

In November, IMa, he waa elected 
aa .luetic* of the peace and In that 
rapacity he now eervea. 

Mr*. J. O. Brlxey, of Ava., Ms, 
waa In Springfield yesterday trans- 
acting hualneaa. 


Page 1 : Dr. J. W. Creighton died** 

Page 9: Miss Margaret Fine and Mr. J. S. Francis, Jr., were married.** 

Page 10: Clarence Moore died.** 

Robert Melton Turner died.** 

Benjamin F. Griffith died.** 

Marriage licenses issed.** 

U Margate* JUfct Wed. 

incatnant of tba wedding of 

ariaret rtne. da.ur.ta lor of Mr. 

rs. A. T*. Plna of Loa Angelas., 

oraerly of thle city, to Mr. 

8, Francis. Jr., of Loaf Beach. 

ag aolaninirod at high noon at 
meant "a church in Loe Angalee. 
iea4>y of tnia week. Hsnrerend 

M, Lerelle. who officiated, waa 
(orowrly of thla city. Mlaa Fine 

jitmiiM of Ocddtntlal oollefe, 

D*ck. Cal . and a member of 
Mia aorortty. air. Prencia »t- 
•d tie Unirerelty of Oeorgla and 

racnber of tht Sigma Nu fra- 
; y. He U connected with the 
a Regan Co, Inc. of Long 
H, Mr. and Mra. TTencla will be 
3a t at 3656 Ia»t Second street. 



I Or J. W 
•f-Jpl« We. 

ajaoCtUnf IB 

Louie He U 

matfwr and M*a*ai 

itara. Dr. Orelghtoav itad iMtdH ttafW 
\tor the peat 14 yeara. aikd |U a. 
I trevaHng rep r ea enUt tra tor ttra «%•%•*• 

Davbi PtasjTnaase^OpJ Oump*o|' of. 

Detroit He «ra« *b ■ iwi hgr r«»< ■■■»>, 
irmul U K, ohurcan.'aaal fJao^'-oC . In*. 
! Tie veUng alec's B ooa te 

MreUl«J *ra . sad 
. To* body will be 
I Otenesder. Kan.. -Ipr byrtaJ, V* 'C; 



Punersl services for Robert Melton 
Turns*. M. of Bciiaio. who died yee- 

«w* new - e* I.-J9 p. m. today at 
Powell oemetery, alx mtkt east of 
Buffalo. BurUl wu uodn- the di- 
rection of W L. Btarne, undertaker. 




Punersl services will be held it] 

|p. no.. Sunday . for Benjamin T. 
Orlfflth. 07. woo died" at hu home. 

1 10O3 Ramsey avenue, yesterday morn- 

J log. Burial will be In Greenlawn 

( cemetery under the direction or the 
KJlngner Funeral home. The* I. o. 

J O. P lodge will hare charge of the 

i aervlcea. 

Mr. Orlfftth wee a retired black- 
smith of the Prlsco. He le survived 
by his wife; four sons, Martin of 
Seattle, Wash.; Charles of Port 
Worth. Tea.; Prank of Oranite city. 
and Harry of Springfield; and a 
daughter. M1m Haael Dean Orlfflth. 
also of Springfield: two brothers. 
Bam Orlfflth of Wlahart. Mo., and 
Jess of Los Angeles. Calif., and one 
sister. Mrs. Jane Jolly of Portland. 


Leonard B. Button and Electa 
Lindsay, both of Peerl,'Mo. 

Dick Oaroutt« and Viola, Tfrrifffat. 

cnarenoe Moor*. lS-year-old son 

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Moore, of n 

Cross Koede. died Thursday at the 

home of Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Perguson 

at Ave, Mo. Young Moore eccldent- 
, ally shot himself to the left leg with 
; a 12-guage shotgun while matin* tBT 
i rounds of bis traps. January 23 
.To* youth dragged himself about a 
(half mile and called a neighbor. Ha 

was brought to Springfield end 

placed In a hospital. Moore was re- 
leased from the hospital sereral days 

avo* after physicians here announced 

rts*fre« Ju4 m (iteBflt Jw cjccbbqU 

Page 1: Ike Akins was killed.** 
Page 5: There is an item about L. H. Turner.** 

Page 9: Lela Lenore Charbomeau,6, died of pneumonia. She was the daughter of J. S. 
Charbomeau of 1933 North Howard. Three other members of her family are critically ill. ho 
Dr. J. W. Creighton died.** 
Benjamin J. Griffith died.** 
W. A. Waldes died.** 
Page IB: There is an article about Mrs. Mary J. Allen.** 

Page 2C: Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Parker of 1 5 1 8 North National avenue went to Olney 
Illinois, because of the death of Mrs. Parker's sister, Mrs. Clara Kaley. 

Page 3C: Miss Margaret Fine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Fine of Los Angeles 
California, formerly of Springfield, and Mr. James S. Frances, Jr., of Long Beach California 
were married Wednesday at St. Vincent's church in Los Angeles. 

Page 6C: Walter Keeton, 27, died Saturday at the home of his sister Mrs. W L 
Cannady in Monett and was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery. 

Mrs. E. M. Bowman, 27, widow of Judge E. M. Bowman died at the home of her 
daughter Mrs. Claud Dash in Monett and was buried in the Maddy cemetery west of Purdv fit 
does say she was 27.] ' 

H. B. McNary and Miss Sophia Friday were married February 8 at Bricefield 
They will live in Monett. 

Mrs. Harry Wilson of Newburg went to Richland, Mo., where her aunt died 
Mrs. Frank Pellican died at Newburg. 

Mary Noel died at Lebanon. She was the sister of S. J. Noel and Mrs Henry 
Gourley of Mountain Grove, Mo. 

Miss Eva Shadel and Ralph Hess, both of Drynob, were married Wednesday 
February 9, at Lebanon. 

A son was born February 1 to Mr. and Mrs. T. chilcutt of Miller. 


Four B.«.r.t„„, ar . r»pr— n to d here. Sested !« Mra^'SaW- * i' 
A •« Standing. Uf, f r.ght, Mre. Chri. V^Z -.S^lTMi 
Allan), Mre^Ur.., V. Ewing (Mra Vesaman's d.«»h«, "nd fl«'< V«? 
man ScoU. Mr*. Allen'. S r*at gr.nd.on. ' ** V,M - 

year* old, ap 


reada and kwi steadily with- 
out glasses ' or optical altl of 
•ny lUnd! Ucn'i believe It! Well, 
Mrs. Mary J. Allen does both— 
and easily. .Mrs Allen, i! widow. 
Uvea with lier daughter. Mrs. Chrla 
Veaaman, 1014 Bouth Delaware av- 

Sin- )um read her Bible entirely 
•hr'-ugh twl'-n iIu:lr.K the pail two 
>eara, healdea atudy^nr n S'tinrtny 
school lesson each u..-k. reudlnt; 
lh« religious nuif rtyliieH, dally 
in uppnpriK » ml •..• publico - 
I ubllcatlona In |iart— and all with- 
out aid of gluast-s 

|+ + 

!«>- «. 

i Just now Mrs. Allen la hard 
at work "plsclng" a quilt The 
quilt was displayed to the Im-J 
promptu rial tor, who wit asked to] 

i noitlce .th« stitches In particular. 
He did ee . , and w« that they 

'were as "close" aa any he had ever 

■ Mre Allen attributes her lone life 
and 'vitality flret of all, to God's 

.merey. and second*, to. her regular 
habits, Insisting that hard work not 
only d«ea not Injure one's health 
bot Is conducive to Ions; life and 
happiness. She apeaka from ex- 

forced to use glasses 
the are of 40 to 7C. baring 
hnd tome trouble with her eyes 
during that time. 

"How. then, la It that she la able- 
to aee ao easily now?" the visitor 
Inquired, somewhat paxzled. 
♦ , _- 4> 

( | -ne-a s,PCr>Nn rvMinuT" I 

Everett Allen. Ptalnvlew, 
Texas: Victor Allen. "Wyand Jtte. 
Okla.: and Mrs. Martha M. Hens- 
ley. Columbia. Mo. 

She I his nl(»e-~grandohlldr*d and 
tar** treat Arandobildxen. 

Pour generations are represented 
at the Veaaman home at present: 
Mrs. Allen. Mrs. Veaaman. her 
daughter: Mrs. Wlsle V. Kwlng. 
Mrs. Veaaman's iluughter and noe 
great grandson. Rax Veaaman 

Un. Allen to a ra^Ver ♦< t>4 
Wat Baptist tthure*. atbMohaS 
with exceptional regralarlty for her 
"■» The BBi-lngfleld ^huroh to the 
slghth In which she has held aaeaa- 
hsrehlp. moving her awSSpsaatg 
hershlp each timers she has gsiTgfl 
from place to place thrsughsut the 



tafls* arMIM> 

tsr. htra flhrto ' 
- Oft«tto>81i - o 
regain their sight Iti this 1 
How Mrs. Allen ha no dlfloulty 
whatever with her eye* or aye 
eight." • " . . j ' ■■:■ 

Mrs. Veaaman' eai4 that he* 
mother learned to Mw w*0 tn 
childhood and spent « years of her 
life In dressmaking. That per 
hape eiplalna Mra. Allen's love of 
using the needle'now. 

Rhe has pleeed II quilt taps la 
lee* then that number of months. 

Mra. Allen la alio fond of knit- 
ting. Carding, spinning, weaving 
and knitting scrupled s great part 
of her time during the "sixties" to 
provldo clothing tor her family. 

4 — ♦ 



Mra Alien was born September 
it. 1141. She Is the mother of 
eight children, all of whom lived to 
b* grown and baptised Into the 
Baptist church. Poor of the sight 
are living. They are: Mra. Veaa- 

In Hancock. I'ulaskl county. Mls- 
fur.'l nliero alio und her hus- 
'•""•' «h" kite William A. Allen t 
lived for 30 reara, they were ' MUtjt 
In eetabllablng a Battle! ehurdjL 
hulldlng a house of worship, aa«1 
carrying on the regular s^rtosa 
Mra. Allen ' wag superintendent M 
tha Sunday school and teacher, al 
ways furnishing a home for" the 
preachers who wars called to tha 
ministry of the ehutoh or Who 
"happened to pass that way." } ,' 
When she saw one grandson. A 
T.. Veaaman. volunteer for service 
In i ho lute war. It was a trying 
rxpn Irnoc for her. even more than 
It would otherwise have been, ba- 
rn u*o of, tho vivid msmorlsa of the 
mowlnir experiences through 
whhli sln> piiMNi'd during tlio. Civil 


4 . .. .« 4 I 

4- e) 

Not only did aha as* her husband 
drafted Into service, but'ahs.asm 
her property vanish. - ■ht'SiUH 
Price i army of f\W pass barfiB? 
her door, pursued wr the federal 
troops In such close aanoiaslon that 
the exchange of on—on shots co- 
rurred within sight of her door. 
t'no man was left In her charge 
with a request that she bury him 
when he died. She did. ' 

When the batlleof Wtlaon creak 
occurred, the roar of the cannon 
mailo audi lasting Impressions on 
her minil that n tenth of August 
hn* litrdly passed without refer- 
enro on lu-r part to the memorable 


ow, tM DfLi1^b 7 • 
"J*ttu^^^Jr. Him to Oktabonn 

TKK (SKEET1 AKJNB. allegrd 
Utrir at an Osunulgee. Okla^. 
bor. who escaped frosn the C*xi»ul- 
g** county 'jail January 1 II and who 
was captured • Thuranay by oftl 
cars near Lamar 4* mllM wee* of, 
Hprlngfirld. wu shot and lnetunUy 
killed early last ai|hl wh«n b* at- 
tempted to escape from Sheriff 
John BiiaeaU. . ■> - 

Akin, attempted to escape froih 
the ehertffe sflitomoblla * during- a 
rainatorm. Sheriff Russell opened 
fire as Akins leaped errer .the aide 
of tba car on* mil* north of Ok- 

Killad Boy in Holdup 
Akins was considered a danger- 
ou a character and »'a» aaJd by offl- 
cara to have been responsible for. a 
series of store robberies to the 
Ozark region. He w»i _ arrested 
eleh Wilbur • Underbill In Novem- 
ber- for rubbing an Okmulgee drug 
etore and killing a boy who hap- 
i*n«j to b- In the store at the time 
of the robbery. • 

; The two men aawad their way to 
freedom and nothing mora waa 

i heard of Akin* until laat Thursday 
when Floyd t*tielby. a Leunar con- 
stable, encountered a stalled cur 

- una mil* .ann of the city. 

Lack of L'oenes Fatal 
Constable Shelby offered to aid 
the stranded tourist and his oar was 
pulleO Into * 1-um.r garage. While 
there, It was noticed that the ma- 
chine did not carry a state license.' 

<. afcertfr x u 9mm mmttmtff, 

began an U»e*XJgatks» an4 placed 
tba atraoded to«srla\ nn s\a r arraet. 

'was Ik* Akin*, tba Oea» algae aa- 

fpbUw Tpu Know ^ 

Iwe W snaJ Ollmoeee and •JdeiiahU 
- est Premlneni opringfieldlana, 

**1 sun Intensely Interested In get- 
ting before tit* public the proper 
uate of credit." says L.. II. Turner. 
• That la one reason wtty ho was 
elected president 
vf the IC-tnll 

■ ♦>«■ let I » 11 ■•! 
Hncli.gflehl laat 
week Work as laV_ 

l-reM-lrnl of IIihI 
h*Hl) IUIW k< 

'%&M*Wwm\X T u -nVr 

' so y bo roe. 
■af btaHneee and the Jim Baptist 

«tarotvrv V'-4* t-;v.-. >ujc>Js*e? 
Mr. Mw,' bow head of tba. TuN 
aer I*pe>tfcv*nt store on South 
Campbell avenue, on* ot tba lsxgeat 
healniasrs In . Boidhweal Missouri. 

I ess born *m • (>mi near ChtlU- 

I cothe. ~hlii.. Aughet ►, UST 

I lie has lived In ssnrlnglicld *>ince 

j 1»M. .who* he oejive here to attend 
the "Normal ' school." later the 
Houlhweet Mlaaourl Slate Teachers 

.college. II* went to "Normal" tor 

I two year*. ' 

In 1901*. Mi. Turner l«»iean hgi 

t Utielnews mirrr as a traveling sales- 
man. From 190: to 1916, he traveled, 
but owning un Interval In the. Tur- 

! ner compapy. founded In 1104. 

He berasne active in the concern 
In Ills - From that time lie has 
, acted ad general mating, r oi tin- 
I company. 
j Mr. Turner la married and ban 

I three children. 
He Is a member of the KlwahlH 
Hub. and of the board of irovrrlioix) 
1 of tli* t'liainber of Commerce. T. | 
' M i". A an>t Southern Itnpttal ' 

£*£"£■■*■• •*"'•»« Wotfcnw, jOI 

abaJtprtJsiOeW, who axe In buamess. 
are at the Tarder department 
: the other two at Us 
s»e»ns«llmg Goods 
Boon vl lie areno*. 1 
, Mr. Turner has been an active 
supporter of all movements looking 

Hel«.?v'?., - . ->*r:£l*'. \£: 
H« ravora a bood leave to \rect 
needed aeifbos*. a .modern sewage 
•yetem, lmprovemrut of the park 
!"""" »"• nwl the onnatructloli of 
j Viaducts at Benton and Oram 
'•venue*. •--■«- - - 





■ < 

Oft. J. W. OAtfOHtVM ' 

J. W. Crelchlea. H,e(W Wee* 
etraet. died yt i rt Mf mora* 
te« te Bum* hospital la a*. Louie. 
Or. CMteatoa wae * 

at* Oae rartwe-Darw 

~e* Otwit, nd b£& throd te 

Jd for the put S yeara. He 
i milter of St. Paul cfeurch 
of the Travalliur Men'i Booeter 
•tab, the United Commertnai Trer- 
eWYa and the Haaonte order. He la 
aunrlred by the widow, mother and 
eereral brother* and (latara. 

The body mill be eent to Olenelder, 
Kan., for burial. 

.«*.. _; 


Kiuier*! »er>ice» for lienJamJn J. 
Orlffllh. 17. who died Friday mornloc 
-at hla home. 1KB Ramaey avenue, will 
b* held at : o'clock thla afternoon at 
the residence UurliU will be In Green- 
lawn cemetery under direction of tha 
KlLn«-ner Funeral home. I, O. O. F. 
lodf* will liaw charge of the eervicee. 

Funeral aervlcee for W. A. Walden, 
who died Tueeday at hla home, .186 
Booth Mieaouri arenue, will be held at 
t:M o'clock thla afternoon at the 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral home, 
burial wl.l be In Maple Park oeme- 
tery. . 


Page 4: There is a history of street lighting in Springfield beginning with gas lights in 

Page 8: William Bishop recalls the early days of the police department when a 
wheelbarrow was used as a patrol wagon. 

There is a photo of the Springfield Police Department. Names are listed under the 

Page 36: Benjamin F. Griffith died.** 

Merle S. Cross died.** 

Robert Melton Turner died.** 

William A. Walden died.** 

James Wilson Waddle died.** 

Births announced.** 
Page 9: There is a poem in memory of Maud B. Anderson.** 
Page 11: Card of thanks from J. W. Bingham and others.** 
Page 12: Card of thanks from Miss Nina B. Davis and others.** 
Page 18: Card of thanks from F. J. Sawyer and others.** 
died Janua ^"^ °' ^"^ ^ apP °' nted administra tor of the estate of Julia L. Elliot who 
Page 27: The first will in Greene county was filed in 1856.** 


' We wlah to extend our einoere 
thanJu and appreciation to oar many 
friend* for their klndneaa and eym- 
path j aho wn ua during th* UUneae 
and death of our beloved eon 





< We wUh to thank our many trlend* 
for their klndnre* and the beautiful 
r;ural offering*, during the nines* and 
death of our beloved father. 







...... -i i 




hkxjamin f. Griffith. 

Fun*ral aervlca* will be MM at a 
d m- today at tb* homa for Benjamin 
F. Orlfflth. «7. wbo died at bla home, j 
1*03 Ramsey avenue, Friday morn-! 
lnc Burial wui be In Oraenlawn ( 
• eineterv under the direction of the 
Klinguer funeral home. The I. O. 
O F lodge Will have charge of the. 
service*, air. Orllfltb wa* a retired I 
blnrkiimlth of the Frlico. 


Funeral services for Merle 6. Crow, j 
24 who died Thursday in a Kanaa* j 
City. Kan. hoaplial. following ln- 
mrle* received when run down by an I 
automobile, will be held at the Ash 
orovc Duptlat church, this afternoon, 
llev T C" Pennell will officiate. 

The body ' will be brought to , 
! Springfield for burial In Bart Lawn 
cMneiery. Bervlce* at I he grave will 
oe 10 chW of Paul 8. Killing-worth 
PoBi No. 307. American Legion. 

Funeral aervir*. for Robert Meltoii 

Turner. 64. of Buffalo, who died Fri- 
day morning In a local hospital. were , ._ , 
held at 3:30 p. mi Saturday*! Powell 1 . blrln oi m son. February 11. 
eemetary. aU mllea east of Buffalo.. ' 
Burial waa udder th*> dUactlon of 
W. L. Btarne. undertaker. $<■■ 

o : — —. — — — ~ 

in loving memory of our dear moth- 1 
er and wife. Maud B. Anderaon. who 
, passed away aeven years ago today. 

iFeb. 13. 1837. | 

I i 

: Twe» seven yeara ago you left us I 
' At n»e acting of the sun. ^^ j 

je»u-» said "Come. O. ye blaaaed. i 

Fcr >our work ou earth Is done. j 

*A!l t» dark In our dwelling: 
lonely are our heart* today 
For the '.ne we loved so dearly 
Has forever passed away. 

R*. s t in peace, dear mother. 

For your work on earth Is done 

YOU bare g..:ie where those who lovo! 

Some diiy. will meet you one by one. 

fthdiy mlsed ny husband and Chll- 





Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Karcbrner of j 
1310 Roanoke street, announce the,. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Everett of MO 
Veller avenue announce the birtn ,| 
ofa bon Wednesday rooming. 

Funeral service* will be held at 
1:30 p. m. today for William A. Wal- 
den. 04. who died Tuesday night at 
his borne. 68a South Missouri avenue. 
Sorvloa* will be conducted at the 
Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral home 
with Rev. Walter* officiating. Trin- 
ity Lodge of the Odd Fellows will 
hav* charge of the service* at the 
grave tu Maple Park cemetery. The 
decedent Is survived by his wife. 



.lame* Wilson Waddle. 61 years old. I 
died at 3 30 oYlork yesterday after-! 
noon at hi* home In Hammond. lud- 
Ho was at one time a resident of 
Springfield, living here 17' years. He 
left here 20 year* ago for «>««•*» 

lie leaves one son. Joseph Waddle. 

whose address Is unknown: two 

ntsters Mrs. Bailie Kennedy. Jones- 

buro Ark . Mrs. Sidney Roth. Baxter 

Sprlugs. Kan- and two brothers 

Henry C. Waddle. 318 North Missouri 

avenue, and B. I.. Waddle The ar- 

! rungements for the f uueral have not 

jbcen completed. • The body will be 

'taken to the Btarnr Funeral home. 

* Burial will be at Haaelwood cemetery. 


Wr wJsh to thank our many friend* 
and neighbors and Rev. Bechler Hum- 
pUrcv. the choir of Central Christian 
rhuri'h. the P.ebekalu-. the W. R C. 
»nci lite It N A. for their kindness 
and fvmpaihy: also for the msny 
floral offerings. In the sickness and 
death of our dear mother *nd grand* 
mother. • ' - ! 


MRS. .1. W DAV18. 






clerk before his name. 

The first- record book, which Is 
marked "edition A." evldrnljy )i»f 
had the beat o( care, as every page I? 
well preserved, and the writing In 

| most of the entries is exoeedlnly 
■ legible The volume ha» been re- 
1 bound several times. All of the en- 
i xries »-»r» made In longhand. and 
; show that severs! of. the clerks were 
! exceUent penmen. 

Forma Nearly similar 

Early Probate Records of 

Orcene County Date Back 

To 1833. 

The first will on record In Oreene 
i county was filed In probate court 
May 2, I860, and was that of Sarah 
Trrntbaui. Although the first to be 
found on the records, It waa not the 
first will filed. 

The first record of any probated 

wills was In 1833. but the names are 

not available as at that time the 

county court handled all probate 

! work and only the minute* were pre- 

• served. In 1847 the Oreene county 
' probate' court waa established. ' but 
| the court recoraa from 1847 to 1858 

Iare unaccounted foT. 
The. Trentham will waa admitted 
to probate May 8, 1886. and evidently 
; waa made ou a deathbed. The -ad- 
| dreaa of the testator was (flvrn onlv 

• aa Oreene county end the will was 
| accepted br 8. H Boyd, who signed 

The form of the wills entered at 
i that time and those entered at the 
| present time ore nearly similar. The 
: greatest difference la seen In the 
I spelling, an some of the spelling of 
! the early Inhabitant* of Oreene 
county does not conform with the 
I present' day stvle. .For Instance the 
old timers spelled "right" In several 
places "r!»e." and In sll Instance 
vised "betwlx" In place of "between" 
or "among." 

Who the Judges of the probnte 
court were between, 1847 and 1886 
cannot be ascertained, as all of ihe 
entries In the records were slmplv 
••Igned by the clerk with his title. 
The Jecsl phraseology of the early 
v. Ills was entirely disregarded, all be- 
•mt very brief srid to t,he point In 
rnaio Instances the wills were signed 
by it "mark." the writer making his 

The name of the trustee and of 
:.< v.::;ir.«i alway* appeared attached 
•f. the wills 

(VhT early wills filed In this coun- 
ty w ere those r«f Nuthnn Boone, who 
t.:.v his residence n: St. Louis. Mo . 
ht.d r.dmlllcU to probnte October 
; 'i. lflSfl. nn<l the will of William M-- 
Doweil, vhlch v.ns sdmltrd, April 13 

Pagel: William A. Rathbun died.** 
George F. Goble died.** 
Charles E. Tharp died.** 
Pauline West died.** 

Battlefield, Missouri, was named after the battle.** 
Page 2: There is an article about Charley Challender. He played football for Drury and 
is now an assistant prosecuting attorney. He is unmarried. 

Page 3: S. Everett Purcell, 52, editor of the Enid, Oklahoma. Events , died at this home 
there. He was the brother of Mrs. E. R. Welch of East Grand street and a brotherinlaw of Mrs. 
J. H. Hughes, also of Springfield. 

Page 5: Son born February 1 1 to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Karchmer of 13 16 Roanoke avenue. 
Page 9: Memorial notice.** 
Page 10: Wilson Waddle died.** 

rharlaa C Tharp. tY. bf 
Hops, 4M at «:** •'•!©«* last 
la a local bospttaX rwaaral •ervtoM 
will -probably ba hald T*—&*T aXtsr- 
noon at Ptaasant Hops with burial trn- 
d>r dlraoOon of W. U Starna. Mr. 
Tharp Is awrvtvad *»T tha wleaw and 
two sons. Lon TUS™. ml North 
noui.vard. ana ray T h * 4rp> Danvsr, 

|N U>\INU nirmi.rv ..f our ir»>ihar 
aa.1 KiMii.liiioihT. «),,, , IUI ,« ( | mwiij- 
»« >i»i. hjcii loilnr 1j, Oakland. Call- 
Hiil.t M: ui.J MiV. II. M. Mahan 
■*<• •"ti. \. nriir 2A 

1'aullna Wast. < years old. daughter 

'of Mr. and Mra. Barl Wast, dlad Sat- 
urday night at tbs noma at tha pai* 
eats. Bha is sorvtvaa try tha parsat* 
and two brothara. Funaral aarvioas 
will ba haM at t o'clock this afUraooa 
at tha raatdenca. SOI Qoath Natuaton 
aranua. burial will ba ka Hasalw—d 

ictmrtKT ondar dtrsosloa of ths Xlllng- 
s«r Funaeal hop*. •. .. •; 






Found Doad In Bod, ApparMt- 
ly of Hoart Mw8 ftmoril 
Sorvioot WW Bo Hold at 
Home Tuesday 

WlUkun A. Rathbun. Tattoo* **- 
torney. .w*a found dead In hla'bad, 
y est onlay morning by members vl 
his family who want to awakaa 
him.. Death' wan hollared fl»« To 
heart disease. 

Jar. . Rathbun. who waa H years 
old. bad suffered a stroke of apo- 
plexy about 1Z yeara a«o while de- 
liver In* an addreaa and never quit* 
regained h|s health. 

Funeral service* will be> bald 
Tueaday at the AlmC Lohmeyer 
Funeral home with the Reervend E. 
F Leake officiating. . Uurlal will 
be In Maple X'~' w ceRteiar)'. 

Active pallbearera will include 
Arch A. Johnaon, "W. B. Tatlow, 
Parry T. Alien. E. L>. . Marrltt. 
Charles McGregor and John Var- 
rlngton Honorary pall bearars will 
Include other member* of tha 
Sprtruffleld liar association. 

Lon b Springfield Resident, j 
Mr. Bataboa to wmrrtr** by th* 
widow. Mr*, laabal Ratnbun. on* 
daughter, Mlaa Mary BUiabeth 
Ratnbun and one ion. Joaeph Cur- 
io* Rathbun. all of the bom*' ad- 
dreaa at 1011 81* te e treat. Ma alao 
la aurvlvad by two stater, Mr*. L. 
J. Haines. Galena, Kail, and Mra. 
Hattlo Menaase. Now York, and one Mrs.- Uladya Smith. Bjprlng- 

Oeorge F. CvbU, *>, veteran of the 
dm war and ana of toe pioneers of 
the Osartf region, died at »:» o'clocfc 
Uunday n^rning at the home of his 
.on O. K. Coble, near Walnut Qrove. 

Mr Ooble was bora In Nortn CSaro- 
Uaa and settled near Walnut Orovs 
with hie parenu when a youth. 

He la survived by four eons and 
tire, daughters: J. M. Cobl*. O. F. 
Coble and A. F. Oobla of Walnut 
Orov. J E. Tobl* or A*b Orov*; Mra. 
i l^aura H. Hurst and Mr*. I>tha Un- 
aerwood'of "Walnut Orore and Mrs. 
r K Endlcott ot Hprlnrfle*! ^ 

Funeral orrvlaea will,* ■*** at B 

eaeok thai w mtHm «* 
Bap*** *■*. w tha 

f kamed Batd^«1o! 

■ariy tattler* ."OauattasT M 

0*41 UM M*M f «ai«n]<V' 
>? ■; , Battla. Waa »»*M ft* '• - |P( 

r>ATTLEFlELD, In Orean* OOtmtyJ 
° wla established following" tha 
Civil war and waa named baflauaa 
of tbe Important battla ata«ad In 
that community. - 

The early "historians raoard tha 
fact that soma of tha first aettlars 
In the Oaarka. than known as the 
Our« country, "squatted" On the 
rich aoll In Greene county near tha 
prearnt town of Battlefield. 

Up to 1M0. only a few famlllee 
lived In the community and the 
homes werr miles apart. 

During, the period of 18*0- 1IM, 
thr pioneer* experlrnced many dif- 
ficulties because of the thousand* 
of troops foraging the country, fi- 
nally ondlas; In the battle of Wil- 
son Creek, regarded by moat his- 
torian* a* second .In importance to 
the Battle of Qetuyburg.' * 

floiu. «e4 yentr tovm umir What 

«arfy ehorlwt'r, KtilnHc p'a. . or color. 
f*l <Mr40at v n. th« <iup4ral(m> f TO* 
Daily Niu » invtui KUfotian« aiui "oU 
la xn " of oil govakwMtara llurart I 
•e.«ea«H»«l«'«e tMe /esiwrs. ' 

■ r-*: 

fteid. died at t:M o*cMo» ] 
after nosn. aooordtag to word r**eJn 
her* by ralatlree. 

Be to MkTTtf** ar MM oea, 
Waadle; twa atotoM. Mta. Ssfli 
nrdy of Joneaboro. Ark., a*/ 
Sidney Rota of M. l«e*a 
brother*. Beary C. Wadala, 
constable well known In 
and B. 1*. Waddle. Of BaktaT 

Waddle was a reakUnt of <»r*ao.« 
county for IT year*, getting »««oJJ- 
cally all his eduoaUoo In the »«*>''- 
schoobj. He had been away ' 
Bprlngfleld many yeara. 

Kuneral arrangementa are Inootn- 
pUte. but burial will be In the Hase'-. 
wood oemetary under oireotlea of t»e| 
Starne Undertaking oo m gia n y. 


m orae^awa i i mJ i g» jy*y* Q g5: 
uadsr taa atoaattai of rk* J. *. BHa 
and Bona TJndartaklaa; ootnpany. 



.Mr* MM < a* the 
tM ty» tnuii i w . Ptrsarel 
. be>efA at I 1 

N * < C HAI»tM fc THA«^ ^ 

Hm. die*. *t «T» o'rfon* UM IMM 

STW« WplUl- ruMwJ_»^eg 
«*U -probably b. bskl T yto y^iXwr. 

Ml««irl'tii4 Tar ip - ** "•**•'' 

cm, .- . ' •' , 

• h? 

Page 5: Memorial notice signed by R. M. Mahan and others.** 
Page 9: Elsie Gilbert sues to divorce Ira E. Gilbert. 

Mrs. Anna Penninger Padgett committed suicide.** 

The will of David Barnhart was filed for probate. 
Page 10: Card of thanks from Mrs. B. F. Griffith and family.** 
Page 11: George F. Coble died.** 

West child died.** 

Myrtle Lorene Hicks died.** 

Matilda A. Jones died.** 

Charles Eli Tharp died.** 

Mrs. Edward Vail died.** 

Don Magruder died.** 

Births reported.** 
Page 16: William A. Rathbun died.** 



Puneral services (or Oeorge r*. 
Oobl*. BO. veteran of the Civil war. 
who died at 3:M ft. ax.. Sunday at 
tha bom* of hU wn, O P. Coble, 
near Walnut Orove. war* bald at 11 
1 a. m . today. S«rvlcea wcr* conduct- 
ed at the Concord Baptist church 
with Rev. W. P 'Prlngle officiating 
. Burial wu in Oreenlawn cemetery 
i under tba direction of the J. A. Brln 
, and Bona Undertaking company. Mr. 
Coble was a pioneer resident of the 
, ouri region, moving to tbla territory 
i from North Carolina w ben a youth. 

Puneral eerrloew for tba 7-yeer-oldij 
daughter of Mr. end Mrs Karl Weet.;. 
who died Saturday night at the home 
of the parent*. 906 'South NetUeton!! 
' avenue, were held at 2 p m todny 
' at the home. Burial we* !n Hazel- 
wood cemetery under the direction ofjj 
the KUngncr Funeral home 

Kj^WtfMMZ'VaVfAKD VAXL. ' ; TsV; 

f Puberal services for Mr*. Edward 
;t»JI, TO 7f*ri old. who died Sunday 
'at 7:30 am. In a local hospital, will 
'bo held at 3 30 p. m. Tuesday. Ser»- 
jtcea will be conducted at Christ Cpla- 
i copal ohurch. Rev. Olen B. Walter 

will olflolate. assisted by Rer. K. A 

Moor*, of Lincoln. 111. Burial will be 
( ln Harelwood cemetery under the di- 

rectloo of W L. Starne. undertaker 
The deceased is survived by her 

I daughter. Mrs. Wilbur Smith eC 
aprtngtleld; by two aone, Prank K. 
i Vail, of Bochaanar. If. T, and WtUUm 
,D VftlL BOW In to* Unit** State* , 
I nary: and ft brother^. Prank O. Bftvwn, .. 
of Memphis. Ten it 

Mrs. Vail had been to poor beftith 
for several months but bad bewn in 
the hoapltftl only two weeks. She bad 
melded in Springfield with bar dftugn- , 
iter for .asjrwrftl ye*rs. 

The following out-of-town fxtaoda 
land relative* will attend the funeral: 
'Prank D. Haven. Memphis. Tenn^ . 
'Mrs Robert Vail. Mre. Pred Baxmls- 
•*.er. Mrs Ted Brown and Mr* Arthur 
Pease, of Kansas City. Mrs O B. 
Young, of CoffeyvlUe. Kan: Mre. 
I Clarence Griffith. Edward Karen and 
■Richard Haven of Memphli. Tenn 


Funeral eervioee were held st 2 
p m. today for MjTUe Lorene 
19-n»onlh»-cl«l daughter of Mr end 
Mis Lonnle Hicks. 3133 North Boule- ' 
vsrd. who died yesterday morning i\i ' 
ibe home Burial will be In Mount I 
Olive oemetery. near Buffalo. Mo . j 
under the direction of ihe Kllngner , 
i Puneral home. > i I 

Don Magruder. eon of Mr and Mre 
W. M. Magruder uf B30 South Jeffer- 
; eon avenue, died Pebruary 7. at hla 
home in Loa Angeles. Burial was 
made In Loa Angeles. H* Is survived 
by his —lie. a scn.-snd the parenu 

1 5t. 

, Body of Ketired Attorney Is 




Found yi Bed at His 
'Home Here. 



,? Funeral services for William A; 

• Rathbun. retired attorney who" was j 
: found dead in bed Sunday morning 

■ by membcra of- Ul«* .family who went 1 

• to .v.vukrn him, will be held at' 2 ! 
Ip'fjock p. m. Tuesday at the .Alma ;' 
*lx>limr>er Funeral home. Justice J.-' 

{ Mr. KathptU) had been in 111 hsaJtn 

I the .widow." ^atow. Isabel Rathbun/ a 
dau*b t er. M tss | Mary «M»beth Ratb- 
bun. and a son.', Joseph Curie Rath- 
bun, all or the home address at 1011 
8tate street, ! 'He also la i survived by 
tuo sisters, Mra. I* J. Haines, Galena, 
{Kan., and Mrs. Hattle Menasse. New 
j York, and one niece. . Mrs. Gladys 

■ Smith, of 8prlngfleldr 

, Mr. Rathbun was bom In Arkansas 
.and was the sou of Colonel George! 

■ 3. Rathbun, an. officer under General i 
! Joe She'oy. of . the Confederate army. I 
J The family later returned to their* 

home In Lexington. Mo., where Mr. ! 
Rathbun ut tended the public mHooIr. ! 
after which he wa« graduated from 
the WenCworth MUltaiy academv. He 
'hen entered the law i-chool nt Cuni- 
lierlaiiil. Tenn. After his ur:w!un*.ion , j 
ibe family to Springfield In 
lfi»8 and in Ib'jO Mr. Rathbun was 
admitted .to the har ... 

A lew years later, he suc ceeded h'* . 

•v.-'Jicr. Gearr.e lUtUUut:. ul partner r j 

'with Co! Rr.thl!»!!i in the luu- iirnm'J 

anfer y*u named '. referee la ' 

9 the sonTwniJam, then .... „, ^ , 
;lew partner *1U* Pwry ^*wt 

Qtttftor and Johit&w _«, 
I orary^peirbjtarertV will * Include 
|? CT '| 0, ; ;Mle Sprlugfield' Darfat, _ 


4X1 ."*•*» 

Mrs. Anns, Jadgett Hanged 

Self in Garage at Home 

This Morning . 

MOUKTACt VIEW. Mo, Feb. 14. 

(Special; -4 Despondent over in 
health. Mrs. Anna Pennlnger Padgett. 
*T* y«wrs old. wife of C. C. Padgett. \ 
prominent hardware merchant of j 

JZ T ^I^ g , V^y****** eoeamitted ,' 
i suicide by haowmc hereer*. nsr botfv / 
was found abortly aftsr 7 a. m oya , 
son. Clinton, in o>e garage in the i 
rear of ths km* 

Ou* to Itsr condition, members of 
the family bad watched Mm Padgett 
*e<-» rloselv.' tout an* slipped away 
from the twoM sod had been gone 
only about 1 30 minutes when her 
body wss found. She had tied the 
*■' ' ">( t *.wi to s beam and Jumped 
from a ladder, with the rope about 
her neck ■}' ■ 

Mm. Padgett M o a r m ed by her 
husband, two sons. Clinton and 
Ro'-h a-«1 a dau»T s 'er. Ors Pay. as 
well as three brothers. W. EL and 
Ra.'^h Per..-: '*<•: >; -• i of Mr •.•-■« i I 
•'■-i ■»?:<* H»r-y Ftr,r.'.-\Ktr rf Laurel. , 
Mont. A sister. Mra O. L. Taylor, of I 
Z\-—»-*" S^-'e* Mo a!»o surr:»« ' 

Pur.ersl serrices will be held to- 
morrow sfternoon st the Presbyterian , 


MATILDA A. /OlfKS. 'k^'\ 
Mrs. Matilda A. Jones, 60. of '419 I 

West Poplar street, died tble morn- j 

Ing at the boms following a brief ' 
1 nines* Punsral arrangements i!^ are"! 
j Inoomplete pending word from a 

daughter In California. Burial win be 

In a osmstery at MerlonvUle. Mo, un- . 
•der the direction of the Alma ' Lob* ; 
i meyer Punsral borne She is survived '< 

by four daughters. Mrs. Clara Holden. 

San Pranolsoo: Mra Bdlth Montgom- 
;sry. of Ban Diego. Calif.: Mra »Vema 

Mitchell v* Miss Beeele .Tones. 

Opring'* .. and by » son Homer 

Jone*. Wallace Idaho, and a brother. 

John D Cstes. Sail Pranclsco. Calif 



Punsral service* for Charles Eh j 

iTharp. 04 years old. who dlsd at fl.SO I 

'p. m. Sunday in a local hospital fol- ' 

lowing a brlsf illness, wiu be held st 

9:30 p. m. Wsdnesdsy. Burial wUl be 

in Pleasant Hope cemetery under the 

direction of W. I. Starne. undertaker 

The decedent la •arrived by the 

widow and a son. Psv. low North 



In Memoriam 


- -L '1 


| Mi. ana Mn Oaor» • A. Ww»m 
•hip. of 1149 Bof*n. uiODU««l «h« i 
birth of a MB, Bobby *Uf«M. «*,?**>■= j 

n»*T u -;■ ■ i!!f.i(; ■■; 

Mr and Mra. Own* W. BattrtKbt.: 
of South Cajnpbail araniMk a niwnrin a j 
th« birth of a «tau<bt«r. DoraxkJi 
Louis*. Fabruajry f. 1W7. J . r ' 

I ' 

In loving memory of our mother 
and ,jrandmoiher. *' ho passed swnv 
lv\o \eait nfo todnv In Oakland] Calif;, 
t i AND SON WAYNE. •'. ::'!■' •,''■ i# 

_ ■I "J. 

We widi to eipreaa our thank* to 
our many friends for the kindness 
and sympathy shown to us during 
the Illness and death of our husband 
and father i : i 

FAMILY;' -' •■;-.!'.'>!\.'.-M'-"--'l .!• 

Page 1: Mildred, Missouri, named.** 
Page 5: Miss Frances Bell and Mr. Houstown Clinch are engaged to marry.** 

A daughter, Dorothy Louise Helfrecht, was born February 9 to Mr and Mrs 
George W. Helfrecht of South Campbell avenue. 

Mildred Wa» Named 

♦ ♦. •-"•' ♦•#'-•** 

For Founders' ,^ifa 

Tansy Causity Town Unlaualy 
Chri«sn*a By W. C. PrlM, 
Wht Oltxf U Yaara Ago. ' 

VIIUJHK1). iliv. In Tansy ooun- 
"** ly. wu named In .honor of 
Mr* Mildred Price, wlfo "f W, 
«' ITIf*. iirvmliwnl Tnii<-y rounly* 

Uw /IT. 

Mr. Prloa practiced law at 
l\.n>ih for many yearn. Ho tln- 
nlly decided to »ii|«i' In ths 
mtovantlto buslne** and estab- 
llalied tha town of Mildred, on tha 
main highway Uetaci-n Branson 
unit Forayth. 

Tha postal aulliurlll«-a also reC-- 
ocnlied tht. name and the offl- 
i lal register llsta Uie poMlufflce 
aa Mlldfed Mr. Prlca continued 
In operate tin- atore until hl» 
d.-ulll h.!.oui 1- years ago. 

H©V VfU yrrwr 1 f*tm nnmrtlt What 
ratty rk<M'i^-trr. J*r.lcr\>- plo* t or rul«»r- 
/ml tm-ut*ni mar. thr tn^ptialwnr Th* 
Patty Ntwt («rtl*« Mjlorionj and "«H 

llr,,,,- at nil »»lllVT<l<r« l/t.«.)«rl 
lu o/»lrU>wt» lo <«»» 7«ol»r«. 

F.n&aRement Announced 

Mi anil Mr* I'liarlea i\ llell of 
Boon t I lie have announced the en- 
(■rerv.ent of llielr daufrhtar. 

h'rtnnii, i v r h.himowh Clinch 
rtf Chicago. Ml«« Hell him visited 
here hk the E iien of h'r sister. Mrs. 
Roacoe Htawart. 74* East Walnut 
atraa* and Is wsti known anion* 
la* youturar aoolaty crowd. Ths 
•at*, pat lb* wooding baa a* 


The Leader for Tuesday,. February 15, 1927, is missing. 



Page 7: B. G. Willis died.** 
James Waddle died.** 
Charles E. Tharp died.** 
William A. Rathbun died.** 
Mrs. Hannah B. Griffith died.** 


will i ? ?? ,aT ' U > •" »l»f»nonrt. r»d. 

■« «h, Srar... m-rtnar, w|lh 
' ••■-'•« '» r:...i»... s , ^.„„„ rv 

i Had Lived on One tarm'to 
! Greene County 70 Years; 

Succumbs to Pneumonia 


.«- ., ,,-|,.„ „, r rhBrW| , K)| 
I Th.ri.. «. who „|„| Sunday in a 
l««-al hc»;.ir.i. win be- ,,.i,| ., ..J,-! 
« -lork lh- afternoon .1 Pi,..**, | 
M..|Hi rem-lery it>i<1rr direction or W I 
«'»r'ir M-rUk.r. 

' '• Willi*. 96. illrii .11 *.jj 
j ••'. I.M-k yeatt nUy evening at hla I 
J h.-inr t«o mil.. M at of Si 1 1. rrot-,1. 
,f«U"»lnic nn lllnran of imruiiionlii. ! 
I'Hinrrul aervlrva will i„. |„.|,i .,,' 
: ..ii> n'cii.ik Tlitirndav nftrrnoun ut j 

Mil, linntr uiiiIit a . i);,i.,il., n „f ||,p I 
> K linger I'luUTiiiUine ri iii|iany. *>!■'- 
I Willi, IS HUrvl VH.1 l,y ill* widow' 

Mttlfc Morten of HprlniX^dl 
•A*. Reran Morton. t^U Wlllla •«*' 
Kkonl* Ulllekpla. all bf HtrafforU 
Ho to oJm aurviw* by 14 ,rana. 

: Funeral »rr»lr*. for William A 

KaiMi.ii,. .* %v ,,„ wa „ folmil jMd . | 
• f ' . • . .. "^r^' 

Sunday morn tn.. wee. «eM reMaruaV' 
at the Alma Uhmfj.r Funeral horn* 
|wlih Juda-a.J. K. Hoberia offlvlattna. 
I Burial w u mad* In Maple Park «mw- J 
|lary... m ,..,;, .. .. . „• ■ . v 

~ — — ■ -*■. •' I 

Mr». Hannah B. veani 
old*, rlirtl nt the homr of her eon' her* 
T"«t«la> afternoon. Fum-ral aarvlma 
Mill b* hold at ^Jo nYluck ihl. after- 
noon ai ih* 1 -ft eon Funeral home, 
tjurlal will he In Maple Park ceme- 
tery Mr., «r|ff1ih I. enrvlre,! hx h 
I hi-**. Bona. Pbarlea :>. nnU J. llenr>' 
Orlfflth. Loth or and 1) 
1. ilrlffii:, „f Mriunhla. 

• r OrteiM count) and hurt Jived »n 
law farm wher* h* die,, for t n , mt 

• • leara Ha waa well known aa a 
farmer ihrou,hoo< |hc antlta re- 

I aloii 

Page 5: Card of thanks from Lonnie Hicks and others.** 
Page 10: A land patent dated July 1, 1850, was filed in the recorder's office It 
conveyed 160 acres ten mile: , north of Springfield to Elnathan F. Cooley for military service 

rJ. u. Willis died.** 

Hannah B. Griffith died.** 

Charles Eli Tharp died.** 

James Waddle died.** 

Benjamin Franklin DeWein died.** 

Mrs. Schuyler French died.** 

Mrs. Ruby I. Page died.** 
Page 18: There is an item about the Rathbun family.** 


We -wish to than* our mvaj friend* 
tor Uu kindness shown duria* lh* 
Illness wid deaUvI <A pur darling T»3)r 
Also,. for U» toe»uompjOimsi, oasis 

Lnps. i :■ ■ ' ".'!t'-rj- ■','•,•:..'•. t 





Wo;d «»h rrccir^d here by Mr« C 

| A. nanagan. or 639 Cherry street, of. 

: (he de«Mi or Mrs. Schuyler Treach. 

;or St. Loul*. wh6 formerly resided hi 

jSprlngtield. Funersl ' ssnrtess .-will be 
held Thursday srternoon in Bt. Loui» 
rollowlng which the body wlU bo ror- 
waxded to Sprlngftold lor burial m 
IUz«lwoa4 oac-atery Friday. 

JAr%. rlxnch wan the mother of C at 
Prencb. or at. Loula, who la well 
known in thU orty. • 

* BS I i f. 

naturally mention his lathe*. OoL 
Ooorg* 0. eUthbun. The B*U»^un 

of Bprtncfteld. seems to be do** to 
the TftnwUnf point. Thus does de*u» 
work. Ool. Oeorge B. Bathbun. Itta 
stated, tu one of Oen. Jo Bheltors 
men and he took an eotlve pat in 
the Civil war. He 1H at Lone Jack. 
near WTTrr- City, a bloody engage- 
ment in which Got. Rathbun dle- 
tlngulabed himself. 

A* a lawyer. Col. Rathbun. wbo 
for year* we* a partner of WW A. 
Rathbun. waa aUo of the vlgoroue. 
flghUng character. Probably hla 
moat celebrated caae waa that of 
Core E. Lee. charged with being an 
acceaeory In the murder of Mra. 
Oeorge E. Orabam. Mr. and Mra. 
Graham. Cora E. Lm and Mrs. Emma 
Mallory came to Springfield from 
Peoria and were reformera of aome 
kind. They located on a farm near 
Brooallne and one day the body of 
Mra Orabam wm found In a well on 
the farm. There waa a terrible up- 
roar This waa In 1880. and the ex- 
citement didn't abate for ovor a 
year The belief wm that Oraham 
wanted to marry Cora Lee and that 
Mra Mallory. Cora Leo and Oraham 
planned the murder of Mra. Oraham 
In order that tho scheme might be 
canled out. Excitement grew, feel- 
, Ing waa deep and bitter, culminating 
one night lu the lynching of Ora- 
ham He waa hanged on a tree near 
the Eleenmayer mllia. Cora Lee waa 
tried aa an accessory to the murder , 
and Col. Rathbun and his associates . 
made a vigorous defenae. The evi- 
dence against the woman waa not 
strong and 8ne waJ1 acquitted. 


B. r. DE VYE1N. 

Benjamin Franklin Da Weln. SB 

' year* old. died laat night at hla home. 
738 College atreet. following eeveral 
montrnf Illneaa of heart dleeaae. 
Funeral aervicea will be held at 2:30 
p. m. rnday at the Paxeon Funeral 
home. Burial will be in the National 

, cemetery. 

Mr. Dc Wain waa a veteran of the 

i Spanish-American war. He ia sur- 
vived toy the wife, two daughters, 

■ Mists Mary Ell7abcth and Tresis. 
Marie De Weln. of the hornd address. 

• by three brothera. Joseph and John 
I>e Weln. of 8t. Louis. Mo. ana 

1 Oeorge De Weln of Bedalla: and by 

I one (later. Mre. Margaret Haldbnaxi, 

j of California. 



.3J2 WUU * *< •*• •» •*• P- JB_- 
V*«4(«aa.kt toi» toaa* l ~ mll l t* fiSl 

of Strafford following an- «>■■■ ■ \, 

; l«>aMn»caUa. Funec*F>»^e*tt jsrib - .»*• 

{home nader the afrectwi of Gic* 
. KUIngner UndertsJdng company. Mr. 
i Willi* U survived by his widow and 
five children: W. B Wlllla and Julia 
Morton, of Springfield, and Pamuu 
Ollllaple. Sarah Morton and L. L. Wll- 
lla. all of Strafford. He la alao sitr- 
. vived by 34 grandcblldran, SB great 
' grandchildren and alx great great 
' grand children. 

Mr. Wlllm waa a pioneer resident 
I of Greene county and had lived on 
j hla farm for the peat 70 years. 


Funeral service* were held at 2:.30 
p. m. today at the Paxson Funeral 
home lor Mrs. Hannah B. Griffith. HI 
: years old, who died at the homo oC 
I her son here Tuesday afternoon. BlU'l- 
; al was In Maple Park; cemetery. Mrs. 
JOrlfflth la survived by three tons 
'Charles S and J. Harry both 
lot Springfield, and D. L Orlflth of 
■ Meniphih. 


! Funeral service* were held at 3.30 
! p. ru today at Pleasant Hope cem«-» 
; Ltry for Charles Eh TUarp. 60. who 
1 died Sunday In a local hospital. Burial 
jwaa In Pleasant Hope cemetery under 
; the direction of W. L. Starne. under. 
! taker ■ 


Funeral acrvicea for Jamee Weddt*, 
wbo died Saturday in Hammond, Ind., 
were held at" 2 p. m.- today s>t the 
Sterne mortuary. Burial was In Wax- 
«1 wood ''cemetery. % «, '.,« ip 

iftl£«js:; ttiit t . , . ,<!•<:.■ :;*•,! 

illlii .JWBB, aUmv>AQB plEBo- V' 1 '*. 
-The hodjr of Mrs. Buby 1 Fejre, il2 
who died Bunday In B*& pVandiwjoV 
Celtr„ waa scheduled to arrive J h*te> 
Jthle afternoon. Funeral sertloee will 
be held a>t a ^0 p. m. tomorrow at 
Harmony church, three mile* weat of 
Bogoraville. Burtel will be in Holland 
oematery. under the dlraotion of the) 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. Tn# 
deceased la Survived by bar mother, 
Mrs. P*nnl* Evan*, of 
three bvothors, 'Walter 
Sa/ingflstfd. JL T: aTTana. of 


Page 1: Origin of the name Ozarks.** 

Origin of name for Windy City, Missouri.** 
Page 3: There is an article about J. C. Peightel of the First National bank. He was born 
in McConnellstown, Pennsylvania. He taught school for a while, and came to Missouri in 
1900. He is married and has seven daughters: Mrs. Olga Ruxton and Misses Elsie, Anna, 
Wanda, Irene, Jean and Helen. [This is a long article.] 
Benjamin Franklin DeWein died.** 
B. G. Willis died.** 
Mrs. Schuyler French died.** 
Mrs. Ruby I. Page died.** 


It's Reallij Chicago 
•Alios* Windy City 

Community* of Spring- 
field Had Ambitious Pounder 
But Christening Handicap 

pVER hear of Windy Cltyt Not 
. a vary large town but the 

name doea have a acund. 

A little community, aome 40 
mllea aoulhweet of Springfield on 
federal highway No. «5. decided a 
poMofflce wii needed, and a mer- 
rhanl ti.ok the mailer up with 
the poatofflce department in 
Waahlnicton He wkb told t» re- 
i-oininend a «atU f ..ctory name 
for the plure. and the office 
w.uUI ho iMabllshed. 

The merchant decided Ho name 
was tee bt* tor the swtflesneetV 
ao he auggeated Chicago. An aa- 
atatant postmaster ganersj re- 
plied that the «ee of the, awuoe 
Chicago 'by * jootnmunlty other 
than that on Lake Michigan 
would lead to confusion In the 
handling of mall and aald another 
name ahould be submitted. 

"Very well." aald tho merchant, 
"If we can't have Chicago's name 
well have lu nbAname." '. 

He therefore - recommended 
Windy City and the name waa 

A. «rv iouthwti tlUtourtmt i» **~ 
oiltd le iten *> tko m<e«M /s cs s i' e . 
How woa YOUR town • nmttt Wkat 
colorful «c«ni, odd rent er amnal 
nr—naMy H.« WbM it* chruiningr 
Mere**' a c fcoae s for tee aMeetoaa «4 
"old Hmm." U'kal stout ComptU- 
<■..», and Clever amd Xvoning Bhad4, 
and BoMvar, for ■ tnMaidit W»-r. 
counting on H ia lH I /rosv^sii of yea. 

. ■. F. 01 WI1N ■ •-' ■-<*• 
Funeral eervlcee for Beajnsnln 
Franklin X>e Weln. II. who died 
Tueeday night at the home. 711 
College street. WlU be held at » »• 
o'clock tomorrow after n oon at the 
Paxson Funeral home. Burial will 
be In the National cemetery- 

ShadowrockTJwntt ^ 


'■manning IHeraUy the tone hew. 
•n-nd used by the early Fretieh traders 
to designate a band of Quapew 
Indian* who *hot with long hows. 
Tbey would apeak "+t getnar <•> te the 
"long bsrwe " the eux-arc. er ta «toe> 
lleh. Oearka. The nam* wa* glveo to 
an Indian trading peat in what at now 
the state of Arfrai*** aad ester a* the 
hills and aaasje^nan^jttwhn ertt. ent sad 
inr up tntf> "OUT Mleeourl Osarto. 

DrT Con* recently completed a lec- 
ture" tour ever M *tatea for the At- 
eoctated CbauUpqaaaX America, He 
gave fne naaae of* "Shad u ■ I e oV to 
the hill and camp and swimming pool 

.t n^jgssfo&gm ;***■**, 

rear* ega. >-•"■' v*« • ' -j 

I The mocin* eannel sunrise Beater 

t aervloe win be held on top or Sbadow- 

i rock Xaaner morsdng, D-_Ooofc plana 

to feature fliaaeHlln prod uct l o n e end 

at tne na»mJ appbitkeater 

" emmp the enmtnc ' 

WD I . K T* ' 

dmm —J *a*M*sss)pi 



• INJAMfN C. orWtlr* 
BgajMadp. Franklin DeWeln. (I. 
died at 10:40 o'clock last night at 
i home at TM College etreet after 
a lingering ' lltneee. Funeral ar- 
rangements at* Incomplete but will 
be held under direction of the Pax- 
eon Funeral borne.' Ha ta ■ur « l »od 
by the widow and two daughters. 
Mary Rllsabeth and Treela Marie, 
all of the home addreaa. 



JaT*sislw»>*Wvsta>» fWT »' * 

N, Qreen* county pioneer, who 

Tuesday at bU homa two mUee 
east of Strafford, will be held at 
>:«0 o'clock tbta afternoon at the 
hone under direction of the JCllng- 
ner Funeral home. Burial will be 
made In a family cemetery near 
tbe home. , r .... 


Funeral ■■I'Tlu— for Mm. aV»«r- | 
tar Fr*neta. formerly of 8prlngtl«l<) , 
who died, recently In Ht. Louis, will . 
be held l.i that city thli after- , 
noon. The body will be brought 
here Friday for burial In Hazel- 
wood cerrfetery. Mrs. French wu 
the mother or C. K. French, of St. 
Louie, who Is well known here. 


The body of Mn. Ruby I. Pare. 
SI. who died Sunday In San Fran- 
cisco, arrived here yesterday aft- 
Tntiuii. Funeral services will be 
held ut 2:30 o'clock this afternoon 
at Harmony church three miles 
weal of Roa-eravllle. Burial will be 
In Holland cemetery under direc- 
tion of the Alma 1-ohmoyer Funer- 
lal home. Mm. I'are la survived 
I by lior mother, Mrs. l'ennle Ev- 

ans. Rogersvllle; three bl 
Walter Kvans. Springfield. A. 
n n«. Reno. New. and by on; 

ter, Mrs Alia Hodges, 

Page 5: There is a poem in memory of Susie E. Bryant.** 
Page 8: The will of Matilda A. Jones who died February 14 was admitted to probate. 

Benjamin Franklin DeWein died.** 

B.G.Willis died.** 

Mrs. Ruby I. Page died.** 

MarjorieP. Kent died.** 

Mrs. Schuyler French died.** 

Ethel Benfield sues to divorce P. T. Benfield. They were married in September 


Marriage licenses issued.* 

In Memoriam 

Funeral aervloea for Benjamin 
Franklin DeWeln, ". who died Tuee- 
day night at his home. 738 College 
mett, will be held at 3:30 p. m_ 
tomorrow at the Paxeon Funeral 
homi. Burial will b« la the Nation- 
al cemetery. 


I Funeral aenrlcea for B O. Willis. 

, M. pioneer resident of this county. | 

i who died Tueaday at hL» home two 
mllea east of Strafford, were held at 

I 3:80 p. m.. today at the home. 
Burial vu In a family cemetery 
under the direction of the Kllngner 

i Funeral home. 


i Funeral aervlcea for Mrs. Ruby I. 
| Page-. SI. who died Sunday in San 
: Francisco. Calif., were held this aft- 
i ernoon at Harmony church, three 
! miles weal of Rogersvllle Burial was 
I in Holland cemetery under the dlrec- 
', tlon of the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 
! horn* The body arrived here veeter- 

In loving memory of our dear 
mother and wile. Suel. B. Bryant, who 
paaeed away one year ago today. Feb- 
ruary 17. l»3fl. 

•Twaa one year ago you left Us. 
At the rising of the aun. 
Jesus said. "Come O Te Bleesed 
For Your Work on earth U done. 
, Lonely are our heart* today. 
For the one we loved ao dearly. 
Has forever paeeed away. 
Rest in peace, dear mother. 
For your work on earth U done. 
, You have gone where thoee who love 

Some day will meet you. one by one. 
i Badly mleaed by husband, a. E. 
Bryant, and daughter Evelyn, mother, 
brother and sisters. 

Jack W. McKee today Issued the 
! following marriage licenses: 

Audle Veet and Addle Opel Hope. 

'both of Bolivar. J 

I Harold Hunter of Sprtngfleld end 

Paye C hampion of Red Top. «*"• 

j i Jim a t — ; -j. - - Jt ■* — 


A suit for divorce waa filed this 
morning In the office of the circuit 
clerk by Ethel Benfield against P. T. 
Benfield. They were married In Sep- 
tember. 1830. end lived together un- 
til February. 1M7- 


Funeral eatTlcee for Mr*. Ruby I. 
Fag*. SI, who died Sunday in San 
Frenclaoo. Calif., were held thla aft- 
ernoon et Harmony church, three 
mllea weat of RogerevUle. Burial wee 
tn Holland cemetery under the direc- 
tion of thU Alrna Lohmeyer Funeral 
home. The body arrived here yaater- 
j day afternoon. 


The body of Mrs. Bcbuyler French, 
formerly ol 8prtngfleld. who died re- 
cuntfT ln Bt - LouU. will errlre her* 
far burial at 1 a. m.'Pt1d*y. Short 
■errloee will he held a t the Paxaon 
funeral home, with Interment In Ha- 
Mlwood cemetery at ll »• m Mr*- 
Wrench was the mother of C. E. 
French of St. LouU, who U well 


lira. Uarjorle P. Kent. 38 yeara old. 
wife t>f Jamea A. , Kent, member of 
the Kent & Clark monument com- 
pany on Boonvllle avenue, died thle 
morning ln * local hoapltal follow- 
In* a brief lllneaa. Funeral arrange- 
ment* axe Incomplete, but aervlce* 
wUl be In charge of the Klingner 
Funeral home. 

Page 1: The naming of Webster county.** 
Mrs. Schuyler French died.** 
Benjamin Franklin Dewein died.** 
Page 2: O. D. Richards of Republic has some parchment records which have been in his 
family for 300 years. They are dated 1665-1714 and include surety on a loan and a will. They 
were made in England. Richards' grandfather came to this country from England and brought 

the records with him. 

There is an item about Carl W. Wingo, deputy state game and fish commissioner. 
He was formerly clerk of the criminal court. His family lived at Fair Grove. He is married and 
has four children, two sons and two daughters. The family address is 748 East Normal street. 

Page 3: James Alexander who died 25 years ago was 103 years old when he died. He 
came to Greene county in 1843. 

Page 5: Miss Lillian McLaughlin and Mr. Ralph Brooks were married.** 




see t« official reo- 

_y «o have aga, 

of Republic «n - 

Hit with two sheets of % 

" aerl**- entrls* from 

■ They area' portion 

j made In Enf lw>d. and 

I rang* from auhety on a 

_ will. . • 

rd'a grandfather came to 

_intry from England, and 

t W fee entries relate to hla 

w era The two eheets have 

in cenUnuoua possession of 

I of bla family nearly 100 

Botoe of Ui» entries are couch- 
, In language that today would 
■traoge In any off IcIh 1 
For example, payments 
hot* for BO pounds are lo 
annually on "the feast 
_J StAJohn the Baptist." un- 
I4be entire sum has been paid 
shells of parchment are 
> as large as half ,a news- 
sr aheet and show the effects 
ft only where they have been 
| In folding-. The left hand 
Is wide, and the dates of 
i are placed ln the mar- 

has faded aUft-btly. but 
etlU-i* quit* leglble- 
the .reading; la aome- 
to on* uneccus- 
tbe term* and style of 



^"f ' J.-A^.^ 


CWenwl Wefcitei 

* * 

In ** DanielV Honor 

County Ssst Wss Named Marsh- 
' field Alee-'* In •Uteemae'e 
Memery, > Plenear Relet** 

» tii. i»i<i.' 

it it. 


rvun.rd. And It'r'vi v tl tu liru' /rum 
i umprftflun, oml i'h ri i . una l.xttuny 
r*4.u<fc, tu mrsUnn but tl /« i" ■</ the 
F'lUlhvttt ijiajimrj ti/um* nil vf 
'if h O'tr fnutlcd tu Itli ttuu. uittl i. /»|/ 
i', fir . (anm.nlli, UIO» namr-l And 

t hat ab'Wt Sp4rfrin(/ Hidoi and Dtv 
o*ul Dwaty AIS« •la««r'« om Mini, if 
s„4.i *T. - ..« «,. » .. 

Marabflaid and Wsbstar county 
were named In honor of Daniel 
W >|.«ter. according to I. F. King, 
of Xlangua. Mo., who has r*- 
«l.l...1 In the etmnty for RT yrarn 

After the county had l.een 
.In l-t.-n (l i In honor of the great 
scholar, th* county seat was 
i ui mod M.irsli field. Webster's 

hiillie town in the New Knglunri 

:» ! ;l I r-s 

There- axe many who claim to 
have been III,, flrct settlers of 
WfluiiT county, urcnntlnc lo Mr. 
king- H Id known, however. .Mr. , 
King said, that this honor goes I 
to the families of John Watts, : 
Klin nettled near I'ordland. and ; 
S.imuvl Ijiilimer tu, a a .Mr. Mil- i 
mud. who settled on the Hamil- 
ton farm .six miles cunt of .\ian- 

.Mr. I-ath,ifr Hettled four miles 
nest of Mmigun and Is suld lo 
have given the nuim- nf Xliiniriia 

lu Ihe 


Tolks You Know 

Informal Qlimpeee and SicUllghU 
en Preminanl Sprlnofleldlane. 

piiOM keeping criminal records to 

tracking criminals la perhaps . 
a longer step than you may think. I 
but be made It Just the earoe. 

"He- la Carl W. 

"Wingo. former 

clerk of the crlm- i 

lnal court, and 

now deputy state 

game and fish i 

commissioner for j 

this district. 

\V I n k (i \v :i - ' 
elected clerk o( I 
the criminal court ! 
four yearn :ij;'» ' 
.1 I -. i v< I on.' ! 
term. 1 lo couldn't ' 
iisk a second ' 
term, as has been 
cusl " in a r y In , 
('■reene county. ; 
for the very simple reason that his. 
office Was abolished ill the close- 
of the first period of service. i 

^"UMtTP MV f m. » "m • .' ■ m> 

Member, ©i. • ptoejeer *»aOr»ra*t 

Missouri family, Wlnjro comas from 
tha Fair Qrore ♦ontaMralty. .HrtSai 
baas active In republican council* 
almost from i Infancy, .and was • 
deputy recorder of deads before his 
•lection ts a court dark. 

"Open tpaoaar* Bnjra, I like "am.", 
remarked Wln*o. -after battling a 
Ford steering wheel along muddy 
roads that have held tha majority 
In this section recently. He had 
Just' completed a roundup to aee 
whether fur dealers had moved out 
their stockg on February 10, the 
required time, and some of his 
trips were over rouds t lint lacked 
much of being "pearly paths 61 

But thla open apace stuff la no 
diversion for 'VVlngo. It's a matter 
of business, strictly business, to be 
out on the search for hunters 
without the required llcr«,«c. fish- 
ermen who enst dynamite Instead 
, of files, nnd dealers who buy furs' 
without obtaining the legal ap- 
proval of the state fish and game 

Bowling la Hie Hobby 
"Do I have a hobby?" he repeated 
Ihe question "Pure." when 1 get 
a chanre to practice It." 

An-| what's your truest as to 

what that hobby Is? Ever play 

tenpins? That's It. If Wingo can 

j Ket time off. there's nothing suits 

'■ him better than to lilt tlio trull for 
; tlie bowling alleys) In the Shrine 
I mosque, yank off his coat, roll up 
I his sleeves and start the spheres 
j along the one- arm fairways. 

Incidentally, Wlngo Is married. 
, He and Airs. Wlngo reside at 74S 
i Kast Normal street, and have four 
| children, two boys and two girls. 

elded tfti 

Attar tit* eoUitr. 
christened Jn tioner 
lufcitu. Use sjesiiHH 
named Marehfleld. ' Webajer'a 
home town In the New Bin gland 
atatea. -■« 

There are many who claim to 
have been the prmt awttJere of 
W m»r ooestr/Moerdtnr to Mr. 
King It la ItBoim. however. Mr. 
King aald, that thla honor go** 
to the families of John * Watts, 
who eettled near Fordland. and 
Bamuel Latimer and a Mr. VIII- 
etaad. whe eettled on the Haanll- 
ton faran alz miles eaat of Nlan- 
gua. ... 

Mr. Latimer settled four mile* 
west of Klangua and la said to 
have given the name of Nlang-u* 
to the town. 

w,u, that mmttUi that, orr«'«»iiv. 
•■t « aocn'i Hod Ntamrna team 

named. And Hl'iK yt to htar from 
Competition, and Clrvtr, and Evening 
dhad*. to mention but a /cut of the itueouri lowM — ail o/ 
u h*rh art Invited to till how and irhv 
their , vmwvnneiy was named. And 
v hot abottt fear**"* HUo* and Dry 
"wl Dneiy Attn tatur't and *wi, </ 
><~ fUa—o and the other* vrtifc add 
and tnt,r n. tidAT-* jJ B l> .in*t . +~ 

Ceremony At Church 

Mlse UlUan McLaughlin, daugh 
ter of Mre. George McLaughlin and 
Mr. Halph Brooke were married at 
11:10 o'clook yesterday afternoon at 
Christ Episcopal church. The Ker- 
erend Haul K. Talbott. former rec- 
tor of the church, read the Episco- 
pal tnitriluge service. They w«ire 
attended by Miss Margaret Mc- 
laughlin and Mr. F. 11. McLaughlin. 
cousins of the bride. 

Miss Mclaughlin Is a graduate of 
Stat<- Teachers college and la well 
kn>twn In Ihe yiiiinKCr circles here 
She Is 'i member of Alpha T«u I'hl 
xororit)- Mr Hrook* Is a graduate 
of Ihury college ,ni(l iii present Is 
city biuterologiHt. 


Looking Backwaid 

Big and Uttl* Startae C .ada p es . 

,ltf Ye«.wed wise 

•""'•• *rrem 


NOTICE of.*, Republican primary 
•lection to be held Febru ary 8*. 
wu issued today by the coonty 
committee. The notice wu eigned 
by Jtmei Abbott, chairman and^B, 
M. Houston, eecretary. „• •. ,T\ 

* James Alexander, 10S years ola. 
one of the oldest men In the state, 
died at his home. 718 Garfield ave- 
nue following a lingering Illness. 
Mr. ; Alexander moved to Greene 
county In 1843. , 


The body of Airs. Schuvler French 
who died recently In St. Louis will 
arrive here st 7 o'clock this mornln*. 
Funeral ibervlcea will ho held ut H ' 
o'clock this morning- at the Taxson I 
Funeral home wltnt burial following- I 
In Haselwood cemetery. Mrs. French ! 
was toe «n other of C. B. French of J 
St. Louie, who to' Veil known here. 

Funeral' servlees for Benjamin 
Franklin DeWela. who died Tuesday 
nl«ht at his home at W CbUeca etree*. 
wtU be held at 14* o'clock tola, afree- 
noon at ' the Paxson Funeral home 
srlto burial following In. Uto National 
cemetery. ' , 

Page 1: Mrs. Mary Tunnell, 62, sues to divorce Joseph Tunnell, 70, of Mountain View. 
Page 7: Card of thanks from Mrs. Clara Holder and others.** 
Page 16: Benjamin Franklin DeWein died.** 

Mrs. Schuyler French died.** 

Mrs. Marjorie P. Kent died.** 

George Garlick died.** 

Mrs. M. A. Dameron died.** 

Hurley Bonds, 35, died today at his home in the 600 block of Jones alley and will 
be buried in South Hazelwood cemetery. 

Marriage licences issued.** 
Page 21: Miss Esther Elizabeth Helms and Mr. Robert M. Pritchard were married.** 

Miss Lillian McLaughlin and Mr. Ralph Brooks were married.** 
Page 22: Skeleton found at West Plains.** 


Funeral services war* held at 3:t0 
p. m. today for Benjamin Franklin 
DeWatn. who died Tuesday night at 
hla hoaa/TM Oattata atraae. Benrloee 
war* held at tha Faiaon Funeral 
bona* Burial waa in- the NaUonaJ 


! Funaral services war* held at 11 
I a. m. today (or Mra. Schuyler French. 
1 who died recently In St. Louts. Tha 
! body arrived In Springfield at 7 a m. 
Service* wara conducted at tha rax- 
j eon Funaral hem* with burial In Hi- 
1 redwood cemetery. Mra. French waa 
j tha mother of O. X. French of St. 
' Louis, who la well known here. 


Funeral services for Mra. Marjorie 
P. Kent. 38. wlfa of Jamos A. Kent, 
of the Kent dc Clark Monument com- 
pany, who died yesterday morning In j 
a looal hospital after a brief Ulricas, j 
will be held at 3:30 p.. m. Sunday at 
the Woodland Heights Presbyterian 
church with Rev. J. W. Alexander, 
paator of that churoh. officiating. ; 
Burial will be In Oreenlawn ceme- 
tery. The deceased le survived by 
the husband, one son, the father and 
mother. Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Irvine, 
of Rpnngfleld: four brothers. Charles 
Irvine of Little Rock. Ark ; Frank and 
Ed Irvine, both of Springfield; Stu- 
art Irvine of Marlonvllle: and five sis- 
ters. Mlaa Mary Irvine of Akron. Ohio; 
Mra. Ruth Cooper, of Tulsa. Okie.: 
Mra. Gladys Stout of Logan, Mo.; 
Mrs. Ooldle Foley and Mrs Amto Jar- 
rett. both of Springfield. 


Funeral eervtoee wara bald -today at 

Loe Angeles for Oaorya OarUck. M 
j years old, who died Wedneaday at hla 

home In that city. Mr. Qarllck for- 
'merly resided to Springfield and waa 
i in business on Commercial street for 

a number of years. He left Sprlng- 
I field In 1031 and want watt for hla 

health. He U survived by the wire 

and two children; a akvtar, Mra. May 

Parker, and an uncle, J. A. MeDoweU. 

both of Springfield. 

Wo fkni en Unearth * ]% 

^^-ijuinan Skeleton v 

' In West Plains 

WEST PLAINS. Mo., r«b. 11/- (Spe- 
cial.) — A human skeleton, un» 
earthed by workmen digging ft nw 
ditch at the rear of the Elliott cream 
station here, la attracting large 
crowde. and. although many of the 
bone* have been carried away by 

1 boy*, there dill remain enough to 
keep the curioun speculating, par- 
ticularly since this Is the third time 

, human bones have been unearthed 

I In the blocks near court square. 
The workmen who unearthed the 
skeleton struck the skull first and 
thsn removed the earth carefully un- 
til they had uncovered the remainder 
of the skeleton. Before any of the 
bone* were removed the outline of 
the entire human frame, from the 
head to the knees, was In full view. 

! and In perfect form. 

The skeleton wsa found st a point 
three feet below the present surface 
of the ground, but the greater por- 
lii.n i.f this d»pth consists of a fill 
made In recent years by cinders and 
ashes, and the original earth line 
showed that at the time It was burled 

'• the skeleton wss not more than 18 
Inches below the surface 

There Is no record of any burial 
gTound having been located In that 

, vicinity. 

<A»n Or THANKS. 
We wlah to express our thank* 
and appreciation to the friends and 
neighbors for Ore many deeds or 
kindness through the sickness and 
death of our dear mother. Mrs 
Matilda A. Jones and the beautiful 
floral offering and especially to 
Dr Hale and Mrs. Alma Lohmeyer. 




The manage of Mlaa Esther EUae- 
beth Helms and Mr. Robert M. 
rrttohard wad quietly mimaatm* ft 
the horn* of the brldVa pexenta, Mr. 
and Mra. 8. T. Halm*. 1011 Kaat Di- 
vision street, yesterday afternoon at 
8 o'clock. The Rev. O. Bryant Drake, 
pastor of ths rirst Oongregistlonal 
church, officiated In a beautiful and 
Impressive ceremony. The bride and 
groom will be at home to their 
friends et «M Susabi&e drive. 

i Brooks-Mcl-anghlln. 

Miss Lillian McLaughlin, daughter 

' of Mrs. Oeorge McLaughlin, of Lor- 
raine apartments, and Mr. Ralph 
Brooks were married yesterday aft- 
ernoon at 13 30 at Christ Episcopal 
church. Rev. Paul R. Talbot, former 
putor of the church, offlc'utlng. The 
attendants of the young couple were , 
Miss Margaret McLaughlin and Mr. F. ■ 
H McLaughlin, cousins of the bride. ! 
Mrs Brooks Is s graduate, of South- 
west Teachers college and la a mem- 
ber of the Alpha Tou Phi sorority 
Mr Brooks !» baccterologlst for the 
city They will be at home on South . 
Fremont avenue 

Seeks Divorce From I 
Husband, 70, Bccansc. 
He Went To Dances 

WEST PLAINS. Mo. Feb 18- 
(Specjal i --Of ureal interest In clr- , 
cult court here In the dlvor. suit of 
Mm. Mary Tunnel! against Joseph 
Tunnel), president of tbe People's ' 
Hank of Mountain View, which start- ' 
ed yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Tun- 
liell |k necking a divorce and a share 
of her husband's property. She la . 
t'l years old unci her hu-baud is 70. 

Mra Tun n ell churgea that her hue- • 
band has been going to dances with ' 
n'.i ii wuiiuMi und name:, three Mmiu- 
tiiln Vl'-w women n* co-respondents. ; 


Recorder Jsck W. this 
morning Issued marriage licenses to 
'the following: 

Jamea T Hodgea and Docla R. 
Clark, both of Springfield. 

Robert Melton Prltchard and 
EMher E Helms, both of Spr ingfield 

Mrs. M. A. Damaron, aged 60, died 
Monday it the home of her son. In 
Hobarg. Mo., after a brief lllneee. She 
Is survived by two eons. A. K- Darner- 
on of Cricket, Ark., and D. L. Cam- 
eron of Hoberg. Mo., et whose home 
ahe was visiting at the time of her 
death; two daughtara, Mrs Emma 
Brown of Cricket, Ark., and Mrs. Ber- 
th*. Salkll of Springfield, with whom 
•he made her home; one deter, Mra. 
{Mary Beaton of Arbyrd. Mo. Funeral 
services were held Tuesday afternoon 
from the church In Hoberg. Rev. 
loevault officiated. Interment was In 
• the I. O. O. T. cemetery under the 
jdireotlon of the Eauoett Undertaking 
[comrjanj[ tA M94&I .Ywzxfifi, 


Page 1: Bolivar, Missouri, was named for Simon Bolivar.** 

Page 2: Mrs. Schuyler French died.** 
Page 3: Marjorie P. Kent died.** 

George Garlick died.** 

Mrs. M. A. Dameron died.** 
Page 5: Miss Esther E. Helms and Mr. Robert M. Pritchard were married.** 

Miss Edna Faye Julian and Mr. Ben J. Martin were married.** 



Just FHlinpnieugh to Haiti 

TrNi BaeTr Without Harm 

ing Thorn | Mora tnaw 



JJOUVAR. seat of Polk county. 
wm named ln_honor o( filmon 
Bolivar, hailed aa the llbarator 
of YeneaueUi. 

Hultvar and l'olk county wora 
cilunlifj Into government* (ho 
■urnm year, according to early 
inurji. Tho liuundarloa wore 

established In I83i. tho rami year 
munlclpal government waa 

luiilu Uetl Iti Spi ititflvld. 

Polk county originally waa a 
pert ul Ureene county, and waa 
ono of the flint sections to ask 
fur a •rinrain government. 

rieveral year* ago, the Vene- 
zuelan government aont a life- 
size potralt of the noted libera- 
tor to the citizen* of Ilollvai . The 
portrait now hang* In the public 
library ut liollvar. 

Caleb II. Fisher, now residing 
In Springfield, waa one of tho 
earUaat .all Wo. *< aMtivalU He 
lived to that t*wa far tl yaara, 
moving thaw with ;hto *arenta 
when • mowtb* eM. 

T. H. B. D na aa t a a . M year* old. 
founded the Polk County Bank 
shortly after U»a cloaa of tho Civil 
war. Ho ha* oorvod oontlnuou*- 
ly aa president of tbo inaUtuUon 
and la In active charge today de- 
spite hla Kdv&aeod year*. 

Other pioneer famlltaa of Polk 
county Include tho Vila*. Upton*. 
Gravely* aad Bhoftnera. . . 

UU. iw eH#ta of la* «*■»• «f •«"•»•* 
ew»^awa»aa»i*;»eat»e»-l«r« "tmoo^. 
Local aUtotW* a«4 "ol4 Ha.™" or.. le nmineale. »•«•* •" JUT 
*•-«*• of »•«•» still »« *• »••t|^f r<, t^. 
So mriytl from Clever or «•*»*■"<- 
"to, not to m.r.««m MtU K*o° «<« 
Rraeol Jf"t vhat obml Oleo. E«- 
Soro, litre*!** oimI PoMMyt 


Funeral services for Mrs. Mar- 
Jorlo P. Kent. wife of James A. 
Kent of the Kent and dark Mon- 
ument company here, who died 
Thuraduy morning In a local hos- 
p'tal, will be held at 2:10 o'clock 
lomorrow -afternoon at the Wood- 
bind Heights Presbyterian church. 
The Reverend J. W. Armatrong. 
Iiaator. will officiate. Uurla] will 
be made In Greenlawn cemetery. 

Funeral aervlcea for George Gar- 
lick. t'Wnrmeriy of Springfield, who 
died Wednesday at hla home In Lo* 
Anreleo. wer« held yeaterday In 
that city. Mr. Oarllck waa In bus- 
Ineaa here for several yeses and 
waa located on Commercial atreet. 
He is survived by the widow and 
two children, one sister, Mrs. May 
Parker, and an uncle, J. A. Mc- 
Dowell, both of Springfield. 

Mrs. M. A. Dameron. CI. died 

Monday at the home of her son In 
Hotter**. Mo. Funeral services were 
held Tueadny wtih burial In the 
I. t». O. I". cemetery under direction 
i>l tin* rnucelt I'nurriakinK co*n- 
p.-ny of Mount Vernon. Services 
were conducted by the Reverend 
DeVault. Mra. Dameron la survived 
hy two sons. A. J*. Dtimoroii of 
Orlrkett. Ark., and D. 1*. Dameron 
of Moherg. Mo.: by two daughters. 
Mis. I'mma lirown of Cricket. Ark.; 
and Mrs. Hoi Mm Snlkil nf'SprlliK- 
fleld and one sister. .Mrs. Mary 
Featon of Arbyrd. Mo. 

W m 7. - .O ., ■ 

-** f HtLMS-PRITCHArtp* ^ g 
Tho martial* of Mies Bather K- 
HalaM to Mr. Robert M, 

•rcuagr,.**' taw- t*«i •#■. t— * 

parent*. Mr. and Hr*. S. T.'Halma, 
1811 Boat DivUlon atraat. Th*\| 
aat^icotwM-iomd'by tho Rewrand! 

! Bryant Drake, pastor of In* Flrat 
Congregational church. Only cloaa 
relative* war* In attandano*.' Tb» 
couple trM reside at 4il Sanahtn* 

' drrv*. i Mr. Prltehard :• connected 
with the Tracy Creamery company.^ 



Ml- IMne ^y JuUa» aojUg 
Ban J. Martin. Jr.. wera M 7V". 
1^8 o'clock Friday evening atth. of the Reverend ***£ 
C U Tleroan. P*-lor of SLAiw- 
^b. Th. couple *" ^I 
panled by Ml- Naomi Martin. .1. 
£, to th. bridegroom. *od Mr. 

.^H^Teonnectad with t^i 
'ourk Trunk Calory- f"; 


C. E. rwnchTvle* pr*.laent of the 
T.afar»tt« South Bide hank, or ot. 
£uU wa. in 8prln.fl.ld T.««^ 
to att.ol in. Nn.rel eenlee. for W. 
mo t„.r. Mr.. Bchttjrler »*«*•*** 
died recently In 81. I*****?**? 
-pent mvy of hi. boyhood «*"Vl 
Sprln.fl.M. He wa. formerly «"•»*{ 
bank -..miner »nd al.o .erve* el 
etate bank cotnmUeloner. 


Page 1 : Mrs. Mary E. Tunnell, 62, and Joseph Tunnell, 7 1 , were divorced at West 


Ruben Lair died.** 

Earl Evans died.** 
Page 4: There is a poem in memory of Dr. W. J. Kinder.** 
Page 5: Card of thanks from Mrs. B. F. DeWein and others.** 
Page 7: John C. Crighton was appointed administrator of the estate of Maude L. 


There is a poem in memory of Cecil Emogene Blackwell. 
Page 11: Miss Edna Faye Julian and Mr. Ben J. Martin, jr., were married.** 
Page 12: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Marjorie P. Kent died.** 

Mrs. Florence Brasfield died.** 

Mrs. M. A. Dameron died.** 

Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Normal Bass.** 

Burley Bonds died.** 



wistVijuws. wo,rj»>. i?^-<22. 

cUD— Circuit Judge «. ^JS* 

jrJted - dlioro* tol «« in >«*n * | 
I TunelU 62. from Jo^,^? 6 "/. ™i ' 

president of th* People* »«* .f 
I Mountain View and •"««• *" *JJ? 

mony in the .urn of W.«oa. J^^ 
i for * new «» l **• nlw J*** 11 **"* 


haoTd had been ioln« to dance, with 
iS£ women J named U»* Moun- 
tain Vie*. *•*!*"» »• enawered hie 
£,«.%eUUon ^«*^«in| :u«M« 
i wm unduly )eaJoue end *»•*» «*™» l - 
ened to ru in him Q*enclelly . 


WEST PUW8 Ma, W- "- I 
.fioeclal »— Ruben talr. W year, old. 
S ? Mao'revlll*. * ploD*T reeldent of , 
Or." county.' waa Wily »*J^£ ; 
nLx hi. horn* Thuraday when be 
TTfrom a truck. He loet hi. oal- 
inc. Xn be Wled to catch hi. , hat. j 
which had blown from hU bead. He, 
. dledjbrgf^gug af ter Jh< ^nlde nt. j 

%P|'Ol\TEI> _ AUMnWHTKATOlt- | 

JttbnC crlRbtou-wa**»ppolnted»d-. 

' JSwuir thV« morning lor the ea- 

f *f^M«»o> U VcriEbton. who died 

!o ober 31. 1M1. Tbo appointment 

Si Tn^ula tn the probata oovH W 

/n Afcmonom 

to memory of Or. W. J. Kinder of 
Aidrtd**. Mo, who P*»eed neray one 
£*yIio today at the borne of hi. 

Mom ksom tho »dlon» heortooliaw 

Of too grief thne M bora* U» allenoe 
l^urdear one we tored eq well. 

lion and more e«ctt day ■«■ "J*2" tt J 
blende mey think the wound ta 

But they UtUe know the •« T « W 
Th*t lie- eritbln our heertt con- 

Peaoeful be your ajofp. ^•*i^ tb#r ' 

In the manalone of tt»e bleet. 




O. B 

U U 

MRS. A. *• NKIi| 




"., , P l" r.ifiiMl.1 -J/' 
i ill 

Funeral Serrioes To Be Held 

Tomorrow For Earl Eraus , 

Son of Late Judge. 

WBST PLAINS. Mo.. Feb 18 — (8p#- 
aiai) — Karl Evans. 47 years old. prom- 
inent West Plains suomey and a son 
of Um lit* Judge W. N. Evans', who 
presided over Uto Twentieth Judicial 
olrcuit lor 38 years, died lats last 
night In a hospital hsro. He had »uf- 
fered from Blight's illmiii lor several ■ 
years and want to the hospital Janu- 

Funeral aenrloee will be held at | 
I:tO p. m. tomorrow at the Methodist i 
church. South, under the auspices of : 
the Masonic loots. The services will I 
be conducted by Her. John O. Mont- , 
gomary. former pastor of the church. ' 

Us. Evaria was born In Alton. Mo., j 
but had. U red bers practically all of 
his life. He graduated from the pub- 
lie schools and Central college. Pay- 
ette, and later was admitted to ths 
bar. He aoted as court reporter tor 
his father for ttteen years and follow 
tag hi* lather's death did special work 
i *n the land and ESrd jndl«lat xircuRh. 

Burrivlng iUm arr ht»l]-» a-ad-tece 
«jona<4MUf«JHtr«B»d aroert: his moth-, 
er. "two sisters. Mrs. Bal Wood-ids, at 
Oprlngflsld. add Mrs. R K. Hogen of | 
West Plains; and tmo brothers, Paul, 
of Weet Plalne and Ney, a member of I 
the faculty of the Cnlverclty of Ark* j 
ansss law school. Fayettevllle. 

Mrs. Woodslde and s daughter, 
Anne Stewart, wera celled here sev- 
eral days ago. Another daughter. Vir- 
ginia, a student at Drury college, ar- 
rived today noon. 


For the kindness snd sympathy of j 
friends In the death of our dear! 
father and hiuiband. and for the i 
| beautiful floral offerings. We are , 
| grateful to the children of Campbell ' 
I achool and the beautiful words and j 
! service of the pastor of the First Bap- ! 
• tlst c burch. 

Mrs. B. P. DeWeln. two daughters 
j and one sister. Mary Elizabeth De- 
Weln. T* reals Maria and, ftmanda 


-HOI ■ SSI' 





Puneral services will be held at 
2:*0 p. m. tomorrow at the Woodland 
II sights P i e s b yt a . tan church for Mrs. 
Marjorte P. Kant, 38. wife of James 
A. Kant, of the Kent it Clark monu- 
ment company here, who died Thurs- 
day morning in a local hospital. Rev. 
J. W. Armstrong, pastor, will officiate. 
Burial will be In Oreenlawn cemetery 
undar the direction of the Klingner 
PPuneral home. 

- Mrs. Florence Brasfleld, 66 years 
old. died Sunday In St. Luke's hos- 
pital. Kansas dtp. Mo., following s 

brtaf illness Blia Is- iurtlTed by four 
alters, two brothers, and. a stepson 
and etepdaughUsr.-J. p. Brasflato, of 
Kansas City, and Mrs. J. H. Jonos, 
83T South Jeffsreoa avenue, Bprlnc- 
Osld. rsspeottr aly. T f? _ S.-.J 

Mrs, M. A. Demaron. 89. died Mon- 
day at the home of hsr- son, in Ho- 
berg. Mo. Puneral services were need 
Tuesday with burial In the I. O. O. P. 
c e m e ter y under the direction of the 
Psuostt Undertaking- company at 
Mount Tornon. Mrs. Damaron Is sur- 
vived by two eoua. A. P. Damaron, of 
Cctolcett, Art, and D. L. Damaron of 
Hoberg, Mo.; by two daughters, Mrs. 
Emma Brown, of CrlcJtsu, ArtL. and 
Mrs. Bertha Salkil. of Sprlngflald. and 
oner sister, Mrs. Mary Beaton, of Ar- 
byrd. Mo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Normal Bass, of 868 
East Elm street, are the parents of a 
seven and one-half pound baby boy, 
bom last night st, St. John's hos- 
pital^ Mr. Baas Is employed In the 
of the State Highway com- 

i Martin-Julian. 
The marriage of Miss Edna Fay* 
Julian -and Ur. Bon J. Martta. Jr.. 
took plaoe at 8 o*clock Friday ere- 
nlng at the realdono* of the Bev. 
Father C. L. Ttarnan, pastor of St. 
Agnes church. The couple was ac- 
companied by Miss Naomi Martin, 
sister to the bridegroom, and Mr. 
Robert J. Burns. Mr. Martin Is con- 
nected with the Ozark trunk factory. 



In Memoriam 

Funeral aenrlcee for Hurley Bonds. 
8&. who died yesterday at bis borne In 
the 000 block. Jones alley, will be 
bald at 2:30 p. m. tomorrow at Pitta 
Chapel M. E. church. Rev. L. R. 
Orant will officiate and burrlal will 
be in South Hazelwood cemetery un- 
j der the direction of the W. P. Camp- 
bell Undertaking company. 


\M ■ fa 

...i.i.r.i' '■•.■l 


In lonng memory of Cecil Kmogene 
Blaokwell, who departed thla life 
■even year* ago today. February 10. 
It la sad that one we cherished. 

ahould be taken from our home. 
But the joya that do not perish 
Live In memory alone. 
Tnrough all pain at times, aha 

A amlle of heavenly birth. 
And when the angelee called her 

She smiled farewell to earth. 
j Heaven ret&lneth now our treasure, j 
; Earth the lonely casket keeps. j 

How the sunbeams love to linger. j 
Where our saluted darling sleeps. 
When our time on earth is ended. 
And our day* shall be no more. 
We will gladly haste to meet her, 

A* «hi| wHU ac jpo^.^r*- 

- IWT^ITa 

Page 1: Franklin M. Groty was badly burned and is not expected to live. [This is a long 

, Recorder «»*** w McICe* today le- 
aded tha following maxrtago ItMDaMI 
Virgil T. Ready and Violet Angela 
Bailey, both of Bprtnttleld. % 

je«** B. rranklln of Hannibal. Uo., 
and Helen U. Baton, of aprlngtleld. 

Cecil Edwards was killed.** 


Page 3 
Page 6 
Page 7 

There is a list of the first telephone subscribers in 1878.** 
There is a map of Springfield showing the new city limits. 
H. M. Long of Newburg went to Waynesville where his father, Mr. J. M. Long, 

Mrs. Bob McCormack of Newburg died Monday and was buried in the Roach 

Miss Beulah Harshaw and Mr. Ralph Boyd were married Wednesday at Carthage, 
Missouri. Miss Chloe Harshaw is the bride's sister. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
George Harshaw of Lawrence county. Mr. Boyd is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Boyd of near 
Lockwood, Mo. Mr. Boyd was married on his twenty-second birthday. 

A daughter, their first child, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sturdy of Bowers 



February 16. 

Miss May Cochran and Mr. Delmar Garner were married February 2 at Carthage, 
Mrs. Leona Stringer of Monett died. Gaol Miller of Independence, Kansas, is her 
Clara Davidson, 8, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Davidson of Monett died 

Son born February 15 to Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Rauch of Monett. 

Daughter born February 16 to Mr. and Mrs. Buster Morris of Monett. 

Mrs. Leona Stringer, 76, died February 13 at her home in Monett. She had lived 
in Monett for 35 years. She was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery. 

A daughter, Mary Frances Tomison, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charla Tomison of 

Page IB: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marshall celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.** 

Mrs. Frank Sowards is a grandmother at 37. Mrs. J. B. Cheffey, 36, is also a 
grandmother. They are both the grandmother of Bert Alvin Sowards, 8 months old, of Wilson, 
Kansas. The grandfathers are Frank Sowards, 40, and J. B. Cheffey, 41 . Mrs. Charles G. 
Huntley, 59, is the great grandmother. Mr. Huntley, her husband, is 65. Another great 
grandfather of the baby is S. A. Clark, 62. Bert Alvin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. 

Draw Crane is a town in Stone county.** 


Page 8B: Card of thanks from Mrs. W. A. Walden.** 

Page 3C: Miss Phyllis Stern of Louisville, Kentucky, and Mr. Samuel Berg of 
Springfield were married Thursday in Louisville. They will live in Springfield. Miss Irma 
Sternberg is a cousin of the bride. Mr. Gustav Flexner is a brotherinlaw of the bridegroom.** 

Page 8C: Early Days in Springfield.** 

Mr. an*) Mr*. H«my tf MWhitll, wtw ta<«y «*l«rtti ttietr fiftieth w4 

ding anniversary at their Sprlnfflei* 1 home. 

* » ■, * , * ■* 4t -'-' : ' _ . 
CTFTT years of ' marrlage-com- 
* panlomhlp li being celebrated 
.today »r Mr. »nd Mr*. Henry M*r- 
shall at their bom*. .ISM Skat Ma- 
Denlel street. 

•Th«r» ta no secret key to hap- 
plneaa durllng married life, at leaat 
In our case.*' *ay* Mr. 

"AT tar we war* married, no on* 
*v*r thought of separation. Mu» 
tual eonalderation and ■understand - 
Ins have been sufficient to keep 
any thoughts of divorce frota out 
mlnda. When you consider the 
fact that you are. enterlnK a life 
contract when you marry, and keep 
that thougrht In mind all the time. 
It t Idea you aver' a" great many' 
difficulties .which .might -otherwise. 
*^-.thoii4*t>«faclaVt.^cauaw^'«»c di- 
vorce," : • Y*. «fca«y. ... M^ $ *£ 

jlr. Marshall, whd la 76 yea/* old. 
waa born In Nottinghamshire, Eng- 
land, "where the lace cornea from," 

When he) waa 11, .hla father took 
him to Canada, hla motnesfifcwrls* > 
died when he -waa very yonng. He 
lived In Chatham, in the eouthern I 
part of Ontario, about M mllea . 
from Detroit "We— Mr*. Marshall 
and I— used to take boat trip* to 
Detroit quite often. We Bailed 
down the Detroit river and e,croa» 
,a beautiful trip,' 1 b* 
_ and Mrs. Marshall war* 
_ when he waa 16 yeara old. 
Marshall waa born in Can 
is now 70 yeara of age 

*— — * 

^L^P fm m •fade* jE»«*»V * 
composed as ebe generally 

! Marshall have four 

all married, and six 

'Won* of them Urea 

Marshall. "They 

ered around over the 

; "W* doot expect any of 
ta com* here for our annitrer- 
W* are only going' to have 
da celebration here at homo." 



an Times, having taken 
_ for ten year*. 'There Is 

m. great differenoe In the 
nd -American •paper*." b* 
editorials are much 

/Time* Is asooh 

■ Missouri ' better 

» . w* hev* ever lived* 
nth* rilmet* 
_ better all the year 
tooth** plaoaa." 

- ear lives in a few 
^ «***• a lot of pleas- 

. , : »M. Well M plenty OX 

[.'* said Mr. Marshall. And 
•greed with him. 


I la a retired Presby- 

ar. He and hla wife 

jld from Neoah* 

„„,Befor* living, in 

had ■ traveled around 

.-for.^ h*j»aW.__^»*« 

stay v*ry lon< in 


k> turning to the evolu- . 

■Mr. .Marshall ax-' 

"sentiments thus: | 

are let alone, tbeyi 

ink themsat vea - out of 

question, lust Uk* 

„ In' eVary o*hv 'crlsht 

come up In the past." 

mmM '. ■ ^ 


Tha marriage of Miaa Phyllis 
Stern of Louisville. Ky.. to Mr. 
Samuel Ber* of Springfield took 
place Thursday night in Loulavllle 
at the Brown hotel, the R*r. Joseph 
Rauach reading the service. The 
bride waa attended by her coxistn, 
M*las Irma Sternberg, and Mr. Oue- 
tav Flexner, brotherln-law to the 
bridegroom, waa honor man. Pol- 
lowing the wedding the couple left 
for a trip to eastern cities and will 
then coma to Springfield to make 
their home. Mr. Berg la connected 
with Fleuichaker'a store on Col- 
lage street j ..'. 

reporter showed him the pic- ( 
Ui wife and himself which 
'*ppear In The News. "That 
bar- Isn't as goodlooklng 
ly is." he said. "Sh»j 
... about to smile nt snme- 
the photographer said when j 
the pltcure. and ah* j 


I wlaSi ».• tiptui my thanks and 

I apprevlallett to my friends and n»l*h- 

! l«-r». and ♦ spectallr to Reverend Wal- 

i»r *••■! Mr. Herman Uohmeycr f"r 

Itiilr hlmliees to me thrmish the 111- 

i . • « ui..l .1. nil, «>f miv hii»t»»n'l 

M1U*. W. A. WALJ'aW 



«-^*B^,4ifewS|K^ -;fi»' ' 

'First Subsc'rtbtri 

To Telephone Here 

JpOUO la the complete Uat of 
telephone iubiorlbtn In 
Bprlncfleld In 1S7I, taken from 
thw flrat directory published 

OeorH Anthony, ram. St. Louis 

Oeorce Anthony, Tobacco Fac- 

Atlanta L'ipreea Co.. Boonviil, it. 

W. C. booth. rea. East Walnut 

W. >'. Iloolh. office. Old Coon 
T"W"f«j K'at'lory. 

»». II. Barker, re«. East Walnut 

O. If. linrker. office with II. O. 
I Hi a A: Co. 

C. t\ Baker. M. !>.. office Tubllc 

'•""«' Bryan, office. Public 

Klret Natlonnl Hank. Publlo 

. !'■ C. .C44 t nirntB 1 _S}. D. t rea. Eaat 
Walnut eireSC 

John Combs, rea. 

Jolin Goiivbs. office.. 1L O. Dow 
&. Co. 

<"otton Mill, Mill street. 

C. A. Clinton. K. C. 8. 4 M. R 
It. Chlof Knglneer a orflce. 

II. F. Denton, office. Collece at. 

K. 6. Dow * Co., offloa. Ooiieeja 
etreet. i 

II. O. Dow at Co.. QOMO City 
Plow Factory. 

It < S. Eddy. rea. Wtit Walnut 

R. S. Eddy, office, Sprlncfleld 
Iron Work*. 

H. F. Fellowa rva. 

II. F. Fellowa,' office, 8prtn*f1eld 
Waron Co. 

Norrla Fellowa, rea. 

Frelclu Depot. 8t. L. & B. T 
R. R. 

Freight Depot. K. C, Ft. fl. * 

o. n. r. 

tlaa Work*, office. Mill at. 

L. W. Hubbell & Co., Publlo Of- 
flee. Public BVjuare. 

L. W. Hubbell. rea., Eaat Walnut 

Headlry Broa . office. Boonvllle 
a treet. 

Keel. Rounlree ft Co., office. 
South street. 

Jam** Keet, nffloe. South litreer 

J. T. Keel, office. South alreet. 
. 8. H Ilorlne. office. South street. 
eomer V ubllc Square. , i ... » 

Fran* kthnay, on Ah B|e/'nffUM.' 

A. Koeabjabraok, offloa, Mouth at. 

K C. Ft B. ft O. Ticket Offioa 

K. C. Ft B. ft O. Division Bupt'a 

K..C. Ft «. ft O Freirat offioa. 

D. C. Leech, rea. Eaat Walnut at. 
O. D. MlUujmn, atttaa, Puttie 


OeeraTa H. MoCaaa. offioa St. 
Louis afreet. 

C. J. McMealer, North Bprtnc- 

C. J. MeMasrer. BotAh street. 

Metropolitan Hotel. Collece at. 

McAfee ft Maaaey. office, City 
Hall building 

M. F. Martin, office. North 

V "it. Nichols, r«.». North Spring- 

Charles Nelawanejer, rea. South 

W. C. Ottereon. M. D.. rea. North 

Old Coon Tot>acco Factory, St. 
Louie street 

John fc'Onv «■ Brother, office, 
ritv Hall bulldlnH 

I'ltimraer * Morrla, office. Livery 
, William Potter, rea BooriTtUe at. 

Queen City Plow Factory, offloa, 
Mill at. 

Queen City If llllnc Company, of. 
flea. BoonTlUa etreet. 

Redlngten ft Cheater, office. 
Campbell atraot. 

' It. W, RandaJL with BadlBfton 
ft Cheater. 

E. T. Robberaon, M. D., rea. Jef- 
feraon street 

Robbereon ft Reed, afflce, North 

W. A. Rood, office. North Sprlnc- 

N. W. Ron n tree, of Keet, Roun- 
lree & Company. 

H T- Rand, atore, North Sprlnc- 
fleld. V 

Jemee Rtoughton, office North 

Bprlnrfleld Foundry ft Machine 
Co.. office 

Springfield Qaa Worka, office. 
Mill street 

Sprlncfleld Wacon Co.. office 
Mill street. 

Putter &. Bryan, office. Boonvllla 

Dan Ravage. Meat Market. South 

St. L. & K. F. R'y, Master of 
Transportatlon'a office. 

St. L. A. K. F. Il'y. Train Dla- 
patcher's office. 

8t I, * fl. F. R'y, Division Sup- 
artntendent'a office. 

ItUttr. R'y, rraackt ©epot 

Jejnaa SanlLh. offtoe Sooth atraot. 

Springfield Cotton Mill. 

Charles Boholtyafl. South etreei. . 
/J. B. Tofft. at D„ rea. Bt IeowiC 

O. H. Tiara ie . office. City Hall 


Waatarn Union Totacraph Offloa. 

North Sprirurffeld. 

Waatarn TJnla* Tekfxa**. Ott, 
apfjafc ■'■•■ . l 'SVW 1 '• 

3&> r. '%«««. offloa. uornor 

jMA* «*»-«*.^ ' "Jr\ 

Edw-ird A. Woalk. raa. »aat 
WaHwt atfwat.; '. . ■ . -. \ " t»| 



Cadi ■•warda. IT. of BotttbWMt 
City, hto, died yeeterday afternoon 
troea * foriiot wound received Fri- 
day irhtn he •tumbled and (ell 
while chaalng * bag >n aa effort to 
kill It. « ' ■■--'. .* 

.A rlO* wHh watch he oougWt to 
kill too animal became entangled In 
wire and wu discharged, tha bulla! 
entering hU abdomen. Tha bullet 
penetrated bla aide and entered tha 
abdomen, peffctna; the inteatmen. 
Found by Relative* 

Tonng Edwards lay for an hour 
and a half before he waa discovered 
by relatives. Medical assistance 
wu then called. 

The boy'a parents. Mr. and Mra. I 
Dave Edwarda are pioneer realdenta 
of Bouthweat City and are well 
.known In that vicinity. 

He la eurrtved by a brother and 
four ■later*, oil of whom live In 
Bvtiuiweal City. 


• • ».' • ;',»' * '» • # 
From Creek, Tree .' 

, -,- -- a i , $ %:-;:-iT&t f 

Lueee ftsaJalne Hew ttene ) 

County Town Neatad, and 

Raaalla Tribute to Tyfce 

a CRKBUC Mid, a traa In Stone 
oounty are reopanalbi* for tha 
naming of a town. 

iu 1140 a c r ea k running through 
the oounty waa named "Crane 
creek" beo aa ae of a erase rooet 
or bread Ins and n eating place 
among aoma ay cam ore* on Ita 

When a town waa established 
on the banka of the creak, tha In- 
corporator* decided on the name 
of Crane, aooerdlng .to M. M. Lu- 

Mr. Luoaa alao called attention 
to the tact that Tyler, Tazaa waa 
named In honor of William T. 
Tyler, formerly of Springfield. 
Mr. Tyler waa general manager of 
the Frlaco ayatem for many year*. 

And »itU me mom /rem Competition 
and Clever oonoemino thtir .fctistm- 
i*o- Chance for Ik* local hietorianm 
an* "*M tunorm- to teU Ml o«l» aew 
taw* Iowa* eoort named but othere in 
lonthioeet aliwovrl. What about Bur- 
l«y Knob, Oreen/ieU and Lebanon or 
buffalo, for instance t 


(Continued from Laat Week.) I 
der'e the Senator, now, Just getting 
In from Tahlequah. He'* a grand 
old man. and atrulght as a atrtng. 
lie drinks hla liquor— raw— Juet 
enough, however, for Ma nervea and' 
■tomacha eake. lie la aicompanled : 
by lleorge Sutler, 'a nephew, and lawyer, politician, and 
loUbylat, who aeema quite froRpy 
Hlreail}. and Is talking rather off 
KUcu.l n; .1 tiicoliei i-ntly In n Imtl 
Jumble of Cherokee and poor Km 
llah al.out mnltera thnt he know" 
nothing about. eeiiecliUIy In touch- | 
h: K •Mj.j.-r - J.yima for a fabuloua j 

Hrliatol* llutler had called to paV 
hla i t .ii|T-.-ta to Mr. Illalnr. who w;ia i 
• >i:n» ••'. f.«»«> In ii now i !•> upiui , 

I , ..-II l Although "I opposite polltl- 
.-1 Ul'.h. he ntul HIkIdo h. d formed 
a w.i rin personal frlenilahlp m Con- 
r!f».i Mr. I'.hilno had been <?*•, 
^Mtadto aaeataall thee* Cherokee 
eelebrtUea and army of lawyers, leg- 
lalaltva agents, lobbytata and what 
net but had not yet appeared, prob- 
ably becaua* ha fait that hla pbyai- 
oal strength waa unequal to tha 
teak or that b* didn't take to wine- 
room tactlce. Senator Butler had 
worked and need hU Influence at 
Washington for many year* to stave 
off advera* loglalaUve aotlao by 

Congreaa that would divide up the 
Cherokee domain, bringing It In aa 
a etate and aeparatlng thoae Jndlans 
from their tribal liutnee and the 
rich annuity payment* thoy were 
receiving from tlio grass leaae of 
the Cherokee Strip, beyond tho 
nl'iety-alxth meridian. lie thought 
(hill the fullblood elein*ut would 
not be nbU to cope with Uie hordea | 
of whiles tha.t would overrun tholr 
country, eventually resulting In tha | 
wiping out completely of the real 
Indian population, which resided i 
principally In the little crude huts 
built In the rough timbered liinda ■ 
In t*..i'.miw I. ills uJoiik fc'lliit, 
' i»-' •>• ! I:!!nola r.ver. V* In- j 
quired If It were not a fact that he i 
waa being paid for hla activity. 
- 'Oh." he aald. 'the Cherokee* 

have an appropriation for protect- 
ive purpooee and do not hesitate to 
u*o It when their lights and tnter- 
aata are threatened. I bar* never 
aet any price for whatever I did 
for Chiat Buebyhend. Ha may nave 
ottered aoma aort of remuneration 
at different umea. but never aa an 
employed lobbyist. No United 
Bute* Senator over etooped that 
low. though perhaps come may have 
gone out of their way at timee la 
the Intereat of Justice and human- 
ity. My activity may have bean 


due la a greet mwiurt to Um fact 
that I am a Cherokee myself and 
hsve my own personal Interest* to 
iruloet as well. I don't know mutjh 
about thlg 'Major" Loon, nor of the 
rumors of bribery afloat around 
here. Perhaps, however, Um Cfcero- 
kees would do wall to cut loose from 
•wok feUsws aa ha undoutrtadly la." 
glint ill Butter. never -the- leas Ad- 
mitted that statehood wu in.tho 
offing and tbat soon II would be- 
hoove the Cherokeeg to open neca- 
UatlonJ and obtain lb* boat terma 
possible, not only for the c a s gl o n 
of th« Waatarn Outlat tut tba allot* 
ment of ths homo lands. 

Just then the big. Concord stag* 
ooaoh. half a day batwaan Tahle- 
quah and Muskogee. ' with aaras 
mllas yet to fc>. draw up. Besides 
two gentlemen passengers, a oouplo 
of vary distinguished looking woman 
allgti '<•" This was a bit unusual. 
as aside from un occasional beauti- 
ful n^t.ili or slxteeiitn blood Cher- 
<>kf« rualden, good looks among the 
gentler sex of the purer blood 
i-h«ckfM was rather scarce. 

"Gracious, goodness, they're not 
runiing In here — lh<-y couldn't poe- 
»ll>!>- permit It -let's I o out snJ 
u»uy from heri — something's golns 
to disgrace us (If that be possible) 
unless wo hie ourselves to more 
. leveling mirroundln;;s." WS pleaded 
to th«i Chief. 

"Don't become nervous." the 
Chief urged. "No. no not thoxe two 
parties — they are a couple of God's 
noblewomen. There's a I'ost grog- 
i:»ry, a Utile farther down the slant 
of the hill towards the business sec- 
tion of Fort (Jlbaon. set aside by 
the Government for enlisted men, 
where soldiers and woman of th*) 
loweet order drink and gambja and 
carouse at will, while- army officers 
close one eye and blink the other 
one Only a weak since four full- 
blood Cherokees got all tanked up 
on eome of the double-geared light- 
nine tbe Government dishes up 
down there and went out In Um 
open and shot It out with forty- 
fives. When the smoke of battle 
.lea red nway there were four dead 
i<'hriokecs lying In u single heap. 
! ICach had fired only one shot, but 
i that was for a vital spot and proved 
to be a plenty. John I'oorbcar. Ft. 
tilbsnn's solitary and lone fullblood 
marshal, viewed the remains and 
derided that a post-mortem wai not 
n>-< r*a;irv — Hint anyway tho killing 
um on I'nclo Sam » nM'vallon and 
i hut us there was no law covering 
tho uffnlr — the victims being Chero- 
kee? and beyond Government Juris- 
diction — so he dug o. trench and 
burled the qulnttt with their boots 

The Anderson girls, daughters of 
Cap' Anderson, officer of the day. 
draw up acrt na r aaba o* . UM! CNsV 
Copplnger and Mr*. Whealon. to- 
gether with other woman from of- 
fice ra' realdenoe raw, formed as> an- 
imated group around the now oom- 
ers and had exchanged greetings 
and ware chatting- gllfcly. Wo ob- 

(To Bo Continued Next Week) 

(Note— Bprlngfleld people out a 
great swath In tho early -day de- 
velopment of Oklahoma. Our next 
chapter will tall of the exeat work 
among th* Cherokees of Mlas 
Florence Wilson, who lived on Mt. 
Vernon utreet. remembered by ail 
old-timers. M. L Turner, whose 
estate recently transferred valuable 
property on the square to the Wool- 
worth Interests; James Banford, 
brother of K. L Banford; Ben J. 
! Martin, of the Martin Loan and 
I Jewelry Co.; Johnny Rchutt. Ous 
, .Martin, Frank Hubbard, graduate 
of 1'rury college and leading; cap- 
italist and philanthropist of Mus- 
kogee; Or. M. Fraxee. Lee Barry, 
lillly Badgett and many others 
were all "sooner*" and accumulated 

fortune* and promlnsnoe. Win Hall 
of tho Hail family was the first 
merchant at Tulsa and Bad Fork, 
when that region waa a vast Ions* 




»oUy br hlsjh.l 
booted oowpaneaare and . oronooa. 

uted mostly br hsjra 

. pretty- 

Joe Wailaoo of Lebanon helped de- 
velop Wagoner and at bio dea t h re- 
cently wan a very Influential and 
wealthy resided of Oklahoma. Ho 
and his brothers, Charley. Chat and 
Judge Wailaoo. ran a nourishing 
wholesaio maroantUs business at 
Lebanon wbes that town waa tho 
terminus of tbe Irwao railway, 
away back In. tho early oorenUea. 
and made a fortune, principally In 
buying and sailing- railroad ties 
when the old Laolede * Ft. BooU 
railway was building: out of Leb- 
anon west to Ft. Bcott. This Is ths 
railroad that was, wasn't and Isn't, 
ns It never was completed, although 
there ore yet, after mora than half 
a century, vlaable signs of It* 
existence. In old rotted away 
trestles and deep cuts. It waa ths 
railway, also, that got Dallas and 
other counties so deeply In debt 
through fraudulent and excessive 
Loii u Issues that It couldn't pay out 
uud was forced to compromise In 
rocent years at n very small per- 
i-eiit of the original obligation. 
Judco Wullut-e during his lifetime 
and afterwards through bis estate 
wit.1 a steadfast patron and friend 
| or JDrury college. It wag through 
hla beneficence that the collage has 
been able to build Wailaoo hall, ana 
I of tho saost substantial and beau 1 1- 
ful additions the inatituAlon has 
erected lately. Stroud. Okla.. a 
flourishing young city, was named 
after William Btroud, a country 
boy product of Buffalo, who entered 
the Sac and Fox Indian reservation 
without a cent and came out with 
a big fortune In his luck In getting 
tho claim where the townslte waa 
located. And. finally, Missouri fur- 
nished the first chief executive of 
Oklahoma. In the person of Gov- 
ernor Bee. wlrb gained much 
notoriety as being the "carpetbag 
governor from Missouri." He fell 
under the ban of the "outs" in 
politics,' was acouaed of grafting 
and retired, quite unmourned. If 
.not certainly unmlased.) 


Page 2: Card of thanks from M. E. West and others.** 
Page 5: There is a poem in memory of Dr. W. J. Kinder.** 

Card of thanks from Mrs. W. A. Walden.** 
Page 20: Mr. and Mrs. James T. Smith of Rogersville announce the marriage of their 
daughter Belle to Mr. Bert M. Felton on Saturday, February 12. 

Page 29: Mr. and Mrs. John Williams celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary.** 
Robert Wagstaff died.** 
Mrs. Marjorie P. Kent died.** 
Mrs. Lola M. Gates died.** 
Page 34: There is an article about long hair which mentions A. D. Byas and Ira S. 
Haseltine. It also discusses the pronunciation of the name Waddill.** 

A. O. B;u lived tn On 
county for a long tlmo, being * na- 
tive. Ha want to Colorado and. en- 
tered tho cattla buetnose, and U now 
located at Sterling. In Bowell oounty. 

Mr. Byas weare hi» lone, black balr 
hanging unbraided down hla back. Ba 
alao wears a long beard wblcb 1* 
streaked with gray. 

Curloua peraona conceived the Idea, 
that ba bad perhaps let bla balr grow 
to win a bet. but tho cattla man 
•tatea that he let bla batr grow long 
tn conformity to the ecrtpturea. and 
he quoted various passages to sub- 
stantiate hla statement. He says ha 
docs not belong to any religious aect 
or cult which requires him to wear 
hla hatr and beard unshorn, but that 
he doea It because of hla own Inter- 
pretation of the scripture* 

Mr. Byas la unusually well Informed 
on the ecrtpturea and talka Interest- 
ingly on the Btblcal prophesies. Ha 
was In West Plains yesterday to at- 
tend court aa a party to a minor clrll 

• • • 

Lone haired man are quite nn In 
the Otatrka now. Long balr waa worn 
for various reasons, one being an ad- 
vertisement that a wild man Is 
around. Wild Bill wore long balr and 
so did bla friend. Maj. Burke and 
other*. Ira 8. Haseltine, head of the 
large family that came down from 
Wlaconaln years ago and became prom- 
inent In Oreene county affair*, wore 
long hair, but waa not a wild man. He 
waa of large, powerful physique, and 
of striking appearance. He generally 
wore a "atove pipe" hat and liked to 
argue. He waa one of the lenders In 
the Oreenback party which had quite 
a following In the BOs. He wee nom- 
inated for congress when Oreene 
county waa In the old Slith dlatrlct 
and Jamea R. Waddill was the rep- 
resentative. James R. Waddill waa a 
Democrat, a brother of R. 8. Waddill 
and Oen. John B. Waddill who died 
a few yeara ago. Jamea R. Waddill 
waa renominated for congress by the 
Democrats but the Oreenbackers and 
Republicans formed a fusion and 
elected HiutelUr.e. who pronounced 

hl a name Haa-ll-tlne. tho I'a not be- 
ing aounded aa ea. NeverTneleea tor 
publlo preferred . to call him "Haxel- 
teene" and It goes at that. 

In the same way ' the nam* Wad; 
dill ta hopalesa with the masaaal 
There are three branches. Waddill, 
Weddell and Waddle, ail pronounced 
aa spelled but Jamea R. Waddill waa 
alwaya "Waddle" regardleaa of the 
spelling and the facts. 

Ira R. Haseltlne's long balr became 
something of a campaign laeua. Ha 
waa called a "long haired terrapin" 
and other names, auch aa were used 
In those times. Jamea R. Waddill 
never ran for congTsaa again but be- 
came Insurance commissioner of Mis- 
souri and waa a noted lawyer, locating 
in Kanaaa City for a number of yeara. 
He came to Springfield at one time 
to prosecute Charles T. Noland. who 
killed Sam Odell at College and Pat- 
ton alley. Noland and Odell fell out 
over a lawsuit and the evidence want 
to show that after the trial Odell 
struck Noland who shot In eelf -de- 
fence and he waa acquitted. 
• » • 

But long hair for men la the sub- 
ject. Ira 8. Haseltine spent two 
yeara In Washington ae a member of 
{ congress and never mlaaed a session. 

Butng * new member and of a minor- 
ity party ba waa given, no import*** 
rule tn tho bona*, tn tho next cam- 
paign the dlatrlct waa changed and 
Oreene county waa In the 14th dla- 
trlct. The RepubUcana nominated 
Col. W. T. Cloud, tba Democrata. 
Judge R. W. Fyan and the Oreen- 
backers Iru 8. Haseltine. whose two 
years In Washington didn't cause him 
to bob hla hair. The Republican* 
and Oreenbeckera dldnt fuse thla 
time and Haseltine waa defeated. Fy- 
an waa elected. 

Ira 8. Haaeltlne had much to do 
with 'bringing out appls crowing In 
Oreene county. He probably waa the 
first man In the county to erect 
buildings out of natural stone. 


A routanov which aaeurtod tit fh» 
wriy 1Q§ ua4 Baa MwpwitfaBy eoo* 
Bmm until today In Uw feuttat of Mr. 

•aid Uj», joiiii WlXlUiU-i. »ii VMt 
Vklaut atruet. Who rrtdir oa*br»t*d 

ooottm on* <u;r buCor* tfea #JtthFhjT»ar/ 

Utf tli* w*,ldln.£ 

mv. wuiuuna wui bora n**v hwu- 

irtlJ*. Twin- 74 y*w* »|o. Both ha 

their fifty-fourth wadding a-unJ»a«-- 1 *ud Mra. WllUaua* appaar to b* In 
aary la tW tun* bom* when* they j mood hutlch tuttl «<• VM7 aotiv*. 

' leapt Uu u«i during: tWlr l*«iuy-iu<xui 

• day*. 

Mi', emd Mint. vmiWKu )u,v<i ttrw 
, lir*a eluawbar* eince) thatr man-lag e. 
I They tiara tola* chUdrun. all at' whom 
j »»ca bom ut UiU hotta*, »U4 all are 
I living UmU) . 

Th* lu— nco b«£un wb*n UU. Ju- 
I Us Vinton returned to oprtntfflald. 

I bar bn-rtiplaoa. from fcuJ u*io»». vbtn 
ah* bad btta llvtng- «Ukx childhood. 
to visit b«r aunt, ttba met and fall 
, in lor* with John WUliame. tbdn a 
> dark In Major Marry* wtose 

"It »Mwn« but jwataarttay that v» 
*««» uuurrtad." usud Mia, WUlhuna. 

"i»ue when I think of my nine chll- 
tilran It aaoxoit a, 11 tula longttr. Mr. 
^iVlULucua bind X Itiav* four daughter* 
wad ftva won*. Two of nay eon* are 
doctor* in tha city; John W. William* 
U m county bualth offloer* and Rob- 
ert lu a physician. Samuel, another 
•on. own* the O*o**r Leaf dairy. One 
koto, own* the Clover Leaf dairy. Our 
othar two eon* are UuKinm City; 
J'owpli la *> rlo* prealdan* of th» 

Ooinmeroe TTuirt company and Doraay , 
Tha romuca progrwewed. and on j U tIcd president of the Unwoodr Stat* i 


Oidoat Bauurhbar* Are Twin*. 
"liy old*** daughter* ara twtna." 
Ula. WUlluM aaid proudly. "Mr*. 
L. A. Uigfpt and Milk Cnarlaa Hamil- 
ton aii thair name* now. Mm Ham- 
ilton llTva at Buffalo, B. T. Anotber 
daushtar. Mm. Uoy Ooa. llvaa at 

• rabruary 10. JSTS. at Curl** Ifplaoo 
' pal church, tbo mmrrta^a caxantoay 
I wm perloitnad. t% wiaa tb« aeoond 

marrlaca ou-atnony to ba purt'ormed 

la an utttoim appuirintf fu Ttim 
Bpcln^flaid La^dar. d*t*d WbrtaaTT 
la. ins. an alaborato daacriptJloil of 
tua vaddlnir viu jlnm. a portion of 
which fallow a: Tb« tnarrluu* caro- 
raony of John WUlluu aad UU Ju- 
lia Vltntoia. daufbtar of HL 0. Vinton. 
10aq^ wan pvrfonnad bofor* a Ut^m 

• numbrr of tnritad ipicata ya«~Utrday M 
1 Cnrlat Eplaoopal church 

"Tbo cnur^h waa <laciorat«d In ua 

TrtnUlad, Oolo.. and tha fourth. Mn. j 
HotMTC Lot*, ltvaa h«ra. M 

1-Ui. WUllauia pioudly dMpsuJwd 
gift* UuU had bom a«u» b*t by 
fYtfcndu. Tha on* I am pffOOdaat of 
I ciumot ihow yoa now." aha MkL 
"My huaband |»«tt mi a now Pack- 
ard for my birthday. I bo* wrary- 
Uilug from a box of candy to a mo- 
tor can', and ao I aJin happy. 

"I hara much to b« happy for 

I elaborala manner, and tha town* "» 

th* jumu wrra tha moat beautirul 

; erer i>rra In Ctprtaifflalcl. Tna brlda ! wild Urv Wtlllanu aa ah« atrokad tha 
waa dr««ard In white, the drru iklrt ' hivad Of a irrtmt Ruaalan wolf hound 
of white tarUtori and the bodice of that »Lood by lier Bide "I have had 
white aatia. Tlie aklrt wu flounced i tri, ye^ra of wondarful nu»rrlad life. 

. to thu wulat. and tha flounce* went [ We luiva never had a death In, our 
trimmed with aatln Ttia bride wora , family J hare never had the axperl- 
tbe appropriate Tell and vn wtli of ence of RtoTlnK .and 1 irueea from 
ormnro floweia." i what I hoar thla In aomethlng to be 

thankful for ' 

Many of. the prominent peopla of 
the early naya of f*prln(rfla!d were 
entrmerauBd unotif tha |rue«ta at the 
weddlnf. Bam Moore waa one of the 
.m here and M C. Vinton, brother of 

Mr. Williams told or htn early life 
in Sprlnirfleld. "Thla waa out In tha 
country then." he talrt In referring 
, to hla preeent home "W» uaed to 
WlUlUna! who died a month I hare to hitch up a team when we 
aro wa« one of tha Uahera [wanted to run into town. The old 

The ceremony waa performed or , fort* uaed during the cMl war were 
the Rer. Mr Waterman The aame [ atandlng near by when I first came 

building !a being uaed by the congre- 
gation of the Chrlat Eplacopal church 

Mra. WUllama celebrated the wed- 
ding amnleeraaxy an d bar a orenty- 

to Bprlngflelri " 

The WUllama home waa built by 
Mra. Daniel h. Griffith, who died only 
a few yearn ago It haa been remod- 
aled awera l U mea by Mr. WUllama. 


Robert Wagataff , T» J««™ o**. *"fj 
meaty ad SptinffUM. died 
11 a* to* heme to Baatey 

ijpmwUHti In the 

riiory far Um Joan P— ■ 
ewy—f of «c Louie. 
tram thss position 
and moved <o California. 

Tha decedent u wnlw d by 
«U», tour anna. Arthur Wtfttifl, of 
Hollywood. Cain*.; Percy Wagstarr. of 
Ran Pedro. Calif.; Richard Wagjetaff. 
of Bait Laaa CRT. Utah; Robert Wag- 
• Uff, Jr.. of flprlugfuid; and by bii 


JTunersJ services will be held at 3 30 
p m today at the Woodland Height* 
Proebyterlan church for Mr*. Mar- 
)or la P. Kant. as. wife of Jamas A 
Kant of tha Kant «k Clark Manu- 
roent Company. «ho died Tburedey 
morning In a Joe-! hospital. R*r. J. 
w. Armatrong will officiate Burial 
will ba In Oreenlawri cemetery under 

j tha direction of the Kllngner funeral 

I home. 



lira Lola M. Gates (Led at 8 p m. 

yesterday at her home in Fair Qrove. 

j following a brief lllr.ees. Funeral 

[service* will be held it 4 p m to- 
morrow at Csdar Bluff. Mo. Burial 


'will be in Cedar Bluff cemetery. The 
(decedent Is survived by her husband, i 
■ Carl Oatea: a daughur. Miss Opal 
( Oat«s. and a soc. Earl Gs'es. Jr.. both { 
of the home address, r.rr father. O. ' 
W Campbell of 2701 North National I 
•avenue, bpilngfleld. si.d five ulsters I 
land three brothers. -I 


In Merrioriam ', J 


m memory of Dr. W. J. Kinder of 
Aidrldgu. Mo., who paaaed away one 
year Ttfo today at the home of hla 
daughter;' Mra. A. E. Nell. 

No ona knows tha ellent heartachea 
Only those who have loot can tell 

Of tha grief that la borne in alienee 
Four our dear one we loved ao well. 

More and more each day we mlas you, ! 
Friends may think the wound is : 
But they little know the aorrow 
I That Ilea within our hearts con- 


: Peaceful be your sleep, dear father. 
In the heavenly land of rest. 
Where we hope bonie dny to Join you 
In the nutiiMons of the blest, 

Sndlv missed by 







i I wish to expresK my thank-, 
snprfMtttlos: '. n '.i'"' fne"*'« i.i"'":- 
bani. and especially to RevcriT.d Wc.l- 
:.r and Mr Herman I otuneyt" lui 
their kindlier* u> me Ihrotlgh the M* 
nets find d«"'Mi of my husband. 


We with to thank our many friends 
for their kindness shown during the 
brief illness and death of our lit- 
tle daughter. Mildred Pauline; also 
lor the beautiful floral offerlnga. 


Page I: Mrs. Louise Brucher died at Rolla.** 
Page 2: Howard Frederick Moore died.** 

Edward W. Brunner died.** 
Page 3: Mrs. Lola M. Gates died.** 

Page 5: Mr. and Mrs. James T. Smith of Rogersville announce the marriage of their 
daughter Belle to Mr. Bert M. Felton. The wedding took place on Saturday, Februaary 12. 


xoun. v*., Pa*. *-o) - Mr* 

••tea BMabar. acix ateiar a< tk* »aW 

mw Howe* of CM* OHrardda*, 

who built tha Cap* Qlrardaau 

Nmmni railroad, now awnad and 

eparatod by Uw Frlaoo. 41*4 W» u>- 

«m t. awvrp* , ay .Mr H—M i n 

•to CaoilM Stadia* of Holla, XML 
K. C. Wmw of iiui, Mra. J. H. 
*C Cap* Otrardaaa, utltrv 

R X. Barohart «rf Kaaalbal. Mo., a»4 
bar aoaa, WUItem Bruaber, ' Cava Gtr- 

ardaatt. John Brut***, Loa a agate*. 
M*u4 Bctasaar. Xaparto, Cai, Part- 

US* Braohar. Urn*. Ohio, and 
Bracbar ef Orarlaad. Mo. 




Bdward W. Brvnn«r, 4» paara »M. ol 
OM Baat Coaunsrotel .awatt, 41*4 at 

1 4 a'steak r**tar<tey aftsraesn la a 
loeel hoaplial af(#r a brtaf lllnase. F«- 
naral arrangamanla ar« laoooipUlo 
r»nlin# th» arrival ol ralatlves. H* 
u lurvir.d by IM widow a*4 * P-yaar 

i old daurh'»r. af tha batM address. 

■ aad Mr*. H. P. «h«)ton. bte atotbar- 
la-tew. Burial will b* waster dlraoyu* 
at* tbe Kllognar Puawral ' 


*v..r,| „«. |^» M r „,|,„| i.j r»latl»«» 
*f l>r <"»rt M,...r* ,.f tli. ,t.-»tti of Mr 

• »»r i I.I r«n ll..»tnl trul.tlik whr 
■ »J in iK« l*r«abyurlan hnanltal.' PhJ. 
••«" "iin.lajr rrj<rnlm f.'» a 
wia—sli baarattea. Dr. Moor* has 

■uaw fllull ■ an laaMtlgsMal Ml aV akaaaW 

r ta— ) fcara aamg aaaa a raa> 
w i**a/ years, a»d s* tfe* a** 
a*4 tfra. J. *, ateawa at tail 


•raaua. T*« bad/wfll 

a n aalatT. fbj aa wj at* 

jta ar» tieosaplete, bwt la* 

will ba la Maple Park aeaae- 


- ' | — — ■ — w— w 

MM. LOU* Ma QrV 

Mr*, tvata M. Oats* 
o clock teat ni«hl at har bom* In 
Pair Orora. PnaareJ eerrtow «U 
ba halJ at 4 o'rloek thte afternoon 

Hi I'ulur Hliilf rrmflory. Hhe la 
aurvlted !•> Ilia husband, ona aon 
and ona dau(hlar, all of Pair 
(.trove, tho father, O. W. Campbell, 
ft North Boulfurd arenue. Sprlnf. 
find, by thraa brothers and five 


Page 6: Moore child died.** 

Edward W. Brunner died.** 

Mrs. Isa Burns died.** 

The will of B. G. Willis who died February 14 was admitted to probate. W. B. 
Willis was named administrator. 

Marriage license issued.** 

The will of Thomas L. Robertson was filed for probate.** 

James H. Ashley died.** 

Divorce cases.** 
Page 9: Joseph Smith died.** 
Page 13: Mrs. Dessa Carlton and Mr. Virgil Renfrow were married.** 

f 5 





Tha 8-ywold aon of Dr. Cart 
Moor*, of Chicago. HI, dlad Sunday 
morning, according to word recelTed 
here by relative*. Dr. Moor* la tha aon 
of Mr. and Mr* J. N. Moor*, of 1048 
South Pickwick avartut. • The body 
wilt b«> forwarded h*re Turaday morn- 
ing for burial In Mnplr- Park crme- 

y.. IV. IIHIVM.R. 
P\in«ral aarvii'pa wll be hHd nt 3 
p. m. Wednrarlay at the K'.'ngncr YM- 
neraJ cha(>r>l to.- Edward W Brunner, 
40 yearn "Id. of 1101 Ku->1 Cou.mcrclal 
atrrpt. who died at 4 |i m. jemerday 
In » liH-al hoapluil following u brief 

He la aurvlved r»y the w/lclnw. I.u- 
cll>. a two-year-old dnuglitcr. Joanne, 
thrre brotliera. John I. Brunner. : 
8princ:f:rld: P.uf'in Bruiitirr. 
Ky . and Oarr.r Brunei Hamilton, O. 
by !>i* mother. Mrs Lftiir.i Urunuer, 
i Of lyjndon. Ky . by three aUlera. Mrs 
'Ann Hodge and Mr» I 1 1 1 1 *-> Hamllion. 
both of I-o::Cii)ii. Ky and M.- Cirr- 
ttude U.-o^km. .Iriikuis. Ky.. "lid hy 
hia mother-'n-ln.v. Mrs ■ H. V .rihel- 
ton.-of this city. Burial will be un- 
der tbe direction of the Kl'lugner Fu- 
neral home 


■ . , .■ 

Jamee H. Ashley Was Super. 

intendent of Oar Serrirj*. 

Here, Eelirintf In 1907. 

Word of the death of Jane* h. Ash - 
toy. former superintendent of car atrv. 
let ft* On FWaoo Una*, at bis home 
In Arcadia. Calif, on Juuttr g. h a* 
been received by local official* of the 
railroad. Mr. Ashley resided id 
'Springfield for many )«*,-, before 
j miring from active railroad service 
.in 1907. 

Mr. Ashley wee superintendent of 
;car eervlre for the Frisco before S. D. 
I Levy. Ho was born at Cerllela. Ind.. 
and entered railway service In August,' 
H75. aa a clerk In the- car account- 
ant* ofllce of lh« Ohio 4c saiaatasjppi 
mow the Baltimore it Ohio Bouth- 
: western) at St. Louie. - 

On October 33. 1878. he became 
chief clerk In charge of the car serv- 
ice department of the Kansas city 
Fort Scott and Memphis railroad 

Ten years Uter. Mr. Aahley m 
appointed car service agent of thu 
company and on August IB. '.801. 
! when it «u ebaorbed by the P.-laco. 
lie became chief clerk In the car 
service departinent In the offlcs of 
the superintendent of transportation 
in thle cay. It nu at that time 
:tnai Springfield first wee recognised 
aa an important railway center la the 
middle west. 

On August 1. 1003. be was advanced 

Jto csr service agent, serving also <Jur.~ 

j Ing 1803 as car servjoe agent of the 

|Bt. Louie it GuU (now a part of the 

Frisco). "*• 

He waa promoted to auparUUaodaat 
at car service, with beedouarter* ban. 
.April 13. 1004. leaving railroad eerv- 
lice June I. 1007. to become manager 
jOf the. Miseouri Vall*y Car Berne* 
( and Stotage Bureau at Kansas City. 

A short time after that appoujt- 

m « n| . he lost hU bearing and retired 

Jo a farm near Arcadia, a suburb of 

Loe Angeles, where at the time of fcls 

; death he and a son vera angered na 

• poultry ralslug. 

M' Aahley was well known to local 
hruco official.. *. wtJ , M othfr m 
clals of the railroad. N 


• \ •y »« , i< t i».iiei* )' ^-'» '»- l» WM '«yJU 
Judga Ouy D. Klrby la division one 
of the oirouit court today began hoar, 
toi * »on« eerie* of oonuetad divorce 
suit* remaining from tb* dlroroa 
docket for um January term or 
«>««. Nina oases war* beard this 
morning; row fltfiUU |1fiHM_b0l0_ 
granted, three oaaaa dlamJaaad and 
two continued. 

The follow ant raeea w*r* disposed 
of or continued. 

Martha J. Church again** Har— 
A Church. default dasra* for 
plaintiff ; 

John W. Davis again** Haaal kf 
rMTH, swf ault doa r aa Dor plaintiff and 

three minor children ^T^T^%. 

Fanay Pbrabe* against Ootn B. Por- 
»hee. dismissed for want of lurtsdlo- 

Annie Nstos against Kern Neece, 
default decree of dlvorc* for plaintiff. 

Blanch* Taylor against John B. 
Taylor, dism i ssed for failure to prose*. 

Robert Walker against Lula Walker, 
default decree (. - plaintiff. 

R U Whttteuburg against Bertha 
Whlltenburg. continued t ou the ' ap- 
plication of the plaintiff' 

B T. Nicholson sgalnst J*. M. Nich- 
olson, continued on the application 
■jt the plaintiff. 

Alice Braahear against James A. 
Brasbear. dismissed -by the plaintiff. 

' MRS. 1st RIKNS. 

Mrs. I»^ Burns. 67 years old. died 

■J^",rw f,,Rg " l " er r «'dence „t Mo 
North Weaver. S,.e m survived bv the 
husbar.d. t*o daughter*. Mm Mabel 
Brown .. ;( | :j rA Mar K uret Duvj. a 
•Uter. Mllii* P,eld*. and a brother 
Tom Coker. of Chicago. Funeral ar- 
rangements are Incomplete. 



. Smith, aged 03 rear*, died 
at bis home. 1110 Beat Mill 
He la survived by his wife, 
,ngbt*r. Lean*, on* son, James 
1th: on* sister. Sophie How*; 
breiwh*re. Frank. Monro* and 
B. ' L. Smith. Service* wlU be 
ucted Tuesday at 3 p. m. at the 
tngton Avenue Baptist church. 
Bent will be mad* In the Lin- 
Memorial cemetery. 

IBsn f row- Carl rxra. 
Mrs. PesMaa Carlton of this city and 

Mr. Virgil Carlton of "West Plalna were 

"quietly married at West Plains yes- 
i terday evening. Mr*. Renfrow Is well 
! known here, being an active member , 

of the Business and Frofeaalonal Worn- j 
I eu'a club of the South Avenue Cbrls-J 
: tlan church. Mr. Renfrow la prom- ; 
i lnent retired business man of West j 
I Plains. Rev. E. R. Clarkson. pastor of > 

the West Plains Christian church, of- | 
I nclated at the ceremony. Mr. and 

Mrs. Renfrow will live In West Plains. 


The will of Tho.iiaa L. Robertaoii 

of Republic was filed In Uie probate 
rourt . thli nioruliiK 

' Reorder Jack McKee thU morning , 
!,«, U fd « marriage )l.en<e. to Keith 

David Keiley and Mary Elizabeth 

Tucker, both of Springfield. 




1: James H. Rausin died.** 

Chris Mohwinkel was killed.** 

Mrs. Hester H. Harlis died.** 

William Irby was killed near Ava.** 

2: Mrs. Dessa Carlton and Virgil Renfrow were married.** 
3: Joseph B. Smith died.** 
7: Ernest Everett Charboneau died.** 

4-Year-Old Son Dies, 
Adding Sad Chapter \ 
To Charboneaus' Life 

•et Exerett Chiii l-oneail, v 
old. eon of Mr and Mr a J. P. 
1*11 Howard »»»nu«. 
• t > o'clock yeeterday arter- 
ra a Springfield 1 hoepltal. add* 
tag another aad chapter tw the re- 
eaaw. Ufa of the famllr A orator, « 
yeare old. wbji hurled February II. 
9e4h died of pneumonia (fvlopln* 
afiar meallea. Another alater. It 
014. etlll U In the hoepltal. ' " 
health cf the mother and an- 
daughter will not permit them 
(hair home, ao the father 
be the oatv member of the fain- 
Able to attend the funeral aery- 
for Krr.ti: Everett, which will 
bald at 1 o'clock thia afternoon 
H. Lohmeyer Fa* 
Home with burial In Hazel' 




Carlton o( hprlngtleld 

I Renfrew of ^«"<t I'lnlim. 

rlrJ al Weal I'aaum )ee- 

oveniug. according tu an- 

I received here laat 

K Carlton la widely known In 

■field, aa an active nirmlH-r ; 

> Buelmwe and l'ril-<»iun.l | 

jfa club and of the Kuulli Av- | 

Chrtallan church where ahe' 

\ teacher o( the l>nrraa i I .-urn and ! 

or f, ■ ■• . r.i •'■' iV"f a-ielriy. ! 

r J|r. Henftuw M -» (.rumlnrnl re- 1 
bueln*ea man «f Weat I'lalna. I 
„~T*e li.,rr.r I I I I'Ulkann. 

uir— - «t i— -■••'■ ••-•'•■ *-•■'■• 
Vu chvrtl. 



•••J i»: ll.a wuJ- 

rwaerat eecvteee for Mra. aUeter X* 

HerHa. n who died Wedaeaday at her 
horn* in W« jb Cur. were held Friday 
•Jlrmoon al tha cnrtattan church *a 
rparla. *!«.. with the Beverend AppU- 
gate She la eurrtved by 
iwo daaartu-rre. Mra. M- B U a p ee * . wf 
•nana, and Mra. Mlaale Wc-Halr, of 
Webb City. Burial w*a anaae U> the 
•nana cemetery under arreorton at 
tae Kred W. T\y L'ndertaktag oonv 

. '. i - - 



Clever Was Enoi 

• «..••••• • • 

Town Leaders Found 

—, *** - 

It'a Tale) Maw Ohrlatlaw OatH Hy 
Community Wti Name*! Afatr 
reetefVlee UUkU^waf-^ 


^UBVBR, mX io mlk» MStb- 

weat of Bprlngfletd. WOA 
ntmed by Tom LeoU ftjvd l>aak 
Neuer, according to Oladye MA- 
plea, of that town. CWor Id ono 
of tha aaUbUanadbua ln i— tows* 
of Chrlatlaa oounty. 

Mr. Netacr. a formar Clayer 
kualiieaa inun and now ena'aged In 
bualneea In alarlncfleld. aakad tha 
government to ewtabllah a poat- 
offloe at that point. 

After aurun knveatlgatlon, tha 
ij^iuihI wuH Kiuiii'il muiI Uie two 
man debated a eultabla name. 

•Vou a hem! J be clerar enough 
to auggeet a name." Mr. Netsar 
•it Id to Mr. Lentz. 

"You've auggeated tha name, 
let'a call It Clever." Lentz replied. 

And the town has gone by that 
name ever alnce. 

H**ll, laal nidMulKi Clrvvr, eal 

• llfl fhrrr'a nil U't'ril from Comptftltivlt. 
l.rl't hiit>« nihrr tumprtiti^n, too, /row 
glnlnaon un4 A'mtylh and TuneyrUI* 
and alt (a« other townt of MtrMtkwt 

MtmtoMri. flow vara vou nomacf 

ll'lial tolnrfvt Itirt.lrnf or charactrr it 
tr'nnd i/tmtr <ht ittrntnaf ff t'«rybod|i'« 
4ni*il«d fu ..^(r.rtiilr to thia «.I4m 
•ally /.aluf « of Th« K«u«. 

Jamea If. Raualo. a. died at 1:01 
o'clock ya«:<-rday afternoon after a 
lingering Uli.eee. Fuoeral eervloee 
win be held at 11 o'clock thla morning 
at- tha Starne mortuary. Ilmrlal w!4 
follow In Uvn cemetery. Mr. 
Haualn la auivlved by four alatara. 
Mra. Margaret T. Bell, Bewtrm. Bar.. 
Mra. T-.W. Jahnaoa. Bnoxvtlle. TW".. 
Mra. John WllUama, I>owdea. Tana. 
and Mra. AaaU Pliaa i a, Marebe'L 
Tean.. and ty three brothera, Robert, 
of Harebell. Tenn^ Hugh B. of CalW 
forala, and DloK, of Orr. OUa. 



Lockwood Men Caught by Ex- 
plosion of Dynamite at They 
Prepare to Split Huge Log 
They Had Just Felled 


Aged Man SuHerc Fractured 
Skull and Little Proepect of 
Recovery Held After Hospi- 
tal Examination 

' fANfc mail In <W«I imil unolhrr Ilea 
■ near death In the Mprlnifleld 

' lkptlit hueplul lie a reautt of a 
premature eipluiil"n of a charge of 
dynamite about 1 1: SO o'clock yea- 
lerday inornlm at lxjckwood. Mo. 

<w««ieT*e<WUH«»>.* < * a r ,, 1*M» »?•*, 
«u Inalantl) killed and Henry 
Bartllnc. Tt yeere old, ■ueUlned a 
fracture* ehuU. 4 when'* stick ef 
dynamite, with whleb they Isteoded 
h» e»m e> bate lee. u»w««MW 
w*r» tampinc the eaploelYe tato a 
etevtoe la the tef. 

The accident w ea ri ed aa the 
farm et John Yen birota. one mlU 
weet at lieekweod. <▲ karfa tree, 
tee bale of which waa about three 
feat la diameter, bad beea Celled by 
tho two man. attar the owner of the 
fa mi had promleed the nan the 
wood from the tree for their work. 
Uua le Ite etae. the men had found 
It neceeaary to uee ■ dynamite la 
■ I'ltttlns tha trunk. 

4» . , m m »>■ H i ' H W 

T»e Mass ettraeted the attention 
of Mr >'on HtrAh, wbo telephoned 
I. if 'ttartilna, a merchant tn Lock- 
wohJ and a I rother of tha Injured 
man. Iteetora Jaraaa A. MoDermott 
and Jawaa a. Wrenn baatened to 
tha ecene and found that Mohwtnkel 
mi dead. 

KurtllnK. who waa unconacloua. 

»«■ tr moved to hie home for traat- 

mrtit. Aflar a»ma deliberation, tha 

attending phyelciane advleed that 

it.- Injured man be broufht to 

..i i.^fleM fur an operation, lln 

waa accordingly placed In a Cald- 

, w*U ainbulanca and ruahad here. 

j An operation waa performed Im- 

! mediately by Pr. Wallla Smith, aa- 


' »'.*•— \ by !">r. Robert Olynn, who re- 
nvv»d Inn lurg-e I>lecei of bona 
i from the brain of tha man, who haa 
' t ellfht chunce for recovery. U waa 
' aald. 

weeada In their fotelnarta, talis' Mr* 
dleettng that-they had Meal beadtaet 
ever the sha r e* of dynamite at tbe 
lime ef the ea*lenlo«v s \^W^-.u • 
Mr. BartUa« wee eaaealuaaead aft 
•annefuid by the teetter? X* ff 
BerUln*. by Dr. Jemee A. Warn, De\ 

Mr. Mehwlnkal la aarrfred by the 
widow, aire. Minnie Mehwlnket, and 
eae brathar. Seek MahaHakaL beth 
of Loekweed. f iaeeial Kkajg 
menu are tanomplete. ' Mr. Mob • 
winkel bad beea a "Ibnaar^ kuer 
ealllna hia property aad werkinc 
about Lockwood ae a laborer. He 
bad lived In or near that town for 
the paat 10 yea re 

Mr. Bartllnc hae been a raelfleal. 
of tha took wood oommentty for the 
P**t 46 reara. 

Joaeph 11. femlih. iS-year-old 
neaTo of till Enet MlU etreet, died 
Kunday morning. Funeral arrange- 
niont are Incomplete, but will be 
held under direction of tha Camp- 
bell Undertaking company. 

rrilliul UUU. 


Murder* With 
Slip. Into Wood* 
ithet After FoOina 

■ — __ — 3$ 


Companlofit Urtabra to 
Motive; Bloodhoundt 
From Springfield to' 
tha KJIIar-a Trail ■ 

gCOURTNO the wooded 
^ of tbe Oouglaa county 
poaaaa of St men. headed try 
iff W. H. CUnklncbeard. 
tnornlrujr waa eeeklne; an 
hadman who yeetarday 
coolly murdered William 
farmer llrlna; near Ava. • 
All of tha poaaemeu 

Page 1: William Irby was killed.** 

Oliver Wendal Phillips died.** 
Page 7: Chris Mohwinkel was killed.** 
Page 8: Jean Earle Dodson sues to divorce Jasper F. Dodson. 
Page 9: Mrs. Hester L. Harlis died.** 

E. W. Brunner died.** 

James H. Rausin died.** 

Ernest Everett Charboneau died.** 

Howard Frederick Moore died.** 

Mrs. Alzada Frances Skelton died.** 
Page 13: Miss Mary Elizabeth Tucker and Mr. Keith Kelley will be married tonight.** 


Quarrel of Long Standing] 

Results in ;JW:JUvO#6$" 

Mm tee**) b*4be*u. lo*u>4 /yjfc"- 

Irby. Clark. shout*d. "You're tbe man i 
that abut we arid I'm going to kill 
yu\i " 

SliiMilk tlcUni live Time*. 

Irby stooped over as .If to pick up 
something to defsnd himself, em- 
ploye* of trie Mwmil) stated, and 
Clark Uirn drew a .38 calibre revolver 
and snot Irby five times. 

With a warning- that he "would not 
be taken alive" and that he "would 
kill any man that followed . him." 
Clark then walked slowly away end \ 
wade hla escape. 

Sheriff Cllnkenhrurd was notified 
at 1 SO o'clock yesterday afternoon 
and lummuiied bloodbpuud* belong- 
inn- to J. I.. Wyatt of thl» city. The 
dogs were placed ou Clark's trail at 
7 o'clock last night. 

Officers found a rifle when they 
searched Clark's home. He. had only 
a revolver, however, when he appear- 
at the mill 

Clark had resided In Douglas coun- 
ty for the past 16 years and was 
known to have killed three other 
men: Sheriff Cllnkeii beard said to- ' 
day. | 

Irby Is survived by his widow and i 
three children. 

Pougiea ©ddW.'^ 

Posses headed by HberUf W. A. 

' Cilukenhserd and deputiee scoured 
the countryside for more than SA 
miles in the vicinity of Ava Tester- ,' 
ds>' ufternoon snd last night. 

The shooting was said by Douglas i 
county officers to be ap outgrowth of . 
trouble .had by the two men about , 
three or four years ago. At that tlma. 
It was aald. Irby and Clark had a [ 
qusrrel cfw ■ 40-acre tract of land 
Irby ■hot Clsrk through the arm dur- 
ing the quarrel, tbe officer* slated. | 

, snd bad feeling had existed between ' 
them since. 

Irby, who resides about three miles 
from the sawmill and who la employ- 
ed there had quit work to eat luucb I 

1 yesterday when Clark, who tinri re- 
sided alone for sever. 1 yean about a 
qusrter of u mile frum 111 r mill 
walked up to blm. 

. PolnUug an accusing .linger at 

Oliver Weudel Fnfflrjjsv son of tke> 
late Mr. and Mrs Ferry PrtHrp*. died? 
on board tbe U. 8. 8. Pigeon, a pa- i 
trpl vessel now in , the Tripo ses w»f. 
■one. Tbe msuau w»s> received by 
nil slater. sera. U A- Ha Uenben gtr. 
833 West 8eventb street, JopUn. Mo- ' 
It stated that Jile desUb was caused \ 
by rabies, i'ebrusry 17. He ' bad 
served four year* on the TJ. 6. 0. 
Arlsonla . and had Te-enllsted less 
July to make -thte cruise erfcjeh. 
would last two years Tbe body will ' 
be sent to Joplin. and from there 
to Aurora, tor burial la Map** Park 

A..H' •<6l 


Prematura BU»t <tt VjwuM 


Chrt* Uohvtak**. » '**«*• old, *f 
instantly *an*d bX- away B i tit ix . 

at uao «. nu y**t*rd*y «*** * l»*> 
—law mphxrton of * ch*n* of <H*b> 
ait* ooeunwd «* tfc* turn of Jo b* 
VM Btrob, Ob* mil* •»•» of I*e*w©*d, 

Bw t Moi w*» brought to tto* Bprlng- 
Oald Baptist hospital yaatarday *t 4^0 
p. m. B* i* in a crtttoal o onrtit t on , 
physician* aald una morning. 

Th* aoaWnt w cui rad wb*n th* 

two men war* attempting to wilt * 

Um log by dmu at a oharg* of 

dynamite. In aoma manner the aa> 

I • vm dlachargad auddenly 

i whll* the men war* bending o»*r th* 

ilo«. Bertllng r*c*l**d a fractured 

'skull and wu knockad unoonecloua. 

Mr Von Btroh waa attracted by th* 
ekptoaion and ta»»*dl*t**jw*» *° 
£*m*a. Two phyaloUn* from Lock- 
wood war* mnimoTurti 

Bartllng. whom unconscious, was 
removed to hi* bora* for treatment. 
Aftar eome deliberation, th* attend- 
ing phy*lclan* advlaed u »* t J Jl V, l ": 
jur*d man b* brought to Bprtngfleld 
(or en operation. 

An operation wa* performed Un- 
l mediately by Dr. Wallle Smith, aa- 
'•lated by Dr. Robert Olynu. who re- 
| moved two Urge pleoe* of bone from 
I hie bmln. He he* a *l.lghl chano* lor 
I recovery. It we* ewld. 
| Mr. Bartllng w»s accompanied to 
! Springfield by hie brother. L. H. Ban- 
ning. Dr. James A. Wr*n. Dr. B. A. 
■ rrye and H. C Viet*. Bit of Lookwooa. 

Mr Mohwlnkel is survived by the , 
: widow. Mrs Minnie Mohwlnkel. and » 
1 brother. Dirk Mohwlnkel. both of 
i Lock wood, Funeral arrangement* are 
I incomplete 

Mr. Mohwlnkel bad been a farmer. 

later selling hi* property and working 

1 about Lockwood a« a laborer. He had 

I lived ui or near Lockwood for 30 


Mr. Bartllng ha* been a resident of 
, the Lockwood community for the peat 

45 years 


Sparta, Uo.s<tQT*Un. Hawtar L. Har- 
11*. TO, who Alod Wadneadty »t tc- 
hom* in W*bb Ctty. »*»# Applegat* 
officiated at th* aanrloaa and burial 

wat in' u^ apart* ctnurnqr J**** 

dtrafltlbn.of th* Prwd W. Wy QttdM-- 

taklnc company, nha Ut aurvtvtd ,-bf 
twoldaugbt*^;MH.U.ettap»on. ot 

fiparU. and Urt. -Minnie Wolfalr. of < 
Webb City. j 

E. \V. Bei T NNKIt- 

Funeral aervlcee for K. W. Brunner. 
♦0. of 1101 Eaat Oommerclal etreet, 
who died Sunday in a local hoap»tal, 
wiu b* held at » p. m. tomorrow at 
the Kungner Funeral oh»pel. Burial 
will be in M*pl* Park cemot«T. 

Mr. Brunner la eunrlved by hie 
widow. Mra Lucille Brunner. a two- 
year old daughter. Joaune; three 
brother*. John • L. Brunner. Spxlng- 
; field; Rufue Brunner. London. Ky_ 
'and Oacar Brunner. Hamilton. Ohio: 
Ihls mother. Mr*. Laura Brunner. of 
London, Ky.; tnre* *l*t*ra. Mr*. Ann 
Hodge and Mr*. Ulllo Hamilton both 
of London. Ky, and Mr*. Oertxude 
Brogan. Jenklna. Ky, and mother-in- 
law. Mr*. H. P. Shelton. of tnl* city. 


Puneral earrlo** were held at 11 a. 
m. today toe- J*m— H Bau*ln^-»r 
who died yesterday afternoon follow- 
ing a lingering Ulneaa. Service* were 
conducted at the Starne mortuary 
with burial in Beat Lawn cemetery. 
Mr Rausln u» aurrlved by three els- i 
tern. Mr*. Margaret F. Bell. Newton. 
Kan ; Mrs. T. W. Johnson. Knoxvllle. 
Tenn.. and Mrs. Annie Pleaeou. Mar- 
shall. Tenn., and three brothers, nob- 
ert Rausln of MarahaU. Tenn.; Hugh 
iB.. of California, and Dick, of Orr. 


Kmeat Everett Oharboneau. 4-y*ar- 
old son of Mr and Mr* J. S. Car- 
\ boneau, 1B33 Howard avenu*. died at 
iS p. m. yaaterday In * Jocal hospital. 
A sister. 6 year* old. was burled Feb- 
ruary 11. Both died of pneumonia 
developing after measles. Another 
KlMf-r, 10 yrnro old. still U In the bos- 

• Funeral services were held at 3 p. 
m. today at the Herman H. lohmeyer 
Fuueral home with burial in Hazel- 
wood cemetery. 


The l>odj n( llowarU Frederick 
Moorr 3-year-oW1 eon of Dr. Carl 
Miwre. of Chicago. Ill . who died In 
ilmi city Bundey. arrived in Spring- , 
imld tlil!< morning. Funeral ae rvlces . 
were held at 3 p. m. today at the 
Alma Uohmeyer Funeral home. Bur- 
Sal wrV in Maple Park cemetery. Dr. 
Carl Moore. Is the son of Mr. and 
Mrs J N Moore of 1048 South Plck- 
wiM: avenue. 

Mil*. \\7.\U\ i kki:i.TON. 

Mr* Alalia Prances Bkclton. (55 
yearn old. died today at 10 a. m. at 
hi-r home. 300 South Campbell ave- 
nue. JollowlnR a brief lllneas. The de- 
rcilriit I« surv'.vd by u sister. Mrs J 
A CVmpbei;. o! Battlefield. Mo., r.nd 
« brother. W. M Mooneyham. ol Re- , 
public. Mo ' 

Funeral services probably will be 
held at '1 30 p. m. tomorrow at Llnd- 
wy chapel nmr Republic- Funeral . 
■ ««t-rtce* and burial will too In charge 
of W. L. Sturm 1 , undertaker. 

wedding Tonight. | 

The m*rrlM« of Mies Mary Ellra- ; 
both Tucker, daughter of Dr. and , 
Mr* W. E. Tucker. 615 Kaet Harrl- i 
•on street, and Mr. Keith Kelley will ' 
be w»>mnl$ed ul the home of Miaa 
Tuckers parent* at 8 o'clock this 
•venlng. The only attendant* of the 
young couple will bo Mlsa Zeielda 
Sherwood and Mr. Olennon Malley. 
Rev. J. T. Baron, pastor of the Flret , 
Pre«bvterian church, will perform the 
ceremony. The couple plan to make 
their home aouth of the city on Cher- 
okee Drive after a short wedding 


• -o- 

Page 1: Howard Frederick Moore died.** 

Donald White drowned.** 

Eminence, Missouri, named.** 
Page 5- Miss Mary Elizabeth Tucker and Keith David Kelley were married. 

Miss'Esther L. Nickel and Mr. Herbert E. Powell were married.** 
Page 10: There is a poem in memory of Mrs. Mary Wasner.** 

' '- • • pJ& lit 


: %Ms£zim 


•hannen 0wiH»^is*« Mee Cem- 
mending View of Ca t) n tr y. 
Rich In Natural 


panftMCa, r cdwrty seat of, 
^Shannon county. irec*teed H* 
nam. after early eettlers had 
pondered ore* the <— j* * — or 
■omi time. 

The location of the settlement 
H.ivo ii coiiuiioiidlnK vie* of 1,,e 
surrounding territory and became 
of this fact, the name aJsstaenoe 
was finally decided upon. 

The county was organised 
January II. 1M1, and waa named 
In honor of Oeorge P. Shannon. 
who waa superintendent of the 
publication of the Joarnal* of 
Uwli and Clark. He also waa 
a United Slatea attorney for 

Th« county la rich In natural 

.Vomj that MtlU> Kmintnct **t kou; 
ab.-uf i«n< «/ iff mlhar trwnt <» 
Shannon rml». for l.»'o««. thr'r'l 
J...I..I .v.. I, Ink. I.»u> VTnmtit, Sinfcm, 
Hat. Ilanu. AnprHnt. FHp o~l V.~4v 
l.tfl *«or /rum .om« €>/ Ik* »IMt kU- 
lortau 0/ s"r>an»o» c<m»t|r. 

gl mssi-«s*hs» la; 

Mkial da««b»«c erf ■»>. * *d Mra, 

te Mr . Herbert Ts. 9*»*/ 
Mr., and Mr.. A. A Powe^ 1MI 
North CaanptoeU arenoe. tqpk place 
Saturday rrerdiist at Xosj* Lane- 

y, the Rererer* A. «^ B «*^' 
of banc Hu»o. k O»e ■rMgagioowe 

at the boas* «t M*% aad Mr*. 

Mr. aad 

Mr*. Powell are making 
Mr. XtweaVJo 



, of^ , 

_ awe»<'»v_ 

Farewell. Oraadma, peaceful bo «.y 

silent rat Slumber ! aweetly^ Ocd 

knew beat when to call thee home 

Farewel'. Orandma, ttaoo haat \am\ 
u« long and well. Haw we vMsa thee 
no-, can tell. Jeaoe eeJUa thes^, 

Farewell. (Jrandma. We must «af 
our laat farewell, till we meet beyond 
the rUer, l.appy there with ttiae to 

Lorlng OrancOaughter, "^ ___ft 


place at the bMM^Dr.— 

, W. B. Tucker. 515 Eut' Harri- 

m street. at*t o'clock las* night 

when their daughter. Mary EUu- 

beth, became the bride of Mr. 

Keith David Keller, eon of Mrs. 

Anna Kelley. 708 South Hampton 



with tloral trimmings. Her ■Uppers 

f were of a very light cream color, 

, and her flowers were an old faab- 

Cloned 'bouquet of pink rosea, sweet 

I peas'' and white -fuchsia, against a 

background of silver lace. With the 

.long' rose stems Intertwined with 

the silver ribbon streamers. Her 

only ornament was a diamond and 

emerald dinner ring, a gift from the 

bridegroom. For a going -away 

frock she had an attractive tan and 

brown sport dress, with which she 

wore a ^an hat and. shoes to hax- 

imoutse; £ ' • ■ : 

r'. Kiss Sherwood wore 'coral sand 

''crepe with flowers appllqued on the 

'sleeves and stitched In gold. Her 

' slippers were sand colored and bar 

.'corsage bouquet was of roses and 

.sweet peas against a background of 

gold. Mrs. W. E. Tucker, mother .of 

I t h » < b rJ<re, . wore dark blue satin 

back crepe trimmed in flesh color 

and Mrs. Anna Kelley, mother of 

the '"bridegroom, I »l*o Wore ' dark 

blue crepe finished in flesh colored 


Following felicitations supper was 
served hi the dining room where the 
assistants were Miss Betty Roa- 
back. Miss Mat tie Lee Haggenbuch, 
'Miss ' Dorothy Haggenbuch. Miss 
Mary Moor* and Miss Weasle Baas. 
The wedding cake, which was filled 
In the center -with rosea and sweet 
peas, held, the center of the table, 
and was surrounde7r~by ferns. At 
each corner of the table was a tall 
crystal candlestick holding a pink 
taper, while similar decorations 
adorned the<Tbuff«t. Refreshment 

An Improvised altar of ferns and 
palms, with tall electric -lighted tap- 
ers on either side, formed an at- 
tractive background for the mar- 
riage service. Sweet peas of many 
colors In vasea and bowls were used 
'in profusion on the mantel and 
about the epacloua -living room, 
while shaded floor and table lamps 
shed a soft glow over the scene. . 

The bridal party entered the cere- 
mony room to the strain of Lohen- 
grin's wedding music played by 
Mlss Virginia Touns.'who also play- 
ed softly during the service. The 
bride was attended by Zerelda Sher- 
wood as bridesmaid and Mr. Glen- 
non Malley was honor man to the 
bridegroom. The double ring serv- 
ice was read by the Reverend John 
T. Bacon, pastor of the First Pres- 
byterian church. k \ 

The bride's gown was of nile 
green crepe with Iuiir lace Insets In 
lb*.; sleeves and the short skirt was 
finished with a deep pleated flounce 

Page 13: Miss Mary Elizabeth Tucker and Mr. Keith David Kelley were married.** 
Page 14: Mrs. AlzadaF. Skelton died.** 

Bass Willis died.** 

Willard Ray Choate died.** 

E. W. Brunnerdied.** 

Mrs. Belle Durham died.** 

Sallie Teague sues to divorce William Teague.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

William Irby was killed.** 

i'««hcii'ihs|ji*s^ ; two years- Sbejs 
prominent lb social circle* Sod a 
larga number of/ -pre-nuptlal af- 
fairs have been given in her honor. 

Tar. Kelley tea graduate of Drwry 
college and •.'member of Sigma Mo 
fraternity, He Is connected with 
the Bodlne Ice U Machine company. 
The eowpla will make thalr noma on 

-Cherokee drive. - 

Among , the out of town guests 
were Mrs. M. A, Muratta of St. 
Louis who Is a guest at the Tucker 
home, and Miss Florence WlUard of 
Butler, an aunt of the bride. 
,\ ■ '.?• 4 . •:>."■ ■• ■- 


■ ^mmj'Tnattr. 

' Mies Maxy Elizabeth Tucker. daugh- 
ttr of Dr.' and Mm. W. K Tucker. 61ft 
Xait Harrison utrrrt. w»o married )»»i 
night to Mr. Keith David Kelley. ton 
of Mr*. Ann* lOlley. 708 South 
Hampton avenue, ul b o'clock at the 
home, of the bride's parent*. The dou- 
ble ring service was read before an 
Improvised altar of palms and ferns 
by Rev J. T. Bacon. pa*tor of the 
rirst Presbyterian church. Sweet 
pears In a variety of colors and sub- 
clued light* made the home very at- 
tractive. The bride entered the room 
on the urm of the groom to the 
strains of Lohengrin's wedding march 
played by Miss Virginia Young, who 
also plttyed softly throughout the 
ceremony. Miss Zerelria Sherwood and 
Mr GleVinon Mallcy attended the 
bride und groom. Tiie gown of the 
bride \>n» of Nile green Hat crepe 
trimmed with laco mid artificial flow- 
em 8h«- wore ircnm oolnred clipper* 
and carried 1.11 old-fashlned bouquet 
o- -' vfes. sweet peas and luschla. Her 
only ornament was k diamond and 
emernld dinner ring, the gift of the 
groom. Miss Sherwood wa« attired 
In corsl crepe nnd carried a corsage 
of roses and a^eet peas. Supper was 
served 1n the dining room to Uie 78 
gAteer.i) by the uisifiturita, who were 
Misses Betty Roeback. Mattle Lee 

i Hegenbuab, Dorothy Hagentmsh. 
Mary Moors and Weesi* Baa*. The 
wedding caks wa« ring shaped, tilled 
In the can tar with vari -colored, sweet 
peas and rose*. Mrs. KaUej U a grad- 
uate of Senior High school and was 
a student at State Teachers college. 
For the past two years aba baa bean 
teaching at Rountree school. Mr. 
Kelley la connected with Bodlna Ice 
and Machine company and la a grad- 
uate of Drury college and member 
of the Sigma Nu fraternity. They 
will be at home on Cherokee drive. 
The out-of-town guests Included Mrs. 
M A. Muratta of St. Louis and Miss 

: Florence Wlllaxd of Butler. 

r aj mmmmmm 

g. ii 1 ,'.T il Wt 





Funeral aervtoe* for Mrs. Alxada I*. 
Bkeltoou 07. who died at 10 avta. y**- 
terdiy mam log At her bom*; 800 
South OwmplwU "Wl, wtr* bald at 
3:80 p. nu today -«t Lindsay chapel 
near Republic, Burial waa under tbe 
direction of W. L. Starne. undertaker. 
Mrs. Skeiton U survived by a sister. 
Mrs. J. A. Campbell, of Battlefield. 
Mo. and a brother. W. M. Moouey- 
ham. of Republic. 


■ A-rrft 

WlJlUtt Ixty. Douglag OOUnt _ 
at boon Monday at a sawmill . 
An*, was still at large today, accord- 
ing to word received here. 

A poaee beaded by Deputy St* 
Aioaao Kiln alia* was aaarchln. 

country around Thayer. Mo. today. 
1* believed the Tugrttv* to beaded 
Arkansas. ■"' ' "•■■';'','; ' V /" 

The funeral of Irby v as held yea- 
•erday near Ara. He la survived by 
tbe wife and five children . 

The killing la said to have requited 
from bad feeling which bad existed 
between Irby and Clark for soma time- 
Soma time ago they got into a quarrel 
over land and Irby shot Clark In tbe 
ami with a platoL 

dark walked up to tbe sawmill 
' whore Irby waa working at noon Mon- 
day and. pointing a finger at bun. 
i shouted. "You're tbe man who shot 
I me, and I'm going to kill you." ■ 

Clark'tben drew a revolver and shot 
Irby five times - Be warned tbe oth- 
er employee of the mill not to fol- 
low him and walked away. 




A contested action for divorce went 

to trial today before Judge Quy D. 

Ktrby. The suit waa brought by 

| SaUie Teague against William Teague. 

The plaintiff askt for divorce and all- 

. moriy. Tbe defendant filed a cross 

' bill. Tbe case was brought to Greene 

I county on a change of venue from 

| Christian county. 

i The courtroom waa crowded with , 
1 witnesses and spectators, and It Is ' 
I understood that the caae baa attract- 
ed wide' attention in the) community 
In which tbe two parties to tbe suit. 


Funeral services were held Thurs- . 
day afternoon for "Uncle Buss" Wlllln. 
who died Tueeday. February 16. at I 
his home two miles east of Strafford. 
BurUil was made In tbe family came- : 
lery oil tbe larm where Mr. Willis re- 
•UM (ar TO ytsrs. Mr. WUile oanvs 
to Greene county when a young man | 
and lived In this region until his 
death. He was one of the founders ! 
of Hie First Baptist church which waa I 
or^uul^ed in hU home. 


.Recorder Jack W. Mdtae this 
ing issued a marriage been** to i 
Walter Qulgg and Florence E. w 
both of Springfield. ' 

J 8b. 


ruufinl service* were held At 2.30 
p. m. today Sot Wlllard Ray Ohoate, 
l -.-months -old son of Ux. and Xn, 
Sherman Choate. 734 Qarfleld street, 
who died at 2 p. m. yesterday attar 
a brlaf Ulneea of pneumonia. Service* 
war* oonduoted at the Herman Loh- 
oaejrer Funeral home with burial In 
East Lawn cemetery. 

The body of Mra. Belle Durham. 00 
I years old. who died at 1 20 p. m. yea- 
f terday lit her home on North Olen- 
atone road, will be forwarded to Rlch- 
Und. Mo . tomorrow morning by the 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral borne. Mr*. 
Durham was the wife of John B. Dur- 
ham ana was born August. 4. 1B67. at 
Rlchluiid. She In «urvlvcd by the 
husband, two daughters. Mrs Ethel 
Myers and Mrs. J. T. Johnson, and 
two sons. Alfred J. Johnson and Lee 
Nofalnger. all of 8prlngfleld. and by 
four grandchildren. 

Funeral services for B. W Brunner, 
40. of 1101 Eaat Commercial street. 
who died Sunday In a local hospital. 
were held at 3 p. m. today at the 
BUlngner Funeral home. Burial was 
In Maple Park cemetery. 

Page 1: Willard Ray Choate died.** 

Page 7: A daughter Ueldene was born February 7 to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Field of 1 8 1 1 

Twins, Paul and Pauline Davis, were born February 3 to Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Davis 
of 918 South Nettleton avenue. 

Noel J. Howard and Lula J. Mitchell, both of Crane, were married yesterday in 

Marriage license: Noel J. Howard, 29, and Lula M. Mitchell, 25, both of Crane. 
• Marriage license: Ralph Walter Quigg, 22, and Florence Elizabeth Wilson, both 
of Springfield. 

Page 11: Card of thanks from Will Overturf.** 

southsm M» 

of ihs most unusual name*, in 
She iuu. The nams.of the town 
i WjUtaekoaL* "*» f- f S<$&i0t ' 
? In t*» early day* wksn^f 
tow* ooaslsted of E|fcs» wore thai* 
a rs-arnl :.m*mnilW *f*l§F" 

nsroe odf Inatsd from 
•ion frequently «sed 


rvpneier. i , .^,4 

TraaaaoriaUoo «h\ matter •* 
irr«*t * dlfftculiy and \ tb* • store 
ks*p*r was frequently: uaable t» 
Bee* hie stock rcsJUnJ*J.ed. "When * 
rurtomrn suught varleiia ar t lul l 
of merchandise, they were, frs- 
ejuently mst with the atstesQSBt 
frent the proprietor of the storsi 

•i'w emark out of that." !Jfc 

Hence the name. 

I.i.r.,1 I* yraarea* la TIM *•»•* 
/™i«f» l«lka# It.'). •■••.! <•« »«!«<« l««-M 
«-«•« ■■■■■< I— si MHafMu Sad .'■ 
"«M HmnrtT •«» «»»al#d •« imntrihmf. 

T»..« • mala aaaa'.aa u »M * Ul«'l ,. 

•tMONALS— 1 

J*, wish KavSaS evr heaWJeU 
hatha to in* msny friend* ana «»l»h- 
■ore fur tlulr klndnses and .yniyaihy 
HuHaa Ihr ll.qus and death of our 
»ler>d wir* **« mother, also far lao 
•aauilMl Mors: offerings. 

<"IIIU»ltK.\. I 


Funeral • •enrtos*' for Wlllard Ray 
Choatr. 14-montha-Cad son of Jar. and 

Ufa sa». man -Choate,- Hi t Oarflel J 
street, who died Tu.srfsr. war* h«kt 
at l» e'rWfc, jrsstsxdsr n» t*« H*r» 
snan H. LehtnVyer Funeral hems, with 
tnuisl In East Lawn osrootsry. . 


Mr. and Mra. W. ■. *Md. 
Stewart avenue, announce the 
o/ a daughter. Ueldens. on 
nry T. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. W. 
Si.lilli Wllli-lfin nvrni 

ill.. I.lrili <.f twin", I'nul and Pi 
Irif- t.t ivt.rnirv 1. 

Davie, •f'fttL 
i». onn«MB*anl 

Noel J. Mcwsrd snd LulS JC^- 
Mi-. Ii.ll. I. ..Hi ••( Cranr. »-ere raarWx 
i !•■■! ii ihv <-..nri li«..ia«. vr.<t»rdllf| j 
njlw. n.»in In ilia- lt*.\*ren*l K. 

I. :•!. 



I Mirnj,, licence*: Noel J. HeWa'f. 

prd. :». onil Luta' M. MltcheuV -.•*>,, 

:»ili of rriinr; Walter QiH*)r7*7 

':• .-.n.l riwno. l-Uz.ilMMh \Vt1*vlW4 

■ •...Hi 1. 1 spnntttvi.i ■*, >-u' 

■' - - .'an 


Page 1: Fred Hemphill committed suicide.** 

Page 2: Card of thanks from Robert Hicks and others.** 

Belle Thornton sues to divorce J. L. Thornton. 

Bessie N. Turmons sues to divorce Earl J. Tumons. 
Page 5: Card of thanks from Will Overturf and others.** 
Page 6: Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Rubenstein.** 

Mrs. Emily Rush Rathbone died.** 

The will of Thomas L. Robertson was filed for probate.** 

James Edward Wilson died.** 

Mrs. R.D.Parker died.** 
Page 7: Mrs. Belle Durham died.** 


Trad HemphUI, 31, of ?totU Oily, TfUjtojm 
•«0f After Olrl Refilled, a tHLiTte^^to 

Engagement to Go to Dance, v v - ^ 

UOMBTT. Uo. Fab. H— (Special)— 
Oarcrlng out * throat that h* would 
•boot Mm— If If hie sweetheart per- 
•tatad la going to a daaoe agalnat hi* 
wtahaai. Fred IJIatnphlll. 21 y«»r» old. 
of Btatt* City. died y«»t*rdey After- 
noon In Dr. Wee*"* hoepltal b»r« front 
injuries Buffered wbn be ehot bimaelf 
Monday aftarooon. 

Hemphill waa keeping company with 
• girl at Btotta OUy whose mother 
did not appror* of their /rtendahlp. 
It M aald. The girl bod b«en taking 
1 dancing luewni preparatory to attend* 
; Ing a danoa to bo held Wednesday 
night. Hemphill o iled o-> her an d 

auked her not to go to the danoa. but 
eUe Instated toot ebo intended to at- 
tend ate her mother wianod bar to do 
eo. The youth told bar that b* would 
•hoot himself. 

He want to a jwnmt*. eaourad a pu- 
tol from under a pillow on a cot thera 
and ehot blmealf la tba forehead, tb* 
buliat ranging \upwjCrd and oojaint 
out the top of hhvbeed. Aa be fell 
hie head ■truck a tmjt, fracturing bla 
ekull. " '.<• "V '■ 

Blaos tba shooting, according to 
report* rooalTod bare, the girl in- 
volved bu beau In a serious condl- 
U ona. suff ering ooqtu I slona. 


i We wuh to express our heartfelt 

l thank* to the many frlende and 
' iiciKhbon* lor t.'-.ttr kindness arid sym- 
pathy during the tllneea and death 
' of our beloved wife eud mother; also 
' for thr beautiful floral offering*. , 



'we via* %» thank our friends and; 

raiaUTas for tha> beautiful floral of- 

f«rtnt» to* • ur <"** P heby. Blanche! 

uay Mloks. who p—ed away Feb. 7. 


Mo oue knows the Ulan* heartaches. 
Only tboaa who bar* loat can tell. 
Of tba grief that la borne ta allanoa 
for our- dear ana wa lorad ao wait 
Ult. AMD ftrJtOvBOBXKT KlOKa. 


■'. INtrOBCS It) MKD. r' 

A suit tot divorce waa fu«d In tba 
otfios of 4bs circuit dark thi* morn- 
ing by Ball* Thornton against JL U 
Thornton. Tba plaintiff aUegaa gen- 
eral IndigulMea. 

*■ ' eves roK divorce. 

Bella M. Tumona thla ntomlag 
filed a aim for divoroa ta Um CiiouH 
clerk's oXtlea against Earl ATuabaa 
Tha pialautt ailt«** gonaral Indlgnl- 
Uaa ou tba part of the delrndaut. • 

... —A juj ' i - _ ■ : J t ... 

The will of Thomaa 
who died February ". 
morning In the probata court 
Judge John M. Palnnaa. 


Sanrtoes Win Bo 

Held Tomorrow Tor Wife 
of Former PoHoe Chief . 

Punaemj eereloe wtu t>« held at *no 
p. m. Prtd»y at the Benton Arwiut 
Method!** church for Mre. Emily Ruth 
Bn th bOnO, 74 yoera old. who died at 
9 30 p. m yeeterday at bar home. Bad 
Iut Loeoet •treet. Her. Ohett*a. n «o- ; 
tor of the church, will officiate at the . 
mttIcm and burial wlH be In Maple! 
Park etBtttery under the direcUoa of j 
the E3ln*ner Funeral home. 

Mr* Rathbone waa *** daughter of 
Mr and Mre. 8am Wood*, early eet- 1 
tier* to thle country. Mr. Wood* haT- j 
l ua been at one time treeaurer of i 
Greene county, ftoo waa thojrUeof 
Bernard T- Bothbooo. °< •*« 5** 
toeoM •*•>*, ohM* of polioe node* 
Mayor J. J. Oldeon. . . 

The dor**—* to attmred by her 

aebend, f our eon*. Barold 1*. ttativ 

3oto IX •SoWatteT O. Rathbone, all 
cT*ctt«fMW; and two daughter*, 
Ui^S!**** BekoOald and Mr*. 
Edith OoflE*. of fJprtosflehL - 

Hn Rathbone wu a mtmber of the 
Dew* Methodl* bhurct oa Booton 

Uaiipfc" *■:•'- • ' •": : : ' " ■' "*"•'.'" -*A 

r^T^^">.»SC. v.. ... - ■■ ■ -• 


Pxineral eerrlcee were held »*££ 
m today for Jamee Edward WM ?£7 j 
£mmShUd «n of M^Jigt 
Marahal Wllaon. S4S North t* 1 * 1 *™ 
arenuc. who died at 9*°*™- ££ 
terrday at the home. Sendee* »»w 
he7.t the home with burW ItogJ 
Uwd cemetery under the du^T 

•urvlved by the parent*, three eiew- 
and two brothere. 

LOSES HhTmO TM £^ . 

Word wu received today W*;* 1 * 
Mr».^ O. Parker. 631 South «*££ 
ton. of the death of Mr. Pj^J 
mother. Mra. R- D- Parker. »h«™ 
in ber »0th year. Her home we* m 
Manhattan. Kanaae. She wee ont« 
the pioneer eettlers of K**^*?** 
there as the brld# 9UZ~* y - »• •*• ¥§ & 



Puneod Mrrtoaa tor Mra. Betto Dur- 

ham, SO, who died Tuesday. 

at a a. m, today at the hoove en Worth 
Olonetone road. The body wo d then 

(ernnKd to Richland, Mo* for bar- 
Ml ta Blmpore otmotory «■«**»»*" 
•TSd Alma Lnh«^rim-f- 

MiUi'- ItabdMtitnt' « 
S BBSOBCf Uu birth of 
t^edaeaday. ITdbtUM* 

Page 4: Springfield of Yesterday.** 
Page 6: Emily R. Rathbone died.** 


Daughter of Pioneers Enjoyed! 
Long Life, Funeral Services j 
Probably Friday. 

Mra KroUy Buek) Rathbone. Tdj 
years eW. died at »:»• o'clock Uatj 
night at her •»•""• «« * M Kmm% ,J "* ', 
*u«t street. Mh» was •"« «Uu«ht«r 
„f Mr and Mrs. Bam Woods, early; 
eetlUra In t hie country. Mr. Wood«j 
havlnr h^» at on« tlm« treasurer j 

ut Oreene county'. 

Mr*. Il«tht«.ne «M th» wife ofj 
Itcrnard F. Kathbone. of »56 E««t 
l»cuat street, chief of police under 
Mayor Oldeon. She wu the mother 
of jlx children, two daughters and 
four »on» With th» exception «f 
JUruld F. Hathbone. who Uvea In J 
Kuriui City, all the children live 
».i re. They nre Mn. Kmmi It Scho- 
:«.1J and Mje. KUIth Gaftee. and 

Erne* t O- JcJia T>.. and Walter O. 
Kathbona, ■<', ^ 

Mra, Rathbone "waa a member of 
the Deven MethodUt church on 
Benton avenue. Funeral eerrlcea 
probably wlU be held Friday at that 
church with burial followlnr In 
Maple Park .cemetery under direc- 
tion of the KUngner Funeral home 





\ ' ir m»ii< Aw i «••« 

old ploneara. They are not 

kllcr;i. l.wt up ali.1 itolllg. T«u »'f 

■■tar. irnth rtute r*l- 
1 and A. J. Burnett. hU 

trftheclnlaw nave mnt'fJ on After 
. t ar»» w eaka" Joarnay ibay pitched 
jlMIr taaua aadwaea i»» aprtnaa. 

mm •! whlrh •till beara Ih* nam* 
'■•( PulBrlaht aprlnt. The other waa 

™>m»-rt lor nii.iiift p4,>na«r, Miller. 
!aa* IK, UUrd mm. Jeaaaa eprUW. 
J )om «4T Canter atreal near tha 

tv>«Wvar.1 T*»r» wn» ^ fuir'h on' 
• hlcli *ftrr*arU> proved to be ■ 
(l-t p well which w»< nmr the pub- 
lie aejaara. «Olr. liurwti oalh a 
r*Mi )u( MlCk of where the Prloro- 
! ulW5'.n» now un n bluff 
too»ui| down oo la now Boon 

vflto amis*. Alter 
' Ma r.i' Mr Itnrr 



vi- ".1 ' 

IU nam* Soon fa 
up thia i. luff to the eqttare and .._ 
to take In the around on whlojl 00* 
laa>Kunjaih» Metropolitan hotaL which 
wna hull! In 1171. arandly pralan- 

"""• ""■ i..rira high, liavlnir 

l-\intiriil fia-nlahlnga which In- 
rlmlril long mlrrora and rea pluah 
ilraprrlep. H wu tha prlda of oar 
rln 1.0,1 .-..•<( eoniewhem nrnr 125.- 
• i> T01l.1v »«■ Imvo tli.. Keutwuod 
\n-.« whllr |( may n „ t h« 
"• '.i'-. 11 ri »-<i «• 1 1 iii onuininent 
and (urnlahlnt-a to »w. In tha atata, 
and aurpnaaaa tham all In Ita «at» ' 
oral aatUns of grand aM mmtmtf 
treea. But «• ar* nea^eettna; mat 
frtende of yrMerilAy. ^ 

They have not horn Idle a* t<f 
prosreaa and hare erected Chairl 
rtrat public building— a Jail, bwfil «T» 
lor*, from fanda .donated by prW 
trreaalve eltlaen*. which funda ware 
nlterwarda raturnad to tham. T am" 
aorry tn atata that the Aral sua 
~ tit "> tin ;.. nil. ni...i .. hi Jaffer- 
oon City wna from Bi>r Innfleld, and 
t>*> wna 1 ho only Inmate for aaararalj 
yaara. 1 will not .tall hia m 
•ota* of nta posterity fnay read 
article and might not appra 
tho honor. Hla crime wae 
a borne. 

Page 1 : There is a long article about the William Irby murder. 
Page 4: There is a poem in memory of Fanny Fuzzell Darr.** 
Page 8: Leonodis Jake Schenker died.** 

Page 18: Sarah E. Patterson sues to divorce Thomas A. Patterson. They were married in 
August 1904. 

Johnny Jones was killed.** 
Mrs. Emily Rush Rathbone died.** 
Marriage license issued.** 

James Freeman sues to divorce Daisy Freeman. They were married February 5. 
Page 24: Mildred Sexton, 21 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sexton of 704 
West Central street, died today and will be buried in South Hazelwood cemetery under the 
direction of the W. P. Campbell Undertaking company. 

■ n*. nam? faraplaeii rut in an old 
«*a trae, bad, knowlnc Mr. Catpp- 
priar. rials:. 1.' moved on. 
•ad tidier famine* 
of Uia land, aob 

In Memoriam 

-° I 


In loving memory of our darling j 
Pannr Fuh*U Dan-, who paaaad away 
four "yrnrs ago today. Feb. 25. 1023 

Wr loved her. yea we Wed her. 
But. the aiiRela loved her more. 
And they hare sweetly called her 
To yonder ahlnlng ahore. 

Tha golden gate* were opened. 
A Rentle voice **ld "come." 
And with fareweiln un«poken. 
She calmly entered home. 

Sadly ml*a«*l by parent*, brother* 

I and aaugUvefj 

Divonrt: is asked. 

A ault lor divorce waa filed thla 
nvornlng In tha office of the circuit 
'dark by Sarah K. Patteraon against 
iThomaa A Patteraon. In th* petlUon 
' tha plalnuff atatea that thay were 
married in Auguat, ISO*, and Urod to- 
.gvtbrr until May. 1W8. She allegea 
I non-«upport. 


Recorder Jack. W. today la- 
rued a marrtaga Jlcenaa, to Krwtn Kd- 
ward Andrawa and MaudM OUmora 
botti ot Bprlngfleld. 



Springfield Police Officer i 
Snooumba to Attaok of 
Heart Disease 

church with Rev. E. \V. Armstrong 
officiating. The Masonic order will 
nuve charge of the services. Burial I 
will be In Eaat Lawn oemeterT under j 
the direction of the Alrru» Lohmeytr i 
Punerai home. 

The decedent la survived by hl» 
wife. Mm. Mattle May Bchenker; ' 
three sisters. Mrn. Addle CrorJer. Tus- 
cnmbla, Ala.: Mr* Lrslle B Hutchln- 
.vju ol Vienna, Ma; Mrs W..R. 'Park- 
er, St- Louis, Mo.; a brother, Robert 
P Bchcnker^-of Springfield; and an ' 
fc lot, Mrs. Joe K'rn nf «?t Io\lls. 
»lio whs n.t Ihf !•— dnlrtr whrn drvulh 

j r 
• <w3= 



Word wu received here by Mrs. R ! 
W. Barrett of the death of her broth- j 
. er, Johnny Jones. 21. at Pellowa. j 
j Calif . Monday. He wu killed In an j 
; automobile accident. Punerai serv- 
j loes ware hold Tuesday at Pellowa 
; The decedent la survived by his wife. 
; father and mother. Mr. and Mrs. D R 
. Jones of Kansas City. Mo., two broth - 
' era. Clarence and Conny Jones, both 
. of Kiwi"* City, and Mrs. Barrett. 

Punerai services were held at 2:30 
p. m. today at Benton Avenue Meth- 
odist church for Mrs. Emily Rush 
Rathbone. 74. who died Wednesday 
night at her home at 954 Eaat Locust 
! street. Rev Cbatten. pastor, officiat- 
ed Burial was In Maple Park ceme- 
tery under direction of to* KUacner 
funeral home, 

Leonodia Jake Schankwr, 81 years 
old. for four years a Bprtofflald po- 
lio*, offlocr, died it 110 a m. today 
a* his home. SOU North Missouri 
avenue, following mar* than a pear's 
Illness of heart disease. 

Mr Bchenker had been in 1U tiseJth 
for the pust two years, but his con- 
dition grew worse about six months 
asro and he was forced from *otlv-s 
duty. He bad been bedfast for (be 
past three months. 

Officer Sohenker joined the local 
police department In 1922. 

The decedent was born Apvii 8. 
1BT0 at Vienna, Mo, Ha moved to 
Springfield In 1B11 from St. James. 
Mo, _ He was educated tn the public 
school* of Vienna and was a graduate 
nf the Jones Business college of Bt 
Louis, He weu a member of the 
Woodland Heights Presbyterian 
church here, Oate of the Temple 
Ifdge of (he Masonic order, and a 
member of the Moose and Kagle 
o: dars 

funeral services probably will be 
held at 2r30 p. m. Sunday at the 
Woodland Heights Presbyterian 

Page 1: Oasis, Missouri, in Taney county, was named by E. E. Stires. It has been there 
since before the Civil war. It is beautifully located. Chief Justice Taney pronounced his name 

Page 4: E. T. Bellamy, 50, a wood sawyer living near Versailles, died when a piece of 
timber flew off the saw and hit him on the head. He leaves nine children. 
Springfield of Yesterday.** 
Page 12: L. Jake Schenker died.** 
Johnny Jones died.** 
Lula Putney died.** 
Mrs. C. J. Wheeland died.** 
O.H. Medley died.** 
There is an article about Sheriff Alfred Owen.** 

Johnny Jones. SI, of Fellows. 
ralif.. was killed there last Hon- 
Oiy In an automobllo wreck, ac- 
cording te word received here yes* 
tarda? by Mrs. R. W. Barrett, sis- 
ter of the youth. Punerai oervlees 
were held Tuesday at Pellowa. 



■O. .^B 


■^ T^.^raajr* 


By M1M ADA M. tVAW» 

1 t# 

T DOUBT that, even If the desu-e 
to own a hone exists today; there 
would be a desirable animal to steal 
It la much easier and more up to 
date to pick op one of our »071 au- 
tomobiles parked «rerywbere. <■ TluU 
le the number for which licensee 
are paid today. 

The next building of Importance 
wu the court bouee. erected In the 
middle of the square on land do- 
nated by Sir. Campbell. . Ita coat 
wu «a»W. The KitNfr at tble Um* 
wag used mostly as a «W« yard, 
wood yard and a location for free 
patent medicine, shows. In fact It 
was a moat attractive place for we 
who were the youths of yesterday. 

Mrs. Rasorbftcked Rooter and her 
family were frequent visitors and 
feasted on the waternselon rinds 
to their hearts' content. Sh« was 
a pioneer of yesterday. Today Mrs. 
Purebred Hog la cared for a nd fed 
along dietar y lin es and Uir— ctty 
pays to have the melon rinds cared 

{Th» Improvements crept on. In 

ItSS land was donated by Mr. 

Campbell and the town wu laid 

out. The first sale of lots wa* we'll 

|' attended and lota brought good 

prices. $•»».«« being derived from 

this sale. The commissioner was 

allowed 1111.61. leaving 1618.17 for 

j public Improvements. D. D. Berry 

bought the first lot for tie. It was 

J located on Olive street Just back 

I of the present Heer building. Mr. 
Berry also had the first dry goods 
■tore, ond was county treasurer, his 
'bond being JIOOO. Today the county 
! treasurer's bond is $10,000. 
! In 183*' the Income from taxes. 
i licenses, and all things waa tie* 11. 
I with a population of HO. Spring' 
jfiald>«f lilt, had an income from 
. htm UqsjmsM and olher 

of 180,1 «*.»». la addition to 
taxes on to* "bow-wows" amounted," 
to $74». Cats ara atlU free) froth? 

taxation, but (be eyes of the law 
are onJptM^&M^V:?.}^:,'. f /> 
I remember the first big fire in 
Springfield. .. It was on College 
street. Just opposite, tho Metropoli- 
tan hotel. .A high wooden tower , 
on the square aupported a large 
fire bell. As It sounded the alarm, 
a line of men formed from the deep 
water well to the fire, and buckets 
of water war* passed from hand to 
hand*. There were no brass but- 
toned uniforms'. ' no" high 'powered.: 
engine and ladder truck, glittering 
In brass trimmings and red paint, 
but no braver hearts and hands 
hold the hose while the engine 
pumps today, than were those of 
the bucket - brigade . of yesterday 
that pumped the water and passed 
the buckets eionar-the Una. Today 
the old fire beU stands' tn front of 
the Everett home "on State street. 
turned upside down and fined with 
riowera — -a fitting: mes|prlal to the 
Are brigade of yesterday. . , 

Since tben the public square has 
become almost the personal prop- 
erty of the traction Company, but. 
that Is progression'.'* although the 
little mule car. the. track running 
from Commercial street to the 
squsre. and the company's greatest 
asset. 32 longeared mules with a> 
moat accomodating driver, old Uncle 
Johnnie Boyles, van not the sud- 
den service of today, which, if you 
have a?e and rheumatism, some- 
times lands you on the floor. But 
if you would slip to the door and 
call to Uncle Johnnie to ."wait a 
minute." you could run back In the 
j house to powder your nose and. If 
you did mil mlr«- In tlio mud. slip 
gracefully on the little step behind, 
put your nickle In the box, and bar 
seated before the mule wok* up. ^\ 


irif ' ■" -" '. i **'*lr^ , W*J' > o^s1«sJ^^suusUS»u»sws»^g«so»^ •> , ♦'Jf 

Tn* fuuerai service for O. H. 
Medtoy, M years, old. who died 
Wednesday night at the family 
residence In nogeravllle. JO mllea 
■oulneaot of Springfield, will be 
Dt H ft t the BaptUt church there 
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, eon 
ducted by the Reverend J. J. 
ten Burial will be In the. 
cemetery. In charge of tho 
villa Undertaking company 
side the widow, survivors 
eons and a daughter, 
Medley of Lamar. la, Arthur 
ley of Rochester. N. T., and Mrs. 
Florence Kendall of La Jar. ClLyA 
stepdaughter. Will* Smith of 
i Bprlgnfleld, also survives, , ^ ;«« 
Springfield, also survives. . ?$<; 

Lula Putney. 14-year-old daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Putney. 
1)01 Weat Webater streeL died at 
11:40 o'clock yesterday morning at 
the horn* 1 . Funeral services will be 
held at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon 
with burial following In lluzclwood 
cemetery under direction of the 
Alma Lohmeyer Funeral home. 
Miss Putney la survived by the 
parents, two aisters, Genevieve and 
Ada. and three brothers. Clyde, 
Daniel and Charles, ull of the home 


Folks You Know 

Infernal Qlimoeee mn4 •Idetrfkta 
•n Prominent Sprlnafleldlan*. 

hofi to top th« 
' It* can do t*i«Hi« 

Sheriff Owen 

2| K can rid* th* htUa all night, 
buy cattle all day. and tatup 
market. That la. 
things when ho 
hue time. Just 

tww, however, he 
Iman t very much 
t I ni • fur auch 
n-8 these. 

It atlll Is nec- 
— aary to ride 
the hllln all nlcht 
occaaUriiBlly hut 
lln»u trips aru 
made to obtain 
custody tif ccr- 

t 11 I II HUHpectS 

rather tlmn ent- 
ile. Ana tiny 
nrp HomotlmeB, 
much mare earning than Jockey* with a furmrr over the price of 
a carload of > varltnga or trying to 
determine Just what ones In the 
bunch «ir to l»*» cut out. , 
^ oil mm-. lu< is now Sheriff Alfred 
< 'wen Instead of Alfred Owen, ent- 
itle buyer. Ilea Htlll In the feed- 
ilns: business, too. luit nialnlv prla- 
uili l * lie's fi Tiling now. 

Still Operate* t-arm , 

r hm had *<nn* trkkr Urna. b.y- 
in. cattia In th* MlaO th* •Mrttf 
remarked remlsJooamtfy : ** he **t 
In hU ofloe In the oourt home. 
-There are some «tjaajti»w»el{a>oW 
and then when two or three Buy- 
er* learn that some fanner back 
from the railroad null* a pl*e* ha* 
■i good hunch of feeder* and each 
'buyer wants In beat the other* and 
'close the deal before oompotltlon 
rets the price too high." , 

Despite, hi* otker aotlvttl**. th* 
aherlff atlll own* and operate* hi* 
farm In th« Jnmc* river ralley 
jaoutlt of Springfield. Moat of the 
:L«nd In In ernes, and Jttot now a 
ijbumli ■•! sheep la rnnylng the pns- 
'! Counts on Fine Wool 

I've get more than 10 lamb* al- 

rr.-«d>." Owen sal J. "and I'll prob- 

blv ha*/* Sf- or more before long/* 

Kgao -WOT* uul saw'l l tD 

"Wy. Art. •** «*»»* •£ 

usual town when -vtloo*> j&m 

Tin foto* to **t "™*~*?T 
from th** .he»P." th. _*«**:«■* 
„i.r*.i *They*r* In goo* .•*•*■. 

2^>SJiTth«T. wv^sjN 

ind the wool oti«ht to oom* off tn 

tine ahnpe." «"w« 

Hherlff Owen I* married *nd no 

and Mr.. Owen reeld* In th. «her- 

itr • -whit* hou**"— •»»y «■ * *? 

l^ory brtrk-th.t adjoin. thm_ ooun- 
tv JalL Th*y have two children. 
I .on. Our. end a «*uf htar. I^rln*. 
both In echool hero. 

Member of Springfield Police 

Force Had Long Been III; 

Hold Services Sunday 



rwJ ,M l wmmfm 

l:l* o clock yesterday morning «t 
hla home, J*U North Missouri AT* 
quo, wHU^ko+hekl at I 

land Height. Pre. byterlan xhurcll 
with the Reverend ^R. W. Arm. 
•iron* officiating. Burial will tol- 
low In Fait Uwn cemetery tinder 
directum, of 11. .v Alma l.ohmeyer 
funeral .home. Hervleee nt th. 
grave will 1»e under direction of 
th* U*t* of the Temple lodge of the 
Mnennlc order. of which Mr. 
Hihenker- wee u '. member. 

1'ulll.rnrers will Include Chief A. 
<•. Iloehm. J. II. O'Hrynnt. Kd 
Hick.*. r*rnnk Kynlott. Italpll Mc- 
K-nile and W. B. < urtls. 

Mr. rYhenker had been a mem- 
ber «.f the Springfield police force 
for four years. Jolnlnc the depart - 
meat In 1122. For the put two 
year, he had been In III health due 
»» heart trouble and alt ' month* 
•Co hla eondltlon bad been auch a* 
to neceeattat* hla retirement from 
artlv, duty. Mr. Bohenker wu a 
member of th* Woodland Heights 
ITeebyterlan cbartm. of the Mooes 
and Eagle* lodgea and of the Gate. 
of the Temple lodge of A. F. and 
A. M. 

Mr. Schenker wna horn nt Vi- 
enna, tin., on April t. 1176. He wo* 
educated In the Vienna public 
school. In the Jones Business col- 
lege In St. Louis. He moved to 
Springfield In 1*11. 

He la survived by hi* wife. Mrs. 
Mnttl- May Pchenker; three sls- 
Iters. Mrs. Addle <"rozler. Tuacutn- 
l-la. All.: Mrs. Irf-allg 11. Hutch- 
inson of Vienna, Mo.; Mr.. tV. K. 
Parker. St. l>ouls. Mo.; a brother, 
Itol..-rt If. Schenker of Springfield; 
and an aunt. Mra. Joe Kern of SI. 
Ixuls. who was at the" beside when 
death came. 

Mj^'e'J. WheeUurd. «1. who** 
huaban* wa* on* of th* founder* 
of 8*ar*-Hoebuek and company, 
dkftA early yesterday mwln*; at bor 
homo at Ctkruot, north of Sprinc- 
fteld. Mr«. Whealand *l*o wa* a 
cousin of Dr. Thomas Swop*, poted 
psurasotaa ot Ifanaa* City. 

Funeral services will be held this 
afternoon at Cllquot. The Hutche- 
••a-Blu* Undertaking company la In 
of f ua e ra i arrangements. 



Page 1 : Sallie Teague divorced William Teague. 

Grace E. Brittain sues to divorce Clifford W. Brittain. 
Page 3: There is a notice in memory of Mrs. Frances A. Leedy.** 
Page 4: A coroner's jury in Chicago decided Harold R. Dickerson, son of Col. R. P. 
Dickerson of Springfield, committed suicide. 

Page 12: Leonodis Jake Schenker died.** 

Lula Putney died.** 

O.H. Medley died.** 

Mrs. C. J. Wheeland died.** 

J. P. C. Langston died.** 

Births announced.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 


Puorrsl services tor Leonodls Jaks 
rVhanker 42. wbo dl*ct •» *■*> »• "?■ 
ftfuS.7 " »1* noma. »" "S^ 
MUKUrl svenue. *tll be held et 2 30 
""£ tomorrow at »•». WoodUnd 
Hsurhta Frasbytertan church. _»*•*■ 
W Armstrong *•" official*. BurUJ 
wlU^Tla K**t !*»» C^W .undar 
direction of the Alma ^^J£ 
Funeral boma. Services et h«Cr»» 
will be under the. auspices of Oate or 
tbs Tempi* lodge of the Masonic or- 
de7. of which he was * ra "" / m v b< T . r 
PaJIbe.irers will Include Chief AC. 
Boehm. J. H OBryant. Ed Hick. 
£„uUt Kvnlon. Bslph McKenvIe and 
W. 8 Curtis. 

Officer Schenker bad been a mrru- 
ber of the police force for four years 
loinlne" the department In 1022. He 
"'WAllllih" 1 health, for two years. 
TCjepSi slK month* he W bcrt- 
|£*t suffering from heart dlsotsc^ 

He t» •ur»Ued by hi* wife Mrs 
Mattle May Schenker. three sisters. 
Mr, Addle Croxler. Tuacomble Ala.; 
Mr*: Leella B. Hutchinson of Vienna. 
£? kr. V R- "Parker. Bt. Louis. Mo . 
^brother. Robert H. Schenker of 
^prtrulneld; and an aunt. Mrs Joe 
jZern. of Bt. Louie. 

. Vunerai services for O. H. Medley. 
64 years old. who died Wednesday 
night at the family residence In Rog- 
ersvllle. 20 miles southeast of Spring- j 
field, will be held at the Baptist ', 
church there at 11 a. ov Sunday. | 
Service* will be conducted by Re». J. j 
J. Parian and burial will be in the 
Fordland cemetery under direction of , 
the Rogersvllle Undertaking company. 
The decedent la survived by the 
widow, two sons. Clerrocs Medley, of 
lamer. la., Arthur Medley of Roches- 
ter, N. Y , and Mm Phirence Kendall, 
of Lajsr. Cal. A stepdaughter. Wills 
Smith of Springfield, nlso survives. 

In Memonam 

! A trlbuta to the memory of Mrs 
'prances A. Leedy. who passed away 
i October 14. 1B22 

' possessing the many virtue* mat 
'combine to make the kind and noble 
.woman she w-sa. she served almost 
'exemplary, and above all. 'he was a 
devoted Christian, and was •J***' 
responsive to sorrow and distress 
wherever found. • 

1 Bhe functioned on a P^V l *f 
above that of gossip and fault find- J 
inc and looked only for the good in | 
those with whom she came In con- | 
tact snd was blind to that which 
Wmed their f.ult* Bhe added. 
l»rKflv to the sum of human hajipi- 
i.ess and If every one for whom ->he 
did some kind and loving service were 
i to bring to her grave on« single 
! flower she would now be firep'.i,* be- 
neath K lx>wrr of sweeteM perf»:m«- 
Th.-n nut MisiiKn >« was that WW 1 -•> 
lovrlv should have perSshci - =• 

no* cis. JQHN F lkedy. Husband 

Children. Frank A. Leedy. Houston. 

Tes ; Mrs. Ella Mae Keslnjer. Detroit. 



» -, T* ■ : 


itr i rf'Mx*. E. E- Roe. 604 West 
j^ern^itTreet. announce the birth 
*of » .XVebruary 12. He has been 
aMDJd Robert Lee- 

ATTwd Mrs- W" C. lister. 1808 
^•Tenue. arc the pwM ^ J 
«£* daughter, born Feb. 23 at Burge 
SStal Ther little one toaa been 
$j£ri MarceUa FcarL 


MRS. J. I*. UllKKI.AMl 

iittl PuntteJ iiotIom were heltT thto •ft* 
p «raow "•• tt« ^ :! «#»WS'« 

Wheelend. i «1 , yeanr old, «fcoaa h*t$ 
t^Ouot of -um founder* of the 
Seare-Roebuck oomp*nj.j;»ndi «w 
died yesterday morning '' •{ her 'borne il 
•t CUlquot. north of eprtn«mid. Mra* 
Wbecland wu • cousin" of Or TbomM J 
Bwope. noted physician ' of Kanaaa i 
City. The Hutoheson-Blue, UndfTUk- 
lug company had charge of the 




J. P. O. Langston, 70 yeaf* old, who j 
«M a resident of Orrene county all , 
hi* life, died at 7:30 a. m, today at his i 
home at Strafford after a brief Illness : 
runerel aerTlce* will be held at tbt ' 
family residence at a o'clock tomor- 
row afternoon under tbe direction of 
the Kllncner Undertaking company. 
Burial will be In DenXorth cemetery. 

Mr. Langaton 1* survived by bU 
widow. Prune A. Langstoo. one eon. 
A J. Langatan. and two- daughter*. 
Mra MatUe SweeUng and Mrs. lneu 

ftS- i putnky .mptauuL. : . 

f\ Punsral eertlcee will be held at • 
©"©lock Sunday afternoon for Lula 
Putney, 14-year-old daughter of Mr. 
•tut Mrs. Robert Putney. IMS West 
Webster street, who died at 11:40 a. m 
yesterday at the home. Burial wui be 
to Batatwood cemetery under the di- 
rection of the Alma Lobmcyer Pu. 
neral home. Mia* Putney la survived 
by her parents, two sisters. Genevieve 
and Ada, and three brothers. Clyde 
Daniel and Charles, ail of the home 


Recorder Jack W. MoJCee todsy Is-, 
sued the following marriage licenses: 

Howard Curtis snd Thelma V. Wll- 
holt. both of Springfield. 

Erwln a. Andrews and' Maudle Oil- 
more, both of Springfield. 

Page 2: There is an article about Dr. Taylor C. Estes of Pulaski county.** 
Page 2B: There is an article about the old time ballads. 
Page 11B: Card of thanks from J. A. Kent.** 

Page 2C: Mary Catherine Thompson and James Meredith Patten are engaged to 

Mrs. M. A. Long, 520 East Division street, announced the engagement of her 
granddaughter, Miss Aileen Long, to Mr. Alfred Ollis of 1309 North Robberson avenue. 
Page 4C: Springfield of Yesterday.** 
Page IOC: Son born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kelley of Newburg. 

Joe Dombroski of Monett and Mrs. Josephine Stapanski of Brice field were 

Mrs. Manita Chress died February 19 in St. Louis and was buried at Seligman. 
She was the daughter of J. A. McCann of Seligman and the sister of Mrs. George Jeff of 

John T. Beasley and Miss Ardia Nott of Tulsa were married Friday in Monett at 
the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Woolsey. Miss Ierta Chumbley is a cousin of the bridegroom. 

A stillborn son was born February 1 9 to Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Fricker of Monett. 

Fred Hemphill, 21, died Wednesday in Monett of self inflicted gun wounds. 

The six week old child of Mr. and Mrs. Claud Sellers of Monett was found dead 
February 22. 

Son born Februaary 23 to Mr. and Mrs. Chester Reniff of Monett. 

Mrs. Rose Pilant died in Wichita, Kansas, and will be buried at New Salem, north 
of Mount Vernon. S. O. Richardson of Monett is her brother. 

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lord of Oklahoma burned down and their oldest 
child died in the fire. Mrs. Lord is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Inks of Rescue [near 

Page 12C: Early Days in Springfield.** 

j Mrs. Manila Chress, Bister of Mrs. ( 
■CieorKP Jeff, of 1026 Eighth .street, 
dud In a Kt. Louis hospital Febrti- 
I sry 19, after yesra of Illness caused I 
' |ij" ii sleeping sickness. Shu wns ; 
the ilauKlilcr of J. A. Mtt'ann «■' : 
' Selifrmiin. The limly was taken lei 
Sfllkrmnn. Funeral services were 
| on Sunday. 
, held on Sunday. 


Joe Dpmbroskl snd Mrs. Jose- 

Iphlne Str.fin«V1 r-T Pri-oflr'.* wrrp 

married at St. refer and Paul's J 

Catholic church ' Tueaday by the 

Reverend rather Julian. The at- 

' tendanta were' Pave Dombroakl, Joe 

I Stapnnskl. Elisabeth Rtspsnskl and 

Sophia Dombroski. After the cere- 

! mony the bridal psrty came to Mo- 

1 neas and hsd their pictures taken 

I at tbe. Chatln'a studio. 

Tin- six weeks old child of Mr. j 
and Mm. Claud Sellers of Main 
street wn» found dend it) bed Tues- 
day morning, February 22. 


Mr. and Un. Bill Ink* of Rescue ' 

I received tlip end news that their 

jYiiungrsI .laughter. Mr». Fred I»rds. 

i.f Oklahoma, had lost their home 

lv tire nn. I which burned' up thelr 

. oldest child. It seemed Ilka the 

flr c had stalled from the gas. Tho 

baby hi>d n« ukened Ita mother and 

' she crabbed the two amall chll- 

| dren and ran out of the houaa and 

1 when alio went after the other little 

: boy the house waa about to fall In 

: mid tiny found Ihe little boy under. 

.1 Lid l>in« willi liia ■ face down 

burned almost up. Mrs. Lord run 

almost a i|Uurter of a mile to Ret 

i help and cut her feet very badly. 

| and she was very badly burned 

I about the face and hands trying to 

• save her hoy. but will recover un- 

. less aometlling < lse nets In. Mr. 

i Inks and hoys have returned homo 

but Mia Inks Is siuying with her 

daughter until aba fully recover*. 

Vfm offer our aympathy to Mr. and 

Mrs. Inks and boys, and ' alio to 

Mr. and Mrs l»rd In their trouble. 

and Mrs. Yemen K« l!ey 
proud parent* «»f H baby bo/y 
Saturday. Mr. Kelle, | s tlje 
rk of the Kroger store. 

nee Engagement 
Mi**' Thompson 

and Mrs. George William 
Ipann, MIC Washington avenue, 
innounce the nicnF.iiirnt of their 
iter. Mary Catherine, to Mr. 
4*a>«* Meredith Patten. 
^"fwXIaa Thompson attended Drury 
OaHege fur threi- years, where Mhe 
•oeaave affiliated with z-.i„ t-,.: 
■ ai pa s sorority, an. I later received 
fcsr fcifhrluj >; to i.. i rum in* South- 
West Missouri Teachers col- 
•*•*- Mr. Patten Is graduate of the 
■Hniierslty of Colorado and Is a 
»r of PI Kappa Alpha and of 
• -Bet* PI, an honorary engl- 
fralernlty. Mr. Pntlen Is 
?ted with the Juplln 'Ins com- 

»^»h« wedding will take plane in 
> aarly spring. 

We wish to thank our friends, espe- 
cially ton True Kindred lodge and 
Past M astern of Oate of .'the Tenvols 
lx.di.-r No. 421 for their kindness and 
sympathy, also the beautiful floral 
offerings, during the Ulneaa and. death 
of our wife, mother 'and daughter. 




(( >,l,.ufj from I'ssltrdov) 

MKTHTNKS I hear the old school 
'hell ringing In the yard where 
the Frisco building now atanda. 
School la About to "take up. and 
|W7S file into the building which 
'bouoad MO pupil, of all and . 
^geTand cost »200«. Mr. Fairbanks 
waa euFerlntendent then, and was 
still advisory superintendent when , 
h- died in HI" at 89 years of age , 
Today we have enrolled In the ae- I 
n'or and Junior high schools and the 
grades aomdhlne over 11.000 pupils. 
Drury coUege baa an enrollment I 
of <S0 Catholic schools 600. Teach- I 
era college over 100". with a music', 
ttf(i"a*nt v-r 4G0. una lireenwood 
over 4&0 with a long waiting Hat. 
Children are enrolled for thla de-. 
partment on the day of their birth. 
The first suae appropriation to our 
public achool. in 1849 was $114.27. 
. tt 1»» It waa near 160.000. The 
r9tmSpU wmn aom.thln. or« I1M.. 
•m vttb egpendltora. of ••"•*"* 
uYvtn*. balance of 1111000. W 
can justly feel proud of our widely 
known educational advantagaa ana 
th» produ.ts thereof. 

Missouri is said to be the mother 
of.wttior.. There are «■•»*,•»* 
daawjktara of M«"<> url ,n the "''"'" 
, „- --- many of tbam were bora 
"T«prlnrfW4. IlltooU tried 
. uhi thai aha> had mora Mlaanuill'm eorn-cobv 
bwt jhe failed to pro** It. 



; r-t-r- 

F.dna Kenton (whose flrat book. , £ 
"What Manner of Man." waa tho 
third best seller In Ita tlma). Cat 
vln Johnson, one of the foretnoat 
short-story writers, Allen Updo- 
graft. Ann Torallnaoa. Marfraortt* ^ 
Martyn. Ruth Brownlow, Frank 
Hedges, Eugenia Dodd and other*. 
In art we have Clinton Bl.eppard, 
Harold Craig and Herman Rountroa, 
all well known, but right with ua 
today we have an urlUl and * 
writer who contribute* to many 
leading magnzlnca. She Is Pauline 
Frances Camp. 

I wlah I had time and apaoa t« 
tell you of our dress of yesterday. 
Much more sensible are tha H>» 
bruviated garment, of today." Then 
we had the flv e stiffly ataxohad 
petticoats and hoops, topped -w1U» ■ 
corsets, boned and laced so lightly , 
that a wasp wouM turn green ^UH' 
envy, „■ •■'•• i 

I never like pt^pUMm^^ 


- 1 would not ttTo^suViy*. 
I aak not to gUy," ^i J "yC-f '< 
For "1 would tiro alWifi "' 
"1 want ao to iU7," 
Only today I. our*. Tomorrow 
w« are ploneera and our po.terity | 
will lead of our alow moving oara.. 1 : 
land cur alrplan** and Swtat wttli^ 
pride above where thi 
parted -to wtmeltfWe* — , 
the myeterteajof «J»» unlfara. may 

te/efflwM.Afll thay 
|«Jto»'' > gta*»^fOr .*«« 

aran Physician. 80. Rides 
Jlorteback to Visit Patients 

In Current River Section o1 

I 'turn ho run.* t" I'ulu-k. rouiilj 

%t*r n n«t r wf v«m "".I !lnall> 

m theCwreot Hrer oeuntrr 

m mo Il« du'rtM two 

V to <M* his own word*. 

)t children l-oi n. 11 •till are 

*• country. •wr*,2JS£ft 

£ hie object t» bring »«•« 
. stricken U «!•••»»•«««: 
Bak ; miM, who fio«~-»l«»o*t 
l^M petroled hl« dtatriot 
u "■Heeoorl. ' JLf- 

i| yeere haven't loft I*. B^' 
•jgfced. Although never tall he 
*■ yet resisted that tendency 
to ehrink «B« ehrlvel *l>on 
ills hnlr l» long and *"«''• 
,__«: T*t hie browa ere buahy and 
Ja g, Ml of color while. »«•• <u«url- 
muati.cbe »• •t»l tinged -brew*. 

••rti in Indiana. 
> wa» horn In Indiana and ro- 
bin earlier education In that 
IM, tatcr graduating Ironi Chl- 
JWlTm^lcMl rrfh-r* H* '•"*="" «" 
1 rlrtlc- 11,0,11....- in Illinois im.l re- 
IX..J there until tl... clone of the 

14) ■*•«■■ 

9BiiiM! liaa been not cm If 
.._l»n and confidential advisor 
hounnilt of families but nlao 
• busiest year* of hla practice 
laakl county, via ordained a 
•r and evangelist. 
.. Hh. Wide T.rrltory. 
territory aa a phyalclan «X- 
In a radlua of 1« or more 
In each direction. Of course. 
not tho only phyalciun In tho 
A tottery nnd he does not havo the 
tlons c-f going extreme dis- 
Y«l hla average trip, he 
pfmat+d. la 12 miles over the 
ojtntaln country. Fifty mllca Is 
looc"! single trip '» a Jn >'- 
r. Katea haa worn out many 
otVe* ln IiIm career. How • many 
can't remember. A hora» does 
last lone carrying a innti •.'.'. ull 
ojra ovar the rldres ol the Oiarks. 
Ills earlier dn\n It took a stable 
alx excellent s-a.ldlc hnrpea to 
tip him mounted tor ull of hla 
Now he haa but one horse. 
ll "» Never Werrlca About Pay 
I Hla pay? l>r, Kate* seldom or . 
never le paid HI the tlni" be niakca . 
lha lone trll« to attend a patient. 
MmX likely *urh i»ny aa mm"« will 
Mrh him lour nn.l aa| 
likely or Rot Will '••• \-~ '.tl ra«ll. 

Tb- Urer" I r«i-'>r:l-'n of vn- 
f eft* in I--K > •' «l!«rlc! cannot 
Irflrd to pny n phvalclan n V.g fee 
111 aavinc a M* whn have 
■aidbh.a crops nay In '•»>' nno r " rn 
to Wood and foraae. ncraal-nrlly in 
jF A.b-ken or frame. 


' ;^._..„..-« fmrnUit Week.) 

t Continued from'.l*at Waalc.) 
that the two 

eerved Immcllalelv 
wwiiien pa«ai»ui8«r« must be or nl»n 
•WU>dlrg nn.l iwrhap^ had aome- 
' thing to aofwith-lhe •ftalrpofB) 
f ChcrokMi.'; f;;i: 4 '$> i\ Wk-wM'm 
• )*"WhoV'the Urg e blond l*dy. ■* 
I inquire?- *J blurted out with ,ill» 

. paper '«u?.'*^f ■'■ ' 
^y^oaW^lhe^re both bio 

we contlutiefL '* 

-The ?ne'lft the center' ol lh«, 
group la iMian^ Florence "W11eon.*of 
Surlngn^lA. ! >lo.." conllnueU Chief 
Ituahyhttid. 1 "ai«»"a pilnclpal of the 
Cherokee National Keuiale Bemln- 
»ry out at Park J Ull. a. lew mllea 
aouth of Tuhlequah. wUo haa con-! 
•er rated liic.Ufe'e work to the edO-J 
Gttllun anU trulnlnR of our Chero- : 
Vie girl*. The other fctdy la Mi*a 
.\lb-e ISoWrlWHi. of MuakpKMS 
ruually ^l«»»4*d !t< B'xl prominent 
iii the fame line of endeavor aa 
founder ajul head of Kendall Sem- 
Inary. a private achool for young 

The two gentlemen passengers 
had alighted and were uulckly aur- 
rounded by a hirge group of friends, whom was ••Kabhlf Hunch. 
u \.-ry prominent fullblood Cheru- 
I...-. UkcuI'Ii*. real, sure t-iuiugh In- 
tlinn. ulio looked llko ho might havo 
been un adept at handling a scalp- 
ing knife, und who had become, the 

^roeTeaotlT*; a m> o eaejor » OMilV 

buahyhwid. who wm ^U^ luwrM.- 

•« oMuunur^ow^r»«r^hejid fay 

enamlaa and trmduoert of fTery tan 
Uon. Uke B*nqtio*«j e*ottftft» ***& 
that '" Buahyhea5l >< "#iL» ' *croolMd, H 
couldn't be uuatad. a tooa la iflft 
-Major" i*«Mi nad «U the oOleV, 
queaUonab le $ charact era o t ' the j 
Cbarqkee Strip Uye.'Stocai «g«oolaV' 
lion, nnd had deliberately mlgap- , 
proprlated .U.SOO of Cherokee de- 
fenee fund* While on legislative \ 
duty at Waahlngton. .would not, 
down. Although • the Chief had i 
never denied using .the money, hc| 
eteadtaatly maintained that lawyers. I 
professional lobbyists and crooked 
Congressman . got off With the | 


money In payment for *uppo*ed 
services Hint kept Congress from 
nullifying the new lease on Hie 
Cherokee grae» country-. This was 
perfectly legitimate. Chief Hushy- 
head contended, n-. every other In- 
terest" In Washington »ai """'n* 
tl " And, bealdea. It we* vital that 
the Cherokee schools got this grass 
11 ,. J i,.v us u.ev could ,,ut exist. I 
, .i.,.-v.lsc ;is 1.1s lube drew no nn-j 
nuitles whatever from tlw United, 
v. to, K .>veilii«o«l. '■"»• white) 
adopted or "squawman" element 
doubted Bushyheads story and was 
■ irongly oppoaed to him. rendering 
hl f renomlnatlon and election very 
doWful. although the beneficiaries 
of the grass lease wera supposed to 
bo behind him with all their In- 
fluence and money. 

•■Rabbit" wii* freah from Col. 
Copplnger's wine party and. Of 
course, nan groggy to the core. He 
couldn't apeak a word of Kngllah. 
Inn was grunting like a porker and 
i-htriilattnic excitedly In half tnco- 
1 lirrrnl Cb«-i.V.-. hH lie wildly wa\ed 
':. Iitiiuiriil of "Mnjoi" l-yona* a lM 
brand' new 1 *r«**ury r»teVv>iuVte* 
just seen tbelr first daylight of f th» 
preaa at • "Washington and ws*w 
never to have ah, opportunltjfto, M 
"goodbye, , sain world, T» ,t*»*J».J 
leave! yon i»w,"H» "Babbit- >•* 
llaved strictly In getting the mooev 
In quick circulation. Georgj «?enge. 
who also wu being groomed for 
the chieftaincy at some distant date, 
iiml win. van n sifted nnd fluent 
Cherokee linguist and trained 
statesman. Interfered and quWM 
"Rsbblt," who by now *u turning 
loose many secret* of the supposed 
live stock combine, explaining that 
Ifunch possessed the common, pecu- 
liar Indian penchanffor Joy water 
and consequently was not entirely 
rational. Also, that the new treas- 
ury notes might In reality have been 
:i portion of the Confederate money, 
that Commkwloner Albert Pike was 
mipponrd to have paid Chief John 
Hosts for his :ild In Inducing the 
Ch.iokees to Join the- South In the 
Civil WW, uiid not leul United 
Slutes money of the kind "Major" 
Lyons was supposed to have been 
•lousy" with, arid to which the ven- 
erable "Hnoley" Hell replied that It 
wan possible that ihe sw.ig which 
"Itabhll" was displaying might have 
been u part of the Cherokee legacy 
the tribe left buck In North Caro- 
lina when the government - skinned 
the tribe in a trade for these West- 
ern land, that a^mte t* *£*!£ 

bs»l k. dktteMMsT •*•■• ^■fttBsV V(wK* »*■• 

Cherokee- peopU through tb* 0«a- 
tionable method* ot the cal 

Benge himself waa not, a »■»** 
head. Ilk* *o«« of tbe ml Indian 
element of the Cherokee* ot ihalj 
day. Instead, he was a aort ot gum- 
shoe kind of statesman, similar to 
Ihe character of man our own Gov- 
ernor Stone had been accused of 
being In legtalatlve work at Jeffer- 
son City, for .pollUcal purposes. Ho 
came from an Illustrious lineage of 
Cherokee blood, headed by his 

Kiundfuther. a noted Cherokee war- 
rior and chieftain, on down to his 
lather, Houston Benge tnamed 
after Ham Houston of Alamo fame), 
a quiet, keen-eyed, far-seeing In- 
dian, living on a farm* near Fort 

„al Cherokee-. ***»?*%—? 
•nd unpopular. P*"*""* 2ZS£> i 
Mart Bengo. ^ ^^S^t^Sl 
dlepoeltloned. nbturaHy ^Slttjr M* 

en adept -«Wg« ' mBum *C^\^t 
bloods. w« ^~J"*£i£%£ 
jlluatrious tV^'1^J*^Z!~J£Z 
msndoua lnfluonc* ,H»> tha Cbsr©*** 
legislature, but perhaps waa never 
above suspicion, anyhow In a po- 
litical way, aa he never was able to 
rise to th> chieftaincy, although he 
unquestionably waa a. big enough 
man for the Job. at any rate aa big 
,ne„ «ent among the Cherokees. 

Just at thl* juncture who waa to 
blow In than "Gus" Ivey a 
„,.ted ihrrokee editor, man of let- 
ters, philosopher, philanthropist, 
ctc.-ln reality, a aort ot Ben Frank- 
In, lo his tribesmen— who had 
'fought more unsuccessful pollUcal 
campaigns and, more bloodless duels 
with regulation forty-five 1 * than 
any other Cherokee that over lived. 
East or West. -XJus." U*«^Vv*»4 
been stnlllnr on the Wins) »»»•*» «* i 
wandtt Colonel C0P#JB«sw1ajJ**e *. 

tertaJnment. ^" ^««V*?» i 1 ™^ 
when -Oua- refused a "swl U* r ^** 
within the memory of tba ©•■*■* v 
Cherokee, the story went. -Xtt-fMC, 
•Gua" had "ainlled- ao i»mow>suid 
so long that he had become bsnt 
to "amlllng." Hi* face, lltsraUr. 
waa aglow with "amlles." Juat now 
he had been unmercifully *nd W»J»* 
tonly '•shot'' and waa' -nolar and 
hilarious, threatening everybody 
within shooting distance,* when 
"Hooley" took him in charge, ex- 
plaining that although lvey waa a 
nephew. Industrious, smart, lovaable 
and affable and all that, still night 
now he ought to be given a bunk 
in the guard house, along with our 
old friend "Saggy" and the Chaplain, 
who had been sobered up bo often 
over there 'that the steel-caged 
dungeon had come to take on the 
attractions of a real home. -Along 


appear crooked and bo Is goto* op- 
posite from the war be 1* * 

'Thornton. Dave Andrews, Jtm 
Tom *Yench. I*wey and. Harry 
Nash, Will Green < post groggfry ' 
barkeep). Will. Ed and Hubbard 
Rn», Mark Mathewson. Frank 
Boudlnot (now a leading O kl ah om a^ 
attorney and Jndlan dalm: agejfcflfr/ 
Tom LatU, Tort Glbson's-postmas-' 
ter (now editor of the Tul»a World, 
rlestor of Oklahoma republican poli- 
tics, etc.). who l»ad Just taken a : 
pop at Boudlnot with a forty-five 
from behind his desk In. the post* 
office without damaging 'erred,'- 

(To Be Continued Next. Week>\,^ 


Page 2: Card of thanks from S. A. Kent and others.** 
Page 9: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 21: Miss Thelma Wilhoit and Mr. Howard Curtis will be married.** 
Page 22: Miss Aileen Long and Mr. Alfred Ollis are engaged to marry.** 

Miss Belle Smith and Mr. B. M. Felton were married.** 

Mrs. Urtie Watts and Mr. George Cathcart were married.** 

Miss Louisa McCormack and Mr. Mack Morris were married.** 

Miss Florence Wilcox and Mr. Ralph Quigg were married.** 

Miss Mary Catherine Thompson and Mr. James Meredith Patton are engaged to 

Page 31: H. H. Washburn died.** 

J. P. C. Langstondied.** 

Lula Putney died.** 

Leonidis Jake Schenker died.** 

Mrs. C. J. Wheeland died.** 

Thompson infant died.** 

William C. Renshaw died.** 

Buiel Kirk died.** 

O.H. Medley died.** 

Births reported.** 

Andrew Allen, 70, died yesterday at the Greene county alms house. Funeral 
arrangements are under the direction of the W. P. Campbell Undertaking company. 

Page 15: There is a long article about early Springfield with photos of the first church, 
the Square in 1876, and other places.** 

., Keltoii-Hinllh. 

; The marriage ot Miss Ball* Smith 

<M BogferevlUa and Mr. B. M. Fallon. 

ateo at thai town, took place Saturday 
.nubk TUiruarj \z, at Oakland Matfc- 

WUI eThttroh, trre Bll« -art ©t 

•prlngileld on the Divlelon street 
road- The oeremony waa road by Rev. 
JL L Thomas, parlor of the church. 
The bride and groom ere wall known 
both in OrMat and Webeter oountir* 
•* Mr. Felton U a bualneee man of 
Rogeravllle and Un Felton waa for 
aoma time a taacher in tba pubUo 
achoola of Orwno oounty. but mora 
recently connected with tba olftce of 
the Oreene oounty courla. 

Mlaa WUholl to Marrr 
Mlsa Thelma Wilhoit. daughter of • 
Mr and Mrs. S. E. WUholl. o.' Kansas i 
aranua. wtU barnamad at 1 »*oJock 
ihla aXtevnooct a* tba J h«r- 

The marriage of Mlaa Plorenea WU- 
coji and Mr. Ralph Quigg waa aol- 
emnlzed at eigh,i o'clock Wedneaday 
evening at their home on Eaat Lom- 
bard etreet. Reverend Fred Schmldtka 
officiated. Only members of the Im- 
mediate fam'.llea were present. 
— o- - 
Mlaa Thompaon Engaged. 
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge William 
Thompaon. 1410 Washington avenue, 
j have announced the engagement of 
their daughter. Mine Mary Catherine. 
to Mr James Meredith Patter. Mlaa 
Thompson attended Drury col'.ege for 
three years where aha waa a member 
of the Zeta Tuu Alpha sorority and 
later "rrorr.ed the lv. U*U;r rieerre 
from Southwell Mlsrour! 8-.«i« 

parent* l*.'Wto:4Mnt*->> 
ot Mr. and Mta. W. S. OurtJe, 
etreat. Bar. J. W 
ot U»a,B*, fwl 

C.-adiiHto of •.!.<> t'nnrr.l: 
| do, where he uus u in* 

inhcr of 


Ksppu Aipil.i 
HI. honora: v 

; -:\< ". ; . Leag-OUi* Engagement. 
' Un,U A. Lon«% U0 «aat Division 
etteet, announce*, the engagement of 
bar granddaughter. MIm Aileeo, Long, 
to Mr. Alfred Qliu of UO» Worth 
Bobberaoo avenue." The wadding will 
take place Sunday, April ,3,vat. the 
Of John Kplaoopal church. ' •. 

frhtrr:i:ty unci Tau Beta 
rtiKinrci'.tit; fraternity. 

Mr. Pa'.tcn U now affiliated a:th the 

Jopltn Gas company at Joplln The 

wedding will occur In the early spring 

- o~ - 


The marriage of Mlaa Louisa Mc- 1 
Oonnaok and Mr. Mack Morris wa*| 
aoiemnlsod at the Methodist parsonage 
In Bogerarilla by Rev. B L. Thomas I 
Wednesday evening. Miss Orene Mc- 
Cormack. sister of the bride. Mlaa ! 
Kxnogene Jones, cousin of the bride, 



Mlaa Opal Polner. Mr*. K. U 

and Maatar Duxed 

guest* at the ceremony. 

and groom were both reared In Bog 

erovUle and will make) their hoc* 



• Mr» TJrtle Watt* of Rotrer*vlIle and 
Mr Oeorge Oathcert elao of Roger*- 
vllle. an employe of the «t. Loula- 
Ban Frencl»co Railroad company. 
wsre quietly married by Bw. »■ *j- 
Thomas p*-tor of the Rog*r*vllle *nA 
Oakland Methodlrt ehuroh. «•*"■ ; 
<Uy night la. the parlor of the OaA- 
tain church. Cloee friends and rela- 
tive* of the oouple were the only 
rueeu pre-nt. Mr. and Mr. Oeth- 
i«xt will oontlnuo to reside In Rog- 

' R^Jo^rjXck^W. UcKee ye*Urd«y 

("S'fWf »nd' Dor^U»7 I* Nlchol-t 
i»on. both of A»h Oroyt. , _,._„_- 
I nrow Thompson and C1«mm» 
Watktn*. bo th of Jo plln- 


vlah to thank our friend*, espe- 
tha True Kindred lodge and 
■ Marten of Oata of the Temple 
433. for their klndnee* and «vm- 
aiao for the beautiful floral 
*» during the lllneea and death 
V U. mother and daughter. 


Funeral *ervlce* for Leonldl* Jek. 
Bchenger. 63 police officer for tour 
yuar* who died Friday at hi* home. 
301 1 'worth Mlaaouit avenue, will be 
held at 3:30 p. m. today at the Wood- 
land Hel«ht» Praabytorlaji cfauroh. E. 
W Armstrong will offlolate. Burial 
will be in E**t Lawn cemetery under 
direction of the Alma Lohmeyer Fu- 
nerai home. Service* at the grave will 
be under auspice* of the Oate of Tem- 
ple lodge of the Maaonlo order, of 
which the deceased we* a member. 

Pallbearer will Include Chief A. C. i 
Boehm. J. H. CBryant. Ed Hick*., 
Prank Kynlon. Ralph McKenrle anc 
W. 8. Curtl*. 


Funeral service* were held yester- 
day afternoon at the home for Mr*. 
C J Wheeland. 81 year* old. who 
d'rrt Prtdav morning at her home at- 
Cllquot. north of Springfield. The 
Hutrheeon-Blue Undertaking rom- 
puny had charge of the services 


1 The infant eon of Mr. and Mr*. 
1 Olarence Thompson, of 904 Weet 
| Madison ■treet. died at 7:30 p. rn. 
y«*t*rdey. Funeral aervloo* will be 
held at a. 30 p m. today at the home | 
. and burial will be in East Lawn ceme- , 
I tery under the direction of W. L j 
Btarne, undertaker. The Infant le 
•urvived by the parent*, four ■later* | 
and two brother*. , \\ 

Ur and lira. C. L. Lettarman. *03 
South Broadway, announo* the birth 
of a daughter. Mary Aldeane. Febru- 
ary 10. 

Mr and' Mr*. Paul B. Wilkinson. 
route II, eprtntfWUL mnnounca tho 
birth of a ton on February S at tba 
Springfield Baptist noapttal. 

Mr. and Mr*. Earl Stlgall. 610 North 
Benton avenue, announce the birth 
of a daughter. Mary Joan. February ■ 
18. Mr* Stlgall formerly »*» Mia* j 
Thslm* Hunt. , 



H H- Waahwura. Twtaran of «&• 

SdTy TTnU noma «» »*• «» 
d«au. Mo. H*. Waahbura raetded In 
Bwincneld tor a »«*£•*<* £»»•• 
W» vu ■miSwOwUl with tit* ma«a 
i^n for 40 ywar*. Ha *•***">£ 
year* ago. Funeral •errloee will be 
n.ld at a p. m. Tuaaday at bU horn* 
ind burtaf wlU be there. The de- 
oedent U th* grandfather of Mra. 
Slauda MoOurdy of IMS North Orant 

MJKIL. fciajt. 
Buiel Kirk. thre e-je^ -oM^d»u«W 

^rbh"^^*rTdiod .t e*o, 

p^m, ye-Sfday. Puneral •^*»«^ 
menu are moompl*t# but burial wlU 
b« in Esit Lawn ostnetenr under the 
direction of the Kllngner Funeral 
home. , ' 

J. r. C LANOBTON. | 

Funeral •arvtoae will be held at 3 ; 
p. m. today at the family reeldano* I 
for j. p. O. Lant»ton. 70 year* old. 
who died *4 7»0 ». m. tunu4*J *t 
hie home at Btrafford ***** a brief 
illneea. Burial will be in Danforth I 

■ cemetery under the direction of 

I Klln«ner Funeral home Mr. Lan**" 
um i« survived by his widow. Fannie 
A Lang*ton; a aon. A. J. Langston. 

I tjuftwo daughter. Mr. Marie Pweet- 

i Ing and Mr*. Ine* Mitchell. 


Funeral aervloe* will be held at a 
p. m. today for Lula Putney. ^J"*' ! 
i old daughter of Mr. and Mr.. Robert , 
' Putney. 1900 We*t Web*«r street • 
who died at 11:40 a. m. r-»-*r " ! 
•vhe home. Burial will be In Haxel- 
wood cemetery under the direction of 
the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral homo. 
I Mim Putn.y is suolved by her par- , 
,enU. two el.ters. Oensvlev* and Ada. i 
and three brothers. Clyde. Daniel and 
j Charles, all of the home address. 



William O. Renshaw. 73 ijwi old. 
pioneer resident of Ornn* county, 
died at 3:40 p. m. yesterday at hta 
bam* near Cave Spring. Mo., follow- 
ing a lingering Illness. 

Mr. Renshaw was born July 31. j 
18M. near Cave Spring and had re- I 
sided In' thai community all lilt life j 
Hi* parents came to Clrecua county ! 
from Tennessee In the early day* and j 
eettled in the Cave Spring dliirlct ' 

The decedent la aurvlved by hn 
wife, Mrs. Oendace Renshaw; two 
•one, James Ranahaw. of route No. 3, 
Pearl, Mo., and O. J. Renshaw. aec- 
ratary of the Springfield Fire depart- 
mant; three daughters, Mr* Charles 
Dickey, of Springfield. Mrs. Will Jen- 
nings, route No 1, Wlllard and Mrs. T. 
W. Wadlow. route No. 8, Wlllard; two 
brother*. Robert Renshaw. of Pearl/ 
Mo, Frank, of Wlllard, route No. 3; 

tea Hfflfo* Hlv t>*a& fiws^s 9i 

WilUrd and Mrs. Mary Kaahry. of 

Funeral aerrleos will be held at 3 JO 
p m. tr>day at the Oa»e Spring 
Presbyterian church. Burial will be 
In Cave Spring, cemetery under the 
direction of the Oreenwade Under- 
taking company of Wlllard. 

I ■ ; •' ! ' mxoukt snmcu. 

I Funeral eerrloea for a H. Medley. 
«4 years old. who died Wednesday 
night at the family rasMsmsj la Mosj- 
I ererlile. 30 miles southeast of Spring - 
'field, will bs bald at the Baptist 
church there at 11 o'clock today 
'services will be conducted by Rev. J. 
,J. Parten and burial wii: be In the 
Pordlend cemetery under ice direc- 
tion of the Rogertriiie Undertaking 
company. The decedent la sum red 
bv the widow, two sons. Clarence 
Medley, of Lamar. la., and Arthur 
Medley of Rochester. N Y , and a 
daughter. Mra. Florence Kendall., of 
Lajar. Oallf. A stepdaughter. 'WHUa ■ 
Smith of Springfield, also rurvi 

Stffl Trtunpled For- 
ests When Pint Dwelling 
Was Erected Hero— Ear- 
liest Church, Rudely Fash- 
ioned Bat Firmly Built, 
Was Constructed in 1842. 

When Indiana ware trampling the 
forests of southwest Missouri— back 
in 1830— the first; dwelling for white 
men on tbet territory whlah u now 
Springfield was erected; a few months 
later the first business structure was 
built: and further, before the town 
could bs termed even a "one-horse 
town"— ltt 1843. to be exact— the first 

church was constructed. 

Since then.' Springfield has grown 
to be a thriving city of «58,OO0 popu- 
lation and aome 1,300 business Insti- 

What are Springfield's oldest busi- 
ness structures now standing, either 
remodeled or as they stood, when first 

This Is a question that only a few 
present residents of the city can an- 
swer In detail. It would be next to . 
impossible for a person to name the I 
single oldest business structure now | 
standing within the city limits, some j 
of the "old-tuners" cay. 

Ths writer, in gathering data on 
this bit of Springfield history, inter- 
viewed, a number of early Inhabitants 
bare, who. from their memory and 
written compllaOons In their posses- 
sion, were able to abed some light 
on the question, & ~ ■ 

The first dwelling was erected on 
what U now BoonrlUe avenue. It 
was located about six bJooka.Cron 
where the public square la. A. J. 
Burnett, brotbcr-tn-lsw of 'John F. 
Fulbrlght, both among the first set- 
tlers who cam* to this territory, has 
toe distinction of building the first 
cabin here. It was erected from 
hewed toys and was ty pical of pioneer 
construction. The log nut was oniyi 
13 by "18 feet. Settlers here et that 
time were John P. Campbell. William 
"Uncle Billy" Fulbrlght. who waft a 
brother of John Y.' Fulbrlght; Joseph 
Miller, brother-in-law of j. P. Caoip- 
beli; and Burnett. That seme year, 
1830, many other aettlcrs arrived. 
The First Merchant. 

Junius Campbell, brother of John 
F. Campbell, had the honor of being 
the flret merchant of the settlement, j 
Ilia business house, a rude log cabin,"! 
was located nenr the south end of the | 
present Frisco office building. 

And now the tide of immigration j 
flowed steadily. Dwellings and bust- j 
rtcsa houses were erecird, rind finally • 
In 1843. the first church v»es erecti'd. i 
It was a frame structure, rudely fash- j 
loned. but firmly built. The church ! 
was erected where the Hermann- ] 
Brownlow company. 401 South avenue, 
now etands. 

This building. Methodist In denom- j 
lnatlon. served the cl'.lzeni until \ 
1B38. T t wes then (!!.-::.•.•:•!•;.: ;.: ,'. u 
new one constructed. M«:c h histo ry.; 

surrounded the second Methodist ' 
church. After the battle of Wilson ) 
Creek, the church was used as a hos- j 

It was then used as a oon*. 

. barraets «4 l| | H t l .^ 

it was «Jmo* fltlexl 
and shell end ordance stores of all 
klndg. .. Wuaa Oenerel Mannadaksy* 
forces attacked stno «lt>% January t, 
loes. ths imttdjnj.wasjlfci--^--^-- 
by CbUlna* battery of 


Thro* or four cannon 

the south waU. This structure 

destroyed shortly later by a wind- 


•torn end * third obwetwwu 
Later, out of thle den omln e fio p gr** 
the St. Paul church and < b «™* , *f"* 
constructed a b uilding where tn» 

prea«nt on* la located, corner of Jef- 
ferson avenue and Walnut street. 

Old UuMnfss IIuuim. , 

! Amonp the old business bouse* j 
! which, in many cmci hare been re- , 
Imodled. are: Boners A: Bsld*ln Hard- | 

i wars company: "Khoda N. Bheppard I 

I building, which no* belongs to the, 

iMIUIgaii ekiute, al theeauthwe*: cor- , 

■ of the square: the building occu- . 

pled by Krej^e 5 and 10 cent store., 

I Knox Bhoc company. Olympla Candy | 

I company, and ievcral offices. Is nn old , 

structure; Denton's Drug company 

and CUlnn C!,;nr More. The building 

which houFei the Bu£ordu<-lli!l Dru« 

company. Cai;rty;os:uiii. Woolvorth's. 

arid the MorrtMjit C!cthlr.g company.,; 

was erected late.-. The Metropolitan 

hotel now elnnds on Cullr/e street 

practically the same r.s when first 

erected. A large poirh, which has been 

torn away, was the brent of many 

I>oliUcnl apeeches in the 70's. All po:- , 

lt'rfann. pathrreri s' :'."» |>I-'< *l> ^ ; "- 

k ,.-. . ll.i-ir tJn.jjj. -::. .: 

...The .McOmwr-N'-* Hardwa re e "m: 

pan j building also :» numbered 
among the old structure* 

Tbs building whers ite Rogers f* 
Baldwin wholeaals t!epa.".seot now 13 
located, was- once uvtd Jor a theater, 
known ae the Mansfield Opera house. 
Many eprlngfieldlan* remember this 
■how house. ' In the I f H— oaw m- 
cuniad bt the TTnfTeel Odm /fhxa> Chi 

in the TB% MBtT^SSrVS Cfctau 
CUT etora »■ la, Hi t, ,4 1 . P tamOi 
Cigar atcra 

W. K. irmifleM. • 
city, operated a hardware etore a* th» 
location of the) Oryatpto Ouady com- 
pany. The bu s hi see U»je e cC Kr*JtgV* 
tHlatui W^BM^WM ■* _<ht 

company, rtaxn ou e iatusvtart this 
building, the. large toew on th* 

soutbweat corner oX tha equara. 
Csea Tower for YoUug. 
An old tower oonatrootad b e t we en 

18A8 and 1870. was Lbe scene of manj 
activities during the early day* of 
Sprtngtlald. In th* lower section of 
the tower, resident* of BprtngfWld 
cast their vote during election. The 
base of tha tower was atruare In ebape 
a window erected on each atdV 

Square and to* old Merteftelil 

A general merrhamllee 
operated by W. C. Blgbea and J. C. 
1 Caakey. in the local ton of tha Ceady- 
1 torttun. Mr. rrtgtioe now rastdea ham 
sjad raoalto many ettrrtng ew e at g of 
tho** days. Btgbe* and Geekey e**& 
operated a clothtng store on the 

the south weal 

their vote on tha 

tha northweat, oa the weat aldaj and 

voter* la the nnrthjeat. or ward a, on 

tht north alda, A clerk waa atatlonad 

*Jwat c IJSr 

WW* ;-tJOM88 f , 


aldej threw in 

at each window to receive tha haUota 

A large belT which oould be heard 
for miles around "whan It waa found- 
ed, ewurju from of tha tower. 
Whda « 'lira broke out tha ball wej 
rung. Whan thla tower waa dhrtman- 
Uad TQ IBM, the bell waa presented to 
Dick Xveawtt. formerly chief of the 
fire department. It can be eeen now* 
at the Everett resident*. Main avenue 
and State atreet. >' 

Where tha Joeeph Jewelry company 
now stand*, a building waa occupied 
In 1870 by the old Holland bank. In 
1890 the Holland bank moved acroee 
the street to the building In which 
the Van Metre Drug company now Is 
located. Tha bank changed It* name 
to the Holland a»"^"f company. In 
this building, before occupancy by 
the bank, waa located the Woolf 
Brothers Clothing company. 

Th* entire northeast corner of the 
square, where the .Nathan Clothing 
company. Btate Savings Trust com- 
pany. Queen City bank. Electrlo The- 
nter, Reps. Weavers 8hoe company, 
und Payman-Joeeph Jewelry company 
lire now located, was swept by fire in 

Th* Meer Btores company building 
now stands where the old court ' 
house and the 8tar Clothing com- ' 
pany stood In 1670. Back of th* old j 
court house, on th* st-'-et now known | 
as Patton avenue, was eUuatcd the . 
county Jail. Leas than two blocks : 
west of th* county Jail, where the [ 
Hawkins furniture company now Is j 
located, was the Christian church. 

There are a number of other old | 
business houses In various sections of 1 


This rude (rams structure was the f-.rit church la Sprin*fleld. Il 
was erected tn 1842 and was known as the Methodist church. 

Here ij shown tn* second Methodist church U Bprtaffleld. It was 
constructed la 1B58. la 186S. It was badly ridded wlta ahot from 
cannon at the time Q«n. Marmaduke attacked the city. Later It waj 

destroyed by a wind storm. • 

10 3. 

AboTe la shown the Loitucaat corner of tho square In 1876. It waa 
wi ped out by fire In 1913. 

Ttii If St. Loali atroet In 187(. The Van Matr» Dre* oamyamr 
now occupies tha corner bulldln* on the rliht. The bo I Mine ttroM 
the (treat It occupied by r»nn_-Joa*pb. The bulletin* • e_ort __- 
unce down the alreet on U>e uni tide at preient li too _tcOr*i;or- 
Noe Hardware company. 




l J 

i^t • SB! 


• ^■>.^ftHS'HS9SSSB 

.. ... "..;• .;*&-. J, <L< 

■■■/ U^..r-\i^'>i;^: : ^.^ i - 

5y- . i ••-- ^i»M&V^ 

Hers Sa a familiar eceno to loma. Tha old tower, acen* of rotlnit In early days. Jnat aboro the win- 
do* la euown, barely dlilltct. a picture of John 8. Pbelpe. who «t tha time tha pletnre »u Ukw r »«i 
•"a candidate for novernor In Ilio fall of 1176. The bnlldlnis thowa were located on the aouth aide of the 
leqaar*. -Tkw4»Uaat bulldlon on 8o«th. street. :risht.*lde. Ii the old Mansfield theater." sow RotersJk-BauW 
win Hardware company. Observe the WMt. Kwwtlel.) Queeniware and Bto»w. That balldntg »«o» 
♦ecMWed **4b» Oirwpla Caxsd* company; (-Xeart^evfy la tbo liuUdlna: now oenapf*d tr Km*a'a,ftl Wp» 
per which etanda unchanged. : Qtt-lM-+Wilhr**i comer or South itreet la abown the old 
WUifni^hat* the United Clgar*tdte MeTM loc*t*i l£>*Jt ttoox*n>vf*toni ttoot th» wggjf 


i ij&s^-teP:8%» ~-~*~^ • ■---- ■- ^s -- - — — ■ I 

"7,~~ . v—« rnllppp street west from (he square. Tho large 
J&UUSU S Hit -SEr «., ..., o.a court bou.c-iho Hear 

i; om ctirtatteH cktahuJuU Mftirtlnii riiiriiiiirinniniwiw 

mR&t&aow*' r.iiH.iinB <■■ ■ '' " ,r " ( ' r n " w h " , ' ,B i»"f J » 

*£_ .'.. '"^V i — iTnfii-.iir •■•■iiiranv m:<l itffin-h. .'..rllur ilo*u tuo I 
frktb*1Q'a/ ' 


Page 1: Jack Hilterbrand and Miss Helen Little, both of Lockwood, were married 
yesterday in Springfield. 

Buiel Kirk, 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Kirk, 938 East Chestnut street, died 
Saturday and will be buried in East Lawn cemetery. 

Page 4: Naming of Walnut Grove and Licking.** 

Page 5: Miss Thelma Wilhoit and Howard Curtis were married yesterday. The bride is 
the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Wilhoit of Kansas avenue. Mr. Curtis is the son of Mr. 
and Mrs. W. S. Curtis, 648 Delmar street. 
Page 7: Buiel Kirk died.** 

Page 8: Miss Thelma Wilhoit and Howard Curtis were issued a marriage license.** 
Lula Putney died.** 
O.H. Medley died.** 
J. P. C. Langstondied.** 
Page 10: There is a photograph of the Drury college chemistry class of 1885. There 
were two women and six men (all named in the photo) and the class was taught by Dr. Edward 
M. Shepard who is also in the photo. 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 11: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thompson died.** 
Page 10B: Howard Dunn, 12, died Wednesday near Maple Grove. He was the grandson 
of Mrs. Martha Dunn of Miller, Mo. 


Will Irby was murdered Monday at Ava, Mo. He was the brother of J. T. Irby of 
Miller, Mo. 

Mrs. Sarah Marsh, 72, died Monday at Lockwood. She was buried in the Brick 
Church cemetery north of Mount Vernon, near her childhood home. 

Johnny Lister, 59, died February 10 near Spring river in Lawrence county. He is 
survived by one sister and one brother. 

Once Walnut Grove 

# • •*# '• , '»£# ; « • 

Called Possum Trot 

And Licking, In Texas County, 

W.t Known as Lick 8kill«t, 

A. M. Haswell Reeatle 


* prosperous towns -of Oreoae 
•aunty. wa« oailod Poaaom Trot 
bat* In the* days of ***. *eWrd-i 

in« to A. M. Uuw«a Author, aad< 
historian of Mansfield 

dent of Springfield fos many 

Mr. Haswell wrltae: ^ 

"I note that you uk old timers 
or hUtnrlana to add to the inter- 
esting Hat In The New*. telling ot 
the origin of 'names of various 
Osark towns. I can qualify a« an, 
oldtlmer. If not alao- aa a hlstoalan. 
for I landed In .Springfield on 
\ September J5, 1868. and was thero, 
practically all the tin* for tOi 

-There Is the little city of "Uek- 
Ins;, In Taxaa county, which was) 
'ailed Lick Skillet for lone; after 
I was In the Ozarka. Then Jasper 
county had a town plat on record 1 
the? name of "DeunflnolfavtseH 
know whether tk* JMW^&tf 
n exists at this thoeTeVt K wa* 7 
— talnly -there, and 1 hara aeen 

met i^fB**tfflSa 

Than thsre are some odd name* 
of towns given to them In their 
Infancy, but not lasting. 
worUty of record, fes""*** - — 
that pretty Utti4 *»wj^ta th* 
w*st pert ot Greene county, 
nut drove, wi# called j P 
Trot by all ancients for year* aft 
I first saw It, although of course 
it was officially under lu srasint 
naraa • !f ■ ' <• \ ■ ■rjmsjffi&t 
- ''A mile or two south of Possum' 
Trot, there was, K> year* ago, K 
little store and a house or* two, 
probably started by some ambt-: 
tlous pioneer as a rival of the old- 
er place, and It lived and died': 
under the name of Beef Nook. 

"Kbenezer. aome .11 miles north ! 
of Springfield, gets its name from 
a church which was onsalsoil 
thwe In lilt. When the question' 
uf a name for 'the . church cam* 
up. someone euggested the old 
Bible title of Ebenezer. Thus far 
the Ixird has led me on." *nd the 
name endures to this day." 



Funeral services for Lula Pot no v. 
14. daughter of Mr. wad Mrs.' Robert 
Putney, 1HC West Webster street, who 
died at 11:40 o'clock FYlday mornlns. 
will be held at the home at I o'clock 
this aftornoon. Burial will be In 
ilaaelwood cemetery 'under direction 
of the Alma Ijohmeyer Funeral tome. 


Mineral services for O. II. Medley. 
M who died Wednesday night at hie 
home In Itogerevllle. Mo., will be hrl<*. 
at the Paptlat church there at U 
o'clock this morning. The Reverend 
J. J. Parten will officiate. Burial will 
follow In the Fordland cemetery under 
direction cf the Itogerevllle Undertak- 
ing company. Mr. Medley Is survived 
hy the widow, two eons, Clarence 
Medley, of J-amar, Iowa, and Arthur 

Medley, of Roehestsr. N." T^ 
daughter. Mrs. Florence 
Lojar. CaL. and a «tepdaug*t«T, 
Smith, of Springfield. • '4^ * - 

J. P. C LAN08T< 

¥ Funeral serv1oes> f or J. P. 
ton. 70, who died at 1M o'<dc4k ree- 
terday ruornlrvg at hta home at sMatf* 
ford. wlU be held at 1 o'clock the* aft- 
ernoon at the residence. Burial Witt 
follow in Dan forth cemetery under 
direction* of the Kllngner TUaslsl 
home. Mr. Langston lived In Greene 
county all his life and Is survived by 
the widow, Mrs. Franie A. Tangsaon. 
one eon. A. J. Lengstrm. and two 
daughters, Mrs. Maile r.weeUEg and 
Mrs. inas Mitchell. 


year »Td daughter 
Virgil KITk. MEut 
who died* at »3» 
night. wC*. be, best ■ 
afterneos) «t 


Bulel Kirk. 1-yeer-old daughter 
ot Mr. and Mrs. Virgil' Kirk, i»38 
East Chestnut street, died last 
night at 8:10 o'clock. Interment 
will ,be made In the East Lawn 
cemetery under the direction of the 
J. W. K linger undertaking company. 
Funeral arrangements have not 
been completed. 

'■ I 

a 07. 


\ marriace He""* *•» ,MU *f T **" 
terday at. the recorder a office to 
Howard furtta of fcO ^W^J""! 
.venue, and *W Tu*>»* ^**f 

ur owner. . "' v . . '_ ..'_,. ^ 

1 o'clock thl. ^««r" ***?* J h0 5y 
rUr*.n. pa.tor of the W. »MI 
church. ^^ 

Th. groom 1. th, •» *"*** <*T 
th. re.mber ot th. Bprtiurnrtd dete«- 

rollowtnt th. ceremonr. *•'••?•" 
jfr,. CurO. will b. at horn* ■V* 7 

K»it Msdhon .treat. 

Miss Thelma Wilhoit . | 
Wev/s Howard 'Curtis 

The marriage of Ml.* Thelma. 
Wilhoit. only daughter of Mr. and 
Mr*. 8. E. \yilhoIt to Mr| Howard 
CurtU. .on of Mr. and Mr.. tP. 8. 
Curtis. «4I Delmar* nr««(, took at 2 o'clock yesterday after- 
noon at the home of th* bride - . 
parent* oh Kansas avenue. The ter- 
race era* read by the Reverend 
John W. 1'earnon, paalor of 8t. Paul 
M. E. church. Only member* of the 
two fu 11)111*'" were present. The 
rwuple will revldr nt "7 Ka.t Madi- 
son street. 


Marriage licen...: Carl F. Piper,; 
22. and Dorothy U Nicholson. 19.'. 
Liolll of Ash drove; Howard U. 
Curtis. 21. and Thi-lniii V. Wilhoit. j 
17. both of Siirlntflold. 1 

The Infant aon ct[ Mr. and Mr*. 
Clarence Thempaon, 9N Weat Madlacn 
atreel. died at 7 :•> o'clock but nUjbt. 
H. I. aurvlved by the parent*, fottr 
■later* and two brother*. Fun.ral 
..rvlce. will be held at 1:0' o'clock 
thl* af»otrno6n at the home, wit!) 
burial In Bast Lawn euneterr under 
direction <)f W. I* Btarne, undertaker. 

Page 1: Paul McLemore and Fred Smith were killed.** 
Page 4: There is a poem in memory of Layton L. James.** 
Page 6: There is a poem in memory of Margaret M. Monday.** 
Page 10: Mrs. Lola Parsons died.** 

Mrs. Mary A. Roberts died.** 

Buiel Kirk died.** 

Ernest Lee Grant died.** 

Sally P. Feyen died.** 

Andrew Allen died.** 

M. C. Bodanske sues to divorce Pearl E. Bodanske. 

Marriage license: Orville R. Cunningham of Cuba, Mo., and Caroline A. Mayer of 
Bourbon, Mo 

Page 15: Miss Helen Little and Mr. Jack Hilterbrand were married.** 

Miss Creta Neville and Mr. James Earl Tucker were married.** 
Page 16: Card of thanks from Mrs. L. J. Schenker and others.** 

Paul 3Vf cLeinore and Fred Siuii^£|| 

Walnut Grove Faipmes. Inalail^^ 
1 :30 a. in. Today While EnKout* 


* 5*2 

Lake Taneycomo — Mistake DriyejiiW^ !**• 
Wade Home for Highway. 


: 1 

Kvlitentl* uitaiaklng n drWeway to the boroa ot Dr. J. H. W»d* U| 

Oxark. for a turu In the Mate highway. P.ul McLemore 26 ••»« NOW. 

and Kr.-d Kmllb. 21. both of Walnut Urore. wero killed at 1.30 o clOcaj 
I this uiurniim when the Koru roudater In which they were rid n* piun«- 

ed over a 40-(oot embankment Into a branch of the Klnler «*«/• 
■ Ivt Wade. urouwHl Iho car drove into bis dr|v^ ay. thought 

ll„. mai-hlnr. mier-l lh* jmnl fin 'I- i-uu^ol lurnina: "O"^. WM 
,lb<- .ur did uoi reapprar. lw .Ire-awl hurrldly and, following the track*. 

10 8. 

The Leader for Tuesday, March 1, 1927, is missing. 


Page 8: Mildred Maralyn Martin died.** 
Laura May Henderson died.** 
Ernest Lee Grant died.** 
Edward Mason died.** 
Ralph Riddlespinger died.** 
Paul McLemore died.** 
L.F.Walls died.** 
Mrs. Sally F. Feyen died.** 

Card of thanks signed by Mrs. Fronie Langston and others.** 
Warren M. Mooneyham was appointed administrator of the estate of Alzada P. 
kelton who died February 22. There are a number of heirs. 
Page 12: There is an item about Arch McGregor.** 

•i; T — 

Mildred Maralyn Martin, th* 7- 

, I«» Martin, of AM WNt Central ,£?{ ' 
•honly .«„ , 3 . c|0t . k gJJJI 

a brief 
• urviv.d by I 


J» * looal hospital following 
Mines*. The munt i. , ur r 


i?1^7 nU '* nd on * b "»h«. Buddy 
Tun«r.i .re ln «m. 

will be In charge 
tohmeysr Funeral 

; plete but services 
of the Herman H. 



■nmeral service* will be held to- 
morrow aft«rnoon for Laura May Hen- 
Jfrwn. infant daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs c. I.. Henderson of 307 East 

,cific atreet. who died at a 
lerdey Burial will be 

■ cemetery under th 
ICllngner Funeral home The 
la curvivecl by the parent* 
brother *£. 

, tag at the home of hit 
*■ »•■ Farrytnen. aaa _ 
• treat, will b* held illpi 
r»W .t the East AW..U. • B.OUst 
church. Burial will follow In OrSw.' 
*™ ■"■■lUIJ under direction of the 
Wtngnar funeral home. Th. «£Zi 
dent U survived by the widow/She! 
mother and two children. ■ ™J 

**»u»*f«l service, for Paul McXe-i 
mora, 36 year. old. of Walnut Omn 
who waa Instantly killed early Moo-! 
day morning whan hla car plunged ' 
orer a 40-foot bluff Into a branch ' 
of the Unity river at Ozark, were 
held at 2 p. in. today at the Flrat ! 
Bapuat church at Walnut .drove ! 
Rev. J. F. Sherman officiated. Burial ' 

In OrearU.wn 


Pa- l 
P- m. yea- , 
In Oreenlawn 

direction of the 
child , 
and one 



Funarai aanrlcaa for Ernest Lee 
Orant. 6-montha-old son of Mr. and 
Mr.. Mama Orant of .1. UUey a*.- 
au*. who «Mt Monday morning tn . 
looal hospital, were bald at a p. m 
toaay at the horn*. Burial waa In 
Haaelwod cemetery under direction of 
th* Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral 
home. The U survived by the 
paxenu and . slater. Fern. 


1 fcawartl Uuou. 43. died February 

I IS at hla home tn Denver. Colo., ac- 

1 cording to word received here. He la 

■urvlved by four sisters, one brother 

and the father. J. B. Muaon. all of 

' Kanaar City. " He waa for many yenri 

a resident of Springfield 


! there. 

Funeral arrangements for Fred ' 
; Smith. 25. alio of Walnut Cirove. who 
I waa killed In the same accident, are I 
i incomplete. ■ - i 


Funeral services (or oL, F. Walls. ! 
i 71 yeare Old. retired farmer, who died ' 
yesterday af tertvoou at his horn* In 
HofonrtlU.. will be Bald at 8 p. m. 
tomorrow at the Methodist Kplacopal 
church In RoteravlUe. Rev. E. L. 
Thomas will officiate and burial will 
be In Whits Oak cemetery In charge 
of the Rogersvllle Undertaking oom- 


Funeral services for Mrs. Sally F. 
Feyen. 49, who died Monday in a local 
hospital, were held at 3:03 p. m. today 
at the Fsjumo Funeral home. Burial 
la Ha— t wood cemetery. Mrs. 
Is survived by two sons. Frank 
E. Ferea. and Lester O. Feyen; and 
by bet- * ta t*«r rf John B- Duacao. a*a 

^ ■■:,■':.. .-... .-•"' ill? 1 



l_r:ie»t Let Grant, the 6- months- , 
Aid son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin , 
Oitul. died at 11:30 a. m. today In • I 
local hospital following a brief III- ' 
sni Puneral arrangements ere in- | 
complete but burial will be In Hazel- . 
wood cemetery under the direction of I 
Herman H Lohmeyer Funeral home. , 
The decedent la survived by the pax- 
uu. of 616 Lluey avenue, and a ala- 
tar. rem. 


Funeral services will be held at 
e : jo p. m . Wednaeday at the Paaaon 
Puoeral home for Mrs. Bally P. Pey- 
an, 44 yeara old. of ' 010 St. Louie 
street, who died early thla morning 
in a local hoapltal. Burial will be 
in Ha*elwood cemetery. Mrs. Peyen 
la survived by two eona, Fran* E. 
Ptryen. who u connected with the 
Frisco, and Lester O. Feyan. who la 
employed In a local atore of the 
PlggJj-Wlgjly company; by hex fe- 
tbar. John B. Duncan, and five 


Funeral eervloea for Andrew Allan, 
en years old. wfco died Pawruary 8». 
- lUM held at a p. m-. Tueaday. from 
*Ka reeidenoe. 714 North Clay avenue, 
with Rev. **i~:. Miller officiating. 
l»l»nnant will be Jn Bouth Heael- 
•Mod cemetery under directions of 
ejba W. P. Campbell Undertaking 
gg mrnn y. 

' sues fob nivoaijc 

A cult for divorce waa filed thla 
o^rnioi in the offloe of the circuit 
SertM U. C. Bodanake again* Pearl 
* Bbdenake. the plalnUff alleging 
general Indlgnltlee. 


Recorder Jack W. McKee thla ™>™- i 

irJlaeued a marriage llcenae to Orvtlle 

a/ Cunningham of Cuba. Mo., and 

Caroline A- Mayer of Bourbon. Mo- ^, 

Fur.erel aervlr-se lor Buiel Kirk 3- 
.teer-old daughter of Mr. and ^Mra , 
Virgil Kirk. » 3 a Eaat Che.tnut street, 
who died at 8 :30' o'clock Saturday 
night, uere held at 2:30 p m. today 
at the home. Burtal waa made In East 
lawn cemetery under direction of w. 
L. Stame. undertaker. 

former Student Married. 
The marriage of Mlea Helen Little 
•nf Lockwood and Mr. Jack HUter- 
hrand. who U a teacher at Lockwood 
and graduate of But* Teachera col- 
lege, here, waa performed yesterday -at 
tbe home of Rev. II. J. Cockeilll. pas- 
tor of Clrace Methodist Eplacopal 
church, by that minister Mr. 1111- 
ter brand will be- remembered here as 
♦■Or of Teachert. college'!* mot»t proml- 
Ufj'.t, ulhlrtoa He w b.s u member of ; 
the t< c-;ul) of tliul school and par- 
ticipated lit many, different branches | 
of sport, lie Is no* athletic director, 
of the Lock-aood High school. Mr. , 
unit Mrs HIHerbraud returned last | 
lilglu tu their home In Lockwood. ] 

InMe moriant J 

Si I I I l .i ■ " 

-rf alar* 

85? ^gifr-r'W today. 


M UttatL 

-• i* . ■ -m Bk» lot* bad glean. 
And lUxwsgh tha bady ahnabera bar*. 

m SStL^^aimxjt AHD ore** 

Mr and Mrs C. B. Neville of 069 | 
Eas* Division street have announced 
the marriage of their daughter. Cret*. 
to James Earl Tucker on February 7 
1927 Harvey L Humphrey, associate 
iiaMor i>« Ontial Christian churcli 
officiated Mr and Mrs. Tucker will 
be at ht«:re alter March 10 ..t 2161 
Prospect avenue. 

wuaaral aarvloa. will be bald .at ,9 

seabarte la 

.- nu so«u*.V. bf- saob- 

^^^-ne'^^r-O^r B 
Boher- of Albuquerque. N. M. 

The Daily News is missing from March 1, 1927, through March 13, 1927. 


Officers Not to Prosecuted 
Boy For Killing Father in ' 
Defending Mother. 

Br, 43 years old. at 

m f '4MMnuon grew steadily 

aturday «btn aaeniogiil* eat 

la. Attending, physician* stated 

I uitt hii extraordinary ntaJity kept 

| *«lrn allre the lest two days, as bis 

case wan hopeless from the outaet. 

The charRe from a ehotgun struck | 
ihe elder Frederick In the right tetn-t. 
pie and blew a portion of hi* e-kull :j 
• way. He regained consciousness for 1 , 
a few rnlnutM Saturday, but wan un- j 
able to talk ' 

Funeral aervicea were held at a:30 
oclook thla afternoon, with Inter- 1 
, mtut in Milum cemetery, three miles 
east of Harrison 

Frederick la survived by hl« pe- 
, rente. Mr. and Mrs. William Pred- 
l erlck of Harrison, two brothers. Wal- 
ler and Harve Frederick three sls- 
ttrt, Mrs. Janlr Weils. Mr». Hattle 
i Hutchinson aud Wrs Carrie Donald- 
i son. ail of Harrison; hU widow, four 

j a a fcfct. Majdmit Hhiaaoad. Clyde and 
OaiW^r. and two daugbtars. Vera* 
'•nd Oledye. ! 

Boy Displays N« KnMKlou. 
, CAlrUi rtwdwlak. Jr~ dlsplaysd «o, 

signs ul .motion when he «u tola 

a? his leghee'e death jMorday. The* 
mother Mint serious eoACIUocu suf. « 
rerwg from a aemu. bwaMoVn-j 
The family U in a destitute tooditioo 
and the charrcy committee ©f Her- 
rttoa «m osrtng for the children to- , 


Oeivln. Jr. told a epeclal corre- 
•pondent of The Leader this morning . 
that he had never fired a weapon ol ] 
any kind until Wednmday morning, j 
when he ahot hla father j 

Harrtaoo officers aald today no ac- , 
Uon would be taken agalnat the boy ; 

According to the etory told by 
members of tha family to a UmM| 
correapondsnt. Fredertek had fid-, 
died ' at a country dance the night 

before the quarrel and did not get . 
home until 8 o'clock Wednesday ' 

He did not go to bed. It was aald . 
walking tha floor until members of j 
the family arose. Frederick then be- 
came enraged be cau s e bis daughter. 
Gladys, was alow In washing the ] 
dishes, it was aald. and alapped the . 

Motber Oefended Olrl. 
airs. Frederick defended hei 
daughter, and Frederick picked up a 
chair and started beating his wife, 
according to the story told by the i 

Ouivln. Jr.. trieu to defend bis 
mother, jumping on his father's back. 
rrederWk atajpped the boy down, but 
the youth, .agaih jumped on his 
father** back, attempting to ke*T> 
htm from .fcnung bis mother. The 
1 tE*o »a aaid to bate 
boy out the .front door. 
" till Bouse and warned 
Other" to stop beating hla mother 
The boy u-en climbed onto the bed 
4b the ixetxt room, took *■» atootgua 
where 1* we* bemghsg on the 
turned througj* the opv> door- 
toto the kitcAen at bis father 
puiiad the trigger. 
Ybd yDdtft. then ran o«t the front 
dbtr ^ • nelghburbood grocery store, 
wbevw bp-.teid neighbors, of the 
shooting. ■■'} ' 

"It eras either dad's life or moth- 
er's, and 1 shot dad." the boy said. 
"Itn not sorry, and I'd do It again 
If I had to." 

Dc, C. if. Ooutii. city health of; 
(leer, was at Frederick's t>edsJd* yes- 
ksrday when the man "■*--* 


Funeral senrlcee will be bsld at 
f to p. m. tomorrow for Mrs. Lola 
Parsons. 38. wife of T. L. Parsons, of 
route No. ft. Springfield, who died 
yesterday at l*:sO o'clock In a local 
hospital following a brief Illness. 

She is survived by her husband, 
three sons. Harold. Luth and Laverne. 
all of the home address: five daugh- 
ters. Haawt Leola. Louise. Millie May 
swnd Florence, all of the borne ad- 
Stress' two ststrra. Mrs Oerwr Howard 

& Atlas. Okla aud Mlai Zepha 
thewa of Bprlngfleld: her father. 
L. J. Mathews of Wl'.lard. Mo. and 
three brothera. W. F. Mathews of 
Blerta. Texas. O. W Matthews of 
•ypnngttald. and J. w. Mathrwa of 
Wlllerd. Mo. 

Burial will be In the Tlobberaon 
Prairie cemetery north of Spring- 


.found Hi.' machine had pluiiK«Ml »*«r tho .;iubankmeni_ 

J!.- Immedlalelv iull*d Sheriff Jobn Turned and the two. alter de- 

Lccndlug the »tP«p bluff, lound both occupant* of the car dead. Me- 
Lemon- wait crumpled bmi«*ath the si<"Tlnr, wheel of the wrecked ma- 
,'blnH HIh neck bad be«u broken and htti face and head horribly 

• crushed. . . 

Kmlth bad been thrown dear of the plunging car and wM found 

'Ivlng on bl» back lu the shallow waiwra or the Kluley rlt« branch. 

I ilia neck had been broken and bin skull fractured In several pUcea. 

II In believed both men were killed Instantly 

• Xha bodla* w»r» removed '*tt tb^ 
x* b. Chaxnn oiM>Tii > i nt, i ^ f »lf^ i , 

Bishop U OhlkO lU 
Ultad- The bOdisa 

t* t h o a ttt» » p >O T 

fcep*. tiUa, am,- 

M 'HI «i*rg» OT 


down wmrd slop* 

• tr«* at tb* top of 

pfatd owor mm. Bfcmr/ lr t* 

thardfrrvar, MBM /»•€ 

n—lml of um car. B— dtlght* or tb* 

machine were «UU burning whom th* 

. , x^m or tba**^ ^ 

DMrt-Mt than** to th« many WtwU 
U d neighbor- who «> willingly -*- 
.utad u. during tho long lUnaa. and 
|d -Ui of our d-rty b-OTod *uab*nd. 

brother and «-pbaw. w r^{.*Tf 
be grateful for the many ** u ™ 
FuX^ahown u. during ^our or ; 

ituToftertngs ww are truly grateful. 




bodies .were r e c ov er ed 
Turner and Dr. Wade. 

Near rialey River. 
Dr. Wade's borne Is located on thd 

west aide of the highway where Um> 
road runs north and dowu-hlll uudw 
the l*rl*oo tracks and Uxu acroaa th* 
Plnlay river bridge. It u at the north, 
outskirts of OBstrk. The only way to, 
-which a car could go over the em- 
bankment would be to drive through 
the Wad* yard. 

The roadster vas ' descending 1 lhs> 
hill, traveling north, when it sudden- 
It. iwuni; Inui Dr Wade's yard and 
made lu wild dash through a Clump 
of trees and over a rough deeoeut to 
the bluff Jutt before t*srhlne > ->*»•> 

Muff, The machine struck the tra* 
and glanced sidewlae, the track* tty* 
The car laadotf aquarefy *fe 

it tba bottom of flaw 

lis radiator 

Mchemore u survived by hie 
parents, a brother. Ralph MrLsmoye. 
of Ht* York City; and a abator* »*»V 
uarta oalvm. of Qrben «Ude< ,**», 
H* attended Drau*bo»a Buafoe**. ooj- 
legs In Spring field several year* agji. 
and had been an u*n| of the Ml4> 
land iuiilidm company of Ksnsafl 
City In Walnut Orov* tor soma .time. 
' Smith is survived \Mgf bis parent*, 
■ slater. Oaorgla, threw brothers. Dr. 
J D Rmttn of Bolivar. Mo,; Delb-ert 
bcniui. of th* tj. B. N*vy. and Clyde 
Smith .... 

In Mcmoriam 


I In loving ren>etnbrmr><*« of out dar- | 
' :ing husband and daddy. Layton U- 

lamw, »l»o d'.etl i-nr year as;o. rebru- 

axy 3*. 103ft 

When the eraaiing shadows are falling. 

and I am anting ail aiotx. 
In my heart come* a .longing. If he 

only could come home. 
Oftentimes my heart bath wmnOared. 

to a grave not far away. 
Where wr laid our darling daddy, Just 

one year ago today. 
lie Is gone, but not forgotten, never 

from my mind to fade 
Oue lonely heart will linger around 

the grave where he 1* laid. 
Ood took him home. It was His will. 

but In our hearth v.e love lum 
. stlU. 

His memory I' »^ fieoh todsy. as In 
i the hour lie wss laid away. 

Badly mlaaed hv wife and daughter. 
)Mn«. I. I. .'»mi-. r«-.i!lnc. lildrrlnc. 
, and Bernlce Jame?. 

* CAKI) OK TIIANKM. rt&!o 

i desire u> *»pr«" our thanks ;,end; 
'appreciation to our f riends • and 
neighbors lor the many klndn 
extended and the many expressions 
or sympathy »ho»ji ua and the beaxi* 
tllul floral offerings in our racent 
bereavement In the death of our dear 
husband and father. 





9— T 

.*. •«.« McGregor wm in the lobby of 
the Colonial looking over at the 
Woodruff' building. Ha la loeatod at 
the' Colonial while Mxa. McGregor la 
spending the winter In California. 
The town U changing." ha mueed. 
-Where the Woodruff building U I 
flrat attended public school In 
Springfield. It waa a two -story 
building with the acbool on the eec- 
ond door. Professor Oorton waa In 
charge, a former man of the nary. He 
knew now to apply the rod. but that 
waa about all. I got mine, but proba- 
bly no more than X needed." 

Mr. McGregor haa been In contlnu- 
! oua bualneaa at the aame stand longer 
! than anyone else In the city' except 
j Billy Reed, who haa been In the aame 
■ stand' dn Commercial street longer 
1 than any other firm. Mr. Mc- 
, Oregor ' Is not an old man In the 
i modern aenae, but aaya he expects to 
! die In the harness. There la nothing 
i in retiring, he says. 

Page 1: Mrs. Emogene Williams died.** 
Page 2: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of Emily R. Rathbone signed by 

Bernard F. Rathbone and family. 

Marriage license: Wesla J. Willett of Jerico Springs and Lucy Agnes Holman of 


Card of thanks from J. M. Roberts and others.** 
Card of thanks from Mrs. 0. H. Medley and others.** 
Page 3: The grave of Edward Boone will be marked in Kentucky. He was the brother of 

Daniel Boone.** 

Card of thanks signed by Robert Putney and others.** 
Page 6: Mildred Maralyn Martin died.** 
Mrs. Thressa Bedgood died.** 
L.F.Walls died.** 
Fred Smith died.** 
C.W.Webb died.** 
Laura May Henderson died.** 
Ralph Riddlesperger died.** 
Colson infant died.** 
Page 12- Henry H. Washburn, 77, died recently at Cape Girardeau. He was with the 
Frisco for 55 years. He formerly lived in Springfield but was transferred so he would not have 
to go through Aurora where his son was killed. He was a very large man. 


Wt wlah to than* M «Wf «•«»*• 
and-neighbore for that* sympathy and 
beautiful floral offering* »* tt» ***tn 
of our beJored daughter and slater 
Lula. We especially than* Re*«reu<J 
Paul Oomba. Hererend «. *Unj and 
the choir of Broadway etratt Prasby 
tenan church for thatr wntea. 




We wish to think our friends for 
th-ir kindness and sympathy during 
ti.e lime** and death of our hushand. 
father snd brother, also for the beau- 
tiful floral offerings. 







PARIS. Ky -.-The grave of Edward 
Boone, brother of the ImmorUl Dau- 
; • i Bonne, funoui Kentucky pioneer 

. and Indian fighter. In Bourbon : 
roimty near her*. to«retheer with the j 
hurlol placea'of « doren other Revo- ' 
lu'loi'.ury War lighter* alio helped to' 
entry trie touch of clvtll7*tion Into. 

'•.he Western wlldernoeii beyond the 
Alleghenles soon sre to be redeemed 
from oblivion by historical markers. 

The Jemima Johnaon Chapter of 
Daughters of the Amertcan Revolu- 
tion here announeed that markers 
appropriately. Inscribed have been 1 
provided and will be placed In po«l- 
tion early In the spring, with fitting 

B > cnmrdelelv has the fame of D«n- | 
lei Boon* nvrrshuriowed the achieve- ; 
mer.iR ul I"* conteniporarica and 
kinsmen that very few Kenturklana 
k-i"*- th»t lie hnrt b brother. Edward 
Boone, who played an Important part 

i in the stirring drama Incident to the 
settlement of the Blue*"-**" State. 

' until the Paris chapter of the D A R 
-trri'lv «-a>:«i "'■" s-ttenlion of the 
iiubiic't'i '.Sir :•! •■• - '""f this pioneer 
!> P ro which :* <■■ '*r Burrls farm 
on hisioMc Cur.' Rise, onlj *> 

^oUi^ north ol UU6 £»>/. 

! MRU. TnBMtllt BEDC.OOD. 

1 Mr. Trnr-ha Bedrfood. 83 years old , 

forrnerly of +'»£**'£*'££ 
boms in Kansas City. Mo T™*^' 
» t B p m.. according to word received 
i here* Funeral .mice, will be bel * | 
■r-~... ritv Tli" decerned Is eurvi-* 
£TbTa iou Walter Irvine, of Kan- 
la. Cltr • grandson. Wllllm Irrln. 
oTphoinU. Am; and by one great 

j . L. F. WALLS. 

j JhutwlmrrtomtofUr. wsUyll. 
who died Tuesday afternoon at hit 
home in Rogerevllle. Mo., were held 
.t a p. m. today at the Methodist 

.church in that town. The Reverend 
2" I,. Thomas offtolaed. Burial was in 
White Oak cemetery under direction 

!of Rogarsrvllle Undertaking company. 
Mr -Walls I" aurvlved by the wife, 
two children. Mrs J I.. Stanley, of, 
Blythevllle. Ark . and J I.. Walls, of , 
Onlumbm. O.. by two sisters. Miss j 
0*01** Walls, of Rogersvllle. and Mr*. | 

i Nancy Caecy. •( Sparta; one brother. 
John Weil of rordlead; two, 1mO< *e- 



[arm j 

•'t ■. ?'« 

WEST PLAINS. Mo, March *j Up w» 
clall— Mrs Eaiofswa W W lama , a p*» 
oneer rssldent of Howell county, was 
fatally burned wh#s> her dress oaucbt 
fire while she was > sia»41n*: In front 
of a stove at the mm of bar eon, 
Harry Williams, at Treak The acci- 
dent oot u rred Monday and aha died 
Tuesday midnight. Mrs. Wlllluai M«« 
aided with a son. Prank, and a daugh- 
ter Rosa, both of whom are bllneV 
she was vuitlng with the other adg> 
wbtn she was burned. X' 3 



Vunajeaj services win be held M a 
p. m. tomorrow at St Joseph church 
for Mildred Maralyn Martin, tha 7- 
weeka-old daughter of Mr, and Mrs 
Ik* Martin of 929 Wert Onmi 
street, who died shortly after 19 
o'clock yesterday in a looai heapttsU. 
following a uief illness. Burial will 
ba In St. Mary's cemetery under di- 
rection of the Herman H. lohmeyex 
funeral home. 

tern, Mrs. mimr»ja|,'ofl* 
Mm. JamaaBayUaa, of C**snllMs by 
two naif brother*. J^nwlt WaU, o* 
Sparta, and Oeorg* Wall, ot tioioredo. 
Mr. Wall had resided la atagwrarlUe 
for 40 yeera. 

nu» sMixa nnoouL. 

Funeral eanrloee tor n*t 
of Walnnt Orove, Mo, wh 
stantly killed early Monday morning 
whan a oar In which 1m ih riding 
plungsd orer a 40-foot bluff tato a 
braneh of Rusty rrrer at Osmrtt. will 
be held atlp.m. Sunday at his home 

own. Burial will be in Orwanlawn 

.emetery at Walnut Orove. 

Punaral ee nli ee for Paul Mc- 
bamore. 34. alao of Walnut Onraa. 

vho waa killed In tha aamo aooldent, 
war* held yesterday. BurtaJ waa In 
Oreenlawn cematary at Walnut Orore. 

C. W. WKBB, 

Punaral aervloas were held this af- 
tarnoon for O. W. Webb. 74. pioneer 
farmer and raaldent of Lawrence 
county, who fell dead at ha* hooaa 
near Miller, Mo, at « p. m. Monday 
evening, while performlnc chores 
about his borne. Burial waa In Webb 
cetnetary near Millet, Mr. Wabb la 
survived by the widow, four sons, 
Emery. Will. John and Warren, who 
live in and near Miller, and' two 
daughters, Mrs. Bra Rlohsrrdaon. of 
Oklahoma, and Mrs Maria Williams 
of Wyoming. 

Funeral aervloas for Laura May 
i Henderson, Infant daughter of Mr. j 
• tnd Mrs C. L. Henderson, of 807 Cast 
' Pacific street, were held at 2 p. m. 
today at the Kllngner Punaral home. , 
Burial was In Oreen lawn cemetery. 
The child died Tuesday evening. 


CARD Or THANKa. «4| 

It ta with wO ud aching bearta 
w» desire to extend our sincere and, 
heartfelt' thanka to our neljhbors and 
friends for the many klndneaeee and 
much sympathy shown ua during the 
lut alcknaaa and death of our dear 
wire and mother. Mre. Mary A. Rob- 
erta Alao we desire to thank the 
church and Sunday school at Mount 
Plumb and Oak Grove and other pri- 
vet* partMa (or the beautiful flora! 
offertnga. Alao we thank Rav. Ennla 
for the encouraging word* spoken 
over h«r allent body. And the beau- 
tiful hymna sung by the choir. Ri»» 
"~m ' " 

|a^raneaTah«r)en'thatTh« had gone 
to be with Christ and hi* angela in 
■ heaven. 

J. M. ROBERTS. Husband. 

W. P. ROBERTS. Sou. 

O. B. ROBERTS. Son. 




Puneral services were held at 'J p. 
m. today at the East Avenue church i 
for Ralph Alddleepergar. 38. who died • 
Tueaday morning at the home of hla i 
mother. Mm. James Pexrym an. 522', 
West Atlantic street. The American 
Legion had charge of the services at 
the grave In Green lawn cemetery. , 
Burial waa under direction of Kllng- i 
ner Puneral home. 


Funeral* lot the infant 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Ool- 
mjii. of Strafford. Mo., who died Wed- 
nesday Light ware held at Denforth 
chapel thla afternoon Burial was :n 
Dunforth cemetery under the dlrec- ! 
tton of the aOlngner Funeral home, i 

Page 1: E. L. Riley of West Plains is heir to a large estate.** 
Page 4: There is a poem in memory of Virginia May Cooper.** 
Joseph Tunnell divorced one wife and married another.** 
Page 6: Marriage license: Clifford W. Baker and Edna Mae Daniels, both of Ash 


Page 7: Card of thanks from C. L. Henderson and others.** 
Page 8: Card of thanks from Frank and Lester Fryer.** £>y* J - 
Page 16: Mrs. Mary A. Tolliver died.** 

Mildred Maralyn Martin died.** 

Births reported.** 


! WEST PLAIN8... Mo.. March 4^- 
i < Special.) — Divorced at the last term 
I of the Howell county circuit court. 
t Joseph Tuunell, 71, president of the 
j People's Bank of Mountain View. 
• went to Eminence, Mo., the following 
■ <3»y and secured a license and wedd*d i 
Mrs. B. H. McNemey. The first Mrs. 
I Tunnell waa granted • divorce end 
I awarded alimony In the sum of •».- 
000. She alleged her husband at- 
tended danoea and waa familiar with 
other women, naming aa co- respon- 
dents three women of Mountain View. 


We wish to thank oar friends an-. 
neighbors for their kindness anc 
sympathy during the lit uses aa< 
*>eath erf our mother. Alao tor Uit 
beautiful floral offerings . 



We wish to (hank our many friends' 
for the kindness shown us In the time 
<»f our bereavement of our little one^ 
\rho left us after an short a time. • 
Also for the beautiful floral of ferluga » 
from our friends. : 


ii ii w— w^ -"aaaeaswajOjei 


WEST PLAINS. March 4- (Special »-^- 
E. L. Riley, retired farmer, residing 
here, la one of a number of heirs I 
to an eetate estimated at #300.000, 1 
which waa left by hla great uncle, 
William B. Bryant, a wholesale mer- 

1 chant of Lexington. Ky.. who died I 
five years uko. Theic are 2Z> helm. , 

i Tin* estate has been In litigation i 
since Mr. Bryant's death owing to ! 

. the fact that' a suit was brought to 
construe certain terms of his will. 



Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Barnett. of aOI 
•forth I<e»lngtrm avenue. - announce 
tha berth of a baby girt. Mlnoca May. 
an rabruary IT. at St. John "a hoe- 

pttaL .-. ■'...■ .;•/.•.' - : '. i .. -; .-; ■ 

Mr.;»ad Mra. a. o. Hutc h t ne on. of 
h Main avenue, antkranou the 


/•la lo^tng o*»orr « 
daughter and 'bMM*Y Vlrgtnls May 
Ooopex. who paaaad away tour yaara 
M o today. March ath. iM», agod W 
jeara, two month*, and sU days. 

•mi four yaara at© yoa tot* tia, 

At the aettlnj of tha «u»i 

Jnui eald. Come. O ya hlaaaao. 

ror"your~work on aafth la 

Luuely are our heart* today daar aia- 


For the one w* lored eo daarly 

Hm forever paaeed-away. 

jutt le rear* you lived and Io wa w a. 
Left u* mamorie* pur* and awaat. 
And »r are looking forward abrtar 
To the time wneu we eball meat. 
Dear >UtaT. thou haat laft ua. 
| And goo* to Ood oa high. 
Ho more to outlet pain or death, 
No more on earth to die. 
You «u Wared much lor daya 

Full eighteen month* wa 
TiU Ood did aall thy aptela 
TO oanWe happy nhoea, 
it ii w Md tb*t one wa chertabed 

Should be taken from our noma. 
But UV 

_. e joy'e that do not flnlah. 
: Live in memory alon*. 
.Through all the gemee. at time* ana 

• A emlle of heavenly birth 
! And whan the ang ate onUad har home 

She amllnd farewell to earth. 

Dear euter you *h*ll never ha lorgtffc- 
I Never from our memory fad*. 
'Our loving heart* wtll always linger 
' Around tb* grave whara you are lata. 
1 We *U loved you too. daar slater. 
But we know Ood loved you beat. 
And be ha* aweetly callad you 
| To that manalon home to rest. 
iDeareet aUter. tbou b**t left u*. 
i And out loa» we deeply feel. 
But 11* Ood that ha* bereft ua. 
Ua can all our aorroay h ee l • __ 
just a little while wall linear, 
Juat a little while wall wait. 
ju*t a UtU* while until wall meat 

har oaar yonder, 
Juat beyond tha golden gate. 
Bleep in paaoa deal eat «*afc*r. 
Tears of aorrow In allanea flow. 
> rood memory keep* you near ua. 
'Though beeveu cl a im e d you four 

roar* **°- ^ w_~~. 

i go by by ■slater, well meet, on* byona. 

Badly mteeed by: ' 

Father and mother. Mr. and Mrs. 

s o. W. Cooper; slater. rr*nc- ». Coop- 
er brother*. Paul C. Cooper. J. Balpb 

1 Oooper. R.Ray Ooopw- I ( ,,,, ■■■ \ 

. mi 

tha horn* of har son. T. J. T»Ulv*r. 
110t South national avenue* attar a 
lingering Illness, will be forwarded 
to Orandin. Mo., tonight by tha Alma 
Lohmsyer Funeral home. run«rai„*x- 
rangamante ara Incomplet*. 

Mra. Tollivar U eurrtved by two 
eons, Charlea Tolllver of Orandin, and 
T. J. Teillver of Snrtngmid. and tour 
Mm. J. A. rvabarty ■"■* 
Men. Chartaa rwrral ad 
„ and Mia. M B. aVpurai 
La., and Maw May K. TOOl- 
... ad OeJahoana City: by a aatober. 
T. A. Pattaraon. Waat Eminence. Mo, 
and a sawar. Mra. S. T. Was*, of 

MutariK rvrucBAU 

Panarai aartieea wara bald at I p 
a»- eeday at St. Joseph Cathol t a 
church for Mildred Maralyn Martin. 
itb* T-year-old daughter of Mr. and 
Mra. Ik* Martin of *M Weet Central 
street, who dl*d *bortly after IS 
o'clock Wednesday In a local boepltal. ■ 
following * oriel Ulneee. Burial wa* t 
in St. Mary'* oemetary under dlrao 
tion -of Herman H Lobmayar Fu 
naral home. 


Page 1: Richard Livingston Goode died.** 
Page 6: Card of thanks from Frank and Lester Feyen.** 

Marriage license: Albert P. Clark of San Diego, Calif., and Lena Richards of 

Page 10: There is a long article about Judge R. L. Goode. 

Page 12: Grace L. Lloyd sues to divorce C. H. Lloyd. They were married in December 
1910. They have two minor children. 

Frank W. Johnson sues to divorce Retha V. Johnson. They were married in April 

O. W. Perryman died.** 
Mrs. Nancy C. Johnson died.** 
Fred Smith died.** 
Mrs. Mary A. Tolliver died.** 
John H. Baichtal died.** 
Robey Stanley Hinschcliff died.** 
Mrs. Nancy Jane Lawson died.** 

Sophia Sheridan sues to divorce Leonard E. Sheridan. They were married in 
November 1909. 

Funeral cervices will be held at li 
| a. m. Sunday at the M. E. church In 
I Portland tor Mm. Nancy C. Johnson. 
67, who died *t' her home Thursday 
afternoon at Portland. Rev. B. B ! 
Scott will officiate and buroal will be 
in Portland cemetery. Mre. Jobneon I 
j 1* survived by five brothers: Rev. , 
I Anderson Oreen of Rogersvtiie Mo ■ ' 
Levi Burks of Portland. Ell Burks j 
of Brunser, Mo.; James A. Burks of ! 

tot daughter*. r^MU. Katie. Mr*. B. 
H. Schuia*. Mm IL K Black and Mrs. 
Chartee William*. aU oi Portland. 


Funeral sarvloea will be held at a 
p. m. Sunday at the Baptist church 
In Walnut Otove far Fred Smith. M. 
who was tnfntrf killed whan his oar 
pluntad over a cimmi* a branch of 
the Pin lev rtver near Oeaxk. Uo-. 

i Monday rooming Rev. J. P. Sherman 
win offletau and wartaT will ha in 
Oreenlewn reenetary there under the 
direction of the Brim Undertaking 
company. Mr. Smith Is survived by 

;th* widow. Mra. Jessie Smith, three 

I brothers. Or. J. D. Smith, of Bolivar. 
Detbert Smith of the United Btatee 
navy and Clyde, of Walnut Orove: by 
a sister. Oeorgie. and the parents. Dr. 

I and Mrs. 8. B. Smith. 

M\RY .». TIH.I.ntK. 
The body of Mrs. Mary A Tolliver. 
60. who died Thursday afternoon at 
ihe home of her son. T. J. Tolliver. 
1103 South Boulevard.* was forwarded 
lest night N by the Alma Lohmeyrr 
runer a 1 home to Orandln. Mo., for 
burial. ' 

Funeral services will be held at 
3:30 p. m. Sunday at the Ash Orove 
Baptist church for O. W. Perryman, 
74. praaldent of the Bank of Ash 
Orove, and a prominent stockman of 
the Osarks, who dlde yesterday at bis 
borne In Ash Orove. Services will be 
Ui charge of the Oalbralth Under- 
taking company. 

Mr. Ferryman was a pioneer resi- 
dent of this, county, having been 
born at Gave Spring, July 4. 1MJ. 
During the early growth of this coun- 
ty, he was a cattleman and his buy- 
ing led him throughout the Ocark 
territory and In that manner he was 
personally acquainted with many j 
residents. j 

For the past SO years Mr Perry- J 
man served aa treasurer of the Ash 
Orova school district. In ISM. he 
engaged In the banking business He 
first served as cashier of the Bank of ■ 
Ash Orove and was . later elected ' 
president. Cracksmen early last fall 
entered the bank building and blew 
the safe. They escaped with several : 
I thousand dollars and some bonds. 

The decedent Is survived by the 
. widow: a daughter. Mrs. E. J. Anglln: , 
: two eons. J. H. and Will Perryman: 
two grandchildren, O. W. Anglln end 
Kathryn Perryman. and three great 
grandchildren. A sister. Mrs. Sarah 
Plpere. of Ash Grove, and a brother. 
J. O. Perryman of Mount Vernon. 
Wash..' also survive. 


13wVcp^W^ Died 
Last NirjM, Started Prac- 
tic* Here in 1879. 

Funeral MntoM tor Judge Richard 
J 11 lug i ton Ooode. 73, former Jus- 
tice of the Missouri supreme court. 
•bo died la a kMplUI In St. Louis 
la* night, will be b«kl from the f am- 
Uy home el Bt. Louis tomorrow aft- 
ernoon. The body, will be brought 
here Monday morning and Interment 
wilt be In the Maple Park ceme- 
tery at 10:30 o'clock. 

JucSce Ooodc'i death." rtiu!'.:r.g 
from diabetes, followed tu lUnees 
dating from laet September, when he 
retired a-s dean of the Washington 
university school of luw. ufter nine 
years' service. 

The pellbemxera for the service here 
Monday will Include Attorneys E. C. 
McAfee. F. M MrDnvld E P Mann. 
J. P. McCarnmon. I'. D. Mtmn end 
O.'iu I'aturaon. 

Judce Ooode le eurvlved by ' the ' 
widow and two daughter*. Mrs. Grace 
Clark and Mxa. Katharine Moss, both 
of 8t. Louie.. - 

Bora In Kentucky. 

Judge Ooode waa born In Camp- 
beUsburg. Ky„ February 4. 18M. I 
where be lived with hie parents un- 
til he waa 13 yeara old. Prom Ken- 
tucky he came to Missouri and spent 
hi* youth .near Verona, where be at- 
tended the public schools. 

In February. 1076. he entered Drury 
°°M»*a and two, y ean later graduated ' 


'«**» Drurf . jiifaSSw •* prtnclpei 
uf the BgrtnfttfU ft*B aohool tor one 
yw, then tatiag u» cto* etnety at tew 
IB th* «moe etj.a Oraame, *4 that 
tlma one el the loading attorney* of 
this season of the state. 

Admitted le Bar In la?0. 
I Judce Ooode practiced law here for 
j the negt ae yeara after being admit- 
', ted to the bar In irri. aia rlee-ee 

an attorney le unparalleled In thU| 
county, in 1*00 he waa elected to > 
the* lit. Louie court of appeals for a ! 
' term of II year*. In 1*10 be reelgned 1 
(o aasums the attorneyship for the] 
Mercantile Trust company of St 
Louis, which position he held until 
10 19. at whl« time Oovernor Fred- ' 
erlck O. Oardner appointed him to ! 
i.e supreme oourt to fill the vacancy' 
caused by the death of Judge Henry ' 
. W Bond. Judge Ooode served, until { 
: 1931, and refused to allow hie name 
U be put up for the nomination , to j 
succeed himself. 
, Following the completion of the ' 
' term of a Justice of the eupreme j 
court. Judge Ooode returned to St. ; 
I Louie and became dean of the Wash- , 
: lug ton university school of law. at ■ 
| the same time delivering a eerie* of , 
! lecture* on equity Jurisprudence, on I 
| which subject be 'area recognised ae > 
an authortty. ,'..., * i 

Judge Goo_e reelgned aa dean ot j 
the law school in September, load. 
«n e<soounv-o< ninee* and Jw nerer 
rtaUy r ega in * * hat beaKh. I,; 
f Pratt eywetoUenjs. 
The BnrtngTteld 9er aaaoclaUon 
i wlU 4lr*fi reeoluUona of reepect » la 
memory of Judge Ooode. The eeeo- 
elation met In the court room of di- 
vision No. I of the circuit court thle 
i morning at the call or Attoroer Val 
! Mason, president. Who briefly stated 
i the pvupoec of the meeting. 
■'. On motion of John Sabmook. -the 
I chair named Mr. Bchmook. K D. Mer- 
Irttt and J. P. MoOammon aa a torn- 
mltlec to draft the resolutions Re- 
port will be'made by the c om mi tte e 

later;" — r- • •*-•■■• "-■•• 

Tt also waa determined to eead a 
tribute to tri e heme of t he at- 

sMaej B)agf*V eV fawl*^P*> B s*ap • ^paapp**^^ I -"0 : ;■ 

M'e wish io our friends and 
neighbors for their ktndnoss and 
Mmpatny during the IlLneee and 
death of our mother. Also for the 
beautiful floral offerings. 


Frank W. Johaeoat hae Hied In the 

; circuit court a cult' tor divorce from 
lltetaa T. 

arated during 
when, fbe chart 


Wife refused to 

*' '■*" SK-i .'- . 

j Sophia Sheridan haa filed • Mat- ice 

> divorce from Leonard K. Sheridan,; 

a 1 8: 

'V 1 )'■,!' 


m. «. •tmmmcuvr, 

eral wiM for Robey Stanley 
Hlneohcllff. 30 years old. of 3330 Kel- 

, lett mnut. an employe of . the " 
Springfield Traction company, - who j 
died at 440 p. in. yaatarday at hl»; 
Jaome, wiu be h*ld *t^JO p. -m. An^ 
day at the Eaet -Avenue Baptist | 
church. Burial will .pa In Orcanlawn j 
oametari ^undar tbe dlractkra of the ; 
Kllngnae Funeral home. The decedent * 
la eurriv^d by the widow. Mra. Agnes ; 
HlnachMf. two sons, Stanley and i 
Jamea the> faabev-wftel bsothor. Mr.: 
and Mra. Jeaa BtaaehcUtt. two broth- , 

! are. Ouy and Cheater, and oa» elata*. ' 

'Mra. Randolph Hoffman, all of 

I Springfield. 

niR* IN IOWA. 

Word has beep received line by. 
relatives; of the death of John H 
EUcliwl. prominent bwintu m«n of 
Sao City, la..: who ^Oled In 8t. 
Anthony • hoapltal in Carrol. Iowa. 

| February 38. followlnf a brief illness. 
He u aurrlved by h!» wife, nine chil- 
dren, and throe greatgrandchildren. 
and! by a brother, S..L. Balchtel. of 

j 400 Weat Psctflo atraet. Springfield. 

[The, decedent was peat 70 years of 

> age j 


Mra. Nancy Jap* Uwson, go years 
•Ad* died at 4 a. m. today »t bar borne 
on route l. Springfield, following a 

• brief iUneas. Funeral eerv i oe s will be 

I bold at 3 :M p. at. Sunday at Danforth , 
J chapel and burial will bo In Danforth > 
I cemetery under the direction of W. : 
I L. Starne. undertaker. '. ] 

* Mra. Lawaon bad bean a real dent of , 
: Oreene county for the paat 00 years, j 
| harlng resided near her praaant home i 
j all thla time. 

j She U aurvlred by four daughters. 
Mrs. O. a. Crosby, of Routa 3. Spring- 
field: Mlas Sylvia Lawaon, of Dallas. 
Ore.: Mrs. William Duncan, of Hen- 
derson. Mo.: Mra. Tom Morgan, of 
Neodaaha. Kan.; three sons, W. L. 
lAwaott and Fred Lawaon, of route 2. , 
SpcbkgaaM, and Alfred Lawaon, of 
Strafford; and two sisters. Mra. Vivian < 
Bowdao, Springfield, and Mia. Sanh j 
MlJSBa, of ^VMiFf !»! OWfc i 

Page 1: There is a long article about Judge R. L. Goode.** 

Page 4: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our wife and aunt," signed by 
Mr. E. C. Schmidt and relatives. [Scheidy?] 

Page 6: There is a notice in memory of John F. Terry.** 

Card of thanks from Mrs. Ralph Riddlesperger and others.** 

Page 17: Card of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our mother," signed by Frank 
and Lester Feyen. 

Page 20: Miss Katherine Ruth McCann and Mr. Peter Hamlin Jones are engaged to 

Page 30: Divorce suits filed.** 

Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Balschun.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Nancy C. Johnson died.** 

Fred Smith died.** 

Mrs. Nancy Jane Lawson died.** 

O. W. Perryman died.** 

Murray C. Rickman died.** 

Robey Stanley Hinschcliff died.** 

Marriages reported.** 

Pearl R. Engle sued to divorce Eugene W. Engle.** 
Page 31: Helen Little, formerly a student in Springfield, and Jack Hilterbrand, athletic 
director of Lockwood High school, were married. 

Page 34: There is an article about the historic features on the Drury College campus.** 

1 IllVOWK is! IT »»lt*MISsEH. 

| The divorce fiiM of I'c.nrl R Engle 
InjyUn.H Eugene W. Engle «m > rater-' 

day dlemlBsed In the circuit court on' 
\<\ p'ea of abatement. The plea waa j 
^--rd tm a quealtan of Junatflcllon. i 
j.J* fcr-v' coi)ta£d9d thai the caae , 
!*• m-i bs filed in Kansas rather than 

ID Uiwouri. 



fyf^'"? '■ ■ ' ' • r,- 

P" ; MAKBUOB UCIMEi. ■■'■■'<:', 
I Roy H. Todd and Martha L. Cook. 
[both of Springfield. , 

MelTUle & Slaughter of Webb City 
and RiBsbeth Hellnmn of Monte 
• Yla'ta. Colo. , ; 

Oeorge J. Johnson of J-ordUnd and ' 
Beulsh Blackburn of Springfield. j 


Traces oX Old St. Loui* Bead, Rifle Pits, Stone Monument 
and Pre-Hiftprjo r^-^t|i*^^^ 

Dr. Bhepard. 


: - 

Drury college probably tau the 
sbetlnctsen of baring mora Uietone 
features fM ' lu campus than any 
' other coJIege In this section of the 
| country, according to dit * complied 
I by Or. M. M. stoeperd. former profes- 
jeor of gcolorr at the college. 

The eempflr has trace* of the old 
St. Loui* road. rifle ptu. a •ton* 
monument and pre-historic mo un d*. 

The old Ct. Louie road ran across 
the northeast corner of ths campus 
diagonally to the southwest earner. 

During *h* Civil war. tha Federal 
troops were In poeses* ton of Bprlng- 
fleld and constructed earthwork* on 
both aides of tbs road where It ran 
across the campus. These earth- 
work*, or rifle pit*, are now covered 
with sod and stand practically a* 
high as when first made. 

Several forte were established in 
flprtngfteld at that time. One we* 
on tb* old at. Louis road whlnb ran 
close to where the Kentwood Arms 
hotel 1* now looated. Another was 
above the present rook quarry on 
College street. 

After the Battle of Wilson Oreek. 
Oenarei Price moved to Springfield 
and camped a little to the west of 
where the FrUoo station now stands. 
Ths Federal soldiers had retreated to 
Rolls but soon came back towards 

General Fremont detached a com- 
pany of cavalry under Zagonyl. who 
detoured thro mrh the hill* to the 
north of Springs laid In order to avoid 
rifle pita on Drury eampue and tb* 
fort on the 8t. Lout* road. He sur- 
prised Prioe'a men and completely 
| routed them. 
j atone Monument on Campus. 

The Stone monument was placed 
, on Drury oempus about IMA by the 
United States Oeodotfc Survey They 
determined the latitude aa 97 de- 
gree*. 19 minute* and l»*e second* 
and the longitude ae 09 degrees 17 
minutes and 17.M seconds. The 
monument was erected a little north- 
east of Fairbanks hall aa the point of 

There are eevaral prehistoric 
mound* on the campus, according to 
Dr. Bhepard. and moat of them are 
In fairly good shape, although one, 
has been graded over and obliterated 

When this reglou was first visited 
by the white man. the Oeage Indiana 
were in occupation. Before them 
came prehistoric races, namely the 
Mound Builders Representing 

these are groups • low mounds »cat- 
lered throughout the Ozark*. These 

moundti lire sometimes so low as to 
be hardly noticeable, and they are 
rarely elevated more than two or 

there* feet above tha »urroun«lUng 
oountry. Tbey often are twenty or 
thirty feet to diameter, ueuall? aa> 
ranged In Irregular group*, number- 
ing from ball • down to fifty or 
al«ty. atnd standing from 100 to ISO 
feet apart. 
Tbey are rarely more than a qudr- 

tar of a mil* away groan water, betag 
mostly located In Irregular group*, 
or rows In the narrow veJIeya sloping 
i toward springs ' or water coursee. 
I Tbey are seldom found In ths broad - 
i etr. lower valley*, either because of 
' the fear of overflow or for the reason 
[that more dense forest* covered tne 
. river bottoms than now prevail. 
1 Mounds Often Cnrerugnlzed. 

Ths original slifeiit cltr.a'.lon cf 
those mounds has cauaed then, to be 
' often unrecognised, and the farmer 
. by plowing and harrowing, his de- 
I mollabed many of them or greatly 
1 reduced their slee. They are fre- 
quently marked. In a fleid of gram, 
aa little Islands of more luxurious 
, growth. 

These mound* are. without doubt. 
I the remain* of human habitation*. 
— the villages of the Mound Build- 
ers, which appear to have been com- 
! posed of circular adobe huu. struc- 
ture* made of mud walls or sun- 
dried brick*, with thatched roc!* 
like those of the Mandar. !::«'.:*ns Ce- 
sser I bed by Lewis snd Clark. When 
the adobes were sbandoued. the de- 
' cay of tha thatched roof and the ac- 
tion of the element* aoon r e du ced 
them to the condition of low 
mounds, aa they appear today. A 
section of the mounde abowa a line 
of mould at about the level of the 
ground. Indication* of the floor of 
the dwelling, with remains of char- 
coal often marking the position of 
the fire-place In the hut which ap- 
pears to have alwaya been .round in 

The absence of bones, or any 
human remains, shows that ifcej 
were not burial mounds. The »<;:.- 
dried adobe of which they were f,:cr>- 
ably made la further evidenced by 
ths absence of atones or cosrser ma- 
terial tn them. The 
off (Unta or 

Indicate a people tuwUks and 
generously low In the scale of civil- 
isation. It baa been estimated that 
In Qreene county there are at least 


10.000 of tbeea moupda. No one! BWJ ; r±UHX,HAS WWB6*iM* r>*- 
knows just what became of this . ||jj*r - 
ancient race, but mora than ' ' 

they were drlren out by another 
more powerful tribe or maybe 'he ' 
race intermingled with another. el-, 
though it la doubtful •• to their em- J 

tlnctlo n. - t 


this. (l)*v»nilair^Mif>«al4 *t»«T 
llkejy i |i ;r. u*l»> »'. '-lie A*W Grorr Bapties 




K. cbureb^tn 
C. Johnson. 


,'jttJ today? 


ftT. who diad at her _ 
afterooott^at Portland. R*». E. B. 
Boot! «UI I officiate and burial will 
ba la Fordhuid cemetery. Mra. John- 
•on la aunrlTed by «»« brother*. Bar. 
Anderson Orren of Bogersvlllr. Vnl 
Burta of Fordland. fcu Burke of) 
Brunner. Mo.. Jewra. A. Burka of Los . 
J Angeles, and F. V. Burks: one suter. 
Mra. O L. Wnur. KurdUnd: and five 
daugblere. Ella. Katie. Ma «. H. 
Bchultae. Mra. K. K. lack and Mra. 
Charles. William*, all of Fordland. 

t i.\trch for Q w pcrrypaanv 54. 

deut of the Bank of Aah Grove, viae 
.died, rrldai at hi* boa**, Bamce* 
iwtll be in chart* of \ Oat OeBsranb j 

' Undertaking company: Mr. Ferry- ' 

; man waa a P*ooa»*. a i o cjra aa a . of ta* j 

Ororka. ,. - • .■7p|E r f|||w££L5 

> The ' decadeat to eorrtewd toy t*w 

; widow: a daughter. Un. 8. J. 

<IVU MWa, J. BE 

jtwo graodebUdrwa. 1 ©.• W. 

'Kathryn Ferrymen, three graatgrand 

children, and a ►:#t*r. Mra. Barah 

Paper*, of Aah Gro\e. and a brother. 

J. O. Ferryman of Mount Vernou, 

Wean'. ' -"■ f:* ; *-P' ': 


I ' Funeral ncrncai will be beld at 3 
P m. today at too BapUat church In 
; Walnut Qrovo for Fred Smith. 33. who ! 
i mm luauuiOy killed wben bla car 
j plunged over a cliff Into a branch of 
1 the Finlejr H re- near Owar*. Mo.. Moo< J 

| day I" maittW$~***3*Z&# Bberman | 
wlU ofilctaU and badii wUTbe Us 

I rec tion of the Brtm Undertaking com- [ 
peny. Mr. Smut* la aurxtf ad- by the 
widow. Mra. Jeaala Bmltb. three broth- 
er.. Dr. J. D. BmlUi. of BoUran Vtl- 
bert Smith, of the United States, navy. 
and Clyde, of : Walnut : prove; by a 
atstar. Oeorgia. and the parent*. 'Dfc 
and Mra. B. f^^Wf S|| 
Funeral aerrlran will be held at 2 JO 
I p in. today at Tjanfortb chapel lor 
i Mra. Nancy Jaiia Lawaon. BO years old. * 
! *ho dlad at 4 a. m. yeaterday at her' 
home ou route Bo. 2. Bprtngfleld, j 
following a brief illness. Burial will < 
' be in the rjenforth cemetery under . 
.Hie direction of W. U Blame. under- t 
|iuj\rr. BI|C i» MirrWrd by tour 
daiiKhtcr*. Wr». G. R. Croaby. of route 
•J HprtliHfiald: Mlaa BylMa Uiwaoii. ol 
l).:ll»n. Or* Mj». William Duucm.. -•! 
> t.rnderaoii. Mo.; Mra Tom Moiv-u. "f 
! Ncodoaba. I Kan-: three aona, W. 1., 
i tawKQD and rredlawaon. of route 2. 
Springfield, and i Alfred"* Laweon. of 
ain-Mord. and two staters. Mr?. ,Vi\lau 
Uowkdeti.Kprlngf laid, and Mrs. barab^ 
M.i|uur. ol Bl»c»wp|l. Okla. , t 

M. C. UCBMAN. •■" " ' \ 

Murray. C. BKrkman. M. died atj 
30 p. at. yesterday ai'Uu home. 9io' 
Bouth Oolllaon avenue, following a 
1 brief Ulnaas Funeral aervioea will ■ 
. be beld at a a. m. Monday at the 
' Grace M E church with Rer. H J. ' 
C'Ofkrrlll. |MUUO.'. officiating The ; 
body will meii be laken overUnd by ■ 
W. L. Btarnr Undertaking company 
to Bc.rromc. Mo. 4i ra:lf» aotitbaet: 
of here, (or burial.!. 

The deceased U>'!»unived by h:s 
widow, two daughtrn. Mra. Wilhaci 
Y. Kuigblen. of Maitafield. Mia» Btbel 
Rltaman.of the home addrcaa. by two. 
I aoaw, Barry U Btcfenaa. of miaaaaa. 
Mo., and Thomaa T. Riekman. of 
Oaw B t . Arts.: by four ataUra. Mas. B. 

Matua- BoawwU. of 
Un °* or «* Aaapk. of CabooL and 
!**•• •ay**** Bl al— r . of laplla j by 
thra* broth*?*. John Dl Blckasaav off 
Webb City: ff*V. O ~M lUckm**; of A 
8*daUa. and Frank M. Bicaman. of 
GlUord. Mo., and by ten grandchil- 



KOBE V b. MJNNCUt u> r. t 

Funeral aei e to ae for Bobey etaaiay ; 
fHlnachcUff. 34 >e*ra old. of Xtm B>1- { 
'left avenoc. an employa of thej 
i Bprtngfleld Tract k>u company, who; 
died at 4 :30 p. m. Friday at hu home, t 
will be bald tt a» p. m. today atj 
the Baet A*anua Baptist cnurch. Bu- 1 
rial will be In 0>e*nJs»-n cemetery I 
under the direction of the KUngner i 
Funeral noma. The decedent la aur- 
Trred by tb* wOdow. Mr*, agm* 
Hinachcllff. two eons. BtanVey aad 
Jamea, the father amd mother Mr. and 
Mra. Jeee Hlnachcoxr. two brothers, 
any and Charter, aad one atata*. Mra. 
Bandolj* Ufigpsamr all of 

r.:»V- ' ■ ■ - i l • (, I 

*"T "M^BBTrTTI rfT'lJCf>*ARt>. T » 

i Rr. J. L. Lccnntd. paator of , the; 

FyUih.? i.venite BapUat church, of- ' 

flctated at the marriage of two eou- , 

i pJea in the county court houec yea- ; 

, terd^.y. Th? contr.\rtlnr parties were ' 

; Ocorer j. .Tchttron of Perdland nnd ' 

ML- . P-uIp'i r.'-.clrb-trti of Oprlnfrfreld. ! 

:.i<r! Mrlvlllc e KlatKhter of Webb 

C:t> end Eli.-j.bcHi Hcllman of Monte i 

Vlstn. Colo. 


Deceased s Jurist Received 

Highest Honors Conferred 

on Attorney in State. 

Kri'.Si ileffcrrg of the Springfield 
' bar of mora than a quarter of a cen- 
tury a«o. worn Judge Richard U»- 
in*»t"u tHx><J« wu one of ilia trading 
lawyera of the city, vera recited yee- 

•^TbTitm) ftUonwqr* teUovtaf 
raaatpt of aaWof tho «e*ta « ife, 
notad Jurttt la a at, i*wu boaptuu 
•Ite* a Ungating niWai^f 

For »o yaarv Judga Oooda pru< 
tio« hla profaentoa hor* aXtar gradu- 
ating from Drur* coUeea aud' admU* 
aton to in* bar in 1§7». In UM count 
Of •»• Of |MI« that M WOO ft MMaV 
bar of Um Mtaaourt bar. ho 'wag Um 
raelplaat of lb* bJfbovt booora that 
ma bo daetowad on an attorney t in 
thia Mala. Tn 1000 hi tu elected 
to the at. uuu oourt of anpoale, 
•anting «• a member of that trlmi- 
aal untU itio, and lo Hit ha we* 
appointed to tba atata euprame 
court, la 1915 ha waa appointed 
profeaeor and dean of Uia aehool of 
lav at , Washing ton university, at. 
Loula. In 1931. foUowtnc tha com- 
plat ion of bi» tarm on tha euprame 
bench, to which ha waa named to 
fill tha Taaanry cwuaadSby tha death 
of Judge Henry W. Wood. Judge 
Oooda returned to at. I«ula and re- 
aumad hla dutlaa In tha aehool of 
law. and acrved until laat Bapt«mbar, 

aam iiiom forced him to resign, . 
Graduated Prom Drary. 
• local attorney who wwa closet* 
latad with Judge Oooda when ft 

Drary cottage etadT g*rw*tiie*eat- *a\ vbe 
claaa of irr« Ha wwA asleceed *» vai- 
edletorUn of the class and received 
tba degree of bachelor of art*, later 
receiving the degree* of znaater of 

| arta and doctor of Un. 

Immediately following hla grwdue- 

' lloti from Drury he became prliicl- 

' pal of the Hprlngflrld Hi«h aehool. 
which poclUun he filled for two years 

1 and tarn acrved fta euperlntend- ' 
ent of city aehool* Judge Oooda I 

waa always Interested In education 
aad U largely reaponalbla for the 
rapid development of the public 
school €-_.rxttv. here. He aerved ft* u 
member of the boaud of education 
for all yaara 

During tha period that Judga 
Oooda arnrad sa auperlnlcndOnt of 
achooaa ha atudiad law. Ms novar 
Mt onaad a aohool of law. but accept - 
ad an oppurunlty to read law lu the 
office of Jer* C. Craven*, at that 
time our of the leading attorney* of! 
apringfteld. HU ftaaorlatea auted , 
that practically all of tha time not! 
devoted 'to hla aehool work wm oc- j 
, cupied In tha law library. aJaaorblng I 
every matter pertaining to the pr*c- | 
tire of law. It waa elated that Judge 
j Oooda of ten read In Craven* - library I 
i until late In tha night. Tha off lev ( 
, waa located on thr aoutliwrat corner 
of Collier* atrret nud Hie «|imrf. In 
the bultdlnr now occupied hy the 
U"«Ardu«-H.!l LtruK compauy. : 

Admitted In liar In 1H"0. 
; He waa admitted to tha Springfield , 
b»r in lms. and hla rlaa In the pro- 

tjto.lo«ai ; a^aja^ra ) ^ ! ^^^^ ,% gfifty 
GF Aiwwr I f : Mum, «ho «u' 

> ! *MTtt ^ r tMV^,**W, Jua *« Qop«K^ 
iron* tba that thai,' he wa* admitted" 

• in the r*r related >eeierd»y tha 5 
liuiat a (li»t inipoi«uul iiur. wlik li ' 
trlbutrd larvety to lila> raplll rl»e aa ' 
j i a*i«iiney. ii 

Mr Mann aald that at that time 
ihrra waa a wealthy Indlrti. namedj 
•plttlog. ' raarttlng near Ntoaho. Mo 
r.»r Indian waa a ftnancltr of aoait 

rtoat ftnd ptxtmotad \he HpllUog IUiN 
wwf company,,: whir h rait from . Keji- 
a*U> City .i» Ncwlio txveiui yeara 
twlaowing tha ounipletloii of the road. 
Uit-rtwrer bec^uir litiolvrd In a mare 
< . f".i»«:io{i ,ititf TfMU:rtl thr llrui 
(I c't«uu»* Ookxt to rrpreaent him. 
Trie two atujrneja ' w«ie icuirrwful. 
rul it w»»- rej«ct:*<l |.»et they were 
j'jld a tlOO.CXIO frt for tlii'tr Nrirlccn 
rrotn that \t«n»f. oil Judge Ooocic 
» <•-, wccleJmeJ rj ''Of ot the leadlinr 
r:»crnay«-of thr L »t»tr. He »errrd a» 
: i .(ifurj for the Kmr-M Cltv. Tort 
C--«tt A; Mem?hu K.iil:oad rotiipaiiy. 
t trearntinc that rumpaiiv until 
fran. at wh' $i tuna ho waa eleciad W, 

that Uui oonvantton waa ham at Capa. 
OlTftrtaau. tha daugataa froav Opri»uj • 
oaM gtMOf to tt. liOuM and rroat j 
loerc ».» the convention rlty down. 
, thr riier on « larga bftrg*. Judjft 
Oooda waa nommatad with no dlffi- 
p»utr and waa eleetad by a *•!♦ n»a- 
Ukrttt. U wukrwad tha aaoond at. 

ibaaaot on n»a p»r* to bo aractad to ; 

4a. aruca if tw *M th* DcmocraHc j 


., , r .... . j ... 
uprreae Bench. * ••"--wj! 

in** m 

eervad witll IBia *h« l«f «« 
'ivfnrrf ; to , become cou uael I oe^ H*l> 
Mrrcenine Truu cwpaojr * and > tha 

; Mm-anuie national baufe In St. 


louia H« aerrad In ibi» ctpteiiy un- 
10 »•!». wliM* Ootrernor Frederick D. 

>_ ..... _. 

; C»mmt appointed him to (III t h« t% , 
o**icr c*i' *h» .i»uyf»n3£ , !«wiM_ij»uiM»d' 



. sUt - wealthy VooM .»EP*»«I». »~T 

I toud id their pratoa tor tha Jartot- p* j 
• poMNMd a domlnatlnc prreooaJity. £ 
{ Hi effort* were not w* " ?* 2 • Jon * > 

i politician, educator, epeakcr and an ; 
; attorney. 

; runcral eervtee* will he beld at U*. 
' Oood* i«*M*nce in St. Loute tlue alt- 

crnoou at S o'clock. Interment »ul ! 

, be In the Maple TntX c«=^»*T ntia • 

. Monday momma at J 1 o'ctocX. - I 

He to eunrleed bjtthe widow and] 

tvro daughter*. Mra. Oraee Clark and ; 
. Mr*' Katberliie Mom. both of 8t- 1 
f Louu. 


— r m *e d rmiu a amis W * IWdliif 
the circuit court yaatarday. ' ' 

lather B. Spencer filed agalnat L«a- 
tci Spencer. She atatea that they 
were married In July. 1W4. and aepa- 
rated to October o< -the aem* year. 
She aaka reatoraUon ot bar maldeu 
otunc of Dye. 

Uuth B. Molerr aek* divorce from 
Oaroer Motcn. ni»tody of a child and 
rrMoraVlon of her maiden nam* of 
w.irox. They ntarrled In ^•P**™ 6 "' 
1021. and •eperated in Decembe*. 


IU*e «. Kmelley aui» for divorce 
train June. W. fcnaUcy. She »!*««• ' 
T^y «» rn.rr.rd In May. 1913. and 
.rjirated III »bruur* of mi* >«'• 
eh- a«ka ruatody of t»u nitnor clill- 


tit ***— - ' — - » 
**"'f fy ' and Vn« ■"■»■■— — — — 
awt etiaamut, announoe tha . m m 
Mm and approachta* »*"*•«• ,™ 

SSr daufhtac, ^«« rto » # *i"LJf 
JlrV»t«rH«nJln Jon*, of Cbioajo. 
Sb Mtoa McCaun attended Drury 
«elMc* and «ea a member of tha 
Z«t* T»u Alpha aoTortty. 

• lrtb ZZZa T mapttol boepltaJ Mia. 

i y-m rade tar c^rtr ktnd- ' 
•d ta e mx ig faZ rv«»»r aCencp • 
Uat tue tUnaaa wad oeaui of ', 

aiDd aoa i 



MB. as-d MB5 J S. ?G.?.Vk.c 

Page 1: Miss Blanche Skinner committed suicide.** 
Page 2: There is a poem in memory of Burl Abbott, who died March 7, 1922, signed by 

parents, brother, sister and friends. 

Page 8: Richard Livingston Goode died.** 

Bertha A. Acton sues to divorce John W. Acton. They were married in October 

191 1, and have three children. 

J. H. Fitzjohn died.** 

Mrs. Rachel Barnthouse died.**' 

Murray C. Rickman died.** 

Mrs. Sarah Ann Aven died.** 

Taylor Fulbright died.** 

Helen Ruth Barker died.** 

Marriage license: William H. Welch and Eva Tnplett, both of North View. 

Mrs. Savannah Burns was found dead.** 


Mr. and Mrs. Buell A. Mackey, 518 North Lexington avenue, announce the birth 
of a daughter Betty Lou on February 26. 

William H. Welch and Miss Eva Triplett, both of North View, were married 

Saturday in Springfield. 

Page 14: There is an article about A. V. O. Haskill.** 



M»pie P*rk Ocmetery. W. 





#ec Judg* 
who cued Frldey In Bt. Louie The 
service* were conducted at the Aim* 
Lobmeyer Puoaul ha*** by Rev. A. 
j, McClung. cf the Qarvary Freatoy- 
tertan church. 
Interment *u In the Maple P*rh 


Many members of the Bprln«fleld 
Bar unciiUon. who were c4o»ery ••- 
soclsted with Judge Ooode during the 
30 years that be made Springfield bi» 
home end we* one of the l ea ding at- 
torneys of thle city, attend the eerv- 
Icee this morning. The pallbearer* 
included K V Menu. E D. Merrill. J- 
P McCunmon. Orln Patterson. E. C. 
McAfee and P. M. McUe»Jd. 

In his eulogy of Judge Ooode, Re*. 
MrMWung pointed to the eueer** 
be attained -a* en Attorney end »n 
i educator. He briefly recited his Me 
from the ume the noted JurUt came 
to Bprlngfield to attend Dnxry college 
until in* death. 

Service* were held yesterday after- 
noon at the Ooode residence in St. 
Louie, the body arrtrlnf bar* this 
morninn accompanied by membep> of 
the family. 

Funeral eerrteea will be held at 3 
p. m tomorrow e>t Payn* cemetery 
for Mr., S*rab Ann Aven. M. who 
died at the home of her grendaugh- 
ter Mrs. Clint Roee. of route I. Bat- 
tlefield Berrlcea will be In charge 
of the Alma Lohmoyer Funeral home 
The decedent ta ourvlved by three 
sons. Charlsy. Will and Walter Aren. 
one daughter. Mra- Nannie MoCon- 
neU. and eeveral grarehllren and 
great grandchildren. 

Comfortably sitting In her favortl** 
rocking ehalr, with an ejtpieealun on 
j her face that exemplified anytbixmi 
but death. Mre. Savannah Burn*. Ml- I 
year -old Negro, was found deed at 
her borne. Ml Pr*nklln aTenue. short- 
ly after S o'clock Sunday morning 
' by Eugene Diilard. a nephew, who 
{ went to his aunt'i home for his usual 
I few hour*' visit. j 

Tt le believed that she had been 
dead sKice rrlday evening as that is 
! the last time she wae seen. Coroner 
| Jewell K. Wlndle eeld death wae the) 
I result of apoplexy. 

Mrs. Burns, who resided by cer- 
eal f. had been complaining to rela- 
tives of feeling bad for the past 
week, and Friday afternoon she made 
a trip to her physician 8he was last 
seen upon her return home 

Diilard went to the house Sunday 
morning to ascertain the condition of 
hla aunt, and upon entering the 
front rooom found the waenan dead 
' In her rocking ehalr near the stove. 
The body wae taken to the w. P. 
Campbell Undertaking company 
m-«rrue sr.d prepared for Jrurlal. 

Funeral arrangement* are Incom- 
plete pending the arrival of a son. 
Klmer Blaekey of Detrelt. Mich 
Services will be In chart* of the 
Campbell funeral home. She Is sur- 
vived by the eon. a slater. Mm. Lu- 
ella Robblna. 001 Weaver avenue; two 
brother*. James Johnson of Kan*** 
City and Den Johnson of Spring- 
field: by the nephew and othe* rela- 

Funeral eervloe* for^ Taylor Ful- 
bright. 73. who died at 6:48 a m 
Sunday, at hU home, on route o. 
Springfield, will be held at SAO p. m. 
tomorrow at tha Qampbell Funeral 
home. R*v. L. R. Orant will officiate 
and burial will ba in South Herel- 
wood cemetery. 

HeJen Ruth Barker, the 11-montbe- 
old daughter of Mr. and Mr*. L. B. 

Barker, of Willow Springs. Mo., died 
m a local hospital at 6 a m. today. 
The body was taken overland to Wil- 
low uprtutfe by the Alma Lohmeyar 
Funeral home for burial at 3:30 p. m. 
tomorrow. The half/ J* survived by 
the perenta. ona^MeaW. Lewi*. Jr.. 
^Bd a elate*. - 


Miss Blanche Skinner Had 

Secured Six Month's Leave 

to Regain Health. 

With acid burns about her l:j>\ the 
body of Miss Blanche Skinner. 42 
years old. for the past 15 years a 
member of the faculty oi Southwest 
Missouri 8taip Tenchtra rullegc, wim 
louiui shortly utter ikmmi Ktiut'ay in 
tbe bailiroom ndjo.mng her room In 
the residence of Charles W. Weed. 
•46 South avenue, where ahe had re- 
sided for thr past two vrnr'- 

A carbolic .'acid bottu. Uu than 
batf-f utl. waa found on a trunk two 
or three feet from her body. Miaa 
Bklnner apparently had been dead 
only a few hours when her body was 
discovered lying on a large towel in 
the bathroom. ' 

Or. J. E. Kayl, - who was called to j 
tba Waed home, made an examine- 1 
ttoa but today refused to make any 

"I had rather not say anything 
about It." Or. Ray] told a Leader re- 
porter. "Anyrnhj. It's up :-> :!.e cor- 
oner to aay what caused Miss Skin- 
ner's death." 

Coroner Jewell Windle arrived at 
the Weed home about 1 p. m.. Sun- 
Cay and conducted an Investigation. 
He stated thai Miss Skinner came to 
her death by poisoning. 

fruund Fully l»res«.r<J. 

Miss Skinner was fully dretard. rx- 
eapt for her shoes, when found on 
t;& bathroom floor Mrs. F. F 
Thompson, a friend, called at noon 

yesterday at the Weed heme to take 
Miss Skinner to dinner. Opening thr 
door of the room, the bo<l> uw lound 
la the adjoining bathroom. An enve- 
lope containing $560 lu currency. ; 
addressed to Miss Skinner? mother. 
Mrs. Lore Skinner, of Bloorr.lugton..- 
III., was found in the room. Mrs 
Skinner arrived this morning in re- 
sponse to u telegram r.'il::::; of her 
daughter a death. 

. Miss Skinner had msde arrangr- 
raenu for a leave oi absence from the . 
local college and was planning to le«ve ' 

rnoihcr » ituuie 

( an^ r a*ebmg 
and making arrangements for bar 

tUlfcjt,.. ■,-.,-.- *.^- ; ■ *■•«• <ct«$H 
i For tb* pant ft* wmkaZMtm Bkin- 

eeries t abort stories 
aba psannad -to Pomps at into 
tt volume. This work wss Hn^on , 
completed and she bad worked many 
nights unUl early In the morning at 
this, it wue stated by members of tba 
Waad family. 

Tba aura work, coupled with her i 
dutius at tba Teachers college, am well 
aa her active Sunday school and ' 
obnrcb work, had gradually weak- • 
ened Mlas Skinner's physical condi- 
tion. It was said, and she planned to • 
' take tbe leave of absence to regain 
bar health. Miss Skinner also had • 
been suffering from heart a tucks, it 
was stated. 

Mlas Skinner ate dinner Saturday . 

arming at the Y. W. C. A. She was 

last seen alive by members of Die 

Weed family at 8:30 p. m. Saturday. Karl} In Mornln;. 

Mrs. Weed said today thst Mlu 
Skinner waa accustomed to making 
liar own bed on Sunday morning and 
that she apparently sroae early yes- 
terday and took s short walk, as the • 
rtoor of her room waa found open at 
noon. The door usually was locked. 
It was said. 

Mlas Skinner waa born August 8. ; 
IMA. In MeLean county. Illinois tbe ' 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Skin- 
nor. She Is survived by tbe mother : 
Mrs. Lora Skinner or Bloomlngton! , 
and one sinter. Mrs. Oaorae »~~^ri 
-a£»»© Maetoogatdc- Orrra. ja^ Tort \ 
Olty. j 

Brief funeral services will be held 
at a M p. m. today at the Alms Loh- : 
meyer Funeral home. 

The body will be aent tonight to 
Bloomlngton. for burial. 

Miss Skinner became s member of 
the faculty at the local Teachers col- 
lege In 1612. For several years she 
taught in tbe training school depart- 
ment and later Joined tbe faculty In 
the education department of the col- 
lege proper.- 

' She received her master's and bach- 
elor's degrees nt Columbln University. 
New York City, and was also a grad- 
uate of the Normal school at Bloom- 

Miss Skinner became well known 
In Springfield through her story- 
telling classes, leadership of girls ar.d 
history of education. She recent'!)' 
waa elected president of the Y. W. 
C. A. Olrls' Council. 8he also spon- 
sored the Story Tellii£ club for chil- 
dren at the Public library. 


worth Lsztoctc 
of a daufbtar. 


A. V. 

Haridll, TriMCQ Bridge Inspector, 

Had » VacftUpp, Pl»ai to R*h nod 

WLefl H© Jtetlreg. -■.-•?* 

.,* , ;.. -i* 

A. V. O. HuUU, veteran bridge in- 
spector of the Frisco Unas bare, ts tb* 

subject of * story In tb* March 
of Tbe rYiseo empsoye*' 
j Mr. Raskin bu had fifty-one T»«" 
service, during which tUne be hat 
never had a vacation. 
The story follow*: 
Prom psoitis schooner* to tuwmo- 
bllee— end from locomotives with bell- 
j shaped stacks to 1500 oilbumere. is 
tbe railroad experience of A. V. O. 
Haeklll. bridge Inspector for tbe Frisco 
Line* at Springfield. Mo 

HI* card pas* reads "Fifty-one 
, year*' *ervlce" and he ha* never. In 
: that entire period, had a vacation. "1 
!atarted aeveral time*." be *ald. "but 
something came up and I never got 
one." He ha* traveled mainly over 
Frisco rail* — and a short talk with 
him of bit service and many ex- 
perience* (which to him aeem com- 
monplace enough) would Interest the 
moat Indifferent listener. 

He claim* Lewlaton Junction Maine, 
as bis birthplace, and March 13. 1667. 
as the date of his birth. At the age 
of sixteen, he landed In St. Louis 
"looking for a Job." At tbat Urns, in 
1878. the United state* was In tbe 
clutches of the greatest money panic 
It ever endured. He was fortunate In 
securing work with the Missouri Pa- 
cific Railroad In tbe water servloe de- 
partment. He came to the bridge de- 

. <S W. Turner, later appointed super- 

I' intendent of bridge*, and bas been 
In bridge and construction work dux- , 
Ins; bl* entire nmrolr* 

As one of tbe few man yet In aerv- 
ice who helped build tha greet line*' 
of the Frisco System, he tea* inter- 
estingly of bis experience* when be 
worked In a construction gang, build- ' 
lag the line from Pelxce City to Wlcb- ' 
lta In 1870: of driving piling from . 
Plymouth Junction (now Monett. 
Mo.) to Van Buren. Arkansas. In 1883: ! 
of hi* part In laying track from Pa- 
cific to St. Louis, which work was 
done under tbe charter of the old At- 
lantic A Pacific. It was called tbe 
southweat branch of the Mlnourl Pa- 
cific and that road operated It. He 
also drove piling between Springfield 
and Bolivar before the grade we* 
built. Tew men. IX any, have been eo 
closely associated with the . building 
program of tbe Frisco Lines and Its 
early construction days, as he. 

Most of bis servloe bas been In and 
around the eaatern division. At one 
time he worked In the bridge and 
building shops, but since 1903 be has 
been working out of Springfield as an 

| Inspector of bridges. 

Tbe growth of many of tbe cities ' 
along Frisco Line* is a source of In- 
terest to him. "Take Tulsa for In- \ 
stance." he aald. "When we were 
constructing the line In Oklahoma. I 
shot prairie chickens on the site 
where Tulsa now stands. The Ftl«co 
railroad certainly helped to build 
those town*. 

"We saw many Indians during our ' 
time In Oklahoma, and we thought ! 
nothing of prairie schooners going j 
across the plains, filled with 'home- ] 
eteaders'. We were stationed at Wy- j 
enuotte, Oklahoma, for a long period 
of time, and while there we attended ] 

1 a r**'~ ***** on sjnntlT. under tbe dl- 
'rectlon of an old Quaker. 

"The equipment In thoae days wa* 
I ! of antique type. The coaches were 
j made of wood, the equipment had 
| hand brake*, and tbe engine had' a 
brajte on the tender. When the. en- 
gineer would whistle for n s tatio n. 

the hrakernan. conductor and flreeosn 
would eet tbe brake*) on tbe trata. 
Tbose war* the day* of tss* ltek and j 
I pin coupler and oil bsoffilrfliia I iw> j 
[ me n -bar on* conductor we used to 
have by tbe nam* of Drrden. He was 
j six feet, six inch** tail. H* couldn't , 
latralgbten up In the caboose, except 
when he would stand In tbe *m!ddl* 
Ojf tbe car under tbe ve-atilstor 

•'When are ware an lb* boe. wo : 
slept In tents, 'and carried our coot- 
lag car along with us, however. When 
pay day came. Mr. Wanawlf-h. who ' 
uaed to be paymaster, would go ever 
the division in a pay car and pay U-e 
men in cash." . 

In comparing* aorn* of tbe atael rail 
laid now and In former days. Mr. Has- 
kell said: "Tbe first steel ever laid on 
this railroad was called English chair 
Iron and the ralla were twenty-four 
feet long, and weighed about fifty- 
seven pounds. Comparing that with 
the 110-pound rati of today. It cer- 
tainly was small, but In proportion to 
the equipment which passed cnti I: 
Train* did not make more than thirt- 
mllee an hour, and all the coecbe* 
were heated with stove*. 

"I remember the first automobile I 
ever saw- It was near Meramec Hl^fc- 
landa. Missouri. I had occasion to go 
to -the city hall with a party and 
when we came out I aaw this automo- 
bile — one of those 'one-lungers ' I was 
epeechleaa with wonder but a.) frieze 1 
found li Is voice at once and aald I* '. 
""■ii I mj oJu and sun. la chase I *>»■* . 
damn thing a block. Juat to look at 


it* a fw ya«r» w« t*m •**• «*; 

thick ae grasshoppere on the Kaa- i 
«M prairie. . • , 

-the tint phone I-««:»w.*m . 
in ec Louis. Jlwu. Indoad. a eight J, 
to behold aud almost too wonderful i 
to oompreJiend." ho Mild. r 

Mr. Hssklll U ao busy lo too per- 
formance of hie duties as .bridge in- , 
apecior. ihet be had- to lay ofl a 
day to Hi up bb) pension papas. Tor 


mmd •*« and MO'«a*a bridges on 1 

Branch, forty-flw «* lorty-alght on 
Uie Salem Branch. thirteen oev tha 
gUtto Branch, throe on the Cheery 
VsUey Banch and between forty and 
fifty on the main lino be t we en Mo- 
n#tt and St. Louie. Myduuae are to 
Inspect each of theee bridges once> a 
monUi Our department also loo*«r 
! e/ter the repairing of buildings and 
'.stock pens." * 

ilx. Haaklll hae two oona and one 
! daughter. One eon la with the Dodge 
I people tn Springfield. Missouri, and 
1 the other one la In aTanaai City- The 
'daughter U married. Death claimed 
i three of hie children. The Haakills 
f „mr at BM> Normal Avenue. opting - 
I field. Mleeourl. 

! When asked what ha would find to 

occupy hU tune when hie retirement 

Iwraa effective. h«,a*ld: "Oh. there are 

k> many thing* I »snt to do— flah 

«ud bunt. moiUy. and maybe trmvel 

i. little I've Ju»t been ao bu*y Trto- 

colna' all my Hie I bevent planned 

my lelaure time, but lta foinf to 

■ catch up on all the time I didn't .lake 

I off Xor a vacati on." 

William H. Welch and Bvs Trip- 
ly boib tf afBKtfa YiMU . 



9. m. irruosx. 

runeral eerrloas for J. H. Fltajohn. 

87, veteran Frisco engineer, who 
died at 8:10 a. m. Sunday at the 
Frlaco boapltal In Bt. Louis, were 
held at S p. m. today at th« Alma 
Lohmeyar funeral home, with local 
Mesons tn chant. Burial wae t n Ha- 
aelwood cemetery- The body arrtrsd- 
hare thla morning. 

Mr. Fltxjohn had lived In Monett 
and for S3 yeare bad aerved aa engl- 
neer over the Frisco, running from 
Monett to Fort Scott. He wae a mem- I 
bar of the I. O. O. F and the A. F. i 
and A. M. of Monett. He la iurvlved 
by the widow, two daughtera. Zenas 
of Springfield. • and Cora of Monett. 
and two eons, James of Neosho and 
Hugh of Aurora. 


Funeral earrlcee will be bald at 3. 

p. m. Tuesday at the Masonic came- , 

tery at Seymour under direction of 

W L Btarne. undertaker, for Mra. . 

lUchel Bamthouea. M. who died st j 

10 SO a. m. Sunday at the home of 

{her deughter. Mra Joseph Tlngler. ] 

1 731 Weet Uncoln atraet. She U eur- 

' vlved- by one daughter. Mra. Tinkler: 

by one eon. C. S. B»rnUu>u~, E*-. 

condte. Ca) : a brother. Mahlon 

i Hlbba of Seymour, end three »,r»nd- 

i children. 



Funeral eervlcee for Murray C. 
I Rlckman. tM. *ho died Saturday ere- 
1 nine at hla home. 010 South Dolll- 
I eon avenue, ware held at a. m. today 

st the home with the Rev. H. J. 

Oocfcartll officiating . The body wae 
! taken overland to Bercoxle. Mo., for 
i burial bT V. L Btarne. unartaker. 


Page 1: D. W. Waymire of Crane was shot and is near death. This is a long article. 
Page 2: John S. McLemore of Walnut Grove was named administrator of the estate of 
his son John Paul McLemore who was killed in an automobile accident February 28 at Ozark. 
J. M. Fulbright was appointed administrator of the estate of his father Charles R. 
Fulbright who died January 17. 

Page 10: Mrs. Rachel Barnthouse died.** 
Helen Ruth Barker died.** 
Mrs. Sarah Ann Aven died.** 
L. P. Snider died.** 
John W. Inmon died.** 
Miss Blanche Skinner died.** 
D. E. Sweihart was killed.** 


Funeral earrtcoa w*r* hold at 1 p» 
m. today at tha llMOOlt ciMlvf •* 
Nrmour, Mo . tor Mil lUdMl BaW»t- 
houee, M. who died Sunday at tha 
horn* of bar daughtor. Mr*. Joatph 
Tingler. 731 Wort Lincoln irtrort Bur- 
ial wa* under direction of W. L. 
Staxnc. undertaker. 


Punerai mttIm* wore bold at 3)0 1 
p. m. today In Wllto* Bprlnf* 'or ■ 
Helen StuUi Barter. ll-mon'.h»o;d 
daughter of Mr and Mra L. H Bark- 
er, of Willow Bprtngi. Mo. who dleu 
at ft a. ax. yeeterday. The child u 
■urvtved by the pinntt. one brother. ' 
«jid * *u*nr. i 


Punerai eervlcee for Mr» Sarah 
Ann Aven. 8ft. who rii^l Bwnriay a: 
the home of her nrenddeu k htrr Wire 
Clint aoee. of route 1. !\«uirf:r :o 
Mo., were held at t p. in. U>dey at . 
l»«Tne cemetery under direction of 
Aim* Lobmeyer funeral home. 

i.. r, sMDtit. 

Punerai arraj:(frrne::'9 are 
plete for L. P. Bulder. 6w yeaxa old. 
who died at 4 p. m. yeatorday at MA7 i 
North Boulerard. aa a reeult of heart 
dlaraae. BurUl will be In Pleasant I 
Rldjf cemetery northrael >>f Fair 
jOrova. uodor the direction of lb* 
Kltngnor PunanJ boo*/ I ■-, 

Ja nriM by tow 
nattH. m, 

Dorl«. of Pair Ororw; fita* 
Luana of Springfield; tbf«* 
Mrs. J. W. Ceril of Pair Orore 
MootroaJ Solder of Pair- Oruee. *nd 
Mr*. Lodaaaa Worn mack of Spring- : 
field, and two brother*. Or ant of Duff : 
falo. and Loren of Idaho. | 

. Tb« da oaaaa d 
aotia, CtorU, of 

Punerai eerrlcee for John W. ln- 

'mon. M yean. old. who died at hie. 

-home weat of Nixa Monday afternoon, 
will be bald at a o'clock Wodaoaoaj ' 

{afternoon at the family home, with 
Interment In McDonnell cemetery. Be 
1* eurrlvod by the widow, three aocu. 
John and Jm\ Inmon of Nixa. and 
Will Inmon. of 1633 North Campbell 
aeenue. Springfield, and by aeveral 

; grandchildren and (Treat grandchil- 


040 • p. 1 ' m. yeeterday. at tbd 
Iobmoyer Punerai boma for 
Blanche Skinner. 43 vaara old. for!" 
14 year* a member of tbo faculty ! 
of the local BUite Teacher* collage, 
who wm found doad at noon Sunday 
In the bathroom tdjololnf bar root* ' 
at the residence of Charles W. Weod. ' 
040 South avenue. A amall bottle, 
lea* than hair filled with carbolic 
acid, wa» found nomrby. Tbo body. 
wm aexit to Bloomlngton," I1L. laat 
night for burial. Mra. Lor* firttimer. ' 
mother of the deceaaed. accompanied I 
the body Beeldee tha raoiber. Utm , 
Skinner la aurvlred by one tutor, 
Mrs. George Romelaa of New Tork ' 


When tha- hpraa he wm* riding 
■ w ar red auddamy and throw hi* be- 

noath tha wheal* -of a paoatng 
truck. t> B. Swethart, «& year* old. 
of noar Bits* Bye. Mb* waa fatally 
injured Sunday morning. Tbo acci- 
dent oocutfred noar Um Miaaaurt-Ar- 
kanaaa stata Una. '' 

Th« truck wa* being «drtvon by A. B, 
Wlbeck of BpriniffWd, * MVBwflor 
of Blua Kr*.uho was riding Uv the 
truck, and PU bock took tha Injured 
man to BarrreiUa. Ark. 

Bwelhart exonerated tha driver of 


Page 1: Raymond Smith committed suicide.** 

Page 4: Homer Sancouci, a farmer living near Mountain View, Mo., was killed when a 
tree he was chopping fell on him. 

Page 8: Mrs. William Asher died.** 

John W. Inmon died.** 

L. P. Snider died.** 

C.N. Wickizer died.** 

James P. E. Cowan died.** 

Vera May Davis died.** 

Births reported.** 

There is a poem in memory of Frank Bockhorst.** 
Page 9: Savannah Burns died.** 


City Marshal D. W. Waymire' 
Is Near Death in a Local 


[a revolver and IbMPItWtUamimBk i i 
I abdomen. Waymlre c.ta£Kere<l '•/ and I 
I fell, but drew bis revolver and Tired ' 

• several shots at 8ml lb m Um man 
jren from the scene. SJeoo escaped 

• during tbe excitement. 
Deputy Miller ran to Um assistance- 

' oT tbe marahal and took him to 
Crane. Siaeo surrendered to officers 
, at Crane at noon and dented toy pad 
in the aboottnc M also said k 
nothing of the tbef I of the o 
Baxter Springe, claiming be bad 
hired by Hemphill to drive tbe car 
from Barnadall. Okla . to Crane 

W. J. Farley, atep-fatber of the ! 
Slaoo youth, and Wr«. Farley arrived ! 
in Crane yesterday and verified tbe ; 
boy's Btory. Sieoo was released yes- ■ 
verday afternoon. j 

fled To Luak Home 
Smith mopped at tbe home of an ■ 

old acquaintance. ft. M. Luak. near 

Marlonvllla. late yesterday afternoon 
Eight hours after Us bad fhot and) after waking bis escape. The Lutk 

. family bad beard nothing of the ' 
shooting While sealed In the living- ' 
' room vailing to Mrs. I.uak and her 
! daughter, Miss Lets, tba telephone ■ 
j bell on "the rural line rang. J. w 
Lester, a neighbor, told Mies Leta 
Luak, who answered "he phone, about 
, the ahoollng but did not state who , 
uau ftitui the marshal ■ 

Smith left the house at once and I 
went to the barn where l.usk waa at- 
i tending to chorea. Smith told Luak 
filial' he had »hot a man aud that a 
j poaee was after lilm. "I'm going to 
sill myself." he told the farmer 

Befors Luak could Interfere, Smith 
draw a revotvcr~ aud ~ shut' himself , 
through the heart 

Luak then called officers and noti- 
fied thsm of Smith • act. An unci*, i 
f Clarence Browning, who resides a 
quarter of a nvlle f:om the LUak 
home, claimed the body and It waa 
removed to .an •tdertaklng . aevab- I 
llabment at Aurora. 

Cku4Ui w-^ .aid reared In th« 

probably faUUy wounded D.'W. w«y 
mire. «K>- year-old city marshal of , 
Crane, at the officer attempted to 
arrest him. Raymond Smith, 22 years 
old. of Stone county, committed aul- , 
clde In * barn on the farm of R. M 
Lii!»k. Ill the iJmk I'mlrlc neighbor-. 
hood near Marlonvillf. by ihooting ; 
himself in the heart With a revolver. 

i Smith ended his own iUsj 
#*0 ottoek last night white a 
beaded by Stone county »ffleera 
•souring tba vJctnlty around Crane in 
an effort to capture tbe at a re bels as- 

Waymire was brought to tbe 
Springfield Baptist bospiul late laet 
night and an operation performed. He 
was shot once by Smith* tba bullet 
placing hie abdomen and coins 
through tbe pelvis Tbe bullet did 
not strike tbe pelvis bone. 

The attending physician elated thU 
morning that Waymire 1 * intestines 
were pierced In ten places by the one 

bullet, Waymire a condition was crit- I [Crane community, being cared fori 
leal at noon today and his recovery j during incut of hie early life by rue 
waa said to be extremely doubtful. \ [grandparents 

Funeral services for Smith were | . M a r s h al Waymire has been a real- 
held this afternoon at the home of |, dent of Crane for years. Me has a,' 
hla grandparent". Mr and Mm. Ham- 'wife and two grown ohtldrsu. a son 
'son Hemphill, three mile* *'* 1 ° r end a daughter. 

Crane, With interment In the Oaa . ■ ... 

'cemetery. The dece ased Is survrved 
, by~hliTmollier."wlwisc v. hereabouts are; 
i unknown: and by bu widow and onrd 
'child, of Picher. Okla. Smith *ud hie 
iwlle have been estranged for aomei 
' time. according to Crane residents. t 
Had Warrant for Pair. , 

\t 10:30 a. m.. yeeterday. City Mar- 
, *hel Wsymlre and Deputy William 

Miller went to the home of Harrison 

Hemphill, west of Crane. In |.e«ch ol . 

Smith and a 16-year-old bo. who 

gave hU name .* Elm Otero. The of - j 

fleers curried a warrant from B-'" 1 " 

Springs. Kan., charging the pslr with | 

tbe theft of an automobile. 

a*tn r. g. towax 

! SUlaUTwa bare have learned of the 
death Tuesday night in Jamaica. 
If. T.. of Jemee P. U. Cowan. 78 yeare 
old. formerly a resident of Spring- 
fleid and a eon of Judge J. M. Cowan. 
erbe ■eee n tly died at tbe age of M i 
yearn. Burial will be In Crswforde- 
TlUe. Ind. 

Mr. Cowan was a graduate of Wa- 
bash college, CrawfordevUle. class of 
lgttg. He was a lawyer, newspaper 
editor and special examiner of the • 
United States Bureau of Pensions tor i 
a number of years. • 

He Is survivsd by a sister. Mrs. 

Laura A. Blaine of Jamaloa. and a I 

brother. Or. Howard Cowan of Craw- ( 


fords rule 


? Wur*T«HTlo« tor Mn. WUUem 
Aabar. •». qf 710 Watt Orand etreet. 
who died at 7 p. n>., yeeterdey. will 
be . held tomorrow afternoon *t 
Faroe cemetery. ' Burial will bo 
under 0Uocilo0 of W. L BUrai, un- 
dertaker ffbe U eunrlved by the 
husband, ooo daughter, leebelL and 
two eone, Charley and Walter, all of 

Funeral eervlcee tor John W. In- 
mon.- •*. who died Monday at hie 
hmt near Niu. Mo, were held at 
1 p. m.. today at Lba home. Burial 
m In McConnell cemetery- Ma u 
eurvived by the widow. three mm. 
Johu «ud Jim Inmon of Hlie. and 
Will Inmon, of 163ft North Campbell 
avenue. Bpnngfleld. and by eeveral 
grandchildren and greatgrandchil- 

„.,". • bbidbb uatTicu. 

Funeral Mrfteai for L. F. 

ftp. who dlad at 4 p. m , Monday at 
23*7 North Boulevard. were held at 
3 p. m., today at Fair drove, with 
burial In Pleoeant Ridge i-rmetery 
under direction of t»e Klmgur: 
Funeral home. 

BBf*»<*rr," r >' > ;« r ^ ;»■ " r**> -. * -fe^.. --■' 

1 -C-'iK/fWIOHMaV^^'i 1 ' M 

^ a m, WtoUs*, fMOMrtr ©f •i** n «- 

Oeid. died in ^Ttttaa. OUa, eooordln* 
to word l ooatrod bore" Uat • night 
Funeral HmaMMMM are incomplete. 
He U «umved 3 by the widow. Mra 
Catherine WtoJUse*. tbree daufbtare, 
Mra. C D. Uoueton, and Mra. O. W. 
Brown, both of Tulee. and Mra. Harry 
D. Smith, of Albambra, Calif.: a eon. 
OrrtUa. of, Tula*; tbe father, T, O. 
Wtttklae*. and two efcrtera. Mca L X, 
l^unatordV l*oi* of tat South Jotfer* 
eon avenue, * Mra. Clinton Mead. 
•bell City. Mo., and a brother, Hev. 
D. A. Wickleer. of Chicago, 111. 

I Vera May Davie, the 'J-mo:.trt»-old 
I daughter of Mr. and Mr* Harry H . 
I Davie. 3*41 North OampbeU avenue. | 
• died at 6:30 a. m. today following a 
! brief tllnee* Funeral eerrlcee will be 
;held at 3:30 p. m. tomorrow at the 
'Bterne mortuary, and burial will be 
(in Oreenlawn cemetery The dece- 
,deut la aurvlved b) the parents and 
.two •letere. 

Ftmrra i»er\ !<»•-. fcr bu'.nul' B;.rn». 
(6. will be held "at 2pm Thur»day 
< from PilW Chapel M. K. church un- 
ifier the auaplce* of Little ■ Oolden 
Tabernacle. No M. International Or- 
der of Twetee. and Qail OHJ 
rue. Bdueeboid of Bath. 
Bar. U ft. Oran* win 
will be in the Bee*.-. 
under direction of the Campbell TJn- 
Jdertaklng Co 

Mr. and Mra. C. B. Otbooy, of 
Hprtngficld Route 7. announce toe 
birth of a daughter. February IS. 

Mr. and Mra. Charley C. Kiof >d- 
nop nee the birth of a daughter. 
Gloria Patricia, Febrluary 33. 

Mr. and Mra. J A. Taylor. Vn* 
r rth Proapact. announce tbe Mrtb of 
a eon. John Joseph. Pvbruary 18. 

Mr. and Mre. J. 5 Medley announce 
the birth of a daughter. February jg. 

Mr. and Mra. Henry B. ■trader. , 
1111 Beet BeoU. announce the birth 
of a eon. Vernon Bdward. February 

Mr. and Mra B F Wheleton an- 
nounce the birth of a eon. March i 

Mr. and Mra. Charlee Delbert Green 
of 4*3 South Patton avenue are the 
proud parent* .ojf a baby daughter, 
bom March 8. Tbe little girl haa 
been named Margaret Lout* Oreen. 

Mr. and Mra. Maurice McCandJcaa. 
of 604 Chicago, announce the birth of 
March tV 

Mr. and Mra. George M. Thompaon. j 
1S04 Walnut, atreet. exe parenu of a ; 
baby boy. bora at Burge bompltali 

I In M rnmo ri am | 

o o ; 

In loving memory of our dear bua- 
band. father and g ra nd fa th e r. Fran* 
Bodtboret. who paeaad awey 
ywara ago tooay. March t. IBM. 

HU gentle voice well bear no 

We will oaMt hie kindly entile, 
And never more oo earth will 

Our (orrowa to beguile 

When evening ehaoowa axe falling. 

And we are anting all alone 
In our hearte there cornea * locigtng. 

If father only could come home. 

Oaye that paa* ao eadly by. 

At night we bad adieu. 
For we know dear father 

We 'are one day nearer you. 

Sadly n ueae d by wifa. children and , 


Page 8: Vera Mae Davis died.** 

Mrs. William Asher died.** 

C.N. Wickizer died.** 

Mrs. J. D.Hood died.** 

Mrs. Merica Alexander died.** 

Ed Bridges died.** 

Frank Irvin Drake died.** 

Ella F.White died.** 

Births reported.** 
Page 13: Mrs. Nell Peacher Guthrie and Mr. W. B. Campbell were married.** 

: ■ | !j t "tP'-ir'""' ; ■•;;-■ '-•'■•■■ -. - * - ggapf 

Mra Merle* Ndtli Jane Alexander. 
63 year* ©id, died this momlni at 
the hom«. 1423 Worth Bobbtnon *ve- 
out, after a lingering Illness. She U 
survived by two son*. Floyd A. and 
Buraey : Almndtf, bolb of Spring- 
field: four daughters, Mf*. Wtllard 
Stoop*. Roosevelt. Okla : Mr*. U O. 
rortner. Detroit. Mich : and Mr*. 
Owen Hmid, and Mra. W. N. Ren- 
frew, botb of Springfield: by a *U- 
ter. Mm. Charles Morgan. Spring- 
field, a brother. Sam Roberts. Pair 
Orove; and M grandchildren, funeral 
.Arrangement* are Incomplete, but 
burial will be made In Oreenlawn 
cemetery under direction of the 
Hungrier Undertaking company. 


! funeral service* for Vera Mae 
Daiu. 3-montha-old daughter of Mr. 
and Mra Marry R- DavU. 3641 North 
Campbell avenue, who died yesterday 
OKtruing. were held at 3 30 p. m. to- 
day at the Sterna mortuary. Burial 
«u iu Oreenlawn eetnetary. The in- 

. (ant u survived by the parenu and 
ta« slater*. 


runeral *ervlce* lor Mr*. William 
Aebrr. *•. of 710 Weet Orand atreet. 
»!>.» c"!rtl Tueaday evening, were held 
\..jt «.".ernoo:i at Payne cemetery. 
• ::h burial under direction of W. L. 
»:<*: ae. undertaker. 



runeral service* for C. N. Wlcklxer. 
a ho tiled at Tul*e. Okla.. Tueaday. 
»rrf !ieM tl'.la afternoon iu that uty. 
Mi Wlckim formerly resided in 

i I MRS. *. D. HOOD. i I 

' runeral service* for Mra. J. D. 
Hood. 70. who died at 4 a. m. Wed- 
nesday at her home west of Republic, 
were held this afternoou at the 
Methodist church in Republic. 
Burial was In Evergreen cameury. 
Mra. Hood 1* survived by her hus- 
band, one daughter. Mra. J. H. 
OBryant. of thla city, a eon.- Clyde 
Hood, of Republic and Mlaa Elizabeth 
Htrklcn of the home address: several 
• grandchildren and r.rraigrandcbll- 

J" ELLA rTwiiiTE. 

Puneral aerrlre* for Mrs. Ella P ! 
White, who died at Che home of her 
: daughter at TJeassnt Hope/ were held 
1st. the Presbyterian church at that' II a ' m . today 8h»> la »ur- • 
ii'.ert by l«-' « lillrtren. Itolaud White., 
of MUM North Missouri avenue. Spring- , 
firi.i mill Mr« Lottie na Ida III ."of ; 
HrA>a:r. Hope. ', 

i i —<*vtr — > 


Puneral services for* Ed Bridge*. 69 j 
years old. who died Tuesday at a local , 
hospital, were, held at 3 p. m.. yes- , 
leidsy. from ' Roaedale church, five 
miles northweat of 4 WUlard. with in- J 
terment m.der direction of the Rung- ■ 
I ner Undertaking company. He la 
survived by two brother*. Charles; 
! Bridge* of Springfield, and Dr. 


' ' Frank Irvin Drake. 84. a lumber 
•dealer of Mankato. Kan. died In a, 
local hoftpltal yeaterday following aj 
airoke of paralysis February 6 while 
a passenger on a Prlsoo train at Lock- I 
wood. Mo. He was brought to Spring- j 
j field and taken to a hospital for i 
' treatment The body was forwarded | 
to Mankalo where burial will be 
made. Mr. and Mr*. Drake were en 
route to Orlando. Pla.. to celebrate 
thalr wadding anxUvarwary. The de- 
cedent waa president of tb* Midwest 
ijynrtaw iineapsnT which oontrolled 
a chain oi lumber yards in Kansas. 


" s|n Cajnpeell~Guth/1e. 
| The marriage, of llti. Hi 
1e, 630 WmI Mount 

and Mr. W. B. Campbell of 

Antonio. Tex., was quietly cele- 

yeeterday afternoon at 1 

ck at the home of Rev. J. W. | 

n, paator ol the fit. Paul Meth- ' 

church. The bride wore a trav- 

ault of dark blue, tan trimmed. 

accessories to match After the' 

»ny the couple left for a three 

U' trip to Memphis and Hot 

ugs. They will return to the city 

be at home ul 5J0 Mount Vernon . 

IVtii in Mr niid Un B B Blank- 
oi.:.:.ifi. ifilu Writ ficotl street March 
•«. si (UiuKhter, Evelyn ."rnncea. 

Mr. and Mrs John Bulra. 214 Eom 
Lynn, announce the birth of a daugh- 
ter at Uurce lioepttal. March 0. 


Page 19: Mrs. Hattie Campbell Hancock died.** 

Mrs. Mercia Alexander died.** 

John Holdren and Miss Mary Tennison were married.** 
Page 22: There is mention of Zoe Akins, author, who comes from Humansville in Polk 

There is an article about James P. E. Cowan.** 
Page 23: Miss Dorothy Lines and Dr. B. R. Miller are engaged to marry.** 

Miss Bess Smith and Mr. Archer Medley were married.** 
Page 9: Marriage licenses issued.** 

The will of David Barnhart was admitted to probate.** 

James P. E. Cowan, whose death j ££I 

in Mew York state. U Just chronicled. ■ 

waa one of the oldtime newspaper 

man of Sprlnf field. He waa odd- | 
Inected with the Herald established ] 

back »n the 80a and run under_ the , 
I name of Capt. C. W. Rogers 
! Rogers waa general manager 

of the 

rriaco and the road owned the news- 
paper. It waa supposed with a news- 
paper the Prlsco could dominate itbe 

I politic- of thu whole ee c tlo n . Poli- 
tics waa more important to railroads 

I In tboae daya than now. The roaOa 
were wanUng favora and there ware 
many pollUciana who had to Da 
brought into line ona way or an- 
other. The Prlaco finally got tired 
of the newepepex business and It i* 
aaid the net loaa waa about 680.000 
which waa a large nun in those daya. 

• • • 

Jamee P. K Cowan waa the eon of 

Judge John M Cowan, who resided 

tor yeara on South Jenaraon etteet 

Lnd sTone Urn. publUhed the I 

Springfield Republican. Judge CowaO 

waa a circuit Judge In Indiana and 

i waa the flret white child born In; 

I indianapolla which oelebratad ita , 

'one hundredth anniversary about 

i three yeara ago when every effort waa 

! made to get Judge Cowan to *t»«"l 

The Judge, however, waa 'Very old 

I ,nd feeble at the time and could not , 

I undertake the trip. He died ahortly 

arterwarda. being over 00 years of age. 

• • * i 
1 The funeral of Jemee P. E. Cowan 
.will be held at Crawfordevtlle. Ind.. 

the former home of the Cowana ar.i 
alao Ed Houaton. a relative of the 
Cowana. It »u toe home of Oeu. 
Lew Wallace, the author of Ben 
Hur " the "Pair Ood" and other suc- 
iceaaful novele. The Cowana and 
■ Houaton all knew Oen. Wallace very 
well. Houaton playing in the gen- 
erals yard when a child 


Mrs. HUtte OampbaU BanOQCfc. •*. 
formerly of Springfield, died Trine*, 
day at her homo in Parle, Thu ae- 
oordlng to word reotlrad here t-y a 
■later. Mr*. J. W. Poacher of 6*0 Wawt 
MC Vernon street. The decadent 
waa the daughter of Junius P. Camp- 
bell, a brother of John P. "*Tr tM ". 
founder of Springfield. Mrs. Han- 
cock waa born In Springfield and re- 
-sl4ed here until 1006 when aba and 
her husband moved to Paris. Punsral 
services were held today. She Is sur- 
vived by su children, all of whom 
are living, a slater. Mrs. Peecber. and 
a number of relatives here. 

Junius P. Campbell, father of the 
decedent, was the first merchant In 
Springfield. He opened hia store In 
the fall of 1631. and It was located 
where the Prlsco office building now 
stands. Mr. Campbell waa the flret 
poetmaster and Justice or the peace 
here and also served the county ss 
treasurer and sheriff. He died March 
10. J687. Mrs. Peacher U the only 
one of his children etui living She 
Is 60 years old. 


Puoeral services for Mrs. Mercia 
Alexander, 63 yeara old. who died 
yesterday morning at her home at 
1433 North Robberaon avenue, will 
be held at 3 p. m.. Sunday at the 
Kllngner Puneral home. Burial will 
be In Oreenlawn cemetery. 




John Hold/en urn iim Mar? Ten 
ntaon, both of Springfield. were mar- ' 
r!»d e'. '.he '.cur* .*•.?'_»* tsila? Jiii^e .' 
J. W. Tippui of the county court of-' 
fieiated. [ 

• a. I 1 J -ll.fl . 

miii j i ii i 

' MIm lines to Wed Dr. Miller. 



>jua*and« ■'- ' Woolecott. ' dramatic 
critic of tbe New Tor* W«rld. J-*. 

naaalltershla ettaotion (O UM Ww 
naav at Zoe Akins. the rolk oouoty 
girt, who bM written, eoeata*- ettc- 
oeawful drama*. „ 

°*^te yarning m*. ««^S«f £ 

Mr. and Mra. W. H. Unas. *35 SouUi 
Delaware, wtmut,- have enounced tbe 
engagement of their daughter. MIm 
Dorothy Unes. to Or. B. R. Miller of, 
Bachelor's Ion. The date tor toe wed- f 
dots has not been eat. 

timer O Wefford and Edna Sig- 
nal, both of Springfield 

John Holdren and Mary TennJaou. 
1 both of Springfield, 
i j ji i- m in— I ii H I Kawegaws— aw— 

wax wtuat. 
Tte -vtS at OarM Baraaart. da» 
eiajia. baa been admitted to pro- 
bate The widow of the tastoeor. 
armbaru la lata tb* 
aw bar uf etlmav and 
K le a* go to a 
Mrs. Artana Malta ■ Oboe* 
•on Joan T. Baraaart. arbo akaa la 
named ae eaecutar to 
band. Tte value m* the 

Rogera-nile Couple Marry. 

Mr. and Mra. Jsmee L. Bmlth of 

RogersvlUa have announced the mar- 

rlage of their daughter. Beaa. to Mr. 

Archer Medley on Monday. Marcb 7. 

Page 3: W. J. Davis died.** 

Page 5: Stockton, Mo., was founded in 1846. It was first called Lancaster but the name 
was changed to Fremont. In 1851 the name became Stockton. [This is a long article.] 
Page 8: There is an item about J. T. Keet and Barry county.** 
Page 10: Divorce suits filed.** 

William Brebner died.** 

Mrs. Lottie J. Compton died.** 

Mrs. Nancy J. Mitchell died.** 

Mrs. J. A. Criger died.** 

Mrs. Nannie E. Archias died.** 

Son born to Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Dennis.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 

7 Tbw recent J«*^»>— ntf-fcea-"* ar-3! 


county Malory 

-■"-f." T. Keet, founded of 


In Barry 

war to go 

of the editor of tbe 
huoan. aattlad on Washburn Pratrta, 
along with the McOlotblla family. 
what te now known a* old towa as 
Waabbum waa ateetewille. The 
waa named after Mr. Keat. who 
the proprietor of Ite ftret atora. 

Aftar the building of tte 
through the county In IBM and Mat. 
the now town (now Waehburn) waa 

I' laid out and took the name of CTJey. 
Later the name waa changed to I 
Washburu. »h'«>h waa the name of i 
; prom!«*e— r'fV-' of the Frisco rail 


"W. J. Darla. whose home la at 
Bnarltng Oreen. Kan . died about fl I 
a. m, today In tbe tourist park at * 
Ocark, ChrlatJan count y. Mr. Davie , 
died I suddenly, supposedly from a 
heart attack. Mr. DarU and Harry i 
Cole,' also of Bowling Oreeu. had. 
been i in Ocark about a week. The)- j 
were planning to purchase a farm In 
that vicinity. The men were travel- [ 
Ing through the country In an auto- 
mobile and had been living In one of 
tbe camp cabins at the Ozark tourist I 

Coroner E. M. Bishop found a 
strong box among Mr. Davie' povaea- . 
alone. The box contained about S350 ' 
In cash and' #700 Th Liberty bonds, j 

' I !—- _ i 


, % WIIAlnMi 8UBME*. il 
William Brebner. 74/yeara old. died 
this morning »t hi* home. 1303 lut 
c*trry .tree*. 11* * *W»i**d b» «*}•, 
widow, three deufbsere, Mr*. _f- ^ 
Ince. of P*nn*yl*»nl»: Mr*. M. T. 
Sherman, of Springfield, and Mra. J. 
L. Harper, of Oklahoma, and by three 
grandchildren. Funeral *ervlcea will 
be held at 2:30 p. mA Tuesday, at the 
family residence, with Interment In , 
Oreenlawn cemeterr under direction 
of the Kllngner Undertaking com- 
pany Mr. Brebner formerly was 
manager of the Merblebeed Lime 

of tJtte 

to # »t ib .»tf >^*r*T 

Funeral services tor Mr*. Lottie J. 
Common. *ho died Tueede/ *t the 
^ her eon. Marfcua J. Oomp- 

ton at Mount Olive. Ark . will be con- 
ducted at 11 a. m. Sunday in Mount, 
. olive church. Burial will be under i 
the direction of the Alma Lohmeyer 
Funeral home of thU city. 

Mra. Comptoit »as the uidow of 
John R. Coropton. • Confederate tet- 
i eran. who died in 1BU »"r Rofc««- 
ville where tor rdany . yearn he hurt 
been a public of f WUl* and extcr.aive 
' farmer The decedent la survive! bv 
. three sone. Thomu M Compiou of 
Walluneberg. Colo.. John K Comp- 
ter. Jr.. of Birmingham. Ala. Bnd 
Merkua J. Oompton. of thU city. ' 

4b ... , NANCY *. MlTCttsUX. -&M 

Funeral eerrlcee will ba bead at 11 ] 

a. m. tomorrow at the Ft ee hy t artan } 

church of Wlllard for Mra. Honey J. i 

'Mitchell. M. who died yesterday aft-! 

: ernpon at the borne a€ her daughter, t 

i Mrs. Beaalt Dickey. 070 Wee* Web- . 
atar utreet, following a brtef llrnssn 
Burial will be in -Wesley ohepel cem- 
etery under direction of the ICllngner 
funeral home. 

Mm. Mitchell la survived by three 
aona and three daughter*: - C. L. 
Heatings. Virgil Mitchell and CaJ 

i Mitchell, all of Sprihgflald. and Mra. j 
Dora Former of Wlllard. Mo.; Mra. 

' Anne Mitchell of Walnut Grove and j 
Mr* Dlrkev of thin city 

Ml«*. J. A. r'KMiUt; 

Funeral f-ervjees for Mra .1 A 
Crlgrr. 71). of Fordland. will be held at j 
3pm Sunday at the Methodlat 
church with burial In Fordland cem- j 
• etery. Mra. Crlgrr died yesterday fol- 
i lowing un illness of eight years re- ■ 
'Suiting from a serious attack of in- ■} 
fluenza Bh» Is survived by her hus- 
band. J A triger. a son. of the 
home adtlreii. M K Cr:get Dullac. 
iTex.. O V. Criger of bpnngfielcl. Mra 
' Viola Slmmerman of Rogentvllle. and 
Murk Cnger of Fordland. Mo 


Mr» Nannie F. Archies. 60 yeara 
old. died at 1 1 55 p m. yesterday al 
the home of her daughter, Mra Wil- 
liam J. Havers, ftfXJ ixiren avenue 
after a lingering llliie&s Bhe u sur- 
, vlved by -four daughters', ■Mrs.- Charles ' 
Hooper of Jopliii, Mrs D. E. Conley 
and Mrs. Bhaeffer of Carthage and 


Jessie L. Brayfleld and Minnie Toi- 
bert. both of Springfield 

Lester F. 'Ttnale-y of B:l!lr.g« and 
Delta Hagewood. ot Republic 

Mm. Bayers of this city;. a son. E. R. 
Archlas of Chicago, and a brother. 
T. M. Flood of Bartlesvllle. Okla. 
The decedent va« the widow of Lou:< 
Archlafi. many years u prominent 
buMi.c. 1 * man of Carthage. Funeral 
arrangements ere incomplete. 




Mr. end Mm. tj kws aj* <3. Dennl*. of 
rout* No. X Bpflngfaesd. enounc* the 

birth of a sun. Oeorge Wets, Mtrch 5 

' "' ■ ' ! ' ui 1 ' ■■■ - ' ^'i^ffifll 

For* divmcs sviTfU ■-: ■, ; - ; 'l 

Four divorce suits were filed in that 
I office of the circuit clerk Uue mom- j 

log. >'<" ' ''•' • 1 

Duley Fowler filed egelnat Ulltsn 
' V. Fowler, charging unfaithfulness tfe i 
the marital rows. 1 

8. O. Lewis i barge* Mildred Lew* J 
with *be n d otim ent. They lired to- 1 
gether from September. If It. to Sep- ' 
tftaber. 103*. 

J. H Alien eueaf Don* Alien, alleg- 
ing indignlUse and **ktng custody of 
i minor child. 
i James P Surge filed against Maggie 
p Uurge. charging abandonment , 
They lived together 31 years, being 
married In October. 1396. and separ- 
ating in May. 1036 


Page 3: Card of thanks from family of M. C. Rickman.** 

Marriage licenses issued.** 
Page 6: Card of thanks from Mrs. Agnes Hinchsliff and others.* 
Page 12: Mrs. J. A. Criger died.** 

Mrs. Lottie J. Compton died.** 




Mrs. Nancy J. Mitchell died.** 

Mrs. Nannie E. Archias died.** 

William Bebner died.** 

W. H. Whitakerdied.** 
Page 15: Notice in memory of Louise C. Messick.** 

Raymond George and Miss Carrie Tully were married.** 
Page 21: Miss Katherine Ruth McCann and Mr. Peter Hamlin Jones are engaged to 

Page 22: Miss Josephine Vaughan and Mr. Harold J. Pranter are engaged to marry.** 
Page 35: Card of thanks from J. D. Hood and others.** 
Page 38: John Cecil recalls local history.** 


Funeral . aervtoa. -for ^J^^A: 

Crlgar. 19. of ****^J^*S'5"2 
at 3 p. m. today at tha MetbodJat 
church with burUI In FordMnd e*m- 
etery. Mra. Crijer died Friday fol- 
lowing eight yeare* llln*^.; .?^;J , 

Puneral aartlcaa'fcr Mrav LotUe J. 
Compton. who died. Tuesday at the 
! home of her ion. Markus J, Corop- I 

• iu». at Mount Olive. Ark., will be 
l.rid at II a. m today in Mount 
Olive church BurUI will be under I 
direction of Alma Lohmeyer Funeral 

: Uonie. ! 

syWV ». MIT< 1IEI.I~ 

funeral servlcea will be hrld nt 11 ■ 

• H in today at the Presbyterlen j 
i church of WiUard lor Mn. Nancy J. , 
I Mitchell. oB. »ho died Friday after- i 

niKiii nt the home of her daughter, t 
Mr* Bcfcsie Dlrkey. 670 Went Web- 
ster street, alter a brlel lllne-a. ] 
i BurUI will be in Wesley Chupel cem- 
etery under direction of the Kunp- , 
ner Funeral home. 


' Funeral (services lor Mre. Nannie 

IE Archies. «> years old. who died 

' Friday mining -t «". nome of her 
(laiientcr Mrs William J. Ssycr*. 50ff 
1 men avenue. • "" « lingering : Hlnea. 
»llj b.- held at 2 30. 1>. "». todny Hi 
thl . Mtlw Uriunryer Fitneral home 
Kev Lewie Hnle. paMnr of the rirsi 
Urtiillst .Lurch, will ufncaie. and 

I burial »UI be in Maple P"* «"£• 
ten Th» decedent l» survived b> 

i lour daughter*. Mr., Charles Hooper 
ol Jophni Mr* D E. Conley and Mrs. 

iBhaener of Carthage and M«J Bayer. 

;of thl. city: a son. E. A^ Archlaeof 

: Chicago, and a brother. T. M. Flood. 

,of Bartlesvlllr. Okie, mid a s.stcr. . 

I mxb. Mary Uuld of Altooua. Kan. . j 


etf VUm. Mo-. 
'<ra»T «< Oncam. 
\ Mo . . war* - married yf fl ay arter- 
inoon at the court house by Judge 

fe^, WILLIAM. ■MBMJB.'-.V/^il W 

Funeral service* wlU ba held at a«0 

p. m. Tuaedai at ttoa family raaldaojj 

l«U *v\ Cherry street, foe WUtMm 

Brenner. It. woo died 8aturday bom- 

UH at hie horn*. Burial will ba m 

Oreeuiawn cemetery aoder direction 

! of the -Khngner Funeral home. Mr. 

Brebner formerly waa manager of the 

HMarblebaad Urn* company of thla 

I city. He U aumleed by the widow. 

' three daughters.. Mrs. J. L. Inoa or 

j Pennsylvania: Mra. M. T. Sberman 

1 of SprlnVfleld. and Mra. J. L. Harper 

of Oklahoma, and by three grand* 



Relatives of W. H. Whlttaker. for 
many year* a resident of thle city, 
received word of bis death. March 0. 
at the home of bU dsugher. Mrs; 
Charles fichweiuer. 718 Daley Avenue. 

Long Beach. Cal. _ ' — "_B: 

^MTTWinttaker wiTboni September 
5. TvMS,' In Alexander couuty. IU. ,He 
una' TO years old at thr tune of hu 
deatli. ' The decedent for a number 
of ! years operated a grocery store at 
corner of Cherry street and Klm- 
brough avenue. He uae a member of 
Uie First Baptist church here. 

Mr. Whlttaker Is survived by the 
daughter. Mrs. Bchweltrer: a son. W. 
W. Whtttaaer. of Long.Beach: and by 
elghfgrandchlldreu. Funeral arranse- 
ments are Incomplete but burial will 
be In Maple Park cemetery under the 
direct iou of Uit Paxson Funeral home. 


We wish to extend our sinoere I 
»! anka and appreciation to our many 
* »rd.» and neighbors 'for their kind-' 
\. u;.fl sympathy dioun during the i 
l..:.ea9 and death of our beloved 
riband, father and brother, also for I 
ti-.<- beivuUful floral offering.. I 

The family of the late M. O. 
BiriunaJi. [ 

■ ^~ .'I 

- o— , 

Veurbaa-Fraatee t»gareta*ti« 

Mr ai>a Mr. A:^n T .Va v g t .e n , .» 
ta*-. H*rr.mou street. **■**»?**,,£* i 

jotphlne. to Mr. BawU JJ ^rao^ 

.,n of Mr end Mrs. *?* Z25Z'.' Zn 
mt Mot-T* stra.1- T*a ****** *" 
take place U»e latur peirt ot UUe 

' tno:-'h 



-More then fifty jaara *« '"^* 

M n "t&iee V*WM h°T» WeTO.pOM. 

Finis White,** Bradford end U» 
Ooode Unto WM •*• TO" **** son 
or odi of the Turnbecksrs. Bob'. fa- 
ther got into the county to tin* to bo 
Mt. Vernon'* firs* portmuUf. " rt 
father moved to Verona from Ken- 
tucky when U* wa* 18. 

-They were sprouted through the 
Verona schools together Mid f««^!f 

Then their ways parted. AwaUto* 
InTsomethtog bettor to turn up rtnta 
taught school. Bob being a good .tory 
M»L end eh* to do »»igM o« toond 
trick. with • quarter went on the 
road a. • aelesman. and Ltv 'began the 

.tody of law in a 8P rt ^ fleld ° fr, £ nU 
•Time pe-ed on and ao did Ftoto 
and Bob. >tnl» was doing well in the 
lumber business in Oklahoma when i • 
•troke of paralyse forced hie retlre- 
ment and resulted in hU death > ^yssr 
T£ lour at Verona. Up to hi. d«*th 
•everal year. Mo *t Pelrce City Bob 
continued to be a commercial drum- 
mer." . •,'...-. 


May the many Kind friends and 
neighbor* accept our offet of thanks | 
in regard to the kludneae shown us | 
during our recent l>ereavemei'.t in liiej 
loae of our dear husband, eon. edo- » 
in-law and brother-in-law. Rohn j 
liinch.llff. May we especially ttmnk i 
Ree Carl Krenrh and choir of tbe ( 
E>*t Avenue Baptist .church, fiddly 
missed by ' •"• 

Mr. A^:\rp lllnrhV.tff (wile.. 

Mr.. .Jc.-n Hlnehailff (mother). 

Mr. Jess lUnoheUfI (father). "«* 
ill**, and Mea. Ouy W l ncn ali f t and 
1 - family^ »."^A,. -•> • .!**!*« 

Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Hoffman mad 

Mi and Mr.. Cheater HtacbaUff. , 

Mr. .ud Mrs. Poster, mother to -a a w. 

Mt. U «. Bhortdam, ' ;£*»* 

Mr*. L. B atheridao. 

Mr. and Ura. N. B. Sheridan, 
to. and Mr.. Paul Bailey. 
Mr. and Mr. H A. «h*r»dan. 
Mr and Mr*. C. W. JBbertdan. 

Mm Ik tUm*. i grandmother). 

Thu. Judge B. L. Ooode •-the 

last of the trio. It was not R«n*relly 

"own he was called Uv hifchrte 

friends. A Springfield men hant told 

the other day about taking a ".hart 

itrtp with Judge flood* io !>*"■»« 

| county to visit nnlr White, who Bod 

I Len fatally .trlcken While rould not 

remember the Springfield mmtart 

although knowing him wel when 

normal. The sick man. however. 

i knew Judge Ocode. 

-Judge Ooode was deeply moved, 
said the merchant, -and he took u. 
a short distance away to nhow us a 
spring and some of the playgrounds 
1 of the three friends when boys T' f 
I Judge began to tell about the pranks 
iof the three boys but suddenly chok- 
ed up. his voice broke and he walked 

* W -*H vu the only time 1 ever »«* 
Judge GQOde give way to his emo- 

^jmm^Bff^ BUS 

tlerWaOdtisf I* a city Ma tod* 
1 Ift to IBco a etuap d UW. 
-whore too nod; woo found." if 
tner* wee no body found they am Juot 
trees. Won. on old bom to bate* torn 
down on the Wells property on sontb- 
east Boulevard, -which to belnf cut up 
into town lot*. Several buildings ore 
being erected. The Well* property f 
formerly belonged to Hiram H. Weat- 
moreland of a pioneer Greens county 
family, bat e name which bee all but 
disappeared from here. Westmore- 
land had a great mule market to hU ) 
'talg barn and was a st ock - m a n . borae- 
I man and mule buyer on a large ecala 
I Hs was caught In the VS panic, heew- 
lever and failed, causing heavy losses 
i to friends and complete disaster to 
'himself He left the city and moved 
to Arkansas where he finally died. 

h s ^!fir"!^ r* mmaacuM. 

to memory of Louisa C _ 
<wno poaeed to too great beyound two 
years ago today. 
All to ourselves we think of you. 

Think of the things we used to do. 
Think of the things we tised to say. 

Think of each happy yesterday. _ 

Sometimes we sigh; sometime* we | 

But we keep each olden, golden while j 
On memory', golden file. 


• I 

Wa wish to thane, th. many 

^ 8 Sd n^ST^^oTof loved wife 
-«rt moUier and also wish to express , 
ErjSttude for. tbe beautiful floral 
afrertog.. _~_ 


W J A> Sd'mB3 O. 11. HOOD AND 



•aughter ot Mr. and Mrs John «- 
M oCSBBi «M BMt Obeatnut street, 
whose engegmeent to Mr. Peter Ham- 
lin Jones of Ohloago has been en- 1 
nounced. ' " ■ 

; J«i&« 

rv» Tuily of Oiou kor. 


Page 1: David T. Carrier died.** 

D. W. Waymire died of gunshot wounds.** 
Page 2: Mrs. J. A. Criger died.** 

William Brebner died.** 

Mrs. M. E. Massie died.** 

Robert G. Myers died.** 

James P. Winn died.** 

W.H. Whittakerdied.** 

i aft£rIqhwly;( 

KHltr, Ftarlng Vang»anc« I 
. H*nd» of Pur»otng Poster 
Commrtt»d v SuWd. L / 
Tip* by Talaphon. 

.•>■ : 

QVN81I0T wouada .uttered mv 

ly a waak a*o at tha handa of. _, 
Robart Hemphill. Rtone eounty 
•laapcrado. paaati d tha death ot U. 
W". fCaymlra; Crano town marahak 
>•. I «s o'clock v yaatarday rooming 
'n The Bprln*-neld [upUit hoepltaL 
_. Tha. man ?raapo,M ibla for Way-; 
mtro'a death already bad paid'"tha~ 
»opr«m» penalty. Vlalonln* daath^ 
IT thrf Hantfg ot ntfa* .a' a^Craletfl 
by tha »l>.">tin< of tha ofhoar. 
Hemphill arm a bullat through bl« } 
•nn heart a tow bouia aitar/feM 
cooountar with Wayinlra. ^ "'" 

wipk at bedside 


tad •ararai.otMaT 

l tha toaattVlrf 

Mr, Vfef oUra at tha 
Qeat h . ■* ' • » »♦ «*w 

- ^atW.'*'**^ 

•on. iBarl Wajrmlr*. Craaai tipjf 
•tora, Mra. Clara MoOoaaJ* IM 



Mra. Sarah Ford, and twa 
ara, Prank and John Wayatfra. 
Mr. Warm Ira had b aaa 

at Out during the> ***V_**2 
r«ara. Ma had boon a attiaaaaf 
rmn« for Ji reara. daring ajaaf- 
..( *hlch lima ha waa a maoabar or. 

• ho (KM Frllnwa lu.lfe. Ma ala* 
.i,« a member of tha Church of 

KMnrral arrangement, bara not 
\*+n completed, but th» funaral 
•Mil »•«• *t Crane. wl:h Interment In 
ih* Mimonlo cemetery there. Mem- 
bra of tl.n t>ano Odd FaJlowa 
n-.lra will oJBclata at tha aarrlca. 

♦ ■ * 


♦ ' ~ L* 

- Tdt» ("mnf olllorr wna ehi>t with- 
out warning b * y«*»ng Hartphlfl 
laat TMenday morning Tha •boat- 
in* occurred at th* hom» of Har* 
riaon Hemphill, two mtlaa »•**$§ 
Crane, whera Waymlra and- ■•* 
other office had gone to arraM 
Robert Hemphill on a charga paaa* 
in, tn Baxter Spring*. Kan. 

Tha rtaaparad* fled from tha 

<,n« or tha ehooilng. "dropplnff; 

in" raaually at tha homo ot Ba) 

Luak. n*nr, MartonrtUa. a f*jp 

Sour* lat«-. 'Wamad by a tola- 

, h/.n» call to a."*' member of tha 

t'.i.W family lhat an aTaaftnr 

...,* »a» (<unulnc "Waymlro'a aa- 

xiuinL ItrinplilU runhad out 0« 

i r hour r. ronfea»ad to Rob Hi 

juak and enurd bU Uf» la a *a**| 

tar of th» lAiafc-barn. 


|n®fit4ar *t. K»mo. 

• ata »\ n.:m* ""••*». Rtt*f5.rfv*lv* | 

iiravldiT. Vnrtl-r. ii. at tha rtiMna 

if itoanoWa. Va.. fttturda>.hliht v at 




>'iilirr„l arr \ !>'•■ fur J^,, j ^ 

_»'"«»' ■ '•»• wh " «»■«•»» *-t h-r hum* 

chUNh 41 I o'elock 
mod. Mr*. Crlgtr 



«U> moralRflr 

nr-U mr««#l. aJttr - , ,, 

• J4r. Wliuv U «ir*»v«d 


•I* dnu«nt#T*. 
Ml » . 1*1 ur«X i'tt ) n«* u nd M r» 
'•i.llm« i.U *r° Hprinjrnvld: 
'•'••i»y I'tl-an, Mount ,Itu»t>, 

Mir •' «' H.iOiiv. J' 

ui..i Mr>- Ki- .| Ailuriin of llttry. Ind 

ii.i-TKi. iii miu Iw'in IftuiHwoud 

• i, ..i.-i-i ti.»- -hi ••••! |..|i ..f the 

i.i.'. Ii.t.-iul iiniiii . I'unrral 

»ll> laio 1ml brtn COIII- 
fckrloji ■'•;'. 

J. \v. 



»Vl ' M«m1 M«r. |> ■» n«-rtllnt (u WUIV 
lU^inl *->■ hM rrlatlV**, h*r» f***T* 

tt»> ,\ir. niiiu>«H wuNiMfiutd. 

Mr. AVWiUUrr «M^lvHi« *V4M 

\\ «.i , »»i -, to* u»«#bt«r v _, 

rWiw<1UM«r. 1R LmiTBM^ 

l»^|.ht o( thl« rllr hi *« . 

>f *" »f."»r>- »tv*». II* altrm1«1 the 

12,1*4 lu;ti»t • i- ir.-ii and hk<l timn) 
(ii'mln litre. Il« and hi* *!(• o»U« 
IWim th»>r ecldva wnJJInr •J»rJv»r- 
aary ju»l pr*v|..ti. to h*r death. 

» » I- ' • r: .1 Mr., tun aa<> 

Mr \tli'.'»k-r l» r-irvlvrt) U) - hi* 
■ t.,..j-i>.r Mr* <"liarl»» JtSfhwrlUrr. 
Ms ■•■(■ \V \V \VMttak»r, l»>lh >'f 
I ■ • i; I! * • • i:).' kihi.iIi bIMrrli, 

K»t'.--.- I..-.. !• I Mk-IU KCtlWrll I 
»»r •.-•! 1 •■ - r- Wl.lMnk.r il l>.nv | 
lil Mr, ll.rii.,1' \|iJ"rn«liT~7 

l.»- >. in.: ' a .-I v\ hlitkhrr -f st i 
il >t M'lax r, ->f tlili I 

•Yaon.r. l«, who di.d vaster.!*, v 
morning «' hi. hom*, l»Ql E*\.t 
Chirry air**t will ba ©oaduoUd « o clock Tu**4ar afl«r»o©n «l 
ili<« ramll) 1 1 niiifiuo, 
j Intrrin, in « ill |. n | n <l r »rnlnun 

)rrni.|.-n mutrr Hi" itlrvctlup «>f 
IImi KUhciivi 1'ntlri taking com- 

Mr Iti-liiicr In .urvlvcd liy hi* 
• IttoM. ihir-r tUa/lilor*. Mrs. J. I. 

1nw^^^n«-yiv»nl». llrt^JI. 
irharman or Upri _ 
J. l>IUrp*r of OkUhomt, 
Otr*«jr*ndi " 

Funeral «rr\lrva for Mra. M. K. I 
m i'»i«, ;o, widow of in, jf, u.J 

<1W aatvH«r »t ISf- 

M»ntf»hta. Tt>nrt , tvr-ra connuclcl | 

>r-ii.-r.|.n ;i it. -I iii. r>n u i Hunt. vlll'' 

IMi. Mu.klx I. aurvlved by 
«*ugh!»ra, Mm, K. U- 
lh|a fllvfMr. K K IN^k of HnntaV 
•wil*. Mi«< Kitf*lr mnl Mr*. V'- 
.11 U«n, u>iii h( Mrmphlv 

'■.•• .'t "• M><r.. .°-iiii.ii;jMt-nlil 

• •. - ' \i. mnl Mir AI»m»i| Myvra 

•. My i«>»t lualna •ifi-i-t. nt ilii- ln.itio .it T i.i'li.i'k ;. Willi}' 
■■•■•I hti a 

i'ih »..:..• i. Mm \iili- i.\ |,|« f.itln-r 

■ F.t lll.ll'>-!,. -I t.l.'lli.l mnl l lit ••€• 

• *.i* t'.in. r;»l »«i \ :• ••■» will l.»- 

•■•, !.. 1- it .! I ,.'. I... ;, tl.U ilflfl ■ 
l fr.iln III n ||,.i'.r .in. I 

»i ! '-•> !ii i "i-K»r I'fi'k < nnetarV 
i 1 i t:,- ilin.* , -i vf !!,,- Kllnun-r 


Page 1: D. W. Waymire died.** 

Buford E. Wells drowned.** 
PagelO: Marriage license: Josh Young and Lucille Hunt, both of Springfield. 

Mrs. M. E. Massie died.** 

Mrs. Lottie J. Compton died.** 

Mrs. J. A. Criger died.** 

Mrs. Nancy J. Mitchell died.** 

Mrs. Nannie E. Archias died.** 

Myers infant died.** 

William Brebner died.** 

James P. Winn died.** 

David T. Carrier died.** 


John Lewis Handley died.** 

Mary Cole sues to divorce Earl Cole. They were married in March 1918. 

Anderson infant died.** 


Funeral 8ervicet Wero Held 
This Afternoon For ' 

D. yr. Waymire. 

; : : HrlS '•• • • 

funeral services were held at 3 p. 

an . today at the frune Presbyterian 
church tor D. W. Wuyiiilrc. OO jrmr* 
•id. city marshal of Crane, who dim 
at e«6 a. m. Sunday at the Spring- 
field Baptist boapiui aa a rreult of 
a bullet, wound' received Tuesday 
Mhri he attempted lo arrert Ray- 
mond Smith. 33, near Crane. 

Service* were conducted by the Odd 
Pri*-.n»» io<!k» atiCraur, interment 
•m» . marie in tl\e Miivmli- reinetery 
undrr ::,e dlttttlou «t the W. V Hil- 
ton Cudertakinf; company. 
. Mr. Wayrnsra had brrli my mnr>hal 
at C'» r - r 'for 'She -past two yearn, He' 
had' re«ided lu that m»n for 2A year* 
and during most of that time was a 
member of the Odd Pellows lodge. 

He.' is survived J. by the widow, a 
dsugnier.;: Mrs'."!.' L. Carr.* Crane, a 
son, Eaft ] WsymJre. Cnu.c : two sleJ 
ur». Mr*. Clara McDonald and Mi. 
Sarah ford, and .tiro brother.*-, Pmnk 
and John Waynilre. 

Last , Tuesday "morning. Marshal 
Crane and Deputy William Miller 
drove to the home of Harrtaon Hemp- 
hill, about three miles weal of Crane, 
in tearch'of young Smith, a k"">ci- 
aon of Hemphill, and Elza Bl»ro. 
Smith dr.'w a revolver and ahot the 
marshal, lie then lied. Slsco made 

hi* r 'fa«pVTiS~tto«~ eacttement """" but 

Smith managed to etude a poaae I 
and stopped at the home of Robert 
Lu*k. near LUrlonvilie. late In UiC 
tfteruoon. A few minute* after 
Smith arrived, the family waa nOtl- ( of the affray by teiepbope. bUt I 
were not told who did the •hooting, j 

Smith went to the baps' end told ■ 
Mr." Liuk he ebot the Crnne marshal. ' 
The young man then drew a revolver 
and ahot himself in the heart. A 
pome wp.i neerlpg the Lusk home at 
the time. '•"'< ' ,' '■' • i 

■ Waymlre was brought to the local > 
hoapltal end u WM found the bullet ! 
hid pierced hu, Intestines In ten dlf- ' 
fevent pie no* I : ! ■.' i ; , ■'::■>'.•".'.-. 

The! body w taken overland to j 
Came » yeeterdey; by 4ftaf#*tai*) v i-oto- J 
mejrr |u»«^': borne *?W?F ! "' ' ; ' « 


Young Farmer Loses Liic ou 

pjicning Dny of Resort 

' ScaBon. 

, ? JOfL|H: ,? K0i ***t* 1«/~<A. - 
wildcat parte, eouth of here we* 
scene of the first drowning of tb* 
. son yesterday on the occasion ft. . .— » 
•pening day. Buford «• WelW, * %.| 
I lin hlgn acbool graduate. tmUtBfQm$ 
a fana near hare, we* drowned wb«ft f , 
! a canoe in which be wee rtdrnf *rWK ,, 
[ Raymond Wadalna. of J©J»llsV:*7W*«|f 
; turned.' ••' *■■ .i — .iLii 

Wells was 31 years of age end a* 
excellent ; swimmer. The body wM . 
iiiuml about ten, feet from th e) eoe o#j 
of the i mlabap an hour afterward. | 
Shoal creek, on which the partT la 
i situated. I was ellghUy swollen .atf0« 
1 muddy. 1 WadkUi* oould give no, ran** 
'sou for the upact or Walls' inability 
to swim I to . the nearby shore. Ha 
explained that he was exhausted by, 
his ; efforts to eave himself. Botej 
; were fully dressed. 


Punerei service* for Mra. -M;i M. 
Maasle. 70. widow of Dc. P. O. Maasls 
of Huntevllie. Artt. who died Satur- 
day at her home In Memphis. Trim . 
' were held Sunday afternoon at 
llunuvllle. She le survived by four 
daughters., Mrs. K. U. Magers of thu 
city. Mra. K, 1. Polk of Uunuville. 
Miss Kate Masale and Mrs. C. B 
Lewis, both of Memphis. 

L '•''' '" ' Ti t ' ' . ' 


for Mra. Louts 4. 

i- Tuesday at the 

of iter eon. MarkU* J. Compton. 

If ai "a£' yeaaettfay^ai Modnt OlreT 
{church. Burial was under direction 
of the Alma Lohmeyer fufiersl home. 



'< Funeral earvtoe* ware held at 1 
p. m . UMUy at the home for Robert 
O Uren, 3-montha-old eon of Mr. 
.nd Mn. Albert My«n. 1618 Kail 
Blaine atreel. who died at the home 
at 7 p. m. y •iter day. Burial waa la 
Clear Creek cemetery under direction 
of the Kllngner funeral home. 

Funeral Mrvlcw for Wlllum Bwh- 
aaJTt*. '•**• d»ad Batwrday tWOmln*) 
at hU bom*. 1H» k»*t Cherry atreet. 
vUl be Bald at 1:M p. m. tomorrow 
at tbej faenlly raaldano*. Burial will 
be In Oeaanlewu cameiecy under the 
Xinrtten-* Um BOangnar ruoaral 
home. Mr- Bratonar U aunrltrad 9ry BM 
widow, three daughter*. Mr*. J. L- 
luce of Pennsylvania. Mr*. M. T. 
Sherman of Bprlngfleld end Mrt. J. 
L. Harper of Oklahoma, and three 

Funeral aamcee for James P. Winn. 
T7. who died yeetarday morning at 
hi* home. WO Bennett avenue, after 
a lingering lllnee*. wlU be held »t 
3 SO p m. Tuesday at the Klmgner 
Puueral chapel Burial will be in 
Ham! wood cemetery. Mr. Winn la 
•urvlved by * *on. Richard Winn, of 
Faaadana. Cat.: *lx daughter*. Mr*. 
L A. Abbott. Mr*, rrank Payne and 
Mr* J W. Collin*, all of Springfield; ' 
Mr*.! Tony Urban. Mount Rom, Cat.; j 
Mr*. C. C. Racine. PontUc. Mich., and 
Mr*. Fred Adanu of Oary. Ind. 

"' Mr*.' C. O. Martin of Country Club 
Place left bprlngfleld hut, night for 
St. Elmo. Tenn . a luburb of Chatta- 
nooga. after receiving word of the 
daatri ot her father. David T. Carrier, 
aa, at th* home of hla daughter. Mr*. 
F.'W. Kllng-of Roanoke. Va. Satur- 
day nlrht. 

» mm* ' "i ' w " m ■ * 

1 l,MJ«4 CI — ■• .| 


Funeral service*' (or John Lew la : 

HaudJey. ok. who died yeaterday aft- ; 

tmoon at hU home. 717 North Clay 
avenue, will be ' held at ap. m. to- 
morrow Rev I. R Grant will offi- 
ciate and burial will be In Lincoln 

'Memorial cemetery under the direc- 
tion of the w " Campbell Under- . 

i 'taking cvm^aiiy. I 

1 lllfiKII HMItlL j 

funeral '»ervlrr* for Mr* .1 A i">l- 
grr. 79; who riled nt her home In ' 
Fr.rrHanrl Friday; were held nt J |i. m. . 
>e*terdav. Burial was wl Knidlunri. i 
Mrs. ciurr had been ill lur right, 
yean as * reault of an ullm * of flu. I 

• mi 


Funeral service* for Mm Nancy J. 
Mitchell. 08. who died Krlduy after- 
noon *t th« home of 'her duTighier. 
Mr*. Bessie Dickey. 670 West Webater 

**•**. afur • trig* tils***, «*r« odd 
at 11 a. m. yeetarday. Burtal va* In 
Waalay Ohapal latHit; under direc- 
tion of Use Kllm— r funeral horn*. 

Funeral eervloa* war* held at 340 
p. m. yaetarday at the Alma Loh- 
meyer funeral horn* for Mr*. Nannie 
B. Archlaa. 40 year* old. who died 
Prtdcy nsorolng at th* home of her 
daughter. Mr*. William J, Bayers, 500 
Loren avenue. Rev. Lawls Hale, pas- 
tor of the Pint Bap tut church, of- 
ficiated and burial waa -In Maple 
Parti,©»*oatar y ,^,i; fi*, 

11 ■,._.■■ - ■ — ^— " • "'i'' , ";T J .;. i T 

.. ANIIBRAON ri'MJBAWi!..''.^ 
Funeral arrvlctw were held *t 1030 
■ nt • t«»ttn\ »'>r the infant ami of Mr., 
and Mr* Peter Anderaon. 10*0 SouU* 

f Puiv 
a m • l 

' Douglaa' avenue. wr» dlWi< yf"tf^a7J 
; afternoon at I 80. Burial was toJPaUJ 
! taraon cemetery under direction OT W. 
I»|» Campbell UndertaKlng comp any. 

_ ii i ■ " *" 

M4KRItO»: UltXxt. 
^oah Youm and Lucille Hunt. ln>Mi 
i Springfield 


Paael- Mrs John D.Selby committed suicide.** 

Pafe lizard of thanks for kindness at time of death of "our husband, father and 

broehter " signed by the family of the late M. C. Rickman. 

broehter, ^^^ ^ tQ aUend the funera i of William Brebner. 

Page 12: Mrs. Ella V. Russell died.** 
Orville Brown died.** 
Fred Smith died.** 
William Brebner died.** 
James P. Winn died.** 


Fancitd Financial Wots and 
K iu Htaith Intpina Woman 
;vto Twict Shoot S^f After 
! Slashing Her Wrist 

r * ' 


* 9 

iMad 8uHtr»d Nervous Jgr»sa> 

• down • and Ortoftril '^Atfer 

t " 9on'« Marriafw.- 8«y Kin; 

Prwmmsxit Judgs/a Daughtar 

•Ion o ver tha racent muflift 

ion, u ri. Jiilin p. OtJ l m "~ 

tar- of a pco*riwa»T Jurist 

county, ondadhar life d. 

l^efday^aftarnooh^liv tbt bath-; 
room of j har*boina. i 4tt g . Xfonmi. 

R*turnln« home from bis work as 
garde nsr at H],^. Teachers coU««* 
at 4:4S'©Vrio«k'ysatrTdsT anorooon. 
Mr*. Belby'a husband found tha 
doors of M« homa locked against 


*w*leaa tbt batachssa wtadnr a>r 
and Don* .»^.t»>» 


FIRST cuts wwrr 


iibro***' Hoar, a bullet 
bar head and another Jbst below 
heart, dm tl»a body of bla wtfa. 
the floor beside her lay a JI calibre 
automatic, revolver, two 
aB»pty^ , *>^yv"'iv '■'-.'■■" .- - :_ 
^A'usai^el^blood'Jod from the bath - 
room to Mrs. Selby'a bedroom and 
to a chair before her dressing table. 
A scattering' 'of razor bladea on the 
dreaaer and a tiny gash on Mri. 8»1- 
by*s left wrist spoke silently ot ac- 
tion which preceded tho shooting. •-:,- 

Brooding, It la believed, over In- 
vestments of .her husband and ton. 
the woman «arly yea terday a/tar- 
noon decided to *nd her life by 
slashing, her wrists. Alone, ahi 
w^nd^ad^roich tbt >houaa,-|lockj!. 


ihg doors and drnwInir*wSa^ajr"-:"~ r 

Then she returned to her! room. 
Mated herself before the mirror of 
bar dressing table and toyed ment- 
aMv with the thought uf^ death. She 

J reached for a raior blade; pricaed 
ber wrist slightly. The pain' was 

i too irreal 

| «, i ♦ 


S1-... lose again, found an auto- 
matic pistol kept by her husband 
and ii turned to the dressing- 'table 
Holding th«» revolver against her 
left ►i.le. she pressed tl.e trigger. 
The bullet. eteel-iacketed. passed 
cl<-nr through her body, missing the 
heart a fraction of an Inch. 

Th« trnll of blood told of her stoi> 
through an ad*< Inlng hall to the 
liatl'.rov'in. where she fired tha sec - 
onJ shot. The bullet passed throuch 
lie r skull and probably she died In- 

After .in Investigation last night. 
I'.ir-it.iT Jewe'.l Wlndlo said the 
s'lootli.g was "u clear oaaa of sul- 
+ + 


Possibility that Mrs. Seiby hnd j 
n<>t been killed by her own linni! | 
I'iisiMt'd, however, until the coro* I 
n«-r founil the small slush on her | 
wr£t : and razor bladea In & 
clear case- of suicide. ^■■:Q'$fgP«lfe 
^ Mr, Selby said he left 'tho"bo roe 
a nhort. tima after' 1 o'clock jras- 
t.rrday hfternoon and did not re- 
turn until tha Um« ha digcovared 
the tragedy. ' \ , • ^ivw-' 

- "I'd. Juat aa soon ba dead aa en- 
dure these worries,"' Mrs. Selby Is 
isnld to have remarked to her hus- 
! bund aa he left yesterday after - 
Imstm for the college Hi* wlfa had 
I been brooding much of lata, rela- 
tives said. . ' V.' 




Tha shooting occurred apparently 
beiore 3 o'clock. At thnt tlm* Mrs. 
Val Mason. 777 Klckapoo avenue, a 
sister, attempted without auccess 
to rc^ch Mrs. SelUy by. telephone^ 
^ short time Inter a youth who 
ro<<ma at tho Selby home returned 
home from school and attempted 
to enter the place, lie found the 
biij»ement door unlocked, went to 
hlH room and left the homo through 
the basement aguln without dis- 
covering tin* tragedy. 

Paneled financial worries, an Il- 
logical fear of poverty and (nubil- 
ity to regard tho separation from 


i2W i 

f M 

I her son.! In tta*' proper 
lhtned-to make Mm. I 

fhtned*to moke Mr*. ' SelbytenT 
rporarljy Insane.' in the opinion ot Mason, i he woman's brother* 

j Inlaw. 

'■v ' ''■ 



— " a 1 .'& ■ 

! -Ho saUt Mr| and Mrs. Selby had 

I purchased, a farm near Linn Creek." 

'MO.. 'tor thi-lr son, and that Mn. 

Selby hid persisted in regarding 

tln» expense of stocking the farm 

as a dangerous Investment. 

Neighbor* were ^unable to recall 

• hearing shots ?at ;> the Selby homo 
yesterday afternoon. They said 
.Mis Selby had appeared distant 
stud worried for several months, 
and that they lmil seen little oX her 
during that time. 

Mr.«. S»li>y's- son. Frank S. Selby. 

now ol l.!nn Creek. »«s a student 

,.i Stale Telphers college for sev- 

:<tii'. years. He married In Decem- 


! Mr? s 5 lliv \vas a member of a 
! prominent Camden county family. 
Her father. William A. Stanton, 
i.ow (lead, was an extensive land 
' owner, n well known attorney 
'ir.nd at one lime judge of the Oini- 
den ruiinty court. Mr. and Mr«. 
, Selby had resided here six years. 
:! Mrs. Selby < 1b survived by her 
' I biiFband and ' pon: tow je sters. 
I • .Mr.s. Val — Mnsoh o i^fillJ * z tl e 1 d . 
I Mrs. AyrneH K,, While of Denver- 
'■Vol.; Mrs. It. K. Crampton. Sprlng- 
|f>ld. 111., and Mrs. .Whitley Bryant 
;«>f Spokane Wi'li.: fMir brothers. 
: Jackson C Stanton. Kansas City 
' itlorne>: .T.imc*; 1>. Stanton ot 

• Itromley. Mo : Oeorse W. Stanton 
: ond * John P..* Stanton' of Toronto. 


Immoral arrangements have not 

' een rompWeil. The body lies at 

'the Alma I .oh meyer funeral home. 

Pti&tor of Ozarks^ 




I Hrrtile Brown of Kansas City, 
. formerly * resident of 8prlngnsld 
'died yesterdsj In Colorado Springs. 
j Col, arrordtng.'Ho ^ord recelveJ 
by friend» heie. Mr. Brown Is sur- 
' vlved by h(s 'wife, mother, father 
I and two ni-fithers. Funeral Ver\ - 
i lre» wli! be onductc-l »t the Brown 
'■hnme. "Jlo. Ruby avenue. Kansas i 

.c;t}. i 

v Mrs. Ell* V. lUisstll. TT years 
age. died at her home In E 
Mc yiati-rday morning alter "an 
fUness of several 'months. 'Funeral 
services wlU be held at the Presby- 
terian church in Eeetron this aft- 
ernoon at 2 o'clock, with burial In 
""TIT* cemetery at that town. • 
y Mrs. Russell m slm the wife of. the 
Reverend \\". II. Uusstil. widely 
knows pioneer minister "of*"tfie" 
Osarka. The Reverend Russell bee- 
came pMtor ol the Presbyterian 
©n»ech a* Everton lp ls8.7 and coo.* 
tinned to > that ."work tratfl »bdO* 
four years ago when he' retired 
from* ths ministry atfer kit . years' 
serrtoe, end he and Mrs. Russell 
made their home In Evexton dur- 
tng all that Ume. The Reverend 
and Mrs. Russell ! were marrted M 
years »'o. 

Mr*. RusssU -took- an active part 
In the work^o/i; the "church and af- 
filiated organization* as :< n«: as 
her r^fiJth would pMllilt. tins' w:a< 
also formerly aclAc In school 
work, Lavinr been .u '.'..'tch'.r 'ji n 
number of years.' 

FRED WrtlTH ,. 
'-Fred Stnltlt;*r:r. died' at 6:13 
\ o otook yesterday a: 
home. J4«r» West " Atlantic?* 
**^ ^IttBWTJJBf litoaaa. 
•mtth^j surnved by Ma 
Mr*. DBye Voyjee. of this city,. two 
' brothers and a aleter. Funeral ar- 
il rangetitents hare not been oonv 
•plete.1,;- .The body Is held at the 
'Herman Xiohmeyer' funeral home^£ 
'•■' '. -'- T. ■ *k gWT*?* "*'-" < ■ ■■ " -»- !.»»«. 


- 1 Funeral services for William 
J Brehner, T4. who die,! Saturduy 
■ morning nt _h.« li'.me. i3c«3 l^ast 
j < .Therry: jitrej t. w£u is« conducted at 
■?:30 o'clock thls'afternoon at the 
family residence. l«4irlf,l will b« in 
iSreerilawn cen:flcry 'jnder the di- 
rection of the K^lngncr funeral, 
I home. , • . • 

! Funeral »er*lt*s for James 1'. I 
i Winn. 77.'-' who .lio.l Sunday morn- I 
he n' 'tis I-.-t • »2fl Mennett ave- : 

:,t;e. \v!ll I i-.iluctod at 2 : 3u 

■o'clock this afternoon at tho Kilns- , 
1 ner funeral chapel, liurlul will be j 
; in Harohvc" ' ■ ::;Vi"ry. 
i. i 


United Lod«e No. a, A. 4 _ 
A- M.. wlU meet »"» "P** 1 * 1 
communication »»»«• ***J" 
noon at 1:» o'clock for the 

funeral of oor UU Brother. 
William Brebner. All 
Maaana ar* Invited. 

M . r. «JUTH. s*cr. - 

Page 1: Mrs. John D. Selby committed suicide.** 
Page 3: There is a poem in memory of Arthur L. Shackelford.** 
Page 7: William Brebner died.** 
Page 14: J. S. Claiborne died at Monett. 

Ralph E. Copeland sues to divorce Mary H. Copeland. They were married in 
February 1923. 

Orveille Brown died.** 

James P. Winn died.** 

Mrs. Ella V.Russell died.** 

Mrs. Thomas McDonald died.** 

J. M.Doyle died.** 

Mrs. E. C. Williams died.** 

Fred Smith died.** 

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Beshears of 601 West Brower street announce the birth of a 
daughter Sarah Ruth on February 23. 

Lillie M. Roach sues to divorce Patrick Roach. They were married in 1918. 


runeral »ervlcee were feelu »l *-3° 
i p m. today at the family home. 1303 

Cherry etren. lor William Brebner. 

•ormer inan»«ei or lh« Marblehead 

I imf roinpmn. »iio «l!Ml Baturd.Cj 

morning. The a-rvice. were conducl- 
• ed toy R" T - Joha Crockett. 8ervlcea at 

tbe B»»« were conducted by the Ma- 
laonlc bodiee Acting hh pallbearer* 
i»ere H. Hroox»b»nk. Lou Sharp, t. 
I U Wllholt. Arch McGregor. W. P 
IKeltner and T. K. Gardner. Burial 
lira* Uv-Greenlawn cemetery.. $* 

; MrTBretouer wan barn^uly.*&U*3,' 
' in" rraaiertrarf . ■ county of Aberdeen, f 

Scotland. After completing hie edu- 
loatton be t*Aftjht oehool lor two yeara 
land Ihen ehtpped m an apprentice on 

a eeeeel «iunf Iron London to B yo> * 

tweeny yeare oe» tbe eao end obxjlinf f 
the i lobe lour tlmea, Mr. Brebner 
landed to tho Onltod BtaU* In 1M0. 1 
He entered the employ of tbe Marble- 
need Um company in !■*•• : 
Mr Brebner wee married In Oeto- 
ber. l**o. at KulCon. Mo., to Mia* ) 
Mary Ellrabeth Wright. Three daugh- I 

I [era ■were born to tbe union, who. 1 
with the widow, aunrfee. They nre 

I Mr* J. L. Ince of W-tb Olrard. J*a.. | 
Mra M. T. Bherman. of the home ad- : 
dree*, and Mra. T. J. Harper of Okla- ; 

' home. 

Mr. Brebner wee a member of the 

!Teberoe<ae^meby«e*iaB .oburcb, 

! united Lodge Mo. 6. A. T. and A. M.. 

i 8t John'e Commander, the 8hrine. 

! and tbe Borrttlet Rite of Bt. Loum 

tno be* and <i<tT Artbur L. Mbaok- 
afford wtoa woe taken from ua four 
jeuTago today. March 16. 1933. 

Whan the eeeoin* abadowe are failing 
"^•nd we are all atone. 
In our heerte cornea a longing, u 
■ be only could come borne. 
Oftenttmtt our bearte hath wandered 
. to a graee not far away. 
Where we laid our darling boy. Juat 
four ycara ago today. 

aja u gome tout not forgotten, never 
from our mtnda to fade; 
Our lonely heart* will linger around 
^(be^TTwbere be la laid. 
Ood took ntt home: it wae hie will. 
, 7^ but In our boarta we lore blm 
HU memory U aa I reab today aa In 
tbe hour be was laid away. 

Badly mlaead by mother, dad. 
brother, elater and little daughter. 

Mr and Mra. W. E. Beahear*. of 
801 Weet Browar atreet. announce the 
birth of a daughter. Bereb Ruth, on 


r_ JM#il4* -•-•*• *ytacV«!»''-* r "*««=-- 


i Mrs. Johnp.^clby, 448 Nor- 
mal Street. Found Dead 
in Bathroom by Husband. 



False worry otwr the family flnao,, 

jcuu con a t t loa. I ectsodkng over a 

' >rrtod of three year*, and which ap- j 

'parently had become an hallucin*- 

i lion yesterday resulted In the death 

ioC Ms* John D. Selby, 4* r**N okl, 

■by eulclde lu the bathroom Of her 

home M 44* Normal street. j| ''.'•:' 

Bar body was found about 6 o'clock 

yesterday afternoon by Mr Selby 

when he returned from work. Upon 

reaching, hie home he discovered that 

the door was locked and all of the 

abadae had been drawn. He found .. 

the bathroom window partly open, j 

and entered, the room through the 

hem**** to And hi* wife lyityr faoa 

wwr»*#-|b« tteor' with' a Millet 

I wound ear* her b**d ->. sod SYiptber 

, which passed through her body Jual 

beneath the heart. Beside her body 

on the floor lay a .33 caliber auto* 

taatic revolver. » 

It la believed that Mr*. Belby fired 

|MW first aiiot in the bedroom. -as a'| 

, trail of blood led front her Ureaser ! 

, u> lite bathroom, and there also *m 
a pool of blood on I he floor Hi the 
itrdtuwnt, ami following the tun tiiui,, 

w|^^ww»]rn^aweT(MJ^«lM' e»tto|t«tf 

thai bathroom, took** the ooorasil 

fired the ratal ahoT*^ ' MpR$$ 

I M* v-'Sm Raaor Was teed. ' faifM 

I It was Ural believed that *b« M* 

i tempted to end bar life toy means •* 

I alaahlug her wrista with a raaor blade: 

I but thU theory was dlaeounted thla 

rooming by frlenda. who stated that 

i an saarotiiatlon o( Mrs. Itelby a wrists ' 

'disclosed thai the wound waa only a 

: acraivh and not a raaor cut " ' * 

(Wner Jewell Wliwlle. following an 

imeMlaatlon laat night, described It 

a* beiug a "plain leee of auicide." 

Mr staled , thla niornUig that no in - 

quest will be held 

Mrs. Selby liaa been aughUy utr 
ranged mentally for the paat three 

: years, friends, declared this morning. 
i her condition ' becoming more serious, 
'during tlie last all niontlif '•"'<!; 

Mr. Selby. who l» employed aa a j 
icaruVnri »t the mate Tcauhcra vol- • 
lege, -aid that he left home yesterday • 
{ afternoon about 1 o'clock for work.'.' 
I 'ir.d J'i*t before departing hi* wife 
! remarked. "I would Just aa ao#n be 
uoaxI m emiiirr :lifM- worries, "f'l 
' Friend* ItatCfl t.'iBl tlir financial con-, 
; d i Lion of the Selby S la not that which 
would cause any worry but that Mr*. 
■ 8e;by had aald man\ times during 
i l lie |uuit year thry weir upending loo 
much money on their farm near Linn : 
Creek Their son. Prank S Bel by. re- i 
aides on the farm and haa made J 
.numerous improvement* there, spend-' i 
i ing a coalderable sum of money, but j 
la making money, it was Mated. 
In <;<hmI financial Shape. 
Mr*. Selby awemad to think that 
the son was apemdlnc too mifbh and 
not *mti^l£Mgmmmn*' «-»«rt«4 
that morning that young Belby» ft* 
nsnclsl condition la in good ahape. 
The Selby home here U owned by Mr. 
Selby and la only slightly encumber* 

In discussing the reason for the 
action taken by Mrs. Selby. relative* 
and frtrnda atated that they could 
.'uoly term it aa an Illogical fear of 
poverty, which haa crept over her 
during the last three years, becom- i 
Ing stronger and atronger. until U re- 1 
aulted in her taking her life. i j 

Funeral services will- be held Wed- I 
jnesday afternoon at 3:30 at the Hall | 

cemetery near"" Unu" creek r^JUv.' UrT 
Smith of Brum ley. Mo., win conduct 
the service* The body U at the Alma 

tLohmeyer Funeral home and will be 
taken overland to. Unn Creek tomor- 
row morning. 

Mr*. Belby Is survived by her hua- 
btnd and eon.' four slaters. Mrs. Val 
Mason. 777 Klckapuo avenue. Spring- 
field: Mr*. Agues B. White. Denver. 

jColo.; Mrs. R. C. Compton. Spring - 

j field, ill., and Mrs. Whitley Bryant. 

[Spokane. Waab.. and four brother*. 
7ln *- OB > 0-e*a-«wi.a-»-*kj., Mo 
George W. Stanton. John B. Btanton 
*nd Frank Stanton, all of Toronto. 
Mo - , '• ' 

s Word haa bwsn received hare by rel- j 
ail re* of the death of Orvllle Brown, 
of Kauaaa City, formerly of Spring- 
field, yesterday lu Colorado Spring*. 
Oolo Mr. Brown la aurvlved by his 
widow, mother fslher and laro broth- 
era, , Burial w||| be at Kanaas City, . 

fetf ' %*'$ MINV nEBl'ICE*. 
^Funeral arrvlcea were held at 2:30 
p m today at Hie Klm-ner Funeral 
home ' for .lame* P. Winn. 77. who 
died Sunday ' morning at hi- home. 
;g30 Bennett avenue.; Burial was lu* 
Haseiwood cemetery. 


Mr*. Thorn** McDonald. M years 
old. died at • 88 a. ni. today *i her. 
home. 1347 North Summit trfnut, 
following * in. Hiring illneee Mrs. 
McDonald I* the wife of Thorn** Mo- 
Donald, rrleco engineer, sit* I* *ur- 
Vitrd by the Imabaitd. 1*0 daughter*. 
Mim Joseph McDonald, of lite iioine 

■ address, and Mrs. J. C Jackson, of 
] Hollywood. Cal.. *atd * tUUi. Mr* R 

■ P. Barrett, of Mtr*itdo City. Tei. Pu- 
! neral •ntm«n*ni» are Incomplete. 
; but they will be under the direction 
I or the Herman It l*>b*neyer fuuereJ 
1 homr The de c ea a td had been a resl- 
Ident of tin* city for the pa*t 24 
, y**r* *itd *m * member of Sacred 
• Heart Catholic church.; ':■.-" 

J. >l. DOYLE. 

J M. Doyle. 74 years old. of 813 
Eaat Pacific turret, died *l 7 • m. 
Unlay, in k loc*l Intsullal. following 
* llngerm*- nines*. Mr. Doyle oper-^ 
oini it hard vara : and > aecoud hand"" 
luiif Mt 330 West Commercial street. 
He liftd been In thi* business for s 
it umber of year* He rsme to Spring - 
rteld a hen tlte rru.-o shun* were 
brought here and worked for that 
system for * number of year* The 
demeaned I* survived by his wife* two 
daUKhters.' Mm Klliel gowsn. of i 

erf OartasfttoM; fit* jwm. Tot*. «C ML 
Lou*: Mn fty.e* DetroU. MMIu *ren*\ 

n( O tUhot. OUT by 
Vtaa* Dors*, of at. Uua, MM a •*»>, 
Mr. Ms*. T- J. Me nn e w y, of 4H. Low la 
runeral arranfssnant* are tnooenplet* 
but the* wUI b* uasVsr tuncUom of 
Oh Urasa K. 

l! Mr*. X. C. t«Ua*b*UD William*, if,. 
(«M»*» •** the tau Mar* William*,) 

died at 8 M> a. m. today *t tver home' 
'in Bwood following a lingering III-, 
, nee*. She had resided in Green* . 
(county all of her life and had heed ' 
'at ths'homeplac* In Klwood for the, i 

last 13 year*, 
9h« Is survived by a daughter. Mrs. ! 

Claud 6**1 ton of Blwood. four sons. 
' Dirk of Kl wood Jake of Republic 
'and Jerk and Joe of Brownwood. 

Tex: two sister*. Mrs. I. L. Chltcuit 
I of Republic, and Mr*. T. C Nemo of 
> Brtstow. OkU, and one brother, Mose , 
Irtutt of Klwood 

runscal sarvloes probably will be; 
'held at 3 80 p m. Thursday from the : 
'horn* of the daughter In Klwood. with ' 
.Rev. Young", pastor of th* M r 
.church. South, of Klwood. offtriatlng. . 

Burtsl wUt be in Broofcltn* cemetery j 
of W. L. Sterne 



j| <7?.j*ij ijT.HB*"*. >i. 


runersJ eerrfee* for fTed Smith, 72, 
died *» SUi p. m. yesterday ft* hu 
hone. 1440 Wsst AUantic street, af tar 
• ItDtartasf Uln a**, vtu be bald at 
» JC p, am. tomorrow at the Assembly 
erf Ood ohnrch, corner of Campbell 
avenue and Calhoun.. strsajL. „ Burtsvl 
twrtrr %eTh~tJr*enlawn cemetery under 
j th« dtxeotaan of Herman H. Lofameyar 
> Mr. Smith I* survived 
Mrs, Dave Tories, of 
■nrt s tester 

I.I.I.* V. Rl f»Hi:i.l 
rvnrral ken-icel" were held *t the 
Preebyterian church in Iverton thl* 
afierniKili '"t Mi» Kll» V Rusaell. 77 
veai- old »H" dltal yi«»lerday ntoruliiK 
at Iter. ),• n.r in .Everioii. following 
several ntni.ths' illiiesn Ri.rlal was at 
Everlou The decedent w t* the wife 
r ,» Rr- w It Russell s-ell kuown 
pioneer uilnleter of the Oxark*. Mr 
and Mr* llu*«-'.l were married M 

Page 1: Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wilkerson of 1427 West Atlantic street announce the birth 
of a son on Monday, March 14. 

Page 9: Lillie M. Roach sues to divorce Patrick Roach. They were married in 1918. 

Morrisville was early called Pleasant Prairie. Then for a while it was called Shave 
Tail but finally was named Morrisville after its founder Morris Mitchell. [This is a long 


Page 10: Mr. and Mrs. 0. T. Allred of route 1 1 announce the birth of a son on March 1 1 

Mrs. E. C. Williams died.** 

Mrs. Ella V.Russell died.** 

Fred Smith died.** 

J. M.Doyle died.** 

Alfred I. Graves sues to divorce Dorothy J. Graves. They were married August 

24 1921. 

Page 11: Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Miller, 1604 South Kings avenue, announce the birth of a 

son on March 10. 

an 5. 

Page 16: Mrs. John D. Selby, 45, committed suicide on Monday at her home 448 
Normal street. Her son was recently married. She will be buried in the Hall cemetery near 
Lynn Creek, Mo., her former home. 

Ralph E. Copeland sues to divorce Mary H. Copeland. They were married 
February 23, 1923, and have a minor child. 



Funeral services fur Mia. k- <-'. 

WMlliim*, <•>. vMio died m s:3o 

. o Cluck yesterday nun rung at her 

lu.iiirt tti Elwuod after u long 111- 

iiimi. will bo conducted ut 2:JU 

ov-luck Thursday afternoon from 

tho homo of Iht daughter. Airs. 

f Otf UQ>Bir»<Wrv to iUwopd, .WH 

i Heverend Young. pastor of 

#£im '•* F«EO 8MITH 

Funeral services for Fred Smith.] 

22. who died Monday afternoon at 1 

his borne. 1440 West Atlantic 
ifltttt, will b« conducted at lr»0, 
I o'clook this afternoon at the As-j 
i sembly of God church, corner of i 
.Campbell avenue and Calhoun' 

street. Interment will be In Green- ; 

lawn cemetery, under Ihe direction j 
' of tho Herman 11. Lohmcytr fu 
, neral home. 

' Methodist Episcopal ehd r Cn, Suut l i. 
of Elwood, officiating. 

Burial wltt be In Urookllne ceme- 
tery under the . direction of the 
SUirno luneral home. Mrs. Wil- 
liams, widow, of- Murk Williams, is 
survived^ by ^her daughter. Mrs. 
Skelton; "four sons, iMck Williams 
o( Klwood. Juke William's of lu - 
' I utile and Jack -and Joe. Williams 
■ of Urownwood. Texas; two sister*. 
' Mrs. I. L. Chllcutt of Republic and 
1 Mrs. T. <J. Nemo of J«rlntow, Okla.. 
and «i:u brother, Mose Nutt. of 

:*"¥ij* *'}■•:••>: 

HT Jt M. DOVfag 

! Following a long Illness, J. M. 

Uoylo, 74, HI East Pacific street, died 

at 7 o'clock yesterday morning ■in* a 

hospital here. Mr. Doyle, a hardware 

tii> reliant fir tho past several jfars 

[ lipre. Is survived by hln wife, two 

i daughters. Hm. Kthel Rowan of Port- 

| land. ore., and Mrs. 3. T. Wicker, of 

j Spriiurfleld; five wins. To'n Doyle of 

•fit. IxjuIs. Harry Doyle of Dfttrolt, 

i MICh".. Krank Doyle - of J^cs Angeles. 

' and Jnlm and Joo lioyle of OJilahoma 

lOty; a Lrotlu-r. I'rank I.oyl.» of St. 

; l-outs. and a nlxt.r, Mrs. T- J- llonn- 

jesseiv also of : 8tr~Eouls.>, The. body 

Hit nt th« Herman I^hmeyer funeral 

Lome. Funeral arrangements are In- | 

complete. ... 

ti,**. ■■ . - 1 : — i ' — I 

Alfred I. Graves yesterday filed 1 
suit in circuit court for j dlvorco 
from' Dorothy J. Graves. ■;.' He ' al- | 
leses his wife refused to perform 
her household work. • Th« couple 
was married Aug. 24. 1821. , 

Funeral services were conducted 
at the Presbyterian church In Ev- 
erton yesterday afternoon for Mrs. 
Ella V. Russell. 77. who died Mon- 
day morning at her home In Kver- 
ton. after an Illness of several 
months. Burial was In Everlon 
cemetery. Mrs. Russell was the . 
wife of the Reverend \V. R. Ru»- j 
sell, pioneer minister of the Ozarks.l 

Page 1: Rose Myers died.** 

Page 2: The will of America N. Alexander was filed for probate. She leaves bequests to 
son Bernie Alexander and to son Floyd. The rest of her estate is to be shared equally among 
six children. 

Mrs. John D. Selby died.** 
Fred Smith died.** 
Mrs. E.C.Williams died.** 
Duley Fowler died.** 
Mrs. Margaret Sargent died.** 
J. M. Doyle died.** 
Mrs. Thomas McDonald died.** 
Joseph W.Hall died.** 
Births reported.** 

C. B. Bridges was appointed administrator of the estate of his brother Ed Bridges. 
The administrator thinks the deceased left a wife and son but he does not know where they are. 
Page 11: Mrs. Lottie Fulbright died.** 
Page 14: L. F. King of Niangua writes about early Springfield.** 


Page 15: J. A. Gammon was appointed administrator of the estate of Sallie Feyen. The 
heirs are two sons Frankie and Lester Feyen of this city. 


rimiii iwnoM tot mi* x. a. wu> 

Slam*. 68. who died at 8:30 a. m. yes- 
terday at her home In El wood after n 
lows I lines* , will he held nt 2 30 p. m. 
tomorrow r>« rin> home of her ilatirh- 
■ er Mrv, C'ls-.nd Hl:-!"i;i. ill T1w-v.fl 
Rev. Mi. \i)»in«!. i>--'."'- «■« '!"■ Nl f l1 .; 
r.dial church » null, of r;w...' -.' 
officiate Burial will "«" -' " ';.'" ;i:! '' 
cemetery under direction of V*. 1. 
Starne. undertaker. 

Four -Year -Old Daughter of 

Willow Springs Farmer Falls 

From Load of Sand. 


IUi.-e My- rs. 
Mr. und Mr*- L*»1 Mrer*. hrlinr^Jt 

nam •outuw«*«< wukw •prui|Mja i 

lb* WIUok fcprUi**-Avw ^BB*d^'«(W; 
lutaliy Injured Monday afternoon 
wiwn she was ruu over b'/-*> wtm*a 
loaded with sand- 
Mr. Myers bed taken tile Utile I 
daughter and a small niece with htm f 
"to" a creek, where he went to get a 
load of tend. While they v/ere re- 
turning the children were playing on 
top of the eand. and when the Wstgos* 
struck a rock bu little daughter JdeV 
Jier balance and wee thrown from the 
wagon. One of the rear wheel* rani 
over her neck, and chest, crushing 
the *o severely thai *h« lived only 
a few moment*. 

The lruntlc father took the Injured | 
child "in hie arms and ran to a home ; 
nearby, but she was dead before « 
doctor could be summoned. 

Mr. Myere and tola wife have si* j 
| other childr en. ^ 

Di i.r.v i i)\vi>:u. 

I Duley Fowler. GO years'tvf ''i:» 

EuaL liruud Mii't. ulfd llu» "'" ; '''••< 

-111 » i.wal hospital. Hollowing * linger- I 
; iiu Ulna**, lit. VomU* bed .been * 
niMdsnt 6f tbU city since lBOT. He] 
owned a halt interest In the Fowler ' 
i.rvjiiiers Maohlne company. 1000 
Boonvllle avenue. He la survived by 
two children, two brothers, W. W. 

feFowlcr, o; this city, and A. M. Fowler. 

*of Loa Angeles. Call.; by one *l*ter. 
Mrs. W. 8. Roberson, ot Los Angeles: 
two uephews and a 'niece. Funeral 
•i ( ituiienienu sure Incomplete but they 
will be under direction of Kltn^ner 
Funeral home. 



LOTTIE rn.nitioBT DIE*. 

Mr* Lottie Fulbrtght. 64 year* old. 
died thle morning at her home. 809 

' Peach avenue. Funeral arrangement* 
are Incomplete, but burial will be In 
Lincoln Memorial cemetery under dX- 

'ruction of Campbell Undertaking rom- 


Mrs. Margaret Sargent, ot Sacra- : 
meuto. Calif., died March 15, accord- | 
lug to word received here. Funeral • 
fervlcea will be held tomorrow. S!.< 
1» sunived b> xx 6iu^n:ir>, M:.iscs 
Lena. Lottie. Mtymc. Lillian and , 
iiruna- Sargent and Mrs. Fred Buhle.-; ' 
by two sons. Dr. Je*se Sargent and 
Willi* Sargent. 

Punerai service* for Mrs. John D. 

Dlby. 43. found dead late Monday 
lernoon In the bathroom of her 
home. 448 Normal .street, were held at 
Hall cemetery near Linn Creek. Mo, 
at 3:30 p. m. today, with Rev.- Mr. 
Smith of Bromley officiating. The 
bodv was taken overland to Linn 
£r**\c by the Alma Lohmeyer Funeral I 
home. Police and Coroner Jewell i 
Wlndle agreed yesterday that . tho [ 
shooting was a case of suicide. 


Vomeral bervlce« for Kred Smith. 
2?. who died Monday afternoon tit hi* 
n'onif, 1440 West Atlantic street, were 
held at 3:30 p. m. today at the As- I 
hombly of God church. Hurall was in j 
Oreenlawn cemetery under direction •, 
of the Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral 


.1. M. IIUYLE. 

Funeral cervices lor .1. M Poyie. 
74. of 813 East Pacific a&rcct, who 
died yesterday mornlrip; in n lor-.u 
hospital, will be held ut «. in, Fri- 
day at Sacred Heart church. Durlal 
will be In St. Mary's remei-ry '■■■■■^ 
■ ::,-, -•:-.u ot the Hennan H Li ««::'.< :-r: 
Funeral hoiriS. 


Funeral services will be held at 9- 
«. m. tomorrow morning at Sacred i 
Heart Catholic church for Mrs. 

■ Thomas McDonald. 58. who died yes- 
terday morning »t her, home. 134" 
North Summit avenue. Burial will 
be held In St Mary'* cemetery undel 
direction of the Herman H. Lohmeyer 
funeral home. 

I <*■'. I 

J *j>rotab>y itJttraMJ 8 3 iSiilwiiiHiVti' 

{Of tha early Bprtx^lUld would b« Of 
i interest to some of your rmdcra. My 
first trip to Springfield vu w*<ie m. 
the fall of 1*45. | ww about 7 y«us 
old. The trip wu rnad» <rrju BteoHb- 
fitld to Springfield in ut cut vug ox. 
dr»wn by a pair of long homed oxen. 
My father, mother, a youngur broth- 
er, and myself visited John Mc- 
cracken's nome three mllea north- 
east of Springfield We drove with 
the ox team from near M a r s h field 
to McCracken'a in one day. auld to be 
35 miles. McCrscken's wife and 
mother were own cousins.. One thing 
| I remember well was a man they 
■ called Peter Kperaon. Prom that 
time on until 1850 I vuited Sprlng- 
! field frequently. In the meantime » 
j became acquainted with several men 
! that you probably have known. 
I among them was Sam Fulbrlght. two 
men by the name of Joe and Rip 
I Wruvrr. John S Pliel|i.s. John S WkU- 
: dill. Dr Wooten. Dr. Shackelford, and 
'John Lair, u blsrkfunlth. his rhop 
'stood on Springfield and St Louis 
• tree'.' Mr ran several for«e.s Dr 
Shackelford then lived about one ar.d 
; one-half miles eiiM of the square. 

"My father followed selling horses | 

' from !HtH In 1M0<I A hired liand and 

■myself .could tuke four horses a day 

to 8|irlr.k,'fleld to /-hoe them Jjilr 

rnii.ic Hi- M>oes m.d nulls by hand. 

There ™ no hiich thing as hur^e- 

: shoes then. We '.would take four 

I horses there and back In a day. 

"I suw an article that Mr Oardrn- 
•-.: .;:uii nnur i a •; or three months i 
hnrlc In one ivtrT'ettlitr Mr C,ardrv.- ' 
er wa* iiil.suiken He 6Hld that Major 
.Garrett, conducted the hetglng of ! 
! WiMham. If I remember right Barn i 
iTul bright conducted the g 
Ha was sheriff at that time. In 1802. 
it wau promt afterward* . tUM*. 
Woudigxu WW* ml tanootnt man. X 
'•as also Acquainted with th* Osiinc- 
fajua, ftud I van Id Bprsugf l«M the day 
Ban Oannafux killed Judge Linclen- 
bower. It was whispered, they were 
going to try to lynch Oannefax. but 
better minds prevailed. My memory 
Is not good on some thlngu. but I 
think Cannefsjc killed Llndenbower In 

"I was well acquainted with Major 
Berry and his son. Dorsey. I think 
Dorsey was a little bit Older than I 
am. he died a few years back in 
Springfield. Mafjor Berry was said to 
be the richest man In Springfield at 
my earliest reccllectlon He lived j 
then, if i , im -, ot mistaken, in a | 
double log hou/e near what is called 
the Horry «pnn h 

••Jaslls from" Bprtngflsid to at J 
Louis were carrlad on boc-sebacx. and I 
w.s got mall her* one* a week I 
Springfield waa our mam trading t 
post from 1840 to 1845. except a lit- • 
tie one horse store. 13 miles from ! 
where we lived. . They got a wagon j 
load of goods from St. Louis about I 
once a month. 

"Oame was so plentiful in this 

country at that time. deer, turkey, 
und some bear, that Mr. Weaver and 
John Hancock, and several others 
u»ed to come out to our bouse in 

the fall and hunt." 

Mr. King la wrong In his state- j 
ment that Waaham was innocent. A ; 
story went the rounds that Waaham '» I 
wife confessed on her death bed thnt ' 
she had framed up on Washrim a';£ 
-nused his conviction Historians 
uhu wrote i he early history of Oreer.e ' 
-mint)' could never verify that stor> 
und It probably was r.ot true, at 
leat-t no one can be Justified :r. de- 
. hiring positively that Wusham »»' 


•lostrn i\. hall. 

■ Jot-epli W. H>ll. 73 yrflr:; nlcl former- 
ly ol SprnujlU'd, d'u-d }c»irrdi.y i.: 
• UUckwell. Okla., accord ir to v.urd 
received here ><>duy Mi . Uu.i \ a- 
(Connected v. lilt ih'j l'rl.-'o here r::i_:i\ 
I years aj;o ar.d lu'cr became :.:i ol- 
ficlol In the old Hunk of Springfield. 
following, hts retirement Ircm Hie 
bank he t.|;uln Lecimr connected with 
| the Frisco, bruig sent to 21:vckv/c!l 20 
j year i. ago a» asent there He n;i^ rc- 
■ tlre<l several years npo iy;d w.l 
(actively engaged in business a 
' time of his d.-Hth 
! The body •■ ill" be - brotich: 
Thttl S'.l:. j :;:('. !.■"..', .'.! v.i'! 
f'uiieul ;' ::ts are 

; !.e 


t|»MIM'*Tl:VT«iK S \viK.ri 

C ii iiria^c^ r_»* ..<-.. ap^^.r.LOia 
;r. proDAte court as adrr.iniitrator for , 
•:.»: (itr-tc of h.j hro'hrr Kd Bridg*-,.. 
:1 c .. cx>r<! . Tlie e.-.'.*'-.' _» i^«a". t>»:r.,^ 
t»;Uni(Uil at 4 il The- adxnlnistratox 
j atatea b« thinks thai Uaouiued laft u [ 

Iwlie and uoix. bait duvai aaot kuov I 
wlitft titer ftrn. J 




Mr. and Mrs. Cieorgc McKen^le. 004 
West Thomo:> street, tire the purcnu. 
babv d.iUKhtcr. Jolene Chir:.-. 

of a 

,,f oei 

North Tuylcr, announce the birth of 
a son on March 13 


Page 6: Joseph W. Hall died in Oklahoma.** 

Mrs. Margaret Sargent died.** 

Duley Fowler died.** 

Thomas J. McCracken died.** 

Mrs. John D. Selby died.** 

John T. Doyle died.** 

Mrs. Thomas McDonald died.** 

Mrs. E. C. Williams died.** 

Mrs. Hannah Waters died.** 

T. O. Doss and Mrs. Effie E. Robb were married.** 
Page 7: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Mrs. Lottie Fullbright died.** 

Alice M. Artaga of Springfield sues to divorce Plutarca Artaga of Lorraine, Ohio. 
They met through a matrimonial agency which forced her to marry him or pay his costs in 
using the agency. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delmore Hawkins of Springfield. The 
latter is an evangelist. [This is a long article.] 




Funeral Services for Formerly, 

Prominent Springfield Man 

To Be Held Tomorrow 



-Kt-u In! ttrlJliA 

l^g*Hflg tax. h. m»'r lie re. , 
•JjMtftTuU ttxmi tUng. a nd bu _ 
Jji AUj>l* I'ark trariiffto^'wU* 

'►rniii K l-Y ' i*mUW^titfri 
>r -mi. ««,,.■. • I'hi-mttaH ,l«ir«-h.T',.f- * 
Kt»na$tf»«. Mr. Mini for s*««?aJ jeara • 

j '«», i^ nt-Jnvr.dMitl. of J tiu^. KuimUv i 

{"Vro."!**. .:, „;, ,.f ji... rhrtnj.'a aiiir'- i • -" - 

iitmtfi.y >«a-a hit. . Air. Jlall *»» 4j..n I, 
....'..' •\-->. .(... k, .„, „ lalltrav !,«•'» 1 

****}•> • *'«,„,. r.i»;,«i »r'»»,»: i).: n 
inkier , «r>ri.ien»i«i. «n,i unon 'hJ*r«- i 
ybiLf from' tb« bank?«*aiii^&«£ajr.* f 
iJPt-r.;.i«ted, ,).« ivmi, • H ¥w »- 
M.f»-«m» :»• .-«-H ca »t <'' <» *m " 

..Ji^wijl' arrive ^h-'r'e**" 

*5^«SiaTMOMAS Mcdonald 

. r\./..;io. »,-;i.>jr' i« <■ I..I ji Ivil' 

? »«MN*» -««*>*« *j#Hj.'i,ii4ir kl ,Sifi> 


to* =m .^: i..,,,^.' •■•»ji;,'j 1 ;_j,mi 1 '.s^M^i.n 

'"•.• ^^Sffe^ ♦.".. l- ; m Mar,— 

.'.t.'ie uiret'.jon'cf' (1 

rn«v. r ru ; .rial"W~t./ 



>;»«!i*fljt n-aMcca r..r .Mrs. M»,^»»j«r 

iS*j|f-jo;. t iwlu, dlrd xwurJav at hrf 

i living lr> tJ_air*men(o. Cnl.. *WHW con- 

du^tad from tha r.uuie Thursday »f '- 

;*Tr.ocin.--acctrt'd;ra to word tw.-lv*d 

'Mi^..<;-Mr». .*ar K . i.t t,aJ keviuil f r«rla- 

rttv-., »K »r,nthv.»i^r.i M !!•••<.. irl ' Pb* 

* ^ur»lved t;-, aix daujr:u«r».,JJMi»«»,', 

lA>uM,ibLttc*nt.- \jou <e.. iijym*. 'Uliian i 

't , * i *1' t ^? ,B **^■ ^ ^?' tv * n *■ , -^irsi-*r«di 

BuhU^tttr^loimrUr. J»ll«#imt 
cf 6, and Willi* Sargent ef>» 
HJ?y;. Cal,.v, L . ■ I 

(ft latra oU,^f.«i»'EMt Urand «tr*«lH 
«»■• o:«-«i . >«»tn\Jayr njomint> in * ,i 
»H^aMrtJ«ia>l^*i,ltal5 iaUowltia. *. u». 
■•rinir Jllnaaf, '. win ■ W v l «uduct«d?i[t : 
thw Ki;ncr.«r r >chap*l at 3 oVIe'cic ih't 
• It*!.^*, ,. llurlul-wlll- be :n Haiti- 
>o..dAvm«ter]fee«tMep:ruWJ«r had liwU 
1n Kpr^nirflcld -».inn, lS8J.'JIe wan a 
larj-^ atnrk).o|n«jr ,- in tlie KowUr 
f r«,!l.*ra;Maojii-i« cwnpan* . :witt Boon. 
Oil* itWriiie, J Id l> mirvltrii bv 
flililrm. two lirothera, \V AV. 
'»f thla city a.nd A, %'M. r.r'owlri 
Ar.«tlt»: one altter, ilrai 



«f Ixx 

W. tf.-Ilob- 

*t»oo, 1»» Angela* iiuroi»«;ihrw» and 

« nine. - ■ '•".-"•' ' V-J5»^-*.--; - ■.- 

thomas j. Mccracken 

T!i<-irfas J MHVickfn,' a«. ii|<..| a , 

l 1:3 u'-'ink ,\«-»t<rday aflarhcon ai ilia 

J U.I.I.-. I1J6 Ka»t Kl„, atrett. after a 

faiiif llfnaaa. f .^\lr r \i„^, a ..^.„ hai| 

*»«n^a'<Ci^^«B^f j ||^ini|f|.ia~T^^ 
ia»t ei/l,i yfrafa '4 limine :o this city? 
Ironj- UuItya^vijejV. I, t ? «aa proriu- 
H*ot .In Jha;affaih» of the Maaonlc.or- 
WWif^feaJ^'V**^ i..a widow, a 
•to,; f iyd*.^V<#:rackaii "of California ; 
fvui^autl.teta^Mra,, C, , C. Ktten ft 
« aulileau4A»l«v^ai'r* .• c n. Haulir'nf 
*>ty*H!rj*k*M -;'MJ*»: Ha: h, rlne * and 

Qe..r-«:l A ^JuOra^Jfi-nMiir'-thli clt y . 


nrral. : i»"^^jtou»£« havs- not iJ««ti 
<vtnpWt*d;^«i<rJ.H!>'wlll ».e at Uoliva-.' 
In.wrv. r. >Mw)tr him* tilnvtif.n 
Wit a- 1."liiifVi:r'rf ,iti.i.i 1 ), M,f 

.f tin 

MM.' LOTTJ6T FUbtttfttOHlVH 
if' Mr*. 5 Lottie Fnllbrlght. 54. dlfi | 
■at T:S0 o'clock yesterday- morning* 

ut her liomf. S09 I'ca.-h avenue, j 
, Kunrral arrangement* 3r«» not com- I 

1>UMC tout hurlnl t\l!l LcMn l|«C;L»n- i 
I coin, memorial rentier*. undejT the 
■ direction of ihe Campbell "tuners! j 

r* j : ■ ■ "-y^gg— yi! " . 


1 '"•?■. r-i •».-r\,'«-. .. |„, \- . I.. I 

pn* fcalhrvOm ot;Ii«r. bom* »i'4tt 
ljj}>al *tr.-.t J«t«*. v Jil'>mUv- afternoon., 

,..:,.., : . :■•,» jl -.-i:.»t.|> i.«J«f 

Iji.tJ... i t •• i:»k»r»i.d sii.Jil- >■' . 

|l Li _iu:. .. .fl.». J j s ttJ. a HurUi llit.l' 
'jc«-HiHer> wu« ; it,Jtr, Ulr.rtMOT-'-r tt.e| 
PAlniu !.*■* ftvtr funeral »..»*.■.- 


ill "afternoon nt t h» - hoD»e*M»fi**i>r,^urirMra. <.laj«V'vS|*>K<n.-'ln Kl 

f-uiif*! «»t»1 • t !•♦• 1U veri-lid 'Yo6ngVpa»- 

jS'li>rui'--».lwri" <•' »«►!•?•.' mi t*r»dU<-vtl«>\] 

Hb*v-' .'•"'':"■■ ' ■•-.«-.!-... ■ -it 

(.ISv M R S i>4 A N N A H W AT E R 3 ' * Vj 
rWMrt^IlTnWrt '"Water*, uf. .lltd '<it*9'f 
NTW?o*k' ik'' ' nltfhi «' il.e -horriis-ofThar' 
!.j».,i(!:ii-!. Mm. U'lii:»iii a, Mayi-acii- 
i ian. >!* -N«.r:ii B<»-1» >unl. nficr a l>ri»; 
' ,i!i t < -«•. •-'■- »» eurvived l>>^ Ititoe I 

l<1aupt.i>!« a'.-l ■ ri«- »' r. ,Mi», MluS- I 
j'Lac&iar. Mri l*v> <JaJi(H<i.,<<r ,A!ih | 
J v Arr.r.r,~ Mi'i. . Mi«. <S<-«r»r*Syvnw«tiion | 

i^T>«i»rai *rt'iiyr«->i .'«•• ••■ ki; In^t'rrir'j--*" ( Ji;ti*ia, iiom»-' ''•?.'■>"."-'" j 

*-.*- ,'=V~" 

tb« dilution of 1h* llertrj 

**tt*t JfuHwrmt-*««n#; ' .Tl» 
«t »li5PI>>iii» or Mr. 4»u>^.« daugbiei. J 
Mr*. » :s-T; Wicker, M3JS X4rth-t\'MR*J 
It.itton »t»f»f. „ '■'' ' ' 


•• Tl, 


Marrltge T. O. Deal. 56. ;, 1:tl ht) ., 
and EftW:. -Row.. 52. both . «t H . 
Springfield: "Leonard ChllciiH. SB. 
Rlwoml.\»nd Oladyn .. McOrcw. .1. 
8prlognel4:.VVN*- E -g«mei;._i4. ««f j . ,; :u(ul i; j,^,,,, 
Blrdus' TKickxvorih H. both " oTi ^t^iaHjcjiurcii. 

Springfield. . s . J ■ « l!l rntik,. tli.ji lionie al bbT fc'outh 

' Mcrntjers- (if the Sprlttrf 

(tee force }**\ night «.-«lebr»ted the 

ihurrluge 'i-f lii-*rrve Offli-*r T. s O. 

t>6ii>.' S»1J New street, to Mrs. Kffie 

1 K. Uobb. !>^'; South i'uinpl>cll mreet. 

Ml'. ;iiid Mrs. J- A. Delo. 

Kuol (.'kiilial Bll'eet 1 

iniirrinj.*- vmvs \\*re r»-;id 'at 

Dir tu-nie of Ui,. I'.e\er«-nd J. T. 

f tile Kirat I'leKby- 

Mf. and Mis. i>usa 

l«*<mi|.bfll htfeet. 


Page 1: Mrs. L. E. Lines died.** 
Page 5: Marriage licenses issued.** 

Page 12: Claud Cook sues to divorce Malinda Cook. They were married in 1924. 
Duley Fowler died.** 
J. M.Doyle died.** 
Mrs. Thomas McDonald died.** 
Mrs. E.C.Williams died.** 
Joseph W.Hall died.** 
Thomas H. McCracken died.** 
Mrs. Hannah Waters died.** 
Mrs. Beulah Stubblefield died.** 
Page 13: Nelson D. Johnson and Miss Gertrude Johnson, both of Springfield, were 
married yesterday. Both are under 21 years of age but they had the consent of their parents. 

Bess B. Cantrell sues to divorce Hobart E. Cantrell. They were married in October 
1919 and have a minor child. 

Page 17: Miss Bess Smith and Mr. Arch R. Medley were married.** 
Page 18: T. O. Doss and Mrs. Effie E. Robb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Delo of 
1 124 East Central street, were married last night. 

Alice M. Artega sues to divorce Plutarco M. Artega. Her maiden name was Alice 
Hawkins. She was a mail order bride. 



I O Dofs ulirt EfJIc F. Rntab. both 

J-eonurd Chllruli of S'.wood and i 
Gludyit McOrew of Springfield. 

\V E Turner »nd Btrdus Duck- 
worth, both of Bprlngfleld 

Kelson I) Jolnmon and Germide 
Jotili*o:i. Imi'i ■ >! HprliRflclfl 

Heart Di§efc»* X*a*tj» Tt*Ul 

' to Promiaeut Keniiieat 4 

of BpJriJBlfiield- ^ 



m, Matilda. *o- "■•*• HL***! 

si- r « ?*« «JSTii5Sr»: 

JETmorcli* .1 h« *-»*• "*» C^*" I 
,« «i,Mt of beurt lU— aw 

.^ for b<rr r*eo**ry. but « 
L^n«. lor t*. war*. UWB ptofi» l-» 

'^SY. U«. tad r^l«l h€W 14* 

•£Ec actively «*■*** » ^"^ 

' af ^ai*" - * u 

V- •%• »-'- s« a«id ~a- - 

Tali Cherry «ue*t. wiUi Kev. E. »•• 
Jttt, ;;.7or of tha BWrth *™w- 

S£ tTio M^ rer* cnx-t*rr uod** 
'^Son of tU Ai— UtfuW ^« 

Sou? ot Hotwitu*. mo, mwmui 

K MawtYY IW.tL IHomU, 
£aator of the U»o*l Metbodlet church 
wad the oeramonj. Mr. and Hra. B. 
u relton of RoierevlUe »ere «be »*• 
undent*. Mr*. Falwuu U a ■WMP of 
the bride. The bride u a d»u«hur 
of Ur and Mr* J»m« Smith of Ro«- 
er»vllle. The groO«» U a • ou ,? f J h * 
!«(♦ o L Medley or Rogerevllle. Mr. 
Me.'."ey I* «n employ* ofth* Orenl 
Not'hern HellroHd company of New 
York Mr*. Medley Um I>mo a teech- 
rr »( Uie Orreoe county publlo 
achoola for the peat fit* year*. 

I UM* imOHt K M II 
AIU^rlu« that bin wile threw hot ' 
roff*« aarl mlla botllaa at hlin. »nd I 
«!»»< *ne n»«gtHl and qtiarreled. Clatid I 
(\x»k h»a filed »vilt for dlvorve front ! 
Malliula t\M>k 11>ey married In I9*J4 
»i j .vi'«i«lM bIh«uI h month «,o 


.£2. lEJSXma to u k. u— 
February a*. «a 

rj^ utT«W fro- ra*r« O^L^i^! 
LX rear tr- U ILl^m Mt-fc CMft- 

Jn? lire cnlldxea. tbr* «*"*««f* 

ikooert Keller, all of tbl* city, aod 

iSe^oa. ar. Morton "^•"dOeorj. 

W Unea. botb coooaetad wttfc 0»«jr 

fatber in tb. "-f,^^ S2 
dau«bur. Mra. P«ul U»a» U>««- « 1MO 

Uealde. U- boabaod: «*au»b*e« aad 
aooT Mra. Una. la auratr-d by » 



^Ifll BMW— 

« Fi aK CTS Kiutf..- run-ral 

".; rvwt. a^ ,« »*'"; l ;;;';^ i 

Li.m Mr n>«V" »aa a alorMUWaw , 

,.. : x ,ui |v.onnl\e axennr 
w ^Uv' aU»\U l"* . 

ruuaial aarvUaa lor J M. Uojlt. 7<. , 

matay ^«of7.rm in • Sprln«flelu 
,„«p,t»; alU »m- haM *« " " »', . u ? 

H^y, .,• H... trd ll«"l '">"' '■ ,lu '- 

St, .»• • isr' in SI Mary'-- >■« i<«- ■■>■'" 

. . ,I N " ...,, .! -r U..II .'I 1" •! »' 

(■ , ; fl l; llOIIH" 

M,lM>N\ll» IIVHIM 
I rial »roU-r. »'<«• " rl<l KV " " 

iW^Wday M Mm* tt«*rt oliUreh <« 
! Mra. Tnomaa McDonald, aa. who dle4 
' TinriUy tuorolitf a». bar homa. \W1 
' Noruillumroll rwmw Burial waa In 

niiiui VHwniii w»»«-- — 

at Mary* cametaxy undar U»« dire*- 
uon ot vbu UunMijL Ut. LtibJ»«l*r Vu- 



Funeral aarvtosa Tot Joaeph W Hall.] 
7.V for a number of yemra actively m-|J 
fs*ed In business md church work. 
• ho died yeelerday at Bleckwell. 
Oils, will b# held at 10 a tit lomor- 
row st the PaJtaon runcral home. Rev. 
I r I sislM pastor e>f the South 
Street Cbrlatlen church, will officiate 
and burlsl wilt be lit Mapl^ I'm k ■ 
cemetery For a number, of years . 
Mr llsll was mpfrlnlfiidtnl of (lie 
Sunday school st tha South Street j 
rhurrh He also was connected Willi , 
ttii- rrin^o >t>mh> h^re fi>r nian> jesro 
and later ha became sn official of j 
the old Bank of Springfield He was j 
a r«uted Frlaco msn at tlte- "time of , 
bis death, having